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Q X wfpf' ' W, VZ, 2. Qfg?'Yfg? j?5J2f X S lg I xp fy! ' 2 , x M wi ff M?fQ?1Nij-Qff mkmmi ' A Mn 3 0 XBQNBEL- 354 is M' YF lf, M fri F325 kf'? 19 MQ, Ll ,QL , fig, J S 63 i go UK Q '4 MM . . "'Zj! f'4-f-MQEN 2 1.,"1"f , ' Q3 , X Pwqsemow , g if Q M 'M we 'l f E1 W .lease I W' Q' I . Q " - Dm! w pm fl x f kg V M ,G 0 I , , Y 15 MSQP' Od CQ'-"W ,X ,-P 'JJ Ejf, My fpfgf 1, v55X's'LK,qQ 9' K., fu-pb My 4+ file Psi 3053, N W . new qw ,MW My fig .,w2,W 2, My wif Q xx -.s 1. 1. J-, w 1 ' f, if 1 j . xx, , A A73 ef fag 'wr if :'E:f' 4. kg M W W 's"W'1wafiigAf,, M ,,w,,,55f!H . . y- , V- f-wg' 1 z'4 . I Q, 2 9-I 5 . 5, Q5 ' P. 1? my ' , A 1 . lx: 4 . 1 a' , 1 ,yyl X . an ' N , I.. . 1,v.,' gi' at if a . 523 if ,AQ H V 2151! " -ami? 2-' EIRXYIUDI UDUNI "Here are the waters and the watering place. Drink and be whole again be- yond confusion." Frost Students dove headlong into new depths of experience, as the mood of the year was set by the opening of UT's new swim- ming pool. This spirit over- ie. flowed into all aspects of school l f u 5 , 2 I 3' U I5 Orange and black pekoe Opening ......., Student Life ,.,.. Sports .....,,,... tea INGREDIENTS Diving In .... 2 In the Swim . , 10 Meets and Competition . 20 Seniors ......,., Staying Above Water 62 Underclassmen Getting their Feet Wet , . .122 Faculty .......... Lifeguards 4.., 166 Organizations Making Waves 190 Entertainment Showtime .... 212 Closing .......... Going Under 230 Ads ............. Floaters ..,... 246 Net Weight: 2746 students I .2 it . 1. Tennis may confuse Rhonda at times, but she 2 Diving In always finds time to smile. ""F '!F 4 it 9 ne 'l""'.f"' 7 S xi is-t"""' , 1 Ns g, ,,,...,..--ww X 13? ,K sn? it 1. ? f - ... - 1' we is 3' N ! 1. Many students brought balloons for spirit to the pep assembly when the Panthers were go- ing to play Moline, UT's biggest rival. 2. Foot- ball's Pete the Panther, Vicki Cooper, disguises herself as Pete in order to get the crowds roar- ing. 3. Mark Owen and friend seem to know what they're doing as they work on cars during their auto body class. 5. Mr. and Mrs. Bert Han- lin joined teachers discoing down at the home- coming assembly after taking lessons from Miss Nadine D'Angelo on Thursday evenings. 4. Betsy Sproul and friends relax leisurely on a stairway railing after their long week of school. Diving In 3 45p U.T. IS "AS FULL OP SPIRIT AS THE MONTH OF MAY, AND GORGEOUS AS THE SUN AT MIDSUMMER Shakespeare 1. UT pl nges into f t Soule Bowl. . im an tain ' w ' et Q gh 2 1 S d f b ll h talks t h s team, hop g p h th g h h ll d h t Il B d f h p jp Spirit, drive, ability - UT's the best that we can see. Stick with usp we'll take you far. U7 Q' fx A, gs i,. ""'O mum, umnt ,gp in 1. Mickey Mouse comes to life through the UT band. 2. There is no better way to paint North Campus gym floor than to use the school colors of orange and black. 3. Robin Davis carefully protects the football team from its fans. 4. lani Sweeney shows her desire to beat Moline as she carries around balloons with "Beat Moline" on them. Spirit 5 "THE SWEET MAGIC OP A CHEEREUL PACE NOT ALWAYS SMILING BUT AT LEAST SERENE If a picture paints a thousand words then why can't we paint you? The words will never show the faces we've come to know. 4 . ",. 1. Denise Caldwell, Chuck Seamen, and Kevin Greer were the entertainers for the homecom- ing assembly. 2. Ieff Zoller relaxes for a minute after working hard on the senior float. 3. The MC's for the homecoming assembly were Thom Bollaert, Lori Holmes, Bob Belman and Kathy Mitchell. 4. Connie Hoffman's spirited yell may help the Panthers make a comeback. 1. Close up, each face in the crowd has its own story to tell. 2. Everyone loves a parade, espe- cially when it's in their honor. 3. Leonard Schwigen takes time out to rest and think about the next step in building the senior float. 4. Mark Pirmann, varsity cross country man, watches teammates through the blinding sun. 5. All kinds of animated characters visited UT during the week of the homecoming festivities. U la 'sw,,1 Z2 ...rd "EVERYBODY IS INTERESTED IN WHAT EVERYBODY ELSE IS DOING" Dunne This is for all the UT people, thinking that life has left them dry. Don't give up until you drink from the UT cup. You'll never know until you try. 1. Kevin Dopler, a graduate from UT is the new parking lot attendant. He checks all cars for stickers, even Trans Ams. 2. Miss Blix decorates her classroom with Halloween masks. 3. Miss Blix and two of her students enlighten the class hour as they pretend to be someone else! 4. Look at all the people knowing that UT won't let the Rocks by. l '4 8 People I 55. 3,13 ..-mwi' goo id J -'ofa' ' 0 ' I t - --:I s It qfwgf 8,3 r, V will 1. Kelly Sivertsen and Carla Killian made re- productions of Happy loe's Pizza and Bic Markers during their ceramic class. 2. Vicki Ross and friends join in the festivities of the homecoming parade dressed as characters from the "Wizard of Oz." People 9 10 1nT ,. sw rf- E QWIITHEIEW 'fs E .5 x il wx 1 9 A f 5, x he Swim X 5 -, xf, . i Y S . 0 V xx V, . K i xx fl f F 3' 5 2 x if , , Y K LAI I M N 'X g . pas Nu Klux if we wmgssa., E Q. ' L we y Y V YYY' Y- 4XX ., swfvkfffy Q N l W, X l L :su xo wsu X L m 1 X l , ' Qs s- 59 . , 4 5 fi K t f 'fl Q 131 X -J W 1 ff D F ' X f , 'F f lr .X nw , X 4 .. l, 'N x y y,,,, ., ..,. L ' 'k" 51.5.4-..f.f1 K I .... , as T e T r N c 'Po 1641, ' .1 .Aff -1 'MnhJl7g?,'k , ig . L' 35. I it L, .. psf . - 1 w 1- ., 'ff ,, -P 1 ., .Q . iw f V -yay . ' 1 L ff ?si5 Qg :' f " K , his ' iii: fsrlfggt is . , :Fw ,ik ,J 8 fum! pig, f, .wp mijfr,-.,',:1,. ' 3'Y'f??'w2f ,f"uff "W ff-.J:,,,f:1.w,-'L 2,2 fi 5' -' 4-3f?P:?z',c .1!f'V'.'fl'l'-'s A Q 1. Theresa Scott, bandette, painted her face in honor of the salute to Mickey Mouse by the UT Band. 2. Coach Arvanis' Sophs hoped for an- other good year. 3. Orchesis members walked in the parade disguised as many of the characters from Oz. 4. The football players bound through the ring of victory, hoping to make the game hot for the Rocks. 5. UT students swarm at the new king and queen and prince and princess. 6. Out of the sky came the UT house on a Rocky player during the homecoming assembly. 7. Coach Sanders asks the crowd to back the foot- ball team. 8. Brian Hunter surveys the junior float, making sure everything is in place. In The Swim Of Things 11 12 Homecoming Splcmlm :V Q P Wm if .1 X A 1 ,X W 1 M MW YW? '-.nf ,gf uf" J. -' 5 gif, Q Lf' p-"f"7, I 4 V-A 'ff' r-'J 2 ' .r 'AW F H . . im bfi I k ,3 I ' 5 is V ,QC 5' 1 'F 1 'ff W wwz W W AWK MP KVM! Homecoming week Officially began October 15. Many students helped build floats and Enthusiasm and spirit abound- ed. Crowned were Kory Togami and Rhonda Correll, Out of the Royal Court at the assembly. Mild temperatures on Friday created Ideal parade and football weather. No one will forget Saturday night's dance. Gone past is another Home- Coming. l Homecoming Spl d P WHOOPEE! IT DIDN'T RAIN ON OUR PARADE Parade fun And Royalty suspense Are Definitely Exciting R Qi N! . W- A 5 in ,A V i-1 'L ' T V if 4? I Sie ,I 1. Colleen Ford and jim Jesuit work hard on the senior float. 2. Dorothy and friends stop and spend time at UT's homecoming 3. The senior float progressed rapidly, as many seniors participated in the float building. The float was built at Mary and Edina Dieterich's home. 4. The seniors take pride in winning lst place in the float competition. 5. Dr. Thomas Parker has the honor of riding with last year's king and queen. 6. Office Occupations joins in the pa- rade. 7. The junior float took second place in competition. Parade Fun 15 16 Royalty Remembers .ge-5.3. .. Wulf -Q REMEMBER THE HO OR CF BEING CHOSEN? 'inf W1 '4 55.1 MMM Remember the honor Of being chosen? Yesterday, it seems, was the big day. And the memories will never vanish, they Live in your mind, Telling you Your years at UT will never be forgotten. -w 1. Princess Vicki Cooper hugs Rhonda Correll as Rhonda is named queen. Congratulating the new king is last year's king, his brother! Royal- ty couples are QZQ Cheryl Pittman and Brian Officer, Q3j Sharon Holmes and Rick Coutteaup f4j Danette Senn and Andy Finkbeinerg Q51 Vicki Cooper and jim Ebalop fol Kory Togami and Mary Frank, f7j Bill Hughes and Rhonda Correllg f8j Joanne Nelson and Alex Terronezg Q91 Scott Hunter and Jani Sweeney, 1101 Mary DeSmet and Iohn McCeheeg Qllj Sylvia QC.B.j Lueje and Ozzie Branch. Royalty Remembers 17 BGOGIE TU B oogie to the beat Of the band On a Friday night. G et all uptight I n disco clothesg cuz, E ast Moline High is alright. 1. Chris Ricenan takes a break from the beat. 2. "Teaser" turned on the crowd at a North cam- pus dance. 3. Two dancers, hammin' it up, mod- el their silky disco blouses. 4. Soul Train it ain't. 18 Boogie g, THE BE T OE THE BAN x J 2 3 J, Vi E I 1. "You should be dancin"' 2. Hey Bill! How about you and joe sharing the doughl? 3. "Boogie to the beat of the band. Oh! Dance at the high school dance!" 4. A new disco step works out successfully for Don Abbott. 5. I like your blouse, Sperry. Boogie 19 SP O M UE'i.IU.ITlIU!l UNl . KN. Y' - .-., 1 V f. ,. M -,,, . ,fpwf rv ,fy yu wp ii , gw:m,snme -Ms 1 , ., mf l P :::' x?2Tf'24"SYy' , 'Q' M 1 ,Wm .. i 'I Q 5 f o f few,-for if r fix- f H Kei ,fffr,zef,x4wX 'AA 4X N- fy 01 few fv1vx-Mxfnwf M Q M N? Tu rkey Tournament 78 I o A .- 1. Melanie DeDecker looks concerned as she watches h h t i the Golf Mohr Golf C in Hampt 2 B lding spirit among th t isani p t tp t fthesophomo p g I P X v p '11 . A . Nw, ' --1'9" I ' --- , i ' ily 1 3, -f i i 7511 - "'i'1"' A :,:'XA A YW p 'V un. 'gin f I 'Ai X' ep f QQ , 2 .,. I Qfdffbyw X., i f-4' 5? 1. The sophomore football team faced the Bet- tendorf Bulldogs for their opening game this year. 2. The varsity golf team takes a rest from their rugged season. 3. The varsity foot- ball cheerleaders practice one of their many formations. 4. Even though it was a losing sea- son for the girls tennis team, Karen Sheley, Karen Weidenmann and Kim Benson never gave up hope. 5. Javier Riojas takes a break from the difficult Bettendorf game to have Coach Arvanis help with his equipment. Sports 1 22 FU TIS LL SHUWS DIQUM Sli "We would have liked to have won a few more games-and there were some injuries that hurt us-but overall, we were satisfied with the kids' effort. They fought hard, and it made a dif- ference toward the end of the season." These are the words of new head coach, James Sanders, regarding the '78 varsity football team. The Pan- thers finished the season with a 2-7 record, winning the season opener against Bettendorf and the final home game against Quincy. In the Bettendorf game the Pan- thers, led by jr. quarterback Darren Butler, amazed the Bulldogs and de- lighted the Panther fans by combin- ing a spectacular passing and running game with a strong defense on their route to a 20-7 victory. The Quincy victory was equally as delightful as the Panthers, led by sr. quarterback Rick Coutteau freplacing an injured Darren Butler put together an offensive and defensive show that stymied the Blue Devils and gave the Panthers their second victory 35-8. This year's season may signify what is to come in the way of Panther 1. Coach Iim Sanders in his first year at the football helm found the Panther football pro- gram in fairly good condition. 2. Four Panthers have successfully read the Moline offense and allow them short yardage. 3. Alex Terronez and Ralph Sanders lr. emerge from the Panther fan tunnel ready to take on the Moline Maroons. 4. Bruce Anderson and Brock Coverdill, along with other players and managers, keep close watch on the game. 5. jeff Grasz and jack Ket- tering served as trainers for the 78 season. football under new head coach Sand- ers and his assistants, l-larry Arvanis, jim Smith, and lim Unrath. Sanders, who came to UT from Kewanee High School, didn't make any major changes in the football program. "I think the program is just down be- cause ofthe wonfloss record. The kids were fundamentally sound and we have mostly the same coaches" Sand- ers also added, "When we can send out as many quality kids as the other team, we'll win a lot more games." Sanders cited the freshman football program as a good example. If the 50 plus freshman stay with UT football through the varsity level, the selection of players will be an asset. continued on page 24 Football '78 11 171 wand I Q will: I 1 1' 54 ,.-4 ll xi' 1 11 , N 1 v G Q '41-X , as ,, l 1 x 4,-Q 1. The Panther defense was solid during the Moline game as Kurt Wiegal and Bill Seaman hold the Moline offense to short yardage on this play. 2. Fullback john Schwaesdall finds no open space on this play against Regis. 3. Eric Walker, 86, converges on Moline's number 46 as the rest of the Panther defense charges to assist him. Football 78 23 out KJ 'S x R Football continued At the end-of-the-season banquet, Andre Cuerington was voted most valuable player, while Greg Kinman was voted most improved and Alex Terronez most valuable captain. Cuer- ington was the leading rusher, Eric Walker was the pass receiver, Darren Butler the leading passer, and Brock Coverdill was the leading tackler. Cuerington, Walker, Butler, and Co- verdill were the four juniors named captains for the 1979 season, replacing senior captains Ozzie Branch, Jim Robbins, Rick Coutteau, and Alex Terronez. CHERYL PITTMAN 1. Varsity football team members are Qfrontj Coach Arvanis, Head Coach Sanders, jim Mor- row, Rick Coutteau, Ozzie Branch, lim Rob- bins, Alex Terronez, Coach Unrath, Coach Smith, Qrow 2, Andy Sill, Ray Ropp, Oscar Snyder, Chris Kickapoo, Guy Cady, Dan Cle- ments, john Schwaesdall, Steve Cogdill, Chad Williams, Frank Rodgers, Carlos Esparza, Dan Hantz, Rick Fernandez, Ralph Sanders, Don- ald Shamsie, Qrow 31 Ronald Shamsie, jeff Grasz, Kurt Wiegel, Miguel Lara, Chris Owens, Brock Coverdill, Greg Kinman, Kory Togami, Steve Pratt, Randy Sanders, Scott Etzel, Andre Cuerington, Darren Butler, Eric Walker, Jack Kettering, Qrow 41 Jorge Tapia, Randy Theun- inck, Mark Shields, Wade Burkland, Tyrone Adams, Bruce Anderson, Dan Allison, Scott Burmahl, Chris Columbia, Alan Funai, Eric F.sperne, Roger Greene, and Bill Seaman. 2. Sophomore football team members are Qfrontj Randy Wara, Dante Dean, Wally Cordell, Tom Sweeney, Pete Tavoularis, Tom Gant, Mike Beard, frow 21 jeff Grasz, Danny Weiss, Craig Mech, Kevin Thorpe, Mark Zmuda, Tim Col- lins, Randy Bostic, Head Coach Arvanis, frow 31 jeff Botkin, Tom Hunsinger, John Austin, Tim McCartin, jim White, Ed Escontrias, Javier Riojas, Russell Ross, Dean Fletcher, Coach Brewers, Coach Donaldson, frow 4, Rich Ha- veron, Scott Stulir, Bob Keim, Bill Panouses, Chuck Slaughter, Tony Serra, and Kirk Voll- rath. . I K , mi kr.. , V, no al-Q , . G5 5 ' K, x ,M is 351344 Ei:-5,3 t f. Qvm U srr X pr- 24 Football '78 ,c-f,.,,4-74s 2 te' sz!- E5 fB4f-55,113+ 1--18-Ps 1. The sophomores clashed head to head with Regis but met with defeat. 2. During the sopho- more game, the Orange was nearer the goal line after this play. 3. Freshman Black members are Qfront1 David Wright, Steve Franks, Kevin Becker, Tony Branch, Rick Lasek, Dave Cain, Manager Dave Huntp Qrow 21 Coach Bollaert, jesus Gonzalez, Ieff Streeter, Robert Watson, Bruce Schulte, Chris Garland, james Lamb, Coach Segurap frow 31 Sean Farrel, Darnell Harper, Randy McGee, Bob Dreher, Perry Ohl- son, Ross Resetich, Perry Wiese, Paul Duck, Qrow 41 Scott Hamrick, Ted Leibovitz, Chris Larrison, Greg VanHecke, john Fisher, Terry Hill, Charles Harris, Mickey Hill. 4. Freshman Orange members are Qfront1 Steve Sanders, Dale Harris, Pat Ream, Mick Thiem, Chris O'Brien, Tim Thomas, Manager Ieff Reynap Qrow 21 Coach Ramirez, Tim James, Mark Natwick, Matt Allison, Scott Davis, Roscoe Spencer, Marshall Camp, Coach Hanskep frow 31 Doug Causemaker, Kevin Blais, Dave Mur- rens, Dave Ewing, Bob Berry, Scott Fluegel, Dave Albrecht, frow 41 Scott Williams, Brad Raasch, Bill Schaeffer, Todd Hart, Gregg Koser, Iim Miletich, Tim Waeyaert, Chuck Vershaw. Football 78 25 CHEEIQI : SDIIQIT We've got spirit, yes we do! We've got spirit, how about you? The 1978-79 football cheerleaders showed a lot of spirit despite the 2-7 record of the team they backed. Cheerleading is much more than just showing up for the games on Fri- day nights. lt's doing a variety of un- usual things like secretly decorating the football players' locker room with encouraging and brightly colored signs before the big game. It's also having frequent pep assemblies to try to raise the spirits of both the team and the student body. The varsity and sophomore squads attended a summer camp at Knox Col- lege in C-alesburg to get new ideas on cheering and to learn new cheers. For four days these girls worked hard at learning new cheers, jumps, and mounts. Their hard work paid off when they were awarded the "Spirit 1. The varsity squad poses in front of the pan- ther in front of South Campus. 2. The sopho- more football team was backed by Kim Duey- sen, Laurie Wirtz, Lisa Snauwaert, Tracy Hop- kins, and Joyce Liggett. 3. Mary DeSmet, sr., smiles as she thinks about this week's game. 4. Varsity practices a difficult mount. 5. The freshman orange cheerleaders are ffrontj Lori Lampo, Shelly Wells, Terri Meyer, tbackj Lisa Paytash, and Kathy Owens. f ,ai W. 26 Football Cheerleaders Megaphone", one of the highest awards given at the Golden Eagle Cheerleading Schools. The award is judged on overall spirit, coordination, and friendliness of all the girls on the squad towards everyone at the camp. Mrs. Sharon Simmonds, varsity and sophomore coach said, "Through the cooperation and hard work of the squads and the enthusiasm and sup- port from the student body, l feel this was a successful season!!" MARY BURNS , v ,J ff A 7 . , r -w g m V -if 1.25, ., 1-I arg f- .sv . , f ,-:rw-' - .5 , , 'L .QV . .... .. H ,. V 9F.i955?:ii if-2 rtfa - v J lhj fi ,,,, Z 1 , " all " ' , ws' Tll ff 232,27 t 1 'ff' , t 2 ' E Y' Q 1 2 ag V Q ggi i 2 ttflh. NMA ' Q 12:2 . . , fix px? . 0 tv' ser P l 4 ,NZ f O l :Ur ' All ' 1 , f rw, , X- X :xr 24 X, p t Z mr, Q, - , 9 . 3 111705659X ' 5 . . ' ' , ,anno fm . L'-'f nf if' QM -lg' 1. A Afgly :gf JQIIQMN' ' N" 0,fFt--IVY' 'VE l5"2'9.' t flaf-7gi""'CN V' o'f,"g tv., i ht "'.r.v,.1 f lf' 6' tif EVM If-!M'u "I 1h Q ' ,-SE: ff ' w..,,,,' ri Ie'.5fu-1' - . , W 1-1-.A 1. Varsity football cheerleaders are ffrontj Con- nie Hoffman, Robin Rotz, Mary Burns Qbackj Danette Senn, and Mary DeSmet. 2. Freshman black cheerleaders are Doni Espeland, Lori Hudson, Diane Hakeman, julie Dernovish, and Lynette Wolf. 3. Sophomore cheerleaders at practice again. 4. Mrs. Sharon Simmonds, a teacher at South Campus, is the sophomore and varsity coach. Football Cheerleaders 27 I3 ILDI I3 UIDTU DAD Girls' Golf This year has been a year of build- ing for the girl's golf team. Coach Ron Holmer comments, "We've developed an internal competition within the team, and that's good." The girl's team has had to be built up from the bottom, says Coach I-lolmer, and this year's record of 3 and 7 is .. the best we've ever been since the begin- ning." Coach I-lolmer was very pleased with all of the girls' progress this past year. "The girls work every night on their own during the week- ends. They've really devoted a lot of their time to the team," he said. The top player this year was Mary Baecke, freshman, who held her own in competition and made a lot of im- provements on her form. Coach Holmer says that all the girls did very well and that the fever is catching on for the girl's golf team. 1. Members of the IV team are Dave Ogle, Andy Aspelmier, Paul lvanowski, jeff Greer, Chris Janice, and Coach Damhorst fnot pic- tured are Todd Grove, Todd Bagatelas, and Dave Blunk.j 2. The Varsity team consists of Qfrontj Dane Marr, Eric Stiegel, Dan Salmon- son, and Dean Fletcher tbackj Rick Pobanz, john Shaubroeck, Greg Andersen, Coach Dam- horst. 3. Eric Stiegel lunges into a powerful backswing. The IV team had an undefeated season. Boys' Golf The guys didn't do very well this year, but the one bright spot on the varsity team was john Shaubroecke, senior, who finished first in the West- ern Big 6 .. but didn't make it to state as we hoped he would," said Mr. Roger Damhorst, coach for the boys' golf team. The JV team, however, was undefeated throughout the season, and Coach Damhorst says that there are about five or six sophomores that will be coming up next year who are very capable. Coach Damhorst likes coaching the boys because, he says, "I like seeing young people come around and look forward to their improve- ments during the season." LISA FORRET 'f'4',:121'iW,, f Q' Z5 A 28 Boys' Golf R 4 H , 1 Q. ff -1 f 3 gsfacali, .,,, A 1 5 3 lac 'i x X l XX 'f ' 1. ls Kathy Hill actually smiling and putting at the same time? 2. Girls' varsity golf members are lfrontj Mary Baecke, Melanie DeDecker, Debbie Garcia, Shelly Thorton, Coach Ron Holmerg fbackj Missy Williams, Betsy Sproul, julie jones, Kathy Hill, Kelly Sedgewick. 3. Mary Baecke grins revengefully at her victim, the golf ball. Girls Colt 29 Experience is the best teacher. That adage applies to this year's boy's ten- nis team. With seven lettermen re- turning to the varsity team, good things were expected. One of the tennis team's goals was to beat last year's record of 14 wins and 11 losses. The man behind their goals was Mr. Char les Allee, their coach. "Our strength is our depth," replied Coach Allee. Many members of the team com- mented on the team's closeness. Most of the players were on the varsity team when they were freshmen and sophomores and have been playing tennis together ever since. John Odendahl, sr., said there is some degree of rivalry between tea- mates for the top positions. "You play it as a team sport, but we all have positions on the team," he said. SHERI BENTLEY E. s .4 T i Q awww!-c .gssseffssfsss 1. john McGahee concentrates on making a good return. Z. Members of the boys' tennis team are ffrontj Brian Dahlstrom, Bill Hughes, john Odendahlp Qbackj john McGehee, Steve Gibbon, Mike Haskins, and Dave Moore. 3. Coach Chuck Allee, assisted by his son Bill, adds stain to the newly constructed tennis con- cession stand. 4. Steve Gibbon prepares to re- turn the ball with his backhand. 30 Boys' Tennis 4 "wut 95, . 4, 0 ,.-ff-'Mrk N...1-'A l bib Q Q M a l I X .l , Q: 'P 455' X x . , ' U ' 373: A A' x ' ' l 7 g.. ' ' ' . S' 1. john Odendahl sets up his two-handed back- hand. 2. Brian Dahlstrom positions himself to return the ball. 3. Bill Hughes prepares to reset after successfully returning the ball. 4. Dave Moore follows through on his backhand. 5. Mike Haskins shows his form as he readies for a return. HAT? AQUET The girls' varsity tennis team fin- ished with a record of 1 and 7, but the season was better than the score im- plies. They finished fifth in the West- ern Big 6, sixth in District, and second in the East Moline invitational. Sue Wesselmann, coach, explains their re- cord, "We only played four teams, but had to play them twice. They just hap- pened to be especially good this year. If we would have played more outly- ing schools, our record would have improved." Individually, however, the team did very well. Lori Holmes and Karen Weidenmann placed 24th in state for doubles and took second in both the Western Big 6 and District. The team was made up of seniors Rhonda Correll, Carol Nemerguth, Kim Benson, and four-year varsity letter holder Sharon Holmes. junior Sue Vyncke, Lori Holmes and Lisa Johnson, and sophomores Karen She- ley, Karen Weidenmann and julie Akeburg round out the Varsity. IV had a good season with a record of 2-4-1. An experienced team under the coaching of Joe Viventi seems to assure a winning varsity next year. KERRI KIPP 1. Lori Holmes serves up a smash! 2. Carole Nemerguth smiles at her opponent before the opening service shot. 3. Varsity tennis team members are Qfrontj Lori Holmes, Rhonda Cor- rell, Sharon Holmes, Karen Sheley, Sue Vyncke fbackj Coach Sue Wesslemnn, Karen Weidenmann, Carole Nemerguth, julie Ake- burg, Kim Benson, and Lisa johnson. 32 Girls Tennis Q35 , x 1 '4 'lu ,L -, A 'fff "gi if J.. A Q is 33 , .W is-or-as-et.. . ' 1 ...ease 0 S E M EE: fe' , if" T' 1 7 C' mi X 'H 3 S f pf , . .X 5 9 2 4 if Q 4 I 5- ii '31 1 f v f 5, 'V qw 'G L PTP' AAL X45 lfhw, v W fill! . IU' '93 sa FN Y A , 7 1. IV team members are Qfrontj Cindy Fink- beiner, jane Sills, Shelly Perry Qmiddlej Sharon Hacker, jane Baecke, Kristin Woodruff, Anna Garret, Karen Zmuda Qbackj Chris Stewart, Stacy St. George, Lisa Zagert, Michele Klings- mith, lodie Titus, joe Viventi-asst. coach. Z. This year's team had four seniors: Carole Ne- merguth, Sharon Holmes, Kim Benson, and Rhonda Correll. 3. Karen Weidenmann fires back a shot. 4. Kim Benson stretches to make a forehand return. Girls' Tennis 33 ISU S N THE DUN What sports activity has won 171 out of 201 meets in the past 6 years? If you answered "boys' cross-country", you're right! This is a pretty incredi- ble record, but it's only the beginning. In coming years, like this year, Coach Cary Phillips hopes to make a tradi- tion of winning. The most probable reason for the team's success this year was a new strategy. The first part of the strategy was to keep everyone on the team at a fairly even pace, allowing only a 35 second time difference between the fastest and slowest runners. The sec- ond part of the strategy was to start at a slow pace in the first part of the season and gradually build up to a good, fast finish at the last meets. 1. Terry Shamsie, sophomore, whizzes by the spectators in the Western Big Six Conference at Quincy. 2. Mark Pirmann, sr., takes 2nd place in the Geneseo Invitational. 3. Varsity Cross- country members are ffrontj Dan Murrin, Ter- ry Shamsie, Ed Lampo, jim McBurneyg fbackj jeff Honert, Mark Pirmann, Bruce Bell, Tim Vershaw. 34 Cross Country As for next year's team, Coach Phil- lips says, "It will be at least as good as this year's team and probably better." Next year all of this year's team mem- bers will be returning except Bruce Bell, Mark Pirmann, and lim McBur- ney, all seniors. This year UT cross-country took second place at the Quad-City Cham- pionship and placed 22nd in the State. CHERYL GRIPP I gr was M Wei ?UT.H,5 'Hz dl .mt ,f T YX w J V TU 1. Freshman and sophomore cross-country members are Qfrontl Doug Dowell, Scott Carl- son, jim Gehn, lim Brooks, Rich Dussliere, Tom Cosrave, Scott Taylor, Qbackj Coach Wes- selman, Eric Nickens, joe Mcliurney, Mike Campbell, Rod Cross, Tim Vershaw, Rick Titus, Ole Otto. 2. junior Varsity cross-country mem- bers are Qfrontj lim McBurney, Larry Reyna, Mark Sandoval, Qbackj Perry Fisher, Randy Brown, Dave Ziegler, Scott Blomme. 3. jeff Honert,junior, pulls ahead at the Ceneseo lnvi- tational. Cross Country 35 The area coaches had UT picked as the preseason favorite for the Western Big Six Conference. The Panthers be- gan their season well by sweeping their Thanksgiving Tournament but then lost three regular season games - dropping losses to Galesburg, Bloom, and Quincy. Area coaches and sportswriters be- gan to think the Panthers weren't all they were billed up to be. But the Pan- thers got back on track, winning the 1. Robin Davis blocks Quincy. 2. Members of the varsity basketball team are ffrontj Darrick jones, Robin Davis, Troy Mayfield, Luther Hughes, Jerome Lipes, jim Lemon-assistant coach, Cliff Talley-coach, Brian Officer, Ozzie Branch, Scott Hunter, Lloyd Fletcher, Brent Carmichael, fbackj Don Donaldson-assistant coach, Dave Berg-assistant coach, Keith Cranon, Eric Walker, Marty Ballard, Kevin Of- ficer, Todd johnson, Dave Ziegler, Mark Zim- merman, Darren Butler, Steve Howard, Rick Ely-trainer, Don Stoneberg-trainer, jack Ket- tering-trainer, and Dave Marr-assistant coach. Illinois State Classic in Normal and their next five games. Then their win- ning streak ended with another loss to Quincy. Following the loss, however, the Panthers continued their winning ways until the end of the regular sea- son, playing the kind of basketball the fans flocked to see. After defeating Alleman, the Pan- thers were ranked second in the West- ern Big Six to the ever-present, thorn- in-their sides, undefeated Quincy E 5 1 n 3 .. V, -3' K -1 Blue Devils. Two Panther desires went hand-in-hand: to be number one in the state and to beat Quincy. If the Panthers were to play another game against Quincy, it would be in the championship game of the Illinois State Tournament. With thoughts like these, the Pan- thers began the state tourney. CHERYL PITTMAN Varsity Basketball Regular Season U5-31 UT 55 Alleman 51 Galesburg 67 UT 58 Bloom 61 UT 59 Quincy 74 71 UT 79 Rock Island 43 UT 73 Bettendorf 57 UT 61 Moline 52 UT 79 Calesburg 64 UT 70 Rockford East 47 Quincy 77 UT 77 UT 76 Rock Island 57 UT 80 Bettendorf 51 UT 86 Moline 50 UT 85 Lasalle-Peru 73 UT 54 Alleman 51 UT 85 Canton 55 UT 93 Chillicothe 60 UT 72 Rockford Guilford 64 E537 gAST RULIHF H51 36 Basketball ffm Basketball continued The sophomore basketball team won a total of seven games out of twenty. At one time they had won only one game and lost eleven. But Coach David Marr said that if they had to play the teams again that beat them, the Panthers could win because of the momentum they mustered at the season's end. After getting beat by Alleman, they won six of the last eight bames. "The freshman Black Basketball team played very well, also, winning ten out of fifteen games," said Coach Don Donaldson. "The games we did lose were lost only by a few points. There was much overall effort pro- duced by the boys on the team." Coach David Berg, coach of the freshman Orange basketball team, says that this year's season was better than last year's. They won a total of nine games out of sixteen. Their great- est victory was the Orion game when they won 82. to 35 with an outstanding performance. KELLY NEWBURN 1. Freshmen Orange team members are Brian Overmire, jim Miletich, Todd Hart, Marcel Quinones, Todd Etzel, Scott Davisp Qrow Zj Gregg Koser, Tom Weiss, Bob Barry, Mike Hill, Rick Lasekg tbackj Dave Euwing, Tim Waeyert, Kurt Decoster, Dave Lack, Noey Cantu 2. Sophomore basketball team members are tfrontj Scott Mann, Ed Escontrious, Eric jacob- sen, Mark Zmuda, Tom Sweeney, Rodney Wil- liams, Ray Terronez, and Dane Marry tbackj Louis Pittman, Chris Hughes, Dave Walz, Bob Caleo, john Austin, Javier Riojas, and john Ca- vazos 18 Basketball 2 ..., -nigga-susan M3 .. ...nvffhuunof-.nv-""""" iv' -mga.. .z tm, -wir QA?-1 to 5 ag x 'nF:l,,.,,,.,,,,,w.i, . .. ., Q . . is T 5.3: A 2 1 ' , A A -- 5 1 , , .... t J lk as 9 ' V o 1 J 't il I' A J. 1 '61 N x 2 Y VXL 3 N t X X 4 "" Q slim c fun , Qi. , p A p ,. X 1 . , K K A ritg 1 VL: V-.X .. ..,. , ,Q g 5 f -------N l uw' 'ilswfi 1 , xml has an M., 935 I 7 WW if if f 4 x U A . 5 4 ff - - me Q f W .K Vrkkr 1-ii in V , s - L-:-1 V mmhi 4 ..,.. , . IAI Q - A - , , rr' K s I- kg V F - r f,f , e wx . V 1. Freshman Black Team members are tFrontj I 6 W -- - TII 5 Ted Leibovitz, Charles Harris, Terry Hill, I Z llz' A A it A IVVTT H Rosco Spencerp Qrow 2, Manual Terronez, Rick 2 ,,..-- Z 55434, 92' It Schroeder, Mark johnson, jeff Saeyp tBackj Bob VanVo0ren, Terry Mascaro, Steve Cyenge, Alan Oppenheimer, Bill Schaeffer 2. Dane Marr is jumping sky high for the Panthers. 3. Eric Jacobsen attempts a short jump shot as Scott Mann anticipates the rebound. 4. Brent Carmicheal attempts to steal from a Rocky op- ponent during a varsity game. Basketball 39 I IAI IZ IZEVE Could this quick team with "seven starters" place higher in the state than the 1970 team that placed second? They won steady games against Rock Island and Alleman to clinch the re- gional title. In the sectionals held at South Campus, the Panthers went over the century mark in their victory over Cveneseo and had little trouble defeating Metamora. In Peoria at the supersections, the Panthers beat a tall- er Peoria Central team and earnedth- eir trip to Champaign. Over 2,000 fans traveled down to Champaign to support the team. There they witnessed yet another Pan- ther victory over the East St. Louis Flyers and were assured of finishing no less than fourth in the state. It was Saturday afternoon against Maine South when the Panthers suf- fered a heartbreaking loss in overtime. The Panthers entered into the con- solation game against Benet, and eventual champions Maine South played Quincy. East Moline came in fourth in the state. CHERYL PITTMAN 1 9 8 1. -X af X i n f K 5 it Q. rn X ttsr S 1 r f - F N55 3 f . . I ' 5 . M 'H' 'lair ' as S -N A i 'i -, if yiflllfl? X r is 1 U gs-f i -'4 X N ..m.. rw '17 -A ,X 'iw M hm . , " .. 3-'ff r V -5 pr 'z Q 1 is r 11 4? X f 2 ' X gat ,Q 1 ,,..-' ,.. r 'S' Ac' iv A Y ..,,. ggi., ,L Y 26' 1-ur-. ..x. ,mmmjmf--N... N-+1-ww... ,.., A V - .,.xM..,.N,.,... ri QM, L J A """w-uu...,,, L2 4 -.wi Aww . , . . A .. , A . .,,. ,. . V: ' ' ,,,,,,w,. . mf.: ..1,,l-.f - 'unix 1 1 i A 3 fi 7 1 nl -'...z::,1 4 X W M .gi . A... .-,... 8 . 36 Thanks for the memories Q11 lerome Lipes Q21 Luther Hughes Q31 Scott Hunt- er MJ Troy Mayfield QSQ Brent Carmi- chael f6j Robin Davis t7j Brian Officer. 8 Ridin' high is Robin Davis. 9 Brent Carmichael displays the best prize of the year. 10 Approximately 3,000 fans turned out for the welcome home rally on Sunday. 11 Principal Stan Sosnouski received a special birthday present when the UT Panthers won 4th in state. 12 These disappointed faces didn't last long after the UT fans showed the team how proud all of East Moline was of the tro- phy. 13 Another happy principal is Mr. Roger Greene. C0 If I were any prouder of my team, or my school, I'd burst. Tia Mitchell, jr. Mr. Sosnouski said that every year after 1970 we got a little more taste of honey. But now I know that with our pride and determination we'll knock on Champaign's doors again- and then we'll take the whole pot. Bill Seaman, jr. The faces on the team were gloomy when they returned to UT on Sunday. They acted like fourth place was noth- ing. But they soon found out how good it was. They may be a fourth place team, but they're number one guys, Aline Hoclcer, jr. In years to come, when someone asks me what year I graduated, I can proudly say, "Back in '79 when UT won 4th in the state .... when the cheer 'we are proud of you, say, we are proud of you' took on new meaning." Carolyn Baines, jr. It was the one and only time I know of that the student body of UT were all pulling for the same thing. It was great. This is something that I wish we could carry over to every activity in the school. Debi Parein, jr. When the buzzer rang and I knew we had fourth place, the tears came to my eyes. I realized that the dreams of those boys were lost. They did a fan- tastic job representing UT. Our fans were well behaved too, and I'm proud of my school. Patti Hansen, jr. All along I knew the Panthers were going to State. I cried when we lost, but then I said to myself, "look how far we got!" Kathy Raymond, jr. All this time I've watched Illinois play at the Assembly Hall in Cham- paign. But it was like I was dreaming when I was actually sitting there screaming for my own school. joe Tapia, sr. Panthers, thanks for the good times. Lucy Camp, soph. State Tournament D EA T 35 lp!! AL igyfm 7mWh M DLAIEIJE Of INJUIQIEI Here's a riddle: Who encourages the UT basketball team when they're los- ing? Who cheers them on when they're winning? Who organizes pep assemblies, gets the crowd's spirit up at the games, plus gets injured in the process? No, it's not the 'court' jester! The UT basketball cheerleaders, who else? A cheerleader is responsible for all this and more. Besides memorizing cheers, making up original ones, be- ing able to do difficult formations and mounts, being capable of certain acro- batic stunts and knowing the game of basketball, each cheerleader on the varsity squad was plagued by some sort of injury during this cheerleading season. But, through all the hurt shoulders, wrists, and ankles, they still came through. Mary Burns, a varsity cheerleader, comments, "lt's a lot of work, a lot of fun, and a contribution to the school. I think it's very worthwhile." The sophomore and varsity cheer- leaders are coached by Mrs. Sharon Simmonds, a bachelor living teacher at South Campus. Miss Anderson, a business teacher at North Campus, helps both the orange and the black freshman cheerleaders with their cheers. "Mrs. Simmonds and Miss Ander- son are great!" says Lisa Snauewart, a sophomore cheerleader. "They work hard to help us, and I know without them, we couldn't do it all." Lisa Cox 1. The sophomore basketball cheerleaders are Tracy Hopkins, Kim Dueyson, Karen Sheley, loyce Ligget, and Lisa Snauwaert. 2. jani Sweeney peps up the crowd afthe Rock Island game. 3. Varsity cheerleaders are Mary DeSmet, Danelle Senn, Vicki Copper, Jani Sweeney, Connie Hoffman, Robin Rotz, and Mary Burns. 42 Basketball Cheerleaders 1 is 5 R ...uv N"""""" un., 4. -..,, W. 1 ,"N 'im ff! P5 2' , -.5 -, . ffyf 29.4. f 'fi ' , it 'Ygfs lf -4 1 Q , Utwh ,h Hlull bf. fill ll W' vi M 4.t,.,g'Al! li' kd? , 1 I "tl . . lg, , 1 : T 'l"o L 1 X :Q "Mfg H6 WW f 1 A I AWA Q xQ ,V Jfth mf' fm WWWK 7 21rw'liW "F aging, 'wx Mgt! i'YlM f' , fp X GQ ,va I :IZ 'fuffffra N 1. Freshman cheerleaders for the black team are Lynette Wolf, Lori Hudson, Doni Espeland, Diane Hakeman and Sperry Panousis. 2. Vicki Cooper and Jani Sweeney show some spirit- boosting jumps at an assembly. 3. Freshman orange team basketball cheerleaders are Terri Meyer, Lisa Paytash, Kathy Owens, julie Der- novish, and Laura Lampo. Basketball Cheerleaders 43 EAM lfff IDT I SUCCITSS You've Come A Long Way, Baby! Three years ago when Doug Strand first coached the girl's basketball team, things were much different. There were only two teams, a varsity and a junior varsity, with only a hand- full of girls participating. They have now progressed to adding another team for the freshman and have great- ly increased the number of girls par- ticipating. Another area of improve- ment has been the season record, im- proving from a record of 7-14 in the 1976-77 season to a record of 13-7 in the 1977-78 season to record of 19-5 this year. A contributing factor in the success of the team has been the girls' ability to work as a team instead of individ- uals. Coach Doug Strand said, "A team effort is the basis for success and 1. Members ofthe varsity girls' team are Qfrontj Kathy Putt, Peggy Downing, Deborah Barnes, Mary Rundle, Karen Wiedenmann, Qrow 21 Cheryl Pittman, Kim Murphy, Tere Huber, Jeanette Clark, Lynda Talley, tbackj Coach Doug Strand, Statistician Sharon Bailey, Con- nie Brown, Diane Zmuda, Ann Debowski, Sue Bradley, Sue Randolph, Manager Diane Lucas. 2. Members of the junior varsity girls' basket- ball team are Qfrontl Karen Wiedenmann, Lori Bergevin, Donna Parkhurst, julie Rasso, julie Morgan, Qrow 21 Karen Zmuda, Beth DeCoster, Tere Huber, Shellie Dolash, Angie Pulliam, tbackj Coach Dennis Steinmentz, Tami Derby, Peggy Stone, Cathy Perez, Kim Murphy, and Linda Reese. this is what the girls have given me this year." This year's team has much exper- ience with six of the varsity players being seniors. Mr. Strand feels that their experience helped the team in many ways. Three of these seniors, Peggy Downing, Cheryl Pittman, and Lynda Talley act as captains for the team. Cheryl Pittman says, "Being a captain puts you in a leadership posi- tion. Your behavior sets an example for the rest of the team." Peggy Downing and Lynda Talley felt the same way about being team captains. They said that they felt proud to be chosen as representatives for the team and think of it as a challenge to keep up the team morale. With all these seniors who will be graduating, some people may be wor- ried about next year's team. Not Mr. Strand. He thinks that next year's var- sity team has much potential and has a chance for an excellent season. Mr. Steinmetz, junior Varsity coach, says of his team, "This team has shown better balanced scoring be- cause we don't depend on one or two players. Because of this we are much harder to stop. We have confidence." KATHIE HIC-NIGHT AND LYNDA TALLEY g,'l.l'l.S, tp-N ui-H-S, U,T.li E M' H V, 715.7511 f 'fktf 5 44 Girls' Basketball Q wg ,Q-21: -". if if . .fl ss.. 55 it if , ,. f 3, it K", D .--.f--W A jf 4" 1 EN. N. X. 4 I X 4 X , ...M V Iii if ,f"' 09 .,,,4 ,D 8 5' ff Q L ' a 1. Freshman girls' basketball team members are Qfrontj Deanette Harmon, Faith jones, Robin Vanklavern, Laura Savala, Heidi Parkhurstg Qrow 21 Ioyce Griffin, Kelly Vyncke, Deana Cooper, Marsha Salchli, Laurie Merrill, Caro- lyn Debowski, Carol Turner, fbackj Coach Rick Ramirez, Chris Woods, Gail Atkins, Sher- rie Williams, Peggy Watson, Beverly johnson, and julie Coutteau. 2. Cheryl Pittman goes up for a tip during the second quarter of the Pan- thers home game against Alleman. 3. Karen Wiedenmann warms up by practicing her pass- ing accuracy. 4. Peggy Downing attempts to pass over a Boylan player. 5. Coach Strand and Lynda Talley discuss game strategy. Girls' Basketball 45 DLAY NG Tl-1E FIELD BOYS BASEBALL After losing nine of his varsity players to graduation last year, one might think that Coach Ron Holmer has a long way to home plate. But if you were to ask any of the UT base- ball players or their coaches they would assure you that this season has a bright outlook. This year there are six returning starters and the team will be very competitive. In addition to the return- ing varsity players there are also a group of talented sophomores who will be moving up to varsity to help strengthen the team. Steve Christensen, jr., said, "I think we should be a good contender in the Western Big Six because of our strong pitching and good defensive player." LYNDA TALLEY GIRIJS SOFTBALL Experience is the key to success, and the 1978-79 girl's softball team has a great deal of experience. Only three girls from last year's winning team have graduated and the return- ing lettermen have built a strong pro- gram. Peggy Downing, a senior who has lettered in softball for the past three years, says, "I think this team has the potential to really do well this year." Ann Debowski, another senior on the team agrees with Peggy and adds, "No matter how the season turns out, we always have fun." 1. Baseball team members are ffrontj Tim Ripka, George Tapia, Keith Bogaert, Greg Kin- man, Steve Dussliere, Don Atwellp fRow 21 Mark Forbes, Jim Robbins, Steve Christensen, Brian Keegan, Mark Weidenmann, Brian Boyer, Dan DePauw, Coach Ron Holmerg QBackQ joe Jesuit, Rick Pobanz, Todd jones, Mark Zimmerman, Kevin Pointer, Dave Her- on, Steve Cogdill, and Manager Rich Harris 2. jim Robbins warms up before practice. 3.The coaches hope for a successful season. . .t.t s . .. gf ....,. C .r.., . .. Nh xkk: VWNMMI-g,, it . , eiii K . ri.,, ww, rt.. t . . WW We ,,,, ..... te.t.r ,...tt . e 1 . ,MM- ' ,,,,et..e . ,N L WMM. - ..... W., I . ff' C Q N .. 1 . : K .. Wilitwa 'K .,., it k . iw. C ss... 46 Baseball --u-mn-au... hiuhnnnpg ilnnhiuaang I 5, 1 -' il A 5 R C C . C . E . Q . 3 A A f lL i if lwwunm... an-Q. l N-...,...., WN , 2 " M 3 W--anna,-waaw-w., .nw-qquaamvnwswff -----.............,,,,,,.- qlllllllt' M 1- y vii' tx X t1:,nhf tw A- W 'Y N 14. '. " I 1 E uf ' V. ' f film R N R 77' X xllW-9"ifiit'5ii- ' tl.'El1t2t2"w ' tty l4'g'1.'n QQ QA ltovtgi Q 'M l l ' 1 Members of the varsity softball team are Qfrontj Stacy Longstad, Joyce Liggett, julie Dopler, Dawn Hakeman, julie Catourp frow 21 Coach Rick Ramirez, Robin Vanklavern, Connie McKonn, Chris Luce, Teri Ghys, Teri Greer, tbackj Sue Pink, Heidi Parkhurst, Clarisa Mar- tel, Lori Holmes, loni Cosgrave, Robin Hanna, Diana Brown. 2. Stacey Longstad practices pitching. 3. Joni Cosgrave shows her winning stance. 4. Members of the junior varsity team are ffrontj Cindy Reese, Alicia Kratt, jackie Vannestee, Gail Atkins, trow Zj Marsha Salchli, Diane Hakeman, Carol Turner, Kathy Owenp Qbackj Sherrie Williams, Deanna Harker, and Lisa Paytash. Softball 47 A CELEBIQATED SEAS N When a wrestling coach remarks of a season, "We had alot of success", as Coach Art DeGrande did, you better believe it's been a successful season. Wrestling is a tough one-on-one sport involving alot of work and a strong sense of dedication. Fasting for days, working out everday for two hours, and giving up alot of wild weekends for the next day's competi- tion is what it takes. Its not easy being a wrestler. But as some say, it pays off 1. Varsity wrestling team members are tfrontj Greg Kinman, Scott Hamerick, Wally Cordell, Rick Shamsie, Ray Garcia, Kory Togami, frow 21 Coach Bert Hanlin, Dan Coronell, Ed Tapia, Vernon Reed, Darryl Purvis, Greg Anderson, Mike Liggett, Chris Owens, Mark Owen, Rich Keehner, T.j. Millard, Teri Shamsie, Coach Art DeGrande, ibackj jeff Grasz, Marvin jones, Dan Fernandez, Steve Bratton, Mike Dickson, Rick Fernandez, Andy Blais, Roger Blomberg, Keigh Piersall, Mick Thiem 2. junior Varsity wrestling eam members are tfrontj Todd Olson, Dan Coronell, Steve Brat- ton, Roger Greene, Rick Keehner, Andy Blais, jim Sandoval, Perry Olson, lrow Zj Coach Art DeGrande, Tony Serra, Robert Garves, Dan Fernandez, Chris Larrison, Rick Dussliere, joe Sheley, Marvin jones, Tim james, Rich Flem- ing, Russell Roberts, Qbackj jeff Walker, Tim Thomas, Scott Verstreater, Darryl Purvis, Mike Campbell, Chris Columbia, Scott Etzel, Kevin Becker, Doug Causemaker, Russell Ross, Fred Pena, Kevin Thorpe, Randy Wara, Tom Grooms. in the end. Coach Bert Hanlin was very proud when tree seniors, Ray Garcia Q98 lbs.j, Kory Togami i132 lbs.j, and Mark Owent167 lbs.j cele- brated their last season of wrestling by qualifying for state. Coach Bert Hanlin said, "Competi- tion was pretty tough" but UT succed- ded in capturing the Western Big Six title and became Conference Champs. Along with that, UT also placed 2nd in the IHSA District meet and 3rd in the IHSA Sectionals with four qualifi- ers. The 78-'79 wrestling team had quite a celebrated season. When asked about next year's outlook, Coach Bert Hanlin replied, "We'll be losing alot of good seniors this year, but with alot of work in the off season we can make next year a pleasing one also." KELLY DUFF 48 Wrestling I 'll ' , ,T Ag' f :"' Q L 67 o ej x JN ol 44 Q A .X K xx XS I L -N. 1 O!-I X 23 . i K f A' V-,x 5 ,wg V V Lx 1. Coach Bert Hanlin shows the audience the plaque he was awarded during Dad's Night in january for 150 wrestling victories. 2. Senior Mike Liggett raises his fist to the ceiling after being declared the victor of another wrestling match. 3. Kory Togami gains control of his Rock Island opponent with a back door manu- ever. 4. Brock Coverdill awaits the sound of the referees whistle for another challenging match with a Rock Island opponent during the West- ern Big Six meet. 6. Darryl Purvis advances on his Savanna opponent readying himself with a single leg takedown. 5. Ray Garcia, Kory To- gami and Mark Owen celebrated their last year of wrestling as seniors by winning at the Sec- tionals and advancing on to State. Wrestling 49 Y UN IQESTLEIQS I UDCUMIN "They will be an asset to future Panther wrestling teams." Those are the words Coach Smith used to de- scribe his Freshmen Black team. The team placed third in the Riverdale Tournament and ended their season with 7 wins, 3 losses, and 1 tie. Chris Larrison and Randy McGee were the top scorers. They each had 12 wins and 1 loss. Other outstanding wrestlers were Rob Graves, jeff Reyna, and Alan Bailey. The Orange team had a winning season, also, with 5 wins, 4 losses, and 1 tie. Coach Olson said, "This is one of the most talented freshmen classes we've had in years." Terry Olson, who scored 76 points, was voted Most Valuable. Nick Theim scored the most take downs, the mat award went to Russell Roberts, and Scott Fluegel won the Captain Award. The Sophomore team had a record number of freshmen on the squad this year. Scott Eluegel, Scott Hammerick, Randy McGee, and Perry Olson proved themselves worthy of the hon- or. Hammerick and Fluegel placed second in the Western Big 6 Tourna- ment, and McGee and Olson placed third, Mike Dickson, Ed Tapia, and 1. Russell Ross attempts to break down his op- ponent during a home wrestling match. 2. Sophomore wrestling team members are Qfrontj jeff Walker, Perry Olson, Scott Hammerick, Ed Tapia, TJ. Millard, Mike Beard, Ieff DeBo tmiddlej Roger Blomberg, Scott Fluegel, Kevin Thorpe, Randy McGee, Mike Dickson, Bob Keim, Mike Campbell, Tony Serra, tbackj Todd Olson, Fred Pena, Scott Verstreater, Rich Fleming, Russell Ross, Randy Wara, lim Spooner, lim Duncan, Wally Cordell, lim San- doval, Coach Harry Arvanis. 3. Ed Tapia and Mike Campbell are dedicated as wrestlers and are likewise dedicated as real supporting fans. 4. After taking down his opponent, Bob Keim uses the cross face counter during the East Mo- line-Moline meet. TJ. Millard were the top scorers. ln the Conference Tournament, Bob Keim and T.j. Millard placed second, while Tony Serra and Kevin Thorpe received third place. TIA MITCHELL t K N K .,...: .,, . .itat g t, f t .N . if 4 ,, 1 a t "' sst' ' sse..- Q ttrtt rw. ..... H s Q it 'ss-l r as 4 f M il- 'Q sm.. wg gg. . . - ,.., : - i:-, ' 1 i'ii . g 1 V :L WW fa, taaaa. 1. ..... . s ' . .1 -- - 3 50 Wrestling sl. Q - 1' - ,M C It T., AR . K i , Th, ' "fbi V i'X'o rd . 7 ,,-..... K 1, Mn ,,,.. .. ,M I 1 ,M-'M no M., ' 'T 1 My V W I 454-H J: 1 f .- -... gs . h .Ski QV'-iw Fefe' 51 f .wt I I 2,-W il M Y. '-0 .45 2 ' I in 4 ja x 4 1. Freshman Black wrestling team members are tfrontj Ron Lofgren, jeff Reyna, Alan Bailey, Steve Lampo, Mike Dickinson, trow Zj Sam Sandoval - Mgr., Rob Graves, Greg Van Hecke, Chris Larrison, Randy McGee, Rich Dussliere, lohn Milner, fbackj Bruce Schulte, Tim Thom- as, Iim Hines, Brad Raasch, Kevin Blais, Tony Grooms, Chris Garland, Coach lim Smith. tNot pictured are Charlie Brown, David Cain, Chris I. Rangel, Robert Simons, Chuck Vershawj. 2. injuries are a part of any sport and Coach Harry Arvanis and trainer left Grasz are always there to attend to any injued East Moline wrestler. 3, Freshman Orange wrestling team members are tfrontj Ed Eaves, Steve Sander, Kevin Wlhite- hair, joe Sheley, Tom Carmack, Tom Dennis, Russell Roberts, Brad Paxton, trow Zj lim Cehn, Perry Olson, Mick Thiem, Chris O'Brien, john Mason, joe Sandoval, Vince An- derson, Tom Cosgravey tbackj Marc Caldwell, Tim Iames, Kevin Becker, Doug Causemaker, Ole Otto, Scott Fluegal, Dane Kespohl, Steve Franks, Coach Ken Olson. 4. Scott Hamrick appears to be taking a deep breath before the referee blows the whistle to begin another three-minute period of tough wrestling with his Moline opponent. Wrestling 51 ELI? DU DI DAL! Take him down . . . to the mat . . . roll him over . . . pin him flat! And that is just what the UT grapplers did when boosted by the '78-'79 wrestling cheerleaders squad. A morale-boosting role which the cheerleaders took on was being "pin- pals." They wrote letters and decorat- ed lockers before some of the meets to help psyche up the team. To improve their cheering, some of the girls attended a camp in Iowa. They learned many new cheers that they practiced every Tuesday after school in the halls. "Being a wrestling cheerleader is exciting and a lot of fun. There's alot of guys, tool", states Dawn Hakeman, yr. DENISE RODEN 1. Laurie Wirtz and Melanie DeDecker concen- trate on the upcoming meet. 2. Chris Wirtz awaits patiently for the match to start. 3. julie Dopler turns away disgusted at the referee's call. 4. The '78-'79 varsity wrestling cheer- leaders are ffrontj Dawn Hakeman, Lori Holmes, julie Catour, fbackj julie Dopler, Cris Wirtz, Tammy Larrison. in """ 3 bg. F 52 Wrestling Cheerleaders l 1 as gi, 'V -suv .ir M Mr .,., Nv- ,av -5.2 -as ge 1 .. ef, S' K V sv eil I' r Yiwu jg fs V 1' "l2.1Y"S5sig z f 5 X 'ff' 'MIS , si V 5, f gp , ,,-1 lm - ' . -A px- '4 has . are-lf: pf: - he , ' -! gg 1-1 Lifgs- X . I ,. .eq 1 in --., ea lfwqff X:-r ,L .gi grsisafhg sarfzzrgpg is . . sg . 1 1 i 1 -H4 ,R Q 16 , 'We www 'Q ie as k 1 353 I l , 4 a fi y so M, A 5 ,--nun ff : RS e 5 4 , - mga . my i-1 L , ' 1 -gl s J s . 3 A ws'-, 1 A ffrrifsmrxa-s-4fI1Q:f1 Y 11 f, -,, .f - f ' -- K 1551? wa. Q. 1 W-42:4 L - -' . -- - in gg .. w,... - -QS: -1.1 . f .. . .. Q - 1 f L '-9 S ' 4' aMf"Wi'zw , -- me +1 ' ' is -ff .. - f f -, ,- f I " . -11. 0 as f ,I f Neil. M Q - 5 4' ' -1: Q J " S . .1 W " . , . . i . -:- K - QQ 'P - f f-gy' + N X V32 V ll Er fl s i --.aw e.. - , gwxe---. X.-1855? 1. Going for it is Michelle Behrens 2. lt looks like she's got it! 3. Cheerleaders prepare a congratulating cheer for the "pin-up." 4. The '78-'79 fresh-soph wrestling cheerleaders are Qfrontj Melanie DeDecker, Laurie Wirtz, Kar- rie Ghys, Tracy Wrightp Qbackj Missy De- Decker, Michelle Behrens, and Shelly Wells. Wrestling Cheerleaders 53 I3EI'l N THE SCE ES A lot of work is put in behind the scenes at wrestling and track meets. Keeping score during a match, running the clock, giving awards, and giving the guys a little extra pep are just some of the things that the Wrestlerettes did this season. Certain Wrestlerettes are pen-pals. A pen-pal is as- signed to a member of the varsity wrestling team. lt is the Wrestlerettes job as a pen-pal to pep up the wrestler before a meet. The pen-pals decorate lockers and send gifts to their assigned wrestler. The pen-pals are unknown to their 1. Laura Heath, soph, watches the clock run down, waiting to bop the referee. 2. Wrestler- ettes are Qfrontj Ceorgann Passini, Cyndy McCarter, Kim Tennantg frow Zj Karen To- gami, Laura Heath, Tracey DeTaeye, Monica Howard, Lisa Lampo, frow 31 Andrea Hoff, Rhonda Lefevre, Betsy Sproul, Beth Hoff, julie lonesg fbackj Toni Duke, julie Meredith, Sara Hunter. 3. Beth Hoff, soph, finds it hard to keep her eyes off an exciting match. 3 0... , . . N, wrestler until the annual banquet at the end of the season. Trackettes help out by recording track times, keeping track of each team members score, holding the string at the finish line, setting up hurdles, and anything else that needs to be done. The Trackettes are also assigned to cer- tain members of the track team. Each Trackett is assigned to three different team members. The pen-pals give notes, decorate team mem- bers lockers, and other things to pep up the team member. This year the Trackettes are holding three U.T.T,D.'s tUnited Township Track Daysj. These days are being held to honor the team members and coaches of both the girls' and boys' track teams. SUE FABER ,- Q . if? 'Y .E- E 4. , Wlw., li . i a ll i , 4 if , ,J , 4 5 4 he - C, C j 'i it is it e C t , C ssee w b i y Y we ii ,C Y Q, ,,sa Y ,,,, g-Wf W- ff: f Afff Vvii if WAP? if Q , K A . 'Q ,ae ff ., . 1 1 , if? ., W5 E it ' ' Q W 5 .,L, 2 H . , is ,"- a - ,A "A1 - VGQ, t ,, I wg I A v f. K .R W my . an f cf 4 ,fs .wid in ' '19 vu A he ' '11 '7 W, Q' f' f P JT P 'u 1 X! 4 " ff' 'E Q ,X 1. Trackettes are ffrontj Tammy Stolze, Myrna Anderson, Mary Dieterich, Vicki Ross, Chara Benzong Qrow 2, Gina Zarlatanes, janet Heald, Rhonda Correll, Rhonda johnson, Carole Fee- han,, Shelly Evans, Karen Bereczkyp Qbackj Cindy Schultz, Troy Vanthorre, Iodi Irby, Amy Smith, Beth Feller, Lisa Filbert, Laura jones, Brenda Dickinson, Vickie Cooper, Carrie Cle- venger, Carol Sutton. 2. Vickie Cooper, sr. shows how to run the timing devise. 3. Dina Ader, jr. listens carefully at a trackette meeting. 4. Jodi Irby, jr. tells a track team member what to do. Trackettes 55 Uff ID IQ ' "This should be a good year for our track team. Despite the fact that we only have a few seniors we have a lot of talent. We have an excellent junior group and some promising sopho- more prospects." These were the words of the track coach, Mr. jim Wesselmann. Mr. Wesselmann coaches the sprinter- hurdler group led by seniors Marcel Reasby and Irving Parker. The distance crew, led by Mark Pir- mann and coached by Mr. Gary Phil- lips, scored many points and gave the depth needed to the team. The weight group, centered around juniors Marty Ballard and Mark Zim- mermann, provided a very competi- tive group. This group is coached by Mr. Kenneth Olson. The pit group was coached by Mr. Fred Segura. Even though this was the youngest group, the youth did not hurt the team. Coach Wesselmann saidof all the guys, "They provided the punch 1. Sophomore polevaulter Kyle Pavelonis checks his steps. 2. Mark Pirmann and jeff Honert run the indoor track during practice. 3. Sprinter jerry Hoffman readies himself for a landing. 4. With a look of determination, Eric Walker jumps the hurdle. S. Distance runners are Qfrontj Terry Shamsie, Scott Carlson, Tom Cosgrave, Matt Terronez, Rick Titusg Qbackj Coach Gary Phillips, joe McBurney, Dan Mur- rin, Mark Pirmann, Jeff Honert, Marcel Reasby, Tim Vershaw, and Rod Gross. , .Q AN UNN N which helped make the team one of the top in the state." HEATHER SLOMAN 56 Boy s Track 1. Sprinters and hurdlers are Qfrontj jerry Priest, Gabriel Gomez, Terry Hill, Tom Cant, Russell Ross, Steve Perez, Qbackj Coach lim Wesselmann, Eric Walker, Andre Currington, Larry Reyna, Mark Sheilds, Irving Parker, Tod Holman, Marcel Reasby, Tim Cook, and jerry Hoffman. 2. Andre Cuerington and his Rock Island opponent take off as the gun sounds to begin another track meet. 3. Pit men are ffrontj Perry Olson, Kyle Pavelonis, Dean Fletcher, Eric Walker, Larry Reyna, fbackj Terry Hill, jerry Hoffman, Tod Holman, Tod Hart, and Coach Fred Segura. 4. Sophomore tracksters are ffrontj Dan Murrin, Terry Shamsie, Dave Pan- crazio, Tom Carmack, Curt DeCoster, Mike Key, Doug Swanson, Kyle Pavelonis, jerry Priest, Qrow Zj joe McBurney, Tom Cosgrave, Perry Olson, Scott Carlson, Matt Terronez, Russell Ross, Mike Duncan, Doug Dowell, Mike Campbell, Dean Fletcher, Tom Cant, fbackj Rod Cross, Tim Vershaw, Tod Hart, Ter- ry Hill, Rick Titus, Ole Otto, Steve Perez, Tony Lara, Rob DeDecker, Coach Byrl Weiss, and Coach john Bollaert. "Running is one of the best all- around exercises. More girls are aware of the need for exercise and are willing to committ themselves to condition- ing," says girls' cross-country coach, Dennis Steinmetz. For these reasons, Steinmetz feels cross country will grow at U.T. In its first year, U.T.'s cross country team had a winning season, winning four of seven dual meets. The team consisted of twenty dedicated mern- bers, only three of whom were sen- iors. Practice began nearly two weeks before the start of school with the sea- son Iasting until the end of October. Coach Steinmetz was satisfied with the season, saying, "We had a win- ning season and most of the girls will be returning." Ana Castro served as team captain while Cheryl Wiedinmann was voted most valuable runner and Karen Suhr most improved runner. MARILYN HARRIS 1. Karen Wiedenmann- alone on the run to victory. 2. Dina Ader and Karen Suhr help our team in effort. 3. Team members are lfrontj Dina Ader, Theodora Stamatoukos, Lisa Lampo, Cynthia McCarter, Karen Wiedenmann, Shar- on Bailey, frow 21 Coach Steinmetz, Karen Suhr, Shellie Dolash, Beth Hoff, jill Pettyjohn, Gayle Peterson, Karen Cros, fbackj Jodi Irby, Yvonne Mihalopoulos, Tracy Stiles, Karen Gorzney, Andrea Hoff, Rhonda Lefevre. 4. Sharon Bailey and Karen Suhr quicken their pace and stay in front of the West Falcons. S. Tracy Stiles, Karen C-orzney, Dina Ader, Yvonne Mihalopoulos and lodi Irby all have their eyes towards the finishing point. 58 Girls Cross-Country M3 HE UN -4--pf no ' ' ,KST -1 " 'Q lf if-me -rv N' . 41 , Q.tf,..,f, If if 5 E-Ag? uni? 'ff nv 1. mfr uxrtftr PAY T TCT? v4 n . .1 ,,, Qt .. . .. V si , g L ,Je 3 . S --.t f, .:A,..:A , I ' Q 1 3 T , Y - ' 1 L,,-",ff . . ,.L K .h.' K. 'ffii R sua: K' ,. AO ' e 9-un' we-amy. ...,...wa...,woe -mf, . Coach Carlos Ferreri said, "Opti- mism and dedication are the keys to the success of this year's girls' track team." The team lost only four seniors to graduation, and many freshmen last year competed on the varsity level. Thus, reasons for optimism are appar- ent. UT's strength is in the relays. Coach Perreri said he will concentrate on strengthening performance in field events. Many of the girls participated in cross-country, keeping themselves in good shape for track season. During track season they practiced a couple of hours every night. The team worked hard under the handicap of not having a special place to practice. They usually ended up at Blackhawk, practicing alongside UT members of the boys' track team and members of Blackhawk track teams. MARILYN HARRIS 1. Diane Zmuda has a style of her own. 2. Final- ly, a perfect pass. 3. Lori Kennedy adjusts the starting blocks for the 100- yard dash. 4. Cheryl Pittman, returning letterman, jogs to keep in shape for track. 5. "Ouch!" Crirls' Track 59 IT'I STIQIIYIT' Games similar to bowling have been traced back to the third century AD., with the term "Kegler", now used to represent a bowler dating back to that time. Many men in Germany carried a club shaped as a bowling pin and used it as a cane. Whenever a group of men would meet they would stand the canes at one end of an alley and attempt to knock them over with a stone - and ever since that time bowling has been a popular sport that is growing rapidly. This year's bowling team consists of one freshman, three sophomores, six jiniors and two seniors. The team has good prospects for the upcoming 1. How about a spare? 2. A U.T. Bowling mem- ber concentrates on getting a strike. 3. Girls bowling team members are Coach Linda Wad- sager, Lisa Thiem, Cindy Cook, Caryn Boyer, Janelle Talak, Kim Pisman, Sharon Hacker, Tammy Ball, Karen Flowers, and Debbie DeR- ammelaere, Jennifer Morgan Qnot picutred are Sandy Killian and Lorinda Sandersj. 60 Girls Bowling year because they will only be losing two veterans this year. "I look upon this year as a year to build our skills and develop our strong points," com- ments Coach Linda Wadsager. The girls are enthusiastic and will- ing to devote three nights a week to practice at Sammy G's. They practice on form and try to improve their aver- ages as team position depends on your average. "I really like bowling, but I wish we could get more support from the student body," says Jennifer Mor- gan, senior. LAURIE KRACK .A new . .. . , was :fer fbi . i gi 2 f sf 'W f .. e fair 7 ',r.ff,,f-, V . Q1 Q . ,JW .,,,,, ,, " Q . .JJ ic X I 1. Cindy Cook approaches the lane with confi- dence U1 2. Janelle Talak corrects her form before easing the ball down the lane. 3. Cindy Cook and Kim Pisman look down the alley hoping to see a strike. 4. The girls' bowling team members throw the ball as fast as lighting. 5. Sandy Killian watches as all the pins crash to the floor. Girls Bowling 61 SEAS S SUCC Sf It was disappointing that one game could bring to an end a season filled with much hard work, laughter, and success. The team's accomplishments were numerous this season. The overall win-loss record was 19-6, the best re- cord ever in volleyball at UT. In the Quincy Invitational, UT finished by winning first place in the consolation bracket. At the first-ever Western Big 6 Tournament, the team went unde- feated for the entire day on their way to winning the first place trophy. As the end of the season rolled along, so did tournament play. In the District Tournament UT defeated Rock Island in the first round to en- able the girls to play arch rival Mo- line. Smiling faces filled the gym when Moline was defeated and our girls gained a chance to advance to 1. Lynda Talley places a dink over the block during the District finals in which UT defeated Moline. 2. Donna Martin uses a variety of sets that are successful in cbnfusing the defense. 3. Debbie johnson, Teri Greer, and Sue Randolph intensly watch the ball in anticipation of a block. 4. Returning varsity players are tfrontj Debbie johnson, Teri Greer, Donna Martin, tbackj Lynda Talley, Sue Randolph, Lois Bell. S. Emotion fills gymnasium after UT captures the first place title at the District Tournament, Sectional play. In the Sectional the girl's had two rugged matches, but survived both and advanced to the Su- per-Sectional, the first round of the State Tournament. In a game that was said by many to be the best game of volleyball they had ever witnessed, the UT girls were narrowly defeated in three very close games. LYNDA TALLEY Xi in .i v E. I ,Xl i J e- Q., W ' .ff 'A .Ii . in Y-...aw 3 . ...f... - . ski 3 fs Q. H16 W Iss if jf. J ' 'K' . If A 5 f . ' I N l up E. Al- .I 'Ya , . K xx ll . 1-all GF +- Yi ,rx 3 K, ,P for , M. 1. Underclassmen members of the girl's volley- ball team are ffrontl Carolyn Sutton, Kathy McCartin, Chris Rangel, Stacey Lonstad, Jody Papish, Qbackj Susan Lee, Sue Bradley, Connie Brown, Kim Murphy, Mary Rundle. 2. Mem- bers of the freshman volleyball team are lfrontl Liz Parnell, Carol Debowski, Lasaundra Shiv- ers, Laura Savala, Mary Ann Ryan, Chris Rice- man, Qrow 2, Joyce Griffin, Laurie Merrill, Ruth Fillmer, Renee Cranson, Nancy Davidson, Kathy Lyon, Susie Via, fbackj Brenda Rasmus- sen manager, Debbie Evans, Carol Turner, jen- nifer Gehant, Cathy Perez, Beth Downey, Alecia Kratt, Coach Jeri Sandberg. 3. Teri Greer, the captain of the 1978-79 team, played an impor- tant part in the victorious season. I 1. Sharon Holmes, sr., plays tennis intensely, even during practice. 2. Vickie Cooper and Mary Dieterich display candy sold by the Stu- dent Council to raise funds for the pool, while Mary DeSmet, Sue Vyncke, and Rhonda Cor- fell mind the counter. 64 Seniors GSUIMAHSYIHI RWE KYIIWUIMEEUBQ i , f,.f ,, ' -if . M 4 Q zzizlpg a s f , . r N i , 19 , ,U . A-1 V I2 A . . I' p W' .-.sv Hg """'i A V 5, A J ,T ke rp , , .N ,,.-,.,,,,,w rbi' i .Hw y It : if 'EL -' 'ff i 4 ayyi i ff rl s l , 4 i XL.-I W a , .. I I wht, ,Mk W,,, K , ,M,., 4 s,5-E .il ' 'ii' fg,igiw,X l XX " - XXX ..f' 'N i . V Lztii ,I .Iwi L Tx, J a is 1 a a i r ff J Iff's 4,"f! if 'Y f 5 L- -J s Cdl? Li Li ' 1' ' : ' gn, S ' K . g fn . . J ' L' L I i 'x X ' ifye N0 r'i'sii a,Li a . 2 2 . W, r ,f E l ,,,w4upwwv0""""""'WvWW ,ann .QX,,,....,..ow0-4"""""V"""' .-g ?PNl lvl fied l an , .,.. ,,.,M,m...,w,- 2 Q an , Us 1 1. Characters from "The Wizard of Oz" take time to participate in the homecoming parade. 2. Cherise Ford relaxes after an afternoon hair appointment. 3. Panthers go! Beat Moline! 4,5. Cheerleader Danette Senn's facial expression portrays the happiness and anticipation that comes during a football game. Seniors 65 Is There Life After High School? Question: How important are our high school years to our future? Andy Finkbeiner: "High school is a time to learn how to cope with other people. lt is a time when we can learn from our mistakes so we won't make them later on. High school definitely affects the future of our lives. We must start making important deci- sions now." Sharon Holmes: "High school years do not determine our future. We are sheltered in high school. Later we will have to live in a community and deal with problems nothing like we have experienced here." Patty Kalomas: "We shouldn't take the problems we have in school so seriously. High school is a place to have fun, make friends, learn, and do a lot of things. These are times we will want to look back on." Vickie Ross: "High school years are the best years of our lives. We make our best friends here, and important decisions of our lives are decided here." Senior class officers are Vickie Ross treas Andy Finkbeiner, pres.7 Patty Kalomas sec Paul Aden Martin Adelfinger David Ahlgren Danielle Ainley Fernando Alejo Key 2g Spanish Club 3, Wres- tling 2,3 Lee Ales Pla s 4- Musicals 4 Panther Pla ers 4- Y I I Y 1 Football 1 Tamara Allen Concert Choir 4g Chamber Choir 35 North Campus Choir 1,2g Spanish Honor So- ciety 3,4-secretaryp Rifle Club 1,2,3,4 Eva Rene Allison Agri-Business 3,4 Brent Allmendinger Concert Choir 3,4g Cham- ber Chhoir 1 xx f X. 3 'E 'Q""' 66 Seniors , , ,t,t ,,,, ,,, M, fy Q-M, 1 Mary Alonzo Student Council Member 1 Connie Anderson 0.0. 4 W? , fryfg .,. 1, f 'L'n 5 : Don Anderson ' ' ff I., ,f A f tff,fIf'x ,mf fo r X I fv 1555355 Q 'V 'Q o n ff,fzs,:sf.t-f :1u,:,:1:n-Vf,, , rf 1 sp. ,L .V'k, 1" " W 0 so "' .fi 'Ki "W "" , 5 ggi: V now-Q. my WW-V W9 f I fill 5 Gregory Anderson Letterman's Club 45 Speech Club 35 Spanish Club 15 Football 1,25 Golf 1,2,3,45 Wrestling 1,2,3,4 Laurie Anderson Myrna Anderson Concert Choir 35 North Cam- pus Choir 25 Traclcettes 1,2,3,45 Wrestlerettes 1,2 Renee Anderson Robert Anderson Debra Andrew Faith Ashenhurst North Campus Choir 15 Of- fice Helper 3,45 H.O, 35 Child Care 4 Andrew Aspelmeier French Club 1,25 Basket- ball 15 Golf 1,2,3,45 Intramurals 3,4 Shelley Asplund Darold Atlcin Angela Ayala Todd Bagatelas Concert Choir 2,3,45 Norths Campus Choir 15 Plays 2,3,45 Panther Players 2,3,45 Baseball 45 Football 15 Golf 2,3,45 Intra- murals 3,45 Tennis 1,2 Seniors 67 Sharon Bailey Panther-pep Band 2,3,45 March- ing Band 1,2,3,45 Freshman Band 15 Concert Band 2,3,45 GAA 15 Letterman's Club 3,45 Musi- cals 45 Basketball 2,35 Cross-country 45 Field Hockey 35 Track 2,3 Carolyn Baines Sandra Baker Concert Choir 1,25 Panther Fan Club 1,2,3,45 GAA 1,25 I"I.O. 35 Child Care 45 Softball 3 Amelia Ball Concert Choir 35 Chamber Choir 25 Girls Clee Choir 15 North Campus Choir 15 Bell Choir 1,2,35 Panther Fan Club 3,45 CAA 25 Hon- or Society 3,45 Who's Who Among American High School Students 45 Plays 2,3,45 Musicals 2,35 One-Act 35 German Club 1,25 Panther Play- ers 2,3,4-recording secretary. Wendy S. Banks Office Helper 3 Rickey Banta Ann Barlow GAA 1,25 Who's Who Among American High School Students 45 Skyline 35 Orchesis 4 Lynn Barnett Trackettes 1,25 Intramurals 4 Brenda Bates Lawrence Paul Bautista Intramurals 3,4 William Beals Panther-pep Band 2,3,45 March- ing Band 1,2,3,45 Jazz Lab 3,45 Freshman 15 Con- cert Band 2,3,45 Who's Who Among American High School Students 45 Musicals 45 Intramur- als 35 lanelle Beckstrom Candy Belanger Honor Society 45 Who's Who Among American High School Students 45 Ten- nis 1,2 Bruce Bell Lois Bell Panther Fan Club 35 GAA 15 Honor Society 3,45 Key 3,45 Panther Players 45 Augus- tana Math Bowl 35 Softball 25 Volleyball Z,3, 68 Seniors A sa 1 W ' iftwss . ' . J 6 K we eww xt sg, M .. 3- P , Q 15:-s wp 5 ..-,.: -'YQ 535 ,meg I 4 'J at ii. 4,-of' X X rs gf' 97 8 35, X K A s 1' . S., Xt w if, A31 ' Q,,,,,,ff7-If-f - 5 ' f 5 4.9 5, Tw" ' -.rw - - 51 - A, t , 5 . mp g! I, ,J mf W, M pa A --M5555 "3 ,W . in 3 f 4 Q -up We ,, ,,,,,- f ,Arl,3t.+L M Sheryl Bell Panther-pep Band 1,2,3,45 Marching Band 1,2,3,45 Freshman Band 1,2,3,45 Concert Band 1,2,3,45 Rene Belman Concert Choir 3,45 North Campus Choir 1,25 Jr. Achievement 2,35 Speech Club 3,45 Spanish Club 15 A.l.F.S. 1 Mark Belman Barbara Bennett Michele Bennett Concert Choir 3,45 North Campus Choir 1,25 GAA 15 Student Council Member 15 H.O. 35 Orchesis 4 Kimberly Benson Trackettes 2,45 GAA 1,2,35 GAA Board 2,35 Honor Society 3,45 Letterman's Club 45 Who's Who Among American High School Students 3,45 Y-Teens 1,25 German Club 1,2,3,45 Intramurals 45 Tennis 1,2,3,45 Track 1,25 Academics Achievement Dinner 3,45 Foreign Language Club 1,2,3,4 Tamara Benson Panther-pep band 2,3,45 Fresh- man Band 15 Concert Band 2,3,45 Trackettes 25 CAA 25 Musicals 45 H.O. 35 lntramurals 45 Track 2 Chara Benzon Concert Choir 35 Chamber Choir 25 North Campus Choir 1,25 Trackettes 45 GAA 1,25 Honor Society 3,4-Historian 3,45 Y-Teens 1,2,3,45 Plays 2,3,45 Musicals 2,3,45 Panther Play- ers 2,3,4-corresponding-secretary5 Speech Club 1,2,3,4-speech club treasurer 35 Reader's Theater 35 One-Act 35 German Club 2,35 Student Coun- cil Member 3,4 Michele Benzon The Year Cf The Super Hero Hercules Joan of Arc Achil- bert Einstein because he did just les . . . all men and women noted for that." their valor. Each went down in history Cheryl Pittman replied: "A hero is A -, as a hero or heroine. somebody you look up to and admire. X lrrcs a What is a hero? Who do graduates- My heroine is Wilma Rudolph. When ' to-be consider their heroes? Why? she was little she had polio and over- 'g.,.L:,:3ay, Sharon Holmes stated: "A hero is came that to go on and win three gold T someone you admire because they've meals in 196O." 4' L accomplished something through Linda Talley remarked: "A hero is , self-sacrifice. My hero is Bruce Jenner someone who has accomplished -5 because he showed the qualities of something which I would like to ac- .. ' working for something for years and complish. My heroine is Flo Hyman culminating it all in one accomplish- who is a member of the U.S. volleyball ment, the Olympic Decathlon." team. She's just the kind of athlete I john McGehee said: "A hero is would like to be." someone who gives his best for man- KELLY DUFF kind or to mankind. My hero is Al- Seniors 69 ill.. - Karen Bereczky Trackettes 2,3,45 Pete the Pan- ther 35 Plays 1,25 Nation Honor Society 45 Musi- cals 25 Spanish Club 3,45 Spanish Honor Society 3,4-president5 Softball 25 Orchesis 4 Barbara Bergmann Rudy Bernal Junior Achievement 1,2,3,45 Track 1 Elvira Bernal joseph Ronald Billquist Concert Choir 2,35 Chamber Choir 15 National Honor Society 3,45 junior Rotarians 45 Who's Who Among Ameri- can High School Students 3,45 Plays 1,2,3,45 Musicals 2,3,45 Panther Players 1,2,3,4-presi- dent5 Speech Club 35 High School Bowl 3,45 One-Act 2,3,45 Spanish Club 1,25 Intramurals 3 Lene Birch Foreign Exchange Student 4 Robert Blansett Who's Who Among American High School Students 45 Speech Club 45 French Club 1,25 Math Bowl 3,45 Top 5 Boys 1 David Blunk Golf 4 Patrick Bohlender Panther-pep Band 2,3,45 Marching Band 2,3,45 Freshman Band 15 Con- cert Band 2,3,45 junior Achievement 1,2,3,45 Panther Players 3,4 sf Disappointment Comes To Top T Runner "We were just about in the middle of the race turning the corner, when a runner stepped on the back of my shoe. I lost my balance and fell to the ground," said Mark Pirmann. This in- cident occurred during the state cross- country meet. "It was sad," he said. Mark, a six-foot runner on the cross-country team, is UT's number one runner. His event is the three- mile run. "I was looking forward to placing in the top 25 runners. I knew in my mind I could do it. No one at UT has ever done that before. I really thought that I would come in about 17th," he said. Mark has participated in cross- country and track for four consecutive years. He went to state in cross-coun- try his freshman and senior years. JEANETTE CLARK Mark Pirmann met with disappointment at the state cross-country meet when he tripped and fell during the race. But he still has three firsts and two seconds in invitationals to his credit. 70 Seniors Stacey Alan Bollinger Brian Borzick Michelle Botts Georgia Bourboulas 0.0. 4 lody Marie Bowers Child Care 4 Douglas Boyd Basketball Manager 1,2 Steve Boyer Skyline 3, Spech Club 4 Osborne W. Branch Afro-American Club 1, Homecoming Royalty 4, Letterman's Club .3,4, Basketball 1,2,3,4, Football 1,2,3,4 Stephen Brandom Melissa Brewer GAA 1,2,3g Panther Players 1,2,3,4, Spanish Club 1,2,3g Bowling 2,35 Intra- murals 4 Cary Brown Kathy Brown Concert Choir 3,4g Sophomore Choral 2, Panther Fan Club 1,2, National Honor Society 1, Library Worker 1 Danny Bruce joel Bull Timothy Buller Seniors 71 jeffrey Burgess Brian Burlingame Rifle Club 1,2,3,4 Michael Burton Darrel Bush Loyn Bushong Kim Butler junior Achievement 2,35 H.O. 35 Track 3 Denise Caldwell Trackettes 3,45 Y-Teens 1,25 GAA 1,25 Plays 1,2,3,45 Musicals 2.,3,45 Panther Players 1,2,3,45 One-Act 35 German Club 1,25 Office Helper 3 Carol Caleo GAA 1,25 Musicals 45 Orchesis 4 Mike Cappaert Gerald Carlson Concert Choir 45 Chamber Choir 2,35 North Campus Choir 15 Bell Choir 1,25 National Honor Society 3,45 junior Rotar- ians 45 Who's Who Among American High School Students 35 Plays 2,3,45 Musicals 3,45 Panther Players 253,45 Speech Club 3,45 Reader's Theater 3,45 High School Bowl 3,45 German Club 1,253 Brent Carmichael E. Louise Carr Craig Carter Ana Maria Castro Panther-pep Band 2,3,45 Marching Band 2,3,45 Freshman Band 15 Con- cert Band 2,3,45 Letterman's Club 45 Cross- Country 4-team captain5 Track 4 Tony Castro 9, . l 72 Seniors She Found Gold At The End Cf The Rainbow Grand Assembly 1978 will always be a fond memory for Edina Dieterich. On July 3, 1978, Edina was elected to serve as Grand Hope, the fourth high- est state office in the Order of the Rainbow Girls. Edina has traveled throughout the state this year, carrying out the duties of her office. She has visited 84 Rain- bow assemblies. Five years of dedicated service paid off for Edina. During her years with the Silvis assembly, she held 16 of the 21 offices. Edina plans on serving in Rainbow until she "gets her majority" by reaching her 21st birthday or gets married. "Rainbow is my way of helping others," said Edina, "Since my initi- ation in 1973, Rainbow has been my life." MARY DIETERICH Edina Dieterich's year has been full of exciting experiences from traveling throughout the state as Grand Hope. 4' 3 .wifi 5 K , Q '5r,.Iff- : . l .sai ID A if ' V - A tl 5 iis- 5 2 5 ll is .,. ,- Annette Catour Bandettes 3,45 0.0. 4 Gary Champion Nedra Chandler Afro-American Club 15 Track I 1,Z,3,4 Callie Lynn Chapman Spanish Club 3, 0.0. 4 james Claeys Football 2,35 Wrestling 1,2 Sheryl Clark Olivia jane Cleaves GAA 15 junior Achieve- ment 25 Spanish Club 2 Daniel A. Clements Panther-pep Band 2,3,45 Marching Band 1,25 Concert Band 1,2,3,45 Pan- ther Fan Club 3,45 Who's Who Among Ameri- can High School Students 45 Plays 3,45 Musicals 3,45 Panther Players 3,4g Football 1,2,3,45 Intra- murals 3,45 Rifle Club 1 Carrie Susan Clevenger Trackettes 2,3,45 Pan- ther Fan Club 15 GAA 1,2,35 Spanish Club 25 Attendance Clerk 35 Field Hockey 35 Intramur- als 4 Seniors 73 Styx was the most popular record- ing group among UT students sur- veyed in December, with Rush fol- lowing right behind. In the overall survey, Styx led with 32 percent of the surveyed students preferring that group. Rush followed with 22 percent. Next came Aeros- mith, Boston, and Foreigner, each tak- ing 8 percent. Then there were Ted Nugent, Joe Walsh, and the Bee Gees. With 2 percent each were Queen, Uri- ah Heep, Village People, Bob Seger Styx And Stones? and the Silver Bullet Band, and Elec- tric Light Orchestra. This survey was taken at South Campus. Seniors made up 52 percent of the survey, juniors 42 percent, sophomores 2 percent, and freshman 4 percent. 'In the senior class, Styx led, being preferred by 43 percent. Rush came in second with 27 percent. MIKE EPPING Styx fra D- in 11.2 lllliiliilll GRAND ILLUSIUN Q- lessie Cline North Campus Choir 1,25 Bell Choir 1,2,35 Office Helper 3,45 Attendance Clerk 3,45 I"I.O. 3,4 Brenda C. Cochran Office Helper 3 Steve Cogdill Letterman's Club 3,45 Baseball 2,45 xFootball 1,2,3,45 Intramurals 3,4 K. Lee Coker Letterman's Club 1,25 Baseball 45 Basketball 15 Football 25 Intramurals 1,2 Romona Contreras Vickie Cooper Football Cheerleader 1,2,35 Bas- ketball Cheerleader 1,2,45 Trackettes 1,2,3,45 Pete the Panther 3,45 Panther Fan Club 3,45 Homecoming Royalty 4-princess5 Honor Soci- ety 3,45 Letterman's Club 3,45 Who's Who Among American High School Students 45 Y- Teens 1,25 Spanish Club 1,2,.35 Spanish Honor Society 35 Student Council Member A.V. Work- er 45 Intramurals 45 Track 1,2,4 joel Cope Kenneth Corey Rhonda Correll Class Secretary 1,2,35 Concert Choir 35 North Campus Choir 25 Trackettes 1,2,3,45 Pete the Panther 25 Panther Fan Club 15 GAA 1,2-sportshead, 3-vice president5 GAA Royalty 2-princess5 Homecoming Royalty 4- Queen5 Honor Society 3,4-secretary5 Letter- man's Club 45 Who's Who Among American High School Students 45 Musicals 3,45 Panther Players 3,45 Spanish Club 1,25 Quint-City Stu- dent Congress 2,35 Student Council Member 1,2,3,4-president5 Guidance Office Helper 45 Close-Up Club 35 Intramurals 45 Tennis 1,2,3,45 Track 1,25 Girls' Basketball 1-manager 'Numi- ang, Nur X if fm A 1 i xt f if 4 1' Ill 74 Seniors -4 his Y"""vx 'Q "Irri- Y 10" 'Y ATA Rick Neil Coutteu Homecoming Royalty 45 Letterman's Club 2,3,45 junior Rotarian 45 Who's Who Among American High School Students 45 Student Council Member 45 Base- ball 45 Football 1,2,3,45 Track 1,2,35 Wrestling 1,2 Kris Cox Jr. Achievement 25 Skyline 3,4-co-edi- tor5 Panther Players 45 Speech Club 3,4-presi- dent5 Reader's Theater 45 Foreign Language Clubs 1,25 Explorers 3 Debra Craig GAA 1,25 jr. Achievement 25 0.0. 4 Derrell Crawford Michael Crayne Carl D. Cross Panther Fan Club 25 Honor Soci- ety 3,45 Who's Who Among American High School Students 45 Panther Players 45 Football 1,25 lntramurals 3,45 Track 1,2 Robert Cross jeffrey A. Crow Track 4 Philip Curless Plays 45 Panther Players 4 Lisa Ann Dahlberg North Campus Choir 25 Wrestlerettes 35 Who's Who Among American High School Students 45 Musicals 35 Speech Club 35 German Club 25 Tennis 2,3 Tim Dale Elaine Daugherty Kay Davis Concert Choir 2,3,45 North Campus Choir 15 Bell Choir 1,25 Honor Society 3,45 Who's Who Among American High School Students 45 Plays 35 Musicals 35 Robin K. Davis Letterman's Club 3,45 Basket- ball 1,z,3,4 Amy Davison Trackettes 15 CAA 1,25 GAA Board 25 Honor Society 3,45 jr. Achievement 2,3,45 Who's Who Among American High School Students 45 Tennis 1,2,35 Basketball 2- manager Seniors 75 Christine Dawson Counciling Office Helper 2, Child Care 3 Donald Dawson Who's Who Among American High School Students 4, Plays 3,4, Panther Players 3,4, Debate 2, Speech Club 1,2,4, Rifle Club 1 Ann Marie Debowski CAA 1,2, Letterman's Club 4, Basketball 1,2,3,4, Softball 1,2,3,4 David Decker Junior Achievement 1,2, Intra- murals 2 Lori Decker Kathryn Deelsnyder junior Achievement 2,3- secretary, 0.0. 4 Daniel DePauw Key 3, Spanish Club 1, Baseball 1,2,3,4, Football 1 Frances DeKeyper Trackettes 2, Panther Fan Club 1, GAA 1,2,3, National Honor Society 4, Who's Who Among American High School Students 4, Y-Teens 1,2, German Club 1,2,3, Intramurals 4, Girls Basketball 2-manager, 4- manager, Foreign Language Club 1,2,3 Steven Dennis H.O. 3,4, Rifle Club 2,3 Constance DePorter Wrestling Cheerleader 1,2, Trackettes 1, Y-Teens 1,2, Student Council Member 1,2, D.O. 4, Child Care 3, Field Hockey 1, Softball 1 Maurice Derammelaere Mike Derammelaere Lela Derby Mary Beth DeSmet Chamber Choir 3, North Campus Choir 1,2, Football Cheerleader 1,2,3- alternate, 4, Basketball Cheerleader 1,2,3,4, Trackettes 1,2, Homecoming Royalty 4, Letter- man's Club 3,4-treasurer, Y-Teens 1,2,3,4, Key 1,2, Student Council Member 3,4, Intramurals 4, Track 1,2 Teresa Despain 76 Seniors R it x 4- M n 'K H. q i -VI M-......a 'F Ig!! vevwlt 'hw 'Ytv -ff""'4Mm' x...f Roxanne DeSplinter Trackettes 15 GAA 1,25 Spanish Club 1,25 Coun. Office Helper 35 D.E. 3,4-president5 Tennis 15 Track 1,25 Volleyball 1 Denise Devos Andrew D'Hooge Alberto Diaz Track 3 Carol Dickson Edina Dieterich North Campus Choir 1,2 Mary Dieterich North Campus Choir 25 Track- ettes 3,45 Panther Fan Club 35 GAA 35 H.O, 3,45 Intramurals 4 Patty Dobbels Trackettes 35 GAA 35 Y-Teens 1g French Club 1 Cynthia Dobrinske Office Helper 35 Tennis 25 Orchesis 4 The American Family ffamf ' a 0 lij n. 1. all the people living in the same houseg 2. parents and their children. Seniors are America's upcoming generation in politics, economy, and family life. What are the views that seniors hold towards the American family being an "endangered spe- cies"? What is their definition of the American family? Carla Killian remarked, "I don't think the American family is endan- gered. There's still alot of people around interested in marriage and I know alot of people that still want kids. If the American family fell apart, everything would. My definition of an American family is when a man and woman are married and decide Family: n Endangered Species? they want children that they can raise and share things with." Marcel Reasby commented, "I think it is endangered because more and more people are living together. My definition is a husband and a wife, two or three kids, and a nice home. Lois Bell replied: "Yes, I feel the American family is an endangered species because with all the kids' ac- tivities and all that they're into, they're never together at home. I think the definition of a family is more or less what you're born into. People don't spend time with their families anymore." KELLY DUFF vel ,flu swim im? 1 5 ' 5. ,A 'N . at Q! P? .ati lllgu p . I t - as F 'g '00 .5 QB 1 "' it Seniors 77 Kenneth Dorman David Dowell Speech Club 4, Cross-Country 1, Wrestling 1,2 Peggy L. Downing GAA 1,2, Letterman's Club 3,45 Basketball 1,2,3,4, Softball 2,3,4 Eric M. Dozier Concert Choir 2, H.E.R.O. 3,4p Track 1,2 john Draper Agri-Business 3,4 William Duck Chamber Choir 2 Kerry Duff Concert Choir 3, Chamber Choir 2, North Campus Choir 1,2, Sophomore Choral Choir 2, Trackettes 1,2, Panther Fan Club 1, Y- Teens 1,2,3, Key 1, Skyline 3,4-co-editor, Pan- ther Players 2, Speech Club 3,45 Reader's The- ater 3, Spanish Club 1, Close-Up Club 35 Tennis 1 Ierald Duncan Wayne A. Duncan ward' --1 ms- 1 M137 e'ar 1 'ff' US- '1'P""'V' if sf 4 'Wa if -Mm n JZ 7-N ta 5 455 . ,M in QPN wr-" 1 Carlson amed National Merit Semi-Finalist "l'm proud to have received this honor. The National Merit program is a good thing to have," said Gerald Carlson when he was named National Merit Scholarship semi-finalist. Every year the National Merit Scholarship Corporation sponsors the National Merit Scholarship Program. In October of 1977 over 1,000,000 ju- niors from 18,000 schools took the PSATXNMSQT. Out of those juniors, 15,000 of the top performers were cho- sen to be semi-finalists and 35,000 were commended for their high scores. Lois Bell, one of the commended students, comments "I think it's a real honor, too. All you really need for the test is basic knowledge, but it was still a little tough for me." The other two commended students were Amy Davi- son and Gayle Petersen. There is a separate scholarship pro- gram for black students, although all students take the same test. Cheryl Pittman was commended for her high test score in this category. CHERYL GRIPP Mr. Stan Sosnouski stands with Gerald Carlson, National Merit semi-finalist. Also pictured are commended students Amy Davison, Gayle Pe- terson, and Cheryl Pittman Qnot pictured Lois Bellj. 78 Seniors My f HW Q Mya fa ' -B fi' Q-...,, I I "S z fl' A -5 ff X I 1 'wr ,R W I ik' 4 "'?"v 1 Mary Duprey Linda Duran Spanish Club 1,2,3,45 Orchesis 4 Gerald Durham German Club 1,25 Football 1 Steve Dusseliere Baseball 3,45 Intramurals 3,4 Carrie Dzekunskas james Ebalo Homecoming Royalty 45 Student Council Member 1,25 Basketball 1,25 Intramur- als 3,4 Bryan Edmunds Agri-Business 3,4 Glenn Ely Jazz Lab 3,45 I.etterman's Club 45 Musicals 45 Spanish Club 1,25 Baseball 3,45 Bas- ketball 3,4-managerg Football 35 Wrestling 1,25 Martin Engh Michael Epping janet Erickson Carlos Esparza Letterman's Club 45 Football 1,2,3,45 Wrestling 2 Linda Fallon Afro-American Club 15 GAA 1,25 GAA Board 25 Basketball 1,25 Intramurals 15 Softball 45 Track 1,2,45 Vocational Data Process- ing 3,4 jackie Feehan Football Cheerleader 1,25 Basket- ball Cheerleader 1,25 Trackettes 1,2,35 Y-Teens 1,25 Student Council Member 2,35 Counciling Center Helper 25 Child Care 45 Track 1 Tammy Feemster Bandettes 35 Child Care 4 Seniors 79 Beth Feller North Campus Choir 25 Trackettes 1,2,3,45 Wrestlerettes 2,35 Letterman's Club 35 Y- Teens 1,2,3,45 Key 1,25 Panther Players 45 Stu- dent Council Member 1,2,3,45 H.O. 4-secretary5 Track 1,2,3,4 Richard Fernandez Letterman's Club 45 Foot- ball 1,2,3,45 Track 1,25 Wrestling 1,2,3,4 Suellen Fink GAA 1,25 Honor Society 3,45 Let- terman's Club 3,45 Ir, Achievement 2,3,4-trea- surer5 Who's Who Among American High School Students 45 Plays 1,2,,3,45 Musicals 3,45 Panther Players 1,2,3,45 One-Act 35 Spanish Honor Society 3,45 Office Helper 45 Field Hock- ey 1,2,3-manager5 Softball 2,3-manager Andrew Finkbeiner Concert Choir 3,45 North Campus Choir 25 Homecoming Royalty 45 ju- nior Rotarian 45 Key 25 Skyline 45 Plays 2,3,45 Musicals 3,45 Panther Players 3-recording secre- tary, 4-vice president5 One-Act 35 Student Council 3,45 Class Officer 4-president Konnie Floyd GAA 1,25 Skyline 3 Denise 1. Folker Panther Players 15 Speech Club 35 Tri-Mic 35 D.E. 45 Volleyball 1 Mark Forbes Baseball 253,45 Intramurals 3,4 Cherise Ford Colleen Ford North Campus Choir 25 Y-Teens lg Office Helper 35 Child Care 3,45 Volleyball Z- manager, 3-manager Keri Francois Mary Beth Frank Football Cheerleader 15 Bas- ketball Cheerleader 15 Trackettes 15 Wrestler- ettes 35 Homecoming Royalty 45 Y-Teens 1,2,3,45 Spanish Club 1,2,35 Student Council Member 1,2,3,45 Orchesis 45 Diamonette 2 Becky Freeland Tina Friend Peggy Fulton D.E. 3,4 Daniel Fulwiley is E .55 .t " -at e it I 1 ' . u 'MNH ,- We 3' S QW ' l 80 Seniors Have They Kept The Faith In Government? Since the birth of most seniors, var- ious incidents have taken place in the history of our government: John F. Kennedy was assassinated . . . the Watergate Scandal broke out . . . Richard M. Nixon resigned from the Presidency . . . I-Iow have these events influenced the opinions of young people towards their government? john Odendahl replied, "We have the best form of government in the world, but the major problem is its size, it's too large. Because of its size, government spending and red tape are increased. It makes it difficult for gov- ernment to check itself, leaving itself open for scandal. I'll be glad to use my voting privilege," said John, "but I abolished. If this college were dis- posed of, I think the people would feel their vote meant much more." Thom Sanchez remarked, "The idea of our government is good, but I don't know how long it will continue to work. I think we could get further if we worked closer. Within parties are other parties, and there is too much corruption. As soon as I get my voting privelege, I will Vote. I'll just vote for the candidate that I think will do a good job," concluded Thom. Kerry Duff stated, "I think the gov- ernment is well-organized, but too se- cret. I feel it's important to vote be- cause this allows the people to become involved with governmental issues and affairs." X titer. if xx in g,gg35u1U, llVlf'EACllfivlil'IN'? ""til'mg:mrr1xl 1 ll.fllf7rhr K- tw.. . W sz , It ti' I Y" , 0117 A . 057 he 'wa M 1 W. G - 5973f735giij '4'o,, , ' 1. 1, gk f-. feel the electoral college should be KELLY DUFF l Jeff Callaughef t t 'ili I Jeff Gan' 2 ,gl iilii Raymond Garcia Wrestling 1,2,3,4 Q W L iitr, V 4 5 . l Lisa Gehant GAA 2,3, GAA Board 2,3, Honor Society 3,4, Who's Who Among American High School Students 4, Spanish Club 2, Field Hock- ey 3, Intramurals 4 Shiela Geiger GAA 1,2, jr. Achievement 2, Or- chesis 4 Becky Gerstel North Campus Choir 1, Pep Club 1, Spanish Club 1, Library Worker 1, Child Care 4 Rose Gibbs Kimberly Giles Afro-American Club 1,2, Track 1, Orchesis 4 james Girot Basketball 1, Intramurals 3,4 Seniors 81 Sweet Danish Treat! Lena Birch, exchange student from Denmark, doesn't understand when people complain about the price of jeans. In her own country, blue jeans would probably cost close to 590. This is only one difference she not- ed between her own country and America. Others include the fact that drivers education is not offered through school in Denmark. Young people there must be 18-years-old to obtain a license and they may then only obtain it after they have taken 18 lessons at 550.00 a piece. Mr. and Mrs. Tom Frazier and their four children have served as host fam- ily to Lena. "I was really excited when I was first sent a picture of the pro- spective family," said Lene. She ad- mits that when she first arrived on July 18 she was a bit homesick. "But, I couldn't go home now!" she said. The first things Lene intends to tell her family about when she returns in July is all the snow, which is a rarity in her country - and the Mississippi River. SHERI BENTLEY Snow! Lena Birch won't ever see this much snow again when she returns to Denmark. Nathan F. Goldstein Who's Who Among American High School Students 4, Spanish Club 3, Intramurals 4 Barbara Gomez Edward Gomez Guadlupe Gomez Greg Graf Concert Choir 2,3,4, Chamber Choir 1, Allstate Choir 3,4 james Grant Susan Graves GAA 1, jr. Achievement 2- vice president of personnel, H.O. 3,4-reported 4, Tennis 1,2, Medical Explores 2,3-treasurer Teri Greer Class Treasurer 1,35 Trackettes 1, GAA 1, Honor Society 3,45 Letterman's Club 2,3,4-secretary, Who's Who Among American High School Students 45 Panther Players 1, High School Bowl 3-alternate, 4-captain, French Club 2, Student Council Member 1,3g Close-Up Club 4, Basketball 1,2,3, Softball 1,2,3,4g Tennis 25 Volleyball 1,2,3,4g Illini Girls' State 3 Iohn Groth , 7' iv I it is rn v-.5 fe: s2ifg,,1 'ii:ff- 2 2 3 I A . 'I . -ffff - lll 82 Seniors 1'5" ., V. ji 1, X 4 as 1 Y Txfiff W 2,473 'H X 'fs ll 5 Todd Grove Patty Grubbs Kathy Grumadas Michael Guenther German Club 1,2 David Guerrero Karin Hacker Bill Haggard Tri-Mic 3,4 David Hajny Randy Halsey Kathy Haney Counselors Office Helper 3,45 At- tendance Clerk 3,45 GAA 1,2 Robyn Hanna Concert Choir 45 Chamber Choir 35 North Campus Choir 25 GAA 1,2, Leterman's Club 3,45 Who's Who Among American High School Students 45 Y-Teens 2,35 Basketball 25 Field Hockey 2,35 Softball 1,2,3,4 Melinda Hansen Child Care 3,4 Deanne Hanson Daniel Hantz Letterman's Club 45 Football 1,2,45 Tennis 1 Mary Harder Seniors B3 james Hardin julie Harker Darcelle Harmon North Campus Choir 1,25 jr, Achievement 1,2 Kevin Harrington Football 3,45 Wrestling 1 Ili Bessie Harris 0.0. 4 Charles Harrison Candy Hari Cindy Hart Chamber Choir 35 North Campus Choir 25 Y-Teens 1,25 Musicals 25 Panther Play- ers 1,25 Spanish Club 1,25 Student Council Member 1,25 Track 15 Orchesis 4 Michael Haskins Honor Society 3,45 junior Ro- tarians 45 Basketball 1,2,35 Intramurals 45 Ten- nis 1,2,3,4 Tony Hatfield Carmen Hay Sandi Hayes North Campus Choir 25 French Club 1,25 Rifle Club 4 Sheila Haynes Afro-American Club 1 1anetHeald Trackettes 1,2,3,45 German Club 2,3 84 Seniors 'f ihihv QQ' Qt an :Ex ' X i s Wkryk . -1'Y , 1. 1 K is X We 5 K X- sean. ' t it ties r -lit cf 5 ,pb 'A ' , V 'A ' 1 ,,,. Q r , t . 4 .Q 1, 4 4 at , f . if tiff sfl . , ? ' A Vqpsv-'V ' ,fr , , .gtg ,, 1 My , f- Y 4 Ei- W W' .l I it 4 ,sim f ,ge Q gy ' 4 wr . , K .4 X1 Belinda Hedges Office Helper 3, Orchesis 4 Lisa Henderson HO. 3,4 Terry Henrichs David Herron Michael Hetzel Carole Heyninck H.E.R.O. 3,4-vice president, Child Care 4 Derrick Hicks Wrestling 1 Karla Hignight North Campus Choir 2, Who's Who Among American High School Students 4 Dianna Hill Chamber Choir 2,35 Concert Choir 3,45 North Campus Choir 1,2, Rifle Club 1,2,3,4 Chara Benzon's high school years were spent in serious dedication to acting, something she hopes will grow into a career. A Star Is Born Acting: the art, profession, or activ- ity of those who perform in stage plays, motion pictures, etc. . . . Chara Benzon: the actress or inter- preter who preforms in stage plays, speech contests, commercials, etc. . . . "What really got me into my acting was speech," said Chara. "Speech is dramatic interpretation and it helps me get into my characters and really learn my lines." Chara began acting her freshman year by involving herself in speech club contests. Since she began trying out for plays her sophomore year, Chara has appeared in eight produc- tions, including "Trojan Women" and a Playcrafters production, "Effect of Gamma Rays on Man in the Moon Marigoldsf' This year Chara appeared in a TV commercial to be shown on a local channel. Her main interest is TV com- mercials and TV acting. She plans to further her career while attending the University of Iowa. When asked why she found acting so interesting Chara replied, "In act- ing I can go up on stage and be who- ever I want." KELLY DUFF Seniors 85 lanalee Hill Mark Hill Susie Hill North Campus Choir 25 Football Cheerleader 15 Basketball Cheerleader 15 Track- ettes 1,25 Wrestlerettes 25 Y-Teens 1,2,3,4-presi- dentp Key 1,25 Panther Players 15 Student Coun- cil Member 1,2,3,45 0.0. 45 Track 1 Gerald Hoffman Art Club Council 1,25 Cross Country 2,35 Intramurals 3,45 Track 1,2,3,4 Michael Hoffman Wrestling 1,2,3 Lisa Holdorf Trackettes 35 CAA 1,25 jr. Achieve- ment 1,25 Basketball 1,25 Softball 35 Volleyball 15 Diamondettes 3,4 Randy Holland North Campus Choir 1,25 jr. Achievement 4 Sharon Holmes Class Officer 4-vice president5 Wrestling Cheerleader 1,25 Trackettes 2,35 Pan- ther Fan Club 3,45 GAA 1,2,35 CAA Board 1,2,35 GAA Royalty 25 Honor Society 3,45 Letterman's Club 3,45 Who's Who Among America High School Students 3,45 Panther Players 15 Spanish Club 1,25 Quint-City Student Congress 15 Student Council Member 1,2,3,45 Softball 25 Tennis 1,2,3,45 Explorers 4-president5 Home- coming Royalty 4 Kathleen Horton Concert Choir 3,45 North Campus Choir 1,25 GAA 15 Honor Society 3,4- president5 Who's Who Among American High School Students 3,45 Y-Teens 1,25 Key 15 Plays 2,3,45 Musicals 45 Panther Players 1,2,3,45 Speech Club 2,3-secretary5 Reader's Theater 25 One-Act 35 French Club 1,2 ,-XX v 1 V ..-J I... Wi X it 412 .ff 4- '0" wa-I umber Une Since Freshman Year Finding time for sports and studies, Teri Greer excels at both. Students tend to be categorized as being either academically inclined, athletically inclined, or neither. Rare- ly are they both. But Teri Greer has broken through this stereotype. She is a student who is also an athlete-or an athlete who is also a student. Academically, Teri has been num- ber one in her class since her fresh- man year. She used her academic pow- ers by being an alternate on UT's High School Bowl team her junior year and captain of the team her sen- ior year. As a junior, Teri was selected to be a UT representative at Illini Girls State. In October of her senior year, Teri was honored with being se- lected Exchange Club Youth of the Month. Teri was active in athletics since her freshman year. She lettered in volley- ball and softball for four years and basketball for three. Her sophomore year she also lettered in tennis. "I think that juggling time for homework and other activities is a matter of wanting to succeed at both," said Teri. LYNDA TALLEY I u E 86 Seniors dig Sf a 'UNK li hx :NK N-an Frank Horvath julie Householder Softball 2 Judy Howk Cheryl Hudson Bill C. Hughes Class Officer 1-vice president, 2- president, 3-president5 Homecoming Royalty 45 Letterman's Club 45 jr. Rotarians 45 Panther Players 1,25 Quint-City Student Congress 15 Student Council Member 1,2,3,4-vice president Tennis 1,2,3,4 Luther Hughes john Huizenga George Hull Basketball 15 Wrestling 2 i Donna Hunt GAA 1,25 0.0. 45 Tennis 1,2,3 Scott Hunter Letterman's Club 3,45 Basketball 1,2,3,4 Kevin lrby Ir. Rotarian 45 Spanish Club 35 Of- fice Helper 3,45 Tennis 4 ' Gregory N. jackson Panther Fan Club 45 Span- 1 ish Club 15 Track 1,3 5 Diana E. lacobs GAA 1,25 jr. Achievement 35 Office Helper 35 H.E.R.O. 4 Mark Jacobs Martin james Seniors 87 james jesuit Tammy jobe Bandettes 2,3,45 GAA 1,2 Debbie johnson Choir 25 Basketball 25 Field Hockey 25 Track 1,25 Volleyball 253,11 Hugh johnson joel johnson Rifle Club 1 Laura johnson Rhonda johnson Concert Choir 45 Chamber Choir 35 North Campus Choir 25 Trackettes 3,45 Wrestlerettes 2,35 Intramurals 3,45 Track 4 Curtis jones Letterman's Club 45 Spanish Club 35 Baseball 1,2,3,45 Golf 35 Intermurals 3,45 Rifle Club 2,3 Dean jones Lawrence jones Tammy jones Lynn jorgensen Patty Kalomas Class Officer 4-secretary5 Con- cert Choir 45 Chamber Choir 35 North Campus Choir 25 Wrestlerettes 25 Panther Fan Club 15 GAA 253,45 Letterman's Club 3,45 Who's Who Among American High School Students 45 Y- Teens 2,3,45 Plays 1,25 French Club 15 Student Council Member 3,45 Field Hockey 2,35 Intra- murals 45 Track 2,3,45 Diamondette 3,4 Ruthann Keener Football Cheerleader 15 Bas- ketball Cheerleader 15 Y-Teens 1,2,3,45 German Club 1,2,35 Student Council Member 45 Who's Who Among American High School Students 4 Norman Kelley jr. Achievement 2,35 Who's Who Among American High School Students 35 Intramurals 3,45 Football Manager 1 1. ,fa lmsavwir -4 hi 1 88 Seniors He's A Wild And Crazy Guy! WVV4 it A g , , I f . G . . f T as . . ' r ,Q . aff A . rrc, if 'elf f I ,.,M, .iz, ' 'K f ryr ' 'i' , it 5 Q F Who knows? Maybe in the years to come the name Kenneth Porter will be in lights above the most popular clubs in the nations At one time or another, such greats as Muhammad Ali, Jack Benny, john Wayne, Truman Capote, Richard Nix- on, and even Wolfman Jack have walked through the halls at UT. These celebrities have all come in the form of Kenneth Porter. Since the second grade, Ken has been doing impressions, starting with Flip Wilson and his female counter- part Geraldine, progressing on to nu- merous other Stars. He has even cre- ated his own character by the name of Holmer Peabody, native of Buck- tussle, Mississippi. "I created Holmer Peabody because I wanted to do my own thing, and not always do other people's personalities. Holmer Peabody is somebody differ- ent," said Ken. On stage, Ken's ability to please the crowd has helped him to win UT's spring talent show three years in a row. Although he has a style all his own, he is influenced by the works of Steve Martin and Richard Pryor. "I say Richard Pryor and Steve Martin are my idols because we have something in commong they're crazy and I'm crazy," he said. Ken plans to further his career in acting and showmanship by working his way up to the top. Ken said, "I'll go to one of the big cities and perform at night shows in local clubs and then on from there." CHERYL PITTMAN . , jack Kettering I.etterman's Club 45 Who s Who we I Among American High School Students 45 Bas- ' - ' ilz V ketball Trainer 3,45 Football Trainer 3,45 Track ,,,, P 3,45 Wrestling Trainer 3,4, Rifle Club 1,25 Foot- vk ' fi 1 - HA , ' g - 'K 4 , a En- Klmbfrly Keyes ,. L , ,X .. I Christopher Kickapoo Football 1,2,3,4 Gail Kieffer Panther-pep Band 2,3,4g Marching Band 1,2,3,4g Freshman Band 1, Concert Band 2,3,4p lr, Achievement 2,3g H.O. 3g Track 1 Carla Killian Gregory Kinman Honor Society 3,45 Letter- man's Club 3,4g United Townships Visitors to Rotary 4, Who's Who Among American High School Students 4g Baseball 2,3,4g Football 1,2,3,4g Track 15 Wrestling 1,2,3,4 jill Kipp Trackettes 1, Wrestlerettes 25 GAA 1,21 Y-Teens 2,3g German Club 25 Student Council Member 2, Office Helper 4, Track 2, Orchesis 4- president Deborah Kirkhove 0.0. 4 Seniors B9 -E She's The Youngest Honey Hawk! The Honey Hawks: a dance organi- zation-made up of eighteen beautiful girls dressed in green, gold and white! Kathie Horton, senior, is the youn- gest member of the "Quad City Hon- ey Hawks", dancers at halftime dur- ing the Quad City Blackhawk football games. Kathie is the only girl from UT who became a Honey Hawk this year. The Honey Hawks practice at Gerie Wilson's studio in Rock Island two nights a week for three hours. They dance to disco and jazz music and have six different dances to perform at games. Kathie was asked to try out by a choreographer from Music Guild. Kathie says, "I tried out for the Honey Hawks because I really enjoy per- forming in front of an audience, and it's a good way to stay in shape." KERRY DUFF Kathie Horton is the youngest member of the dancing Honey Hawks. v -sv! G. 'Er ' 'R .. ig, Kim Klinefelter Basketball 2,3 Scott Klouser Lori Koehler Randy Kratz joel Kmgman Intramurals 1,4 Ronald Kuhn jr. Achievement 1,25 0.0. 3, D.O, 4 Rose Ann Kupresin Trackettes 1,2g GAA 1g Y- Teens 1,2,3,4g Track 1 Lisa Kuse Lori Kuse GAA 1, Jr. Achievement 1, Track 2 -A 5 ig ., Q Q53 fx Tl - 90 Seniors N., g . , 'hw 15? x - g 1 4 17' of ki. H x Uft s 3 we Y F 5 r if 1 "'Ti "s. x joe Lambert Football 1, Track 1,25 Wrestling 1,2,3 Dave Lambrecht Linda Lapaczonek Panther-pep Band 2,3,4g Marching Band 1,2,3,4p Freshman Band 1, GAA 2, Y-'Deens 1,2,3, Student Council Member 3,4, Track 2,3 Esther Larrison Child Care 3,4 Gina Larrison Ir. Achievement 2-secretary, 3- president, 0.0. 4, Track 1,3 Tammy Larrison Wrestling Cheerleader 1,2,3,4g C-AA 1,25 Y-Teens 1,2g Spanish Club 1,2, Stu- dent Council Member 3g Intramurals 4 Lori Larson Freshman Band 2, GAA 1,25 Y- Teens 1,2,3 William Layne Teresa Leftwich Susan Leihsing Trackettes 4, Spanish Honor Society 3,4 Billy Lester Teresa Liggett A Michael Liggett Letterman's Club 4, Football 35 ce e F , fi' Tennis 1,25 Wrestling 1,2,3,4 lemme UPG , N eq- Gary Lister I , ny Xxx .,., gy: I - w I w I l Seniors 91 Lorenzo Lomas Football 4 jeffrey Longbons United Township Visitors to Rotary 45 Who's Who Among American High School Students 45 Plays 3,45 Musicals 3,45 One- Act 2,3,45 French Club 1,2 Ladislada Lopez Cheryl Lovell Wrestlerettes 1,25 Office Helper 45 Diamondettes 2,3 Ginger Lowe Diane Lucas Speech Club 45 German Club 15 Office Helper 35 Attendance Clerk 35 H.O. 35 Basketball 3,4-manager Vickie Lucas Melanie Luce Sylvia Lueje North Campus Choir 1,25 Track- ettes 1,25 Y-Teens 1,2,3- inner club, 4-treasurer, Key 1,25 Panther Players 15 Student Council Member 1,2,3,45 Office Helper 45 Homecoming Royalty 4 Diann Lyon Teresa Lyon Jerald Lyphout Basketball 1,25 Intramurals 3,4 Tony Maldonado Jani Marr Concert Choir 2,35 Plays Z,3,45 Musi- cals 3,45 Panther Players 3,45 One-Act 3,45 Office Helper 45 0.0. 4-vice-president Dana Martin 92 Seniors i . had., . 'Ei izwvgg, X X ' in x Q., . ' - 55 5 -L Donna Martin Trackettes 1,25 Panther Fan Club CAA 1,25 Honor Society 3,45 Letterman's Club 2,3,45 Panther Players 1,25 Student Council Member 2,3-treasurer, 45 H.O. 3,45 Basketball 1,2,35 Softball 2.,3,45 Track 15 Volleyball 1,2,3,4 jeffrey Martin Susan Martin Ir. Achievement 2,3,4-vice-presi- dent5 Who's Who Among American High School Students 45 Office Helper 3,45 Atten- dance Clerk 3,4 v, ns... as Tamela Martin joseph Mascari Randall Massorolo Baseball 45 Basketball 15 ln- tramurals 3,4 -.'!.".. f-we Gerald Mathena james McBurney Honor Society 3,45 United Among American High School Students 45 Cross-Country 1,2,3,45 Track 1,2,3,4 5 Regina McCorkle THQ Sa M f r 5 A . ,i.' ' if 5 5 ,,, -", gym ' Townships Visitors to Rotary 45 Who's Who ' H 6' K as rf, it a Q f ge .. 55 1 4 X ,fx xx xl ed Exchange Club ames Youths Of The Month The East MolinefSilvis Exchange Club started a new program known as Youth of the Month this year. The program was started to focus atten- tion on outstanding students. Six awards were given to UT students. Qualifications for Youth of the Month included superior academic ability, outstanding service to the Three winners of the Youth of the Month award are Rhonda Correll, Amy Davison, and Teri Greer. school and the community, and abili- ty to work with people in general. The student body also had some in- fluence on who was chosen because they had a chance to recommend peo- ple they thought deserved it. Those who were chosen were given a S25 bond by the Exchange Club. CHERYL GRIPP Seniors 93 l4-il Jeffery McCormick Randy McDanel Sandy McDanel lohn McGeehee Homecoming Royalty 4, Na- tional Honor Society 4g Junior Rotarians 4, Plays 4, Panther Players 1,2,3,4g German Club 1,2,3,4-vice president, Student Council Member 2,3,4g Intramurals 3,41 Tennis 1,2,3,4 Dori McHenry jeffrey Mclntire Sherman Mclntyre Dennis McKenizie Dorothy McNeal I X17 , -.. ..,,,: .. 'Q ' S f zgsgugiirf Egg: Lf, iifvf fi ns If lf' iw? A Whirlpool Of Activities Anyone who knows Rhonda Cor- rell has undoubtedly asked the ques- tion, "How does she do it?" At the top of her dozens of activities is being president of UT's student council. She was first elected to a stu- dent council position when she was in fifth grade and has occupied a posi- tion on a council every year since then. Rhonda is admired by her class- mates and teachers for her ability to do several things at once and to do them all well. While staying in the top twenty of her class, she also partici- pates in activities ranging from tennis to Honors Society. "I couldn't have done everything without my family, especially my morn," said Rhonda. "She does all the little things that make such a big difference like making cookies for all the bake sales, and carting me around." One of Rhoncla's biggest honors was being chosen Homecoming Queen. Other honors include being named Youth of the Month by the Exchange Club. "This year's been great," said Rhonda, "but it's all going so fast." MARY BURNS What does Rhonda do in her spare time? 94 Seniors ,args K K its New ILL Kathi Meadows 0.0. 4 Kyle Meier Annette Mendoza Laura Meyers Lambros Mihalopoulos Barbara Miller Trackettes 1g Spanish Honor So- ciety 4p Orchesis 4 Bryan Miller Football 1 Christine Miller Emily Miller Panther-pep Band 2,3,4g Marching Band 1,2,3,4p jazz Lab 3,45 Freshman Band 15 Concert Band 2,3,4 Teresa Miller Vicki Miller Michael Minteer Sara Moomey Dave Moore jr. Achievement 21 Plays 35 Pan- ther Players 3,4g Spanish Club 2,3,4g Basketball 1g Tennis 1,2,3,4g Indoor Track 1,3 Tim Moore D.O. 4 Seniors 95 jennifer Marie Morgan GAA 1,25 jr. Achieve- ment 15 Spanish Club 1,25 H.O. 3,4-president5 Bowling 2,35 Softball 25 Volleyball 1 Pamela Morney Robert Morris Dennis Morrow james R. Morrow l.etterman's Club 45 Baseball 2,3,45 Basketball 1,25 Football 1,2,3,4-co-captain5 Intramurals 3,45 Track 1 Dave A. Morse Who's Who Among American High School Students 45 Rifle Club 1,2,3,4 Tamaro Morton Scott Mosher Agri-Business 3 Danny Motsinger Leslie Murphy Mark 1. Nagel H.E.R.O. 35 Intramurals 35 Track 2 Michelle Neels Norman Neely Janice Nelson Chamber Choir 25 North Cam- pus Choir 15 Trackettes 25 GAA 1,25 Y-Teens 2,35 Panther Players 25 H.O. 35 Field Hockey 2,3 Joanne Nelson North Campus Choir 1,25 CAA 1,2535 Homecoming Royalty 45 Honor Society 3,4: Who's Who Among American High School Students 45 Y-Teens 2,3,45 Panther Players 25 Spanish Club 15 Field Hockey 2,35 Diamon- dettes 2,3,4 'W fd W? Q--qv h,?j,7,?1,,L3wg,g,5,i5V .- . 5f,,.w,f4, ,,,.,. W ' ' 'M 'CV ,af-Wa" y, j , 5 f - 4 P 5 1 QM, if ,V ,fx l a ist , '9 V? gp-Q i ' if 5 4 K' Xb ' I 96 Seniors UT's Very Own Charles Schultz The cartoon characters of Andy Finkbeiner have been jumping out of the walls at UT for years. Andy has created and drawn the publicity posters for the UT produc- tions You Can't Take It With You, Harvey, and Bye, Bye Birdie. He also worked with jeff Zoller on the posters for The Good Doctor. And when the script of Harvey called for a painting of Elwood and Harvey to be used in the play, Andy came through again. As a sophomore, Andy had several cartoons published in the Key. Car- toons he submitted to the Quad-City Express magazine were also accepted and printed. Among Andy's list of credits are the end sheets used in this year's Skyline. Andy's posters could also be seen when he campaigned for student council. He thinks that the posters with the smiling man proclaiming "Vote for Finkbeiner" definitely helped him get elected. Andy first became interested in drawing when he was six years old. Although he doesn't plan on pursuing a career as a cartoonist, Andy is not going to get away from art completely. He is planning a career in commercial graphics and design. He doesn't have a favorite character to draw. Usually he just draws what- ever comes out of his pen. Andy said, "Cartooning is just a small part of what I do. Doodling is just something I do for fun that looks good on post- ers. ' 1.7 ,,,,,,, . "Hi" from ,Andy and his friends. 1 45,4 3 . i A ,fl 1 . To , ' f 'tk as A -K S L .. t Carole Bernice Nemerguth GAA 1, National Honor Society 3,4-president, Letterman's Club 45 Who's Who Among American High School Students 3,45 Y-Teens 2-president, Speech Club 2, High School Bowl 45 Foreign Language Club 25 Augustana Math Bowl 3 Ron Nickell Karen Nickens Who's Who Among American High School Students 4 Dale Nordholm Gayla Nordholm Darrin Norin Track 1,2 Gayle Nye Panther Players 1,3 john Odendahl National Honor Society 45 ju- nior Rotarian 4, Panther Players 3,4, Student Council Member 1,2,3,4g Basketball 1, Intra- murals 3,4g Tennis 1,2,3,4g Boys' State 3 Peggy Odendahl Seniors 97 Hold The Mustard Please! "You, you're the one!" They do it all for you at the fast food restaurants on the ever-growing 23rd Avenue. UT students with ample spending money in their pockets from their part-time jobs chose to go out to 23rd Avenue for their lunch hours - even in the coldest winter weather. "I like all the fast food joints, but McDonalds is my favorite because of their Big Macs," said Jerry Smith. Wendy's, Iudy's, and now even Cindy's are the new girls in town. They spot 23rd Avenue with their drive-in windows offering fast food at a relatively low price. They aren't quite like traditional hamburger joints because their menu includes chicken, salad, frosty's, chili, and a variety of quarter, half, and three- quarter hamburgers. ls there anyone out there who hasn't tried a I-lardee's roast beef? Some UT students swear by the big- ger, better, beefier roast beef sand- wiches. "The reason I like I-Iardee's roast beef is because it's different," says Laurie Anderson. "It offers a change of pace from just burgers." The lure of 23rd Avenue fast-food service continues to grow, keeping the cafeteria lines from getting too long back at school. LAURIE KRACK Students would rather bite into a burger at a "neutral zone" on 23rd Avenue than stay in school through the lunch hour. Brian Officer Grady O'Mary jerry Orey Beth O'Riley Y-Teens 2,3,4, French Club 1,2 David Overfield Mark Owen Iames Palike Lester Palmer Angelina Pancrazio dll 98 Seniors - i -nr Wits A 5? M -w-. 5 , kv ,aw ..i'F',x "'--nf... as-sg 'lux an-M-r ,,,ta 5 f 452 5 ' 5 j I r fm"3f"" Av , A W 5 Q L., 3 H . " Mi- , Jeri Pankey Child Care 3,4 Iulie Passini Track 1 Sheri Pate Elmer Peel Tri-Mic 3,45 Baseball 2,45 Football 15 Intramurals 3,45 Track 1 Debra Pender Jr. Achievement 2,35 Dean Perry junior Rotarian 45 Who's Who Among American High Schol Students 45 Intra- murals 3,4 Gayle Petersen GAA 1, Board Member 2,35 Honor Society 3,45 Who's Who Among Ameri- can High School Students 3,45 Y-Teens 25 Cross- Country 45 Track 3,4 jeff Petersen Basketball 15 Intramurals 3,4 Steve Phillips David Piersall Agri-Business 3,4-president5 Cross-Country 25 Football 15 Track 1,25 Wres- tling 1 Margaret Pierson Karla Pinner Panther-pep Band 2,3,45 March- ing Band 1,2,3,45 Freshman Band 15 Concert Band 2,3,45 Y-Teens 1,2,35 German Club 1 jill Piper North Campus Choir 25 Trackettes 1,25 Y-Teens 1,2,3,45 Key 1,25 Skyline 15 Plays 15 Panther Players 15 Student Council Member 1,2,35 Track 1 Mark Pirmann Cheryl Pittman GAA 15 Homecoming Royalty 45 Letterman's Club 3,45 jr. Achievement 25 Key 35 Skyline 3,45 Basketball 1,2,3,45 Field Hockey 15 Track 1,2,3,4 Seniors 99 1 1 1 l 1 Iudv Plot'-ff I Rick Pobanz German Club 1,25 Baseball 4, Golf Q L 1,2,3,4g Intramurals 3,4 I V Michelle Poelvoorde Y-Teens 1,2, H.O. 35 Child N ' Care 4 Q 5 2 Kevin Pointer Baseball 3,45 Football 1,3g Track 15 Wrestling 1,2 jeffrey Ponce Basketball lp Cross-Country 1,2p Track 1,2 Kenneth Porter Steve Pratt Letterman's Club 4, Football 2,3,4g Wrestling 1 Darrell Praught Tammy Praught Stephen Pruett Football 1,2, Intramurals 3 Track 1, Wrestling 1,2 Lawrence Pulliam Basketball 1, Football 1,2 Connie Purcell Darryl Purvis Panther Players 3, Student Coun- cil Member 1g Football 1,2, Intramurals 4, Track 1,25 Wrestling 1,2,3,4 Theresa Rada Laurie Ralph Jr. Achievement 2-treasurer, 3,4g Spanish Club 1,2,3p Spanish Honor Society 3,45 H.O. 3-treasurer, 4 100 Seniors I J' n, Mr.. . 1. ir! , . P 7 ' L1 11541, , 1, H ,V LA n,1,,,,g, ?e:s.lf'- ,fu . :f.a-:i'I.tQ.i!Q1 W ' ,.. 3 '1- 'f--fs "" ssew i .sw K 7' I 8 , .cf rv if-p q, 3 Z I , T -f'f., :Ag n 1,, i ' FWF? 4 I ja f 1 mar 1 rs. V mfg -'Rx in ,I-'5-f E ? me WW Susan Randolph GAA 1,25 Letterman's Club 3,45 Y-Teens 1,25 Panther Players 15 Student Council Member 35 Basketball 1,2,3,45 Softball 25 Volleyball 2,3,4 Floyd Rasso Marcel Reasby Panther Fan Club 1,2,3,45 Sky- line 1,2,3,45 Student Council 3,45 Football 1,25 Intramurals 1,2,3,45 Track 1,2,3,4 Merri E. C. Redman W. Lysa Gallaugher-Reeves Concert Choir 3,45 Bell Choir 2,35 North Campus Choir 1,25 jr. Achievement 2- corporation secretary, 3-trea- surer5 Who's Who Among American High School Students 45 Plays 3,4-costumery5 Panther Players 45 Musicals 45 Speech Club 3,45 Latin Club 1,25 Counselor Office Helper 45 Close-Up Club 3 john Regex Skyline 3,45 D.E. 3 Craig Remour Rebecca Reyna julie Reynolds Chamber Choir 35 North Cam- pus Choir 25 Y-Teens 1,25 Key 25 Student Coun- cil Member 35 Track 1 Top Ten Are Commended The Top ten seniors are Qtopj Teri Greer - grade point 4.733, frow 35 Gerald Carlson - grade point 4.500, lim McBurney - grade point 4.5595 frow 21 Lois Bell - grade point 4.500, Amy Davison - grade point 4.457, Diane Zmuda - grade point 4.4525 Qfrontj Mike Haskins - grade point 4.441, Amy Ball - grade point 4.405, joe Billquist - grade point 4.379, Merry Rowheder - grade point 4,3-43. Seniors 101 4, .. - ..... james Richardson ' Robin Rigg GAA 1,2,35 Honor Society 45 jr. Achievement 15 Who's Who Among American High School Students 45 Key 15 Panther Players 1,2,35 Counselor Office Helper 45 Track 15 Or- chesis 4 if . ,, - . '1 1 1 ww.. X f ' Jody Riggs P' T 1 john Robers Paul Roberts Steven Roberts Panther Fan Club 3,45 Honor Society 3,45 junior Rotarian 45 Panther Players 3,45 Augustana Math Bowl 35 Counselor Office Helper 35 Spanish Club 35 Spanish Honor Soci- ety 3 Terresa Roberts GAA 1 james Robbins Letterman's Club 45 Who's Who Among American High School Students 45 Stu- dent Council Member 1,25 Coun. Office Helper 15 Baseball 1,2,45 Basketball 1,2,35 Football 1,2,3,45 Intramurals 3,45 Track 4 Kristine Rodgers Counselor Office Helper 25 I'I.O. 3,4 H ik cub' ,nur- up X ' ,M I K Remember These News Stories From '78? Guyana massacre Postage rates going up John Gacy murders Popes' deaths Test-tube baby Drinking age raised in Iowa Yankees winning the pennant Nixon comes out of hiding Muhammed Ali regaining the title Transatlantic balloon flight Quad-City ice storm Camp David treaty Quad-City blizzard Iranian earthquake Mickey Mouse's 50th anniversary Willie Shelton QQuad-City fugitive who showed up on "Dating Game" and "The Gong Show", Pete Rose's hitting streak Illinois legislature pay raise Rock River flood 102 Seniors 'Z X T ,ZX xt i ,Q 4-2,,,N, .tm - Nui -1 Sc, , 'f time 15' ms., es ya 4 Us 4 , -Qs 'newmaie R ,. X we 'Ji'-x ukj ' N- I g, F 5 .-5,-.. .1 Wilt., 'lt tw . 5 Q ? 'fx iv Q L Q ' sie It a 1 5 2'-55' ,fel- ESB. R, ff Q t it, - M? 'Wills be Raw 'hand' Frank Rogers Football 1,2,3,4 Merry Rohweder GAA 1,2,35 Honor Society 3,45 Who's Who Among American High School Students 45 German Club 1,2,4-treasurer 35 Field Hockey 2,35 Intramurals 45 Softball 25 Track 15 Academic Dinner 3,4 julie Romanowski Ray Ropp Letterman's Club 45 Who's Who Among American High School Students 45 Football 1,2,3,45 Track 1,2 Vicki Ross Class Officer 4-treasurer5 Trackettes 3,45 Panther Fan Club 35 GAA 1,25 Honor Soci- ety 45 Letterman's Club 3,45 Who's Who Among American High School Students 45 Y-Teens 1,25 German Club 2,3,4-treasurer5 Student Council Member 45 Field Hockey 2,35 Orchesis 4 Rick Rote Thomas Rowan Todd Rowan Dan Rowe james Rutsaert Sara Salaza Tomas Sanchez Lorinda Sanders Panther Fan Club 15 jr. Achievement 2,3,4-president5 German Club 1,25 H.O. 35 Bowling 4 Ralph Sanders Who's Who Among American High School Students 45 German Club 3,45 Foot- ball 1,2,3,45 Intramurals 3,45 Track 15 Wrestling 2 Randall Sanders Baseball 2,3,45 Football 45 ln- tramurals 3,4 Seniors 103 Darrell M. Sandner Panther-Pep Band 25 Marching Band 25 Freshman Band 15 Concert Band 2.5 North Campus Choir 1,25 Bell Choir 3 Lisa Sandoval Who's Who Among American High School Students 45 Office Helper 3 William Schatti john Schaubroeck Golf 1,2,3,4 julie Scholfield Walter john Schulte German Club 1,2,3 Cynthia Schultz Trackettes 45 Panther Fan Club 25 jr. Achievement 1,25 Y-Teens 2,3,45 Diamon- dettes 2 Wayne Schumacher john Schwaesdall Football 2,3,4 lim Schwenneker Leonard Schwigen Chamber Choir 2,35 North Campus Choir 15 Skyline 35 Plays 1,2,3,45 Musi- cals 2,3,45 Panther Players 2,3,45 Speech Club 15 Quint-City Student Congress 35 Student Coun- cil 2,3,4 Christine Scott Panther-Pep Band 2,3,45 March- ing Band 2,3,45 Jazz Lab 3,45 Freshman Band 11 Concert Band 2,3,45 Concert Choir 2,35 North Campus Choir 15 Bell Choir 15 Honor Society 3,45 Who's Who in Music 35 Plays 1,2,3,45 Musi- cals 2,3,45 Panther Players 1,2,3,45 One-Act 35 0,0 4-president, Illinois All-State Chorus 3. leane Scott Theresa Scott Charles Seaman Panther-Pep Band 2,3,45 Marching Band 2,3,45 Freshman Band 15 Con- cert Band 2,3,45 Plays 2,3,45 Musicals 2,3,45 Pan- ther Players 2,3,45 Speech Club 1,Z,3,45 Reader's Theater 2,35 One-Act 3 1' 104 Seniors It's A Famil Affair An unusually large number of UT seniors have parents who are employed by the school. Pictured are ffrontj Teri Greer, daughter of Mr. Larry Greer5 Mike Hetzel, son of Mrs. Iudy Hetzel5 Chris Scott, daughter of Mrs. Gwen Scott. Qbackj jeff Burgess, son of Mrs. Sally Burgess5 Kathy Brown, daughter of Mrs. Carol Browng jerry Duncan, son of Mrs. Sandy Duncanp Lynda Talley, daughter of Coach Cliff Talley5 lack Kettering, son of Mr. lack Kettering5 and jani Marr, daughter of Mr. David Marr and Mrs. Pat Marr. Not pictured are Barbara Bennett, daughter of Mrs. Barbara Bennettp Julie Housholder, daughter of Mrs. Diana Housholder5 Nancy Terry, daughter of Mrs. Chris Terry5 and Mike VanBell, son of Mrs. Mary Van Bell. How would you like to go to school with your parents every morning? "lt's got its disadvantages and ad- vantages", said Jani Marr. "The disad- vantage is that you know you have to behave! On the other hand, my par- ents are always there when I need them." Mr. Cliff Talley, UT basketball coach and gym teacher at South Cam- pus, has a senior daughter, Lynda. "An extra bonus to having a son! daughter in school is that I get to know all of the kids growing up with Lynda, in and out of school situations. It allows me to have more than a teacher-student relationship. LISA COX -E New f' 1-ass... lg, av' -lb' gr-v f 'br james D. Seibert junior Rotarian 45 Who's Who Among American High School Students 45 ln- tramurals 4 Danette lean Senn Football Cheerleader 1,2,3,45 Basketball Cheerleader 1,2,3,4-captain, Track- ettes 2,35 Homecoming Royalty 45 Letterman's Club 45 Who's Who Among American High School Students 3,45 Y- Teens 1,2,35 German Club 1,Z,3-secretary, 4-secretary5 Student Coun- cil Member 2,3,45 Track 1 Brad Settles Concert Choir 3,45 North Campus Choir 25 German Club 1,25 Intramurals 3,4 Renee Sexton Y-Teens 15 Guidance Office Helper 3,45 D.E, 45 Child Care 35 Orchesis 4 Ricky L. Shamsie Student Council Member 35 Baseball 45 Football 1,2,35 Wrestling 1,2,3,4 Michael Sharp Agri-Business 3,4 Brenda Sheley GAA 1,2,35 GAA Board 2,35 Y- Teens 1,2,3,45 German Club 2,35 Tennis 1,2,3 Sherrie Shepard Tracy Schull North Campus Choir 15 GAA 2,35 Y-Teens 2,3,45 Field Hockey 2,35 Softball 25 Dia- mondette 3,4 Seniors 105 Another Award For Rhonda! "The aim of this project is to pay tribute to the youthful character and to call special attention to those quali- ties which are desirable in good citi- zens," claims a brochure from the DAR. The project of the Daughters of the American Revolution QDARJ is to honor one senior from each of the 50 states. From UT, Rhonda Correll was selected by her senior classmates and the faculty to represent the school as our good citizen. She soon will com- pete for the state good citizen award. Rhonda said of the award, "I was very honored that I was chosen to re- present our school with this award. I hope that I can continue in some sort of career that will be of service to my country." During her high school career Rhonda has been active in Panther Players, Choir, the Spanish Club, Let- terman's Club and Panther Players. She has participated in the Student Council for four years, serving as president her senior year. Rhonda has been a girls' basketball manager, played tennis, run track, been a wrest- Ierette, a trackette, and a member of GAA. She is also a member of the National Honor Society and Home- coming Queen. After graduation, she hopes to study in the field of public relations. CHERYI. PITTMAN Rhonda Correll is this year's recipient of the DAR award. Kelly Sivertsen Trackettes 2, Musicals 4, Track 2 Heather Sloman Who's Who Among American High School Students 4, Key 2,3-exchange edi- tor, Skyline 3,4-copy editorg Explorers 3 Amy Smith Trackettes 4, GAA 15 Y-Teens 1,2,3,4g Key 2, Student Council Member 2,3,4g Tennis 1, Orchesis 4 Beth Smith Kim Smith North Campus Choir 1,2, GAA 1,2, Intramurals 4, Diamondettes 2,3,4 Oscar Snyder Panther-Pep Band 2,3,4g March- ing Band 25 Freshman Band 1, Concert Band Z,3,4g Musicals 3,45 Football 1,2,4g Wrestling 1,2 Timothy Snyder joy Sobottka 0.0. 4, Child Carer 3,4 Celia Solis GAA 1,2, jr. Achievement 2, Who's Who Among American High School Students 3, Spanish Club 3, Spanish Honor Society 3, H.O. 45 Track 1,3 'M-ff mg, QW1-ug, "-vi 1---f' Ts 41,4 .Q..s...,, 106 Seniors 'HF Paul Soliz Daniel Sorensen Shari Spohn Concert Choir 3,45 Panther Players 2 Milburn Spradling Dena Spurgetis Randy Steffenson Concert Choir 25 Chamber Choir 15 North Campus Choir 25 Key 15 Skyline 35 Track 1 Christine Stewart Office Helper 253,45 Counsel- or Office Helper 1,35 Nurse's Office Worker 45 Tennis 3,4 Deanna Lynne Stickrod Plays 25 Panther Play- ers 2,3,45 One-Act 35 Spanish Club 2 Randy Stock Richard D. Stogsdill Tammy Stolze Trackettes 3,45 Y-Teens 15 Stu- dent Council Member 4 Pamela Stone Panther-Pep Band 2,3,45 March- ing Band 2,3,45 Freshman Band 15 Concert Band 1,2,3,45 CAA 1,25 Musicals 45 Basketball 25 Soft- ball 2 Mike Stoneburner Steven Stopoulos Basketball 15 Football 1,2,3 Sherri D. Stout GAA 1,25 Honor Society 4, jr. Achievement 2.,3,45 Key 15 Latin Club 1,25 Coun- selor Office Helper 45 Attendance Clerk 25 In- tramurals 4 Seniors 107 i Iames Stover Baseball 2,45 Football 1,2,3 Kevin R. Streeter Lori Streitmatter Concert Choir 1 Kelly Stribling GAA 2,3 Brian Suchy Wrestling 25 Tennis 2 Mark Sullivan Lisa Sunderland Christopher Swanson Panther-pep Band 1,2,3,45 Marching Band 1,2,3,45 Freshman Band 15 Concert Band 1,2,3,45 Intramurals 35 Rifle Club 3 Tamee Swanson Panther-pep Band 2,35 Marching Band 1,2,35 Freshman Band 15 Concert Band 1,2,35 Concert Choir 35 North Campus Choir 25 Plays 45 Panther Players 1,2,3,45 Student Council Member 35 Intramurals 45 Track 1 Todd Swanson Jani C. Sweeney Football Cheerleader 4- alternate5 Basketball Cheerleader 3,45 Homecoming Royalty 45 Letterman's Club 4 Who's Who Among American High School Students 45 Y-Teens 3,4 Mary lo Talarico Trackettes 3 Lynda Talley Honor Society 3,45 l.etterman's Club 2,3,45 Skyline 45 French Clbb 1,25 Basketball 1,2,3,45 Track 25 Volleyball 1,2,3,4 Ioseph Tapia Debra Taylor 0.0. 4 108 Seniors -M sq., -Q-M gs if , riff-an Q ax X N-xx f 5 saggy' x , . ' 'Q NM V ' K K t 'm:ii', , ref' A C Z T:'r+ L 'O sip' 5 wx I N fi. at livin . F11 l f as .quwwi ,.. , .--, , .-.W . , ...s- - gli: s w..,.,t.. . W,.. A W W - wmv N35 is X 51 William Tegge Alex Terronez Homecoming Royalty 4, Letterman's Club 3,4, Football 1,2,3,4p Wrestling 1,2,3 Ann Terronez Frances Terronez Rebecca Terronez Sefe Terronez Nancy Terry 0.0. 4-secretary Steven Thomas Panther-pep Band 2,3,4g Marching Band 2,3,4g Jazz Lab 4, Concert S 25 gig ' Band 1,2.3,4 . '71 9 lll er i R . . Gayla ThomPSOn -'-' 14 ...t S X K ' . Award Presented For Excellence In Science is O A ef Bmol Hosuabg What's that? That's Bausch Lomb backwards. What's Bausch Lomb? It's a company which manufactures contact lenses, among many other things. This company also presents an award each year to a senior who shows the most promise in a science-oriented career. The 1978- 79 winner is Carol Nemerguth. Carol Nemerguth is this year's recipient of the Bausch Lomb award. Carol has taken four years of sci- ence during her high school years: Survey science, biology, honors chem- istry and honors physics. She has earned all A's in these classes. Carol says, "I was honored to be chosen because of all the likely stu- dents. I'm glad to be recognized for something I worked very hard at." Carol plans to go into engineering. KERRY DUFP Seniors 109 Angela Tillison 0.0. 4: Y-Teens 2,4 I X I I I 1. Kory Togami Class Officer 1-president, Class i ' g ' Officer 2- vice president, 3- vice president, . J K K V 1 Homecoming Royalty 4- Kingg Letterman's I ' , fl. '., .5 Club 3,45 Quint-City Student Congress 15 Stu- Q, B A M ' 5' Q V ,Q M. dent Council Member 45 Cross-Country 15 Foot- " " 5 i"' "si R.. I , , Qt. I ball 2,45 Intramurals 35 Track 1,25 Wrestling ,Ail V "S Q, 11,4 LILLI ii, ,L L. 'JN' Carolyn Trich 5 . '.g,3vf5 N .I '1 at lx ? I 5 Q Q , if :H 5 if Allison Trouesdale Bernice Tyler North Campus Choir 1,25 French Club 2g Office Helper 35 H.O. 3,45 Child Care 3 john Tysma Cross-Country 15 Wrestling 1 Teo Valdez Michael 1. Van Belle Concert Choir 2,35 Cham- ber Choir 1,25 Panther Fan Club 35 National Honor Society 3,45 junior Rotarians 45 Plays 2,3,45 Musicals 2,3,45 Panther Players 1,2,.3,45 Speech Club 35 One-Act 3,4 Nancy VandeWieIe North Campus Choir 1,25 Trackettes 1,25 Wrestlerettes 2,35 Y-Teens 1,2,3,45 Key 1,25 Track 1 in 5X I ,. Qs. 1f'i ' L t 'T QPIOX i, 1 J , f ANR ERA: End Of Rights In America? The E.R.A. issue was big in Illinois this year. Members of both sexes took sides for or against this amendment to the constitution. In this Skyline fo- rum, seniors Kris Cox and Kay Davis express personal views on this issue. Question: To you, what do the three letters E.R.A. stand for? Kris Cox: "Simply the Equal Rights Amendment. Not only equal rights for women or minorities, but equal rights for everyone." Kay Davis: "End of Rights in Amer- ica. Question: What effect, if ratified, would the Equal Rights Amendment have on you, as an individual? Kris: "Since I am getting out of school soon, it should help me in getting jobs I'm qualified for, not because I'm a woman, but because I have the educa- tion and abilities." Kay: "No one can say exactly what will come of it, but proponents say I could be drafted. I could be bringing up my children in a completely differ- ent situation than I'd wish." Question: In what fields or areas, if any, do you feel the Equal Rights Amendment is necessary? Kris: "The E.R.A. is needed every- where. There can't be an employer saying that anyone can try for a job regardless of religion, sex, and color but still have exceptions. It can't work." Kay: "A housewife receiving some of her husband's social security benefits since she has worked for those many years." Question: Who do you associate the Equal Rights Movement with? -continued on p. 113 x l l,.r wx W W ay- .mf--,L .. si ..,,, . K' ' .ftgfsw-1, fits.: X sg.: J.. H :ff 5121-f' -- 1. ..., ,LL 6 ,..g . A xg, 5 ii: X X 3 s asc, 110 Seniors ts. L., 4' Q -.ftfff X hs -.. N ,V 55,1 Wk qua., 17' ,hw 1' 738 Troy Van Thorre Trackettes 3,45 Pete the Pan- ther 45 Jr, Achievement 2-secretary5 Y-Teens 3 Office Helper 35 Explorers 2 Darin Van Tieghem Maria Veloz Meg Vergane Andrea E. Voltz GAA 1,25 Y-Teens 1,2,35 Ger- man Club 1,25 Field Hockey 35 Tennis 1,25 Track 2,4 loni L. Walz North Campus Choir 25 Y-Teens 1,2,3,4 Brian Warstler Concert Choir 35 Chamber Choir 25 North Campus Choir 15 Football 1 Diane Waters Kenneth Watts Mark Weideman Baseball 1,2,3,45 Intramurals 3,4 Charles Weiss Penny Io Wells Concert Choir 1,25 Trackettes 1,25 Panther Fan Club 1,2,3,45 jr. Achievement 1,25 Key 1,25 Spanish Club 1,25 Student Council Member 15 Guidance Office Helper 25 Child Care 3,45 Intramurals 1,25 Track 1,2 Rhonda Welsh julie Wheeler 0.0. 4 jeff Wiedenmann Panther-pep Band 2,3,45 Marching Band 1,2,3,45 Jazz Lab 45 Freshman Band 15 Concert Band 2,3,45 Musicals 253,45 Sky- line Photographer 3,4 Seniors 111 I Michael Wiemers Spanish Club 2 Teresa Wilcox Jr. Achievement 2,3,4 Cary Willet Baseball 1,4, Cross-Country 1, In- tramurals 3,4, Wrestling 1 james Williamson Phillip Wilkinson Who's Who Among Ameri- can High School Students 3, Intramurals 3,4 Chad Williams Student Council Member 2,3, Baseball 1, Football 1,2,3,4, Wrestling 1,2 jan Williams Who's Who Among American High School Students 4, Key 2,3-assistant busi- ness manager, Skyline 3 Thomas Wilson Kathleen Windland Christine S. Wirtz Concert Choir 2,3, North Campus Choir 1, Wrestling Cheerleader 2,3,4, GAA 2, l.etterman's Club 3,4, Y-Teens 1,2-inner club 4-secretary, Key 2, Panther Players 1, Stu- dent Council Member 4, Field Hockey 2,3 Carl Woodard Kimberly Young Panther-pep Band 2,47 March- ing Band 2,4, Freshman Band 1, GAA 1,2, jr. Achievement Z Kathleen Penca North Campus Choir 2, Track- ettes 1,2, Ir. Achievement 1,2, GAA 1, Who's Who Among American High School Students 4, Speech Club 3 Richard D. Tittle D.O. 4, Vocational Clubs Gina Zarlatanes -giiaesv' vc li A K fX iU'y fr' et? ff lt" GV' 112 Seniors 5, ,,,,.- -continued from p. 110 Kris: "I usually associate the E.R.A. with women because the majority of the fighting and disagreements deal with them and their job opportuni- ties." Kay: "Homosexuals, socialists, and atheists. First of all, they support the E.R.A. Homosexuals believe they will be given rights like husbands and wives and when proponents have hearings they admit it. Socialists be- lieve E.R.A. is a step towards destroy- ing capitalism. Gloria Steinam said she hopes by the year 2000 our chil- dren will believe in human potential- not God." Question: In your opinion, how should the matter of the Equal Rights Amendment being allowed more time for ratification be handled? Kris: "I think the time for ratification of the E.R.A. should be prolonged un- til people realize how ridiculous it is to discriminate anyone." Kay: "In the beginning they set their time for ratification for seven years. If they wanted more time, they should have gone through the due process of law again." Question: Lastly, why or why not do you consider yourself a supporter of the Equal Rights Amendment? Kris: "I don't belong to any certain group that protests every weekend, but my views on equality are known. The best way to get people to vote for the E.R.A. is to let them know the facts. Too many people use so-called "special benefits" given to women as their argument against the E.R.A., or women being drafted, or money set aside for widows. Well, nobody is be- ing drafted, and why are widows giv- en money and not widowers? People need to know the unfairness of dis- crimminationf' Kay: "First of all, I consider many of the proponents hypocrites. When they are before the public, they say that the E.R.A. doesn't stand for gay rights and abortion, but when before the professional law, they must admit it does. The amendment will actually give no rights, but it will take many away. No writing can change people's attitudes." KELLY DUFF Diana Zmuda Wrestlerettes 2 GAA 1 2 3 GAA Board 1 2 3 CAA Royalty 2 Honor Society 3 4 Letterman s Club 3 4 Who s Who Among American High School Students 3 Y Teens 1 2 Spanish Club 1 Spanish Honor Society 3 Bas ketball 1 2 3 4 Field Hockey 2 3 Intramurals 4 Tennis 1- Track 1 2 3 4 s..... ,fi Diana Zepeda Weber T. Ziegler Basketball 1, Intramurals 3,4 jeffrey Zoller United Townships Visitors to Rotary 4, Key 3g Plays 2,3,4g Musicals 2,3,4g Panther Players 2,3,4p Speech Club 3, Readers Theater 35 High School Bowl 3,45 German Club 3,4-president, Student Council Member 4 -+- ----tr Seniors 113 UNIUJOI O UM? Is there life after high school? This is one of the many things on 'the minds of the graduating class this year. What will happen to everyone? "Will I ever see my friends again? What will happen to me?" What may have seemed like an impossible dream four years ago is now a reality, We're graduating. It may seem a little sad, but it's not. Yes, we're finishing an important phase in our lives, but along with starting the new decade, we're starting a new phase. The sixties are known as a time of radical change. The seventies are known for a quietness after the previously turmulous decade. We now enter a decade that will hopefully be known for getting things accom- plished. But no matter what happens, we'll always have our memories of friends, teachers, and high school. And that's what this book'is made of. Memories. To the 1979 Senior class I wish the best of luck, and the hope that all ex- pectations be filled to the most. Good luck. A 55,1 'ivwaddft Americag My choices were clear, Evolving was not simple. Roads of work were never ending, so, I made a decision. Coming together is a beginningg Now i find working together is . Success. 24-eeflpff JAWLIME '77 C"'4J kg' H of vWw S33 i FLOWER- Crimson Glory Rose COLOR- Red and Ivory MOTTO- "The accomplishments of tomorrow begin with the challenges of today and the dreams of yesterday." This autograph page for seniors only EUIEIUDO 1. Gary Brinker and Lynda Talley won the biggest feet award. 2. Best dressed seniors are Ruthann Keener and Brian Officer. 3. Best build and figure was awarded to Amy Smith . and Mike Liggett. 4. The students who are most likely to succeed are Teri Greer and lim McBur- ney. 5. The flashiest smile award went to Linda Lapaczonek and jeff Longbons. 6. The most popular seniors are Vickie Cooper and Kory Togami. 7. The flirt and wolf of the Senior class wasfindy Schultz .md lcd Ziegler. Maki ga mma llll ww -905- nik 9 45 wh 4 SW?- 941234 WI mm B 'K CN fr 'X 'le C03 lil!!! Arg 1. The best personality award went to Danette Senn and lohn Odendahl. 2. The seniors who've done the most are Rhonda Correll and Bill Hughes. 3. Mary Frank and Rob Leslie were chosen best dancers. 4. The best looking seniors are lani Sweeney and john McCehee. S. The most athletic seniors are Cheryl Pittman and Rick Coutteau. 6. The friendliest seniors are joanne Nelson and Andy Finkbeiner. 7. Comedian and comedienne are Ken Porter and Amy Ball. 451 .. Pas ixw U? HE UEI TEIII GREEK volleyball, SUE RANDOLPH MARK OWEN football, - LYNDA TAI.I.EY 5035311 ' volleyball, basketball wrestling ' volleyball, basketball ROBIN DAVIS ALEX TERRONEZ DONNA MARTIN Llfl' HER HUGHES basketball football volleyball, softball f basketball RAY GARCIA JEROME LIPES BRIAN OFFICER wrestling., basketball basketball 'W' wk + 0 96 A W 0 "H" ing' 9I47l49IC'll--ri-raw B flTlUJMl-LHB f 5 K-af' . Q . .J 'W , . sm V' A a -' as 'L', L MN 1 KL fi fi V QQ ,zz ag "" ' K X ,Jia .. , . 3 f ,W -- ,, M 14 1 .gf M -.92 BRENT CARMICHAEL basketball RICK COUTTEAU football, track, baseball t MARK WEIDENMANN baseball WWW as MARK PIRRMANN cross country JOHN SCHAUBROECK golf OZZIE BRANCH football ' MIKE UGCETT wrestling MARCEL REASBY track, Cross country A Wa , rm T ' l is 55 -in i, G5 H asf 7 ff 3 'K' Wg, f ' ba-E 2, lm 'I Y' 2 P ug 'ii Q1 ,. A 'sf 4 .s , " + f .E CHERYL PITTMAN track, basketball ANNA CASTRO cross' coun try PEGGY DOWNING basketball 21" ge xg? WTS 2 UNI t vksfr :lc ak J may 4 3k "'-x- -x- -x- -x- H+? "The following schools will not be in session due to the snow today . . . all Davenport schools, Rock Island High School, Moline High School, United Township High School ..... " These words were repeated on early morning radio Monday, Tuesday, and Friday of january 19 thru 23. Virtually everything in the Quad-Cities closed down due to the 30 inches of snow on the ground. lt was the worst storm- after storm- in the lifetimes of most Quad-Citians. Cars were abandoned in streets, snowmobiles performed emergency missions, grocery stores ran out of provisions, and ramps were barri- caded to the interstates as the whole area became paralyzed. t The semester exam schedule was moved back a week due to the snow. When students returned to school be- fore exams, they learned there would be an extra week of review. Teachers were challenged to use their creativity to keep the students involved in class work. The snowstorm of January '79 was a record breaker and it will be told about for years to come. 1. How about a nice, cool dip in the new UT swimming pool? 2. City workers clean alley between 14th and 15th Avenues in downtown East Moline. ,si va al: aw: N 121 fHU3UIl'U1'l'U.l TU!ilEU!lH UFFUEUEUI XYJUEUI 1. Betsy Sproul contemplates a "strategic" move in the sand pit. 2. New hairstyles for '78 are modeled by these underclassmen. 3. Lisa Lampo has a great time at home football games. 122 Underclassmen GM X Q Q . f ww ,...-xi . fxjw A, - ff! X lg X X f X ff E ff , f J y Lf J N! ff ' 1 ' jj' .5 ' D X T U L f l K WJ Xi Zi! tl ,fQL,. I 1 X X f' .,. J , 'e MN. 1. The freshman float takes its place in line for the homecoming parade. 2. Lori Holmes con- centrates on her next shot. 3. Joyce Liggett and other sophomore cheerleaders ponder the out- come of an afternoon football game. 4. Linda Talley, Mary Burns, Kelly Duff, and Kathie Hignight find it hard to get into the pool before it officially opens. Underclassmen 123 Junior Class Welcomed To South Last year you were on top at North Campus. Now you're at a new campus and thrown into second place. How does that feel? Thom Bollaert, presidentg "Moving to South gives you something better to strive for. Being put in to second place is made up for by getting ahead a year. There's a lot of pride in the junior class." Lori Holmes, vice-presiclentp "I haven't noticed a difference. Seniors don 't really act above us." Kelly Duff, secretaryg "It's different, but I like it better. I feel older because of the way we're treated at South." Sue Bradley, treasurerg "It's sort of different. Seniors seem to own the halls." KRIS COX junior class officers Kelly Duff, Lori Holmes, and Thom Bollaert tell Skyline their feelings on their first year at South. ' A .sai Don Abbott Q . ' Suzanne Ackerland A in ' ' A - M , , if ..-MA Lorri Ackland M sl'xl s . Clifford Adams I llll A Tyrone Adams - A - . . ' li A - Diana Ader ' Karen Ahlgren A , .... .,,. . .aww fssefssn f -I . 355 . .. . l lg lsr t ,ffl .C ffl? Z a .IN si ati' erik ir min t l K Q 1 ' str-.1 i . X:- 'lr H 'rt--' g,.,. ' I Sharon Ahlgren ' in ' , A 5' . - Lloyd Ales X , 1 -:" -il - Sylvia Allen i-ff' i ' 2. K B P Danlel Allison is . i' l' il . is , ' Ray Allison S n - ' Izl 1 5 eggj V A Yolanda Alonso if A 'S V A 35:11 Tony Anderson l . A A - rx . ggggx K v ig! lss. rr t 7 . Bruce Anderson if x.-l is l ,-- - V ggi. gg v - gi V W ' Dana Anderson My A . at ,. wi M " 'N' " S fi .i Daniel Anderson 1--1 , -ill f fm, N W fr " f'ff 1 1 Dnvl-l Anderson all f C l "l' i B B . Jane Anderson Sitt r Mark Anderson 4 A E S' l r K rr rr . an Richie Anderson .il , lli ' l . A A A A .. aas i lalst i lti 9 i .nnnl l l at ll l anll a David Andrew Q zzg I V if iiiii ' A l ii ffyi is A . A Brian Armstrong 1 3 T in g 5 Y -n Q A at V Don Afwell . . . ' s s. . Q .i Kim Avitt C A jane Baecke ....ll iii 1- - A A S L 'l--l, H Tigg . ,g 5 ll i-l' "'l.li'i' lnnnnn Bailey ' Q l .ls S f rr Martin Ballard M .T Q it as ' S .V1 i" a12-:1fa,f,V 555:57 K ,, .. K K Kathleen Ballheimer X i ,'.- '- f- .. l l Angela Banks A ' S l 1 L, Ninn " 'Wi Kathleen Banks , l 1 ' Z g Troy Banks 8, L i t . if. N , Deborah Barnes as l 'if ' A Ag i n 1 " A Tony Bautista . . sf V W. Theresa Schaecher li n e a g e .. f 1 l 124 Iumors 'Q . Q tx 'V B B 1- e , kr .1 VH, V - A ' yy f f X A , -4 A , ,V Q X " M' ' x. 'X lv it f ,we ,5 L, ' I 5 V, i ,. gy 0 , . M 1 es 41' if in 65: M AV L1 VN-,O , WLLJKHK f Q ix, lf ' N 1 49 K 3 1? Q I X: A xx f ,M 1 n 'if ' J l 5 I " f R s s W s 4, B ,'g- Z- I , is A Mtnag In vm, AH .K may . t, f , .W - Q A ' e M if 1 'E' cy .:f 6' I X' --- Q., : r 1: f - ,f My fr' Ay V' in R' R ' 2' , 1 I ' X , ,Qty "-sq. fi B I 4 .A K. V V , V 5 H - H A v 1 V' ' N I .R x . .. i My 5-sg. ,ia 3 he .X . W .1 V -n 4: , ff' , B .-B, .S Q as 5 -' -.1 I 'A ,Il 1' 1 -li kv A A 1 Q z' ' B M , Vvii R f . . .1 ...mf y h,ZV,i y y M Q 7 M M I so I, , Wy A M, it A by " g sig ,X ..- ev- .Q Q' " AX C I Q K ,, K' I uit 'N it L, 0 -5 B D 'Q W Q i Q Li' af: Q. 5 M B -51 B or - i B ' m-'fin , , Z , ,V I fy A. . A w ' A ., , '21 V., - if wif , ., .,,, , A ,A fig? TL if f- af- 3 B ' , , 'vs an W M I B C as 5 S ' f 'l 1 S M 'WTC' fd M ' ' ei .M ' "' f I -f V 1 V" 1 'T' .fl , , Q3 --' g J 1, x C S' fi ' M 4 ,V ' r s ' it S A ' ' ' h B ii qt ' .V I f A 11' X , ' , 'JM V '-- -w Q i I-L ., ...I .4 , an ig., f V. Qin: all K E EN Ax . , ' M, , f e shaft B I N vis I , v gl- ,r-4":"'- r , q, Q Juniors Cindy Beal Robert Belman Michelle Bennitt Sheri Bentley MaryAnn Bideaux lay Bjork Andy Blais Nancy Blansett Scott Blomme Kieth Bogaert Dawn Bogguess Debra Bolser Thom Bollaert Mary Bolton Michael Botta Evelyn Bowling Brian Boyer Caryn Boyer Susan Bradley Michelle Branch Steven Bratton Debbie Brewer Robert Brewer Brad Brittenham Connie Brown Gary Brown Georgia Brown Glen Brown Randy Brown Ted Brown Gregory Brumberg Suzanne Bruner Steven Bryan Alan Buck Mike Buller Dawn Bunker Diane Burdick Douglas Burgess Wade Burkland Scott Burmahl Michael Burney Mary Burns Darren Butler Kim Butterfield Brenda Calhoun Carol Calsyn Lonnie Cantrell Janice Carlson Daniel Carmen Chris Carpentier Steven Carter Scott Catlin julie Catour Rafael Cavillo Edward Cauwels Steven Christensen Kelly Christopher leanette Clark Marvin Clark Robert Clark lane Claus Joseph Clements Elizabeth Coder Juniors 125 126 juniors Iuniors Sara Coder Michael Coe Thom Coker Gerald Cole lulie Cole Allison Collinson Chris Columbia Al Comito Cindy Cook Tim Cook Barbara Cooper Susie Cope Dan Coronell Sofia Correa Tino Correa Vic Correa loanie Cosgrave Sheldon Coutteau Brock Coverdill Connie Cox Renita Craig Keith Cranon Lester Crew Andre Cuerington Doug Cullett john Cullett loni Culley Leroy Cummings Richard Dale Suzanne Damm Craig Daugherty Lori Daulin Darrell Davis Jerry Davis Larry Decker Marcia Deelsnyder Theresa DePauw Jewely Degraeve Vickie DeGryse Steve Delacruz Mark Demuelemeester Joann Denato james Deporter Tim Deporter Bruce DeRammelaere Debra DeRammelaere Robbie Dewalsche Tom Dhaemers Henry Diaz Brenda Dickinson Tim Dickinson Robin Diehl jon Dixon julie Dopler Deborah Drews Kelly Duff lim Dunn Rob Dussliere Nancy Eaton Brenda Eddleman Tim Egger Don Eklof Lonnie Eklof WG ,I M y f H. Y A' '4 M ' I - :. M, fa I H, :Q M eff' Mx 'if .1 a f "f i L R '- Q1 an exif f cg W A ,:y,, M ,Z,,l x x W ,Y M A ' f "' Ml We ff .af-S We 'ids' i , f. ' :kit 1. V lv 2 ' A ' 'V 3' S 1 I . ,,. , ., 1 M ' " fy - , 4- ,M . - M' 3 -- M A I I v 3, me 43 L X M, J V V V kgfirx M V X 'fx TT ,X i N XM t X1 an vi 'L 1 1 X ' it S M is ' L + aa af B' J L " -I ' M I P' Q 31" X . WSJ ' - ' 'HS MJ i- 'J .. V ,Mt J --A A W X 'V ' X it , K H I X Z' Mr V Q '.,-1 ' , I S 1 i r f foil' : if l:E:, fr ,M LU L H N my X A -A c C caaa oi' fo .. C 1 A-, Q W KiM A5 . M V if Mg. 4 Q.. 'fig M X' f y xg, will 4 'TJ-"T 'L M :sw f C -f M N 1 e . M M 'X A- ' 'af Lak Vi, MM A ' I . 1 lax, My we '11 W, ,MM JZ, I - V X , i M.-fm' W " 'M1 ---. iiii' Q liii g ' W " 1f"'ff1M 'f f h 4 I Q I E ' rx I I f puma 3' . M L A C 4. M 1 of l Q- : A v 7.1 V A: :t I gg, M . - lei M ,ig Q1 , frM,rl',:i, ,i 'P A x ' ' M ' : iv f- M.4 " " f L fa L f 1 f L .' M , 'V' x ' e at Mf A' J .M Q A ' B 15, ' i f S 'AM A A , s. . N . X L Y., , Ml ll L , a 421 "' if M Q ' A mv., T M Mig E' gig Mr eeas MM ,T M it " f MM ' MMBM M X ' S " f J' 4' l ,M I MM' 5 ' 'X f . .., . . .. . 1, H ' .Q-'cs ss -' N 'W .2 . " " 5. H Vx, A V ...F 4. X' " ws- .re---.. K L- , - 'gf as' ei 1 .. Ns. f' i ...ie S ef N E 4 : .tn ' 4 f. it Q' I' uri ,g L I- A . K K - ' " X L- 0.4 im? 'L 5.5 ' J I .K M fit' . I V- N, .. V' 5 ., ,, . . if 1- . 1 s . t f, 21" 2 , i x i v.w'l',.. t W Y Y Ai 'Q E 4 , ., N. -.. . 1, . A . ,, .. x , XY, 5 . si .fr if is-Q 4 . ' . 3 I Q , .. w v ' fs Q. y 1 x s . J- ' . as ls Q- i. M ,sv - . .ew . 4, . ,A . , rm' i X 4' K - Y .A Q Y, " - , illi 1 . H 7 1 .. 1 of T I E X ' .fi , , ' :- , . t x it -if " ' 1 1 .. K ' 'L QV, Fx ,. x f I Q wt fi .,,,..x.. ., . . N .- 4 .-Q Jeri In A " I i 9 Thu' '- f ...f i jx ,. x tar' f' S ti W f i A f- ini. -.Xi ff. 'ii if X' 'D x, if V Ernesto Elizondo Diane Engholm .. f Valerie Engstrom Barbara Erickson Greg Erickson Yolanda Fsparza Dana Espeland Eric Esperne 1 l Scott Etzel 'W Shelly Evans V A Linda Ewing N,-5. ' Sue Faber . Theresa Fallon Mary Farrell 2 Carole Feehan Deborah Fells Dan Fernandez , v . f julie Ferry -ff ' Lisa Felbert . rj A, Perry Fisher ,,,. Lloyd Fletcher 3 Karen Flowers .. Lisa Forret Kathy Franks - . Melanie Franks - 1 - . Mona Franks . I A Penny Frazee - . . , R K 3 I M 4 l V - ' . Sherry Frazier Christine Freeman Mary Frieburg Iohn Friedrich . .., Dawn Frowein , Tanya Fues ' ' Larry Fuller Alan Funai Chile Sends Representative hmm .4 ,. tt . . - M S as yj s M. x esnse j Xe 1 Despite language problems and differences in school time schedules, Gabriel Gomez fits right into the system. The juniors were hosts this year to a smiling and friendly exchange stu- dent from Valdivia, Chile - Gabriel Gomez. Gabriel lived with the Togomis of East Moline while he was in the Unit- ed States. Following some adjust- ments, Gabe fit in nicely with the American lifestyle at UT. The slight adjustments Gabe made dealt mainly with the school routine. "ln Chile we go to school from 8 to 6 with a break from 1 to 3 when we go home and eat lunch with our families. We don't change classes either," said Gabe. English was another problem for Gabe. Aside from Spanish, he spoke fluent German but only fair English. Gabe also had to adjust to being so far away from his family and home. The fact that his twin brother was an exchange student in nearby Maquo- keta, Iowa helped. Gabe said, "I find UT students very friendly and the Quad Cities much like my hometown, Valdivia." Gabe became an avid football fan since his arrival. He also showed an interest in track. In Chile, he compet- ed in the nationals of the 100 yard dash. Gabriel is scheduled to return to Chile in June, but he hopes to return to the US after he completes his schooling. He has ambitions of be- coming either a doctor or a dentist. LAURIE KRACK KRIS COX juniors 127 Mark Gaddgy .nag f. W .uv I hi A 6 fkii K :hm .hr David Gantt +L qi v ' 6 W A , ' ji M ' , I Stephanie Gardner lk M .fi .Li jf --K . it ' W . 125' Gamer ff . 0 . . T is r ., 0 , f 'K G Linda Gatton XA IN , .ve X X I W3 .ii Q, Cindy Gehant , 4 , Q ' , I Z 5 Tammy George X A 'I X x " 1. .A 'Bi . 1 V' 'r' :' E4Q Asia M P . , - Steve Gibbon ' T 3. luis, ' L, ,, Brenda Glanz 1, f A , " G ' "" "' Ron Goetz , 4 '- ,' .LZ - 'L e ,ff K 3 1' f- Natalie Goldstein Y if .X VA.- ' 1 Louis Gomez it A Ag 5 iiii ' Elsa Gongora K R ffl E ntasseling, Detasseling, What? Untasseling, Detasseling, What? "Neither rain, nor sleet, nor hail," . . . the mailman's motto? Yes, and for awhile it was also what the corn detas- seling crew had to say about the weather they had to work in. "We worked when it was raining so hard you couldn't even see the corn" says Sue Bradly, jr. They got up at dawn and took buses to the fields. They didn't return until late in the after- noon, anywhere from 3:30 to 5:00. The work days varied in length, be- cause usually each group was as- signed a certain amount of corn detas- Reynaldo Gonzales A I.C. Gosa V Phil Graf ' G' Howard Green Roger Greene T ei ii' 4 iv 'hr' M -f seling to complete before they could call it a day. Some days they had to stoop down very low while other days they stood on a machine that would raise them up to the highest stalks. "The work was strenuous and hard, but it's also fun," comments Jenny Lien, Ir. Like any other job, there was a boss Qtheir foremanl who had detas- seled corn before. The foreman also had to get the group back on the track when they started to have tassel fights. LAURIE KRACK it 1. 'v ,. ar- - 'A 5 ,J . W.: V . ..L:Lv N Kevin Greer -, if X' N Ellen Gregory 53? LE Au Faith Griffin ' .fl as N Brad Gulick '73 . Elizabeth Gustafson ,, ij ? ., Dorann Gustafson i l l A Becky Guyton X, it Lisa Haegeman fl ' AXE' Q .lohn Haecherl G E Z ' f- , 1 an - f Ay?-f 4-H ,' ff , ' , ns. r ni! xx I .1 ' .4 Jxwfcy- .1 'ki W V h' li, ,,..r',3 . A '?"5:4lP Zvfll lgz Q.. T f 1 fr" .Alf '1'. , 'ff' 5 3 . ' g Q if . - 1 . . Y ., f 1 , 3 ai QQ A L Ll I 'I , ' 'Y N f 5 -.' cs Y y Q? ,wb 'C g J' Q 1' Rx Q kg f Y 4' txt 0. Ani a' 1 J '12 " lt U' ' 2 M 5 V 'A' N, I -, 1' X n l ' ff' "- K ' xl f I ' ' ,M-I ' 1. P if A .fi .zslxjf ff" "' J 4 1' e L ' X !.x 7 N' X' F I z ' 1 u 4 v . i Q M 4 S+:-' If x l TE 124 n .' X". ' " 5 ,I I Ax ll, .' i I 1 s f af, U l , 95 f , Q ..,. - at I S' f " ' -f Q N - K 9-5 ' gn.. 9' xx . 15' ' . 4 ' Sue Bradley is still smiling, despite the cold and the absence of restroom facilities - some of the problems that plagued the detasseling crew. X li A aaa. 1. , K 2' .., ........ , was s it ' G N M 1 - , g . , 1 v J ' f I K . 5 Q Sf' sw K iff ' il 'L Q' 4. ' zffe ,. ww-Q, 1 ,.,,. 0, 5, , , g , -- an-1 .. , . if if f' 1 'F' X T- fn X. ' - ' Q! 2 Y 'ef' Q .ee ,gssst s y 0 0 , H 1 qlfgp vt if .V Ish ' 1 ' W, T qi s f'.. Q' f 1. I ' X Cynthia Hahn ax .W ,F 3, , , A Dawn Hakeman .QF -f , f ga.. T' ' L ' I Diane Hanna , , -21 1 " " f. ,SQ e g f. it Q. Patty Hansen ' iif iefrf r,, I , sf 0 g a Q Teresa Hansen I9 iiii e - 1 ' e Sharon Hanson 2 ' jamie Harding , . 9 128 Juniors A 9-la 19 Tu xv V wi., xfamlifi ff B .Q 1 I . C t u p K, , v X ty V s- ' - . , S 1 Y . ,"'3 . . . -- - J 2 .ii f 'sr Q . tg ,MJ L V x, s I fa! If iam W' - e: kgs:-3 . x , . " - L sf, W S , B " M - ' . . 1' -L N 'S ' H- .es f f' . s . -- , - .4 ' 4 gy ' ::" 1 1 F- A- . . , B I -. - 557 Q 4 - X 3 A2 r e i,,f,jQ 3 - 4 ,. ., . I 1 '- he Q' I .- ' 'f .i,. -4-I l ' I - si I .. .-QA ',, , ' fi" f y 1 ' r ri t f , -3 ff: -s A' -1- ' M sf at 'I ' rm " I Q Q N - . I it fa 4 .. ' fesi st C tc Z' ' ' ,- xi.- '6' SS? , 'X K N - 1, a J. nz A 5 ,aw v X . 4,1 If- 1 9. , to El ini 'I 1 f H 1 ., Y B ig ri K W ' x I " if M -1 ' - ' J! . Sis, lsrlssai saws M... "H vc ' AE' iff M y J it y 4' 'nn I 792: 3' 'gg . -0- -f 'sg G , .P 'rj-L VVSL 1 N", I :A P F as 'ff - . N 1 c' 1 , .C ' I, X ,C 1 B I ' s t - he i i ff x it 4, lyk .. I .A s if - ,,, ,, at 1 1 'f' Q 5 .. -. X i 4, 2 . A it A gkh,g: 5 Q I h.,Z,:. h :LA Sr' I I I of if I I kk iw i .. X N x:y.V jx . I 4 fa seas ,f ir 'fer df J, -s , E " 5 my 1 . -, 5 ' N 5 A Mx" tf fiihm ' c sit ro. ff: 5 -+.r . 1 ii . 5 in ,, -if Z ..-, , - e - :rf A- " A- 90 'N Y n , , KV, . F: , . A V. N: if is Sl I ' I if 'T be 'X f ' ii .. 'thi ' I ' th N35 fx as S li' juniors Patty Harker Scott Harper julie Harrington Marilyn Harris jerry Haskins Mark Haskins Chuck Hauser Teri Hay Cassie Hayes Ginny Hayes Belinda Haynes Doug Heald Mark Heald Todd Heitz Donald Henderson Beth Hendricks Amy Hemmingson Scott Henry Magdalena Herrera Kathy Hignight Ken Hill Aline Hocker Becky Hoff Connie Hoffman Daniel Hoffman Todd Holman Lori Holmes jeff Honert Lynn Hooker Shirley Hoover Pam Houk Carol Howard Sam Howard Stephanie Howard Steve Howard Dane Howell Gina Howell Tracy Hubbard Pam Hudson Carol Hughes Bob Humphrey Brian Hunter Martin Huyten Debra Hull Brent lnce Scott Ingersoll jodi Irby Stephanie Isais Vicki Isbell jeff Ishmael Paul Ivanowski Masey jackson Bill jacobs Michelle jacques David jacquin Lisa james Alicia jenkins Kim jenkins Tracy jensen Renee john Detra johnson jay johnson jerald johnson juniors 129 130 juniors 9 Juniors Kathy johnson Lisa Johnson Mark johnson Regina johnson Ronald johnson Todd Johnson Dan Johnston Darick jones Julie jones Laura jones Marvin jones Karen luehring Carole Karnes Darla Kasten Tena Kaster Mike Kates Curtis Kave Brian Keegan Richard Keehner Greg Keith Susan Kennedy john Kerschieter Sherri Killian William Kinney Kerri Kipp Kathy Kirklin Terry Kleffner Edwin Koch Laurie Krack Ken Krause Kayla Krogman David Lamb Ann Lambrecht Roger Lampe Edward Lampo Kathy Lang T. Ann Langdon Miguel Lara Rick Larrison Ronald Larson Barry Laud Bryce Laud Robin Lawver Becky Leach Kristi Leanhart Susan Lee Stephanie Lemmon Susan Leslie Jack Lester jennifer Lien Michele Livingston Lori Lofgren Ioe Longueville Alan Lopez Rita Lopez Lisa Lawson Cory Lenger Susan Linn Lydia Lundeen Bernie Lupinski Sue Magana LaDonna Mayer Vince Manrrique 1. A ' To . ii V' Q for f 5 3 I Sf- 1- V 'R . ' ww fn' ' is rw- L B .1 ll L 5 .T att T S ' .sas 9 iif1?w1gQ.,L ., ' ,, , I H 3- fi 4K.,LL-r V M ry 2 .XM , I ' L I t My A --4, ,lt I.. 1 't - r ' A VV u' V I A J.: 'x H , il S , fn' ' M , 4 . , ,NV S' mr. a ' e is p , X ' 'R 'Q 5 Vyf' As ks. 7 t N in f as Q fit yyy M so X - Q R 4' " 5 kia any I vv U' 'N vw .Ni qi ,fr dl 45 M 4 LL QL g .. to Y it F I ,.,' M177 " ' I Y ' . , g ggi I.. WJ, ,,u, A! . AJP' N fa. f A. in aa Jw ' 'A gi--f 'A' 'hay .S R-N , S 6 if ff wr V 7 I I A AH xi T lr 1 PM 1 ww is 0, -u. ga' 4- V " ' "' " " " Q, ,Q , gs X A 'ng nl R e , "L ' ' ll: ' f JN l' -f f 'W A R , 7 ' 5 , . -. 4 , is 1 .,,, h H , E? K il K H., l , ., :5,-,- I A 'HIP' k G , 7, K V Vkg s ,f at t M Hx f , 'I va lyk ik X tif, if eff ' 31 t g -Q ' ' Elf , ' iV-1 1 . f ,fl Y,, . ' Q A L V . '. 3 'Q 1 A S '19 . fx S3 X, 7 illfffxxlnn' X K 2 K R illi e- , :V K, . K . AVL F H li I ' V' ,, " 14, ,-fr 1 ' i y .fgvmvi . X 'l I ' W cy I ,f Q , Ms.. Y r Scott Marshall Chris Martel -,f Paul Martel ' Albert Mascari Troy Mayfield ml J' wx 1'- ' ,.,. 'J in if li J Tina Martinez 5' I be N . s X X ,X 5 Kerri McBride A. e . 6. V I A y . 'dal -Q, jf' 47 .,,. as K rl Kathy Mccartin , stflw-bi Q -f' ,lf CSA 'MQ ,f ' K V Ag David McDermott N ji "R" V . if ' 7 I Lorrie McGee ' . .wx-ff Y Q' ' john McGrath . A V X 1 X ' X e X , jennifer McHie x x:x: f f , Willard Mclntosh l M ' A L N fi ' my X Cathy McMillin C f S . arar 6 A ,J " V pw M if H - -N Susan McMillan W ' if .3 A , K Z ' W " A h ,f r , ' Q Susan McNabb ' -Q '11 li':sL:LL Q' ,fi -e' ,C s Y .J t ' Mary McLernon f if f fy . if N An ela McNulty A , , It g , ti x " Martha McPherson 'vxg S. , A I Y, " is ': S Shari Mee X , . , Q ti ' i 3 3' Eloise Medina .......?z...... ...... U -9 'iv A s vt . ..,. . ..sl . Q What lies behind those dingy gray locker doors that line the halls at both North and South Campuses? Coats, books, and a couple of folders? Possi- bly, but what else is stashed away by students? Lockers reveal the personalities of their owners. There are photographs, posters, memo boards, and eight-track tape players. Some lockers are fully equipped with mirrors, make up, first aid kits, and even a change of clothes. Dee Zeigler, jr., said "I couldn't make it through the day without the provi- sions in my locker. Sometimes you just have to have nail polish remover ffisfi llf . vw , - .A X .i T 2 :. V right now! In between classes I some- times find it necessary to add a touch of make up or just take a break from the routine." By personalizing their lockers, many students have transformed their dull school storage space into "Home Sweet Home." Steph Howard, jr., said "Since I spend more time here than anywhere else, it helps to have a lock- er that makes me feel at home." MARY BURNS One never knows what one might need to have handy in the middle of a schoql day. Stoney Melvin Shannon Mercer Anne Mihalopoulos 'K J 3 Yvonne Miholopoulos Eric Milcita -3 f' A U 4' "' W- V7 J ' f' .. ,gs . Y . 1 ti Sharie Mihalopoulos "" wi t.. '. to K R R. f W as sf ' Kathy Miletich im is S I r ik, S K L .N .N - dpi QEQ' K 1' ' 3, -e ,,, V S A Kathy Millen ff MS- 5 A frm, 3 , V Q, Q Charles Miller ' S 'ii' S . lit f -53 Ji -li affi x-v'. Te' 1 Julius Mille' s ' f R i 1. , y it Mike Mnlim if ' QE 'j'if 9 if if - . jg ' it , Deborah Minteer 1 ' if X j'if r an ,Q if will A Rhonda Minteer - RX X 1 X ' -.9 ' - ' Ilisi - J' 1 Q Kathy Mitchell juniors 131 Tia Mitchell Regina Montecino Wendy Monterastelli Sheila Moone Susan Mooney John Moraetes Peter Moraetes jackie Moreno Tom Morford Tim Morris -LL Deb Morrow Kathy Morrow Leslie Mose Lynn Moseley 1 Mike Mueting Kelly Mulica " Ginger Mullins ' ' Kelly Murphy Mario Munoz ' Ken Myers Annette Nagel Z Becky Needham David Neff Terry Nelson A -, Teresa Newman 1 Taley Newton Linda Nixon ' sa 'Y . , 1 ' 4 - v- 'Q X I- .4 X 3 fa ,T ii .ff 1- Y as , - 4- V ,v fr I . 'f e its . A x. ceet ff, ,mg . 5 F f' if v fl it .Ffa " 'L W xx , N "U-"2 N K.,-Stax .is 1, . 6 4 i , . u 4 JG 'Q ,s, I l w vs A4 eeie an E .4 y as rr- '- , yet ! rxqi f i 'g - 4 ' v- v. f cv, rf x . - .X I J J! .4 as a at as i , R., . g N , it K 1 is . si st. ' Kathy Noel John Nyquist Iulie Oltman - Richard Ornelis 4 S. .xt .gigs 1 4- , I, L - 4 -. - 1 Scott Ornelis N- Y Chris Owens - Kevin Officer 14, x ' N-J - -df? N f 3' .ZLL Y Y if X Q 1 j 514, !Qzf Delia Oliva Graffiti You Can Wear Hey! lt's john Travolta, Cheryl Teigs, Artoo-Detoo, and Andy Gibb, all at U.T.! Sound like a dream come true? It's what can be found on T- shirts in the halls of U.T. Everyone is getting into T-Shirts as the newest way of expression. They are used to show school spirit, favorite stars, and popular sayings. Through the new "create your own T-Shirts" you can advertise your own thoughts and sayings. The Crazy Top Shop in South Park is a T-Shirt specialty shop. Pictures of cars are the most popular shirts for guys, and the favorite for girls is "When God created man, he was just joking." School club members wear T-Shirts to symbolize projects they participate in. Student Council has "lWOSC", shirts given to the worker of the month. KERRI KIPP LISA COX 132 juniors if "We thought it fit us, so w wtf? :Q i 9 ff, PRIAQE put it in print," says Willard Mclntosh, jr., and Kathy Lange, jr. Hb - A ,, . F412 a--U4 U1 A 7! y R , M. H , 5, ' " . .,. N f f- .. I -.. f K' W fm I ,... f ai K 1 , ., ,f , 2 'K Q, ,,,, I I 51 4 if MF f ,J Q, ,fl R L 4 R syr 'itz of 1 , P , L L rp FK L rea , My e2 so Q + , .i l lf, L 'LT ' 31 " 'U ,ae xii 4 m m . 'P A. ' we is ' tb? 3 f ,' ' yy, H I y ,, A Q 5 , P ' , A ' . Sv Mfr J an Y. ff v evz ffi' ' if ' I fy - me sriew gs 0 1'f4 lr M V if 1 19 V -I , , ffl f R . A VVh 1 Ai ' hi ' f I R' I I ' N . V I 5 . , M I' ,, a Uv ,, N 4 1,6 iii." ' -1- ' N L x f f L A 5 -AA-' ' .QE L. P' A i"7' I L f 1 , ? ,J 1 if . A ." il' 1 V gxsmwy y my Ay y - ,L so 1 1,.' il M24 . W I ff? la Z. 45 , sag ,. kr nv.. M, I sn-rw ! " Q -f 'f fs! X , mf ' 'Q -F351 1 4 f ii' If QW w ' A X i L' "ff L L' A9 159 9 N Juniors Oralia Oliva Curt Olson Christine Palmateer Steve Palmer jeff Papish Debbie Parein Richard Paris Kyle Parker Doug Parkhurst Shirrelle Parks Ben Parsons David Parsons Susan Patch David Patrick Richard Perry Barry Person Bruce Peters Sheila Peters Fleita Phelps Kim Pisman Brian Ponce Debra Powell Ken Praught james Prettyman Kathy Putt Mike Quillin Alice Ragsdale joseph Ramirez Elda Ramos Lisa Rangel Norma Rangel Becky Raschke Dan Rasdall Ann Rasso Mike Ray Kathy Raymond Roxann Raymond loan Rea Karen Ream Kim Redman Robert Reed Vernon Reed Pam Reeves Barry Reuther Larry Reyna Mary Reynolds Laura Ries Nancy Riffe Kelly Riley Tim Ripka Ken Roberts Nancy Robinson Tom Robinson Denise Roden Don Rodgers Becky Rodgers Rhonda Rogers julie Romine Robin Rotz Mary Rundle Anthony Ryherd Lynda Sackett David Saelens Juniors 133 i"'fJER- 5148 mags "'0Ev-len M---I 134 Juniors Juniors Laura Sanders Q Debra Sanderson Mark Sandoval Teresa Sandoval Krystal Scalf Debbie Scarsdale Dan Schafer Betsy Schatti Diane Schierer Alan Schoonover Ronald Schulte Tammy Schutt Lynn Scott Bill Seaman Chris Sharp Kathy Sharp Beth Sheley Larry Sheppard Mark Sheilds Raymond Shreeves Vickie Skiles Rodney Small Julie Sobottka Laura Soliz Susan Soliz Pam Sollenberger Ricky Solomon john Southerland Andrea Sperry Belinda Spicer Greg Spicer jeff Sproul Iandi Stamatakis Melinda Stanley Richard Stein Mike Stephens Tracey Stiles Crystal Stillwell Wayne Stogsdill Donald Stoneburg Leroy Suhr Hope Sumner Carolyn Sutton Mary Sutton Becky Swanson Connie Switzer Tim Tallman Brian Tank Jorge Tapia john Tapia Brian Taulbee Randy Theuninck Regina Thompson Elizabeth Thruman Frank Townsell Ariane Townsend Frank Treftz Toni Tripp Norma Tristan Tina Turner Brian Tuttle Sandra Tyler Jeff Vaccaro , SS fl.-av' gg. t , .ti I A 0 LS K' S, i ji ?3A" TS 5 K ive T I QTLWS5 fl : X ,S A N S 4 SS S 0. ll .-.- e, T. -- ' e A V V,,,, 'Y' of 'lgxif T' T 1 af 'xi KLM-2 N 045 Q 'A ,x S Q fi I. T-2-' S 1, Q i .Af- ieq is UAT. , .S f, . z Shui' E A X z. Wh . Ep' 3-L, ,N K Sfvif m f: . if Q H: 251 ME . T, , SS ' ' :T . ef S sS sw' ES WT up S fan ' if :TT 3 ,,E55.i, Wf.f,W,k V I 4- vu T5 fi cf . -mr Ti gyv " U ' . - i k 'S ' L 1 .gl ,T 5 Lg, iT V Q U THA! f :-S V: S -3 S 3? SL M'-C to 'I fa S 1 f I , S yy 4 nur flgfiii Sv -es ,Q 5:55. y . r'ft ,,,t,,1 ,,,-- W N 'IQ' S V S, S ,,yt-t if ii' " 'Bhd ii' ff 4' fx ST S47 ff .4 S . , S it S T 'T 'Z JI. ffm' x X 'C 4 diie Sm 4 y Si , , , , T, ,S 'iff ee ff Q, ' T as T f Ki ' XNKK J S, T S W - 4 T SF' S S1 my ,ff uf- T S ls Q Q I -xxx V L. ix 'WT 1 , N f K ,f ,.TH.. I e, LA ' " T SQL ' S ,fn S T ' m Sf F fi Q if S VVVWVV: I Tgg, V S5 f V S t J, S, PM T gg, S S, gf! T ,Spy Sr if K X -T fs X S S we-S f ' f s A, , T of Si s A X ii Diffs.: .Lili X N S' I New Energy Saving Entertainment The Other Side of the Mountain was the most popular book among UT students, according to Mrs. Irene McGaughy, head librarian at SC. "The movie did make me want to read the book," said Debbie Scarsdale, jr., "but the book was better than the movie." Erma Bombeck offered pleasurable light reading. "I really like reading Bombeck's books because they're fun," commented Rhonda Rogers, jr. At UT, books are still very impor- tant to the high school student. HI feel that books have much more to offer f "3 Another popular book was Jaws II, than T.V.," said Ellie Coder, jr. "There which was also a movie, "I think the is more variety." X V movie left out a lot of the small details r which made the book interesting," LAURIE KRACK Q . . . said Becky Brinker, jr. .E ,. If Life 35 a .Boil Oftclgeqnes' Mimi Reading isn't completely dead at UT. Students ."- if X afn I Doing In e Pltsl' 3 so ran e are still known to enjoy an occasional good X If NIS high in popularity. This comedy by bgok, 'sl 't I X f N 4- 4 l 7, . -N A 4 S- Ianette Vallejo A A T 'Q A A ' 'f , I Patty Vallejo I -if N 5 .fl A -'ily i f " " A Brian VanDeventer A t . Y ' A, f ,V -"I XA .e g "T ' Greg VanDusen - " V ' . A A t Q' ' P l Bruce VanHecke Q ' t . X ' 5 - ludy Vanlanduyt , Q lt V2 Tr -' B jackie VanNeste 'S T T .L Y gf I -Q, ,. 'i V ,, S ,.: ,S . K Marcia VanSpeybroeck . ,. 1 il, ff' 'T ' c' A 'F it 'll Cind VanWatermeulen . N . , y "W S ' 'Q ' A I 'S l - ..--.f . ' we il Cindy VanZuiden F' l ' . , 35' ' t T V knife Vaughn x I In 1-Rl, . . 3 . N K in 97 N I jeff vergane XX'-'-'I "" " ' 5 'Q r A A Becky Vermeire 'T' A J, Ken Versluis X s A C T 'KS .t , J , A ,. .f , N . gl at 6 A L VA 2 A jr Ed Versluys M T 44 V. f' W . A A ' A A W . A W it T, T 5 T A Beth Verstreater 'Q A 7 A iff' , - milf it . Q -ig, if 5. .S 3 Mark Vervaecke l :jjjj W . , it -'1r... ' . t., S 5 Ax- Annette Volkers t 1' b to ,gg K iyec ij I, Katie voikm 1 'ax f ' i Candy Voorhis q UKSQTARX 'B X . fi 1 JI. do rv 5' 'fb - if 'Y' ' C3 A Sue Vyncke Randy Waeyaert Eric Walker RoseMary Walker we , , .ig Todd Wallace . gt. .g 'fi Robert Walter ,'g,'if,3 Veronica Walton ' tl' Greg Ward x ' ' S' M, . 1 1 of SQA my , R V, M Marty Ward i E - f ' A if 'T ' Bill Ward it 71, . Q 1 - Sandy Warren A A , g Russell Wassell A A 2 I 2 ,pg .. j . Audrey Watford W S. .-f , S A -f A Rod Watters x v ' ' Xi il A 1' K. , K I-iz Weintraut juniors 1.35 Gearhead City, U.S.A. If you're out driving around, one weekend night, chances are you'll probably pass through Gearhead City. This is one city that isn't on any map, but draws quite a crowd on weekends. Sears parking lot has been given the nickname "C1earhead City". Gear- heads from the Quad City area gather in the parking lot and inspect each other's cars. "A gearhead is someone who cen- ters himself totally around his car," says Lynn Hooker, jr. Lynn doesn't consider himself a gearhead, but says, "A person doesn't have to know every part of an engine to have a great look- ing car. I don't know much about cars, but I do like driving." Lynn drives a red 1970 Chevelle SS with black racing stripes and a cowl Lori Welsh Kevin West ... K. induction on the front hood. This unusual city faces 23rd ave- nue, a street that becomes the cruising strip for many high schoolers. As cars drive by, all the cars parked in the Sears lot with the proud owners can be seen. Lloyd Fletcher, jr., cruises the avenue in his 1978 dark blue King Cobra with orange pin striping. "I'm most proud of my T-top", says Lloyd, who estimates his car can reach speeds of more than 120 mph. If you're out some weekend night looking for a nice place to go, try Gearhead City. lt's accessible off 23rd avenue, also known as the "Cruise Strip". KELLY DUFF 'C 'arwif S ! Y Lloyd Fletcher, jr., and Lynn Hooker, jr., show off their cars along the "cruise strip" regularly. I i K Q 1 David Weston - ' ' l -QQ V W Z - - 'ff Kim West ' V Y, x ' A it f - Ron Whipple ' , A A ' '- Karen Whitehair V 1 ,- K' I j,,,. t Troy Whitehall 1 P - 5 ' Q VV V t A Pam Whitney M I ' 'S V v 'A Kurt Wiegel V V C' ' - N' , i, . as Elizabeth Wilcox - 'ff V3 V ji as A ' it . ' Z V 5, jane Williams H Y- Q -jzv K V . 0 . V A . ' V V r Melissa Williams .V an ff" a r V A 0 Melody Williams 1 W I Ed Wilson A As il H VV f .... . 3. , V A K.. :., l , ,,, .. Li' t A . til lliik Mike Wilson , ' he j, ,.... -,V VV V A Pamela Wilson .5 A 4' 7 V. . . 'rl ' Z' Vi I N if Pamela wilson V IZ r rs .fi A V K... ,iffy - Theresa Wilson gf j: it , ' W' " ' r Brian Winfree ' I ' . jg ' . A - V lean Wittekind ' N ' " f Mike wolf A 'F 6 1 5. Lisa Wolfe . i A A - - I ' V A Bill Womac ak , r" ' ' A A V' 1- ' - X, -. - -, A Kevin Wyers C iw- gl lf- fl V V II, iffeff 5.15 'V chris wyrack , K t A r g gk is i' H. ' - DwishfY0uf1s . 141 - ,f e e 1 r X ' juan Zaragoza V V ' A "1 1 Fu V 'sr - t V gi' C' tt"i Andrea Ziegler -r 1451? lim .Fi F 't" if .4 rr i L V. V A . V David Ziegler 5 :ju - V. Q V Sandy Ziegler " - K K " . ii V,, f Mark Zimmerman if V " j , L X "s- "'V"-- T 'iii V Mike Zinc 'ff Q. It A ' . Mary Ann Zywot ' -I-15 f ' -i'i' ' A 136 Juniors '-wt J s me ' J i' i - .. in wiki! T In Memory of Marvin Clark, jr., who died October 30, 1978. Marvin had many friends and enjoyed going to school, ac- cording to his mother. Among his hob- bies were playing drums in his neigh- borhood, motorbiking, and snowmobil- Ing 1. "King of the Forestn was the theme ofthe second-place junior float in the homecoming parade. 2. lt looks like the helium balloons were not the only things filled with hot air during the UT-Moline pep assembly. 0 M48 Juniors 137 Sophomores, The Old Timers At North What experience did you have as a freshman that you are glad you did not have as a sophomore? Melanie DeDecker: "Last year, I was a wrestlerette. For the Sta te tournaments I had to give the champs the awards and kiss them. I dropped all the awards. " Lisa Snauwaert: "This year during Student Council Week we won't get creamed with syrup. Instead, we get to cream the freshman officers. " Maria Petaros: "I remember in study julie Ackeberg hall last year the first time I had to stand up in front of everyone for talk- ing, It was really embarrasingf' Cheryl Wiedenmann: "Last year a few friends and I were walking to the bus stop. We missed the bus, but the bus with a load of kids went around the block and came back for us. " MARY BURNS Sophomore class officers are Melanie De- Decker, vice-presidentp Lisa Snauwaert, presi- dentg Maria Petaros, secretaryp and Qnot pic- turedj Cheryl Wiedenmann, treasurer. , 3, i Debra Adams r 6. I cu ' Brian Adlfinger 4 L4 'f J . 21 L 7' Maria Aguilar X-I A Barbara Ainslie Y A irq' Nfl If ff' l L- L Robert Alden ef 5 I Beatriz Alejo ': 2 X ,L N L L L . Alan Anderson ,L T "" s ,. t .'- .L A lon Anderson L q ' 3, L L Karen Anderson -," "li L ' If Robin Anderson Qt L , - LL t L Robert Annis it S X N K l B3 . I Aretha Atwater J L I - . 'X I L 101111 Ausfm . . a t N tooo I- I Patricia Axiotis . - - 3. ' L L Paul Bagatelas -I ' fs ' ' 55,14 Q' L Rosalind Bailey V 6 V. , , Tammy Ball ,,.v l , 11., v , 21 . 3 Claudia Barnes Q ' se L . I R I 4 LL A ' Hans Bausch i Lxwiiff' K . LL LL A LE- . 4.16.2 .,.b g.f..,e 4 'X . -. D.,,.,,a,, Bm, x . f i s W at I a.. 4 . MTR t 3 Dustin Bealer L R' L x L Michael Beard B I A -fgT"5. f Scott Beaver fi, my TM' "L Anthony Bell .f X L ' . Loretta Belman it . f A B, Tamera Benson ':t,-33' X L T E. L Jeffery Benzon .ix . . " 3' I if- Q 5 A Iwi fi L Lorraine Bergevin 'L X L L L L Andrew Berglund L "' .L W I 'Cai' Lum 4 f , I Iaime Bernal ' if L, . "1 --L --'L mf. janet Bickford yff .. I . ' e AL . ' - Lg, ' L . Richard Bideaux .ft 5 5 W LL 5 ,. .N ',1i., ' yi - L J06l Bi0l'k 3' K 8 I ' .AF x 1 "iif ffl ffimi "ie. 3 i' x 5 L 7 Q-' .L L- Rebecca Blair 5' A pf? ,Q - 1, ., . x 1 ' A, , 4 X4 , V ' iw o 'i f ' 138 Sophomores 1. S 4. ,, , V .. Vi "' 10 pw MMP' ff 1 'f ,,V, k.,l-FJ M - V Lff ll --v Zi Lg. ' Z ,Y V4 , V 79' V V M y H v sy I ,.V, , V V V I , W ek. I .N 1' t, 1 4 4 E f' 1 V 27 YS ff' "-il 9' 'mar "' g iz 'Hr l 4' if X, ' W A-31, " R T l l1 ' 2 ff-Q ff- AV if V gi Z- 'V WZ? VV W1 ' fix ' , V ss - A L ' QQ few 9' x, gf' 'I f , Q 1, ', -, f ' Q t , A V, 'ii 1 ' 'N 1' L , 6 V. ' V ' If , V, V y If .i y l C s 5 5 ,,,l V ""' , Q g -1- V7 't -:fl V 4, ' V A ' x ' 'W' W f Jr 1 V V 1y or ff 2 L FL ?: B .fi . PM X M, V y L of A Lg V Q B 'Q , ,A 'T Yr C' 'Q M ' 'it ' V"'3, V -s e B 'V M-f f' B ,B Q B e e 1 he F Q e -. I V , , M -f V KK-j V, V . l M y yyss - lf- ' ' W - 3 X v 4, .,,V. , I , " M i n y I X ,Li ,. 'C . 7 , K Vxxni h Q.. yr 1: ' 5 y -1' , scifi! 4 V k M - J .,,. W ,, W I I V rh I' 3 It Pr " I L I e - r f 'V we ef B' B V i In ,FZ ll ' 1 I ' if y unix, N I VVV,Vk HN. KA? I k," Vwrllrirxr. W ,riykg , , , I A Y ' 'I i ff i x - I -'W' 5: iii '.'A 5555-A fvff . , 4 - , - Q ,Lv E -'jing V 4 ! 0:1 E VV,Q ' V.,,1 , ' ' wr 3 'LW , E ' ' 'wr B V ' V'V ...M . , ' 3 ig V "' f ., V 5 'ihi K ,6V' 'aw 2 ij' i rf i A 5 " H Q, Y DN 'Z AV V,. V ' , , V, , , tx, Q ' ! i'f f1"r . A 1 'f 'Tn 'Y Dennis Blair Lori Blair Roger Blomberg Sherry Bobb Susan Bond Randall Bostic Jeffery Botkin Dean Boyd Cherie Branch Linda Brand Carla Brandom Brenda Branham Christopher Brasel Ronald Breeden Larry Brewer Crystal Briggs Diana Brown Gerald Brown Thomas Brown Victoria Brown Scott Brunton Bradley Burmahl Rene Burnett Paula Bush Harold Butcher Scott Caldwell Robert Caleo Michael Campbell Lucille Camp Bertha Cantu Cheryl Carlson Patricia Carlson james Carmichael Michell Carter Suzanne Carton Cynthia Castaneda Francisca Castro Randall Catour juan Cavazos Charlotte Cemensky Paul Cervantes Pamela Chance Martha Chaney Tim Charlson Ray Christensen Anita Clanton Mark Clark Debra Clevenger Patricia Cline Steve Clouw Tara Cole Tim Collins Catherine Columbia jerry Conner Javier Contreras Kimberly Cook Kathleen Coon Maxine Cordell Wally Cordell Bradly Corey Gary Cornell Alice Correa Lori Coutteau Sophomores 139 Sophomores 140 Sophomores Todd Cavault Lisa Cox Christi Crabtee Douglas Crawford Ricky Crew Larry Crimmins Karen Crow Penny Cullett Rosa Cullison Glynis Cummings Carrie Cunningham Daebbie Cunningham Christine Cutler Brian Dahlstrom Timothy Daley Kathy Damm Alison Darnell Cindy Davis Linda Davis Randy Davis Ronda Davis Kevin Dawson Martin Debaillie jeff Debo Iames Debowski Diane Decock Beth Decoster Mary DeDecker Melanie DeDecker Robert DeDecker Mario Delarosa Susan DePaepe Tamra Derby Tracey DeTaeye Theresa Dhamers Michael Dickson Jorge Diosdado Nancy Doiel Shellie Dolash Tod Dorbeck Douglas Dowell Scott Downing Lonny Doxsee jeffrey Draper Curtis Drayer Kimberly Dueysen Michael Duncan john Duprey lean Durbin Diane Duyck Thomas Dzekunskas Anita Eddleman Todd Edwards Randy Eklof Ruth Eklof Gary Elliot Nancy Ely john Emerson Terry Engels Anthony Entrikin Peter Esparza Edwardo Escontrias Toni Funai gm ESS K ss.- ' W K we Vw' A atia.at,at aa a . T . t , x S35 Ss Q Q' . . K: X .,,, A i,,. JE, Q X w -f .... M, t .,.,.. Q35 Nc--r i ff , .- W k t t . , . tk 59' 'S 5- w. as w ,ff N 05 X we Nt ts , 'QW 'RY' - ',.t. ' vf ' x .Q . , Q 4 5 Q 'EFF 'l if y, K i Ai . -K e ,K K K-Ky: -S s f ff' N W s z '-.' Q K x ' 4. --su D . - 5 ' rr Q ' E t :ff 'SU T ' K ii K ea-t K . -t ,.ii A K . t,, .K i fi "" 4. . it - f-'- f X ww -W ---' A- J . 1 :. i 1-. V "Q " whsle' . .- . .. S 79 ' 'N 41,-Q. xl Q 'Tfff1'?9'f if if 14? xf V"" ,f--'..fL1f::.fLZ.. . rf ' 'N K tt.. . 'sm - 255. S ix Kt,K K: ,fttt 5 .. tr 5 K we Mg 6 P tt mv tt.. K Sak K aaatii . SRX ,fm 1 ..,, 5 QS. ef? Q t .t a.KKKK . X fi K xx X 5 Eff: ' Yfxsf xxx, N K Q . K is SV X um u staff . M 4 .f E Q . L iz , - iil- af. ,f w K . X xg N 'X wg xhbq X ff all? X ww N .e s, t . ,- .:..f..stN:sfssgeQg 0- +A Q . Q E YF S f .. t ,:.,, t vw'-Y IK .N i .. . A me a sw we ar Sw u .. . :K mo ' X X WY Q :R X 'R if fn it we B fs '- N wi Y? , X l XX ., at - ii 'Le - xr- Q ,F .' 6. . V3 ..,, . . . it A 'i'-'k K. ' ,X 1 . K., ev-. A 1 3 " 'Q 'H " il lx r Xa . .. K.5K. ,- QR x. XXX 4 t QP i X Q Q 22521 ci' H - is , -, fxx..:... K K Y N t st e Q 1. xx 'Q' . X11 C. 1' N as .- os. wi t 1...., .KK K . K . 'E X X. ., . .A 0. . . Em ' f- K it 1 .-.' it if-3 X t 'V X rx Q as . LC tk .K L . ---ass. M asv fx -Mbit t as . it -X QSKX tt.. K xii 5 E an 'Q' a ,. 52 in is 'BT sig sw Q , Y rf' K E 'Q' r tt.. K N 0. K . . X ..... X il xg x 3 XX s t ' fi I . , K .- 49 : o-.V as f . ma,-if . Wa, ,,w,,,- a . ,.. tr ' r 'sf,,,,'-Wit ga .1 , . T . ff V. i at 'T' W 'W , Q2 ' V X' H fa :K "' p 61 f"" 4 if -f A '- -if '-ff 1 1. af -V . , . Y, . ., ,W r 4 J 1 J ffl' I qavil .T X In 'f 3 Q f -M fx ' X ' N N' l ' 5 ' - . gp , f. , ,gf.7y V .?,,:r:5: f krr, . , ,,,. ,4A, A,.A fl M i 4 gr-g,f " . 1 --W , , -.sf e Q . 44. 'Is K ., A N si-11 - r' 1 t ff. . ' ' R , j 5 1,,A M a 3' ' 55, in rj Q - t .L eggs V Q 4 Q J ' L , r . t- 1 , '-- 5 , C Y E' 3 i . , , V ., ,f,f f VVIVW gl .,., gky, IV, V V I W I A I I as g 1 V ig ,ff.g,VV fif A Z' ' Ki:'f ll GWYJP' ' .,, R . ,, Q Y . ,. A X . ' ag X V,V,, ,.,, . r 15, .f Q , A ' ' M l ' "' R t ' ,V riffs. g -il , Nm A ,x g b' .::' P. . l N 1' ' 'A' 4 ' v r t fx. ilt f l: f la ff. 4 East Moline And Silvis ake The "It's us. lt's about who we are and who we knowf' said Bob Belman, jr. There was a need for an East Moline paper to give expanded coverage to sports, organizations, school happen- ings, and individuals who deserve rec- ognition. The "East Moline - Silvis News" provided that. Students interested in journalism are gaining practical experience in writing, editing, and photography by working on this one-year old pa- per. There are deadlines to meet as student reporters give coverage to school events. Kathy Miletich, jr., is a UT correspondent who follows up on stories other reporters would not have time to. Kathy said, "I like doing the reporting because it's a people's job You have to go out and meet people and know what's going on in other's lives." Kathy also says she appreciates all the things she has learned about writing. "But it was hard organizing myself to meet deadlines," she said. The paper comes out every Wednes- day and is published by the Quad- City Times, although the office is lo- cated at 816 15th ave. East Moline. KATI-HE HIGNIGHT One reporting assignment for Kathy Miletich, jr., was to interview counselor Rob Watters for the "East MolinefSilvis News". Carl Feaster Jodie Feemster Sherry Fenno Laura Fentem Mary Finch Michael Finch john Finger Cynthia Finkbeiner Richard Fleming Harold Fletcher Robert Floyd Roger Floyd Candi Forbes Kellie Ford Rick Ford Raleigh Francois Troy Frenell Fred Friend Marsha Fues Tamara Fues james Fuller leanann Fuller ludy Fuller Cynthia Gallaugher Thomas Gant Juanita Garcia Anna Garrett Christine Gass Sheri Gavin Annette Getty Karrie Ghys Linda Gibbs Dalynne Giles Susan Gillespie Andrea Gilman News M-1 Sophomores 141 Yolanda Gonzalez ' V ffl T f Zf' Q' ' -f, E V l ::fi.S2.f'1 Gilbert Gomez E' ' V fi- tw ' " ga Karen Gorzney A, ' "L ' ,, if f t - Peggy Coffman . a f f 'if - - at r,,,, QQ Jeffery Grasz A , 1 , ' T 'V V "r' '- " ., fi Linda Green l E K-ef g VZ, ,VVV fllii Jeffrey Greer x V VV I ' VV 'tu T t W R C s eeee - R Ch IG' s V X ffef ef lv ery NPP f K . , ,. , F R Rod Gross .5 V 5 'Wa' 6 t it f' -, ' ' Q K Roxanne Gross ' 'f ' f W' ' 1 ,,., -3 JL Connie Gunneman . V ' V H + VA . VV ,lim Guzman ' 1 1 ' ' ,i .Q V V, - in Linda Gyenge t fait A V - V V I V V 7 , wi Sharon Hacker W2 is 1 'L , . f , '. 'I R 'z 1 ci Xa Racing, Winning, Thrilling While most of us spend our Sun- days lying around the house, Mark Clark, soph, is competing in Enduro Races all over the state of Illinois. Mark and his motorcycle, a Yamaha IT 175, are busy almost every Sunday from June to November. He has en- tered about twenty races and won tro- phies for sixth and seventh places in two of the races. Mark started racing when some of his friends told him about their racing experiences. "I like the challenge of riding -the bike and the excitement and fun that goes with it." explains Mark. Mark is meeting the challenge of the trying races, for at the begin- ning of the year he was ranked thir- teenth out of about four hundred in his motor class. "The races," Mark explained, "are between fifty and one hundred miles in length. Those miles are made even harder by the obstacles such as creeks, logs, ruts, and swamps throughout the course." Mark also said that the worst part of any race is getting stuck in the swamps. The worst race he has been in so far was at Georgetown. "lt rained all night the night before the race and a half hour before the race it poured. The creeks were up to the seat of my motorcycle." Mark enjoys racing and plans to continue his racing career for years to come. LYNDA TALLEY tece streczr l Archie Hahn f V V Sheri Hall T r- if " M ,W Candace Haney ft. VV ,, V V jf, V VV , Kimberly Hanson V T W' ,L f fsew' Deanna Harker VV rl, Steven Harker V f " J Vg ,VV ' , Cindy Harrington 'rf A an V Karen Harris Roderick Harris lean Hasenwinkel Daniel Haskins lfff mcg ib- ,VQW r "f 3, Terry Haskins tw' U Lisa Hatfield t tt I ef' Timothy Hay X' DIA' Ni . WM. Christopher Hayes ' ' ,V at Richard Havron N' nl, -or 'sy jackie Hedrick V Y " M V, A Craig Heizer , V --7 T joey Heydeman 1 l f V ' l Laura Heath A X l 6 Dorraine Heatherly , ,I " 142 Sophomores Surprised by a new motorbike from his father, Mark Clark, soph, prepares to take off on a trial run. C ,, R R Pi ga V VV A 3 .tw it jg 'fi gf '75 l .V ".,.'. gf' , V Q ff' X ,af , 4 . A i " 1 taxi qi' if iff ., X X, , . ,af - el? lf X V- ,, :Ik A X 1 . L T ora r K N to .4- 0 r,,V I ,V A P V: II P le f ,st x C' ,T 'T V Y f: IVV: l z ,V Q,- .- ,. b ,s.,f 'iv 415 4. -1 .- My 1... Q gl t wr as 5 gg 'X' 3 ' i f , xtmw f 1 if by V f Nl ,.,, 4, , 1 kb y ,y,,,t ,5 5' 1' . 'K lv-I J U I , , 'fi' ' fr , Qy I 3T?-7 X M " qyx I . x 1 I 3 A, ,, , W., , ' A 14 Hx Q: 'rx -'qt ., ' 21 4 'J f T, , 7 iii? -' ti,4C:l"N.,,., ' 2 . ' t " - r 'AAV I 'u,x ,V ,Qi aw, 5 'TP J fl' L fe A .-. 1 f li 7 5 A 1,21 5 it ' J", , gl W! 'I 4- 1 Aw J 7 V U is V in f ...Q ' ff 'A r- Wfgi A l ' ,VI . l Maid A lin fd 'xx V 7 , v,,V A as , A.., J s o T T ' ' 2 , Z1--5 K sssl J A g at 1 ' ?' .4 1 '-, M- f- K C 5 7, , l . J Y l ffff TQ .. lsli its , J ," ,Ll ,L s . ,, ,, tg ,7 t 1 3, N 'L X 4 Q' , , X Ji' .4 , ,t,,, , , ., l ' J A wfvj Q ,f I V0 ,, My 94, 'N , P yy J Q , Z- i ,, X , t 2 'l , X A ft rx 'ci Q ' ls ff ff T if 7 lr- f 4 .,, ',,,:. . Q , ' ts s ,Na 1, ,V M Ea," 3 ' fm A if Agn, 1, ff aff ' ' Ak at I ..,.... 1 f e f A Q ' 'D' Q R , , ,H- I t xr Q A Q . , J ',-1 fe 'E F. .Z at 4, Q Sophomores Sharon Henderson Daniela Hendrich Carl Hensley Desiree Herrera Kevin Herrington Dale Herron Karin Hetzler Kara Hignight Mary Hill Connie Hillyer Daniel Hillyer Jeffrey Hines David Hipple Jack Hobbs james Hock Franklin Hocker Andrea Hoff Elizabeth Hoff David Hoffman Patricia Holland Tracy Hopkins John Horvath Marla Howard Monica Howard Teresa Huber Jay Hudson Michael Hufford Christopher Hughes Sharon Hulting Christine Humphrey Thomas Hunsinger Sara Hunter Dan Murrin John Huston Kevin Hutten Keith lngwerse Ezekiel lsais Theresa Jackson Eric Jacobsen Paula Jacobsen Christopher Jannes Morgan Jay Sheri Jetts Brenda Johanson Deborah Johnson Laura Johnson Lee Johnson Michael Johnson Susan Johnson Brad Jones Julie Jones Steve Jones Debbie Juehring Diane Juehring Kevin Kanke Donald Karns Robert Keim Brian Kelly Kathy Kennedy Lori Kennedy Donald Keopple James Kettering Daniel Key Sophomores 143 Sophomores 144 Sophornores Lynn Kight Laura Kight Lisa Kight Michael Kinney Steven Kirklin Joel Kitto lay Klingborg Michael Klouser Kathy Knight April Knox Jeanette Korthals Michael Kryzanek jerry Lack Marla Lamb Michael Lambert Lisa Lampo juan Lara Shelly Laxy Todd Leach Brian Lee Ronda Lefevre Lyle Leftwich Dale LeGrand David Lester Edward Lester Lisa Liedtke Joyce Liggett Lisa Lenderman Iohn Lindquist Mindy Lindstrom Dion Littig Michael Livingston Lisa Lockheart Ron Lofgren Lisa Lohse Stacy Lonstad Christine Loose Mario Lopez Carlis Lucas Monica Magana Lori Malmstrom Ieffrey Mann Scott Mann Ted Marlin Dane Marr james Marr Charles Marshall Lori Marshall Denise Martin Doug Martin Shirley Martin Loraine Mascari Ieffery Mason Gary Mathena jeffrey Mayhugh joseph McBurney Cynthia McCarter Timothy McCartin Marcus McCash Melissia McConnell Mark Mclntire Wesley Mclunkin Roberta McKee lf YZ N1 'S S ,,,, If H 1 S 5 :Ig awe M .M S 4' S " Q S Mg, - imsrws L if - af ,fd tl' L . A' tltr Sy .S 'E S .,, ' " 'xlili - 339 it "t't .S 9 Q K .ff-1 Q H . . he K 1 I kv,k . ,S S K awmy. I S SSS, 1 . W Swslgglfs-ff.sfrnf,fusvfff - f S a' 1 C" Z V ' H if q.. . 4 5 ,S Ss ' ww, ,SS SS S . S fi. if wif 3 4 ffm if s S ia , I -A S 'f 5 "Q 3' 2 5 A y y W' sxdff , 31' , ' 5 y M. J I S' Q Sv- IS s: ,"' I-QW: af" 3 as - S N S ki,.,, 'V Viri S ,VV, F ye , ' S ssft K e ,SM 3 t Sew -an SM. f S"v .. - if V, Q QS . MQ S 47 , W .Saw S ii S l're A fi Z as N We as ,I w T 'tl 1 'W is ,,,. . S T at sr 'W' t .S V is ,S 3 ' E ' ' ,Ja . SS ..,4 .,.. 2 M 7, 1 K ,,s, 1 ' SS ?'ffi'f ,,,, 1 i .- V, Mis 1 . iw ,, .Sq S ll,, SS . .lm ,... I I Si ff k - . ,,,,,,, Wg, TH! S S . ' 'ew' - :SS -'. iff ga SMS, V' S ev" ' fmiffw' 0 SS.. 4. ,sf-:WSQ Sm- 44!! 1 f' w 4 s ' .yW, x . .S :Q ,,k..,,,,,.. Na 54' e 2 Si S ees at - ii p Q S ...... V ' Sf f S . S SS S . ff 9 ' fi, S , 'iy' ' t S e'fw?'52 "fi at 2 S SS S f e A K f rSss aea S L Sy rrrr yyyy y S . L .,S f ' Sarl y L S SS. S H ,W A A-Mi! . ' rraa 'M 'WS' ax. S tiii a " f.fs ' 5 14 A g TZ Y, f ' ii' I .SHG .Vff fy, Vfrryglj S .' 5 4, VV Y-,!M5Sq,f.S, Pj -V 3 ff,S,..,,S nf 1 if at t . .S 1 SSS,1.SSSSe-wwaza S s,,,.fSS, S "' L ,fl ts.: jx. S' i SSK SS, S M S e.t.i S 1, Ss . W' iiiiiii ,i-' . ,A 1 g 5 SSSS is Ly m ,S My I y ' ' 'ffl -fti L SS SSTLL K -S . ..SSS as L K 'i't K iiii i ii'i K' - at at L 5 .S., S Nr I W "ii ' f i .iii SN 'MS' S W ZSS A M X, ky S SSS.SSS S ,Q X4 s .SII W 'MSW " M " S .f .ff 'XCWN V3 ek fi K' V H f . 5 1g' ff l'A L Q .. c , 7 A ,'V f . z,,,W ,A, , 'Q , V- ' "V, 1, H, 4 .. M A is lt NQ 1 - - j 'th aw R J e 5 ff M" N, ,W f , x f' F K ,V J ' 1 7 ,af 3 X ., 1 Paul McGee Vicky McKinnon Cathy McKoon Suzan McNalley David McNurlen Craig Mech Cuadelupe Medina S, , ,VV. I I . yy, :YI M W Q V' . f , V I AZV' 0 Christopher Meincke " 4 al - E7 ' , ' W Kit Meincke , ' Robe' Meinhold' ' ' x XX H W ' Patrick Meguffy I , -X 1 A , Z Rick Mellinger ' 3 1 . "c' I- I' V 4, 1 15, Nolen Mercer an HM? "1 If, x , 21 l ' 'aw ,.. A vt "F, 4 t Q lf , a s t, julie Meredith Debra Merel Brad Millage Thomas Millard Terry Miller Todd Miller Vicki Miller Robert Minnick Which Movies Were Great In '7 ? X f' ft' ' , lj 5.1 ' 'V X .f 1 pnesenrsg ..., V ,Q Y, XA li 3 ? E1?,Efl55 Xi fl . X N 71 . it " ll' J A X 1' I 7 N 5 Tlx N , I X 3 5 J 1 X X X X X Was it "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band", "Foul Play" or "Grease"? These three movies were chosen in a survey by a number of UT students as the top movies of the year. "Grease", a light-hearted musical comedy starring John Travolta and Olivia Newton-john, was the number one movie in the hearts of the UT students. Beth Sheley, jr, said, "The music was the best part of the mo- vie."Others remarked that the actors led them to see this record-breaking movie. The second most favored movie was "Foul Play", starring Goldie l-lawn and Chevy Chase. "It had every- thing", replied Yvonne Mihalopoulos, jr. "It was a mystery, a comedy and a romance". The Bee Geesg Earth, Wind and Fire, and Peter Frampton-these are the stars of the 3rd most popular movie among UT students, "Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band." Maxine Cordell, soph, was one to catch this movie this summer. Maxine said, "The reason I went to see it was because of the Bee- Gees and Peter Frampton." There were many different choices and varying views on which were the best movies this year. Even though not everyone agreed on the best movie, we almost all can say MOVIES WERE GREAT IN '78!!! SHERI BENTLEY Students rediscovered the joys of popcorn and cinemas this year. 3 ,.,, "i' H C if , H V ,QW ,,,.,, K ' A V 8 'ZR V "MLA i' ff '.tjji Christopher Mitchell - a JL av if j ' 'F' ' f I 1 Kevin Mitchell ' V V ' '. 4- ' V Cary Moneymaker , , 9 ,E I, LaDonna Montegna , fy ' V . - ' ' Zx A gennifs Monterastelli A I " Q 4, ,, si, ' A .f ""j ' . , I teve oone i ,,, 6 57472 Fil wi ,QJ ?"L , 'I 'f Q Cheri Moorey 1, A fi ,K s lt Af 1 , . v v at It i'1i Y f y 2 1 ' julie Morgan " 'i IJ" 'f-' 15 , T ., A ' David Morrow V ' , Q i:':',- M, Robert Mueting Q .VzV, ' j - V'v , . gy W M ,f Debbie Mullins V ,VAA A M A :ZI h Q, ,,-., I 13 Q Kimberly Murphy . , y W WMM Murphy gh' , f teei in jfs f it james Musgfow Sophomores 145 1 it if Marinaso Nache I- Kevin Nahrgang jerry Neels V .4,.,,,, William Nelson Mitchell Nelson Mark Nelson Andrew Neumann ,fff ' Kelly Newburn " Kim Nguyen X- ' Carla Nickerson Q, ' Francisco Nino L " 1 ' Phillip Nix i ' il' Sheila Noah Irma Oliva Donald Olson Todd Olson Felix Olvera " 1 V Kimmy O'Neil T'-, . Melinda Orsborn Frank Osborne David Pancrazio ' Bill Panouses lodi Papish Darrel Park Donna Parkhurst Sharla Pate Barbara Patrick Kyle Pavelonis Paul Pease Fred Pena Rick Pena Patricia Penca Barry Penfold Stephen Perez Shelly Perry .. ,,,, -.w waffswz we " V f Q ' ' "M, ,a e 7'f.f 757555: K. ,Q V M N -"" . . 1413 'ff ' N ,,,,,aa..:1mw"""'-asf khan 2,1 X fa + ,, f at M ,, 4 . 't Q f l ? and wit? A' f" 4' 11 f L -'ff az fj' M 1 , if .c ev F - fl' eea ecclelf slal .l es'l K ZF 2 as 7, ft '35 Z 1. A 'Ulf 'ffm 'WW' . .. was yeijyli' Q,-V' sreggvgb ,W f v' ' wx. aa h 4. -'E it . lr le:- 'linux .z . ..fn,. 1 V , " ' ,, M ' " . . .X Q g . , M new . y . eol ,, y X' L K 8 J'-. 1? , ' 1 N I 'Q ew Fields Are Explored Where can you learn a lot, work, and still have fun? Explorers, an outgrowth of Boys Scouts, includes everything from acrobats to river raft- ing. The Medical Explorers group works in area hospitals. They follow the doc- tors and nurses and are allowed to help with things such as I.V.s, blood pressure, and temperature taking. Toni Tripp, jr., says, UI like working on the floors helping the nurses and being with people." Medical Explorers have found that hospitals aren't at all like the T.V. shows. It's real life Backpacking may be the most ac- tive Explorer group around. They've gone canoeing in Canada, biking in Wisconsin, and even on a fifty mile trip in the Colorado Rockies. Curt Drayer, soph, said, "We hiked from Aspen to Vale and didn't see other people for two weeks!" 146 Sophomores Mock trials and seminars are some of the things Law Explorers have done. Several Explorer groups got to- gether, were given a case and acted out a complete trial. Karen Juehring, jr., says, "If the lawyer had court cases we went right with him. It was really in- teresting." Yet another Explorer group is a "Ham Radio" post. They build radios and talk all the way around the world. "The farthest country I've talked to is Yugoslavia," says Kevin Dawson, soph. Members start at the bottom and worked up through technical tests and improving the speed at which he "taps" out morse code. In Explorers you learn from your own experiences. Many UT students have taken advantage of this opportu- nity. KERRI KIPP Ham radio, law, medicine, and back packing are Explorer activities demonstrated by Kevin Dawson, soph, Karen Iuerhring, jr., Curt Drayer, soph, and Toni Tripp, jr. T13 V . WM, , W 3 JH 1 ,ft . ff , I QV" , ,. 1 I S, V f ' g ,,', i ' , H M Q ' ' nie? :jg vwimw, it y., ,Af .,,.. we , , V ,. A I' 4 ' 4' ,fi Q15 I 'wwf , ,,,. . - W.. " ,S ii ' I, I A , I is P 'Q2' S V jj: ' f ff-. " V ' 5 A ,, ' M , 1 fix I AI 'xi N t - to A t VVWVV ,,,,, s H V .. Q. it -ff' v,.-kv 4 4. if si Z? 5 z ,, .. , mv ,132 AA , 'ff We I 98 X! ll In 7 i I " ffczffigf . 7 Q . fm, 1 W . 4 ' .J ' .1 s ' .f f -L " 3 t ' J ' 5' V in P i as 'v :. 327. ' 1 H E12 , W. ia -. ,gggx , ' 'V 1 . rf x ' if w--. A ' . ,,.. M 5 1 N e L f P , , V f"- ., ra P , f i1V' "'- it ' , 4 3, tag, . , Q , . L ,B Q ff: ff- A 6 ' ' 1, x f ww Q .. ff' ' - ' 'La-el , , . f, ,gg-,f:L,fw'E"f7 ' " -, ' 4 ' , -- w ' 'rw ., . - 'M -if 1 1 va' AE -Q, Ai' W Es M gs, ,X Pi' e eff-Q ., .y-f,ffw,,, ,, W . ..M,,,,f , ,V . 9 ,aff Q 4 Z' if ,sf 1:7 4, , H M sv Q.: X 'K eil, 2, so , C M f Q a 'M 4, "' f M ..,.. Z-Jr" Q :,f?2:ss:e,f:, fn "W 2 44? .M J ., I W ii fs W 2 , ' 1 ' F "EY ' 6 ki K fm, - A , 5' iv ,,f' ' fi f I I' Kg f M, ,. ,"""" ., ' 'Ulf ,gf ,wth J if 2 Sophomores Maria Petaros Donann Peterson Scott Peterson Ronald Pettit jill Pettyjohn julie Pfau Danette Phillips Cheryl Pfister Leana Pierce Keith Piersall Lisa Pinner Louis Pittman jane Polaschek Tina Polite David Porter Victoria Porter Teresa Price jerry Priest Lory Propps Beatrice Puentes Angela Pulliam Cheryl Ralph Rory Ramsey Christine Rangel Deneen Rangel Rosalima Rangel Troy Rannow julie Rasso Fredrick Ray jesus Rea josefina Rea Mark Reed Linda Reese juan Reyna Virginia Reyna Rhonda Reynolds Neal Ricke Sara Riggs james Riley Linda Rinderman javier Riojas Rozell Ritemon john Roberts Wanda' Roberts Charles Rogers janet Romanowski Blake Ross Wiley Ross Walter Ross Cindy Rouse Cynthia Ruiz Tracy Rutledge Lisa Sackett Ronda Sager Mary Salchli Dan Salmonson Leticia Sanchez jean Sanders Loretta Sanders Elizabeth Sandoval jimmy Sandoval Carol Sarazin Cynthia Schofield Sophonunes 148 Sophomores Kimberly Schutz Susan Schwartz Thomas Schwartz Bob Schwenneker Kevin Scudder Kelly Sedgwick Anthony Serra Robert Severtsgaard David Shackleford Terry Shamsie Ronald Sheehan Penny Sheffler Karen Sheley Debbie Shuh Dianne Siefken Barbara Sierra Sebastiana Sierra Andres Sill Mary Sills Rickey Simmons Martin Simms Scott Sisul Charles Slaughter Carla Smith Martin Smith Randall Smith Timothy Smith Timothy Smith Lisa Snauwaert Chris Snyder Joanna Snyder Kerry Snyder Abigail Sollenberger Kelly Solomon Gary Sorrell Eliana South Christina Spanos Christopher Spencer Katherine Spicer james Spooner Betsy Sproul Tim Spurgetis jeffrey Staab Wanda Stawicki Tom Stawicki Lisa Steffe jill Stephens Lori Stephenson Stacey St. George Eric Stiegel Pegge Stone Sherri Stoneburner Leonard Stout Stuart Stout Alan Strandgard Bradley Stribling Scott Stulir Glenda Stwalley Karen Suhr Candace Suits Christopher Swanson Douglas Swanson Thomas Sweeney e ,SS T . S ,ew y Q fi X S , A i hee K S we -is Q5 xy ,e,g S . "i' S 'i V in " S - S ' S SS "i' ' A . ' ' :E x K W - St V SS N ' ' A 3-f I' -- - - V eff f f. :ii 5 S. S A ' - K Q ' . in , QS 1 in in J ff:--ag, Q 4, JS, :H K E - I Ti cccs ffisssw N hk S W V - S S f f- PM 1 SS .i.ii ' it S i o seese Se Nl fi Y 7 X nt ff 1 lea B as is a r-- - v ' - - iv W .S is Sf gf ' ent--.I -Q3 .res ii SS ""aI S, I: 'f -- o 's.' . ---- A s . 5 . S X id S Sstt . , . .S 5 X S B - 1 w' I K 1.2 xx . LSSLSS V st Sa,et-efS SeSsa Y' SNEiS.a..J film . Srl A I tezffefffftr : SS -fffrsffrfhg-gSS Q Sk'- W L 3 it K xi' W ' X X .Jas if NX SfS,a, SS ,l,Sr, ..:, S SS sf' 123 ... 5K :Ks ' ' ' :E rv 1. S B time w SSX Srqiiffifilrz 35 :fi o ssts S , SipS S A isi' 17" 1 A kkph y SSSSS S ,L as SS Qt. .N w S as K f". I 1' , S ' ' , S i SS - 'S S f 2 r' J RS .KS '1 E- S at S Q-AS Q is S ooso IHS S ' to T S S S' . - wa X .- c f - as 2 P 1 I A , ,K ,NSR S S S S AS Q 'gg . 5533 'f'-- SSS pf: gg ST " S' I 2 K Fl il 95455 ' -'V' X :S 'iffi 525- 'E :,S 1 aeSs eeee Q- S S- a L S- i it t fs S ff s s S ' ,--'- fff TM" SS-S i . M 5 f - -S .X ..,. B :'S:-:- -rz. , S S -:MS - S. f. S S fS,f,,:f ,fsee-,Ss '55 ----f 7-,S-:SSS - as " K K -'-- S .s S 'if S:l .. , ziiifiif: :: Fx - ' ' i ,- "if, -, it '::'3S :,- - ' -, ' 1" 2 : ' 3461.3 -- ' 1 ,,,, Q SS S A i I I .S S - ' MS A ff '1 , S 't-- - S r, f" Sr, L, ws-F ' 1. - Make Money To The Disco Beat Marty Chaney chooses music for another disco show. --V 1-4 f Marty Chaney, soph, has found a way to capitalize on disco fever. In doing so she may have the answer to making school dances more fun for everyone. Soundwaves is the name of a traveling disco sound show created by Marty and three friends from Bettendorf High School. For S75 to S100 the group provides a complete disco dance recording program with current top chart songs, a complete sound system, and live disc jockeys. The group also hopes to someday be able to provide a light show. in The group was booked for several area dances, including one at Pleasant Valley High School. Marty said, "We will rent to anyone who has the room and the money." Marty explained, "I think I'll enjoy myself. It seems like a pretty good idea, so it should work out well." To her knowledge, there was no other student group like this in the Quad-Cities when Soundwaves began. KRIS COX " William Swift ' Janelle Talak Edward Tapia Robert Tarrant Peter Tavoularis ' Leann Tchoryk 0 Brian Teager eevi V f T rscert w r e V a V A ,C . 5 1 Denise Temple . I , is . -' . at ftfia 1 ' d T ,Av , qw . . Raymon erronez ls I ' ggi V V ff ,.:,L 6 Michelle Terry ,V N - 'QVVVW' W, Vz'V , W S Lisa Thiem John Thodos ' V ' i , -ff . XV. Q. VV ,K Lori Thomas -- VV -Q VV 1" A V7 Shelly Thornton .fr . ,'.. 'f-.. -"1r:.. -..' , f.t. ' 1 kyy V 'V ' ' V .5 ' -"'. '55zrffVf'1V V . . 'if , V ,,' ' Kevin Thorpe A V f ' V ' '. 9 Q ' 5 5 Lisa Tieman V 5. V .A ' if ' ai ."' Lissa Tillberg if T ' 2 1 V V Q V Rex Tingle K In f X4-. My .- f.f. . 'A ' V, Jodie Titus t"s ' ' Y V ,,. V- , T iff if" ' ii T'--H ' T' ,ff V: V V.. V V V -VM V V,.V3VV Rick rtus ei... ' Elizabeth Togami V A David Townsell f """ 'T Diana Trout X f V Mary Trout ' V W 1- .. ' Jlames Tl-urner V 3. eresa urner V. 2 ' 4 ,df my Debra Tyner 6 Q 35 I' ' 41' 7 james Upton f ,, iiill ... ii f ilffif V V f ll, f 'ff it"- ' H ' ' "'l ' ,V Q r - Arthur VanHouton V . V V V 5 V N' V '-3 f' ' Florentina Valdez ,VV , I . ,V A .Q 2, .V :Ly lanene VanKlavern Q., ., ' 1' Vw - , -e" M - " L' V Th 1 f f V ... gi f. l , Rlifxaldxlfancc-Nljtermuelen V VV V ' . VVV V 2Z" V,, '. ' , ' V. . 3V R d Varble Ak VV V VVV .. , , Wh an y 5 if A ' V M SAA , I Steven Varnes Sophomores 149 In Memor Of Daniel DAN l had a pride for my brother that will never leave me. A pride that no one could ever understand unless they knew the natural talent and love he had for all sports. I had a love for my brother that will never leave me. A love that one sister and one brother could share for eternity. Dan holds a special place in my heart. Right up until the end, Dan had the faith and hope to overcome his leukemia. I'll miss Dan. 150 Sophomores Lori Vergane Christine Verlinden Timothy Vershaw Scott Verstreater Tammie Via Scott Vinzant Carolyn Vidmar Kirk Vollrath Mark Voorhis Tula Vrisiotis jeffrey Walker Timothy Walker David Walz Jeffrey Wamser Randy Wara james Ward Patrick Ward Richard Ward Aquilla Watson Michael Watson Brian Webb Mary Weideman Terry Weimer Daniel Weiss Diane Welch Dianna Welch Candace Wheeler Jeffrey Whipple james White Paula White Stacy Whitehall Tina Whittington Louise Wickersham Kurt Widmer Cheryl Wiedenmann 1. kg- - 1- -f,2s,1rs 1 1' 1111: '11 j 1 1 ',-. Qgrrtgg .a:::xmr15t'n:.H --- ' Senn Daniel Senn, soph, died of leuke- mia on june 23, 1978. Prior to his ill- ness, Dan was active in track, base- ball, and football. He will always be remembered' for the determination and the courage to overcome his ill- ness. This memorium to.Daniel was written by his sister, Danette Senn, sr. .HH it X 11 sw-..111 9 'HP S 1, ,..1 V ..,. , R yze T Qld N. vb ' 1 A REQ .,., xg X QE 11 ...,.r . - X nf ix Q' 1 i s -f 1 t,...,.. ,..., fx R N 'V ' 1 r VLL 11 ....,a, 'L fi , 1 21 ' ' 'W if at ff '11'ff1fszz:saz1ftsw1s e 1, k ,..,, 1 , 5 1 1, 1 f 't-1fr - etaat l e 11 A 't'tc' . 1 1 - ,1 it 1 1 1 .taiiit ' A 1 1 15 lfihwp 415 '55 Q A-511 M f 1f -1 p 1 1: ' it 1 eai- I ' ,cs-1? at -- 11 Hi-55 - 'ii ' A .:', I - """' 'L 55513 ii, ' rlst 'X 1 A ' 1 fi ,11,11 'N , , g e11 11 N X R - , ,Q V , Rig , ,. ra, 1 - V1 f ssstsf f f. 1 Y s A it 1"""' -f , , 1 A 1 11 11 1 1 lss 1 X W A A " ' r 1 111 I ii ? X X HI' kk ' ,E , . k1kk Q, QI ,' in 1 .:r. . 1 , 11 we i A - S 111 1 Vkkk q :rs V: A 5 1 gt A 11,,, 1 kg Sophomores ' Awlllf 1 J fi K to N4 l K Wd QV V Jw. 1 aren ie enmann f 1 V MV, VV V+, MQ V Larry Willet VV ,W V , W ,,f' 1 'G W V , ' Rodney Williams '4.,V Voniciles Williamson ., , V V V ' at . Rhonda Wilson 1' fe, 5 xt .. A ",'? 5 A 551141, .. Allen Winthurst "' L " ' VV VV VV, ' A' ' q Laurie Wirtz A Q , ' V ' V Roger Witt W, I QV .VH . ag, V, VV. ""' W' ' Djana Womack Y' Q ,iv VV 'ix' Q """' ' ' M 'V , Kristin Woodruff V f ' .fi , V A "7 , f f y' Tracey Wright I fi Y I " X V Darin Yates A ' X X V V - -V f Amy Zimmer gy V l if 'i Christine Zimmerman gnu' .y xV ll f,VV A,V,fVV, aww A 'f ,.-"""'y I ,-,,-" " ,H Y YQ -W: .V "tV fi at ww S ' Ax. Q Karen Zmuda Mark Zmuda "Ding Dong, the Rocks are Dead" was the theme of the third-place sophomore float. Sophomores 151 Freshmen Enter The Big ' You've finally made it to high school. Is it all you expected? Lulu Zywot, president 'just the thought of being in high school is great. We're treated more our age. People tried to scare me with stories of getting lost in a big school, but it's not that bad." LaSaundra Shivers, vice-president leave school for it. I like that." Laura Lampo, Secretary "People said it would be really scary. l wasn't afraid. I thought it'd be a lot bigger. lt's all a lot better than jr. High. You get more privileges. " Kathy Lyon, treasurer "lt puts a lot of responsibility on us, but it's fun." Time "We get a longer lunch and we get to KRIS COX Freshman class officers are tfrontj Laura Lampo, secretaryp LaSaundra Shivers, vice presidentp tbackj Lulu Zywot, president, and Kathy Lyon, treasurer. jkf' V ' 3+ '3.,,, Edward Abbot ,. V Q . 5. . Vicki Ackland gi 5. ., fa 'Ltt ff t jeffrey Adams ,',i V' '5,"" 'V - A Deborah Alberts "'tg A. Vf I' U i ' , N ' M ' David Albrecht is an , V is V Shelly Alexander -V .ll l l ' ' . , , 'K H ' 1 Terry Alexander Q' . -' K' , ,,,, ' ' ffl,-is I ' .. ,.,. .Vg'F r Matthew Allison A 16' I V A V Beth Anderson W - A ,g,,VV 'H' A- rj- -5- l V ,ci Denise Anderson ' 1 , ,V V - V A B ' x T T l .,, Marsha Anderson if g ' 'Q s V 29" 1 if 17, Patricia Anderson if ' , A A l V ' Vincent Anderson . lf ff" V' .4 X if Mary Anfon 5 .....,,..... ., If f' ' ' as B is A to Q K . - as Gail Atkins lllii' L ,, . " 6, I M. ,K me Andrea Ayala ' B' V l""" ' W V ' . if r V-I l . J jerry Bailey V VV , ,QL V, l ' 3 A ' . , l if Sands Bane e i t ti Errol Banks Linette Banks Micheal Bassett Debra Bazor Sue Bealer Cindee Beard Kevin Becker jill Beckstrom if Tl ,, li fv- li l xiyx fl 1 s."lX Q f B ttt ' 'Z ' f f , 'N . . ..r, r . .il rrrt Michele Behrens .V V! V 'B V, VVZ, IQ: . 'lf' ,,. "Q , .4 vu Cheryl Belcher 1 - ,V A M V ' A V ., n V M. Jeanne Bell N V V' '- 2 fi 7' I t V , "" N Rodney Bell 'illll . . 24 " ' f , l , ' A A sl A 4 Harold Bennitt l i l . I V B 'I VV I Theresa Benson ' 'N l A , 5 v ' . - l f?'7fE'+' 152 Freshmen , , , ICSW es, , , fa.. we ff, sv I ' fee- ' W -YP.. Bum? 4. A ' ,. 5, 5 . A ei M M , is B -A-.ss o , if , I 1 , 5 3- , Q , if f g- if f . x A X X 4 B- fl Yf, 1511. ' ' xt f'2 :,1 . ' w 6- V Q eo -' V B, W he M R at fi? K, B ii??xr. 3 .51 ' Wg? . A 411 1 , A 2 2 -' 'ar my i l' wwf' , . I M' i ' 7 V' iv My . 'V 'tl " " H I g ray .. -, l 'lvz Q A , 'AV' 1' 'F R , ff.. nf ., ' as it '4 ,uv v' c Q! 1 Nfl? kr 39,4 , f v MM . 0 I 5 W' v g, 4 1.1-J ,L.1 5 ,,., . , M, av , , in w. , ,, "1 , I7 3. . W, - Q .. Q -,,. v, , Y lv 2 I Q at ki iw A fix lt '1 ' 1 sal 1, . V ff' 5 7 4 i 41 s i B B ,. ' -',. , V fl ' . gf e is B A era ff,i ffcf , . ttiii B , ,1g, 2 Q B B "' A ' iw " B ',ff ff' ' 'f , , , ,, W VM .. Q 'M 1 J ll .5 K ' , FJ M 8' f 1 j . , W in ll 4 li- ' A B I Q f B G f , yoarr B M H' ' ,... ,Jef ""' B' , ' '-,' - VIVV v- ,V . ' ,CF v--,4 i V. ,VQ , I, ff ' Aff ' ' B gg ff , Z IZ ga A 4 .. , fy, '- ,, A is 'lb f an ft- f M fs Q., a B :A 3 . , ' V' "' - K A e Z -. ., C Q' " .af ,, r Lg e 2 Y W , feast: V N C .. IX' J QR 1 "" A, f ai. ' VV , ., a .4 f U I fin .- .,,..- 4' . 1' 0 ' f 3, ,L , , . at ' Lv . Y 3' V'.: A 5 'Q' - ., X4 1 , 5 if w' , : ,V f-W' YZ Y' f I I 'Qi Wg .t K 3 fn . .3 -nav' H, I, I 41. ' A 7' rl fr 2 if f' "' ' I! 1 5. " il M X ' F ' 'B fa . , '. A. V. ,gl p1:a l 'l if 1 5x.' , if ,fr o X fe X Freshmen Bob Berry james Belcher Kris Beverlin james Blais Linda Botkin Paul Boudreau Robin Bowers jennifer Bowling Linda Bowling Christain Bradley Anthony Branch Louis Brand Steven Brewer Ronnie Britt Scott Brookhart joseph Brooks Christain Bradley Raymond Brooks Charles Brown Eric Bruce Mark Budzik Beth Burmahl Donald Burton Deanna Bustos Larry Byrd David Cady David Cain Kristi Cain Marc Caldwell Terri Caldwell Scott Calhoun Ann Calsyn john Cambell Marshall Camp Caralee Cant Noe Cantu Richard Carlson Scott Carlson Deanna Carmack Thomas Carmack james Carpenter Deanna Castaneda Bonnie Catour Douglas Causemaker Lorna Cauwels Roger Cheffer Bill Chipman Brenda Clark Kimberly Clark Wesley Clark Donald Clevenger Terri Cluney Carrie Coleman Terry Collins Darrel Collis Christopher Comeaux William Cones Gloria Coney Melinda Cook Dana Cooper Deana Cooper james Coopman Susan Cordell Freshmen 153 154 Freshmen Freshmen Fred Correa Mario Cortez Thomas Cosgrave Julie Coutteau Curtis Cowley Dianna Cox Stanley Craft Jodi Craker Rhonda Cranson Kathi Cronau Sharon Curless Sandy Cunningham jon Danley james Daugherty Nancy Davidson Cindy Davis Ron Davis Scott Davis Denise DeBarre Gregory DeBo Carolyn Debowski Curtis Decoster Susan DeCranes Melissa DeDecker Tamare Delaeger Sharon DeKeyser Dena DeLaCruz Cynthia DeMeyer Andrew Dennhardt Mary Dennison Myrna Dennison julie Dernovish john Devos Donald DHooge Larry Dickinson Lisa Dillbeck Michele Dirck Patrick Dohogne Theresa Dopler Beth Downey Bob Dreher Deann Drumm Paul Duck Toni Duke lim Dulin james Duncan Steven Duncan Lisa Dunn joseph Duran Richard Dussliere Nanette Dwight Mark Eagles Edward Eaves Horacio Elizondo David Ellison Dina Engels Shirl Erickson Dagny Espeland Christine Esterlein Todd Etzel Debrah Evans David Ewing Sean Farrell 2 ,, , ,wer ,mm V f ff 2 Q ssss ssse e'er T E is V g y 2,233 W ni i zr, ie'r-., f ,ff C A ,, ,r y M, f M nree T-1.3. y-,uf 1 . ",ri , H: 1 1 t,A,, , . T 'S .1,, V T , ff? Q , ' . V g. if Jie th lily I 1 A X . '- 4 M.. A vrzw-5 C33 as 1 3 -f ,I X 3 . , as his E E nz, , - H , , .vV.A r A H fs S . eg T " :if gf ,ig il li I A ' ,A ' all ff ft , xl ,z' A 4 Ag! S We 5. T I .V ' , , 5 .Q L ' f,' ,: I Q f g ' q . ,,gg,.-Z :l t t takes - E . M E A it i 'F-J V " , A , .3 iiii T M ' ,A , ' . I Mk fs . ' 7 ,A I p .. 4 Z- if 'C 1 ' V . M Qi ,' A A if I tlryiiy K , - wo- , r 4, ,, f -v N f , ff , as QQ W ef- 2..,Qm,x ,, Q f "TZ" an if new ii V' iv 5 A df: X SWL ' .1Y. x H :Ix . R V I .ee if eas "L Li it t,ny T 5 i 4 .X X' M E SL W' 55 ff. All Q ' 1 'X'-1' Q I ,,:,y , 'ry . .Q Q. , ki l n 'J ' 5 'Mtv Q ., We argl" if-2 X E X ' Xyctgk .W.. Q l nr-' .Ad X K V I ' s I 'vi ' I f e ss e ecls'n,tn T ., S C mi A 1 , I Exo, It M . , Q T 'f a tr 's H Ak- L i ra- 1, ,,,, was A 2' ,L I ,I I I V . X. Q A mf f i" ,,, 1 ' C rt i f g ' --f ,SN 2 ,J K, iv U, ,,, , N V giyt H , I 'H ' ia, 1 M W 4 ffrf I , sgsfwf' fv- ffm Q 6 1 Y 4: . Q, ." fs H r X ,- f Xx"'R, t Wh ' ,r-..., , B2 ,vi wmv' s-Ffa Mn AAA. t ' a , ,I sql f. A . fi ,. K A 4 M fff. 1... r p ,,. Amy Feller Dale Fillman Ruth Fellmer lohnny Fisher Rebecca Fisher lanice Fitzgerald Harold Flewellun V..,.,, 7,,, I. ,L ..k. 5 .4 ig, . W I ':-,, . ,.,, 1 ,,:, . my N ? ia I Mary Fluegel li .1 f . -'F ' ,A ,W ' 'M W Scott Fluegel 1 gg- l A "Mr h ' H Donald Ford Zag , M - V ' 'G' If Ianice Franks RAW., V ' fi , - 5' ' Steven Franks . an 7 II 'H Anthony Frazee it ' it 1 me ' X 'Q Craig Freebern sa 'tt 5 U, ,,,, , if ' 1? i if V A Jeffery Freeman 'fi 9 ' V .fu ' ,V Ieffery Fuhrer 4, Lite . H ' I if 'Z Margaret Gant 1 Debra Garcia D 4' ' 'V V ' ,, M If Harold Garcia ' X Y 'Q 5. V I H f Gina Gardner ' ' .wk ' :H Teresa Gardner V ",, ' Sv' ' V i , " V V I , ' . Christopher Garland Q 'V A VV L ,,,..,, 'Kb 'V .yy I 1 ig' Melanie Catlin :" loyce Gatton 2 A W V v' VW, Q GBVITI 4 ' n v ? I jennifer Gehant ,Q .. if . x ' -M 1 L jimmy Gehn f, L 'Q Harold George . s . teet f .V H ' " if A M , ' Q V 7 Daniel Goderis tn V ,. , A , - f df. vw... V H 5 2 Donna Ggingg 'if , " lla, F' 'G M F' ,, V 'i" Victoria Gomez Ii ii, I 1 1 N V' V f' 'V , X M Fernando Gonzalez ' ,Ak S x ff. f A2 K 4, Maria Gonzalez ,ff lv, A 4.5 "Q 4, X, -X 9' 2" ,f Victor Gonzalez Charlie Brown - A Real Winner 0-:ws Charlie Brown, fr., hopes to box in the 1980 Olympics. Charlie Brown, fr,, is a boxer with his eye on the 1980 Olympics. He has won the Silver Gloves com- petition four years in a row and has won tournaments in Columbus, Cleveland, St. Louis, and Chicago. In the nationals last year, he won in his weight division. ln fact, Charlie has not lost a tournament in four years. This summer Charlie went to Squaw Valley, California, where the Olympic boxing team was in training. For two weeks he sparred with and observed the Olympic team. Charlie said, "It wasn't all work because we had a swimming pool and movie the- atre on the grounds." Next year Charlie will know better what his chances are on becoming an Olympic boxing team member. "I know I have to keep on winning," he said. KATHIE I-IIGNIGHT Freshmen 155 Esther Goodrich Iames Goodwin Craig Gottsch Sharon Gould Chris Govatos Doug Graf Iody Grasz Robert Graves james Green Teresa Green loyce Griffin Becky Gripp Thomas Grooms Sherry Grypp r ' i1's ' F . Q ' F . r . ' F s sr I . C . ,.. i"' - 1 . - . V t t e'i': KV V V VV Ag, V V..:.r f...r V: . V EV: VVV:VV: V r.. R ,pk V . 1 gi f is 'F ee 'If S .. . ss t Q--' i "1 ' -- ff oie' C r r i F r W as They Can Tell You Y The Rock Island County YMCA has wide appeal to the UT population. The Y offers swimming, running, weight lifting, and gymnastics. "The Y is a place to go just to get out of the house," said Dan Murrin, soph. Dan uses the indoor jogging track often to train as a UT cross country team member. Teachers, as well as students, take advantage of the Y's facilities. Mr. Don Davis, history teacher, said, "The Y is a major source of recreation for me." There is something for everyone. Some students enjoy merely set- tling down in front of the TV in the waiting room, where there is also a wide variety of literature available. Q. And as for gameroom fans, the Y has something for them. UT students fill the room, standing behind pinball machines and playing at pool tables. The wading pool and large pool can also be viewed from this room. Friday night is a big night for the Y. Young people participate in such healthy activities as gymnastics. Par- allel bars, trampolines, and tumbling mats are crowded on Friday nights. "There is everything you need for a good workout," said Kristin Wood- ruff, soph. KELLY NEWBURN Tim Hay, soph, uses the running track at the Moline YMCA to keep fit. George Guinn - if W Q V ,, 1 Minerva Guzman " Q V V "' 'T A Steven Gyenge V all :L V kkg - Sheila Haefhefl i x . . if David Hageman ss i s F Teryl Hagerbaumer Y -' pr.. . ' Diane Hakeman EIA? iii 5 'F 5 , A Zf1,.f i,--f - H .--' 1-,,. iiti ii 'F Linda Halsey ii iiii ,..., 7, V - V ' srou Hrrrrrrirk sss , Charles Hanna C if M t - - t r 'sag--. i - . F Wmlam Hansen f ss.t 5 r ..s' Beverly Harder V Z' iii ..j1 C 415- "" K 'iii F .F Deanette Harman if ,. Q V'.i X nrrrrrn Harper 5 tiii.i . ..... s.....,,.... r .... ix. ,,.. ....t ....... , F F i i i'li is - it.t , ' tt r V' Vflf ' t ' F Charles or e Dale Harris '-'t j V A " Susan Harris - . f Todd Har' ret 3 -' f Paul Hasenwinkel , if V' , W 5 S fl V L ' Kathy Hatfield T A A QS as 5 gr X Michael Hayes r .11 337 - I 'if r it s -' ' " 156 Freshmen , Us .,, ,ls V I 0? -5. ,VVW V V , V' JF 'hi Eff 1 V W. rkvti V It . N or ' My 'L ,J V' J im A l v " " T ,A ,M, . , F 1- , VV VVV, y 1 A A v by Q JV ,V 1 K 1 ii i : I ,J , , J ' O . f A if 5' ' 522135 K ,iff T is I 1 ' i Xe I 4 J ,, I , ,, , ' ,E-, fern, , Qs ,,,, ff iff iw 'fi A' W 1 izf ' 'fhv " J , W5 , s' 1 A' J A J ' I .,,A f N f' ' if 1" J - F . 3. 1-' X' N5 lei ' 2' l Y . .8 ,,A , ' V in :J W,,, Vg V w- is N112 'la' it 4' X, F X 1.954 , , , '-,' . .f.W "-- I Q I fr , f - :as ill s T 1 J, :' 12, ' J J T' 1 X F . 'Q J: , Z, X f 1 X fy ' I s X W f err' " Q .6 X X F ' J ' " V' fa . - fjL!"g mff m-ff Qffifffwf "N 'F 'J' as :H if 9 s ,. ,.., , Q J F , .rr .Lf -sry - , fri- ,J .. "1 ., F' f ' J af "J ' H. 311 " as . '31 . 1 C 'F T V ' T V J 'm' ' . 1 ' " as 4' . "" ffffi fi ,'L', ' 'S ff 'V W H V 'V f ,. c H A 5 ff' " , " T, 'T f V, or ,, ' v 1 x , M 'v M. ' , , . - . t,,,f'- ' ,,,,fLv.f 7 ,sf ,, .. ,f W1 f: V, , , A 1 1 ' - ' 1 4, 'K . - M ,. f -' . Exif ' ' S :wg YE 2 zzz: to i M . f, if H 'W' anii ffl 4 "' ' ' . 4' 5' K:,, 25 52 f ,T a J V 4 1 N f 1' .:.":f "' if " . af F' A J -E ' I E37 J , : ' J I' A ltr I ,.,,, I , V , X 5 Q A" 1 K A Freshmen Karl Heist Barry Hemphill John Hendrix Dion Herrera Henry Herrera Ricardo Herrera Robin Herrington Joel Hesser Randy Hignight Jerry Hill Julie Hill Micheal Hill Terence Hill James Hines Shurla Hintze John Hoagland Ronald Hocker Jeffrey Hogue Lonnie Hoke Catherine Holmes Lori Holmes Barbara Horton Todd Houchin Aaron Howell Lori Hudson Josephine Hughes lla Huizenga Micheal Humphrey David Hunt Michael Hunter Kevin Huston Robert Hutton Steven Ingersoll Teresa lngold Pennie Irby Lonna Ishmael David Jackson Paul Jackson Steven Jacobsen Timothy James Darcie Jamieson Sumner Jenkins Diana Jensen David Johanson Michael Johanson Beverly Johnson Clayton Johnson Diane Johnson Hazel Johnson James Johnson Jeannine Johnson Leann Johnson Mark Johnson Mark Johnson Richard Johnson Teresa Johnson Wendelin Johnson Brian Jones Carolyn Jones Faith Jones Stephanie Jordan Todd Kahley George Kalomas Freshmen 157 158 Freshmen Freshmen Diana Karr Timothy Kastner Tom Kelley Stacey Kelley Dawn Kenney Dane Kespohl Karlton Kester Michael Key Rodney Keyes Arnold Kieffer Sandra Killian Amy Killingsworth Carol King Teresa Kinkead Dianne Kipp Brian Kirklin Brad Klauer Michele Klinginsmith Susan Klouser Randy Knight Mark Koehler Lynn Koker Gregg Koser Lisa Krack Michael Krantz Alicia Kratt Karen Kurtz Leonard Kyle Paul Lacefield David Lack Andrew Lambrecht Tony Lamantia Timothy Lampe Laura Lampo Steven Lampo John Land james Lapaczonek Chris Larrison Kimberly Larson Rick Laselc Kathy Lay Mitzi Leahy Theodore Leibovitz James Lewis Lorrie Lewis Gregory Longbons Doris Lopez Ioanne Lopez Thomas Lott Brenda Lucas Cindy Lucas Kevin Luce Chad Lyon Kathleen Lyon Karen Mabe Daniel Maldonado Jody Marshall Clarissa Martel Charles Martin johnny Mason Paige Massie Sherri Mathahs Theresa Mathena gA, A. - M, Z lik Q3 any 2' X fp? 1 4 MW A Siu- 'Q' ,A ii ctyy AA ,, AA A V A rte. QAAAAV N AA A AA 'Q " 9 4'-3? 1 A '.-' Iai. V, ' AA A 'A '1"' W 6 A fi , V , 5 A " if' ':'- A, f i I A A A rcset A AM A ieeeee AA rrrser A A A A , "",. ,A AA raa- AV A A A r"' A fle A, A , A A A AA A -- 'A A AA A A: -'-'r , A, A "QA 565 n'- A.V, AWf ' ' AA 'A J Y 'f 'W A LAW: .Y " ' V AA A A :'l: ' AA A 2aA5'E , A' . A Wifi? A - AAA A? A ,252 1152: AA A , A ::A f - - A .f ' A A AA? A:AV:, .A ' ff A V, ese 4 Al AAAV A , A '-- A , " . A"A' . I 4:1 V7 ,1-- Af A A 7 VA ,V Y ' r ,gvtf . Iii? ,.. In ,V AA A , 4 ,Aff A ,A AA 1:2635 hw VA if ' A' fl , A ' AA AAA. M 'A-, 5 an! AA, VY AA A If ., k-,,.,,A Jfr i k LAA SM AA. iyze I ,Aii A AA ' AA A A A ittA A V "At ,A RAAA A AA .A , AAAA A V A' A ,A , A ,A , AAA. , , 1 ,MVA AA " AAAA Ai Q was gi '::-, AAAAAAA: 1-- I V A, AA I A. ,AAA AAA A A CAAAA , iaAA rAo orrat V A LAAA .M A A iArii A 'A A , Aff? A' AA il.. A J A,yA g 'A -A372 A' AA ' I , he .V Vi'k if kk"'k k.A V XJAAA j 'wg V Aw! ' 21, AA K H V ' e,,a,, . V , V ,,1a1 A A , ' A Ap. AAAAAAAA 3 ,A AAA'AA A ...- -HA' :Q .,f . ,I :A I y t,,t, y ,, ya. it f A ' V , A- AA.' A A A ' ,,, V fr AA V 'A'i Aii' t . 4 I' it ' 'A . f A YISAATAA ' AA A A ' YAAA .V AAAAA A 'A A V , A' A AA . A A- - A A- A, A nf A. A .A A AA . A AA, , 'AA. Afij' ,fra ,VA Ag A,-I . AA , . A AAA- A ,.,, 'AAA , , , arr AA ,. V A A A A -+ A A , AAJA 'fix . AA ., ,A., ,, A , 355 g g A ' AKKAAAA gg fiiil' , .. ,, f, f Q' , A AJA A ,ff'A"' Wm AA AA L AA V ,,A, 'U' , h' if A ,AVR ' A AA ., , AA. W "' ii A, f A' 'A A A A A ' ' AA A 'A"A , AAA A A , ,Q AAAAA ,. " VL AW, ,ffy f A A ,A A, . V -AV-,V V ',V. A A .VV- A , AA V lf "" A ' , 'A ,AV fi fA"' AAAAAA AA x uf. A ' 'A ,V,V A M A' ' A . . - A ffziqifff A: , A 'A A'AA , , AAAAA V My ,,,, , Af AAVA A E A' , - QA V,,, 9 A 'A A , Aff. AAV, A 'A V A A-AA. ,,AAA A, A A A V .A.V "AA' A A AA, """" . A 'AVA 5 3:5 'i'A' A A , , ' A ' A ' AA .r A',i 'Af 'i'AAA , fl u r ,V V L My VKW, Wig? M ., 3 iw , ,V J ,Q ., lr K A: , A ,," A V 1 A V A AAAA AA , 1 ,Q 4 L A" , gin A AA. A: , 'A 4 A r AA Af , 95A af 'A N ' les 4 V, .. ,iy , , AA,V Aff 5 Q 'tk ' ' . C V . . x 11, 1' t g . f,,...,Mer I , .. . v- 'ii . , N L. t . v ' Tammy May ' 32 -4 1 ,V 11 ,VI Q N wr ,. Debbie McCarthy A S , J S ,-jj , Q Steven McCartin 1 ' J X . ,f , 'I ' 1' t A ' Ionni McCash 2' - ' K . fi K . , -X XM iff ' W x- A Derek McClain gt 9 15 A r VX. lm. 7 f- . 5 , L Jessica McCollum T '. A I M ' . W., 'I K LAS '-Z A Kimberly McCray Rhonda McDanel Mark McGee in ,,,,, .1 Randy McGee Elaine McHenry if V57 ' was I f lf Colleen McKeon Constance Meade it . . - f, 1295? , fa r fa. , , ,,,,, A .,: Larry Medhaug ' - 1 5 Perry Mclaughlin , .. Bryant Melton . "'V Tami Meyer if' if gg CW , M , . . . nf' I Pat DeMeulemeester W x V , 3 I A , 7M ? 1' . Ya' "Hall" Fashions Annie Hall invaded the UT halls this year, as students' dress took on the tailored look popularized by this film heroine. Dress pants lost their flare and re- sembled men's slacks. Blue jeans also went straight-legged. Big tops were a big smash and were worn with skirts, dress pants, and jeans. These tops were often dressed up with a belt or long scarf. Vests worn over the tops created the "lay- ered look". Two kinds of footwear were defi- nitely in - clogs and spike-heeled shoes. Worn with rolled up straight- Steph Lemmon, jr., admires the "layered look" at Southpark Mall. 5 49 , V , I ' 1. I . r V. .M 1, Vey : S ,,, ,nn L ' i L ,., a a.,, i X. 'i H -A' , , Q as -,' ' 3 ' S 2 xi if 5 W Vi 1:22 1+ --f H -.fl e W' ' jf' ' rar ,V ff- is 1 Y, Mr V,,, r M VL ,, , N, .czfslhi 'j ,,r V Y N .li .J ' T1 To f N602 1. 1 j - Theresa Meyer ' Reba Meyers Scott Meyers legged pants, the spikes created an ex- tra long-legged look. Short curls were the favorite hair- style of the year. Many people of both sexes spent S47 a shot at the hairsty- list for permanents. "I love fashion this year because you can mix and match with variety," said Kathy Hignight, jr. Kelly Duff, jr., expressed the same sentiment. "Today's fashions allow a person to wear whatever expresses his individuality." LYNDA TALLEY 1 . Sandra Milburn ,L ' Iames Miletich .x I Laurie Miller ' V ' Paul Miller A ' Thomas Miller Sherry Mills john Milner -A - ' . Scott Minteer V Tracy Mitchell J , Carrie Moline .42- 11 Ioetta Mitton f in ' Dale Moline Michael Moller Brian Montegna Freshmen 159 Chris Mooney rg J ,IN Q V V "v' 6 .f Cary Moore , ,,., Lf ,' Q ' an U 4, Sally Morehouse .V it KQ V W- Maria Moreno f 0 I Q , V Jelena Morgan N., it i "" 'X VV 6 I ' R0dn9Y Morney J ijt Y C 'S-' A " ' 5 A .0 Q X ' '1 In lennifer Morris f '5 . s X. 6 GTM- ' A' A Thomas Morse W V H gg VM V Joel Moseley Q.. 45+ 1 T J VV ' 'fi- Dennis Mosher S t k" if 'f' -.ll " -, Gerald Mueting V, fy 'A V Y , AQ ,VV'5-Tj Anastacia Munoz V' ' ' Yffa 4 LV J' ' 4 Lisa Murdock 'V X X, ' ra ,yo i. A ' David Murrens V A WIVI V M 1 ta , ' V Q 1 . VV Q H A 5, Suzanne Myers V , , V, V lil: A Y 1 V 5 Andrew Nache A' . "' V V,, , as ":' -' "' V V V5 J Angela Nagelmiller V eZ'ff" ...-,f- 5.,,AV 4 we Mark Natwick V. ,J fx ' Sheri Neaveill 4 f rl J 1 A f Stephen Neff Y V 1, . V ,.-,,. K ,W David Nelson t -f 1 'A Katherine Nelson , Q ' H "i .J . , ' ,I V, , Martha Nelson V A,,,i iiyy W by Q., N ' K IM Kechia Newton 1 V V v , -fr' Tan Nguyen at f Eric Nickens i . t J . R N Dianne Noah V C ' V 5 J ii fx' Chris O'Brien 7 T' A VV VV V V ' ' . .N C iiii f . Erin O'Brien VV an , M' A. ,. 1 ai , Eddie ochoa it 0 t f , 'W , .- 1' J Af' lorge Ochoa - 'J V David Ogle I ' V V VVVV . yf ' I I K. - V . Graciela Oliva V! X ' , V V IN K Dave Oliver f 1 "i- ii VW 1 Perry Olson 3 f X . ,Lg , Disco is a part of us. It's in our clothes, our music, the way we move, the way we walk, and even the way we talk. But did you know that it's now in our roller skates too? Disco skating is one of the newest additions to the disco craze. People at- tend special classes, enter contests for prizes, and even buy special roller disco costumes for this new dancing "fad", Skateland, a local skating rink, holds a special "Roller Disco" every Friday night for people in the Quad Cities who are interested. They have an average attendance of about 250 people. "l've noticed more people our age coming to the Roller Disco in- 16O Freshmen ot Rock, But Roll stead of going to Appollo and other discos on Sundays," says Jaime Har- ding, jr. Another UT student attending these dances-on-skates is Rhonda Rogers, jr. "They're really different", says Rhonda, "and they are lots of fun!" Jamie is the d.j. at Skateland for the Roller Discos. "I think it's really growing. It started in New York and California, and now it's here. lt's real- ly getting popular!" LISA COX Roller-disco is the latest addition to the disco craze in the Quad-Cities. B N aeaa ,za if -- . , " .. f HTA? 3 ln y .S y , l A ,f gf 4 f- ' iss reea it .. 70 ,x x l C 1 or L , Q ex. - x-nr' s if 1 . E 1 lf. xx L B Q V. f I , is ,.AW." JM, , L Mx . W xjhi . A Q ,M " P . l fgf , ff ' R' ,L,. Q ' if' ' , X , 1 L',L - s , Q i ' ji! 11 in K K 94 X -- ' ', H"'l"Q- S ,X i f ,- Gi' u ' W i t B 2 , . m I 1 Q- x x itk I it 1, . ' . i H ss as -V e Q fs 1 . s aa Q P - ', ' 3 . K i s ff' S fl' K six' if - J J E 1 s "1 ,-422, img J ii Q 5 f, -- tv ,,,. , ,,,.r.- M an O Q --A-f . ,W . Q 'fu if s Q sr' "' ' x 9 PM Q 'K Q T . : Y: I - '5 J K, ' C K, ' , R X ' N: X Q I.. A .rf 1 A K B- .asm Y W"" 'P' , f We ' A, - , rp V ' . if i fer a B i QQ.. H 5 gg f 3. , ,W .. - .. A H ik it A 'W is r . . 5 A b E A ,,.A . s as cs ,y gi B p 4. B " ' 'L' . K t Q B ri of . ' f K I . A . A . 'ffm lg, , 1 is I if -' .4 xx J 'j3Q',ig"'4'S' W e X1 ,H ,t '-Y,-1-f-' .' A221212 Z' Er Freshmen Kelly Oltman Randy Olver Alan Oppenheimer Larry Osborne Christine Ostrowski Ole Otto Mark Overmire Katherine Owens Teresa Pachecho Sperry Panousis Cindy Parker Heidi Parkhurst Liz Parnell David Parry Georgann Passini Rebecca Patterson Pansy Patton Bradley Paxton Lisa Paytash Dawn Pearl Gary Pease Nora Pena Keith Pender Catherine Perez Elaine Peters Stephanie Peterson Terri Peterson luainia Phipps Dominic Pieczynski Dianna Pierce Randy Platt Henry Plavak Terry Plotner Martin Plumb Donald Praught Lynette Prettyman Jeanette Price Janice Pauli Ricky Pulford jamie Purdy jeffrey Quillin Marcel Quinones Brad Raasch Dena Range Arthur Rangel Christopher Rangel Christopher Rangel Brenda Rasmussen Tracey Rasso Melven Raymie Maria Rea Patrick Ream Zina Reasby Bridgett Reed Charles Reeves Laurie Reger Ross Resetich Deborah Reyna jeff Reyna Christine Riceman Luann Ricke Angeline Richmond Herschel Riley Freshmen 161 162 Freshmen Freshmen Rita Riley Luria Ritemon Rebecca Robbins Raymond Roberts L.D. Robinson Martin Robinson Ronald Rogers Bart Rohweder Cynthia Rose john Rose Donald Ruhl Luis Rullan Maryann Ryan Susan Ryherd Mark Sackett Jeffery Saey Denise Sager Janice Sagter Marsha Salchli Laura Savala Graciela Sanchez Carolyn Sanders jill Sanders Matthew Sanders Stephen Sanders Joseph Sandoval Sammy Sandoval Bill Schaeffer Michael Schaeffer Georgia Schmidt Tracy Schofield Richard Schroeder Bruce Schulte Gary Schultz Kimberly Schwaesdall James Scott Sheryl Scott Tamara Scott Timothy Scott Keith Scrowther james Sears Roger Senn Christopher Setterdahl lodi Severtsgaard Donald Shamsie Ronald Shamsie Darryl Shappard james Sharp janet Sheila joseph Sheley Emilia Shilling LaSaundra Shivers Mark Sides Richard Sierra Lydia Sierra Kevin Simmons Robert Simons Rhonda Skiles Nina Skinner Kimberly Slaughter Cindy Sloman lulie Smart julia Soliz K 473' ' fifdlwg , N . 'O' ,.- if X If iw " ilk M .xi 4 -'Q ff tl .- Q fi L .1 if Q-fa , Q3 , as s qw e ' .1 , ,. x if , ,i 45 W f . 1 y -U lil ff" f X ' 4 ' , ' 'x A ' f 2 , .1 r" M - Q rf , , iv , , 1 We ,f TT' 'S ,S HA fn- .Q , Y, V is VS " ,, J 'Ez 51 V' ' V4 NME 5310 ' N.. X l t f .4 ,g 12, fg- t, gl? 'vll V? x. to in 4 If , Q S 1 K 5555 . he X K gy .,,,, f ' I x . " -:di N V f V X, , f S r Vlr, My am I Z er 1 on V . ,, C f , , l -ef' Tk VWI y 5 k,44 A -L .5 ,.c ,Fic wr, 5? at Q , . ' fag? ,IJ E- ., ' J' , 'N 4 ' - ,M- A 'fs 1 L is YI 9 .gras A ", A it . ui5.'T7'rvW"i4!:?.5w, Vw f ' K Q V , A gggz . ,, I I w QM , :xr L 'L i f " e e A-21 ,-"Es " , .,,, Q if li at seer r l , ' Aiyh ' I . , I V I "V to R K A a .ss -me r, .. ,., 1'-' I' ,4 'V . X , 5" .4 'N' 4 x ' '52 5' z 1 Q E -tx ' 5 ' 1 ., .. ..... I .. -K i. ,Q , .,. . Communlt Theater Lures UT Students Theater work and plays are increas- ing in popularity in the Quad Cities, especially here at U.T. Students are getting more and more involved in community theater. Music Guild, a community theater in Moline's Prospect Park, is a popu- lar place to work during the summer for many U.T. students. They can work backstage, on stage, or on the sets of the year's productions. This year's plays were "Kiss Me Kate," "Godspell" and "Sweet Charity". Marla Howard, Lisa Lockheart, and Martha Chaney, all sophomores, par- ticipated in Music Guild productions. They heard about it through Mr. Mi- chael Schmidt, UT theater director, and a few friends from Panther Play- ers that have been previously in- '7 ' 'I I , ' ,, ,,,, H ' ' ,,.'. f I ,. V4 ,A 1' I V3 , 7 W Q. QHQ 'Who-f J fy t M... i 'W " :Q " , M "- : . I' .. ,I 2. 52 ' "V jg . . ' 4915. . K I iff. ' I ytii V, . 1 , 2 Q. ,S L . lg ,Z - I- .4 gg, I -1- if C if P volved. "You meet new faces, both young and old, and it's a lot of fun. It's a new experience," says Marla, who helped with "Kiss Me Kate." Lisa, who worked on "Kiss Me Kate" and "Sweet Charity" says, "It's really good to get involved. It's an in- teresting way to spend a summer." Martha also worked on these two. "It's a great way to meet people," she says. "I hope I can do it again next year." LISA COX "Whenever Mr. Schmidt wanted some measly little task done, he'd call 'You three, come over here.' The name has carried over to our work in Music Guild," says Lisa Lockheart, soph. Marla Howard and Marty Chaney round out this trio. Stella Soliz Lori Sonneville f I james Southerland julie Sparrow Ronald Spears ' e Marilyn Spencer .,.. 1. W in la? A I I Roscoe Spencer g james Spiegel ' Jayne Staab Theodora Stamatoukos Brenda Stambaugh Lynn Stauffacher " ' julia Steele 'V Stephen Steffenson Qi 4. .. . if I i' an MM 4 Tammy Steger Ann Stephenson john Stevens Pamela Stingley Cheryl Stogdell Ronald Stone Todd Stoner Lynn Stout Marguerita Stout ...I Rhonda Stout Rachelle Stratton Ieffery Streeter , Dan Stumphy yu X Stephen Summers David Sutton Scott Swanson Edward Talbot Penny Tapscott Mark Tapia Robert Tate Scott Taulbee Freshmen 163 A Lost Generation? UT students "took to the tube" this fall as the new lineup premiered. "Battlestar Galactica" stood above all new shows in popularity. Bruce De- Rammaleare, jr., and Kathy Miletich, jr., shared the opinion that this show would stand the test of time because, as Kathy says, "It's about technology, science, and the possible future." Other new shows which attracted UT viewers were "Mork and Mindy" and "Taxi". "Family", "Soap", and "Charlie's Angels" remained popular carry overs from the previous season. Lisa Johnson, jr., tries not to watch T.V., and Laura jones, jr., commented she liked the shows, . . but I'd rath- Scott Taylor L Kim Tennant 'P Lydia Terronez "' Manuel Terronez Mathew Terronez Mickey Thiem David Thomas V 6 I i 71 is 'S Yr .. . .. is f if Timothy Thomas . Vern Tinker ' e M .. Sandra Tittsworth 1 'Sf . cr-r Kurt Tolliver g. i Roger Traman A William Tribbett er go dancing!" Eric Mikita, jr., watched T.V. "be- cause I don't have enough homework to keep me busy . . . but don't let any of my teachers know!" T.V. is a form of escapism for many. Will we live to see the day of T.V. addiction? "Flip on the button and it's instant entertainment," com- mented Phil Graf, jr. "But when peo- ple build their lives around it, that's when it's wrong," he said. LISA FORRET T.V. or not T.V.? Students express their views. ffl . " ggi. Q if lei 5 in j Q 1 gg t ,W I .ill A y'y :li gf' I lvl 1 ,,, it .v in , . Q I fa- A - -. f .,'. R , Y A . -ft .X 75 xl M. in, "" Lisa Tribble Ursula Trimby 1 Elida Tristan ' ' , Carol Turner 'S ' Cheryl Tworek M l, . V ,,., , p . Dawn Utley I A Karen Uzzell Gregory VanHecke 1 . t. N . ,, Marisean VanHouten - Robin VanKlavern Clifford VanRycke ' 1' Shari Vantieghem Bob VanVooren Gary VanWinkle Robbin VanZuiden .,t Robert Vaughn Carrie Verlinden Harry Vershaw Christine Volk Ioel Vyncke . W 1 QFD . . , ,Q V YG V.:,. . I ,..., T n, L X , I 4 . I 5 .M-v K 's. QN ' J ' 'I ' .V AB Q Q...-v A nur 4f if N - ':?'.f-'ff 1 , V1 ,M . c it Nga... , K f f . W N4 S P ff Mer Q ai ,KA A I Q Q iw .,,.. , it f' tx " 7 " 4' W up ggi, ..,. :gv in - 4-.. -1. . -ihyl Ar' Q, Judy Via W ., It , f j . M A V xox! I X ,X 'ls f Julie Vyncke 164 Freshmen .,..-- if ii 7.3561 Zi. 9 H A-A 4 if 1 .ff ,,... rv. f We .1... ...,, N. 1 ,..,A 2. . Y' 'Q-1 .ni yy N Freshmen New F ' A -'- 1 ,k. f A . ?,,.,. H I V, L A ,V , ii ,,v , , ,ew , ' Kelly Vynckg aa.. i t A, l y F y y , 1 F A ,fu F is Kerrie vyheke H ,," I H if , W 2 Timothy Waeyaert ,, . if - N df x " f f 1 , ' Shawn Wallace T! f 'I " ' 1? If "V 5' ik Deamtra Walton .- "- A i " t' ' f 'fl Constance Ward A "' . 5 so fi ' 'ii F' f J Lori Ward v 1" if 4 F F at -5 fit, an A A I - V, 21:55 h 23 2 y f' 6 I Robin Ward , L Ei' , +A' . V :V 1 , f.,v My I 7 1:5 M, V Jane Waters , Q vi- 4, V,, , 5' I "'f"' Iames Watson Y , M , , 1 J IVLA if 7 . ' I , ,Q i Peggy Watson ',-f N ,fl , V An K y , -1 K. ' , e ,,,- 5 Rick Werdeman V51 -f, J if Ricky weighall ' ie ff' ' X Y F l ' ' F I Sherry Wells A NM ' H I ,,, My Michael Welsh V ' f -af . Terry Wesolowski 45 N ,, ,gy ' Bradley Wessels e i V Lori Weston , if VLAN. 7 e, is V A 5, 2 I A A 937 53-lib - ' l,-4 ' S '-fi X Kathleena Wheeler dxf fig: a f F, ' 'i fl -A y Q i y ,ff Randy Whipple ,-egg! A ' fl, W3 in 9' K ' h' h ' ' , yrs, F ,.,, ., CVU1 W lie all' ff Qlffirf - K V -f ' F 1 " S' 5 r,,., is H is "L' Q i 'lll - I K V 6- Lynette Whitney 1 "' W Q 4- f' 2 ,, - QL-43 Robert Williams V ,. -r , 1 A 'ze '-rM Scott Williams e , 4 j i, Ly, V, Mex at 1 Sherrie Williams it I F 1 'N f , sy -M. David Wilson 1 yi if MY I ' X Gary Winfree ,, ' Ml , , f Y df' , ' i ft i M' Paula Winger F "i' L ' , F , -f ' ,E 4, , ' W A Diana Wmthurst , M V 7 1 . , a - f cog, A' " i , e Kevin Wise ' , F a A iw .-.. , ' V ' if H! 1 '-A - A 1 Thomas Wise f W e W M' 1 ' 1 Y" - l mf -v Sandra Witt f ff- ' 1 -i- ia- i , Beth Wolf y,f 'F ia, 3 1. .W 'A Qi i V 1 Lynette Wolfe ' Q 1.3 A Ut - aff! . A if N l Diana Womack V If' f ,I . ,I A - 4' -W. Dawn Woodhurst M ,V s, A 'R ' 'Q N 5 1 v Christine Woods V ' " X I fe- U" M, Wellington Woods 8 , at-5 M , f A b rv Richard Wyatt i iii A' ' th r. s Lisa Zagert , b Robert Zesiger ' - ' fm' - Debra Zeigler 'vi' W' fit' .,-, W- Y. ,M LeQ3i":5?N FQf t , U s -gf i- .- . .. ' gl Cynthia zailef . Q as Elmbefh Zywof 9 lf' iFa'5: 's1i3Aq-v' -S- 1 Neff,-'-.,.:i-gef' .. nj .-,i,,N,.5'i'gr ,,., Y .. if-sig .. , Q T.'If"1"' K 4, ' S, , . f 1 9 I ..:1i?gQ igigaig ff Wifi ' i a- 'M " f' 29 me FE H F F . .K 1 - M? , :rage e. ,, A li A , h ,, as, -kg 57 Freshmen won fourth place with 2 N ,tt ' f 'N "' W ---e .2 " ia! ,gg-1'.AEf,k A their homecoming float "Pan- ' N X, eggs: ' i f'-f i ng ' . ff-J? ffq. i thers Have Brains, Heart, and eG2S3:ggrkss . X-,ki 4 - -at .. if i im -, , i .. 'N' ' Q ' ' "" fy e ' Courage." .ear e F r 1 X , iv: WW 5 in e ' gl! - K ' ,el A ee . I - I A ii: A :iii-UM. X, e, J. y .,,,, P- A . a- i K M- fa Y me 1."'Q1'f V K X .gli T' ff - i if PZ F " f 1 f , "ni V as 4 , . safe ' 3 ' ea , V F Q Freshmen 165 UMUEUE 1. Mr. Fred Woller appreciates having a phone directly outside his classroom. 2. What a lovely couple assistant principals Mike Hanlin and Alex Boyd make at the disco hop 3. Intramurals instructor Dick Lee talks over game points with Martin james. 4. john Picco, Leonard Schwi- gen, and Andy Finkbeiner stand and listen to the band at an after-football game dance. 166 Faculty, Administration, Staff Q, -F W zf if lg if . . . 'UNDOP2' 1 E 'Q I ' mmm' . q w i f X X I ' . ' "'I QL L- -alibi .,.,5,g.1 -3. .l E 5 nr- I I V 1 ! l I . - . fs 'l.zzw,,, . f ' I I TEACHE LAY THE WDRK 1. lose Diaz lies back in relief after giving a lecture on Latin America. 2. Coaches Arvanis and Brewers watch another successful sopho- more season. 3. Students appreciate the individ- ual attention given by Mrs. Mary Easter, who is retiring this year. 4. Everybody wants to get into the act, including Gwen Scott and Jerry Greer at the homecoming assembly. 5. Ed Peter- hoff wears the latest in disco fashions. Faculty, Administration, Staff 167 MR. ARN MERBITZ MR. LAWRENCE DR- THOMAS A- PARKER Director of Curriculum and DUSSLIERE 5UPe"im9nd9m Personnel Business Manager Ed-D-, University of Illinois MA., Illinois institute of MA., Colorado state coiiege -1-.l..l... rv-1 ,. MR STAN SOSNOUSKI MR' RICHARD GREENE South Campus Principal MR' EUGENE MCCARTHER North Campus Principal MA. University of Afhl9'f1C Dl"9Ct0" I NLAU Univefgity of Igwa Michigan lVl.A., Ul'llV8ISity of AIlZ0na . ll K A '5fff'ilV:'R MR. MICHAEL HANLIN MR ALEX BOYD MR. ROGER POHI.MAN North Campus Assistant North Campus Assistant South Cariiplis Assistant PfinCiPal principal d U Ffrmclpal f IH. , M.S., Western Illinois M.S., University of Nevada M'E " mverslty O mms Y 168 Administra MR. ROBERT FAIRMAN MRS. PAULA HANNA Data Processing Director Administrative Assistant M.S., Western Illinois Western Illinois University University +.,. itiiitttttiiitlitiii 4' 4 4' 4 4' 4 4 4 4' 4 4 4 4' l4 4' 4 4 4 4' 4 4' 4 4' 4 4' 4 4' 4 4' 4 4' 4 4 4 4 4 4 i I Q 'I I 4' 4 4' 4 ' 4 4' 4 4' 4 4' 4 4' 4 " - 4 4 4' 4 4' Mt. John Cavanagh, after 20 years 4 of service to U.T., will retire this year. 4' I I I Mr. Cavanagh is principal of the Area ' 1 Vocational Center. 4 4 Coming to U.T. in 1949 after teach- : 'ing Industrial Arts at Community 4 4 4 I that time he served as Coordinator of 4 the Diversified Occupations educa- ,, 4' tion program, which was just getting 4 ' started. In 1967 Mr. Cavanagh was ap- 4 :pointed director of the new Area Vo- 4' C I I High School, he taught industrial arts 4' and vocational drafting until 1965. At : K ,, cational Center and head of the indus- 4 trial arts department at U.T. In 1970 4' his title of director of the A.V.C. was 4 ' changed to principal. 41 I Mr. Cavanagh graduated from' , Kewanee High School in Kewanee, Il- : qlinois in 1937. Pour years later he re- 1 4' ceived a BS. degree in industrial edu- 4. 4' cation from the University of Illinois. 4 : He has received a vocational teaching 4' 4 4, certificate in addition to a secondary gl I 4, and supervisory certificate. 4 A former board member of the Illi- , 4' nois Council of Local Administrators 4 ' and of the I.I.E.A., Mr. Cavanagh is a 4' I past president of Round Table 8. He I 4 4 , also holds a membership in the I.E.A., 4 and A.V.A. He has served on numer- 4' ous evaluation teams for the North , " Central Association, O.S.P.I., and Oc- 4 :cupational Evaluation programs. 4' ,K In 1965 he was presented with an : I 4, honorary plaque at the annual con- 4 vention of the Illinois Industrial Edu- , 4' cation Clubs in recognition of having 4 ' assisted in organizing this state and 4' C . .K for having sponsored one of the 4' 4 4 4' 4 U ,, charter member clubs. iiiiiifjitiiiiiiitti-itiiitiiiiiiiiifiiiiiiliiiiiiliiiiiiiiil UT Facilities To Be Improved Through Energy And Safety Studies Energy conservation, a safety fea- tures update, and pool completion were among priorities set by this year's School Board. The new swimming structure at South Campus presented new prob- lems, although there were no major problems that were not anticipated. Money was the main problem they faced. The Board had to allocate mon- ey toward the operation of the pool that before would have gone to other areas. To alleviate many of the complica- tions that came with the joint school- fcity project, the Swimming Pool Governing Board was set up. This board consists of two Park Board members and two School Board mem- bers who deal with the bulk of the pool business. The Board evaluated the physical facilities of UT and, as much as finan- cially possible, made necessary changes. This included consulting with professionals to learn how ener- gy could be conserved in the UT building and how certain features could be updated for safety. The Beling Consulting Firm from Moline was commissioned by the UT School Board to make recommenda- tions on ways to conserve energy for North and South Campuses. The cost of this energy audit was 58,700. But it is felt that the school will come out ahead in the long run. Board President Erwin Millen sais, "We're always en- ergy conscious. The utility bills keep going up. This survey will show how to cut some of these costs." The consulting firm will also make improvement in keeping with the Illi- nois State Life Safety code. Compli- ance to this code is required by the state. The code states that certain fea- tures in older schools have to be up- dated for safety features. The Beling Co. will examine fire doors, entrances and exits, traffic patterns, and student flow. Cost of this examination is 551450. CHERYL PITTMAN School board members are lfrontj Chuck Abbott, Dr. Richard Hendricks, Lawrence Dussliere, business manager, Lola Odendahlg Joe De jaegherg Dr. Thomas Parker, superintendent, tbackj Dale Christensenp Erwin Millen, board president, and George Sollenberger. Administration 169 Spanish Teacher Hails From Brazil rived in the Quad Cities, she was sur prised. She thought she would find something like Chicago. Instead, she found a clear city and beautiful flow- ers. sidual action on DDT which prob ably helped bring about the ban on DDT said Mrs Keller. When Mrs. Keller first came to the Quad Cities, she worked at Moline sr an - Y-if iiii!!iiii'1titiiiiiiliiliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiliiiliiiiii When Mrs. Amanda Keller first ar- She also worked on studying the re- 5 - - - I u ' I , rl 'K' t , . Q 'T Mrs. Keller, U.T. Spanish teacher for ten years, came to America for medical reasons - and stayed. She says she likes teaching in America because the classroom is a lot more informal. There is very little contact between teachers and students in Bolivia. She feels comfortable teaching Spanish "because of my cul- tural background," she says. Before coming to the U.S., Mrs. Keller worked for the United Nations in the eradication of malaria research. iiitiiiliiiiiiiiii DALE ADAMSON IBS., Western Illinois Uni- versityj Classes: All About Money, Business Law, In- troduction to Business. HALINE AKULOVYV QB.A., University of Inns- bruck, Austria? Classes: German I-IV Sponsorships: German Club CHARLES ALLEE QM.S., Western Illinois Uni- versity Classes: Algebra III, Trigonometry, Analysis Coaching Duties: Boy's Varsity Tennis ELEANOR ALLEN QM.S., University of Illi- noisj Classes: Advanced Stenography, Office Pro- cedures IILL ANDERSON QB.S., Western Illinois Uni- versityj Classes: Typing, Recordkeeping, All About Money, Introduction to Business Sponsorships: Freshman Cheerleading Spon- sor KATHLEEN ANDERSON QM.S.,Ed., Western Illinois University, Classes:English, Reading Specialist MARIAN AUSTIN QB.A., St. Ambrose Collegej Duties: Librarian, North Campus RUTH BARTELSON fM.A., University of Illi- noisj Duties: Counselor, North Campus RICHARD BASSIER fM.S., Illinois State Uni- versityj Chairman of Industrial Education Department Classes: Foundry Technology, Agriculture Cooperative Education Sponsorships: Agricultural Cooperative Edu- cation Club 170 Faculty Public Hospital as an assitant bacteri- ologist. She went to Black Hawk for her AA and majored in science. Her B.A. is from Augustana, and her M.S.E.D is from Western Illinois. "I like America," says Mrs. Keller, "Women have more rights here than in Bolivia." LISA FORETI' Mrs. Amanda Keller's Spanish students have the advantage of having a teacher whose native language is the language she teaches. ...sy fi xiii' Q i' f sl ...E if it 5 1 I-4 is ' R 4 :namanwas:wwf-awwwwnfaawwtffananwawiitiisp TY 1,41 'Uv--43 EDWARD BELAN QM.A., Northern Illinois University, Chairman of English Depart- ment Classes: Honors Sophomore English DAVID BERG fB.S., Western Illinois Universi- ly? Classes: Special Education English and Histo- 'Y Coaching Duties: Varsity Baseball, Freshman Basketball SUZANNE BERRY IBS., Western Illinois Uni- versityj Classes: English-L.D. IUDITH BLIX QB.A., Wisconsin State Universi- fy! Classes: Contemporary Literature, Soph Eng- lish, Creative Writing Coaching Duties: Speech Contests Sponsorship: Speech Club IOHN BOLLAERT QB.A., Gonzaga Universityj Classes: General Science, Survey Biology Coaching Duties: Freshman Football, Fresh- man Track GEORGE BRAY QM.A., University of Wiscon- sm Clalses: Driver's Education, Behind-the- Wheel BARB BRECKENRIDGE QB.A., Western Illi- nois Universityj Classes: English I and ll MIKE BREWERS QB.S., Western Illinois Uni- versityj Classes: Driver's Education, Behind-the- Wheel Coaching Duties: Assistant Coach for Sopho- more Football CYNTHIA BURKE QB.A., Augustana Collegej Classes: Social Studies RICHARD CARNES QM.A., Bradley Universi- WJ Classes: Data Processing I and II DONALD CATTON QMS., Western Illinois University, Classes: Electricity I, General Shop Electric- ity ELAINE CATTON QB.A., Western Illinois Uni- versityj Classes: Far East, World History MARY CONGER QB.S., Drake Universityj Classes: Advanced journalism, SKYLINE, Beginning journalism Sponsorship: SKYLINE GORDON CORNELUIUS QM.S., Western Illi- nois Universityj Classes: Algebra,Geomtry ROGER DAMHORST QM.A., Eastern Illinois Universityj Classes: Middle East-African History, Far East History Coaching Duties: Varsity Boy's Golf 1 444444444444444-V-4444444444-V-444444441-44444QV-4444-V-444444-V-444444444-Y-444444444-V Faculty 171 NADINE D'ANGELO QB.S., Northeast Missou- ri Statej Classes: Physical Education, Orchesis Sponsorship: Orchesis DONALD DAVIS fM.A., University of Iowaj Classes: Honors World History, Modern Eu- ropean History ARTHUR DE GRANDE QMS., Western Illi- nois Universityj Classes: Latin I and ll, English II Coaching Duties: Assistant Varsity Football, Assistant Varsity Wrestling MICHELE BALCAEN-DE GRAUWE QB.S., Western Illinois University, Classes: History CHARLES DE TAEYE 1Ed. Spec., Western Illi- nois Universityj Classes: Behind-the-Wheel, Special Educa- tion, Freshman and Sophomore Physical Education IOSEPH DHONDT fM.A., University of Iowaj Classes: Physical Education, Driver Educa- tion JOSE DIAZ fM.A., Illinois State Universityj Classes: Latin America MARY DISHINGER QM.A., Illinois State Uni- versityj Classes: English I and II IAMES DUNCAN QM.A., Southern Illinois Universityj Chairman of Driver and Traffic Safety Education Department Classes: Driver Education DONALD DYER QM.A., University of Iowa, Chairman of Fine Arts Department Classes: Chamber Choir, Concert Choir, Freshman Choir, Mixed Choir, English Handbells EDWARD DYMEK fPh. D., DePaul Universi- ty, Romej Classes: English Literature, Honors English IV LORYANN EIS QM.Ed., University of Illinoisj Chairman of Mathematic Department Classes: Algebra Sponsorship: National Honor Society IOHN ENGEL QMS., Northern Illinois Uni- versityj Classes: Vocational Automechanics I GENE ERICKSON QM.S., Illinois State Univer- sityj Classes: Reading 1Title lj KEITH ERICKSON QM.A., Illinois State Uni- versityj Chairman of Foreign Language De- partment, Coordinator of Gifted Programs Classes: Spanish Viiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiifiiiiiiiiiiiiitiiiiitikiiiiiiiiii 172 Faculty -3 if ,lg 1 ..'!9'.5.N, jf SWE THERESA FOOKEN QB.A., Rosary Collegej Classes: Art I and II LEO EOUST tB.S., Iowa State University, Classes: Aviation Science, Diversified Occu- pations, Distrihutive Education Sponsorships: Distributive Education Club, Diversified Occupations Club GRIFI: FRANCIS fEd. Spec., Western Illinois Universityj Classes: American Literature DAPHNE ERANE QMS., Iowa State Universi- WJ Classes: Eamily Living, Home Furnishings, Consumer Education GARY GELLERMAN QB.A., Augustana col- lege, Classes: Algebra, General Math IANICE GITTINCS fB.A., Northern Illinois University, Classes: Clothing I and II Sponsorships: Home Economics Related Oc- cupations Club JANE GLENN QMS., Western Illinois Univer- sity, Classes: Shorthand I and Il, Typing I VERNON CLISAN QM.Ed., Western Illinois Universityj Classes: General Math, Algebra JERRY GREER QMS., Western Illinois Univer- sityj Duties: Counselor, North Campus Proficiency Tests: A Necessity? ProHciency: state of being profi- cien ty skill, expertness. There has been much controversy over whether or not a student should take a high school proficiency test be- fore being allowed to graduate. UT students and faculty were asked, "Do you feel this is necessary? What are your feelings on the level of education of the high school student today? Mr. Max Wessel, math teacher, re- marked, "I'm leaning very mucy to- wards a proficiency test for gradu- ation. But it's not an easy thing to set up. Society is going to demand some- iitiiiiititiittifltt thing like this in the future." "I don't feel students perform as well as they used to. Students are not convinced that they need education to succeed. Today's students just don't put out as much as a few years ago," he continued. Sylvia Allen, jr., said, "I think the test is a very good idea because it will pin-point the people who are lacking the basic skills to function properly in everyday life. I think high school stu- dents should be alot smarter than they are. Mrs. Marcia Peterson, Key adviser and English teacher, decided, "Profi- ciency tests should be required in math and English especially. I think it's something students should be giv- en a chance to take at the eighth grade level to give them a chance to remedy their weaknesses." "Students have too much pressure from their parents to get jobs. The attitude is more money oriented - it shows in almost all forms of school work. I think the kids are as smart as they used to be, but not as school ori- ented," said Mrs. Peterson. KELLY DUFF 'A'iiiiiitittititiiiiititiiiiiiiiiiiiitii Faculty 173 IUDITH GREER fR.N., Chicago Wesle Me- Y morial Hospital School of Nursingj Classes: Health Occupations Extended Cam- pus, Health Occupations Co-op Sponsorships: Health Occupations Club LARRY CREER QMS., Western Illinois Uni- versityj Duties: Counselor, South Campus RICHARD CREKO tM.A., Purdue Universityj Classes: Algebra, Geometry IODY CUZZO fB.A., Western Illinois Univer- sityj Classes: Modern Novel, American Culture JAMES HALL QM.S.T., University of North Dakota Classes: Earth Science, World Regional Geog- raphy SANDRA HALL fB.A., Western Illinois Uni- versit I Y Classes: Spanish I, English I BERT HANLIN fM.ED., Univeristy of Illinois, Classes: Health Education, Physical Educa- tion, Behind-the-Wheel Coaching Duties: Head Varsity Wrestling PAT HANLIN QB.A., Springfield collegey Classes: Reading lTitle lj Coaching Duties: Wrestling Cheerleaders Sponsorship: Wrestlerettes ROBERT HANSKE KBS., Western Illinois Universityj Classes: English II ruff:1wwwaanaaaffwarwifan1istsis.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,t,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Mrs. Easter Retires After 20 Years Mrs. Mary Easter, retiring after teaching English for 20 years at U.T., says "I don't think learning should stop in the school." Mrs. Easter feels her greatest ac- complishment during her teaching ca- reer was when one of her English classes sponsored a Vietnamese child. Money for this idea was sparked from a play written by Mrs. Easter and the class entitled "The Gum That Wasn't Chewed". The class used money they normally would spend on gum to sponsor the child. The class raised 5240 more than was needed - and the excess money was sent to the Mrs. Mary Easter was honored at a December reception by her English department co-work- ers. NAACP. Mrs. Easter has been involved out- side U.T. also. She has served as a college evaluator at North Carolina State University and taken classes at Augustana College after recieving her B.A. from the University of Northern Iowa in Cedar Falls, Iowa. After her retirement, Mrs. Easter doesn't plan to slow down. "I'm going to take an architecture class so my husband and I can renovate a house that has been in his family 100 years. We also plan to start a 'pick-your- own-berry-farm"', said Mrs. Easter. LISA COX KELLY NEWBURN ifiitiiittitiitiiiiiiitiittttiiiiii!itiittiiiiiiitiiiiiiiillf Faculty BETTY HILLBLOOM fB.S., Western Illinois Universityj Classes: History, Science, English-L.D. RONALD HOLMER QB.S., Western Illinois Universityj Classes: Earth Science, General Science Coaching Duties: Girl's Golf, Varsity Base- ball RICHARD HUGHES fM.S., University of Northern Coloradoj Classes: General Shop, Metals I IRMA JONES tB.S., University of Missourij Chairman of Home Economics Department Classes: Foods I SHARON IORANDBY tB.S., Illinois State Universityj Classes: Clothing III, Child Care, Consumer Education KATHY KEELEY QM.A., Western Illinois Uni- versity, Classes: Black Literature AMANDA KELLER QMS., Ed., Western Illi- nois Universityj Classes: Spanish I and II, Spanish Honors III and IV Sponsorship: National Spanish Honor Soci- ety IACK KE'l'I'ERING QCommercial Trades Insti- tutej Classes: Auto Body CARL KILLAM tM.S. Ed., Western Illinois Universityj Business Department Chairman Classes: Accounting I and ll Duties: Ticket Manager HAROLD KNOX QB.S., Southern Illinois Uni- versityj Classes: Graphic Arts CLAUDE KRAMER fM.S., University of Illi- noisj Classes: Algebra I, General Math PAMELA KRAMER QM.A.L.S., Rosary Col- lege! Classes: Communications in Modern Life CHARLES KRAUSE tM.S., Central Missouri State Universityj Chairman of Guidance Department Duties: Counselor, South Campus DICK LEE QB.A., Monmouth Collegej Classes: Botany, Zoology, General Science Coaching Duties: Intramural Director, South Campus , JAMES LEMMON tM.A., Northeast Missouri State Universityj Classes:Physical Education, Driver's Educa- . tion .I Coaching Duties: Assistant Varsity Basket- ball iiifiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiifiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii' Faculty 175 ROBERT LEWIS QM.A., Northeast Missouri State Universityj Classes: Geometry JAMES LODICO QM.A., Western Illinois Uni- versityj Chairman of Special Education De- partment THOMAS LONERGAN QEd.S., University of Iowaj Duties: Guidance Coordinator, Area Voca- tional Center MILDRED LONGBONS 1B.A., Marycrest Col- legej Classes: Accounting I, Typing I and Il, Typ- ing Ill and IV. IAMES LOULA QM.A., University of Notre Damej Classes: Honors English I, English Il, Behind- the-Wheel CRAIG MANWARING QB.S., University of Wisconsinj Classes: American Culture, Social Studies DAVID MARR QM.S., Northeast Missouri State Universityj Classes: Physical Education, Driver's Educa- tion Coaching Duties: Sophomore Basketball PATRICIA MARR QM.A., Northern Arizona Universityj Duties: Counselor, South Campus IRENE MCGAUGHY QM.S., Western Illinois University, Chairman of Library Depart- ment Duties: Head Librarian CLAIRE MCKINZIE QB.A., Iowa State Univer- sityj Classes: English I and II, Basic Speech ARTHUR MCKOON QM.A., Northeast Mis- souri State Universityj Classes: Sciences, Language Arts, Social Stud- ies, Math tSpecial Educationj IAY MERCER fB.S., Illinois Wesleyan Univer- sityj Classes: Physical Education ANITA MURRENS QM.A., Western Illinois University, Classes: Honors English III, American Litera- ture MARY IANE NELSON LBS., Illinois State University, Classes: Foods III, Vocational Child Care MERLIN NELSON QM.A., Iowa State Univer- sityj Duties: Counselor, North Campus 9444444444494444444444444444444-Y-4444444444444-444444444444444-V-444444444444 176 Faculty 44I441444441-444444444444444-YI-444444444444444-V-4444444444444 Librarian Was A Firefighter! Mrs. Irene McGaughy taught Eng- lish, Latin, and physical education, di- rected plays, and headed libraries dur- ing World War II - all for as little as 51,000 a year! But money never held her back, as she has taught for 33 years - 14 of those at UT. Interrupting her teaching career for one year, Mrs. McGaughy got a job working for the government during World War Il. She worked- with seven other women firefighters in San Anto- nio, Texas at Kelly Airfield. She wore a firefighters badge - and in honor of this, these women were allowed to Mrs. Irene McCaughy, librarian, has a back- ground of interesting adventures. 1iiiiiiiifiiitttttttitititttitiiiiitiit .H f .zdffwm f X' V "'l' f 2 ride the city buses free. As head librarian at UT, Mrs. McGaughy was chosen this year to attend I-Iornson Conference Center in Lake Bluff, Illinois where she evaluat- ed and selected paperback books for high school students. Mrs. McGaughy commented, "There is a right book for every student, and the librarian's job is to take the reluctant reader and provide the materials and books that will be meaningful to him." KERRY DUFF ffwxfwwffwffffasfa, WILLIE NEWENHAM QMS., Southern Illi- nois Universityj Classes: Foods IDA NITZ QB.A., Augustana Collegel Classes: Physical Education IUDITH WHITE-NYSTEDT QB.S., Illinois State Universityj Classes: English I and II Sponsorship: Freshman Class Sponsor ANTOINETTE O'CONNOR lB.A., University of Northern Iowaj Classes: Contemporary Literature, Communi- cations in Modern Living CAROL OLESEN fB.A., University of Iowaj Classes: American Studies Sponsorship: junior Class Sponsor PAUL OLIVER fB.S., Northeast Missouri State Universityj Classes: Building Trades Coaching Duties: Rifle Team KENNETH OLSON QB.A., California Luth- eran Collegej Classes: Science, General Math Coaching Duties: Freshman Wrestling, Var- sity Track ELDON PARTRIDGE QMS., University of Il- linoisj Classes: Physical Education Coaching Duties: Cirl's Volleyball EDWARD PETERHOFF fEd.S. Western Illi- nois Universityj Chairman of History De- partment Classes: Honors History, Comparative Gov- ernment Facutly 177 444444444444444444444444444444sssnssxsnvvvxx444-1444444444444 New Approach To Teaching Government st, XY X55 K W I ll!!-4444444444444-V444 PAULA PETERSEN tB.S., Iowa State Universi- 'YI Classes: Basic Speech, Acting, Radio and TV Speech, Practical English Coaching Duties: Speech Contests Sponsorship: Speech Club MARCIA PETERSON QB.S., Illinois State Uni- versityj Classes: English I and II Sponsorship: Key Adviser CARY PHILLIPS 1M.S., University of Notre Damej Classes: Advanced and General Chemistry Coaching Duties: Cross-Country Varsity IOHN PICCO tB.A., St. Ambrose Collegej Classes: Psychology, English RUTH PO'I'I'ER QM.A., University of North- ern Iowaj Classes: All About Money, Introduction to Business, Typing I CARY PREGRACKE QM.A., Southern Illinois Universityj Classes: Drafting II, Vocational Drafting RONALD PUSTELNIK QMS., Western Illinois Universityj Classes: Health NANCY PYEVICH QB.E., Western Illinois Universityj Classes: Reading QTitle lj CHARLES RAINEY tB.E., Colorado State Uni- versityj Classes: Auto Mechanics I and ll 178 Faculty Mr. Craig Manwaring may have found the answer to how to get stu- dents interested in their government while still in school. Three of his junior American His- tory classes participated in a five-day project creating an entire government system. Nominations and elections for president where held first, and then each class divided into groups and chose legislators to represent them. Students were chosen to be judges, whose main function was to grade the "It's pretty tough being president and having to be responsible to so many people," said Bob Belman after the six-week project in Mr. Man- waring's class. students and their elected leaders on how they worked together. "No one was able to just pick friends to be in high offices," said Mr. Manwaring, "Everyone was graded on what kinds of leaders they chose." Students seemed to enjoy the pro- ject, explaining that they realized the responsibilities of choosing good offi- cials. One president, Mary Rundle, jr., commented, "I discovered how hard it is to please the people who elected you." KRIS COX 44444444444444Ill-444441-llllllllllllll-ll ,gfgj-X . IN I nj X RICHARD RAMIREZ tB.S., University of Missourij Classes: Special Education, Pre-Vocation Coordinator Coaching Duties: Freshman Football, Girl's Varsity Softball, Freshman Girl's Basketball HERB RITTER QM.S., Western Illinois Univer- sityj Classes: Sociology, American History EUGENE ROBARDS QM.A., Bradley Universi- lyk Classes: Vocational Machine Shop .,,t A .Q 4: s", 5 ' Q ELAINE RUBERG tB.S., Western Illinois Uni- versityj Classes: Physical Education LARRY RUGGLES tB.A., Augustana Collegey Classes: General Math, General Science Sponsorship: Freshman Class Sponsor RONALD RYERSON fEd.S., Western Illinois Universityj Classes: American History JEROME SAMOLITIS fM.S., Illinois State Universityj Duties: Counselor, North Campus IERI SANDBERG QB.S., University of Illinois, Classes: Physical Education Coaching Duties: Freshman Volleyball JIM SANDERS fM.S., Illinois State Universi- fy? Classes: Physical Education Coaching Duties:Varsity Football, Assistant Sophomore Baseball Sponsorship: Co-Sponsor of junior Class t DAVID SCHMIDT fB.S., University of Wis- consinj Classes: Power Mechanics MICHAEL SCHMIDT fM.Ed., Morningside Collegej Classes: American Studies, Acting, World History Coaching Duties: Plays FRED SEGURA QB.S., Western Illinois Univer- sityj V Classes: Behavior Disorders Coaching Duties: Freshman Football QBlackj, Assistant Sophomore Track 0x SHARON SIMMONDS fB.A., University of Northern lowaj Classes: Bachelor Living Coaching Duties: Sophomore and Varsity Basketball-Football Cheerleaders CHARLES SLENTZ QMS., Western Illinois Universityj Classes: United States Government IAMES SMALL tB.S., Western Illinois Univer- sityj Classes: Art 'ktiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitiititiiitiiiiififiiiikfiiikttikiititttitkikitkttttti Faculty 179 IAMES SMITH fB.A., Western Illinois Univer- sityj Classes: French, Spanish Coaching Duties: Varsity Football Assistant, Freshman Wrestling RONALD SONJU QB.S., University of Wiscon- sinj Classes: Vocational Electricity ELMER SOULES QB.A., Iowa Westeyanj Classes: French I and II, English I DENNIS STEINMETZ fB.S., Northern Illinois Universityj Classes: Survey Science, General Science Coaching Duties: Girl's Cross Country, Soph- omore Girl's Basketball, Assistant Girl's Track HELEN STIEGEL QB.A., Augustana Collegej Classes: Office Occupations, Record Keeping, Typing Sponsorship: Office Occupations ROBERT STILLE QApprentice Institute, Pur- due Universityj Classes: Building Trades DOUGLAS STRAND QB.A., Luther College, B.S., University of Minnesotaj Classes: American History Coaching Duties: Girl's Varsity Basketball Sponsorship: Senior Class Sponsor ROGER STURM lM.S., Illinois State Universi- Wi Classes: Machine Woodworking I, Cabinet- making CLIFF TALLEY QB.S., University of Missouri, Classes: Physical Education Coaching Duties: Varsity Basketball Sponsorship: Letterman's Club LES TRUELSEN QMS., Augustana Collegej Classes: Biology TED TYLER QM.S., Notre Dame Universityj Classes: Senior Physics, Survey Physics Coaching Duties: Intramural Assistant Sponsorship: junior Class Float JOSEPH VIVENTI QB.S., Ferris State Collegej Classes: Welding II and III, Vocational Weld- mg Coaching Duties: Assistant Girl's Tennis SHARON WADLE fB.A., Augustana Collegej Classes: Speech Correction LINDA WADSAGER fB.S., Indiana Universi- ty? Classes: Physical Education Coaching Duties: Bowling GARY WAGLE QM.A., Northern Illinois Uni- versityj Classes: United States Government -444444441-44444444444-Y4444444 4444444444441-44444444444444-4444444441Y441Yl-ll-444 180 Faculty PERRINE WOLLER QM.S., Bemidji State Col- DOROTHY WARD QB.S., Northwest Missouri Universityj Classes: Physical Education ROBERT WATTERS QMS., Western Illinois Universityj Duties: Counselor, South Campus KATHY WERNING QB.A., Marycrest Collegej Classes: Typing, Recordkeeping MAX WESSEL QMS., Northern Illinois Uni- versityj Classes: Algebra Ill and IV, Trigonometry RICHARD WESSEL QM.S., Northern Illinois University, Chairman of Science Depart- ment Classes: Biology, General Science JAMES WESSELMANN QM.S., Eastern Illinois Universityj Classes: Chemistry Coaching Duties: Head Track, Assistant Cross Country LINDA WHITE QB.A., Western Illinois Uni- versityj Classes: Math QTitle lj MALLIE WILLIAMS QM.M, University of Iowa, Classes: Band, Iazz Lab, Theory and Har- mony, Theory Guitar legej ROBERT ZESIGER QM.S., Bradley Unversityj Classes: General Shop, Metals I and II AL ZIMMERMAN QMS., Illinois State Uni- versityj Chairman of Physical Education De- partment Classes: Physical Education Classes: Reading QTitle lj V-44-V-444444444444444444444444I-I-444444444444444444444444444444444-V-44444444444 444444444444-54444444444444444444444444-V-4444444441-44444444444-Y-4444444444443 444-V-444444444444444444-44444444444444444444444444444444444444444-Y-4444444444-Y Faculty 181 1. Lena D'Angelo is the job placement coordin- ator. 2. Secretary to the North Campus assistant principals is Sandy Smolenski. 3. The South Campus general office secretaries are Gwen Scott, lani Marri, Georgiann Archibald, and Alice Paasch. -R. l 46 'UA ttiiifliiQiiii'i'iiiiiiiiiiiiiiifiiiiiiiiiiiliiiitiiiilii'ititi Medieval Age Relived At Drawbridge On guard! Is this a challenging duel being fought by two courageous knights? No, it's Mr. James Loula's honors English classes trying to relive the medieval period. This was accom- plished when Mr. Loula took his stu- dents on an expedition to the Draw- bridge for dining and a learning ex- perience. The interest in the medieval period was aroused by reading Gareth and Lynette, a story assigned by Mr. Loula. This story is concerned with famous characters such King Arthur and Merlin the Magician. Paula Jacobsen, soph., commented Visions of King Arthur are conjured up as Kel- ly Newburn and Paula Jacobsen pose for the duel. on the trip by saying, "I really learned quite a bit by reading this story in the historic atmosphere. We finished the story after our appetizing lunch. It was a lot of fun!" Mr. Loula, well known for his Bull- winkle ears, says he hopes to continue taking these trips because they have been successful since they started two years ago. If you are ever at the Drawbridge and see a man wearing Bullwinkle ears speaking to a table of thirty or more kids, don't leave. Turn around and learn something about the medi- eval ages. KELLY NEWBURN nnau.:isanrafarnw-nfwa.na-refines:fainarrears:-nanfwwnaaewun-is.1-swap 182 Staff n iti''kit'lift'tiittiiiitittttttii''k'Kt'Rit1itiitiiiiiiiiiiittttitiiiiiiiiiiitttttt 'F ,ri ws: '! f, ,' w w ffl 1 K gh, . 15:3 ,. ,, give. 1' ff 91151, ' 195 . . " iv .sy r 4 9 ' " 44 - V , , , ML ffl'-'. ' , - " ff - . ,.- 5, 'ivy - ' ' 'f . 'f wr '- , ' if --A ggi! it V ' 7 V K . ,. fx afiig , 1 - , ff1:"' , :L , , ZH ,C 4,14 ,Yu-1 3' E? A KA , 5'-" . 'Q' ' ,i . "" 5 9- W . l rl, WZ 'V i " V I " I 'M v " ' A --v... ' W, ri, J" S is f xlg I I I A' 1 la-know , -an z is KJ' 44" W V ye eee S ytyoot ,5.,, S C, S S A , X. ,. Q if at Q . A gr- as Q Lf Nl' C S fr' ' 1. North Campus general office secretaries are Pat johnson, Chris Scott, and Mary Ramsey. 2. North Campus guidance center secretary is Nancy Terry. 3. The administrative secretaries are Carol Ann Anderson, JoAnn Curlott, Verda Vervaecke, Elaine Krukenberg, and Carole So- deman. 4. The South Campus vocational secre- tary is Cynthia Westbrook. 5. South Campus guidance secretaries are Barbara Hansen and Beverlee Nelson. Staff 183 1. South Campus study hall supervisor is Rita Hernandez.2. South Campus parking lot atten- dant is Kevin Dopler. 3. Marjorie Kline is in charge of the South Campus audio visual cen- ter. 4. North Campus librarians are Marian Austin Qhead librarianj Ruth Selander, and Louise lairett. 5. South Campus hall supervisor is Donna johnson. 6. South Campus library aides are Elaine Newburg and Rosie Griffee. Head librarian is Irine McGaughy. S "-Q., J' itiiiitiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitttkititt ititkttttttititiitiiititittttitttii 184 Staff ittirttiittiifffiiii' Blix And 544414441-ll?-ll'-44414 The eight-year speech advising team, Miss Paula Petersen and Miss Judith Blix, devote much of their time to UT's Speech Club. Miss Blix finds speech very enter- taining and likes the variety that is offered in individual events. "There are so many things that a student can do in individual events." comments Miss Blix, "such as duet acting, radio broadcast and interpretation." Miss Blix was also involved in individual events in high school and she pursued her interests by participating in the speech club in college. She made speech part of her life by making it her career. U-llllllllllllll-4441 ililliiiiiiiiittitiititiiitiiiiifiittitlu ll Petersen Winning Duo Miss Petersen also finds great en- joyment in speech club. "I really find satisfaction in seeing self-improve- ment within the students," says Miss Petersen. She is in charge of handling the readers theatre and debate. "I en- joy speech a great deal. It becomes part of your life and gets in your blood," says Miss Petersen, who also was a speech major. She was involved in speech in high school and, like Miss Blix pursued her interests in her :areer in college. LAURIE KRACK Vliss Judy Blix and Miss Paula Petersen have worked together as a team for eight years. llllll-4444454544-ll!-4 'him 2 , NN .ai A 4 f P 5 f P If t- ......, ,, 'W' N 11. 'M'-H' is,--gf li" 1 5 e TQ . i f 454444-Yllllllll-444' 1. North Campus nurse is Pat Freiburg. 2. South Campus nurse is Francis Leahy. 3. Head of audio visual aids at North campus is Lorraine Williams. 4. Barb Bennet is the manager of the book store at both campuses. 5. North Campus hall monitors are George Rankin and Mary lane Van Belle. 6. North Campus parking lot attendant and truant officer is Seraphin Ver- sypt. Staff 185 186 Staff gfffiffffiifffffffiffffififfffffffffffllilillffflfffffflfffi - --...sw it if K '45454444-ll-1441-4-Fill!!ll!-Ill4144441Illllilllllllllllllllllll Students had the opportunity to plan out their future dream homes in bachelor living class this year. In this unit the students began "building" their homes by copying or creating their own floor plan and drawing it to scale on a large piece of graph paper. When the basics of the house were finished, the students added extras- such as pools, fireplaces, or porches. Telephones, light fixtures and exhaust fans also had to be included in the house to complete the floor plan. Mrs. Sharon Simmonds, instructor, said that the purpose of this assign- ment was to devise a home to meet an imaginary family's needs. This "fam- ily" was determined by each individ- ual' student according to what he sees for himself in the future. The concluding step was to figure the total cost of the "dream house". After this step, many students decided that in order to ever have their own "dream house" they're going to have to start saving now. MARY BURNS and LYNDA TAL- LEY IiiitiliiiiIii!!iiiii.iiii'i'iiiiliiii'iiiitiittlttiiltiliiliiti Vu 1. South Campus office helpers are Qfrontj Lynn Mosely, Debbie Bolser, Marcia Deels- nyer, Penny Frazee, Mary Bolton, Pam Whit- ney, Brock Coverdill, Ellie Medina, Faith Ashenhurst, Sue Martjn, Qbackj Devin Irby, Chris Stewart, Cheryl Lovell, Brenda Glanz, jill Kipp, Carol Feehan, Betsy Wilcox, Rosemary Walker, Dan Schafer, and Kathy Haney. 2. South Campus guidance helpers are Qfrontj Chris Miller, Becky Rashcke, Renee Sexton, Qrow 21 Debbie Scarsdale,'Rhonda Correll, fbackj Kathy Haney. 3. North Campus guid- ance helpers are Qfrontj Dane Marr, Rick Mel- linger, Clarissa Martel, Kathy Wheeler, Karen Wiedenmann, Qbackj Cheryl Ralph, and Cheryl Wiedenmann. I-if ' I NK , F' JN' vw.: r X 1 L, 1'-.K 'Fl 1 497' Bus drivers are ffrontj Mary Ashcraft, Floyd Sands, Iris Miller, Cathy Sandoval, Lynn Far- well, Peggy Trunnel, fbackj Steve Mascaro, Betty Butzer, Rex Martin-assistant mechanic, jerry Clark-mechanic, Herb Stephens, Wera Bert, Cheryl Waack, and Art Mihalopoulis tnot pictured are Marguerite Linduyt, Chuck Ceb- hardt, and David Riggs., Z. North Campus cafe- teria workes are Sally Burgess, Diane Hou- sholder, Viv Hegwook, Marilyn Boyle, Tommie Bogart, and Betty Taylor-head cook. 3. South Campus cafeteria workers are tfrontj Evelyn Little, Norma Dunbar-manager, Beverly Mitchell, Qbackj Jacquelyn Beale, Henrietta Hall, and Doris Scalf-head cook. 4. North Cam- pus attendance helpers are Qfrontj Connie Hi- lyer, Michell Stratton, Jeannie Bell, Johnnie McCash, David Hunt Qrow Zj Loraine Mascari tbackj Margaret Cant, Candy Haney, Beth Sandoval, Rosa Cullison, Andy Sill, Mike Dickson, Sharon Dekeyper, Debra Adams, and Cindy Castaneda. 5. Data processing workers are Doris Hand, Larry Urich, and Lisa Eaton. 6. South campus maintenance workers are Mel Hummel, Paul Lang, and Bill Winthurst. 7 North Campus office helpers are Craig Heizer, Andy Sill, jim Brooks, Angie Pulliam, and Sheila jesse. ,M fl fi 4-. rf i, W - .. V 6 ittitttttikiiiiiiittiit'ki' Staff 187 11 itttttt1ttiittiiiiiiiiittitttiitittttttttttttiiiiiiiiii!tit!iitttitiiiiiiiiitiiiiiiiiiiiiiikttttttttiit U2 Q T FU D- Q DJ in in ittit!ttttttitiiitttttttttttitiiiiiiiiiifittttiittittit!tititiiiiifittiitiiiii New Class Offers Upportunit To Gifted Field trips to the state penetentiary and Blackhawk State Park and a panel discussion by area clergymen are some highlights from the first year of UT's gifted class, American Culture. Team-taught by Miss Jody Guzzo and Mr. Craig Manwaring, the new course combines the academic areas of Junior English and American History. Last year students in the top third of their class had the option of taking a test which measured their achieve- ment in English and history. The test scores were calculated and the top fif- ty students, with the recommendation of their English teacher, were given the choice of taking the course. "I was bored with my classes last year and thought this would be some- thing fun and exciting," said Steph Howard. Joni Culley took the class because, "lt sounded interesting and it would be a nice change." The class meets for two hours a day, and students are awarded two credits. Students are motivated to be creative and to work well with others. The big- gest difference between this class and I x'- N 35 nay 1? xrmW?f ".. 2 ,,W,- . 'Xu others, according to one student, is that "you're not bogged down with books and lectures all the time." Events of history are not treated in chronological order in the class. In- stead, various themes are used to stimulate discussion and present ideas. Students are encouraged to for- mulate their own opinions about each theme. Themes are taught through the use of many teaching resources and aides, such as books and films. Miss Guzzo and Mr. Manwaring had adjustments to make with this new approach to teaching. The class size of fifty has been a problem, ac- cording to Miss Guzzo. She said this makes it difficult to reach out to the student as an individual. Students are expected to possess a desire to achieve an A level of work and to be self-motivated in American Culture, said Mr. Manwaring. Mr. Keith Ericksen is coordinator for UT's gifted program. MARY BURNS KATHIE HIGNIGHT wt 4' " t L 1 1 r X A A U 3 'Y' ml. J 5 . au- .. it E Q-A 44444444444444444444lll4444444444444444444444444l4444444444444l4444444444444444 kit tttiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitittttiiittiitti'ittitttttiiiittititittiiiittiiititiitt E, ,, ,S .,' J' .4 if 5.1" I, ., s AQ. '21-... M 45 . 0 " ,, we iffy? Ol we -. Q. A 1 i '... 5 K x 12 L 1 f-S... V ' . ,. y 5 ia.. ,,,, . -A N. . -Sf 4441-44444444441-444444 A AmM as L A, tsssss - A - 1. The gifted class painted a mural on their classroom wall. Scott Henry scrutinizes the ear- ly sketches. 2,3,4,5., In American Culture the students built towers of straws. The purpose of this project was to bring out leadership qualities and to show imagination, co-operation, and creativity. After a given time, the students vot- ed on the best tower. The winning structure was built by Dan Anderson, lane Baecke, Steve Christensen, Scott Burmahl, Mary Burns, and Bob Brewer. Their tower symbolized the cor- ruption of the American government, 6. Miss Jody Guzzo, instructor, listens with others as area clergymen present a panel discussion as part of the religion theme unit. 7. Oral class presentations are part of the daily routine. 8. These clergymen provide food for thought for the gifted students. 9. All the students partici- pated in some way on the wall mural project. 4-V-4 tttittt'kttttttttttttiiiii'ki'ttttittiitiiikliiiiikiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!Xkitittti 'tiff iiiiitiiittttitttttiitiiiittii 'af Gifted Class 189 KUBNKH Aim ft glaiiiaw i n UTMS al" Mi 3il in 1. Kathie Horton, Carole Nemerguth, Chara Benzon, Rhonda Correll, and Donna Martin played an important part in the success of this year's National Honor Society. 2. Ann De- bowski seems to think she's missed .1 spot at the Lettermen's annual carwash. 190 Organizations Divider ffl' "Mv- sv-5' wb' A LKL 1 .. ..... . . fm x if--:SF jf' 1 i i , fk X i t l i e- in ie f ' x if - .i L , -. K- W P ' ' 7 Y .awk ' 'f ' :,-1 1 . 3' Fix L '-ii . - X. i 'vw' Sf1?z5iii,:?5X?'Y 'f ,-.' wr wi m-1 Q1 .Q 1 lst el X "Wa Malte 31 , A1 an .. 4' P J' Os. ss.. , K ' s ' x. ff y ff. , t ' ' Qi, ' MT A - f 4? -' m,. ,. .Q M t 4 ,Q ,,"'Y -' I uid in 1 4 ,Vt ty KJ. 4 . . X 12 lvjffg 3: V ' K1-A e...eMw. - A P A J , - 11 , A M , K ' AV' ,-S . 'f 5 ,- e ' ' eg. M iki ,W-K ,I" A so . ft 5 , V, i 3 , is . 1. i' 2 f Lf' A qt. . ' . 'f""':, I I : I . , 3' 1 aff' , .K "XB V. 3 At" 1'-'ffl "'-' Hoff' -S L .EVA Vw fu, M - -it - Rf -vm vwf- ' 4,3 ,shlgg ,W AWK, . 'LAK 'Q' g " Li 1. Ken Hill, David Lamb, Kevin Greer, and Scott Henry are the junior team preparing for High School Bowl competition. 2. Kris Cox is going to see what's cookin' at the Speech Club Halloween party. 3. Orchesis practiced every day from 2 to 3 and sometimes stayed later. 4. Gerald Carlson performs in Speech Club. 5. Mary Ann Zywot knows everything is OK since the Key became a class this year. Organizations Div1der 191 "With ACE You Have The World In Your Hands" "Gaining Experience For The Future" Mr. Leo Foust, Adviser "Its A Great Opportunity To Explore Health Careers" Mrs. Judy Greer, Adviser "Enthusiastic, Hardworkingn Miss Ian Gittings, Adviser "The Best Way To Get A Head Start On The job Market" Mrs. Helen Stiegel, Adviser If working at a business, earning money, and getting class credit ap- peals to you, then one of UT's six co- op classes may be for you. Members of Agricultural Coopera- tion Education QACEJ or Agri-Busi- ness club work in places such as greenhouses, seed stores, and nurser- ies. Some. of the c'lub's projects were selling candy bars and keeping note- books on careers that interested the members. One of the Office Occupations ac- tivities was selling miscellaneous Tom Wat items. The members attend- ed an area contest in February and a state conference in Chicago on March 27-29. Members work at businesses such as Illini State Bank, johnson Sheet Metal, and Colona Avenue State Bank. Distributive Education students work at retail businesses such as Tar- get and Sears. As the name suggests, students in Diversified Occupations work at many different types of jobs, from auto parts to food service. The float the D.O. class entered in the home- coming parade won in its division. Health Occupations activities in- cluded entering a float in the home- coming parade, a bake sale, a car wash, and a Christmas party. H.O. is a class designed to help students ex- plore various health careers. Students in the Home Economics Related Occupations tl-IEROJ club work at places such as Perkin's Cake and Steak, Sambo's and Village Inn. Near the end of the school year, all co-op classes participate in an em- ployer-employee banquet. HEATHER SLOMAN 192 Co Op Mr. Richard Bassier, Adviser I .xr-my The following Office Occupations students won either first place or second place honors in the Illinois Office Education Association area tests held at Moline High School on February 6 and 7. These girls are eligible to compete in state-wide tests to be given in Chicago on March 29: Record Management, 2nd-Gina Larrison' General Clerical I, 2nd-joy Sobottka' General Clerical Il Znd- Kathy Meadows- Information and Communica- tions I lst- Annette Catour' Information and Communication II lst-Debra Taylor and Znd- Callie Chapman, Receptionist Znd- Connie Anderson, job Interview II lst- Georgia Bourboulas and Znd- Annette Catourg Typing I, lst- Chris Scott' Typing II lst- Debra Taylor' Steno l Ist- Annette Mendoza and Znd- Tina Friend. 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1. Health Occupations students are Qfront1 Lada Lopez, jessie Cline, Mary Dieterich, Anh Nguyen, Bernie Tyler, Crow 21 Laurie Ralph, Kris Rodgers, Donna Martin, Sue Graves, fback1 sponsor Mrs. judy Greer, Lori Decker, Brenda Bates, Lisa Henderson, Becky Witte, Ce- lia Solis and jennifer Morgan fnot pictured is Steve Dennis1. 2. Office Occupations members are ffront1 Callie Chapman, Annette Catour, parlamentarian, Debra Taylor, Annette Men- doza, trow 21 Nancy Terry-sec., Susie Hill, Keri Francois-treas., Georgia Bourboulas, Kathi Meadows, joy Sobottka-historian, Qback1 Mrs. Helen Stiegel-coordinator, Kathy Deelsnyder, Debbie Kirkhove, jani Marr-v. pres., Donna Hunt, Connie Anderson, julie Wheeler, Debby Craig, Chris Scott-pres., Cayla Thompson, Gina Larrison, Angie Tillison, Bessie Harris, and Tina Friend. 3. DiversiHed Occupations mem- bers are Qfront1 Tanya Bosanac, Becky Reyna, Ronald Kuhn, Theresa Rada tback1 Rick Tut- tle, john Nyquist, Tim Moore, Teofilus Valdez, Rick Banta, and Knot pictured1 Mr. Leo Foust, sponsor. 4. Agri-Business members are tfront1 I. , ' Shirelle Parks, Linda Ewing, frow 21 Angel 1 Pancrazio, Becky Raschke, Shelly Evans, john S Draper, trow 31 jane Claus, jeff Mclntire, Dor- 2 ann Gustafson, Qback1 sponsor Mr. Richard I Bassier, Larry Sheppard, Barry Person, Mike , Sharp, Bill Duck, Rene Allison, and Bryan Ed- I 'I V munds fnot pictured are Mark Hill, julie Har- 'U' ' rington, Ron Whipple, and David Piersall1 5. V I gf' ' Distributive Education members are tfront1 Ke- -? ',' " vin Lueders, Dan Hoffman, Tim Buller, joe 1 Ramirez, Qrow 21 Peggy Fulton, Theresa Wil- son, Kim Redman, Teresa Lyon, Becky Guyton, me 4 Denise Folkers, Alicia jenkins, Qback1 Karen 2- " ' ' vt 5 Whitehair, Becky Rodgers, julie jones, Renee Sexton, Regina McCorkle, Pam Morney, Tina Luebke, and Debra Andrews. Qnot pictured are jeff Cant, Barry Reuther, and Mr. Leo Foust- sponsor. 6. HERO members are tfront1 Ken Dorman, Eric Dozier, Qrow 21 Carol Heyninck, Dorothy McNeal, Kathy johnson, Tawana jackson, Debra Pender, Mike Morris, jim jesu- it, trow 31 Denise DeVos, Mark jacobs, Steve Palmer, Gary Brown, Diana jacobs, Robin Diehl, Miss jan Gittings-sponsor, fback1 Masey jackson, Krystal Scalf, Chip Weiss, and Bill Tegge fnot pictured are jeanette Clark and Vickie Isbell1 Co-Op 193 94 "I love the council this year. We've got a lot of hard-working people in- volved," stated Rhonda Correll, stu- dent council president. One of the biggest projects of the council was selling World's Finest Chocolate. The entire student body was involved in selling the chocolate. A profit of approximately 7,700 dol- lars was received to help pay for swimming pool equipment. Another project which the council undertook was the victory dances. Dances were held in the South Cam- pus cafeteria after most of the home games. Oranges and grapefruit were sold by all members of the council result- ing in a raise of 500 dollars in the treasury. The council started something new this year to add a little interest for it's members. Each month a member or two received an IWOSC award. What is an IWOSC? It's a T-shirt with the letters that represent, "I work on stu- dent council." The members who do the most for the council in a particular month win this honor. The council didn't just sponsor dances and raise money for the school - it also took steps to improve stu- dent-teacher relations. At Christmas- time, they held a door decorating con- test for the teachers. Each teacher decorated their doors with Christmas greetings and Christmas decoration. In january the council held a talent show for both students and teachers. Any teacher or student who had some talent and wanted to participate could. MARY BURNS 1. The IWOSC award is given out each month. 2. Rhonda Correll and Carrie Clevenger sell a World's Finest Chocolate Barr to Michelle Col- lins. 3. Rhonda Correll, student council presi- dent, and Mr. lose' Diaz, adviser, present a check for the pool to representatives of the school who are School Board President Edwin Millen, Mr. Gene McCarter, and Dr. Tom Parker. 4. Mrs. Judy Greer wins the South Cam- pus door decorating contest. 5. Victory dances sponsored by Student Council were held in the South Campus cafeteria. "Alot Can Be Accomplished If You Put Your Mind To It." Mr. Jose Diaz, Adviser .t s .w rw' 'F gnu gt M .1 x. 9,9 I Presient Rhonda's smile keeps order at stu- dent council meetings. Student Council members are lfrontj Paul Bagatelas, Tammy Dejaeger, Missy De- Decker, Deanna Bustos, Nancy Davidson, Lulu Zywot, Kathy Lyon, LaSaundra Shiv- ers, Amy Feller, Mr. jose Diaz Qrow Zj Amy Smith, Vicki Ross, Chara Benzon, Don Ston- eburg, jeffery Zoller, Lisa Snauwaert, Ellie, Medina, jennifer Bowling, Kelly Oltman, Lisa Paytash, Shelly Wells, Mary DeSmet Qrow 3j Kathy Mitchell, Andy Pinkbeiner, john Odendahl, john McGehee, Susan Lee, Cheryl Weidenmann, Phil Graf, Kathy Mi- letich, Mary Burns, Lori Holmes frow 41 Chris Wirtz, Bill Hughes, Danette Senn, Beth Feller, Donna Martin, Maria Petaros, Patty Kalomas, Linda Lapazoneck, jodi Irby, Nancy Robinson Qrow Sj Thom Bollaert, Rhonda Lefevre, Beth .Hoff, Lisa Lampo, Kory Togami, Marcel Quinones, Dane Marr, joyce Liggett, Kim Dueysen, Karen VVeiden- mann frow 6j Don Abbott, Andrea Ayala, Toni Duke, Dina Engels, Laura Lampo, Diane Hakeman, julie Vynke. Student Council officers are Rhonda Correll, pres., Bill Hughes, v. pres., Nancy Robinson, treas. fnot pictured is Vickie Cooper, sec.j ll lf Every day at 2 p.m., 19 senior girls have a class in which they dance to contemporary music, create dance numbers, and get credit for it. Sound like fun? Sure it is, but it's also a lot of hard work. This class is Orchesis and it's under the direction of Miss Na- dine D'Angelo. Cindy Debrenski, who is a member of Orchesis, said, "It's alot of work but it's worth it." If you ever attend a basketball game, you can really see how hard Orchesis works. Besides having an hour class, they usually practice after school and before an appearance. When preparation begins for their spring show in May, they start to practice every day after school and on Saturdays too. For their spring show, they must make their own props in addition to creating the dances. This year Orchesis appeared at three boys' basketball games, three girls' basketball games, and were asked to appear at some elementary schools. The more appearances they have, the better they perform in front of audiences, according to Miss D'An- gelo. "It usually takes one or two per- formances as a class to tie them to- getherf' The 19 girls in Orchesis were cho- sen from among about 30 hopeful candidates. For the tryout, the girls had to create a solo dance number which they had to perform in front of a panel of judges. They were also taught a dance to see how quickly they learn. Miss D'Angelo said that one point she looks for is the ability to move smoothly. SHERI BENTLEY 1. Orchesis members dance down the yellow brick road in the homecoming parade. 2. Or- chesis members go through disciplined training to learn formations such as these. 196 Orchesis Their Pride Creates High er Goals Miss Nadine D'Angelo, Adviser l I l J Q E I I 1. Soft sillhouettes accentuate the grace of Or- chesis movement. 2. Even when they pose for a picture, Orchesis does it with style. 3. Nadine D'Angel0 is the Orchesis adviser. 4. 1979 Or- chesis consisted of Missy Bennett, Mary Frank, Linda Duran, Chris Miller, Myrna Anderson, Sheila Geiger, Carol Caleo, Vicki Ross, jill Kipp, Robin Rigg, Cindy Dobrinske, Cindy Hart, Amy Smith, Karen Bereczky, Theresa Lyon, Barb Miller, Kim Giles, and LaR0na Gardner Qnot pictured is Ann Barlowj. z E Orchesrs 197 "The Spanish Honor Society Is Striving To Do A Better fob And To Be More Active" 1. Senior Spanish Honor Society mmbers and officers are Melanie Luce-v. pres., Ladislada Lopes, Lori Ralph, Karen Bereczky-pres., Sue Fink-treas., Susan Leihsing, Barb Miller, and Qnot picturedJiTammy Allen-sec. 2. Spanish Honor Society provides time of good fun and Q31 serious study. ZQTU estas no comprende espanol? lust understanding Spanish won't en- able you to be a member of the Span- ish Honor Society. Mrs. Keller, sponsor of the society, sees to it that the members truly de- serve the honor. To become eligible, a student must have had 'A' grade aver- age, allowing one 'B' but no 'Cs' for a minimum of five semesters. If chosen, there are medals of excellence given at the end of the year for those who maintain an 'A' for the eight semes- ters. Since Spanish Honor Society does not function as a class, there are meet- ings every two weeks. At these meet- Mrs. Amanda Keller, Adviser ings the officers and members discuss school activities in which they may participate as a group and cultural events they may attend. There is also a newsletter that comes from the national headquarters. The newsletter, jAlbricias!, features news from other chapters across the nation, a student spotlight, and gener- al information of interest to Spanish students. Mrs. Keller sums up the purpose of the Spanish Honor Society best: "It is to reward those who excel and achieve in Spanish." KATHIE HIGNIGHT sf 3... Raves Stiff' 'Q iiet A ii so S 198 Spanish Honor Society .Q- ...... Wsmmw. E N ass. 1 qw '11 I ff 4 2 fl Af "The German Club proves that the greater the effort in work, the greater the enjoyment after- wards." Mrs. Haline Akulow, Adviser ACHTUNG!German club, an orga- nization for German students, is an activity designed to give students the chance to have fun while they are learning about Germany and its cus- toms. It also gives the kids a chance to meet other German students in differ- ent years of high school. To be a member, a fee of one dollar is required. The meetings take place after school at 3 p.m. There are ap- proximately SO members in this year's club. To be able to hold an office the student must have had at least three years of German. This year the club is going to use the money they made from last years' candy sales to buy classroom sets of German dictionaries and verb books. In December the club ventured a trip to the Science and Industry Museum in Chicago and then to a new German restaurant, Berg Hoff's. During Christmas vacation the club went German caroling. Danette Senn, senior, says, "I think German club is a really wild and crazy club!" KATHIE HIGNIGHT 1. German Club members are ffrontj Kathy Noel, Ariane Townsend, Patty Carlson, Mary Rowheder, Kathy Miletich, Danette Senn, john McGehee, Vicki Ross, Qrow Zj Brian Kirk- land, Jill Beckstrom, Sherry Gripp, Kim Ben- son, Karen Wiedenman, Kristen Woodruff, jeff DeBo, Ieff Benzon, lrow 31 julie Ollman, Kelly Oltman, Lonnie Doxy, Dawn Kenney, Chris Ostrowski, jeff Mason, Greg Koser, Dave Morrow, Qbackj Ralph Sanders, Bruce DeRam- melaere, , Scott Bruntoh, Frank Hocker, Paul Hasenwinkle, Scott Fluegal, jean Hasenwin- kle, Mike Dickson. 2. German Club officers are Vicki Ross-treas, john McGehee-v. pres, Dan- ette Senn-sec, lnot pictured Jeff Zoller-presj. 3. Mrs. Akulow is adviser of German Club. 4. Bruce DeRammelaere finds a serious side to German Club. 5. Club members say they will miss German Club, which folded after Christ- mas vacation. " Snow Can Delay Final Exams, But ot Skyline D dl' " ea mes Mrs. Mary Conger, Adviser To make a '78-'79 Skyline combine good friends and good times. Next, Q sprinkle with winning seasons and memorable dances. Top with excel- lence. Serve hot night or day. Skyline it mixes delightfully with any crowd. Bringing forth a tra- dition of 10091 pure quality and choice ingredients. Each page still given the care and patience that's made Skyline what it is today. Don't just reach for a yearbook, there are yearbooks, but there is only one Skyline. Make it your choice for recapturing the old days and reunit- ing old friends. With a Skyline in your hands you can relax and bring back a partyful of delicious times. So remember, you might never en- joy all your High School memories again, but you can always enjoy a Skyline. KELLY DUFF 1. Cheryl Gripp, soph, works diligently to make a deadline. Sophomores had many adjustments to make, being new members to the staff. "Doesn't it ever let up?" asked one new staff member. 1. The Skyline staff members are Qfrontj Kris Mr. Howard Dusek-American Yearbook repre- Krack, Cheryl Gripp, Kerri Kipp, and Kelly Cox, Kerry Duff, Lisa Forret, Kathie Hignight, sentativep Tia Mitchell, Mrs. Mary Conger-ad- Duff. LyndaTalley, Shari Bentley, Mary Burns, Den- viserg Kelly Newburn, Marilyn Harris, Sue ise Roden, Lisa Cox, fbackj Cheryl Pittman, Faber, Laura Heath, Heather Sloman, Laurie 200 Skyline An important addition to the Skyline class this year was a pho- tography dark room located in room 107. Before there was a dark room at UT, all Skyline pictures had to be developed at Adolphi Stu- dios in Moline. The time factor here was crucial. Pictures devel- oped at UT can be processed in a day. John Reger, Jeff Wiedenmann, and Marcel Reasby, all senior pho- tographers, spent an average of four hours a day apiece in the dark room. All three have gained exper- ience in film processing. John Reger said "Prom working in the dark room I ve gained experience in the art field. That s mainly what lm interested in. But why did Skyline receive a dark room? The Administration felt that it was time for Skyline to try a project like this. We were one of the few area schools without a photography program said Mrs. Mary Conger Skyline adviser. This is just the beginning. Next year I hope to have seven photogra- phers. CHERYL PITTMAN WFS! iiiii 1. Good friends meet to work together every day during eighth period. 2. Marcel Reasby strikes the infamous pose which habitually cleas rooms and halls at UT. 3. The three Sky- line pioneers in photography are Marcel Reasby, john Reger, and jeff Wiedenmann. 4. Mrs. Mary Conger, three-year adviser, has turned over her grease pencils and picture crop- pers to a new adviser for next year's 5kyline.5. Heather Sloman, sr., is looking forward to a career in journalism. Skyline 201 202 Key Applause, applause for the all new 1978-79 Key. It comes fully equipped with a new printing system, new class, new editors, new typewriters, new adviser, plus more. For convenience and precision the Key staff meets every morning at 7 as a class at North Campus. Additional features to this year's model are two selectric typewriters. Another addi- tion - the Keyis printed by the Daily Dispatch and includes such extras as a standardized number of eight pages. It is published biweekly, making this year's Key like no other. Editor Teri Sandoval, jr, remarks, "Since we went to the new way of printing, we've had alot more compli- ments. Printing at the Dispatch is a good learning experience for those who want to further their careers in Journalism." Assistant editor Maryann Zywot, jr, recalls, "I like working on this year's newspaper better because we use proper format and technique for a newspaper." Mrs. Marsha Peterson is the new Key adviser. She has been able to do alot of advising with her background in Journalism. Putting out a school newspaper is not an easy job, so one may be safe in assuming that there's alot of test driv- ing in this work. KELLY DUPF 1. Layouts are an important part in the manu- facturing of a school newspaper. Here Sara Coder and john DeVos show just how it's done as they display what's referred to as "real orga- nization". 2. Miss Ed., more commonly known as Teri Sandoval, shows deep signs of concen- tration for getting the job done fast, she wants to break the usual record of four hours every- other-Thursday spent at the Dispatch news room. 3. With the Key as a regular class held at 7 a.m. every day, it sometimes takes a while for everyone to warm-up and wake-up, but once they get started it's all work, work, work. "It's Electronic JOUTHHIISITZH Mrs. Marsha Peterson, Adviser ...y M r g K . 4 , .X egaaa aaa , , , . , , i at ftfii M. , View f. 2' ff Wiz '42 a ' ..-Z,,xT?52 9 y M?4 aiAH fp v 1. Printing at the Daily Dispatch was an added feature to this year's Key. Kelly Duff runs sto- ries typed on special scanner paper into the scanner computer to be called-up later by an assigned code number. 2. Next, Lois Bell calls up a story onto the video display terminals, nicknamed "tubes", for necessary copy reading and editing before closing the story and punch- ing it out. 3. The editor and john De Vos sitting side-by-side? If anyone asks they'll just say that they're working on headline counts, but who knows! 4. Key staff members are Qfrontj Elsa Congora fbackj Mona Magana, Phil Graf-assisv tant photographer, Adviser Mrs. Marsha Peter- son, Maryann Zywot- co-editor, john De Vos, Sharie Mihalopolous- feature co-editor, Kelly Duff- feature co-editor, Teri Sandoval-editor, Sara Coder-photographer, Beth Hendricks- news editor, and Lois Bell-sports editor. . .I V , K I .11 5 ' , ,ffl 1 .X A ' X r 'ir '3 ., ie . -I .a M le g it-nfl. V mivrgplw s. rs, 'I M ' 'S in A G 4 'H ""' 9 , w W Key 203 Six First Places, A Second, And A Tlnrd "Four score and seven years ago, our father . . . " These are the sounds you may hear as you pass the South Campus class- rooms of Miss Paula Petersen and Miss Iudith Blix, coaches and spon- sors of the UT Speech Club. Speech Club is an organization dealing in the art of forensics, Stu- dents compete against other schools in such events as Humerous Duet, Dramatic Duet Qboth these categories focus on acting abilityl, humorous In- terpretation, Verse, Oratorical Decla- mation, and Radio Speaking. They are judged on voice quality, quality of ma- terial, hand movements, and blocking of scenes. The tournements, also called meets, advance from level to level - conference, district, sectional, and finally state competition, where you find the best student speakers in Illinois. Readers Theater took first place in district competition with a perfect score. They presented "An impractical Guide to Transcendental Amnesia" from C'm OK, You're Not So Hot by Dolph Sharp, a take-off on psycholo- gy self-help books. Kris Cox, president of Speech Club, comments: "I think it's a worthwhile activity to join. It gives people a chance to prove to themselves that they can get up in front of others and make a point or act a part." "Speech Club is a fun club to get into," says Kevin Dawson, vice-presi- dent. "It gives you a chance to meet people from all over the state with one thing in common - Speech Club! LISA COX 1. Robert Annis demonstrates an "explosion" to the practicing speech team. 2. Members of Speech Club are Kathy Lang, Willard Macln- tosh, Kerri Kipp, Robert Annis, Lynette Whit- ney, Kerri McBride, Curt Drayer, Lisa Lock- heart, Marla Howard, Nancy Ely, Gerald Carl- son, Cheryl Ralph, Martha Chaney-North Campus correspondent, Kevin Dawson-vice president, and Kris Cox-president. fnot pic- tured are Dave Dowell and Chara Bensonj. 204 Speech .5133 S , -2. 'ri..-gg.. ea .., Q. , Exx l 1. Speech Club district team members are Qfrontj Gerald Carlson, Chara Benzon, Kris Cox, Qbackj Ted Brown, Becky Seales, Steve Boyer, Kevin Dawson, Robert Annis, and Miss Judy Blix, adviser. Becky Seales and Chara Ben- zon were also Sectional winners who went on the State competition in Normal, IL. 2. Miss Paula Petersen is coach and sponsor of speech club. 3. Reading prose is as popular as acting scenes as Krix Cox demonstrates with her selec- tion. 4. "Look out for the tree!" Dave Sealens and Lisa Cox practice their duet. 5. Miss Judy Blix, coach, breaks for a minute from watching the speech team during after-school practice. Speech 205 "We Are The Last Of A Dying Breed I.etterman's Clubs in many high schools are a thing of the past-but this is not so at UT. The Lettermen at our school are alive and well and very ac- tive in the school. ln order to be a Letterman the only requirement is that you have earned your varsity letter and that you attend the weekly meetings. Many people find it difficult to attend the meetings since they are held at 7:30 on Friday mornings. But true dedication always brings the members to the meetings, whether they are awake or not. At the beginning of the year, offi- cers for Lettermen's Club were elected. Rick Coutteau was voted in as presi- dent and Scott Hunter vice-president. Teri Greer is secretary and Mary DeS- met is treasurer. The Lettermen's Club does many things for the school and has a lot of fun doing them. Some of the services include polishing the brass poles in the main entrance hall, purchasing a jumping machine for the training room from funds they have saved from car washes, selling UT stocking caps, and last-but not at all the least- ushering. A group of hardworking Mr. Cliff Talley, Adviser and dedicated Lettermen offer their service throughout the year on many Friday and Saturday night football and basketball games. These ushers are responsible for helping people find their seats, keeping the aisles and exits clear, and helping with crowd control. This year's Club has also been responsible for starting the first concession stand at North Campus for the girl's volleyball and basketball games. LYNDA TALLEY at A I ' '.,11 'tlf x Y g - .,--g . , timid! , ,..- N i ' ss t ,. .,,V , KK L if my Q? Q D . 'M gm ..." A' . A Qkk. g ! '. ---- fl Q . lii . fb W ix ,-'- - , mf g 206 Lettermen ll ,...,.....-an-' w S 'lu 8 -it K. Tx, . ig L3ii6f'mexf 'r ir ig , :Pi 7 ifiilg . Aff f. Q A , L 4 e B i as 1. Peggy Downing and Mary DeSmet put the finishing touches on a car at the Lettermen's car wash held this fall. 2. Coach Cliff Talley puts many hours of hard work in while sponsoring the Lettermen's Club. 3. The 1978-79 Letter- men's Cub members are tfrontj Sue Bradley, Ioni Cosgrave, Connie Brown, Teri Greer, Jaime Harding, Kim Benson, Eric Esperne, Car- los Esparza, Bruce Anderson, Mike Liggett, trow 23 Scott Etzel, Ana Castro, Sue Fink, Rhonda Correll, Sue Vynke, Danette Senn, Mary DeSmet, Peggy Downing trow 3j Oscar Snyder, Dena Ader, Diane Zmuda, Rick Cout- teau, Vicki Cooper, Patty Kalomas, lim McBur- nie, Debbie Johnson, trow -lj Coach Talley- adviser, Randy Tunic, Cory Linger, Greg Kin- man, lack Kettering, Scott Burmahl, Dan Hantz, frow SJ Lynda Talley, Steve Christen- sen, Todd jones, Ann Rasso, Jeanette Clark, Ann DeBowski, Cheryl Pittman, tbackj Chris Wirtz, Vicki Ross, Bill Hughes, and Lori Holmes. 4. lani Sweeney and Bill Hughes do their best not to get wet. 5. "Scrubbing bubbles" is what Ann Debowski uses at the car wash. 6. Lynda Talley and Rhonda Correll represent Lettermens Club by ushering at the football games. 7. A clean van is a nice reflection of Peggy Downing's hard work. 8. Chris Wirtz tries to help business by becoming a walking billboard. Lettermen 207 HIGH SCHOOL BOWL Answering questions is the name of this game, and the UT High School Bowl does it well. With high hopes of winning the championship and 51,000 check for the second year in a row, the team started out strong. They had experience behind them as four out of five of the team mem- bers returned for their second year. The team for this year was all seniors. There was also a junior team prepar- ing themselves for next year's compe- tition. Behind this hard-working team is their sponsor, Miss Paula Petersen. She supplied the team with the mate- rial to study before their TV appear- ances. Practices and individual studies helped them prepare for competition. At practices they divided into a two and three man team where they simu- late team competition using a trivia book for the supply of questions. Each team member also had his own spe- cialized categories and pursued study on them on the side. Team veteran Gerald Carlson said he likes being on the team because he can "use the trivia I Store up." Since the team won their first game 195-95 when they played Rockridge, they advanced in competition. SHERI BENTLEY LAURIE KRACK UTH5 VISITORS TO ROTARY Principal Stan Sosnouski, who was a Visitor to Rotary in 1938 and -presi- dent of the East Moline Rotary Club in 1974, comments about Rotary, "We try to do things for the community quietly. We really don't want public- ity, we just want to help." Each year since it was built, UT has participated in Rotary. Rotary is an international service club which often provides service to many national and community projects such as raising funds for the Red Cross, the Salvation Army, and many hospitals. Every four weeks during the school year, two senior boys are honored as visitors to Rotary. During those four weeks, the boys attend a luncheon ev- ery Thursday. At the luncheons they hear guest speakers and talk to men from many different careers. CHERYL GRIPP LAURIE KRACK 208 Honor Society, High School Bowl, Vigimrg T9 Rotary "Scholars Lead The Way" HONOR SOCIETY Do you need a group of willing peo- ple to help you with a community ser- vice project? The National Honor So- ciety is the group for you. This year the Honor Society, super- vised by Miss Loryann Eis, had an aluminum drive and a bake sale. They acted as guides on the night of open house, were involved in chocolate sales, and sold school jackets. Membership into the National Honor Society is open to juniors and seniors, but only by special invitation. As a junior, you must be in the top SW: of your class and have been enrolled in three semesters of honors' classes. As a senior, you must be in the top 1042 of your class and have been en- rolled in five semesters of honors' classes. Carole Nemerguth, president, com- ments: "I think it's a good thing to have because it not only recognizes those people that are intelligent but those people who are involved in ac- tivities outside of school which are a service to the community." CHERYL GRIPP Miss Loryann Eis, Adviser 90' elj' Lf' I Niwwa .. 1 T ,, -- f lteivziiif' W L if 1. Mike VanBelle, sr, helps out at the Honor Society bake sale. 2. National Honor Society members are Qfrontj Carole Nemerguth, Kay Davis, Kim Benson, Steve Roberts, Lisa Gehant, Teri Greer, Chara Benzon, Qrow 21 Mike Van- Belle, Sharon Holmes, Sue Fink, Vickie Cooper, Gerald Carlson, Merry Rohweder, Joanne Nel- sen, Qrow 31 Amy Ball, Amy Davison, Gayle Peterson, Rhonda Correll, Donna Martin, Chris Scott, Kathie Horton, Qbackj james Mc- Burney, Joe Billquist, Mike Haskins, Carl Cross, Dianne Zmuda, Lois Bell, and Miss Lor- yann Eis-adviser. 3. Mr. Stan Sosnouski, principal, stands with junior Rotarian members Rick Coutteau, john McGehee, Carl Cross, John Odendahl, Mike Haskins, joe Billquist, Dean Perry. 4. High School Bowl members are ffrontl Carole Ne- merguth, jeff Zoller, Teri Greer, joe Billquist, Gerald Carlson, Qbackj David Lamb, Scott Hen- ry, Kevin Greer, Ken Hill. 5. Other junior Ro- tarian members are Steve Roberts, Gerald Carl- son, jeff Longbons, Mike VanBelle, james Sei- bert, Andy Finkbeiner, james McBurney, jeff Zoller, Kevin lrby, Bill Hughes. s 3 High School Bowl, Honor Society, Visitors To Rotary 209 T f Rifle Club is a sport where postal matches are a necessity. These types of matches are necessary because the competition is always out of town. Eight schools participate in the Illi- nois High School League, which is where each team sends in their targets by mail. The schools usually receive the results within three weeks. At the end of the year they compete shoulder to shoulder in Peoria. Rifle Club is a very expensive sport. Rifles range from a couple hundred dollars to more than 510,000. The Ped- eral Government supplies ammuni- tion, nine rifles, and targets to United Township. Enrollment in Rifle Club has dropped to twenty people this year. Mr. Paul Oliver says, "The number dwindles every year now because it is really hard work and takes concentra- tion." He also says, "Even though it is a team sport, individuality counts 100 percent. MARILYN HARRIS 1. Could you get any closer than this? 2. Tammy Allen says Rifle Club is not for men only. 3. Mr. Paul Olliver is adviser of Rifle Club. 4. Members of Rifle Club are ffrontj Greg DeBo, Mark Koehler, Robert Zesiger Irow 29 Andy Dennherdt, Tammy Allen, Diana Hill frow 31 Ron Stone, Don Ruhl, Dave Morse, Mike Klauser frow 41 Richard Stein, Mark Cad- dey, John Campbell fbackj Mike Wolfe, Brian Burlingame. 210 Rifle Club I -a "Rifle Club Is Dwindlingn Mr. Paul Oliver, Adviser J .R Ig are ,, XX ,ff e- K li f ,.-'r5"- ' 3 fffm 'RQIFEQ if Slfffifie' 3 -'Vg fi ,...- if , X X rw-.W Q . . an a n .o nn gun 50 0' 09: gp s cj -.....,. 1. Get a "LOAD" of that!! 2. Dave Morse and Mike Wolfe prepare to cleteriorize their targets. 3. Targets are supplied by the Federal govern- ment. Rifle c1ub 211 UJQI RYIWUFUQIUIQII o Vx k I ditto, t .fe s 's offer A fd .""' f WV , V "fy-1 Z K . v Q l ' ',V ,a "' 1 - M. v...,, g H 1. Denise Caldwell ponders the upcoming inva- sion of the United States. 2. Target practice? No, it's Grand Fenwick's invading army! 3. She could have married an English teacher! 212 Showtime I IFQ- ' tl N n 3 3:2 do ffl, 1...--Q -?Qss 5 i li K 7iJlL'4.'f':'-P 'TS I Im ' : -gs V' ii - ' 4' YQ !'x.f'y , N N, ,, 1 uf Axxf' I YQ 1 i 1, Chris Scott brings Gerald Carlson his lunch. 2. Why shouldn't Andy Finkbeiner be upset? He's got an arrow through his hat! 3. Robert Annis, Andy Finkbeiner, Gerald Carlson, and Leonard Schwigen discuss the Q-Bomb. 4. Mr. Michael Schmidt became a full-time history- fdrama teacher this year, in addition to his duties of directing plays. 5. Amy Ball brings the news that the U.S. has been invaded by men from Grand Fenwick. Showtime Divider 213 EL MAESTRO, please Take the UT plunge into choir! There are five choirs all taught by Mr. Donald Dyer, choral director at UTHS. The choirs are Concert Choir, Sophomore Chorale, Freshman boys tenor-bass, and tow soprano-alto classes for freshman girls. The Concert Choir which is made up of 60-65 members performed 15 concerts this year, including a Christ- mas concert, a Spring concert and a Pops concert in March. In February they also went around to area grade schools to sing for the students. The Sophomore Chorale is com- prised of about 50 students, who at- tend this class daily. They performed a Christmas concert and a Spring con- cert for their families and friends. The Freshman choirs - girls sopra- no-alto and boys bass-tenor were sep- arate this year. Although they may have attended class at different times, they managed to perform several con- certs. for their friends. Every year students are chosen from all over Illinois for an All-State choir. This year UT had one partici- pant - Greg Graf, sr., who is a member of Concert choir. 1978-1979 had a good turnout for choirs but, as Mr. Dyer put it, "We need better students participation in the Fine Arts department." LAURA HEATH 1. Concert Choir members are lfrontj Michele Bennett, Ed Tapia, Paula Jacobsen, Rene Bel- man, Pam Wilson, Tammy Allen, Beth Ver- streater, Taley Newton, Carole Karnes, Pam Reeves, Lysa Reevesg frow 2, Mary Rundle, Becky Needham, Lynda Sackett, Todd Bagate- las, Andrew Finkbeiner, Joyce Liggett, Lonny Doxsee, Chris Swanson, Connie Hoffman, Kathie Horton, Kathy Lang, Laura Solizg Crow 31 Ted Brown, Dianna Hill, Dawn Bunker, Don Keopple, Greg Graf, Paul Bagatelas, Kevin Dawson, Richard Dale, Eric Mikita, Gerald Carlson, Beth Hendricks, Don Abbott, Willard Mc lntosh, Curt Drayerg Qbackj Tracey Stiles, Chris Brasel, Brent Almindinger, john Hor- vath, Carole Feehan, Kevin Nahrgang, Brad Settles, Connie Brown, jerry Brown, Ken Rob- erts, Kathy Brown, Mark Reed, Scott Mann, Teesa Hansen, Kevin Greer. lNot pictured are Brian Adlfinger, Sue Bradley, Scott Henry, Tina Turner. u i K : ky L7 Q 2ff4l.- es s . . S A V V x .9 f A so . Zlg A .eeg ,, kk ,- , N' S-'ir SFI: 1 illk ..,. I Hillel!!! A s.Js -1i-' i 2 tts lyg A , 1. Mr. Donald Dyer is choral director at UTHS. 2,3. Students learn music fundamentals for the first time when they join UT choirs because there has been limited instruction in the grade schools. ' f Mm CHOIR- CONTINUED 1. Paul Hasenwinkel and friend tune up on tht piano. 2. Strong male voices fill the room dur- ing Freshman Tenor-Bass Choir practice. 3. Sophomore Chorale Choir members are tfrontj Theresa jackson, Doug Dowell, jim Hock, Lisa Lockheart, Zeke lsais, Chuck Reeves, Paige Massiep frow Zj Linda Davis, lim Riley, Maxine Cordell, Sherry Fenno, Laura johnson, Shari Henderson, Randy Varble, Roger Floyd, Tim Walker, Qrow 3j Cheryl Pfister, Jodi Papish, Cheri Moore, Iill Pettyjohn, Steve Varnes, Diana Brown, Barb Patrick, Sharla Pate, Patty Penca, Karen Crow, Teresa Turner, tbackj Rob- in McKee, Sherri Stoneburner, Sara Riggs, Lin- da Reese, Thom Dzekunskas, Tim I. Smith, Robert Keim, Rodney Keyes, Lori Belman, Kel- ly Sedgwick, Hans Bartsch. Knot pictured are Patty Cline, Alison Darnell, Anita Dryden, Carl Feaster, Carl Hensley, Mike Livingston, Helen Krajewski. 216 Choir l,.,,u-, Mari 1. Freshman Soprano-Alto Choir members are tfrontj Minerva Guzman, Lori Hudson, Teresa Benson, Beth Anderson, Sheri Boots, Julie Der- novish, Terri Cluney, Debbie Mitchellp frow ZJ Tan Nguyen, Joanne Lopez, Janis Pauli, Renee Cranson, Lynn Koker, Laura Lampo, Shelly Wells, Jill Sanders, Laurie Reger, Karen Kurtz, Josephine Hughes, frow 3J Julie Sparrow, Faith Jones, JeLena Morgan, Sue Bealer, Carrie Ver- Linden, Jane Waters, Kechia Newton, Aquilla Watson, Sperry Panousis, Marilyn Spencer, Kris Beverlin, Rosalind Bailey, Julie Smart, Essy Goodrich, fbackj Jodi Severtsgaard, Penny Tapscott, Deana Cooper, Jennifer Bowling, Lynette Whitney, Jennifer Gehant, Becki Pat- terson, Amy Killingsworth, LeAnn Johnson, Lisa Krack, Debbie Evans, Linda Gyenge, Susan Harris, Theresa Gardner, Beverly Harder. Qnot pictured are Darcie Jamieson, Kathy Lay, and Dawn Pearl. 2. Freshman Tenor-Bass Choir members are QfrontJ Kevin Wise, Ron Lofgren, Mike Key, Dale Harris, Vince Anderson, Greg DeBo, Joel Hesser, George Kalomas, trow ZJ Tom Carmack, Don Ford, Aaron Howell, Mike Krantz, Michael Hill, Dan Girot, Mark Sackett, Donald Shamsie, Mick Thiemp trow 3j Jim Goodwin, Mark McGee, Scott Meyers, Pat Do- hogne, Andy Dennhardt, Ron Shamsie, Chuck Marshall, Rob Graves, Gregg Koser, Randy Hignight, Scott Davis, Qrow 4J Tony Entrikin, Robert Floyd, Greg VanHecke, Tom Grooms, Paul Lacefield, David Oliver, Harman Trice, Dan Stumphy, Paul Hasenwinkel, Neil Ricke, Dale Moline, Rick Weidemanp tbackJ Scott Taulbee, John Land, Dave Albrecht, Kurt Tol- liver, Todd Etzel, Jim Hines, Todd Hart, Ole Otto, Donald D'Hooge, Steve Gyenge, Kevin Blais, Eric Nickens. fnot pictured are Keith Bai- ley, Harold Bennett, Jim Miletich, Dave Mur- rens, Keith Ogden, and Ron Stone. 3. Fresh- man-Soprano-Alto Choir members are Qfrontj Robin Herrington, Missy DeDecker, Deanna Bustos, Lisa Dillbeck, Julie Steele, Myrna Dennison, Teresa Green, Georgann Passini, Doni Espelandp Qrow 2J Erin O'Brien, Dana Cooper, Kim Larson, Theo Stamatoukos, Sue Myers, Liz Parnell, Sally Morehouse, Nina Skinner, Brenda Rasmussen, Kristi Cain, Mary Anton, frow 3J Luria Ritemon, Denise Ander- son, Cindy Lucas, Nancy Davidson, Zina Reasby, Susie Via, Beth Wolf, Cindy Zoller, Sheri Neaveill, Joyce Griffin, Lynn Stauf- facher, Sue DeCrane, Lynette Prettyman, Trish Anderson, Qbackj Carrie Moline, Linda Botkin, Donna Goings, Janice Franks, Debbie Reyna, Beverly Johnson, Carrie Jones, Michele Klin- ginsmith, Jeannine Johnson, Kelly Oltman, Kathy Lyon, Lisa Paytash, Hazel Johnson, Brenda Stambaugh, Mindie Cook Qnot pictured are Mary Baeke, Vicki Gomez, Lori Homles, and Sandy Killian. Choir 217 DEDICTIO P YS OFF Prom marching on the field to add- ing pep at assemblies to the spring concert, the UT bands have come through with flying colors. During the cold mornings of the football season, the members of the marching band were outside practic- ing the music and formations for their Friday night pre-game and half-time performances. While the music is credited to others, the ideas for the half-time shows are created by band director Mallie Williams. These shows are often relative to school hap- penings. l 1. Ana Castro, sr., plays the saxophone in the band during the Mickey Mouse half-time show. 2. Mr. Mallie Williams, band director, thinks up the band's half-time shows. 3. john Austin, soph, shows that practice makes perfect at a show. 4. The UT marching band is an annual attraction at the homecoming parade. 218 Band One performance saluted Student Council, while another tied in with the Homecoming theme of "The Wiz- ard of Oz". The performance that de- lighted most fans this year was the band's salute to Mickey Mouse. In that show the band members wore Mickey Mouse ears as they per- formed. After the football season ended, band members settled into the concert band. This band gave Christmas and Spring concerts. There was also the select group that comprised the Jazz Lab. The Jazz Lab plays pop tunes in performances around the area throughout the year. Another band group was the freshman band. The freshman band prepares its members for band when they get to be sopho- mores. Not only do the bands provide en- joyment for the many people in the stands and audiences, but says sr. band member Sharon Bailey, "I enjoy being in the band." CHERYL PITTMAN ,145 -.-XX 1 11 ,.-n-H-"' I l , ,, .,. wwf- XIXX 'Wt XX XXX XXXXXXXXXXXS A 4 ,J M 5- n ...A-J""',A ae. .,-f-'- - B 1. For the first time in years, Mr. Mallie Wil- liams directed an orchestra for the musical Bye Bye Birdie. 2. jeff Wiedenmann, sr., beats the drums during the homecoming parade. 3. Chris Scott, sr., toots her flute during the parade. 4, The flag carrying bandettes added color to the marching band. Band 219 220 Band Band Qcontinuedj 1. The Concert Band consisted of tfrontj Shar- on Bailey, loni Culley, LaDonna Mayer, Cindy Einkbeiner, Tami Benson, Gail Keiffer, Cheryl Carlson, Connie Gunnerman, Marina Nache, frow Zj Pam Stone, Ellie Coder, Mary Rundle, Sue Linn, julie Oltman, Kerrie McBride, Gena Howell, Melissa Williams, Marcia Deelsnyder, Laura Eentom, Laurie Bergevin trow 3j Emily Miller, jay johnson, Ana Castro, Martha McPherson, Karla qinner, Angela Banks, Scott Catlin, Randy Wara, Rex Tingle, jamie Ward, Kim Young, Lori Stephenson, Lisa Tilberg, jeff Grasz, Sheila Noah, Lisa Pinner, Anita Eddle- manp trow 4j Oscar Snyder, jeff Lane, Linda Lapaczonek, Scott Blomme, John Friedrick, Doug Cullett, Scott Henry, Kathy Millen, lean Wittekind, joe Clements, Richard Havron, Janelle Talak, Rob Meinholdt, Cindy Ruiz, Tom Hunsingerp frow Sj Chris Spencer, jim Prettyman, Chris Swanson, Dan Clements frow 51 Dave Hipple, Barry Penfold, Fran Castro, Randy Eklof, Andy Blais, Cindy Beal, julie De- Graeve, Steve Thomas, Andy Bergland, john Haecherl, Allen Winthurst, john Austin, Dan Keys, Lori Ackland, Eric Esperne, Mike Kry- zanek, Bill Beals, Ieff Martin, trow 61 Phil Graf, Steph Gardner, James Musgrow, Tim Tal- man, Scott Stulir, Dave Pancrazio, Pat Boh- lander, jeff Wiedenmann, Chuck Seaman, Scott Verstreater, Don Ecklof, Wally Cordell, Sylvia Allen. 2. The sth period freshman band class members are Qfrontj Frances Karnes, Diana Iensen, Maria Moreno, 'Laura Savala, Wendy johnson, Wayland jenkins, trow Zj David Nelson, Linda Halsey, Andy Nache, Scott Carlson, Dale Pullman, lla Huizengap Qbackj Bryan Rankin, Tom Dennis, Elizabeth Zywot, Douglas Graf, and George Guinn, tnot present are Margaret Nichols and julia Soliz.j 3. Members of the 7th period freshman band class are Qfrontj LaSaundra Shivers, Melanie Gatlin, Tracy Mitchell, Chris Volk, Ruth Eillmer, Connie Ward, Kerrie Vyncke, trow 2j Cheryl Tworek, julie Vyncke, Jodi Cracker, Lori Sonneville, jill Beckstrom, Scott Brook- hart, jodi Grasy, Chris Riceman, Matt Allison, Qrow 31 joel Vyncke, Brad Raasch, Martha Nel- son, Wyman Woods, Scott Raaf, Paul Bou- dreau, Arnold Kieffer, jeff Reyna, trow 4, Cin- dy Parker, Sharon Curless, Sue Rhyherd, Tim Kastner, Sherry Williams, Dan Goderis, Karl Kester, frow SJ Mark Kahler, Mark johnson, lim Lapaczonek, tnot present are Dennis Mosher, Greg Longbons, and DeeDee Castan- edaj. 1. The members of the jazz Lab are Qfrontj jeff Wiedenmann, Chris Swanson, Randy Wara, jim Prettyman, Emily Miller, lay johnson, Chris Scott.p Qbackj Steve Thomas, Scott Bloome, john Friedrich, Kathy Millen, Doug Cullet, Oscar Snyder, jeff Martin, Bill Beals, and Mike Kryzanek. 2. The Bandettes are Qfrontj Stephanie lsais, Annette Catour, Tam- mie lobe, Ieannie Bailey, fbackj Lisa James, julie Romine, Sherry Bobb, Belinda Spicer, Tammy Scott, Karen Reeme, Leslie Mose, and Susie Cope, Qnot present are Ann Stevenson, Theresa Scott, and Penny Ferseej. 3. Many thanks were given to the pep band under the direction of Mr. Mallie Williams for the music provided at home basketball games. Band 221 he mouse ROARED "ROAR." Is it a lion? No, it's "The Mouse That Roared," a two-act com- edy which was presented on Novem- ber 2 and 3 at UT. The story revolved around a tiny European country that wages war against the US and wins. The play was directed by Michael Schmidt. Assistant director was Kathie Horton, and stage manager was Don Abbott. Kathie Horton said, "Being assis- tant director was an exciting learning experience and I learned much about all the aspects of the theatre." Carol Nemerguth, a play-goer, said of "The Mouse That Roared", "Over- all it was a very good and extremely funny." KERRY DUFF 1. Crew of "The Mouse That Roared" are Urontj Ellie Coder, Kerri McBride, Kathie Horton, Lisa Pinner, Pam Reeves, frow 2, Susie Cope, Sue Patch, Nancy Robinson, Qrnw 3j Kerri Kipp, Don Abbott, joe Billquist, Todd Bagatelas, jeff Longbons, Lysa Reeves. 2. Pro- fessor Kokintz, played by Gerald Carlson, care- fully guards the Q-bomb. 3. john Horvath 1Tully Bascomj and Denise Caldwell fDuchess Cloriana Xlllj discuss important matters of state. 222 Fall Play .st -ml! an ,, . ,. 1, . fi 'X Z-YM' .222 Y ,Aroma 5 AW aa., av, 'fit can Q.-'it' , ,tlffigax rf.. JJ! Pi' 5552114 . I, vfsvv .. t l . ..- 3: B QM- str X iz' -iv qw- 'Y-tfkgz' .J ft 1- f A ' 'swf V A L l X 9 P W, A 4 I AW! f g '?w,,-ff C V' i ' I . Qt -ug' av, Q? fs W 2 ' at 1. Chris Scott fhousekeeperj brings Gerald Carlson QProfessor Kokintzj his favorite lunch. 2. Robert Annis QSecretary of Statej tells Leon- ard Schwigen QPresidentj of Grand Fenwick's declaration of war. 3. Phil Graf, Mike VanBelle, Vince Manrrique, Dave Morrow, john McGe- hee, and john Horvath invade New York City. Cast for the play, "The Mouse That Roared" are Qfrontj Amy Ball, Tammy Swanson, Jani Marr, Chara Benzon, Lisa Forret Qrow 21 Vince Man- rique, Mike Van Belle, Mary Ann Zywot, Den- ise Caldwell, Martha Chaney, Lynette Whit- ney, Toni Tripp, Patty Hansen, Phil Graf, Sta- cey St. George, Dave Saelens, Jenny Lien, Ger- ald Carlson, Iohn Horvath, Jeff Longbons, jeff Zoller, Andy Finkbiener, Leonard Schwigen, Robert Annis, Tracey De Taeye, Chris Scott Qbackj Ieff Benzon, Dave Morrow, and john McGeehee. 2.23 Crew BIRDIB Sl GS HELLO On Friday night, January 12, it started to snow . . . and snow . . . and snow. When the snow finally slowed down to a few flurries and ended, the Quad-Cities was buried under 28 inches of snow. High winds, drifting, and the bitter cold cancelled two days of school. For four days it was diffi- cult to go anywhere including play practice and set construction. A lot of hard work, frustration, and worries went into the 1979 musical Bye-Bye Birdie. The original date for the play was to be January 25 and 26. The cast was concerned about publicity for the musical because on the 25th final ex- ams were rescheduled so the cast couldn't give their traditional brief performance to the school. The casts' worries were over when opening night was rescheduled to January 30. The final curtain fell on January 31. The orchestra directed by Mr. Mal- lie Williams was U.T.'s jazz lab. It has been 15 years since Mr. Williams has taken part in a musical at UT. There were two guitarists who play on stage. They were Lisa Forret, jr, and Andy Finkbeiner, sr. This year's musical was again di- rected by Mr. Michael Schmidt, who was assisted by Toni Tripp, jr. SUE PABER 1. Chris Scott sings a song to joe Billquist to soothe the tension. 2. "Telephone Hour" was one of the more popular scenes in this year's musical. 3. Chris Scott grimaces when Amy Ball begins to act like the typical mother-in-law. 4. Iani Marr looks adoringly at jeff Zoller while waiting for her one last kiss. 5. Mike VanBelle complains to his family about the chaos Conrad Birdie has brought into his once-quiet home. 224 Birdie Sings t ,Q . uf ax IH .rr I 1 0 Q 'sig ' ,Nw ,.,,.. ,. 'ff , ,,,f S . is -Qs ...Lie - e . 'MQ UAVY 5 ZRDEKE'll 1 A...-,gg l 1. Carole Karnes, joe Billquist, and Carol Caleo do a tap dance routine while they're trying to "Put On A Happy Face." 2. Albert Peterson, alias joe Billquist, uses the phone to arrange business plans. 3. The MacAfee family pay tri- bute to their favorite host Ed Sullivan in song. 4. Conrad Birdie comes to Sweet Apple. 5. Con- rad Birdie Ueff Zollerj sings "You've Cot To Be Sincere" to all of the screaming girls. Birdie Sings 225 MUSICAL-CONTINUED C 1. Jani Marr and Kevin Greer sing about the joys of going steady. 2. Stage crew for Bye Bye Birdie are lfrontl Dave Saelens, Susan Patch, Rob Dussliere, Toni Tripp lrow 23 Dianne johnson, Lisa Pinner, Phil Graf, Kerri McBride fbackj Pam Reeves, Laura Soliz, Lynette Whit- ney, Kerri Kipp, Mike Stoneburner, Tony Ry- herd, Marty Chaney. 3. In the town of Sweet Apple, Ohio the arrival of Conrad Birdie is just too much for some of the girls. 4. Andy Fink- beiner puts the final touches on the ice house. 5. Toni Tripp works lights, an important part of any production. 226 Birdie Sings i 1. Members of the cast are tfrontj Mary Prie- berg, Kathy Militech, frow 21 Ted Brown, Paige Massie, Rhonda Correll, Marilyn Spencer, Don Abbott, Shelley Evans, Patti Hansen, trow 31 Phil Curless, Denise Caldwell, Cheryl Carlson, Curt Drayer, Gerald Carlson, Lisa Lockheart, Maria Petaros, trow 4j Lee Ales, Becky Ver- meire, Brian Hunter, Andy Finkbiener, Dan Clements, Linda Sackett, Lisa Forret, Carol Ca- leo, Todd Bagatelas, Carole Feehan, Sue Fink, Scott Henry, Qrow SJ Lloyd Ales, Iohn Horvath, jeff Longbons, Leonard Schwigen, Eric Nick- ens, joe Billquist, Ellie Coder, Chris Scott, Chara Benzon, Laurie Wirtz, Kevin Dawson, Carole Karnes, Marla Howard, Ken Hill, Kathy Lang, Lysa Reeves, Martha Nelson, Sue Bruner, trow 61 Amy Ball, Jeff Zoller, trow 73 Kathleen Horton, Kevin Greer, Jani Marr, trow Bl jeff Benzon, and Mike VanBelle. 2. Kathy Horton and Mike VanBelle wonder what's wrong with kids today. 3. Kim reassures Hugo that he's the "One Boy" for her. 4. All Don Abbott can get is a busy signal backstage. 5. The ice house kids from sweet apple mob their idol, Conrad Birdie. 6. Kim MacAfee tells us that it's "Lovely to be a Woman." Birdie Sings 227 Have you ever wondered what goes on before an actor goes on stage? Ask a Panther Player. They could tell you what goes on before, during, and after a performance. Before the show, there's set con- struction, making money for the show, and selling tickets. During the play, there's stage crew, make-up, lights and sound, and afterward there's set destruction. Sometimes things can get a little crazy, looking back on the frustrations the set has caused. This craziness was demonstrated this year when Mr. Michael Schmidt, director, told everyone at set destruc- tion to go and sit in the auditorium. He then proceeded tp pull the ropes that held the styrofoam house from "Birdie" and sent it plummeting to the floor. This year Panther Players were in- vited to a workshop held at Circa '21 dinner theater. They attended ses- sions on makeup and characterization and had dinner while watching "Camelot". Lisa Cox, soph., attended the workshop. "I think they should do this more often. You get to hear live experiences by live actors, and learn some 'tricks of the trade"', she said. As a moneymaking project to fi- nance the one-act play, Panther Play- ers sold tickets to Playcrafters "Anas- tasia". 1. The Panther Player float took second in club competition. 2. john Belushi? No it's Dan Cle- ments clowning around backstage at "Birdie". Mr. Schmidt puts the finishing touches on the float. 4. With a little silver hairspray john Hor- vath "gets old". The one-act play this year is the biblical story Gideon. It has a cast of twenty and a crew of about fifteen. In this play, Gideon unites the tribes of Israel and leads them into battle, emerging victorious. His peo- ple make him king and conflicts arise between him and the lord on the sub- ject of man's mortality. Mr. Michael Schmidt said that there would be some special effects-em- ployed, using the fog machine and special lighting. He also said that he feels that this one-act play should go to state. Last year's one-act, Trojan Women, took eleventh in state. Many hours of hard work paid off for the cast of Gideon. The one act play obtained a first place trophy at Rock Island in district competition and also in sectional here at UT. This advanced them to State. KERRI KIPP 228 Panther Players A OTHER WINNER -'spy .ana ' ll Q5'v -ftgafw b e - 2 - ' i ,. . 1 1 X mg.. ,It ,,,, ,fy .M . A . . 'J . fiiij M A .f'Ri9f5? - ,. -. W , ., , -e f I g: SQ E . A . 1 Q . Sir 1. Gideon and his father embrace each other as they meet. 2. Mike Vanbelle is surrounded by his wives - Ellie Coder, Amy Ball, Kathie Hor- ton and Maryann Zywot. 3. Maryann Zywot, Mike VanBelle and Gerald Carlsen rehearse a scene in Gideon. 4. The cast of the one act is Qfrontj Ellie Coder, Amy Ball, Toni Tripp, Kathie Horton, Maryann Zywotg Qrow 2j Greg Longbons, Kevin Dawson, Dave Salens, Gerald Carlsen, Hohn Horvath, Ted Browng Qbackl joe Billquist, Dan Clemments, jeff Longbons, Rob- ert Annis, Mike VanBelle and Brian Hunter. 5. "Our fearless leader?" One- Act 229 Olllllll PU 1. Mrs. Kathy Keeley, Black literature teacher at South Campus, gets into the Halloween spir- it. 2. Skyline co-editors Kerry Duff and Kris Cox wait for yearbook awards to be announced at The Illinois High School Press Association Conference. 3. Ray Ropp, sr., sits this play out and contemplates the teams strategy for a victo- ry. 230 Closing No SHAW TTL? 154 19 ,ff , s S-"'1o,0 iff -vs --ff '-'J'Wd!fgK fx J jg gg gg a ,Alas Q? X j I rf .Y X T in ,.fKj4-fmgliwi' Y' I !,fX f of-,,f. 1 XX V f. ' J J' rf 4 7 abt fifg ri W1 9 J fry! , I7-'LQ xxx X 2, 95 f -f X ,A ,fx ' , 1 IYKL-hx 1.11-rg yu ., 1 V, lf ,Ni K JA-ZW, O Q i jiagarjsfff NG MPM f fm X ,fr , Xe K the '-.A Wiiiiw ' 5 me 1 K Cyl 2427" 1 X L QJ , N K 0253 g xw, 5, c j' j lf! a U J' lk 722 gjia ' V-,Y ' my ,, ,fl .f f' f ,V pm, K Ci 4 f, y N... w ...f ' 2 x 3 1. Lynda Talley, Mary Burns, Kathie Hignight and Kelly Duff are disappointed to find the doors to the pool were still not open. 2. john Robes, Darin Vantieghem, Martin Adlfinger, and David Guerrero take advantage of the li- brary during study hall. 3. Kim Benson, Joanne Nelson, and Sharon Holmes anticipate the winning play of the UT-Bettendorf football game. Closmg 231 "HE IN THE WORLD WHO DOES NOT KNOW HOW TO Splish Splash! We finally took a swim on about a Thursday afternoon. , S 5 ' ' ' Sk, , N Me?-. , V ."'S" S' P a...l'x N 5 7 H Y,........g M fl 'rl as at , - -V X X 3 K . 3 S 1. A special diving pool was built in the new swimming facilities. 2. Scaffolds and workers would eventually leave the scene, soon to be inhabited by swimmers. 3. lane and Mary Baecke are the first UT representatives in swimming competition. 4. During the week of March 2, the pool finally opened to swimmers. 232 Splisb Splash SWIM GOES TO THE BOTTOM Se.. if ---- ---,,- . - - ff yhkk p K . .. ....,.g,.k,,-. - -,rm eett- sf Q K --e- st . ' SS i ii? -6 ' .. S . S rm- ff- if ' ...i r 2 . X r f .. e 15. .,.,s......-.-up ...E , S S S s'SS S . ' fSS i :SJ 4:52531 ,iis 5gf..5l.Q'E'S. ' ".' ff"f5'?:f5QLSNAm 'S f - nf' ' . ' MJ WNWN' -s-.. . 4 . S .. 1 l 1 . -- f - -N Sf ..:. f:,:E-SSL O , ...Mm 'S -sfgsis,-.,. .4 . , 1 "" ' - 2 , A .... 9 it sf" , W W' ' u J' 3 e. " '5 as o f . ,,, V ',Q,EK 2 ' a to M . . - M ff aria' yrs fe Us f-:fazw ,,: .t i X j 179674155 ,,,M...f,.-J.. X if i c 5 i N' it W .V ,,1M.- ' 1. It seemed as if the pool would never be fin- ished. 2. Elevated lifeguard chairs were in- stalled to enable the guards to see the entire pool. ., .-.--wulntil' F' iv:-?El5?E5..I . ' " . " . Splish Splash 233 "WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS OF THE WORLD" We've paid our dues. Time after time. Queen We ve done our sentence, but committed no crime. And bad mistakes? We've made a few. We are the Champions, my friend. And we'll keep on fighting till the end. We are the champions We are the champions . . . We are the champions of the world. u P u i i 5 1. Varsity cross-country members Qfrontj Dan Murrin, Terry Shamsie, Ed Lampo, lim McBur- ney, Qbackj jeff Honert, Mark Pirmann, Bruce Bell, and Tim Vershaw placed 2nd in district. 2. Danette Senn, announces the next cheer at a pep assembly. 3. Greg Anderson concentrates on stroking in a hole in ten, despite taunting from his teammates. 4. Panthers demonstrate a quick handoff. 234 Champions fi .xxx 4 kr Y ,Q if S at 3 , if if 5 A ' 3 C 3? Q- 1. Connie Brown and Cheryl Pitman listen as Coach Strand explains the next play. 2. Varsity basketball playerstake a time out, 3. Lynda Tal- ley prepares herself for a spike. 4. Luther Hughes number 34, guards defensively against Canton. Champions 235 "THIS IS THE MOST EXTRACRDINARY CGLLECTION OF TALENT john Fitzgerald Kennedy r 5 'N "'N-'-f-. az ,QW ,se Y' iq? 3' . Si! ,. 1 Q rdf gk . Q5 -' .K in . 5 . f. ' 3 . 3 N 1 at xe,. if ,,,,:,,,,,.,..1... , - E , get . f as t WIEE T E 3 ki.. A f X. A E V 4:1 t as We as eeee W 1. The students of the American Culture class displayed their artistic talents on the wall of study hall B at South Campus. 2. An extraordi- nary view of Orchesis was captured by Skyline photographer john Reger at the talent show. 236 Talent R, 3 'l t X s N 'F i5 if wi 51: You let us entertain you, You let us make you smile. We did a few tricks-some old and then some new tricks. fWe're very versatilej You let us entertain you, And we've had a real good time . . . Yes Sir! 1. Diana Hill, Tammy Allen, Kris Cox, Rene Belman and Sandy Hayes perform Top Hat and Gloves at the Talent Show. 2. Orchesis present- ed a sneak preview of their spring show for those who attended the talent show. 3. Ken Porter tries out a new joke for his captive audi- ence. "l want what I want when I want it!". 4. Darryl Bush helped paint the Western Big Six banners on the wall in the South Campus gym. 5. Kelly Sivertson put much hard work into her Quincy banner. Talent 237 EL EM? I I 'ff 2 , iii M 21? Y sail 1. Don Defauw hopes for a strike as he throws a curve ball. 2,3. UT students gather at fast-food chains for their 11:00 lunch break. 4. Cherise Ford watches as her hair is being cut at Beau lacks. awe S 238 Ads 1 - ww-A 'Q' M N Na. .L .aa-..,... Q A ,M-....,.....:, '----- a Q. ,s 'A' ' " V+-if-l' ,ei -M' A ,..,..,s.,a,... .4 ' . ' Ac 0 11 'n 5 3 and Las " ee 5 z -rm 3 Q L - a A Y - Y -Y-E1--E A:,, ,,,,,.., ...W-ee, ......,.,.m.,.,,.,. --W- i l lg' f l is Q1 by KNEE Wil fmlffilg 9 ll, .,- E X 4 ew. 1 4 s Q lx if ,1 J .111 as .- . . X' I 3 VI ' .. W... ,.n4""" 'X ' 1 ,5,,,.,..m+eg'ii l l eief 1 t. fl m y , . qw, .- 5 k K l?SFl ., 4 . sez - M1 is I I nrt, tat, 53 E if . -1.- 7 R A wh a .S ,Q A ' 45'- Q ' ,.,,, Eagan. I f l gl 1. Greg Brumberg, jr., buys an album at Co-Op Tapes and Records, Moline. 2. Karen Cosrave and her sister pose for a picture in their father's drug store, "Cosgrave's Pharmacy". 3. Many U.T. students go to Sight 8: Sound for the al- bums ofthe 70's. 4. Vicki Miller, jerry Durham, and Paula jacobsen spend a Friday night at Happy Joes, East Moline. Ads 239 '1 PUQG ADSL!-DHI STUDIQ Csmplimemfs of , i,,,-.-W-QW, -- ARL? X9 . K 4 J . VM .,-. . i A Vykf H ,- ,N , .. '-K- U .-1.,,. W - Q11 . ' ' f Q,Qg.,, ' . A , L- A I5 - , Q , A-M LL., if ' Y . k 34-'V' - '- '- .2 k " "" .f-gw, " ., - .,,, K ' '- f. ' "" "Tis ' - ., H Q ' uf L .,X. jgi-Lg, . Q HK, K K: H A FHM KX kr: 1 .KN Q -Q, .MK V 1 qrrr A M Vgklkw 1 i kiii Vr,kk is ,F an LL W W..- :W Q m A f. , N- ,K . ' A b A My b ........ A ,. --5 -' .F " W 'S T .A f,,,.,L, K H' ,. A .Q 4 VN... ., ...- A . , Q In in -. , ,,. x I 1 V U 45 - J, in w-2,2148 1. K - W k W in W I ' ' - v " X ' - ' - " A "iw K-" ,--- gui H A --1"ff3w,g i Ti- 'I " ,,, .- -+V ' -ff ,,,.,-- ,M ,, ..,, - ' - 4 fb- -- -.-Q wk K .. .ki-Shlkww -W -mm... 'Nam Niuwm ' gMNmm,,W nw A + 4 K I N . gf k I -K Q. " A V- V .:..- .55 - - -A 1. ' , . ' ' ' .. . . V .,,... --4---if-.,.?'1-11mm-' kk"'kX M- - W . f 1--.Q,,N --ff' - . A f - M ' ,-3+ . 1--.--,. -2---.f 3,51 gm: 615: . Q -A ,.., - - 1-ww--QQ.-,,.,1 --- . 1, ,k... -W ifwww f'ii21.,.,. M. -0 Ads 241 242 Ad 2 ig, iiaaf lv J 5L,, 'f?- 3 2 3 5 - SW f 44 5 , 4 3 Q ax f i i 'Q f ,TS I 1 -I v Ra- Q or Hignight Florist ., Q 367 42nd Ave iffff f:1 East Nlollne , Q31 F E HQVOWIU for Ou" Sf.. g y -5, ws 22? 91 Q 3 aim! 'L ,S x M MN' A is 6 A I ,',g. ,- "fm, X M Z fz. Volkswagen BMW - Mazda HM. across from South f ,SQ all k Q fa 4 p Q ff .. M4 1 V-NQAQQN, Q E1 3 UJQrren Chevrolet P I7O'2 42nd Hve. Eost moIlne,lLL. fa H rf af 7. pf If f 4 f 1 ,gg nr X W ,, .Y ,. ' r,,, , if Ads 243 X X DON L. AYNE S E hAM. 4M, P P ZA aucxsn 1 ucos mes R I . 1 lf g J e l EEEE EEEEE : E 2 1 IZ Eu sf E-1.1.21 v 1 Pic H Knut Fabrics 822 15th AVENUE EAST MULINE, ILLINUIS '--lean-1 V ' SIGHT and QOUND EE E E E E E EAST MOLINE, lL jpwmyw' ' 842 15th AkVENUE xp Q' 1 an ii' Es 527 l12Ave E a 4 East Moline, IL. ,,.,J,:a Co-op iv' QQ, S ATHLETW EQuw 5510 25rd Avenue Moline, Illinois el HOBBY HOUSE CERAMICS I9II I58 St EM Colonoi Flvenue State Bank Colonoi Hvenue and Seventh Street E moline Ill 61244 752-l4OO BEAU JAEKS Hair designing for men and women 9 BIRLEY7 755 I5 tn Ecmit moline. FE S I -rn I C ITV o ff ff 4 X A Ol X.I.'lflDVJ EISIACIV 1a3u03 Krew :H N ,Sh CD he or o- O .. .. I -o 91 N -r ft :- 03 PUB 591.139 .IW auag O3 .105 .IBLIPDJVNI Sumdw ods map 511 'Mlseail ISNPW iSHEIHdVHDOJ.OHd .LNEICIFLLS uuewuaparM .Haf 'raiiag uq 'U I O "l O O W IP 'U I l'l'l FF IP Q- 2- 'o ET T :: 91 o P ci. 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T25 N :w : 'a Faculty, Staff, and Administration .-.A Abbaix,-Chaik me Adamson, Dai: R, 170 7 Akqloiv, Hanna 170, 199 K VA.l1ee,.Q1arlesl A. 170, 30 Aiieiieleaaafa r7o 411151431 Mdermn enderfen- A ,fMar1k'J.' ,Qarole 183 jji1lD.17o,4o , Maaieaa,ii4.1r1rxeen.M. 179 7' imvehshatav -Geargianrr rsz M ,,,., , L V A, V 'Aryanig,,Harry,z1, 166, 22, 24, so, 51 '5Fl??F?if?ff.M?'Y 187 . 6. fftllalsvfflikfffffii-s1eeP4171184 1 7 M5fmfMi?Qf3e12l , 1' .1 ',., ,'.. , B, Belief- pg 170 f T' M L- 179' 193 Q i Beale? ,187 '," ' ' ' 1 ' Beale, Belan, Edward 171 - Bennett, Barliara 154 BEfg,'lD5Vld R. 171,136, as Berry, Suzanne 19171 ' Ben, Vera 187 V Birkhahn, George ' y ' Blix, Incl-ith s, 171, 185, ,V B95"mf Tflmmle 157 fimfifi' B7 171' 25f 571 Q 7 7 ' 1 Breckenridgeyialflaiirltr-1 , fx Brewet5.Michael1, 1'71,'166, 24. xn . , Brineygffgcnxt' Alan V, H Bukfff E if T 11 3' I i 7 . . Burke, cynx1rzaiiis.f,171 . Burrellfbomthy I ' Bussert, Marian lean I Butzer, Belly ,182 ff ., Calvert, ,il i ,VK-, 7 ' Carnes, Richanifwp, 1717, , Catton, A, Elane 1717, ' Catton., Donald VE.. 171 Cavanagh,.j.ol1n'r . ' Cervantes,VQCr11z , Cl'iristensen,'2lj1f!1fQ V' Claeys, Helen f ,, Clark' Jeffv L2f,Se'?.fTVl 3 Claus, Bill fiff,fIf,QTI,r' 7 Conger, 201 Cornelius, Corsaro, QQQ, ,. Curlott. I ' ff? F1 f,Q1?' Damhogggi 171, za D'AnserQr Index Donaldson, Donald 24, 36, 38 Dooley, Kyle W, f Dooley, Michael : Dopler, Kevin 8, 184 - Duncan, Sandra ' , K Karben, James , Keeley, Kathryn A, 175, 230. Keely, George Kehoe, Michael Dussliere, Lawrence A. 169 Keller, Amanda R. 170, 175, 198 Dyer, G. Donald 172, 214 ' 'L -- Kerckhove, Alice Dyer, Margaret K A Kercklttove, Ann M. Dyrnek, Edward M. 172 Kerschieter, John I K - Ketteringmlack L. -17SL Easter, Mary .B, 1741, 167,',3 . lwlam' Cafllg- 175 Eaton, Lisa,187I' I- fi ff- g- A, Klauefr Rlcliiff, A , Eis, .Lafyanrr I Kline' imaflmlg' . 7 Engel, john A. 1722 7 lfyiyfg I K Knoxf flflilold f Erickson, Gene ? ,K'QlV'3fQe'? Erickson, Keith 172, ff f lxranfetf gland? , I 1 A . . f 'file V iraziaaa3ll1aabaffr,v,, ,7i,. 1 or oiii li'.i1, 4 Q ,71.,,i 'lml-ffiil il' "Y " 'M 'flliff 511 sw 7 .Franegkpaphnegfjj17317, f, ii ?'?'l?5-V454 ' I ,,, ..,,, , . r C. Getiharaigfcharlal 137' Gellerrnan, Gary E. 173 Ginings. Janice L. 173, 193 Glenn, jane 173 Clisan, Vernon L. 173 Gram, James Greene, Richard L. I Greer, jerry L. 17:4 ,Gm-fr,J1udith A. 174, 193, 194' Qtlaer, Larry L. 174, 167 Cyrelcq, Rizchard I.. 174 Giiffae, Rosernary 184 Gunderson, Barbara Guzzo, Jody H. 174, lea, 159 H Hall, Henrietta 187 Hall, james E. 174 Hall, Sandra 174 Hand, Doris 187 Hanes, Barbara I. . I, Bert 3, 48, 49 Hanlin, , Patricia D. 174 Hanna, Hanlin Hanlin Michael A. 166 ,E Paula M. f ,,,, 1: ' ,,, -- Rf5h"l1iiQ?5??F' Qs ' .,., ,r,rg,,. xg., 2,2 7 M257 arra awdidw? 4 , 7 ii'i ll' ,,.. , Mahler, A. Manthey, Kathleeziilllfgfiil, ,VVV I Nlanwaring, Craig L. ,176 l'i7?E'lIf3'l Markey, Laurie Rae . Mm, David 176, 36, 38 Marr, Pahicla A. 176 Martin, Rex 187 Mascara, Steve 167 ,ig Maman' ii, 1 McC??w7??1?593?Wf S Hansen, Barbara ,IBA 3,?2ij,?if7 3, 172, 167, 196, 197 14 172, 156 Degrargdgrinrikur Jr, 172, 48 De Michele B, 172 Dejaegnq, ,loe 169 Detaeye, Charles 1. 172 Dhojtdt, joseph 172 Drag, 'lose V. 172, 167, 194 Di5l1inger, Mary L. 172 Dolleslager, Kathryne 7 , Tiiiil- rg-Zf5'3,3 Holtmanf Houk, Pamela I ' V, Houshoulder, Diana 187 Hughes, Richard A. 175 Hummel, Melvin 187 , J jairett, E. Louise 184 johnson, Donna 184 jones, Irma L. 175 jorandby, Sharon 175 . 7 1 ir-i ,,.", ...1 f' 2N?l?9'?5?,f5W'?il???i1 176 ,Elaine 154 . Newenlxam, Willie Ba 177 Nirz, Ida G, 177 ' . . I V0 l O'Connor, M. Anioinette 177 Odenclaltl, Lola 169 Olesen, Carol M. 177 Oliver, Paul W. 177, 210 1 Olson, Kenneth R. 177, 50, 56 P Paasclt, Alice 182 Padesky, Amy Parker, Thomas A. 15, 194. 169, 168 Partridge, Eldon 177 Paskvan, Frank Peterhoff, Edward H. 177, 167 Petersen, Paula A. 178, 185, 208, 204, 205 Peterson, Marsha 173, 178, 202, 203 Phillips, Gary L. 178, 34, 56 Picco, john W. 178, 166 Pohlman, Roger Polios, Nancy Potter, Ruth A. 178 Pregracke, Gary B. 178 Trunnell, Peggy 187 Tyler, Theodore R. jr. 180 U Unrath, jim 22, 24 Urich, Larry 187 V VanBelle, Mary jane 184 Vandierendonck, Michaela Vermast, Allan Versypt, Seraphin Vervaecke, Veda 183 Viventi, joseph A. 180, 33 Vliet, jenny A. Vyncke, Terese A. W Ales, Lloyd Allen 124, 226, 227 Alexander, Sehlly L. 152 Alexander. Terry G. 152 Allen, james D. Allen, Sylvia L. 122, 124, 173, 220 Allen, Tamara Lynn 66, 198, 210, 214 Allison. Daniel Thomas 124, 24 Allison, Eva Rene 66, 193 Allison, Matthew W. 152, 25, 220 Allison, Raymond W. 124 Allmendinger, Brent P. 66, 214 Alonso, Yolanda 124 Alonzo, Mary Teresa 67 Andersen, Mark Anthony 226, 227, 117, 229 Ball, Tammy L. 138, 60 Ballard, Martin Thomas 124, 36, 56 Ballheimer, Kathleen M. 124 Bands 218, 219, 220, 221 Banks, Angela D. 124, 220 Banks, Errol W. 152 Banks, Kathleen 124 Banks. Linette 152 Banks, Troy Robert 124 Banks, Wendy S. 68 Banta, Rickey L. 68, 193 Barlow, Ann Sheryl 68, 197 Barnes, Claudia F. 138 Sandoval. Cathy 187 Pustelnik, Ronald W. 178 Pyevich, Carol Pyevich, Nancy S, 178 Pyevich, Robert M. R Rainey, Charles 178 Ramirez, Richard 179, 25 Ramsey, Mary Rankin, George 184 Rasso, Alfredo Riggs, David 187 Ritter, Herbert A. 179 Robards, Eugene R. 179 Roman, june Ruberg, Elaine 179 Ruggles, Larry A. 179 Ryerson, Ronald R. 179 S Salazar, Sara Samolitis, jerome W, 179 Sandberg, jeri E. 63, 179 Sanders, james 4, 11, 179, 22, 24 Waack, Cheryl 187 Wadle, Sharon L. 180 Wadsager, Linda 180, 60 Wagle, Gary L. 180 Ward, Dorothy 181 Wates, Delmon Watters, Robert C. jr. 181, 141, 167 Weidman, Patricia Weiss, Byrl 57 Welling, Vern ,Werning, Kathryn L. 181 Wessel. Max D. 173, 181 Wessel, Richard D. 181 Wesselmann, james G. 181, Wesselmann, Susan 32 Westbrook, Cynthia 183 White-Nystedt, judith 177 white, Linda L. 181 Williams, Kenneth A. Williams, Lorraine 184 35, 56, 57 Williams. Mattie M. 181, 218, 219, 224 221 Winthurst, William 187 Andersen, Marsha 152 Anderson, Anderson, Alan L. 138 Anthony Scott 124 Anderson, Bruce Kean 124, 24, 22, 207 Anderson, Connie S. 67, 193 Anderson, Dana Wade 124 Anderson, Daniel Kent 124, 189 Anderson. David 124 Anderson, Denise C. 162, 217 Anderson, Donald Paul 67 Anderson, Elizabeth A. 152, 214, 217 Anderson, Gregory M. 67, 28, 48 Anderson, jane Evelyn 124 Anderson, jon T. 138 Anderson, Karen M. 138 Anderson, Laurie Beth 67 Anderson. Lela Anderson, Myrna E. 67, 197, 55 Anderson, Patricia D. 152 Anderson, Renee Gene 67 Anderson, Richie Eugene 124 Anderson, Robert E. 67 Anderson, Robin R. 138 Anderson, Trish 217 Barnes, Deborah Ann 124 Barnes, Michael R. Barnett, Lynn R. 68 Barry, Bob 38 Bartsch, Hans E. 138, 214, 216 Basketball Cheerleaders 42. 43 Bassett, Micheal R. 152 Bates, Brenda K. 68. 193 Bates, Randall A. Bauer, Deborah Sue 138 Bautista, Antonio G. 124 Bautista, Lawrence Paul 68 Bazor, Debra j. 152 Beal, Cindy Lou 125, 220 Bealer, Dustin L. 138 Bealer, Shari Lil Bealer, Sue A. 152, 214, 217 Beals, William M. 68, 221, 220 Beard, Cindee M. 152 Beard, Michael B. 138, 24, 50 Beaver, Scott A. 138 Becker, Kevin R. 152, 25, 48, 51 Beckstrom, janelle Dian 68 Beckstrom, jill Y. 152, 199, 220 Sands, Floyd 187 Scalf, Doris 187 Schmidt, David P. 179 Schmidt. Michael C. 179. isa, 222, 213, 224, 228 ,f , ,j' f Scott, Deborah I " r f Scott, Gwen 167, 182 f Segura, Fredrick M. 179, zs, 56, 57 'V Selander, Ruth 184 Shedlosky, Robert A Simmonds, Sharon R. 179, 26, 27, 40, 169 Slentz, Charles W. 179 Small, james L, 179 Smith, james F. 180, 22, 24, 50, 51 Smolenski, Sandra 182 Sodeman, Carole 183 Sollenberger, George 169 Sonju, Ronald L. 180 Sosnouski, Stanley A. 78, 2.08, 209 Soules, Elmer B. 180 Steinmetz, Dennis D. 180, 58, 59 Stephens, Herbert 187 Stiegel, Helen j, 180, 193 Stiegel, Winifred Stills, Robert C. 180 Woller, Fred jr. 166, 167 Woller, Perrine 181 Wright, Theresa Wyers, Kevin Z Zesiger, Robert D. 181 Zimmerman, Albert 181 A Abbott, Donald Glen 124, 222, 19, 226 227, 214 Abbott. Edward D. 152 Ackeberg, julie D. 138, 32 Ackerland, Suzanne R, 124 Ackland, Lorri Rae 124, 220 Ackland, Vicki M. 152 Adams, Clifford Leo 124 Adams, Debra R. 187, 138 Adams, jeffrey C. 152 Adams, Tyrone Eugene 124, 24 Aden, Paul William 66 Ader, Dina Kathleen 124, 207, 55, 59 Adlfinger, Brian M. 138, 214 Adllinger, Martin E. 66, 231 Agri-Business 193 Aguilar, Maria D. 138 Anderson, Vincent R. 152, 51, 217 Andrew. Cindy Ann Andrew, David Scott 124 Andrew, Debra Kay 67, 193 Annis, Rolgert E. 138, 223, 213, 204, 229 Anton, Mary F. 152, 217 Armstrong, Brian Dean 124 Ashenhurst, Faith L. 67, 186 Aspelmeier, Andrew M. 67, 28 Asplund, Shelley Marie 67 Atkin, Darold Leroy 67 Atkins. Gail M. 152 Atwater, Aretha A. 138 Atwell, Don Gene 124 Austin, john A. 138, 24, 218, 38, 220 Avitt, Kimberly Ann 124 Axiotis, Patricia K. 138 Ayala, Andrea 152 Ayala, Angela Alesia 67 B Baecke, jane Elizabeth 124, 189, 33, 232 Baecke, Mary C. 152, 28, 29, 232, 217 Bagatelas, Paul T. 138, 214 Bagatelas, Todd T. 67, 222, 28, 226, Behrens, Michele L. 152, 51 Belanger, Candy Boone 68 Belcher, Cheryl A. 152 Bell, Anthony M. 138 Bell Bruce William 68, 34 Bell, jeanne M. 187, 152 Bell Kim A. 152 Bell Lois Arlene 62, 68, 77, 78, 209. 203 Bell, Neva A. Bell, Rodney D. 152 Bell, Sheryl Ann 69 Bell, Timmy M. Belman, Isabel Rene 69, 214 Belman, Loretta A. 138, 214 Belman, Mark j. 69 Belman, Robert j. 6, 125, 178, 141 Bender, john M. Bender, William A. Bennett, Barbara D. 69 Bennett, Michele Rose 125, 197, 214 Bennitt, Harold G. 152, 217 Bennitt, Michelle Marie 69 Benson, Kimberly Anne 21, 69, 231, 32, 33, 199, 209, 207 St. john, Murrel Strand, Douglas L. 180 Sturm, Karin Sturm, Roger E. 180 Swanson, Nancy A. T Talley, Cliff G. 180, 36, 207 Taylor, Betty 187 Terronez Alfred Terry, S. Christine 183, 193 Tranel, joyce Ellen Truelsen, Les R, 180 Ahlgren, David L. 66 Ahlgren, Karen Leigh 124 Ahlgren, Sharon Lynn 124 Ainley. Danielle R. 66 Ainslie, Barbara j. 138 Aitken, Susanne M. Alberts, Deborah A. 152 Albrecht, David A. 152, 25, 217 Alden, Robert D. 138 Alejo, Beatriz E. 138 Alejo, Fernando 66 Ales, Lee Anthony 66, 226, 227 227, 214 Bailey. Jeanna Lee 124, 221 Bailey, jerry D. 152 Bailey, Alan 50, 51 Bailey, Keith A. 152, 217 Bailey, Rosalind M 138, 214, 217 Bailey, Sandra K. 152 Bailey, Sharon Sue 68, 59, 220 Baines. Carolyn 68 Baker, Sandra Elaine 68 Baldock, Christain Ball, Amelia H. 68, 223, 209, 213, 224, Benson, Tamara j. 69, 220 Benson, Tamera L. 138 Benson, Theresa j. 214 Bently, Sheri 125, 82, 145, 208, 190, 30. 200 Benzon, Chara Lynn 69, 85, 223, 209, 226, 227, 190, 204, 55 Benzon, jeffrey S. 138, 223, 199, 226, 227 Benzon, Michele Renae 69 Bereczky, Karen Ann 70, 198, 197, 55 Bergevin, Lorraine C. 138, 220 Berglund, Andrew L. 138, 220 Bergmann, Barbara 70 Bernal, Albert Garza 70 Bernal, Elvira 70 Bernal, jaime 138 Berry, Rhonda Gay Berry, Robert M. 153, 25 Beserra, Connie F. Betcher, james C, 153 Bcvcrlin, Kristine A, 153, 214, 217 Bickford, janet A. 138 Bideaux, Mary Ann 125 Bideaux, Richard lf. 138 Billquist, joseph R. 70, 222, 209, 22-4, 225, Birch, Bjork, Bjork, 226, 227, 229 Lene 82 jay Clarence 125 joel D. 138 Blackwell, Sara E. Blair, Denis M. 139lq Blair, Lori 139 Blair, Rebecca S. 1:38 Blais, Andy Clemence 125, 48, 220 Blais, james K. 153, 25, 51, 217 Blanse tt, Nancy Elvira 125 Blansett, Robert Lee 70 Blomberg, Roger C. 139, 48, 50 Blomme, Scott Anthony 125, 35, 221 220 Blunk, David Richard 70, 28 Bobb, Sherry L. 139, 221 Bodenhamer, Karen R. Bodenhamer, Lori A. Bogaert, Keith Thommas 125 Bogguess, Dawn Michelle 125 Bohlander, Patrick j. 70, 220 Bohnert, jana Bollaert, Thomas M. 6, 124, 125 Bollinger, Stacey Alan 71 Bolser, Debra D. 125, 186 Bolton, Mary joan 125, 186 Bond, Susan K. 139 Boots, Sheri 214, 217 Borzick, Brian Robert 71 Bosanac, Tanya Marie 193 I Bostic, Mike E. Bostic, Randall W. 139, 24 Botkin, jeffery A. 139, 24 Botkin, Linda A. 153, 217 Bona, Michael S. 125 Botta, Michelle C. 71 Boudreau, Paul D. 153, 220 Bourboulas, Georgia 71, 193 Bowers, jody Marie 71 Bowers, Robin L. 153 Bowling, Evelyn Kay 125 Bowling, jennifer L. 153, 214, 217 Bowling, Linda S. 153 Bowling, Woodrow jr. Boyd, Dean A. 139 Boyd, Douglas Keith 71 Boyd, james Curtis Boyer, Brian A. 125 Boyer, Caryn Ann 125, 60 Boyer, Steven W. 71 Boys Baseball 46 Boys Basketball 36, 37, 38, 39, 40, 41 Boys Cross Country 34, 35 Boys Golf 28 Boys Tennis 30, 31 Boys Track 56, 57 Bradley, Christain 153 Bradley, Susan Kay 124, 63, 125, 128 207, 214 Branch, Anthony D. 153, 25 Branch. Cherie 139 Paderky - Branch 249 Branch, Michelle Anita 125 Branch, Osborn Walter 17, 71, 24, 36, 119 Brand, Linda 139 Brand, Louis E. 153 Brandle, Michael P. Brandom, Carla M. 139 Brandom, Stephen Roy 71 Branham, Brenda S, 139 Brasel, Christopher 1. 139, 214 Bratton, Steven Michael 125, 48 Breeden, Ronald E. 139 Bresson, Mary Ann Brewer, Deborah 125 Brewer, Larry 139 Brewer, Melissa Ann 71 Brewer, Robert James 189, 125 Brewer, Steven j. 153 Briggs, Crystal C. 139 Brinker, Gary 116 Brinker, Rebecca Lynn 135 Britt, Monica L. Britt, Ronnie D. 153 ffiritlenham, Brad W. 125 Bmckrogge, Ralph E. Bmakhan. Scan A. isa. zzo -Brooks, james L. ll 187, 35 Brook, Joseph 153 ,Brooke Raymond O. 153 -Brown, Charles E. 153, 155, 51 Brown. Constance S. 63, 125, 207, 214 Brown, Diana M. 139, 214, 216 Brown, Cary Lee 12.5, 193 Brown, Gary Leon 71 Brown, Ceorgia lan 125 Brown, Gerald A. 139, 214 Brown, Glen A. 125 Brown, Kathryn S. 71, 214 Brown, Randy Carl 125, 35 Brown, Theodore Mark 125, 226, 227, 214, 229 Brown, Thomas M. 139 Brown, Victoria Sue 139 Bruce, Danny Everett 71 Bruce. Eric E. 153 Brumberg. Gregory 125, 239 Bruner, Suzanne Lee 125, 226, 227 Brunton, Scott A. 139. 199 Bryan, Steve Scott 125 Buchen, julie Ann Buck, Merlyn Alan 125 Budzik, Mark 153 Bull, joel David 71 Buller, Michael j. 125 Bullet, Tim C. 71, 19.3 Bunker, Dawn Marie 125, 214 Burch, Rebecca Ann Burdick, Diane 125 Burgess, Douglas Louis 125 Burgess, Jeffrey E. 72 Burkluncl, Wade Michael 125, 24 Burlingame, Brian A. 72, 210 Burmahl, Beth A. 153 Burmahl, Bradley R. 139 Hurmahl, Scott Thomas 189, 125, 24, . 2057 Bnmeit,.Rene M. 139 Bufney, Michael ,lon 125 Bums, Mary Terese 123, 188, 189, 94, 125, 131, 138, 231, 26, 27, 40, 194, ws, zoo Burton, Donald L. 153 Burton, Michael Wayne Bush, Darrell joseph 72 Bush, Paula K. 139 Bashong, Loyn Clinton 72 2.50 Brank - Dennison Bussert, joseph D. Bustos, Deanna M. 153, 217 Butcher, Harold S. 139 Butler, Darren Reed 125, 24, 22, 36 Butler, Kim Denise 72 Butterfield, Kim Cherie 125 Buxbaum, Robert E. Buxbaum, Theresa H. Byrd, Larry W. 153 C Cady, David D. 153 Cervantes, Paul A, 139 Champion, Gary A. 73 Chance, Pamela l. 139 Chandler, Nedra R. 73 Chandler, Rose A. Cliihey, Martha 139, 163, 223, 226, 204, 149 Chapman, Callie Lynn 73, 193 Charlson, Timothy R. 139 Cheffer, Roger R, 153 Chipman, William S. 153 Cady, Guy Roland 24 Cain, David R. 153, 25. 51 Cain, Kristi A. 153, 217 Caldwell, Denise Lynn 6, 72, 222, 223 226, 227 Caldwell, Marc D, 153, S1 Caldwell, Scott C. 139 Caldwell, Terri A. 153 Caleo, Carol 1. 72, 225, 226, 22.7, 197 Caleo, Robert 1. 139, 38 Calhoun, Brenda Sue 125 Calhoun, Scott E. 153 . Calsyn, Ann M. 153 Calsyn, Carol Ann 125 . 5 Calvillo, Rafael K Camp, Lucille R. 139 Camp, Marshall L. 153, 25 Campbell, John W. 153. 210 Campbell, Michael E. 139, 35, 48, 50, 57 Cant, Caralee C. 153 Cantrell, Lonnie H. 125 Cantu, Bertha 139 Cantu, laime Cantu, Noe 153, 38 Cappaert, Mike A. 72 Carleton, Scott B. Carlson, Cheryl A. 139, 226, 227, 220 Carlson, Gerald Mark 72, 78, 222, 213 2.08, 213, 226, Z27, 191, 20-1, 214, 210 Carlson, Janice Leigh 125 Carlson, Patricia M. 139, 100 Carlson, Richard D. 153 Carlson, Robert K. Carlson, Scott 1. 153, 35, 56, 57, 110 Carmack, Deanna M. 153 Carmack, Thomas L. 153, 51, 57 217 Carman, Dan Lou 125 Carmichael, Brent M. 72, 36, 110, 39 Carmichael, James D. 130 Carpenter, james A. 153 Carpentier, Christine 125 Carr, Ellen Louise 72 Carter, Craig Niles 72 Carter, Michell M. 139 Carter, Steven Dean 125 Carton, Suzanne M. 139 Castaneda, Cynthia A. 187, 139 Castaneda, Deanna R, 153, 220 Castro, Anamaria '72, 119, 218, 207, 58, 220 Castro, Anthony 72 Casrro, Prancisca L. ue, zzo Carlin, Scott Brian 125, zzo Carour, Annette Marie 73, 103, 211 Catour, Bonnie J. 153 Catour, julia Kay 125, 52 Catour, Randall 1, 139 Causemaker, Douglas P. 153, 25, 48, 51 Cauwels, Edward 125 Cauwels, Lorna M. 153 Cavazos, Enrique A. Cavillo, Rafael 125 Cavazos, juan M. 139, 35 Cexnensky, Charlotte A. 139 Christensen, Ray W. 139 Christensen, Steven N. 122, 189, 125, 207 Choir 214, 215, 216, 217 Christopher, Kelly jean 125 Claeys, james Dean 73 Claeys, Williain E, , Clanton, Ani-lar K. 139- Clark, , Clark, Jeaiieigezzo, us, 193, :ov clark, , 5 Clark, i Clark, Q .. , Clark, 1zaii,ii.i?Jesei5h .1125 f Clark, ' . 2 Clausn 193 A ' . A . . Clements,:Danieli 226, 227,-228.1 Clementifqseph Edward 125, 220 Clevenger, Carrie Sue 73, 194, 55 Clevenger, Debra L. 139 Clevengr, Donald W. 153 Cline, Jessie Diana 74, 193 Cline, Patricia L 139, 214, 216 Clouw, Steve F. 139 Cluney, Terri J. 153, 214, 217 Cochran, Brenda C. 74 Coder, Elizabeth Ellen 125, 135, 222, 220, 227, 229, 220 Coder, Sara Louise 120, 202, 203 Coe, Michael Robert 126 Cogdill, Stephen N 74, 24 Coker, Lee K. 74 Coker, Thom Duwaine 126 Cole, Carol Ann Cole, Gerald E. 126 Cole, Julie Yvonne 126 Cole, Tara L. 139 Coleman, Carrie ,L 153 Collins, Michelle A. 194 Collins, Terry A. 153 Collins, Tim I. 139, 24 Cullinson, Allison M. 126 Collis, Darreil E. 153 Columbia, Catherine A. 139 Columbia, Cl'rris.iAllen 126, 24, 48 ComeauicQkCi'nfisippherk-T. 153 Comilo, Aiflinthony 126 Cones, - GREY' f Conn A .,.l.e..e . Contreras, K Cook Cook Cook Cook Coogee, , . . , .57 1 eeeee 3 3 e.... . Cfiapei 5 3 5 - Dafiekiel'-4Q21Yi eri. ,.ee 3 C ooper, Deana1jQK,i :214, 217 Cooper, 41, 116, , Vickie. Lynn-. 3, .17, 62, 74, 40, Coopman, James W. 153 Cope, joel W. 74 Cope, Susan Marie 126, 222, 221 Cordell, Maxine E. 139, 145, 214, 216 Cordell. Susan L. 153 Cordell, Wally V. 139. 24, 48, 50, 220 Corey, Bradly 139 Corey, Kenneth 74 Cornell, Gary 139 Coronell, Dan 126, 48 Correa, Alfredo 154 Correa, Alice S. 139 Correa, luventino Correa, Sofia 126 Correa, Tino 12.6 Correa, Victor Manuel 126 Correll, Rhonda Lynne 17, 62, 74, 94, 106, 186, 32, 33, 209, 226, 227, 117, 190, 194, 195, 55, 207 Cortez, Mario L. 154 Corwin, Robert M. Cosgrave, loan Marie 126, 207 Cosgrave, Karen 239 Cosgrave, Thomas J. 154, 35, 51, 56, 57 Comeau. luiie A, 154 Coutteau, Lori J. 139 Comeau, Rick Neil 17, 75, 24, zz, 119, 209, 117, zoo, 207 Coutteau, Sheldon Roger 126 Covault, Todd W. 140 Coverdill, Brock 126, 186. 2.4, 22, 49 Cowley, Curtis E. 154 Cox, Connie Luan 126, 160 Cox, Dianna L, 154 COX, Kris Owen 124, 75, 178, 110, 127, 149, 152, 230, 114, 191, 204, 205, 200 COX, Lisa A. 174, 132, 140, 151, 163, 40, 204, 205, 200, ZH Crabtree, Christi M. 140 Craft, Stanley A. 154 Crafton, Kimberly A. Craig, Debra A. 75, 193 Craig, Renita 126 Craker, jodi L. 154, 2.20 Cranon, Keith Duane 126, 36 Cranson, Phyllis R, 63, 154, 214, 217 Crawford, Derrell Gene 75 Crawford, Douglas R 140 Crayne, Michael G. 75 Crew, Lester Leeroy 126 Crew, Ricky L. 140 Crimmins, Lawrence W. 140 Cronau, Beth Ellen Cronau, Kathi L. 154 Cross, Carl Don 75, 209 Cross Country 34, 35 Cross, Robert Dale 75 Crouse, William D. Crow, leffery Allen 75 Crow, Karen L. 140, 59, 214, 216 Cuerington, Andre M. 126, 24, 57 Cullett, Douglas Allen 126, 221, 220 Cullett, john Kenneth 126 Cullen, Penny A. 140 Culley, Joni Beth 188, 12.6, 220 Cullison, Rosa M. 187, 140 Cummings, Glynis M. 140 Cummings, Leroy Milton 126 Cunningham, Carrie L. 140 Cunningham, Daebbie 140 Cunningham, Sandy 154 Curless. Philip N. 75, 226, 227 Curless, Sharon E. 154, 226, 220 Curtis, john C. Cutler, Christine L. 140 D D'l-iooge, Andrew Albert Dahlberg, Lisa Ann 75 Dahlstrom, Brian K. 140, 30, 31 Daine, Darren H. Dale, Richard Carl 126, 214 Dale, Tim Lavern 75 Daley, Timothy 140 Damm, Kathleen 140 Damm. Suzanne 126 Dances 18, 19 Danley, lon P. 154 Darnell, Alison C. 140, 214, 216 Darr, Suzanne L. Daugherty, Craig Edward 126 Daugherty, Elaine M. 75 Daugherty. James R. 154 Daulin, Lori 126 Davidson, Nancy B. 63, 154, 217 Davis, Cindy 140, 154 Davis, Darrell Glenn 126 Davis, jerry Alan 126 ikr. t . Davis, Kay Annette 75, 110, Davis, una., 1. 140, zu, zis f Davis, Randy L. 140- - K, .. .. ,K Davis Robin Keith 5, 75, :.' if Davis, K Davis, Ronda R. 140 f j Davs, Russell S. 154, 25 K' .Q Ron A5154 . Davis, Scott 38, 217 K 5 5 -. 5 Davison, Amy Lynn 75, 78, 2.09 K Dawson, Christine L. '76 Dawson, Donald Wayne 76 .. y Dawson, Kevin r.. no, 146.256, 2-zz 204, 214, 229 A 5 'f Dawson, Marshall D. Dean, Everett 24 Debaillie, Martin E. 140 Debarre, Denise M. 154 Debates, Doreen D. Debo, Gregory j. 154, 210, 217 Debo, jeffrey S. 140, 199, 50 Debowski. Ann Marie 76, 190, 207 Debowski, Carolyn 63, 154 Debowski, james R. 140 Decker, David G. 76 Decker, Larry Earl 126 Decker, Lori Jo 76, 193 Decker, William Decock, Diane L. 140 Decoster, Beth A. 140 Decoster, Curtis L 154, 38, 57 Decrane, Susan L. 154, 217 Dedecker, Mary B. 140, 51 De-decker, Melanie A. 20, 138, 140, 29, 52 Dedecker, Melissa 1. 154, 51, 217 Dedecker, Robert D. 140, S7 Deelsnyder, Kathryn S. 76, 193 Deelsnyder, Marcia Ann 126, 186, 220 Defauw, Daniel Scott 76, 238 Defauw, Theresa ,lo 126 Degraeve, Jewely Rae 126, 220 Degryse, Vickie Lynn 126 h K Dejaegher, Tamare P. 154 A Delceyper, Frances Ann 76 ,j Dekeyser, Sharon K, 157, 154' ff Delacruz, Denali.. 154. h K' 3 Delacruz, Steven C. ,126 ' Delarosa, Mar-io F. 140 1 ,i'--i 1 Demeulemeester, Mark Sf li Demeulerneester, Patrick 159. f Demeyer, Cynthia L. 154 .1 .K Denato, loann Louise 126C 1 in Dennhardt, Andrew G. 154, 210, 2,177 Dennis, Steven Eugene 76,193 Dennis, Thomas E. 51, 220 Dennison, Mary 1, 154 Dennison, Myrna Y. 154, 217 Depaepe, Susan M. 140 Deporter, Constance jo 76 David A. 154, 25, 38 Frazee, Anthony j. 155 Deporter, james Scott 126 Deporter, Timothy B. 126 Derammelaere, Bruce A. 126, 164, 199 Duff, Kelly Ann 123, 124, 77, 173, 81, ss, 110, 126, 135, 159, 231, zoz, 203, 48, 200 Duff, Kerry L. 69, 78, 81, 177, 90, 109, 222, 230, 114, 200 Etlel, Todd R. 154, 38, 217 Evans, Debrah A. 63, 154, 214, 217 Evans, Shelly LYn 127, 226, 227, 193, 55 Franks, Kathy 127 Franks, Melanie Sue 127 Franks, Mona G. 127 Franks, Steven E, 155, 25, 51 Ewing, Durbi Feemster, Tammy Sue 79 Derammelaere, Debra K, 126, 60 Derammelaere, Maurice 76 Derammelaere, Mike L, 76 Derby, Tamra L. 76, 140 Dernovish, julie A. 154, 27, 41, 214, 217 Desmet, Mary Beth 17, 62, 76, 26, 27, 40. 206, 2U7 Despain, Mark S. Despain, Teresa 76 Desplinter, Roxanne B. 77 Detaeye, Tracey j. 140, 223, 52 Devos, Denise V. 77, 193 Devos, john B. 154, 202, 203 Dewalsche, Robbie joe 126 Dhaemers, Theresa L. 140 Dhaemers, Thomas Lee 126 Dhooge, Andrew 77 Dhooge, Donald L, 15, 217 Diaz, Alberto 77 Diaz, Henry 126 Dickinson, Brenda Lee 126, 55 Dickinson, Larry M. 154 Dickinson, Timothy Lee 126 Dickson, Carol Elaine 77 Dickson, Michael E. 187, 140, 199, 48, 50, 51 Diehl, Robin Lynnette 126, 193 Dieterich, Edina Dee 73, 77 Dieterich, Mary Lee 62, 73, 77, 193, S5 Dillbeck, Lisa A. 154, 217 Diosdado, Jorge A, 140 Dirck, Michele A. 154 Distributive Occupations 193 Diversified Occupations 193 Dixon, jon 126 Dobbels, Patricia j. 77 Dobrinske, Cynthia M. 77, 196, 197 Donogne, Patrick W. 154, 217 Doiel, Nancy L. 140 Dolash, Shellie R, 140, 59 Dopler, julie Ann 126, 52 Dopler, Theresa M. 154 Dorbeck, Tod O, 140 Dorman, Kenneth T. 78, 193 Duke, Toni L. 154, sz Dulin ,jim 154 Duncan, james A. 154, 50 Duncan, jerald Wyman 78 Duncan, Michael A. 140, 57 Duncan. Steven P. 154 Duncan, Wayne Alan 78 Dunn, Lisa j. 154 Dunn, Richard james 126 Duprey, john E, 140 Duprey, Mary D. 79 Duran, joseph V. 154 Duran, Linda j, 79, 197 n, Gerald W. Durbin, jean 140 Durbin, Mike Durham, Gerald M. 79, 239 Dussliere, Richard L, 154, 35, 48, 51 Dussliere, Robert Alois 126, 226 Dussliere, Steven j, 79 Duyck, Diane L. 140 Dwight, Nanette K. 154 Dzekunskas, Carrie M. 79 Dzekunskas, james A. Dzekunskas, Thomas A. 140, 214, 216 E Eagles, Mark O. 154 Eaton, Nancy Ann 126 Eaves, Edward E. 154, 51 Ebalo, james joseph 17, 79 Eddleman, Anita K. 140, 220 Eddleman, Brenda Lee 126 Edmunds, Bryan 79, 193 Edwar Egger, ds, Todd A. 140 Timothy Lynn 126 Eklof, Donald Allan 126, 220 Eklot, Lonnie Gene 126 Eklof, Randolph G. 140, 220 Eklof, Raymond Eklof, Ruth E, 140 Elizondo, Ernesto 127 Elizon Elliott do, Horacio 154 , Gary L. 140 Ellison, David P, 154 Ely, Glenn R. 79 Dowell, David Lee 78, 204 Dowell, Debra jean Dowell, Douglas P. 140, 35, 57, 214, 216 Downey, Beth A, 63, 154 Downing, Bryan T, Downing, Peggy Lynn 78, 119, 207 Downing, Scott N. 140 Doxsee, Lonny A, 140, 199, 214 Dozier, ERic M, 78, 193 Draper, jeffrey K. 140 Draper, john Alan 78, 193 Drayer, Curtis D, 140, 146, 226, 227, 204, 214 Dreher. Drew, R Robert E. 154, 25 obert Drews, Debbie Ann 126 Drumm, Deann L. 154 Dryden, Anita 214, 216 Duarte, Linda Duarte, Mario jack Duck, Paul D. 154, 25 Duck, William Henry 78, 193 Dudzik, Michael L. Dueysen, Kimberly K, 140, 26, 40 Ely, Nancy A. 140, 204 Ely, Rick 36 Emerson, john M. 140 Engels, Dina R. 154 Engels, Terry j. 140 Engh, Martin Daniel 79 Engholm, Diana Lynn 127 Engstrom, Valerie Ann 12.7 Entrikin, Anthony N. 140, 217 Epping, Michael Gerard 74, 79 Erichsen, Catherine D. Erickson, Barbara L, 127 Erickson, Gregory Alan 127 Erickson, janet Lori 79 Erickson, Shirl L. 154 Escontrias, Edwardo 140, 24, 38 Esparza, Carlos 79, 24, 207 Esparza, Peter 140 Esparza, Yolanda 127 Espeland, Dagny .j. 154, 27, 41 Espeland, Dana Kristen 127 Espeland, Doni 217 Esperne, Eric George 127, 24, 207, 220 Esterlein, Christine E. 154 Etter, johnnie Clark Etzel, Scott Andrew 127, 24, 107, 48 Ewing, Linda Sue 127, 193 F Faber, Susan Annette 127, 54, 200 Fallon, Linda L. 79 Fallon, Theresa M. 127 Fall Play 222, 223 Farrell, Mary F, 127 Farrell, Sean D, 154, E: Feaster, Carl R. 141, 214, 216 Feehan, Carole Francis 127, 186, 226, 227, 55, 214 Feehan, jacqueline Dee 79 Feemster, jodif: L 141 Feller, Amy j 155 Feller, Beth A. 80, 55 Fells, Deborah Lynn 127 Fenno, Sherry L. 141, 214, 216 Fentem, Laura S. 141, 220 Fernandez, Daniel A. 127, 48 Fernandez, Richard C. 80, 24, 48 Ferry, julie Ann 127 Fersee, Penny 221 Filbert, Lisa A. 127, 55 Fillman, Dale K, 155, 220 Fillmer, Ruth Y. 63, 155, 220 Finch, Mary L. 141 Finch, Micheal W. 141 Finger, john E, 141 Fink, Suellen Kay 80, 198, 209, 226, 227, 207 Finkbeiner, Andrew F. 17, 66, BO, 97, 166, 223, 209, 213, 224, 226, 227, 117, 214 Finkbeiner, Cynthia E, 141, 33, 220 Fisher, johnny R. 127, 155, 25 Fisher, Perry Lane 35 Fisher, REbecca S. 155 Fitzgerald, janice C, 155 Fleming, Richard P. 141, 48, 50 Fletcher, Harold D, 141, 24, 28, 57 Fletcher, Lloyd 127, 136, 36 Flewellyn, Harmon Flewellyn, Harold 155 Flowers, Karen Marie 127, 60 Floyd, Konnie Lue 80 Floyd, Robert G. 141, 217 Floyd, Roger H. 141, 214, 216 Fluegel, Mary K, 155 Fluegel, Nadine L. Fluegel, Scott D. 155, 25, 199, 50, 151 Folker, Denise j. 80, 193 Football Z2, 23, 24, 25, 216 Football Cheerleaders 26, 27 Forbes, Candi j. 141 Forbes, Mark Wayne 80 Ford, Cherise Marie 63, 80, 238 Ford, Colleen Ann 15, 80 Ford, Donald R. 155, 217 Ford, Kellie L. 141 Ford, Rick N. 141 Foreman, Rebecca Ruth Forret, Lisa Ann 170, 127, 164, 223, 28, 224, 226, 227, 200 Foss, Randy R, Foust, Leo Edward Franco, Alice H. Francois, Keri Lynn 80, 193 Francois, Raleigh S. 141 Frank, Mary Beth 17, 80, 117, 197 Franks, janice L. 155, 217 Frazee, Penny Sue 127, 186 Frazier, Sherry Lynn 127 Freebern, Craig A. 155 Freeland, Becky 80 Freeman, Christine R. 127 Freeman, jeffery A. 155 Freeman, Lucinda L. Freiburg, Mary Patricia 127, 226, 227 Frenell , Troy A. 141 Friedrich, John William 127, 221, 220 Friend, Fred A. 141 Friend, Tina jeannine 80, 193 Frowein, Dawn Lorraine 127 Fues, Marsha 141 Giles, Dalynne R, 141 Giles, Kimberly Kay 81, 197 Gillespie, Susan M. 141 Gilman, Andrea Martin 141 Gipson, Sonya M. Girls Basketball 44, 45 Girls Cross Country 59 Girls Golf 29, 28 Girls Softball 47 Girls Tennis 32, 33 Girls Track SB Girot, Daniel R, 155, 217 Girot, james Michael 81 Glanz, Brenda Sue 128, 186 Glass, Mark S. Goderis, Daniel R. 155, 220 Goeden, Dora Krack Goetz, Ron Glen 128 Goings, Donna L. 155, 217 Fues, Tamara R. 141 Fu9S, Tanya R. 127 Fuhrer, jeffrey L. 155 Fuller, David Duane Fuller, james R 141 Fuller, jeanann M 141 Fuller, judy 141 Fuller, Larry 127 Fulton, Peggy Sue 80, 193 Fulwiley, Daniel C. 80 Funai, Alan Reno 127, 24 Funai, Toni L. 140 G Gaddey, Mark Allen 128, 210 Gallagher, Scott R Gallaugher, Cynthia A 141 Gallaugher, jeffery R. 81 Ganaway, Howard W. Gant, jeff L. 81, 193 Gant, Margaret A. 187, 155 Gant, Thomas M 141, 24, 57 Gantt. David j. 128 Garcia, Debra j. 155, 29 Garcia, Harold A. 155 Garcia ,juanita 141 Garcia, Raymond 81, 118, 48, 49 Gardner, Gina L. 155 Gardner, Theresa 214, 217 Gardner, Larona Louise 197 Gardner, Ruby T. 155 Gardner, Stephanie L. 128, 220 Goldstein, Natalie S. 128 Goldstein, Nathan F. 82 Gomez, Barbara Ann 82 Gomez, Edward 82 Gomez, Gabriel 127, 128, 57 Gomez Gomez Gilbert A. 142 , Guadalupe 82 Gomez, Louis Michael 128 Gomez, Victoria S. 155, 217 Gongora, Marie Elsa 128, 203 Gonzales, Reynaldo jr. 128 Gonzalez, Fernando 155 Gonzal Gonzal Gonzal Gonzal Good ri ez, jesus V. 155, 25 ez, Maria 155 ez, Nicolas ez, Yolanda 142 ch, Esther N. 156, 214, 217 Goodwin, james L. 156, 217 Gorman, jeff A. Gorzney, Karen S. 142, 59 Gosa, j.C. 128 Gosa, Russell Kent Gottman, Peggy S, Gottsch, Craig A, 156 Gould, Sharon A. 156 Govatos, Chris 156 Graduation 120, 121 Graf, Doug B, 156, 220 Graf, Greg 1.. 82, 214 Graf, Phillip L. 125, 164, 223, 226, 203 Garland, Christopher W. 155, 25, 51 Garner, jay Dee 128 Garrett, Anna M. 141, 33 Gary 61 Betty Haytcher Garza, joe Leo Gass, Christine 141 Gates, Terry B. Gatlin, Melanie D. 155, 220 Gatton, joyce C. 155 Gatton, Linda Kay 182 Gavin, Sherri L. 141 Gavin, Todd A. 155 Gehant, Cynthia Sue 128 Geliant, jerlniffr L. 63, 155, 214, 217 Gehant, Lisa Ann 81, 209 Gehn, jimmy L. 155, 35, 51 Geiger, Sheila Kay 81, 197 George, Harold D. 155 George, Tammy 128 German Club 198 Gerstel, Rebbeca L. B1 Getty, Annette M. 141 Ghys, Karrie R. 141, 51 Gibbon, Steven Patrick 128, 30 Gibbs, Linda D, 141 Gibbs, Rose Ann B1 220 Grant, james 82 GIGSZ, jeffery D 142, 24, 22, 48, 51, 220 Grasz, jody L, 156. 220 Graves, Robert L. 156, 48, 50, 51, 217 Graves, Susan M, 82, 193 Green, Curt Lee Green, Howard j. 128 Green, james B. 156 Green, Linda 142 Green, Teresa M. 156, 217 I Greene, Roger Leigh 128, 24, 48 Greer, jeffery H, 142, 28 Greer, Kevin Lee 6, 128, 209, 226, 227, 191, 214 Greer, Teresa Lee 62, 63, 82, 86, 116, 118, 209, 206, 207 Gregory, Ellen 128 Gregory, james Gregory, Thomas D, Griffin, Faith Lanette 128 Griffin, Gregory G. Griffin, joyce A. 63, 156, 217 Gripp, Gripp, 200 Becky L. 156 Cheryl S, 78, 93, 142, 34, 208, Dennison - Gripp 251 Grooms, Thomas A. 156, 48, 217 Grooms, Tony 51 Gross, Rod L. 142, 35, 56, 57 Gross, Roxanne L. 142 Groth, john 82 Grove, Todd Martin 83, 28 Grubbs, Patty C. 83 Grumadas, Kathleen M. 83 Grypp, Sherry L. 156, 199 Guenther, Michael john 83 Guerrero, David Allen 83, 231 Guhman, Edgar L. Guhman, Mary C. Guinn, George W. jr. 156, 220 Gulick, Brad Thomas 128 Gunneman, Connie j. 142, 220 Gustafson, Dorann jean 128, 193 Gustafson, Elizabeth A. 128 Guyton, Rebecca Sue 128, 193 Guzman, jim 142 Guzman, Minerva B. 156, 214, 217 Gyenge, Linda S. 142, 214, 217 Gyenge, Steve C. 156, 39, 217 H Hacker, Karin Louise 83 Hacker, Sharon L. 142, 33. 60 I-Iaecherl, john Raymond 128, 22,0 Haecherl, Sheila 156 Haegeman, David E. 156 Haegeman, Lisa K. 128 Hagerbaurner, Teryl L. 156 Haggard, Billy Gene 83 Hahn, Archie S. 142 Hahn, Cynthia A. 128 Hajny, David Lee B3 Hakeman, Dawn Marie 128, 52 Hakeman, Diane C. 156, 27, 41 Hall, Sheri L. 142 Halsey, Linda K. 156, 220 Halsey, Randy 83 Hamrick, Scott G. 156, 2.5, 48, 50, S1 Haney, Candace j. 187, 142 Haney, Kathy j. 83, 186 Hanna, Charles M. 156 Hanna, Marvel Diane 128 Hanna, Robyn jean 83 Hanneman, Milt L. Hansen, Melinda Sue 83 Hansen, Patricia jean 128, 223, 226, 227 Hansen, Teresa Ann 128, 214 Hanser, William D. 156 Hanson, Deanne K. 83 Hanson, Kimberly j. 142 Hanson, Sharon Renee 128 Hantz, Daniel Louis 83, 24, 207 Harbaugh, Kreg Albert Harder, Beverly j. 156, 214, 217 Harder, Mary Kay 83 Hardin, james C. 84 Harding, William Lloyd 128, 137, 160, 207 Harker, Deanna L. 142 Harker, julie 84 Harker, Patricia C. 129 Harker, Steven j. 142 Harmon, Darcelle Bea 84 Harmon, Deanette E. 156 Harper, Barry Kielh B4 Harper, Darnell L. 156, 25 Harper, Scott Arthur 129 Harrington, Cindy j. 142 Harrington, julie Lynn 129, 193 Harrington, Keith Harrington, Kevin I. B4 Harris, Bessie 84, 193 Harris, Charles L. 156, 25, 39 252 Grooms - jordan Harris, Dale G. 156. 25, 217 Harris, Karen S. 142 Harris, Marilyn jo 129, 58, 200 Harris, Roderick N. 142 Harris, Susan Af 156, 214, 217 Harrison, Charles 84 Hart, Candy Ann 84 Hart, Cindy Lou e4, 197 Hari, Todd P. 156, 25, 35, 57, 217 Hasenwinkel, jean L. 142, 199 Hasenwinkel, Paul D. 156, 199, 216, 217 Haskins, Daniel j. 142 Haskins, jeff S. Haskins, jerry Ray 129 Haskins, Mark Allen 129, 30, 31 Haskins, Michael H. 84 Haskins, Mike jon 209 Haskins, Terry 142 Hatfield, Kathy L. 156 Hatfield, Lisa .l. 142 Hatfield, Tony Lee 84 Hauser, Charles john 129 Havroni,,,Richard j. 142, 24, 220 Hay, Carmen julia 84 Hay, 2129. Hay, TimathyiA.. 142, 156 Hayes, Cassie Ahh 129 Hayes, Christopher P. 142 Hayes, Michael L. 156 Hayes, Sandra R. 84 Hayes, Virginia Marie 129 Haynes, Belinda 129 Haynes, Sheila Renee 84 Hays, Rodney D. jr. Heald, Douglas Michal 129 Heald, janet Kay 84, 55 Heald, Stephen Mark 129 Health Occupations 193 Heath, Laura A. 142, 52, 200, 214 Heatherly, Dorraine M. 142 Hedges, Belinda L. 85 Hedrick, jackie L. 142 Heist, Karl E. 159 Heitz, Todd William 129 Heizer, Craig A. 187, 142 Held, Sheroyl Renee Hemmingson, Amy Lynn Hemphill, Barry M. 157 Henderson, Donald jr. 129 Henderson, Lisa j. BS, 193 Henderson, Sharon L. 143, 214, 216 Hendrich, Daniela j. 143 Hendricks, Beth Irene 129, 203, 214 Hendrix, john 157 Henningson, Amy 129 Henrichs, Terry Lee 85 Henry, Scott David 189, 129, 209, 226, 227, 191, 214, 220 Hensley, Carl V. 143, 214, 216 Hero 193 Herrera, Desiree R. 143 Herrera, Ricardo 157 Herrera, Henry 157 Herrera, Dion 157 Herrera, Magdalena 129 Herrington, Kevin 143 Herrington, Robin L. 157, 217 Herron, Dale W. 143 Herron, David Brett 85 Hesser, joel C. 157, 217 Hetzel, Michael E. 85 Hetzler, Karin Y. 143 Heydeman, joey 142 Laydeman, Lawrence jr. Heyninck, Carol Sue 85, 193 Hicks, Derrick 85 High School Bowl zos, 209 Hignight, Kara L. 143 Hignight, Karla Sue 85 Hignight, Katherine Ann 123, 188, 129, 141, 155, 159, 231f,198, 200 Highight, Randy 17157,-217 Hill, Dianna I.. 85, 2149 Hill, janalee Y. 86' A Hill, jerry L. 157 Hill, julie L. 157 Hill Kathy 29 Hill, Kenneth james 129, 209, 226, 227. 191 Hill Mark Leroy 86, 193 Hill Mary K. 143 Hill, Micheal j. 157. 25, 38, 217 Hill Hill , Susie M. 86, 193 , Terence A. 157, 25, 38. 57 Hillyer, Connie S. 187, 143 Hillyer, Daniel L. 143 Hines, james G. 157, 51, 217 Hines, jeffrey C. 14.3 Hines, Lorrie Schuch Hintze, Shurla 5.1157 Hipple. D'Vi4..15'2ie?5?ii'i3f?J I Hoaglund, john ' Hobbs, jack B. 143 . Hock, james W. 143, 214, 216 Hocker, Aline Elaine 129 Hocker, Franklin C. 143, 199 Hocker, Ronald K. 157 Hoff, Andrea R. 143, 52, 59 Hoff, Becky Ann 129 Hoff, Elizabeth M. 7, 143, 52. S9 Hoffman, Connie Lynn 129. 27, 40, 214 Hoffman, Daniel Lee 129, 193 Hoffman, David L. 143 Hoffman, Gerald Lee 86, 56, 57 Hoffman, Michael Paul B6 Hogan, Matthew R. Hogue. Jeffrey W. 157 Hoke, Ronald 157 Holder, johnna L. Holdorf, Lisa Ai-111,86 Holland, Patricia 1.. '143 Holland, Randy Warren 86 Hollis, Robert A. Holman, Kirk A. Holman, Todd M. 57 Holmes, Catherine 159 Holmes, Lori A. 157, 52, 217 Holmes, Lori Ann 6, 123, 124, 207 Holmes, Marlene M. Holmes, Sharon Marie 17, 62, 66, 69, 56, 231, 32, 33, 209 Howard, Sam H. 129 Howard, Stephanie W. 188, 129, 131 Howard, Steven Mark 129, 36 Howell, Aaron A. 157, 217 Howell, Dane Allen 129 Howell, Gina Maria 129, 220 Howk, judy L. S7 Hubbard, Tracy Gene 'i-' Huber, Teresa L 129, 143 K ' Hudson, Cheryl Marie 87 Hudson, jay 143 HudS0rt, Lori 157, 27, 41, 214, 217 Hudson, Pamela jo 129 Hufford, Michael W. 143 Hughes, Carol Denise 129 Hughes, Christopher 144, 38 Hughes, jake H. Hughes, josephine V. 157. 214, 217 Hughes, Luther C. 87, 37, 36, 118 Hughes, william C. 17, 57, 209, 117, ZW, 30, 31 . Hughes, William jake Huizenga, lla j. 157, 220 Huizenga, john R. 87 f Q I Hull, Debra Ann 129 I Hull, George C. '87 .-fi, f, K Hulting, Sharon K. 143 A Humphrey, Christine P. 143 Humphrey, Michael S. 157 Humphrey, Robert Dale 129 Hunsinger, Thomas M. 143, 24. 220 Hunt, David A. 187, 157, 25 Hunt, Donna j. 87, 193 Hunter, Brian joseph 11 2.29 Hunter, Michael A. 157 Hunter, Sara j. 143, 52 Hunter, Scott 17, 87, 36, 206 Huston, john M. 143 Huston, Kevin C. 157 Hutten, Kevin R. 143 Hutton, Robert M. 157 Huyten, Martin Dennis 129 Ince, I Brent Lee 129 ' Ingersoll, Scott Allan 129 'P Ingersoll, Steven R. 157 llngold, Teresa 157 Ingwerse, Keith 143 Intramurals 60 lrby, jodi Lyn 129, ss, 59 lrby, Kevin Bruce 87, 186, 209 lrby, Pennie S. 157 lsais, Ezekiel T. 143, 214, 216 lsais, Stephanie T. 129, 221 james, Martin jon 87, 166 james, Timothy M. 157, 25, 48, 51 jamieson, Darcie M. 157, 214, Z17 jannes, Christopher P. 143, 28 jay, Morgan L. 143 jenkins, Alicia C. 129, 193 jenkins, Kimberly M. jenkins, Sumner W. 157 jenkins, Wayland 220 jensen, Diana C. 157, 220 jensen, Tracy Mitchell 129 jessee, Sheila D. 187 Jesuit. James M. 15, ss, 193 jesuit, joseph j. jett. Sheri L. 143 jobe, Tammy Ellen 88, 221 johanson, Brenda L. 143 johanson, David A. 157 johanson, Michael A. 157 john, Renee Marie 129 johnson, Beverly D. 157, 217 johnson, Chad Eugene , 129, 226, 227, Holmes, Todd 129 Homecoming 12, 13, 14, 15, 16 Honert, jeffery C. 129, 34, 35, 56 Honor Society 208, 209 Hooker, Lynn Alan 129, 136 Hoover, Shirley jean 129 Hopkins, Tracy Y. 143, 26, 40 Horton, Barbara 157 Horton, Kathleen L. 86, 90, 222, 209. 226, 227, 190, 214, 229 Horvath, Frank j. 87 Horvath, john M. 143, 222, 223, 226, 227, 223, 214, 229 Houchin, Todd j. 157 Houk, Pamela A. 129 Housholder, julia A. 87 Howard, Carol Ann 129 Howard, Marla j. 143, 163, 226, 227, 204 Howard, Monica L. 143, 51 Isbell, Vickie Lynn 129, 193 Ishmael, jeff 129 Ishmael, Lonna E. 157 Ivanowski, Paul Charles 129, 28 I jackson, David E. 157 jackson, Gregory N. 87 jackson, Masey 129, 193 jackson, Paul V. 157 jackson, Tawana Ann 193 jackson, Theresa A. 143, 214, 216 jacobs, Bill 129 jacobs, Diana E. 87. 193 jacobs, Mark E. 87, 193 jacobs, Richard William jacobsen, Eric L. 143, 38, 39 jacobsen, Paula I. 182, 143, 239, 214 jacobsen, Steven A. 157 jacques, Michelle P. 129 jacquin, David Richard 129 james, Lisa Lynn 129, 221 johnson johnson H A ' -johnson i Charles L. Clayton W. 157 Deborah A. 143 johnson, Debra 62, 88, 207 johnson, Deira A. 129 johnson, Diane M. 157, 226 johnson, Hazel M.,15'7, 217 johnson, Hugh P. 88A ' johnson, james j. 157 johnson, jay Alan 129, 221, 220 johnson, jeannine R. 157, 217 johnson, jerald L. 129 ' johnson loel R. 88 johnson, Kathryn Pearl 130, 193 johnson Laura K. 143, 214, 216 johnson, Laura L. 88 johnson, Leann L. 157, 214, 217 johnson, Lee M. 143 johnson, Lisa Kay 130, 164, 32 johnson, Mark A. 157 johnson, Mark Allen 157, 220 johnson, Mark Warren 130, 39 johnson, Michael D. 143 johnson, Pat 183 johnson, Regina Leann 130 johnson, Rhonda Lee 88, 55 johnson, Richard O. 157 johnson, Ronald Eugene 130 johnson, Sandra Denay johnson. Susan L. 143 johnson, Taqita Lee johnson, Teresa A. 157 johnson, Todd Milo 130, 36 johnson, Wendelin M. 157. 220 johnston, Dan Dewane 130 jones, Brad 143 jones, Carolyn B. 197, 217 jones, Brian 157 jones, Curtis T. 88 jones, Dalton E. jones, Darick Allen 130, 36 jones, Dean M. 88 jones, Faith M. 157, 214, 217 jones, julie A. 130, 143, 29 jones, julie j. 193, 52 jones, Laura Denise 130, 164, 55 jones, Lawrence E. 88 jones, Marvin Leroy 130, 48 jones. Robert j. jones, Steve P. 143 jones, Tammy jean 88 jones, Todd 207 jones, William R. jordan, Stephanie K. 157 lo, Randall j. 93 La ra, Tony 57 jorgensen, Lynn S. 58 juehring, Debbie L. 143 juehring, Diane L. 143 juehring, Karen Sue 130, 146 K Kahley, Todd W.. 157 Kalomas, Georgeilrf. 157, 217 Kalomas, Patricia 86, 88, 207 Kanke, Kevin D, 143 Karnes, Carole Ann 130, 225, 226, 227, 214 Karnes, Donald G. Karnes, Frances V. 220 Karns, Shawn H. Karr, Diana V. 158 Kasten, Darla Gwyn 130 Kaster, Tena Rashel 130 Kastner, Timothy C, 158, 220 Kates, Michael Paul 130 Kave, Curtis Scott 130 Keegan, Brian james 130 Keehner, Richard D. 130, 48 Keener, Ruthann M. 88, 116 Ketrn, Robert D, 143, 24, 50, 214, 216 Kcim, Rodger Dale Keith, Gregory Lee 130 Kelley, Brian K, 144 Kelley, Norman E. 88 Kelley, Stacey A. 158 Kelley, Tom E. 158 Kennedy, Kathy 143 Kennedy, Lori L. 143 Kennedy, Susan Lynn 130 Kenney, Dawn M. 158, 199 Kent, jeffrey 89 f,Vk, V Keopple, 143, 214 Kerschieter, V130 Kershaw, Dale vi' Kershaw, David Allen Kershaw, Duane E. Kespohl, Chris Kespohl, Dane L. 158, 51 Ke:-ter, Karlton A. 158, 220 Kettering, jack M. 89, 24, 22, 36, 207 Kettering, james 143 Key, Daniel Key, Michael 57, 217 Keyes, Kimberly L. 89 Keyes, Rodney A. 158, 214, 216 Kickapoo, Christopher 89, 24 Ki0ffRr, Arnold L. 158, 220 Kieffer, Gail L. 89, 220 Kight, Laura A. 144 Kight, Lisa A. 144 Kight, Lynn A. 144 Kight, Michael A. Kilgore, Mike R. Killian, Carla S. 9, 77, 89 Killian, Sandra G. 158, 60, 61, 217 Killian, Sherri Lynn 130 Killingsworth, Amy L. 158, 214, 217 King, Carol S, 158 Kinkead, Teresa L. 158 Kinman, Gregory Scott 89, 24, 207, 48 Kinney, Michael D, 144 Kinney, William Leroy 130 Kipp, Dianne M. 158 Kipp, jill A. as, 186, 197 Kipp, Kerri Anne 130, 132, 146, 222, 226, 204, 205, 200, 228 Kirkhove, Deborah S. 89, 193 Kirklin, Brian L. 158, 199 Kirklin, Kathy Sue 130 Kirklin, Steven D. 144 Kitto, joel A. 144 Klauer, Bradley A, 158 Klauer, Mike W. Kleffner, Terry Wayne 130 Klinefelter, Kim S. 90 Klingborg, jay P. 144 Klinginsmith, Michelle 158, 33, 217 Klouser, Micheal j. 144, 210 ' Kiouser, Scott E. 90 ' ' H Klouser, Susan E. 158 Knight, Kathy j, 144 Knight, Randy O. 158 Knox, April 144 Koch, Edwin Lyle 130 Koehler, Lori Anne 90 Koehler, Mark R. 158, 210, 220 Larson, Ronald joseph 130 Laselr, Rick A. 158, 25, 38 Laud, Barry Charles 130 Laud, Bryce Dean 130 Lawson, Lisa Marie 130 Lawver,'Robin E. 130 Laxy. Shell-yi M. 144 Lay, Kathy LQ 158, 214, 217 Layne, William jeffrey 91 Leach, Gregory Alan Leach, Rebecca Kay 130 Leach, Todd A. 144 Leahy, Mitzi M. 158 Leanhart, Kristi Rae 130 Koker, Lynn D. 158, 214, 217 Korosec, Barbara j. K Vi I, Kdifthals, .leanette M. 144 I 'lf' -Kaiser, Gregg S. iss, 25, 199, sa, 217 Krack, Laurie Lynn 185, 188, 98, 127, 123, 130, 135, 208, 60, 200 Krack, Lisa M. 158, 214, Z17 Kraemer, Stephen M. Krajewski, Helen 214, 216 Krantz, Michael A. 158, 217 Klart, Alicia A. 63, 158 . Kitatz, john Randall 90 ,L . Krause, Ken Marshall 130 2 Krebs, jason V, Krepfle, jay L. Korgman, joel Damion 90 Krogman, Kayla Anne 130 Kryzanek, Michael R, 144, 221, 220 Lee, Brian D. 144 Lee, Susan Marie 63, 130 LeFevre, Rhonda A. 144, 52, 59 Leftwich, Lyie L, 144 Leftwich, Teresa M. 91 Legrand, Dale A. 144 Leibovitz, Theodore M. 158, 25, 39 Leihsing, Susan C. 91, 198 Lemmon, Stephanie Sue 130 Lenderman, Lisa K. 144 Lenger, Cory William 130 Leslie, Robert W. 117 Leslie, Susan RQ 130 Lester, Billy joe 91 Lester, David H. Lester, David 144 Lester, Edward M. 144 Lester, jack Forrest 130 Kuhn, Raoald, Ray 90, 193 Kupresin, Rose Ann 90 Kurtz, Karen L, 158, 214, 217 Kusc, Lisa Mae 90 Kuse, Lori A. 90 Kyle, Leonard R. 158 L Lacefield, Paul j. 158, 217 Lack, David A. 158, 38 Lack, jerry W, 144 Lamantia, Anthony S. 158 Lamb, David Wayne 130, 209, 191 Lamb, jamie E. 25 f Lamb, Marla A, 144 f Lambert, joseph Clark 91 Lambert, Michael E. 144 Lambrecht, Andrew C, 158 Lambrecht, Ann Marie 130 Letterman's Club 206, 207 Lewis, Angela L, Lewis, james 158 Lewis, Lorrie M. 158 Liedtke, Lisa A, 144 Lien, jennifer jo 128, 130, 222, 223 Liggett, joyce A. 123, 144, 26, 40, 214 Liggett, Michael Dean 91, 116, 119, 207, 48, 49 Liggett, Teresa M. 91 Lindquist, john M. 144 Lindstrom, Mindy j. 144 Linger, Cory 207 Linn, Susan Marie 130, 220 Lipes, jerome 91, 36, 118 Lister, Brian K. l.ister, Gary Lee 91 Littig, Dion L. 144 Lamhrecht, Dave A. 91 Lampe, Roger Allen 130 Lampe, Timothy E. 158 Lampo, Edward F. 130, 34 Lampo, Laura K. 152, 158, 26, 41, 214 217 ' fy.. . Lampo, Lisa A. 120, 144, 52, se Lampo, Steven M. 158, 51 Land, john l. 158, 217 Lane, jeff 220 Lane, judy Lang, Kathy Dawn 130, 132 226, 227 204, 214 Langdon, Theresa 130 Lapaczonek, james A. 158, 220 Lapaczonek, Linda Kay 91, 116, 220 Lara, juan A. 144 Lara, Miguel Angel 130, 24 Livingston, Michael W. 144, 214, 216 Livingston, Michele S. 130 Lockheart, Lisa A. 144, 163, 226, 227, 204, 214, 216 Lofgren, Lori Elizabeth 130 Lofgren, Ron A, 144, 51, 217 Lohse, Lisa M. 144 Lomas, Lorenzo james 92 Longbons, Gregory j. 158, 226, 229, 22 Longbons, jeffrey Mark 92, 222, 223, 238, 116, 209, 226, 227, 229 Longueville, joseph P. 130 Lonstad, Stacy j. 63, 144 Loose, Christine j, 144 Lopez, Alan Michael 130 Lopez, Doria C. 158 Lopez, joanne F, 158, 214, 217 Lopez, Ladislada M. 92, 198, 193 Lopez, Mario A, 144 Larrison ,Chris A. 158, 25, 48, 50, 51 Larriosn, Esther Marie 91 Larrison, Gina S. 91, 193 Larrison Larrison , Ricky Wayne 130 , Tammy Ann 91, 52 Larson, Kimberly j, 158, 217 Larson, Lori j. 91 Lopez, Rita Ann 130 Lorenson, Alvin L. Lott, Thomas W. 158 Lovell, Cheryl E. 92, 186 Lowe, Ginger 92 Lucas, Brenda S, 158 Lucas, Carlis 144 'V 0 Lucas, Cindy M. 158, 217 Lucas, Diane Nadine 92 Lucas, Vickie A. 92 Luce, Kevin C. 158 Luce, Melanie Ann 92, 19B Luehke, Tina L. 193 Lueders, Kevin 193 Lueje, Sylvia 17, 92 ' Lundeen, Lydia Patricia 130 Lupinski, Bernadette A. 130 Lyon, Chad A. 158 Lyon, Diann Kay 92 Lyon, Kathleen A. 63, 152, 158, 217 Lyon, Teresa M. 92, 193, 197 Lyphout, jerald j. 92 M Mabe, Karen R. 158 Magana, Monica L, 144, 203 Magana, Susan Marie 130 Maldonado, Antonio l.. Q2 Maldonado, johnny Ray 158 Malmstrom, Lori L. 144 Mann, jeffrey C. 144 Mann, Scott A. 144, 33, 39, 214 Manrrique, Vincent 130, 222, 223 'Marlin, Ted A. 144 f, Marr, Dane B. 144, 186, 28, 38, 39 Marr, james R. 144 Marr, janibeilt 182, 92, 222, 223, 224 226, 227, 193 Marshall, Charles R. 144, 217 Marshall, jody L. 158 Marshall, Lori E 144 Marshall, Scott William 131 Martel, Christopher D. 131 Martel, Clarissa A. 158, 186 Martel, Paul E. 131 Martin, Charles D. 158 Martin, Dana Lynn 92, 118 Martin, Denise K. 144 Martin, Doug 144 Martin, Donna Ralene 62, 93, 209, 190, 193 Martin, jeffry Scott 93, 221, 220 Martin, Shirley A. 144 Martin, Susan M. 93, 186 Martin, Tamela 93 Martinez, Tina 131 Mascari, Albert Michael 131 Mascari, joseph M. 93 Mascari, Loraine G. 187, 144 Mascaro, Terry L. 39 Mason, jeffrey B. 144, 199 Mason, johnny R. 158, 51 Massaro Massie, Paige L. 158, 226, 227, 214, 216- Mathahs, Sherri A. 158 Mathena, Gary W. 144 Mathena, Gerald W, 93 Mathena, Theresa A. 158 May, Ta mmy L. 159 Mayer, La Donna M. 130, 220 Mayfield, Troy Alan 131, 36 Mayhug h, jeffrey 'A. 144 McBride, Darlene McBride, Kerri Linn 131, 222, 226, 204, 205, 220 McBurney, james D. 93, 34, 35, 116, 209. 2017 McCash, Marcus j. 144 McClain, Derek S. 159 McCollum, jessica L. 159 McConnell, Melissia A 144 McCorkle, Regina 93, 193 McCormick, jeffery T. 94 McCray, Kimberly 1. 159 McDanel, Randy Allen 94 McDanel, Rhonda j. 159 McDanel, Sandy Kay 94 McDermott, David T. 131 McGee, Lorrie Lynn 131 McGee, Mark W. 159, 217 MtGee, Paul D. 145 McGee, Randy E. 159, 25, 50, 51 Mt'CiChEE, j0l'1rt L. 17, 69, 94, 222, 223, 199, 209, 117, 30 McGrath, johnny Paul 131 McHenry, Dori Lynn 94 McHenry, Elaine T. 159 McHie, jennifer Ann 131 Mclntire, jeffery Louis 94, 144, 193 Mclntire, Mark Mclntosh, Willard L. 131, 132, 204, 214 Mclntyre, Sherman R. 94 Mcjunkin, Wesley 144 McKee, Roberta S. 144, 214 Mt Kee, Robin 216 MtKenzie, Dennis William McKeon, Colleen R. 159 McKeon, Connie j, Mt Kinnon, Vicky S. 145 M1Koon, Cathy 145 McLaughlin, Perry L. 159 McLernon, Mary R. 131 McMillan, Susan Ann 131 McMillin, Cathy Faye 131 McNabb, Susan Denise 131 MtNalley, Suzan A. 145 McNeal, Dorothy Ann 94, 193 MtNulty, Angela H, 131 McNurlen, David M. 145 McPherson, Martha F. 122, 131, 220 Meade, Constance L. 159 Meadows, Kathi Sue 95, 193 Mech, Craig R. 145, 24 Medhaug, Larry E. 159 Medina, Eloise Elaine 131, 186 Medina, Guadalupe P. 145 Medina, john B, Mee, Shari Lynn 131 Meguffy, Patrick C. 145 Meier, Kyle C. 95 Meincke, Christopher L. 145 Meineke, Ki! ,ls 145 Mcinholdt, Robert C. 145, 220 Mellinger, Rick H, 145, 186 Melton, Bryant L, 159 Melvin, Stoney 131 Mendoza, Annette 95, 193 Mercer, Nolen D. 145 Mercer, Shannon Drew 131 Merchant, Curtis A. Merel, Debra j. 145 Merideth, julie M. 145, 52 Merrill, Laurie A. 63 Meyer, Tami j. 159 Meyer, Theresa L. 159, 26, 41 Meyers, Laura jean 95 McBurney, joseph P, 144, 35, 56, 57 McCarter, Cynthia A, 144, 52, 59 McCarthy, Debbie j. 159 McCartin, Kathleen H. 63, 131 McCartin, Steven L. 159 McCartin, Timothy j, 144 McCash, jonni M. 187, 159 Meyers, Reba A. 159 Meyers, Scott A. 159, 217 Mihalopoul0S, Anne 131 Mihalopoulos, Lambros 95 Mihalopoulos, Mihalopoulos, Mikita, Eric S t Sharon 131, 202, 203 Yvonne 131, 145, 59 even 131, 164, 214 jorgenson A Mikita 253 na. Ladonna 145 if ev 1 5 Y 1 ..f1.f1f-:ei . ' r .gf N 11' ve.. . ,ix 139.1 55 New a 3 K X 1 1 ii?-Smal 5 gg .. :. .ew "1 1. -6 R, if: Y 1 , egg, .L .. Yi .SE ee 1. we P1 1 vga 5 - ...... gry1i!hum,Sandra D. 159 A ' r .L:1,': 5 3, y Nvfdhvlm. Gayle Dawn Miietich, James M. 159, 25, aa, 217 Mtieiifh, Katherine M. 6, 131, 141, 164, f -1671 199, 226, 227 Brad L 145 J. 145, 48, 50 jMi1len,'Kathleen ,lo 131, 221, 220 Nliller, ,Barbara L. 95, 198, 197 Miller, Bryan Thomas 95 Miller, Charles Bruce 131 Miller, Christina M. 95, 186, 1171 Miller, Emily Ann 95, 221, 220 Miller, ,lulius 131 Laurie R. 159 Paul E. 159 Ronald Luis Teresa ,lean 95 Terry L. 145 A. 159 Minick, Robert 14 Minteer, Deborah May 13 Minteer, Micheal jon 95 Minteer, Rhonda Renee 1 Minteer, Scott A. 159 Mitchell, Christopher A. 145 Mitchell, I bra M. 214, 217 Mitchell? ' heleen C. 131 Mitghell, Kevin W. 145, 231 Miichell, Tia Lanise,,VQ32, so Mose, Leslie Annii'1'f32,L221"mi- L": if A. 160 Nordholm. Richard A. Norin, Darrin M. 97 Nye, Gayle Lee 97 Nyquist, Beth A Nyquist, john Obrien, Chris rien, Erin L. Kenneth Jerome 2 Myers Suzanne M 160 217 Nache Andrew A 160 220 Nache naso 146 220 Nagel tte 132 Nagel Nik I 96 Nagwler Qngela P 160 gk i rgzxxg Kevin M 146 214 Mitfwgkllgffr ink M341 D 160 7.5 Mittorgiitieg, 52, 'N N 1 160 217 Mglinel Q ,11 L o f Jolene 132 214 Moline, Sr . Moller, Michael 1. 159 Moneymaker, Cary R. 145 Montecino, Regina 132 Brian 159 stelli, jennifer 145 Monterastelli, Wendy A. 132 Moomey, Sara Ann 95 Neels Michelle L 96 Neely Norman B 96 Neff David Richard 132 Neff Stephen S 160 David R 160 220 Janice Rae 96 son Joanne V 96 2 +5117 Nelson L S011 Moone, Shelia Moreen Mooney, -ff Mooney. W. 145 0 orford 2 214, 217 96 193, Morgan, Morgan, Morgan L. 160 Michael 96, 193 Daryl 132 . rv. 64119132 4 Allen 96 4 James Rag 96. 24 r Morrow Lhaggftflorrow, Kathy 132 96, 210, 211 145, 22.3, 199 elson . Nelson Nelson . Nelson K Nelson , Terry joel 132 Katherine Q, 160 Markj 146 Martha A 160 226 2.27 220 Mitchell E. 146 132, 61 Parkhurst, Heidi M. 161 Parks, Shirrelle Denise Parnell, Elizabeth Parry, ll Parsons, Ben Parsons, Passini 214 216 214 216 161, 214, 217 6 214, 217 . 146, 56, 57 . 61 51 OCC Paytash, Pearl, Dawn Pease, Pease, Plotner, 5 1 at . i , ,... 1 :rf-. . ' 1. -4.51111 .. .,.,,,, Todd Michael Plumb, Martin D. 161 Pobanz, Richard H. lr. Michelle D. Kevin Reed 100 Porter Porter Porter fe Tina M, 147 Biran Lee 122. jeffrey john 100 David W. 147 Kenneth Lee 89 S ebra 1:43 Vammy jean ,lane M. 147 ictoria M. 147 ve Curtis 100, Darrell R Donald L Kenneth , james Lynette 48. Petersen, Petersen, Scott E. :Petersen Stephanie Donannj 147 L 161 S 147 C 98 vermire, Mark A. 161 rmire Brian Mark jill A 14'h59 L 147 214 3 Dinette L 147 D 99 P160 160 19 46 26 7 217 Noah, jj,....iR3i5igge' Thomas D. 160 Nordholm, Dale john 97 254 Milburn - Rea . ..,. . . .,.. K ... .... ...- ....,a,,.1 nf.. . 63, 146, 214, 216 Lynn 133 Park, Darrel R. Parker, Bertha Parker, Cindy S. Parker, Parker, rsyreawoa -: Parkhurst, Donna L. 146 Parkhurst, Douglas C. 133 I C. 161, 41, 214, 217 99. 220 147, 222, 226, 220 ,lill Marie 99 -f 5"- Pirmann, Mark Tim 7, 70, 99, 34, 119, 56 Pisman, Kimberly Lynn 133, 60, 61 Pittman, Cheryl C. 17, 69, 78, 89, 99, 106, 119, 218, 117, 207, 200, 201 Pittman, Louis B. 147, 38 Platt, Rnady 161 K K wgflavak, Henry S. 161 V Plays 97 Plotner, Judy Lynn 100 Plotner, Terry D. 161 sgtzeeaw Alice Ann 100 195 1 Rangel. Rankin, Rann l Rasc Rasdall, Ras Rasso, Rasso, Rasso, Ray. Ray, 133 5 Marie 133 V. 147 ---....+5.,- -- tr? .ki tr ig eww. . A Reeves, Rea, Maria 161 Ream, Karen 133, 221 Ream, Patrickffji. 161, 25 Reasby, Marcela-77,,"1u1, 119 Reasby, Zina Kf'161, 217 Redman, Kimberly Ann 133, 193 Redman, Merri E. 101 Reed, Bridgett 161 Reed, Mark A. 147, 214 Reed, Marquita Renee Reed, Robert Lucas 133 Reed, Vernon Patrick 133, 48 Reese, Linda S. 147, 214, 216 Charles T. 161, 214, 216 , se. s71QiaZU1" Rohweder, Merry Eve 103, 199, 209 Romanowski, janet 147 Romanowski, julie Ann 103 Romine, 1-i1iiaVA. 133, H1 'S Ropp, Raymond Lee 103, 230, 24 Rose, Cynthia M. 162 Ross, Blake T. 147 Ross, john 162 Ross, Vi cki Lynn 9, 66, 103, 199, 197, 207, 55 , Ross, W Ross, W alter j. 147 iley R. 147, 24, 48, so, 57' Rote, Rick E. 103 Rotz, Robin Ann 133, 27, 40 Sierra, Lydia M. 162 Reeves, Pam Lou 133, 222, 226, 214 Reeves, W. Lysa 101, 222, 226, 227, 214 Reger, john Wayne 101, 201 Reger, Laurie j.,,161, 214, 217 Remour, Craig Arlyn 101 Resetich, Ross M. 161, 25 Reuther, Barry Thomas 133, 193 Rouse, Cindi L. 147 Rowan, Thomas Richard 103 Schaeffer, Michael K. 162 Schaefer, William R, 162, 25, 39 Schafer, Daniel Lee 134, 186 Schafer,,Donald j. Schafer, Scott A. Schatti, Betsy Lynn 134 Schatti, William Leroy 104 Schaubroeck, john M. 104, 28, 119 Schierer, Diane Lynn 134 Schmidt, Georgia L, 162 Schofielcliffracy L. 162 Scholfield, Cynthia L. 147 Scholfield, julie 104 Schoonover, Alan Lee 134 Schotka, Martin Schroeder, Richard A. 162, 39 Sheley, Karen R. 21, 148, 32, 40 Shepard, Sherrie L. 105 Shepherd, Brian R, Sheppard, Lawrence D. 134, 193 Sheila, janet 162 Shields. .lefferey Mark 134, 24, 57 Shilling, Emilia L. 162 Shivers, Lasaundra G. 63, 152, 162, Shreeves, jerry A. ShreeY?5, Raymond Lee 134 Shuh,'Debbie L. na Shull, Tracy E, 105 Sides, Mark A. 162 Siefken, Dianne B, 148 Rowan, Todd Harry 103 Rowe, Daniel flidwa rd 103 Reyna, Deborah L, 161, 217 Reyna, jeff G. 161, 25, so, 51, 220 Reyna, juan 147 Reyna, Larry Thomas 122, 133, 35, 57 Reyna. Rebeccarlol. 193 Reyna, Virginia D. 147 Reynolds, julie jean 101 Reynolds, Mary 133 Reynolds, Rhonda R, 147 Rhodes, james Riceman, Christine A. 63, 161, 220 Ruhl, Donald E. 162, 210 Rutz, Cynthia D. 147, 220 Rullan, Ruis 162 Rundle, Mary Christine 63, 178, 133, 214, 220 Rutledge, Tracy L. 147 Rutsaert, james G. 103 Ryan, Maryann E. 63, 162 Ryherd, Anthony E, 133, 226 Ryherd, Susan R. 162, 220 S Sackett, Lisa K. 147 Sackett, Lynda Annette 133, 226, 227, 214 U Schulte, Bruce D. 162, 25, 51 Schulte, Ronald Harold 134 Schulte. Walter john 104 Schultz, Cynthia L. 104, 116, S5 Schultz, Gary j. 162 Sierra, Barbara A. 148 Sierra, .Richard H. 162 Sierraigfbastiana S, 148 Richardson, james W. 102 Richmond, Angeline 161 Ricke, Luann 161 Ricke, Neal j, 147, 231, 217 Ries, Laura 133 Riffe, Nancy Kay 133 Rifle Club 210, 211 Rigg, Rabin Lynn 102, 197 Riggs, jody Wayne 102 Riggs, Sara L. 147, 214, 216 Riley, Herschel S, 161 Riley, j3mES 1.47, 214, 216 Riley, Kelly Kay 133 Riley, Rita L. 162 Rinderrnan, Linda M. 147 Riojas, javier 147, 24, 38 Ripka, Timothy Alan 133 Ritemon, Luria E. 162, 217 Ritemon, Rozell jr. 147 Ritenour, Antoinette Robbins, james Edward 102, 24 Robbins, Rebecca S. 162 Robers, john joseph 102, 231 Roberson. Alan D. Roberts, john G. 147 Roberts, Kenneth Dale 133, 214 Roberts, Paul Marlow 102 Roberts, Raymond R, 162 Roberts, Russell 48, 59, 51 Roberts, Steven C. 102, 209 Roberts, Terresa L. 102 Roberts, Wanda L. 147 Robinson, L.D. 162 Robinson, Martin C. 162 Robinson, Nancy jean 133, 222 Robinson, Thomas M. 133 Roden, Denise Elaine 133, 50, 200 Rodgers, Kristine E. 102, 193 Rodgers, Rebecca Sue 133, 193 Sackett, Mark A. 162, 217 Saelens, Dave Marshall 133, 223, 226 205. 229 Saey, jeffery P. 162, 39 D . Sager, entse T. 162 Sager, Ronda M, 147 Sagter, janisf162 Salazar, Sara A. 103 Salchli, Marsha A, 162 Salchli, Mary E, 147 Salisberr Y, Donald D, Salmonson, Dan R. 147, 28 Sanchez, Graciela 162 Sanchez, Leno G. Sanchez, Leticia 147 Sanchez, Tomas M. 81, 103 Sanders, Carolyn j. 162 Sanders.,Cary Randel Sanders, jean 147 Sanders, jill A. 162, 214, 217 Sanders, Laura 134 Sanders, Loretta A. 147 Sanders, Lorinda E. 103, 60 Sanders, Matthew 162 Sanders, Nora j, Sanders, Ralph Anthony 103, 24, 22, 199 Sanders, Randy W. 103, 24 Sanders, Stephen M, 162, 25, 51 Sanderson, Debra Fay 34 Sandner, Darrell M. 104 Sandoval, Elizabeth A, 187, 147 Sandoval, jimmy E. 147, 48, 50 Sandoval, joseph D. 162, 51 Sandoval, Lisa jo 104 Sandoval, Mark Charles 134, 35 Sandoval, Sammy j. 162, 51 Sandoval Sangster, , Teresa Lynn 134, 202, 203 joann Schutt, Tammy Ranae 134 Schutz, Kimberly j. 148 Schwaesdall, john E. 104, 24, 23 Schwaesdali, Kimberly 162 '.1 ', Schwart2,'Susan A. 148 Schwartz, Thomas F. 148 Schwenneker, ob H. 148 Schwenneket, james A. 104, Schwigen, Leonard R. 7, 104, 166, 222, 223, 213, 226, 227 K I Scan, Christine A, iss, 104,,222,'209, 213, 219, 224, 226, 227, 193, 221 Scott, james K. Scott, jeane Suzanne 104 Scott, Lynn 134 Scott, Sheryl D. 162 Scott, Tamara j. 162, 221 Scott, Thereasa jean 11, 104, 221 Scott, Timothy R. 162 Scrowther, Keith 162 Scudder, Kevin L, 148 Seales, Rebecca L. 120 Seaman, Charles N. 6, 104, 220 Seaman, William j. 134, 24, 23 Sears, james B. 162 Sedgwick, Kelly j. 148, 29, 214, 216 Seibert, james D, 105, 209 Seller, Brenda A. Senn, Dan 150 Senn, Danette jean 17, 63, 105, 150, 27, 40. 199, 117, 207 Senn, Roger A, 162 Serra, Anthony j. 148, 24, 48, 50 Settles, Brad A. 105, 214 Setterdahl, Chris 162 Severtsgaard, Jodi L. 162, 214, 217 Severtsgaard, Robert j. 148 Sexton, Donna R, 105, 186, 193 Shackleford, David C. 148 Shamsie, Donald L. 162, 24, 217 Sill, Andrew L, 187, 148, 24 Sills, Mary j. 148, 33 Simmons, Kevin T. 162 Simmons, Rickey L. 148 Simms, Martin R. 143 Simons, Robert A. 162, 51 Sisul,7SCott M, 148 Sivertsen, Kelly A, 9, 106 Skiles, Rhonda L, 162 Skiles, Victoria Lynn 134 Skinner, Nina L. 162, 217 Skyline 200, 201 Slaughter, Charles N. 148, 24 slaughter, Kimberly iz. 162 Sloman, Cindy 162 Sloman, Heather Lynne 97, 106, 19 56, 200, 201 Small, Rodney j. 134 Smart, julie R. 162, 214, 217 220 2, Smith, Amy Elizabeth 106, 116, 197, Smith, Beth 106 - Smith, Carla j. 148 Smith, jerry Dean Smith, Kimberly Ann 106 Smith, Martin 148 Smith, Randall S, 148 Smith, Smith, Snauwa Timothy J. 148, 214, 216 Timothy S. 148 Snyder, Chris james 148 Snyder, joanna K, 148 Snyder, Kerry L. 148 Snyder , Oscar C. 106, 24, 207, 221, Snyder, Timothy G. 106 Sobottka, joy Y. 106, 193 Sobottka, julie Ann 134 Solis, Celia Teresa 106, 193 Soliz, j Soliz, j uanita lsabel Ulla A. 162, 220 Soliz, Laura Ann 134, 226, 214 Soliz, Paul Henry 107 Soliz, Stella 163 Soliz, Susan Carmela 134 ert. Lisa K. 138, 148, 26, 40 Shamsi Shamsi Shamsi Shappa Sharp, Sharp, Sharp, Sharp, E, Rick L, 105, 45 e, R011 D. 162, 24, 217 e, Terry W. 148, 34, 48, 56, 57 rd, Darryl j, 162 Christine Ruth 134 james R. 162 Kathy Sue 134 Michael A. 105, 193 Shaw, Daryl D. Shaw, Rickey D. Rogaso, javier 21 Rogers, Charles 147 Rogers, Donald Edison 133 Rogers, Frank David 103, 24 Rogers, Rhonda Rae 133, 135, 160 Rogers, Ronald M. 162 Rohweder, Bart R. 162 Sarazi, Carol E. 147 Sarazin, Chris A, Saucedo, Anna Maria Savala, Laura T, 63, 162, 220 Scalf, Krystal Dawn 134, 193 Scarsdale, Deborah L. 134, 135, 186 Schaecher, Theesa M. 124 Shea, Brett A, Sheehan, Ronald 148 Sheffler, Lisa A. Sheffler, Penny A. 148 Sheley, Beth Ann 134, 145 Sheley, Brenda Kay 105 Sheley, joseph A, 162, 48, 51 Sollenberger, Abigail M. 148 Sollenberger, Pamela B. 134 Solomon, Kelly S. 148 Solomon, Ricky A. 134 Sonneville, Lori M. 163, 220 Sorensen, Dan T. 107 Sorrell, Gary L. 148 South, Eliana S. 148 Southerland, james E. 163 Southerland, john Mark 122, 134 Spanish Honor Society 199 Spanos, Christina j. 148 Sparrow, julie K. 163, 214, 217 Sparrowgrove, james E. Sparrowgrove, Kenneth j. Spears, Ronald F. 163 Speech Club 204, 205 220 Spencer, Christopher M. 148, 220 Spencer, Marilyn S. 163, 226, 227, 214 217 Spencer, Roscoe E, 163, 25, 39 Sperry, Andrea 134 Spicer, Belinda Louise 134, 221 Spicer, Greg Lenered 134 Spicer, Katherine L. 148 Spiegel, james R. 163 Spohn, Shari 107 Spooner, james L. 148, 50 Spradling, Milburn B. 107 Sproul, Betsy j. 3, 7, 122, 148, 29, 52 Sproul, jeff Dean 134 Spurgetis, Dena 107 Spurgetis. Tim j. 148, 231 Staab, Jayne M. 163 Staab, jeffrey L. 148 Stamatakis, jandi Lynn 134 Stamatoukos, Theodora 163, 59, 2.17 Stambaugh, Brenda L. 163, 217 Stanley, Melinda D. 134 Stauffacher, Lynn M. 163, 217 Stawicki, Tom Daniel 148 Stawiicki, Wanda K. 148 Stee1e,Julia A. 163, 217 Steffe, Lisa R. 148 Steffenson, Randall W. 107 Steffenson, Stephen M. 163 Steger, Tammy S. 163 Stein, Richard Allen 134, 210 Stephens, jill A. 148 Stephens, Micheal D. 134 Stephenson, Ann L, 163, 221 Stephenson, Lori j. 148, 220 Stevens, john W. 163 Stewart, Christine M. 107, 186, 33 St. George, Stacy 148, 222, 223, 33 Stickrod, Deanna L, 107 Stiegel, Eric W. 148, 28 Stiles, Tracey Denise 134, 59, 214 Stillwell, Crystal Rene 134 Stingley, Pamela S. 163 Stock, Randy 107 Stogdell, Cheryl A. 163 Stogsdill, Richard 107 Stogsdill, Wayne Alen 134 Stolze, Tammy D, 107, S5 Stone, Pamela Lee 107, 220 Stone, Pegge L. 148 Stone, Ronald A. 163, 210, 217 Stoneburg, Donald H. 134, 36 Stoneburner, Michael 107, 226 Stoneburner, Sherri L. 148, 214, 216 Stoner, Todd L. 163 Stopoulos, Steven B. 107 Stout, Bradley Allen Stout, Leonard P. 148 Stout, Lynn H. 163 Stout, Marguerita A, 163 Stout, Rhonda L. 163 Stout, Sherri Diana 107 Stout, Stuart D. 148 Stover, james Kelly 108 Strandgard, Alan D. 148 Stratton, Rachelle M, 187, 163 Streeter, jeffery R. 163, 25 Streeter, Kevin Ray 108 Streitmatter, Loriann 108 Streitmatter, Scott G. 148 Stribling, Bradley j. Stribling, Kelly Anne 108 Student Council 194, 195 Stulir, Scott j, 148, 24, 220 Stumphy, Dan G. 163, 217 Stwalley, Glenda L. 148 Suchy, Brian Keith 108 Suhr, Karen L. 148, 58, 59 Rea - Suht 255 Suhr, Leroy Martin 134 Suits, Candace 145 Sullivan, Mark L. 108 Summers, Stephen P. 163 Sumner, Hope 134 Sunderland, Lisa Jean 108 Sutton, Carolyn Sue 63, 134, 55 Sutton, David W. 163 Sutton, Mary Martha 134 Swanson, Christopher 108, 220 Swanson, Christopher D. 148, 214, 22 Wessels, Bradley S. 165 Swanson, Douglas H. 148, 57 Swanson, Rebecca Lynn 134 Swanson, Scott R. 163 Swanson, Tamee Lee 108, 222, 223 Swanson, Timothy S. Swanson, Todd Steven 108 Swartout, Kevin R. SweEl'lBY.J3I1l C. 5, 17, 108, 40, 41, 111 207 Sweeney, Thomas W. 148, 24, 35 Swift, William B. 149 Switzer, Connie Sue 134 T Talak, Janelle M. 149, 60, 61, 220 Talarico, Mary Jo 108 Talbot, Edward D. 163 Talley, Lynda Rene 63, 123, 62, 69, B6. 108, 142, 159, 231, 116, 118, 206, 207 Terry, Michelle R. 149 Warre 169, 200 Tallman, Tim M. 134, 220 Tank, Brian James 134 Tapia, Edward V. 149,, 45, 50, 214 Tapia, John Glenn 134- Tapia, Jorge 134, 24 Tapia, Joseph 108 Tapia, Mark A. 163 Tapscott, Penny 163, 214, 217 Tarrant, Robert L, 149 Tate, Robert C. 163 Taulbee, Tanlbee, Brian Keith 134 Scott K. 163, 217 Tavoularis, Peter C. 149, 24 Taylor, Debra Jo 108, 193 ' Taylor, Scott T. 164, 35 Tchoryk, Leann 149 Teager, Brian D. 149 Tegge, William F. 109, 193 Temple, Denise M. 149 Tennant, Terronez Kim E. 164, 52 , Alex 17, '109, 24, zz, ua Terronez, Ann 109 Terronez , Frances J. 109 Terronez, Lydia A. 164, Terronez, Manuel l. 164, 39 Terronez, Mathew L. 164, 56, 57 Ter ronez , Raymond A. 149, 38 Terronez, Rebecca J. 109 Terronez, Regina Terronez, Sefe Pedro 109 Terry, Nancy Renee 109 Theim, Nick 50 Theuninck, Randy Joe 134, 24, 207 Thiem, Lisa A. 149, 60 Thiem, Robert M. 164, 25, 48, 51, 217 Thodos, John S. 149 Thomas, David 164 Thomas, Lori K. 149 Thomas, Scott 221 Thomas, Steven Wayne 109, 220 Thomas, Timothy A. 164, 25, 48, 51 Thompson, Cayla Lynn 109, 193 Thompson, Regina Marie 134 Thornton, Shelly R. 149, 29 Thorpe, Kevin R. 149, 24, 48, 50 Thruman, Elizabeth Ann 134 Tieman, Lisa A. 149 256 Suht - Zywoot Tillberg, Lissa M. 149, 220 Tillison, Angela Kay 110, 193 Tingle, Rex L. 149, 220 Tinker, Vern A. 164 Tipton, Tammy Lynn Tittle, Richard D. 112, 193 Tittsworth, Sandra D. 164 Titus, Jodie L. 149, 33 Titus, RiCli A. 149, 35, 56, 57 Togami, Elizabeth K. 149, 52 Togami, James Kory 17k 110, 24, 116 45, 49 Tolliver, Kurt A. 164, 217i Townsell, David 149 Townsell, Frank Jr. 134 Townsend, Ariane I. 134, 199 Trackettes 55 Traman, Roger D. 164 Treftz, Frank 134 Tribbett, William L. 164 Tribble, Lisa P. 164 Trice, Harman 217 Trich, Carolyn A. 110 Trimby, Ursula A. 164 Tripp, Toni L. 134, 146, 222, 223, 224. 226, 229 Tristan, Elida 164 Tristan, Norma 134 Trouesdale, Allison A. 110 Trout, Diana M. 149 Trout, Mary E. 149 Turner, Carolyn K. 63, 164 Turner, James L, 149 Turner, Teresa V. 149, 214, 216 Turner, Tina Lisa 134, 214 Tuttle, Brian Thompson 134 Tworek, Cheryl A. 164, 220 Tyler, Bernice C. 110, 193 Tyler, Sandra Lynn 134 Tyner, Debra L. 149 Tysma, John A. 110 'U Upton, James E. 149 Utley, Dawn M. 164 I u.T.i-is. visitors to Rotary zos, 209 Urzell, Karen J. A164 V Vaccaro, Jeffrey J. 134, Valdez, Florentina J. 149 Valdez, Teofilo Jr, 110, 193 Vallejo, Janette J. 135 Vallejo, Patty 135 Vallejo, Lawrence P. Vanbelle. Michael J. 110, 222, 223, 209, 224, 226, 227, 229 Vandeventer, Brian J. 135 Vandewiele, Nancy J. 110 Vandusen, Gregory D. 135 Vanhecke, Bruce R. 135 Vanhecke, Gregory M. 164, 25, 51, 217 Vanhouten, Arthur L. 149 Vanhouten, Marisean L 164 Vanklavern, Janene R. 149 Vanklavern, Robin L. 164 Vanlanduyt, Judy Lynn 135 Vanneste, Jacqueline M. 135 Vanrycke, Clifford N. 164 Vanspeybroeck, Marcia 135 Vanthorre, Lisa M. 149 Vanthorre, Troy P. 111, 55 Vantieghem, Darin J. 111, 231 Vantieghem, Shari L. 164 Vanvooren, Robert A. 164, 39 Vanwatermeulen, Cynthia 135 Vanwatermeulen, Ronald 149 VanWinkle, Ciary 164 Vanzuiden, Cindy Lee 135 Vanzuiden, Robbin L. 164 Varble, Randy E. 149, 214, zie Varnes, STeven L. 149, 214, 216 Vaughn, Janice Kay 135 Vaughn, Robert L. 164 Vaughn, Ronald M. Veloz, Maria F. 111 Verdugo, George Vergan Vergan Vergan e. Jeffery Dle 135 e, Lori A. 150 e, Margaret D. 111 Verlinden, Carrie A. 164, 214, 217 Verlinden, Christine M. 150 Watters, Rodney S. 135 Watts, Kenneth 111 Watts, Kevin Arthur Webb, Brian C. 150 Webster, David C. Webster, Elizabeth M. Weideman, Mark W. 111, 119 Weideman, Mary E. 150 Weideman, Rick A. 165, 217 Weighall, Ricky L. 165 Weimer, Terry 150 Weintraut, Elizabeth A. 135 Willis, Cary J. Wilson, Clarence Wilson, David R. 65 Wilson, Edward Michael 136 Wilson Wilson Wilson , Michael D. 136 , Pamela Jo 136, 214 , Pamela Sue 136 Wilson, Rhonda R. 151 Wilson, Theresa Marie 136, 193 Wilson Windla ,Thomas C. 112 nd, Kathleen 112 Vershaw, Harry C 164 25 51 Vershaw, Timothy L. 150, 34, 35, 56, enneth C. 135 Versluys, Edward J. 135 Verstreater, Beth Anne 135, 214 Verstreater, Scott C. 150, 48, 50, 220 Vervaecke, Mark Donald 135 Via, Judy S. 63, 164 Via, Tammie S. 150, 217 Vidmar, Carolyn J. 150 Vinzant, Scott M. 150 Volk, Christine K. 164, 220 Volkers, Katie 135 Volkers, Annette 135 Vollrath, Kirk C. 150, 24 Volleyball 62, 63 Vermeire, Becky 135, 226, 227 K Versluis, Weiss, Charles J. 111, 193 Weiss, Daniel L. 150, 24 Weiss, Tom 38 Welch, Diane M. 150 Welch, Dianna M. 150 Wells, Melody M. Wells, Penny Jo 111 Wells, Shelly 26, 226, 51, 214, 21.7 Wells, Sherry Diane 165 Welsh, Lori Ann 136 Welsh, Michael J. 165 Welsh, Rhonda 111 Welsh, Rhonda Rea Wesolowski, Terry A. 165 West, Kenton C. West, Kevin Dean 136 Voltz, Andrea Ellen 111 Voorhis, Candy Jean 135 Voorhis, Mark S. 150 Vrisiotis, Tula 150 Vyncke, Joel F. 164, 220 Vyncke, Julie L. 164, 220 Vyncke, Kelly M. 165 Vyncke, Kerrie T. 165, 220 Vyncke, Susan Marie 62, 135. 32. 207 W Waeyaert, Randy Gale 135 Waeyaert, Timothy S. 165, 25, 38 Walker, Eric 135, 24, 23, 36, 56. 57 Walker, Jeffrey A. 150, 48, 50 Walker, Rosemary 135, 186 Walker, Timothy A. 150, 214, 216 Wallac Wallac e, Shawn P. 165 e, Todd Allan 135 Walter, Robert STeven 135 Walton, Deanitra R. 165 Walton, Veronica D. 135 Walz, David A. 150, 38 Walz, Joni Lynn 111 Wamser, Jeffrey T. 150 Wara, Randy R. iso, 24, 45, so, 221 220 Ward, Constance E. 165, 2.20 Ward, Gregory Joseph 135 Ward, James C. 150. 220 Ward, Lori A. 165 Ward, Martin Harvey 135 Ward, Patrick J. 150 Ward, Richard D. 150 Ward, Robin K. 165 Ward, William 135 n, Sandy Kay 135 West, Kim 136 Weston, David Dwayne 136 Weston, Lori A. 165 Wheeler, Candace 150 Wheeler, Julie M. 111, 193 Wheeler, Kathleena K. 165, 186 Whipple, Jeffrey A. 150 Whipple. Randy A. 165 Whipple, Ronald Eugene 136, 193 White, Iames E4150, 24 White, Paula 150 Whitehall, Karen Ann 136, 193 wtiiietiair, -Kevin L. res, 51 wiiioiiiiii. L. iso Whitehall,-Troy Thomas 136 Whitney, Gayeila-165, 22.2, 123, 226. 204. 214,'ii1v' 1 Whitney, Pam Sue 136. 186 Whittington, Tina A. 150 Wicketsham, Tina A. 150 Wickersham, Louise A. 150 Widmer, Kurt E. 150 Wiedenmann, Cheryl L. 135, 150, 186, 58 Wiedenmann, Jeff D. 111, 219. 201, 221, 220 Wiedenmann, Karen A. 21, 152, 186, 32, 33, 1.99, 59 Wiegel, Kurtis Alan 136, 24, 23 Wiemers, Michael W, 112 Wiese, Henry F. Wiese, Perry Wilcox, Elizabeth J. 136, 186 Wilcox, Teresa Marie 112 Wilkinson, Phillip K. 112 Willet, Cary 112 Winfree, Bryan Jerry 136 Winfree, Cary N. 165 Winger, Paula S. 165 Winthurst, Allen L. 151, 220 Winthurst, Diana L. 165 Wirtz, Christine Sue 112, 207, 52 Wirtz, Laurie A. 151, 226, 227, 51, 52 Wise, Kevin D. 165, 217 Wise, Thomas P. 165 Wishmeyer, Kimberly L. Witt, Roger L. 151 Witt, Sandra J. 165 Witt, Teresa L. Witte, Rebecca L. 193 Wittekind, Jean Ann 122, 136, 220 Wolf, Beth A. 165, 217 Wolf, Michael Dean 136, 210, 211 Wolfe, Lisa Jane 136 Wolfe, Lynette M. 165, 27, 41 Womac, William Fred 136 Womack, Diana 151, 165 Womack, Dwain J. Woodard, Carl 112 Woodhurst, Dawn R. 165 Woodruff, Kristin J. 151, 156, 33, 199 Woods, Christine M. 165 Woods. Wellington W. 165, 220 Woolsey, Timothy C. Wrestlerettes Wrestling 48, 49, 50, 51 Wrestling Cheereladers 52, S3 Wright, Dave E. 25 Wright, Theresa Wright, Tracey R. 151, 51 Wyatt, Richard A. 165 Wyers, Kevin 136 Wyrick, Christine L. 136 Y Yang, Chue Yates, Darin K. 151 Young, Dwayne L. Young, Dwight 136 Young, Kimberly Jean 112, 220 Z Zagert, Lisa A. 165, 33 Zaragoza, Juan Victor 136 Zarlatanes, Gina Anne 112, 55 Zesiger, Robert D. 165, 210 Ziegler, Andrea Dee 131, 136 Ziegler, David William 136, 35, 36 Ziegler, Debra K. 165 Ziegler, Sandy Lynn 136 Ziegler, Weber Ted 113, 116 Zimmer, Amy E. 151 Warstler, Brian W. 111 Wassell, Russell Ray 135 Wassell, Tanya R. Waters, Diane Kay 111 Waters, Jane E, 165, 214, 217 Watford, Audrey Louise 135 Watson, Aquilla L. 150, 214, 217 Watson, James M. 165 Watson, Joey W. Watson, Michael 150 Watson, Peggy L. 165 Watson, Robert 25 Watson, Tammy D. Willet, Larry A. 151 Willey, Cindy J. Williams, Chad A. 112, 24 Williams Jane E. 136 Williams, Janet Kay 112 Williams, Melissa M. 136, 29, 220 Williams Melody C. 136 Williams, Robert T. 165 Williams, Rodney S. 161, 38 Williams, Scott A. 165, 25 Williams, SHerrie L. 165, 220 Williamson, James 112 Williamson, Voniciles L. 151 Zimmerman, Christine J. 151 Zimmerman, Mark Wayne 136, 36, E Zink, Mike Ray 136 Zmuda, Diane K. 113, 209, 207 Zmuda, Karen L. 151, 33 Zmuda, Mark A. 151, 24, 38 Zoller, Cynthia L. 165, 217 Zeller, Jeffrey Scott 6, 113, 222, 223, 199, 209, 224, 225, 226, 227 Zywot, Elizabeth L. 152, 165, 220 Zywot, Maryann 136, 222, 223, 191, 202, 203, 229

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