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S A-A,.,A, -A A. ...-. A . .-- - - - . -' . . '---"- -- . Y, V -:- 1 -A, ff- .L2..A.- lf? .-?-,-2rff:A--s:- f-13A-:A-1.A-f::--'-'art1 sm- f - - .- ' "'- 'fir ,.,A... qx,A A ., A. M Q, E. nw A. 7rV,r M Arr f ' ' 'P - - Q + X ,og J N x I , U W7 A A on 51 W f Q yay ff .X m- KW KMQM My W Ly xg 8X 5717325 Q, jim Mrigfjgky my aff X ,Mm Fw W ny' A jI MM My flyjjnfjfw , Aff? ffjjflfflwx wif Iggif ip W7 Y 525 of XXV 'gf' ' ' XX 1 if B XL ff ,Vx 1 My - A I If If ' Y 4 - ' L A DN A ,H - C6 h 4 f ' M 'I A f 9' ' f A '4'fQQQ? I A K J A A 1 -C Y' A Dpi- li f . I. U dw J M A Af AJ, A 0 fu gy ,A if , 'Q -f' M ' X X5 f"-1 K 7 ff A A f A Y' ' - , 1 X, w ff Q vp X f .nj 6 KF' , X, ' .ix I J L-'Lf f 'ff A 5 A 'Ijl X ' ' i V01 f 'A V J , QA ' VD f ' ff .,., A A JJ, 1 My 7 - H A. l M I. - A - X , V ri 1 L 14, 5,1 il". 'Y' I FJ ' ! N ' M ffl' 4, 3 V. A A V , If 67,7 Wi M, tlug I ' A ALA, L O All ,.1'i2 1, ,A AA? 4 f Y I J I I ' 5 ff 1 Q! A n- , m J K? O' f ' U K' ' g ju!!! x Q21 CA A A' , '-IX ,AAAQ - A , X . A " -Q, R, A. A A ' ' 5 W ' .' N " A jp M5 f A 635- 5 'u N bl ' 3 Zig: 'Q 1 SKYLINE 1955 Silver Anniversary UNITED TOWNSHIP HIGH SCHOOL EAST MOLINE, ILLINOIS Idmnr mC nd Assoamte ldmn and Club Id1fOY C opy Fdntor Puture Ld1fOf Busmess Manager P.1t1ou5 M zlmgcr Adusm Photogx lphcr Prmtcrs 'Ihc-mc su5,5,c5tcd by sul! lntu IX mu Rml IIN DePauw Phxl Phllhovxcr Almc Hoxull M15 Alllfl Murrcns Lum lirmx I1 Studios VQXJEJILYS Pzmtus jon Illaglllld 1 r Y 3, -' fil"' ....,.,....,....,.......,.....,,,...,.,. Rui' .'Y"I'C ' f ' ' f ' 2 , ...,......,................. 1 'Q ' ' Y f z ' Y 1 ............ ..................,....... K llI'CIl fZl'L'5SVx'Cll L ' ...........,............................,. ' 1 " S fa ' ..............,........,,.....,..,.... ' ' f ' S ' , . ' f y , 1 -4 .Ax- ' ' Y 1' ' ...,...............,,....,.....,...,., ' f Ya Svcylal IxQnt5 I mu tx C l1s5Ls Suuors LHTHJFB Sophonunca I rc5l1n1c11 r mxfitlcms IXJXISUYX Ii Munn Spcnnh Ld3hklfHJHS Clubs Sports Senun'Indcx Patmun5 J 7 7 7 l 7 '3 157 TABLE OF CONTENTS QI "' Y" ' ,.....................,,.,...........,....... ... .. 6 Ta' li' ..,.....................,........,...................... Z0 iif'1' ..............................,........................ . T2 f' ' Q ..............,.................,......,............ 54 J ' ' ,..................,..,........,.................... 58 ' ................................................ 65 7 " ' ............................,..................... 72 CJ gi nfl ' Q ............,......,............................ . . 82 'f "' ard ..........,................................ . . 84 J" ....,...................,........................... . 81 Q ' " ...........................,.............,...,.,.. . . 9- IJ "1 ' Q ....................,........................ ,.. 2 3 Q ......................................................,.. IO.. , I .,.......,..............................,................ 150 T I' ...,....................,...............,....... . . . .148 we Sun L ll 1 1 l3af,J11q 'MX f X N 1 .ffftg ff' 1 5 N f:f,m!' 11 fff 1 4 f f f f ix!! ffm Ivfffl. I X 1 !r'w.flXf!' :Ji 4 I ff ffw Lhdfvl f X Q nf H Vfmu yffil 4 X mf IU fffzf ffnll .J wvflf' ff laffy f 1 X 11 1 7 rf XX ff fff, ' Lmf f f fffwfz zz '. !f'Lf,X'.m.1X f L I 1' L 14 2115 5 X L Il .' .XIA f' 211, ,X :md ,VI fri ffwfig . : X4 Cz Kxfffl 11, ff' Wm To one zvbo lmf defoied bij life Io the yozzlb of om' whoa! O f""zfL v ,AAL Xd Ib! LAX 4 if f . SPECIAL EVENTS . WN 5 if T 5, .,. , iw, -1' " ' , if " f I vi!! Homecoming King and Queen Marie Esposito and Dennis Jacobs were elected as the 1954 Homecoming King and Queen. As Miss and Mr. U. T. H. S., they presided over all Homecoming activities. Mary Ellen Duffy and Bill Gingerich, runners-up, crowned the King and Queen at a colorful assembly. The beautiful pageantry of the Coronation assembly was preceded by inspiring talks by Dean Stone, pitcher for the Washington Senators and former studentg and Bob Austin, a big league referee. That night a slow drizzle didn't dampen the enthusiasm of the students, who par- ticipated in the Homecoming Parade and bonfire. Homecoming activities were under- way. Friday night the U. T. H. S. football team defeated Canton's Little Giants 15-0 in a thrilling game. Then came the highlight of the October weekend, the Homecoming Dance. Now all that remained of the Homecoming festivities were happy memories. Homecoming Royalty The Homecoming King and Queen and their court as they were seen just aftcr the coronation. Left to right, they were Carol Kidd, Ron Sergeant, Alice Howell Bob Marinangeli, Betsy Kastner, Jan Jamison, Queen Marie Esposito, King Dennis acobs Mary Ellen Duffy, Bill Gingerich, Joann Womble, Russell Lefevre, Judy Abbott and Osborne Branch. Shortly after receiving the news that she had been chosen queen, Marie Esposito had her crown adjusted by Mary Ellen Duffy, runner up, while the other attendants smiled approvingly. They were Jo Wfom- ble, Alice Howell, Betsy Kastner, Judy Abbott, and Carol Kidd. ,Q See A-uyhzlflj' going 012 here?" U.T. H. S. Presents The plays of John W. Stevens were well-known in the Com- munity for the enjoyment which they provided. Mr. Stevens' plays this year showed variety as he presented a farce, a sophis- ticated comedy, a melodrama and a light comedy. Mr. Stevens and the cast spent four to six weeks on each production. This was a season of well rounded entertainment. Hou' They Rzuz CAST Jo Ann Jenson Mary Hines Jim DePauw Sandra Morrissey Bob Marinangeli Denny Jacobs Paul Batty Mike Downen Bud Porter "Look O11l."' WaJ'i' and Newly CAST Sandra Morrissey Roger Everett Sandra Dunning Ken Quillin Karen Cresswell Jim DePauw Phil Philhower , V 4. Jo Ann Jenson Joe liretto 'f rg, -fa' r, '-I "',' A - .,'. -. .- Lalmz CAST Roger Everett jack Keenan Paul Batty Kon Quillin Mary Hines Sandra Dunning Sandra Morrissey Phil Philhowcr "Yam 1 111:11 iff "live llaoughl -1011 were def1d."' J ll iQ" The Freshmen Choir anxiously awaited their cue to display their talents in a rehearsal previous to the Christmas program. Choir Christmas Program When the Choir gave its annual Christmas concert this lovely Christmas angel was in attendance as part of the scenery. The angel was built by the choir members al- though Mr. Laddy Barron conceived the idea. Soloist, Lorena Ballenger and her accompanist, Helen Tsakanikas, presented their addition to the Choirs fine Christmas special as- sembly. Quint-City Student Council The Quint-City Student Council met the third Tuesday of every month to discuss problems common to them all. Each of the ten member schools acted as host. The Council set up a Code of Sportsmanship and presented it to all the Quint-City schools. The Council hoped to establish a closer relationship between the schools. The opening meeting of the Council was held in our library. Here Bob Marin- angeli, president of our Student Council, was pictured with representatives from the Immaculate Conception, Moline, Rock Island, and the Villa de Chantel. With the Dean of Al- leman, Father Edward Charest, were Helen Takanikas, Miss liehr- man, and Bob Marin- angeli discussing fu- ture plans of the Quint City Student Council. 1 l 3 13 enthusiastic amateurs tried their skill at the Letter- men's Clubs booth. "How Much ls That Doggie in the XVindow?" was a common question asked in the Future Distributers of Americas booth. Hitting the stars proved profitable to the carnival goers as well as to the club. "Make that bucket," Many ' 1 "Youre Arrested!" The Library Club's jail was a new attraction to the Carnival this year. The "jail- birdsw waited impatiently for their sentences to expire. Especially vul- nerable to arrest were faculty mein bers. Q "I-ley! Now, No Cheating!" The shuflle board sponsored by the Rifle Club proved an interesting attrac- tion to many Carnival-goers. Here Mr. Oliver appeared to be "work- mg. Carnival "U'mmml Food!" With Mr. Barron and the backing of the Choral Department, this re- freshment stand provided food for many hungry carnival lovers. "Presenting Vaudevillef' Featured among the outstanding acts performed by the Sophomores during their assembly was this Charleston routine done by Kathleen Gober and Sharon Johnson. Assemblies During the school year we had both student and special assemblies. This years special assemblies included a professional wrestler, a song leader, a glass blower, and the Tri-City Symphony among others. The student assemblies were presented by clubs and other organizations. Highlights for the XVOWY What a Record! After much competition Car men Mest seems to have conquered thc best Presenting the Ray Holmes Free Throw Trophy were Coaches Holmes and Kivisto. Carmen n dc 4 out ot 54 free throws boys were the athletic award assemblies. Exchange assemblies add variety and spice to our Friday programs. The transfer assemblies were usually given on the day of a competitive sport such as basketball or football. XVe sent groups to Moline and Rock Island and they each sent one here. "Nota LVIMIK Selections by their boys' quartet and this Indian hoop dance, were part of the exchange assembly sent from Moline. "Come Skate W'ilfJ Ale" These girls danced to the "Skaters Waltz" as part of the Rock Island exchange assembly. The Rock Island Glee Club presented a very colorful assembly built around a winter motiff. Hllvbiif iz ,llm11w1f."' Receiving their Sophomore football letters from Cfoaih Bare, were: Harold Bost, Mar- low Lawnsdale, Delbert Carr, Tom Hopkins, Manuel Clurze and Roy Miller. This elimaxed the Sophs season for another year. ni- "And zziflv live '1'0msZv" In the spotlight of the junior Assemlwly were: Dawn lfritz, Vera McRae, Mary Ann Thompson and Sally Lang doing their original version of "Sweetheart Roland" in modern rhythms. Sylxia Saunders narrated the poem. "Kirk 'em High" Another highlight in the 'lunior As- semlvly was the thorus line routine ahly done hy these eight girls: Mary Ann Thompson, Sally Lang. Dawn lfritz, Ann Donnelson, Connie vlatkson, Vera McRae, Nancy Little, Claudette Katsis. fe. 17 E1 , xiXL The candidates for the presidency of the Advisory The "Night Owls" captured the championship of the newly or- Board voted too. XVonder who they were xoting ganized intr.1muri1l hilsketball league. Team members were: john for? Left to right were: Bill Dailey, Helen Ts.1k.m- lngvverson, lNI1rshi1ll Mdrner, jim DeP,1uw, Charles XVilli.1mson. ilms, 'lim XYill.1ert, .ind George Gr.1h,1m. Bill mis Larry Sweat, .md Al Guerrero, and john Panentzio kneeling, eleeted. Mr. Bill Yemm organized the intr.1mur.1l progjraiii. Happy Memories l.ind.1 Gooding worked hard to perf leer her serious rexding "All My Sons tor the detl.1m1t1on tuntest. "Go, Team, Go? Cdiuglit in lution here were: left to right, Sheryl Smith, Joyce Turner, Mary lillen Duffy and Bonnie Mart, f C11 X eU" ,,,JX Madeline Claus and Toni Giese displayed the most unique stockings at the Ke-yfr "Stocking Stomp." They were crowned by the runners-up, Carolyn Hyde and Myrna Robyt, who 'with their escorts, Don Greeno and Jerry DeBloek, bravely wore Bermuda shorts and red weskits. Mr. Leon Wfright and his art class helped publicize "National Apple XVeek." "Going, going, gone!" shouted Joe lfretto, auetioneer, at the Lettermens cake raffle. His assistant, Denny Ylaeobs, got to hold it, but didnt get a bite. l. Excitement was rampant at the Spanish Clubs Christ' mas gift exchange, 5 . .31 X 'nf' FACULTY I-I N...Q-ff Students Our hrgh sehool 15 dey oted to the task of helpmg you to lrve happy md satrsfymg lryes to beeome self supportrng soelally eonserous md morllly up rrght xndryrduals so that as homemakers yy orkers and ertlfens you ean mel yyrll marntam defend 1nd rmproye our Amerrean yy ay of lrfe To make the aeeompllshment of thls purpose possxble the eommumty h IS made available a great amount of equrpment a large stall of te rehers md other employees anel 1 large number of eourses elasses programs mel letrvntles h rye been orgimzed OpPOffLlH1flCS for edue 1f1OI1dl groyy th anel development hlye been rxehly provrded Hoyy much advantage IS taken of these opportunltles depends upon each 1nd1v1dual student At the end of the year the student yvho has fully ay arled hlmself of the opportun1t1es prov1ded yyho has attended classes regularly and prepared hrs lessons eaeh day yyho has after h1s elass yy ork yy as yyell done p1rt1e1p1teel rn the act1v1t1es such as debate chorus football basketball trrek band dramatres tenms golf baseball plays assembly programs or some of the numerous elubs yy1ll find that h1s experlenees III hrgh sehool have been the most satxsfymg and hrs development the greatest 'Ih1s yearbook IS a reeord of the aeeompllshments and aetlvltles of the sehool this year It yy1ll haye much meaning for you noyy anel m the years to eome The amount of mterest and meanlng that lt has for you yyrll be deter mmed by the part that you have play ed IH the llfe of the sehool and the share of responsxbrlrty that you have assumed IH all of your programs and 1et1v1t1es Niay 1t brmg you happy remembranees of tasks yy ell done of a year of yy orth yy lule aetryrtres anel of a perrod of yaluable expenenees' L O Dayysorx X . p ' V ' 1 V 1 7 L L1 7 - 7 4 L K 1 V V V , 1 . , 1 1, , N 7 ' 7 I L V' . 1- Ax A 1 L - D , V1 V - 1 , L . , , 1- ' ' 1 -' , 1 ' V , 4 , , I V ,, ,, y V V, -V .2 . L - V , , , . 1 1, 1 , , 1, . - V .1 V V. , c , , L 4. 1 1 1 ' s ' A 'V . 1 1 1 A f V1 4 . , 4 7 ' 4 .h V . 7 . bx Vi ..V V 11' s . x Q I V Y 2 , 4 - V V V V , 1 , v 7 a 4 4 1 a a V 4 V 1 , , 1 , V . 7 7 7 7 7 7 h ' V- l ' l I ' 1 L 11 A 3 ' 'f ' v' A A .y 1 ' V , . V I 1 W - 4 ' 1 1 K l I ls' 1 . '. ,,, ,' , ,A V V V . V., 1 . ' , , ' 1 , V- V . . .- ' 1 ' V . , , V V ' 1 V V ' A v v Y 1 2' " LV, V ' ' V V V V u f . 3 V X 1 , 1 , V , . C ss GQQQW Pictured here were Mr. Claire Mc- Creight, principal, Miss Claribel Fehr- man, dean of girls, and Mr. Harvey Pierson, dean of boys. Their job was to help the students adjust to and be- come a part of U.T.H.S. In addition to their regular duties, they worked with the students in many other activities. Mr. McCreight had charge of all assem- blies. Miss Fehrman was sponsor of the Advisory Board. Mr. Pierson, an active Rotarian, formulated the Junior Rotarian program. Intrusted with the responsibilities of helping to see that the activities of U.T.H.S. run smoothly were: Mr. George McNeal, Mr. D. O. Johnson, Mr. Chester Brissman, president pro-tem, Mr. Frank Almquist, Mr. L. O. Dawson, Mr. Rush Copeland, and Mr. Albert Mueller. Not present in the picture were Mr. W. C. Steele, newly elected member, and Mr. George Geyer. Mr. Geyer, who was a member of the board for twenty-nine years and president for the last three, died unexpectedly during the school year. L fwwh Pictured in Mrs. Ryans' ottice were: Mr. Keith Bare, Mr. Steve hlorgan, Mrs. Ryan, and Mrs. Jessie Fredrick. Both Mr. Bare and Mr. Morgan teach in the business department. Mr. Bare coached Freshman football, Sophomore basketball and varsity track. Mr. Morgan supervised the distributive education program. Mrs. Ryan, the registrar, made sure that the students xyere where they should be. Mrs. liredrick, who teaches English, coached our excellent declamation teams. f I? 7 7L'M f-54 'S . Caught in the doorway just before they left for home were Mr. Harold Collins, Mr. Paul Oliver, Miss Mar, ian Dean, Mr. Roy Gilbert and Miss Elizabeth Cornell. In addition to teaching general science and being A. Freshman sponsor. Mr. Collins coached Sophomore football and , xarsity tennis. Mr. Oliver and Mr. Gilbert both are in the yotational education department. Mr. Olixer taught woodworking and sponsorcd 5 the Ritie Club. Mr. Gilbert tauglit auto shop. Miss Dean was kept busy teaching world history and sponsoring the Pep Club. Miss Cornell taught beginning and ad- vanced mathematics and sponsored F.T.A. it O In l R. s 14 A iff' Posed in the choral room were Mr. Laddy Barron, Mr. Harold Smith, both of the music de- partmentg Mr. Ray Holmes, ol' the physical education depart- ment, Miss Helen Buresh ol the science departmentg and sit' ting, Miss Martha Boley, of the home economics department. In addition to their regular duties, all ot' these teachers carried many extracurricular activities, Mr. Baron directed the Cfhoir, the Girls' Glee Club, the Melo- dettes, and the Six Teens. Mr. Smith directed the L'.T.H.S. Band. Mr. Holmes was athletic director. Miss Buresh sponsored the F.N.A. and Miss Boley coached the cheerleaders. Mr. Ernie Kivisto pointed out one of the schools many athletic awards to Mrs. Elaine Rubcrg, Mrs. Anita Murrens, and Mr. john Wrenn. Mr. Kivisto and Mrs. Murrens both taught in the English de- partment. Mr. Kivisto coached the varsity basket- ball five to an excellent record of eighteen wins and live losses. He was also co-sponsor of the Lettermans Club. Mrs. Murrens, in addition to teaching several classes of English, spent many, many hours sponsoring the Sky line. Mrs. Ruberg taught in the physical education department and helped sponsor the G.A.A. intra- mural bowling tournament. Mr. "jocko" XVrenn taught history, coached the varsity football team to a five-four record and also coached our varsity wrestlers. 1 1 fi Two of the teachers from the vocational arts department, Mr. Lester Vines and Mr. John Cavanaugh explain the workings of a lathe to Mrs. Evelyn Miller, Mrs. Patricia Felts, and Mr, Bill Campbell Mr Vines, head ot' the vocational arts department. taught a three hour class in shop practices. Mr. Cavanaugh taughtt advanced drafting and sponsored Tri-Mic. In addition to teaching English and Spanish Mrs Miller sponsored the Spanish Cllub. Mrs. Felts taught home economics and sponsored F.l-I.A. Mr. Camp bell taught physics and sponsored the "3:5O Club." That was detention, remember? Mr. Alexander Xvasson, Miss Ida Burleigh, Mr. Millard Pratt. Mr. A. R. Volk, and Mrs. Helen Pedersen relaxed in the newly redecorated model apartment in the home eco- nomics department. Mr. XY'asson taught American history and balanced the books for boys athletics. Miss Burleigh taught ling- lish and journalism and was advisor for the Kea. Mr. Pratt taught general science, had charge ol' audio-visual education. and sponsored both the Camera Club and Bio-Chem-lcs. Mr. Volk taught algebra and trigonometry. Mrs. Pedersen taught home economics and advised F.H.A. activities. r"Hc ? 4 Q," X., AX? .Q X c as Q. My wi 31 ' li af -.0 A' Stopping on the stairs for only a moment during the varied, but exacting schedule they followed vvere: Mr. George Bray, Miss Luise Piano, and Miss Rosemarie Castelli. lNIr. Bray taught math- ematics and coached varsity baseball. Miss Piano taught girls physical education and coached the G.A.A. varsity tennis team, Miss Castelli was a member of the business education department. Seated around one of the modern library tables were: Mr. Charles McCoy, foundry instructorg Miss Esther McNutt, librariang Mrs. Reba Hester, Latin teacherg and Mr. Mallie Wfilliams, assistant band director. Miss McNutt sponsored the Li- brary Cllub. Mr. Wfilliams directed the Pep Band, Bohemian Band, and Dance Band. ,-'S Q4 ' 1'- x Miss Dorothy Calvert, Mr. P. Philhowerf Miss Bernice Howard, and Mr. Dan Naert lined up in front of the book store to have their picture taken, In addition to teaching American history, Miss Calvert sponsored the Sophomore class. Mr. Philhower's duties were many and varied. He was school treasurer, taught bookkeeping, and managed the book store. Miss Howard, who was president of the Classroom Teachers Association, taught algebra. Mr. Naert taught beginning drafting and machine shop. Lunch time found Mr. joe Dhondt, Mr. Bill Yemm, Mr. Don Smith, Mr. joe Lauber, and Mr. Al Zim- merman enjoying their lunch. Mr. Dhondt taught -'-""" drix ers training and coach- ed both Freshman football and basketball. He co- sponsored the Lettermens Club. Mr. Yemin taught American history govern- ment, and sponsored the intramural program for boys. Mr. Smith taught boys physical education and coached varsity golf. Mr. Zimmerman taught American government and coached football. Mr. Lauber, who taught Eng- lish, coached the debate team. Chivalry was kept alive by Mr. Bill Wheeler and Mr. Glenn Chivers as they waited their turn. With them were Miss Iris Allen and Miss Eleanor Allen of the commercial de- partment. Miss Iris Allen sponsored Business Club and Miss Eleanor Al- len sponsored the junior Class. Mr. Wheeler and Mr. Chivers are mem- bers of the science department. Mr. Chivers coached cross country. Signing out at the end of an active day at school were: Mrs. Isabel Hemping, Mrs. Fern McNab, and Mr. John Stevens. all of the English department. Supervising were joyce Bulen and Sharon Loth- ridge, members of the otlice staff. Mrs. l-lemping taught remedial reading. Mrs. McNab coached the orators. Mr. Stevens directed the plays and sponsored the Panther Parade. The bus drivers, who got the students here on time in the morning and drove them home again after school were Neal McNeal, Seraphim Ver- sypt, Harold Baker, Gerald Oppendike, Ralph Nickolson, and Collins Wrayr. 9 uf Daily these men punched the time clock. This was the janitorial staff, responsible for keeping the school clean. Left to right they are Loren Borum, Frank Machu, Andy Saey, Roy Murrens, and Ed johnson. ,.. 'ff' V. if .14 1. One of the most important staffs in the school was the cafeteria staff. It provided the students with a hot meal each day for thirty cents. The cafeteria workers areg Boflom Roux' Mrs. Hazel Allsbrow, Mrs. Irma Diercks, Mrs. Myrtis Gallaugher, Mrs. Ruth Lynn, Mrs. Bertha Pan- craziog Top Roux' Mrs. Linda Hicks, Mrs. Gertrude Wfilde, Mrs. Emma Termont, Mrs. Alice Gallens, Mrs. Mabel Ziegler, Mrs. Myrtie Tick- off, and Mrs. Eva Stern. "5-f X ni The sands of time have run their course as far as the four year period is concerned for the Seniors. The class of 229 was advised by Mr. J. Cavanagh, who worked with Ron Sergeant, presidentg Dick Sahr, vice-president, Gary Wieneke, treasurerg and Elaine VanQuathem, secretary. The year was crowd- ed with many activities. The Senior float, "Light L'p Another Victory" won lirst prize for beauty in the Homecoming parade. The class sponsored the "Snow Ball" dance and the linal assembly of the year. Highlight of "The Rocket" was the class will and prophecy. Members of the class were very active in band. choir, speech activities, and publications, as well as in sports. Class members were honored by being chosen as Homecoming Royalty, G.A.A. Royalty, Junior Rotarians, Legion Award winners, and presi- X .1 3 l Q, ya X1 Assuming the leadership ol the Senior Llass were: left to right, Gary XY'ien- eke, treasurer: Diclf Sahr. vice-presidentg Ronnie Ser- geant, presidentg liliiine VanQu.ithein, secretaryg and Mr. john Caxaiiaiigli. who did a xery line job .is sponsor. eniors dent of the Advisory Board. Twenty-five Seniors were Honor Students. Nancy Rick received the D.A.R. award for citizen- ship. She and Phil Philhower were chosen to repre- sent U.T.H.S. at Illinois Girls' State and Illinois Boys' State respectively. Tom Thew passed a Science Talent Search test, sponsored by XVestinghouse and given to students all over the nation, and was honor- ed by the junior Academy of Science at Carbondale. Tom also received the Bausch and Lomb Award. Several students were awarded scholarships for college. The class presented the school with the permanent all metal sign pictured below. The sign was placed along the 17th Avenue hillside. Graduation, june 6, climaxed the class of 1955's career on the hilltop. ' GAB of 1955 Junior Rotarians The Junior Rotarians lor 1955 were: top to bottoin, Russell Leliex re, Bob Marinangeli, Toni Linnabary, john Ing- wersen, Pat Cassidy, Paul Batty, George lNIartin, Carl Becker, Dave Grillin, Dick Sahr, Bfike Downen, Bill Meyers, Phil Pliilhower, ancl lim DePauw, Missing from the picture were Bill Gingerich and Torn Thew. On every Tliursclay of each month two outstanding boys were sent as guest representatives to Rotary inc-c-rings. The boys were chosen by the laculty on the basis ol' their lc-aclersliip, clepencl- ability, co-operatixeness. ancl scholastic ability. At the encl ol the month each boy gave a brief farewell speech. Honor Students These twenty-four Senior Honor Stu- dents rnaintainecl a scholastic ax erage ol' no less than 90 'Q during their entire high school career. Frou! Roux' Nanty Rick, Barbara Hoskins, Mary Schaefer, Betsy Kastner, Carolyn My- ers, Exelyn XY'assell, Donna Rae Claeys, Myrna Robyt. illfddlv Razr: John Droz, Pat Acliillies, Bet- ty Vfeiss, Kay Hc-alcl, Joann Xlfonible. Rebecca Howell, Ligette Desseyn, Peggy Loui. Bark Rffziy' Dick Sahr, -lolmn lngwersen, Pat Cassicly, Phil Pliilliower, jim Dc-Pauw, Paul Thornblooin, Paul Batty, Mike Downen. It 'sf Q A .II'I.lA ALDRICH JERRY BAKER u s.. fr 'ir Q if I fs l XI. xml Cw'11e1': PATRICIA LEE ACHILLES CAROL ADAMS SHIRLEI2 MILLICIQNT ADAMS DALE A, ALLISON RAYMOND BALL ,,,L 'Q 'ltr 539 I 3 john amuse-s his college prep class PAUL BATTY CARL BECKER fu---' I , an .J ,RL 'O' Q-q,, R., ,I BARBARA BOND JANET BOND HAROLD ps, BOVVERS I 13 sl '19 I..'.I'.f E17 -9 if N QQ Qu' J I RONALD BEERT SHIRLEY ANN BEVERLIN PAI'L BILLBERG MARDELLE BINDER NANCY BLAKE RON BOHLS PATRICIA BONIVMAN OSBORNE BRANCH ffxN Wi f-115 Q 'C'..."' DEAN A. CARTER MERLE CASEL AN ITA BUCCI JOHN R. BRITTENHAM HELEN BROWN RALPH W. BUSHNELL MARION J. CALSYN L x., EX . k X HARVEY CARR 5 Q. XXSA Q PATRICK E. CASSIDY ELEANOR ANN CAVE PHYLLIS M. CHANEY V S. -N5 Y'-h. fs- lfiw ,-,,- f W- 1 'QQ JEAN CHRISTINE LEWIS H. CHRISTY BEVERLY CHURCHILL David Robinson watches as Ralph jones checks the temperature of a gas furnace. DONNA RAE CLAEYS YVONNE COLLINS Q .YS CLAUDETTE COMBES REGINA COVERT 1 of-,.,, iN0 C ix lr , ,ew ,-p an ff N 'S-.1 Cw'rzer.' EVERETT R. COX ANN CL'LP KAREN CRESSXYELL ROSELLA DLLEI' Q54 , VICTOR DEHNER I x ,IAME5 I-. DEPAL XX' Thxs 15 L1 barbeque? i LIZETTE DESSEYN JOAN DEVOS MIKE DOWNEN MARY ELLEN DUFFY :Sf i 'ff X 'il'-3 CHARLOTTE DUNCAN ROGER EVERETT 1:7 --' we 5 ,gf A 2 A E ,L .f 4 JOHN DROZ EMILY DZEKUNSKAS TOM EVANS MARY XX". FIELDS ROBERTA ANNE FLETCHER ROBERT FORRET Miss Castclli helps Pat Foster, as Betty Guldcnpfennig, Margie Malaney, and Glenda Nelson work in clerical practice class. 4'l S. QW I' l i' v ' XX II LIAM C IROI We FYI HER B OOMEZ isp' ' PATRICIA FAYE FOSTER INANCI M IRASIIR ROBERT I FRLX IAXE1 CJALIER SHARON OIII JA IINF AINX C IIMORF XVII I IAM LIINGERICH JOYCE A GOODWIN M '53 fini' 6' -4 if tb, . A, , n I L, 3 . , - A, . I . f Y, .,, K-lv 2 x I- , , I , s'vqM - A I fgff, Q- I ' I 17? 'P 'y . , l. , , , , - 'A N . I . . 1 . . ,HQ ff R- b . X: I , , J -H ' w as J g If Rabi" I f A ' A ff, , - , Ii 'f 6. V I ' . I , ' ig' K e. .. Q I L""" ' I, -I -, - ' zfgggg. ' -. DAVID GORDON GARY GREEN DAVID GRIFFIN C UI'?167'.' LELAND GRUNVUALD AL GUERRERO BETTY ANN GULDENPFENNIG PE'l E GL S1 DONNA MAE HAMERLINCK JERRY HARKER THOMAS HARRIS N1 'N-Q. if lb NQYW5 C ofner: BETTY LOU HAYSLETT SHIRLEY ANN HEATON JOHN C. HENN GER KAY HEALD MARGARET HERNANDEZ MARY MADELINE HINES L2 F5 if CARMEN HERRERA DONALD R. HILL RAYMOND DAVID HIPKINS EDWARD J. HOCK X is 5 JACK HOLMBERC LINDA SLE HOOGERXWERF 15- wr 28 2-1 "wa-Q. Q Russell Lefevre helps Jim DePauw adjust a Spanish Burton. ALVEDA MAX HULTMAN ROBERT D. HUME CAROLYN HYDE MARIL INGLE -dl' 6...-v BARBARA ANN HOSKINS ALICE HOWELL REBECCA L HOWELL ROBERT HUFFMAN R ig' if 5 'ID 5,-5. . Y' 5' IOHNI INL9XX'ERSl:N BARBARA IRXYIN JANE LORRAINE jACKSON Cox mfr: DENNIS JACOBS JAN JAMISON MARX Ll LILLL ISAI8 jAMEb L1 ISHNIAEL WAYNE JOHNSON DOLORES JORDON RALPH JONES ELIZABETH KASTNER O 5 K3 1 R ,Q 5 1 ,kj 'I' I lfrgiw 5 K M f , W' 6' 3 J J. ELTON E. KERR PATRICIA KING JOAN KICKSEY CLARENCE KLICK wtf I 96 A R. Brittenham supervises as Betty Roman, Sharon Laxy, Shirley Randolp and Connie Little: prepare a Christmas display counter in Mr. M0rgan's dis- tributive education class. BARBARA JEAN KORB TED LAPACZONEK ,Ju f .,.., PAT LAPEIZRIZ ALBERT LASEK C nruer: SHARON LAXY Q .Z A Jai. is , T' F ,iff if SN Of' X-v , B'-vi RUSSELL LEFEVRE GENE LEIBOVITZ ARTHUR LESTHAEGHE 'Lv pn 40" Y ni. 76' Nlg YY-f f CONSTANCE A. LITTLE 'P-A, sri'-:gf CL J 413 MARGARET LOL'I Cmmm. AL'DINE LOVESTED IMMY MCCOOLEY MARY LOU MCMURL mugs Q, BEVERLY LINDLEY THOMAS T. LINNABARY vi 5 DOUGLAS JAMES MCNAB MARJORIE MALANEY ' 4 SANDRA MORRISSEY CAROLYN MYERS JOSEPHINE NACHE Corner: VIRGINIA NACHE ElLIO'1 D PARK RL TH PERRY PHIL PHILHOXVER NANLX PLAVAK SHERRY POPE HOVUARD PORTER SHIRLEY J. RANDOLPH Corner: DELORES RANGEL fvi wiv x1 ?Lq -N,,.e ...T 4:- Xt' Q 'Q' - 49.3" 3 i' -4-" LUANNE RISKEDAHL F3 as MYRNA ROBYT 4,1 NANCY RICK x '51- c,0xx1E ROMERO A A pf! Q! 'i""' ' r ' I f X J , lmfkgbq t ss pr. . W.-:af fi? 0 n f Q A we W W X Wi! 3 , RICHARD SAHR MARY SCHAEPER Cu we V: RITA RANGEL RER1"1'Y J. ROMAN RICHARD KENNETH RUSH RONALD 1.. Rl 55I.I.I. 52 RL'INLAINl'7Cl' the Kcy'5 "Crew- kllfiu? Ouic Bmmh, Kenny Rush. Run Surge-Ant, and Dummy -lauxbs gmc .1 tqrriiig rcndition of "Sh-Boom." xx: f-f Yf First Aid class MARY KAY SCHLCK CLAUDE SCHULDT JAY SHAXX' Cfl1'I1t'7',' LARRY L. SNYDER LARRY SCHLITZ VIRGINIA SEE RONNIE SERGEANT TALGIE XV. SLAITH HARRY SMITH DENNIS SNYDER -X 2 6' if I' 'N I AZN' xx ,J I vi! X! 'ka 'Q 3. H. I Q' f 'tri' AETH LARRY STONE ROGER STEFFENSON RICHARD J. STULIR BETTY SUMMERS GEORGE L. SWEAT SHIRLEY LOU TAULBEE RICHARD STONE JOAN ELAINE TAYLOR THOMAS B. THEW JIM S1 RIBLING W 17.-9 - eff X. Q, E N X z -'I PAUL THORNBLOOM -IACQUELINE TIMMERMAN ' N-sf SHIRLEY JEAN TISDALE Corner: DONNA JEAN VALENTINE 2 ANNETTE VAN BUSKIRK Auto Shop JOHN VANDE XVIELE ELAINE VAN QUATHEM "::" w 'in " BEVERLY VANDERBEKE ROBERT VANSICKLE 'oi ati? N55 3 'YN 'wx 'Eb tv EVELYN L. XYASSELL 3 bf Y':,,,"'v f 1 ,. 56 5- 3 I -so gs- 'id' A-P. Co H1 er: E? , 1 X. RICHARD A. VERMEULEN EDXYARD VICKERS I.AXY'RENCI2 VERSLKIS SANDRA WADSAQER JOHN WARD PATRICIA ANN VICKERS INI11 CLINQIIILIUQQII xxutdmcm .ls tlw boys in his Drafting clam TEST. ALLIE BEE WHEELER BETTY XWEIS5 JACQUELYN XWESSELI. iffiiff Airy, ., ,Ji -3' 1,0,0 '-'A 9"4'l','.. .f,,v-rg. . 0 A ,,'-X... onnb b. . .. .1 MARX VIXIHI RSI JOANN XXOMBIE HELLN XOLNG CHESTER WHEELER LORE 1 '1 A JACQUELINE WHEELER SHIRLEY JEAN VVICKERSHAM Corzzer: ANNE WINGER1' '5u'S,g" ww sf., fiff ' 1'l Qfflt O rl "QW V" QP -40" ' , 57 4 li DALE ZEMPLE WMF' lb tm Helen Tsakanikas, president, George Graham, secretary-treasurer, and Miss Eleanor Allen, sponsor, listened as Chuck Morrison, vice-president, listed some possible dates for the junior-Senior Prom. Juniors Time flowed on, the hour glass was turned for a third time and the class of '56 were juniors. Under the leadership of Miss Eleanor Allen, sponsor, they quickly accepted the increased responsibility of their new position. As their class officers they chose: Helen Tsakanikas, president, Chuck Morrison, vice-president, and George Graham, secretary-treas- urer. The juniors started the year's activities by organizing the Home- coming festivities. Their float, "Get ,Em In Dutch," in the parade was awarded second prize for beauty. The class planned the highlight of the entire year, the junior-Senior Prom. The Pink Prelude was held in the Sky-Hi Ballroom of the Le- Claire Hotel. The music was provided by the magical notes of Jack Payne's Ambassadors. The twenty-nine Honor Roll students of the junior class were: Lor- ena Ballenger, Janet Boggs, William Dailey, Harold Diercks, Mary Emmerson, Nancy England, jerry Frantz, Dawn Fritz, Sandra jones, Serena Kincher, Nancy Leenchnecht, Sylvia Liedtke, Virginia Madson, Barbara Marsh, Vernalie Moberg, Janice Morgan, Sharon Mueller, Ruby Muse, Gurtha Ramsey, Anne Raske, JoAnn Rogenski, Sharon Schleeter, June Stoedter, Helen Tsakanikas, Beverly Vanlilavern, Mary Jo Vines, Merline Ward, Tom Ward, and Phillip Zumaris. Faced with the responsibility of raising money, the junior class had a shooting gallery booth at the annual spring Carnival. In memory of Sheila Smith, whose unexpected death caused the school much grief, the junior class dedicated theS!1eila Smith Memorial Shelf. On this shelf in the library the class placed books on modern dance and rhythm. To Sheila, the juniors dedicate their section of this book. Sheila Smith Balmm Raw: Luke Au Kee, Marlene Barck, Ronald Blad, Lois Almquist, Richard Benson, Bonnie Bloomberg, Bob Almquist. Middle Roux' Gary Baugher, Judy Ab- bott, Coleen Anton, Lorena Ballenger, ' Sue Anderson, William Beard. Top Rauf: Mabel Atkison, Mary Bi- deaux, George Batskiel, Acie Adams. Clarence Bjork, janet Biro, Cherl Bloomberg. Bullum Razr: Carol Boles, john Bray- ton, Betty Bowman, Kenneth Bobb, Sandra Chidester, Dirk Braet, Sharon Chidester. Middle Roux' janet Boggs, Marie Cap- paert, Veda Cain, Ruth Cox, joyte Brute, Connie Brown. Tflfl Ruux' judy Ann Bryant, Val Clem- ente, Terry Brown, David Cook, Donna Clark, Tom Cady, Ken Cary, Elwin Bramxln, Robert Bulen, Ramona Csujari. -3.- rv Mr. Millard Pratt checked the equation as Betty Patterson wrote it on the board. 9 A - jerry Kight struggles over his junior theme, by all means the longest assignment of the junior year. Q, Ls- 9 Bffzmm Run: Gene Easley, Raymond Culley, Biwb Del.iiRosa, Paul Dc-Vos, Harold Dicrtks. Middlv linux' Sandra Dunning, Ann Dunelsnn, Ruth Ann Dnmm, Jeanie Dailey, Rem Duntym, Carolle Do- brinske. 'liujf Ruux' Mary Crouch, Adolph Dc- liiluw, Run Dixun, Albert Deliio. Frank Duplcr. Bill Dailey, julia Dclluiutcr. f., 'Z' Qi' AA . A Bullum Roux' Tom Giese, Patsy Gillies, Doris Gromm, Barbara Flinn, Nancy England, Dick Ford. Middle Roux' Dawn Fritz, Rosemary Gingerich, Roxana Fentress, Nancy Forret, Mary Lou Emmerson, Phyllis Gibson. Tuff Roux' Ronnie Fillmer, Giles Frazier, Bob Fuhrer, Ned Findlay, joe Fretto, Ron Entrilcin, jerry F rantz. Bnzlwrz Roux' Larry Neil Irwin, Mary Kastner, Mary Hibernik, Dave john- son, jo Ann jenson, Vivian Martin, Lawrance Ishmael. Middle Roux' Connie jaikson, liileen Hutton, Sandra jones, Janice jokisch, Sheila Hill, Karen johnson. Tap Roux' Donald johnson, Gary Hoff, Eddie Hirst, Pete Huher, john Isom, Tom Karr, Harold jones. Bolmm Roux' Walter Hart, Martha Hungate, Nancy Hougan, Millie Huff, Richard Greeno, Ben Havens. ' Middle Rauf Bette Hawkins, julie Haege- man, Linda Gooding, Monica Greder, Pat Hanson, Joyce Grant. Top Roux' Maurice Hansen, Paul Gomez, George Graham, Arvid Herstedt, Daryl Hessell, jerry Crouch. ,E ,In I 'x if 1,f,f -W. ,gi , ii so ii Panel discussions give students an opportunity to express their ideas on many subleits Here Val Clemente Miss Calwert and Dick Lord are part of the audiente listening to a panel Members of this panel are Ned lrinley joyte Payne jerry Miller Sharon Chidestcr and Butlwzl Row: Sylvia Liedtke, Nancy Leenknecht, Serena Kincher. Mary jo Kight, Nancy Little, Claudette Katsis, Mary jane Kihler, Marian Kaxe. Middle Roux' Joanne Loui, Celia Leeds, janet Kicksey, Barbara Kipp, Alma Larson, Donna Krohn. Tap Roux' Sally Lang. john Lauritzson, Don Lynn, Gerald Kight, Mel Lan- duyt, jerry Kohrt. Sharon Lane, Barium Row: jim Miller, Bar- bara Mee, Barbara Marsh, Sharon Markeski, Darlene McLaughlin, Bonnie Mil- burn, Herb McIntosh. Middle Row: Virginia Mad- son, Norma McIntosh, Vera McRae, Gerry McMahon, Betty Miller, Gerry Malma strom. Tap Roux' Carmon Mest Da- vid Meyer, Blake McKahin, Paul Marsell. jerry Miller, Don Meadows. , ,M s -W-..,,,,, I' ,Q ,A he 1 qt :A . -is 3' A 'Z' Pzlzftibif ef' will lr! L 5 'A , f'vrX 1 tl Hallam Roux' Sally Rasso, Norma Powell, Gurtha Ramsey, Anne Raske, Marxis Roberts. Tuff Ruux' Pedro Rzingel, Yxonne Rexroth, Barbairzi Rasmussen, jeanine Riley, Saintlrn Pittington, joAnn Raymond. Bottom Roux' Virgil Ohrberg, Ruby Muse, joan Moeller, Lois Wfard, Sharon Short, Margie Skowronski, Donna Morrow, joe Miller. Middle Roux' Bill Nevins, Joyce Payne, Delores Nickerson, Vernalie Moberg, Betty Patterson, Ruth Ann Nagel, Janice lNIorgan, Allen Noftsker. Top Roux' Chuck Morrison, Steve Perry, Allan Perkins, Ron Newenham, Gary Olson, jim Mueller, Ken Jacobs. - Bolfam Roux' Phil Sandoval, Judy Soren- sen, Sheryl Smith, Gary Sullivan, Sue Skinner, Ted Stang. Middle Roux' Bob Rumburg, jo Ann Rogenski, Bob Rotz, Bev Schutte, Paul Schutz, Janice Seefeldt. Tuff Ruux' Sharon Schleeter, jacqueline Ross, Craig Schilling, Richard Ran- dolph, David Ross, I.awi'ent'e Schat- teman, Rosemary Schoonclyke, Pat Roeschmann. 1 XL 'rl if JU, ,-Q I 'l . JAMLW VU fvifu Pl' Xf , lviffw , V X, ki I l it Q of' ,X . F Butlum Rfmx' David Stahl, Pat Tuttle, l-awrent'e Stephenson, jerry Smeltzly, Tom Simtox, Arthur Smith. Mlddle Roux' Barb Verleye, Sheila Smith, joyce Stahr, Sally Tisdale, Marge Simler, janyce Stanlake. T011 Roux' james Zippay, Sharon Spencer, joyce Turner, Rupert Turner, Lavaida Tucker, Alice Smith, johanna Zukas, jim XX'illaert. Barium Roux' janite XX"right, Rosie Vis- cioni, Sharon VanHulle, Merline XVarcl, Grace XX'ise, Sharon Vlfagoner. Semud Roux' Rita W'assenhove, Helen Tsakanikas, june Stoetlter, jule Veys, Patsy Tuttle, Mary Ann XX'einert. Third Roux' Angie Terronez, Beverly VanKlaveren, Larry Vallejo, Mai'y Ann Thompson, Becky VanValken- burg, Sandra XX'elth. Tap Roux' Duke Wfalker, Phil Zumaris, Charles Williiiiiiscmn, Pat Wfilkey, Carol Vrhan, Mary jo Vines. "he 1 ,r1"' 5 1 i hir. Naert l 1 I -Ai ...- Bulmm Raw: Sharon Mueller, Donna Monteith, Karen Dunlop, Bert Par- rish, Karen Miller, Shirley Armstrong. Middle Ruuu' Tom XX'ares, john Her- nandez, David Emmert, james Hicks. Top Roux' Fred Giesier, Jack Schadt, Clarence Bailey, Elbert Harrington, Don McNalley. watches as David Hungate measures the length of his stock. In the background Harvey Lampe is facing a piece of stock. ,pw 1-X nf- " -.. -n.. lx. ,- id il ,351 llg V- in 1 21:5 Q" i "' ll: I :.z'1I .QQ -fi ,,, aw. f- in .N 7 -I 'lf .:x ix I 'gl fl. 'Xl The Sophomore class omcers and sponsor stopped on the stairs to have their picture tak- en. Left to right they were: Marlowe Lawnsdale, president, Bill Moose, secretary-treasurer, Miss Calvert, sponsor, and john Rasso, vice-president. ,K ss lg ' 1- '! Q. .N Q. ' Turning their hour glass allowing the sands to How, the Sophomore class set out to add merit to their school record. The Sophomores sponsored a float call- ed "Cage the Little Giants" in the Home- coming Parade, and presented an unusu- ally successful assembly depicting a vaude- ville show. Roy Miller and Charles Isaac- son, dressed as country bumpkins, emceed the show. The class was sponsored by Miss Doro- thy Calvert. Its otiicers were: Marlowe Lawnsdale, presidentp john Rasso, vice- presidentg and Bill Moose, secretary-treas- urer. To finance their class activities, the Sophomores held a "Moonlight and Roses" dance and sponsored the "Sopho- more Shute" at the Carnival. Linda Anderson, Doris Aten, Betty Baldwin, Carol Batty, Nancy Beverlin, Antoinette Bihlmeier, Nadine Carlson, Madeleine Claus, Sandra Coakley, Melin- da Dailey, Marion Duyck, jo Elias, Sharon Griner, Ruth I-leald, Nancy Hunter, Joyce Ickas, Connie Knox, Mildred Krajnovich, Beverly Lavine, Karen Leonhard, Donald Lohse, Ronald Lohse, Roy Miller, Joyce Payne, Diane Perry, Mary Ramirez, Car- lene Schoenle, Sharon Sears, Nancy Ser- bousek, john Seiflcen, Robert Stevenson, Carol Stipp, Marie Tanck, Deanna Van Quathem, Patricia Verlinden, and Diane Walker, were the thirty-six students of the Sophomore class who made the Honor Roll. ophomores Miss Howards geometry class demonstrated varied geometric designs all made with curved stitching. Bollwzz Rau Mugaret Bl1d Phyllis Bennett juyte Abm ham Qtr.: Aldueh letty Baldvsrn Nxnty Bexerlrn Middle Ron john Andi us Kiran Brllberg, Irene Bell jemnrne Achilles Linda Anderson 'luni Bihlmeier Carol Bltty Bob Adams Tap Rau Dirk Bond Ronnie Bjork Elbert Austin Dick B1g.,,e Rithud Anderson Dallab Armstrong, Barium Run ll'lC'ILSl f upio Betty jo Cabot Dorothy R Butler Reg.,1n1 Bush Na dine Cnlson Anne Broun M1 dlt Rm Bury Brewer BLIIY Brown Vert Brown Bonitt Cirtei Dirk Cutei jerry Clark Nudine Bosxn L .Iomne Carpio Fail Row jerry Brown Cary Cant Robert Carruthers Don Cate Del Cirr Hirold Bust P.1ulCuerden Sharon Clrroll Bffzmm Rau: Bob Degraer, Beverly Covert Melinda Dailey Madeleine Claus, Dixie Columbia Denny D'1niels. Middle lelltl' Bfmuel Cruz, Sandra Conkley Pfit Collins, florist Day, Mary use De Meyer, Chunk DeClercq. '1' 1 Rfzr: Dean Cresswell, Kathleen Cline, Roberta Dn- vis, 'eral d nvis, err Dennhardt, Delbert Crosser. +1- T Z ' 4 ,. ,., -..- fr Bullom Roux' Lola Dunbar, Sandra Du- quenne, Marcia Fenno, Lorraine Em- mert, jo Elaine Elias, joyce Ehlers. Middle Roux' Ditlc Entrilcin, Ross Eaton, Marian Duyck, Sally Fee, Kathleen DePorter, Bob Ferry. Tuff Roux' Ronnie DeSmet, Bill Draper. Benny Dowis, jim Duff, Patritk Dubuisson, jim Doud. BUIIUIII Rnzw: Gerri lirederitlc, Glenda Granell, Lutille Grrrimitltis, Nanty Gray, Sharon Griner, Karen Gruen- wald. Middle Roux' Rosemary Fleming, Kath- leen Goher, Gary Girt, Arline Ga- briel, Melvyn Gaxin, Dolores Goeth- als, Gary Frantz, Bette Gelande. Twp Roux' Larry Friend, Roger Getty. john Gill, Dick Goderis, Lanny Green, Herbert Gohen, james Fisher, Boflum Roux' janette Hopkins, Marilyn Hahn, Bonnie Hull, Ruhy Htiyslett, Ruth Heald, Marjorie Hamerlintk. Mftlldft' Roux' Virginia Headley. Donald Handley, Nanty Hiirtshoin, Allen Hull, Sharon Hall. Delores Herrera David Hungate, Mary Guerrero. Twp Roux' Druid Hemphill, Edxxard Howai'tl, Kenneth Hignight, Frank Hihernilc, Tony Hernandez, Kenny Hartshorn, Tom Hopkins. Baltom Row: joyce Ickes, Mary Hynd, Helen Ishmael, Nancy Hunter, Carol Kidd, Gloria Kershaw. Middle Row: Carl Ingersoll, janet Lea- senby, Carole Kave, Bonnie Kennedy, Henry Isais, Carol johnson, Sharon johnson, jack Keenan. Top Row: Marty johnson, Elaine jones, john Kelley, Carolyn Lewis, Charles Isaacson, George Hurd, Glenda jor- dan, Michael Kenney. Barium Row: Elvira Luse, joanne Matzen, joyce McCorkel, Karen Malmstrom, Phyllis Maxwell, Donna Middour. Middle Row: Marvella Meincke, Dora Lopez, Virgina Lundeen, Beth Malmstrom, Marilyn Mat- son, Dawn Matson, Evelyn Lucas. Top Roux' Leonard Lucas, Bobby McMurl, Keith Lundeen, Don McNab, Robert McCorkle, Harry McMurl, , K s Butlam Roux' Marlowe Lawns- dale, Ed Lasek, Carl Kirby, jozsef Lakadat, Wesley Koe- nig, Arnold Larrison. Middle Roux' Willis LaFoun- tain, Donna Leedom, Donald Lohse, Ronald Lohse, Pat Lindegard, Karen Leonhard. Tap Razr: Beverly Lavine, Con- nie Knox, Harvey Lampe, Iwfarie Lauritzson, Mildred Krainoxich. 1, ff 7!-'i Bollom Roux' Ray Nelson. Sharon Pilther, Colleen Oake. Diane Perry, Jeanne Pay- tash. Karen Nelson. Middle Roux' Diane Park. Roland Nelson. Laura Nelson, Pat Parker. Gary Orentlortl, Betty Ann Phillips, Tuff Roux' james Nelson, jimmy Ogle, Roy Perry, Alan O'Dell, Russell Perkins. Boltom Roux' George Polios, julia Ramirez. Arlene Redfield. Toni jean Prosen. Loretta Redman. Gary Pinkerton, Middle Roux' Lawrenre Rasko. Sally Ran- dolph. Mary Rasso. Paula Ramirez, Donna Schoonover, Larry Reed. Top Roux' joe Russell. Sharon Sears. john Rasso, Carlene Schoenle, Ronnie Quillin. 7 IN' X W in , Q. -3 c fi. F tv' 1 X Q4 fa :D 'fQ?xff'-',.::. 2. V 1 1 Bfflmm Roux' Lane Morgan, Bob Miller, Don Morse, Richard Needham. Bob Mills, Tom Morgan. 'if Middle Roux' Bill Moose, janet Muse, janet A Moore, Wlilma Mitts, Carol Meeds, Bar- '- bara Miller. . Top Rnux' Herb Neely. Gary Nahrgang, Heloise Nelson. Sharon Mumma, Bill "5 Murphy, Roy Miller. T3 . K 41 Bfffmm Roux' Bob Sthnack. ,lark Savage. Lou Ann Schultz. Carol Roman. Phyllis Sthumacher. Bill Rusk. Mfddlu Rffizx' Ronnie Reyna. Pat Riley. Iwlarion Rotl. Paul Senn. Ed Seefeltlt. XY'alt Rogers. Tffj' Rffuu' Loren Scott. Chuck Roseherg. Dale Sandl'uel'H. ,lim Howell. Thomas Rhodes, Larry Sthultz. Borlom Row: Judy Stockton, Carol Stipp, Sandra Sommer, Zoerelda Stout, Marie Tanck, Pauline Theuninck. Middle Row: jack Smith, Amelia Terronez, Cecelia Terronez, Nancy Serbousek, Mar- ieta Timbrook, Terry Tipsword. Top Roux' Robert Stevenson, Gordon Strauss, jim Talak, john Sieflten, Glenn Trout. Boliovz Roux' Evelyn Waller, Dorothy Tworek, Barbara Wassenhove, Deanna Van Quathem, Pat Verlinden, Diane Walker. Middle Row: Ray Van Goethem, Dixie Van De Woestyne, Darlene Vanden Bos- sche, Phyllis Truitt, Carolyn Van Norway, Karen Vervaecke, Mary Turner, Robert Walmsley. Top Raw: Pat Surr, Bill Van Vliete, Richard Wadsager, Robert Unger, Art Van Hecke, Pete Tsakanikas, Leo Vallejo. Bottom Row: Joanne Windey, Sandra Wil- cox. Rosalind Wise, Dorothy Whittington, Patty Watson, janet Webb. Middle Row: Robert Wise, Marlene Wheeler, Linda Sanders, janet Wilson, Lewis Wind- land. Top Row: Arliss Weber, David Zumaris, Richard Willeml-rcns, Gene White, john Wessell. T' Freshmen This Freshman class was the largest group, 425 in all, ever to enter U.T.H.S. As the sands of time began to flow, the class started to build an enviable record. For the hrst time in history the Freshman class won First prize for a Homecoming Parade Float. The theme was "Let's Clean Canton." Next, the Freshman football team had an undefeated season. The Freshman basketball team lost only four out of eleven games. Under the leadership of Mr. Harold Collins, sponsor, Tom Dunning, president, Joyce Vifomble, vice-president, Joe England, secretary-treas- urerg the group sponsored a class party and an all Freshmen talent assembly. To Finance their class, the Freshmen sold orange and black Fast Moline ties and sponsored the pop corn booth at the Carnival. Thirty-seven Freshmen made the Honor Roll. They were: Jerrel Anderson, Bob Arbogast, Reuben Aukee, Lois Beaudoin, Kenneth Bev- erlin, Carol Blunke, Janet Brissman, JoAnn Canatsey, Robert Cattoir, Myrtle Crouch, Joe England, Roberta Fanter, Margaret Freeburn, Charles Hammond, Patricia Hansen, Judith Hoehn, Kenneth Hofstet- ter, Frances Jaecques, Kay Jones, Karen Kelley, Susan Kelley, Joy Kick- sey, Martha King, Kenneth Kunkle, Gwen Lee, Janet Loding, Lois McCreight, Sharon McMillin, Marie Mitton, Carol Penderson, Thomas Robyt, Judy Rose, Dennis Sahr, Joanne Scott, Rose Thompson, Lucille Vifatson, Sandra XX'illiams. The Freshmen dedicate their section of this book to the memory of Lloyd Bryan, whose untimely death clouded the happy year. Lloyd counted both students and teachers as his friends. The Freshman Class oth- cers and sponsor stopped to chat for a moment, Left to right they were Tom Dunning, president, Mr. Harold Collins, sponsor, Joyce Xvomble, x'ice-presi- dent, and Joe England secretary-treasurer. Lloyd Bryan Baztfmz Roux' jarquelyn Bealer, Lorraine Allison, Freddie Biinfield, Lucille Al- lison, Judy Armstrong, Ferrel Ander- son, jerrel Anderson. Middle Roux' Rowena Bedeian, Gary Anderson, Mary Alyce Adams, Don Adams, Bonnie Barth, Reuben Au Kee. Top Roux' judy Ammerman, jerry Ar- bogast, Sandra Anderson, Billie Allen, Terry Allen, Lois Beaudoin, Ronald Baney. Helium Roux' Lloyd Bryan, Mitlmel Berthoud, joyte Bideaux, Lydia Billingsley, Kenny Bexer- lin, Carol Blunke. Middle Roux' Robert Bushnell, Tom Bokros. ,lim Boggs, Daurel Brown, Sgindixi Bohnert, Virhle Brown. Top Roux' james Boeiher. janet Brissman, Verlee Blair, Billy Bohh, Tom Bowman, Ray Berthoud. K-, , m L NYG: Y lit 130110111 Roux' Chunk Buytk, Ciilry Clzirk, Bonnie Coronell, Jerome Caeari, Char- lotte Coleman, 'l'erry Carruthers, Fred Cahor. ziizddli' Rffzix' Tony Columhiu, l'.1t Cliiuw, lfdwin Cox, jdnkie Cowan. Robert Case, Virginia Chmez, james Carter. Top Roux' Dirk Christensen, lNIike Clark, Yxonne Cornell, Leo Comhes, .lo Ann Canatsey, Charles Caldwell, Robert Cnttoir. U rs! K in , " 1 vw .., 0 Barium Roux' Janice Cremeens, jerry DePorter, Sharon Cowser, Chris Dennis, Myrtie Crouch, George DeBo, Lylas Daiis. Middle Roux' Patsy Davis, Marilyn Cushman. Maurire DeKeyrel, Bernadine Barth, Ronnie Culp, Frankie Dennison, Theresa Cuvele. Top Roux' Robert Cunningham, joe DeCook, Bob Cunningham, Bill Cluney, Pat Donahue. Charles DePaepe, Phletious Deadmond. Bullom Roux' Helen Dolan, Robert Dinnexxeth, Larry Drain, Roberta Fanter, Paul Duncan, Carol Ehm. joe England. Mzddle Roux' jerry Erickson, Michael Englwlm, Marilyn Fiser, I-larry Drumm, Gail DeMoises, Patricia Duke, Frank Dunbar. Tuff Rwuy' David Fawks, Kenneth Dnrman. Larry llstcs, Donnie Exerett. Ralph Eaton, Tom Dunning, Orxille Downing. ,v ?-?k LLM imma J fn Bollom Roux' Doris Flinn, Anna Mae George, jimmy Foiles, Etta Marie Fox, Merry Frasier, Thomas Fulscher. Middle Roux' Donald Fisher, Lor- raine Fox, Frank Fulton, Naomi Ford, Joanne Fleming, Harlan Glanz, jim Gager. Tap Roux' Patricia Gauker, Audrey Girt, Cherokee French, Eugene Fry, Lyle Gerlofk, Margaret Freebern. This vias the lreshmcn float that won first prize for humor in the Homctoming Parade The boys having fun on the float were: left to right Bob Cisc Birtlq ohnson, Don Fisher, Dale Morth- land Lugcnc lry and Ralph Goar. Bollom Rau Ralph Goar Virginia Gomez, Edmond Goethals, Antoinette Middle Rau 'lom Gomez JoAnn Gomez, Capitola Harris, Barbara Greb, Top Rau jim Hale jack Hartwell Don Guldenpfennig, Richard Grubbs, ., J.. J 6 Botlam Roux' Bill Hocker, Patty Hansen, Terry Hougerwerf Chuck Hintze, Darlene Hayden Judy Hicks, Bob Holt. n y Mzddle Ruuz' Charles Hammond, Melvin Hignight, Sandra Heg- wood, Judy Hoehn, Sandra Hes- ser, Sandra Henderson, Shirley Hipkins. Top Row: Rosalie Haskins, David Howell, Kenneth Hofstetter, Lin- nea Herstedt, Joyce Hessell, Barbara Henrichs. Barlow Roux' Jim Irwin, Lee John- son, Kay Jones, Gary Huys, Virginia Hunter, Ronald Jones. Middle Roux' Dale Johnston. Har- riet Hull, JoAnn Huennekens, Fran Jaecques, Linda Jamison. Tap Roux' Henry Jackson, Bill Howell, Bartley Johnston, Jim Johnson, Donald Janowski. T91 . ,J ,Q , ,J 7 ' 4 an H all an ., Bullffiff Run. Sharon Jump, l'.iti'1ti1 Lytlon, Martha King, Colleen King Karen l.nlfount.iin, XXVJXITL' Kai Srrwxd Roux Ciloriri Koontz, lXl.ll'lL lnilemrin, Susan Kelley, Santlipr K.ill man, Karen Kelley, Joy Kitkseyh l.eni l.afei'rrir.i. 'lfvffd R011 5 Robert Kennetly, C,h.irles Korthuls, Liriry Krantz, Janine Keri Bonnie Krutkenlverg, Dnaixl Kerr. 'lop Roux Kenny Kunkle, Dim Kirk patritk, Earnest Knouse, Lynn Kililer Fern Kintaitl. J , f-5 Bullnm Roux' Merry Malmstrom, Bonnie Lauritzson, Deanna Leeds, janet Loding, Barbara Lueclers, Nancy Lane, Loretta Marsden, Middle Raw: Warren Lawrence, Robert Lynn, Barbara Lasek, Linda Laird, Bonnie Little, Dick Leonard, Michael Marsell. Top Roux' Gwen Lee, jerry Lan- caster, john Larson, Dave Lori- mer, Nancy Lang, Coralie Leasenby. A'-" .- ,.. ' ,J S5 L, , S ska es . 4 i Ballon: Roux' Ronnie Peacock, Manuela Nache, Ernestine Ortiz, Carolyn Park, Mary Nelson, Betty Phillips, Billy Pettyjohn. Middle Raw: jim lNfurr.1y, Lloycl Phelps, Robert Norin, Mary Ohrberg, Gary Mueller, Bernard Piliher. Top Roux' Carol Pemlerson, Sandra Murphy, Harold Paulsen, Barbara Nelson, Richard Morton, jim Oltman, Edrise Penca. 'fr f A '29 !i'il2l5 5 41 am? te Bullam Row: Paula McLean, Larry May, Vivian McMullin, Gary Miller, Sandra Moeller, Robert Mattan, Marie Mitton. Middle Row: Gary Mellinger, jud- ith Miller, Rosemary Morrison, Sharon Top Rau" Milem, Meyers, iq. McMillin, john Miller. Lois McCreight, Carolyn Dale Morthlancl, john Linda McKee. sf-Q Mr, Collins, freshman sponsor, supervises as Jerry DePorter and Vlff,1Dld homer experiment with Bullam Roan' Felix Picon, Betty Lou Ponue, joe Rangel, Linda Ragan, J. D. Ramsey, Joyce Poe-lvoorde. Top Ruux' Felix Ramirez, Larry Ripka, Norene Poelvoorde, john Princell, Lois Ramcy, Tom Raske, Ronald Raymond. SOITIC' weather ll'lSU'L1fTlCIlfS Q4 Barnum Row: Mary jeanne Sayers, jerold Skeel, joan Selby, joanne Scott, judy Smith, Michael Shea, Rodger Schlaf. Middle Roux' Ralph Sanders, Edwin Spurr, Sandra Smith, Sam Sandoval, Ruth Ann Snyder, joe Rangel, Caro- lyn Spencer, Top Row: Gary Srhleeter, Nadine Snyder, Pete Sears, Carol Six, james Shivers, Rochelle Slininger. Bulmw Roux' Leonard St. Clair, lillen Sodeman, Ronald Swails,Rosa'1'homp- son, Robert Taylor, janet Stung, Peter Sullivan. Middle Razr: joAnne Tank, Gary Stiener, joe Terronez, Karen Suss, Virginia Sutton, Robert Stirratt, Bob Sullixan, Bexerly Stoedter. Top Roux' Bob Stribling, David Thelen. jim Tanek, Vere Sutton, Leonard Suhr, Charles Stone, David Sweet. lm... Bullom Rauf Adele Sable, Tom Robinson, Beverly Robinson, Keith Robinson, janice Rynard, judy Rose. Middle Roux' Charles Rusk, Leona Rossi, Tom Robyt, Sharon Ros- son, Duane Sanders. Nancy Rosenberger, Larry Rusk. Top Roux' jim Robinson, jackie Ross, Wfalter Rule, Helene Rivers, Edward Rogers. ,,: ZA, 5 F I f gr. QV x D Bottom Roux' joyce Womble, Bon- nie Wilkens, Roxanne York, Sondra Williams, Sharon Wilson, Normajeanne Wfilliams. Middfe Row: Marsha Winthurst, john Wickersham, Gloria Wfhite, Byrl Weiss, Gladys Wfilly, Mary XY'inchester. Sharon W'illiams. Top Roux' Patricia Wells, Vir- ginia Willemkens, Sharon Wfoolley, Ronald Waeyaert. Jef- frey W'ilkey, Edward W'riedt, Bottom Row: Henry Rangel, Art Mooney, Hazel Turner, Anita Henley, joan Waldron, Bob Powell, Gary Gift. Middle Row: Henry Van De NX'oestyne, Wfilliam Porter, Mar- lene Zimmerman. Erna Sable, jess Davis, Paul Cuerden. Top Roux' Matthew Richardson, Bill Bowling, Elbert Austin, Levy Austin, Dennis Sahr. O 3' VA-xx Ballom Row: James Wilson, Glenda Turner, David Tyner, Georgia Welsh, joe Vrban, Diane Vifaterman. Middle Raw: Vernon XY'ard. Diane VanWassenhove, Emma Valdes, Phillip Viscioni, Shirley Town- send, Ransom Tone. Tap Roux' jim Webber, Richard Vickers, jim Versluis, Lucille Watson, Carolyn VanVo0ren, Daryl Weekly. li-ar Ol' af" 'wffrf ' -z uL"",9is ni f. Tom Dunning, lrcshmcn class president attepted his football avsard from Mr, Gcorge BFI, hcad lrcshmcn football toath The boys in tht batlxzground vscrc Dick Morton, Don lishtr Bartlq ohnson and Bob Kennedy Mini of the lrmhmcn football squad rucixcd letters To carn an avi ard 1 boy had to play at ltast 9 quarttrs The lfrcshmcn BUIIUIIZ Run: Dennis Padgct. Daniel Tworek. Gary Phelps, Mary jean Sthoenle, james Comins, Phil Brcckling. Algic Trina. Taft Roux' Ronald Trout, XY'illiam Jacobs, Tom Mtlntirc, Frank Culp, Ted PoSey, -limmy Valen- tine. Dave Rasso. 'Nx 6' '04 et- 'fa xv, ot' lk, 5 9 " Po, xx l 'N jo 'X YK 'S x '5 NL. X Y.. I x 'X'-- 1-12' xx 5':g:7pv-7" xxx r ix A f gk ACTIVITIE Advisory Board Wm,- The Advisory Board officers for '54-'55 were Mike Downen, treasurer, Alice Howell, secretary Miss Fehrman, sponsor, Bob Marinangeli, preside-ntg and Helen Tsakanikas, vice-1 resident The Advisory Board has three objectives: to pro- mote a spirit of cooperation between the faculty and the students of the United Township High School, to promote and entitle the students to participate in the administration of the school, to develop more interest in the activities and accomplishments of this high school. The group, which is comprised of one member for every thirty students, sponsors a dance and take charge of Homecoming activities. The Advisory Board is a member of the Quint- City Student Congress, which represents the ten Quint-City schools. lfast Moline sent five representa- tives along with Miss Fehrman to the meetings. The purpose of the Congress was to create a better feeling of friendship and to promote sportsmanship among the Quint-City High Schools. This year the Congress adopted a "Code of Sportsmanship." Eight members of the Advisory Board attended the Pekin District meeting in Quincy. Four dele- gates and their sponsor were sent to the State Con- vention at Peoria. Bfimmz Roux' Gary Mueller. Donald Fisher. Ronald Culp, Rosa Thompson, Lynna Kihler, Mary iiiierrtio Suivnid Roux' Bob Sullivan. Leo Comhes. 'loanne Scott. Karen Malmstrom. Sharon Griner. Sandra Sommer, joyce Ickes. Tlvrd Ruzip' Phletious Deadmond. Carol Penderson. Mary ,lean Sayer, Margaret Freehurn, Roxanna York, Helen Rix ers. Tuff Rfizrx Phyllis Bennett, Roy Miller, Melinda Dailey, Antoinette Bihlmeier, Herbert Goben, Benny Dowis. a l i Barlow Roux' Rebecca Howell, Alice Howell, Joann Vfom- ble, Russell Lefevre, Chuck Morrison, Mike Downen. Middle Roux' Betsy Kastner, Helen Tsakanikas, Judy Ab- bott, Linda Gooding, Mary Ann VC'einert, Vera McRae, Sharon Schleeter, Nancy Rick. Top Roux' David Griffin, Bob Marinangeli, Bill Dailey. Tom W'ares, Jim VUillaert, Phil Philhower, jim De- Pauw. The Quint City Council representatives were: Helen Tsakan ikas, Phil Philhower, Betsy Kastner, sitting and Bill Dailey and Bob Marinangeli, standing. xl? Mr. Harold Smith 86 Band In the fall the popular U.T.H.S. march- ing band took the field and presented half- time shows at all home football games. Each half-time show had many intricate maneuvers based on a theme. Some popular Mr,Ma11ie Williams themes presented this year were: "Cow- boy Joe," "Sports,l' "Love,,' and "Nursery Rhymes." After the football season, the band became the Concert Band and started preparing for the Spring Concert. The Barlow Rauf-Fluieix' Betty Patterson, Betty Guldenpfennig, Janet Brissrnan, Lois McCreight, Lane Morgan, Barbara Miller, Karen Gruenwald. Obraexx Joann VC'oriible, Sylvia Liedtke. B Cl.zriz1el,i.' Mike Downen, Karen Cresswell, Sandra Sommgs, Jack Smith, Joyce Wonwble, Nancy Rick, Janice Akers, Janice Morgan, Kenneth Hignight, Karen Leonhard, anet oggs. Second Row--A110 Sax: Dale Zemple, Nadine Snyder, Sharon Pilcher, Gloria Kershaw, Julie Haegeman, Bam Cl.u'iz1el.r.' Pat Surr, Bill VanVliete. A110 Clari12e1.' Joann Canatsey. BLl.f.l'0U7I,' Toni Bihlmeier, Joan De Vos. E. Clin'iz1e1.' Virginia Madson. B Clarinetr' June Stoedter, Karen Suss, Thomas Hopkins, Janice Rynard, Delores Spaety Marion Calsyn, Richard Benson, Judy Stockton, Dorothy Harmon, Cheryl Bloomberg, Ronald DeS1net Jeannine Achilles, Ann Donelson, Lois Almquist. concert given late in April, was planned to please every- one's musical tastes. In addi- ' I v I tion to Playing in the Concert The Band begins to line up for one of its famous half-time shows Band, some students also played in the Pep Band, Bo- hemian Band, and Dance Band. These groups performed at various school and town functions. Third. Row- Corneln Harold Jones, Barbara Irwin, Donald Adams, Robert Carruthers, Ronald Trout, Dallas Armstrong. Brzrzlone Sax: Jim Valentine, Ilm'1z.r.' Marion Rotz, Joyce Ickes, Sally Lang, Joyce Grant, Alice Howell, XVayne Johnson, Shirley Miller. Sax: Janet Kicksey, Raymond Culley. Barizoner: Jackie Ross, Lois Beaudoin, Carol Batty, Tom Wares. T017 Row- Ca1'zze!,r.' Bob Marinangeli, Phil Philhower, Jim DePauw, Carmon Mest, Ruth Ann Nagel, Mary Lou Emmer- son. Majw'e11e.s.' Lou Ann Schultz, Nadine Bosanac, Helen Young, Claudette Katsis, Jean Christine, Carolyn Hyde, Joyce McCorkel, Vivian Martin. Sheryl Smith. Nancy Little, Darlene Vandenbossche. Tyzzzflrvzi' Carl Becker. Tubasx Russell Lefevre, Pat Cassidy, Bill Murphy, Bill Moose, Howard Christy, Keith Lundeen. Dr1m1J.' Robert Cattoir, Pat Bowman, Betty Bowman, Bob Sullivan, Tom Thew, Paul Batty, Melvyn Gavin, Glenda Granell, Kathleen DePorter. 'l'ramlmr1e,r.- David Hungate, Daniel Tvvorek, Duane Saunders, Ransom Tone, Jane Jackson, Leonard Suhr, Gene Easley, Don Lynn, Ray Ball. Bohemian Band The Bohemian Band plays at small func- tions in the tim n. Members of the lio- hemian liancl were: lifn'!f,m Rffzix Tom XYarcs, -lanet Boggs, Ruth Ann Doncl- son. Carol Batty. 'lhjv Run: Don l.ynn. Denny Snyder. Russ l.ete-xrc, Carmon Blest, Jim DePauw. Pep Band The Pep Band plays before and tluring the half- time ot all home basketball games. Its members. usually underclassmen were: Bffffffw Rffzr: .Ioyce Xlfonxble, ,lu-ly Stocktiwn, Ronnie DeSmet, Kenny Hignight, Alanitc Akers, .lack Smith. .intl Sandra Sonuner. illfdrffe' Ruiz: Hob Cattoir. Ransom Tone. Naclinc Snytler. Sharon Pitthcr. wlatkie Ross. Lois Beautloin. Don Trout, .incl liob Sullixan. Tuff Run: Bill Moose, l.eonai'cl Suhr, Gene Easley. lwfelxin Gavin, Dallas Armstrong!! Bob fi.lI'I'L1IllL'l'i' Don Adams, antl Bill Liurphy, prmg- Dance Band The Dance Band had to limit its appearance at school dances, be- cause of its many engagements. Members of the Dance Band were: Frwzl Roux' Ray Culley, Dale Zem- pel, Mike Downen, Gloria Ker- shaw, Nancy Rick, Carl Becker. Twp Rfizzx' Denny Snyder, jim De- Pauw, Phil Philhower, Bob Mari- nangcli, Don Lynn, Gene Easley. Russell Lcfevrc, and Judy Hoehn. K .-vl""" Boflnw Roux' Helen Tsakanikas, Joyce Turner, Janet Bond, Nancy England, Chuck DeClercq, Richard Entriken, Richard Greeno, Bill Meyers, Janice Stanlake, Pat Roeschmann, Monica Greder, Rebecca Howell. Second Rffzw: Barbara lkfarsh, Jack Keenan, Leo Vallejo, Edmund Seefeldt, Arthur Mooney, Larry Irwin, George Polios, Dave Grithn, Pete Tsakanikas, Bill Stuart, Norma Mclntosh, Pat Foster, Jackie XVesseIl, Vera McRae. Mr. Laddy Barron Third Razr: Joanne Rogenski, Bexerly Churchill, Johanna Zukas, Paul Deyos, Dick Vermuellen, Russ Perkins, Jim Zippay, Harold Host, Tom Harris, Kenny Evans, Roger Everett. Jim XVillaert, Lorena Ballenger, Sandra Dunning. Sylxia Saunders, Nancy Plaxgik. Twp Ruzcx' Sandra Jones, lietty hliller, Maril lngle, Bill lSlcRae, James lfisher, Albert Lasek. Bob lforret, Kenneth Cary, Roy Perry, liud Porter, Don lNlcNah, Dean Cresswell, Bill Dailey, Myrna Rohyt, Betsy Kastner, Donna Rae Claeys, Sue Anderson, Ruth Perry. Choir The popular Lf. T. H. S. Choir is directed by Mr. Laddy Barron. At the request of the Association of Commerce, the Choir presented a Christmas tele- vision show. The group also was invited by the New Salem Lincoln League to sing at the New Salem State Park. ln addition to presenting the Christmas Assembly, arranging for the Spring Concert, and singing at both the Baccalaureate Service and Grad- uation, the choir gave a special concert for Rotary and a patriotic concert in assembly on Veterans Day. Members ot the Choir, who must have previous vocal training, were selected from the Freshman Chorus and the Girl's Glee Club. Letters were awarded to seniors, who had been in the choir or Glee Club two years including their senior year. I Q Melodettes The Mellotlettes sang in the Sophomore as- sembly. in the Spring Concert, and for the P.T.A. in East Moline. The members were as follows: Sharon Griner, Sharon Carroll. Melinda Dailey, sittingg and Norma Rinier, Sharon Johnson, Zoerelcia Stout, Sarah Ald- rich, Roberta Davis, Esperanza Ramirez, standing. The choir officers took care of the de- tails of all concerts, trips, and social activities, in addition to handling all business details of the organization. Bollom Row: Betsy Kastner, Lorena Ballenger. Tap Roux' Bill Meyers, Maril Ingle, Nancy Plavak, Bill McRae, Six Teens as The Six-Teens were the most active vocal group in school. They sang mostly popular type music. The group made several television ap- . pearances, but their biggest thrill was singing for Rotary Ladies fx Night at Short Hills Country Club, Top to Bottom they are Betsy Kast- ner, accompanistg jo Anne Rogenski, ' Helen Tsakanikas, Sylvia Liecltke, Lorena Ballenger, Judy Abbott. and f Pat Roeschmann. pl '37 Girls' Glee Club Members of the Girls' Glec Club are: Barium Roux' Jacqueline Ross, Diane Park, Ruth Healcl, Elvira Luse, Donna Mid- clour, Nancy Beverlin, Karen Johnson, Celia Leeds, Gurtha Ramsey, Evelyn Lucas. Second Roux' Dawn Matson, Shirley Armstrong, Karen Miller, Pat Hanson, Sharon Johnson, Carolyn Levvis, Zoerelda Stout, Geraldine Frederick, Janice Seefeldt, Nancy Serbousek, Judith Abbott, Donna Krohn, Doris Aten. Nancy Rasko. Third Roux' Roberta Davis, Melinda Dailey, Lavaida Tucker, Sharon Griner, Joanne NX'indley Marie Tanck, Betty Patterson, Marcia Fenno, Rosemary Schoon- dyke, Janet Wlebb, Veda Cain, Bonita Carter, Sara Aldrich, Nancy Forret. Top Roux' Mary Hibernik, ,Sharon Carroll, Kathleen Cline, Janice Jokisch, Sharon Short, Roberta Fletcher, Beverly Schutte, Ann Fuller, Mary Hynd, Mary Kastner, Sharon Mumma, Carol Boles, Marilyn Icenogle, Yvonne Rexroth, Shirley Pysson, Freshman Chorus Members of the Freshman Chorus were: Bottom Roux' Ernestine Ortiz, Carolyn Park, Carol Aten, Betty Phillips, Janet Loding, Jovce Bideaux, Barbara Lueclers, Vivian McMullin, Erna Sable, JoAnn Scott, James Irwin, Tom Robyt, Bill Pettyiohn, Robert Stiratt, Michael Berthoud, Jim Foiles, Sandra Kallman, Nancy Rosenberger, Merry Frasier, Etta Fox, Bonnie Coronell, Judy Arm-l 1 ong, Doris Flinn. Surwrd Roux' Martha King, Adele Sable, Marilyn Cushman, Lylas Davis, Karen Kelly, Naomi Ford, Anna Geo1y,:, Paula McClean, Lucille Allison, Norma VUilliams, Don Janowski, Bernard Pilcher, John Miller, James Chivas, Bob Case, Garold Mueller, Phillip Viscioni, Colleen King, Joy Kicksey, Barbara Lasek, Linda Hauman, Helene Rivers, Rowena- Bedian, Patty Davis. Tbird Rau" Sharon Cowser, Karen LaFountain, Charlotte Coleman, Linda Laird, Beverly Stoedter, Harriet Hull, Virginia Hunter, Loretta Sparrowgrove, Frankie Dennison, Rochelle Sliniger, Lyle Gerlock, Ronald Waeyert, Dale Morthland, John Meyers, Jim Tank, Bob Cunningham, Leo Combes, Virginia Sutton, Diane VanWassenhov'e, Mary Sayers, Roxanne York, Mary Adams, Deanna Leads. Top Roux' Mabel Harris, Bonnie XX'ilkens, Sondra Willianis, Yvonne Coronell, Margaret Freeburn, Daurel Brown, Verlee Blair, Nancy Lang, Carolyn VanVooren, Barbara Nelson, Richard Vickers, John Larson, Vere Sutton, Dennis Everett, Jerry Lancaster, Levi Austin, Sharon Wilscun, Ellen Sodeman, Linda Henderson, Carol Penderson, Susan Kelley, Linda Jamison. Original Monologue From the fifty serious monologues written this year George Martins and Carolyn Hydes were chosen, George represented U.T.H.S. at Freeport and Carolyn repre- sented us at District. Radio Speakers George Martin, Dick Braet, Joann Womble, Mike Downen, joe Fretto, Bud Porter, Pat Cassidy Qstandingj, Wfayne johnson, Donna Rae Claeys, left to right, competed in the Radio Speaking Newscast Contest. Mike Downen and Pat Cassidy represented U.T. H.S. at Freeport with their newscasts and commercials. Mike was the district repre- sentative. After Dinner Speakers Mary Hines and JoAnn Jensen were this yearis after dinner speakers. Both girls went to Freeportg Mary was the district repre- sentative. No, he wasn't sleeping! John Stevens was absorbed in the script of "See l-low They Run" at play practice. Backstage Carpenter, Wayne johnsong scenic artist, Ray Ballg and property man- ager, Nancy Rick were in the midst of preparations for "Laura," the Thespian play of '55. "Time Our For Ginger" cast learn their lines at play practice. 4 Sandra Morrissey, Roger liverett, Mary l-lines, Sandra Dunning, and Paul Batty practiced applying make-up before dress rehearsal of "Laura" Mrs. Jessle Frederrck Barbara Hoskms Upper Hgh! is ,id Sandra Dunning v-1 C27 Ns 1 Carolyn Hyde Sharon Xwagoner 11" ' fa-J v-p Sandra Morrnssey 1 fllfflvj T' I I Lrnda boodmg., vo 3 Donna Rae Claeys sl B1-gi 'O' 'Q Bonme Mart alfll at ' QJVQ1 "' Myrna Robyt JoAnn Jenson The second declamation team consists of' the followin 1 Bumfm Roux' Zoerelda Stout g V Cora Lee Butler, Joanne Scott, Jackie Ross. Seffmd Roux' Mary Hines, Judy Abbott, Bonnie Krukenburg. Third Rouz' Adele Sable, Mary Hibernik, Pat Roc-schmann, Carol Batty, Joann Womble. Top Row: Phil Philhower, Bud Porter. Jatk Keenan Sh non Mueller ll has s.. 'i Declamation The purpose of Declamation is to develop an appreciation of good literature and to develop a skilled delivery so that an audience can understand the selection. There were about fifty participants in Declamation this year entering serious and com- edy readings. Extempore The participants in an extem- pore speaking contest draw the topic on which the must speak only one hour before the con- test. Tom Thew and Barbara Greb were this Year's partici- pants. Tom was the district rep- resentative. Here, Mrs. Fern McNab was discussing the pos- sible topics with Tom and Barbara. Verse Speakers Sharon Wagoner, Carolyn Hyde, Donna Claeys, Sandra Dunning and Sharon Mueller were studying some poetry for a better understanding in their verse speaking. Original Oratory Linda Gooding, Mary Hines, Sharon Wagoner and Tom- Thew, watched Paul Batty prac- tice his original oration. Though all of these people submitted original orations, Paul represented U.T.H.S. this year. X 5, 11 41. Mary Hines Mike Downen QM Paul Batty expounded his views while Mike Downen looked for a note card and Tom Thew just kept on reading. Mary NF' Q Hines, Maurice Hansen and john Seifken just looked bored. Debate This year the debate topic was "Resolved: That the Fed- eral Government Should In- itiate a Policy of Free Trade among Nations Friendly to the United States." The U.T.H.S. debate team entered the Augus- tana Invitational High School Debate Tournament along with thirty-eight other teams and placed sixth. The team placed third in the Northwest Confer- ence. Mary, Tom, and Paul were regularly rated as the best debaters in their debates. The members of the sub-varsit' debate 5 team were: left to right, Donald Adams, Bonnie Krukenburg, Robert Steven- son, Sandra Wilcox, and Barb Greb. Mr. joe Lauber Paul Batty Tom Thew Lower rigffl John Seifken Maurice Hansen 5 Panther Parade Standing left to right were three members of the editorial board: Paul Batty, Tom Thew, and Wfayne Johnson. Sitting like- wise was the fourth member of the editor- ial board, Mary Kay Schuck, and three typists, joan DeVos, Mary Schaefer, and oan Taylor Thirteen students under the capable direction of Mr ohn Stevens put out the eighth publication of UTHS literary magazine Panther Parade The staff was chosen from applications by the students The editorial board selected the contents from material submitted by the entire student body Pictured here are Ray Ball illustrator Bud Porter cir culation manager Bctsy Kastncr exchange manager Karen Cresswcll subscription manager Donna Rae Claeys Business manager F 1 'Annum ' 51 Ll,,' Here Mary Hincs cditor in chicf and ohn W Stcxcns sponsor look oxer a copy of last ycars Panther Parade T 4' iff- , V 'V . f, A 1 1 X N. e -f. The Key The thirty-first year of The Key got off to a good start with the first issue being published during the first week of school. The efficient editors and their staffs next presented a musical assembly program to promote the subscription campaign of the year. Two honor awards were received-one from Quill and Scrollg the other, from the National Scholastic Press Associa- tion. These awards inspired the writers to work hard on their dance from which they netted over one hundred dollars. The ninety juniors who swelled the journalism classes gave zest to the year. These juniors at once began helping with the Carnival sponsored by The Keir and the Camera Club on April l. In May the new staff was completed and under their di- rection the juniors once more produced the usual extra-fine Commencement issue. Editor Wfayne johnson and feature editor George Martin relax for ll moment. Their diligent work helped to pro- duce an unusually good paper. aa- 52-Ib Miss Ida Burleigh is The Kej' Advisor. Sonny Srhuldt, assistant sports editor. and Pat Foster, girls' sports editor. kihitr as Roger Everett. boys' sports editor, types his sports story. These three were responsible for the fourth page of The Key Standing left to right are Marian Calsyn, exchange editor, Myrna Robyt, subscription manager, and Betty Patterson, assistant business nianager. Sitting are Elaine Van Quathem and Joann Wornble, co- business managers. These girls had the tremendous job of hnancing the Key. --,., 51 H0021 PIINTIRS .au 1-uf ff' xhtu Here photographer, Gordon Strauss confers with news editor, Donna Rae Claeys and second page editor, Mary Sthaefer. Mary's position has been hllerl hy Vernalie Mo- berg sinre Marys resignation at niirl-year. ,.- Left to right are the Key's report- ers, typists, and ad solicitors: Mary Sayers, Sylvia Liedtke, Dora Lopez, Dawn Fritz, Linda Gooding. Pat Roeschman, Barbara Marsh, Nanny England, Sharon Mueller, JoAnn Jenson, Vernalie Moberg, jack Keenan, Dick Stulir, Vera McRae, Marlene Loftus, Gordon Strauss, Sheila Hill, Jeannine Achilles, Marvella Meineke, and Monica Greder. Manu rlnrrn: gf C? ,f-'MP T ,A -Xgxl' 'ii'.':x. IIIB The UTHS Skyline staff put in many hours of hard xy ork before sthool during study halls and after sthool under the capable direction of Mrs Anita Murrens Taking a minute from their work are Sharon Gill, freshmen class editor: Marge Malaney, sophomore dass editor: Donna Valentine. sen- ior tlass editorg and Betty W'f:iSS. yunior tlass editor. These girls had the task of stheduling class pictures and arranging tlass layouts. Mary' Hines. fatulty editorg Ronnie Sergeant, sports editorg Phil Phil- hower. photographerg and Mary' Kay' Sthutk, attixities editor look oyer one of their "shots" to make sure that exerything is ready' for Vfagnersf The staff put on an assembly early in the year and sponsored a booth in the Qarniy al oe England yy on the Skyline Theme Contest by submitting the theme Time S The SKYLIINE editor Russell Lcfexre adyisor Mrs Anita Murrens and substription manager Patsy Gillies tonfer yu h the sale-sg.,irls u ie Haegeman Betty Patterson Margie Skov ronski ind Ruth Ann 'N 1g,el 'I his yur tht sales sold to lar tst number utr llmost 852 of the student body Jody Loui and Claudette Combes, SKYLINE typists, check over their work as Linda Gooding and Pat Cassidy, copy writersg with jim DePauw, copy editorg check the files and their copy. Rog Everett, who wrote all of the sports copy, was not present for the picture. Alice Howell, business mana- gerg looks on as Karen Cress- well, Patron manager, ex- plains finances to the solici' tors: Sharon Schleetcr, Margie Skowronski, Barbara Marsh, Bill Van Vliete, Dawn Fritz, and Monica Greder. Sharon and Margie were junior ap- prentices. Discussing their assignments are Barbara Verlcye, Mildred Kraino- vith, Carl Becker. illustratorg Nanty Rick. associate editor: Mary Ann XY'einert, and Joyce lckes. Mildred and .loyce were Sophomore apprentices. IAM 5, 1' X g, G-rf CLUBS -mv.-u-v , Barium Rauf: Susan Kelley, Sandra Coakley, Paul Duncan, Marsha VC'in- thurst, Helene Rivers, Gladys W'illy. Middle Rauf: Sandra Kallman, Judith Huff, judy Abbott, Sandra Dunning, julie Haegeman, Betty Miller, janet Kicksey. Top Roux' Norma Rinier, Norma Jeanne Williams. Maruis Roberts, Mary jo Vines, Carolyn Watsmmn, joAn Moel- ler, Evelyn Wfassell, Patricia Duke, Marilyn Icenogle, Nancy Plaxak, Carolyn Milem, Carol Penderson, Charlotte Duncan. Bible Club Recognizing the Bible to be one of the most important elements composing the foundation of American life, a group of students met once a month to advance that conviction and to gain experience in group leadership. Projects of this year have included the donation of a Christmas food basket to a needy family and the presentation of a film at an assembly. This year's ofiicers were Donald McNab, presidentg Douglas McNab, vice- presidentg Reva Duncan, treasurerg and Marjorie Simler, secretary. The Bible Club otlieers for the 1954-55 year were left to right, Marjorie Simler, secretaryg Douglas McNab, vice-presidentg Reva Dun- 'S+ can, treasurerg Donald McNab, presidentg and Mrs, Fern McNab, Sponsor. .g F. D. A. The Future Distributors of America club consists of those students who are interested in retailing as a vocation. These students further their interest through actual experience on a part-time job after school. In class the students give sales demonstra- tions, see hlm strips about selling, hear businessmen speakers, and make displays with merchandise bor- rowed from local stores. The club elected Sharon Laxy, Connie Little, Elton Kerr, and Mary Fields as delegates to the State F.D.A. Convention held in Springfield. While there, the group were guests at an open house at the Governor's mansion and met our Governor, Mr. Wfilliam Stratton, and his wife Shirley. The highlight of the clubs activities for the year was the annual limployer-Employee banquet held at the LeClaire Hotel. The club's ofhcers were Sharon Laxy, president, Dale Allison, vice-president, Connie Little, secre- tary, Mary Fields, treasurer, Pauline Gilmore, re- porter, and Flton Kerr, sergeant at arms. The group was sponsored by Mr. Steve Morgan. 2.9 X afevi' protection john Brittenham demonstrates window dressing techniques to - W the rest of the F.D.A. club, Bob Nevitt, Shirley Randolph, Shirley Taulbee, David Gordon, Ray Hipkins, Don Hill, and tone Dean Carter. Competent officers of F.D.A. were Elton Kerr, sergeant at arms, and Dale Allison, vice-president. Standing were Pauline Gilmore, reporter, Mary Fields, treasurer, Sharon Laxy, president, Connie Little, secretary, and Mr. Mor- gan, sponsor. F. N.A The Future Nurses of America club, under the guid- ance of Miss Helen Buresh, has been one ot' the most active clubs at U.T.H.S. in spite of its retent organiza- tion. The group was formed during the 1'Ji5-it school year, During this year the club, of approximately thirty members, enjoyed many interesting field trips, among them visits to the john Deere Medical Center, to lfugene Field School, to the crippled Childrens Clinic at August- ana College, and also to local hospitals and nursing homes. The group worked for the Cancer Foundation and the Heart Association. The girls presented an interesting educational hlin on tuberculosis at .1 general assembly and sponsored a booth at the Spring Carnival. The othcers of F.N.A. were: Elaine Van Quathein, presidentg Rose Marie Mataya, vice-presidentg Peggy Loui, corresponding secretaryg Barbara Hoskins, secretaryv treasurerg and Virginia Nache, assistant secretary-treasurer, ta s. This years ofhcers for l".N.A. were lilaine Van Quathem, presidentg Miss Helen Buresh, spon- sorg Rose Marie Malaya, vice-presidentg and Peggy Loui, corresponding secretary. Not pres- ent for the picture were Barbara Hoskins, sec- retaryhtreasurerg and Virginia Nache, assistant secretary-treasurer. Bev Schutte and Nanty lforret work with some children at the Augustana Clrippled Clhildrens Clinic. ,Few Frimf Rout' Virginia Nache, .Iohanna Zukas, Sheryl Smith, Bonnie Milburn, Nancy Little, Claudette Katsis, Barb- ara Rasmussen. Alitfdfe Roux' Sylvia liecltlie, Patsy Gil- lies, Shaion Chidester, Nanty Frasier, hlary Lou MtMui'l, Margaret Her- nandez, ,lulie l'l1lL'tiLL'lllLlI1, Ruth Ann Nagel, Loretta XX'heeler, Mary Wfhip- Plc. Bai-I RMU" Hex' Schulte, Nancy Forret, Nancy lllake, Miiril lngle. Boltam Row: Herb Mclntosh, Deanna Van Quathem, Sally Fee, John Siefken, Mary Crouch, Mary Ann Weinert, Diane Walker, Phyllis Max- well, David Griffin. Top Row: Sharon Schleeter, Beverly VanKlaveren, Har- old Diercks, Madeleine Claus, Bob Marinangeli, Larry Sweat, Pete Tsaka- nikas, Connie Knox. 'wi '62 WJ' Library Club Miss Esther McNutt was the sponsor of the Library Club. This year, after Miss McNutt's accident and hospitalization, the group shouldered many of the responsibilities of the library. Fulfilling their duties as officers were Bill Meyers, president, Rebecca Howell, secretary, and Pat Achilles, treasurer. The twenty-one members of the club made ready the books for circulation. Each assistant was privileged to recommend ten fiction books and five non-fiction books. The members of this club helped maintain the order and the quietness necessary to a good library. To be eligible for membership in this club, a student must have a C+ average in his grades, be of regular attendance in school, be interested in library work, and also have one free period a day. This club sponsored a successful dance called, "Quiet Riot." YP dent. fl Ln . If -.4 Ng .f1::,..s , , L Miss Esther McNutt, sponsor In charge of this year's activities were Library Club officers: Rebecca Howell, secretaryg Pat Achilles, treasurer, and Bill Meyers, presi- Fran! Row: Charles Hammond, Jerry DePorter, Chuck DePaepe, George DeBo, David Sweet, Robert Cattoir, Michael Shea, james Tanck, Gene Easley, Wil- lis LaFountain. Middle Raw: Rochelle Slininger, Nancy Serbousek, john Wickers- ham, Edwin Cox, Chuck De- Clercq, Gary Huys, Ronald Trout, Duane Sanders, Edmond Goeth- als, Joyce Ehlers, Ronald Swails. Bark Row: Gary Schleeter, John Brayton, Richard Stone, Pat Du- buisson, Bob Deraer, Chuck Isaacson, John Larson, Glenn Trout, Diane Walker. Demonstrating proper form with target Hre- arms are the officers: Blake McKahin, presi- dentg jim DePauw, vice-presidentg and Paul De Vos, executive officer. Looking on are hir. Paul Oliver, sponsorg -lo Ann Jenson, treasurerg and Sharon Schleeter, secretary. Rifle Club Conforming to its purpose of promoting safe handling and expert use of firearms was the Rifle Club. The club, under the leadership of the officers Blake McKahin, jim De Pauw, Paul De Vos, Sharon Schleeter, and jo Anne Jenson, had its largest membership in recent years, Accounting for this, perhaps, was the fact that the club moved into a new range in the fall. The group participated in a shooting match with Moline at mid-year. The club sponsored a successful shutileboard booth in the Carnival, which was the source of much fun for many outsiders. panish Club To promote interest in the Spanish langauge, culture, and people are the main objectives of the Spanish Club. Listed among the activities sponsored by the club were: the roller skating party on September 17, a float with the theme "Mombo Over Cantonu entered in the home- coming parade, and an assembly entitled "Arthur Murray's Dancing Party-Latin American Style." This club's ofhcers were: president, Esperanza Ramirez, vice-president, Margaret Hernandez, secretary, Julia Ramirez, and treasurer, Dora Lopez. Sponsoring this club was Mrs. Miller. Bottom Row: Sharon Mueller, Esther Gomez, Robert Walmsley, Dick Bond. Serrmd Row: Linda Rangel, Carolyn Lewis, Russell Ortiz, john Rasso. Third Row: Manuela Nache, Vir- ginia Nache, Ernestine Ortiz, Paula Ramirez. Fourlb Row: Nancy Hougan, Eve- lyn Waller, Cecelia Terronez, Judy Stockton. Top Row: Emma Valdes, Madeleine Claus, Mary jean Sayers, Janette Kennon, Vernalie Moberg. Planning the Spanish Clubs activities during the year were its officers: Margaret Hernan- dez, vice-president, julia Ra- mirez, secretary, Esperanza Ra- mirez, president, Dora Lopez, treasurer, and Mrs. Evelyn Mil- ler, sponsor. "Go Man Gow went up the cry on the Spanish Club assembly A . The National Thespians of U.T.H.S. are part of a national organization designed firstly, to establish standards of excellence in all phases of dramatic arts and secondly, to create an active and intelligent interest in dramatic arts among boys and girls in high school. To be a member of Thespians a student must have performed meritori- ously in a leading roll or must have ac- quired ten points by being on the production staff P Each year the Thespians present a play in March. Thi5 year 3 mystery entitled Officers of the National Thespian club were Mary Hines UL N V td M h 18 vice-president, Paul Batty, secretary, john XV. Stevens aura was Pfesen 6 OH arc ' sponsorg Sandra Morrissey, president, and jim DePauw Officers for this year were Sandra Morris- treasurer. sey. president, Mary Hines, vice-presidentg Paul Batty, secretary, jim DePauw, treas- urerg and Mr. john W. Stevens, sponsor. Thespians Girly Linda Gooding, Nancy Rick, Sandra Dunning, Joann Womble, Karen Cresswell, JoAnn Jenson, and Carolyn Hyde. Boyne: Larry Sweat, Bud Porter, Mike Downen, Phil Philhower, Sonny Schuldt, Rog Everett, Pat Cassidy, Russ Lefevre, and jack Keenan. The Girls' Athletic Association is one of the larg- est organizations in our school. The group promoted interest in all sports through intramural activities. It boasted an excellent varsity tennis team. During the football season the G.A.A. girls handled the pro- grams for the games. With the proceeds they pur- chased award letters and sent two girls to a G.A.A, summer camp. The main event of the year was the G.A.A. King and Queen coronation, climaxed by the gala girl-ask-boy dance held May 6. This year the G.A.A. sponsors, Miss Luise Piano Registering for a day of fun at the annual G.A.A. playday were this group of girls. The first semester officers of G,A.A. were: seated, Jeannie Dailey, vice-presi- dentg Melinda Dailey, secretary-treasurer' and Mardelle Binder, president. Stand- ing were the new officers: Judy Soren- son, vice-presidentg Sharon Johnson, secretary-treasurerg Miss Luise Piano and Mrs. Elaine Ruberg, sponsorsg and Marie Esposito, president. S 6.A.A. and Mrs. Elaine Ruberg, successfully initiated a new system under which the G.A.A. officers served. The ofiicers served the second semester of one school year and the first semester of the following yearg then as new officers were elected the previous officers assisted the newly-elected ones by "showing them the ropes." For the first semester the officers wereg president, Mardelle Binderg vice-president, Jeannie Daileyg sec- retary-treasurer, Melinda Dailey. Serving the second semester were: Marie Esposito, presidentg Judy Sor- enson, vice-presidentg and Sharon Johnson, secretary- treasurer. The system proved very successful. N? 3' , 6. A. A. Bollom Roux' Mary Jo Kight, Eileen Hutton, Martha King, Veda Hultman, Margaret Hernandez, Jane Jackson, Sharon Johnson, Linda Hoogerwerf, Elaine Jones, Marilyn Hahn. Second Roux' Sally Lang, Claudette Katsis, Patty Hansen, Karen LaFountain, Sandra Kallman, Ruth Heald, Sandra Hegwood, Judy Hoehn, Gwen Lee, Karen Kelley, Barb- ara Lasek. Third Row: Joan Kicksey, Barbara Korb, Nancy Gray, Carol Kidd, Bonnie Huff, Sharon Hall, Susan Kelley, Fran Jaecques, Joyce Iel-ces, Mildred Kraynowich, Lynn Kihler, Bonnie Kruckenberg, Deanna Leeds. Top Roux' Judy Huff, Janette Hopkins, Mary Kastner, Glenda Jordan, Pat Lapeere, Connie Jackson. Connie Knox, Barbara Kipp, Nancy Lang, Barbara Greb, Linnea Herstedt, Peggy Gooch, Mary Hynd. 'w Hvlfwff Roux' Pat Clauw, ,l'llLt1'L'SLi Cu- xc-le, Sharon Cowser, Helen Dolan. Jacquelyn Bealer, Karen Dunlop. Rowena Bedeian, Nancy Beyerlin, Na- dine Bosanac. Margaret Freebern, Myrtle Crouch, Merry Frasier, Kath- leen Gober, Middle' Roux' Linda Lou Anderson. Lois Beaudoin, lrcne Ball, Carol Batty. Bonnie Bloomberg, Carol Blunke, Veda Cain, Pat Foster, Cheryl Bloom- berg, Janet Boggs, Nancy Forret, Claudette Combes, Marie Cappaert, Tuff Raza: Joann Canatsey, Bette Ge- lande, Jo Elaine Elias, Janet Brissman, Dorothy Butler, Judy Ammerman. Roberta Daxis, Daurel Brown, Toni Bihlmeier. Pat Bowman, Betty Bow- man. Sue Anderson, Donna Rae Claeys, Ann Donelson. Part of the G.A.A. program included bowling leagues in which these freshmen girls are participating. Barlow Row: Sandra Kay Moeller, Sylvia Liedtke, Vivian McMullin, Janet Lod- ing, Manuela Nache, Ernestine Ortiz, Carolyn Park, Barbara Lueders, Mil- lie Huff. SEIUIIEI Roux' Joann Raymond, Judith Miller, Shirley Miller, Joanne Loui, Pat Roesrhmann, Marie Mitton, Mary Ohrberg, Lois Ramey, Sandra Murphy, Linda Ragen, Helene Rivers. Third Roux' Betty Ponce, Carol Roman, Joanne Matzen, Sharon McMillin, Donna Krohn, Sharon Markeski, Joyce McCorkel, Virginia Madson, Mary Ellen Duffy, Bonnie Mart, Pat King, Edrise- Penca. Top Roux' Bonnie Milburn, Sandra Pittington. Nanty Little, Janice Mor- gan, Vera MtRae, Vernalie Moberg, Phyllis Maxxx ell, Karen Nelson, Mary Schaefer, Sandra Morrissey, Rosemary Morrison, Lois MtCreigght. The Sophomore and Junior girls' teams battled it out in the G.A.A. three-day basketball tourney. 5. v Barlow Roux' Sharon Mueller, Emma Valdes, Norma Jeanne XY'illiams, Leona Rossi, IMary Jean Schoenle, Jo Ann Scott, Nancy Rosenberger. Karen Suss, Zoe Stout, Nancy Serbouselc, Diane XX'aterman. Semud Roux' Joyce Turner, Janice Rynard, Sharon Vanl-lulle, Mary Ann Vfeinert, Janet Stang, Judy Rose, Marlene Zimmerman, Joyce XX'omble, Nadine Snyder, Sandra XX'ilcox, Sandy W'ad'sager. Ginny See, Joann XX'omble. Tlyird Roux' Barb Verleye, Darlene Vanden Bossche, Shcryl,Smith, Mary Ann Thompson, Sharon Rosson, Carolyn VanNorway, Judy Stockton, Sandra Sommer, Mary XX'hipple, Bev Schutte, Bonnie Xlfilkens, Roxanne York. up Rum: Beverly Stoedter, Margie Slcowronslci, Johanna Zudas, Joyte Stahr, Betlty Van Vallcen- burg, Sharon W'oolley, Dorothy Txvorelc, Deanna VanQtrathem, Joanne XY'indey, Carlene Schoenle, Diane XX'.illcer, Elaine Van Quathem, Donna Valentine, Mary Kay Sthuek. 'NX 'I'I4 l' Saint Nick made an unexpected ap- pearance at the Bio-Chem-Ics' "White Christmas" Party. The party was the last before Christmas vacation. Bio-Chem-Ics A club that boasted of twenty years of continuous organization was the Bio-Chem-Ics Club. This year it had a membership of forty-one, including the eight new members who were initiated the second semester. Their purpose was to promote interest in science, both in the high school and in the com- munity. Besides sponsoring their annual float in the Home- coming parade, a Christmas party dance, an assembly featuring Authur Snodfrey, and a carnival booth, the Boflom Row: Nancy Rick, jo Ann Jenson, Barbara Marsh, Sharon VanHulle, Donna Krohn, Janet Kicksey. Middle Raw: David Ross, Myrna Robyt, Dawn Fritz, june Stoedter, Helen Tsak- anikas, Robert Frey, Diane Perry. Top Row: Thomas Thew. Russell Lefevre, Phil Phil- hower, Blake McKahin, Dale Zempel, Bill VanVliete, JoAnn Rogenski, Vernalie Moberg. Bio-Chem-Ics Club achieved another goal. This was the showcase museum exhibited in the main hallway. The exhibits were changed monthly. A micro- projector was put into use for the first time this year, thanks to the previous years' club. The officers were: jim DePauw, presidentg Carl Becker, vice-president, Alice Howell, secretary, Donna Claeys, treasurer, Monica Greder, historian, and Joann Womble, corresponding secretary. Bio- Chem-Ics was sponsored by Mr. Millard Pratt. A minature museum was set up for the first time by the club. Thomas Thew, the director, and Paul Batty inspect a part of the display as the rest of the committee look on. The staff consisted of Betty Patterson, Carl Becker, joAnne Rojenski, and Bill Dailey. Trying to make the scale balance were the officers of the Bio-Chem-Ics organ- ization. They were Joann Womble, corresponding secretaryg Alice Howell secretaryg sitting, and Donna Claeys treasurerg Carl Becker, vice-presidentg jim DePauw, presidentg Mr. Pratt, spon- sorg and Monica Greder, historian' standing. 7 1 x Vernalie Moberg supervised as Miss Helen Buresh signed an egg for Mary jo Vines, a newly initiated member of the club. fig? 'Ni Accounting for the Business Clubs fine showing this year were Sylvia Saunders, treasurerg Johanna Zukas, secretaryg Nancy Leenknecht, vice-presidentg and Ruby Muse, president, standing. Sitting were Sandra Wadsager, treasurer, Barbara Irwin, presi- dentg Joyce Goodwin, vice-presidentg Barb- ara Korb, secretaryg and Miss Iris Allen, sponsor. Q l K.. Business Club The Cooperative Ofiice Training Program of the business department made it necessary for the Business Club to revise its constitution, re- garding the election of officers. Beginning this year, the officers were elected in January to serve for two semesters. First semester ofhcers were Barbara Irwin, presidentg Joyce Goodwin, vice-presidentg Barbara Korb, secretary, Sandra XX'adsager, treasurer, Officers for 1955 are: Ruby Muse, presidentg Nancy Leenknecht, vice- presidentg Johanna Zukas, secretaryg Sylvia Saunders, treasurer. Faculty sponsor was Miss Iris Allen. This year the Business Club purchased a record player for the department and had every- one typing to music, The group prepared two Christmas baskets. At Homecoming the Business Club won hrst prize for originality with its walking float made like a huge pig. Its motto was "We'll bring home the bacon." To promote better understanding of the latest business machines and methods, to learn the stenographic requirements of local businesses, and to develop efficient dependable graduates were the purposes of the Business Club. Fmnf Rua: Karen Miller, Serena Kincher, Marion Calsyn, Joan Kicksey, Sharon Gill, Pat Foster, Shirley Beverlin, Joyce Goodwin. Middle Roux' Sally Lang, Janet Boggs, Virginia Madson, Barbara Hoskins, Mary Ellen Dutty, Bonnie Lou hiatt, Barbara Korb, Coleen Anton. Baci Rua: Nancy Blake. Janet Kicksey, Cheryl Bloomberg, Carol Boles, Anita Bucci. Donna Hamerlinck, Helen Brown, Betty Guldenpfennig. The Business Club carnival booth exposed many interest- ing effects through the use of Polaroid photography. These quaint students and 60 second photography netted much money for the Business Club. r . ,, ff 1 gif V Business Club's "Blue Boy" won hrst prize for originality in the Homecoming parade. Fran! Roux' Sheryl Smith, Mary Ann Weinert, Allie Bee Wheeler, Lois Ward, Gurtha Ramsey. Helen Young, Betty Weiss, Virginia Nache, Sylvia Saunders. Bark Row: Sandra Pittington, Johanna Zukas, JoAnn Raymond, Barb Verleye, Sandra Welch, Anne Wingert, Patricia Vickers, Nancy Plavak, Ruth Perry, Myrna Robyt. i. The officers and sponsor of the Camera Club, Mr. Pratt, spon- sor, Phil Philhower, president, Donna Valentine, secretary, and Barbara Marsh, vice-president, examine a piece of photo light- ing equipment. Camera Club The members of Camera Club were able to develop and to enlarge their own prints thanks to their work in the building of the new dark room. All new counters and shelves were built, and many electrical outlets were in- stalled. Among the articles purchased for the dark room were an enlarger, a print dryer, a print washer, developing tanks, and a foot switch. This room was built in coopera- tion with the SKYLINE. The Camera Club and the Key Staff co-sponsored the annual Carnival. In this all school affair, all clubs and organizations sponsored booths. The Carniaval was held on April Fool's Day. Also, a student directory was compiled and sold by this group. The prize winning photos entered in the three division photography contest, open to the entire school, were sub- mitted by: Nancy Frasier, animal division, Leo Combes, landscape division, and Virble Brown, people division. Under the direction of Mr. Pratt, the club's presiding ofiicers were: Phil Philhower, president, Barbara Marsh, viceipresident, and Donna Valentine, secretary-treasurer. limi V , .0 First place in the landscape division was awarded to Leo Combes for capturing this refreshing scene. i .Il - In the photo eontest, first prize in the animal division went to Nanny Frasier for this appealing picture. rr ii. Bffzlnm Razr: jatk Keenan, XX'arren Lawrence, james Kerr, Ralph Goar, Monica Greder, Sharon johnson, Sandra Som- mer, Lois Beaudoin, Roberta Daiis, Nancy Frasier, Peggy Loui, Claudette Combes, jody Loui, Karen Cresswell. Middle Roux' Roxanne York, Rohert Cattoir, Sandra Henderson, lNI:1ry XX'hipple, Dawn Fritzi Bonnie Vfilkens, Melinda Dailey, joAnn Canatsey, janet Kiclcsey, Dorothy Butler, Sharon Griner, Nancy Rink, Aliee Howell, joann XX'omble. Tap Ruuz' Lane Morgan, Rohert Frey, Virble Brown, Raymond Culley, Leo Comhes, Maril lngle, Toni Bihlmeier, Elaine VanQuathem, Mary Kay Sthutk, joan DeVos, Bill VanVliete, julie l-laegeman, Myrna Robyt, Pat Cassidy, Lamonte Lawrente, Pete Tsakanikas. F. H. A. The officers of F.H.A. are Nancy Leenknecht, vice-preside-ntg Sharon Short, presidentg Mary Guerrero, his- toriang Mrs. Patricia Felts, sponsorg Geraldine Malmstrom, treasurerg Millie Huff, song leaderg Mary Kastner, secretaryg Beverly Van Kavern, program chairmang Margie Skowronski, reporterg and Mrs. Helen Pederson, advisor. a r , i ' F' ' K' 'Q f, N-...A Bolfom Roux' Shirley Beverlinn Carol Blunlce, janet Loding, Sandra Hegwood. Middle Roux' Madeleine Claua, Karen Hillbcrg. Donna Hamcrlinrk, Sandra Bolmert, Helen Brown, janet Brissman, Sharon Chidester, Manucla Nacho Tap Rani: Karen Malmstrom, Virginia Lundeen, Rosemary Morrison, Lois Mcflreight, Susan Kelley, Sandra Kallman, Lynn Kihler, Peggy Gooch, Sandra Chidester, Arline Gabriel. ' 'iv I 'ml ' il " A .Aus gy 35, Wi b,1Il.9.4 ' s z 4- f 3 1 r,,,, flag .. V 1 "" If 'Y' C7 7 2 W3 Q X 1 KM J X5 .X M, 'bv in ,..n Bolfom Ruuz' janyce Stanlake, Karen Suss, Linda Ragan, Kathleen DePorter, Nadine Carlson. Middle Roux' Sharon McMilIin, Ixfarsha Xvinthurst, Carol Penderson, Yvonne Cornell, Virginia Hunter, Marie Lauritz son, Arlene Redfield, Janice Rynard, 7 T011 Roux' Erna Sable, Donna Krohn, Sharon Wzigcrner, Gerry McMahon, Nancy Plavak, Jo Ann W indey, Barbara Was senhove, Norene Poelvoorde, Helene Rivers, janet Muse, The Future Homemakers of America club was one of the most active as well as one of the largest in our school. Its sixty-five members worked hard to pro- mote the projects they undertook. Sending food and clothing packages to Korea to help the children there was their main project this year. The group also prepared a Thanksgiving basket for a local needy family. In co-sponsorship with Tri-Mic, they sponsored the annual Homecoming Dance and also the annual Valentine Dance. At one meeting, four Seniors pre- sented a panel on "Dating and Grooming." One of the biggest highlights of the year was the style show presented in the auditorium. The girls modeled Spring fashions shown by local clothing stores. The girls enjoyed their trip to the Green Barn in Orion. The 1954-55 officers were Sharon Short, presidentg Nancy Leenknecht, vice-presidentg Mary Kastner, secretaryg Geraldine Malmstrom, treasurerg Mary Guerrero, historiang Madeleine Claus, assistant his- toriang Beverly VanKlaveren, program chairmang Milly Huff, song leaderg Margie Skowronski, re- porter. Their Advisor was Mrs. Helen Pederson and their Sponsor, Mrs. Patricia Felts. Here a group of Sophomore girls, their sponsor and guest enjoyed a luncheon planned, prepared, and served by the girls. Enjoying the luncheon were: Betty Mr. Ernie Kivisto demonstrates that even a coach can bake Cabor, Elvira Luse, Mrs. Pedersen, Wiliiwa Mitts, Jeanne Paytash, Ann Brown, a cake. and Mrs. Mitts. Q- Dave Grillin, Alice Howell, Betsy Kastner, Nancy Rick, jack Keenan, and Lorena Ballenger clmtted while they enjoyed refreshments after the installation of otlicers and the initiation of new members at Ll ceremony held on the seventeenth of Oetober, 1954. e liners x io pt the l TA. Club members busy were: sitting, l'l.lI'lW.lf.l M.r sm rrtirx lietsx lxrsi sircntg smmling, Monioi Grader, lilvr.1ri.m1 lin-lv.-roi Hou in lnglmrl. lI'C.1SLlI'L'fQ Miss Coriiell. sponsori Alun' llowcll, x w silent r X L song leuuler, Mary Hilwernik, l1i5tori.m, was .ilvscnt lu 1 the pieture. Y 'S -,X The "Hit the Teacherl' booth in the carnival was one place where the students could get revenge on their instructors. F.T. A. The Reba O. Hester Chapter of the Future Teachers of America was one of the newest organizations in our school, but its distinguished activities and projects made it one of the most progressive. The most important activity the club promoted was a program of observation teaching through which F.T.A. members observed the local grade school teachers. During the school year F.T.A. presented a homecoming float, collected Christmas toys for underprivileged children, sponsored a cafeteria dance and presented a general assem- bly. Also, this year, the club initiated a system of hat and coat checking for school activities. The officers were Betsy Kastner, president, Alice Howell, vice-president, Barbara Marsh, secretary, Nancy England, treasurer, Joann Womble, songleaderg Monica Greder, li- brarian, and Mary Hibernick, historian. The club was un- der the guidance of Miss Elizabeth Cornell, Boltam Row: Darlene McLaughlin, Sandra Coakley, Marvella Meincke, Sharon Schleeter, Pat Roesch mann, Donna Middour, Sharon Mueller, jack W. Keenan, Middle Rauf: Dawn Fritz, Nancy Rick, JoAnn Jenson, Helen Tsakanikas, Sandra Dunning, Mary Hibernik, Lorena Ballenger, Karen Cresswell, Margie Skowronski. Tap Roux' Vernalie Moberg, Vera McRae, Sue Anderson, Sharon Short, Linda Gooding, Howard Porter, David Grifhn, JoAnn Rogenski, Donna Rae Claeys, joan DeVos. AX In its second year of operation the Lettermen's Club did much to make themselves proud and most of it was work. Each Letterman worked one Satur- day in town and turned his earnings over to the club for a swirl pool bath. They collected money for the polio drive. The Lettermen also collected money- at the Moline-East Moline football game to help send the American Olympic team to Melborne, Australia. The Lettermen received an extremely appreciative letter from the Olympic Team Fund offices in Chi- cago thanking them and telling them that they were the only high school group in the state to support this drive. The Lettermen's Club officers were: Bill Gingerich, treasurerg Gary Wieneke, secretaryg Os- borne Branch, presidentg Mr. Ernest Kivisto, sponsorg and X Dick Sahr, vice-president. eHermen's Club The Lettermen, sponsored by Ernest Kivisto and joe Dhondt, held two successful dances, the "Letter- men's Hop" and the "Panther Whirl.', Near the end of the year came the payoff for all Lettermen, the award assembly, where all boys who earned letters during the year received their awards. The boys de- cided to award a trophy, called "The Lettermen's Athletic and Scholastic Award," to the senior athlete who maintained the highest scholastic average. This trophy will be kept at school. This newly organized group is certainly one of the most active at U.T.H.S. Dick Sahr received the Lettermens Athletic and Scholastic Award from coach Ernie Kivisto. Dick was a member of both the varsity basketball and tennis teams. Dick, an honor student, kept a scholastic average of 91.0395 during his four years at U.T.H.S. Enjoying the relieving effects of the schools new swirl bath was Gary Dobereiner. Looking on were Bill Gingerich, Roger Steffenson, Gary Wieneke, and Ozzie Branch. 'Zu vgsr'v"', e' wi! 3 R I D A Y Buren era' The Lettermen displayed their ingenuity with the Homecoming float entitled "Eat 'em Up." Manager George Hurd didn't seem to realize his predicament as Harvey Carr, Gene Leibovitz, Chuck Morrison and Dick Sahr "dig in." Bnllam Roux' Mr. joe Dhondt, john Hernandez, Roger Steftenson, Gary XX'ieneke, David Griffin, Gene Leibovitz, George Hurd, jim Muel- ler. Dennis jacobs, Ron Sergeant, Larry Vallejo, Iaiwrence Rasko, Mr. Ernie Kivisto. Semnd Roux' Al Guerrero, Dave johnson, john VandeXViele, Charles XX'ilIiamson, Wfayne johnson, joe Fretto, Fred Sandoval, Gary Pink- erton, Tom Evans, jay Shaw. 'l'l1ird Roux' jan jzxmison, liill Ciingericlr, Tom Linnahary, Don llleadows, Rohn-rt lforret, Dick Suhr, Chuck lwlorrison, Lfarty Xward, Ken Rush, Larry Sweat, llill Stuart. Tuff Roux' Rog Everett, Stephen Perry, jim Duff, Ozzie Branch, Harvey Carr, john XX'ard, Arvid Herstedt, Carmon Mest, jerry Kohrt, Phil Zumaris, Ted Stang, Bob Moreno, Ron Russell. Leading Pep Club activities were: seated Joanne Loui, treasurerg Karen Cresswell, president, and Sandra Sommer, secretary. Standing were Beverly VanKlaveren, vice- presidentg and Miss Marian Dean, sponsor. 1 Pep Club To encourage the support of all activities was the main purpose of the Pep Club. This year the club sponsored a dance called the "Candy Capers," entered "NXfe'll Wash Them Up" as the theme of their float in the homecoming parade, and pre- sented an assembly based on the program "This Is Your Life." The Pep Club made orange and black shakers and sold them at football games. Members of the club decorated the goal posts for home football games and organized a cheering section for home basketball games. The officers of the Pep Club were Karen Cresswell, presidentg Beverly VanKlavern, vice-president, Sandra Sommers, secretaryg 'and Jody Loui, treasurer. Miss Dean was the sponsor of the group. Bottom Roux' Arline Gabriel, Merry Frasier, Kathleen DePorter, Nadine Carlson, Sandra Chidester, Sharon Chidester, Mary Guerrero, Judy Bry- ant, Nancy England, Bob Almquist, Rich Greeno. Serond Row: Kathleen Gober, Vera Brown, Nadine Bosnac, Karen Grun- wald, Rowena Bedeian, Carol Blunke, Mary Ellen Duffy, Pat King, Lorraine Emmest. Glenda Granell. Third Roux' Dawn Fritz, Ann Donel- son, Mary Lou Emmerson, Carol Batty, Roberta Davis, Lois Beaudoin, Sharon Carroll, Sharon Griner, Cheryl Bloom- berg, janet Boggs, JoAnn Canatsey, Daurel Brown. Top Roux' Paul Batty, Lois Almquist, Sue Anderson, Donna Rae Claeys, Toni Bihlmeier, Melinda Dailey, janet Brissman, Jo Elaine Elias, Nancy Blake, Betty Guldenpfennig, Carol Boles, Sandra Duquenne, Madeleine x Claus. This hardy group braved a cold fall breeze to decorate the goal posts in East Moline's Soule Stadium. Decorating the goal posts was but one of many activities of the club. Top to bottom, they were: John Siefken, Dorothy Tworek, Robert Stevenson, Dixie Van De XX!oestyne, and Sharon Sears. Boltom Roux' Connie Little, Martha King, Janet Loding, Lucille Isais, Joy Kicksey, Karen Johnson, Joanne Mat- zen, Vivian McMullin, Betty Ponce, Bonnie Milburn, Beverly Lavine. Second Roux' Peggy Loui, Claudette Combes, Bonnie Kruckenberg, Sylvia Liedtke, Deanna Leeds, Susan Kelley, Sandra Kallman, Karen Leonnard, Sharon McMillin, Bonnie Mart, San- dra Pittington, Nancy Little, Claudette Katsis. Third Row: Marjorie Malaney, Lynn Kihler, Lois McCreight, JoAnn Jen- son, Sheila Hill, Pat Hanson, Ruth Nagel, Donna Krohn, Karen Malm- strom, Nancy Leenknecht, Celia Leeds, Wilma Mitts, Sharon Mueller, Top Roux' Alice Howell, Ruth Perry, Maril Ingle, Heloise Nelson, Janette Kennon, Barbara Kipp, Bud Porter, Phil Philhower, Julie Haegeman, Mary Kastner, Gerry Malmstrom, Vera McRae, Patsy Gillies, Nancy Plavak. Baflom Raw: Roxanne York, Lois W'ard, Darlene VandenBossche, Shirley Tis- dale, Karen Suss, Esperanza Ramirez, Nancy Rosenberger, Paula Ramirez, Loretta Redman. Second Rauf: Sharon Sears, Dorothy Tworek, Sandra VC"ilcox, Mary VUhip- ple, Cecelia Terronez, Bonnie Xvilkens, Janice Rynard, JoAnne Tank, Joyce Wonible, Mary Jean Sayers, Helene Rivers, Phyllis Truitt. Third Roux' Evelyn VC'aller, June Stoed- ter, Mary Ann Thompson, Barb Ver- leye, Joyce Turner, Sheryl Smith, Betty Patterson, Margie Skowronski, Joann Woiiuble, Pat Verlinden, Betty Parrish, Sharon XX'agoner. Top Roux' Yvonne Rexroth, Carlene Schoenle, Carol Stipp, Sharon Short, Barbara Rasmussen, JoAnn Raymond, Mary Ann VC'einert, Deanna Van Quathem, Elaine Van Quathem, Donna Valentine, Barbara VUassen- hove, Sandra Vlfelch, Diane Perry. ll!!! .,-J w oh ,a H' :- a ,ya 'Hs ,hgh Responsible for the smooth running year of the Tri-Mic club were its officers. They were Tom Evans, treasurer, john Pancrazio, secretaryg Ron Sergeant, reporter, Gary Hoff, vice-president, Mr. Cavanaugh, sponsorg and Dick Sahr, pres- ident. The membership of Tri-Mic was limited to junior and senior students enrolled in the vocational education field. This club sponsored the sale of pencils, on which were printed the basketball schedules, and a field trip to Chicagos Museum of Science and Industry. In co-sponsorship with F.H.A., the group sponsored the annual Homecoming dance and the annual Valentine dance. For earning the greatest number of points for their work and achievements, these six boys received pins: Bob Hume, Ron Entriking Phil Zumaris, jerry Millerg Craig Schillingg and Dick Vermeulen. As a member of the State Industrial Education Clubs, Tri-Mic was represented at the May convention held in Springfield by its officers: president, Richard Sahrg vice-president, Gary Hoff, secretary, john Pancraziog treasurer, Thomas Evansg reporter, Ron Sergeantg and the sponsor Mr. john Cavanaugh. Bollom Roux' Frank Dopler, Dick Vermeulen, joseph Fox, Bob Vansickle, Art Lesthaeghe. Middle Row: John Lauritzson, Clarence Bjork, Boyd VanLande- gen, Marty XX'ard, Fred Giesler, Ron Newenham, Pete Gust, jay Shaw. Top Roux' Taugie Slaith, Tom Cady. Phil Zumaris, Elliot Park, Paul Schutz, Craig Schilling, Paul Thornbloom, John VandeW'iele, Richard Stone, jerry Miller. Cllll! FRIUFW YES IB IN EHFE 'wmv' RFTER ERLESBUHE EHNE mum tts is uw tural mms mn"" uvrusnitsatiarrm Q Bufzfml Roux- Robert Eklof, Roger Armstrong, Ron Entrikin, Larry Snyder, Ralph jones, Robert Hume, w'llll21ll1 Beard. Middle Roux' Gayle Pinkerton, jerry Schultz, George Batzkiel, Ralph Bushnell, Don Lind, Harvey Carr, Don McNalley, Rithurd Randolph, Gary Olson. Top Roux' james Peterson, jack Schadt, john Hernandez, Clarence Klick, Bill Girot, Bob Fuhrer, Bill Gengerich, Al DeBo, Pucci Terronez, jim Matzen, Charles Wfilliamson, Ted Lapaczonek. "Have some cake, Mr. Cavanaugh ?" Richard Randolph and Gerry Kight seem to be saying. The cake was one of many raffled at the Tri-Mio F.H.A. sponsored Valentine dance. 3-galil' lil ...-ul Putting the final touches on their model home were Bob Schnack and Roger Armstrong. This homewvas one of several which were built by the members of the club and entered in the Better Homes Showi x l Qu'- SPORTS 2 imi-N ,, lla Botfom Roux' Coach "jocko" Wrenn, Manager Orville Downing, Ted Stang, jan Jamison, Marty Ward, Arvid Herstedt, john Van de Wiele, Gary Green, Tom Evans, Tom Linnabary, Denny Jacobs, Gary Dobereiner, Manager Roger Steffeson, Coach Al Zimmerman. Second Row: Jerry Crouch, Dave Johnson, Bill Beard, Ed Hirst, Kenny Rush, Dave Griftien, Phil Zumaris, jim Mueller, Ron Russell, Paul Schutz, Don Meadows, Bob Forret, Ronald Bjork, Sonny Schuldt. Third Rauu' joe Fretto, George Sweat, Bill Stuart, Ozzie Branch, Larry Vallejo, jerry Baker, "Duke" Walker, Don johnson, Pedro Rangel, Charles Williaiiis, Bob Fuhur, George Graham. Top Roux' Pat Tuttle, Larry Stephenson, Don Lind, Ned Findley, Gerry Kight, Alan Perkins, jerry Harker, Guadalupe Terronez East Moline's 1954 grid team under coaches jocko Wren, Al Zimmerman, and Don Smith, wound up a fairly successful year winning five and losing four. Injuries in the early part of the season handi- capped the team and accounted for its four losses. Quarterback Bill Gingerich was hurt in the first and third games and was permanently out with a torn knee in the Galesburg game. Guard john Vande Eager Panthers race for the gridiron. Wiele broke his ankle just before the first game and was out until the sixth game of the season when he returned to action. In spite of the loss of those two, the Panthers managed to hold third place in the Northwest Conference with a 5-2 record. The Or- ange failed to win in the Quad-City loop, dropping three. Coach "jocko" Wrenn and backfield coach Don Smith endured many tense moments. E. M. Opp. 0 East Aurora 13 51 Kewanee 13 9 Galesburg O 0 Davenport 34 21 Alleman 14 O Rock Island 30 1 3 Canton O 19 Moline 22 47 Quincy 6 'i 'N 4 Rock Island halfback Bob Strayer runs into difficulty as Denny Jacobs, right, and Tom Evans, left, close in for a tackle, as Larry Vallejo, on ground, holds tight. Panther guard Tom Evans puts the stopper on an un- identihed Canton halfback. Larry Vallejo, 34, moves up to help. The end of a long run comes to halfback Denny Jacobs as an unidentified Kewanee player gets set to haul him down. Touchdown! East Moline scores on a long plunge against Alleman. Pictured here with their coach and honorary captain were the four boys who captured the Silvis Fans' awards. They were: jan Jamison, most improved playerg Bill Cingerich, most valuable player: coach John Wrenng Denny Jacobs. honorary captaing Tom Evans, best blockerg Larry Vallejo, best tackler. All of the boys except Larry were graduating Seniors. The plaques, which the boys received at the Eight Ball banquet, were first awarded by the Silvis Fans' Club enior Football Players Kenny Rush, 5' 10", 150, played half- back. He was an especially valuable defensive back. Gary Green, 5' ll", Intl, played center. "Skid" shone as a defensive line-backer. Torn Linnabary, 5' II", 235, played tackle. "Tugboat" played fine offensive and defensive ball. zs. ...es x,, X ,'X,f. 2,3 -,STN ' ' 5 f . r X W b .r . xr? 'A wwQ?w- 'i gg ,ts 4 3. Bill Stuart, 5' 7", 140, played halfback. He was an extreme- ly valuable defensive back. fs, ,dn 5, Denny Jacobs, 5'6", 145, played halfback. Denny was both lead- ing ground gainer and leading scorer with 36 points. Bill Gingerich, 5' 10", 175, star quarterback, was injured in the Galesburg game and lost for the season. Bill played varsity ball for three years. Tom Evans, 5' 6", 145, was a guard and a defensive end. Tom was a very aggressive player. 'fa gi 0,5 - is john Van de Wiele, 5' 8", 165, was a guard ancl a defen- sive tackle. john broke a bone in his leg and missed the first Eve games. He played only four N x if East Moline's varsity basketball team. From left to right, Bultom Roux' George Hurd, managerg Ted Stang, Rich Ran- dolph, Chuck Morrison, Gene Leibovitz, Ron Sergeant, Steve Perry, Dick Sahr, jim Mueller, and Roger Stetfenson, manaer. Top Row: Carmon Mest, Gary Doberiener, Harvey Carr, Pete Huber, john XX'ard, Ron Bohls, Gary Hoff, Basketball East Moline's go-go Panthers wound up a very suc- cessful season with a very disappointing loss to end the 1954-55 basketball season. But one cannot complain as Coach Ernie "Bucketbal1" Kivisto, in his fourth year at U.T.H.S., led the Panthers to an 18-6 record. The Hilltoppers wound up in second place in the Northwest Conference with an 8-4 record and were in a 3-way tie for second in the Quad-Cities with 2-4. The Orange and Black also boasted a pair of record breakers in john Ward and Harvey Carr. Ward, against Monmouth, set a new Northwest Conference record by scoring 38 points. In the last regular game with Gen- eseo, Carr broke the regular season scoring total, by netting 41 points, only 4 away from breaking the all time high of 45. Guard Ron Sergeant, second in Panther scoring with 307 points, was voted honorary captain by his team- mates. Ron Bohls and Gene Leibovitz, both leading the way in the rebound department were voted most valuable players. Carmon Mest, junior sub forward, won the Ray Holmes Free Throw Trophy by netting 47 of 54 free throws for 87272, highest percentage on the trophy. E. M. 75 2 82 51 83 51 78 50 51 60 21 83 64 60 55 37 41 40 57 64 98 86 95 Aledo Alleman Morrison Kewanee Davenport Moline Clinton St. Ambrose Rock Island Galesburg Canton Monmouth De Kalb Kewanee Davenport Moline Canton Rock Island Alleman Galesburg Rock Falls Monmouth Geneseo OPP 50 41 45 56 53 72 62 37 48 52 19 50 53 58 58 55 37 44 40 60 61 46 63 I Q 1? Q. 45 I 5 J "Out of my way big boy!" East Molines Harvey Carr drixes around St. Ambroses Pete Schebler as Gene Dully 21, looks on. PANTHER STATISTICS In 24 games, East Moline scored 526 field goals in 1,275 attempts, for an average of 41QQ, first in the Quad-Cities. 447 free throws in 629 attempts were made for an average of 7122 also a Quad-City high. The team scored 1,494 points for an average of 62.4 points per game, second high. Defensively the team held their opponents to 50 points a game, first in the Quad-City. Ron Bohls had the best eye, as he hit 82 of 162 shots for a 5094. average. INDIVIDUAL STATISTICS FG FT TP AVG john Ward 103 106 312 13 Ron Sergeant 109 89 507 12.8 Harvey Carr 95 77 265 10.9 Ron Bohls 85 60 226 9.-I Gene Leibovitz 66 45 175 7.5 lll get thit hall if I haxe to lump to the rafters" seems to he what Ron Sergeant ls thinking as he and two unidentified Clinton players stretch high. Everybody wants to get into the aut! East Molines Gary Doberiener lights with Clintons Heinson. right and Sander, left, for control of the ball in a non-Conferente tilt. Look- ing on is Ron Bohls, 4-4, and Marske, far left. sw 7..-Q Q 415 Get ahold of that ball john! Panther center john XX'ard runs into trouble as Pete Srhehlcr 45, and Gene Smith 53, of St. Ambrose close in for the kill. East Moline's Ron Bohls goes high into the air for a layup against St. Ambroses Pete Schebler, -15, and Gene Smith. Too tall! East Moline's Carmon 1NIest goes high. for a shot only to have Molines Don Verstrcate block it. Liaroon Alleman's Herb Millard 51, is two-timed by East Moline's Ken Anderson 31, and Denny Bureau 23, also take part Gene Leiboxitz, left, and an unidentified Panther. in the action. 139 Bniffmz Roux' Dick Anderson, Gary Nahrgang, Dick Goderis, jim Ogle, Delbert Carr, jim Duff, Roy Miller, Dennis Sahr. Tap Roux' Coach Keith Bare, Manager Tom Rhodes, Eddie Lasek, Marlowe Lawnsdale, Tom Hop- kins, Bob Adams, Harold Bost, jim Nelson, Manager Bob Degraer. SOPHOMORE BASKETBALL SOPHOMORE FOOTBALL M. Opp. E.M, Opp. EM. Opp 44 Aledo 30 50 De Kalb 67 18 Alleman 6 31 Alleman 43 37 Kewanee 14 Kewanee 0 45 Morrison 22 47 Davenport 18 Galesburg O 43 Kewanee 30 44 Moline 14 Davenport 27 44 Davenport 63 38 Canton 0 Rock Island 18 46 Moline 48 34 Rock Island 27 Monmouth 2 54 Clinton 53 50 Alleman 6 Moline 12 i5 St. Ambrose 56 46 Galesburg 45 Rock Island 55 46 Rock Falls 48 Galesburg 60 68 Monmouth 49 Canton 59 64 Geneseo 58 Monmouth 52 Barlow Roux' Porky Morgan, Russell Perkins, Denny Daniels, Ronnie Reyna, Roy Miller, Bob Ferry, ,lohn Gill, Tony Hernandez, Dick Goderis. Middie Row: Coach Keith Bare, Dick Anderson, jim Duff, jim Nelson, Delbert Carr, Manuel Cruz, Dave Zumaris, Keith Lundeen, Coach I-larold Collins. Top Roux' Henry Isais, Larry Schultz, Ronnie Bejork, Marlowe Lawnsdale, Harold Bost, joe Rus- sell, Gary Kant, Harry McMurl, Bill Moose, Tommy Hopkins, Loren Scott. X Barium Row: Cherokee French, Dave Fawks, Bob Case, Henry Rangle, Ross Hailey, Ray Berthoud, Don Fisher. Middle Row: Coach joe Dhondt, manager Ralph Goar, joe Rangle, Bob Ken- ndy, joe England, manager Mike Berthoud. Top Raw: Harold Paulson, Richard Marton, Tom Dun- ning, jim Oltman, Bartley johnston, Pete Sears, Coach Al Zimmerman. ML .W du' FRESHMAN BASKETBALL E. M. Opp. 52 St. Ambrose 33 56 Alleman 62 27 john Deere 40 58 Franklin 56 45 Coal Valley 45 31 Alleman 47 45 Coolidge 44 59 Coolidge 41 50 Central 26 39 john Deere 44 64 St. Ambrose 40 68 Edison 45 49 Washington 45 FRESHMAN FOOTBALL E. M. Opp 21 john Deere 0 6 Coolidge 0 20 Franklin 7 20 Central 0 25 Edison 0 19 Washington 7 7 Alleman 7 Bottom Rauf: Tom Raske, jim Oltman, Felix Ramirez, Pete Sears, Bob Norin, manager Larry Drain, Leo Combes, Ralph Sanders Robert Arbogast, Lloyd Bryan, joe Terronez. Second Row: Coach George Bray, Gary Steiner, jimmy Gager, Chris Dennis, Ross Hailey, joe Rangel, Kenny Beverlin, jim johnson Ray Berthoud, Anthony Columbia, Bill Hocker, manager Ralph Goar, Coach joe Dhondt. Third Rauf: Bob Case, Don Fisher, Dale Morthland, jim Shivers, Gary Mellinger, jim Versluis, Bill Porter, Kenny Hofstetter Dennis Sahr, Gary Mueller. Top Roux' Bob Kennedy, joe DeCook, Dick Vickers, Larry Estes, Richard Morton, Tom Dunning, Bartley johnston, Harry Drumm Cherokee French, Henry jackson. 1 S M, 4 ,O ,V 2 " ' i xx r, , 'by T gaming f' arg! Q " Wrestling Fred Sandoval, little Panther grappler, had the best individual record, winning twelve, losing only four. Fred was the only Panther wrestler to go to State! "Get off my fingers!" john Vande Wliele seems to be ready for a beating as coach "jocko" XVrenn and Larry Valljo tvvo-time him. Gathered around to wat ter were, left to right: jan Jamison, Denny Evans, and Dave johnson. ch the slaugh- jacobs, Tom 3 50110111 Razr: Frank Dunbar, jim Miller, Dave johnson, Dick Entriken. Ronnie Rey- na. Middle Roux' Tom Evans, Gary Steiner, Larry Drain, Fred Sandoval, Bob Sulli- van, Larry Vallejo, Qoaih "jocko" Wrenn, Twp Roux' Tom Geise, john Vande XX'iele, jan Jamison, Arvid Herstedt, Tom Linna- bary. "Enough?" Tom "'l'ughoat" Linnahary weighed in just he- forc a big mateh. Linnabary wrestled in the heavyweight division, if . 5 ' 5 Nw Xl L, ,- -. F 2 ., 1 5 1' V 'W -l f . 1 , ' SA , X 'cv Shown here with their coach were U.T.H.S.'s sprinters and broad jumpers. These boys participated in the 100 yard dash, the 220 yard dash, and the broad jump. Kneeling were: coach Al Zimmerman, Manual Cruz, jim Duff. Standing, manager Gary Pinkerton, jan Jamison, jim Talack, Charles Wfilliamson, Joe Terronez, Terry Hoogerwerf, Barry Brown, Dennis Sahr, Bartley johnston, Levy Austin. Pictured here were the boys who participated in held events, shot put, discus, and pole vaulting. Bolmm Roux' Frank Dopler, jim johnson, Bob Ferry, Henry Rangel, jim Gager, Ray Berthoud. Bark Roux' Porky Morgan, mascot, Arvid Hersteadt, Tom Linnabary, jerry Baker, Pete Gust, Denny Daniels, Harold Paulson, coach Keith Bare. 71 ' .Ae cd' an fs .- Z LX Q "' ls- :fe M . " ,PQ 2 ii as 1, Fred Sandoval brought the first state championship to U. T. H. S. Un- beaten during the regular cross-country season, Fred won in the Sterling District, and thus qualified for the State Final held in Urbana. Against 161 runners, representing -15 Illi- nois high schools, Fred showed the field that size is no drawback and dis- played a strong kick at the end of the two mile run to win in the hne time of 9:34. 5 ' t Track Below Left: Pictured here were the boys who ran the mile and middle distances, the -1-10 and th 880. Boltom Roux' john Hernandez, Ralph Sanders, Larry Scotterman, Don Mea- dows, jerry Brown. Middle Roux' Ron Rey- na, Fred Sandoval, Lawrence Rasko, Gary Wfieneke, Bob Case, Mike Kenny, Ken Bev- erlin. Top Roux' manager Bob DeGraer, Dick Vickers, Pete Sears. Phil Zumeris, jerry Khort, Ron Dixon, Dallas Armstrong, coach Glenn Chivers. Pictured here were two members of the cross-country team: Lawrence Rasko and Gary Wieneke. Not present for the picture were Fred Sandoval, state champion: W'ayne john- song john Hernandez: and Lupe Segura. Glen Chivers coached the team. il' w , .I I I as f 2 1 P .. i fs ,N1 , , -g-.: c t- --1,1 . -rf. , ,S 4 V ,Ai V3.1 .4 A um 33. fwff . - ""' G9 ig-Sl xr S-.A NJ 6 5" 6 ' - 51. ,WJ s ' 9: 1 ,-0 fl ,.- v 9- gy fa 1 .. . 5: 1' Q - . A "'fi5ef- P '-1.2 T45 'fifwwl v ' z 1 - :Q ,.g mx' .-A A i ,km 2 Eb X'o,'i'. .xr '15 v C xx wif? m 'm ,A 5, yi , 4.55 M. ,IX -5 , W?gx.w.X1 ' -. 4'., af! I if? I Coming in on the 18th green at Short Hills Country Club were Bob Almquist, coach Don Smith, Gary Cant, and Bob Miller. Golf From Roux' joe Fretto, Gary Cant, George DeBo, Larry Ripka, Dick Bract, Craig Shilling, Middle Roux' coach Don Smith, Bob Almquist, Bob Miller, Gary Stiener, Bob Sullivan, Larry Drain, Bob Dinneweth, VC'ayne johnson. Top Roux' Tom Rhodes, Walt Hart, Tom Simcox, Al DeBo, Marty W'ard, Gary Olson, and Harold Dicricks. . .,. - H l 11 . r Q11 ' The members of the boys' varsity tennis team were, Bartow Raw: coach Harold "Rip' Collins, jim Zippay, Bob DeSmet, Robert Walinsey, Roland Nelson, and coach Steve Mor gan. Tap Ruuu' Tom Wares, jay Shaw, Dick Sahr, Chuck Morrison, Rick Randolph and Carmon Mest. Tennis The members of the girls' varsity tennis team were, Boltom Rauf: Gwen Lee, Vivian McMullin, Janice Morgan, Doris Aten, Nadine Bosanac. Top Row: Joanne Matzen, Bonnie Mart, Sharon Hall, Mary Schaefer, Glenda Jordan, Rosemary Morrison, Deanna VanQuathem, and G.A.A. sponsor Mrs. Elaine Ruberg. i 2 as 16" Q? ww- N 'ox J rl -9 Q" S H XTH H? AT H5 N if . v , r rf '- K v 1 1 Hip ' Q C 0 4- ' ' 5 ina -V A Rr Ar .Q . rig-f ,- ff , 'f in ,tjfwyf gif .-' -554,1 ww-' jr"',, if- --' , ,QV 4--, ,- . 4 . - ..-f . '-Q 'Q --A if If 'xg f' 1 ' r z YQ r- ' ' f' , -. ,Al . , - - 'if riff-a-:sf?I.5-'?ffg,4Q,a':H.a'9fFstr"f-fffetaS.. f Zf4ig'1++,.- 'sl 2 f .. -fa . T T From Roux' Don Handley, managerg Don johnson, Bob Wfalker, Bill Stuart, Ozzie Branch, Ron Sergeant, Al Guerero, jim Mueller, Denny Jacobs, jerry Schutz. Tap Roux' Steve McNalley, -Ian Jamison, Gary Doberiener. Harvey Carr, Ted Stang, Gene Leibovitz, Bill Gingerich, Rog Everett, Paul Thornbloom, and coach George Bray. 'K 3 ,rl First Aid! Paul Thornbloom. kneel- 8 f , ing, appears to be splinting up Bill X P' . . Gingerich's bum leg. " g'f,Lf O 1 r 9' p ' i f M359 1 Come On Team, Let's Go! Ready to take the held against the opposition 'ff are left to right, coach George Bray, Bill Gingerich, Ozzie Branch, Bill , ,ey Stuart, Ted Stangq Gary Dobereiner, Ron Sergeant, Gene Leibovitz, Al Guerrero, Jim Mueller, and Harvey Carr. lil Q Sli' S ca SHT Sophomore cheerleaders, Nadine Bosan- ac, Sharon johnson, Melinda Dailey, and Barbara Miller helped the Sophomore fans cheer their team on. Freshman cheerleaders, Rosemary Morri- son, Bonnie Wilkens, Carol Blunke, Judy Smith, and Janet Loding made a fine showing in their first year of working together for U.T.H.S, L Cheerleaders Cheerleaders were chosen by a small representative group of teachers and students. Interested girls had to try out individually by leading two cheers before the group. From the tryouts the teams plus two alter- nates were chosen. These girls practiced twice a week during the football season and once a week during the basketball season. Miss Martha Boley coached all three cheerleading teams. Our cheerleaders need- ed and had poise, coordination, rhythm, acrobatic ability, and enthusiasm. They also had to keep a C average in all classes. Varsity cheerleaders, shown here in their new basketball cheerleading uniforms, were: Mary Ellen Duffy, Joyce Turner, Sheryl Smith, Mary Ann Thompson, and Bonnie Mart. emor Index PATRICIA LEE ACHILLES Pat Lrbrary Club Q2 3 41 Treas urer Q41 Chorus Q11 CAROL ADAMS Skrppef GAA Q11 SHIRLEE MILLICENT ADAMS zrpp Aamofy Board Q11 Glee Club Q1 21 DALE A ALLISON Ally F D A Q41 VICE Pres1dent Q41 R1fle Club Q21 Football Q21 JERRY BAKER Jer Football Q1 2 3 41 Track Q31 Letter mens Club Q41 RAYMOND BALL Ray R1fle Club Q1 21 Theater Q41 Panther Parade Q41 P p Band Q3 Band 1 2 3 41 Art Summer School ScholarSh1p Q2 ROBERT BATES Bob Intramural Bovnlmg 4 PAUL BATTY PB Debate Q1 2 3 41 OratorIcal Declama ton Q1 2 3 Or1g1nalOratory 3 41 Theater Q2 3 41 Band Q1 2 3 41 Choralettes Q2 31 Football Q11 Extempory Speak Ing 3 41 Thesp1ans Q2 3 41 Secretary 41 Pep Club Q2 3 41 B10 Chem Ics Q1 41 Camera Club 3 41 Panther Parade Intramural Q41 CARL BECKEP B1rdy B10 Chem Ics Q2 3 41 V1cePresIdent Q4 Cho1r Q31 Band Q4 Skyl1ne Q41 Key Q1 2 3 41 Dance Band Q3 41 Baseball Q2 3 Pep Club Q11 RONALD BEERT Red Wrestlrng Q11 Band Q1 21 SHIRLEY ANN BEVERLIN Pep Club Q11 E H A Q1 1 5 41 Busmess Club Q4 Chorus Q11 Glee Club Q21 Chorr Q3 41 PA L L BILLBERG MARDELLE BIINDER Mafdl Adv1sory Board Q11 GAA 2 3 41 Pres1dent Q4 P p Club Q1 2 3 Band 1 NANCY BLAKE F H A Q1 1 BIO Chem Ics Q1 2 31 Pep Club Q1 2 41 Busmess Club 4 F N A 3 4 RON BOHLS Lefty Rock Island H1gh School Q41 Basketball 3 41 Football 1 2 Track 11 HIY Club 2 BARBARA BOND John Deere IHS Q51 Cherf Q1 21 GAA 2 31 Pep Club 3 JANET BOND HAROLD BOWERS Tf1MIe Q41 PATRICIA BOWMAN Pat GAA Q1 3 41 F N A Q31 A 2 3 Pep Club 1 21 B1ble Club Q11 Ban OSBORNE BRANCH OZZIC Football Q1 3 41 Basketball Q1 2 Track Q21 Baseball Q1 3 41 Homecomrng Attendant Q41 Lettermens Club 3 41 Pres1dent Q41 JOHN R BRITTENHAM JR Camera Club Q11 F D A 4 R1He Club Q1 1 VICE Presrdent 21 Pep Club Q1 L1brary Club Q2 31 Football Q1 HELEN BROWN Adusory Board Q21 F H A Q 3 41 Pep Club Q1 2 3 41 Busmess Club Q3 41 K y Q3 41 Cho1r ANITA BUCCI F H A Q1 1 Bus1ness Club Q41 RALPH W BUSHNELL B1ll Adv1sory Board Q21 Football 2 Tr1 MIC 4 MARIONJ CALSYN Key Q41 Busmess Club Q3 41 Pep Club F H A 1 1 Band HARVEY CARR Rabb1t Football Q21 Baseball Q1 2 3 41 Basketball Q1 2 3 41 Adv1sory Board 2 3 Secretary Treas urer Q21 Tf1M1C Q41 Treasurer 4 Lettermens Club Q3 41 DEAN A CARTER Deanbo F D A Q41 Tr1 MIC Q31 MERLE CASEL Russ Rock Island Hlgh School Q41 PATRICK E CASSIDY Pat C Camera Club Q1 2 3 41 Key Sk me 4 p Band Q1 2 3 nd Track Q1 Football Manager Q21 Jr Rotar1an Q41 Plays Q3 41 Rad1o Speakmg Q41 ThCSPI3DS Q41 Tennrs Q3 41 ELEANOR ANN CAVE Anne Geneseo H1gh School Q21 Booster Club Q21 Busmess Club Q31 PHYLLIS M CHANEY P1111 Band Q11 E H A Q11 Chorus Q11 GAA Q11 JEAN CHRISTINE Sneekre Club Q1 21 E H A Q 1 A Q31 Band cs 41 GAA LEWIS H CHRISTY Macon Mo I-Irgh School Q41 Dance Band Q31 Pep Band Q31 BEVERLY CHURCHILL Bev E H A Q1 21 E N A Q31 P Club Q121 Choa Q12 5 4 DONNA RAE CLAEYS B10 Chem Ics Q3 41 'Ireasurer Q41 Pep Cu 12 3 41 F T A Q3 41 Key Q41 Panther Para e Q41 GAA Q1 2 3 4 Verse Speakmg Q3 41 Rad1o Speak Ing Q4 Declamatron 2 3 41 Drama 31 Cho1r Q2 3 4 Glee Club Q11 Choralettes Q21 YVONNE COLLINS Pep Club Q11 E T A Q31 CLAUDETTE COMBES Claudetue Chorus Q11 Camera Club 2 3 41 GAA 1 2 3 4 BuS1ness Club Q3 4 Pep lub 1 2 3 41 SkylIne REGINA COVERT GAA Q11 Pep Club Q21 Chen Q11 EVERETT R COX KIX Rock Island H1gh Q11 'Irack Q2 31 Football Q31 KAREN CRESSXVELL Cressre Cheerleader Q11 Pep Club Q1 2 3 41 Presrdent Q4 Skylme Q41 Panther Parade Q41 Cam e C1ubQs41 GAA Q2 31 BMIQI2541 FTA 41 Theater Q3 41 Thesp1anS Q41 Pep Band Q2 31 ANN CULP BIllIe E H A Q11 Pep Club Q11 VICTOR DEHNER ROSELLA DE LEU Ros1e Pep Club Q1 2 31 Busmess Club Q3 GAA Q11 JAMES F DEPAUW JIIII B nd Q1 2 3 41 Pep Band Q2 31 Bohenuan Band Q3 41 Dance Band Q3 41 R1tle Club Q1 2 Adusory Board Q41 Plays Q3 41 Thesprms Q3 41 'lrcasurer Q4 Jr Rotar1an 41 Du uo1n Musrc Camp Q41 Skylme 4 Class Vrce Presrdent Q3 LIZETTE DESSEYN L1z Busmess Club Q3 41 F I-I A Q1 21 Pep Club 2 3 JOAN DE VOS Band Q1 2 3 41 Camera Club Q2 3 41 FTA Q3 4 F H A Q1 Pep Club Q1 Panther Parade Q41 MIKE DOWNEN Mr Peepers Theater Q41 RadIO Speakmg Q4 Debate Q2 3 4 Adv1sory Board Q4 Treasurer Q41 Tennls Q2 3 Band Q1 2 3 41 Pep Band 2 3 Dance Bmd Q3 41 Du Quom MUSIC Camp Q31 Bro Chem Ics 1 2 4 Intramural Q41 Thesp1ans Q41 MARY ELLEN DUFFY Du Adusory Borrd Q11 I H A 1 Glee Club Q11 GAA Q1 2 3 4 Pep Club Q1 2 3 Cheer Leader Q1 2 3 4 Busmess Club Q3 41 Homecommg, Royalty Q41 CHARLOTTE DUNCAN Char Brble Club Q1 2 3 41 JOHN DROZ Mansfmeld HIgh School Q41 Theater Q41 EMILY DZEKUNSKAS Emmy Elroy WISLOHSIH Q2 41 F H A Q1 3 Pep Club 2 Glee Club 1 2 Class Sec retary Q3 TOM EVANS Football Q1 2 3 41 NOIIIIWGSITEIIII Q41 Best Blocker Awld Q41 Wrestlmg Q2 3 41 B1seb1lI Q21 Track Q1 3 4 Adv1sory Board 2 3 Lettermcns Club 3 4 Tr1 M1c Q3 41 Treasurer 41 ROGER EVERETT Rog Football Q1 2 3 41 Basketblll Q1 aseball Q1 2 Ir Ix 3 4 R1 I0 Speakmg Q41 Theater Q41 Thesprans Q41 Lettermens Club Q3 41 Choralettes Q 1 I 1 - , I l , " Pep , g . . . 2g .. .Q . - F.N. . 3 , 3 . . . Q11. , '- 'Q ' , Q 3 CP , 9 'I , Q1- A l l I l Q eh 1: Q, ,. 1 3 '. . Y - 9 1' lb Q, ., 9 . - - , Q 4 1 I d -3 w Q14 A Q ,,.,1s , au - Y H Q , 19 Q,, 1 ' Q 9 , 1 1s i ,, 1,1 " Q , 1 V ., 1 I U l . Z ' ' - S 1 I Q, y 3 . - .Q ' . C 4: I I I 9 5 i 1 1 U H l .Q , c,,, I Q41- 1: ' 1 13 A 9 ,,. I "' 9 5 I ' ' '9 '19 ' - ' ' ,Q ' ' 12 1 Q Y I .9 '1 I 1- A 12 ' 9 I " 1 ' - , , ra , Q --- , 1 H ,,, s - - -Q 1 Q1,-, . ' V 14 C 1-11 Q921- ' I ' ' ' I ' : . . . ,2g '- - , , g 2 ,-. L ' Q19 . - -Q, 1- 3 A --1 - 3 11 ... . U'2"'1 Q1 It ' IJ' - 21 Q ' , 1 Q1,,, 3 n Q,41. I I' l l- V I I I 3,41 Vice-President Q41g Bio-Chem-Ics,Q3,l41 President . - . Q19 ' '- 1- F.H..c1,,14 c,I' Q 4 -. 4,1 ' I Q1,2,s,41- h y 1 A A - --1 Aw , 1: - - - 12 19 ' " - , 11 v-4 ,,, I ' U H , N . 9 Q, - , - D 1 ' 1 .. , 1:. ,, 19 1 . s Q1s.' Q-4 "f21Q '15- '-I'7I'2 - My Z ,B - 1 A 9 - -' Q, , 19 1 - ' 9 5 E ' L21 ' 5 , " ffw I 1 2. . . Q1,2,3,41.lm V ' I ' ' Q11- L .-. ,,.1a ,,,41a , ,,, 13 , 1 I I : . . . ,2g . , Q11 '- ' Q 1- Q . I Q , I n QI,21g f . ,Q,2g Q3,41. , 3 - " "2 , ' " , 2 I , - - -V 19 Q1z Q , 19 '- V ' A 1 !"V W 3 . H, 1 Q , 1 , - ' I 1 g - Q19 , . - ' ,.,, 1 '- 1 1 K - 1' - ,.11 ' Q,1:' 4.111 ," ": ' . ' 1 Q - Q1.2,31QJ' yr 4 11136 " , , 11B4f2k1I2.5.411 21: B .4411 Cho' 12,1415 'ey c.. 11, 14' . 3' ' ' ' 9. ' I I I I ' 2 I y 1 MARY W FIELDS F D A Q41 F H A Q11 ROBERTA ANNE FLETCHER Bobby F H A Q11 GAA 1 Glee Slub Q1 2 41 ROBERT FORRET Fuzz Wfrestllng Q31 PATRICIA FAYE FOSTER u Q3 41 F H A Q 3 1 LOUIS JOSEPH FOX Joe NANCY M FRASIER Nan F N A Q3 41 Camera Club Q41 ROBERT J FREY Fry Choralettes Q2 31 Cholr Q2 31 Golf 1 2 3 Camera Club 41 B10 Chem Ics 4 Trl Mlc 4 Intramural Bowllng 4 JANET GAGER Jan Camera Club Q1 2 31 Pep Club 1 2 3 41 Buslness Club 3 4 Glee Club 3 41 Rlfle Club 1 Blble Club 4 SHARON GILL Skyllne Q41 Buslness Club Q41 PAULINE ANN GILMORE Blo Chem Ics Q11 F H A Q11 A Q41 Cholr Q1 2 WILLIAM GINGERICH Blll Football Q1 2 3 41 Basketball 1 Wrestllng 2 31 Baseball 1 2 3 4 Trl MIC 3 4 Lettermens Club Q2 3 41 HOnlCCOH1lHg Royalty Q3 41 GAA Royalty Q31 ESTHER B COMEZ Shortle Glee Club Q11 F H A Q11 Spanlsh Club 4 YVONNE GLIMPSE Glee Club Q11 Cholr Q21 JOYCE A GOODWIN Homecomlng Royalty Q11 GAA 3 4 Cholr Q1 2 3 TCHHIS 2 3 4 Pep Club 1 Buslness Club Q3 41 VlCCPfCS1LlCI1t 41 Football Q1 2 3 41 Golf 2 3 Pa GAA 2 3 4 BUSIHCSS Pep Club Q2 31 Key Q41 Cholr Trl MIC 4 WILLIAM GIROT Blll Trl MIC Q41 Basketball Q11 DAVID GORDON F D A Q41 Band Q1 2 31 Dance Band GARY GREEN Slela Football ll 2 5 41 Basketball Q11 Lettermens Club 3 4 Pep Club 1 2 DAVID GRIFFIN Dave Football Q1 2 3 41 Basketball Q11 Rlfle Club Q11 Cholr 1 2 3 4 Advlsory Board 41 L brary Club Q41 B10 Chem Ics Q41 F T A Q41 Lettermens Club Q41 LELAND GRUNWALD Lee Rlfle Club Q21 AL GUERRERO Bert Football Q1 21 Basketball Q1 2 31 Baseball Q1 2 3 41 Lettermens Club Q3 41 Class Presldent BETTY ANNE GULDENPFINNIG Pep Club Q1 41 BUSINESS Cu Q41BndQ1234 PETE GUST Football Q11 Track Q12 3 41 Cro Country Q31 TIIMIC Q41 Chorus Q11 Cholr Q21 DONNA MAE HAMERLINCK Pep Club Q1 2 31 F H A 1 2 4 BUSIDCSS Club 4 Glee Club Q21 Cholr 3 4 Key Q41 JERRY HARKER Basketball Q1 21 Baseball Q21 Football 2 31 Intramural Q41 Advlsory Board 2 THOMAS HARRIS Central Hlgh School Q41 Theater Q41 Cholr 3 41 BETTY LOU HAYSLETT Bet F H A Q11 SHIRLEY ANN HEATON F H A Q1 2 3 41 BUSIHCSS Club JOHN C HENNINGER MARGARET HERNANDZ Muggs Spanlsh Club Q1 2 3 41 Vlce Presldent 41 GAA 1 2 3 4 F N A 41 CARMEN HERRERA Clem GAA Q11 Spanlsh Club Q1 2 5 41 Pep Club 4 DONALD R HILL Don F D A Q41 Trl MIC Q41 Foot ba Q11 MARY HINES Stormy Debate Q1 2 3 41 Declamatlon Q2 31 Theater Q2 3 41 Thesplans Q3 41 V1CCPfCSldCnt Q41 Oratory Q41 Blble Club Q3 41 Oratorlcal Declamatlon Q31 After Dlnner Speaklng Q41 Panther Parade Q41 Edltor Q41 Key Q21 Skyllne Q41 Hlgh School Instltute Scholarshlp U of Denver 3 RAYMOND DAVID HIPKINS Ray West Plke Hlgh School F D A EDWARD H HOCK JACK HOMBERG Mankato Mlnn Q41 LINDA SUE HOOGERWERF Pep Club Q31 Business Club Q3 41 GAA Q5 41 BARBARA ANN HOSKINS Pep Club Q1 21 F H A Q11 Glee Club Q11 Cholr Q2 3 41 BIO Chem Ics Q2 31 Key Q41 BUSIHCSS Club Q41 F N A Q3 41 Secretary Treasurer Q41 Declamatlon Q2 3 4 ALICE HOWELL Advlsory Board Q41 Secretary Q41 Pep Club 1 2 3 4 F T A Q3 41 Vlce Presldent Q4 BIO Chem Ics Q3 41 Secretary Q41 Camera Club Q3 41 Class Secretary Treasurer Q31 Skyllne Q41 Band Q1 2 3 41 H0mCCOm1ng Royalty Q41 REBECCA L HOWELL Becky AdVlS0fy Board Q1 41 Pep Club Q11 Llbrary Club Q2 3 41 Secretary Q41 DRY Assocla tlon of Llbrary Asslstants Q3 41 Presldent Q41 Cholr Q2 3 4 Choraletts Q21 F T A Q3 41 ROBERT HUFFMAN Bob Bettendorf Hlgh School Q41 Foot ball 1 21 Basketball 2 Wrestllng Q21 Baseball 1 2 ALVEDA MAY HULTMAN Veda Pep Club Q1 21 GAA ROBERT HUME Bob Trl MIC Q3 41 Rllle Club Q2 41 Cholr Q21 Chorus Q11 CAROLYN HYDE Declamatlon Q1 2 3 41 Verse Q2 3 Orlglnal Monologue 4 Plays 2 3 4 Camera Club 1 Pep Club Q1 21 Thesplans Q3 41 B nd Q1 2 3 41 Leadlng Malorette Q41 MARILYN YVONNE ICENOGEL F H A Q11 Blble Club Q3 41 Buslness Club Q3 41 Glee Club 4 MARIL lNGLE Myke GAA Q11 Pep Club Q2 5 41 Glfls Glee Club Q11 Cholr Q2 3 41 Camera Club Q41 F N 3 4 JOHN INGWERSEN Blo Chem Ics Q1 2 31 Tennls Q11 Ad vlsory Board Q31 Plays Q41 BARBARA IRWIN Barb Dlxxe Land Band Q2 31 Buslness Club Q3 41 Presldent Q41 MARY LUCILLE ISAIS Lucy Pep Club 411 E T A Q11 JAMES G ISHMAEL Jerry JANE LORRAINE JACKSON GAA Q1 2 5 41 Pep Club 411 WAYNE JOHNSON Ole Key Q1 2 3 41 Edltor Q41 Pep Clu 1 2 3 F T A Q2 31 Golf Q2 3 41 Cross Country Q3 41 Intramural Q41 Advlsory Board Q21 Camera Club Q31 Radlo Speaklng Q41 Band Q1 2 3 41 Panther Parade Q41 Lettermens Club Q41 Theater Q41 Pep Band Q2 31 DOLORES JORDON Geneseo Hlgh School Q31 Buslness Club Q31 Pep Club Q41 DENNIS JACOBS Jake Football Q1 2 3 41 Captaln Q41 T ack Q1 31 Basketball Q11 Class V1CCPICSld8Ht Q21 Letter mens Club Q3 41 HOmCCOmlDg Klng Q41 Key Q31 Play Q3 41 Wrestllng Q41 EDWARD JACOBS Jake Rllle Club JAN JAMISON Football Q1 2 3 41 Basketball Q11 Wrestllng Q2 3 41 Track Q2 3 41 Lettermens Club Q3 41 , ,,,, A . . H U. , .... , . , - Q19 ,, - "1 l an h ' , ,"t": ...Q,,1s 'U 1 ' :', ' '. Clb , g . . .Q11g , 5 3 ' Q1. 2,,4. ,, . . , " "1 '- ' Q 1. Q41g . . . Q41. c,,1l 1 cr- -414 '-'wa f .. KJ. A . .. I l I , A ": ,. 9 I Q,, I , , is 1,19 4,2 Q11 , . ' -' 7 . , n .,.,' 1 . 4 1 1 ' 9 ' . ' ,,1- F-D-- 9 ' ,,31, 7 ' Q,,,1s .-- , '- ' 1: '- - 11: w' 4,2 ' Q,,,,151'-l'Q,1: f 4 . tj- ' ' Z-.Q 2 ,,1: . 1 H' g...Q1, Q,s ,612 ' 1 4,1- 2, 41a ,,1.: ' Q,,1s Q,2,31s -'Z , 3 nv, A ' 1 ' Q1, 2, 3,413 Choir Q31g Glee Club Q21g Business Club Q31. 135' I I .1 y Y, , 1 ' 9 ,,41: 4 Q " Q14 Q,,1s Q12 ' Q,1g Q, 1. , , 1 , 4 a 4 ' 9 V' Q,,,11 ' ' Q Q i- . f--- S' 4 5 - - 5 ... Q ' 1 , 9 Q1- ' ": ' . ,L " I, I ms I .A. .- H: , , Q,1. 429- , , , . 3. . ,, , , lb 9 2 ,,,1- I ' ' H , 3 '. I , ,Q Q 9 ss ": g ... . f,,1l' 412 ,s,,'Q,1l - : .,g 5 bQ,,1s-Y.. , Q, 5 4 Q1. ,ns D .1 h 9 c, . ' ' 1 3 V 4 My .... , I , 3 Y Z 9 2 - ,, Q Q1. 7 ,, 1 ,, 5 ' , . ELIZABETH KASTNER Betsy Egyptran Musrc Camp Q21 Glee Club Q71 Chorr Q3 4 Presrdent Q4 F T A Q3 4 Presrdent Q41 Adwrsory Board Q41 Qumt Crty Student Councrl Q41 Panther Parade Q41 Homecomrng Royalty Q41 ELTON E KERR Adxrsory Board Q11 RrHe Club Q2 31 Band F D A PATRICIA KIING Pat GAA Q1 3 41 Pep Club 7 3 4 Busrness Club Q3 4 BARABARA JEAN KORB Bobbr GAA Q1 2 3 1 Vree Presrdent Q31 Busrness Club 3 41 Secretary Q41 Pep Club 2 PAT LAPEERE Pep Club Q2 31 Setretary Q31 F H A 1 Busrness Club Q41 Glee Club 1 ALBERT LASEK Al Chorus Q11 Chorr Q2 3 41 Football Q121 Theater Q41 JOAN KICKSEY GAA Q1 2 3 41 Busrness Club Q11 Pep u Q1 7 3 B d CLARENCE KLICK Clem Rrfie Club Q1 2 TrrMrt Q CAROLYN KONGERSLEV Trudy Chorr Q11 GAA Q11 TED LAPACZONEK Tfr M16 Q41 SHARONJ LAXY Shary Adwrsory Board Q31 Brble Club 3 Secretary Q31 I' D A Q41 Presrdent Q11 B nd Q1 2 3 GENE LEIBOVITZ Slrtko Lettermens Club Q3 4 Football 7 asketball 1 eb ll 1 Ke 'Iheater Q41 RL SSELL LEFEVRE Russ Adxrsory Board Q41 Skylrne Q 3 4 Edrtor Q4 Bro Chem Ics 1 2 3 4 Treasurer 3 Football Q11 B nd Q1 3 4 Dance Band Q3 41 Pep Band 7 3 Bohemran Band Q3 41 Jr Rotarran Plays 34 Homecomrng Royalty Q4 Thesprans Q41 ARTHLR LESTHAEGHE Art TrrMrc Q41 BEVERLY LINDLEY Geneseo High Sehool Q 1 E H A Q 31 Busrness Club Q31 'IHOMAS T LINNABARY Tub boat F otball Q1 3 41 Tratk Q 3 4 Wrestlrng 3 4 Lettermens Club 3 4 CONSTANCE A LITTLE Connre F D A Q41 Seeretary Q41 Pep Club Q41 MARGARET LOLI Pe gy F H A Q11 Pep Club Q1 41 Camera Club Q41 I' N A Q3 4 Seeretary Q41 GAA CLAUDINE LOVESTED Claudy Washrngton Jr Hr1,h Srhool 1 Pep Club Q Busrness Club 4 JIMMY MCCOOLEY Alabama ROSE MARIE MATAYA Rosre E H A Qr 1 Pep ub Q Busrness Club Q3 F N A 3 41 Vrce Presrdent Q41 Glee Club Q11 GEORGE MARTIN Adxrsory Board Q1 1 Key Q41 Radro Speakrng Q41 Orrgrnal Monologue Q41 Theater Q11 BILL MEX ERS Clorr Q 3 41 Secretary Treasurer Q3 11 L brarran Q Lrbrary Club Q 3 4 Presrdent Q41 Pei Club SHIRLEY MILLER Shrrl P p Club Q1 71 F H A Q1 7 31 1eClubQ173 FNA 3 Bnd 341G 4 Debate Q1 Skylrne Q11 SANDRA MORRISSEY GAA Q1 3 41 Pep Club Q 1 Natronal Thespran Q7 3 41 Presrdent 41 Theater Q1 3 4 Declamatron Q1 7 3 41 Key 3 Hrgh School Instrtute summer 1954 HAROLD MOURNING Duke Trr Mrc Q3 41 Wfrestlrng Q31 Theatre Q4 CAROLYN MX ERS F H A Q11 Pep Club Q11 JOSEPHINE NACHE Josre Immaculate Conre1tron Academy Q71 Spanrsh Club Q7 3 4 GARNA JEANETTE MCDOWELL Butch Krrksxrlle Mrssourr MARY LOU MCMURL L F N A Q3 41 DOUGLAS JAMES MCNAB Duke Brbre Club Qr 2 3 41 Presrdent Q11 Vrce Presrdent Q41 Pep Club Q21 WILLIAM MCRAE Brll Wrestlrng Q21 Football Q31 Chorr Q2 3 4 Vrce Presrdent 4 MARJORIE MALANEY Mama- FHA Qr 1 Pep Club E N A Q3 skyrme IXANCX MALMSTROM Nance Pep Club Q1 21 GAA Q1 B nd Q ROBERT P MARINANGELI Bob Adxrsory Board Q1 3 41 Presrdent Q4 Dante Band 1 2 3 41 Bohemran Band 1 3 Drxre Land Band Q3 Band 1 2 3 4 Lrbrary Club 2 3 4 Bro Chem Ics 3 Key 2 4 Pl ys 3 4 Homeromrng Royalty 41 NANCY MARKS Chorr Q31 GAA Q31 BONNIE LOI MART Busrness Club 3 41 Pup Club Q1 2 ennrs earn G 1 2 3 41 Secre ry 2 Derlamatron 2 3 4 Cheerleadrng 7 3 4 Pl ys 7 Chorus Q11 JAMES MATZEN Jrm Trl M11 Q41 VIRGINIA NACHE Grny GAA Q31 I' N A Q3 41 Span h Club Q1 2 41 Busrness Club 1 GLENDA L NELSON Sam G A A Q11 Band 1 ROBERT G NEVI'I'I Bob D A Q 1 DONALD OSBORN Ozzre JOHN PAINCRAZIO Trr M11 Q3 41 Serretary Q41 Trark Q1 1 ELLIOT D PARK Cathsh 'Irr M11 Q3 11 Rrfie Club Q1 RUTH PERRY Chorr Q3 41 Busrness Club Q41 Pep Club Q4 Br L Club Q1 7 3 4 Glce Club 2 Chorus 1 PHIL PHII HOWER Phrlbert Adxrsory Borrd 3 4 Camerr C u 3 4 Presrdent 3 4 Bro Chem Irs 1 1 Pep B nd anne and mf. 4 Bo s State Q41 Pe-1 Club 4 Skylrne 1 Du uorn Q1 Plays dent Q3 Qurnt Crty Student Countrl 41 'Ihesprans 4 Homeromrnf, Royalty 31 THOMAS M PHIPPS Tom Frbber I' D A Q41 NANC11 PLAVAK I' H A QI 71 41 P p Club 2 3 4 Br e Club Q3 4 Busrness Club 3 1 Chorr 3 1 LL Clu 7 HOWARD PORTER Bud Royal Ork Hr1.,h School Q 1 Ihe atr 41 O rtory 3 Derlamrtron 3 R1droS1e1krn1, 4 Footblll Q2 31 Chorr 41 Pep Club 1 I 'I A 1 Speech Club Q3 41 Plnther Parade Q41 Intrlmuril 4 Natronal Thesprms Q4 DONALD E POWELL Don KENNLrr4QLrrLLrN Crsey r.1111b1r1Qr1 Bxktrbrrr r tk 1 mater 1 res rms In 1411111111 SHIRLEH J RANDOLPH Pep Club Qr 1 IHA E D A Q41 DELORES RANGEL Busrness Club Q3 11 GAA Q31 ISAAC RANGEL Ike Adwrsory Bond Q1 Football 1 7 3 41 Basketball Q11 RITA RANGEL 51l1'1lSl'1 Club Q1 3 1 NANCX RICK Melxrn xrsory B ul 4 Crrls S L L1 ub Q r 1 1 Presrdent Q31 Skylrne 3 4 Assorrrtt Ldrtor 1 Duma Brnd in 3 B1oCl1e1 Qs Crmera Club 3 4 D A11 rr Q4 la 3 4 Theslrrns 4 LL ANNE RISKEDAHL L Pep Club Q1 3 41 Busrmms 1 Q31 F H A Chor rs DAVID L ROBINSON TIIIVIIQ Q31 I ," "3 ' ' ' 3 , " u": . . . , . 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MYRNA ROBY'I B10 Chem Ics Q1 2 3 41 Secretary Q31 FHA 11 Camera Club Q3 4 K y 3 4 Bus1ness Club Q41 Pep Club Q1 2 Glee Club 1 Cho1r 2 3 4 Declamat1on 2 3 4 BET'IYJ ROMAN arg Betsy F D A Q49 Pep Club Q1 21 A Q1 21 CONNIE ROMERO CAA Q1 31 Pep Club ts 41 RICHARD KENNETH RLSH Kenny Adusory Board Q11 Football Q1 2 3 4 Basketball Q1 21 Key Q31 Lettermens Clu 3 4 RONALD I RLSSFLL Ron Jacksonulle H1gh Q41 Football 1 2 3 41 Basketball Ql Baseball Q1 2 Track Q31 Letter mens Club Q3 41 Camera Club Q1 2 31 RICHARD SAHR D1tk Bas etball Q1 2 3 11 Ten Q1 2 3 4 Football Q11 SIYIMIL Q3 41 V1rePres1dent Q31 PFCSI dent 41 Lettermens Club Q3 41 V1te Pres1dent Q41 Adusory Board 2 3 Ireasurer 2 Class V1cePres1dent 4 MARY SCHALI LR Sthaef Class V1rePres1dent Q11 GAA 2 3 41 Key Q41 Panther Parade 41 Pep Club 1 MARY KAY SCHUCK Shook1e Abmgdon H1gh School Q41 Skylme 4 Camera Club 41 CAA 41 Panther Parade CI AUDI' SCHUIDI Sonny Football 1 2 3 4 Basketball 3 Pep Club 2 Iheater 4 Key 3 41 Intramural 4 Ihesp1ans 4 LARRY SCHU I 7 VIRC INIA SPI C lnny Pep Club 1 2 CAA I 2 3 4 Bus1ness Club Q3 41 B nd 1 2 L SLGURA Gong,1e Iootball 12 ffl MIC 4 Cross Country 4 RONNIE SFRC EANI Satch Lettermens Club 3 41 Foot .1 as etball I Base a 3 41 M11 3 41 Skylme 41 Pres1dLnt of Class 4 Homecommg Roy 1lty 41 Nat1onal lbesp1ans 4 Key 4 Cross Country 3 Iheater 4 JAY SHAW Ir1 MIL Club Q41 Lettermens Club Q3 41 Basket IAUCII W SIAIIH R1He Club Q1 2 lr1M1c 3 4 DFNNIS SNYDLR Denny B nd Q1 2 3 41 Dance Band 3 4 Bohem1an Band Q41 Iootball 21 IARRY L SNYDFR Sm1ly R1He Club Q11 Ir1 M1r 41 DLI ORLS JIAN SPAI IH Dee Band Q1 2 3 41 Busmess Cl 1b Q41 ROGIR SIIIIINSON Stcffe Iootball manaf.,er 1 3 4 Bzsketblll 111anag.,er 3 4 Btseball manager 3 4 Letter mens Club Q3 4 IARRY SIONI RICHARD SIONI Ir1 MIC Q41 R1fle Club 4 BIIL Sll ARI Stu Adusory Board 1 2 31 Class Presldent oot 1 4 Blske .1 2 Base .1 2 Clo1r 3 4 Clorus l Iettcrmens Club Q3 41 Key 3 Ir1tk 1 Intrzmurtl Q41 Chorlettes 2 RICHARD J SIULIR D11k Key Q3 41 Wrestlmg Q21 IY SUMMI RS Adusory Bolrd 3 C A A 1 3 Pep Club I 2 3 Bus1ness Club 3 Glee Club Q3 Cho1r Q31 Chorus 1 DRL I AI arr Iootblll 3 4 Wrestlmg r IL L lte I 1brar u L Lrmcn s C lub 4 'll s 4 Ihespllns RIIY IOII IAUIBII FHA FDA 1 e Q31 o1r 2 NIIAINI IAYIOR J CAA GUADALUPE TERRONAZ Pucc1 Tr1 MIC Q41 Football THOMAS B THEW Tom Camera Club Q11 B10 Chem Ics 1 2 3 4 Vars1ty Debate 1 2 4 Oratory 2 3 41 E tempore Speakmg Q3 41 Curator B10 Chem Ics Museum Q41 Band Q1 2 3 41 Jr Rotanan Q4 PALL THORNBLOOM Baseball Q2 3 41 Tr1 MIC Club Q3 41 JACQUELINE TIMMERMAN Jack1e Pep Club Q11 Bus1 nes Club Q41 F H A 1 SHIRLEY JEAN TISDALE Pep Club Q1 2 3 41 Bus1ness Club 3 GAA Q121 Cho1r Q21 Glee Club 1 DONNA JEAN VALENTINE Donna Mae Easter GAA Q1 2 3 41 Camera Club Q1 3 41 Secretary treasurer Q2 41 Bus1ness Club 3 Pep Club 1 2 3 4 Skyl1ne Q41 Chorus ANNETTE VANBLSKIRK GAA Q1 2 3 41 Pep Club Q2 31 Bus1ness Club Q31 F H A 1 21 JOHN VANDEWIELE Belg1um Adusory Board Q1 R1fle Club 11 Tr1 MIC Q3 41 Lettermens Club Q41 'Iratk 31 Football Q2 3 41 Wrestlufg 3 41 ELAINE VANQUATHEM Pep Club Q1 2 3 41 GAA Q2 3 41 F N A 3 4 Pres1dent Q41 Camera Club Q3 41 Sen1or Class Secretary Q41 Key Q41 ROBERT VANSICKLE Tr1 MIC Q41 Intramural Q41 RICHARD A VERMEULEM T1ny Alleman Q41 Cho1r Q41 lr1 M1c 4 LAWRENCE VERSLUIS Football Q1 21 EDWARD VICKERS Butch Extempore Q21 Span1sh Club Q31 BIO Chem Ics Q41 Rad1o Speakmg Q41 PATRICIA ANN VICKERS Patty F H A Q1 21 Pep Club 1 2 31 Bus1ness Club 4 B1ble Club 4 F N A 41 Chorus 1 SANDRA WADSAGER Sandy Port Byron Q11 F H A 1 2 3 GAA 1 2 3 41 Bus1ness Club Q3 41 Treasurer Q41 Pep Club Q1 2 31 Lettermens Club Q3 41 Theater 4 EVELYN L WASSELL EVIC B10 Chem Ics Q11 B1ble Club Q1 2 3 41 Vue Pres1dent Q31 BETTY WEISS Pep Club Q1 21 F H A Q11 Bus1ness Club 3 41 Skyl1ne 41 ALLIE BEE WHEELER Bus1ness Club Q41 LORETTA JACQUELINE WHEELER F H A Q41 F N A MARY WHIPPLE Bubbles GAA Q1 2 3 41 Pep Club am ra Club 3 4 F 11 B10 Chem Ics 1 GARY WIENEKE WIHHIC Football Q1 21 Basketball Q1 2 Cross Country 3 41 'I ark Q1 3 41 Plays Q41 Lettermens Club 41 Setretary Q41 Semor Class Treasurer 41 SHIRLEY JEAIN WICKERSHAINI ANNE WINGERT Bus1ness Club Q41 MARY WINTHURST F H A Q1 2 3 41 Secretary Q31 JOANN WOMBLE J B nd Q1 2 3 41 DuQuo1n 11 B10 Chem Ics Q1 3 41 Pep Club 1 2 3 41 Camera Club GA 2 3 41 Key Q3 41 Adusory Boar Q3 41 Theater Q41 Rad1o Speaklng Q41 Declamatlon 41 F 'I A 3 41 Nat1onal Thesp1ans Q4 HELEN YOUNG Band Q1 2 3 41 GAA Q11 Bus1ness Club DALE ZEMPLE Zemp Ban Q1 2 3 41 Dance Band Q2 3 41 BIO Chem Ics Q41 Football Q11 c 1 I f mf Q 41,12 ' Us Q1,2,5,41- ' I ' I ,1z' Q12 'Q,-14 'Q, . -1, 3, , IQJ. 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Patrons of the 1955 Skylrne X'X'e the Skylrne Staff, srncerely thank all of our patrons for therr rnterest and eooperatron Therr support makes rt possrble for us to hnance our vearbook May our frrendshrp contrnue rn future years APPIIANCES Irmk Alnrqurst Ay plrante Co Cobert Telursron and Applrante Lotgren s Vin Voorcn Almqurst Applrante XX endt Applrantes AIT ORN FH S S I Costrgm Robert I: Ice Stexx rrt 81 Lytton I Ioseph Ryan Ioseph G Crrr entrer Roy H Glotkhoft AL TO SL PPI IFS Stuenson Auto Supply BAR! 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App'1rante Verslurs johnson Furnrture CARACES Red s Ganga GROC ERIES Larson s Super Market Fred s Market Van Puyyelde s Mtrket Baeckesl G A Foodlrner rr Crty Super Food Center East Molrne Crty Patkrng., Compmy QIIYIS cc s Grocery HOBBH SHOPS Madelon s Hobby Shop IMPLEMEISTS Roy E Roth Company Cheek St SX essel East Molrne Tractor 8. 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United Township High School - Skyline Yearbook (East Moline, IL) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 1


United Township High School - Skyline Yearbook (East Moline, IL) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Page 1


United Township High School - Skyline Yearbook (East Moline, IL) online yearbook collection, 1962 Edition, Page 1


United Township High School - Skyline Yearbook (East Moline, IL) online yearbook collection, 1967 Edition, Page 1


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