United Township High School - Skyline Yearbook (East Moline, IL)

 - Class of 1958

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jf Lp! 1ff'i ,g W fp my Q My jf 0" M "ax - Q- A' CZf Q , X f U' F C Wfaw Wil " 56, Mi? WU 0 Ma a MMM jwy fic J Lilq-,Q -X X eggjf 5 5 si ff? ia R A 534553 SM ZXWQQTQ gligiigmi-r Qi . P is 5 53 siiifigfxii Aff' ,Qvnffjfij nys! uvfw 55M ,ap . 'gfffjoyyi XA ., XM uh ' UV M 0' MCR AJ 6 UN X, B961 5 il QD QQ' fgvb Qwfj ? 'EQ Q20 QQ XXVI . ,A,yf M EC' 'Qffi ' 'fo xi , A ' Q WW 2 WW ,M X Ai-if 404 g WW W? Ski? JP , M .W eWWWj'Qlj.Yc' 4 'J Wmgfwgnw Umm A w QWW wilw M6553 . Gmgfwgsympilflfbk UJQMQ My My 1 7 W M7 W M MWQM WM MQSW 5-Qi? Wh X 4 N QMQQ W W4 fywxly' Q 1 dx gr Q? WMM Q WX W iff My MMA ' JZ? if J ' N W f",lfgf,f9'1fVA WS? fm fm!! 0 b 'vfffy A Q OO , ,r fi? J gif? QQ gggiqgsfjw , M , gif! L if ff? WD- M W ,fz4J1w7f if 0 ,, U'nMMVj0'ph Waff' my! iff' gif! !!,fjfn,,! XM!! if 1 jmfl ,1 My 1 7 il ff" w - iw wg Q V . .mx XX jj 7!7qi MJJJJJ JJ N5 I Q L9 QSJQQY fl ,ff Y I, a QV fy M9 J M U' L ky Q ,V Mfg L ,M Q wwf yy MQ yb0CY,gf+5 I "W WW A ' C1iJ 4V7SQJ , 0 fi Skylme J 'E 'x F5 og Wqffhz 33Q'cf'iju.?:1lTED TUWNSHIP l-HGH SCHUUI. 134311 EAST MULINE, ILLINUIS 1958 133 21 - R -.wg f., 5:18 ' , 1. Hia., K .QE , an I iwfii: I mm' 'I 5 4? Q ,. xv r Q 4 fr. 4 H ,. " Mr z FEW 4- j .MM 4 4,1 ,Q wk: P bw 'ug-,' xr. 153: wk - WY? U -' ,ff Hr, 'I .A Vf W M 4 F - V ,L , ' -1:1 mn' -.f ' V - .n,.'.u-nk ' DEDlC'.A'IgllflN u We dgiiicate the 1958 Skyline fo the memory of Mr. Laddie Barron A whowasourdaomaldizcchorfsom ' 51951,unti1thetimeof his death, 1s, 19saK j ' .' Y I If 'i 'lzvf' L ,j YJ x 4 - ,i X V K , , K . vm E-Q - .. , f, 7- -' ,- 1, j. J -:V rj 5 2 'qi limi '33 V , U Aj, X ., Q? ' 1 mx' ' l x f 1, 'V . ,J "4 Q , f ., f' ff E? ,ff A A .. bv.. -'. 43 1 rv? li...Q w-4' A.,...--.ff -ef, V 4. +5 U i x x Laddie Barron IN MEMIIIRIANI Frank Almquist Mr. Almquist was a member of the School Board of United Township High School for twelve years and had been serving as its president for two years at the time of his death, December 5, 1957. W..a:MmmwwmMEwBh.:T N. M 7 ' ,uwzamac L. O. DAWSON Principal GREETINGS TO THE STUDENTS OF U.T.H.S.: This year has been a good one at United Town- ship High School. Progress has been made toward the development of good work habits and scholarly attitudes generally within the school, School spirit and morals have been improved. The cooperative efforts of the teachers and students have produced a feeling of harmony and goodwill that make a good environment for learning, which is the busi- ness of the school. I congratulate all of you who have devoted your- selves diligently to the serious business of getting an education, and who have performed .your work with enthusiasm, with sincerity and with a sense of personal responsibility, whether the work was in the field of learning from books, or from people, or from the activities of the school. The staff of the Skyline, has in a very commend- able way, left for all of us, here within the covers of this annual, a record of what we have done this year. I am sure that this record will be of inesti- mable value and interest to all throughout the years to come. May it be a reminder to you of a happy, an interesting, and a prohtable year. FCIREWURD Each school year brings a few changes to alter the traditional pattern of school life. Five hundred freshmen brought the enrollment to a record high of fifteen hundred students. This year's freshmen class will be the first class to graduate from the new building which the citizens of the district voted for in the fall. U.T.H.S. was not overlooked by the Asian Hu last fall. The deans were very busy for a few days writing absence excuses. Another unusual event was the snow storm which caused a traffic jam on the steps as several hundred students inched their way down to the busses waiting at the bottom of the hill. The Alleman football game and the basketball game with Moline were perhaps the most memorable victories of the sports year. The band students brought back twenty-seven first place awards from the district music contest. Platter Party on WOC-T.V. found many of our students dancing to and evaluating new rock and roll records. Rock and roll was still popular as evidenced by some of the records played at the after game dances: Wake Up Little Susie, Lollipop, The Stroll, Kinda Cute, and 26 Miles. The launching of the first "sputnik" was to some the biggest news story of the year and was a topic of conversation to some extent. The sack dress caused comment among those in- terested in the feminine fashions, but few appeared in school to take the place of the skirt and sweater. The Ivy Leagues for boys were popular. The Big Record seemed to be a favorite television program. No review of this year would be complete without mentioning Zorro who made his mark in our hearts and also on several blackboards and daily assignments. The staff hopes the 1958 annual has given a balanced and true picture of U.T.H.S. and that these pages will be memory pictures for years to come. X. K Q Y MQ, N X ,M ,. is wk Wx fy limo SCHOOL LIFE C LASSES .... Seniors .... juniors .... Sophomores Freshmen . . .W A4 .Ng ' . DL'IIlf?lI,l'fI'.IffIIg flw ffflw' poizm' of 11 fuifkilzg Imzrfyifle. Bill B41kcf'e.x'pL1i11J lwu' if Il'0l'kJ'l0 Mr. liu'lm11k'J Ezzgljfh fluff. Nth, ..N. ' ,,, Wfork, work, work! Same .fllzdefilf from L'.T,I-I.S.. Jzzcla af Gary F1ll5t'!7t.'P', leawz 10 me Jfzfzlj buff pw'- i0dJ for homework. FREE!-IMEN BECOME "Now, whcrc is that card?" Jecmf 10 be Dum N"m'1'w1',f ex- pression as he svarcfzvs diligvlztly for an iIltj1'l' rv ". Tixl gi? 57 k? gi '? :f' WJ Al CI Cl I!-iTl IMI- D TU l.l.T.l-IE. Traffic jam in the mfeleria. The up- percffmmefz Jeem to expefi frexb- mefz to bold up lraffiv df they 0 through lhe ru e- teria line. East Moline water, ugh! Tloix fre.rlmmzz rereivef 4 Jboek when be fri! taflex the new drizzkizzg uffzler of E411 Moline and it evidently mf! rl plefmm! Jurprife. G1111f111lg Ulm!" f1'1f.al11111f11 111111 111 ,X'.1111'j R11111.fe3 Il'z1,l' flw Ilfif nf 11111113 lzpfier 1'f.1,f11111f11 ,flfl'X1 111' R011 Hoff. Looking br1pef11I!y f1If0 five fllfllff, 11fz11'j'!0 171111 W l1t'4'kL'.t'.XAu'Hljl1'c',1 1111e of her r11111p111g11 f10Jfe1'J. 1 1 Q 1 mr vkc PFC5 f 'Q' '.:il.Il-'I-ll.IMl.IR11.':i I- IND THEY "Et tu Brute." 11719111 J0j1l1o111f11'e a'11ef11'l 1'e111e111- bar 111111 f111111111.r line? Iet'C'IIdffjlIg ffoe dearly fueue 111 Julius Caesar are 111211116 Lezvif, Dare Mifler, Lex St'l7.!L'L'f61', Slew I111fyle1!e1', f1111 1171111111115 111111' j1l11y111g llye par! of poor fulizu if 117ay1ze 11"1'1edl. ix 0811182105 YI' .wig 19 Frlllfy gfzrlery and rnyled mn-mzz ,rkirty are :mm by Loi! B0ll'ltfJ', Nmzfy Box- Jmll, and Velma Moofe in lheir Fremb ml!-fuzz dame for fha .fophomore fmelllbly. rf"v"'1 K nf' vw, vP""N1- Mi, ON t f 5, 4 v' ,..-- -A JQOJJIJY 'X x ,li I , , 'Ng 1-f I -Q- wghvv ' DC1N'T KN CIW EVERYTI-I I NE K SAF J :t: 'f' Q xg Lx Gi .iss , " X X E tif . D ,af- 3 DNN wg Q Dream world in thc making fmhiozzed from vrepe paper and Swirls rape by Bren! H1111- Jmz and Pam 0'Kl0rk for 11 dfzfzfe. 'I1 'I'L'.lCllillLL: llw fmwly- mm gn!! flu' Lzlarf 4J.1m'u .lfvfl U one nf llw join' nf flu' Kqyiz 11.rmf.n1f,1, .S'buzz'n1H Ilya lqzrfy flu' 7Ic'Il'LQYf !u'jrf.1' Lf K.1tl1j Smiflv. Wl1Lm's .lhtkld -M flu' Bmnxr nr lbe l7dlll?UU.f.9 Iliff fuk Ray CJfJ'-HI and Inf!! fall you .zffbanglv be if bmy mmzg lmzclf. 'H fmt. ti .- "'B . ,if I, I"N 1 nv was -QQ' W f 3 aw ,ff Q 'f wh... If "" 'il v ,'-H' A - I XLTTZ A JUNIEIRVS LIFE Azzoffwr n1i.rh1ke.' Larry Amfwxwn lrnlluzv ffm! 1111 151112113 fmrhw' JmAw1'f mind a lot of enzmzg. V . h n'Ni Z' M .I QQXKMM n ,qt , I 1 . I V' 1 nr .zikxei A 'F 5 ' K . it KW.":5 ,..' In 4 ns ,' .f iff! 2 2: . Ii' ' .-1' W- ' fe' 'Suv ' ' ' l X d I, U ' XEJBZX ls.. Q, 'if' ' , S Q. ly D 'g u T ' lf . v an u ssixzssxs E, usb 9 7 ' 'mm 2 4 v N1 in I , , '-Q M1 If ttf' l ,.m X , , ,4 an nn-xx 1.1 ',1 2,1 . t I . , . -, -03. ,. ..- U... A 3 "' 3 ' ,l J I1 'f tl. ' ?29',,Qf,, W-25 ka 113 - Mx! I. ll gut HRK-111.31 I .1 11 4 TAVHZJ 'Z O QQ!! gn' Q ism"'N"uem k I5 A HARD CINE The urge to kill if apparently the u p p e r rn 0 J t thought in Mr. Broohx' mind when he ratfhex Kenny Rohifzfon and Arthur Peter- .ron relaxing on the trampoline. Admiring Sandy Kil2t'dfd'5 clan ring are janice LIIIIUIZJOIZ and Dale Call. S QHQQU' i' K. Conccntmting 011 ibn' t'0flH11lI.f of figfzmaa Ibm' fha' If ffdzflng, I 5111.111 Kaffe-3' liecpj' bury in vlemuzl lima'- tire. ff' .1 fy, .4-W' .ff I The shoc is on thc other foot Il'f7c'li Bl!! Lilflu filf My fwfr. Keillv lV.'1f,m11, In .1 llmir of .I'l70L'.f ffl lm' bun! Di,rlr'if111li1'e ILM- mlifw IIIJIIIILW. 'A !:il1NIl.IR':i I-IND ITE ALL 3131-' ' -u.,. 'Q RULITINE Taleiflg over' fn' f1r'e.vidc11t of Ike Honor' So- riely, 'lou lillglrlfltll helltu plan Ike Honor Sofiely fz.r,ve111I1l y. Nik .. -R va-'el .1 X. QW The big snow of '58 llJ06'.l'Il'f .menu lo boflvw' Leona Roni and EMMA' PKIHUI who are .well learizzg .vrlvool offer ff lale Skyfizze nleelmg. Autogmphizzg their f7it'fl1Vf.'.f. Glzry Meffizzgw' and Bob K4 11111119 exchange pholograplfu' dnrilzg their lmzfb hour. X 1 I' 0 I 1 'B Q'- +"x Q 5 Q 3 xg si 'f i +1 H.. :isis , fl K Xi . , . .V tgxi? f " ' Q - wg Flex? . K i?9'FT. wi -. iz . , JN X,...Q lasses Most of the fifteen hundred students enrolled are shown in the C'!f1cv,mn section of the annual along with some activities in which the classes engaged. 1, 1 Q Q wr-g.. -. N S if k T- -saw sq 11. 1 4 W K. s QT 'gk '- -' 3. Sf? X u 1 I K X .KARL L. 2. .. 1- S +1 - -2-9511 1 i Q11 ,kwQ5.x.14 +2- A 11,-5 . - ' A' -,K ' 1 1 1 sf . - " ' . '- 1' f sr' " - 4 Q- ,H . A 1. ,.A ,lc K i NM . mi - ka. - K , X M . . 1 1 1 5 . V 0 3 . K ' F 11 f f x . 1 - Q ,ff .1 -J ,. PY, Q - s I I, .ba x 1 .. , 1 A A 1 x 1 f .1 ei . 51 K 1 -JxT'fMQ'- f 1, -X . ' '41 fl Tk as-.W 'Q-.5 4 -0- - 1- - + 11 -- .,,.-11. N141 , . x 1. .LV - '13 6 K B.,-.f W KY ..-K X M. bk, S Q ,L W1 1 . W . QQ. . 1 , 1, Q 3- ... kk' . - Qf- R swf-Y .N k,' .1 K. 4 .f1 ,' iv- 5 +5 0' Z' I ' Q 2 k I Q, , -- 4,1 g Mx, 4 'f 4,1-!4'g"y,r X 11 yin ,. --1 Q.. V 1 'Q -1- , Q 'P ,f Q' . RNA QQ- .Q ,X .. Q 3 -65 Q, 1,1 6,5 .. 1 1 . X .KXA M: x 3 c .. .,, .Q . .1 ,. Y A 1. . 1 - J - .2 ik .1 A -- .Z 4 - A Qs 1 f iff . 9- Qu- . v' - - . ty fx 4' .- ,,.R.if1-Q, 1 Sw. - ' Q W1 i-'Nui X Q-5.55---y.,Y 1 t 1. NS, guy, -fag., -' : f . - - ., - 1 -. .Q . .. -. . f' Q 1 - J Q . A f .. .12 5 -. -- X 1 .. ., 1. 1 ..- 1 fb: S W,,5-i' .1 3- My 4 ,:? "' QSC aff .wx 1-'gg-'95 SfJA31-3? x A 1.3: if .T .111 1 .- 'X - - -- , . , ,X X Y 11 .f . K 12 1 " 1. W, G -1- + -5 .eff'1.1,1,-211,12 11 1.5 1.1 1g,1i51 110- , .,,1 S 1. 1 -1 ,Wy 4.1 --...Q -...xg . .- fps .1 my -Q., - SX , MM, . ,I 1,9 . ,- Q M1 V ,. K. l 111,.31.Qg 3lN,.p.. 3 J L. if ' 'X ' fi,-' r 1 5- ' J' -2 f "fp 4. ' - .A 5-5 -1 it 11 641- F' JK N I -V' -L A ' .- .-Xi: N 2- ., - R 'g YM: - 1 5 A ,S-1 Y. is QQ 1 - 1 '--'H 5 . ,M film- Q .N K v 111 1.11 . .--' .N-' ' - X- Ne 1.-1 1, wx XX -,y - af ., . 1- . .SQ 7 -- - Q. 1 , ., 1 K . .h .A .X W .5 7 s., K ry 3. '1 jf-5 'lg Sd K 0.Qifxhx:"agi.,k i i -1 5 ,A 5 .Q M-:if-g'S1 A gf 'Ee-.v?i.2.Y ff if .2-1,X"'-X . .Qs - 11f1.1.1f.s-- - Q- nw 'iss H . . ...L Y-is - 25,1 -14 KA f-fi ' k+3,d?"kJ 111 fs, i. Despite a bury schedule, Mr, Pierson, the senior advirerg Indy Rafe, rerretaryy Bill H orker, prefi- defzt anel Bfufman, treafurery and Bob Kennedy, vice-prefiderztg fnd time I0 pore for the SENIEJRS Good-bye to high school! Good-bye to all the good times at the jubilees, Hops, and Balls, to the roaring excitement of the games, the worry about semester exams, and the interesting assemblies. The senior class has had a busy year, decorating their float fwhich won first prize in originality with the theme of "A Sleigh Ride to Victoryuj, being measured for their caps and gowns in gym classes, having their pic- tures taken for the Skyline, attending the Senior Ball, and finally walking down the aisle at Commencement. Mr. Pierson, the senior adviser, has helped many seniors decide whether to go to college or to a job after they leave high school. The class officers have had a busy year supervising the many activities in which the senior class participated. 1- -5 "- 2 Reprenenling U.T.H.S, al lhe Rotary la Clzrh lhlr year were lhere Ilrnlor Rolari- , anf, Boh Sllllllllfl. fifn Ollnmn, Harold , A PzIlll.Yc'II, Ken Hof.rielrer, Ralph Coar, 5 i Gary Mueller, Row 2: Rnelzen A11Kee, l foe Iinglanfl. Ken Bererlin, Denniy K Sahr, Larry Meyer.sj, Bill Hofker, Boh Kennedy. . Q 5 X 1 The honor ,f0t'l8ly for the yenior vlan of '58 way vhofen in Marfh. They were all Jtfulezzlf in the upper third of the vlan who had parliripafed in ,rrhool arlizfilief. Row 1: Adele Sable, Izzdi Hoehn, Diane lValerfnan, Shelra Wefl, foanne Sfoit, fanef Loding, Sandra Shaznafko, Merry Frafier, Leona Roni. Rou' 2: R0.f6'771rll"1' Mor- riion, Margaret Freehern, Swan Kelley, fully Roye, fanel Bf'lJ'.fIllr172, Roxanne York, Sharon M4'Millin, Gwen Lee. Row 3: Loif MeCreigh1, Marie Miflon, Bonnie Wil- kinf, Loi.r Beandoln, Carole Blunhe, Vivian ML'lx1Illll7I, Mary Alyre Aa'an1.f, Linda Laird. Rou' 4: foe England, Phil Slone, Mike Shea, Don Gfzldenpfennig, Dennis' Sahr, Bob Sullivan. Ralph Goar, Ken Hofileffer, Tom Rohyf, Roherl Calloir, Kenny Bezferlln, Larry Meyem, Boh Kennedy, Ruehen AuKee. SENICIRS '58 DONALD ADAMS MARY ALYCE ADAMS TERRY ALLEN i LORRAINE ALLISON LUCILLE ALLISON JUDITH AMMERMAN GARY ANDERSON FERREL ANDERSON JERREL ANDERSON SANDRA ANDERSON ROBERT ARBOGAST JUDITH ARMSTRONG RUBEN AUKEE ' 5 .-mfgmawruw, -, :.Qf,V-,misalaasas mxnk. lzwsn:s'aml ,aff KL' 1 A my-ez: -aeq:x, am 4. i LEVY AUSTIN 'ind' RONALD BAN EY 'Y' N111- FREDERICK BANFIIZLD , R, GXN' N HX A Anlirijmfizzg the fun that they would lmfe at flae I.S.H,P.A. L'0721'67Iff0II, Diane Water- man, jackie Ron, Mary Alyre Adamf, and Helene Riverf look over the Jrhedule of eorwention aelivilief. 3 I if 'ST-" M 3 JOSEPH BASSETT LOIS BEAUDOIN fi? 47 .ff QI I NICK BARBOUTIS 'hu' MARILYN BARN ETT 21 C HARLES BVYCK My, what a gorgeous tablecloth! Tbefe Jerz- ior My dine only ml tbe ietrf. Efzjoyizzg fbi! efegtnlfe are Mm'gm'ef Freebern. Roxy York, Bomzie Wilkefzf, Loif AIfCr'eiglJt. Iavkie Rory, and Loif Beau- doin. K tht ' , . Q I 5 ,v . A 1. E VIRBLE BROWN DAUREL BROWN X45 v"M"f, TOM BOWMAN THOMAS BOKROS SANDRA BOHNERT JAMES BOGGS CAROLE BLUNKE RAYMOND BERTHOUD MICHAEL BERTHOUD ROWENA BEDEIAN JEROME CACARI A 1-4 W, - l'f'.f1wfu?VA'i.!ldl KENNETH BEVERLIN CHARLES CALDWELL JO ANN CANATSEY .41 is gai 0' 4... ' if-' 'R THERESA CUVELE MARILYN CUSI-IMAN ,A BOBBIE CUNNINGHAM SENIEIRS MYRTLE CROUCH JANICE CREMEENS MARY COX YVONNE CORNELL SHARON COWSER 5,3 ,ge it-v W' Y"""' I Wm. Wav. .. 41.531 K 1 Kl CUYIIE7' EDWIN cox RONALD CULP LEO COMBES JOYCE COLLINS 'S' ANTHONY COLUMBIA 'inn-0" - lU'jRl!Iif- 651715 'K RONALD CLEVENGER PATRICIA CLAUW MICHAEL CLARK GARY CLARK VIRGINIA CHAVEZ ROBERT CATTOIR ROBERT CASE JAMES CARTER TERRY CARRUTHERS GEORGE DEBO JOSEPH DECOOK IEIIIIKT .UFS G31 I IIB EI SENIIIIREE Adjuxling collars and fmaollaing out wrinklef lakef up the firft few minutef of the Honor Sariety mem- berf time when fhey firft try on their robei. FRANK DUNBAR dxf" We-q W 5543 I Qflh- if CHRIS DENNIS FRANCIS DENNISON ROBERT DINNEWETH ROBERT DOXSEE 26 s 'Q f 1 N 40" ,MX , ,T A 'N . V N , 4 Y, -5 , 'R 4 . . , JERRY DEPORTER PAUL DUNCAN HARRY DRUMM 'Qfx DONALD FISHER MICHAEL ENGHOLM JOSEPH ENGLAND DORIS FLINN ROBERTA FANTER - DAVE FAWKS JAMES FOILES NAOMI FORD ETTA FOX MERRY FRASIER MARGARET FREEBERN CHEROKEE FRENCH 45 1 WYE .33 LYLE GERLOCK HARLAN GLANA vii 4' HARRY GOAR BARBARA QREB ...Q -I -ei JACK HAR1'WEI-L if.. 'Z'- DAVID HEMPHILL DONALD GULDENPFENNIG ROSS HAILEY - 1 ROBERT HARGRAVE DOROTHY HARMON mf S A -ck 'wo LINDA HAUMAN VIRGINIA HEADLEY SANDRA HEGWOOD K, 4 1 A .P 1. Y LINNEA HERSTEDT JOYCE HESSELL .29 EENIURS A'-. ai' Sv "ZF X , I all K ..,-gp X - DAVID HOWELL HARRIET HULL JAMES IRWIN PATRICIA JACOBS WILLIAIVI JACOBS FRANCES JAECQUES LINDA JAMISON DONALD JANOWSKI JAMES JOHNSON KAY JONES LENOLEE JONES ALBERT JONES SANDRA KALLMAN T'k ',.,.,..,.-f ' . WAYNE KAY KAREN KELLEY SUSAN KELLEY ROBERT KENNEDY SENIIIIR5 56' E 6 LYNNA KIHLER DUARD KERR JOY KICKSEY FERN KINCAID MARTHA KING GARY KRANTZ KENNETH KUNKLE HELEN LAFOUNTA if if Q' """Q I ,f , v S, KAREN LAFOUNTAIN LINDA LAIRD MARIE LALEMAN JERRY LANCASTER BARBARA LASEK V, A WARREN LAWRENCE 'V R 'UH CORALIE LEASENBY GWEN LEE BONNIE LITTLE W L I LIAM LITTLE JANET LODING DAVID LORIMER X It-ff . SENIEIRE 'Q LINDA MCKEE VIVIAN MCMULLIN MERRX MALMSTROM ROBER1 MATTAN GARY MELLINGER LARRY MEYER ter 8- MARIE MITTON SANDRA MOELLER SHELBY MORLEY 4 Ak JOHN MEYERS I - I . - I I A - GARY MILLER 41" Vignromly tearing at Ihe imidef of mm are lhere .rezzior bnyf in Mr. San- JOHN MILLER du.rky'.r 111410 fhop, R071 Bfmey and Ray Bertlaoml .feem to enjoy the work ,I 5 h while Mr. Szllldllfky look! 011. . f I f f JUDITH MILLER HUGH MORRILI. ROSEMARY MORRISON DALE MORTHLAND -v 127 is ig, f .1 Q EENIIIIRS JAMES MURRAY MANUELA NACHE A 1 GAROLD MUELLER BARBARA NELSON ROBERT NORIN MARY OHRBERG JIM OLTMAN ERNESTINE ORTIZ DENNIS PADGET If -AI' S CAROLYN PARK RONALD PARKER WILLIAM PETTYJOHN GARY PHELPS BETTY PHILLIPS EDRISE PENCA CAROL PENDERSON HAROLD PAULSEN -dl .ai 'fa' BERNARD PILCHER JOYCE POELVOORDE NORENE POELVOORDE ,I "1 LINDA RAGAN LOIS RAMEY FELIX RAMIREZ RONALD RAYMOND LARRY RI PKA -'If' -r""'!P 'u .jug . A - IJ Ig v-J e My Q81 Si 5 tis X BEVERLY ROBINSON JAMES ROBINSON "J.."1b I DAVID ROBINSON VERNON ROBINSON THOMAS ROBYT "Careful with that pin, Rofemfzryf' Joyf ll very fruiting Cberokee Freneb before the bomeroming royalty if prefented before tbe .rtudent body. sg I I 3 , I -paul' JL ZOB A SENIEIRS JUDITH ROSE NANCY ROSENBERGER f0rHEf EDWARD ROGERS JACQUELINE ROSS LEONA ROSSI SHARON ROSSON iw "1.".L" CHARLES RUSK IANICE RYNARD ADELE SABLE DUANE SANDERS ROGER SCHLAF GERALD SEARS Q 305 X NN! SANDRA SMITH SANDRA SHAMASKO ELLEN SODEMAN AURELIA SHANNON DONNA STRATTON romer VERE SUTTON ROBERT STRIBLING JERRY SUCHY LEONARD SUHR ,X 'x U" . ti' 'Sv EIENIIJRE VIRGINIA SUTTON CHARLES STONE RUTH SNYDER 42 ,-6 B' U -rf' GARY SCHLEETER NADINE SNYDER BEVERLY STOEDTER ROBERT STIRRATI GARY STIENER RICHARD SPANGLER ERNA SABLE KAREN SUSS '5--. "Are you mre flour Azzrefifz nm! I are Il'f'0Ilg.JH Tony Columbifz zlfkf Mr, Pierfon in J'0t'frlI jzroblenu flfm. X ROBERT SULLIVAN DENNIS SAHR JUDY SMITH MICHAEL SHEA JANET STANG JOANNE SCOTT hr 'W-wp :tl -el' .af 'T II Z EQ. .wands 43 EENIIIIRS JAMES TANK JOANNE TANK ROBERT TAYLOR Q Qm M' 510 ROSA THOMPSON RONALD TROUT GLENDA TURNER HAZEL TURNER Sf' DANIEL TWOREK DAVID TYNER A Q f .1 A Q I EMMA VALDES CAROLYN VANVOOREN , "' JIM VALENTINE JIM VERSLUIS BYRL WEISS ...ff JOE VRBAN SHELVA WEST BONNIE WILKENS rorner RONALD WAEYAERT DIANE WATERMAN SHARON WILLIAMS MELVYN WILKINSON SONDRA WILLIAMS 12" EENIURS Uzzromriouf? Belter not be if be warzlf to pan folm Slevenf' Senior Englifb Clan. 5 . , J' 1 HX GLADYS WILLY JAMES WILSON SHARON WILSON MARSHA WINTHURST SHARON WOOLLEY sb' -'T' ikmill EDWARD WRIEDT ROXANNE YORK . 'N f 4 ,. , :E N lm ii is -r E Q3 ' ff' X . I . A i Y- "l wan! to put a nirkel dawn on a Skyline! Please?" ix the way Keith Robifuon bought hir Skyline. ws? ""3"' MARLENE ZIMMERMAN EDWIN SPURR JOHN WICKERSHAM Thi! year? flair offirerf and Jpomor were Mr. Yemm, ad- virerg Gary Hobbf, preridentg fudy Hoover, rerretnrylrear- urerg and Val Bravo, vire-preJi- dent. JUNIUR5 Looking back at the events which occurred during the year, the juniors can relive a bookful of memo- ries. They recall their unique float with the theme "We're Gonna Knock 'Em Cuckoo," which fea- tured a cuckoo clock with Pete the Panther clubbing a Washington player each time the hour chimed. They remember the rush to order their class rings, and the thrill they felt when the rings arrived in time for Christmas. And, oh, the long hours spent on the junior English theme! They picture once again that one-act play, under the direction of john Stevens and Louise Piano, presented as the junior assembly that delighted the entire student body. They remember how proud they were of the fine showing given by the junior members of the athletic teams. They recall, respectfully and gratefully, their sponsor, Mr. William Yemm, who advised them and contributed to their success as a class. And last they remember the highlight of the year, the Junior-Senior Prom, which closed their class activities for the year of 1957-58. .. A--1 -av I 5 : 3 c f arg, CJ ,af C ' Row 1: Nancy Bickford, Cynthia Brewer, Susan Cady, Cladene Boyle, Alberta Ben- nett. Row 2: Sally Bost, Lana Berghult, joanie Bryant, Leona Brown, Mary Bow- man, Eddie Bowman. Row 3: Robert Berthoud, Darrell Brown, Don Bratton, jerry Beverlin, Val Bravo, Row 1: Ray Calsyn, Dolores Clausen Karen Carlile, Pat Carr, Bernice Cassidy, Allen Carlile. Row 2: Ronnie Cord Marvin Chaney, Ron Claeys, Bob Cain, Dale Call, Bill Clark. ,U if , S . X Q. x, X ff? PIBYSR Row 1: Judy Achilles, joy Bates, Joyce Bates, Barbara Arbeau, Sharon Allen. Row 2: jerry Allison, Karen Agnew, Rochelle Achilles, Carol Anders. Row 3: Dennis Anderson, fohn Anderson, jim Adams, Clifford Arbogast, Larry Anderson. X I i 1 VHIIII WM S Ron' 1: Nancy Cropp, Peggy Eaton, Peggy Dubereiner, Nor- lene Francis, Pam Fairman. Rou' 2: Alice Doud, Lucille lfnstrom, Norma Dethc-rage, Carol DeBates. Row 3: Merle Easley. W'ayne Diericks. Lon- nie Cunningham. Mike Dergo, jerry Degrande. Ron' I: Peggy jo Gearhart, Carul Guouly Lupe Garcia, Mary jo Gramenz, Marilyn Gear. Rou' J: Ramona Guber, juyre Fulsclmer, Delores Gott- man, Shirley Hamerlinck, Allie Finley. Rou' 3: Gary Hansen, Gary Friend, Larry Fillmur, Dun Fuhrer, jack Glynn. Y i , ,y.. ii 5 . X is I li R eg i Q f 1' N4 , I V li 5X 2' .. our , "" R , Q 1 i - di of le YV .J V S ,P T .. .- "" 3 sl l l ' 'Y ef ff' cf' Il 100717 be long now! Valezzlizzefr Day Jeemf to be :he favorite holiday of Deloref Claufezz and San- dra Kiip, who are defor- ating I e bullefin board in the home eronomirr room. ,-6' v lm 'XJ vagii ii -.ILINIIIIRS Rau' I: Arlene Harris, ,Iackie Gray, Myra Guldcnpfennig, Sheila Gray, Helen Hantz. Rau' J: Ronnie Green, juilil Harris, Don Hakeman, Richard Grubbs, Terry Grave-r, Bill Hamerly. Rfm' I: Karrnl Sue Jeffers, XX'amla Huwcll. Dorothy Human, -Ioyce llungate, Donna -Iarksun, Rim' 2: liutili klulmstun, Victor glanuwski, Darryl Ingersoll, Gerald Heim- lmrgcr. Rffu' 3: R. 'lf Huslcey, Dick Huskins, Dennis Holmes, Dan Karr, Daviil Kastner. 1 U l Ui fin. Rauf 1: Peggy Hines, Carol Hillyer, Judy Hoover, Mar- lowe Hendricks, Carol Hau- man, Ruth Hirst, Margaret Hokinson. Rau' 2: jerry Hintze, Mike Hasbrouck, Gary Hobbs, Kenny Freeman, Ron- nie Frey, Cecil Hernandez. JYB Q- V" .9311-' Y llfffffli 5 t fa., , iw -wiilvli Row 1: Cathy Lambrick, Carol Leenknecht, Sandra Leach, janice Lauritzson, Alice Lea- senby. Row 2: Herb Kram- beck, Nancy Hall, Roberta Lang, Raymond Leader. Row 3: Dick Lange, Allen Leighty, Gary Lenhart, Larry Lange, Larry Leathers. i 'J' lil le r Row 1: Sandra Kipp, Olga Isais, Donna Katsis, Sandy Kincaid, Judy Kight, Ruth Kicksey. Row 2: Mike Kehoe, Frankie Kannenberg, Maureen Kelly, Dolores Kastner, Mike Knight. Rau' 3: Marion Kaufman Tom King, Gerald Koenig, Harold Knox, Phil Hutton. 0 C? Row 1: Sharon Liedtke, josephine Mataya, Louise McCreary, Sharon Matson, Margie Mayhew. Rau' 2: John Lindegard, Dean Lang, Don Lang, jim Lovett, Larry Lipes, Ellis Luster. ' K vu ,ww we M S lx , ,. I ia .JLINIEIR5 Cinderella or a vision? Well, Stormy Gober and Lana B jun, Shirley Hamerlinrk getting ready for the Prom. S 3 A' S: ,. L 4 z 5 I Row 1: Francis Mohr, Lajune Johnson, Barb Mitacek, jean- nie McDowell, Vince Mona- han. Row 2: Gary Maxwell, Dennis Miller, Gene Maitlen, Frank McLean, Calvin Marsh Bob McNa1ley. Row 3: Ron- nie Merideth, jim McMilIin Dave Martin, Kendall Morley Dennis McChurch. J 2 erglvult may wonder, but it if 'Bw ,4- f If , ""' - """v-as-..........w,.f' w ""' ,N , Q 3 GW: Jw-I ,XI n A 0 Another touchdown! Gvtffzlflf Koenig, Margo! Mama, Shirley Hm11ev'Iim'k, Inn! CAnj'IInbbJ umnfb Ike PJHfh5VIIHUV6 agubul auolher rough feaUL JLINIIIIRE .I E ,I i 1, Hy!! 1' J Q5 iq, Vi I I 'Q I 'wi X is Q H '4 I II' 1. I' Clmwl Ou-rms, -Lminc Jang B 3. Murphy. Slmrurl Nl'lII.L45LIl'. 1 f I., H K .amlyn Urcv, VII"lllI1I.l Nycrs. N f? Q I x Nnlsu .. 1 Imrwg. .. ' ' ' , wx' w. ' 'Y1 ,u A Us ruin, 'ruin-1 '-xx 4-I Q Aulm sm'- IUXX' 5" i.'. yuan' 3' .Q lllfi ' , Ill! llllllll ' A iilsglll' 5 f x, a I 9 gn Iffi' I o no 9 ooo, o, o,'a O 'Q 0,4 ,,, , oo 0 + 'vo o ,.,..f" """"x 'S If 1. 1 I x ,-1. Run .' IIm.1uI " n, ,xx Q I. ' Su III' Murplmy, I.4u'ry N.1I1r- I ft A I I my O'l5mn R 1 " . ' Q ":' 3' -fyf? 1- U 'I 1 I DLI . nttu I mm t ff' D If ,fs Q lffuai' .4 -, H gk Nt IH H I hi I .K I ri, 3-I .:g .4 3 xx.. hh x at I I r I Iulut Dal-.N A 'CT 17 - 9' M' "I A-1 ' ,M gg A ii , I I, G W Q ,Q J " , , I yy I 7. id A X V Ay ll.. I., 3 V ' ' in A f ' ' K- .ww ,I - I j L ,Aj Rau' I: Nancy Peterson, June Paytash, Diane Noftsker, Jan- ice Payne, Francis Ramirez, Bernadette Rangel. Rauf 2: Anselm Rangel, Elaine Perk- ins, JoAnn Pustelnik, Barbara Potter, Jim Plavak. Rau' 3: Jace Pierson, Sin Patterson, Art Peterson, Bob Pyevich, Carl Payne, Willard Peel. Rau' 1: Rosemary Rasso, Christine Reyes, Darla Reddick, Dixie Red- dick, Sandra Rohren. Raw 2: Jean Roady, Judy Raske, Wantlal Rinier, Freda Robertson, Judy Riley, Rau' 3: Howard Reiling, Philip Schmidt, Dave Rasso, George Rasmussen, Ken Robinson. w- - l C7 Rauf 1: Carol Sue Sergeant, Marilyn Sens, Louise Shaw, Joyce Rotz, Donna Schuetzler, Carol Schweitzer, Rou' 2: Steve Schulte, Harry Sedgwick, Judy Severns, Sandra Shafer, Jim Rylander. Rau' 3: Jim Heald, LaVerne Mattson, Chuck Shivers, Ron Shepard, Jerry Rusk, Harry Vershaw. Rau' 1: Steve Schulte, Mary Sue Stcphenson, Sandra Stirratt, Nancy Simler. Virginia Stahl, Janice Skiles. Rau' 2: Carole Stevenson, Kayla Stone, Doris Ann Tanck, Kathy Smith, Dora Spencer. Row 3: Louis Sierra, joe Terronez, Owen Stipp. Larry Smiddy, Harry Vershaw, Floyd Stockwell. .JLJNIURS Guess who won' By lbe looks on the acer 0 Sfllldlfl Ronzn, Denny Anderson, and Lzzcj Foftrom lhe Panther! uefe wctmzazzf again SL, N. T A X ! Ruiz' I: Patricia Vantla, Barbara VanQuathcm, -Ianet VanHulle. Sally Vallejo, Luz Terronez. RH11' 2: l.onna 'l'imbrook, Kathy Tim- merman, Judy Thurber, Don Sul- livan, Frank Trask, Tom Taylor. Q is ws- , r vi ' ,rs - i K Y? t 'QS M 5 V Wir' rv, 69 X xo: C7 5 Rauf 1.' Cheryll Windey, Sheila Weekley, Nancy Weis- hrook, jean Warren, Carol Turner, Mary Versypt. Row 2: Darla Viager, jo Ella Wise, Carole White, Brenda Willaert, Doris Whitmarsh, Gail Weber, Ruth Weideman. Row 3: Walter Whipple, Willard Willhouse, Buddy White, Larry Wendell, David Womack, Kenny Wheeler. Rauf 1: Lena Laferrara, Margo Nordman, Karen Moeller, Margot Moose, Myrna Canfield. Rau' 2: Anne Park, joe VanQuathem, Bob Moore, Howard Mosher, janet VanOvc-rshelde. Happy defpite 4 heavy frhedule, the sopho- more rponior, Mr. McCoy, and the fluff o fren, Martha Smith, rerretary-treaiurer, Carol Wilson, vice- prefident, and Angie Vallejo, prefident, pore for their picture. are Q EDF-'HUNIEIREE Confident of themselves as a class and used to being a part of such a large school as United Township High School, the sophomores started their second year of high school with plans of greater achievement. They worked out the theme for their Homecoming float, "We'll Cook Their Goose," and decorated the float with a big black pot containing the George Washington team. All the available talent in the sophomore class was used in their assembly which used a new and unusual theme, "Academy Awards Presentation." In their various clubs, they helped plan dances for after the games and decorated the cafeteria en- thusiastically with miles of crepe paper streamers. Sophomores comprised a large part of the member- ship of many organizations in school. Throughout the year the sophomores participated in sports events and distinguished themselves with their performances. Mr. McCoy, the sophomore adviser, gave assist- ance and guidance in class projects, personal prob- lems, and choosing courses for their junior year. Rau' I: Loretta Bauwens, Nola An- derson, Phyllis Anderson, Lynda Benson, Debbie Anderson, Kay Ashdown, Pat Adams. Rau' 2: Bessie Bickford, Linda Aldrich, Mable Anderson, Joyce Albrecht, Violet Badtke, Pat Akers. Rau' 3.' Gordon Billings, Donald Bell, Louis Belman, Jerry Beert, Robert Ballegeer, Ronnie Anderson, Rich- ard Bideaux. Rau' ls Janet Brad- ley, Marilyn Bow- man, Lois Boles, Rebecca Brown, Kay Bottorff, Irene Bowling, Carolyn Bogaert. Rau' 2: 1 ggirsaig Q, ,una x v l l X R . S: L glam r ,,:.l,..2 "' ' 'H xi in Q Y' 0 ll fl li l , I W r -ff., , yi arf N 'G Gary Canfield, Sharon Brockrogge, Patricia Bushnell, Nancy Boxstall, Paul Cacari, Jim Carroll. Rau' 3: Phil Bond, Maurice Bradley, Bill Brook- hart, Mike Carpen- tier, Richard Brown, Jessie Burgess, Jim Braet. SR k 3 aj? Q 459 C QQ ,-4 Y? r l i ,, fu exif. ,ig 5 X Q l N A r, v 5.0 ' Rauf 1: David Cady, Linda Collins, Judy Conklin, Sandra Clauw, Betty Crouch, John Cruz. Rau' 2: Tom Chidos, Gerald Curry, Larry Co- vert, Karen Conover, Steve Combes, Delbert Clevenger, Carl Comins. Rau' 3: Rod Cook, George Cox, Dave Coder, Don Britt, Bill Cre- meens, Ronnie Castens. 1 4 M 7 l ri' 5 Stow Engle. '- '.y:"V,Ai1ic" 7' -- .in, li.ii'tun Iimm- . zz' -' Q."nic 5 N rg- f- -: RH I ' Dc Q 4inn.1 lilaudclh Kitlicrinc K l' lily, K.ircn Eilillcmiin, ' lxi lc 1 FIC r l da licnm Lrt Riff ' Clin luiict C iiul llmxiix, Niiy lul J silicr. l.iti'iai.1 Dwyciy liiily l7.ii'iiQ. ,Lim-t Fuller, Hill I".ii'lN-11 Rffu' X: Runnin' Iflun, .lim l7linn, lummy Ifimli. Spcriucr lficlilx, Galvin li.lI'Li.l. liilimvml C?.ilwi'icl, Rulwcrl lfulsn licr. EDPHUMURES? l.clt turn HI .1 zwnfu offer! il1lcr'.n'ei'- V fmu in .IXPUIIVI in Tom iNlL'f!.YL'II by Y ifrnw' fl'iJlIlH1Q 111.ffr'ln'Irn' Mr. Dlmmff. 1 Rau' If Billie Diinlmir, Niiumi Dethcrngc. 'lain Daxix, Rum- lie Dowia. Vii'gini.i Ducyscn, Barbara Duper. Rfm 3: Marty Dump, M.ii'xli.i Diimp, ,luiiinc D6Clk'I'Lkk, Dunn.i .Icnn Du- Cllcixlc. Allin Dc-Cliistcikc-i'. Run 3: Iiatclls Dixiilwn, Ruli- crt Dicriiks. Di-.in D4-limil, .Incl D.1ly, li.ii'lW.ii'.i Dciiinicw. Dcanngi Darby. 's v-1 ' ' 'Q .., . Q F2 Rau' I: Sharon Gray, janice Hayden, Carol Hall, Sharon Gotheridge, Florence Gohen, Ruiz' 1: Bob Hintze, Gloria Hirst, Pat Hokinson, judy Hites, Connie Hemm, Linda Herrera, Adela Her- nandez. Rau' J: Edward Huggart, Kathleen Hill, jucly Hutt, Sandra Huggins, Mike Holloman, Terry Holmes, Rau' 3: jerry Hopkins, Steve Hofstetter, Rene Hull, Danny Hignight, Ron Hoff, Harry Huf- ford, Bob Holden. Row 1: judith Ann johnson, Vicki Huyvaert, Sandra jokisch, Reha Hurry, jacqueline jones, Virginia jarkson. Row 2: Rohert jones, jerry johnson, Sandi Huston, Kath- ryn jones, Douglas johnson, Darrel Irwin. Run' 3: Benton johnson, Raymond lmmesoete, Robert ja- cohs, Gary johnson, Allen Hun- gate, jack jones. Ken Hakeman. Rau' 2: james Hayes, Carol Graham, Sandy Granell, Sandy Grill, Curtis Harsch, Gerald Goodwin. Row 3: Orberie Giles, Richard Harrington. Brent Hanson, Tom Guild, john Hantz, Dwayne Halferty. UV' . s ss if I 0 it : 5: ' s "S A , gb , , Q k m I Q, Q 4? , k ' . ,Q f -Q ,Lg 1 x . Hia' 3 t ' ' ' .- ' 1 R K rf S Q7 -i wg-3 A tr: R" ii si ' . ix , , "9 i ' '2 ,-- f , , 4 u bar' ,' Q - . f - " I x 4' s - ,QQRS K ,es fi. W7 J Q gg' l -jg.. J iw QXKXHX YI 4- Rsds ,c "9 ,uhm 65 1 '+flSU,,f ' g .XXg"'i',Tf-1 ,sig if ... W-T . , , -3, , - 5 , . 4-.1f'-jf'-ZSgZ-:ig2g:f:fE:7:3:3Z3:gQis. Us alll? lg ,al Y M r535124::,s:::b:a:f,::-rf!rv? 5 t - X 1, 2- -.-:-.-:Ll -:::::::::::::.:r-43" Qs!! ,G W lg f , er'-Qa+g:fs5.2z' azaazzaaaaaziey-"'r It L is - If X is-X ' ,Eiiiiiii EEEEEEESDP' , +V' f t , A K . l K Aish X, ,lv G 1 ' 5E555EE5?i555ff5liii1 H 1 S f f1aaaggQ,,2EEE2Eiga, A -, i t F A, ss .'f-'5L:,S'J:l?1.3"l'gf57-'7-'. 7 is -. .L .14'.-rr.-.-::-1,-ev :f:.::--. f , . X .K ...,sa..t,, .... . 3 ,L.r . W, Swv 1, "Ai . ' , . kb' ' ' . -.:: ::!!..Z1st1' -Q W vv Run' 1: luAnn hIll.Cl1l0I'L'. Kay l.LlLlI:iILNUl"I, -hwy Mila-un, Shirley INfLl.L'.ll'1, CQ.11'ulyn, Mil- ler, Betty h1kI.Alll4L1l1liI1. Rffu 2: WILIYUQ Mmliixcrn, Almly McLain, Fl'.lnLL'S NnNc.nI, Joyce MnDglm'l, c?L'l7l'j.:C Mil- ler. Run' if 5.1111 M1.K.ly, Ru- lzmd Mnllurklc, Bill Mklixrlin Gary hiillcn. Bill Milburn Paul Millar. Ld n i i Q Q , x SIIIPHIIIMURES Rau' 1: David Mills, Wiliiizl Myers, Roberta Mulligan, Sally Monstrey, Sandra Murphy, jerry jeff. Rau' 2: Phil Mathias, Pat Molnar, Karen Newcnham, Velma Moose, Carolyn Mitts, George Munger. Rua' 3: Don Murphy, Wayne Neal, Wayne Miller, Gary Myers, Dwayne Ne- areill, jay C. Newton, Dennis Mit- ton. J' 5 3 Zi . 1 J A I 64 ...w-vw "' ., ...iyuv -wi.. Row 1: Yvonne Pendleton, Donna Pilcher, Donna Penderson, Maureen O'Harrow, Patty Potter, Nancy Parker, Karyn Powell. Row 2: jim Ohrberg, Martha Platt, Bon- nie Odendahl, Carol Pelton, Jennie Petersen, Marilyn Pinner, Doralee Oakman, Stan- ley Park. Row 3: Eddie Penca, Marge Orlich, Bruce Pease, David Pollentier, Eugene Penner, Patricia Osborn, Tom Nielsen. an um- FFQV s s vi maui gamut ,xmas 5 --a-7,1-'.i 7. SSR History panels ran be entertaining ay well af informative af Carole Talak, Barb DeGrae1fe, S' Pal Vdl1KfdV6f6l1, and joyre Stoeder fbow, but Demzi: Rogerf f .reemr bored with lhe whole thing. EUPHCIMIIIRES -5, ' -rw , ur 3 'rr "' 'P' ' 5 'U ' l i In if-ff. u ll 1 7 . :Q ' ' t -14 ,K 1 1 K , K rf Q, 5 1 9 ' 'x2iw""i' 0 0 Ffiiffiiif a ua: xii H" Q. fa P ' K U 1 o 'H :mini , ,iinllr 411. hf"'i I 5' P 1 Q, -s.. pv- ifl . X, s:,fX Vs X ' -:1 - .' Q L- asv, , . 's N 4- X w .. gn ,var fi , Q wx '1 ,N t r is J fs . IU' Q. ,qu Se, . . L' in S . ,3 X ' 'Q-ar N , " ,Q .1- -:sine N 4- .an -'Q -tt 4- K.: K V 1411: S .no ,y ,E .g"f'-f- 5 l ii' X- 11 1- v,,. w 'A K N . . . . Q9 fi C 'ii i S S 'Aj S 1 - ti 'limi 4 X t A h sA 4 ' 'v R, - , X, 'if W 1' , I '...cg- Q Rau' I: Marsha Smith, joyee Spen- cer, Kaye Stevenson, Martha Smith, Lana Stephenson, joyce Stoedter, Sylvia Stockwell, Lily Ann Snyder. Rau' 2: Ronnie Soucinek, jerry Sletten, David Stark, Loretta Spar- rowgrove, Walync' Stanlake, Ronnie Six, Bob Stogdell. Rau' 3: Kenneth Sitter, Keith Stoneking, jim Sou- cinek, jim Stoneking, jr., Kenneth Sparrowgrove, Donald Stotts, Du- ane Stetlie, Wlilliam Smith, s w Rau' 1: Linda Romero, janet Rasso, Patricia Quinn, Faye Rittel, jeanne Rosczyk. Mary Lou Ramond, Pau- line Rockwell. Rau' 2: Connie Ree- ser, Ronny Pustelnik, Rudolph Rasso, Dennis Rogers, Ronney Root, Carolyn Quillin. Rau' 3: Martha Pugh, Sandra Roach, Pam O'Kloek, janet Rhodes, Sharon Reed. Rau' 4: Charles Roberson, Rohert Taske, Lei Lani Paea, Steve Pyevith, Bill Reid, David Pyland. Rau' I: Yvonne Ross, janet Saunders, Karen Saddoris, Pat Ruhy, Mary Segura, Elizaheth Simpson, judy Sthadt. Rau' 2: Ed Sandoval, Hank San- doval, Sandra Schultz, judy Shamasko, Wlayne Sheden- helm, julyle Shannon, Rau' 3: Wlarren Rowe, Stephen Schroeder, Dennis Sehave, Les- ley Schleeter, Fred Ruby, Sher- man Rotz, Leonard Sangster. rx 5, , 1 T JW X Run' 1: Rosalie Vermeulen, hlglry jo Vnnl-lecke, Joanne Versypt. Carol Vlfilsun. .lennne V4inVliete, Vicki Vogelsung, Trudy VineS. Run' 2: Paul XX'.1lker, Pat VanKli1x'ern, Marty Versluis, Rochelle Wfil- liaxms. lftlnal XVntltlelI, Annette V.1nNurw.iy, Henry Vonrhis. Run' 3: Ritlmrtl Lee Vr1nZui- den, Dirk Verxileeke, Duane V.lfl'l'lL'f.1l1L'Ill, Ken Vickers, lixerett V.1nV4llkenlmrg, jim XV.ikelicltl, Clmrles Wlherry. 9 vs pn ... 1- ,yi IW, E nr l Run' If 'l.lI1ltC lliump- sun. Alutly Sweet, Betty V11nDeVelLle. fi.ll'UlL' 'I'.ll.ik, Sll.ll'l'UI1 True, Su- s.1n 'l'istl.1le, Darlene Tuwnsentl. Rffjz' J: jerry V.1nDeVuortle, -lerry Tlmmpsun. lfli1.llu'tl1 'l'l1m11pmn, N.1l1ty' Swim tkiewitz, C'.ii'ul ll4lllAl1L'l'. Dun 'l'.lllent, f,l!lL'il1I'lLL'. Run' 35 XY'.iyne llmmp- sun. Angelo Viillepu. C.irl Stuel.1nLl. Ritl1.ll'tl Swan- son, Felipe Vnltles, Freil Stulir, -lim Tliiem. Rau' 1: Paul Wfiklunrl, Vir- ginia Zimmerman,Ka1ren W'ilelermutl1, Kay YX'ontl- worth, Ann Wise, Norman Xwilkens. Razz' J: Kay Wil- kinson., Virginia XX'uolley. Sharon Vlfilliaims, XX'ill4i Wlil- son, Sherrie Wlilsnn, Kenneth Xvumack. Run' 3: Herbert Wfykert. jim Wfillinms, Xwayne Wfriedt, DeRoy Wlin- gert. Stanley Willigliiws. Wairle Wcmrvd. Q ' I3 Run' I: Bob Hintzex I.xn4la Sinclair, Hazel L'I1ll'lL' Clark, Virgin john- son, Terry Huskcy, Alina Hernan- dez, 'lim Snyder. Ron' 2: Ricllard Doluxinskc, Gurdon Hopkins, Glen Hostcns, jr., Gary Natwick, Ed XX"alkc-r, jerry VanLlcWiclu, jim XX,lIlkCll3.IllL'l'. jack Dixon, Run' 3: Eric NiJI'tllllJlI1l, Sam BI'CI'L'tUH, Rus- sell Gaukcr, hlulln Bazur, Larry Rodgers, Red DcRammclac1'c, Eu- gene Frenmh. X SEIPHEIMCIRES Ready to go io play mzolher Jopbomore bafketball game are lhexe mnfdent looking team memberf. 'iff ! A-l Frefbman ojfrerf join ibeir ddl"i,f07', Mr. Collins, in a rup of milk. Shown are Safarz Stepbem, vice-pre.fL dentg Larry Dobereiner, preiiderzlf Bob Fluegal, Jecrelary-trea.farer,' and Mr. Collim. FRESHMEN Into the halls of United Township High School came another new class, this year's freshmen. They had many experiences that were different from anything they had known before. One of their first activities as a class was to build a float for Home- coming. They chose "Knock 'Em Outh for their theme and built a ring in which they portrayed a boxing match. The other class activity was the freshman assembly for which they gathered talent from among their 505 classmates. They found some of the activities they had known in grade school were also in high school but on a larger scale. They attended sports events, went to the dances after the games, and ended the year with a class party. They tried to get used to homework, and they became familiar with many new school subjects. Advising them on their studies, helping them plan their futures, and giving them counsel on their problems at school, Mr. Collins has helped the freshmen complete a year of new experiences. Al right if Don Bishop, a member of lbe freshman clan, who pafyed away November 26, 1957. -47" 7? Rim' I: Gerald Anilerson, ,Iutlitli Atlams, Katlrerine Barlwoutis, Me- lintla Allen, Aloan Atliilles. Karen Antlers. Ruiz' J: Perry Auliee, Bar- bie Antlerson, Mariorie Baker, Glo. ria Ammerman, james Anderson, Rim' 3: Dick Akers, Dennis Antler- son Mark Bare, Marvin Beeson, Harry Arvanis, Kent Atler. sz.: Run' I: Donaltl Carlson, Dick Brewer, Kenney Burns, Den- nis Bowling, Dennis Buelien, Donald Calwor. Ron' J: Don- altl Bishop, Donna Britton, Marilyn Brown, Leveta Bu4 elranan, Barbara Calwor, -Iohn Caldwell. Run' 3: Pete An- tlon, Gary Carlson, Tom Campbell, john Carpenter, Ronaltl Burney, Clifford Buekallew. ve-'x if I K .. Rau' I: Bob Bessee, Dixie Bivens, Rosemary Burrell, Joyce Blackwell, Mary Ann Beteher, Carol Lou Blackman, Ceelia Belman, Ray Bowler, Rim' J: Larry Batten, Ger- aldine Bell, Ylenna Bennett, Ellen Brereton, Zella Bettis, june Black- well, Lequeta Buchanan. Rau' 3: George Boqklinuse, Gary Bell, ,Ian Baltzell, john Blair, Roger Below- ske, james Bowers, Bill Baker, Dale Armstrong. qv s 2 f'? f' 1?-'gl .a-,A 'W 4 W Y il! Q J e 1 la l lllllll at ll 'wld Y V llllllllunmnm . Rim' 1: Azalee Daggett. Col- leen Covert. Florance Cole- man, Barbara Covert, Bonnie Cunningham, Sue Davis. Rim' 2: Shirley Columbia, Sue Col- lier, Judy Cutler, Linda Cor- win, Barbara Culley, Bonnie Crouch, Daniel Cook, Run' 3: XX'arren Copeland, Bill Com- ins, Ronald Cowser, Jerry Cun- ningham, Bob Davis, Donald Davis. Rim' 1: Jetl DeMarlie, Doris Dennhardt, Almeta Dolan. Janice Donder, Martha Daw- rhinski, Diane Dinneweth, Dean Clark. Rau' J: Al Dier- igks, Larry Dobereiner, Joyce DeGrande. Janne DeBoo, Paul DL-Graexe, Gene Ditmh. Rfm' 3: Joe Dc-Jeagher, Richard DeMeyer, Rene DeRammel- aere, Dean Dciireve, Reed DeBord, Robert DeClerck, Richard Dearborn. .pr FRESHMEN Rau' If Joe Carter, Sharon Chidos, Dorothy Cattoir, Judy Caulkins, Bobby Casillas. Rau' J: Ilene Cas- sidy, Connie Clark, Karen Cline, Stella Claver. Rnu' 3: Micheal Claus, Raymond Clausen, Lonnie Brewer, Roger Clarke, Jerry Chap- man. f vga 1. ,U e" in it I ' til' l 5, " 'uh' :VI V Q R .ez ell' WT J in I 1 15' ll l if R54 7' K 1 V, JA? v, .wd""". A Rau' I: Neil lintrilcin, Dianne lishelman, Elaine Ely. Anita Dzckunskas, jim Fairman, 'Ferry Downing. Rnu' 2: Clif- ford Finley, Dan Duke, Karen Dull, 'Ferry Felter, Mary Dar- lene Evans, Juanita Draper. juhn Engelke-ns. Run' 3: Roh- ert Finch, Don Ferrell, Albert Enghnlm, Williiiimi Edmunds, Arthur Fanter, Frank Fennu. Tin tin tiniat, by ,im-. Hilm- belief' klI01l'II 115 Jingle Bells, um mug fr Lnlifz rlfzri' before Cf9l'fJ'llllzl.l' I'i1t'z1l10I1. We Q FRESHMEN Row I.' George Gavin, Dale Frels, Irene Garcia, Cheryl Foutch, Rick Freymann, jerry Frenell. Rau' 2: Gary Fulscher, Karen Francis, Dor- othy Flowers, Judith Fisher, Bara bara Francis, Scott Frazelle. Rau' 3: Clifford Ford, Max Fitch, jim Gerhardt, Bob Fluegel, Ernie Ger- lach, Ronald Fuller. X i" Iy- Rou' 1: Linda Goldsberry, Norma Grosz, Judy Gray, Carole Glaudel. Amanda Gomez, Gail Girt, Carmen Guerrero. Rau' 2: David Griffith, Robert Grumadas, Sandra Grifhth, Sharon Green, Nellie Gomez, john Gordon. Rau' 3: jim Gillespie, john Gnatovich, john Graham, Mike Griffith, Mike Gillespie, Arnold Guerrero, Stanley Gray. Rau' 2: Kathleen Hill, joyce Hayes, Sandra Hasselman, ' ' jean Ann Hibernik, Sandra i f .W Q Q 5-J 'pl it N x' ' A .C M 1 ' ri ai ini , . ug i Y lt. 0 G . ' .K . Rau' if Donald Hill, jim 1 f 7 1 M '-' , , A ,i - C H Hill, juanita Heimhurger, Bob ,', , - ' ' L Q l Hamrick. Kenneth Harlan. W M, ' m Q" , :- Hanson. Rnu' 3: Dave Her- Q ,Ri stedt, Williaiii Hulse, Bob A Hernandez, Eugene Held, Pete i ...,"F"h., f , Hantz. , 1 , - , " L ...aft gf- - . -Q4 5. , "'-'W 'Y .5"'T,,3' '2..:iPL.'.!l4XilIi1"C- All - ' . - 'wc- Rnu' 1: Frank D. Koma- tar, David jones, Bron- zella jamison, Paula Koehler, Donna Knight, Frederick johnson, Eddie johnson. Rau' J: Laura Knox, Beverly jefferson, Barhara Kilts. Mary Keel, Sandra Knight, Margie johnson, janet Kipp. Rau' 3: jim jan- owski, Robert Keim, Andyjohnson, james Kincaid, Paul jaecques, Earl johnson. .3 W Run' I: Vincent Hill, Rosemary Hyde, Katherine Huff, Marilyn Hiplcins, Linda Hull, 'l'odd Hunter, j. P. Hull. Run' 2: l.arry Hoepf- ner, lsahelle Holden, Diana Holmes, judy Homan, Gloria ln- man, Fatty Hurd, Sharon Howell, Danny Hines. Ruiz' 3: Ronnie lm- mesoete, Fi'ed Ishmael, james Hol- lowell, Lincoln Hinton, james Hughes, jerry Isom, john Holm- gren. Ron' I: Richard Leader, Roh- ert Larson, Deanna Lewis, Ronald Lampe, Ruth Lauritz- son, Bob Laird, Roger Lale- man. Rau' J: Lovina Leehy, Nancy Lauritzson, Linda Lange, Carolyn Lancaster, Sharon Launius, Lucille Les- thaeghe, Delores Lewis. Rauf 3: jim Lavine, Paul Lackey, Dick Leibovitz, Raymond Ko- patich, Elmo Lawson, Charles Kriegemeier, Fred I.. Lemkau. Eg-li' " rr Run' 1: Vlmmn M.1lmstrum, ,Iudith Malm- strmn, SI1.l1'un I.yJun, Linda Lunniccn, Nmny Martens, Dian.: Lumlccn. Rau' J: Nurim- Nmkcy, Mary Ann Martin, "" Dyf' 'iff 0 SI ,. - 0 +-X '71, .. 44 cf X , '-7 ' Calm! I.ittIL-wnml, ,Imam I.llI'lL1Llhl, Arnold A A' m L Y f .-'fy'1cg'fA-5 fx T Little. Rffzw 3: Rulwcrt Paul Martel, john ' gxffu., lQ"'T,-y . l s l,nl1w,,I?m1.1IJ M.ul?mm, l..11'ry Lung- 421' . ,3K'54:Q:5J,fi I . X nukcr, lum I.m'n-tt, Iuul Luulcrs. - -gs--.5 J, 5 ' f u. 49, S,-J'-1... ag' ,. .4 g 2 ,gg yu I 'xjm t, -1 . 'f,-.pm ,Q .V 1' Mpifgy f 7 ','NL'714 .wlQzS,e1Q3fgjx'E fa' ' if'-if ' ' 'S 7 'f x E' , " .Mi f 2'.!m'b'731-'Y sf-Wfq 'Vile'-':, 4 .1 Quik 125-fl if we " -, .,.,+,f :.-5 lf. 71 FREE!-IMEN Crm1f0r'mble.9 fim Alargmz re!fzxe.r 1 fs Q Y I lf .Wir 'l j,b,':,, 5, Q1 , V,-NJ IQ.--mf vhife be .fflflljk his fzzfnh' 211 fum! rmfm. cv cm 5 'I ', s 'V I I Rim' 1: Fllagene Massa, Sandra McMullen, Mari- lyn McCoy, Nigel Mc- Cord, Letty Meyer, Donna McDowell. Rau' 2: Terry Mercy, Robert Milburn, Claudia Mayf field, Ray McDonald, Georganna Meyers, john McChurch, Dennie Meyer. Rau' 3: Gene Miller, Donald McLean, Gary Mitton, Alfred Mar- tinez, Steve Martin, jo- seph McLemore. X ,rg , MY .tai 11? ,div i u :fl I 5:4 ' .Q 4 1 v 1 1 R . Y lb, Rau' 1: Dan Orendorff, Wilyne Os- bourne, Judy Perkins, Mary jo Picon, Fred Norton, jerry O'Bleness. Rau' If Pamela Nelson, Nancy Parker, Dorothy Pelton, jean Perry, Nola Pardee. Row 3: Sandra Norris, Sheryll Overmire, Steve Paytash, Eva Norin, Patti Oneth, Sherry Noftsker. ,fm Row 1: Eugene Mohr, Wgincla Myers, Sharon Morgan, Kathleen Moody, Bar- bara Murphy, Patricia Moore. Rau' 2: Ron Nalevanko, Linda Mayhew, Sharon Murphy, Patty Moses, Ronnie Murphy, Moose Muse. Rau' 3: Val Nache, Cecil Murdock, Norlin Neareill, jim Morgan, Donald Nelsen, Tom Mosher. WW FP 3 gf 5 l Rou 1 I-lame Pnvra Sandra Pulver Alice Potter Norma Redman Donna Phxlrps Nancy Ramsey Carol Reveal Rau 7 Karan Ragan Roseann Phelps Pamela Prppert Carolyn Re1d Sandra Radford Vnrgmra Rasso Ruby Reyna Warren Ratllff Rou 3 Tony Prreto Erme Rangel Donna Radakovrch Rrchard Pulver Paula Powell Kermrt Reno Kenneth Rexroth t -5 -' t.,'55,' 5,1- f Q ii R "N -l , , " 1 is-'X 3' -. Q - ,, f lite 0 5 5 lv ,au i fQ ' . Row 1: Sam Scholcl, Karen Shull, Barbara Schutz, Sandra Shipma, Lincla Schmooke, Bill Siedlitz. Row 2: Melvin Shivers, Majorie Scott, Connie Severns, Ann Schmidtlein, Hope Sierra, Janet See, Martin Schoellerman. Row 3: Stanley Schroder, Carol Scott, jerry Shope, Nancy Scott, Earl Swenger, Kathy Schubert. Rau' 1: Vivian Sanders, Carolyn Robinson, Sandra Rule, Marilyn Root, Mary Rogers, Beverly Scher- schel. Rau' 2: Don Rylander, Sandra Robertson, Rosalie Rigsby, Robert Sauser, Carol Robert, Rose- mary Sainer, james Rockwell. Row 3: Earl Rusk, Orrin Schatteman, Douglas Robertson, Ronnie Rule, Jerry Ricky, Harold Rodgers. QD Row 1: Mary Lou Wells, Alice Whit- marsh, Karen Weber, jean Whipple, janet Walker, Sharon Whitehair, Raw 2: jaince White, Linda Williams, Pat Williams, Michele Weekly, Nancy Wells, Carole Wallace. Row 3: Craig Weisbrook, Benny White, Bryon War- ren, Keith Ward, Marvin Wheeler, Her- bert Whittington, FREEI-IMEN Rau' 1: Karen Thiem, Anna Mae Stewart, Tondalaya Sullivan, Kathy Stoneburner, Donna Stirratt, virki Taylor. Rau' 2: Barbara Swails, Judy Summers, Marsha Swanson, Eileen Thomas. Careletta Sunken, Dorothy Mae Stritklannl. Rau' 3: Dick Theuninck, john Stevenson, Randall Stout, ,lack Steele, Herbert Sweat, Gary Stoneking, Kenny Suss. Rau' 1: Otlia Teague, Richard VanBell, Gary Swift. Patritia Townsentl, Eugene Wadsager, Larry True, Keith Thompson. Rau' 2: Sandra Twedtlell, Priscilla Vershaw, jean, nie Verleye, Marla Stew- art, Carol Vervenne, Bev- erly Tyner. Rau' 33 XValter Trice, Howartl Thompson, Harold Van- Vooren, Pedro Vallejo, Robert Thomas, Larry Tate, Russell Upton. The wonders of science are znzfolded before llie eyef of Ernie Ger'lm'h, Karen 7ll.7jL'Nl, and Bob DeClerrke in Mr. Flldgtxl general .rrienre rlafr. -5...-sf' 5.4.19-qi' P-in.---f' r....,,,.:-. 9. 49 .T 4.3. 9 Rau' 1: Mary Lou Wells, Alice Whit- marsh, Karen Wfeber, Carol Whipple, janet Walker, Sharon Whitehair. Rau' 2: janice NX'hite, Linda Williams, Lynn VUilliams, Michele Weekley, Nancy Wells, Carole Wallace. Rvu' 3: Craig Weisbrocwk, Bennie Wliite, Byron Wall'- ren, Keith Ward, Marvin Wheeler, Her- bert Whittington. D Rau' I: Tom Munos, Nancy Hart, Donna Tipton, Fretl Sauceclo, jack Taylor. Run' 2: Eric DeMuynck, Dean Warren, Ricky Carson, Arthur Rootly. Rau' 3: LeRoy jones, Danny Hignight, Larry Robinson, Bernarcl Siirila, Fizz Brown, Y? Rau' 1: Willie Williamson, Gerry Wise, janet Wise, Kathie Wilson, Carol Wind- land, Sherry Woodworth, jack Young. Rua' 2: Bill Wonder- lich, Ruth Ann Wilscmn, janice Witherspoon, Alice Wood- worth, Nancy Wilson, jerry Wise. Rau' 3: Wayne Yates, Arthur Winthurst. Denny VanTieghem, Nadine Wo- mack, Philip Womble, john Zukas, Evan Yeager, nmhdf' J I ,I 'l C 4 ia, 4'v".l mv- Q7 XT' , we, Activities Special events which highlight the year are called activities. Activities bring the entire student body closer together in the solemness of some activities and the gaiety of others. ,, . an Y Lv . . U if ...fk?....,v, x . X , Q 1+ X J iv 2 X' XX 1 'i X , ,?,,,3y 1 Y 5, wk! X U . 5 ffl ff-g 2 . Q, is X X, X. F.. V-Z' ff,-:::.....ff' STUDENT CIIILINCIL Paufing in the middle of their hufy Jchedu ef, the Pekin District repre- sentative: pore for their picture. Bark row: Boh Kennedy, Keith Rohinron, Bob Sullivan, jim Pier- Jon, and George DeBo. Front row: Iudy Hoover, Mary fo VanHerke, and Carol Hall. Grouped together during one of their "breathing momentJ" are the Student Council ojirerr and their Jponsor, Mr. McCoy. Bath Row: jim Pierron, parliamentariang Keith Rohinron, vice-prefidentg Boh Sulli- van, president, Front row: janet Loding, refretaryp Mr. McCoy, rponfor,' Loi: McCreight, treaiurer. The Student Council is a board consisting of mem- bers of each of the classes in school. It functions under the leadership of Mr. McCoy. Working toward a better school and system of running things more democratically is the aim of the Council. This year, as in past years, students were chosen from this organization to represent our school at district and quint-city meetings with other schools in the state. We were proud to have three of the Junior mem- bers to serve as ofiicers of the Pekin District. All clubs in the school are responsible to the Stu- dent Council. Learning to work together, to help better these clubs, is still another of the Council's aims. Serving ar 0.56675 of thi: yearbf Pekin Dirtrict reprerentativer were Nanry Hall, vice-prefidentf Lana Berghult, .rer- retaryg and jim Pierron, prerident. ii A-I S cv- r 4.2 CD ,Qu fjif , 'r YF? D Row I: janet Loding, Nancy Cropp, Lois McCreight, Lana Berghult, Judy Hoover, Alice Leasenby. Row 2: Phil Hutton, Mike Shea, Nancy Hall, Roxy York, Bob Sullivan, George DeBo. Ro w 3: Cecil Hernandez, Mike Knight, Don Fisher, Keith Robinson, Bill Hocker, Bob Kennedy. Row 1: Linda Romero, Debbie Anderson, Nancy Wilson, Marilyn Root, Dorothy Cattoir, Mary Lou Wells. Rauf 2: Kenneth Laud, Paula Koeler, Sharron True, Mary jo VanHecke, Carol Hall, Linda Livesay, Cheryl Foutch. Rau' 3: Pam Nelson, jean Hibernik, Carol Wilson, Eileen Thomas, Nancy Boxstall, Pat VanKlaveren, Joyce LaPeere. Row 4: Fred Leuders, Earl Schwenneker, Harry Aruanis, Keith Stoneking, Ron Hoff, Ronnie Immesoete, Scott Frazelle. 'HF Q S3 S 5-eT51SFfQi-SHCEXITATY V Zu E M i T - 15 vu--L-f F ,I g X 9 A in X .A .L ,T-f' N' 'v A ,W .. sf' . Ns. k. A .. 3 x 7 A HUMECEIMINE The excitement and pleasure that make a success- ful Homecoming celebration were enjoyed by ll.T.H.S. students this year. First came the choosing of the Homecoming royalty and then voting for the king and queen. In the weeks preceding the Home- coming parade, the clubs and classes spent long hours decorating their floats. Many were rewarded when the senior class float, "Sleigh-ride to Victory," X Hu W I P 'sf if "I frown thee King and Queen of U.T.H.S." Doing five lmnorr of crowning Queen Cfzwle Blunke and King Bob Kennedy are rwznerf-zip, fanel Loding and jim Oltman. won first prize in originality, when the F.H.A. float, "Starway to Victory," won first prize in heauty, and when the F.N.A. float "Let's Lick 'l2m," won first prize in humor. The parade in the afternoon ended in the bowl where a pep rally was held. After a thrilling game in Soule Bowl, U.T.H.S. students streamed over to the school gym where the Home- coming dance was held. I 5 YQ X tx X X Q L f Q y W 2. 4f, 3 X N1 X ju: a 5 U.T.H,S. Homecoming Queen, Carole Blunke, and her court Ro- wena Bedeian, Loi.r McCreight, Yanet Loding, Norene Poeluoorde, Roxemary Morrison, Barbara Lueders, Bonnie Wilhenf, Diane Waterman, and Sharon McMillin, zre arrayed in full royal Jplendor. 1' ., W? c 5 K X Y- LAY, The Homecoming Royalty Jhown after the crowning of Mr. and Min U.T.H.S. Row 1.' Sharon McMillin, fini Oltman, Queen Carole Blunhe, King Bob Kennedy, janet Loding, Barbara Leuderf. Row 2: Diane Waterman, Rofemary Morrifon, Bonnie Wilhenf, Loi! McCreight, Noeen Poelvoorde, Rowena Bedeian, Bob Sullivan, Rout 3: Keith Robinfon, Kenny Beuerlin, Cherokee French, ferry Lancafter, Bill Hocher, and Dennix Sahr. Not Jhown if Gary Steiner. Seated atop their royal float, Queen Carole and King Bob Jurvey their domain-Eaft Moline and United -I Townfhip High School. Acting "real goony," Jwaying back and forth to the .rtrainr for the "Nutcracker Suite", the Goonief performed for the jirxt time before a U.T.H.S. audience at the Home- coming auembly. , - ,,- - . , wg ,L - ix X ' f 4 be-nj ,, -1 t t.. 1' 3.-S" fi' . K K i i f Q' t-saw .d isk L K v S YK .fbi C i' Y - ' 55'-w, 4 f , K Q lf 3 V W , N f 'xi ix fx 4 V .f . fi .. .X t S , ',': .Qw- -. -" -A. it -JN " '57 .sz x Our Queen and King! Carole Blunhe and Dennix Sahr wear happy xmiler after lheir roronation. Beftowing the trademark of King and Queen of Sporii upon Carole Blanke and Dennif Sahr are the runner:-up, janet Loding and Ken Beverlin. Butterflies, knotted handkerchiefs, and some last-minute primping were the order of the day for the mem- bers of the G.A.A. royalty before this year's King and Queen of Sports were announced as Carole Blunke and Dennis Sahr. Runners up were janet Loding and Ken Beverlin. Once again the royalty were entertained by a volleyball game between faculty members and members of the junior class. The faculty proved to be quite a threat to the junior teamg but the juniors pulled ahead for a decisive victory of 18 to 11. Amid regal Jplendor the King and Queen of Sport! and their four! preride over the G.A.A. feylivilief. Row 1: Rosemary Morrifon, Bonnie E,A,A, Wilhenx, Loi: MrCreight, Sandi Hegwood, Carole Blunke, queen, Dennis Sahr, king, Merry Frarier, Paz Clauw, Peggy Goorh, Sharon McMillin. Row 2: jim Oltman, Cherokee French, Keilh Rohimon, Bob Kennedy, janet Loding, princess, Ken Beverlin, prince, Gary Steiner, foe England, jim Iohnxon, Harold Paulfen. ,fa tx Xi' nn.. ...... M. Ruiz' 15 Rowena Bedeian, Joy Kicksey, Nancy Rosenberger, Judy Armstrong, Merry Fraser, Jim Foiles, Julius Terronez, Gary Miller, Fred Banlield, lid Bowman. Carolyn Park, Erna Sable, Karen Laliountain, Pat Lydon, Sandra Hesser, Run' J: Marsha XX'intliurst, Nadine Snyder. Marx' Alyte Adams, Helene Rivers, Myrtle Crouch, Dale Morthland, Lyle Gerloclc, Mike Berthoud, lierrcl Anderson, Cierald Koenig, llitli.ii'tl Hoskins, lileanor Reyes, Adele Sable, Karen Kelley, Judith Iwfiller. Marie Laleman. Suzi Ford. Rnu' 5: Virginia Sutton. Susan Kelley, Hai'- riet Hull, Sharon NX'ilson, James Irwin, Darryl Ingersoll, Buzz XX'ilkinson, Dean Lang, Bernard Pilther. Jerrel Anderson, John Meyers. Jolin R, Miller. loin Rohyt, Lois Mtfireiglit. Marilyn Cushman, Joanne Scott, Linda Laird, Bonnie XY'ilkens, Sandra Kallman. Ron' -JJ Carol Pen- dcrson, Barbara l.ast-lc, Lois Beaudoin. Fran Jaecques, Kathy Timmerman, Vernon Robinson, Howard Mosher, Gary Mueller. Bolw Cunning- ham, Jim MtMillini. Levy Austin, Dave Martin, Jim Adams, Bob Moore, James Tank, Barbara Jean Nelsen, Sandra Vfilliams, Ellen Socleinan, Carolyn VanVooren, Daurel Brown, Roxy York, Janet Stang. another concert in the spring. They sang many dith- E H D l R cult and beautiful pieces of music that only training could account for. But all was not work, as any The advanced choral group at U.T.H.S. contrib- choir member could tell you. In the late winter uted much to the school in their assembly before they sold candy for their trip to Lake Geneva at the Christmas when their singing gave all of the listen- end of school which was a successful climax to a ers a sense of the true Christmas spirit. They gave busy year. TREBLE TON ES MR. AHNQUIST Relaxing during one of hif "rare" free moment! if Mr. Vincent Ahn- auifr, choral director. Mr. Ahn- quifff jiri! year ax U.T.H.S, choral director haf roven very Jucceifful. Among lhe ne prograrny prefenled by the choral groupf under hi! di- reclion were the annual Chriitmaf Vexperf and the Spring Concert. A talenled group of Jenior girlx, the Treble Toney, haf appeared on many affenzhlief through the year .ringing many old fauorifef Juch ax When johnny Comes Marching Home Again and fheir own verfionf of popular Jongf like Sugar Time and My Special Angel. Their ability to harmonize and their popular ren- dilion: have made them well known to U.T.H.S. audiencef. Row 1.' Sandra Kallman, Helene Riuerf. Row 2: Linda Laird, Loif Mc- Creight. Row 3: Bonnie Wilhem, Roxy York. Row 4: Rofa Sweat, Swan Kelley. '..o-0 5- RCU Picking ou! good mufic if only one of the many johJ of the choir of- jiceri. Pictured here are: Daurel Brown, fecrelary-treafurerg Mr. Vin- cent Ahnquixt, choral direclorf Linda Laird, prefidenl, and Merry Frafer, vice-president, ings , yn Q ax,uE i ,' F1 - I Rau' I: Betty McLaughlin, Janice Thompson, Loretta Bauwens, Nola Anderson, Maureen O'Harrow, Carolyn Miller. Margie Mayhew, Elizabeth Thompson, Kay Ashdown, Jean Wlarren, Gloria Hirst, Sandy Christensen, Jude Riley, I.ily Ann Snyder, Rim' J: Sandi Grill. Ruthie Hirst, Carolyn Mitts. Sharon Corn, Barbara DeGraeve, Virginia Stahl, Sally Valleio, Lana Stephenson, Sandra Murphy, Virginia Zimmerman, Shirley McLean, Sue Tisdale, Jean Davis. Rau' 3: Dianna Lowe, W'illa XY'ilson. Sherrie XX'ilson, Bessie Bickford, Carol Hall, Kaye Stevenson, Phyllis Anderson, Carole Stevenson, JoAnn Pustelnik, Judy Hooxer, Sharon Reed, Margot Moose, Lois Holes, Carole Talak, Carole Glaudel, Sandra Kramhetk. Rua' 4x Frances MtNeal, l.ana Berghult, Joyce I.aPeere, Sandy Murphy, Bonnie Odendahl, Doralee Oakman, Dolores Kastner, Jennie Peter- sen. Sharon XX'illiams, Martha Pugh, Deanne Glauclel, Ramona Gober, Joanie Bryant, Shirley Hamerlinck, Estelle Davidson, Judy Hutt, E Appearing on the Christmas program and in other as- semblies, the Glee Club as brought many new versions E of old hymns, folk songs, and group songs to U.T.H.S. audiences. Through much training and practice, the mem- bers have achieved a high degree in quality that brings C B enjoyment to the listener, may he be a music lover or not. Rau' 1: Linda Romero, Sylvia Stockwell, Joyce Collins, Jeanne Rosczyk, Donna Pilcher, Peggy Hines, Alite Leasenhy, Margaret Hokinson, Gaye Lasiter, Donna Penderson, Mary Lakadat, Betty Crouch. Billie Dunbar. Run' 3: Judy Sweet, Martha Smith, Martha Platt, Debbie Anderson, Francis Ramirez, Carol Sergeant, Beatrice XY'ilson, Carol Srhweitver, Alma Deal, Pat Hokinson, Irene Bowling, Patricia Quinn, Judy Kight, Jeannie McDowell, Sandy Stirratt, Ruiz' 3: Naniy Swiatkiewicz, Peggy Dobereiner, Karen Carlile, Wanda Howell, Virginia Dueysen, Virginia Myers, Judy Shamasko, Mary Jo VanHecke, Pam O'Klock, Vicki Vogelsang, LaJune Johnson, Alice Finley, Louise McCreary, Gail Vfeber, Donna Jackson, Rau' -ir Sandra Schultz, Karen Agnew, Carol Graham, Carol Anders, Pat VanKlaveren. Martty Versluis, Marilyn Pinner, Brenda Willaert, Janet Rhodes, Marsha Damp, Mary Fulscher, Velma Moose, Janet Fuller, Donna Katsis, Linda Livesay, Sally Bost, Carol Hauman. A , I- -RQ-515' -ll----I L ?.g X S. 3 vii , 'M . .2 vt- W fl, a. 5' . 7 -6 ra N L Rau' I: john Gordon, Gene Ditch, Bob Hintze, Kenny Suss, Virginia jackson, Wairren Ratliff, jim Hill, Fred johnson, Laszlo Lakadat, Fred Lueders, jerry Wise. Rau' J: Kenneth Rexrath, Eddie johnson, Larry True, Norman Xvillcens, john Holmgren, Darrel Irwin, Walter Trice, julyle Shannon, Dennis Rogers, Ernie Gerlach, George Miller, Bob Hamrick, Dennis Anderson, Galvin Garcia, Keith Thompson, Bob Casillas. Rau' 3: NX'ayne Osbourne, livan Yeager, Bruce Pease, Mike Hughes, Delbert Clevenger, Roger Clarke, Ronald Cowser, jaik Steele, Charles Roberson, john Graham, Terry Felter, Frank Karben, Don Murphy, Mike Grithn, Barton Em- mert. Rim' 4: Dennis Bowline, Ronald Lampe, Ronnie Castens, Carl Stueland, Charles XX'herry, Rene De Ram- melaere, Norlin Neaveill, Douglas Robertson, jim Carroll, Perry Aukee, Donald McLean, Pete Hantz, Curtis Harsch. MALI- I IHI IRI I!-i A relatively new feature in the choral department, the Male Chorus, has proven to be successful in many aspects. These boys, chosen for their good singing voices, sang in the assemblies many popular hymns and folk songs that were pleasing to the ear. FR H Singing for the first year before a U.T.H.S. audience, the Freshman Chorus spent much time and effort in prep- E H 2 R I-I E aration for the Christmas assembly. Rau' 1: Sharon Wfhitehair, Mary Lou Wells, Ellagene Massa, janet Xvalker, Eleanor Smith, Diana Lundeen, Cecelia Belman, Ruby Reyna, Vixian Sanders, Sandy Pulver, Sandra Shipma, Barbara Murphy, Marilyn Root, Bonnie jamison, Barbara Cabor, Carol Wyiitt. Diane Dinneweth, Karen Thiem, Sharon Chidos. Rau' 2: Melinda Allen, Marilyn Brown, Bonnie Cunningham, Sandra McMullen, Karen Ragan, janet See, Donna Srirratt, Norma Redman, Ruth Wilsimn, Carolyn Robinson, judy Perkins, Carol Wfhipple, Sandy Hanson, Sandi Radford, janice Wliite, Candy Koehler, Nancy XX'ilson, Dianna Eshelman, Mandie Gomez, Kay Hill, Nancy Man- tens, Karen Shull. Rim' 3: Nancy Hart, Sharon Lydon, Carol Blackman, Patti Moses, Dixie Bivens, Delores Butler, Sharon Howell, Pat Nelson, Rosalie Rigsby, Nancy VUL-lls, Toni Granet, Karen Francis, Kathleen Schubert, Cathi Stensvaag, Sharon Green, Michele VUcekley, Geraldine Bell, judy Summers, joyce Hayes, Patty Hurd, Mary Keel, janet Wise, Rau' J: Barbara Culley, Marilyn Hip- kins, Karen Dutf, Nadine XX'omack, Debby Brady, Georganna Meyers, Dorothy Flowers, judy Cutler, Diana Holmes, jean Lund- ahl, Donna Radakovich, Carol Vervenne, Claudia Mayfield, Sharon Murphy, Susan Stevens, judy Fisher, Gloria Ammerman, Carol Littlewood, Lynn Williaiiis, jean Hibernik, Paula Powell, Patty Oneth, Carol Robyt, Nancy Scott, Sandra Rule. 1- ll- - Ron I Wilma Myers Dorothy Homan Pat Molnar Roberta Mulligan Elizatbeth Simpson, Wayne Miller, Sandra Tweddell, janice Skiles, Ioyte Collins Rm Mike Clirk Dorothy Cattoir janet Stang Nancy Boxstall Wanda Muers, Alice Hernandez, -lanet VanOversheIde, Bnlurr Svt uls Virginii jatkson Marla Stewart Rau 3 Donald Adams Buzz Wilkinson, Phillip Grant, Ronald Trout. Dick Akers, Dick Vtrx utkc Due Pylmd Wirren I us rencc lmes Lovett Eugene Penner binclair Patterson. Row 4: john Carpenter, George Rasmussen, W illiim Hulse Ferry Mcrty Kithy Qtoneburner Mike Srea Leo Cnmbes Gary ohnson Bill Miburn. BAND In the fall, the U.T.H.S. band started off its busy schedule by playing for all of our football games, at home and at other schools. Its intricate marching formations on the football field were interesting to watch and enjoyed by all of the spectators. When the basketball season started, the combined concert and varsity band played snappy march- ing tunes at all of the home games. It also gave concerts at Hoffman, john Deere, Wells, and Bowlesburg grade Murir theory lemon is the topic 0 fonvefratiofz between Mr. Mallie Williarnr, axrixtarzt band dzrertor, and Mr. john Tho- man, band director. Row I: Judie Adams, Myrna Canheld, Ilana Kean, Donna Knight, Kay Bottorff, Judy Schadt, Karyn Powell, Trudy Vines, Suzanne Haefs, Pat Adams. Rau' 2: Robert Thomas, Ricky Carson, Carol Reveal, Judy Homan, Nadine Snyder, Jim Stonelcing, Kathryn Jones, Jim Morgan. Row 3: Ronnie lmmesoete, Steve Combes, Caroline Malinoski, Karen Greb, Judy Erickson, Jackie Ross, Karen Eddleman, Dennis Anderson, Judith Miller, Judy Knaaclc. Rau' -if Eric DeMuynck, Jack Dixon, George Cox, Robert Sauser, Jim Janowski, Terry Lewis, Jeral Miller, Donald Sanowski, Daniel Tworek. Row 5: Dean Warren, Robert Cattoir, Sherman Rotz. schools. Spring was the busiest season of all. The band sold 1400 bars of the "World's Finest Chocolate" by going out in teams to see who could sell the most candy in three days. Then 15 solo- T ists and 35 members of various ensem- bles competed in the Kewanee Music Contest on March l, winning li first e place titles. These people were then t TN eligible to enter the State Contest on April flth, The ensembles played for sf, 0 many ot the local civic organizations. 1 -3 ""-p-----i- y i in , -.r--- -wi I ln May the annual Baud Concert was 4 1-4---..s..-ti held featuring the concert band playing , A , A the Symphony Number Four in F Q si? 1: 5 7' J Q " . , , - --.........,,., , 5 , W? Minor. lhe band played tor the gradu- f 'H . P 3 ,.,3t- .,, 43' t C , X ation on June 2. . ' ' X Slgffzfzizzg mmrfly in lbeir sleek X A l wzffm' at all llae football gamer 1 ,t + Y : were tlwir J't'cZf'J' majoreller and gif X 3 drum major. Row I: Karen ty 0 ,, A Eflrllemwz, Myrna Canfield, ra D, -x V KM Row 2.' Sue Hizeff, Bob Can- . ' " . ,Q , rzizzglmnz, llama Kean. . V ,K J W , I, U I Thi: year'J hand ofrerx ufere, Row I: farhie Row, Jergeant, Buzz lVilhinJon, fergeant, Don Adarnf, lieutenant, Rohert Cattoir, Miha Shea, lieutenant, Sire Haeff, Dorothy Hotnan, head llhrarian, Ron' 2: llnarren La1i'reni'e, forporal, lady Sthadt, lihrarian, Ijlizaheth Sitnpton, lihrarian, fanire Shilef, fanet VanOz'er,rehelde, corporal, Daniel Tivoreh, .rer,geant, Pat Molnar, librarian. Nadine Snyder. corporal, fudity Miller, corporal, Wilma Myerf, lihrarian, Phillip Grant, corporal, lfirrt plan' ii'inncr.f in the Diftriet Munir Context are .rhown ahoue, There were fire en,re1nhle,r and one ,rolo from the ahore group plafing prft in the State Mum' Conteft. All otherf 7'L't'L'lI'L'Ll a .revond place rating. Ron' 1.' Virginia !lll'kJ'0lI, Pat Adaznf, lilizaheth Sinzpyon, Karyn Pozrell, fudy Shadt, Wilma Myerf. Roo' 2: Trudy Vinef, Dorothy Ho- fnan, Pat Molnar, judy Knark, Su- zanne llaefy, Nadine Snyder, farkie Ron, judy Ijrifhfon. Row 3: Buzz lVilhen.ron, Rohert Cattior, fini Morgan, fini Stoneking, Warren Laiwrazire, and Mike Shea. IIZADET BAND Praftieing hard throughout the year, the memhery of the cadet hand work toward their audition in Jpring. Variouy pieref of hand mum' are ivorhed out and prartifed until they meet the hand mem- hers audition and if they are rhoyen, they herorne memherr of the fonfert hand, Memhery of the fadet hand were the follow- ing. Row 1.' Patriria Moore, Eileen Thomaf, Almeta Dolan, Deanna Leivix. Sandra Grijith, Colleen Covert, Ilene Caffidy. Ron' 2: jerry O'- Bleneff, Gary Bell, ferry Chapman, Dale Arni- Jtrong, fan Baltzell, Larry Batten, Elaine Ely. Row 3: Martin Svhoellerniann. Danny Hiner. Gary Stonehing, Mary Rogerf, Carol Scott. N 31 gs, t Y X - EWQQ' st l i ie , , 'U ' S X vs- av Mrs. Jessie Frederick .'s. -J 'fs Karen Suss Joanne Versypt Mary Lakadat Judy Rose Lois Beaudoin Lana Berghult Adele Sable 4:-, t Bonnie Wilkens V' ' V Coralie Leasenby Karrol Jeffers Lois McCreight Margaret Freebern Helping Mrr. Frederirh thi: year with the Frerhman Declamation team were Judy Rafe, Loir McCreight, and Adele Sahle, Their pufilr for the year were Roremary Hyde, Barhara Cu ley, Dianne Erhelman. DECLAMATIIIIN There were approximately 45 participants in declama- tion this year. The Hrst team was composed of the top twelve speakers, and the remaining upper classmen made up the second team. Entries in the district con- test were Adele Sable, serious reading, Margaret Free- bern, comedy reading, Lois McCreight, oratorical declamationg Lana Berghult, poetry reading, Lois Beu- doin, original orationg Bonnie Wilkens, after dinner speaking and original monologue. Winners of the dis- trict contest were Adele, Margaret, and Bonnie. Dec- lamation's aim is to further develop an appreciation of good literature and to develop a skilled delivery of various serious and comedy selections that audiences would appreciate. Thir year'r Second Declamation team conrirted of Row 1 Dorothy Harmon, Alire Learenhy, Martha Smith, Lunda Benran, Patricia Townrend. Row 2: Mary Verrypt, Suran Kelley, Maureen Kelly, Stormy Goher, Kathy Timmerman ,fi z 1 J V A Q' I A xi Tlaii yemlr Delmfe Iefzm um mmpored of f7'L',fl7lI1L'7I and mpbwzzorer and they ,rlwufd be tY2I1g7'u'fll!z1fL'd for fhe file .fbfllffllg flrey gaze al the di.ilriL'f .fpeefly rwztefl, illevifzerit Il'c'7'b'.' Knfbleezz Hill, Ktzrwz Gfeb, Fred lNl0l'ffJll,. Wfarren Copeland. Their ijzowar' if Mr, Ewbank, The group of U.T.H.S, students, often seen in Mr. Ewbanlis classroom after school, is the debating team. The hrst aftirmative speaker receives the chanceto tell the judge all about his case in the hrst speech. But the first negative speaker hnds fault with the affirmative case or presents a better case. The second affirmative and negative speaker mention more good points about their case and the faults of their opponents' case. In the rebuttal, both sides get the chance to really tell everyone what is wrong with the other ease. EXTEMIDCIRANECILIS SPEAKING Roberltz Lang, Sherrie Wilfozz, and Mfr, Fern Mflxlzb liilezz rrilinzlly at Louise Mi'C1'ei1ry duliz'er'.r her "exte111p" Jpeeffa in f7!'L'f7rH'x1ff0ll for the diftrifl Jpeerb mnretf held at U.T.H.S. flair year. 96 fha. IIRATEIRIIIAL EEILANIATIEIN All eyes' rim! efzrir are all Lair Mf- Creigbf fir ,rbe j1rell1i1re.r In gize ber orulibiz before im izffeiitire izmli- emie. Smiiilizigs Ilvrafby Iilfzriimiz, fmmrie Veiirjjil, Clmrlef Robermfi, Bfn'lmriz Cireb, Mfzrfbiz Smilb. Sefzlezlx KiJI'l't2l jejferr, Keifb Smile- fsiiig, iILzm'eei1 Kelly. If in I EIRIEINAI. EIRATIUN Rebeizrriiig ber fzfler dinner Jpeerb before iz very irzierefleil liffeizer if Bonnie Wilkeilf. Tbe liyleizer, Margaret Ifreeberzz. AFTER DINNER SPEAKING Tlaofe 0112 for original oralicm tlrif year were Bonnie Wilkem, Adele Sable, Lair Beuiloizi, L0iJ Mf- Creigbt, foe Eiiglizml, and Pbil Sfoiie. Loi: MrCreigbf plaued firfl iiz diltriet and .femml in lbe re- gional foizfeyt fpoizfored by tbe Aiiiemvzii Legion. Loi! Beizdoin reprefeizfed in the diflrifl for lbe Ildfe. 'Q' ' 1 POETRY Rep1'efe11li11g U.T.H.S. 111 flu' poetry cl11'1f1011 flair Qem' rvere Kfzll1lee11 Tl7?I7P16P'77l1UI, L11111z Berglvlzlf. M1117 L11k11d,1t, Sl0I'l7lj' Gobef. Adele Sahlc. Marg Verfgpf, D11111e Ij.vl1ul- 1111111, 111111 Dorothy H111111011, ORIGINAL MI INI II I new 1' P1'f11'11!111g flw w1tl111.fi1z,r111 111111 fzefefmry Arlen! for origiznzl 1111111ol11g11e tlzif year 1l'c'P't' Bfllllllt' lI"1lke11,r, Lf11J Be11l11l0111, j11A1111 Smit, .md Helene R11'erJ. RADILJ !:iI-'ILAKINE Tlw I'Ult'f.'.f l1cl111111' llve mike 111 '57 mid '58 were Alive Dozwl, 171111113 'l'1'.1fb, K1f1111'y Rf1l1i11m11. Cvzlffllc' Bl1111l2e, Bnzz W7llklIIJ'0lI, D011 A1l11111.r, IDU!! j11110u'Jk1, 111111 A16'lI'lII Higfzigbl. ,..' .f' 1 5' 1 .1 N., , Qxilwyxiavx I 'f1.f5l'j'j" ,As : I I 'sw t . , X "ll"lJf1l'.r lbe Verdici, Dorfor.9" an nuxlolzf Atlole Soble .1.i'lw Bob Ctiie in tl ,fcwzv from "lDin',le Vicloryf' The 1'il.l'l for "Dork Vic- tory" golbvr' logefber' for tba fi11.1l ilroiir r'obei1r'.ml. Seulwl: jim Grzger, Dr. PrlI',lY1II.4',' 101111116 V erirypl, Connie Eiz'i11g.' Adele Sa- ble, fmlilb Tmbw'm',' Loii Bmmloiu, Alrlwz Blzlllltd' Bonnie ll"ilkof1.i', Min ll"air1iw'igbI,' Cbfzrlci' Rob- L'P',l'0l1, fbe mon. Smlzdiizgx Margriret lirceburll, Min l6.'I1Ily,' ferry Lrn1m.s'lc1', Mifbrzelq Rom' Holley, Lei- lie Clark: 'lim Aflizmr. Bill Ewing: Bob Cafe, Dr. Sleelef and Karrol fejerf, jofje, lbe maid. F' LAYS Three plays were presented this ye.1r: "Around the World in Eighty Days" in the fall and "Dark Victory" and "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes" in the spring. A scene from "Dark Victorym was presented as the Thespian con- test play at the district contest. "l'll be buck lizlef' lo hem' bfi fm1'yev'.f," Bonnie llvilkwzr falls jim Allrzlnf, 1114111718 Vd'VJ'j'f7l, riml Lois' Bmlnlolzl before Jbe leozei' lo play femzif. Borrowing ideas from old Skyline! keep the editorf joAnn Gomez and Leona Roni hwy for the moment. The hwy editor: of the Skyline ftaf get together over Jome diffiffzlt lay- outr. They are Mary Alyre Adamf, Jenior editor, Ron Hailey, Jportf editor, jarleie Rory, clan editor, Don Adanu, pirture editor, Louiye MrCreary, faeulty editor, Helene Riiferf, artizfitief editor, Fern Kin- raid, rluh editor, Maureen Kelly, ropy editor, and Emma Valdef, art editor. Not Jhown it Larry Mead- owx, ,rportr editor. SKYLINE "Neither ruined negatives, lost copy, nor incomplete layouts will keep the Skyline from going to press." This is the motto of the hard-working Skyline staff as they work to meet deadlines. Under the direc- tion of co-editors, JoAnn Gomez, and Leona Rossi, senior pictures and class pic- tures are taken in the fall. After much brain-racking, unusual action shots are thought up and taken, and eye catching copy is written to go with the action shots. By working late at night all the pictures are cropped and the layouts are finished. Then, when the deadlines have been met, the Skyline staff can relax and take sub- scriptions. Q f' Keefviug flu' Sf'j'ffIIc",Y fzrwif in order are fire funny llfl.l'fIlL'.Y.I' 111.1f1.1ger. S17LH'UII Ilvzmfley. and !I.lfI'0II'J' 111.u1.zgef', llwfzde ll"f1m1', O11 fheir zmy I0 lake .lL'I'L'fnl! 414412011 .rbfiff afler emerging from live t!LlI',eI'fH!lll me flue Skyline pl90Iogz'f1If2l1e11f, Req Clzfjyz, lirwff Hfzmmz, and Eddie Pezmz. I Iulpjug llueir ediforir ifeefzr flvefe 11.f.vi.rfm1lf bury ll7l'0IlgfJ0lII fhe year. They are Emu Sable, Ind 1' llfwfw, j0Am1e If'er'xylf1l. Rnlh Hifirf. Alire Finfey, Margot Mao.:-e. Kfzfbleefz Tmfmerfmzn, Bmbfzm Arlzwm, Dirk Sjmzzgfer, and faflmz Cr1IIfll'.I'L'j'. IU' e ' N !l'fQ Q E 2 ...J Q-. i 'X kv f i' 3 H ,X N N F' Q Edifmir rim! r1.l'.lfJ'fiU1f.f gel togellaev' for if look-,ree fzl fheir' Key. Se.itezf.' Virhzaz Mfulllrffifz. m-r'Jilor-if1- claieff Bobbi L11eJw'i'. .rporly edilnrg Carole llvhife, ezfilrzririf etfiffug' KEY The hard working Key staff have is- sued many editions of the school news- paper. This group of students spends much time covering the school sports events, assemblies, plays, concerts, and other important events. Feature arti- cles have included write-ups of club activities, personalities in the senior and llltlj Hnelw. ro. edjfof'-ifl-claivf. Smlnfifzlqs Diane llNrIfc'l'l1liIl1, fL'ilflH'L' edilurf Rrzirwziz Btuftmzfl. a.r,ij.rmz1l fetzfnw edilnry Sbrzrnzz illrillilfim. im'i.i'l.n1f .flf70l'f,f edzlmy' fmre l3.1lv,i', co-edilmiiif edifor, ,zmf Rafi' Hizifey, mflrzllfljrf of "Krazy fr1rlf,i'0f1'i' Km'f1er," 01 In X. class, and interesting data on public opinion such as "XX'hat do you think of the sack dress?" and other similar items. Students and faculty read every item with interest. The balance of news and features from chiding editorials, fore- cast of events, reporting of events past, and humor has made the 1957-SS Key a paper for the school to be proud of. Mrs. Schwartz is the Key sponsor. str-'J 4 M t 10X tix dl 7... Jag: Key reporlery lhif year were, Row 1: Sharon Lydon, Dixie Reddirk, Darla Reddirk, Pam O'Clorh, and Donna Knighr. Row 2: Barbara Arliean, Paula Koehler, 'Indy Riley, Vifhi Taylor, janet Wife, and joy Balef. Row 3: Indy Sommerf, Iuily Se1'ern.r, Nanry Wilfon, Indy Cutler, Bonnie Wilkeizx, and Carole Blunke. 'ey fnanagerf difmff their favorite Jerlionf of the paper. Dorif Ann Taneh, bufineff man- ger: fmlith Miller, virfizlafion and exchange nianagerq janet VanHulle, affiflani hininefy 'anagerg Carol Anderf, ro-adrerfifing nzanagerg Carolyn VanVooren, affiftanl rireulalion nl exrhizizge nlanagerg and Terry Allen, fo-adrertixing manager, .fi v f I vf Rtunfirlg and wrriflg flu' bw! in lf7l'f1.l'c' wil Ilwclry ff flu, fill? nf lfu' P.ll1llJc'?' illlltlt' crlzlfumf milf. 'lfwy rm' jvflmz Muff, Diizue ll".1lw'w,1r1, Grail! Luv, mum' ll"lli'L'Il.I, mmf Ram lltzfluj. Srtiulq lo if flu! iz!! jfllljlitflf fICl'f.1fllfIl1Q In l'.1nther lJ.lf.lklL'S for iffzfflllfvftuz' ilfc' liftlu .S'.1f1fi', ufzffnfjjflirffl Nlillli1tQt'V.' Buff f-I.l4'. lvyjvjlff fmiuf l5ri.fw1.111, lvgfzjslf filfllfg' lgfllfllf. lffllflilffffff 11l.111,1lqw',' ll.1r1q.1r'tf I7r'ttf1w'11. !lIl,lfl11'lQl l1l.I1!illg'1'l',' 111.1 lltrlrvi Rinikqvf. ,ffl cifjfnr. "iRlT1iSY ' R!.'ljL'Il'f21kQ flu' zznri of pint Prwlfwr l'.n'.uft' ww- lfifzfmfrir .irc flfii 1v.n",i vill- fam-D1-rfvitff Lola Bcklllnfflffl nm! LOU ,lltlfnlglvf 111112 illr, Slelulv, vf1f1fli'r1l'. PANTI-HLH l-'ARADIL The schools literary magazine, the Pu'11fZ7t'I' Pfznzffe. contains the best of prose and verse written by the stuclents of li.T.H.S, lfclitors of Ptmflvez' Pumrft select the hest stutlent writ- ing from that clone by the college preparatory classes and from that suhmittecl hy others through their linglish classes. Higliflighting the stories and verses are various drawings hy the better U.T.H.S. artists. J' V M 'tm f . m ul 555. - h Q A!-if-it Ml-lLll-H LI'lI"'l-I'CUZl"'ILI'JLI'J New and unusual ideas were used for the assemblies this year: the academy award presentation, a play using various talent in the junior class, a slumber party, a grandfather telling his grandchildren a bedtime story, and a lady impersonating a grandmother in Florida. Some of the best liked assemblies this year were the pep assemblies before the games. Under the lively direction of Mr, Pierson, the school song was sung with unparalleled vigor. Sports assemblies and the special assemblies featuring professional performers and assemblies presented by students from near-by schools were all interesting. A rousing campaign assembly for Student Council officers was held in the spring. The honor society in- stallation assembly emphasized the dignified and schol- arly aspect of school. The senior assembly at the end of the year included their "last will and testament," their prophecy, and our last glimpse of the talented members of the class performing as students at U.T.H.S. Q s -92, -gf P., Marilyn? No, if'J Nolfz U1ll0lI7'08H A11- dermzz 11715 laer 2111- perralmliofz of iz fa- molzr nmzfze ffm' on llae J'0f1l70ll10I'6 .rf- rrwnbly. 5 ' , . 1 l l l "Everybody, brush your teeth ufifh rim, rigor, and 1fimliry." 117190 floefzfl rewenlber flair lady 071 one of llve eulertaining special fzrremblier? Fefchifzg in their ffzrhiomzble frillf, Mr. Full e and Mr. Collins nm! Mr. Szllltllljffi' 3 J help Paw O'Kl0ck lean' rlyewzr zvlvjle Mr. McCoy, ,l'0Nl8Il'lJIIl 01'w'dreJfed for fbe muz- Jiofz, waitf lair mm. 'R PK N , a .h kg Clubs Special abilities and interests of students are channeled into worthwhile activities in club meetings. Clubs provide a chance for students to meet and work with others of similar interests. , .e all H .15 mtl A' ii' Ron- 1: Donald Fisher, Ed Goethals, Gene Ditch, Joe M. Rangel. Row 2: Cherokee French, Henry Rangel. Dave Kastner, joe Rangel. Rau' 3x Emma Valdes, Ruthie Hirst, Karin Kelley, Karen La- Fountain, Diane Waterman, Estelle Davidson, Pam Nelson, Karen Duff, Rowena Bedeian. 4-l3's The Better Brush Bunch, and Beginners Club, better known as the 4-B's, got off to a good start this year. Heading the list of activities was a picnic at Lake Story. Then came the New Year's dance entitled "juvenile jump," at which numerous hats, horns, shakers, and noise makers were given to all. The 4-B's earned their money by charging for art work such as posters and decorations that they did for other clubs. The general purpose of this group was to promote interest and active participation in art work. The club experimented with new things this year such as the lithergie medium and caseins, which is a type of water color. They learned to prepare canvass for painting, and during one week in May, club members put on a showing of their own work. x 'G 1 The Art Club completed its fri! year under the leaderrbip of Henry Rangel, preridenlg Karen LaF0nnlain, zfice-prefidenff Diane Waterman, secretary, and foe M. Rangel, treafurer. 7' Rau' 1: Yvonne Ross, Arlene Har- ris, Virginia jackson, Ruth Hirst. Sandra Kallman, Katherine Ely, Pat Adams, Joyce Collins, j. P. Hull. Rau' 2: Judie Adams, Dorothy Har- mon. Linda Laird, Roberta Lang, Anne Park, jean Lee Lundahl, Gladys Willy, Elaine Ely, Patricia Moore. Rau' 3: Rosemary Borrell, Phillip Grant, Buzz Wilkinsiwn, Leo J. Combes, jim Morgan, Donald Lee Adams, john R. Miller, Susan Kelley. -15-reap---f---1-"wg,lr: -' -. 1 ' re. Sp ' K x XX x .wefks 1 X FHFII F l"Il llFl The Bible Club, whose main purpose is to promote fellowship among Christians and also to increase their knowledge of the Bible, is part of a Quad-city organization. During the year they held several quiz programs with other schools in the organization on various chapters of the Bible. The contestants were asked questions on Bible stories and the contestants who knew the Bible best won the quiz. With the other schools they held many parties during the year. In the fall they held a hay-rack ride, and the roller skating party during the winter was enjoyed by all the members attending it. At their monthly meetings they discussed the Bible stories and their background. Explaining many of the Biblical tales to the members and providing the answers to their questions, kept Mrs. McNab, the sponsor, quite busy. There omrerf and their Jponror helped to make Bible Club have a yurreyr- ful year: Roberta Lang, viee-preyidentg foyre Col- linr, Jeeretary-lrearurer,' Linda Laird, preridenlf Mrr. Fern MrNab, Jpomor. Lernlmxg flu' 111.141 ,ii'iw1fi.il,r fmm lsjfl-f.4l7Ll1lft,l' for '57 and '58 iww Rfffzerl Cin' mir. .ivi'i'cf.1r'1,' jim C,',1qw'. z'ii'cfj1rei1tftNilf jizrlit' Ron. j1v'c,i'iffe11l.' 'l'r'11t!w1 l'i1Jer, l7f.l'fU?'l.!1l.' SIIZJIHIL' llizufi. l'flP'Vc',iflflllcljllg .i't't'r'ufi:r'y. Kell Hnf.rlclIw', l1't'.1uln't'r, if not ,ilwu 11. EIU-IIHENIICE Making a rubbery material out of hot sulfur, growing crystals, or trying to mix two cheini- cals that are combustible may seem an odd way to spend an afternoon, but the members of Bio-Chemics enjoy these meetings. Bio-Chemics club uses the laboratory in the science de- partment for endless experiments in various fields of science. At one meeting they might try to determine a loss in weight of a compound after a chemical reaction or they may try to and valuable scientific facts. They learn the correct laboratory procedure to use during ex- periments and prevent accidents by using their safety measures, The members of l5io-CQhem- ics may spend their free periods growing crystals, making new compounds, or learning more about chemistry. Wfhere did that salt disappear to? Franz fi1vi'q114',r fnnlar tl fillfe fufzzlvd ll'l7t'Il H211- frwllcd by riff liwre lmfflar in the ClJemi.r- fry lizfzomlm'-y. ll I Zliflllljllg In lufighff of l'itxf0I'J' in thu rllllllldf Offizzf-Cilief Sri- , . . X , . . . wire Iam' ll'lff7 lm' t'.X'l7l!7Ifl0!I of rnrlwf.r nm! .nzfcfljlur zmx lffnyd Sf0t'bll'L'H. rwfw ll'UI1 lvwznmfnfe I11L'llffUI1 in flu' .fL'IIfUl' rfizrfjrlzz. Rau' lx Linda Aldrich Frm lecques Illkle RUSS 'iuzmne I-Lic-fs Rua Mmlyn Pmner Sim MrK1y udy Knmck Trudy Vines. Rou' 3: Franus Mohr jun Cnger Robert Cattoxr Byrl WICISS ff? l iklng nofer on proper clrerr :ml neu rfyltr were lbefe Buri- nerr Club I1l6'lIlbL"l'J'.' Sandy Murphy anef Van Ozfer- nbelde Donna Kfzffir. Marilyn Bzrnetf Sbzron Allen, Karen Agneu Lonire Shaw, and Czml Sergeanl. BUSINFFEFE I'CI Ill? Business Club was quite active this year. The members fixed up toys for the chil- dren of tour needy families for Christmas presents. Later on in the year they had a style show where they modeled the right and wrong clothes to wear in business. A movie and a speaker on I.B.M. machines were the highlights of one of their winter meetings. They elected new officers in january with much ceremony and seriousness. Then in the spring Business Club had a potluck supper for the girls and their mothers at Butterworth Park. To end the year they gave out awards for the best typists and shorthand students. The main purpose of Business Club is to further interest in va- rious fields of business. i :IL E.x'fzn1ining fbe mnzwlr for up C ing and rbmfbfzml are fbelezef :retire B1r.rine.rr Club ajuera Row I.' Min Dorofby Pokrz jar, adzfiJ0r,' Nmzry Rowan berger, par! .rerreh1ry.' Dorn Tanek, par! 11'e,z.r11rer,' Sbzmn Counter, par! rife-pre.rlcle11f Rau' 2: Sharon illnllillirl, 1 I - A prerizlent: Dirk Lipplegoer prefidenlg Virginia Meyuf trerzr1n'er,' Pain Ftzirnmn, Ilfe preridenfy fudy Riley, .rerrelm y .ff all' ' X my 4,24 . ' 'J b a adj ? cf' I .. .X Q li: It looki eafyl Dirk Lipfielgoef, Vlrgizmz Aleyerir and jmly Riley Club. Run' I: Carol Scrgcant, Arlcne Harris, Kathy Smith, Mary jo Gramcnz, Louise Show, Yvonne Ross, Nancy Rosen- hergcr, lfrna Sable, Shcila Wleckley, Karen Sadrlcris. Rau' J: Carol Hauman, Ruthie Kickscy, Cheryl Windcy, janet VanOu-rslicltlc, Dorothy Harmon, Virginia Myers, joy Kickscy, Rowcna Bcrlcian, Ruth Hirst, Katherine lily. Ruiz' 3: Karcn Agnew, Donna Katsis, Sandy Murphy, Mary Sue Stephenson, Sandy Kincaid, 'loyfe Bates, Pam Fairman, Clatlrnc Boyle, Sharon Cowser, jcannic McDowclI. Rua' 4: Sharon Allen, Sharon MtMillin, Mari- lyn Barnett, Carolyn VanVoorcn, Leona Brown, Barbara Mitacck, Doris Ann Tanck, Susan Kelley, Dick Lippcl- goes, Tom Chitlos. C! 6 1 1l'!Ifl'!J Erma Sable H111 fz Monroe Romry Crzlrnllzlm' in B11,nif1e.x',s' t ' 114 Q C7 ' ' o Row I: ,lanet XY'ise, Loretta Bauwens. Linda Aldrich, Jeanne Rosczyk, Darlene Townsend, Yvonne Pendleton. Razz' 2: Evan Yeager, Nancy lioxstall. Sandra Schultz, jackie Ross, Velma Moose, janet Fuller, Wayne Osbavrne. Rau' 3: Donald Murphy, jim Morgan, lfmn jactques, .ludy Knaack. Susan Kelley, Spencer Fields, jim Stoneking. CAM ERA IIILIJ E Dark room sessions, photo contests, camera studies all made up part of the activities of the Camera Club members. The student telephone and address directory is issued by the club. To further interest the students in photography work and to gain knowledge about various types of cameras is the goal of the Club. 5 '17 The lvmd ,fl1f1lle1'-bzzgf of the Cam- em Club Iliff year were frlikfe ROJJ, ju'e,fidef1f,' Franz faerqlzer, z'ire-pre'Ji- denf: 5111.111 Kelfeuy, fretzf1n'er,' Mary J Lfzkadnr, Jerrefrzry. E27 I w'kgL hw qfN"rQ" ' , - ' ' x v,,,s0""' xl XA. . f' 41' ix g Lfgg 'N A NFY. .,, qi. XJR fry' r l ,gg H6515 X.4c X M fi a wa A I K Q K, 4, QJ 9 7 rx .. s' x ,Ni 4' 2' mx ' flu Brent Hamer: won pn! plfzfe in the lfztzdfmpe dizfiiiau with bi! pirture entitled, "Man O11 The Betula." HW" Firft plate in the afzimal dizfixiorz went to foe Van Qztathem for laif pivutre, "S11ppertime," WINNILRS LII- I-'I-lL.ITl.I LILINTEST ..XNsv'XiLRkVsLf' xp wwf "Ff1Jvitmtiot1" won Ilfqtzg, Kemz the pmt prize 111 the 1211711011 for people. if gg we The e.x'eruliz'e committee of F.D.A, if compared of prft and .feeond Jemeiter 056971 of hath rluhi at f0ll0ll'J'.' Paula MrLean, reporter 1, Jecretary 2,' Loif Rainey, reporter 2,' oAnne Truth, reporter I: Linda McKee, historian I and 2,' Bonnie Little, treezmrer I and 2 Iern Kinmid, rife-prefident 2. Second row: Ron Wheyaert, preiident 2,' Gary Steiner, ine pre.rident 1 and 2,' Dewey Kerr, preiident Ig Bill Little, hixtorian 2,' foyce Heffel, .fer- rerny I and 2, and Mr. Morgan, fpomor. This year for the first time, the Future Distributors of America was divided into two divisions because of the large enrollment. To match the large membership they had a long list of activities. Among these were the fall picnic at Blackhawk Park, the field trips to various businesses such as the Coca-Cola plant, The Old Mill, the Moline Airport, the Eagle Warehouse, and the Davenport Village Shopping Center. They attended the Area Five banquet in Kewanee, sent nine representatives to the State Convention for Leadership in Sprinfield, held the Employer-Employee banquet in April, and sponsored the joker's jubilee dance after the Moline game. They were also honored when Bill Hoclcer was elected president of Area Five. The main purposes of the club are to provide educational experience in the classroom and in the retailing business as well as on the job and to open the field of opportunity for success in retailing. Fern Kinraidg .refond row, l attended . """' A Q I There were happy timer ahead for there people when they were rhoien to reprefent U.T.H,S. at Springpeld in Feb ruary. They attended the State Leadership Training Con er ence for FDA. Thofe choren were firit row, Bonnie Little Betty Ponce, foanne Tank Foiler, Bill Little, Gary Steiner Bill Little. joyce Heuell also ,L s. gtg - l 'tlll an N- 'Q All 4-,,, ..,.:x , ., A Selling ndverrirenlenlr for fz blolter 11115 one of lhe projeclr nrzdermken flair year. Here Bob Slirmll ,rhozzhr fhe llzrogrerr of the bloller Io bif intererted onlookerr. 1 4 ' i 1 A ' .tr gi .TPB -- t f. ,, f Q r Ron Waeyaerf and Jim Boggr are putting final iourber on lbeir dirplay which war one of the better dirplayr of lbe year. Fl ITI IRI- DI!-STRIHI ITVIRFE I'lF AMERICA Row 1: Joyce Hessell, Fern Kincaid, Bill Hocker, Gary Stiener, Bob Stirratt, Dave Fawks, Jim Foiles, Joanne Tank, Bonnie Little. Rauf 2x Lois Ramey, Judy Ammerman, Sharon Willialiis, Barbara Nelsen, Paula McLean, Sandra. Moeller, Virginia Sutton, Lucille Allison, Linda McKee. Row 3: Mike Engholm, Tom Bowman, Charles Rusk, Jim Boggs, Ron Waeyaert, Leonard Suhr, Mike Berthoud, Bill Little, Duard Kerr, Ron Clevenger, Ed Rogers. ,fi 7'1 5.4 ll 118 at it Providing the Jlzperzfiflon for the F.H.A. flair year were Dorothy Caftior, prefident, Surarz Sleplaerzr, :fire-prefident, Melinda Allen, rerretary, jazzire Dander, treafurer, and Ruby Reyna, reporter in the freflmzarz divirion. In the upperelafr diuirion offirerr were Sandra Cldlllv, hiftoriafz, Min Reirzlaoltz, J'P071.f07',' Pat Clazzzu, prefi- denly Mary jo Van Herke, trea.r1zrer,' Deloref Kafmer, rerrealiozzg Mary Ver- sypt, vice-prefiderztg Sandy Kallman, rerrelaryg and Linda Ragan, public re- latiorzf and reporter. FUTURE HUMEMAKER5 CIF' AMERICA A new feature of the F.H.A. club this year was the division of the club into two groups, the upper class group Qsophomores, juniors, and seniorsj and the freshman group so that the regular meeting night, second Monday of the month, would not interfere with other freshman activities. The award of the most beautiful float in the Homecoming Parade was awarded to the F.H.A. entry, "Starway to Victory." This award helped to make a success of the Homecoming Dance which F.H.A, co-sponsored with TRI-MIC. The two clubs also co-sponsored the Valentine Dance. Any girl having had one semester of home economics is eligible to join F.I-I.A. S R 3335 - lblll F5 Q X W ll The objerfiref of F,H.A, are - . being armflged on fhif bullelizz . in f - board by Iwo memberr. A ,g gain was , v" V t Q 6 Dlllltlllll ef. 1 i ----0 IMS R 'f sg . g hc, gy cyl? i' 1 ,, ,N , f- .xt A . . . X n , . ,' fs ix -Wg: 'fi ' . i ' " , f' ,i . New , , ?g,pf:riw:,1vf-M f' f . ' ' . ,g izt ffw -Mal es? A J ' "U 'i ' -' ' . ' 'Z' ki " A, 4' ' ' :s . 9 az' I L H' c, E cg 7 x . KV . R' A K 1 fm, 1 , 1 U ppe1'1'l11JJ nzemberx 11'e1'e.' Row 1.' 5111111111 Cl1111u', P111 Cl1111u', L1111l11 Rrlgrlll, Sally Af0II,ffi't,'j', M1111e L11le111.111, Domflay H111'1111111, 5111111111 Kzllllllzlll, f111'q11el111e 1111111 1511111 S.1l1le. R011' 2: P111 Lydwz S11111l1 1'I1lJ'f0II, 'Indy Marx, Pbyllii AIIlf6?'.Y0lZ, M111'fZ111 Pl11ll, C1111111a Rc1'.rc1', L011' Bwlw, Mary 11 V.111 Herlae. Rauf 3: D0lUI'L'.I' Cl1111.re11, 5111111111 Kipp, j11111111e I"IL'V,l'Q'fIfV, M,11'y Vc'7',YJ'f7f, Slfftffl Kellq C11r11ly11 V1111 V1101'e11, A111111 Park, C111'0le Lee11k11e1-111, C111'11ly1z Milly. n. F 1111111111111 111c111b1'11r 11 j' I7.H,A, 1l'L'1'c' R1111' 1: Kalhy Huff, D111'0ll1y Crlffflif, 141111111111 Verlvye. ROI!! 2.' V1ck1 T11yl111', Szlllcfj' H1111- J011, Sl.1111'1111 Lydon, Me- 11111111 Allen, Ruby Reymz. Row 3: 111111141 DOI1ll67', joyfe Hfzyey, Ge111'g11111111 A'I6j'6'l'J', 311.11111 Sfepbemf, Eileen Th011111,r, liJj1e1'1111z11 Sie1'1'11. af Row 1: Judy Schadt, Roberta Mulligan, Linda Aldrich, JoAnne Leland. Row 2: Diane XVaterman, Nola Anderson, Jeanne Rosczyk, Virginia Jackson Sylvia Stockwell, Betty McLaughlin, Rau' 3: Lois McCreight, Lois Beau- doin, Elizabeth Simpson, W'ilma Myers, Sherrie W'ilson, Sandra Rohren Rau' -if Janice Rynard, Carole Blunke. Rosemary Morrison. Barbara Greb Janet Rhodes, Pat Molnar, Sandra Schultz, Janet Fuller. Sharon XY'illiams Carol Xvilson, Karen Suss, Marie Mitton, Dorothy Homan, Sharon Brock- rogge, VC'ade Allan W'ood, Tom Guild. v v F.T.A., the Future Teachers of America club, is one of the leading organizations at U.T.H.S. Its purpose is to prepare students for the teaching profession. This year there was a day set aside in which the members of F.T.A. visited the grade schools to observe teach- ing methods. Privileged members were chosen as representatives to the State convention on March 11 and 12. At Christmas time the club fixed a basket for the needy of the community. The cIub's income came from renting coat racks and coat checks to organizations using them for the dances. Sponsor for the club was Miss Bernice Howard. S0 tbaff bow il'J done! Wfade Jeemf to be studying fearlaiug lerlmiquef wed by Mr. Zim- merman af he filr in an one of lbe Social Problemr fluff. Ar a future leather Wfade will have Io know there techniques. ii A ' .8 X - 'qv-Y Senior l114,'U1bc'l',f are Jhozwz here fL'1lI'fIIg for II day 111 Afz1I'y'L'l'E,ff Col- lefe to ohferzfe If7l'0t'9IflH'c'j' there. They are Marie Miflon, Diane U74- fwvmzzz, Roremfzry Aiorrimu, ffmire Rymzrd, mm' Carole Blwzke. FLITLIRE TI- A xwgf' 1 ' 'V QSBQNM G III-ll-RH III- AMERICA The F.T.A. ojfcerx were very hwy thiy year with the oariouf club artivitief, They were Loix McCreight, prexidentg Carole Blwzke, 11iee-prefiderztg Sandra Rohrerz, Jerretaryy Dorothy Homarz, treafurerg Marie Mil- ton, hiftorianf Lana Berghult, arliamerztarianp fanice Rynard, ibrariang jeanne Roffzyk, Jong- leader. a -www iii: a.-...... L. 'Kofi faq? A A. R WT' . jn- Surrerrfully weathering thir G.A.A. initiation, there girl: were awarded their pinr in roleinn ritual. E.A.A. Once again the members of G.A.A. can look back on an exciting and colorful year. The main activities included basketball, volleyball, and bowling. The girls also played deck tennis, had tumbling and used the trampoline. Several G.A.A. members partici- pated in the annual play days held at Davenport, Alwood, and Geneseo. With the coming of spring, all members looked forward to the crowning of the king and queen of sports, followed by the G.A.A. dance which rounded out another eventful year for the Girl's Athletic Association. At the end of the year letters in G.A.A. were awarded to the girls having the most points, 1 gs ,M gy 'FKA The menzherf of the G.A.A. hoard had a rery attire year. Rau' If Kaye X . Sterenfon, Linda Lange, janet Van- Overrhelde, Nanry Hall, Carole Steinenron, Carol Goorh. Rau' 2: fanet Loding, Carol Hall, Ieanne Warren, Kathy Smith, Sandi Heg- wood, Kay Bottorjf, Danna Knight. 3: Aflfflllg M1111 U"111'1f and AIN. Rllbffg 1171151 fZ7L'jl' 1'f111',1'v,1' 11'a1'e rl1c.1'c G'.A.A, g11'I,s'. R011' I.' Cl1w'-yf U"1111l1'y, K111'e11 Akq11e11', Bc'l'IIfr'c' Cf11.s',1'11f'y, D0lr11'e,1 Km!- IIc'I', N11111'-y Hull, 11111111 I 111 01'e1'.1'1'X11'f1fa, 51111111 M111'pl1j. C111'11lv Bf1111kv. R011' 2: fe.z11 ll"111'1'1'11, 5'l1u1f11 lV'evHy, L011111' Sl1.111', K111l1'y Slllfffl, AI111'-3' fn G'1'111111'11z, lkfggy E.11r111, C111'r1f C1'11111'l1, 1H111'1!y11 Gear, 1X'11!1z A111!c1'11111, jndy Riley. Sllllldfbjllg neu' 111 G'.A.A. 1111.1 year zzm flue fz!f1pe1z1'- 11111'e of G'.A.A. 1'11'e.11'.1l1i1'l1-, M1111'el111g 11111111 are Vifki T11ylr11', S.1111ly f11k1.r1'b, Sf1111'1111 ll"1f.f011, ffzkfie f011eJ, fmfy C1111lw', foyre Bl111'bz1'ef!, Linda Ski1llIC'l', Carol Gfufrdel, Sb.11'1111 ll"1lli11111.r,, Trzrdy V111e.s'. HL-rc's hoping! 111111111 Slv11'111'f fl'jL'1f for 11 ,rlrilfe 1111116 Ibe l'L',1'l of flu' f1'e,rl11111111 G.A.A. b1111'fi11g ldallll 100151 011. aw.. xx ,m 's I5 N'-w X' jg-,f is-6, 4 we 1 13315 Q 8.45 '3 .vi 'S' Tlmfe gir'lJ baring lhe mor! pointy in G.A.A, flair year were Linda Lrlllgd, Sm' Sf!,'I'E'I1JOIl, Sandy Murphy, Carole Bfllflkf. Rau' 2: Neff: Audermfz, 164117719 Vml Vfiefe, Lofzife Shim, and Carol Gnarls. JN Selling P7'0gVrIlII,f al Ike football gdlllcii 11111 fzzmllm' of live G'.A.A. girfff f1vfi1'ilie.r. Slmzwz here are Mm'gm'e! Freeberll. ROIIIKUIH' Golfer, Denim R11dfzkf11'irb, Cum! ll"if.fnn, and Sfzffy Buff. Captaim of the G.A.A. ChriJfzmz,r uzrd team! thii year were Pam Neffezz. Domm Knight, fafkie frmer, Mfzrilyz Roof, Cam! Gmavb, Diane Lznzdeezz, Mary fo Van Hevke, Marlin: Smiflf, and Sharon ll"il!hm1,1. funiorf reigned ay cbampy over the foplaomoref in the G.A.A. bafkelball tournament. Menzberf of the junior team were Donna Srlanelzler and fean Warren difplaying ilae Jrlaednle elaart, and Doloref Kafiner, Elaine Perkinf, Berniee Caffidy, Nanry Hall, Stormy Gober, Lana Bergbnlf, Sally .BoJt, Carol Goofla. Mernberf of the Jopbonzore learn were Nola Andemron, fndy Shr1lI1t1Jk0, Nanry Staiatkiewiez, feanne Van Vliefe, Sharon uyllllfllllf, Sandy Roafla, Karen Neuenlaam, Carole Talak, feanne Rofrzyk. Virtorf and runner!-up of the annual G.A,A. volleyball tournament pore after the final game. Row 1: Gwen Lee, Sandi Hegwood, Peggy Goofla, Rofefnary Morrifon, janet Briuman, Loi! Beudoin, Barb Laxek, janet Loding. Row 2: jeanne Roxezyk, judy Hitei, Sandra Liedtke, Mary Etta Longnerker, feanne Van Vliete, Doralee Oakrnan, Karen Newenlaanz, fudy Shanzafko, Carole Talak, N ola Anderson. Addmg lazgb lzgbff of humor to tbe G A A dame 16 ere lbe rormgef zz mn by tbe boyr. Fin! nzze nz bzmzm uezzl 10 Rnvzomz Gabe: and Bob Sullzzfzzz, nfl rzze 171 benufj mu zvmz by Lana Bergblzll and Defmzf Sabr, and mzet Lodzng and Gary Mueller 14071 :Ut prize for lbe Tbere'J more bonfire 10 lbe bzuzre on 11 Irampoline, af Sue Tifdale found out ufbezz Jbe med if for lbe fr!! lime, r N t - x ff lx rr Rim' I: Marilyn Geer, Kathy Smith, Pat Akers, Joyce McDanel, ,lanice Skiles, Sharon Groy. Rau' 2: Carol Hauman, Lajune johnson, Lucille lfostrom. Kathleen Hill, Velma Moose, Frankie Kannenberg, Deanne Glaudel. Rim' 3: Mary Alyce Adams, Ramona Gober, Sandra Roach, Maureen Kelly, Karen Conover, Carole XX'hite, Nancy Boxstall. F.N.A. The Future Nurses of America had a busy schedule this year. Starting out in September, they had a meeting to plan the year's activities. They had a speaker from St. Luke's Presbyterian Hospital in Chicago, saw a movie on nurses' training, toured the Lutheran Hospital, held their annual Christmas party at the home of Mrs. Mencarow, spent their Saturdays amusing patients of the Crippled Childrens' Clinic, featured a speaker from the Moline Public Hospital at their january meeting, sponsored "The Mid-Xlifinter Fling" after the Alleman game, toured the tuberculosis sanitarium, saw a movie on public health nursing, held the F.N.A. convention in May, and sold pop at their carnival booth. They closed the year's activities by installing next years ofhcers. Shnzwz with their .rprmror Mfr. Iirelr are flue leaders of lhif ymrfr I7.N.A. f1rti1'itje.f.' Ra- moutz G'0!aw', pr'e.fider1t,' Laffme !0l7I1.l'0l1, 1'ice-pi'e,ride11I,' Carole ll"l1jfu, fm're.rpm1dif1g Jerrelafy, and illarilyzz Geer, fecrelary- .,-, 1mz.r1n'w'. l L foe Ezzgfafiu' nfreir'e.r llw Srlmlrir Alblefe lropluj, om' of flu' higlieil rlll'f1l'tI,f ffm! dfl rzflifefe ran win, from illr, Kilfiim, The Lettermen's club had a busy year selling Panther pins during the football and basketball sea- sons, the programs at the basketball games, sponsoring two dances, and holding a banquet for members and their fathers at the end of the football season. They received more new members into the club. To be eligible, the new members had to win one major letter or two minor letters in sports. Mr. Kivisto sponsors the Lettermen's club whose main purposes are to promote better understanding be- tween the athletes, the school, and the public, to encourage the students to participate in athleticsg and to promote school spirit. Run' If Felix Picon, Rueben AuKee, jerome Cacari, Vince lNIonahan, Larry Meyer, Val Bravo, joe lingland, liob Kennedy. Gary Mellinger, Kenny Freeman, Angie Vallejo, Gary Steiner. Rfm' 3: Gary Anderson, Ronald Hart, Charles Caldwell, Ralph Sanders, Sinclair Patterson, Larry Nalirgang, Chris Dennis, Don janowski, jimmy Reed XY'.1kt-field, Don Fisher, Ken Beverlin, Orberie Giles. Ron' 3: jim Oltman, jerry Del-'orter, Larry lNIeadows, jim Soucinek, Gary Mueller, Ralph Goar, Clit? Arbogast, jim johnson, Gary XX'iIliams, liill Porter. Run' -41 Keith Robinson, Don Guldenpfenning, jim McMillin, Levy Austin, Dick Lange. Richard Harrington, Henry Rangel, Bob Case, jim Gager, jerry Arbogast, Ray Leader. Rau' 5: Ron Peacock, jerry Lancaster. jim Adams, Harold Paulsen, jack Hartwell, Gary Hobbs, Bob Pyevich, Cherokee French, Art Peterson, Ken Hofstetter, Dennis Sahr. l , K I, ,C -ii 3 X V R , "Q ' ' , X . , . ilk, ' 1 T 5 ,V ,RA U , " 'L . :if . f is ' ', A W Ili Q N ' A i F' 's Ai 'i D sa' ' D ' , 1 n no . ' fl 4 - . .. ' n t' D ' V 1 ,J an , X I N. X ' - ,,.Q y ,DQ p T l I 9 0 'A , 1 F f -, 1. 2 , Y 1 3 f l if 1 - QQ iw we R sae .. K f igmfgxf V. -i ffm.---A,, - .. X - , :J V .K mg, x ,..,4. QL Q' '1 il' Na LETTERMENE CLUB Thefe lettermen helped 11'ifh the hay! P.E. rlnffex. Rau' I: Ralph Goar, Gary Mueller, Harold Piziilfen, jim Mi'Millin, D011 Gzzlilenpfemzizzg. Rau' 2: Bob Ken- nedy, Keith Rohimwz, Frank Dmzhar, Ken Bezferlizz, Chrif Demzif, Ralph San- derf, jim johnfozz, Gary Anderson. in 4 ri 'W . T?-' 4 . . . liz - X 5 5 yi-o I I I 6 X lx nw. ned y, lreamrer, aft N Buy a ticket to the lettermerfs dance? Bob Crue Jweepf Riofemary Morrimn and Larry Nahrgang aj lheir feel with hi! Juper falef Jpeech. The power! hehnzd the L6il6f7716'lI'J rlizh thu ear 4 were Demzix Sahr :en delztg jim Oltmuu wee 'Ulu prexiderztg Ken Beuerlin fecretaryy and Bah Ken Q-' 11767. wifi ""'ll5g LIBRARY CLUB Finding books, magazines, and information on various subjects are some of the different jobs the Library Club members do. This year after the Iowa City game they sponsored the dance "Rockin' to the Moonfl At this dance something new was tried - playing cards, which was enjoyed by many people at the dance. Several delegates attended the D.R.Y. Student Librarian Meeting at the Geneseo junior High School. Two of the delegates Dorothy Ho- man and Kenneth Laud were sent to the Illinois State Student Librarian Meeting held on the campus of Illinois State University, May 17. janet Loding, being secretary of the Illinois Student Library Association, attended the Decator convention on Oct. 19. The general pur- pose of Library Club is to further the interest of students in Library work. R it I Stuen Hofstetter, Lana Berghult, Dorothy I-Ionian, Sandra Gary Millen, Gary Maxwell, Sandi I-Iegwood, Rochelle Achilles, Rohrcn Nuy jo VanHetke, janet Rhodes. Mike Knight, David janet Loding, Barbara Van Quathem, jacqueline jones, Marsha oucll LIIYID Marsh. Rau' J: Kenneth Laud, George Munger, Smith, Kay Iierrier, Larry Meadows, Charles Roberson. , S 1- 'Yi '- i f A ' - ,g V I J l is ' r - - i -'wi - -135.1 -- Topping the Libmry Club flair year are Ike offirerr. They are Dave Howell, pre,ridw1f,'Li11daR1zgfu1, fen'e1fzry,' and janet Lodirzg, Ireay- 1 NLS Rau' I: Gerald Goodwin, Debbie Anderson, Susan Kelley, Karen Newenham, Mya Guldenpfennig, Fran jaec- ques, Eugene Mohr. Rau' 2: Dennis Anderson, Michael Kirkpatrick, Dave Griffith, Francis Hohr, Ellis Luster, jim Plavak, Donald Stotts, XX'illian1 Halse. Rau' 3: Chris Dennis, Earl Schwenneker, Harold Van Vooren, Don Bratton, Donald Nelsen, Brent Hanson, Charles Caldwell, Tom Robyt, Ferrel Anderson. RIFLE CLUB Although many people use rifles for hunting, a great majority of the people in the United States are unfamiliar with the rifle and its functions. The Hilltoppers Junior Rifle Club, an affiliate of the National Rifle Association, teaches both the boys and girls at U.T.H.S. the cor- rect usage of rifles and helps many of them to become excellent marksman. They practice on a special shooting range and use live ammunition supplied by the local Civil Defense unit. Through rifle matches between the members, teams are chosen at the beginning of the year. This year the first team, composed of Ellis Lester, Ferrel Anderson, Dennis Anderson, Myra Guldenpfenning, and Fran jacques, had matches with Moline and Davenport. The first team entered the sectional match of the National Rifle Association held in Aurora as a team and also shooting as individuals. Offers of the Rife Club lbif year were Ellif Lufler, president, Ferrel Ander- Jorz, 1fice'preyi:lerz1,' Myra GIlld?7Ipf!,'IIlllg, trearfzrery jim Plazfalz, rerrelaryg and Donald Nelfen, executive ojjirer. zNsxo2'hHs 1- Ill?E S The hwy ojirerr of the Sparzifh Club were Lani: Sierra, rife-prer idenlx foe C. Rangel, "' gif 1 preridentg Min Tlooe- ming, Jpoumrj julir Terronez, Ireafurer. Felix Ramirez, ferre- mrj, um abrent. SPANISH CLUB Anyone who is, has taken, or is able to speak Spanish is eligible to join the ever growing Spanish Club. One of the activities in which various members of the club participated in was the program of native dances presented before the local Women's Club. The primary objects of the club are to promote an interest in Spanish cultures and to learn about their various customs. Rau' 1.' Adela Hernandez, Mary Segura, Manuela Hirst, Virginia Chavez, Pat VanKlaveren, Doralee Nache, Ernestine Ortiz, Ruby Reyna, Irene Garcia, Oakman, Kay Ferrier, Ilana Kean, Virginia Gomez, Emma Valdes. Row 2: Judy Stockwell, Linda Her- Amanda Gomez, Rau' 4: Hank Sandoval, Sam San- rera, Virginia Rasso, Margaret Hokinson, Sue Davis, doval, Danny Hernande, Louie Sierra, Gary Miller, Rosemary Rasso, Francie Ramirez. Row 3: Ruth Joe Rangel, jules Terronez. O V' 3 1 W llll .232 O4Ult'6'!'.l' of Tbeipiam llJi,r year were Margaref Freeberzz, ll2I'c'.l'lLJ1'IIf,' Mr. 5lez'e11,s', .fp0l.7J'0I'.' Adele Sable, wife- preficlezih 511.12111 Kelley, Irea.mrer,' Bonnie lVilke11.r, .re4'ret.'1ry,' Carole Blmzke, ffrilze. TI-I EEIPIANS Actors, actresses, business managers, and back stage hands all help to make up the National Thespian Society. This year Adele Sable and Margaret Freebern were 3-star Thespians and Bonnie Wilkens was a 2-star Thespian. In order for one to be eligi- ble for the society a person must have 10 points gained by either acting or helping with the general production of a school play. .Suv Memberf of the Thefpiam thi! year are, firft row, Sllftlll Kelly, Helen Rizferf, Keith Slofzekirzg, Ramona Gober, Karrol feferf, Louise Mf- Creary, Carole Bdnzke, Dave Lori- mer, and Roxanne Yorkp Jerond row, Lair MrCreiglat, Barbara G reb, Ind y Rafe, Lair Beudoirz, Ron Hai- ley, Bob Cafe, and Bob Sullivan. For the purpose of promoting a better spirit of craftsmanship, provid- ing a better understanding in vocational fields, aiding students in intelligent choices of occupation, improving scholarship, and promoting safety in work habits, the Tri-Mic Club has been active for ten years at UTHS. This year they purchased a Heyer Spirit du- plicating machine for the Industrial and Vocational Workshop to take the place of the one that was eight years old. Some of the activities that they partici- pated in this year were the co-sponsor- ing of the Homecoming and Valentine Dance with FHA, the field trips to the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago, Rockford Machine and Tool Company, Sterling Steel Mill, and Peoria Caterpillar Tractor Company, and the father-son potluck in May. At the end of the year, the thirty boys hav- ing the highest number of points were eligible to go to the two day convention held in Rockford on May 2 and 3. Tri-Mic jackets were given to the six boys who had the most points. Rm I Chunk Buyek Reuben Au Kee Ray Leader Glen Hostens Terry Carruthers, ,lim Seybold. Dennis Miller, Frank Trask, Dan Car rr uk Phil Hutton Ru lim Murray Lirry Meyer jerry De Porter Felix Ramirez, Larry Ripka, Harlan Glam, Gary Hansen 'I Bokros Bill Iohnson Wayne Kay Rau 3 erry Arboglst Edward Wrrelt Charles Caldwell, Larry Lange, jim Robinson, Larry Irres Melvin Mrlmloft Terry Allen Hurry Sedgwick Daxrd Lorrrner Rau 4 C uy Lenhart, Ron Peacoek, Pete Sears, jack Hartwell, john Prrn 3. W- MN Rau' 1: Louise Shaw, Sheila Wfeekley, Jean Wiirren, Arlene Harris, Donna Knight, Vicki Taylor, Diane Waterruian, Janet See, Janice Murphy, Merry Fras- ier. Raw 2: Cheryl Windey, Ruth Kick- Sey, Kathy Smith, Carol Sergeant, Mary Jo Gromenz, Vivian McMullin, Paula Koehler, Dorothy Harmon, Cladene Boyle, Rowena Bedeian. Rau' 31 I.aJune Johnson, Donna Katsis, Janet Van Over- shelde, Sharon Neufcour, Sandra Kipp, Dolores Clausen, Judy Kight, Judy Sum- mers, Jeannie McDowell, Michele She- ila Weekley. Rau' -if Sandy Murphy, Karen Agnew, Carol Anders. Barbara Mitacek, Sharon Murphy, Carole Steven- son, Sally Bost, Shirley Hamerlinck, Sandra Stirratt, Donna Jackson. 92 Y-TEENS Being a model in a style show is an experience that not many girls at U.T.H.S. have had, but many members of Y-Teens had this chance when they participated in the style show that they gave on March 11. Many other activities filled the Y-Teens calendar for '57 and '58, During the football season the Y-Teens made the orange and black shakers which U.T.H.S. fans exhibited in the grandstands at all of our games. To help the needy families in this area, the girls in Y-Teens had one Thanksgiving basket and two Christmas baskets filled full of food they had donated. All in all, their activities maintained the club's ideals. They are to be of service to their community, to spread the basic principles of Christian living, to create social activities that many people would enjoy, and to lead others to a better enjoy- ment of life. Going over .rome of the yearr burirzerr for Y-Team are Merry Frarier, lreayurer, and Mrr. En- rlrom, rponfor. f ff , MMM W ft if J? Ht W swf f WI, t WN MWZMQL 4462? GMM ,W mf! MM7, ff? if NJ! AUM A din I U nigga , V IMT Sports S h l P t h n most energetxcally m sports events. I t l d t lp tp d tletforthec p p t fth td t d th f 11 SP8 ft. . . P tu ,nf- 1 111111111 11111 ,lll11f101'1 111111 ll 111111 111111111 1111' I"1'11.r11- 111 31.11111 1141111 11711 11111111 ,111 11111 If1'1'.1111111111 13111112 L1 1111f111', K1111111111 51111111- 1 1111 51111113 N11f1111'1'. C11111- 1 R1111, 51111111111 '1'11'111111e11, 111111 1i.r111'11111111, 11'111'1' .1'1.'L211 111 1 11:11 1511111111 11'1111111g 1111' .1111- 111111 111111y 111 1'111'e1'.r. T-D C29 C1'1I111A' 11111 111 11111' 111,11f111b1111.1' 111111 L,l7LL1' 111 11111. 1'l7L'L'1'.5 111 11111 1q111111ar, L1111111 R111111111, D11111111 Pe1111e1'- 11111. 17111111111 A11111f1'.11111. 1H111'1-1' l'1'11111111. C111111 111111. P111 l'1111- K1.11'11'1f11. N11111-.1 1911,x1f11111. 111111 P11111 0'K11111' 11111111111 1111111 1111' 111111111 1 1'111111111f11111 11 611.191 .11f11.11111 .11 fbu .11111191111111111 1'11111f1'1111111e1'.s'. LIHI- I- Rl PADI- R!-i Bl1Il11L'111g 1111 111111 11111111 111111 11'1111111g 111 11111 1111' 111111 11111111 11 1111111 1111111111111 111 1111111 11e11111e, bn! to 11111 1111111111 1'111'111'- 11111111111 11 1.1 11 1111111111111 111'11111'11111'1' 11111111 117611 1111111 11111 111111111111 111111 1111'1'1.11111i1 111 11111' g111111cu 111 11111 1111111111. 131111 1: 1111111 L01'1111g. C11111111 O111111. N11111-V1 f,41'1If7, K111115 S1111111. R1111' 2: C1111111' 131111111, Da111111 K111J1,1', 5111111111 K1lt1j1, R11.11f111111'-3 1XI111'11J1111. B11111115111111 F1'1af111111'11 O1'1111t1g1' 11111111 111 1111 1l7L'11A g111111f1' 11'111'1' 11111 1:1'L'l17- 1111111 01111111111 1'111'1'1'11'11111'1'.1, 51111111 R1111f111'11. D11111111 K1I1Xl7f. V11'1?1 T115- 1Ill', Kt11AC'11 R11g1111. 11111-1 1'111'11111,1. I 111 The mighty Pa1zther.r of U.T.H.S, had a full reheilule of gamer in a tough ronjerenre thif year. Rou' If Riteben AfiKee, jim Wakejielil, Larry Meyerr, Ceril Hernandez, Vinre Monahan, Mike Knight, jiiliiir Terronez, Val Bravo. Demiir Sahr, Lar '." y Nahrgang, Frank Dunbar, Don ',lIlI0ll'.llRl, Chuck Calilzeell, jarh Hartwell, ma11age1'. Rou' 2: Coarh Keith Bare, Sim-lair' Pitft'L'l'.l'0l1, Phil Stone, Ron Frey, Ron Hart, jim Fincher, Ralph Sanilerr, jerry Arbogaft, jim Adainf, Dirk Lange, jim john.ro11, jim Gager, Dirk Horhinr, Coarh Bob Eufbarzbf, Rott' 3 Coarh Al Zi11111ie1'111a11, Bill Clarh. Ken Bei'erli11, Bob Care, Kenny l:l't.'L'lIl:UI, Felix Pivon, ji111 Oltman, Harold Pi1ltlJ'L"l1, Lerie Austin, jerry LitIIt'il.flL'7', Charlet Shizwir, Byrl lVei.s.r, Phil Srhmidt, D011 G1ilde11j7fe1111ig, Coach "jorko" W,1'6'7Il.7. FIIJEITBALI. Determination, co-ordination, and self-assurance are a few X Iowa City 113 of the many characteristics that were shown by this year's var- Autumn sity football squad. Although the team was not too successful Davenport this year because of the Asiatic flu epidemic, they did a fine Dllbuquc job and represented our school in several fine showings. Wu5h"ll4t0n - . . Rock Island Awards this year were given to Kenny Beverlin, most valu- Jcgcrson able player and captaing Felix Picon, best blockerg Frank Dun- Clinton bar, best tacklerg and Dick Lange, most improved player. Molmc The lnrky aa'a1'il lt'lIIIIE'7'J' ilirjllay their trophies in front of the trophy rare. They were Dirk Lange, mort i111j11'oz'eil playerp Ken Bez'e1'li11, mort valuable player and raltitainq Felix Piron, bert blocker: and Frank Dunbar, bert tarhler. Shown with them ii head football roavh, jorko W'1'e1111. g, Trying out the gear before football .rea- Jon started were Coach jorko Wfreniz, Dennir Sahr, Don Giildenpjennig, jim Oltrnan, and Bob Kennedy. Sw I x I i . W L Z3 1 5 R f 1. K "Don't fence mc in," l..1rr-3' Jlelywir ltzrfzfnzfxfqy lfwziv zrlwli Ike ll".1.nf1jf1,31w1 f1f.1.3w'.a' clam' 111 an him. Out of my way, boy? 171111 Cn!- ffwlflfefzfzjlg gin 1 Cfmrtqu I'.1, quam' .zu fffmu' :rlwu lm Mm! 1 Pagnelle. gal cj X --if , gh, Up, down, up, down. Clwrnhfe lf0L',f f11z.flv-fffu rrlvife fm 'zlfflll " mam fucuflzwiu, Bula Claw, Dm! !Jli01l'.l'kf. .md Rnufmz Afrlim, ,xml Cfmzrlv l1"rw111 lake if amy. .fx NA.. "x, wa-W S'-'J If Doing Jnnbfe duly 11 flu' "head" buf! mrrier fm' lI",1,u!w- inglon zvfaell Difk Lange !.11'He.1 him. HAROLD PAULSEN End JIM ADAMS Tarkle Q CHEROKEE FRENCH End BOB KENNEDY Halfbuck :T K l . We? LU-tlijfflg lim! Moline on lo 11 1'iffor'ion,r .renrofz 1l'El'6 7lIENlb61'.l' of flair yearfr 1'm'.rity br1.l'k6'lbzIU fetmz. Row 1: jerry Koenig, Dui Lange. IIN! Pfwirozz, Cherokee Ff't!IIt'b, DEIIIIIJ' Solar, frm Offlllrlll. Mike Dergo. mm' joe Eugffznd, Ro1z'2:fi11l l'Ie.zfd, Nl.ll1i?Ix't,'l', CMH'-1 lloblu. Ilfzrofd Prlllffwl. LUIIIIIB Oflrofll, Bob Pyerich, Iirfnzk Loff, Dare illrzrlifz, Biff Porter, llltlllztqff, ,md limit v Kzrfffo, K W T RAF KFTPAI I si Arai, to 57 Allc-man 60 50 Clinton 3-1 The Panthers started out their season with a few losses, but 40 IOWA UW 48 h . . . 48 St. Ambrose -ii they became more successful in the middle of it. After defeat- 42 Ddwnpmt 55 ing most of the teams in the Quad-Cities, the varsity basketball 47 Kewimee S5 team finished the season with a record of 14 wins and 9 losses. Bulfllflu' A l . , o ine A Under the expert coaching of Mr. Kivisto, the team did a good 62 Washington 55 job and they had the backing of the student body at all of their 41 Riffli ISIHHJ '39 Y' X , .1 d d . . .Qh 7.2 jefferson 1i0 teamcs. I icy en e the year by having an assembly in whic 66 Iowyl City S, the outstanding players were awarded trophies and the varsity 44 Davenport A12 squad received their basketball letters. 99 G"lc5bur34 6-1 Dubuque 116 80 Moline S0 W 56 Alleman Si 58 XlC'asl1ington 61 53 Clinton fil 86 jefferson 5? 49 Rock Island 60 50 Galesburg 35 floor. Hold that pose! Pazzlfen and Pye- zfifla barely avoid 11 rollifiou nl- lhozzgla one Erie player lafzdr on Ike nfs zmfflf P.111!1e11. fKU'Il'4If'uJ 11111 1 1f1l,1111, 11.11 zwfuf f4'JllI',l' 111ml Cf7c'I'fll'L4' Ifffllxkll, ff11'11 mu' fllllllnnf .n'f1111l ffm 1111 1111! z'.1111u 111 Allin! gully I ful f11r11 Ld f1f.1-1012 Mf1f111v 11 Izumi 111 .rf1j1'1f. L. L4 1 Gzmrd and to-mplni11 Den- 11i.r Suhr' led fhe M1111 ffm year willy 366 p0i11I.f, flllljflf' rwifw' G111'-3' Ilnbfzf fed sf ' ,Q Cf11.11'J 14111111111 O.r!1'o111 :mf lim' lbs lefzm :willy 142 f'6fJ0ll7ILfJ', w.11' r u'11111u1' nf flu' Rf lI11l111w, 17111-'l'l11'f11z' 'l'1'r1f1f1'y. H ffl' if gf 1 f Iliflffll' ff11'zm1'd 13116 PV1'v1'i4'l1 111'- c1'.1gmf kl'L'tYU1I4, fun! 1111 ffm' 14.1111 111111 1,111 lvffllwfzrf f111lff1f1l fur 114'.x'l year. 1 5 0 S5i52 56 354 sal?iig1Q7 39 45 sb 30,511 -4 ' i 7 iiii s I Ear! Moline Higlfr fulure gridiron grealf, lloe Joplaonzore football team. Row 1: Hopkinr, Miller, Cruz, Sandoval, Breat Valdez, Hayer, Flynn, Manager Land. Row 2: Manager Hakenzan, Roberron, Gilef, Munger, Wakefelzl, Damp, Carari Cook, Bond, Santprler, Manager Kelly. Row 3: Coarla Fudge, Manager Neff, Hofrlelier, Sourinek, Pollenlier, Pyeoirb Meyerr, Sloneking, Sparrou'groz'e, Carpenfier, Rafke, and Coafla Dhomlf. Row 4: Garria, Mahan, Holden, Vallejo, Hanlz Neuflon, Sufanron, Huggarf, foner, Penra. SCIFJHCINIEIRE FIIICITBALL The survivors of several weeks of scrimmages, calesthenics, chalk talks, and drills made the '57-'58 sophomore football team. After much more practice and coaching, the team started out its tough schedule of games. W T 19 Kewanee 6 1 3 Davenport 20 1 9 Moline 13 34 Rock Island 14 26 St. Ambrose 1 3 7 Clinton 13 14 Geneseo 1 2 J Coarb Bare and hir liltle pantberf bare Ibeir piclure taken after a fart- moziug feaforz. Row I: jim Wake- field, lim Braet, Augie Vallejo. Rout' 2: Eiferelf VarzValkenberg, Frank Carbon, Orberie Giler, Terry Alabarl. Rodney Cook, Coarb Bare, Keri Vivkerr. Steve Pyerirb, Rorz Iloff, Demzii' Srbare. and Steve leififmiffw-. SUPHUMVIRF FIAFEKFTFIAI I 5 Team work, willingness and eagerness all helped to give the sophomore basket- ball players a successful season. By Work- ing hard throughout the season, they ended up with a fine record. The sophomores not only made a good impression on the fans, but they also gave Coach Kivisto much hope for next year's varsity basketball team. Ready, willing, arid able to gel lbat ball ir Frank Loll, a Jopbo- more who played on bolb tbe varfity and .fopbomore barbel- ball teamr tbif year. Aledo Clinton Alleman Iowa City St. Ambrose Davenport Kewanee Dubuque Moline Washington Rock Island jefferson C. Davenport Galesburg Dubuque Moline' Alleman Waslmingtoii Clinton jefferson Rock Island Galesburg C. R. R. T 38 23 36 35 45 42 29 36 37 53 57 53 38 41 41 46 45 56 42 55 43 40 There were the member: of the Frerhman Orange Football team. Row 1: MeChnreh, Chapman, Bat- ten, Tunniek, DeGra1ze, Hill Cope- land. Row 2: Defaegher, Warren, Freyman, Ward, Srhroeder, Ferrell, Martin. Row 3.' Coaeh 'lay Merrer, Aroanit, Blair, Martinez, Vallejo, fohnron, Andon, DeRanzmelaere, manager, Arrirtant Coarh George Braden. Abrent from pirture: Ader, Irhnzael, Mare, Stahl, Gnatooirh, Hernandez, Orendorf, Rangel, Rob- ertron, Steoent, Suu, Weirbrook, Dobereiner, manager. FREE H MAN FCI CITEALL Co-operation and team-work were two of the prime goals that the freshman football squad attained this year. Having a fairly good season, the junior grids from U.T.H.S. are good possibilities for the future varsity team. ORANGE BLACK W T W O Washington 1 8 Central 6 john Deere 7 Coolidge 7 Franklin 6 Edison 0 Black 1 9 Orange 0 Central 1 8 Washington 7 Coolidge 6 john Deere 8 Alleman 0 Alleman 7 5 87 0 B ,B Wi of , u. 78 C' I gg S9 et 11 34, 2 Aw,. l 94 V K ,sw ' X k 'B .. x . - ' W . W - r ..., .X " sv fy' 4 X :iw V M I: :ff...., ,t ' T 19 13 6 O 0 19 0 Mernberr of the Frerhman Black Football team are, Row 1: Dirk Leiboritz, Rurrell Upton, Rob- ert Carinar, Bob Fluegel, Arnold Little, Dirk Van Bell, Bob Martel. Row 2: john Caldwell, Earl johnson, Mike Claur, Or- rin S chatteman, jim fanowrki, Steve Paytarb, Gary Bell, Dave H errtedt. Row 3.' Fred Lemkav, Val Naehe, john Grfham, Her- bert Sweat, Eugene Held, Gary Carlton, john Lohre, Coach Bob Zimmerman. Not prerent, Coach George Bray. The Frerhmefz Blarh team have Iheir plrlure taken at the end of a rzzrrefrfzzl rearwz. Rau' I: Heald, Srhaffmwz. Dohereiuer, Weirhrooh, Warrezz, Meyer, Leeper, Dierirh, Prlelo. Rou' 2: Avalon, Liehoritz, Slmpe, Geahardl, Morgan, Vallejo, Farrell, Coarh Dhondt. FREE H MAN BAS KETBALL Practicing new shots, dribbling, and working out various plays were some of the main subjects worked upon this Year in order to promote a better 2-team system for the freshmen basketball players at U.T.H.S. Each team played a full sched- ule of games, including one inter-squad game. The teams proved quite successful and seemed to be good prospects for the future varsity team. Thir yearfr mighty Frerhmeu Orange team pore uiilh their marsh, Mr. Alerrer. Rau' 1: Dejaegher. Gerlarh fazzrmxrhi. Gzzalozfivh, Murphy, Carlrwz, Derllaelie, manager. Row 2: Navhe, Herrfedt, li-hwael, Payfiirh Camltzhell, fohfzrofz, Iflfzegel, Bare, Coarh Mercer. Ahfefzl from pirfzzre war Copeland, gr."-4-"1"-....--.1It!,., r,-.-22:54 V" WRESTLING The wrestling squad this year gave a fine showing at all of their 15 regular meets. They placed sec- ond in the distict meet and fourth in the sectional meet. U.T.H.S. was honored at the state meet by four of its squad members. They were Val Bravo, wrestling at 120 pounds, Phil Stone at 133 pounds, Ken Beverlin at 165 pounds, and Don Guldenpfen- nig at 175 pounds. Reprerenting Eart Moline at the .rtate wrertling contest were Ken Beuerlin, Don Guldenpfennig, Phil Stone, ana' Val Brauo. Pictured with the hoyr if Mr. Rohert Zimmerman, arfirtant wrertling roarh. v- rr in . - M -sew-ew -. Wreftling ir the uppermort thought in the mind! of thi: year'J wrerlling Jquad. Row 1: Dirk Hor- kinr, LaVerne Mattfon, Gary Mueller, Larry Leeper, Ken Beuerlin, Don Guldenpfennig. Row 3' A X 2: Nat Lawrenfe, Floyd St'0fk1U6ll, jim johnrorz, ferry Beuelin, Phil Stone, Larry Meyers, Val Bravo, Vinfe Monahan, Paul Miller, Coarh 'Iocleo Wrenn. W T 22 Geneseo 21 Rough 'n tough Ken Beuerlin trier to pin Phil Stone. 20 Galesburg 25 5 Jefferson 35 35 Alleman 10 18 Dubuque 30 42 St. Ambrose 7 10 Washington 35 22 Iowa City 22 9 Rock Island 31 8 Clinton 30 2 Bettendorf 38 0 Davenport 40 20 Moline 22 f.-B it OO 'ffm' xpeed-zfu111f111.1 of I'.'l',H.S.. our l'zH'.YjfJ Hack fc'-1711, ffl!!! pr'.1r!jr'j11g lung UIIUIIXIJ In lmre their pir- lnrr' l.1h'z1, Razz' 1: Ken I3uz'er'ff11. liz! rllrffr, Rzzeberz .'lnKw. I,.lH'i1 ,N.r1l7l'lg'.JlItQ, Rfwzmf Ifrej, furry Bererfill. Sn! lI.1H'fI11Qfflll. Rau' 2: Ray Lern'1'w', Bob Cafe, Pla!! Srlvzfmlf, R, T. llfnkeby, Lrzrrvq ,lIetzrfn111r, Clrrif Den- mr, Cliff Ar'lmgr1,rf, Dir!! l'iU.Ikf7l,l', Rau' 3: Cmzrh film Clwrwit, I7w'l?J fr: frzuj, jim Glzger, Glzlfj' WUI- XXJIIIY, ffm Arfrmzs, jim .llr,lIflfi11, Cfmy Hobbs, Levy fllllfllf. I..n'rv3 I.eupfr, C'f1,1rbe.a Al Zimmerman and xifflwr lfmflqe, lraclc, one of the more popular sports at l'.'l'.H,S., meludes the pole vault, discus, shot- put, high jump, hroad jump, the 100, 220, 440, aml 880 yartl dash, the mile, the high aml low luumlles, and the mile relay. These sports were umlertalaeu in the spring of the year during wlueh time the liast Moline track team helrl meets with limi lwftnnf, rllufilfe, Dr11'e111fm'l, and other schools lu the area. llflqlr iw flu' vljy if Or'f1ur'ie G'ilv,r, zwlvife frmleiflg 011 are Bob Cf.m'. Larry flmlm. R, T. Ilfmkey, and jim Gager. Ira A . J ii!! 2 fw i . V. TRACK xx' Lining 11121 for the mile relay and mile meu'fey are Bob Care, Keri Bczerlizz, Larry rllerzdrzzzxv, Cfrjf Ar'bnKqr1,rl, and Ed Pezmz. PrlP'fjl'if7f1fjl1g in IYIJXLF-lklllfljllg ffm' 124111 year were Cbrif DL'7IIIj.l', Rmmre Frey, and frm Gager. ff' e ' ' w :ill I -1: E .L 2 ,gf ' 4 fm., F A - 4154 T If year the foplromoie lraik 5 I ',' . team had a good ,rea.uoi1. Row 5 A , CN fm V ff. :if Q Q H Q- 4 1: Mahan, Cruz, W'arre11, Ham- ' , 1 1- ' Eff: " f M4 . Q K T., QQ A V fx ?'lt'k,iN1IfIl'lt'k, lVood, Sarfiezlo, 1' 7 ' V M We Herfleilf. Rou' 2: Held, Mar- Q P' N' g , 31 fiii, lxlaiizael, Paylafh, Val? . , , . 1. H -W Tieghem, Vail Valkeizbiirg, Q w 1 A, . Boya our for fhe 100-220 yard darlv were Iolaiz Cruz, Gary Ilobbf, R. T. Hiirkey, Orberie Gilex, Terry Mahan. Oni for ,fl70l'-lllllf .xml di,rrii,r were Riielzeiz AiiKee, Plvil Srlaiizizlr. Dirk HII.t'blfl,f, Larry Leeper, jim Mr- Millaiz and Larry Nahrgailg, Ak W F ali? Cook, Fliiegel. Roberlroiz. Row 31 Coaulv Ifialge, Peuva, Mar- , gn. fllIf.'Z, Hnggarr, lV'illia111f, Val- lejo, Gilef, SXYOIIH, Ilerizamlez, Sweat, Ariiloii, Coavla Slairerf. 4.1 . WC-. 'siflfff ,If NI, . 5 , , rg.:-1 A 3,4 J' . 1 u. -t. L M ,V -W ,Lk ,A X - ',,. ,, -Q ,-g"'i' ""' ,' ,B ur Ms? ., A 'M , g 4" iv I A ' ' f ni 55' ' I ' 0 ' I ld 57 fgfjg 1 'il' ' 'ln .444- m Varfily high and lou' laardlerf are lfil Milli, ji Adami, Levy Aiiffiiz, and "lea,l1ii1g" jim Gager. Thif year Ihere way a large liiriioiil for from roimlry, Row 1: joe Va11Quatl2e111, Clip' Arbo- gafl, Demzif Svbawe, Frank Carbon, Sizl Harring- Iolz. Ron' 2.'H6Il!'j' Raizgel. Gary Mellizzger, Gary Nafzwirk, Maizrire Bradley, ferry Bererliii, Bill Porler. Row 3: Gary ll"illiai11,r, Lerlie Srlaleeler, ferry Koenig, Dari Herizaizrlez, Larry Robinfoiz, and Coafh Glen Claizferf. , K 1 M, If Ii, X K .. K 0 an e , K 3 . on -. , ...Q 'N GULF Putting, practicing their swing, and fre- quently visiting the local golf courses takes up much of the spare time of the U.T.H.S. golf team. Walkirig around nine holes of a golf course seems like a short walk to these boys while eighteen holes is just a good workout. Under the supervision of their new coach, Mr. Kivisto, they attended matches held at Indian Bluffs, Duck Creek, the Arsenal Golf Course, Oakwood, and Short Hills. They ended up the year by playing Quincy Invitational on April 26, the District matches held at Indian Bluffs on May 10, and the Clinton Conference on May 26. Sufirzging into IICIIUIZ if foe Eng- land, top golfer from U.T.H.S. and uiizmer of the Quad-City Champion- ship golf fizmrd. The future "Ben Hogansn of East Moa line High have their picture taken. Rau' 1: George DeBo, joe England, Dennis Kelly, ,Ierrel Anderson. Ferrel Anderson jim Soucinek. Rau' 2: George Gavin, jim Fairman, Bill Seidlitz, Gary Swift, Phil Bond, Gary Canfield, Coach Kivisto. , .V I-1 ' - ., at sas,-af! sivi s , PW Tbir year'J bareball team wa: a combination of many zfeteranr and new faref. Row 1: lim Wakefield, Angie Vallejo, Gary Mellinger, Kenny Freeman, Duane Sanderr, Cecil Hernandez, Larry Meyerr, Dirk Lange, Mike Kniglot. Row 2: Coach Lou Malekiewitz, Don Firher, Mike Dergo, Cbarler Sbiverr, Ken Virkerf, Larry Lange, Gary Mueller, ferry Lancarter, Bill Clark, Bob Kennedy, and Coarlv Bob Ewbank. BASEBALL The varsity baseball team made a fine showing this year with many familiar faces back on the team. Among the veterans were Bob Kennedy, Larry Meyers, captain, Kenny Freeman, Angelo Vallejo, Gary Mueller, and Dick Lange. The team had a fine season playing games with Moline, Rock Island, Davenport, Washington and Jefferson of Cedar Rapids, Alleman, Galesburg, and Dubuque. Despite a busy schedule of games, the East Moline sophomore baseball team managed to do their best under the coaching of Mr. Bray. The team was made up of a large group of talented freshmen and sophomores. The freshmen were Harry Arvanis, Robert Batten, john Caldwell, Gary Carlson, joe Dejaegher, Larry Do- bereiner, Ernie Gerlach, john Graham, David Griffith, Arnold Guerrero, Earl Johnson, Dick Leibovitz, Stan Schroder, Gary Stoneking, Randal Stout, Eugene Wadsager, Craig Weisbrook, and Earl Schwenneker, the manager. The sophomores included Jim Braet, Marty Damp, jim Hayes, Ron Hoff, Steven Hofstetter, Gor- don Hopkins, jerry Hopkins, Darrel Irwin, Frank Loll, Gary Millen, Ron Pustelnik, Leonard Sangster, Den- nis Schave, Stephen Schroder, Julyle Shannon, Ron Trice, Richard Vervaecke, and Paul Walker. This year they played Moline on April 16, Rock Island on April 23, St. Ambrose on April 28, Davenport "sophs" on May 7, Moline on May 14, St. Ambrose on May 15, Rock Island on May 19, Moline "B" team on May 21, and Davenport "sophs" on May 26. Because of the lateness in choosing the team, there was no picture taken of the sophomore team. a 'L E-Us tl we , K ' 'N-M2 it ' " R' I ' 1 T L' i .sa I E I 3 T Q 'WZ-f' "-fw,f' , 5 'G I s 4 . ' My ft, I 4 .. Hours of practice on the court take , up the spare time of all the boys on the U.'I'.H.S. tennis team. Under the coach- ing of Mr. Morgan, the boys' tennis team had a high rating among the Quad-City teams. This year they had several fast-moving matches with teams from Moline, XVashington, jefferson, Rock Island, and Davenport. The fnliire fennif rlninlpionf, the U.T.H.S. lennif mini, lirfen I0 Cotirh ill0l'gz7II'.f fidrice. Rim' 1: Fred Bnnfield, Byron Warren, Kenny Rohinmn, jerml Miller, and Cofzrh Steve 'L Marginz. Ro1w2: ferry DePorier, fini Valen- tine, Dennir Suhr, Keith Rohinfon, and Ral pb Gofir. Topping fhe lin! for .renior lennif playerf were Keifh Rohinwn, Ralph Goizr, and Dennir Suhr, A TENNIS Meznherf of lhe hrryr tennis' mini thif year were the fullnrrizig. Row If Ralph Gmzr, Keilh Rllblllffillr, Dennir Suhr, ferrj DePr1rler, Rau' 2: Bah Lnnron, Byron llnnrrwi, Kun- nefh Rohinfrrn. fini l'iw'.i'fin, Iirezl Banpelzl. Cain-h Slere illflfgtlll, Roni 33 Rirhj Frejfnizn. Phil Hnflrin, Torn Tnjlar. C1n'i'i,i' Ilizriih, Iiriiziiii' Mohr, Mark Bare. Rau' 43 Amlreu' fohnmn, David illnrtin, Bah Pae- rirh, Lonnie Oyfrfinz,Nw'111m1 Lindley. ,j A'- I 'Gb I it , no -- x , J Many 1Jeteran.r of the U.T.H.S. tennu team were active again in varrily lennir. Row 1: Linnea Her- Jtedt, janet Brirfman, Rosemary Morriron, Lana Berghult, Loir Beau- doin. Row 2: Carol Ooeni, Gwen Lee, feanne VanV!iele, Sandy Roh- ren, Nola Anderfon, janet Loding. Working on their backhand and service kept the girls' tennis team busy on many school nights. They were up against rugged compe- tition from many of the surrounding schools including Rock Island, Davenport, Moline, and the two Cedar Rapids high schools. With their coach, Mrs. Ruberg, they gained much skill and proficiency on the tennis courts. janet Brissman and Gwen Lee gave us much satisfaction by winning the Quad-City Doubles championship. Checking the Jchedule of fnatcher for the girlr tennir learn it their coach, Mfr. Ruherg, who looks confident of their IIICIEJI. 4 "Tough link. pal!" 17Zl7'zlN1IH'fll ping lining rlmnip. Gary Uviifizlfllfy. fwzgrfztu- lizfw l'lH11IL'7"llf7, Byrl lVeiJ5, on zz fne giwie. INTRAMLIRALS The BlHIlbIt'bt'6.f won the intrfzmlmzl haykethfzll fhanzpionfhip for the freihnlen and mphonmrex. Rau' I: fini Soucinek, Gary fohn- Jon, Dirk V8f'I'Kllt'k8. Row 2.' fini Flinn, Hank Sandoval. XE, I ' a 1 C Q-v hm ,.,,jL25?1t H, 1 tk ,,, . W'-, i KJ .rw-1 I Fighting their way to zfirtory in the jzxnior-fenior intra- mural hafkethall tournament were fini Gtzger, Dick Hof- kinx, Mike Knight, ferry Lanfafter, Ken Hofftetter, ,...-idk Sighting for the hfuket, jim Wilmn demonftrafef the form whirh won him the intramural free-throu' fhaznpianfhip for this year. 4 . in K Sk Rt we H5 o. I5 'N . . S Q u The rhampionx of the intramural bowling were PreJley'J Houndf and Zorro'J Zepherf. Row 1: George DeBo, raptain, Robert Taylor, Harry Lee Drumm, Dirk Veraerhe, Bob jonef. Row 2: Calvin Marth, Leon- ard Suhr, captain, Bob Doxiee. As in years before, there was a large turnout for the intramural sports. Any boy who had not participated in a major varsity sport was eligible to go out for them. The boys were split into teams for the various sports which included softball, basket- ball, volleyball, ping pong, and bowling. Tournaments were held in various sports throughout the year. Individual acclaim was awarded to the free-throw champions and to the tennis champions. Intramural sports also included a volley- ball tournament which occurred too late in the year to be included in the book. A tennis tournament was another intra- .qt f mural sport which occurred too late in the t A year. We wish to congratulate the winners by of these intramural tournaments. 'A The Bonmen! Mr. Robert Lewif and hir arfiitant, Mr, Ellxworth Broohf, headed the intramural tournamentf for '5 7 and '58. .-5, -' r e N Facult Faculty members have many duties outside the actual time spent in teaching classes. Preparing lessons and selecting the most useful areas of subject matter to present, grading papers, and keeping school records of attendance and grades are among their duties. Also many faculty members are responsible for the extra- curricular activities which promote school spirit and provide social experience For the students. 4 I v K. OR 3 2 1. ADMINISTRATION 2 I I ----... AWAQVMNNHVMW a I 4 ,T 1,3 - I , . W N. K Lk Z fwmax , ' mf SQ I 8 A ' we .W , U ,, 4 I ee I V, Thif year hegafz a fhange in fhe adfimry fyrfenz, Eafh fluff har ily 01 V l l I adzfimr' who actf af Jpozzmr for lhe dau arrfz'ifja,r am! ax an :1dl'f.l'0!' lo I Mr. C. L, ,IIrCre1ghf, anfhflazzl pr'n1r1j7af, haf d7?10'7g irza'i1fidua! memherf of fhe vfaff. Shozwz above are ,IIr', Charley 1IIrCI hir dnmar zlamzizz lhe .frlndule of flaJJe,f, mperzfif L I g v -I , - mg the repmlizzg of grader, firing Ihe many exlra ae- lf1'flfc',f and ,rpeuiaf nzeelizzgf izzlo Ihe ronfizze of lhe frhrmf, and nmzzy Ufher ddlllf7IfJfl'dlfl"8 delailf. fophomore adzfiforg Mr. Harald Colliuf, fnaflwmzz aa'z'im1'.' Mr, Har: Pierfozz, Jenior aa'zfiJ0r,' and Mr. William Yemm, j1n1ior'adzfifor. '41 K' I 'Y' The flH1t'lf0ll of the Board of Edafafion if to pr0z'ia'e adequate faeililiey and equipmenl for fhe .rfhool and to hire Ihe leavhing Haj. Shown ahozfe are. fm! row, Mr, P. Phil- hnwer, .Yen'efa1'y of the boardg Mr. George MrNeal, P7'6J'jd6lIf,' Mr, L, O. Dazzfyonq Mr. C, L, MfCreighf, Semin! row, Mr. Glenn lWilJ0f1,' Mr, Afherf 1II1zeller,' Mr. D1n'u'ar'd Longg Mr. Cheffer B7'iJ,fN1d7Z,' Dr. W, C. Sleeleg and Mr, Rlllh Copeland. 160 BN'--ni f A scbool nurse war a welronze addition to tbe Jtajf tbif year, Mm: Frelf, df Jcbool nurre, if responsible for all matter: tbat con- . . . 1 a' th ith. Mr. P. Pbtlboufer, Jrbool bufzneyf mana er, 1J Jbown fem J u en ea at bit derek in tbe general omre. Mr. Pbjbower if tbe offre manager, keeper of tbe payroll and rick leave rer- ordf, keeper for pnrrbafe order refordr for tbe Board of Ednration, and manager of tbe book store. Mr, Pbilbower ix alto the Jerreiary of tbe Board of Eduration. An ever-increasing enrollment presents new problems that must be solved by the administrative staff in addition to the usual duties. The persons pictured on these pages, under leadership of the principal, Mr. L. O. Dawson whose photograph appears on page 5, see to it that all phases of school administration are co-ordinated. QV 1 40 T? Mr. C. L, Bailey, attendance offrer for U.T.H.5'., inverti- gatex absenrer and affiftf in lmrnarling tbe traffic janzr zvbirb invariably ocvur during tbe before and after Jcbool rlub. Serretarief for the adminiftratorr are Jbouin above. From left to right are Linda Anderton, Jerretary to Mr. Pbilbowerg Nadine Carl- ton, rerretary to Mr, Dawrong Carol Slipp, Jerretary to tbe advi.ror.r,' and Mn. Carol Greenup, Jefretary to Mr. McCreigbt. 'l6'l M E 44'cf,., Objective, better English. Mrx. Hemping diagramr a Jentence for Donna Knight and Dennis' Burben. ENGLISH DEPARTMENT The English courses at United Township High School are designed to teach the skills of reading, writing, speaking, and listening. English I and Eng- lish II are offered to the freshmen and sophomores. During the junior year, students take American Literature A or American Literature B and junior Composition A or junior Composition B. Courses A . designated as "A" courses are for those students who are planning to go to college. Other Engish courses offered are journalism, public speaking, and radio workshop for juniors and sen- iors, acting for juniors, and senior composition, Eng- lish Literature, senior developmental English, and play production for seniors. MR. STEVENS Head of the English depart- ment if Mr. john W. Steoenf. Mr. Steven: tearbe: junior and Jenior tollege preparatory rourtet, radio ypeaking, acting, and play produrtion. This year he alto had a class of Jopho- moref the Jecond Jemetter. Mr. Steven! it the play dirertor, .zmntorag the Thefpiant, Pan- t er Par e, and radio Jpeaking. ' 'Q W' wb 'er and .fporzforf lbe amzual, the "Skyline," Mrf. MrNab f6'llL'h8.f Englifb 1 and II ana' if adoifor of exlemponzueom' Jpealfing and .rpofzfor of tbe Bible Club. Mrf. Frederirk tearbef Englbb II, funior Compofiliorz A, Amerifan Literature A, publif Jpeakirzg, and if adzfifor for all declamation work. Below are Ifabel Hempmg oyre Waller Robert Ewbafzk and Errzefl Kzwflo, Mrf. Hemping teaabex Ezzgllfb II umor Compofztzon B and American Lzleralure B M111 Waller ba! rlaffef nz Lnglnb I and II Mr Eu bank learbey Englzfb I If the debate roafb anulant football roacb, and ban ball foaab Mr Kzzuto ba: Englzrb I clauex and :J adzuor of tbe Letterman'J Club and f X Y' ag , W ww Words, words, words and all of them S panixh are written hy Diana Hohner, Sue Davis, and Mark Bare af Min "U" U" Thoeming loohr on. ' vvv YVWY' Y' , LAN E UAE E5 If one were to stand in the lower hall, one would think he were in a foreign country. For out of rooms 116 and 117 Hows a never ending Stream of Latin and Spanish' Teaching the understanding of the Latin and Spanirh These two languages, being the basis of the language de- language: and caltarer if the work of Mm Lea Thoeming, Partment were taught to many students interested in Spanish tearher, and Mrf. Reha Hefter, Latin teacher. foreign tongues. E HIIIMEMAKINE The clatter of pots and pans, the whine of a sewing ma- chine, the discussion on personal problems and health are all sounds that are heard coming from the homemaking department. In this department one learns to cook and sew and even how to redecorate furniture. It is the basis of the future wives and homemakers of a modern America. Dirrufring rome of the good reriper that might he ufed in :lan are the homemaking teafherf, Min Daphne Frane, Mrr, Bev- erly Carrington, and Mir: Dora Reinholz. Mrs. Carrington demomtratef partry making to her clan at t .ftate Jupervifor look: on. 'IM Indurtrial art: and vocational rho! tearherr are Mr. john Cavanaug , drafting and general Jhopf Mr. Robert Sandurky, auto - mechanirr, drafting, and general Jhop,' Mr. Robert Zeriger, metal: and general rhopy Mr, Paul Oliver, wood .rhop and general rhopg and Mr. Charlet MrCoy, marhine Jhop. Mr. Cavan- augh ir the rponror of Tri-Mic and Mr. Oliver if Jponfor of the Rifle Club. IN DLJETRIAL ART!:i Dl:.l-'ARTM ENT A complete program of industrial arts is offered. During the freshman year boys take general shop in which all five areas of shop are introduced. Upperclassmen take either woodworking or industrial courses. A complete four year program in either of the two areas prepares a boy for apprenticeship in these skills. Mr. Leiter Viner, head of the Industrial Art: depart- ment, leather eorational marhine Jhop. il 3.4.1 Industry and concentration are Jhown by Harry Sedgwirk at Mr. Vine! help: him produfe a more exacting piere of work on a romplirated indurtrial machine. 165 ,na ll' Tennif, .roriizl danfing, volley hall, modern danfe, held hofhey, hathethall, ping firing, huh hall .mf among the at-tiz'itteJ inflttded in girls' phyfiral education, The rmietl and :tell-planned program alto include! flame! in health and units in first dill. Difruffing the actizfitief of the girlf' phyfital eduration department are Alfl, Dorothy Ward, MH. Elaine Ruherg, and Mitt Ltzife Piano. Mn. Raherg tearhef the frefhmen, Mrf. Ward teafhef the fophomoret, and Min Piano teachef the juniors' and Jeniors. All three are Jponforf of the Girls' Athletic Afforiation. Pl-IYFill'IAl FDIIVIATIUN DEPARTMENT 1 1 Mr. Broohx, head of the department, teafhef fresh- man gym. .1,r,ri.rt.r with all tlIlt'zllIlIlf'u'ltf, and tenrhey frerhmizzt phyiii-.zt edftmtion. Mr, Matahiewitz teacher jlltllftt' and .fentor f1hjy,rit'al edfmztion. Mr. Holmei teacher the .rofthovlmer and Lf Athletic' Director for the lllftklttlllfill .rportf p1'0gt'clltl. 166 P xg Kenny Freeman doeJn't Jeem to want to do what Mr. Matahieufitz zvanty him to. The new trampoline added to the enjoyment of the boys in physical education class this Year. Volley ball, wrestling, exercises including working out on the par- allel bars, tumbling, basketball are among the boys' physical education activities. Health classes are also conducted. Teacbing pupilx tbe baficx of Jcience are Harold Collim, general Jciencej Helen Burefb, biologyg Autbur Fudge, general Jcienceg William Campbell, general Jcience, pbyficr, and pbyficf matbp William Wbeeler, general Jcience. Mr. Canztbell if alto a member of tbe rnatbamaticx department tbit year teac ing a clan in Algebra I. Mr. Wbeeler, in addition to bi: Jcience clanex, if in cbarge of all atbletic equipment. we-awww W MR. PRATT Mr. Pratt, bead of tbe Jcience de- partment, if alto director of audio- x vifual education, Jpomor of tbe Bio-Cbemict Club and tbe Camera Club. Mr. Pratt bad tbe diftinction of being cbofen Teacber of tbe Year in 195 7, Ng ' Fl H Standing on the second floor one might be confronted with some very weird chemical odors. But don't be alarmed. It is prob- ably either the chemistry lab having an experiment or the biology classes doing a little dissecting. This may sound to some as odd, but these are the functions of the science department. In freshman science courses, the students are given an all around instructive course on science in gen- eral. Advanced courses offered are biology, chemistry, physics, and physics math. These are the pathways of the future scientists. W? 1' I it Blast off time. Mr. Pratt if Jbowing Victor fanowfbi bow to make a cbemi- cal reaction. We bave conbdence tbat it won't blow up. !:il'!IFNI'IF DFPARTM ENT 'I67 The hurinerr department rtaff are Mir: Dorothy Pohrajac, typing and ihort- hand,' Mrr. Charlene Enftrorn, typing and Jhorthandg Min Helen Grant, rler- iral practice, typing and Jhorthandg Mr. Stere Morgan, retailing and dirtributive ednrationy Mr, Rohert Fairrnan, hook- heeping, typing and ronumzer prohlemfg and Mr, Keit Bare, commercial geog- raphy and hoohheeping. Mrf. Enitrom ,rponforr the Y-Teeny, Mr. Morgan if Jponror of the Fixture Diftrihntorf of Anzeriran and eoarhef tennir, and Mr. Bare if ro honzore hafkelhall eoarh and t1J'J'l.flf171l oothall roach. Min Pohrajar if Burinefr Cluh iponror and Mir! Grant adrifer the rheerleaderr. BLJEIN l1!:i!:i Dbl-'ARTM ENT Business courses are offered in two areas, secretarial and clerical. Retailing and bookkeeping are also of- fered. Students who are not majoring in business may take a course in personal typing if they wish. ln Dis- tributive Education and Secretarial Practice students spend part of their time in actual on-the-job practice. Carriage trouble had Pat Clauw puzzled, hut Min Allen feernx to under- Jt tml how to fx it. '11 'lr ig Looking over rome of the htzfinerr of the rornnzerrial department if Min Eleanor Allen, department head. Min Allen teacher adzfanred stenography and Jerretarial prartire. Books, books everywhere . . . this is what a student dis- covers as he steps through the library door. Shelves filled with comedy, drama, suspense, and information surround the attractive room. One can find an answer to almost any problem. And what would the juniors have done without those magazines to help them on their themes? The library provides the students with information for research and reading for pleasure. Final stage of tbe prorerr of adding a boob Io the library ii' performed by Mir: illrN11fl ar .fbe paver in an envelope for tbe date-due card. aw' . .. s ,f 'rf .- I Mfr. Marie Benfon, affiftant librarian, and Min Efrber Mf- Nutt, librarian, fberk lbe fbelzfef to keep bookf in order. LIBRARY DRIVILI-4 ILDLILIATIEIN The purpose of the driver's education classes is to teach the students to drive expertly, safely, and to learn to obey traffic laws. This year began a new phase of driver's education. All sophomores are required to take a one semester course on safety. Thus we hope to turn out many people who can drive intelligently and who can follow the rules of safe driving. rea fr'- .si xr" ....J"' just looking at one of tbe dri11er'J eduralion rarf are Carolyn Bogaert and Pbil Bond. u N, XX 1 .-My Amzovw Dun Comm Mr. foe Donbt and Mr. fay Merrer, driver training leafberr, rbouf a model of tbe fleer- ing mecbanimz on a car, Mr. Donbt ir Jopb- omore foolball and frerbnian baybelball coarb. Mr. Mercer if frefbman foofball and barbelball coavb. 169 ik! if ,li If ,,L1 , Q Social .rtudief teacher: are Mr. William Yemm, American hi:- tory,' Mr. A. W. Waffen, American hiJtory,' Mr. Edward Peterhoj, Jocial Jtudief, gov- ernment, ana' ,rocial prohlemtg Mr. Harvey Pierfon, govern- ment and :ocial prohlemff and Mr. Al Zimmerman, govern- ment and Jocial prohlemx. Mr. Wafxen is in charge of athletic fundf and Mr, Zimmerman if affiftant football coach. SOCIAL STUDIES N? Q 55?"'l - Lb K' ev' . ,S ,f nv' eri' Mitt Dorothy Calvert, S head of the Jocial Jtudief M, ,H and hittory department, f teachey American hutory, 33 4 5 513.6-' li-A MQW' , 'N . . gg Wu M , mwah m.1,.,m' A 'M f 1 M 16-1 Money is the subject of dixcuxfion at Mr. Watfen explain: the early methods of currency to an interefted junior American hiftory clan. If ns- r 9 pr, Q 'i' J XA. .. V, X, tydvqgxl train w ogy 4 . X , Q -Q '.,., ... . , .. . i X ..k ii'- Oif with their heads. Donna Radohavich ir careful to heep her jingerr out of the way ar Larry Dohreiner iurnr the frank on the miniature guilloline in Mir: Dean'.r world hirtory vlan. World history, offered to sophomores, is a survey of the history of the peoples and nations of the world. Social studies is the history course offered to freshmen. They learn the general principles of government. A better understand- ing of the development of civilization and government is gainedthrough a study of the contributions of civilizations to the succeeding civilizations. A lecture on archaeology by a guest speaker was the highlight in world history this year. H ISTEI RY DEPARTM ENT Junior and senior courses in social studies are more specialized than the freshman and sophomore courses. Iuniors are required to take American History and the senior requirement is a one semester course in American government. A course in social problems is offered as an elective to the seniors. Dirrursing the newer! additions in world hirlory are Mr. john Wren, Mr. Glenn Chiverr, and Mir: Marion Dean. Mr. Wren tearher world hirtory and is varsily coarh in both football and wrestling, Mr. Chiuerr teacher frexhman .rorial Jtudier and world hirlory. He ix alro the from eountry and lrarh roach. Min Dean tearher world hirtory. PV! ART DEPARTMENT A chance to express oneself in modern art, designs, watercolors, paints, and just plain black and white is given a student when he decides to take art. Not only does the student get the opportunity to use all these different art variations, but he has a chance to work on scenery for the school plays and assemblies, posters advertising school dances, the carnival, and many other activities. In the spring the art classes go outside and make sketches of nature. All these things combine to make the art classes very enjoyable and interest- Mr. Robert Minor, ar! leather, dirplayf agtzinft if background of mofierpieref a modern rorzceplion of a popular hero, Zorro. Henry Range! if shown with his copy of the Mona Lisa, whieh war the eye-mlrhing porter adverliring the art fhow. ing for the students. iwvllwtffsas SCHOOL .SHOW '-'T on 70 le as fi Ml.l.':ilL2 DILI-'AHTM ENT Instrumental and vocal music are offered by the music department. In vocal music students may advance to choir and ensemble work. Instrumentalists are given individual and group lessons, and when department requirements are met they may advance as far as the varsity and concert bands. Courses in music theory and harmony are also offered. fs' 4 Yi ' N . sen T , . 'LT' 1 ' f eta -' T ! ' X 4 . . f...ifk A ft .ff.. 2 1 '11, , j V . Q 'Q T G5 ' 1 Phil Grant, Don Adamf, and Melvin W ilhimon pmrtire during an ememhle period. Mr. Thommz, head of the mufir departmenl, reemy to have Jtruc a very amusing note. Smiling from left to righ! are Mallie Wil liamx, affirlazzt hand director and director of the male fIJ07'IlJ',' Vim rent Ahrzquift, zfoml music direelorg and john Thomtm, han. direrfor, and theory and harmony irzflrizrlor. 'V' ff' in Bernire Howard beeame bead lbe marb department tbif year. in Howard tearber plane geome- y and ir rponfor of fbe Future rarberf of Amerira. .49 So Interest bolb f0mp0ll71d and Jimple ir explained by Mr. Bray to two of bi.f .rtudent.r. MATH EMATI l.I.':i DI:.l-'ARTM ENT Many courses in mathematics are offered. Freshmen may take general math or Algebra I. Sophomores take plane geometry. juniors may take Algebra III and solid geometry or trigonometry. Seniors may take Algebra IV and either solid geometry or trigonometry their second semester. Malbematicr tearberf are Robert Zimmer- man, algebra and rolid geometryf George Bray, general matbg George Braden, algebra, general matb, and trigonometryf Robert Lewis, algebra and trigonomelryg and Leon- ard Engnell, general matb and algebra. Mr. Lewir ir in :barge of intramuralr, Mr. Braden and Mr. Zimmerman are frerbman foolball roacbef and Mr. Zimmerman if alro asrirtant wreftlin g coacb. 173 JANITORIAL STAFF Care for the school if the refponfihility of the cuftodianf pictured here from front to hack, Andrew Saey, Peter Ver- muelen, Rex Martin, Melvin Hummel, Loren Borum, and Frank Machu. ss x V ' .' vi -K M Q1 K 5, l . wiisi' es, ' W A 1 N gt su. i, A ,' , i ,M M a " ' if BUS DRIVERS Fair weather or not the but driverf get ur to and from :chool every day, Firxt row: Garret Skilef, Collinf Wray, Dewey Oltman, Arthur Miholojonlon. Second row: Rex Martin, Melvin Hum- mel, Serphain Verfypt. Ahfent when the picture wax taken wax Neal McNeal. M t CAFETERIA STAFF Food, food and more food! Thefe are the women who ably prepare the meal: eaten in the cafeteria. Firft row.' Bertha Pancrazio, Mahle Ziegler, Alice Gallenx, Anne Wadfager, Evelyn Little. Second row.' Cleo Kruger, Myrtif Gallaugher, Ann Weinzer, and Linda Hickf, cafete- ria head. Third row.' Georgina William: Ramilla Belowfhi, Margaret Montrey Irma Dierehf, and Nadine Ofhourne. I I T 'FN BXXXXNX 'CMB S409 . ' A ' .- 10 .2 w Y '23 3. wg. 3' 1 '77 si 3? "'N-+-umm. These girls were a great help to the advisors by working in the office during their free periods. Rau' 1: Theresa Cuvele, Merry Frasier, Linda Romero, Vicki Taylor, Linda Livesay. Rau' 2: Marie Mitton, Gwen Lee, Sandi Hegwood, Judy Hoover, Marty Versluis. Rau' 3: Aurelia Shannon, Shirley Hammerlinck, Sally Bost, Louise McCreaiy, Pat Molnar. Ruiz' Jr Janice XX'itherspoon, janet Kipp, Sandy Radford. Row 5: Carol Wilsmvn, Margaret Freebern, joyce Laljeere, Sharron True, Paula Koehler. Missing from the picture are Fran Jacques and Kathy Timinerman. STUDENT IIIFFICE GIRLS Many routine office duties are performed by the keep a record of those pupils who are tardy. Other above group. Girls working in the general office secretarial work is also done for the advisors. answer the phone and take messages. The girls who Office girls each work one period a day during work for the advisors collect attendance slips and a free period. 5 EN I Cl R ACTIVITIES ADAMS, DON: Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Bible Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Skyline Stall' 4, Picture Editor. ADAMS, MARY ALYCE: Camera Club 4, Choir 4, Freshman Chorus 1, Future Nurses 4, Glee Club 2, 3, Vice President 3, Pep Club 1, 2, Skyline Staff 2, 3, 4, Faculty Editor 3, Senior Class Editor 4, Honor Society 4, Quill Br Scroll 3, 4. ALLEN, TERRY: Key Staff 3, 4, Manager of Advertising, Tri- Mic 4. ALLISON, LORRAINE: Business Club 3, Future Nurses 4. ALLISON, LUCILLE: Business Club 2, Camera Club 1, Fresh- men Chorus 1, Future Distributors 4, Future Nurses 3. AMMERMAN, JUDITH ANN: Choir 4, Future Distributors 4, Future Homemakers 1, 2, Girls Athletic Assoc. 1, 2, Glee Club 2, 3. ANDERSON FERREL: Choir 2, 4, Rifle Club 3, 4, Treasurer 4, Tri-Mic 3, Intramural 4. ANDERSON, JERREL: Choir 4, Rifle Club 3, Tri-Mic 3, Intra- mural Basketball 4. ANDERSON, GARY: Lettermen's Club 4. ANDERSON, SANDRA ARBOGAST, ROBERT: Lettermen's Club 4, Tri-Mic 3, 4, Foot- ball 1, 2, 3, 4. ARMSTRONG, JUDY: Choir 4, Freshmen Chorus 1, Future Homemakers 2, Glee Club 2, 3, Key Stall 1. AU KEE, REUBEN: Advisory Board 2, 3, Lettermen's Club 3, 4, Tri-Mic 3, 4, Treasurer 3, Football 3, 4, Honor Society 4. AUSTIN, LEVY: Choir 2, 3, 4, Freshmen Chorus 1, Lettermen's Club 3, 4. BLUNKE, CAROLE: Future Homemakers 1, 2, 3, Treasurer 3, Future Teachers 3, 4, Librarian 3, Vice President 4, Girls Ath- letic Assoc. 1, 2, 3, 4, Camp Representative 3, Key Staff 4, Panther Parade 3, 4, Circulation Manager 3, 4, Thespians 3, 4, Scribe 4, Cheerleader 1, 2, 3, 4, Theatre 3, 4, Radio Speaking 4, Representative 4, Art Club 4, Vice President 4, Homecoming Queen 4, Honor Society 4. BEVERLIN, KEN: Lettermen's Club 3, 4, Secretary 4, Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Basketball 2, Wrestling 3, 4, Track 1, 2, 3, 4, Intra- murals 1, 2, 3, 4, Honor Society 4, Vice President. BANEY, RON: Trl-Mic 5, 4. BANFIELD, FRED: Choir 3, 4, Rifle Club 1, Thespians 4, Intra- murals Basketball 1, 3. BARBOUTIS, NICK BARNETF, MARILYN: Business Club 4. BASSETT, JOE BEAUDOIN, LOIS: Band I, 2, 33 Camera Club 1, Choir 4, Com- munications 3, 4, Representative 4, Future Teachers 2, 3, 4, Secretary 3, Girls Athletic Assoc. 1, 2, 3, 4, Panther Parade 4, Co-editor 4, Pep Club 1, 2, Thespians 4, Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, Plays 4, Honor Society 4, Historian. BEDEIAN, ROWENA: Business Club 3, 4, Choir 4, Freshmen Chorus 1, Girls Athletic Assoc. 1, 2, 3, 4, Glee Club 3, Key Stall 3, 4, Assistant Feature Editor 4, Panther Parade 3, 4, Ex- change Editor 4, Pep Club 1, 2, Y-Teens 1, 2, 2, 4, Secretary 3, 4, Cheerleader 2, Homecoming Royalty 4. BERTHOUD, MICHAEL: Choir 2, 3, 4, Freshmen Chorus 1, Future Homemakers 4, Tri-Mic 3, Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4. BERTHOUD, RAY: Choir 1, 2, Tri-Mic 3. BOGGS, JIM: Future Distributors 3, 4. BOHNERT, SANDRA: Future Homemakers 2. BOKROS, TOM: Tri-Mic 3, 4, Secretary 4. BOWMAN, TOM: Band 1, Future Distributors 4. BRISSMAN, JANET: Band l, 2, 3, Future Homemakers 1, Girls Athletic Assoc. 1, 2, 3, 4, Vice President 2, 3, Panther Parade 4, Typist, Pep Club 1, 2, Tennis Team 2, 3, 4, Class Oflicer 4, Treasurer, Majorette 3, Honor Society 4. BROWN, DAUREL: Camera Club 1, Choir 3, 4, Secretary-Treas- urer 4, Freshmen Chorus 1, Girls Athletic Assoc. 1, 2, 3, 4, Glee Club 2, Key Staff 3, 4, Pep Club 1, 2, Y-Teens 1, 2, 3. BROWN, VIRBLE: Camera Club 1, 2. BUYCK, CHARLES: Tri-Mic 2, 5, 4, Football 2. CABOR, FRED M.: Pep Club 1, Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4, Wrestling 3. CALDWELL, CHARLES: Lettermen's Club 3, 4, Rifle Club 1,.2, 3, 4, Wrestling 3, 4, Football 3, 4. CANATSEY, JO ANN: Band 1, 2, Camera Club 1, 2, 4, Girls Athletic Assoc. 1, Pep Club 1, 2, Skyline Staff 3, 4, Assistant Senior Class Editor 4. CARRUTHERS, TERRY B.. Tri-Mic 3, 4, Intramurals 1, 2, 5, 4. CARTER, JAMES: Bible Club 1, Future Distributors 1. CASE, ROBERT: Advisory Board 3, Choir 1, 2. 53 Communica- tions 3, 4, Theatre Representative 3, 4, Lettermen's Club 2 3, 4, Panther Parade 4, Thespians 4, Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Basket- ball 1, 2, Track 1, 2, 3, 4. CATTOIR, ROBERT: Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Captain 4, Bio-Chemics 2, 3, 4, Secretary 4, Camera Club 1, 2, Rifle Club 1, 2, 3, 4, De- bate 2, 33 Declamation 2, Honor Society 4. CHAVEZ, VIRGINIA: Camera Club 2, Spanish Club 4, Art Club 2. CLARK, MIKE: Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Intramural Bowling 4. CLAUW, PAT: Advisory Board 4, Future Homemakers 2, 3, 4, President 4, Girls Athletic Assoc. 1, 2, 3, 4. CLEVENGER, RONALD: Bible Club 2, 3, Vice President 3, Future Distributors 1, Pep Club 2, 3. COLLINS, JOYCE: Band 2, 3, 4, Bible Club 3, 4, Secretary 4, Future Homemakers 1, 2, Glee Club 4. COLUMBIA, TONY: Key Staff, 3, 4, Intramural Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Soft Ball 1, 2, Football Team 1, 2. COMBES, LEO: Advisory Board 1, 2, Band 2, 3, 4, Band Olicer 4, Bible Club 4, Bio-Chemics 2, Olmera Club 1, 2, 3, Vice President 2, Freshmen Chorus 1, Key Stafl 2, Pep Club 1, Sky- line Staff 2, Football 1, Track 3, Intramurals 1. CORONELL, BONNIE: Freshmen Chorus 1. COWSER, SHARON: Business Club 3, 4, Vice President 3, Fresh. men Chorus 1, Girls Athletic Assoc. 1, Glee Club 3, Pep Club 2, Y-Teens 1. COX, MARY CREMEENS, JANICE: Bible Club 2, Future Homemakers 1, 2. CIEOECH, MYRTLE: Choir 4, Girls Athletic Assoc. 1, Glee Club CULP, RONALD L: Advisory Board 1, 2, 3, Choir 3, Skyline Staff 2, Patron Manager, Intramural Bowling 2, 3, 4, Captain 3. CUNNINGHAM, BOB: Band 2, 3, 4, Choir 3, 4, Freshmen Chorus 1, Twirler 2, 3, 4, Drum Major 2, 3, 4, Intramurals ennis 1. CUSHMAN, MARILYN: Choir 3, 4, Freshmen Chorus 1, Glee Club 2, Treble Tones 2, 3, 4, Egyptian Music Camp. CUVELE, THERESA: Business Club 4, Future Homemakers 2, 3, 4, Girls Athletic Assoc. 1, 2, Pep Club 2. DE BO, GEORGE F.: Advisory Board 2, 3, 4, Rifle Club 1, Golf Varsity 1, 2, 3, 4, Intramurals: Bowling 3, 4, Champion 3, Basketball 1, 3, 4, Secretary-Treasurer 3. DE COOK, JOE: Football 1, Intramurals: Basketball 2, 3, Base- ball 2, 3, Volleyball 2, 3, Auto Shop Club 3, 4, Vice President, Secretary. DE KEYREL, MAURICE: Band 1, 2, Intramurals: Basketball 2, 3, Baseball 2, 3, Volleyball 3. DENNIS, CHRIS: Future Teachers 4, Lettermen's Club 2, 3, 4, Rifle Club 4, Thespians 3. DE PORTER, JERRY: Lettermen's Club 4, Rifle Club 1, Tri-Mic 4, Varsity Tennis 1, 2, 3, 4, Intramurals: Tennis 1, 2, Basket- ball 1, 2, 3, 4, Ping Pong 2, 3. DINNEWETH, BOB: Tri-Mic 3, Golf 1, 2. DOXSEE, BOB: Tri-Mic 4. DRUMM, HARRY: Future Distributors 4, Reporter Br Historian 4, Key Staff 2, 3, Assistant Sports Editor 3, Pep Club 1, Skyline Staff 2, 3, Assistant Sports Editor 3, Baseball 1, 2, Football 1, Intramurals: Softball 3, 4, Basketball 1, 2, 3, Volleyball 1, 2, 3, 4, Bowling 2, 3, 4, Secretary 3, 4. DUNBAR, FRANK C.: Choir 2, 3, Future Teachers 4, Lettermen's Club 2, 3, 4, Rifle Club 1, Football 2, 3, 4, Wrestling 1, 2, Intraimural Volleyball 2, Assistant Physical Education Instruc- tor . DUNCAN, PAUL: Bible Club 1, 2. ENGHOLM, MIKE: Future Distributors 4. ENGLAND, JOSEPH W. fJoeJ: Lettermen's Club 3, 4: Class Officer 1, 2, Secretary 1, 2: Basketball 1, 2, 31, 4: Baseball 1: Golf 1, 2, 3, 4: Original Oration 4. Honor Society 4, President. FANTER, ROBERTA FAWKS, DAVE: Future Distributors 4. FISHER, DON: Advisory Board 1, 2, 3, 4: Lettermen's Club 2, 3, 4: Intramural 4: Football 1, 2, 3, 4: Basketball 1, 2, 3: Base- ball 1, 2, 3, 4: Class Officer 2, Vice President. FLINN, DORIS: Freshmen Chorus 1. FOILES, JIMMY: Choir 2, 3, 4: Freshmen Chorus 1: Future Dis- tributors 4: Rifle Club 1: Intramural 1, 2, 3: Basketball 3: Base- ball 3. FORD, NAOMI: Choir 4: Freshmen Chorus 1: Girls Athletic Assoc. 1: Glee Club 2, 3: Pep Club 1. FOX, ETTA MARIE: Choir 4: Freshmen Chorus 1: Future Dis- tributors 4: Glee Club 3. FRASIER, MERRY: Choir 4, Vice President 4: Freshmen Chorus 1: Girls Athletic Assoc. 1, 2, 3, 4: Glee Club 3, Secretary 35 Key Staff 3, 4: Pep Club 1: Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 4: Honor Society 4. FREEBERN, MARGARET: Advisory Board 1: Girls Athletic As- soc. 1, 2, 3, 4: Panther Parade 4, Business Manager 4: Thespians 3, 4, President 4: Varsity Declamation 3, 4, Represented Comedy Reading 4: Contest Play 3, 4: Honor Society 4. FRENCH, CHEROKEE: Lettermen's Club 3, 4: Art Club 1: Foot- ball 1, 2, 3, 4: Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4: Homecoming Royalty 4: Sports Royalty 4. FULSCHER, THOMAS GAGER, JIM: Bio-Chemics 3, 4, Vice President 4: Lettermen's Club 4: Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4: Football 1, 2, 3, 4: Track 1, 2, 3, 4- GAUKER, PATRICIA: Future Homemakers 1: Pep Club 1, 2. GERLOCK, LYLE O.: Business Club 4: Choir 3, 4: Freshmen Chorus 1: Tri-Mic 3. GLANZ, HARLAN: Tri-Mic 4. GOAR, RALPH H.: Bio-Chemics 3: Camera Club 1: Lettermen's Club 4: Physical Education Teacher 3, 4: Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4: Tennis 1, 2, 3, 4: Basketball Mgr. 1, 2: Football Mgr. 1: Honor Society 4. GOBEN, PERRY F.: Advisory Board 1, alternate 1. GOETHALS, EDMOUN: Rifle Club 1: Art Club 2. GOMEZ, JO ANN: Pep Club 1, 2: Skyline Staff 3, 4, Club Editor 3, Co-Editor 4. GOOCH, PEGGY: Future Homemakers 1: Girls Athletic Assoc. 1, 2, 3, 4. GREB, BARBARA: Future Homemakers 1: Future Teachers 2, 3, 4, Parlimentarian 3: Girls Athletic Assoc. 1: Kc-Z Staff 2, 3: Panther Parade 3, Exchange Editor 3: Skyline Sta 3, 4, Index 4: Thespians 3, 4: Debate 1, 2: Extempore Speaking 1: Ora- torical Declamation 3, 4: Play Stafl' 1, 2, 3, 4. GULDENPFENNIG, DON: Lettermen's Club 2, 3, 4: Physical Education Teacher 3, 4: Wrestling 2, 3, 4: Football 2, 3, 4: Honor Society 4. HAILEY, ROSS: Key Staff 3, 4: Panther Parade 4: Rifle Club 3: Skyline Staff 3: Thespians 4: Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4: Basketball 1: Football 1. HARGRAVE, BOB HARMON, DOROTHY: Band 1, 2: Bible Club 2, 3, 4, President 3: Future Homemakers 2, 3, 4, Projects and Degree Chairman 4: Pep Club 2: Y-Teens 4: Oratory 4: Poetry 4: Declamation 3, 4- HARTWELL, JACK: Lettermen's Club 4: Rifle Club 1: Tri-Mic 4: Intramurals 3, 4: Basketball 2: Football Mgr. 4. HAUMAN, LINDA: Freshmen Chorus 1: Pep Club 1. HEGWOOD, SANDRA: Future Homemakers 1: Girls Athletic Assoc. 1, 2, 3, 4, President 4: Library Club 2, 3, 4: Physical Education Teacher 3. HERSTEDT, LINNEA: Girls Athletic Assoc. 1, 2, 3, 4: Tennis 1, 2, 3, 4: Art Club 2. HESSELL, JOYCE: Bio-Chemics 2: Camera Club 2: Future Dis- tributors 4, Secretary 4. HESSER, SANDY: Choir 4: Future Homemakers 1, 2, 3: Glee Club 3, 4. HIGNIGHT, MELVIN: Football 3. HOCKER, BILL: Advisory Board 3, 4: Future Distributors 4, President 4: Key Staff 4: Pep Club 4: Football 1: Rotary 4: President of Class 4. HOEHN, JUDI: Girls Athletic Assoc. 1, 2, 3: Key Staff 3, 4, Co-Editor-in-Chief 4: Library Club 2, 3, 4: Dance Band of UTHS 1: National Quill 8: Scroll for High School Journalists 4: Honor Society 4. HOFSTETTER, KEN: Bio-Chemics 3, 4, Treasurer 4: Lettermen's Club 3, 4: Tri-Mic 4: Football 1, 2, 3, 4: Basketball 2: Intra- murals 1, 2, 3, 4: Honor Society 4. HOOGERWERF, TERRY: Track 1, 3. HOWELL, DAVID R.: Library Club 2, 3, 4, President 4: Rifle Club 2: Intramurals 1, 2, 3. HULL, HARRIET: Choir 4: Freshmen Chorus 1: Glee Club 2, 3: Spanish Club 2. IRWIN, JAMES: Choir 2, 3, 4: Freshmen Chorus 1. JACOBS, PAT JACOBS, WILLIAM JAECQUES, FRAN: Bio-Chemics 1, 2, 3, 4: Camera Club 4, Vice President 4: Choir 4: Girls Athletic Assoc. 1: Glee Club 3: Rifle Club 4: Skyline Staff 2. JAMISON, LINDA: Camera Club 2: Freshmen Chorus 1: Span- ish Club 2, 3. JANOWSKI, DONALD: Band 2, 3, 4: Freshmen Chorus 1: Let- termen's Club 4: Football 2, 3, 4: Intramurals 2, 3. JOHNSON, JAMES Uimjz Lettermen's Club 2, 3, 4: Football 1, 2, 3, 4: Wrestling 1, 2, 3, 4. JONES, KAY: Girls Athletic Assoc. 2, 3: Pep Club 1. JONES, LENOLEE: Future Nurses 1. JONES, RONALD QRonJ V KALLMAN, SANDRA: Bible Club 1, 4: Business Club 2, 3: Choir 3, 4: Freshmen Chorus 1: Future Homemakers 1, 2, 3, 4, Assistant Historian 2, Reporter 3, Secretary 4: Girls Athletic Assoc. 1: Glee Club 2: Pep Club 1, 2: Treble Tones 2, 3, 4. KAY, WAYNE: Tri-Mic 3, 4: Cross-Country 3. KELLEY, KAREN: Choir 3, 4: Freshmen Chorus 1: Girls Ath- letic Assoc. 1: Glee Club 2: Pep Club 1: Art Club 2, 4. KELLEY, SUSAN: Bible Club 1, 4: Business Club 2, 3, 4: Camera Club 4, Treasurer: Choir 3, 4: Freshmen Chorus 1: Future Homemakers 1, 2, 3, 4, Historian 2, Secretary 3: Girls Athletic Assoc. 1: Glee Club 2: Pep Club 1, 2: Rifle Club 4: Skyline Staff 2, 3: Thespians 3, 4, Treasurer: Treble Tones 2, 3, 4: Declamation 4: Honor Society 4. KENNEDY, ROBERT E. fBobJ: Lettermen's Club 3, 4, Treasurer 4: Football 1, 2, 3, 4: Basketball 1, 2: Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4: Wrestling 3: Junior Rotarian 4: Class Officer 2, 4: Homecoming King 4: Gym Instructor 3, 4: Honor Society, Treasurer 4. KERR, DUARD: Future Distributors 4, President 4. KICKSEY, JOY: Bio-Chemics 2: Business Club 4: Choir 4: Fresh- men Chorus 1: Glee Club 2, 3: Panther Parade 3, Editor 3: Pep Club 1, 2. KIHLER CULLEN, LYNNA: Advisory Board 1, 2: Band 1, 2: Future Homemakers 1, 2: Girls Athletic Assoc. 1, 2: Pep Club 1, 2. KINCAID, FERN: Future Distributors 4, Vice President: Future Homemakers 1: Skyline Staff 2, 3, 4, Club Editor 4. KING, MARTHA fMartyJ: Business Club 3: Freshmen Chorus 1: Girls Athletic Assoc. 1, 2, 33 Key Staff 3, 4: Pep Club 1, 2: Y-Teens 1, 2, 3. KRANTZ, GARY: Rifle Club 1: Tri-Mic 3. LAFOUNTAIN, KAREN: Choir 4: Communications 3, 4: Fresh- men Chorus 1: Girls Athletic Assoc. 1, 2, 33 Glee Club 2, 3: Pep Club 2: Art Club 2, 4, Vice President 4. LAIRD, LINDA: Advisory Board 1, 2: Bible Club 2, 3, 4, Quiz Team 3, 4, President 4: Business Club 2: Camera Club 1, 2: Choir 3, 4, Accompianist 3, 4, President 4: Freshmen Chorus 1, Accompianist: Future Homemakers 2, 3: Future Nurses 2, 3: Glee Club 2, Accompianist: Key Staff 2, 3: Pep Club 1: Treble Tones 2, 3, 4, Accompianist: Organist 1, 2, 3, 4: Choralettes 3, Accompianist: Honor Society 4. LALEMAN, MARIE: Choir 4: Future Homemakers 2, 3, 4: Girls Athletic Assoc. 1, 2: Glee Club 3. LANCASTER, JERRY: Advisory Board 2, 33 Choir 2, 33 Com- munications 3, 43 Freshmen Chorus 13 Lettermen's Club 3, 43 Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4. LASEK, BARBARA: Choir 43 Freshmen Chorus 13 Girls Athletic Assoc. 1, 2, 3, 43 Glee Club 2, 3, Librarian 23 Pep Club 23 Y-Teens 2, 3. LAWRENCE, WARREN fBunnyJ: Band 4, COIPOIHIQ Camera Club 1, 4g Intramurals 2, 3, 43 Hill-Rockers 3, 4. LEASENBY, CORALIE: Choir 43 Girls Athletic Assoc. 33 Glee Club 2, 33 Declamation 4. LEE, GWEN: Future Teachers 2 3, Treasurer 33 Girls Athletic Assoc. 1, 2, 3, 43 Panther Parade 3, 43 Tennis Team 1, 2, 3, 4g Honor Society 4. LEE, LOUVENIA: Glee Club 2. LITTLE, BILL fSnookieJ: Future Distributors 3, 4, Sergeant at Arms3 Pep Club 23 Skyline Staff 2, Assistant Sports Editor3 Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 43 Basketball3 Softball3 Bowling3 Ping-Pong. LITTLE, BONNIE: Band 1, 23 Future Distributors 4, Treasurer 43 Pep Club 1. LODING, JANET: Advisory Board 2, 3, 4, Quint-City 3, Secretary 43 Freshmen Chorus 11 Future Homemakers 11 Girls Athletic Assoc. 1, 2, 3, 4, Secretary 3, Executive Board 43 Library Club 2, 3, 4, State Recording Secretary 4, Treasurer 4g Pep Club 1, 23 Cheerleader 1, 2, 3, 43 Tennis Team 2, 3, 43 Homecoming Princess 43 Honor Society 4, Secretary. LORIMER, DAVID B.: Thespians 43 Tri-Mic 3, 4. LUEDERS, BARBARA: Business Club 1, 2, 3, 43 Freshmen Chorus 13 Girls Athletic Assoc. 1, 2, 3, 43 Key Staff 3, 4, Reporter 3, Sports Editor 43 Pep Club 1, 23 Quill and Scroll National Journ- alism Society 3, 43 Homecoming Royalty 4. LYDON, PAT: Choir 43 Future Homemakers 2, 3, 43 Girls Ath- letic Assoc. 1, 23 Glee Club 2, 3. MALMSTROM, MERRY MATTAN, ROBERT E.: Rifle Club 2. MCCREIGHT, LOIS: Advisory Board 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 43 Band 1, 2, 33 Choir 4g Future Homemakers 13 Future Teachers 2, 3, 4, Vice President 3, President 43 Girls Athletic Assoc. 1, 2, 3, 43 Panther Parade 4, Editor 43 Pep Club 2, 33 Skyline Staff 23 Thespians 43 Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, Secretary 23 Trebletones 2, 3, 43 Declamation 2, 3, 43 Oratory 3, 43 Homecoming Royalty 43 Tennis Team 1, 2, 33 Honor Society 4. MCKEE, LINDA: Band 13 Girls Athletic Assoc. 1, 33 Future Distributors 4. MCLEAN, PAULA: Freshmen Chorus 13 Future Distributors 1, Reporter, Secretary 43 Glee Club 3. MCMILLIN, SHARON: Business Club 3, 4, President 43 Future Homemakers 1, 2, 3, 4g Girls Athletic Assoc. 1, 2, 3, 43 Key Staff 3 4, Reporter 3, Assistant Sports Editor 43 Pep Club 1, 23 Homecoming Royalty 43 Honor Society 4. MCMULLIN, VIVIAN: Business Club 2, 3, Secretary 33 Fresh- men Chorus 13 Girls Athletic Assoc. 1, 2, 3, 43 Key Staff 3, 4, Assistant Feature Editor 3, Editor-in-chief 43 Pep Club 23 Y- Teens 3, 43 Tennis 1, 2, 33 Play Staff 43 Quill and Scroll 3, 43 Honor Society 4. MELLINGER, GARY: Lettermen's Club 2, 3, 4. MEYERS, JOHN: Choir 33 Freshmen Chorus 13 Pep Club 1. MEYER, LARRY3 Lettermen's Club 43 Tri-Mic 4, Vocational Ma- chine Shop Representative 43 Football 43 Baseball 3, 43 Wrestl- ing 43 Honor Society 4. MILLER GARY: Choir 2, 3, 43 Freshmen Chorus 13 Ride Club 2, 43 Spanish Club 43 Wrestling 2. MILLER, JOHN R.: Bible Club 43 Choir 3, 43 Freshmen Chorus 1. MILLER, JUDITH: Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Corporal 43 Choir 43 Girls Athletic Assoc. 1, 2, 3, 43 Key Staff 4, Circulation Exchange Manager 43 Y-Teens 2, 3. ' MITTON, MARIE: Camera Club 43 Future Teachers 3, 4, Histor- ian 43 Girls Athletic Assoc. 13 Panther Parade 33 Honor Society 4. MOELLER, SANDRA: Bible Club 2, Secretary 3: Future Distrib- utors 4. MORRILL, HUGH: Band 1, 2, 33 Thespians 3. MORRISON, ROSEMARY 1RosieJ: Future Homemakers 13 Fu- ture Teachers 43 Girls Athletic Assoc. 1, 2, 3, 43 Pep Club 23 Tennis Team 1, 2, 3, 43 Cheerleader 1, 2, 3, 43 Homecoming Royalty 43 G.A.A. Royalty 43 National Honor Society 4. MORTHLAND, DALE: Choir 3, 43 Freshmen Chorus 1. MUELLER, GAROLD E.: Advisory Board 13 Choir 3, 43 Fresh- men Chorus 13 Lettermen's Club 3, 43 Library Club 33 Football 1, 2, 3, 43 Basketball 23 Baseball 1, 2, 3, 43 Wrestling 3, 4. MURRAY, JIM: Tri-Mic 3, 4, Treasurer 4. NACHE, MANUELA: Band 1, 2g Future Homemakers 13 Girls Athletic Assoc. 1, 23 Spanish Club 1, 2, 3, 4. NELSEN, BARBARA JEAN: Choir 43 Freshmen Chorus 13 Fu- ture Distributors 43 Future Nurses 2, 33 Glee Club 2, 33 Rifle Club 33 Y-Teens 1. OLTMAN, JIM: Lettermen's Club 2, 3, 4, Vice President 43 Football 1, 2, 3, 43 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 43 Baseball 23 Home- coming Prince 4. ORTIZ, ERNESTINE: Freshmen Chorus 13 Girls Athletic Assoc. 1, 2, 33 Spanish Club 1, 2, 3, 4. PADGET, DENNIS PARK, CAROLYN: Choir 43 Freshmen Chorus 13 Girls Athletic Assoc. 1, 2, 33 Glee Club 2, 33 Pep Club 2. PARKER, RON: Intramurals 1, 3, 4. PAULSEN, HAROLD S.: Lettermen's Club 3, 4g Football 2, 5, 43 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 43 Track 1, 2, 3, 4. PEACOCK, RONNIE: Lettermen's Club 3, 43 Tri-Mic 3, 4. PENCA, EDRISE LYNN: Girls Athletic Assoc. 1, 23 Declamation 23 Junior Achievement 3, 4. PENDERSON, CAROL: Advisory Board 13 Bible Club 1, 23 Choir 3, 43 Freshmen Chorus 13 Future Homemakers 1, 23 Glee Club I, 2. PETTYJOHN, BILL: Freshmen Chorus 1. PHELPS, GARY: Bible Club lg Camera Club 13 Pep Club 13 Tri- Mic 3, 4. PHILLIPS, BETTY: Freshmen Chorus 13 Y-Teens 1. PICON, FELIX: Lettermen's Club 3, 4. PILCHER, BERNARD: Choir 2, 3, 43 Freshmen Chorus 1. POELVOORDE, JOYCE: Future Homemakers 1, 2, 33 Girls Ath- letic Assoc. 1. POELVOORDE, NORENE: Business Club 3, 43 Future Home- makers 1, 2, 33 Girls Athletic Assoc. 2, 3, 43 Key Staff 4g Pep Club 1, 2, Art Club 4. PONCE, BETTY: Band 1, 23 Future Distributors 4, Treasurer3 Future Homemakers 1, 23 Girls Athletic Assoc. 1, 2, 33 Pep Club 1, 2. PORTER, WILLIAM: Lettermen's Club PRINCELL, JOHN: Tri-Mic 3, 4. RAGAN, LINDA: Future Homemakers Recreation 43 Girls Athletic Assoc. 1, 3, 4, Secretary 43 Pep Club 2. RAMEY, LOIS: Future Distributors 4, Assoc. 13 Pep Club 1, 2. RAMIREZ, FELIX: Spanish Club 2, 3, 4, RAMSEY, J. D. RANGEL, HENRY: Key Staff 2, 3, 4, men's Club 3, 43 Panther Parade 3, 4, 3, 43 Tri-Mic 4. 1, 2, 3, 4, Historian 3, 2, 3, 43 Library Club 2, Reporter3 Girls Athletic Secretary 4g Tri-Mic 3, 4. Key Kartoonist3 Letter- Illustrator, Cover Artist. RANGEL, JOE: Spanish Club 2, 3, 4, Vice President 3, President 43 Tri-Mic 39 Art Club 4. RANGEL, JOE M.: Spanish Club 4g Art Club 2, 4, Treasurer 4. RASKE, THOMAS A. RAYMOND, RON REYES, ELENOR: Choir 3, 43 Girls Athletic Assoc. 33 Glee Club 23 Spanish Club 2, 3. RIPKA, LARRY F.: Tri-Mic 3, 4, President 4. RIVERS, HELENE. Advisory Board 1, 2, Pekin District Repre- sentative3 Bible Club 13 Business Club 43 Camera Club 43 Choir 3, 4, Secretary 33 Freshmen Chorus 13 Future Homemakers 1, 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 2, Vice President 33 Girls Athletic Assoc. 1, 4g Glee Club 1, 2, Secretary 23 Pep Club 1, 23 Rifle Club 43 Sky- line Staff 2, 3, 4, Activities Editor 3, 4g Thespians 43 Treble- tones 2, 3, 4. ROBINSON, BEVERLY ROBINSON, KEITH: Advisory Board 2, 3, 4, Vice President 43 Choir 23 Freshmen Chorus 13 Lettermen's Club 43 Tennis Team 1, 2, 3, 43 Gym Instructor 4. ROBINSON, JIM: Tri-Mic 3, 4, Reporter 3, 4. ROBINSON, TOM: Tri-Mic 3, 4. ROBINSON, VERNON: Choir 43 Plays 3. ROBYT, TOM: Choir 2, 3, 43 Freshmen Chorus 13 Rifle Club 3, 43 Choralettes 33 Honor Society 4. ROGERS, ED: Future Distributors 4. ROSE, JUDITH ANN: Girls Athletic Assoc. 13 Panther Parade 33 Thespians 43 Declamation 2, 3, 43 Secretary of Senior Class 4, Honor Society 4. ROSENBERGER, NANCY: Business Club 3, 4, Secretary 43 Choir 43 Freshmen Chorus 13 Girls Athletic Assoc. 1, 2, 3, 43 Glee Club 2, 33 Pep Club 1, 2. ROSS, JACKIE: Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Sergeant 43 Bio-Chemics 2, 3, 4, Secretary 3, President 43 Camera Club 3, 4, President 43 Declamation 1, 23 Future Nurses 2, 33 Girls Athletic Assoc. 23 Key Staff 2, 33 Skyline Staff 2, 3, 43 Bohemian Band 2, 43 Pep Band 1, 23 Debate 2, 43 Band Contest 3, 43 Honor Society 4. ROSSI, LEONA: Girls Athletic Assoc. 13 Skyline Staff 2, 3, 4, Co-Editor 43 Quill 8: Scroll 3, 43 Honor Society 4. ROSSON, SHARON: Business Club 2, 33 Girls Athletic Assoc. 1, 2, 3, 43 Pep Club 1 2. RULE, WALTER: Tri-Mic 3. RUSK, CHARLES ARNOLD: Future Distributors 4. RYNARD, JANICE: Band 1, 2, 33 Camera Club 43 Future Home- makers 1, 23 Future Teachers 2, 3, 4, Librarian 43 Girls Athletic Assoc. 1, 2, 33 Key Staff 33 Pep Club 1, 2, 33 Skyline Staff 23 Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4. SABLE, ADELE: Choir 43 Freshmen Chorus 13 Future Teachers 2, 33 Glee Club 2, 33 Panther Parade 4, Subscription Manager 43 Thespians 3, 4, Vice President 43 Declamation 1, 2, 3, 4, Serious Representative 43 Poetry 3, 43 Original Oration 4, 3rd. place Quint-City3 Plays 3, 43 Play Staff 33 Oration 33 Honor Society 4. SABLE, ERNA fErnieJ: Business Club 4g Camera Club 1, 2, 43 Choir 43 Freshmen Chorus 13 Future Homemakers 1, 2, 3, 43 Girls Athletic Assoc. 1, 23 Glee Club 2, 33 Pep Club 13 Skyline Staff 4, Typist. SAHR, DENNIS fDennyJ: Advisory Board 33 Lettermen's Club 2, 3, 4, President 43 Tri-Mic 3, Vice President 33 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 43 Football 1, 2, 3, 43 Tennis Team 3, 43 Homecoming Royalty 43 G.A.A. King 43 National Honor Society 4. SANDERS, DUANE: Band 1, 2, 33 Rifle Club 13 Skyline Staff 23 Intramurals 3, 43 Wrestling 23 Baseball 43 Hill-Rockers 3, 4. SANDERS, RALPH A.: Lettermen's Club 3, 4. SCHLAF, RODGER: Bio-Chemics 33 Camera Club 3. SCHLEETER, GARY: Library Club 23 Rifle Club 1, 2, 3. SCOTT, JOANNE: Advisory Board 13 Choir 4, Robe Chairman3 Freshmen Chorus 13 Future Nurses 2, 3, 4, Secretary-Treasurer 33 Girls Athletic Assoc. 1, 3, 43 Glee Club 2, 33 Panther Parade 43 Skyline Staff 2, 3, Soph. Editor 33 Declamation 13 Honor Society 4. SEARS, PETE: Tri-Mic 3, 4. SHANNON, AURELIA: Girls Athletic Assoc. 33 Pep Club 2. SHEA, MICHAEL C.: Advisory Board 43 Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Lieut. 43 Bio-Chemics 33 Pep Club 23 Rifle Club 13 Pep Band 2, 3, 43 Dance Band 43 Honor Society 43 Hill-Rockers 3, 4. SMITH, SANDRA: Bible Club 33 Business Club 33 Future Nurses 3, 4- SNYDER, NADINE SUE: Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Corporal 43 Choir 43 Girls Athletic Assoc. 13 Pep Club 13 Dance Band 1, 3, 43 Pep Band 1, 2, 3, 4. SPANGLER, RICHARD: Play 4. SPURR, EDWIN R.: Skyline Staff 3, Photographer. STANG, JANET: Band 2, 3, 43 Choir 43 Girls Athletic Assoc. 13 Glee Club 33 Pep Club 13 Skyline Staff 3. STIENER, GARY fSnifferJ: Future Distributors 4, Vice President 43 Lcttermen's Club 2, 3, 43 Wrestling3 Golf: Homecoming Royalty 43 G.A.A. Royalty 4. STIRRATT, ROBERT: Choir 2, 33 Freshmen Chorus 13 Future Distributors 4. STOEDTER, BEVERLY: Freshmen Chorus 13 Glee Club 2, 3: Rifle Club 23 Art Club 2. STONE, CHARLES STONE, PHIL: Lettermen's Club 43 Play 43 Honor Society 4. STRIBBLING, ROBERT L.: Tri-Mic 43 Intramurals 3, 4. SUCHY, JERRY: Intramurals 1, 2. SUHR, LEONARD: Band 1, 2, 33 Future Distributors 43 Intra- murals 3, 4. SULLIVAN, BOB: Advisory Board 1, 2, 3, 4, Vice President 3, President 4: Band 1, 23 Thespians 43 Honor Society 4. SUSS, KAREN: Band 1, 2, 3: Future Homemakers 13 Future Teachers 3, 43 Girls Athletic Assoc. 1, 2, 3, 4g Pep Club 13 Y-Teens 2, 3. SUTTON, VIRGINIA: Choir 43 Freshmen Chorus 13 Future Dis- tributors 43 Glee Club 2, 3, President 3. TANK, JAMES H.: Choir 2, 3, 43 Freshmen Chorus 13 Rifle Club 1, 2, 3. TANK, JOANNE: Future Distributors 4, Reporter: Future Home- makers 1, 23 Pep Club 13 Y-Teens 1, 2. TONE, RANSOM L.: Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Officer 43 Intramurals 3. TROUT, RONALD: Band 1, 2, 3, 43 Bio-Chemics 23 Camera Club 33 Rifle Club 2. TURNER, HAZEL TWOREK, DANIEL S.: Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Band Olfrcer 43 German Band 43 Intramurals 4. TYNER, DAVID: Intramural Basketball 2, 3, 4, Captain 4g Intra. Ping Pong 2, 4, 2nd place: Intra. Softball 2. VALDES, EMMA: Girls Athletic Assoc. 1, 23 Skyline Staff 43 Spanish Club 1, 2, 3, 43 Art Club 3, 4. VALENTINE, JIM: Band 1, 2, 3, 43 Tennis 1, 2, 3, 4. VAN DE WOESTYNE, HENRY: Tri-Mic 3. VERSLUIS, JIM VICKERS, RICHARD: Bio-Chemics 43 Camera Club 43 Choir 2, 33 Freshmen Chorus 1. WAEYAERT, RONALD G.: Choir 2, 3, 43 Freshmen Chorus 13 Future Distributors 4, President 2nd semester. WATERMAN, DIANE: Business Club 33 Future Teachers 43 Girls Athletic Assoc. 1, 2, 3, 43 Key Staff 3, 4, Feature Editor 43 Panther Parade 4, Editorial Board 43 Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 43 Art Club 4, Secretary 43 Quill Br Scroll National Journalism Society 3, 43 Homecoming Royalty 43 Honor Society 4. WEST, SHELVA QTransferJ: Band 13 Future Homemakers 13 Glee Club 23 Student Council 1, 3, Secretary-Treasurer, Vice President 33 Honor Society 4. WICKERSHAM, JOHN: Pep Club 2, Rise Club 1. WILKENS, BONNIE: Camera Club 13 Choir 3, 4, Librarian 43 Freshmen Chorus 13 Girls Athletic Assoc. 1, 2, 3, 43 Glee Club 23 Key Staff 2, 3, 43 Panther Parade 43 Pep Club 1, 23 Thespians 3, 4, Secretary 43 Y-Teens 1, 2, 33 Cheerleader 13 Original Ora- tion 43 Original Monologue 43 After Dinner Speaking 43 Varsity Declamation 3, 43 Plays 3, 43 Trebletones 2, 3, 43 Homecoming Royalty 43 National Honor Society 4. WILKINSON, MELVYN: Band 1, 2, 3, 43 Bible Club 43 Choir 2, 3, 43 Dance Band 4. WILLIAMS, SHARON: Future Distributors 4. WILLIAMS, SONDRA: Choir 4, Librarian 43 Freshmen Chorus 13 Future Homemakers 13 Glee Club 2, 3, Librarian 2, 33 Pep Club 1, 2. WILLY, GLADYS: Bible Club 1, 2, 3, 43 Glee Club 2, 5. WILSON, SHARON: Choir 43 Comn1unications fRadi0J 32 Fresh- men Chorus 13 Girls Athletic Assoc. 13 Glee Club 2, 3. WINTHURST, MARSHA: Bible Club 1, 23 Choir 43 Future Homemakers 1, 23 Glee Club 3. WOOLEY, SHARON: Future Nurses 23 Girls Athletic Assoc. 1, 2, 33 Skyline Staff 3, 4, Patrons 8: Business MZHSQCIQ Declama- tion 2, 33 Oratorical Declamation 4. WRIEDT, EDWARD: Tri-Mic 1, 2. YORK, ROXANNE: Advisory Board 1, 2, 43 Bible Club 43 Camera Club 1, 23 Choir 3, 4, Librarian 3, 43 Freshmen Chorus 1, Secretary 13 Future Homemakers 2, 33 Girls Athletic Assoc. 1, 2, 3, 43 Glee Club 23 Key Stall' 2, 33 Pep Club 1, 23 Thes- pians 3, 43 Y-Teens 2, 33 Trebletones 2, 3, 43 Honor Society 4. ZIMMERMAN, MARLENE: Business Club 43 Future Homemak- ers 23 Girls Athletic Assoc. 1, 2. PATREIN5 CIF THE 1958 SKYLINE We, the Skyline staff, sincerely thank all our patrons for their interest and cooperation. Deep appreciation also goes to the Len Brown Studio and to Wagners Printers for their help in producing this book. APPLIANCE STORES Wendt's Appliance and Floor Covering 609 15th Avenue, East Moline AUTOMOBILE DEALERS Warren Sales Company 734 15th Avenue, East Moline BARBERS Hunter's Barber Shop Oscar's Barber Shop 932 15th Avenue, East Moline CHIROPRACTOR Wm. J. Heald 551 15th Avenue, East Moline CLOTHING STORES Bob Cobert's Mens Wear 844 15th Avenue, East Moline L 8: L Clothing Store 936 15th Avenue, East Moline La Rue Shop 835 15th Avenue, East Moline Lee's Clothing 821 15th Avenue, East Moline Stine the Tailor 841 15th Avenue, East Moline COAL DEALERS Square Deal Coal Co. 709 15th Avenue, East Moline CONFECTIONARIES Oltman's Do-Nut and Ice Cream Shop 744 16th Avenue, East Moline DENTISTS Dr. Steele 1509V2 7th Street, East Moline FUNERAL HOMES Van Hoe Funeral Home 1500 6th Street, East Moline FURNITURE STORES McBall Furniture Store 1516 7th Street, East Moline GROCERY STORES Tri-City Packing Co. 754 15th Avenue, East Moline L INSURANCE AGENCIES Cramm Insurance 1509 7th Street, East Moline JEWELRY STORES Sable's Jewelry Store 908 15th Avenue, East Moline Vande Voorde jeweler's 1511 7th Street, East Moline LOAN COMPANIES Mercury Loan Co. 661 15th Avenue, East Moline NEWSPAPERS East Moline Herald 822 15th Avenue, East Moline PRODUCE Knoblock Poultry Market 837 15th Avenue, East Moline RECORDS Stormy's Port 655 15th Avenue, East Moline RESTAURANTS Breezy Hollow Inn 1440 18th Avenue, East Moline Chickadee Cafe 1515 7th Street, East Moline Spot Restaurant 1620 7th Street, East Moline SERVICE STATIONS Bordner Shell Service 705 16th Avenue, East Moline DePoorters Standard Service 807 15th Avenue, East Moline Gyslands Skelly Service 660 17th Avenue, East Moline Normans 66 Service 16th Avenue and 7th Street, East Moline Wilson's Friendly DX Service 655 17th Avenue, East Moline SHOE STORES Norlin's Shoe Store 830 15th Avenue, East Moline WALLPAPER STORES Sproul's Paint and Wallpaper 912 15th Avenue, East Moline 2 Zig JW WWW MW LM' fx 'CHQ QS fgifpc em L bow ME 0 is SE M4 53 UM' ? J' 0 W WMM? f WWW iw M W f Www WW 6, f YE M 27 Jm if Mp, ze WI?,WU,,,W jgvf if fc QQ? " WJWJL

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