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I , Q3 5 Q mx QCX, U xf bfG bf13gJ1W 0 X W Q Z N 6593 fy JD LVW1'UjVjff'l iff W' JJ WN ,M 40 WWL kjxffgjirtgfq 'lv ,ulffcfxjyd UQ 395. f, 41 9 4' . ff' Q M OSL K M J MJ MN f W Jimmy PW miwffe fmwfw .5 , ' c' A A F 235 Lil 591 F5 'M C32 52. W'- Q5 21' H1511 ' fl? Q' Li vw! Q2-fi G-fc, Rik .., 'N QC H 771g , Exit: wtf? ' Q 2 'him , A 25,62 if 5-E, fx ax p-larve P .Si?1f,e:fS3gyfm ski ve-S15 A ' ' v 1 f x A - ,- M - ,- A 1 JE S W immmuuaeumma sum sP fw b -urs - ' B - I bn, sms sums once nam 0 Z. cHmsTMAs Yvimowl xQ R1 if'En ncemucncv Halen movie LEATHER BUST U5 MMU Am, CASSIDY .umm PQQTEN COLLEQB Mm ln vou LIGHT up mv use CJARTER CBOOT CGUCFCFS Lxx N rf! Nw' D L,,o!3Cp KT of n I ,Q yy Vw fp X ,W Q but UJL Auf? vfiv M" 1' ,XV .Y - .ff J' A Q L 1 : xl M fi K cw X J Wy W Gy 5 3 Qbwfw WVOCDWU Ik, U if 59 xg' Jgf, ,H bf .Lf O WMQWJMQQAQQQ 'I J ' .LL KN X L L' V yr W1 if s, JY Q-f -Q XI JJ L 4 . U . is Lv Q3 A N , FX KW' W wav fi xzjyq 'Q LJ Dfw O U X1 kv 1 'fl' X50 5' ' 'J 'A Um? M s V' Z A 1 V , ,, VVNJ 'R 1 -. 1 Qfjxx ffxxii SAA yy ff' .9 Fw U f X f 5 -Cf x K7 My S " M , jigv X- I wmv -'JT j V I V7 ' 1 5 T VV, Pk C Nj Hi! vw XD WN 1 'V A F vb! - 7 1 IR , ,' ' tk?Y'v 541112 t A 7 fe Xitjli- J wx' gtg "NJ AP, H A, U - Q-37? 2 ' ' Af , iii' qs- ' ff' off , Ng? I Lf," 1 llxilwjlf 5,11 1 Q, W J , ,,W 85 X ' 59 bow f1f2ff5?5Q?55g wssxifif if Q my 'W if fmbfggmaifi is Q YJ W wiigw fvgwgi A A X Kb gdgwysigg 5 W N gif! Q ffm ggi? 4?ff 6 S 5 76 I? X53 Wg! QW ffgsffllfbgi gg? 5 g,292Q5,W'f27,, QFWKFE, 5 ? 4? 24456 !Uf7fZyl?jC! 13' N N 'A in N M3 ii' Af i J , ,CY j 7 K nj 99 55 J G . 7 A .A , t ,cj TV-5 2 , 'w fx f Q 7. 3 Z qEh'7'7f7cf,gJ7 E J W? jf 1 , l Q 5 . H 6, C46 ff 35 ' X 5 55 5 QQPUSBET 5 5 was In 'AQ I lx' , M 3, 3 O 8 1 H .N sl l 5446 Wlaldwe, 766. 67244 VERYTHING'S H55 ,L,., , -a..,q AN".n5fQ1' 1. The King is Dead. 2. Who could better demonstrate the popularity of Bubble-Yum than lackie Feehan, junior? 3. Many people missed Farrah Fawcett-Majors when she lelt "Charlie's Angels." 4. Fleetwood Mac's album "Rumours" held first place on the charts for many weeks. 5. Vans became more popular than ever this year. 6. "Star Wars" became the biggest money-making movie of all times, with some students seeing it as many as twelve times. 2 Whats Different Divider Q fiif'ifl'W.. Q .Dill if I I 1 I . Iy 5, 4, If f H I I ' I If 'Y , I: A X VMI, Q, x , f ' I I - I r,' K4 , I A ' I ll I I ' 1 1 VY' K, . . 1 pm E ,b' X EIT 'Ii E E 9 I f 0233, 'xg Q . ' N.,- , xlffxzf Ax 'S I qi I .nf X, L., 1 3 MJ CC s 1: L.-LI is is is is is is is is is for DIFFERENT THINGS . .... 2 for INVOLVEMENT ..,. . . . 10 for FACES AND FRIENDS ...... 26 for FACULTY AND STAFF ..... 120 for ENTHUSIASM .. .... 142 Ior RIVALRY ... .... 170 for ENCDRE ..., 4... 2 I0 Ior NEW HORIZONS . . . . , . . 228 I0rTHEEND ....234 Whats Different Dlvader 3 COWL NECKS . . . IUMPERS . . . IEANS, STILL . . . UPSIDE-DOWN GLASSES . . . LONG SWEATERS . . . PEASANT LOOK . . . FLOWERS IN HER HAIR . . . 1. Fall sweaters are long, flowing and beautiful on Penny Wells. 2. lim Robbins and RuthAnn Keener say three-piece suits were their favorites for fall. 3. Blue-jean Boogie! 4. Ozzie Branch steps out with a shimmering top hal and cane, while Kathy Bunch, Mary Frank, and Amy Smith look great in their fall attire. 4 Fashions Of The Time 11-.5 if i I 4 'F a 3, in " ' 'ws' ,. 3 L as.. I , 511, ,,,,, if-gf, I, I ' A ,,. i- . mwfw-r -..... .Mm s '- acl Q 71 T '3 I- -1 -u 4' I Q at s' wif V . D Q mv f L-i . ivy ..f I wx.. 9 l f 3 il 5 X My f if i - EP . We v i . 1 .,, will .w .Q Whether they wore boots, suits, or long sweat- er, UT students adorned the halls with fashion! Styles change every year and this year was no different. Girls stopped hiding underneath slacks! Instead they slipped into stylish dresses and dressy three-piece suits. Guys, too, switched to three-piece suits, or iumpsuits. Fashion seemed important to the guys this year. A male student was even seen wearing a carnation in his lapel one day in the cafeteria. The only thing we can really predict about fashion is that it is always unpredictable. 1. Guess who's behind the specs? What does the "K" stand tor? The answer is all in the eyes. 2. What's tall fashion? lt's a striped sweater and a pair of chocolate cords for Lloyd Fletcher. lt's a iumpsuit guacho for Mary Beintema, a peas- ant top and skirt for lennifer Flowler, and a iumpsuit tor Earl Teague. 3. Whether it's fur, leather, or wool-Sue Sandoval, Kim Klinefelter, and Leonard Schwiegen have it all. Fashions Ot The Time 5 SWIMMING POOL CONSTRUCTION . . . MUD . . . INCONVENIENCE . . . HOPE . . . ANTICIPIITION HOCKEY GIRLS FIND NEW HOME . . . I M.. " I, I .I I' III IIIIII I I - , I I Q - Y KM' v I k X W I, XXXXX I II , I. " III II f I I IH! III " I -- - - f I 1 Nm . , 1 III MI 'Ii I IIIMII I' I 1 I ,141mw1M"' E -12 Q E' I I I Nw . I I E I IM-Ei , E , I I I I ,f If I I I I I N I , 1 fi E um SQA? II II V I I I I wmiumu -E - 5 II ,1 I "ITE ' u I - '11 -I MQIIII ' ,- , -. mmunuaslullllllslllflwl vllllm , 7 , E In 2 x S IIIIII If E I J I ,I,,IIIII H mm ,, III .. 3, ML if I. :ii ' i f-gwi , X , , .I -' A IIIIIIIAIIMVLIIIIIIIC If lat 5: I' ,E f M II + i IOOE I I ' I Q I p ' I H1 ,SE QV- in qi esf,f,I1f I' 41,4 '1i...-. 3 0 pr., A :gy T if - VE .rv-K EI '-iM++HE I fi E ,, , ,- I I ' f 'iw E77 M? II ,-sf -I' ji 'ay fff " -L xv Af Y N 1 J-Af--gdf"'ig,1i' 5 , A "" .0 ff I '-1,5522 5 H'-I I I' 'ji T-'III ,ll231Z I f 6 1- .id " V . I , ..f " I JL "Z" If -'iii' , , I, Z --1 UT' W D , ff I I ' N I I fff,-C , 'I X fy! IQ I., -I:-'W "" ETL' I ' ' ' I H' 5 4 I in M '-'-2' 7 S: Q :-v 4 -- 7 ' Qu I - -v-- """5"!-'fs ' f -.. ,gg s,.,4'E f ' 4 ,rf ., IfE ' ?fQ ff I. I 2 Vym. -. S- ,, ,- :ff 3 H ' Q 'ff--Y E I ,, '- Sig, Q- I 2 E f s H f ff, Q Wgm. A6I!'ii"'i E+ .X ., IIIA ig I f Ii' I J " II fkkx I I' 'II" 1 'V '- I I I 'fl ' I X R -IQ.-'E I -- ff ' .5-5245, f E' I I fa giwlfsxgl fs 'Q if f 2 5 71 A ,ff ' ' A K W' Q ' ff- mf-Nj' 'E E E fi N ,, I I 3 f . 4 E I we Jflf ' ,-'iv' 'fi 4 ,P'7, 1' ' -- ff!! ' ' ' E - I ,4': ','4 iw. 5 '-f . , X-xx - f' ' ' .X ,fc ww 73 f -if . it Af gy, - , If V- I I - I I sl- Q3 IPL- , NEI - .' , J- Xl '- it Z , ,1 17 , , ij, ',.-.af-ff l,f,:.-L' 4, "I ' I V ffv' I Q. N31 ja 'f " I g 11f"':" " Z!! 'I . 'E ' I - '-' .. .-'QQ' 4 , Y - 23,-q'!L - V , - . . , 'ad- C . 6 Swimming Pool 1. Heavy equipment came and went throughout the con- struction ot the pool. Z. Hockey players grumble as they walk through the mud ot what used to be their playing field. 3. It's hard to imagine that all this will lead to the beautiful pool pictured below. . ..- l . 4 4'A Y .gli-""', V Q. ,. A Xggq-X. ,ZZ 'V Xa XQLQX , ff' . . X . XX X X X7 S X trsigbg-il Y X X.. X X X X K I 11X g f K' A X '7.-3go5'i!f-Q'- 9. . X X XFX XX N xxx i X X X X X' Xl X i X XX s X -X XX X XXX d N XX A wal"fbi.-if.X"se . l ' X X X X X X x XX X I ' Qing. is gil -.5 JI,-L gf- Qk,IEn'.'t.G -. NX X' X X W' V '5 A--Pl'l'f1'i,w".WF."-Q". -..,,,Q N X X A A xl , XXX. ggi iyvai 5g??Li14i3Q.e26 f . X I Q --..,s xx X ' . ' XX X X X . N gN hgftgfsfwg? ' , 0'-'-f Q1 . ----. X . N - . . - . X X 4-.10 453 - -' X QQ-' '- I l'-X '---- l . . 0 W XS4 14-'...'5"F251tr1' '!""ai-".'f XX - .' Q V I ' A "9--1- - A K ' I 1 .-.nike-' fun X s gg - LUI -l X . X X e X ' . i SL: X ss. 'A-:'.g'gi'j. M 5,2 7- a ,A ff?--fe -f -W ' . l X' X X Y X i - '32-92.01 fill-' U .fi ef- fe- -9 a 1 XX X XM X X X X X s ' r 1 H Xt ,g . ' .1. X A ' , Z ." 1 ' I -15,1 . . ,. .- F , N 1 r'l,iji C ' - ---' lb fbi l - iilrlliiyil - 1 X ' if l f' - . Y I P ' I l Hi' fafzfar-iw 'W' '-'HM-:X 1 , XX . L' If' if . -. . ' XMI ""' ' f E mn!!-, . XQ . " .- I' ' Y ' ' 1 sl '- i ' ' '14 1 Q , E.. 5 -v V lliiiffia , nf. 5 'Zin I Igx, 'lg nga . Q. '- z 51,54 1 r , 1 Q-.img i f 1 X 'Fig s + - X -as ff -e in-.-. Q. i - 1- X-la ' W , s 1? X 4, , , . 22 "-2-' - Q 'fl ' f o -.. 9, M- 4. ,J , ee ' ' ze- - "2451f4,?19-f .ff f . f- - . ,ff -2. , , .- - N -- 1, q .Q , 7-iff ,Le ' ,1'?ii 753 ,AJ g . Mt-' 'f fs? . if f pf- fpff 4-ff" my .4-i.,.-. - . 2:1 'a f , fe - - s .fe -e , JL -gig: 1 - ,VY .-, J- ,K ,,.., P if K N , ,. "' - QM: ,,,,,g1: ' W f- , -' ' 5- '- ' - ' -:. if-'ff ,Y PA .I rf, X f - V: N . - """"" .2 ' r X ....-..--I--"""' f " ,ff - I l K X- I -,- lil-ff? if I fd, g, W -A., o il I I f W X X ff f . 'ff f if X XXXJ7 fwgwl . - if X X e. Xp. fl f mf ff X .- Xl 44,2 - -' .- . X ' 9' ' 'Stir--'fx 1 . , . - - ' ,XC mm! 2--v ay , XX .f .7 . , y g . Q .3 -.,. X 1 7,1 X V s X p X- as 2 - Xa -1 .1 7 - f'i,i .X K RX ff. X 'f if fffx ef W x V . X . V ff 'f -+75 J ' 341 "-- 'Xl ,if 0 . mid, KX . ,. XX lm,-, I 1 . -. ,ga - ""-' . X- N ggteaar.-1-sf., fi f, X X 14- - -. fr K x r-, 1 fp' v xy . Xxx . - wp- fn lg - - X 'X N 557 .2-1 , N Q- Rig-!P p-fy, e - x . W i l I, Ng- '+R Ti ' - Swimming Pool 7 NEW SUPERINTENDENT , . ,COMBINED ASSEMBLIES .. FOOTBALL VICTORY IN FIRST GIINIE .. Nor LUNCH sIIIIcrER DISCIPLINE Ltr -mana ' 1. North Campus and South Campus are joined together in the homecoming assembly for a change. 2. The enthusiasm at pep assemblies tops that ol recent years. 3. Students tagged George Coon. parking lot supervisor, with the name "Bulord." 4. Hot lunches invite students to stay in school at noon. 5. Victory lor Panthers in Game itll 6. Theresa Harker enioys pizza and milkshake tor her lunch break. 8 What s Different? IHIQ enum ,l"'-7' ..-- vi 'JL lt' N 415 'Wish f its qw V f gf- ,eff-ef M.. N I ..-wf"" W,.,,,..-arvr 'W get in 'G -:'l 3. 1 vi ,. Ft Everyone knew the year would be different, and it was. With a new superintendent came new rules, regulations, and lines to toe. Classes were fuller and students learned to accept responsibil- ity tor their actions. The year was different in so many ways . . . a hot lunch program, more and better assemblies, teachers in the hall between classes to smile and greet you, and in general an all-around good feeling. 1. North Campus students help to fill the gymnasium with cheers during the combined homecoming assembly. 2. Dr. Thomas Parker gradually becomes acquainted with all UT facilities, including the greenhouse where geraniums are in bloom. 3. Dr. Parker and Reinhard Thiel, foreign exchange student, enjoy the beautiful weather at the homecoming parade. What's Different? 9 EVERYTHINGFS Wli 'NG' A 3 1. Barb Miller and friends showed up in lull lorce lor nighttime float-building. 2. Some workers bent chicken wire while others papier macheed. 3. Michelle Poelvoorde is in a sticky situation. 4. Only 18 V2 hours until parade time. 5. The UT band was literally "all wet" alter rainy home games. 10 Student Life Divider v- 1- ky W-as ' 5 Emir p-4 'A r 4 r l l l I 1. Pep assemblies were better than ever this year. 2. Another iunior does her part to help win second place. 3. How much ot this spray paint do you think actually got on the float? Student Life Divider 11 sm ' ' 'ie ii -...,-1 ' f ' ilgfggr gl , :Z , L 31 +I 11+ H egg? W i in . W k 'E J' ?' 'E Wgm-wx -, W, A ,N s- 1 . r fu ,,,y, V 1 ,V-3 , WV 'lil' 'iff' 133 1WsgW,1 IW' MW' , Mk? M, ,H W X , u,wy1x Q1iaxxw"N , W l A, f Q , 2 if : xii , l Jilgffvr, , , ' f ' Q' .W un F1251 'L g wwx:1 EN V 1 E, W .A 2- ' E i, , V144 ' " , 2 'a 1 W V, . , , ', 1 ,v , fi ZW V 27637 -I .equi fw A W Q 1? 'Y in-.L :Q WM. M YV AW ' E I if - 2 Eg E"'i,, M " w 'Q ' " ' "YH 'NNN , 1 -'V f, N - f 1 V A H ' X I ,Wi N1 "M X ' QU V g ' Y ' HM -, n' N Y M Li ,ix " Y , 1 . -'iw 1. , 4 f . ., rw V- 'W 2 sm. , Wu ,Wi 14 Homecomvng Dance W igfmiiiiz 145 in KW ,sw Q me t f v 2 iq, N ff' Ciiudbles dance to "songs in the key of life." 2 Carol Bert. senior, and escorfrefiect back on ' .ull-fiiled homecoming 3 Di!k,CafISOn, as alwa aving a great time. 4 ' kffi!f5'L8gS Tammy .and Prince Bre V introduced. 5 Queen Mary and King Kai smile during wh is ill be one of the most Special moments of their lives. 6 Skyline editor, Annette Henry, relaxes at the dance after a hectic rob of covering homecoming activities. Homecoming Dance 15 A' 5 k Qjsi -' fill, .. an ki 1, G V"!vf v- f2 f,e43'4 W Homecoming 17 18 Dances CUPID AND COMPUTERS MATCH MATES FDR DANCES Valentine Dance Do you have the "Boogie Fever", Valentine? The Valentine Dance was held February 14 in the South Campus cafeteria. The dance was a disco, with KIIK disc jockey Rick McGuire as host. The dance was sponsored by Student Council, who also provided pretzels and potatoe chips for those with the munchies. Red and white streamers and a mirage of red hearts as decorations helped set the mood for love. ANN BARLOW Computer Dance Your date will be computed in approximately five seconds . . . and the computer reads: lohn McGeehee and Andrea Hoff a perfect match! lohn and Andrea were two of the many couples that attended the computer dance on January 19. The dance was a success! As Barb Miller said, "The dance was a good way to meet people. lt was very unique because we were one of the first schools to do something like this." Nancy VandeWiele said, t'lt's too had it limits the num- ber of people you could be matched up with." The group "Onex" were the entertainers for the evening, and whether your match was perfect or not, it really didn't matter. KERRY DUFF 1. Mr. lose Diaz is always a supporter of student council activities. 2. Mike McClure sees another dance through as president of student council. 3. "Love ls a Many Splendored Thing" was the feeling at the Sweetheart Dance, as Scott Culley and Sharon Holmes reign as King and Queen. 4. The Computer Dance matched such great couples as leff Benzon and Terry Dhaemers. 5. Don Allison and friends await their perfect matches. 'Q 4 V if ke' ik . 343 ' NR A e ,bpm .. g 1. 3 . C! Q me Nunn, . .ii . . I' .. . - . .RZ Xe f' , 3 6 rd wwf: 2 5' ffyx l X' 1 ' ' 1 1 D , 9 2 N P fa, il I '-. "W t if 1575. . E A l l l 1 l 4 K v 1. All those who attended the Computer Dance had fun comparing numbers to see who their "ideal mate" was. 2. Student Council puts on dances everyone enjoys. 3. The Computer Dance may become an annual event due to it's success. 4. The 1978 Prom is based on the theme "Gone with the Wind", with colors ot scarlet and ivory. 5. Closeness is a part at every dance. 6. The hallway is always the favorite gathering place before a dance. Dances A , 4 , at Y ' vi? I 1 X5 X t 'P , 1 t . v . 45 r I ,if 3' T , X .IQ K' f .anim it ,xc 55 Je! 1 ' 1 "3.?"" T r i its , 5 'f . , . ' X at t' f' Qi--... Skiing from a steep made slop , 1 iceskating in the moonlight, daredevil to- bogganing between the trees, snow sculpt- ing, snow mobiling, or plain ol' snowball fighting-they're all winter sports that UT students and faculty enioyed during the winter months. Fun is why these sports remain popular year after year. They are also, for the most part, inexpensive. The only winter sports that involve money are skiing and snowmobiling, though participants agree it's all worth it. Chestnut Mountain Ski Resort near Ga- lena, lllinois is the closest and most opu- lar resort for UT students. Skiing p ular- ity is by no means "going down-lQl'! More and more people are taking up this sport year after year. . Snowmobiling is on the rise oo, but is not so popular among UT students-mainly because a snowmobile is more expensive than the average student can afford. These average students stick to the old standbys-snowball fights, iceskating and sledding. The daredevils may try some- thing new like bumper skiing. BETH MARCH 20 Winter Sports 4 5 1' 1. The popular sport of skiing is enjoyed by Tony Castricone, senior. he is a frequent visitor to Vail, where he has taken lessons. Z. Brent Mosely takes advantage of the snow packing conditions and takes part in a snow ball light during lunch hour. 3. Tobogganing is lun for the "Boulder Twins", Steve Pratt and Chris Kickapoo. 4. lceskating is a favorite past time of speed skater Penny Draper. 5. lohn McGehee demonstrates his skiing style. Winter Sports Z1 .a:..' - , -' . . s f - 1',-1 1 .,, LL 1 - .K A I ..,, wx K fffssv. ' NY" ' Nqr , ..:- TA K. -, in 'Sk .,,. K .gb 5 -... ',-, .. '- ' ' se . 2 , . ' sss . ' If ,...- 3 Q 1 J . . X..L ... V -.... A N. ,... . -1 A ,,.. . -- - , . --f-- ' 1.. - .l,... l--rw x ' mi- fg ..... . , , .... . Ns , -,-. EQ A Q ,, . .- .. . 5 t Vh M ..,,,- K' ' LZL' ',i: .. , :www A K K, A We Baseball se one ofbthel any uys r i ... Mike Beam. . ieiii ...i luriiiii sdiifgml play beseball during the summers? . because it's fun." ' ' 2 Q. dai n the Sun.. :ying baseball. ..... whlfinot cool 0 go swimming? Llggm San- lfele eell f .r chez, Junior replied, "l swim to cool off on hot in days and l like to watch the bikinis go by." gsm KERRY DUFF li 'Wi i,... ...s , i 'kgyz -f Z2 Summer Sports ..x :, . Zh. ' . ... .. , . ER, qk A an ' SCHO0L'S out? sPoR1s FILL summfa vom 1 3 ! 5 and downs. . . ,miii Ziffh t,f E,, . ,,, :g. i 5 M W 1 A M i . - A' W . L-.. , Q, L, Q fm X AA . ...-, . ' ,AA' A . 24.121ggfmggf--4151 x... 11-If --..f ,f - 11 ' ' i g A -gh' 'Q 1 Q A k - :s11Eg,,3 kk: A K .,Lk ,ii .. K A A A M " x -... 'KL. .. ..,, " ' L' " Y A ' Q" S W.W:1 gi Q Z X "h - Pf --" . . , f A A I , I . K Q , , 3 . ,,, . M m,x . I.fi12i ,si nv Jw n . ffl: Jffzxz' ' L wx: f f , I f f Q i fl , . . - 2 'Q X lk Summer Sports 5 ff ' ' 'gi W Y QQ Q w h Rfk R 31: iw. 5 In . ig. W ,Q 5' 3 N X 4- 1 N-.K N. iv? ' Q if fig as . ,... E x ,ymgg -- Q f 4 I .,,,,,, , M W ,QA M rs-8' 5 , . ... J I i hot-rod c e uisehge me-H - - e -'F rw g-up thdr engines iust to show what they to find someone after the you re broke there is eat - fake a birthday at a quarter-pounder person? McDonalds. 4. Hungry Hobo deciding where to go: H seats for the ,gh -QQ ' Joes. a game, :Li the munchies" of even the biggest eaters. S After Game 25 :MQ NANKNX SW" iw-vwt.,,. VERYTHINGRS UDDI? L 2 1 4 nv or Q n v ri' 4 1. loe Coins and company tomd it hard to stay out ot trouble il thei f0ll-Yhttil' jeemp. 2. Robin Davis seems to be thinking "only 99 more days left of school." 3. Hey! l'm sqaposed to be SKYLINE photographer , . A not you! 4. Four ot Ah. Conger's prize jounaism students pose with their dass mascot. 5. ll dressed up with no place to go. 26 Student Body Dmder Wy- 14. 4 Q 5 4 IE,y ,,g 5 i lt' WW' as ., Q1 ,,.. u 1. Seven guys and one girl? Some girls have all the luck! 2. Carla Perry listens intently to "The Shadow." 3. Steve Dusslieres' wry wit continues to entertain UT students. 4. Someday maybe they'II get this ala carte business straight- ened out. vi K at X F ,E X EWR '2 5 i se wa . .S - ,M t '." I L l ,,.1 i lii fi Q Q '34 Student Body Divider 27 WORKING HRRD FOR SCHOOL This year s council is really a working bunch of irids comments Scott Culley senior class president. The officers are happier with the coun- cil members this year than they have been in the past. They all agree that there are more members this year who are willing to work for the schooi. The senior class officers Scott Colley presi- dent' Karee Neihergall vice-president' loan Nich- olson, secretaryg and Laurie Lapaczonek, treasur- er have a variety of interests, Scott likes to keep busy with a job and the responsibilities of senior class president. He is very interested in music and has participated in O.T's bands for four years. He has sung in the choir for two years. Scott was selected for the United States i-tenor Baer! and also for the Music Halt of Fame. l-ie intends to go to college after high school to study ministry. Vice-presiderit Karee Neibergai! s main interest is athletics. She often bowis but enjoys all sports. Keree is also as vohmteer for the Youth Service Bereau. Theater is the main interest ot loan Nicholson, secretary. Ioanacts as essistant director under Mr. Schrriidt..She hesspertorrraed at the Qoad-City Music Goiidfeadjiaesehad roles in U.T's produce tions. She. is elsorhissorianfof the Honor Society. 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Every com- mended student attained a score of 178 or higher, These students have demonstrated ex- ceptional academic promise. Commended students in the 1978 Merit Program are Grant! Julie Saciiett Tracy PEG' fbackj Steve Sutton - and Dale Morrow. Pictured with the students is Principal Stan Sos- nouski. '- ,L 3175 XX-....., Mxm f- x K I xv "P" 'ef 0 , ,nn .P N--fs I sb YN SUP was-'P' R., 'T Q if, 55 HO' w-. !"' 'fl Ks and NATION S TOP ONE PER CENT O ver one mlllson students from more than 17 500 secondary schools tools the PSATXNMSQT ln 19?6 Mark Henry and Tom Lampo were named fmalzsts m the Nlent Scholarship cnmpetstlon Over 14 060 finalists compete for the 1 000 Natlonal Meat S1 060 scholarships and 2 900 fouryear scholarshsps whlch are awarded ln the sprmg Rob Waiters, counselor, honors Mark Henry and Tom Lamps, fmalisis an the Meal Schnlafshlp compeixlmn 2 THEWRE s O sljl 3 fl . T T f T K A T , sfls lf I V l,ls,lss J 3 T T T U X, lsls if , f W , .I . I . X X-A F'-'Mghw 1 lf X X? 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KONNIE FLOYD lunior class officers are Bill Hughes president' Kory Togami vice-president' Rhonda Correll secretary' and Teri Greer treasurer. thank heavens lor Terry Greer. loe Adamson Paul Aden Marty Adlfinger David Ahlgren Danielle Ainley Lance Akers Frenando Alejo Lee Ales Christopher Allen Tammy Allen Brent Allmendinger Mary Alonzo Connie Anderson Donald Anderson Greg Anderson Laurie Anderson Myrna Anderson Renee Anderson Robert Anderson Debbie Andrew Faith Ashenhurst Andy Aspelmeier - She"Y 'ISP'U"f' , Angela Ayala il --" i W Sharon Bailey 'C' A Carolyn Baines .s Sandra Baker Amy Ball Mark Ballheimer Wendy Banks Rick Banta Ann Barlow Lynn Barnett Brenda Bates Todd Bagatelas xxx 'K ' Q , 'gif X - . S lf ...S ,6 ' V 5-' sm 1, me tx 5 .4 Q 2 B as gg, , Rfk . , r , . , vy w ' A ix 5 1. BJ -'ei 'f J X A fi' 'wg I gf it x. at E Y is ii .. ,E Q EMF 'V R ff' A I .P . , .,.k.,,a , NA m2K3N X. sf s 5 - be was If 1+ ee ggg X . UV L 5 .Q 7 : - K A' ff' sql . h x .. E 4 , me , +- . L4:?':iR3W ,V ' ,gg lawrence Bautista Shari Bealer Bill Beals lanelle Beckstrom Candy Belanger Bruce Bell Lois Bell Sheryl Bell Isabel Belman Mark Belman Barb Bennett Michele Bennett Kimberly Benson Tamara Benson Chara Benzon Michele Benzon Karen Bereczky Kathleen Bergez Barbara Bergmann Albert Bernal Rita Bernal Connie Beserra Joseph Billquist Robin Birdsley Nancy Blansett Robert Blansett Kevin Bloom David Blunk Patrick Bohlander Stacey Bollinger Brian Borzick Michelle Botta Georgia Bourboulas lody Bowers Woodrow Bowling Douglas Boyd Steven Boyer Cherie Branch Osborn Branch Scott Branch Stephen Brandom Melissa Brewer Gary Brinker Kathryn Brown Larry Brown Danny Bruce Tim Buller leltrey Burgess Brian Burlingame Michael Burton Darrell Bush Clinton Bushong loe Bussert Kim Butler Christopher Caldwell Denise Caldwell Carol Caleo Mike Cappaert lohn Carlson Gerald Carlson Brent Carmichael louise Carr Craig Carter luniors 79 Anna Castro Tony Castro Annette Catour Gary Champion Nedra Chandler lim Claeys Marvin Clark Perry Clark Sheryl Clark Carrie Clevenger Olivia Cleaves Dan Clements Jessie Cline Mark Coakley lots of fun could well have been the theme for the building of the junior class home- coming float. The theme actually was Elvis Pres- ley s Return to Sender . The workers took enjoyable breaks from twist- ing napkins and bending chicken wire by playing The students also amused themselves by sing- ing or dancing to the radio having a few spray paint fights running downtown for sandwiches or spying on the other floats. They even had a bout with a small mouse which they chased around the yard with a board and staple gun! Many students showed up to help with the float-building which took place at Mary and Edina Deiterich s house. The finished product even after all these crazy antics managed to capture second place in com- petition. ANN BARLOW Return to Sender won second place for the juniors. football and soccer, Brenda Cochran Stephen Cogdill Carol Cole Eileen Cole Carol Coleman Ramona Contreras Vickie Cooper Ken Corey Rhonda Correll ' Rick Coutteau Kris Cox Debra Craig Debbie Crampton Derrell Crawford lk- Michael Crayne Carl Cross Robert Cross leff Crow Cheryl Cunningham Phil Curless lohn Curtis . i -J ,qu K gg i , 4 L i EN' W is ff-5 o :W 'I f' sfff ff 1,1 4-ff 48 'lk r ,Q A fi W 4' QC K A 3 t if V '1' 6 f 'f f cf . wp: ,, 3 F' Q Q 'K .gn ti I Lisa Dahlberg Tim Dale Elaine Daugherty John Davis Kay Davis Norman Davis Robin Davis Amy Davison Christine Dawson Donald Dawson Pamela Dean Ann Debowski David Decker Lori Decker Kathy Deelsnyder Danny Defauw Frances DeKeyper Steven Dennis Constance DePorter Maurice Derammelaere Mike Derammelaere lela Derby Mary Desmet Teresa DeSpain Roxanne DeSplinter Denise Devos Albert Diaz Carol Dickson Edina Dieterich Mary Dieterich Patricia Dobbels Cynthia Dobrinske Scott Dolash Kenneth Dorman David Dowell Peggy Downing Eric Dozier John Draper William Draper Mario Duarte William Duck Kerry Dull Wayne Duncan Linda Duran Mike Durbin Gerald Durham Steven Dussliere Carrie Dzekunskas Pamela Eaton James Ebalo Bryan Edmunds Gary Ekin Raymond Eklol Glenn Ely Martin Engh Michael Epping Catherine Erichsen Janet Erickson Carlos Esparza Linda Fallon Jackie Feehan Joanne Feehan Tammy Feemster Juniors 81 8Z luniors sein Feller Richard Fernandez '-1 lohn Finger Sue Fink Andrew Finkbeiner A V Konnie Floyd . Denise Folker Mark Forbes Becky Foreman Cherise Ford Colleen Ford Rita Ford Keri Francois Mary Frank we A Lucinda Freeman Tina Friend David Fuller Larry Fuller Peggy Fulton Daniel Fulwiley Tasia Funteas X an FINGER PAINTS T0 OIL PAINTS Darrell Bush junior graduated from finger- painting long ago and now he enjoys oil painting. He likes to paint seascapes caricatures and cartoons. This artist has entered his paintings in various contests such as The Rock Island County Arts and Crafts Show. He won first place with a boat painting and third with a deer painting. Another contest he competed in was at The Garden Center Riverside Park. Darrell hopes that the institute ol Art in Chica' go will be the next step after high school. He would like to major in commercial art. No longer is Darrell smearing his crayons on walls. But look around you may see him painting murals on vans instead. IRMA ESCONTRIAS mari' 1, PV ,Q- K 2 1 X.. ' V' , -. y t iv 2 if L..- .lf- kilt Darrel Bush s painting have received attention from the local newspaper. .I left Gallaugher x Lisa Gallaugher i f- letf Gant .V f' X, Ray Garcia Larona Gardner V 4 E? V V Lisa Gehant . ' 5 Sheila Geiger Q wi A, . EI 'F I fi ma, -ew .:.,g: - Gxsojagjss-he f 4, If 5 "r'!1 Hr ,K ,l, ifL45,f pay "Q, f ' Q. F . ,. A M II E :I A u -5165. It 1 fmt ' ,ai 7 'Yr Q -Q j I X 1 tv' a We ezines J tw' L ff .. 1 '51 si X Rebbeca Gerstel -I I Rose Gibbs f Iames Girot K' Barbara Gomez " Edward Gomez Guadalupe Gomez Nicolas Gonzalez a 2 :I if g g X .,,, 1 fe- 2 X s 5 E Q E. Y lx ' , :cr 'L is iii? . C 5 M a X, 'Q c ,K fx-Xe N , A .... 1. .. .S - f X .sm 9 if l' cove 4 4 'er 4 i T In T 'QV x Q A.. f t fgf,-'1'f"j- , Y X g 2 , , as I 1 N Hy 1 t T A 1 -i W 5 5 'K 42.4. 'N Y th J N'- L K, fn Fi. i 2 ,Cl- X. ,,f.e'..., , X e Q. , '- .- Kr 5 isa ...' ' , 2: Lori Gorman Greg Graf Kathleen Gramadas lames Grant Sue Graves Curt Green linda Green Teresa Greer Gregory Griffin Phillip Griffith lohn Groth Brad Gross Todd Grove Patty Grubbs Michael Guenther Dave Guerrero Karin Hacker Bill Haggard David Hainy Randy Halsey Kathy Haney Robyn Hanna Milt Hanneman Melinda Hansen Deanne Hanson Daniel Hantz Mary Harder Dana Harmening Darcelle Harmon Kevin Harrington Bessie Harris Candy Hart Cindy Hart Jamie Hardin Michael Haskins Tony Hatfield Carmen Hay Sandra Hayes Brian Hayslett lanet Heald Becky Heatherly Belinda Hedges lisa Henderson Terry Henrichs David Herron Michael Hetzel Carol Heyninck Derrick Hicks Karla Hignight Dianna Hill lanalee Hill Susie Hill Karen Hines Donald Hintz Gerald Hoffman Michael Hoffman Lisa Holdorf Randy Holland Sharon Holmes Kathie Horton Frank Horvath Iulie Householder ludy Howk luniors 83 Cheryl Hudson 2 " Roxane Hudson ' 1 Bill Hughes '- Luther Hu hes V John Huizenga ' I George Hull r 5 f I wg .fwfr . , -Mr swf! , .. ff Q' Donna Hunt Kevin Irby re' Gregory Jackson M Diane Jacobs Mark Jacobs Za I Martin James -. 1 ',"- ' i W V .5,i 4' James Jesuit r William Hullhes ' 5 gr , x ' . .1 t, e if l 'N i : . 11553, .Win sign: ii" . ' " V KY v .,v. - x .fn ff ,Q f J A557 , i ' 1 1 V133 ' 2 1 4,4 , . . J ir f f. :fl ,V wr, ., f . if, is 3 a fl t gh ff! i J A J' ' 4 tl' T as . "fx 1 1 ' fun iff' as rorr J yy r JL - J' ffl' f' ,X r Tammy lobe Debbie Johnson Joel Johnson Laura Johnson Pat Johnson ' Rhonda Johnson Dean Jones a , f Y Q, rf 4 L f J ag? if if Robin Jones Tammy Jones Lynn Jorgensen Patricia Kalomas Helen Kavanaugh Ruthann Keener Rodger Keim - Norman Kelley Stephen Kermeen David Kershaw Chris Kespohl Jack Kettering f V . sys - :f- ,M . -I3 r " , .,, , ,an 1' . , A '- Z I f ' , . , 'i - 5 . Z 1 ll B 4 X? . sv M . 1 eg, gs? , . , . i'ii if .if 421:-1 ' -3 f' 1 a WW M "', ' 'V 2,21 ,ix I , vi, .5 r, ev.fd'l N. .5 g . 1' Y K ' L Y. r f e s Kimberl Ke es . Y: , Christopher lackapoo ' 3 " ...ui Derrick Hicks has boxed some ol the best boxers in the United States. llo feeling can give an athlete greater satis- fighting with some of the best boxers in the faction than knowing he is better prepared, both United States. Derrick has traveled to Ohio to RN' asssssssf physically and mentally, than his opponent. A compete at the Ohio State Fair, the largest boxing boxer, among all other sportsmen, strives to tournament in the lJ.S. He placed third in the UW' S reach this plateau. lightweight division of this tournament. arg 'Q Derrick Hicks, junior, is a boxer who knows the Derrick finished first in the lightweight division If' joy, sadness, and satisfaction that comes from of a sectional tournament in Silvis and placed his sport. second twice in the Junior Olympic tournament at g y Above all, he knows the importance of prac- Sterling in '76 and Jacksonville in '77. tice. Getting into the ring is only half the battle: Losing is a part of boxing and of life. But for a practice is the other half. Derrick sometimes well-trained boxer like Derrick Hicks, the wins are practices as much as fourteen hours a week. His not far apart. practice pays off by winning tournaments and STEVEN BOYER J i 84 Juniors J ,M 0 at ,ni ig ff ip' W c an 'aff' fp, fx A jf Ye ff' 1, ,,,, ,. . H1 W 'H 4 'Wk Q fi lykbr in si Jfcafgr V M271 M fu. MQ H ya , N ,f,, 5 1 , ,S H ,,1 me , a ,,,,, YI' Gail Kieffer Carla Killian Gregory Kinman lill Kipp Deborah Kirkhove Lisa Kitto Kim Klinefelter Scott Klouser Lori Koehler Barbara Korosec lohn Kratz loel Krogman Ronald Kuhn Rose Kupresin Lisa Kuse Jamie Laird loseph Lambert Dave Lambrecht Darrell Lampe Linda Lapaczonek Esther Larrison Gina Larrison Tammy Larrison Lori Larson William Layne Gregory Leach Teresa Leftvlich Sue Leihsing Brian Leslie Billy Lester Micheal Liggett Teresa Liggett Gary Lister lerome Lipes leffrey Loftin Lorenzo Lomas leffrey Longbons Ladislada Lopez Kelly Lothridge Kevin Lothridge Cheryl Lovell Carlis Lucas Diane Lucas Vickie Lucas Melanie Luce lames Ludin Tina Lueblre Sylvia Lueie Diann Lyon Teresa Lyon Jerald Lyphout lohnny Maldonado lanibeth Marr Patrick Martel Dana Martin Donna Martin leff Martin Susan Marlin Tamela Martin loseph Mascari Randall Massarolo Gerald Mathena lames McBorney Timothy McCarthy Regina McCorkle Jeffrey McCormick Randy McDanel Sandy McDaneI John McGehee Dori McHenry Ralph Mclntyre Jeffrey Mclntire Dorothy McNeal Kathi Meadows Kyle Meier Annette Mendoza Tim Merrill Laura Meyers Lambros Mihalopoulos Barbara Miller Bryan Miller Christina Miller Emily Miller Teresa Miller Vicki Miller Michael Minteer Sara Moomey David Moore Timothy Moore Jennifer Morgan Michael Morris Dennis Morrow James Morrow David Morse Tamara Morton Victoria Morton Scott Mosher Danny Motsinger Pamela Munos Leslie Murphy Mark Nagel Michele Neels Norman Neely Janice Nelson Joanne Nelson Carol Nemergulh Arthur Neumann Ronald Nickell Karen Nickens Dale Nordholm Gayla Nordholm Darrin Norin Gayle Nye John Odendahl Peggy Odendahl Brian Officer Grady 0'Mary Larry 0'Neil Jerry Orey Beth 0'Riley Richard Ornelis David Overfield Mark Owen James Palike Lester Palmer Angel Pancrazio K it like mother like daughter. Dad also plays sax and clarinet in his own hand. IT'S ALL IN THE FAMILY . . . THE SCOTT FAMILY THAT IS Chris Scott first place alto qualifying for Illinois All-State choir competition in Chicago is following in her mothers footsteps. Mrs. Gwen Scott attendance clerk at south campus has been a professional singer for many years. She sang on WOC-TV and Radio from 1956- 1960. In World War ll she sang in the Clinton Veterans Hospital. Mrs. Scott has been a member of the Quad City Music Guild for twenty years and is still very active. Shes performed in approximately 18 shows such as Follies Sound of Music Fiddler on the Roof and Mame. Her most recent role was this past summer when she played Mama Rose in Gypsy . Her daughter has played the flute and saxa- phone in the school band for six and seven years respectively. She has sung in choir for six years. Because of Chriss musical talent and her mother s influence she has developed an interest in the Quad City Music Guild. She has been going to the guild with her mother since the age of three. ln 1972 she worked backstage in her first show Fiddler on the Roof . Chris appeared in Gypsy and Take Me Along . Both Chris and Mom will appear in Kiss Me Kate at Music Guild this summer. KERRY DUFF . . A 'S I .2 , . . y . S Y Q . . D' . H H Al H H . . f - I 'VSA ' x it I Xa!!-A ,!, I f of ff ii.. leri Pankey lulie Passini Sheri Pate Elmer Peel Kathleen Penca Debra Pender Cathy Perkins Kent Perkins H . Dean Perry "1 Gayle Peterson Ar Jeffrey Petersen "f, David Piersall l 'N ' ,' Margaret Pierson or X 4.4. W V xne 'lt' 5- Q . W V. .. . 'Qc fe' re I .2 1. . Karla Pinner lill Piper Mark Pirmann Cheryl Pittman ludy Plotner Richard Pobanz Michelle Poelvoorde Kevin Pointer Ieffrey Ponce Kenneth Porter Steve Pratt Darrell Praught Tammy Praught Stephen Pruett Lawrence Pulliam Connie Purcell Darryl Purvis Kim Quigley Theresa Rada loseph Ragsdale Laurie Ralph Susan Randolph 88 Juniors Floyd Rasso Marcel Reasby Merri Redman lohn Reger Craig Remour Becky Reyna lames Reynolds lulie Reynolds Mary Reynolds lames Richardson Robin Rigg lana Ripple lames Robbins lohn Robers Steven Roberts Terresa Roberts Kristine Rodgers Frank Rogers Merry Rohweder lulie Romanowski Ray Ropp Vicki Ross Rick Rote Todd Rowan Dan Rowe lames Rutsaert Sara Salazar Thomas Sanchez Dawn Sanders Gary Sanders Lorinda Sanders Ralph Sanders Randy Sanders Darrell Sandner Lisa Sandoval William Schatti lohn Schaubroeck lulie Scholfield Martin Schotka lohn Schulte Cynthia Schultz lohn Schwaesdall Ricky Schwaesdall Leonard Schwigen Christine Scott leane Scott Theresa Scott Charles Seaman lames Seibert Dannette Senn Brad Settles Renee Sexton Rick Shamsie Michael Sharp Brenda Sheley Sherrie Shepard lerry Shreeves Tracy Sholl Gene Simpkins Donald Sims Kelly Sivertsen Heather Sloman Amy Smith is Q s ,fwzg M A ' V, - V he. ,, q.4k 41 gy .. V JL Q 1 1-My I 5 "'- V 95 2 eve' " .... e T 5' it Q 4 , ' A W., , A, 1 fi Q AE l'i . ie y 4 f r yy , if fe aff fi, ,fl 7 E i 5 , if i ' . . ,,,, ,,:,,A ,izg , W W , if-ff, ...ez -, 6 , , ifggfgiii M2 , , ,, .,, my Il t 73 I W i N , LI i 1 " ii ' 'A,A., , i 3 , 3 g I V ieggg I 5. ' , i ' . An all-around athlete Mark Owen has received 18 medals for wrestling. , :cya A H . kd? M f , 7 an . Wir' Beth Smith lleta Smith Kimberly Smith Oscar Snyder Timothy Snyder loy Sobottka Celia Solis Paul Soliz Milburne Spradling Dena Spurgetis Roy Stablein Randall Steffenson Christine Stewart Mike Stewart WRESTLER OWES SUCCESS T0 SPECIAL DIET AND DAD Jingle, iingle, jingle . . . a noise that's often heard in the halls of UT. But what is it? ls it a bell? ls it a chime? No it's Super-Owen, wearing his letter sweater laden with medals. Mark Owen, junior, has been wrestling for five years. In these five years he has received 18 medals. He wrestled in Wisconsin and Iowa during the summer, and he continues to wrestle in school during wrestling season. Mark's opponents have often been two to three years older than he. In the five years Mark has wrestled he has pinned over fifty opponents. Mark credits much of his success to his dad s help. My dad puts me on a diet consisting of meat lettuce and fruit. For V' we... . 'I a sweet, he makes me special cookies containing pre-digested protein and oatmeal," said Mark. Mark lifts weights to keep in shape for wres- tling. His favorite sport is body building, and he hopes to make a career of it. He lifts 18 hours a week during the summer and 6 hours a week during wrestling and football seasons. Mark bench presses 325 pounds and his goal is 400 pounds. He also hopes to be the Illinois State Champion again. This all-round athlete who received a varsity football letter his sophomore year has brought sports recognition to UT and himself. KERRY DUFF Deanna Stickrod Randy Stock Richard Stogsdill Tammy Stolze Pamela Stone Michael Stoneburner Steven Stopoulos Sherri Stout lames Stover 1 . Kevin Streeter f loriann Streitmatter I II't: I' Kelly Stribling '-za. fig. Brian Suchy ' Mark Sullivan Bill Somner Lisa Sonderland .I rev , if Q -5 , W , .f A. Chris Swanson Tamee Swanson lani Sweeney Mary Tolarico I " . , oi . " af Linda Talley luniors 89 90 luniors Debra Taylor Donna Taylor William Tegge Alex Terronez llnn Terronez Frances Terronez James Terronez Rebecca Terronez Nancy Terry Steven Thomas Gayla Thompson Angela Tillison Tammy Tipton Richard Tittle Kory Togami Frank Treftz Carolyn Trich lerry Tripp Allsion Trousedale Shari Turner Bernice Tyler lohn Tysma Michael Upton lohnny Vallejo Kevin Vankcker Michael VanBelle Bob VandeGeest Nancy VandeWiele Troy VanThorre Darin VanTieghem Ronald Vaughn Maria Veloz George Verdugo Andrea Voltz loni Walz Brian Warstler Diane Waters Michael Watson Kenneth Walts Penny Wells Rhonda Welsh Darrell West lulie Wheeler Robert Whitehair letl Wiedenmann Mark Wiedeman Michael Wiemers Phillip Wilkinson Gary Willet Chad Williams lan Williams James Williamson Gary Willis Thomas Wilson Kathleen Windland Christine Wirtz Robert Wise Theresa Woeckener Theresa Wright Kevin Wyers Kimberly Young Gina Zarlatanes Diana Zepeda ar-s 'Nr' uv ,t., . igr , , "1 My i '52 as Y' Hx I Q Y NF 55 -5 at Xt' J no , --K ' Q . T K3 gl H.. s s I vi a X- l K r as s s. Q ,V I3 I . , ,, r , 0, . k,,w,-A 1, , . .,... I, . . ess . so Q i' clai fr K 4 JN ' it Lvlbs, ' K 4 ,J ww FRU! 5 sms.: msvwwms. . 1 N' P VX lll.l mx ifrzf- G ' tri - M, , Q, rg. A ss Q' ak- ee 'lr 5 .4 s,-. ', . N QL? X 4 s li W. lmi-or . ,f R 7 Q -' ' W, NINK Q Y ' ' 'Ni K , i I . r W- f . -1 ,va ' K 1 r if s. we 'tr ' T Y T f""".f i A.. 1 'l ,. fe ' 'P' s M IT S N0 TOSS UP -J Robert Zepeda Ted Ziegler Diane Zmuda lettrey Zoller WHEN BRENT COMPETES sew? "1'l!m!hi.,f wwmdv Brent Allmendmger IS a state champron trrzbee thrower For most people throwmg a trlsbee rs some thang they don t do very much of But for Brent Allmendmger rumor the fnsbee IS a part of hrs What started as tosslng the tnsbee around ln the yard has developed mto the state lrlsbee champlonshlp tor Brent Hls flrst competltlon came against some area frlsbee tossers ln the Rock Island Whamo spon sered tournament on luly 29 1977 After clalmlng the overall champronshup ln Rock Island County Brent went on to North Chicago where he won the state tournament for his age group To wan the state tournament Brent was tested on has catchmg abllrty and throwmg accuracy The dustance of hrs wmmng fnsbee toss was 80 yards The summer of 77 state vlctory made a great rmpressron on Brents trlsbee throwmg career but as tor has future tossmgs they re kind of up rn the alr STEVE BOYER I Sheila Geiger a pretty picture 2 Everybody rs up and clappmg at one ot the pep assemblies 3 Why do the most Interesting jobs go to short guys? lunlors 91 92 Sophomores Donald Abbot Lorri Ackland Clifford Adams Tyrone Adams Dina Ader Karen Ahlgren Sharon Ahlgren Lloyd Ales Sylvia Allen Daniel Allison Raymond Allison Yolanda Alonso Anthony Anderson Bruce Anderson Donald Anderson lane Anderson Mark Anderson Richie Anderson Brian Armstrong Don Atwell Kimberly Avitt leanna Bailey lulia Baird Martin Ballard Kathleen Ballheimer Angela Banks Kathleen Banks Troy Banks Tony Bautista Cindy Beal Bob Belman William Bender Michelle Bennitt Sheri Bentley Karen Bergez Rhonda Berry Mary Bideaux lay Bjork Andy Blais Scott Blomme Keith Bogaert Thomas Bollaert Michael Boswak Michael Botta Evelyn Bowling Brian Boyer Caryn Boyer Susan Bradley Steven Bratton Robert Brewer Rebecca Brinker Timothy Britt Brad Brittenham Bob Brodersen Cynthia Brooke Constance Brown Gary Brown Georgia Brown Kelly Brown Randy Brown Theodore Brown Gregory Brumberg Suzanne Bruner if 'YL 'lv X 'G fr A K. B lux , r, ',:rr ff? -if-"31i1::3 .Iff . V QV +544 V 4' fa, A' S k , 4 Q f 'X 'Q 4 -.-r sa' , ., ,, will , .. fi 4 ,. . f ' ' ' 'vliigfpfp algal! .. fre r YQ 'av 2 A 4' r r iii! I e 41 C' f T, iry Z ., R 1 K 2 ,,-, 5. at W, , L , 417 aff? 7 -' ' 4' 3 . ' 'cw r I W Ar. I Q Vx X' f r' i 'K t' ., ,. ' a gar V ? rw 1 F get f AQM lla. RNA ,ff' I gy: jMf,.,'f"V .Y r X ,M ayray 4 ., ,. TE, ' 5 4 ? T ,P -Q , ,I :3' H 15297 ,, ' ' 1 'Sw A ,J , -my ,ai E, yr I Ta. , SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS I 7 W .H 57 xii , , 1 if is ,V 'T 'V'4-"54?ipzLth"":'?'6413 . , W WMMWL-M ,,,,, , I ttf,-ga it - ,pw if ' , I Q ee if-ff' 1 JW? AL .Q I f no if 3, cs If QW x . L I ' - , , j .. T L E Steve Bryan lulie Buchen Michael Buller Dawn Bunker Diane Burdick Douglas Burgess Wade Burklund E5 Scott Burmahl -L -. Michael Burney My f Mary Burns ' Darren Butler ff' ",,ii' Kim Butterfield J H 4' V, r ' t "i" .QM Q , M A 4, .. 5 . , H ., ,, A , at 1- f X fs, w , Y, ., Ze I 4 -1 , W Hourly we -V. 4 we A 2 gr "' Q + is ff I? B ar sf . I ata rrae t it TELL OF RESPONSIBILITIES Guy Cady Brenda Calhoun Carol Calsyn Rafael CalYillo Barbara Campbell Lonnie Cantrell Scott Carleton lanice Carlson Dan Carman Christine Carpentier Teresa Carr Steven Carter Scott Catlin lulia Catour Edward Cauwels lesse Chandler Marlow Charlton Kelly Christopher Steven Christensen Darryl Clark leanette Clark Robert Clark lane Claus Urer a Bug Mac and french frles Skyllne reporter Kerry Duff Interviewed the sophomore class offlcers to get an insight unto how It feels to be a class officer The reason l ran for office said President Kathy Mlletlch IS because It s my way to glve my most to the school Kathy has been on Student Councll for three years she served two years as president and one year as vice presr dent She most enjoys taking charge of the meet Tom Bollaert vice president is ln charge ol the sophomore committees Kelly Duff IS secre tary And Annette Nagel is treasurer All three say the best thing about being a class olflcer IS that they are close to the activities They also enjoy the leadership Each officer takes prlde in the responsibility he or she is given Whether it IS to take charge of the meeting handle correspondence or keep books on deposit slips these officers take pride ln the jobs they were elected to do KERRY DUFF ings and coordinating work on the float. Sophomores 93 STILL THE ONE SOPH THEME Amid a lot of laughing talking and shouting the sophomore class began their work on the float. After tearing down their framework and reconstructing it the sophomores were a day behind the rest of the classes causing them to work most diligently. Orleans hit song Still The One was chosen to be the theme for the sophomore float and they were oft and working after their slight delay. The usual stuffing of napkins was done along with the messy paper macheing. Even though it was cold outside the sophomores stuck with it. Brenda Glay stated lts absolutely freezing but kept right on working. As freshmen the sophomores placed fourth in float competition and this year they placed third. If the class of 1980 keeps on improving each year senior year should bring a great victory. CHERYL PITTMAN KERRY DUFF .-qw Still the One won third place ln the float competition. loseph Clements Elizabeth Coder Sara Coder Michael Coe W Thom Coker 'A Gareld Cole ' lulie Cole -. , ....:. V i . Q .... .. V .5 ...ye 1 ....l. . i s ..:ef s . 5 Rene Cole Eff ' . K' Q ' . Michelle Collins eff ' i . Allison Collinson L A 1 V Chris Columbia ' l . . :i'i s iss Al Comito R is ' s 7 Cynthia Cook , Q . ' 3 I Timothy Cook Susan Cope Gary Cornell Dan Coronell luventino Correa Sofia Correa Victor Correa loan Cosgrave Sheldon Coutteau Brock Coverdill Connie Cox Renita Craig Keith Cranon Lester Crew Beth Cronau K Victoria Crouse Andre Cuerington Douglas Cullet lohn Cullett s. loni Culley Leroy Cummings Richard Dale iff 'Sf ' .'L Je f ' g! A f av ' - 5.. 94 Sophomores gg - st ss Y gg x K -. we ee it E C s 5 it i' ' . s ss . X 1 gs -Q .aw Q Q... ' l .ik 'EET ?.. if RL 1585 'Jai fl' ,.... , R W , . . . x . W I - .Q , Hts' ' fi l is ,-1 -fee s . s Suzanne Damm Craig Daugherty Darrell Davis lerry Davis Marshall Dawson Marcia Deelsnyder Theresa Delauw lewely DeGraeve Vickie Deliryse Steve DeLaCruz loann Denato Mark DeMeulemeester lames DePorter Bruce DeRammelaere Debra Dekammelaere Robbie Dellalsche Thomas Dhaemers Henry Diaz Brenda Dickinson Robin Diehl lon Dixon lulie Dopler Chana Dormon Debra Dowell Debbie Drews Kelly Dutt Richard Dunn Robert Dussliere lean Durbin Nancy Eaton Brenda Eddleman Tim Egger Donald Eklof lonnie Eklof Ernest Elizondo Diana Engholm Valerie Engstrom Barbara Erickson Gregory Erickson Yolando Esparza Dana Espeland Eric Esperne lohnnie Etter Scott Etzel Shelly Evans linda Ewing Susan Faber Mary Farrell Theresa Fallon Carole Feehan Deborah Fells Sandra Ferguson Daniel Fernandez lulie Ferry Charles Fisher Perry Fisher Lloyd Fletcher Karen Flowers Lisa Forret Kathy Franks Melanie Franks Penny Frazee Sherry Frazier Christine Freeman John Friedrick Dawn Frowein Alan Funai Mark Gaddey Louise Gardner Stephanie Gardner is H S b ix lay Garner Barbra Garrett Joe Garza Linda Gatton Cynthia Gehant - Tammara George tai 5 Steven Gibbon .Ll ' It gm be ag YE te IT STARTED AS JUST A LITTLE MUSIC IN THE BASEMENT AND NOW IT S THE UT UNLIMITED BAND. I t all started when Bobo Butler, his father, and Andre Cuerington got together and played a little music. There was Darren on the lead guitar, Andre playing electric organ, and Mr. Butler play- ing bass guitar. Following that session Mr. Butler said, "Fellows, you ought,to get a drummer." Darren and Andre did iust that . .. and more . . . when they formed UT Unlimited Band. The band has been together for less than two years. The membership now stands at eight. The members, in addition to Darren and Andre, are Tyrone Adams, playing the bass guitar, Poncho Johnson, beating congosp Eddie Tapia, blowing trumpet, Joe Tapia, playing drums, and Tawana and Theresa Jackson, singing popular tunes. Between times spent on school work and var- ious sports activities, the band finds time to practice. The rule they've developed is, "School comes first, sports second, and the band third." Though the practices are few and tar between, the band manages to play the top hits. This makes the group favorites wherever they play - be it dances, parks, or talent shows. Not bad for a band that started with "just a little music in the basement." CHERYL PITTMAN Brenda Glanz Ron Goetz Roxie Golden Louis Gomez Marie Gongora Reynaldo Gonzales I. C. Gosa Bobo and the band tune up for a iam session It 1' l ' ff? "l Phillip cm .,...' ' '.' ' Howard Green Kevin Greer K " Ellen Gregory , tg ' , 1 Faith Griffen - f 3'-. ' Brad Gulick I ' I Dorann Gustafson Rebecca Guyton Lisa Haegeman Cynthia Hahn Dawn Hakeman Diane Hanna Patricia Hansen 96 Sophomores I 1 ... . .... XA N Qi . ii. SE it I t ul A Q J Q si Q B5- Ss. I XX x E 55 tw M Ne- Q .gs t 4 kgkk K I - 2? yi! A . 5, it at .ev 1 ,V I.,-ff.y,f,f4+sQ ' f How X P S , QL W2 ' So if 1:31 Y Teresa Hansen Sharon Hanson William Harding Patricia Harker Scott Harper lulie Harrington Marilyn Harris lerry Haskins Mark Haskins Terry Haskins Charles Hauser Teri Hay Cassie Hayes Virginia Hayes Belinda Haynes Teresa Hays Douglas Heald Mark Heald Todd Heitz Sheryl Held Amy Hemmingson Donald Henderson Beth Hendricks Scott Henry Magdalena Herrera Keith Herrington Katherine Hignight Kenneth Hill Sherrie Himioben Hope Hines Chad Hintze Aline Hocker Becky Hott Connie Hollman Michael Holland Lori Holmes letlery Honert William Honn Lynn Hooker Shirley Hoover Carol Howard Marla Howard Sam Howard Stephanie Howard Steve Howard Dane Howell Gina Howell Melody Hubbard Tracy Hubbard Pamela Hudson Carol Hughes Robert Humphrey Brian Hunter Martin Huyten Brent Ince Scott lngersoll lodi Irby Stephanie lsais Vickie lsbell Paul Ivanowski Masey lackson Tawana lackson Bill lacobs Michelle Jacques David Jacquin Lisa James Nancy Jaynes Alicia Jenkins Kimberly Jenkins Tracy Jensen Renee John Jay Johnson Jerald Johnson Kathryn Johnson Lisa Johnson Mark Johnson Regina Johnson Ronald Johnson Taquita Johnson Todd Johnson Don Johnston Darick Jones Julie Jones Laura Jones 6.- .X Y . 5, X., I . V . , N , ,W f 'I w t f! w K 9' all vom? ,-', . E dv ul? 'ke , f I 825535213 alll lll ll sooo mints CAN HAPPEN .,...y...,....,.y....... UN AROUND as WITH JEANETTE CLARK "' """' ""' , 'f' "" "" Countless hours ot practice paid oft for track- medley relays, second in the mile relay, and lirst , .. 'M .. ster Jeanette Clark when she and three other in the 880 relay. I ' members ofthe UT track team took tirst place at lt is very rare for a freshman to make varsity the 1977 Girls' State Track meet. squad ot any sport. lt is rarer for a freshman to 'T sg Voted Most Improved athlete of the '77 sea- be on the number one team in the state. 3 son, Jeanette practiced hours upon hours in prep- There is tremendous pressure at a state track y 8 .M aration for the highly competitive meet. 'tWhen I meet, but Jeanette endured it with this attitude: it I I R I realized that we were going to win, I knew that all "I was nervous and didn't know how to perform, I as .T those hours of practice had finally paid off", said so I just tried to be natural." Jeanette. That philosophy helped Jeanette lead the relay Jeanette ran in four events: 440-yard relay, team to the tirst team championship ever won by 880-yard medley relay, and the mile relay. a UT track team. . y The relay team placed third in the 440 and the CHERYL PITTMAN lses eell lefa As a freshman, Jeanette Clark was a member of the state championship track team. Marvin Jones Karen Juehring Carole Karnes Darla Kasten Tena Kaster Michael Kates Curtis Kave DonaldVKays Brian Keegan Gregory Keith Susan Kennedy John Kerschieter Sherri Killian William Kinney 98 Sophomores Saw 411' LN K' K . 'aaa 3 rt' il 5 K .v it 3 x s 3? S 5, 5- X , s w, .4- W, ' ' ' 'Q K , 9 ls. l F ' aww' x f f H t 4 3 R 5 -ll .'-. .f t L- l : Q -'T I, X se, . s sk s Q 1 5 KNO' F I KS ,qw 5 l A if ...,, f-l - 1 , ...,. Q Q, .,.,, . p f- Qc W1 is 'A ., ,:-5' , ,Q S Q gg B gg s , tx s .JW if , 'zzz Q .Q -12.31-K -K 5 N 'M M-.... A4 W5- Kerri Kipp Kathy Kirklin Wroy Kizer Terry Klelfner Edwin Koch Laurie Krack Ken Krause Kayla Krogman David Lamb Ann Lambrecht Roger Lampe Edward Lampo Kathy Lang Theresa Lang Miguel Lara Ricky Larrison Barry Laud Bryce Laud Lisa Lawson Robin Lawver Becky Leach Kristi Leanhart Lisa Lee Susan Lee Stephanie Lemmon Cory Lenger Susan Leslie lack Lester lenniter Lien Susan Linn Loria Littrell Michele Livingston Lori Lofgren loseph Longueville Rita Lopez lohn Ludin Kevin Lueders Lydia Lundeen Bernadette Lupinslti Susan Magana Vincent Manrrique Paul Martel Tina Martinez Albert Mascari Ladonna Mayer Troy Maylield Kerri McBride Sharon McBride Kathleen McCartin Cynthia McCord Lorrie McGee lohnny McGrath lenniler McHie Willard Mclntosh Mary Mclernon Cathy McMillin Susan McMillan Susan McNabb Angela McNulty Martha McPherson Eloise Medina Shari Mee Stoney Melvin Sophomores 99 Shannon Mercer Anne Mihalopoulos Sharie Mihalopoulos Yvonne Mihalopoulos Eric Mikita Katherine Miletich Kathleen Millen . if K S21 - -21542-' ffffl . fi e-' i ,.. 21 is? sfsrswaz 1-sgzzv Q . f ' ' 13 .. . 1, ., r - L N' Q . N 5 Fi flir "i' T I ' J ' Charles Miner ' . , Ronald Miller L Mike Millizer ' ' A H . Deborah Minteer 1' T' Rhonda Minteer N if V Katheleen Mitchell '-i" iiiii A Tia Mitchell -A Sheilai Moone Peter Moraetes lacquline Moreno Tom Morlord Timothy Morris Deborah Morrow Kathy Morrow Leslie Mose Michael Mueting Kelly Mulica Ginger Mullins Mario Munoz Dan Murphy Kelly Murphy Kenneth Myers Lisa Myers Annette Nagel Becky Needham David Neff Terry Nelson Teresa Newman WDQSQQ, I PRESUME1 W hen you want a radio you buy one Right? When Al Comrto sophomore wants a radio he makes one Al actually makes his own amateur radios and transceivers Al is a member of the Amateur Radio txplorers program in Sllvls and has a license to operate his own radios He also takes the electronics course at UT Talking to people across the United States is not unusual for Al He has talked to people from Marne to California He carries on an average conversation as WDQSQQ Although rates are not cheaper on the week ends and after 9 pm AI enroys this method of communication HEATHER SLOMAN fe my ei? - Q, X If Ila 'Y is Q Q- , t X . ri Se ll isfi , .., 1 '- X , A ,Stk if q 'S R . t 7 X T if T A A D i ph s,t. . an-1-g-i nf' Jil While other students have become interested rn CB radios Al Comrto spends his time with amateur radios l I r T I V . 4 - .... .,t,...,. T . s --I I , - tb V I 100 Sophomores es A Q ? sft P xx 5 ft X ge 3 g xt is c S t 5 L ' nf s Q ' D X in-vt I Q:-fr .fl - S K, ,a x E W Q1 r Af. ' Q, ' T 45 ..-7 1' an it . , arf' 1 .-VV t X S Q. fc, s Q -J s Q? i Q' , S Q5-J ,A Q ' as ' T? A, :4 .xt f In - - - s- - ff K gtg N Taley Ann Newton Olivia Nino Linda Nixon Katharina Noel Pamela Norgaard John Nyquist Kevin Officer Delia Oliva Dralia Oliva Curtis Olson lulie Oltman Scott Ornelis Christine Palmateer Arlan Palmer Steven Palmer left Papish Debora Parein Doug Parkhurst Ben Parsons David Parsons Susan Patch David Patrick Laura Paulin Richard Perry Barry Person Bruce Peters Sheila Peters Fleita Phelps Denette Phillips luanita Pierce Michael Pierson Kimberly Pisman Brian Ponce Kenneth Praught Mary Prescott lames Prettyman Stacy Propps Katherine Pruett Michael Quillin Pamela Quillin Alice Ragsdale loe Ramirez Anna Ramos Elda Ramos Lisa Rangel Maria Rangel Ann Rasso Frederick Ray Michael Ray Kathy Raymond Roxann Raymond Joanne Rea Karen Ream Kimberly Redman Robert Reed Vernon Reed Pam Reeves Barry Reuther Larry Reyna Nancy Ritle Kelly Riley Tim Ripka Ken Roberts Sophomores 101 102 Sophomores Nancy Robinson Thomas Robinson Denise Robinson Rebecca Rodgers Donald Rogers Rhonda Rogers lulia Romine Robin Rotz Mary Rundle Anthony Ryherd Lynda Sackett Dave Saelens Laura Sanders Pamela Sanders Debra Sanderson Mark Sandoval Pat Sandoval Teresa Sandoval Krystal Scall Deborah Scarsdale Theresa Schaecher Cindy Schafer Daniel Schafer Betsy Schatti Diane Schierer Alan Schoonover Ronald Schulte Tammy Schutt Bill Seaman Christine Sharp Kathy Sharp Beth Sheley Lawrence Sheppard letterey Shields Raymond Shreeves Leigh Shull Victoria Skiles Rodney Small Annette Smith lulie Sobottka Laura Soliz Susan Soliz Pam Sollenberger lohn Southerland lon Speer Andrea Sperry Edgar Spicer Greg Spicer left Sproul landi Stamatakis Melinda Stanley Tom Stawicki Michael Stephens Tracey Stiles Wayne Stogsdill Bryan Stone Donald Stoneburg Leroy Suhr Carolyn Sutton Mary Sutton Rebecca Swanson Gary Swilt Connie Switzer f ....i, . . -1 aj X3 N. M ff 'R exif be .X fl, , it Terry Shamsie runs 50 to 60 miles a week during cross- countrv season. FRESHMAN HARRIER SHAMSIE WINS VARSITY LETTER Terry Shamsie has a genuine love for run- ning. Terry runs iunior varsity and varsity cross country against people three to four years older than he. Terry freshman first got interested in dis- tance running two years ago and has progressed greatly since. Because cross country is a grueling sport requiring much stamina Terry practices almost everyday running a total of fifty to sixty miles a week during the season. Terry s biggest problem is his small size. When the course is flat he is outdistanced by longer- legged opponents. However running on hilly courses Terry has an advantage over the taller opponents. Cross country head coach Mr. Gary Phillips says about Terry: He s a good little runner. We ve only had four or five other freshmen to earn varsity cross country letters. As soon as he grows a bit hell be outstanding. Cross country is not Terry s first love. I like track a little better he says. When the spring track season begins Terry hopes to run the two- mile and the mile runs. Whether harrier or trackstar Terry Shamsie is sure to be one of UT s premiere runners. CHERYL PITTMAN 1 1 s wx 1 , 1 1 1 11 ,..-f-I ' 1 ii 11 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1, r .X. 4"9 NJ .Ju .-I Q. Tim Tallman Brian Tank loe Tapia lorge Tapia Brian Taulbee Mary Terronez Randy Theuninck Regina Thompson Barbara Thornhill Elizabeth Thruman Jeff Towne Frank Townsell Ariane Townsend Steve Traman Lorry Trauh Toni Tripp Norma Tristan Laurie Troutwine Tina Turner Brian Tuttle Sandy Tyler Kathy Utley lelf Vaccaro lanette Vallejo Patricia Vallejo Brian VanDeventer Bruce VanHecke ludy VanLanduyt lacqueline Vanneste Marcia VanSpreybreck Cynthia Vanwatermeulen Cindy Vanluiden lanice Vaughn left Vergane Becky Vermeire Sophomores 103 Kenneth Versluis Edward Versluys Beth Verstreater Mark Vervaecke Laura Volkers Sue Vyncke Randy Waeyaert Rosemary Walker Eric Walker Todd Wallace Robert Walter Veronica Walton Bill Ward Gregory Ward Martin Ward Peggy Ward Sandy Warren Russell Wassell Pam Watson Rodney Watters Kevin Watts Shawn Webster Elizabeth Weintraut lofi Welsh Kevin West Kimberly West David Weston Ronald Whipple Karen Whitehair Troy Whitehall Pam Whitney Kurt Wiegel Beth Wilcox lane Williams Melissa Williams Melody Williams Ross Williams Audrey Wilson Edward Wilson Michael Wilson Pamela Wilson Pam Wilson Theresa Wilson lean Wittekind Michael Wolt Dennis Woodhurst Christine Wyrick Sheila Yarbrough Dwight Young luan Zaragoza Roger Zeigler Andrea Zeigler David Zeigler Sandy Zeigler Christine Zimmerman Mark Dmmerman - s.,..,1,s,:sg:.S.gNs:, 1-f:sa'Q?eZ 13 2' - Q xi . . . . X . b 1,1 e . zz ' we 5 li. ig Y Sa, ' 5 4 S fy A izfsgg ll 'l f Q' lg ,ii fy W Jw ef MW-.. s T ,WJ I k1'ff1,1 ., , VA, V QQ, sz S DEE 5-I -Q -- ' 'K va 4--, ii ,. .ng X 1 Que' es Ia classe? 2 Who said sitting in the hack of the class has no advantages? 3 Everyone is working hardg it has to be a pose! Sophomores 105 Julie Ackeberg Debra Adams Brian Adlfinger Barbara Ainslie Susanne Aitken Robert Alden Beatriz Aleio Alan Anderson Jon Anderson Karen Anderson Robin Anderson Robert Annis Aretha Atwater John Austin Patricia Axiotis Paul Bagatelas Rosalind Bailey Tammy Ball James Barefoot Claudia Barnes Dustin Bealer Michael Beard David Beaver Scott Beaver Anthony Bell Timmy Bell Loretta Belman Tamera Benson Jeffrey Benzon Lorraine Bergevin Nancy Bergez Andrew Berglund Jaime Bernal Janet Bickford Richard Bideaux Joel Bjork Rebecca Blair Denis Blair Lori Blair Roger Blomberg Christine Bowling Dean Boyd Randall Bostic Christopher Bowker Jeffery Botkin Sherry Bobb Linda Brand Michael Brandle Carla Brandom Brenda Branham Christopher Brasel Ronald Breeden Crystal Briggs Monica Britt Ralph Brockrogge Diana Brown Gerald Brown Thomas Brown Scott Brunton Bradley Burmahl Rene Burnett Paula Bush Harold Butcher af, r ' 1' ef as f 4: ff as r U al- 4 5 X- M aear ' l L., r 5 :fr ' 5-so a ! U ' ::Htr:?" ,,-51555 1 r ew Z we au. M ar' 2Zr f f gi f' ' 'W www-afwf. I 112, 1 L L .: :2f:' z -ff : ,J 5, ,V 'w 1 x 'uk 1 it 'SA 1 ' M, Af' w r " Y is ,F iw ""' ,V Q Q ,,.,, ' egg 5 ' V 1, 'V Z. J I ra.-N, U i ' if A. f ' :S 5' E 5 I -. , I. f 5 C 1 -1, W1 QM ' .x,,A f C Scott Caldwell Robert Caleo . Michael Campbell f e Bertha Cantu -P E .i Lucille Camp A 35 X It Am, Cheryl Carlson H s - . at '. Patricia Carlson as eeeetee g ' 17 lames Carmichael aa W I Michell Carter . ' Suzanne Carton 5 'G' 1' Francis Castro f W :jew fum , Randall Catour "" .fs-if. - t fi" L l W . luan Cavazos -" .... :"'t"7w cccc 'QW sw t X... K A P i c r rc' ,1lf,-l E caa l U. ' iml,A ' J., C K Pamela Chance M E -r t ,Q v Rose Chandler i L ' ' , ' 'C Martha Chaney g K Timothy Charlson iii' f E " illl I 'F as X ' Edward Charlton Y g ' ' 3 , V 2 - . . lohanna Chester G3-J Wg. wi -'-1 Roy Christensen HEY, FRESHMEN GUYS. C ampaign buttons and posters filled the halls enjoys bike riding. of North Campus in the spring of '77, "Go With Cheryl Weidenmann arose as freshman class Melanie", said a colorful stoplight. "Write To The treasurer. Cheryl is a member of the girls' tennis Point With Maria", read another poster. The and track teams. votes were tallied, and Lisa Snauwert emerged as All four officers have previously been officers the freshman class president. lor their iunior high schools. Each admits that her Lisa, notone to sit around, is involved in many first impression of North Campus, with its long , activities. Gymnastics is an important part of her and winding halls, was a negative one. But now 5 life, as are cheerleading and playing the guitar. that they've adjusted to it, they share an optimise Q X ' After a close race, Melanie DeDecker was tic outlook. elected to the position of vice-president. Melanie The freshman student council is almost com- , if is a member of the golf team and also belongs to plete, but there's one thing missing . . . guys! ln Y-teens. the whole freshman student council, there is only ?f xg With lots of support, Maria Petaros was voted one male delegate. in as class secretary. An enthusiast, Maria is ANN BARLOW Freshman class officers are tfrontj Maria Petaros, Cheryl Wei- 'nvolved In field hockey and Softball. She also denmann, Lisa Snauwert, and Melanie DeDecker. , f "..i Q , , ,... , X William Claeys M ' S L Anita Clanton l te f' Mark Cla k ' Q3 1 as Debra Cleven er gX 'si 'gi "fi "kL . . g Q . , . Z 1, Patrica Cline ...f X ' 1 . - f C XR Steve clouw 1 .f tm. he dl' r- R f ,ser laura Cockgyham l suave' .... g 3 A L E a Tara Cole lim Collins Catherine Columbia Alisa Combs lerry Conner lavier Contreras ' Kimberly Cook Freshmen 107 108 Freshmen Scott Cook Kathleen Coon loseph Coopman Maxine Cordell Wally Cordell Bradly Corey Alice Correa Lori Coutteau Todd Covaull Lisa Cor Christi Crabtree Ricky Crew lawrence Crimmins William Crouse Karen Crow Penny Cullett Rose Cullison Carrie Cunningham Debbie Cummingham Glynis Cummings lohn Curtis Christine Cutler Brian Dahlstrom Timothy Daley Kathleen Damm Suzanne Darr Cindy Davis Linda Davis Randy Davis Ronda Davis Brett Dawson Kevin Dawson Martin DeBaillie letlrey DeBo Diane DeCock Beth DeCoster Mary DeDecker Melanie DeDecker Robert DeDecker Mario DeLaRosa Mark DeSpain Tracy DeTaeye Everett Dean lames DeBowski Tamara Derby Theresa Dhaemers Michael Dickson Nancy Doiel Sheltie Dolash Todd Dorbeck Kathy Doss Douglas Dowell Scott Downing Lonny Doxsee Curtis Drayer Robert Drew lim Dulin lohn DuPrey Linda Duarte Kimberly Dueysen lim Dulin Michael Duncan Gerald Durbin is? R' .r.. ,,r. if erte sf' '--' ' - - T ' . W Q' r 'if' -L. Q, 1 ' F N -- 1 5, X M I . r . , W r X 1.11. a t " A L? if -'r1, 1 , . i s vs 1- X .r.-- . fsvss .. I .- .-1 X --, ' 'L K in 'Q " s , - 5' r. ,. . A ' K Z 4 A .gf S+ -2 ., I 1 , r if 1 X - ' f i X7 g M1 3 tim! Aol x Y v J A ' t ' ssis . I . t jx is .acr 7 E2 M . M E K A 'mg S 5 .f N X c , r , , - J ' " - H it s...s -f . c , I ws V . X V -K, E g . K ' 1 P ' R X -- . X ax E s gk rs.. , Sr. W' X S 5 "" T T . K pq , N fiigfkfg-K If , ks ., . - -I .. wg 1 1 'jg X J 'lt ,K If K sc., ..,. K or- W' X .xx KKK I KX E ' i"i"' '- -- C"'7 e 9 s ' J 3 N Q as 1 . rf- asi S- 0 R . .,r, X 1 . -1, af' J ' 'X ' ,. s -, D a A ffl A T :L u sf . n +V e as.. I. , ask. " .,f' ,... W ' as S lk? fs- X J xr N,,'- , H x " ff. J E 5' ' , X "' Qs gA"" "Jigs :-sf X 'Q' N vs sz r 1 -rr-, Q , M Ji if x X ,ff 1,-Q. V E: Er: it KRS.. was x X 6, ' xsuisa tk ar if t N'A' ,, l mfs' gasses M U Ll si 5 ' is- gs K VXI - X aggsivgk W ,Q , fi if so s tm' 'I k-11N5i?V . MSW I I ' -as ss? X H. A' fix , , was .L., 5 A 'S X s s 5 ,lm , L ,,: , L,-11L1hW , - PLtlA ta' " so-5 1 - it ' I' L 4 L,1' 'C ,X an Marcia Dyche A , Thomas Dzekunskas , I N ' "" Anita Eddleman A F . 1 Todd Edwards f Randolph Eklof 1? it r -si as Ruin skier 5 Gary Eiiioii , Nancy Ely ' , lohn Emerson , :S .- Terry Engels f sg ' ' ' ' It Anthony Entrikin l,,, Doris Erickson . - ' - s Edwardo Esconlrias . A ..rr I L N f A Yrs i se secsefsww- 1 If is We FRESHMEN WIN FIRST PLACE WITH "COLD AS ICE" FLOAT Peter Esparza Carl Feasler lodie Feemaster Sherry Fenno Laura Fenten Seth Ferris Mary Finch D Micheal Finch Cynthia Finkbeiner V5 Richard Fleming , gg Hamid time LJ Robert Floyd 2 Roger Floyd i Nadine Fluegel Candi Forbes Kellie Ford Rick Ford Raleigh Francois Troy Frenell Fred Friend lames Fuller The freshman float was first-place winner in the homecoming parade. " Y ou're as Cold as Ice" if you don't know by now that the freshman class float won first place in class competition. Everyone involved with this freshman project was well-organized and worked hard to get the iob done. Although the title of their float was As Cold as Ice there was plenty of hot chocolate donat ed to keep them warm as toast Few people knew each other at the start of float building but everyone became friendly working side by side President of the float committee Lisa Snauwart said Everyone got along well and it wasn t just one group of friends it was a lot of people' The freshmen were pretty sure of themselves before they heard the final decision Their first experience with float building proved that they were no Foreigners Cthe group who recorded the recordj to homecoming activities KRIS COX . , ,, I H -'I .F ' 5 I ss s ' ' . . I . . 4 fi s .fxif Sig'-f"'U . .. ' - 78 IJ' ' 'MF' I , i v N F , . . . YY T71 R, A ,, 'Vi W ' L s I V-E A ll ' TT ' f , ,, z Q, if K A s J L s ' Q ' 1. Pirie! , , P WJ. , , . , 4 - - - ' ' . ' sf -- " I V. , 1 if - , Q s , . ' I ef is Freshmen 109 Tracey Wright is a natural born instructor on the balance eam. Frustated yet giggly nine girls line up awaiting their turns on the balance beam acrobat mat and parallel bars. No theyre not UT gym students. They are little girls between the ages of seven and ten. They are students in an acrobat class taught b Tracey Wright freshman at the Moline YWCA. Tracey has been taking gymnastics since she was tive-years-old. She started out with a somer- sault as did her own students. Now she is trying to master a fullback flip with a twist. Tracey practices four hours a week thinking ol and imitating her idol Nadia Comaneci. Tracey has no dreams ofthe olympics but she hopes to compete in gymnastics in the future. Tracey states: I m grateiul to my mother for starting me out in gymnastics as young as she did because I totally enjoy the sport' it keeps me in good condition' and I enjoy teaching children. KERRY DUFF sp., HER YOUNG STUDENTS DREAM OF NADIA AND THE OLYMPICS leanann Fuller ludy Fuller Toni Funai Cynthia Gallaugher Thomas Gant luanita Garcia Anna Garrett Christine Cass Sherri Gavin Annette Getty Karrie Ghys Linda Gibbs Dalynne Giles Andrea Gilman Mark Glass Gilbert Gomez Louis Gomez Yolanda Gonzalez left Gormon Karen Gorzney Peggy Gottmar lettrey Grasz letlrey Greer Cheryl Gripp Rod Gross Roxanne Gross Connie Gunneman Linda Gyenge Sharon Hacker Archie Hahn Daniel Hall Sheri Hall Candace Haney Kimberly Hanson Korky Hanson Freshmen 110 5 riesme. W , A- s If 1' ' " E ii 'X at R as X X XxX xx XX X XS S ESQ X c X X ix ' N 'N XN X XR, sf ,E .., X.... .. , . Y' is X t X if R W if X wif' , St Q N e fix 7'- ,: :f ' ' A' we ee ct .. ,,. it E sg 5 .11 'K lit - ' -15: H X A . ..., . Ti: . B AX se K' Rss 5 E X is -as 1, 243 : 1 11X .e N. A NX QT' t in X : Ya Q - "". ' ...iXi'i xg g Y Y .... X, I sfo .... XX- Y g kk N gaeesfqeggg MM t H T We 7 -1 fw f T K' lk . in ':.- 1 'Z .:. ,J ff' M.. mgcwfxx NYE L A - 1 f-vv W,f,.5 :fmwvrlffad ' '...' is V af 5' 1' .- l x L. U' , W 'K "'i ""'L1:' "'g:l"" fr "" ,i', . , P Deanna Harker Steven Harker Cindy Harrington Karen Harris Roderick Harris lean Hasenwinkel Daniel Haskins Lisa Hatfield Richard Havron Tim Hay Christopher Hayes Laura Heath Dorraine Heatherly Sharon Henderson Daniela Hendrich lackie Hedrick Craig Heizer Bonnie Hendrix Carl Hensley Dale Herron Karin Hetzler Lawrence Heydeman Kara Hignight Mary Hill David Hipple lack Hobbs lames Hock Franklin Hocker llndrea Hott Elizabeth Hott David Hoffman Mathew Hogan Patricia Holland Robert Hollis Kirk Holman Tracy Hopkins Iohn Horvath Melissa Howard Monica Howard leresa Huber lay Hudson Michael Huttord Christopher Hughes Christine Humphrey Thomas Hunsinger lohn Huston Sara Hunter Kevin Hutten Keith lngwerse Nick Irwin Theresa lackson Eric lacobson Paula lacobsen Christopher lannes Morgan lay Barbara laynes Sheri lett Brenda Johanson Charles lohnson Deborah lohnson Lee lohnson Michael lohnson Natasha lones Q m:1 r . e A S A Michael 10hhS0h 1 . ' at . ' . l 5 . Sl, Susan lohnson T Q ' R f f ' 3 Q", I lulie Jones 1 KKK' , is , A Steve lones 'F . U Q f Q' Q Q 4- if William Jones ' 3 "AQ Debbie luehring Q E' Am"k N -X' . if s .X.4a4I,..e. Diane luehring is Q .W -ef We 'S 5 is . -A a n nn . S Kevin Kanke 2 'Q 1 . Donald Karnes AQ i 'A - ""' Shawn Karns i .....Y' i'i'i' i . Bernice Kays Q ex - Q - ,"' Robert Keim 435 Il Q . fri . s Brian Kelly s reii f Lori Kennedy " ' is ff l ' SHE COULDN'T STAND HEAT OF HER MOTHER'S KITCHEN " If you can't stand the heat get out of the mother, of course, wanted Diane to help in the kitchen." This goes for all girls, especially female kitchen - not in the garage. mechanic Diane Decock, freshman. Auto mechanics class will be at the top of Diane is a lifteen-year-old girl who would rath- Diane's schedule in her junior year. After high er check the oil in a car than cookies in an oven. school, her goals are aimed at Wyoming Institute She is content working eight hours a day on one of Technology for further study in auto mechan- QQ car ics. What Ofhef freshman Elf' h3S Taken apart Encouragement comes from Diane to all girls ' engines and Phi Them batik together? Of Qh2S interested in auto mechanics. She gets teased a f rebuilt a carburetor? Or has changed the oil in a not fgr being 3 female mechanic, but likes the 'A car and given grease jobs? recognition. X And to think it all started by handing her KERI FRANCOIS 'X . . gli l brother tools while he worked on his car. Her Mei Diane Decock would rather grease a car than a cake pan. . Donald Keopple 9 R Dale Kershaw Y ds 'X as James Kettering QQ QQQQt,Q,SQvQQ A. ..g K , Daniel Key ' 'W' ' A I Lynnkigni Q if fx l Rafi ft f laura Kight N A X 4 Lisa Kight t s f "' S e ..e. Michael Kenney Q T iw Steven Kirklin Q A A T fi? mei Kitto S "' lay Klingborg ' ' Q . ' """ " ls" Micheal Klouser I Q ,' - K., ' Q ,QQ i Kaehy Knight L11 ,QQ - M as t Q April Knox ' .... A ig., .... .... . . .. Itch" ""i"'S" .fi 167 sf" Q S Jerry Lack Vit. 'fi iii' 'sse A ' "i' , Marla Lamb i"52,x5Q iw . f I ii Michael Lambert "'5..f'f i X ' Q 112 Freshmen f- ..- QNX B... T mAA M 5 1,1 ,. Si L t 1' . ,S 'A' '-11A1f: r 1 K s I 1 N X 7 V ff X lg.. ,S 1 A .S fs 4 ft M x fl is-asia 9 -- Q . S N :S rt "4 S S' " ia X 9 ss t t e r . -, an 1' ,- S 7x X Y 'K 2 rf s it .-NL X 6 i R x aging Y, .51 51 8.1 r' I 'K w .ku Q y N il L D Y Si if , 'Ik t A kr f ' I I Y if: I ' .A . of . .. . .N . ,,. iii . ' "ii 'ff' ff Q - - 5. if fffi an X L 9' Qf A, . s ks Zi 2 R, ,X QQKL, ssa R g L in L Q .,1 , K ,ZN to ..,: L .V , W , xx A .V L.. ' A S L 'h1 11 f 1f s ssi K v .Q-1i: azz R ti X Q- ,, , L r M .L :fi A , -5 1' k t- Q 4 I V 1 'Z l . ' 1-4 I A 4 A , M 1 if for f X U A N B N, , JS at " 'fy . ,, . , V ' ' K 'll mc..- , .Q L L L V' al 9 5' l , 0 L- L L., A I . ,xr ' K B E1 T , , :W 'x V- r rr if Aililfki Lisa Lampo luan Lara Shelly Laxy Lyle Leftwich Dale LeGrand Todd Leach Brian Lee Rhonda Leleure lisa Lenderman Edward Lester Lisa Liedtke loyce Liggetl lohn Lindquist Dion Littig Michael Livingston Lisa Lockheart Lisa Lohse Stacy Lonstad Christine Loose Mario Lopez Monica Magana leflery Mann Scott Mann Ted Marlin Lori Malmstrom Dave Marr Loraine Mascari Charles Marshall Lori Marshall leflery Mason Denise Martin Doug Martin Shirley Martin Gary Mathena loseph McBurney Marcus McCash Cynthia McCarter Timothy McCartin Melissia McConnell Paul McGee Mark Mclntire Roberta McKee Connie Mclteon llatholeen Mcltinnon Suzan McNalley David McNurlen Craig Mech Larry Medhaug Guadalupe Medina Rick Mellinger Christopher Meincke Robert Meinholdt Kit Meineke Nolan Mercer lulie Merideth Ronald Merrill leftrey Mayhugh Brad Millage Thomas Millard Mark Miller Ricky Miller Terry Miller Todd Miller Vicki Miller ' i Penny Mills Christopher Mitchell 1, Kevin Mitchell -V Cary Moneymaker J- f V l.aDonna Montegna . . Cheri Moore X - K ' 0 ee fl ei 45- .er Mm V fiffzfii gifif V! 'WJ "'lff:' if' ' if-f , .-fir. 1 -' I Julie Morgan David Morrow A Jerry Moore Loreen Morton '- Robert Mueting ' 1 ' Q yi if p 4 A xx 1 I X ig, as 4 T 'sf P9 'U J 9 .1 t 5' M! Debbie Mullins TWG Kimberly Murphy - William Murphy Daniel Murrin James Musgrow Marina Nache Kevin Nahrgang Jerry Neels Mark Nelson JUNIOR OLYMPIC SWIMMER AT UT The swimmers line up. Karrie Ghuys fresh- man is in lane number two. She s tense and a little nervous but ready. The whistle blows and Karrie graceful and sleek skims over the water. Anyone observing the meet can tell Karrie is no beginner. She is a member ol the Blue Marlin swim team and has earned 209 awards. One ot her biggest wins was at the YMCA district meet where she was a member of the winning 100-yard medley team. Another was at the Junior Olympic swimming tournament in Oak Park Illinois where Karrie finished sixth in the 100-meter backstroke. Karrie practices about two hours a day. She is only a member of the team, but has earned the rewards of individual effort. STEVE BOYER Mitchell Nelson William Nelson Andrew Neumann Kelly Newborn Kim Nguyen Connie Nichols Carla Nickerson Frank Nino Gloria Nino Phillip Nix Sheila Noah Richard Nordholm David Norgaard Beth Nyquist 114 Freshmen ,, f 1 ' J, X id Te V9 at i, ,mga ak in t Jr .X Z 1 Karrie Ghuys, a member of the Blue Marlin swim team, has won 209 awards. H af. ff 9 f' if f, 7 fem. ' 9 1 ff- A' W K' J 5, .. Q I , , fm 'Y A I . l lllll fe . J. 'eg s is 1 Q 4 i t ilfii . ix ' Cv so hr A i f Qi i I., ' i A . V VAN . 44 71 T ' ' 4 ,g 1 VA' -an V - V' ., r.- ks K fx XP i f A t A 0 .K ' t Y Y H, ,,,.a,A4.-. ' . - y 1 c .F 5 a V F - t R cat P at . ,Q 4' I 4 I - - xx rx 2 E "' Y r if GL' """: Y - , ' ' I' Qi I "" P gi 'lt ' V r A g q..V xg yi a we ' 1 i S r arr V ,R r ,a , 2 if R F V Q : P 1 ' ' eff Q W ' Wxkxixx. 23 ,I 14' . f 3' - , , S at of ' G 11 P' f I W- , if 'A 1 ,,., F R ,ua , HV A V- , - J itxafyg- ,mins f or , A W fp 1 Q fl A f" f. ' , if ,," .- 2 y ' any 1 I Z H: f ' V 4. 'V ' c.. -s V , X vs ' R 4. P ' I " fr or at ""' A S ' ' 9 5? f ' 'I' , it 'H V fa , ' Qt I A , " ' U, ' 'I U ' W 1 ii' V at ' , x f '7' P A' , 4- N1 iz? D W' ' . x fgx J .SZ - ' .e A 3 1 V A 2 1 K- ,xx , f ' We ' V ' V PVA V A , R Q e 'Q 1 f if 2 XV? ' l 1 mga? ' R X365 V 'Vi K5 fff R ladle QF' Al V753 eas- X 4 ' V 4, gr, I b,V, 'uf' "' Qs. V Us " , - . he .X W. , Kimmy 0'Neil Donald Olson Todd Olson Felix Olvera Ernest Palmer David Pancrazio Bill Panouses lodi Papish Darrel Park Donna Parkhurst leffrey Parrish Sharla Pate Barbara Patrick Richard Paulin Kyle Pavelonis Paul Pease Fred Pena Rick Pena Patricia Penca Barry Penfold Stephen Perez Shelly Perry Maria Pelaros Kathy Peters Scott Petersen Donann Peterson Ronald Pettit lill Pettyjohn lulie Pfau Cheryl Plister Danette Phillips Leana Pierce Vickie Pierce Keith Piersall Lisa Pinner Louis Pittman lane Polaschek tina Polite David Porter Vicloria Porter Stephen Price Jerry Priest Lory Propps Beatrice Fuentes Angela Pulliam lami Purdy Deidra Putt Cheryl Ralph Rory Ramsy Christine Rangel Deneen Rangel Rosalina Rangel Troy Rannow lulie Rasso Fredrick Ray lesus Rea loselina Rea Mark Reed Linda Reese luan Reyna Virginia Reyna Rhonda Reynolds Neal Ricke Freshmen 115 Sara Riggs lames Riley Linda Rinderman lavier Riojas Rozell Riteman Iohn Roberts Wanda Roberts Charles Rogers Janet Romanowski Blake Ross Walter Ross Wiley Ross Cindy Rouse Tom Rowan Cynthia Ruiz Tracy Rutledge Lisa Sackett Ronda Sager Dan Salmonson Leticia Sanchez Loretta Sanders Malhew Sanders Nora Sanders Elizabeth Sandoval Jimmy Sandoval Patricia Sandoval Giulio Santilli Carol Sarazin Scott Schafer Cynthia Scholfield Kimberly Schutz Susan Schwartz Thomas Schwartz Leonard Stout Keith Scrowther Karen Wredenmann plays in the highest positron on the tennis ladder that any freshman ever has x -,e , syfrggg. .,fszgg4g,fz, 1.1452 img s- X- ,og msg: 'eff t...s. , s to Qs X 57 J' KAREN TOPS IN TENNIS First place is the best but right now number four means more to Karen Weidenmann Karen is the number tour singles player on the girls tennis team This is the highest position any freshman has ever p'ayed Karen has also at tained the best record of any freshman at UT She won the chance to compete in the state finals this year To benefit Karen in fall tennis she participated in many summer tournaments including the Quad Cities Open the Quad Cities Closed and over forty other tournaments She has won twelve first places eight second places and three third places Karen does not always work alone She is teamed up with sophomore Lori Holmes to make up the UT number one doubles team a good portion of the time IRMA ESCONTRIAS r r r r r r 1 ,ff I ' . sea, .. :Y S , ..k,Ei , ' ' I f s 1 s. .ww V 4 rss as fs QE mi 62 L ...Ll "' sw 'A W. .T 3 f bf, Q ,1 .. 5- S in 's . fs. if S Q , X S wrf fg ,I .s R 0 f YZL ' 'rt 'T'? - sg : 7 Ps 5 1 A QI ..... s H L .sf 31: L: 1. -rc. an .' 1 xx Pts X . la- , P ig, L .1 L Q fit? it X Qs K5 W. X .- ...A ,,... wt 'L 5 B .. X sr 5 wt X 5, 2 it t is r I H5555 -sis. if 1? wgqfd as P' at Sei s 'Im E X 4 1 Hi A I " i h Lxvsssrs. A vhh K.-... '-Qzsefslffszesvl fifxszs. - --" - swiss 11- ' yeast.: f, - "- ' -"' , e we s i '- I . W . as s ' Q s " L LLL LL-rr T y X. .,,....-- 25.1. A .. L X - xx A N--'X 3 W .5 .g . , - Qt - i , SX' "M" 4 1 SQL N' r r . K H .,,- X- s 'A -1 -L12 .. . Q -" ,A 'X .b - 63 E g s: s... be ts.. f 1 . . . , Sf- T f T., 3 . S S, X ls. T KKKA ""'M'T " 'LP-""LL" ' I L . i f T AKm'. Q , K , . . . B L g g 6- 5 Lf 1' A f ' ..lLl L' ' s ' iw . Q ., l . ,.. ., t LL K ' , ' . '--' ' 2 fa 'P "2 ' Q 'f 15 - .-', JA -t it ' ' :..QZ :L If .e . L mb, ,X V , S T S 1 f., 'L , f 157, ei.. A K f, fi + L ' 35?-?r? 154 ' .. .fl ' t X L f 4 4. 'B' 1 :xiii Lf . 11 s K-:tens 5' S! . .. .., , g H T A T--'N ,. zip ' ., K Qs.. for Kevin Scudder Kelly Sedgwick Tony Serra Robert Severtsgaard David Shaclrleford Terry Shamsie Ronald Sheehan Lisa Sheffler Penny Sheffler Karen Sheley Debbie Shuh leffrey Shull Dianne Siefken Barbara Sierra Sebastiana Sierra Andrew Sill lane Sills Greg Simmons Rickey Simmons Martin Simms Scott Sisul Teresa Slriles Charles Slaughter Carla Smith Gary Smith Mary Smith Randall Smith Stacey Smith Timothy Smith Timothy Smith Lisa Snauwaert Kerry Snyder Abigail Sollenberger Eliana South Christina Spanos lames Sparrowgrove Christopher Spencer lames Spooner Betsy Sproul Tim Spurgetis Jeffrey Staab Debbie Stargel Wanda Stawicki lisa Steffe lill Stephens Eric Stiegel Pegge Stone Sherri Stoneburner Stuart Stout Alan Strandgard Scott Streitmatter Scott Stulir Karen Suhr Christopher Swanson Douglas Swanson Melissa Swanson Tamee Swanson Kevin Swartout Thomas Sweeney Paul Sweetman lanelle Talak lisa Tapia Bob Tarrant Freshmen 117 Leann Tchoryk Brian Teager Denise Temple Raymond Terronez Michelle Terry Scott Thaxton Lisa Thiem John Thodos Lori Thomas Shelly Thornton Kevin Thorpe Lisa Tieman Lissa Tillberg Rex Tingle Jodie Titus Rick Titus Elizabeth Togami Diana Trout Mary Trout Teresa Turner Debra Tyner James Upton Lawrence Vallejo Arthur VanHouten Janene VanKlavern Lisa VanThorre Ronald VanWatermeulen Randy Varble Steven Varnes Lori Vergane Christine Verlinden Timothy Vershaw Scott Verstreater Tammie Via Carolyn Vidmar Scott Vinzant Kirk Vollrath Mark Voorhis Tula Vrisiotis lellrey Walker Timothy Walker David Walz Jeffrey Wamser Randy Wara James Ward Patrick Ward Richard Ward Aquilla Watson Jacqueline Watson Kraig Watts Brian Webb David Webster Mary Weideman Renee Weighall Daniel Weiss Diane Welch Dianna Welch Candy Wheeler Jellrey Whipple James White Laurie White Stacy Whitehall Tina Whittington 118 Freshmen ix -LAL L L -L ' if .A P L .Ls pq aL fi X sis S . - .g.s a,,s , L S fi if 1 Q X, IL L.. -. bl' s x ii! ' K hugh L- 0 . ll., 'tibia K -V v A L " L 44 sas LL L L ses L k lssl L , Ji X -L L LLK' N L'xq f. - , .ss,..,-s.,.. , eas L L ll, , L i LJ is ' e e , s..- : il an K Q J of pe '- gr . s W ik ' L g sf .Re in 'F , ..':f fl., s rr psf.. f hifi S A 'E FF' L .S V im L L ..:, NL e-,LL, LL , L L L QL 2 ,sL, L. L .- s ,,-.- .L um, X L . ' is-wmv 10' X 4 a QE.. LA Lg. 3,L Y l W as rs-- , sv H""L1x. Mr e'-L X ,L has A at ,Lv X 1 za S312 L K ssss f- L . X Jigs ' La ' me S' is 2 f ,a he t ..LL , EL' mxfrx so' A. i L- -s,.,1 L 5 Lf- S 'WV' ..,. A N its Y 4 , - LLLLQL i I y Liga Sei X a n ., LL Q L 'df ,:,L ....-':L- Qs 4? X fe I-T 'f L ve wi was .3 -- I , K B-eggxilz is QM fr, J I 1 K V .1 1 4 K ' 2. . - ' -lls L K .T I L K ' L ' ' 1-L LL1 L L f SOME CHEERLEADERS MORE THAN JUST PRETTY GIRLS ,,,,V T Tracy s ability to perform difficult stunts has taken her to tumbling meets across the state. Cheerleaders are just pretty girls who smile a lot, cheer loud, and can do a few flips. Right? Wrong. Tracy Hopkins, freshman, is much more than the stereotype implies. She is a pretty girl who smiles a lot and cheers loud but not only can she do a few flips-she can do five sets of alternates. This means she does a back handspring back aerial-back handspring back aerial combination . . . five times. She also performs such difficult stunts as five back aerials in a continuous row and a roundoff-twist aerial for a finish. Tracy works out not only at cheerleading prace tice but also travels to Kewanee for lessons coached by Patti Lingenfelter. Her coach encour- ages her to try difficult stunts. Tracy started taking gymnastics when she was young to build up her strength. I was a weak child she said. to tumbling meets across the state and made her an outstanding U T cheerleader. CHERYL PITTMAN ' 2 i E I ,. 4 ' -. ez, f 'ft M ure ' W It not only built up her strength, but took her is egg, ,... at 'fffiz .fame is ' f ' ' 454921, 'r H' " Louise Wickersham Kurt Widmer Cheryl Wiedenmann Karen Wiedenmann Larry Willet Rodney Williams Vaughn Williams Vonicrles Williamson 04 Rhonda Wilson Denise Windland Allen Winthrust Laurie Wirtz Kimberly Wishmeyer Roger Witt Kristin Woodruff A- . 'K a " I ex, 1 Y X , V r if ri 'f S Y , .' 4, Q . Mark Sandoval has accomplished a tremendous feat . . . an airplane that actually flies. Timothy Woolsey Tracey Wright Darin Yates Leonard Yeager Stephen York 1' ie V Amy Zimmer LLS .L f ' i" Karen Zmuda A 1 R' Mark Zmuda Freshmen 119 . X EVERYTHlNG'S 1 2 E , s .5 f "Yo i .g 32 Q JZ s W 5 i 0--1 sand' 1 f lffta f s ffl t 1 5 D Q 1 pm' "1 A sf... o ..,S"-to 1. Chris Miller and Mr. Diaz are living proof of good teacher- student relationships at Ul. 2. Miss Oleson spends her conference hour doing some course-related reading. 3. Stu- dents of Mr. Picco and Mr. Ritter get some drug advice from a guest speaker. 4. Mr. Ryerson is one of the few people we know who read "American Diplomacy" on his lunch hour. 5. Mrs. DeGrauwe believes in sheer relaxation before her iaunt to North Campus. 6. Mr. Pregracke explains the slide projec- tor to his students. 120 Faculty Divider 'Wx 2.-9 ENTU 1. This year Coach Talley spoke with confidence about the outlook tor basketball season. 2. One student explains to Mr. lee why he should pass the test. 3. Mr. Erickson is one ol many UT teachers who divide their time between North and South campuses. 4. Miss Jody Guzzo needs her lunch hours to catch up on grading worksheets for Modern Novel class. 121 Faculty Divider School board members are ffrontb Chuck Abbott, Dr. Rich- ard Hendricks, Lawrence Dussliere, business manager: Lola Odendahlg Ioe De Iaegherg Dr. Thomas Parker, superinten- dentg fbaclil Dale Christensen: Erwin Miller, board presidentg and George Sollenberger. TRANSITION WAS SMOOTH INTO NEW ADMINISTRATION Asmooth transition into the new administra- tion, headed by Dr. Thomas Parker, was the major goal of the 77-78 school board. The major thrust of the new administration would be the total enforcement of all school regulations. Maintaining a balanced budget was another of the school board's goals. Through careful plan- ning, the board held down expenses while simul- taneously keeping the school furnished with the necessary learning materials. The school board implemented instruction by evaluating the school's staff and curriculum through North Central Evaluation. The board continuously worked for improved communications between the staff, students, ad- ministration, and the community by setting up goals with the aid of parents concerned with the education of students, The lifted morale of the students shows that the board's goals are being achieved. Improved behavior, attendance, and a positive attitude in school are some of the results of the school board's efforts to improve the student body and make U T the best school in the area. CHERYL PITTMAN " I try to be visible-not only to students, but also to the teachers." lt's no mystery person who made this state- ment. Dr. Thomas Parker, new superintendent at UT , is not hidden behind any administration door. Instead, he often sits in on club meetings, eats with the students in the cafeteria, waves, smiles, and says a friendly thi" when passing in the halls. Dr. Parker has assumed this role of visibility because he feels that in order to make the right decisions, he must find out first hand what's happening outside his office. Dr. Parker is very pleased to be a U T. "The school board is super and the kids and teachers are equally great," he stated. When he came to U T , he saw the need for change. Wasting no time, he made the necessary changes, such as initiating stricter behavior poli- cies. Self-discipline and a positive attitude are need- ed forthe student body, according to Dr. Parker. He hopes that his relationship with the students will teach respect and authority, but at the same time provide a comfortable feeling. BETH MARCH 122 School Board ml A 'J Q ,E is X QM. Xii 7591 -gi :T ' ' fuk , sf 121 ,H . .S A. PARKER iEd.Dgf buf Superine S- M A 'H-N MH.. mmm gk .K , if vn- .3 New Supermtendent 123 1. Eugene llIcCarter tAthIetic Directorl M.lI., University ot Ari- zona 2. Robert Fairman fData Processing Director! M.S., Western Illinois University 3. lawrence Dussliere tAssistant Superinten- dent in charge ot Business Attairsj M.II., Colorado University 4. lerry Franklin fGuidance Directorl M.A., University of Iowa 5. Stan Sosnouski fSouth Campus Principal! M.A., University of Michigan. 124 Administration ADMINISTRATION X.. SEES CHANGES I IN STUDENT MQ. Ns Q.-A 5 X. YK v-EX Ns ....,.g.1-41 is fn ' I .,,,,, 2-as' X ,, Ms, K iffjtza 1 f ax Q X B 1 I v 3 i , , . s 5 C. ii' C C' vm 1. Richard Greene fNorth Campus Principall M.A., University of Iowa 2. Michael Hanlin tNorth Campus Assistant Principal! M.S., Western Illinois University. 3. lohn Cavanaugh Clirea Vocational Center Directory B.S., University of lllinois 4. Roger Pohlman fSouth Campus Assistant Principalj M.Ed., University of lllinois 5. Alex Boyd tNorth Campus Assistant Principalj M.S., University of Nevada. 6. The administration secretaries are Carole Sodeman, Dr. Parker's secretaryg Pat Weidmann, business olliceg Carole Anderson, Mr. Dussliere's secretaryq and Eunice Harper, business office Knot pictured: lo Curlott, business ollicej. Administration 125 DALE ADAMSON CB.S., Western Illinois Universityi Classes: All About Money, Business Law, Introduction to Busi ness, Physical Education. Coaching Duties: Girls' Junior Varsity Tennis HALINE AKULOW CB.A., University ot Innsbruck, Austriaj Classes: German I and ll, Advanced German Sponsorships: German Club CHARLES ALLEE CM.S., Western Illinois Universityj Classes: Algebra Ill, Trigonometry, Analysis Coaching Duties: GirI's Varsity Tennis, Boy's Varsity Tennis ELEANOR ALLEN CM.S., University of Illinoisl Classes: Advanced Stenography, Office Procedures IILL ANDERSON CBS., Western Illinois Universityl Classes: All About Money I, Typing Ill, Record Keeping I HARRY ARVANIS CB.A., Augustana Collegel Classes: Algebra, General Math Coaching Duties: Sophomore Football, Sophomore Wrestling RICHARD BASSIER CM.S., Illinois State Universityj Chairman of Industrial Education Department Classes: Foundry I, Agri-Business Coop Sponsorships: Agri-Business Club EDWARD BELAN CM.A., Northern Illinois Universityi Chairman ol English Department Classes: Honors Sophomore English DAVID BERG CBS., Western Illinois Universityi Classes: Special Education English and History Coaching Duties: Varsity Baseball. Freshman Basketball IUDITH BLIX CB.A., Wisconsin State Universityl Classes: Contemporary Writing Coaching Duties: Speech Contests Sponsorship: Speech Club IOHN BDLLAERT CBA., Gonzaga Unrversityj Classes: Science GEORGE BRAY CM.S., University of Wisconsinl Classes: Driver's Education, Behind-the-Wheel. BARB BRECKENRIDGE CB.A., Western Illinois Universityj Classes: English I and Il MIKE BREWERS: : CBS., Western Illinois Universityi Classes: Driver's Education, Behind-the-Wheel. Coaching Duties: Assistant Coach for Sophomore Football SUSAN BUNDY CBS., Ohio State Universityj Classes: Typing I and ll CYNTHIA BURKE CB.A., Augustana Collegel Classes: Social Studies FRANCES BURSON CB.A., Stephen F. Austin Universityi Classes: Special Education English I and ll RICHARD CARNES CM.S., Bradley Universityi Classes: Data Processing I and ll 126 Faculty DONALD CATTON CM.S., Western Illinois Universityj Classes: Industrial Arts, Electronics, General Shop ELAINE CATTON CB.A., Western Illinois Universityj Classes: Far East, World History MARY CONGER CB.S., Drake Universityj Classes: Beginning and Advanced Journalism, SKYLINE Sponsorships: SKYLINE, Senior Glass Mr. lames Hall is a gourmet chef. MR. HALL SETS THE KITCHEN ON FIRE WITH CHERRIES P ssstt . . . Hey you! Come here a minute. ll I tell you something, you promise you won't tell anyone? Okay, here it is Mr. Hall . . . yes, Mr. Hall, the earth science teacher is a gourmet chel! Plus, he's a great wine maker! What do you mean "how do you know?" He told me! Mr. Hall says beet stroganoff, Duck ala orange, and chicken kiev are his lavorite dishes. But, what really sets off Mr. Hall's dishes is the wine he makes to add to the flavor. He says that he makes all kinds of wines, but grape and cranberry are the easi- est. Mr. Hall serves his wine at parties and to friends. His hobby of wine making is inexpen- sive C35 cents a fifthj and fun. , if AJVV i HIS FLAMING IUBILEE Being a gourmet cook has its advantages and disadvantages. Mr. Hall has worked as a cook for a state farm, where he cooked tor 2,000 people, and also at Hawkeye Boys State, where he cooked for 800 people. Did you happen to be at the YMCA the night Mr. Hall almost set it on tire? He was making llaming cherries jubilee and the stove caught on lire. WOW! He's had quite a few experiences. Mr. Hall has been cooking and making wine for a little over four years now. His wife and he both enjoy it. What a hobby! KONNIE FLOYD MARY ADLFINGER GORDON CORNELIUS CM.S., Western Illinois Universityl Classes: Algebra, Geometry IOAN CROTTS CB.S., Arkansas State Universityj Classes: English l and ll ROGER DAMHORST CMA., Eastern Illinois Universityb Classes: Middle East-African History, Far East History Coaching Duties: Varsity Boys' Goll NAIDINE D'ANGELO CB.S., Northeast Missouri Stateb Classes: Physical Education, Orchesis Sponsorships: Orchesis DONALD DAVIS CMA., University ol lowal Classes: Honors World History, Modern European History Coaching Duties: Head Varsity Football DEB DEEM CB.S., Western Illinois Universityj Classes: Special Education Faculty 127 ma JWVDQQ1 . ff? QM we ldisc About fifteen years ago Mr. Jim Small art teacher bought his first antique car for 325000. He later sold this 1931 Model A .i Coupe for considerably more. 1-ziszmmkf ' 'wwe With the Model A s profit came an undying love for old cars that is still going strong today. Mr. Small now owns two antique cars a 1931 Model A roadster and a 57 Chevy two-door. A special affection is bestowed upon his Model A, a convertible. lt was in good condi- tion when he bought it, but atter hundreds of hours ot restoration it is now in mint condi- tion and worth over 311,000.00 The roadster has been taken to four shows since its completion. It has taken "best-of show" all four times. Whenever Mr. Small acquires another car he spends approximately two hours a night restoring it until it is finished. LEONARD SCHWEIGEN THERES A 57 CHEVY IN HIS DRIVE . AND A 31 MODEL A IN HIS GARAGE ' -0GQ4GS d1W53WhM f4Z'fJlF?5?ii'??lf+4 AWK ' i'5Q'?s'H51' I X i """4bE 31 I I I i I HI f 1,5 ,,5 An 811,000.00 Car . . . And it isn't even a Cadillac! i 1 . .,.,s....c..sQ ,. 5 0 , . QW ii6!RSb NYH61 iaB2SiHZQ?8N191051E 3iWi?M5QQ932b fbWKUW5bQii7 X6M6h ARQ28HR'bWZ0l 9QM55" 'f"' ,1 Y w i 1 1 7 1: N n 4 sr ' Y A 1 r 1 as 3 I -r ini'-Q L r r I E E I E l 1 - . 1 K . J De... wears.-ea ...., ha. ... Wefxee... M. ARTHUR DE GRANDE CMS., Western Illinois Universityj 'ma t"'t 'C' I' V ' Classes: Latin I and Il ,V 5 Coaching Duties: Sophomore Football, Assistant Varsity Wres .... IAE 2 t, MICHELE DE GRAUWE KBS., Western Illinois Universityj ' , 1 Classes: History J, 5 CHARLES DE TAEYE fB.A., Saint Ambrose Collegeh V , , Classes: Physical Education, Driver's Education, Behind-the- . 4, ,A XA ' ty, I WIICEI I I s ,ai if 'Rs I . 1 IW QRS' YY' new "'e'f,'R. - I - IOSEPH DHONDT CMA., University of lowal Classes: Physical Education, Driver's Education, Behind-the Wheel IOSE DIAZ fM.A., Illinois State Universityl Classes: Latin America MARY DISHINGER tM.A., Illinois State Universityb Classes: English I and Il JAMES DUNCAN CMS., Southern Illinois Universityj Chairman of Drivers Education Department Classes: Driver's Education, Behind-the-Wheel DONALD DYER CMA., University of lowah Chairman of Fine-Arts Department Classes: Chamber Choir, Concert Choir, Freshman Choir, Mixed Choir, English Handbells EDWARD DYMEK CPh.D., De Paul Universityj Classes: Honors English 128 Faculty agp., 11. C., ,I 'mu' ' l f AA V g , .VA,. M VV V ' V L ef, f V32 2' . . .4'3a?"Q f ,egg vuqggfnf' ? gg-iw L, , in E MARY EASTER CBA., University of Northern lowal Classes: English I and Il LORYANN EIS CM.Ed., University of Illinoisj Classes: General Math, Algebra I, Honors Algebra I Sponsorships: National Honor Society GENE ERICKSON CMS., Illinois State Universityj Classes: Reading CTitle Il KEITH ERICKSON CM.A., Illinois State Universityj Chairman DI Foreign Language Department Classes: Spanish I, ll, and Ill THERESA FOOKEN CB.A., Rosary Collegel Classes: Art I and ll LEO FOUST CB.S., Iowa State Universityl Classes: Aviation Science, Diversified Occupations, Distributive Education Sponsorships: Distributive Education Club, Diversified Occupa- tions Club GRIFF FRANCIS CB.A., Monmouth Collegej Classes: English Ill DAPHNE FRANE CM.S., Iowa State Universityl Classes: Family Living, Home Furnishings, Consumer Education GARY GELLERMAN CB.A., Augustana Collegel Classes: Algebra, General Math IANICE GITTINGS CB.S., Northern Illinois Universityl Classes: Clothing I and ll Sponsorships: Home Economics Related Occupations Club IANE GLENN CM.S., Western Illinois Universityl Classes: Shorthand I and Il, Typing I VERNON GLISON CM.Ed., Western Illinois Universityj Classes: General Math, Algebra IERRY GREER CM.S., Western Illinois Universityl Classes: English I and ll IUDITH GREER CR.N., Chicago Wesley Memorial Hospital School of Nursingj Classes: Health Occupations RICHARD GREKO CM.A., Purdue Universityl Classes: Algebra, Geometry BARBRA GUNDERSON CBS., Saint Olaf Collegel Classes: Health Occupations IUDY GUZZO CBA., Western Illinois Universityl Classes: Modern Novel, Contemporary Literature, Practical Eng- lish IV IAMES HALL CM.S.T,, University ol North Dakotal Classes: Earth Science, World Regional Geography Faculty 129 SANDRA HALL CBA., Western Illinois Universityl Classes: Spanish I, English I BERT HANLIN CM.Ed., University ol Illinoisl Classes: Health Education, Physical Education, Behin Wheel Coaching Duties: Head Varsity Wrestling PAT HANLIN tB.A., Springfield Collegej Classes: Reading tTitle IJ Coaching Duties: Wrestling Cheerleaders Sponsorships: Wrestlerettes ROBERT HANSKE tB.S., Western Illinois Universityl Classes: English ll PHYLLIS HENDERSON tB.S,, Western Illinois Universityj Classes: Child Care I, Vocational Child Care RONALD HOLMER tB.S., Western Illinois Universityl Classes: Earth Science, General Science Coaching Duties: Girls's Golf, Varsity Baseball RICHARD HUGHES QMS., University of Northern Coloradol Classes: General Shop, Metals I ARDELL JOHNSON CBA., University of Northern lowaj d-the- Classesz Consumer Education, Consumer Mathematics, Ad- vanced Typing Ill and IV Sponsorships: Adult Chapter of American Field Service WILLIAM IOHNSON CBIacIihawkJ Classes: Vocational Welding IRMA JONES CBS.. University of Missouril Chairman ol Economics Department Classes: Foods I SHARON IORANDBY lB.S., Illinois State Universatyj Classes: Child Care, Clothing I and Il, Foods I and ll KATHRYN KEELEY CMA., Western Illinois Universityl Classes: Black Literature AMANDA KELLER CMS., Western Illinois Universityj Classes: Spanish I, Il, and III, Individualized Spanish Sponsorships: National Spanish Honor Society ROBERT KERR CBA., Ferris State Collegel Classes: Vocational Auto Mechanics IACK KETTERING Cllommerical Trades Institutel Classes: Auto Body Home CARL KILLIAM QBA, University ol Northern Coloradol Chairman ol Business Department, Ticket Manager Classes: Accounting I and ll HAROLD KNOX CBS., Southern Illinois Universityl Classes: Graphic Arts SUSAN KOCANDA QBA., Western Illinois Universityl Classes: English Sponsorships: The KEY 130 Faculty ,sf as It E 'X ,,i, gi In anis all YYTE Zi x it 2 , I ,I . ,,,.Q,, ,L I ,, , Liu V, .V AA fe Alwxmjf , 3 1, f 1, Q gy? Q W gif Vi if M 129 VV 3.8 if af f if GYM TEACHER DOUBLES IIS SKI PATROL DIRECTOR in Galena tor 9 years CLAUDE KRAMER CMS., University ol lllinoisl Classes: Algebra I, General Math PAMELA KRAMER CM.A.L.S. Rosary Collegej Classes: Communications in Modern Lite DICK LEE fB.A., Monmouth Collegej Classes: General Science, Botany-Zoology IAMES LEMMON CMA., Northeast Missouri State Universityl Classes: Physical Education, Driver's Education Coaching Duties: Assistant Basketball ROBERT LEWIS lM.A., Northeast Missouri State Universityj Classes: Geometry IAMES LODICO lM.S., Western Illinois Universityj Chairman of Special Education Department Classes: Pre-Vocational Training lor Special Education Students Coaching Duties: Track MILDRED LONGBONS CBA., Marycrest Collegej Classes: Typing I and ll, Recordkeeping, Accounting I IAMES LOULA CMA., University of Notre Damej Classes: Honors English l, English ll, Behind-the-Wheel CRAIG MANWARING lB.S., University ol Wisconsinj Classes: Social Studies Diuring the weekends and in his spare time Mr Eldon Partridge gym teacher is the director of the ski patrol at Chestnut Mountain Lodge near Galena Illinois Mr Partridge has been a member ot the patrol for the past 9 years and the director for the past five years The mam duty ot the ski patrols is to give first aid to the skiers no matter what the injury might be The risky part of the rob is that the person on patrol has to ski to wherever the injured skier is stranded Thus to be on the patrol you must be an excellent skier Mr Partridge has taken many Red Cross first aid courses to help him in his position The most common injuries to the skiers are broken arms and legs Ot course sometimes it becomes serious and that s when Mr Partridge and the ski patrol do their highly specialized job When the patrol does save someone s lite they know that all the hours ot hard work have paid off STEVE BOYER ' I I , . 1 I Y ' r . . . , I Y 1 Mr. . Faculty 131 2' rs U 2 ,- :- mn5:ln:Qra5 0-" 5' F cgcmgmma awww Omg ,Ein 03210 5'f'5:5'5n,?,5'5g gmnl-U5 -Usa 2.23233- fUDViN:'4 -.---mg 2Owm5'5'. Q23 muff? . A---- I-'K Wm 333 P055 fr-PQ-' E'-E1 S' :EOBE of-32' 53510 O oum23g Plawm' f-ve-oog,"U,1G-V fee -ees-m O mcg-p1,: 2.52 1-rgwz. 33 rrgirf-1:0 wo .,-c:..-f- F.: Us :gg CZ. I+ Om EH '4 22- 022 V SC Wea 23 gm rg Els: 2. TE- -2' 54 x1 U52 Uv: mr.: Q-4 BV W gg . biz? elwfffdasezsrfrmZvswcmanewwPMieiwsaasiwxwzewfszifeabvdeivzetoxlnelrfm 'zezisfraeeiwwfzilvikfv P29555 Pswrxf mf: 3 Q :U l'l'I I'- :ua 2 U L 3 Z -I Q EU -sa -Q 3629? wswsefewse wee mein aww ,cdww Aphysical education instructor at North Campus fills her spare time with two ex- tremes-modeling and doing janitorial work. Meet Mrs. Pat Peterson model, janitor and PE teacher. She enjoys doing we all three and it's obvious. She says that she likes modeling because it feels good to is know you can continue looking good. Often a part of Mrs. Peterson's model- 'XSQAEQW i4ZQi:SZtf'Y?55if ing is her husband. They both model for Ada Gafney Shaft. Mrs. Peterson has modeled some very 'W 112 6450: 311216 . gpm o :1 O22 -. K mom :O QD. 3'-.O :CSP if'2 Em' -35' 303m D Q82 g'O,Z',. :Elm 0jQQ.x DJ'C 'es 31.2. C4 F3 :fs D! mf? N On the other end of the extreme is her partime janitorial job in Rock Island, which believe it or not, she also enjoys. GEORGINA PUENTES P 15 37 YMNL5H3?1W?4XHL' 073919 W Theres nothing like wearing Ya f'N?U1M4H752v?.'?!WWii2. 54,000 fur, even if you 'L 2 wwrvnlvwpitqrwn-Hi .ff rf' 411' are only modeling in it. IAY MERCER CBS., Illinois Wesleyan Universityj Classes: Physical Education ANITA MURRENS fM.S., Western illinois Universityj Classes: Honors English Ill, American Literature MARY JANE NELSON tB.S., Illinois State Universityj Classes: Home Economics WILLIE NEWENHAM CMS., Southern Illinois Universityj Classes: Foods IDA NITZ CBA., Augustana Collgel Classes: Physical Education ANTOINETTE 0'CONNOR QBA., University of Northern Iowaj Classes: Communications in Modern Life, English Ill, American Literature 132 Faculty X . 'Km I 'P . R SK .. ..-ex ,, its f fem.. ,,,,. as -I 4,1 ,,, ,,,,,, , ,, , ,, I ,. ft 1555325252 ll I 'TWIN' ',',.1!'7K"- , ... 5 I ag L . , as-f '-wsir-1 - i ...SSR ' i ,gg A, XE N X , if s ,e 4? ff e A Odd f so , me ew ' J 2' HZ 1 ci aff 41 , if I i 'Q 1 E2 M 1 ' A A if Kok if rf "' B 7, W 9 , ,ry , ix I 'Q ' Q nr W ' 0 E 'V D I , . , , li L ' i V 5 lt L l ,A - ji N I g I l mms rift? ii ' 'f2ff'7f'- er sig, , I li S f i CAROL OLESEN tB.A., University of lowai Classes: American Studies Sponsorships: Iunior Class PAUL OLIVER QBS., Northeast Missouri State Universityi Classes: Building Trades Coaching Duties: Rifle Team KENNETH OLSON tB.A., California Luthern Collegej Classes: General Math, General Science tSpeciaI Educationj Coaching Duties: Freshman-Sophomore Wrestling, Varsity Track ELDON PARTRIDGE CMS., University of lllnioisi Classes: Physical Education Coaching Duties: Girls' Volleyball EDWARD PETERHOFF tEd.S,, Western Illinois Universltyj Chair- man ol History Department Classes: Honors History, Comparative Government PAULA PETERSEN KBS., Iowa State Universityj Classes: Basic Speech, Acting, Radio, TV, Practical English Coaching Duties: Speech Competition Sponsorships: Speech Club PAT PETERSON tB.A., Augustana Collegej Classes: Physical Education Sponsorships: GAA GARY PHILLIPS QMS., University of Notre Damej Classes: Advanced and General Chemistry Coaching Duties: Cross-Country Varsity IOHN PlCCO 4B.A., St. Ambrose Collegej Classes: Psychology, English RUTH POTTER fM.A., University of Northern lowai Classes: All About Money, Introduction to Business, Record- keeping GARY PREGRACKE tM.A., Southern Illinois Universityj Classes: Drafting ll, Vocational Drafting RONALD PUSTELNIK QMS., Western Illinois Universityj Classes: Health CAROL PVEVICH tB.A., Northeast Missouri Teachers Collegej Classes: Reading Uitle IJ NANCY PYEVICH CBA., Western Illinois Universityi Classes: Reading tTitle IJ ROBERT PYEVICH CMA., Northeast Missouri State Universityj Classes: Dratting CHARLES RAINEY 4B.E., Colorado State Universityi Classes: Auto Mechanics I and ll RICHARD RAMIREZ CBS., University of Missourij Classes: Special Education HERB RITTER CM.S.Ed., Western Illinois Universityj Classes: Sociology, Recent American History, Civil War and Reconstruction Faculty I EUGENE ROBARDS tM.A,, Bradley Universityj Classes: Vocational Machine Shop ELAINE RUBERG tB.S., Western Illinois Universityl Classes: Physical Education LARRY RUGGLES tB.A., Augustana Collegel Classes: General Math, General Science Sponsorships: Freshman Class RONALD RYERSON tM.S., Western lllinois Uriiversityj Classes: History IERI SANDBERG tB.S., University of Illinoisj Classes: Physical Education DAVID SCHMIDT CBS., University ol Wisconsinj Classes: Power Mechanics MIKE SCHMIDT CM. Ed., Morningside Collegej Classes: Permanent Substitute Coaching Duties: Theatre Sponsorships: Panther Players FRED SEGURA CBS., Western Illinois Universityj Classes: Special Education History, English I, General Science Coaching Duties: Freshman Black Football SHARON SIMMONDS tB.A., University ot Northern Iowaj Classes: Foods II, Bachelor Living Coaching Duties: Varsity and Sophomore Cheerleaders CHARLES SLENTZ CMS., Western Illinois Universityj Classes: United States Government IAMES SMALL tB.S., Western lllinois Universityj Classes: Art IAMES SMITH tB.A,, Western Illinois Universityj Classes: Spanish II, French I Coaching Duties: Varsity Football RONALD SONIU tB.S., University of Wisconsmj Classes: Vocational Electricity ELMER SOULES tB,A., Iowa Westeyanj Classes: French I and ll, English I, lournalism I DENNIS STEINMETZ CBS., Northern lllinois Universityl Classes: Survey Physics, General Science Coaching Duties: Assistant Girls' Basketball and Girls' Track HELEN STIEGEL CBA., Augustana Collegej Classes: Office Occupations, Record Keeping, Typing Sponsorships: lunior Class, Office Occupations. ROBERT STILLE tApprentice Institute, Purdue Universityj Classes: Building Trades DOUGLAS STRAND tB.A., Luther Collegej Classes: American History, Westward Expansion, lllinois History Coaching Duties: Girls' Basketball 134 Faculty 112 :av-0 . rite? w a A ' 1 I 1, "' , V, I J yy, gg ..,.. : - .-We ,sues-1 . s-1' ,E t' W? 'I 'r ln' : ,, It 3 i f "'4 AX ' . f it Hlleglk 'V 9"rQiI x""', if t rr, I. - f'5' 929. if X I 'IL rr: -z I- .hu rr GOVERNMENT TEACHER RACES CYCLES TOO' . Gary Wagle has raced everywhere - Sterling Peoria and Morrison. what do teaching government at UT and riding a motorcycle have in common? Nothing actually except that Mr. Gary Wagle does both. He taught himself to ride and got his first motorcycle fifteen years ago. He be- gan motocross racing ten years ago. Mr. Wagle races on closed cross-coun- try courses with jumps and difficult ter- rain. Today he also has a street machine and participates in enduro racing. This is a race against the clock . . . across coun- try on and off the road . , . and is similar to a sportscar rally. A member of the Tri-City Motorcycle Club which promotes sport motorcycling Peoria Morrison and the surrounding area. The competitors range in age from their early teens to fifty years. The protective gear used in motorcy- cling is similar to that used in hockey and football' it includes gloves helmet and face mask. Over the years Mr. Wagle has had a few small iniuries won five or six trophies and has spent a lot of money on motorcy- cin . KATHY BUNCH HEATHER SLOMAN I I I I I I l l , I v Ms S X. ,Qt sm. A s ,N T N he races in the midwest around Sterling, af- s A sg X X X Tk . , , L W ry T Mr I V I g I I I I I I I I in HU A v .1 t c ROGER STURM lM.S., Illinois State University? Classes: Machine Woodworking I, Cabinetmaking CLIFF TALLEY iB.S., University of Missourij Classes: Physical Education Coaching Duties: Varsity Basketball Sponsorships: Lettermen's Club LES TRUELSEN CMS., Augustana Collegej Classes: Biology TED TYLER CMS., Western Illinois Universityj Classes: Physics, General Science IOSEPH VIVENTI CBS., Ferris State Universityl Classes: Welding LINDA WADSAGER fB.S., Indiana Universityj Classes: Physical Education Coaching Duties: Girls' Field Hockey, Girls' Bowling GARY WAGLE fM.A., Northern Illinois Universityj Classes: United States Government DOROTHY WARD lB.S., Northwest Missouri Universityl Classes: Physical Education RITA WASHAM QMS., Western Michigan Universityl Classes: Speech Clinician Faculty 135 MAX WESSEL CMS., Northern Illinois Universityj Classes: Algebra Ill and IV, Trigonometry RICHARD WESSEI. CMS., Northern Illinois Universityj Chairman of Science Department Classes: Biology, General Science JAMES WESSELMANN CMS., Eastern Illinois Universityj Classes: Chemistry, Physics Coaching Duties: Track, Assistant Cross-Country MALLIE WILLIAMS QM M University of lowal Classes Band FRED WOLLER CMS Bemidji State Collegel Classes Geometry Consumer Education Algebra I an PERRINE WOLLER QMS Bemidp State Collegeh Classes Reading tTitle IJ SHE HELPED T0 START CONSUMER ED Mrs. Ardell Johnson retires this year alter teaching lor twenty-three years in Illinois schools, Dashing through the snow in a one horse open sleigh . . . Recognize that song? Mrs. Ardell Johnson is quite familiar with it, as she hums this popular tune while baking Christ- mas cookies - one ot her favorite passtimes at Christmas time. Mrs. Johnson retired this year after spend- ing her last year of teaching at UT. Mrs. Johnson has taught Consumer Education, Con- . K w..,,Nss sumer Mathematics, all four typing classes, Shorthand, and bookkeeping. She has been at both campuses, and helped start the consum- er education program. Mrs. Johnson taught tor twenty-three years in Illinois and Iowa public schools, two of which were in a business college. She was also the go-between for the American Field Service adult chapter and has housed two AFS students. The future looks bright for Mrs. Johnson because she will always carry her fond memo- ries of teaching school while she partakes in other things she enjoys such as reading, lots of handcratts, and just relaxing. KERRY DUFF ROBERT ZESIGER QMS, Bradley Universityj Classes: General Shop, Metals I and ll Al ZIMMERMAN tM.S., Illinois State Unlversityl Chairman of Physical Education Department Classes: Physical Education 136 Faculty sf RUTH BARTELSON QMA., University of lllinoisl Duties: Counselor, North Campus LARRY GREER QMS,, Western Illinois Umversityb Duties: Counselor, South Campus CHARLES KRAUSE QMS., Central Missouri State Universityb Duties: Counselor, South Campus THOMAS LONERGAN QEd.S., University of lowal A Duties: Guidance Coordinator, Area Vocational Center PATRICIA MARR QMA., Northern Arizona Universityj Duties: Counselor, North Campus M Q - fb MERLIN NELSON QMA., State University of Iowaj Duties: Counselor, North Campus IEROME SAMOLITIS QMS., lllinois State Universityj ' Duties: Counselor, North Campus ROBERT WATTERS QMS., Western illinois Universityj : Duties: Counselor, South Campus 6 K l My W ffs: :Ms ' ' ' North Campus office helpers are Qfrontl Stewart Stout, Toni Funai, Cathy Columbia, Teresa Skiles: Qbackl Chris Columbia, Dave Porter, and Mag Herrera. fi Q on 5 3 db' , Guidance office helpers are Mary 0'Mary, Margaret Montgomery, Roxann DeSplinter, Kathy Haney, lan Laird, Wendy Miller, and Chris Miller. f- s. 'v 9 as ' f'WQw3: r fff ,M My 2 a-'V ., Us do South Campus office helpers are Qfrontl Denise Caldwell, Lorna Spencer, Troy Van Thorre, Cara Sparks, Mary Peterson Qrow 23 Cindy Dohrinslri, Sue Martin, lanalee Hill, Shirley Barnes, Chris Mathes, Kevin Irby Qbackj Kim Dorbeck, Brenda Cochran, Chris Stewart. Counselors 137 4 138 Stall FAMILIAR FACES OUTSIDE THE CLASSROOM 1. North Campus secretaries are flrontj ludy Hetzel, Mr. Greene's secretaryg Pat lohnson: Cbackl Chris Terry, guid- ance secretary, Alice Kerkove, attendance, Sandy Smolenski, Mr. Boyd's secretary. 2. North Campus librarians are Ruth Selander and Louise lairett, Head of Audio Visual is Lorraine Williams Knot pictured is Marian Austinl, 3. The bookstore manager is Barb Bennett. 4. South Campus secretaries are Gwen Scott, attendance, Alice Paasch, Mr. Sousnouski's secretaryg Elaine Kruckenberg, registrar and secretary to director of guidance, Georgiann Archibald, Mr. PohIman's secretaryg and Barbra Hansen, guidance secretary. ' 1 4 2, A., av-5 we 1-4 4'-A ,--'F 1269 ggi ff' 'FQ- Phe if 4735, 496 X' 2. N X We gl-.- fi Wav R Q5 ' Q 2' A.4, t lr-ll-,, o 1. South Campus hall monitors are George Coon, Ruth Sidders, and Rita Hernandez. 2. Pat Freiburg is the nurse for North Campus students. 3. South Campus librarians are Irene McGaughy thead lihrarianj, Elaine Newberg, lune Roman, Marge Tippel fin charge of Upper Rock Island County Co-opt, and Rosie Grittee. 4. Francis Leahy is the nurse for the South Campus students. 5. North Campus hall monitors are Mary lane Van Belle and George Rankin. 6. Larry Urich, Bob Fairman, and Doris Hano are working in the data processing department. 7. New parking lot attendant is Tom Parsons. New hall monitor is Donna lohnson. Staff 139 3 fill' 71 ax.. S fiffifs 1. Head of Transportation is Paula Hanna. 2. Bus Drivers are tfrontj Iris Miller, Kathy Sandoval, Toni Hawkings, trow 25 Mary Ashcratt, Betty Butzer, Ruth Wiseley, Cheryl Waack, tbackl Marguerite Landugt, Sue Lackey, Vera Bert, Cheryl Lerbengood. 3. Men working in the South Campus mainte- nance department are Bob Beale, Paul Lange, and Mel Hummel. 4. Bob Lewis is Head ol Maintenance. 5. Men working in the maintenance department at North Campus are Bill Winthurst and Murrel St. lohn. 5 s 9-we-4 W t 99 sw.. i I S S, . 4, F 4 'T' 445 5 W.. 1 f '53, t. J OTHERS BEHIND THE SCENES 1 Bus drivers are ffrontj Rex Martin, George Ranking fbackl Floyd Sands, David Riggs, lerry Clark, Art Mihalopoulas, Elmer Buker, Chuck Gebharle, Herb Stephens, and Steve Mascaro. Z. North Campus cafeteria workers are Urontj Marilyn Boyle, Sally Burgess, Diana Houshoulderg Cbackl Barbara Stumphy, Nadine Heatherly, Norma Dunbar - head cook, and Marian Mickle. 3. South Campus cafeteria workers are Qfrontj Pat Scherschel, Eva Boydston, Beverly Mitchell, Evelyn Little, fbackl Nancy Kairis - food director, Doris Scalf, Linda Dobereiner, lackie Beale, Phyllis Stratford, and Mary Ann Mattson. 4. Truant Officer is Seraphin Versypht. Staff 141 'S NG TH RY ,.. A rv rn 3 -Q :r : 2 na an E Q E Q. rn EDHFF ,Q-.. 1. After school almost every night, speech contest hopefuls practice in Miss Petersen's or Miss Blix' rooms. 2. Cindy Andrew helps key co-editor Lorna Spencer with some last minute stuffing before she takes charge of circulation at South Campus. 3. Only the members of the National Honor Society know the secret to their scholastic success. 4. Every day means something new to learn in the complicated and hectic business of Skyline. 5. Orchesis still remains popular with senior girls. They are dedicated to good performance. 6. Another special interest club where students can practice what they enjoy is Rifle Club. Every year enough students turn out to keep it active. ,M-ali ' FF P'-ig Kr ' ' 3-43" 'lf 35 'Q 3 .lv 1 nfmway . .fm ., e . , .f-. N Q.,-X race.,-me -M ,sf , Y EMTU se yr . v E '1 . s ex , . If .SS sas Sk., e x . a t I u'xf f fX,f 4, Nr! .N W' . sk. xx . I, Vw, SXJ. J :V MVA, A VFf!?!?f9f-X' Fgwiflf s X5 ZUWWMG TO. 11 . r 'T V00 ?? ! wi 1. Panther Players serve at a chili supper planned lo raise money to finance the one-act play competition. 2. lt seems GM has found the secret to success in recruiting guys. 3. Teri Greer, an alternate for High School Bowl, spends most of her time "on the bench". 4. That famous Carter grin showed up again this year at Student Council Week, thanks to Lorna Spencer. 5. "Workin' at the carwash, baby" was the tune of the Lettermen as they really "cleaned up" at their annual event. Enthusiasm Divider 143 ON-THE-JOB LEARNING WITH C0-OP Distributive Education, Diversified Occupa- tions, Office Occupations, HERO club, and Agri- Business are five co-op classes available to UT students. Distributive Education helps students who have iobs at such places as Haag Drug, Bond Walgreens, gas stations, or any retail business. Diversified Occupations was first started in 1968. The program helps students on iobs such as mechanics, illustrators, nurse's aides, doctor's aides, etc. Some ofthe Office Occupations Club activities included holding a bake sale and sponsoring a car in the homecoming parade. They also sold Tom Wat miscellaneous items, from which money was contributed to the Goodfellow's Christmas fund. The Office Occupations Club attended a state conference in April. The major HERO club activity was the annual employer-employee banquet. Agri-Business travelled to Washington, Iowa for a farm progress show, sold stadium cushions, and made posters for new recruits. l. Office Occupations members are tfrontj Bertha Rangle, Lynn Perry, Crow 27 Nancy Carlson, Chris Mathes, Sandy Chandler, Terri Wright, Yvette VanKlaveran, Karen Butter- worth, Cena Thrope, Mrs. Helen Stiegelg Crow 33 Mary Dumell, Michelle Orme, Wendy Miller, Kathy Brown, Cindy Lundeen, lody Whitehair, Lorena Subdon, Joyce Rodgers, Pam Iacquing Cbackj Chris Saelens, Dannette Prieto, and Lori Delaegherg 2. 0.0. girls bring some more beauty into this year's homecoming parade. 3. Agricultural Business Club members are tfrontj Scott Scarsdale, Marvin Speidle, Gayla Nordholmg trow 25 Rick McCabe, Kim lones, Larri Fox, Mike Reilyg tbackj Mr. Richard Bassier, Brian Edmund, leff Mcln- tyre, Scott Marshell, Jim Dussliere, Bruce Fernell, Connie Burdick, Mike Sharp, and Dave Piersall. Jr ,queer - eu V Ellen: A ,UN 1. Distributive Education members are ffrontj Gary Mel- linger, Russ Riley, loe Francis, lim Wassel, Bob Vandergeest, Kenny Thompson, Mike Snyder, Brenda Whiteg frow 27 Andy Mooney, Doug Bealer, lamie Schoonover, lulia Myer, Paula Coopman, Debi Martin, Lori Miller, Sandra Sherrod, Shawn Welge, lerry Leibovitzg tbacky Diane lohnson, Kim Heitz, Marilyn Anderson, Rhonda Larrison, Mike Stewart, lohn Me- dina, Rick Banta, Larry Tysma, Mark Nelson, Reuben Martel, Dave Carton, Terry Wassell, Sandra Myers. 2. Diversified Occupations members are ffrontj Mike Gall, Diane Wangelin, leff Gant, Becky Higham, Dan Baxter: fbackb lohn Reger, lane Bjork, Tim Buller, Randy Bogs, Wayne Speer, Tina Luebke, Mr. Leo Foustg Knot picturedj Tim Alonzo, Candy Cain, Peggy Fulton, Lisa Kitto, Marty Hout, leff Loftin, Allison McKinzie, Sue McKinzie, Lori Utley, Bob Wise, and Barb Adams. 3. D.0. entered this float in the homecoming parade, 4. HERO Club members are tfronty Dorothy McNeal, Carol Heyninck, Eric Dozer, Kim Dorbeck, Ken Corey, frow 25 Nancy Southerland, Steve Murrens, Laurie England, Robin Craig, Mark Nagel, Jeff Gullickg fbackj Lain Mathews, lill Howell, Terry Luten, Terry Vervenne, Mike Vandel, Rich lones, Dave Hollett, Tammy DeWaIsche, and lan Gittings- adviser. WORKERS SPEAK HIGHLY OF C0-OP A variety of co-op courses is offered to UT students. Through these classes, students get jobs in which they learn and gain experience in the field of work in which they are interested. Part of the student's grade depends on reports from their employers. Larri Fox works as a veterinarians assistant. "I want to be a veterinarian, so my iob is good experience," says Larri, whose co-op class is agri- business. Mike Riley, senior, is also in the agri-business co-op class. Mike, who works as a greenhouse assistant, says of his job: "lt's given me good training for college and the job I want to do later." From the diversified occupations class, Tim Wassell obtained his iob as respiratory therapist at Illini Hospital. f'The exposure to the hospital atmosphere is important," said Tim, who wants to study medicine. Sandy Sherrard, senior, works at Illini Hospi- tal. Sandy, a nurse's aide,says this of her job and the co-op program: "I intend to go into nurse's training, so from my job l'll learn the basics of nursing. I don't think I could even have been hired as a nurse's aide if I hadn't been in co-op." Terry Luten, senior, works at Lutheran Hospi- tal. There she is a dietician, preparing food for patients. "It's a tough iob if you don't know what you're doing, but I like it because l deal mostly with patients," says Terry, whose co-op class is home economics related occupations CH.E,R.0.D Equipping boats is Mike Snyder's job at Ted's BoataRama. Mike says. "I like the job because that's what I want to do later in my life, that is, work in mechanics." Mike is in the D.O. class. Having to go to both school and work, it may seem that students don't have time to adequately concentrate on their school work. Marty Coe, who works in the mailroom at the Daily Dispatch and is in the D.O. class, says: "I find time for both my schoolwork and my job. The Dispatch knows I go to school, so they let me have time to study." The co-op program is very beneficial to U.T. students, according to Larri Fox. "The program is really great. For some it's an easy grade, but for others it's really worthwhile." CHERYL PITTMAN .h .... . vv l 'Sweet - . Mao .-awe-"' ' 1 H' . , . H ll yi 1. larri Fox, an Agri-Business student, enjoys working with animals as an after school job. 2. Marty Coe is busy at work in the mailing room of the Daily Dispatch, a job he got through diversified occupations class. 3. Laura England, a member of the H.E.R.0. club, prepares food at Der Wein- erschnit1el.4. Nancy Carlton takes dictation at the insurance company where she is employed. 5. Sandy Chandler got her job at F.W. Means through office occupations class. 6, Brenda White, a D.0. student, takes the blood pressure of a patient. Co-op 147 COUNCIL ADDS COMPUTER AND TURKEY DANCES TD CALENDAR Qrder in the court, order in the court . .. Mike McClure, student council president, doesn't need to say "Order in the court." The atmosphere at student council meetings was un- der control this year as parliamentary procedure was strictly enforced. Mike said, "We've got a bunch of hard-working people now that we've added some order to the meetings." Student Council met once a week for organiza- tion of activities inside and outside of school. The inside school activities included dances, such as the homecoming dance. lt hit an alletime high with over 400 people in attendance. This year was the first time a charity dance was held, The Turkey Dance proceeds went to a charity that area churches set up. Other efforts of the student council were the computer dance, mini-course day, and student council week. KERRY DUFF w. -,4- 1. Student council officers are Chris Young, secretary, Donna Martin, treasurer: Mike McClure, presidentg Teresa Wells, vice-president, and Vicki Cooper, secretary. 2. Senior class delegates are ffrontb Carol Bert, Karee Neibergall, Mike McClure, Lorretta Medina, Lori Lapaczonek, fbackj Ted Richards, Shari Fink, loan Nicholson, Teresa Wells, lana Klingborg, Dave DeFrieze, and Mary Adlfingerg Cnot picturedj Anita Ayala, Beth Bollaert, Scott Culley, Gilbert Frank, Randy Howard, Dan Kinkead, Erin McCarter, Tamie Shamsie, Dave Sheley, Teri Wright, Craig DeDecker, and Kai Togami. 3. Student Council officers have an answer for everything. 4. lunior class delegates are ffrontj lill Piper, Amy Smith, Chara Benzon, Andy Finkbeiner, Susie Hill, Danette Senn, lackie Feehan, Mary Desmet, fbackj lohn Mc Gehee, Sylvia Lueie, Leonard Schwigen, Rhonda Correll, Vicki Cooper, Patty Kalomas, and Linda Lapaczonekg fnot pictured? Beth Feller, Mary Frank, Teri Greer, Sharon Holmes, Bill Hughes, Si Randalph, Julie Reynolds, Tamee Swanson, and Kory Togan 148 Student Council xy 1 'Iac , '1q'ifEZS5tg. ,. s,f.2Qaaas,azr 1. Sophomore class delegates are flrontb Mary Burns, lln- nette Nagel, Ellie Medina, Tia Mitchell, Kathy Miletich, Kathy Mitchell, Cbackj Sue Bradley, lulie Catour, Larry Reyna, and Dawn Hakeman. Z. Mini-Course Day again offered such interesting classes as "Pizza-Making" taught by an expert from Happy loe's. 3. Remember lackie, those cookies are lor the teachers! 4. A very needed door mat was donated to the school by last year's student council. 5. Freshman Class delegates are tfrontj Melanie DeDecker, Shelly Thornton, Lorraine Mascari, Lisa Lampog trow 25 Chris Rangel, Tammy Ball, Beth Hoff, Betsy Sproul, Kim Hanson: Cbackb Tracy Wright, loyce Liggett, Andrea Hill, Maria Petaras, lulie Mer- edith, Debbie luering, Knot picturedl Paul Bagatelas, Tracy Detaeye, Rhonda LaFeiver, Lisa Snauwaert, Cheryl Wieden- mann, Karen Wiedenmann, Tami Derby, and Kellie Ford. Student Council 149 STUDENT COUNCIL continued .,-V in K aa.. gj .tttee ff Q 1 'C ' 'i ff In e . . , , -s 'S 5-Q Q by Q. 5. Q s .5 ...ss 4 . K 'g - 5813? ,S U s l as 1. Oscar Snyder shows oft a prize he got between classes on Fifties Day. 2. Crazy Costume day was a hit for all the sock collecters here in UT. 3. Clash Day brings out the craziness in all ol us. 4. Mr. Gritf Francis puzzels over his next chess move on Mini-Course Day. 5. Mr. Gary Phillips performs an experiment during this year's Mini-Course Day. 6. The big- gest responsibility for Student Council is still putting on successful dances. 150 Student Council 1. Mary Adllinger gets all tied up with things during Student Council Crazy Costume Day. 2. Mike McClure is one ol the many student council members that worked hard to make the Computer Dance a success. 3. Girl watching is a very important part of the 50's Day, part ol Student Council Week. 4. Kelly Sivertsen and Oscar Snyder take time to chat between classes during 50's day. 5, You can tell by the smiling laces that the homecoming dance was very enjoy- able. Student Council, your hard work seems to have paid oft! , 1. "' s 'xi ,pdla "" 'S I Student Council 151 ORCHESIS DANCERS ENTERTI-llN I-lT HALF -TIME when you put a group ot hardworking, cre- ative dancers together, add a little fun and a lot ot practice, you come up with Orchesis. There were 18 Orchesis members - all girls who practiced in school five hours a week and then after school almost every night. Imagination, strength, and endurance are three qualities that Orchesis members possessed. KERRY DUFF KERI FRANCOIS 3 1 1. Concentration is important for many of Miss D'Angelo's dance poses, as shown by Mary Beintema. 2. Precise timing brings the whole group together in this "Star Wars" choreog- raphy. 3. Carla Perry, Cerise Dawson, and Sharon Rea take a last minute count before joining practice. 4. Mary's strength and grace produce another beautiful pose during practice. 5. Practice helps Dawn Smit perfect a pose, 6. Orchesis mem- bers are Cfrontj Debbie Jackson, Laura Lapaczonek, Kathy Sproul, Mindy Ruthey, Chris DeLaRosag Crow 25 Carla Perry, Corrine Ybarra, Andi lsais, Loretta Medina, Cerise Dawson, loan Nicholson, Sharon Rea, Carol Bert, Wendi Wells, Kim Volrath, Dawn Smit, fbaclij Carlotta Weathers, Mary Bein- tema, Tracy Jacobson, and Leslie Mayfield. 152 Orchesis I ,4, 1. After all this practicing, it's over in a few minutes. 2. "Looks as if someone forgot her shoes, right Lorrie?" 3. Cerise Dawson has tortured herself before the weekly weigh- in. But when she realizes that she is not over the limit, she can't resist a Hostess cup cake. Will Leslie do the same? 4. Trick photography turns a graceful formation into a pretty silhouette. 5. ln Orchesis you practice till you're perfect, then practice some more. Orchesis 153 154 GAA GIRLS' ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION OPENS MEMBERSHIP TO BOYS Something new and different has happened to GAA-everything is co-ed! All units offered are now opened to both guys and girls. Mrs. Pat Peterson, four year sponsor of the association, said: "lt's working fine as co-ed, but because the organization's name is Girls Athletic Association, boys are hesitant to come out." This year's GAA membership boasts approxi- mately 80 members who participate in the units of their particular interest. Units offered are softball, swimming, volleyball, bowling, disco dancing, and flag football. One fund raising event for the organization was the selling of candy in the fall. GAA also sold carnations on Valentines Day. They sponsored a Christmas party at an area rest home in addition to holding their annual spring dance. Mrs. Peterson said GAA is an important pro- gram. "I think this school needs a good intramu- ral program for kids who aren't superstars in sports. GAA provides this." CHERYL PIUMAN ,ar 1.9M Board meetings are conducted Indian Style. 2. As one of the GAA girls has found out, a slight misfooting and you may find yourself in the gutter. 3. In the fall of the year, voleyhal is always one of GAA's successful events. 4. Filtiig the right hall is like looking for a needle in a haystack. 5. Mrs. Pat Peterson has been sponsoring GAA for the past four years. 6. South Campus board members are ffvontj Brenda Sheley, Lisa Gehant, Kim Benson, Rhonda Correl, Diane Zmuda, Gayle Peterson, Cbackj Lynn Hartman, Uh Mcllarter, Michelle Viscioni, Laurie Lapaczonic, Karen Wnger, ludy Lovelt, and Mary Cosgraveg Knot pictured! Shari Film and Sharm Holmes. Q .ff .,--ae-"""""--.xt ,..--f-"" A S in 'Xi.Xff I new G T ...ls :Nm Q 4 nfl fl- .ck ,f .4 I - vi 4' 5 ,. l I will dmlaomv 'fo C-105' dvr-M3 Swami Mix hbubgg Ogg 'favs fhhfq dtliqgr iluv . , ,. 123, fxtlc- lfgriill - gt stag -'ziifpf 1--1 - V R OR S D M E O N E vi xT' 5? . F ' F . SPGLJJAL fl RIENDS .. M2 nr-:ss 3 .- M 2 Vnlsmzf-. ev , ,Z 1, GM Royalty are Mary Cosgrave, Terry Wright, Erin McCarter, Margaret Montgomery, Michelle Viscioni, ludy Lovell, Lynn Hartman, Shari Fink, Karen Winger, and Karee Neibergall. 2. Again this year GM sold Valentine carnations with great success. 3. GM Sophomore Board members are Leigh Shull, Brenda Dickinson, Rhonda Rodgers, Lori Holmes, loni Cosgrave, and Cindy Gehant. 4. Beth Feller buys a carnation for her special Valentine. 5. Kim Benson readies hersell lor another of her fantastic rolls. 6. Form isn't one ol Brenda Sheley's main virtues. GAA 155 THEY'RE N0 FOREIGNERS TO CLUB FUN Dances, trips, fund-raising activities, songs, education, and a whole lot of fun are what the foreign language clubs are all about. The three clubs, German Club, Spanish Club, and Spanish Honor Society are made up of stu- dents with one common interest, a foreign lan- guage. The German Club is the most active of the three clubs. Each of the approximately twenty members paid one dollar for dues and went to the Amana Colonies for Oktoberfest. luniors and sen- iors went to lumers tor a Christmas dinner. The club sold German candy. The Spanish Club is a newly formed organiza- tion at U T this year. Spanish Club members attended the performance of the Spanish Fla- menco Dancers. Spanish Honor Society is for students with a 3.8 average in Spanish and who are a U T student in good standing. Their biggest event of the year is the annual candlelight initiation ot the juniors. KONNIE FLOYD 1. German Club officers are Danette Senn, Secretary: Mike Woodruff, presidentg Merry Rohweder, treasurer, Knot pic- turedj leff Sutton, vicepresident. 2. German Club members are tfrontj Ralph Sanders, Frank Hocker, Scott Hunsinger, leff Suttong trow Zi Karen Wiedenmann, Kristin Woodruff, Kim Benson, Merry Rohweder, Danette Senn, Aline Hocker, Kathy Noel, tbackj Lisa Lenderman, Sara Riggs, Troy White- hall, Scott Henry, Mark Henry, Mike Woodruff, lohn McGe- hee, Frances DeKeyper, and Rosemarry Walker. 3. The Ger- man Club caroles Christmas cares away. 4. "Hurry up, we all have to sign that too, you know!" 156 German Club w. 'Q ' .gs Pt QU E ' If ubi- . 2 f, rw sv 'R R 1,1 951.15-g and In MW' ,af Q 5 r, I ik, ' v 7. " be we-' ' - G in ,W , . aanswwf l.. 5. .-, ,fa ,f ty, ,Am .Www--up--0011 1. Spanish Club members aretfrontj Maria Veloz, Rebecca Terronez, Vickie Contreras, Mary Frank, trow 2JKaren Hack- er, Lada Lopez, Karen Bereczky, Margaret Pierson, Steve Roberts, Celia Soliz, Mr. Keith Ericksengfbackl Vickie Coo- per, Barb Miller, Connie Purcell, Geri Larrison, lulie Ro- manski, Miss Pat Hertenstein, Tom Lampo, and Kevin Irby. 2. The Spanish Club was entertained by the Flamenco Danc- ers. 3. Tom Lampo looks as if he is enjoying this planning session, maybe because of the girls. 4. Spanish Honor Society officers areftrontJKeIly Wara, Sharon Reagfbackj Dave DeFrieze, Kai Togomi, and lim Stoneburg. 5. Spanish Honor Society members are Cfrontj Dave DeFreize, Tisha DeLacruse, Kelly Wara, Sharon Rea, Kai Togamig trow 23 Tammy Allen, Mrs. Amanda Keller, Celia Soliz, Steve Roberts, Melanie Luce, Rose Gibbs, Lada Lopez, Cbackj Susan Leighs- ing, Sue Fink, Vicki Cooper, Karin Bereczky, Dianne Zmuda, Barb Miller, Lori Ralph. Spanish Club, Spanish Honor Society 157 CHANGES ARE RECORDED IN SKYLINE C hanges - we all go through them. Sometimes we change a great deal and sometimes so very little. Keeping in mind this theme, the Skyline staff had little trouble finding examples of this within the school. The '78 Skyline went through many changes . . . two new co-editors, Lisa Miller and Annette Henry . . . more color . . . feature stories high- lighting students . . . teacher features . . . larg- er staff . . . more student photography . . . new camera . . . new darkroom . . . just to name a few. Some things never change. This year's adviser is still Mary Conger, whose famous line is "we're never going to make this deadline if you all don't keep busy." But somehow we always made it. This Skyline annual, with the theme "Every- thing's Different", records the changes in the world around us so that we can better under- stand the changes within us. STEVE BOYER i g Q.. i 1-- 1. The 1978 Skyline editors, Lisa Miller and Annette Henry, are caught at an awkward time as they find themselves with nothing to do. 2. Adviser Mary Conger is ever so busy learning more about constructing yearhooks. 3. Konnie Floyd is hiding from work, as usual. 4. As usual, Leonard is not listening. 5. Typing is a fundamental part of Skyline. 6. The 1978 Skyline staff consists of tfrontl Keri Francois, Erma Escontriasg tmiddlel Mary Adlfinger, Georgina Peuntes, Ann Barlow, Konnie Floyd, Kris Cox, Heather Slomang tbackj Kerry Duff, Beth March, Leonard Schweigen, Steve Boyer, and Cheryl Pittman. Skyline 158 ..xfses,3.. - l . X -x 0. "'.. R . S rf'2s. 'H'-N as y ,rr any if fi if ........ 4 1 1 .,,4'5-rj 3 -'-4? Q S 'ie t T . 6. 1 I' Egf3'gwE'1 ii: it :re i 1. 1- it . J gm! GY' NNJJ. -wav ""lII-.-, sv- Q. : hum. ' . V 'f s , ,Q1:. ,f s g vi , Ps ss, 'Q l 9. FSP X j 1. Skyline photographers are Cfrontj Marcel Reasbyg lbackj lohn Reger, leff Wiedenmann, leff Paton, and Randy Steffen- son. 2. Annette Henry stares blankly after the usual hustle and bustle of an editor's day. 3. Copy editor Beth March snickers as she relaxes and reads the latest feature story. 4. Kerry Duff Callas Barbara Waltersj reports the latest news to Lisa Miller. 5. Kathy Bunch smiles happily as she swiftly types in time to make a deadline. Skyline 159 1. Eagerly awaiting their pictures to be taken are Lorna Spencer, co-editor, Mrs. Susan Kocanda, adviserg and Marga- ret Montgomery, co-editor. 2. The layout staff of the key consists of tlrontj Margaret Montgomery: trow twoj Mary- ann Zywot, Steph Gardnerg Crow three! Lorna Spencer, Sharon Hanson, fbackb Kelly Duff, and Kerry Kipp. 3. Atten- dance was often high at Key meetings. 4. Don't worry, Margaret, you're not the only one that feels that way. 5. "Are you kidding? we can't publish that sort of thing," says Lorna Spencer with a surprised look on her face. --1 INVOLVEMENT lS 'KEY' WORD XTRA-XTRA READ ALL ABOUT IT , . . The place to read all about it is the Key. The obiect of the Key staff this year was to produce a newspaper for the students and to get them more involved in school activities. "Involvement" was the 'tKey" word, as the new adviser CMrs. Sue Kocandab and co-editors CLorna Spencer, senior, and Margaret Montgom- ery, seniorj came up with new ideas tor student interests. Such innovations were The Eye Game, Mystery Student, and the Ecology Sketch col- umns. Twenty students attended the Key meetings on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Although twenty stu- dents are a good size statt, Margaret says, "The students that don't attend the meetings don't realize how hard it is to print the school newspa- per." HEATHER SLOMAN KERRY DUFF Y. T34 :MWC ..... tttl E ,1 2 ,gy Kelly Duff Carole Feehan Dee Ziegler Sue Kennedy tmid dlel Chris Spencer Sandy Ziegler Maryann Zywot Robin Rotz Terry Sandoval Sham Mihalopoulos Jeff LaForge' tbackb Kathy Miletich Rhonda Reynolds Pam Norgaard Nancy Robins Darla Kaster Kathy Higmght and loni Culley. 2 Most people dont realize that the Keys are hand stuffed. 3. The Key is more than yust co-editors and reporters, it also -un consists of Lisa Miller, business and advertising manager: lan Williams, assistant business and assistant advertising man- ""-'agerg Heather Sloman, exchange editor: Cindy Andrew, South 1-Campus distribution managerg and Maryann Zywot, North Campus distribution manager. 1. Key reporters are tfrontj Heather Sloman, Kerry Kipp, SPEECH COMPETITION LURES NORTH CAMPUS STUDENTS S peech Club is an organization that is up and coming at UT. Sponsored by Miss ludy Blix and Mrs. Paula Petersen, the Speech Club member- ship grew this year due to a surge of interest among North Campus students. The club met every first Wednesday ot the month to set up practice sessions for the upcom- ing meets. Tournaments were held in as faraway places as Normal, Illinois during the season which lasted from October to March. Chara Benson, junior, commented "Speech Club is growing, but not enough yet. We need more involvement from the students." Kathy Horton, junior, echoes Chara's thoughts, "Even though we have more members this year, I think Speech Club needs to be brought out of the dark because it's really fun." President of the club, Martin Dawson, senior, believes speech is an important part of educa- tion. "Speech Club is quite an experience. lt has changed me a lot by building up my self-confi dence. l'm no longer afraid to speak in public." lt the speech club members are having fun and learning at the same time, maybe the rest of us are missing something. CHERYL PITTMAN 1. Cheryl Ralph and Nancy Ely psyche themselves up for their upcoming scene in "Morning Becomes Electra". 2. Miss Blix must listen to a lot of scenes before deciding who goes to tournament. 3. Chara Benzon, practicing prose, has placed in several tournaments. 4. "l'm speaking to you as a woman now, not as a daughter," says Nancy Ely to Cheryl Ralph during their duet performance. 5. Speech Club officers are Bill Ralph, vice president, Chara Benzon, treasurer: Martin Dawson, president, and fnot picturedj Kathy Horton, secre- tary. 6. Freshman debaters are Paul Bagatelas, Ted Marlin, lohn Linquist, and Louis Pittman. 162 Speech Club Ns.-D . I . 5 4 C 1 'Q ww' fbi-Vp fn 1. Reader's theatre members are Chuck Seaman, Cheryl Ralph, Robert Anis, Kerry Duff, Gerald Carlson, Tracey Wil- liams, Lisa Cox, Bill Ralph, Kevin Dawson, and Marty Dawson. They won first place in conference competition. 2. Kris Cox finds a quiet place in the hall after school to work on her speech for an upcoming tournament. 3. Miss Peterson regu- larly works with the debate team and speech club members after school. 4. Bill Ralph and Lisa Cox pool their efforts in a game of ping pong during Speech Club's Christmas party. 5. Speech Club members are ffrontl Kris Cox, Gerald Carlson, Lewis Pittman, Ted Marlin, Keven Dawson, left Zoller, Chara Benzong fbackj Cheryl Ralph, Nancy Ely, Lisa Cox, Robert Annis, Bill Ralph, loe Bilquist, Martin Dawson, and Mike VanBelle. Speech Club 163 LETTERMEN UNDER S tudents who have earned a varsity letter by displaying their talents in a particular sport are eligible to become members of Lettermen's Club. Perhaps the best way to identify a Ietterman is to look for a person clad in a white sweater with orange and black lettering on most any Friday. The Lettermen's Club is sponsored by Coach Cliff Talley with the occasional assistance of Gene McCarter, Athletic Director. There is always some fighting excitement and fighting fatigue at the start of Friday morning's meetings, then the members of the Lettermen's Club give their undivided attention to president i 1, .yas HELD ACCOUNTABLE NEW POINT SYSTEM Kurt Simmons and secretary Karee Neibergall. ln order to participate in the final activity of the year, club members must have accumulated a certain number of points. Points can be obtained by attending meetings, ushering at games, and helping with money-making projects, Lettermen do much more than just attend meetings and usher at football and basketball games, they also hold car washes, go to college basketball games, have picnics, and sell hats and pizzas. CHERYL PITTMAN ,Vx n 'X if sq ei Sed s 5 Z Y .. f H. .,....q........... .T , 45 5 i . 5 i 2 3 Z Q l ..-. To u .' ' 164 Lettermen's Club +14 M 7 .cs Ss?" X 9 .fw- I 1 N 9 fd n K. LT? 5 'Sl' sws . ' www Mig' I ,W W V 11, .2 ,. -3" 1. Washing cars takes keen eyes, expert hands, and lots of soap and water. 2. Letterman Larry lones helps with crowd control after the varsity basketball games. 3. Al Nache is out to sell as many pizzas as possible during Letterman's pizza fund raising drive in lanuary. 4. On Friday morning a Letter- man can be spotted a mile away. 5. After the games, keeping people off the basketball courts is one of many Lettermen jobs. 6. The 1978 Lettermen are tfrontj Kathy Bunch, Diane Zmuda, lim Zarlatanes, Rick Cappaert, Steve Cogdill, Terri Wright, Beth Bollaert, Tammy Shamsieg trow ZJ Penny Draper, Steve Darby, lames Nelson, Tina Rivera, Tracy lacobson, Ann Debowski, Michelle Visconi, Kelly Warag Qrow 31 Randy Stotmeister, Dan Correll, Kurt Simmons, Erin McCarter, lody Nagel, Vickie Cooper, Robin Hanna, Peggy Downing, Debra Faber, Crow 45 Anita Ayala, Marty Coe, Terri Greer, Lynda Tally, Tim Wassell, Beth Feller, Elaine Daugh- erty, Cheryl Pittmang trow 53 Sue Randolph, Coach Cliff Tally, ludy Lovell, Michelle Laud, Mary lean Vyncke, Tina Grove, Mary Adlfinger, leff Paton, Annette Henry, trow 63 Karen Winger, Albert Nache, loanne Cosgrave, Karee Neiber- gall, Dave Sheley, Lynne Hartman, Mary Cosgrave, Leslie Mayfield, and Shari Fink. 7. Again this year, supervision was the favorite part of the Lettermen car wash held at Happy oe s Letterrnen's Club 165 MEMBERSHIP LIMITED TO THOSE IN GOOD STANDING weve all seen them -the kids that belong to the National Honor Society. They walk through the halls with their T-shirts bearing the Honor Society insignia, but just what is The National Honor Society? The members of the National Honor Society, under the advisorship of Miss Loryann Eis, got together and raised money for the poor and needy. Some of the activities they held were car wash, bake sale, dance, and hay rack ride. But the National Honor Society is more than that. lt's a group of specially selected and invited students who work together for the betterment of themselves and those around them, This year's president, Mike Woodruff, summed up his year on the Honor Society: "l've enjoyed National Honor Society as a club and the prestige to serve on it. I also hope the club as a group can leave an impression on the school as being a hard working group of students who had a lot of fun while doing something that means a lot to them." HIGH SCHOOL BOWL "What is the title of both a comedy written by Aristophanes and a movie directed by Alfred Hitchcock?" lf you can correctly answer this question, perhaps you are a good candidate for the High School Bowl team. After sponsor Miss Pat Peter- sen interviews teachers to find their opinions concerning students worthy of competing in High School Bowl, she selects five. Theresa Burgland, loe Billquist, Gerald Carlson, leff Zoller, and alter- nate Teri Greer comprise UT's '77-'78 High School Bowl team. The team practices twice before appearing on television, listening to questions and sharpening their reflexes in order to press their buzzers before the opposing team does. At the television studio, they practice ten minutes with the televi- sion personnel, answering sample questions be- fore going on the air to compete with other area high school teams. Once on the air, the competi- tion lasts for half an hour. In the High School Bowl, one loss eliminates the team from further competition. There are five matches leading up to the championship, consist- ing of such trivial questions as this one worth ten 166 National Honor Society points: "lf you witnessed the controlled emission of thick smoke by an aircraft aloft which formed a message that was readable below, what would you be witness to?" The answer to this question Cot coursel is skywriting. The answer to the first question about the title of both a comedy and a movie is "The Birds." The answers were on the tip of your tongue, right? UTHS VISITORS TO ROTARY Every month two senior boys are selected for UTHS Visitors to Rotary. Every Thursday for a month they attend a two-hour luncheon, which is given by a men's organization for the community. During the luncheon they have a guest speak- er. At the meetings the lunior Rotarians sit with businessmen they've never met before and talk and get to know each other, On the fourth Thurs- day the student gives a speech and tells what he learned by attending the luncheons. KONNIE FLOYD, MARY ADLFINGER AND CHERYL PITTMAN 'X s .lie fi s ,ssh .wifi 2 ' fy, .C lil i 'fag V' . .4 ' "4 Q . ,, , A , ""X': s":,'I' ul'- S --1'o Io. T 'SN o. 4... 4 0 O O .s s f ' v e o ,', v 'P 14.4 . 'X,:-u::..... :Do on ' a'.'.,::,.u e . , 1-s oem... a vo, ,tio , o 's"E:1f"""e'4'.',' "QT" fQvxnoult i s ' 'J': S e1Q:'gf.'.2:Av,v,5,'. also NN. if of S Csguuus , . - so ,,,,. - ' ' -- . 1. 1 lffvfsuu ' . fl'--""' 4-,H g 4, ag., 'grew . -2 . -. . Q.'.P..vn.u.- Q' 1. All Honor Society membes purchased T-shirts. 2. Greg Anderson helps contribute to the cause during the National Honor Society bake sale held in the cafeteria. 3. Honor Society officers are ffrontj loan Nicholson, lim Stoneburgg fbackl Dirk Carlson, and Mike Woodruff. 4. High School Bowl members are Gerald Carlson, leff Zoller, Theresa Burgland, loe Billquist, and Teri Greer. 5. National Honor Society members are ffrontj Tom Lamp, lim Stoneburg, Mike Wood- ruff, Coreen Ybarra, Kim Vollrath, loan Nicholson, Karen Kester, Sharon Rea, trow 25 lulie Sackett, Tracy Hill, lelf Sutton, Donna Stamp, Shari Fink, Tina Grove, Cathy Dicken- son, Tracy lacobson, Miss Loryann Els, fbackl Rollie Sollen- berger, Craig Knobloch, Rich Lineback, Dirk Carlson, Bob Lewis, Mary lean Vyncke, Mary Henry, Leslie Mayfield and Cheryl Stribling. 6. UTHS Visitors to the Rotary are Qfrontl Scott Hunsinger, Tom Lampo, Rich Lineback, Kai Togamig fbackb Mike McClure, Bian Kinman, Dirk Carlson, lim Hill, Scott Reynolds, Rick Cappeart, Mark Henry, Steve Sutton, Bob Lewis, Rollie Sollenberger, Dale Morrow, and Principal Stan Sosnouskig tnol picturedl leff Snauwaert. 7. Gerald Carlson and leff Zoller think long and hard for an answer during the January airing of High School Bowl. 1 x 5,-X so v Y W.-my less yy,--K 4.1 High School Bowl And UTHS Visitors To The Rotary 167 CLUBS SPAN INTEREST RANGE FROM GUNS T0 WELDING Rifle Club Not only is Rifle Club a club, but it is also considered a competitive team. This year the team competed in postal matches, sectional matches, and their annual shoulder-to-shoulder matches, which were held in Peoria. All the stu- dents are usually competing tor a team score, but some compete for individual scoring. Mr. Oliver, Rifle Club advisor, said that this is one of the most expensive schools sports. The club is given ammunition, targets, and loaned guns from the Federal Government. The rifle range is located at North Campus. GEORGINA PUENTES Tri-Mic Tri-Mic, one of the first vocational clubs at UT, has a new advisor. After assuming the position for ten years, Mr. Gary Pregracke decided to leave Tri-Mic. Now this vocational club, which covers such things as machine shop, welding, wood shop, and drafting, is under the advisorship of Mr. Ronald Sonju. Tri-Mic, which stands for triangle and microm- eter, has no one purpose. Some of the goals are to build character in its members, to help mem- bers by giving them confidence, and to help them get along with peope. But mostly Tri-Mic gives its members a chance to share common interests. It is a chance to discuss and plan the future. Some of the activities Tri-Mic provides are picnics, dinners, bowling meets, and volleyball nights. JAN WILLIAMS 1. Rifle Club members know that shooting a rifle is serious business. They practice on Tuesday evenings. 2. Rifle Club members are tfrontj Richard Stein, Brian Burlingame, lames Harding, Wayne Stogsdill, Mike Klauer, David McNurlen- plbackj left Paton, Kenneth Hill, Mike Wolf, Mark Gaddey, David Morse, Robert Severtsgaard, Diana Hill, and Tammy Allen. 3. Mr. Oliver, sponsor of the Rifle Club, gives a lot of his time so that Rifle Club members become marksmen of the sport. 168 Rifle Club up .r jg , wwf? fl 3 ' J, lgg y flgfpz ,W f W"L'l UQ . M ,,.,,,g A,,- fri 'fb- ffff irc ' f E 5 5 Y E Z xf y WIN have Q QW mf ffQafffCw:Q fmffffrff Qfy L, it K , TT Vit "" Ziypipyy f',lffkf?iYfZ3f'fP7H fi ffifff M' f"!',l"' f""'fM 'W of I f'wwm,,f ,f 4 f,,'f,ff, . ' "f,'1': , ' i'f'7f , A . , f 5 , .,., 1. left Paton is really glad that he joined Tri-Mic, especially atter being one member of the winning bowling team. 2. Verna Dergo is one ot about nine people who attended the Tri-Mic bowling tournament. 3. Mr. Ronald Sonju is the first year sponsor of Tri-Mic. 4. Steve McNally looks really en- thused about the Tri-Mic volleyball night. 5. Tri-Mic members posted signs announcing the upcoming bowling tournament. 1 Tri-Mic 169 EVERYTHING'S ...s .,,. .c.,,...,.. ,......,, . . .-qs, MS.. I 1. Wrestling season opens with an exciting assembly and a speech from a past wrestler, Mr. Bollaert. 2. The whole scho ol rises as the UT marching band begins the school song. 3. Such a work of art that is about to be demolished by charging Panthers. 4. Lori Holmes listens to the finer points of serving from Coach Allee. 5. Football players aren't the only ones who go through sweat and slrain lor the games. 170 Sports Divider FFI1 Q, i S N"'-H.,NN --N... N--s... xww if .,, as-ff," inf ENT E+: ""1' ll I xt' ' 3 X N f fe ,fry . ff if:5ff.lA"., - .s A i 5 NFL' I A 7 V' . .W fl ls. 'A,, ,. 5 it 1 L-. K l , t ta. ' !?""Kgd: W 'Z i V N ii ' i 'f , 53' 12' 5 , . ,- , pm .. W S an f . e . .. 7 " My .. XD, . .aug 1-4- L.: l 4 1. Down on the ground is an angle often seen by the Panther's opponent. 2. A futile banner at the homecoming game. 3. The Girls' volleyball team is setting a pattern of success, as they had another good year. Sports Divider 171 CHEERLEADING W FOR "lT'S WORK, BUT lT'S EXCITING, N YOU GET CLOSE TO PEOPLE" K During the summer the varsity football cheer- leaders went to a cheerleading camp in Galesburg and spent four long days working together as a squad. They brought home many new cheers and ideas to change some ot the styles and tech- niques that have been used in the past. Basketball season quickly tell upon us. And so did the first basketball cheerleading tryouts. lust two weeks betore the first game, veterans Mary Adltinger, Kathy Bunch, Mary DeSmet, Erin McCarter, Denette Senn and Tammy Shamsie worked hard teaching mounts, formations, and cheers to newcomers. "The '77-'78 wrestling cheerleaders are one of the most dedicated and enthusiastic squads we've had", said Mrs. Pat Hanlin, coach. "This is partly because ot the closeness they leel to the wrestlers and the sport of wrestling." Not only do these girls cheer for the wrestlers, but they make posters, decorate the locker room, and write to the individual boys to encourage them before a match. 1. Varsity wrestling cheerleaders yell out what all dads want to hear. 2. "Go Panthers Go! We know you can do it" is just one ofthe many cheers the varsity cheerleaders do during a game. 3. Varsity wrestling cheerleaders are Terri Wright, Chris Wirtz, beth Bollaert, Anita Ayala and tbackj Tammy Larrison. 4. Varsity football cheerleaders are ftrontl Kathy Bunch tbackj Tammy Shamsie, Vickie Cooper, Coach Sharon Simmonds, Mary Adlfinger and Dannette Senn. 172 Cheerleading Wm. .... ...,. ,, ..... m.,.,.ee., .... ..,.,..W.,,,,y.. ..,. Kathy Bunch, Senior asses . my X ---, . Q, Y Q X X r I X v h li "-Q-Q., 'E ..,,a.,....,.,.....,-.......'-..-,J.,---....,.....w. , .. . f ,WM ,,,,,,,,, ,.,,,,W,,. ...W..,,,,,,.,... ...,,,,,..., ...., , ,.,-M,.e ...eM...WM..W,.m:s.m.....M,W,, l l l M, .W-wmmuuau-49 ,r...We.rNi.w , f-fn-sunvmmss 6-J www-4-sauna-no-up i l E. gp .Q . N ,A F CL ku ff .1 bi 0 5 J Y 1" 1 Varsity basketball cheerleaders are lam Sweeny Erin McCarter Mary DeSmet Kathy Bunch Tammy Shamsre Mary Adlhnger, and Dannette Senn. 2. After getting back from the Galesburg clinic, the girls practice very hard for the oncoming football season. 3. Despite the Illinois ruling that banned pyramids and three-tiered mounts, the varsity cheerleaders still keep the crowd's spirit up. 4. Freshman- Sophomore wrestling cheerleaders are Ctrontb Dawn Hager- mang Crow ZJ lulie Catour, lulie Doplerg Qrow 35 Lori Wirtz, Lori Holmes, Tracey Wright: tbackj Beth Sandoval. Cheerleading 173 CHEERLEADING Continued . .:.Q.1:. nnms 1. Sophomore basketball cheerleaders are Qfrontj Kathy Mitchell, Pam Hudson, Mary Burns, fbackj Robin Rotz and Connie Hoffman. 2. After having a hard workout during practice, the cheerleaders take a short break. 3. Freshman Black basketball cheerleaders are Tracy Hopkins, Lisa Snauwaert, Beth DeCoster, Kim Hanson, and Shelly Thorn- ton. 4. Sophomore football cheerleaders are Kathy Mitchell, Ellie Coder, Robin Rotz, Mary Burns and Connie Hoffman. 174 Cheerleading ...-.-.---u i N. .... .35 are 1 , Yi I Alfi of el eds EK, 1. Freshman Black football cheerleaders are Andrea Hoff, Lisa Snauwaert, Lisa Lohse, Kim Hanson, and Lori Kennedy. 2. At the cheerleading clinic held in the tall, lhe girls were shown how to do mounts and a wide variety ol cheers. 3. Freshman Orange football cheerleaders are flrontj Tracy HOPHUSZ CYUW 25 BGU1 HOW. Rhonda LaFeiver, loyce Liggel and fbackl Beth Delloster. 4. Freshman Orange basketball cheerleaders are tlrontj loyce Liggett, Lisa Lohse, Kim Dueyseng Qbackj Lori Kennedy and Karen Sheley. Cheerleading 175 GIRLS' FIELD HOCKEY "WE WORKED HARD AND what group of girls would drive five hours to play a game, run out of gas and still have fun? The answer to that is girls' field hockey team. Because of the absence of competition in this locale, the girls were forced to travel a great deal. Mrs. Linda Wadsager tthe only woman to coach an athletic team at UTD says that even though they had only two home games and a record of 2- 3-1, teamwork was the biggest factor that the girls could depend on. lt was the best all around team she has ever had. Because of the new pool, the girls had to get accustomed to a new field. This field wasn't regulation and the girls complained that it was muddy and very slippery. KERI FRANCOIS GEORGINA PUENTES 1. After running out of gas, the girls decide to take a quick nap. Z. Coach Wadsager's girls pose for the last time on their old playing field before pool construction begins. 3. Varsity field hockey members are tfrontj Sharon Bailey, loanie Cosgrave, Karen Winger, Chis Wirtz, Karee Neibergall, Mary Cosgrave, Diane Zmudag Cbackj Tina Rivera ttrainerj, Vicki Ross, Annette Nagel, ludy Lovell, Patty Kalomas, Lynne Hartman, Erin McCarter, Shelly Visconi, Shari Fink, and Coach Linda Wadsager. 4. Diane Zmuda had to have seven stitches after being hit with the ball during an away game. PLAYED TOUGH" Karen Winger, Senior 1 ...L 176 Girls Field Hockey 1. lunior varsity field hockey members are ffrontb Cindy Gallaugher, Tamera Benson, LaRea Blomme, Andrea Vollz, Merry Rohweder, Maria Pelaros, lennifer Lien, and Cindy Gehantg Cbackj Coach Linda Wadsager, Carrie Clevenger, lean Hasenwinkel, Robyn Hanna, Tracy Shull, llnn Scholka, lane Claus, loanne Nelson and Lisa Gehanl. 2. Karee Neiber- gall looks back on a hard game. 3. Michelle Viscioni inter- cepts an inbounds hil. pu i Girls Field Hockey 177 GIRL'S GOLF, GIRL'S BOWLING "THERE WAS MORE SPIRIT AND TOGETHERNESS THIS YEAR" coach Ron Holmer enloyed coaching girls' golf for his first year. "We had a good time", he said. "This was the year for rapid improvement." Though they had a losing season, the girls improved their scores. Ruth Klauer started off the season with 80 to 90 strokes and ended up with approximately 60. Though the weather wasn't as bad as last year, there were times it gave the girls trouble. In the district tournament, Coach Holmer pulled the girls out of competition after only six holes. Freezing rain and a 380 temperature were the reasons. To continue to play would have meant three more hours in the rain. Coach Holmer believes the girls have the po- tential to make a good team. They just need more experience. He said that Annette Henry, senior, was the only one who could hold her own in competition with the other schools. GirI's Bowling Girls' bowling, however, had a much better season. The twelve member team, coached by Linda Wadsager, lost only four matches. And they won second place in district play. Coach Wadsager said they had "every hope of going to state. lt was a great disappointment not making it." The district tournament started at 10 a.m. There were three games in the first round and six games in the second. The team's chances to win were good until the last game, which they lost by 60 pins. Coach Wadsager attributes the loss to the fact that the district was bigger this year with more competition. JANET WILLIAMS L 5,3 A ' , I... 7,0 X Itti as c. 17 Girls Golf Annette Henry, Senior 1. Annette Henry, who has played number one for two years, steadies herself and waits with hope for a sunken approach. 2. Girl's golfers are Urontj Melissa Williams, Melanie De- Decker, Laurie Wirtz, Pam Wilson: fbackl Ruth Klauer, Lori McEniry, Ann Langdon, Betsy Sproul,Cathy Hill and Coach Ron Holmer, not picturedj Annette Henry. 3. Ruth Klauer keeps a sharp eye on the ball at all times. 4. Senior Lori McEniry steadies herself as she firmly taps in a two loot putt during a match against Rock Island. . ,L ,iff .,,. 1 sg of aett' sf . . K ,A mia' X Qu 5 '1 , a t 1,5524 M ill! 'K 1. The varsity bowling team gathers around the scorers to see who comes out on top, in the varsity vs. teachers match. 2. The varsity bowling team members are tfrontj Ruth Klauer, LaRea Blomme, Annette Henry, Karen Winger, Karee Neibergall, Sharon Hacker, tbackj Margaret Montgomery, Lori McEniry, Karen Flowers, lennifer Morgan, Kim Pisman, and Coach Linda Wadsager. 3. Margaret Montogomery con- centrates on throwing a strike ball. 4. The varsety bowling team challanges the teachers in a dual match at Sammy G Lanes. 5. Kim Pisman keeps accurate count as the pins fall. 6. The team bought shirts and had their names put on the back to insure recognition on the alley. Girl's Bowling 179 GIRLS' TENNIS "STI-ITE FINALS MADE LONG HOURS OF PRACTICING WORTH IT" Playing on the newly resurfaced courts, the girls' varsity tennis team highlighted its season by winning both the Western Big Six conference title and the District championship. Although vic- torious in but six of fifteen dual matches, the Panthers played their best tennis during the tour- naments. The Western Big Six conference win featured a third place in singles by senior Mary Jeanne Vyncke. The District win was due to the fine showing of two doubles teams which quali- fied for the state finals tVyncke and her partner, senior Shelly Laud, and the Holmes-Wiedenmann duoj. Underclassmen dominated this year's 18 mem- ber squad as there were but two seniors. Playing in the varsity singles matches with Vyncke, Laud, Lori Holmes, and Wiedenmann were juniors Shar- on Holmes, Kim Benson, Rhonda Correll, Brenda Sheley, and freshman Julie Ackeberg. Joining this group for doubles play were junior Amy Davison, sophomores Karen Juehring and Susie Vyncke, and freshman Karen Sheley. Rounding out the squad were juniors Carole Nemerguth and Donna Hunt, sophomores Lisa Johnson and Sandy Tyler, and freshman Cheryl Wiedenmann. A fitting climax to the season were the winners of the special awards as voted by the entire team. For the second year in a row Mary Jeanne Vyncke was elected Captaing Julie Ackeberg was elected Most Improved Player, and dual awards went to Lori Holmes and Karen Wiedenmann as the result of a tie for Most Valuable Player. Junior Varsity Girls' Tennis Practicing from 3 to 5 o'clock every afternoon at North Campus, the girls' junior varsity tennis team ended a winning season this fall with a record of 9 wins, 5 losses and 1 tie. The team was coached by Mr. Adamson for the second year. Mr. Adamson admits that his title of assistant girls' tennis coach is rather misleading, since he coaches the freshmen and sophomore girls in order to give them training and experience for when they move on to the varsity team. 180 Girls Tennis Mary Jeanne Vyncke, Senior ,gg it 1. Mary Jeanne Vyncke, senior, won third place in singles play in the Western Big Six conference. 2. Varsity tennis players are tfrontj Mary Vyncke, Karen Wiedenmenn, Laurie Holmes, Shelly Laud, Brenda Sheleyg fbackj Sharon Holmes, Rhonda Correll, Sue Vyncke, Amy Davidson, and Kim Benson. 3. SheQy Laud works on a few strokes with her partner, Mary Jeanne Vyncke. S V A W M . ,. I Isl ts NJ f as 11 i . A, Q 4 fa as .A 1 A, P' .1 ' Q gg, ,T A - sf ' I ji: Mae? . vm f - - Q --1 T -"'f f-1 - -11. Jft fQf ' l i-ir i ,N wg. L rf4vA.iiQ7,1', , K . i- . 4 , W W ff: X r ,, ," ,1,,, 4 mwmsag... 4-...,, 'we eh I Qt. 'P , i f ,.:kVGV : V 'Q ,. l' 5 21 1 I'x 'A'b " . 25 ""L Q I if ff , , l W " ' ,,,,, ,, A . -. . AIY - , , 6 -. l 'l W-M 5 TFL ' Y I as ., Ju l ' :rx ' - , , Q .l . --4' fs- lp, s 1. Karen Wiedenmann and Laurie Holmes tiedfor team's most valuable player award. 2. Coach Allee hates to lose his two seniors, Shelly Laud and Mary lean Vyncke. 3. lunior varsity tennis members are ffrontj Chris Carpentier, lanelle Talak, Cassie Hayes, llmy Hemmingson, Kristin Woodruff, Cyndy McCarter, frow ZJ lane Baecke, Ellen Gregory, Debbie luehr- ing, Sue Faber, Toni Tripp, Sharon Hacker, Karen Zmuda, Anna Garrett, ibackj Dena Espeland, Diane luehring, Linda Gyenge, Shelly Perry, Laura lones, lody Irby, Kerri Kipp, Vicke DeGryse, Cindy Brook, and Coach Dale Adamson. 4. Coach Allee checks Laurie Holmes' serve during practice. 5. Shelly Laud, Mary lean Vyncke, Laurie Holmes and Karen Wiedenmann qualified lor the State Finals. 6. Laurie Holmes serves the ball with confidence and ease. X If . W lxln V ,y"' gl L , I ' Q ' r I. I :3,ai'7, K T9 N0 Girls' Tennis 181 HTEAMWORK IS THE BASIS OF OUR SUCCESSFUL TEAM Before the season was under way, Coach Doug Strand predicted the way the girl's basketball season would go. "I look forward to a winning season. l want East Moline to be the team to beat," said Coach Strand. The Panther gals did indeed compile a winning season and provided stiff competition to their opponents. "We have a well-balanced team that's learned a lot. Its young-made up of juniors, sophomores and one senior," the coach said. The team had depth in scoring with Lynda Talley, center, along with Sue Randolph, Tammy George, and Diane Zmuda dominating the boards in the dual center offense. Penny Draper fthe lone seniorj, Peggy Downing, Cheryl Pittman and Ann Debowski rotated in the three guard-forward positions as well as Kathy Putt, Sylvia Allen, Sharon Bailey, Kim Klinefelter and Teri Greer. "The girl's basketball program is slowly impro- vising," said Coach Strand. t'There were four freshman games this year while last year there were none. We have more fans and therefore bigger crowds at games too." Coach Steinmetz also accomplished his goal for the lV team. "The major goal for the JV team is to let everyone gain playing time," he said. The nearly 20-member squad of freshmen and sophomores all saw plenty of action, winning many of their games by large margins. Adding to the basketball program were the cheerleaders. Taking time from their boys cheer- ing schedule, the freshman, sophomore and varsi- ty cheerleaders took turns cheering for all home girl's games and many away games. CHERYL PITTMAN 1. Lynda Talley is the first player to be introduced at the Erie game. 2. With the Panther gals' ehight, they were able to outjump the majority of their opponents. 3. Varsity team members are ffrontj Kathy Putt, Sharon Bailey, Cheryl Pittman, Teri Greer, Peggy Downing, Cmiddlej Tammy George, Sylvia Allen, Donna Martin, Kim Klinefelter, llnn Debowskig fhackj manager Diane Lucas, Sue Randolph, Lynda Talley, Diane Zmuda, Penny Draper, and Coach Doug Strand. 182 Girls Basketball 1. N team members are ffrontj Cheryl Wiedenmann, Cindy Ruiz, Donna Parkhurst, Karen Wiedenmann, Angie Pulliam, Beth Hoff, Rhonda Lafeivreg tmiddlej lean Hasenwinkle, Shellie Dolash, Kelly Murphy, Sue Bradley, Ann Rasso, Cindy Gallauger, Mary Rundleg fbackj Peggy Stone, Connie Brown, Kim Murphy, Tami Derby, leanette Clark, Tere Huber, and Coach Dennis Steinmetzg fnot picturedj Sue lohnson Z. Timeouts not only gave the players a breather, but gave Coach Steinmetz a chance to clarify important points. 3. The IV offense against Erie enabled them to score 39 points in the win. 4. A plus for the varsity was their strong defense. Freshman Girl's Basketball UT ' "R 4. Geneseo 27 UT 25 UT 50 Geneseo 24 UT 30 Lombard 12 54 Lombard 25 .P 1 i .4 I .-'-' . Q . it 1 I e e M 5'-' 1,- w U lf. Lv xl u 4 , Nl Q, ,.1,::ff ' cr m ,,, GIRLS' VOLLEYBALL "WE WORKED TOGETHER AND PUT OUT 100 PER CENT" 1. Lynda Talley uses her power serve to tie up the game. 2. Donna Stamp bumps a fierce spike with success. 3. lunior varsity players are tfrontj Carolyn Sutton, Donna Stamp, Kathy McCarthen, Kelly Warag Cbackj Debbi lohnson, Sue Bradley, Debbi Martin, Connie Brown, Lois Bell, and Susan Lee. 4. Varsity volleyball players are Coach Eldon Partridge, Penny Draper, Lynda Talley, Donna Marlin, Tracey lacobson, Sue Randolf, Terri Greer, and Manager Colleen Ford. 5. lumping high is a trait of a good volleyball team. Debbie Nlartin, Senior The volleyball team started practice far ahead of the season this year. Coach Eldon Partridge worked on the team's weaknesses until they had improved greatly in aggressiveness and take' charge attitude. This paid off as the girls came out of the season with an overall 10-4 record. They placed third in the Quincy Tournament, but lost a disappointing first-round match to Rock Island in the district tournament. There were tour returning lettermen this year. Coach Partridge expects five more next year. With growing appeal, the future looks bright for the girl's volleyball team. STEVE BOYER ' - '5 - . K - . 1 ,f " .VW 'T . 5' f ,,.,...,,g.. iss., .. , , . c . , ....,, cs, , ,FQQNQN W ,. Q- P Peg---q.c...3k,..,,g.g , as i -as we as .M--ea as-:a f tf' P it I' ,g -A Qs.. ' 'His --... ,, iii ig 4 Q . 5 P 18 rs Volleyball -......,,' ,, P i 4' EAW ,af 'J ,, .aa W 5 T 'V 1 in -v im 2 ff g fr Zia ' , 8: 1. Lynda Talley bumps, hoping that teammate Debbie lohn- son will take it to her advantage and spike the other team, 2. Coach Partridge gives a pep talk between games. 3. Setting up tor the return are Donna Martin and Terri Greer. 4. Donna Martin once again returns the ball. 5. A team is a very close knit lamily, helping one another out. ' s 'Xu- .NN-""'fsj fi M!! fl 1 N Q - sues 'Qui' gp 1 ? 3' if A..-if am -7. ,fu 4 ., an at , W. wrt? GIRLS' TRACK "IT IS A LOT OF HARD WORK ,,. BUT THERE'S SOME GOOD REWARDS Girls' Track The girls' track team had a great deal to be excited about this year. There were a lot of meets set up, a lot of new freshmen talent coming in, and a lot of left-over enthusiasm from last year's state championship. Coach Carlos Ferreri was confident from the start. "Track is a lonely sport. lt's not a specta' tor sport, and it's often the dedication, not the glory, that keeps the girls going." The girls track team had the dedication to keep them going. KONNIE FLOYD Girls' Softball "We're looking forward to a very good season and a lot of hard work," said Karen Winger, one of the three returning seniors on UT's girls soft- ball team. Sporting a young team of mostly sophomores, the girls are facing an expanded softball schedule this year. There is a double-header at Quincy in addition to a newly found Western Big Five Con- ference. With the season beginning in April, softball Coach Ramirez began tryouts in March. The re- turning lettermen began practicing before the new recruits tried out. The result was nearly 25 people on each team practicing daily. "Coach Ramirez helps the team a lot. He takes part in the practices by running with us and that helps us get in shape," said Karen. Girls softball is on the rise at UT. "Many people don't realize you can receive a varsity or l.V. letter in softball because it takes place in the summer. 1. The state champions hold up their trophy in hopes to keep it for another year. Girls' track members are tfrontj Coach Carlos Ferreri, Patty Kalamos, Kelly Duff, lody Irby, Diane Zmudag tbackj Pam Hudson, Ann Schotka, Beth Feller, Cheryl Pittman, lynn Hartman, and Kelly Wara. 3-4-5. Lynn Hartman displays her discus throwing technique, with state competition on her mind. 186 Girls Track April 3Y cheryl pittman, lunior Girls Track Schedule 7 11 13 18 21 Z6 27 29 29 1 3 5 6 12 19-20 Davenport Central Galesburg Assumption-Davenport West Rock island Davenport Relays Moline Western Invitational Moline Invitational Normal Relays Geneseo and Rock Ridge Kewanee Western Big 6 Quad Cities Metro I-IS District State S? Q 'ii gk l as 'A rim W Mrs 9 I if 1 i ,J 5 WX NW fa'-Q' ex T""""'i 'I is News 5 Q N. xx .ya ,awww K, .L 7 I " - - 1 'Q V' 'ft , Www A ,,,,., .f ' f A ' fl I X .ev ,. -ar, 1. Cheryl Pittman is a member of the 1977 State Champion- ship mile-relay team. 2. Karen Wiedenmann works out at Black Hawk before a meet. 3. Strikes are hard to come by during softball practice. 4. Follow thru is important to soft- ball pitching 5. Competition and desire are always found during the girls' softball practice. 6. Dawn Hakeman readies herself for an upcoming pitch. 7. Girls softball team members are ifrontl Donna Martin, Lori Holmes, loan Cosgrave, lulie Catour, Dawn Hakeman, LaRea Blomme, Chris loose, Terri Greer, tbackj Ann Lambrecht, Robin Hanna, lulie Dopler, Shari Fink, Karen Winger, Penny Draper, Connie Hoffman, Sue Bradley, Carole Feehan, Coach Rick Ramirez. Girls' Track and Softball 187 1 FOOTBALL "WE SHOULD HAVE DONE BETTERQ INJURIES BROUGHT US DOWN" 1. Parents night means the end of UT football days for the seniors. 2. Sophomore football players are tfrontl Scott Etzel Eric Espeme Chris Columbia Kurt Weigle Eric Walker Bill Seaman Andre Cuerington Brock Coverdill Darren Buttler' Crow 23 Coach Mike Brewers lefl Papish Steve Delacrur Wade Burklund Scott Burmahl lessie Chandler Mark Sheilds Dwight Young Roger Breen Coach Harry Arvanis' tmiddlel Coach Briney Sheldon Coutteau lorge Tapia Dan Aleson Mark Zimmerman Andy Blais Tony Ryherd Tim Egger Tyrone Adams Cory Lenger' frow 45 Rob Delalshe Randy Theuninck Mike Millizer Rob Dussliere Bill Kinney Todd Holman Scott Kave Thom Bollaert Bob Bel- man' lbackl Tim Ripka Bob Brewer luan Zaragosa Chuck Harser Don Abbot Mike Butler Bruce Anderson lay Biork Tim Deltorter and Coach Art DeGrande. 3. Varsity football players are ffrontj Andy Sill Terry Ball Albert Hache Rollie lones Kurt Simmons Mark Owens' frow Zl Coach lim Smith Roy Willett left Cooper George Stomalukus lied lane Randy Howard Craig Emery Rob Leslie Dan Kinkead Pete Roberts Mike lohn' frow 33 Ozzie Branch Lanny Stone Kevin Pointer Rick Ely Don Clements Greg Kinman Carlos Ezparza Ralph Sanders Dean lones lody Nagel Coach Unrath' trow 0 Louis Querino Rick Hernandez lohn Swash- dahl Chard Williams lim Robbins Rick Shamsie lim Claeys Frank Rogers Steve Cogdill Martin lames' Crow 55 Coach Don Davis Chris Kickapoo Alex Terronez Ray Rapp lim Morrow Steve Pratt Kevin Harrington Tom Wilson Steve Slopolus Rick Coutteau Coach lim Loula' Knot pictured! Dusty Corley Toby liedtke lay Robers Oscar Snyder and Brent Mosley. Solenburger, Rick Cappaert,'Kai Togami, Mike lacobs: larry Albert Nache, Senior 'M K, ,. - , H Sewers 'Si in 435 ina .. '3fQ'.JB Q5 3 Rilo ,own 'lf Xl N Sewmivgwi .. .L 5 15 g 30 319, 4 Er 1 BQ, 2 188 Football W E61 l- ------sv'-1 "S'W""' ew '.2 K gf fa aiaffbqj i-pm af J sxhxs g. 'F A 'BQ Q, 1 Qt 3 F rx B7 55, A' 15. 44,egg .ei X41 ...gg s an 4, Q Q, .Q , - -5 ss x 4 M .. ,Q .lm so s as as Q ' h S sf. ' e f ,ss l' 1 .Q if .- 'S S . .. msg ,S ag jg A Q., .. K Q g, U .sf-Hf?f.,e?'.f ,S fi 3 3 iff if swf SQ?-I - W T T P 'ii' ,N lWff'eff2' ss., as 4? f S 'C "' aff' S 'SQ S 'ff se rif ' 'F Q ' v Q Q gs-if . N W g K '41 e 0' X Q , 1. Freshman Black football players are ftrontj l T Sparrow- grove, Marcus McCash, lohn Cavazos, Pete Tavoularis, Mark Zmuda, Ed Tapia, Craig Mech, fmiddlel Chauch Medina, leff Mayhugh, lim Spooner, lavier Riojas, lim White, Darrel Parks, Rex Tingle, Kevin Thorpe, fbackj lim Musgrow, Brian Kelly, Terry Miller, lerry Moore, Tony Serra, Neil Ricke, loel Bjork, Bill Panouses, Coach lohn Bollaert and Coach Fred Segura. 2. Freshman Orange football players are tfrontl Tom Gant, Eddie Escontrias, Phil Nix, Kyle Pavelonis, Dean Fletcher, Russell Ross, Dan Weiss, Wally Cordell, lohn Austin, fbackj leff Shull, Kirk Vollrath, Scott Stulir, Jeff Hines, Kevin Scud- der, Randy Bostic, Bill Murphy, Charles Slaughter, Rich Hav- ron, and Coach Bob Hanske. 3. Captains Mike lacobs and Ken Togami discuss rules with opponents and officials before the game. 4. Under the bright lights of Soule Bowl, teams line up tor the kick off. ' M W, M My ',V."'fe,K-.an ,aw It fd W ...M .Y , Jw. FOOTBALL continued The 1977 Panther football team won only one game all season, but they brought honor to UT by playing with pride and courage. You might say that the football players were winners in everything except the win-loss column. Misfortune, bad breaks and a series of major injuries severly hurt the team's chance for victo- ry. Oscar Snyder, Dusty Coder, Toby Liedtke, lay Robers, Kurt Simmons and Brent Mosley were all injured and lost for the season. All the games were close and tough battles down to the last few seconds of play, but still the Panthers came through with only one winning battle fthe season opener against Quincyb. At the annual awards banquet, Mike Jacobs received the award for the Most Valuable Player, Alex Terronez was voted Most Improved, Kai Togami and Mike Jacobs were Team Captains, and Greg Kinman earned the Scholastic Award. Sophomore Football At the beginning of the season, well-placed passes from Darren tBoboJ Butler to Eric Walker and Kurt Wiegal provided much of the sopho- more's offensive power. As the season pro- gressed the offense was propelled by the power running of Brock Coverdill and the breakaway running of Andre Cuerington. Much of the success of the running attack was due to the improvement of the offensive line made up of Scott Etzel, Eric Esperne, Rob DeWalsche, lay Bjork, Randy Theuninck, Chris Columbia, and Wade Burkland. At the annual awards banquet, Darren Butler and Brock Coverdill were named Captains, Most Valuable Back was Andre Cueringtong Mark Shields was Most Improved Backg Most Valuable Lirieman went to Randy Theuninck, and Chris Columbia was named Most improved Lineman, Best Tacklers were Cory Lenger and Eric Walker, and Captain of the Specialty Teams was lorge Tapia. 'N tj .1 1, Chad Williams looks on with pity on the opponent Ozzie Branch, suffering an apparent knee injury, is 35 Mike 120055, N01 TCHOHOZ, l0hfI 3ChW2l8Zd8ll, checked by trainer and coach. 3. Rick Coutteau and George Stamatoukas gang tackle Galesburg. 2. barks out signals to mean-looking Central defense. 190 Football A ff f sa Q A K ,Y -fs., l. The parents are present on the field for a special night made to honor them. 2. These players discuss the potential ot the next play while they wait for the signal from Coach Davis to go in. 3. The Panthers keep on trying in the homecoming game against Central. But it's a losing battle. 4. Rick Coutteau advises lody Nagel. Football 191 CROSS-CUUNTRY "TEAM DEPTH WAS THE KEY TO THIS YEAR'S SUCCESS" Tlo you enjoy running 60 to 80 miles a week? Do you enioy weightlifting? Most of all, do you enioy being in extremely good health? If you answered "yes" to any of the above questions, cross-country could be just the sport for you. According to Mr. Gary Phillips, coach of the Quad-City Conference Champs, cross-country running is very enjoyable. "You are surrounded by beautiful scenery. And even after the toughest race, you recover fully and feel good within five minutes." The Quad-City championship was claimed by the UTHS cross-country team this year for the first time in 15 years. Coach Phillips felt that one reason for this was that the team had extreme depth. UT's third, fourth, and fifth position run- ners were as strong as or stronger than the competitions runners. The team's record of 10 wins and 1 loss was the best in UTHS history for cross-country. At the end of the cross-country season, UT ranked 25th among all teams in the state. Talent will not be lacking in the next year's team, says coach Phillips. There will be 29 return- ing runners in the fall. They will be ready to win it all. LEONARD SCHWIGEN 1. Mark Pirmann normally runs with his wrist muscles too tight and that affects his arm action. The towel causes him to hold his hand differently, relaxes the wrist, and results in a more natural arm swing. Several other runners carry sticks or a small baton. 2. Behind all of the others, the lonely runner keeps pushing on. 3. During the homecoming assem- bly, the Quad City Metro Champs were honored. 4. Bruce 1 Bell jumps the gun. 192 Cross'Country Nlark Pirmann, Junior A f' J' X ,.....,.. ... ii r . f so ,gang .1 .1 V .1 G T f f? U' . Vt' -i . I kr L ,..' . .f T E 2 sift ' sf . , T . .... 1 . . ff vw ! , , -" , er .1 Irrr 1, ff? - , V. if-iff" f r i H ,-"'M. ,. fr if aj . .. . . -, y- X1--I QM? ., cu. ' if r1.' 33:1?"5 Q 'T "'Q:'.5f' f 5 A -g7e x,j ' .f -. . . .4 L. M if " 1 limi? A S " ' Y "-in Am 1 " " 5 , nz, V 47 T 'if 5? 1. Varsity cross country members are ffrontl lim McBurney, Steve Darby, Randy Stolmeister, Bruce Bell, Darren Evans, Mike Morris, Ed Lampo, fbackj Coach Gary Phillips, Brian Kinman, lerry Hoffman, Doug Nelson, Dan Correll, Marty Coe, Mark Pirmann, and loe Collins. 2. lunior varsity cross country members are flronlj Steve Bratton, Doug Martin, loe Mc- Burney, Rick Titus, Mike Campbell, Alan Funaig Cmiddlel Larry Reyna, Ed Lampo, lim Sandoval, Terry Shamsie, Doug Dowell, Mark Sandoval, lelf Honerl, Blake Ross, Coach lim Wesselmang lbackj Tim Vershaw, Tim Cook, Scott Bloomme, Rod Gross, Dave Ziegler, Richard Perry, Dan Murrin, and Randy Brown. 3. Group running helped the sophomores. ., i 'V fs 2 X .19 E 5 QA at-ff Tb Cross-Country 193 BOYS' GOLF "THE TEAMWORK INVOLVED WAS REWARDING AND FUN" Golf ended in the fall this year . . not to return until next fall. The spring season was cut from the schedule, much to the despair of UT golfers. The team still worked hard and won a fourth place finish in the Western Big Six competition. Much credit goes to coach Roger Damhorst who kept his team in shape. They practiced four or five days a week, playing nine holes a day, to sharpen their competitiveness. The season is composed of seven accumula- tive rounds played at six different courses around the Quad-Cities. Minus a spring season and four of this year's five top players, next year's team will be a bit inexperienced. lohn Schaubroeck, who held the number one position, and Scott Klouser, who was number six on the team, will return to keep the momentum going. 1. Mark Mitchell studies to make this a sure putt. 2. Moving swiftly, they're off to the next hole. 3. Varsity golfers are Coach Roger Damhorst, Hayden Parks, Paul Ivanowski, Dean Veskauf, John Shaubroeck, and Mark Mitchell. 4. Dean Ves- kauf gives a hard drive to the green. Hayden Parks, Senior 194 Boy s Golf , Mc. , T 'Tl . ' U WA fi to ' f I ."' fi f iic' .. i.,Qw?.4o, .t .. Q f- ' f ws: ,, 442- 'f if .we ' , 7'-If Q 2 si . . f- si r' . fu' ,. ,ig an-,f fr' '1 f. 'I- '- - . w e 43 , 1 s:iL fg2,g 1 e .,... ,,f lv A Q' f'f't fn f'r'.. - J .Q 3 HN: f-,, . ' as 'f ' P4202 ' , 72,o1..nr3X't -uf new eg, fgg em .Q aah, :Ms ,T 2 f er ff? ,we . ew Q -4 " .1 X- ., x ., f L ' gm- ' - ' .2 f 1- M' W" " " . .T of of-ffiegfif s - e J 4, as . Q W 3-' ,e, 1. ,.f ,wuts qw , ,, l . ' w e , 5 f W g W f e, 5 - '. ,gt new Qkakvwi, - .,.i..efa:sf:wo..'n n Q 'A ,Farr il5 X :film 'taxi ' I "KX ,. 1 M 1 1-.- . xl E gymb -MQW, om Zim an E Scoit Klauser Dane Marr Todd Bagateles Dan Samalson Wi W ,Wir gay my , and Coach Roger Damhorsl 2 John Schaubroeck plays We W 2' W ,W 13 i "Hs, """ number one just as hrs brother Steve dnd the prevlous year - ' - 3 Iniense concentrahon helps lohn make thus puii X 'sb 'Q as coach Cliff Talley knew this would be a good year. With only four seniors gone from last year's team, hopes were high. The team finished with a 17-6 season's record. As in any other season, there were some highs and some lows. Brian Officer, last year's top scorer, was lost early to a knee injury. But the team bounced back and won their own Thanksgiv- ing Tournament. With a share of the Metro title, the Panthers just missed a shot at the Western Big Six title with a tough loss to Quincy. Near the end of the season the team earned honorable mention in the state rankings. Coach Talley said, "This special recognition made the team push even harder." But their door to the state competition was closed when they were defeated in the regionals by Rock Island. The sophomores won it all in their conference. They were 12-0 in the Quad-City Metro and 9-1 in the Western Big Six. They won three games in their sophomore invitational: La Salle Peru, Galesburg, and Pekin. STEVE BOYER l 1. Robin Davis looks to find an opening to pass. 2. lerome Lipes jumps against Rod Hull to get the tip for East Moline during an away game at Moline Wharton Field House. 3. Hunter, Garner and Lipes help put the Panther tastbreak in motion against Moline. 4. Bryan Garner directs the plays for the Panthers at Moline. 5. Scott Hunter goes for the free throw while a Moline Maroon looks on. 7. Scott Hunter jumps against Rocky's Donnie McDuffie in a game against Rock Island. 196 Basketball BOYS' BASKETBALL OVERALL THE SEASON WAS VERY SUCCESSFUL" bryan garner, Senior -............-....- .,.,...,. M My g . l ............. 1 1 Pj Y -E 1 ls 4' S' ,., .. .ki .,,..-.NM in """' 4' ,sv-""W' Fx , ,.,-""'AmL 1. Another Hunter! With every move Scott Hunter makes he is compared with his talented brother Steve. now at the University of Nevada in Reno. 2. Luther Hughes gets the tip during the game against Rocky. 3. lerome Lipes is up for two points during the Rocky game. 4. Standing on air is Scott Hunter. 5. Varsity basketball cheerleaders are ffrontj Kathy Bunch, Dannette Senn, Mary Adlfinger, Erin McCarter, Jani Sweeney, Mary DeSmet, and Tammy Shamsie. Varsity Bas- ketball players are frow 23 lim Stoneburg, Rick Ely, Darren Butler, Brent Carmicael, Brian Garner, Assistant Coach lim Lemmon, Head Coach Cliff Talley, Steve Baker, lim Robbins, Dave Guerrero, Pat Martel, and lay Talley, frow 35 Trainer Ralph March, Coach Don Donalson, Robin Davis, Mike Has- kins, Troy Mayfield, Dan Correll, Dave lones, lerone Lipes, Brian Officer, Luther Hughs, Ozzie Branch, Scott Klouser, Scott Hunter, Coach Dave Berg, Coach Dave Marr. 6. Dave lones slips in for a shot. 198 Basketball BOYS' BASKETBALL Continued -'QQ' li ...l 65' ri EDC!! T :gsm 6-xsfj ,, W 4, 5,:':!?u QI i'g'fAb .greg .M X wats' Wim 1' 'M ' 1 -si I fi c ' 1- 1. Sophomore basketball players are ftrontj Craig Daugh- erty, Keith Crannon, Derrick Jones, Bo Butler: Crow 23 Paul lvanowski, Troy Mayfield, David Zeigler, Kevin Officer, Miguel Lara, Eric Walker, Coach Dave Marr, tbackl Todd lohnson, Mark Zimmerman, Lloyd Fletcher, Leroy Cummings, and Marty Ballard. 2. Freshman Orange basketball players are ttrontj Dan Salmonson, Chris lannes, Rodney Williams, Chris Hughes, Kyle Pavelonisg Crow 23 Dean Boyd, Manager Zeke lsais, Eddie Escontrias, Bob Caleo, Eric Stiegel, lerry Lack, lay Klingborgp fbackj lavier Riejas, Chauch Medina, Doug Swan- son, and Tim McCartin, tnot picturedl Coach Dave Berg. JK... 'attain gawk it 34: i ' Yiwu ' X1 in 'E K S 3. Freshman Black basketball players are ttrontl Dane Marr, loe Coopman, Mark Zumuda, Scott Mann, Dave Walzg tbacki Manager Brian Teager, Roderick Harris, Tony Periz, Scott Butcher, Mark Miller, Ralph Brockrogge, Ray Terronez, Andy Sill, and Coach Don Donaldson. W" ' Ill f 1 ,7 Ji fl nqj f 'T 62 Z, , S A , I .I I u ...i ,Y . ,.. A A M? Basketball 199 WRESTLING U M "ANOTHER sooo YEAR iz F5 5, FOR THE ONE-ON-ONE sPoRr" r Kai Togami, Senior -.Ei . as E T hree wrestlers qualified tor State this year, compared to last year's one. And the Quincy Invitational championship was won again for the seventh time in 10 yrs. Thus, it was another successful year for the UT grapplers. Practicing everyday tor two hours has made the wrestling team almost like a family. "We get very close," said Coach Bert Hanlin. "We help each other." The team was very proud when Kai Togami C119 lbs.D, Dan Kinkead C126 lbs.J and Joe Collins Q132 lbs.J qualified lor State. Each one placed in his weight class. Kai and Joe each placed 7th and Dan placed 8th. One freshman and two sophomores were cho- sen for this year's varsity wrestling team. The two sophomores were Brock Coverdill and Pon- cho Ueraldj Johnson. The freshman, Keith Pier- sall C105 lbsj placed 4th in the district. "Very seldom do we have two sophomores on the team," said Coach Hanlin," t'Not to mention one treshmanf' JAN WILLIAMS 1. Joe Collins, Dan Kinkead, and Kai Togami are State qualifiers. 2. Poncho Johnson tries to untangle himself against his ltlleman opponent at District. 3. Brock Coverdill sprains his ankle in District match against Moline opponent. 4. Mike John, heavyweight, works to get his Kewanee oppo- nent on the mat in District competition. 200 Wrestling gf... in ,J Mm' 4 , ' ' i ii .: W f is K X In 1. Wrestlerettes are tfrontj Tracey Deiaeye, lulie Jones, Carole Karnesg Crow 23 Lisa Lampo, Melanie DeDecker, Loraine Mascari, Cyndy McCarter, Karen Togamig Cbackj Renee lohn, Maria Petaros, Julie Merideth, Betsy Sprout, Laura Heath. Wrestling 201 WRESTLING tcontinuedj R ws 4 5 K we 9 v M., . . .. . .. J . ,,t..W. 'asf .wo Ls., ,N in x,,x -f.,f.,gQw5 .. . . .Y x 1 3 gs - f--- tif-zsr-ies. sf., ,.. ,. P' was Qggau., if - Q, -.5 if of .- AT '--1 .s--A- 1 me 'G .: ,ss :- -+.- , 'WF 'L -:,- . ,Q 4 0 202 Wrestling 1. Varsity wrestlers are ttrontl Coach Bert Hanlin, Rick Shamsie, Greg Kinman, Mike Minteer, Ray Garcia, Poncho lohnson, Don Kinkead, loe Collins, Assistant Coach Art De- Grandeg fbackj Manager Tom lampo, Brock Coverdill, Alex Terronez, Mike Ligget, Todd Rowan, Mike lacobs, Mike lohn, Mark Owens, Rick Kates, Randy Howard, and Manager Donny Henderson 2. lunior varsity wrestlers are ffrontj Coach Art DeGrande, Vernon Reed, lose Tapia, Mike Hoffman, Gary Cordell, Darryl Purvisg fbackj Rick Shamsie, Greg Anderson, Alex Terronez, Mike lohn, Randy Howard, Leland Dickenson, Greg Kinman, and Jerry lenson 3. Thom Bollaert looks for an opportunity tor a takedown. 4. Dan Kinkead concentrates on his first move. 5. East Moliner sets up his opponent for a take-down. 6. Rick Kates, Dan Kinkead, and Kai Togami watch loe Collins as he weighs in. 5 iw Hin-. 116' I T Q O . 1. Sophomore wrestlers are ffrontj Thom Bollaert, T.l. Millard, lerald lohnson, Marvin lones, Vernon Reed, Chris Owens, Dan Coronell, Randy Theuninckg frow 23 Dan Fer- nandez, Andy Blais, Scott Kave, Mike Buller, Wade Burklund, Andre Cuerrington, Kurt Wiehel, Bill Seaman, Mark Sandoval, Lloyd Ales, fbackJ Coach Southerland, Scott Etzel, Bruce Anderson, and Coach Harry Arvanisg fnof picturedj Tim DePorter, Cory Lenger, and lorge Tapia 2. Mike lohn emerges victorious over the Alleman Pioneers. 2 a a ,gg-ge.. we ' 4 F' . in 3. Freshman Black Wrestlers ffrontl Shawn Karnes, Todd Olson, TJ. Millard, Tap Tapia, Curt Drayer, Mike Beard, left Walker, frow 23 Scott Streitmatter, Rich Fleming, Craig Mech, Chris Spencer, Mark DeSpain, Bill Nelson, Kevin Mitch- ell, fbackj Tom Brown, Bob Keim, Mike Dickson, leff Hines, Dave Porter, lim White, Mike Cambell, and Coach Ken Olson. 4. Freshman Orange wrestlers are ffrontl Coach lose Diaz, Tony Bell, Wally Cordell, Scott Verstreater, lim Sandoval, Seth Ferris, Rich Havron, lim Duling Qrow 21 Toni lohn, Mario Lopez, Ralph Smith, Kevin Hudson, Randy Wara, leff Shull, Mike Lambert, Roger Blombergg frow 35 left DeBo, Kirk Volrath, lim Spooner, Chris Swanson, lon Anderson, tbackj Kevin Kanke, Tim Walker, Rozell Ritemon. Wrestling 203 BOYS' TENNIS "TENNIS REQUIRES SKILL, Losing only three players from the 1977 squad and returning five varsity lettermen, three junior varsity letterman, and a promising freshman, the 1978 boys' varsity tennis team expected to im- prove upon last spring's 7-10 record. Graduating from last year's team were Randy Heizer, Ed Debowski, and Bob Housholder. Heizer and Debowski played number one and two in singles and number one doubles, qualified for state in doubles, and helped UT tie for 33rd in the state. This year's success rested on the shoulders of lettermen Scott Reynolds and JV lettermen Mike Woodruff, both seniors, letterman Mike Haskins, Bill Hughes, lohn McGehee, Dave Moore, and IV letterman John Odendahl, all juniors, sophomore JV letterman Steve Gibbon, and freshman Brian Dahlstrom. 1. Steve Gibson watches his tine overhead hit its mark. 2. Mike Haskins follows through on a forehand shot. 3. Bill Hughes draws back to hit a forehand shot. 4. Scott Reynolds readies his serve. 5. This year's guys tennis team is com- posed of ffrontb Brian Dahlstrom, Mike Woodruff, Steve Gibbon, lohn Odendahl, fbackb Bill Hughes, Scott Reynolds, Mike Haskins, Dave Moore, lohn McGehee. 6. A left-handed lohn Odendahl waits for a forehand shot. AGILITY, AND BRAINS. Mike Woodruff, Senior W ,- yt- 3 :.fgr1wam.::r -.:... 'wi 'vw sw. 4..--I fm . s,..,..,,,, ..,. -. 'sr xi!! is-if I? 'roi' 1..l 6413, f ' ' e - - I " T' 4 f' Qi ' I I 5 ' ' , I ff, g, . NSI " vu A , .4 . ..,. v an--..' ' 44... . .44 ' + 1 1' I 204 Boys Tennis 1. Mike Woodruff appears pleased with this forehand shot. 2. lohn McGehee checks his shot after a difficult backhand. 3. Young Brian Dahlstrom shows fine form as he loads up his forehand stroke. 4. Dave Moore displays extreme concentra- tion un his backhand shots. Boy's Tennis 205 , Ei i , BOYS' TRACK . ' l, , - M... Jax ,L A Z . "THE TIME T0 RUN HARD IS NOW AND NOT LATER" 1 T What type of person is a track man? First he maybe a very devoted individual. He must be self motivated and eager to put in several hours of training with little recognition. Coach lim Wessel- mann commented, "A track man has a certain goal, and it is the achievement of this goal that is the important thing." Boys' spring track season begins with two months of indoor track, which is basically a pre- training period. The boys work out several times a week with a variety of exercises including stretches, jogging, and some weight training. When asked how he felt about the seasn, Coach Wesselmann replied, "l expect to see some very good performances by individuals. l feel we will do especially well in big meets." ANN BARLOW 1. Distance runners Brian Kinman, Mark Pirmann, Randy Stotmeister, left Cooper, and Bob Lewis take a trial run during the warm-up. 2. Varsity distance runners are ffrontl Brian Kinman, Danny Murrin, Miguel Lara, Randy Brown, Larry Reyna, left Honert, Rick Titus, Terry Shamsie, Ed Lampo, fbackl Marcel Reasby, Bill Stopoulos, Rod Gross, Dave Zeigler, left Cooper, Mark Pirmann, Bob Lewis, Rich Perry, Randy Stopoulos, Rod Gross, Dave Zeigler, leff Cooper, Mark Pirmann, Bob Lewis, Rich Perry, Randy Stotmeister, Darren Evans and Coach Gary Phillips. 3. The '77 state qualifying mile relay team members are Irving Parker, Steve Darby, and Randy Stotmeisterg iabsentj Marcel Reasby. 4. Varsity pitmen are Cfrontj Randy Howard, Kai Togami, Kory Togami, Kyle Pavelonis, Wally Cordell, Dean Fletcher, Qrow 21 lody Nagel, Keith Cranon, Darren Butler, Andre Curring- ton, leff Crow, Rick Coutteau, and Coach lim Lodico. - 1' fi , ff' wi .cum gb 206 Boys Track Randy Stotmeister, Senior '- c 1: .... ,H .L ,..g,,gwg.,..,, . W WLM .... . - . 2' "-' if 1 "7 ' ia SR 1. Varsity sprinters and hurdlers are ftrontj Eric Walker, lerry Priest, Scott Blomme, Tom Sanchez, Keith Cranon, Tim Cook, Qbackb Mark Shields, Andre Cuerington, Irving Parker, Rick Coutteau, Randy Stotmeister, Steve Darby, Coach lim Wesselmann. 2. Coach lim Wesselman has won many track medals ol his own. 3. Andre Cuerington gets ready to . . . Go. 4. Varsity pitmen are ftronlj Rick Fernandez, Marty Ballard, Alberto Diaz, Mark Zimmermang fbackt Todd Evans, Martin James, Kurt Simmons, Glenn Ball. 5. Polevaulter Randy Howard readies for the jump. 6. High jumper Rick Coutteau gets it "up and over". 7. Freshman-Sophomore track members are ftrontj Terry Shamsie, Andre Cuerington, Randy Brown, larry Reyna, tell Honert, Danny Murrin, Ed Lampo, Mark Shields, Dave Pancrazio, Doug Dowell fRow 21 John Cavazos, Mark Zmuda, Anthony Lara, Todd Holman, Pete Tavoularis, Tim Collins, loe Coopman, Robert Floyd, lim Barefoot tRow 31 Russell Ross, Keith Cranon, Rick Titus, Eric Walker, Randy Duncan, Dean Fletcher, Steve Perez, Tom Gant, lerry Moore, Jerry Priest, Scott Blomme fBackJ Coach Bolaert, Bill Pinosis, Rich Perry, Tyrone Adams, Dave Ziegler, Rod Gross, Miguel Lara, Tim Vershaw, loe McBirney, Mike Campbell, Rick Ward and Coach Weiss. Boys' Track 207 "SIX RETURNING LETTERMEN WILL'HELP US WITH THE REGIONAL boys' baseball The varsity baseball roster was in large part made up of many juniors and seniors who had no previous varsity experience. This meant extra hard work during the playing season. But, by tournament time, the team was highly competi- tive and had a chance of advancing a good distance. The toughest regular season opponents were Peoria Central, Alleman, Rockford Boylan, and Cas alwaysj Davenport West and Davenport Cen- tral. boys' intramurals "Sink it! Sink it! Swish! Swish!" These were the words of the Boys' Intramural cheerleaders, cheering on juniors and seniors during their intra- mural basketball game. For six weeks, these guys practiced. Juniors practiced on Tuesdays and Thursdays and seniors on Monday and Wednesday. They were under the supervision of Mr. Dick Lee. The day of finals was the big day. The seniors defeated the iuniors 118-104. Coach for the ju- niors was Jim Robbins and the senior coach was lay Goebel KERRY DUFF 1. Dave Sheley, senior, gets ready to pitch another fast ball. 2. Mark Weideman, iunior, tries to determine the accuracy of his pitch. 3. Coach Ron Holmer hits ground balls to his infield during early season practice. 4. Varsity baseball players are Cfrontb Dave Sheley, Craig Emery, Greg Kinman, lim lesuit, Steve Dussliere, Ben Vallejo, Randy Sanders, Pat Martel, Kelvin Sandoval, Crow Z5 Mark Mitchell, Mark Weide- man, Tracey Lampe, Garry Weideman, Barry Hoff, Dave Herm, Rick Ely, Dennis Morrowg fbackj Coach Ron Holmer, lim Morrow, Rick Lineback, Larry Stone, Dan DeFauw, Kevin Pointer, Todd lones, and Chris Rivera 208 Baseball 2 F1 Mft I av ggi it' llll 1. Winning senior intramural team members are Steve Sun- derland, Mark Mitchell, Craig Emery, Steve Schultz, Brent Mosley and Roy Willet. Z. Winning junior intramural team members are Ralph Sanders, Scott Klauser, Tom Rowan, lim Ebalo and lim Robbins. 3. The action is hot and heavy during a senior intramural game. 4. IDG intramural team, unlike others, had cheerleaders: Christy Saelens, Cathy Dickenson, Kim Vollrath, Tina Grove and loan Nicholson. 5. During intramurals, lim Ebalo watches closely as the basketball nears the basket. Basketball And Intramurals 209 EVERYTHlNG'S 2 A V, 1. Michael Schmidt and friend seem to work well together, as they build sets for the 1-act play. 2. The UT band expresses their spirit in the '78 homecoming parade. 3. Panther Play- ers' chili supper attracted chili lovers of all ages. Baby Courtney, daughter of the yearbook adviser Mrs. Mary Conger, can't believe she ate the whole thing. 4. Mary Beintema, a bandette, is enjoying her senior year homecom- ing parade. 5. leff Longbons gives loan Nicholson second thoughts about helping get rid of "Harvey". 210 Performances DHFFEE ai S vu 0 3 . ,Vw , e W A T 1. And the beat goes on. 2. loan Nicholson ages fast under the spray can of Craig DeDecker. 3. Trojan Women was the 1-act play contest entry this year. 4. Panther Players have talents other than acting. They can also build prizewinning floats! 5. Youngsters at Hampton Grade School are treated to a program sung by our choir. Performances 211 RABBIT? YOU SAY YOU SEE A RABBIT? T he house lights dimmed, a hush fell over the audience, the curtain opened, and the fall play "Harvey" began. But little did anyone know that there was alot more to the play than what the audience saw! Behind-the-scene crews took care ot the hustle and bustle of lighting, make-up, props, sound, and set construction. Minutes before the opening curtain went up, the girls in the play received llowers and Mr. Schmidt gave the cast a "pep talk" and encour- aged them to do well. Encouragement may not have been all that was needed as the mad rush to change the scenery had to be done within sixty seconds. But, because all the scenery was joined together, the average time for change was titty seconds. "Harvey", was considered a big success, thanks to the director, Mr. Mike Schmidt, assis- tant director, Amy Ball, the cast, crew, and the six-foot invisible rabbit. 1. A director's job is to direct, but Mr. Schmidt always trys to do iust a little more than that. 2. Nurse Kelly dismisses the orderly. 3. Orderly Duane Wilson gives farewell to Doctor Sanderson. 4.' "And sometimes, Doctor, even I can see Harvey!" 5. Friends of Harvey help with seating arrange- ments. 212 Fall Play 5? 4 f 1. Nurse Kelly tries to grasp the concept of Harvey. 2. Taxi driver E.l. Lofgren induces a change of heart in Veta Louise. 3. A pleasant Elwood trys to explain Harvey. 4. Dr. and Mrs. Chumley discuss a dinner party. 5. Andy Finkbeiner's talent is shown in his rendition of Elwood and Harvey. 6. Cast members were leff Longbons-EJ. Lofgren, Tracey Delaeye- Miss Johnson, Brian Hunter-Lyman Sanderson, Chris Saelens- Ruth Kelly. 7. Mike VanBeIle-William R. Chumley, loan Nich- olson-Veta Louise Simmons, Martin Dawson-Elwood P. Dowd, Lisa Forret-Myrtle Mae Simmons. 8. Chuck Seaman-ludge Omar Gaffney, Kathie Horton-Betty Chumley, Scott Hun- singer-Duane Wilson, Lisa Lockheart-Mrs. Ethel Chauvenet. Fall Play 213 "FlDDLER" Piicks 'EM IN, BRINGS THEM T0 THEIR FEET More than two months of hard work and frustration came to an end on Thursday, Febru- ary 2. That is when the final curtain came down on the musical, "Fiddler on the Roof". Fiddler was first presented on February 1 to a near-capacity house. The cast received a standing ovation for a well-done production. On closing night the show was presented to a standing-room only audience and once again the crowd rose to its feet even before the curtain closed. Things didn't always run as smoothly as they did during the performances. In the final week of rehearsal everybody was so excited and eager to do their best that sometimes props were left on stage, the set was bumped into, and inevitably some lines were forgotten. Not only was there rehearsal every night, but on weekends the set was built and repaired. The set was designed by Mr. Michael Schmidt, direc- tor, and Andy Finkbeiner, junior. The set was built almost entirely by students under the direc- tion of Dale Morrow and Martin Dawson, both seniors. loan Nicholson, assistant director, pulled all the loose strings together and made the whole operation run smoothly. So much effort by so many people went into this successful production. Principal Stan Sos- nouski said on the morning after the play, "This is the best production at UT in 15 years. It was presented by a great group of students." This was the first show at UT in many years to be a complete sell out. LEONARD SCHWIGEN 1. Golde and Tevye discuss the meaning of Tevye's night- mare. 2. Tevye and Lazar Wolfe agree to a match between Lazar and Tevye's oldest daughter, at the local inn. 3. Motel and Tzeitel show off their new sewing machine to some friends. 4. Villagers do a traditional lewish folk dance in the opening scene. 5. Yente, the matchmaker, tells Golde the good news of her daughter's forthcoming match. 6. Tevye sings "lf I were a Rich Man." 7. Grandma Tzeitel tells Tevye that Motel, the tailor, should be his daughter's husband 214 Musical iw' 1. Tzeitel drinks wine during her wedding ceremony as the rabbi blesses them. 2. Tzeitel warns sister Hodel ot the perils ol the matchmaker. 3. Three of Tevye's daughters tell of the girls' position in society. 4. Tevye wonders what has hap- pened to all the traditions of his faith. 5. Hodel and Perchik promise each other that they will be married. 6. Tevye sees Hodel off to be with Perchik. Musical 215 FIDDLER continued Tevye . . Mike VanBelle Golde . . .... lani Marr Tzeitel . . . . Chris Scott Hodel . . . . Carol Bert Chava . . . . . . Toni Tripp Shprintze . . . . Lisa Lampo Bielke . Loraine Mascari Yente . Maryann Zywot Motel . . . Scott Hunsinger Perchik . . . . . Dirk Carlson Lazar Wolf . . . Bill Stopoulos Morchda . . , . loe Billquist Rabbi . . . Andy ,Finkbeiner Mendel . . . Mike McClure Aurahm .... ..... l eff Zoller Nachum ....... Granma Tzeitel . . Chuck Seaman . . . . Amy Ball Fruma'Sarah . . . , Chara Benzon Constable . . . . . . Dale Morrow Fyedka . . . Kevin Dawson Sasha . . . . Dave DeFrieze Shaindel . Denise Caldwell Yussel ...,. . . . Leonard Schwigen The Fiddler ..... Todd Bagatelas Villagers .........,......... Greg Graf Dave Compton, Don Abbott, Eric Mikita, lim Mur- ray, Gerald Carlson,iSue Fink, Shari Fink, Kevin Greer, Jeff Benzon, Dave Moore, Dave Saelens, Tim Egger, Chris Allen, Ellie Coder, Kathy Lang, Maria Petaros, Mary Beintema, Cheryl Carlson, Rhonda Correll, and Becky Needham. 1. Todd Bagatelas, the fiddler, started to grow his beard weeks before the play. Z. Motel the tailor places the wedding ring on his new bride Tzeitel's finger. 3. "A fiddler on the roof, sounds crazy, no?" 4. Cast members are tfronll Sue Fink, Amy Ball, Kathy Lang, Ellie Coder, Lisa Lampo, Mike McClure, Dave Saelens, Kevin Greer, Dirk Carlson, Tim Eggerg trow ZH Eric Mikita, llndy Finkbeiner, lim Murray, Maria Petaros, Chuck Seaman, Loraine Mascari, leff Benson, leff Longbons, Maryann Zywott, Dale Morrow, trow 33 Chris Scott, Toni Tripp, Carol Bert, Crow Ill Dave Compton, Dave DeFrieze, Kevin Dawson, Mike VanBelle, Gerald Carlson, leff Zoller, Leonard Schwigen, Rhonda Correll, Cheryl Carlson, Becky Needham, Shari Fink, Denise Caldwell, Mary Beintema, lani Marr, trow 53 loe Billquist, Bill Stopoulos, luli Sackett, Scott Hunsinger, Todd Bagatelas, Greg Graf and Don Abbott i 'F ,s A C il Nahum- 216 Musical sz Xi 1. Not everybody involved with putting on a play is on stage. Some who worked backstage were Ioan Nicholson, assistant director: Craig DeDecker, Kathy Horton, lisa Lockhart, Lisa Forretl, Chris Saelens, Tracy DeTaeye, Martin Dawson, stage managerg Marla Howard, Martha Chaney, Mrs. Carol Morrow, Nancy Robinson, leff Longbons, Don Dawson, Tina Grove, Kevin Dawson, Don Stoneburg, and Dan Clements. 2, Part of the cast is just fiddlin' around before the director gives out his evening notes. 3. The villagers often gathered to dance before the Sabbath. 4. Golde lights the candles as the family sings a prayer for the Sabbath. 5. The wedding begins with a highly traditional dance. 6. Tevye tells of the many lewish traditions. Musical 217 COFFEE,TEA OR PANTHER PLAYERS? 'I' hree thousand years ago, the Greek playwrite Euripides wrote a play entitled Trojan Women. This was to be performed in a contest before the rulers of ancient Greece. The play was shown once again in contest, this time by UT students under the direction of Mr. Michael Schmidt. The cast was picked by Mr. Schmidt one month before the play was to be performed at the district contest. "Since I have no try-outs for the one-act, everytime someone tries out for a show they are also trying out for the one-act," said Mr. Schmidt. In January, a chili supper was held by Panther Players. Since the one-act is never presented before a paying audience, something had to be done to raise money for it. Mr. Schmidt said, "The chili-supper was a success in the sense that it made money and it got over one hundred people involved. This included some parents as well as Panther Player members." Mr. Schmidt feels that a large cast and many special effects is the way to capture a first place trophy. A fog machine was purchased for the show. QUT is fortunate to be one of the few schools to own such a machinej. He also has many other special effects planned. He feels that it will take a stage crew of about sixty to put the set together and take it down in the alotted time. Last year's show, The Menaechmi, won fourth place in the state. LEONARD SCHWIGEN 1. A big smile always helps pull in the customers-or does it? 2. How could you resist buying a ticket for the chili supper with people like this handling your money. 3. What goes good with chili? Coffee, tea, or Panther Players? 4. The one-act play was presented to English classes before it placed in Competition. 5. Panther Players sold tickets to the upcoming presentation of "Fiddler On The Roof" during the chili sup- per. 218 Chili Supper And 1-Act Play "4P:',,,.y41 .5 nas an-. n .mx .git ,i 3'3- -- wif 2- 2:5255 -.-aesszzge. .1 ..-. 1 -.... 1- asset Jfee- .... .e,...- sf.. 2. .-fs.-.1 - ... . 111 .....:ff...ts Q .... . g 3 .. we -- . ,.g,,i,... ,I '75 ,dump n .9 E. S .. sf , M1 v N H? B H. .,..., J. A Z. , ,ri K , 3 'SSX 5, .tv-,--33 , I A 8 v I2 C gb 4 Yak '-' - fhx' S 1. Mike VanBelle and Kevin Greer discuss their serving methods as the Chili supper begins. They hope to earn enough money to finance the 1-act play. 2. Mr. Micheal Schmidt shows the Panther Players how to make props out of plywood and paint. 3. Mr. Schmidt said that it will take a stage crew of about sixty to put the set together and take it down in the alotted time. 4. Dirk Carlson and Kris Young are again chosen to he in the 1-act play. They also performed in last year's 1-act "The Menaechmif' 5. Presenting a 1-act play requires many hours of demanding rehearsals. 6. One- act play members are Cfrontl Andy Finkbeiner, Kris Young, Toni Tripp, Dirk Carlson, Chris Scott, Don Abbot, Crow 23 lulie Sackett, Amy Ball, lani Marr, Kevin Greer, Kathy Horton, Denise Caldwell, Deana Stickrodg fbackj Mary Zywot, Kathy Lang, Chris Saelans, loan Nicholson, and Sue Fink. Chili Supper And 1 Act 219 AWARD-WINNING BAND PLAYS ON L M r. Mallie Williams has been director of bands for 26 years. He directs Marching Band, Concert X Band, Freshman Band, North Campus Band, Freshman Prep Band andnlaiz Lab. Marching Band performs during half time at football games and is'made up of sophomores, juniors, and seniors. This band turns into Concert Band after the football season ends. Pep Band performs during the basketball games, but is not a class. The Freshman North Campus Band is made up of advanced freshman students. Freshman Prep Band is comprised of beginning freshman stu- dents. lazz Lab is a select group of iuniors and seniors who perform pop music at area functions throughout the year. The overall size of band is increasing. About 25 seniors will be graduating this year, but there are twice as many freshmen coming in. The bands played at concerts for grade schools in addition to entertaining fans at football and bas- ketball games. Mr. Williams is a busy man, teaching five different band classes in addition to guitar and theory and harmony classes. "We try to help anyone who wants to do anything in music. Kids need help in music and if it takes extra hours after classes to do it, I'm willing to help," said Mr. Williams. CHERYL PITTMAN 4 '7 , 220 Bands .Im gina.. . - of r,,,,,, 1. "King of the Road" was the bands' homecoming parade float entry. 2. UT Bandettes are Cfrontj Mary Beintema, Stephanie Isias, lean Bailey, Loretta Medinag tcounter clock- wisej Beth Smith, loan Nicholson, Annette Catour, Cherise Ford, Tammy Feemster, Susie Cope, Laurie Miller, Chris Salens, Yvette Vanklaveren, Leslie Mose, Lisa lames, Tammy lobe, Tracy lacobsen, Laurie Phelps, Laurie Sacko, and Carol Bert. 3. Homecoming means alot of things, but to band members it means a glorious walk down 15th avenue. 4. Concert Band members are Qfrontj Chris Scott, Tami Ben- son, Sharon Bailey, Gail Kieffer, LaDonna Mayer, loni Culley, Dan Clements, Michele Orme, Debbie Hall, Linda Behyl, Crow 23 Craig Knobloch, Marcia Deelsnyder, Missy Williams, Tia Mitchell, Gina Howell, Kerri McBride, Julie 0ltman, Mary ltundle, Dane Howell, Sue Linn, Ellie Coder, Sheryl Bell, Lori Decker, Diane Lyon, Pam Stone, Vicky Karnes, Edra Cook: Crow 31 Emily Miller, Anna Castro, Karla Pinner, lay Johnson, Marty McPherson, lim Prettyman, Scott Catlin, Kim lenkins, Chris Swanson, Bill Bruner, Greg Mayer, Steve Darby, Dave Comton, Oscar Snyder, leff Lane, Mike Epping, Linda Lapac- zonek, Scott Blomme, lon Friederick, Doug Cullet, Scott Henry, Kathy Miller, lean Wittekind, loe Clements, tbackj Karen Winger, Mark Henry, Steve Thomas, Ann Schotka, lulie DeGraeve, Tina Schutt, Andy Blais, Cindy Beal, Tim Tallman, Scott Culley, Al Hache, Don Eklof, Pat Bohlander, Chuck Seaman, Sylvia Allen, Phil Graf, Laurie Ackland, Eric Esperna, Dave Allison, Randy Halsey, Bill Beals, leff Martin, Laurie Lapaczonek, Bob Powell, Angle Pancrazio, Theresa Bergland, and Kelly Wara. 5. Band is alot of daily practice. BAND Continued 1. It takes a lot ol practice to learn special formations. But once under the lights, it all works out. 2. Ul's band added a lot ot spirit to the home basketball games. 3. lazz Lab members are flrontj Chris Scott, Emily Miller, Linda Beyhl, Chris Swanson, Greg Meyer, Ann Schotka, Kelly Wara, Bob Powell, Bill Beals, trow 23 left Martin, Karen Winger, Rick Ely, lohn Friedrich, Scott Blomme, Cathy Miller, Dave Comp- ton, Steve Darby, and tbackl Scott Culley. . 70 .. 2, I Y' L4 1 2 ' ? 'Q 222 Band PTT t'LAt.I,lCY K.. l ' ' tud nts honored sth! I i'l'l.l.FTY ,md Stew Darby. ii.-In ssniiazzis iii timzod Townstiip High so lf--fi! qw lmvzi mvitcil to join the 1, :prim Niiiii-s t'ollegi.ite liahd, a hrghii aiiivriiw ziiiisic-al 0l'Q.EltliiZ8llOfl, we .1 f .,i,.,.,fi miir ol liuropv this vom- iziig Vifllllifftx si-.fit .l liiummvr. is the son ot Mr, :ind Urs. Raymond Colley. Silvis. Sai-xv, .i truiiipvt player. is thc son of Nha :md Nlrs. .l. Godfrey Darby, East Xliiiim' l'hf:ir humi director at VTHS is Niailiv Vsiliams. ihv im ization sto tour with the band if is "wi-:wit from Prof, Al Wright, mi-'ii rim-1-:hr git Purdue lfniversity. fha-A hiiniircad stiidvnts were invited fo iliioiigiioui the country Theron- ,mi moi' will i-river sown countries M iiimllgmi! lfrziiice, Germany. Austria. lisp, ll--iIl.mii and Switzerland. 'iiw igri-up wilt iisse-hihiv in New Harris ,ii isiiiioluly .md will give con- wi is .lr Lincoln Ventor and iff, 2--lliir lk-nivr hefore dvparting Mi l'l2lZ"HPt'l, lmli Smit and Stove liave been ac' mi' in Q il'ilSziiumr'ai1groups and both writ wfv'r'tv1i lux' tlw Quiidamty high -' iw-2, hoziiir hriml Srott is hrvsidont About People f ....,..,,...,.,,.....M.N,,...a. ...,-,...,,,...W .a......-........- Y!- m-zvonifz my Smith ami his wife. Helen. retired and moved from Eastx Moline to Cape Coral. Fla., two years 3 ago. hr- had fair luck with a "modest bac-lcyarrl gzirdenu each year, Since moving to Florida. however. Ray has Lwcozrw swrh an extraor' dinary gzirciehvr that the Cape Coral mfwspapor, The Bri-ore. recently did a fuilapiigo Mixture artivlo on him. During the last tow weeks. Ray has horn putting to-otriong carrots from hiS lftin-idx: gardon and he has more pole twarimturnips, eggplant. hush beans. pvppi-rs and onions than he knows what to with A Smith has adopted am "if my friends could seo me now' :mitiide towards his y1.t!'tll'lt Ile addod that many of his lizrrrt Zyloliiw trwhds. rffniomborinsz his Freshman Band members are Cfrontj Cindy Finlibeiner, Cheryl Carlson, Connie Gunneman, Laura Fentem, Lorraine Bergeuin, Anita Eddleman, left Grasz, Tom Hunsinger, Rex Tingle, Lisa Tillbergg Crow 23 Gilbert Gomez, Janelle Talak, Bob Meinholdl, Lisa Pinner, Randy Wara, lames Ward, David Hipple, Barry Penfold, Randy Eklof, Jeff Laforge, Letica Sanchez, Allen Winthurstg frow 31 Cindy Ruiz, Richard Hav- ron, Chris Spencer, Shawn Karnes, Scott Cook, Dan Key, David McNurIen, Mike Kryzanek, Kevin Dawson, Fran Castro, Andy Berglund, lohn Haecherlp tbackl Wally Cordell, Scott llerstreator, Scott Stulir, Andy Sill, Darrell Davis, David Pan- crazio, Wendell White, Bob Alden, Stephanie Gardner, Cnot picluredj lohn Austin, Bob Hollis, James Musgrow, Marina Nache, and Sheila Noah. vwiail hurl it hard to believe that he rims ilipo tforals No l gardener ld tow to see the look on thi laws it they coutd open up thi pogwrs in the wintertmie and see Nay Smith working in his yzardei lily is quotvd as saying in l nowspaper arhciei GLPLNN ll NITE ot Davenport fwrwar employee of tnternatio llarvoster's l-last Moline plant. refs ty named Ubarbershopper of yi-.ir" by the Chordbusters Barbers Thiirus, White has bevn a member of Quodffity barbershop group tor yo irs and the award he received 1' iwxnseltiah devotion" to Zorgzmizmtion A Whiios wife. Evelyn. ' ctmghwr. Janet Berry, sing with in omerrs barbershop chorus, while nary serves as director of the fifh bu der chorus. 5- time of the other awards ww! Sta vin Bcrgvrald. Rock Island, ri outs arming new memberg Jimi! Roc island hir Barbershop 2 amok tilanz. tietierrdort, Mr. Mus, Band 223 224 Choirs CHOIR NURTURES ABILITY, ENERGY, AND DISCIPLINE Chamber Choir I f you're willing to raise your voice in the morning, Chamber Choir is for you. Chamber Choir has about three concerts a year. lt's a good time to start building up the energy, self-discipline and strength for concert choir, the next step tor people who are serious about singing. What's it like to work with people in chamber choir? According to Mr. Donald Dyer, director of choirs, "lt's a tremendous joy to work with stu- dents growing musically and vocally, and to watch the growth in their love for music." Concert Choir Concert Choir Mr. Dyer's "ultra-select" group. These are the people who join together to sing at concerts on television, and radio. Concert choir toured the area, showing young people what choir is like. They also sang at LeClaire Hotel, the East Moline and Moline Rotar- ies, and in assembly at North Campus. As for the media, concert choir was on three radio stations and on WQAD television station. But it wasn't all fun and concerts this year. Anyone who had friends in Concert Choir prob- ably heard a lot of grumbling about sight-reading. Sight-reading is the ability to pick up a piece of music, be given a pitch, and sing the piece through, perfectly pitched and rhythmically. English Hand Bell Choir lust what is handbell choir, anyway? Obvious- ly, it's a choir that plays handbells. lt anyone can read notes, and is willing to practice and work hard, he can sign up for bell choir. What he does is line up with his not-so-small English handbells, and when a note assigned to him comes up, he rings the corresponding bell .. Simple? Well, there's a saying that simplicity is beautiful, and that's definately the kind of sound you get . . . beautiful. This year hand bell choir played for many women's clubs and at Augustana College Section- al. 5th and 7th Hour Choirs Singing's easy. All you do is say the words in time to the music, or iust fake it. There's always someone else who's loud enough to cover up. It's an easy grade to get. Right? Wrong! When you get into Mr. Dyer's 5th and 7th hour classes, you work hard . . . and everybody sings. Guys really started to get involved this year. Perhaps it's because there's more time without the split schedule at North. From among every- one in the singing classes, 70 were freshman guys. "We're trying io rebuild the choirs, starting with the freshmen. We hope to get eight singing choirs soon," said Mr. Dyer. "Singing is not for sissies," he said. And he repeated this over and over to his choir members throughout the year. Kris Cox 1. One at a time, each of the vocal sections practice for an upcoming concert. 2. Terry Wassell, Bill Stopolas, and Tim Wassell were only a few of the Concert Choir members that performed at the Hampton Grade School Concert. 3. Steve Darby and Scott Culley recieved recognition from the Daily Dispatch, after being invited to join the United States Cole- giate Band. Chamber Choir members areffrontjlan Laird, Carole Karnes, Andrea Isais, Doug Dowell, Lonny Doxsee, Becky Heatherly, Connie Hoffman, Laura Soliz, Pam Reeves, Beth Verstreater, Pam Wilson, Crow 23 Tina Turner, Becky Needham, Rene' Anderson, Rhonda Johnson, Kathy Miletich, Gary Brown, Gerald Carlson, Keith Karstens, Cindy Hart, Patty Kalomas, Tammy Allen, fbackDConnie Brown, Nancy Robinson, Robyn Hanna, Connie lo Burdick, Carole Feehan, Rod Small, Ken Roberts, lohn McGrath, Willard Mclntosh, Sue Bradley, lulie Reynolds, Beth Hendricks, Knot picturedJMary DeSmet, Tim Egger, Kelly Duff, Kathy Lang. L M - .A .g sf s 5 t I 1 I' ? 1. "We are the choir! The UTHS choir!" 2. The Concert Choir rehearses for its television performance. 3. Bell Choir mem- bersare thontllesse Chne,Tahy N9Wf0D,P3HlG8H8Ugh8L Patty Cline, tbackj Paige McCord, Lynda Sackett, Beth Hendnckg Don Abboth Enc MiHta,and Kathy Mdehch. 4 Concert Choir members are tlrontl Missy Bennett, Chris Wirtz, Mary Peterson, Kari Taulbee, Rene Belman, Mike McClure, Sherry Brown, Ken Hill, Carol Bert, lan Laird, Lysa Reeves, Myrna Anderson, Chara Benzong trow 23 Taley Newton,Lynda Sackeh, Rhonda Conel Tamee Swansom Chris Scott, Mike VanBelle, Andy Finkheiner, Brian Warstler, Spnnger Grab Cht 0Hver,leanne ScoH, Dhna Mhes, Ton Tripp, Beth Smith, trow 35 lulie Sackett, Sara Moomey, lane McGehee, Dianna Hill, Todd Bagatelas, Eric Mikita, Richard Dale, Skip Compton, Tim Wassell, Brent Allmendinger, Terry Wassell, Scott Culley, Dave DeFreize, Karen Butterworth, Mary Adhingen Shad Turnen Cbackj Kathy Brown, Randy Stotmeister, Don Abbott, Dirk Carlson, lim Murray, Randy Duncan, Steve Duff, Dale Morrow, Ted Brown, Dan Kinkead, Kevin Greer, Bill Stopoulos, loe Billquist, Amy Ball, lani Marr, Melody lohnsong tnot picturedj Kay Davis, lennifer Fowler, Kathy Horton, and Brad Settles. 2 5 A J Choirs 225 CHOIRS continued 1. Greg Graph, Bill Stopoulos, Chris Scott, Randy Duncan, and Dave Compton were UT's representatives at All-State com- petition. 2. Concert Choir has found the secret to performing, you must first get the audience's attention. 3. 5th period freshman choir members are ftrontj Diana Brown, Orailia Olivia, Ed Tapia, lim Huck, left Benzon, Dave Morrow, Randy Varble, Leke lsais, Paula lacobsen, Melanie DeDecker, Cyndy McCarterg Crow 23 Lisa Thiem, Alison Darnell, Wanda Rob- erts, Brad Millage, Art VanHouten, Stacy Whitehall, leff Greer, Curt Drayer, Vaughn Williams, Steve Varnes, lulie Ackeburg, Sara Riggs, Shelly Thorton, Sharon Henderson, Linda Davis, Debbie Johnson, frow 33 Rosalind Bailey, Karen Harris, lames Kettering, Mark Voorhis, Dan Haskins, Robert Floyd, Pete Tavoularis, Marty Simms, Chris Swanson, left Stabb, Brian Adlfinger, Tony Entrilrin, Monica Magana, Sharla Pate, Lori Belman, Maxine Cordell, Lisa Lockheartg frow 45 Candy Wheeler, Kelly Sedwick, Pegge Stone, Linda Reese, Sara Hunter, Paul Bagatelas, Kevin Nahrgang, Dane Marr, Eric Stiegel, Bill Panouses, Ed Redman, Chris Brasel, lerry Priest, Robert Keim, Tim Smith, Helen Krajewski, lisa Snauwaert, Kathy Hill, loyce Ligget, Andrea Gilman, April Knox: fnot picturedj Tod Dorbeck, Roger Floyd, Van Hens- ley, Marla Howard, Cheryl Pfister, and Betsy Sproul. 226 Choirs 1-ii'-w:5.,,, O VOS OMNES for Four-Part Chorus tdrvyot Mixed Voices a cappella Tetra Music Corporation Sole Agents ALEXANDER BROUDE, INC. 225 w 57th sr , New vom: N Y 10019 1. 7th hour mixed choir members are ttrontl Lori Welsh, Michelle Collins, Patti Vallejo, Chauch Medina, Terry Shamsie, Theresa lackson, Patty Carlson, Patty Cline, Anita Clanton: Qrow 25 Paige McCord, Carl Feaster, lim Upton, Kevin Dawson, Todd Miller, Don Keopple, Dan Salmonson, Hans Bartsch, Teri Sandoval, Deb Morrow, Cheri Moore, Jodi Pa- pish, lohanna Chester, trow 35 Valerie Engstrom, Louise Gardner, lill Pettyjohn, Teresa Turner, Beth Sheley, llquilla Watson, Lisa Myers, lulie Morgan, Kathy Morrow, Chuck lohnson,Chuck MarshaH,Sude Cope,Becky Rodgers,Shern Stoneburner, Robin McKee: Crow 41 Laurie Wirtz, Dawn Bunker, Karen Crow, Becky Hott, lohn Horvath, Doug Martin, Mike Livingston, Leonard Yeager, Alan Buck, Neil Ricke, Scott Mann, lames Carmichael, lerry Brown, luan Zaragoza, Teni Hansen, Tracey StHes, Marci VanSpeybroeck, fnot picturedj Lloyd Ales, lan Carlson, Suzanne Darr, lamie Purly, Mark Reed, and Patty Vallejo. 2. Practice, practice, practice. Will practice make perfect after all? 3. Latin songs are a big and beautiful part of the UT Choir curriculum. Choirs 227 ERYTl'lING'S DUFFEF3 -If 1" f i e ' - 1 . ' in ,ggi-, y. - v f-,cf 9 .25 ai' -f fish 1 3 YQ. ' a Nflsl A W' if '13 '5 y- ', -M ' ini . l-if 'L - g i is-h. j' Q fargo- . f . M ' iq 'rv 5 e ? as .4,w1,.. W J load., i ,Ki ir V gf Qlf an I , L 3. 2 7f?iffi5,g ' l r ll wb '-ssg.cgf.g.:-.-3.535-1'.s HQ, it My f- M75 , Y ,L 11., ,fr 5' 'L nrt 1 Q,s.,s,51 . 'f"i""' . 'N---.. 1 During construction of the new pool, swimming classes were merely a pipe dream. 2 Who knows what they're up to in Radio-TV broadcasting? The Shadow knows! 3 Mr. Larry Greer is moonlightingg he's priest for the family living classes. 4 UT is one of the lew lllinois schools with such an extensive co-ed physical education program. Academics Divider 228 ..c.s-., .. "'f'wN,w,,,,,kvm x W . 1 s sc :W K W . aww x - rs - XEWRKNQ N. .WHW s'fss.sfm.s.,.,gzNWL -I . zgwmiwh www .c.. gk NM " 1wc,m.N H mix HM 4 .,,MM.M Mvwsgk, Wim .Wilrg 4--qw--a you . --...- I 4 Q is . ,.,. X 5- a' Jw. ...,, 3 L... h rizon f no I I r --Q... f N we M as 3. seg s X . g s ' ' ' iii? :- Q , X F 2 ...ni as If ,sw ,, LJ r ,WP' 2? ' - ',,,- , li it fe, of 1 The Kodak display was brought to UT this year by Mrs, Kramer lor students to see prize-winning photographs. 2 No, it's not the three banditos. lt's a singing group performing lor the foreign language classes. 3 "Ole !" roared the crowd in response to the popular Flamenco Dancers. Academics Divider 229 SEX EQUALITY INVADES THE WEIGHT ROOM AS GYM CLASSES G0 C0-ED Strange things are happening in the P.E. de- partment this year. You say you walked by the weight room and saw girls lifting weights, but you didn't believe it? That's nothing! Walk into the wrestling room and you can see a real exciting wrestling match - girls against the guys! The UT physical education classes went all co- ed this year. Department Chairman Al Zimmer- man said it has developed into one of the best programs around, and that most students ap- prove of it. There had to be some rule modifications for the contact sports. Guys cannot hand the flag football off to another guy, and guys cannot block a girl as hard as they can other guys. However, it is sometimes hard to get girls inter- ested in these sports despite the rule modifica- tions. Ctikewise it is hard getting a guy interested in a class such as dance, which is popular with girls.J Some students complained about the inequal- ity in grading. "The girls do far less sit-ups and four-count burpies for the same grade as the guys," said lim lesuit, iunior. The men teachers had no trouble adjusting to the change, but the women had a few trying experiences. One teacher commented that she would have to buy a megaphone as she was overwhelmed at how loud male voices can get. Where will all this "equality of the sexes" lead? Not so far as into the locker rooms - at least not for a long, long while. KERI FRANCOIS 1. Ann Schotka believes in the importance of good exercise. Z. Look out, girls. He's wicked with that slick! 3. Weight lifting is always a favorite class for the guys, with or without the girls. 4. Good competition was not hard to find in co-ed gym classes. 5. Jackie Feehan shows the boys how easy it is. 230 Co Ed Gym Classes -...,,,N-M x W--.....,.. 6--.e v-.Q b""""""""'f"-Xww X... as rv-M K ,."'-'- if Ame' 1. Ozzie Branch is all lied up in dance class. 2. No one was more surprised wilh his jack playing ability than Steve Duff. 3. Boys were scarce in Miss D'Angelo's dance class. 4. But boys' gym suils were everywhere to be seen. 5. Guess who has lo chase lhe volleyballs in co-ed gym? Co-Ed Gym Classes 231 STUDENTS GROW THROUGH CLASS EXPERIENCES 1. Diane Lucas is a triple first-place award winner in photo essay competition, an annual project in Mrs. Kramer's CML classes. 2. Despite her involvement in extracurricular activi- ties, Kerry Duff does not forget that the reason she comes to school is to learn. 3. lim lesuit and Konnie Floyd tie the knot in family living class. 4. Building trades helps shape the lace of our community. 5. Scott Culley, an All American Band award winner, is with his parents during halftime ceremony. 6. The Battle of the Bulge comes alive in Mr. Ryerson's history class. Fl 232 Class Proiects N, 4158. S X Qs' s I 6 is 1 F 4 .1 3' xi gr W -ff g' "S ive. V 2 S 1 . Saw... H Nw, 4 'A Wye D K Q36 , 'Sd-S V X . Q ' iil' - . -it . Li! Ti, I. 5 , A Riff- N W W 1 D -,. 4 . vm ' N. If E . .x "1 1 li V ' - .- ' . W 'r . - ' Y. ,N K s . - fl as R , Q lf- 'A' A r E X' om .s Q , K . ' Wwe ef ,g WX r f 7-rf m'i- X , V - k g Il .6-L v QSM ' fu L Y I tl ' '- ' , f , Y, - f ., A V I 3 ' ' X 4 Pl X V I Q L: I . '5,, ..... B ..v. I , s. . . , 4 , ,K 1- . I ' -. . V 2 4 G K - H . i n V XS f ' 1 fit, 'T' if .ov 3 ,eu , ,gf . .b 6 V X , V. F- I. V., 'Y 'imp A . . WM. l A ei -. 4 ' 'sexy wmv ' . f E N' Y x if Q1 X, Q l 2 r as ss. 1 E sk: XV QA Q g V li- We A+- 3 ks-Pip, ,AP VW: -4 lm r 6 X ij A if i sv.. - ,-,, 'jf' Hifi- 2 l jimi ?Q.-. l x"k ' 21:1- . mul l nm . ...- Elli IEEE ...- Fl -65 Tl uf' mmmm 253555 Z. A v l" E' 4 :- 6 EEBIE EHHEB ST. PAULMINN BH n I l 'Bl lv-nn Zlli' :xg gl' I IMP Ht '1a'l f M H fan ' 5 we ,vs , N 9 e 5 . 1. By the time of yearbook distribution, this structure may have become someone's dreamhouse, thanks to building trades class. 2. leff Allen would rather paint on windows than go to class any day! 3. Another All-American Band Hall of Famer is Steve Darby. 4. This sure beats paint by numbers. 5. History was made when Phil Griffith surprised Tammy Feemster with an actual engagement ring during their mock wedding ceremony. 6. Will the photo es-vzv ever replace the English term paper? At least students seem to enjoy it more. Class Projects 233 ERYTHING'S EUFFEE EV 5 SATURDAY IGHT if FEVER M5 M5 130 940 El 'T ' , M-.. W f , .,,,,,.m, v .,T., x' ,f 1, . ' 2 '2 4 . 'l 'ZZ l X , T T , - l Rxxiy f rn. I ii. X . K3 , rryrfest,-' W-'A' W" WV' ' 4 , ,, V , , .,,. :W lied, I T . em 'fr' flu ' f :V L . M ,,.1". 5 'V A- V M x-Que ,rl Y "' 65 5 " My .X -war Q". wifzfwai 1. Saturday Night Fever left everyone injected with "disco mania" and a new respect for lohn Travolta. 2. The Fonz expands into the movie field. 3. "Close Encounters" was a box office smash of the third kind. 4. The beer guzzling brother of the president is credited with his own brewl 5. Leon Spinks surprised experts and Ali in the fight for the heavyweight title. 6. Punk Rock made its dent in society. 234 Closing . ma, Thea mas beef brewed up uUS"jf,,1 lfhink it's the best l eve' '05 And I'-ze lasted fl 50" nhink yodll like in 'OO' My W-hm, ..., -W-'f"'M' f EEN A x e end 5 f A A 5 . .,., ' A tilirnk ' 'fz' ' Lt GAME RUB! me 4 ' WITH ANOTHER YAY TU PLAY. A JL. .5 5 N . X F ,X s A , . M 'sr X N. 1 " if A ,. V ., " or ,Yv- , Y N I ss M.. - .11 - 1. Pinball and other games kept students busy during the long winter. 2. Congress and the world mourned the death of Hubert H. Humphrey. THE DAILY DISPATCH NM! HPV: '-,XX kr' Battle over for QI-Iappy Warrior' ffrrrwvr takes Hubert Humphrey J .. r A. , N, .WMA :sf mm so seem, A .ws 1. K uf ' A 4 sm .,-.,,'...e 1' ' "' 'f' 'V ' V' ur mumps s u xxtrrm as A umcw -mf r-A' Ax N "' " 'X' ' fe .-:- f 'A-NA-ffm: Er -wx-:ix suse: umm -m wx X, .A -,sf e.. ,N me fm em an 4-s1.qs-W so :N .- r ,tu .N fp -4 -1- sf-mmm me wnmq om- up ' T, f v-A 5.99.1 ,swf :ummm use :mm from mea .. ' rf" ' , Q-,wtf wr.. ,...,g-ve mv: tn. mms sm emu'-one nw F V ""' X , f. -rw-fs: :str fs. wa rs rr.-wg of .msrrsmug-e rw , . W ...rf My awww :ww .wwf wr, . r s ...Vw .ru,.r, M4 nesgrmxfmff rsrrwnfsv-m-ns..oo-v-f A. -. A Y, .,e,,,,. fs me or -www um :mmm asm vm . ww ..,L,. 'mfs'-,-fmrmzemwefwm I k Q A f- WA -As..-we Hump-m mum: no me saws me '. ., ww rung.: V rrnvosunssnm.-v-if-.1.' 1-.ns - of Auf.: moe r- sum rm an ,moons nf A A -ef vm,-. 1 mwwrvfly-fupmwmrxmewufwwf -1 4. 2-w-m.murw.gwnnnrurpunw1-a-www A Y-P.- or ,YN-1.-fgrmrmwucmuumnrmoawurs - .4 - -.ne fr -re mr ,meow tzg ., ,r orazlulxurrtt uw-.1 " our as is vvlrlnxmaxozo . ,ma ,, .4 Y Huw uonn, photos ff":,:f,,':,,,,,,, ,, 9, M yr. . if -A on P059 3 - yruxdnsiul enema uma A533 - .1-hugh-ymanaeumwvwwv YQ ,.s,v Y , , . . --.A anulannwrabuu sun- use 4 'smpwsvrmmmslesvv ,A -.mf A uw W-rr-sw: Aww vw 'Nj 'H P'-'HU mlm anime D-anon-rranvannndlhnprqwrvnm In r -'raw-4:rsr..s..1 .wzarksfMrsnnganvua,3hrqcw-mrude . uma- -nmearuptjuaearaiaahgnon mag ' tw-Wwwlw vnnnwmumemuinmbnnxvwwrsuro f " Vwfmfw C-'ww rwrocwba mbuarlunxnsvnl- numpmsmmr ' r.,.,,..:w.v.v-sf ueswnui-rNsv.:1nQforNatoNudeahuu . . it-"1'f"' " 5' Muwwa NN N4 mgnmqn has ditto! t s W pr-:sn Cvwsnsaantvraurivniilgui -1 ...es rs uu1r1m5x9ixWuvuiyirr4.1wruaAm'd .1-we-rf rms- rwwnmap .14 gg my R..-msg me 1' 4 1'-M1 - vw-wr Hmwra mound w rr anemia-m 'Q ' v.-.-'Q1me1rx,:xf1nl1!sfiz3ngbuQqLg4nveruxn -L ASIA-K - to 11.4 r..- my for km .mm an stu.,-y rwaam- . A if rr ...V .1 rwwsmtsom sum or ru wawarrw- nf 4 ,A - .- ws. 4..1..r-s ms M -am-wr :wane nf we A , Q Q N M: .-A fA..r.. .yn-as ms mernrm ns mn-e x A . V A--sr A mfs mf rm. -.wr me we N- na? 2 ff r f u,.i.A2.14e ss- 1. .Q Er can gggggygug-un,-y .. .-.. 1... we .fu Ar MWVIKTV r ,ulttrmpagunnxuusrm .. , ....,.. . . ? 4 s . lnllf... .-:......- Aa-.- ....3.Isl2..-g lzrrfrr rr! r ' llzrrnplrrrr v Ivrl Svrrrrr -A in Closing 235 THE DISCO SENSATION . . , CHEVY CHASE . . UNKNOWN COMIC . . . FONZIE IN MOVIES . . . SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER . . . ON THE ROAD 'ALONE The pool, discipline codes, a new superinten- dent . . . our theme "Different Things" symbol- izes this year in a special way. We would like to thank Mrs. Mary Conger for all the hours of understanding and help she gave. Thanks also go to Frank Pompa twho drew Pete on our coverl, Howard Dusek, American Yearbook Company, Dee Cordell, the business teachers at South Campus, Adolphi Studio, and to everyone else who was involved in the hectic process ot putting together this year's Skyline. ln seven months we "ate, slept, and drank yearbook." People on the outside can't know the work involved in putting together a 256-page book for spring delivery. Noise, unkept appointments, pictures that had to be retaken Qand retaken againb, slip-ups, goofs, inconveniences . . . for all of these we are sorry. This book is dedicated to the class ot '78. We have tried to capture this year in stories and pictures so that you can always remember your senior year. 1. Omni became a favorite disco spot for Sunday evening high school dancers. 2. A "new kind of insanity" is sweeping the country via Steve Martin. He is iust "a crazy kind of guy". 3. "Saturday Night Live" was a sensational TV show that kept many in fits of laughter. 4. "Laverne and Shirley" topped the TV ratings with the 50's kind of humor. 5. Bing Crosby's death left Bob Hope on the road alone. KA!!!-1 If fx 7' 9i ,.:Q:.: ' xx -MW! xii. g x iv I' 'ff ay sw". -l1,2:Q',, gf' .- f 41' I '- I '2 I 3:7 y, L, ,r I it-A L-1553 I N 1- ' J ,, iff W ,V f .41 'Ya , 14" f .1II3ge f , ,- 1' , s his 5.1071- ,BD .QS PMI-mn. 5 tg., ., CAQTUQJ5 NNW A i - Bll Mlkksnwmy N013 Will' MIP G 236 Closing ,A gg fy I ' ,I . if Q f-..... fi., mm W1yLW,,,,, ,. ., fr 1 The number of cheerieadmg squads Increased My-,,,.ff" that more girls were given a chance to cheer. influence was felt in popular songs and movie IT'S NOT RUSSIAN FLU SWEEPING THE QUAD CITIES IT'S DISCQ FEVER! SWIMMING CLASSES IN GYM . . . WET HEADS . . DIVING . . . SWIM TEAM . . . WATER SHOWS . . . MAYBE SOMEDAY A STATE CHAMPIONSHIP W e've watched it change from a grassy hock- ey field to a hole in the ground to a mass of construction. Eventually 25 years of dreaming will be ended when the new swimming pool be- comes a reality. This year the federal government granted UT 1.4 million dollars toward the construction of the pool. But this figure could not touch the ex- penses, so additional money needed to be raised. Technically there will be two pools, according to Mr. lerry Miller of Bracke-Miller-Hayes archi- tect company. The 45X75 foot pool will be used tor swimming. The other pool, which is 30X40 feet, will be used for a diving pool. This second pool will be about 13 feet deep. Mr. Miller said that this pool will be different from others in the area because it will be better insulated, which will save money and energy. There will also be special provisions made for the handicapped. Who hasn't dreamed of a quick dip in the new UT pool? By early fall our dreams will become a reality. JAN WILLIAMS 1. Synchronized swimming? Swim teams? Maybe a state championship? It will all be possible now. 2. The surveyors study the land which holds the promise of a long-deisred swimming program for UT. 3. The first bricks have been laid, and momentum is beginning to build in the pool construction. 4. One day, even as early as Fall '78 when the pool is completed, these pictures will be hard to believe. 238 The Pool T .-F" E ,swf gems 1 5 q6,,..,...-swf iif WT gl X, xx , Nt at sgmsa 3232? R. -,.. , 2 lv,, .4 . , f 7 . A D W In .5..l--all 5AJ -1- ..- 1 1. Students studying in the library always had something to look at this year, as changes came about everyday on pool construction. 2. These workers are awed by the job still ahead of them. 3. The cold weather didn't halt pool con- struction lor long, as a shelter was built tor the workers. 4. The Quad-Cities had snow cover every day lrom December 19 through March, making pool construction difficult. 5. These bathing beauties and musclemen can't wait lor their first dip in the pool. The Pool 239 A GOOD PLACE FOR YOUR SAVINGS Com, ' ' 'U 5avm9S OO OO OA crATlON .AND LOAN A550 nil: 15th Avenue and 7th 23rd Avenue and 37th Highway 84 and 7th Street Street Street East Moline, IL. 61244 Moline, IL. 61265 Hampton, IL. 61256 752-9200 757-9700 752-9275 ar x ff . N f' A Z' NX dfQMLK?Fmi!MmJN K LUULMWWUK VQWjlUjE?MUfWw Qw M5 5 Wag ,T ? ygg LO 5 sf! Q O L A of NYC m mfg ,JUL QQV VM Qf"J45j jUUC T VQAR New wm,?NtxwgJgME3 KZ LQWHEGMIWTTWJBSW7WM?3VLLfmV5VCl 7 QP NNAWX T3f2wWP M Q UQ 5 Kfiwiibv N W F Sfxwgy, Q yo Q ASQ MQ yOEA522QCigE'Li 1wgXMfW+ JE 'UK X 'YJL , 'Q .DQ ' GE ,K QQ QQ ff K YVMW Wa D ASQQXCE NERRQWKNMAFX X X MJJCPE mms mat? Of-WELL EMOOCNX AUMUK X, yea GSH , 50 mek Ck' EQ! we J MESS 'JQNQ 1JL 242 Ad w"""'w.w, , -QD 413310 NIE East Moline,Il. 4.g2 AVE is Jwqh . M 5 I :sf ' Tv- - 244 Ad , z l IIIGXIGIIT l'I,0lilST '1367 4-2nd Aw. 'emi 5 Kennys Tlre Service 1023 15th Ave. XEast Moline n. llasl llolilw II. BIRLEY 9 755 15TH AVE. EAST IYIOLINE IL. Beau .Iarks 5202 38th GY-Xve. CMo1ine CII. 9 O 'W'- -577 flgnaf W. gag' 7Z6 Sagauamfagsmcff 7704 15:4 f4af. Em 77106442 76. Bob Colberts Men's Wear 597 42nd Ave. East Moline Il. Ad 245 246 Ads BOVILNG 'K I ifnfa " hw ,I Pi! ' Qld fifiwfl iff 1 ff ' if ,Cf-LZ!! WQX pwfw ' ",d6Lvn' A', I PN we be lb M wwf IMJWM, CMM W Xb' if MQW of JI 7?, XX Xp? f ' YO . W .fi 1 Cx N H 40 XXWY! I ff If 8, .sf 9 36 X 0 Ng, JP' fx' I Jf' Z7 of of xy W X ' X IU A ' I1 'XI K1 f' I X ,f-N, ilk I . fx Ip ff , , N xr If - 4: V K .Nil W f Iv ,- f , .v " Lvl, ,N : 44- 7- - , Y , 'G ,,,,7 A fini A , Q Kigl' f III I I I' I, fu V AL f Ig , T H ISQ' AIHOGR APH g RAGE If A W 3 iv .W,- ',.f nj ,,,, H N,f I ::J'N.::l?A i I rigiffi COMPLIM'ENTS'Iv+ M, , Q VV My V., , ' in f bf, 1 VMM M, ff' , 4, fm I N I , " f,x ,fax Lf firm? 'Jia if KA,-ii, , . I IN ADO I. PHI SI U D I GI I NN. 5 , I QL x if MACK j,.I L ' 5 VI,-I I V7 , -I" J I' ,Al Qi, x I If-HQ' fi fy ,i-fy IAII fmfgwl I 'Q 'Q'f M Z + V I lWmL, MN fx , Mg , V " AA E.. "A" ,W 1 ' 47 ,Q I jf It I 1 , I I IIII Nh I N , I S A Aww ..., . ,V,k ' V,,.,.,h K I .,g' f. y' Hr I ' A ' ' 4 .,,I'V I Aj' I I ,,. ,. ' -gh XX W! f, L I N V25-N1 5, I M. hu, l L f' gf ,ILA M W ' If I I, ' I NF7' Q I gif I X 'L' ef-,S 'AQ K' - ,I "I WN ,A, fi' A,,' 'I ,cf Ads 247 Chrrstopher, Ke!!y 93 Claeys. larnes 80, 189 Claeys, Wrllrarn 107 Clanton, Anrta 107, 227 Ciarlr Darryl 93 Clark, Jeanette 93. 98, 183 CLARK, 1ERRY 141 Ciarlr, Mark 107 CLARK. MARVIN 80 Clark, Perry 80 Uarh, Robert 93 Clark, Sheryl 80 Claus, 1ane 93, 177 CLAUS, Yl1lLIADA 33 Cleaves, Olrvra 80 Clements, Danrel 80, 189, 217, 221 Clements, Ioseph 94, 221 Cleverrger, Carrre 80, 177 Clnvenger Debra 107 Clrne, 1essre 80, 225 Clrne, Pairrcra 107, 227, 225 Clouw, Steve 107 Clure, Brenda COAKLEY, KEVIN 33 Coakley, Mark 80 Coaour, 1ulIe 173 Cochran, Brenda 80, 137 Coclrerham, Laura 107 COOCR, DUSTIN 33. 190 Coder. Elrzabeth 94, 174, 216, 221 Coder, Sara 94 Coe. 1onalhan 75 COi,MARY1N 33, 146, 147, 165, 193 Coe, Mrchael 94 Coe, Theodore Cogdrbl, Stephen 80, 165, 189 Coker, Lee Coker, Thom 94 Cole. Carol 80 Cole, Esleen 80 Cole, Gareld 94 COLE, RDI 33 Cole, Julie 94 Cole, Rene 94 Cole, Faui Cole, Tara 107 Coleman. Carol 80 COLLINS, KI 33, 193, 202 Collrns, Michelle 94, 182 Collrns, Tim 107 Colhnson, Allrson 94 Columbra, Calhenne 107 Columbra, Chrrs 94, 189. 190 Combs, Alisa 107 COINS, UDONNA Comrto, Al 94, 100 COIAFION, DAVID 33, 216, 226, 225, 222, 221 Computer, Dance 18 CONGER, MARY 26, 127, 158, 210, 236 Conner, Jerry 107 COOIKILV, AIN 33 Contreras, lavrer 107 Contreras, Ramona 80, 157 CO01, CHARLES 75 Cook, Cynthra 94 COG1, EDRA 34, 221 Cook, Krrnberly 107 Cook, Scoti 108, 223 Cook, Trrnolhy 94, 193. 207 Coon, Kathleen 108 COONE, GEORGE 8, 139 Co-up 144 Cooper, Barbara COOPER, DAVID 34 COOPER, EYFERY 34, 77, 189, 206 Cooper, Vrclrre 80, 148, 157, 165, 172 Coopman, Ioseph 108, 199 COOPMAN, PAULA 34, 145 Cope, 1oe1 Cone, Susan 94, 227, 221 COPEIAID, LORI 34 CORAIA, GEORGE 34 Cordelt, Cary 202 Cordell, Maxine 108, 226 Cordell, Wally 108, 189, 203, 223 Corey, Bradly 108 Corey, Kenneth 80 CDRNELIUS, GORDON 127 Cornell, Gary 94 Corly, Dusty 189 Coronell, Dan 94, 203 CORREA, MAN 75 Correa, Airce 108 Correa, luventrno 94 CORKEA, MARIA 75 Correa, Sofra 94 Correa, Vrctor 94 CORRELL, DAN 34, 165, 193 196 Correll, Rhonda 78, 80, 180 145 216 225 154 CORTEZ, MARCUS 75 Cosgrave, 1a-on 94, 165, 177 P76 155 COSGRAVE, MARY 34. 165, 176, 155 154 CUSGROVE, DAN 34 Coutteau, Lor: 108 Cou11eaJ, Rack 80, 189 190 191 Coutleau, Shetdon 94, 189 Ccvault Todd 108 COVEMAKER. IOYCE 54 Coverdrll, Brock 94, 189. 190. 202 Cox, Cox, Cox, Cox. Comme 94 8:1551 80109 156 163 224 lrsa 108. 163 Sharon Cowell, Gregory Craolree, Cnrrstr 108 CRAFT, STEVEN 34 Cralg. Debra 80 Crarg. Renlla 94 CRAIG, ROB! 75 Crarnpton. Deborah 80 Cranon, Ker1h 94, 199, 207 Cranon, Terrr Craw1ord, Derrell 80 Crayne, Mrchael 80 Crew, Lesier 94 Crew, Rrclry 108 Cnmmrns, Davrd Crrmmrns, Lawrence 108 Crorrau, Beth 94 Cross, Carl Cross Country 192 Cross, Robert 80 CROTTS, JOAN 127 Crouse, Vrciorra 94 Crouse, Wr1lram 108 Crow, Ieffery 80 Crow, Karen 108, 227 CRUMRINE, DAVID 34 Cuerrngion. Andre 94, 207, Cullett, Douglas 94, 221 Cuiierr, jenn 94 Culleit, Penny 108 Culley, Ions 94, 161, 221 CIILEV, S6071 28, 34, 148, 232. 225, 18, 222 221 Cullrson, Rosa 108 Curnmrngs, Clynrs 108 Cummrngs, Leroy 94, 199 Cunnrngham, Came 108 Cunnrngham, Cheryl 80 CUNNINCHAM, DAKBBIE 108 Cunnmgham, Danrel Cunnrngham, Kathryn Curless, Phrlip 23, 80 CURLDTI, I0 125 Curry, Caroline 75 CURTIS, CYNTLIA 34 Corhs, lohn 108 CuIler, Chrrstrne 108 0'I+ooge, Andre Oahiberg, Lrsa 81 Dahlstrom, Bnan 108, 205, 204 DAHSTRW, LORI 34, 75 DALE, DAARIANNE 35 Dale, Rrchard 94. 225 Dale, 1rrn Daley, Trmothy 108 DALEY, WILLIAM 35 DAMHORST, ROGER 127, 195, 194 Darnm, Kathleen 108 Darnm, Suzanne 95 D'ANGE1O, NAIDINE 127, 231, 68 DANIELS, RICK DANIR, CARLA 35 DARBY, SIEPKN 35, 165, 193, 233, 222, 221 Darnell. Alrson 226 Darr, Suzanne 108, 227 Daugherty, Crarg 95, 199 Oaughtery, Elarne 81, 165 Davrs. Crndy 108 Davrs, Darrell 95, 223 DAVIS, DAVID 75 DAVIS. Davrs, DONALD 127, 189, 191 Ierry 95 Davrs, John 81 DAVIS, KATHLEEN 35 Davss, Kay 81, 225 Hatfreld, Lisa 111 Hallreld. Tony 83 Hauser, Charles 97 HAVENS, UCKAL 42 Havron, Rrctrard 111. 189 203, 223 HAWKINGS TONI 140 Hay. Carmen S3 Hay. Ten 97 Hay Tlrnothy 111 Hayes, Cassle 97. 181 Hayes, Cnnslopner 111 Hayes. Sandra 83 Hayes Vrrcrnra 97 V s Haynes. Selrnda 97 Haynes, Snella Hays, Teresa 97 HAYSHTT, BRlAN 83 PIALD, DAVD 42 Heald. Heald. Heard. Heath. Douglas 97 lanel 83 Stephen 97 Laura 1l1 Heatnerly. Dorrarne 111 HLATHERLY. NAD1NE 141 Heatnerly, Rebecca 83. 224 Hedges, Bellnda 83 Hednck, Jackle 111 PIITZ, KRUILY 42. 145 Hertz, Todd 97 Herzer, Crarg 111 Heuer, Randy 204 Held, Sneroyi 97 PELD, TERKESA 75 Hernmrngson, Amy 97, 181 Henderson, Donald 97. 202 Henderson, Lrsa 83 HLNDERSON, PHYLLIS 130 Henderson, Sharon 111, 226 Hendrrch, Danlela 111 Hendricks, Beth 97. 224, 225 HENDRICKS, RlCHARD 122 Hendrrx, Bonnre 97 Henrrehs, Terry 83 HEMV, ANITTE 15, 158, 159, 165, 179, 42, 236 IINIV, MARK 167, 156, 42, 35, 221 Henry, Scott 97, 156, 221 Hensley, Carl 111 Hensely, Van 226 Herm, Dave 208 IIRNAIDEZ, EIUIUDA 43 KRNMDH, HIFI 43 Hernandez, Rrta 139 IIRNMIJU, R082 43 Herrera, Magdalena 97 KRAERA, Hilll 43 Herrrngton, Kerth 97 Herron, David 83 Herron, Dale 111 Hertenstem, Pat 157 HETZEL, JUDY 138 IITZH, IARK 43 Helzel, Michael 83 PETZLZR. ANITTE 43 Helzher, ltarrn 111 Heydeman, Lawrence 111 Heynmch, Carol 83 lllltlll, LIDA 43 PERS, DELL 43 Hrclrs, Derrrck 83, 84 Hrcks, IA-due 26 lKHAIA. REBECCA 145, 43 ligh School Boll 165 Hrgnrgnt, Kara 111 Hlgnlght, Karla 83 Hrgnrght, Katherrne 97, 161 Hrl1, Andrea 149 Hur, canry 178, 226 Hull, Deanna 83, 225, 168 Ill, IAKS 167, 44 Hull, lanalee 83, 137 Hull, Kennelh 97, 225, 168 Hrll, Marlr Hrll, Mary 111 Hrll, Sus4e 83, 149 ill, TRACY 167, 44, 33 Hrmoaben. Sberrle 97 Hanes. Hrnes, Hmes, Hope 97 leltrey 189, 203 Karen 83 IIIS, UNA! Hmes. Hmtl. Hrnue, Hrpple. Hobbs. Ramonra Donald 83 Chad 97 Davrd 111, 223 lack 111 23, 178. Hnck, 1ames 111, 226 Hoclrer, Anne 97, 156 l-locker, Franlrlrn 156 Hott, Andrea 111, 175, 18 HOU, BARRY 44, 208 Hnfl Becky 9 227 Hott,Fli1abe1n 211.115, 149 18: Hoflnran, Conrue 97, 174 224 Hoffman Uavld 111 Hottman Gerard 83 193 Hollman, Mrcbaer 83, 202 Hogan Maithew 111 HKIDER. TKT 44 Holclc-r1, Lssa 83 KJLLANO, CHARLES Hol1and. Michael 97 Holland Fatrlcra 111 Holland, Randy 83 HOLLAND, TERRY 75 TDLLAKS, Bifilll 75 Hallrs, 1onn Hollrs, Robert 111. 223 HOLMAN, DAINY Holman, Ani 111 Holman, Todd 189 HOLMER, RON 130, 178, 208 Hntms, Lon 97. 116 170 180 173 1 219 Holmes, Sharon 83, 180, 148. 18, 154 Homecoming Court 12, 13 Homecoming Dance 1-S 15 Homecoming Dverview 16, 17 Honerl, leliery 97, 193, 707, 206 Honn. Wrllram 97 Hooker, Lynn 97 Hoover, Shirley 97 Hopiuns, Tracy 111, 119, 175, 179 Horton, Kathleen 83, 213, 162, 163, 2 219 Horvath, Frank 83 Horvatb, lohn 111. 227 Housernan, Wrllrarn Housholder, Bob 204 HOUSHOLDER, DIANA 141 Housholder, lulra 83 QUIT, DAAATY 145, 75 Howard, Howard, Carol 97 Deborah Howard, Marla 97, 217, 226 Howardg Howard Mehssa 111 Monrca 111 novmao, nrurornt 129, 148, 202, 44. Howard, Sam 97 Howard, Stephanre 97 Howard, Steven 97 Howell, Dane 97, 221 Howell, Grna 97, 221 HOWELL, Ill 75 um, may aa Hubbard, Melody 97 Hubbard, Tracy 97 Huber, Teresa 111, 183 HQBERTS, STEVE HUDSON, BRIAN Hudson, Hudson. Hudson. Hudson, Hudson, Hurlord, Hufford, Huihes, Hughes, Hughes, Cheryl 84 lay 111 Kevrn 203 Pamela 97, 174, 186 Roxane 84 Candace Mlcnael 111 Ball 78, 84, 148, 204 Carol 97 Chrrsiupner 111 PARIS, KAREN 44 Hughes, Luther 84, 196, 167 PARKS, IAANIUTA Hughes, Rlcnard 130 NDIS, QHLEY 44 Hughes, Wrllram 84 Hurzenga ionn 84 1111, DAVD 75 Hull, Debra Hull, George 84 HIL, MARK 44 llll. SHANE 44 Hultrng, Llnda HUM, LOU! 75 QAITIG, SHARON HUMMEL, MEL 140 Humphrey, Chrrstme 111 Humphrey, lacquelrn Humphrey Robert 97 81 23. 17 225 207 HIISKR, SCOTT 213, 167, 157, 45. 216 Hunsrnger, Thomas 111, 223 Hunt, Donna 84, 130 F 1 N 1 1 l i I 1 1 1 1 l I i 1 1 E 1 1 V 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 KIDOZA. KAREN 75 MERCER, 1AY 132 Mercer. Nc-len 113 Mercer, Shannon 100 Merldeth, ltrlre 113, 149 Merrdeth. Seolt MERRILL, IAMES 75 Merrrll Rona1d Merrrll, Trrnothy 86 Meyer, Greg 222 Meyers, Laura S6 MICKLE, MARLAN 141 Mrhalopoulos, Anne 100 MlHALOP0010S, ART L41 Mrhalopoulos, Larnhros 86 Mrhalopoulos. Shane 100 161 Mrhalopoulos. Yvonne 100 Mrlrrta, Eno 100. 216. 225 IHBURN, PLGGY 53 KES, DIANA 53, 225 Mrletrch, Katherrne 93, 100, 161 2 Mrllage, Brad 113, 226 HLLASE, IACKIE MrIlard. Mullen, Thomas 113, 203 Kathleen 100 Muller, Barbara 10, 86. 157. 18 Mlller. Bryan 86 !A11ler. Kathy 222, 221 Mrller, Charles 100 Mrller. Chrrstrna 86, 120, 137 Mrller, Emrly 86, 222, 221 MILLER, IRIS 122 MILLER. IRWIN 122 HLER, LISA 158. 159, 161, 53, 2 HLER, LDIS 53 AILER. LORI 53. 145. 221 Muller, Mark 113, 207 Mrller, Rrcky 113 Miller. Ronald 100 Mrller, Teresa 86 Mrller, Terry 113, 189 Maller, Todd 113, 227 Mrller, Vrckr 114 Muller, Vrckr 86 Moore, 1erry 114, 189 HLER, WENDY 137, 53. 144 Millrzer, Mike 100, 189 MrIIs, Penny 114 Mrnteer, Deobrah 100 AIITEER, GREGORY 54 Mrnteer, Micheal 86, 202 Mrnteer, Rhonda 100 Mrtchell. Chnstopher 114 UICIKLL, EFF 54, 209 Mitchell, Katheleen 100, 174, 149 Mrtchell. Kevln 114, 203 AITCIILL, MARK 194, 54, 70. 208 MITCHELL, PAMELA 54 Mrtchell, Tra 100, 221, 149 AITTS, CATHLEEN 54 Moneymalrer, Cary 114 Montegna, LaDonna 114 MONTEZ, MARCELLA 54 24. 225. 36 HONTGOIERY. MARGARET 137, 160. 161. 179, 54, 49, 155 Moomey. Sara 86, 225 MOON, AYDY MOOIE, BARBARA 54 Moons, Snelra 100 MOGKY, ANDREW 145, 54 Mooney, Susan Mooney, Wade Moore, Chen 114, 227 Moore, Davrd 36, 216, 205. 207, 204 Moore, Trmothy 86 Moraetes, Peter 100 IIJRIHO, DAN 75 Moreno, lacquellne 100 MORENO, KATHLEEN 75 Morlord, Torn 100 MORGAN, DANIEL 55 Morgan, lennrfer 86, 179 Morgan, Julre 114, 227 Morney, Pamela MORRIS, LAURIE 55 Morris. Mrchael 86, 193 Morrrs. Robert Moms. TrrnoIhy 100 HORROR, DALE 167. 55, 33, 214 Morrow, Davrd 114 Morrow, Deborah 100 Morrow, Denrrrs 86, 208 Morrow, James 86, 189, 227. 208 Morrow, Kathy 100, 227 Morse, Morton, Oavrd 86, 226, 168 Loreen 114 216 225 Morton, Tamara 86 Morton. Vlrtorra S6 Muse, Leslle 100, 221 Mosher. Scott 86 MOSLEY, BRENT 13, 17,189 190 55, 21 209 Motsmger, Danny 86 MOUNTAIN, WCNELE 55 Mrosko, Mark Muehng Mrchael 100 Muetrng. Robert 114 Mulrca, Kelly 100 IMIGS. DEBBE 114 MuIlrns, Grnger 100 IIILLINS, PEGGY 55 MIDI, DEBBRAA Munos. Pamela S6 AIINOZ, LOUISE 75 Munoz, Mano 100 Munts, Daryl 55 MURDOCK, DOUGLAS IAIIPHY, BARBARA 55 Murphy, Dan 100 Murphy, Keily 100, 183 Murphy, Krmberly 114, 183 Murphy, Leslre 86 Murphy, Mrehael Murphy. Wlllrarn 114, 189 MIRRAY, IADES 55, 216, 225 MURRENS. ANITA 132 IIIRRENS. STEPIEN 55 Murrin. Danlel 114, 193, 207. 206 Musgrow. lames 114, 189, 223 Musical 214 Mussell, Trna MYERS, lUllA 55, 145 Myers, Kenneth 100 Myers, Lrsa 100, 227 MYERS, SANDRA 55, 145 Myetrch. Joe NACNE, ALBERT 189, 165. 55, 221 Nache, Mauna 114, 723 Nacho, Martrrla Nagel, Annette 93. 100, 149 NAGEL, IDDY 189, 191, 165, 55 Nagel, Mark B6 Nahgang, Kevrn 1. 226 Nzlional Honor Society 166 Neaves, Heidr Needham, Becky 100, 216, 224 Neels, Jerry Neels, Mrchelle 86 NEELS, TRACY 55 Neely, Norman 86 EFF, CIIIISTEN 56 Neil, Davrd 100 NEBERGAU.. KAREE 117. 148. 179, 56, 28, 155 KLSON, JAIKS 193, 165. 56 Nelson. ierry 114 Nelson, lamce S6 Nelson, Joanne 86, 177 Nelson. Mark 114 ICLSON, MARK 56 Nelson, Mary 132 NELSON, MARY NELSON, MERLIN 37 Nelson, Mrtchell 114 Nelson, Terry 100 NELSON, TODD 56 Nelson, Wrllrarn 114, 203 Nernerguth, CaroIe 86, 180, 165 IESTLE, LISA 56 Neumann, Andrew 114 Neumann, Arthur 86 NEWBER6, ELAINE 139 EWBUZN, DAWN 56 Newborn, Kelly 114 NEWENHAM, WlLLlE 132 Newman. Teresa 100 Newton, Taley 101, 225 Nguyen, Anh Nguyen, Arm 114 Nrchols, Connie 114 NCLDLSON, l0AN 213, 167, 152, 148, 56, 59 217, 28, 214, 211, 210, 219, 209, 221 Nlclrell, Ronald 86 Nrckens, Karen 86 Nrckerson, Carla 114 Nrno, Fransrsco 114 Nrno, Glorra 114 Nrno, Olivia 101 I I I I I 1 I 5 I I I I I 1 1 1 1 I I I I I 1 1 I 4 1 I I I I I 1 I 1 1 1 I I 1 1 I 1 I I I I I I I . I I I I I I I E 1 Srsui. Scott 117 Swertsen, Ketly 88, 151 Skates, Teresa 117 Stntes, Vrttnrra 102 SILRNER, KIMBERLY 75 SlyEne 158 Slaughter. Cnartei 117, 169 SLENT7 CHARLES 134 SLETTE Sroan, Stornan 49 Stusars N, CLARENCE 64 Bruee Heatter 86 121 to, Iudrth SMALL, BRAD SMALL Smatt. 1AMLS 126 134 217 Rodney 102 274 SHIT, DAWN 152, 64 Smrttk Smith Smrth, Arny4 88 148 Anne Annette 102 Smrth. Beth 89, 225, 221 Smrth. Carta 17 SMITH. CAROL 64 Smrth, Gary 117 Smrth, tleta 89 SMHH, 1AMES 134, 169 Smrth, 1erry Smith, 1trmber1y 89 Smrth, Martrn Smrth, Mary 117 SNBTH, MOREV 64 Smrth, Ratph 203 Srmth, Rarrdatt 117 Smith, Stacey 117 5 l55 l6Q 211 Sprout, 1eH 102 SPROUL, KATHRYN 152, 65 Spurgetzs, Dena 89 Spurgetrs, Tern 117 Stabh, tettrey 117, 226 Stablern, Roy 89 Starnatatns land: 102 STAMATOIBKOS, GEORGE 190 66, L89 STAW, D090 167, 184. 185, 66, 41 STAIAPER, MAXHQE STANDEFER, CINDY 75 Stanbey Cup Awards 76, 77 Stantey, Melrnda 102 STAPE, EDGAR 66 Starger Debate 117 State. Lrsa Stawrekr, Tom Danret 102 Stawrekr. Wanda 117 Stette. Lrsa 117 Stettenson, Randalt 89, 159 Stern, Rrchard 168 Sternmetz. Dennrs 134, 182 183 STEPHENS, HERB 141 Stephens, 1111 117 Stephens, Mrzhaet 102 STEHINS, RANDALL 66 Stewart, Chrrstme 89. 137 Stewart, Make 89, 145 STICKLER, LISA 66 Strckrpd, Deanna 89, 219 Streget, Erre 117, 227 STIEGEL, HELEN 134, 144 STILES, MICHAEL 66 Strtes, Tracey 102, 227 Smith, Trmothy 117, 226 Smith, Trmothy 117. 226 SMITH, TINA 75 SMOLENSK1, SANDY 136 SNALIVIAERT, IEFFRY 167, 64 Snauwaert, Lrsa 107, 109, 117, 175, 174, 149, 226 Snyder, Kerry 117 SNYDUZ, MIKE 145. 64, 146 Snyder, Osca 89, 189, 190, 151. 150, 221 Snyder, Trmothy 89 Sobnttira, icy 39 Sobottka, 1uIre 102 STILL Strltw E, ROBERT 134 eI1, Crystal ST JOHN, MURREL 140 Stock, Randy 89 Stogs drtt, Rrchard 89 Stpgsdrlt, Wayne 102, 168 Stotze, Tammy 89 STOMBAUGH, RONALD 75 Stone, Bryan 102 Stone Larry 208 STONE, LAMY 189, 66 Stone, Pameta 89, 221 Stone, Pegge 117, 227, 183 SODEM AN, CAROLE 125 Sodeman, tactne Sotthat I 187 Sotrs, Celia 89, 157 SOLIZ, SOLIZ, IAVKR IUANITA 64 Sollz, Laura 102, 224 STONE, RHONOA Stoneburg, Oonatd 102, 217 STONEBURG, XAMES 107, 196, 157, 66 Stonebnrner, Mrchaet 89 Stonehurner, Sherri 117, 227 STOPOIIOS, BILL 66, 216, 224, 226, 225 Stopoutos, Steven 89, 189 Solrz, Paul 89 SDLIZ, SARA 65 Soliz, Susan 102 SoI1enberger, Abigail 117 SOLLENBERGER, GEORGE 122 Sottenberger. Pameta 102 SOLLENBERGER, ROLLAND 157, 1119, 65 SOMHER, BECK! 65 SON1U, RONALD 134, 168 Sophomores 92-105 Sophomore Cheerteaderx 174 Sorrett, Gary SOSNOUSKI STAN 124 167 33 714 SOULES, ELMER 134 South, Elrana 117 Snuthertand, Donatd 203 Southertand, Iohn 102 SOUTHERLAM, NANCY 65 Spanish Honor Society 157 Spanos, Chrrstma 117 SPARKS, CARA 137. 65 Sparrowgrove. tarnes 117, 189 Spears, Sherrr Speech Club 162 Speer, lun 102 SPEIR, NAYNE 145, 65 SPEIDLL, MARVIN 144 SPENCERLORNA137, 160, 161, 142 46 Sperry, Andrea 102 Spencer, Chrrstopher 117, 161 203 223 164 65 STOTMEISTER. RANDY 193, 165, 66 225 206 Stout. Bradiey Stout, Leonard 116 Stout, Sherri 89 Stout, Stuart 117, 137 Stover, James 89 STRAND, DOUGLAS 134. 182 Strandgard, Alan 117 STREETEI1 GREGORY 66 Streeter, Kevrn 89 Strertmatter, Lorrann 89 Strertmatter, Scott 117, 203 Strrblrng Bradtey STRISLNG, CHERYL 167, 66 Strrbhng, Ketiy 89 Student Council 148, 149, 150, 1 STURM, ROGER 135 Stutrr, Scott 223 117, 189 Stumphy, Barbara 141 STUM PHY. ELIZABETH 66 SUBOON, LORENA 66. 144 Suchy, Brran 89 Suhr, Karen 117 SUHI, KENNETH 66 Suhr, Surts, Leroy 102 Candace SINTS, NORMAN Sutuvan, Mark 89 Suttrvan, Sherry Sutser, Connre SULSER. THOMAS 67 Sprcer, Betrnda Sprcer, Edgar 102 Sprcer, Greg 102 SPKER, RKZHARD 75 SPIJAAN, FRANK SPINDEL, MARVIN 65 Spooner, Iames 117, 189, 203 Spradtmg, Mrtburn 89 Serin: P1ay218 Sprostnn, Tracy Sprout, Betsy 117, 149, 178. 226 Sumner Wrtlrarn 89 Sundertand, Lrsa 89 SUNDERLAND, STEVE 67, 209 SUSS, LISA 67 Sutton, Carotyn 102, 185 SUTTCXI, IEFFREY 167. 156, 67 Sutton, Mary 102 SUTTON, STEVEN 167, 67. 33 Swanson, Chrrstopher 89, 222, 221 Swanson, Chrrstopher 117, 203, 226 Swanson, Dougtas 117 'Y-a.-an pl . IQ ff LLL 3 " -3 fi I A ,X I ff 1 W A ,QQJ1 f'w,.4y?f " f ,4fJ-if fl Q wfpfe :s MJJfz, Jw rw Cf , RQ, 5 if Z5 Q14 UM. KK J 2, wlfuff M1 Q A xi. C , f,fgf,JQ!fLf,L1 f "0 Q X K5 T? X V qifxff a QM pf ,ra K QW ff' C s ' Q: X Ck fi- 375 k K Q v x : 9 CD C,iAg f :gNj - A, N51 Alix M23 Z, C XC? CCQTKCC5 1 K ,f f ,I C H V1 A W lk JALMQQQ gym ww, QMS ., QA uv? LUN CC? dwg ,Q,L,,rnmQfz. SDS? DMMQLQ X W 09 w'1,6L4, .Af C1 K I -.. ix 5 Q x 'xx . '43 X! YN , Y .J 59 . v mfwhw MW? Awffajj Q Wiw J W W X X. ' X I A ' 5 ' N Qi NN I Sl LN, Xl

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