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 - Class of 1984

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1 A ff ,f 'PL k 1 fig ' JY: Y - 1 X Ng Tj!! P 9 uv QQ BH 3wN, yD ,X KV Y MQENQN I N 1 NJJJ 5,5 1 Q, ' ,rf mf' A V 'C ,QU M159 .5 2 fy ,JZ J 1 QPF H' I QJIJJ JG, ggi' Qyxf QNNTJV 'MW xxbqiilflf, xx X X . 'Qgiw X, SSS 'ENESS Sivig SQNFQEQ W NS .X -CX Fx .,im:3E2 2-ii ,N w R UNI? x...bX J., ' wwfxfr 5X3J wwf QW J fm,N Hg WW Wg -VEBQFX 'Ng'Q XS T, QQX-N gg X my jff f 5NNg,NQ'f'4fXxQN Y '53 X NQ C?s X . wwisgi 1Q Q s2fQ3WNS Q ww x 9 'DAL-N? N Qyr SQ mf Rigsix is TQQQQSESESEY Sir? 3:3 3, 0:5 iff:- 12771 'I -:- 5 'c' 23lqydUrne Volume 41 United Township High School East Moline, IL 61244 lmululnu !!-!l! El! , '- Y' ' ' ll I! '!l! ee , X g ef-f,m1eriaaEDlnnJ2L..o kb' Everything we do is what we are, a branching out, an extension of our pride and ourselves. Table of Contents ..8 .16 .64 110 130 148 164 176 216 224 244 , i LIT makes a fresh start , 1 A ' 4 l . f 1. 8 I. This student exhibits a look common to incom' ing freshmen. 2. Junior Jeff Radford enjoys deco- rating his locker with some of the comforts of home. 3. Senior Troy McCray and sophomore Julig,Loding model some of the "unique" styles popular this year. 4. Driver ed is a course under- classmlen look forward to. 5. Being swampedwith homework js a part of everydayolife in high school. 6. Ole Olson, our foreign exchange student from Norway, enjoys his experiences in America, in- cluding photography. 7. Many students go to school with the rising of the sun. 8. Kathy Knouse, senior, fans herself during the, heat wave at the beginning of the school year. i if 4 Opening Employment offers income Many LIT students have been able to find part-time jobs at fast food places, res- taurants, hospitals and baby sitting, Extra money was the most common rea- son for working. Earnings went for clothes, gas, and weekend fun. Most of the kids put some money in bank accounts or trust funds for college or other future needs. Andy Mutziger, junior, makes pizzas at Happy Joe's. Andy said, "I work for the income and for the fun of it." Many students didn't consider their homework to be affected by their jobs. However, some thought that they didn't have enough time for their homework. Ju- nior Lisa Sonneville said, "Working doesn't really affect my schoolwork, except on a few occasions." Cindy Cronkleton, sophomore, works in the backstretch kitchen at the Quad City Downs. "I really enjoy working there and I can't wait to go back," she says, referring to the seasonal close. CHRIS THOMPSON 4, 1 J., ,F vs. va , . g 5--Ji, Students enjoy many pastimes r 5 6 a T Q 5 Z i , .. :J itll o f K I , 5 .ts Q' Q ,tithe ' 2 'Y' 6 Q- ,fr I. Talking on the phone is a favorite pastime of many high school students. 2. Junior Achievement is an opportunity to learn more about business outside of school and have fun while doing it. 3. On teen night going dancing is a popular pastime. 4. Listening to stereo headphones is a good way to relax just about anywhere. 5. These students take advantage of the hot summer months to go boating. 6. Robert Parker, junior, plays the flute to pass the time on his lunch hour. 7. Sophomore Kraig Wells shows how much he appreciates open campus lunchf I . in . I N I " 4 ' ,M .:'-1 i V" ,Q Z ' ' 1, ...iq ' , fl 15- jf ,.-ff - sf' fi-"' 'f. -' ' 'S ""- 3 nav. 2'-'ity-V" 15352 ' A - .. . , gn Ovsmnu 1. ' pg ...W - .1-f - V,,f..., '- " , L 1 M- ,Y-.3-A -,L - g Q: Hg 5,55 , 'ig . - -p ,l .h .M ggi.. -i ,, 4' ir:-5' fg.'Nfr1.Lwix.,1t?1?5fF'fs it f wwf- ' at ' -12-W 1--.. f ass.: . ..,gn,,... ,- - .it -' -- -6- w :qi Q i. ,Mrk ,. Jig: '- r t . --A W v 8 - Student Life There radiates an air of anxiousness, spirit, and pride. At this time more than any other, The autumn celebration of our unity as a school. A time of hopes, laughter, and memories made, Holding a special meaning for all. A traditional part of our student life. Homecoming '83 Pride in student life ,am WN 1 f , ' . 5 ' ,L ' .55gg3P' A Qtudent Life - O - Student Life T 1. The junior class wins first place in the float compe- tition with their float "Yabba Dabba Doo we'll roll all over uf' 2. The crowd roars approvingly as they "Burn those Streaks," 3. The dance brings a close to the festivities of homecoming. 4. Mr. James Llnrath exhibits some of his hidden talents. 5, The varsity football team charges onto the field, 6. This year's homecoming queen and king are Rochelle LeBlanc and Joe DeJaegher, if TS., 9.1 Homecoming makes memories Homecoming "83," developed around the theme of "Cartoons," consisted of five spectacular events: the bonfire, assembly, parade, game and dance. Homecoming events started off with Thursday night's bonfire behind South Campus. This event boosted school spirit for the following days' events. Friday start- ed off with the introduction of royalty at the assembly. A few underclassmen boys, dressed as cheerleaders, led cheers in their own way. Then some courageous male teachers, also dressed up as cheerleaders, followed with a pom-pom routine. The as- sembly ended with the announcement of King Joe DeJaegher, Queen Rochelle LeB- lanc, Prince Pete Hunter, and Princess Ja- mie Titus. At 1 p.m. the parade started with each of the classes displaying their floats. This year's winner was the Juniors, who also won first their freshman year. The night brought on more excitement with the win of the sophomore football team, 21-20, and the varsity victory over Galesburg, 25-21, the first homecoming win in five years. Homecoming ended with the semi-for- mal dance Saturday evening in the South Campus cafeteria. ,,.. 2 . t pref 1155! tb X' :sri - if Q it J. 2.1241-s"g2 I 2 f-55 1-5' EE-'YE 4 - - ' rf:gf'?'.lnl 1557? ' 4 ' -fs! Rggh , f ' ,1 - E Mfr' f - 'Nil' Illi- C rl? if lb .. 1, A 2 f Kg, . T. .it ' ' 74 .3 3 i ,. , W 1 , Qi Q' Raj. ii.-V l iii. 1 'iffjii as 'figs 'ik 'Q ffiiz . ' - :.,.fif:,,- .Q 1 ,,.if,ig,j i , ., If 'Q 1 , . 1 if i ,i?ff ..5.gi T T .ju .V , Y . 1 V, .sf fe, - 'rf' - W.,-if '- 1.. -. vi-easlfi F'?EW,','AE f J 6 ,G f ii 'l ig. "-- , A? X 'ff Y' gs 2 5 Q, 2 Student Life 2 - Student Life Ch Homecoming exceeds hopes 1. Success performs their dance routine to "l Can Make You Dance," by Zapp, 2. Pete the Panther, Tracy Lofgren, helps direct the crownbearers, Brian Drobushevich and Mandy Shoger, to the thrones. 3. Mrs. Dorthy Ward, Grand Marshall, smiles as she works her way down the parade route. 4. The band members perform their halftime show to the cartoon theme. 5. Bub Carpenter and Dee Dee Burney emcee the homecoming assembly. 6. The football team show that they've got Panther Pride, 7. Mrs. Keeley and Todd Camp boogey to the beat. Student Life l 1 4 1. Senior Joe DeJaegher breaks into a smile after being crowned homecoming king. 2. The crowd really gets into it as the Panthers beat Galesburg. 3. The teachers perform their version of "l999." 4, The independent float wins first place in its category. 5. Homecoming prince and princess for this year are Peter Hunter and Jamie Titus. 6. Members of homecoming court are Cfrontj Wendy Leonard, Debbie Waeyaert, Tina Miletich, Annette Poelvoorde, Julie Burns, Trish Zmuda, Susie Ogle, and Jody Rausch. Cbackl John l.eFevre, Joe Monterastelli, Steve Mann, Tom Rice, Jon Jannes, Charles Clark, Mike Sutton, and Chad Vinzant. l4 - Student Life Student catch the spirit j , Stud 16 - Seniors Remember: Our freshman year, When we were so lost and confused. Our sophomore year, Being "top dog" and learning how to drive. Our junior year, With last pick in gym but still an upperciassman As we sit here in our caps and gowns, Reflecting on UT as a memory, We realize that nothing can ever compare To the special times and friends shared, The dances, the games, the parties, the fun, All of the best things rolled into One very special time to remember, Our Senior year. Pride in seniors fs 31 wa. 1 4 if . Q wi Seniors Michelle Allensworth Seniors say goodbye to LIT Traditionally, senior year is the begin- ning of an end, an end to our high school years. We say goodbye to friends, teach- ers, and the familiarity and friendliness of high school and go out into the real world. After the initial relief of graduation, we begin to feel a little scared. ln high school, we were important, we belonged, but now we have to go on to college, or look for a job, and take on adult responsibilities. When we look back on those high school days which we were so anxious to have over, we realize that nothing can ever com- pare to that special time in our life, the fun, the excitement, and the feeling of freedom we experienced. Those years are gone, but from these experiences we have gained knowledge, maturity, and the responsibil- ity to handle whatever life deals us. We have pride in ourselves for what we have accomplished. lt makes it all worth it: our senior year. ririiiifTX--lsisttii-Ifs?iI?4?i?5-ifN- .... ' - Qkflflmmi W im? Q Q-25.22512.fs.fe-:'fg.-'rss 5-'Sis is ,r 5 . if ' 1: 5'f1'.-'iisfm " :.iEsJ'FESi-fa X is - L N ff. i Albert Adlfinger ,H Rebecca Aguirre "'-se. Ruben Alaniz , ,., i '- Linda Ales s Q... ck X. ,,,,5,.. Kirk Amador Billie Sue Anderson Douglas Anderson 8 Seniors Senior Class Officers are Secretary Debi Vyncke, President Tracy Lofgren, Vice President Cheryl Desmet, and Treasurer Beth Kipp, om' wi 'ti , gs ,,,... Q -N X - . . 5 - , Q K , K-.X 2 . . .-, X - - - qw ., .... .,,.. , ...,. , ., .... ,,,,,. L . W .W T fi . . is . 5 ' 4"' i Q X . . g.,.. ' - - I - . I - as .Qs ,-1 -- v f-.- . figs- sz 1 - . - . .K - ,h ..,kk Z -,-. x . ' ur, ss s """""' .-.. rs '."' - " T" -- - iir. F2315-PS H A if ..-L . -..- A vk.k ,V , -A T 5 ..-- ' , . 46-1 122. ,goin 4-ef Q"-W-uf 4' tw' 1-...W '96 ' ' 2,257-,ilefif w r , , Sz ,151- 5' , ' ' , A fi' ' , 'L gi i 1- fs- 'f , V ' , , ' ' . 'V , 'hi' F """mvM...,, gg ,Q wwf I , W -- ftwtsteriettzewzff,',,,lVZk,,'fp'f,f K ,,,,,, ,,,,W J f lik "Q m :' ,X ,. f. 'e A -W, :i f ,gwzaw 'W' ' f. f Qf7Q'ff.i'z?i'1i J'Ef5FQ','i71zf'ff"Z!1K L J v.. v- " g f V 14. af 7 ','fW,7f , , - , gwfimw Irene Anderson James Anderson Jeffery Anderson Milton Anderson John Andrew Elizabeth Anton Dorinda Arch George Arvanitis Rebella Atwater Amelia Ayala Jennifer Baker Kelli Ball Mark Balluff Brent Banks Tony Barnes Michael Barr Seniors Eric Bartsch Paula Batye Todd Beaver Laura Beckman Michael Beedlow Eric Behymer David Bergevin. Jr. Eric Berry Kathleen Bert Dawn Berthoud Julie Betcher Mark Beverlin Kristine Billings Dawn Blake Lori Bokros Tamara Bond 20 - Seniors ' 'HAP e""'V 4? we 5559 rfwmw V1 ff' . . gpg 'FEW Xb' 'Quo A Nw., is 5 S-if -Q . , r 5 Y 4 N 5 + M tg 5 . V we we QI' x ,Q N X fp 'wx + X N wx e me .0 . st.. mt.. Sales? -. , ..:1 La: X si - X -.M ' 19- A ' ws? K Q 1 mi. -A... -f e g .... .L -- 1 5 . ' fbi .ST 51? -El' ' " .3 ...st-mwgesf. - ,. 5 FE ...e t - x ,QX Sf. - X .X -1 .. ..W.e,.Q,.g wat Q. Q-. - mf, aff' James Hopkms and Steve Mzllett are soul brothers. f z,.f..fQ. v-:f-- -:.. 1 ' S 'Wim - ?z.e.ffe. V. . - B va ali if at S 1 N0 X TL Hwang, 5 . L 6 . Q M . . .L 5 . R l S . f-- v-.. :-- , .wg Xi f he ' 'USN S ik fi xy V. 'SKK Qi fa-1 ' uv' k ...s,W,e,,nf,g.e, .,,. .,.. Q .,A: S., .., if A 5 , V .. T23FL1Qfk.5s55l?l.XX W - f- . .Q x - --::'vr1::i37iif1.v Q. 5' Q it Qi lfikl . might? .X I L ....,.... 'if AN! . -. Q-me . x x Q' e Q x N we fe M My "N-of 'lf R , AW. f ik. i"N1l"k W we-Q-A-Q, .15-.ft .- 15 s 1.-:if ESF Pamela Bost Pa trick Bramucci Brenda Lee Brand Charlotte Braud Charles Bray Edward Brewer Richard Brown Kimberly Buckley Tuan Bui Dean Bull Brad Burklund Julie Burns Seniors Kimberly Burrell Kenneth Bushnell Christopher Cacari Christopher Calderon Michele Caldwell Janice Caleo Jessie Camp Rhonda Campbell Kelly Carey K arlene Ca usemaker Seniors 'YV My was sf 'UV' I W ...pave Mm-W' W9 ,ying ,HDV if E lW'Ql""" irii J' " Www 551, , jjyv Dan Woods and Pam DeHamer talk in the hall between classes, 1 X 1 Fifi? wi vw, UM 'IKM' final? rQ,.,, We ' we X f 4 X Q , X' V 4-2 X A 8 , 4 7 if et " ,EIJHW 'CME ! f rf , X f , .,.,,. ,,,. I 4 3 V 4 H ,Y 1 2 12 16,3 , H f ' - ,.:A':'2zv3:F3k,,,,,. EE: TQZJN5 ,A '4 ,arm is 'Uv' we --V., '90 328 51-:ff .tile-2122. 'I ' MV Y Rick Cervantes Lori Chanay Denise Chandler James Charlson Cynthia Cheffer Charles Clark Stephen Clark Tina Clark Wayne Clark William Clark Lisa Classen Paula Clay Andrea Clemmons Charles Cole Roberta Coleman Denise Collins Seniors James Collins Michelle Cook Guadalupe Correa Nancy Cosgrove James Howard Cox lll Steven Crabtree Rhonda Crain Timothy Crimmins Peggy Cronkleton Melody Cross Charlotte Cumberworth Julie Daniels Shanna Danner Suntuk Davidson Alma Davila James Davis 24 - Seniors ,I ","' f' wsvwfifetg W n PYP, t""""9f' A..- in .zu-:ta-zv, , , fm' u ' 5 -s Q90 I L57 .- ' W 3 AQ 5 HW 14, may sf L, we 1 an MJ ,fn ' 'f""'7 WM , W fwf4eW.,,nsf,,,w, M ., , lfighfgxl , Y sf' .sk J N "W 6? gif 3 if wwf fm, Mg mm af A up , H fs, 'W' 1 Q, Kr ,,-'I 2 E E J ,, , f 1 ff? 1 4 r QV I W M M , f ll , . ,3 -, , , X f 5. 5.-...f-" 1: 1a+Ea,:wE 5 ,w52i7Izf1 lZ1V5i'2" 'N"""W""" in , Vw g, ryf. , , ff, Qt ,fy f . ,fr ,- V if ,f f . wagvzwgrir 34 ww yawn Jw' -yy lf? ,P:Q,lQj42, ,,, , , ,, , f ,XWWV l a 5 jf Lf. s l we 4 4 'QI F , ,fs V ir, I ,, li! W 4' H 4 , 2, f fy ff ,.,, J, if ,,.,, . , , , ,.,.. ... ,sy f V. , W, A H f X 7 1 .J 'Uv 101 ...Q- Mike Beedlow proudly marches through the homecoming parade as part of the UTHS band. K' 4 ,Ml ,Qnw Andrea Davison Joseph DeCap Mary Decker Jeffrey DeCrane Douglas Deffenbaugh Pamela DeHamer Joseph DeJaegher Bradley DeMay Daniel DeMeyer Jasper Dennis Susan DePaepe Lori Deppe Seniors Chris DeRammelaere Cheryl DeSmet Rhonda Dewitt Cindy Dickinson Christopher Dobereiner Doug Dobrinske Jimmy Dooley Susan Dravis Douglas Drews Barbara Duncan - Seniors ""W.M.a fm-...P ij, 'linfx 4:""' 179' ma sh f .53 '1 ' f, ze iiaggigf I if' f ' sffsff MU! dim 1 '!"'b9w,,g "!"""""r idlwqv, WW wi. I 4 adam W fl. i AL if H r,. , . 1 ' Q fi ,yu f I E. W ff i . 1 H 4' ,W W ? LW? sw' V ar Rhonda Crain helps this young man improve his brushing habits. H, : 1 ,, ,, ,, V, . zz 1 VV I if ws ww wmv- ! f 2 2 ' , ,, 713, 61' ?f.?L?!iLf1 WU: 5 , f . nf - A f -.1 , f ww f y 52 My 2. , ,V , , " - Vw 1' Us . ,'i' New fe wffegsp2w:,feav, 1 ww , . ' ,f WWQ ,2 wwf View M .War A ,f Q6 f AMW? f 5 af U W4 ff ,, an 2sw,fffmazffygwiw Q44 ff rf .,.. .556 - QW? Q., f-WV, . .. f ,, f f f W M 71 ,f X Wy! f 'X 'ff QM 2 4 22 Q 4 W2 ng V y X S ff if rg 1 X3 24' af 3 QW ,, f 2 Z ff" Q 'HM' 2 Q , M H 1, I 1 ' if A432 f- ff, Wm t, .f J ,ffxfp M we f- 2, H Q an w 4, 5 aff g Wwfzijlfgm ,ff X1 f I V A X if xW f fy y ff gf ww f ,L my ,f:ff1,'1w1' ' i c i is Christopher Duncan Christine Eagles John Earnest Allan Eggerichs Kristen Emery Michele Emmendorfer Cindy Engholm Dianne Erickson Roselind Esparza Anna Evans 4? Kedrick Evans f Brett Fells l w, I - - - , I 1 Ev we 5:7 x,,' I -'N I -- Q cs - 1 , If - ' ww-ls, WN vw s i : ig Michael Fetterer Rhonda Fiebig Terri Finch Mark Findahl Seniors Amy Fish Pamela Fisher Angelica Flores Michael Foiles Larresa Foltz Brian Fonger Charles Frederick 28 - Seniors Yolanda Frutos Rhonda Gann Stephen Garcia Ronald Gardner Brook Garman Paula Garrett Pamela Getty Shelly Gibbon Ronald Gomez ..,,....v fir Hip' ' '92 'WM my 'CY will 'lbvvv' avi 2 Vai' my-km-,1:Hf1ts,vf,wwf 'Vik 'bfi' WSH'--vb mfg, - I , I HW V : " ' .l 5 , 2 , .uw X f A f M ff QW W f' 4 994'-w 2 ff X f MH 'Je 55 me , S 1 K Wm ,ew 9 Kfgfm , M V 2 v ff J MAN av-A U hav afar f I X7 42 ' gp, P had' ,L fftw z ' ,, W L, ki , V l gy r 1 ,ii r rr f ,NLM ,I 'UM'-F9 may 77 .xr 414 1 V f 5 " f f 2 :V mfat7WW' 5, w, if fr nwawiiwi ,., f,w,M2' wr ,, , MQ rw ,We fin--,ff , V . , " ,,.. , ' rgitfiksiw ,, x 1 1 Merlin Nelson works hard to produce and distribute the Key. M ,,,, ' f 'V W ar - ' 1 .,, ' . ,, , -ue,mv', H -- , , g ,Q V My ' 'Wir' X 5? 7 Harold Goodrich Tracey Graham Daniel Gramling Kimberly Grams Denise Green Kathy Green Howard Gripp Rabecca Guinn Jill Gunneman Timothy Haar Brian Hacker Richard Hahn Seniors Kristi Haney Bradley Harker LaShonda Harris Robin Harris Christa Hart Timothy Harvey Shari Hathcock Joann Heald Paula Heath Sara Hemmingson 30 f- Seniors Q 1 r we . - ' - . .1 - 7-.N-wr-wfzr-ft - 'N ., . . or v -L-...2-. 5, .Q wk' i""""' M faaeei 5 e ise of r Wxwik Ev 'ff I i x , -x , . . mfr 1- Q' Y. get Q5 43.5 LY",?g5 4 .A 'Q 3 Mig .- ima wixfg ,Ns Ron Steffenson looks forward to the finish. fqpw--gp ,Y f ii7l!!i M ffff 'W S7 X X X X 3 2, ' f I f f , - Jie? 1 5? M if QKW hw 22 in ,www at - fw fw M A . - 2 xfsf 1? kg, ,E "', 69 JJYX W ff Mi? ' 5: 5 ,2 ' E , QWQM9' H3 , .k2,,, I Z ff ,V James Hemphill Angela Henderson Julie Henrichs Richard Herbst Cathy Hernandez Norbert Herrera Kenneth Hignight Dana Hines Catherine Hippie Patricia Hoff Scott Hofstetter Rhonda Holder Christine Holmes Deanna Honert Sanchia Horst Aaron Hoste Seniors Loyd Hubbard Laurie Hufford Dale Hughes Timothy Hughes Lynn Hunsinger David Hunt Kristine Hunt Peter Hunter Timothy Hunter Julie Hutchinson Jamie lnskeep Jon Jackson Monica Jackson Lisa James Jonathan Jannes David Jay 3 Seniors L - J Ziifbifiliig 'f 'WZ W' , 1, ' 2-ll: , -nv V r an ff :tu fm W WWW f W V Q ' M ,... , f.:, , . ,vu fiwi24t2? g ?'ifi2' , it iw , -. V Saga " 'W , 'E 'w ,I Q' ' ' J J ,,,,. ..:-,,,: , . ' f' ,, Sw fi I, I ,Z WW w fa" L ,Wit We 'W ,W Avg. f 7 L 5 I "TZ-A . y -I .ta-qmf, fi f,,e,,yt5:gaz V few'-w,fe1g'Lgt ,V-572 :L V: 4 7 r w, mp- ,. ,z , w 'BS QW H if We f B fin sg X , f W K' i, Mary, 2 , K 3 x 4 , if , fgf X , .. ,ff W W Wfwf A ,W ,,, ,xi ffff A ff 'Z M L itri it 5 ef ai QW' M 211652 gy or , J J Q Q fi A ,ef M3 gf ,X fwflazfzifzff-, , , , . V ,, f 9'v6'f'jQg2"1bzi"f 4 ' , af- ,I my 'iff ' , N ' ', I ff wif 43 WA 'Z 1989 ,www -lniwwgy Z my f 'e f f Jim Cox displays the fashionable preppy look. H i"EW2'"1ff'ssfff:zf532k??f131f?Zl'5'a'zzf'::31?f3:?,ff2:l 5,211 11n"'.f"-"iff," ' A, J e 2 L J Q, ,, s, 5 ,I , 4, g335,,W,l g Uf! , mf, K ,W ,Q Z J ,l,, M V ' r ' 'ifki ,V , ' W,zff5 le, kff, 1-,mv , fff,, 5 , 1- - ,fe fl M f Wm. f ww f f H:-, f 4- -mails dw, X ll , f f Blk Xl' 9 My Wnliwaw ffm? ff 3,5 no i, .I al l V 1 1 J J 7 32 ' Christina Jeter Kandye Jett Luis Jimenez Bradley Johnson Durwin Johnson James Johnson Kimberly Johnson-Heizer Joe Jones, Jr. Gust Kachevas Kevin Kahley Patricia Kanning Shelley Katzenburger Seniors Tracy Kave Jerry Kelley Robert Kern Ross Ketelsen Valkrie Kettering Darren Killingsworth Brian Kincaid Douglas Kipp Elizabeth Kipp Jeffrey Kipp 34 - Seniors . , ,,..,,..,, 7 yi. ,X , ., 5535 W jj Q!!! ' V ' I ii' 9 i f W We - 942252 ,iefiimisz '- ' ' W Af f 1 ' L-.: ' i zsfiixif nl X f ,fd 5 7 X i fy M Q 2 f W! K? f f ,f E' Y if V J 49 7 all, 5 S if fa if W aa if 6 f 5 H 2 ig ' f f W5 , ff lf N fi f 7 ,N y ,o,, w , Ak af WH , W' 32:2 ' iii, we " ' f W, S .Y ZZ?-1 ne w ,ifgq2pW,-W ffeemfiwea ,,.,,ff-if, H 3 V ,': . J isa? me ,Q 4 ' V .- Q i5i:ez'152?i'z: '- 'H W fi , ' , 5 i K M gg' L iver," X we iff , H ' -f fymwy 2 .i f 1 ' "Z 1 f if Vie? ' 'k" 'I ' 5521 Q?i?f5i1Q1??yiQ,, jf 2 M ' : x Michelle Aliensworth smiles while creating a wicked potion in chemistry ff ,f,' Z V V N Wendy Kizer Dan Klouser Kathryn Knouse Cheryl Krantz Michael K ushmer Robert Lack Scott Lamb Alysia Langy Gregory Larison Jeffrey Larson Ronald Latko Ann Lawson Theresa Laxy Karin Lay Lena Layman Cindy Layne Ngoan Le Rochelle LeBlanc Kimberlee Ledezma Thai Lee Douglas Leedom John Lefevre Angela Leftwich Christopher Leibovitz Wendy Leonard Vicki Lietzow Jill Liggett Kimberly Ligons Anthony Loding Tracy Lofgren Annette Lorance Nancy Lorimer 36 Seniors ,X X S526- is 'HIQN if if me gp-.,..,,,,, QF'-no Q' 'E qs i L ' S ms -fA-v ,. X A Cf Joette Piper models her new coat. 'isps "?l""w- I . ' . ELXX 3525-fm? ' i ' , - ' H A K Y X i X VN' mw- Jak ilu' .5 gs . t fi'- 1l""""'A KW K, A ,mff -Q ' J 355' 1 I an Brenda Lucas Roxanne Madden Lisa Mahan David Malone Steven Mann Allen Margis Marcia Markle Rocci Mascari Mary Masias were in Mark Massa X X' I, ,Q M ff . J' S as T , 37 I James Mawson Julie May Seniors Michelle Mayhugh Peter McBurney Kristen McCabe Gary McCraw Troy McCray Jeffery McDanel Scott McDanel Susan McEniry Connie McGee Cindy Mclntosh 38 Semors Scott McNalley Robert Medley Karen Meier Elizabeth Meinholdt Jeffrey Meyer Karla Michaels Donnis Michel Tina Miletich Micheal Miller Michelle Miller Shelly Miller Steven Millett Kim Miner Dwayne Mitton Jina Mitton Mary Moden Seniors Brian Mohr Kelley Mohr Raymond Monterastelli O - Seniors Donald Moore Marlene Moreno Gary Morris Kelly Morris Kevin Morrow Linda Morse Laurie Mueting David Mumma Lisa Mundt William Mundt David Munoz Scott Murray Robert Nash QW ,Wf- mmm., E! hip' .,,,.-..--w 5' we W fb' . .rw or S 44- Q- '93 www.. W iaftwf' . W.x.Wwzr:wA11::..' 1: -. We i . :I ,mn ki A , eq, . D k ' r I. w i gfgiysfimis . 1' X - f - .. f5s ass,e55S: vi ge1Q a: iw 41-we at 3 was-Marv' XP ir-M' ' we R4 -'BUF' ' ' X is X aw Q N x Y w SQ' X YQ MQ if ,.. 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Charles Parkhurst Mark Parks Yolonda Pate Fairlin Patten Julie Paxson Cynthia Pena Mary Ann Penca Karen Perkins Nancy Perkins Danny Pettie Jana Pettyjohn Thanh Phan Derrica Phelps Joette Piper Gerald Pittman Steve Platt Seniors Annette Poelvoorde Kimberly Polite Darryn Pollentier Julie Popp Dawn Pratt Daniel Provorse Angela Purvis Gary Pyles Gregory Rangel Thomas Rangel Troy Rangel Michael Rasso Jody Rausch Jeffery Reddig William Reynolds Leonard Rhodes Seniors -fr' wifi NV' .av-"" Q-vga new--..,,,,4 mm? si Q ,f f Q3 1. e mi i f wwiif' -fit ii "-- Qiaxfgg-ri'm:vs-iff? is K::.- tix -.::-. Q -.1, -i ,, Pfs:ffeff1f.fi.:-:.- .f . xi - fs X m11L i X 1 5 i X 4 fi 5 is 5 Q X 4 QI XCQ www E, X, X ei..w,s. .X . , . 1, . X, N: if is if Xf's2flF2.f1w155-' -. 3 -. - X X N - h Q X x X lx- w. X QF, s 's X xx Q .5 " s QX as Wx Q may or Iiseasszsissfi sz xl si X 1:- 1fQm.iA-.fs--W-eww situ.. :M ffwfgsii-aw -iw U 7-W, ' MQ, 21253-is - Qgegf-51:-.15-f.iis-15, wgws'-2e'ff::if:s X . . , .X,.X. V, i .,X. v...X Q i im -Mw.s.iA. ,Aw X X -gilyzfy 1.-- .Q X asks sqm Xl ' Mfmfk 7 - 3 ' ,mm 'fZ'T""'N'-lu-N Q, wi - NNN - . . ,W x.,x.,.. . 'F X - 5 Xs f iff M .. .. 'iiiff-757 N ax A fx ss N. six ef N r wb Q Q X N an K X1 ' ,sig ' X3 Sxrw - :W RHESQYH wif e,mE'?2!45:1m5- 'iE?S?52i'EzQ:fi" 15' R ' Eames 'S Ei Y Eff L' . - Q, Nw' ' . fsfuiwk- fi, , -ni., i fo i is-1 1 Steven Rice Thomas Rice Jerald Robertson Jerry Rodgers Mark Findahl tries to look adorable in his designer P.E. clothes. Randall Rodgers ,W Zee i Humberto Rodriguez Lisa Rose Jay Ross am- Marcia Rumph Yolanda Sanchez Douglas Sanders Jason Sandoval E Seniors 46 - Seniors Jill Sandoval John Sandoval Tim Satterly Brett Schaeffer Patsy Schoch Penny Schoch Erik Schulte Timothy S6890 George Seaman Richard Sellers I, R, 51?- x: .,... A -- will ,,,, N wifi. nenfirezffsf, New A .. N N N x x: Qx 1 xq X X Qi X NE Q N VX We W X XX L. NNI PNIN X X N Q we NN X df ' awww 5 X fa N XX X me W X New XE Q we X P e X N v gp - e ,. Xi,.Xar,t.t,:. ra.1 . . " .+:if2.J euisfui. ":i1'?5f , x W ..t..,,. A L-:- K ?i3Q'iS??:j2?L-ii1XF'1'1'fVi: -Q Ifggzsegss g 1 Y iam... E vm- 'QQ' 'ffbv . ww PH . - Q Donnis Michel relaxes before Class. . 7 WN3 XfT.5"i'If?Y 'N XX' X!l'1g3'N ' S3152 NWS:fgv3i54a5f152f'5J3lEWl55R5f Q v gseiiifiif i uf W an W R Qi, gsm sv . X V , Qs 1. Q X Ng ,Wx X 4 X HX W Q W3 P, 'hhh Lisa Sewell Dori Shaffer Casey Sheffler John Sievers A 'S YM ee, ee Feoungmany Slraphet X 1: Julie Skaggs Alan Slavish , as ' Darrell Sletten 1 all'a, t Z K.,, . wk K af Debra Small Betty Smith Kathy Smith Stacey Smith Mary Esther Soliz Kristie Solomon Kevin Sorrell Jeanette Sparrow Seniors Gerald Spears Tina Spencer James Spiegel Brian Standaert Dawn Stanlake Ronald Steffenson Cindy Stevens Andrea Stiegel Nicole Stopoulos Michael Streat Thomas Streight Michael Sutton John Swanson Julie Taets Jody Tague Jeffrey Talak 48 Seniors H3124 fi We 295 :sam +2 on , J . ,,- ,A my ,,,, K. . ,..,, 2, I, I I In .SM Hviv:,,?E,,, ,- Wm A an ' Q iff' A 4 6 Q ' in ff? , if - Q ,Jef . hir IQ 9 X , 2 1 ,z r2r1a,li S W 5 1 A ww V1 Ytffil-i'E-fran., Q Q? 3 . of 5 ,fy 4 .df afHesfMfP, .2 7 if , f 5 , Y' ,f we 155442555145-fm ,MQ ' f:,fS5fri,es7?G,5,'F VQA 73? 121 We L, , as ,,..f 5 ? T ' X 152 fl , lima? 5 4 LI 'Wir E 'fx f if 5 is is W V al Q 25,2 552525 95? Sli., Q -5 Y . ., J fa: ,Yr mf' rs7'?mf,'f ff. H Q E M f f '?fQ!',YM?fgb' 3, f?x1,,m3faf212w LH eiaQZf2W?2fi3G,!?f: , Hezy1e,5y,w5Mew,ft, 'ffm - 1 ffewxgeff sxsvf 2, jfzfiw: V115 Milf W W ' llSl A wi 21 m if 4 f My f Q I 552 5 J J 2 W W t A12 2 2 459' W We 5, 5 is Y M Q gs A 2 P 5 ? he 3 Q ,y , f ,f 1 if J -32? 5 2 . si 2, ,, f I 4 Li'P4Z?f3lie?i?qi,'f ' , 43353 Wg, V ff ft- V. iett a e J s 3241742115 Q , gri 1 2 f ,MU f fy. 5? 5251? ,Eg , l -f eg ae, ww of 1, fd'-Y' f, fob , f f ww f ' M uf 3 I l 4' f fig 3.-e gi AW ff 1 2 8 77 2? 0 X Q 3 'Z , 1, , , W, A ga ,fit 21 - of fr ,f 7 2 fag if ef X V 2 Q 2 Q5 W 5, 5056 H 3 A ,Qi . V , 42 9 Q fewjme fugjzgi ei M wwf? i e 3 Y ? l YQ? 23? gy Q Q ,S i fi ? ,Vf 3 - ' i f 'ff A Q 51' 1 .2 ,,q,, , H ,,,.,, ,Nw H , , , ,,Mfv,,vWf 2, V, W W7 Au, Jeff Kipp gets a shock out of physics class. K 0+ miff,,'- ' J?fm'w f ,wz,,g,,' f gggfgYfg,,gg,f1f55g3,QV, . f ,,j.241':,,w"f:m'.-W 'K 1 . ow :.,, f ,,.,,9,,,,,,m,,,, ,, , ,, 1,gy52gs,,,,5,4w1,.,,5 "Af V 3 f , J, f A K VY , Rfk "1F""" so Jay Talley Roy Tate April Taylor Pauline Terronez Steven Terronez Vicki Terry Alan Thompson Christine Thompson Michael Thompson Michelle Thompson Tracy Thompson Paul Thorngren Seniors Serena Thurman Deborah Tittsworth Jamie Titus Alicia Toland Belinda Tristan Todd Trout Racthykun Um Mark Underwood Juanita Valdez Christine Vallejo 50 - Seniors -iw?" AJKWR wiv Julie Skaggs does a basic stretch before her dance routine Q' ,K Q' gg as , nu--" Q X -Lf HK: is 'Qrfx Qfiw' - '13 V :-we - V. 1.-mi H , S. ga 'gig Riff X 5 'vin If .fig-nge I - piss i 1 - -AQ: 4- :X i -. N M, X AL,,.. i ""f-3-5 :ef X-3-...,,,. Jill Vandeheede William Vandewoestyne James VanHecke Lynette Vanvooren Karen Vanwatermeulen Penny Verheecke Jon Verlinden James Vermeire Jeffery Versluys Marilyn Verstraete Debra Viner Chad Vinzant Roxane Vittori Jeffery Voorhis Debra Vyncke Debra Waeyaert Seniors Kelly Wakeheld Dawn Wales Dawn Walton Latres Walton Grant Ward Mark Ward Warren Wassell Lisa Waters Kori Watson Ronald Watters Paula Weatherington James Welch, Jr. Ronald Welshhons Amy Wessel Harvey Whipple Janne White Seniors my we m""W"' vvgi, 'BW-y i L Ii-if mf' ,,yx'f ,mr-few 49-Ytiefiiwrz ' tw" , V , ,A gg, 'Q'y,.' if ,. FYAWAV Q' . " I Y' 'Nfl fhglsiffh, f 'i:L12r'W5V' ,,,. J Q A A W"l6fTM?3W?"5'5f' .lf -' . ' to N0 PICTURE AVAILABLE Mba "7""s pm.. MVK -1.9" 41 - W irii so it reg we x ax X Francie Wiegel gets a Christmas card from a secret admirer. M- h 7 'ffff"""5W?Wi?9'i32iiKig79'9Z , ,,,,.. ,,,, W WWW, ,.,Hff' :,v-- .-- , WWW fhf' f ,f " ' 'AMW ,Q:Zzf,g3HlA'f7' ASQ' ' ' ', U '53, ' 3 ,,VrVA M .. f,, , iw - ,f , ' viz. A John Wickersham Francie Wiegel Daniel Wilkinson Christina Wilson Roger Winchester Lisa Wingler Cheryl Winthurst Rhonda Wishmeyer Rebecca Witmer Amy Wolf Lee Wolverton Daniel Woods Seniors , l.i Peter Worrell Derrick Yerkey Anna Zapata Ronald Zbleski Patricia Zmuda Tracy Cole Leanna Hagerbaumer Teryl Hagerbaumer ' vf - ., wif if .. Qi! , W.. px 2 Y' 4- S R .' ,,.k ky? A Y Q X A ? X ix if 2 mb w TBR W' W igiiiif xi- Wfrwgv. mx' "' 'Fur-" 4. xx -'IX K Q if is Q ig,-52 Ne A w wx .. iii? as fam- at . .... A A N X Kgs :iliQ:1j:QFig -we Mwunnw, 54 - Seniors wi 4.5 What IS your favorlte Event 15 Graduatron 25 Prom 35 Partles 45 Senlor Sklp Day 55 Concerts 65 Ll T games Fashion 15 Casual 25 Preppy 35 Classy 45 Punk 55 G Q Phrase 15 Oh My' 25 Study less party more we re the class of 84 35 Helhsh 45 Bogus dude 55 E S A D Wish 15 Have a banana ello bath wrth Rlchard Gere 25 R1chfMoney 35 Happy 45 Go to college 55 Successful Thmg to do m leisure time 15 Party 25 Spend tlme wlth boyfriend glrlfrlend 35 Listen to music 45 Sports 55 Watch TV 65 Cruise Senlor Group 15 Pohce 25 Def Leppard 35 Journey 45 Loverboy 55 Quiet Rlot 65 Duran Duran Song Artist 15 Mrchael Jackson 25 Pat Benatar 35 Sammy Hagar 45 Lronel Rrchle 55 Stevie Nicks 65 Bully Joel Album 15 Thriller 25 Frontiers 35 Pyromanla 45 Synchronlclty 55 Metal Health 65 Keep lt Llp T V Show 15 ATeam 25 Cheers 35 Hull Street Blues 45 M TV 55 Remmlngton Steele 65 Famlly Tres Thmg about UT 15 Open lunch 25 Frlends 35 Opposlte sex 45 Teachers 55 Splnt 65 Classes Survey Ido 15 Brlly Idol 25 Mr Belan 35 Steve Terronez 45 All successful people 55 Tom Cruise 65 Dr J Song 15 Beat lt 25 Total Ecllpse of the Heart 35 Cum on Feel the Nolze 45 Every Breath You Take 55 Rock of Ages 65 Love ls a Battlefield Movie 15 Rlsky Business 35 All the Rrght Moves 45 Return of the Jedl 55 Fast Tlmes 65 Flrst Blood Thmg about Senior year 15 Graduation 25 Leaving last year 35 Senlor Sklp Day 45 First great freedom I I : I: " " y , ' 25 Officer and a Gentlemen j . V . .. X . . I , Seniors . The Skyline staff has reached these conclusions by surveying the entire senior class at UT Some stu dents chose not to respond to the questionaire or their responses were unprlntable These responses reflect only a representative portion of the seniors views on the subjects addressed What do you feel about this year s absence of mtramurals? The majority of the seniors polled were sorry that the lntramur als program was dropped and felt that lt should be reinstated They felt it was fun and a good way to keep out of trouble lt was nice for students who didnt have the time to join an athletic team but still wanted to participate in a sport What opmlon do you have on the upcoming fashions and fads such as punk rock?A large majority of the seniors felt smaller number said that they felt it was okay Many students said that they personally didnt like it but to each his own How do you view the underclassmen? Most of the seniors polled felt that the underclassmen are very nice no different from themselves Some felt that they tended to be immature and not as respectful to the seniors as they should be Still others declined to comment If you can t say something nice dont say anything at all Do you feel the campus and or parking lot should be closed?The answer to this question was a resounding NO The biggest reason was because the students felt they needed a break from the campus during the day and that it would inhibit their freedom Another reason against the closing was that it would be too much trouble and that the cafeteria couldn t hold all the students The majority of the seniors felt that the underclassmen should have the same opportunity to have open campus that they did What do you plan on doing after high school? The largest portion of the seniors questioned said that they planned on going to college Many students said that they planned on getting a job and going into a vocational career Some plan on joining the military and several others on getting married Many still were uncertain as to their future plans Do you feel the drinking and! or drlvlng age should be raised? Naturally most students did not want the drinking and driving ages to be raised The majority of the students said that raising the drinking and driving ages would not solve any of the problems faced by society today They felt that the people who really want to drink will get the alcohol anyway A small number said yes because lt would cut down on accidents and many other problems What opinions do you have on the reasons and effects of teenage pregnancy and abortion? The largest portion of the students surveyed felt that the teenagers should be responsible for their own actions You want to play you have to pay They felt that the teenagers should use some form of protec tion against pregnancy Some students felt that it was the girl s problem and some felt that it was unfair for the girl to be the one to face the consequences Most of the students were against abortion except under extenuating circumstances A small portion felt that teenagers should not engage in any form of premarltal sex I , . ' . , that it was too weird or radical for their tastes. Only a slightly I ' qi i D A A i i ' . . Seniors Seniors make college choices based on a l. Roger Winchester gets information on courses of study from a college representative. 2. Counselor Rob Watters advises Jill Gunneman about the require' ments for College. 3. Tracy Stiles, a former UT stu- variety of factors is Y dent, talks to seniors about Western Illinois Universi- ty. 4. Rob Watters helps a student research college choices. 5. Joe Monterastelli looks through the infor- mation available in the guidance center, i l 58 Seniors At the end of each school year, seniors find themselves deciding what they are go- ing to do after high school. Most seniors choose to go to college. Students go about choosing colleges in many different ways. Most students talk to their counselors before making their deci- sion. The counseling center provides stu- dents with financial aid information, bro- chures, applications, and books from var- ious colleges. All of these are found in the resource center in the counseling office. Cost is another major factor students face in choosing a college. Community col- leges can cost up to as much as S1500 a year. Universities range from S3500 to S3800 a year. Out-of-state universities cost as much as S2500 more than in-state uni- versities. UTHS gives students the opportunity to visit colleges. Seniors are given five college days, juniors have three. The college itself also has a great impact on the students' decision, Other major factors students consider before choosing a college are the distance from home, scholarships, faculty, curricu- lum, and, of course, the student life. if Troy McCray chose Western because it's a good distance from home and has a good Psychology program." David Berge- vin chose Northeast Missouri State be- cause 'tit's affordable and has a nice cam- pus and a good faculty, it also has a strong math program." Jody Rausch chose Black Hawk because it's "close to home." Chuck Bray decided on lowa State because he "likes their colors." PAM GETTY ALMA DAVILA Hi ,.,,, Xu' """' 2 Seniors 60 - Seniors Academic accomplishments Kelli Ball Laura Beckman David Bergevin Lori Bokros 3 Andrea Davison Sue Dravis Michele Emmendorfer Aaron Haste MBU' ANU Penf-'a Dawn Stanlake Niki Stopoulos Julie Taets bring pride to top 4 percent Charles Bray Kelly Carey Lori Chanay Julie Hutchinson Beth Kipp Kathy Knouse , , '5 ,, Er' ,' ,W ,M Jamie Titus Roxane Vittori Trish Zmuda Paula Clay Mark Massa Academics are an important part of high school. The seniors honored on these two pages rank in the upper 4 percent of the sen- ior class and have shown out- standing academic accompiish- ments. These rankings are based on seven semesters, beginning with the 1980-81 school year. Seniors Senior athletes: Rebella Atwater Cross Country, Track Chuck Bfay Brad Burklund Charles Clark Swimming Football, Wrestling Football, Track Patty Kanning Basketball, Softball John Sandoval Cross Country, Wrestling, Track Seniors ' , M W 1 Beth Kipp Cheryl Krantz Bob Lack Tennis Volleyball, Basketball, Softball Football, Track Ron Steffenson Jay Talley Jon Verynden Swimming Baskelbau Football, Track Athletics are a major activity in high school. These by their coaches. The criteria for selection included senior student-athletes were considered outstanding attitude, leadership, performance, and scholarship. Our pride is showing Joe Dedaegher Dee Honert Sanchia Horst Jon Jannes Basketball Tennis Swimming Golf, Basketball Chris Leibovitz Mark Massa Brian Mohr Susie Ogle Football. WFGSWHQ Wrestling Cross Country, Track Golf WM ' mi, ' ,, fwwww' Marilyn Verstraete Chad Vinzant Debi Vyncke Trish Zmuda Bowling TERMS Volleyball, Basketball Tennis Because the athletes are chosen in an objective manner, athletes, nor is it necessarily a listing of the best athletes in no way is this intended to be a listing of all of UT's fine in accordance with the views of the student body. Seniors High school . . . The sound of those words was so intimidating at one time, A school full of strange people, teachers, and rooms. But new experiences aren't always bad. A familiar face popped up here and there, And other faces soon became familiar. Your first football game as a "UT" student, your first dance, And those tense moments when you wondered if you really could make it ln high school. However it happened, it happened! You became a true part of United Township, The school became a prominent part of your everyday iife, A part that will be with you long after high school is done, The part that remembers you as . . . An Llnderclassman Pride in underclassmen we -or . 64 - Llnderclassmen 1 'r ga. Ri ' 7'1- 'Mei' ,,, ,rf h 5, u 4 X, Underclassmen Classmates are important to officers What does being a class officer mean to you? Jennifer Fuhrer, president: "Being a class officer means to share with each classmate ideas and caring about their indi- vidual opinions. l think it is my responsibil- ity as we are working together to make everyone feel they are an important part of the 1985 class," What does it mean to be juniors this year? Lori Lodico, vice president: "lt is a time to think about the future and how to suc- ceed in life. lt is also a time to have fun and live it up before we graduate!" What is required of a good class officer? Pam Torok, treasurer: "There are a lot of things required in order to be a good class officer. The most important one is just going to all the school functions and supporting our junior class." How do class officers serve their class? Yvonne Quinones, secretary: "The pur- pose for being a class officer is to represent my junior class, to help out in any way, and to listen to what my classmates have to say." Officers of the junior class are Jennifer Fuhrer, presi- dentg Lori Lodico, vice presidentg Pamela Torok, trea- surerg and Yvonne Quinones, secretary. Ronald Ackland Amy Adams John Adams Carol Alejo Anthony Alexander Dawn Anders ,Ak H Kimberly Anderson Scott Anderson Kyle Apperson Vicki Austin Jon Bailey Todd Bailey Matthew Balluff James Barber Marion Barnett Kimberly Bates Delia Bauman Dennis Becht Angela Belowske James Benjamin Jeffery Bevelheimer George Bideaux Kimberly Blackwood Michelle Blagden 66 Juniors ,,....- 4 f'7f f f My ..-. j f my 4-4, it z ,fun M1 411 L. av! ii if W mmf' ff if -.-.,.4--M "K, 4 W' 1 .,,, 4 ,I 3 ,f ,fm Michael Blais Michele Blais John Blunke Paula Bonduelle Barbara Bonow James Booth Lori Boudreau James Bowers Raemond Bradley Cynthia Branch Christopher Breitmeyer Kathleen Brewer Michael Brewer Lisa Brown Glen Brown Brian Bubon Amy Buchanan Laurie Buchen Jesse Burgess Deanna Burney Donald Buser Patricia Bush Darren Cain Glenn Caldwell John Caldwell Thomas Caleo Michael Calsyn Chance Camp Michael Campbell Dana Cant Adrian Carpenter Ronald Carton Marc Castaneda Lance Catour Fred Cernetisch William Chance Krisanne Chavis Mark Chedister Russell Christensen Randel Clark Steffany Clark Ronald Clash Tim Clevenger Craig Columbia Suzette Comins Lawrence Conley Michael Connolly Michelle Connolly 68 - Juniors Francisco Contreras Richard Cook Sean Cook Gary Cooper Jennie Coram Ann Cosgrave Trisha Coughran Laird Cox Reba Cranson Kevin Crayne Gary Crisel Anthony Cruz Cynthia Cruz Rhonda Cumberworth Paul Cummings Melissa Cunningham Stephen Cyphers Darci Daebelliehn Sean Dalmasso Betsy Dalton Lisa Daniels Janet Davis Dennis DeBarre Steven DeClercq David DeDecker B. Lynn Deem Christopher DeJaegher Michael DeMay Todd Dennhardt Arlene Dennis Margaret Derby Deanna DeRoo Lisa D'Hooge Michael Dierkes Timothy Dillbeck Scott Downen Cynthia Downey Daran Downing Jeffery Dozier Carla Duncan Garritt Duncan Tamara Dunlap Trent Durham Rebecca Dyer Jeffrey Dzekunskas Jacqualine Eckey Kristopher Edwards Robert Edwards 'K I 2 ,f f f 7 I X X Qf mf 1 'X nw us e C tssx 'ri L ff, We 1 Xl .uk 'un 'V' 51' iv--4 Jennifer Fuhrer and Yvonne Quinnones look like they're having fun selling pro- grams, l S Nnrmff' ii Scot Edwards Tria Ehardt John Ekin Susan Eldridge Lisa Ellis Robert Emerson Debra Emmert Damon Evans Micheal Evans Michelle Evans Michelle Fenno Patrick Fetterer Donna Finch Jackie Finch Kerry Fisher Melinda Fisher Justina Fonseca Scott Fournier Lonnie Franks Craig Frazier Kathleen Frendt Shellda Frese Jennifer Fuhrer Samantha Galbraith Ellen Gant David Garcia Stephanie Garcia Vicki Garcia Juniors .....lLi Sabrina Garlow Troy Garrison Ana Garza Tina Gass Jeffrey Gates John Gehant Joanne Giers Jeffery Gillespie Kellie Gilson Nancy Goar Debra Goderis Anthony Gomez Dora Gomez Lesa Gonzales Jana Goodhart Loretta Gorzney Scott Graham Thomas Graham Costella Green Donna Green Tom Gregory Theresa Griffin Sheryl Grimes Todd Grimm Elizabeth Grogg Hayden Grooms Edward Gruszeczka Lynn Hambright Sean Hanson Kimie Hantz John Harder Mellisa Harrington I . f as 'T X Ns W fi 1 ia edit ,. 6' i Q9 --av' wlxff 4 twat. fs"'t Y. x S? A Sys. x mek ,us E6 Al' l i .- ski' Leevon Harris Mark Hasenwinkel Bradley Hauman Jesusita Hay Charles Hayden Steven Heist John Hemmingson Jackie Hemphill Shawn Hensley Steven Hernandez Penelope Heydeman Toni Hinton June Hock John Hoepfner Denise Holmes Wayne Housholder Shearrie Houston Terry Howat Tammy Hughes Dean Hunt Donna lnce Luann Jacobs Todd Jacobs Mary James Patricia Jennings Mark Jeter Humberto Jimenez Juan Jimenez Georgette Johnson Pamela Johnson Rosemarie Johnson Scott Johnson Shonda Johnson Tanya Johnson Guylene Jones Mary Judge Kimberly Kanke Johnny Karben Timothy Karstens Sandra Keith Janet Kelley Julie Kelley Michael Kemp Patricia Kerr Barry Kespohl Christine Ketelaar Brian Ketner Jeffrey Koon 72 - Juniors George Kotrogiannis Leilani Krack Larry Krambeck Terry Krambeck Diana Krantz Tiffany Krantz Teresa Kratt Brenda Kubec Bradley Kurtz Aimee LaFave Bill LaFerrara Denise Lambert Robert Larson Stephen Larson John Lasek Nicole Leabo Koa Lee Melissa Lee Amy Lewis Christopher Lewis Jeanene Lewis Lori Lodico Francisco Lopez John Lopez Paula Lubbe Mary Lucas Aleida Luna Aurora Luna Blong Ly Carrie MacAfee Brian Malcolm Shari Malmstrom Richard Malone Lacinda Manary John Manrrigue Greg Marsell Curtiss Marshall Gregory Martel Bret Martin Charles Martin Jeffery Martin Mary Martin Laurie Masengarb Karen Mathahs Tresa Matheny Nicolette Mays Amy McCollum Rodney McDaniel X up-Q wr' e Z l ev F. 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Melissa McDonough Melodie McGinnis Paul Mclntosh Heather McKay Timothy Mclieon Paul McLean Alice Mcl.ernon Dede McVey Rebecca Mehaffy Rick Melton Aran Mercer Dion Meyer Annette Michalek William Milburn Danny Miller Jarrod Miller Becky Mills Julie Mitchell Shawn Mitchell Margarita Mojica Ramon Mojica Mary Moreno Scott Morgan Jeffrey Morrow Jeanine Mueller Trisha Munos Christina Munoz Timothy Munts Christine Murphy Andrew Mutziger Kevin Meyers Carrie Natwick Darrin Neal Robert Neal Kristine Nelson 74 - Juniors Tami Nelson Tamber Nevins Lawrence Newingham Long Nguyen Caprice Nichols Nora Noriega Laurna Noteboom Robyn Novak Roberto Ochoa Rolando Ochoa Anna Oliva Maria Oliva Ole Olsen Daniel Olson Staci Olson Michele Oltman Cindy Ornelis Matthew Orton Sean Palmateer Jeanne Parham Robert Parker Scott Parker David Pauli Sandra Pena John Perkins Gene Perry Kyle Person Ryan Pettit QQ 19:5 fx -iw Ln .arf Rick Cook junior strikes a pose for the photographer while waiting for the bus ,wa- ,M-7 Brenda Pobanz Antonia Pompa Lisa Powell Nellie Prado Andrea Pratt Joseph Praught Daniel Price Patricia Puentes Michael Pyevich Thomas Quinn Yvonne Quinones Brian Raasch Jeffery Radford Staci Raffelson Paul Raischel Elizabeth Rangel Evangelina Range! Rebecca Rangel Paula Rasko Diane Rasmussen Ronald Raymond Martin Rea Pablo Rea Richard Rea Thomas Reddick Brian Reed Jeff Rettig Clara Rhodes David Rice Todd Riceman Joeseph Richard Brad Rickey Linda Riley Todd Ripka James Robers Michael Roberts David Roes Lori Roffman Timothy Rogers David Rose Sonya Royal Jesus Rubalcava Stephen Rumburg Veronica Russell Kristin Ryan Anthony Sajovec Andusith Sananikone Kellie Sanders Alan Sandoval Todd Sandoval Steven Savala Teresa Scallions Wayne Schadt Christine Scharer Timothy Schellhorn Jay Scherschel Jennifer Schierer Jodi Schneider Troy Schossow Kathryn Schwartz Michelle Schwartz Deborah Scott Monica Scott Valerie Scott Sheila Scritsmier Rebecca Scully Larry Seago Jeffrey Setser Christine Settles Paul Shafer Theresa Shay Tammi Sheehan Theresa Simonich Randall Slavish Teresa Slutts Dean Smet Jodie Smith John Smith Kevin Smith Kimberly Smith Andrew Snyder Ronald Solomon Gregory Sommer Lisa Sonneville Brenda Sorrell Brenda Southerland Donald Stahl Lisa Stambaugh Susan Stambaugh Maureen Standaert Denise Stanford Richard Stapf Lisa Steele Leslie Stephenson Deann Stewart Brian Stone ZW A114 4 .'1 -1 f , 4 T tw my T , iiy. bf 4... if f ' ff W ' I w V ,X ,, Denise Lambert and outdoors. H-4' , Deborah Stout Kimra Stropes Lisa Stulir Amy Suess Carl Suhr Johnny Sullivan Christine Swan Ronald Taets Eileen Takantjas Deann Talbot Glen Talbot Scott Teach Paula Tedford Michael Teel Stuart Tennant Patricia Thomann ,, , 5 S William Thomas Christine Thompson ff , I 5, 5 Dorothy Thompson Kevin Thompson Angela Thornton Steve Thruman Pamela Torok Darren Townsend Debra Trich Judy Trimby Robert Trout Tadd Trout John Turner Telisa Turnipseed Carolyn Tworek Ranyda Um Robin Underwood Roger Llrven Daniel Utrera Dawn Vandaele Jeffrey Vanlderzeele Kenneth Versluis Theresa Viner Catherine Wade Scott Wadsager Terry Wallarab Frances Wamser Jeffrey Ward Ketra Wassell John Wassenhove Christine Wasson David Wasson Scott Watson Todd Webster Eric Weighall Tamera Weir Carol Wells Robert Wells Christopher Welsh Pamela Welsh Lori Werner Charles Westbrook Jill Wheeler Kenneth Wheeler Tammie Whitcanack Carol White Dawn White Sharmon White Julie Whiteside Kimberly Whitley Lisa Whitley Dawn Whitney Junior Trent Durham finds something to do until a teacher calls him back inside X 'ss iv Xi' X " N QNXCQ Wx if si 1 if sw X K3 i 352 X rg .... K s,sfftf , ...-, . -i we ,r... 3 .... i XE 4 x ssit tt to .. Y t U, X R vtfs 3 L wr' N xt inner' N XX? WSQNSS3' H ' ' ' .. . b ,,- ,.::,:.. .,,., wtf., , , l.-tm W. .,,- 'NRP ,' 'ki' ix--xt -Q C f filli- it -.ww -. Lewis Whitworth Sheryl Widger Walter Wilcox Mark Wilks Carrie Williams LaShonda Williams Danny Williamson Joanna Willis Brian Wingert Jodi Wingert Kari Wirtz William Witherspoon Michele Womack Mark Woodruff Steven Woodruff Melanie Woods Amanda Zaerr Kurtis Zalewski gs 4 'QM HW, W Class officers accept responsibility What does being a class officer mean to you? Sandi Harris, president: "Being a class officer means being able to show a sort of leadershipi lt is a way to have a chance to serve your class." What does it mean to be sophomores this year? YaLanda Jenkins, vice president: "From my point of view, being a sopho- more this year means that you rule north campus and also from my point of view, it means that the freshmen come to us fsoph- omoresj for help, information about things or guidance." What is required of a good class officer? Lynn Harris, treasurer: "l think to be a good class officer you need potential, re- sponsibility, and patience." How do class officers serve their class? Carrie Calderon, secretary: "They bring all their class's ideas into one idea that will suit them all." Sophomore class officers are Sandi Harris, president, Carrie Calderon, secretary3 YaLanda Jenkins, vice presidentg and Lynn Harris, treasurer. Leslie Abram Kelly Ackerland Jennifer Ainslie Eddie Alaniz Ellie Alaniz Lauri Alberts I Kimberly Allcock Dennis Allensworth Guadalupe Almanza Lisa Althiser Bonnie Amaro Arthur Anderson Martie Anderson William Anderson Dona Andrews John Andrios Brian Arlt Leslie Arrington Brian Ashmore Antonio Baker Stacey Barber David Barham Robert Barnes Douglas Barnett wi 80 Sophomores ws! at g fte 1 : 'VW + " 2 f H as karfivfg V W, 215 2 1 Qi , ,E fm Z L Ai.:- v c,,sf,.waWWw naggnlhdfa S f 1:,2f'?i " gy , 147 3 Wm rw .if wg..-1 sr , ff ., , W V- f"- f 7 f ji? 49" Wf if M! www V L,,l :,1, , I f Y , 4s af ff M W C f f ff ,f Q y I V, 5 C51 Q55 + df um X ,uf - V n. "' A 'lb w ff f ,f ' -fr ' 'Q ' hm 1 ,f ,, V Wir' f t Hi Awe MY :. K f, www' , 'W new 427 Yum J ,,,, t ,. maritime - , 15 ff A 25? ,M 5,5 , Q i ,922 w 2? f K an f Z? , , Wi 1 f ,W ,ii " , vw ww 'ww ,iw i- - My 1 'vs' 'T' ,' ,il fig: M A Y, 4 ,V -- '::,mf.- . ff f f fr ' Q fr A f 16 0 if I i K .k , .,w,,,t dm ' WW i WV. , ,A ,f1f,,1W,ft ,,,T.,,, Wg - 3 z , ',, , -, 7437, . , My , X6 Q ffi't,iy4,Q , 2 xii- ' wr W3 ft, 'fm I V t sv 'K WY XWRWBT-.Xf x X N, pxk ww up .1 s frzesafis - 14. TNQ ,S 5. ,Q-QW Ri et.. Y. l y Y , . , V V , ,... W 4,5433 ' ' f I gl Z gd -1 " if :ja V4 i , ,, :5,. 5 .. i ,,,,, E62 Michael Batten Charles Beasley Ann Bebensee Doug Becht lvan Beckman Carolee Bell Eric Belrnan Shellie Benson Steve Benson Elizabeth Bergevin Jeff Bernat Steve Bert Kellie Berthoud Charles Best Mark Betcher Dennis Bever Tena Bjork Tim Black Charles Blake Stephen Blomberg Stephenie Blomberg Matthew Boarts Danny Boggs Jerry Boggs Susan Bordner Dawn Bowker Kelly Boyd William Bramucci Scott Brandorn Jeffrey Branham Julie Brewer Charles Brodbent Cindy Brown Jerry Brown Rex Brown Lyndal Bryant Larry Bugh Chi Bui Leszek Burdzicki Gina Burklund Scott Bruner Tony Burrell Lisa Buser Christian Buxbaum Mike Bybee Carrie Calderon Darin Caldwell Kristen Caldwell 82 - Sophomores Bradley Cameron Anthony Campbell Ann Cardwell Dawnya Carmichael Connie Carr Jon Catterton Gaetan Caviola Kelli Ceder Angie Chavez Peggy Chenoweth Ty Chuich David Clark Clark Clark Clark Clark Rachel Clay Willis Clayton Deborah Jeffrey John Wyatt Tom Clements Lisa Cochran Kelly Cole Matthew Comeaux April Comins Stacey Cook Christine Corbin Patrick Corbin Diana Correa James Covemaker Cathleen Cowley Steven Cravens Bobbi Crawford Teresa Crisel Cynthia Cronkleton David Cruz James Daniels Randy David Ricardo Davila Davis Davis Davis Davis Davis Clifford Darren Doug John Piper Mike Davison Amy DeBlock Karen Debord Michelle Deering Beth Deffenbaugh Joel DeGraeve sw... C 1 i 15. ii - ri .. A are-WW f vc 'f - WW f ivwfiw-5,::,v ,M 5 , ff I ?f' M Z , J X X Miz i w , w W ' iq:fU 'WWPMw- I ', 'W r ' W .r ,-fy., vm.: 7,,,.y,,,V-, mf., , PM g m, ,V ., 1,9 ,. , we ,, V W , W, , -71--fm My . if , wmrefgt ' is W M J fir,r,r 2 ,J 52 W? ., iff! ff'ff'5'f7' A V ai V, -VA ir ,VV , 22' , " I' , ""' A V W Er 1 iii 3 ,, I ' xr 51 4 ,C 2 M - iw' kv , 1,'.,.n .rim 1 E-5"f. . ..n...... 7, ,,,. Ziff.-ff iii 1 fn 4 41 ' ,, Mmm. 1 ' V . , gsm 3 V I V757 ' :Milf 1 A ff V . f ,ss 59 ,f ff f Y 5 W' 4 9 g V , f ,ff ,J . f 1 VV., . ,,,,, .rv V N' W-, 2 1 1 or 4 . 4 . 4 QV? 'nv . i- :V 75 , Ml, , V.,- if V if 1 , Q' V , ' J 2 0 fw f 1 . , M, , 44, f f f , W f Zz rf- fn M W U55 1. w, 1 , S 1 ,V .. K Z iff" Aa fy. , fs 11 5333? Y 7 ' " V V . ' A lflw ' ri .,,, V vfewo M - ' 'V i 'S . r 'V 2- ' - gr? mf ' , , f 2 H 1- i ,W '5 ,,, ,V W' ' M, V ' ff , .9-V ' Q K ar. 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'W 3 rn in WM, r , My if wif '7.czH"' ""' W --"' - 20 r.,,,,.,,m ':. , f' 2 5 -Q ww . :ZW ,,,, , 7 A 4 f r KW., "' ,P 7 ,.. . ., 'f-', ' 2 0 iff rerr 1 2 hafffwff- ww- f cpm f A 6 ww 'GF , f f i 4 ist' ' , W C if fff MQW f , ff, A 1 Z "ii , Q ' J , , he , if in' OW, X5 , ff, 1 I? we i' ff J I 'G 2 ff 1 W 7 NW 5 'I is . ,. ,, Cynthia DeHamer James Delaney Julius Delgado Tina DeMay Kim D'Hooge Lonnie Dickie Sheryl Dickinson Michael Todd Dixon Kelly Dodson Laura Donovan Matthew Dowen Ronnie Drum Craig Duncan Dean Duncan Sunday Dunn Jill Durbin Michelle Dusenberry Niki Dzekunskas Jacinda Earnest Herman Edwards Robert Emerick Mary Ernmendorfer Matt Engeman Todd Entrikin Sean Ervin Jeffrey Evans Lisa Fanning Lori Fanning Teri Farr Lynette Felsman Richard Fetterer Linda Fey Rebecca Fillmer Lori Findahl Kim Fluegel Christopher Foiles Terry Foltz Steven Forret John Fotos Larry Fraikes Patrick Francois James Frederick Lisa Friend Michael Gager Brad Gantt Deana Garcia Sam Gardner Kelly Gartelos Patricia Garza Ruth Gates Jana Glanz Kristine Goeden Norris Goldstein Andrea Gomez Lisa Gorishek Bonnie Green Pam Green Rebecca Greer Gwendolyn Grumadas Lisa Grunwald -1' VJ, i,,, aww: fr .iz-'Wi ZMNYS' . Af 14 1 22' ,, 7, 'WM V4 w ,J jig? fffx , ' 1 f 51 gf!! f f f ' : 5? Q , Y.. , W I 5 if K ,W 4 7 7 Aa Lisa Gorishek awaits patiently to paint as Mrs. Polios looks on with grief. 1 4 Wu I, he I 3 7 - ft , VIL: Y ,,,, ,, ,,,,,,, V t.,, , ,L Q, , y 'ff' fff wwf f W1 ,ff 'mx izl , w- W, .uw 1-fv. M 'rf 7 Mm 4, , . '-Q ,,,, , , WM t ff f " , X , f if .. i -'ft - Q M , . K 1 Bef? fa V, QT , at ' use Wifi' r 'Q' ,. , ,,6,, Z , A . va V :tt ,I ,,, ga H 'f3'4'x , ' , ,f , f X ,, I . I tive 4. WTI ,, L W 1' .,.. ,,.. .,..., , gee -1 W ff 12? A A 46 X 4 65' I ,qfifnz A nz it , ,,., g .I ., ,,,. .. -. Z , ' it If tg ,, ' A ' 2 1:12 V- f, W - ?iZ??i:f' V ' iffffh '- ZW? ' JQWMW , fa2'w'-Q1 ,ff """'v , " f W QA ' 'Es' WMM?-4' ,H ' 1-UVX mari' Q W-1-gi, f fiffgfi fif, ' 1 f M27 X f I D 1 ? . ,, y 1 "'f "! fm t I f nf 3 VS 1- Q Maximillian Guzman Marilee Hacker Craig Haigh Jenny Hain Curtis Hakeman Peggy Haley Karen Hamerly Michele Hamrick Kami Hanlin Alan Hansen Rayne Hanshaw Troy Harkness Brock Harlan Gail Harrington Dewayne Harris Jeannie Harris Louis Harris Lynn Harris Sandra Harris Shaun Harris Turetha Harris Deanna Harrison Dennis Hart Douglas Hart Aaron Hartshorn .John Haskins Donna Hatfield David Havens Kevin Hawotte Todd Heald Tonya Hedge Michael Henrichs Lynette Hernandez Maria Hernandez Donna Herrick Sherri Higgins Stefanie Hill Teresa Hill Ann Hoang Chap Hoang , David Hoepfner Teresa Hoff Kevin Hood Billy Hopwood Bradley Hosford Richard Hudson Amy Hufford Timothy Hull 86 - Sophomores Sonya Hunt David Hunter Emily Hunter Christina Hurtado Tonya Huyten Steve lmmesoete Donald lnce Tammy Inglis Christine lsais Jan lvanowski Julie Jablon Pamela Jacobs Michael Jacobsen Jennifer James Christie Jefford Yalanda Jenkins Carlos Jimenez Juan Jimenez Ofelia Jinez Sherry Johnson Tammy Johnson David Jones Lisa Jones Paula Jones Ronna Jones Tammy Jones Terry Jones William Jones Gene Kammen Becky Kays Jeana Keegan Tina Keegan Shannon Keithley Brian Kellett James Kelley Michael Kelley Shaun Kennedy Chrispin Kenney Thomas Ketelaar Mike Kincaid Jerry Kinney Jon Kirkpatrick Sally Klouser Peggy Knutson James Koellner John Kunst Jon Kunzle Matt Kushmer ev '4""N'! 'CT vp -J ,f if 5, , xx' ,s, ni VA, V, 'wma Hur V7 f 1:17 61 ,yi 1: Z, W 'K wr an mr qv-v an.. 'il ve-v an , Z X If 45741 ,-k, ig,k,il:1f,w ' ,,. ag. 7' f3Z:',fi.a51z '- ' yr iw 1.-fb. wif?-K 0 ,, unv- 4-na hui A iv' ,-.-4-fllka .z 4, x fir ' ,M . ,,,, A, f I lf I -l Q A MM . , ,, ,,,, ,,,., ,..,,- v , 4, W , M 5 f 1 ,f 1 X W 6 as I rr .----abil "',, ', -qw" Sophomores Brad Neff, Doug Hart, Bam Pustelnik, and John Davis enjoy building their float, which took second place, Kerrianne Kusy Robert Lafferty Dawn Lafond Rodney Lambert Karen Larnpe Daniel Land Roy Lane John Larson Laura Laxy Kathy Lay Marion Layman Stephen Leahy Kimberly LeBlanc Brad Lee Rebecca Lee Kari Leedom Dana Leibovitz Don Lentz Darrell Lewis Gerald Lewis Pam Lewis Katherin Leyden David Lindquist Patrick Linn Julie Loding Frank Loduca Teri Long Jim Longnecker Catherine Loose Jean Lopez Juanita Lopez Danelle Lucas Bradley Lueders Teresa Lujan James Madison Scott Mahan 88 - Sophomores Todd Malmstrom Lisa Manley Marie Marshall Felicia Martel Joel Martin Lesa Martin Peter Masias Andrew Mason James May Terry Mayfield Marlinda McArtor Vicki MCCraw Dennis McDanel Carolyn McDonnell Suzan McGinnis Paula McKay Scott McKay Daniel McMahon Curtis MCMillon Mellisa Medina Jeff Medley Jeff Merideth Anita Michalek Tammy Milburn Jerry Miles Michael Millard Darren Miller Delana Miller ,, f -,rgff 54, war , ,," r ?.,,,V, , , 2 .Jason Miller John Miller Marshall Miller Rodger Miller Bobby Mills Larry Mills Patricia Minehart Lisa Mixer Michael Mohr Michelle Mondus Maria Montez Lee Mooney Melodie Moraetes Debbie Moreno Kim Morgan Dawn Morris Carolyn Morse Tina Mosher Staci Muller Debbie Mumma Bradley Mundt Mark Munos Althea Musgrow Jung Myung Kathleen Nagel Julie Nahrgang Leonard Nahrgang Bradley Neff Lisa Kay Nelson Jodee Newberry Lisa Nipper Todd Noack Kathy Nolan Herman Ochoa Christopher Ohlsen Theresa Ohberg Michael Olszewski Michael O'Meara Jeff Oppenheimer Kimberly Owens Mike Pacheco Aydee Padilla Kaliroi Palaiologos David Park Terri Patten Angela Patterson Tony Paul Patricia Pauley Sophomores Jennifer Paxson John Peel Catherine Pender Jeff Pendleton Theresa Perkins Tina Perkins Dwight Perry James Perry Shelly Peters Kenneth Peterson John Petit Jon Pettit Karen Phillips Sen Phung Teresa Pierce Monica Pizano Yvette Pizano Anita Platt Kelly Poelvoorde Michelle Polios David Ponce Pamela Ponder Jerome Praught Tassandra Preslarif Mark Pustelnik Hervey Qualls Greg Quick Pamela Raischel John Ramon Beatrice Ramos Dionisio Ramos Etrain Ramos Jack Rasso Ronald Redell Ronald Reed Vanessa Reed Mark Reedy David Reeves Kevin Reeves Kevin Rettig Billy Revels Alan Reyna Patricia Reynolds Robin Rhoadarmerif Don Rhodes Randy Rhudy Shawn Rial Nancy Riddle ' 1 V -.: I fm., 1.3,--' , ak, rim 'bl 'Www ww Q , 4 f, .V 1' Nl! 64 M.,- ,z.,,.,, 7 pw. J I V ' 'L . tip, wif' , ff . I M "H . f , i f i w.."7', .1 'X wi Qty :K zifbi +-if 1 wi 1 A v i M 9 .vw 5 ' jf. -r K, i t Jiri I , V53 , i . W .W fr m 9 H a -,. V A 51 , ar, I I S33 i -.ww V' .5 5 X 1 .M 4 ,Q I x + -. ,W A ,Ja J,- ...f MQ X 4 nn i 74 ,Aff r ,fav 5 ,,,,, f,, in we f - -V , , .Q Q , -it K qw mv -.t , 5 gs l fi ' 4 p-L 2 kQ..QLg,,-1 v.1-, ,tfi 2 V , . ,.v,, i tg A A 1.1 , is - ., Y, "1 5 ,,, ii I 9 rw 1 W, z 1112: W u .i QL X d know that good few Christina Roady Timothy Rockhold Joann Rodgers Javier Rodriguez Scott Ronnebeck Robby Root Allen Rose Stephanie Rosenthal Claudia Rubalcava Kari Rushing Kristy Rusk Cassandra Rust Donald Rylander Kristi Rylander Brian Samuels Ricardo Sanchez Roger Sanderson Delfina Saucedo Yvette Savala Jeanne Sawyer Robert Schaffer Julie Schierer Donald Schmacht Lora Schroder Laura Schroeder Bradley Schuch Charles Schuldt Patricia Schutz Teddy Scott Tracee Scott William Scott Shirley Seams 92 - Sophomores Victoria Sedgwick l Deborah Sellers wp: Donald Shaner ,,,, ,,,V, . Patrick Shay af M......, Louis Sheffler Tia Shepard ,Im ,WL , I fvf , if 'I' f . L, I Dennis Hart and company seem to be having a lot of fun at the Silvis County Music i"" , ,Q Festival. Brian Simonich Pitsavath Siraphet Donney Smith Mary Smith Theresa Smith X- Charles Snell ..-L Joanna Snyder Julie Snyder Jennifer Soots Cindy Sparks Patrick Spencer Teri Spencer ma YZ, 1 'T' Anne Stage Julie Standaert Trena Stanley Jimmy Stanton Bradley Starr Dwayne Stephens 1' if .. ' fA " , .A ' ,il ii J' N H Pamela Stevens ww , 3 David Stolbom I 5' Jeffrey Stolbom Samantha Stopoulos Galen Streeter 3, Paul Sturm f 53 QW 'H .f-sv 'Nr' we " H v-f l ,,,.,, . - V V 4 : Zm z, ,, ' r 1 5, .w--- -r f - , ffwgzjf 515435 .4 ..., -V , f., f --n...f l.--..,,,fl-fa It --..,.,,,,,w: Theresa Subdon Brenda Suggs Michelle Summers Elizabeth Swanson Tammy Swanson Daria Sweat ,V rr M 1:-M7 qw, XJ I ,.." . 3 di ., , . A A.,. L V K A ls., , , . is 4 i i . Ji 4, 'sf v A W is so E , ,, F -2- C.-K x 0- ann' bv -of ,mf-v ILL , ! -5- P-.N mf wr'-r .JJ ,Q - Qfsis- -st N in 2 iw ir J, 4- . , W kk K i -- K Q v . X 'af :C :-- C , ,- sk . it Q' , N K is ,. Q sl' T k:5:?..f: kk .gk fr' . f. ., up ' ' 115.2 - J , , , , V fy? K 'Q Q C. a Q 'U' Q -sf 0 -- .. ..i. .. A,vX: sew Q. M, M. asf: E ' M S 7, M 1 os. .K ii ,U , ,ww . ...MQF .J.. qw nu? 2 1 . W risiQLES'w 'Tifw' "" , ' fseesfsv''wzmnsee-"...,.,s, ' "-- N ., , . E5 H 5 ,... fmw ' - -... .X.. 4 me ..,. ,sew was .fe-:fits . Catster --assi? ,- 35? bv X 1 S -,fi - -:sf . X if is-we - one 'W' .Q f , . 1' si 2 Qs if I-jgzgsi if Y 7 --'- mi ., ' .. - T T Aww ..-s ,--- ur'-sr T!" -mf N C. ,. -,,...,.Jf - if - i 'ii Q ., k " .r Q ' 'Q K "QM ,..- Llrllifii Kelley Swinburn Jennifer Tallman Carlos Tapia Troy Tapia Joe Tate Kerry Teats Kathleen Teichman Gene Templeton Norine Terrell Elizabeth Testa Joseph Testa Alisia Thomas Jan Thomas Mike Thompson Jeff Thorndyke Danielle Thorstenson Debbie Thruman Brian Tiemeier Tim Tighe Gina Tipton Larry Tisdale Sheri Tisdale Jay Titus Angela Tomes Darren Trapp Deborah Traylor Christy Tribble Stacey Tripp Cheryl True Bob Lltley Melissa Llzzell Gilberto Valdez Jamie Vallejo Jimmy Vanrycke Shell Vantieghem Jana Varman Lorrie Verhaeghe James Verlindon Joel Vermeire Connie Vershaw Michelle Verstraete Michelle Villa Melissa Villalobos Angie Villarreal Dennis Voorhis Stacie Waite Brian Wallace Jeff Wallarab 94 - Sophomores Michael Walz Darin Ward Paula Ward Scott Ward Jeff Ware Leonard Wash Jason Watson Mary Watson Willie Watson Lorena Way Lisa Weber Cynthia Webster Mickey Webster David Weeks Keith Wells Kraig Wells Heidi Wendt Troy West Kelly Wheatley Kevin Wheeler Jackie White Tracey White Susan Whiteside Joseph Widger Brian Williams Kelly Williams Mark Williams Matthew Williams Susan Willoughby Joann Wilshusen Jerrimy Wilson Scott Wilson Greg Winchester Timothy Wingert Angela Winkel Lance Winston Doug Witherspoon Stuart Witte Michael Womack Tom Wright Doug Wulf Peter Yang Michelle Yeager Suzanne Young Keith Youngs Eduardo Zapata Mary Zbleski My ,-'nr ,A if-M Llnderclassmen Survey What is your favorite Group: lJDebarge 2JLoverboy 3JQulet Riot 4lMidnight Star 5JDuran Duran 6JPr1nce Song Artist l,MlCh86l Jackson ZJPFIDCE 3JPat Benatar 4JLlOl'lEl Rlchle Fashion: UGG. 2lPfePPy 3JNatural 4JPunk 5lCasual 6JBum Look Phrase lJWhat s up? 2JHey dude let s party' 3lThat s low dog 4JYour momma' Thing about UT: llOpen lunch 2JGirlsfGuys 3JVacations Nothing 4JSports SJGOINQ home Assemblies Idol IJMlchael Jackson 2JTom Cruise 3JMs Judy Whlte 5jBllly Idol 6jR1ck Sprlngfleld Album ljThrlller 251999 3JMetal Health 4jCant Slow Down 5JL1ck lt Llp 6JSynchron1clty l m sure' 4JPr1nce 5JGo ahead glrlfboy Sting Wrsh llTo be rrch 2JTo be successful Dr J 5JBrad Hauman Garfield 6JMr Mlchael Pendergast 3JTo play pro ball 4,lllll"ll loses the Rose Bowl Event 5JNo nuclear war To graduate UChrlstmasfChrlstmas vacation 2JBasketball games 3JFootball games Concerts T V Show Thing to do ln leisure time UA team lJParty ZJM TV 2lWatch M TV 3jWebster 3JCrulse 4jJust Our Luck 4JL1sten to musrc 5jJeffersons 5lTaIk on phone 6JDynasty 6JSleep Do you feel the campus andfor parking lot should be cIosed9The answer from the majorlty of students polled came IH loud and clear NO BIDS' The most common reason was the need for freedom Students also predlcted that truancy would Increase lf the campus were to be closed Some students looked on the practical slde statlng that UT lacked sufflclent few were negative oplnlons toward the cafeteria food What opmlons do you ha ve on reasons and effects of teen age pregnancy and abortion? A large majorlty of underclass men questioned dld not approve of abortlon Students felt that lt s necessary to accept the consequences of actions lt was advlsed that the baby should be kept or put up for adoptlon not murdered However a surprlslng number of students ac cepted the ldea of teenage sex They belleved that lt IS an lndlvldual s personal declslon But the students felt that teen agers need to know more about sex and glve the matter some thought before acting Responslblllty IS a must Thus Involves being careful and supplylng the necessary protectnon Some of the reasons glven for teenagers sexual llberatlon were peer pressure a hard llfe feeling alone not enough love and that guys are trylng to grow up Homecoming 4JTrack meets 5JPart1es Vacations What opmlons do you ha ve on the upcoming fashions and fads? Punk rock rs defrnltely what students had rn mlnd when answering this questlon Most of the questioned students viewed lt as old and stale Others approved llklng the unique ness of thls style Some students srmply accepted lt as okay or with the oprnlon of to each his own Also there were some Do you feel the dnnkmg andfor drlvmg age should be ralsed9Of course most students dld not want the drlnklng and drlvlng ages ralsed at all ln fact many wished for the drlnklng age to be lowered The most common reasonlng was that people wlll contlnue to drlnk andfor drlve whether they are old enough or not Another argument was that students should be able to handle the responslbllrty Included ID these actlvltles Other students answered slmply that they want to drlnk and drive to have fun Others stated that they preferred that these ages remaln the same Some even felt that ralslng these ages would be advantageous lt would help some students avold gettlng unto any trouble with the pollce parents or others The Skyline staff has reached these conclusions by surveying actual under classmen at UT The questronnalres were dlstrlbuted randomly ID an attempt to reach a representative group of UT students , . room to accommodate all the Involved people, The reason for a who held no Opinion, . , ' . - Underclassmen Freshmen leaders serve their class What does being a class officer mean to you? Tremier Johnson, president: "I think it's performing the various functions of stu- dent council effectively and being an effec- tive communicator of school business to the students in your school." What does it mean to be freshmen this year? Tannya Anderson, vice president: "lt's a really new experience because when you're a freshman you get made fun of a lot." What is required of a good class officer? Margie McLernon. treasurer: "To be de- pendable, honest, hard-working and willing to cooperate with other officers." How do class officers serve their class? Stacy Court, secretary: "They repre- sent them fthe classj at meetings so every- one will have a say on what activities they want to have, freshmen and seniors alike." This year's class officers are lfrontj Margie McLernon, treasurerg Stacy Court, secretaryg lbackj Tremier Johnson, presidentg and Tannya Anderson, vice presi- dent. 96 - Freshmen John Ackeberg Thomas Adams Brian Adkins Jamie Adleman Paul Aguirre Tricia Alexander Scott Allen Michael Allison Michael Alvin James Anderson Tannya Anderson Teresa Anderson Christine Angelos Dawn Apperson James Argeros Gerri Atkins Lisa Aukee Benito Ayala Kathy Ballard Michelle Ballard Daniel Banaszek Alvin Banks Doug Barber Bobby Barker ' 5 ,asks X ... - QQ Y " A A .. A - . a J A X if 5, - ' ...t .- L.. :fm- 'W if A lb' :la-. . aff? . .1 W. "' wwf 4,4 an ,N - ' 'um ::..-il izri . Q? x if-V1 ,S as X f X? X . ess s r V .1-ess JUN ' ': la! 1 . ,V l"r ttgg A Q 3 Q gsm X 3 H2sii1s ,. His 'ff W . ails? ,sisssfgftfs . ' isggiii ,Q 4 5 s .nv-.. C t CI? lt..-Q R A 1 ef 5 QI -v Y is. i-sv' ,lf A Jennifer Barnes Kenneth Bebensee Lora Beedlow Douglas Bell Thomas Bender Bryan Benell Richard Benson Robert Bergheger William Berry Demoris Binford Lisa Blackwell Brian Blair Donald Boggs Craig Bohannon Timothy Bond Michael Bonilla Sandra Boshell Andrew Bourdeaux Mark Brand Constance Bray Kenneth Brooks Lacey Brown Melissa Brown Michael Brown Chris Brumberg Melissa Bubon Charles Bunch Leslie Bundy Kimberly Burgess Benjamin Burke Richard Burklund Brian Burney Cornell Bursey Lanita Bushong Coretta Butler Tracey Caldwell Candace Callen Cilenn Campbell Otis Campbell Charles Carmack Rondal Carter Dennis Caviola Bethany Cernetisch Bryan Claerhout David Clark Jeff Clark Larry Clark Regina Clark 98 - Freshmen Stephanie Clark Chris Cobert Samuel Colburn Adam Conn Humberto Contreras Kelly Coon Josh Coram Jesse Correa Joan Cosgrove Stacy Court Edward Cox Michelle Cramblett Craig Crawford Danielle Cropp Linda Cross Daniel Cullett Julie Cyphers Bruce Daebelliehn Kara Daggett Dawn Danielson Krystal Danner Bryan Davis Nichole Davis Pamela Davis Tracey Davis Mark Davison Susan Davison Deanna DeBo Melissa DeCap Jill DeCIerq Joseph DeCock Mark DeCoster Julie DeDecker Amy Deemer Caroline DeJaegher Shawn DeKeuninck Ella Mae DeLaney Rick Delles Brad DeMeurisse Alan Denning Neil DePorter Kari D'Hooge Dawn Dixon Dawn Dodds Louis Dooley Tammy Dooley Patrica Doty Korry Doxsee . .,f- 1 W ....,. . .. , ,, J, ,, . , . . ,, .. 2+afg1:,4:,"',W ., - r w 'fi wifffw -' C " S f..-it J. t J.. M Q ' ' , me V " . I an , QW- I Trl . W- J C ' :Y 'Wy' N g ' v , r' r"' f ,, wi is x My 6 , x I f 9355 3 f M, J , .. ,,.,v,,, . 1 ,X I wif? V 5 'Q JDJ iv ""' iw A l .. J . f f ., J ., i,,, ,Q X . X l no 'wr hm M -NA in W1 ,na ,fue if , , .M . 5 S hw vw- X N . 'Q Tx 61 V' ,r- N 1, ,,-1' . .-K! V ' 4- 1 , if f M fa' 'Q x F? i We vw 'D' ww ,,,. 42 M , G' , I ,,Xi Q. 5 .:. -1 My i , LJ, 3 he .4 f 1 - nl -any 1 ii, A V A -, V vv-,,, ME-, 3 T , ' 1 V if QZ W M, ,Ax he JY , , , M , Y , , X U: fx v ij it - , .W : 1---r i I 3 t 2 ja Vw ji figs? 'fic 0 Ml in f 5: r 'N in 'rv QW..- A ff . Aa 70- mf 'C' ninl ,i.i - lt-, , :V M Q iiii C' 5' , 5 A 'l', . , V S ,Tr , 2 ., ws 4 A 1E.5f'fy 1 MM 1-v-'J ...O---if-",,....-"-iff - -QU E g L ,,,,V ,i .,... M. L 4? 'Emi f' ,i,, J, gl f I1 if 4' 5 X N 3 E.-fu is Ann. it F wa S N , .V .. ffl- ' L 4 '4 2 The hallway is a popular place to be during class time. N1 6,- .918 V v -ff vw'-V w-no ia. ,,i,H?L?'t"""f9V V ,. My , ,: ,iq ff, - , V. 4, f gg. ,W f W, f mf, , ff J . f 'A . mf fa ,.A Tjyf 6' A-s-4, 4 A, Y f i A ,. " A mv- 7.--, M ,, ,,,,, , tm .. , an .-.1 ,4 75' ld Jayme Draper William Dunkin William Dunlop Aaron Dunn Jody Durbin Nicole Durbin Renee Eklof Robin Ellis Deborah Ely'VoIoshin Craig Engholm Bradford Ethridge Samantha Evans Steven Faramelli Scott Farnsworth Brent Fentem Timothy Fitch Heather Fleming Van Flowers Emiel Fluegel Jeffery Fluegel Marc Fluegel Troy Foltz Todd Forbes Robert Fox Gary Fraikes Marjorie Freeman Robert Fuller Tom Fuller Freshmen 100 - Freshmen Michelle Gabriel Erika Garcia Marylee Garcia Donna Garrett Terry George Gina Ghys Daniel Giers Louis Gilman Christi Gingry Christopher Gingry Amy Goebel Bradley Goering Brant Goering Joseph Gomez Brian Gonzales Gloria Gonzales Manuel Gonzales Stephen Gordon Brian Gorzney Rob Gower James Graham Michael Gramling Michael Grasz Sharon Greene Joann Grunwald Rock Gruszecka Brett Grypp Karyn Gunderson Tracy Guthrie Myrrha Guzman Charles Hageman Amy Hanson .ww r ,yn ov, OPM! we in-I ...nf Q- 0.- ,.. 1 A 'O , -, , , V ,, ,eiwfirafs . .W , mf I f" . :WM W ' 4 1 . V? . , .' vf- U V7 4 "RM if N , ., . W 1 , WA ff 45 ws. , , ,J ,W ,, mf V i :ii NWN Freshman Patty Standaert receives assistance with her math homework from Miss Loryann Eis, ev' of' ,pr ,M irmw 4' 'qw f W ,, ,, -, V , ,, 'lf' f Ma ,MJ V rim ' W' f ,15rf5r7M7?2?,ff: ,rf fi 4? ,M QQ .af .4-uv' 41. 1F-'ss iw, ,, A., Q ev .,.-. ' f --.r Q--" i J i.. if QT. .wa ,..., 'ST' A55 3 E N ' ,W G E it . N 1 x we .fm A , - E: V' C Cha an N ' 1 I V.- is vi " our W ".- i - wikis lg E gi X f k T .. .,QQ J I C , . Z at R Q+ M . X 2211- - . 1- -h-. 1. W, 7 if 'Q N 2 M K' .os. t . X E ., , ,E T? -"- - . U 1 , - i '- . . .. '- iN. l li f K Q - l iisizkt .. I ...X - - SESS' E23 - i 1 Q' 555.5 57,3 .4 vs ,,,f- .. I , gs ,Wx X we mn -any wr? c A w uh-3 faux!- . -sw' 'THQ' i V, x.' ...f -ww ,,,. i '- -k, it . - . i 1 on-c"' .X , ts! S.:,.55:.: 5 gl tts Q Q K . s X Q it I -5, " is? . .. . L w Christina Hantz Mary Harris Michael Harrum Craig Hart Randall Harvey Ann Hasenwinkel Dan Hasenwinkel Brandy Hauman Scot Hawotte David Hay Michael Heald Amy Henderson Stacey Henry Michael Hensley Katia Herbst Paul Hines Devonne Hinton Tonya Hinton Stephanie Hofstetter Jeannine Holden Leslie Horn Phillip Houseman Arron Howat Margaret Hudson Rod Hugaert Darin Hulting Lana Hunt Kelly Hutchinson Kimberly Hutson Daniel lmel Christine Jackson Robert Jackson Ronald Jackson Faye Jacobson Penny Jacques Daren James Kendra Jenkins Morris Jenkins Sean Jenkins Victor Jimenez Lurdes Jiminez Laura Johnson Louise Johnson Shannon Johnson Tremier Johnson Mark Kainu Mark Karstens Sheri Katzenburger 02 - Freshmen Renee Keim Debbra Keith Christine Kelley Jeffrey Kelley Verle Kelley Kacy Kelly Leah Kennon Edwina Kieffer Robert Kilgore Robert Kipp Scott Kippes Julie Kirklin Tracey Kirklin Scott Kirkpatrick Rhonda Koch Wendy Kohn Julie Konrad John Korthals Robin Kouski Susan Kryzanek Robert Kyser Bradley Laermans Krista Lafond Traci Laird Stephanie Lamb Laura Landen Stephen Lane David Lapaczonek Victor Lara Albert Larson Eric Larson Laura Larson Tammara Lawyer John Lay Lien Thi Le Dawn Lee Glenn Lee Ray Lee Turamiere Lewis Michelle Lindell James Lindquist Shawn Lockaby Caterina Loduca Tamara Long David Luten Melissa Manwaring Candice Markley Marlena Mary Marner KQV' ar" Q if Q Q 1 J. I ..k. L ' '25 vi 5 Q Q fx Lx Ns Ns is rw 4 I f Q S is 4' X X N..- .Q ,.... wr k -i 'fffq 1. fqiiilf' 1i1ii w .fn W " ' - W N M.. .C ..ii'i, zf5fZ,-1155C-.---MSDN? ' .W-Q ' t . X HL. 1 qw --51:19-C :Ks - A , f "sK:'!E:f? :tvs I l x" asf "5 f- :s1aw.':Ni:f:xe ::a',a::s::.:: fre:-as -4.-.-6-1' ' X :asf-A -C... . .- -A-i .cfm -is M. - -ifssiw g sfriff. . it X' . -ei, X - tes' Y, f - -5 -, .f - , sw- -- :ss . - -1 5 ii - - " ' X' -. . .1-:. . . 7: 55 842 s , 1, Q. X . - - - i -,f N ' r ,'.. 1 i. ev , . wc" , -. X " ' J Q - K K Z ,L , . x L ' M- . ,,.agx t, Y ' ' . .Q A W A Q. an 'Ls ' ,-.1 ,Q L, kv an-1 f ' K , i ,. . ..,y ml Q :T -r 9 6 as sanfgrik S5 is x ' f i X ,,::.:..,.t,i ,.i..: , 4 if tn. wiv F5 'v we . X I-kj.: A E " L A Ku- ICU' Q: Q- .K --kk ,eww-asa. was W L-.ei W gang +4 ,-. ...fv- Q Ct. X ,.., ,. .. S. - 1' - R it .L A . f ws KI i K . . , .ec r xY. X X WM x .. 1- L X - X W , ...r C i s -i-- -' if --Q , Paula Marshall Jason Martel Theodore Martel John Massa Mitchell McArtor Bonnie McCartin Paul McClure Beth McCollum Danielle McCollum George McDermott Shawn McGee Merry McHie Robert Mclntosh Marjorie McLernon Michael McMahon Jaclyn McVey Todd Meeske Michlene Melahn Ricardo Mendoza Jordan Mercer Tammy Meyer Christina Meza Donje Milburn Averill Miles Carrie Miller Janna Miller Linda Miller Penny Millis Trina Mitchell Michelle Moffet Luis Mojica Jane Morehouse Luz Moreno Myreya Moreno Karen Morgan Terry Morris 04 -' Freshmen Terry Morris Gary Mundt Andrew Munoz Rita Munoz Kevin Murphy Patrick Murphy Rochel Murrison Michael Neff David Nelson Wesley Nelson Larry Newberry Susan Newingham Allen Newman Rydur Newton Stacy Nichols Brian Nielsen Gregory Nimrick Michael Nord Patrick Normoyle Krista Nuckles Lisa O'Brien Robert O'Neil Gabriel Ochoa Brian Olson Melvin Owens Lori Page Kendra Pankey Charles Park 2 f ' 1 X f K ,-'vs ' 7 ' rf V ? Z 1' f, 5 413. if lf, H . , dm.-9 ff f,. 1 f fi 42? i 587 dw ,J W- 46 , 1X'f:7', 1 KM ser' ,w.. M' -M - WMV , 'if ,, my , , 41:17 in-,dr it jew , n Y N wig , ' K0 I A 1 ' V Q f .44 4-1.4 41787 --"' X g ! K W K a,,. 'Q if ftp ' f-.. -use-:Q-:'::sf , H 1 Freshman Doug Barber is surprised by the photographer, wwf M ,nm , UM w ' fl- "f X f M313 , ' .,. ,,f v, M ,W , I eww 44, V, rr ,,. , , 1 , ff., my ,..--. 'M ...M-. mffwmmw ,.,. A -1 1 ' , 1 YJ . A! ,t i fy T it X in j 4 AL ds x A 1 ,rV. f Q 1 .--, A hr' "'.,.-If v WMM. g , " x ve v--v -V' NU -1 4 Y- 1? I ,, f , W T ya URI, .. , Wm. .. N9f""'h Z fu, ,W ff"'I"' 'D' W-I ,..- agar!-my 12, ' eff-3: fr, , X 2 72, ff W f fl! is ,f ff fx 4' I v- fi 1 f 2 f JZ f T W f ,fr "" v '- - 7, ' Q 1 mf' fun, ,, f .T ,- I V, I -4 T , 7 X Z as M01 ii X, 2 W, 0 yy 5 f 2 f we ye WT , 4' , . ,I , M ,M T ..........A f ,MX ,gh if . 1 , , 162 , L99 1 1 X f eff I E if X Q23 -,,,., ff f ' 9? 7 1 1 f If f A lf V4 J ,, Gloria Parker Lynn Parker Nancy Paskvan Steve Paytash Edna Pena Leroy Pena Jeffery Penfold Frank Perez Rodney Perkins David Peterson Martin Peterson Joan Pittman Octavio Pizano Terence Plumb Christine Pogue Dina Pollentier Landon Powell Carlos Ramirez Joe Ramos Alejandro Rangel Tony Rangel Joseph Raychel Joseph Raymond lsmael Rea Michelle Reddig Alona Reed Dennis Reiter Wayne Reynolds Ann Rial Ernest Richtman Ruth Riley Suzanne Rivard Theresa Roady Rodger Robertson Kurt Rocker Norma Rodriguez Norma Rodriguez Bradley Rogers Daniel Rogers Diana Romano Vickie Ross Matthew Rowland Cecilia Rubalcava Erika Rubalcava Amy Runburg Scott Rust Kristen Saey Susan Samolitis O6 - Freshmen Gary Samuels James Sanders Rhonda Sanders Jon Sandoval Salvador Sandoval Julie Sansale David Sarabacha Laura Sarazin Michael Satre Valentina Saucedo Killian Schaffer Joseph Schatteman Brian Schleeter Jeffery Schmitz Dwayne Schofield Kristine Schroeder Linda Schroeder Dustin Schuldt Jeffrey Schurvinske Angel Scott Tiffaney Scott Justin Scritsmier Kyle Scudder Valerie Scully Joseph Segers Maria Segura Bruce Sellers Frank Senteras Tiffany Sewell Matthew Sheese Glenda Sheldon Richy Sides Dawn Sierra Mark Simpkins Feuong Siraphet Susannah Skalla Corrie Skiles Jeffrey Skillett Smith Smith Smith Smith Brian Douglas Eddie Jodi Smith Smith Smith Smith Brian Snell Angeline Soliz Julia Lori Mitchell Patricia W fr f ., 1 A n " D 1,1 ew- i , --: , :J if . . V "-igf -ft 'Vt , V , - - --f : an w , ,.,, ff J.- my .'-I -N, 4, , fl 'Z-I - ,Q f . Y C ' , . A 'X' J i f -IW -"'- ' Z f -- H- 1 , f K '- fr gil: 4- -5, if 'A de 'A ,fix ' 'ref ,, A ' T., , 2 ' M' f ' , ,rf XL " I g 1 I X I .. - 1 1 , , 3 J ,f I A N ff ,V ' M ' f' . , ' '-1 'f " A . ,, '. ' , 'ffl uv-"" - I ' .zl limn 'vw 73,73 V V, I mn? ..,- M 1 ,A -r M- Q ,J " H wgv --.. '53-' .1 .. f' H - ,r' - F " . W , .. . q if-4 51 -vi " dlp-1-. - 1 . ti 'Z' .awp A If i - ' "" , Q AA I ,4 as gh, ,fi ' ' .I -47 ' , Sf, Q , 9 ' . t V I I J , ..,.. iii-,j.1,. Wil ,wffizjjilif n .,.. , 'f'ffff?fIi'21',fff.MzQe " 5,31 R, , , M , lga ili txxvg e 'V ' i 'fp-.,Sf' fvtf-Tiff' ',if"fi5' Milf' ffiff' Y H '- i ' 'ff ttf' ,if ' 'A xligtjr , Z-5, , , K , A I :ra - ' r ff , .:e- 1 . FM l fr va V , I : ' ru, -- ff , , l 'M' f -.W Ji 5' 'R , ,,. ' V W N K i, - f s wwf Q u l V ,W 4, 5 ,. 4 ,i , Y ,, i.,,, . , ,V S x-fzzzmig H gwgg . w ig in IV' U V ,, ,W ,iv I , r. 1-J an 3 fr W... ,g,,, A, , 7 .4 'mi ff S V 'X " 1131 "' 'V"'i-if ' "" n ew , V ,.,. N A A we ,,,. 5 ww :J ' f isfwat.-,,tfawww '- S ' , f J " " R' ' ' A :mt I J , 4, H, , ' Q.. W y V 'fr I ,V ,, ,, ,f cz , , 4 I - 5- I 1 v ,gf - - . - it '- fr if CM, 3 ""' ' uf..-J ' W. if i V' u.,.,,.f QM' wc' 1 5 'in f f ff QM f W W ,y f flew sm, .Q - at f yt ya 1 1 S X I' 4 i J' WMRE y., WWW W ov, www 4 6 This freshmen class appears to be working hard to finish their assignment. 1 ,.r,, , W , 4 , ,. , 7 qv J , ,,VV 5 iff' 9 fd 4.7 I Q. ...Q P P- 4'a,,.A Katherin Spoerl Dennis Stahl Patricia Standaert Phillip Stephens Debbi Stevenson"T Shane Stilwell Brian Stombaugh Bryan Stone Gregory Stoneking John Stopoulos Elizabeth Stotts Kim Stougard William Stougard Sheila Stout Tracey Stufflebeam Kristy Sullivan Christopher Sunken Stacey Swailes Lynne Swanson Troy Tady Michael Taets James Takantjas Marcia Talbot Pamela Tallman Dwayne Tank Rodrigo Tapia Zack Taylor Terry Tharp Michael Thomann Timothy Thomas Cindy Thompson Terrance Toliver Freshmen Bruce Townsend Rob Traub Christine Trout Lisa Trujillo Rebekah Turner Scott Tworek Jose Valdez Juan Valdez Rafael Valdez Alejandro Valladares Lori Vandaele Diane Vandewalle Eugene VanDyke Kelly Vanrneighem Erich Veigel Christine Verstraete Patricia Verstraete Alfredo Villarreal Ronald Viscioni Wendy Vittori Lisa Vogler Julie Volk Rachel VonMaur Tracy Vyncke Shawn Wales Thomas Walker Bryon Wallarab Theresa Wamser Nancy Wara Ranee Ward Wendy Wassell Kristina Watson Alice Welch Denise Weller Daryl Werner Todd West T. it .i.. , , if tx f at X XXX t .r 4' -its N? X l l 1 fl 4? 'ESE an 'V' f +65 Qu., at 4 ,ff ma M-W1 AN- '84 ff' y ,+A ffff' , iff ,f W M V J' , ,n W 7' 5 , ' Z v , 4? W. ,r l i i ' W .V-:, -Eff Y, i ,X I li ,',' r ,M , 1. , ,izfl H f Z ,, 'emo' Carla Zeigler Laurie Andresen James Brodbent 1. Freshman Ranee Ward attempts to hide from the photographer, 2. Alfredo Villarreal enjoys reading something other than homework. Ml Kimberly Wheatley Terrell White Tonya White Dawn Whitney Gregory Whitney Rhonda Wilkens Laurie Willhouse Darrin Williams Norma Williams Shawna Williams Billy Wilson Danny Wilson Mack Wilson Michael Wilson Richard Wilson Walker Wilson Scott Winchester Michelle Wingert Troy Wold Troy Womac Lisa Wright Stacey Wright Bee Yang Barbara Young x 5 Freshmen Even 'though the personalities at UT vary greatly, There are students who share common interests with others These people are drawn together to form a unified fellowship, And this alliance benefits all. In some cases, the school gains greatly, While in others, the community profits, too. Yet all prove advantageous by enriching its members, Learning and serving by means of work, Organizations at LIT Pride in organizations X, e -we i IO - Organirations i ,4 l if o A-M,,,-.. Y' , , 1 fy. , it 1 f , ,I . Q Organizations M . is x . M. L. 'Nil - r 'I gl "kkk k,--,. l ' kk..7 wqiplr .LS... X 2 si I. This year's NHS members are qrow li David Berge vin. Nancy Cosgrove, Lori Lodlco, Theresa Shay, Su san Dravis, Michelle Allensworth, John Sandoval Ju lie Hutchinson, Kelly Carey, Catherine Hipple, Kath ryri Knouse, lrow 25 Staci Raffelson, Elizabeth Kipp Lisa Powell, Carla Duncan Christina Jeter Lori Chanay, Lori Bokros, Roxane Vittori, Debra Goderis Chad Vinzant. Qrow 33 Dawn Stanlake, Charles Bray Tamara Bond. Laura Beckman. Michael Pyevich. Pa tricia Zmuda, Julie Taets, Steven Terronez, Jamie Titus, Aaron Hoste, Andrea Davison, Nicole Stopou los, and Marcia Markle. 2. NHS president Charles Bray presides over a meeting. 3. Junior Rotarians are frow lj Stephen Garcia, Charles Bray. lrow 23 David Malone, Steven Terronez. lrow 3l Mark Massa, John Sandoval. lrow 45 Dale Hughes, Chad Vinzant, and Norbert Herrera. 4. Junior Rotarians are David Berge- vin. Loyd Hubbard, Aaron Hoste, Patrick Bramucci, Jay Ross, John Sievers, Rick Cervantes, and Ole Olsen. Missing from photos is Brett Fells. 5. These NHS members enjoy Christmas caroling at Illini Hos- pital. 6. Officers for the i983-B4 NHS are flyingj Cath- erine Hipple, treasurer: Charles Bray, president, lstandingj Laura Beckman, vice president, and Rox- ane Vittori, secretary. ll2 Organizations ww swag ..-ni,,,,,,N .,,.......c. ,... . l ,M rfffffrw :xxf A :L M1157 . . . -:Ls 156515254-ami ' Riff is - C sf gg -Q, -L.-gg in-El in. 'i:.-aw, '- f sf- -rss.,-br.: Q X is Xl Q N sf K X N X . fx X Q Sf i. X . t " A11 United Township's academic achievers who are also involved in school and com- munity activities are recognized through the National Honor Society. Students were invited to apply for mem- bership based on grade point averages. Then, a faculty committee reviewed each student on the basis of leadership and ser- vice qualities. This year 39 sophomores, juniors, and seniors were granted member- ship. This year, NHS services included Christ- mas caroling and tutoring. Also, popcorn was sold to raise money for the spring induction ceremony. Acting NHS adviser Mr, Gordon Corne- lius stated, "l have an excellent bunch of kids to work with which are highly motivat- ed and are quite involved in their school and community."Mr. Cornelius was the substitute for Mr. James Unrath, who was serving as acting athletic director. CINDY CRUZ Junior Rotarians is a group of male stu- dents chosen to represent UT at meetings of the East Moline Rotary Club. Scholastic achievers involved in school activities are eligible for consideration. Mr. Michael Han- lin, a representative of the athletic depart- ment, and a faculty member choose two per month. At the meetings, different types of occu- pations are discussed. Also, there is a half hour special segment for community-con- cerned people. The meetings, usually from 12:15 to 1:30, are often accompanied by special luncheons. Mr. Hanlin believes that Junior Rotarians are "a super bunch of young men." He's very impressed with these students, saying that they are always ready to do extra duties at anytime. SUSAN WILLOUGHBY LAURA SCHROEDER Students show Leadership Organizations u as J, I . 1 W L Efft - sf. ,gi . H- 9 I. Senior representatives are Jamie Titus, Tracy Lof- gren and Rochelle LeBlanc. tMiddle Rowj Julie Burns, Pam Bost, Debi Vyncke. Christi Hart, and Beth Kipp. tBack Rowi John LeFevre, Brad Burklund, Rick Cer- vantes, Tom Rice and Chris Leibovitz. 2. Junior repre- sentatives are Lori Lodico, Costella Green. iMiddlei Nicole Leabo, Jenny Fuhrer, Pam Torok, lBackJ Melo- die McGinnis, Lisa Daniels and Shelly Oltman. 3. Jamie Titus stuffs some grapefruits and oranges from the fruit sale into the trunk. 4. Student Council offi- cers are Rochelle LeBlanc, secretary, Dee Dee Bur- ney, treasurer, Tracy Lofgren, vice president, and Jamie Titus, president. 5. Sophomore representatives are Carrie Calderon, Yalanda Jenkins, Terri Mayfield and Jodee Newberry. 1Second Rowj Scott Ronnebeck, Julie Brewer, Lynn Harris, Kim LeBlanc, and Felicia Martel. 6. Freshman representatives are Marjorie McLernon, and Trina Mitchell. lBackJ Kim Stougard, Stacy Court, Dawn Lee, Binky Johnson, Brant Goer- ing, and Deanna DeBo. l Organizations .Q JN' fs. is W ig! A it Q WW -25' its .ue vi 5 "Student Council is an organized group of representatives from each class which tries to work out fun activities and money- making projects for our school," stated ju- nior delegate Julie Mitchell. "lt's a new and rewarding experience," said Costella Green, junior delegate, about her participation on Student Council. "lt makes me feel like a part of the school." The primary goal of this year's Student Council was to continue payment on the scoreboard bought by the 81-82 Student Council for the renovated Soule Bowl. lt planned to raise the money through a ma- jor fundraiser of selling grapefruits and ore anges. Besides the fruit sales, Student Council also provided more free activities, such as dances. "I would like to see more students involved in the school activities," stated Jamie Titus, Student Council president. She added, "By having dances, more stu- dents will come and have a good time." Student Council also sponsored a blood drive as a community service and ex- changed students from other schools for a day. "The exchanges are very good," said Mr. Jose Diaz, Student Council adviser. "lt permits our kids to learn how other schools operate their student councils." Senior delegate Beth Kipp stated, "Stu- dent Council helps you feel like you really make a difference. l think you enjoy it more if you get involved." K. K. WHITLEY Council makes a difference Organizations l li 5 1 ei 1 . i I. Skyline staff members are tfrontj Peggy Haley and Cindy Cruz. imiddlel Teri Spencer, Rhonda Dewitt, Pam Getty, Mary Esther Soliz, Alma Davila, Carol Alejo, Pam Cameron, and Cindy Cronkleton. tba-:ki Diane Rasmussen, Melissa Cunningham, Laura Schroeder, Susan Willoughby, Chris Thompson, Ke' vin Wheeler, Mark Munos, Jeff Kipp, K.K. Whitley, Beth Kipp, and Staci Raffelson. 2. Roxane Vittori, co- editor, finds deadline time hectic, 3. Co-editor Beth Kipp explains a design concept to junior Staci Raffel' son. 4. Kirk Amador, senior, stares in disbelief as the coreditors ask him to take yet another picture. 5. Senior Rhonda Dewitt finds Skyline so exhausting that she falls asleep sitting up. 6. Juniors K.K. Whit- ley and Cindy Cruz look through last year's book to get ideas for their stories. 7. Mrs. Marsha Peterson, yearbook advisor, helps the new staff members get aquainted with yearbooking. l 16 Organizations es . Y i K at -X. -Q. ,M ::. , . an Q ' '1E" ' l N X - N ect X X Y -S S W X ...x.,k., Ns 6 .K .s .ww N""-Q, AM s.. Q. .. Q if f ..b w e M , . , ,K . . ,.N,,: Nobody said that putting a yearbook to- gether was easy, and the 1984 Skyline staff found out how time-consuming and difficult it can be. Co-editors Beth Kipp and Roxane Vittori, assisted by adviser Marsha Peterson, worked with a relatively large staff of 25. These students learned the real mechanics of putting a yearbook together-conducting interviews, writing stories, assigning pic- tures, drawing, layouts, cropping pictures, and writing and typing captions. Also, the staff members were involved in ad selling, proof reading, survey tallying, and index- ing. A big change to the staff this year was a move to room Bl25, the old ISS room at south campus. This relocation meant be- ing without a phone for the first few months, which made the staff's'job diffi- cult at times. The photography staff did an excellent job this year. Jeff Kipp, senior, served as head photographer for the third year. The position of business manager was filled by junior Cindy Cruz. "Skyline's really a lot of fun, but it's also hard work, and I can't wait 'til someday when l can handle it," commented Staci Raffelson, staff member. ROXANE VITTORI BETH KIPP Skyline looks back on 83-84 Organizations n 1. Senior Ron Latko, chief photographer, shows soph- omore Tray Schuldt a few tricks with the camera. 2. Members of Key are Chris Calderon, Kim Burrell Qbe- hind Chrisj, Kelly Bradley, Merlin Nelson, Paula Bon- duelle, Pam Welsh, Arlene Dennis, and ttop rowj Tray Schuldt, Ron Latko, Ole Olsen, Kevin Smith, David Pauli, Jeff Radford, and Rhonda Cumberworth. 3. David Pauli, sports editor, types a story into the com' puter for Key. 4. Chris Calderon works hard to make a deadline. 5. Paula Bonduelle, managing editor, and Keyadviser Mr. James Deal talk about future stories for the Key. l I8 Organizations K ff-mwwwmm xx N X .wi emi' - X N if M was mmm Rum, Besides a tremendous amount of work in school, the Key staff also did a lot of work outside of class, much of which was done at the Daily Dispatch. "lt's kind of like a job because you have to get the work done, and right for good results," stated feature editor Kimberly Burrell. Interviewing and writing took place mostly outside of class, as did the actual printing, "Without the Daily Dispatch, we wouldn't have such a great paper," said Chris Calderon, staff member. Here the sto- ries were typed into computers, pasted, and printed. The staff experienced the work of a real paper. The "Key Panther" was added to the sports pages this year. The "Key Panther" is a regular article featuring "a student who has performed well in a sport," stated Ron Latko, chief photographer and writer of the 'iKey Panther." Mr. James Deal, the Key adviser may have appeared a mean man in the old south campus l.S.S. room seventh hour, according to Calderon. However, Mr. Deal donated much time to the success of the paper. At times, he could be found at the Daily Dispatch until midnight near a dead- line. "I feel the Key says a lot for our school," said Paula Bonduelle, managing editor. "lt's a way of communicating to the stu- dents and faculty." K. K. WHITLEY Key is a challenge Organizations "N I. l.ettermen's Club members are trow lb Lynette Vanvooren, Kris Emery, Cheryl Desmet, Latres Wal ton, Sonya Royal, Rebella Atwater. Tina Clark, Jamie Titus. Crow 23 John Sandoval, Stacey Smith, Rhonda H Fiebig, Tracey Graham, Lori Bokros, Sanchia Horst, Marcia Markle. Kellie Sanders. trow 33 Joe Monteras- telli, Chad Vinzant, Kari Wirtz, Deanna Honert. Patri- cia Zmuda, Jody Tague, Beth Kipp, Jennifer Fuhrer, Donald Moore. Crow All John Lefevre, Brett Schaeffer, Nikki Leabo, Maureen Standaert, Cheryl Krantz, Patty Kanning, Donna Green. Debra Vyncke. Crow 55 Debra Waeyaert, Tracy Lofgren, Ken Hignight, Chris Leibo- vitz, Brad Burklund, Tom Rice, and Jay Talley. 2. Senior Latres Walton takes a moment to watch the basketball game while supervising the crowd. 3. Sen- ior Mary Decker shows enthusiasm for our team as any Lettermen would. 4. Lettermen's Club officers were Tom Rice, vice president, Debra Waeyaert, sec- retary, Jay Talley, president: and Tina Clark, treasur- er. 2 FW ganizations L X 3.3 E Every Friday morning at 7:30, 40 or so United Township High School students gathered to discuss and plan upcoming school events. This organization, Letter- men's Club, supervised at athletic events such as basketball, football, and wrestling competitions. The Lettermen's Club also sold buttons, pon-pons, cushions and bumper stickers to encourage school spirit. The profit from these sales supported the athletic curricu- lum with such things as new mats and warm-up suits. Senior member Tracy Lofgren stated, "I think it's good for the athletes. Also, it's good for funds which go to the athletic department and it doesn't come out of the taxpayer's money." Mr. Cliff Talley, l.ettermen's Club advis- er, put forth a lot of time to help these students, believing they had also put forth a lot of time to achieve varsity letters. Senior Charles Clark said simply, "l think it's a pretty good organization. l like it." CINDY CRUZ Lettermen aid athletics Organizations R 1 X X' wel 2 , -ia-:fi s .sm C SNK . S' "-' -."- iii-Q: 'IJ EY kim am, , swiss!! Speech Club had something to offer ev- eryone. There were actually eleven differ- ent categories to choose from. For exam- ple, there was radio speaking, verse read- ing, drama duets, humorous duets, prose reading, and much more. The Speech Club organized the money making for all the contests that the stu- dents entered. lt's major money-making project was operating the coat check room at basketball games. This year's Speech Club worked very hard to prepare for the five contests they entered in addition to the IHSA contest series. Miss Paula Petersen, Speech Club in- structor, said that practice is very neces- sary. Each member should have practiced at least twice a week. Some chose to prac- tice more, some less. Students practiced according to the events they were in. If the student was in an individual event, he prac- ticed individually. lf they were in an event with more than one person, they practiced with their partners. The main purpose of the Speech Club was preparation for competition. It helped students gain confidence. They also worked together like a team. "lt's lots of fun!" stated Karyn Palos, Speech Club member. ALMA DAVILA PAM GETTY Speech Club offers a lot Organizations I. The students participating in the play 'Sweeny Todd" are Jeff Radford. Julie Whiteside. Mark Hasen- winkel, Brad Kurtz, Charlotte Braud. Merlin Nelson, Amy Suess. Patty Jennings, Jim Cox. Kurt Zalewski. Chris Jeter, Brian Malcolm. Lori Chanay, and Tony Paul. 2. These cast members are practicing for the one art 3. The Panther Player officers are lbottoml Kathy Knouse, David Pauli. Nikki Stopoulos. ltopj Lori Chanay, Charlotte Braud. 4. The two Panther Players chosen for the All-State play are Lori Chanay and Charlotte Braud. 5. These students are enjoying their after school rehearsal. 6. Members of Panther Players this year are Crow lj Nikki Stopoulos. Kathy Knouse. Lori Chanay, Charlotte Braud. David Pauli. trow 23 Alice Mcilfrnon. Stacy Court. Julie Whiteside, Lance Winston, lynn Parker. Margie Mcl,ernon. frow 31 Adam Burke, Chris lsais. frow 45 Merlin Nelson, Tony Paul, Steve Forret, Lisa Powell, Sanchia Horst, Jeanine Mueller. Jeff Morrow. trow 53 Teri Shay, Brenda Pobanz. Patty Jennings. Brad Kurtz. Amy Suess, Tonya Huyten. Greg Martel. lrow 69 Jeff Rad- ford, Hayden Grooms, Dee Dee Burney, Dawn Wales, Kevin Smith. Jim Cox. lrow 7i Warren Wassell. and Kurt Zalewski Organizations its Nk'Kf'ig X at Panther Players are a group of students LIT who are active in theater production. There were 52 members this year in the Ol' ganization advised by Mr. Michael Schmidt. The students got together in the fall and performed the musical. Auditions were held at eight area grade schools and junior high schools to fill the parts for children. These schools were then invited to mati- nee performances with a 50C charge for admission. Eight Panther Players per- formed at the IHSA State Competition M arch 24, They presented a one-act play called "Sweeny Todd." There was also a spring play. Two girls were chosen to be in the All- State play. Seniors Lori Chanay and Char- lotte Braud enjoyed this opportunity. Lori Chanay said, "It was a learning experience and it was fun!" This was Charlotte Braud's second year honored. Junior Kevin Smith commented, "The Panther Players weren't as radical this year, but we tried." Amy Suess, junior, added, "Some people think we're weird but we really do work hard." CHRIS THOMPSON DIANE RASMLISSEN MELISSA CLINNINGHAM Players act with pride Organizations 4.l huns. M,,,..-onli A.4-any s., 1 126 4- Organizatins I. Members of ECHO are Michele Blais, Deann Tal' bot. Luanne Jacobs, Caprice Nichols, Heather McKay, Sherri Grimes. Kim Hantz. Lisa Rangel, Laurna Noteboom. Lisa Stulir and Tammy Weir. 2. Members of Health Occupations are Cheryl Parvin. Tammie Whitcanack, Amy Wessel. CROW 25 Jodi Win' gert, Tina Franks, Angie Belowske. KROW 39 Brad Bal- lard, Victoria Zywot, Cathy Leighty, Danny Bevel' heimer, and Jeanne Garham. 3. ECHO members are qRow lj Lynn Hunsinger, La Shonda Harris. Sue McEniry, Cindy Layne. lRow 21 Paula Heath, Andrea Clemmons. Lori Shaffer, Kandye Jett. 4. Members of Office Occupations are CROW ll Rhonda Holder, Susan DePaepe, Pam Noel, Kim Ligons, Michelle Haecherl. Julie May, Krista Hart. lRow 23 Mrs. Helen Stiegel, Melody C7oss Larresv Foltz, Julie Henriehs, Michele r.r'crier1dorfer, Lisa Lowder. Susie Ogle, Marilyn Ver- s' wie, Angela Pewis, Lit-4 Maman, and John Sievers. mYAwWff - ,,...,..W-My f My ff Students involved in Office Occupations learned the basics for an office or business- related job, such as: form typing, book- keeping, proper telephone skills, and the operation of numerous business machines. Office Occupations allowed students to gain on-the-job experience by working in an office or business part of the day and going to school the other part. The students in Office Occupations also competed in several contests. They took tests which eabled them to qualify, locally and on the state level. They had several fundraising projects to help finance the competitions. ln this way they received recognition for their business expertise. Of- fice Occupations was only open to seniors. RHONDA DEWITT For students who wanted to learn about a health career, taking ECHO QExtended Campus Health Occupationsl and HO QHealth Occupationsj was a good way to do it. HO was a class in which students re- ceived in-school training and then were giv- en a chance to visit several area hospitals and nursing homes. Mrs. Judy Greer, ad- viser, accompanied them on their visits. Students who participated in ECHO went to school part of the day and worked in a medically-related job the other part. They also received in-school training, and must have taken HO to be enrolled in ECHO. Both of these classes enabled stu- dents interested in a health-related occupa- tions to gain first hand experienc in the study of medicine. RHONDA DEWITT Clubs learn about jobs Organizations 1. Members of D.E. are fRow lj Mary Masias, Jeanene Lewis, Carrie Williams, Jana Pettyjohn, Cheryl Winth- urst, Monica Jackson, Angela Leftwich. CROW 25 Mellisa Harrington, Timothy Seago, Anthony Munos, Charles Hayden, Shawn Mitchell, Micheal Dierkes, Mike Peterson, Jeffrey Larson. Rich Malone. 2. Mem- bers of HERO are lRow lb Lisa Brown, Robin Under' wood, Jill Liggett, Nellie Prado. lRow 25 Karla Mi- chaels, David Rose, David Garcia, Roger Winchester, Jodie Smith, lRow 3j.1oann Heald, Kathy Hernandez, Mary Lucas, Dan Klouser, Tina Carr, Clara Rhodes, Brenda Lucas, Nancy Moritz. Melissa Davis, Brett Fells. Eric Weighall, and Alfie Bivens. 3. Members of HERO are lRow lj Tim Satterly. Scott McDaniel. Da' vid Rose. Kris McCabe, Donna lnce, Rhonda Nord. lRow 23 Penny Heydeman. Jina Mitton, Pauline Ter' ronez. Jim Collins, Lisa Nye, Amy Wolf. Steve Thru- man, Michele Mayhugh, Doug Lee-dom, Cheryl Bur- ton. 4. Members of D.O. are fRow lj Chris Ward, Kevin Kahley. David Munos, Anthony Alexander, Troy Schutt. tRow 25 Jesse Adams, Casey Sheffler, Lynette Vanvooren. Elizabeth Anton. Cindy Dicken- son, Jeffery Voorhis, David Hunt. Latres Walton. Irene Anderson. Richard Brown. 5. Rifle Club Members are Cfrontj Pete McBruney. Bret Martin. Kerry Fisher. lbackj Brian Nelson. Kevin Hood. and Mike DeMay. 28 Organizations I l new. W K -if ' The Rifle Club looked impressive this year. More than 25 percent of this club was female. These girls constituted some of the better shooters. There were 13 returning students, all generally good shots. LlT's Rifle Club competes with approximately 14 other schools. Scores are sent to Spring- field for the competitions. There may be no future for the Rifle Club due to the school board's decision to withdraw funds from the club. All the shooters worked to preserve the Club for this year. Mr. Robert Zesiger, Rifle Club sponsor, has put 36 years into the club and doesn't want to see the end. MARK MLINOS Diversified Education and Distributive Occupations were two classes in which students learned about business and sales. They learned how the business world actu- ally works. The students in DE studied the many ways to get involved in business and how to make it work. They received class- room instruction only. A portion of the DO students' day was spent in school and the other holding jobs of various kinds. This allowed them to get hands-on experience and get the feel of what being a member of the business com- munity is like. By being in these classes, students are prepared for their life as an contributing adult. RHONDA DEWITT Clubs bring experience Organizations i To amuse, to divert, tio interest, Tqhold the attention of . . . Thats entertainment! i i AtiflT we doithoSe things in so many ways, Actors, singers, dancers, musicians, We have talenii 9 i i Enjoyment, satisfaction, and pleasure . . . Thais Entertainment Pride in entertainment 130 - Entertainment S sk Q l nn. an Entertainment "Music Man" is a success The musical this year at UT was 'tThe Music Man" by Merideth Wil- son. lt was performed in the South Campus auditorium November i6- 18. "The Music Man" was centered around con artist Harold Hill, por- trayed by a convincing Tony Paul, sophomore. Hill tried to sell musical instruments to the parents of River City, telling them he would teach their children to be a band. When they paid, he intended to skip town with the money. His plan was foiled when he fell in love with innocent Marian Paroo, the librarian, por- trayed by senior Lori Chanay. Marian finally realized she loved him, but by then it was too late be- cause another salesman came to town and told the townspeople that Mr. Hill was a crook. Harold tried to run, but then decided he must stay. ln the finale the children assembled as a marching band, directed by Mr. Hill. Senior Niki Stopoulos, portray- ' ing Mrs. Paroo, and the schoolboard octet added to the lighthearted air of the musical. The actors worked 2Vz hours, five days a week for three months to get the play to show quality. They had help from many people, the props crew, the makeup crew, the Quad- City Music Guild Costume Shoppe, Mrs. Martha Taylor, the choreo- grapher, and Mr. Michael Schmidt, director. Members of Jazz Band pro- vided the orchestration. Lori Chanay, senior, summed up the general feeling of the play by say- ing, f"The Music Man" will always remain a wonderful memory of the hard work and fun we had." l l i 'n A Entertainment WSW fr .arf . . Yr . Qi- fr 3 Y W,-f.""s.. W I. Mayor Shinn, portrayed by Merlin Nelson. senior. spies the Wells Fargo wagon 2. Senior Charlotte Braud helps a younger Cast member get ready for the snow. 3. Senior Dawn Wales works the sound board. 4. Harold Hill, played by sophomore Tony Paul. strikes up the band. 5, Mrs. Paroo. Niki Stopoulos lectures Marian, Lori Chanay, on the value ofa good husband. 6. Library antics. Entertainment Traveling Salesmen: Lance Winston, Brian Malcolm, Steve Forret, Tom Ketelaar Charlie Cowell: Jim Cox Conductor' Jeff Morrow Harold Hlll Tony Paul Mayor Shlnn Merlln Nelson Barbershop Octet Charlotte Braud Jeff Radford Amy Suess Bull Clark Tonya Huyten Greg Martel Jeanine Mueller Mark Hasenwlnkel Marcellus Wahshburn Davtd Paull Tomrry Djulas Kurt Zalewkskl Marian Paroo Lon Chanay Mrs Paroo Nlkl Stopoulos Eulalle MacKencknle Shlnn Julle Whlteslde Zanneeta Shlnn Dee Dee Burney Plckallttle Ladres Mrs Squire Chris lsals Maud Lrsa Powell Ethel Brenda Pobanz Alma Becky Aguirre Gracie Rebecca Lee Amaryllis Ann Suess tNov 175 Katle Wllltams CNov 181 Winthrop Paroo Marc Gremer tlxlov 171 Jason Tlpsword QNOV 181 Constable Herman Locke KGVID Smlth Townspeople Lance Winston Brian Malcolm Margle McLernon Lynn Parker Adam Burke Marcla Talbot Steve Forret Chrls Ketelaar Danielle Thorstenson Teenagers Chlovember 175 Cathy Lowry Abby Burke Linda Knouse Crystal Collins Alex Paul Mark Sturn Clxlovember 183 Karla King Julte Tyler Kathy Truelsen Beth Cornelius Steven Green Tum Tumbrook Townschlldren tlblovember 17lJenn1fer Power Stacl Smnth Jennrfer Brown Krlstln Chanay Tami Turf lblovember 183 Ann Taylor Matt De Smyter Steph Poltos Carla Van Houten Angela Keemle Boys Band Clarinet Tracy Guthrle Katia Herbst Baritone Lynn Parker Coronet Mike Grassy Drums Brlan Burney Trumpet Jlm Brodbent Flute De De Hlnton Myrrha Guzman Sue Skalla PRODUCTION STAFF Dlrector M1chaelC Schmldt Assistant Dlrector Patty Jennlngs 2nd Assistant Director John Shellhouse Muslcal Director Mallle Wllllams Technlcal Dtrector Robert Hanske Stage Manager Theresa Shay Choreographer Martha Taylor Publlclty Patty Jennings Charlotte Braud Lorl Chanay Kathy Knouse Nlkl Stopoulos David B Paull Lighting Dlrector Mark Hasenwlnkel Llghtlng Crew David Jones Brad Kurtz Hayden Grooms Sound Dawn Wales Propertles Linda Ales Costumes Mellssa Lee Makeup Amy Suess Stage Crew Chrus Thompson Sanchla Horst Carol Alejo Pam Cameron Steve Larson Wendy Ktzer Duane VanDeWalle Brad Demeurnsse Mike Davlson Valerle Scully Kathy Knouse Julle Taets Pete McBurney Kelly Carey ORCHESTRA Cathy Hlpple Dawn Whitney Sue Dravls Laura Beckman Mary Moreno Sonya Royal Kerry Flsher Robert Parker Scott Downen Juan Jlmenez Michelle Allensworth Carrle Tworek Davld Bergevln Roger Akers Steve Mann .. ..1. E 3 it 4 ,apr-f s --f -lfhstfs-Q W ,R it 4 5 S xiii N K R 1.Winthrop, Jason Tipsword, breaks into a song, 2. The barbershop octet go off on a singing tangent. 3. Harold Hill and Marian Paroo lTony Paul and Lori Chanayi share a tender moment on the footbridge. 4. Director Michael Schmidt gives Theresa Shay, stage manager, some last minute instructions. 5. Cast, crew and orchestra of "The Music Man" take a break from their busy practice schedule. Q 1 X Entertainment They dance to the beat This year Orchesis was a group of I approximately 16 dancers who got together to enjoy themselves and en- tertain others. Junior Kim Kanke f said, "My favorite thing about Orche- sis is dancing at half-time during the basketball games." This was a year of changes for the program that has been at United Township for the past 16 years. Freshmen and sophomores were also allowed to join what was previously open to juniors and seniors only. I Also, Orchesis was changed from a class to an extracurricular activity. According to Naidine D'Angelo, who has instructed the group for the last 14 years, the time change was both good and bad. After school jobs interfered with practices, as did after I school sports. But, it benefited them in practice time which was increased to one and a half hours and gave them more time to work. Orchesis performed at three bas- ketball games this year. They also danced at the Blackhawk Hotel and I put on a Spring Show. The students put on area clinics and gave a benefit show at John Deere Junior High I School for Cerebral Palsy. The dances were done to contemporary music chosen by the students. Dancers sold sausages, cheeses, and various other items to raise mon- ' ey. They also made a profit on their Spring Show. CHRIS THOMPSON LAURA SCHROEDER 1, Senior Becky Aguirre strikes a pose during pracf tice, 2. Sammy Stopoulos dances at a basketball game. 3. Students and alumni perform at half time to "Beat lt." 4. Orchesis members are lrow lj Stephanie Lamb, Steffany Clark, Becky Aguirre. Lesa Gonzalez, Sam Stopoulos, Julie Skaggs, David Wasson, Denise Pallock, Rochelle LeBlanc, and Lori Deppe, 5. Two "gang members" fight it out in the gym. 6. These dancers are sizing up their opponents. 7. An orchesis member warms up before a practice. WF ntertanment S Entertainment Love triumphs in spring play The Panther Players put on "A School of Wives" this spring as their final producation. The pIay's main characters were played by Greg Mar- tel, Sanchia Horst, and Kevin Smith. In the play Arnolphe was a 42-year- old man with his own ideas about wives and how they should act, He felt the only way to get a good wife was to "raise" one. Arnolphe picked four-year-old Agnes as his future wife. He had her raised in a convent to be extremely simple-minded. Hor- ace, the son of Arnolphe's long-time friend, met and fell in love with Ag- nes. The problem was resolved when Horace's father and Agnes's father returned home from a trip and were thrilled at the idea of their children marrying. Arnolphe was shown to be the fool he accused everyone else of one else of being. The play was shown once to the students and once for the public. "School for Wives" was directed by Robert Hanske, who was assisted by Michael Schmidt. Greg Martel, junior, played the part of Arnolphe. He said, "I really enjoy pretending to be someone I'm not. I think you can learn something about other people by pretending. Also, doing a play is a great excuse for meeting people and missing school." CHRIS THOMPSON KEVIN WHEELER School For Wives Chrysalde - David Scott Arnolphe - Greg Martel Alaine - Tonya Huyten V Georgette - Telisa Turnipseed Agness - Sanchia Horst Horace - Kevin Smith Notary - Kathy Knouse Enrigque - Jeff Morrow Orante - Brian Burney Nurse - Stacy Court Mime Show - Diane VanDeWalIe, Lance Winston, Valerie Scully Assistant Director - Niki Stopoulos 38 Entertainment 1. Sophomore Tonya Huyten and junior Greg Martel look pleased after beating up Kevin Smith, 2. Greg Martel pleads with Sanchia Horst, 3. Members of the cast of the Spring Play are Crow ll Greg Martel, San' chia Horst, Kevin Smith. trow 23 Tonya Huyten, Jeff Morrow, Stacy Court. lrow 35 David Scott, Kathy Knouse. Lance Winston and Valerie Scully. 4. Robert Hanske. directs the play with help from Niki Stopou' los, 5. Kevin Smith tries his charms on Valerie Scully. 6, Tonya Huyten gets upset. V 'Af f Z ii? " 4 ,. W ,.,,,, .. 5 1,- Q wg 4 1 ,, 1 'Mit P, ' X Wfwifu g f iif QW, 2. f fm 4 2 fa X59 fig, ,. ,..,. , 4 . -1 .rwhg , ,.,-1 H-4. 51,12 L, wk 41: ,QQQQQQNQ esiiew 9 M, V M-.-.--f X M S Q i k Hg N 5 . Q P Xwfggg. 3 ' 5,-ij? fQE3g.e5vf.g555im4s1gg x QW Sligf ww gs X L., L iw: 'au 'X XXX 1 V' 5 V54 ii Q ' '42 , iw We 1, M1 vm Choirs have busy year The 1983-84 Concert Choir had a successful year through a lot of hard work and learning. The Concert Choir started the year off by traveling in small groups giv- ing concerts at various locations, such as the Greek Orthodox Church, Razz'Ma-Tazz, Butterworth Center. and the Rotary Club. They visited six grade schools in the spring and gave three concerts throughout the year. Despite the hard work, many choir members still felt that the rewards justified their work. Alice McLernon, junior member of the concert choir, stated, "Singing in our choir is a great experience be- cause l've learned a lot about music. lt's fun to hear all of the voices of different people when they mix to- gether. The better we get, the more fun it is, and then the more pride people have in it." Five students made the lllinois All- state choir. These students were Da- vid Pauli, Niki Stopoulos, Charlotte Braud. Becca Nlehaffy, and Jeff Voorhis. They spent three days in Springfield and performed in front of an audience of 15 to 16,000 people. The Sophomore Chorale also had a busy year, they performed a winter concert with the Concert Choir. They also performed a pop rock concert in March, and a classical concert in the spring. The final activity the chorale was involved in was singing at gradu- ation. The freshman choirs also had a busy year full of preparation for up- coming concerts. I. Senior Charlotte Braud carols in the hall with the Concert Choir 2, Concert Choir members named to the Illinois Allstate choir are Charlotte Braud. Jeff Voorhis. Becta Mehaffy, Niki Stopoulos, and David Pauli 40 - Entertainment xt: if I. Concert Choir members for the 1983-84 school year are as follows, fFront Rowl Shelly Gibbon, Kathy Knouse, Kellie Sanders, Larry Seago, George Kotro' giannis, Charlotte Braud, Rhonda Taylor, Deann Tal- bot, Jeanette Sparrow, Cindi Palmersheim, Jody Rausch, and Kris Hunt. CSecond Rowj Julie Whiteside. Alice McLernon, Nancy Cosgrove, Yvonne Quinones, Jeff Voorhis, Kevin Smith, Dana Hines, Brian Reed, Denise Pallock, Angela Henderson, Becca Mehaffy, Lisa Ellis, Ronda O'Neil, and Kelly Morris, fThird Rowi Penny Schoch, Rochelle LeBlanc, Francie Wiegel, Niki Stopoulos, Todd Camp, David B. Pauli Ill, Marcia Markle, Terry Howat, Todd Dennhardt, Chris De' Jaegher, Gary Cooper, Richard Rea. Paul Schafer. Jarrod Miller, Lori Chanay, and Kathy Frendt. CFourth Rowi Chris Ketelaar, Lesa Gonzales, Dee Honert, Bets sy Dalton, Leevon Harris, Sean Cook, Dean Hunt. James Davis, Mark Hasenwinkel, Brad Kurtz, Bill Clark, Eric Bartsch, John Hoepfner, Jeff Radford, Kim Bates, Tammy Dunlap, and Luann Jacobs. Ab- sent from the picture were Becky Aguirre, Kelly Carey, Trent Durham, Julie Taets, John Shellhouse, and Amy Suess. 2. Mr. Dyer instructs his concert choir to ready them for an upcoming concert. 3. Junior Brad Kurtz and senior Bill Clark concentrate on the music they are singing. 4. Every year the concert choir goes Christmas caroling in the halls. Entertainment 5 I. Freshmen, Lisa Trujillo, Penny Jacques, Stacy Court, and Christy Pogue, put all their effort into the song they're singing. 2. Sophomore Lance Winston concentrates on his music. 3. Jerome Praught, Art Anderson, and Willis Clayton sing in preparation for their next concert. 2 - Entertainment Sk kinww.. j it 'K . lim. Q! , ,L -t i 52222111 T. ,L mewww uw 1 'WW 1. Members of this year's Sophomore Chorale areg tfront rowj Maria Montez, James Madison, Doug Hart, Tony Paul, Tena Bjork, Delfina Saucedo, Tassandra Preslar, Yalanda Jenkins, Staci Muller, and Chris lsais. tsecond rowl Beatrice Ramos, Peggy Haley, Tri- sha Garza, Dennis Allensworth, Dan McMahon, Dar- ren Hines, Sam Gardener, Keith Wills, Mike Thomp- son, Matt Boarts, Theresa Perkins, Daniel Thorsten- son, Becky Lee, and Angela Patterson. Qthird rowiDe- borah Traylor, Andrea Gomez, Lisa Schreiner, Shelley Deering, Lance Winston, John Clark, Danny Land, Steve Bert, Jason Miller, Chris Higgins, Lisa Gorishek, Kelly Wheatley, Kim LeBlanc, and Kerri Kusy. ifourth rowj Stacie Waite, Tonya Huyten, Pamela Jacobs, Nancy Riddle, William Jones, Steven Forret, Tom Ketelaar, David Hoepfner, Toby Wiersema, Art Ander- son, Jerome Praught, Willis Clayton, Julie Narhgang, Jennifer Tallman, Marilee Hacker, and Jennifer James. 2. This years Soprano-Alto Freshman Choir consists of tfront rowj Bee Yang, Danielle Cropp, Tammy Meyer, Louise Johnson, Karen Berry, Kim Burgess, Kris Schroeder, Margie McLernon, Robin El lis, Norma Rodriguez, and Edna Pena. fsecond rowj Lori Smith, Lisa Trujillo, Dawn Dodds, Debbie Keith, Traci Laird, Michelle Ballard, Mellisa Manwaring, Kim Stougard, Alona Reed, Pam Tallman, Krystal Danner, and Deanna DeBo. Cthird rowi Julie Sansale, Stacy Court, Maria Segura, Dawn Apperson, Norma Wil' liams, Renee Eklof, Janna Miller, Debbie Ely, Kris Watson, Joan Pittman, Valerie Scully, and Amy Hen- derson. tfourth rowb Lori VanDaele, Tannya Ander- son, Tracey Stufflebeam, Christy Pogue, Tina Pollen- tier, Amy Hanson, Tiffany Scott, Melissa Brown, Jane Morehouse, Nancy Paskvan, Marcia Talbot, Jennifer Barnes, Tricia Alexander, and Gloria Gonzalez. 3. These freshmen choir members seem to enjoy partici- pating in the choir program during their first year at UT, 4. The Freshman Tenor-Bass Choir includes tfront rowb Rick Sides, Jayne Draper, William Stout gard, Michael McMahon, Adam Conn, Darrell Dunlop, Esmael Rea, Gabe Ochoa, David Hernandez, Craig Engholm, Billy Wilson, and Tim Thomas. isecond rowj Bryan Davis, Bryan Stone, Terry Toliver. Van Flowers, Mark DeCoster, Salvador Sandoval, Rodrigo Tapia, Marty Sanders, Manuel Gonzales, Roy Lee, and Corey Bursey. lthird rowi Larry Newberry, Donald Boggs, Gary Mundt, James Argeros, Jeff Schur' vinski, Mike Wilson, Stacy Nichols, Brad Goering, Shane Stilwell, Craig Crawford, and Brian Gonzales. Entertainment Band members boost spirit The 1983-84 United Township High School Band, under the direc- tion of Mallie Williams, was busy this year. They played at all the home football and basketball games. Their agenda also included some parades, a spring concert and a trip to the State Music Contest. Dawn White, junior, stated, "Band is a good experience. You have to learn how to discipline yourself or you won't make it." Carrie Tworek, junior, added, "Being in band makes you feel proud to be a Panther." Another extension of the band, known as the Jazz Band, was very active this year too. Jazz Band was a class of selected juniors and seniors who play a different variety of music. Most of the members in Jazz Band were a part of Concert Band. Cathy Hipple, senior, said that she played in both bands because, "It's a challenge to play two instruments in high school. I play the tenor sax and the flute." Senior Laura Beckman ad- ded, "Playing in both bands made a well-rounded player out of me be- cause l was exposed to different types of music." As a separate, yet vital part of the LITHS band program, entering fresh- men were offered the courses Band I and Band II. Band I was for students who had never played a musical in- strument. They were taught the fun- damental skills of becoming a good player. Band Il was offered to those students who already had playing ex- perience, but needed further instruc- tion. These freshmen bands are im- portant because they are the building blocks of the future LITHS Bands. CHRIS THOMPSON KEVIN WHEELER I. Sophomores, Ivan Beckman and Jeff Medley play in the band at a home basketball game, 2. Senior Laura Beckman, junior Mark Hasenwinkel, and sopho more Becky Fillmer march in the Homecoming pa rade, 44 Entertainment I. Members of the LITHS i983 Concert Marching Band are 1Row 13 Cindy Sparks, Cathy Loose, Dawn White, Lisa Stulir, Leslie Stephenson, Jeanine Mueller. Dawn Whitney, Andrea Davison, Karyn Pa- los, Nancy Perkins. Cathy Hipple.1Row 23 Beth Berge- vin. Jung Myung. Jan Thomas. Michelle Polios. Lisa Mixer. Karen Hamerly. Chris Corbin. Ann Bebensee, Paula Lubbe. Julie Paxson, Cheryl Winthurst. Kim Miner. Connie McGee, Rebella Awtater. Sue Dravis. lRow 33 Tracey Mayfield. Sheryl Dickinson, Norine Terrell, Jeff Stolbom. Stefanie Hill, Melissa Llzzell, Tammy Jones. David Scott, Kris Caldwell. Cindy Webster. Jackie White. Max Guzman. Ron Taets. Greg Martel. Georgette Johnson, Deanna DeRoo. Becky Guinn. lRow 43 David Bergevin. Lupe Correa. Eric Berry. Kerry Fisher. Juan Jimenez. Vicki Austin. Scott Downen, Paul Cummings, John Adams. Roger Erwin. Craig Haigh, Joel DeGraeve, Steve lmmesote, Amy Hufford, Piper Davis, Joe Richards, Bob Ochoa. Sonya Royal, Paul Raischel, Mary Moreno, Laura Beckman. qRow 53 Kim Kanke. Sherry Johnson. Bren' da Pobanz, Theresa Mitchell, Robert Parker. Dean Duncan, Sandy Harris. Juan Jimenez, Tom Clemens. Pat Spencer. Ronald Gardner. Mark Hasenwinkel. Ralph Jackson. Bill Revels. Leonard Walsh. Chuck Brodbent, Brad Johnson. Jeff Medley. Ivan Beckman. Tim Haar. Carrie Tworek, Brian Malcolm. Michelle Allensworth, Kathy Frendt. Fay Scott. fRow 63 Shear- rie Houston. Denise Lambert, Terri Slutts, Susan Bordner, Jim Perry. Mike Kushmer. Hayden Grooms. Mike Beedlow, George Arvantis. Steve Mann. Brad Mundt. John Ramon. David DeDecker. Garritt Dun' can. Todd Noack. Paul Sturm, June Hock. Kellie Gil- son. Eric Behymer. Bob Medley, Robin Harris. Billie Anderson. Kathy Green. 2. Members of the Jazz Band are CROW l3 Brenda Pobanz, Greg Martel. Cathy Hip- ple, Laura Beckman, Mary Moreno. Sonya Royal, Dawn Whitney, Sue Dravis. fRow 23 Greg Rangel, Carrie Tworek, Brad Johnson, Michelle Allensworth CRow 73 Steve Mann, Robert Parke,r Scott Downen, Juan Jimenez. and Kerry Fisher. Entertainment .ift 'A"r ' I l 146 - Entertainment ,Wir RI A MW'-W' :iris 1. Members of Freshman Band ll are LRow ll Linda Schroeder, Tracy Guthrie, Wendy Kohn, Sharon Greene, Lynne Swanson, Myrrha Guzman lRow Zi Katia Herbst, Daid Sarabachia, Ann Hasenwinkel, Mark Davison, Stacey Henry, Laura Larson, Rhonda Wilkens, Ed Cox. 1Row 35 Scott Tworek, Sean Hud- gens, Mike Grasz, Jeff Penfold, James Brodbent, Daryl Werner, Steve Faramelli. Nancy Wara, Dan Ha' senwinkel. CROW 43 Sue Kryzanek, Lynn Parker, Brian Burney, Mike Allison, Walker Wilson, Trina Mitchell, Beth Stotts. 2. The Band has fun at the games. 3. Senior Eric Behymer, junior Kellie Gilson, and sopho- more Paul Sturmtake a break while marching. 4. Freshman Band I members are 1Row lj Sue Skalla, Kendra Jenkins, Tammy Lawyer, Rhonda Sanders, Shawna Williams, Chris Jackson, Lora Beedlow. iRow 27 Victor Jimenez. Mike Satre, Beth Testa, Jean ine Holden, Luz Moreno, Scot Hawotte. lRow 33 Joan Cosgrove, Mike Harrum, Angie Soliz, Joe Testa, Joe Schatteman, Rodger Robertson, Jodi Smith. lRow 43 Jeff Clark, Dennis Caviola, Terry Mayfield, Brian Wil liams, Lonnie Dickie. 5. The band sparks life into the crowd at a game. 6. Junior Scott Downen plays the trumpet during the basketball season. 7. Junior Rob- ert Parker plays the french horn. A H. x law - Qi K 3 QU as 2 N' if , 5 P ..... A , ,Q 3 Eg R n XX , gig N:fs.'E.,.x Q .ff Hifi ' Q: N. si 5 .. W ,. ,.. Q g A , - U .. . f. N 3 .- Q SVN .. 's x Q X X 5 sg Q YE Q f Q X XX Q 2 O 9 'N i 5 1 X X X it . is i 3 XE Q ff. S n H "KQ'L I :": '..:, IZI R g X Q in V i X ,sf in Q... 1: Q 5 L? 33 A .. 1 ,S We v.... dfm X ,t E X X f 'vi Entertainment 6 148 - Faculry Our faculty is an important part of the school. lt's always hard to keep in mind, That the staff is here solely for the student's benefit, To provide an education in a variety of ways, Whether it be a lecture or giving personal advice, The faculty is there to assist, ln life as well as the classroom, Providing the knowledge we complain about now, And will be thankful for later Our Faculty Pride in faculty frf,, fy K H- ,f Kr' A, Q V .,, A w'7i3E':Q.'f'-7?V5,'l5 P lib: 143, - ,My - if A , N I ,',-,,. 15 HJ ,.,, ,V V I as , , f A ,, , , ,K -,.,,,p,,, 161 5 ,.,, L, Q , 'limi 1' rf' ,927 1 X ff deff: ,.. 5 'f rylf ,, .-W, ' , "lb , , ' , 55:-,M f ff 4 , iw? fffw, f' ..' 4 if w V f fc 1 yay 4 Mew x Wl rffejl f 25? ' ' K ' "W r ,,,. f V f,,-:': f r I ianaoeg, 'fi fv'wJAMW Q s.,,Q- ...d L-.41 Faculty W ,J M ,, llfwhii ""' ef , . 1 fm , '-fwszr'-' N A f Richard Greene North Campus Principal M ff l if, QQ' l gi , 2 xv 1, Q x A3 1 iq 4 5515? -L ,ZW sf 5 an Lf' ,iw , 'gh if ,, iw f mv, Q if , X553 ,F H' '17 w 'Z f ,, Douglas Poulter Dlrector of Currlculum V James Unralh South Campus Assnstant Prmclpal ff zz in ,m f Q, ,,,,,' , , . . ,.,.,,..,,, , ,, , ., 1 cy 2 if , , in 4 f 0 , w vs 5 " f 4 f- fl WMM f W an 'x4f:',W lv : ,:,,. S -:., - f M 1 3 f f S -I Ulifafefzzfiv v MJ iw 2 'W fl I in 2 1 Z? X if V KX 9 Wi ke E. wi sri: r Q we , .S 5 W is as X . 2 s .xg E ssc L X E rg A-Q it ci x Q , S02 i X 0 ei its Q X .N N Xxx X A so -N X DA wx .xy f, Rsrx .sax ass, ,nm we as N 'f's'ilf'i. . . 2 - Dale Adamson Business lawg Accounting lg sophomore basketball coach Haline Akulow German I, ll S Illg French I S Il Charles Allee Calculusg Algebra lllg Trigonometryg boys tennis coach Eleanor Allen Typing I S Ilg Office procedures Jill Anderson Typing lg Recordkeepingg football cheerleading coach Kathleen Anderson Reading: English I 8 ll Marian Austin Librarian Ruth Bartleson Guidance counselor Deborah Baskin LD English lllg LD Ll.S. Historyg LD World history Edward Belan American studiesg English department chairman David Berg EMH Pre. Vocational lg Work Program llg Special education department chairman Gary Block Vocational Welding I S ll John Bollaert Survey scienceg General science Cynthia Burke Modern European history: World history Richard Carnes Introduction to data processingg Vocational data processing Delbert Carr General Shopg Electricity lg Vocational agri-business Donald Catton Electricity lg Vocational electricity Elane Catton Far East historyg World studies Janet Corsaro LD Math llg LD English lVg LD LIS. historyg LT CIS. governrnentg junior class sponsor Naidine D'AngeIo Physical Education lll S lVg Orchesis director Roger Damhorst Middle East historyg boys golf coach Linda Davidson LD Science: LD English lg Donald Davis World history: Latin American history James Deal English I 8 llg Key adviser Faculty Arthur DeGrande English llg Latin I S llg assistant varsity football coach Michele DeGrauwe World history: LIS, History Michael Dergo Physical Education I S llg girls' varsity basketball coachg varsity softball coach Charles DeTaeye Physical Education ll Joseph Dhondt Physical Education Ill 8 IV Jose Diaz Latin American historyg student council adviserg freshmen track coach Mary Lou Dishinger English ll Carol Duffy Librarian James Duncan Driver educationg Driver education department chairman Donald Dyer Sophomore choraleg Sophomore alto choirg Tenor bass choirg Concert choir Edward Dymek English IV Loryann Eis Geometryg Math department chairman John Engel Home maintenanceg Vocational Auto Mechanics I Gene Erickson Shorthand lg Introduction to data processing Keith Erickson Spanish lg Program supervisorg Fine Arts department chairman Leo Faust Distributive educationg Diversified occupationsg Home maintenance Dori Franck Psychologyg Ll.S. government Daphne Frane Home furnishingsq Independent livingg Family living Gregory Gebben Welding I S llg Vocational Building Trades I 6 Ilg varsity baseball coachg sophomore football coach: senior class sponsor Gary Gellerman Algebra lg General math Vernon Glisan Algebra lg General math Jerry Greer Guidance counselorg Substance abuse program Judith Greer Vocational health occupationsg ECHO Larry Greer Guidance counselorg Substance abuse program Faculty M L .. ,A 5 it X t 5 we gg aggrgrr 63 iw sgxgiii-fr Riff 1, N VA' r si N N Q r tr tl Y we tc EE liars' g ss, ' -pusy V? I .qw . . .. .. . S? rs. - -:-. X R L: 1 a - . X. . N os.-ii:-Essri, 'Yi D is ts X Q' 9 XX XG ? fXhA . . . ,R A. K. .., 4.. sv, -V X 5,2 R A X - - was .sg of X 3. , gigs gi :Qs . ,Q i E S tt X- ,T I Eg, sr. 5 J 1- , :Eif- Q- -1.- 'LIL ' is - . sg? i 2 .A .12 s-- isw i '- isis g , H 2- i .. S 1 start. .. .. 'lr' V. -R.-:is . me 21933 : 5. 2' .S Qt Qi? f R 'L R s S X E .S W S ,:- - K ,J S . 5 it Xx it X Xt is X x its X ws f X x E 3, X st? H Q V-l?...'-iii.-5' QW if?lb??X?IT?l3i'3f?Sf2iQ'f55Sm" Sgwixfiijfigf A mgjai t , r . I ga- I . is A - 5 . 1 l f C , -as 4.-A We-gy Richard Greko Algebra lg Geometry JBVTICS Hall General scienceg Earth scienceg Survey science Sandra Hall Spanish I 8 llg English I Bert Hanlin Healthg Driver education Patricia Hanlin Chapter I Robert Hanske English I 8 Ilg World studies Richard Hughes General shop metals: Metals I Irma Jones Orientation to home economicsg Parenting: Consumer education: Foods ll: Home Economics department chairman Sharon Jorandby Child Care lg Clothing I 8 II Kathryn Keeley English lllg Western civilization Amanda Keller Spanish II. III E3 IV: Spanish National Honor Society Sponsor Jack Kettering Vocational Auto Body I S II Carl Killam Introduction to data processing: Accounting ll: Business department chairman: Ticket manager Harold Knox Graphic Arts lg Vocational Graphic Arts I 8 Il Claude Kramer General mathg Algebra I Pamela Kramer Librariang Library chairperson Charles Krause Guidance department chairman Laura Lambert LD English: Speech Therapy: LD Scienceg sophomorefvarsity basketball cheerleading coach Jeri Laud Physical Education Il: girls golf coach Richard Lee General science: Biology James Lemmon Physical Education Ig Driver Education Thomas Lonergan Vocational coordinator Mildred Longbons Accounting I: Recordkeeping Jody Longman English III Faculty James Loula English I Craig Manwaring U.S. historyg American studies David Marr Physical Education I Patricia Marr Guidance counselor Elaine Matthews LD English ll: LD World history Judith McDonald English lllg Creative writing Claire McKinzie English I: Speech I Jay Mercer Physical Education ll Mary Jane Nelson Vocational child care: Independent livingg Foods lllg junior class sponsor Merlin Nelson Guidance counselor Willie Newenham Foods I 6 Ilg Adaptive Foods I S Ilg Orientation to home economics Ida Nitz Physical Education I S Il Antoinette O'Connor English IV Carol Olesen U.S. history Eldon Partridge Physical Education lll S IV Warren Pennington Vocational Building Trades I 8 Il Edward Peterhoff Ll.S. historyg Social Studies department chairman Paula Petersen English lllg Speech club adviser Marsha Peterson English lll 6 IVQ Skyline adviserg Journalism Gary Phillips Chemistryg assistant track coachg boys cross country coach Nancy Polios English l S Ilg sophomore class sponsor Ruth Potter All about moneyg Introduction to business: Typing I Gary Pregracke Vocational Drafting I 8 llg assistant ski club sponsor Ronald Pustelnik Healthy wrestlerette sponsor 5 - Faculty mm wwfw Q N 'lwmf '!"-Wt' X R? is is sw wus s,x Wx X st ss i si t ,Q Ok shits V' fs' - . ' 51- s."Tl'i STG.. 51121: - My i. i'EsQf9QE?I? -fs ,.., t . Q--is Q ' Piiihffsszg :P gg"" - .- X is fi :iff its ' 'T x i " : :fi : aa. I' : . . ,.,,: I 'I X at.- ..3""t N8f1Cy Pyevich English lg ESL Steve Pyevich Basic math: Algebra Charles Rainey Vocational Auto Mechanics I 6 ll Richard Ramirez EMH English I. ll, Ill, 8 IV: EMH World history: U.S. government and history Herbert Ritter US. history: Sociology Elaine Ruberg Physical Education Ill S IV Larry Ruggles Algebra I: General math Michael Russell LD Math: EMH Math I 8 ll Ronald Ryerson C.l.S. history Jerome Samolitis Guidance counselor James Sanders Physical Education lll E, lV1 varsity football coach: assistant varsity baseball coach David Schmidt Power mechanics: Vocational Machine Shop I S ll Michael Schmidt LIS. history: World history: Panther Players sponsor: Director of musical and contest play Fredrick Segura LD Science: EMH Science: assistant sophomore football coach: assistant varsity track coach Charles Slentz LIS. government James Small Ceramics: Drawing: Art I James Smith French I S ll: Spanish I: Foreign Language department chairman: assistant varsity football coach: freshmen wrestling coach Dennis Steinmetz Survey science: General science: Biology: girls cross country coach: assistant girls track coach Helen Stiegel Typing I: Vocational office occupations Douglas Strand Introduction to business: All about money: junior class sponsor Karin Sturm English I E3 ll Roger Sturm Woodworking I: Cabinet making: Industrial Arts department chairman Darcene Sutton English I 6 ll Cliff Talley Physical Education lll S IV: boys varsity basketball coach: Lettermen's Club adviser Faculty Janice Truelsen Vocational Hero l S ll Les Truelsen Biology Theodore Tyler Physicsg Basic science Susan Clranich Physical Education l B llg All about moneyg wrestling cheerleading coach Gabriel Verstraete Cabinet makingg General shop woodsg Woodworking l Linda Wadsager Physical Education lll 8 lVg girls bowling coach Gary Wagle Ll.S. governmentg Western civilization Robert Watters Guidance counselor Max Wessel Algebra lll S lVg College mathg Trigonometry Richard Wessel Biologyg Science department chairman James Wesselmann General scienceg Survey scienceg varsity track coachg assistant cross country coach Judith White English lll S lVg senior class sponsor Mallie Williams Concertfmarching bandg Jazz labg Band l 6 Ilg Guitar Theory 6 harmony Fred Woller Algebra lllg Geometryg Consumer math Perrine Woller Chapter l Robert Zesiger Foundry Albert Zimmerman Physical Education Ill 8 lVg Physical Education department chairman 56 - Faculty f :,- -. ri.-I 5:-. ata tt. -it H Q. Q. PM C at X C t, X tg t c fi 'ig x ., My R EXT ! V a fi! .rr tt, 3 5 QQ? 55' ff'E, Z,,a.2 . si gi pi ir 2 2 ig K ti N r, 'LQQVQM l its Stagg viii 5 Q it N? l S 5 5 f f , ,,. ge 4, We Z S I . Q e K .... , " ff t M sig Q' sc t .::Q,t, C -. sw. tt. , . to kgs. . ...E it iw i Wiz, 4 Erik " ' ,'A-'ff 5 ' L C 9- li J Q 4-51- gg? it , uniting Wim I azplivaf' nw' I. South rampus guidance center helpers are lfront rowj Nancry Lorimer, Dawn Blake, Michelle Miller. Susanna Ochoa tmlddle rowi Julie Skaggs. Penny SChoch.KimbeHy BuHeHlbackrowlVaWrw Kener ing and Juhe Betcher 2.South Canwpus anendance and general office secretaries are Gwen Scott, Alice Paasch. Alice Kipp. and lsittingl Qeorgiann Archibald. 3. Beverlee Nelson and Barbara Hansen are the guid' ance secretaries at south campus. 4. Attendance and general ofhce helpers at south canwpus are Uronn Karla Michaels. Karyn Palos. Cindy Stevens. Debra Viner. Tina Spencer, Cheryl Winthurst, Jeffery Voor- his. lbacki Julie Skaggs. Jo Ann Heald, Kathy Green, Julie Popp. Christina Wilson, Charlotte Curnberworth. Patricia Jennings, Amy Suess, Susan McEniry. Paula Batye. Julie Paxson, Pamela Johnson, Dianne Erick' son. At'endanCe secretary Gwen Sc ott and Mary James Fafulty I. North campus general office workers are Bradley Cameron, Gina Ghys, Corrie Skiles, Shawn Wales, Dawnya Carmichael. Qbackj Julie Schierer and Phillip Houseman. 2. Chris Terry is the guidance secretary at north campus. 3. Guidance center workers at north campus are fstandingj Tassandra Preslar, Christine Verstraete, Steve Paytash, Barbara Young. Csittingj Melissa Manwaring and Susan Sarnolitis. 158 Faculty 1. Judy Hetzel and Linda Schneider are the general office secretaries at north campus. 2. North campus attendance office secretaries are Ruth Vandewiele and Alice Kerckhove. 3. North campus attendance office workers are Cfront rowl Stephenie Biomberg, Katherin Spoerl, Tina Mosher, Jodi Smith. fmiddle rowj Lisa Aukeei Amy Goebel. Lisa O'Brien, Lori Smith. Qback rowl Lorrie Verhaeghe, Kimberly Wheat- ley, Caroline DeJaegher, Bethany Cernetisch, Brenda Suggs. Susan Davison, Anita Michalek, and Sally Klouser, Faculty 60 - Faculty E , 1. South campus cafeteria workers are Jacquelyn Beale, Cruz Cervantes, Marjory Verstraete and Norma Dunbar. 2. Marjorie Kline is the audio-visual aide at south Campus, 3, Glenda Meyers is the south campus nurse. 4. Library aides at south campus are June Roman. Verna Edwards, and Rosemary Griffee. 5, South campus hall monitors are Mary Vroman and Pamela Paytash. Prize www tweak 'VFW' i. "4 2. M.-v N 11,1 V ,MM ' , J K , V .S - -L we um' S ggi . .. " - ,fi t..ss M ,-1' -Q, -.511 .. qs. . . K X f i 'sit ' 7 ,Q Q .ss K Ki M s ' 0 3 'ia K S 3 , W . r X X X wx -7 I. North campus library aides are Louise Jairett and Marlene Mohrg Lorraine Williams is the audiovisual aide at north campus. 2. The cafeteria workers at north campus are ffrontl Sally Burgess, Diana Hou- sholder. lbackl Sharon Larnantia, Marian Mickle, and Mary Mattson. 3. Patricia Freiburg is the north came pus nurse. 4. Mary Jane VanBelle and Janet Ronne- beck are north campus hall monitors. Faculty 62 - Faculty Mlm... 1. U.T.'s busdrivers are tsittingj Janice Newton, Ja- nice Severtsgaard, Sharon Anderson, Sandra Rice, James Fortune. lstandingj Donald Donaldson, Rodney Whiteside, Elmer Buker, Betty Butzer, Marguerite Landuyt. Mary Sue Deelsnyder. Jorita Caldwell and Cheryl Webb. 2. Larry Llrich keeps busy as a data processing programmer. 3. George Rankin is Ll.T.'s truant officer. if ? ,six so 5 Q sgilimil 5 S 'MSF X 3 a 5 we I -reef. -' . if memwas .5 W" S -ge 5.5 ,5- Vt , N ' -. ' Sw 2 riff : , Y ,is X 5 S.. .L,., 1 " i 232 :sri if is :Z 1. David Garrett serves our school as a data process- ing programmer. 2. The Area Vocational Center secre- taries are Sandra Smolenski and Lena D'AngeIo. 3. The Administration secretaries are Qfront rowj Elaine Kruckenberg, Verda Vervaecke, Doris Hand. fback rowjJoyce Johnson, Jessie Boyd, and Eunice Harper, 4, Barbara Bennett manages U.T.'s bookstores. Faculty 164 - Academics Although UT has so much to offer, A quality education is our main goal, We offer the opportunity to learn almost anything, From constructing a sentence, to constructing a house, From understanding numbers, to understanding people, From iearning a foreign language, to learning of foreign countries LIT can teach you about yourself . . . Our Academic program Pride in academics ,ww :-: X X Qiim A K 'mm X x aa . as XX .I 5 5+ Q X X g, K K k-LL A Q. A .. ,- .H rs fi .. T111 ' R- - . 1 2. k f 1 GN A X1 Q., K' N Q fs g iii? .-, - i . 2 ., ., 5 . E ' , VM, . 2-1: -m eg' 1 ggi . i. m- - . 2 II M- is K K hx E 2 M Academics Staff helps outside class Administration "The administration's goal is to provide an atmosphere of learning by providing a good staff, and a comfortable, convenient, pleasant place to be. We are striving to improve our school," commented Mr. Richard Greene, north campus principal. The administration is going through a rebuilding phase, adjusting to a new educa- tion board. New members Mike Boland, Betty Plavak, and Joan Quinones joined returning members Erwin Millen, Don Sproul, Bob Malcolm, and John Connolly this year. Administrative changes for this year in- clude a science curriculum change and the decision to renovate the science lab in room 213 at north campus into a modern facility this summer. STACI RAFFELSON Guidance The guidance staff at LIT provides a wide variety of services to students, par- ents, faculty, and the administration. The goal of the guidance department is to help students better understand themselves so they can make better decisions about their lives. Mr. Robert Watters returned to the south campus staff this year after an absense of one year. Now there are seven counselors to help students assess their strengths and limitations, develop positive attitudes about themselves, work out personal prob- lems, plan an education beyond high school, and decide on a career. This year, in conjunction with the Ex- ploring program of the Boy Scouts, the guidance department presented students with a Career Awareness Program, a series of seminars about job seeking and specific areas of employment. TERl SPENCER 66 Academics Library The library's initial purpose is to aide the students in learning. To accomplish this, qualified personnel are required to see that the library is operated smoothly and order- ly. Pamela Kramer, library chairman, as- sumes the responsibility of overseeing the works of the library. She commented that the library is "a way to enrich faculty and students for in and out of classroom use." She also adds that 'Lit furthers your educa- tion for other future applications." The student uses free time or, as in most cases, a study hall to visit the library for a great variety of uses. The librarians act not only as librarians, but also as teachers in the service that they provide. CINDY CRONKLETON "t"""" 'er .,, . 9' Q 4 ,:.:, K .: at , ,,,... jj X 5' . i S af . 'i.- 4 f 3 H as Ni, g g-, W f f W1 if I ff if ww if ' Wiwm ,rxew f, W 1 wi' - MW wr ,Vg ,, 1 W , v 1 f 'iff W ',,. . ,,,,, f 4 We-wr Mm-., If 2 Exams! 'wsfkfswf Www W ,is fe- ',.. To 'S' .N M-Hwy. 6 K.,- S 'if' 1' r vi i wifi. I . 2. 3. 4. 6 Junior Jesus Rubalcava makes use of the library. Mr. Watters talks to a student about future plans. Mr, Evans receives an unusual gift on his birthday, Mr. Larry Greer helps a student with her schedule. 5. Mr. Evans and his family enjoy an afternoon stroll. 6. lo This student takes a break from his homework to ok at the camera. Academics Subjects aid communication English Mr. Edward Belan, department chair- man of eighteen years, stated that the goal of the English department is to help the students read and write better. Since Eng- lish is our native language, we should know how to use it and speak it correctly. Even though English is required by law for only three years, UT requires it for three and one-half years. Mr. Belan summed up the reason, "lt's important. lt's the language you'll use the rest of your life." ln the future, Mr. Belan would like to see the English department get involved with the growing awareness of computers. He feels that, though the English department at UT is progressing, it may take a few years to reach the academic standard nec- essary. K,K. WHITLEY Social Studies "Social studies, by making the students aware of problems of the past and present, prepares them for the future," said Edward Peterhoff, department chairman. The de- partment consists of 15 teachers instruct- ing courses such as world history, Ameri- can history, and government. Also, psy- chology and sociology are open to seniors. Social studies presents many career op- portunities. Social work, map making, and teaching are a few. It is also good back- ground for careers in law and journalism. This year, a writer's handbook was as- sembled by the social studies, English, and business departments. Also, new text- books were purchased for general and ba- sic American history classes. CHRIS THOMPSON Academics Foreign Language The foreign language department broad- ens the student's horizon by teaching lan- guages other than English. Mr. James stil W vrwf Smith, department chairman, stressed the importance of understanding other people and continuing the study of a language. He said, "The further you go on, the more interesting it gets." ln a foreign language class, the student gets out of it only what he puts into it. Because of the mental processes involved in learning a foreign language, it is a very common college admission requirement. The foreign language department con- sists of five teachers offering the opportu- nity to learn four languages. These are Spanish, French, Latin, and German. PEGGY HALEY ff 1, Explore r Ulmefsfa Time Passes HW! 'WW I. Mr. Michael Schmidt takes advantage of a few free minutes to correct history assignments. 2. Mrs. Mar- sha Petersorfs senior English class relaxes for a min- ute before the bell, 3. The foreign language lab at north campus is used for test taking. 4. Mr. Charles Slentz assists senior Jim Davis with his government homework, 5. Seniors Sue Dravis and Shelley Katzen- burger read a Shakespearean scene for their Western Civilization class. M,-M 1 Academics ag., . Courses Prepare for future ' Science Math The science department at UT adopted a new program this year to stimulate and challenge the higher academically able sci- ence student. Department chairman Rich ard Wessel hopes the program will per- suade students to continue in science and make science a career choice. For the first time college prep biology was offered to incoming freshmen. This course would enable them to take college prep chemistry as sophomores. Advanced placement courses in biology and chemis- try would then be available to them as juniors and seniors. This program is designed to prepare stu- dents to be eligible for and successfully complete advanced placement tests which can be used toward college credit. DIANE RASMUSSEN Business The business department works to de- velop skills for students interested in com- puter science and business management. lts goals are for students to spend more time on word processing skills and for ac- counting students to work on the automat- ing machines. Under the business heading, the three subjects available are secretarial training, secretarial accounting, and data process- ing. Carl Killam, department chairman, comments, "l enjoy being around students and teaching them what they can use in the future." In the future of LIT, the business depart- ment hopes to have a computer keyboard- ing class as well as a computer lab. Also, it would like to see freshmen required to take a typing class. ARAN MERCER O Academics "Any job from pharmacy to engineering includes math throughout high school," commented Miss Loryann Eis, department chairman, on the importance of an educa- tion in math. One change in the math department this year was that computer lessons were of- fered to all accelerated algebra and geome- try students. Information was given from which the students developed a program. That program was then run through the computer to check for errors and handed in as a graded portion of the class. Due to the retirement of Mr. Robert Lew- is, Miss Eis is now teaching geometry in- stead of accelerated algebra. Also new this year were the geometry and calculus text- books. LAURA SCHROEDER qt.- 'BFG -ttsgxg 4 mxsuwnisllt 1 , Q 3? E ii wi ii +1 sf ' 11111513 if E -. ' K K W Y 3 . 5. s E 134- N Q ,gf is N 'si K 3'issi:Es2'1--'F S 1. Junior Pam Torok learns through experiments in science class. 2, Mr. Max Wessel listens to a question from a student. 3. This student learns valuable skills in typing class. 4. Accounting is a popular business Course among UT students, 5, Mr. Fred Woller ex- plains a theory in math. 6, In this physics class, the room looks busier than the students. Classes teach future skills Fine Arts The fine arts department attempts to meet the needs of students interested in developing skills in the areas of music, art, drama, speech and debate. Students bene- fit from the study of the fine arts by receiv- ing a life-long enjoyment of the arts. Nearly one-fourth of the student body was enrolled in the fine arts. A proposed addition of two new courses could expand the fine arts department for next year. These courses are madrigals, for outstand- ing vocal students, and advanced place- ment art. Both courses are for students who want to further develop a certain area of expertise. CAROL ALEJO PAM CAMERON Home Economics Home economics is a department in which students learn skills for future use. There were two changes in the home eco- nomics department this year: an orienta- tion program and a parenting class. The orientation program was especially suited for students who had not taken home economics in junior high school. lt included the areas of food, clothing, child care, relationships, home decorating, and managing. The parenting class taught students about the various aspects of being a par- ent. Beginning with the initial decision of whether or not to become a parent, the course discussed pregnancy through the actual raising of a child. MELISSA CLINNINGHAM SUSAN WILLOUGHBY 172 Academics Area Vocational Center There are a number of different classes students can choose from in the Area Vo- cational Center, starting with learning how to take care of children, to data processing, to drafting, to learning the fundamentals of building a hosue. The AVC had a total of 724 students enrolled this year. When asked if the stu- dents seemed to enjoy the center, Mr. Mi- chael Hanlin, director of the AVC, stated, "I really hope that they do because l feel if you don't enjoy what you are doing, you will not benefit from it at all." A student involved in the AVC can addi- tionally benefit from these classes with various scholarships offered to exceptional students in their particular field. RHONDA DEWITT 1 1. 18.45 M WZIQZW 1 4' , ,fy S, M M, ff- - .- , f awww wfdqfff M Off ff W f 1 O ff, ' ff f , f 7' qs. -2 H 5 f W ff 1. .,. 5 , za:-. , .ff, .. , Q in -- sm.-IU, -wx.-ay hi ,:..,,, ,, if im ,f 't.., Z, 14 wwf wg W ' as v Mm.. - - WMM, W ff ij ,..,, . .5 QW... X...,W.Msswss. as S S Mvwewmv ig A 'f sf: KN .. is Q - . E Q I .---. sg si -- ,Q-Q ,,,Mfr'f 1,3 'M X AA ew X sfsKWf , ww X gi is E Q X, . if Nl is M-me I. Senior Lee Wolverton seems to enjoy drafting. 2. Senior Jason Sandoval seems to have a lot of skill in running this printing machine. 3. Senior Angie Sam- uels enjoys home furnishings. 4. Senior Denise Chan- dler explains a game to future Ll.T. students, 5. This art student has a lot of work ahead of her. 6. Junior Ge Lee and Senior Suntuk Davidson work hard to finish their art projects. 7. Mrs, Jones helps senior Michelle Thompson. Academics Classes teach special cares Physical Education The physical education department has changed little this year at the juniorfsenior level. However, a recreation and weight- training unit have been added at the fresh- menfsophomore level. The recreation unit gives the freshmen and sophomores a feeling of south cam- pus, where they can choose their activity. lt is a unit for the students to have fun. Two student teachers assisted at south campus at the beginning of the year. Mr. Michael Pendergast and Miss Diane Garri- son aided the teachers by actually instruct- ing the classes. Mr. Al Zimmerman, depart- ment chairman, said, "The student teach- ers benefit themselves by actually having the chance to teach a class." MARY ESTHER SOLIZ Special Education "The goal of the special education de- partment is to provide the most appropri- ate education for the individual student in the least restrictive setting," stated David Berg, special education department chair- man. The special education department has several vocational projects this year. One is a program called Preparation Private Sector, including Moline, Rock lsland, and UT. This very successful program is trying to meet vocational and academic needs of the students. Very dedicated and hard-working teach- ers, plus expanded time and facilities, have helped the special education department provide direct services from all courses, including electives. PAM GETTY ALMA DAVILA 4 Academics Driver EducationfHea1th Driver education and behind-the-wheel is a very popular nine week course to in- struct and prepare beginning drivers for a life full of convenience and road safety. Mr. James Duncan, department chairman, feels that the most important aspect of this education is "that the students will have learned techniques which will make them safe drivers." Health class, also a nine week course, was devised to benefit the students now as well as in the future. The class was origin- ally developed 18 years ago to fulfill a re- quirement which was not being met by the LIT curriculum. Mr. Bert Hanlin and Mr. Ron Pustelnik teach the sophomore class health-related subjects that will help the students in future experiences. CINDY CRUZ K. ,: iw as T V - - Q .asf S 1 it 5 .A if ts sz 93 N ww cfm I. These north campus gym students enjoy their calisthenics before class. 2. Driver education is a class that is geared toward preventing accidents. 3. Student teacher Mike Pendergast oversees a written test in p. e. class. 4. Every sophomore looks forward to his time behind the wheel. 5. This gym class exer- cises vigorously. Academics 176 - Sports There's an aura of excitement created by a restless crowd, Gathered together to yell and cheer for UT athletes. They're a group of spirited, rowdy, supporting fans, Gathered to witness the Panthers march on to victory. No matter what sport it is, Theres a certain satisfaction for the athletes and fans, To represent UT, doing the best possible, And supplying a cause of honor and pride . . . Sports at LIT Pride in sports - 'WY , ' 'f it . ,f 4, aw Q I 3 if -2 5 A ,, t Z is hw f Q si t 'M-in saws'-"rM-14 M MA W 'WM' ar 1- :.s.sq.. on-. M1 4 vs, if - sts-w-is . lg Q 2' 1. ,C5 Sporis Varsity Q6 33 LaGrange Moline Alleman Galesburg Rock lsland Quincy LaSalle-Peru UT 14 Peoria Richwoods 6 34 UT 13 LIT 49 Bishop Hogan O ' i4 UT 0 14 UT 13 LIT 25 21 LIT 24 13 UT 20 ' 0 UT 35 is 1, Varsity football team members for 1983 are tfrontj Marion Barnett, Bub Carpenter, Joe Monterastelli, James Hopkins, Jim Davis, Kipp Westbrook, Ron Ackland, Jamie Robers, Damon Evans, Jon Verlina den, and John Lasek. tRow 21 trainer Kellie Sanders, Doug Dobrinske, John LeFevre, Tom Rice, Chris De- Jaegher, Bob Lack, Bob Neal, John Manrrique, Chris Leibovitz, Mike Campbell, Brian Hacker, Ron Ray- mond, Dave Malone, and trainer Annette Michalek. tRow 33 Brad DeMay, Steve Clark, Paul McLean, Paul Shafer, Scott Lamb, Dan Woods, Mike Barr, Steve Platt, Brad Hauman, Steve Garcia, Loyd Hubbard, Darryn Pollentier, Wayne Clark, Dan Karstens, Ron Clash, Manager Dave Mumma. CRow 49 trainer Tina DeMay, Brad Burklund, Don Moore, Mark Findahl, Charles Clark, Scott McDanel, Steve Millett, Todd Larison, Dave Rice, Jody Tague, Todd Dennhardt, Bobby Larson, Ruben Alaniz, Dan Miller, Brook Gar- man, Manager Jim Benjamin. QROW 53 Ron Gardner, Todd Grimm, Todd Jacobs, John Gehant, and John Perkins. 2. Senior Tom Rice shows his approving opinion of our team. 3. These varsity team members watch from the sidelines as the team runs for a goal. 4. Junior rushing back John Manrrique eludes Rl opponents as he gains yardage. 5. Defensive coach Michael Brewers explains some game-winning strate- gy to senior Brian Street. 6. Junior Ron Clash concen- trates intently on the game. 7. Junior quarterback Bub Carpenter moves to hand off the ball to Manrri- que, who is the leading rusher in the Quad-Cities. 78 Sports Panthers have winning season "This season was a period of develop- ment for the team," stated Coach Jim Sanders. "our offensive and defensive lines matured to the point that they dominated the line of scrimmage. That's our style of football. When we dominate the line we play real well." The 1983-84 Varsity football team had a winning season, finishing with a record of 6 wins and 3 losses. "A small setback in the beginning of the season was finding a starting unit to stick with once we put Clash, Leibovitz, Camp- bell, Ketner, and Burklund in as the front fiveg with Larison and Clark as ends, we saw good things happening," explained coach Sanders. "Another question was that of the position of quarterback. Junior Bub Carpenter developed into a Western Big 6 varsity quarterback in the last three or four minutes of the game against Gales- burg when he found the composure to complete three straight passes to set up the winning touchdown," Another question Coach Sanders felt might be difficult to answer was, "How do you replace all-American running back Jeff Louck?" Early in the season the answer became clear, "a junior running back named John Manrrique, who rushed for a total of 974 yards, and scored 72 points this season." Four players were named to the all-con- ference team, ending the Panthers' win- ning season. They were Manrrique, Lack, Campbell, and Leibovitz. Leibovitz was also named to the All-State team. Sports if- JW Y . I I , L,., fem, 1 We in Www VA,,, 1 V' W' 'J f 755.5 f .ww " .2:ZEifS"'-El V ,s cfkf z , 125 . , . . twga . ff 3 1, if A ,L f as 1 Sophomores C7-i3 ii 'Q i- LIT 7 Peoria Richwoods 6 LIT 21 LaGrange I5 LIT 37 Orion JV 7 LIT 27 Moline I2 LIT 20 Alleman O LIT 21 Galesburg 20 Rock lsland 30 LIT 27 A - ' ur i5 Quincy 8 " F1-Q 5352 sf ' ' at x 2 c ur 28 Lasaiie Peru 22 1 R Y A ' Q - ii sift as LLLL 1 2 . . Y' Q fs 'Ei S is I. Don lnce gets ready for the hand off from quarter- ' ' 'S 4 X' I ' K, I7 3 KX U . 56 2 ' 4.- back John Davis, 2. Head Coach Jim Sanders pre- K ' 5-: L 'A K T A My , V K . gk dicts the outcome of the game against Galesburg.The ii -we -- -W 2 -i 2 Q 'fs i"W"" Panthers proved victorious, winning their first home- A AZ' coming game in three years. 3. These LI.T. football players ride proudly in the homecoming parade. 4. ' . .. LLh: E' -i f fy' N 4, i E I 'I i,', , , , Sophomore team members are ffront row3 Brad Ca- "" X i I' ' S meron, Scott Ronnebeck, John Davis, Pat Spencer, s "e---' . t... .t 3. L .. . 3 --' t-t.-- W i-XYXX W -- Rick Sanchez, Kraig Wells, Jim Verlinden, Victor ii 'Q 'I i'ii'f W 'W I 'CSTTXTTMT Killmqmii 4 Lara. QRow 23 Tray Schuldt, Todd Entrikin, Ivan Beck- man, Ed Alaniz, Don lnce, David Weeks, Jon Catter- ton. lRow 33 Troy Tapia, Greg Quick, Cliff Davis, Norris Goldstein, Rick Davila, Herman Ochoa, John Fotos, Mike Pacheco. QRow 43 Jeff Oppenheimer, Steve Blomberg, Dwight Perry, Dave Cruz, Kevin Ret- tig, Alan Rose, Steve Bert, Chris Ohlsen. 1Row 53 Leonard Nahrgang, Matt Williams, Alan Reyna, Rick Fetterer, Julius Delgado. 5. Freshman football play- ers are fFront row3 Jeff Skillett, Marty Sanders, Steve Carmack, Andy Munoz, Bryan Stone, John Massa, Victor Lara, Mark DeCoster, Josh Coram, Walker Wil- son, Ray Jenkins, Dave Luten. CRow 23 Terry Toliver, Richard Burklund, Steve Quick, Steve Paytash, Sean Jenkins, Arron Howat, Billy Wilson, David Lapac- zonek, Brian Smith, Brad Goering, Shane Stilwell. tRow 33 Scott Kippes, Tim Bond, Richardo Mendoza, Wayne Reynolds, Brad Laermans, Randy Harvey, Chris Brumberg, Mike Harrum, Mike Hensley. fRow 43 Joe Ramos, Gary Mundt, Dan lmel, Mike Bonilla, Jim Graham, Jess Correa. Jeff Fluegel, Kyle Scudder, Dustin Schuldt. 6. The tough sophomore line gets ready for a defensive play against the Orion Charges. IBO Sports 4 WN , l Yi' IW, 1 - .,,,, . W1 2 ...e....,,,-.t I ..-M on-an M I f A wanna-W -aussie-iii? p .A . f. - ,fft is-M. .pr -...yi-2 M ' , . 2, .,,, .--1--1-z, - " , E 3 . iiii itis i i - " ' r ....,..,. i.'qi'ii1i.g,i I yy. ,fr .,.,i A H ,. If A i f-if A 31' .yy f L M . I, , - ,.,--, , -....,f-1,f- . .... ..,, h Q . - -Q, tg -I i A It - Illia K1 Milf I 2 iif. ,.,, ,,,,. 3 I it . , , - . ,.. . . , ,,,, .,,,,, , . ,,, , , Young Panthers dominate foes "Whether it be that we played poorly in some games or whether we played great, we rose to the occasion and played the type of football we needed to dominate the other team," stated Coach Greg Gebben of the 1983-84 sophomore football team. He went on to say, "But in an 8 and 1 season regardless of how we performed in each game, 8 and 1 is still a heck of a good year." The young Panther team went undefeat- ed until a heart-breaking loss in a make-up game against Rock lsland, leaving the con- ference record at 4 wins and l loss. The players Coach Gebben felt deserved special recognition are "Herman Ochoa, Steve Blomberg, Kraig Wells, Brad Ca- meron, Eddie Alaniz, Troy Tapia, Rick Fet- terer, and Don lnce stood out, but l'm not saying that the whole team didn't stick in there and play tough." The sophomores placed second in the conference, finishing their season with an easy victory over LaSalle-Peru. i'The La- Salle-Peru game was one of our best," ac- cording to Coach Gebben. The freshmen also had an excellent sea- son, finishing with a record of 6 and 1. Their only loss was to Sherrard High School's sophomore-junior varsity team. Coach Mike Russell commented, "Obvi- ously we have some excellent talent, l feel that though we didn't have a lot of individ- ual stars, the season was completed due to team effort, from the top player down to the last." Sports I. Freshmen cheerleaders are Corrie Skiles, Kelly Hutchinson, Jackie McVey, Amy Goebel, and Deanna DeBo. 2. Senior Jamie Titus poses by a locker she decorated. 3. No, it isn't rainingg Jamie Titus, Ro- chelle LeBlanc, and Julie Mitchell are doing a pose from their P,Y,T. pom-pom routine. 4. Senior Tracy Lofgren takes it easy as Pete the Panther. 5. Sopho- more cheerleaders are Julie Brewer, Lisa Manley, Mi- chele Hamrick, Becky Greer and Kim LeBlanc, 6. Varsity cheerleaders are Jamie Titus, Pam Torok, Julie Mitchell, Francie Wiegel, Rochelle LeBlanc, Wendy Leonard, and Pam Bost. 82 Sports X s yf 5 . , .iifysf Camp inspires cheerleaders Besides adding spirit to the games, deco- rating lockers, making hoops, and baking cookies, the football cheerleaders also per- formed pom-pom routines this season. Miss Jill Anderson, veteran football cheerleading coach, was excited that her 83-84 cheerleaders went to summer camp at Western Illinois University and returned with new cheers and pom-pom routines. Summer cheerleading camp was August 1- 4. Their only complaint was the hot weath- er during camp. "Winning Combination," "What's your Number?," "Touchdown to Win," "De- fense Attack," and "Ll.T.H.S." were some of the new cheers this season. A new pom- pom routine was performed to Michael Jackson's P.Y.T. 1Pretty Young Thingj. "l feel we put in a lot of time working for Friday nights," said Francie Wiegel, varsi- ty cheerleader, "but when the game comes we are rewarded." Cheerleading practice was four days a week at South Campus. "lt's a lot of work," said Julie Mitchell, varsity cheer- leader, "but it's worth it." "When someone makes a mistake, we don't yell, we help them correct it," stated varsity cheerleader Pam Torok. She con- tinued, "We cheer as a squad, not as indivi- duals." To Coach Anderson, her cheerleaders add pep and spirit to the games. "The win- ning of the game isn't determined because of them," she stated, Hthey just help by giving spirit." KK WHITLEY Sports - Varsity Q2 l li Geneseo Sterling Dixon Aledo Galesburg Sherrard Moline Peoria Rn hwoods Galesburq Moline Sherrard Junio Varsity Q6 73 4 T 2 UT O A 2 UT O V 2 UT O - 2 UT O ' 2 UT O UT 2 ' O ' 2 UT l . ' ' i 2 UT l Davenport West 3 UT O Aledo 2 UT l , L 2 UT O ' 2 UT O UT 2 l V . UT 2 Geneseo O Sterling 2 UT 0 UT 2 Dixon O UT 2 Aleod O UT 2 Galesburg l Sherrard 2 UT O Moline 2 UT O Peoria Richwoods 2 UT O Davenport West 2 UT l Aledo 2 UT l UT 2 Galesburg l Moline 2 UT O UT 2 Sherrard O I X U X . Q. i 1 4 I. Members of this year's junior varsity volleyball team are lfrontj Stephanie Rosenthal, Mary Moreno, Debra Scott. Sonya Royal, and Pam Raischel. tbackj Kellie Berthoud, Sherry John- son. Marge Derby. Amy Hufford. Cathy Cowley, and Stacie Waite. 2. Senior Cheryl Krantz concentrates intently as she sets the ball to a teammate. 3. Melodie McGinnis, junior, watches for the apparently successful results of her spike. 4. Sophomore Amy Hufford and junior Mary Moreno go up to block the oppo- nent's hit. 5. Freshmen volleyball players are tfrontj Angel Scott. Bonnie McCartin, Kris Saey, Tracey Vyncke, Tricia Alexander, and Nancy Wara. tbackj Coach Claudia Anderson. Maria Segura, Michelle Reddig, Stacy Court, Kim Wheatley, Tannya Anderson, Tiffany Scott, Janna Miller, and Coach Barbara Puellella. 6. Varsity teammembers are tfrontj Leilani Krack, Melodie McGin- nis, and Donna Green. tmiddlej Cheryl Krantz, and Susie McEn- lfyv lbafkl Mary Decker, Debi Vyncke. and Krista Hart. Absent from the picture are Debbie Waeyaert and Kris Nelson. 7. Senior Debi Vyncke follows through with a "middle hit" against Gales- burg. l84 - Sports 5,5 ggwhunhvef- .X 5 M I Qual i 5 ,. 1 ,S -J Q? ff- .tl 1. K.. . it 1 , i , 1 y Spikers have tough year After losing all of last years varsity starters to graduations and acquiring all new coaches for this season, this year's varsity volleyball team experienced a tough season of learning and rebuilding. First year head coach, Maria DeLanghe commented, "The main goal for this sea' son was to ready ourselves for next year. Although we'll be losing six seniors to graduation, we should be looking forward to a more successful season next year." The varsity team experienced many dis- appointing losses this year, winning only 2 of its l3 games. Coach DeLanghe stated, "The girls had the potential to win but never seemed to be able to get it together as a team. Of course, there were positive aspects of the season." She went on to say, "We improved a lot during the season: our defense remained our critical point, especially our spike returns. This hurt us in the beginning, but towards the end of the season we showed over all improve- ments." The Junior varsity, coached by Maria Escarza, started the season out strong, winning 4 of their first 5 games, the team ended their season with a successful re- cord of 6 wins in l3 games. The Freshman team also had a successful season, ending with a record of 6 wins and only 3 loses. Sports W xlI,Ki,ki it tv 9 N BOYS CROSS COUNTRY Galesburg Kewanee Central Assumption Bettendorf Rocky West Sterling Geneseo Dixon Moline Allernan Pleasant V. Geneseo Invitational 6th DeKalb 11th Galesburg Invitational 8th Clinton 3rd Sterling 8th Western Big 6 4th GIRLS CROSS COUNTRY UT 23 Rocky 34 Bettendorf 25 UT 30 UT 20 Assumption 39 UT 26 Central 31 UT 24 Dixon 37 UT 25 Geneseo 32 UT 20 Galesburg 39 UT I8 Kewanee 43 Moline 24 UT 31 Galesburg Invitational 3rd DeKalb Invitational 5th Geneseo 4th Western Big 6 2nd 186 - Spor ts Cross country stands out The benefits of the hard work and dedi- cation of the varsity and JV girls cross country team showed in their records. Den- nis Steinmetz coached the girls team. He commented that the girls were not "loners" this year. He said they ran in a pack to pace each other and tried to finish together. The team leaders were Carrie Natwick, Dede McVey, Joanne Giers, Diana Krantz, and Alice McLernon. Although the team was large, that wasn't a problem. Twenty- one girls ran in the meets with over half new to the team. The team practiced two hours a night, six days a week and held double practices twice a week. Carrie "Nati" Natwick gave some of her insights on running. "lt is a 90 percent mental and lO percent physical sport. You need strategy," she said. There was an extra large turnout for the boys CC team, with 45 boys in all. Coach Gary Phillips said his team trained to peak at the end of the season since that is when the important meets take place. He also said that this philos- ophy decreased runner burnout toward the last meets. The top runners on the team were sen- iors Brian Mohr, John Sandoval, and Steve Terronez along with juniors Scott Fournier, John Hoepfner, Tom Quinn and Mark and Steve Woodruff. At the end of the season Coach Phillips said, "We caught up to the other teams we ran against earlier in the year and came out ahead in the end." CHRIS THOMPSON LAURA SCHROEDER 1. Members of this year's boys cross country team are CROW l3 Pit Siraphet, Scott Farnsworth. Adam Burke, Brian Burney, Brant Goering. CRow 23 K.J. Schaffer, Peter Schritsmier, Brian Arlt. Bob Kipp, David Hernandez. CRow 33 Todd Meeske, Jay Titus, Rob Schaffer, Benito Ayala, Steve Benson, lRow 43 Mike Mohr, Pete Masias, Jeff Merideth, Matt Dowen, Gene Temple ton. tRow 53 Mike DeMay, Scott Dowen, Tom Quinn, John Hoepfner, tRow 63 David Stolbom, Marc Fluegel, Brian Kellett, Ed Cox, Stacy Nichols. 1Row 73 Steve Terronez, Brian Mohr. Scott Fournier, Mark Woodruff, Steve Woodruff. 2. Members of this years girls cross country team are lRow l3 Dawn Gingry, Cathy Loose, Margie McLernon. Dede McVey, Laurie Buchen. lRow 23 JoAnn Wilshusen, Carrie Natwick, Carla Duncan, Alice McLernon, Marcia Markle. CROW 33 Jenny Tallman, Diana Krantz, Julie Kirklin, Jenny Fuhrer, Patty Kanning. QRow 43 Lisa Mixer, Chris Tribble, Jean Lopez, Stacey Tripp, Tina Miletich. 3. Senior Tina Miletich warms up for the big race. 4. Juniors Scott Fournier, Tom Quinn, and Mark Woodruff are dominating at a home meet. 5. Senior John Sandoval is leading the race. 6. Junior Costella Green and sophomore JoAnn Wilshusen are taking a break. Sports - 4l i 1. Girls golf team includes fkneelingi Michelle Polios, Ann Hasenwinkel. fstandingj Suzy Ogle, Kelly Ceder, Jan lvanowski. 2. Junior Darrin Neal concentrates of the ball as he winds up his swing. 3. Seniors Jon Jannes and Suzy Ogle are returning lettermen for the season. 4. Boys golf team includes fkneelingb Dave Lindquist, Mike Jacobsen, Mike Womack, Mark Pus- telnik. QRow 21 Darrin Neal, Dave DeDecker, Rodney McDaniel. 1Row 31 Jon Bailey, Jon Jannes, Tom Ohle sen, Steve DeClercq, 5. Dave DeDecker, junior, sets up for a drive. N GIRLS GOLF Dixon 181 UT 225 Rock ls. 172 UT 214 Geneseo 185 UT 215 Galesburg 181 UT 206 UT 223 Macomb 227 Moline 184 UT 213 Rock ls. 201 UT 219 Moline 199 UT 230 UT 230 Macomb 245 Geneseo 205 UT 214 Galesburg 174 UT 216 UT 216 Quincy ND 217 Moline 189 UT 219 Quincy 168 UT 219 Western Big 6 4th BOYS GOLF LIT 165 Geneseo 166 UT 161 Riverdale 167 UT 161 Rock ls. 170 Aledo 167 UT 175 UT 170 Alleman 171 UT 153 Galesburg 155 Moline 149 UT 175 Alleman 161 UT 164 Rock ls, 159 UT 172 Moline 138 UT 169 Geneseo 154 UT 172 Aledo 164 UT 166 Macomb invitational 6th Galesburg Invitational 8th Western Big 6 4th l.H.S.A. Regional 11th St. Bede's Invitational 4th 188 - Sports at 'Wy 'V R , , ' Vg 1 ' 1' , iY,wfW'T ' mi ' , waz' ' any , az ,fe iw E rg Z e -L 5 king, Looking for a hole-in-one The boys golf team started the season out pretty well by winning the first three matches. Roger Damhorst, this year's coach, stated, "They have really shown their best this year." Jon Jannes, senior, was this year's cap- tain for the team. The most improved play- er was Steve DeClercq, junior, and Dave DeDecker, junior was named most valu- able. The team was made up of mostly seniors and juniors, but there were four sophomores and freshmen as well. This year's team included Jon Bailey, Steve DeClercq, Darrin Neal, Stacey Hen- ry, Barry Kespohl, Dave Lindquist, Rodney McDaniel, Tom Ohlsen, Mark Pustelnik, Todd Ripka, Tim Shellhorn, and Mike Wo- mack. The girls team had a rough season this year with a record of 3-12. Coach Jeri Laud stated that she was proud of the girls, con- sidering Suzy Ogle, senior, was the only returning upperclassman. The rest of the team consisted of sophomores and fresh- men. Varsity letter winners and team mem- bers were Suzy Ogle, Jan lvanowski, Mi- chelle Polios, Julie DeDecker, Lynne Swan- son, Ann Hasenwinkel, and Kelly Ceder. RHONDA DEWITT MARY ESTHER SOLIZ Sports GIRLS C9-13 UT ll2 Rock Island UT 99 Moline UT 104 Burlington Assumption Clinton Macomb Bettendorf Davenport West Davenport Central Galesburg BOYS C2 63 Davenport Rock lsland Burlington Clinton Bettendorf Galesburg Moline Davenport West UT lO4 l5 UT 94 78 UT IO5 62 92 UT 80 UT 99 69 UT 52 31 UT 92 79 UT 95 Central 72 gg UT 74 ' 105 UT 60 ' Q4 UT 7l 127 UT 45 UT 98 F 72 ' 112 UT 60 Q8 UT 84 Sports 41 1. Freshman Kari Gunderson checks with Coach Bush after setting a new pool record for the IOO freestyle. 2. This years girl swimmers are Cfront3 Beth McCollum, Tammy Jones, Heather Fleming, Carol Alejo. Tracy Guthrie. CRow 23 Kris Rylander, Gina Ghys, Kari Wirtz, Amy Lewis, Chris Verstraete, Bran- dy Hauman. Crow 33 Maureen Standaert. Nikki Leabo. Amy DeBlock, Julie Standaert, Donje Milburn, Rhonda Koch. Crow 43 Lynn Hambright. Kari Gunder- son, Jenny Soots, Lori Bokros, Rhonda Fiebig. Crow 53 Lynette VanVooren, Sanchia Horst. Tracey Graham, Coach Dave Bush, Lisa Johnson, Leslie Stephenson. wg.-M. M 4 3. This year's boy swimmers are Cfront3 Albert Bur- gess, Adam Burke, John Dussliere, Ron Steffenson, Paul Sturm. Crow 23 Mike Satre, Mike Tates. Pat Shay. Mike Batten, John Pettit. Crow 33 Brad Demeurisse, Chuck Bray. Paul McClean, Crow 43 Dave Jones. Sean Dalmasso, Brian Standaert, Jim Johnson, Dave Bush, Stacey Whitehall. 4. Boys team captain Brian Stan' daert, Coach Dave Bush, and girls team captain San' Chia Horst pose for an early morning picture. 5. Ju- nior Sean Dalmasso puts all his effort into a freestyle race. Swimmers meet challenges "They had an outstanding year!" stated Coach Dave Bush about the girl swim- mers' impressive 9-1 team record. The one loss was due to an entry error in a close match against Bettendorf. Bush felt they worked hard all year and deserved their sectional championship. With a lot of effort and hard work they finished first in the Western Big Six and in the Sectional. This year's state qualifiers were freshman Kari Gunderson ffinished 17thl, juniors Maureen Standaert ffinished 22ndj and Lynn Hambright ffinished 16th and Zlstl. Senior Sanchia Horst, the girls team cap- tain and MVP, had a theory UNO pain, no gain!" Sanchia stated, "We believed in our- selves and in our coach, we worked hard together and won all we could . . . at least until next year!" With a 2-5 season record the boys team didn't win many meets, but they were proud of themselves as a team anyway. They were proud of themselves as a team with a lot of hard workers, as they've al- ways had. Coach Bush commented, "They've had to really work hard to get as fast as they've become, and the youth of the team makes the future look good." Due to senior Ron Steffenson's broken wrist, the team lost considerable points, but sophomores John Dussliere and Paul Sturm added extra strength to make up for the loss. CAROL ALEJO PAM CAMERON Sports - Dixon E. Dubuque Morris Jefferson Richwoods Dixon Sterling Gale-sburg Peoria Varsity Basketball UT 56 49 UT 65 46 ur 56 28 LIT 641 Mt. Morris 28 ur 49 46 59 ur 42 52 ur 48 57 LIT 50 ur 85 35 LIT 63 45 S ss . tow. ,L . W vast, X "-- A 5 -M A A - 1 WN 1. Sophomore Sandi Harris concentrates on the game. 2. Members of the sophomore team are Carrie Cal- deron. Sheli Van Tie-ghem, Terry Mayfield, frow 25 Leslie Abram, Sue McGinnis, Lori Schroder. Crow 35 Sherry Johnson, Stacie Waite. Tannya Anderson. frow 4l Jenny Paxson and Debbie Mumrna. 3. Varsity members are Costella Green fmanagerj, Patti Kan' ning, Cheryl Krantz, Donna Green, Staci Olson, Vicki Austin, irow 25 Lisa Daniels, Debi Vyncke, Vicki Sedg- wick. Lori Findahl, Sandi Harris, La Shonda Williams. 4. Freshman members are Michelle Reddig, Kris Wat- son, Corrie Skiles, and Ann Hasenwinkel. trow 25 Ni' chole Davis, Tracy Vyncke, Christine Jackson, and Laura Larson Crow 33 Beth Cernetisch. Kim Wheatley, Julie Kirklin, Alice Welch. 5. Junior Vicki Austin puts some moves on her opponents. 9 Sports W ..,. .... , fx sl. T. H. 9 f. Sophomore Girls Basketball Richwoods Quincy Dixon East Dubuque Morrison Sterling Galesburg Alleman Galesburg Dubuque Rock lsland Freshman Girls Basketball Allernan Riverdale Rockford Moline Sterling Rock Island Moline Rock Island Dixon Geneseo Galesburg Rockford Sterling Galesburg Geneseo Determination brings success Working two sweaty hours a day, six days a week for four months is not every- one's idea of having a "ball," but it was for eleven sophomore, junior, and senior girls basketball players. "Dedication and determination are what you need to be a success in anything," stated veteran varsity coach Mike Dergo. 'Success is getting your full potential." ln Coach Dergo's eyes a basketball player must have the ability, attitude, and the determination to play good ball. The bulk of this year's team was under- classmen. Sophomore Lori Findahl led the team in rebounds, averaging seven a game. Another important team member was ju- nior Staci Olson who was the team's point guard. "She stands out! She leads by example rather than talking," commented Coach Dergo when asked about junior Vicki Aus- tin. Vicki or "Quick Vick" was the team's leading scorer averaging 19 points a game. "I think the team came a long way this year, we learned how to play team ball," stated Sandi Harris, starting guard. "l hope we keep it up in the future." "Working with the team members has helped me progress a lot in my skills," stated starting forward Austin. KK whitney Sports wr . ' -. ,ff " 1- Q, sw 1. df' 6 N 35,1 .4 ., ,I 4 mfs . 5 'SL 6 , 'P ff ' sm di '15 fur'- :. 3 rf , 1 Q I W -f --aa C f 'ff 4 ' 'L 1 ,,L, A ' 255' ' 4 1, 2-1.1- 'Q 22- , 1-. " Season marks Talley's last This year was a season of inspiration and disappointment for the 1983-1984 var- sity basketball team. Stated head coach Cliff Talley, "This team is a special team because it's my last year coaching. lt's been disappointing for them because they lost more than a few close games." The team was impressive where height was concerned. Teamwork was an impor- tant part of their game. They were well disciplined and played as a unit. Coach Talley commented, "We play one of the toughest schedules in Illinois. It makes it hard when you play such tough competi- tion." According to Talley, one of the team's weaknesses was careless fouls. He also said that they sometimes didn't rebound or shoot enough. After seventeen years as head coach for Ll.T., Talley has decided to retire. This de- cision was made because his son was graduating from Ll.T. His fondest memo- ries were when the 1970 and 1978 varsity teams came close to winning state cham- pionships. ln referring to Ll.T. in general he said, Nl think Ll.T. has some of the finest students in any school l've ever seen." KEVIN WHEELER Sports - SOPHOMORE Moline 51 LIT 45 LIT 72 Quincy 62 Morton 45 LIT 44 Rocklwand 68 UT 52 LIT 53 Davenport West 51 Kewanee 57 LIT 55 LIT 59 Galseburg 53 LIT 65 Quincy 57 Alleman 55 LIT 52 Bettendorf 55 LIT 47 LIT 56 Cialesburg 45 Moline 46 LIT 44 LIT 68 Quincy 61 I. Teddy Scott, sophomore, passes the ball to a team- mate. 2. Freshmen Black basketball team members are Crow I1 Ray Jenkins, Van Flowers. Scott Farns- worth, Bryce Sellers, Humberto Contreras. Crow 21 Stacey Henry, Craig Crawford. Benito Ayala, Mark DeCoster. Crow 31 Terrell White, James Graham, Vic' tor Lara, Daniel Banaszek, and Coach Don Donaldson. 3. Members of the sophomore basketball team are Crow I1 Scott Bruner, Crary Samuels, Darrell Lewis, Teddy Scott. Crow 21 Michael Millard, Mark Williams, Christopher Ohlsen, Arthur Anderson. Crow 31 Scott Ronnebeck, James Covemaker, Scott Mahan, Louis Harris. Crow 41 Antonio Baker, Stephen Blomberg, Tremier Johnson, and Anthony Campbell. 4. Fresh- men Orange basketball team members are Crow I1 Michael Bonilla, Leroy Pena, Terrance Toliver, Mark Kainu. Crow 21 Richard Benson. Brian Blair, Gary Sam' uels. Crow 31 Brian Ciorzney, Marc Fluegel, Robert Jackson, Jeffrey Skillett, and Coach Art Maffie. 5. Sophomore Darrell Lewis shoots the ball for two points. 6. Scott Mahan, sophomore, takes careful aim while shooting a free throw. lv R LITHS LITHS LITHS Alleman LITHS LITHS LITHS LITHS UTHS 44 I-1.13111 ""' 'Tv M... ... Q 2 5 c EAS? E931 1 , .f I B4 E 2153? fIll'9':rC HMS . fi I , '- If A ffT"'LSs L... I I 4 , FRESHMEN ORANGE 58 Riverdale 63 Moline White Cralesburg LITHS Geneseo Alleman Rock Falls Moline Maroon Moline White -t--1-.-.N if ...vp , ........,.. ., .. L. ., .M --....m,t...,., .V W-ind' Q il . . .xsgggg JfCj.Sgi till 6 9 SPOWS 4 gf . we QQES N Teams gain experience Some 50 sophomore boys tried out for the 15 spots on the basketball team this year. Coach Manwaring thought his first year coaching sophomore basketball went very well. He felt that he was preparing the team for the varsity next year. He said, "I think the team had a good year." He also said that the team also had a good attitude and they always gave 100 percent on the court. The only problem was heightg they were out-sized by many teams. The highlight of the season for the Freshman Orange squad was when they beat the Alleman Green squad 88-72, with three players scoring over 20 points each. Coached by Art Maffie, the team had a very good season. The Freshman Black squad had a good season also. The highlight of the season came when they beat Moline twice. Coach Donaldson said that he liked the way the proud to be their coach UTHS Rock UTHS UTHS UTHS UTHS UTHS Geneseo KEVIN WHEELER FRESHMEN BLACK Alleman Green UTHS Moline Maroon Alleman Riverdale Rock FaHs Moline White UTHS squad cooperated with each other and was Cheerleaders inspire teams This year's basketball cheerleaders used their experience from camp to make this one of their best seasons. The cheerleaders were picked by appearance, voice, and fa- cial expression. Before they were picked, they went to two tryout clinics. They learned two floor cheers and two side floor cheers. ln tryouts they were judged on such things as enthusiasm, rhythm, vol- ume, arm and leg movement, splits, cart- wheel, front and back walk overs, and many other moves. The cheerleaders worked one and a half to two hours, two days a week. Although some of the cheers were from a long time ago, the cheerleaders made up most of them. Some girls even went to camp to learn more about cheerleading. Mrs. Lambert said, "I enjoy working with the cheerleaders, it gives me a chance to meet a lot of new girls." Mrs. Lambert has worked with cheerleaders for two years. The cheerleaders sold shoestrings and programs to help raise money for new uni- forms. The squads consisted of varsity, sophomore, and freshmen orange and black. PEGGY HALEY Sports W uni Wim' Varsity 12I'lJ LIT 56 Alleman 4 LIT 49 Rock Island I2 LIT 32 Moline 25 LIT 59 Metamora 6 LIT 54 Sterling 5 LIT 66 Limestone O LIT 59 Aledo 3 LIT 33 Pekin I7 Clinton 24 LIT I7 LIT 36 Moline I9 LIT 56 Savanna 3 LIT 40 Pleasant Valley 5 UT 47 Rock Island 7 LIT 53 Orion 3 UT 38 Geneseo I3 LIT 50 Alleman I5 ' LIT 36 Rock Falls I8 LIT 44 Riverdale 9 I LIT 57 Quincy 9 I UT 5I Galesburg 3 I Bettendorf Tournament 2nd Freeport IA teamj Tournament lst Quincy Tournament lst Conference Ist Regional lst Sectional lst State 8th I l. Members of this year's Varsity Wrestling squad are frow ll, Steve Crabtree, Brad Burklund, Chris Leibo' vitz, Jim Collins, Mark Massa, Wayne Clark, Dude Cervantes. Qrow 25 Brian Ketner, Jon Catterton. Todd Grimm, Brad Cameron, Troy Tapia, John Davis, Bam Pustelnik, Craig Frazier. Mike Miller. Jeff Dzekunsa kas. lrow 33 Rodney McDaniel, Wayne Schadt, Bob Trout, Rolando Ochoa. David Garcia, John Massa, Doug Dobrinske, Scott McDanel. Crow 45 Jeff Stolbom and Brad DeMay. 2. Senior John Sandoval proves that LIT is number l. 3, Junior Todd Grimm puts the moves on this Moline wrestler. 4. Mike Miller, senior, rides out his opponent. 5. Senior Mark Massa at- tempts to pin his opponent while the ref takes a count. 6. Sophomore Bam Pustelnik is attempting to breakdown this Moline wrestler. 200 Sports W, X t. 4, . gill if L i -.-:fs ', t f ' tss :TSR liili T Mn I I I' iii ,...,. A. . W..-t,.t.iet S, se.. Wrestlers go to State This year's Varsity Wrestling Squad had a very successful season in both dual meets, and tournaments. They ended the season winning 21 out of 22 dual meets and finishing lst in two tough varsity tour- naments. Some reasons for the team's success as stated by Head Coach Harry Arvanis, "We have depth, we have good wrestlers at each weight and most of all, these kids are a special group. They are never satisfied. They always want to do better. They are the kind that work and do what we tell them. They are a pleasant and enthusiastic group." The squad was led by an excellent group of seniors: John Sandoval, Mike Miller, Mark Massa, Jim Collins, Steve Millett, Steve Crabtree, and Brad Burklund. Coach Arvanis also had an optimistic outlook for next year, stating, "Our junior and sopho- more group is almost equal to our sen- iors." This year Coach Arvanis developed a new system of scouting upcoming oppo- nents, using a computer. He developed a program charting the record, individual match scores, and tendencies of each wrestler they expected to face during the season. The state tournament held extra interest for the team this year because they were able to qualify as a team not just indivi- duals. The team advanced to sectional competition after placing first in regionals. They took the sectional title, after a 39- 13 win over 4th ranked DeKalb, and a 30- 19 final round win over Pekin. The team tied Joliet West in the opening round at state, but lost due to criteria. The team sent 4 individuals to state: John Davis, Kipp Westbrook, Jim Collins, and Brad Burk' lund. Burklund placed third in the state, going undefeated until that tournament. He ended his season with a 40 - l individual record. Sports - Junior Varsity 11721 Rockridge Limestone Alleman Sterling Aedo Pekin Clinton line Metamora Pleasant Valley Rock lsland Orion Cieneseo Sherrard Macomb Riverdale Quincy Galesburg Yorkwood Pekin JV Tournament lst Bettendorf JV Tournament 2nd Freeport Varsity Tournament 6th Sophomore 5 2 Clinton Moline Cieneseo Alleman Freshman Black C811 Geneseo Alleman Sterling Rock Island line Pekin Erie Clinton Rock Falls Walcott Tournament 5th Erie Tournament 3rd Moline Tournament 2nd Bettendorf Tournament 3rd Freshman Orange 15 41 Alleman Erie Pekin Rock Falls Clinton Moline Rock island Geneseo Black Orange Wood Tournament 4th Moline Tournament 2nd Erie Tournament 3rd Bettendorf Tournament 3rd W, UT 30 ' 24 UT 45 ' 17 UT 54 15 UT 48 ' 9 UT 40 12 UT 34 ' 23 UT 38 ' 16 Mo ' 34 UT 30 UT 54 1 1 UT 43 19 UT 47 15 UT 69 ' 0 UT 58 10 33 UT 30 UT 34 15 UT 59 ' 5 UT 58 ' 12 UT 47 9 UT 44 21 T ' T If ' ' 39 UT 21 ' 32 UT 24 ' UT Rock Island forfeit 1 UT 41 19 UT 54 9 Exchange Club Sophomore Tournament 2nd UT 39 33 UT 36 24 UT 42 ' 14 UT 49 15 Mo ' 38 UT 33 UT 32 ' 16 UT 35 ' 12 UT 32 ' 30 UT 48 18 UT 58 9 UT 35 ' 12 UT 32 ' 16 UT 48 18 UT 32 A 30 ' 47 UT 17 39 UT 28 50 UT 21 47 30 I. Junior Craig Frazier waits for the top man to get into position, 2. Sophomore Brad Cameron is on his way to a pin, 3. Freshman Black team members are frow 11 Adam Conn, Robert Fox, Doug Barber, Gabe Ochoa, Jeff Schmitz. trow 21 Ted Martel, Jeff Fluegel, Dustin Schuldt, Brian Gonzales. lrow 31 Scott Kippes, Dave Lapaczonek, Richard Burklund and Coach Jim Smith, 4. Freshman Orange team members are irow 11 Mike McMahon, Troy Foltz, Brian Burney, Ron Harris, John Massa, and Dan lmel. Crow 21 Pat Nor- moyle. Marty Sanders, Daryl Werner, Rodrigo Tapia, and Sean Jenkins. trow 31 Coach Mike Brewers, Scot Hawotte, Arron Howat, Josh Coram, Wayne Reyn- olds, Scott Ashbaugh, and Eric Larson, 202 Sports '95-Q i 1 I 1 g Q lf X 2, 1- it-2 og t,.. ,g gr.. C 4: or straws: sf- C - ,ts it A C sg.. , , A+, .,,. A-veiifs 511'-. 4 : ...,L:,, t Wrestlers gear for next year The Junior Varsity Wrestling Squad fol- lowed in the footsteps of the highly suc- cessful Varsity Squad this season, losing only two of its T9 meets. Those losses were to Moline and Sherrard's varsity. Coach Todd Rosenthal expressed his positive attitude about his team when he stated, "The kids we have work, and with hard work and determination we can, and do win. The high point of the season was our first place finish at the Pekin JV Tour- nament. l think that we will have an excel- lent Varsity Squad next year if the JV kids move up to fill up the Varsity holes after the seniors graduate, as I know they can." According to Sophomore Coach Kevin Mclhlinch, the sophomores also had a good season due to their hard work and a good attitude. They finished the season with a five and two record. The sophomore team placed second in the Panther Invitational which they hosted. The freshman teams also had prosper- ous seasons, the Black ending their season with a 8 and 1 record, and the Orange with 5 and 4 season mark. The Black Squad competed in four tour- naments during the season, one of them an individual tournament, where the team as a whole did not compete. The Orange Team members were also included in this tourney in Riverdale. Both freshmen coaches agreed that the freshmen wres- tlers improved greatly throughout the sea- son and show a lot of promise for future years. 1. Members of the sophomore squad are tfront rowj Coach Kevin Mcltlinch, Dan lmel, DeWayne Harris, John Massa, Bam Pustelnik, Tom Clements, Troy Tapia. and Keith Youngs. lrow 25 Terry Foltz, Darren Miller, Ted Martel, John Davis, Jay Titus, Todd Malmstrom. Matt Engeman, Jim Verlinden. Crow 33 Mike Mohr, Ivan Beckman, Mike O'Meara, Alan Rose, Scott McKay. Jeff Thorndyke, Jeff Bernat, Arron Howat. trow 43 Geoff Merrill, Matt Williams, Jon Cat- terton, Brad Cameron, Leonard Nahrgang, Jim Long- necker, Tim Rockhold, Gene Templeton. 2. Freshman John Massa holds his opponent in an unfortunate position. Sports 1. Sophomore, Julie Standaert enjoys cheering. 2. Varsity wrestling cheerleaders include Qtopj Angie Thornton. Shelly Oltman, Kris Emery. CBottomJ Jen' ny Fuhrer, Anna Zapata, and Trisha Munos. 3. Ju' niors Angie Thornton and Shelly Oltman and senior Kris Emery have fun cheering at home meets. 4. The Frosh,Soph wrestling cheerleaders include ltopj Cyn- thm Dehamen Lma Gonshek,Juhe Swndaen.lbot tonn Pany Standaert Edna Pena,and KeHy Hutchin son. 5. Junior Trisha Munos smiles while she gives senior hdark h4assa a pin. 204 Sports A lot expected of rah-rahs In order to make wrestling more suc- cessful, a lot is expected of both wrestling cheerleading squads. Miss Sue Uranich, wrestling cheerlead- ing coach, said that what she looks for basically in the cheerleaders is "enthusi- asm, pep, and good cheerleading skills." This includes coordinated arm and leg mo- tions, good jumps, some acrobats, and of course a good smile. The wrestling cheerleaders had to have a lot of stamina because in wrestling there are no breaks. They also cheer a longer length of time than most other cheer- leaders. This year the freshman and sophomore squads were combined. Three freshmen and three sophomores were chosen for this squad. The best of both juniors and seniors were chosen for the varsity squad. Last year the varsity squad sold raffle tickets for the new skirts they had this year. Both squads sold tickets again this year. "They get along really well and seem to enjoy what they are doing. l think my Rah- Rahs are a super bunch of girls this year," stated Coach Llranich. ALMA DAVILA PAM GETTY Sports -sf. I. Girls varsity team members are. Qfrontl Dee Honert, Kami Hanlin. and Jan Caleo. fbackj Trish Zmuda, Betsy Dalton, and Kim Smith. Absent was Beth Kipp. 2. Senior Trish Zmuda waits anxiously for the ball, 3. Seniors Steve Terronez and Mark Findahl make sure that one of them gets the ball. 4. Chad Vinzant, senior, shows the form that he hopes will take him to State. 5. Girls .J.V. team members are lrow lj Sue Skalla, Tammy lnglis, Katia Herbst, and Andrea Gomez, Crow 25 Kris Zeefons, Caroline DeJaegher, Sue Kryzanek, Laura Larson, Patti Standaert, Crow 35 Kelly Swin- burn, Marilee Hacker, Melissa Llzzel, and Debbie Tray- lor, 6. Senior Jeff Kipp serves an ace, 7. Beth Kipp, senior. gives it her best shot. 8. Boys varsity team members are lsittingj Brian Raasch, Chad Vinzant, Mark Findahl. and Jeff Kipp. fstandingj Steve Tera ronez and Randy Clark. 206 Sports Girls Tennis Q9-lj Galesburg Moline Macomb Alleman Geneseo Rock Island Galesburg Moline Alleman Rock island saws.- Players reach for State The girls tennis team had a remarkable season with a 9-1 final record which took a lot of hard work and much effort to achieve. Junior Betsy Dalton, who was the elect- ed MVP on the team, was the first girl ever to qualify and go to state from LIT in sin- gles, playing against some of the toughest players around. Senior Trish Zmuda and junior Kim Smith also went to state in dou- bles. When asked about the overall attitude of the team Coach Sue Wesselmann replied, "Their attitude was very good. lt probably made them better toward their games and it really helped them to be a great team." This year's top six girls were Seniors Dee Honert, Trish Zmuda, Beth Kipp, ju' niors Kim Smith and Betsy Dalton, and sophomore Kami Hanlin. Senior Beth Kipp commented, "We real- ly worked hard this year and it paid off. This year we played more as a team. lt made winning all the more worthwhile." The outlook for this year's boy's tennis' season looked very good, with the top six boys leading the team. They were as fol- lows: Chad Vinzant, Randy Clark, Brian Raasch, Mark Findahl, Jeff Kipp, and Steve Terronez. Galesburg and Moline were the toughest two teams for the Panthers this year. Galesburg beat them last season, and Mo- line gave them a very close match, but UT came out with flying colors. CAROL ALEJO RHONDA DEWITT Sports I. Members of this years' softball team are Janet Kelly, Kathy Hernandez, Carrie Calderon, Donna Green, and Staci Olson. lbackj Coach Mike Dergo, Patty Kanning, Lori Findahl, Kathy Brewer, Sandi Harris, and Cheryl Krantz. 2. Junior Kathy Brewer prepares to field a short ball, 3. Greg Gebben, baseball coach, surveys the field to plan his team's strategy. 4. Carrie Calderon, sophomore, attempts to hit one out of the ball park, 5. This Ll,T. catcher is ready for a strike, 6. Senior Jill Liggett winds up to deliver a blistering pitch, 208 Sports .,,, , . M . 35' I I A M qjmxz. 3, M4 , . " .. W. V fi 3. ff if ft . lm' 6 Ball players rebuild teams Coach Greg Gebben and his assistant Coach Jim Sanders said, "We're looking for kids to fill skilled positions as pitchers and in the field for this year's baseball team." Seniors Thomas Rice and Humberto Ro- driquez were the only returning Iettermen. Coach Gebben felt this year was a re- building season. 'iWe lost a lot of talent from last year's team." Gebben's goal was to develop talent and to start building a more solid baseball team. "You teach at practice but at the games you coach," said Gebben. Craig Manwaring and Dale Adamson were the sophomore coaches. Softball returning lettermen were Kathy Brewer, Cheryl Krantz, Patti Kanning, Don- na Green and Janet Kelly. The girls softball team lost eight play- ers off last year's regional championship team. Coach Dergo's main goal was to get this year's team together as the season progressed so that it could be a factor in the state tournament. All the coaches said they would like to see more support from the student body. K.K. WHITLEY Sports I. Juniors DeDe McVey and Carrie Natwick express their feelings. 2. Mike Mohr, Toby Olson and Jamie Robers are the top pole vaulters for the 1984 season, 3. Junior Dave Rice gives it all he's got throwing the shot put. 4. Junior Alice lVlcl.ernon is on her way to another first place finish. 5. Sophomore Kim Le-Blanc pushes to the finish. 6. Tom Quinn. John Hoepfner. Brian Mohr and Scott Fournier are members of this year's varsity relay team. 7. Sophomore Terry Foltz sprints to the finish. 2 Sports fb. EAST MOLIT 1 . 2 .5 ww K my 5359 si. A ff "' H . is 5 l .gs N i Xl QX . -1 W 1 W Runners hope for the best This year's girls varsity track team had an optimistic outlook for their season, looking forward to one of success. This success they felt would be due to the strength and depth of the team. "The strength mostly lies in our return- ing state qualifiers, they will be the back- bone of the team. This group includes Al- ice McLernon, and DeDe McVey in the two mile, Rebella Atwater, LaTres Walton, Sandi Harris, and Tracey Mayfield for re- lays, and Sonya Royal for the hurdles. The depth of the team will be due to a large amount of talent spread out among all of the events, and that's what it takes to win the meets," stated Assistant Coach Dennis Steinmetz about his girl tracksters. According to Coach Steinmetz, other promising girls for the season included Ju- nior Carrie Natwick, and sophomores Ter- ry Mayfield, Kim LeBlanc, Kelli Ceder, Becky Greer, Lynn Harris, and Christy Tribble. The boys varsity team was coached by Jim Wesselmann, who commented, "The '84 team should much improved over the teams of the past. We have a strong group of seniors who should lead the team throughout the season. We have a lot of good distance runners including seniors, Brian Mohr and John Sandoval, and ju- niors Scott Fournier, Tom Quinn, Mark Woodruff, and Steve Woodruff. Our top sprinters are Tony Barnes, Jon Verlinden, Junior Evans, Terry Foltz, Jon Bailey, and Chris DeJaegher," Sports AK 'Sir 'i7,,:f5: : ' ', 'iii ,, l ' ,yf - :, 1 .,fV -M ,A-igg. - ,f-,, af:.5:ff.:::w , 4 in 212 - Sports I. Junior, senior wrestlerettes are Crow li Roxanne Madden, Julie Hutchinson, Cheryl Desmet, Susan McEniry, Mary Decker, Cathy Hipple, Kathy Knouse, Sue Dravis, Michele Blais, and Deann Stewart. Crow 25 Donnis Michel, Jill Liggett, Jackie Eckey, April Tay' lor, Beth Kipp, Patty Thomann. Shari Malmstrorn, Ellen Gant, and Sharmon White. Crow 39 Nicole Leabo. Kari Wirtz, Melodie McGinnis, Kim Kanke, Dawn Wales, Rhonda DeWitt, Roxane Vittori. Mary Ann Penca, Valkrie Kettering, Maureen Standaert, and Kathy Green, 2. Seniors Roxane Vittori and Mary Ann Penca show off their unusual hats. 3. Freshman and sophomore wrestlerettes are Crow lj Tina Mosher, Kendra Pankey, Sheri Katzenburger, Rene Rial, Kris Schroeder, Lori Srnith, Pam Davis, Dawn Whitney, and Carrie Miller. Crow 2l Penny Millis, Heidi Wendt, Angie Chavez, Connie Bray. Wendy Vittori, Lisa Blackwell, Chris Angelos, Michelle Polios, Sue Bordner, Anne Stage, Kelley Swinburn, Jackie White, Regina Clark, and Lisa Vogler, Crow 33 Stefanie Hill, Lynn Harris, Felicia Martel, Laure Anderson, Tammy Dooley, Janna Miller, Debbie Keith, Debbie Ely, Dawn Danielson, Leslie Arrington, Kathy Leyden, Beth Def- fenbaugh, Lori Page, and Donna Herrick, 4. Junior Lynn Harris concentrates on keeping score. "We know how to have fun!" "Wrestlerettes is a good program, and it gives the girls an opportunity to do some- thing and become involved in the wrestling program," stated Mrs. Ron Pustelnik, coor- dinator, when asked what she thought about the wrestlerette program. There were 87 girls of all the grades involved in the program. The freshman and sophomore wrestlerettes decorated lockers to help boost the spirits of the wrestlers. The junior and senior wrestler- ettes timed, scored, and bopped at varsity meets. They also decorated lockers, made signs, and gave a present to their assigned wrestler for each home meet. For fund raisers, the girls sold programs and shirts at the home meets. Mrs. Pust- lenik stated that the majority of the girls enjoyed what they did and proved to be very dedicated to their job as a wrestler- ette. Senior Mary Ann Penca commented, "The dedication comes naturally because everyone is so friendly. lt also is easy to get into cheering a winning team." Another senior, Rhonda Dewitt, stated, 'lAccording to me, being a wrestlerette is a real joy because l'm involved with a bunch of girls who know how to have fun." Captains this year were seniors Sue Dra- vis and Kathy Knouse, juniors Melody McGinnis, Staci Raffelson, and Kari Wirtz, sophomores Michelle Polios and Lynn Har- ris, and freshman Connie Bray and Regina Clark. Sports Bowlers win invitationals "They are a fun team to be with," stated Mrs. Linda Wadsager when asked what she thought about the girls bowling team. At the beginning of the season, the team didn't do quite as well as they expected, but they ended up with flying colors by doing well in the Chillicothe Invitational. Mrs. Wadsager stated that another rea- son she enjoyed working with this year's team was because of their infectious en- thusiasm and their camaraderie. Patsy Schoch and Dawn Stanlake had the best averages. Dawn was also this year's Most Valuable Player. CAROL ALEJO RHONDA DEWITT UT Rock lsland UT Alleman Alleman Rock lsland Sterling Bowtmo 44-55 2373 2340 2259 2403 2395 2220 2507 2442 2490 Orion UT Galesburg Orion Galesburg 2204 2150 1838 2187 2077 2216 1950 2330 2405 LIT LIT ' LIT UT ' LIT ' UT 1. Team members are ffrom left to right, Marilyn Verstraete, Patty Verstraete, Penny Schoch, and Dawn Stanlake. 2, Athletic trainers this year are Os- car Krieger, Tina Demay, Annette Michalek, and Kel' lie Sanders. 3. Marilyn Verstraete gives a smile as she gets ready to bowl. 4. Julie Taets rolls for a strike. 5. This basketball player gets therapy for a knee injury. 6. Oscar Krieger helps to bandage a students leg. 2 4 Sports .M New trainer enjoys job Mr. Oscar Krieger, this year's new athle- tic trainer, enjoyed his first year at LIT very much. He stated, "lt's a fantastic job, and very intriguing!" Krieger said he always liked sports, which encouraged him to do something constructive with sports programs. After entering the physical education system, the most interesting part for him was sports medicine. Since then, his enthusi- asm for teaching physical education and working in the training room has grown. This year there were four student train- ers, two juniors and two sophomores, who were taught the basics in First Aid. Injured students were treated with therapy and whirlpool and ice treatments. CAROL ALEJO RHONDA DEWITT Sports - 16 - Closing As the end of the school year draws near, Our thoughts turn to days gone by, As a time for growing and learning, On the path to adulthood. We think of the memories we've made and shared, The times we laughed and cried, And cringe at some of the things we did, But still remember the past year fondly. As we look back on friends and the fun, Yet still are anxious for the future, We realize there'll never be another year, Like this one . . . '84 Pride in UT Q E X 1' 'S' s is 8 2 ,st s ,-.. I6 'A-.!' 'il 1 , W i ff' .M I KL' 5 M 'B . . K. s 'N -xx fa 4 ,Q ,Q 1 l I. Sophomore John Dussliere and freshman Patti Ver- straeie are qualifiers for State in swimming and bowl- ing respectively. 2. Sophomore Lynn Harris and ju- nior Pam Torok model their jammies during Student Council week. 3. Senior Brian Standaert, sporting a mohawk, looks right at home among the bushes, 4. Brad Burklund, senior, is proud of his third place finish at the state wrestling tournament. 5. Senior Randy Rodgers shows off his unique hairstyle and glasses. 6. Saying that senior Toby Olson and juniors David Pauli and Kevin Smith like to be different is an understatement. 1 i 5 i l 4 l wsu' X f'i QW 1 I 1 r 1 4 X , 1 -:af T rr an ' J, ' 4 " ,. . , ' 1 In - -Y ,I ..,, -9. i fr. . -' V ?l8 vpiflosing .1-11 .-, . gg V. , " ' t"". , -ff . 3 A ' I 'Eggs ' u V 'Ns h H ' "Eff", . 'J' . 3"'f"5..L'r LAI: fr., H "il-' ' fffi T'i"' ' ' ? "' ' '+i?f?Z?Ti'f ' - 1 iff f fu- . -wif - . , . . 3 -f --1 F.:---41.1 - rf.: ., ,K v,-.?,7gL- ,' Students do their thing A, 2 in I. UT's Hispanic Debutantes are irow ll Cathy Her- nandez, Susanna Ochoa, Yolanda Sanchez. trow 21 Amelia Ayala, Marlene Moreno, and Roselind Esparza. 2. Roxane Vittori, Beth Kipp, and Lori Chanay are National Merit Commended Students. 3. Staci Olson, Kimberly Burrell, and Shearrie Houston are honored as Black Debutantes. 4. Students of the Month include irow lj Julie Taets, Julie Hutchinson, Lori Chanay, Jamie Titus, trow 21 Sue Dravis, and Cathy Hipple. 5. Additonal Hispanic Debutantes are trow lj Pauline Terronez, Anna Zapata, Roxane Vit- tori. tfow 23 Mary Esther Soliz, Jill Sandoval, and Alma Davila. 6. Senior David Mumma was named l984 United States National winner in football by the United States Achievement Academy. 7. Students placing first and second in lllinois Office Education Association contests are John Sievers, Michelle Hae- cherl, Angela Purvis, Lisa Lowder, Michele Emmen' dorfer, Susan DePaepe, and Melody Cross. .P zw, - ' A, 'fs 1' "P+ D '. -.4 . f ' x C .',.Q3-1 " ' i ff -.Ii ' .V Q V ' ' ' I . v 'if'-I l 7, ' A "F7"t' 'Hi' 5 .,,.v3'5T f 55- 'xii ?2Q Cl yt: - y lf-'. rv ly' 9 A Y f . V F ,- 1 qc: . 4' ' 'w i' 1' K e - 4 " rf ., 7' . . . A ' - J, 'J' P- 3 .. 3 .qw . 5-J f . if i I , y 1 HL- f. , ., 7 bl.,-, ...Ak It Af--1: . ...sc A.- X, .-- c- fat . ., -W , ...,,-:,Q..... A. 4 -,-.....,.,,,, ....... ,...J. .ts..-... -.. .AA ,, . V, Students show pride in accomplishments I I ,,, . Q ., ' 2 ,ea J . , Q W ,- V ' 1 Q, M Ks l :fi V 5 , "' Newt. ,g f 1 ' ' H ., ff -s - Y, , a A ' , ' JJ ef e as is T Y 19' z xx 'fi t ' ' f W -'tfftf-Q ' - Closing '24 wr , :Kg K ' ,Ae fav ,- ,V KY -x'V - 'A-. -xg , f 5 ti?-".'f'1i, ,b,-,. ...U 5 ' 1 Q Y j ' jf Q 1 V 1 3- ..'.-,,. Q 'Z '.'l...., f .... - f. ,Q,-. Q -' -".- .,g,1'2 WMM-M --H ,V H I 0, Y. A 1: +, Q 4 , 'WK , I is . Q,-M, 2,4 ' .gy A ,f W I. as A J ,. TL A Q .L . ' . A.,-i izggiikl.,-Af Q., 1 A W i , ul Yffj, Q-gif? 55.527 , 5. 41 222 - Closing Creative views show LIT pride Q .i. ' A- ' ' . 1 Y A' I v, : A : A h - fm ' L ' C'0S"'g EQ fri 1.51: 3 g- .H f , - A-, ,-'. United Township is so much more than just a school building, lt's an institution that has so much to offer, Not only to our students, but to the community as well, We offer service in our organizations, enjoyment through entertainment Excitement in our sports, and talent through our education. The community recognizes our contributions, Not only acknowledges them but appreciates them, And here they offer support in return, Contribute to the recording of our memories, The yearbook's life-sustaining necessity . . . Our Sponsors Pride in our sponsors 224 - Advertisements 1 1 - f N Q x N' i 4, , h Y - X? '-alta: Q Q ff .. E . . ww Y mn .ix M X M . Q. ,ng s , My " F? i 5 1 1 ' Q niquuuuuv if nf , 4 . I' 4 L: X l ,M I Jw I MN X , T K T' : 5 -L5 .Q-M . mm W' W 1 m W K 2?-fm .. W1 XJA, .-.X lg, ,x X Advertisements TCD QF LUCK BACK CN VQUQ ACCQMPHSHMENTS WITH LUCK AHEAD WWH THE PUTUVQEHWWH AH WS QIj5Efi'SHLQM'?5 YCDUQS DEHQE Fx CCMPANY VNQHNE MHNCDYS K, X f 1 JOHN DEERE ' SUMMIT SPORT S SKI ANCHOR HOME CENTER 3623 23rd Ave Moline, IL ' Phone 792-0050 1505 First Avenue Silvis, Illinois 61282 STATE BANK S. TRUST DOWNTOWN EAST MOLINE , . . 23RD AVE MOLINE THE WILLIAM TELLER BANK MEMBER F.D.I.C. PANTHERS GOOD LUCK' WARREN CHEVROLET EAST MOLINE CLASS OF '84 C.l.T.H.S. SENOR PABLO'S 1222 42nd Ave: East Moline 228-Ad ' 4 MW , W , ,W fff,wTW,4 'f -Www,,., 3263? lzzlaffef, 1 ff: V , f"V S .,,:,,,. , f , i 1 3 A 3 , 2 Q Q A QL f 1 xg 44 Z2 " 5 , ff V4 , We , F LL, ,N ' W 2 Mf j 1 ,fin M fifwlfiii ay ,X W 1 X S F Q fri ff 2 JA , jf X X Q 6 if if ,Mx , Zag , if 7 kfvr f jjf Lrfl COSORAVE PHARMACY 908 lst Ave Silvis, Ill. GOLF MOHR 16724 Hubbard Road, East Moline 496-2434 5740-fear STUDIO Dear Semors Congratulatlons on your graduatlon Please use th1s space for your favorlte autographs 2100 52nd Avenue 0 Molme Illmols 61265 013093 762 6662 o n o u n 0 4 4 o Y . Sports f . ' A fi , K , ,i +I , ik. , -- -I . .. K Q S X, g A 5 ,. : ., 4' I I w e .i I I g ,I Q f gay- ,,AV dwwmwm , J. .4-, 1- be ASK' Norl1n's Shoe Store 830 15111 Ave lf WL I if Ku. Q Q A 1 I Y if S f ix QF" M K v ' t Q35 s 5 - " ' W I sz - -. 1 Y , . ,Q Q .. ,,.. ,, R Q, Q ,N f' . .,....- -,Sb Q wt . , , 1 ,Q A Q ' 'P lv 6:10 5 Y Q an 4 I . gin, . I . Q Nl , I il? .L v v 3 'Sw 5 , Nm K A X H 3525, 2 P r N X ff: 'fi r 5 'A VA ia W. if xg! ff! 1 fl N' wi TEN xg , 'jf' E 3 Q 'Wx I x ri ie I , lssee f ' Q A aase ,M ll . ,N L I , 'N L Y S sa: QL w 5 , 5, .es -fe-pu-me f xxx 5 A Q, QL 6 S Q I 0 O 0 East Moline, IL RIDGEWGGD DRUG 615 42nd Avenue East Moline, IL. ENEFIG X X2 5 Each day the average Amencan uses the equivalent of 3 6 gallons of onl 16 pounds of coal 240 cubnc feet of natural gas 3 8 kllowatts of hydropower 3 5 kllowatts of nuclear power IOWA ILLINOIS GAS AND ELECTRIC COMPANY ' 'QD Wo' close by ' TM rlght on your wa On your way around town today look for McDonald'sf' We're always Close by Just remember, good food and good fun are right on your way every day 727 42nd Ave East Moline f X a break fadage ' ' 2 RCADSID , q ' 11, . 11 1- 1 " aff. Y ' .Li 491 : -P a. "Li ' be 1 I mme: 113 mn. 17 uf- gr . COLONA AVENUE STATE BANK YOUR CONVENIENT ON THE HILL BANK MAIN LOBBY DRIVE-IN LOAN DEPT. 9.2 mon rum mul san ro s nun 94110 MUN TUB THUR as nu also ro nz snunnn 96110 FRIDAY 9-I2 smmnn 9-I2 NO0N SATURDAY 17521 N AEA NA 1400 smvncf ,. BAN UA nousnn LENDER coLoNA Avenue a. nn STREET EAST MOLINE it I! 1 Q ERIE K E0 L A CAR FOR ANY BUDGET Ngeo A mug 7 X 1125 42nd Ave East MOIIDE IL 755-4535 i by .wwwmvwpwg HIGNIGHT FLORISTS S GREENHOUSES Flower Shop Green House 367 42nd Ave. EM. 4113 4th St. E.M. 1100 John if gi. A ,... legs lg! lil fl ' ',:' Silva , ll lS 61282 C3095 796-1700.5 link, .1 W Q 7 ,, My fl:,1weQe'i7 SIGHT S SOUND 842 15th Ave. East Moline 'W BIRLEY'S 23rd Ave. Moline Advertisements PAYLESS CASHWAYS "Don't Do lt Yourself Without Us" 1301 1st Ave. Silvis 792 0501 Buy With Confide Utmost nce SAMMY G. LANES SABLES JEWELRY 1112 42nd Ave. East Moline 908 15th Ave, East Moline SILVIS DONLIT DELIGHT 917 lst Ave. WEBER'S Jewelry And Gift Store 587 42nd Ave. East Moline 755-5751 is I The ays hat ount Most banks measure their size and their progress in terms of deposits and other monetary yardsticks, and according to these measurements we've done rather well in the last 33 years. But at the Bank of Silvis we prefer to gauge our worth in terms of the number of people we've helped, the businesses we've backed and the community we've supported. We don't think of our bank as a place where some- 2'g - ones money rests until they want it back. The Bank of Silvis is a place where money works X I li' and moves and makes things happen. Sure there are several banks in the Quad lvflff f Cities that are larger than we are, but if lk, N SMF you measure banks in terms of their I I - impact on the community they serve, we I 'lm X" might just be the biggest bank in town. the unsfuffy bank The Unstufiy Moneymenmare people you can talk to. Eleventh Sf.ofisrAveJ3wy3gg5LifuI downfown Sims. Advertis ments 9 9 F ' o Ill ' "' AL 2 Nr gl Nobody knows the athletes foot like thletes ook A Th J, odldos ? NO T ARK MA L NORT P Fl M DAVE ORT OWA D ENPOFI IOW 3 9 39 35 3 9 386 9 SOUTH PARK M LL MOLINE ILL NOIS 309 764 0605 qmnvecpunsnrg , . MEN Qi Mzhh r K Ridge Wood Shopping Center East Moline CRIMMINS Transfer Company crzmmr JMSQE Q M Q Comphments Q. Ap. HELISING c:oRPoRAT1oN y I 1 FQFISCHE ffxN XXJJ ya QIUTTUIIM ,vga 'W .Wt FQEEXHQCJIVT PDFSCHE+AUDI 308 42nd Ave. East Moline 796-1006 Congratulations Seniors N95 msgs: Anna Zapata Checks Out An '84 Porsche 911 Targa AtREXROAT East Moline d. ,isefne ADAMS. JESSE C. ADLFINGER. ALBERT C. Junior Achievement 3. AINSLIE. DANIEL W. ALANIZ. RUBEN R. ALES. LINDA A. ALLENSWORTH. MICHELLE D. Band l,2,3,4g Jazz Lab 3,43 Plays 23 Musical 3,43 National Honor Society 3-43 Explorers 3. AMADOR. KIRK A. Football l: Wrestling lg Skyline 4. ANDERSON. BILLIE S. Health Occupations 33 Ban- dettes 2,3,4: Choir l: Explorers 3. ANDERSON. DOUGLAS B. Football lg Wrestling 2. ANDERSON. IRENE C. Choir l,23 Distributive Educa- tion 3,4. ANDERSON. JAMES E. Football l. ANDERSON. JEFFERY E. Track lg Football I, ANDERSON. MIL TON L. AGUIRRE. REBECCA L. Choir l,2,3,4g Orchesis 3,43 Plays 2,3,4: Musical l,2,3,4g Panther Players l,2,3,4g Senior Directory BAKER. DARYL L. BAKER. JENNIFER BALL. KELLI L. BALLARD, MARION B. BALLUFF, MARK E. BANKS, BRENT A. BARNES. TONY E. Track 2,3,43 Basketball l,2,3,4g Football 23 l.ettermen's Club 4. BARR. MICHAEL W. Track l,43 Football l,2,3,4g Let- termen's Club 4, BARTSCH. ERIC M. BATYE. PAULA S. Cross Country 33 Wrestlerettes 3,43 Child Care 33 Trackette 3,43 Attendance Office Helper 3,43 Junior Achievement 3. BEASLEY. MARK T. BEA VER. TODD E. BECKMAN. LAURA J. Band l,2,3,4g Jazz Band 3,41 Musical 3,43 Panther Players 23 National Honor Soci- ety 3,43 Vice President 4. BEEDLOW. MICHAEL A. Band l,2,3,4g Rifle Club l. BEHYMER. ERIC J. Basketball lg Band l,2,3,4g Rifle Club l. BELL. CHARLES R. JR. BERGEVIN. DA VID L. JR. Band l,2,3,4g Jazz Band 33 Musical 3,43 National Honor Society 3,43 Junior Rotar- ian 43 Junior Achievement 23 Explorers 2,33 Math Team 2.3. 'mw- Ken Hignight enjoys hanging around. ANDREW, JOHN M. Rifle Club 23 A.V. Worker 3,4. ANTON. ELIZABETH L. ARCH. DORINDA D. ARVANITIS. GEORGE J. Football 23 Wrestling l,2g Band l,2,3,4 ATWA TER. REBELLA A. Track l,2,3,4g Cross Coun- try 2,3,4g Volleyball l3 Band l,2,3,43 l.ettermen's Club 2,3,4. ATWELL, DEAN R. AYALA, AMELIA J. Child Care 33 Counseling Center Helper 33Junior Achievement I. 238 Senior Directory BERRY. ERIC lntramurals 33 Band l,2,3,4. BERT. KATHLEEN F. BERTHOUD, DA WN M. BETCHER. JULIE L. BEVERLIN. MARK G. BILLINGS. KRISTINE K. BIVENS. ALFRED J. BLAKE, DA WN C. Trackettes 33 Choir I3 Child Care 33 Counseling Center Helper 3,43 Junior Achievement l. BOKROS. LORI S. Swimming 2,3,43 l.ettermen'S Club 2,3,43 Choir lg Plays 23 Panther Players 23 Musi- cal 23 National Honor Society 3,43 Junior Achieve- ment 3,43 Y-Teens 1,23 Treasurer 2. BOND. TAMARA L. Basketball 1,23 Choir lg National Honor Society 3,43 Explorers 2,33 Y-teens l,2. BOST. PAMELA J. Football Cheerleader l,2,3,4g Bas- ketball Cheerleader l,2,3,43 Lettermen's Club 43 Stu- dent Council 3,43 Attendance Office Helper 2g Junior Achievement lg Y-Teens 2. BOUGHTON. JAMES E. BRAMUCCI. PATRICK D. National Honor Society 3.43 Junior Achievement 2,3,43 Explorers 3.4. BRAND. BRENDA L. Health Occupations 3: Child Care 3. BRAUD. CHARLOTTE R. Choir 2,3,43 Plays 2,3,4: Musical 2,3,43 Panther Players 2,334 BRA Y. CHARLES A. Swimming l,2.3.4g Letterrnen's Club 3,41 National Honor Society 3,4, President 4. BREWER. EDWARD L. BROWN. RICHARD L. Wrestling l,2. BUCKLEY. KIMBERLY A. BUI. TUAN A. lntramurals 33 Rifle Club 2: EM. Soc- cer Club l,2,3,4. BULL. DEAN L. Band lg Junior Achievement l,2,3,4. BURKLUND. BRAD M. BURNETT. DA VID L. BURNS. JULIE A. Tennis l,2,33 Basketball I3 Student Council l,2,3,4Q Homecoming Royalty 4. BURRELL, KIMBERLY R. BURTON. CHERYL L. BUSHNELL. KENNETH D. CACARI. CHRISTOPHER M. Cross Country lg Bas- ketball l3 lntramurals 33 A.V. Worker. CALDERON. CHRISTOPHER J. Track l: Tennis l: Kev 4' Junior Achievement 3. CALDWELL. MICHELE L. Band lg Plays 23 Panther Players 2. CALDWELL. TINA M. CALEO. JANICE A. CAMP, JESSIE A. CAMPBELL. RHONDA G. Track lg Diversified Ed. 3. CAREY. KELLY K. Track l,23 Bowling l,2,3g Volley- ball l3 Lettermen's Club 43 Choir l,2,3,4g Play's 3,43 Musical 43 Panther Player's 3,43 National Honor Soci- ety 3,43 Junior Achievement 2,33 Explorers 2. CARR. TINA M. CAUSEMAKER. KARLENE M. CERVANTES. RICK D. Boys Track lg Cross Country 23 Football lg Wrestling l,2,3,4g Baseball 4g Student Council 3,43 Class President 33 Junior Rotarian 43 Junior Achievement 2,4. CHANA Y. LORI L. Choir l,2,3,4g Plays l,2,3,43 Musi- cal l,2,3,4Q Panther Players l,2,3,43 Vice President 43 Speech Club 2,3,43 Secretary 43 National Honor Soci- ety 3,43 Y-Teens l,2. CHANDLER. DENISE L. Choir lg Child Care 3,43 Ju- nior Achievement 2,4. CHARLSON. JAMES N. CHA TMAN. DEVLIN D. CHEFFER. CYNTHIA A. CLARK. CHARLES Q. Track l,2,33 Basketball l,23 Football l,2,3,4g lntramurals 33 Lettermen's Club 2,3,43 Homecoming Royalty 4. CLARK. STEPHEN W. Football l,2. CLARK. TINA M. Girls Track l,2,31 Girls Basketball l,2,33 Choir lg Lettermen's Club 3,43 Secretary 4, CLARK. WAYNE E. Football lg Wrestling 3,43 Junior Achievement 3. CLARK. WILLIAM E. Choir 2,3,43 Musical 43 Mary- crest Upward Bound. CLASSEN. LISA A. Choir lg Health Occupations 33 Wm' .-v"""' ll ,,,A I Q ' . WW ":f4W?Ul1,:, I I . U .. 772334.39 W! Barb Duncan has fun playing with the children in Child Care. Child Care 33 Counseling Center Helper 13 Attendance Office Helper l,2. CLA Y. PAULA E. CLEMMONS. ANDREA K. COLE. CHARLES N. COLE. TRACY R. COLEMAN. ROBERTA R. COLLINS. DENISE A. COLLINS, JAMES R. Boys Cross Country 1,23 Wres- tling 1,2,3,43 A.V. Worker 3,4. COOK. MICHELLE R. Bowling 23 Wrestlerettes 13 Speech Club 13 Child Care 43 Junior Achievement 1.2.33 General Office Helper 13 Counseling Center Helper l,2. CORNELL. DA VID L. CORREA, GUADALUPE S. COSGROVE. NANCY M. Choir 1,2,3,43 National Hon- or Society 3,4. COX. JAMES H. Choir 2,33 Plays 1,2,3,43 Musicals 2,3,43 Panther Players l,2,3,43 Speech Club l,2,3,3 Treasurer 3. CRABTREE. STEVEN R. Wrestling 1,2,3,4. GRAIN. RHONDA C. Child Care 3.4, CRIMMINS. TIMOTHY R. CRONKLETON. PEGGY S. Choir l,2. CROSS. MELODY M. Skyline 233. CUMBERWORTH. CHARLOTTE Choir li Atten- dance Office Helper 43 Junior Achievement 2,33 Span- ish National Honor Society 33 Treasurer 3. DANIELS. JULIE L. DANNER, SHANNA R. DARR, DA VID D. DA VIDSON, SUNTUK DA VILA. ALMA R. Wrestlerettes 1,23 Skyline 43 Ju- nior Achievement 1,23 Spanish National Honor Soci- ety 2,3,43 Vice President 3. DA VIS. JAMES L. DA VISON. ANDREA S. Bowling 1,2,33 Volleyball li Band l,2,3,43 Plays 1,2,33 Musicals l,2,3Q Panther Players 2,33 Speech Club 23 National Honor Society 3.43 Junior Achievement 2,33 Explorers 33 Y-Teens l,2Q Secretary 2. DECAP, JOSEPH R. DECKER. MARY K. DECRANE. JEFFREY A. DEHAMER. PAMELA J. DEJAEGHER. JOSEPH A. Homecoming Royalty 43 King 43 Basketball 1,2,3,43 Football 1. DELRIO. RAMON J. DEMA Y. BRADLEY J. DEMEYER. DANIEL A. Boys Basketball 1,23 Intra- murals 33 Surf Club 4. DENNIS. JASPER F. DEPAEPE. SUSAN L. DEPPE. LORI L. DEPPE. RICHARD E. DEPPE. STEPHEN J. DERAMMELAERE, CHRIS B. DERBY, DAVID D. Boys Basketball 132: Agribusi- ness 3,4. DESMET. CHERYL A. Girls Track 132,43 Girls Cross Country 2,33 Basketball Cheerleader l,2,31 Wrestler- etes 43 Trackettes 23 Lettermen's Club 43 Choir 1,23 Student Council 1,2,3,43 Class Secretary 1,2,3: WCS President 43 Explorers 43 Y-Teens 1,23 President l,2. DEWITT. RHONDA L. Girls Track 13 Wrestlerettes 43 Skyline 3,43 Child Care 3. DICKINSON. CINDY K. Diversified Education 4: Ju- nior Achievement 2. DOBEREINER. CHRISTOPHER DOBRINSKE. DOUG W. Boys Track l,2Q Boys Bas- ketball l,23 Football l,2,3,43 Wrestling 43 Baseball 2,43 Lettermen's Club 43 Explorers 43 A.V. Worker 3. DOOLEY. JIMMY B. DRA VIS, SUSAN L. Wrestlerettes l,2,3,4Q Band l,2,3,4Q Jazz Lab 3,43 Musicals 3,43 National Honor Society 3,43 Junior Achievement 3: Explorers 3: Y- Teens l,2. DREWS. DOUGLAS D. DUNCAN. BARBARA P. DUNCAN, CHRISTOPHER P. Football 1.2: Boys Bas- ketball 1. EAGLES. CHRISTINE R. EARNEST. JOHN T. EGGERICHS. ALLAN L. EKLOF, ROGER G. A.V. Worker 3,43 Choir 1. EMERY. KRISTEN L. Softball 1,23 Football Cheer- leader 13 Choir 1,21 Wrestling Cheerleader 1,2.3,43 Trackettes 23 Y-Teens l,2. EMMENDORFER, MICHELE A. Choir 13 Musical 13 Office Occupations 43 Junior Achievement 2, ENGHOLM. CINDY M. ERICKSON. DIANNE M. ESPARZA. ROSELIND M. Child care 33 Attendance Office Helper 33 Junior Achievement 2. EVANS. ANNA S. Child Care 33 Attendance Office Helper 2.3. EVANS, KEDRICK J. Boys Basketball 1,2,3,4. FELLS. BRETT L. FETTERER. MICHAEL A. FIEBIG. RHONDA L. Girls Swimming 1,2,3,43 Letter- mens Club l.2.3.4Z Child Care 43 Attendance Office Helper 3. FIIYCH, TERRI L. Child Care 334. FINDAHL. MARK D. Boys Tennis 2,3,43 Football 2,3,43 Lettermen's Club 43 Plays 13 Panther Players l. FISH. AMY J. FISHER. PAMELA S. Choir 33 Panther Players 3: Child Care 3,43 General Office Helper 2,33 Attendance Office Helper 23 Junior Achievement 1. FLORES. ANGELICA M. FLUEGEL, ROBIN K. FOILES. MICHAEL A. FOLTZ. LARRESA A. Girls Track 23 Girls Cross Country 1,23 Office Occupations 43 General Office Helper 23 Junior Achievement l,2. FONGER. BRIAN K. FREDERICK, CHARLES D. FRIEND. MARK E. FRUTOS. YOLANDA M. GARCIA. STEPHEN D. Boys Track 1,23 Football 1,43 General Office Helper 13 Junior Achievement 2. GARDNER, RONALD L. Boys Track 23 Football 1,2,43 Explorers 33 Band 1,2,3,4. GARMAN. BROOK A. Football 4, GETTY. PAMELA M. Wrestling Cheerleader 23 Wrest- lerettes 13 Choir 1: Skyline 43 Y-Teens l,2. GIBBON. SHELLY L. Girls Swimming l,2,3Q Choir 1,2,4. GOMEZ. RONALD A. GONZALEZ. MIGUEL Boys Track l,2,4Q Boys Cross Country l,2,3Q A.V. Worker 3,4. GOODRICH. HAROLD D. Distributive Education 4. GRAHAM. TRACEY J. Girls Swimming l,2.3,43 Soft- ball 23 Trackettes 33 Lettermen's Club 3,43 Choir 13 Explorers 3,4. GRAMLING. DANIEL E. GRAMS. KIMBERLY R. Counseling Center Helper lg Girls Cross Country lg Office Occupations 4. GREEN. DENISE D. GREEN. KATHY L. GRIPP. HOWARD L. GUINN. RABECCA R. Girls Track 1,43 Volleyball Manager 13 Band l,2,3,4Q Child Care 33 Attendance Office Helper 2. GUNNEMAN. JILL R. Volleyball 13 Attendance Office Helper 2. HAAR. TIMOTHY P. HACKER. BRIAN L. Boys Track 13 Boys Tennis 23 Wrestling l,2: Football 1,2,3,43 Choir 2. HAECHERL. MICHELLE L. HAGERBAUMER. LEANNA K. HAGERBAUMER. TERYL L. HAHN. RICHARD P. Agri-business 3.4. HANEY. KRISTI S. HANG. HOUA HARDY. JACQUELINE L. HARKER. BRADLEY A. Boys Basketball l,2,3,4. HARRIS. LASHONDA L. Girls Basketball 1,23 Health Occupations 3,41 Junior Achievement 1,2,33 Explor- Senior Directory 40 ers 3.4. HARRIS. ROBIN L. Girls Swimming 1.2: Wrestler- ettes 33 Band Bandettes 3.4. HART. CHRISTA I. HARVEY. TIMOTHY J. HA THCOCK, SHARI L. Junior Achievement 3. HEALD. JO A. HEATH. PAULA K. HEIST. BRIAN D. HEMMINGSON. SARA E. Wrestlerettes 1.2 HEMPHILL. JAMES S. HENDERSON, ANGELA K. Choir 12.3.43 Child Care 3.4 HENRICHS. JULIE A. HERBERT. TODD E. HERBST. RICHARD D. HERNANDEZ. CA THY L. HERRERA. NORBERT Boys Swimming 13 Junior Achievement 21 Spanish National Honor Society. HIGNIGHT. KENNETH N. Boys Track 23 Football 1.2.3. HINES, DANA L.Choir 12.3.43 Musicals 1.23 Panther Players 12. HIPPLE. CATHERINE J. Wrestlerettes 12.3.43 Band Jazz Lab 3.4: Plays 1.23 Musical Pane ther Players 12.3.43 National Honor Society 3.43 Trea' surer 4: YfTeens 1.2. HOFF, PATRICIA M. Explorers 3. HOFSTETTER. SCOTT E. HOLDER. RHONDA L. HOLMES, CHRISTINE D. Health Occupations 3. HONERT. DEANNA M. Track Girls Track 123 Girls Tennis 12.3.43 Wrestlerettes 1.2: Trackettes 1.23 ln- tramurals 3: Choir l.ettermen's Club 3.4. HOPKINS, JAMES R. Boys Track li Boys Basketball 2.43 Football 133,43 lntramurals 33 l.ettermen's Club 43 Choir 13 A.V. Worker 4. HORST. SANCHIA A. Girls Swimming 3.4: Letter- men's Club 3.43 Orchesis 3.43 Plays 12.3.43 Musicals 12.3.43 Speech Club 2.3.41 Panther Players l.2.3.4Q Key 3.43 Rifle Club 12.3.4. HOSTE, AARON Choir 13 National Honor Society 3.43 Junior Rotarian 43 Explorers 2. HUBBARD, LOYD T, Football 12.3.41 Lettermens Club 3.4: Choir 1. HUFFORD. LAURIE M. Girls Track 13 Wrestlerettes 123 Plays 1.23 Panther Players 123 Skyline 2.33 Health Occupations 33 General Office Helper 1. HUGHES. DALE L. HUGHES. TIMOTHY O. Boys Basketball 12.3.4 HUNSINGER, LYNN M. Girls Track 13 Girls Cross Country 23 Choir 13 Plays l.2.31 Musicals 12.33 Pan- ther Players 123 Skyline 2.33 Health Occupations 3.43 Junior Achievement 2.3. HUNT. DA VID A. HUNT. KRISTINE M. HUNTER, PETER J. Homecoming Royalty 43 Prince 4. HUNTER, TIMOTHY S. HUTCHINSON. JULIE L. Wrestlerettes 3.43 National Honor Society 3.4. INSKEEP. JAMIE D. - Senior Directory JACKSON, JON A. JACKSON, MONICA L. Diversified Education 43 At tendance Office Helper 33 Junior Achievement 3 JAMES. LISA M. Girls Track 1.3. Girls Cross Country 1.2. Choir 1.21 Child Care 4. JANNES. JONATHAN A. Boys Basketball 12.3.41 Boys Golf 3.4. JA Y, DA VID A. Boys Basketball 121 Baseball 1.2.4. lntramurals 3 JETER. CHRISTINA L. Plays 1.2.3341 Musical l.2.3.4g Panther Players 12.3.43 National Honor Soci' ety 3.4. JETT. KANDYE K. JIMENEZ. LUIZ F. E. M. Silvis Soccer Club 12.3.4 JOHNSON. BRADLY W. KA TZENBURGER. SHELLEY L. Choir 1.2.31 National Honor Society 3: Junior Achievement 2.3.4 KAVE. TRACY L. Track 2: Volleyball 13 Choir l: Orchesis 33 Plays 2: Panther Players 1.2. KELLEY, JERRY R. KERN. ROBERT L. KETELSEN. ROSS J. KETTERING, VALKRIE L. Child Care 43 Counselling Center Helper 2.3.4 KIPP. ELIZABETH K. Tennis 12.3.43 Wrestlerettes l.2.3.43 Lettermens Club 3.43 Choir l3 Student Coun' cil 4: Treasurer 3.4: Skyline 2.3.41 Co-Editor 3.4: Na' tional Honor Society 3.4: Junior Achievement 2.3.4. KIPP. JEFFREY J. Tennis 12.3.43 Plays 2.3.41Musi' cal 2.3.41 Skyline Head Photographer 2.3.43 Peter Hunter listens attentively to JOHNSON. DURWIN L. JOHNSON, JAMES A. Swimming 12.3.43 Football 13 lntramurals 33 Junior Achievement 2.33 Explorers 3.4. JOHNSON. KIMBERLY R. Child Care 3.43 Atten- dence Office Helper 1. JONES. JOE L. JR. JORDAN, TRACI L. KACHEVAS. GUST P. KAHLEY. KEVIN M. KANNING. PATRICIA D. Cross Country 43 Basket' ball l.2.3.43 Softball 12.3.43 Volleyball 13 l.ettermen's Club Y-Teens 1. KARSENS. DANIEL J. his government teacher. Junior Achievement 23 Explorers 3 KIZER, WENDY S. KLOUSER, DAN P. KNOUSE, KA THRYN L. Wrestlerettes Choir Plays 12.3.43 Musical 23 Panther Players Secretary 43 Speech Club 1,23 National Honor Society 3.43 Junior Achievement 2.3.43 Explorers 3.4: Y'Teens 1.2. KOON. STEVE A. Football 1. KRANTZ. CHERLY L. Basketball 12.3.43 Softball Volleyball 12.3.43 Lettermen's Club 4. KUSHMER. MICHAEL C. LACK. ROBERTM. Track Basketball 1gFoot' ball 12.3.4 LAMB. SCOTT A. Football l,2,45 Wrestling l. LANGY, ALYSIA R. LARISON. GREGORY T. Football l,2,3,45 Baseball 2,45 Lettermen's 3,4. LARSON. JEFFREY A. LA TKO. RONALD E. Baseball l,2,35 Lettermen's Club 3,45 Key 2,3,45 Photo Editor 4. LA WSON. ANN M. LAXY, THERESA L. LAY. KARIN A. LA YMAN, LENA F. LA YNE. CINDY M. LE. NGOAN N. LEBLANC, ROCHELLE A. Football cheerleader l,2,3,45 Basketball Cheerleader l,35 Wrestling Cheer- leader 25 Choir l,2,3,45 Orchesis 45 Student Council 2,3,45 Secretary 45 Homecoming Royalty 45 Queen 4. LEDEZMA, KIMBERLEE A. Basketball lg Tennis 3. LEE. GE LEE. THAI LEEDOM, DOUGLAS W. LEFEVRE. JOHN C. Boys Cross Country l,25 Basket- ball l5 Football 45 Intramurals 2,35 Lettermen's Club 45 Student Council 3,45 Homecoming Royalty 45 Ski Club 4. LEFTWICH. ANGELA D. Track lg Distributive Educa- tion 4. LEIBOVITZ, CHRISTOPHER Track l,2,35 Basketball l5 Football l,2,3,45 Wrestling 2,3,45 Letterman's Club 3,45 Student Council 3,45 Class Officer Vice President 3. LEONARD. WENDY J. Football Cheerleader 2,3,45 Basketball Cheerleader l,2,35 Homecoming Royalty 4. LIETZOW, VICKI L. Choir l. LIGGETT. JILL A. Softball l,2,3,45 Volleyball l,25 Wrestling Cheerleader l5 Wrestlerettes 2,3,45 Choir l,25 Health Occupations 45 Child care 3. LIGONS. KIMBERLY Y. LODING, ANTHONY C. LOFGREN. TRACY F. Pete the Panther 2,3,45 Letter- man's Club 45 Choir l5 Student Council l,2,3,45 Vice President 45 Class President 2,45 Y-Teens 2. LORANCE. ANNETTE A. LORIMER. NANCY A. Wrestlerettes 35 Choir 1,25 Counseling Center Helper l,2,3,4. LOWDER, LISA A. LUCAS, BRENDA L. Track l5 Bowling l5 Counseling Center Helper 3. LY. XIONG MADDEN, ROXANNE K. MAHAN. LISA C. MALONE, DA VID M. Track l,2,3,45 Football l,2,3,45 Intramurals 35 Lettermen's Club 4. MANN. STEVEN G. Band l,2,3,4: Jazz Lab 2,45 Pan- ther Players l,25 Homecoming Royalty 4. MARGIS. ALLEN P. Swimming 3. MARKLE. MARCIA R. Track l,2,3,45 Cross Country 2,3,45 Lettermen's Club 2,3,45 Choir l,2,3,45 National Honor Society 3,45 General Office Helper 3. MARSHALL. DONNA M. Health Occupations 35 Child Care 3. MARTEL. MELISSA L. MARTIN. CHARLES L. MASCARI, ROCCI A. MASIAS. MARY V. MASSA. MARK A. Cross Country 35 Football l,25 Wrestling l,2,3,45 National Honor Society 3,4. MA WSON. JAMES E. MAY. JULIE E. Distributive Education 3. MA YHUGH, MICHELLE A. MCBRIDE. LORI A. MCBURNEY, PETER A. Plays l,2,3,45 Musical l,2,3,45 Panther Players l,2,3,45 Rifle Club l,2,3,4. MCCABE. KRISTEN A. Choir l, MCCRA W. GARY D. MCCRA Y, CEDRIC L. MCCRA Y. TROY J. MCDANEL. JEFFERY G. MCDANEL. SCOTT R. Track 45 Football l,45 Wres- tling 2,3,45 Baseball l,25 Lettermen's Club 45 Choir l. MCENIRY. SUSAN E. MCGEE. CONNIE A. MCINTOSH. CINDY S. MCNALLEY, SCOTT A. MEDLEY. ROBERT D. MEIER. KAREN M. Track 25 Basketball l,25 Ciolf l5 Lettermen's Club 35 Softball l,35 Choir l,2,3. MEINHOLDT. ELIZABETH A. MEYER, JEFFREY L. Wrestling l,35 Tennis 2,35 Ski Club 4. MICHAELS. KARLA J. Hero 45 General Office Helper 45 Attendance Office Helper 3,4. MICHEL. DONNIS L. Wrestlerettes 45 Child Care 3,45 Counseling Center Helper l. MILETICH, TINA M. Cross Country 45 Basketball l,25 Softball l5 Volleyball l,2,35 Student Council l,2,35 Choir l,25 Class Officer-Treasurer lg Homecoming Royalty 45 Explorers 4. MILLER. MICHEAL S. Track l5 Cross Country l,2,35 Wrestling l,2,3,4. MILLER. MICHELLE K. MILLER, SHELLY A. MILLETT. STEVEN M. Track l,3,45 Football l,2,3,45 Wrestling l,2,3,45 Lettermen's Club 4, MINER. KIM A. Band l5 ConcertfMarching 2,3,4. MITTON. DWA YNE E. MITTON. JINA K. Distributive Education-Treasurer 3,45 Food Service 35 Child Care 45 Attendance Office Helper l. MODEN. MARY E. MOHR. BRIAN R. MOHR. KELLEY J. MONTERASTELLI. RAYMOND Track5 Football l,2,3,45 Wrestling l,2,35 Lettermen's Club 45 Home- coming Royalty 4. MOORE. DONALD W. Basketball 2,45 Swimming 25 Football l,2,3,45 Wrestling l5 Baseball 2,45 Letter- men's Club 45 Explorers 4. MORENO. MARLENE Girls Track l,25 Cross Country 2,35 Junior Achievement l5 Explorers 2. MORITZ. NANCY K. MORRIS, GARY L. Intramurals 35 East Moline-Silvis Soccer Club l,2. MORRIS. KELLY C. Choir l,3,45 Orchesis 35 Plays l,2,3,45 Musical l,2,35 Panther Players l,2,35 Speech Club 1.2.32 Skyline 25 Junior Achievement 3. MORROW, KEVIN E. MORSE. LINDA R. MUETING. LAURIE E. MUMMA. DA VID B. Boy's Basketball l,2,3,45 Foot- ball l,2,3,45 Lettermen's Club 3,45 Choir l. MUNDT. LISA S. Volleyball l5 Band l,2,35 Plays l5 Panther Players l5 A. V. Worker 4. MUNDT. WILLIAM H. MUNOZ. DA VID MURRA Y, SCOTT A. NASH. ROBERT E Tennis l,25 BMX Racing l,2,3,4. NELSON, JAMES R. Football l,2,35 Wrestling l,2,3. NELSON, MERLIN A. JR. NOEL. PAMUELA R. Choir l5 Office Occupations 45 Attendance Office Helper 2. NORD. RHONDA L. NYE. LISA K. Track l,25 Cross Country 25 Letter- men's Club 3,45 Y-Teens l, OCHOA. SUSANNA OGBURN, LASA M. OGLE, SUSAN K. Golf l,2,3,45 Office Occupations 45 Homecoming Royalty 4, OHLSEN. THOMAS E. Track l5 Basketball l,35 Golf 2,3,45 Baseball 25 Junior Achievement l. OLSEN. OLE. K. V. OLSON. BRADLEY P. OLSON. BRIAN J. Football l. OLSON. CARI L. OLSON. TOBY J. Track 3,45 Wrestling l,25 Letter- men's Club 45 Junior Achievement 2,3,4. OMEARA. RONALD J. ONEIL. RONDA E. OSTROWSKI. WILLIAM R. Sara Hemmingson gets advice about college from counselor Rob Watters. Senior Directory 1.1 PALLOCK. DENISEA. Choir l,2,3,45 Junior Achieve- ment l.2. PALMA TEER. MICHAEL D. Tennis 25 Choir 25 Junior Achievement 35 Explorers 45 Diving Team 4. PALMERSHEIM. CYNTHIA J. Choir l,2,3,4. PALOS. KARYN L. PANKEY, CASANDRA D. PARKHURST. CHARLES D. PARKS. MARK J. Wrestling l,2,35 Junior Achieve- ment 25 Explorers 2. PASLEY, MICHAEL C. PA TTEN, FAIRLIN L. A. V. Worker 3,45 Explorers 4. PAXSON. JULIE A. Wrestling Cheerleader 25 Wrest- lerettes lg Band l,2,3,45 Choir lg Attendance Office Helper 45 Explorer 3,4. PENA. CYNTHIA PENCA. MARY ANN Wrestlerettes 3,45 Choir l. PERKINS. KAREN PERKINS, NANCY A. Band l.2,3,45 Health Occupa- tions 3. PETTIE. DANNY L. PETTYJOHN. JANA L. Tennis lg Student Council l,25 Class President 15 Y-Teens 2. PHAN, THANH D. PHELPS. DERRICA D. Track I5 Basketball 25 Choir l. PHILLIPS. ROBERT D. PURVIS. ANGELA Swimming 1,25 Choir I5 Office Occupations 4. PIPER. JOE TTE R. PITTMAN. GERALD H. Swimming l5 Band l,2,3,45 Distributive Education 4. PLA TT, STEVE C. POEL VOORDE, ANNETTE K. Football Cheerleader 1,25 Basketball Cheerleader lg Homecoming Royalty 45 Explorers 3. POLITE. KIMBERLY Child Care 3, POLLENTIER, DARRYN J. POPP. JULIE A. PRA TT. DA WN R. PROVORSE, DANIEL R. PYLES. GARY L. RAMOS, JOSEPH R. RANGEL. GREGORY S. Football l,2. RANGEL. TROY T. Jazz Lab 2,3,4. RASSO. MICHAEL S. RAUSCH. JODY A. Choir l,2,3,45 Homecoming Roy- alty 45 Junior Achievement 2,3. REDDIG. JEFFERY H. A. V. Worker 45 Junior Achievement l,2,3,45 Explorers 4. REYNOLDS. WILLIAM M. RHODES. LEONARD w. RICE, STEVEN F. RICE. THOMAS J. Football 12,3545 Wrestling 25 Baseball l,2,3,45 Intramurals 2,35 Lettermen's Club 3,45 Vice President 45 Student Council 45 Homecom- ing Royalty 4. RICHMOND. LOREN L. RILEY. JENNIFER L. ROBERTSON. JERALD D. RODGERS. JEFFERY A. RODGERS. JERRY R. Wrestling l5 A. V. Worker 3,4. RODGERS. RANDALL S. 242 Senior Directory RODRIGUEZ. HUMBERTO Track l5 Cross Country 25 Baseball 2,3,4. ROSE, LISA R. ROSS. JAY C. Tennis 25 Plays l,2,3,4g Musical l,2,3,45 Panther Players l,25 Speech Club lg Explor- ers 2. RUMPH, MARCIA D. RUST. DARRIN M. SAMUELS, ADRIAN D. SANCHEZ, YOLANDA SANDERS, DOUGLAS W. A. V. Worker 4. SANDOVAL. JASON SANDOVAL. JILL M. SANDOVAL. JOHN M. SATTERLY, TIM E. SCHAEFFER. BRETT C. lntramurals 35 Ski Club 4. SCHERSCHEL. DEAN W. SCHILLING. KURT A. SCHOCH. PATSY J. Bowling 45 Lettermen's Club 45 Choir l,2,35 Counseling Center Helper 45 Attendance Office Helper 3. SCHOCH, PENNY E. Choir l,2,3,45 Counseling Cen- ter Helper 45 General Office Helper 2.35 Attendance Office Helper 2,35 Junior Achievement 4. SCHULTE, ERIK V. SEAGO. TIMOTHY A. SEAMAN. GEORGE M. SELLERS, RICHARD E. SEWELL. LISA A. SHAFFER. DORI E. SHEEHAN, JERRI L. SHEFFLER. CASEY D. Track lg Cross Country 25 Wrestling l5 Intramurals 2,35 Diversified Education 45 A.V. Worker 45 Explorers l. SIEVERS. JOHN A. Junior Rotarian 45 Office Occu- pations 45 Junior Achievement 2,3,4. SIMS. MONTE J. SIRAPHET. FEOUNGMANY SIVELS. KEVIN B. SIVELS. ROBIN SKAGGS. JULIE A. Orchesis 45 Counseling Center Helper 4. Attendance Office Helper 4. SLAVISH. ALAN L. Junior Achievement l. SLETTEN, DARRELL V. SMALL. DEBRA L. SMITH. BETTY A. Explorers 3. Hero 3,4. SMITH, KATHY S. SMITH. STACEY D. Basketball l,2,3,45 Lettermen's Club 3,45 Choir l,2. SMITH. TIMOTHY J. SMITH. WENDY G. SOLIZ. MARY ESTHER Choir lg Skyline 45 Spanish National Honor Society 2. SOLIZ. PHILLIP T. SOLOMON. KRISTIE L. SORRELL. KEVIN L. A. V. Worker 3,4. SPARROW. JEANETTE D. Choir l,2,3,45 Explorers 4. SPEARS. GERALD JR. SPENCER. TINA M. Track I5 Choir l5 Plays l5 Musi- cal l,25 Panther Players 1,25 A. V. Worker 45 Counsel- ing Center Helper 2,35 General Office Helper 45 Atten- dance Office Helper 35 Junior Achievement 2. SPIEGEL. JAMES R. STANDAERT. BRIAN J. Basketball l5 Golf l,2,35 Baseball 25 Lettermen's Club 45 Explorers l,2. STANLAKE. DA WN M. Track 15 Bowling 3,45 Volley- ball l,25 Choir l,25 National Honor Society 3,45 Junior Achievement 2,3. STEFFENSON, RONALD M. Swimming l,2,3,4. STEVENS. CINDY L. General Office Helper 4. STIEGEL, ANDREA L. STOPOULOS. NICOLE M. Choir l,2,3,45 Plays 2,3,45 Musical 2,3,45 Panther Players 2,3,45 Secretary 45 Speech Club 25 National Honor Society 3,45 Junior Achievement 2,3,45 Y-Teens l,2,3: Vice President 35 Secretary 2. STREA T. MICHAEL W. STREET, BRIAN R. STREIGHT. THOMAS E. SUTTON. MICHAEL R. Wrestling l,25 Homecoming Royalty 4. SWANSON. JOHN H. A. V. Worker 4. TAETS. JULIE L. Bowling l,2,3,45 Volleyball lg Let- termen's Club 2,3,45 Choir l,2,3,45 Plays 35 Musical 35 Panther Players 3,45 National Honor Society 3,45 Ju- nior Achievement 2,3,45 Explorers 25 Y-Teens 1,25 President 2. TAGUE, JODY A. TALAK. JEFFREY A. Basketball l,2,3,45 A. V. Work- er 3. TALLEY. JAY A. Track l.25 Basketball l,2,3.45 Let- termen's Club 2,3,45 President 4. TA TE. ROY C. TA YLOR. APRIL D. Wrestlerettes l,2,3,45 V-Teen l. TERRONEZ. PAULINE E. TERRONEZ. STEVEN TERRY, VICKI L. Diversified Education 45 General Office Helper l. THOMPSON, ALAN K. THOMPSON, CHRISTINE L. THOMPSON. MICHAEL J. THOMPSON, MICHELLE L. Child Care 4. THOMPSON. TRACY A. THORNGREN. PAUL N. Sanchia Horst cleans out her locker before THURMAN. SERENA C. TITTSWORTH. DEBORAH A. TITUS. JAMIE S. Track l3 Football Cheerleader l,2,3,43 Basketball Cheerleader l,2,3,43 Lettermen's Club 43 Choir l3 Student Council 2,3,43 President 43 Class Treasurer 23l'tlational Honor Society 3,43 Home- coming Royalty 43 Princess 43 Explorers 23 Y-Teens l,2. TOLAND. ALICIA A. TRISTAN, BELINDA Child Care 3,43 Junior Achieve- ment l3 Explorers 4, TROUT. TODD M. UM. RACTHYKUN UNDERWOOD. MARK D. Health Occupations 3. UTTER. ALAN S. VALDEZ. JUANITA I. VANDEHEEDE. JILL M. VANHECKE, JAMES A. VANVOOREN. LYNETTE A. Swimming 233,43 Track- ettes 23 Lettermen's Club 3,43 Diversified Education 4. VERHEECKE. PENNY S. VERLINDEN. JON A. Track l,3,41 Football l,2,3,4. VERMEIRE. JAMES R. VERSLUYS. JEFFERY K. VERSTRAETE. MARILYN L. Bowling l,2,3,43 Letter- men's Club 3,43 Office Occupation 4. VINER, DEBRA A. Wrestlerettes 33 Choir l,33 Atten- dance Office Helper 3,4. VINZANT. CHAD D. Lettermen's Club 233,43 Tennis l,2,3,43 National Honor Society 3,43 Junior Rotarian 43 Homecoming Royalty 4. VITTORI. ROXANE L. Wrestling Cheerleader l3 Wrestlerettes 3,43 Skyline 3,43 Co-Editor 43 National Honor Society 3,43 Secretary 43 General Office Helper l3 Explorers 23 Y-Teens l. VOORHIS. JEFFERY S. Choir l,2,3,4: Diversified Education 43 General Office Helper 43 Attendance Office Helper 43 Junior Achievement 2. VYNCKE. DEBRA K. Girls Track l3 Softball 23 Volley- ball l,2,3,4Q Basketball l,2,3,4Q Lettermen's Club 43 Band l,23 Student Council l,2,3,43 Class Vice Presi- dent 23 Secretary 43 Attendance Office Helper 2. WAEYAERT. DEBRA C. Softball l,23 Volleyball 2,3,4Q Football Cheerleader l3 Wrestling Cheerleader l,2,33 Lettermen's Club 43 Treasurer3 Homecoming Royalty 43 Y-Teens l. WALES. DA WN K. Wrestlerettes 43 Panther Players l,2,3,4Q General Office Helper l,23 Junior Achieve- ment 2,3,4 WALTON. DA WN J. WALTON. LA TRES A. WARD, CHRIS A. WARD. GRANT fl. WARD. MARK A. Jina Mitton checks with a friend about an assignment. WARD. MICHAEL S. WARE, WILLIAM J. WASSELL. WARREN G. WATSON. KORI A. Choir l,23 Child Care 33 Junior Achievement 23 Explorers 4. WATSON. LYTONYA J. WA TTERS. RONALD G. WEINTRAUT. BARBARA J. WELCH. JAMES O. JR. WELLS. KAMMY A. WELSHHONS. RONALD L. Rifle Club l,2,3,4, WESSEL. AMY L. WHIPPLE. HARVEY D. WHIPPLE. LISA M. WHITE. JANNE M. WICKERSHAM. JOHN W. WIEGEL. FRANCIE L. Girls Track l3 Football Cheer- leader l,2,3,43 Basketbell Cheerleader l,2,33 Choir l,2,3,43 General Office Helper 4. WILKINSON. DANIEL G. Wrestling l3 Boys Cross Country 4, WILSON. CHRISTINA L. Child Care 33 Counseling Center Helper 23 Attendance Office Helper 4. WINCHESTER. ROGER W. Choir 23 General Office Helper 33 Attendance Office Helper 33 Vocational HERO. WINGLER. LISA A. WINTHURST. CHERYL A. WISHMEYER. RHONDA K. WITMER. REBECCA A. Choir l,2,3Q Panther Players 132,43 Junior Achievement 2,3. WOLD, TRACY L. WOLF. AMY L. WOLVERTON. LEE R. WOODS. DANIEL A. Football l,2,3,4. WORRELL. PETER J. Plays l,2,3,43 Panther Players l,2,3,43 A.V. Worker 43 Rifle Club l,23 Junior Achieve- ment 2. YERKEY. DERRICK L. ZAPATA. ANNA M. Wrestling Cheerleader l,3,4Q Girls Cross Country l,3. ZBLESKI. RONALD R. Football l,23 Wrestling l. ZMUDA. PATRICIA A. Girls Basketball l,23 Girls Tennis l,2,3,43 Intramurals 33 Lettermen's Club 3,43 National Honor Society 3,43 Homecoming Royalty 43 Spanish National Honor Society 3,43 President 3. Senior Directory Staff Adamson, Dale Akulow, Haline Allee, Charles Allen, Eleanor Almblade Mark Anderson Jill Anderson Kathleen Anderson, Sharon Archibald, Georgiann Arvanis, Harry Asleson, Katherine Austin, Marian Bartlett, Corinne Baskin, Deborah Beale, Jacquelyn Bealer, Kelly Belan, Edward Bennett, Barbara Bennett, Leslie Berg, David Bergren, Stephen Beverlin, Corine Birkhahn, George Blair, Donna Block, Gary Bodeen, Pamela Bollaert, John Bonds, Martha Booton, Laura Boyd, Jr., Alex Boyd, Jessie Boyle, Marilyn Bradley, Cynthia Bradley, James Brewers, Michael Brown, Helen Brown, Sharon Bruemmer, Donald Buker, Elmer Buracker, Sandra Burgess, Sally Burgin, Penny Burke, Cynthia Burke, Timothy Burmahl, Scott Burrell, Dorothy Butzer, Betty Cady, Linda Caldwell, Jorita Cantrill, Donna Carbone, Rocco Carnes, Richard Carr, Delbert Carter, Dean Catton, Elane Catton, Donald Cervantes, Cruz Chance, Donna Chapman, Devlin Christensen, Steven Claeys, Helen Claus, Bill Coffenberry, Jeanette Cole, Richard Cornelius, Gordon Corsaro, Janet Cremeens, Dewayne D'Angelo, Lena D'Angelo, Naidine Damhorst, Roger Davidson, Linda Davis, Donald These male "cheerleaders" show they can provide some competition for our football cheerleaders. 244 -S index De Grauwe, Michele Deal, James Deelsnyder, Mary Degrande Jr., Arthur Delaney, James Delanghe, Maria Demay, Bradley Dergo, Michael Detaeye, Charles Dhondt, Joseph Diaz, Jose Dirck, Kim Dishinger, Mary Dolleslager, Kathryne Donaldson, Donald Doyle, Jeffrey Duffyf Carol Dunbar, Norma Duncan, James Duncan, Sandra Duquette, Peter Dussliere, Lawrence Dyer, Donald Dymek, Edward Edwards, Verna Eis, Loryann Engel, John Erickson, Gene Erickson, Keith Esparza, Dolores Evans, Frank Jr. Evans, Mary Fairman, Robert Farris, Kenneth Fisher, Patricia Fooken, Theresa Fortune, James Foster, Howard S Cat Foust, Leo Francis, Griff Franck, Theodora Frane, Daphne Freiburg, Patricia Frommelt, Kevin Gargano, Joan Garrett, David Gebben, Gregory Gellerman, Gary Glisan, Vernon Greene, Richard Greer, Jerry Greer, Judith Greer, Larry Gregory, James Greko, Richard Griffee, Rosemary Grimaldi, Frank Grooms, Zilpha Gullett, Grace Longman, Jody Hall, James Hall, Patty Hall, Sandra Hand, Doris Hanlin, Bert Hanlin, Michael Hanlin, Patricia Hanna, Paula Hansen, Barbara Hanske Jr,, Robert Harlan, Dennis Harper, Eunice Hedberg, Sara Heene, Arthur Hegwood, Violet Henderson, Mary Hendrix, Donald Hetzel, Judy Holmer, Ronald Holtman, Richard Honnold, Donna Hood, Merlyn Housholder, Diana Hughes, Richard Hummel, Melvin Jairett, Louise Johnson, Joyce Johnson, Lisa Jones, Edward Jr. Jones, Irma Jorandby, Sharon Karben, James Newton, Janice Keeley, Kathryn Kehoe, Michael Kelewae, Sarah Keller, Amanda Kelley, John Kempf, Brian Kendall, Kenneth Kerckhove, Alice Kerckhove, Michael Kettering, Jack Kight, Cheryl Killam, Carl Kirkhove, Randall Kiss, Michael Kline, Marjorie Knight, Michael Knox, Harold Kohn, Glee Kramer, Claude Kramer, Pamela Krause, Charles Krieger, Oscar Kruckenberg, Elaine Kyser, Robert Lamantia, Sharon Lampo, Ron Landuyt, Marguerite Lange, Paul Lanman, Keith Laud, Jeri Lawry, Elsa Lee, Richard Lemmon, James Lerschen, Thomas Lewis, Robert Loftin, Jack Loftin, Jane Lonergan, Thomas Longbons, Mildred Lopez, Joseph Lorenz, Edward Lough, Lyle Loula, James Manwaring, Craig Marr, David Marr, Patricia Martens, Craig Matthews, Elaine Mattson, Mary Mawson, Donald McCarter, Eugene McCray, Cedric McDonald, Judith McGowan, Ann McGuire, Janet McKinzie, Claire Mclxlinch, Kevin Merbitz, Arnold Merbitz, Erik Mercer, Jay Meyers, Glenda Mickle, Marian Mihalopoulos, A r' rxir Parkhurst, Vincent Telleen, Joanne Millen, Kathleen Miller, Colleen Mitchell, Kerry Mohr, Marlene Breheny, Melisa Mountain, Shirley Murrens, Anita Nelson, Beverlee Nelson, Mary Nelson, Merlin Lambert, Laura Newenham, Willie Nitz, Ida Nuquist, Robert O'Connor, Antoinette Olesen, Carol Oliver, Paul Paasch, Alice Parker, Thomas Partridge, Eldon Partridge, Tamara Paskvan, Frank Paytash, Pamela Pennington, Warren Peterhoff, Edward Petersen, Paula Phillips, Brian Peterson, Marsha Phillips, Gary Pilaszewski, Stephen Polios, Nancy Polka, Joyce Potter, Ruth Poulter, Douglas Pregracke, Gary Pustelnik, Ronald Pyevich, Carol Pyevich, Nancy Pyevich, Robert Pyevich, Steve Quill, Patricia Rainey, Charles Ramirez, Richard Rankin, George Rasso, Alfredo Reynolds, Donald Rice, Sandra Riggs, David Riggs, Douglas Ritter, Herbert Rogiers, Clara Roman, June Ronnebeck, Janet Rosenthal, Todd Rowe, Gregory Ruberg, Elaine Ruggles, Larry Russell, Michael Ryerson, Ronald Sabel, David Samolitis, Jerome Sanders, James Schatteman, Johanna Schmidt, David Schmidt, Michael Schneider, Linda Schutz, Mary Scott, Gwen Sedam, Artis Jr. Segura, Frederick Severtsgaard, Janice Shedlosky, Robert Shipley, Bettelou Shull, Richard Sim, Monty Skelton, Cevin later, Daniel 1 Slentz, Charles Small, James Smith, James Smolenski, Sandra Snyder, Michael Sodeman, Carole Sollenberger, George Sperry, Willeane Steinmetz, Dennis Stiegel, Helen Stiegel, Winifred Stover Sena Strand Douglas Sturm, Karin Sturm, Roger Sutton Darcene Adams, Jesse 128, 238 Adlfinger, Albert 18, 238 Aguirre, Rebecca 134, 141 18, 136, 238 Ainslie, Daniel 238 Alaniz, Ruben 18, 178, 238 Ales, Linda 134, 18, 238 Allensworth, Michelle 134, 145, 18, 112, 238 Amador, Kirk 18, 116, 238, 256 Anderson Billie 145, 18, 238 Anderson, Douglas 18, 238 Anderson lrene 19, 128, 238 Anderson, James 19, 238 Anderson, Jeffery 19, 238 Anderson, Milton 19, 238 3. Caleo, Janice 22, 238, 206 Camp, Jessie 22, 238 Campbell, Rhonda 22, 238 Carey, Kelly 134, 141, 22, 112, 238. 61 Carr, Tina 128, 238 Causemaker, Karlene 22, 238 Cervantes, Rick 23, 112, 238, 200, 114 Chanay, Lori 238, 133, 134, 135, 141, 23, 122, 112,124, 125,61 Chandler, Denise 25, 173, 238 Charlson, James 23, 238 Chatman, Devlin 238 Cheffer, Cynthia 238 Clark, Charles 14, 238, 62 Swanson, Nancy Talley, Cliff Taylor, Betty Terronez, Alfred Terry, Christine Theuninck, Dorothy Thompson, Christine Thompson, Dyson Thompson, Robert Tillberg, Barbara Traylor, Charles Truelsen, Janice Truelsen, Les Tyler Jr., Theodore Unrath, James Llranich, Susan Llrich, Larry Vanbelle, Mary Vandewiele, Mark Vandewiele, Ruth Vanneste, Raphael Vermast, Allan Verschdore, Catherine Versman, Dorothy Verstraete, Gabriel Verstraete, Marjory Vervaecke, Joann Vervaecke, Verda Voorhis, Richard Vroman, Mary Wadsager, Linda Wagle, Gary Ward, Dorothy Wates, Delmon Watson, Lytonya Watters Jr., Robert Webb, Cheryl Weckel, Pamela Werning, Kathryn Wessel, Max Wessel, Richard Wesselmann, James Wesselmann, Susan White, Gregory White, Judith White, Linda Whiteside, Rodney Williams, Lorraine Williams, Mallie Williamson, James Wilson, Julie Winthurst, William Woller Jr., Fred Woller, Perrine Zesiger, Robert Zimmerman, Albert Zimmerman, Julie '84 Andrew, John 19, 238 Anton, Elizabeth 19, 28, 238 Arch, Dorinda 19, 238 Arvanitis, George 145, 19, 238 Atwater, Rebella 19, 238, 62, 120 Atwell, Dean 238, 211 Ayala, Amelia 19, 238 Baker, Daryl 238 Baker, Jennifer 19, 238 Ball, Kelli 19, 238, 60 Ballard, Marion 126, 238 Balluff, Mark 19, 238 Banks, Brent 19, 238 Barnes, Tony 19, 194, 238, 211 Barr, Michael 19, 178, 238 Bartsch, Eric 141, 20, 238 Batye, Paula 20, 238 Beasley, Mark 238 Beaver, Todd 20, 238 Beckman, Laura 134, 144, 145, 20, 112, 238, 60 Beedlow, Michael 145, 19, 25, 238 Behymer, Eric 5, 145, 20, 238, 146 Bell, Charles Jr. 238 Bergevin, David Jr. 134, 20, 145, 59 112, 238, 60 Berry, Eric 20, 145, 238 Bert, Kathleen 20, 238 Berthoud, Dawn 20, 238 Betcher, Julie 20, 157, 238 Beverlin, Mark 20, 238 Billings, Kristine 20, 238 Bivens, Alfred 128, 238 Blake, Dawn 20, 157, 238 Bokros, Lori 20, 112, 190, 238, 60, 120 Bond, Tamara 20, 112, 238 Bost, Pamela 182, 21, 238, 198, 114 Boughton, James 238 Bramucci, Patrick 21, 112, 238 Brand, Brenda 21, 238 Braud, Charlotte 133, 134, 140, 141, 21, 124,125,238 Bray, Charles 21, 112, 190, 238, 61, 62 Brewer, Edward 21, 238 Brown, Richard 21, 128, 238 Buckley, Kimberly 21, 238 Bui, Tuan 21, 238 Bull, Dean 21, 238 Burklund, Brad 21, 178, 238, 200, 201,114,62, 120,219 Burnett, David 238 Burns, Julie 14, 21, 238, 114 Burrell, Kimberly 118, 22, 157, 238. 220 Burton, Cheryl 128, 238 Bushnell, Kenneth 22, 238 Cacari, Christopher 22, 238 Calderon, Christopher 118, 22, 238 Caldwell, Michele 22, 238 Caldwell, Tina 238 Clark, Stephen 23, 238 Clark, Tina 23, 238, 120 Clark, Wayne 23, 178, 238, 200 Clark, William 134, 141, 23, 178, 238 Classen, Lisa 23, 238 Clay, Paula 23, 238, 61 Clemmons, Andrea 23, 126, 238 Cole, Charles 23, 238 Cole, Tracy 54, 55, 238 Coleman, Roberta 23, 238 Collins, Denise 23, 238 Collins, James 24, 128, 238, 200, 201 Cook, Michelle 24, 238 Cornell, David 238 Correa, Guadalupe 24, 145, 238 Cosgrove, Nancy 141, 24, 112, 238 Cox, James 134, 24, 33, 124, 238 Crabtree, Steven 24, 238, 200, 201, 214 Crain, Rhonda 24, 26, 238 Crimmins, Timothy 24, 238 Cronkleton, Peggy 24, 238 Cross, Melody 24, 126, 238, 220 Cumberwroth, Charlotte 24, 157, 238 Daniels, Julie 24, 238 Danner, Shanna 24, 238 Darr, David 238 Davidson, Suntuk 173, 238 Davila, Alma 24, 123, 174, 59, 238, 254, 220 Davis, James 141, 24, 169, 178, 238 Davison, Andrea 25, 112, 238, 60 Decap, Joseph 25, 238 Decker, Mary 184, 25, 238, 212, 120 Decrane, Jeffrey 25, 238 Deffenbaugh, Doug 25 Dehamer, Pamela 25, 238 Dejaegher, Joseph 10, 11, 14, 25, 194, 238, 63 Delrio, Ramon 25, 238 Demay, Bradley 25, 178, 238, 200 Demeyer, Daniel 25, 238 Dennis, Jasper 25, 238 Depaepe, Susan 25, 126, 238, 220 Deppe, Lori 25, 136, 238 Deppe, Richard 238 Deppe, Stephen 238 Derammelaere, Chris 26, 238 Derby, David 238 Desmet, Cheryl 26, 238, 212, 120 Dewitt, Rhonda 26, 116, 127, 172. 189, 238, 129, 214, 215, 213, 256. 212, 207 Dickinson, Cindy 26, 128, 238 Dobereiner, Christopher 26, 194, 238 Dobrinske, Doug 26, 178, 238, 200 Dooley, Jimmy 26, 238 Dravis, Susan 134, 145, 26, 112, 238 60, 213, 212, 220 Drews, Douglas 26, 238 Duncan, Barbara 26, 238 Duncan, Christopher 26, 238 Index Kimberly 33, 238 246 - In Eagles, Christine 27, 238 Earnest, John 27, 238 Eggerichs, Allan 27, 238 Eklof, Roger 238 Emery, Kristen 27, 238, 204, 120 Emmendorfer, Michele 27, 126, 238, 60, 220 Engholm, Cindy 27, 238 Erickson, Dianne 27, 157, 238 Esparza, Roselind 27, 238, 220 Evans, Anna 27, 238 Evans, Kedrick 27, 238, 211 Fells, Brett 27, 128, 238 Fetterer, Michael 27, 238 Fiebig, Rhonda 27, 190, 238, 120 Finch, Terri 27, 238 Findahl, Mark 27, 45, 178, 238, 206 207 Fish, Amy 28, 238 Fisher, Pamela 28, 238 Flores, Angelica 28, 238 Fluegel, Robin 238 Foiles, Michael 28, 238 Foltz, Larresa 28, 126, 238 Fonger, Brian 28, 238 Frederick, Charles 28, 238 Friend, Mark 238 Frutos, Yolanda 28, 238 Gann, Rhonda 28 Garcia, Stephen 28, 178, 112, 238 Gardner, Ronald 145, 28, 178, 238 Garman, Brook 28, 178, 238 Garrett, Paula 28 Getty, Pamela 28, 116, 123, 174, 59, 238, 256 Gibbon, Shelly 141, 28, 238 Gomez, Ronald 28, 238 Gonzalez, Miguel 238 Goodrich, Harold 29, 238 Graham, Tracey 29, 190, 238, 120 Gramling, Daniel 29, 238 Grams, Kimberly 29, 238 Green, Denise 29, 238 Green, Kathy 145, 29, 157, 238, 212 Gripp, Howard 29, 238 Guinn, Rabecca 29, 145, 238 Gunneman, Jill 29, 58, 238 Haar, Timothy 145, 29, 238 Hacker, Brian 29, 55, 178, 238 Haecherl, Michelle 126, 238, 220 Hagerbaumer, Leanna 54, 238 Hagerbaumer, Teryl 54, 238 Hahn, Richard 29, 238 Haney, Kristi 30, 238 Hang, Houa 238 Hardy, Jacqueline 238 Harker, Bradley 30, 194, 238 Harris, Lashonda 30, 126, 238 Harris, Robin 145, 30, 238 Hart, Christa 184, 30, 126, 238, 114 Harvey, Timothy 30, 238 Hathcock, Shari 30, 238 Heald, Jo 30, 128, 157, 238 Heath, Paula 30, 126, 238 Heist, Brian 238 Hemmingson, Sara 30, 238, 241 Hemphill, James 31, 238 Henderson, Angela 141, 31, 238 Henrichs, Julie 31, 126, 238 Herbert, Todd 238 Herbst, Richard 31, 238 Hernandez, Cathy 31, 128, 238, 220 Herrera, Norbert 31, 112, 238 Hignight, Kenneth 31, 238, 120 Hines, Dana 141, 31, 238 Hipple, Catherine 134, 144, 145, 31, 112, 238, 212, 220 Hoff, Patricia 31, 238 dex Hofstetter, Scott 31, 238 Holder, Rhonda 31, 126, 238 Holmes, Christine 31, 238 Honert, Deanna 141, 31, 238, 62, 120, 206, 207 Hopkins, James 178, 194, 238 Horst, Sanchia 134, 31, 122, 124, 190, 191, 242, 238, 138, 62, 120 Hoste, Aaron 31, 112, 238, 60 Hubbard, Loyd 178, 112, 238 Hufford, Laurie 32, 238 Hughes, Dale 32, 112, 238 Hughes, Timothy 32, 194, 238 Hunsinger, Lynn 32, 126, 238 Hunt, David 32, 128, 238 Hunt, Kristine 141, 32, 238 Hunter, Peter 11, 14, 132, 240, 238 Hunter, Timothy 32, 238 Hutchinson, Julie 32, 112, 238 61, 212, 220 lnskeep, Jamie 238 Jackson, Jon 32, 238 Jackson, Monica 32, 128, 238 James, Lisa 32, 238 Jannes, Jonathan 14, 32, 188, 189, 194, 238, 62 Jay, David 32, 238 Jeter, Christina 33, 112, 124, 238 Jett, Kandye 33, 126, 238 Jimenez, Luis 33, 238 Johnson, Bradley 145, 33, 238 Johnson Durwin 33, 238 Johnson James 33, 190, 238 Johnson, Jones, Joe Jr. 33, 238 Jordan, Traci 238 Kachevas, Gust 33, 238 Kahley, Kevin 33, 128, 238 Kanning, Patricia 33, 187, 192, 238, 62, 208, 120 Karstens, Daniel 178, 238 Katzenburger, Shelley 33, 169, 238 Kave, Tracy 34, 238 Kelley, Jerry 34, 238 Kern, Robert 34, 238 Ketelsen, Ross 34, 238 Kettering, Valkrie 34, 157, 238, 212 Killingsworth, Darren 34 Kincaid, Brian 34 Kipp, Douglas 34 Kipp, Elizabeth 34, 116, 117, 112, 238, 60, 115, 114, 256, 212, 62, 220, 120, 207 Kipp, Jeffrey 5, 34, 89, 116, 117, 238, 256, 206, 207 Kizer, Wendy 134, 35, 238 Klouser, Dan 35, 128, 238 Knouse, Kathryn 3, 134, 141, 35, 112, 124, 238, 138, 61, 213, 212 Koon, Steve 238 Krantz, Cheryl 184, 35, 192, 238, 62, 208, 120 Kushmer, Michael 145, 35, 238 Lack, Robert 35, 178, 238, 62 Lamb, Scott 35, 178, 238 Langy, Alysia 35, 238 Larison, Gregory 35, 179, 238 Larson, Jeffrey 35, 128, 238 Latko, Ronald 118, 35, 238 Lawson, Ann 35, 238, 238 Laxy, Theresa 35, 238 Lay, Karin 35, 238 Layman, Lena 35, 238 Layne, Cindy 35, 126, 238 Le, Ngoan 36, 238 Leblanc, Rochelle 182, 10, 11, 141, 36, 136, 238, 114 Ledezma, Kimberlee 36, 238 Lee, Ge 173, 238 Lee, Thai 36, 238 Leedom, Douglas 36, 128, 238 Lefevre, John 14, 36, 178, 238, 114, 120 Leftwich, Angela 36, 128, 238 Leibovitz, Christopher 36, 178, 179, 238, 200, 114, 62, 120 Leonard, Wendy 182, 5, 14, 36, 238 Lietzow, Vicki 36, 238 Liggett, Jill 36, 128, 238, 212 Ligons, Kimberly 36, 126, 238 Loding, Anthony 36, 238 Lofgren, Tracy 182, 13, 36, 238. 198, 114, 120 Lorance, Annette 36, 238 Lorimer, Nancy 157, 238 Lowder, Lisa 126, 238, 220 Lucas, Brenda 37, 128, 238 Ly, Xiong 238 Madden, Roxanne 37, 238, 212 Mahan, Lisa 37, 126, 238 Malone, David 37, 178, 112, 238 Mann, Steven 14, 134, 145, 37, 238 Margis, Allen 37, 28, 238 Markle, Marcia 141, 37, 112, 238, 120 Marshall, Donna 238 Martel, Melissa 238 Martin, Charles 238 Mascari, Rocci 37, 238 Masias, Mary 37, 128, 238 Massa, Mark 37, 112, 238, 201, 61, 204, 62 Mawson, James 37. 238 May, Julie 37, 126, 238 Mayhugh, Michelle 38, 128, 238 McBride, Lori 238 McBurney, Peter 134, 38 McCabe, Kristen 38, 128, 238 McCraw, Gary 38, 238 McCray, Cedric 238 McCray, Troy 3, 38, 238 McDanel, Jeffery 38, 238 McDanel, Scott 38, 179, 238, 200 Mceniry, Susan 184, 38, 126, 157, 238, 212 McGee, Connie 38, 238 Mclntosh, Cindy 38, 238 McNalley, Scott 39, 238 Medley, Robert 145, 39, 238 Meier, Karen 39, 238 Meinholdt, Elizabeth 39, 238 Meyer, Jeffrey 5, 39, 238 Michaels, Karla 39, 157, 238 Michel, Donnis 39, 46, 238, 212 Miletich, Tina 14, 39, 187, 238 Miller, Micheal 39, 238 Miller, Michelle 39, 157, 238. 201, 200 Miller, Shelly 39, 238 Millett, Steven 39, 179, 238, 201 Miner, Kim 39, 238 Mitton, Dwayne 39, 238 Mitton, Jina 39, 128, 243, 238 Moden, Mary 39, 238 Mohr, Brian 40, 238, 62, 210, 211 Mohr, Kelley 40, 238 Monterastelli, Raymond 14, 35. 40, 178, 58, 238, 120 Moore, Donald 46, 178, 238, 120 Moreno, Marlene 40, 238. 220 Moritz, Nancy 128, 238 Morris, Gary 46, 238 Morris, Kelly 141, 40, 238 Morrow, Kevin 40, 238 Morse, Linda 40, 238 Mueting, Laurie 40, 238 Mumma, David 40, 178, 194, 238, 220 Mundt, Lisa 40, 238 Mundt, William 40, 238 Munoz, David 40, 128, 238 Murray, Scott 40, 238 Nash, Robert 40, 238 Nelson, James 41, 238 Nelson, Merlin Jr. 118, 133, 134, 41 122, 124, 238 Noel, Pamuela 41, 126, 238 Nord, Rhonda 41, 128, 238 Nye, Lisa 41, 128, 238 Ochoa, Susanna 41, 128, 238 Ogburn, Lisa 41, 238 Ogle, Susan 14, 35, 41, 126, 158, 189, 238, 62 Ohlsen, Thomas 41, 188, 189, 238 Olsen, Ole 118, 41, 112, 238 Olson, Bradley 41, 238 Olson, Brian 41, 238 Olson, Cari 42, 238 Olson, Toby 42, 238, 210, 219 Omeara, Ronald 42, 238 Oneil, Ronda 141, 42, 238 Ostrowski, William 42, 238 Pallock, Denise 141, 42, 136. 238 Palmateer, Michael 42, 238 Palmersheim, Cynthia 141, 42, 238 Palos, Karyn 42, 122, 123, 157. 238 Pankey, Casandra 42, 238 Parkhurst, Charles 43, 238 Parks, Mark 43, 238 Pasley, Michael 43, 238 Patten, Fairlin 43, 238 Paxson, Julie 43, 145, 157, 238 Pena, Cynthia 43, 238 Penca, Mary 43, 55, 238, 60. 213, 212 Perkins, Karen 43, 238 Perkins, Nancy 43, 238 Pettie, Danny 43, 238 Pettyjohn, Jana 43, 128, 238 Phan, Thanh 43, 238 Phelps, Derrica 43, 238 Phillips, Robert 43, 238 Piper, Joette 43, 238 Pittman, Gerald 43, 238 Platt, Steve 43, 78, 238 Poelvoorde, Annette 14, 44, 238 Polite, Kimberly 44, 238 Pollentier, Darryn 44, 178, 238 Popp, Julie 44, 157. 238 Pratt, Dawn 44, 238 Provorse, Daniel 44, 238 Purvis, Angela 44, 126, 220 Pyles, Gary 44, 238 Ramos, Joseph 238 Rangel, Gregory 145, 44, 238 Rangel, Thomas 44, 238 Rangel, Troy 44, 238 Rasso, Michael 44, 238 Rausch, Jody 14, 141, 44, 59, 238 Reddig, Jeffery 44, 238 Reynolds, William 44, 238 Rhodes, Leonard 44, 238 Rice, Steven 45, 238 Rice, Thomas 14, 45, 178, 238, 114, 208, 120 Richmond, Loren 238 Riley, Jennifer 238 Robertson, Jerald 45, 238 Rodgers, Jeffery 238 Rodgers, Jerry 45, 238 . Rodgers, Randall 45, 238, 218 Rodriguez, Humberto 45, 238, 208 Rose, Lisa 45, 238 r Ross, Jay 45, 112, 238 Rumph, Marcia 45, 238 Rust, Darrin 238 Samuels, Adrian 173, 238 Sanchez, Yolanda 45, 238, 220 Sanders, Douglas 45, 238 Sandoval, Jason 45, 173, 238 Sandoval, Jill 46, 238. 220 Sandoval, John 46, 112, 187, 238, 201, 200, 62, 211, 120 Satterly, Tim 46, 128, 238 Schaeffer, Brett 46, 55, 238. 120 Scherschel, Dean 238 Schilling, Kurt 238 Schoch, Patsy 46, 238, 214 Schoch, Penny 141, 46, 55, 157, 238 Schulte, Erik 46, 238 Seago, Timothy 46, 128, 238 Seaman, George 46, 238 Sellers, Richard 46, 238 Sewell, Lisa 47, 238 Shaffer, Dori 47, 238 Sheehan. Jerri 238 Sheffler, Casey 47, 238 Sievers, John 47, 126, 112, 238, 220 Sims, Monte 238 Siraphet, Feoungmany 47, 238 Sivels, Kevin 238 Sivels, Robin 238 Skaggs, Julie 47, 50, 136, 157, 238 Slavish, Alan 47, 238 Sletten, Darrell 47, 238 Small, Debra 47, 238 Smith, Betty 47, 238 Smith. Kathy 47, 238 Smith, Stacey 47, 194, 238, 120 Smith, Timothy 238 Smith, Wendy 238 Soliz, Mary 47, 116, 174, 189, 238, 256, 220 Soliz, Phillip 238 Solomon, Kristie 47, 238 Sorrell, Kevin 47, 238 Sparrow, Jeanette 141, 47, 238 Spears, Gerald 48, 238 Spencer, Tina 48, 157, 238 Spiegel, James 48, 238 Standaert, Brian 48, 190, 238, 219 Stanlake, Dawn 48, 112, 238, 214, 60 Steffenson, Ronald 48, 190, 191, 238, 62 Stevens, Cindy 48, 157, 238 Stiegel, Andrea 98, 238 Stopoulos, Nicole 133, 134, 140, 141, 48, 112, 124, 238, 138, 60 Streat, Michael 48, 238 Street, Brian 238 Streight, Thomas 48, 238 Sutton, Michael 14, 48, 238 Swanson, John 48, 238 Taets, Julie 134, 141, 48, 112, 238, 60, 220 Tague, Jody 48, 178, 238. 120 Talak, Jeffrey 48, 194, 238 Talley, Jay 49, 194, 238, 120 Tate, Roy 49, 238 Taylor, April 49, 238, 212 Terronez, Pauline 49, 128, 238, 220 Terronez, Steven 49, 112, 187, 238, 206, 207 Terry, Vicki 49, 238 Thompson, Alan 49, 238 Thompson, Christine 49, 238 Thompson, Michael 49, 238 Thompson, Michelle 49, 173, 238 Thompson, Tracy 49, 238 Thorngren, Paul 49, 238 Thurman, Serena 50, 238 Tittsworth, Deborah 50, 238 iflkigs ,gg -v 7 nf" ' the 3 its ' gulf, l.lT's varsity basketball team shows respect during the national anthem. Titus, Jamie 182, ll, 14, 50, 55, 112, 238, 198, 61, 115, 114, 120 Toland. Alicia 50, 238 Tristan, Belinda 50, 238 Trout, Todd 50, 238 Llm, Racthykun 50, 238 Underwood, Mark 50, 238 Utter, Alan 238 Valdez, Juanita 50, 238 Valejo, Christine 50 Vandeheede, Jill 51, 238 Vandewoestyene, William 51 Vanhecke, James 51, 55, 238 Vanvooren, Lynette 51, 128, 190, 238, 120 Vanwatermeulen, Karen 51 Verheecke, Penny 51, 238 Verlinden, Jon 51, 178, 238, 62, 211 Vermeire, James 51, 238 Versluys, Jeffery 51, 238 Verstraete, Marilyn 51, 126, 238, 214, 62 Viner, Debra 51, 157, 238 Vinzant, Chad 19, 51, 112, 238, 62, 120, 206, 207 Vittori, Roxane 51, 116, 117, 112, 238, 61, 256, 212,220 Voorhis, Jeffery 140, 141, 51, 128, 157, 238 Vyncke, Debra 184, 51, 192, 238, 114, 62, 120 Waeyaert, Debra 19, 51, 238, 120 Wakefield, Kelly 52 Wales, Dawn 133, 134, 52, 238, 212 Walton, Dawn 52, 238 Walton, Latres 52, 128, 238, 211, 120 Ward, Chris 128, 238 Ward, Grant 52, 238 Ward, Mark 52, 238 Ward, Michael 238 Ware, William 238 Wassell, Warren 52, 124, 238 Waters, Lisa 52 Watson, Kori 52, 238 Watson, Lytonya 238 Watters, Ronald 52, 238 Weatherington, Paula 25 Weintraut, Barbara 238 Welch, James Jr, 52, 238 Wells, Kammy 238 Welshhons, Ronald 52, 238 Wessel, Amy 52, 126, 238 Whipple, Harvey 52, 238 Whipple, Lisa 238 White, Janne 52, 238 Wickersham, John 53, 230 Wiegel, Francie 182, 141, 53, 238 Wilkinson, Daniel 53, 238 Wilson, Christina 53, 157, 238 Winchester, Roger 53, 128, 58, 238 Wingler, Lisa 53, 238 Winthurst, Cheryl 53, 128, 157, 238 Wishmeyer, Rhonda 141, 53, 238 Witmer, Rebecca 53, 238 Wold, Tracy 238 Wolf, Amy 53, 128, 238 Wolverton, Lee 53, 173, 238 Woods, Daniel 53, 178, 238 Worrell, Peter 59, 238 Yerkey, Derrick 54, 238 Zapata, Anna 54, 55, 238, 204, 220 Zbleski, Ronald 54, 238 Zmuda, Patricia 19, 54, 112, 238, 61. 62, 120, 206, 207 '85 Ackland, Ronald 66, 178 Adams, Amy 66 Adams, John 66, 145 Adamson, Darla A1ejo, Carol 66, 134, 116, 172, 190, 191, 214, 215. 256, 207, 251 Alexander, Anthony 66, 128 Anders, Dawn 60 Anderson, Gale Anderson, Kimberly 66 Anderson, Scott 66 Apperson, Kyle 66 Austin, Vicki 66, 145, 193, 192 Bailey, Jon 66, 188, 189. 194, 211 Bailey, Todd 66 Balluff, Matthew 66 Barber, James 66 Barnett, Marion 66, 178 Bates, Kimberly 66, 141 Bauman, Delia 66 Becht, Dennis 66 Belowske. Angela 66, 126 Benjamin, James 66, 178 Bevelheier, Jeffery 66, 126 Bideaux, George 66 Blackwood, Kim 66 Blagden, Michelle 66 Blais, Michael 67 Blais, Michele 67, 126, 212 Blunke, John 67 Bonduelle, Paula 67, 118 Borrow, Barbara 67 Booth, James 67 Boudreau, Lori 67 Bourn, Randall Bowers, James 67 Bradley, Raemond 67 Branch, Cynthia 67 Breitmeyer, Christopher 67 Brewer, Kathleen 67, 208 Brewer, Michael 67 Brown, Lisa 67, 128 Brown, Glen 67 Bubon, Brian 67 Buchanan, Amy 67 Buchen, Laurie 67, 187 Burgess, Jesse 67 Burney, Deanna 67, 13, 134, 124, 198, 114 Buser, Donald 67 Bush, Patricia 67 Cain, Darren 67 Caldwell. Glenn 67 Caldwell, John 67 Caleo, Thomas 67 Calsyn, Michael 67 Cameron, Pamela 134, 116. 172, 190 256 Camp, Chance 67, 13, 141 Campbell, Diana Campbell, Michael 67, 178, 179 Cant, Dana 67 Index Daebelliehn, Darci 68 Emmert, Debra 69 Evans, Damon 69, 178 Evans, Micheal 69 Evans, Michelle 69 Fenno, Michelle 69 Fetterer, Patrick 69, 83, 181 Finch, Donna 69 Finch, Jackie Fisher, Kerry 69, 134, 145 Fisher, Melinda 69 Fonseca, Justina 69 Fournier, Scott 69, 187, 210, 211 Franks, Lonnie 69 Frazier, Craig 69, 200, 202 Frendt, Kathleen 69, 141, 145 Frese, Shellda 69 Fuhrer, Jennifer 66, 69, 187, 114. 204, 120 Galbraith, Samantha 69, 79 Howat. Terry 71, 141 Hubbs, Brian Hughes, Tammy 71 Hunt, Dean 71,141,194 lnce, Bobbie lnce, Donna 128, 71 Jacobs, Luann 71, 141, 126 Jacobs, Todd 71, 178 James, Mary 71, 157 Jennings, Patricia 71, 134, 1 Jeter, Mark 71 Jimenez, Humberto 71 Jimenez, Juan Jr, 71, 145 Johnson Georgette 71, 145 Johnson, Pamela 71, 157 Johnson, Rosemarie 71 Johnson, Scott 71 Johnson, Shonda 71 Johnson, Tanya 71 57, 124 Gant, Ellen 69, 212 Garcia, David 69, 200 Garcia, Stephanie 69 Garcia, Vicki 69 Garlow, Sabrina 70 Garrett, Paula Garrison, Troy 70 Garza, Ana 70, 256 Gass, Tina 70 Gates, Jeffrey 70 Gehant, John 70, 178 Giers, Joanne 70 Gillespie, Jeffery 70 The UTHS band is a necessary part of athletic events. Carmack, Toby Carpenter, Adrian 67. 13, 178. 179 Carr, Thomas Carton, Ronald 67 Castaneda, Marc 67 Catour, Lance 67 Cernetisch, Fred 67 Chance, William 67 Chavis, Krisanne 67 Chedister, Mark 67 Christ ensen, Russell 67 Clark, Randel 67, 206, 207 Clark, Steffany 67, 136 Clark, Steven 178 Clash, Ronald 67, 79, 178, Clevenger, Tim 67 Columbia, Craig 67 Comins, Suzette 67 1 Conley, Lawrence 67 Connolly, Michael 67, 194 Connolly, Michelle 67 Contreras, Francisco 68 Cook, Richard 68, 74 Cook, Sean 68, 141 Cooper, Gary 68, 141 Coram, Jennie 68 Cosgrave. Ann 68 Coughran, Trisha 68 Cox, Laird 68 Cranson, Reba 68, 198 Crayne, Kevin 68, 194 Crisel, Gary Jr. 68 Cruz, Anthony 68 Cruz, Cynthia 68, 116, 117, 174, 113, 256 Cullison, Ryan Cumberworth, Rhonda 68. 118 Cummings, Paul 68, 145 Cunningham, Melissa 68, 116. 172. 125, 256 Cyphers, Stephen 68 248 Index Dalmasso, Sean 68, 190 Dalton, Betsy 68, 141, 206, 207 Daniels, Lisa 68, 192, 114 Davis, Janet 68 Dean, Lataya Debarre, Dennis 68 Declerco, Steven 68, 189, 188 Dedecker, David 68, 145, 188, 189 Deem, Lynn 68 Dejaegher, Christopher 68, 141, 178, 194, 211 Demay, Michael 68, 187 Dennhardt, Todd 68, 141, 178 Dennis, Arlene 68, 118 Derby, Margaret 68, 184 Deroo, Deanna 68, 145 D'Hooge, Lisa 68 Dickinson, Beth Dierkes, Michael 68, 128 Dillbeck, Timothy 68 Downen, Scott 68, 134, 145, 187, 146 Downey, Cynthia 68 Downing, Daran 68 Dozier, Jeffery 68 Duncan, Carla 68, 112, 187 Duncan, Garritt 68, 145 Dunlap, Tamara 68, 141 Durham, Trent 68, 78, 141 Dyer, Rebecca 68 Dzekunskas, Jeffrey 68, 200 Eckey. Jacqualine 68, 212 Edwards, Kristopher 68 Edwards, Robert 68 Edwards, Scot 69 Ehardt, Tria 69 Ekin, John 69 Eldridge, Susan Ellis, Lisa 69, 141 Emerson, Robert 69 Gilson, Kellie 70, 145, 146 Goar, Nancy 70, 198 Goderis, Debra 70, 112 Gomez, Anthony 70 Gomez, Dora 70 Gonzales, Lesa 70, 141, 136 Goodhart, Jana 70 Gorzney, Loretta 70 Graham, Scott 70 Graham, Thomas 70 Green, Costello 70, 187, 192, 115, 114 Green, Donna 70. 184, 192, 208. 120 Green, Troy Gregory, Tom 70 Griffin, Theresa 70 Grimes, Sheryl 70, 126 Grimm, Todd 70, 178, 200 Grogg, Elizabeth 70 Grooms, Hayden 70, 134, 145, 124 Gruszeczka, Jr. Edward 70 Hageman, Timothy Hambright, Lynn 70, 190, 191 Hamilton, Paul Hanson, Sean 70, 194 Hantz, Kimie 70, 126 Harder, John 70 Harrington, Mellisa 70, 128 Harris, Leevon 71, 141 Hasenwinkel, Mark 71, 134, 141, 144, 145, 124 Hauman, Bradley 71, 178 Hay, Jesusita 71 Hayden, Charles 71, 128 Hemmingson, John 71 Heist, Steve 71 Hemphill, Jackie 71 Hensley, Shawn 71 Hernandez, Steven 71 Heydeman, Penelope 71, 128 Hinton, Toni 71 Hock, June 71, 145 Hoepfner, John 71, 141, 187, 210 Holmes, Denise 71 Housholder, Wayne 71 Houston, Shearrie 71, 145, 220 Jones, Guylene 71 Judge, Mary 71 Kanke, Kimberly 71, 145, 212 Karben, Johnny 71 Karstens, Timothy 71 Keim, Richard Keith, Sandra 71 Kelley, Janet 71, 208 Kelley, Julie 71 Kemp, Michael 71 Kerr, Patricia 71 Kespohl, Barry 71, 189 Ketelaar, Christine 71, 134, 141 Ketner, Brian 71, 179, 200 Killian, Michael Kimionis, Jason Koon, Jeffrey 71 Kotrogiannis, George 72, 141 Krack, Leilani 72, 184 Krambeck, Larry 72 Krambeck, Terry 72 Krantz, Diana 72 Krantz, Tiffany 72 Kratt, Teresa 72 Kubec, Brenda 72 Kunzle, Christopher Kurtz, Bradley 72, 134, 141, 124 LaFave, Aimee 72 LaFerria, Bill 72 Lambert, Denise 72, 77, 145 Larson, Robert 72, 178 Larson, Stephen 72, 134 Lasek, John 72, 178 Leabo, Nicole 72, 190, 114, 212, 120 Lee, Koa 72 Lee, Melissa 72, 134 Lewis, Amy 72, 190 Lewis, Christopher 72 Lewis, Jeanene 72, 128 Lodico, Lori 66, 72, 112, 114 Lopez, Francisco 72 Lopez, John 72 Lubbe, Paula 72 Lucas, Mary 72, 128 Luna, Aleida 72 Luna, Aurora 72 Ly, Blong 72 Macafee, Carrie 72 Malcolm, Brian 72, 134, 145, 124 Malmstrom, Shari 72, 212 Malone, Richard 72, 128 Manary, Lacinda 72 Manrrique, John 72, 178, 179 Marsell, Greg 72 Marshall, Curtiss 72 ,Gregory 72, 134, 145, 124, Martel 138 Martin, Bret 72 Martin, Charles 72 Martin, Jeffery 72 Martin, Mary 72 Masengarb, Laurie 72 Mathahs, Karen 72 Matheny, Tresa 72 Mayfield, Tracey 145, 211 Mays, Nicolette 72 McCollum, Amy 72 McDaniel, Rodney 72, 189, 200 McDonough, Melissa 73 McGinnis, Melodie 73, 184, 114, 213 212 Mclntosh, Paul Jr. 73 McKay, Heather 73, 126 McKeon, Timothy 73 McLean, Paul 73, 178, 190 McLernon, Alice 73, 140, 141, 124, 187, 210, 211 McVey, Dede 73, 187, 210, 211 Mehaffy, Rebecca 73, 140, 141 Melton, Rick 73 Mercer, Aran 73, 170, 256 Meyer, Dion 73 Meyers, Jammie Michalek, Annette 73, 178, 214 Milburn, William 73 Miller, Danny 73, 178 Miller, Jarrod 73, 141 122, 124, 219 Pena, Sandra 74 Perkins, John 74, 178 Perry, Gene 74 Person, Kyle 74 Peterson, Michael 128 Pettit, Ryan 74 Pobanz, Brenda 75, 134, 145, 124 Pompa, Antonia 75 Powell, Lisa 75, 134, 122, 112, 124 Prado, Nellie 75, 128 Pratt, Andrea 75 Praught, Joseph 75 Price, Daniel 75 Puentes, Patricia 75 Pyevich, Michael 75, 112 Quinn, Thomas 75, 187, 210, 211 Quinones, Yvonne 66, 69, 75, 141 Raasch, Brian 75, 206, 207 Radford, Jeffery 75, 3, 118, 134, 141, 124 Raffelson, Staci 75, 116, 117, 166, 112, 213, 256 Raischel, Paul 75, 145 Rangel, Elizabeth 75, 126 Rangel, Evangelina 75 Rangel, Rebecca 75 Rasko, Paula 75 Scott, Monica 76 Scott, Valerie 76 Scritsmier, Sheila 76 Scully, Rebecca 76 Seago, Larry 76, 141 Setwer, Jeffrey 76 Settles, Christine 76 Shafer, Paul 76, 141, 178 Shay, Theresa 76, 134, 13 Sheehan, Tammi 76 Sierens. Ronald Jr. Simonich, Theresa 76 Slavish, Randall 76 Slutts, Teresa 76, 145 Smett Dean 76 Smith Jodie 76 Smith John 76 Smith Kevin 76, 118, 134, 141, 124 125,138,219 Smith Kimberly 76, 206, 207 Snyder, Andrew 76 Solomon, Ronald 76 Sommer, Gregory 76 Sonneville, Lisa 76, 4 Sorrell, Brenda 76 Southerland, Brenda 76 Sparrowgrove, Keith Spears, Jeffery 5, 112, 124 Mills, Becky 73 Mitchell, Darrell Mitchell, Julie 73, 182, 183, 198, 115 Mitchell, Shawn 73, 128 Rasmussen, Diane 75, 116, 256 Raymond, Ronald 75, 178 Rea, Martin 75 Rea, Pablo 75 170, 125, Stahl, Donald 76 Stambaugh, Lisa 76 Stambaugh, Susan 76 Standaert, Maureen 76, 190, 191. 212, 120 Mitchell, Theresa 73, 145 Mojica, Margarita 73 Mojica, Ramon 73 Moreno, Mary 73, 184, 134, 145 Morgan, Scott 73 Morrow, Jeffrey 73, 134, 124, 138 Mueller, Jeanine 73, 134, 124 Muetirig, Deborah Munos, Anthony 128 Munos, Trisha 73, 204 Munoz, Christina 73 Munts, Timothy 73 Murphy, Christine 73 Mutziger, Andrew 73, 4 Myers, Kevin 73 Natwick, Carrie 73, 187, 210, 211 Neal, Darrin 73, 188, 189 Neal, Robert 73, 178 Nelson, Kristine 73 Nelson, Tami 74 Nevins, Tamber 74 Newingham, Lawrence 74 Newton, Sue Nguyen, Long 74 Nichols, Caprice 74, 126 Noriega, Nora 74 Noteboom, Laurna 74, 126 Novak, Robyn 74 Ochoa, Roberto 74, 145 Ochoa, Rolando 74, 200 Rea, Richard 75, 141 Reddick, Thomas 75 Reed, Brian 75, 141 Rettig, Jeff 75 Rhodes, Clara 75, 128 Rice, David 75, 178, 210 Riceman, Todd 75 Richard, Joseph 75, 145 Ricke, Patrick Rickey, Brad 75 Riley, Linda 75 Ripka, Todd 75, 189 Robers, James 75, 178, 210 Roberson, Micheal 75 Roberts, Michael Roes, David Roffman, Lori 75 Rogers, Timothy 75 Rose, David 75, 128 Royal, Sonya 75, 184, 134, 145, 211. 120 Rubalcava, Jesus 75, 79, 167 Rumburg, Stephen 75 Rumburg, Timothy Russell, Veronica 75 Ryan, Kristin 75 Sajovec, Anthony 75 Sananikone, Anousith 75 Sanders, Kellie 75, 141, 178, 214, Stanford, Denise 76 Stapf, Richard 76 Steele, Lisa 76 Stephenson, Leslie 76, 190 Stewart, Deann 76, 212 Stone, Brian 76 Stout, Deborah 77 Stropes, Kimra 77 Stulir, Lisa 77, 126 Suess, Amy 77, 134, 141, 157, 125 Suhr, Carl 77 Sullivan, Johnny 77, 194 Swan, Christine 77 Taets, Ronald 77, 145 Takantjas, Eileen 77 Talbot, Deann 77, 141, 126 Talbot, Glen 77 Taylor, Kristen Teach, Scott 77 Tedford, Paula 77 Teel, Michael 77 Tennant, Stuart 77 Thomann, Patricia 77, 212 Thomas, William 77 Thompson, Christine 77, 134, 136, 168, 125,256 Thompson, Dorothy 77 Thompson, Kevin 77 124, 116. Ohrberg, Patricia Oliva, Anna 74 Oliva, Maria 74 Olson, Ole 74, 3 Olson, Daniel 74 Olson, Staci 74, 193, 192, 208, 220 Oltman, Michele 74, 114, 204 Ornelis, Cindy 74 Orton, Matthew 74 Osborn, Thomas Palmateer, Sean 74 Parham, Jeanne 74 Parker, Robert Jr. 74, 7, 134, 145, 146, Parker, Scott 74 Pa ,et tram 74,,'118, 134, 140, 141, 120 Sandoval, Alan 76 Sandoval, Todd 76 Savala, Steven 76 Scallions, Teresa 76 Schadt, Wayne 76, 200 Scharer, Christine 76 Schellhorn, Timothy 76, 189 Scherschel, Jay 76 Schierer, Jennifer 76 Schneider, Jodi 76 Schossow, Troy 76 Schutt, Troy 128 Schwartz, Kathryn 76 Schwartz, Michelle 76 Scott, Deborah 76, 77, 184, 145 Thornton, Angela 77, 204 Thruman, Steve 77, 128 Tighe, Linda Torok, Pamela 66, 77, 182, 183, 198 114, 171, 218 Townsend, Darren 77 Trich, Debra 77 Trimby, Judy 77 Trout, Robert 77, 200 Trout, Tadd 77 Turner, John 77 Turnipseed, Telisa 77, 138 Tworek, Carolyn 77, 134, 144, 145 Um, Ranyda 77 Underwood, Robin 78, 128 Llrven, Roger 78 Utrera, Daniel 78 Vandaele, Dawn 78 Vanherzeele, Jeffrey 78 Versluis, Kenneth 78 Viner, Theresa 78 Wade, Catherine 78 Wadsager, Scott 78 Walker, Ron Wallarab, Terry 78 Wamser, Frances 78 Ward, Jeffrey 78 Wassell, Ketra 78 Wassenhove, John 78 Wasson, Christine 78 Wasson, David 78, 136 Watson, Scott 78 Webster, Todd 78 Weighall, Eric 78, 128 Weir. Tamera 78, 126 Wells, Carol 78 Wells, Robert 78 Welsh, Christopher 78 Welsh, Pamela 118, 78 Werner, Lori 78 Westbrook, Charles 78, 178 Wheeler, Jill 78 Wheeler, Kenneth 78 Whitcanack, Tammie 78, 126 White, Carol 78 White, Dawn 78, 144, 145 White, Sharmon 78, 212 Whiteside, Julie 78, 134, 141, 124 Whitley, J. 78, 116, 168, 183, 193, 209, 115, 256 Whitley, Lisa 78 Whitney, Dawn 78, 134, 145 Whitworth, Lewis 79 Widger, Sheryl 79 Wilcox, Walker 79 Wilder, Steven Wilks, Mark 79 Williams, Carrie 79, 128 Williams, La Shonda 79, 192 Williamson, Danny 79 Willis, Joanna 79 Wingert, Brian 79 Wingert, Jodi 79, 126 Wirtz, Kari 79, 190.213, 212, 120 Witherspoon, William 79 Witt, Valerie Womack, Michele 79 Woodruff, Mark 79, 187, 211 Woodruff, Steven 79, 187, 211 Woods, Melanie 79 Zaerr, Amanda 79 Zalewski. Kurtis 79, 134, 124 Zink, Mikki 79 Zywot, Victoria 79, 126 '86 Abram, Leslie 80, 192 Ackerland, Kelly 80 Ainslie, Jennifer 80 Alanis, Lucy Alaniz, Eddie 80, 181, 180 Alaniz, Ellie 80 Alberts, Lauri 80 Allcock, Kimberly 80 Allensworth, Dennis 80, 143 Almanza, Guadalupe 80 Althiser, Lisa 80 Amaro, Bonnie 80 Anderson, Arthur 80, 142, 143, 196 Anderson, Martie 80 Anderson, Scott lndex Hakeman, Curtis 85 Kincaid, Mike 86 202, 200, 203 250 -- In Anderson, William 80 Andrews, Dona 80 Andrios, John 80 Arlt, Brian 80, 187 Arrington, Leslie 80, 212 Ashley, Rodney Chuich, Ty 82 Clark, David 82 Clark, Deborah 82 Clark, Jeffrey 82 Clark, John 82, 143 Clark, Wyatt 82 Ashmore, Brian 80 Baker, Antonio 80, 196 Barber, Stacey 80 Barham, David 80 Barnes, Robert 80 Barnett, Douglas 80 Batten, Michael 81, 190 Beasley, Charles 81 Bebensee, Ann 81 Becht, Doug 81 Beckman, Ivan 81, 194, 145, 180 203 Bell, Carolee 81 Belman, Eric 81 Benson, Shellie 81 Benson, Steve 81, 187 Bergevin, Elizabeth 81 Bernat, Jeff 81, 203 Bert, Steve 81, 143, 180 Clay, Rachel 82 Clayton, Willis 82, 142, 143 Clements, Tom 82, 145, 203 Cochran, Lisa 82 Cocquit, Karrie Cole, Kelly 82 Comeaux, Matthew 82 Comins, April 82 Cook, Stacey 82 Cooper, Charla Corbin, Christine 82 Corbin, Patrick 82 Correa, Diana 82 Covemaker, James 82, 196 Cowley, Cathleen 82, 184 Cravens, Steven 82 Crawford, Bobbi 82 Crisel, Teresa 82 Cronkleton, Cynthia 82, 4, 116, 166 Cruz, David 82, 180 Fey, Linda 84 Fillmer, Rebecca 84, 144 Findahl, Lori 84, 193, 192 Fluegel, Kim 84 Foiles, Christopher 84 Foltz, Terry 84, 203, 210, 211 Forret, Steven 84, 134, 143, 124 Fotos, John 84, 180 Fraikes, Larry 84 Francois, Patrick 84 Frederick, James 84 Friend, Lisa 84 Gager, Michael 84 Gantt, Brad 84 Garcia, David Garcia, Deana 84 Gardner, Sam 84, 143 Gartelos, Kelly 84 Garza, Ana Garza, Patricia 84, 143 Gates, Ruth 84 Glanz, Jana 84 Berthoud, Kellie 81, 184 Best, Charles 81 Betcher, Mark 81 Bever, Dennis 81 Bjork, Tena 81, 143 Black, Tim 81 Blackwood, Kimberly Blake, Charles 81 Blomberg, Stephen 81, 181, 180, 196 Blomberg, Stephanie 81, 150 Boarts, Matthew 81, 143 Boggs, Danny 81 Boggs, Jerry 81 D'Hodge, Kim D'Hodge, Lisa Dang, Thuong Daniels, James 82 David, Randy 82 Davila, Ricardo 82, 180 Davis, Clifford 82, 180 Davis, Darren 82 Davis, Doug 82 Davis, John 82, 87, 180, 200, 203 Davis, Piper 82, 1 Davison, Mike 82 45 1 34 Bordner, Susan 81, 145, 8, 2 Bowker, Dawn 81 Boyd, Kelly 81 Boyd, Tammy Bradley, Kelly 118 Bramucci, William 81 Brandom, Scott 81 Branham, Jeffrey 81 Brems, Thomas Brewer, Julie 81, 198, 114 Brodbent, Charles 81, 145 Brown, Cindy 81 Brown, Glen Brown, Jerry 81 Brown, Rex 81 Bruner, Scott 81, 196 Bryant Lyndal 81 Bugh, Larry 81 12 Deblock, Amy 82, 190 Debord, Karen 82 Deering, Michelle 82, 143 Deffenbaugh, Beth 82, 212 Degraeve, Joel 82, 145 Dehamer, Cynthia 83, 204 Delaney, James 83 Dejaynes, John Delgado, Julius 83, 180 Demay, Tina 83, 178 D'Hooge, Kim 83 Dickie, Lonnie 83, 146 Dickinson, Sheryl 83, 145 Dixon, Michael 83 Dodson, Kelly 83 Donovan, Laura 83, 91 Dowen, Matthew 83, 187 Drum, Ronnie 83 Goeden, Kristine 84 Goldstein, Norris 84, 180 Gomez, Andrea 84, 143, 206 Gorishek, Lisa 84, 143, 204 Green, Bonnie 84 Green, Pam 84 Greer, Rebecca 84, 198, 211 Griffin, Sherri Griffith, Billy Grumadas, Gwendolyn 84 Grunwald, Lisa 84 Guzman, Maximillian 85, 145 Hacker, Marilee 85, 143, 206 Haigh, Craig 85, 145 Hain, Jenny 85 Haley, Peggy 85, 143, 116, 168 Hamerly, Karen 85 Hamric, Michael Hamrick, Michele 85, 198 Hanlin, Kami 85, 206, 207 Hansen, Alan 85 Hanshaw, Rayne 85 Harkness, Troy 85 Harlan, Brock 85 Harrington, 85 Harris Il, Louis 85, 196 Hoang, Anh 85 Hoang, Chap 85 Hoepfner, David 85, 143 Hoff, Teresa 85 Hood, Kevin 85 Hopwood, Billy 85 Hosford, Bradley 85 Hudson, Richard 85 Hufford, Amy 85, 91, 184, 145 Hull, Timothy 85 Hunt, Sonya 86 Hunter, David 86 Hunter, Emily 86 Hurtado, Christina 86 Huston. Melissa Hutchinson, Mark Huyten, Tonya 86, 134, 143, 124, 138 lmmesoete, Steve 86, 145 lnce, Donald 86, 181, 180 Inglis, Tammy 86, 206 lsais, Christine 86, 134, 143 lvanowski, Jan 86, 188, 189 Jablon, Julie 86 Jackson, Ralph 145 Jacobs, Pamela 86, 143 Jacobsen, Michael 86, 188 James, Jennifer 86, 143 Jefford, Christie 86 Jenkins, Yalanda 80, 86, 143, 114 Jimenez, Carlos 86 Jimenez, Juan 86, 134 Jinez, Ofelia 86 Johnson, Sherry 86, 184, 145, 192 Johnson, Tammy 86 Johnson, Theresa Jones David 86, 134, 190 Jones Lisa 86 Jones Paula 86 Jones, Ronna 86 Jones, Tammy 86, 145, 198 Jones, Terry 86 Jones William 86, 143 Kammen, Gene 86 Kauer, Adonna Kays, Becky 86 Keegan, Jeana 86 Keegan, Tina 86 Keithley, Shannon 86 Harris Dewayne 85, 203 Harris Jeannie 85 Harris Lynn 80, 85, 114, 213, 212, 211 218 Harris, Sandra 80, 85, 145, 193, 192 Harris Shaun 85, 211 Harris Turetha 85 Kellett, Brian 86, 187 Kelley, James 86 Kelley, Michael 86 Kennedy, Shaun 86 Kenney, Chrispin 86 Ketelaar, Thomas 86, 134, 143 Bui, Chi 81 Burdzicki, Leszek 81 Burklund, Gina 81 Burner, Scott 81 Duncan, Craig 83 Duncan, Dean 83 Dunn, Sunday 83 Durbin, Jill 83 145 Burrell, Tony 81 Buser, Lisa 81 Buxbaum, Christian 81 Bybee, Mike 81 Calderson, Carrie 80, 81, 192, 114 Caldwell, Darin 81 Caldwell, Kristen 81, 145 Cameron, Bradley 82, 158, 181, 180, Dusenberry, Michelle 83 Dussliere, John 190, 191, 218 Dzekunskas, Niki 83 Earnest, Jacinda 83 Edwards, Herman 83 Ekin, John Emerick, Robert 83 Emmendorfer, Mary 83 Engeman, Matt 83, 203 Campbell, Anthony 82, 196 Cardwell, Ann 82 Carmichael, Dawnya 82, 158 Carr, Connie 82 Catterton, Jon 82, 180, 200, 203 Caviola, Gaetan 82 Ceder, Kelli 82, 88, 188, 189, 211 Chavez, Angie 82, 212 Chenoweth, Peggy 82 dex Entrikin, Todd 83, 180 Ervin, Sean 83 Espinoza, Valerie Evans, Jeffrey 83 Fanning, Lisa 83 Fanning, Lori 83 Farr, Teri 84 Felsman, Lynette 84 Fetterer, Richard 83, 84, 180 Harrison, Deanna 85 Hart, Dennis 85, 87, 92 Hart, Douglas 85, 143 Hartshorn, Aaron 85 Hartshorn, Tammy Haskins, John 85 Hatfield, Donna 85 Havens, David 85 Hawotte, Kevin 85 Hayden, Charles Heald, Todd 85 Hedge, Tonya 85 Heist, Steven Henrichs, Michael 85 Hernandez, Lynette 85 Hernandez, Maria 85 Herrick, Donna 85, 212 Higgins, Christopher 143 Higgins, Sherri 85 Hill, Stephanie 85, 212 Hill, Teresa 85 Hines, Darren 143 Kinney, Jerry 86 Kirkpatrick, Jon 86 Klouser, Sally 86, 159 Knutson, Peggy 86 Koellner, James 86 Kunst, John 86 Kunzle, Jon 86 Kushmer, Matt 86 Kusy, Kerrianne 87, 143 Lafferty, Robert 87 Lafond, Dawn 87 Lambert, Rodney 87 Lampe, Karen 87 Land, Daniel 87, 143 Lane, Roy 87 Larson, John 87 Laxy, Laura 87 Lay, Kathy 87 Layman, Marion 87 Leahy, Stephen 87 Leblanc, Kimberly 87, 143, 198, 111-lf, 210,211 1 , Lee, Brad B7 Lee, Rebecca 87, 134, 143 Leedom, Kari 87 Leibovitz, Dana 87 Mundt, Bradley 89, 145 Munos, Mark 89. 143. 116, 129, 256 Musgrow, Althea 89 Myung, Jung 89 Peterson, Kenneth 90 Petit, John 90 Pettit, Jon 90, 190 Phillips, Karen 90 Lentz, Don 87 Lewis, Darrell 87, 196 Lewis, Gerald 87 Lewis, Pam 87 Leyden, Katherin 87, 212 Lindquist, David 87, 188, 189 Linn, Patrick 87 Loding, Julie 87, 3 Loduca, Frank 87 Long, Teri 87 Longnecker, Jim 87, 203 Loose, Catherine 87, 145, 187 Lopez, Jean 87, 187 Lopez, Juanita 87 Lucas, Danelle 87 Lueders, Bradley 87 Lujan, Teresa 87 Madison, James 87, 143 Mahan, Scott 87, 196 Malmstrom, Todd 88, 203 Manley, Lisa 88 Marshall, Marie 88 Nagel, Kathleen 89 Nahrgang, Julie 89. 143 Nahrgang, Leonard 89, 180, 203 Neff, Bradley 87, 89 Nelson, Lisa 89 Newberry, Jodee 89, 118 Nipper, Lisa 89 Noack, Todd 89, 145 Nolan, Kathy 89 Ochoa, Herman 89, 181, 180 Ohlsen, Christopher 89, 180, 196 Ohrberg, Theresa 89 Olszewski, Michael 89 Olver, Troy Omeara, Michael 89, 203 Oppenheimer, Jeff 89, 180 Owens, Kimberly 89 Pacheco, Mike 89, 180 Padilla, Aydee 89 Palaiologos, Kaliroi 89 Park, David 89 Patten, Terri 89 Patterson, Angela 89, 143 Paul, Tony 89, 133, 134, 135, 143, 122, 124 Pauley, Patricia 89 Paxson, Jennifer 90, 192 Peel, John 90 Pender, Catherine 90 Phung, Sen 90 Pierce, Teresa 90 Pizano, Monica 90 Pizano, Yvete 90 Platt, Anita 90 Poelvoorde, Kelly 90 Polios, 212 Michelle 90, 188, 189, 213. Ponce, David 90 Ponder, Pamela 90 Praught, Jerome 90, 142. 143 Preslar, Tassandra 90. 143, 158 Pruett, Ladonna 90 Pustelnik, Mark 87, 90, 188, 189, 198, 200, 203 Qualls, Hervey 90 Quick, Greg 90, 180 Raischel, Pamela 90, 184 Ramon, Ramos Ramos Ramos John 90, 145 Beatrice 90, 143 Dionisio 90 Efrain 90 Rasso, Jack 90 Redell, Ronald 90 Reed, Ronald 90 Reed, Vanessa 90 Reedy, Mark 90 Reeves, David 90 Reeves, Kevin 90 Martel, Felicia 88, 114, 212 Martin, Joel 88 Martin, Lesa 88 Masias, Peter 83, 188, 187 Mason, Andrew 88 May, James 88 Mayfield, Terry 88, 192, 114, 211 McArtor, Marlinda 88 McCraw, Vicki 88 McDanel, Dennis 88 McDonnell, Carolyn 88 Pendleton. Jeff 90 Perkins, Theresa 90, 143 Perkins, Tina 90 Perry, Dwight 90, 180 Perry, James 90, 145 Rettig, Kevin 90, 180 Revels, Billy 90, 145 Reyna, Alan 90, 180 Reynolds, Patricia 90 Rhoadarmer, Robin 90 McGee, Norma McGinnis, Suzan 88, 192 McKay, Paula 88 McKay, Scott 88, 203 McMahon, Daniel 88, 143 McMillon, Curtis 88 McSparin, Carla Medina, Mellisa 88 Medley, Jeff 88, 144, 145 Merideth, Jeff 88, 187 Merrill, Merrill, Geoff 203 Steven Michaels, John Michalek, Anita 88, 159 Milburn, Tammy 88 Miles, Jerry 88 Millard, Michael 88, 196 Miller, Darren 88, 203 Miller, Delana 88 Miller, Jason 89, 143 Miller, John 89 Miller, Marshall 89 Miller, Rodger 89 Mills, Bobby 89 Mills, Larry 89 Minehart, Patricia 89 Mixer, Lisa 89, 187 Moffitt, Brad Mohr, Michael 89, 187, 203 Mondus, Michelle 89 Montez, Maria 89, 143 Mooney, Lee 89 Moraetes, Melodie 89 Moreno, Debbie 89 Morgan, Kim 89 Morris, Dawn 89 Morse, Carolyn 89 Mosher, Tina 89, 159, 212 Muller, Staci 89, 143 Mamma, Debbie 89, 192 Peters, Shelly 90 Rhodes, Don 90 Rhudy, Randy 90 Rial, Shawn Richmond, Ryan Riddle, Nancy 90. 143 Riddle, Pat Roady, Christina 91 Rockhold, Timothy 91, 203 Rodgers, Joann 91 Rodriguez. Javier 91 Ronnebeck, Scott 91, 180, 196, 114 Root, Robby 91 Rose, Allen 91, 180, 203 Rosenthal, Stephanie 91. 184 Rubalcava, Claudia 91 Rushing, Kari 91 Rushing, Kelly Rusk, Kristy 91 Rust, Cassandra 91 Rylander. Donald 91 Rylander, Kristi 91, 190, 198 Samuels, Brian 91 Sanchez, Ricardo 91. 180 Sanderson, Roger 91 Sandoval, Tori Saucedo, Delfina 91. 143 Savala, Yvette 91 Sawyer, Jeanne 91 Schaffer, Robert 91, 187 Schierer, Julie 91, 158 Schmacht, Donald 91 Schreiner, Lisa 143 Schroder, Lora 91, 192 Schroeder. Laura 91, 116. 136. 170 1 13, 256 Schuch, Bradley 91 Schuldts Ill, Charles 91, 118, 180 Schutz, Patricia 91 Scott, Teddy 91, 146 Scott, Tracee 91 Junior Carol Alejo cheers her team on while waiting for her hair to dry. index Taylor, Thejma Allen, Scott 96 p Scott, William 91, 145, 138 Seams,'Shirley 91 Sedgwick, Victoria 92, 192 Sellers, Deborah 92 Shaner, Donald 92 Shay, Patrick 92 Sheffler, Jr. Louis 92 Shepard, Tia 92 Short, Scott Simonich. Brian 92 Siraphet, Pirsavath 92, 187 Smet, Dean Smith, Donney 92 Smith, Mary 92 Smith, Theresa 92 Snell, Charles 92 Snyder, Joanna 92 Snyder, Julie 92 Soots, Jennifer 92, 190 Sparks, Cindy 92, 145 Spencer, Patrick 92, 145, 180 Spencer, Teri 92, 116, 166, 256 Spiegel, Mike Stage, Anne 92, 212 Stahl, Donald Standaert, Julie 92, 100, 190, 204, 204 Stanley, Trena 92 Stanton, Jimmy 92 Starr, Bradley 92 Stephens, Dwayne 92 Stevens, Pamela 92 Stolbom, David 92, 187 Stolbom, Jeffrey 92, 145, 200 Stopoulos, Samantha 92, 136 N? Streeter, Galen 92 Sturm, Paul 92, 145, 191, 146 Subdon, Theresa 92 Suggs. Brenda 92, 159 Summers, Michelle 92 Summers, Robbie Swan, Christine Swanson, Elizabeth 92 Swanson, Monte Swanson, Tammy 92 Sweat, Daria 92 Swinburn, Kelley 93, 212, 206 Tallman, Jennifer 93, 143, 187 Tapia, Carlos 93 Tapia, Troy 93, 181, 180, 200, 203 Tate, Joe 93 Taylor, Lori Teats, Kerry 93 Teichman, Kathleen 93 Templeton, Gene 93, 187, 203 Terrell, Norine 93, 145 Testa, Elizabeth 93, 146 Testa, Joseph 93, 146 Thomas, Alisia 93 Thomas, Jan 93 Thompson, Mike 93, 143 Thorndyke, Jeff 93. 203 Thorstenson, Danielle 93, 134, 143 Thruman, Debbie 93 Tiemeier, Brian 93 Tiemeier, Bruce Tighe, Tim 93 Tipton, Gina 93 Tisdale, Larry 93 Tisdale, Sheri 93 Titus, Jay 93, 187, 203 Tomes, Angela 93 Trapp, Darren 93 Traylor, Deborah 93, 143, 206 Tribble, Christy 93, 187, 211 Tripp, Stacey 93, 187 True, Cheryl 93 Trujillo, Timothy Utley, Bob 93 Uzzell, Melissa 93, 145, 206 Valdez, Gilberto 93 Vallejo, Jamie 93 Vanrycke, Jimmy 93 Vantieghem, Sheli 93, 192 Varman, Jana 93 Verhaeghe, Lorrie 93, 159 Verlindon, James 93, 180, 203 Which Woody is which? 252 - Index Vermeire, Joel 93 Vershaw, Connie 93 Verstraete, Michelle 93 Villa, Michelle 93 Villalobos, Melissa 93 Villarreal, Angie 93 Voorhis, Dennis 93 Waite, Stacie 93, 184, 143, 192 Wallace, Brian 93 Wallarab, Jeff 93 Walz, Michael 94 Ward, Darin 94 Ward, Paula 91, 94 Ward, Scott 94 Ware, Jeff 94 Wash, Leonard 145, 94 Watson, Jason 94 Watson, Mary 94 Watson, Willie 94 Way, Lorena 94 Weatherington, Karla Weber, Lisa 94 Webster, Cynthia 94, 145 Webster, Mickey 94 Webster, Todd Weeks, David 94, 180 Wells, Keith 143, 94 Wells, Kraig 94, 181, 180 Wendt, Heidi 94, 212 West, Troy 94 Whetley, Kelly 143, 94 Wheeler, Kevin 94, 116, 256 Whetstone, Tracye White, Jackie 94, 145, 212 White, Tracey 94 Whiteside, Susan 94 Whitmarsh, Michael Widger, Joseph 94 Wiersema, Toby 143 Wilcox, Walter Williams, Brian 94, 146 Williams, Kelly 94 Williams, Mark 94, 196 Williams, Matthew 94, 180, 204 Willoughby, Susan 94, 116, 256 Wilshusen, Joann 94, 187 Wilson, Jerrimy 94 Wilson, Scott 94 Winchester, Greg 94 Wingert, Timothy 94 Winkel, Angela 94 Winston, Lance 134, 142, 143, 94, 124, 138 Witherspoon, Doug 94 Witte, Stuart 94 Womack, Michael 94, 188, 189 Woods, Tina Wright, Tom 94 Wulf, Doug 94 172,113 Yang, Peter 94 Yeager, Michelle 94 Young, Suzanne 94 Youngs, Keith 94, 203 Zapata, Eduardo 94 Zbleski, Mary 94 '87 Ackeberg, John 96 Adams, Thomas 96 Adkins, Brian 96 Adleman, Jamie 96 Aguirre, Paul 96 Alexander, Tricia 96, 184, 14 Allison, Michael 96, 146 Alvin, Michael 96 Anderson, James 96 Anderson, Tannya 96, 184, 143 192 Anderson, Teresa 96 Andresen, Laurie 109, 212 Angelos, Christine 96, 212 Apperson, Dawn 96, 143 Argeros, James 96, 143 Ashbaugh, Scott 202 Atkins, Gerri 96 Aukee, Lisa 96, 159 Ayala, Benito 83, 96, 187, 196 Ballard, Jerry Ballard, Kathy 96 Ballard, Michelle 96, 143 Banaszek, Daniel 96, 196 Banks, Alvin Allen 96 Barber, Doug 96, 104, 202 Barker, Bobby 96 Barnes, Jennifer 97, 143 Bebensee, Kenneth 97 Beedlow, Lora 97, 198, 146 Bell, Douglas 97 Bender, Thomas 97 Benell, Bryan 97 Benson, Richard 97, 196 Bergheger, Robert 97 Berry, Karen 143 Berry, William 97 Binford, Demoris 97 Blackwell, Lisa 97, 212 Blair, Brian 97, 196 Boggs, Donald 97, 143 Bohannon, Craig 97 Bond, Timothy 97, 180 Bonilla, Michael 97, 180, 196 Borelund, Rich 180 Boshell, Sandra 97 Bourdeaux, Andrew 97 Brand, Mark 97 Bray, Constance 97, 213, 212 Brock, Kenneth 97 Brodbent, James 109, 176 Brooks, Kenneth Brown, Cary Brown, Lacey 97 Brown, Melissa 97, 143 Brown, Michael 97 Brumberg, Chris 97, 180 Bubon, Melissa 97, 198 Bunch, Charles 97 Bundy, Leslie 97 Burgess, Albert 190 Burgess, Kimberly 97, 143 Burke, Benjamin 97, 187, 124 190 Burklund, Richard 97, 202 Burney, Brian 97, 134, 187, 138 202 146 Bursey, Cornell 97, 143 Bushong, Lanita 97 Butler, Coretta 97 Caldwell, Tracey 97 Callen, Candace 97 Campbell, Glenn 97 Campbell, Otis 97 Carmack, Charles 97, 180 Carter, Rondal 97 Caviola, Dennis 97, 146 Cernetisch, Bethany 97, 159, 192 Claerhout, Bryan 97 Faramelli, Steven 99, 146 Farnsworth, Scott 99, 187, 196 Fentem, Brent 99 Fitch, Timothy 99 Fleming, Heather 99, 190 Flowers, Van 99, 143, 196 Fluegel, Emiel 99 F1uegel,,Jeffery 99, 180 Fluegel, Marc 99, 187, 196, 202 Foltz, Troy 99, 202 Forbes, Todd 99 Clark, Clark, David Jr. 97 Jeff 97, 146 Davis, Bryan 98, 143 Clark, Larry 97 Clark, Regina 97, 213, 212 Clark, Stephanie 98 Cobert, Chris 98 Colburn, Samuel 98 Conn, Adam 98, 202 Contreras, Humberto 98, 196 Coon, Kelly 98 Coram, Josh 98, 180, 202 Correa, Jesse 98, 180 Cosgrove, Joan 98, 146 Court, Stacy 96, 98, 184, 142, 143, 138, 114 Cox, Edward 98, 187, 6 Cramblett, Michelle 98 Crawford, Craig 98, 143, 196 Cropp, Danielle 98, 143 Cross, Linda 98 Cullett, Daniel 98 Cyphers, Julie 98 Daebelliehn, Bruce 98 Daggett, Kara 98 Danielson, Dawn 98, 212 Danner, Krystal 98, 143 Fox, Robert 99, 202 Fraikes, Gary 99 Franks, Mickey 99 Freeman, Marjorie 99 Fuller, Robert Jr. 99 Fuller, Thomas 99 Howat, Arron 101, 180, 202, 203 Hudgens, Sean 146 Hudson, Margaret 101 Hugaert, Rod 101 Hulting, Darin 101 Hunt, Lana 101 Hutchinson, Kelly 101, 182, 204 Hutson, Kimberly 101 lmel, Daniel 101, 180, 202, 203 Jackson, Christine 101, 192, 146 Jackson, Robert 101, 196 Jackson, Ronald 101 Jacobson, Faye 101 Marner, Marlena 102 Marshall, Paula 103 Martel, Jason 103 Martel, Theodore 103, 202, 203 Massa, John 103, 180, 202, 203, Matheny, Jeffrey McArtor, Mitchell 103 McCartin, Bonnie 103, 184 McClure, Paul 103 McCollum, Beth 103, 190 McCollum, Danielle 103 McCray, Kendric McDermott, George 103 200 Gabriel Garcia, Garcia, Garrett, George, Michelle 100 Erika 100 Marylee 100 Donna 100, 198 Terry 100 Ghys, Gina 100, 158, 190 Giers, Daniel 100 Jacques, Penny 101, 142 James, Daren 101 Jenkins, Kendra 101, 146 Jenkins, Morris 101 Jenkins, Ray 180, 196 Jenkins, Sean 101, 180, 202 Jimenez, Victor 101, 146 Jiminez, Lurdes 101 Johnson, Laura 101 Johnson, Louise 101, 143 McGee, Shawn 103 McHie, Merry 103 Mclntosh, Robert 103 McLaughlin, Tony McLernon, Marjorie 98, 96, 103, 134, 143,124,187,198,114 McMahon, Michael 103, 200 McVey, Jaclyn 103, 182, 198 Meeske, Todd 103, 187 Melahn, Michlene 103 Mendoza, Ricardo 103, 180 Mercer, Jordan 103 Gilman, Louis 100 Gingry, Christi 100, 187 Gingry, Christopher 100 Goebel, Amy 100, 182, 159, 198 Goering, Bradley 100, 143, 180 Goering, Brant 100, 187, 119 Gomez, Joseph 100 Gomez, Randy Johnson, Shannon 101 Johnson, Tremier 98, 96, 101, 196, 114 Kainu, Mark 101, 196 Karstens, Mark 101 Katzenburger, Sheri 101, 212 Keim, Renee 102 Keith, Debbra 102, 143, 212 Kelley, Christine 102 Meyer, Tammy 103, 143 Meza, Christina 103 Milburn, Donje 103, 190 Miles, Averill 103 Miller, Miller, Miller, Carrie 103, 212 Janna 103, 184, 143, 212 Linda 103 Gonzales, Brian 100, 143, 202 Gonzales, Gloria 100, 143 Gonzales, Manuel 100, 143 Gonzalez, Romaldo Gordon, Stephen 100 Gorzney, Brian 100, 196 Kelley, Jeffrey 102 Kelley, Verle 102 Kelly, Kacy 102 Kennon, Leah 102 Kieffer, Edwina 102 Kiel, James Gower' Rob 100 Kilgore, Robert 102 Davis, Davis, Davis, Nichole 98, 192 Pamela 98, 212 Tracey 98 Davison, Mark 98, 196 Davison, Susan 98, 159 Debo, Deanna 98, 182, 143, 198, 114 Decap, Melissa 98 Declero, Jill 98 Decock, Joseph 98 Graham, James 100, 180, 196 Gramling, Michael 100 Grasz, Michael 100, 134, 146 Greene, Sharon 100, 146 Grunwald, Joann 100 Gruszecka, Rock 100 Grypp, Brett 100 Decoster, Mark 98, 143, 180, 196 Dedecker, Julie 98, 189 Deemer, Amy 98 Dejaegher, Caroline 98, 159, 198, 206 Dekeuninck, Shawn 98 Delaney, Ella 98 Delles, Rick 98 Demeurisse, Brad 98, 134, 190 Denning, Alan 98 Deporter, Neil 98 Deroin, Marcella Dhooge, Kari 98 Dixon, Dawn 98 Dodds, Dawn 98, 143, 212 Dooley, Louis 98 Dooley, Tammy 98 Doty, Patricia 98 Doxsee, Korry 98 Draper, Jayme 99, 143 Dunkin, William 99 Dunlop, William 143 Dunn, Aaron 99 Durbin, Jody 99 Durbin, Nicole 99 Durry, Tina Eklof, Renee 99, 143 Ellis, Robin 99, 143 Ely-Voloshin, Deborah 99, 143, 212 Engholm, Craig 99, 143 Ehridge, Bradford 99 lfvans. Samantha 99 Gunderson, Karyn 100, 134, 190, 191 Guthrie, Tracy 100, 190, 146 Guzman, Myrrha 100, 134, 146 Hageman, Charles 100 Hanson, Amy 100, 143 Hantz, Christina 101 Harris, Mary 101 Harris, Ronald 202 Harrison, Stephan Harrum, Michael 101, 180, 146 Hart, Craig 101 Harvey, Randall 101, 180 Hasenwinkel, Ann 101, 188, 189, 192, 146 Hasenwinkel, Dan 101, 146 Hauman, Brandy 101, 190 Hawotte, Scot 101, 202, 146 Hay-Gulick, Maria Hay, David 101 Heald, Michael 101 Henderson, Amy 101, 143 Henry, Stacey 101, 189, 196, 146 Hensley, Michael 101, 180 Herbst, Katia 101, 134, 146, 206 Hernandez, David 143, 187 Hines, Paul 101 Hinton, Devonne 101, 134 Hinton, Tonya 101 Hofstetter, Stephanie 101 Holden, Jeannine 101, 146 Horn, Leslie 101 Houseman, Phillip 101, 158 Kipp, Robert 102, 187 Kippes, Scott 102, 180, 202 Kirklin, Julie 102, 187, 192 Kirklin, Tracey 102 Kirkpatrick, Scott 102 Koch, Rhonda 102, 190 Kohn, Wendy 102, 146 Konrad, Julie 102 Korthals, John 102 Kouski, Robin 102 Kryzanek, Susan 102, 146, 206 Kyser, Robert 102 Laermans, Bradley 102, 180 Lafond, Krista 102 Laird, Traci 102, 143 Lamb, Stephanie 102, 136 Landen, Laura 102 Lane, Stephen 102 Lapaczonek, David 102, 180, 202 Lara, Victor 102, 180, 180, 196 Larson, Albert 102 Larson, Eric 102, 202 Larson, Laura 102, 192, 146, 206 Lawyer, Tammara 102, 146 Lay, John 102 Le, Lien 102 Lee, Christine Lee, Dawn 102, 114 Lee, Glenn 102 Lee, Ray 102, 143 Lewis, Turamiere 102 Lindell, Michelle 102 Lindquist, James 102 Lockaby, Shawn 102 Loduca, Caterina 102 Long, Tamara 102 Luten, David 102, 180 Manwaring, Melissa 102, 143, 158 Markley, Candice 102 Millis, Penny 103, 212 Mitchell, Trina 103, 114, 146 Moffet, Michelle 103 Mojica, Luis 103 Morehouse, Jane 103, 143 Moreno, Luz 103, 146 Moreno, Myreya 103 Morgan, Karen 103 Morris, Terry 103 Morris, Terry 104 Mundt, Gary Jr. 104, 143, 180 Munoz, Andrew 104, 180 Munoz Rita 104 Murphy, Kevin 104 Murphy, Michael Murphy, Patrick 104 Murrison, Rochel 104 Neal, Troy Neff, Michael 104 Nelson, David 104 Nelson, Wesley 104 Newberry, Larry 104, 143 Newingham, Susan 104 Newman, Allen 104 Newton, Rydur 104 Nichols, Stacy 104, 143, 187 Nielsen, Brian 104 Nimrick, Gregory 104 Nord, Michael 104 Normoyle, Patrick 104, 202 Nuckles, Krista 104 O'Brien, Lisa 104, 159 O'Neil, Robert 104 Ochoa, Gabriel 104, 143, 202 Olson, Brian 104 Owens, Melvin 104 Page, Lori 104, 212 Pankey, Kendra 104, 212 Park, Charles 104 Parker, Gloria 105 Parker, Lynn 105, 134, 124, 146 Paskvan, Nancy 105, 143 Paytash, Steve 105, 158, 180 Pena, Edna 105, 143, 204 Pena, Leroy 105, 196 Penfold, Jeffery 105, 196 lndex Mitchell 106 Smith. Wilson Perez, Frank 105 Perkins. Rodney 105 Peterson. David 105 Peterson, Martin 105 Pittman, Joan 105, 143 Pizano. Octavio 105 Plumb. Terence 105 Pogue, Christine 105, 142. 143 Pollentier. Dina 105, 143 Powell. Landon 105. 122 Quick. Steve 180 Ramirez. Carlos 105 Ramos. Joe 105. 180 Rangel. Alejandro 105 Rangel. Tony 105 Raychel. Joseph 105 Raymond, Joseph 105 Rea. lsmael 105. 143 Reddig. Michelle 105. 184. 192 Reddish. Ben Reed, Alona 105, 143 Reiter. Dennis Jr 105 Reynolds, Wayne 105. 180. 202 Rial. Ann 105, 212 Richtman, Ernest 105 Riley. Ruth 105 Rivard. Suzanne 105 Roady. Theresa 105 Robertson. Rodger 105. 146 Rocker. Kurt 105 Rodriguez. Norma 105. 143 Rodriguez. Norma 105 Rogers, Bradley 105 Rogers, Daniel 105 Romano. Diana 105 Ross. Vickie 105 Rowland. Matthew 105 Rubalcava, Cecilia 105 Rubalcava, Erika 105 Runburg. Amy 105 Rust, Scott 105 Saey. Kristen 105. 184. 198 Samolitis. Susan 105. 158. 198 Samuels. Gary 106. 196 Sanders. James 106. 143 Sanders, Marty 180. 202 Sanders, Rhonda 106. 146 Sandoval. Jon 106 Sandoval. Salvador 106. 143 Sansale. Julie 106, 143 Sarabacha, David 106. 146 Sarazin. Laura 106 Satre. Michael 106. 190. 146 Saucedo. Valentina 106 Schaffer, Killian 106. 187 Schatteman, Joseph 106. 122. 146 Schleeter. Brian 106 Schmitz, Jeffery 106. 202 Schofield, Dwayne 106 Schroeder. Kristine 106, 143, 212 Schroeder. Linda 106. 146 Schuldt. Dustin 106. 180 Schurvinske, Jeffrey 106, 143 Scott, Angel 106. 184 Scott, Tiffaney 106. 184. 143 Scritsmier. Justin 106, 187. 202 Scudder, Kyle 106, 180 Scully, Valerie 106. 134, 143, 122. 138 Segers, Joseph 106 Segura. Maria 106, 184. 143 Sellers, Bruce 106. 196 Senteras, Frank 106 Sewell. Tiffany 106 Sheese. Matthew 106 Sheldon, Glenda 106 Sides, Richy 106, 143 Sierra. Dawn 106 54 index Simpkins. Mark 106 Siraphet. Feuong 106 Skalla. Susannah 106. 134. 146. 206 Skiles, Corrie 106. 182. 158, 192 Skillett, Jeffrey 106. 180, 196 Smith. Brian 106. 180 Smith. Douglas 106 Smith. Eddie 106 Smith. Smith. Smith Smith, Jodi 106. 159. 146 Julia 106 Lori 106. 143. 159,212 Patricia 106 Snell. Brian 106 ' we Soliz. Angeline 106. 146 Spoerl, Katherin 107, 159 Stahl, Dennis 107 Standaert. Patricia 107. 209. 206 Stephens. Phillip 107 Stevenson. Debbi 107 Stilwell. Shane 107. 143, 180 Stombaugh, Brian 107 Stone. Bryan 107. 143. 180 Stoneking. Gregory 107 Stopoulos, John 107 Stotts. Elizabeth 107. 146 Stougard. Kim 107. 143. 114 Stougard. William 107. 143 Stout, Sheila 107 Stufflebeam, lracey 107, 143 Sullivan. Kristy 107 Sunken, Christopher 107 Swailes, Stacey 107 Swanson, Lynne 107, 189. 146 Tady. Troy 107 Taets. Michael 107. 190 Takantjas. James 107 Talbot, Marcia 107, 134, 143 Tallman, Pamela 107. 143 Tank. Dwayne 107 Tapia. Rodrigo 107. 143. 202 Taylor. Zack 107 Tharp. Terry 107 Thomann, Michael 107 Thomas, Timothy 107, 108, 143 Thompson, Cindy 107 Toliver. Terrance 107. 143. 180. 196 Townsend. Bruce 108 Traub, Rob 108 Trout, Chistine 108 Trujillo. Lisa 108. 142. 143 Turner, Rebekah 108 Tworek. Scott 108, 146 Valdez. Jose 108 Valdez. Jr. Juan 108 Valdez. Rafael 108 Valladares. Alejandro 108 Vandaele, Lori 108, 143 Vandewalle. Diane 108. 134, 122. 138 Vanclyke Eugene 108 Vanmeighem. Kelly 108 Veigel, Erich 108 Verstraete. Christine 108. 158. 190 Verstraete. Patricia 108. 214. 218 Villarreal, Alfredo Jr 108. 109 Viscioni. Ronald 108 Vittori. Wendy 108. 212 Vogler. Lisa 108. 212 Volk, Julie 108 Vonmaur. Rachel 108 Vyncke, Tracy 184, 108. 192 Wales. Shawn 108. 158 Walker. Thomas 108 Wallarab, Bryaon 108 Wamser, Theresa 108 Wara, Nancy 184, 108. 146 Ward. Renee 108. 109 Wassell. Wendy 108 Watson. Kristina 108, 143. 192 Welch, Alice 108, 192 Weller. Denise 108 Werner. Daryl 108. 202. 146 West. Todd 108 Wheatley. Kimberly 184. 109 192 White, Terrell 109. 196 White, Tonya 109 Whitney. Dawn 109. 212 Whitney. Gregory 109 Wilkens, Rhonda 109. 146 Willhouse, Laurie 109 Williams, Darrin 109 Williams. Norma 109. 143 Williams. Shawna 109. 146 Wilson, Wilson Wilson Wilson, Wilson Billy 109, 143. 180 Jr. Danny 109 Mack 109 Michael 109. 143 Richard 109 Walker 109. 180. 146 Winchester. Scott 109 Wingert, Michelle 109 Wold, Troy 109 Womac. Troy 109 Wright. Lisa 109 Wright. Stacey 109 Yang. Bee 109, 143 Young. Barbara 109, 158 Zeigler. Carla 109 This welleknown sign is as old as the class of '84, .BWV "I expect to pass through this world but once. Any good therefore that I can do, or any kindness that I can show to any fellow creature, let me do it now. Let me not defer or neglect it, for I shall not pass this way again." "Destiny is not a matter of chance, it is a matter of choicegi it is not a thing to be waited for, it is a thing to be achieved." CU- 'aw Cf- 'W New I iw ' "'k The Skyline staff wishes to thank Rexroat Porshef Audi for the use of their Porshe, Editors' Page 1983-84: A Special Thanks Co-editors: Elizabeth Kipp Roxane Vittori Faculty Adviser: Mrs, Marsha Peterson Head Photographer: Jeffrey Kipp Business Manager: Cynthia Cruz Staff: Carol Alejo. Pamela Cameron, Cyn- thia Cruz, Melissa Cunningham. Alma Da- vila, Rhonda Dewitt. Ana Garza, Pamela Getty, Aran Mercer, Mark Munos, Staci Raffelson, Diane Rasmussen, Laura Schroeder, Mary Esther Soliz, Teri Spen- cer. Christine Thompson, Kevin Wheeler, Kimberly Whitley. and Susan Willoughby. Photographers: Kirk Amador and Douglas Barnett Skyline is published annually by United Township High School, Archer Drive and 42nd Avenue. East Moline, Illinois. Skyline is printed by American Yearbook Com- pany, Topeka. Kansas. The Skyline staff. co-editors, and adviser wish to thank the following people and groups for their special assistance: -The Key for the use of their photographs. -The business department for the use of the typewriters and facilities. -Coaches, Mr. Gene McCarter, and Mr. James Llnrath for their assistance in com- piling athletic data. -Mr. Ted Tyler for his cooperation in the use of the darkroom, -Mr. John Aclolphi and Mr, Ron Chappell for their photographic assistance. -A special thanks to Mr. Howard Dusek and the American Yearbook Company. P56 e- Acknowledgments

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