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'HSP' 'I A my Tw ffm, 'P 1 -. 4112 gf' i 1 ,.,, , ls- 1 2' www - A wiiv. ' ah , yi' . in ' uni ' W5 211 , " - 1.3--' . . . V .qei15,ea' ,ae I1 ' v -:gf 29.2-71 .Q .,., 1-.N A dw. Q' A Que?-Q -X lsbmgew '-5 , ,- :X -. . 1- " A ,. ,. - , Sw W J., 4 . 1.-HEL ' X ff mv IL. ? 531' 5 s S L k ,L-if t . 1 MU xx Elwtai' , si-26 f V fm, Af-1-di . ,f!1 r. A-r ? -. 4-,afgmfi 'L , 5 L+: if fx 1 . - 1555 .. . 1 k ' W . if 5 H ,.., if? .,- , Fi! Q .. .QL 5 1.- XL 519. 1 .4 . . yn ..-..,. , . ' 1- -'xsrw ...FM f-f Q. Eggs, ,. .: , -1-.H-, if ' .n ' 'Z -'nf L n if. . -.yi fs 4 . I v . , Sf"5-r, ' mw.- QQ' ' e .N r ,. 5 . W , . . 5, . 3. ,V -4 T V' . Z A s 115 Q .4 31 "f ij - ' gh.: ..--,L N, - ie s? 'Wi A' e" " ' , W . 1 - T- .fl V,v.. ,A . . ,I x 4 -.f ML, 4? 4 . A Arg. 2 . T' ,.. I , P... . Q5"?vV ...E -mu' fr-f . 4. 3, .571 'NLM .mm " ff' . .Ji V , 1 ffm" . . .sw V, 7554233 451:31 Ag 1 "5.'!.',. , f. ,. I. w- 1 if Jr 'W :, ' ,. V, if J. Q, w., ,L Q'-f .. .ns Nav Q., ,-. CY 1 -Q w 1 ,Q G '.- , 42. , BU- .Q 733 g . ,, . ' gh " -JSM " Q . jk ii ' " fn: ' ,v .H 1, Q .-1 ...fb 5 -. - I A-xc. K J , 1. wg FEV.. 3? - I 'wa -i1 fa' '- 1 f A'-' 5" . .,,. :,. ,ff . - 2 v' 5. . , ff' -- ,'l I N . .1- " Ie QR .1 N 11559 4 da.--1.-:' A ' .- -1 A331 1 ,.+ I . ,f .35-. 'Sf ay A - , .I-f -- ,V ' 'I 1 ' 'xt 'rm ', A '-Q J'-.',' .14 T .fe ,fig-' I .I risk ,Z K L . f s. -s L, - X U .SQL .sv A Vw 1.-Vv f 1 p.-fp. 'V ??395l?: I-H N , ugly., p V 5 0 ,-3 f . V' . , fldl f2"E4? ,- . . fi 'v ..: z.' f1"QP"1111.. .. "-- NJA. -QM" 'X w. vw r w-,ma T., A w : :- 'ggmkff . . .'1 55 1. -"FG V lgli A .- '5'-19 .. f Ti??P5?. . . .Y . , ci! 9 f' 'LR . -. 'Fi W we f Hmmm !',N mb W ,MQ wywfw 1'N. in, ,,!, ".' , p m l : QW l1 5 i M wf W l s w g 5QW ww v5 W f f3 wW WWW W A ,W NW :JW Q WW ww f W W V M HW W HH f ' Mn ng W 1 : NM. X , 1 N' Nw, M WW m M YY W f WM V N XNNN WMMWWNW mu W W W ww + ,MMXWNU !'-N M W w Us a ! W w 3 L:QNi.",!N,ww X V w- 1-"Wx W. " ,,f m1,,'y"Jw QCfU WQNN 'MMMWQ f W a1 + gym WF g Q x WM W I UF 1wQw'WMHwL1 'WW W ' W ww. H m,'j'. W, ,s W, ,,UM..,ixl...NN mu ,m Um m q5WHWWH N1v5H u u m Q 'ir ll- II- 'A 4 4- 1957 SKYLINE UNITED TOWNSHIP HIGH SCHOOL EAST MOLINE, ILLINOIS We proudly introduce the 1957 Skyline. ,lust as the universe has its stars and fast moving comets, U.T.H.S. has its students and faculty members who also live in a fast moving circle. To keep up with this moving cycle, astronomy has been chosen the theme. This year a new section called student life has been added to create a more vivid picture of life at U.T.H.S. ln years to come we hope that this book will bring back to you those precious memories ol' your high school days. MILLIE KRA,INovIcn JOYCE ICKES Xx- S + "' K 11- "-12y,zi1,aA5, , ' i " "A'k3""'f"""V' V"V' "iii ' ' ., ig ,qi 4, f ,Q Q ?Lii3qlU6,iXi, . 1 . I : 5221 - X' .541-Ii . f ff" uimm wm w1wW JW , ,..,,, . , In, A ,, mc, 4551 "I, di , f' ., , ,..., , 3 5 , ,,, K ,,,., A m f A' V., 7- . -,.W ,M wi l' QW- " " ' ,I , ,,.,a,amaf -'HM T -V - - ff--' , - i 1 Y -Q S ,.+ ..., .: .,4 L j f . H J 3,9 14x.:y,,z xr W-MWmm 3 ff V52 sw I biiieri' ' ,yi ay, S' ,Y i ' f' fag' vm 3 11 Q , JW, . 'PFHD WWW mx , ,EF . I-:MGH '51 ' f X X W fi - if F 90 a ' ' A In 4 MS. 'L' 2 gd fy My 2 3 it WH, 5 s Q E if 5 few J, N? 2 is t S 2 2 ups? i Q 2 3 E S 2 E Wes UWM gym When we think ofMast? tmtheme of this yylgafhiook, we think of th un, n ghem stars and planets and mets an X reat expansive space reachin ut into stfhe txpknown. Likewise, when U Town- ship High School is mentioned, think of light ani r warmth that comes from our study, fro our varied exper nces, and from our contacts We think of the stars of our literary and a letic team of the brlght spots of four years f the flashes of insights into and personality, and of the great depth f friendship that have been formed that out into all of our lives and remai y as lo as any of us exist f lzznvar 1 Truly the Huence ofi r school in our is of itronomical pro tifi rtion, the im- port 0 ' ,t which will he real d more fully as the w ! and years go by. iiiii' il'1iS YC111' book c 'lti A ant reminder of ents that have A curred Evi we are here an to ,r ftf ii the experien e4f1f,Vy f the present and pleasant in to come. U I 1 .,.., M, L.LX , ,Z f,.. . A ,5 ,, gi Aw 4 ,K 'xfgagg zg b mf , W wi Egg? , " H: Lkkk X' A XWNQ- 2, v. S 5 1 g K+ k fig, " W5 gkiv. 3 ihwfiaww Q K is ,QA Y, www ,.,,,,.,, fvtwfhuw., 'QFL275 f V X Aw , 2 1 li Q ff? E ,AM ,Q Q Fw, k W V K , , , 4. ' ' "Qin 5 A - P' ' ff , I Q H Q54 M f Y Y J ,ff- 's w - 9' -it 1? fm ,gy A , ' " yi ww , 'vgfsw , Y ggi if fx' ... , x My . M Q ,A ' h Q'- S w W ig U ..., as J 1 L ,W 1 1 3,5 ""1v.., A s. E X 5 . H1 4, i .1 'I ,-X1 L It s Q ma ,, 3494 M! 1 S f .mf -EE rf A Senior study hall and Ron Bjork comes to after a little snooze. Looks as though he is getting up on the wrong side of the desk. THE DAY PROGRESSES--TO AN ACTIVITY I THEN HOME Madonnas 7 stars f erergreeri f Christmas brings after school ac- tivities in the art room. The l-0-o-ng reach for an o-o-h so yummy candy bar before starting home. K Happy-hurrying-home-until to- W"L'ZM'M'L RX'1 morrow when Roland and others """"""""":"W""'A""' start another day at U.T.ll.S. X X Xx XX XS CLASSES XXXXXX' h XX XX xx X xxx X s X iii N s X X X T Sweet harmony- The senior class ojicers and their advisor tried to harmonize and promote all senior class functions during the year. Around the piano are Miss Calvert, advisor, Marie Tanck, secretary-treasurer, fo Elaine Elias, vice-presidentg and Pete Tsakanikas, president. SENIORS Success-as far away as a star, But we will reach for stars. From the first days we entered the U.T.H.S. halls last fall till the time we marched down the aisles at Commencement, our senior year was one mad, hectic, gay time for all of us. Many nights were spent slaving over the senior class float and we were rewarded when it won first place for beauty. The senior ball was really the star on our horizon which we all waited for. After that came our assembly with the seniors providing the entertain- ment by reading the senior will, singing, dancing, and performing slapstick comedy. At the class picnic we ate, played baseball, and goofed off to our hearts content- our last activity as a class before Commencement. Our class colors were orchid and white, and our Hower was a yellow rose. We chose, '5He who conquers all is strongg He who conquers himself is mightyf' as our class motto. haracter, scholarship, leader- iip, and service - These 'ur qualities were present in tese outstanding senior stu- ents, earning them the priv- ege of membership in the . 0. Dawson National Honor Qciety. Bottom Row: Mary uerrero, Nancy Hunter, Con- ie Knox, Sandra Sommer, 'adine Bosanac, Nancy Ser- ousek, Nancy Beverlin. Sec- nd Row: Madeliene Claus, 'eanna Van Qaathem, Carol fidd, fo Elaine Elias, Mildred rajnovich, foyce Ickes, Karen eonhard. Third Row: Zoe tout, Sharon Carroll, Marie 'anclc, Sharon Criner, Diane Walker, ,leannie Archilles, Me- 1nda Dailey. Top Row: Roy liller, Pete Tsakanikas, Del- ert Carr, john Siefken, lack feenan, lozsef Lakadal, and Yon Lohse. I I 1 I A - Junior Rotarians this year were: Bottom Row: Delbert Carr, Don Lohse, Torn Hopkins, Tom Rhodes. Center Row: George Hurd, Cary Dobereiner. Top Row: Roy Miller, George Polios, John Siefken, Bob Degraer, Pete Tsakanikas, lack Keenan, and fozsef Lakadat. JOYCE ABRAHAM LINDA ANDERSON RICHARD ANDERSON JOHN ANDREWS JEANNINE ACHILLES DAW DALLAS ARMSTRONG RICH ROBERT ADAMS N ADER SARA ALDRICH ARD BACGE IRENE BELL PHYLLIS BENNETT NANCY BEVERLIN KAREN BILLBERG RONALD BJORK RICHARD BOND NADINE BOSANAC JERRY BROWN VERA BROWN CAROL BRYAN HAROLD BOST BARRY BROWN CHARLES BUSHNELL NAUINE CARLSON JOANNE CARPIO DELBERT CARR SHARON CARROLL ROBERT CARRUTHERS BONITA CARTER RICHARD CARTER MADELEINE CLAUS DOROTHY BUTLER CARE CANT KATHLEEN CLINE SANDRA COAKLEY KATHLEEN COGCINS COFTLBF PATRICIA COLLINS Don Lohse is intent on soaking in Mr. Olivefs last minute instructions on the rifle range. DELBERT CROSSER MELINDA DA DANI DIXIE COLUMBIA BEVERLY LOVERI ELS G CHARLES DLCLERCQ DELBERT DLPORTER corner KATHLEEN DEPORTER RONALD DESMET ROBERT DEGRAER MARY JOSE DEMEYER GARY DOBEREINER JAMES DOUD BENJAMIN DOWIS PATRICK DUBUISSON WILLIAM DUFF LOI A DUNBAR SANDRA DUQUENNE MARIAN DUYCK JO ELAINE ELIAS LORRAINE EMMERT RICHARD ENTRIKIN MARCIA FENNO ROBERT FERRY ROSS EATON JOYCE EHLERS ROGER GETTY ARLINE GABRIEL CARY FRANTZ JOHN GILL MELVYN GAVIN QA 6 BETTE GELANDE KATHLEEN QOBER RICHARD GODERIS DOLORES GOETHALS DIANE GRAHAM GLENDA GRANELL 20 NANCY GRAY LANNY GREEN SHARON GRINER KAREN GRUENWALD MARY GUERRERO MARILYN HAHN SHARON HALL MARJORIE HAMERLINCK DONALD HANDLEY MARY HARDY ANTHONY HERNANDEZ 3 X, if 21 DELORES HERRERA FRANK HIBERNIK KENNETH HIGNIGHT SHIRLEY HIPKINS THOMAS HOPKINS JUDITH HUFF DAVID HUNGATE NANCY HUNTER GEORGE HURD MARY HYND JOYCE ICKES : ii , f y I 5,4 ft 31' 4 ' " 1 H5 : jk CARL INGERSOLL CHARLES ISSACSON PAUL JEANNOT CAROL JOHNSON The switch has been flipped. Another broadcast for radio workshop has begun. At the mike- lohn Siefkeng at the controls-Robert Stevenson. CA ROLE KA VE MARTIN JOHNSON ELAINE JONES JACK KEENAN JOHN KELLEY if Z MICHAEL KENNEY COVHCT CAROL KIDD MILDRED KRAJNOVICH CONNIE KNOX WILLIS LAFOUNTAIN JOZSEF LAKADAT EDWARD LASEK MARIE LAURITZSON BEVERLY LAVINE KAREN LEONHARD CAROLYN LEWIS PATRICIA LINDEGARD DONALD LOHSE RONALD LOHSE VIRGINIA LUNDEEN ELVIRA LUSE JOYCE MCCORKEL BETH MALMSTROM CDITICI' EVELYN LUCAS KEITH LUNDEEN DAWN MATSON MARILYN MATSON JOANNE MATZEN PHYLLIS MAXWELL CAROL MEEDS MARVELLA MEINCKE I BARBARA MILLER ROY MILLER JOAN MOELLER DONNA MILLER ROBERT MILLER WILMA MITTS JANET MOORE WILLIAM MOOSE LANE MORGAN THOMAS MORGAN DONALD MORSE SHARON MUMMA uri, WILLIAM MURPHY JANET MUSE H E GARY NAHRGANG RICHARD NEED!-IAM HELOISE NELSON JAMES NELSON KAREN NELSON LAURA NELSON RAY NELSON COLLEEN OAKE ALAN O'IJELL JIMMY OGLE GARY ORENDORFF RUTH PARK JEANNE PAYTASH ROSE PEEL RUSSELL PERKINS ROY PERRY GARY PINKERTON COFVICF GEORGE POLIOS ROBERT PORTER SHIRLEY PYSSON Clif Davis, Delbert Carr, and Loren Scott would like to tell someone about a drafting problem. RONALD QUILLIN ESPERANZA RAMIREZ MARY JULIA RAMIREZ PAULA RAMIREZ SALLY RANDOLPH LINA RANGEL ARLENE REDFIELD LORETTA REDMAN LARRY REED THOMAS RHODES CAROL ROMAN CHARLES ROSEBERG WILLIAM RUSK JOSEPH RUSSELL DALE SANDBERG JOHN SIEFKEN JACK SMITH SANDRA SOMMER ROBERT SCHNACK DONNA SCHOONOVER LARRY SCHULTZ COTTICV LOREN SCOTT SHARON SEARS CAROL STIPP JUDITH STOCKTON EDMUND SEEFELDT NANCY SERBOUSEK ZOERELDA STOUT GORDON STRAUSS PATRICK SURR CECILIA TERRONEZ MARGARET THOMPSON lf!"--.. JAMES TALAK MARIE TANCK MARIETA TIMBROOK PATRICIA TRAEGER GLENN TROUT PHYLLIS TRUITT PETER TSAKANIKAS MARY TURNER :RN 1'd73L s Pete enjoyed working on the senior float- who wouldnit, surrounded by beautiful girls? ROBERT VAN MELKEBEKE ARTHUR VAN HECKE LEO VALLEJO DARLENE VANDEN BOSSCHE RAY VAN GOETHEM IIAROLYN VAN NORWAY IJEANNA VAN QUATHEM WILLIAM VAN VLIETE I I Tall in the doorway - thafs Roy Perry -- he carft clear it I0 get into class. PATRICIA VERLINDEN KAREN VERVAECKE RICHARD WADSAGER DIANE WALKER EVELYN WALLER ROBERT WALMSLEY BARBARA WASSENI-IOVE PATRICIA WATSON MARLENE WEBER SANDRA WILCOX NORMAJEANNE WILLIAMS JOANNE WINDEY ROBERT WISE RONALD YOUNG DAVID ZUMARIS The junior ojicers and their sponsor, Mr. Yemm, stopped work on the junior assembly long enough to get their picture in the Skyline. They are from left to right.' Mr. Yemm, sponsorg Bob Sullivan, presidentg Dennis Sahr, vice-presidentg George De Bo, secretary. JUNIORS Before us is our milky way- Stretching across our coming year. Our junior year was one of work and activity. This was our year for perusing long historical novels for American history classes - Cone With the Wind being a big favorite. This was also our year to spend long hours in the library with reference books piled high in front of us as we worked on our English re- search paper. And this was our year to take our Junior Proficiency Test and then sweat for a few days, wondering if we passed or not. There were 23 of us who had no worries and made the honor roll with flying grades. We kept ourselves busy with a homecoming Hoat, a musical assembly, and of course, the Junior-Senior Prom where we decorated around the theme Deep Purple. . 1 W ft Bottom Row: Fred Banfield, Lor- raine Allison, Mary Alyve Adams, Sandy Anderson, Lucille Allison, Cary Anderson. Top Row: Nick Barboutis, Ferrel Anderson, lerrel Anderson, Rob- ert Arbogast, Levy Austin, Joe Bassett, Don Adams, Terry Allen, Reuben AuKee. jul :,,- '03 Bottom Row: Bonnie Coronell, Pat Clauw, Virginia Chavez, Yvonne Cornell, .lo Ann Canatsey, Char Coleman, Joyce Collins. Top Row.' Terry Carruthers, Gary Clark, Bob Case, Tony Columbia, Jim Carter, Leo Combes, Robert Cattoir, Charles Caldwell, Ron- ald Clevenger, Mike Clark, Je- rome Cacari. M' if ..., hung-A tara? 'A Bottom Row: Judy Armstrong, Janet Brissman, Carole Blunke, Sandra Bohnert, Daurel Brown, Lois Beaudoin, Rowena Bedeian. Top Row: Fred Cabor, Tom Bow- man, Jim Boggs, Virble Brown. Tom Bokros, Kenny Beverlin, Mike Berthoud, Chuck Buyck. ,. 2, i in w ,, ,, fn! -J fi it I fzfxrggv j,.-wwe Qs' it or av, some Lv if . lx 38 Bottom Row: Linda Hauman, Jo- Ann Comez, Patricia Gauker, Margaret Freebern, Merry Fra- sier, Virginia Gomez, Etta Marie Fox. Top Row: Ed Goethals, Perry Go- lien, Tom Fulscher, Jim Cager, Cherokee French, Gene Glanz, Ralph Goar, Lyle Gerlock. Bottom Row: Myrtle Crouch, Sharon Cowser, Frankie Dennison, Theresa Cuvele, Janice Cremeens. Top Row: George F. DeBo, Bobbie Cun- ningham, Edwin Cox, Joe De Cook, Maurice De Keyrel, Chris Dennis, Bob Dinneweth. Bottom Row: James Foiles, Doris Flinn, Helen Dolan, Pat Donahue, Pat Duke, Roberta Fanter, Bob Doxsee. Top Row: Frank Dunbar, Harry Drumm Don Fisher, Dave Fawks, Mike Eng- holm, Joe England, Paul Duncan. s Bottom Row: Judy Hicks, Fran Jaecques, Harriet Hull,Virginia Hunter, Judy Hoehn. Top Row: Terry Hoog- erwerf, Bill Hocker, William Javobs, Ken Hofstetter, David Howell, Jim Irwin, Melvin Hignight. Bottom Row: Karen Kelley, Kay Jones, Fern Kincaid, Joy Kicksey, Lenolee Jones, Linda Jamison. Top Row: Sandra Kallman, Boll Kennedy, Dewey Kerr, Jim John- son, Wayne Kay, Ronald Jones, Donald Janowski, Susan Kelley. Bottom Row: Linnea Herstedt, San- dra Hegwood, Joyce Hessell, Dorothy Harmon, Sandy Hesser, Barbara Greb. Top Row: Cappy Harris, Don Gul- denpfennig, Jack Hartwell, Ross Hailey, Charles Hammond, Peggy Gooch. T , ev 535' Bottom Row: Marty King, Gwen Lee, Barbara Lasek, Coralie Leas- enlly, Karen La Fountain. Top Row: Louvenia Lee, Cary Krantz, Warren Lawrence, Ken- neth Kunkle, Larry Leighty, Charles Korthals, Marie Laleman. E vii Bottom Row: Carolyn Park, Joyce Poelvoorde, Edrise Penca, Carol Penderson, Norene Poelvoorde, Betty Ponce, Betty Phillips. Top Row: Raymond Race, Bill Pettyjohn, Ronnie Peacock, Har- old Paulsen, John Princell, Ron Parker, Feliz Picon, Gary Phelps, Bernard Pilcher. Bottom Row: Janet Lod- ing. Viviun Mf'Mullin, Sharon MCMillin, Linda Mf'Kee, Bonnie Little, Barbara Lue- ders. Lois Jlvflreigght. Topffow: Patricialaydon, Cary Miller, Cary Mel- linger, Dave Lorimer, John Meyers, John R. Miller, Bill Little, Bob Mattan, Merry Malm- Strom. Bottom Row: Sandra Moeller, Marie Mitton. Rosemary Morrison, Barbara Jean Nelsen, Paula McLean, Alice Ohrlrergz, Loretta Nelson. Top Row: Manuela Navlie, Jim Murray, Gary Mueller, Dale Morthland, Rich- ard Morton, Jim Oltman, Hugh Mor- rill, Harry Mullen, Ernestine Ortiz. All eyes on the copy girls! The beginning typists are enthusiastically working on their assignment. Bottom Row: Tom Robinson, Helene Rivers, Linda Ragan, Beverly Robinson, Lois Rainey, Eleanor Reyes, J. D. Ramsey. Top Row: Keith Robinson, Dave Rasso, Tom Raske, Jim Robinson, Larry Ripka, john Rasso, Felix Ramirez, Ron Raymond, Joe M. Rangel, Vernon Robinson. Bottom Haw: Jackie Ross, Janice Ryn- ard, Judy Rose, Adele Sable, Erna Sable, Nancy Rosenberger, Sharon Rosson. Top Row: Tom Robyt, Sam Sandoval, Edward Rogers, Walter Rule, Charles Rusk, Ralph Sanders, Duane R. Sanders. Bottom Row: Leona Rossi, Judy Smith, Sandra Shamasko, Joanne Seott, Nadine Snyder, Sandra Smith, Ruth Snyder. Top Row: Edwin Spurr, Rodger Schlaf, Janet Stang, Gary Schleeter, Ellen Sodeman, Mike Shea, Aurelia Shan- non, Cary Stiener. Bottom Row: Bob Sullivan, Joanne Tank, Rosa Thompson, Karen Suss, Virginia Sutton, Donna Stratton, Beverly Stoedter, Robert Taylor. Top Row-r Ronald Waeyaert, Ran- som Tone, Leonard Suhr, Robert Stribling, James Tank, Bob Stir- ratt, Charles Stone. Bottom Row: Ronald Trout, Hazel Turner, Emma Valdes, Carolyn VanVooren, Glenda Turner, Diane Waterman, Henry Van lJeWoestyne. Top Row: David Tyner, Jim Ver- sluis, Jerry Suvhy, Vere Sutton, Dan Tworek, ,loe Vrban. Engaged in a panel discussion in public speaking class are Roger Schlaf, Aurelia Shannon, and Mike Shea. Bottom Row: Shelva West, Sondra Williams, Bonnie Wilkens, Mar- sha Winthurst, Roxanne York, Gloria White, Marlene Zimmer- man, Gladys Willy. Top Row: John Wickersham, Sharon Williams, Melvyn Wilkin- son, Sharon Wilson, Buddy White, Lucille Watson, Bryl Weiss, Sharon Woolley, Lewis Windland. Bottom Row: Joe Rangel, Dick Leonard, Judith Miller, Lynn Kihler, Lee Johnson, Bill Porter. Top Row: Jerry De Porter, Ronald Culp, Michael Marsell, Pete Sears, Dennis Sahr, Chuck Hintze, James Wilson, Bob Norin. . 2 . Y N , Q i , .. will F ,kr V ' ' ' .. V L rm ' 1 N . -,Q .aux K W N V .. r f Under the supervision of Mr. Sandusky the boys in auto shop eagerly repair a car. Pausing or a moment rom their busy schedules are the ojicers and advisor of the sophomore class Let to right they are: Judy Hoover, secretary-treasurerg Miss Grant sponsor Gary Hobbs, preslkientg Val Bravo, vice president. SOPHOMORES W e are an island universe Learning to recognize Other luminous star groups No longer the frightened freshman, we are those who think themselves the assured and world-wise. We set out to prove ourselves capable of many things. The first of these was the four wins and three losses of our football team this season. The second world-shaking event occurred when our Home- coming float won first prize in originality. Third on the list of our achievements during our sophomore year was our basketball team's brilliant record of one loss out of fifteen games in mid-season. An important event occurring at the end of each semester was the list of honor roll students, prov- ing which class was the smartest when 46 sophomores topped the list out of a total of 121 students. Last, but not least, was the entertaining sophomore assembly on March 15tht Bottom Row: Joy Bates, Joyce Bates, Marilyn Barnett, Sharon Allen, Judy Achilles. Middle Row: Barbara Arbeau, Phyllis Bell, Rochelle Achil- les, Carol Anders, Karen Agnew. Top Row: Dennis Anderson, John Anderson, Jim Adams, Clifford Arbogast, Jerry Allison. Bottom Row: Nancy Bickford, Cladene Boyle, Sally Bost, Joanie Bryant Cynthia Brewer, Alberta Bennett. Middle Row: Robert Berthoud, Mary Bowman, Lana Berghult Leona Brown Sandra Sliarer, Susan Cady, Edgar Bowman. Top Row: Jerry Beverlin, Larry Anderson, Donald Bratton, Carl Payne Darrell Brown, Valentino Bravo. Bottom Row: Ray Cal- syn, Allen Carlile, Myrna Canfield, Pat Carr, Dolores Clausen, Dan Carmack. Middle Row: David Cooper, Bill Clark, Russ Claeys, Red De- Rammelaere, Dale Call, Gary Crowe. Top Row: Marvin Chaney, Bob Cain, Lonnie Cun- ningham, Howard Clark, Sergio Casillas. Bottom Row: Alma Deal, Nancy Clropp, Norma Detherage, Alive Doud, Cainniie Dietericli, Peggy Dohereiner. Middle Row: Mike Dergo, Jerry DeGrande, Ronnie Cord, Wayne Diericks, Mike Has- brouck, Danny Hernan- dez, Merle Easley. Bggmm Row: Pam Fairman, Marilyn Geer, Peggy Eaton, Lupe Garcia, Sandi Freymann, Norlene Franvis. Middle Row: Paul Guziec, Alice Finley, ,loyce Fulcher, Lucille Fostrom, Ronnie Ekin. Tap Row: Gary Friend, Kenny Freeman, Don Fullrer, Larry Fillmer, ,lohn Draper, Joe Engle. Bottom Row: Mary Jo Gramenz, Carol Gooch, Marlowe Hendricks, Sheila Gray.Jackie Gray, Helen Hantz. Middle Row: Myra Gul- denpfenning, Ramona Gober, Delores Gott- man, Janice Gunnell, Shirley Hammerlinck: Top Row: Gary Hansen, Ronnie Frey, Anthony Granet, Terry Graver, Phillip Grant, Ronnie Green. if AT, 7 .... i r Bottom Row: Arlene Harris, Judy Guthrie, Nancy Hall, Carol Hauman, Nancy Hanneman. Middle Row: Gerald Lee Heimlmurger, George Hill, Mike Hasbrouck, Darryl Inger snll, Glen llostells, Jerry Hintz. Top Row: Cevil Hernandez, Jim Heald, Dennis Holmes, Danny Hernandez, Waller Hayslett. a Q Q ,. ""w'a ,, H' My , ., wadlw, 'f-ff. w W -rv ,-,., M, , . Formaldehyde - phewl Carefully studying the parts of a slarfisli saturated in formaldehyde in Miss Bureslfs biology class are Karen Agnew and Dan Karr. 49 Bottom Row: Olga Isais, La June Johnson, Donna Katsis, Donna Jackson, Karrol Jeffers. Middle Row: Victor Jan- owski, Janey Keel, Do- lores Kastner. Maureen Kelly, Frances Kannen- berg, Mike Kehoe. Top Row: Bill Johnson, Marion Kaufman, Judd Harris, Dan Karr, Da- vie Kastner, Pete Jean- not, Dick Johnson. Bottom Row: Donna Hes- ser, Margaret Hokin- son, Carol Hillyer, Peggy Hines. Middle Row: Ruth Hirst, Wanda Howell, Judy Hoover,Joyce Hungate, Dorothy Homan. Top Row: Phil Hutton, Don Hakeman. Richard Hoskins, R. T. Huskey. Hard at work every morning in Study Hall I, the sophomores discuss such various subjects that are required at East Moline - boys, dates, Elvis, etc. Bottom Row: Ruth Kick- sey, Sandra Kipp, Judy Kight, Cathy Lamhrick. Middle Row: Michael Knight, Sandra Kin- caid, Dick Lange, Ro- berta Lang, Harold Knox. Top Row: Herb Kram- heck, Larry Lange, Don Lang, Gerald Koe- ing, Tom King, Deano Lang. E""lP'er FH' ff! 'Sn Bottom Row: Gene Mait- len, Ellis Luster, Ray Leader, Calvin Marsh, John Lindegard. Middle Row: Sandra Leach, Janice Lauritz- son, Carole Leenknecht, Alice Leasenby. Top Row: Lawrence Lipes, Jim Lovett, Gary Lenhart, Allen Leighty, Larry Leathers. Bottom Row: Margie Mayhew Louise McCreary, Josephine Ma taya, Karen Moeller, Jeannie McDowell, Sharon Matson Middle Row: Robert McCallum Melvin Malmloff, Ronnie Meri deth, Charmaine McCorkle Bob McNalley, Gary Maxwell Larry Meadows. Top Row: Dennis Miller, Laverne Mattson, Jim McMill1n Dave Martin, Dennis McChurch Frank McLean. 1, fi Bottom Row: Margo Nordman, June Pay- tash. Carolyn Orey, Sharon Passini, Diane Noftsker. Mildle Row: Eric' Nord- holm, Elaine Perkins, Anne Park, Forest Oaks. Top Row: Larry O'Brien, Sinclair Patterson, Lon- nie 0strom,Del Nutter, Willard Peel. Bottom Row: ,lanive Murphy, Virginia My- ers, Margot Moose, Barbara Mitacek, Sharon Neufcour, Vera Nickerson. Middle Row: Francis Mohr, J. B. Miller, Larry Nahrgang, How- ard Mosher, Jeral Mil- ler. Top Row: Edward Mills, Kendall Morley, Fran- cis Newberry, Howard Nelson, John Morrow. Showing some examples of curve-stitching designs made by Sophomores in Miss Howarrfs geometry class are foe Van Quathem and Merle Easley ,W to 'e ll ,Q 1 r Q r " J, A Q L , M, , - ' X Bottom Row: Jim Rylander, ' x - "r V ' ga N N if Francie Ramirez, Rosemary ' . - Rasso, Bernadette Rangel, L sf. Mary Rasso. , 545, ' " Q- Middle Row: Jo Ann Pustel- ' Y ' ' Q, ,' nik, Judy Raske, Barbara , ' Potter, Nancy Peterson. , Top Row: Teddy Reichert, Howard Reiling, Robert f I Q., Pyevich, George Rasmussen, Jim Pierson. 1 K i 4 Bottom Row: Donna Schuetzler, Sandra Rohren, Judy Riley, Carol Schweitzer, Janet Saunders. Middle Row: Jerry Rusk, Marilyn Sens, Phil Schmidt, Harry Sedgwick, Delma Roady, Kenny Robinson. Carol Sergeant hopes it's a strike on her hrst night of bowling, while the interested sophomore bowling team looks on. Bottom Row Carol Sergeant, Kathy Smith, Louise Shaw, Virginia Stahl, Janice Skiles. Middle Row Louis Sierra, Nancy Simler, Judy Severns, Dora Spencer, Mary Sue Stephen- son Jim Seshold. Top Row Larry Skiles, Larry Smiddy, Don Sullivan, Robert Swift, Floyd Stockwell, Joe Terronez Jules Terronez. Bottom Row: Patricia Yanda, Sheila Weekley, Jean War- ren, Sally Vallejo, Janet VanOvershelde, Sandra Stir- ratt, Luz Terronez, Shirley Townsend. Middle Row: Janet Vanlrlulle, Kayla Stone, Judy Thurber, Doris Ann Tanck,' Lonna Timhrook, Kathleen Tim- merman, Carole Stevenson. Top Row: Tom Taylor, Owen Stipp, Joe Van Quathem, Harry Vershaw, Art Van- Meter, James Turner, Frank Trask, Boh Thiem. 'W 'li Bottom Row: Joella Wise, Mary Versypt, Ruth Weide- man, Darla Viager, Nancy Weishrook, Cheryl Windey, Audrey Wright. Middle Row: Doris Whit- marsh, Gail Weber, Carole White, Brenda Willaert, Barbara VanQuathem, Car- ole Turner, Helen Trife, Kenneth Wheeler. Top Row: Walter Whipple, David Womack, Gary Wil- liams, Ron Wise, Willard Willhouse, Don Wold, Larry Wendell. Bottom Row: Christine Reyes, Peggy J. Cearhart, Dixie Reddick, Darla Reddivk, Wanda Rinier, Sharon Liedtke, Carol Ovens. Middle Row: Darrel Johnston, Anselm Rangel, Carol De Bates, James Plavak, Beverly Cook, Allen Hungate, Vince Monahan. Top Row: Jerry Beert, Art Peterson, Gary Hobbs, Ronald Shepard, Bob Moore, Charles Kelley, Dwayne Neaveill. High jumper- Cerald Koenig leaps into the air for a goal. Z Capably leading the freshman class through their 'hrst year were Marsha Smith, secretary- treasurer, Mr. Collins, sponsorg Toni Finch, vice president. FRESHMEN We see the skyline ,-Ind beyond, The heavens dotted with suns Whose orbits we will follow. Four hundred and fifty strong, we started our high school days off with a bang, enthusiasm was our byword. Hard work produced our prize winning homecoming float, as Elvis and his houn' dog from Ambrose came through as the most humorous. Our assembly made use of all the talented among us. Two sets of cheerleaders cheered our Orange and Black basketball teams from a slow start into a bright finish, as well as cheering the hard fighting football team. This was our first year and we got our feet wet in many activities and subjects, and then wrapped up the year with a party in the spring. Easy does it-Pat Adams is extra careful as she pours acid --rt't 1 f into the funnel held by Ed lluggart. Angelo Vallejo, president, Bottom Row: Loretta Bauwens, Nola Anderson, Lynda Benson, Deliliie An- derson, Kay Ashdown. Middle Row: Patrieia Adams, ljatrieia Akers, Linda Aldrich, Judie Anders, Mable Anderson, Bessie Bivkford. Top Row: Richard Bideaux, Violet Badtke, Rohert Ballegeer, Joyce Al- brecht, Cordon Billings. 'S-11' Bottom Row: Carolyn Boggert, Lois Boles, Bonnie Bulen, Naney Boxstall, Relxecva Brown, Irene Bowling. Middle Row: Donald Bell, Phillip Bond, Richard, Brown, Jessie Burgess, Jim Braet. Top Row: Marlyn Bowman, Pa- tricia Bushnell, Maurive Brad- ley, Bill Brookhart, Sharon Brockrogge, Kay Bottorfl. Bottom Row: David Cady, Sandy Chris- tensen, Sandy Clauw, Carol Carlson. Linda Collins, Cary Canfield. Middle Row: Jim Cargile, Larry Claver, Karen Conover, Tom Chidos, Jim Carroll, Paul Caeari. Top Row: Rodney Cook, Larry Covert, Mike Carpentier, Dave Coder, llelhert Clevenger, Bon Castens. Bottom Row: Naomi Detherage, Estelle Davidson, Barbara DeGraeve, Jean Davis, Judy Conklin, Betty Crouch. Middle Row: John Cruz, Marsha Damp, Bob Diericks, Jeanne DeClerr:k, Allan DeCastec'ker. Top Row: Bill Cremeens, Todd Dal- rymple, George Cox, Joel Daly, Ger- ald Curry, Carl Comins. Bottom Row: Pat Doxsee. Virginia Dueyson, Karen Eddleman, Kay Ferrier. Barbara Draper, Anita Dzekunskas, Billie Dunbar. Middle' Row: Bill Farber, Dick Dobrinske, Jim Flinn, Judy Far- ris. Rosalie Dowis, Spencer Fields. lark Dixon. Top Row: Steve Engle, Tommy Finch, Emiel Fluegel, Patricia Dwyer, Donna Jean DeClerc'k, Carol Flowers. --if wwf Bottom Row: Gerald Goodvsin, Karen Greb, Dc-anne Glaudel, Carol Glaudel, Sandy Grill, Al- meda Freeman, Florence Goben. Middle Row: Janet Fuller, Carol Graham, Mary Fulscher, Sandra Granell, Deanna Derby, Sharon Gotlleridge. Tnp Row: Clarenr-e Forret, Robert Fulscher, Russell Gawker, Galvin Gareia, Edmond Gabriel, Eugene French. Bottom Row: Curtis llarsch, Adela Hernandez, Alice Hernandez, Linda Herrera, Sharon Groy, Janice Hayden, Kenny Hakeman. Middle Row: Kathleen Hill, Con- nie Hemm, Margo Hessell, Su- zanne Haefs, Virginia Hammond, Carol Hall, Marty Damp. Top Row: Danny Hernandez, Rich- ard Harrington, Tom Guild. Brent Hanson, Orberie Giles, Danny Hignight, John Hantz. Bottom Row: Jerry Johnson, Barbara Knapp. Jackie Jones, Sandra Kram- heck, Patricia Keim, Judith Johnson, Robert Jones. Middle Row: Virgie Ann Johnson, Sandra Jokisch, Judy King, Judy Knaack, llana Kean, Kathryn Jones, Karen Komatar. Top Row: Benton Johnson, Larry Ken- nedy, Gary Johnson. Bill Kaiser, Frank Karben Jack Jones, Michael Kirkpatrick. Bottom Row: Darrel lrwin, Darlene lnskeep, Gloria Hirst, Pat Hokinson, Judy Hites, Reba Hurry, Virginia Jackson, Terry Huskey, Bobby llintze. Middle Row: Jimmy Hayes, Terry Holmes, Janet Hostens, Judy Hull, Sandi Huston, Sandra Huggins, Vicki Huyvaert, Mike Holloman, Clyde llostens. Top Row: Jerry Hopkins, Steven Hof- stetter, Robert Jacobs, Ronny Hoff, Rene Hull, Harry Huflord, Edward Huggart, Robert Holden. Bottom Row: Nathaniel Lawrence, Mary Lakadat, Janice Larrison, Sandra Liedtke, Gaye Lasiter, Kenneth Laud. Middle Row: Walter Laud, Linda Livesay, Joyce LaPeere, Theresa La-rson, Clara Lee, Wayne Lewis. Top Row: David Kramer, Dick Lippelgoes, Norman Lindley, Frank Loll, Terry Lewis, Laszlo Lakadat. "It's on the tip of my tongue," says Kenneth Laud to Judy Farris. "It's ah-ah-adverb."' Bottom Row: Roberta Mulligan, Pat Molnar, Sally Monstrey, Carolyn Mitts, Carolyn Miller, Sandra Murphy. Middle Row: Bill Milburn. Phil Ma- thias, Velma Moose, Franr-es Ann McNeal, George Miller. David Mills. Top Row: George Munger. Don Murphy, Wayne Miller, Dennis Mitton, Cary Millen, David Miller. Bottom Row: Wilma Myers, Maureen O'Harrow, Pam O'Klock, Doralee Oakman, Karen Newenham, Nancy Parker, Mary Park. Middle Row: Jerry Neff, Bonnie Kay Odendahl, Patty Osborn, Marge Miller, Stanley Park. To: Row: Ga Natwick I VY y David Pollentier, Cary Eddie Penca, Carol Pelton, Orlich, Paul Wayne Neal, Myers, Bruce Pease, Tom Nielsen, Jay C. Newton. Bottom Row: Jo Ann Mclaemore, Shir- ley McLean, Dianna Lowe, Mary Etta Longneeker, Joyce McDanel, Betty McLaughlin. Mildle Raw: Wayne McCivern, Samuel McKay, Judy McLain, James Lofgren, Caroline Malinoski, Roland McCorkle, Charles Massa. Top Row: Bazil Lundeen, Walt Lysell, Thomas McKee, Bill Mclfarlin, Ed- mond Mayhew, Terry Mahan. Bottom Row: Janet Rasso, Donna Pil- Cher, Donna Penderson, Mary Lou Raymond, Karyn Powell, Yvonne Pendleton. Middle Row: Patty Potter, Martha Platt, Jennie Petersen, Marilyn Pin- nvr. Martha Pugh, Carolyn Quillin. Top Row: Rudolph Rasso, David M. Pyland, Eugene Penner, Steve Pye- vich, Bob Raske, Ronnie Pustelnik. Bottom Row: Pauline Rockwell, Faye Rittel, Karen Saddoris, Jeanne Ros- czyk, Yvonne Ross, Linda Romero. Middle Row: Edmund Sandoval, Pat Ruby, Sharon Reed, Janet Rhodes, Sandra Roach, Dennis Hurley Rogers. Top Row: Ronnie Root, Fred Ruby, Charles Roberson, Bill Reid, Warren Rowe, Sherman Rotz, Hank Sandoval. Bottom Row: Judy Schadt, Linda Sin- clair, Valerie Slininger, Elizabeth Simpson, Mary Segura, Sandra Schneider. Middle Row: Jerry Sletten, Martha Smith, Judy Shamasko, Marsha Smith, Sandra Schultz, Ronnie Six. Top Row: Julyle Shannon, Bill Smith, Lesley Schleeter, Dennis Schave, Shephen Schroder, Kenneth Sitter. Bottom Row: Lil' Ann Sndm' Y 3 - Karen Sowers, Kaye Stexenson. Lana Stephenson, Joyve Spencer, Judy Ann Sweet, Sylvia Stork- well. Middle Row: Ronald Soucinek, David Stark, Wayne Stanlake Duane Steffe, Jud Stuhi, Bob Stvydell. Top Row: Jim Stoneking, Keith Stoneking, Kenneth Sparrow- grove, Richard Swanson, Jimmy Soueinek, Don Stotts. Jimmy Snyder. Modern dance -ferry Van De Voorde and Benton John- son do a ballel leap for that baslreffball during freslzman gym class. l 1 1 Bottom Row: Sharron True, Betty Van De Velde, Mary .Io Van Hecke, Eliza- beth Thompson, Sue Tisdale, Jan Thompson, Darlene Townsend. Middle Row: Ozzie Trice, Carole Turner, Carole Talak, Janet Taulbee, Nancy Swiatkiewicz, Annette Van Norway, Jerry Van De Voorde. Top Row: Don Tallent, Wayne Thomp- son, Felipe Valdes, Len Sangsten, Angie Vallejo, Carl Stueland, Jerry Vande Wiele. k:.'2f:""? ,lu up These are a few of the cadet band members who practice every day in hopes they will graduate to the concert band. Bottom Row: Paul Wiklund, Bill Won- derlich, Kay Woodworth, Virginia Zimmerman, Alice Woodworth, An- nabelle Wise, Norman Wilkens, Ken- neth Womack. Middle Row: Herbert Wykert, Beatrice Wilson, Virginia Woolley, Kay Wil- kinson, Rocliella Williams, Sharon Williams, Carol Wilson, Sherrie Wil- son. Top Row: Wayne Wrieat, Jim Williams, Wade Wood, Stanley Williams, De Roy Wingert, Charles Wherry, Ray- mond Immersoete, Jim Winkelbauer. Bottom Row: Rochelle Westbrook, Trudy Vines, Marty Versluis, Vicki Vogelsang, Karen Wildermuth, Sharon Van' Overschelde, Rosalie Vermeulen. Middle Row: Cary Williams, Paul Walker, Pat Van Klaveren, JoAnne Versypt, Edna Waddell, Jeanne Van Vliete, Jim Thiem, Henry Voorhis. Top Row: Richard Lee Van Zuiden, Dick Vervaecke, Kenneth Vickers, Keith Wildermuth, Duane Van Tieg- hem, Everett Van Valkenburg, Jim Wakefield. Top Row: Louis Bellson, Dennis Kelly, Tom Lake. Bottom Row: Barton Emmert, Phyllis Anderson, Joanne Leland, Mac Ar- beau. - 5? X 4 -1.-an nn- . "i 91' u 1 -f-W ll- ,gilnlh fr nd? Q SPORTS J X Q XX N i , 1 i el .. PETE PANTHER A black, lithe panther bounced onto our stage one day - the bleachers rang with screams f The legendary Pete Panther came to life at UTHS. ln place of the paper pic- tures there was a living replica ol the Panther mascot. Pete attended all the basketball games and helped cheer the team on. His first appearance helped the Panthers upset their arch rival, Moline. This little black panther has to be taken care ol, though. Only as long as Pete is treated prop- erly and courteously will he continue to cheer for the Pan- thers. Phil Hutton, sophomore basketball manager, looked after Pete this year. Prancing Pete meets the student body. Roy Miller, Advisory Board president, intro- duces Pete but 'can't seem to control him. Coach Kivisto, in the background, gave Pete an ojicial welcome. Will he bite? What makes him tick? The varsity cheerleaders give Pete a close examination. 31 S i K - N .,, 2 'STV Y x wr I . Q I . ,ry A , - Bottom Row: Coach Bob Ewbank, Jim Fisher, Frank Dunbar, Jim Gager, Harold Bost, Ruben AuKee, Jim Johnson, Bob Kennedy, Tom Hopkins, Gary Mueller, Chris Dennis, Don Janowski, coach Jocko Wrenn. Second Row: Ron Peacock, Melvin Hignight, Russell Perkins, Bob Ferry, Don Guldenpfennig, Ken Beverlin, Bob Case, Don Fisher, Levy Austin, Ralph Sanders, Chuck Caldwell. Third Row: Manuel Cruz, Cherokee French, Dave Zumaris, William Moose, Felix Picon, Ronnie Reyna, Jim Adams, Tom Raske, Jim Robinson, Ronnie Bjork, coach Lou Matykiewicz. Top Row: Loren Scott, Cary Dobereiner, Dennis Sahr, James Doud, Jerry Arbogast, Jim Oltman, Harold Paulsen, Jerry Lancaster, Ken Hofstetter, Jim Duff. FOOTBALL Determination, cooperation, and good sportsmanship characterized WE THEY Panther playing this season. East Moline fans also enjoyed a new style 344 KCWHHCC 7 of football with the Panthers giving us the belly series of the split T 0 G3l9SbUI'g 32 offense. The team played well, although the season ended with three wins 13 Moline 7 and five losses. 6 Alleman 26 The offensive balls of fire were Jim Duff and Gary Dobereiner. Cher- 7 DaVCUP0ft 20 okee French shone as a leading pass receiver. Among the toughest of the 34 Sf- Ambrose 0 defensive men were Jim Nelson, Tom Hopkins, and Denny Daniels. 6 Rock Island 39 Denny was chosen as a member of the All Metropolitan Squad. 10 Iowa City 17 Football honors went to Tom Hopkins, best tackler and ,lim Fisher, most improved player. Missing from the picture are ,lim Nelson, most valuable player, and Denny Daniels, best blocker. Coach Wrenn is holding the traveling trophy for the winner of the Moline-East ,Moline game. Calm in the midst of the storm-Tempers were flying but Jocko Wrenn controls his in the wake of the ojicialis decision. ,av Tom Hopkins puts the stopper on a St. Ambrose player while lim Nelson care- fully steps over another. E 'Q - if "Get yo-ur cotton-pickin paws off of mel" cries Cary Dobereiner. We are not heaztenly Yet we have our stars Some very b right Others not seen- But all stars. 4-'VE' Dirty Pool! Russell Perkins slightly clips an unknown St. Ambrose player as lim Duff hastily leaves the scene of the crirne. Doby doesn,t look com- fortable, although he is being cuddled by three Kewanee players. A 1 A , M TONI HOPIXINTS-Defen DON CULDFNPFENNIG Center IM NELQON Center LOREN SCCTT - Fullback PX Qi n if N f" E C h A C 'M GARY DOBEREINER - Quarterback DENNY DANIELS - Guard ..,, ., MANUEL CRUZ - Halfback KEN BEVERLIN - Guard CHEROKEE FRENCH - End H JIM DUFF - Halfback 'ff ' if , 1 5 ,,, 33, h C EL ' I 'Q BASKETBALL Seated: Dick Lange, Don Fisher, Eddie Lasek, Delbert Carr, Tom Hopkins, Cherokee French, Dennis Sahr. Standing: Managers Bob Degraer and Chuck Isaacson, .lim Oltman, Bob Pyevich, Gary Hobbs, Harold Paul sen, Gary Dobereiner, and Coach Ernie Kivisto. Varsity basketball this year provided the fans with much excitement. lt was a close season with a twelve win and eleven loss record. A bright spot on this year's team was Cherokee French. Although only a junior, Cherokee set a new school record by grabbing 334 rebounds in 24 games. Because of his tremendous rebounding, Cherokee was voted the most valuable player by the other members of the team. The team also voted Delbert Carr as their captain, and Gary Hobbs as the most improved player. Delbert led the team in total points, free throws, field goal percentage, and free throw percentage. As a team, this year's Panthers, under the ever-watchful eye of coach Kivisto aver- aged 6l points per game, hit 40 per cent of their field goals, and 70 per cent of their free throws. ED LASEK TOM HOPKIN Fancy Dans-Coach Kivisto could always count on Tom Hopkins and Ed Lasek when it came to skillful ball hand- ling. W e relied on it a lot this year. Cherokee French - Forward set a new school record o 334 II' I V I 1 .K , N., .. .,..-f fr ,i i , x "u Cary Dobereiner-Forward three year varsity player. Total points: 288. J' rebounds. Total points: 268. 'f 4552 st. e tr A5 X wx fy 1 Dennis Suhr-Guard Junior playmaker of the Panthers. Total points: 306. ' -. , .,,.. ki ss J t - N a If W tgilffw , ' wld. as Y , 4 r. t'ss. J ' b ' 'lf Delbert Carr - Guard , captain and winner of the , fm Ray Holmes Free Throw ' 3 ,... g Tro h . Total oints: 348. y e P 9' P it .l'l 1".i I f ' ., . ..VkVV ,V ,K Cary Hobbs - Center T voted most improved player. , Total points: 79. .jf s Q9 " 1 4, ifffffw Aledo Alleman Morrison Monmouth Davenport Ceneseo McKinley ol Kewanee St. Ambrose Dubuque Moline Rock Island Iowa City Galesburg Clinton Monmouth Kewanee Davenport Moline Alle-man Rock Island Iowa City Galesburg C. H. REGION A L TUURNAMENT Gene-seo THEY 43 70 49 55 65 60 57 51 72 89 57 80 52 78 11. 7 44. 4-8 59 80 117 6 17 44. 68 60 All eyes are on Delbert Carr as he grabs a rebound. Looking on are Dolly and Cherokee, and Flowers ffltj, SllUlllI0llSt' f76j, and Dunlap KWH, of Rock Island. It hoa lzorseyl Delbert Carr doesnt seem to appreciate the antics of Bill Parsons. High flying Cherokee sparkles as he dnnks another two points. tv I V Y 5 OH-sides on Bill Parsons H51 as Doby furnbles. Salzr goes Io help Zllfllllf' folzlz l,c1u'.Son KZIJ looks on. Going upf Cherokee and Wayne Shellhouse head skyward. Don Nel- son and Doby remain grounded. Upf Up, and away! Superman has nothing over lim Oltman. Making faces was the order of lhe day as Delbert drives tfzrouglz Ted Esker and Cary Rinden f23j of Moline. Bottom Row Willard Peel, Jim Seybold, Jud Harris, Vincent Monahan, Valentino Bravo, Julius Terronez, Gary Maxwell Richard De Rammelaere Cecil Hernandez. Second Row Porky Morgan, Dick Lange, Kenny Freeman, Bill Clark, Tom King, Larry Nahrgang, John Morrow Louis Sierra Larry Sklles Larry Lange, manager Phil Hutton. Third Row Coach Keith Bare, coach Joe Dhondt, Don Hakeman, Ron Shepard, Phil Schmidt, Bob Pyevich, Gary Hobbs Art Peterson Rich Hoskins Jim Adams, Jim McMillin, coach William Brooks. SOPHOMORE FOOTBALL FRESHMAN FOOTBALL 1 E TH EY WE THEY Kewanee Alleman Alleman John Deere Moline Coolidge St. Ambrose Franklin Davenport Central Monmouth Edison Rock Island Washington Bottom Row Dennis Kelly, Don Bell, Dick Brown, Steve Schroder, Paul Cacari, Julyle Shannon, David Cady Hank Sandowal Don Tallent Paul Miller, Bob Holden, Wayne Stanlake, George Munger, Phil Bond. gecond Row Ld Huggart, Ron Trice, Terry Mahan, Harry Hullord, Jerry VandeWiele, John Cruz, Jim Wakefield Rod Cook Delbert Clewenger Tom Nielson, Mike Carpentier, Jack Jones, Rich Swanson, Louis Belman, Jim Soucinek. Third Row Norm Lindley, Jimmy Hayes, Gary Johnson, Orberie Giles, Len Sangster, Steve Hofstetter, Angelo Vallejo John Hantz Duane Van Tieghem, Eddie Penca, Everett VanValkenberg, Ken Sparrowgrove, Jay Newton, Richard Harrington Steve Pyevich Ken Nlckers Keith Stoneking. Missing from the picture are Jim Braet, Frank Loll, and coaches Harold Collins and George Bray Bottom Row: Dick Lang ,Iulius Terronez, Mike ager Phillip Hutton. Second Row: Jerry Rusk, Kenny Freeman, Joe Lonnie Ostrom. Top Row: Dave Martin Jerry Koenig, VanQuathem, , Gary Hobbs, Bob Pyevich, Art Peterson, coach Keith Bare. e, Jim Pierson, Dergo, man- SOPHQMORE BASKETBALL "Will it go in?,' Bob Pyevich holds his breath as Jerry Koenig fires a shot in one of the sophomores' close games. WE THEY 46 Aledo 45 51 Alleman 49 Winning 19 out of 23 games Morrison gave the Panther Cubs one of the Monmouth best records ever posted by an DHVCHPOTI East Moline sophomore team. Genefeo , McKinley of C The scoring honors for the season K U CWHHCC went to Dave Martin, the sharp- St. Ambrose shooting lefthander. Dick Lange Dubuque showed the best eye at the free- Moline throw line. Jim Pierson was the Rock Isglafld play-maker, while Jerry Koenig E'if1bC1tY and Bob Pyevich handled the fe- olfliinufg bounding. The sophomores not Monmouth only made a terrific impression Kgwanee on the fans, but they also gave Davenport coach Kivisto a bright thought 43 Moline 53 towards the future. 46 Alleman 39 56 Rock Island 43 46 Iowa, City 61 55 Calesburg 52 Coach Bare outlines his strategy with his double-duty men. Bob Pyevich, Cary Hobbs, and Dick Lange all saw duty with both the sophomores ana' the varsity this year. k -' Oh FRESH MAN BASKETBALL WE 46 Alleman 26 St. Ambrose 41 John Deere 4-8 Edison 39 Coal Valley 48 Alleman 54 Franklin 46 Coolidge 42 Washington 48 St. Ambrose 35 U.T.H.S. Orange 53 Central THEY 47 51 77 45 24 43 33 44 54 52 52 47 St. Ambrose Alleman Washington John Deere Alleman Franklin Coal Valley Coolidge St. Ambrose Central John Deere U.T.H.S. Black Edison FRESHMAN BLACK TEAM. Bottom Row: Louis Belman, Angelo Vallejo, Paul Walker, ,lim Braet, Gary Millen. Second Row: Stanley Williams, Larry Covert, Everett Van Valkenberg, Rene Hull, Rodney Cook, manager Dave Cady. Third Row: Coach George Bray, Or- berie Giles, Duane Van Tiegham, Lesley Schleeter, Keith Stoneking, Dennis Schave, coach Joe Dhondt. This year, for the first time, the freshman basket- ball squad was divided into two teams. Each played a full schedule of games, in- cluding an intersquad game. lt is hoped that this two- team system will promote better basketball in the future. THEY 26 47 35 si 39 25 25 477 38 511- 37 35 43 FRESHMAN ORANGE TEAM. Bottom Row: Henry Sandoval, Frank Karben, John Cruz, ,lim Wakefield, Mike Carpentier, manager Ken Hageman. Top Row: Coach Al Zimmerman, Jerry Hopkins, Frank Loll, Ronnie Hoff, Steve Pyevich, Steve Hofstetter, coach Robert Ewbank. Monahan and lun ior Cacari appear The grunt and groan squad this year was one of the best that UTIIS has ever had, having won four meets and lost fire. Wrestling this year were-' Bottom Row-' funior Cacari, Ronnie Trice, Vince Monahan, Nate Lawrence, Paul Miller. Middle Row! Chuck Caldwell, Valentino Bravo, Chris Dennis, Bob Kennedy, and Cary Mueller. Top Row! Assistant coach Lou Matykiewicz, lim johnson, Don Culden- phennig, Kenny Bezferlin, Levy Austin, ferry Lancaster, Dick Hoskins, Ronnie Reyna and coach focko Wrenn. firn Johnson thinks Val Bravo is only pretending to be tough. L Vince fthe Vulture to be tying pretzels Pictured U.T.I1.S. Schave. Kenneth TRACK around the symbol of their trade are the hurdlers. R-ow One: Chris Dennis, Dennis Row Two: Art Peterson, Lesley Scheuter, Sparrowgrare, Jim Adams. These boys are the runners of the 440 yard and the 880 yard relays. Row One: Jerry Beverlin, Val Bravo, Bill Porter, Larry Meadows. Row Two: Coach Clenn Chivers, Leo Combes, Kenny Beverlin, Benny Dowis, Cary Nat- wick, Curtis Harsch, Cliff' Arbogast. These boys par- y and the 220 yard dash. Kneeling are: Bob Case, R. T. Huslcey, John Cruz. Standing: Cary Hobbs, ,lim Duff, Manuel Cruz. Running the mile and half mile for the Panthers were: Row Une: Porky Morgan fa fanj, Cary Mellinger, Henry Rangel, Ed Sandoval. Row Two: Cary Williams, Rich- ard Harrington, Keith Stoneking, Charles Roberson. 4... l ticipated in the 7 1 100 ard dash R W W? The cross Country runners for U.T.1l.S. this year consisted of: Row One: Clijord Arbo- gast, Curtis Harseh, ferry Beverlin, Bill Porter, Calvin Garcia, and Charles Roberson. Row Two: Cary Mellinger, Henry Rangel, Cary Williams, Bob Adams, and Cary Nal- wick. , K guy' T Ak Y .. Partzczpatzng in held events during the track season were: Row Une: Floyd Stockwell, ,lim Cager and Roger Schlaf. Row Two: Dick Hop- kzns Bob I'ye1'1'eh, Harold Paulsen, and .lim lim Duff, on the left, ran the 220, 440, and 100 yard dash this year and came in hrst in all three events in the mee! with Calesburg. Manuel Cruz was also a 220 and 440 man. Six freshmen and a sophomore complete the field eventers. They are: Row One: ferry Vande Wielc, Everett Van Valkenburg, and Ed Hug- gart. Row Two: Terry Mahan, Oberie Giles, Rodney Cook, and sophomore, Ron Frey. The girls tennis team consisted of, Front Row: Sharon Hall, Joanne Matzen, Deanna Van Quathem, Donna Miller, and Lois Beaudoin. Middle Row: Sandra Rohren, Carol Ovens, Nola Anderson, and Janet Loding. Last Row: Gwen Lee, Rosemary Morrison, Janet Brissman, Linnea Hersted, and Lana Berghult. The girls tennis team, coached by Elaine Ruberg, swept through a successful season of many wins and few losses. With rackets well in hand, team and indi- vidual honors fell their way. The runner-up doubles team of the Quad-City tennis tourna- ment was from. U.T.H.S. The two girls who obtained the honor were Janet Brissman and Deanna Van Quathem. 8,401 Cwen Lee made a great show- ing for U.T.H.S. by winning the Quad-City singles cham- pionship. Coach Morgans our top men this year were Ralph Coar, Keith Robinson John Sie ken, TENNIS With only three seniors on the squad, the tennis team, coached by Steve Morgan, came through for a fairly suc- cessful season. One of the brightest aspects of the team was its youth. The three seniors were John Siefken, Robert Walmsley, and Joe Russell. Showing great promise for next year were juniors Keith Robinson, Ralph Coar, and Dennis Sahr. Members 0 the tennis team this year were: Front Row: foe Russell, Robert Walmsley Ralph Coar, fohn Sieflcen, Keith Robinson, ,limi Valentine, Dennis Sahr ferry DeP0rter, and feral Miller. Back Row: Coach Steve Morgan, Kenny Robinson, Fred Banjield, ,lim Lovett, Mike Shea, Norman Lindley, Don Tallent. Members of the golf team were: Front Row: Bob Miller, Cary Canfield, Cary Stiener, and Allen Carlile. Second Row: Coach foe Dhondl, foe England, Phil Bond, George DeBo, and Robert Berlhoud. Back Row: Tom Rhodes, Cary Cant, Felix Picon, Dick Lippelgoes, and lirn Soucinek. GOLF The new golf coach, Joe Dhondt, helped his boys swing for a fruitful season. The six men back from last year's district championship squad were used as the foundation of his squad. Coach Dhondt's top three men this year were Joe England, Bob Miller, and Tom Rhodes. Golf, though a minor sport at U.T.H.S., has received great interest in the past few years. Cary Stiener cautiously eyes up a putt on the 18th green. Looking on are Cary Cant, Tom Rhodes, and Ceorge.DeBo l f ,-7-,,....-----' Bob Miller grins his approval as foe England lays one down the fairway. Members of the varsity baseball team were: Fr-om Left to Right, Bottom Row: manager Cary Anderson, Eddie Lasek, Bob Kennedy, Bob Van Melkebeke, Tom Hopkins, Larry Meyers, Bob Adams, Kenny Freeman, Angelo Vallejo, and manager Bob Degraer. Top Row: Coach Bob Ewbank, Don Fisher, jim Fisher, Loren Scott, Delbert Carr, Cary Dobereiner, ferry Lancaster, ,lim Ogle, Cary Mueller, Dick Lange, and coach Lou Maty- The varsity baseball team was headed by a new coach, Bob Ewbank. There were many old faces around, kiewicz. however, to help coach Ewbank. Among the veterans were Gary Dobereiner, Delbert Carr, Loren Scott, Jim Fisher, Jim Ogle, Bob Adams, Bob Kennedy, and Ed Lasek. This year's squad featured depth and good pitch- ing. The season proved to be fairly successful, and there are bright prospects for next year. Members of the sophomore baseball team were: Front Row: Mike Knight, Ronnie Pustelnik, ,lalyle Shannon, Delbert Clevenger, Cary Millen, Steve Schroder, lim Braet, Paul Walker, Cecil Hernandez, Jim Hayes, and Mike Dergo. Back Row: Leonard Sangster, Bill Clark, Charlie Shivers, ferry Hopkins, Larry Srniddy, Ronnie IIOH, ,lim Wakefeld, Jim Pierson, and coach George Bray. Members of the basketball All-Star team were: Front Row: Chuck Isaacson, Bob Degraer, Bob Porter, and Roy Perry. Back Row: Bob Adams, ffm Ogle, and Cary Frantz. Missing: fim Duff, Bob Ken- nedy, Bill Murphy, and Cary Narhgang. UH'P5UCZPlU-l2- Art Peterson, Robert Walms- ley, Ralph Coar, and Don Tal- lent were four of the top finalists in the ping-pong tournament. Concentration and good form- Cary Mueller shows us the form he used to become the intramural free-throw champion. He hit 22 out of 25 free throws. Members of the championship team of the fresl1man-sopho- more intramural basketball league were lack Jones, ,lim Adams, Robert Berthoud, and ,lulyle Shannon. Missing are Tom Taylor and John Hants. 88 4 X. 1 ww u X The best racket man in the tennis tournament this year was ,lim fllappyj Valentine. 'E an 'V'-'V 1 lr- L I' ,, The rolleyball tournament provided much fun and ex- citement for the fans. Mem- bers of the championship team were Roy Perry. Bob Carruthers, Bob Stribling, Bob Degraer, Felix Ramirez, Eddie Bowman, and Vernon Ward. W"'?"f"fr x X ' Yu- Y W 'Q iw W 3? X 52. HW .T , ww 'Q Bowling their way to the number one spot were Glenn Trout, fohn Meyers, Ed Seefeldt, and Calvin Marsh. Missing was George DeBo. The two people responsible for the complete intramural program were Mr. William Brooks and Mr. William Yemm. 1 , ..-'X A S ACTIVITIES ,. -? E I .1-alum xv-'QA MK 'X 'GCN sim .af We are as active as the heavens! From llonzecoming lo carnival time, Illurninaling, making brilliant Uur days here. Our king and queen Y Carol Kidd and Russ Perkins symbolizing our UTHS spirit as they reigned over lfie homecoming festivilies. HOMECOMING 'lie llorneeoming King and lueen and their eourf after lie Coronation. Deanna Van luathem, Manuel Cruz. Na- 'ine Bosanae, ,lim Nelson, ladeleine Claus, ,lim Duff, fing Russell and Queen Carol. i e"f A A 'aryDol1eriener, Melinda lailey, Roy Miller, Joanne Vindey, Delbert Carr, and 'onnie Knox. Homecoming . . . The eye-filling sight of lovely queen candidates, suspense before the crown- ing of the king and queen, the heat and noise at the bonfire, a parade of once beautiful floats now wet and bedraggled, an exciting football game, the dance - and the hours of work that went into it all . . . Homecoming, UTHS, 1956. Melinda crowns a happy and radiant queen - Queen Carol and her Court. Left to right: Nadine Bosanac, Deanna Van Quatliem., Madeleine Claus, Queen Carol, Melinda Dailey, foanne Windey, and Connie Knox. i N3 Row One: Sandra Sommer: Carolyn Van Norway: Melinda Dailey: Marie Tanck: Sharon Griner: Sharon Mumma: Carol Pelton: Nancy Hall: Lana Berghult: Pat Van Klaveren: Sandra Cvranell: Judy Hoover: Linda Anderson. Row Two: Peggy Eaton: Nancy Boxstall: Debbie Row Three: George DeBo Jerry Lancaster: Dennis i Row Four: Kenneth Laud Miller: Keith Robinson Billie Dunbar: Ilana Kean: Roberta Mulligan: Janet Lodmg: Lois McCre1ght: Beatrice Wilson: Anderson: Linda Romero: Mary Guerrero: Alice Leasenby. Ronny Hoff: ,lim Heald: Lonnie Ostrom: Walt Lysell: Cary Hobbs: Pete Tsakanikas: Don Fisher: Lee Sahr: Bob E. Sullivan: Don Sullivan. Cecil Hernandez: Julyle Shannon: John Cruz: Mike Knight: Jim Stoneking: Bill Hocker: Roy Ronnie Culp: Bob Case: Reuben Aukee: Jules Terronez: Phil Hutton. Cleanup campaigns, assemblies, a dance, Pete the Panther, conventions - the interests and functions of our Advisory Board are many and varied. It is the student governing board composed of representatives for approxi- mately every thirty students. Functions of the board are organization of Homecoming, discussion of problems and ideas relating to the school and students, sponsorship of a dance, and sending representatives to the district and state student council conventions. This year they developed the idea of a school mascot, Pete the Panther. Our Advisory Board president this year WHS also president of the Quint City Student Congress. Pekin District representatives were: Front Row: Ronnie Hoff. Middle Row: Keith Robinson, Me- linda Dailey, .ludy Hoover. Back Row: Dennis Sahr, George DeBo, Bob Sullivan, Roy Miller. mentarian: Bob Sullivan vice-president: Roy Miller president: Melinda Dailey secretary: Pete Tsakanikas treasurer. Standing: Mr. Pierson and Mr McCoy, sponsors. Our representatives to the Quint City Stu- dent Congress are: Seated: Melinda Dailey, janet Loding. Standing: Pete Tsakanikas, Roy Miller, Bob Sullivan. Seated: Cary Hobbs, parlia- BAND lg Rnuv One: Robert Cuttoir. Bill Millmurn. Boh Cunningham. Ramona Golmer, Mieheul Shea. Rau' Two: Lana Berghult. Lois MeCrm-ight, Janet Brissman, Pat Akers, Ilana Kean. Lane Morgan, Jaek Smith, Karen Leonhard. Sandra Sommer. Janet Moore. Naney Boxstall. Pat Molnar. Row Three: l'at Adams, Karyn Powell, Kay Bottorfl, Suzanne llaels. Trudy Vines, Judy Sehadt, Lynda Benson, Myrna Canheld, Tod Dalrymple. Wayne Miller, Helen Dolan. Wilma Myers, Roberta Mulligan. Row Four: James Valentine, Deanne Derby, Nadine Snyder. Ifugzene Penner, Sinvlair Patterson, James Lovett, Warren Laixrem'e. James Stoneking. Anthony Cranet. Janet Van Overshelde, Karen Su:-as. Kenneth Hignight, Row Fire: Nlelxin Wilkinson. Keith Stoneking. Judy Knaaek. Dennis Anderson. Judy Miller, Karen Eddleman, Kathryn Jones, Joanne Leland. Elizabeth Simpson. Joyce Collins, Kayla Stone. Dorothy Homan, Janiee Skiles, Janet Stang, Nlir-heal Clark. Janice Rynard, Joyfe Stoedter. Row Six: Richard Veryac-ke, Don Adams. George Rasmussen, Phillip Grant, Jaekie Ross, Lois Beaudoin, Caroline Nlalinoski, Karen Crelj. Kenneth Womaek. .Jeral Miller, Bill Smith, Ron Trout, Robert Carruthers, Leonard Suhr, Terry Lewis. Daniel Tvxorek. Ransom Tone. Row Seven: Bill Murphy. Keith Lundeen, Ed Cox, Gary Johnson. George Cox. and Leo Comhes. The happy conductors - Mr. John Thoman and Mr. Mallie Williams. Sharp marching formations, novelty numbers, and a get-to- gether with the Boys Clee Club for a satirical account of our Mo- line visitors, provided a busy football season for our band. During the winter the ensembles were hard at work and presented a program for the Teachers' In- stitute at Aledo. In the spring the solos and ensembles attended the District Music Contest in Mon- mouth. Recognition for all the work was given when they took a trip to Chicago. The year's pro- gram wound up with the annual spring concert. Four rnajorettes and a major-all in a row-Karen Sass, Lois McCreight, Lana Berghult, janet Brissman, and Bobbie Cunningham. CHOIR Mr. Barron, Choir Director, did a very fine job this year in pre- senting fine musical programs for the student body and the public. Row One: Dawn Matson, Loretta Redman, Sally Randolph, Gary Miller, Jack Keenan, Bob Stirratt, ' ' ' ' K K ll Es eranza James Irwin, Benard Pilcher, Ronald Lulp, Prank Dunbar, Larry Reed, aren e ey p Ramirez, Marilyn Cushman, Eleanor Reyes. Marvella Meineke, Evelyn Lucas. Row Two: Karen Leonhard, Carol Bryan, Delores Herrera, Barbara Miller, Leo Vallejo, Robert Case, John Miller, Frederick Banfield, Ronald Waeyaert, Garald Mueller, Lyle Gerlock, Melvin Wilkenson, Judy Hicks, Irene Bell, Marcia Fenno, Sandra Kallman, Nancy Serbousek, Helene Rivers. Row Three: Carol Penderson, Linda Laird, Susan Kelly, Sharon Griner, JoAnn Windey, Roxanne York, James Foiles, Michael Berthoud, Bobbie Cunningham, Russell Perkins, Harold Bost, Jerry Koenig, John Meyers, Daurel Brown, Carolyn Lewis, Karen Nelson, Sharon Mumma, Bonnie Wilkens Joyce Abraham h C ll Tom Row Fouri Shirley Pysson, Melinda Dailey, Sandra Duquenne, Marie Tanck, S aron arro , Robyt, Robert Walmsley, Richard Vickers, Alan O'Dell, Roy Perry, George Polios, James Tanek, Richard Entriken, Zoerelda Stout, Rosa Thompson, Carol Stipp, Mary Hynd, Heloise Nelson. MELODETTES The Melodettes, who have been sing- ing together since they were sopho- rnores, have been very popular in a great number of music festivities. Top Row: Sharon Griner, Melinda Dailey, Sharon Carroll, and Nancy Serbousek. Bottom Row: Sharon Mamma, fudy Hoover, accompanist, and Zorelda St-out. CHOIR OFFICERS The Choir officers- Top Row: Roxanne York, librarian, George Polios, president, Zoe Stout, librar- ian, and Helene Rivers, robe chair- rnan. Middle Row: Karen Nelson, librarian, and ,lo Ann Windey, secretary, Bottom Row: Sharon Mumma, robe Chairman, Susan Kelley, librarian, and Melinda Dailey, vice-president. TREBLETONES The Treble Tones consisted of eight junior girls that appeared on assem- blies, and made personal appearances in the community during the year. The group consists of: Top Row: Helene Rivers and Marilyn Cushman. Bottom Row: Sandra Kallman, Lois MeCreight. Bonnie Wilkens, Roxanne York, and Susan Kelley. Their accompanist is Linda Laird. GlRL'S GLEE CLUB Row One: Sharon Neufcour, Olga lsais, Myrtle Crouch, Merry Frasier, Mary Rasso, Judy Armstrong, Nancy Rosenberger, Erna Sable, Etta Marie Fox, Alice Leasenby, Ruth Hirst, Adele Sable, Carolyn Park, Judy Kiglit, Carol Schweitzer, Sandra Rohren, Margaret Hokinson, Sandra Hesscr, Patricia Lydon. Row Two: Judy Hoover, Mary Alyre Adams, Louise McCreary, Margo Lynne Nordman, Rowena Bedeian, Marieta Timbrook, Gladys Willy, Beverly Cook, Joanne Scott, Mary Alice Ohrberg, Susan Cady, Karen LaFountain, Sharon Cowser, Paula McLean, Naomi Ford, Sandra Slirratt, Virginia Suttion, Margie Mayhew, Louise Shaw, Virginia Myers, Frances Ramirez. Hou' Three: Carol Ann Anders, Kathy Zimmerman, Donna Rhae Katsis, Joanie Bryant, Joy Kicksey, Margot Moose, Carol Hauman, Barbara Lasck, Char Coleman, Shirley Townsend, Jeannie McDowell, LaJune Johnson, Coralie Leasenby, Carole Stevenson, Wanda Howell, Virginia Stahl, Alice Finley, Marsha Winthurst. Sandra Leach, Beverly Stoedter, Marie Laleman. Row Four: Sharon Wilson, Brenda Willaert, Sandra Murphy, Barbara Mitacek, Janice Gunnell, Fran Jaecques, Doris Whitmarsh, Barbara J. Nelsen, Dolores Kastner, Yvonne Cornell, Ellen Sodeman, Peggy Dobereiner, Joann Rustelnik, Carolyn VanVooren, Judy Ann Ammer- man, Lucille Ann Fostrom, Sondra Williams, Karen Agnew, and Sally Host. BOY'S GLEE CLUB Bottom Row: Bill Hamerly, Valentino Bravo, Julius Terronez, Teddy Leslie, Eddie Bowman, Owen Stipp, Larry Nahr- gang, Frank Trask, Norman Bauwens. Tap Row: Darryl Ingersoll, Dean Lang, Tom King, Gary Lenhart, Dave Martin, Jim Adams, Cary Hobbs, Don Fuhrer, Don Wold, Jim McMillin, Bob Moose, Richard Hoskins, and Howard Mosher: ZIDZIUII11 C O R S Row One: Rosalie Dowis, Bessie Bickford, Linda Romero, Karen Sowers, Sandra Murphy, Connie Hemm, Virginia Zimmerman, Sandra Krambeck, Patricia llokinson, Linda Herrera, Kay Ashdown, Sharon Groy, Almeda Freeman, Irene Bowling, Alveta Lasiter, Rosalie Vermulen, Mary Park, Sandra Schnieder, Kay Wloodworth, Sandra Christensen, Billie Dunbar. Row Two: Carolyn Mitts, Virginia Dueysen, Estelle Davidson, Kay Ferrier, Virgie Johnson, Sharon Van Overschelde, Mable Anderson, Mary Ful- scher, Judy Farris, Patricia Dwyer, Martha Pugh, Alice Woodworth, Clara Lee, Joyce LaPeere, Judy HUH, Jean Davidson, Bonnie Bulen, Martha Smith, Joyce McDanel. Row Three: Rochelle Westbrook, Gloria Hirst, Florence Goben, Jean Bauwens, Sylvia Stockwell, Donna Pilcher, Carolyn Miller, Donna Penderson, Betty McLaughlin, Robert Hintze, Mac Arbeau, Norman Wilkins, Dennis Rogers, Jim Cargile, Barton Emmett, Darrel lrwin, Jeanne Rosezyk, Nola Anderson, Betty Van De Velde, Janice Thompson, Terry Huskey, Mary Lakadat, Betty Crouch. Row Four: Sharron True, Debbie Anderson, Maureen O'Harrow, Sherrie Wilson, JoAnn McLemore, Beatrice Wilson, Martha Platt, Karen Wilder- muth, Janet Taulbee, George Miller, Phillip Bond, Terry Holmes, Laszlo Lakadat. Charles Massa, James Carroll, Julyle Shannon, Ron Trice, Carole glailildel, Linda Livesay, Lois Boles, Elizabeth Thompson, Jean Anderson, Karen Saddoris, Joanne Leland, Dianna Lowe, Virginia Jackson, Sharon ee . Row Five: Sandra Grill, Pam O'Klock, Mary Etta Longnecker, Barbara De Graeve, Carol Talak, Velma Moose, Judy Anders, Sandra Schultz, Delbert Clcvenger, Carl Stueland, Tom Finch, Charles Roberson, Wade Wood, Charles Wheery, Galvin Garcia, Clyde Hostens, Mary Jo Van Hecke, Judy Shomasko, Frances McNeal, Janet Fuller, Kay Stevenson, Judy Sweet, Shirley McLean, Sandra Huggins, Lana Stephenson. Row Six: JoAnne Versypt, Karen Komatar, Pat Van Klaveren, Marsha Damp, Martha Versluis, Bonnie Odendahl, Janet Rhodes, Doralee Oakman, Jennie Petersen, Rochelle Williams, Rodney Cook, Gary Natwick, Frank Carben, Dick Lippelgoes, Warren Rowe, Donald Murphy, Bob Ballegeer, Brucg lgease,BCarol Pelton, Sharon Williams, Carol Graham, Edna Waddell, Virginia Wooley, Margo Hessell, Nancy Swiatkiewicz, Deanne Glaudel, and e ecca town. CHORALETTES Bottom Row: Karen Kelley, Karen Leonhard, Rosa Thompson, Marie Tanck, Karen Nelson, Mary Hynd, Carol Ann Bryan, Linda Laird, Barbara Miller. Top Row: Laddy Barron, Jack Keenan, John Miller, Harold Bost, George Polios, Roy Perry, John Meyers, Robert Walmsley, and Tom Robyt. IACK KEENAN DERELDA STOUT NNW is A , , .: - ji iiw ' ' ,, . 1. H E ' ,, .. f::': JUDY ROSE DECLAMATION of It Y' ' .e Q Z ,. M - .,, ., i f ' "-" A. . 'itttltif t LOIS MCCREIGHT BONNIE WILKENS MARGARET FREEBERN ADELE SABLE 10? The second declarnation team was composed of: Front Row: Lynda Benson, Karen Suss, Martha Smith, Lois Beaudoin, Nancy Serbousek. Middle Row: Karen Creb, Jeanne De Clerck, Maureen Kelly. Back Row: Mary Lakadat, Robert Cattoir, Joanne Versypt, Mary Versypt, and Ramona Cober. MRS. JESSIE FREDERICK 172 SANDRA WILCOX KARROL JEFFERS LANA BERGHULT Stomach knots, butterflies, and cold, clammy hands were the order of the day around UTHS on March 2, when East Moline hosted the District Speech Contest. Emerging from the district contest to go on to the sectionals were the one act play, Angel Streetg Zoe Stout, serious readingg Jack Keenan, coniedyg Lois McCreight, ora- torical declamationg Louise Mc- Creary, extempg Roy Miller, after dinner speakingg Sandra Wilcox, verse reading, and John Siefken, radio speaking. AFTER DINNER SPEAKING Doing the after dinner speaking this year were Sandra Sommer, Melinda Dailey, and Roy Miller. RADIO SPEAKING The voices that came over the mike in radio speaking belonged to Karen Leonhard, Charlotte Coleman, Sharon Wilson, Virginia Sutton, Bill Murphy, John Siefken, and Bob Stirratt. ORIGINAL ORATION Representing UTHS in the original ora- tion department this year were Bob Stir- ratt, John Siefken, and Bob Stevenson. EXTEMP Practicing with their advisor, Urs. .UctYab, are the extern- poraneous speakers, Roberta Lang and Louise g1lcCreary. EXTEMPORARY VERSE Row One: Lana Berghult, Ramona Co- ber, Karrol fejers, Mary Versypt. Row Two: Zoe Stout, Sandra Wilcox, Adele Sable. ORATORICAL DECLAMATION The students out for Oratorical Declamalion this year were: Sit- ting: Adele Sable, Sharon Wooley, Barbara Creb. Standing: Lois Beaudoin, Lois McCreight. ORIGINAL MONOLOGUE Left to Right: Diane Walker, Kar- en Leonhard, lack Keenan, Sandra Wilcox, Margaret Freebern. DEBATE Winning their share of de- bates against some of the finest Illinois and lowa teams, the East Moline debaters made some fine individual showings, too. Debating on the afhrma- tive were Robert Stevenson and Maureen Kelley. The negative team was comprised of Roy Miller and John Siefken. Bob and John each received out- standing speakers ratings at the Geneseo tournament, and John received two at Gales- burg. We donlt believe you? fohn Sief- ken, Bob Stevenson, and Maureen Kelly look skeptical about what Roy Miller is telling them con- cerning the farm problem. Mr. Andrew Kossives, advisor, speaks 'to the members of the second debate team. From left to right they are: Don Sullivan, Peggy Eaton, Marilyn Pinner, Robert Cattoir. Going over some points on their debate are, sitting: lohn Siefken, Maureen Kelly, Mr. Kossives, advisor. Standing: Roy Miller, Bob Stevenson. KEY Now what I think is -and so it goes as the Key stag prepares to put another paper to bed. All the opinion formers in this picture are Pat Collins, editor- in-chiefg Sandra Sommer, girls sports editorg Sharon Criner, feature editorg Marie Tanck, news editor, Barbara Wassenhove, editorial editorg Mr. Le- vin, advisor. Standing in back are Dick Bond, sports editor and Lane Morgan, photographer. Page makeup, late photos, galley sheets, and seventh hour gah and work fests added to the worries and fun of the Key staff as they put out thirteen four page issues this year. Besides publishing a top-ranking newspaper under the sponsorship of Mr. Levin, the staff found time to attend a press conference in the fall at the U. of lllinois, and to take a week-end trip to Chicago in the spring as recognition to the seniors for their work. Another means of recognition was the election of sev eral members to Quill and Scroll. Other activities included co-sponsoring the spring carnival and an assembly in the fall with the Skyline KEY STAFF RE PORTERS Row One: Rowena Bedeian, Diane Waterman, Joy Bates, Joyce Bates, Carol Ovens, Mary Lakadat, Judy Hoehn. Row Two: Vivian Mr'Mullin, Nancy Serliousek, Shirley Hammerlinek, Carolyn Orey, Carol Anders, Carolyn VanVooren, Kathleen Hill. Row Three: Roxanne York, Judy Stockton, Doris Ann Tanck, Carole White, Glenda Cranell, Mary Hynd, Bonnie Wilkens, Nancy Cray. Row Four: Dixie Reddirk, Darla Reddivk, Jozsef Lakadat, Ronald Shepard, Bob Degraer, Terry Allen, Tony Columbia, Terry Mahan, Zoe Stout, Kathy Smith. 3 1 iff H Ut' N Work! Slaves! -Pat Collins wields the big stick over Heloise Nelson, Arlene Gabriel, Sharon Criner, Marie Tanck, and Pat Verlinden, while Lane Morgan relaxes. ff Now-it's this way. Mr. Levin gives his business stay? some in- structions. Listening are Heloise Nelson, business managerg Arlene Gabriel, advertisingg Pat Verlin- den, advertisingg Barb Miller, ex- change ea'itorg Carol Stipp, circu- lation manager. How will I ever get it all done??? A typically busy seventh hour for Barb Wassenhove, Dick Bond, and Sandra Sommer. L... 1-, -ewmswiwsmm. - Our Editors-Joyce and Millie. Money is the root of all-Skylines? Ron DeSmet, art editor and Roy Miller, sports editor seem oblivious to the busi- ness end of the book. But not Melinda Dailey, business manager, Sharon Wooley, patronsg and Pele Tsalcanikas, subscriptions manager. Hey, Teacher! - Mrs. Erickson gives some info to: Front: Cary Hansen, photographer, Leona Rossi, junior editorg JoAnne Scott, soph-omore editor. Middle: Tod Dalryrnple and Lane Morgan, pho- tographersg Donna Miller and Na- dine Bosanac, typists. Back: Bob Degraer, senior editor. Missing from the picture are jackie Ross, freshman editor and Nancy Ser- bouselc, typist. SKYLINE Darkroom disaster, lost layouts, and the flu often slowed up the progress and added confusion to the deadlines-but the Skyline staff always came through, following the motto, The book must go out - and under Mrs. Ericksonls threats and Millie or ,loycels cajoling. This was a year when our stars were sometimes dull, but we shined them up and finally ended the year with a slam bang picnic and several members being elected to Quill and Scroll. Is that Are we busy? It ufould seem so. Helene Rivers, activities editor, Joanne Comes, club editor, Mary Alyce Adams, faculty editor, Mau- reen Kelly, Barbara Creb, and fo- anne Canatsey, copy writers. what they looked like? Carole White, Louise McCreary, Fern Kincaid, Barbara Arbeau, Ross Hailey, and Harry Drumm, Gppfefll ices, look over some old annuals. Champaign boundgfor the convention trip in the fall are Bob, Mrs. Frederick, Mrs. Erickson, Susan Millie, and loyce. Welre in the dark-sorne- times and in the darkroom every free hour - Lane Morgan, Tod Dalrympleg Cary Hansen, our photog- raphers. 4 1 A happy moment! The C.A.A. queen, Nadine Bosanac and king, Delbert Carr are pictured with runners-up Melinda Dailey and Rus- sell Perkins minutes after the announcement of their being chosen "King and Queen of Sportsf' 110 Good sports - Because of their outstanding participation in sports, these people were honored as this year's C.A.i4. royalty. Seated are Kathleen Cober, Nancy Hunter, Joyce lckes, Carol Roman, Melinda Dailey, Russell Perkins, Joanne Windey, Donna Miller, Sharon Hall, and Deanna Van Quathern. Standing are Cary Dobereiner, Loren Scott, Torn Hopkins, Jim Duff, Nadine Bosanac, Delbert Carr, John Siefken, Jim Nelson, Ron Reyna, and Dennis Daniels. G. A. A. ROYALTY 'en lovely athletes-W ho ays athletic girls can't be vretty? Proof positive hat they can is given by 'ueen Nadine Bosanac .nd her attendents, Nancy iunter, Carol Roman, oyce lclces, Joanne Win- ley, Melinda Dailey, Teanna Van Quathem, iharon Hall, Donna Mil- zr, and Kathleen Cober. Wearing the crown as this year's King and Queen of Sports, Nadine Bosanac and Delbert Carr reigned over the festivities highlighting the C.A.A. year. Runners-up for this gala event were Melinda Dailey and Russell Perkins. Providing amusement for the king and queen were mem- bers of the Junior class and members of the faculty who participated in a heated volleyball game. After many tense minute of play, the Juniors slipped past the faculty for a 23-22 decision. Co-captains of the Junior team, Dennis Sahr and Gwen Lee, accepted the victorls trophy. MKER QUSUKIIICE SIIVNCE 4957 ,- in mf sm Q Editors Diane Walker and Joy Kieksey look over last yearls Panther Parade with their advisor, Mr. Stevens. Reading and selecting copy to ap- pear in the Panther Parade is the duty of the editorial board, com- posed of Sharon Criner, and Nancy Serbousek, seated. and Gwen Lee, Ron Lohse, Karen Leonhard, Me- linda Dailey, and Sandra Sommer, standing. Busy perusing old Panther Parade numbers are staff members Roy Mil- ler, subscription manager, Zoe Stout, circulation manager, Marie Milton, exchange editor, lack Keenan, busi- ness rnanagerg Barbara Creb, change editor, Rowena Hedeian, asst. subscription manager. PANTHER PARADE The Panther Parade, one of the few high school literary magazines, was incorporated as one of our school activities to induce bet- ter Writing. The magazine gives students an opportunity to submit their manuscripts for publication. Much of the material comes from the English classes. -1 2 Proudly displaying her Sadie Hawkins day catch, Carol Anders guards the grinning Mr. Barron with her trusty rifle. Agri' ' xii: a-is With the hayseea' still in his hair, lim Mc- Millin gives with some of his famous cornball jokes in the y sophomore assembly. ' 1 " , rbX Three areal cool cats," namely Duane Sanders on accordian, Bob Cattoir on the hot drums, and Warren Lawrence playing sax, had us all rocking ana' rolling in the aisles. Sweet melodies hll the air when- ever the Trebletones consisting of Helene Rivers, Susan Kelley, Rox- anne York, Marilyn Cushman, Lois McCreight, Bonnie Wilkens, and Sandra Kallman, are near. ASSEMBLIES lflectronics, the experiences of a Kor- ean war orphan, a Christmas concert by the choral groups, the many pep rallies, and the riolous class assemblies, entertained and educated the students. Probably the most impressive assembly was the second annual National Honor Society Initiation with its speeches and candle lighting ceremony. If any, this was the one to make students want to make their own stars shine brighter in the galaxy of many. Nxt rg l Zoe Stout has murder in her eyes as she holds a razor to Jack Keenan's thr-oat in a scene from the play '24ngel Street." PLAYS Lola Dunbar comforts lack Keenan when Inspector Rough, played by H-ugh Morrill and the policeman, played by Bob Case, finally catch up with him- His wife, Zoe Stout, and their maid, Margaret Free- bern, are relieved that he has been caught. 'I'I4 From mystery and drama to hilarious comedy - the emotions of the viewers of U.T.H.S. stage productions were well satisfied during the play season. ln the fall of the year, with a cast consisting of Gary Pinkerton, Sandra Wilcox, ,lack Keenan, Adele Sable, Zoerelda Stout, Bonnie Wilkens, Roy Miller, and ,lack Smith, The Tender Trap by Max Shulman and Robert Paul Smith brought forth a lot of sighs and laughs. Angel Street by Patrick Hamilton was the con- test play this year, Winning second in the district contest. Zoe Stout, ,lack Keenan, Lola Dunbar, Margaret Freebern, Hugh Morrill, Cary Pinker- ton, and Robert Case made up the cast and worked to give a spine chilling performance for the pub- lic in March. With a complete change of pace, the depart- ment brought tears of laughter to the eyes of the audience as they romped through Charley's Aunt. Rocking audiences with laughter in the play that once rocked audiences on Broadway were Cary Nahrgang, ,lack Keenan, John Siefken, Vernon Robinson, ,lack Smith, Kenneth Beverlin, Mar- garet Freebern, Susan Kelly, Rosa Thompson, and Bonnie Wilkens. T Everybody is hard at work behind the scenes of Hflngel Streetl' despite oc- casional horseplay with make-up tat- toos like the one displayed on Roy Millerls backg otherwise, Zoe Stout, Margaret Freebern, Bob Case, Hugh Morrill, Lola.Dunbar, Jack Keenan, and Roy Miller are busy with the rou- tine jobs connected with make-up. "What do you want, eh? What do you want?" asks Lola Dunbar of lack Keenan in a love scene from the Vie- torian thriller 5'Angel Streetf, "You see I didnft lose themfl Zoe Stout says, as she shows Sargeant Rough, played by Hugh Morrill, and her husband, ,lack Keenan, a drawer full of allegedly nzissing articles. -.ll 'MQ Uni-- N milf' 93-Ml -:ab A constellation within Our school universe, We are together For frolic, friendship-and learning. Mrs. McNalJ, Bible club advisor, ap- pears here with her oflcers for the year. They are Dorothy Harmon, pres- identg Ron Clevenger, vice-presidentg Sandra Moeller, secretary, Janet Muse, treasurerg and Sandra Coakley, club delegate. BIBLE CLUB For any students who are greatly interested in developing a strong Christian character, Bible Club offers an opportunity to exchange ideas and to gain an experience in group lead- ership. ln the spring, a quizz team competes with similar teams from other Bible Clubs within this area. Under the guidance of Mrs. McNab, their sponsor, the Bible Club mem- bers have gained a richer understanding of Christian living and their own religion. Roi? qpe: Byrl Weiss, Joyce Stoedter, Kay Wilkinson, Judy Huff, Karen Moeller, Sandra oe er. Row Two: Roy Perry, Phillip Grant, Roberta Lang, Virginia Jackson, Yvonne Ross, Ruth Hirst. Marilyn Pinner. Row Three: Linda Laird, Gladys Willy, Sharon Passini, Cynthia Brewer, Carolyn Miller, Judy Thurber, Nancy Simher. Row Four: Eugene Penner, Kenneth Kunkle, Gary Hansen, Glenn Trout, Harry Sedgwick, Pat Adams, Trudy Vines, Joyce Collins, and Sandra Smith. F .D.A. The Future Distributors really distrib- uted their time among several activities this past year. They began the year with a Wiener roast at Indian Bluffs. This was closely followed by the 4'Autumn Spinfl a dance they sponsored after the Moline foot- ball game. Mr. Leland, secretary of the Assn. of Commerce, spoke to the club on the duties of the local secretary of the chamber. Field trips were taken to Sturtevant's Dairy, Os- car Mayer, Davenport Shopping Center, Block and Kuhl, Amana Foods, Continental Store, and others. Four club representatives, Bob Schnack, Dick Goderis, Dixie Van De Woestyne, and Mike Kenny, attended the Leadership Training Conference in Springfield in Feb- ruary. The year was rounded out with an Employer-Employee Banquet in April. Ojicers for this past year-Seated: Dick Coderis, vice- l president, Bob Schnack, president. Standing: Vera Brown, reporterg Dixie Van De Woestyne, secretaryg Delbert DePorter, parlimentariang Mike Kenny, treas- urer, and Mr. Morgan, advisor. Display arranging-by Ronnie Quillin, Bob Bushnell, Carol Meeds, and Norma- jeanne Williams while Dallas Armstrong, Dick Carter, Dick Anderson, Torn Morgan, Virginia Lundeen, ,lim Talak, Karen Billberg, and Mary Turner watch. 'I'I9 F 1 1 F t MEMBERS OF BIO-CHEM-ICS Bottom Row: Francis Mohr, Cary Maxwell, Jim Gager. Middle Ruw: Fran Jaecques, Diane Walker, Jack Keenan, Robert Cattoir, Ralph Goar, Roy Miller Tup Row: Roger Schlaf, Bill Van Yliete, Mike Shea, Patrick Dubuisson. BIC-CHEM-ICS The science department received a Christmas present this year-Bio-Chem-ics surprised them with a new science typewriter, so all our mad sci- entists have turned into mad typists. Besides giving presents, Bio-Chem-ics tries to give its members a spirit of cooperation and a de- sire to carry on interests in science in our school and community. The club is open to upperclassmen and to second semester freshmen who have earned an A average in science and B in other academic subjects. Bio-Chem-ics and the Camera Club combined to make a homecoming float and sponsor a dance at the end of the first semester. The club also tried to interest students in making exhibits at the first Annual Science Fair. Bio-Chem-ics also enjoyed several filmstrips on science, shown by their spon- sor, Mr. Pratt. The ojlcers and sponsor of the Bio-Chem-ics Club this year are: Pete Tsakanikas, president, Glen Trout, vice- presidentg Mr. Pratt, sponsor, and jackie Ross, sec- retary. Will it work out? Checking out their problem of physics, Bio-Chem-ics members are working on a problem of de- termining the frequency of a sound wave. Don't break that egg! Anxious Bio-Chem-ics plebes watch Mrs. Fredrick sign their eggs during the hrst days of their initiation into the club. Jackie Ross, Secretary of Bio- Chem-ics and Mr. Pratt, Spon- sor, are discussing the arrange- ment of our Solar System for exhibition purposes. ...ai ff! 'Ru rf! Qa Q.l ,g 'at if S 5. . :V . 15 5 ,: ggi .gl , 3 T :sg 5: - .1 its we , ., rm, F- l Q we tw "" . Q ,S E252 eg? aiu iii? uri ', , Q i,,,,,,,mMN r 25 2627 28 29 30 trsi E r i it t t A tongue biting job - Carol Stipp and Darlene Vanden Bossche feed materials to 'hle to Phyllis Max- well. BUSINESS CLUB A happier and more efficient member of the business world - This is what each of the 34 members of Business Club hopes to develop into. As a means to this end, outside speakers from IBM and Moline Community College were brought before the group. Members learned much about the duties, opportunities, and requirements of office work. Socialwise, the club had a Halloween party and sponsored a dance, the 'Sweater Swirl," in January. They also included a homecoming float and a carnival booth among their activities for the year. Accounting for the fine showing M of the Business Club this year were the ojicers: Janet Muse, treasurerg Mildred Krajnovich, vice-presidentg Miss Eleanor Al- len, sponsorg and Joyce Ickes, president. Row One: Doris Ann Tanck, Evelyn Ann Waller, Bonita Carter, Kathleen Gober, Deanna Van Quathem, Sandra Sommer. Row Two: Rowena Bedeian, Barbara Lueders, Rosa Thompson, Diane Waterman, Martha King, Lucille Alli- son, Sandra Smith. Row Three: Sharon Cowser, Carolyn VanVooren, Arlene Redfield, Sharon Sears, Phyllis Maxwell, Connie Knox, Donna Schoonover, Heloise Nelson, Beverly Lavine. Row Four: Carol Stipp, Barbara Mitacek, Mary Sue Stephenson, Joy Bates, Joyce Bates, Sharon Allen, Darlene Vanden Bossche, Sharon Carroll, and Nancy Rosenberger. Nimble hngers?? Nope, just getting acquainted to see if we would like to do this next year, say Sharon McMillan, Diane Waterman, Vivian Mclllullin, R0- wena Bedeian, and Sharon Allen. Tlqyw As shown by these business club members, a very impor- tant part of a secretary's duties is transcribing her shorthand notes. Ki l 1 ,Y -Q-www' Qwgllv' 'Wig CAMERA CLUB The Bridge by fackie Ross Ist scenery division. Partners by fackie Ross lst people division. Bottom Row: .lack Keenan, Kath- leen Gober, Jackie Ross, Sandra Schultz, Sara Aldrich, Mary Lak- adat, Don Murphy. Top Row: Leo Combes, Gary Oren- dorff, Bill Van Vliete, Glenn Trout, Tod Dalrymple, Brent Hanson, Jozsef Lakadat, Rodger Schlaf, Lane Morgan president Sandra Sommer, vice-president, Mr. Pratt, sponsor, 'llelmda Dailey .secretary treasurer. Busy Camera Club shutterbugs snapped every picture there was to snap with the two new cameras given them by Argus Camera, lnc., and then learned to develop, print, and enlarge the shots. The shutterbugs turned into shufllebugs at their uSe- mester Shulflew after a basketball game. Filmstrips, guest speakers, and movies helped to increase the club members' knowledge of photography. Camera Club got together with Bio-Chem-ics to work on a homecoming float. They also put together another Telephone Directory under the directions of their sponsors, Mr. Pratt and Mr. Schmidt. The club also held a photo contest this year with three first place winners. The winning photos are pictured on these pages. Brookfield's Best Begger by Marilyn Ceer, Ist animal di- vision. F. H. A. oficers were, Row One: Helene Rivers, vice-presidentg Susan Kelley, secretary, Sandra Kallrnen, reporter. Row Two: Linda Ragan, historiang Carole Blunke, treasurerg Miss Frane, sponsorg Roxanne York, recreational chairman. Row Three: Mary Guerrero, presidentg Dolores Kastner, assistant historian, Yvonne Cornell, project chairman, Sharon Murnrna, degree chairman. F.H.A. Demonstrations on clothing, child care, and gift Wrapping gave variety to the Future Homemakers of America meetings. Activities throughout the year were packing food boxes at Christmas time, co-sponsoring the Homecoming and Valentine dances, and attending a rally day at Annawan. Each of the girls had a home project to do during the year. Time out for T. V. Mary Guerrero, Linda Ragari, and Carole Blunke tune in on the new F. H. A. set. 1' Row Three: Carolyn Quillin, Patricia Bushnell, Joanne Versypt, Carolyn Van Vorren, Mary Versypt. Row Two.' Judy Hicks, Kay Ferrier, Sandra Clauw, Pat Clauw. Row One: Kathleen Hill, Margo Hessell, Patricia Lydon, Marie Laleman. Raw Four: Virginia Hunter, Karen Con- over, Norene Poelvoorde, Marlene Weber. Row Three: Karen Wildermuth, Sara Aldrich, Sharon McMillin. Row Two: Theresa Cuvele, Linda Laird, Sandra lokisch. Row One: Dorothy Harmon, Mary Jo Van Hecke, Janet Muse. Look at those smiles of anticipation! F. T. A. members look forward to an interesting visit at Marycrest College. F.T.A. Taking boys and girls to the water fountain, playing with the children during recess, and supervising their activities in the lunchroom were a few of the things the F.T.A. members did during the day they spent in our public grade schools observing teaching procedures. Other F.T.A. activities included taking part in American Education Week observance, attending Black- hawk Division meetings, and ushering during the Rock Island County Teacher's Institute. Two members attended the Regional Workshop at Rochelle in the fall and other members went to the state convention at Normal. Our chapter of Future Teachers of America was started to give students desiring to be teachers a better understanding of their chosen field. Bottom Row: Lois Mcfireight, vice-presidentq Sandra Coakley, presidentg Lois Beaudoin, secretary. Top Row: Sharon Griner, song leaderg Sandra Sommer, historiang Elisabeth Cornell, sponsorg Carole Blunke, librarian Barbara Greb, parliamentarian. M" L. l r , or Leaflet distribnlionfF. T. A. 'L' ' -'-,raw - members spent the afternoon Ig 5 il last fall handing ont leaflets 5, . rm announcing the open house " which was held at the high N' 'lll 7 school. 1. , W, K 5 313 no Nfknm ,. -' : M' W "f'-W.-. r. eie lel e l ,........w r Www 5 ' A H l oio ew . V , ,,, H ,V ,.EV g Q "---...e - le....--- i i,l e iiii Sel i l Ml i K Bottom Row: Sandra Shamasko, Janice Rynard, Marie Mitton. Top Row: Kathleen Gober, Dorothy Homan, Sara Aldrich, Louise IN Icllreary, Sandra Rohren, Carolyn Lewis. als. 4, , 129 G.A.A. activities were completed under the leadership of these ojjicers. Bottom Row: Jean War- ren, second semester secretary- treasurerg Melinda Dailey, frst semester presidentg Sandra Heg- wood, second semester presi- dentg janet Loding, jirst se- mester secretary-treasurer. Top Row: Janet Brissman, first se- mester vice president, Carol Stevenson, second semester vice president. G.A.A. Clear, starry skies could have been the forecast for the C.A.A. all year, from their tennis playing in the fall to the spring activities. The schedule of activities such as basketball, volleyball, and bowl- ing went smoothly, exciting the interest of the freshman girls so that this was a record year for joining G.A.A. Spring activities were suitably ushered in with the crowning of Nadine Bosanac and Del Carr as G.A.A. queen and king, and a cheer rousing volleyball game between the faculty and students. 0 130 -I I 1 3 I ' I The bowling team whose scores were entered f in the State C.A.A. tourney is composed of these girls. Left to right: Judy Hoehn, Sandra " Sommer, Melinda Dailey, Sandra Hegwood, and Carol Kidd. Carol bowled a total of 423 points. Leaders in GAA. help out as activity assistants in various sports. Bottom Row: Nancy Hall, Delores Kastner, Elaine Perlcins, Lois Beaudoin, Carol Roman, Stormy Cober, Lana Berghult, Kathy Smith. Top Row: Janice Lauritzon, Velma Moose, Nancy Box- stall, Carol Talak, Daurel Brown, Susanne Haefs, Lola Ander- son, Barbara Lueders, Merry Frasier. Looking forward to C.A.A. camp are these high point members. Seated: Carole Blunke. Standing, Left to Right: Lois McCreight, alternate, Mrs. Ruberg, Donna Miller, alternate, Mrs. Ward, Carol Roman. 'CID' The junior team smiles after their victory in the CAA. volleyball tournament. Bottom Row: Lois Mcffreight, Sandra Hegwood, captain, janet Lod- ing. Middle Row: Lois Beaudoin, Barbara Lasek, Gwen Lee. Top Row: fudy Hoehn, fanet Brissman, 5' WM Aga ,L ge' I. W k Peggy Gooch. 'l3'I .K , ,N JW G.A.A. What a story they could tell! Representing the l920's, these girls went to Springheld to gire their modern dance and exercise routines. Left to Right: Vivian lllehlullan, .Uiss Piano, sponsor, Deanna Van Quathem, Janet Loding, Rosemary Morrison, Nancy Hunter, Kathleen Cober, Nadine Bosanac. C. A. A. assistants were, Row One: Nadine Bosanac, Carolyn Van Norway, Gwen Lee, Sandra Shamasko, lean Warren, Sally Bost, Darlene Vanden Bossche, Donna Miller. R-ow Two: Kathy Colaer, foanne Jlatzen, Bonnie Wilkens, Peggy Gooch, Margaret Freebern, Sharon Rosson, Carolyn Van Vorren, Sandra Sommer, Carole Blunke, Barbara Laself, Rowena Bedeian. Participating in C. A. A. tumbling and pyramid activities were the following: Standing: Sandra Murphy, fanet Van Over- shelde, Diane Waterman, Donna Katsis. In the pyramid, Row One: Karen Agnew, Cheryl Windey, Marilyn Creer. Row Two: Carol Anders, Judy Riley. Row Three: Carole Sergeant. F. N. A. ojicers pictured with their aclifisor Miss Huresh are Joanne Scott, secretaryg Marie Tanck, presidentg and standing are Beverly Covert, vice-president and Elaine Jones, corresponding secretary. Row One: Carolyn Lewis, Irene Bell, Lorraine Emmert, Carole White, Cathy Lambrick, Carol Hauman. Row Two: ,lanice Skiles, Frances Kannenherg, Lucille Fostrom, Marilyn Ceer, Susan Cady, San- dra Smith, Lalune Johnson. Row Three: Maureen Kelly, Linda Laird, Jackie Ross, Barbara Nel- sen, Joyce Ehlers, Patricia Trae- ger, Kathleen Cline, and Ramona Gober. , 1 F.N.A. The F.N.A. bake sale was the first money-making project they had this year. The second was their carnival booth. Various guest speakers con- nected with the nursing profession visited the F.N.A.'s meetings. The members got a close up view of a hospital at work on their field trip to St. Anthony's Hospital and an intimate glimpse of John Deerels medical cle- partment. Each Saturday two girls Went to Augustana College to help out at the Crippled Children's Clinic. The Future Nurses of America is under the sponsorship of Miss Helen Buresh. Giving F. N. A. members a glimpse of the opportu- nities lying in store in the visiting nursels field was Mrs. Morgan, a visiting nurse, shown with Miss Buresh. Row One: Jerome Cacari, Val Bravo, Joe England, Tom Hopkins, Bob Ferry, Bob Kennedy, Chris Dennis, Bob Case, Reuben Aukee, Bill Porter. Row Two: Coach E. Kivisto, Manuel Cruz, Frank Dunbar, Felix Picon, Don Cvuldenpfennig, Roy Miller, Clifs ford Arbogast, Ralph Sanders, Jim Nelson, Bill Moose, Cary Mellinger, Cary Stiener, Ron Bjork. Row Three: Russell Perkins, Loren Scott, Kenny Beverlin, Gary Williams, Cherokee French, George Hurd, Dennis Sahr, Delbert Carr, Henry Rangel, Jim Johnson, Ronnie Reyna. Row Four: Ken Hofstetter, Chuck Isaacson, Ron Peacock, Jim Adams, Gary Hobbs, Harold Paulson, Cary Dobereiner, Jim Oltman, Denny Daniels, Jerry Lancaster, John Siefken. LETTERMEN'S CLUB Selling Panther pins, sponsoring two dances, and a banquet were some of the activities of the Lettermen's club this year. They worked this year to fulfill the purposes of their club: to promote understanding between the athletes and the school and the publicg to encourage the students to participate in athletics, and to promote school spirit. Those boys eligible are the winners of one major letter or two minor letters. Mr. Kivisto, basketball coach, sponsors the club. Miller is presented the Scholar Athlete Heavy trophy, but a light heart as Roy Trophy by Mr. Kivisto. i YW' c if WN ?f Z Q LQ' fa? Q wg " 4, 43 Q W 4 Mg A? . .1 atzw- gl, S., ,. N? ? 4 ,f 11 5 Qsffqaim 2 'fx -A4 I ll buy, only dont break my arm' Lettermen askmg Roland Nelson to buy a Panther pm I helped wzn that one-Ron and ,hm look over the trophy M Library club ojicers and advisors are Mrs. Benson, Phyllis Maxwell, secretaryg Pete Tsananikas, presidentg Madeleine Claus, treasurer, Miss McNutt. LIBRARY CLUB Busily helping students and teachers find books, magazines, and other library materials, Li- brary Club members learn how a library is run and organized. The Library Club's many activities in- cluded sponsoring a dance after the basketball game with Morrison, organizing the Illinois Student Li- brarians Association with the help of student librarians throughout the state, having Pete Tsakanikas elected vice-president, sending Janet Loding and Pete Tsakanikas as delegates to the Illinois Student Librarians convention, and being host to student librarians from Rock Island, Mercer, and Henry County who came to hear a nation- ally famous author speak. Our stu- dent librarians learned much about libraries under the leadership of their sponsor, Miss McNutt. Members of the Library Club seated are Carol Ovens, Rochelle Achilles, Barbara Van Quathem, Diana Walker, Sandi Hegwood, Janet Loding, Larry Meadows, lady Hoehn, and Linda Ragan. Standing are Connie Knox, Deanna Van Quathem, Dorothy Homan, Lana Berghalt, Sandra Rohren, Cary Maxwell, Calvin Marsh, john Siefken, David Howell, ana' Mike Knight. ...- Bottom Row: Howard Mosher, Ellis Luster, Jozsef Lakadat, Joyce Ehlers, Virginia Ham- mond, Billie Dunbar, Fran- cis Mohr, Bill Cremeens, Bob Slogdell. Middle Raw: Judd Harris, Ross Hailey, Tom Robyt, ,lerrel Anderson, Barbara Nelson, Myra Guldenfen- ning, James Plavak, Gary Clark, Ferrel Anderson, Charles Caldwell. Top Row: Gary Schleeter, Robert Cattoir, Howard Rieling, Alan O'Dell, Bob Degraer, Lesley Schleeter, James Tank, Brent Hanson, Roy Miller, Charles Ham- mond. RIFLE CLUB Even the girls belong to rifle club and many times walk away with the top shooting rec- ords. Shooting with a small bore .22 match rifle, the members of the club shoot at an ofhcial NRA 50 foot indoor range. Matches this year were with Moline, Davenport, and the sec- tional match. Mr. Oliver, club advisor, enjoys it as much as the members. Seated: Diane Walker, secre- tary: Karen Leonhard, exec. ' Standing: Mr. Oliver,sponsorg f Don Lohse, treasurerg Ron Lohse, presidentg Patrick Dubuisson, vice-president. These ojicers made for a success- ful year for the Thespians. Sitting: lohn W. Stevens, sponsorg Karen Leonhard, treasurer. Standing: Cary Pinkerton, presidentg Pete Tsakanikas, secretaryg ,lack Kee- nan, vice-presidentg Ron Lohse, scribe. THESPIANS People interested in drama here at UTHS hitch their wagon to a star-National Thespians. Thespians is a national honor society for those people who have earned ten points acting, work- ing on production or business ends of a play, or other committees. It is an educational organization of teachers and students for the advancement of dramatic arts in the secondary schools. Jack Keenan, through accumulation of points from his many dramatic activities, is an Honor Thespian. Gary Pinkerton and Zoerelda Stout have earned three stars and Roy Miller two stars. Bottom Row: Barbara Greb, Sandra Wil- cox, Bonnie Wilcox, Zoe Stout, Don Lohse. Top Row: Bill Van Vliete, Tom Rhodes, Pat Dubuisson, Roy Miller. Bottom Row: Ernestirie Ortiz, Manuela Nache, Frances Ramirez, Virginia Gomez, Esperanza Ramirez, Emma Valdes. Middle Row: Louis Sierra, Mary J. Ramirez, Paula Ramirez,-Carolyn Lewis, Julius Terronez. Top Row: Leo Vallejo, John Rasso, Robert Walmsley, Feliz Ramirez, Anselm Rangel, Sam Sandoval, Felipe Valdes. SPANISH CLUB A door prize of a free Cha-Cha lesson, a pinta hanging and bull fighters on the walls added colorful notes to the Time." The club was typically South of the Border again The purpose of the Spanish Club is to promote interest Spanish speaking people, and in their countries and custo from the center of the room, Spanish Club dance, '4Fiesta in their May assembly. in the Spanish language, in s Programs to help accom m . - plish this purpose were presented in Colona and at the annual Pan-American banquet. During the year these officers planned the program for the Span- ish Club. Standing: Dick Bond, presidentg Joe Rangel, vice-presi- dent. Sitting: Delores Herrera, treasurerg Miss Thoeming, spon- sorg Mary Louise Sierra, secretary. K a . TRI-MIC Ojficers and council members of the Tri-Mic Club - Row One: Dennis Sahr, vice-president, Loren Scott, sec- retary, Delbert Carr, president: Reu- bon Aukee, treasurer. Row Two: Council members, Larry Schultz, Pete Sears, Cliff Davis, Ronnie Reyna. Row Three: fohn Cavanagh, sponsor: jim Robinson, reporter: Joe Rangel, coun- cil: Bob Ferry, council. Floats, dances, and prominent speakers from local industries were among the activities of the Tri-Mic Club this year, under the sponsorship of Mr. Cavanagh. The club co-sponsored the Homecoming Dance and a Valentine dance with the F.H.A. On April 12 and 13 twenty- five members attended the Illinois State Industrial Education Club Convention. Student pro- jects were entered in the fair held in conjunction with the convention. Row One: Bob Dinneweth, Henry Isais, Joe Russell, Ron Lohse, Don Lohse, Terry Carruthers, Chuck Buyck, Ray Van Coethem. Row Two: Manuel Cruz, Chris Dennis, Cary Phelps, Dave Lorimer, Canary Roseberg, Lanny Green, Felix Ramirez, Edward Wriedt. Row Three: Ferrel Anderson, George Hurd, Ronnie Peacock, Larry Ripka, Rob Porter, Boll Degraer. Pete Tsakanikas, ,lerrel Anderson. Row Four: Wayne Kay, Bud Seeleldt, Joe DeCook, Walter Rule, John Princell, Chuck Isaacson, Ron Rainey, Tom Bokros, Ray Berthoud. Row One: Daurel Brown, Sharon Sears, Phyllis Maxwell, Evelyn Waller, Bonita Carter, .lo Ann Windey, Nancy Cray, Bonnie Wil- kens, Roxanne York, Lois Mc- Creight, Lois Beaudoin. Row Two: Diane Waterman, Karen Agnew, Carol Sergeant, Donna Katsis, Kathy Smith, ,loyce Bates, ,lean Warren, Sally Bost, Carole Stevenson, Joy Bates. Row Three: Vivian McMullin, Marty King, Louise McCreary, Sandra Shamasko, Janice Rynard, Barbara Lasek, Karen Suss, Phyllis Truitt, Judy Miller, Velma Moose, and Nancy Boxstall. 1 Y-TEENS One of the most active clubs 'in our school is the Y-Teens under the sponsorship of Miss Pokrajac. Heading the list of their yearis activities was the HWinter Whirlf, the dance held after a home game with Monmouth on December 7. Next on the list was decorating the Christmas tree in front of the general office. During the football season they made orange and black shakers. Their carnival booth, and many other activities contributed to their fun and to the welfare of our school. Forming the Zeller Y are the ojicers and sponsor of the Y- Teens. Going up l-r are Row- ena Bedeian, secretary, 2nd semester, Merry Frazier, treas- urer, 2nd semesterg La june fohnnson, president, 2nd semes- ter, Sandra Sommer, v1fce-pres- idenl, Ist semester, Connie Knox, treasurer, Ist semester, Carol Kidd, president, Ist semester, Miss Pokrajac, ad- visor. FACULTY Mr. C. L. McCrieght is Assistant Principal and arranges all assembly programs and other school schedules We may be likerred to the Norllz SHIT? Here lo guide and help along the way Those stzzdenls 145110 001110 u1za'cr our tutelage. U ' Seated: Miss Claribel Fehrman and Harvey Pierson who keep busy in their jobs as Dean of Girls and Dean of Boys. Standing Harold Collins, Freshmen Counselor, and P. J. Philhower, Busi ness Manager for the school. The Board of Education that helps United Township High School function as a progressive school consists of: Bottom Row: George McNealg P. J. Philhower, secre- taryg Frank Almquist, presidentg L. O. Dawson. Top Row: Dr. W. C. Steeleg Chester Brissmang Dur- ward Longg Albert Mueller, Rush Copeland. Mr. John Stevens, Head of the English Department, and teacher of college preparatory English, ra- dio speaking, acting, and play pro- duction, has worked to correlate the work of all members of the department. Department teachers pictured here are: Seated: Nancy Erickson, freshman Englishg Jessie Frederick, sophomore and junior English and public speaking. Standing: Mr. Stevensg Arthur Le- vin, sophomore and junior English and journalismg Andrew Kossives, sophomore and junior English. Teachers of English and other languages are: Seated: Isabel Hemping, sophomore and junior Englishg LaVonna Johnson, sophomore English and composition IV. Strzzzding: Lea Thoeming, freshmen English and Spanishg Reba Hester, Lating Ernest Kivisto, freshman Englishg Fern McNab, freshman and sophomore English. Those members of the lndustrial Education Department gathered in a classroom just outside the toolroom are from left to right: Bob Sandusky, auto shop and general shopg John Cava- nagh. vocational draftingg Paul Oliver, woodshop, pattern making, and general shopg Joe Dhont. driver trainingg Lester Vines, head of the department and teacher of vocational ma- chine shopg Charles McCoy, foundry, machine shop, general shop. Not pictured is Ed Schmidt who joined the staff in February. The Commercial Department, with Eleanor Allen as depart- ment head, are: Seated: Miss Allen, advanced stenography and office practiceg Charlene Enstrom, typing and shorthandg Helen Grant, typing and clerical practiceg Dorothy Pokrajac, typing and shorthand. Stand- ing: Keith Bare, commercial arithmetic, commercial geogra- phy, and bookkeepingg Steve Morgan, retailing and typingg and Bob Fairman, bookkeeping and typing. ,,.. - The job of teaching Ameri- can ideals and laws and America's relation to all his- tory is undertaken by these members of the Social Science and History Department: Seated: Bill Yemm, Ameri- can government and Ameri- can historyg Marian Dean, world history, Dorothy Cal- vert, department head and teacher of American history and world history. Standing: Al Zimmerman, social prob- lems, American governmentg A. W. Wasson, American historyg Bob Eubank, social studies, American govern- mentg Glenn Chivers, Amer- ican government, world his- toryg and John Wrenn, world history. l Q K Q' 1Wgf-Sf ,M V, - f xsi:-wg . Q 2 Members of the Science Department seem interested in what their department head, M. W. Pratt has to say. From left to right are: Harold Collins, general science, Helen Buresh, biologyg Mr. Pratt, chemistry and general science, W. E. Wheeler, general science, William Campbell, physics and general science. With a varied program that in- cludes gymnastics and modern dance, the physical education seeks to develop bodies and sportsman- ship. Members of the department are from left to right: Ellsworth Brooksg H. J. Holmes. boys depart- ment headg Dorothy Ward, Louis Matehiewicrz, Elaine Huberg. Not pictured is Luise Piano, girls de- partment head. The three men who serve to give U. T. H. S. students an appreciation and knowledge of good music are Laddy Barron, chorusg Mallie Williams, choral and band assistantg John Thoman, de- partment headg band, theory, and harmony. The Mathematics Department has un- dertaken a program of testing to make possible the most desirable placement of incoming freshmen. Members of this department are left to right: Eliza- beth Cornell. department head, algebra I and ll, solid geometry, George Bray, general mathematics, Ardo Volk algebra I and II, trigonometryg Ber- nice Howard, plane geometry. -. Gathered in the sitting room used by girls taking homemaking are members of the Homemaking and Library Staffs. Left to right: Helen Pedersen, homemaking department head, Marie Benson, librar- ian, Dora Heinholtz, homemakingg Daphne Frane, homemakingg Esther Mc-Nutt, librarian. Not pictured is John Marvin, art teacher. Mr. Dawsonfs secretary, Shirley Taulbee, is seated while standing from left to right are other ofice staff members Mary Ann Thompson, Maxine Shelton, and school reg- istrar, Hazel Ryan. Members of the cafeteria stag are: Bottom row: Eva Sterns, Evelyn Little, Bertha Pancrazio, Linda Hicks, Cafeteria head, Ann Wadsager, Mabel Zieg- ler. Top row: Georgina Williams, Myrtis Callegar, Irma Diericks, Alice Callens, Cleo Krueger. - i - A 1 L' I 1 1 I f ,, i f , 1 .Was -X 1 sf 1? 'trim '- .r s 5459191 f- . -w,,:-, - . f-f?r..1a':-mm -Q ,-tgtkm - . . Q L , eagfrg, gt. ,, 1 .4 5. - :- ,516 A . ,, A in :as . -. 2 Q' ' Q- Q tt 'I S + t 3 . I 1' g v 4 A iflz if if f N- 1, in : 5' , . K M 1 .gifs f", ' , . ,-211 V e l f t ' 1'l f M t t ,. ,. . ,,, ., , . ., Q S - I ii The school custodians who keep our building clean and ft are, from left to right: Ray Murrens, Lor- en Borum, Ed Johnson, Frank Machu, and Andy Saey. 3:51 -two of the early birds, Mr. Fairman and Mrs. Hernping, sign out after a day's work. SENIOR INDE JOYCE A. ABRAHAM, "Jo, Abe,': G.A.A. 1l,2,315 Glee Club 1315 Choir 1415 Pep Club 1115Y-Teens11,21. JEANNINE ANN ACHILLES: National Honor Society 141 5 Rifie Club 1315 Band 11,2,315 Pep Band 1315 Panther Parade 1315 Pep Club 1215 Key 12,41. ROBERT C. ADAMS: Cross Country 13, 41 5 Baseball 11, 2, 3, 41 5 Lettermen's Club 13,41 5 Basketball 11, 21. DAWN ELAINE ADER: F.H.A. 1119 G.A.A. 131. SARA JEAN ALDRICH: Camera Club 13,41 5 F.T.A. 1415 F.H.A. 141. LINDA LOU ANDERSON, 1'Lindy Lou": G.A.A. 11, 2,315 Ad- visory Board 1415 Business Club 1315 Y-Teens 121. RICHARD ANDERSON, "Andy": Track 1115 Basketball 1215 Football 1215 Tri-Mic 1315 F.D.A. 1415 Intramurals 1315 Transfer from Coolidge 111. JOHN A. ANDREWS, "Greek": Football 1115 Band 111. DALLAS ARMSTRONG, "Dal": Band 11, 2, 3,415 F.D.A. 1415 Pep Band 1215 Track 1l,2,31. RICHARD CARL BAGGE: Football 1315 Camera Club 111. IRENE BELL, "Ding Dong": Chorus 111 5 G.A.A. 11, 2, 31 5 F.N.A. 1415 Choir 1415 Pep Club 1315 Y-Teens 141. PHYLLIS BENNETT: Advisory Board 11,215 Pep Club 11,213 G.A.A. NANCY J. BEVERLIN, "Been: Pep Club 111 5 Business Club 131 5 G.A.A. 11, 2,31 5 Chorus 111 5 Glee Club 12, 31 5 National Honor Society 141 Historian 141. KAREN BILLBERG: F.H.A. 12, 315 F.D.A. 141. RON BJORK, "Bg": Football 12,3,415 Intramurals 12,3,415 Lettermen's Club 141. DICK BOND: Spanish Club 12, 3,41 Vice-President 131 President 1415 Key 13,415 Jr. Rotarian 141. NADINE KAY BOSANAC, "Nate": Pep Club 11,2,31: G.A.A. 11, 2, 3,41 5 Tennis 11, 2, 3,41 5 Business Club 141 5 Cheerleader 11, 2, 3, 41 5 Majorette 11, 2, 31 5 Skyline 141 5 National Honor Society 1415 Homecoming Royalty 141. HAROLD BOST, "Corrigan". ANNE BROWN BERRY BROWN JERRY BROWN: Football 1115 Track 121. VERA BROWN: Pep Club 1215 G.A.A. 11,215 Bible Club 1215 F.D.A. 141. CAROL BRYAN: Choir 141. CHARLES BUSHNELL DOROTHY RUTH RAY BUTLER, "Dottie": G.A.A. 11,2,315 Bible Club 1215 Camera Club 11,215 Declamation 11,215 Pep Club 1115 Glee Club 141. BETTY JO CABOR CARY CANT: Football 1215 Golf 12, 3,415 Intramurals 13,41. NADINE E. CARLSON: F.H.A. 11, 2,31 5 Pep Club 12,315 Busi- ness Club 131. JOANNE CARPIO, "Jon: Spanish Club 131. THERESA CARPIO DEL CARR: Basketball 11, 2, 3, 41 5 Football 11, 21 5 Baseball 11, 2, 3, 41 5 Lettermen's Club 13, 41 Treasurer 131 President 141 5 National Honor Society 141 5 Boy's State 131. SHARON CARROLL: Melodettes 11,2, 3, 41 5 Glee Club 11,21 5 Choir 13,415 Business Club 13,415 Pep Club 11,2,315 G.A.A. 111 5 National Honor Society 141. ROBERT CARRUTHERS BONITA KAY CARTER, "Bonnie": Chorus 111 5 Glee Club 121 5 F.H.A. 1115 Business Club 13,415 Y-Teens 1415 Skyline 131. RICHARD L. CARTER, "Dick": Track 1315 F.D.A. 1415 Band 11,2,3,41- MADELIENE A. CLAUS, "Mad": Library Club 12, 3,41 Trea- surer 1415 Spanish Club 12, 3,41 Secretary 1315 F.H.A. 11,215 Pep Club 11,25 National Honor Society 1415 Homecoming Royalty 141. KATHLEEN CLINE, "Kathy": F.N.A. 1415 Chorus 1115 Glee Club 121. SANDRA COAKLEY, "Sandie": Debate 1115 F.T.A. 12, 3,415 President 1415 Bible Club 11, 2, 3,41 'Treasurer 131. PATRICIA D. COLLINS, "Pat": Pep Club 1315 Spanish Club 1315 Key 13,41 Editor 141. DIXIE COLUMBIA BEVERLY COVERT, "Bev": F.N.A. 13,41 Vice-President 141. DELBERT CROSSER MANUEL CRUZ: Tri-Mic 13,415 Lettermen's Club 13,415 Foot- ball 11,2, 3,415 Track 11, 2, 3,415 Homecoming Royalty 141. MELINDA DAILEY, "Skipper": Advisory Board 12, 3,41 Secre- tary 141 Quint-City Student Congress 1415 Glee Club 11,21 Librarian 1315 Choir 13,41 Vice-President 1415 Melodettes 12, 3,415 G.A.A. 11, 2, 3,41 Secretary 121 President 1415 Cam- era Club 11, 2, 3,41 Secretary 13,415 Pep Club 11, 2,31 Presi- dent 1315 Skyline 1415 Class Vice-President 1315 Cheerleader 11,2, 3,415 Homecoming Royalty 1415 National Honor Society 1415 Panther Parade5 13,415 After Dinner Speaking 141. DENNIS DANIELS GERALD DAVIS, "Cliff": Wrestling 12,315 Football 1315 Tri- Mic 13,41. CHARLES H. DECLERCQ, "Chuck": Intramurals 13,415 Chorus 1115 Choir 12, 3,415 Egyptian Music Camp 1315 Rifle Club 121. ROBERT H. DEGRAER, "Digger": Track 1215 Basketball 12,41 Manager 1415 Tri-Mic 1415 Rifle Club 12, 3,415 Key 1415 Skyline 13,415 Intramurals 12, 3,415 Lettermen's Club 1415 Play Staff 131 5 Transfer from Alleman 121. MARY JOSE DEMEYER, "Mary Jo". DELBERT DEPORTER RONALD A. DESMET, "Ron": Band 11, 2, 3,41 5 Skyline 13,415 Tennis 11,215 Intramurals 121. GARY DOBEREINER, "Dobie": Football 11, 2, 3,415 Basketball 11, 2, 3, 41 5 Baseball 11, 2, 3, 41 5 Homecoming Royalty 141 5 Junior Rotarian 141. JAMES DOUD: Football 11, 2, 3,415 Track 1115 Transfer from Aledo 121. BENJAMIN DOWIS PATRICK DUBUISSON WILLIAM JAMES DUFF: Football 11, 2, 3,41 5 Lettermen's Club 2, 3,41 Track 11,2,3,415 Tri-Mic 1415 Basketball 11,21. LOLA YVONNE DUNBAR: Rifle Club 13,415 Transfer from Central Junior 111. SANDRA J. DUQUENNE, "Sandy": Glee Club 1315 Choir 141. MARIAN DUYCK: F.H.A. 131 5 Business Club 131. ROSS EATON, L'Spud": Football 121. JOYCE EHLERS, "Jo': Rifle Club 12, 3, 41 5 F.N.A. 141 5 Transfer from Geneseo 121. JO ELAINE ELIAS, "Jo': G.A.A. 1l,2,3,41: Chorus 1115 Y- Teens 1215 Pep Club 12,31 Vice-President 1315 Class President 131 5 Class Vice-President 141 5 National Honor Society 141. LORRAINE EMMERT, 1'Lorrie": F.N.A. 1415 Pep Club 121. RICHARD L. ENTRIKIN, ffoick, Ent.": Choir 11, 2, 3,41 Wres- tling 12,31 MARCIA L. FENNO, "Marsh": Chorus 1115 Glee Club 12,315 Choir 141. ROBERT FERRY, i'Bob": Football 11,2, 3,415 Track 1215 Tri- Mic 1415 Lettermen's Club 13,415 Wrestling 131. JAMES FISHER DWIGHT FRANCIS GARY DEAN FRANTZ, "Buddy": Intramurals 12,3,41. ARLINE GABRIEL, "Toots": F.H.A. 11,215 Pep Club 1215 Key 141- MELVYN GAVIN: Band 11,2,315 Intramurals 131. BETTE GELANDE: G.A.A. 11, 2,315 Chorus 111. ROGER GETTY, NBud": Intramurals 13,41. JOHN GILL KATHLEEN GOBER: G.A.A. 11, 2, 3, 415 Pep Club 11, 2, 315 Ciagnera Club 12, 3,415 F.T.A. 1415 Cheerleader 11, 21 9 Chorus RICHARD GODERIS: Tri-Mic 131. DELORES E. GOETHALS, "Deen: F.H.A. 12,31. MARGARET THOMPSON GORMAN, "Marg": Glee Club 11, 21 5 F.N.A. 1315 Transfer from Oskaloosa High School. DIANE PERRY GRAHAM GLENDA GRANELL, "Granelda": Pep Club 12,315 Band 11,2, 315 Key 1415 Business Club 131. NANCY GRAY, HEmily": G.A.A. 11, 2, 3, 41 5 Y-Teens 13, 41 5 Pep Club 11,315 Key 13,41. LANNY GREEN, "Porky", SHARON GRINER, "Sherry": Advisory Board 12,3,41: Glee Club 11,215 Choir 13,415 Melodettes 11, 2, 3,415 Panther Parade 13,415 Key 13,415 Y-Teens 11,215 F.T.A. 1415 Girl's State 1315 Business Club 1315 National Honor Society 1415 Class Treasurer 131. KAREN GRUENWALD: Pep Club 11,215 Band 11,2,31. MARY ELLEN GUERRERO, "Mary Gee, Gorilla": Advisory Board 11, 2, 3, 41 5 F.H.A. 11, 2, 3, 41 Historian 121 Vice-President 131 President 141 5 National Honor Society 141. MARILYN HAHN, "Hazel": G.A.A. 11, 2,31. SHARON HALL: G.A.A. 11, 2, 3, 41 5 Tennis 11, 2, 3, 41. MARJORIE HAMERLINCK, "Margie": Pep Club 11,215 G.A.A. 111- DONALD HANDLEY MARY HARDY ANTHONY HERNANDEZ DELORES L. HERRERA, "Lolly": Spanish Club 12, 3,41 Trea- surer 1415 Glee Club 1315 Choir 1415 Pep Club 1115 Business Club 111. FRANK J. HIBERNIK KENNETH HIGNIGHT: Band 1l,2,3,415 Plays 1315 Panther Parade 1315 Thespians 141. SHIRLEY A. HIPKINS, "Shorty, Hippy": F.H.A. 111. THOMAS J. HOPKINS, "Hoppy": Football 11, 2, 3,41 5 Baketball 11, 2, 3, 415 Baseball 141. JUDITH ANN HUFF, "Judy": G.A.A. 11,2,315 Bible Club 12, 3,41 Secretary 1215 F.H.A. 121. DAVID HUNGATE NANCY HUNTER, "Nan": G.A.A. 11, 2, 315 Pep Club 121 5 Band 11, 21 5 National Honor Society 141 . GEORGE HURD, JR: Lettermen's Club 12, 3,415 Tri-Mic 1415 Basketball Manager 11, 2, 31. MARY LOUISE HYND: Chorus 1115 F.H.A. 1115 Glee Club 12,315 G.A.A. 12, 3,415 Choir 1415 Choralettes 1415 Pep Club 1315 Key 141. JOYCE ANN ICKES, "Joy": Class President 111 5 Pep Club 111 5 G.A.A. 11,2,3,415 Business Club 13,41 President 1415 Skyline 2, 3, 41 Co-Editor 1415 Advisory Board 12, 315 Band 11, 2, 315 Pep Band 1315 National Honor Society 141 Treasurer5 D.A.R. Award 141. CARL INGERSOLL CHUCK ISAACSON, "Zeke": Rifle Club 11,215 Tri-Mic 1415 Lettermen's Club 13,415 Football 1115 Baseball 13,415 Basket- ball 11,2, 3,41 Intramurals 12,3,41. PAUL JEANNOT CAROL JOHNSON: Y-Teens 1115 Chorus 111. MARTIN JOHNSON ELAINE JONES, "Jonesy": G.A.A. 11, 2, 3,415 F.N.A. 13,41. CAROLE AUDREY KAVE, "Augie". JACK W. KEENAN: Key 11,2,31 5 Panther Parade 12, 3,415 De- clamation 11, 2, 3, 41 5 Original Monologue 13,41 5 National Honor Society 141 Vice-President: Plays 11, 2, 3,415 Thespians 11,2, 3,41 Secretary 131 Vice-President 1415 Camera Club 11, 2, 3, 41 5 F.T.A. 12, 3, 41 5 Bio-Chem-ics 12, 3, 41 5 Pep Club 12, 315 Chorus 1115 Choir 12,3,415 Choralettes 1415 Boy's State 131. JOHN W. KELLEY MICHAEL KENNEY, "Miken: Football 1115 Track 1215 F.D.A. 141 Treasurer. CAROL KIDD: Advisory Board 1115 Y-Teens 12, 3,41 Secretary 121 President 1415 G.A.A. 11, 2, 3,415 National Honor Society 1415 Homecoming Royalty 121 Homecoming Queen 141. CONNIE SUE KNOX: Library Club 12, 3, 41 5 Business Club 141 5 Y-Teens 13,41 Treasurer 1415 G.A.A. 12, 3,415 Homecoming Royalty 1415 Key 1215 National Honor Society 141. MILDRED HELEN KRAJNOVICH, "Millie": Chorus 1115 Busi- ness Club 13,41 Vice-President 1415 G.A.A. 11, 2, 3,415 Sky- line 12, 3,41 Co-Editor 1415 National Honor Society 141. WILLIS LAFOUNTAIN JOZSEF LAKADAT: Camera Club 13 ,41 5 Rifle Club 141 3 Junior Rotarian 141 5 Key 141 5 Play Staff 141 5 National Honor Society 141. EDWARD LASEK, "Eddie": Baseball 11, 2, 3, 41 5 Basketball 11, 2, 3, 41 . MARIE LAURITZSON: F.H.A. 1215 Business Club 131. BEVERLY LAVINE, "Bev": Pep Club 12,315 Business Club 141. KAREN LEONHARD, "Liz": G.A.A. 1133 F.H.A. 1133 Pep Club 2,332 Thespians 143 Treasurer 1433 Rifle Club 13,43 Executive Officer 1433 Spanish Club 1333 Original Monologue 1433 Na- tional Honor Society 1433 Skyline 1333 Band 11,2, 3,433 Pep Band 1333 Choir 1433 Choralettes 1433 Panther Parade 13,433 Radio Speaking 1433 Band Ensemble 1433 Play Stafl 13,43. CAROLYN LEWIS: Glee Club 12,333 Choir 143. PATRICIA JOAN LINDEGARD, "Patty Jo":. DONALD LOHSE, "Donn: Rifle Club 12, 3,43 Treasurer 1433 Tri-Mic 1433 Thespians 1433 Junior Rotarian 1433 National Honor Society 1433 Plays 143. RONALD LOHSE: Rifle Club 12, 3,43 President 1433 Tri-Mic 1433 Thespian 1433 Scribe 1433 Panther Parade 1433 Plays 143 3 National Honor Society 143. EVELYN L. LUCAS, "Shorty, Even: Chorus 113 3 Glee Club 12, 33 Choir 143. LEONARD LUCAS KEITH S. LUNDEEN: Band 11,2, 3,431 Football 123. VIRGINIA LUNDEEN: F.H.A. 12,33 Secretary 1333 F.D.A. 143. ELVIRA LUSE: Glee Club 12,333 Choir 143. JOYCE E. MCCORKEL: G.A.A. 11, 2, 3,433 Pep Club 1333 Ma- jorette 11,2,33. BETH MALMSTROM: Band 11,23. DAWN MATSON, '3Dawnie": Glee Club 12, 33 3 Choir 143 3 Trans- fer John Deere, Moline 123. MARILYN MATSON: G.A.A. 1133 Business Club 133. JOANNE MATZEN, "Jon: G.A.A. 11,2, 3,433 Choir 1433 Tennis 1,2,3,433 Pep Club 1233 Key 1333 Skyline 143. PHYLLIS JEAN MAXWELL, "Phyl',: Library Club 12, 3,43 Sec- retary 1433 Y-Teens 13,433 Key 1233 G.A.A. 12,3,43. CAROL MEEDS MARVELLA JEAN MEINCKE, A'Marv": F.T.A. 123 3 F.N.A. 133 3 Glee Club 1333 Choir 143. BARBARA MILLER, "Barb": Cheerleader 12, 3,433 G.A.A. 11, 433 Choir 1433 Choralettes 1433 Band 11,2,333 Pep Club 2,333 Key 143. DONNA MILLER, "Chubs": G.A.A. 13,433 Tennis 13,433 Busi- ness Club 143 3 Skyline 143 3 Transfer from Alleman 133. BOB MILLER, "Bo": Golf 11,2, 3,433 Intramurals 13,43. ROY MILLER: Advisory Board 11,2, 3,43 Parliamentarian 133 President 143: Quint-City Student Congress 11,3,43 President 1433 Bio-Chem-ics 12, 3,433 Rifle Club 1433 Lettermen's Club 3,433 Thespians 1433 Junior Rotarian 1433 Homer-oming Royalty 1433 Football 11,2,33 Basketball 11,233 Baseball 123g Wrestling 1331 Plays 13,433 After Dinner Speaking 1433 Pan- ther Parade 13,433 Skyline 143g National Honor Society 1433 Debate 143. WILMA RUTH MITTS, "Willie": Pep Club 1233 F.H.A. 143. JOAN CAROL MOELLER, f'Jo". JANET L. MOORE: Band 12, 3,433 Chorus 113. WILLIAM MOOSE, "Bill": 'Football 1l,2, 3,43 3 Class Secretary- Treasurer 1232 Lettermen's Club 143 3 Band 123 3 Pep Band 1, 23 3 Intramurals 12, 3, 43 . LANE MORGAN, "Lanny, Moke": Band 11, 2, 3, 43 3 Camera Club 11, 2, 3,43 President 143 3 Skyline 143 3 Key 143 3 Pep Band 133. THOMAS MORGAN, "Tom": Football 1233 Intramurals 1333 F.D.A. 143. DONALD LEROY MORSE, "K.C., Donnie": Rifle Club 13,43: Transfer from Reynolds High School 113 . SHARON MUMMA, "Hot Rod": Advisory Board 143 3 F.H.A. I, 2, 3, 43 3 Pep Club 11, 2, 33 3 Melodettes 11, 2, 3, 43 3 Glee Club 11,233 Choir 13,43. WILLIAM L. MURPHY, JR.: Track 1333 Radio Speaking 1433 Band 12, 3, 43 3 Tranfer from Orion 113 . JANET MUSE, L'Bufly": F.H.A. 12, 3,43 Business Club 143 Trea- surer 1433 Bible Club 13,43 Treasurer 143. GARY NAHRGANG: Football 1133 Basketball 11,233 Intra- murals 13,43. RICHARD A. NEEDHAM, "Dick", HELOISE DORIS NELSON: Pep Club 11,2,333 Business Club 13,433 Y-Teens 1433 Skyline 1333 Glee Club 1333 Key 1433 Choir 143. JAMES NELSON: Football 11,2, 3,431 Track 1133 Basketball 1,233 Lettermen's Club 13,43 Vice-President 1433 Homecoming Royalty 143. KAREN LEE NELSON: Pep Club 12,333 F.H.A. 1133 G.A.A. 12,333 Choir 1433 Choralettes 1433 Chorus 113. LAURA LEE NELSON, "Lolly". ROLAND NELSON COLLEEN OAKE, "Oaksie": G.A.A. 143. ALAN O'DELL, L'Ode": Choir 11,433 Rifle Club 1433 Football 123. JIMMY D. OGLE: Basketball 11, 2,333 Baseball 12,3,43. GARY ORENDORFF: Camera Club 1433 Transfer from Moline High School 123. RUTH HEALD PA RK JEANNE PAYTASH: G.A.A. 11, 2, 3,433 Y-Teens 13,433 Busi- ness Club 1332 Pep Club 123. ROSE ANNA PEEL, "Rosey": Transfer from DeSoto High School. RUSSELL PERKINS, "Russ": Track 1133 Basketball 113 3 Wrest- ling 123 3 Football 11, 2, 3, 43 3 Choir 12, 3, 432 Chorus 113 3 Lettermen's Club 13,433 Homecoming Royalty King 143. CHARLES ROY PERRY: Choir 13,43. Q GARY PINKERTON: Plays 13,431 Thespians 13,43. GEORGE M. POLIOS: Football 113: Basketball 1133 Tennis 1133 Choir 11, 2, 3,43 President 1433 Choralettes 13,433 Junior Rotarian 143. BOB PORTER: Track 11,433 Band 1133 Tri-Mic 13,433 Intra- murals 12,3,43. SHIRLEY PYSSON, "Red, Pye": Glee Club 12,333 Choir 1433 Transfer from John Deere 123. RONALD QUILLIN MARIA ESPERANZA RAMIREZ: Glee Club 12,33 President 1333 Spanish Club 11,2, 3,433 Choir 1433 Melodettes 11,2,33. MARY JULIA RAMIREZ, "Julien: Spanish Club 11, 2, 3,43 Sec- retary 113. PAULA RAMIREZ SALLY A. RANDOLPH, "Bubbles": Glee Club 1333 Choir 1433 Pep Club 1133 Y-Teens 11,23. LINA THERESA RANGEL: Spanish Club 123. ARLENE REDFIELD, "Rn: F.I"I.A. 12,333 Business Club 143. LORETTA REDMAN, "Lory": Pep Club 1233 Choir 143. LARRY REED: Choir 12,3,43. RONNIE T. REYNA, "B0nno": Track 11, 2,333 Football 11, 2, 3,433 LSIICHIICDS Club 13,433 Treasurer 143Q Tri-Mic 143. TOM RHODES, JR.: Golf 11, 2, 3,43 3 Intramurals 12, 3, 43 3 Play Staff .1433 Junior Rotarian 143Q Basketball Manager 1233 Thespians 143. CAROL ROMAN, "Mickey": G.A.A. 11,2,3,433 F.H.A. 113. CHARLES ROSEBERG, "Canary": Tri-Mic 143. MARION ROTZ, "Butch": Band 11, 23. WILLIAM G. RUSK: Baseball 11, 2, 3,43. JOSEPH RUSSELL DALE SANDBERG ROBERT SCHNACK, "Shatch": Football 1133 Baseball 11,233 F.D.A. 143 President: Basketball 113. DONNA SCHOONOVER LOU ANN SCHULTZ LOREN SCOTT, "Scotta": Football 11, 2, 3,433 Baseball 11,2, 3, 433 Basketball 11, 2,333 Tri-Mic 13,43 Secretary 1433 Letter- men's Club 13,43. SHARON L. SEARS, "B0sc0": G.A.A. 11,2,3,433 Pep Club 11,233 Y-Teens 1433 Business Club 143. EDMUND SEEFELDT, "Bi1d": Choir 123 3 Tri-Mic 1433 Baseball 11,2, 3,43 3 Intramurals 13, 43 3 Rifle Club 123. NANCY ANN SERBOUSEK, "Seahorse": Choir 13, 43 3 Rifle Club 12,33 3 Skyline 1433 Panther Parade 13,433 G.A.A 12, 3,43 3 Declamation 1431 Glee Club 12,33 Librarian 1333 Chorus 1133 Key 1433 Melodettes 13,433 National Honor Society 143. JOHN SIEFKEN: Class Vice-President 1133 Tennis 11, 2, 3,433 Debate 12, 3,433 Oratory 13,432 Radio Speaking 13,433 Li- brary Club 12, 3,433 Lettermen's Club 1433 Pep Club 12,333 National Honor Society 143 Presidentg Football 1133 Play Staff 1433 Junior Rotarian 143. MARY LOUISE SIERRA, "Mary Lou": Spanish Club 13,43 Sec- retary 143 3 Transfer from Alleman 133. JACK SMITH: Band 11, 2, 3,433 Plays 13,43. SANDRA SOMMER, "Chick": Advisory Board 11, 2, 3, 43 2 Quint- City Student Congress 133 3 Class Secretary-Treasurer 113 3 Cam- era Club 11, 2, 3,43 Vice-President 143 3 Pep Club 11,2,33 Treasurer 123 F.T.A. 13,43 Historian 143: Y-Teens 12, 3,43 Vice-President 12,333 G.A.A. 11, 2, 3,433 National Honor Soci- ety 1433 Business Club 13,433 Band 11, 2, 3,433 Pep Band 1233 Key 1433 Panther Parade 1433 After Dinner Speaking 1433 Play Staff 1433 Alternate Cheerleader 12,333 Band En- semble 143. ROBERT BRENT STEVENSON CAROL LYNN STIPP: G.A.A. 11,2, 3,43 3 Pep Club 12, 33 3 Busi- ness Club 1433 Choir 1433 Chorus 113. JUDIE A. STOCKTON, "Jud": Business Club 1332 Spanish Club 12,333 Key 1433 G.A.A. 11,233 Band 11, 2,333 Pep Band 1333 Debate 133. ZOERELDA STOUT, "Zoe": G.A.A. 11, 2, 3,433 Declamation 11, 2, 3,433 Melodettes 11, 2, 3,433 Plays 13,433 Chorus 1133 Glee Club 12,333 Librarian 1333 Choir 143 Librarian 1433 Verse Reading 1433 Key 1433 Panther Parade 13,433 Business Club 1333 Camera Club 1333 National Honor Society 1433 Debate 1233 Pep Club 1333 Thespians 143. GORDON STRAUSS: Key 11,233 Skyline 11,233 Camera Club 11.23. PATRICK JOHN SURR JAMES TALAK MARIE TANCK, "Tina": Advisory Board 1433 Class Secretary 1433 F.N.A- 13.43 President 143: Key 13,433 Choralettes 1433 National Honor Society 1433 Chorus 1133 Glee Club 12,333 Panther Parade 133. AMELIA MONICA TERRONEZ CECILIA TERRONEZ, "Sis": Spanish Club 11, 2, 33. MARIETA TIMBROOK, "Rita": Glee Club 13,433 Choir 143. PATRICIA ANN TRAEGER, "Trig": Transfer from Deming, New Mexico. GLENN TROUT, JR.: Bio-Chem-ics 13,43 Vice-President 1431 Camera Club 13,43 3 Rifle Club 123. PHYLLIS TRUITT, "Phyd": Advisory Board 1133 Pep Club 11,233 G.A.A. 1433 Y-Teens 11,43. PETER J. TSAKANIKAS, "Chack": Bio-Chem-ics 13, 43 President 1433 Library Club 12, 3,43 President 1433 Advisory Board 13,43 Treasurer 1433 Quint-City Student Congress 1433 Class President 1432 Skyline 1433 National Honor Society 1433 Thes- pians 143 Secretary 1433 Tri-Mic 1433 Junior Rotarian 1433 Camera Club 12, 3,433 Chorus 1133 Choir 12,333 Plays 11,335 F.T.A. 12,33. MARY RUTH TURNER: F.D.A. 1433 Transfer from Geneseo High School 113. LEO VALLEJO DARLENE VANDEN BOSSCHE: Pep Club 12,335 G.A.A. 11, 2, 3,433 Business Club 13,433 Majorette 12,33. DIXIE VAN DE WOESTYNE, "Dix,': Pep Club 12,333 F.D.A. 143 Secretary 143. RAY VAN GOETHEM: Rifle Club 12,333 Tennis 1133 Tri-Mic 143. ARTHUR B. VAN HECKE ROBERT VAN MELKEBEKE 3 CAROLYN VAN NORWAY: G.A.A. 11, 2, 3,433 Y-Teens 1233 Business Club 1333 Advisory Board 1433 Panther Parade 133. DEANNA VAN QUATHEM, "Dena": G.A.A. 11,2,3,433 Home- coming Royalty 1433 Tennis 11, 2, 3,433 Pep Club 11, 2,333 National Honor Society 143. WILLIAM F. VAN VLIETE: Debate 1133 Camera Club 11, 2, 3, 433 Bio-Chem-ics 12, 3,43 Secretary 1333 Thespians 13,433 Band 11, 2,333 Skyline 12,33. PAT VERLINDEN, "Patsy Lou": G.A.A. 113 3 Pep Club 11, 2, 33 3 Business Club 133g Key 143. KAREN VERVAECKE, "Kay": G. RICHARD WADSAGER, "Wad": Football 113. DIANE WALKER: G.A.A. 11,2,3,433 Library Club 12,3,43 Secretary 1433 Pep Club 1332 Bio-Chem-ics 1433 Panther Parade 13,43 Co-Editor 1433 National Honor Society 1433 Original Monologue 143. EVELYN WALLER, "Evie": Spanish Club 1235 Pep Club 1333 Business Club 1433 Y-Teens 143. ROBERT WALMSLEY: Spanish Club 11, 2, 3,43 Treasurer 1333 Choir 143 3 Choralettes 143 3 Tennis 11, 2, 3, 43 3 Play StaH 143 3 Pep Club 11,23. BARBARA JEAN WASSENHOVE, "Barb": F.H.A. 11, 2, 3,433 Pep Club 12, 33 3 Business Cluh 133 3 Key 13, 43. MARLENE LAVONNE WEBER, "Marl": G.A.A. 11, 2, 33 3 Trans- fer from Hall Township 143. SANDRA LEE WILCOX, "Sandy": F.H.A. 11, 2, 3,43 3 Rifle Club 1133 Debate 1233 Declamation 1433 Thespians 1433 Pep Club 12,335 Original Monologue 1433 Verse 1433 Radio Speaking 1433 Y-Teens 133? Plays 143. NORMAJEANNE WILLIAMS, "Jeannie": F.H.A. 1133 F.D.A. 1433 G.A.A. 1333 Y-Teens 113g Bible Club 113. JOANNE WINDEY, ".lo": G.A.A. 11,2,3,433 F.H.A. 11,233 Y-Teens 13,433 Glee Club 12,33Q Choir 143 Secretary 1433 Homecoming Royalty 143. ROBERT H. WISE RONALD YOUNG DAVID ZUMARIS PATRONS OF THE 1957 SKYLINE The 1957 Skyline staff wishes to express its appreciation to the Len Brown Studio and Wagners Printers for their help in producing this hook. Sincere thanks also goes to the following patrons for their interest and cooperation. May our friendship continue in future years. ATTORNEYS Stewart and Lytton Attorneys BANKS Bank of Silvis BEAUTY SHOPS Marilyn's Beauty Shop CLOTHING STORES Dale's Clothing L Sz L Clothing Smart Shop CONFECTIONARIES Silvis Dari-Delite Silvis Frostop Root Beer Stand DAIRIES Clearfield Dairy DENTISTS Dr. W. C. Steele DRUG STORES Wiedenmann-Cosgrave Drug Store ENGINEERING Henry Engineering Company FEED STORES East Moline Feed Mill FLORISTS Hott Brothers Florists Palmer Florists FROZEN FOODS Silvis Frozen Foods, Inc. FUNERAL HOMES Schroder Mortuary FURNITURE STORES Almquist Furniture 81 Appliance Mc Ball Furniture GROCERIES D 81 B Grocery fBabcocki HARDWARE STORES Lawrences Auto-Electric Suss Hardware Van Thorre Hardware JEWELRY STORES lVIallory's Jewelers Sable's Jewelry LOAN COMPANIES Mercury Loan Company LIQMBER MART Dimock and Gould Company NEWSPAPERS East Moline Herald PHYSICIANS Dr. George Cook Dr. Harry De Bourcey PLUMBING American Plumbing 81 Supplies PUBLIC UTILITIES Iowa-Illinois Gas and Electric Company REAL ESTATE AND INSURANCE Lawrence D. Bobb Agency RECORD SHOPS Stormyis Record Port RESTAURANTS Frank's Pizzeria Spot Restaurant SERVICE STATIONS Ben and Roy's Shell Station Doc and ,Iim's DX Service Don's Texaco Service Hasty's Texaco Service Hugh's Service Ishamael's 66 Service ,Iacobson's Oil Company Ken's Service Station Le Claire - Friendly - Service Mac's Conoco Service and Garage Silvis Independent Service SHOES Norlin's Shoes SPORTING GOODS Sportsland TAILORS Stine the Tailor UPHOLSTERING Copeland Upholstering Shop WALLPAPER STORES .Ierry Reiley's HOUSE OF COLOR

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