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 - Class of 1959

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X EN C ni fxf-Jyaffdd yfwv E3 N E5 YN X K X E591 R fcljiwfl WSP 34+7',,a,444d4-f m'Q7"Q'Zw,7'f'fff'Mof WW M lx 3, WWWWW ggx M Egm M fy Q W'?j5 wk QW gi 1 - ff EX WW 2 QW Qffwfw 55 A X? ij? 2. ff My Fqxnjqweev A M9 M W ESQ fp! V MF, UR 992 QV ?f:?5fWlv' 0 if W W1ff Wpff'SZ7 W if 2652? We Wff l Wwgg 259 iii 30-'ffff Qiizfdw-745 11 -aww few? 'UML lwfbjfp' f7J afvfwfe 'il L I xx KKZMQWMM 'M' YW WT' 'VMWW aff ff' WWW WWW ,W ,W M ZM4MffWfW,fGM X, H7xffi wW,,,4,,,A7WJ, 3 M74J VW WWW? 1959 Skyline ED TOWNSHIP HIGH SC MEILIN As a city's skyline grows with the passing years, so does the stature of young people in high school grow as the years pass. When a class enters school, the members' personalities and characters are just beginning to take form, like the foundations and low-lying structures of the skyline. ln a year or two, changes occur. Each year during high school there is growth. By the time the senior year draws to a close, there is a definite pattern visible. Some individuals seem like the great skyscrapers reaching toward the skyg others may not stand out so clearly as dominant peaks but all have taken definite form. They all fit into the picture and appear clearly as a part of the skyline against the horizon of the future. The height of each student's part of this skyline is deter- mined in large part by his own desires and his personal ambitions. All cannot build a structure of the same height, but each one can increase his dwelling place and make a worthwhile place for himself in the skyline. May the students of United Township High School resolve that they will build for themselves 'gmore stately mansions - as the swift seasons roll." When each youth in our com- munity strives to build as stately a mansion for his own soul as possible, we will have many 'ctall men, sun crowned, who live above the fogn in the skyscrapers of the building. Be a skyscraper in our Skyline. aff 7 -af It -5435 pg 1 - fn. 'lW,E,.fin, If M ,f it V 4 . W lv 11 li . an , ,LZ- ,. rt' N' . . ' , 111 - M Y ' php , f' A 4' ' 'H- 1 L. , ,ft - If ,XL 1 a t Q1 ' . . 1 -' L ,M l " , I iv L fl' X M Nl ut-V , n V 1, X' , ' " A " t' . 1, x- v XL. W U FUREWURD On a high hill, the Hbluffn of the Mississippi, the varied shapes and levels of United Township High School loom against the sky. Life within the school has varied angles and levels as the 1959 Skyline has tried to show. The academic portion of our skyline changed somewhat this year as the program for superior and talented students was extended. ln addition to the junior and senior English classes which have always been divided into regular, college prep, and developmental, this year under a special pro- gram sponsored by the North Central Association, U.T.H.S. freshmen were grouped according to ability in science, math, and English. Next year the program will include sophomores. U.T.H.S. is fortunate to be among the one hundred schools in the nine states in the North Central Association ter- ritory chosen to take part in this experimental program and receive the benefits of their guidance. Looming high on the sports skyline was the very successful basketball season as the team won conference and regional first place titles and were defeated in the sectional by Galesburg who went on to win third in state. U.T.H.S. played host to both the Pekin District Student Council Conven- tion and the Sectional Speech Contest. The PEP Club and Hi-Y Club were organized. Several band members were judged competent enough to enter the State Music Contest held in Elmhurst. Students' participation and accomplishment in scholastic, sports and extra- curricular pursuits shape our lives within the school. As the faculty and student personnel change, so does our skyline. SCHOOL LIFE SEN IORS .... JUNIORS .... SOPHOMORES F RESHMEN . FACULTY . . . SPORTS . . . CLUBS .... ACTIVITIES . TABLE III F' CONTENTS SENIOR ACTIVITIES .... . . . ,PAGES 6-9 . .PAGES 10-29 . .PAGES 30-39 . .PAGES 4-0-51 . .PAGES 52-63 . .PAGES 64-81 .PAGES 82-101 PAGES 102-133 PAGES 134-163 PAGES 1641--167 N There,s work to be done. The freshmen and sophomores in study hall each have their own , method of doing it. E-illl-NI-3-i IIN ucot any English themes for sale, grade APN Mr. Nelson and his student stay? are sorry they canal fill the orders. Ooops! Careful of the tray, Sally. Seating is sometimes a problem in our erowdea' cafeteria. I. if .Q S0 you sea Tom and Larry seem interested in what Cecil How do we get there from here? The winter was really one that often blanketed us with snow. As the picture shows, too often we were sur- prised by the unpredictable weather. 7 if '4Throat sore, lfrzves u'eak?" Ken Burns had ll Case of 1l'hz1lez'er il zms that mos! of us had a ease Of. "Cu1L't ulzdersfurzd 17.0 says h41lz'A'e." ulfs only the third zveelf of sr'l100I.'M "From the llzfllropf' The srmu' rmzhes our rieu' Very' hlvllllffll MORE SKYLINE rlihhxh X The candy worshippers form a magic coffers of the speech department. ring, and x ,f x - vi.i"VS:,u1f 1' with pieces of silver swell flu A 'Sr H HOn to Victory." These words were ever-present this year but were also the theme of the beautiful senior class float. SCENES 'X - Curtis is able to make his Model A the best, but be- ing a girl, Sally has to start with a new one. Tg1A 3Q'iQJ! V . ,fx f .1 L . V i Q' 1 ., 1 X , I ,Q i w. A ' N -I ' 'F gy, ,wc J 1 , -K I LT' ll I' 1 4 ' W k A 'f Kathy got a funny one! Around the break in semesters seniors begin to plan for the following year. College catalogues, provided by Mr. Pierson, are very interesting and even seem to provide some humor. 9 'l'l'l 'l'1"l 'I Seniors Smiling because of their positions as senior class OWCGTS are Carole Stevenson, secretaryg fudy Hoover, vice-president, fanet Van0vershelde, treasurer, Cary Hobbs, presidentg and Mr. Pierson, class aa'1'1'sor. SENICIRS Freshmen, sophomores, and juniors are all saying farewell to their many friends in the Senior Class. Some seniors will go on to college, and some will get jobs. Whatever they do, they will always look back to their high school days. Although there were wor- ries of homework and exams, there were also fun and excitement. They will always remember the exciting games, working on the senior float, '6Kick Off To Vic- tory," going to the Junior-Senior Prom, and attend- ing the Senior Ball. Most of all they will have their diplomas to remind them of the day they walked down the aisle at Commencement. The lunior Rotarians who at- tended the Rotarian meetings were: Row 1: Ellis Luster, ferry Beverlin, fim Pierson, Dennis Anderson, Larry Nahr- gang. Row 2: Bill Clark, Dick "" ' Lange, foe Van Quathem, Cliff Arbogast. Row 3: Cary Hobbs. Lonnie Ostrom, Larry Leeper. foe Van Qaathem, Cary Hobbs, Lonnie Ostrom, Maureen Kelley, Cliff Arbogast, Myra Cztldenpfennig. Row Zi Members of the L. 0. Dawson Chapter of the National Honor Society were: Row I: Pam Fairman, Dorothy Hornan Margot Moose, Carole White, Barbara Arbeau, Donna Kalsis, fudy Sererns, Kathy Tinzmernzan, Lana Berghult Karrol fefjers. Row 3: fucly Hoover, Carol Ovens, Mary Versypt, Sandy Rohren, Marilyn Ceer, Cathy Larnbriclf Peggy Eaton, foyce Bates. Row 4: Kathy Smith, Bernice Cassidy. Roberta Lang, Louise McCreary, Nancy Hall Jim Pierson, Jerry Beverlin, Alice Leasenby. JUDITH ACHILLES ROCHELLE ACHILLES SHARON ALLEN JERRY ALLISON SENIURS CAROL ANDERS DENNE ANDERSON JOHN ANDERSON LARRY ANDERSON BARBARA ARBEAU JOYCE BATES ALBERTA BENNETT JERRY BEVERLIN NANCY BICKFORD CLIFF ARBOGAST JOY BATES LANA BERGHULT ROBERT BERTHOUD EDGAR BOWMAN SALLY BOST LEONA BROWN LLADENE BOYLE JOAN BRYANT SUSAN CADY 1 mmm-wl. Q DONALD BRATTON CYNTHIA BREWER ALLEN CARLILE KAREN CARLILE DAN LARMAQK SERGIO LASILLAS RUSSELL CLAEYS WILLIAM CLARK BERNILE CASSIDY MARVIN CHANEY RAYMOND CALSYN MYRNA CANFIELD !'I"' I' '?"L. 2 1!F??'EZ,f??'lVi3 J"?'Hi?FWLQeL RUTH DOLORES CLAUSEN Q -XROL DEB ATES JERRY DPC RANDE RONALD CORD DUANE MICHAEL DERGO WAYNE DIERICKS PEGGY DOBEREINER ALICE DOWD SENIIIIRS PEGGY EATON PAMELA FAIRMAN LARRY FILLMER ALICE FINLEY JEAN FITCH LUCILLE FOSTROM NORLENE FRANCIS KENNETH FREEMAN LONNIE CUNNINGHAM NORMA DETHERAGE MERLE EASLEY vu, ,ff Decorating the senior float are Larry Meadows and Louise McCreary RONALD FREY W' WDRA FREYMANN DONALD FUHRER JYCE FULSCHER LUPE GARCIA EGGY GEARHART MARILYN GEER JUDITH GHJLIATT -'ACK GLYNN CAROL GOOCH Ali ERRY GRAVER RAMONA GOBER PHILLIP GRANT MARY JO GRAMENZ , my I i JACKIE GRAY 'X SHEILA GRAY JA MES H A LE ARI PNE HARRIS RONALD GREEN SHIRLEY H-UXIMERLINCK EENIIIIRS MIVHAFI HAQBROUCK GERALD HEINI BURGER CAROL H AUMAN X PEGGY IFRRH HINT712 HINFS IJOROFI HY HOMAN JOYCE HUNCATE VICTOR JANOWSKI KARROL SUE JEFFERS LAJUNE JOHNSON DANID KASTNER IJOLORES KASTNEH DONNA KATSIS XIARION I., KAUFNIAN .I ANIC KEIZI, XIII ,HAI'.I, KICIIOE RUTH KICKSEY Ix III IIIONI XS I XTHII Ix IxINl' INIILIIAI-,I, KNIGHT XI Il III-RCN Ixl-'I I N SANIJRN KINIIAIIJ HERB KRAMBECK KATHLEEN LAMBRIIIK DEAN LANG IIONALIJ IANC I1 CARULE LEENKNECHT GARY LENHART JOHN LINDEGARD JA MES LOVETT ROBE RTA LANG Wf!tf'1 '- LARRY LANGE PAUL RICHARD LANGE SANDRA LEACH A LIVE LEASEN RY LENA LaFERRA RA GEORGE ELLIS LUSTER CALVIN MARSH .IANICE LAURITZSON RAYMOND LEADER LARRY LEEPER EEENICIRS DAVID MARTIN .IOSEPHINE MATAYA SHARON MATSON GARY MAXWELL DENNIS MNTHURCH FRANK Nlf'LEAN LIQROY MFMAHON LARRY MEADOWS RONALD MERIDETH EDWARD MILLS BARBARA MITACEK CQ fx , MARGIE MAYHEW HAROLD MCCORD LOUISE MCCREARY JAMES MCMILLIN ROBERT MCNALLEY DENNIS MILLER JERAL MILLER KAREN MOELLER X. K '5 r FRANCIS ' MOHR T VINCENT MONAHAN MARGOT MOOSE JANICIE MURPHY SANDRA MURPHY I LARRY NAHRGANG .IEANINE DIANE DELBERT NUTTER NOFTSKER CAROLYN OREY LONNIE OSTROM I I I R l A KENDALL HOWARD MORLEY NELSON VIRGINIA SHARON MYERS NEUFCIOUR LARRY O'RRIEN SENIUREI Looking nervous is Larry Nahrgang as he shows his grade report to Dorothy Homan. if V ' s s Y CAROL ALICE OVENS PAASCH ANN PARK SENIIIIRS CARL PAYNE JUNE PAYTASH ELAINE PERKINS ARTHUR PETERSON -J nwmdi BERNADETTE RANGEL JUDITH RASKE GEORGE RASMUSSEN ROSEMARY RASSO DARLA REDDICK HOWARD REILING JUDITH RILEY WANDA RINIER KENNETH ROBINSON SANDRA ROHREN QQPEIEERCY SAM SANDOVAL DONNA SCHUETZLER PHILIP SCHMIDT STEVE SCHULTE CAROL SCHWEITZER HARRY E. SEDGWICK CAROL SERGEANT I 2 f 1 - li- LOUISE SHAW RONALD SHI-IPARII JUDITH SEVERNS JAMES SEYBOLD SANDRA SHARER A 1 CHARLES SHIYEI SENICIRS 4, EW Louis I SIERRA NANCY SIMLER LARRY SMIDDY DORA SPENCER VIRGINIA STAHL 'Q..,,.,..M' ii' B .IANICE SKILES KATHLEEN SMITH MARY SUE STEPHENSON IIAROLE STEVENSON iv OWEN STIPP FLOYD STOCKWELL DON SULLIVAN DORIS TANCK IONI TAYLOR LONNA TIMBROOK FRANK TRASK JAMI' S TURNER JANET VAN HULLE JANET X AN OVERSHELDE Trying on their formals for the Homecoming assem- bly are Donna Katsis and Lana Berghult. BARBARA VAN QUATHEM EENICIRE TOSEPH - HARRY vRRsHAw MARGARET MAR VAN QUATHEM l VERSYPT JEAN W WARREN GAIL WEBER 28 . DARLA VIAGER LARRX SHEILA WEEKLEY WENDELL WILLARD WILLHOUSE GARY WILLIAMS NANCY WEISBROOK CAROLE WHITE J., . ik I 'M' Studying each question on the scholarship test are Cary Hobbs, Alice Leasenby, and foe Van Quathem. LHERYL WINDEY JO ELLA WISE DAVID WOMACK A 'VI-I-I 'I 'l'I "I'l Juniors The Junior Class ojicers find time to relax in the middle of the day. They are Joanne V ersypt, vice- president, Angie Vallejo, president, Martha Smith, secretary-treasurer, and Mr. Yernm, junior advisor. .JLINICIRS Juniors, back for their third year, are old hands at school activities. The float "We're Expecting Victory" was their homecoming project. They all wish that it would not have been so windy and thus had more success. They, as juniors, have had a hard road to travel. Their junior themes, their first assignment, and their proficiency tests were their main objec- tives. Spring brings the juniors as hosts for the sen- iors at the Junior-Senior prom. They were also in charge of Baccalaureate and decorations. A very busy year has been theirs. Now they are looking to their Senior year and graduation. . 3 . V2 . V , 17, , H . 3' LA 1 .M A gn wi : r -6 .r .gf , " - ' N ,K li U m 1 51: .. ,Q gg Q 'V .X 1 Q , A ' 'T' i .. J "" I if X i I y wiv' ' R Y Q fwsff. 'K X As' . 'V' I I mn ,Q 2 .W ,b Q X W Y . V .. M are wirfgf if -f, 'l A 11, L. ..- . N.,,'v ' H A 'l X .. MK A . ' N W' . 1 "' vF91illl 1 Luv fn 1 1 , fr . if- -uf mi 'Nil G 2,1 Q 5 sa. A - wan if-are-sl .2 1 2- .L-. 4. ' 3. ll 2 so lf. . 'll 4Qx.4..gll ., y. , X 1 . .A 'x X .-,fe y ., AQ f W- A . -,pr pm ...E ix g ' jg A ' ' 1 'll , 1 nl fl 1 1 Q WLC M 1 M 5 'T Lu V ' I I L' l ' ' 2' his 4 L .. .X -. 2J 4... 1 . ..- .. Q... lr 'Q' ' ls M, Wg-'I . ' '1:y N-w 1 J' I . ix lm I li ix A ' , . ' . ' I A i W New ' y' Q Zi :Q avr' 'mv ' r ig N' Ah" A I 4. - I I 1 r lllllf J! W fa! 'MJ' 'G 7: oi N ar 4 LR M 4 in ' N Wa' 'fi N H 4 .km Wm 1 -1' W y ,gr e 1-. M . W all LP . , I A naman -JM P. Adams P. Akers L. Aldrich D. Anderson N. Anderson P . Anderson D. Arbeau K. Ashdown V. Badtke L. Bailey R. Ballegeer B. Barton J. Bauwens G. Beert L. Belman L. Benson R. Bideaux C. Billings L. Boles P. Bond V. Bottoroff I. Bowling M. Bowman N. Boxstall Bradley l. Braet S. Brereton W. Brookhart R. Brown P. Bushnell P. CaCari C. Canfield C. Carlson M. Carpentier J. Carroll R. Castens T. Chidos Christensen S. Clauw D. Clevenger D. Coder L. Collins S. Comhes K. Conover R. Cook L. Covert C. Cox W. Cremeens B. Crouch .l. Cruz .l. Cunningham C. Curry J. Daly M. Damp M. Damp Fl. Davidson J. Davis A. Decastecker D. DeClerk .l. DeClerk D. Derby N. Detherage D. DeWalsche R. Diericks J. Dixon R. Dobrinski R. Dawn P. Doxsee B. Draper P. Dwyer K. Ely W. Farber l. Ferris 4, WAI' Q A U 595,11 ' llgl ...gl vgl X "il l I u QQQ2? ' f . A , , 1 Q ll' . L.,- 1 9 . .55 Prom plans proclaimed over the PA. by some committee members, Lynda Benson. Frank Loll, Bill Smith, Angie Vallejo and lim Brael. K. Ferrier T. Finch C. Flowers A. Freeman E. French J . Fuller M. Fulscher R. Fulscher 0. Giles C. Glaudel G. Goodwin C. Graham S. Granell K. Creb S. Groy T. Guild S. Haefs C. Hall B. Hanson R. Harrington C. Harsch J. Haves C. Hemmn M. Hendricks 1 J N .JLINICIRS am ,Init Wir k A I 1 'll 1 fwa .g, qw 2 A iw 6...- K L 3 1:-:' 5 ., P? . if . ' l lil F ieie i . F . Q .. . -rf 1 .lii . fc.: F in iesisll w ms.. 6 ,nv 11' A A '. :Tw V I 2 I ., 'y, 'f 4 'aiu 1- 'rf ig l :ff 1 -if J ... .4 A .K .. A N NN., 4 is fu W H , HT i-522' f ...wi Ji -1 .3 T U Q, Avl! . 1 1--f Vi 1 I . T Q lik .. M . 'R ,, ,Q wi . . -'5 Q Q ng- 1 . -nf . ' , -Q -5'-'v V F V f , .W-N XJ-T 3' 'Q J -1 '33 V ll- :. . wa 5, . Q 3 L lf" iv A- " .Q hi se., . ., f ...gr . T 'E V3 i it to 6. '25 E We X' fr' A . if nr 1 ... hd ru L J 'FET' 1 5. J X It 'hw . pn-s HA 'S' J. 3' ,Q . - .fm as f-A 1' f".f' :z . f- . i li Q in . , .N 'Z' H ' 'jf' 'pff 5 4:3 ... W. l 'er r Jirr W X i fu. . W N 'Ax Y , J . - .Q ff-f Q ei-- -1 W . .:.. . r 5, . F1 . , "' , ' .if ., J M . L Q L L I 'Ii """' f -43 . vfirawe .. A 1-V F y In . gg. T . . ,pm . ..... 4 W W' 5' W.. A A v 339' - i mhm. . XXI ev' . or 1-V1 4 m fg .12 me 1 4: a, 'f"""-T H' I. 3 ff 'ln . . Q Al . ill ...X ' 'iw' T ' v X13 A' 'X x 'I JL! ik- Rho ii W: . asf: 'Z si 5 J ,zrs . 7" .. ' A ' . 3 nj: owl fb' My "2 ,. L, J . !-' fl... Ve i K erman ,,, J Wi . . Q 4 , ' .. iw- .. W . if ij, ""'w7i T v '9-D .315 my V - kr ...oy 1 '2 ff 5 A 'M ' 3 N. Hernandez L. Herrera K. Hill R. HOH S. Hoflstetter P. Hokinson H. Holden M. Holloman if. Hopkins J. Huff H. Hullord E. Huggart 5. Huggins R. Hurry S. Huston V. Huyvaert ll. Irwin V . Jackson R. Jacobs B. Johnson ll. Johnson G. Johnson J. Johnson V. Johnson S. .lokisch J. Jones R. Jones W. Kaiser F. Karben l. Kean D. Kelly Nl. Kirkpatrick J. Knaack B. Knapp B. Knight K. Komatar S. Krambeck T. Lake B. Lake J. Lapeere T. Larson A. Lasiter K. Laud W. Laud N. Lawrence C. Lee J. Leland ll. Lemkau T. Lewis W. Lewis S. Liedtke N. Lindley D. Lippelges L. Livesay F. Loll M. Longnecker D. Lowe W. Lysell T. Mahan C. Malinoski M. Malmloff .l. Marx C. Messa P. Mathias E. Mayhew R. McCallum R. McCorkle J. McDanel S. McKay J. McLain S. McLean B. McLaughlin 5 J. McLemore F. McNeal W. Milburn J. Milem il. Millen C. Miller D. Miller C. Miller P. Miller W. Miller D. Nlills D. Mitton M. Mix P. lxI0ll'l8l' S. Monstrey V. Moose H. Mosher J. Mourisse R. Mulligan G. Munger D. Murphy G. Myers W. Myers G. Natwick W. Neal J. Neff K. Newenhaln J. Newton T. Nielsen D. Oakman K. Odendahl M. 0.H3l'TOXX' P. O'Klock M. Orlich P. Osborn S. Park B. Pease C. Pelton E. Penca D. Penderson Y. Pendleton E. Penner J. Petersen M. Penner M. Plan D. Pollentier P. Potter K. Powell M. Pugh R. Pustelnik S. Pyevich D. Pyland C. Quillin P. Quinn R. Raske B. Rassmussen J. Rasso R. Rasso M. Raymond D. Reed S. Reed C. Reeser B. Reid I. Rhodes -.ILINICIRS Rug, . uf ,..g,,g4 fi 5 fa. P if M . 'l"'l 1 'a iw ' .V-. . . Q V P .... ,w. mv., . we . ' . iff ' .. 'G' -G i. . " ,WP . ' fi I ' If 3 A ., V I 4 X I AQ 4 'F V4 ,, -rv 1: - ei in .gy -21 A.: li f. N ' . in , A.. W. . 4' M W. av. ,gm W . f , P W i 1 I -N lf- V Vlll . H A mn l .... , W " A . in D M W ft: f if J: . N ' ' " lik ' "if 'X N M11 ..- f . gg L iii ag. gr s ga 6 . MQ . -4' W I W 'W 9' l"" ' a M. - 13 . M .2 X '77 if, I ef. 4 l"i' fi ' . 2 ii.. X V . K 1..- I N J K.. A J ' .1 ly ,, l ' ' 1 .L :H lf N ' .1. , . 4 " i ll 3 kk , . ' ' if 'fi ' ' P' iii, . " I if f . 53 'H . ' W' mf .5 M. . U , L, ,. A J We f' 4 .5 W fi: 5' 4 W Q : ' 4' 'G H 1' VV W 1 XNWM , 1 'W - "1. 'Al R Smzrrhifzg in the slacks of nlngazinffs, Mary' fo Van Heckv finds malarial for lwr junior thenw. 99 Q f' 'X 7 . ' , 1 ... 4 'W " Ii T P M S 'Q H 'A 'Q' if " 6 'fo W' in . 43? 4-ve W, Q1 N , ,f ' L' f, T215 1 "H """ uw -f il : K X I., J 'mv ,, 'R r ig? x A y : o f M .- Ak fx 1 1 3 w .iim ' xx .Q 'K' gl: 4 Q . "" 'G ' gg My nf: on n. . gy M 4 . f. 3 .5 ef' . ig, --Q my ij, -21. 'Wg 4 M! I Y ,' ' L V V' I 5 fi! K .L - lm "' M 1 'Y . ' IL ' -.. -r-'v -4- 1s V ' ' .4 a - ' I -3 'W' Wt ,F N. 4 Q: 7 . . MQ ' .sa -1 " n in wo' .-5 ff. 2 .1 - W , 1 -rf i .. N J ' K V451 L X f- nf 'N 'M .gh F. Rinel S. Hoarh 11. Roberson P. Rovkwell I.. Romero R. Root J. Rosvzyk Y. Ross S. Rotz W. Rowe K. Saddoris H. Sandoval I.. Sangster J. Schadt Il. Schave Srhroder S. Sf-hultz H. Segura J. Shamasko J. Shannon W. Shedenhelm E. Simpson C. Sletten L. Sle-tter M. Smith W. Smith L. Snyder I . Soucinek R. Soucinek W. Stanlake D. Steffe L. Stephenson K. Stevenson S. Stockwell J. Stoedter R. Stogdell .l. Stoneking D. Stotts C. Stueland F. Stulir R. Swanson J. Sweet N. Swiatkiewicz C. Talak D. Tallent I. Thiem W. Thompson S. Tisdale Y- ,Li , 1.5 . ST T W T ,cl all f .4 fl W ' ' 'S "R H 1' li S E i il Q in K W li ll vi 've AI. ' 5 . gp iw-as T 5 :V A xllxl ir .V N I If ie Lu - T V exe ' 1 . . .J S.. . ' or .1 A Ml . V ,lk Q 1 ' -V M. U 4 1 W . 4-Q ' " i 'A' 4 -JLINICIRS ea" 8 Y L, U V i 7 fe ..., . ,mg , H .f , ' 1 T Vex T whh T ,ww Mn. , Q 1 9 if 'mb 'li' f' 'i' lv ,W 'W 'l 1 D' ' -9-l . 'Q 'W' no W L I N X, 'i I fl V f N 'if lim h ,t of ii, 4' 'fee 6 rf! Q, if '! 3 J 3 ul V - . if . W Q ii' T' R 4' r 4 W ws... V 1'--1 4:5 3, if , , qi: '15 f i M W. 1 , 2. i t ' hhin its A I l ' ai ' , 1 'S ll. Townsend R. Trice S. True F. Valdes A. Vallejo B. Van De Velde Nl. Van Hecke A. Van Norway F. Van Valkenburg J. R Van Vliete . Van Zuiden R. Vermeulen M. Versluis .l. Versypt T. Vines V. Vogelsang H. Voorhis J. Wakefield P. Walker R. Walton R. Waeyaert C. Wherry P. Wiklund K. Wildermuth N. Wilkens K. Wilkinson ,l. Williams R. Williams S. Williams S. Williams W. Williams C. Wilson Curtis has quenched his thirst after a long dry class period as nmny a jurizbr does. K. Womack W. Wood V. Woolley W. Wriedt H. Wykert R. Young V. Zimmerman N ,rl sr QS I 4 G I uv "5 T Q32 'ii '02, . QW 8 ., . '1 i A r ef' .QQ M' il H M ,av B. Wilson Wilson W. Wilson D. Wingert J. Winkelbauer A. Wise A I . - J H. 1 It in H ' Ze 4 Dm 5 Q H H liz it f my-wi , y -1: by my 'cf . As .i W 6 .... W' f 'H' 'H M ,Y W di A W KJQ li A I. W I .Mi 4 W 4 I! 1 1' if 'I '1 'I "I'l 'I'1 '1'l 'l'I'l '1'l 'I 'I 'I Sophomores la Leading the sophomore class this year were foe Defaegher, presidentg Donna Knight, vice- presidentg Vickie Nancy Wilson, lreasarerg and Mr. McCoy, class advisor. SCIPHEIMIIIREE Sophomores, no longer the small fries of the school, planned to make this year a success. They started the year by bringing in a second humor prize for their homecoming float. The theme of the float was "Better Not Horse Around with East Molinefl It consisted of a horse trompling some Moline players. Spring brought the sophomore assembly which everyone enjoyed. Another spring activity was the sophomore class party which a large majority attended. We would like to dedicate the sophomore sec- tion of the Skyline to Antionio Wright who passed away, after an extended illness, early in the year, and to ,Ioan Achilles who passed away in April after an illness of three months. Taylor, secretaryg Avllilles . Adel' f . Akexs VV A M nm Q V M12 2 W , M di. , , 'f l M kc: 2 Nl. Allen H' -gl fi' l ' "' 1 'V ' 2 Vs . .. ls' llllliw ,Z get -my - E ,.. .V . .7 N: . . nn ubun 5 H gl My .it ,1-3. 'pw 5 ' D. Anclerson A I M' , fl V Q.- 1" "" , . lf. 'xIll,l6l'FUIl AIlflCI'SOI'1 . Andon X .Ly - . Arxnstrong X , N Q fx N .. , W I4 Arg 4' ,gag .Q . AI'YIlIll5 f ' 'T' Q -5, - ' ,N . ft L., ' . Aukve . V 4' R 5: ft R "Y . 5 'M' 35+ Nl- Baker .M a- Mol 'ffff ,Ay Balrzell l 'il ' -fk JI?-jim W W Q E . Barlmoutis Nl. Bare . I.. Batten 1 gV . ' V .. Belmun ' lf' o "' R' 1+ - 'Q 'Sell JL R D ' ll "' 'A Bell ,,,. 'ff .N 'Q W 5 ' 6 ' V ff... U , Belowske fn .L.- ' - Bennett ' ' Q f l 1, R. Bessel' . X Z. Bt-mis fb D. Bivens . . nn N C.. Blavkrnan W m gf . f ya' 5 KI. J. Blackwell ' l ' I . N, ILP, f V J. Blair surf 2, R -xv' o "5" G. Bockhouse 4 f IWWNV 1, 1 ' A R.Bo1-fell ...ff QNX , J. Bradley f Wm D. Brady " . 7 E. B . I 5 W A 'U , . Ll 555.3 W .f .R .. .S .L ,Q 4. . 9 -QW.. ,A 6 , if R. Brewer ' I wjyf N., . :rf 'UTY' W' D M W' k,.::" D. Britton V WF- N "' I -l 45 M. Brown Q ' ' ll" +9 N B. Buchan 1 K ' ' lm R. Burney V.: l K. Burns 11' W 7 B. C l ' 3 ' -f l ,. , 1 . 1 ,, HJOI, i i N -or N ,.- i . S is P , A G D. Cabox I hi ye W , V , V M5 Lb I in D. Cady .34 .M M R uf . ,A " .,,'f'.,l . L. J, Caldwell "J l .. I H X I U 'tg' C. Carlson ff A Aj K, A V "l iff A J. llZiTIN"Hlf'I' ' 'lil lj , ' u ' N "ff A . Carson K Q V Carter . , ylh. f' 4 W' .' , 3 . Carter C2 I 0 D' , ' as QTL," W .. ' ' . Casillas y fl' , -l "" 3' 1: .V C?'5SidY is V W . M 5. 'QA A .,,,, . Cattolr - " lHlj+3W!1 Chapman 5 ilhidos ' 1.. Clark H, D. Clark N 'W' ' Clark .N 1. 4' Q., M. Claus w-4 . , 'N' Nl, , . fillausen ' lm . " ll I I W Llaver K 1 Collivr lx 4 X ll ' Q.. l L Columbia Y rf -'ef "1 A. R . rv ' f W R' ,, .. ll R B. flomins D. flook W . Copeland . fforonell ., Covert R. flower R. Crouoll R. Culley 2 fg ECIPI-IEIMIIIREE B. Clunninglram - -If X J. Cutler W l 1 r x A. Daggett W - X L . 'X f"" , N. Damm V w alks' 1 H I Q X ' L A. Davis M X M 'M' XX ul . if " ,' S. Davis X W' M. Dawehinskff 'ii' X - ' j X X 3? ' 'J lg i K. X J. DeB00 H. Debord X .N H. Defflervk V X ,, " ' P. Degraevf' , L2 ' 1 Q ,- J " " A , UW- u-HF , J. Degzrande X M' 'll W, gm ' 5? ' . D. llvgrevv WX 4. J 2 ,Q . "" ' .LI 4-Q J ,M ' ,.., ' Q H...- J. DeJav,ulwr V J "" ,.Q! .X ll - U' of V' 'll J. Dvmarlie X I J X J lk f. I D . Denleyrr X X X lll'Illllyll1'li X ' X W , X llt'I1Illl2ll'4ll gl..' ll V J 5l39.f Q - llvrulxlxllrlue-r'f ,,,,. H , 2 'W' L E, , 5: lJlllIN"Wl"Ill ,J - Dm-In r w I 4- l J ll41lw1'f'im-r . 'Ml ' ., ,X Q 'Q 'X Dolan X A .Q X Donclvr ' 'MX N N ' W . f..:..., 1 , ' ' ' ' - llOXNIllIl ' ' . NNNN ' LM 1X uf ' JW' .X X11 . . .Q llruprfr ,J w ml :L -1, Www f M- W . W 'W V ' . ' l ,-,fy . '- "" lr -. lllllil' X XX N' J , we lg l , H M ljZl'lillll!-liilg . ., J J H E. Ely J. Engelkens A. Engholm N. Entrikin J. Erickson D. Eshelman J. Fairman A. Famer F. Fenno D. Ferrell C. Finley J. Fisher M. Fitrll N .1 hw -ew "" 4 W . 4 gm' f rk X f J 'ir M W R 1 at llll A... J .J . l I 1? , M IL . "MN mf Wy . v-:Tl D. Flowers ' R. Fluegel ' C. Ford A A X if n- nu .. X r X A f X ,. TJ wa 3- f . ff? r M . f X A 1 TJ f I hw 43' , J' . :. ""7' . ll 1' . .fir fl .-, 2 ,, ,J L+ V' 3 'lll ld Fl if ,,.4v . 'oi' : x O mf g, IJ Foster Foulvh Fmm-iw Frcmlerivkson F rvm-l I Frcls F FPYIII a n Il Fuller l'Jlll!wl'l'IC'l' . Kyulrrwl frZll'f'lil Cm in llvrlmrdt Cerlarlx G illcspie Nl. fyvllvspw IQ. llirl ,l. limitmii li -X. ilmni-1 N. lluinez ,l. hfnilmi l, Crnliiiin L-if-' Xl. Iirillin ll. lliillilll 5. llrillllli N. flrofn ll. llriiriimliix X. Kvll!jl'l'l'l'Il ll. fllifwrvru ll. llailfi- ll. lla1nii'ii'lN S, llziiiwii l'. llanlz li. llnrlzin N. lliirt 5. l'lLlrwf'lI1lllIl ,l. lliiyilf-ii .l. llziyf-N ,Q Q L i 'Hn- 4 x Q In y . .im J' :QW T? -. -wa? Nw -. ' H 9 6' R E A 2. K 'Ly 1 R. IIllI11f'h0Flf' F. lslimue-I J. lsoni l'. ,luwqliv-N B. Jamison ,l. ,lanousl-gi ll. .lelleison ,l. ,lohanson la. johnson E. .l0llllS!'!Il F. .l0l'lIlh0ll M. ,lOllllhU!l ll. .lonvx l.. .lonvs S. .lone-5 R. Keiin J. Kinraiiil J. Kipp ll. Kniglit Knight L. Knox P, K0l'lllf'I' F. Komatai' R. Kopativli fi mls: " nw 5 n H' 4 -an dur fha we X 5. Minn I N lie n dsl .'rr-P. 'G i-.4 .1 -IL .-4 44 3. Nav sq rg L.- 4- .nu .1 '19 vi . gb, X 11-4 , NS' , lu, mir' im-my A 4 i :, H n..n av C34 'K up . W W H-. . .V ' i-IU U 45915 .iw 6 'Ov fain 5 J 4 L vi- .VW Ai-'Y G A mm 'w 5-up Y "U 'va- Q ., , il www iw.. MM A ilaaigiigf P ' 'HQ 4fi w 9. i W' - -Q,-y , --'-1' o . M., i. . --if , N 4 Q 'S P' fy T i W ' l fb all . f 1 f , V if ' K , i in f . . . i m E 'I x , W F if M will LW -1 E. Held I. Hendrix R. Hernandez R. Millhurn .l. Hill V. Hill D. Hines R. Hintze Nl. llipkins , l.. Hoepfner , , . .Q .l. llollowel 'N' " ' 0 -,W ll. llolines ,'f..,"" it 'W Q .l. Holxngrvn "' ' 'L tx? .W .l. Homan , Fi, Nl, llouselmlflvi' L .l. llnghr-5 li. Hull .l. Hull I in l.. llull ' , ry l W ' ll. Hull ff., M W ' 'l'. Huntvr M Q 'JM l'. Hurd 'l X 1 R. Hyrlf' ?4 li. liiinwsrmete ww- 4 ' l s 1-if il ...fix i 1' 1 12 'ET' i 'A I "win Vigil.. " 'TJ' EQ, M, JW' . ' 5 M- ' f 'ww F: ik 1: 3 iii..-pq Q if-If V - W' W iff' ia. ' ' .iff fy 3, W 1 J YV '. I , L mi' .N-is ' i s.4-v' 1'-fx' l '57 "" W 6 win I i l Wi D. KVI. Krieg:-rineiel' P. Larkay R. Laircl R. Lampe ff. Lancaster' D. Langer L. Langv R. Larson 5. Lannin K. Lauritzman N. Lauritzson H. Lauritzson J. Lavinc E. Lawson R. Leader L. Leahy R. Lee-per R. Leillovitz R. Lileman L. Lvsthaeglw D. Lewis D. Lewis A. Little C. Littlewood J. Lolise L. Longnevker B. Lovett I. Lundahl D. Lundeen L. Lundeen N. Mackey D. Madson G. Mallory J. Malmstrom .l. Malmstrom R. Martel N. Martens B. Martin M. Martin S, Martin A. Martinez E. Massa C. Mayfield L. Mayhew J. MCChurCh N. McCord R. McDonald McDonnell D. Mrllowell T. McKee U. Mr'Lf-an J. MCLemorv 0. McLemore MCMannama S. McMullen T. Merry L . 'af J L-ui lm i. - or . af . X ta tri im rf? riiiwif W hi xx J ... x ta. t 'r . 'A . Eff lip' af-mf . .g .fs ex .Y .,,,- -. 'U '93 ! Q ,nu I,-ar' g gf gif! . A 4 1. iw 4 lu. A 'l ff-Wi ag in ,. V i it 'sf' N 3 ' 2 it-fig i A 1 I A y i, EDPHUMURES ' 'fu' lf 1 1 4" qw Lg W3 A . fm 1 vu F T. K ,., . xyx bjx --.Iv - L LJ in 5 i 5 .din K L , 3 1 . na ,L -x A ' K: N V ' i f rf' v 'fin W -ff ,n rn' my - ' , f ai. Q' J ' iff RR i nn Y :Liv i V tp-sa as ww 4' KW a + fa- 4' 1 Q it 13 -- 'uf Q Q L -5- 7 L 7 ', I W 5 I N .ax -ff I .i Q Q W , -5-T9 Il 1 an-RLG L at Q""77 at WM. if ,ZW ',.. wi ' G' f ' F qf ' wr W7 .gt i t . f 1 at L , 45 , W , l ,WJQ .git 1 Q CITIZENS STATE BANK N' fig? 5 5-ff w' f Afzwkovom 3? .rguy rf, A3 4 , F 3 gy.. 'K' M gm ji we f '88 D5 s ff or S0 f,lIlf.S ll crrzyfislzf lflSl'df' and 0LLlSidf?.' Thru' l.IIff'H'Sf1'd .snplmnmrvx sludy U fllfllgflllll of the frayfisll in Biology I. Y , A. 1 M J: 1- View ati, My wav: 1. 5 'Q 'Z' 'N W' 1- P 9 l u - ,: 4 -M 'M me " M ' il 5 M W X3 iff 9 -2 h F ' 'M fel X W gg ., Y '3' -T 73" I Q we 5 fi - -3, A A fx :V ' 0351: I L 1 1 ' 1 AP M. x -fr y ' 4 if ,gf E Meyers Meyer Meyers Herstedt Miller Mitton Mohr Moore Morgan Morris Mosher Mountain Mumma Munos Murdock Murphy Murphy Murphy Nache Nalevanko Neaveill SCIPHIIIMURES I Noun-ill A' Nelson X W I. I Nelson II3 I. ' II ' I '?'g "' W' I' 1 " N Noflhkcr I Ar ,J 2: I --- . ig., ,.,,, ' N Norris W' I4 "!! Im ,,, , I' Norton II Nsl K, Ublf-nf-ss ' HI , ,I. 0I1rbr'rg1 I' IIIIGIII . uf I 1 I7 UrcndorII 5 Q if rw' ' w ' ff . W 5' I . , riff-Iifiiiilfe M W 1 ' ' If X f-v 13 ji 45, vi' "' , , I "M I. "' IIII W 'fd 1 11314255 . U I I fm I - ' M 4 I .I I m'T..-7 Paylasli .MV g 1 " E I I I'Puf'ork D. Pelton ,I. Perkins I- V, ay R. Phelps - V n. Phillips wig, , ""I"" . ' . M. Piron I -1" -1 :A 4. 5 ' ob V w il M. I'ottf-1' 'Ir br It -5 P. inmll . ' W x , ' R I . A, Primo w ,i .V R, Illilvm' S. PuIvPr , II. Rzldaikovirb ' S. Radford 5' 3 '77 1 F K. Ragan Q , I., ' A. Ramos -'J E. Rangel " V. Rasso N. Redman KI. Reid R. Reyna W 4 R. Rigsby , f .Q My 1 , gi .I. Rickey K I if 'ag I 'I 1, . A. Roady 'j 5 1? ' N ,,,, W 1: ,N D. Robertson I. ii',. H ' - . 1. 'TW D. Robertson .. I A -, I' .. I I A K I I 1. K I L I ' -I ' K' D Q " 7 'IA"L I . A I I' f ' I Robf-rtson " I 1 ' Robinson . A .. R I 'I 1 'I ' 2 314 I I, I . W . 1 RCRRWCII --I I 1 . 4, W .. '19 5 I 1 . ' l ,N , , . ROLIQLPIS ,J I I I 1 ri? . Rogers I , ' I ,. 1- 4, M. Root .. ' f . I . 5 W, Ruli- II ' Ia. Rusk I , ' I Q. L II, Rylander . M h 3 , '- J , A Q . SHIHCI' I n 1'-, ' F I ' . AH' . banders Av QW aIIII W I cm ' . Saucedo 77 M - X . gf R. Sansa-r 3 ' 1, " I II, I . 'I . Svhatteman A ' may 1 . ' I R i . SvhmidlIf'in up... Uv AV .1-ui. dv 05: fy I 1 4, ag. A I 4 I i. I II III I I N III I XI. Sl'Il06IIBl'l'!lHIlI1 Sf-I1oId 5. 5. Sl'IlI'0l.I6I' . Schubert . Schultz . SIIIVVCIIIIPICPT . Svolt . Si-on A W Q 'W x 19 4 -1' W3- i ...ar if i Mau .F 6 lx mf? wa- n ....,. A M N .l. H. 1, S. N1 1, R In, LX B. .l. R. ig. Kf. ll. IJ. ly. K. J. R. tl. B. R. H. .l. 'K NI ll. Sf-ntl S1-ot! Set' Scidlitz Sf"Xf'I'I1b Shiprmx Shivcrs Sliopv Shull Sierra Shiirilu Siirilu Silltll' Six r-rly Skiniivi' Smct Smith Smith Smith Snapp Smlviiiari Spuri'owgr0vC Stahl Hli!llllt'it'I' Ste-iisvaug Stephvnf Str-iwns Stew-us Stu 1-nson Stewart Stewart Stirrtitt On 1111.8 busy iilonday lIIOfIlflillg. .1111 McCoy is fl'lldl.Ilg an vxvusz from Nancy Walls while Dorothy Flowers and Karvn FI'IllZf'I..9 zmil tlzvir turn. 1 K. Stoneburner C. Stoneking: R. Stout IJ. Strickland T. Sullivan ,l. Summers if. Sunken L X 21 .,, stu:- 1' V Ca- 'J if .tif . N M. if .,,,. , A. W3- vw. 'QT' W 75 'wig' 'Qllfmk 1- '54 RQ- I C. Sutton K. Suss . i i - B. Swails ,sg ' 4 " ' 0 Ting M. Swanson 'Q N EW ' iz N . '. Le 1: H. Sweat 1 gg' virl 'W' 'VC' M. "1" M- G. Swift ,Hamm l X i X .M I L. , ' ' M- -J xf. Taylor l.. , 7 O. Teague ' ,Q ,,, I, f Q H. Tlieuninvk t Cv' if i M ii, iw if an fr" 4 K, Thiem idij A.. ' ' X ti . 1 ' Q, E. Thomas 2. '17 ' 5 M i, -3- B. Thomas " X. i' V ' W ' ll. Thompson A 'M ly "-Liu. , , X ', t 'lit ' ' ' 3' ' 1 D. Tipton r W Ai , , P. Towsend in ' 4, J ' ,M rg VV. Trice 'M' L "' V My QL 3. f f, - ' F M3 M' N. 'M' Q W' I L. True , 5, w f yd Luv . .N J 5 S-4 S, Twfiddvl 11? 'TN " ,"'7'-'-'f i 12, I sg-uf 'M '17 ,. W 1 ,,. i 1 W I R. UDKOII Y H gym! :fd . ' C. Vavvaro I X1 V 'X . i r-'f 6 rf' . I ' . it Vunlic-ll 2 Yantiegghf-in n ' .-to ,ey YanVooren V l ' ' my Yerloyv l- i"" vPl'Sll21tN 'W' if .gi Vit-kerw ' . xwwiii I Wadsaglfzr N I Walker Walker .44-Q .iw ' A W ,S TMJ-1 xg., T119-'M lfifiilliilrli . -nf L 44, 1 Q ' """ ,N .ffy Ward it ilia . ,M W'llFl'Fl1 3 t ' Weeklcy ' -' -i ' "" " Wr'iSln'o0k J g .N af u mt! . 1 M I .I vi W MN. .2 ii' B of -25 l . ai iiiflllif N Y ' Wheelf-1' T .S 4 f Q T I White '- . H White T w. . W T T Whitehair f--' 1 it " in , w Williams , M41 T Q' a 6 we T I p W M j gt Williams , 3 Mir .T-3-f' 5. 15' ta f - if ' Q A 4 .-.CIP Williams 'W ' '- ' """ Williams . F W. RMA ' I 'li R. W'ils0n S. Wise , J. Wise - ... .N M . XM., ,, .X Witherspoon 21' a Q A 5 I M " Ms' ' 4 X 0 N. Womaf-k ' 2, K "W" Q N wX - W 4' 12 Q, fy J Xb P. Womble XXX. ' X 'M 'X 'Q , A . """ Wonderlirh ' X J XX, X if X XX XX XXXXXXXX3 ' F. Wood Woodworth f S X X C. Wyatt , Q , "' 9 S , W. Yates X ,wh V "' ,F E. Yeager Q-gg :F-fr XX jf, ...Mqf 1 X Gu I J. Young: 'S ' N4 ta s . f X . J. Zukas 1 ,I ,.,. I X X ffm: XX ' X I 5 f 11- - ' . Van. .z, 1 1 KN Y I W s. Uh, this carft be! Are the sophomore really this smart? No, this is just a posed picture. dw as vi .I gm. Jil... . X if 'l"l'I 'T Freshmen The U.T.H.S. silhouette bulged a little more to make room for this year,s freshman class. First row: Mrs. Enstrom, advisorg Edwaurdo Valdez, presidentg and Glenda Turner, secretary. Second row: Mr. Collins, advisorg Carol Kelly, treasurerg and ,lim Stopoalos. vice-president. FRESHMEN Not 473, nor 474, but 475 marked the total of this year's freshmen. As greenhorns the freshmen tried their hands at many new subjects and activ- ities. Their first project, as a group, was the freshmen class Homecoming float. The theme of the float was '4Beaten Upf' featuring a huge egg- beater. This float showed how hard the freshmen worked to win first place in the humor division. The 1958-59 freshmen were the first class to begin to have classes arranged on the basis of student achievement in the fields of science, math, and English. The freshmen wound up their first high school year with an assembly and a class party which were enjoyed by all. " M A.. 'sf ' ww V . fr A as-in 5 2345575 . - , . . ,. . W., .E 'H-vw , W www . ,J if 1 if iwv YV ss M ,J vi.. . vc. 3. , W it A slr. wi if W , in . 4 tl' be 'rf V as a w sc, if ,i ,M W V ,wil . 4. . if r. r . J ' 'fr ""' . . . 4' ff: M If ,Q YL1., 'J' 3 H"' 7 , if mmf V, ,, may M nh' 5 'Www .u .I 1 ' r l ,V aw w ' r l R' A ' " ' . rr 'Q l A Ji 1- ll " , ,' 'iq , V: 5.5 I ,, 5-A 1 'J t,...f- 2 M Cl if' 46223 fa. 5... yn' ,if N' A' , W, mf' ' 'N " f Wx , J , r ... . - - . mlm J . if r if .W M .f nw li uw M f 1, J W' ,ff , J M I f if .Ml -........f , . I V - ' 1 1 V , ,E vJJ5.i.5 ,!v!1,N ' , A 'CMJ I , J 'if W- 5 A A M 7... al l A, , , 4 'X 1 fe J ...W , F. , .f K, V-A ,W Y. H w r .Nj ,,N",5 ji """' 'H 3.9.7, "gg ' , J - 1 37 , . .. .asf ' rv.. i at nw an 'C WW f f ' 'f .r 1'o Lxx ' . ff? f i ., V . . .4 . 1 f A A , . . - A if J .of 11 or -J A Q -.wg va V f 11 , "" V- .W I . mm. B -M ' .. wzw A A ...Z . V J A . to In ' J... 1 . . . W . 'H . as If ' if-3 My f ii 'ilzfw ll M . ff ' . i 44 'Wx W- Jlcz rf 'lltwfellll l ar 'A W ' ,.. A 4- ... . 6' . ' fi---L mi, , V V ,X .JW N 1 I Y f L 1,4 N.. 'n nb .iiilfvwh it lr .' rl . f1sxNNCQlT'iJw f ' x A ,, . E.'i S. Achilles L. Albrecht M. Allhritton H. Alexander M. Allen J. Allison J. Allison F. Ammerman J. Amos G. Anderson R. Anderson T. Anderson D. Ash R. Ackmore C. Althorp K. Ballard H. Bartette L. Barton D. Bazor J. Bazor R. Bealer S. Beard L. Beasley M. Beaudry K. Bebmt J. Bell R. Bellman J. Bergstrand D. Berthod J. Betcher F. Berdict W. Block C. Blanchard J. Bloomberg G. Boff J. Bowers P. Bowling K. Bowman R. Brodley J. Brewer D. Britt G. Britton K. Brooke S. Brown D. Buckallen M. Burrell R, Burrell C. Buss R. Caldwell D. Canatsey K. Cant R. Carlson G. Carlson G. Carter M. Cargos J . Cervantes T. Cervantes W. Chisholm H. Clark R. Clark S. Clark R. Cobert R. Coleman C. Colvin V. D. Cook M. Cook T. Couikey C. Coutean B. Coward S. Cox D. Creemens J. Cwpv J. Crouch Cunningham C. Dahm S. Daniels W. Daniels A. Davis R. Davis C. Dawn I. Dean J. Debarre M. Decapp P. Delaegher L. DePaepe G. DePorter D. Dergo J. DeRocker C. Diekrick C. Dillur F. Deno E. Dolan T. Downing M. Dubisson J. Dull L. Duncan L. Drew B. Dzekunkas P. Eaton C. Edmund M. Elias B. Emmert L. Emmett S. Engelkens J. Evans J. Evans M. Evans B. Fairman D. Fergusson B. Fender G. Fillmer L. Finley S. Fisk C. Flowers S. Flowers N. Fot R. Francis S. Francis L. French R. Fuller 1 'Q f Mel , 1 ,ag 'N AV A T ' V ll ' V' 4 . , ' A il"7W?. we . . Y A, M. " A l , 'M ' N f n' R 'Qu Y N fl- WW W 'L ' N .-4. Nm yi xg W 1 " sf L Q . . f Q L 2 rw .lificl , , 'l' 1 lm li lm M ,S l qw! 'I if l Q ' 5 ll we wik i N Q QW ' '1 ,L g 3 , 'Z AN g g... , R' Rx' if V M li X T ww., l YL., H N I , ,M X . N X Y... ..., . : ' 1 . qw . r-'r. M f w e Q' J W", 'f Q . , ,,. A " 'Mil' ., , " ' - ' "" , V V , ., U ' ,r ' .- -in . l V' .ll f I . li. X .H NL wig ' 1 QW.-A 4 M ' .1 A2125 ,, V ' N vw M., Wh i U X1 7 i ff ... l l . Q ' 'gh " 1 W. Q W ' ' ef 5 ' " . ,.,,, j ., JJ i x mi . be X 'v Mlxl .,,.,. . 1 -, . f. H ' I F W 'lll . fix in .I my ,, Nh . .w"3'- w L M We ..,, . 'gy . x i ' llmw M X- 3 li ix 1 x sr., 1 L . is . X i lrr. . E . B B M H L , l J L s . 4.-iw ' ... A 'Q : Lf -. is -N 4- x H 1 - i A8512 lu. " s If ES 'A il I v 1 i Q 'gl ll VN ? " ' Q Dianne Seibffrt congratulates Mr. Fudge on the birth of his daughter feaneva. " i-'hw 'L' , wr. Q V .wwf it l t , M. X il K ' V W , '! .lf-" W M it l . it " 2 1 F ...W if J ft Qi l , E Q . 4 .. 'Q ., f tm f- i i t 1 u.....,.....,....S lm 4- K . I ,.: 5 M7 K I fi' ' mf: 'lg l li 'J '--f X ll 4.5. l 2' S. Fuller F. Fulsclwr B. Gager .l. Gager J. Garcia A. Gause L. Getter M. Gillespie K. Goethals Goldsherry A. Gooding S. Goodwin T. Goodwin K. Graham P. Graham E. Grannell .-ff-5,1 T ll can luswzs In danfzng or ffl? revhmuz qorm way lu spend AWN 1N'ff0d- llllhf' K Cranet B. Craver S. Gray D. CLFEPH Nl. Green C. Guinn I.. Lluldenpfenni R. Haegxh fl Harker I, Hailens K Hall R Hansrn S. Hantz G Hammerlinvk S. Hamrick P. Harris Harrison J. K Hauman ,, 1 i -1 4 yi., 'lr . W'-53' x Hi Yi .. 'Q f- f 1 ll .. ww , . A .- .. i .. . A is. fi W ,. 'li 2 ml if Q i A. " M 1 jf .. .. f' , N757 ,, .aQf' ,, guy . . f s - m i" M ' l Q 4 fi lm. . ,, L. "F"'9' P .VJ H111 . . '45, . 5 ei.. Dia 3 - 1 ' Y g,. .3-2' L' N. 'fl' ' '. . f' ,L ww" as , M fl ' --.fl It x N W ,lk Mm 2 'W .f Ang rf f.. . i- .,'i.,. ix 4. .. In 5 ' .Q . Qi- wav .M . V-wwf? al Q ,M .- M1 Y' M QW' L ffm' ...V mf. A ,. will 4 nm 1, llffy.,.,,y 5, H f P i H L f x 4 , I M mg i Q i l 'W' Y gm x f- qui' Ms! i VE ., WW ' 'X 2. . . A 'i A ll ' ' A 532-Q ' .hs li l I C. Hughes J. Hurd . ' J f D. Hindricks V M W. , nm N M. Irwin , S' , . 'al' J Q ' . 1 ' W- 'fi .. D. Ishmael .few ' . X A ' V, -' 'N V . . 'fir' ' 3 B-Jackson "if . llllif' ll P. J3.C'kSOTl QL fm- ' ll :.',!?hM. " '- Y W iff V B- Johnson + if A A Q M B 5 A 75 ii J. Johnson W l i . 1 D. Johnson - ,, . J, S. Johnson A ' .. if A 7 . C . V. Johnson it - L' L ' . 'Jig if ' lu l If ' C. Johnston '.,f.. 1? but A54 , L' - I yn- C. Jones mf W i f- H , ' , M K. Kaskadden jf X 'Hi' I C , QQ. I Xb l . J ' ' fi H 2522. J mf' P. Kastner " R. Kaufman A ' Q 'N 'a q lf 2-2615? . J .W 41 -me W 2.5 . e y ,A -I I I V iw 1 C. Kelly ,E N 2 W " 5 U ' 1 QM M i C. Kenney s i m M .Y u Y um M . N la H, .- , S. Kerschieter I V. ,QQSI l ' ,Ji " R. Kiem ' X Aigug ' ' 'A ' Y ,J wa. V... ,,, . , l'l rm .. ,wi . W . , QW V . is - I . ' ll y V .nh " if V. " .... -.U f.-.. MW' .5 jg 0,13 . J is - . is . a f 1 fi l.-4' 1 211379 " I ' f' . . ' ' l H.. fl- H.: . i . Like- " J ai A f fl " wg Q fa... 'W if ' .Q ' 4 " I QM f A, X. ii. if' , mr . L "ll .- "W" fi? 'U 'xi ii ' ge ...W " " 1" 'Algal-inns 1 x ' ll'lw4ix.ZJi-Wh ' i ' l 1 'Law 'il . 'M . 1- J gg A , ky, ' .if Gs . li W, y l .1 Q, A f V' any . i V fi .V rf 13 V is nw xv .. 1 l . ." fa J- A iw " ' m Wffw g in M , w,,.. owl 1 , ' "Z a - . ,V ,Vi M f ', X ' V 'I 3. 11" xi ia ? ' K f Q , 'Wi ' , I .QQ A i u Q H a Q, Q 'N Hx ' in W' f- l - " ' . I iliifv ' JA i My in - N. Hawkins M. Hayes S. Hayslett S. Heald S . Heist J. Heimburger J. Hemphill D. Henyan R. Hernandez S. Hernandez A. Herrera D. Hunt V. Hignight N. Hill P. Hill D. Hoephner F. Hoffmeier N. Homan S. Hook L. Howotte B. Hoyle V. Hudak P. Huggins . tl . J' l . I ' l 'l N ' ,V ,MV i yw f w - 4 1, 'E pmwq H., .. , M ' . , . ... 65,5 'VT' mv- '4 if fl M. Kelly B. Kilts R. Kilts R . Kincaid Cv. Kipp A. Kirkland D. Kosthak A. Kraklou G. Kunderl S. Kunkle B. Loethem B. Land D. Lange H. Lange R. Lanver J. Larrison M. Larvaz R. Lassiter C. Laud L. Lawrence S. Leaky D. Lee S. Lee L. Leedom D. Liedtke L. Leight D. Leonhardt K. Lewis D. Lewkow L. Ligino J. Lindley D. Lingfetter G. Cox C. Lora A. Lundeen T. Lopez T. Mahie G. Mallory M. McCorkle- J. McCoy Nl. McCoy D. Nlr'Daniel S. McLane T. McLean B. McLaughlin S. Meadows E. Miller M. Miller M. Miller BI. Miller M. Miller R. Miller S. Mindham J . Mitcham R. Mittleberger J. Mohr J. Moeller D. Moxwell T. Mohr R. Montult B. Munos M. Munger B. Mumma S. Myers T. Nelson D. Nelson A. Nelson S. Neff N. Neff J. Neals S. Neal G. McNeal R. Nache L. Nelson L. Newingham L. Meyt R. Nixon V. Nordholm D. Nuller L. Nyberg P. Ohlsen M. O'Klock A. Ortiz E. Paasch D. Parry R. Pate V. Payne f in . or 4' fi f Aei' . f , ...ff . or T N rsri 0 2 . fr if Ti .... V' W ZW- . f' " . ' A 'T .5 X' 1523? l1"i- IW i ,..1 i .', Nh. X' 1 li L A . aww! E' 1- f' D ' 1 W V A T' lb 'gl M ' ' 'J1 'Ti my ' T f . 'TLV' fm H' T -Mm wfow ww! We ? -W.4 A 'i.ii To P ll f 4 . . rluf lls T mu. ' . ,. 'Ai' 'T g 55' . Aww LQ.. . rf , a A, fl? 3 .4 sl 1 ilii li51'l . ,pf X 1 4' , ,V A 4 , g . My h :A VTYW f . r w 1 . - 1 " ' ' , ,F , ' gv -' 1 1 , ' V1 I 4 my wr w ww HM.Qmlff wi T5 M A ,,'wx?'M,m ' A if 'Jw ' IA M 'xx A l ll FRESHMEN T W im 1 if 4 iw ' H ' . 'V ' R . 9 L f .A 1 , - uw ' I' il .1 , I .2 Q-.3 Ls. . .. .. . .. P W ... H Q ...H Wm H ,. We I M K 0 P fax? w I ,U Cl W MPH . an 'gt 1 f'-'l- . W4 if '1 9 ff Q? it . it . ive. :J J Q fl 'JW' " f 1 X 2' 4 i " if hi.: vi, I ft my , fm! it W M ,, sf . t . , ft.. . fr . . gi, li V . aww ii 'M ii fl I GZ . A qv SY' ,L W vt 1. , 1 'v t bww, .. 1 t V.. if . M GN A lj Y ,,W.g.l!:l R, si. 1. " i -1 -Q f i , . . 1 r fy "K-Lv, A Ix. i W vf 'V Q U I t W I f' ' iw' i w . 1 -. i f at .fu X . . "' 'X ' . i wt. t R' 'R L. f 'im 5 i .. ' tt f . . R Ht. . A -it Vi .cw . L, by W .V,. 1 - c I M, Y , J it ffl i' .Q1 in i vw Y , .1 fx I f .. Ax' l i W . , 5 D . -1--f ' " -1-. . mf " . 93- A gf. ,lV"2'7'.Im'3 V M ,V Q' ' "E.':' , V., ' g uy s ... -i X 1 S S u.gQ.. u' ' 1 . . 5- W R ff- I LE 2 t 1- W, R ' A i R ac: . 5 . W 'F-5 I 4511 -'iT.f'i 'hr ' Ami . ...Jin .gm 'kzvx Il. , i MS'-f'ff'lHi l . " ti WV E lf". i.. , K ' e L' , ,gg 35 ,X Wm' f fm wa? H "' .H . 3 if Q it 1 .W 12 iw , fp j ,. I gl mf.. ,.' EWS' I . iw' fi it " il., 1 , 1 Q Q-iv K .g il "QW, 53, A il . ' ' V ff' I ' W all A is s i mf' 'i it t r . K J W it . .4 . .. .V f , ll tk i.. .Q Hr Im 7 ia H J. Paytash P. Peacock L. Peale l.. Peterson W. Peterson ll. Peve fl. Phelps N. Phelps Nl. Philhower S. Pippert ll. Plurnli II. Polich .l. Pollenlier Nl. Pom-iano .l. lloppe R. Porter ll. Powell R. Prieto R. Pugh .l. Purdy R. Purdy .l. Ralston A. Ramirez fl. Ramirez 'l'. Range-l S. Raske P. Rasso R. Rasso C. Ray A Reeser R. Reyna P. Rive .l. Riuhard F. Rittel D. Rohltins C. Robinson .l. Robinson .l. Robinson Robinson C Rockwell K Roselli D Rossi 1 R. Rossi D Rotz Nl. Ruark C Ruark C. Rumler G. Sager G Salmonson R. Sanders M. Sandoval R. Sapp C. Saunders R. Schatteman R Schmoll C Schmidt S. Sehmooke P. Schultz L. Scott R. Scott D. Seihert P. Seip L. Shaeffer C. Shedenhelm L. Shields P. Shipma S. Sierra J. Sigler C. Simpson G. Six C. Skinner Willing to take a par! in school activi- ties. these freshmen set up the risers for Skyline pictures. .l. Skowronski B. Sloane J. Slover J. Smith R. Smith R. Smith R. Smith D. Snapp J. Smit C. Snyder G. Snyder J. Spencer S. Spraghe E. Spurr M. Stahl J. Staiiord R. Starr J. Stickley M. Stirk C, Stoedter M. Stockwell M. Stogdell M. Stoneking l. Stopoulos C. Stotmeister P. Stone E. Strickland C. Suhr S. Sulzer J. Simmons E. Sullivan -Sw Wm.: M' ,. 33 15? H muy, 4 W, w . ' if l FRESHMEN ,t enwwe, .- ,. - M A V 1 4 , 4... ...W W.. 1 W 'W' l 4' . w 1 1-lu. , vs-1' All Q-5" l .wwf i. 1.41 L M X, P Ml 'A Y ZW! 4 A l V 'W . . ,M V . -- ' , M - l . M i A ada ' K l. . al a Maw' if .N .. if ' I 1 5 ' 1 'Y f lil x K V '2 V' K' L' 'fl' if ww X l jf... W . 1. 1 . fff 5 , P-A ' .wf QW! ' if N my X li 3 W., 5 . M X ' . . . .4 lk' i H ll we W Hu ' .i ' l Tl 1 L . L in L W ' 1' .... lf! 3 1, , 3 .kv 5 ,N 'WJ . sw f. . 1 W ' A' . I - rr ,A ' W' s. Timm., . S .9 A W V 'N :flu :Z ., .R , ,L-N f yi-FH' In M Y W 'U 'f-Z7 :EM .. V gm 'Yr ,ff Q1 ..I ,Q J. Sullivan B. Sutton I . G. Sutton V , " I e M? V - L. Swemline i QM' 3 .:.. ' fa' ll nuu 1 'if' R. Swift -QQ., M I. . 55,1 ...T D. Talbot A A T 1 .. R- Tavia ew 'l W J 'T , T.Taulbee ESQ ,f X ' 'Q " aww v.r J. Taylor ' I I , J. Teague A A J. Terronez ' , -- - T ' A . , . ,Z I -. , M.Th . ' I - ig. yin 'I ,I A . Igwh l.ThoiJ11n1lzslin w., mg: t . ,VL., I LIIIHM.. I Thorpe if' f . T T 1 5 T h ef , it .5 ffm.. Q Alol 1 W M N ' ' P . C. Tracy . . ,i , T T ' . I iq - f In Tigxhell . Q. If ' fi. 2 'V' ,? Q. fl 1 gif. .I A- j I ' Q.. T. Tuckness T ' IL ' ' W '- ...wi Q, if -I ' ',,., V 3 E. Turner 2- --W.. 1, , ,If '13 W' Ili ff I, G. Turner ' ' ff H- Tuffell .Q W' 'Z . . 'fl I if S. Tuttle I 1. I . . fo J. Vrban E. Valdez I. 'i I I I I " E. Valentine V I . 'Q 1 I : I' if z ' J' " 5 " -. ' 1" , I ,Tv Ig- A T, Vallejo . . ' - ' I A I ,gg I 2 II ',. J I T. Vandeventer I ' la " ' I. J. Van Klaveren 'Ii i T' ' II I I A. Ver Beke .mII .- IIS 1 .A L gy I , I I IIIII! IIwf, . I,I.I I Vogel G. Vogler W I. . I 1 I I? C. Waddell ' . , I I C. Wainman ' . MT' . T .ui I. 'f' fI ' -' 'Y fm T. Walker 9- if 4 ..,., "'l I 3:5 . 3 v T J. Ward "5 I I "Y" 'f"l ,I ,5..i:..,j,I L- Ward . j TV" J. Watson "T my ' Ia I ' .I I, I QI. K. Webber I M. Weekly - T G. Weimer II , f M I A G. Welch , Ig, f-f , fx ia. , 1 W my ' QF- I J. Wheeler ' f ' Y W, fi M" I -35 ' P. White I I 4II""'W" 'l"' " 'IW' 'W' ' I 4'3" M. Whitmarsh 'Rf I , w., ' -fl we . H. Whittington ' iffwi' - I il 'Q 'll' . i N it .lv . ii, . A f5..?w?'ae C. Wiborg . .,IM'W1 W- G. Wildermuth I e Q ' W. Wilkinson II ,... ' FQ ,Q in II 3 .T - .l. Williams i I in ' 5 Ni' 163' ' II, 3 W If WJ" V VI I T I. Ii Vgalgams 1 I ,I V ,v I ,jimi V I ' IQ . germ II . I .IIII M.. . 4, I. , II 1. I ., G. Winkelbauef X 1 f W - W T "l' T E W- 5 17 l . "L, "" ,W 'Wiser Q T . 4- 4 FS'- ' A .M mi A. Winthurst M. Winthurst J. Womack C. Woods F. Woods M. Wright D. York 5 . 1,5 H .. W ' sg' 5 J W wi W r T ,II N 13041 1 www ..- V . V4 ...I ' ' . 1 ' Ii. ', if II , V, new . .1 W B" T iii.. 5 if 454' J . IILI ,..i , T w 5 , ' TIM. 'l'I'I 'l'l'1 1 'I 7 Faculty ADMINISTRATION I "'-wupk P. J. Pllilhower Business Manager The advisors check student sched- ules. Harvey Pierson, senior ad- visorg William Yemm, junior advisorg Charles McCoy, sopho- more advisorg Charlene Enstrom and Harold Collins, freshman advisors. ION UI 1 1 flu lmurr 11 fzucutlrm 1116! I1 ru IlIlIZlXffllfUfS in flwfr a'11,If1'.v. Row 1: Ru fl frfpelznzd l U Dau mn f C U1 Mal f1II'fSldfIlf!, P. f. ,Jill-,llU1l7I'l" fsrrcrctfzryj. on f I S HTISWIIIIIZ Duzuurd f. lxmg, Clwuz A, u'7l'lSIJll. and ADMINISTRATIVE AESISTANTS Sccrzflurifw for Ihr' lldlllflllxifflllillll are Carol Stipp .wc'rr'!ury lo ilu' rzdrisorsq Cum! Crz-vnup, szfcretarj lu Mr. .Ucffrcigfzlg Linda Hull, .wcremry L11 Mr l'l1ill1oz4'1'r: and Nzzdim' ffurlsmz, sffrrfftzzry I0 Mr Dawson . 1' + , . U 1. Ml A - I-5 ii. 'hgg V ,:11- 1 1 L WYYMUQ. , , L ltt t KW: WU' K W.. QA? ,,,,fv,,., su.-as 'U W MEXQCO .lx i W ,x" , f Y 1-.ssgjif My M . fs -A -.., I - , Q 1'x,,p.qf K X ..l.'J,1sa 1iia A All l 52 . 1, I :L I - ,K q ,I 7 .K A. q 'jg UI: A H Dwi w i' vt- , win. , A 2 H Q lkfgfriyys ',VWk- in if f? I , I r 4 Y 1 f-w. is . f wtf -I . 5 K R' I ,..,:,wj,. V, , i , - KL sr,-sf ' r Y- in ,,s,m , . emu, Lu '- . ,5 ,- no . A . V. ,,:.. f 'gf '- fn i 5' ii Hi W"k i K f i 4 '-iris M 'lf V 4 f ' W ' .f 7kkk" 3 '. f -. s A 4k'b f . W f '1 I S" 2. 1 5 .A 'Y ET fl L t K MISS DOROTHY CALVERT ,lliss Calrcrt, hcad of lhc social studies department, fcaches American history ln the social studies department, soph- omores are required to take world history and juniors are required to take Ameri- can history. Beginning social studies can be taken by freshmen. During the senior year. one semester ol Government is re- quired and social problems can be taken as an elective. EEJEIIAL STUDIES DEPARTMENT In fheir American hislory class. Lois Holes, Yronnc Pendle lon, Carol Carlson. lady Marx, Daw' Pollcnticr. lay Newlon and Vl'lIIltlf llloosc worlf on an interesting projcct concern ing Lincoln. Teachers of Ihesc freshmen and sophomore courses are Mr. Edward H. Peterlwff, social studios I and Arrzerican hlfstoryg Mr. John Wrenn, world historyg Miss Marian H. Dean, world hlstoryg and Mr. Glenn A. Chivers, world history. Mr. Wrcnn is the varsily football and ufrcstling coach and Mr. Chircrs is the head of track and cross country. N l l '-I 1 Y Social studies teachers who teach junior and senior courses are Harvey L. Pierson, Al Zimmerman, Alexander W. Wasson, and William Yemm.. Mr. Pierson teaches American government and is the senior class advisor. Mr. Zimmerman teaches social problems and American government and is assistant varsity football and track coach. Mr. Wasson teaches American history and is the athletic business manager. Mr. Yernm teaches American government and is the junior class adrisor. ART MR. MINOR Mr. Robert Minor is seen here admiring some of the better art work turned in. Mr. Minor teaches Art I, 11, and III and is the sport- sor of the art club, the 4 B,s. gcyl g . We Working diligently on their art work are Bob Casillas and Sherry Noftslfer, seated, and John Draper, Phil Kastner, and Diane Noftsker, standing. The art department teaches the basic fundamentals of art. Three years of art are offered and these Courses are open to all students. Mrs. Mary Ellen Voight, Mrs. Beverly Schwartz, Mrs. ,lessie Frederick and Mrs. Isabel Hemp- ing are four of our junior and .senior English teachers. illrs. Voight teaches sophomore English. Junior Composition B. American Literature B, and senior derelopmental English. Mrs. Schwartz teaches English ll, junior Composition B, and journalism and also sponsors the school nezespaper. Mrs. Frederick teaches Junior Composition A. English literature, and public speaking and is advisor for all declamation work. Mrs. llemping teaches fun- ior Composition B and American Literature A. Without the ability to speak, read, and write effectively, people are lost. Since these skills are essential to life, the English courses at U.T.H.S. are designed to teach the fun- damentals in each of these fields. MR. JOHN W. STEVENS Mr. john W. Stevens, head of the Eng- lish department, teaches junior and senior college preparatory composition, English literature, radio speaking, act- ing, and play production. This year Mr. Stevens started a class in extempor- aneous speaking and debate. Mr. Stevens directs all plays and sponsors the Thespians and the Panther Parade. A new addition to our English depart- ment this year is this reaa'ing-accelera- l , tor being used by Amanda Ramos. M , ENGLISH DEPARTMENT Miss foyce Waller, Mrs. Fern MclVab, Mrs. Marjorie Pierce, Mrs. Mary B. Easter, and Miss La Vona Johnson are five of the freshmen and sophomore English teachers. Miss Waller teaches English I and ll. Mrs. McNab teaches English I and 11 and is sponsor of the Bible Club. Mrs. Pierce teaches English to both freshmen and sophomores. Mrs. Easter also teaches English I and II. Miss Johnson teaches English I and I1 and is sponsor of the Skyline. Mr. Ernest Kizfisto, missing from this picture, teaches freshman English and is also the varsity basketball coach. 3+ ,- 'H'f ' f ra i i ,ws , i MR. M. W. PRATT tllr. ll, W. Pratt, head of the science department, teaches general science and chemistry. He is also the sponsor of Camera Club. Bio-Cheniics, and is NO The three science teachers pictured here are llliss llelen Buresh, ltiologyg Mr. William Campbell, general science and physicsg and Mr. Arthur Fudge, general science. Mr. Fudge is the assi.st- ant track coach and assistant freshmen football coach. the i4udio-Visual Educa- tion Director. ':il.ZI l1Nl.Ih Dlzl-'ARTM ENT Science receives much more stress in this atomic age than it has in the past. ln addition to general science and biology, chemistry, physics, and physics-math are also offered. I From the expressions of Mr. llarold Collins, general science and Mr. William Wheeler, general science, the freshmen will he pleased with grades. Miss Buresh points out some of the interesting fish in the aquarium to biology students Rose- mary Borrell, Martin Schoellermann, and Earl Rusk. try. MISS BERNICE HOWARD As head of the math department, Miss Bernice Howard teaches Al- gebra I and plane geometry, She is also the sponsor of Future Teachers of America. Teachers in the math department this year are Mr. George Braden, general IllClfll6IIl!lfl.C.S and Algebra lg Mr. Robert D. Lewis, Algebra I and Ilfg Mr. George Bray, general rnathematicsg Mr. Leonard Engnell, general mathematics and Algebra lg and Mr. Merlin A. Nelson, solid geometry, Alge- bra III, and plane geometry. A variety of courses are offered in the math- ematics department. Freshmen are required to take either general math or Algebra l. The elective courses offered are plane geometry, Al- gebra lll and IV, solid geometry and trigonome- X QQ. Mr. Lewis seems to be happy that all his students are working so diligently. Not u puzzled expres- sion in sight. 11 I2 I3 I4 I5 I6 I7 18 192021 Mr. Lewis is in charge of in- tramuralsg Mr. Bray is coach of freshmen football and soph- omore baseballg Mr. Engnell is the golf coachg and Mr. Nel- son is the book store manager and co-sponsor of Future Teachers of America. MATH EMATI l.I.':i Dbl-'ARTM ENT SlI0ll'll lzcrc are Qllrs. Reba 0. llester and rlliss Nancy Ser- inf' lzaring one of llIt'l-I' many daily clzats. Urs. llcster teaches l,!llllI I and I1 and ,lliss S1'fl'l-Ill' ll'1l!'lIf'S Spanislz 1 and 11 and is sponsor of flu' SIJ'lIlllXlI Club. Conjunction, synopsis, antl tleclension are all a part ' 4 Diagruming sentences is lzard, even with Mrs. lleslor helping, as Barbara .fllldl'fSUIl. Frank Komalar and Karen Skull will readily admit. ol the study of foreign languages. The language depart- ment of U.T.H.S. consists ol Spanish l and II and Latin l and ll. LANGUAGES UERARY 5'-'52 llistractions from all directions divert flwso library students at tlns particular moment. i, In the library can be found innumerable books filled with comedy, suspense, drama. and infor- mation. Ol' Course, we must not forget those many magazines that were so helpful to the juniors in writing their themes. Miss Esther MclVu,tt and Mr. Dale K. Carrison, the school librarians, arc looking tltrouglt some of the library's many pamplilets. Besides tlmir busy SCllPdLlfl6S in the library, Miss lllcNutt sponsors the Library Club and Mr. Carrison sponsors lll-Y. Three of the teachers in our llldlhilflilll arts de- partment are ,l11'. ,lohn Caranagh. Drafting I and rocatiorzal clraflirzgg .l1r. Robert Sandusky. auto shop and general shopg and .lIr. Edward T. Drabilf, general shop. metals, and foundry. .llr. Caranaglz also sponsors Trl'-Allie. f f .lf 1 at 17' l ff t J ?ll ff . Aff? +- x L,ffpf 5 i f W ,Ties Y? fftugilil rl M5 l 'X gllr. Paul Oliver, Woodshop 1, ll, and patternnzakingg illr. Robert Zesiger, general shop and machine shopg and .llrx Charles .llcCoy, general shop and drafting teach the courses offered to the freshmen and sophomores. Mr. Uliver sponsors the Rifle Club and Mr. .llcffoy sponsors the Student Council and is the sophomore advisor. INDLIET il ILAI-4T':.i Dlll-'Al-QTMENT s Our school offers one of the best industrial arts programs in the state. This program includes general shop, machine shop, drafting, vocational drafting, vocational machine shop. two years of woodshop, patternmaking, metals, foundry, and auto shop MH. LESTER VINES .llr. Lester Vines, head of the industrial arts department, teaches vocational machine shop. lim R0l'lfZl.'l?ll, Utha Teague, and Hill Halter watch. as lllr. Oliver demonstrates the safe way to op- erate a power sate. r.ll Going over a new piece of music, are our two choral directors, Mallie Williams and Vincent Ahnquist. Mr. Williams instructs the Male Chorus, Varsity Band, and Cadet Band and Mr. Ahnquist directs the Choir, Cirfs Clee Club Allegro Chorus, Crescendo Chorus, and Aeolian Chorus. MUSIC DEPARTMENT The music department provides pleasure not only for the students that are entered in its courses but also for the people who attend their concerts throughout the year. Choir members, Alice Leasenby, Susan Cady, and Delores Kastner, are practicing with Judy Hoover for one of the choir's many con- certs. MH. JOHN THOMAN john Thoman, head of the music depart- ment, is director of the Advanced Band and the Cadet Band. Ile also instructs ensem- bles and teaches theory and harmony. Pansing for a moment from their busy schedules are these teachers in the busi- ness department. They are Miss Helen Grant, Miss llelen fannes, and Miss Rubijohn Corby. Miss Grant teaches typing and clerical practice and is the sponsor of the cheerleadersg Miss Helen fannes teaches shorthand and is the sponsor of Pep Clubg and Miss Corby teaches typing and shorthand. Missing from the picture is Mr. Kieth Bare who teaches commercial arithmetic, com- mercial geography, and bookkeeping. Ile is also the assistant football coach and the sophomore basketball coach. MISS ELEANOR ALLEN Seated at the desk in the business ojice is Miss Eleanor Allen, head of the busi- ness deparlment. Besides 'teaching ad- vanced stenography and secretarial practice, Miss Allen is sponsor of the Business Club. Miss Grant watches Karrol fejffers make use of a comptometer in the business department. The business courses at U.T.H.S. are designed to pre- pare students for either secretarial or clerical work. Students enrolled in either distributive education or sec- retarial practiee spend part of each day at various jobs somewhere in the Quad-Cities. Bl.lEiINl1!:i!:i Dhl-'AHTYI ENT L Steve Morgan, Charlene Enstrom, and Robert V. Fariman -are three members of our business depart- ment, Mr. Morgan teaches retailing and is the tennis coach and sponsor of Future Distributors of Amer- ica. Mrs. Enstrom teaches typing and shorthand and sponsors Y-Teens and is a sponsor of the freshman class. Mr. Fairman teaches typing and bookkeeping and is sponsor of the Y.C.Q.C. Tt'lll'l11'I'X of girls' plz-x's1'1't1l wditivztiolz this -war nrt' illrs. lfluini' Ritlwrg. .lIr,w. llorothy Uitzrd. and illiss iyllllf'-1' llncstefer. Urs. li'ulwrg tt'z1cl1f'.w jf1'SllllIl'lI QIFYIIIQ .llrs. llutzrd, .sophonzorv and junior :ZVYIIII unzl illiss ll'vstf'jwr'. ffl'.YllIt1f'Il. soplzonzorv. and junior gynz. .Alll thrw' tf'f1r'l1i-rx U.N.il..Vll'd in rztnning tlw Cirls' ,-ltlzlvtic' .4s.soCia- tion. With clue and legal reason, the physical education clagses might he consiileretl the noisiest classes in school. llcre is Z1 class where students find an outlet for all the energy they have stored cluriug the day and at the same time- train their hotlies iiml tlvwlop holtm' i'0Ol'lllIlkill0Il. MISS Ll'lSli PIANO llead of the girls? physical edncu- tion dvpzirtrmfrzt this your was Miss l,1ti.w l'it1no, ,lliss Piano tctzrlzcs junior unzl Xf'l1l,Uf girls und snpvr- I'l'.Yt'S thw Girls' pltltlwtiv glssoritz- tion. Fi-4,,LKAi PI-IYFEIVCAI FDI IVIATIIIIN DEPARTMENT MH. IiLLSWUli'l'H BROOKS Tvtzt-l1vr.s of boys' physical education this year are Louis .lIlIlYlfl4'Zl7lf'Z, ,lay lllvrvvr. and R. ,lt Holmes. .llr. illutylii1'wif':, voaclzzfs Varsity football and var- sity lmsfihzlll. Mr. tllercvr couclws sophomore foot- lmll und frvslznzvn lztlskfftlmll, and Mr. Holmfs is tiflztwtiv ilirvctor. illr. hillsnortli liroolrs. .vhoivn hcrr' in om' of his run' spurt' l7l0ItICllf5, is lwtza' of tlw boys' l'.L'. flvpart- IIIPIII. illr. liroolrs has ri busy svlzcd- nlf' of ll'tlL'lIl-IIQQ' ho-vs' frvslznzvzz and .iU1lllUllIUI'Q' gint, llw also twttvltm rlttssroolrz tlriwris training this your. R ' . S ff? X ,, V7 ,Vim to . wif' A W' The girls in home economics II are shown here cleaning up the kitchen after a busy period of cooking. Shown here, relaxing for a minute in the home eco- nomics apartment are Miss Daphne Frane, Mrs. Beverly Carrington, and Miss Dora Reinholtz. Miss Frane teaches homemaking ll and is the advisor for Future Honzemakers of Americag Mrs. Carrington, assists in sponsoring F.lI.A. and teaches homemak- ing I and lVg Miss Reinholt: teaches homemaking 1 and lll and assists in sponsoring F.H.A. I-ll IMI- I-Cl INI IMIIII5 ln the home economics department, girls are given the basic training which they will need later in life when they become wives and mothers. DRIVERS EDU CATIEIN Nerves of steel are required to be a driver training teacher. The two men who have these qualihcations are Mr. C. F. Pullen and Mr. Joseph Dhondt. Besides teaching driver education Mr. Pullen is assistant baseball coach and freshmen orange football coach and Mr. Dhondt is the sophomore football coach and freshmen basketball coach. It was with great pleasure that some lucky stu- dents of U.T.H.S. climbed behind the wheel of one of our new driver training cars to learn to drive. Shown here, admiring the interior and the exterior of one of these cars are Mr. Pullen, Lily Ann Snyder, Vicki Huyvaert, Sid Harring- ton, Roland McC0rkle, and Mr. Dlwndt. Driver education is an important part of the school curriculum in the high schools today. Class room driver training was required for all sopho mores and quite a few of the students received behind the wheel training also. Two new cars which were donated this year were very welcome. STAFF JANITORIAL STAFF The custodians contribute to our school lives by providing a well-kept building for us to use. Row l: Andrew Saey, Pete Vermeulen, and Ed fohnson. Row 2: Loren Borum and Frank Machu. Missing from this picture are Roy Mur- ren, Clara Vermeulen, Fruman fones, Rex Martin, and Melvin Hummel. 1 ' A A Qliii x BUS DRIVERS Safely, through all kinds of driving conditions, our bus drivers have trans- ported students to and from school each day. Row I: lack Slciles, Collins Wray, and Arthur Mihalopoulos. Row 2: Sera- phin Versypt, Dewey Oltman, Rex Mar- tin, Melvin Hummel, and Neal McNeal. CAFETFRIA STAFF These are the capable women who have given us hot lunches through- out the year. Row l: Bertha Pan- crazio, Myrtis Callaugher, Georg- ina Williams, Irma Diericks, Hazel Allsbrow, Ranilda Belowski. Row 2: Linda Hicks fmanagerj, Mabel Ziegler, Alice Callens, Nadine Os- bourne, Cleo Krueger, Evelyn Little, and Anna Wadsager. Cf? s? Rl fm ' 'LJ Qi W- C7 emi T7 Girls helping in the ojices this year were Row I: Rayma Lassiter, Roberta Smith, Sally Bosl. Row 2: Barbara Fender, Cheryl Foulch, Kathy Lambrechl, Vicki Taylor, Carole SKCIWIIVSOIZ. Row 3: Sharon lleald, Claalene Boyle, Sandra Claziw, Sharon Chidos, Kalhryn Ely. Row 4: Carmellc Snyder, Marilyn Roof, Delores DcWalsh, Alice Leasenhy, Marilyn Ccer. Row 5: Sandra Crannell, Carolyn Urey, Nancy Weisllrook, Carol Lcenlcnecht, Pam Fairman. Row 6: Sharon True, Carol Halmzan, Carol Gooch, Paula Koehler. Row 7: Pal Akers, Karen Francis, Janice Witherspoon. Row 8: Carole Wilson, Linda Lange, Carol Reid. Pam Nelson. Row 9: Sharon Murphy, ,loyce DeCrande, Ellen Brereton. STUDENT LII- l' ILIIL GIRLS It would he impossible for the class advisors to perform their duties without the aid of the student ofhce girls. Those who work for the advisors collect attendance slips and keep a record of those pupils who are tardy. Some girls work in the general office answering the phone and taking messages. "I "'l"l"l "l"l'l 'I 'QL 'I Sports l.II-II:.I- Rl I-ADF R!-i Composing this yeafs soplzo- more squad are Sandra Tzved- dell, Diane ESllUlI71flll, Karen Rugen, Judy Perlfins. Sllerrie Notfsker, Janet See. and Donna Knight. -4 - W. , ' fi -E f- el-E.. or . Q,-"jg, ,V . ,.,.xJi'H f' X JJ PAM O'KLOCK A ,ff N , ei'- N 2 '2 fq R . wr' , X . z , 4 , ! K vw 4' 4 in Judi? .Q A 'A KATHY SMITH , 3 5 y E. in to DEBBIE ANDERSON EEEE , MRO!! EEVENS I I 7. P. XM fl 1. R . 'Q ' '27 ' X f f N . ' CA 40.4 E .,-,k t K 2 ' ' I7 IS '- " K ' R L Z l i E E A - , 3 -E N ,15 5 ' X- I V .N 1 :K N X M H X EE,E Y ,Z -.""'-U'-ln., gi' 3 ggz JI. ,V.V jg "'ii'g ,, V, NANQ' BOXSTALL , , eff! ,,f. i SANDRA-iKIPP Cheering on the freshmen squads are Orange, Row I: Teresa Vallejo, Dixie Cook, Rita Rasso, Kathy Ballard, Carol Kelly. Black, Row Kathy Coethals, Diane Hen- yan, fudy Van Klavern, Blena Turner, Coral Kelly. - 11 H A-N Q The .schedule was tough, but the team proved itself in some of the finest games of the season. Row I: Bob Raske, managers Bill Smith and Sam Schold, Coaches Al Zimmerman, flockow Wrenn, Lou Matekiewitz, and Keith Bare, Kenny Freeman. Row 2: Ed Penca, Val Bravo, Larry Narlzgang, Paul Miller, Mike Knight, Charles Shivers, Sinclair Patterson, Dick Hoskins. Row 3: Ralph Walton, Cordon Hopkins, Bill llolden, Paul Cacari, Rod Cook, Angie Vallejo, Steve Pyvich, jim Hayes. Row 4: Orberie Giles, Ed lluggart, Phil Schmidt, ,lulius Terronez, Mike Carpentier, lim Braet, lim Souciruk, Terry Mahan. Row 5: lim Wakefield, Jim Adams, Bill Clark, Dick Lange, Larry Leeper, john Cruz, Richard Swanson. FIIICITBALL Undoubtedly our squad was one of the string of injuries and Hu casualties had not finest produced by the school for some years. hit the team, they probably would have had They proved this by beating the top team in a better season. lowa and some of the best in Illinois. If a SCORES T W Iowa City ... ... 13 12 Alleman ... . .. 13 12 Davenport . . . . . . O 13 Dubuque . . . . . 7 10 Moline . . . . . 13 33 Washington . . . . 14 21 Rock Island ... .. 13 O Jefferson . . . .... 26 20 Clinton ...................... 6 19 Holding trophies which they justly deserve are Sinclair Patterson, best tacklerg jim Adams, best blocker, Coach John Wrenn holding the Black- man Memorial Trophy we kept for the defeat of Mo- line, lim McMillin, most improved playerg and Dick Lange, most valu- able player. Nou' you see itg nou' you don'!." Z Angie Vallego f40j and jules Ter- ronez f38j seem puzzled as lo who has the ball. WW 'fx 'MY' HW'l1o left the back door oper1,?7: Orberie Giles f53j, Bill Clark f59j, ,lim Adams f65j, and lim McMillin f72j, open up the middle for Angie Vallego KJOJ, who was just tackled from the rear. g'Take the bull by the lwrnsf' ,lim Adams f65j knows how to get uaheadw as he downs a player with assistance from Val Bravo f35j. The sophomore football team proved to have fine prospects for next yearfs rarsify squad. Row I: Coach foe Dhondt, Pedro Vallejo. foe Defaegher, Harry Arvanis, Earl Johnson, Al Martinez, David llerstedt, Steve Patash. Row 2: Kent flder, Val Noche, Andy Johnson, Rick Leeper, Dean Warren, Don Ferrell, Rick Freyman, lim farzowslri, fohn ll1cChu,rch. Ron' 3: jim Held. ,lim Gillespie. john Louse, Cary Carlson. llerlr Sweat, Neil Damn, Fred Ishmael. Uran Schalternan, jim. Fargo. Row 4: Dick Theuninck, Bob Martel, John Caldwell, Fred Snapp, John Cnatovich, Kenny Sass, Lonnie Brewer, Arnold Guerrero. Eddie Valdes. SUPHUMVIRF FVIVITIQAI I The young Panthers had a season which none could be ashamed of. With 6 wins, and a tie 13-13 to Rock Island, the squad bowed only to two teams across the river, Davenport and Clinton. With a record such as this, Coach Dhondt has undoubtedly supplied next year,s varsity with some very workable material. Sczoass T W Ceneseo . . . . . . 0 111- Kewanee . . . . . . 0 19 Davenport . . . . . . 19 6 Alleman . . . . . . 13 25 Moline .... . . . 7 25 Monmouth . . . . . . U 25 Rock Island ...... 13 13 Assumption ...... 20 47 Clinton .... . . . 19 6 I The Orange squad of the freshman team. Row I: Larry Gager, Bob Kilts, Harry Tunel, Clark Tracy, Frank Benedict, Rodger Kime, Brian Mamma, Russ Caldwell, Bob Burrell, Manager Gerald Vogel. Row 2: Coach George Braden, George Kundert, David Lange, Terry Anderson, fohn Cropp, Ron Saunders, Phil Graham, Glen Schmidt, lim Teague, Coach Carrol Pullen. FR ES H MAN FCIIIITEALL n ORANGE BLACK The freshman squad ran up an impres- T W T W sive number of wins during the past sea- Washington .. 26 0 Central 7 20 son which they are proud of. The division John Deere . . . . 19 0 Coolidge - f - - ' - 20 0 of the freshman Squad into two teams, Frankhn 18 7 Edison 0 27 O Q d Bl k .H N lt . 1.d Black .... ... 21 7 Orange ... . .. 7 21 lange an ac , W1 rebu In a S01 Edison . 6 13 Franklin .... 0 27 S0l'h0m0fC team for the next Year- The Central .. 13 0 Washington .. 7 13 Squads rounded Out the Seasfm with pre- Coolidge 20 0 John Deere .. 40 0 sentation of awards and letters. Allerrlan 21 0 The Black squad of the freshman team. Row I: Paul White, Howard Lange, Bob Hanson, Steve Hernandez, Greg De Porter, Dick Bealer, George Fulscher, Larry Swernline. Row 2: Manager ,lohn Hurd, Gary Damm, Max O'Klock, Dave Perry, Duane Ash, Earl Paasch, Garold Peve, Ken Bowman. V46 To the smiling victors go the spoils. Row I: Dick Lange, ferry Hopkins, Mike Dergo, ferry Koenig, lirn Pierson Fte rett Van Valkenburg, Joe Van Quathem, Ron Hoff. Row Managers Mike Knight and Al Diericks, Jim Heala' Cary Hobbs, Lonnie Ostrom, Bob Pyevich, Frank Loll, Dave Martin, Coach Ernie Kiifisfo. FIA? KFTFRAI I 'flust a Hash in the panv is not one of the ways to describe this year's basketball team. The trophies in the trophy case will back this, as do the Quad-City, Mississippi Valley Con- ference, .and regional Championship titles. This was unquestionably the finest team this school has ever seen. The reasons for this can be attributed to the superb coaching of Mr. Kivisto. A combination of an experienced coach and a Nhotn team resulted in the setting of new school records of which we can be proud. Holding trophies which they justly deserve are Lonnie Ostrom, most rebounds, Cary Hobbs, most valuable, Dick Lange, hold- ing captains trophy, Mike Dergo, most improved, Coach Ernie Kivisto, holding Ray Holmes Free Throw Trophy won by Lonnie, Cary, and Dick also shared the honors of being tri-captains. BMQE Alcclo .. Clinton . Allmnan .. Iowa City . Assumption Davenport Kvwalwv . Dulnlquc- . Molinc . . . Washington Ilovk Island Alleman ........ 5.4 Iitllff to Ihr' right. fvllaxfi Who had if firsf dofwnif mai- ler: ills who gvts Il last. SCORES Jefferson . . Iowa City . Davenport GHIPSIJIITQ . Dulnlque . Molina' . . . Wlasliingrlon Jeffc-rsori . . Clinton . .. Rock Island Calesliurg . REGIONAL ....59 all ........,.65IlI Iiovk Island ..... . SECTIONAL GL1lCSlJllYg . . .. . . Panther Bob Pyvich is surrounded by the opposition. He has something they want I got zt!'5 Cary Hobbs reaches lou to steal the ball from an Iowa City player who is foul- ing htm. Une, two, ffl-fL?P,+KlClC.! Frank Loll uses his ejfeetiu' method of blocking passes as Bob Pyrich recoils for the re- bound. "Look, Ma, three handsfu Lonnie Ostrom keeps the ball away from Rocky player who only gets within scratching dis- tance. Keep your eye on fha, bouncing ballf, Lonnie Ustrom takes of in an ef- fort to reeoicr the bound. 'Tfet your hands 010 my ballla' Cary llobbs is outnumbered zvizh only one hand on the ball. Dick Lange H22 gives an assist from the rear. . . mm 2 The sophomore basketball team. Row l: Fred Saucedo, Val Noche, foe Defaegher Warren Copeland Larry Dobrtener Fred Ish-mael, ,lan Baltrel. Row foe De May, Dick Lerborile, Andy fohrtson ,lzm Morgan Mark Bare Steve Paytash Dare Hersted. ECIFJI-ICJMI"IRF-' IQAFBKFTFIAI I The sophomores had quite a busy schedule with twenty three games at home and away. Although the season was not the best the sophomores have experienced it will undoubtedly improve their playing ability for next year The squad con eluded the season with the presentation of awards and letters Aledo . . . Clinton .... .... Alleman . . lowaCity... Assumption Davenport Kewanee . Dubuque . Moline . . . Washington Rock lsland Alleman .... . . Scomss Jefferson . Iowa City . Davenport Cale-sburg Dubuque . Moline . . . Washington Jefferson . Clinton . . . Rock Island Galesburg The Orange squad of the freshman basketball team. Row I: Coach ,lay Mer- cer, Donald Berthoud, Howard Lange, Paul White, ,lohn Truitt, Bill Fairman, and manager Craig Athorp. Row 2: Gene Wildermuth, lim Dean, Gerald Vogal, Woodie Wilkenson, Gene Weimer, George Winnzan, and John Hurd. FREE!-I MAN BAS KETEALL Both the Orange and Black freshman squads had a fairly successful season. With the two squads to choose from, the sopho- mores should have a strong right arm next year. The presentation of awards and letters closed the season. Washington John Deere Central . . . . . . Assumption Coal Valley Coolidge . . . . . . Alleman . . . . . Franklin . . . . . Assumption Orange Alleman . Edison BLACK ORANGE T W T Edison ............ 2-1 Assumption . . . 4l5 Washington . . .... 46 John Deere . . .... 70 Alleman .... .... 7 3 Franklin .... .... 4 2 Alleman ..., .... 4 8 Coal Valley ........ 24 Assumption ........ 30 Coolidge . . .... 42 Black ..... .... 2 6 Central . . . . .. . 48 The Black squad of the freshman basketball team. Row I: Manager Milt Elias, Steve Hernandez, Larry Nelson, Garold Peue, Louis Tegino, Glen Schmidt, ferry Kipp, Row 2: lim Bowers, Earl Paaseh, Jim Stickler, Brian Mamma, Frank Benedict, Roger Miller, Terry Anderson. Crappling their way to state ame wah the L T H 9 wrestling squad Row I: Nat Lawrence, Otluz Teague, Paul Ca car: Kenny Suas Paul Mzller Val Brato Bob Hamrzck John Calduell 11771 Teague. Row 2: Ed Mayhew, Ernie Crr lach Vince Monahan ferry Bazerlzn Rick fregmen Dick Tlzeunznck Rodrigo Tapio, Jim Braet, ,laliuts Terrone Floyd Stockwell Rau .3 Coach focko Wrenrz Al Martine Rick luper Rod Cook, lim McMillin, Dick Hoskins Russ Wllh 1 Lube turnout of xeterans from last year the wrestlmg squad was in fine shape for a well rounded Qeabon Vu 1th the team dome well as a whole, Val Bravo and Larry Leeper won tame and ICCOUIIIUOII tor the School IH the Qtate finale Although Larry was defeated m the hrgt round 'val went on and was defeated m the slxth round by one point, 3-2. Coach focko Wrenn, Dick Hoskins, Floyd Stockwell, firn McM1'llin, Paul Miller, Larry Leeper, and Vince Monahan watch as Val Bravo shows how to use point- winning form, on fulius Terronez. The baseball squad was loaded with talent this year as it proved by its own record. Row I: Manager fumes Hayes, Mike Knight, Cecil Hernandez, Steve Sulzer, Garden Hopkins, Angie Vallejo. Row 2: Manager Bill Smith, Kenny Freeman, foe Van Qaathem, Dick Lange, Frank Loll, Steve Hofstetfer, Steve Schroder, lim Wakefield, Mike Dergo, Coach Lou. Matekiewitz. BASEBALL As baseball is a spring sport, the goals achieved by this yearls team can not be printed. However, based upon the record of last year's state- hound team and the large number of returning veterans, this year's team should achieve their goals. .l W if Taking the links against some of the top area schools, is the U.T.H.S. golf team. Row 1: ferry Oflllcness, Phil Bond, Gary Canfield, Gary Swift, Todd Hunter. Row 2: Dick Van. Bell, George Gavin, Ron Couser, ,lim Soucinek, Jim Hairma, Coach Len Engnell. GULF With only three juniors and a sophomore returning from last year, the golf team as a whole was rather young and inexperienced. Most conspic- uous absentee is Joe England, who through his fine playing, won himself a trip to the state meet. This yearls schedule called for twelve matches, in- cluding four Quad-City rounds. Phil Bond, George Gavin, and Gary Canheld watch ,lim Soucinek follow through on a hole-winning stroke. A large turnout of reterans helped holster the U.T.ll.S. traek team. Row l: jim Braet, Ed Huggert, ferry Beverlin, john Cruz, Cary lVaIwick, Benton folznson, Terry Mahan. Row 2: .llanager Ray Leader, llill lfled, Dirk Hoskins, Cary Wllllainzs, Hon Frey, Don Fuhr, lfon llart, Ed Mills, Cliff Arlzogast. Rauf 3: Coarh Al ZIQIIIUIFTIIIIIIL, Charles STITIWTS, Urlzerir' Giles, fini Adams, Carsten Lemkaa, Cary llolihs. ,lim llealrl. lzterett Van Valkenlnerg, Roller! Walton, Coach Glenn Clzirers. Rau' 4: Tony l'ri1'lo, Ron Fuller, fohn f:llCll07Jl.C'TL, Rick Stevens, Steve l'a.ytash, Dave llersted, Eugene lleld, Bob Fluegal. Dean Warren, Boll Hernandez. TRACK With a turnout of ten lettermen and thirty-tive freshmen, this yearls Panthers posed a threat in the ,59 season. The varsity had twelve meets on tap, including the district, Quad-City, and Missis- sippi Valley tests. Sophomores were also included in several of the meets and competed in the Davenport Sophomore Relays in May. The squad had a big boost from the thirty-hue freshmen who suited up. Row l: Larry Williams, lim Terronez, Steve Her- nandez, Terry Van Kla- vern, Frank Deena, Cerold Peve, Duwayne Cremeens. Row 2: Manager Mickey Williams, Paul White, Marshall Spencer, Russ Caldwell, Clark Tracey. Woodie Wilkinson, Craig Athorp, Dick Blahr, Coach Arthur Fudge. Row 3: Jef Williams, Frank Ammerman, Gerald Vo- gal, lim Stickler, Gene Wildermuth, Earl Paasch, Duane Ash, John Cropp, st Ed Valdes. S A . l it 1 : t -an Q , . X Q51 4 K Y 'R i mf ,aa A A :Q 4 ' ' "if mg, Q' , 1 it 4,--fr , . . .gg K fr- 'W X ,. 'Q ig ' IC' X rw' , , .9 Q fm- 4.-.4 f-Ft 1 ' x A NN, A WA. f Trotting: their zmy orer hill and dale is the lt.T.I1.S. eross-country team. Row I: Larry Williams, IJULUUYIII' Crenzezns Robert llermzndez. Tony Priefo. and Rielf Sterelzs. Row 2: Ronald Fuller. Larry RC?1JiIl.9I7Il. Cone Hhilll0l'I7IIlflI. and Bob llrinzrielf. Row 3: ferry Hererliri. Cary Nafzviclf. Clifl ,4rboguxt, Cary Unillizillix. Hill Reid. fillf.8ft'II l,en1lr1111. and Ron Fre V I IRI I!-EH-I Il Il INTRY Although cross-Country is not a major sport at U.T.H.S., it demands the same amount of determination and practice as does any other individual sport. A certain amount of team- work was needed by the squad, in order to work their first hve men across the finish line. This was no easy task as the team is running through woods, over hills, etc. and is not in Close Contact. The team closed the season with the presentation ol' awards and letters. Serving their way to .Success is the U.T.H.S. tennis team. Row I: Coach Ed Peterho Phzl Hutton feral Mil ler, Ken Robinson, firn Pierson, Lonnie Ostrom, Dave Ray, Byron Warren Row 7 Rlck Freymann flrn Lovett, Robert Larson, Coach Steve Morgan. This ye-ar's squad had a lot to live up to compared to last year's squad. Last spring the team won 8 and lost 3, placed 5th in the Mississippi Valley Conference, tied for 2nd place in the District and Quad-City conference, and sent Dennis Sahr to the hrst rounds of the state finals. Top men on the totem pole were state prospects Dave Ray, Gerald Miller, Lonnie Ostrorn, and firn Pierson. Rock Island Jefferson .. Washington Moline .... TENNIS A brilliant and also pretty tennis team won both farne and victory for U.T.H.S. Row I: Cookie Ovens, Nola Anderson, leanne Van Vliete, Bar- bara Van Quatlzem, Kath- leen Hill, Sandra Roliren, Lana Berghult. Row ZZ: Donna Knight, Suzanne Haefs, Nancy Swistliie- wicz, Lynda Benson, lady Cutler, Nancy Hall, Karen Conorer, Sharon Murphy, Kay Bottorf, Nancy Scott, Diana Lundeen, Coach Nancy Westefer. Prospects were bright for this year,s team. A large turnout, composed largely of returning veterans, made the team a threat for Quad-City tennis honors. Last year's team copped the Quad-City doubles title and will un- doubtedly steal it again this year. A total of twelve dual meets, the district, and Mississippi Valley meets were on ice. The doubles pair, Sandra Rohen and Cookie Ovens, won last year's City doubles title and are No, I con- tenders jor this year,s title. Zvi? w',"1 in 1 1351 The champs of the senior-junior basket ball tournament are Row I: Paul Walker, Dennis Kelly, Steve Hofstetter. Row 2: Phil Bond, Gordon Hopkins, Ken- Hake man. The champs of the fresh- man-sophornore basket- ball tournarnent are Craig Weisbrook, Bob Thomas, Dennie Meyer, and lim Hollowelf. Camera-shy were Eugene Held, Bill Pugh, and Gaylord Vog- ler. Table-tennis champ, Willard Will- house, shows the form which put him on top of the heap. INTRAMLIRALS Intramural sports were designed primarily for boys who Want to play, but donlt want to engage in regular sports. Mr. Lewis and Mr. Brooks have done a fine job of supplying the schedule which the boys need and want. One of the bossmen, Mr. Lewis, checks the schedule of the future intramural tourna- The other member of the crew, Mr. Brooks, takes time out from a busy schedule to have his picture taken -'NS 'I'I'I 'I 'I "I 'I 'I 'I Clubs 'i qw higfqfnuq A! 'iv FW'5r?r'!r? 5' 5 lil-ag' 'fine ' A ' 155.51 Q ft Row I: Darla Heddiek. .loAnne lieland, Karen Duff. Pat jackson. Ruth Hirst. Row 2: Margot Moose, Sharon Allen. Maxine Mix. Estelle llzividson. lllartha Yersluis. Rita Hasso. Row 3: Eileen Thomas. Donna Tipton. Carol Kelley. lioral Kelley. Nlarsha Dump, Judy Shiplna. Row -I: Virginia Woolley. ,lim Stone-king. Torn Guild. llavid Kztstner. Alfonse Ramirez. Pam Nelson. ART CLUB The Art Club began the year with a hay- rack ride. They sponsored one of the after- game dances and visited the State Hospital to see the oil paintings and other art work done by the patients. The Art Club earns money by doing posters and decorations for other clubs. The main objective of the club is to provide social activities for persons who have a common interest. Members are not required to be in art courses. The year's activities come to an end with a picnic. This year the picnic is at Lake Story. Margot Moose, business secretaryg Marsha Dump, presidentg Estelle Duridsorz. secrelaryg and Karen Dug, treasurer, confer with Mr. Minor, the sponsor, about pictures for the bulletin board. fs Row I: Roberta Smith, Pat Adams, Diane Robbins, ,lanet Evans, Sheryl Hook, Virginia Jackson, Ruth Hirst, Marsha Stoneking. Row 2: Donna Stlrratt, Anda Stewart, Kay Bot- torf Katherine Ely, Linda Newing- ham Karen Anders, Judie Adams, Jack Morgan, Sharon Kunkle. Row 3 Carol Scott, Alice Nelson, Andrea Lundeen, Barbara Sloane, Bill Hamerly, Elaine Ely, Mary Stogell. Row 4: Del Clevenger, Max Weekly, Phil Grant, Jim Mor- gan Sally Goodwin, Pat Bushnell, Paula Powell, DeWayne Cremeens. .L 1 BIBLE CLUB The three main objectives of the Bible Club are to train its members for Christian leadership, to emphasize Christian standards in daily life, and to promote good fellow- ship among the students of U.T.H.S. and with students of other schools. This year, the The women seem to be dictating to Phil Grant, sec- retary of Bible Club, as he listens attentively to Pat Adams, president, Sally Goodwin, treasurer, Mrs. McNab, the sponsor, and Roberta Lang, vice- president. Bible Club has had numerous parties for its members, and at Christmas, they prepared a basket for a family. At they regular meet- ings they had various educational competi- tions such as Bible quizzes within the club and with clubs from other schools. 'IhL Row I: Tony Pricto. Curtis Hursvli, Sue llzwfs. KllllllPPIl llill. Kathy SlUI1Q"lPllI'l1I'I', 'lirnrly Vines, Gene Din-h. Nutt' 2: FI'ilIl4'l4 Mohr. Bill Haunt-rly. Nlurtliu l'ugh. Auilv Kmuu-li. N "1 Gtilclmi- I 1 ly: 1 pfennig, Sain Nlt-kay. llulxin Nlarswli. Rau' fi: ,lim Stonvkingg. 'loin liuilil. .-Xulhur Peterson, William lX8.lSl'I', Mary Ls'11liui't. l.l1i1l'lt'S liohwsoii. XX illium Hulsv. BID-CI-IEMIIIEE CLUB The Worfl Bio-Chemicfs is macle from a Combination of the words biology, chemistry, anal physics. At the monthly meetings ol' this Club, the members clo experiments, sf-9 films, and discuss topivs relating to those three sciences. This year, among other proj- ects. the Bio-lilivniifvs Club sponsored an alter- game clance with the llaniera Club and madr- at Homecoming lloat. Mr. Pratt is the spon- sor ol' this vluh. ,fs - X Y i if Tlzf' 0'yil'f'fS of ,HO-Cll6'I71I'CS are Judy lfllllllfli. 1'1'f'v-prmidmzl5 FHIIIFZAS fllolzr. prffsiflvzzl: Suv Huvfs. Sf?Cff'fl1fy, .Warllza Pugh, mrrvsporzdzizg secrvlary: lfzl IN-11:-rl. fzislurfruz: and Trudy VIAIZPS, ffI'fISZlI'l'l'. Tfzwy arf' sponsorvd by .Ur Prull. "Uh, fn' rurvful. .Urn l'ruH.'u S110 llaefs and .4lIllll'I'!l l,Illldl'l'II fmzl' on us fn' signs his name' 1111 1111 vgg as part of flzrfir ifzilirltiorz info Hio- Cl1z'n11'c's. "ll'P,f'f' rv11dy.,' say Ur. Prall. Suv llaefs, R071 Shepard. Curtis llrlrscfl. and 14l1dl'4'll l.lzl1df'1'r1 Us fflvy Ivan? for Ulf' Xl'I'PIZf'l' fair. 7 Camera Club has been very active this year. Members have visited the John Deere advertising department and held a dance. Also. the club puts out the student telephone and address directory. Through the club. students gain knowledge con- cerning types of cameras and developing film. and printing and enlarging pictures. CAMERA CLUB Ron' I: llat 'l'ovsnsi-ntl. Ruynia Lassiter. Elayne Valentine. Yvonne Pendleton. Vivian Sanders. Rita Russo, Martha Dam-liinskiq Jean De-Rocker, Gayle llamerlinck. Cliarls-ne tlolvin. Row 2: Wilma Myers. Betty lNlcLaug1hlin, Sandra Tweddell, Wanda Myers. Cheryl Foutch. Kathy Schu- lmert, Nancy Boxstall. Sue Collier. Jeanne Rosf-zyk, Eliz- aheth Simpson. Row 3: Rich- ard Anderson. Gene Ditch, Wayne Osbourne, Judie Ho- nian. Judy Knaack. Velma Moose. Sandra Schultz. .lanet Fuller. Sharon Allen, Nadine Woma1'k, Row 4: .lohn Tay- lor. Craig: Athorp. Don Murphy, Evan Yeager, Jim Morgan. Jim Stoneking. Cary Hansen. William Halse. Dan Priehe. Tony Prieto. I . - -af, SEN , 1 I .. -...J 0, ...pr --,A ' . r s .tp -s ' ' .f-'u....f'2s 5 rf swf T ,,l31-- a K , A ,gs vga, w-. ..kk 2-ww 1.- 1, , f W -K W . K' 5 "1 ""'n' The Camera Club teaches its members to Iakc pictures such as this one which Brent Hansen took and developed. The Business tlluh has hatl 51 liairly aetixe year tl1is year. 'llheir 1111111 task was the I'PXlSlIllEI ul' their c'1111stit11ti1111. 'llhey also s111111su1'ecl itll i1l'lt'l'-gfllttt' 1la11t'e. a111l i11 the spring: they hail a putluek supper. For eaeh husiness Illtfllllg. a skit or tlt'IT10IlFl1'illlUIl was preselitecl hy El few II1PII1b?I'S ill ortler tu teach the others xariuus eo1'1'ec't husiness pl'tJCPLll11'9S. 5 rlliss nlllen. .sporzsur of Hzzsirzess Club. is slimefz zrfllz the oyiovrs 1l'IlU are wzzfed. lyelnzu rllmrw, pre.w1'de11l: Pam Fllllflllflll. pus! rice- llVf'SIil11'llfl lxirzren lfddleniull. l'iCt"lJI'f'Nl't1l'llfI and Sflllldfllg. V1'rgilz1'a .lIeyer.w. past lref1.s11r1'r: Dirk LI-1J12f'12'ffU!'S. pas! 1Jft'NI.df'llf, Judy Riley. pus! .wt-erelr11'y: IXYIIFPII Stzfildfmris. M'f'f1'fllf,YI and Slllltllfll Claw. treas- llft'f. BUSINFF. VCI I IF! , . . ,. H1110 I: .luily Riley, Sheila Wee-lxley. Kareii l'i4l1lll'I1lZlll. Ruth Kit-ksey, tlarul St'I'QLf'ilHl. Nam-y Weislmiwul-Q. ,lutly Srharlt, Sandy lilllllh' ' I ' V ul l1tt'11 glllltill Neult 11111 XIIIN l11f'11I111l1L fihc ul Wiiinlu K 11111 1 V tl Y I l .'Xl'lt'Ilt' llarris, XM111111' If-111lI1-11111. 11111413 lkarr ' 1 X1r1'1111'1 Nlxers llt'Illl'lt'l' 1 k14sltlY llittlt'Ilt' limit- la111 l'i1llIHlI1 Ul,1 l ll lm ... 1 . . , , , left: l am Uilxlovkw. lNa111'y liuxstall. .lanet Yan Ove-rslieltle ,lanel lilmtles. llirlx l,ippelgues. lxlflflllil l't1g:h. Nelma Nloose, Marv gllt' Sll'ltllt'llStHl. Alive lloutl. liarol litltlfll. 1 1 '. . 1" .'Xg11e1.llon11a lxa Ss. .vis Row 1: Dianne Eshelman, Nancy Wilson, Betty Crouch, Maureen O'llarrozv, Marilyn lfrouflz, Carolyn Miller, Kathy Huff, Sharon Cray. Row 2: foyce McDanel, Rosemary Borrell, Delores Lewis, Sandra Rule, Velma Moose, Kathleen Hill, Rosalie Dou'is, Pal Akers, Bev Jefferson. Row 3: Lucille Fostroln Sharon Williams, Stormy Cober, Maureen Kelly, Sandra Roach, Kay Wilkinson, Nancy Boxstall, Nancy Swiat- kiewicz. FUTURE NURSES EIF AMERICA F.N.A., a club which trains girls for the nursing profession, is one of the most Worthwhile organizations in school. The future nurses have sponsored a dance and ' 7 .1 1 an iardamfaf '- gone on various field trips. Also, the girls take turns spending their Saturdays enter- taining patients in the Crippled Children's Clinic at Augustana. Mrs. Frels gives helpful advice to the OMCCFS of F.N.A..- Nancy Boxstall, secretaryg Velma Moose, treasurer, ana' Pat Akers, vice-president. Absent from the picture is La June Johnson, president. FUTURE DISTRIBUTORS CIF AMERICA The Future Distributors of America is an ions with U.'ll.H.S. initials on them. They organization which prepares students for mer- sponsored an after-game dance and later in vlianflising and retailing. This year, as one the spring sent representatives to a two-day of their projects, they sold loam-rubber Gush- Convention in Springfield. Row I: H. S. Morgan Isponsorl, Dodie Spenrer, Freda Jo Robertson, Sally Vallejo, Nancy Simler. Helen Hantz. Eddie Bowman, Jerry Hintze. Row 2: Ray Calsyn, Allen Carlile, Janice Lauritzson. Marlowe Hendricks, Joyce Rotz, Karen Moeller, Sandra Leach, Jim Hale, Ronald Green. Raw 3: Darryl Ingersoll, Dean Lang, Harry Vershaw, Gene Maitlen. Larry Fillmer. Carl Payne, ,lack Glynn. Lonnie Cunningham, Dennis ltleflliurch. ,lerry Rusk. Members of F.D.A. take turns arranging displays in the class- room windozc as class projects. Lonnie Czmrzinglianz., Dean Lang, Sandra Leach, Marlowe llendricks, Ronnie Green, and Dodie Spencer use menls wear in fllCl.f display. ,Ri sa.. - Q, 1 i' ,.. .Qs-AK . , 'Ii The ojicers of F.D.A. are Ray Calsyn vice-presidenlg Joyce Rolz, secretar QV, Ed Bowman, treasurerg fanice Lauritz son, presidentg Larry Fillmer, reporter, Allen Carlile, liisloriang and Mr. Mor gan, sponsor. N 7 - 1 - . Q ' - - .,. 5 . Ur. llrrrgrzll. ltd lfnzmmzz. IIHIIIV' l.u11r1t:s0n. and W Ray Crzfsy II lmzw for I1 lll'll-dill' CUIll't'IIfl'UI1 1,11 Sprirzgp - 'Q ' .M ff ffl- 1 1 x . F.D.A 114 Bill ljfllw and l7e'11'r'Ax' Kvrr. grudllrzlvs of I .T.ll.S. 14'f11r ure' lnruwzzffvw' .wr1'1'l1g in lfzv .417 Pufmf of ffzf' l.l1l'ff'll Slzzfws flir lforw. gin' 11 milf for ffzf' F.D..4. A class Illnffllffl' of F. D. A. shows fill, individual groups I0 wlzivh the SfllfdPllIS arff assignvd so Ilznt they can prepare' punvl df.9f'll.'iSl'lIlI.S on l'Ufl'0llS assigned lopics. U UQ. 'Clog lun. ' 'v 0 ff, ',6.0g lo "' org , 0,0015 .pee Row 1: Dennis Buchen. Roger Fuller, Wayne Magoo, Carold Peve. Richard Beals-r, John Johnson. Row 2: Donald Madsen. Steve Martin, Arthur Fanter. Mike Griffin, Max Fitch, Ron Fuller, Jim Lavine. HI-Y Hi-Y was a newly organized boys, club which was very successful in its first year at U.T.H.S. The club was organized by Mr. Carrison. It is afliliated with the Y.M.C.A. Activities of the Club have included a trip The officers of the newly-organized ' Hi-Y Club are, Row I: Richard Bealer, treasurerg Mr. Carrison, sponsorg Row 2: Steve Martin, program chairmang ,lim Lavine, vice-pres1'a'enlg Dennis Buchen, presidentg Don flladson, chap- laing and Ronnie Fuller, secretary. h to the Y.M.C.A. where the boys swam and played basketball. Members sponsored a dance which featured disc jockey Mark Stevens. 'IIG FLITLIRE I-ICIMEMAKERS CIF' AMERICA Future Homemaker of Amerlca 15 an 1nter members mclucled a Christmas party and the cof ewtln and educalmnal 01t,3I1lZ3llOH for glrls HPOIISOIIHO' of the Homecoming dance and the C nls llElNlI'l0' had one wemexter of home economlce Valenllne Dance with Tri-Mio. F.H.A. members ne eh 1l1le to 10111 lh1 club rXcl1v1t1es of FH A 1150 Gent food and clothing to a needy family. Miss Frano, the sponsor of F.1I.A., is shown with foanrze Versypl, vice-presidentg Dolores Clausen, publicity cllairmang Mary Versypt, presidentg fackie fours, Lreasurerg Jeanie Ver- leye, historiang Dorothy Cattoir, secrelaryg and Sharon, Lydon. public' relations chairman. Raw 1: Mary Jo Van lleckc, Pam O'Klock.San1lra Rulv, Mary Rogers, Slwrian Hamrivk. Now 2: Joanne- Vcrsypt, Mary Versypt. Martha Vvrsluis, Rosemary Borrvll, Raw I: Sandra fllauw larquollne Jones Dolores llZlllNPIl Judy 'Xlcux Sdllx Nlonwtrey lxILllIl1ll Allen, Dorothy l,Iattoir. falol Phelps Maw hllllf'I lx zz, Z Slndlx lxlpp lou olu loyu ny:-N Nanvy Boxslull. Carole lf'Pnlxnf1ht farolyn Urey Slmron lyrlon ill ml Foutch Ixatllc-une Bu lmoutis. Raw 3: Lois limenfc anne Q oo on r Inf: l4mg.r1nna urs Ellen Brereton, Lynne Hostvn-. Sue f ollwr I ur llle LPllllCrl1f lxatln Hull all r . if janet Rhodes. Tom Guild, Carol Wilson, and Mr. Nelson were representatives from East Moline I0 the Blackhawk Division Meeting in Rock Island. The other repre- selztatlres are not shown. FUTURE TEACHERS EIF AMERICA Future Teachers of America is one of the most attended the Blackhawk Division meeting. The purposeful groups in our school. The objective organization prepared a basket for a needy family of the club is to prepare members for the pro- at Christmas. The club's income comes from fession of teaching. Earlier in the year, members renting coat racks to other clubs for dances. Row 1: Betty McLaughlin, Jeanne Rosczyk. Virginia Jackson, Lynda Benson, Nola Anderson, Sandra Rohren, Vivian Sanders, Wilma Myers, Elizabeth Simpson, Judy Schadt. Row 2: Kathy Stone- burner, Joy Bates, Carol Wilson, Paula Koehler, Donna Knight, Janet Walker, Roberta Mulligan, Sharron True, Dorothy Cattoir, Sue Davis, Barbara Culley. Row 3: Judie Homan, Karen Duff, Cathie Stensvaag, Kathy Schubert, Dorothy Homan, Warren Copeland, Sandra Schultz, ,Janet Fuller, Bonnie Crouch, Linda Lundeen, Nancy Hart. Row 4: Sharon Williams, Eileen Thomas, Sharon Murphy, Jennie Leona Petersenl1Janet Rhodes, Joyce De-Grande, Tom Guild, Carolyn Lancaster. Linda Lange, Paula Powell, Caroline Malinoski, Sandra Hanson, Bill Hamerly. Miss lloward watches Judie Homan, Bonnie Crouch, and Doroihy Calloir during the F.T.A. Candle-lighling cere- nzony. If I H A 'E 1. d-..,,,, .J Miss Howard, seated, is shown with the ojficcrs of F. T. A. They are Sandra Rohren, historiang Warrrfn Copeland, parliamentariang Linda Lange, librar- iang Dorothy lloman prffsidvntg Tom Guild, vice-presidonlg lane! Rhodes, secretaryg Carol Wilson, lrcasurvrg Mr. Nelson, co-sponsorg and Jeanne Ros- czyk, song leader. . A 119 Thr C 4 A board members are Row I Janet VanOLershelde, past-presidentg Carol Hall, vice-presidentg ,lranne Van Vlztte president Nancy Wilson secretaryg Michele Weelcley, sophomore representative. Rou ' Jana Trunnell reshman representative Kay Botlorff, past secrelaryg ,lucly Shipman, freshman reprf sentatzte Nancy Hall senior representatize Sandra Roach, junior representativeg Nola Anderson, junzor rfpresentatitf Donna Ixnight sophomore representative. GIRLS' ATHLETIC AEZEIIICIATICJN Holding the honor of having the largest mem- bership of any club in school is the C.A.A. Many members took part in the C.A.A. play day which was held at East Moline this year. ln addition to the usual play day games, an exhibition of speed-away, a new game, was given by the soph- omore girls. Annual basketball and volleyball tournaments provided thrilling moments for mem- bers. Highlighting the year was the crowning of C.A.A. royalty and the C.A.A. dance. Guess who' These are the sponsors of C A A clockwise, Miss Piano, Mrs. Ward, Mrs Ruberg and Miss Westefer. C9 v7 Representatives Row l: Carol C etzler. SUNG,-1' M Kastner. Lana If Absent from tlze cv to the Stale C.A.A. Howling Contest are ALE, Q C? The freshman, saplzonzare, and junior lzigli point nlfvizlners of C.A.A, are, from lap to lmtlom, xlndrea Lzmdven, Gail SIIllIIUIlSUll. Sandy Roaelz, Jeanne Vlllll'flI.l'lt'. ff'lIllIII' Hosezylf, Karen Kagan, Diana Lzzncleen, fana Lee Tran- nell. and Virlfi Taylor. Initiation is an important event for every new CAA. girl, for this is the time that she beeonzes a true member of lter club. The ceremony was held this year in the elioral room. lg. 4? s 5 S , 2 'Q 11111 C.:1..4. l,1'111f1'1'x 111411 R1111' lf ,U111'y l,1111g'111'1'l.'1'1'. S111' lf111'f.w, f1111Vx Sf11111111.s!.'11. ,YUIKI 1-l11111'r.v1111. f1'1111 R11s1':yff.l"1'1'f.'1T1lx'l111',K111'1'11 R11g1111.A f4'llll 1l"11rr1'11'. 0111401 111111. limi, li11r1111 .X-t'll't'IlllllHI. Sllllflifll R1111111. ff11r11l l,1'lf0ll. JPIIIIIII' P11101- 51111, li11r1'11 lffllllllfllf, 11111111 1.1111- U1'1'r.wl11'l1f1'. Ifl1Il' ff: IIVVIIIIII .1lo11s1'. 1 1N11111jx' H11.x'.wI11lI. Sl1i1'I1'y ll111111f1'- f1'111',1f. Jlldy' Huff. 1111114 Rfzodchw. 100 W, .,,,, 4 ........m.1m, .. .- ,,..m, L,... , 4.1 .gi V I1 . R111'f11'H1' UV'1'1f1'11111.v. lx'11r1111 C1111111'f1r. , .N'11111'y ll11H, lfllI'l'lI .4gllPll', lf111i111' A l'1-1',1r1'11x. lf111'oI1' Sl111'1'11so11. E TI11' .s01z111r 11111111111-rs of C.14.:1. 11111 Row I: Carol Ovfvzs, f1'1111, uVllfl'f'Il, Jlllfflyll Gear, joy Bates, Louise 91111112 Carol S1-rg1'11111, Clzvryl U'111d1'y. Slllldfll Kipp. Arllfllj' Smillz. Ruff: 1x'i1'ks1'y. Hou' 2: Nancy Hall, H1'fIII,t't'l' C11.sxi11y. 1.111111 licrgfzult. Sfornzy Cobvr. 5111111111 11I11r11l1y. lflllflll' l'1'1'l1'i11s1 Lu1'1'IIe Fostrom, li11rI111r11 I"vllllQIlIlflli'VlI. D11lor1's fx'11sf111'r, lo zpuflfllyll. R1111' 3: C11r11l1' Sl1'1'1'11.w1111, Sally Host. Carol Gooch, foyw l311f1's. K11r1'11 t1gllt'Il', Sllilxlt'-Y ll1111z1'r1i11cl:, 11111111 IvlllIflI'l'f.ilI1'Il1l'. 1711111111 lX'lIfSi-Y. 170111111 SCl1ll6?lZ'.16'f, 5111111111 RUIIIAPII, 'Uury fo flfIIlIIf'IZZ. R1111' 2: f1'11111111 l'1111f'f11'l11. Salfux' guns' . LHR Sfornzy Cober. Janet Kipp, Linda Lange, Carole Steven- son. Hem' CllSSid'Y. and .Vary fo Vanlleelne bravely stood ffm void so llzaf ffujx' eoufzl .sell programs to the eager foolball fans. The freslznzarz clerk lerzrzis ClIllNlI1I'UIlS of C.f1.A4. are, Row I: fearz DeRorlfr'r. Diane Snapp. farza Tfllllllflf. Row 2: lxalfzerirze Roselle, A1l!lfI'I1'II fllcfforffle. Cai! Salnzorzsorz. if 4,1 . ff H I3.A. A. Q? The C.A.A. eight spot shroolirzg champs are, Row 1: Diana Lundeerz, Nola Arz- derson, and Sandy Tzueddell. Row 2: lady Summers and Louise Shaw. Row 3: Carol Gooch, Martha Smith. and Hayma Lassiier. Row J: lane! Van- Uwrslzelde and femme Vanlfliele. Row 5: Sandy Roach, Nancy Hall, Dolores Kaslrzer, and Cai! Salmorzson. The GA A iolleyball champions are Row I: Nancy Boxstall ,lady Shamasko, ,leanne Van Vliete Nola Anderson, ,leanne Rosczylc. Row Sharon Williams, Carol Pelton, Marsha Darnp Karen Newenham, The members o the sophomore bowling team are Row I: Linda Lange fudze Iloman Judy Cutler Nancy Hart, Sharon Murphy. Row 7 lxaren Du Kathy Hu Nancy Wilson, Marilyn Root, Ella The first and second place winners for the most original, beautiful, and humorous corsages at the C.A.A. dance are Row 1: ,lanet Van0vershelde, Donna Katsis, Elaine Valentine, Marsha Damp, and Kathy Smith. Row 2: Mike Knight, Gary Lenhart, and Dave Kastner. Absent from the picture are Nancy Weisbrook, Lonnie Ostrom, and Dick Lange. Row l: Ken Laud, Mary Jo VanHecke Jacqueline Jones Carol Ovens Sandra Rohren Nancy Wilson, Bonnie Crouch, Kay Feuier Denni Bur hen Row 7 Larry Meadows Rochelle Achilles Harry Arvanis. ,lanet Rhodes, Dorothy lloman linda Lan e llatbata xdllflllilllllslll Lina Bet hult Row 3: Calvin Marsh, Mark Bare Stexe Hofstetter Jim Mor an Mike Griflin Cary Millen Gary Fulscher, Charles Roberson, Ceoi e Mun er LIBRARY CLUB Library Club is the organization which pro- vides us with the student assistants we see Working in the library. Duties of the mem- bers include finding magazines, books, and information and checking out books. These are several conventions which members attend including the D.R.Y., which is the convention of library assistants from Rock lsland, Mer- cer, and Henry counties. This year,s Library Club held their dance on December 6th. The ojicers of Library Club are Lana Berghult, secretaryg Miss McNutt, sponsorg Larry Meadows, treasurerg Dorothy Homan, presidentg and Mr. Carrison, sponsor. P H' t' Run' I: l.ai'rv Nleanlfms. Nlikf- Knight. Ken Rnliinenn. Phil linntl. l.tii'i'y Nzilirgainp. Aiigie- Xalleju. 'ferry Nlahxin. ,lnhn Vriiz. l':inl Nliller. Kim' 2: Nli, lxiiiixto, Itit-lt Innigrt-. lien l"i'e':'iiiuii. .lz'ri'iil Xlill:-1. Xinw- Nlniniliziii, .liin l,aivine. lifnliiey 'onli Nil lliiw his lt nlii liilin leii inwf Xlik. llfi 4+ Vlill Kiln it lx Il 'i llill Vliilx lziiw Il ilxin fir tin ' V , -, Y. ,. . ' ",.. , A . i i . - .. ., N i ,. 1 --tr ,. . "fum, Hin: nv's..i's' l,einli:iii. Orlnerir- llili-Q. Hit-In lln-lxins ,liin walk:-lielrl. l'hil Svlnniill. tlnii-k Sliiu-ix. llill Finith, binvliiir l'iiIlr'rsfvn. Nou' el: l.nriy l,ef-Iver. .liin Nlwllillin. .liin Smit-iiielx. .Xrt l'r-tifixnii lfrainlt I.nll. llnli l,y'PYi4'll. l,nnnie fl4II'0IH. Hairy Y llnlmlns. ,lini Mlrnna New lit-in-li. bury Xxilliaiins, Stew llollteller. llivlianil llairriiiglnii, LETTl1l-QM!-N'5-i III III? .-Xgain this year the l.ettermen's Club snltl Panther pep pins during football and basketball seasons and helil two dances featuring cake raffles. Lettermen took turns selling progranis at the basketball games. For any boy. belonging to the l.ettermen's Club is a privilege. To be eligible for the Club, u boy must have earnetl either one rnajor letter or two minor letters. Mr. Kivisto is the sponsor. it 33 f Y K The pressure is rm! Lennie Uslrom seems to have sueeeeded in sellirzg Sally Host and Tom Taylor their basketball pep pins. Judy Rilvy, Pam U'Kl0f'k, und Dl'1'fx' l.1'pp1f'- gms stand in lim' lo buy programs for thv Iuzskrffbull ganzv from l4'ffl'I'l7It'll Kwn Robin- ,snn and H1'llCIr1rk. 'f1I0n' pins I0 .srfllf Hr. lx'iz'i.wf0 lvlls llirlf IJIIIQV. 1JN'SI.Clll'llf of l,vltermen's Cfubg ffm ffzlzznzs, 1'1'fv'-pr1's1'dv11,f5 Cary UH1'fl1'11111.w. Ire'f1.s11rf'r: and Cary Hnbbs. s0Crf'If1ry. 5 .1 ins..- SIIOIFII zrillz .lliss ftuznes, sponsor. ure the oyieers of Pep Club. Ltlldfl l.lI'i'.ill-Y. lII'l'Sl'dl'llfI Carol Uilifle. ttt't'-lIH'.Ytl1l'llfI Claudia .llfzy-field. .wt'11-lfzrui'-trerzstzrwr. PEP CLUB The newly organized l'ep Club got under way dur- ing the '58 and ,59 basketball season. Pep Club was alloted a certain number ot' seats bebind the Letter- menis section at basketball games. ,-Xll members were required to wear wllite blouses or sllirts. 'llliey were given orange and blur-k sliakers and beanies. The purpose ol' the l'ep Club is to eo-operate with tlie Clieerleaders in producing more seliool spirit and an organized ebeering section. Row l: Sandra Neff. Sandra Tweddell. Charlene Colxin. Bose Ann Belman. ,lanet Walker. Diane Henyan. Paula Huggins. Gayle Hamerlintda. Mary Rogers. Jean lJeBoeker. 'flieresa Xallejo. vlxatby Coetllals. Row "" l'ris4'ill'1 Oblsen Vit-ki Taylor. lanet Kipp. Karan Bagan. vvlllltlil Myers. Donna Knight. Paula Koehler, lanet Bee lbarleiie Vilf'I'ilI'0.'llOfll13 Maxwell. Hoseinawv Pric-to. Rau: 3: .lulie Dull. .Indie Honian. Catbie SlFIlSllilllQI1 Karen FI'J.lIlI'l!4. .luditli SllIHlHK'l'5. Miebele VV-Ct'kl0Y, Katliie Seliuliert. Josette Pollentier. Rose- mary Borrell. llene Cassidy. Bliodella Coleman. Row 4: Nant-y Hawkins. Linda Lange. ,Ioyre Defirande, Sliaron Murphy. Coral Kelley, Carol Kelley, Claudia Nlaytield. ,ludi Fisher. llorotliy Fisher. Pam Nelson. Ainlreu Lnndeen. Carol l'oli1'li. Raw I: D. Homan, N. Boxstall. S. Roach, C. Ser- geant. C. Ovens. S. Jokiseli. S. Tisdale, B. Dunbar. S. Matson, C. Hall. D. Anderson. C. White, E. Davidson. Row 2: K. Stevenson, R. Dowis, C. Miller. M. Versluis. C. Mitts, C. Boyle. Row 3: M. O'l'larrow, Y. Pendleton. P. Doxsee, J. Riley S. Weekley, S. Clauwe. H. Vermeulen, J. Jones: N. Anderson. L. Herrera, O. Isais. Row 4: M. Fulsrher, K. Wilderlnulh. K. Ferrier, K. Saddoris P. O'Kloek, S. Jones. B. Cassidy, L. Berghult, S Hamerlinrk. C. Windey, J. Bates, J. Bates, L. Boles A. Leasenliy, Rohren. L. Fostrom, V. Huyvaert Row 5: M. .lo Vanrlerke, D. Clausen, K. Agnew J. Vanoversbelde. S. Kipp, D. Katsis, K. Smith R. Kieksey, L. Shaw, M. Versypt, V. Moose, B DeGraeve. Row 6: C. Leenkneeht. M. Hendricks, J. Mataya. S. Murphy, P. Bushnell. S. Cober, M Guldenpfennig, S. Huston. S. Granell, K. Greb L. Livesay, C. Talak. J. McDanel. Row 7: J Hull. J. LaPeere, R. Williams, J. Peterson, J Rhodes. M. Kelly. P. Molnar, M. Damp, K Newenbam. K. Conover. C. Malinowski. P. Akers J. Versypt. 'IGI v Q t i f E . L Y ' Row I: Gerold Goodwin, Billy Graver, Richard Leader, Fred Norton, Debbie Anderson, Karen Shull, Allan VerBeke, Roger Laleman. Row 2: Gary Emmert, Dennis Anderson, Larry Batten. Myra Guldenpfennig, Cathie Stensvaag, Mike Philhower, Ellis Luster, Kenny Hall. Row 3: Wayne Shedenhelm, Lee Guldenpfennig, Carl Stueland, ,lim Plavek, Ron Nalevanko, Fred Saueedo, Terry Graver, Robert Haigh. Row 4: George Bockhouse, .lames Dean, Stan Schroder, Stephen Schroder, Donald Stotts, Don Nelsen, Earl Schwenneker. RIFLE CLUB The Rifle Club, meeting the second Monday of every month, has been extremely active this year. Their special activities have included various films. Some of these were on Mr. 0liver's trip to Alaska, Mr. Freeland's trip to India, and safe shooting instructions. This year, shooting meets were held in Moline, Milwaukee, and Springfield. East Moline won the match at Moline. The spon- sor of the Rifle Club is Mr. Paul Oliver. Mr. Oliver gives useful pointers about shoot- ing to the ojicers of Rifle Club who are Dennis Anderson, treasurer, Ellis Luster, president, Gerald Goodwin, executive ajf- cerg Myra Culdenpfennig, vice-presidentg and fumes Plazfak, secretary. 1" i, Row 1: ,luflie YLll'llQl21Yf'I4F'Il. Anna llPI'I'f'I'l l3e11111e Nlunos ose AIIII Bclinan sWlXld btockuell Pat Russo. Ruby Rtlyllll. lrene Klaiwia. H1111 7 ati r s XIII hllltlltll lomm Llll llerre1't1. Yirgi Russo. Della llf"I'll21IlllttZ. Ho cnirtlw 1 1 llank Saniloxul. l'ul XllI1Kl11XFl'4'Il. lloralet lf 1 'F111 Sierra. tlecil l'lE'l'IltiI1ll6Z. ,lules Tf'I'l't'lItPZ. SPANISH CLUB ln the past year. the Spanish Club, spon- sored by Miss Servine, has accomplished many things. ln the fall. they sponsored an after-game dance and built a float for the Homecoming parade. They also had a booth in the spring carnival. At their monthly meet- ings, the twenty-five members talked about Spain and its people and customs. TH ESFJIANE National Thespian Society has been referred to as the honor society of the lfnglish department. lts membership consists of actors, actresses, business af managers and hack-stage workers. ln order to bc elected to National Thespians, a student must have acquired ten points either by acting in a play or helping with production. O'6lCf?fS of the National Tlwspian Society listen to Jllr. Sfl'UPlL,.S direcfiolzs. They are Louise MC- Creury. secretaryg Ramona Cobcr, presidentg liurroll Jl'j?6fS. tice-presidcntg Delbert Cleven- ger, lreasurcr. Row I: Alice Leasenlny, Carol Sergeant. Cheryl Windey, Louise Mcflrcary, llana Kean, Lynda Benson, .ludy Summers. Karrol Jeffers. Raw 2: llerneif-e Cassitly, Donna Katsis, Marlowe llen- dricks. Ramona Colrer, ,loanne Versypt, Karen Agnew, Francis lllohr. Row 3: Uennie Mcflhurch, Mike Griffin. Larry l,eeper. ,lim Adams, lllaurcen Kelly. Russ tllaeys, Steve Schulte. Mike Knight. A -hx is ' iA T1'.l.k, 111 TRI-MIC The 'llri-Mic has completed its eleventh active year on the hilltop. Tri-Mic co-sponsored the Homecoming Dance and the Valentine Dance with the F. H. A. An extra attraction of the Valentine Dance was the crowning of two Tri- Mic members, ,lim Flinn and Phil Bond, as Prince and King of Hearts. The aim of the Tri- Mic organization is to better understanding of the vocational helcls which includes choosing an occupation, improving studies, and safety in work. Mr. Cavanaugh, Norman Wilkens, trice-president of Tri-Micg Dare Coder, lreasurerg Fred Stulir, secrcmryg and Frank Trask, presidenl, talk about their club plans for tlw year. Hou' 1: Phil Mathias, Louis Belman, Richard Bideaux. Norman Wilkens, Karen Komatar. David Mills, Phil Bond. Dan Carniark, Gerald Goodwin. Ken Womark. Row 2: John Cruz, Gerald flurry, Allan Deliastecker, Raymond Leader. Fred Stulir, Rene llull. Bill Johnson. Doug Johnson, Robert Fulsrlwr. Frank Karhen. Raw fi: Edward lluggart, Jim Flinn. .lay Newton. Thomas McKee, Cary Hansen. Hon Young, Cordon Billings, 'lloni Lake. Row -1: ,lim Dram, Paul Wiklund, Lee Johnson. Carl Stueland, Marty Damp. Dill Farlmer, Bob Stogdell. Frank Trask. Him-liard Swanson. Huw 5: Terry Lewis, Everett VanValkenlmurg, Bolt Dierirks, Del Nutter. John Anderson. Wayne Neal, Bob Jarolms. Melxin Nalrnlofl, Dwayne Neaveill, Don Tallent. - Raw I: Judy Riley, Shiela Weekley, Alice Leasenhy, Mary Jo Grams-nz, Pam O'Kloc-k, Jean Vylarren, Marilyn Ceer, Carolv Talak, Jeanne liosczyk, Joy Bates, Janice Skiles. Arlene Harris. Row 2: Carol Sergeant, Cheryl Windey, Louise Shaw, June Paytash, Olga lsais, Lynda Benson. Sandra Kipp. llladene Boyle. Sharron 'l'ruc'. Roberta Mulligan, Karen Ellflll'IIl2Hl. Hou' 3: Kaye Slew-iisoii, Karen Agnew, Nancy Vtleislirook. Judy Hoover, Ruth Kicksey. Kathy Smith. Joanne Yr-rsypt, llathy Lamlirirk. Karen Saddoris, Kay Fer- rier, Velma Moose. Row el: Nancy Boxstall, Sandy Jokisch. Janet Yaii0verslfieldc'. Donna Katsis, Carole- Steienson. Sally Host, Shirley llamerlinvk, Stormy Colfer, Lana Berghult. Margot Moose. LaJune Johnson. Row 5: Linda I.is-esay, Sandi Huston, Sandy Murphy, Pat Molnar, Janet Rhodes. Jennie Leona Petersen, Joyce l.al'r-en-. Lucille Fostrom, Joanie Bryant. Caroline Malinoski, Martty Versluis, lfarolyn Mitts. Y-Teens, one of the largest all girl organizations in our school, has been very active this year. The girls began the year with a picnic preceding a hayrack ride. Many Y-Teen members toured the State Hospital, and they held a dance following our basketball game with Aledo. Also, the group prepared food baskets on Thanksgiving and Christmas. Y-Teens are afliliated with the Y.W.C.A. Wx.. N-? l.-1 2 X Q . 4 , Q ti M., if Delores l,1'1ui.s, secretary, Carole Stevenson, t'iCL'-IJFPSI-L1l'lLfQ Sandra Murphy, treasurer, and Ivan llturrwr, pre-sidvizl are the ojicers of lf'-Tf'c1z.s sponsored by Mrs. Erzstrom. Y-TEENS Y Row 1: L. Lawrence, U. Hamerlinclx H. Sutton, C. Calvin, H. Hirst, l' Ohlsen, J. Triinnell, J. Dull, lf. Robin son, J. Pollentier. Row 2: S. Nell J. Paytasli, J. Harrison, D. llenyan S. Fish. B. Fender, N. Nell, S. iihidos -V D. Lundeen. M. Jo Larvenz. J. Walker D. Green, J. White. Row 3: L. llull S. Tuecldell. V. Nordholm, J. Ralston M. Thomas, B. Murphy. N. llawkins K. Dull, L. lloslens, B. lialior, M. Allen J. Sunnnt-rs, S. Radford. Row -1: V n, P. Koehler, J, See, fi. Reid, M Weekley, ti. Foutvh, M. Johnson, J Kipp, A. Nelson. Now 5: C. Turner livh. Row 6:L.Neyt.C.Snyde1-, B. Crouch, L. Lange. fi, Stensvaag, S, Murphy, fl. Kelley. li. Kelley, J. Cutler, J. DeCrandc-, J. lloman, J. DeBoo, J. Bloomberg. K. Kaskadden, E. Thomas. S Hr-nlil A l1m,J,.m. Taylor, K. Hagan, S. Lyclon, D. Eshel- ma J. Roliinson, N. llill. D. York. K. Cant. D. Cook, R. Coleman, K. Francis. P. Nelson, D. Lewis. B. Culley, K. Schu- hert, B. Swails, N. Calmor, S. Wonder- 'l"I'l 'I 'I'l'1 'l 'I -I 'I 'I I 'I 'I'l I 'I 'I -I Activities -4. Entertaining the royalty is freshman harpist Homecoming Royalty for 1958 were Row 1: fucly Hoover, Janet Van0verschelde, ,lean Warren., Kathy Smith. Row 2: Ramona Cober, Shirley Hamerlinck, Nancy Hall, Carol Ovens. Row 3: lim Pierson, Dick Hoskins, Jim McMillin, Gary Hobbs, Princess Donna Katsis, Queen Lana Bcrghult, King Dick Lange, Prince Lonnie Ostrom, Jim Adams, Larry Leeper, Larry Nahr- gang, and Val Bravo. HEIMECEINIINE Sally Goodwin. Reflecting their royal happiness are Queen Lana and King Dick. !'Qr"' w. P sL . it ssss r Q 2 1 4 bf nf 1 x I '4' 'I-U" Nm an Q..-,Q ,,.,...-,K ,Q Q l 1 1 -R' L' rw . 5 qi K Te vL,, , visa A2595 V in . sl, Oyicers of this ycarfs Student Council were Row I: Judy lloozfer, recording secretaryg Lonnie Ostrom, presidenlg Row 2: Kathy Smitli, treasurer, Luna Berglzult, vice- presidcntg Warren Copeland, parlimentar- ian. At right is Mr. William McCoy, spon- sor. STUDENT COUNCIL United Township lligh School Student Council had the honor of being host to more than 500 students when it held the Pekin District Convention here in Novem- ber. This year the Student Council, under the watchful eyes ol Lonnie Ostrom, presi- dent, and Mr. William McCoy, sponsor, sponsored the first dance of the year, G'School Dazef' a clean-up campaign, and a Hcome as you are" dance at the end of the year. Climaxing the year for the Stu- dent Council was a pleasure trip to Chi- cafro for all sophomore, junior, and U senior members of the Council. Chosen as delgates to the Quint-City Stu- dent Council were Lonnie Ostrom, Ron Hof, lim Pierson, Nancy Hall, and Lana Bergliult. Making last minute prepara- tions for the Pekin District Convention are the retiring of- ficers Lana Berghult, treas- urerg lim. Pierson, residentg P and Nancy Hall, secretary. Discussing plans for the Pekin Dislrirt Con- wnlion are flap East .Uoline Pehirz Disfricf repre.s1'11Ia!iz'Ps. Row 1: Vicki Taylor, Alice Laasmlby, and Kathy Smith. Row 2: Lonnie Uslrom, Cary Hobbs, and Carol Hall. Reprcsvnling the sludents on fha Slzzdffnt Council this ywar zvvr1'.' Row J: Vicki' Taylor, Nancy Wilson, Debbie xllzdvrsolz, fzidy lloorvr, .llarlha Smifh. lfalhy Smith, and pffiw l,l'!1SPIIllvV. Ron' 2: Judy Surnnzcrs, Joanne Ver- sfpt, Carolf' lfnhite, Nancy Hall, Lana lfvrghult. Linda l,I.'l7t'SI1-Y. Carol llafl, and lxvmzny Lauzl. Row 3: Mike Knight, lhlrrwl Q0p,g1U,,d! ljurruy A4fl'l1IIlS, Ron Hoff, Lonnie Uslronz. Cary llohbs. jim lll'f'I'S0ll, Jon Defawghvr, and Edzvardo Valdez. X 4 A 3 or Explu1'n1'1zg some diffivult notes and lflvorivs In Ihr' 11.vs1'sff1rzI band dl.Tf'I'f0f. .llulliv lluilliunls, is band dirfcior, folzn Tfzomfllz. 'fu' I: Wilma Mymhrs. Dorothy llomun. Pat Nlolnnr. Elizulmeili Slmllhllll. llolwrla Mulligan. Sandra 'llwe-dell, Dorothy flattoir, flharlyn Huw. ,lunive Skilf-S. Phyllis Slonil. Hou' 2: Wunfla Klyvrs. Ann Uaiisfn liarlnlru Swuils. Deanlm l.0wi:4. ,loylin Bloomlwrg, Dixie Cook llll'l'l1 Tlioinas. ,lusiie Rll'llLlI'll, Ulf-111121 'lll1I'IlPl'. l'z1t llloorv. llcne lfzlwsiily. Alive- ll1'r11unml1'Z. Hou' 3: Phil Grant, lVlichar'l Philhower livk Nlorggan. Diwk Akvrs, lioh l,air1l. 'l'm'1'y lllvrvy. llohn llarlwnter. Louis l,,lQlC'Il0. Daximl Pyluml. llill llalse. Row 4: Kathy Stonehurner Xiruiniu ,l1ll'liH0l'I. llurv 5l0llt'lilllg.f. 'llll0lI121S ilmxrliiey, ifraigg Atliorp. Daniel llinc-s. lxlilfllll livin. Dill Nilhurn, ,hum-s Stoneking. lfrii llvlluylirk, llaviil l'ln-lps. ,lanws lllorgrun. I , Fourteen, new parade drums wvre II 1l7UlC0IlIf' Ildtllilliflll to the appearance of Iliff lf.T.lI.S. nmrvliirzg band. BAND Row I: Marsha Stoneking. Myrna Canfield. llana Kvan, lfatlwrinef Simpson. Lynda Benson, Kay Bottorll, Karyn Powell, Judy Schadt, Sue llaefs. Pat Adams. Row 2: Barbara Sloane, Eugene Pennvr. .IIIHIIIS l.ovctt, Steplwn lll'lxIl2llldl'Z, Frank Benedirt, Roller! Thomas, .ludy Holnan, Carol Reveal. Row 3: Karon Anders, Judie Adams, Sliirlvy Fish, Caroline Nalinowski, Karen Creb, Stephen Combes, Judy Erivkson. Gayle l'lanierlinr'k, Donald Leonliard, Judy Knaavk. Row rl: Anthony Grunvt. Marla Stvwart, George Cox, Martin Sclioeller- mann. Wayne- Lewis, Willard Wilkinson. William Coward, 'flioinas Yanllovf-nter, Rolwrt Sauser, James Janowski. Jeral Miller. my . I , i nQLiM L".T.I1.S. Marching Band lx. V 1 F As. shows of one of its marching formations. 'IAQ BAND April 9 was the date of the spring concert this year for the band. The Concert Band, under the direction of Mr. John Thoman and Mr. Mallie Williams, joined the choral department in presenting the May Music Festival at Soule Bowl. As in past years, many of the band members participated in the District Music Contest which was held at Galesburg on February 28. Many of those who competed at Calesburg were eligible to enter the state contest at Elmhurst on April 17. Money earned from the sale of chocolate candy bars went to the Band Parents' Club to help them purchase a set of fourteen parade drums. District Band Contest winners were Row I: Virginia jackson, bass clarinet solog Dorothy Cattoir, clarinet solo and ensemlzleg Kathy Stoneburner, baton twirlerg Indy Sehadt, ensenzhleg Judy Erickson, ensemble. Row Elizabeth Simpson, clarinet solo and ensembleg Wilma Myers, ensemhleg Charlyn Buss, ensembleg Sandra Tweddell, ensemble: llvancla Myers. ensembleg Cathie Simpson, ensemble. Row 3: Pat Molnur. enselnhleg Dorothy Iloman, ensembleg Steve Combes, en- sembleg Judy Knaaelf, french horn solog Marla Stewart, ensemble. Displaying their flllc'?ll,iS as tronzbom quarlil uri feral Mille r Jim fmzozushi, Bob Suusrr lom Va11Dc1uztfr This fffdfid Hand ojffizfors wcro, Row I: l'ul Adams, svrgvanlg Judy Svhadt, lst sergmrztg feral Miller, livutvnuntg Dorothy lloman, cap- failz, Phil Cmnt, lil'llf!'llHIlf, Put Kllolnar, Isl Sf'fgf?Ill7.if. Row 2: Wilma Myers, svrgeanlg Kay Boliorj, corporalg Sue Haefs, sergeuntg lim Lovefl, corporulg fudy Khaack, corporulg Janet Va1LUirerschelde, cor- poralg Robvrlu Mulligan. corporalg Elizahvlh Simpson, corporal. Sa TWH ,576 Q, 3' - J' Q: m 'Ja fin. The genial vlioral direvior of L7.T.H.S.. Jlr. l"'incerzz Alznquisf, is in Charge of all the vocal ac'Lio1'l1'f'.s in school. CI-IIIIIR 'IAA Row I: Jeanine Rosvzyk, Ruth Hirst, l'atrii'ia Quinn. Franves Ramirez, Jules Terronez, Darrel lrwin, Carol Srhweitzer. Alice Ollrllerg, Margin- Mayhew, Peggy Hines, Alice Leasenhy. Row 2: Jean Warren, Alive Finley. Virginia Stahl, Margot Moose. Wanda Howell, Julyle Shannon, tlurlis llarsvh, Norman Wilke-ns, Virginia Myers, Olga lsais, llarol Sergeant, Sharon Neufeour, Judy Riley. Row 3: JoAnne lt'l'lIltl lllarvaret Hokinson, Lalune Johnson. Carol Hauman, Kathy 'lillI1lllf'l'lIlZ1Il. llalxin llarvia, Llliarlvs Wherry. Darryl Ingersoll. llarole gteiviigon, lilare-ii llarlilx-. Donna Javkson. Row -I: Sally Bost, Shirley Hamerlinvk, Peggy Dohereiner, Robert Ballegeer, Del Clevenger, llir-liartl lloskins, lion Murphy. Carl Stucland, Joanie Bryant, Donna liatsis, Louise lllvllreary. Row 5: Karen Agnew, Dolores Kastner, Sandy Murphy. Jerry Koenig, Jim Adams, Dave Martin, Jim McMillin, LeRoy McMahon, Carol Anders, Stormy Gober, Lana Berghult, Susan tiauly. rv' Discussing choir activities for the year are Mr. Vincent Ahnquist, choral director, Carol Anders, sec- retary, Lana Berghult, president, and Jim McMillin, vice-president. T'would have thought it was the heavenly angels singing when the U.T.H.S. Choir presented its annual Christmas program this year. ln addition to presenting the program to the students of the school and the citizens of the community the choir traveled to Augustana to sing their selec- tions to the Augustana student hody. The choir also sang at Moline and Alleman High Schools on exchange assemblies and for vari- ous community functions. Warming up for one of their many singing appearances are the Ten Keys, consisting of Del Clevenger, Sandy Murphy, Donna Katsis, Margot Moose, LeRoy McMahon, Lalune Johnson, Ruth Hirst, ferry Koenig, fo Anne Leland, and Curtis Harsch. The accompa- nist is Judy Hoover. ui " ' I l - ll, Ron' I: Linda Romero. Sandy Christensen, Kay Ashdown. tlarolyn Miller, Sylvia Stot-kwr-ll, Nola Anderson. Bt-tty Nlt'l,LlllQllllII1. Loretta Bauwens. Betty Crouch, Lily Ann Snyder. Billie Dunbar. Row 2: Alyeta Lasiter, Donna Ilendf-rson. Linda Herrera. Pat Hokinson, Virginia Zinnnerinan. Virginia Jai-kson. Judy Snot-t. Shir- ley MVLQ-an. Iiarole lalak. Willa Wilson. Carole Claudn-I, Ilianna Iam--. lrt-ne Bowling. Row 3: Beatrice Wilson. Slierrii- Wilson. Beverly Knight. Carol llall. Susan Tisdale. Mary Jo Vanllec-ke, Mary Etta Long- nerl-zer. iiarol 'llurneiy Vivki Vogelsangl. Phyllis Anderson. Lois Boles. Lana Steplienson, Maureen O'llarrow. Pam O'KIot'k. Hou' -1: Maxine Mix. Martha Platt, Barbara Ili-that-ie. Linda Liyesay. Velma Moose. Pat Bushnell. Marsha Damp. Marty Versluis. Virgie Johnson. Sharon Heed. Nant-y Swiatkiewicz. Carolyn Mitts. Kaye Stevenson. Kon' 5: Judy Hull. Estelle Davidson, Mary Fulsi-Iier. Sharon Williams, Joyve LaPeere, Martha Pugh. Rorhella Williams, Jennie Petersen. Janet Rhodes. Bonnie Udendahl. Barbara Lang, Carol Graham. Virginia Woolley, Sandra Schultz, Janet Fuller. ull ADVANLCILD Ijll-QL!-i' I-il I-I- IILIIF-I All I-I-IHII III-Il IRI I!-i Row 1: Carol Sue Wyatt. Eleanor Smith, Ruby Reyna. Diana I.iimIe-en, Barbara Murphy. Sandy Shipma. Janet Walker. Karen Thiem. Diane llinneweth, Carol Ri-veal. Hou' Z: Melinda Allen. Nancy Wilson, Janet See. Barbara fiabor. Sandra Mcfilullen. Amanda Gomez. llianni' Iislif-Inian, Karan Pagan, Paula Koehler, Vivian Sanders. Row 3: Sandra Rule, Carolyn Robinson. ,Indy Perkins, Barbara tlulley. Karen Duff, Donna Stirratt. Marilyn Brown, Sandra Radford, Marilyn Hipkins. Nanvy Iilartvns. Nanny Ramsey. Row 4: Janice White. .Indy Sunirners. Sharon Green. l'atti Oneth. Kathy Si-Inibert, Pam Nelson, Carol Robyt. Karen Fran- vis. Sue tlollii-r. Sharon Lydon. Nanvy llart, Nan Seott. Rou' 5: Delores Lewis, Sharon Howell, Dorothy Flowers. Paula Powell, Donna Radakivich, Sharon Murphy. Claudia Mayfield. Judy Fisher. Ceorganna Meyers. tiarol Littlewood. Lynn Williams, Pam Pippert. I IFVNIHHQ Row I: Sharon Chidos, Margaret Stockwell, Diane Robbins. Mary Thomas, Cheryl Robinson, Rosemary Prieto, Vicki Taylor, Elizabeth Simpson, Burmie Jamison, Mary Pon:-iano. Pat Rasso, Jean DeRorker. Row 2: Donna Mc-Dowell. Nigil McCord, Norm Redman, Judy Ralston. Bonnie Cunningham, Julie Duff K th , 3 Y Bloody. Norma Crosz. Dianne Snapp, Sharon Rotz, Diane Seibert. Raw 3: Debbie York, Pat Rice, Sandy l'ulver. Sandi Crifhth, Mary Keel, Carol Blackman, Beverly Standefer, Rosemary Borrell, Linda Newing- ham, Rhodella Coleman, Karen Cant, Judy VanKlaveren. Row 4: Joyce Hayes, Nadine Womack, Sandra Hanson, Carolyn Reed. Ruth Smith, Judy Cutler Evelyn Sullivan Mirhele Weeklev Norine Mackey Carole Wallace, Bev Jefferson. Row 5: Carole Polich, Jean Lundahl. Rita Nixon, Andrea, Lundeeri, CoraliKelley, Sally Goodwin, Carol Kelley, Debby Brady, Patty Hill, Sheila Leahy, Barbara Kilts. I.ZHl1tiLII:NDI.I L.IHl.IHLI!:i AEIIILIAN El-IIIIRLIS Row I: Janet Harrison, Mary Miller, Rose Ann Belman, Frances Woods, Diane Henyan, Barbara Fender, Edna Turner, Ruth Kincaid. Paula Huggins, Beverly llzekunskas How 2' Bernice Muno Cl ' R , .. . , s, oria ay, Theresa Vallejo, Betty McLaughlin, Alice Davis, Donna Cr:-en, Priscilla Ohlsen, Carol Coutteau, Vala Nord- holm, Anna Herrera. Row 3: Nancy Hawkins, Betty Reyna. Sheryl Hook, Sue McLane Sally Beard Carmen Ramirez l S P ll , , oanne . peneer, o y Seys, Marilyn Cook, Donna Maxwell, Janet Evans, Nancy Neff. Row 4: Mary Stogdell. Shirley Robinson, Virginia Cunningham, Sandra Lee. Rita Rasso, Marcella Allbritton, Susan Spragre. Pat DeJaegher. Nancy Hill, Lois Lawrence. Joan Evans. Row 5: Mary Kay DeCapp, Gloria Tompkins, Linda Neyt, Kathy Ballard, Karen Lewis, Virginia Hudak, Sandra Neal, Betty Gager, Shirley Engelkens, Judy Shipma, Sharon Hirst, Linda Nyberu. 1 , - , ig- A in l'P'1wi+r! V35-il Row I: Bill Graver, Tom Mr'Lean, Jim Williams, George McNeal, Gary Sliedrlvxilielin, Kent Brooke, Clarence l l 'Xlilton Fliae Rolmert Liwver Huw 2' Dennie Lingafelter, john Holmgren, David Furgeson. Gene ,0lllSOIl, i , ., , , , , ., Ditoli, Jolln Gordan, Roger Fuller, James llnntz, Mickey Williams, Terry Walker, llicliurd Anderson, Fred Suuvedo, Larry Nelson. How 3: llliurles Skinner, Jerry Wise, Harold Rogers, Paul lllanrlmrd, Dennis We:-st, Donald lllcloean, jameS Slallord, Robert Hamrirk, Gary Sager, James llill. Row -I: David Jones, Herbert Clark. Tlioinas Cervantes, Scott Frazell, lien Burns, Perry Auliee, Wayne Oslmorn, Russell Upton. Roger Fuller, ,lolin Hemphill, Clarire Felter. Row 5: Roger Miller, Earl l,ilZlSi'l1, Rene Deliammeluere, Max Weekly, David Lange, George Wuinman, Norlin Neaville, Walter 'l'rir'e, Donald Davis, Roger Clark, Dennis Anderson. Mirllael Griffin. MAI .I- I II-ll ll-dl I!-i Lou Wells. fldrniring the new jackets of the male chorus are this yearis accompanzsls Pat Molnur, Dorothy Cuttoir, and Mary 'Q 'sexy ., my M . , , 1 w ' .La ' w .ff .tw "'E .ifhkm-' Mary Versypt Maureen Kelly Sandy Murphy demonstrates her abilities as a speaker. . Taking pointers are Eileen Thomas, Barbara Culley, fan- ice White, Paula Koehler, and lanet Walker. Ramona Gola:-r Lana Berghult Bernice Cassidy DECLAMATIUN To further develop an appreciation of good liter- ature, and a skilled delivery of various serious and comedy selections is the aim of declamation work. Five senior girls, Lana Berghult, Stormy Goher, Karrol Jeffers, Maureen Kelly, and Mary Versypt, were chosen by Mrs. Frederick, speech coach, to help coach underclassmen. Representing East Moline at the District Speech Contest were Lana Berghult, Mike Carpentier, Ber- neice Cassidy, Cary Hobbs, Karrol Jeffers, Roberta Lang, Kathy Timmerman, Joanne Versypt, and Mary Versypt. The first three place winners from the district con- test went to the sectional contest March 7 and 14. Representing East Moline were Lana Berghult, Kar- rol Jeffers, Mary Versypt, Joanne Versypt, and Kathy Timmerman. JE as V", bers get together with their senior in Kelly is absent from the picture. ps f"'s Q 'QS 'CDP' f ,J X , wa s -- The freshman declunzation team mem- structors. Left to right: Joe Skowronski, Andrea Lundeen, Alice Nelson, Gayle llammerlinek, Sally Goodwin, Gail Sal- rnonson, Stormy Gober, Mary Versypt, Lana Berghult, Karrol fefers. Maureen Q n JIM! i Kathy Timmermar IQ Karrol Jeffers up if 1 Joanne Versypt 91 ""x K Y y" .QQ 4: ' W. Martha Smith YAV' X N J il 'T 75: 4' 'N J uri' - .Q HQBQ. Lynda Benson : ...D V? ,' Diane Eshelman 7 Y A ' .te ll . ,..,, wh. .h AFTER-DINNER SPEAKING ef-5' Sandy Rolzrvn, Lana Berghult, and W' V Kathy Tinznicrman are this year's fI!fl'l'AdlI1ll!'V spealcers. CIRATURICAL DECLAMATIIII Preparing for the' speeclz con- trast at Davenport are these .spcalfffrs in oratorical dl?Cltll7l,- ation: Sharon Allen, Alice Nel- son, foanne Versypt, Mary Versypt, Stormy Cober, and Lana Berghult. Ar the podium is lov Slcowronski, ilIUllfUi?l1 Kelly is missing from the pic- turff. EIRIEINAL URATIUN These students representcd East Moline in original ora tion this yvar. Row I: Mary Versypt, Joanne Versypl Kathy T1'n1merman, and Lou iso Mccreary. Row 2: foe IXUIIQUGIIIGUI, Cary Hobbs and Nancy llall. PIIIETRY Ivrw .slpffzzlrzfrs for flIlS ,war zrrfrv .Ilury I""vr.vj'pl IXYIIITUI fvjjvrs. Luna Bvrg llllff. lxvaflzy TIIIIIIIIPFIIIIIII llwm' Crzssid-my fffirv Nw!- xun. Diane ESIICIIIICIII. SIUFIII-1' Caller. Bvrllcivr Cassidy, and Gayle llam- vrlirzclf. .Ilissflzg from Ifzc lnirlzlrz' is .IlClllI'f'PIl Kelly. XTEMPIIIRANEIIILIE SPEAKING Reprcselztirzg l'fa.s1' 111011510 in extempor- IIIICOIIS speaking ai tile' speech 1'0nlcsls this year zvvrv Louise Mccreary, R0- lwrfn Lang, fofzn Lindegard, Charles Robffrson, Dorulvc Oakmulz. Stvve Svlzullr. and Hana Kean. IIIRIEINAL MI INI II I II-i Tlzrlsf' 0111 for origirzul nmzzologzu' rm' Surzcly Rulzrvn. fllivc lA'llSl'lIlIf. Cary llnlflm. lfllfllwl' 7Il'lIlIIlt'7'IIIl1II. lir'1'I1r'1'r'1' f,'r1.ss1'dj'. and Hlllfl lx'1'1'fI7- .smx I "NN ffl, if fr i ! e Q DEBATE RADILI !:il-'ILAKINEE Heliearsing lier opening speech with her fellow debalers is Martha Smith. Listening critically are Wayrze Miller, Warren Copeland, Barbara Arbeau, Debbie Anderson, Trudy Vines, Tom Guild, and ,lady Summers. I,H1t'fll'lIIiLQ' llzeir lll'0IlIil'Il.YlN are llzfxw radio 5pf'f1lfr'r'.w.' folzn Steele. George Cox. fini .'1l1lIIIlS. Slorniy Cober, llllf .fldl1I7lS. .Hike Curpelzfivr. ond Cookie Ovens. 152d BMA li V in ' A 'fiwsf'ffff?L CILIILI. AND SCROLL Quill and Scroll is an organization com- posed of members of the Skyline and Key staffs. This year it was adopted as the John W. Stevens Chapter of Quill and Scroll. Mem- bers are chosen by their respective sponsors. Initiation is held in the spring when members receive pins and membership cards. Members also receive through the mail copies of the Quill ana' Scroll Magazine. a monthly period- ical keeping all members up to date on the national organizations. at ,W Members of Quill and Scroll were the following Kathy Tzrnrnerman Kathy Smith, Margo! Moose, Judy Riley Joyce Bates Barbara Ar beau. Mazzreen Kelly, Carol White, Louise McCreary and foy Bates Looking over the Quill and Scroll charter are members Maureen Kelly, foy Bates, Carole White and Margot Moose. l,1111lfil1g 11f11'111l fo lflv Sm'- lionrzf S11L'l'l'!l C1rl1I1f.w! 11r1' Ur. .ql1'z'1'11.w llllll .v11m1' llIt'lIIIH'l'.Y of lf11' play 1'11.x! for "Tf11' Bl1I'I'1'f1.Y of Uvflllv IIOII' Sfl't'l'fH.' Curvy llfllflm. .YIlIIL"j' llall. Lolzniv IjSfl'0lII. lllllll f1111l1l112 I'1'r- sypf. Recalling tlw nmny ,Il.g'l11igllfS of llze fall play, gcpfylll' D1'l1'111j111'11f.M flfl' !f11' rust. Tfwy 11r1' 4111110 1XVllI4gf!lf. H111111 1x'1'111z. l,y1111'11 H011- .s1m, IJOIIIIITV 11I1'Cl111r1'f1, l,UI'l',1' l,1'1fpvr. .Uz'lm Crijith, Kurrol fvffcrs. 111111 ffm .4dl1llIS. X 'B' ,X 1 1 A Play cast for "The Barretls of Wimpole Street" arf' Joanne Versypt fllenrietta Moulton-Barrett! Lonnie Ostrom fCaptain Surtees Cookj Cary Hobbs fRobert Browningj Lana Berghult flflizabeth Moulton-Barrettj Nancy Hall fWil- sonj ffm Adams flfdward Moulton-Barrettj Karrol feffers fflrabel Moulton-Barrettj. Robert Browning fGary Hobbsj speaks tender words of love t Elizabeth Moulton-Barrett fltana Bergllultj. H1711 deal with you later exclamzs fmz Adams to Lana Bergltult as foanne Versypt pleads helplessly LIL tlns tense seene rom L'Tl1e Barretts of Wzmpole Street liizsy Skylim- ffdimrs 11111130 for ll piclurv. Tlwy arc: fiizly llmnwr. fflzibs: .lliriirwfiz Iivlly, Cupyg Margo! .1Inn,w. St'lll'flI'.Yl fllizw l,l'll.W'lllI-Y. Svnior ,4f'fI.l'l.iiC.Sf Sin' llzzwfs, Ivl1f1t'I'f'i!lNSIlIf'III lxwizlliy Tl'I7II7Il'I'IIItlIl. ,40- fI.I'l4fil'.Nf Ruffi llirsf. pfrf: Larry .U1'z1doz4'.w. Sports, SKYLINE 0 , ' o 4' I 9 5 L 'E v I . Evurz Yvagvr. Cary liunsan. and Judy lflltllllflf. Typislx fm' :1lir'v Fifzlf'-Y. Berneim ClISSill'j', and Annv Purif. lJiSt'llS.Sillfg plans for this yearfs Skyline arrf the busy spcmsor, Miss l,r1V0lzz1 Iolmson, and tizv Pdilor- ilz-a'l1ie'f. Louise Alf'fjI'UUfy. llllOfUgfCl1J!lCfS for this yeafs Skyline arf' Memories! What better word could be found to describe the Contents of our school annual, the SA'f'llII!'.? The S!-'htllillf' is lull ol memories from the first page of pictures to the closing cover full ol' best wishes from friends. This year's Slfylirze. under the guidance ol' Miss Johnson. sponsor, and Louise Mctireary, editor- in-chiel, has the unique signihcance of being the first Skyline to use a skyline as its theme. ln addition to putting together this year's an- nual the stall' found time to sponsor the HS. S. Skylinen dance. which featured disc jockey Art Stanley. alter the Rock Island football game. Skyline axwislrzlils look orer old yearbooks. They are Margie folmson, Alice Nelson, Lynda lienson, fanice Donder, foanne Ver- sypt. .llarflza Snlllll, right, was faculty cdilor. i if 5 3 Looking over llzc salJscr1'plions for the Skyline are Eddie Pcnca, pa- lrons t'0llIllIlifff'l'Q If 'f" arren Rowe, l1z1.si1ze.v.s munagcrg and Wade Wood, patrons manager. Not ,vlzown is Bonnie Kay Odendalll, SIlb.Sl'fl'IIll.0llS manager. The copywrifers for Skyline this year are Karen Edleman, Velma Noose. Judy Summers, Curtis llarscli, Mary Versypt, Kay Fer- rier. ana' Nancy Scoll. 1:7 wwf 3.5 L lil Nt. xl ,gi llc f u e I 1 The Key owes its fine manage- ment and the selection of in- teresting feature articles to Mrs. Beverly Schwartz, the sponsor. "'rQ Key editors and managers for this year are Joy Bates, assistant edi- torial editorg Joyce Bates, news editorg Mike Knight, "Krazy fatcksorfs Kornervg Pam 0'Klock, feature editor, Carole White, man- aging editorg Ruth llicksey, assist- ant sports editor, Kathy Smith. editorial editorg and ,lady Riley, sports editor. Q Other managers are Sandy Shafer, circulation and ex- change editor, Carol Anders, advertising manager, Karen Agnew, advertising staflg Judy Serverns, assistant business managerg and Darla Reddick, advertising staff There are holes in all sorts of places, put there for all sorts of reasons. You can even hnd a hole in our school paper. Yes, "Through the Keyhole" is one of the favorite columns of the school paper -the joke column. The Key, which comes out once every three weeks, is under the watchful eyes of Mrs. Schwartz, sponsor, and Carole White. editor-in-chief. All stories appearing in the Key are written hy its staff of reporters. The editors first read and edit the reporters' work and then send it to the printers where it is set up in print. The stories then come hack to the staff on long strips of paper for proofreading. Unce they are proofread, they are again sent hack to the printer where the Keys are then run off in the form as we know them. ln addition to meeting deadlines, reading copy and proof, the stall' sponsored the "Sleigh Ridew dance after our basketball game with Jefferson. Special mention should he given to Pam O,Klock, who was liast Molinels correspondent with the Sun- rlay Democrat Times, and to Mike Knight, the au- thor ol "Krazy ,lacksonls Kornerf' KEY V45 f l to . 1.51 C? Key reporters are, Row l: Carol Sergeant. lflzoclela Coleman, Vicki Taylor, Slzeila Weelfley, Janet Wallcer, Rita Russo, Sharon Cltidos, Mary fo Crarnenz. Row 2: Debbie lvorlf, Clzvryl Windey, Donna Katsis, Janet Kipp, Sue Davis, Sylvia Stockwell, Pam Fairrnan, Nancy Wilson, illarilyn Root, Karen Agnew. Row Slzaron Lydon, Mary Versypt, lady Serverns, foyce l,al'eere, Kenny Freeman, Torn Taylor, .lady Cutler, ,laclie llonzan, Kathleen Hill, Alice Nelson. Jeanne Kosczyk. This year, the Key received the third place award in the Columbia University Scholas- tic Press Association contest. The Key was judged with other papers from schools in the midwest area that have the same enrollment. Working diligently to get the next issue of the Key ready for press are these Key staff members: lady Severns, Carole White, and Rath Kicksey. A WI, Doing some rvsearch on the pas! l'a1ill11'r Parudrfs ara' fofzn Si9'l'E?IZS, sponsor, and co-editors Calrin ,Harsh and Bl'V'IIt'l'C8 Cassidy. Larry Meadows. Kathy Smith. Luna Bvrglzzzlf, lov I'lIlZQllflflIP77l. Dirk Lalzge. Donna Katsis. foyvv lialvs. and Louise AICCTPCIF-V com prisvfl llic f'C1l.fOfZ'flI board. Typists are ffm McMiIlil1. janv! VlllllplVL'f.SC'hEldf'. Rall: Ifl'ClfSCy-. and Carole Whifff. Ruth Hirst is art editor, and Ramona Coker is ll typist. PANTHER PARADE I Row l: Karen Agnew. c'irm'ulati0n manager: Jim Pierson. suhscription managvr. Row 2: Alice Lvascfnlmy. viii-nlmion nianagf-r: Lncilh- Fostrom, inisirivw IIlHHZ1glf'l'Z Sandy Nlurphy, suhsvriplion rnniiziger: Sandy Rohrvn. hnsiness nianagerg Kathy 'I'iinnwrmnn, subscription manager. Row 3: Cathy Lnnilirivk. exchange editor: Dorothy Ho- rnnn. vwvhnngc vfiitorz Jim Lovvlt. Circulation nmnngcr: Gary Hohhs. f'iI'l'l1iiliiOl'l manager: and Um-n Stipp. anhsc-riplion manager. Nflll1llIll1!I1 nf 1111 fl Will!!! 111 Thr' Vlllldll' ligfzl- ing f'1'I'l'I7IOIIy was u fziglzliglzl of ffzw Honor S0- crictj' LLSSCIIIIIIQ' prrnwlztvd on our stagv, Mflrrlz 24, Fucully in !l1'll'UIl .' Ur. lfzzdgw gow lzigh in flu' air ClllI'l.I1g the fIll'llIf-1'-.YIIIIIPIII l'll!l1'X'1lllH The fanzcd X111- guyslana Choir prcswzlvd an im- pressirf' fzsxffnz- bljy for I'.T.ll.S. studrfnts. 152 Q11f'f'11 170111111 kVflf.SI'S N lfllllfisx IAIVIU He rglmlt lx'1'11g 1.0IlIIl'4' U.s!1'o111 l,I'iI1f'd' Cary llobbs Tivo royalty nzerrzbffrs. Bob Pyc1'ir'f1 and Runzona Cobvr. arf' lIff'X6'IIfl'd III flu' f1.gl..'l. fzssvrzzbly. E.A. A. RIIIYALTY .411 srrzilvs, ilIi.s,w lfwfvn ,IKIIZIIYS 111111 ,llr, lfirzvcrzf KllIIltjlll..Sf uccvpf flu' I'l'f'fUf.S- trophy from Lynda lfvlzxmz for zcirmizzg the faculty-slzldvlzl volleyball ganzv, Reigning as this y0ar's King and Queen ol' Spo1'tswe1'c Lonnie Ostrom and Donna Katsis. Runners-up lor this lTll1Cl1-LlC5l1'CLl honor were Lana Berghult and Gary Hobbs, This yearls royalty had the pleasure ol' witnessing the first faculty win over the students in the annual stuclent-faculty volleyball gamer ln tht- scconml assembly. liowcwr. the sophomore volleyball team won the honors by ova-rpoweririg tho lavulty l8 to 13. Royalty VIICIIZZJUFS for 1959 were Cur0l Urens. lyllllfvl' Hall, Ramona Cobvr. Kathy Smith. Cum! Coovfz. Smzrlru Kipp. jun:-I I111101-wr.wfzf'Izlf'. Shirley llllI7Il'fII'7If'A'. lflllxllllfll Hoskins. Cary lloblas. l'r1'11r'f'. Donna Kzztszls, Qzufwz. LOIZIIIDI' Ustrom. King. LUIIII Hefrgfzzzll. Princess, Dick Lange. Vu! Bravo, Mika Dvrgo. lim fldanzs. illike Pyericlz. lim .lICllllI'Hl.fl. and Kwnny Frm'- man. 'S A ,A -1 1' W .W ,mgitilx SEN I El R ACTIVITIES ACHILLES, JUDY: Pep Club 1. ACI-IILLES, ROCHELLE: Library 2, 3, 4. ADAMS, JAMES: Choir 1, 2, 3, 4: Lettermen's Club 2, 3, 4: Vice President Thespians 4: Football 1, 2, 3, 4: Track 1, 2, 3, 4: Intramural Basketball 2, 3, 4: Volleyball 2: Basketball 2: Boy's State Representative: G.A.A. Royalty. AGNEW, KAREN: Business Club 3, 4: Camera Club 1: Choir 4: G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4: Glee Club 2, 3: Key 2, 3, 4: Panther Parade 4: Pep Club 1, 4: Tbespians 4: Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4: Y-Teens Executive Board. ALLEN, SHARON: Business Club 2, 3, 4: Camera Club 4: Art Club 4: Declamation 3, 4. ALLISON, JERRY: Advisory Board 1. AMONETTE, DAVID WAYNE: Cross Country 1, 2, 3, 4 ANDERS, CAROL: Choir 4: Secretary 4: G.A.A. 2, 3, 4: Key 2, 3, 4: Advertising Manager 3, 4: Glee Club 2, 3: Vice Presi- dent 3: Y-Teens 2, 3: Art Club 1, 2, 4. ANDERSON, DENNIS: Band 1, 2, 3: Rifle Club 3, 4: Treasurer 4. ANDERSON, JOHN: Tri-Mic 4. ANDERSON, LARRY ARBEAU, BARBARA: Key 3, Reporter: Skyline 3: Extemp. 4: Debate 4: Quill 81 Scroll 3, 4: Honor Society. ARBOGAST, CLIFFORD: F.T.A. 4: Lettermen's Club 2, 3, 4: Football 1: Cross Country 2, 3, 4: Track 1, 2, 3, 4. BATES, JOY: Business Club 2, 3: F.T.A. 4: G.A.A. 4: Key 2, 3, 4: Assistant Editor: Pep Club 4: Y-Teens 2, 3, 4: Quill 81 Scroll 3, 4. BATES, JOYCE: Business Club 2, 3: Extemp. 2: F.T.A. 4: Key 2, 3, 4: Reporter 2, Editorial Editor 3: News Editor 4: Panther Parade 4: Pep Club 4: Y-Teens 2, 3, 4: Quill 81 Scroll 3, 4: Honor Society. BENNETT, ALBERTA BERGHULT, LANA: Advisory Board 1, 2, 3, 4: Band 1, 2: Choir 4: Glee Club 3: F.T.A. 3: G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4: Library 2, 3, 4: Secretary 4: Panther Parade 4: Pep Club 1, 4: Y-Teens 1, 4: Declamation 1, 2, 3, 4: Poetry 1, 2, 3, 4: G.A.A. Royalty: Oratorical Declamation 4: After Dinner Speaking 4: Senior Instructor 4: Homecoming Queen: Tennis 1, 2, 3, 4: Honor Society: Plays 4. BERTHOUD, ROBERT: Rifle Club 1, 2: Intramural Baseball 1, 2, 3: Intramural Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4: Intramural Volleyball 1, 2, 3, 4. BEVERLIN, JERRY: Track 1, 2, 3, 4: Cross Country 2, 3, 4: Wrestling 3, 4: Honor Society. BICKFORD, NANCY BOST, SALLY: Choir 4: Glee Club 2, 3: G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4: Pep Club 1: Y-Teens 2, 3, 4. BOWMAN, EDDIE: Choir 3, 4: F.D.A. 4: Treasurer 4: Glee Club 1, 2: Intramural Basketball 1, 2: Intramural Bowling 1: Volleyball 2. BOYLE, CLADENE: Business Club 3, 4: Pep Club 1, 4: Y-Teens 3, 4. BRATTON, DON: Rifle Club 3. BRAVO, VAL: Glee Club 1, 2: Lettermen's Club 1, 2, 3, 4: Class Vice President 1, 2, 3: Football 1, 2, 3, 4: Wrestling 1, 2, 3, 4: Baseball 1: Track 2, 3, 4: G.A.A. Royalty. BREWER, CYNTHIA: Bible Club 2. LEONA: Business Club 1, 2: Rifle Club 1. BRYANT, JOAN: Choir 4: Glee Club 2, 3: Y-Teens 4. CADY, SUSAN: Choir 4: F.N.A. 2: Glee Club 2, 3: Pep Club 1. CAIN, BOB: Glee Club 1: Tri-Mic 3. CALL, DALE CALSYN. RAY: Camera Club 1, 2: F.D.A. 4. CANFIELD, MYRNA: Student Council 1: Camera Club 4: G.A.A. 1: Glee Club 1: Pep Club 1. CARLILE. ALLEN C.: F.D.A. 4: Historian: Golf 2. CARLILE, KAREN: Choir 4: Glee Club 3. CARMACK. DAN: Rifle Club 1, 2: Tri-Mic 3, 4: Councilman. CARROLL, VINCENT CASILLAS, SERGIO A.: Rille Club 2: Vocational Auto Shop, Secretary. CASSIDY, BERNICE: Band 1: Business Club 3, 4: Declamation, Poetry l, 2, 3, 4: G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4: Panther Parade 4: Pep Club 1, 4: Skyline 4: Thespians 4: Gym Assistant 3: Honor Society. CHANEY, MARVIN: Glee Club 1. CLAEYS, RUSS: Rillc Club 2: Thespians 4: Basketball 2. CLARK, BILL: Lettermen's Club 3, 4: Gym Assistant 3, 4: Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4: Football 1, 2. 3, 4. CLAUSEN, DOLORES: F.H.A. 3, 4: Publicity Chairman: G.A.A. 3: Pep Club 4: Y-Teens 3. CORD, RON: Football 1, 2. CUNNINGHAM, LONNIE: F.D.A. 4. DE BATES, CAROL DE GRANDE, JERRY DERGO, MIKE: Lettermen's Club 1: Basketball 2, 3. 4: Base- ball 1, 2, 3, 4: G.A.A. Royalty. DETHERAGE, NORMA DIERICKS, WAYNE DOBEREINER, PEGGY: Choir 4: Glee Club 1, 2, 3: Pep Club 1, Y-Teens 2, 3. DOUD, ALICE: Business Club 3, 4: G.A.A. 1: Pep Club 1. EASLEY, MERLE EATON, PEGGY: Student Council 1, 2: Debate 2: Gym Assist- ant 3: Honor Society. FAIRMAN, PAM: Business Club 3, 4: Vice-President: Key 3, 4: Pep Club 4: Y-Teens 1: J.A.: Debate 1: .Honor Society. FILLMER, LARRY: F.D.A. 3, 4: Reporter 4. FI?LEY, ALICE: Choir 4: F.H.A. 1: Glee Club 2, 3: Skyline , 4. FLOOD, KATHY: Band 1, 2. FOSTROM, LUCILLE: F.N.A. 2, 3, 45 G.A.A. I, 2, 3, 49 Glee Club 2: Panther Parade 4: Pep Club 4: Y-Teens 4: Chorus 1. FRANCIS, NORLENE: Pep Club 1. FREEMAN, KENNY: Key 2: Lettermen's Club 3: G.A.A. Royalty: Football 1, 2, 3, 4: Basketball 1, 2: Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4. FREY, RON: Band 1: Track 1, 2, 3, 4: Football 3. FUHRER, DON LEE: Choir l: Glee Club 2: Tri-Mic 3: Council- man: Football 1, 2. FULSCHER, JOYCE: G.A.A. 2. GEARHART, PEGGY JO GEER, MARILYN: Choir 10: F.N.A. 2, 3, 4: Glee Club 2: Panther Parade 4: Pep Club 4: Office Assistant 3, 4: Honor Society. GILLIATT, JUDY: Choir 1: F.H.A. 4: G.A.A. 1: Y-Teens 1. GLYNN, JACK: F.D.A. 3, 4: Skyline 1. GOBER, RAMONA, NSTORMYW Band 1, 2: Choir 4: F.N.A. 2, 3, 4: President 3: G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4: Glee Club 3: Panther Parade 4: Pep Club 1, 4: Thespians 3, 4: President 4: Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4: Declamation 2, 3, 4: Instructor 4: Oratorical Decla- mation 4: Plays 3: Poetry 3, 4: G.A.A. Royalty. .5 ,-"tillw,,,,,-- GOOCH, CAROL: Business Club 4: G.A.A. I, 2, 3, 4: Y-Teens 4: G.A.A. Board 3, 4: Gym Assistant 3, 4: G.A.A. Royalty. GRAMENZ, MARY JO: Business Club 1, 2, 3, 4: G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4: Key 2, 3, 4: Pep Club 1: Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4. GRANET, TONY: Band 2, 3, 4. GRANT, PHIL: Band I, 2, 3, 4: Oflicer: Bible Club 1, 2, 3, 4: Secretary 4. GRAVER, TERRY: Rifle Club 1, 4. GRAY, .IACQUELINE L. GRAY, SHEILA GREEN, RONALD: Bible Club 3: F.D.A. 4: Track 1. GULDENPFENNIG, MYRA: Bio-Chemics 4: Pep Club 1, 4: Rifle Club 2, 3, 4: Secretary 3: Vice-President 4: Honor Society. HAKEMAN, DON: Football 1, 2. HALE, JIM HALL, NANCY: Student Council 1, 2, 3, 4: G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4: Executive Board: Thespians 4: Quint City Student Council Vice-President 4: Quint-City Representative 3: Honor Society, Historian: G.A.A. Royalty: Tennis 3, 4. HAMERLY, BILL: Bible Club 2: Bio-Chemics 1: F.T.A. 1: Football 1: Track 2. HAMERLINCK, SHIRLEY: Choir 4: G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4: Glee Club 3: Key 1, 2: Pep Club 4: Y-Teens 3, 4: G.A.A. Royalty. HANSEN, GARY S.: Band 1, 2: Bible Club 2: Camera Club 4: Skyline 2, 4: Tri-Mic 3, 4. HANTZ, HELEN E.: F.D.A. 4: F.H.A. 1, 2. HARRIS, ARLENE: Bible Club 1, 2, 3: Business Club 2, 3, 4: Y-Teens 3, 4. HASBROUCK, MICK HAUMAN, CAROL: Business Club 3: Choir 4: F.N.A. 2, 3: Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4: Skyline 2: Y-Teens 3. HAYSLETT, WALTER HEIMBURGER, GERALD L. HERNANDEZ, CECIL: Student Council 1, 2, 3: Basketball 1: Football 1, 2, 3: Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4: Intramurals 2, 3, 4: Spanish Club 3, 4. HINES, PEGGY: Choir 4: F.H.A. 1: Glee Club 2, 3: Rifie Club 1. HINTZE, JERRY: F.D.A. 4. HIRST, RUTH: Bible Club 1, '2, 3, 4: Business Club 3: Choir 4: F.T.A. 4: Glee Club 2, 3: Panther Parade 4: Skyline 3, 4: Spanish Club 2, 3: Art Club 1, 2, 4: Ten-Keys 4: Sof-Tones 3: Chorus 1. HOBBS, GARY: Student Council 2, 4: Parliamentarian 2: Glee Club 2: Lettermen's Club 2, 3, 4: Secretary 4: Panther Parade 4: Class President 2, 3, 4: Homecoming Royalty: Junior Ro- tarian: Honor Society, President: G.A.A. Royalty: Football 1, 2: Basketball I, 2, 3, 4: Track 1, 2, 3, 4. HOKINSON, MARGARET: Choir 4: Glee Club I, 2, 3: Pep Club 1: Spanish Club 2, 3: Y-Teens 2. HOMAN, DOROTHY: Band 1, 2, 3, 4: Librarian 3: Captain 4: F.T.A. 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 3, President 4: G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4: Key 2: Reporter 2: Library Club 2, 3, 4, President 4: Panther Parade 4: Exchange Editor 4: Pep Club 4: Y-Teens 4: Honor Society, Secretary. HOOVER, JUDY: Student Council 2, 3, 4, Secretary 4: Choir 4: Glee Club I, 2, 3: Skyline 3, 4, Club Editor 4: Y-Teens 4: Homecoming Royalty: Quint-City Representative 3: Pekin District Representative 2, 3: Class Secretary-Treasurer 1, 2, 3: Class Vice-President 4: Honor Society. HOSKINS, RICHARD: Choir 1, 2, 3, 4: Lettermen's Club 3, 4: G.A.A. Royalty: Football 1, 2, 3, 4: Track 1, 2, 3, 4: Wrestling 1, 2, 3, 4: Assistant Gym Instructor 3, 4. HOWELL, WANDA: Choir 4: Glee Club 1, 2, 3: Art Club 4. HUNGATE, JOYCE: Business Club 3. HUTTON, PHILLIP: Student Council 2, 3: Tri-Mic 3: Vice- President 3: Basketball Manager 1, 2, 3: Football Manager 2: Tennis 3, 4: Intramurals 1, 3, 4. INGERSOLL, DARRYL: Choir 3, 4: F.D.A. 4: Glee Club 1, 2. ISAIS, OLGA: Business Club 4: Choir 4: G.A.A. I, 2: Glee Club 1, 2: Chorus 1: Pep Club 4: Y-Teens 4. JACKSON, DONNA: Choir 4: G.A.A. 1, 2: Glee Club 1, 3: Rifle Club 1: Y-Teens 2. JANOWSKI, VICTOR JEFFERS, KARROL S.: Business Club 4: F.H.A. 1: Thespians 3, 4: Vice-President 4: Declamation 2, 3, 4: Oratorical Declama- tion 2: Poetry 2, 4: Plays 3, 4: Honor Society. JOHNSON, BILL: Tri-Mic 3, 4. JOHNSON, LaJUNE: Student Council I: Choir 4: F.N.A. 2, 3, 4 Vice-President 3, President 4: G.A.A. 1, 2: Glee Club 2, 3: Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4, President 3. JOHNSTON, DARREL KANNENBERG, FRANCES: F.N.A. 2, 3. KARR, DAN KASTNER, DAVID: Rifle Club 1: Art Club I, 2, 3, 4: Basket- ball I: Baseball 1: Tennis 1. KASTNER, DELORES: Choir 4: G.A.A. 2, 3, 4: Glee Club 2, 3: F.H.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Historian 2: Tennis 1, 2. KATSIS, DONNA: Business Club 2, 3, 4: Choir 4: G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4: Glee Club 2, 3: Key 2, 3, 4: Panther Parade 45 PCP Club 1, 4: Thespians 4: Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4: Chorus 1: Cheer- leaders I, 2, 3, 4: Homecoming Princess: Ten-Keys 4: Plays 3, 4: Honor Society: G.A.A. Royalty. KAUFMAN, MARION KEEL, JANE KEHOE, MICHAEL KELLY, MAUREEN: F.N.A. 2, 3, 4: Pep Club 4: Rifle Club 1: Skyline 2, 3, 4: Thespians 4: Declamation 2, 3, 4: Oration 3, 4: Poetry 4: Debate 2: Plays 3, 4: Honor Society. KICKSEY, RUTH: Business Club 2, 3, 4: F.H.A. 1: G.A.A. I, 2, 3, 4: Key 2, 3, 4, Assistant Sports Editor 4: Panther Parade 4: Pep Club 1, 4: Y-Teens 2, 3, 4, Executive Board. KIGHT, JUDY: Glee Club 2, 3: Pep Club 1: Y-Teens 1, 3: Chorus 1. KINCAID, SANDRA: Business Club 2, 3: G.A.A. 2. KING, TOM: Glee Club 2: Football 1, 2. KIPP, SANDRA: F.H.A. 1, 2, 3, 4: G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4: Pep Club 4: Y-Teens 2, 3, 4, Program Chairman: G.A.A. Royalty: Cheer- leader I, 2, 3, 4. KNIGHT, MIKE: Basketball Manager 4: Key 2, 3, 4: Library Club: Plays 3: Lettermen's Club. KNOX, HAROLD KOENIG, GERRY: Choir 2, 3, 4, Librarian 4: Glee Club 2: Baseball 1, 2: Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4: Cross-Country 3. KRAMBECK, HERB LaFERRARA, LENA LAMBRICK, CATHY: F.N.A. 2, 3, 4: Panther Parade 4: Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4: Honor Society. LANG, DEAN: Choir 1, 2, 3: F.D.A. 4. LANG, DON LANG, ROBERTA: Student Council 1: Bible Club 1, 2, 3, 4, President, Vice-President, Secretar5t,..gTreasurer: F.H.A. 1, 2: F.T.A. 1: Pep Club 1: Debate 3, 4-:"'Ex,temp. 2, 3, 4: Honor. Society, . 1 Fc-ah , LANG-E, DICK: Lettermen's Club 2, 3, 4, Presideiit 4: Panther Parade 4, Editorial Board: G.A.A. Royalty: Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4: Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4: Football 1, 2, 3, 4. Q, S ,Q - 165 LANGE, LARRY: Auto Shop Club 3, 4: Football 1, 2: Baseball I: Intramurals 3. LAURITZSON, JANICE: F.D.A. 4, President: G.A.A. 1, 2. LEACH, SANDRA: F.D.A. 4: Glee Club 2, 3: Chorus 1. LEADER, RAYMOND: Letterme-n's Club 3, 4: Tri-Mic 3, 4: Baseball 1: Track Manager 2, 3, 4: Cross-Country Manager 4. LEASENBY, ALICE: Student Council 2, 3, 4, Pekin District Representative: Choir 4: Declamation 3: G.A.A. 2, 3: Glee Club 2, 3, Secretary 3: Chorus 1: Panther Parade 4: Pep Club 4: Skyline 4: Thespians 4: Y-Teens 3, 4, Office Assistant 4: Honor Society: Play Stafl 3, 4. LEENKNECHT, CAROLE: F.H.A. I, 2, 3, 4: G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4: Pep Club 1. LEEPER, LARRY: Lettermen's Club 3, 4: Thespians 4: Foot- ball 2, 3, 4: Wrestling 2, 3, 4: Track 2, 3, 4: Plays 3, 4. LENHART, GARY: Bio-Chemics 4: Glee Club 2: Tri-Mic 3: Football 1: Intramural Basketball 4. LINDEGARD, JOHN: Debate 4. LOVETT, JAMES: Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Corporal 4: Panther Parade 4, Circulation Manager: Tennis. LUSTER, ELLIS: Rifle Club 1, 2, 3, 4, President. MAITLEN, GENE: Chorus 1: F.D.A. 4: Intramurals 3. MARSH, CALVIN: Bio-Chemics 4: Library Club 2, 3, 4: Rifie Club 1: Panther Parade 4, Co-Editor-In-Chief: Intramural Bowl- ing 1, 2, 3, 4. MARTIN, DAVE: Choir 3, 4: Glee Club 2: Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4: Tennis 3, 4. MATAYA, JOSEPHINE: F.H.A. 1: G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4: Pep Club 4. MATSON, SHARON: Pep Club 4. MQRYJVIELL, GARY: Student Council 1: Bio-Chemics 1: Library u . MAYHEW, MARJORIE: Choir 4: Glee Club 2, 3: Chorus 1. MCCHURCH, DENNIS: Rifle Club 1: Thespians 4. McCORD, HAROLD MCCREARY, LOUISE: Choir 4: Extemp. Speaking 2, 3, 4: Original Oration 4: F.T.A. 2: Glee Club 2, 3: Panther Parade 4, Editorial Board: Pep Club 1: Skyline 1, 2, 3, 4, Editor-In- Chief 4, Thespians 3, 4, Secretary Clerk 4: Y-Teens 1, 2, 3: Quill 81 Scroll 4: Honor Society. McLEAN, FRANK: Intramurals 1, 2. MCMAHON, LeROY: Chorus 1. MCMILLIN, JIM: Choir 1, 2, 3, 4: Lettermen's Club 3, 4: Foot- ball 1, 2, 3, 4: Wrestling 1, 2, 3, 4: Track 2, 3, 4: G.A.A. Royalty. MCNALLY, BOB MEADOWS: LARRY: Bio-Chemics 2: Lettermen's Club 3, 4, Library Club 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 4: Panther Parade 4, Editorial Board: Skyline 3, 4: Sports Editor 3, 4: Play Staff 4: Football 1: Track 1, 2, 3. MERIDETH, RON: Band 3. MILLER, DENNIS: F.T.A. 2: Thespians 3: Tri-Mic 3. MILLER, JERAL: Band 1, 2, 3, 4: Lettermen's Club 3, 4: Rifle Elph 2: Play Staff 3, 4: Tennis 1, 2, 3, 4: Intramural Basket- al 3. MILLER, EDWARD: Lettermen's Club 4: Football 3: Track 3, 4. MITACEK, BARBARA: Business Club 2, 3, 4: G.A.A. 1: Glee Club 2: Key 2: Rifle,CIub 1: Y-Teens 3: Radio Workshop. .iiqg9aLi,i2R, MRENZ, Bible Club 3. , J i " 3 H' "ww ii I ' " Bio-Chemics 2, 3, 4: Rifle Club 2, 3: Thes- pians 4: Play Staff 3, 4: Intramurals 3, 4. MONAHAN, VINCE: Lettermen's Club 2, 3, 4: Rifle Club 1, 2, 3: Spanish Club 1, 2, 3, 4: Intramurals Basketball 1, Football 1, 2, 3: Wrestling. qiyii W, iii NIOOSE, MARGOT: Choir 4: G.A.A. I, 2: Glee Club 2, 3: Sky- line 3, 4, Senior Class Editor: Y-Teens 1, 4: Quill Sz Scroll 4: Honor Society 4: Art Club 4. Business Secretary: Ten-Keys 4. MORLEY, KEN MURPHY. JANICE MURPHY, SANDY: Business Club 3: Choir 4: Radio Workshop 4: G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4: Glee Club 2. 3: Key Reporter 2, 3: Panther Parade 4: Pep Club 4: Y-Teens 3, 4, Treasurer: Play Stafl. MYERS, VIRGINIA: Business Club 2, 3, 4: Choir 4, Treasurer 4: G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4: Glee Club 2: Pep Club 1: Y-Teens 4: Fresh- man Chorus I: Gym .Assistant 3. NAHRGANG, LARRY: F.T.A. 4: Glee Club 1, 2: Lettermen's Club 3, 4: Homecoming Royalty: Junior Rotarian: Football 1, 2, 3. 4: Track 1, 2, 3: Intramurals 1, 4. NELSON, HOWARD ' NEUFCOUR, SHARON: Business Club 4: Choir 4: G.A.A. 1, 2: Glee Club 2, 3: Key 1, 2, Sports Editor: Y-Teens 3, 4: Fresh- man Chorus 1. NOFTSKER. DIANE: G.A.A. 1: Pep Club 1. NUTTER, DELBERT: Rifle Club I, 2: Tri-Mic 3, 4, Councilman. O'BRIEN, LARRY: Tri-Mic 3: Intramurals 2. OHRBERG, ALICE: Choir 4: G.A.A. 1, 2, 3: Glee Club 3: Y-Teens 1. OREY, CAROLINE: F.H.A. 1: G.A.A. 1, 2, 3: Key 2, 3: Pep Club 1: Skyline 4. OSTROM, LONNIE: Student Council 2, 3, 4, President 4: Letter- men's Club 3, 4: Y.C.Q.C. 3, 4, President 4: Plays 4: Honor Society, Vice-President: Football 1, 2: Baseball 1: Tennis 3, 4: Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4: G.A.A. Royalty. OVENS, CAROL: Student Council 3: Radio Workshop 4: F.N.A. 3: G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4: Key 1, 2: Library Club 2, 3, 4: Pep Club 1, 4: Y.C.Q.C. 2, 3, 4: J.A. 2: Homecoming Royalty: Honor Society: G.A.A. Royalty: Tennis Team 2, 3, 4: Cheerleading 1, 2, 3, 4. PAASCH, ALICE PARK, ANNE: Bible Club I, 2, 3: Business Club 2, 3: Chorus 1: F.H.A. 2, 3, 4: G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4: Key 2. PATTERSON, SINCLAIR: Band 1, 2, 3, 4: Lettermen's Club 3, 4: Football 1, 2, 3, 4: Track 1, 2: Baseball 2: Intramurals 1, 3, 4. PAYNE, CARL: F.D.A. 4. PAYTASH, JUNE: Band 1, 2: Y-Teens 4: Play Staff. PEEL, WILLARD: Football I, 2. PERKINS, ELAINE: G.A.A. 2, 3, 4: Gym Assistant 3, 4. PETERSON, ART: Bio-Chemics 1, 2, 3, 4: Lettermen's Club 3, 4: Rifle Club 1: Football 1, 2: Basketball 1, 2: Track 1, 2: Intra- murals 2, 3. PETERSON, NANCY: Business Club 4: F.H.A. 1: G.A.A. 1, 2: Radio Workshop 3. PIERSON, JIM: Student Council 1, 3, 4, State Representative 3, 4, Quint City Representative 4, National Secretary Parliamen- tarian 3, Pekin District President 3, 4: Band 1, 2: Lettermen's Club 4: Panther Parade 4: Junior Rotarian 4: Play Staff 4: Plays 4: Honor Society, Treasurer: Baseball 1, 2: Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4: Tennis 3, 4: Cross Country 3: Homecoming Royalty. PLAVAK, JIM: RiHe Club 2, 3, 4, Vice-President, Secretary. PLUMB, KATHY: F.H.A. 1. POTTER, BARBARA: Chorus 1: F.H.A. 1. PYEVICH, BOB: G.A.A. Royalty: Lettermen's Club 2, 3, 4: Football 1, 2: Track 1, 2: Tennis 3: Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4: Tri-Mic 3. RAMERIZ, FRANCES A.: Choir 4: Glee Club 1, 2, 3: Spanish Club 1, 2, 3. RANGEL, ANSELM: Spanish Club 3. RANGEL, BERNADETTE RASKE, JUDY LEE RASMUSSEN, GEORGE: Band 1, 2, 3, 4: Basketball I. RASSO, JOHN: Rifle Club I: Spanish Club I. RASSO, ROSEMARY: Spanish Club 3, 4. REDDICK, DARLA: Key 2, 3, 4: Pep Club I: Spanish Club I: Art Club 4. REILING, HOWARD: Rifle Club 2, 3. RILEY, JUDY: Business Club 2, 3, 4, Secretary: Choir 4: G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4: Glee Club 3: Key 2, 3, 4, Sports Editor 4: Pep Club 1, 4: Y-Teen 3, 4. ROBERTSON, FREDA: F.D.A. 4. ROBINSON, KEN: Student Council 1: Radio Workshop 3: Key 1: Lettermen's Club 1: Tennis 1, 2, 3, 4: Intramurals 2, 3. ROHREN, SANDY: Honor Society: F.T.A. 2, 3, 4, Secretary, Historian: G.A.A. I, 2, 3, 4: Glee Club 1, 2: Library Club 2, 3, 4: Panther Parade 4, Business Manager: Pep Club 4: Tennis 2, 3, 4. ROTZ, JOYCE: F.D.A. 4, Secretary. RUSK, JERRY: F.D.A. 4: Basketball 2. SCHMIDT, PHIL: F.T.A. 4: Lettermen's Club 4: Football 1, 2, 3, 4: Track 2, 3: Golf 4: Intramurals. SCHUETZLER, DONNA: G.A.A, 2, 3, 4. SCHULTE, STEVE: Thespians 4. SCHWEITZER, CAROL: Student Council I: Choir 4: Cvlee Club 2, 3: Pep Club 1: Radio Workshop 4. SEDGWICK, HARRY: Bible Club I, 2, 3, 4: Tri-Mic 3: Intra- murals. SERGEANT, CAROL: Business Club 3, 4: Choir 4: G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4: Clee Club 3: Key 2, 3, 4: Pep Club I, 4: Thespians 4: Y-Teens I, 2, 3, 4, Publicity Chairman. SEVERNS, JUDY: Band I: Bio-Chemics 2: Key 2, 3, 4, Assistant Business Manager 4: Honor Society. SEYBOLD, JIM: Band 1, 2: Football 2: Bowling 2, 3, 4: Soft- ball 4: Tri-Mic 3. SHARER, SANDRA: Key 1, 2, 3, 4, Circulation Manager 4. SHAW, LOUISE: Business Club 3: F.T.A. 4: G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4: Cvlee Club 2: Pep Club 1, 4: Y-Teens 2, 3, 4: Chorus 1. SHEPARD, RONALD: Key 2: Football I, 2: Intramurals I, 2, 3, 4. SHIVERS, CHARLES: Lettermen's Club 3, 4: Football 1, 2, 3, 4: Basketball 1, 2: Baseball 1, 2: Track 3, 4. SIERRA, LOUIS: Spanish Club I, 2, 3, 4, Vice-President 3: President 4: Intramurals I, 2, 3, 4: Football 2. SIMLER, NANCY: Bible Club 1, 2: F.D.A. 4. SKILES, JANICE: Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Band Officer, Corporal: Band Officers Club 2, 3: F.N.A. 2, 3, 4: G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4: Pep Club 1, 4: RiHe Club 1: Skyline I, 2: Y-Teens 4. SMIDDY, LARRY: Intramurals I, 2, 3, 4: Baseball 2: Football I. SMITH, KATHY: Student Council 4, Treasurer 4: Business Club 2, 3: F.N.A. 3: G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Vice'President 3, 4: Key 1, 2, 3, 4: Panther Parade 4: Pep Club 1, 4: Y-Teens 2, 3, 4: Chorus I: Quill 81 Scroll: Honor Society: G.A.A. Royalty: Cheerleading 1, 2, 3, 4. SPENCER, DORA: F.D.A. 4. STAHL, VIRGINIA: Choir 4: Glee Club 2, 3: Chorus 1. STARKWEATHER, JUDY: G.A.A. I: Chorus I. STEPHENSON, MARY SUE: Business Club 2, 3, 4: Pep Club I: Y-Teens 3, 4. STEVENSON, CAROLE: Choir 4, Robe Chairman: G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Vice-President 2, 3: C.A.A. Board 4: Glee Club 2, 3: Y-Teens 2, 3, 4, Vice-Presi'dent,4,: Chorus 1. as STIPP, OWEN: Panther Parade 4, Subscription Manager: Rifie Club 2: Chorus 1: Glee Club 2: Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4. STOCKWELL, FLOYD: Wrestling 3, 4. SUCHY, JERRY SIilLhlVAN, DON: Student Council I, 2: Thespians 4: Basket- Ja I. SWIFT, ROBERT TANEK, DORIS: Chorus I: Business Club 2, 3, Treasurer: Key 2, 3, 4, Assistant News Editor 2: Business Manager 3, 4: Quill Sz Scroll. TAYLOR, TOM: Key 3, 4: Intramurals 2, 3, 4: Basketball I: Baseball 2: Tennis 3. TERRONEZ, JULIUS: Student Council 2: Choir 1, 2, 3, 4: Lettermen's Club 3, 4: Spanish club 1, 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 3, Vice-President 4: Football 1, 2, 3, 4: Basketball I, 2: Wrestling 3, 4: Track I, 2: Intramurals I, 2, 3. TERRONEZ, LUZ: Skyline 3. Tl-IURBER, JUDY: Bible Club 1, 2, 3. TIMMERMAN, KATHLEEN: Choir 3, 4: Glee Club 1, 2: Panther Parade 4: Subscription Manager: Pep Club 1: Rifle Club 3: Skyline 2, 3, 4: Declamation: Original Oration: Poetry: Original Monologue: After Dinner Speaking: Quill 8: Scroll 3, 4: Honor Society: Office Assistant 3. TRASK, FRANK: Tri-Mic 3, 4, President 4: Chorus: Glee Club 2. TURNER, CAROL: Cv.A.A. 3, 4: Glee Club 4. TURNER, JAMES VALLEJO, SALLY: Glee Club 2: Pep Club 1: Spanish Club 1. VANDA, PATRICIA: Business Club 3. VAN HULLE, JANET: Key I, 3, 4, Assistant Business Manager 3: Pep Club I, 2. VANOVERSHELDE, JANET: Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Corporal 3, 4: Business Club 3, 4: G.A.A. l, 2, 3, 4: Board 4, President 3: Key 1, 2: Panther Parade 4: Pep Club I, 4: Y-Teens I, 2, 3, 4, Class Treasurer 4: Homecoming Royalty: G.A.A. Royalty. VAN QUATHEM, BARBARA: G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4: Library Club 2, 3, 4: Pep Club 1: Tennis Team 2, 3, 4. VAN QUATHEM, JOE: Junior Rotarian 4: Honor Society: Letter- men's Club 4: Panther Parade 4: Basketball 1, 2, 4: Cross Country 3. VERSHAW, HARRY: F.D.A. 4. VERSYPT, MARY: F.H.A. I, 2, 3, 4, Vice-President 3, President 4: Key 4: Pep Club 1, 4: Skyline 4: Declamation 2, 3, 4: Ora- torical Declamation 4: Instructor 4: Verse 2, 3, 4: Honor Society. VIAGER, DARLA: Business Club I. WARREN, JEAN: Choir 4: C.A.A. I, 2, 3, 4, Secretary 4: Clee Club 1, 2, 3: Pep Club I: Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4, President 4. WEBER, GAIL: Student Council 1: Glee Club 2, 3: Pep Club I: Spanish Club I. WEEKLY, SHEILA: Business Club 3, 4: G.A.A. I, 2, 3, 4: Key 2, 3, 4: Pep Club I, 4: Y-Teens I, 2, 3, 4. WEISBROOK, NANCY: Business Club 1, 2, 3, 4: Cv.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4: Key 2: Pep Club 1: Y-Teens 1, 4. WENDELL, LARRY: Student Council I: Rifle Club I. WHITE, CAROLE: Student Council 4, Key Reporter: Bio-Chemics 2: F.N.A. 2, 3, 4: G.A.A. 1, 2, 3: Key 2, 3, 4: Editorial Editor 2, 3, Editor-In-Chief 3, 4: Panther Parade 3, 4, Editorial Board 3: Pep Club 1, 4, Vice-President 4: Skyline I, 2, Assistant Senior Editor 2: Quill 81 Scroll 3, 4, Honor Society. WILLHOUSE, WILLARD WILLIAMS, CARY: Letter en's Club 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 4: Track 1, 2, 3, 4: Cross-Country I2, 3, 4. Q WINDEY: QHERYL: Business Club 3, '45 Chdiris :1:f' e.A.A, 14- z,' 3, 41: Key 1, 2, 3, 4: Pep Club 1, 4: Thespians 44:"Y-Tgens 1, 2, WISE, Jo ELLA: Key i, 3, Reporter. WOMACK, DAVE: Intramurals 1, 2: Debate. lf? . A - 167 AUTOMOBILE DEALERS Reynold's Motor Company 1025-l6th Avenue East Moline, Illinois Warren Sales Company Chevrolet Dealer for 37 years T34-15th Avenue East Moline, Illinois BAKERIES Erzinger Bakery 910-Ist Avenue Silvis, Illinois CAB Buddy Boy Cab Company T31-15th Avenue East Moline, Illinois CLEANERS Vander Beke's Cleaners-Furriers 1229-18h Avenue East Moline, Illinois CLOTHING AND SHOE STORES Cobert's Clothing 844-15th Avenue East Moline, Illinois Dale's Clothing Store 832-15th Avenue East Moline, Illinois D. 81 H. Clothing 940-15th Avenue East Moline, Illinois La Rue Shop 835-15th Avenue East Moline, Illinois M Sz R Shoes and Sportswear 918-15th Avenue East Moline, Illinois Norlin's Shoe Store 830-15th Avenue East Moline, Illinois SPCYIJTOECIKIS Clothing 1116-15th Avenue East Moline, Illinois Stine the Tailor 841-15th Avenue East Moline, Illinois Y'deens Men's Wear 1301-5th Avenue Moline, Illinois DENTISTS Dr. W. C. Steele 15095-7th Street East Moline, Illinois Dr. Kenneth G. Johnson Suite 212 Manufacturers' Bank Building East Moline, Illinois Dr. R. C. Hendricks 802W-l5th Avenue Over State Bank Building East Moline, Illinois DOCTORS George A. Cook, M.D. 918-16th Avenue East Moline, Illinois Thornton Martin, Chiropodist 822W-15th Avenue East Moline, Illinois M. F. Weissmann, M.D. 802Vz-15th Avenue East Moline, Illinois onus stones Agnew's,,Drug Store" 7th Street and 16th Avenue East Moline, Illinois Cosgrave Pharmacy 908-lst Avenue Silvis, Illinois PATRCINS FURNITURE STORES Almquist Brothers Furniture and Appliance B04-16th Avenue East Moline, Illinois Mac B. Ball Furniture Store 1516-Tth Street East Moline, Illinois Copeland Upholstering Shop 816-lst Avenue Silvis, Illinois GARAGES AND SERVICE STATIONS Bordner's Shell Service T05-16th Avenue East Moline, Illinois Gysland's Skelly Cas Station Tth Street and lTth Avenue East Moline, Illinois Hasty's Mohile Service Station U03-18th Avenue East Moline, Illinois Lavvrence's Auto-Electric 1338-18th Avenue East Moline. Illinois Mueller's Skelly Service T24-lst Avenue Silvis, Illinois Ware Oil Company 1827-18th Avenue East Moline. Illinois Wilson's Friendly Service A.A.A., D.X. Tth Street and 17th Avenue East Moline, Illinois GIFTS The Luggage and Gift Shop 423-15th Street Moline, Illinois GRAIN AND FEED STORES Ideal Milling Company 1110-16th Avenue East Moline, Illinois East Moline Feed Mill 1819-18th Avenue East Moline, Illinois GROCERY STORES De Keere's Market 1357-18th Avenue East Moline, Illinois National Food Store 921-16th Avenue East Moline, Illinois Van Puyvelde Food Mart 1026-16th Avenue East Moline, Illinois HARDWARE AND PAINT STORES Sherwin-Williams Company 1421-Sth Avenue Moline, Illinois Sproul's 912-15th Avenue East Moline, Illinois Standard Hardware 914-15th Avenue East Moline, Illinois Suss Hardware and Garden Supplies 714-lst Avenue Silvis, Illinois Van Thorre Hardware 124-I-43 - 18th Avenue East Moline, Illinois INSURANCE George H. Cramm Agency Manufacturers' Bank Building East Moline, Illinois Neuwerk Insurance Agency 717-17th Street Moline, Illinois Walker Insurance Agency 910-16th Avenue East Moline, Illinois JEWELERS Sable's Jewelry 908-15th Avenue East Moline, Illinois W. F. Tatman Jewelry 9l6-lst Avenue Silvis, Illinois Van De Voorde Jewelers l5I1-Tth Street East Moline, Illinois LAWYERS Sherwood L. Castigan Law Offices T23-15th Avenue East Moline, Illinois Roy H. Glockhoff Manufacturers' Bank Building East Moline, Illinois John Kerwin 1603-18th Avenue East Moline, Illinois LOAN COMPANIES Mercury Loan Company 661-15th Avenue East Moline, Illinois Seaboard Finance Company 829-15th Avenue East Moline, Illinois MUSIC STORES Band Box Music Shop 515-15th Street Moline, Illinois Stormy's Port Record Shop 657-15th Avenue East Moline, Illinois NEWSPAPERS East Moline Herald 822-15th Avenue East Moline, Illinois Moline Daily Dispatch 930-15th Avenue East Moline, Illinois RESTAURANTS Big Dipper Dairy Bar 944-15th Avenue East Moline, Illinois Breezy Hollow 1440-18th Avenue East Moline, Illinois Silvis Maid-Rite 1232-Ist Avenue Silvis, Illinois SPORTS EQUIPMENT Sportsland, Inc. Your Stores for Sport Moline and East Moline, Illinois Cuy E. Temple, Inc. 1524-6th Avenue Moline, Illinois UTILITIES American Plumbing and Supply 1818-18th Avenue East Moline, Illinois Corey Electric Company 915-Ist Avenue Silvis, Illinois Iowa-Illinois Gas and Electric Company 825-I5th Avenue East Moline, Illinois Modern Heating and Sheet Metal 1445-18th Avenue East Moline, Illinois if ' .4 ,,,A-'Q -. ff.- Yi " ,.a 1 . w v X, ,. I-'-Lf .J 1 .., . ': 1 r. y w Q 1. 1 Jmk A Quin' ' xxglfrui . . .uI1:"' A..J21.a.A1iLH3 -- 1' fs.: u xx r' .01 'K s , o S X B cv vs P01 XA,-ko exp- rm U vm 7K 1 L 0 M19 ,OU Xe: C Q1 ,L ,MMC .J 04 C' ki J., JMV Vx' Moby X15 -wk , asf VJ' add M I X0 HX 'X M' Y 'VAS aprt LJWW func! Pxha wsu 4- L Ccrvx No vojfbx Ugx fkiavo, when a V' xii' 7 sc 5 D U 01 CX x be ov 5 W its Yx V x WL Moo fad wwe K Sf-,Dem O J , gfbxovq o,ra,v- kwov, 0,3 ' Rue, bvxa oxo Vx 'E Ola xx Mx 0 v 'bi O., Kouxf .u J bv wx 6- 55' Mx Q, A0 ob X59 MY: :OQ9 JW or -0- ':"'v. osx 'Q .M 0 W L .l Y Vo uh ku MMI VNN D F 'No JJ of' 3 G" oxf vwb 6x4 QV' X .I-4' 'f e P' 8 of X0 ,.v"' O xc :LW M1 'eN"'ovxo,'fm :XA My ZW ,W U' A ' fir-f?,,.u-.,4,9,1 4 N N N pg 3 WM 5 5 W5 W Sis W S wi ww 2 2632? WWW wif myfai WMN Wifi MW W, ,Af , .4 , ,QV , my fi 11 .-KT. .. 45 .- ' Qin nga' N -sv 5- 3 I Q J ff 4 .-. .-.A:t1.1,

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