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W .X ., ,Q , .WFTTQZ F . . f, 5 5323511 'vi awww Qipgpgxs I - welcome to the 1962 edition of the SKYLINE ., -,. mzitenl fozwzslzip lriglz school ms! mofine, iffiuoir J f 9" 349 may MAQ 7219 Qmcefzz' Z52 ipc- QL? 292 092: 23' 0 Qfvffifk-zz6' Q 6004 ZZCQI af 22,01-e '?Q'Qf9'2zQZQ92 2 fzmlzfofe QOZQHC 0ff4"' xg 00122 we Of 24226 e WZQO7' efzzcfzl' we 156 f is IZZQIQV wekrenfbe GZCQWFKP czj Q72Q'Zl72Q,67'J'fQ72Z3?g l I W 1 i P picte rial perspective 1 96 1-1 96 2 stultifying a yearbook for the sole purpose of impressing a rating service or imitating the past would appear to be a shallow and unrewarding experience. themes that are congruent, harmonious and which lend themselves easily to the compilation of an outstanding annual are both to be admired and emulated. however, we the staff and sponsor, of this year's SKYLINE feel that our yearbook this year is more a permanent and lasting record of the endeavors, accomplish- ments, and triumphs of the students, teachers, and administrators of United township high school and in presenting this overall record to you we hope you are both pleased and enlightened by what has occurred during the 1961-1962 school year at U.T.H.S. Sports Pages 96-127 Classes Pages 28-Q.5.,,X , , .. 9 YVQL , if 'Y I ul I g gf, ,,1,,,-- we Q lrl ' K , E. f A ',,i ,R N Faculty Pages 10-27 9: 1 if i', E' ff, 1 1 1 VL? i f N Activities Pages 162-209 RXX X ,P .4 ,-. f'f N- - -""' MRS. IESSIE FREDERICK: The 1962 Slcyline staff dedicated this yearbook to you. In your years at U.T .H .S ., your outstanding service and devotion have merited you with the respect and appreciation of .stu- dents, faculty, and community. With great pride and honor, we congratulate you for your high ideals of teaching and sincerely hope that the future will be as prosperous and fulfilling as the years gone by. 3.- With careful consideration, Mrs. Frederick helps Prose Readers, Betty Gager and Alice Nelson, to select suitable short stories. "Ideals are like stars, you will not succeed in touching them with your hands. But like the seafaring man on the desert of waters, you choose them as your guides, and following them you will reach your destiny? Carl Schurz While teaching five classes a day and coaching speech students 1S hectic work Mrs. Frederick finds lunch time pleasant period of relaxation. What is done in our classrooms today will be Mrs. Frederick attended Illinois State Normal Uni- versity for two years and then graduated from the University of Illinois after two additional years. She also obtained her mastefs degree from the University of Illinois. At the beginning of her teaching career, she taught English and Speech at Rankin, Illinois and also directed Dramatics. While at East Moline, she has taught Iunior Composition A, Public Speaking, and English Literature. In addition, she has devoted her coaching time to Declamation, Prose Reading, Original Oration, Original Monologue, Poetry, After-dinner Speaking, and American Legion Oratory. y Under her guidance, East Moline has advanced and prospered in the area of Speech. She has been in- strumental in entering U.T.H.S. in all speech activities at the district, sectional, and state levels. During her coaching at Rankin and East 'Moline, her speech Stu- dents have won first, second, or third place in In- dividual Events at the State Speech Finals. With such an outstanding career in the teaching profession, Mrs. Frederick symbolizes the word "teacher.', Teachers might be considered craftsmen rather than instructors. They shape the minds of our youth and prepare them to meet the challenges of the coming years. Thus, the entire future owes its success or failure to the standards our teachers set up. As long as our youth continue to receive expert knowledge and the high ideals of life from such devoted teachers as Mrs. Frederick, our country and its citizens can con- tinue the quest for peace and fulfillment. reflected in the success or failure of civilization tomorrow. "Not what we have, but what we useg Not what we see, but what we choose, These are the things that mar or bless the sum of human happiness? Joseph Newton An interesting interpretation of this Declama- tion by Mrs. Frederick encourages speech stu- dents, Cayle Hamerlinck and Andrea Lundeen, to continue their efforts in Comedy Reading. As the school day closes Mrs Frederick aided by Alice Nelson prepares to retum home. In spite of a stack of unior Themes to grade, she manages to smile By these footsteps a sagacious mind may easily find all other matters. Lucretius, The Nature of things. Good master, while we do admire This virtue df this moral discipline, Let's be no stoics nor no stocks, or so devoted to Aristotlels checks As Ovid be an outcast quite abiuredg Balk logic with acquaintance that you have And practice rhetoric in your common talk, Music if poetry use to quicken you, The mathematics if the metaphysics, Fall to them as you find your stomach serves youg No profit grows where is no pleasure to 'en: In brief sir, study what you most affect. Shakespeare, The Taming of the Shrew And 'twas so in former times, for as Plutarch says, that Greek dv- Scholar were terms of reproach and contempt amongst the Romans. But whence it should come to pass, that a mind enriched with knowledge of so many things should not become more quick and sprightly, and that a gross and vulgar understanding should lodge within it, without correcting and im- proving itself, all the discourses if judgments of the greatest minds the world ever had, I am yet to seek. X A ' i Montaigne, Essays I i Show me an efficacious science and I will take it by the hand-Horace, Epod. ,E si -in if ,, .. is The End Productsioff, Institutions Process Have fn Opportunityqlto Potential to 'die Abiiiiy in ihif Physiltal XJ . vi-e.,,,4 , .. .fam i...,:n.uzs Qi NE ijt r' s 'if h i l ,. I c ir ' Educational T har in the Ample A pcvclop Their D I lfullest of Their i gi V . 1 i l s E R r l , l Realm of Mental 84 -Adivity ,. nj i 1 l 3 Z 5 2 3 ls He is most p I? 1 s E 1 things spring fro and dull it. Things are, as the souls of Heaut. 1 v' S 1-. Z. i ? otent, who is master of himself-Seneca, Epistemology. K lx l Dare to be wiseg begin: he who defers the hour of living well, is like , the clown, waiting till the river shall have flowed outg but the river still runs on, and will run on, with constant course, to ages without end. V Horace, Epistemology l It is of great consequence in what bodies souls are placedg for many rn the body that sharpen the mind, and many that blunt 1 Cicero, Tusc. Quaes. - I . K Q their possessorsg good if well' used, ill, if abused+Terer.ce, Y visit ' ' 'Fl' ,. , K K mf eieei 1 f , i E r s - V 1 M3 if f V 14, M 'W' n Constantly consider how all things such as they now are, in time past also were, and consider that they will be the same again. And place before thy eyes entire dramas and stages of the same form, whatever thou hast learned from thy experience or from older history, for example the who e court of Hadrian, and the whole court of Antoninus, and the whole court of Philip, Alexander, Croesusg for all those were such dramas as we see now, only with different actors. Marcus Aurelius, Meditations s l ,. N YQ I A For wisdom is not only to be acquired, but to be utilized.-Cicero 1 ,:De F inib. i , -, s T E I ' A T , A ls i , ' .. . F 5 I love to doubt, as well as to know.-Dante, Inferno. s to s X g . , w . . I L s i , J 'Tis better to learn, more than is necessary than nothing at all.- Seneca, Epistemology. . L so oo H Todays Schools, As Never Before, Offer Their Interests and Talents to the T .,, 1 M.-.n.ft I s.a....-...,-5,-M-,.....- I 5 r W V 'T-T' i lf' .f 'Av T 4 1 . i , 14 i . 1' if . -4 I s s 3 f elop M.1X1mum of Them Ab1l1ty and Dc:s1re Do we not see that rnanls nature asks no more than that, free from bodily pain, he may exercise his mind agreeably, exempt from fear and anxiety.-Lucretius, The Nature of Things. He who is his own friend is a friend of everybody else.-Seneca, Epistemology. Happy is he who has discovered the causes of things and tramples under foot all fear, all concern, as to inexorable fate.fVirgil, Georg. I want to know the steps whereby man passed from barbarism to civilization.-Voltaire. Think nothing done, if anything is left to do.-Lucan. no K , For who is there that antiquity, sealed and attested with so many glorious monuments, cannot move?-Cicero, DeDivin. if Mm--"""""""r" Cefzlem Representatives Defect Selma! Poleey Faculty 84 Administration ' Erma r its fx , Lx 5' W ' Wig it MB. CLAIR MCCREIGHT MR. P. I. PHILHOVVER Superintendent of United Township High School Business Manager North and South Campus North and South Campus Under the guidance of these four, school functions are efficiently managed and co-ordinated. MR. IACK EVANS MR. HAROLD COLLINS Building Principal Building Principal South Campus North Campus 'S 'P' HARVEY L. PIERSON South Campus Senior Advisor Advisors While each student never comes in close con- tact with every teacher at UTHS, every student is familiar with his advisor. Advisors play an important role in man student activities, such as planning class schecllules, conferring on scho- lastic progress, recording absences and tardies, discussing personal problems, supervising stu- dent activities, directing testing programs, and planning assembly programs. Another vital phase of an advisor's job is to provide the link between student, teacher, and parent. MARY BOIKE South Campus Senior Advisor Advanced Typing 1'0" CHARLEEN ENSTROM North Campus Freshman Advisor Commercial Classes CHARLES MCCOY North Campus Sophomore Advisor Student Council s Q . -- aff I' hi 3 new MERLIN NELSON North Cam s Freshman Adclsor General Math WILLIAM YEMM South Campus Junior Advisor National Honor Society v kb wf....,,,, HELEN GRANT South Campus junior Advisor Shorthand ,tw k 4 ws., fill '1 6 1 ' ii MARIORIE PIERCE North Campus Sophmore Advisor English if JOHN VV. STEVENS South Campus Dept. Head College Prep. English Dramatics Panther Parade -cf" 5 NORMA MAGNUSON South Campus jr. Composition B , 415643 w. wg. "Qs" English Since proper use of the English language is the foundation for every other course, the English department is one of the largest and most important at U.T.H.S. Many earieties of courses in this field are offered to students, aside from the regular 335 years required for graduation. These varieties include American and English Literature, journalism, Puhlic Speaking, Acting, Play Production, and Radio VVorkshop. Not shown in this depart- ment. are Sophomore advisor Marjorie Pierce, French teacher Clair Somers, Latin teacher Fern McNah, and History teacher Joyce Bentler. V XVith a big smile Mrs. Frederick greets her guests at open house. fl! 'r"l"V'l: LaVONA JOHNSON North Campus Accelerated English WILLIAM CLOUD South Campus Sr. Composition B Debate ii f P' 1 ii yiyi X A l W ' ll ll A i H! l 3 MARY B. EASTER Mr, Kivisto's grade book provides interesting reading for these PATRICIA SHORB North CUWIPUS students. North Campus English 1612 English 1 Public Speaking f 'Stn' W +41 PM f g , s l 5. , '-1, ::Mgi6F-,,v-- ,, 49:14 V .,,. f. . - '21, X,,,. . IESSIE FREDERICK South Campus College Prep. English Public Speaking Speech Activities Panther Parade -avi ERNEST KIVISTO North Campus English 1 Lettennen's Club Varsity Basketball K Department For the last four years, Freshmen and Sophomores have been offered the opportunity of participating in accelerated Eng- lisl1 courses designed for college preparation. Likewise, all capable juniors and Seniors are encouraged to enroll in Composi- tion A where the many themes, paragraphs, lecturettes, and drills give college bound students an insight into college English courses. Students who are not planning on further education after high school receive instruction in correct English usage. Grades, student weaknesses, forthcoming assignments and many other subjects are discussed at open house by Mr. Stevens labovel and Mr. Soules lbelowl. WS... J.. , " ' f 'it R. 'Y 2 N jf .. X ,ii E if ' 'lv T ELMER B. SOULES South Campus Ir. Composition B Key Camera Club ' Quill 61 Scroll 'Wo . . I MARLENE RING North Campus English 1 6: 2 Soph. Y-Teens DONNA KUHN MARY JANE GAITENS North Campus North Campus English 1 or 2 English 2 lf -caan.-v DOROTHY CALVERT South Campus Dept. Head American History FTA Beginning Social Studies - 5 ,g ii , yf ' GLENN CHIVERS North Campus World History Cross Country Coach Track Coach Social Studies Graduation at U.T.H.S. requires a minimum of 255 years in social studies-XVorld History, American History, and U.S. Gocernment. Designed as detailed studies of the United States, and other nations, in their relation to the past and present, these courses help the student understand situations in our world today. Current event newspapers and magazines are discussed weekly in this department. Mr. Burke and his assistant puzzle over a perplexing question at Open House. American History U.S. Government 4.12 fm? , Q, ,c fs, A W' ,I 9' it s , i' f 'K :L K i"' r is A iiit 5 srcs i s a Q. sssss A ALEXANDER VVASSON South Campus American History Economics Athletic Business Manager World History 'Nw' "?""'- EDVVARD PETERHOFF South Campus American History Tennis Coach F T A MARIAN DEAN North Campus YVorlcl History Sociology as-N. L ANDREW MILLER North Campus Beginning Social Studies VVorld History Athletic Coach Department As a supplement to his required social studies courses, ecery student at U.T.H.S. is encouraged to en- roll in any of three additional social .studies classes. The first of these, beginning social studies, is offered in the freshman year primarily as a preparation for the three required courses. The other two are Sociology and Eco- nomics, designed mainly as college preparatory courses. ,ig 5 'li It is evident that mother wishes she were in Mr, Peterhoff's class too. 1 x 'T14m,.fh5' -, .. I ' iriii . ' 4' All u K iam JOYCE BENTLER North Campus VVorld History English 2 ROGER AUBREY South Campus Sociology Covemment Skyline Quill and Scroll Economics luv-N", JOHN BURKE South Campus Covemment XVorld History Athletic Coach ,, LUISE PIANO South Campus Dept. Head P.E. 4 G.A.A. Ez 5- Q A y ' mZ: ,A. ,Af 'MQ' L. gh, .fr .ri ll:f1's fi? REBECCA BEAUCHAMP South Campus P.E. 3 G.A.A. Assistant Girls Physical Education It is widely agreed upon that a strong body must house a strong mind. The U.T.H.S. Physical Education department, in response to this necessity, assumes the re- sponsibility of supplying physical training and skills that are lacking in other high school courses. Since every stu- dent who does not possess a doctoris excuse is required to take P.E. all four years, a large number of teachers and assistants are necessary to handle all the classes. College practice teachers frequently aid in class also. Dressed up for Open House, Miss Michalski looks almost like a different teacher than the one who wears sports clothes in class. ROSALIE MICHALSKI North Campus P.E. 1 G.A.A. Assistant Iwi Q ,,, 4 fn' if 615 Us' -CZ" DOROTHY WARD North Campus P.E. 2 C.A.A. Assistant i SALLY LEIBOVITZ North Campus P.E. 1 61 2 C.A.A. Assistant fam up .44-muse 1-5.1 ELLSWORTH BROOKS North Campus Dept. Head P.E. 1 Drivers Training A ALBERT ZIMMERMAN South Campus P.E. 3 Athletic Coach Al Boys Physical Education Few other departments offer such a wide variety of chal- lenging activities as does the P.E. department at U.T.H.S. Since there is such a great number of sports participated in during the year only the major ones can be listed here. In the girls P.E. these include volleyball, basketball, golf, modern dancing, field hockey, tennis, ball calisthenics, and the all-time favorite- trampoline workouts. For the boys several of these same ac- tivities are used, plus such activities as handball, wrestling, base- ball, football, and the all-too-familiar daily calisthenics. Class- room units such as first aid and health are also emphasized. Ein M , Gr "5 Y' -Y. This piece of equipment is used in drivers training by Mr. Faley and Mr. Brooks. l np.. . W1 lui I k , xv '-'l f"'l W- YA -J se ' gg if H ,,5,,5,. V ,i i"'f.Ff:5Ffs5t' fs 55535253 - 51:5 if S if' '33, 'sh-. A .?.r't-2' 5: l,r"z'i"'3" 1 A shwrs: J 4 wtnhinfa mst' . if -4 gf.-- . s, ,,-.r .fri-,gg-s,, fit, v :rf ' .. t"4t:t' . ei' uf ' - , am l j " .'!7,gl 3 X itftf i ' ,ff if ' RAY HOLMES North Campus P.E. 2 Conference Representative ln. My .A FRANK PIERSON South Campus P.E. 4 Football Coach V -QUE K ' 'rw 3. - . ,fi N S25 35,1 at 35 In L5.xSh'Q xv, . ,yt 1 . - ,, , 54. ' A 'Jw 1 'Hn ' T235 ,. sf ,V fg4.:t.,, ,t, M .M W.-Y.. ,Hr i 5.1-is XLQQAC, ry: ip? . .w vi fs 1 RUS. r -, 52: A if J? fi Hit- fF.'s,?, 35104. ?,,,. V1 ,L :QU-., r' , ,, 'll . ,, ,, ,- ,,., .,. -, ,Q wif V X. 'f ,r .8 '? 2'1" 51123 5915: Si c gl h ii ' z "i"f"'v ' 34 Y, 1, Q Q' +1 ,2 at ft Q L. 1 I " f 2 gg r Q, is I .E . ' 5:,f'.:..a'1f 1... " DONALD FALEY JAY MERCER JOSEPH DHONDT North Campus North Campus North Campus P.E. 1 P.E. 1 P.E. 1 Drivers Training Drivers Training Drivers Training Athletic Coach Athletic Coach Athletic Director . 'i 'Uni f-into-4"9 M. VV. PRATT North Campus Dept. Head General Science Visual Aide Bio-Chemics ,vi A WN ef' N X MARY WELLER North if South Campus General Science Biology Freshmen Y-Teens 1 .L+ K if '11 Science Department Following the national trend that emphasizes the need for scientists and discoveries, our science department today en- courages all its .students to continue their studies in any .scientific field after graduation from U.T.H.S. With the fine background offered in this department, no student can fail to appreciate the value of an education in science. General Science, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Physics-Math compose the list of courses offered. Accelerated students, instead of studying general sci- ence, are enrolled in biology their freshman year, chemistry their sophomore year, and physics-math their junior year, allowing one yearls study in an advanced science course. Excellent labora- tories, greenhouse, and other facilities are provided. -3? ,M 'Q are iv V. . I' F . A' i The model Miss Buresh is pointing to is an example of the fine educational aids in this department. -:gf . ,.,,, ,,, , V V 55 he 'H L ,ig 'W-fer. I A VVILLIAM CAMPBELL South Campus Physics A 6: B N! , 5 ual--f" HELEN BURESH North Campus Biology Bookstore ,, ,, . lsii T GLENN DESSING WILLIAM WHEELER DONALD KELL North if South Campus North Campus North Campus General Science General Science General Science Chemistry Bio-Chemics 1- -'W' , QA c :- 13 C a' f A BERNICE HOWARD North Campus CII E 5 2235 95521 avg'-I 2"'e AEE UD lltli 9 'l"x A if f " N, W , Q 3135 'ww7 l 'INN I . 1 . ,.b,, ,.1,,g--g-ie-QQ rwywwy- A - if 55. V: U W H ,,,, ,, ,4,,r . ,,,, A , , V Q , 'X '2,, ' Q , cn B ' i - f l P535 , X . i V 9' K4 gi , X 1,,,b Q' lil l V ll is x , iwwws DONALD LOVEALL North Campus Geometry A General Math Athletic Coach Mathematics Because mathematics has so many practical uses in everyday life, and because specialized mathematics are so necessary in industry and vocations, this department is an important one at U.T.II.S. Beginning with his freshman year, a stuclent chooses among such courses as general math, algebra, geometry, trigo- nonzetry, and college math. Only in the freshman year is math requirezl of all stialenls. In the math rlepartment, too, are ac- celerated stzalents prociflefl with special opportunities of receiv- ing 115 year of algebra and geometry each in one year. Absent are lVallace lVilson and aclcisor Merlin Nelson. 1 . V 1 Q! . ' i I A Q f e '.a Watching Mr. Hess intently at Open House are Tom VanDe- Venter and his parents. er' . laid Fiq- From the look on Miss Howard's face, it is apparent that this student's grim expectations were groundless. E Q 01' tj, ,f GEORGE BRAY North Campus General Math Athletic Coach ngi VVALTER HESS South Campus Advanced Math Wrestling Coach CHARLES ALLEE North Campus Algebra 1 Geometry Athletic Coach 's"N ELEANOR ALLEN South Campus Dept. Head Advanced Stenograpliy Secretarial Practice Business Club MAX MANUEL North if South Campus Typing Shorthand Commercial Dept. iVith the addition of many new facilities at the South Campus last .year, commercial students now haue greater op- portunities than euer to successfully prepare for vocations in the business world. Designed to educate mainly those students not planning on college after graduation, the commercial depart- ment concentrates on specialized courses that will aid in finding jobs after high school. The department does, however, offer personal typing to those who expect to use this training for col- lege assignments. Some examples of the many business courses are Typing, Shorthand, Stenography, Bookkeeping, Retailing, and Clerical Practice. At both buildings, the Distributioe Education display window attracts the attention of all. .,, 'V' 3319: . .4 ,A . ROBERT FAIRMAN ' fu 1 2' Taking time out from his work, Mr. Fairman shows Gloria her errors. South Campus Bookkeeping Clerical Practice Bookstore JANE GLENN North Campus Beginning Typing is-3 C .ff write' KEITH BABE South Campus Bookkeeping Athletic Coach 9. 4 T .-Am, 9-.RN serif A RUBIJOHN CORBY South Campus Typing Shorthand Ir.-Sr. Y-Teens CARY ERLANDSON South Campus Retailing Commercial Arith. F.D.A. Pep Club 1- lndustrial Education One attraction at U.T.H.S. this year is the well equipped industrial arts de- partment, parts of which are located at both North and South Campus. In this department, as in the commercial, students are trained with emphasis on those subjects that prepare for a vocation. Of the students who plan on further educa- tion, many enroll in shop courses that will help them enter specialized training programs later. Subjects offered in this department include drafting, machine shop, woodshop, metals, and foundry. Absent are Charles McCoy and Dept. Head Lester Vines. 'J f WM ...,.,.,. 1.17 Q,-A - I ., ..... ..,.. M. auaamisaww. A L Q-Q.. lf l I L W-v W Q, ' . ,p X, as K N ,Ai PAUL OLIVER North i7 South Campus WVoodworking General Shop Rifle Club 'Z W i ' Y .. ' "'..,1-ij' if .Pi , . 'ilfifoeiri - Ll"4v Q' "'?1iZl",",' ' if .1 ,,....,.,.,,. .... ,, ..-A Q ., ' f 'ug .gig .... g 3: ,N s LK' 5 'K P i, L A .1 R1 Max O'Klock, Bill Fox, and Robert Haigh appear to have Mr. Cavanagh comered. Perhaps he'll change his mind now and give them an extra day for their assignment. Rf J pq A A lvl Zi r . i . lm s fins: 4, 1 A X A ' Q Z . .:" , , ' 1 ' V n n, Ri DEAN TEEL it R p X North if South Campus it Q 'Q' "vs - , i Electricity I '1 K f ,JH A Xl W. Technical Classes 1- N ' V,,,, V V n 'S' L, General Shop Q1 V ay, - ff 9 ' .A With careful study, these Auto Shop students will gain practical knowledge of the intemal structure and operation of automobiles. Those outfits wonlt stay white for long. pA-, pa L 1 JOHN CAVANAGH North if South Campus Drafting General Shop Tri Mic Club . 1 'WA . nf av-4-f' ROBERT ZESIGER North if South Campus Metals General Shop mx' K CHARLES RAINEY North tb South Campus Auto Shop Aix Music: Probably the busiest department at U.T.H.S. is the Music Department, in which so many performances are conducted outside the regular school day., At every home football game and at several out of town games, the one hundred piece marching band performs, and also at a number of parades. The actual concert band, which is divided between North and South Campus, combines in the spring for an annual concert, in addition to the many other programs pre- sented at basketball games, grade schools, assemblies, etc. Choir and chorus activities are varied, some of these including holiday programs, spring concerts, assemblies, and many others. Both uocalists and instrumentalists are encouraged Ang MALLIE YY ILLIAMS North Campus Dept. Head Band Male Chorus Cambiata Chorus 'im Fr 1 to enter in the yearly state-wide music contests. ff-sa v-up LEYVIS SHECKLER North ab' South Campus Choir Girls' Chorus Here Mr, Sheekler is caught directing a choral piece, not wav- hfixed Chorus ing to the photographer. CHARLES DCAMP North ab South Campus Band Art Crescendo Chorus lVith two teachers to carry on the work of the Art Dept., great progress has been made in enlarging the scope of its activities. All students are familiar with the curious dis- plays in the art room display llfllltlttll' at the South Campus. This year, many students contributed interesting and un- Nl-......,, JOHN BULLARD South Campus Art 1,2,3,4 Mr. Stueh. Art Club 74 The utmost care and attention is required for this project, says usual projects to the Art Exhibit. Ulith the facilities and a large room supplied at the South Campus, the Art Dept. has been more helpful to all art students, whether they merely enjoy art, or whether they plan to continue art after high school. is A l lj , 'W X' 'l cf ' 3 . LEONARD STACH North Campus Art 1 6: 2 Art Club W- ','A IE 2 cs- x " - ,' H f 1 f " iii J rx ff' 'J' PN ESTHER MCNUTT South Campus Librarian Library Club sr, va, , REBA O. HESTER North Campus Latin l or 2 AFS' - ,,...I' ..,g,i.,.. H - ' H ii?" Q ,js K ' or-. as . 4 4. . Q CLAIH SOMERS South Campus French 1 ZS: 2 Composition B Library In our library dept., nearly ecery type of reference, fic- tion, or nonfiction book needed in high school work can be found. Also included in the libraryls collection are many kinds of magazines, pamphlets, and newspapers supplying the readers with up-to-date information on any subjects. In both attractice and .spacious libraries are conference rooms needed for special research work and panel preparation. One highlight of thi.s yearis library activities was the book fair held in connection with Open House. Language In each of the three languages taught at U.T.H.S.-Spanish, French, and Latin-a different method of teaching is u.sed. In French classes, all discussions are conducted using 'no English but instead only French. In Spanish, the newly-installed language labs are used. In Latin, much emphasis is placed upon the de- rivations of words and their usefulness in the English language, because Latin is seldom spoken today, pronunciations and speaking in Latin are not greatly stressed. l ,, , 4:5513 1. l X Q lille Helping to display their home ec projects on the board, these girls themselves add to its uttriietixciiess, Home Economics It has been frequently stated that a womanls place is in the home doing the cooking and cleaning. Although this is a subject for much contention today, necertheless it cannot be denied that homemaking plays a large part- in liues of the majority of women. In preparation for girls' future careers as housewives, home eco- nomics is offered all four years at U.T.II.S. In the two major divisions-sewing and cooking-many new appliances and facili- ties hace been added, especially in the spacious south campus department. As students pass by the display window, curious .sewing projects made during the year can be ciewed. N, A ' an , is VALILRIE XVILFORD North Campus Lilmrarian Lilmrury Club s X . issff. re 4305. :. ., 1 :V,. ' K Atyy I , ,. 3, ISABICLLE Shlllll North Campus Spanish 1 61 2 Spanish Clulx FEHN MCNAB North Campus Latin I 51 2 English 1 Bible Club ng BEVERLY CARHINGTON South Campus MO 139 DAFNE FRANK North Campus Dept. Head MARIANN HOFSTETTER Homi-milking l 81 2 Homemuking 2,3,4 North Campus l",H.A. F.H.A. Homemuking 1 51 2 i "A MRS. LOIS FRELS North it South Campus Nurse F.N.A. 'No ' xr-.. ALICE PAASCH South Campus Secretary 'Y' ELAINE KRUKENBURG North Campus Secretary ,i ti Administrative Assistants Duties of the administrative assistants range from those of nurse and truant officer to office secretaries. The good health of pupils is, of course, of utmost importance in any school, for this purpose is the nurse employed at both campuses. Mr. Baily, the truant officer, provides the seldom-seen but vital link in school functions by making sure of regular attendance. Next come all the office secretaries who contribute to the efficient working of g X U.T.H.S. by assisting the administration. t 'iw' C L BAILY North nf: South Campus "' X " Attendance Officer CU it AJ-.I -UWM! ip--we ?"K il ii K... ii 'f i ..... fi QW S 4. 5 ' MINTA RAINEY South Campus Ella with her homework, they actually are attending to their Secretary own secretarial duties. Although it looks as if Mrs. Rainey and Mrs. Paasch are helping -fllivls may CAROL C-OOCH MARY LOU WELLS EVA VANHAUTTE North Campus North Campus North Campus Secretary Secretary Secretary 1 Staff With the Staff continually working behind the scenes to keep oar school clean, we can be as- sured of the best in cleanliness at U.T.H.S. Day and night the janitors work. The cooks spend a great deal of the school day preparing for and cleaning up after meals. A gf., f ,- . Y Q, ,. 'i ,c,g s"ss i,'l ' ' , i tii li'i 7 fi . ' a,'i1 i i i 1 k 3 Above are shown the familiar South Campus cleaning 1 South Campus cooks Cabovel include Trudy Hoffman, Agnes Yeager, Evelyn Little, Ann Wadsager, Mary Weinert, Cleo Krueger, Esther Karben, Margaret Monstrey, Dorothy Malaney, Ranilda Belowski. staff. Row 1: Pearl Shicks, Ruby Whittington, Clara i I Q E , :igi 1 Vermeulen. Row 2: Ivan Nelson, Frank Paskvan, james r X ' ggi, - , , Kafben' T lll i T a W t r, t X 2 1 l 1' il t Below, three North Campus janitors pose for the pho- ,L E K Q M ll .S tographer. They are Loren Borum, Stewart Kaufman, - 3 V' i . and Frank Machu. if? W? -3 ' i ' iiet f '.' T f T i r"t l ' ,'.. " .',"- ' 1 4 xi ' - Sw of ..', 5 x '. , tww f ' 2 -I f . Q-szqk-3 i 4,3 f' , rl I - Ilfi'-1,1 i' 'si' " I V . K ' . - V x gg ,,,- ' Q , ' ef , ' ' ,, 1 1- 5 ',t- I -"- ' V -s If Q ,1 t . 2 f .'-',, Wi? 11 r .gg. - .- fr '-'," ' 1 if T ieei 1 f attst A - ' l V ,,'i 1 At the North Campus, these cafeteria ladies serve and prepare meals daily. They are Margaret Martens, Georgania Williams, Irma Diercks, Myrtia Gallangher, Mable Ziegler, Alice Cranet, Alma Treman, Jennie Cullens, Ann Laoentiens, Helen Polich. 9 up 1 E' 5, ll f A v Q1 1 rf' K, ,Q Al' ,wwf Senior Class Officers for the 1961-1962 School Year l 3 l s E 2 li ' , 'Ns 1 . O : ci 1 ii Q i Senior, class officers for the 1961-1962 school year arc: Frank Benedict, vice presidentg Elayne Valentine, treasurerg Jean De Rocker, secretaryg and Earl Paasch, president. x,..:a-a:,s,?gf K H -l 'N-v ' Mr. Harvey Pierson has been a friend and advisor to the Miss Mary Boike is always ready with a smile and a friendly senior class for many years, word for any troubled senior. , . P Outstanding Seniors at U.T.H.S. Are Yearly Honored by Membership in the Junior Rotarians J if 5' ,A-'Q t D 'ti' l""Q? SENIOR BOYS selected to attend Rotary Club each Benedict. Back row: Garold Peve, lack Morgan, Larry Week and to occasionally take part in their activities Finley, Brad Durham, Micky Williams, Tom Van De- are, front row: Jim Bergstrand, Paul White, Gene Venter, and Carl Suhr. NVildermuth, Mike Philhower, Earl Paasch, and Frank rj1L..n.J..1.. y ,.s..I.Jf 'fa ,uv M 5 '9 T611 Highest K Students 1 ,. These students and their class rankings are, row 1: Karen Gail Salmonson, firstg joe Skowronski, sixthg Paul YVhitc, i Duff, fifthg Carole Polich, eighthg Charlyn Buss, secondg thirdg jim Bergstrand, seventhg and Sally Goodwin, tenth. l ud Si ler, fourthg and Barbara Sloane, ninth. Row 2: X Y g National Honor 'MW This year's officers of the National Honor Society urerg Charlyn Buss, historiang Gene Wildermuth, vice areg Judy Sigler, secretaryg Mike Philhower, treas- presidentg and james Williams, president. In the Senior Class Society Officers fn : Qsul -A 55 iz" H u, 'QQ' itat? ra fiifiljf f .I A Aff fy if ,A 4, igs 1' -i aryl H. hifi. J Susanne Achilles .6 ev '- Wh sf Q J xr or f gs, . l if .il E M nv Q l Marcella Allbritton janice Allison Class Assembly Frank Aminermun From the Roaring Tu entirs comes this happy trio of Charleston nircs. Same to you tool Judith Allison 'Hs 1, k Q fi i Cary Anderson Q' janet Anderson Richard Anderson g as.. WA n 'hu-.. E+' Terry Anderson Duane Ash Craig Athorp Kathy Ballard wx .F ,wr 'QZH1 m Danny Bazor Judith Bazor Sally Beard Recreates Vaudeville Era '-"-Ms. Richard Bealer 4 , 1 y 12' i N 1, A fr. 'rl B I ' 1 W, These pretty ladies have just attended their first course in make-up AAVA at the Beauty Salon. And they say itls only skin deep! Marilyn Beaudiy L., 4.9 5:3- -.iidwifhr wibaiidia-e v' W n 4 ar- 2 31.3 , f i lly X13 .' Q 1 B ze: :iff JE' f' 'x g M4 ' ' Rose Belman Frank Benedict 1311165 BY-'1'gSfI'ilIld gi! -f,.' LaVerne Beale fe v it " X 3ffEf2gjQ 2 7 kL'54"i.4 4.1 1 .,' -' "5-aw Z V in ' .W 4-giiiiflflmi Lee Beasley Kaye Bebout ,uf YY' Q-4' Don Berthoud A .13 A. L A I a N 'gg-1.17 E' X . h wx X151 Z B B s - ss ,N Qi if 'F' " 'V yn f m an ,. . . 'nr imirx. 'E XY' ,iw ff' gs. fn mx V wa 3 3 'P .a -AK A K3 K John Betcher John Blanchard Ioylin Bloomberg Rita Boarts Showtime lmpersonations Add Geraldine Bobb f x Eddie Cantor's famous "Ida" rang out from the lips of Bar- A bara Fender. K. Ken Bowman . Z. f -,,,, W ,f 'EI R Y' "ga, james Bowers i gr., Y x M v ,K its Q, l wx . 2' l' ,,,. B K LK S as X 5 'gl 4- 'QI ' xl BS ,iz f X Q Ns ' Marilyn Bre Q edon Jerry Brewer Kent Brooke Sharon Brown Sue Bulen 1 , ,, ' vm '.-mx., , . 1 ' 1 gi, 55, i 'V , "Q H . f - -TQ" " 1 is ,s Si ..... 2, i C ., L h e C Q , ,, ,M . l " A ,g 35514. ,. L 4, flames Brundrett Mansel Burrell Robert Burrell Spice to '62 Review .rr wg.: E Qeeell 1 4 Don Cabor -4-Q, 11-un-n-E The ever-popular George and Gracie made their way to the UTHS stage and resulted in lxillows of laughter. Dean Canatsey par- Iudith Capes Michael Claus Charlene Colvin l H. :W sei ,V f ,.,.....-r, X' Charlyn Buss ,, gl fi Russell Caldwell Karen Cant , 1 sl . as '31 s Dixie Cook 35 firw i??l 3 il Thomas Courtney Bill Coward Linda Craig Ellen Crawford Creative Seniors Initiate ? QF.: " .. K Dewayne Cremeens John Cropp 'y Donlt they look stunning in their lovely VVedgies? A lineup of gorgeous fashions. Iesse Crouch Sharon Daniels . ie ff ai e , y C M ff 'X' , , mfdrg .QP 5 I, .1 I I9 0 in Qu 3 ti x ' if H NP Q 1551"-xl-l" y at f "--, Q ' 'C Z.' ir "rw , ,.,.,. . g V , Q Nik., + 1 L Vi: 115' t"i ilr if '34 Cary Damrn Ann Davis Eileen Davis james Dean 1 ,W 15X 'N .y 3 N . 49 Mary Kay DeCapp Pat Delaegher Vernon Delles Greg DePorter Season of Pads Deborah Dergo fue X X N 'ia t 1 lf Mary Dubuisson 4 , , ' L 5 Ma w . ' t D s 'q , Karen Duff , , 'Q Nm" Jean DeRocker ' 1il?"'f'5'i. '- 'J- Mr. Cloud is the grinning center of attention in his snappy bowtie. A RK, Julie Duff af ,-4'V nf' Lloyd Duncan Brad Dunham Milton Elias nr ' Q 'TKT 4" ,Q-A Gary Emmert Robert Emmert Neil Entriken Jeannette Erickson Janet Evans Barbara Fender Qutstanding Male Students ssr QN F Q l Ove' Our exchange student from VVest Berlin, Juergen Klee, seems to be enjoying his stay with us. Is it the girls? ,AW ,N ,f-w""' is 'wv"' N 13'-'S Bill Fairman .-Q, David Ferguson .w , if R , X ,, ,, ff J V - W-vi 1 .th 'A' s ef x 'fi ii - W Q ,fx ' V Ai Gary F illmer Larry Finley Shir 193' Fish Car 01 Fitzgerald nf ll 40-Q w ve' 'Sir Q , it if 5 5' 5 Al Fletcher Alice Flowers Colleen Flowers Merit Honor and Recognition x Bill Fox E yfhlt ' .Ill Richard Francis V H M has .,,. G , ,k.o if i 1 S ,X Paul VVhitc's smiling face reflects his happiness at being one of the few finalists in the National Merit Scholarship Test. George Fulscher gin, 'Q' . Z., A SL fb ef,-uf joe Garcia Steve Garrett Archie Gartner Roger Fuller s ww Y Y TW' on .f,: Q .WQQ nf 'I , ' il! Betty Gager -L lQ,. Lijyiv 'K l i esl if Sandra Gauker Ann Gause , ,xqXXfX.,., yi """' E 5 iv! mf"""" .. 1 Alan Gooding Richard Gotheridge Phil Graham wwf N 1 Larry Getty Harold Glenn Kathy Goethals Senior Seamstresses Fashion Sally Goodwin nf' I f Is Kathy making a dress for herself or her friend, the dress- makeris dummy? M .lwb i 55555 S Karen Graham e 'Wk K. 5 A , " llilig A a . 4 :xxx Karen Granet Donna Green XVilliam Graver ASE V V 2 I A - ,xbnwx en., N.. r y ,fs i G , X V. K . nf Q T FKA- K - W1 Q f"' 1' .,gg W . X . L: 'STX 3 G 11' ff - 5 S A G V v J Eiliillf .22 Y 335155 ,:-.V .Agra 4555:i5jgE,,,V ' i ,s 2 Fu-5. 59? ' .W S' . f s-31, 133, ' , L . - ' y aff, WW s f S ,S f 3 5 George Guinn Lee Guldenpfennig Robert Hiligh Wearing Apparel for All Ages Gayle Harnerlinck ,av .L . Ann and Gloria display the childrcnls outfits made for these dolls in Homemaking Glasses. james Hantz ,, W, Vi hwAg 3. 'us , L 5 - f' ? .,,, VVLg - b L"-"' ' , .gf 'iili Gloria Harker janet Harrison Sharon Heald ,MR may if Kenneth Hall n it 3 ,, Sherian Hamrick ,,- gf X Nia' ll .,, , 'M Stanley Hantz ,I :arf . if f Sharon Heist 3+ ,K 5? 3 John Hemphill Cl lou 1-W-..,, r 7 Alt ulw' rv' , - 215 ' 'H M 1-.. -sa-gm : ' R uv S ,iiiw Joseph Hernandez Anna Herrera NHUCY Hill Girls' Physical Education Classes J Patricia Hill 41-.Qt Senior girls found the profitable. Gary Hoffmeier ',' Q 1, ' 5 ii"' Q- 4' ' ' I' , Sheryl Hook Lynne Hostens MM.,-P 1 ..,. -WY N-rl .Wg ,..-,N... , , ' --- ...ms Y -N-NWN 5-0 1 ,, Au 7, , sssss Q "H-oi X J , Q ' ' ,J M, Ni X N . classes in golf most interesting and , j ,... ,- .. " 4 ,.Hif,3AA may 'i.i'5iif . ' ' H32 f . - f4'l.,if,kiA2Jl. XJ-AV ' Qyafa ,i" Otis Howell Donna Hoepfner Q Aff! ,,,- .5 ix R Nancy Homan "?i.,,,.. Barbara Hoyle l p 4:24 l x . ' rf ' g , 1.1, . i hA i mb-w"'Y Virginia Hudak Paula Huggins JOl1I'l Hurd Feature Varied Activities . 7 '91 J Marvin Irwin , .f .Ni 'Q' ' I ,.,i I . A U L? Student teacher, june Mitchell, from Augustana exhibits proper grip of the club to Kay Roselle. 1' I Q as I ., , , Hymn. r were-, is xl I -'J J 2 1 'Q f f 2, 3 Helen Issa ii, the af' ff fav 4? e .Q ,1 HHH. N Aa. it 3,54 Qd lif- 1,5 W. s : If-yr: ngljgik. tiie Donald Hunt 'wt r'ff-.C-t'7?'Q . ,MV , - V V, i s w ie" f Diane Ishmael ,I Benny jackson 5 ' ' L ,-:::.i' '3 -ff' K ' ij is will f' Barbara johnson Dennis johnson IHITIGS Johnson .lolm 1011115011 ..J EWR, Vernon Johnson Shirley Iohnston Karen Kaskadden Phil Kastner in Homecoming Royalty Involves 5: ' Wk' in ,. 3, kj "T "Dx . W .t 71 R! Q 'Y' Lv al MW , ., ,, ' Carol Kelley Margorie Kelley jittery fingers and wobbling knees attack members of the Royal Court before the Coronation Assembly. George Kenney Robert Kilts or at fi it ' ' 12 ,L 1 1 we Ruth Kincaid Gerald Kipp Arthur Kirklin Juergen Klee 'rfuv av, ? Ei' Dixie Korthals Alice Kraklow George Kundert Sharon Kullkle Qi. Excitement and Suspense David Lange Ioanne Larrison i l I f 5 4 5 L ' 5 3 Howard Lange if Q ' uk sf I MEM ,, V 3 I fx E I ,gg-1 ..,. Vvei 2 5 ss ., V "XVho will it be-PM is the endless question asked by the students 5 f viewing the 1961 Royalty. - ",i2 N AVAA Connie Laud ,I we-f" Q 1 A .:...,o F 'f'xA.P ,. C' k sfsiif g . 5 f if Shgilu Leahy Sandra Lee L2l1'l'y Leedoni Lilldil Leighf A l N X W I Z 'I Lflffei QA El Q1 ,f Dennis Lemkau , , as ff ' my f 5 , . i ---'f- .Age .- la Ha s f -1- W-W. fw,, , , . .V ,nfl is if i, i Donald Leonhard Karen Lewis Louis Ligeno Class Enthusiasm and Labor janet Lindley Sh -v' Theresa Lopez L. W :gm .ff , X -'-, . ,U 46' 'L sf. Sherri Madden .av- L1 Q Dennis Lin gafelter .J s1e 5 :Ma How could we help but win with such upeppy paraders and ,sssaa Q u e owers 5 E J b bbl bl 'lv A , Andrea Lundeen N ir' fe is-' Tom Maranville janet McCoy Sue McLane li. Li. ,fl I H Q ,.' 1 2 1 X 'Z X. .. , Betty McLaughlin e fs, . X5-4 5 ,rx X I A2 V x ' 5? Margene Millen xxx lxrk ,Z I 4 Elvin Miller Tom McLean Steve Myers Result in Prize-Winning Float Ev f Bob Milburn l rs Dnv Goons K: ., ,Q , K ..v.......-4.-..-...-...,o.M,, ,1 -A - f . W , W.. ,Yu . Q ai xg'-Ytrvf Donald Miller ?""v ' f V., vw I ash -',1": '. , ' 1 K And here is the beautiful our Pride and joy! ,E K Q . "new irrivuli' of the Class of ,62- Marv Miller 'VU Melvin Miller M31-jol-ie Miller Roger Miller Steve Mindham I, ,vw W M jean Mitcham john Moeller Robert Montieth Jack Morgan Interest and Discovery Await 11. 1'1 -. K ilx Q ,, Brian Mumma M. Sandra Neal X, w A V 1 lt -. ,. fa, in 1 Curiosity is killing our ueatl' Iolm. Sandra Neff Alice Nelson ' 'Q , Q, , , 5. to K K ,V s,,... ,,,. . ,if 1. s,52,' f,, 4f, I ff , , , 'ull-5-si 23917 , f ' IZ I g - . .Qfliii if -9' ff , Q L, - i for ,M Q fmf'f.'. sssi f' ?f5fWf'f '42 1 - - W ,si --,:- f,- - I-1. yi I 7. " " rm 5. Sf. 'L ,. N ioes M ssi M4 if 1 - 5' '72-QS., . . f , ' ww' - A ' . Larry Nelson Linda Newingham Linda Neyt Iohn Neels lf li is sr f Y Q Rita Nixon 'why Earl Paasch David Parry Mary Perez We W' - A I I' an-P' cv U 'HF' Vala N ordholm Priscilla Ohlsen Max O'Klock Senior Boys in Physics ,Q ...nf wvf' ,,,,.4e- Vw. 1 5 F l 'N .,..- Q :Q -vw-""""" 1 . ' X J P james Puller mr' I2 I gb s L., ,,,. in-ff ri , -- :V . ,V-4' Dennis and Al secm to bc at the ln-ight of concentration in Physics A Class-for u change, perhaps? Joann Paytash as p . isii A y" s"'h I, 4, . gi., M QI Y 'wi J P o A ,fs ,..f22' a "' . 5 .. ,iif sfi.'T:'?1? 1 , F7 f' P Q 1 fr lssris - ' igigifqigi' fig, I 'f ' T ,js S- K- ssl- P - V! ' E 'L 2 A ' Q -ii ':'i ,ii 1.1 'Z' A Q - fi 1 ' Q2 .1-iz K ,,,- Linda Peterson XVillurcl Peterson Gl11'0ld PGVG 1. a Carol Phelps Mary Ponciano David Powell Rosemary Prieto 'Q Michael Philhower Carole Polich Extra-Curricular Activities Occupy ' iii. 31' +4 I ,. I J gg 1 yj Q Andy and Frank are working fast to have their pages done for the 'KKey', deadline. ws ,Mi P.- - V ef A c 1 ' ,, f -5 ' ' I I ifzlibtf K 1 i if """'-4 'li v 1 Iudy Ralston Alfonso Ramirez A uw Iosette Pollentier Ruth Porter xfwai, Sherri Powell Carmen Ramirez Jeff 53' is 2 ,, gn 3" Iv! A l insult! r R as 1 ff' f 4 .nl x- W Theresa Rangel Sharon Raske Pat Rasso Special Time of Seniors 3' Gloria Ray ii. ments in "My Sister Eileenlv jerry Reeser ' W ,Q 1 ' '3A,. il ,.'-" rf QQ' Pat Rice Carl Ridenour Frances Rittel Ellen and Sally found themselves in the most unusual predica- f. r Rita Rasso like 54" ,..,.-P' Charlotte Redmond z, , ' .XM ,X , A x lx 5 Judith Richard Cheryl Robinson iii ki- , eiU"l in 25: ,Yi ctw: ' r A 4 r 3" 1 5' N 54 f' S ff X 2 ' -Q , - 'er' -. f K , 1 Vw' "' , ,f " is ll .www I 0""M" . 321- ---1 f N as ,,.LV K N W. wi 5 I 1 A 8 ,f Q '-,X ' .. ' . 7? 1- s war. , e r ,, ' rlr S l ' ',1AV. f,, r ,K .,.3,,1.,,i: .J K .. :,. 5. S . ,..k K, , I. 5. Q. rx i n Ioan Robinson john Robinson Geraldine Rockwell James Rockwell Instructors Provide Room for i - , 'B Linda Rogers Katherine Roselle , , X 1 2 ,-, r.., xx N is X Mrs. Frederick spends many hours preparing deelamation students for speech contests. f J. D. Ross David Rotz ,qv K.. -ns... Sharon Rotz Gary Sager Gail Salmonson Ron Sanders 'l Mt it If Egfr 'Er ' Q R fy? if u lk il. , --' assi' ,. N, 4, , new f-1 l - , . ff pw:-2:3 fi ' ., A l fA' S9117 A 1 i f-55 Robert Sapp Carl Eugene Saunders Glenn Schmidt Richard Schmoll Development and Improvement 1, 95 p pp p ,mr p r lloo y 1 S S ,A . S T' pg x- ,., p FK: viitk . . KL Sandra Schmooke Diane Seibert gl' be l p u p A A Z r 1 n le lr Ax 1 N on -in r ' . . f d 1 y L Polly Seys Judy Sigler Joan. - w.Jv' Nsm M fe M N , fn ,Q-., .r "But Mr. Aubrey, you don't really believe that, do you?" asks Judy Shipma Cathie Simpson Charles Skinner IOC Sk0WfOI1Ski 'ax if Y A 3' J 5 'FM M-0 Barbara Sloane Jack Slover Judy Smith Ruth Smith Seniors Eat, Drink wx 3? 'Q' New ' . V- N X l Diane Snapp 1 Carmelle Snyder .f ff , X, Af , Sr 'Hfszfl 4 L. I .L 2 O D Q- CD H FSL. F' FD ae 'XC .-. UZ UQ C0 2 IJ OG V5 O 5 CD UQ O O Q- UQ O El! Ill .-. 'TJ PVS 2 5 .-f IJ" CD UQ .-. I1- U1 -v 1 T? I 3+-1 L -:ga George Sodeman Marshall Spencer Susan Sprague Ella Spurr james Stafford Mary Stahl l Q' l fog ww vw. wie' 1 ,F .- wx .154- iii.. u r K A S N I- i f 'dw f A , y . -aw e, - 'iffy ff'- xiii: 4 'Vg-7, . ', VI- . "', , .2 ii" X at b S wM.,?Vgw'fI:,, .,if X a SKY AV-5 ,.--12" 5. Q . Jack Steele Peggy Stockwell Mary Stogdell 4 f S 'T i f f Marsha Stoneking fi x i and Are Merry Phyllis Stone l at X 'Q Q 4 l M ' e 'HP ,wt Senior boys are always sticking something into their mouths whether it be food or feet! james Stopoulos Carolyn Stotrneister Evelyn Strickland 3 n Ts 'Wu Q -- yyi ytyy QW M 1 if Q our 2 f if Q' S-,f - Xl ltee Carl Suhr john Sullivan Barbara Sutton Glenn Sutton Vw 5 Wil i .il K' Dean Talbot W- :"f an s ,W a 1, 1 , it - is .ls Gloria Tompkins NF? f rs N ew .i, Clark Tracy ,AW John Truitt if can-1' John Taylor James Teague College Day Provides Interest S if W 'tif Y' From these boys, expressions, the representative must have had a great sales talk. - pic I p : 'eee it y 4 5 N A 4 val-,,,, d' -.ff Jana Trunnell Stephen Tschopp Many Thomas , Nw ,V W 'iff sms fi 'tt My it H, Y M E Janice Thompson X ' Elaine Trout 1' Edna Turner fb .ri Glennu.Turner Harry Turrell Elayne Valentine Theresa Vallejo W and Enjoyment for All V ,wr- Tom VanDeventer- l 'L , ' li Judie VanKlaveren L R' riff gi, o Tzkx Lllen ponclvn over tlrc percentage of mule students at tlub col lege and wonders if it will be wortlrwlrile. Allan Verbeke Gerald Vogel 'vm yr um X ' L., 1, or ,l . . leelle llll " l l Ne e lf r, ' E I A ' . , VLVV n K 'H :, . Gaylord V ogler Clarence Xlllclclell George Xllainrnan Judy YVard sf on fs if J 5 Q ' sh ,nl ln' 'N'-s Max lVeekly Gene YVeimer Susanna Weiss Cary Welch nL S Senior Year Elevates From Dennis XVest Charles XVestbrook Mr. Medlin, of YVz1mer-Medlin Studios, did an excellent job of photographing the Class of '62. Gene VVildermuth Woody Wilkinson 'SS if Jeff VVilliams Larry Vllilliams james Michael YVilliams Richard Wingert . Gerald Winkelbuuer Carol Xvindland Martin Wfinthurst Eldon White 0. p Paul VVhite 1. ' l Pictures to Future Plans 7. Q. , . .silk p r "-'7"Z.!1 H-5 , -1' ew Q o All Clifford XVo0ds 1 ' ig ,f 'K' I vp W K , f I Q V Dixie and Craig discuss preparations for college, a typical pastime for Seniors. Frances Woods iQ Marilyn Wright Deborah York !',.....,' i I ' 9 i X. If f ' -x - in - .ff " ' NN ci f f 1 xsgw, W 77. ii 1 X The Last Year, The Senior Year, Is One Filled 1 ggi .N , As the end of their high school career approaches, the class of 1962 can ' look hack at their many endeavors with plea.s'ure and amusement. In 1958, the ' 3 I I xr' A- class float, "Beat Em Upf took first place in humor in the Homecoming Parade. f . In 1960, the class float, 'Victory Belif, captured first place in beauty. Again in ,eff , 1961, claimed first place award with their beautiful entry, "YVe're Expecting a I H if ii, Victory' In addition to these achievements the cla.s'.s' of 1962 has put on an 3' 5 outstanding assembly each year. The highlight came as the Seniors presented F fh iz y their final class ll.S'.S'Cll1lJlij, K'The Wlhat Killed Vaudecille Review." These are just it S y -, a few of the many group-achievements which the entire class can claim. 4 lm , 0 4 .., I ' 1 .5 l , . With Fun, Frolicking, Light-Heartedness, and Joy K , if if 2 'f f r 'Ries 60 1, , f i 'Ir' F i 2 l 7 il I The Senior Year Is Also One of Plans, As the senior year slowly fades away, the class members look ahead towards the goals and success which they anticipate. In 1958, the class became the "re- search group' for the accelerated studies program. Special courses in English, Science, and Mathematics were offered as challenges to those of high ability. As freshmen and sophomores the class dominated the honor roll each semester. The junior-senior years were ones of testing and preparation for the future. Among the many tests which the advisors used as measurements of college potential were the ITED, The National Merit Tests, PSAT, ACT, and the SAT tests. With the background and high scholarship which the class attained, a prosperous future for its members looms in the distance. Preparations, and Concern for the Future i rw 'x""ilia, .2 U1 K W , I, 5 A 15211, 'is H , TNR iww Heli U.T.H.S. Officers for the Class of 1963 E1 -.R I I iw 5 l I G I I ,si U The junior class officers for thc 1961-1962 school your ure: Dennis Griffin, treasurerg Janice Graham, secretaryg Varla Berghult, vice presi dentg and Bob Bousselot, president. W. if 113211 Y' 1113 '?"s-..,.--'MP',',d1 'K osx me .......-s-, One of the most popular school advisors is William Yemrn, The distaff side of thc junior class advisory staff is ably junior class advisor. handled by Miss Helen Grant. is 3 si A r s Bm' ll- 7 Juniors Show Interest and Aptitude as-at A A l.. ,. K Y iw 5 1 w , " ' 'W'-wk -M .f f , . QE ffm i I f S. l L x Better hurry up or you will never get that float finished That's it boys, don't drop that centerpiece. for the Homecoming Parade. for a Variety 84 Wide Range of Interests VVhats cooking girls? There would seem to be an over- VVhats so interesting kids? Is our foreign exchange student abundance of cooks. teaching you German? af-f r fl r, me Q . 1 George lends a helping hand to future artists. Any Picassos "Hey Ruth," what's so funny? Did your experiment blow up? around? 63 One of the many diversified ac- tivities which junior girls partici- pate in during gym class is field hockey. x ,., S X F rw-4' . I t,1.t , 1, , .N . , ,, , , sn-'sit' , .V , 1 xx V K A , 1, A S2 B gin ' ffl? ffm , ,vt 5:47 sk V Q ,V , Lg tio! .givk x B 'Q ' '. f ' x , ...ss Q. as , gl tg , ,ff f - ,- . ' ' Bing ' ff' 1"-1 C N Mr. Bullard's home room mem- bers are: Bow 1-Danny Ander- son, Deanna Benson, Pat Amos, Ron Allison, Varla Berghult, Karen Asher, Judy Amonette, Linda Anderson. Row 2-Ro- berta Baber, Bob Bousselot, Susan Bobb, Linda Akers, San- dra Arvanis. Row 3-Danny Badgley, Billy Bessee, Daniel Bla- shaek, vlan Berghult, Lora Asmus, Sharon Blashaek, Lynne Belden, Lois Beeks. Row 4-jim Bettis, Kennith Brassfield, Keith Boles, Jerry Armstrong, Norman Anto- lik, Bob Agnew, YVayne Allen, Skip Blunke. Juniors Will Again Be lnducted .4 to , ylssyu ,, . 1 -n fr, "" My--eh ,K GAA. and Gym Classes Offer Miss Beauehamp's home room members are: Row 1-Marcia Brown, Geraldine Bickford, Shir- ley Call, Mary Cervantes, Mari- lyn Brewer. Bow 2-Alice Brere- ton, Jacqueline Boyd, Sandra Calvert, Barbara Carlton, Sharon Campbell, Marlene Bureski, Cathy Chuich. How 3-Dennis Cabor, Gerald Buyck, Phil Chap- man, Bob Conover, Cary Chuieh, George Christensen, Row 4- Cary Chapman, Bon Campbell, Danny Carruthers, David Cass, Ed Clark, Don Buser, Dan Blashack. 1.J Mrs. Carrington's home IOOH1 members are: Row 1-Car0l Eggleston, Monica Edwards, YO- vine Cuoco, Sandy DeGrand6, Diane DeJager, Dianne Derg0, Barbara Dehys, Vicky Cruser. Row 2-Charlotte Dixon, Judy Evans, Shirley Downing, Cather- ine Diericks, Jerry Cook, Mike Daily, Dave Diederich. Row 3- John Deml, James Detherage, Gary Davidson, John Cox, Charles England, Dwight De- mont, Clifford Cordell, Keith Curry, Dave Fender. into the National Honor Society Girls a Wide Variety of Activities Miss Calvert's home room mem- bers are: Row 1-Cherlynn Glynn, Marcia Gavin, Ruth Grant, Gloria Gomez, Josephine Garcia. Row 2-Judy Goer-ing, Nancy Griffith, Karen Gremon- prez, D ia n n a Griffith, Janice Graham, Delores Guerrero, Dav- id Godsey, Jerry Graham. Row 3-Mike Fritz, Wayne Gromm, Lexy Cober, Carlo Ferreri, Den- nis Gamer, Ken Frary, Bob Graham, Larry Grubs. Row 4- George Gillis, Richard Gargano, Dennis Griffin, Larry Gager, Les F ulscher, Jim Fuller, Ed Granell, Ronnie F renell, Ruben Guerrero. Heyl No cheating girls. Calis- thenics are an intricate part of the girls' physical education classes. 1 x , In the preliminary stages, a float is nothing more than a lot of lumber, napkins, and chicken wire. ' ,Q Mrs. Frederiek's home room members are: Row l-Phyllis Hailey, Vicki Harlow, Billie Hamrick, judy Hill, Elaine Hal- ferty, Rosalie Hirst. Row 2- Terri Hintze, Joanne Guild, Lin- da Huff, Linda Guthrie, Pat Hibernik, Pat Guthrie, Sandy Hom. Row 3-Brad Hanson, Bob Hanson, Ed Guinn, Tom Gust, John Hawkes, Bruce Hokinson, john Hicks, Don Harker. Row 4-Craig Hoefflin, Ralph Hood, Russell Hopkins, Garry Hufford, Dave Hagelin, jim Hawthorne, Dennis Hanneman, Bob Hauman. Many Juniors Enjoyed L- xl" Xe , 'xv 1, L""""". ff' N .fr lfgfllll i 3 The Homecoming Parade Miss Gorby's home room mem- bers are: Row 1-joe jones, Edna Jones, Karen jahn, Eleanor jones, Kathy Lakncr, Carol johnson. Row 2-Steve Lee, Gary Larson, Virginia Lang, Carrie Kappas, Bemice Lawrence, Nancy Hunt, Mary Lancaster, Connie Knight. Row 3-Gary Jones, Larry Kil- lian, Peter Hull, Gary johnson, Arnold Kershaw, Scott Kettering, Bill Kcehn, Bobby Kittrell. How 4-Ronald Lane, Randy Kline, Gray Lee, Max Hayes, Dennis Ingersol, Tom Krantz, jack Hun- gatc, Ray Krack, Herbert Lane, Denny Kerschieter. Miss Grant's home room mem- bers are: Row 1-Carole Moline, Cathy Mahan, Pomposa Lopez, Bonnie Licko, Sue McKay. ROW 2-Larry McCaw, Sandy Mardis, Martha Martin, Colleen Martin, Patricia Lindstrom, Mary Ma- laney. Row 3-Jerry Lydon, A1- len Lohse, Don Lewis, Don Mital, Al Leone, Jim McLean. ROW 4-Howard Jarvis, Curtis McKay, Bob McCreight, Scott Lyons, Jim McKee, Mike Ligino, Jim Mclieaige, George Lundahl, Jim Lemaster, Darrell Mattson. Building the Class Float. i:'t 'gl' as -,pw 44570 - -v in ,,. Culrninated the Week's Activities Mr. Hess, home room members are: Row 1-Sandra Morris, Liz Norton, YVendy Nickell, Shirley Murphy, Kathy Nickerson, Judy Murphy. Row 2-Ruth Murphy, Lynn Neumann, Cheryl New- berg, Pat Mitton, Margo Ohlsen, Bemadine Newburg. Row 3- Jack Olvcra, Gary Mohr, Stanley Nelson, Tom Mix, Richard Mur- hpy, Paul Ochs, XVarren Motzer, Ma rk Mitchell. Row 4-Don Murray, Larry Olvera, Danny Nelson, John Myers, Jim Moore, Larry Natwiek, George Murphy, Bennie Moyers, Ray Moyers. n xv 1 This beautiful Junior Float which Won second place in beauty was the product of many long hours of construction. i -ka it 2 These Art students, making their preliminary sketches of the ex- temal structure of the new build- ing, find that it is difficult to draw without sitting down. bers are: Row 1-Rita Ortiz, Zak, Ann Owens, Carol Passno, Martina Ramirez. Row 2-Ber- V nard Rangel, Don Pankey, Grace V A Pitts, Sharon Rahn, Shirley Peter- J f , ,ire son, Sharon Polieh. Row 3- ' af' I 4 t Q xr ? 4, iw, A , E . George Parr, Mike Polich, Dick Ovens, Larry Powell, Bill Ran- dolph, Ken Pankey, Mel Owens. 53 M, Row 4-Dick Paasch, Mark Platt, 3 A -lim Riley, Robert Peterson, Cary Paxton, Iohn P i p p e r t, Ron Owens, Fred Paller. i I 1 1132- r , This Year, Juniors Dominated M aw ,On i,, X Vi 5 gi My H , X' ' A , , as r 'V fx:-zwswl ,, .4 Li' Juniors Asserted Themselves in Many , Mr. Peterhoff's home room mem- bers are: Row 1-Mary Schoon- over, Nancy Schafer, Marilyn Robertson, Carolyn Rohren, San- dra Roman. Row 2-Virginia Reveal, Rita Russell, Mary Sauser, Marsha Setser, Sandra Seidlitz, Row 3-Flourence Rog- ers, Judy Shehorn, Barbara Red- mond, Mary Ramos, Carol Schat- teman, Claris Sehatteman, Doro- thy Sainer. Row 4-Jerry Shee- han, Randell Ruseh, Dick Red- fqxk, rnan, Roger Rylander, Mike San- doval, Ronald Schneider, Dennis Rusk, Robert Smith. Row 5- Bill Schmidt, Dave Rindcn, Ced- ric Salisbury, Ivan Rice, Rex Rusk, Carl Rusk, Pete Shelton. Miss McNutt's home room mem- Donna Pendleton, janet Pastur- Mrs. Magnuson's home r00m members are: Row 1-Mary Skelton, Dianne Smith, Barbara Stoneking, Betty Stilwell, Lupe Sierra, Tamara Slaith. Row 2- Iudy Stanton, Carolyn Stahl, Jer- rv Smith, Ruth Stepp, Linda Stipp, Rosemary Stockton. Row 3-Dick Skillett, Doyle Stewart, Douglas Sodeman, David Sulli- van, Larry Sweet, Larry Souei- nek, .lack Sinclair, Cary Sherer. Row 4-Lewis Sutliff, Iohn Stotts, Mike Sullivan, Frank Skafidas, Richard Starr, Dennis Stulir, Bill Stewart, Cary Sutton. it or A r T X 'X the Varsity Football Squad. i x L' Q' " ' 9 ,gi ..1 .1 ' 4 fi 'H it w . . ,A f it me 3333: fx ' an f if 1-ig -1 1-, 15 ,s, y get Traditionally "Senior" Activities Mr. XVasson's home room mem- bers are: Row l-Rosemary Van- llycke, Ardis Turner, Donna Tay- lor, Virginia Vallejo, Cathy Van- Hecke, Linda Tinker. How 2- Anna Thompson, Connie Thomp- son, Roseanne Tsakanikas. Row 3-Ray Vermeulen, Terry Van- Klavercn. Row 4-Tom Vershaw Bob VanQuathem, Larry Till- berg, Bob Taylor, Richard This- sen, Mike Trout, john Versypt, Aten Thompson. 1 X . i A 1 These juniors find time after school to decorate the Cym for the Homecoming Dance. x ' l This year, the Library Club sponsored a Book Fair of paper- back books. It looks as if the many hundreds of titles all fas- cinated Curlo Ferreri, one of the library assistants. uname-mm-A - i ,t bg f - X ' fr -' s-rx gr , M K- ix , Cedric Salisbury and S a n d y during their free periods to use the books and reference material st YQ' ' Alf' ,xy Q fi? K - , 1 -'ff fb: WVendell often go to the library , L 1 I- . Q. ,Ai it ..' 5, 1 K ' s ,X x , X National Merit Tests Were -VM, Rt, 4 , . A A yt, A af 3 X .ll In , ., 'WF n ,E-,pq S if 54" ' Q Y, L. .f K .si M X , . wx Ll . ' wt. 'S' - -- . .,.v -X, ff x s X , " 9.0! 1 I X' H,-.H - K, Flu ,J ,I x Y' .tx fs 0 Vgrs,'2t,"" - . -' - ' ,' . 1. 't 'J' ' 'rl "'bP'alb it uk Junior Class Produced Q ru.. -4 it " J f' A i XVhenever Jerry Buyck has any problems, he knows he can dis- cuss them with Miss Grant, one of the junior advisors. Mr. Zimmerman's home room members are: Row 1-Hon NVhip- ple, Dianne XVells, Shirley Wlil- cox, Sandra NVz1re, Put XVQlClSilg61', Sa n d y XVendell. Row 2-joe Ybarru, jere XVhipplc, Melanie XVood, judy XValluee, Gerald XYeuwr, KL-ith Zalewski. Row 3-David XVise, Dennis XV00ds, john VVeems, Fred Wleissmann, Don XVeidemun, Delbert XVilson, Virgil NVurd, john Yuskis. Administered in March r ,J It 1,5 Q K . y I AMI ' 1 N fs, Many Outstanding Students. Making preparations for the an- nual Homecoming dance they co- sponsor with the F.H.A., are these Tri-Mic members and their sponsor, Mr. Czlvariaulgli. 'KMA' ,f . 7 1 These junior boys polish off an- other meal in our spacious cafe- teria. If Brad doesn't hurry with his ice cream, they all may be tardy. 3 Y I Officers of the Class of 1964 -. I I-saga! , . .I x . .. me , i- ,ff H J . , The Sophomore class officers Pam Tate, vice presiclentg Ieffery Glendon, presidentg Nancy Buckley, secretaryg Christine Stopoulas, treasurer, make up the pillar of strength for their class. SH 'X 3? n s x - .... N...-,.- Q Q J' j M L H ' A ,V ,ii N. I ,--f' A M . .,.. mem.- Mr. McCoy and Mrs. Pierce, the Sophomore class advisors, continue to be good organizers and supporters for the class of 1964. ,,,,s ff! lt 5SsI5iff'sr iigfi L , ' . , 'ia' l f' -E 2 Jikifji,-gg s '- u wc Q :Q 4' Q i .., ...g ,I . I i.lr " -exix 'lll , L. .sg p f X lg. -it ,,,f-"T an HI h X A A Parents admire these intricate designs. These girls show concentration in their work. Laboratory and Shop Work Take Up Much of the Sophomores' Time. ,F 5 f"' - L L H Q -in tsl 'T' keg! iii :E5"...iiF Y i'I' 'I-it 'AA'-TN7 t iss r -mar, ,,,., v XA A Ji? Exactness is important in the science lab. Students make useful items in woodshop. Learning Is Stimulated When "Work" Becomes Enjoyment LIZ, in 'Jr' 'frggglsf ,.si X :diem-t Complicated work is the menu for these boys. The telephone girls are helpful in the general office. . rm' The Sophomore Float Displayed Originality Mrs. Bentleris homeroom mem- bers are: Row 1-Jerald Abbitt David Abbott, john Abbott, Mi- chael Adams, Kathleen Agnew Bow 2-Jackie Allen, james Al- len, YVilliam Allen, Richard Alli- son, Linda Anders. How 3- Donna Anderson, Judy Anderson XVilliam Anderson, Ronald An- don, Thomas Andress. How 4- Donna Ashdown, Patricia Ashton Georgia Aten, Beta Baker, Ron- ald Baker. Row 5-Brian Ballard Virginia Barber, Michael Bare Dennis Boarts. Miss Bnreslfs homeroom mem- hers are: Row l-Kathryn Barr, Delores Barry, Tom Batten, Bev- erly Beaudry, Ronald BeBout. How 2: Audry Becerril, Cathy Beeson, Bette jo Bell, David Bert, Rliaelea Bavelheimer. Bow 3-Shirley Billings, Lynn Blades, Sandra Bobh, jimmy Bone, lion- ald Boss, l-tow 4-Darla Bowen, Richard Belman, Sandra Bowker, Robert Brav, Bob Brissman. Ron 5-Don Benson, Patricia Boss, Marie Brundrett. vs .Af The long hours of hard work paid off for the Sophs with their beautiful float. Mr. Brook's homeroom mcmlDGfS are: ROW 1-Beverly Brown, Nan- cy Buckley, XVilliam Buckley, toni Bureski, Cheryl Buser. Row 2-Stephen Buss, Sharon Cady, Floyd Call, Curtis Carlson, Donald Carlton. Row 3-Sandra Carmichael, Donna Carter, San- dra Casillas, Allan Cass, Albert Cattoir. Row 4-Randy Chap- man, james Cheeseman, Cary Christensen, VVilliam Chuich, Mi-- chael Clark. Row 5-Sharon Clark, Gerald Coleman, Robert Carr. Driver Training ls an Important Part of the Sophomores' Schedule. ' 4, . , rn A -fr 'Q '?lllu..,.,,x ,.f Mr. F aley demonstrates an intricate pattern to an interested parent. K V5 Ole Xfnli an I I'5lliev 'ew Mr. Chiver,s homeroom mem- bers are: Row 1-jeralyn Col- lier, David Collins, Diana Cor- ley, Donald Covcmaker, John Coykendall. Row 2wSue Cram- blett, Cary Crider, Robert Cronin, Gerry Crusc, Jane Cul- len. Row 3-Linda Cutler, Diane Daab, Aloann Daffara, Evelyn Daggctt, Evelyn Dahm, Row 4- Sherrill Dale, John Daly, Sandra Decker, Gary DeC-revc, Robert DeMay. Row 5-Charles De- Moss, Susan Denys, joseph De- Waele, William Curd, james Cady. Miss Dean's homeroom members are: Row 1-Barbara DeXYitt, Kenna-tb D,Hooge, Iaerlulyn Dil- lon, Cberyl Dobereiner, Linda Dobrinske. How QWKI i e ll a e l Downing, Miebael Dubuisson, Larry Duffee, Tom Duke, Cary Durlnam. Row 3-Kent Duseb, james Dyer, Cheryl Edmunds, Karen Eleopulos. How 4-Bob lillis, Peggy Emmert, Donald lfnglancl, Gloria Estes, Tanya Evans. Row 5-Pat Fawks, Bev- erly Ferguson, Daniel Ferguson, Barbara Fredericks. Students Exhibit Hidden Talent in String Drawings. ,uf 2 Mr, Dessing's homeroom mem- bers are: Row 1-Leo Fetterer, Kliebael Fisb, Yan Flowers, Hob- ert Fonger, Bud Forbes. Row 2-Connie Ford, Betty Forrett, Dennis Frazee, lane Freeburn, Carol Fritz. Row 3-Margaret Fulseber, Diana Fulton, Susan Cargano, Kater Catlin, Trudy Cause, Row 4-Eclwanl Ceb- barclt, Barbara Clelancle, Cbarles Clelancle, Joyce Cerlaell, Hit-k Gillespie. Row 5-Steve Cilles- pie, Tim Fouteb, Curtis Fostrom. 5 7 i D + z 1 G Q we 1: ww- ,Mt W 4 .. N 96 ' I K , L g t . r S ,I f Q is 99326, s , 34. ik X if rf .rw 3 , v From the expressions on these students, faees youicl think matb wa ' hr fi? - X, fly, s fun. - mlrms 4- ,Aa M . fs' 1 fxlr. Dhonclt's homeroom mem- bers ure: lloxx' l-Rosy-mary Crllllalm, Larry Gralnr-ll, Gail Grunt-t, Li1xx'x'cm-cr C111-lm, Carry Crown. Rnxx' 2-Larry Green, lla-li-n Crt-nwnprcz, john Cross, Duxitl Custuf, Pamclil ll2llUCI'. Hoxx' 3-Margaret Hull, Marsliu Hanna, Pinnclu Hurrsmi, Curx' Harris, Icanctti- Hart. Row 4l Runtli Hart, Dxxuin Hrlwthornc, Sandra Hemphill, Sharon Hemp- hill, xluclith llmiry. lloxx' 5-Cuil Hvrmes. Thonms Harmon, Ken- neth Hencs. Patience ls 21 Requisite for Driving Instructors. X tm., ., Q33 f ft I """' ,,.,,,f:fn2m,.,-,,1 . U . ' " k,,.,, A ' V'X' . ,, ,,.. ., ,,,. T 2. --1 -f :If " "ff-'f if -if - N R! 'il' ' - - f ' T 'L .ffl ' 9 'Mr liffg, - ' U I., swf: 'ei -- . r. -W, 4 'E k" 1 , 0'-fiilffi iff ii, fff,.5?-girl' 555555: M, N , z , ff f .5 y In J gg? "W L, , "vi, L fi' J ...AJ Y. Perhaps Mr. fxlcrrcr' is huilcling up enough courage- to enter the cur. , .uhh Mrs. llzutr-rls l1omc'room mem- livrs LlI'L'S llmx' l-,l.lITll'S Hor- ll.lIl4lt'7, Xlurx lln-rnrimlvx, Mann- grzrvl Ilit-lw, Nlicllzxcl llill, SlllI'lK'5' llill. linxx' Zfllrxmlcl llillxcr, llmmlil lliplxinx. Cl xx 4- Il cl olx n llwlfli-n, ,lvnluill-1' llcmlrncw, l.xla1 llmnli. llwxx 3-lftlfliv lllwslunx, llllxllix lloxxm-ll, Bi'Nl'I'lf' Iloxlv, l.1niu- llnff, l.a1rrx llilffmcl. lluxx 4-Yit-lnri.1 llngqins, ,lncliic llnnlvr, l-LlllIll llnntvr, Snmnnc lrxirnmcwtv, Nuclinc ,lm-lcwri, Roxx' 5-'llfrrx Alllllfl, Nlill'Cl'l klanrrmxxslxi, llnlmi-rt 'lc-rm-11, DL-llu ll.nAmon. Sophomore Advisors Interpret the ITED Test. E3 .,.,,t.t..., ,... ,.,,, . . , ini' ..,......-....-...- s,tr l C3 ui-.3 Mrs. Caiten's homeroom mem- bers are: Row 1-Lynn Kusy, Nancy Laity, Richard Lampo, Roger Land, Barbara LaPorte. Row 2-Clarissa Lareau, NVard Larson, Kenneth Laud, Betty La- vine, NVayne Leader. Row 3- Margie Lee, Sharon Lee, Dale Leland, Robert Lemkau, Danny Levrow. ROW 4-june Lewis, Nancy Lewis, Judith Liedtke, Ruth Liggett, john Lindstrom. Row 5-Bonnie Lingncr, jim Lodieo, Dwayne Loetc, Patricia Longneeker, Roberta Larson. Miss Frane's homeroom mem- bers are: Row 1-Michael Lee Iohnson, Nancy joy johnson, Rita Lee johnson, Ronald Iohn- son, Bonita Johnson. Row 2- Earl Marvin Iones, Mary Kath- ryn jones, Sandra Ioyce jones, Sharon Lenn jones, Michael Kannenberg. Row 3-Linda Sue Kasten, Delmar joseph Kaufman, Sheldon Kave, Sharon Kelley, Regina Kersehieter, Row 4- Paul Kicksey, judith Kinnamon, James King, Larry Kirkpatrik, Ernie Kivisto. Row 5-Allen Knott, Linda Knox, Kathleen Koker, Frances Dale Kraklow. Row 6-Mary Lou Kundert, Sharon Long. 'X Mrs. C-lenn's homeroom mem- bers are: Row 1-Anthony Loo- tens, Keith Lucas, Carol Lun- deen, Linda Maeik, Ronnie Ma- haffey. Row 2-Dale Malmstrom, Donald Maring, Daniel Martel, Mary Martin, Peggy Martin. How 3-Nicolas Martinez, Mi- chael Marx, james Massa, Lili Mastalerz, XVilliam Mattan. Row 4-Loreen May, Garry Mc- Bride, Jeanne McCoy, Ruth Me- Coy, Jimmie MeDanel. Row 5- Richard McKay, Marsha McLane. Open House Improved Parent-Teacher Relationships. fl Mr. Holmes, homeroom mem- bers are: Row 1-Bill McLaugh- lin, Ceeelia McLaughlin, Belva McLean, Leon MeLemore, Rob- ert ML-Tigue. Row 2-Judith Melvin, Betty Meyers, Iuluis Meyers, Cheryl Miller, Jim Miller. Row 3-Judith Miller, Aludith Elizabeth Miller, Karen Miller, Marilyn Miller, james Millizer. Row 4-YValter Mills, Carol Mitten, Geraldine Mohr, john Moore, Sharon Morgan, Row 5-Jackie Morris, Laura Morris, Raymond Mueller, Har- old Miller. Miss Howard's homeroom mem- bers are: Row 1-Bonita Murphy, Pat Mulligan, Richard Munos, Mike Murphey, Pamela Murphey. Row 2-Santiago Nache, Cheryl Nado, Judith Neavcill, Dennis Needham, Barbara Nelson. Row 3-Gary NewKirk, Cheryl New- lon, Janet Nixon, Linda Norin, Jana Oakman. Row 4-Charles Oltman, Ronnie Ostrom, Carole Osbourne, Linda Owens, Roger Parker, Row 5-Dorothy Patter- son, Ellen Patterson, Richard Paxton, Melvin Payne. Student Librarians Furnish Valuable Assistance. J f 4 is 1, fi , gqflvll if ies' 1 I' .why X ee f e of ..,, A ttis I . lv. X N" wffa e. X e,-4 Al 1 From the looks of the girls it must be another game clay. Miss Leibovitz,s homeroom mem- bers are: Row 1: Ronnie Pendle- ton, Robert Perkins, Keith Perry, Sue Peterson, Suzanne Peterson. Row 2--Bill Peterson, Ronald Pettis, Curtis Peve, Joyce Potter, J a m e s Probizanski. Row 3- James Puckett, Mary Putz, Carol Radovich, George Ramirez, Vic- toria Ramirez, Row 4-R 11 dy Rangel, Margaret Rasso, Law- rence Raybum, Thomas Rexroth, Jeanne Rickey. Row 5-Kenneth Rieger, Ja n i c e Ripka, Judy R o a e h, Dale Robe, Cary Roberson. many 442 sv: vu -QM We -Y Mr. Loveall's homeroom mem- bers are: Row 1-Howard Robertson, Diane Robertson, Ap- ril Roekhold, David Roete, Charles Ronnebeck. Row 2-10- anne Rosczyk, Darlene Roselle, Joann Roseman, Geraldine Ross, Karen Roth. Row 3-Arlon Rowe, Roberta Rowlands, Diane Rusk, Sheryl Russell, VVilliam Sainer. Row 4-Joyce Sanders, Carl Schueter, Cynthia Schreiner, Mildred Scott, Stephen Scott. Row 5-Cary Senn, Harold Sens, Melody Serres, Diane Sharer, Dennis Shock. Row 6-Allen Shnim, Joyce Shaefer, Darlene Rodgers. n Teachers Offer Suggestions for Improvement. ,Qi ,Q W e are i A .',.,:l'5i KN, A if ,F N ' if-3 M , Lilr, ,i Lxgg A a , ,, f- 1. C , s, 5, M R Q f 1 MW V ' ,krrwki 1, N it l t -t W iff-ef' ,, r if A A 5 r, A J ' i ss- J, g N H X f' S M -as , ,al fx f o i L "Inst read that sentence girlsf' and your problem will he solved. Mr. Nicircris homeroom mem- bers arc: Row 1-Margaret Shah, Daxid Shull, xlames Sides, lim Sierra, Paul Sierra. Row 2- Lawrenee Sigh-r, Mary Simmons, Larry Simocns, Mary Simonich, Dm-lphia Skinner. Row 3-john Skinner, Sharon Small, Donald Smith, Larry Smith, Ronald Smith, Row -1fRonald Smith, Terry Smith, David Smolenski, Stew Specs, YYilliam Spencer, Row Sfilerald Stanton, Ronald Stephens, l,a r ry Snider, Pat Smut, Christine Sislc. s S is if ' it-355 ll 2 fit M iw 3 451. ,za all ' T ' Courses Demand Marked Student Progression. Mr, Rzxineyis homeroom mem- hers ure: Row 1-Linda Trask, Mary Truftz, Clendn Trotter, Sharon Turner, Connie Ullrieh. How 2-Billy Uphold, Judy Vue- L'2lI'O, Donna Vallee, Clluclys Vain- Bnskirk, I, at W e r e n e e VunDe- Venter. Row 3-ltohert VnnDyke, Carol YnnHulle, Kntlnyn Yun- Norxxxn , I ii m e s Y41nQuntl1em, Patricia VanFiyeke. Row 4- juniee VanVoltenhnrg, P h i l i p XvllIlxVilSSt'I1l1OX'C, Karen Yendl, Steven Yr-rBeke, lliek Vickers. How 5-Gary Yogelsiing, Suzette NVulker, Sharon Vickers, Leroy Trout, Vicki Vin. ..,, i , . ,A sikr f fr ri' . T T T XVhen x'on're eornered between your mother and your teneher you huveiiit il ehzmee. Mr, Milleris homeroom members are: Row 1-Joyce Stilwell, Chris- tine Stopoulos, Ronald Stout, Richard Strung, Rumond Sunken. Row 2-Keith Suss, Sharon Swuils, Dennis Swanson, Karen Swanson, Sherida Swanson. Row 3-Ronald Sweat, Marilyn Swem- line, Pam Tate, Catherine Taylor, Ronald Teager. Row 4-Celia Terronez, Maria Terronez, Linda Thoman, james Thomas, Rodger T h o m p s on. Row 5-Sharon Thompson, Tyreuey Thompson, Henry Timhrook, janet Tinker. nf Mrs, XVartl's homeroom members are: R o xv 1-DeEtti1 XVLIHOU, Samuel XValton, Rickie XVarcl, YVillii1m Yltlx-r, Betty NVCinert. Row 2-Diivicl XVcst, Lalunc XYmtln'ook, Donna YYl1ec'ler, Lur- rx NVlieeler, -It-ss YViNlla1rtl. Row if-Hnhy YVilson, Viviun Vlilson, Phyllis Witt, Hcatlier Wolfe, john XYootl. Row 4-Alice XYoocls, Rit-hard Xxvllly, Bzlrlmra XYright, Paul York, NVunda Young. How 5-Bill Zora, Don- zllcl XVlIlliC'llJ2Illf, Iutlith XYartl, Betty Xllltltlell, Corolyn XYied- mann. 6 Q g H A M .val W 7 a 'T 'gf' ' ' A ref if Parental Encouragement Advances the Student. Miss Dean appears to have charmed both futher and daughter. This Dhllitllll xhot int-luclcs: Row l-Izniit-4' Bit-lxfortl, Clxwntlolin Bowlwr, llivk Clizlnilxux, Thomas Cox, Cli.n'lit- Cruz, llow 2- Tliomiix Cl.1ln'it'l, ,lt-if Clenclon, Clair llailw, ,luck llaimllt-y, Shur- ry TTilXX'l'ilIlN. llow 3-.lt-if Crm-n, Duvitl johnson, Tom Knllmnn, lllllll llillwrq, Ierij' Nlcczlw. Row -1-Aluclith Prom-, Dclplm l't-tvixrmii, P ai t r i c i ll llovlvoorilo, Axim,-ttc llicv, Cary Rohm-rtsoii. Row 5-lhincly Smith, BLl1'lJill'Ll Snllixun, Clary Taylor, Donulcl Yt-raliryf, Xllnltvr Bonner. Officers of the Class of 1965 1 The Freshman class officcrs for the 1961-1962 school year arc: Jim VVilson, presidentg Beth Neuman, vice prcsiclcntg Linda Hunt, secretaryg and Bonnie Bousselot, teasurer. ' S 3 3 ir-"I 'Qye Frcshmen probably usc thc services of the Advisor's office more than any other group. Mr. Nelson is allways available for 21 friendly chat or serious consultation. ,,,.,-f-' l ,X- Mr. Nelsoifs counterpart, Mrs. smile and infectious humor, is 1 X 'fs ' 1 Sf MLP" s sh I . Engstrom, with her ready a big hit with all freshmen. W, 1 N. l .s . f "0" , I t - . is , K W 'Wadi " , . - A- A , W... ,gf S " L. I ' K Our new DJ. Mrs. Smith in her new Spanish Lab. Freshman girls choose pattems for Home Economics class. Freshmen Undertake Many Varied Projects PM J A freshman and his father enjoy Biology displays. Sophomores like to initiate Freshmen. Adjustment ls Rarely Easy, but Usually Fun for All Frosh N. 3. I 5-tak 'rg Q 'V ' 4 'WL' 'Q New fi" X 4 The Book Fair attracted many freshmen, A student shows her intricate Art project to her parents. Mr, Zesigefs homeroom mem- hers are: Row 1-John Adams, Edward Adamson, Bay Allen, Joy Ammerman, Esther Anders. Row 2--lon Anderson, Judy Anderson, Thomas Anderson, Kenneth An- don, Marie Andress. Row 3- james Angeles, jolinnie Arvanis, Gloria Ashley, Harold Ankee, Helen Baldwin, Row 4-David Ballard, Larry Ballard, Dennis Barber, John Barber, Donald Baker. Bow 5WG wen Allen, George Barry, Patricia Baumann, Linda Bazor, Sarah Barnliill. Freshmen Look With Pride Upon Their Class Float Zum: wur1b"0n.s.s1wnv 483881358 x.s , SFTTU nl 'Bu- M-'lwl I I i aus--., Y l . - ..,, . - 7 1 it . Hiillllbllll-Tll-Ili-Ill ,. . 5 wx" ' -1 'I -fe g r, , r-W. f.. e Q, 5 e f- "' 1 Q5 - qiK.x'..x,,.:f1 ' -1 ' -!' ::,, t X3 K Q , ,, , .,,.,.. A, , ,,.i, , .,. .. . Mr, Nlilsonls homeroom niem- lui-rs are: Bow 1-l.arrx Beale, Xaureen Bedxvell. Sllarou Be- Bout, Clieryl Becker, larnes Bel- din. How 2-Patricia Bemis, Clary Bennett, Gary Bergendalil. .lanies Billings, Connie Blaelcman. How 3-l.oid Blair, David Blaneliard, liallileen Bolmert, Brenda Bone, Suzanne, Boney, llow 4-Sharon Bouliingliouse, Bonnie Bonsseloi, vluclitli Bowles, Yixian Boxxlqer, lanies Bowman. llow 5-lessie Bowman, Dennis Bergstrand. Ever see a cowboy in a football suit? NYell did you? -'y-rr, Mr, XVheeler's homeroom mem- bers are: How 1-Patsy Carss, Juliet Casillas, Penny Catour, Nancy Caulkins, Richard Caul- kins. Row :Z-Patricia Chambers, julie Clapp, Patricia Cave, Lon- nie Clark, Lynda Clark. Row 3- joann Clauw, Dennis Cleayes, Roger Colmark, Kenneth Cook, Lintla Cook. How 4-Eddie Coram, Xaney Coyemaker, XVan- da Cox, Diana Cox, Robert Crawford. Row 5-Donna Cris- xyell, Cherly Cummings, Eyelyn Cunningham, C a r r e t Curran, Donna Daah. Row 6-Gerald Daily, Iacqueline Daniels, Gary DeShazier. Language Instructors Dominate Open House Mrs. Hester seems to have made a hit with all at Open House. Mr. YVilliams, homeroom ITICTII- hers are: Row 1-Danny Bradley, XYayne Bratlley, Pamela Bracl- shaw. Yyonne Brarnan, Hugh Brennan. llow :Z-Holmerta Brere- ton, Linda Brewer, Michael Bert, 'llromas Garrison, Brenda Britt. Now 3-Charles Britton, Douglas Brown, William Brown, Hohert Brownlee, Patricia Bulen. How 4-Margaret B u n cl y, Kenneth Burtl, Cheryl Burney, Leroy Bur- rell, Carolyn Campbell. Row 5- Timothy Butterfield, NI a r i l y n Cady, Terry Caldwell, Maria Carclosa, Carey Carey. Row 6- Lincla Carleton, Kay Carlson. Elaine Carlton, Donald Carpen- ter, Heheeea Carpentier. llow 7-Todd C a r p en t i e r, Patty Carroll. .ME K+ 4 . Mr. Stach's homeroom members are: Row 1-Larry Daniels, james Darby, Cary Davis, Herman Davis, Terry Davis. Row 2- james Davison, Bonnie DeCas- taker, Janet DeCook, Michael DeDonker, David Deem. Row 3-Colin Degreve, Honey Fred- erick, Christine DeMarlie, Richard Dennis, David Deopere. Row 4-Diane DePaepe, Alois DeVos, Steven Dickey, Thomas Dickinson, G a i l e e n Diediriek. Row 5-Linda Diericks, Marcella Dixon, XVilliam Dobereiner. The Electronics Lab Challenges the Individual w' Q-""""""""'w , ,',, ,,'i 1 e gr . of ,,,,, 5 bl ' ' s S5 W ' .,,, -n n S tlssl aw nni, . if ' . an 'rf-7, If 5- at nntn ' Mrs. Srnitlfs homeroom mein- lmers are: llow l-Christie Dow, Darrell Downing, Ted Downing, l.inda Gartner, Mary Drake. Row 2-NllIlL'5' Drayer, Twilight Eekert, lliehard Edelson, Arthur Ehlers Jr., Michael Elder. llow 3-Iolmn limmert, Karen Engel- kai, Susa n England, Louise ljxans, klaniee Felter. Row 4- l,ena lferreri, Martha Ferris, Judith lfieeliter, Deborah Fir-ldv, -Indy lfilliner. Row 5-Linda lfleslnnan, Clary Flynn, Caroline lfouteli, Xanelle Fowler, Linda lfrary. How 6-Nancy lfrazee, llawlu lfreernan. It takes time, patience, and skill to work with these instruments. Q Mrs. Shorb's homeroom mem- bers are: Row 1-Louella French, Donna Frey, Tom Freymann, Carol Fuller, David Fuller. Row :2-,Rosalind Fullerlove, Thomasa Gareia, XVilliam Gardner, Robert Pitzer, Glenn Garner. Row 3- Frieda Giese, Dennis Gillespie, Jonnie Cilley, Christine Gilmore, Nancy Goodin. Row 4-Carolyn Gloekhoff, Raymond Goderis, Phillip Gonzales, Donald Good- rich, Linda Gorzney, Row 5- Charlene Gilbert, Martin Gomez, Judy Garrett. '7 i A t2'5-553, ypiiigkefs N A :ur , , My F EE A If! Still' Future Machinists Start Out on a Small Scale I-,.,,,...,. iii W... I 4 Sdn- s....f"- .. Believe it or not those will eventually be salt and pepper shakers. Miss Rings homeroom members are: Row 1-Fawn Goumas, Bill Graham, Diana Cranet, Darlene Griffith, Susan Griffith. Row 2- Susan Haegeinan, Bobby Hajny, XVilliam Hakemian, Mike Ham- mond, Robert Hammond. Row 3-Suzanne Harker, Richard Har- lan, Dixie Harmon, Charles Har- rinffton Ronda Harriott. Row 4-ilari' Haw, YYalter Hawley, Paul Hawotte, Edward Hayes, Cynthia Haynie. Row 3-.lean Heimburger, 'l' e r r y Hemphill, Ronald Hennel, Susan Henning, Bill Henriehs, Row G-john Henry, Mike Tass, Donna Hav- rnan, David Daniel. I r Mr, Prattis homeroom members are: Row 1-Marcia Henyan, Frank Hernandez, Martin Her- nandez, Christine Herrera, Law- rence H e s t o n . Row 2-Iaekie Hignight, Steve H i gg n i g h t, Richard llipskintl, Patricia Hof- seiter, Michael Hogan. Row 3- Lyle Holden, Stephen Horst, Lin- da H o s k i n, Keith Hoston, Richard Hostens. Row 4-Janice Hott, L i n rl a Hougan, Judith Hughes, Linda Hunt, Margaret Hunter. How 5-Mary Hurt, Jackie Ishamael, Roger jackson, Kathy Iaecques, Jeffery Hostens. Modern Designs Are Popular With Freshmen Att Students. .. x 5 if 1 g. I -wr., ,fr I , 'A ' ,1 Miss Palmeris horns-room mem- hers are: Now lANIartha jami- son, Shirley ,lt-wel, Barry vlohn- son, Charles johnson, ffinda Iohnson, Row 2-Druid -lohnson, Garx' Iohnson, lohn lohnson, Ken Iohnson, Xlarlin Iohson. Now 3-Mary johnson, Samuel Plohn- son, NYilliam johnson, Carl ulones, Deana Iones. Row 4-Saridra ones Karen K11Ilf'1lS, olm Ka- 5 N , I trana, laul Kay, planet Keeler. Row 5-llolmert Kelly, Tll0IH11S Kelley, Dennis Kl'lllllHS, Ada Jones, Roger johnson. Jff ,,f" ee,eef.i f f' Do you suppose there's a future Picasso in this group? .su P.-2' if J 9 K' .Aja Mr. Oliverys homeroom members arc: Row 1-lea n Kerkhove, Lawrence Kern, Sthephen Kester, Clark King, Rohert King. How 2-M i e h a e l Kinney, Robert Knight, Roger Knudson, Susan Koenig, Loring Kohrt. Row 3- Mary Komater, Deborah Koontz, Jody Kuebler, Frank Lace-field, Thomas Laird. Row 4-Maria Lakner, Linda Lamb, Sandra Lamb, Margaret Lampo, Timo- thy Landuit. Row 5-Ianet Lar- rison, Sandra Larrison, Charlotte Lawrence, Jim Leahy, Thomas Barr. Grades Are Measurements of Individual Progress. EDUC A TIQN THE TREASURER mm' You GIFT fi-,W l ,I ! ,ff Miss Ringis graclehook must be quite interesting from these serious looks. l Miss Miehalskils homeroom mem- hers are: How l-Jess Leclezma, Adrian Ledford, Joseph Lers- ehen, Darleen Lewis, Diane Li- geno. Row 2-john Little, Don- alcl Littig, Ianiee Lockhart, San- dra Loclieo, Helen Locling. Row 3-Pamela Lodrig, Steven Long, ,ILXIDUS Longneeker, Alan Love- sted, Albert Luncleen. Bow 4- Cliffoid Lnndeen, George Lun- cleen, Gerald Lundeen, Terry Lyon, Cynthia Li phout. How 5- Lincla Mahaffey, Janet Malm- strom, Ceorge Maloieh, Samella Martin, Sherry Lnalllen. How G- Caril Hutchison, Kraig Tohin. Mrs. McNab's homeroom mem- bers are: Row 1-Phyllis Machi- ando, Max Martel, Rene Martin, Ioan Massa, Judith Massa. Row 2-lack Mathias, jerry Means, Craig Meeske, Linda Meinke, John Mekus. Row 3-Raymond Mellinger, Norman Mest, Bar- bara Milbum, Dennis Milburn, Harvey 'Milem. ROW 4-Bonnie Miller, Carol Miller, Linda Miller, Nancy Miller, Gary Mital. Row 5-Nancy Montieth, Susan -Morgan, Bormie Dellore, Pa- tricia Halierg. Home-Ee Students Often Create Artistic Pastry. Miss Kuhn's homeroom members are: Row 1-Carmel Moreno, Nancy Mosher, Genevieve Muel- ler, Gary Mundt, XVilliam Myers. Row 2-Linda M u c C a r t n e y, Thomas McChurch, Gordon Mc- Collum, Betty McCorkle, George McDan0l. Row 3-james Mc- Dauel, Rosia Mt-Danel, Kenneth McGhee, KtlTt'll McGivern, Shar- on McKay. How 4-Marilyn Mc- Lemorc, Brutllcy McMillin, janet McMillin, Susan McMullin, jan- icc Nutwit-k. Row 5-N a n c y Needham, Viviun Lane, john Burggrat. uw .1 That looks good enough to cat and perhaps butterflies have changed. O it nf Mr. Kivisto's homeroom mem- bers are: Row 1-David Neels, Gregory Nelson, Beth Neumann, Pamela Newborn, Arthur New- ingharn, Row 2-Roger Newlon, Paul Niekell, Betty Nordholm, Kenney Odendah 1, Leanna O'Harrow. Row 3-Linda Oliver, Don Orey, Carroll Osborn, Bon- nie Overturf, jerry Overturf. Row 4-Drucilla Owens, Linda if Owen, Patricia Padget, Kay Page, -rx Larry Pankey. Row 5-Sharry Pankey, Elise Partain, james Parker, Ianice Parry, jerry Par- sons. Row 6-Sheryl Paulson, George Paytash. ' 1 . Freshmen Participate in Physical Fitness Tests. Mr. Kell's homeroom members are: Row 1-Gary Pendleton, Linda Penrod, Diana Perry, Ieny Pettis, Sharon Picon. Row 27Naomi Plumb, Leora Potter, Adrianne Powell, Vincent Prieto, Carol Ramirez. Row 3-Vincent Rangel, Linda Rasmussen, Alice Rasso, Michael Rasso, George Reger. Row 4-Gene Reiling, Cheryl Raymie, Kathryn Roberts, Darrell Robinson, Gary Rodgers. Row 5-Jerry Rodgers, Lawrence Rodgers, Darell Roe, Gregory Roets. Miss Iohnson's homeroom mem- bers are: Row 1-Roger Rogers, james Ronnebaelc, Marylec Ros- enberger, Maxine Ross, Regina Ruby. Row 2-Edward Rusk, Jacqueline Russell, Vicki Rus- sell, Linda Ryan, Sheryl Rykcr. Row 3-Anita Salrnonson, Jeanie Sanchez, Cheryl Sapato, Joyce Sapp, Patricia Sarginson. Row 4-Eileen Scliatteman, N a n c y Schatteman, Robert Scherschel, Sandra Scherschel, Marsha Schoellermann. Row 5-Beverly Schultz, Ronald Schultz, Barbara Scott, Chris Reynolds, Gary Schafer. Row 6-Jackie Schrader, Steve Shelton. Miss Hofstettc-r,s homeroom members are: Row 1-Phillip Seott, Emma Sedgwick, Paulette Seefeldt, Peter Segura, Robert Seibert. Row 2-Connie Setser, Karen Shep pard, Constance Sherer, Karon Shiek, Iohn Shivers. Row 3-James Shock, Robert Showalter, Ioyee Shull, Ioseph Sierra, Margaret Sierra. Row 4-Tim Simeox, Deborah Sipes, Linda Sitter, Alexis Skafidas, Helen Skelton. Row 5-Laurence Sletter, Dorothy Smith, George Smith, James Smith, john Smith. Row 6- John Smith, Linda Smith, Becky Smith, Steve Stone. Freshmen Strive to Perfect Their Class Assembly. Mrs. Hester's homeroom mem- bers are: Row 1-Suzanne Smith Virgil Smith, Sandra Sodeman, joel Soueinek, Robert Spinello. Row 2-Iaek Spitler, Kenneth St. john, Glenn Stafford, jerry Standefer, james Stanton. Row 3-Marilyn Sullivan, YV i l l i a m Stephens, David Stiekel, Kather- ine Stipp, Ralph Stoedter. Row 4-Kenneth Stogdell, D o n a l d Stoneburner, Gary Stout, Linda Stranclgarcl, Miehael Sullivan. How 5-Sanclra Svee, YVilliam Swafforcl, Connie Swanson, Bon- nie Sweat, Donna Swift. How 6-Jeane Talbot, ludith Paton. 1 Mr. Faleyis homeroom members are: Row 1-Lincla Talley, Linda Tank, Raul Tapia, Terry Tat- man, Elizabeth Taylor. Row 2- Linda Taylor, Robert Taylor, Emma Teague, Alvina Terronez, Lincla Terronez. Row 3-Olivia Terronev, Grace Thompson, Theresa T h 0 m p s o Il, Mike Thrasher, Patricia Tieman. Row 4-Peggy Timbro o k, Mary Tinker, Larry Tisclale, Gail Tol- liver, Howarcl Turner. Row 5- james Tumer, Nancy Under- wood, D en nis Uzelae, Rudy Vallejo, Cheri YanAusclall. Row 6-Virginia VancleGeest, Larry Vantlerbeke, Lincla YanYVassen- hove, Judy A. Garett, Ralph Trego. rss, if I ' F tr-., W 1. J K P "' . .ffifln i f? J' l N . fiilsfft. 1 1 1 i if Mr. Brayis homeroom membCrS are: Row 1-Rieharcl Van De- YValle, Dennis YanDeYVoestyI1C, Rose YanDeXYoe5tyne, Cheryl YanHnlle, Kenneth Yan Hulle. Rowl-IanYanYliere,AlbertYan- Lantlnyt, lo Ann Yan XVas5en- hoxe, -Linila Yeys, Lynn Yeys. Row 13-Roger Viager, Sandra Viekers, jackie Yogler, Robert YYaclsager, Kenneth Ylninwright. Row -1-ljrie YVala, Kenneth XYalton, Paul XYard, Tom NYare, Rebeeea XYarren. Row 5-Sherry YYarren, Leah Way, Kathy YYeekly, Dixie YYeinert, ,loesph YYeinext. Row 6-Douglas NVell5, Paul XVells, Charles Reynolds, Sharon XVatson, Richard XVeaver. 64, fs-af' Asn The Freshman Year ls an lncentive for the Future Mr. Allee's homeroom members are: Row 1-Charles XYenclt, Elinor XYenlie, Lesley West, Brenda XYestbrook, Ronald NVest- erx elt. Row 2-Thomas NVheeler, Deborah XVhiteanaek, E d cl i e Wlhite, Larry YVhite, Dale YVier- enga. Row 3-George NVilken, Stephen XVilkin50n, Carol XVil- lems, Sherry Williams, james Yllilson. Row 4-Kent YVither- spoon, Cheryl YVoner, Larry XVoorl, Darincla Yllooclrow, Terry Snyder. Row 5-Marvin VVren, Charlotte VVright, Dale Yarlon, Ienny Yates, Jerrilynn Zach. Row 5-A l a n Zimmennan, Rieharrl Zora, William YVyant, Sharon Xlhittington, Don YYesterlund. Row 7-Iohn Ziegler. This makeup shot includes: Row 1-Paul Rircl, Harry Blackwell, Leonarrl Blaeliwoorl, Carol Boss, Sheila Bowling. Row 2-,lLlI'l1L'5 Bull, Dennix Broun, Dayirl Car- maeli, Rieharcl DeXYulf, XYilli.nn Gomez. Row 3-Yirginia Ilernan- clez, .ini es Hoffman, Maryin jones, Barbara Kline, Bill Krog- man. Row 4-Cnrtiy Leslie, Sillll- , 3 ella Xlartin, Nlelyin Nh-Qnairle, K . J Mike Nieholw, jaela St-lnniers. Row 5-Lyle Wright. v. 2 av 5 ki X 1 ! md .,A h P A ,- , 1 . 1 . .,,. M fc 1 ., V5 A I :wi W1 I 027 ti . . ,- ' pZi11the15 sphrts hitghlzggbfs ' '196.lQ196Z h .h ' dir' if is -an Mauna, 'H 'E This Is Pantherville, USA. on for 1 C . 560106 GQ :S ,, " 3? '23 xg' CIO WS X 'N' K 9 Vg! CO3 QQQ, .I 756302 98 I al Spot pr f-051031-6 'YC - F10 0 Q1 bow QCCG ef Q 0 G Q02 Slglf 0,22 45 zofclte ts Evemn Q' U T.H.S. . 1 ' ' A ,sv 5.111 -if " The Varsity football team for 1961 consisted of: Row 1-Dave Parry, Bob Burrell, Bob Ash, john Cropp, Earl Paasch, Clark Tracy, Dick Bealer, Max O'Klock, John Hurd, Brian Mumma, Don Leonhard, Gerald Kipp. Row 2-Ron Owens, Larry Tillberg, john Blunke, Dennis Rusk, Mike Sandoval, Archie Gardner, Louis Ligeno, Garold Peve, Lee Oliphant, George- Christensen, Mel Owens, Brad Hanson, Gene Weimer, Dan Carruthers. Row 3-Bill Hahn, Bob Taylor, Gary Chapman, jerry Armstrong, Darrel Mattson, Mike Ligeno, Carl Rusk, Ron Schnieder, Bob Hauman, Gary Sutton, Bob Kittrell, Larry Sweet, Gary Davidson, Tom Vershaw, jim McKee, John Stotts, Richard Paasch, Bob Graham, Dennis Kerschieter. VARSITY FOOTBALL The East Moline Panthers found this year's season a rough one. With the heavy graduation losses from the 1960 team, Coach Frank Pierson was faced with a great rebuilding job. Calling on many juniors to fill key positions on offense, Coach Pierson built a defense around a fairly even combina- tion of Iuniors and Seniors. The season began with a loss to Washington and smashing victories over Davenport West and Alleman. As the season progressed, the Panthers suc- cuinbed to six straight opponents. The Panthers were always a fighting team and no one can deny their hearts were true. The experience gained by this yeafs juniors will give the 1962 Panthers a great edge. The Mississippi Valley Conference proved to have an exciting and interesting football season. At the beginning , of the season, Moline and Iowa City were the favorites. Wasington of Cedar Rapids predicted for eighth place, came e,,, on to win the Valley crown with a 7-1 record. Deadlocked in second place with 6-2 records were Moline, Iowa City, leff- 4 ' erson, and Davenport Central. East Moline finished in ninth place with a 1-7 record. OPPONENTS 0 Washington 12 26 Dav. West 6 28 Alleman 0 7 Jefferson 26 20 Moline 26 O Rock Island 48 13 Clinton 20 6 Dav. Central 25 7 Dubuque 13 is , . . 'gy .b K J , .fx Coach Frank Pierson unceasingly strives to im- prove the U.T.H.S. football program through hard work and long hours in a very lonely job. gi? J 4 1, Varsity Football Strength and Strategy . E. ,ia . f mi:-,1 , . I' 'fffiiiil X YM -, . -. Q 9 , x ' 'UF Q 9' Y r 'A ,ae , "1 , , ff - .,,a13:rr,:,e3,4g-35 W . W . .JM--':,zf:s.v., ,, ., A fn vwfefaf Y f ,sw 1.23136 ' . f A 1.5. . L 'rw . ' . , ' 1, "X, 1 'um M Q . 5- 1 - , 5,1 ,ssh 'vig-'11, ,lfiy K' Q. ,Y ., ,,,.. , . . ,t.. ,i , . ,, N"at ,i"ih7fff1'fi': , , W ff" 1 We S , y if at if 3 . A , -x, aww, -1 -f-' . nw. it if V. 7 8'1" 2 ' 1 5 L' , A 5 A"i"-3 , f ' -5-,alfa K' - V- , Q' ' ' H - ' it I 1 M M . , it 1 , as G H - ,ff'if1' 'nf ,. .. an .1112-' , , V Af" - 9- 'Hia rffxgff 2- if ,f iz, Q .as 1 ,, 1 --., 1, ' ii , 1. ,ii . a QE? XVith ball in hand and a strong line ahead of him, quarterback Dennis Rusk gets off another beautiful pass during football prac- tice. NVith all those receivers, he'll have to make a quick decision., P1GSK1 PREPARAT10 Ioe Dhoncltfendsg and head coach Frank Pieison. , 1 1 Planning this yearis line of attack are varsity coaches: Al Zimmerman Defensive backs' Keith Bare Defensive line- : , ' if it., , I 4 sq, 1 y , ..A It , or 1- - fist f arae 1 S ,-,r c , L A wry' A 4' ',j4iNM,f 1 ' VV., all v QW ,W if if fifty 1 f if ' it my e s 1 .fyr - f K . ,ilk 1 ,, - I it 2 1 , 1, IBM' i 1 tiii 1 yya 1 A c of be i s ,, S 1 ci,,i 1 .,., ' 1 U5 Running the Panther pigskin in '61 were: Dennis Rusk, Quazterbackg Bob Ash, Halfback. Missing from this picture are Bob Taylor and john Cropp, Fullbackg john Hurrl, Quarterbackg jim Stopoulos, Half- Mike Sandoval who filled in very well when injuries forced Paasch backg Cstandingl Earl Paasch, Fullbaekg Ron Owens, Halfbackg and and Ash out of play. 101 , fi f-I Bob Taylor and Ron Owens bulldog a would be Rocky end. Bottoms up! jim Stopoulos cuts them low and hard! VARSITY FOGTBALL 1961 Varsity in The jefferson pluycrs just cuult cutcli Dennis Rusk as he scumpcrs to the I-Hawks goal line. i ,R NNY , x x , T 1 Pave may not talk for awhile, but he got his man. Hey, Frank, supposc Armstrong and Peve could use 21 little help? That Rocky back is fast.-Nah! Not them. li I N: ,Q,,,. W. WA ,Aff Yllxshington found end Mike Ligeno an arm full. Hold on Huskg the blockers are coming! fkctn3n Qu 'sgx 'X' VARSITY FOQTBALL 1961 Take a good look boys. 'I'hut's jerry Armstrong stopping his man in the backfield. By the way, the ROCK on his knees eanyt bear to look at where Jerry went. ,f i i ', x A Ron Owens, off to a fine gain, found too many jefferson taeklers in the way. Hey! Bring the next one down a little. Jerry's not that tall. Q 2 i Q Behind the Scenes - ,"'fff1i-e7t,lLiZt:i I MW- f . ,zz ,fe in A, rr ' ' 5 if V , ,M - ., fgpg, t i A? ,"?'jdQ, Q :nth iswd., 'pug I he V I , , ,ta,,5:t .Ji-wa e 41 f- f F, K up 41, 'af--5" - 2 f , , A,-A 1- f""f+a "R ,H-.ar Q I Mr -f -A.. rw.. fwssa. - 'f -,,, pw- ,af :sm is ""'-.. -es... In pre-school practice, the varsity coaches smile in the August sun. Left to right are Joe Dhondt, Jack Burke, Keith Bare, jay Mercer, who sat in on many sessions, l and Frank Pierson. s A Zimmerman, Professional, Mechanical, and Student Assistance ' f 3 y 2 K-.5 ' 1 X , se' 25... yi X , ll aa ia: 'E un. ,.,,,n Y i X 3 'QOVQ IA! - l 145 fl W 1 ,L This past year, injuries were a plague. These varsity trainers had To keep a team supplied with all the right equipment, the man- their hands full: Milt Elias, assistant trainer, Mick XVilliams, head agers had to really hustle: Frank Benedict, coaches assistant, trainer, Larry Finley, practice field aid, and Dave Lange, as- Keith Curry, clean equipment supplier, and Ray Vermeulen, field sistant trainer. NYith so many injuries, the new whirlpool was in equipment man. XVithout these invaluable assistants the coaches constant use, and the team could not function properly, ug, is Special Awards 84 Outstanding Players The '61 eo-captains were Ron Owens and Jerry Armstrong. Jerry Senior John Hurd, named the most improved player, quarter- was, as a junior, voted to the All-Quad City and All- backed the ,6l team much of the season. This was 1ohn's Metropolitan teams at the end position. Ron, also a junior, first year of varsity football and by the end of the season was voted the most valuable player on the '61 team. Ron was he was quickly becoming an outstanding gridiron general. recognized as one of the best backs in the Conference. During the Varsity Q 961 Season I - Garold Peve, another Senior, was an outstanding line-backer and Dun Carruthers was selected as the team's best blocker for his played nearly every offensive line position. Carold received the achievements at a guard position. Dan, a junior, was the ilwilfd HS thc teams bust f11CklCf. Panthers' other representative on the All-Metropolitan team. The '62 season should prove to be a great one for Dan and his team mates. SOPHOMORE FOOTBALL 1961 is 5. This year's Sophomore team included: Row 1-Sheldon Kuve, Dick Belman, Dick Allison, Ron Pettis, Larry Duffee, Tom Duke, Andy Ortiz, jim Hernandez, Cale Voglcr, Cary Vogclsung. Row 2-Dan Ferguson, Phillip VanVVassenhovc, Leroy Trout, Tom Cox, Bob Bray, Tom Kallman, Bob Perkins, Bob Ellis, jim Ludico, Dennis Shock, Dale Robe, Harold Sens, Mike Dubuisson, MCR. The 1961 Sophomore football season was more profitable than the scores showed. The experience of two years of high school football will prove to be a great asset in varsity competition. The combination of this versatile Sophomore squad and the highly experienced juniors from 1961 makes the 1962 out- look a rosy one. Outstanding backs like Rick Vickers, Gale Vogler, and Hay Mueller will be an appreciable supplement to the 162 back field. Allen Knott and Bill Zora, a fine set of encls, are prime prospects. As the past has proved, many Sophomores will come into their own as varsity players. Looking at '61 as a sea- son of training, watch those 162 juniors! T. H. S. OPPONENTS 7 Bettendorf 18 13 Dav. VVest 26 0 Alleman 18 33 Assumption 13 6 Moline 14 7 Rock Island 7 18 Clinton 13 0 Dav. Central 2 19 Dubuque 6 Row 3-Bob Jensen, Bill Zora, Julius Meyers, john 'NVoocl, Iim Millizer, jeff Clendon, Ray Mueller, jim Sierra, Earl Jones, Paul Sierra, Don Versluys, Brian Ballard, Ierry Stanton, Rick Vickers, Ron Smith, Leon McLemore, Ron Ostrom, MCR. Row 4-Greg York, Steve Gillespie, Ron Carlton, Ron Andon, Cary Harris, Al Knott, Mike Kannenberg. ' M KS news. cn. surf 3 jay Mercer, Sophomore Football Coach, obliges our staff photographer in El casual pose. FRESHMAN ORANGE sa-.W , N, , ,4uiMQJN.Y41'i.p-3 ,, ,, The Freshman Orange Team included: Row 1-Pete Segura, jim Stanton, Frank Hernandez, Virgil Smith, Jerry Pettis, Greg Roets, Vincent Rangel, Michael Kinney, Terry Caldwell. Row 2-Gary Mital, MGR., Jones, Steve Stone, jim Davison, Bob Crawford, joe Sierra, MGR. Row 3-Dennis Gillespie, Marty Hemandez, jim Angelos, Charlie YVendt, Brad Mc- Millan, lack Smith, Lyle Holden, Don Stonebumer, Ken Burd, Gary Stout, Richard Dennis. FRESHMEN FOGTBALL ORANGE We They 14 Franklin 14 6 Alleman 6 0 John Deere 18 15 Central 45 13 Washington 27 19 Wilson 0 0 Black 0 BLACK We They 0 Washington 23 14 Wilson 6 O Alleman 12 14 Edison' 7 0 Coolidge 14 20 Franklin 0 0 Orange 0 FRESHMAN BLACK The Freshman Black Team included: Row 1-Bob Hainey, MGR. Ed Rusk, john Emmert, Paul Kay, Iack Vogler, Ralph Trego, Dave Stickel, Albert Lundeen, jim Longnecker, Mike Bowman, Rawland Freeman. Row 2- Ronald Schulte, Roger Newlon, Roger jackson, Max Martel, Dale Yadon, Joel Souci- nik, Bill Klogman, George Paytash, William Johnson, Terry Tatman, Larry Beale, Art Newingham, Gary Mundt, Bob Pit- zer, jim Leahy, john Arvanis, Alois Devos, Ed Hayes, Ion Anderson, George Lundeen, MGR. Panther Cagers Experience Rough Season As Seen in Varsity Basketball in Review 24 t A al 3 1 f, s jiinqg 3 ij.'g"'-3 Ji' 'li' J"' E 3 , if inf' 'hu 4 Q -1 fr - .-,K i iliirrp pp H lf 'QHES 1 2, N QQ N 4 M1 -ff fs- H ' e t use f ,t 2 ..r,p x saat rrrr , i i Q itiii a-... .L -,ga " x 1 'P N ? 9 L ' R 1' K T G Q. rg ak? 4 2 5. s S in 5, X F . ,X Varsity Basketball-Members of the 1961-62 varsity basketball team intl Bolt V 1nQu xthem Row 7 Boll llxlor im Nloort lull Whitt include: Row l-Ron Sclinitlvr, Mgr., Russell Hopkins, Dennis Grif- Bfllll Mumml Nlike Ligeno Allin lxnott olin Hurd Cent Yltnnu fin, Ron Owens, Dennis Rusk, Toni Maranville, Dennis Kc-rcliietcr, IIl1bS1Ilgl10ITltl1LPlLfllI'615 Mg: Dim l niqt The Panthers fought a "ruff, sca- son in 1962 finishing in a tie for Sth in the pulley with an overall record of 7-15. Vast improvement in the mainly young squad marlcerl the time between November and March. Returning in "63,v to team up with the upcoming hopefuls will he nine juniors, among them the two greatly improved players Junior Ron Owens and Soph. Allen Knott. 'iExperience is a costly calculation with an in- caluable product." Tenseness, like the double over- time against Assumption, pressed the players and the coach every game of the season, Coach Ernie Kiuisto was constantly on the edge of his seat and the right hand of his team. SCORES WE THEY 41 Assumption fDoub1e over-timeb 39 44 Iowa City 32 45 Alleman 46 29 Davenport XVest 42 36 Clinton 64 29 Rock Island 66 54 Washington 67 49 Iefferson 54 57 Moline 68 49 Davenport Central G2 53 Assumption 50 49 Iowa City 57 69 Jefferson 59 50 Dubuque 41 60 Clinton 48 39 Moline 62 52 Davenport VVest Covertimej 53 44 Davenport Central 48 41 Rock Island 59 45 Alleman 40 65 Galesburg 80 Regional tuumarncnt 68 Cenesco L overtime J 72 Roll-a-Coaster Ride Marks 1961 l967 Season As Panthers Rebuild for High Honors Next Season A close call brings the eoich to his feet during a typitil lution picked Pinther tonttst n Lack of Height and Experienced Players Hold Mumma with a hop, skip, and a jump for two in a fierce en- Up and over the hoop with two more for Rusk as versatile Denny counter with Iowa City. scores again. Up Panther Aspirations This Past '61-'62 Season FA qi 2141 Hurd drives over his man and cans two more in a winning "Al-le-oop" and in 'Kboob boob." drive for the Panthers. Panther Underclassmcn Dominated the Team This Is Hurd throwing a clip or taking exit left, looking all the way? john proved to be the most played senior this past season and always gave the fans his all. As a sophomore Allen Knott proved to be a valuable asset to our club with his great shootin and rebounding. Big things are expected from this soph in next two seasons. Mumma in the hearts of their with this fierce which ized our scrappy team this I1 Taylor and strike terror opponents rebounding character- past season Bob picks his fouls well, al- though thc referee a ears uncon- cggiedg he's watching for traveling. Violations and the eyes in this case should be on the hands and not on the feet. Dennis Rusk calls signals to Bob Taylor and Brian Mumma, as he turns to some of his football skills at quarter- backing in the rugged game of basketball. 1961-1962 Season Rebuilding Year for Panthers 40" Many Games Close 84 Hard Fought This Past Season , ui?-W All appearances would seem to indicate this is no place for a quarterback sneak or butterfingers, , as all pile on the loose ball While Denny awaits his chance. 111 Free Throw Award to Al Knott 1961-1962 C0-Captains Were Bob Taylor and Dennis Rusk Ron Owens Named Most Valuable Player Past Season Most Improved Players This Past Season Were Junior Mike Ligeno and Senior Tom Maranyille Bob Taylor Awarded Title of Best Rebounder Junior Ron Owens Named Best Defensive Player This Year's Team Featured a Hard Fighting Aggressive Pressing Offense 84 Defensive The Next Few Years Look Bright and Hopeful for Panther Students 84 Fans Jefferson, Clinton, Alleman Games Outstanding Victories Taylor and Knott Leading Scorers for Panthers Over Past Season Panthers Loose Only Three Seniors in H62 113 Soph Basketeers Win Quad-City and Valley "" sw . - it ,H 'in g l 2 is, ' 5 Y nr 1 5 Q , E f ' - ,fflfl lllgi ' ,AJ ' if 1 Q, A 2 Arranged in a "V" formation are the "victorious" cagers who be- came the pride of the Sophomore class in 1962. Row 1-Grieg York, Bob Bray, Bob Brissman, Bill Zora, Rick Vickers. Row 2- 2 .imma -Fnwmifrs ........... J i V - .. 51 :Or - ' Mike Dubuisson Mgr., Ernie Kivisto, Jim VanQuathem, Mike Bare, Cary DeC-reve, Dan Furguson Mgr. Row 3-Coach Keith Bare, Ron Andon, Bob Jenson, Ray Muller. Titles for Second Year in a Row SCORES THEY Assumption 34 Iowa City 28 Alleman 42 Davenport West 43 Clinton 46 Rock Island 40 Jefferson 30 Moline 38 Davenport Central 42 Assumption 32 Iowa City 40 Jefferson 44 Dubuque 37 Clinton 47 Moline 28 Davenport West 24 Davenport Central 32 Rock Island 34 Alleman 38 Galesburg 58 ' ' '14 L1 4 it If ' ' l x, N. Here is the pride of the sophomore class. The Sophomore class produced an abundance of out- standing basketball players. First giving up Allen Knott to the varsity early in the season, and second, finishing the season on the top of the Quad-City and Mississippi Valley conferences. Coach Keith Bare, for the second time, turned out a scrappy ball club with a keen eye for the basket. Representative of their spirit are the six boys flower left cornerj who made the most frequent appearance on the court. The first six were Bob Jenson, jim VanQuathem, Ernie Kiuisto, Bill Zora, Mike Bare, and Ray Muller. Missing from the photo was Rick Vickers, a persistent starter who scored over 200 points in fifteen games. Coach Bare fBelow at rightj looks through his scorebook with a smile. Even though height was lacking, as a whole the team was a well balanced championship team. C A 4 I, . xx ' ' l i lj? 5" lj :KV R WVJTV ., t 2, I l Ah, ..... the end of another successful season. Freshman Black Basketball Squad - 1961-1962 3' Q 3 The members of the Black Squad are: Row 1-Art Newingham, ack Mathias Mike Rasso, Cary Stout, Rich Dennis, Roger jack- son Ierry Lundeen. Row 2-Rudy Vallejo, Pete Segura, Alois BLACK Opponents Alleman Edison Assumption Washington Alleman Iohn Deere Central Coal Valley Assumption Coolidge Franklin Wilson 1 Z7 'rl , ', , pi ' E.2EI.2,,, , I , -.1 ,L 1 ,L 1 it .. If ,JU YQ , , ,. -, -. Y fri' .Cz -: . ..,, f 'A Mil 'ff ' 'G H - - :zzz -"we J 3 ft ' Q: 5 ' if -- Devos, Clark King, Ron VVestervelt, Vince Range-l, Frank Her- nandez. Row 3-Coach Mercer, jon Anderson, jim Longnecker, Bill Dobereiner, Mike Bert, Larry XVhite, Eddie NVhite, Rick Zora. ORANGE Opponents 35 Wilson 32 50 Alleman 59 49 Edison 41 43 Assumption 41 56 Washington 43 61 John Deere 37 41 Assumption 29 53 Franklin 39 62 Alleman 50 50 Coal Valley 25 42 Coolidge 39 36 Central 30 Black 39 Orange 43 Championship Orange Basketball Squad mx These are the Championship Orange Squad members: Row 1- Kay, Rowland Freeman, Dennis Gillespie, Ron Schultz, Rich Coach Loveall Doug Brown, Lloyd Blair, Terry Tatman, lim Delaere, Ken Stogdell. Row 3-Tom Laird, Mgr, Ed Hayes, Angelus Normln Mest, jim XVilson, Row 2-jim Smith, Paul Larry Vanderbeke, jack Vogler, Carl Jones, Bill Swafford Mgr. i F The Grunt and Groan Profession ls Represented at U.T.H.S. by the Varsity Wrestlin S uad sq tl 1. H i ' rrss .rslr l S HS I v , :K '1 t These 1962 varsity matmen led the struggle in one of the Tem Duke. ROW 2-Riehafd Anderson, Duane Cfemeefls, toughest individual sports in United Township High School: Gafeld Peve, lehn CTOPP, Clwrles lvestbfeeky Beb Burrell, Earl Row l-Dick Ovens, Jim Teague, Floyd Call, Bernard Rangel, Paasch, Dwight DeM0l1t- Rich Paasch Places Second in State Finals at Champaign Injured but not pinned. Richard Paasch was a great prospect for the 1962 wrestling season until he suffered an in- jury in football which kept Rich from participat- ing until the last three matches of the wrestling season. From the doctoris aokn to the finals in Chicago, Rich ground out the practices to de- velop his 180 pounds of talent which took him to state in his junior year. At the state meet Rich scored two wins on points, one pin and finished second with a total of eleven pointsg putting U.T.H.S. in the top twenty in the state by his single effort. Richard is looking forward to "63v under the coaching of Mr. Hess and per- haps the first place medal. LN Wi i . P M VVrestling is a sport requiring rigid training and practice on the part of each individual. Un- like many sports it is not a team effort, but a hand hand battle by each grappler. Each wres- tler meets a man his own weight and then the battle begins. Every boy on the squad learned what hard work was during the 1962 season. The boys found themselves with a new coach who believed in work. Mr. lValter Hess, a former Inter-Collegiate Champion at Norman Universi- ty, began building hopeful future for wrestling at U.T.H.S. with the help of able veterans like Earl and Rich Paasch, Bernard Rangle, james Teague, and Sophomore Tom Duke all of whom went to District competition. The 1963 season looks promising. Future U.T.H.S. Varsity Wrestlers Comprise the Junior Varsity Wrestling Squad HL...- The 1962 J.V. Crapplers: Row 1-John Wood, Ben Mating, Darryl Ronald Lane, Mgr., Jerry Stanton, Darrel Mattson, Lee Oliphant, Ed Mc-Clean, jerry Olivira, Duane Hawthorne, Don Maring. Row 2- Quinn, Coach VValter Hess. Row 3-Jim Hantz, Clark Tracy. And Sophornores Sport Hopefuls ataaaa S at d . ,. W A Lhkx i N VV A 1 E L, ,K ' g M ,,,, V ,, N W :N i X, A, g ' S it 1 it X ,,,,, VA- -fe i N fi ' reta 77 Y kr I KA. .. . ,,,fh ,,,- , K s i My 1 S ta E S t - -is ,V V 1 N L vW ,V I M V V, f, VLVV .,,VVVVV 3 VSVAV t M or N N-' af' 4 ils was C 1 at a t ei is aa, Vw - T ,r A Wi-ef' .Q frr Ai ,,,. 'L Q, if at it f X .t , ,,t Promising young matmen train under Coach Miller to prepare for varsity competition. Row 1-George Paytasli, Ed Cibhart, Charlie XVendt, Cary Munt, Dale Yadon, Cary Flynn, Terry Snyder. Row 2- Dennis Cleaves, Terry Caldwell, Cary Iohnson, john Cross, Ed Rusk, L jim Stanton, Dave Carmack, George Smith. Bow 3-Coach Miller, Vince Piereto, Mike Sullivan, jack Bergraf, Marvin Jones, Jack Spitler, Tom Dickenson, Curt Carlson, Mgr., missing from this picture was Mike Bert. Panther Grapplers Practice Long and Strenuous Couch Hess t-hot-ks Ierrfs 110111 O11 101111 Q15 i11Cy work out f01' Zi It looks us if '1'rucy has Mattson, but no Mattson has Tracy and future meet, then ...... well ....,. thutls wrestlixxg. Hours in Preparation for the Seasons Schedule VARSITY WRESTLING V ...........,,-. ,,,,,,,,,,m,,,,,a ,. .rw N 1961-1962 1 'W W' W '539' Bemie smiles in one of the few times during the Coach Hess talks with three of the early season stundouts before a tough season in which he was on his back. match. ,.....-- ...--'f 1 Underclassmen Dominate the U.T.H.S. Golf Squad '2 Lf 'W 'N 1 "i?'-'Fl' WW-F The members of this yearis golf team at U.T.H.S. are: Row 1-Bob spoon, Craig Knight, Mike Adams, Tom Kallman, Larry VanderBeke. Agnew, Greig Hefflin, Cary johnson. Row :2QTom Means, Larry Duf- Row 4-Richard Strang, Dave Johnson, Jim Lodico, Coach Don fee, XVard Larsen, Tom Duke, Carlo Ferreri. Row 3-Kent XVither- Loveall. GOLF Spring 1961 Standings Mississippi Valley Conf. . . Illinois District .,..5th ....3rd Quad-City ,............ ..... 2 nd Iowa City Invitational . . . George Gavin ........ District 4th Craig Hoefflin .... Conference 4th Dual Record E.M....14Be E.M.. . . 5 E.M.. . . 6 . . 416 6 E.M.... E.M.. .. 7M ....5th W L Tied 1 4 1 Alleman . . . . . W Clinton . . . . .10 Assumption . . . 9 Iowa City . . . IOVZ Assumption . . . 9 Clinton . . . . . 7V.a wyymifgf Although they are only juniors, Bob Agnew and Craig Hoeff- lin line up their puts as easily as they pose for our camera. , The 1961-1962 Golf team, under coach Don Looeall, had a fine fall record and a good spring schedule of corn- petition. In the fall competition, East Moline took second in the Quad-Cities taking three out of the top four places in the play-offs. In the Quad-Cities Bob Agnew won first place, Larry VanderBelce was third and Craig Hoefflin was fourth. Next fall our Golf team will have at least four re- turning leltermen in Craig Hoefflin, Bolo Agnew, Gary john- son, and Larry VanderBelce. Each year Golf becomes an in- creasingly popular sport around the country and at U.T.H.S. ,z ,,,,, .. , Coach Loveall gives suggestions to veteran chip-shooter Cary johnson. ,-w-M,,.,..-- F- W ,Q as if , Unfavorable Weather and a Late Spring Arrival Delay the 1962 Panther Baseball Season if ' . 1 I f ttt - we A , r1,, .35 - -. . 1 i if 1 I , t Q' I ' . r r rr 3 , e rrlr L, E H if ,ig . 1 1 54: W8 ffifgf of K I g , . y s any f ..:g kb yr I , h ' I N! A . fr I I , ft A 1 . fr-- f t s . V Q s .3 . A my . 15 i . . K 1 1 S2 .A 1 e taeer l . 2 . ..., . u " 'llf K r f fi ,,.t. ,' "ii . . . . it I reee raa er t ref r rl 1 rrf' ' I . rl, , .,,, ... z 5 rt,a N' lrtt A S Q I so ' 5 . K y R- T ,kr,,1. 1.1. , K 1,, m y I h, :- Eff I fr .y i I: gi . 5 kifg , . E I K e f' e . - , ,tat A alla r Q , My 5 Members of the 1962 U.T.H.S. baseball team are: Row 1-Dave Diederich, Ray Vermeulen, Don Panky, Don Buser. Row 2-jim Teague, Cerry Kipp, Terry Anderson, Dennis Hanneman, lim Bowers, Bob Hauman. Row 3-John Blunke, joe Ybarra, Gary Sutton, Dave Powell, Greg DePorter. Row 4-Gene VVcimer, Tom Maranville, Max VVeekly, Dan Carruthers, Gary Chuich, Bay Kraack. Row 5-Coach john Burke, Bob Van Quathem, Howard Lange, jim Moore, Norman Antolik, Coach Chuck Allee. As spring practice swung into high gear, Coach Burke was looking forward to a fine year. The 1961 graduation left the team in want of many key positions. Because of the many op- portunities auailable last year this years club had more overall experience than last yearis squad. The Panthers were a fast and eager group of ball players bent on winning their share of games. Coach Burke is looking forward to a fine group of re- turning letterrnen in 1963. 1961 VARSITY BASEBALL SCORES 8 East 1 East 7 East 0 East 2 East 1 East 1 East 4 East 4 East 2 East 3 East 3 East 1 East 2 East 0 East 1 East Moline Moline Moline Moline Moline Moline Moline Moline Moline Moline Moline Moline Moline Moline Moline Moline Record 3-11 Vs. Assumption Vs. Dav. Central Vs. Dav. West Vs. Rock Island Vs. Cedar Rapids jefferson Vs. Cedar Rapids Vs. Rock Island Vs. Moline Vs. Dav. West Vs. Alleman Vs. Dubuque Vs. Moline Vs. Dav. Central District Tournament Vs. Alleman Iunior Varsity Vs. Moline Vs. Moline Washington 0 5 1 10 3 3 5 8 12 6 5 10 12 Ms is . 4 14 Coach Burke smiles as he turns the bats over to veterans Skip Blunk and Gerry Kipp. Varsity Baseball Hopes in the "6Z" Spring Season Uncertain As Aspirations Ride on lnexperienced Shoulders F f , f' ,ff Y K , J li iii S ,ag tk' X 0 f' Stop .... look .... for this junior slugger .... listen .... for the Hanneman to Diederiek was a deadly double threat combination "Kra.ck' 'at the bat. Ray Krack we mean. this spring and fall season. Coach Burke Forced to Rely on a Few Veterans and a Great Many Untried Juniors As Season Begins le .6 ff ' ,f iri ' f as t o or '31 tiaa S W - fi' .A a- emi H ff ' ' I "-- I tr't r- l .iil accc tssc i l S ' rissi Epmd iicc tccca,c ,tfyfoc S i r f r aarrl The batters all look hard at the fastest pitches il ready hurlers on the U.T.H.S. mound staff. . rf . V, - 113,11 ' 'i,'fif-ig, ,,,, SN-me ,,,,, , 1 ,L . 'IL' ' V .eflfi ' N. ' 7 '- round from six f ,fl 5 ' rr A M 3 t A K y 'tial Bha- Don Lewis is the ustrecliv that makes him a prime prospect "GZ" for the first base position. in 121 U.T.H.S. Track Squad Sends Two to State Finals The members of the 1962 track squad are: Row 1-Sheldon Kave, Probizanskie, Ioe Lerschen, Curtis Leslie, Don Maring, Tom Andress. Row 2-Harry Timbrook, jeff A. Wil- liams, Brad Dunham, Dennis West, Gerald Weaver, Roger Newlon. Row 3-Mgr. Mike Trout, Steve Dickey, Ierry Arm- strong, Mike Foss, Bill Buckley, Gary Durham, Mgr. Ron U.T.H.S. 1961 TRACK SCORES U.T.H.S. Opposition Mississippi Valley Conference U.T.H.S. Alleman 46 lf-3 71 2X3 U.T.H.S. - Rock Falls 49k 68 2X3 Davenport Relays 10 U.T.H.S. - Bettendorf 39 19 U.T.H.S. - Assumption 56 62 U.T.H.S. - Rock Island 31 94 Illinois District 6 1X3 Quad City 3 Illinois State Dave Herstedt and Gene Wilder-muth competed. MaHaffey. Row 4-Michael Kenning, Cedric Salisbury, Brian Ballard, Marlin Johnson, Ierry Lydon, Randy Roush. Row 5- Gary Mundt, -lim McCabe, Steve Shull, Loring Korht, Garry Harris, Hugh Brennan, Tim Landuit. Row 6-Tom Cline, jim Bettis, Gene Wildermuth, Craig Meeske, Don Carpenter, Colin DeGreve. The 1961 Track Team was mainly a Sopho- more and junior squad which provided the 1962 Spring season with a heavily experienced team. The Sophomore squad in 1961 showed great promise. In spring practice this year the number out for Track Cahout 502 gave Coach Chivers a good field from which to choose. With the many experienced upper-classmen to help train the good turn out of Freshmen and Sophomores, the 1963 season has many good prospects. Armstrong in the dash, Dunham in the distances, Salisbury, Coach Glen Chivers and senior shot putter Clark Tracy show Bettis, and McCreight in the hurdles, all race the clock a would be weight man the form and balance of shot putting. for U.T.H.S. Cross Country Team Competes in State Finals ,P fr' C we ' Q M I sts, It 3 me , 1 t f if ., gk rg s w 'f - rreiii q as I B r , ?li A W H. x ai N' ,. I ,::,' gi, A ' 'li . - I y H W M is K itlr Q i'i 1 i'ii ' U ' ' ' riii Q . if , lx 1' .. iz- it 5:1 I ill ff A I lgi "i: 'V'h C L h ,,:1.h 2 I an ,,lh a A2 ,4,, .a Q , L J AV 1 y fb A H The Cross Country team this season was composed of: Kneeling- Mgr. Ron Mahaffey, joe VanQuathem, Don Panky, Ed Coram, Dave NVest, Jerry Lundeen, Don Maring, Dennis XVest, Ed XVhite, Larry XVhite, Gene Riley. Standing-Coach Glen Chivers, Duane CROSS COUNTRY Low Score Wins Varsity Rock Island f U.T.H.S. 26 Geneso - U.T.H.S. 34 Moline - U.T.H.S. 45 Alleman - Orion - U.T.H.S. 29 Rock Island - U.T.H.S. 20 Illinois District 2nd place Illinois State 13th place Low Score YVins QV? CIVJ Invitational Meets 2812 38z1 Tri Meet 1610 Mile Team Race 2nd place Quad City Meet 2nd place M.Y.C. Cross Country 3rd place Opp. 29 25 17 37 18011113 2612 16:0 2nd place 2nd place lst place Cremeens, jeff YVilliams, Brad Dunham, Gene NVildemuth, jim Bettis, Scot Lyons, Paul WVl1ite, Tom Maranville, Howard Lange, Jim Bowers, Ernie Kivisto, Bernie Bangel, Harry Timbrook, Tom Andres, jim Moore, Bob VanQuathem. The coming of the hardest winter in years found our 1961 Cross Country finishing 13th in the state of Illinois. Coach Glen Chivers found veteran runners fGene IV'ildermuth, Dennis and Dave IVest, Duane Carnzeens, Scott Lyons and Tom Andressj the core of cz determined team. Dave West, Scott Lyons, and Tom Andress will be returning letterrnen in fail of 1962. as H57 . i 3 l H, Indoor training provides ideal conditions for running perfection. Ollly 0l1td00I'S C311 tI'l16 f2lCiHg C0I1difi0DS be TeCfC21f6d- U.T.H.S. Boys' Tennis Team 1961-1962 Season sf This year's U.T.H.S. Tennis Squad is composed of len, Art Newingliam, Dennis Uzelac. Row 4-Keith the following: Row 1-Larry Nelson, Lex Gober, Bowles, Bob DeMay, Ron Stout, Norman VVest, jack Morgan. Row 2-Dave Rinden, Dick Ovens, Doug Brown, Iolm Daily, Coach Ed Peterhoff. Gray Gerry Cluse. Row 3-Al Zimmerman, Brad McMil- Lee and Bob Brissman were absent. In dual competition during the 1961 Spring scomas and Fall Season, the U.T,H.S. Tennis Team UTH-S. 052215321 compiled an outstanding record of 15 wins and 9 Dav, west 0 7 losses. This was the finest record of any of 3 Rock Island 6 the Varsity Teams at U.T.H.S. They also fin- Z entml ? ished in second place in the Quad City singles 2 gawk Yiiesfd 2 and doubles and capped the season by taking OC san . . . , . , . . . third place in Illinois District competition. lVith 2 D .C r 1 7 Tie for 2nd, Qilxa-cilgrsiingles the trans er 0 orrner coach Steve Morffan to 1 ' G Qnfifplace gglglfcity Doubles 16 Chicago, ,Mr. Peterhoff moved .up to head coach- ing position and has shown signs of continuing the past excellence of U.T.H.S. Tennis squads. ' T In V S J . K ..., . ,Q if ' "1 A 'W is f A ,.,, N Despite the cold weather, Larry Nelson 51 Dave Rinden begin practicing for the coming spring season. six .. sis-Wil N Mg, A S ff 'H '- . gi "" ' W"' , ,,,,,,,.,, ,, ' T .. . ,JW,,..,swam,:sszs:1f' -"VM-41 ,,,,-,, 'if-mf . ' . - --'- """ ""' . . , ' , Q, ,.. 'K- Head tennis coach, Ed Peterhoff, cheeks the tennis grip of number one singles player Lexy Gober. ffl U.T.H.S. Girls Tennis Squad 1961-1962 Season f, l if , ,4-3 K N ..,,. R . fi ,il The members of this year's U.'l'.H.S. girl's Kneeling-Leanna O,H2IfffJXY7 Mueik, Gail Granet, Sheila SCORES Spring 1961 SINGLES U.T.H.S. Opponents 1 Rock Island 2 Dav. West 2 Moline 0 Dav. Central DOUBLES 0 Rock Island 0 Dav. West 3 Moline 1 Dav. Central 'L Becky Smith. Leahy. Row U.T.H.S. 6 0 5 1 5 3 7 0 5 0 5 1 2 3 4 2 3-Miss Miehalski Fall 1961 SINGLES Opponents Rock Island Dav. West Moline Dav. Central DOUBLES Rock Island Dav. West Moline Dav. Central V, . um-fn, ,N fi. fix A Ktiijgfqsr. ,Y ,, lil' 2 'lle- gk ,,,. 1 gp' 3 , ., ,,, , fin-'ji 2 - 1.- 1 NX' gfnigllf. I T .mf---f - Q, 451, f 1 '75 ' feH1'1iS Squad life! feoaehj, Ieanette Hart, ,lere XVhipple, Gail Salmonson, Diane Row 2-Linda Ligeng. Q .. at 1 I 1. , . E l . 5 Although the East Moline girls tennis team llllllllf ruin many matches, most of them did play the full three sets needed to win cz match. Most of the top ten players are freshmen and sopho- mores. This fact will prove interesting two years from now. Although everything seems complacent now, in just a short To get the proper grip, just shake hands with the racket, says Miss Miehalski, tennis coach, to Linda Maeik. time two friends-will he opposing each other on the courts. jeanete Hart, lett, will try to defend her position as num- ber one tennis player, while Gail Grunet will try to take over that position. May tl1e best player Winl 125 26 U.T.l-l.S. Varsity Cheerleaders "ol"-"ol" Season Ns, Picturcrl arc the l9Gl-62 varsitv chi-crleaders: Ann Causc, Kathy 1 Gothals, Pomposu Lopez, Glenna Turner, Carol Kclly, Vicki Cruscr. '-P - -X V 1 w ,V M V Ya is is a ' V . X' ' 1 Q it 'I A 'ga 5 Acrobatics became an important M 45 it 'i 5' K i ' part of the cheerleading pro- A 5 gram in thc l96l-62 scuson. it ' ' Mrs. Xvarcl contributed much to the proficiency. p ,. , 3 .'w 1' ll ' . 01.1 ' ' Q k . ' ' Qt iq .. a ' U.T.H.S. Sophomore Cheerleaders "ol"-"62" Season su Y +5 These Sophomore chccrlcnders le-ad the fans in joyous support of thc Sophomore teams: Kathy Agnew, Viviun VVilson, Chcryl Newlon, jcanettc Haut, Christine Stopolus, Bonnie Lingner. PETE THE PANTHER Freshman Cheerleaders Root the Orange Leading the freshman class at games and rallies this season were: Beth Newmann, Marcia Henyun, Becky YVurren, Emma Teague, Linda Sitter, Linda Hunt, Cindy Haynie, and Cheryl Burney. And Black Teams to Vietories This Season DON MILLER 1961-1962 Here the freshmen cheerleaders show ample proof of the agility and dexterity it takes to be an outstanding cheerleader at U.T.H.S. Z 2 Q 's 5 51 . . 55 ? 'xii 'E 3 5 ,Z ,5 1 . 2 if . ' E 5? gig? 1 , ,I 1 H .3 Q QE Q Q E V F if if K .Ss E fx .3 K . Q2 'Il ffl woamwlnwqmi' f My lMM,W,,,, ,. ,,..W. ,,M,,.. W I l,,,,,...... vw-...M , ,AM ,ww UN , .S W 54-N 1, Q, :gig 5. -A 'ff a wm- North and South Campus . fC' The following students comprise the South Campus Art Club: Row 1-Gerald Skillet, Dick Francis, Bonnie Licko, Diane Dc-lacgher, Frances Rittel, Ccorge Parr. Row 22-Sandra Lee, Ruben Guerrero, Dave Ferguson, Margo Ohlsen, ,Ioannc Guild Sharon Blashack Lynn Bcldin. Row 3--Ruth Smith Carol Kelley Bob RT CLUB The main source of income for the Art Club is making posters for the various other organizations in the school. This year, the production was improved with the acldition of a S125 sign machine. In addition, to this time consuming activity, the member.s find time for outside activi- ties. In the fall, the club took a gallery trip to a display in Davenport. In the future, the club plans for a trip to Chi- cago to view the various art establish- merits. Milbulrn, Allan VerBeke., I , 1 3 i The Fresh-Soph Art Club includes: Flow 1-Virginia Hernandez, Kathy jacques, Linda Tcrroncz, Maria Cordoso-trcasurcr, Donna Frey-vice-president. Row 224 Alvina Terronez, Nancy Needham, Phyllis XVirt, Rudy Rangel--president, Barbara Sullivan. Taking time out from decorating the cafeteria for the Art Club Dance are the officers and sponsors: Ruth Smith, secretary, Ruben Guer- rero, treasurer, Mr. Bullard, sponsor, Dave Ferguson, xice-president, and Carol Kelly, president. H P .i ,il T C 1 C Z O 6 m 1 W H 1 s fl Siu. 9 F 1 1 n O 8 21 I For the second straight year, the Art Club float won first place in Humor in the Homecoming Parade. This entry was entitled 'kKill 'Em Deadf, Club Sponsors Twilight Time Dance CV, KB X Members of this year's Business Club are: Row 1-Frances XVoods, Pat Russo, Anna Her- rera. Row, 2-Sheryl Hook, Carolyn Stotmeister, Ella Spurr, Rosemary Prieto. How 3-Vicki Cruser, Sally Beard, Kay Bebout. Row 4-Barbara Hoyle, Dorothy Sainer, Carrie Kappas, Susy Achilles, Carmen Ramirez, Alice Flowers. .T.H. . BUSINESS CLUB 1961-1962 Ari award dinner honoring outstanding .shorthand and lyping students, the Twilight Time dance, and u Christmas party were some Bu.s'ine.s's Club activities of this past year. The club is organized to provide the girls with an opportunity to talk over office work and share the problems and experiences of their jobs. To aid them in office procedure they prepared a bulletin board displaying proper dress and manners for the office worker. ,X liz! y "' A-A Q ff A Pasting an announcement for the rest of the members are These girls operate a few of many machines that they use Miss Allen, sponsor, Sheryl Hook, vice-president, Rose Ann on the jobs. Belman, president, Susy Achilles, treasurer, and Pat Russo, secretary. t 4J Biology, chemistry and physics-these three .sciences are the basis for the -w , is D ' JF Biology, Chemistry, and Physics Form the Nucleus 1 ,swf i Members of the South Campus Bio-Chcmics Club: Row l-Mary Skelton, Iulie Duff, Diane Scibert, Charlyn Buss. Row 2-Alvin Leone, Pat Hill, Joy Bloomberg, Gail Salmonson, Andy Lunclecn, Pat Linclstrom, Scott Kettering. How 3-Pctcr Hull, Mike Polich, Bill Schmidt, Bob McCrcight, jim Fuller, Curtis McKay, Bill Keehn, Keith Boles. of the U.T.l-l.S. Bio-Chemics Club Bio-Chemics Club, with chapters at both campuses. The club is designed to promote further interest in science beyond classroom activities. Monthly Bio- Cheinics meetings are held, featuring guest speakers, science movies and other programs. Also thy planned a trip to Aagustanais lab and observatory, had a bowling party and in March had the annual initiation ceremony to welcome new inenllyers. ,fs .F 2. This year's officers are Mike Polich, sccrctaryg Charlyn Buss, I ' iii :- president, Keith Bolcs, trcusurcr, and Diane Seibert, vice presi- meetings. Mr. Pratt, Club sponsor, sets up a movie for one the monthly Bio-Chemics Initiation Involves Eggs are highly' valued the Week before initi- ation since each plebe must get ten teachers to sign this egg and the mere thought of a raw egg is very tempting to a mischievous classmate. North Campus officers are: Steve Buss, vice president, Sandra Easley, Treasurer, and Ro- berta Rowlands, Secretary. Mr, Brooks begins the egg signing routine while students count and compare the signa- tures they already have solicited. T1 These Sophomore-Freshman members of the Bio-Chemics Club are: Row 1-Joanne Rosczyk, Bonnie Lingner, Diana Corley, Dennis Needham, Stev Buss, Linda Thoman. Row 2-Mary Lou Kundcrt, Margie Lee, Linda Macik, Sandra Easley, Roberta Rowlands, Barbara Nelson, Al Cattoir, Richard Lampo. Row 3-Mary Simonick, Sharon Swails, Sandy Bobb, Bill Buckley, Jeannette Hart, Mike Adams, Cary Christcnson, Lynn Kusy. l , Camera Club Co-operates With Yearbook and Newspaper rf' s 2. "-. fl GHP wh me-f 3' I rr' ff The Camera Club members are: Harry Bottorf, Iohn Hicks, Lexy Cober, Cathy Chuich, Andy Martel, Bill Keehn, Sue Bobb, VVilfred Schmidt, and Ray Vermeulen. U.T.H.S. CAMERA CLUB 1961-1962 This yeafs camera Club has a small membership, but all the members share a common interest in photography. The chief acticity of the club is co-operating with the school newspaper, the Key. In this way the Key has an excellent source for its photographic needs. The sponsor of the Camera Club is Elmer Soules. Camera Club officers are: Bill Keehn, president, Dave Sullivan, It appears as if Bill Keehn and Sandy Arvanis are surprised to vice president, Cathy Chuich, secretary, Mr. Soulcs, sponsorg and see our photographer in the Dark Room, Back to that enlarging, Sandy Arvanis, treasurer, kids! 97 - A Newest Addition to the Clubs at U.T.l-l.S. M , Mah Members of the U.T.H.S. French Club are: Row l-Ierre Whipple, Kay Roselle, Barbara Sloane, Helen Issa, and Mary Perez. The Melanie XVoocl, Sherrie Powell, jack Slover, Row 2-Scott Lyons, smiling sponsor is Clair Summers. Curtis McKay, Sue Bulen, janet Berrgraf, Brad Dunham. Row 3 3 Officers of the French Club are: Sherri Powell, president, Bar- bara Sloane, secretary-treasurerg Mr. Summers, sponsor, Scott Lyons, vice president. French Club Formed This Year 1962 The newest club at U.T.H.S. is the recently formed French Club. Since French I and II were added to the curriculum, it seemed apparent that such a club would he formed. At the monthly meetings, the members see films on France and discuss pertinent information. As an outside project, the club members went to Augustana College to see a French comedy entitled "Tartuffe.', As the club gains in experience, many other cliversifiecl projects and activities will he added. The French Club is under the direction of Clair Summers. at U.T.l-l.S. Sponsors and Offmers Attend These students arc members of llita Rasso, Pat Rice-, jerry Rc -lim Johnson, Mr. lirlandaon, Sponsor btxnles Hlntz Hou 3 ohn Nlonllcr Llr Leedom Ycrnon Dellvs, Ccorgc Kenney. Annual Distr1but1ve EduC.1t1on Conclave Mr Erllndmn glves officers joe Garcia, 'treasurerg Rrta Rrsso Lrrry and R1ta dlsplly the 'ldV61'tlS1YlE blotterb t uae presldent Don Bertlroud, preside-ntg Larry De Paepe sum sold early III the year tlrx md 1m ohnaon reportcrg somo pointers on devcloprng a good busxnms person llxty. ,W N . l. Realistic Approach to Life These are a few of the enjoyable displays we have seen in the Distributive Education window in the past year. This window brightens up the corridor with ex- hibits ranging from Christmas candy to hub caps and pinstriping. i W """ Display Window Is Outstanding D and Business Opportunities by Future Distributors of America This is a club that really does something towards fulfilling its main objective of preparing students for a retailing career. They have gone to Eagleis VVarehouse, Coke Bottling Co,, XVHBF, T.V., and radio station, and Service Rubber Co., to see just what goes on be- hind tlze scenes and therefore give them a better under- standing of the business world. On February 23-24 the sponsor and officers attended a state Leadership Con- ference in Springfield. .E. Activity in Year Round Program of Activities D.E. Students at Work After School and on Weekends practice the techniques which haue been infro- P E 011 the JOb 1' X D. Sfmlenfs haue the chance fo use and 21 P duced to them in class. C C I If i i C C 21 fl 1 c C Through Supervised Training and Instruction a Y S 1 s D i V C fl d s The Future Is Shaped by Training and Experience 138 7, , B Fha? i ew C1 f-ig i Future Nurses Take Field Trips Looking through the F N A scrap- book are Mrs. Frels, sponsor, Sandy Neff, historian, Varla Berghult, vice- president, Julie Duff, president, Don- na Hoepfner, treasurer, and Joann Paytash, secretary. These Junior and Senior girls belong to F N A: Row 1-Karen Cant, if fx. Julie Duff, Pat Lindstrom, Sandy Neff, Varla Berghult. Row 2- - Joann Paytash, Pat Hill, Marilyn Beaudry, Susan Bobb. Row 3-4 W Carol Phelps, Peg Soekwcll, Sue Sprague. FUTURE NURSES OF AMERICA Freshman - Sophomore officers are Sharon Swails, Jo Ann Daf- fara and Cynthia Schreiner. This organization provides training for girls who wish to become nurses. Through speakers, field trips, volunteer work and discussion groups they learn of the life a nurse leads and decide if they will qualify. Q I l A , - ..h-. l From the North Campus the F N A is represented by: Row 1- Melody Serres. Row 3-Barbara VVright, Pamela Newborn, Mary Lou Kundert, Peggy Emmett, Ester Anders, Peggy Joyce Gerlach, Jenny Holmes, Marsha Hanna, Rosemary Hunter, Pam Haber, Nancy Buckley, Georgia Aten, Maria Graham, Geraldine Mohr, Judy Miller. Row 4-Jane Free- Cardosa, Cheryl Miller, Mary Johnson. Row 2-Cynthia bern, Helen Locling, Kathleen Stromer, JoAnn Daffara, Sharon Schreiner, Sharon Cady, Mary Komatar, Janice Lockhart, Swails, Cheryl Becker, Elizabeth Scott. Vivian Lane, Pat Padget, Marcia McLane, Virginia Barber, And Do Volunteer Nursing Work Year Round 140 Co-Sponsoring Homecoming Dance FHA Project 9, 4- pw YZ? South Campus members of F H A are: Row 1-Mary Miller Blrbiri Carlton Vala Nord holm. Row 2-Theresa Vallejo, Kathy Coethais, Terri Hintze udy Rll'5t0Il Row 3 Bar bara Denys, Geraldine Bobb, Sharon Brown, Earole Moline FUTURE HOMEMAKERS CF AMERICA The members of this club are provided with an oppoitunzty to shaie and improce their domestic talents. They had .several ployccts and actzczties this year, including co-sponsoring the Homecoming Dance hosting thc section mlly last fall, and serving at the teachefs tea. ,SL-'V if 'iw 5, 4 -2 he J' 1, r . f' 1' - f Q ... ,f 9' vw -fix' ' we - ,aga r .3 i , . ,fc 1 - . 3 s " The officers for the year are: Sharon Brown, vice-presidentg ust a simple of the wonderful work these girls can do Vala Nordholm, trcasurcrg Mrs. Carrington, sponsorg Iudy Ralston, presiclentg and Sandy Arvanis, historian. T, Future Homemakers Serve at 'N 'f ' North Campus officers are: Janice Van Volten burg, Beverly Brown, Ruth Liggett and spon ., - . sor, Miss F rane. E 1 1 1 2 E if . ri iff in :M ,L i La i ,gf ,of-if Barb Carlton and Theresa Vallejo practice hostessing during the faeulty tea. Faculty Tea in December 4-aww S as ,shi The Alpha Chapter of Students is composed of: Bow 1-Margaret Hicks, Sharon Turner, Mildred Scott, Betty Lavine, Carol .Ludee-n, Judy Payne, Mary Ann Her- nandez. Row 2-Sandra Quimby, Carolyn Campbell, Jacqueline Ismael, Victoria Ramirez, Judy Roach, Jennifer Cramhlett, Janet MeMillin, Susan Henning. Bow 3-Patsy Carss, Sandra Bowker, Sharon XVatson, Betty XVeinert, Judy Vaccaro, Ruth Liggett, Judy C. Garrett, Sue Denys, Cecelia lNIcLaughlin. Row 4-Peggy Martin, Sharon Kelly, Bev- erly Brown, Bonita Murphy, Judy Kinnaman, Sandra Carmichael, Jeannie Kerscheiter, Nancy Johnson, Brenda Bone, Janice VanVoltenburg, Pamela Murphy, Marsha Hanna. M45 lf Future Teachers Distribute Gifts Junior-Senior members of the Future Teachers are: Row 1-Scott Kettering, Diane Sie- bert, Carmen Ramirez, Charlyn Buss, Ruth Kincaid. Row 2-Carole Polich, Sue Bulen, Joanne Guild, Alice Nelson, Gaylord Vogler, Elayne Valentine, Jack Slover. Row 3--Joe Skowronski, Curtis McKay, Mike Polich, Gene Saunders, Dave Lange, Gene Wiemer, Carl Suhr, Ray Kraack, and Frank Benedict. FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA This year, the Future Teachers Club increased and widened its scope of activities. On October 7, five members accompanied by Miss Calvert attended the District lVorkshop at Morrison. Later that month, fifteen of the Future Teachers along with Miss Calvert and Mr. Peterhoff went to Sherrard for the first Blackhawk Division meeting. The Blackhawk Division is an area organiza- tion consisting of eighteen schools. For the second time in the last three years, the Division president has been from East Moline. Holding down that position this year is joe Skowronski, who served as vice-president and program chairman of the Division last year. Also in October, Mike Polich and Ioe Skowronski were present at a meeting of the Nominations Committee for the Division, and both club members served as ushers at the Teachers Institute in Rock Island. In November, Future Teachers served as guides at the Open House. A large num- ber attended a program on Special Education at Eugene Field School in Rock Island, and Miss Calvert and five senior girls participated in a Workshop at Marycrest College. Included in the Uforkshop was a tour of any one of the Davenport schools which the students indicated. In January, seventeen members and both sponsors were present at the Blackhawk Division meeting at Moline. The last Division meeting is set for April 30 at Orion. Besides outside activities, the club itself has carried on many projects of its own. In October, new members were initiated and officers were installed. This brought the total club membership to thirty-seven. After the ceremonies, Miss Mitchell, a student teacher at Augustana, explained the values of Student Teach- ing. Refreshments were served after the program. In November, Mr. Ed Hill, principalat Ridgewood, spoke on teaching at the junior high level. For the December meeting, a Christmas party was held. Prior to the meeting, the mem- bers collected food and toys for distribution to needy children at Christmas time. In january, Miss Pearson, a speech correctionist, spoke on special education. On February 23, the Future Teachers sponsored the dance after the Alleman basketball game. Music was provided by the Twilighters. One of the many activities still remaining occurs March 23-24. At this time, five club members and Mr. Peterhoff will attend the State Convention at Aurora. This year, Mike Polich is one of three candidates running for president of the state organization. lVith his outstanding qualifications, Mike will undoubtedly find himself in the thick of the race. Numerous other activities will occupy the club during the spring months. Needy Families Over Christmas Vacation t"- 5 5 Freshman-Sophomore members of the F T A are: Row 1-Diana Corley, jackie Schrader, Joanne Rosczyk, Nancy Drayer. Row 2-Marie Andress, Barbara Nelson, Mary Simonick, Dorothy Smith. Row 3-Bob Bray, Sandra Bobh, Steve Dickey. Club Activities Increase and Prosper Under Expert Guidance 541.4 L Q tx The efficient sponsors of F T A proudly. tlispaly the State The F T A officers take time out from their activities to pose Charter, The sponsors are Miss Calvert and Mr. Petcrhoff. for this picture. They are: joe Skowronski, presiclentg Carole Polich, treasurerg Carmen Ramirez, secretaryg and Mike Polich, vice-president. U.T.H.S. Library Club Sponsors Student librarians at Soutli Campus: Row l-Scott Kettering, Karen Cranet, Ioan Robinson Vurla Bergliult, Marlene Bureski, Carlo Ferreri. How 2-Marilyn YVriglit, Gail Salmonson, Carrie Knppas, Roseanne Tskanikas, Pat Hill. Row 3fDiek Owens, jim Bergstrancl, Leslie Fulselier, Howard Lange, Juergen Klee, Larry Finley. Paper-Back Book Fair ri ' VV' Co-campus officers of the Library Club are: Larry Finley, president, Ioan Robinson, secretary, john Dailey, vice-presidentg and Pat Hill, treasurer. . , , g...m., r I A lot goes on in the workroom under the guidance and direc- tion of sponsor, Miss Esther MeNutt. lnvaluable Service to Students and Faculty -taketh ' , .w L. TEV? s."+-.. tt- i .7 if "7 'Uri X ,J Joan and Carlo sample a few of the paper-back book col- The Book-fair was well received by the entire student body leetion, a recent addition to the library, as evidenced here by our exchange student, Juergen Klee. This club unotions aml exists as a service Throuffhout this iear the two clubs have also u n n 8, K! 1 u 1 1 organization to azfl faculty anrl students in the gotten together several tzmes for pzcmcs, parties, use of the library. Each librarian gives up one and other social actiuities. half of his free periods per week to library duty. These are the sophomore librarians: Row 1-Bonnie Lingner, Joanne Rosezyk, Phyllis Howell, Diane Robinson, Betty hYClIll'I"t, John Moore, Row 2-Steve Buss, Linda Knox, Barbara Celunde, Carol Radovieh, Janice Ripka, JoAnn Daffura, Margaret Fulseher, Linda Thoman, Row 3-Earl Jones, Bill Zora, Hay Mueller, Gail Hermes, Randy Chapman, John Daly, Dale Leland, Linda Karsten. 145 .-...-1 Largest and Most Active Organization at U.T.H.S. M H - "'t , Q I K - 'M , ,ll These are tl1e Senior members of G.A.A. this year: Row 1-Donna Green, lean DeRocker, Kathy Goethals, Indy VanKlavern, lanet Harrison, Priscilla Ohlsen, Sherian Hamrick, Carol Fitzgerald, lillen Crawford, Cheryl Robinson, Ann Ganse, Glenna Turner, Karen Cant. Row 2-Frances YVo0d, Charlyn Buss, Ruth Kincaid, Rita Nixon, Charlene Colvin, Lynne llostens, Geraldine Bohh, Linda Neyt, Joann Paytash, Theresa Vallejo, Yala Nordholm, Sharon Brown, Iana Tmnnell, Row 3-Evelyn Strickland, Carmclle Sny- X 1 i , ms r V ,W der, Caroline Stotmeister, Paula Huggins, Peggy Stockwell, Gloria Tompkins, Anne Herrera, Rose Anne Belman, Rosemary Prieto, Judy Ralston, Pat Hill, Janet Lindley, Row 4-Andrea Lnndeen, Gayle Hamerlinek, joylin Bloomberg, Susy Achilles, Karen Lewis, Rita Rasso, Mary Kay DeCapp, Carole Polieh, Carol Kelley, Iulic Duff, Sheila Leahy. Row 5-Judy Sigler, lean Mitcham, Gail Salmonson, joan Rohinson, judy Shipma, Diane Seibert, Susy VVeiss, Stella Flowers, Colleen Flowers. GAA. Dance-March 16th Eagerly Anticipated by Girls 1 Miss Piano, Miss Michalski, Miss Leibovitz, Mrs, YVard, and Miss Beauchamp gave us another successful year. PE. Teachers Keep the Ball Rolling Rs l Aerial Darts, Volleyball, Bowling Enjoyed by All CAROLE PRESIDENT PoL1cH VICE SANDY PRESIDENT WENDELL SECRETARY IEANETTE HART C. A. A. board members are: Row 1-Susan Mefxlullin and Donna Frey, freshman repre- sentative, Sharon Polieh, president, Sandy XVenrlell, vice president, Nancy Buckley, Sopho- more representative. How 2-Anita Salmonson, freshman representative, Carol Polieli, Senior representative, Ruth Stepp, junior representative, Indy Sllipma, past president, Vivian XVilson, sophomore representative. Row 3-Sharon Campbell, junior representative, Ierri YVl1ipple, past secretary, Gail Salmonson, past vice-president, Carol Kelley, Senior representative, and Jeanette Hart, secretary. 1961-1962 GIRLS' ATHLETIC ASSGCIATIO Good sportsmanship, recreation, exercise, and an all-around good time are some of the benefits a girl re- ceives from belonging to G,A.A. Throughout the year she has a chance to take part in various activities such as deck tennis, aerial darts, basketball, soccer, volley- ball, and bowling. One of the best things about being a member is the opportunity to meet girls from other schools through the many playdays that are held during the year. The main higlzlights of the year are the an- nual initiation during which the officers and new mem- bers are inducted, and the G.A.A. dance-traditionally girl ask boy-giving the girls the chance thegfve always wanted to ask that certain guy. These and other ac- tivities make the girls enjoy belonging to the kind of club that really gets things done. I 'S How many points for a basket like Everybody ready? Having her ups and downs fM0stly this? downsi. 10 Senior Girls Attend lowa City Playday U.T.H S WATCH THE BIRDIEI A G.A.A. PLAYDAY PROMOTES GOOD SPORTSMANSHIP BY TEACHING THE GIRLS TO GET ALONG WITH MANY PERSONALITIES IN NUMEROUS ACTIVITIES. RELAY RESULTS: B A C K ACHES AND PLENTY OF LAUGHS. Playday in Pictures SATELLITES, HOCKETS, MISSILES, AND ASTHONAUTS WERE THE NAMES OF SOME OF THE TEAMS EEQM THE "SPACE DAYS' THEME AROUND WHICH THE EVENT WAS CENTEEED THE DAY BEGAN AT 8:30 WITH REGISTRATION. SO THAT THEY COULD MEET MORE NEW PEOPLEQ GROUPS OF F R IE N D S WERE PUT ON DIFFERENT TEAMS. THE FACE IS FAMILIAR, BUT. . . PROVIDES A DAY OF FUN AND EXERCISE IN SESSIONS OF VARIOUS SPORTS, SET UP THROUGHOUT THE GYMS. READY AND REACHINC- 60 Freshmen and Sophomores Attend South Campus Playday HARDER THAN IT LOOKS GIVES YOU PRACTICE IN OLD SKILLS AND LEARN- ING NEW ONES IN THE FA- MILIAR GAMES OF BASKET- BALL AND VOLLEYBALL, AND THE MORE UNUSUAL ONES OF DECK TENNIS RE- LAYS, AERIAL DARTS, AND SHUFFLE BOARD. JUST SCHUFFLING AROUND THANKS TO GOOD PLANNING BY THE TEACHERS AND THE EFFORTS OF THE IUNIORS AND SENIORS WHO SERVED AS REF- EREES AND TEAM LEADERS THE PROJ- ECT WENT SMOOTHLY FROM BEGINNING TO END ALL GOOD THINGS MUST PERFECT F O R M , BUT WHAT IS SHE SWINGING AT? IN THE HEAT OF PLAY AND DURING RELAXATION YOU REALLY GET TO KNOW EACH OTHER AND MAKE MANY NEW FRIENDS. THIS IS PERHAPS THE MOST WONDERFUL AND RE- WARDING R E S U L T PLAY- DAY CAN BRING. SOMEBODY GET IT! COME TO AN END. DO-NUTS AND MILK IN THE CAFETERIA REFRESHED US AND SENT EVERYONE HOME IN GOOD SPIRITS. School Banners for U.T.H.S. Gym and Athletic Equipment Purchased by Efforts of Lettermen 1 l Vhx .1,r if l ig 5 1 ,I A I Q P if l 'U :- . 'nf A f W ' 5' if ' 7, K l till Yr 1 l its sf 's S2 ,I I rec'r as x ff 0 1 I if' 150 Lettermen of this year are: Row 1-Ray Vermeulen, Scott Lyons, Dave Dinden, Cary Johnson, Ron Mohoffe, Ron Schneider, Bob Haumann, Mike Sandoval, Bernie Rangel, Mick VVilliams. Row 2- Mr. Kivisto, Lexy Cober, Milt Elias, Bob Brissman, Bill Zora, Bob Agnew, Craig Hoefflin, Skip Blunke, Harry Timbrook, Earl Paasch, Brad Dunham. Row 3-Gene XVildermuth, Ieff XVilliams, Keith Curry, jerry Armstrong, Cary Sutton, Tito Owens, Archie Gartner, Dennis Rusk. Row 4-Frank Benedict, Jerry Kipp, lim Stopoulos, Don Leonhard, Bill Hahn, Dan Carruthers, Mike Ligino, Larry Sweet, Brian Murnma. Row 5HDuane Ash, Louis Ligeno, Don Miller, Dave jarry, Bob Graham, Dewayne Cremeens, jim Teague, john Cropp, Row 6-Larry Nelson, Caroltl Peve, Dick Bealer, jim Bowers, Dave NVest, Dennis XVest, Tom Andress, Bob Burrell. Row 7-Cary Lee, Rick Paasch, Howard Lange, John Hurd, Gene Wleimer, Larry Finley, Clark Tracy, Paul XVhite. 1961 LETTERMENS CLUB 1962 One of the largest and most active of the clubs is the Lettermen's Club, con- sisting of 61 boys who have earned a major letter in one or more sports. School banners, a whirlpool bath, and foot care equipment are some things the lettermen have purchased for the school, and to earn the money to buy them they have a variety of jobs ancl projects. Selling pep pins and programs at the games, holding a car wash, sponsoring clances and ushering are some of these. Also they have a work day when each boy hires himself out to rlo some sort of job and turns his earnings into the club. One of most enjoyable activities for the guys was during the fall season when they went to Iowa City to watch a college football game. An event enjoyed by everyone is the annual lctternian-faculty game when the boys and teachers get a chance to really battle it out. At'the end of the year the club buys a trophy for each Senior letterman and presents them at the awards assembly. Faculty Defeats Lettermen in Cvertime 60-58 1 l Activity and Energy Distinctive Features of the Hustling L U.T.H.S. Lettermen's Club E T T E R N ., E . N Y ff'-iq... T f"'-'N ,VX 7 fm U B 1 as The smiling officers of this year's club are: Brad Dunham, secretaryg john Hurd, treas- urerg Earl Paasch, presidentg and Mick XVilliams, vice president. Lettermen Leave for Iowa City to See Big-Ten Game K avunh Sponsor and Coach, Emie Kivisto, and the U.T.H.S. lettermen are greatly enjoyed by all and help to stimulate constant interest and seen here preparing to embark for a football game between Iowa activity among the members ot this outstanding group, and California at Iowa City, Iowa. Activities such as this are always 52 A Lettermaris Duties Are Many and Varied Mike makes this part of in lettermuiils duties look like fun, but after il grime he keeps busy. S i X I Y O I1 C B Members of the Lettermens Club This Year 1961-1962 r., , ,,,-X O Y S A I' 6 XVhen pep pins are sold no one can resist nfriendlyi' persuasion of a lettermuu. the it ,.,,i Fukiiig the work-alas' thex' haul earlier in the veair, these letter- i,i: W H ' ' ' . f ' 1-1: - mf :'1 it '- frmzmig. ,,A, men lmmve the cold weiitlici' to clear the siclexxiilk, Maybe A ft' Howurcl cuii explain just how he usecl ii limo trimiuer in 8 K p , 1 A inches of snow, i '- 1'1 , m f , iff ' ' 13 , K .5 . GK if ' A in fi' '95, N . U Il? .1 A L1 M' 3 Il Qs 1 Q lv 1 is- Vi A i fa. a W' r QE G if .. A A 1 H A 5 . , S C is H1 b All play and no workg looks like the policy of these lettermeii 1 despite the brooms and shovels. Y Honors Each Member With a Trophy 1- , Outstanding Dramatic Students at U.T.H.S. ,in ,vw f ad The 1961-1962 National Thespians are: Row 1-Carol hard, Gene Saunders, Bob McCrc-ight. Row 4-Terry An- Kelly, Sally Goodwin, Ellen Crawford, Cheryl Robinson, derson, Greg DePorter, Tom Maranville, joe Skowronski. Alice Nelson. Row 2--Scott Lyons, Don Miller, Barb Row 5-Louis Ligeno, Roger Miller, Frank Benedict. Sloane, Andrea Lundcen. Row 3-Max VVeekly, Don Leon- Proudly displaying the trophy for the first place in dramaties at the District Speech Contest are these leads in the Thespian play: Joe Skowronski, Barb Sloane, Sally Goodwin, Scott Lyons. TIO AL THESPIAN S The National Thespians is an honorary society for students who have achieved prominence in Dramatics. Election is secured through acting and through helping backstage. In addition, the other important positions in the production of a play, such as the llusiness manager, merit entrance into the organization. This year, the Thespian Play is entitled "The Heiressf, Cast in leading roles are: Sally Goodwin, joe Slcowronski, Barbara Sloane, and Scott Lyons. A thirty-five minute cutting was pre- sented Felarnary 17, at Rock Island for the District Speech Con- test. At this event, East Moline captured first place over four other plays. Thursday, on March 10, the four players pictured on the left will try to win first or .second place at the Sectional. The top tivo plays at the Sectional will advance to the State Finals, April 6-7. Rifle Club Stresses the Many ii I 5f'5'i T F J W ' WA iili ' g , 1 N 133 QV-9 .9 'ff:"ffiil?i'f S uf, vnomzvosmon . 35355 xsv The following students comprise the Rifle Club: Row 1-John E. Lindstrom, Donald Hunt, Ronnie Stephens, Alan Lovvstcd, Larry Simon-rss, Ron Teager, XVuyne Leader, Row 2- Larry Vz1nDcvL-ntcr, Icruld Abbitt, Rodger Thompson, Leo Fettcrer, Tom Laird, Richard Hipskind, Dick Strung, Row Sehiichael Fish, Creg DePorter, Douglas Wlells, Beverly Fer- guson, Kay Stromer, Linda Cutler, Don Leonliurd, jenn Hunter. U.T.H.S. RIFLE CLUB 1961-1962 4' 'Z Q 5 s yr? iiiii The Rifle Club officers and sponsor are: WVayne Leader, Execu- tive officcrg Bill Craver, trvnsurerg Beverly Ferguson, vice- presidentg Jim Dean, presidentg Mike Fish, secretaryg and Mr. Oliver, sponsor. Membership in the Rifle Club enables the students of U.T.II.S. to learn the correct usage of rifles and to become excellent marksmen. The sponsor of the Rifle Club, Mr. Paul Oliver, instructs the members in the correct techniques of understanding and shooting a gun. In addition to the many sectional and statewide con- tests, meets are held within the club. Shooting is done after school at the North Campus. Each member follows a shooting schedule that is posted in advance. This is a unique club for few urea schools haue the facilities for, and can offer to the students, such opportunities. Techniques and Skill of Marksmanship Homecoming Float Cops Ist Place in Originality . L :Fl Freshman-Sophomore Spanish Club members are: Row I-Bon- nie Lingner, Geraldine Ross, Cheri YanAusDall, Jean Hunter, Margaret Hicks, Margaret Sierra, Mary Ann Hernandez, and LaJune XVestbrook. Row 2-Cheryl Dobereiner, Christine Sto- poulos, XVanda Young, Margaret Hunter, Mary Martin, Phyllis Howell, Nancy Buckley, and David Tschopp. Row 3-June PRIZE NVINNING HOMECOMING FLOAT STRESSED ORIGINALITY M PAN AMERICAN DAY ATTENDED BY ll SCHOOLS Member of South Campus Spanish Club are: Row I-Pat Rasso, Rose Anne Bel- man, secretary, Carmen Ramirez, Rosemary Prieto, Anno Herrera, vice-president, Pomposa Lopez, and Lupe Sierra, treasurer, Row 2-Judy Sigler, Max XVeekly, Mike Philhower, president, Larry Finley, and Barbara Sloane. Lewis, Bonita Murphy, Jana Oakman, Christie Dow, Tomasa Garcia, Janice Ripka, Gary Crider, and Alice NVoods. Row 4- Geraldine Mohr, Judy Miller, Karen Engelkins, Roberta Row' lands, Beverly Beaudry, DeeAnn Barry, Judy Melvin, north campus vice-president, Karen Roth, Jane Freebern, Linda Cut- ler, Sharon Swails, and Julius Meyers. PANISH CLUB Repeating last yearis tradition the club be- gan the year by capturing first place in the originality division of the homecoming floats with one of the cleeerest ideas in a long time, "We IVon't taste Defeetf, As the year progressed they sponsored the first basketball dance, had guests from Mexico df Panama speak at various meetings, and during April held a Pan American Day to create greater interest in our southern neighbors and provide students with an oppor- tunity to learn more about Spanish speaking peoples. GUESTS FROM FOREIGN COUNTRIES VISIT CLASS SOUTH CAMPUS SPANISH CLUB Club Donates Baskets of Food 6 l 1 1,1 6 This year's members of the Tri-Mic Club are: Row l-Den- 2 Gerald YVinkelbauer, Gary Sutton, XVayne Gromm, Mark nis Garner, Dan Bad lev YVarren Nlotzer Allen Lolise er Mitcliell, Iolm Yersypt, Ken Hall, Larry Tillberg. How 4- 8 .a r ul YY Brewer, Steve Lee, Cary Anderson, Cary Hoftmeier. Row 2- Dan Blasliaelc, Mike Fritz, Robert Graham, Larry Bandy Kline, -lim Bettis, Dan Cook, Jim Dean, john Pip- pert, Tom Courtney, Cary Davidson, Dennis Stulir, Aten Powell, Douglas Sodeman, Tom Mix, john Hemphill, Carv Thompson, Bill Stewart, jack Taylor. XVelch, Max 0'Klock. Bow 3-Bob Sayers, jerry Armstrong, Tri-Mic: Officers Attend State Convention '5f!i5Efff'Ifff,'f .." J -I ,, ,I t,t, 54 , , Calling the meeting to order are tlie Tri-Mic officers: Gary Sutton, treasurer, jim Dean, president, jerry Brewer, secretary, and john Versypt, Vice president. The purpose of the Tri-Mic club is to create closer ties between the different industrial trades. This yearls clalz llas taken part in many diversi- fied activities and projects. As in tlie past tlze Tri-Mic menzlners sponsored llze Homecoming Dance. In addition tlie menzliers toolt a field trip and passed out liandlyills. As a form of outside recreation tlze claln went on a lzay rack ride. In community affairs tlie Tri-Mic club has made several important contributions. Besides plant- ing trees for tlze TVOl7lCl1,.S' Club, tlie club will serve to collect food at Clzristmas time, to do- nate to needy families. The officers of tlie club ivill serve as delegates to tlze slate convention. Sponsor of tlze Tri-Mic club is Mr. Cavanaugh. For Needy Families at Christmas Time 1 J IOR-SENIOR Y-TEENS 1961-1962 'V junior-Senior Y-Teens members are: Row 1-Phyllis Hailey, Fran Xllissbaum, Sharon Polich, Gloria Harker, jean Deliocker, Betty McLaughlin, Margene Millen, Jerri XVhipple, Varla Berghult, Carole Moline, Bonnie Lieko, Sandy Neff, Charlyn Buss. Row 2-Sharon Campbell, Terri Hintze, Evelyn Strickland, Edna Iones, Sandy Clark, jackie Boyce, Marcella Albritton, Dianne Smith, Judy YVal- laee, Lora Asmus, Marlene Bureski, Colleen Flowers, Linda An- derson. Row 3-Glenna Turner, Kathy Coethals, Kare11 Cant, Jana Trunnell, julie Duff, Andrea Lundeen, Karen Duff, janet Harri- son, Geraldine Bobb, Shirley Fish, Gayle Hamerlinck, Connie Knight, Orene Boxmann, Sandy Calvert. Row 4-Ann Cause, Ellen Crawford, Priscilla Ohlsen, Paula Huggins, Sherian Hamrick, Carol Fitzgerald, Lynne Hostens, Deanna Benson, Vicki Harlow, Rose- mary, Stockton, Joann Paytash, Sandy Neal, Ruth Smith. Row 5- Peg Stockwell, Stella Flowers, Frances YVoods, Rita Nixon, Joylin Bloomberg, Ella Spurr, Dixie Cook, Virginia Hurak, Carmelle Snyder, Karen Granet, Nancy Homan, Carol Phelps, Kay Bebout. Row 6: Cheryl Robinson, Debbie York, Sherri Powell, Sally Good- win, Barbara Fender, Carol Kelley, Sandy VVendell, Ruth Stepp, Margo Ohlsen, Cheryl Newberg, Linda Guthrie. Y-Teens Distribute Baskets to the Needy for X-mas ...X .- X. activities enjoyed. The officers for this year are: Row 1-Gayle Hammerlinck, Ruth Smith, Joann Paytash. Row 2-Jerri Vfhipple, Charlyn Buss, Ruth Stepp, Varla Berghult, Dianne Smith. Bow 3-Iana Trunnell, Karen Cant. I Affiliated with the YXV CA, this organize tion combines social activities with service projects. Because of the large membership the club is divided into Freshmen, Sopho more, and junior-Senior branches. Some times the club works together and other times each branch carries on its own activi ties. Service projects included making favors for hospital trays, holding Lenten services, and distributing Christmas baskets. Swim ming and skating parties, a hayride, and a Christmas formal were some of the social Favors for Hospital Trays Special Project iii 23 Officers of the sophomore branch of the Y-Teens are: Bonita Johnson, Linda Knox, Kathy Agnew, Barb Celande, Jana Oakman, Jeanette Hart, Pat Mulligan, Pam Tate, Miss Bing. Absent-Gail Hermes. Over Ninty Members in the Sophomore Y-Teens These girls make up the membership of the sophomore Y- Teens: Bow 1-Gail Hermes, Judy Vacearo, Cheryl Dobereiner, Heather XVolfe, Carol Badovich, Phyllis Howell, Karen Eleo- pulus, Jean Dahm, Evelyn Dagget, Sandra Casillas, Sandra Carmichael, Gloria Isais, LaJune YVestbrook, Sharon Turner, Mildred Scott, Alice YVoods. Row 2-Cail Cranet, Barb Celande, Kathy Agnew, Connie Ulrich, Sue lmmesoete, Betty Forrett, Betty Lavine, Judy Roach, Cynthia Schreiner, Mar- garet Hicks, Cheryl Hawkins, Diane Robinson, Judy YValters, Joanne Deffara, Sharon Swails. Bow 3-Linda Owens, Linda Norin, Louise Patterson, Bandi Hart, Jennifer Cramblett, Joyce Cerlach, Peggy Emmert, Lilli Masterlerz, Linda Thoman, Nancy Laity, Diane Bush, Carol YanHulle, Judy Liecltke, Betty Vlad- 7' del, Jeanette Hart. Row 4fCeorgia Aten, Pam Haber, Vivian XVilson, Ceraldine Ross, Cheryl Russell, Pam Tate, Bonnie Murphy, Jana Oakman, Phaelea Bevelheimer, Jean Rickey, Bev Ferguson, Marcia McLaine, Linda Knox, Janice VanVolten- berg, Marilyn Miller. Bow 5-Trudy Cause, Nancy Buckley, Toni Bereski, Bonita Johnson, Vicki Huggins, DeEtta YValton, Karen Yendel, Donna Vallee, Cheryl Buser, Margie Lee, San- dra Bobb, Linda Trask, Bette Bell, June Lewis. Bow 6-Carol Fritz, Chris Stopolus, Diana Sharer, Bonnie Lingner, Cheryl Newlan, Jane Freebern, Donna Anderson, Judy Miller, Peggy Shuh, DeAnn Barry, Bev Beaudry, Sondra Decker, Judy Henry, Judy Melvin, Ty Thompson, Cheryl Miller. They Serve by Volunteering for Charity Drives and Door to Door Canvassing 1' Religious Life Observed and Upheld by Y-Teen Services Held During Lenten Holidays H, Q' - .J -i SNVIMMING SKATING AND DANCING ARE AMONG FAVORITE ACTIVITIES PLANNED DURING SCHOOL YEAR Freshmen Y-Teen members are: Row 1-Christine DeMarlie, Nancy Miller, Boni Bousselot, Marcia Henyan, Chris Gilmore, Betty Nord- holm, VVanda Cox, Sue MeMillin, Linda Tank, Linda Fray, Brenda Bone, Gail Tolliver, Sue Griffith. Row 2-Pat Hofreiter, Brenda XVest- brook, Betty MeCorkle, Emma Teague, Charlotte Lawrence, Linda Carleton, Caroline Foutsch, Marie Andress, Jackie Schrader, Kay Page, Nancy Sehatteman, Leanna O'Harrow, Pat Bulen, Becky Smith. Row 3-Jody Kuehler, Carolyn Gloekhoff, Virginia VandeGeest, Judy Hughes, Vickie Russell, Marsha Sehoellerman, Bonnie DeCastaker, Julie Clapp, Linda Owen, Janice Lockhart, Linda Hougan, Elinor YVenke, Carolyn Haw. Row 4-Cheryl Becker, Sherry VVilliams, Alexis Skafidas, Sharon Boultinghouse, Judy Fiechter, Sandy Svcc, Martha Ferris, Jackie Daniels, Linda Hoskins, Judy Massa, Bonnie Miller, Pam Loding, Donna Frey. Row 5-Regina Ruby, Mary Hurt, Sue Haegemin, Barb Kline, Sherry YVatson, Linda Penrod, Kathy XVeckly, Cheryl YVOner, Sue Smith, Joyce Shull, Donna Swift, Mary Komatar, Marylee Rosenherger, Cheri VanAusdall. Row 6-Peggy Timbrook, Jeannie Talbot, Marilyn Sullivan, Phyllis Marchiando, Pam Bradshaw, Connie Sharer, Debbie Sipes, Karen Sheppard. Formal Dance Enjoyed by All During Xmas Vacation Y-Teen representative officers are: Row I-Chris Gilmore, Betty Nordholm, Pat Bulen. Row 2-Leanna O,HLl1'f0XY', Alexis Skafidas, Bonnie DeCastaker, Kay Page. U.T.H.S. Pep Club Strives for x! The junior-Senior members of the Pep Club are: Row 1-Kathy Sharon Polich, David Sullivan. Row 4-Mickey YVilliams, Joe Nickerson, Varla Berghult, Ellen Crawford, Sandy VVendell, Anna Skowronski, Joylin Bloomberg, Mary Dubuissou, Carol Kelley, Herrera, Frances VVoods. Row 2-Kathleen Coethals, Marcia Donald Miller, Andrea Lundccn, jack Slover, Dick Ovens. Row 5- Brown, Cathy VanHecke, Vickie Cruser, Ann Cause, Charlyn Mike Polich, Bill Schmidt, Ruben Guerrero, Curtis McCay, Carl Buss, Carmen Ramirez, Row 3-Glenna Turner, Karen Cant, Suhr, Larry Finley, Frank Benedict. Geraldine Bobb, Iere VVhipple, Dave Ferguson, Ruth Stepp, lYPHS. PEP CLUB Junior-Senior officers of the Pep Club are: Larry Finley, presi- dcntg Carl Suhr, treasurer, Vicki Cruser, secretary, and Don Miller, vice president. OUTH CAMPUS An Organized Cheering Section L AL l il. .. l 5 The Freshman-Sophomore Pep Cluh includes the following: Row 1- Georgia Aten, Bonnie Miller. Row 3-Sandy Lodieo, Beth Neumann, Yix'Yian YYilson, Marylee Bosenherger, Olivia Terronez, Nancy Iucly Fieehter, Cindy Haynie, Dehi Sipes, Kay Page, Chris De- Miller, Kathy Agnew, Betty Norclholm, Bonnie Ligner, Chris Marlie. Row 4-Bonita johnson, Sandy Svee, Sandy Bohb, Ieanette Stoponlos, Boni Bonsselot. Row 2-Margie Lee, Cheryl Newlon, Hart, Indy Massa, Mary Simonieh, Sue Henning, Linda Sitter, Cheryl Dohreiner, Indy Vaeearo, Sherry NVatson, Diana Sharer, PEP CLUB fi? I ORTH C MPU Officers of the Frosh-Soph Pep Cluh are: Bonnie Bonsselot, seeretaryg Jeanette Hart, vice presiclentg ancl Cheryl Dohereiner, treasurer. This year, the -U.T.H.S. Pep Club attempted to bring about an organized form of cheeringg. U'ith Mr. Erlancl- son, Dislributiue Education teacher as sponsor, the club fornniloterl plans and activi- ties for the year. This ijQCll',.S' eluh has ll dual systenz of of- ficers with only one presi- dent. Jlenzhers were se- lecrfecl from those who Suh- nzifieflp1"lition5. According to the Con,s'tituIion of the Pep Cluh, 1111 nienihelns' must zeezzr white s'l1irt,s' or lJl0use.s' and sit in the reseruecl Sec- tion. if 40 W? 'E . " , lf ' - ff' kkfigfswfmff Lf gf?2.liiw5g354la?2 Y K afnfm ' gy R 4 ww 4-,Q l I., U ufldsf 4 qw aeea Barb ayal Couple. , 5235353 3 5? King jim 8 1 Selected as King and Queen of Homecoming for 1961 were lim Stopoulos and Barb Fender. Both were crowned at a special assembly at each campus. Barb and lim reigned over the annual Homecoming parade, the football game against Jefferson, and the dance. Prelsiousroyal pairs were invited as guests to this year's dance, establishing a new tradition. V I '.. 4 ....., M, 1, I? a 1 iQ Royalty wma. '94 .. iv' . In ,, ,.,,w'm 1, X W, 255. V N, an A - .MV 'r M-4g!nnvw,,.A H.. 'W Vyhk 1" 1' o The 1961 royal court were Row 1-Prince Earl Paasch and Princess Glen- f0fd, Carol Kelly, Karen C111115, and A1111 CHUSC- ROW 3-Midi VV1H111111S, nu Turner. Bow 2-jean DcRocker, Kntlw Clocthals, Sallv Goodwin, DUUHC ASI1, D011 M1Hl'1', P11111 White, l0l111 H111'd- Ffimk B1'11Cd1Cf, G11f0ld Gayle Hnmerlinck, Queen Barb Fender, King ,lim Stopoulos, Ellen Crow- PCVG, 211111 l0l111 Cwpp. mln WJ r l 1961 A group of people watch the small Isaiah atop the choir float as it creeps upon a doomed jefferson effigy. This was one of the several floats entered by the four classes and various clubs in the Homecoming parade. Bnffiooilig ,sa Wtnaucs 3 ,ii i rctlcr J l:11ll1,cll is fl,l A 1 o , 1 HH a i-i GTF'- ,V High I 439 FI' h ,. ,. l Qs' -5: 6 1 L' si Z1 l ,, 1 is "' :ii 1 f , Q 1 1 1 gl ,,l2iiN,: Q L fm' -.-.ive r' o r l t 1 1 a 'fc 1 iq ' QI. V1 '. . , x 1 J, v f IH 1 ,V I, uf- ' A ,L xii ' I ,,, 1 an jim Stopoulos crashes through the "U.T.H.S. Panthersv hoop as two lines of students and fans form a path for him at the edge of the football field. Ooer the hoop stancls one of the goal posts, decorated for the Homecoming game. 1 rranmnzlmn 1 try 1 'fa 1 it 1 V ., 165 Citizenship, Leadership, Tolerance, and a Sincere Desire to Aid and Help Others js' ,,., . , ,, Mark Members of the Student Council at U.T.H.S. The Student Council has supported many worth-while causes this school year. One of these was the faculty tea, which was attended by teachers and council members. This promoted better relations between teachers and the council. Another worthy cause was the financing of another foreign exchange student. Last year's student council sponsored this Kneeling-Bob McCreight, Micky Williams, Jim Wilson, Larry Van- derbeke. Bow 1 Standing-Ray Mueller, Barb Fender, Gayle Ham- merlinck, Varla Berghult, Trudi Gause, Pat Mulligan, Cheryl New- lon, Nancy Buckley, Debbi Sipes, Carol Kelly, Sally Goodwin. Back yearis foreign student, Jurgen Klee from iVest Germany. Next year we shall have the third exchange student, with the help of the Student Council. A third project was the state convention held in the Sherman Hotel in Chicago. U.T.H.S.'s council was host for the meeting of all councils in Illinois. 1961-1962 Student Council members are: Row-Dennis Griffin, Paul NVhite, Iurgen Klee, Frank Benedict, Steve Gillespi, Jeff Glendon, Larry Finley, joe Skowronski, Pam Tate, janet McMillin, The Basic Democratic Processes Are Applicable Gnly if Learned 84 Practiced by the Young Beh ind the Scenes Some of the Dynamic Forces s eS"'i-...f SX Along with the many duties of being a building principal, Mr. Carrying the largest brunt of responsibility for the student council is Mr, Charles McCoy, who sponsors not only the stu- dent council, but the North Campus council as we... North and South Campus Officials jack Evans also sponsors the South Campus council. Are the Officers and Sponsors of the Li, I I I I A main student 1 961-1 962 STUDENT COUNCIL AT U.T.H.S. link in the chain of student council members are these three officers of the council: Carol Kelly, treasurerg Sally Goodwin, presidentg and Varla Bcrghult, secretary. 167 Outstanding Juniors 84 Seniors Make up the Membership of the South Campus Council at U.T.H.S. ff: -and Wifi Wa.: . , f. if S- 5 ,-4' 4 Membcrs of the South Campus Council ure: How 1-Varla Berghult, Row 3-Wbotly XVilkinson, john Cox, Dennis Griffin, Scolt Lyons, Karon Cunt, Suzanne Achilles, Judy Shipman, Czxyle Hamerlinclc, lov Skim-I-Omki, Larry Finlcy, ,Inn BOI'glllIlt. Row 4-Bob Me-C1't-iglit, Ioan Dclioclicr. Row 2-Mickey lVilliilIHS, ICT? lVhlPPlf', CHYUC llicllurtl Puuscli, Iohn Hurtl, Paul XYl1itc, Earl Pansch, Frank Bcnctlict. Kappas, Sandy Calvert, Gail Sulmonson, Carol Kclly, Sally Goodwin. A North and South Campus Stcvc Clillcspi, lt-ft, and Frank Bcncclict, right, uct as chairmen for North and South Campus, respectively, wliilc Prim Tutc and Bob McCreigl1t act as recorclcrs. Student Council Chairmen 1962 ,V ' 5 i Outstanding Frosh 84 Sophs Make up the List of North Campus Council Members Selected by their fellow classmates are these freshmen and sopho- more campus council members: Row 1ASherry XVatson, Donna Frey, Diane Cranet, Leanna O,Harrow, Nancy Buckley, Christine Stopou- las, Cathy Agnew, Diane Shafer, Lena Ferreri, Row 2--Indy Vacarro, Donna Swift, Barbara Cclande, Debbi Sipes, Jeanette Hart, Pam Z bs-. 1 Seven people represented U.T.H.S. at the Pekin District meeting. They are, Front Row: Cheryl Newton, Sally Goodwin, Pam Tate, and Varla Berghult. Second row: Jeff Clendon, and Bob Mc- Creight. Last row: Iuergen Klee. 9 3 i . Tate, Ianet Mclylillin, Jeannie Talbot, Cheryl Ncwlon, Trudi Cause. How 3-I,,arry Vunderbeke, Jim NVilson, Roger Newlon, Mike Bert, left Clenclon, Rav Mueller, Steve Cillespi, Rick Cvillespi, Bill Gardner, Pat Kelly, Cary Bennett. fx wav' Iurgen Klee, Sally Goodwin, Carol Kelly, and Earl Paasch went to the Quint-City student council meeting. Bob McCreight and Larry Vandcrbcke also went but were not present for this picture. Student Council Chairmen and Officials COUNCIL REPRESENTS HQ THE BEST INTERESTS OF THE STUDENTS A l Q I The Student council has incorporated a new iclea this year, that of having committees for certain aspects of thc Student council, such as the constitution. These committees have chairmen who lead thc committees, Ioe Skowronski, Gayle Hammcrlinck, Karen Cant, and Paul XVhite are a few of the chaimien. COUNCIL OFFICERS ELECTED BY ALL Serving as Secretary of the state convention for student councils is Varla Berghult. Hers is the job of planning and organizing the conven- ip tion. U.T.H.S. is sending two delegates, Paul YVl1ite and Bob McCreight, who were not attainable for a picture. SECRETARY OF STATE COUNCIL FROM U.T.H.S. W .f"" 'SP-A DEMOCRATIC PROCESSES F URTHERED BY COUNCIL COOPERATION BETWEEN SCHOOLS, TEACHERS, STUDENTS ADVANCED Two more permanent chairmen, who serve for the entire year are Carol Kelly and Earl Paasch. Absent from the picture are Lar- ry Finley and Mickey Williams. Juergen Klee, U.T.H.S. Foreign Exchange Student gr f Q, . t s .3 Ei my f 2 ' F nl g glg ig 1 I gg. ..,,,Li. 5 TT f Y- K Law. Getting for another busy day at school Iuergen hurriedly Chalk up another student bond sale for Iuergen. Seems no one stuffs last minute notes in his briefcase. can resist his persuasion. Last year the first foreign student exchange program was inaugurated at U.T.H.S. and Robert jones, fr om Birmingham, England, was the recipient of U.T.H.S.'s invitation. This proved so successful that the entire stu- dent body whole-heartedly endorsed the idea as a per- manent innovation for future years. In the future it is hoped tby the boys Natural- lyj that some girls will be selected as exchange stu- dents to our school. ,l Q ngzf, L viii in Close up of a jazz enthusiast Sponsored by the UTHS Student Council and sup- ported by the students, clubs, and organizations at UTHS is the now annual student bond drive which raises money once a year to bring a deserving foreign student to our school. Through this vital exchange of knowledge and new ideas both the school and the com- munity are enlightened. 171 A U ITED TGWNSHIP HIGH SCHOOL , , ' 5 r' h Row 1-Cathie Simpson, Betty Meyers, Phyllis Stone, Pam Haber, Charlyn Buss, Linda Thoman, Ann Cause, Don England. Row 2-Marsha McLane, Judy Stanton, Virginia Reveal, Marie Andress, joylin Bloomberg, Curtis McKay, Sandy Morris, Glenna, Tumer, jim johnson, Trudi Cause, Mike Polieh, Cecelia Terronez, Cheryl Edmunds, Ruth Grant, Sue England, Marlene Bureski. Row 3-Nancy fDrayer, Leah YVay, jennifer Holmes, xx 5 5 ff' - Elizabeth Scott, Leroy Trout, Carol Fritz, Margaret Hall, jackie Morris, Christine Herrera, Ron Lane, Linda Akers, jim King, Barbara Sloane, Tom Andress, Russ Hopkins, Pat XVadsager, Melvin Owens, Ron Sweat, Don Mital, Richard Lampo, jan Berghult, Alvin Leone. Row 4-judy Anderson, Sherry Waston, Yvonne Braman, Cary Mital, Bill Buehley, jaekie,Schrader, George Maloieh, Mike Fish, Robert Taylor, Toni Bureski, Dave Bert, t. CONCERT BA D - 1961- 1962 Lynn Kasy, john Ziegler, john Adams, Delbert Wilson, Dave Rinden, Adrian Ledford, Marsha Setzer, Dale Wieringa, Richard Edelson, jim McKeaige, Dennis Millbum, Willard Wilkinson, Tom VanDeventer, Ken McGhee, Larry Natwich, john Coykendall, Dick Strang, Lilli Master- lerz. Row 5-Terry Tatman, George Smith, Darlene Lewis, Sharon Whit- tington, Kieth Hosten, Charles England, Qrlon Rowe, Bill Swafford, Bill f 5 .Ab em, Zora, Linda Frary, Margie Lee, 'Phil Scott, Kent YVitherspoon, Juergen Klee, Larry Ballard, Steven Dickey. Standing-Caroline Fouteh, Elaine Carlton, Kay Koker,'Mike Trout, Carl Jones, Kieth Boles, Albert' Cattoir, Mark Platt, Dennis-Cleaves, Larry MeCaw, Mr. DeCamp. Absent YVhen Picture Taken: Donna Daab, Shirley Fish, Diane Ligeno, Mike Philhower, Steve Sheldon, Ronald Smith, Mr. Mallie M. NVilliams. , ,..J " Q. Niemlmers of tlie Cnclet Band Underclass Members Form the Nucleus I M. Of the Cadet Band at U.T.H.S. ure: How l-Clieryl XVo1ie1', l.lllClil son, Diana Cox, Vincent Prieto, -lin-kie Spitler, Kenna-tli Iolinson, Owen, Dorotlix' Smitli, Slierrv NYilli4nns, filmervl Beelxer, Carroll Sue Tliomus Burr. Row 4-Lesley XVQM, Xyllylll' Bruclley, lioclger Io- Oslmrn. llow'2-Iuniee Nntiviek, Hzllpli 'lirc-go, Yiviaui Lune, Dave liauimn, Mielmel Kinney, l.Ll1'1'X' Heston, Ierrx' Rodgers. Alolinson, Peggy Tlinilmrook, llolvert I-lLlIUHlUIlil,V Huw 3: Twin Annler- V 5 355' Rigs, A Q I 51. ..e ,Q This group was too lnauliflil to practice wliile il pliotogruplier was in their midi so they just stairecl 5: stared Lk stzlrecl. U.T.H.S. Marching Band Television doesn,t have the only Mitch Miller, U.T.H.S. has a happy "Sing a-along" man. Entertains Many Pleased However, Mr. DeCamp, director of U.T.H.S. band requires in- struments, not voices, be in har- mony. Any large organization requires officers. That's the duty of these four students. Cathy Simp- son, left, vice-president, Diane Ligeno, repre- sentative for the North Campus. Back: Mike Philhower, President, and Charles England, Secretary-treasurer. Fans During the Honored with the title of chief drum- major was Jim Johnson. Cheerfully braving all kinds of weather the band on the football field were: Front row-Kay Koker, Pam Haber dz Carolyn Foutch. Second row-Elayne Carleton, Phyllis Stone, and Marsha Mc- Lane. 1961 Football Season Another privilege of jirnls was to conduct the student pep band dur- ing pep assemblies. 1961-1962 U.T.H.S. CHCIR Under the direction of Mr. Sheclfler, the U. T. H. Choir again combined the singing talents of its nzenzhers to entertain the students and coniniunity. In addition to the outstanding Veleranis Day Program, the Choir continued its traditional Christmas Vespers. The Choir also appeared on various school as- semblies and entertained in the assenzhly for the Iloineconiing Royalty. The Spring Choral Concert, March lst, will again feature the Choir. Officers of this yearis Choir are: President, Barbara Fenderg Vice-President, janet Harrison, Secretary, Ellen Crawford, and Treasurer, Dennis Griffin. Sally Goodwin served as the accompanist. Other choral groups under the direction of Mr. Shecliler and Mr. 1Villiams include: Male Chorus, Cainbiata Chorus, Girls Glee Chill, Mixed Chorus, Allegro Chorus, and Select Sophomore Girls Glee Club. The Choir is composed of juniors and Seniors selected in tryouts by the director. Christmas Vespers Presented in an Outstanding Program 1 S ,Q junior and Senior members of the 1961-1962 U.'1'.H.S Choir are as follows: Row 1-Peggy Stockwell, Sandy YVe-ndell, Yarla Bergliult, Bruce Hokinson, Carlo Ferreri, Dave Sullivan, Rene Denniwitli, Den11is Cabor, Ellen Crawford, Dixie Cook, Cheryl Robinson, Row 2-Marilyn Breeden, janet Harrison, .lana Trnnnell, F11111 Xy1SSlJ21ll1T1, Rosie Stock- ton, Jerry Kipp, Larry Killia11, Dick lietlman, Pat llilJe1'11ik, Dianne Smitli, Rosie Hirst, Pomposa Lopez, Paula Huggins, Row 3--Iutly Murphy, Donna Green, Catliy Van Heeke, liita liasso, Roger Miller, Larry Nelson, jerry Gralimn, -lim Teague, Dave Ferguson, Karen Kaskanlden, Laralee Asmus, jucly XVallaee, Mary Thomas, Barbara Fender, Mr. Slieekler. Row 4-Sue Mt-Lane, Linda Newingliam, Lynne Belclin, .Indy Sl1ip1na, -Iolin Hemphill, Danny Nelson, John Cox, Peter Hull, liulxen Cnerrero, Mike Daily, Delulmie York, Snzanna XVeiss, Nancy Hunt, Martha Martin. Row 5-Mary Kay DeCapp, Eileen Davis, -lere XVl1ipple, Sharon Healcl, Tammy Slaitli, Mary jo Lancaster, Bill Selimitlt, Bob MeCriegl1t, jim Fuller, liieh Paaselu, Scott Lyons, Ken Hall, .lim Hantz, Ben Staring, Sally Goodwin, Carol Kelley, Gloria Tompkins, Deanna Benson, Carrie Kappas, Xmas Vespers and Spring Concert Outstanding Performances Enjoyed by Parents and Students Choir Officers This year the choral department was active in many fields of endeavor. The Christmas Vespers and the Spring Concert drew apprecia- tive crowds. The Mixed Chorus sang for the National Honor Assembly. The choir officers for this year were: Ellen Crawford, secretaryg Janet Harrison, presidentg and Dennis Griffin, treasurer. U.T.H.S. CHORAL DEPARTMENT An extremely busy man is Mr. Mallie VVilliams, head of the U.T.H.S. Music Department. Besides directing two boy's cho- ruses, he also directs the North Campus Band and he was choral director for the Spring musical, "High Button Shoes." Mr. Shecklcr has made his first year at U.T.H.S. very profitable. He is in charge of the majority of the freshman and sophomore choruses along with the mixed chorus, advanced girlls glee and the choir. r fi 177 :IS Junior girls make up the Advanced Girls Glee Club. The girls are: Row 1-Kathy Nickerson, Sandy XVare, Mary Cervantes, Monica Ed- wards, Rita Ortiz, Delores Guerrero, Ardis Tumer, Lupe Sierra, Lynda Anderson, Gloria Gomez, Edna Jones, Mr. Lewis Sheckler-Director. Row 2 Cherie XVilcox, Tinker, Dianne Dergo, Nancy Schafer, Louise Halferty, Carolyn Rohren, Darling, Angie Prieto, Colleen Martin, Yvonne Cuoco, Shirley Rosemary Van Ryke, Liz Norton, Jan Pasturczak. Row 3: Linda Bernadine Newberg, Sharon Rahn, Karen Jahn, Mary Ramos, Alice Brereton, Marcia Brown, Joanne Guild, Vicki Harlow, Vicki Cmser, Marilyn Robertson, Mary Sauser. Row 4-Pat Guthrie, Pat Amos, Virginia Lang, Margo Ohlsen, Sandy Hom, Sharon Blashack, Sandy Calvert, Donna De Jaegher, Jacqueline Boyd. Row 5-Karen Gremonprz, Billie Hamrick, Sharon Polich, Judy Got-ring, Linda Stipp, Ruth Stepp, Janice Mink, Carolyn Stahl, Carol Moline, Ruth Murphy, Donna Blair. These people were absent when the picture was taken- Janice Graham, Bernice Lawrence, Virginia Vallejo, Roberta Baber, Mary Malaney, Judy Hill. Advanced Girls Glec Club Allegro Chorus .V , ge af. ne'-- is . , hi kkk. A , K 4: Nw I ,Q , L K W. "" g . . Q +- 1 .-if lx X is if S K gg y get 'f J 'A F -Q 1 4' - - A , R. 1 V a fr fe ' Q, 'Y wa J , , Q A - H Q ' 4A S I J ' i -:r- , X 5 ' N . gt - ' , ' . W 8 sr ' W . I Q, , X , Q an , B Z h V, 5 M X, I 4 N y ,V i3Ql7',.,, . W ,J 2 'clt V A if Biai I 178 These forty-eight sophomore girls are united in one group, the Allegro Chorus. They are: Row I-Rita Johnson, Cecelia lNIcI,aughlin, Diana Corley, Sharon Cady, Mary Putz, Linda Owens, Geraldine Ross, Ruby YVilson, Barbara LaPorte, Mr. Sheekler-Director. Row 22-Joanne Rosczyk, Jean Dahm, Loreen May, Lyle Hook, Darla Bowen, Janice Ripka, Carol Radovieh, Cheryl XVright, Janet Nixon, VivVian XVilson, Pam Hansen. Row 3-Gloria Isais, Sandy Casillas, Donna Anderson, Linda Dobrinske, Ronita Johnson, Helen Grernonprez, Judy Anderson, Sue lmmesoete, Jana Oakman, Cheryl Dobereiner, Judy Vacearo, Jeanne Rickey, Marilyn Miller. Row 4eCynthia Schreiner, Judy Miller, Joann Daffadra, Donna Carter, Pat Longneeker, Barbara Nelson, Jeanette Hart, Linda Kasten, Judy Melvin, Pam Tate, Karen Roth, Carol Vanllulle, Delphia Skinner, Nancy Laity, Linda Trask. Absent from the picture were Della Harmon and Diane Daab. ...na-.4-s The Crescendo Chorus combines Freshmen and Sophomore voices to bring about a pleasant tone. The members are: Row 1-Jeanie Sanchez, Naomi Plumb, Margaret Sierra, Carol Ashley, Cheryl Burney, Barbara Kline, Caylene Diedtrich, Olivia Terronez, Evelyn Cunningham, Mr. Sheckler-Director. Row 2--Sharon Turner, Emma Teague, Midred Scott, Heather XVolfe, XVanda Young, Nancy Miller, Cheri Van Ausdall, Juliet Casillas, Alice XVoods, Carole Osbourne, Sandi Bowker, Louella French, Nancy Caulkins, Carol Miller. Row 3-Patricia Baumann, Helen Skelton, Carol Fuller, Beverly Ferguson, Sheryl Russell, Beverly Hoyle, Connie Ford, Lynn Veys, Darlene Griffith, Sue Koenig, Joyce Shull, Sheila Bowling, Sharon Boultinghouse, Ty Thompson, Sheryl Paulson, Mary Hurt. Row 4-Sheryl Hawkins, Diane Rusk, Darell Roe, Cynthia Macik, Kathy Roberts, Sharon Morgan, Janet Keefer, Carolyn Haw, Joy Ammemian, Betty MeCorkle, Pam Newborn, Ruth Liggett, Linda G2llTI1Cf, Phyllis Marehiando, Barbara Milburn, Rhaelea Beyelheirner, Joyce Sandeis, Regina Ruby. Row 5-Betty YW-inert, Linda Hougan, Adrianne Powell, Charlotte Lawrence, Bette Bell, Sandy Carmichael, Pam Loding, Lynda Clark, Becky Carpentier, Jeannie Talbot, Judy Liedtke, Rosemary Craham, Bonnie Sweat, Patty Tieman, Marie Bnindrett, Judy Roach, Ruth McCoy, Maria Terronez, Sharon Picon. Absent-Judy Gar- rett, Karen Miller, Pat Cave, Suzanne Harker, Diane Ransom, Pat Sarginson. Crescendo Chorus Mixed Chorus A :I V A , 5 Xie I V , ,pg an E, . s, B M e ,J wg F ,,... ,,,, ,, 1 1 i , ,, ,.,,,, ., Heir Q eeas J trsret L sstrr i 'V 'V , ,as ' Meeting seventh period are these members of the Mixed Chorus, Row 1-Pat Rasso, Judy Evans, Frances XVoods, Nancy Homan, Sharon Rotz, Judy Ralston, Vala Nordholm, Janet Evans, Mr. Lewis Schekler- Director. Row 2-Karen Cant, Linda Rogers, Dianne Snapp, Carol Phelps, Charlotte Redmond, Sandra Lee, Theresa Vallejo, Rosemary Prieto, Edna Tumer. Row 3-Sheryl Hook, Julie Duff, Gerry Bobh, Linda Neyt, Sharon Brown, Barbara Hoyle, Sharon Heist, Helen lssa, Polly Seys. Row 4-Sandra Canker, Ruth Smith, Kathy Ballard, Virginia Hudak, Carole Polich, Karen Lewis, Judy XVard, Rita Nixon, Colleen Flowers. Row 5-John Pippert, John Hicks, John Blanchard, Gary Sager, Ken Pankey, Gary Chuich, Andy Martell, J. R. Stotts, John Johnson, Dick Skillett. Row 6-Jack Steele, Dea Brassfield, George Parr, Dave Godscy, Jerry Olvera, Jim McLean, Jim Ilowthornc, Tom McLean. Absent when the picture was taken were: Larry French, Ken Brooke, Betty McLaughlin. I Q...-Q-n-u-L L L LL , , , 1 .0 f fu, 11" ' ,e ,. f, 'Y 4-.1 a These freshman girls seem pleased to he a part of the choral depart- partment. They are: Row l-Penny Roekhold, Lajunc YVesthrook, Sandy jones, Sandy Lamb, Sandy Sehersehel, XVanda Cox, Susan Mc- Mullin, Lena Ferreri, Pam Bradshaw, -lean Hunter, Brenda hVCStl7I'0Oli. Roxy 2-Sharon Small, Linda Rasmussen, Linda Ryan, Susan Morgan, -Ianice Parry, Theresa Thompson, Barhara Scott, Emma Sedgewiek, Pat Bemis, Linda Hunt, Rose Marie Yan De XYoestyne, Kathy -Iaeeques, Dixie Harmon. Row 3-Carol Ramirez, Diane Dc-Paepe, ,lerri Ly1111 Zach, Linda Strandgard, Belya McLean, Maxine Ross, Brenda Bone, Gail Tollivez, Dtlllllil Frey, Bonnie Miller, Kay Page, Marcia Henyan, Cheryl Sapato, Donna YVheeler, Peggy Martin, Nancy Schatteman, o U Y Linda Lamb, Cathy Taylor. Row 4-Judith Kinnamon, Mary Simmons, Patty Carroll, Mary Jones, Judy Bowls, Mary Treftz, Barbara Sullivan, Sandra Sodeman, Beverly Schutz, Marcella Dixon, Kathy Stipp, Sandy Syec, Silllllfkl Vickers, Linda Yeys, Dehi Sipes, Cheryl YanHulle, Nancy Coveinaker, Vicki Huggins, Georgia Aten. Row 5-Sandy Bohh, Marilyn ML-Lemore, Drucilla Owens, Susan Henning, -Iune Lewis, Diana Fulton, Gwen Holden, Suzanne Smith, Kathy XXI-ekly, janet Mt-Millin, Judy Fieehter, S11e Cramhlett, Phyllis XYuit, judy Miller. Marsha Hanna, Elinor NVenke, Bonnie DeCastaker, Linda Cutler, Linda Anders, Mar- garet Bundy, joy Gerlach, Dee Ann Barry. Crescendo Chorus Cambiata Chorus Smiles wreath the faces of these sophomore and freshman hoys, who appear satisfied with their singing. They are: Row l-Rohert Showalter, james Hoffman, Andrew Ortiz, Hervey Milem, Richard Hostens, Charles Britton, Thomas NYheeler, Richard Caulkins, Robert XVaclsager, Samuel johnson, Loyd Hajny, Mickel Thompson, Richard XYeayer, Zlaekie Vog- ler, Ralph Alatorre. Row 2-Rohert King, Curtis Leslie, Michael Sullivan, George Lundeen, Albert Lundeen, james Shock, Mike Downing, Richard "W 9 Snell, Iohn Shivers, Larry Pankey, Iames Mt-Danel, Laurence Sletten, Danny,McDaniel, Roger Rogers, Kater Gatlin, lim Davison. Row 3- Donald Barker, lon Anderson, Richard DeNVulf, George Barry, Charlie Cruz, Dave Carinaek, Gary Davis, ,laek Mathias, Dennis Kellums, Randy Smith, Gregory Nelson, Paul Kay, xvllllkllll Gardner, Lo11nie Clark, Ken- nv Udendahl, 'Row 4-Charles NYendt, Terry Snyder, Donald XVestersund, james Wilson, William Krogman. f 13 me 'N To balance the high voices of the girls, the choral department provides for two boys groups. The Male Chorus is selected by the director, Mallie XVilliams, from freshman and spohomore boys. These boys are: Row 1- James Cheesman, Gary Vogelgesang, Robert Cronin, Larry Granell, Dave Abbott, Chuck Gelande, Robert Scherschel, Larry Green, Ronnie Pettis, Richard Allison, Roberta Rowlands Caecompanistl, Gary Compton, Garry Green, Richard Cervantes, Terry Smith, Bill Graham, Bill Mattan, David Tsehopp, Michael Downing. Row 2-Dennis Brown, Cliff Lundeen, Don- ald YVinkelbauer, Michael Hill, Gary Bennett, Floyd Call, Gerald Hillyer, Jerry Dyer, Harold Sens, Dwain Hawthorne, Raymond Sunken, Mike Johnson, Ron Mahaffey, Dennis Needham, Johnny Henry, David Blanchard. Row 3-John Skinner, Cary Flynn, Timmy Foutch, Ron Stout, Doug Brown, Dan Ferguson, Jim Longnecker, Jerry Coleman, Tony Lootens, Dick McKay, Bill Chuich, Curt Carlson, Don Covemaker, John Abbott, Tom McChurch. Row 4-Rich YVard, Chuck De Moss, Randy Chapman, Bob Carr, Bud Forbes, Gary Durham, Jeff Glendon, Sam XValton, Melvin McQuade, Jim Leahy, Jon Hunter, Dennis Bergstrand, Richard DeLaere, Jim Darby, Steven Buss, Joe Sierra, Hennan Davis. Male Chorus Crescendo Chorus These girls release their vitality and enthusiasm at the end of the day. They are: Row 1-Linda Penrod, Vivian Bowker, Betty Nordholm, Chris- tine Gilmore, Pat Hofrieter, Patsy Carss, Bonnie Dillow, Ronda Harriott. Row 2-Joyce Baldwin, Linda Tank, Eleanor Rasso, Jacquclyn Ishmael, Connie Ullrich, Sharry Pankey, Terry Davis, Sandra Quimby, Charlene Gilbert, Pat Bulen, Linda Taylor, Sue Estes. Row 8-Maria-Eugenia Cardoso, Cheryl McCubbin, Connie Blackman, Alvina Terronez, Pa- tricia Padget, Mary Komatar, Judith Paton, Alexis Skafidas, Carol VVil- lems, Linda Mahaffey, Linda Terronez, Margaret Lampo, Linda Smith, i Tanya Evans. Row 4-Mary Lakner, Linda Norin, Todd Collier, Louise Patterson, Linda Miller, Donna Swift, Patricia Hagberg, Karen Kangas, Bonnie Murphy, Clarissa Lareau, Anita Salmonson, Linda Hoskins, Charlotte YVright, Karen Sheppard, Marsha Schollerrnann, Janice Huff, Novetia Hubbard. Row 5-Sheryl Ryker, Donna Ashdown, Linda Mac- Cartney, Peggy Emmert, Mary Lou Kundert, Penny Catour, Judy Neaveill, Martha Jamison, Marylee Rosenburger, Donna Criswell, Jo Clauw, Leora Potter, Connie Setser, Henrietta Baker, Suzanne Boney, Janice Lockheart, Kay Stromer, Nanelle Fowler, Karon Shick. 181 High-Stepping U.T.I-LS. Band Performed Admirably for Both .Bn Augustana Homecoming As Well As U.T.H.S. Homecoming 'WA -I A M 5"" s 1 X, 5 inf Q -x s U.T,H.s. 1? W A g 3 , MARCHING g m - tv -g 49 J- The Pflde Of X i.. ,. gggggy nnnn.n n A A A so . ,,., A Voozozo Zix i iiz H 1 on . L, ,. H h S h 1 1961-1962 g sss v W In-'es n lg C OO A A ' seys M s . La . sl, , egg . me o no 2 n J M! s ,193 .rfb N 'BF i E we I Q x 'TI' D WX if Q Betty Geiger Sandy Roman 4 1 I Judy Miller . is ,. ,. Ioe Skowronski This year, U. T. H. S. again participated in numerous endeavors in the field of speech. On September 30th, speech students com- peted in a Chamber Reading Contest at Rock Island. Over one hundred representa- tives of the Quint City schools were present. The Mississippi Valley Speech Contest was held December 2nd at Clinton. Represent- ing U. T. H. S. in the Chamber Reading Division were Sally Goodwin, Gayle Hamer- linclc, joe Slcowronslci, and Barbara Sloane. In the Original Oration Department were Larry Finley, Betty Gager, Tom Maranville, and Alice Nel.son. XVith nearly forty com- petitors in her division, Sally Goodwin placed second. On December 9th, Rock Island served as host for the Quint City Speech Contest. Again th is year,' East Moline finished second behind Rock Island. In Comedy Reading, Gayle Hamerlinck received first place and joe Slcowronski placed third. In Serious Reading, Sally Goodwin captured third. The Original Oration Event was won by joe Skowronski, who received a unani- mous first place. February 17th was the date of the District Speech Contest held at Rock Island. Sally Goodwin, representing East Moline for the second straight year in Serious Reading placed third. In Comedy, joe Slcowronslci was again the representative. Winners at the District advanced to the Sectionals at East Moline. March 3rd is the Individual Events Division of the Sectional, and March 10th is the Debate and Dramatics Section. Vfinners at Sectional advance to the State Speech Finals April 6-7 at Cham- paign. The U. T. H. S. Speech Department is under the expert guidance of Mrs. Jessie Frederick. A" 4 4 4 4 4 if A 'ilil '...f f . . iN Barbara Sloane Sally Goodwin VARSITY DECLAMAT ION 1961-1962 U.T.l-l.S. .L Glo if ,L Alice NCISOII Gayle Hammerlinck Varla Berghult Andrea Lundeen U.T.H.S. Speech Department Activities .Mtv 1,1 . RADIO SPEAKING These six students were selected from the fourth and seventh period radio speaking classes for their out- standing ability. The ,speakers are: Front Row-Jean DeRocker, Cheryl Robinson, Peggy Stockwell. Back Row-Larry Finley, Gene Saunders, Dave Parry. SUB-VARSITY DECLAMATION Although they failed to make varsity declamation these students still had several chances to speak in contests. These students comprise the sub-varsity declamation team. They are: Front Row-Diane Dejaegher, Janice Graham, Sandy Neff. Back Row-Diane Smith, Peter Hall, joan Robinson. RADIO SPEAKING Another group of speakers chosen for this radio speak- ing picture are, front row: Diane Snapp, Woody Wil- kinson, janet Harrison, and rear row: Joe Skowronski, John Hurd and Tom Maranville. These dt-haters were rough competition to many schools this past season, Both affirmative and negative sides are represented by, row 1-Mike Polich, Linda Akers, Marcia Brown, Marlene Bilreski and Larry Finley. Row 2-Paul YVhite, Carl Suhr, Curt McKay, jack Slover and delmate coach, Mr. Bill Cloud. These four zlizzisions of the Speech Depart- ment enable a person to use a personal inter- pretation of cz subject. O R I G K' F 4 f, I N v A L O H , R N c' A ... A T r I N ' 1 'lf S , . iw Alice Nelson and Max XVeekly wrote excep- tional after dinner speeches, Max placed third at the district contest and went onto the sec- tional contest. ,ax Reading a poem is Barb Sloane, U.T.H.S. representative in the poetry division. Barb took second at the district contest and then went on to represent our school at the state finals. P O E F5413 T R Y 'M-we-rf-mn-manage 'rrr---W1-.... 1 These seven students presented original and complex ideas in their original orations. They are, row 1-Barb Sloan, Alice Nelson, Betty Gager 55 Charlyn Buss. Row 2-Larry Finley, Tom Maranville and Ioe Skowronski. Tom placed third in the district contest. 185 Speech Dept. Activities These Iuniors and Seniors enjoy reading prose. They are front row-Mary Skelton, Elizabeth Norton, Marcia Brown. Middle Row-Gayle Hammerlinck, Betty Gager, Cedric Salisbury. Back Row-Bob McCreight, Bill Schmidt, Scott Lyons. F R E S H S O P H D E C L A M A T 1 O N And thus ends a humorous monologue entitled "A Day at the Stadium." Writer of this was Carmelle Snyder. Extemporaneous speaking involves much mental work. XVithin a short limited time students must prepare a talk on a selected topic. These two extemp. speakers are Mike Polieh and Marlene Bureski. .T.H. . 1961-1962 aw i at K. y 'X Q 1 1 -ig' 3 . ii Training for advanced positions in deelamation are these sopho- mores. They have participated in a few contests, preparing for next year. They are left to right-Carol Radovich, Pam Tate, Judy Melvin, Judy Miller, DeAnn Barry, and sponsor Miss Ring. Gail Hermes was absent when picture was taken. My Sister Eileen "It's a very fine California Burgandy-type winef' says a proud Frank Lippencott fBoh Mcflreightj, Eileen Sherwood CSally Goodwin? and her sister Ruth CEllen Crawfordj seem to find the drug-store special less inviting than the owner. A pensive Chic Clark Qoe Skow- ronskij casts a curious glance at the gleaming N I, 5 x In 'iBut offieerf, pleads Mr. Appopolous CMieky NVilliaInsl, 'inone of my tenants have ever started a riot with South America heforeln It appears as it Lonigan Clirank Benedictl doesnlt need the reassuring smile of Violet Shelton lDixie Cookj to carry out his Official duties. bottle. F A L L P L A Y l 9 6 l "D0n't worry, we got lots of tlIIlC,,, utters a slightly persistent Chic Clark Chloe Skowronskil. Eileen Sherwood CSally Goodwinj found herself in many such pre- carious situations during her stay in Greenwich Village. 4 J ' T, 13-1155 ' X 'a A , gg s,,. Mrs. VVade CBarbara Sloanej may seem aghast "Eho! Eholi' shouts the lst Admiral CMike now, hut wait till she finds out that her Polichl as his fellow admirals offer their con- daughter Helen tflayle Hamerlinckj and The gratulations, The ulucky prizev for the winner NVreek tBrad Hansonl are secretly married. of the coin toss is none other than Eileen Sher- wood. i'Yive La Congaln 1962 Lyric Theater Presentation Ran Three Consecutive Nights Hi gh Button Shoes With a cast as large HS U16 IT1USiCH1 had, OUT With smiles of reassurance, these members new stage certainly COITICS ill handy. Many anxiously await opening night. They are: Car- months of informal practices, such as this, melle Snyder, Barb Slgging, Scott Lyqmg and precede the Musical. Sally Goodwin. M fy U R s I 1 C N A G L Practicing one of their dancing routines for the musical are: Karen Cant, Jana Ti-unell, Pris Olilscn, janet Harrison, Jean DcRot-ker and Peggy Stockwell. 'Q-.NA -we i Ill! Hill!! IYPI QM One of the most unrewarding jobs is that of 'Tll take twof' Gene Saunders never seems electrician and here Ralph Hood explores the to UIC of this line although ............... depths of "outer space." IW ,ir 1962 Q 'i ,A t ,'.-...VA ff' fi 5,17 ,. my 24 nw. The Heiress Wins First Place in The Heiress l 962 'm'.Q,. Although Dr. Sloper Qoe Skowronskii 6: Aunt Applying the first touches of make-up to Ellen Penniman CBarb Sloaneb maintain close watch, Crawford is fellow cast member Susie XVeiss. Morris and Catherine CScott Lyons St Sally Doesn't the eyebrow pencil come last Ellen? Goodwinj have eyes only for each other. T s H E P S L P A I Y A N Smiling graciously at the photographer before they begin the tedious task of applying the makeup is the cast of the Thespian Play: joe Skowronski, Barb Sloane, Susie XVeiss, Ellen Crawford, Scott Lyons, and Sally Goodwin. ss ' ' K A if coNTEsr A PLAY Q A ' , -fi .fiat As Morris Townsend fScot Lyons? reaches for While Dr. Sloper gazes contemptuously and Catherine CSally Coodwinl, Dr. Sloper Hoe Aunt Pcnniman stares with shock, the lovers Skowronskij continues to keep the lovers apart. embrace tenderly. Drarnatics of the District Speech Contest SKYLINE -7. ' 1 1 - 1 2 ' if'i5?" 'Sws1?3,G?aw:'T'n. ir N I D . I -ine This year's SKYLINE is the largest in the schools his- tory although this year's staff is probably th e smallest. SKYLINE rn e nz b e rs are either assigned to the SKY- LINE room first or second period or must sign up extra during the school day. To ,ff be selected as a rnenzber of the SKYLINE staff is a privi- :gm 'I i-i' lege accorded to only 20 stu- dents in the four o asses at U. T. H. S. The smile on editor-in-chief Ioe Skowronskfs Through these portals come unusual ideas face belies the many problems Joe had to which Skyline members put to use. Mr. cope with. However, under his diligent guid- Aubrey, as sponsor of the Skyline for the last ance the Skyline has tumed out very well three years, thumbs through the 1961 U.T.H.S, despite the many difficulties. annual hoping to find ways to make 1962's an- nual superior to last year's. From the looks of this hook he has accomplished his goal! .ff up "'1'1.f1 Marcia Gavin, underclass editor, types her copy for a layout Cit seems to be quite humorousj as Barh Carlton, junior editor, Mick Xlilliams, sports editor, and Melanie XVoods, under- class editor seem to appreciate the witty hit of copy. SKYU X fulfi- Scheduling pictures, probing old annuals, and displaying Skyline pictures played a major role in these four seniors' lives. Gail Salmonson, takes a minute from reading her copy for the club section as Charlyn Buss, faculty editor, Sally Goodwin, senior editor and Sheila Leahy, activities editor give the staff photographer a moment to capture their smiles. Yearbook Staff Puts in Long Hard Year on Publication NNN XX 2, could not he obtained and in the i r future perhaps others will bene- Barb Sloane's auditing ability kept the Sky- line's budget balanced. Cheeks to deposit, cash to count, and change good deal of Barb's time. ,.,,., ,.,. Tx. f f . , S K K, KM' - ' S 6 4' ii 1.10 33'- These juniors, editorial assistants, helped the editors with layouts, proof reading and other tasks. They are from back to front: Cathy Chuiek, Mary Skelton, Sue McKay, Mike Polieh, and Barbara Denys. 3. lllilfll SKYLINE 1961 1 962 This yearis SKYLINE, with 232 pages, was not only the largest in U. T. H. S. history, but also the most sought after. Over 1400 copies were sold by Thanlcsgiuing and many students 1 requested copies after the final Vyyyy deadline. To their sorrow and our regret additional copies .., ,.- fit from their delay. Subscription Manager, Gene Saunders, ehecks to see if everyone has paid in full for this year's annual. Solieiting patrons and busi- nesses to sponsor the Skyline was part of Geneis job. to tally took up a 5 f These boys take no back seat to anyone in photography. These are the three responsible for over 213 of the yearbook photos. Craig Athorp smiles as tells Tom Krantz and 1 1 L 'Q .. l 1 ' t ' it ' ' Jerry Brytk not to forget to lord the tlmerl The SKYLINE. ones muth to these fine photographers. 191 2 U.T.H.S. 1961-1962 SCHOOL YEAR SKYLINE STAFF .v1'X 53,1 ' f ' Ii , . " - Xi. s me A., 3 'X x Finding what people are, Where and how to spell eueh name, is the tedious job of an Index Editor. Barb Denys seems to enjoy this how- ever. NORTH CAMPUS STAFF I 9,.x' fr . . .,., , ,imma H These girls, future SKYLINE editors, helped hold the SKY- LINE together at the North Campus, They ure: Margaret Fulseher, Roberta Rowlands, Gail Hermes, and standing, Penny Catour. J ,Q , gjqs g' U I ' rg , 5" N ' 5 ,A M , ,, k U tu, ill Q .I J I 'W -so ' 'W 3 'S J , rt, I ings 3 it I . 111 ' A 5 Ei LLM These photographers know the first word of all good cameramen ......smile. Taking pictures ut open house and assemblies was one of the duties of Cecelia McLaughlin, Tim Butterfield and Penny Cutour. Marcin Gavin seems to eontemplute the amount of ehange to give Don Hunt, if any. SKYLINES were sold during the lunch period at both sehools. x K 1 Variety of Skills Necessary for Skyline Work SKYLINE OFFERS OPPORTI,'Nl'lAY IVOR 5'I'L'DENTS TO LEARN MAGAZINE STYLE COPY NYRITINC AND LAYOUT DESIGN A flip of thc coin could determine which pictures are placed in the Skyline, but the Skyline staff has better use for tilt-iii nioneyg thus members rely, many times on the better judgment of either Mr. Aubrey, sponsorg or joe Skowronski, editor-in-chiefg who are pictured O.k.ing several pictures. 4 'Q' As one passes room 208 one can sec similar boards of pictures such as Mary Skelton, Sue McKay, and Cathy Gene and Mike, like other staff members, sign up extra Ist. period in Mr, Aubrcyys room. One morning, when this shot was taken, Gene and Mike were busy leafing through some checks made out by various businessmen payable to the Skyline. SMALL SKILLED STAFF ALLOXYS YEARBOOK MEMBERS 2' TO LEARN AND DEVELOP A VARIETY OE TALENTS Although jocis layouts may be correct I would not say that his drawing of two pages of the yearbook are drawn to scale. Think ot carrying a book over 1 I6 inches long around to classes to get autographs! One would be smart to set up a small desk in the main corridor with a sign Sign Hcrcf' X y Chuich are arranging. Usually, pictures which can not be used by the Skyline are tacked to this board. J 1 ENGRAVER - SALESMAN PHOTOGRAPHER 'f ,,,i Versatility Plus Charactcrizcsl Chief Skyline Photographer CRAIG ATHORP f Over fifty per cent of thepast two SKYLINES have been filled with interesting and ex-' citing action shots taken by the yearbook's ace photographer Craig Athorp. This omni- present figure at U.T.H.S. deserves more credit than space will allow and it is a small Y A measure of the staff' s appreciation that we honor him with this page and this typical pose, Y so well known to all by now .at U.T.H.S. ' . i i H . "'l1 2 i 4 : E 5 A S 1 1 MUSICIAN 5 3, i l E 5 i STUDENT ' I ENTERTAINER I D S I 4 i r I 2 l I I ea Q l lr , if " Z5 ff, F., 4 1, l ,- AE . M, , .legs rp 1 o i W' 'E x , A particulary fine example of the photographic art of Craig Athrop is this shot of a leaping dog taken at the Wisconsin Dells. r , 196 "'--.W t'!Q1st,x In 1-Ja. 1 I - , -f f il ei "QQ--...,., Larry Finley, editor-in-chief of the Key, has revived this news- paper into a well-written publication. He was the only one on the staff with a knowledge of journalism at they beginning of the year when the paper was formed. Larry will be continuing his writing ability at the University of Illinois. Rejuvenation of "Key" by Soules and teres KEY 1 961 1962 Larry Finley, right, editor-in- chief of the Key and Mr. Soules, left, sponsor of such have, by the end of the first semester, accomplished the goal of publishing the Key every other week. Each week it seems to become better and seems to in- t more students. 'H if up W N ,tspy Finley Produces Outstanding Paper in H61 84 62" Sponsoring the Key this year is Mr. Soules. Mr. Soules, Mr. Aubrey, and Key and Skyline staffs journeyed to Champaign, Illinois, in September to attend a state convention for yearbook and newspaper members. From the looks of this year's Key and Skyline both must have gained some knowledge at the convention. Typing material for their newspaper the "Summit" are Front row-joan Robinson, Bill Coward, jim Bowers. Back Row-Nancy Griffith, Barbara Denys, judy Sigler, Margene Millen, Gene Wildemluth. 1 1 v. . mme I ,Mg is 1" A Journalism Classes Learn by Doing and by U. an As soon as Linda Huff finishes her report, "The Devil,s Printer," a week- ly newspaper, will be ready to roll off the presses. Also on the staff are Seated-Ruth Stepp and Sandy De- Grande. Standing are Dave Sullivan, Paul XVhite, Gayle Hammerlinck, and jack Slover. Creating Their Own Newspaper Each Week 2-M" ' I , x N A Intent on making 'KThe Gamblerv the best newspaper published by joumal- ism students are Left to Right: Diane Delaegher, Sharon Polich, Brenda Daggett, Dennis West, Bob Hanson, Iudy Stanton, Carl Suhr, and jeff YVilliams. Coverage of Both North and South Campus K K E "' E Y Y 1 1 9 9 6 6 1 2 as "VVhoops, I made a mistake," comments Andrea Luntleen as Debbie York eonfimis the error, As Andrea stops to contemplate the mistake, Curmelle Snyder is busy typing il report for this groupls newspaper the 'KSoutli YVing.,' Mart-iu Sester and BLH'l7llI4ll Stoneking watt-h Carmelle while Dave Rintlen, Harry Bottorff, und Bill Kevlm Look at Anclyls typing. Keeps Staff of Key Constantly Alert Y-.sf 1""'n IQ' N-X -.av X Giving john johnson a copy of the Key is VVhen Judy Sigler became business manager of the Key, she Sandy DeGr-undo, one of the Key's members. also became prone to finuneial lieacluelies, Here is pictured one This year the Key came out every other week. of the Key's better days. Key Staff Members Complete Outstanding Year DIX ERSITX OF TAI ENT AND INTEREST IN PLBI ICATIONS PRODUCE EXCEPT- IONAL STLDENTS IN JOURNALISNI .f nu..- i 5 e W, "Pictures, pictures ....... pictures . . . . . . . that's what Brad Hanson and Iiarry Bottorff are responsible for. It would appear that another one has just been developed by the KEYS new Polaroid camera, These two even found time to help with some of SKYLINE pictures. 'HW ler. Interested in a cupboard filled with old KEYS are these KEY staff members. Front row- Deblxie York, Andrea Lundeen, and Vicki Cruscr, Buck row-Clark Tracy and Don Mil- "Ooh lookf' says Sharon Polieh, as other interested KEY mem- bers surround her. They are: at the typewriter, Ruth Stepp. Others include Andrea Lundeen, Sandy Roman, Iudy Sigler, and Larry Finley. -IOURNALISNI DERIANDS MUCH BUT REXVARDS MORE THAN COMPENSATE FOR LONG HOURS AND TEDIOUS YVORK 199 I I .1 1 1 l 3 i W 1, GAA. Royalty 1962 if na "' a-Q., 089' Comprising the G.A.A. royal court are First row-jim Stopoulos, Queen Carol Kelly, Princess Glenna Turner, Prince Earl Paasch. Second row-Micky NVilliams, Gayle Harnerlinck, lean Dt-Rocker, john Cropp. Third row-Duane Ash, Ann Gause, Karen Cant, Donnie Miller. Fourth row-Frank Benedict, Carole Polich, Karen Lewis, John Hurd. Fifth row- Paul NVhite, Gail Salmonson, Indy Shiprna, Garold Peve. Radiating happiness are Earl Paasch and Glen- na Turner, prince and princess of the G.A.A. dance. Votes from both schools enabled both F S to reign such. is P Hg ' X- , ty f- It's one, two, three, kick! Mr. Cloud and Mr. Peterhoff look as the are trying out for a kick line routine. Miss YVeller is doing her If best to get out of the way of the kicks. XVith all the dancing around, the students still Won the volleyball game. rf 1 Outstanding Literary Talent at U.T.H.S. at i T t tta, n,tan t 7. fig! Readv and willing to get to work on ads and suhseripti0HS are Sharing responsibilities as chiefs of Panther Parade are Paul five seniors who asked for sueh work, They are, front row- XVhite and Dave Rotz. They are looking over last years book Carole Polieh, Debbie York, and .laek Slover. Rear row-Gene with sponsor, Mr, Stevens. Saunders and Garold Peve. Contribute and Staff 1962 Panther Parade "s XVorking together with the editor-in-ehief are these students who Typing, art work, layouts ....... were all assigned to these choose material for the 1962 Panther Parade. They are, front volunteers. They are Aliee Nelson, Shelia Leahy, Mike Phil- row-Barb Sloane, Charlyn Buss, Judy Sigler, Larry Finley, Sally hower, and eover designer, Francis Rittel, Goodwin, and rear row-Joe Skowronski. - f High Honors Bestowed on Journalism Students -1-im. 1 Members of the "international honor society for high school journalistsv are represented in the ahoxe picture. They are: Front row-Gail Salmonson, Sheila Leahy, Melanie XVood, Judy Sigler, Ruth Stepp, Andrea Lundeen, Charlyn Buss, Sallv Goodwin. Back row-Marcia Ca- vin, Larry' Finley, Craig Athorp, Joe Skowron- ski, Gene Saunders, Micky NVilliams, and Barb Sloane. QUILL AND SCROLL This is the first time in about three years that U.T.H.S. has had a Quill and Scroll group. Be- cause of this, many problems were posed deal- ing with what the group should .accomplish and where the group could obtain the money to accomplish these things. Trying to solve the problems is one of the responsibilities of the officers who are: Larry Finley vice presi- dentg Barb Sloane secretaryg Judy Sigler treas- urerg and joe Skowronski president. Mr. Aubrey and Mr. Soules are sponsors of Quill and Scroll. as :. v lil H X y , so it Q mg, .. x l,,,,,. . Barb Carlton holds a woven product of the Liberian Through the artistic interpretation of one person's people. On the desk are other objects used by these guitar strumming U,T.H.S. students were brought closer people, including an iron object used as money. to Spain. Occasionally Withgut Students Teachers or Learn Textbooks Gene Harms and his small tape recorder visited Mr. Aubreyls Sociology class bringing with them sounds of African music and people. These girls might he demonstrating how to reduce to Supposedly a picture is worth a thousand words S0 music but actuallx' they are mart of a lr 'sieal fitness this one then needs no comment. , , , l P 5 p1'0gI'ilXl'l. St -Q ,, K'-,xg , JI s i Z ,Ng l il W A 1 1 h e 1 1 :Tiny Q ,i s g 2 f it .ff - xa W4 , 1 if in 1- At lcast seven people enjoyed the opening days of These boys have the right idea ,. a phone in school, The pool looks inviting but the day's tem- every cubbyhole. peraturc will remain a secret. School Involves Studying? Mixed feelings prevail at a student council meeting. Jurgen Klee seems to he interpreting for Meg Holden, foreign exchange student from England, attending Moline High School. i f ,.....a-"f . . never fear .... the VVorking until the wee small hours of the morning You'll get your coat back Pat .. seems to have confused one of our carpenters as to coat checkroom takes care ofall articles. which head to hit. More Than 205 5 izrzwfni R K , f if , x 'fx' 961' l 5 , 'ii 5 F lxlf. Don LOI1lC g1lYC ll flltillgllt p1'OVOklIlg SPCCCll VVlliL'l1 Pg-Pita Sgfglzg-1131 and 1050 Rodrjgugz xvgit fgf thg in stalied many students thinking. trodur-tory choral to begin their rhythmic Spanish dunes' Assemblies Range The Mormon Ten Melody Mr-n sung their br-st, to the delight of the girls. From Serious to Humorous "J Se 'aff ,xv w-2.15 X A dash of an upraised dress adds flavor to this daneerls Three cave pcoplC, iHt6'f1'UPfCd ff0Ul important bUSiU'-355 Pattern' smile for the cauncru man. 3 rr 'gni . 6 ' ll X- M: ,'-kai nn ' -3 ',: V I5 -,4 , -Y if if ' 33. "1 -r 2 ' .Q vllgxf. 3 I rffhl ' 5,2- 2 yi.: .J 4, ,1 .K 'L-"fi, i ' ,Qjg'Fa35f-figs? f A iz - ,If !i-if 1 n jr 3' -fx .,'-X -ffN'y,1, 'xy 5 ' ' 1 S '- 9,-A 3 2' ', T ' 1 .Ei , , ' ' l r l 'x S xl-l y x l f The Past School Year Brought Forth "Spirit" in Many Many Forms Christmas auras permeated the air as well as the small strings of mistletoe, lui? MN 5-7 i ,Q Nothing like the sound of a cornet, much less that of three, to liven our school days. 5 - A "snoot booti' -- the perfect thing for "spiriting" away the bf-low-zero wintery Winds. This one is worn in high style by YVhen times were rough, school spirit was Mr. Yemrn, who appears prepared for the worst of Old Man elicited by the hard working U.T.H.S. cheer- Winter. leaders. Variety of Talent and Activities Stems From X The North Campus and The South Campus i Adding a little jivc to the Senior Assembly was this six player combo. The beat of the music can almost turn this page. "" ifrkp lt's a totally different feeling to have nothing but air under one's feet after a rebound from the trampoline. Ask any senior girl. At left one of Miss -Pianois gym classes obliges the photographer for a picture. 'KAnd how many poisoned apples did you eat Caesar?,' "Et tu Bl'lltC,H was a response at the Nloline exchange assembly. .' 45' 5 4 . ' "x rw 1 t2'f f' . sign ' l Mm - bww-- The "Twilighters" played sev- eral selections for the Moline ex- change assembly. Because of their ability to play skillfully they also performed at several U.T.H.S. dances. The Spanish lab, at the right, was in constant use by both the first and second year Spanish students at the North Campus. At U.T,H.S. Over This Past Year of Hoi"-"san Appearing for the first time in public, Charlyn, Mike, Max, jim, Tom, Sz Craig received a rapt- urous applause from both cam- puses. Q yu . , lffiff M - '-'------s- V ..,,,.,. i i - 'A W -. - ' i n ' 4 " M .sw ,, Q im ' - - ,A ' 4 V , R 2 A72 1 4 3. r...i.w wi"'f..- Dances, Assemblies, Special Events, and a Wide The wonclers of space were grupliicully presented ut this as- sembly. If this is an excerpt from "Pa- jiimii Came' then bring on the rest of the sleeping beauties, 1 n 5 45' r 4 "i ,F .9 XVhy weren't the Pnntherls informed of the new rules? XVQIS it because they are for the use of only those over 21? The Snowman, at right, may bring buck pleas- ant memories of dances or the unpleasant ones of shoveling tons of snow this past winter season. Range of Activities and Clubs Keep Students Busy Packaged in ai birthday cake wus one of Al Culogneis better pre- sents in the form of Cathy Muluin. Eliot Mess and the XVomer1's Temperance L e a g u e also appealrecl on the junior assembly. U.T.H.S. - SENIOR ACTIVITIES - 1961 - 1962 Achilles, Suzanne - C.A.A. 2, 3, 4, Board Representative 2, Campus Council 3,4, Business Club 4, Treasmer 4, Pep Club 2, Declamation 2, 3. Allison, Janice Allison, Judith Ammerman, Frank - Football 2, Track 1, 2, Intramurals 1. Anderson, Gary - Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4, Tri-Mic 3, 4, Rifle Club 1. Anderson, Janet - C.A.A. 2. Anderson, Richard - Wrestling Manager 3, 4, Rifle Club 3, Chorus 1, 2, 3, Camera Club 1, 2, 3. Anderson, Terry - Football 1, 2, Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Intra- murals 4, Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4, Lettermen's Club 4, Key 4, Pep Club 1, 2, 3, Plays 4. Ash, Robert Duane - Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Basketball 1, 2, Track 1, 2, 3, 4, VVrestling 3, Intramurals 4, Captain 4, Lettermenls Club 3, 4, Homecoming Royalty 4. Athorp, Craig - Basketball 1, Track 1, Band 1, Key 1, 2, Skyline 1, 2, 3, 4, Camera Club 1, 2, Plays 3, Quill and Scroll 4. Ballard, Kathy - C.A.A. 1, 2, 3, Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, President 2, Future Homemakers 1, 2, 3, Pep Club 1, 2, 3, Cheer- leader 1. Bazor, Dan Bazor, Judy Beale, L-aVerne - Wrestling 1, Intramurals 2, 4. Bealer, Richard - Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Track 1, 2, Lettermen's Club 3, 4, Hi-Y 1, Treasurer 1. Beard, Sally - Chorus 1, 2, 3, Business Club 4. Beasley, Lee Beaudry, Marilyn - G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, Y-Teens 3, Chorus 2, Business Club 3, Key 3, Pep Club 3, Future Nurses 4, Art Club 4. Bebout, Kay - Y-Teens 4, Business Club 4. Belman, Rose Ann - C.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, Chorus 1, 3, Business Club 4, President 4, Spanish Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 3, Secretary 4, Key 1, Pep Club 1, 2, 3. Benedict, Frank - Football 1, 4, Basketball 1, 2, 3, Track 4, Intramurals 4, Captain 4, Band 1, 2, Baseball 3, Student Council 2, 3, 4, State Representative 2, 4, Executive Board 4, Campus Council 3, 4, Chairman 4, Future Teachers 2, 3, 4, Lettermen's Club 4, Key 4, Pep Club 2, 3, 4, National Thespians Society 4, Plays 3, 4, Class Vice-President 4, Homecoming Royalty 4, Hi-Y 1. Bergstrand, Jim - National Honor Society 3, 4, Library Club 2, 3, 4. Berthoud, Don - Basketball 1, Future Distributors 4, Presi- dent 4. Betcher, John - Intramurals 3, 4. Blanchard, Paul - Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, Art Club 3, 4. Bloomberg, Joylin - C.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4, Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Key 2, Bio-Chemics 4, Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 4. Boarts, Rita Bobb, Geraldine - G.A.A. 2, 3, 4, Y-Teens 3, 4, Chorus 2, 3, 4, Spanish Club 1, Future Homemakers, 2, 3, 4, Pep Club 3, 4. Bowers, James - Basketball 1, Cross-Country 4, Intramurals 4, Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4, Rifle Club 2, Lettermenis Club 4. Bowman, Kenneth - Football 1, Track 2, 3, Intramurals 4. Breeden, Marilyn - Chorus 1, 3, 4, Future Homemakers' 1, Pep Club 1. Brewer, Jerry - VVrestling 2, Intramurals 3, 4, Tri-Mic 3, 4, Secretary 4. Brooke, Kent Brown, Sharon - G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Pep Club 1, 2, Chorus 3, 4, Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, Future Homemakers 4, Vice-Presi- dent 4. Brundrett, James - Intramurals 4, Transfer from Marion, Iowa. Bulen, Sue - Band 2, 3, French Club 4, Future Teachers' 4. Burrell, Mansel - Intramurals 2, 3, 4. Burrell, Robert - Football 1, 3, 4, VVrestling 3, 4, Intramurals 2, Lettermenis Club 4. Buss, Charlyn - C.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Y-Teens 2, 3, 4, Board Member 4, Band 1, 2, 3, 4, State Music Contest 1, 2, 3, 4, Future Teachers, 4, Skyline 3, 4, Faculty Editor 4, Bio- Chemics 2, 3, 4, President 4, Pep Club 2, 3, 4, National Honor Society 3, 4, Historian 4, Original Oration 4, Dance Band 4, Panther Parade 4, Editorial Board 4, Band Uniform Manager 4, Quill and Scroll 4. Cabor, Donald - Intramurals 1, 4, Baseball 1. Caldwell, Russell - Football 1, 2, Track 1, Wrestling 1, 2, 4, Rifle Club 3. Canatsey, Dean - Chorus 1, 2. Cant, Karen - G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4, Board 2, 3, 4, Program Chairman 4, Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, Student Council 3, Campus Council 3, 4, Recorder 3, Hall of Ideas Chairman 4, State Representative 3, 4, Executive Board 4, Business Club 2, 3, Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Home- coming Royalty 4, Future Nurses 4. Claus, Michael Columbia, Shirley Colvin, Charlene - C.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4, Band 1, 2, Future Homemakers, 1, 2, 3, 4, Bio-Chemics 3, Camera Club 1, 2, 3, Pep Club 1, 2, 3. Cook, Dixie - G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4, Board 3, Chorus 2, 3, 4, Choir Council 3, Band 1, Campus Coun- cil 3, 4, Pep Club 2, 3, National Thespians 4, Plays 3, 4, Cheerleader 1, Art Club 2, 3, 4. Courtney, Tom - Intramurals 4, Baseball Manager 2, 3, Tri- Mic 3, 4, Rifle Club 3, Band 1, 2, 3. Coward, Wlilliam - Cross-country 4, Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Pep Club 2. Craig, Linda Crawford, Ellen - G.A.A. 2, 3, 4, Y-Teens 2, 3, 4, Chorus 2, 3, 4, Council Representative 3, Secretary 4, Student Council 3, Campus Council 3, Business Club 3, Pep Club 2, 3, 4, National Thespians 3, 4, Plays 3, 4, Cheer- leader 2, Homecoming Royalty 4. Cremeens, Dewayne - Track 1, 2, 3, 4, Wrestling 2, 3, 4, Cross-Country 1, 2, 3, 4, Y.F.C. Club 1, Lettermenis Club 4, Hi-Y 1. Cropp, John - Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Captain, Track 1, 2, 3, 4: VVrestling 1, 2, 3, 4, Captain 4, Homecoming Royalty 4. Crouch, Jesse - Intramurals 4. Damm, Cary - Football 1, 2, Baseball 1, Tri-Mic 3. Daniels, Sharon - C.A.A. 1, 2, Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, Chorus 3, Fu- ture Homemakers' 1, 2, 3, Pep Club 1, 2. Davis, Anna Davis, Eileen - G.A.A. 2, Chorus 1, 3, 4, Future Home- makers, 2. Dean, James - Basketball 1, Intramurals 3, Tri-Mic 2, 3 Vice-President 2, President 3, State Vice-President 4- Rifle Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Vice-President 3, President 4. DeCapp, Mary Kay - C.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Y-Teens 2, 3, Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, Business Club 3, Future Homemakers, 2, Pep Club 1, 2, 3. DeBarre, Jane DeJaegher, Patricia - Y-Teens 3, Chorus I, 2, 3, Business Club 3, Future Homemakers' 2. 7 7 Delles, Vernon - Band 1, 2, Future Distributors 4. DePaepe, Larry Deporterw Greg - Football 1, 2, Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4, Rifle Club 4, Panther Parade 4, National Thespians Society 4, Plays 4, Representative to 1961 National Youth Confer- ence on the Atom. Dergo, Deborah DeRocker, .lean - G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Y-Teens 2, 3, 4, Board 3, Chorus 1, 2, 3, Representative 3, Campus Council 4, Business Club 3, Future Teachers' 2, Key 4, Camera Club 2, Pep Club 1, 2, 3, Plays 4, Class Secretary 4, Homecoming Royalty 4. Dubuisson, Mary - Rifle Club 1, G.A.A. 4, Future Teachers' 2, 3, 4, Future Homemakers' 1, Panther Parade 4, Pep Club 2, 3, 4, Plays 2, 4, Debate 2. Duff, Iulie - G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4, President 2, Panther Parade 4, Bio-Chemics 1, 2, 3, 4, Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Declamation 2, 3, Plays 4, Future Nurses 2, 3, 4, Vice-President 3, President 4. Duff, Karen - G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4, Chorus 1, 2, 3, Future Teachers' 2, 3, Key 4, Art Club 1, 2, Pep Club 3, National Honor Society 4. Duncan, Lloyd - Chorus 1, 2, 3. Dunham, Brad - Basketball 2, Track 3, 4, Cross-Country 2, 3, 4, Intramurals 3, 4, Baseball 2, 3, 4, French Club 4, Lettermen's Club 2, 3, 4, Secretary 4, Key 4, Sports Re- porter, National Honor Society 3, 4. Elias, Milton - Football Trainer 2, 3, 4, Basketball Manager 1, 2, Chorus 1, 2, Lettennen's Club 3, 4. Emmert, Gary - Track 2, Rifle Club 1, Pep Club 3, Future Distributors 4. Evans, Janet - Y-Teens 1, Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, Business Club 3, Future Homemakers' 1, 2, Secretary, Y.F.C. Club 1, Pep Club 1, 2, Debate 4. F airman, VVilliam Fender, Barbara - G.A.A. 1, 3, 4, Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4, Song Di- rector 3, Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, Secretary 2, 3, President 4, Student Council 1, 2, 3, 4, Vice-President 4, Executive Board 4, Quint-City Representative 4, Campus Council 3, 4, Future Teachers' 2, 3, Music Director 2, Treasurer 3, Bio-Chemics 3, Pep Club 1, 2, 3, National Thespians 3, 4, Declamation 2, 3, 4, Plays 3, Class Secretary 2, 3, Homecoming Queen 4, Future Nurses 4. Ferguson, David Fillmer, Gary Finley, Larry - Football Manager 3, 4, Baseball 1, Rifle Club 2, Student Council 4, Unity And Spirit Chairman 4, Executive Board 4, Campus Council 4, Spanish Club 2, 3, 4, President 3, Lettermen's Club 3, 4, Key 3, 4, News Editor 3, Editor-in-Chief 4, Panther Parade 4, Editorial Board, Pep Club 2, 4, President 4, Plays 4, Debate 4, Original Oration 4, Quill and Scroll 4, Vice- President 4, Library Club 2, 3, 4, D.R.Y. Representative 3, 4, President 4. Fish, Shirley - G.A.A. 2, Y-Teens 1, 2, 4, Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Bio-Chemics 4, Pep Club 1, 2, Future Nurses' 4. Fitzgerald, Carolyn - Transfer from Moline, G.A.A. 4, Y- Teens 4. Fletcher, Alfred - Wrestling 1, 2, Band 1, 2, 3. Flowers, Alice Flowers, Colleen - G.A.A. 1, 2, 4, Y-Teens 3, 4, Future Homemakers' 1. Fox, William - Football 1, Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4, Baseball 1, 2, Tri-Mic 3, 4. Francis, Richard - Football 2, Tennis 3, Intramurals 2, 3, 4, Art Club 4. Franks, james - Baseball 2. Fuller, Roger - Football 1, Tri-Mic 3, Chorus 1, 2, 3, Hi-Y 1. F ulscher, George - Football 1, 2, Intramurals 4, Chorus 2, Plays 4. Gager, Betty - G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, Declamation 3, 4, Varsity 4, Plays 4, Original Oration 4. Garcia, joe - Future Distnibutors 4, Treasurer. Garrett, Steven - Transfer from Brighton, Iowa, Intramurals 3, 4, Chorus 3. Gartner, Archie - Football 4, Lettermen's Club 4, Transfer from Beatrice, Nebraska. Gauker, Sandra - Chorus 2, 3, 4. Gause, Ann - G.A.A. 2, 3, 4, Y-Teens 3, 4, Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Future Teachers' 2, Pep Club 3, 4, Homecoming Royalty 4, Cheerleader 1, 2, 3, 4. Getty, Larry Glenn, Harold Goethals, Kathleen - G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Y-Teens 2, 3, 4, Chorus 2, 3, Future Homemakers' 1, 2, 3, 4, Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Homecoming Royalty 4, Cheerleader 1, 4. Gooding, Alan Goodwin, Sally - Y-Teens 2, 3, 4, Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, Pianist 1, 2, 4, Student Council 1, 2, 3, 4, President 4, Quint-City Representative 2, 4, Pekin District Rep. 2, 3, 4, State Rep. 2, 3, 4, National Rep. 4, Executive Board 4, Cam- pus Council 3, 4, Y.F.C. Club 1, 2, Pianist, Skyline 2, 3, 4, Senior Editor 4, Pep Club 1, 2, 3, National Thespians 2, 3, 4, National Honor Society 3, 4, Declamation 1, 2, 3, 4, Varsity, Plays 1, 2, 3, 4, Class Vice-President 2, President 3, Homecoming Royalty 4, Quill and Scroll 4, Panther Parade 4, Editorial Board, D.A.R. Award 4, Speech District Representative 3, 4, Lyric Theatre 4. Gotheridge, Richard - Transfer from St. Bede, Wrestling 4, Intramurals 3. Graham, Phil - Football 1, Track 1, 2, Intramurals 4. Granet, Karen - G.A.A. 3, 4, Pep Club 3, Library Club 2, 3, 4. Graver, VVilliam - Intramurals 3, 4, Rifle Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 4, Chorus 1, 2. Green, Donna - G.A.A. 4, Y-Teens 1, 2, 4, Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4. Guinn, George Guldenpfennig, Lee Haigh, Robert - Golf 2, Intramurals 2. Hall, Kenneth - Football 2, Tri-Mic 3, 4, Rifle Club 1, 2, Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4. Hamerlinck, Gayle - G.A.A. 2, 3, 4, Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4, Board 3, Vice-President 4, Band 1, Student Council 4, Social Chairman 4, Executive Board 4, Campus Council 3, 4, Skyline 3, Freshman Editor 3, Key 2, Camera Club 1, Pep Club 1, 2, 3, National Thespians 4, Declamation 1, 2, 3, 4, Varsity 3, 4, Plays 3, 4, Radio Speaking 3, Homecoming Royalty 4. Hamrick, Sherian - G.A.A. 2, 3, 4, Y-Teens 3, 4, Future Homemakers' 1, 2, Plays 3. Hantz, jimmy Hantz, Stanley Harker, Gloria Harrison, Janet - G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4, Board 3, Vice-President 3, Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, Vice-President 3, 4, Key 1, Pep Club 2, 3, Treasurer 3, Plays 3, 4. Heald, Sharon Heist, Sharon Hemphill, John - Tri-Mic 1, Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4. Hernandez, Ioseph Herrera, Anna - G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Chorus 1, 3, Business Club 2, 4, Spanish Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Vice-President 4, Pep Club 2, 3, 4. Hill, Nancy - Y-Teens 2, 3, 4, Chorus 1, 2, 3, Business Club 2, 3, Future Homemakers' 2. Hill, Patricia - Tennis 1, 2, 3, G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Chorus 1, Bio-Chemics 2, 3, 4, Pep Club 1, 2, 3, Future Nurses' 2, 3, 4, Library Club 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 4, I. S. L. A. Rep- resentative 3. Hoepfner, Donna - Y-Teens 2, 3, Business Club 3, Future Homemakers' 1, 2, Pep Club 3, Future Nurses' 2, 3, 4, Treasurer. Hoffmier, Gary Homan, Nancy - Y-Teens 3, 4, Chorus 2, 3, 4, Pep Club 3. Hook, Sheryl - Y-Teens 3, Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, Business Club 4, Vice-President 4, Y.F.C. Club 2. Hostens, Lynne 2 Howell, Otis Hoyle, Barbara - Y-Teens 3, Chorus 3, 4, Business Club 4. Hudak, Virginia Huggins, Paula - G.A.A. 2, 3, 4, Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4, Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, Business Club 2, 3, Vice-President 3, Camera Club 1, Pep Club 1, 2, 3. Hunt, Donald - Intramurals 1, 3, 4, Rifle Club 1, 4. Hurd, John -- Football 4, Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4, Campus Council 4, Lettermenis Club 3, 4, Treas- urer 4, Key 4, Pep Club 2, 3, Homecoming Royalty 4. Irwin, Marvin - Band 1. Ishmael, Diane - G.A.A. 1, 4, Chorus 2, 3, 4, Band 1, Art Club 1, 2, 3, 4. Issa, Helen - French Club 4. Jackson, Benny Johnson, Barbara Johnson, Dennis - Track 2, WVrestling 2, Intramurals 4, Band 1, 2, 3, Bio-Chemics 4, Plays 3, Hi-Y 1. Johnson, James - Golf 3, Intramurals 4, Band 3, 4, Drum Major 4, Dance Band 4. Johnson, John - Football 2, Intramurals 1, Chorus 4, Vice- President 4, Hi-Y 2. Johnson, Vernon - Intramurals 3, 4, Rifle Club 3. Johnston, Shirley Kaskadden, Karen - G.A.A. 2, 3, Chorus 2, 3, 4, Pep Club 2, Y-Teens 1. Kastner, Phil - Intramurals 3, 4, Baseball 1, Art Club 1. Kelley, Carol - G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Board 3, 4, Rep. 3, 4, Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4, Board 1, 2, 3, Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, Student Council 4, Treasurer 4, Public Relations and Publicity Chairman, Executive Board 4, Campus Council 3, 4, Skyline 2, 3, Key 4, Panthere Parade 4, Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 4, National Thespians 4, Plays 3, 4, Homecoming Royal- ty 4, Cheerleader 1, 3, 4, Art Club 1, 2, 3, 4, President 3, 4. Kelley, Marjorie Kenney, George - Rifle Club 2, 3, Executive Officer 3, Fu- ture Distributors 4. Kilts, Robert - Rifle Club 3, 4, Tri-Mic 3, 4, Chorus 1, 2. Kincaid, Ruth - G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Chorus 1, 2, 3, Future Teachers, 2, 3, 4, Key 4, Declamation 2. Kipp, Gerald - Football 2, 3, 4, Basketball 1, VVrestling 3, Intramurals 2, 4, Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4, Lettermenis Club 3, 4. Kirklin, Arthur - Chorus 1, 2, 3. Klee, Juergen - Band 4, Student Council 4, Campus Council 4, Quint-City, Pekin District, State Delegate. Korthals, Dixie Kraklow, Alice Kundert, George - Football 1, 2, Wrestling 2, Rifle Club 2, Chorus 1, Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Plays 3, 4, Debate 3. Kunkle, Sharon - G.A.A. 1, 2, Band 1, 2, Future Home- makers, 2, 3, 4, Y.F.C. Club 1, Plays 4. Lange, David - Football 1, 2, Intramurals 3, Chorus 1, 2, Future Teachers, 4, Lettermerfs Club 4, Pep Club 3. Lange, Howard - Football 1, Basketball 1, Cross-Country 2, 3, 4, Intramurals 2, 3, 4, Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4, Letter- menis Club 3, 4, Pep Club 2, 3. I Larrison, Joanne - G.A.A. 1, Business Club 1, Y.F.C. Club 1, Radio Speaking 3. Laud, Constance Leahy, Sheila - Tennis 2, 3, 4, G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Pep Club 3, Chorus 1, 2, Spanish Club 1, 2, 3, Secretary 2, Skyline 2, 3, 4, Activities Editor 4, Sophomore Assembly Com- mittee, Quill and Scroll 4, Homeroom Chairman 4. Lee, Sandra - Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, Art Club 1, 2, 3, 4. Leedom, Larry - Radio Speaking 4. Leight, Linda Lemkau, Dennis - Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4. Leonhard, Donald - Football 2, 3, 4, Tennis 1, 2, 3, 4, Intra- murals 4, Rifle Club 4, Band 1, 2, 3, Lettermen's Club 4, Skyline 2, Panther Parade 4, Plays 4, National Thes- pians Society 4, Debate 2, Homeroom Chairman 4. Lewis, Karen - G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Program Manager, Y-Teens 3, Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, Pep Club 1, 2, 3, Declamation 2, Y.C.Q.C. 1, 2. Ligeno, Louis - Football 2, 3, 4, Basketball 1, 2, Tennis 1, 2, 3, 4, Intramurals 3, 4, Band 1, Lettermenis Club 4, Panther Parade 4, Plays 4, National Thespians Society 4. Lindley, Janet - G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Pep Club 1, 2, 3, Declama- tion 2. Lingafelter, Dennis - Chorus 1, 2. Lopez, Theresa - Future Teachers' 4. Lundeen, Andrea - G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4, Chorus 1, 2, Y.F.C. Club 1, Key 1, 2, 3, 4, Feature Edi- tor 4, Panther Parade 4, Bio-Chemics 1, 2, 3, 4, Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 4, National Thespians Society 4, Declamation 1, 2, 3, 4, Varsity, Plays 3, 4, Debate 2, Quill and Scroll 4. Madden, Sherrie Maranville, Thomas - Transfer from Erie, Cross-Country 4, Lettermenis Club 4, Panther Parade 4, Plays 3, 4, Pep Club 3, 4, Basketball 3, 4, Radio Speaking 4, Original Oration 4, Original Monologue 4, National Thespians Society 4, Baseball 4. McCoy, Janet McLane, Sue McLaughlin, Betty - Y-Teens 3, 4, Chorus 1,'2, 3, 4, Pep Club 3. McLean, Tom - Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, Radio Speaking 4. Milburn, Bob - Art Club 4. Millen, Margene - Y-Teens 3, 4, Pep Club 3. Miller, Donald - Student Council 2, 3, Pekin District Repre- sentative 2, Quint-City Rep. 3, State Rep. 3, Lettermenis Club 3, 4, Skyline 2, 3, Junior Class Editor 3, Pep Club 2, 3, 4, President 3, Vice-President 4, National Thespi- ans 4, Plays 3, 4, Class Vice-President 3, Homecoming Royalty 4, Pete the Panther 2,'3, 4. Miller, Elvin Miller, Margie Miller, Mary - Chorus 1, 2, 3, Future Homemakers' 1, 4. Miller, Melvin Miller, Roger - Football 1, Basketball 1, 2, Track 2, Intra- murals 3, 4, Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, Panther Parade 4, National Thespians 4, Plays 2, 3, 4, Y.C.Q.C. 1, 2. Mindham, Stephen Mitcham, Jean - G.A.A. 2, 3, 4, French Club 4, Declama- tion 3, Office Girl 3, 4. Moeller, John - Track 2, Future Distributors 4. Montieth, Robert - Rifle Club 2, 3. Morgan, Jack - Transfer from F airbury, Nebraska, Band 1, Lettermenis Club 4, Tennis 3, 4, Co-Captain 4, Quad- City Champs fNo. 3 Doublesl, Intramurals 1, 3, 4. Mumma, Brian - Football 1, 4, Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Wres- tling 2, 3, 4, Chorus 2, Lettermenis Club 4, Pep Club 2, 3. Myers, Steve - Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4, Captain 4, Art Club 4, Chorus 1. Neal, Sandra - Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4, Chorus 1, 2, 3, Pep Club 1, 2, 3. Neels, John Neff, Sandra - Chorus 3, Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4, State Conference Rep. 1, Vice-President 2, Key 2, Pep Club 1, 2, 3, Decla- mation 4, Plays 3, 4, Radio Speaking 4, Future Nurses 2, 3, 4, Historian 4. Nelson, Alice - Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, Future Teachers, 2, 3, 4, Conference and Convention Delegate 3, 4, Y.F.C. Club 1, 2, 3, President 3, Skyline 1, 2, Key 1, 2, Panther Pa- rade 4, Pep Club 2, 3, National Thespians 4, Declama- tion 1, 2, 3, 4, Original Oration 4, Original Monologue 4, After-Dinner Speaking 4. Nelson, Larry - Basketball 1, Tennis 1, 2, 3, 4, Co-Captain 4, Quad-City Champ No. 3 Singles, Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, Choir Counsel 3, Lettermenis Club 2, 3, 4, Pep Club 1, Hi-Y 1. Newingham, Linda - Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, Spanish Club 2, 3, Treasurer 3, Y.F.C. Club 1, 2, Treasurer 1, Pep Club 3, Declamation 3, 4. Neyt, Linda - G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, 'Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, Future Homemakers, 1, 2, 3, Pep Club 1, 2. Nixon, Rita - G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Y-Teens 4, Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4. Nordholm, Vala - G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, Future Homemakers, 1, 2, 3, 4, Vice-Presi- dent 3. Ohlsen, Priscilla - G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4, Chorus 1, 2, 3, Business Club 3, Pep Club 1, 2, 3, Plays 3, 4. O,Klock, Max - Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Tri-Mic 3, 4, Representa- tive 3, 4, Chorus 1, 2, Letterinenis Club 3, 4, Pep Club 2. Paasch, Earl - Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Basketball 1, Track 1, 2, 3, 4, YVrestling 2, 3, 4, Chorus 1, 2, Student Council 4, Public Relations and Publicity Chairman 4, Quint-City Representative, Campus Council 3, 4, Executive Board 4, Lettermenis Club 3, 4, President 4, Pep Club 1, 2, Plays 3, Class President 4, Homecoming Prince, Junior Rotarian 4. Paller, James - Intramurals 2, 3. Parry, David - Football 1, 2, 4, Track 1, 2, YVrestling 1, 2, 3, Golf 1, 2, 3, Intramurals 1, 2, 4, Baseball 1, 2, Rifle Club 1, 2, 3, Student Council 1, Lettermenis Club 3, 4, Sky- line 1, 2, Key 1, 2, Pep Club 1, 2, Art Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Hi-Y 1, 2, 3. Paytash, Joann - Y-Teens 1, 3, 4, President 4, G.A.A. 1, 3, 4, Future Nurses 4. Perez, Mary Peterson, Linda - G.A.A. 2, Business Award for shorthand 3. Peterson, lVillard - Football 2. Peve, Garold - Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Basketball 1, 2, Track 1, 2, YVrestling 3, 4, Tennis 4, Baseball 3, Chorus 1, 2, Letter- men's Club 3, 4, Key 4, Panther Parade 4, Pep Club 3, Plays 3, 4, Homecoming Royalty 4, Alternate to Boy's State, Senior Ramblings Reporter, 4. Phelps, Carol - Y-Teens 2, 3, 4, Chorus 2, 3, 4, Future Home- makers, 1, 2, 3, Historian 2, 3, Future Nurses 3, 4. Philhower, Mike - Rifle Club 1, Band 1, 2, 3, 4, President 3, 4, Spanish Club 2, 3, 4, Secretary 3, President 4, ,National Honor Society 3, 4, Treasurer 4, Plays 3, 4, Dance Band 4, Junior Rotarian 4. Polich, Carol - G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Board 3, 4, Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, President 3, Treasurer Mixed Chorus 4, Key 3, Future Teachers, 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 4, Pep Club 1, 2, 3. Pollentier, Josette Ponciano, Mary - G.A.A. 1, Chorus 1, 2, 3, Future Home- makers, 2, Pep Club 2, 3. Porter, Ruth - G.A.A. 3, 4, Y-Teens 1, Art Club 3, Future Homemakers, 4. Powell, David - Intramurals 2, 4, Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4. Powell, Sherrie - Transfer from Moline-Y-Teens 4, French Club 4, President 4. Prieto, Rosemary - G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Y-Teens 2, 3, Chorus 1, 3, 4, Business Club 4, Spanish Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Vice- President 2, Pep Club 1, 2, 3. Ralston, Judith - G.A.A. 2, 3, 4, Y-Teens 1, Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, Future Homemakers, 2, 3, 4, Historian 3, President 4. Ramirez, Alfonso Ramirez, Carmen - G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Chorus 1, 2, 3, Business Club 4, Spanish Club 1, 4, Future Teachers' 2, 3, 4, Sec- retary 4, Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 4. Rangel, Teresa Raske, Sharon Rasso, Rita Rasso, Patricia - Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, Business Club 4, Secretary 4, Spanish Club 1, 4. Ray, Gloria - G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, Y-Teens 3, Chorus 1, 2, 3. Redmond, Charlotte - Transfer from Anniston, Alabama. Reeser, Jerry - Future Distributors 4. Rice, Patricia Richard, Judith - Band 1, 2, 3. Ridenour, Carl - Tri-Mic 4. Rittel, Frances Robinson, Cheryl - G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4, Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, Future Teachers' 2, Pep Club 1, 2, 3, National Thespians 4, Plays 4. Robinson, Joan - G.A.A. 2, 3, 4, Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, Pep Club 2, 3, Chorus 1, Business Club 2, Future Homemakers' 1, 2, 3, Declamation 4, Library Club 2, 3, 4, Secretary 4. Robinson, John - Football 2, 3, Intramurals 1. Rockwell, Geraldine - G.A.A. 2, Future Homemakers, 2, Y.F.C. 1, 2. Rockwell, James Rogers, Linda Roselle, Katherine - G.A.A. 1, 2, Spanish Club 2. Ross, J. D. - Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4. Rotz, David Rotz, Sharon - G.A.A. 1, Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, Art Club 4. Rumler, Gary Rylander, Donald - Cross-Country 2, 3, Intramurals 3, 4, Baseball 1, 2, 3. Sager, Gary - Football 1, Intramurals 3, Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4. Salmonson, Gail - Library Club 2, 3, 4, G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Representative 2, 3, Vice-President 4, Campus Council 4, Skyline 2, 3, 4, Clubs Editor 4, Bio-Chemics 4, Pep Club 3, National Honor Society 3, 4, Declamation 1, 2, Alternate Girls' State 3, Homeroom Chairman 3, 4, Scholastic Award 3. Sanders, Ronald - Football 1, 2, Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4. Sapp, Robert - Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4, Spanish Club 1, 2. Saunders, Carl Eugene - Future Teachers, 2, 3, 4, Skyline 2, 3, 4, Pep Club 2, 3, Plays 3, 4, National Thespians 3, 4, Quill and Scroll 4, Patrons and Subscriptions Manager, Skyline 4, Subscriptions Manager, Panther Parade 4. Schatteman, Rita Sayers, Robert - Transfer from Olmstead Falls, Ohio, Intra- murals 4, Tri-Mic 4. Schmidt, Glenn - Football 1, Basketball 1, Track 1, 2, 4, Cross-Country 2, Pep Club 2, Plays 4. Schmoll, Richard Schmooke, Sandra Seibert, Diane - Tennis 1, 2, 3, G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Chorus 1, Future Teachers, 4, Skyline 2, 3, Bio-Chemics 1, 2, 3, 4, Vice-President 4, Pep Club 2, 3. Seys, Paulette - Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4. Shipma, Judy - G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Representative 1, 2, Secre- tary 3, President 4, Y-Teens 2, Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, Campus Council 3, 4, Business Club 4, Pep Club 3, Art Club 1, 2, 3. Sigler, Judy - G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Representative at Play Day, Chorus 3, Spanish 2, 3, 4, Board 3, Y.F.C. Club 1, Key 4, Business Manager 4, Rep. to I.H.S.P.A. 4, Panther Parade 4, National Honor Society 3, 4, Secretary 4, Scholastic Award 3. Simpson, Catherine - Chorus 3, 4, Accompanist, Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Librarian 3, 4, Vice-President 4, Business Club 4, Future Teachers, 2. Skinner, Charles - Rifle Club 2, Band 1, 2, 3. Skowronski, Joe - Student Council 4, Campus Council 3, 4, Executive Board 4, Budget and Finance Chairman 4, State Finance Chairman for Convention, Pep Club 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 2, Future Teachers, 2, 3, 4, Vice-President 3, President 4, Vice-President of Blackhawk Division 3, President 4, Skyline 2, 3, 4, Activities Editor 3, Editor- in-Chief 4, Bio-Chemics 2, 3, Treasurer 3, National Thes- pians 3, 4, National Honor Society 3, 4, Declamation 1, 2, 3, 4, Oratory 1, 2, Original Oration 4, Plays 1, 2, 3, 4, Radio Speaking 4, Panther Parade 4, American Le- gion Oration 4, Quill and Scroll 4, President 4, Scholas- tic Award 2, 3. Sloane, Barbara - Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Spanish Club 1, 2, 3, 4, French Club 4, Secretary 4, Treasurer 4, Y.F,C. Club 1, 2, Skyline 2, 3, 4, Business Manager 4, Panther Pa- rade 4, Editorial Board, Pep Club 2, 3, National Thes- pians 3, 4, National Honor Society 3, 4, Declamation 2, 3, 4, Plays 2, 3, 4, Poetry 3, 4, District Representative 3, 45 Original Oration 45 Original Monologue 45 Dance Band 45 Quill and Scroll 45 Girls' State Representative 3, Scholastic Award 2, 3. Slover, John - Spanish Club 1, 25 Future Teachers' 45 French Club 45 Panther Parade 45 Pep Club 2, 3, 45 De- bate 3, 45 Plays 3, 4. Smith, Judy Smith, Ruth - Y-Teens 2, 3, 4, Board 4, Publicity Chairman 45 Chorus 1, 2, 3, 45 Art Club 2, 3, 4, Secretary 4. Snapp, Dianne - G.A.A. 15 Y-Teens 35 Chorus 1, 2, 3, 45 Pep Club 35 Radio Speaking 4. Snyder, Carmelle - G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 45 Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 45 Busi- ness Club 45 Key 15 Pep Club 1, 2, 35 Plays 3, 4. Sodeman, George Spencer, Marshall Sprague, Susan - Chorus 1, 2, 3, 45 Future Homemakers' 2, 35 Future Nurses 3, 4. Spurr, Ella - Y-Teens 45 Business Club 45 Spanish- Club 2, President 25 Skyline 2, 3, Activities5 Radio Speaking 4. Stafford, Jimmy - Chorus 1, 2, 3. Stahl, Mary - G.A.A. 15 Chorus 2, 3. Steele, Jack - Chorus 1, 2, 3, 45 Y.F.C.. Club 1. Stockwell, Margaret - G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 45 Y-Teens 3, 45 Chorus 1, 2, 3, 45 Pep Club 2, 35 Plays 45 Future Nurses 4. Stogdell, Mary - G.A.A. 1, 35 Y.F.C. Club 1, 2. Stone, Phyllis - G.A.A. 45 Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Majorette 2, 3, Head Majorette 4. Stoneking, Marsha - G.A.A. 1, 2, 35 Band 1, 25 Y.F.C. Club 1. Stopoulos, James - Football 1, 2, 3, 45 Track 3, 45 Wrestling 1, 25 Letterrnen's Club 3, 45 National Thespians 3, 45 Class Vice-President 15 Art Club 45 Homecoming King 4. Stotmeister, Carolyn - G.A.A. 2, 3, 45 Business Club 4. Strickland, Evelyn - Tennis 45 G.A.A. 1, 2, 45 Chorus 3, 45 Pep Club 35 Art Club 3. Suhr, Carl - Intramurals 45 French Club 45 Future Teachers, 45 Pep Club 2, 4, Treasurer 45 Debate 45 Library Club 2, 3, 4. Sullivan, John Sutton, Barbara - Y-Teens 15 Future Nurses 2, 3, Secretary 3. Sutton, Glenn Talbot, Dean Taylor, John - Intramurals 35 Tri-Mic 45 Camera Club 2. Teague, James - Football 15 Wrestling 1, 2, 3, 45 Baseball 1, 2, 45 Choms 1, 2, 3, 45 Lettermen's Club 1, 2, 3, 4. Thomas, Mary Tompkins, Gloria - G.A.A. 2, 3, 45 Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4. Thompson, Janice Tracy, Clark - Football 1, 2, 3, 45 VVrestling 1, 2, 3, 45 Cross- Country 45 Track 1, 2, 3, 45 Intramurals 35 Letterrnen's Club 3, 45 Key 4. Trout, Elaine Tniitt, John - Basketball 1, 2, 35 Intramurals 45 Key 4. Trunnell, Jana - G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Board 15 Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 2, Decorations Chairman 45 Chorus 2, 3, 45 Pep Club 2, 35 Plays 3, 4. Tschopp, Stephen Turner, Edna - G.A.A. 1, 25 Y-Teens 3, 4. Turner, Glenna - Homecoming Princess 45 Band 1, 2, 3, 45 Cheerleadersl, 2, 3, 45 G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 45 Y-Teens 1, 3, 45 Class Treasurer'1.5 Pep Club 1, 2, 45 F.N.A. 3. Turrell, Harry - Football 1, 2, 35 Wrestling 1, 25 Baseball 1, 25 Rifle Club. Valentine, Elayne - G.A.A. 1, 35 Y-Teens 35 Chorus 35 Stu- dent Council 2, 35 Future Teachers, 45 Camera Club 1, 25 Pep Club 35 State Student Council Convention Delegate 25 Class Treasurer 2, 3, 4. Vallejo, Theresa - G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 45 Chorus 1, 2, 3, 45 Future Homemakers, 3, 45 Pep Club 1, 2, 35 Cheerleader 1. VanDeventer, Tom - Band 1, 2, 3, 45 Dance Band 4. VanKlaveren, Judith Verbeke, Allan - Wrestling 25 Golf 1, 25 Rifle Club 15 Art Club 3, 4. Vogel, Gerald - Football 15 Basketball 1, 25 Track 1, 2. Vogler, Gaylord - Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4, Bowling Captain 45 Future Teachers' 3, 45 Pep Club 2, 35 Baseball 2, 4. Waddell, Clarence - Wrestling 4. Wainman, George - Basketball 1. Ward, Judy NV:-zekly, Max - Baseball 3, 45 Chorus 15 Spanish Club 2, 3, 45 Y.F.C. Club 1, 25 Pep Club 1, 2, 4. VVeimer, Gene - Football 45 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 45 Baseball 1, 2, 3, 45 Future Teachers, 2, 3, 45 Y.F.C. Club 1, 25 Let- terman,s Club 3, 45 Pep Club 2, 35 Boys, State Rep. 35 Plays 3, 4. Weiss, Susanna - G.A.A. 2, 3, 45 Y-Teens 15 Chorus 3, 45 Business Club 35 Pep Club 35 Lyric Theatre 45 Plays 4. VVelch, Gary - Track 25 Tri-Mic 45 Rifle Club 2. XVest, Dennis - Track 2, 3, 45 Cross-Country 3, 4, Captain 4, State 45 Intramurals 3, 45 Chorus 1, 25 Baseball 35 Span- ish Club 2, 35 Lettermen's Club 3, 45 Pep Club 3, 45 Na- tional Honor Society 45 Panther Parade. WVestbrook, Charles - IVrestling 3, 45 Intramurals 25 Base- ball 45 Chorus 35 Lettermen,s Club 4. White, Bruce CEldonQ - Football 15 Intramurals 2, 35 Rifle Club 2. White, Paul - Football 1, 25 Basketball 1, 45 Track 1, 25 Cross-Country 45 Intramurals 2, 3, 45 Baseball 3, 45 Stu- dent Council 1, 45 Constitution Chairman 4, Executive Board 45 Campus Council 3, 45 Lettermen's Club 45 Sky- line 45 National Thespians 45 National Honor Society 3, 45 Plays 35 Debate 2, 3, 45 Homecoming Royalty 4, Junior Rotarian 4. WVildermuth, Gene - Basketball 15 Track 1, 2, 3, 4, State meet 3, 45 Wrestling 45 Cross-Country 1, 2, 3, 4, State meet 45 National Honor Society 3, 4, Vice-President 45 Plays 45 Scholastic Award 25 Junior Rotarian 4. Wilkinson, Karl - Track 1, 2, 35 Band 1, 25 Radio Speaking 3. XVilkinson, XVoody - Basketball 15 Track 1, 2, 3, 45 Cross- Country 1, 2, 35 Intramurals 2, 3, 4, Captain 2, 4, Team Champions5 Band 1, 2, 3, 45 Business Club 45 Campus Council 45 Y.F.C. Club 15 Art Club 15 Lettermenls Club 2, 3, 4. XVilliams, James Michael - Football Trainer 2, 3, 45 All Varsity Trainer 45 Basketball 25 Track 1, 2, 35 Intramurals 3, 45 Chorus 25 Student Council 1, 4, Activities Chairman 4, Executive Board 45 Campus Council 45 Spanish Club 2, 3, 45 Lettermen,s Club 3, 4, Vice-President 45 Skyline , 4, Sports Editor 45 Key 25 Pep Club 2, 4, Co-President 25 National Honor Society 3, 4, President 45 Plays 3, 45 National Thespians 3, 45 Homecoming Royalty 4, Lyric Theatre 4. Williams, Jeff - Track 1, 2, 3, 45 Cross-Country 2, 3, 45 Let- termen's Club 2, 3, 4. XVilliams, Larry - Track 1, 35 Cross-Country 15 Intramurals 45 National Honor Society 45 Chorus 1. Windland, Carol WVingert, Richard Winkelbauer, Gerald - Intramurals 45 Tri-Mic 3, 4. VVinthurst, Martin YVise, Jerry - Wrestling 1, 2, 3, 45 Tri-Mic 3, 45 Chorus 3, 45 Band 45 Pep Club 2, 3. WVoods, Clifford - Football 1, 25 Intramurals 2, 45 Spanish Club 2, 3, 45 Skyline 25 Pep Club 1, 25 National Thespi- ans Society 3, 45 Plays 3, 45 Lyric Theatre. Woods, Frances - G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 45 Y-Teens 3, 45 Chorus 1, 2, 3, 45 Business Club 45 Future Homemakers, 15 Pep Club 4. NVright, Marilyn - Chorus 2, 35 Business Club 45 Library Club 2, 3, 4. York, Deborah - G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 45 Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4, Board 1, 25 Key 1, 35 Pep Club 1, 2, 35 Panther Parade 4. 5 Patrons of 1961-1962 Skyline VVe, the staff and advisor of the SKYLINE, wish to extend our thanks to the patrons, whose support has made this yearbook possible. Also, we thank the chief photographer, Craig Athorp, and assistant photographers Gerry Buyck and Tom Krantz, and KEY photographer Hairy Bottorf, who, with little exception, took all of the action shots in this book. The cooperation of the Newsfoto Publishing Company and Bob Mullins jr. and Sr., their sales representatives in this area, is also deeply appreciated. We also thank the Moline Daily Dispatch for the basketball and other photos they gave to us. We extend our deepest thanks to all these people who helped our planning become the book you are now viewing. BAKERY Shipley Do-Nut Shop 561-17th Avenue East Moline Green Rock Do-Nut Shop Green Rock BEAUTY SHOPS Evelyn's Beauty Shop 815-3rd Street Green Rock BANK State Bank of East Moline 8th, Street Sl 16th Avenue East Moline BARBER SHOPS Munos Barber Shop 814-16th Avenue East Moline Oscar's Barber Shop 936-15th Avenue East Moline BOWLING ALLEYS Compliments of Regal Lanes Your friendly neighbors across the street. Samls Highland Park Bowl 4134-23rd Avenue Moline CLEANERS Vander Bekeis Cleaners 1229-18th Avenue East Moline CLOTHING STORES Bob Cobert,s Men's Wear 844-15th Avenue East Moline Dale's Clothing 832-15th Avenue East Moline Florsheim Shoes 823-15th Avenue East Moline La Rue Shop 835-15th Avenue East Moline Lee's Clothing 821-15th Avenue East Moline Mosenfeldefs King Plaza Moline Norlinis Shoe Stores 830-15th Avenue East Moline "Stine The Tailor" 841-15th Avenue East Moline DENTISTS Dr. R. V. Frey 90135-15th Avenue East Moline Dr, Kenneth G. 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Tatman jewelry 916-lst Avenue Silvis Vande Voorde's Iewelry Store 1511-7th Street East Moline SAVINGS if LOAN COMPANIES Community Savings Br Loan 150934-7th Street East Moline Mercury Loan Company 1626-7th Street East Moline Se-aboard Finance Company 829-15th Avenue East Moline Patrons of 1961-1962 Skyline LAWYERS Roy H. 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Avenue East Moline Earnie's Skelly Service 900-So. 19th Street Silvas Emmert Distributors I 144-lst Avenue Silvas Iacobson Oil Company 1330-st Avenue Esat Moline Kenny's Tire Service 1023-15th. Avenue East Moline Mueller's Skelly Service 724-lst. Avenue Silvas Silvis Independent Service 1540-lst Avenue Silvis Sully's Service RR 1-Colona 755-4861 Wareco 1827-18th Avenue East Moline VVilson's DX 655-17th Avenue East Moline SIGN COMPANIES Dykeis Sign Co. 1151-18th Avenue East Moline SPORTS EQUIPMENT Sportsland Incorporated Your Store For Sport Moline :Sr East Moline UPHOLSTERING Copeland Upholstering Shop 816-lst Avenue Silvis UTILITIES Corey Electric 915-lst. Avenue Silvis VARIETY STORES Birley's Variety Store 834-15th Avenue East Moline It all begun with u challenge 125 years ago . . . It seems incredible now, but U. S. farmers of 125 years ago almost gave up the job of cultivating the rich prairie soils of the country's Midwest. After the first breaking the pioneer farmer found his land almost impossible to turn profitably. The alluvial soil clung like paste to the share and had to be scraped away after every few feet of plowing. In 1837, John Deere, a pioneer black- smith, developed the first successful steel plow which scoured clean and made possible the farming of the wild prairie. Today, this same inventive spirit pre- vails throughout the Company John Deere founded. Company employees of eight na- tions in North and South America and Europe supply a continuous line of new products-farm and industrial power equip- ment to help produce more food, to build better homes and highways. This year, as John Deere observes its 125th Anniversary, all associated with the Company take pride in its products and its part as "makers of plenty" for the people of the world. 125 YEARS JOHN DEERE EAST MOLINE, ILLINOIS .--.1 MANUFACTURERS OF JOHN DEERE FARM AND INDUSTRIAL TRACTORS AND EQUIPMENT ORGANIZATIONAL INDEX TITLE PAGE ............ TABLE OF CONTENTS ..... DEDICATI ON .......... .....2-3 .....4-5 INTRODUCTION . . . .... .6-9 FACULTY ....... ..... 1 0-27 CLASSES . . . . .28-95 SENIORS . . . ..... 30-61 JUNIORS ....... ..... 6 2-71 SOPHOMORES . . . ..... 72-83 FRESHMEN ........ ..... 8 4-95 SPORTS SECTION ...... .... 9 6-127 VARSITY FOOTBALL ...... .... 9 8-105 SOPHOMORE FOOTBALL ....... ORANGE 81 BLACK FOOTBALL . . . VARSITY BASKETBALL ....... SOPHOMORE BASKETBALL ...... ORANGE 81 BLACK BASKETBALL . . . VARSITY WRESTLING .......... GOLF ................. VARSITY BASEBALL ........ TRACK 81 CROSSCOUNTRY BOYS TENNIS ............. GIRLS TENNIS .............. VARSITY CHEERLEADERS ....... UNDERCLASS CHEERLEADERS .... CLUB SECTION ................. ART CLUB ........ BUSINESS CLUB ..... .....106 .......107 108-113 .....114 .......115 116-118 .......119 120-121 122-123 .....124 .....125 .....126 .......127 128-161 .....130 .......131 BIO-CHEMICS CLUB . .. 132-133 CAMERA CLUB .... ..... 1 34 FRENCH CLUB ......................... ....... 1 35 FUTURE DISTRIBUTORS OF AMERICA 136-138 FUTURE NURSES OF AMERICA ......... ....... 1 39 FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA . . . LIBRARY CLUB ................... GIRLS ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION .... 140-141 142-143 144-145 146-149 LETTERMENS CLUB .... .... 1 50-152 HI-Y .................... NATIONAL THESPIANS . . . RIFLE CLUB ......... SPANISH CLUB . . . TRI-MIC ....... PEP CLUB . . . Y-TEENS ................ ACTIVITIES SECTION .... HOMECOMING ......... STUDENT COUNCIL .... BAND .............. CHOIR ............. AEOLIAN CHORUS . .. ALLEGRO CHORUS .... CAMBIATA CHORUS .......... ADVANCED GIRLS GLEE CLUB MALE CHORUS ................ VARSITY DECLAMATION ...... FRESH-SOPH DECLAMATION . DEBATE 61 EXTEMP. ........ . AF TER-DINNER SPEAKING .... PLAYS ....................... SKYLINE .. KEY .............. G.A.A. ROYALTY .... PANTHER PARADE ............ QUILL 81 SCROLL ............. ASSEMBLIES 61 STUDENT LIFE SENIOR ACTIVITIES ........... PATRONS .................. ORGANIZATIONAL INDEX FACULTY, STUDENTS, 81 ADMINISTRATION INDEX . SCRIBBLE PAGES .............. NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY . . ....153 ....154 ....155 ....156 ....157 158-159 160-162 162-214 164-165 166-171 172-175 176-177 ....178 ....179 ....180 ....181 ....182 ....183 ....184 ....185 ....186 187-189 190-193 196-199 200-201 ....202 ....203 204-209 210-214 215-217 ....218 219-225 226-231 ....232 U.T.H.S. Student, Faculty, and Administrative Index 1962 FRESHMEN Adams, John 86,107,172 Adamson, Edward 86 Alatorre, Ralph 180 Allen, Gwen 86 Allen, Ray 86 Ammerman, Joy 86,179 Anders, Ester Jean 86,139 Anderson, Jon 86,107,115,180 Anderson, Judy 86 Anderson, Tom 86,174 Andon, Kenneth 86 Andress, Marie 86,143,159,172 Angelos, James 86,107,115 Arvanis, John 107 Ashley, Gloria Carol 86,179 Aukee, Harold 86 Baldwin, Helen Joyce 86,181 Ballard, David 86 Ballard, Larry 86,172 Barber, Dennis 86 Barber, John Wayne 86 Barker, Donald 86,180 Bamhill, Sarah 86 Barr, Thomas 91,174 Barry, George 86,180 Baumann, Patricia 86,179 Bazor, Linda 86 Beale, Larry 86,107 Bebout, Sharen 86 Becker, Cheryl 86,139,174 Bedwell, Naureen 86 Beldin, James 86 Bemis, Patricia 86,180 Bennett, Gary 86,169,181 Bergendahl, Gary 86 Bergstrand, Dennis 86,181 Bert, Michael 87,115,169 Bielema, Gary Billings, James 86 Bird, Paul 95 Blackman, Connie 86,181 Blackwell, Harry 95 Blackwood, Thomas 95 Blair, Lloyd 86,115 Blanchard, David 86,181 Bohnert, Kathleen 86 Bone, Brenda 86,141,159,180 Boney, Susanne 86,181 Boss, Carol 95 Boultinghouse, Sharon 86,179 Bousselot, Bonnie 84,86,159,161 Bowker, Vivian 86,181 Bowles, Judy 86,180 Bowling, Sheila 95,179 Bowman, Mike 107 Bowman, James 86 Bradley, Danny 87 Bradley, Wayne 87,174 Bradshaw, Pamela 87,180 Braman, Yvonne 87,172 Brehnan, Hugh 87 Brereton, Roberta 87 Brewer, Linda 87 Britt, Brenda 87 Britton, Charles 87,180 Brown, Dennis 95,181 Brown, Douglas 87,115,124,181 Brown, William 87 Brownlee, Robert 87 Bulen, Patricia 87,159,181 Bull, James 95 Bundy, Margaret 87,180 Burd, Kenneth 87,107 Burgraf, Jack 92 Bumey, Cheryl 87,127,179 Burrell, Leroy 87 Butterfield, Timothy 192 Cady, Marilyn Caldwell, Terry 107,117 Campbell, Carolyn 87,141 Cardoso, Maria 130,139,181 Carey, Garey Carleton, Linda 87,159 Carlson, Kay 87 Carlton, Elaine 87,172 Camiack, David 95,117,180 Carpenter, Don 87 Carpentier, Becky 87,179 Carpentier, Todd 87 Carroll, Patty 87,180 Carss, Patsy 87,141,181 Casillas, Juliet 87,179 Catour, Penny 87,181,192 Caulkins, Nancy 87 Caulkins, Richards 180 Cave, Patricia 87 Chambers, Patricia 87 Clapp, Julie 87,159 Clark, Lonnie D. 87,180 Clark, Lynda 87,179 Clauw, JoAnn 87,181 Cleaves, Dennis 87,172 Colmark, Roger 87 Cook, Kenneth 87 Cook, Linda 87 Coram, Edward 87,122,123 Covemaker, Nancy 87,180 Cox, Diana 87,174 Cox, Wanda 87,159,180 Crawford, Robert 87,107 Criswell, Donna 87 Cummings, Cheryle 87 Cunningham, Evelyn 87,179 Curran, Garret 87 Daab, Donna 87 Daily, Gerald 87 Daniels, David 87 Daniels, Jackie 87 Daniels, Larry 88 Darby, James 88,181 Davis, Gary 88,180 Davis, Herman 88,181 Davis, Terry 88,181 Davidson, James 88,107,180 DeCastaker, Bonnie 88,159,180 DeCook, Janet 88 DeDoncher, Michael 88 Deem, David 88 DeGreve, Colin 88 DeLaere, Richard 115,181 Deblore, Bonnie 88 DeMarlie, Christine 88,159,161 Dennis, Richard 88,107,115 Deopere, David 88 DePaipe, Diane 88,180 DeShazier, Gary 87 DeVos, Alois 88,107,115 DeWulf, Richard 95,180 Dickey, Steve 88,143,172 Dickinson, Tom 88,117 Diedirick, Gaileen 88,179 Diericks, Linda 88 Dillow, Bonnie 181 Dixon, Marcella 88,180 Dobereiner, William 88,115 Dow, Christie 88,155 Downing, Darrell 88 Downing, John Downing, Ted 88 Drake, Mary 88 Drayer, Nancy 88,143,172 Eckert, Twilight 88 Edelson, Richard 88 Ehlers, Art 88 Elders, Michael 88 Emmert, John 88,107 Engelkens, Karen 88,155 England, Susan 88,172 Evans, Louise 88 Felter, Janice 88 Ferreri, Lena 88,169,180 Ferris, Martha 88 Fiechter, Judith 88,161,180 Fields, Debby 88 Fillmer, Judith 88 Fleshman, Linda 88 Flynn, Gary 88,117,181 Foss, Michael Foutch, Caroline 88,159,172 Fowler, Nanelle 88,181 Frary, Linda 88,159,172 Frazee, Nancy 88 Frederick, Honey 88 Freeman, Rawla 88,107,115 French, Louella 89,179 Frey, Donna 89,130,147,169,180 Freymann, Thomas 89 Fuller, Carol 89,179 Fuller, David 89 Fullerlove, Rosaland 89 Garcia, Thomasa 89,155 Gardner, William 89,169,180 Garner, Glenn 89 Garrett, Judith 94 Garrett, Judy 89,141 Garrison, Tom 87 Gartner, Linda 88,179 Gasaway, Sandra Giese, Frieda 89 Gilbert, Charlene 89,181 Gillespie, Dennis 89,107,115 Gilley, Jonnie 89 Gilmore, Christine 89,159,181 Glockhoff, Carolyn 89,159 Goderis, Raymond 89 Gomez, Martin 89 Gomez, William 95 Gonzales, Phillip 89 Goodin, Nancy 89 Goodrich, Donald 89 Dorznay, Goumas, Graham, Linda 89 Fawn 89 William 89,181 Granet, Diana 89,169 Griffith, Darlene 89,179 Griffith, Linda Griffith, Susan 89,159 Haegeman, Danelle 89 Hagberg, Patricia 1 8 1 Hainey, Bob 107 Hainy, Loyd 89,180 Hakemian, William 89 Halierg, Patricia 89 Hammond, Mike 89 Hammond, Robert 89,174 Harker, Suzanne 89 Harlan, Richard 89 Harmon, Dixie 89,180 Harrington, Charles 89 Harriott, Ronda 89,181 Harris, Jerry Hauman, Donna 89 Haw, Carolyn 89,157,179 Haw, Mary Hawley, Walter 89 Hawatee, Paul 89 Hayes, Edward 89,107,115 Haynie, Cynthia 89,127,161 Heinburger, Jean 89 Hemphill, Terry 89 Hennel, Ronald 89 Henning, Susan 89,141,161,180 Henrichs, Bill 89 Henry, John 89,181 Henyan, Marcia 90,127,180 Hemandez, Frank 90,107,115 Hemandez, Marty 107 Hemandez, Virginia 95,130 Herrera, Christine 90,172 Heston, Lawrence 90,174 Highnight, Jake 90 Hignight, Steve 90 Hipskind, Richard 90,154 Hoffmann, James 95,180 Hofseiter, Patricia 90,159,181 Hogan, Michael 90 Holden, Lyle 90,107 Horst, Steve 90 Hoskins, Hostens, Hostens, Linda 90,181 Jeffrey 90 Richard 90,180 Hoston, Keith 172 Hott, Janice 90 Hougan, Linda Ann 90,159,179 Hughes, Judy 90,159 Hunt, Linda 84,90,127,180 Hunter, Margaret 90,139,155 Hurt, Mary 90,179 Hutchison, Carol 91 Ishmael, Jacquelyn 90,141,181 Jackson, Roger 90,107,115 Jaecques, Kathy 90,130,180 Jamison, Martha 90,181 Jeter, David Miller Jewell, Shirley 90 Johanson, Roger 90,174 Johnson, Barry 90 Johnson, Charles 90 Johnson, Cynda 90 Johnson, David 90,174 Johnson, Gary 90,117 Johnson, John 90 Johnson, Kenneth 90,174 Johnson Marlin 90 Johnson: Mary 90,139 Johnson, Johnson Samuel 90,180 William 90 107 Jones, Ada June 90 Jones, Carl 90,107,115,172 Jones, Deana K. 90 Jones, Marvin 95,117 Jones, Sandra Jean 90 Kangas, Karen Ann 90,181 Katrana, John 90 Kay, Paul 90,107,115,180 Keefer, Janet 90,179 Kelley, Robert 90 Kelley, Thomas 90 Kellums, Dennis 90,180 Kerckhove, Jean 91 Kem, Lawrence 91 Kester, Steve 91 King, Clark 91 Stout, King, Janet King, Robert 91,115,180 Kinney, Michael 91,107,174 Kline, Barbara 95,179 Klogman, Bill 107 Knight, Robert 91,119 Knudson, Roger 91 Koenig, Susan 91,179 Kohrt, Loring 91 Komatar, Mary 91,139,181 Koontz, Deborah Kraklow, Paula Krogman, William 95,180 Kuebler, Jody 91,159 Lacefield, Hardin Frank 91 Laird, Tom 91,115,154 Lakner, Maria 91,181 Lamb, Linda Rae 91,180 Lamb, Sandra 91,180,181 Lampo, Margaret 91 Landuit, Timothy 91 Lane, Vivian 92,139,174 Larrison, Janet 91 Larrison, Sandra 91 Laurence, Charlotte 91,159,179 Leahy, James 91,107,181 Ledezma, Jess 91 Ledford, Adrian 91 Lerschen, Joe 91 Leslie, Curtis 95,180 Lewis, D arlene 91 ,172 Ligeno, Diane 91,125,175 Little, John 91 Littig, Don 91 Lockhart, Janice 91,139,159,181 Lodrig, Pamala Lodico, Sandra 91,161 Loding, Helen 91 Loding Pamela 91,179 Long, Steven 91 Longnecker, James 91,107,115,181 Lovested, Alan 91,154 Luallon, Sherry 91 Lundeen, Albert 91,107,180 Lundeen, Clifford 91,181 Lundeen, George 91,107,180 Lundeen, Lyon, Te Lyphout, Gerold 91,115,122,123 rry 91 James 91 , Macils, Cynthia 91 Mahaffey, Linda 91,181 Malmstrom, Janet 91 Maloich, George 91 ,172 Marchian do, Phyllis 92,179 Martel, Max 107 Martin, Rene 92 Massa, Joan 92 Massa, Judy 92,161 Mathias, Jack 92,115,180 Means, Thomas 92,119 Meeske, Craig 92 Meincko, Linda 92 Mekus, John 92 Mellinger, Raymond 92 Mellingor, Richard Mest, Norman 92,115 Milburn, Barbara 92,172,179 Melburn, Dennis 92 Milem, Harvey James 92,180 Miller, Bonnie 92,161,180 Miller, Carol 92,179 Miller, Linda 92,181 Miller, N ancy 92,159,161,179 Mital, Gary 92,107,172 Montieth, Nancy 92 Moreno, Carmel 92 Morgan, Susan Kay 92,180 Mosher, Nancy 92 Mueller, Genevieve 92 Mundt, Gary 92,107,117 Myers, William 92 MacCartney, Linda 92 McChurch, Tom 92,181 McCollum, Gordon 92 McCorkle, Betty 92,159,179 McDanel, George 92 McDanel, James 92 McDanel, Rosia 92 McDaniel, Danny McGhee, Ken 92,172 Mccivern, Karen 92 McKay, Sharon 92 McLemore, Marilyn 92,180 McMillin, Brad 92,107,124 McMillin, Janet 92,141,147,166,169,180 McMullen, Susan 92,159,180 McQuaide, Melvin 95,181 Natwick, Janice 92,174 Needham, Nancy 92,130 Neels, David 93 Nelson, Gregory 93,180 Neumann, Beth 84,93,161 Newborn, Pamela 93,139,179 Newingham, Arthur 93,l07,115,124 Newlon, Roger 93,107,169 Nichols, Michael 95 Nickell, Paul 93 Nordholm, Betty 93,159,161,181 Odenclahl, Kenny 93,180 O'Harrow, Leanna 93,125,159,169 Oliver, Linda 93 Orey, Don 93 Osbom, Carroll Sue 93,174 Overturf, Bonnie 93 Overturf, Jerry 93 Owen, Linda 93,159,174 Owens, Deucilla 93,180 Padget, Patricia 93,139,181 Page, Kay 93,159,161,180 Pankey, Larry 93,180 Pankey Sharry 93,181 Parker, James 93 Parry, Janice 93,180 Parson, Jerry 93 Partain, Elise 93 Paton, Judith 94,181 Paulson, Sheryl 93,179 Paytash, George 93,107,117 Pendleton, Gary 93 Penrod, Linda 93,181 Perry, Diana 93 Pettis, Jerry 93,107 Picon, Sharon 93,179 Pitzer, Robert 89,107 Plumb, Naomi 93,179 Potter, Leora 93,181 Powell, Adrianne 93,179 Prieto, Vincent 93,111,174 Quimby, Sandra 141 ,181 Ramirez, Carol 93,180 Rangel, Vincent 93,107,115 Ransom, Diane Rasmussen, Linda 93,180 Rasso, Alice 93 Rasso, Eleanor 181 Rasso, Michael 93,115 Raymie, Cheryl 93 Reger, George 93 Reiling, Gene 93 Reynolds, Charles 95 Reynolds, Chris 95 Reynolds, William Rice, Linda Rice, Rodney Roberts, Kathryn 93,179 Robinson, Darrill 93 Rockhold, Penny 179,180 Rodgers, Gary 93 Rodgers, Jerry 93,174 Rodgers, Larry 93 Roe, Darell 93,179 Roets, Gregory 93,107 Rogers, Roger 93,180 Ronnebeck, James 93 Rosenberger, Marylee 93,161,181 Ross, Maxine 93,180 Ross, Melodee Ruby, Regina 93,179 Rusk, Edward 93,107,117 Russell, Jacqueline 93 Russell, Vicki 93,159 Ryan, Linda 93,180 Ryker, Sheryl 93,181 Salmonson, Anita 93,147,181 Sanchez, Jeanie 93,179 Sanquist, Charles Sapato, Cheryl 93,180 Sapp, Joyce 93 Sarginson, Patricia 93 Schadt, Dennis Schafer, Gary 93 Schatteman, Eileen 93 Schatteman, Nancy 93,159,180 Scherrchel, Robert 93,181 Schersckel, Sandra 93,180 Schimers, Jack 93 Schoellermann, Marsha 93,159,181 Schrader, Jackie 93,143,159,172 Schultz, Ronald 93,107,115 Schutz, Beverly 93,180 Scott, Barbara 93,180 Scott, Phillip 94,172 Sedgwick, Emma 94,180 Seefeldt, Paulette 94 Seguta, Peter 94,107,115 Seibert, Robert 94 Setser, Connie 94,181 Sheley, Dennis Shelton, Steve 93 Sheppard, Karen 94,181 Sherer, Connie 94 Shick, Karon 94,181 Shivers, John 94,180 Shock, James 94,180 Showalter, Robert 94,180 Shull, Joyce 94,179 Sierra, Joe 94,107,181 Sierra, Margaret 94,155,179 Simcox, Tim 94 Sipes, Debi 94, 161,166,169,180 Sitter, Linda 94,127,161 Skafidas, Alexis 94,159,181 Skelton, Helen 94,179 Sletten, Laurence 94,180 Smith Dorothy 94,143,174 smith, George 94,117,172 Smith Jack 107 Smith, James 107,115 Smith, John A. 94 Smith, John J. 94 Smith, Linda L. 94,181 Smith Rebecca 94,125,159 Smith, Suzanne 94,180 Smith, Virgil 94,107 Snyde r, Terry 95,1 17,180 Sodeman, Sandra 94,180 Sovcinek, Joel 94,107 Spinel lo, Robert 94 Spitler, Jackie 94,117,174 St. John, Kenneth 94 Stafford, Glenn 94 Standefer, Jerry 94 Stanton, James 94,107,117 Stephens, William 94 Stickel, David 94,107 Stipp, Katherine 94,180 Stodeter, Ralph 94 Stogdell, Kenneth 94,115 Stone, Steve 94,107 Stonebumer, Don 94, 107 Gary 94,107,115 Strandgard, Linda 94,180 Stromer, Kay 139,154,181 Sullivan, Marilyn 94 Sullivan, Michael 94,117,180 Svec, Sandra 94,161,180 Swafford, William J. 94,107,115,172 Swanson, Connie D. 94 Sweat, Bonnie 94,179 Swift, Donna 94,169,181 Talamantes, M. Talbot, Jeane 94,169,179 Talley, Linda 94 Tank, Linda 94,159,181 Tapia, Raul 94 Tatman, Terry 94, 107,115,172 Taylor, Elizabeth 94 Taylor, Linda 94,181 Taylor, Robert 94 Teague, Emma 94,127,159,179 Terronez, Alvina 94,130,181 Terronez, Linda 94,130,181 Terronez, Olivia 94,161,179 Thompson, Grace 94 Thompson, Theresa 94,180 Thrasher, Michael 94,180 Tieman, Patricia 94,179 Timbrook, Peggy 94,174 Tinker, Mary Sue 94 Tisdale, Larry 94 Tobin, Kraig 91 Tolliver, Gail 94,159,180 Trego, Ralph 94,107,174 Tschopp, David 155,181 Turner, Howard 94 Tumer, James 94 Underwood, Nancy 94 Uzelad, Dennis 94,124 VanAusdall, Cheri 94,155,179 Vallejo, Rudy 94,107,115 VandeGeest, Virginia 94,159 VanderBeke, Larry 94,115,119,159,166 VanDeWalle, Richard 95 VanDeWoestyne, Dennis 95 VanDeWoestyne, Rosemarie 95,180 Van Hulle, Cheryl 95,180 Van Hulle, Kenneth 95 VanLanduyt, Albert 95 VanVliete, Jan 95 VanWassenhove, JoAnn 95 VanWassenhove, Linda 94 Veys, Linda 95,180 Veys, Lynn 95,179 Viager, Roger 95 Vickers, Sandra 95,180 Vogler, Jackie 95,107,115,180 Wadsager, Robert 95,180 Wainwright, Kenneth 95 Wala, Eric 95 Walton, Kenneth 95 Ward, Paul 95 Ware, Thomas 95 Warren, Rebecca Ann 95,127 Warren, Sherry 95 Watson, Sharon 95,141,161,169,172 Way, Leah Ann 95,172 Weaver, Richard 95,180 Weber, John Weekly, Kathleen 95,180 Weinert, Dixie 95 Weinert, Joseyh 95 Wells, Douglas 95,154 Wells, Paul 95 Wendt, Charles 95,107,180 Wenke, Elinor 95,159,180 West, Lesley 95,174 if Westbrook, Brenda 9-5,155,159,180 Westerlund, Donald 95,130 Westervelt, Ronald 95,115 Whuler, Thomas 95 Whitcanack, Debbie 95 White, Edward 95,115,122,123 White, Larry 95,11-5,122,123 Whittington, Sharon 95,172 Wierenga, Dale 95,172 Wilkens, George 95 Wilkinson, Steve 95 Willems, Carol 95,181 Williams, Sherry 95,174 Wilson, James 84,95,115,166,169,180 Witherspoon, Kent 95,119,172 Woner, Cheryl 95,174 Wood, Larry 95 Woodrow, Darinda Marie 95 Wren, Marvin Dean 95 Wright, Charlotte 95,181 Wright, Lyle Wyant, William Douglass 95 Yadon, Dale 95,107,117 Yates, Jenny 95 Zack, Jcrrilynn 95,180 Ziegler, John 95,172 Zimmerman, Alan 95,124 Zora, Richard 95,115 SOPHOMORES Abbitt, Jerald D. 74,154 Abbott, David 74,181 Abbott, John 74,181 Adams, Mike 74,119,133 Adamson, Ethelen Agnew, Kathy 74,126,158,161,169 Allen, Jack 74 Allen, Jim 74 Allen, William 74 Allison, Richard 74,106,181 Anders, Linda 74,180 Anderson, Donna 74,158 Anderson, Judy 74,172,178 Anderson, William 74 Andon, Ronnie 74,106,114 Andress, Thomas 74,122,123,150,172 Ashdown, Donna 74,178,181 Ashtown, Patricia 74 Aten, Georgia 74,139,158,161,180 Baker, Henrietta 74,181 Baker, Ronald 74 Ballard, Brian 74,106 Barber, Virginia 74,139 Bare, Mike 74,114 Barr, Kathryn 74 Barry, Delores 74,155,158,180,186 Baton, Tom 74 Beaudry, Beverly 74,155,158 Bebout, Ronald 74 Becerril, Audrey 74 Beeson, Cathy 74 Bell, Betty 74,158,179 Belman, Richard 74,106 Benner, Walter 83 Benson, Donald 74 Bert, David 74,172 Bevelheimer, Rhaelea 74,158,179 Bickford, Jayne 83 Billings, Shirley 74 Blades, Lynn 74 Bladgen, Jeanett Boarts, Dennis 74 Bobb, Sandra 74,133,143,158,161,180 Bone, Jimmy 74 Boss, Patricia 74 Boss, Ronald 74 Bowen, Darla 74,178 Bowker, Gwendolyn 83 Bowker, Sandra 74,179,181 Bray, Robert 74,106,114,143 Bressman, Robert 74,114,150 Brown, Beverly 75,181 Brown, Burdette Brundrett, Marie 179 Buckley, Nancy 75,136,147,155,158, 166,169 Buckley, William 75,133,172 Bureski, Toni 75,158,172 Buser, Cheryl 75, 158 Buss, Stephen 75,133,145,181 Cady, James 75 Cady, Sharon 75,139,178 Call, Floyd Um 75,116,181 Carlson, Curtis 75,117,181 Carlton, Don 75,106 Cannichael, Sandy 7-5,141,158,179 Carr, Robert 75,181 Carter, Donna 75,178 Casellas, Sandra 75,158,178 Cass, Allan 75 Castro, John Cattoir, Al 75,133,172 Cervantes, Richard 181 Chanleus, Rickie L Chapman, Randy 75,145,181 Cheesman, James 75,181 Christensen, Gary 75,133 Chuich, Bill 75,180 Clark, Mikael 75 Clark, Sharon 75 Coleman, Jerry 75,181 Collier, Jeralyn 75 Collins, David 75 Cord, VVilliam 75 Corley, Diana 33,75,143,178 Covemaker, Donald 75,181 Cox, Thomas 83,106 Coykendall, John 75,172 Cramblett, Sue 75,141,158,180 Crider, Gary 75 Cronin, Robert 75,181 Cruse, Gerry 75 Cruz, Charles 83,180 Cullen, Jane 75 Cutler, Linda 75,154,155,180 Daab, Diane 75 Daffara, JoAnn 75,139,145,158,178 Daggett, Evelyn 75,158 Dahm, Jean 75,158,178 Dale, Sherrill 75 Daly, John 75,124,145 Decker, Sandra 75,158 DeGreve, Gary 75,114 DeMay, Robert 75,124 DeMoss, Charles 75,181 Denys, Sue 75,141 De-Waele, Joseph 75 DeWitt, Barbara 76 Dhooge, Kenneth 76 Dillon, Jacki 76 Doberiner, Cheryl 76,155,158,161,178 Dobrinske, Linda 76,178 Downing, Mike 76,180,181 Dubuisson, Mike 76,106,114 Duffee, Larry 76,106,119 Duke, Tom 76,106,116,1l9 Dauham, Gary 76,181 Dusch, Kent 76 Dyer, James 76,181 Easley, Sandra Edmunds, Cheryl 76,172 Edwards, Gloria Hart, Jeanette 77,124,126,133,147, 158,161,169,178 Hart, Randi 77,158 Hawkins, Sheryl 83,158,179 Hawthome, Dwain 77,117,181 Hemphill, Sandra 77 Hemphill, Sharon 77 Henry, Henss, Judy 77,158 Kenny 77 Hermes, Gail 77,145,158,192 Hernandez, Jim 77,106 Hemandez, Mary 77,141,155 Hicks, Margaret 77,141,155,158 Hilberg, Paul 83 Hill, Michael 77,181 Hill, Shirley 77 Hillyer, Gerald 77,181 Hipkins, Ronald 77 Holden, Gwendolyn 77,180 Holmes, Jenny 77,139,172 Hook, Lyla 77,178 Hostens, Ed 77 Howell Hoyle, , Phyllis 77,145,155,158 Beverly 77,179 Huff, Janice 77,181 Hufford, Larry 77 Huggins, Victoria 77,158,180 Hunter , Jackie 77 Hunter, Laura 77,154,180 Immesoete, Suzanne 77,158,178 Isais, Gloria 158,178 Jackson, Nadine 77 Jallo, Terrance 77 Janows Jensen, ki, Marcel 77 Bob 77,106,114 Johnson, David 83,119 Johnson, Michael 78,181 Johnson, Nancy 78,141 Johnson, Rita 78,178 Johnson, Ronald 78 Johnson, Ronita 78,158,161,178 Jones, Earl 106,145 Jones, Marvin 78 Jones, Mary 78,180 Jones, Sandy 78,180 Jones, Sharon 78 Kallman, Tom 83,106,119 Eliopelos, Karen 76,158 Ellis, Robert 76,106 Emmert, Peggy 76,139,158,181 England, Don 76,172 Estes, Gloria 76,181 Ethridge, Sharon Evans, Tayna 76,181 Fawks, Pat 76 Ferguson, Beverly 76,154,158 Ferguson, Daniel 76,106,114,181 Fetterer, Leo 76,154 Fish, Michael 76,154,172 Flowers, Van 76 Fonger, Robert 76 Forbes, William 76, 181 Ford, Connie 76,179 Forret, Betty 76,158 Fostrom, Curtis 76 Foutch, Tim 76,175,181 Frazee, Dennis 76 Fredericks, Barbara 76 Freebern, Jane 76,139,155,158 Fritz, Carol 76,158,172 Fulscher, Margaret 76,145 Fulton, Diana 76,180 Gabriel, Thomas 83 Gargano, Sue 76 Gatlin, Kater 76,180 Gause, Trudy 76,158,166,169,172 Gebbardt, Edward 76 Gelande, Barbara 76,145,158,169 Gelande, Chuck 76,181 Gerlacb, Joyce 76,139,158,180 Gillespie, Patrick 76,169 Gillespie Steve 76,106,166,168,169 Clendon: Jeff 83,106,166,169,181 Gomez, Judy Kannenberg, Michael 78,106 Kasten, Linda 78,145,178 Kaufman, Delma 78 Kane, Sheldon 78,106 Kelly, Sharon 78,141 Kerschieter, Regina 78,141 Kicksey, Paul 78 King, James 78,172 Kennamion, Judith 78,180 Kirby, Robert Kirkpatrick, Larry 78 Kivisto, Ernest 78,114,122,123 Knott, Allen 78,106,108,109,112,113 Knox, Linda 78,145,158 Koker, Kathelen 78,172,175 Kraklow, Francis D. 78 Kundret, Mary Lou 78,133,139,181 Kusy, Lynn 78,133,172 Laity, Nancy 78,158,178 Lampo, Donald Lanpo, Richard 78,133,172 Land, Roger 78 Lane, Charles La Porte, Barbara 78,178 LaReau, Clairissa 78,181 Larson, Roberta C. 78 Larson, Ward 78,119 Laud, Kenneth Lee 78 Lavine, Betty 78,141,158 Leader, Wayne 78,154 Lee, Margie 78,133,158,161,172 Lee, Sharon 78 Leland, Dale 78,145 Lemkau, Robert 78 Levrau, Danny 78 Lewis, June 78,155,158,180 Lewis, Nancy 78 Liedtke, Judith 78,158,179 Graham, Rosemary 77,139,179 Granell, Larry 77,181 Granet, Gail 77,125,158 Greb, Larry 77 Green, Garry 77,181 Green, Jeff 83 Green, Larry 77,181 Gremonprez, Helen 77,178 Gross, John 77,117 Gustaf, David 77 Haber, Pam 77,139,l58,l72,175 Hall, Margaret 77,172 Halse, Clair 83 Handley, Jack 83 Hanna, Marsha 77,139,141,180 Hansen, Pam 77,178 Harmon, Della 77 Harmon, Thomas 77 Harris, Gary 77,106 Liggett, Ruth 78,141,179 Lindstrom, John E. 78,154 Lingner, Bonnie 78,133,145,155,158,161 Lodico, James 78,106,119 Loete, Dwayne 78 Long, Sharon 78 Longnecker, Pat 78,178 Looten s, Anthony 79,181 Lora, Gene Lucas, Gene 79 Lundeen, Carol 79,141 Macik, Linda 79,125,133,179 Mahaffey, Ron 79,122,123,150,181 Malstrom, Dale 79 Maring, Don 79,117,122,123 Martel, Dan 79 Martin, Samella 91 Martin, Mary 79,155 Martin, Peggy 79,141,180 Martinez, Nicolas 79 Marx, Mike 79 Massa, James 79 Mastalerz, Lilli 79,158,172 Mattan, William 79,118,181 May, Loreen 79,178 McBride, Gary 79 McCaw, Jerry 83 McCoy, Jean 79 McCoy, Ruth 79,179 McDaniel, Jim ,79,180 McKay, Richard 79,181 McKitrick, Mary McLane, Marsha 79,139,158,172,175 McLaughlin, Bill 79 McLaughlin, Cecilia 79,141,178,192 McLean, Belva 79,180 McLemore, Leon 79,106,180 McTigue, Bob 79 Melvin, Judith 79,155,158,178,186 Meyers, Betty 79,172 Ross, Geraldine 81,155,158,178 Roth, Karen 81,155,178 Rowe, Arlon 81,172 Rowlands, Roberta 81,133,155,181,192 Rusk, Diane 81,158,179 Russell, Sheryl 81,158 Sainer, William 81 Sanders, Joyce 81,179 Schaefer, Joyce 81 Schlueter, Carl 81 Schreiner, Cynthia 81,139,158,178 Scott, Elizabeth 139,172 Scott, Mildred 81,141,158,179 Scott, Steven 81 Senn, Gary 81 Sens, Harold 81,106,181 Serres, Melody 81,139 Shaber, Diana 81,158,161,169 Shock, Dennis 81,106 Shrum, Allen 81 Stout, Meyers, Julius 79,106,155 Miller, Cheryl 79,139,158 Miller, Harold 79 Miller, Jim 79 Miller, Judith 79,158 Miller, Judy 79,139,155,178,180, 186,188 Miller, Karen 79 Miller, Linda Miller, Marilyn 79,158,178 Millize r, James 79,106 Mills, Walter 79 Mitton, Carol 79 Mohr, Moore, Geraldine 79,139,155 John 79,145 Morgan, Sharon 79,179 Morris, Jacqueline 79,172 Morris, Laura 79 Mueller, Ray 79 Mulligan, Pat 80,158,166 Munos, Richard 80 Murphy, Bonita 80,141,155,158,181 Murphy, Michael 80 Murphy, Pamela 80,141 Nache, Nado, Santiago 80 Cheryl 80 Neaveill, Judy 80,181 Shuh, Margaret 81,158 Shull, David 81 Sides, Wayne 81 Siena, Jim 81,106 Sierra, Paul 81,106 Sigler, Lawrence 81 Simmons, Mary 81,133,143,180 Simoens, Larry 81,154 Simonich, Mary 81,161 Sisk, Christine 81 Skinner, Delphia 81,178 Skinner, John 81,181 Small, Sharon 81,180 Smet, Pat 81 Smith, Dean Smith, Donald 81 Smith, Larry 81 Smith, Randy 83 Smith, Ronnie 81,106 Smith, Terry 81,181 Snyde Spees, r, Larry 81 Steve 81 Spencer, William 81 Stanton, Gerald 81,106,117 Stephens, Ronnie 81,154 Stilwell, Joyce 82 Stopoulos, Chris 82,126,155,158,161,169 Ronald 82,124,181 Needham, Dennis 80,133,181 Nelson, Barbara 80,133,143,178 Newkirk, Gary 80 Newlon, Cheryl 80,126,158,161,166,179 Nixon, Janet 80,178 Norin, Linda 80,158,181 Oakman, Jana 80,155,158,178 Oltman, Charles 80 Ortiz, Andrew 106,180 Osboume, Carole 80,174,179 Ostrom, Ronnie 80,106 Owens, Linda 80,158,174,178 Parker, Robert 80 Patterson, Dorothy 80, 158,181 Patterson, Ellen 80 Paxton, Richard 80 Payne, Judy 83,141 Payne, Melvin 80 Pendleton, Ron 80 Perkins, Bob 80,106 Perry, Keith 80 Petersen, Sue 80 Peterson, Bill 80 Peterson, Delpha 83 Peterson, Suzanne 80 Pettis, Ronald 80,106,181 Peve, Curtis 83 Poelvoorde, Pat 83 Potter, Joyce 80 Probizanski, Jim 80 Puckett, James 80 Putz, Mary 80,178 Radovich, Carol 80,145,158,178,186 Ramirez, George 80 Ramirez, Victoria 80,141 Rangel, Rodolfo 80,130 Ragen, Berry Rasso, Margaret 80 Rayburn, Lawrence 80 Rexroth, Thomas 80 Rice, Annette 83 Rickey, Jeanne 80,158,178 Rieger, Kenneth 80 Ripka, Janice 80,145,155,178 Roach, Judy 80,141,158,179 Robe, Dale 80,106 Roberson, Gary 80 Robertson, Gary 83 Robertson, Howard 81 Robinson, Diane 81,145,158 Rockhold, April 81 Rodgers, Darlene 81 Roete, Dave 81 Ronnebeck, Charles 81 Rosczyk, Joanne 81,133,143,145,178 Roselle, Darlene 81 Roseman, JoAnn 81 Strang, Richard 82,119,l54,172 Sullivan, Barbara 83,130,180 Sunken, Raymond 82,181 Suss, Kieth 82 Swails, Sharon 82,133,139,155,158 Swanson, Dennis 82 Swanson, Karen 82 Swanson, Sherida 82 Sweat, Ronald 82,162 Swemline, Marilyn 82 Tate, Pam 82,158,166,168,169,178,186 Taylor, Gary 83 Taylor, Catherine 82,180 Teager, Ron 82,154 Terronez, Celia 82,172 Terronez, Maria 82,179 Thoman, Linda 82,133,145,158,172 Thomas, James 82 Thompson, Rodger 82,154 Thompson, Sharon 82 Thompson, Tyrency 82,158,179 Timbrook, Henry 82,122,123,150 Tinker, Janet 82 Trask, Linda 82,158,178 Treftz, Mary 82,180 Trotter, Glenda 82 Trout, LeRoy 82,106,172 Turner, Sharon 82,141,158,179 Ullrich, Connie 82,158,181 Uphold, Bill 82 Vaccaro, Judy 82,141,158,161,169,178 Vallee, Donna 82,158 Van Buskirk, Gladys 82 VanDeventer, Lawrence 82,154 VanDyke, Bob 82 VanHulle, Carol 82,158,178 VanNorway, Kathryn 82 VanQuathem, James 82,114,122,123 VanRycke, Patricia 82 VanVoltenBurg, Janice 82,141,158 VanWassenhove, Philip 82,106 Vendl, Karen 82,158 VerBeke, Steve 82 Versluys, Donald 83,106 Via, Vicki 82 Vickers, Rick 82,106,114 Vickers, Sharon 82 Vogelsang, Gary 82,106,181 Vogler, Gale 106 Waddell, Betty 158 Walker, Suzette 82 Walters, Judy 158 Walton, DeEtta 83,158 Walton, Samuel 83,181 Ward, Rick 83,181 Weber, William 83 Weinert, Betty 83,141,145,179 Welch, Sharon West, David 83,112,123,150 Westbrook, LaJune 83,158,180 Wheeler, Donna 83,180 Wheeler, Larry 83 Wiedmann, Carolyn 83 Willard, Jess 83 Willis, Judy Wilson, Ruby 83,126,178 Wilson, Vivian 147,158,161,178 Winkelbauer, Donald 83,181 Wirt, Phyllis 83,130,180 Wolfe, Heather 83,158,179 Wood, John 83,106,117 Woods, Alice 83,155,158,179 Wray, Richard 83 Wright, Barbara 83,139,178 York, Gregory 83,106,114 Young, Wanda 83,155,179 Zoro, Bill 106,1 14,145,150,172 JUNIORS Agnew, Bob 64,119,150 Akers, Linda 64,172,185 Allen, Wayne 64 Allison, Ronald 64 Amonette, Judy 64 Amos, Pat 64,178 Anderson, Danny 64 Anderson, Lynda 64,157,178 Antolik, Norman 64,120 Armstrong, Jerry 64,100,102,103,150 156 Arvanis, Sandra 64 Asher, Karen 64 Asmus, Loralee 64,157,176 Baher, Roberta 64,178 Badgley, James Daniels 64,156 Beeks, Lois 64 Beldin, Lynne 64,130,176 Benson, Deanna 64,157,176 Berghault, Jan 64,157,168,172 Berghault, Varla 62,64,139,144,160, 166,167,168,170,176,183 Bessee, Bill 64 Bettis, James 64,122,123,156 Blair, Donna 178 Blashack, Daniel 64,156 Blashack, Sharon 64,130,178 Blunke, John 64,100,120,150 Bobb, Susan 64,134,139 Boles, Keith 64,182,172 Bostwick, Steven 64 Bottorff, Harry 134,198,199 Bousselot, Robert C. 62,64 Boxmann, Orene 157 Boyd, Jacqueline 64,157,178 Brassfield, Kenneth 64,179 Brereton, Alice 64,178 Brewer, Marilyn 64 Brown, Marcia 64,120,178,185,186 Bureski, Marlene 64,144,157,172,185 186 Burggraf, Janet 135 Buser, Don 64,120 Buyck, Gerald 64,70 Cabor, Dennis 64,176 Call, Shirley 64 Calvert, Sandra 64,157,168,178 Campbell, Ron 64 Campbell, Sharon 64,147,157 Carlton, Barbara 64,140,190,204 Carruthers, Danny 64, 100,120,150 Carter, Wayne Cass, Dave 64 Cervantes, Mary 64,178 Chapman, Gary 64,100 Chapman, Phillip 64 Christensen, George 64 Chuich, Cathy 64,13-4,179,191,193 Chuich, Gary 64,120 Clark, Eddie 64 Clark, Ralph Cline, Tom Conover, Bob 64 Cook, Danny 156 Cook, Jerry Lee 65 Cordell, Clifford 65 Covert, Francine Cox, John 65,168,176 Cruser, Vicki 65,131,160,178,199 Cuoco, Yvonne 65,178 Curry, Keith 65,104,150 Daggett, Brenda 197 Dany, Michael 65,176 Darlin, Cherie 178 Davidson, Gary 65,100,156 DeGrande, Sandra 65,197,198 Dejaeger, Diane 65,130,l78,184,197 De-Jaeger, Donna DeMont, Dwight 65,116 Denys, Barbara 65,140,191,192,197 Dergo, Diane 65,178 Detherage, James 55 Diederick, Dave 65,120,121 Diericks, Catherine 65 Dinnewith, Rene 176 Dolan, Ervan Downing, Shirley 65 Edwards, Monica 65,178 Eggleston, Carol 65 England, Charles 65,172,175 Evans, Judy 65 Fender, David 65 Ferreri, Carlo 65,70,119,144,176,209 Frary, Kennith 65 French, Larry Frenell, Ron 65 Fritz, Michael 65,156 Fuller, Jim 65,132,176 Fulscher, Leslie 65,144 Gager, Larry 65 Garcia, Josephine 65 Gargano, Richard 65 Gamer, Dennis 65,156 Gavin, Marcia 65,190,192,203 Gilespie, Mike Gillis, George 65 Glynn, Cherlynn 65 Gober, Carlex 65,124,134,150 Godsey, David 65,179 Goering, Judy 65,178 Gomez, Gomez, Graham Graham Graham Granell, Gloria 65,178 Jim , Janice 62,65,178,184 , Jerry 65,176 Karen 100 Graham, , Robert 65,150,156 Eddie 65 Grant, Ruth 65,172 Gremonprez, Karen 65,178 Griffin, Dennis 62,65,108,166,177 Griffith, Griffith, Gromm, Grubbs, Diana 65,168 Nancy 65,197 Wayne 65,156 Lawerence 65 Guerrero, Delores 65,178 Guerrero, Ruben 65,130,160,176 Guild, Joanne 65,1-30,142,178 Guinn, Eddie 66,117 Gust, Tom 66 Gutherie, Linda 66,157 Gutherie Pat 66,178 Hagelin, Dave 66 Hahn, Bill 100,150 Hailey, Phyllis 66,157 Halferty, Elaine 66,178 Hamerick, Billie 66,178 Hanneman, Dennis 66,120,121 Hanson, Brad 66,100,187,199 Hanson, Harker, Harlow Robert 66,197 Donald 66 Vicki 66,157,178 Hauman, Bob 66,100,120,150 Hawkes, John 66 Hayes, Max 66 Hefflin, Craig 119 Hernandez, Steve Hibemik, Patricia 66,176 Hicks, John 66,134,179 Hignight, Vicki Hill, Judy 66,178 Hintze, Terri 66,140,157 Hirst, Rosalie 66,176 Hoefflin, Craig 66,150 Hoke, Karen Hokinson, Bruce 66,176 Hood, Ralph 66,188 Hopkins, Russell 66,108,172 Hom, Sandra 66,178 Huff, Linda 66,197 Hufford, Gary 66 Hull, Peter 66,132,176,184 Hunt, Nancy 66,178 Ingersol, Dennis 66 Jahn, Karen 86,178 Jarvis, Howard 67 Johnson, Carol 66 Johnson, Dale Johnson, Gary 66,119,150 Jones, Edna Mae 66,155,178 Jones, Elanor 66 Jones, Gary 66 Jones, Joe Lee 66 Kappas, Carolyn 66,13l,144,168,176 Kaufman, Ronald Keehn, William 66,132,134,198 Kerschiefter, Dennis 66,100,108 Kershaw, Amold 66 Kettering, Scott 66,132,142,144 Kight, Dorthy Killian, Larry 66,176 King, Gloria Kittrell, Bobbie 66,100 Kline, Randy 66,156 Knight, Connie 66,157 Krack, Ray 66,120,142 Krantz, Thomas 66 Lakner, Kathy 66 Lancaster, Mary Jo 66,176 Lane, Herbert 66 Lane, Ronald 66,117,172 Lang, Virginia 66,178 Larson, Gary 66 Lavine, Jim Lawrence, Bemice 66,178 Lee, Gray 66,150 Lee, Steve 66,156 Lemaster, James 67 Leone, Alvin 67,132,192 Lewis, Don 67 Licko, Bonnie 67,130,157 Ligino, Michael 67,100,103,108,150 Lindstrom, Patricia 67,132,139 Lohse, Allen 67,156 Lopez, Pomposa 67,155,176 Lundahl, George 67 Lydon, Jerry 67 Lyons, Scott 67,122,123,135,150,153 176,186,189,209 Mahn, Cathy 67,209 Malaney, Mary 67,178 Maring, Benjamin 117,176 Martel, Andy 134,179 Martin, Colleen 67,178 Martin, Martha 67,176 Mattson, Darrel 67,100,117 McCaw, Larry 67,172 McChurch, Keith McCreight, Bob 67,132,153,166,168, 170,176,186,187 McKay, Curtis 67,132,135,142,160, 172,185 McKay, Sue 67,191,193 McKeaige, James 67,172 McKee, Jim 67,100 McLean, Jim 67,117,179 McNeal, George Miller,. Gene Mink, Jan 178 Mital, Don 67,172 Mitchell, Dennis Mitchell, Mark 67,156 Mitton, Patricia 67 Mix, Tom 67,156 Mohr, Gary 67 Moline, Carole 67,140,157,178 Moore, James 23,67,120,122 Morris, Sandra 67,172 Motzer, Warren 67,156 Moyers, Bennie 67 Moyers, Ray 67 Murphy, George 67 Murphy, Judy 67,176 Murphy, Richard 67 Murphy, Ruth 67,178 Murphy, Shirley 67 Murray, Donald 67 Myers, John 67 Natwick, Larry 67,172 Nelson, Danny 67,176 Nelson, Stanley 67 Neumann, Lynn 67 Newberg, Bemadine 67,178 Newvwrg, Cheryl 67,157 Nickell, Wendy 67 Neckerson, Kathy 67,100,178 Norton, Liz Ochs, Paul 67 Ohlsen, Margo 67,130,157,178 Oliphant, Lee 100,117 Olvera, Jack O. 67 Ortiz, Rita 68,178 Ovens, Richard 68,116,124,144,160 Owens, Melvin 68,100 Owens, Ronald 68,100,101,102,103 108,113,150 Owens, Ann 68 Paasch, Richard 68,100,150,168,170 Paller, Fred 68 Pankey, Don 68,120,122,123 Pankey, Kenny 68,179 Parr, George 68,130,179 Passno, Carol 68 Pastunak, Janet 68,178 Paxton, Gary 68 Pendleton, Donna 68 Peterson, Robert 68 Peterson, Shirley 68 Pippert, John 68,156 Pitts, Grace 68 Platt, Mark 68,172 Plumb, Dwayne Plumb, Leon Polich, Mike 68,131,132,142,160,172, 185,l86,187,191,193 Polich, Sharon 68,147,157,160,178,196, 197,199 Poppe, Julius Powell, Larry 68,156 Prieto, Angela 178 Putman, Cheryl Rahn, Sharon 68,178 Ramirez, Martina 68 Ramos, Mary 68,178 Randolph, Bill 68 Rangel, Bemard 68,116,118,122,123,150 Rangel, Rita Redmond, Barbara 68 Redman, Richard 68,176 Reveal, Virginia 68,172 Reyna, Betty Rice, Ivan 68 Rinden, David 68,124,150,172,198 Robertson, Marilyn 68,178 Rodgers, Flourence 68 Rohren, Carolyn 68,178 Roman, Sandra 68,183,199 Rusch, Randell 68 Rusk, Carl 68,100 Rusk, Dennis 68,100,101,102,103, 108,109,111,150 Rusk, Rex 68 Russell, Rita 68 Rylander, Roger 68 Sainer, Dorothy 68,131 Salisbury, Cedric 68,70,186 Sandoval, Mike 68,100,150 Sauser, Mary 68,178 Schafer, Nancy 68,178 Schatteman, Carol 68 Schatteman, Claris 68 Schmidt, Wilfred Jr. 68,132,134,160, 176,186 Schneider, Ronald 68,100,108,150 Schoonover, Mary 68 Seidlitz, Sandra 68 Setser, Marsha 68,172,192 Sheehan, Jerry 68 Shelton, Pete 68 Sherer, Gary 69 Sierra, Lupe 69,178 Sinclair, Jack 69 Skafidas, Frank 69 Skelton, Mary 69,132,186,191,193 Skillett, Dick 69,130,179 Slath, Tamara 69,176 Smith, Geraldine 69 Smith, Dianne 69,157,176,184 Smith, Robert 68 Sodeman, Doug 69,156 Soncinck, Larry 69 Stahl, Carolyn 69,178 Stanton, Judy 69,172,197 Starr, Richard 69 Stepp, Ruth 69,146,157,178,197, 199,203 Stewart, Doyle 69 Stewart, Bill 69,156 Stiwell, Betty 69 Stipp, Linda 69,178 Stockton, Rosemary 69,157,176 Stoneking, Barabara 69,198 Stotts, John 69,100,179 Stulir, Dennis 69,156 Sullivan, David 69,160,176,197 Sullivan, Michael 69 Sutliff, Lewis 69 Sutton, Gary 69,100,120,150,156 Sweet, Lawrence 69,100,150 Taylor, Donna 69 Taylor, Robert 69,100,102,108,113,172 Terronez, Jim Thissen, Richard 69 Thompson, Anna 69 Thompson, Aten 69,156 Thompson, Connie 69 Tilberg, Larry 69,100,156 Tinker, Linda 69,178 Townsend, Jay Trout, Michael 69,172 Tsakanikas, Roseanne 69,144 Tumer, Ardis 69,178 Vallejo, Virginia 69,178 VanHecke, Cathy 69,120,176 VanKlavern, Terry 69 Van Quathem, Bob 69,108,111,112,120, 122,123 VanRycke, Rosemary 69,178 Vemiulen, Raymond 69,104,120,134,150 Vershaw, Tom 69,100 Versypt, John 69,156 Vrban, James Wadsager, Pat 71,172 Wallace, Judy 71,157,176 Ward, Eugene 71 Ware, Sandra 71,178 Watson, John Weaver, Gerald 71 Weems, John 71 Weideman, Donald 71 Weissmann, Fred 71 Wells, Dianne 71 Wendell, Sandy 70,71,147,157,160,176 Whipple, Jere 71,125,135,147,160,168, 170,197 Whipple, Ron 71 Wilcox, Shirley 71,178 Wilson, Delbert 71,172 Wise, David 71 Wissbaum, Frances 157,176 Wood, Melanie 71,135,190,203 Wood, Dennis 71 Ybarra, Joe 71,120 Yuskis John 71 Zalewski, Keith 71 SENIORS Achilles, Suzanne 32,131,146,168 Allbritton, Marcella 32,157 Allison, Janice 32 Allison, Judith 32 Ammerman, Frank 32 Anderson, Gary 32,156 Anderson, Janet 32 Anderson, Richard 32,116 Anderson, Terry 32,120,153 Ash, Robert Duane 32,45,100,101, 145,150,201 Athorp, Craig 32,52,191,194,203 Ballard, Kathy 32,179 Bazor, Dan 32 Bazor, Judith 32 Beale, LaVeme 32 Bealer, Richard 32,100 Beard, Sally 32,131 Beasley, Lee 32 Beaudry, Marilyn 32,139 Bebout, Kay 32,131,157 Belman, Rose Ann 32,146,155,232 Benedict, Frank 30,31,32,50,102,104, 142,150,153,165,166,168,187,188,201 Bergstrand, James 31,32,144,232 Berthoud, Donald 32,136 Betcher, John 34 Blanchard, Paul 34,179 Bloomberg, Joylin 34,132,146,157, 160,172,232 Boarts, Rita 34 Bobb, Geraldine 34,146,157,160,179 Bowers, James 34,120,l22,123,150,197 Bowman, Kenneth 34 Breeden, Marilyn 34,176 Brewer, Jerry 34,156 Brooke, Kent 34 Brown, Sharon 34,140,146,179 Brundrett, James 35 Bulen, Sue 34,l32,135,142 Burrell, Mansel 35 Burrell, Robert 35,100,116,150 Buss, Charlyn 31,35,132,142,157,160, 172,185,192,202,203,208,232 Gabor, Donald 35 Caldwell, Russell 35 Canatsey, Dean 35 ' Cant, Karen 35,139,146,157,160,165, 168,170,179,188,201 Claus, Michael 35 Columbia, Shirley Colvin, Charlene 35,146 Cook, Dixie 35,59,157,176,187 Courtney, Thomas 36,156 Coward, William 36,197 Craig, Linda 36 Crawford, Ellen 36,51,57,146,153,157, 165,160,176,177,187,189 Cremeens, DeWayne 36,116 Crouch, Jesse 36 Damm, Gary 36 Daniels, Sharon 36 Davis, Anna 36 Davis, Eileen 36,176 Dean, James 36,156 DeCapp, Mary 37,146,176 DeJaegher, Pat 37 Delles, Vemon 37,136 DePaepe, Larry 136 Dc-Porter, Greg 37,120,153,154 Dergo, Deborah 37 Dehocker, Jean 30,37,45,146,157,165, 168,184,188,201 Duhuisson, Mary 37,160 Duff, Julie 37,132,139,146,157,179,232 Duff, Karen 31,37,157,232 Duncan, Lloyd 37 Dunham, Bradley 31,37,122,123,1-35, 150,151,232 Elias, Milton 37,104,150 Emmert, Gary 38 Emmert, Robert 38 Entrikin, Neil 38 Erickson, Jeanette 38 Evans, Janet 38,179 Evans, Joan 38 Fairman, William 38 Fender, Barbara 34,38,45,157,164,165, 166,176,201 Ferguson, David 38,130,160,176 Fillmer, Gary 38 Finley, Larry 31,35,38,l04,144,150, 153,160,166,168,174,l85,199,202, 203,232 Fish, Shirley 38 Fitzgerald, Carolyn 38,146,157 Fletcher, Alfred 39 Flowers, Alice 39,131,146,157 Flowers, Colleen 39,146,157,179 Fox, William 39 Francis, Richard 39,130 Franks, James Fuller, Roger 39 Fulscher, George 39 Gager, Betty 5,39,183,185,186 Garcia, Joe 39,136 Garrett, Steven 39 Gartner, Archie 39,100,150,157 Gauker, Sandra 39,179 Gause, Ann 40,41,45,140,157,16O, 165,172,201 Getty, Lawrence 40 Glenn, Harold 40 Goethals, Kathleen 40,45,140,146,157, 160,165,201 Gooding, Alan 40 Goodwin, Sally 40,45,51,146,153, 165,166,167,168,183,187,188,189, 190,201,203,232 Gotheridge, Richard 40 Graham, Phillip 40 Gra.net, Karen 40,144 Graver, William 40 Green, Donna 40,157,176 Guinn, George 41 Gulderpfenning, Lee 41 Haigh, Robert 41 Hall, Kenneth 41,156,176 Hamerlinck, Gayle 5,40,45,146,157,165, 166,168,170,183,186,187,197,201 Hamrick, Sherian 41,146 Hantz, Jimmie 41,117,176 Hantz, Stanley 41,136 Harker, Gloria 41,157 Harrison, Janet 41,146,157,176,177,188 Heald, Sharon 41,176 Heist, Sharon 41,179 Hemphill, John 42,156,176 Hernandez, Joseph 42 Herrera, Anna 42,131,146,155,160 Hill, Nancy 42 Hill, Patricia 42,132,139,144,146,232 Hoepfner, Donna 42 Hoffmeier, Gary 42,156 Homan, Nancy 42,157,179 Hook, Sheryl 42,131,179 Hostens, Lynne 42,146,157 Howell, Otis 42 Hoyle, Barbara 42,131,179 Hudak, Virginia 43,157,179 Huggins, Paula 43,l46,157,l76 Hunt, Donald 43,154,192 Hurd, John 43,45,100,101,108,109,110, 112,113,150,151,165,168,201 Irwin, Marvin 43 Ishmael, Diane 43 Issa, Helen 43,135,179 ackson I ' , Johnson Johnson Johnson Johnson, Johnson Benny 43 Barbara 43 Dennis 43 James 43,136,172 John 43,179,198 Vemon 44 Johnston, Shirley 44 Kaskadden, Karen 44,176 Kastner, Phillip 44 Kelley, Carol 44,45,130,146,153,160, 165,166,167,170,176,200,201,232 Kelley, Marjorie 44,157 Kenney, George 44,136 Kilts, Robert 44 Kincaid, Ruth 44,142,146 Kipp, Gerald 44,100,120,150,176 Kirklin, Arthur 44 Klee, Juergen 38,44,63,144,145,166, 171,172,205 Korthals, Dixie 45 Kraklow, Alice 45 Kundert, George 45 Kunkle, Sharon 45 Lange, David 45,104,142 Lange, Howard 45,120,122,123,144,150 Larrison, Joanne 45 Laud, Constance 45 Leahy, Sheila 45,124,146,190,202, 203,232 Lee, Sandra 45,179 Leedom, Larry 45,136 Leight, Linda 45 Lemkau, Dennis 46 Leonhard, Donald 46,100,153,154 Lewis, Karen 46,146,179,201 Ligeno, Louis 46,100,150,153 Lindley, Janet 45 Lingafelter, Dennis 46 Lopez, Theresa 46,232 Lundeen, Andrea 46,50,132,146,153, 157,160,183,198,199,203,232 Madden, Sherrie 46 Maranville, Thomas 46,108,120,122, 123,153,185 McCoy, Janet 46 McLane, Sue 46,176 McLaughlin, Betty 46,157 McLean, Thomas 47,179 Milbum, Robert 47,130 Millen, Margene 47,57,197 Miller, Donald 45,47,150,153,158, 165,199,201 Miller, Ervin 47 Miller, Margie 47 Miller, Mary 47,140 Miller, Melvin 47 Miller, Roger 47,153,176 Mindham, Stephen 47 Mitcham, Gloria 48,146 Moeller, John 48,136 Montieth, Robert 48 Morgan, Jack 31,48,124,232 Mumma, Brian 48,100,108,109,111, 113,150 Myers, Steven 47 Neal, Sandra 48 Neels, John 48 Neff, Sandra 48,139,150,184 Nelson, Alice 5,48,142,153,183,185, 202,232 Nelson, Larry 48,124,150,176 Newingham, Linda 48,176,232 Neyt, Linda 48,146,179 Nixon, Rita 49,146,152,179 Nordholm, Vala 49,140,146,179 Ohlsen, Priscilla 49,146,157,188 OlKl0ck, Max 23,49,100,156 Paasch, Earl 30,31,45,49,100,101,116, 150,151,165,168,170,201 Paller, James 49 Parry, David 49,100,150,188 Paytash, Joann 49,139,146 Perez, Mary 49,135 Peterson, Linda 49 Peterson, Willard 49 Peve, Garold 31,45,49,100,102,116,150 165,196,201,202,232 Phelps, Carol 50,139,157,179 Philhower, Michael 37,50,155,175, 202,232 Polich, Carole 31,50,142,143,146,147, 179,201,232 Pollentier, Josette 50 Ponciano, Mary 50 Porter, Ruth 50 Powell, David 50,120,232 Powell, Sherrie 50,135,157 Prieto, Rosemary 50,131,146,155,179, 232 Ralston, Judith 50,140,146,179 Ramirez, Alfonso 50 Ramirez, Carmen 50,131,142,143,160 Rangel, Theresa 51 Raske, Sharon 51 Rasso, Patricia 51,131,146,155,179 Rasso, Rita 51,136,176 Ray, Gloria 51 Redmond, Charlotte 51,179 Reeser, Jerry 51,136 Rice, Patricia 51,136 Richard, Judith 51 Ridenour, Carl 51 Ripka, Sharron Rittel, Frances 51,130,202 Robinson, Cheryl 51,146,153,157,176, 184,232 Robinson, Joan 52,53,144,146,184, 197,232 Robinson, John 52 Rockwell, Geraldine 52 Rockwell, James 52 Rogers, Linda 52,179 Roselle, Katherine 43,52,135 Ross, J. D. 52 Rotz, David 52 Rotz, Sharon 52,179 Rumler, Gary Rylander, Donald Sager, Gary 52 Salmonson, Gail 31,52,124,132,144, 146,147,166,190,203,232 Sanders, Ronald 52 Sapp, Robert 53 Saunders, Carl 53,142-153.184,1S8,191, 193,202,20-3,232 Schatteman, Rita Schmidt, Glenn 53 Schnioll, Richard 53 Schmooke, Sandra 53 Siebert, Diane 53,132,142,146 Scys, Paulette 53,179 Shipma, Judy 53,1-46,147,1-55,168,176 sign-r, Judith 31,53,146,197,198,199, 202,203,232 Simpson, Catherine 53,172,175,232 Skinner, Charles 53 Skowronski, Joseph 31,53,142,143,153, 160,166,168,170,183,185,187,189, 190,193,202,203,232 Sloane, Barbara 31,54,135,l53,155,172, 185,187,188,189,191,202,203,232 Slover, Jack 54,135,142,160,185,197, 202 Smith, Eleanor 54 Smith, Judy 54 Smith, Ruth 54,130,179 Snapp, Dianne 54,179 Snyder, Carmelle 54,146,157,186, 188,198,232 Sodeman, George 54 Spencer, Marshall 54 Sprague, Susan 54,139 Spurr, Ella 54,131,157,232 Stafford, Jimmy 54 Stahl, Mary 54 Steele, Jack 55,179 Stockwell, Margaret 55, 139,146,157, 176,184,188 Stogdell, Mary 55 Stone, Phyllis 55,172 Stoneking, Marsha 55 Stopoulos, James 45,55,101,102,150, 164,165,200,201 Stotemeister, Carolyn 55,131,146 Strickland, Evelyn 55,146,157 Suhr, Carl 34,55,142,160,185,197 Sullivan, John 55,136 Sutton, Barbara 55 Sutton, Glenn 55 Talbot, Dean 56,136 Taylor, John 56,156 Teague, James 56,116,120,150,176 Thomas, Mary 56,176 Tompkins, Gloria 56,146,176 Thompson, Janice 56 Tracy, Clark 56,100,117,150,199 Trout, Elaine 56 Truitt, John 56,196 Trunnell, Jana 56,146,151,176,188 Tschopp, Stephen 56 Tumer, Edna 56,179 Tumer, Glenna 45,57,146,157,160,165, 172,201 Turrell, Harry 57 Valentine, Elayne 30,57,142 Vallejo, Theresa 57,140,146,179 VanDeventer, Thomas 31,57,172,232 VanKlaveren, Judith 57,146 VerBeke, Allan 57,130 Vogel, Gerald 57 Vogler, Dale 57 Vogler, Gaylord 142 Waddell, Clarence 57 Wainman, George 57 Ward, Judy 57,179 Weekly, Max 58,120,l53,155,185,232 Weimer, Gene 58,100,108,120,142,150 Weiss, Susanna 58,146,176,189 Welch, Gary 58,156 West, Dennis 58,122,123,150,197,232 Westbrook, Charles 58,116 White, Bruce White, Eldon 59 White, Paul 31,39,59,108,122,123,150, 165,166,168.170,185,197,201,202,232 VVildermuth, Gene 31,58,122,123,150, 197 WVilkinson, Karl VVilkinson, Willard 58,168,172 Williams, James 31,58,I04,150,151, 160,165,166,168,l87,190,201,203,232 Williams, Jeffrey 58,122,l23,1-50,197 Williams, Lawrence 58,232 Windland, Carol 59 VVingert, Richard 58 Winkelbauer, Gerald 59,156 VVinthurst, Martin 59 Wise, Jerry Woods, Clifford 59 VVoods, Franc-es 59,13I,l46,157,l60,179 Wright, Marilyn 59,144,232 York, Deborah 59,1-57,176,190,199, 202,232 FACULTY dz ADMINISTRATION Mr. Chuck Allee 21,120 Miss Eleanor Allen 22,131 Mr. Roger Auhrey 17,58,190,193,203 Mr. C. F. Bailey 26 Mr. Keith Bare 22,101,104 Miss Rebecca Beauchamp 18 Mrs. Joyce Bentler 17 Miss Mary Boike 13,30 Mr. George Bray 21 Mr. Ellsworth Brooks 19 Mr. John Bullard 24,130 Miss Helen Buresh 20 Mr. John Burke 16,17,104,120,121 Miss Dorthy Calvert 16,148 Mr. William Campbell 20 Mrs. Beverly Carrington 25,140 Mr. John Cavanaugh 23 Mr. Glenn Chivers 16,122,123 Mr. William Cloud 14,37,185 Mr. Harold Collins 12 Mr. Charles DeCamp 24,172,174 Miss Marian Dean 17 Mr. Glenn Dessing 20 Mr. Joseph Dhonrlt 19,101,104 Mrs. Mary B. Easter 14 Mrs. Charleen Enstrom 13 Mr. Gary Erlandson 22,136,161 Mr. Jack Evans 12,167 Mr. Robert Fainnan 22 Mr. Donald Faley 19 Miss Daphne Frane 25 Mrs. Jessica Fredericks 4,5,15,52,183 Miss Lois Frels 26 Mrs. Mary Jane Gaitens 15 Mrs. Jane Glenn 22 Miss Rubijohn Gorby 22 Miss Helen Grant 13,62,70 Mr. Walter Hess 21,116,117,118 Miss Mariann Hofstetter 25 Mr. Raymond Holmes 19 Miss Bemice Howard 21 Miss LaVona Johnson 14 Mr. Emest Kivisto 15,150,151 Mr. Donald Kell 20 Miss Donna Kuhn 15 Miss Sally Leibovitz 18 Mr. Robert Lewis 21 Mr. Donald Loveall 21,115,119 Mrs. Norma Magnuson 14 Mr. Max Manuel 22 Mr. Charles McCoy 13,167 Mr. Clair Mc-Creight 12 Mrs. Fern MeNab 25 Miss Esther McNut 25 Mr. Jay Mercer 19,104,106,115 Miss Bosealee Michalski 18,125 Mr. Andrew Miller 17,117 Miss June Mitchell 43 Mr. Merlin Nelson 13 Mrs. Reba O. Hster 25 Mr. Paul Oliver 23,154 Mr. Edward Peterhoff 16,17,124,143 Mr. P. J. Philhower 12 Miss Luise Piano 18,208 Mrs. Marjorie Pierce 13 Mr. Frank Pierson 19,100,101,104 Mr. Harvey Pierson 13,30 Mr. M. W. Pratt 20,132 Mr. Charles Rainey 23 Miss Marlene Ring 15,158 Mr. Louis Sheckler 24,176,177,178,179 Mrs. Patricia Schorh 14 Mrs. Isabelle Smith Mr. Clair Somers 25 Mr. Elmer Soules 15,134,196,203 Mr. Leonard Stach 24 Mr. John W. Stevens 14,202 Mr. Dean Teel 23 Mr. William Yemm 13,162 Mrs. Dorothy Ward 18,126 Mr. Alexander Wasson 16 Miss Mary Weller 20 Mr. William Wheeler 20 Miss Valerie Wilford 25 Mr. Mallie Williams 24 Mr. Albert Zimmerman 19,101,104 SOUTH CAMPUS COOKS Ranilda Belowski 27 Trudy Hoffman 27 Ester Karben 27 Cleo Krueger 27 Dorothy Malaney 27 Margaret Monstrey 27 Evelyn Tittle 27 Ann Wadsager 27 Mary Weinert 27 Agnes Yeager 27 SOUTH CAMPUS CLEANING STAFF James Karben 27 Ivan Nelson 27 Frank Paskvan 27 Pearl Shicks 27 Clara Vermeulen 27 Ruby Whittington 27 NORTH CAMPUS JANITORS Loren Bow Stewart Kaufman 27 Frank Machu NORTH CAMPUS COOKS Jennie Cullens 27 Inna Diercks 27 Alma Freman 27 Myrtia Gollangher 27 Alice Granet 27 Ann Looentiens 27 Margaret Martins 27 Helen Polieh 27 Georgani Williams 27 Mable Ziegler 27 OFFICE HELP Carol Gooch 26 Elaine Krukenburg 26 Alice Paasch 26 Minta Rainey 26 Eva VanHautte 26 Mary Lou Wells 26 AUTOGRAPHS AUTOGRAPHS AUTQGRAPH .. 'Q' ff!-2-Mffiiilhf ,-,4 x 7 5 W f . 413 w X f --'m 'af .I J vi 3 l' Ii f Mm ,,-qs 41 W. ,V 1' 4 Mx, A-.. ,ik 'M in . .,,.f .. .li A' N In IP- , 4 -f 112- Aw' wiv- -K' 'A l 7- ,.,y,..-Q,-w,,,,,,1 ,H 'Mi 1 ' 'M fm- fy , Q 3 'f ff J, , X ,X X J 1 z 1 .1 Q ' A 'LQ ' H- . S Q L x L., ,Q 5 N ,kv f , .,1 "fr'y,--"ff0,.. - ww . U , . ,uw-"""""' x M .H . ,Q , 15' .i e.,a::4 ' 'NJA' 'ff ,,..,,M,.,,M ,,,4w...L,.w Aw" Z" -. ."'wuq, 4:7 5, "-w. If is . - . xg, Aff "N 'N' 5,-f"f"' "Hx, ---fb? ,K sf, fi '- 9 - X1 5 'X 5 My F 5 :L J f 'M 3 RH' 1 MQW:-, X? 3 1 ffi f' Ek Q -gy, E ' I 'K 2, 5 ,, Fx . 'ah Q 4' ' g ,rx ,.,,..fkf...., W.-.,.,, It 5 , hm., 1 , A N Q 1, V V -3- 'H 1 W,.-mn.. ,un fm' ,,.,,'.,f:1a4 va.-,.,vns-35 1 ,,,f k i, ,L V 1 1-uw ,., WfM A 4 , ,. g . 057, If ' Q- " . " , 1 , , , - 2 Ha. W , , 'f'2k"fw ,Q V - :N , 3 ,Jr ' ' fr 4 .on .35 ' "" -re 1' 'H I if' V 1. 32, ',"u?5 W' , Mr' ,- a -5 " , - sian 'Q 52.9, , v tzyx V wt ga . M- ' ff' , ' K 1 Ak,x, !,:,,r QI K .:ikVW.- Mwvdf . xx V , 1, . ' '6 1 11, ,- wr. ff? . " 5, Q 1 I ,, H' I' 5 ' V fi. . ' .Ls f ..-,Kg W A ii flux-, 4 -N-il' W 'fy , ,AQ "1 5 '17 lfwgb, Fimifxmilvwtfig, i A V 1. ' V' , Q..:jLf3fj,Lf1' ,N , X ' " +'1ew--n.,g,Qf A--9-sul gf' , ,Q-' f ,wvgy-Q-7.. jva2f::, - Y f Q, ., ' 45,5 I ..4, , snr- ,,h33.,qy:vE . ' , t ,-P' ,N 'H' ' -H'F' L:,,m ' ' W Q Mm N,:,,f B. - M, 1 ,.-ggamimk V Q ..,, fyjq E f1',f-an - ff' if Nw' 4' l 4-G-..,,,,iw k x 'N " ' W :L M K' Q V -,.f,,,jI,, ag... f ii:-A .Tn 'ff 5' f' QW' "0 3wQ1..,,-47. , " ,r 4, .-,f-:A-P ' ' " ' 1 r-gf, -.uff.z,g,,,,iL.,,ff.,,4,q4...-S--'nf ' 'W Qi THE LO DAWSON CHAPTER OF THE NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY The L. O. Dawson Chapter of the National Honor Society was organized in 1956, and .since then has continued to niaintain its high position of esteeni. In 1960, juniors were first inducted into the Honor Society. This year, thirty seniors joined the twelve nzenihers who were honored the previous year. These forty-two students were chosen on the basis of schoolarship, character, leadership, and serv- ice. Throughout their four years of high school, the Honor Society nzenihers have maintained a 3.0 grade average or hetter. Because of their outstanding qualifi- cations, these students have received this honored distinction, This past year, Mr. Dawson, who served as superintendent of United Town- ship for over thirty years, wa.s elected to the Board of the new Blackhawk junior College. At the first nzeeting, he was chosen as Chairman of the Board. His vast experience with the students of this area nialfes this a very wise choise. As its founder continues his accolnplishnzents, so too shalt the L. O. Dawson Chapter of the National Honor Society continue to stress the high ideals which it requires. These seniors were inducted into the L. O. Dawson Chapter of the National Honor Society on the basis of scholarship, character, leadership and service. They are: Row 1-Charlsn Buss, Rose Belman, Ella Spurr, Catherine Simpson, Cheryl Robinson, James NVilliams, Row 2-Rosemary Prieto, Alice Nelson, Patricia Hill, joan Robinson, Carmelle Snyder, Law- rence XVilliams, Barbara Sloane. Row 3-Karen Duff, Therese Lopez, julie Duff, Linda Newinghain, Deborah York, Carol I an I V gl Kelly. Row 4-Sue Bulen, Sheila Leahy, joylin Bloomberg, Judith Sigler, Brad Dunliain, Mike Pliilhower. Row 5-Sally Goodwin, Marilyn Wiiglit, Gail Salinonson, Carole Polich, Andrea Lundecn. Row 6-Carold Pexe, Max XYeekly, james Bergstrand,,joe Skowronski, Dennis XVest, Paul YVl1ite. Row 7-Larry Finley, Carl Saunders, -lack Morgan, Tom Van De- venter, David Powell. Absent from the picture is Gene NVildermuth.

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