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'1 8 y rx: . J v 'Kim . 4: - 4 Q N' ' "uw-Q ' 1' .. " .' , . '49, x I ' "'. ,VJ-A . . 'lf' " I ' nl'-f 'Qi If F fb vi fufvf. 4' ,1-3 1. -.7 ',x "',u9 :rl " 1 'S:r',y - .4-. lu.. X U51 , I ..w -Q, .kim in V '. I : -A'.4,.y' :NJ P. Hf' .. J 1 1 n .1 - I N 2? 3' V. -. 'nf ng X Q 4 '1 8 y rx: . J v 'Kim . 4: - 4 Q N' ' "uw-Q ' 1' .. " .' , . '49, x I ' "'. ,VJ-A . . 'lf' " I ' nl'-f 'Qi If F fb vi fufvf. 4' ,1-3 1. -.7 ',x "',u9 :rl " 1 'S:r',y - .4-. lu.. X U51 , I ..w -Q, .kim in V '. I : -A'.4,.y' :NJ P. Hf' .. J 1 1 n .1 - I N 2? 3' V. -. 'nf ng X Q 4 A MM? eyyg mz? if 14 fzifefnfm iw ffzafflfdcaffkff SQUID gf 2005 Lucky Bag Staff michael rogers editor-in-chief john rodenburg executive officer frank verducci first class section editor samantha craig brigade section editor Iynne hoppe and cynthia onjocco year section editors grant gerhke student life section editor abby brandon sport section editor nisa halsey eca section editor eve-lyn callahan ad section editor troy vantrease academics and chain of command section editor natalie augustine and christina sciabarra theme section editors brandon lam, geiorag andrews, and justin middlebrook summer editors 2 The Lucky Bag has been the annual yearbook of the United States Naval Academy since 1894. It is the oldest and currently the largest full-color yearbook in the country. 116 jf mmf I, K 1' V I C my 115 1 1'1 , 'J 1 X If 1 1 ,I I vi 1 fl Z- if 11 EW 'x' .fl . :'Z 5,1 , h I , . , y K5 70 611 yea 1' 1ff11fQ11f 5 11+17ff 1814171 c1117'1'1'11 lf' KZ Cf1Q'1'1f1'11f 0 J 7 Zfdflf f!!!11!CIH'71H7!Zlc' M114 Ulfgg 4111! E401 V -4940 7 ' 1 A SU LJ 7627 N767 The early morning duty musters... Time eold wallk iio Wreit Fighting sleep in morning classes... Noon forrmawoirne for Lillie rn Vie ira 'Eihiaii d ded iio elinow arrow. Evening meal and dreading studying... P e Prarewicaa aiiteir elaeeea eirldn .M Singing Blue and Gold with the Plebes La irniglinit lrnalllway limiirn to avoid worllam These are all part of everyday life at the Naval Academy, things that occur everyday. Things that occur so much that you soon forget about them after graduation. Things become a part of the routine. So regimented is the midshipmans day that you can hardly remember the everyday workings of ones own existence for four years. It is these everyday experiences that the Naval Academy apart from every other commissioning source, from every other college. It is the day-in and day-out grind over four years that the forges civilians into graduates of the Boat School. It is these everyday experiences that bond Academy graduates across the generations: from the Forrestal lectures to Friday nights in the Hall, from Wednesday evening meal to working out in Macdoungh, these are the experiences that define us all. When you go through this yearbook many years from your graduation, how much will you remember? How much will have just blended together? Probably more than we would believe is possible. This year, the Lucky Bag will try to capture some of those memories for you. The Lucky Bag will display the everyday life of the Naval Academy in full color to help you remember and recall with the same emotions they drew out as when you experienced them. 4' i9+'L 'V Qxjvm, a N. '- EQ V-0' 'T' ,- A 5 Q '?'i' :vu Z , 'QQ 's-.fx .fierf 'WN 1.4 " -M 322.1 , - .. , . ,ff fzgrjyslfi' 4. v , V -' . X' " A . '2f'T'f.g'i M- -. , . ., -.. .-I-. - ff-iv 5555. ' ': ilwla. .1 . 4 Aff I E E Rm f ' , nmgx' V. -flifjgf my X If . gf -in 71 . . ,,,,5"-f K ,, ' h Q ,jx , .,1jl-- yuh, N ,E in ,. in Y: fjagf--7 i - ,. .., sq, E J I I. . Nu, wc." "'-5.3 4, N,-wb ,yn ,,1-.Lu ', S gf , 5, , 51' A , f W ,, .bm g,- ,Q ', -. M 3 J .M ,: .I . .Hui :,v.vf ,f'.3i.. s.,4f--xibjg -1 .1-, I I h.. - wb -,ur A fin ,RL .,:V:,:c ,A ,, , ,E -V 'Q 2, I Ji J , .,,' I l"A.:sf1'n AV W, .7 A y 'Vp ' .1 ,angina , 'y I x.g,4, , .mix .',::AmA I x xv, 1 L ,,'fVlJ.,z' ,ii ' 7,52 ., I - , X v . sa M f ' ' 'Q' K iw f -.4211-w--N. 5 vw. 2' H 24.-.Q-.-. . f' -ya.-. W . 1 J' V' ' ' .. 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Q ,gs w,,,'.?54-1-..'W-mimx .1 w I 5 'ly-f Q Q' 2? -'5"".'.Q?a if 1' ?'3'-af:-f-.b Qwfi q. '- f .. . Q 5' ' qikiri AQQXEQ .QQ .1 5 Z' ' faint- , n:N,f'1Qe,,-7 ,Qs L... . " D. W' . " f .QF 5.2 : 'Wi .'f?is,," . l ' W A. -, 4 , , . .. .. 4 . K . , 1 .. ' B. . -Q" I if f-Mm...-W V 263' ' A2 " ' - Q". ' . :VJ 1435.3-.gg .3uf,"a1m:,:'a '- A '--Jvntfpszgfliu -, ,W , '.1yunu.- -5 . Y ' 'fig 5 If 'gg "' I-" , X Em Q' ,A ' K 3 1 5 NN' 'J 'ir' f A V 5 ' . 5 iii' N' T' f ' " 4"f"'+' A 1" ' X W N. ,. 's J ,I 2 ' .. 524. .V + . 'W 'H J. v' 5 . . ' .ly ,N , ,I f ' 'M Nj. X IJ, ly X 1 N. '-ra.. ' 3. - fm . . f . ' M ' , fgrw XJ. , 'K -2 2 rw-4., . .v""4f" .. . ' jf.: ai f .. , v, '- "',....-,, ' X y A ,Q-"K ,, ' 1 N' v 1 . 'ff ""--ef...-11 ' ., 9 . - ,Q ,B X V - , . 5' Q ' A - 1 1 ", 'A xx - , 'Q '. " I .NH Qx. I Y 'L 'if ' Y "M -- xx ' ' 'N 5" . ff Y - V4 A . 1 - . .- W ,f . , h - F-A X I in .' .ii Iilqgi, jail-. .J ll A 'L K A .A M. "- L' ' N' XTX in 7.1-'it wwf -'r 'QSM' fx il ...M f 'x ' - .- 1 Q.. . , MA . .1 fggrai ,- , -L ,J X N I, , l 1 V H I LV . .., K , Q 5 N , lm N , 4- A 'fx3g.,2'. " 44551, f-f'QQg,,...e.g-fgfjffg ,fy Oi N KQV ,rx ' - '-'H . X ' ""'?'-VF. " ' iid Z"- T 1' V' '53, ' V' f ' '-" ,V 3,1-. ' Nflwf ff: ' ig Q- 5?.+gQ'vwf...4. .mga fs? '- 'fi Hifi! - f FJ' 's A 5 ' .JQU 1 - !:Qi,,Q- 1' ay, ,rv 1.12135 . ff' V ,. ,. '-49 " ...Q ...ffm Q vga.-. . . . my, ..-x55'.Q.. ...fy-. ,.f A.. . . Q , v1.5.2 ,V-. P .I ws gzip W., . my gh, i , .Q I X A,nfg.7 A g..-fa. Aly.. . unit.. f -....,,,? ,:5,eL.Y an Q. . . 'Q , l I.. lx I . I., jf V , In vu... ' P- ,H if , ,,Ls'3.zf4'1,...f,L?mV 4 . V, I ,Q - N 1 ' ' Y' '."'4.-jf 'nf f"X ,Ji lil, 'if . -'ff' .-1: we f T3 ' . .. sn., F V .1 5 rp 1 K "' -.. , 1 .ww '5':msm:1.q - W x We NAU, X x 1 S, vL " V up gf- 1 AJ ,sv ,. I v ... 4. F -I. Q pb X Nw , ,N +R, . ,EQ NGN E I. 1' im Q14 A-4 " ' x. .I ik., Es . 'S PN Fw. P ,. FEM X GQ. lf 'Y , s- X. A SSW. W P . Em Hx 6 . LEA A , .N W :A ?. A .V n. A, Z3 HQ., M w A f Y., L, , .xl r. Yr ,Q af SM . ,N Y X5 R53 Y Q . 1 .Y I' N f SW, 'j :rl Q A xv. Mx 1.-' .WV N . W . x-, . 'Him Q . n q O qs.. .v- J, lx' ff 0. v-q Y I wi L lx J V,.I. ll: P+ -ff. i ' 1- Y x 4 Q 1 'Yg4'b +int Ml' I! Aix lg. fi 'SE 'Q H Q ,A X K gf..-yxx . A- xxx G' , ,pf ,Hr if A s I I 1 ,F 5,4905 Z. 'F fl' 'X ..-- " A":w'A:!liqff1w LLZOZM A ,200 mfkffmf 5,29 6,2007 '41 .E 5 5 -M It 2.-.1-433' This is not a complete history of the Class of 2005. This is only but a remembrance of our Four Years by the Bay. There is no way to compile a complete history for our class, this history's purpose is to refresh the memories of all the times we had together and the things that affected our lives from June 29,2001 to lVlay 27, 2005. I hope this account can bring back some memories that have been forgotten. From the day we showed up to Annapolis and started our journey together, there was something special about the Class of 2005. We had the highest SAT scores in the history of the Naval Academy tsomething that would be bested by following classesj but there were other more intangible characteristics that made our class great. We can all remember I-day. The long winding line in front of Alumni Hall, filled with friends, families, girlfriends and boyfriends, that were all as anxious as we were. As we entered the glass doors into the air-conditioned beast, we knew we would never be the same. A table awaited us with detailers handing out name tags and giving us these instructions: "Put one on. The first and last words out of your mouth become sir or ma'am. Follow the yellow line up the stairs to the next table. lVlemorize these Q E six digits? These six digits, your al- -"1 ' 4' pha code would come to define your life. We moved on and received everything from socks and underwear to whiteworks and Dixie cups. We soon realized that board shorts and flip- flops would be a thing of the past. r v-gf It rained on our l-day. lt not only rained, it stormed with thunder and lightning, only to clear up for the swearing in ceremony. We were greeted with a fly-over, our first of many at the Academy. We looked up surrepti- tiously unsure if we were supposedfallowed to look up at the passing jets. Vice Admiral Flyan, the Grand Ole Supe, welcomed us to the Naval Acad- emy. At the time, we did not how good we had it with him. After saying goodbye to all that we knew, we entered the world ofthe unknown...Plebe Sum- mer had officially started, or so we thought. The first few days were a kinder and gentler Plebe Summer than most of j us had anticipated filled with briefings and placement tests. But all good x things must come to an end, and sure enough, we awoke one morning to find totally new detailers yelling at us. Apparently, sometime between the T night before and that morning Plebe Summer kicked into high gear. j l l l Camp Tecumseh was over and the big bad detailers were out. PEP was not the only physical workout the Class of 2005 received. Every mistake, every unmotivated sock, every unknown rate was subject to physical punishment. While not usually pleasant, the physical pain associated with . mistakes soon helped you to remember not to do certain things. Of course there were times 1 l '7 I H l jwhen it was more amusing than anything else, days when the sweat flowed so freely that you couldn't even do a single push-up because your hands kept slipping and you'd come crashing down to the deck only A to repeat the process while laughing with your classmate on the other side of the P-way who suffered a similar fate. Meanwhile your injured class mates armed with mops tried to soak up some of the sweat so that the detailers could continue their punishment. In case you really got out of line, there was the dreaded Quarterdeck: never a pleasant experience. lf that failed, well, PMP with the Gunnys. Plebe Summer wasn't just about physical devel- opment though. It was an immersion into, what was to most, an entirely g new culture. Former POWs, astronauts, 1 Holocaust survivors and generals tried to , f J' impress on us the ideals of loyalty, honor, ing "Attention to Detail" talk accompanied by "Lean on lVle" playing softly in the back- ' ground, the body bag lying on the cold hard floor, the free flowing tears on every face, the staggering emotion in the voices revealing the real life tragedies they experienced due to carelessness. Right then and there we vowed that we would not let that happen to those under our command. We had parades and drill to teach us military discipline and team- work. The O-Course, the old E-Course, the brand-new Tarzan Assault Course, the Squad Combat Course, tested as individuals to give us confidence in ourselves and forced us to work together to learn to trust those around us. We fought our way through the Plebe Hack. We built strong arms from holding out our pillow cases stuffed with our sheets in the mornings before PEP. We had sailing with the Ensigns, A a chance for us to push our socks down and let loose for a few short hours. We had Aught-Five Hour in Dahlgren with the chap- lains and Krispy Kreme. We traveled to Baltimore for an Orioles baseball game where we showed off our new whites and gorged ourselves on hotdogs and soda. Iebe Parents Weekend couldnt have come fast enough for most, but when it did come, many spent it sleeping in their parents hotel rooms. We got our first taste of liberty. We wore our uniforms proudly, used sir and ma'am with regularity even when referring to our parents, and saw our significant others for the first time in six weeks. Plebes and their families packed restaurants in the Annapolis area and the IVlidstore lines were never-ending. All too soon, everyone came back Sun- day with a new room fan and longing for Thanksgiving leave as detailers megan? blasted Christmas Carols out their windows to greet our return to the con- CLASS VBWGB fines of Bancroft Hall on Sunday night. commitment, service, sacrifice, and duty. 1 is No one will ever forget the heart-wrench- g 2 Parents weekend was not the end of Plebe Summer by any stretch of the imagination. First, we had to move out of our Plebe Summer rooms and into our rooms in our company areas. Some had it easy moving up, down, or over a few decks, others had the misfortune of trying to move out to 7th and 8th wings or for one company, Bicketts. Then came the last test of Plebe Summer, Brigade Trials to prove that we were ready to join the Brigade of Midshipmen. Ah, the Brigade of Midshipmen, the entity we knew only through the stories our detailers had told us: the three-to-one upperclass to Plebe ratio, that it was Plebe Summer with chemistry. Hello night was a terrifying experience with 90 to 100 upperclass in your face asking you 100 differ- ent rates. During Beform, we would walk around in packs, afraid to venture off alone and get cor- nered. BearAdmiral Locklear, our first Commandant, told us "The Naval Academy is not Camelot." It wasn't perfect and it wasnlt for everyone. Once the year really began, we found out that things had been "slight ly" exaggerated. The return of the Brigade showed us there where two stan- dards, the Plebe standard of spotless uniforms and rooms and the Upper Class standard far below that. lt was all a part of the indoctrination. Our first football game was a disappointment, the worst lost in Navy history to Geor- gia Tech, and foreshadowed the long season ahead of us. Instead of betting that we would win, we bet in the hope of betting the spread, but we always lost this year. Cur first march on was also the last march on in front of St. John's for the next couple years as a tragedy was about to strike our country. I Ain Plebe Year was rolling along just as it should, with pro-knowl- edge, chemistry, and calculus when a day dawned that changed our lives, our careers and our nation forever. September 11, 2001 occurred just a few weeks into our first semester on a regular Tuesday morning. Whether you were in Chem lab, leadershp class, or taking a Calculus quiz, we all distinctly re- member where we were and what we were doing when we found out. Classes were officially cancelled during fourth pe- riod and the Mids sent back to the protective walls of Bancroft Hall everyone gathered in the ward room to watch the chaos and devastation unfold. Lunch was rolling tray with no more than one battalion at a time in King Hall. No one knew what was really going on. Who attacked us? Why did they choose the targets they did? Were more attacks yet to come? We were glued to our computers and TVs as NADN delvered us images that we will never forget. We stood watch armed with our bayonets in front of every door to Bancroft, regardless of location. Suddenly, in the course of one fall morning, we were at war. President Bush addressed the nation that night and told the men and women of the Armed Forces to "be ready." He was speaking to us, though we were still in school, we had been given a new resolve and purpose. The country bounced back, as did we. A new sense of pa- triotism surged through the nation as we went back to our ev- eryday lives. The football team still struggled, as we did with Plebe chemistry. The nation mobilized for war against the Tal- iban regime in Afghanistan that had given the terrorists who attacked us asylum and had oppressed its own people. We I il ll l l l j. l l . l ii closer on the horizon. X-. j. i l, il ji l ii i l i by our cadre or members of the Class of 1955, but we couldn't wear them l ij their racks to grab some much needed sleep. ll ltogether as a team, building up ' l until after graduation jthe way it should bel. That night marked a new be- departed on Thanksgiving leave and savoring our first taste of home since the end of June. People thanked us for our service to our country but we felt like we hadn't done anything yet. Little did we know when we arrived on June 29 that we would be the last class to come to the Academy in peacetime for many years to come. Clur nation was now at war, not with a coun- try or an easily defined enemy, but against an expression of hatred so deep that men were willing to throw their lives away in suicide attacks to destroy our way of life. This war was going to be fought throughout our whole careers. We came in expecting to be part of a new era of peace and prosperity, to take advantage of free college, cool summer vacations, and guaranteed employment after graduation, only to find out that there was no joke about it, "We," as COL Allen would tell us so many times, "were a nation at war." On the lighter side, Thanksgiving break signaled the first semester's nearing end. We enjoyed the Thanksgiving feast, showed off our uniforms at home, and brought back some good material for pranks for the week of all weeks: Army Week. Army Week our Plebe Year was not just about the game. lt was about crab meat that had been sitting in the ceilings since August coming out and getting used against the upperclass. lt was about bringing out mattresses and having hall brawls with other companies and the other classes. lt was about getting the detailers back for sending us to the quarterdeck. lt was about flooding the deck with water and soap and practicing "carrier landings." lt was drinking a "Beat Army," "assassinations" or "Wildmans" in King Hall. lVlost of all, it was time to get the exchange cadets. An all-time high for injuries, capped by a broken arm for one ofthe Army Cadets, led to the lock down of Army Week on Thursday night and the end of that kind of Army Week forever. We survived our first Academy Finals and headed out on a Christmas leave that came and went far too quickly. The 2!C welcomed us back with Back to Basics. The Dark Ages set in and though it only snowed twice, the dreariness of second semester was still inescapable, classes were tougher and we became more and more tired of be- ing Plebes. Spring Break couldnlt come soon enough, but more importantly, Herndon loomed ever y Sea Trials was held the week before Herndon and was the last step- l ping stone in our path. Our closing ceremony was held in Halsey, with us in , dirty cammies and the Brigade watching in whites. We were given anchors l gunning as many of us headed out to town to celebrate, others headed to ' . , -.rf -,iw V , -- ' ..."?.'9' L ii i i tl ,l Monday the following week was Herndon, the official end of Plebe ue rim ' "Break Army" or "I have no bearing." We worked and falling down together. We were just a few feet short of the goal. Once found out that packing tape completely little over two hours, Daniel Knott was leave before the end of Youngster year, more Plebes" rang out as our class pre- journey to May 27, 2005. year. We wrote funny phrases on our bl s, like close after about a half an hour, we got up to the top, we soon covered the Dixie Cup. After a to be our first Admiral. jHe would so much for that predictionl. "No pared for the next step on our Mnfgjjb , 2002 graduated and went on its way as we put on our new stripe and head- ed into Youngster Summer. YPs or LANTPATTBAIVIID was the highlight for us all. An all expenses-paid trip to Boston, New York, and Newport with liberty in whites, a chance to bond with classmates, and the opportunity to earn the coveted 'fnerd nickel." V-berthing smelt something fierce after two weeks and anchor watch couldnlt have been more boring though. Besides YPs, we also had to do CSNTS or NTT, or for those select few, Summer Seminar or Dive School. CSNTS meant hot racking, navigating through storms, and wrecking some sailboats. NTT was a time to play lVlarines and SEALs for two weeks and have a week of tours thrown in the middle. lt was a good time to meet more classmates and get some liberty on the week- end. After the summer, we were all thrust into new companies, with the Academy's practice of "shuffling" classes after Plebe Year. Some of us loved our new companies, some of us hated them. "Plebe-Year- with-carry-on" was a rough year. Cynicism began to creep in for some, as many of the things that we had thought were Naval Acad- emy traditions were labeled bad habits. Admiral Naughton was not the Grand Old Supe that we had become accustomed to, and his incident with a gate guard become something of a joke within the Brigade. Three weekends just weren't enough either, as weekends were given out solely based on class. Army-Navy was a highlight and the steam rolling of Army demonstrated just what our Navy Football teamwould be capable of in the years to come. S . . . . 'X :if V' now in the Dark Ages made staying in on Friday . A -- A j nights dreary. The blizzard of President's Day Weekend -, ,- ' ' Q ' ' Us led to six-day weekends for some, for others it meant a if it few more days of CIVIOD. The t'Shock and Awe" of Op- ' at eration Iraqi Freedom began right after we returned from I PM H Spring Break. The end of the year brought the Youngster 5' Luau with our class officers coming through with some good-looking shirts, because in the end, that's all mids really care about, the free shirt. The copious amounts of ice cream bars were pretty awesome as well. Graduation that year was miserable. Despite the poor weather, the Class of 2003 was al- lowed to have their graduation and commissioning ceremonies outside. The other classes watched miserably as a huge rainstorm hung over the stadium dumping water on everyone. Not allowed lke jackets, let alone rain coats, we scrounged for cover where we could: garbage bags, huddling together, trying to hide out in the bath rooms, or by the concession stands. ln a moment of confu- sion, word was passed that the rest of the Brigade could head back. Many bolted right then and there, others waited for more definite word, only to hear that we did in fact have to stay for the re- mainder of the ceremonies. The hat toss finally came, we raced back to the hall to put the symbol of our new rank: dry CIVILIAN clothes. Second Class Summer was also a good time for us to bond as a class. PBOTBA-party 16 .1 was a great time,-lt helped us to start narrowing down our choices for service assignment. Some of us had the privilege of being detailer for '07. It was a lot of work and the limited liberty barely gave you a chance to recharge before going back at it. No spot corrections and being told we were not providing enough "positive reinforcement" challenged us to come up with new ways to train and left some wonder if this was what we had really signed up for. Whatever your feelings, we experi- enced a leadership opportunity that could not be replaced. The Grey Hull cruises were definitely a highlight for some. By luck of the draw, our class was spread across the world, from San Diego to Norfolk, from Hawaii to Earle, New Jersey. We came back in the fall with civilian clothes and cars, and the role of trainer. Those of us who had spent our summer with that role were the last Second Class detailers. Second class year saw our weekends increased to 5 per semester and Tuesday and Friday night liberty was a very wel- come addition to go along with all of our new responsibilities. Signing the 2-7 papers had meant partying for the classes ahead of us, but like many other 'traditions" was labeled a "bad habit". We signed commit- ment papers and treated to a dinner, complete with speak- ers and Catawba. We braved the ravages of Hurricane Isabelle, "the Storm of the Century", which wreaked havoc on the yard and resulted in millions of dollars in damage. Due to ex- tensive flooding, classes originally held in the lab deck of Bickover and the j 4 0-Deck of Sampson and A lVlaury where parcelled out to wardrooms, Alumni Hall, just about anywhere where there was litte or no damage. The Navy even brought in a mobile barracks QAPI.-615 to provide more rooms. The labs in Bickover were completely knocked out of commis- sion and would only really start to come back online our Firstie year. But we bounced back as we always do and the semester moved on. wr The football team came into form as we beat Air Force at FedEx Field and crushed Army at the Linc in Philly to improve from 0-10 and 2-10 our plebe and youngster years to 8-4 second class year. We captured the Com- mander-in-Chief's trophy and earned a bowl berth in the Houston Bowl. We also gained cult icons for our class in Kyle Eckel and Bobby "the Club" lVlcClarin. The Spring saw more snow, more Dark Age dreariness but this time there was something to brighten our skies. The Second Class career starter loan of up to 325,000 was given to us just a few weeks before Spring Break. With it, we went on awesome Spring Break trips, bought cars, paid for our class rings, and just blew it on alcohol. Some of us invested it, but some decided to enjoy every penny right then. l 17 l. T., li V . g ne thing we did spend money on was Fling Dance. Once 5 Y l Eagain, our class officers stepped up big time and put together a it lj q-great night. We were the first class in recent memory to have clear F4 l' lskies and no rain. Hospital Point was the site of the party under the tent and fireworks over the water. Our rings were christened in water from the Seven Seas and we were one step closer to gradu- ation. As the covers of the Class of 2004 flew in the air, we dashed back to the Yard with our new horizontal stripes to get our parking stickers. We brought our cars on the Yard. Every member of the Class of 2005 was required to serve in a leader- ship capacity under Admiral Flempt's revamping of the summer training programs. Detail became an all First Class affair, more ' H """ ' ' firsties were needed for CSNTS and being a firstie on the YPs ' ' ' . , 3, meant more responsibilities than in previous years. Leatherneck -20 was a chance for potential Marines to see how they would mea- 5 1 sure up and our cruises this summer gave us a glimpse of life as lf f .. a junior officer. M E g..,,. There is a saying that the two best ranks in the Navy are Admiral and Nlidshipman First Class. It didn't matter if you were a squad leader, team captain or striper, this was going to be a great year for us all. Events leading to graduation came and went with lightning speed. Firstie Parents' Weekend came in September and brought a vic- tory over Vandy and tailgating with parents in the parking lot afterwards. Aiifdif' -vf 'Swv , U W T" Service Assignment was drastically changed for us. What had traditionally occurred in the first few weeks of second semester had been moved to the week before Thanksgiving. Tensions were high as the overmanning of the Navy and the going into each branch. Some members of our class would receive "unassigne i lopes, as the needs of the service were not yet certain. wars in Iraq and Afghanistan created changes in the numbers d!! n their enve- The semester rolled on. The football team had its best record in a hundred years, defending the Commander-in-Chief's thanks to classmate Geoff Blumenfeldls last second field goal against Air Force and a Class of 2005-led shellacking of Army. Aaron Polanco led the team to victory in San Francisco at the Emerald Bowl. Bri- gade morale was at an all-time high for us. We held march on through DTA for the first time in years and partied like rock stars in the parking lot after the games. It wasnlt without incidents though, from streaking to directing traffic on lVlain Street in Mess Dress, we knew how to make it count. The Dark Ages didn't matter to us as we were on the way out. Since our fates had since been decided, we coasted more in the spring than previous classes. Service Selec- tion beginning of February told us where we going after graduation. Beer flowed and the celebrations continued. One last college Spring Break and the real world waited just a few short months away. Commissioning Week was a week that will not be forgotten. Of course. Though it rained a few times, the good times rolled. Graduation practices and the last briefs we would have to sit , through as mids signaled the end. No more Dit- Q tlemeyerl!! The 55 degree graduation practice left something to be desired, especially at Gam, but it was all a means to an end. Graduation itself was warm President Bush gave our commencement .K .RK rf 1 ff'-M speech, and shook hands and posed for pictures with every graduating senior. I don't think any of us can forget how it felt when John Burger, our beloved class president, finally led us in three cheers for those we leave behind. So this is the story of the United Stated Naval Academy Class of 2005. I hope this has helped you remember the times we shared. During his last Commandant's Call to us, Captain Leidig said that we might possibly be the greatest class in the history of the Naval Academy. With three Flhodes Scholars, a 24th ranked football team, countless All-Americans in numerous sports, national rec- ognition in so many different areas, we could have been a great class at a normal university. We were a great Naval Academy class because of our leadership, our dedication and drive, our own- ership of the Brigade. We raised the standard. It has been an unforgettable ride for us all, with ups and downs along the way. The saying goes, "its not a great place to be at, but it's a great place to be from." Well...We made it a great place to be at!!! 19 Y P lan Michael Alexander Joshua Paul Allen Lydia Elizabeth Allen Jared Michael Angus Charles Hess Anton Adam Wade Arnold Anthony Walter Artrip Jason Christopher Atwell , Eric Troy Bailey Michael David Baird Bret Michael Barattini Joseph Adam Barber Francis Julian Barry lll Chris John Beh endt Jenny Lile Bellin n Michael Alan Bennett Sara Noelle Bethune ,Alyssa Leeann Bishop ,nn Christopher Blevins Richard Boeck Christopher Bones Jesse Antonio Bostwick R 'C obert Boyer . Braseth John hilip Bra Beauman Kent Br n Stephen Timothy Bright X Brett William itten Franklin Robert 'grown Stephanie A A Brown Talmage Christ er Brown Christopher Eugene Bruun Matthew John Buri Jason Ezra l e Jeremy Allen Ca houn Andrea Louise Carlson Travis Dean Chamberlain Michael Jay Chang Brandon Floyd Julian Lucio J Silas V Jacquelyn Clovei .ack Joseph Scott Cochran Hessert Frances Collins Sarah Jo Haack' 'i lrii Keith Rao Mic coin Michael char all r1t Christop ' "" James Joshua Paul' e if "i" f , Ka ynn William Alexander Haro ll-ll l Y' Joseph John C Oliver William Harper lV Timothy Charles Harrington Adam Patrick Hartl Chad Michael Harw Benjamin Trevor Cox Joshua Joel Edward Croskey Julia Brandon Ellio Aaron James Mitchell Steven Con ' tt L, Nicholas Paul Crosley John I Luke Pierre Cruz Christopher Gerard Cuellar Johnathan Marcell Cummings Enrique Davila Jr. John Wiley Dennis lll Allen Wayne Derton Christina Rae Diamond Jess Thompson Hiller lV Alexis Sue Hitchings wh Michael Holsapple roli i Yeon Hong Kare nn Howard David Hsu John Trenholm Hull Jr. Maria iip Stephanie Marie Hurst by harles B atwiiixon Alexis imc Q icholas Charles Donzelli eries Phillip Timothy Dou Jason Jost Du J Christopher Dworian Earl son 6. Megan Dycus Kristopher Warren Johnson Ill Scott Charles Eagon Martin Wtlflam Johnson Kevin Ryan Elgan Matthew Allen Johnson 4, Dustin Thomas Elliott Johnson L n a Fechtelda ent Jacob Evans F Q Bryan Andrew Feinstein Larry r' B 'amin Aida J ey John Gelzinis ll Vanjga line Gentkn Natthe e Gilbert r Jennifer Michelle Gill Daniel Damien D. Givens Brianne M. Kosavanna Troy Ryan Goldberg girlie A Kovach Michael nthony Gonzalez Kr e EmiK'Krumpelman V Ch Jaaeroot Grin' 6 Robert Fencl Kyseli 4' ow,-1 I sf li ix if xl mf ll 5 ,. E., 4 1 in N if , ff ' ,Q F -C 1 C Meredith Corinne Lane James Edward Langford Robert Thomas Lapaglia Michael John Larson J Travis Brian Lessing Ernie Banduyang Liwag Ryan Patrick Long Dylan Albert Ludka William Gray Madison Jonathan Joseph Magsaysay Mark Anthony Malcolm Enrique Marquez Joshua Hayes Marshall James Patrick Marti L Joel Andrew Marti I. Kevin William Martin Ryan Way re Mccabe Bonnie Chri 'na David J Matthew Al Alston Kincaid McWilliams Brian A. Merkley ane Elizabeth Mlcci 'i Joshua Alan Miller Justin Dane 'ler Marshaun Deme if Minter Allison Rachell Mitchell Christopher Bas Moeder Delilah Monarez Carlos Montanez Mo omery M ody Moore Jr. Michael Moos Moreau Morley ,Caitlin Morrell .Matthew Arthur Morrisq Dana Jeffrey Mueller ' Murphy iel Myers Scott Neifert MUYUQIXNKODQG 5 Pqr seph Orlowicz Courtn av wxis Orbich E . .A 4. dj T' I I I Brian Lynn e Leonard relli lll Jessi , . ' M 5 se Parker Michael i - id Pasternak ashin Dilipkumar Patel A Cole rie Patterson Eric' phen Pelfrey y Arthur David Peller Ricardo Isaac Pena E Chantel Kathleen Robert Paul Joshua P. Lonny Chance Pygman Scott Richard Reece Jr. Matthew Howard Reid Christopher Thomas Reinbold Amy Elizabeth Ritterbusch Christop er Robert Robinson E ' el Rolland Robe Joseph-Bomero James Richard Ross Jr. William Leon Ruffin Peter Mark Sa 2 in Aziz Rashid ' timothy Jos .rt iieeoffrstfx-x holz Mari ugenia errano Ashl gh Marie Shgr Larinda Mwie Shows Louis Damian S rtz ai Matthew Brock Em Jeffrey Gle Sill H illateese A. fmons I liam Frank S alley lll Rwecca Joan Smith Ryan Paul Smith Jon Michael Sta ord P Marcin Stank aides Wesley Stephens Justin James Stetz Caleb Paul Cheney Stombelig Do Robert StrayeF- H s Huff Eugen oyde Sve Mark Ahdgv Terwi Y' Anthony Frandis Teschner H Lee Nelson Tetley Christopher Leigh Thaeler Reginald Edward Thomas lll Leni Thomson Mark Robert Thorley Alexander Nicholas Thorn Todd Robert Thurston Daniel Justin Tilgner Rodney Vincent Tocco Daniel Patrick Truitt Bering Tsang rew James Tunison Daniel James Turner Mark Edward Turner V Nicholas Teagu,e5Ugrin iRobert Martin Van Dyke Nathan Daniel Vanover Kimberly Ann Varhaug Addi Mae Vasquez Jefire omas Vaub Andrew Scott 'llarreal Jason Robe allege Jim Hunter Wals rian Lewis Vliblezek Ah Christian Warburton Andrew Robert Warren r Aaron glveelp John s.t- - rt Weier Ryan Jeffrey eydeck Sean Michael Whi Jack R' dle Wilkins Evan rryl WilliamsQ Curtis Barron Wilson Nicholas P. WilsUi X Babriel Bruce-Wofford I N E G W dwqd Burk Qlf " Luke Van M X S Q Xu. x I y r G X 21 .,.... L Q- L.. J uates The Honorary Graduates of the Class of 2005 were chosen after a careful selection process. Individuals within '05 selected those people who they thought had demonstrated unwavering commitiment and service to the Naval Academy in general and to our class specifically. All nomi- nees were then compiled by the class officers and a survey set up to allow the class to choose the three that they beleived best met the criteria. ln the end three individuals stood out among the rest. They were Major Nagel, Commander Flonan, and GYSCT Baker. Each of these indi- viduals have shown remarkable dedication to the Midshipmen of the United States Naval Acade- my, and the Class of 2005 wishes to reward them with this small token of our appreciation. Con- gradulations and welcome to the Class of 2005. vm Ronan . 1 .1 ,I QQ Honorary Gradu 'S ' Commander "Doc" Ronan has done more than act as a doctor to our class. He has shown us to focus not only on the individual, but to care for them as well. Whenever we came to see him, he was eager to help us get well and back out being physically active, but never at the cost of our health. On top of all this, he showed us a sense of humor that was somehow able to make us smile no matter how poorly we felt, often eas- ing our anxieties when we most often needed it. When informed that he was elected one of our honorary graduates, he remarked that he was actually the primary care provider for the Class of 2006, saying, "You don't think they will mind do you?" Whatever the Class of 2006 feels, the Class of 2005 is privileged to have Command- er Flonan as an honorary member of our class. Major Nagel is a Law and Marine Corps Practi- cum Professor and helps coach the men's rug- by team. But what really defines his time at the Academy is a quote written in large letters on his dry erase board: "lT'S ABDUT THE MIDSHIP- MEN." As Major Nagel explains it, "Loyalty goes both ways...I battled for the Midshipmen, because it is not about being liked, it is about doing the right thing." He has battled so much that he was sur- prised he was allowed to receive this award, but as he puts it, "you do not work hard for rewards because what makes a difference at the end of the day is the effect you have on those around you." Major Nagel has indeed had a profound effect on each member of the Class of 2005. Major Jeff N agel, USMC Gunny Sergeant Baker came to the Academy after being a scout sniper and is now the 30th Compa- ny Senior Enlisted. He is also involved with sev- eral teams on the yard. What he is really known throughout the brigade for, though, is pacing every single mile-and-a-half run for all thirty companies during the PPT forthe last three years. He believes that if he can pass thirty runs, he can motivate the midshipmen to believe they can pass one. He says, "I will never ask the Mids to do something I am not able to do myself? Two years ago in June, Gunny Baker fell four stories while helping to run a Marine Corps summer training program, breaking multiple bones in his body. The doctors believed he would be learning to walk again after 6 months, but at the 6 month mark he was training for a mar- athon. He not only finished, but ran a personal best. "The first thing you read when you crack a book on leadership is that you lead by example. Gunny has been an excellent example to our class. YSGT Judd Baker, USMC Honorary Graduates 23 you didn't get to pick up mail everyday of plebe summer .. uf.-rv ag I ' K .U l f! 0 E I ..:.,-.i-L, , ,fm 1? 1 Q y'Q1O :Q-Q ,,8 Q h , Ax, M ,' es Y I 24 you were a plebe summer detailer twice and a squad leader both times 100s night meant more than skits and a fancy dinner you stood watch in the laundry rooml on red beachl in smoke halll in front of dumpsters for terrorists with bayonettes you didn't get a weekend for football games you were the first class to not get issued cotton whites, and instead got CNTs you were welcomed to the Brigade as the first class with a 10 o'clock curfew P.M.P. didn't just mean permanent military professor the detailers you saw I-day were not the same as four days later and none of them were in your ac year company you showed up on I-day thinking the next war was ten years away the quarterdeck wasn't just a place you boarded a ship at you lived in Ricketts or knew someone who did murder boards were the sole source of your performance grade you used to read emails that were signed "SJL" g qaylxgx 1 f' Mm 03 Q B Us if cg g ' , .J Ffftii-, ,'f c' y. " A+ 25 ' 4 1 4' v ' Qgfj- ' -A g:,,i, I 'I s' "Aw: . , F . ' , , ' Q' ex , am" A' X gig , fm ' Jfi' f '77 ' ' f-' 1 X-'75 - f ,....k.-... H N ' '31 ., T111 3 T' . N SH 5:N :1, f ,,,,..' i .., -'f"""' ' f1 ' L '1 v ., V 1 vw m V+ f ,R W 'JAN J A R ,I K 'Mg A vrw " , ' 'TAA Q " -1 ww swf f B- .A,,, ' I M A 3 ' 4 Q ' . :M K 1 . , .-:-- ,4 . w,- ,.' ..r N ir wrt ' ffm- Q ,. , 4 . Q- gf' 'T '4,"l.? A ' ' ' ' --r . , X H 3" nj' x. 3? . ig? 'U 9 V: f' 152333, - , ' ' g I , .-6. ' 0 ,' " .fx ii . n , b v, If: 4 I - ,Lili 4' f . f ' " - C f" . .. W .- M ,-1-L if W V--fafx:," +1: wfca. - Q K a 1-W' , . -all-N...-.. I -. 4.- I If 9 5-. . n 57" ' ' 3 491 cfm a am W' l 'E' iitf ' Lf '111' gf 'A tA ' -ha U 1 35' l , 4' Q uv Uv' 7. . I .1 -. lf. .6 Q fo f a u- ' 1 Q, .29 A. if I . f, I5 Y F v, 0. Q"'l"l'w9f calbifsfovwzy Monday, yay 9burTu.e4day'yjwsfa4sfbad4.." nl I I I A 'x 1 1 T.7:33 ": 'fi f . - Qs f1rf',f QW f 4' Jr i 6 'Q .tif HL-J , T 1 Q. , ' g, 9.1 ,ff .., .-. g v . , , ' . . T . .f',jM 4,563 W- " , ' 5 sy, 1 . 4. x wt., ., 7,4 fi 5., Ft gl' -, , i f 1 f iv . I ff! U JF. gy? JQJ3' fs " ' . , , , , ,. "f 1 ff? Y! Jwlilg up 1 . l f A' , ,N Mp. 4 ' wa' X. - iw' J , f 5 f - 1, ' w we 3. Q-'ll 'iW Q- f . 1 5 1 M if W -P 4-um A-.x,. ' ,.f'?X1 1 I, .. 'Q' L ' "':r:'5il I Ei: 'L H P ' A ' ' " ' NE W 4 .Q N f b 'fl My , - ,, ff . N . if ' ' ii' I' if H Y .V n ,.,' 1. .9 1. ' -, ' Q ., j . - ,. 3 at ,g , .Y , E , ' m i' A - I, b A , Q f ,X -4.0 1' ' , g iv fs 4 :-4 y "ij A lx Q , f. VIL- , A Mk' K 2 . " 1 .N my 1 V Y 'V X . ,,,,,.. . ' .Q I x "' - 'h V- I Q, , ,f4r"w'7' -A J A "' 1-' ' .R 1 ' 1 1 l '-'gg I b GW., I ' A A Wir, . ,,,. . . . , . , . 1. ' - ,. -'I 1 , . if mf, - ' -, ,Y . '.: ' . . ,. . AIX "fi 'pvabu gif! , .. V5 -N. Q- I W 'Y3 QQQ.-Q...-'trpf-ski: 4' w,"'.i, gi L.-DIL 'L ' M,..A1 J u., 11 "rg :iff 5345. v . , .. , A A .. A f , sig my I-1 , if .I it f'5i'51 ' V 'C3'Qi15i? 3. K. 1, ., ..f..,gIg:, 1' jfqgif -3E':"f'f' '7f.ffvI..7 f' " . 9 N . A , 'Q - H gy '-D: . efr:'7g:f"- "u g, - Ja. ""-3 : R:53S1im24fgK5 '. V f ' gtvlg - .2f"f1 Qi: . . fi ff '. 1-,,, Q ' , . , ' 1 . WM f,..,Mf'fg' 4gg.gf.f- 2-Qzl-17W.:Fi,1fQ'7pra,. .xg g,' ,,1,g, . K' .5-rw' L,- y. , ', 7 V, If f . E J I , ,A N X H' NUI., A- lb., Q lzwg. 'J , he .vQ,j1,,.!v..LL,,M 5.1, .' QF' .. ...si ,-vrfffivfk.. , Y V -'fx ' ' ff- . r' A . , I , V -,. '- Q 5 I f. . 4 4 " -frK"AV ' 3,1 f' 43" 'xl 15 1' f,f1'5,'-gfffgi'-.K,3-'ff' fgcj 'HZ'gF,fiK:f7'QL5-.Q!.j-- xg' :B - f wwxrx.. ..,' A , ' xf A f. g X lzqg., ,I Jw! ' ' 'A ' 'v-X344 Q6 f1"Q,3x3 x ' Q' A ' Qi'3.:f.17."Qxjfg '.- C my 3,4 - 1LTk,kf'.T'2g" " '." ,555-9.5,Tifff'Q155iS.,'?g'r,g..f2yf':2fltQvg35 1 . iz- V . Q. ff 1 .4 - ... .- A p M -. ' " fe. Q. -' f 1' .ff s- W .Af Q .. '2f My 3 5.543, , 32. vg'.5.if 1' I 'Xt'-5x ,f , ,x 1: -' 'ilzn zf pb 1. .3:N '1f3l'Vv.jgf,.wf5if.H Qi . 'gi HQ 93-X ' Yfirej v.N'f,123Pfr' -"' A B mp. ,V-I , . -N .1 ' xv , -' ,+,". -.V-I : 1 LJ n ri ,x h A 0' -' , I Q x., 'Y '.' .A igvlzzi wx - Hn . -4 .Dx U' X NK ' ': .K 4 ,A ,: . v i. -W,- Q:-. Q., G J., 'A ft,-. . :J ' a,Q3f. A ' - . .. .Ax w i-.:ip . .. i?,.Ef1s?':5p x.a?5Pai??f.'f3v'.f?1k3h'e Ni rfsran- 1 -'uf .15-. ' 4+ ex :ix-fx?- fig W -, i ' 1 ' -1" P- I -v - few -- ff-.".v " f f- .- . '7:txf""'- Uvcf -P -'Q, "U F"-A .':f'-Zi?-f'f3, 1? , ' '2--:rt 'N w 'Q w'-ew' fn" : A-f?" 5. r - ,I .V MAH? y : V ., .3 V -I Awfigz -14,73-L,k,L4 Q gm: ,.....A.5.fL!1V J .g X. X. W 4 A' ,V P '-5. Q . .xW,,,.i,-LAX, .n ' :K-. ,-,,,,,:3. 3:,,7.X . 315 1 5,4365-:, Lui -Igtmlllv, ALA! , , lf , A -- .- ff- -i 1. ,. -. A f-- ,. ', . -.. ,. - fi-.4 - .-f-1 f.-z J . '.-'S .Swv .-1 4 + l 'Q4:4'T'hi, if rA- . ' 7, -'.vv'3"aig,y,,'vT?f-g'?5F'1 NLIHJXX L 11,1 - I2 35 -,Fa NXML !Ia,'.igjN3- 421 A.. ,A6.D vly YXQQ.. -,Xi ', R-QAYV, fviy-1. uw , 'ffl 9' pl 94' 'fe 1 2. 925 nv. V Z o -AF' l.5,g"'-1-. Q". .X .. - if-,v M- , . ,P3k'.'.m2 "M ltrr '. N5-' V -54-.mvpk -'-'i g -'1.-'air' "E"-1' .151 HK4. V. ' ' Q: I FL, .yurm 1y'.A,Y .VH ,...i,.H5 gepqr 6x,,nk.MV MN , ,....,. ld A , dl A 313, ,-1' ,,1-2.2.5, hx .t Lx .. .I l :B Xu.-.n..,, Q . . b nhl, 35,9 I. ,,i.x6.AA.-A,. lx W if q,:N35 ky 1,5 .VRQAHL1 .n A., 5 ... ',,13VQ,ht 5,4 ,. uc H. ,ygg 4 ,I -J K V Mk . li , .l 5 -. K A-5 'k.',.L,-LF 3. tx 9. Q u gh., ,. gut. .fp . xi H, A I 'vi' ,V HH, .hgh nf- '.' ' 5'9" J' 'J I - P "f 537-.H--J5'. "QQ, '- Mi' -, -vu-.-' -'I -, T1 -' :'1i"'. J' 'MVA' I' 77. ' ' 1 ' ' -V." .'- '- -. f' " " Q V- "' 'T' V4 v i.-..,1.f., -Fw . + " 1..fg'f51fza4w'f if :..i7"gS2 'Lag wi' x ITM -. -h 125.-Y v Q33 if ?"?.2'gifif5iW? 4ih' ii - J-G5?"? "4" K I ' -.L , sa?-fr' f 'sr' f-31? fl.. .. .S 32 -7 f 1 W N W-'7?: '-L I' Q' 3 -a1.f9,g-?x .f- . -.'w:iQik 5 2.-P-'fs' .Ex 'F T' 'Q F. 9? If 4 . . 1 W R fr . naar 9. 7 nv 551 nf 'Z 5 QL '13 2. ' fl' .fr , if 2 4 ",f5??Lz Z :M . fig: 1. , 2.5.92 ,:1 . AQ 'ff if f ?lZ,.afzf' Q ' law f fe 4 f 4- : J ff' :- mf. 1 . :11 J , f. .--ff -f., gd 5 f S ':vA57,ff1'5 v fill, 'L ew-ni - rf va 3-1,513 53 A Vadim--.,. :ji - J 'W a 1, M 3 Q 4 XJ ,w. 5' 1 f 32 iw-gf Lf A634 I "fl sfgf'-' A'A'g5-i':'i53-L- 4.ff?g'4'5': . - rr' .5 : fs me . :agen v f v-, ' -.'-fi-'Ji +4 -' ,A .-fm 6 - ' Qvv:.' Ingwlign 1 :- I ..:w ..Q. -pw , , 4: ,- 'N-..,,, ' f Q -7 Q 35, 1 vu 5.80 he -f-,..,... M an ffl? I r I . 1. if .. Ax L on 1. fit!-K IIA? UITJTTTGI' l'l.llSG 200 by Lynne Hoppe The best summer in a Mid- shipman's career is that final sum- mer before graduation. By novv, most midshipmen know what com- munity they vvant and use the sum- mer to finalize their choice. Those vvho wish to pursue Naval Aviation go on an aviation cruise, and those interested in the Surface Warfare Community, take another surface cruise. Some UC opt to do YPs or sailing again, but this time as either a C0 or XO in order to gain valu- able experience of being in charge of a number of people. Some of those highly mo- tivated TXC wanting to go Marine Corps sign up for Leatherneck, a training block dovvn in Quantico, Virginia where HC get a taste of what the 6-month TBS CThe Basic Schooll vvill be like once commis- sioned as a Marine Corps Officer. Due to the transition, the Class of 2005 had the vvonderful opportunity to train the incom- ing Plebe Class of 2008. Learning from the mistakes of the previous summer, the UC had everything ready and prepared to go to train the plebes hard in order for them to begin their Naval Academy career right. - 1 -f-:xffx 1-9 -C ' f r -T-5,5 f ,1 2 T 4. 6 4 , "I was in Maine for an aviation Cruise with a P-3 squadron. They go on eight hour flights so I got sorne good sleep in the racks on the plane in addition to flying." -4 iq V T Q F . ,,,,, rw i ff F - ' M F it ti t+fbi if i f if 1 Z Vx.: L L 'sy X'+ft. L L L 'rs f-w iff! Q., if f f 9 ITTTTTGI' FLIISG 2006 Another summer has come and gone. The Class of 2006 got stuck being the transitional year to let the new summer changes go into effect. YPs again any- one? Almost half the class had to do YPs again in order to make room for half of the Class of 2007 to complete a grey hull cruise. Its ok, they will complete that graduation requirement next summer. With the shifting of plebe summer detail back to first class only lmeaning a repeat of detail for many from the class of 2005l, this past summer almost felt like a young- ster cruise all over again. I-lowever, they weren't complaining with some of the assignments that were given out, sending many to different parts of the US and the world. by Lynne Hoppe The second part of the summer was, for most of the Class of 2006, spent in a PRO- TRAMID lProfessional Training for Mid- shipmen? block either on the West coast in sunny San Diego, or on the East Coast in Norfolk. First, PROTRAMID gave 2!C an opportunity to spend one week run- ning around with Marines doing humps, an endurance course, learning squad tac- tics, performing landing Zone drills, fir- ing multiple Marine squad weapons, and of course, lots of PT! Another week was spent learning about the aviation commu- nity with a flight squadron. Some chose a helicopter squadron, others chose one with faster aircraft, like an S-3 squad- ron. Most 2!C were lucky enough to be allowed to pilot the Navy's multi-million dollar aircraft! Next, the 2!C were given the chance to learn about submarines and life aboard a submarine. -.IM , .ma-Jain Best part of all, they were taken on tour to see parts of a submarine that are never disclosed. Spending 24 hours underway tand underwaterl, ZXC had a blast hanging out on a submarine, learn- ing how to handle tight spaces and go through a few submarine drills. Finally, a week was spent in the beautiful halls of Bancroft. ZXC were brought back together to a classroom environment and reviewed skills to become a better writer and more a better public speaker. The English Department put their heads together to come up with the best layout to improve public speaking skills in a short amount of time. Aside from PROTRAMID, some ZXC were able to be a part of Plebe Summer by teaching by doing Weapons Detail. These select few taught the incoming Class of 2008 to shoot to earn their pis- tol and rifle qualifications. Top Four Mids participate inthe aviation part of PROTRAMID. Above: Ma- rine Week Left Page A Mid comes out of a hatch on a submarine cruise. 1 4. In Protramid, each week gave us a chance to look into the different communities. We never got too bored with one specific area. be Q . fi lzp, D fr. I to , 4 ' 'Q i TTJITTGI' FUISG 2007 Ahhhh, the summer came and we were fi- nally not Plebes anymore! We used the skills we learned in our Navigation and Seamanship course and got firsthand experience of what be- ing on a bridge feels like. With the Class of 2007 being split up to finish out the changes for summer cruises, half of the class did YPs and the other half did their grey hull cruise. YPs had a lot of time underway. Liberty ports in New York City, Boston, and Charleston gave us some downtime and a chance to go have some fun. Getting at least two days of liberty in each port visit, the Class of 2007 was able to take in the sites of other great American cities. The next summer the halves will flip flop and complete their graduating requirements they did not fulfill the previous summer. The Class of 2007 was the first class to have ev- eryone inthe class required to complete a sailing cruise aboard one of the Naval Academy's 44's. The sailing cruise offers Youngsters their first true experience working with small units. Braving weather and "hot-racking", 2007 sailed on to new experiences and slightly saltier ways. The youngsters of 2007 were also given the op- portunity to practice what they had learned over the year as many took on the role of squad lead- er forthe class of 2009 Summer Seminar Candi- dates. Coing to PEP in the morning, marching their charges to a cadence, and being account- able for the candidates were all challenges they faced. As much as we learned and enjoyed the summer can be summed up in four words: "We're Plebes No More!" Mids crank the sails on the Navy 44's during summer Cruise. Above: Mids stand around on a ship oluring their youngster summer. Left Page: Cleaning is just one other great time had on YPs. "San Diego as a great 1561 fi . time." Everyone can be glad they are on summer cruise instead ot' in this picture! Above: Some of the liberty ports visited by miclshipmen. Mids always find a way to have fun in any port they get to. Right page: UC Rogers on Cruise. liberty ports by Lynne Hoppe Although summer cruises afford mids a chance to get out and be away from the Yard, liberty is always a welcome event. From New York City to the countryside of japan, liberty ports are a beloved part of any summer cruise. New and different compared to the streets of downtown Annapolis, mids often frequent lo- cal clubs, bars and tourist attractions while on cruise. On YPs, mids can enjoy port visits in Newport, Boston and New York City. Most of the cities open their arms to the visiting mem- bers ofthe Navy with discounts on admission to shows and other local events. With these port visits coming every two to four days, mids can really see some of the northeast and ex- perience much of the New England part of the country. Cruises to ships, squadrons and other training events also offer many new sites. Those mids lucky enough to get a cruise in japan or Europe get to see the world and culture of far off places. They are often welcome to visits embassies and government facilities. Many of the tours they may take are not offered to gen- eral tourists. These trips give a real insight to how the Navy is seen in other countries. Aviation cruises are another way to see more of the United States. Whether it be in lvlayport, FL, or San Diego, CA, mids are given a look at the after-work-hours lives of pilots. Most ofthese visits do not include foreign ports, but rather a look into what the fleet does when it is not at work. The beach, the local pub, and maybe the nearest scenic hiking trail are all local flavor that mids are given the chance to sample. Even more lucky are the mids that are chosen to go on the COX Fund and NOLS cruis- es. Their trips are once in a lifetime events that both allow them to immerse themselves in dif- ferent cultures and be challenged by being out on their own. The free time on cruises is some of the more cherished memories for mids. 2 . lu.-ff A v ,oi lebe ummer by Lynne Hoppe Induction Day, or I-Day, is the start of a Naval Academy career. Deemed one of the longest days of their lives, plehes enter Alumni Hall as civilians and come out plehes. In Alumni they are issued uniforms and given their first military hair cut. They hear that traditional saying "the first and last vvords out of your mouth will he sir or ma'am, do you understand?" Usually their initial response is along the lines of "yes" or "uh-huh." Most usually pick up what they're supposed to say, it just may take a fevv times he- fore they finally reply "Sirfma'am, yes sir!ma'am." And vvith that first little test, they knovv their lives are forever changed and that the next six weeks will he challenging to say the least. The first set of plebe summer con- centrates on physical training, rates, and drill. The first set cadre are there to take them from their civilian Ways and create a more military vvay of thinking. Physical, emotional, and mental hur- dens are placed on the plehes to see hovv they vvill react. The idea is that they learn to vvork as a team and help each other in order to complete oth- ers daunting tasks successfully. Only hy learning to vvork together will they survive plehe summer and plehe year. The first three vveeks pass and first set comes to and end. But there's still three more weeks left and a nevv challenge is introduced: second set cadre arrive hungry and vvith endless energy. M135 The long ride from Alumni Hall to Bancroft after the transition from civ to plebe has been macle. :Eg X K ilian "From I-Day on, plehes are placed in tough situations. Making them come together as a team is the main objective. First set detail takes the plebes from the trying pan of Alumni hall ancl places them in the fire of Bancroft." is gi EQ W- ,..,- -, -- 1' ig? 7, H Y iv 'EMD - H D - .4 lj vi ii 31. A ,v .. 1 X M 9 A , -'5 2 'J Q ' f- 'vm P' iz ' -Q ' ,, f ,Z K ,Z 9 A in f Fin " ' ., V I L' 1 - V' is A Y 5 W, 4 4 ,N 5 me A M-6 - ' .,. V . , fb WS, 'asm . ' fx., ' . , , A, f 'j may - . 4 1 f I -HMI ,HC G f V 1 A ,. 41 'fb vi 5 H . 'bw j ,.,,. -W , I J ,f ,H ,g,,,jff4 ' V iffy I - 1 :af , f v mf g A I 'EL' 1 jy ,.- W it -,lx 'URW f i-.. ii 'L the year: ple-rbclr Surn 42 i l l ' lu' UE iw A +.l After Plebe summer, ou'll be able to During Plebe Summer, 4!C learn to shoot both the pistol and the rifle. p U S h U g h Plebes of Foxtrot Company Climb the stairs hack to Bancroft Hall after a morning of PEP. rnore than ou ever thought ou Could. 5 2, o we .- 'f rf i .-I S- ail! ' WH 'G Q ' 1 "I didn't make it back to reform." . ,,, Midshipmen enjoy First Night activities including food on Farragut field. pugil sticks, a moon bounce maze, and of course Naval Academy free stuff. X x wx X i Nt Nix lx, xx Reform means seeing all the company mates again and having lots of time to meet with them out on Worden Field for drill practice. reform by Lynne Hoppe Reform kicks offwith First Night festivities includ- ing good food, good fun and free stuff. A firework dis- play caps the night and keeps everyone in good spirits. Soon enough lvlids are back in the swing of things with drill, briefs and classes. The exchange of fun stories of summer cruises and vacations give way to group study sessions. Soon reform will seem like a distant military obligation, but for the time being, everyone has some- thing to be happy about. The reform of the Brigade means different things for different Midshipmen. For the Plebes, it means that now they don't have to wear white works anymore and deal with the rigors of Plebe summer. Cn the other hand, now there are three upperclass for every one plebe. Plebes have Hello Night, classes and pro-knowl- edge to look forward to. For the youngsters, reform is the first time they can walk around the yard with someone really lower than them on the totem pole. They've gained music, curved walkways and freedom. And the most important part is they are no longer considered Plebes. The second-class have a first look at their new projects: the plebes. With fire in their eyes, they attack chow call stations with vigor. They are halfway done with their time at the Naval Academy and everything is looking up for them. The firsties look forward to everything being their last. The last first day of school, the last six week exam, the last speech by Capt. Larry Dittlemeyer. Everything is downhill and the end is definitely in sight. Finally the light at the end of the tunnel is not just oncoming traf- fic V-4' Zfc . COmFTll'UTiGHl dinner by Lynne Hoppe After tvvo long years at the Na- val Academy, one must make a choice: stay in the Navy or Marine Corps for at least another seven years or get out novv. For many the choice is simple and signing on the dotted line is easy. For others, it's not so easy. After the Class of 2006 signed their papers, they headed to Alumni Hall for their Commitment Dinner. With speakers from the class of 1956, their 50 year link in the chain and sponsor class, mids sat in Alumni Hall and enjoyed a celebration. Members of the Class of 1956 sat at the tahles vvith the second class to share stories and vvish '06 well in the future. The experience brought them closer together as a class because many of them knevv they would he in the Navy for at least the next 7 years. With this in mind, '06 came together and embraced the challenge. juggling the hard- est year in academics and various other extracurricular activities, the '06 took on their nevv roles as platoon sergeants, first sergeants, etc. Training the plebes and keep- ing up vvith other work vvere just some of the vvays '06 shovved they were ready for this commitment. "Seeing all my Classmates come together reaffirmihg our Commitment brought us Closer together as a Class." RW' 333' hx ,J 2 3., Q- P " . ii- 'ti ,B x . EL ,f l' .. 1' + HV' 1: n , :fi W, Q? nts RfeeTcend by Lynne Hoppe As a firstie, there is always some- thing to look forward to. First class parent's weekend gives the firsties a chance to show off to their parents what they have been doing for the past four years. Parents are only allowed to go into Bancroft Hall with their Midshipmen twice during their career, once during plebe summer and once during firstie parents weekend. The Academy provides plenty of en- tertainment for the families and friends of Midshipmen. From Glee Club and band concerts to formal parades and Silent Drill Team performances, there is always some- thing going on. Another treat for the par- ents and mids is a football game. This year against Vanderbilt, the weather was beautiful and the firsties were able to enjoy the game with their parents in the stands. In typical Midshipmen fashion, most firsities used the opportunity of parents weekend to get away from the yard. Going out to a nice dinner or relaxing in a hotel room and catching up on the latest reality TV show, mids enjoyed the time spent with their family. l l ii l l l l l i li '. I l i i l li ,I it l l l l l i l l l I i 4 i l t l l I2 l ii l -I J Above lTopJ: The brigade enjoys a meal from King Hall with parents in at- tendance. tBottoml: Families get a chance to see what life is like in Bancroft Hall. Left Page tTopl: A father gets in the tailgater spirit at the Navy Vander- bilt game. tBottoml: Tecumseh painted in honor of Firstie Parents Weekend and for a victory of Vanderbilt. "I reall en- jo ed part ing with m parents all weekend!" 1 ,.. W, ,x - 350515-946scpr'-p?eouxnvf.1y.wr5-f:'K.. . gn. .-,- ,,9q,g4-.14 ,.'.,.M,-,,,,,Aw,mw ., .m m OTR -Pilvrf . f,.:-.-, ,- I 4. Q. ..v.,,.r,,,,0,.,g, 5.-L., ,.,4,,L1M,M,.,,,.3,,,j,,,,,, ,,5A,J,,w Miva - 'is 4 l I' QS Q4 .- , v if G M ,, . --'4! .,1-,,,di,,n,,g1,g I J fi f -fw"'fvseF the ear: mavyfair f0rQf 50 1 "ESPN finally picked up a real rivalry for Thursday night football." Zfc South Jn dl R -, 1 1 gy. . . . Q il O 5 Q ye I 52 . it l halloween by Lynne Hoppe Normally regimented and uncreative in their attire due to regulations, midshipmen tend to be stunted in their abilities to show a unique style. On Halloween night, that all changes. Some midshipmen plan weeks ahead, while others opt for the last minute creative muse to plan a genius costume. The costumes range from funny satires on celebrities CAcademy and civilian alikel, to traditional scary boogie men and killers. The highlights of the night include a King Hall dinner where people display their personally designed outfits and the trick-or-treat celebration in the hall. For the trick-or-treat, upperclass walk around the decks going from plebe room to plebe room getting candy. It is a good time for all. Some other Halloween events include the Halloween organ concert in the Chapel and the trick-or-treat and haunted house for the kids of faculty and staff. The organ concert is present- ed by Monte Maxwell and members of the Bri- gade and celebrates the season with a fantastic light and sound display. The trick-or-treat and haunted house is put on by members of each battalion and is a big hit among the youth ofthe yard and community. I l .. A- . 5 1 . - - . ,-, , 1 ,.-X. - '. li . , :pcs - J 1-Mesa: ,ff ' E, Q Av f Q3 px the year: arrnyfnavy 54 'w ,Mp :,., l . 'vs Q ,v " 2 , :gr 1,- 43, tl t .Q Q Top: The football team eheete after singing "Blue and Cold" and beating Army. Bottom Left and Right: Navy runs the ball on its way to a 42-13 win. Left page: Navy's Owens runs the ball to a touchdown. Three out of tour ain't bad!" Zfc Pavvlak I , A. u . -A ' U ,,,,,a-S.. Xpriy l 1 fm. ff' .N g , ftiigs lf T y ai A: 'T if . it '- . .: 'jg ' 153, , . . V, K. ' .1 - I .f', .w ..c 1 . r V. . F' . , V X v i 1 I , .. ' V4 w ' . ,. -v bn . . . sy. Pon' lf i. . , 5 w'.-n' 4 wv""' K., 4 'fl fr was 'H 3l'lTT week by Lynne Hoppe Army week is the time of year vvhen the creative juices at the Na- val Academy flovv. Bogged down by mounds of homework and tests, many mids enter a state of mind vvhere nevv and different ideas for pranks come naturally. Typically, one might see a plebe or group of plebes devising a vvay to slightly annoy or inconve- nience a particularly tough upperclass. Many times plebes don't realize that those tough upperclass are also more experienced upperclass and have plans of their ovvn. Even the staff gets into the fun having their offices moved to weird places or covered in odd ma- terials. Companies really got into the spirit this year vvith record breaking sized banners and decorations scat- tered throughout the Hall and Yard. Encouraged by daily e-mails from the Superintendant, the Commandant and the Master Chief, plebes were spurred on to bigger and better spirit related activities. The week culminated with a huge pep rally and bond fire. This coupled vvith a fevv professors going a bit easier on students and getting into the spirit energized the brigade to fight for victory. 9353 A '95 ,W ..y,. . bg!! V L S1 Q 1 4 ff ,Z xg ' 'eff I S Q I KK U w-""""wN ,,, , Bair' ,ia .':- "" We M., Y ,ff vw f'It's unheard of I've never seen a 14 U2 minute drive before. I doubt I'II see it again." We Aaron Polanco 0 BII n C g, stnecirovvdpumg 1 I n N y y wam'd By lustin Middlebrook December 30, 2004 SBC Park San Francisco, CA 1500 Midshipmen flooded the streets of soggy San Francisco in support of one of the best football teams the Naval Academy has ever fielded. Already tied for the best season record since 1963 vvith 9 vvins, Navy vvas hungry for one more victory. But what marked Navy's performance vvas the vvay the Mids vvent out and played to have fun. The Midship- men cheered their team onto victory from a special set of bleachers set up adjacent to the field. They watched as their team moved the ball up and dovvn the field using the triple option as only Navy knows hovv. Navy also spiced things up vvith a trick play to keep the Nevv Mexico Lobos off balance. Not once, but tvvice the Mids surprised the Lobos vvith a half- back option throwback that found Polanco open both times. The first set up a Polanco TD to give the Mids a 14-7 lead. The second time came on a 4th and 3 play that kept Navy's relentless 4th quarter drive alive. This record setting drive ate up 94 yards and took 14:26 off the clock. Polanco enjoyed tremendous success during his last game with the Navy Football team. Helped out by an offensive line that pushed the Lobos out of their vvay all game long, Polanco gained 138 yards on the ground and ran for 3 TDs, includ- ing 101 yards passing and a 451 yard TD reception by Corey Dryden. Navy sailed to victory over the Lobos 34 to 19 and into the history vvith the first 10-2 season since 1905 and the first Top 25 ranking since 1979. service assignment by lustin Middlebrook Service Assignment marks the start of a new beginning for first class. Until that night, your focus at the Academy has been preparing yourself to become an officer in the Navy or Marine Corps. Beyond that generalization the future is hazy. Sure, you know what you'd like to do, but as we wall know what we want and what we get don't always match up. But after this night, for better or for worse, you finally have some idea of the direc- tion your life is going to take: TBS, API, a ship or sub, or maybe even to a different service entirely. We still don't know when or where exactly we are going, but at least we know our community. This year's service assignment differed drastically from years past. Traditionally held in january, Service Assignment took place in Novem- ber. Then there was the cancellation of interviews which left many people up in the air about their fate. Even though interviews were "canceled'l quite a few firsties were still called for an interview. They told us that getting called for an interview wasn't a bad thing...but tell that to our nerves. On that fateful Friday evening, firsties crowded their warclrooms and waited for their company of- ficers ancl SEL to start handing out the dreaded en- velopes. Some opened the envelopes confidently sure their chosen community had selected them. Others, nervously peaked inside. For those lucky tor maybe it's unlucky depending on your point of viewl Nukes, their letters confirmed what they al- ready knew, since they had already survived the horrors of their interviews with NR and the Admi- ral, chosen subs or nuke SWG, and received their bonus. In the end, there were those who were happy, some disappointed, and some where left in limbo without a community. Soon after all the envelopes had been opened, we headed off to Alumni Hall for a quick reception. As soon as we finished there, it was time to celebrate downtown at one of the many bars, or for some of the unlucky folks who clidn't get what they wanted, it was time to drown their sorrows in their favorite drinks. ,, Zi. f c, Q The night eventually ended, by the excitement and hope of Service Assignment con- tinued. Within a fevv vveeks, nevv spots opened for Marines which in turn opened spots in other communities and people started getting calls about available openings for their first choices. The "second, third and fourth round draft picks" soon made more firsties happy when they vvere given a shot at their first choice for service selec- tion. Finally those poor souls vvho had no community could at last knovv where they were going. In the end most people were pleased and have embraced their nevv lives in their communities and began to focus on preparing to enter that community. left page, top: 15th Company Firsties Celebrate in Lovve's after receiving their service assignments. middle: Firsties from 13 company celebrate down- tovvn. bottom: joe Burns and josh Weiss get painted green in honor of ser- vice selecting submarines. this page top: Firsties gather in Alumni Hall for a quick vvord and reception. bottom: left to right: Betsy Keaiey and Heather lchord CUSMC selecteesl and Danica Adams and Carolyn Morin CSVVO se- lecteesl spend the evening together in celebration. "FinalI vve vvould find out what vve would be doing for the next part of our lives." . Xxx mM-'35 in " inf I 2 3 ,WJ .,,,. hlv'l ,Km inn dill., and x,,fCv,0v!"l 5,4103 IQWY DA ql'VlCe or 2005 P'L0TMmrf.2 se ection gg 0705795 MNOV D5 96 -'T '. ..,..- F . .1 os we 05 02 SEP -gg' :rf 271.4444 MLC-"C ., WH. ,W v if ' g, 3. wt'-7" is -'inc .WM gf? as 3 " ff-M if ff Q.. 4 jiri-W mffiif-1 ' 2-11900 ' Qi. 'a'-Nfl -.,,y-,- -35. mums -f""' F 4' -2' . ' 7. .1 A 47' K::A?'1l"' gfdnu ,'f7Jf -vi"-'J' .,n4c"kl wr - Mf. 2,4 paw: lZUlf wi MQ, UT , X ,.,. ' ,- I 'J . ' ' N f av- lg- ,', Ai N M., ..-N ..,..,,' Zljejil MF, .9 f-A , 'Aff fhbfgj Q qv' V' ,t. uv. ,cl .mul .T-5 ',,., 1,7 MIL' 4. R4 1- ff ft- t,v"n:4t1" wx-E A Q, 4 5 6 7 B 9 I0 H I2 ,. I3 I4 I x 'S L ,vnA.'l.. is .7,,.,,,,w-- E gpm ,-0,1 pt, f,:w'.u ,pu-4 Puls . fn. fi .nv- ,. Q4 J .yu s..' pn 'null Vfnfglmin- lluu J 1' ' A A.: '-" -f?" g.. "itil ,diff A I-AvL,,+ ig, :rwebl lg, Gini: ."-uf' L Y". ,apne- Ie, , 221 J wa' 4 3 , live, ua .f . H.-it ' L '74-wt? . , ...,.'i. 5. 6:5-0' -JMU Wx -J,-.L Y Y 0 .ef f , I -asf. is ljffdgf- X 211, ,J .FN tw ,.i- . -, .5iQr'6"'-""il ,f ' .Alf 'R 3 " PEARL y n mmvggzl T ' A idler' 'Ht WE' Nil I F ll' F' Cffi P by justin Middlebrook By February, the first class had their final semester at the Academy vvell in hand. Hovvever, most firsties could only really think of one date: service selection. For most the ups and dovvns of service assignment had come and gone and it vvas time to get serious about life beyond the Yard. Firsties hunted dovvn information on ships, what flight school date vvas the best, deciding if TAD vvas a good idea, and the best vvays to maximize your basket leave time from recent graduates and officers around the yard. As the day approached, there was a tangible excitement in the air. Finally, the evening arrived and firsties gathered in various places around the yard. The SWOs head to Memorial Hall, pilots made their way dovvn to Smoke Hall, and the future Subma- riners headed out to Alumni Hall. Free drinks and finger foods vvere available to help calm nerves. Admirals and generals flew in to check out and congratulate the nevvest members to their respec- tive communities. Finally the moment came. Firsties lined up according to their class rank and began select- ing. The SVVOs picked their ship and homeport, the Marines decided betvveen Delta and Echo company, aviators picked flight school dates, and submariners picked their Nuke School class and their choice of TADing at the Naval Academy or going home to participate in the Officer Home- tovvn Area Recruiting Program 1QOHARPl. The good times did not stop once the fi- nal dates and ships were picked. Out in tovvn one could have svvorn it vvas Mardi Gras or St. Patrick's day with all the celebration. People flocked to bars dovvntown to enjoy times with company mates and friends. l 4 I I I I I I I i I I I 'fProbabI I the most I I Q I above Cleft to rightbx UC Danica Adams, UC Anthony Garcia, and UC Mark n e k I n g Heber from 13th Company show oft' their ship selections. left page ttopbz VC Tim , I Beebe signs the board forthe date he signed up tor. I' I e n I was waiting I I for your turn I to pick." I I I I I N I I I I I I I I I I I I I I i I above: Firstie aviators wait to pick school dates. Iett page IbottomI: The i board from which the SVVOS will Choose their ports and ships. 'I I ll rr" , 'Mft ' -. as-' . A 5 I' 4 'Q i ,ig , I - wi5,,?,A'L 3 -1 . W Hfkvi ,- , F? my ' - 1 f gt-2 , V, V, -Qiebggfpirg. wi - 1 F '6' 1 4:6 ,-1 Coming back from home is tough but Seei ng For some Mids, the snow On the Way to class, Mids is just another event on succumb to the Wintery SVG l'y0 n G 3 n d the Way to class. Weather. making the best of things u M makes the clark ages 'rf k easier." The popped-collar was Some Mids, on the other seen throughout the win- hand, embraced the snow ter in an attempt to keep and made the best out of every last bit of warmth in it. and the cold out. blqafifk ages by Troy Benbow The end of winter leave signals that time of year that all midshipmen dread, the Dark Ages. The short winter intercessional period gives the Brigade just enough time to realize that there are two and a half months of wonderful Annapolis winter between them and spring break. No mid- shipman looks forward to coming back to school and the Dark Ages are an especially unhappy time for the plebes. Their existence is not a happy one and the cold and dark as well as their grumpy upper class make things even more miserable. A lack of football and reluctance to head out in the frigid reaches of Annapolis give midshipman a sense of cabin fever. Many may exhibit signs of gloominess, irritability, and dismay. Plebes can cope with the difficulties of returning to school by memorizing rates and shining shoes and up- per class can help deal with the symptoms of the Dark Ages by ensuring their plebes are more mis- erable then they are. The cold and snow seem to drag on as the two and a half months crawl by and the USNA's Dark Ages have a striking resemblance to the same me- dieval period rather than normal collegiate life. Bancroft Hall bears a striking resemblance to the tower of London and those swords the stripers carry bring an awful temptation to skewer a ran- dom plebe. While time may seem to drag on to eternity, the annual Beat the Dark Ages Dinner and spring break signal the end to a practically dark and gloomy time for the Brigade. z i l 'fr' NNAFAC is about understanding views from other people and places a ro u n d the Above: The NAFA e e ation in front of Ma an Hall. Bottom: Sm nation and world." UC Liehty Righ nafac Every year since 1961, the Naval Academy has held the largest undergraduate foreign affairs conference in the country: the Naval Academy Foreign Affairs Conference. The annual conference includes delegates from colleges across the country and around the vvorld who come to debate and learn about a topic of current importance to the foreign policy community. The 45th Annual Conference's topic of dis- cussion was 'fPovver and Purpose: Defin- ing Americafs Role in the World." The topic vvas chosen by the NAFAC midshipmen di- rectors: lfC Shelby Lichty, UC Patrick Daly, l!C Drew Thompson, VC Margot Beausey, l!C Maia Molina-Schaefer, UC Carl C-lass, and ZXC Nick Hamm. It gives future Navy and Marine Corps officers an opportunity to bond vvith peers in other colleges and universities. Each delegate is nominated from their re- spective college to represent it at the con- ference. They then participate in many roundtable discussions and debates giving all an opportunity to learn about the differ- ent points of vievv. In addition to roundta- ble discussions, internationally recognized speakers and panels are also set up. The conference contributed to the ongoing de- bate on the use of America's povver around the World to pursue national security in- terests and extend the roots of democracy. During the NAFAC conference, the Brigade and the delegates attended a Forrestal Lec- ture vvith Admiral Keatings, USN, as the guest speaker. The best part of the conference is the inter- action between delegates and midshipmen. Delegates were given a chance to tour the Naval Academy campus to learn about its rich history. Some tried sailing and others tried climbing the climbing wall in Halsey Field house. 1 7' 41, "It's about time we kicked St. jobn's butts!" ,Q . rex, - ,ef .. xg- 1 - S ,I Members ofthe 28th Company play croquet during the anual match against St. John's college. Wearing a variety of team uniforms, the members of St. jobn's college are distracted by a furry fan of croquet. croquet by Lynne Hoppe The annual Navy!St. lohn's Croquet match is an old rivalry dating back to the early 1980s. This year the team was ready to take on the college next-door after placing well in the national competition. This year was also unique because the team was made up of all classes of midshipmen. In years past, only first class midshipmen were allowed on the team. Plagued by bad weather, the team took to the yard in front of St. lohn's with a pride and determi- nation that allowed them to capture the match. They were really competitive this year thanks to intensive practices and bonds that broke through the classes. Led by team captain lfc Adam Todd, the team was able to come back from a second place finish at the national competition to win over St. lohn's. But this match is not only about the game of croquet, its about the social event that goes along with it. The annual event is both a competition between the Naval Academy and St. lohn's and a much anticipated event amongst the Annapolis community. Spectators from both schools as well as locals join together and picnic on the lawn as they watch the games play out. Old rivalries are rekindled and everyone cheers for their favorite team. There is always good food, cold drinks, firm friendships, and friendly competition, but there is nothing like coming away with a win at the end of the day. Navy's only won four times in the last 22 years so this year was a pleasant surprise for everyone involved. May the underclass take this win and establish a new legacy of domination over St. john's. Qghff Q gf A 1" V'-"ff Jing- I ri " f, .ij Y.. L F 5 K KL.-,-' If see: L J, sig: c, f 5 5 t 3 2 . 1. vi vt . z- s .A,- . ' 4? ' ' '4' N .fs Q, x . , . 4fo,- . X353-A . f ,.. .ix x" W4 'P' fi-'Q1l!'ff,jff gf!! E if -5. 1 1' L 'f.j.,, '1 -gf, 1 -Q ,. -. 1 Q Q G- "' 415 , 'T' , . .1 x ,a Q .,.. S A I 1. X , f -A .4 ,, , .5 "J- Nu... . iam , , 1 r 4' 4 -'L .1-. fi' -'-- , fupaft' . ' --Vgffz - -. .:,-- .. ...X 'H-an-.g"h -, -523' --J' - 'PCFQV .?,,, ' ' QW'-X 7-2,3-ggi.. ' ' Q ":-L.. , 1- .,, 1' 2-fb'1"... . "YHA 9 ' R Y' 4 u ' ' -, ff-s.. - Eg? - ,,, 'Q 4--Ns-.,,' if " ' , -. . Y " :QE ' ?a:-- ' fl T- - - .::. --'cgi' 'j'5l??a .,, .1 -g , - . ... - ,. fgggr. , ,Q-T, ,,q..... is ,--Than: -' -21.- - , -, ,4 - ' ---J, -A , .- - -. - , Q -3- 'V if Q 1 N 1 ' N wil?-,2 :trap . 5,1 r, f.- 1 , -vw' . . ' 4-3- ' -,if - Fl .aria -...TN I-f-1 "- f-1 V-fs' -- F fi . QF". ' , ' - - 5" "E, - N -' T?::f' -- ,f .V-,vxa 1- .. '. , 1- , , ' ra-i .5-' - .. ' . .V-"Q ' I. 'L . ' ,. -X 'ff ' ' ' ,-aa.: ... 'fr-+ ,...v- - f ', ' s 1 M ,- 4fl,,:t.- - - ,:,: , 3 . - ,..1 - A- . v ,h , - - , '-U-bg: ' . r-f-4' --.g5,,- -' A ' 'QA ..g- -, y,,...k g 2.-. , N- , ' ,' ' n1,'.- , - - ' , fi 2-.-:I',g.f 1-if ,- 133-V.:.. . V, f, . -"7'H'.:. :' pl - , V" ' .h, 'V 51,1 ' QQ- ,A ' 'L v' "f-F175 ' p N 'U' if' -. ', Q " . 'A' ' - :,': .Q 9-f' V n , , , pgw.. L 4, 1',,,,. 1.1. ,, 1 .f'- -my -N . 1- M -J, .53 .wwf-. .' V . , -3- q.. 1 '53 - f-15 ' Y.'-:z:H- 'w ni ri-1.13" A Ei -.Q-Q7, - 'N' " - 4- - -- H "?,'4"' ""':f . rl' " 'HN--: -"' 4 ' - ff. 'ff ' X ',. 1 , ,.,QLiQg54j7 ' -- , I w' Q 3: 'ffllffg 'N if I 'Q'-, W I fl, 'L -Q ," ra -. ' X 7 ,' -:,. --if " fi' "-if? , Q, 3g"2Qf:,2gfI5f,1g-g,1,.5, sf+1'Z!.,1Jyj1j5 ' gi" ' ,v ,. fain ,. y,,- 'g,,,f',1 1.-f vq.QrL',5,45.fV"' 1 1 hw'-,f+,3gn ugh, ,-,L f-. ' K-qw. - N- ,lg y-'-' , N ' f""v5.'-3-wgfjgl "LGB 1' - .fif 1j7!fw-r7gaffc-.-,- . .. V L Ki --.1 ,Lf-, - N 4.-5 :wg A Q, N M1435 ' f .4- , ,,., ,ir . .. J:-., :.-f ,.f ,,g ., ' 'Z 3 ,'.' M Bug: J., K 3.1. -D-V V ' .,,4, f-.w-J ' "4"'7? 1 - - - . '- " "a, if gr' "-.l.'3Yi'TiV" " ' ' ' - ' Z i1".':' -. L.. A X ' ' .-" '.,' -f'54"' K - - 'ff f V" .U "':'-1-:.,."' ' . . 'N .-.fl 4023 1-'1 - H -- r. ,r f. . . .. "'--ily? vi 'Nf- '. x 1 .. .4 ' ,ff 1" ,, -v "' . -gg E"-,fix .fflxlv ' ,, -H v. - VSLQN w., - S 5 ' . 'fl' N - -...-'rp -'H' " .- 1 4. g .,-V ' - -E. -iii? ' - . , 'f'- ?3'- - .ln - Y 5 2,1 1 - . . , ' .. ,- -. V . , . WU- 'H' ' ,lj"'4 f " N r. V V X f - - L +...,-- - 1- . i 'L,s,. A '--4 -. 11.11. , -Us.. -I xv- , v V A All. .. ' xv -,,?L,e:,,1l.f -lx 5 ,VB C N' x N, - -. 1, J , 5-,wg .,-.- -. 1,-. V ,ff I-ff..-' . K 1 ,. 5... ,, h . . 5 W- -L-,f-3' , V . L , I f N."-W 'N -A ' ' Q ' ' ' va,-it 3 ua'i5"Axv." ' '-1975?-31" 4- 3151" - -'fi --15 . ' . ' f'N"' 1' if N"'l'.'. . . .'.,.:m:::- 1. A -Q fir: .. 'NLS bu' ,. ,Q ,. W, .f , -. 5 .d."- -50-1, 1 ,. A , 1 ' ,' .1 - ...ly q - E Y -Y . ,- I N I , ...S l. - . . . . A . ,,.f'F"'-,A ., f. ' ff: "E . - . N, - ' ff --... 12'-5 ,- 4 sf 'a x ,'--, ', --' '.5,,- ---. -,af if,--0 ,..,f,f..f ,- us- t , , H 4, 1:21 5' -f 3.1. bf, I - .f " , - '- - 1,1014 ' Af V, , A - .Q-1 a. 1 .. ig. A: . -1 - Q" 'L 3.-. .-I ' ', if .,. ., J. .Wil -?'.Q fe, fi 1- :. EYUM. 5:t'.Q':' 'rx - - -.. .- 4- - - H th year: l i l l l l i l l l l l l l I l l l i i i l l l l i l l ji l i l l l i 1 i sea trials by Lynne Hoppe In the life of a Plebe, everything is just one step closer to Herndon and the end of that longest year. Sea Trials is the last major hurdle in the journey and the final test. Starting at 0500 in the morning Plebes and their company cadre take to the different stations with vigor and enthusiasm. At the Naval Station, Plebes are chal- lenged with the obstacle and endurance courses. The bear pit and pugil-stick fights are always a highlight. For more tactical training, plebes go into the woods as squads to find a POW. They must work together and quickly in order to escape without being attacked by paintball guns. Back on the yard, plebes move from station to station participating in various events. These include a monument run and push-ups in the surf on Hospital Point. In Lejeune Hall, Plebes are put to some of the most challenging tests as they take to the water. Pick- ing rifles up from the bottom of the pool, making their way through an underwater obstacle course, or helping a buddy swim across the pool are just a few of the chal- lenges they face. Some phases involved using quick perception and thinking skills to get a task done. If the platoon did not want to drop for push-ups, they needed to think on their feet and work together in order to accomplish the task. The teamwork and motivation the Plebes learned throughout the year that kept them going as they day progressed and everyone started to become tired. At the end of the day the Plebes formed up in Alumni Hall for the recognition ceremony. During the ceremony, companies ll and 14 were given honors for Motivation and Strength respectively. It was truly a day of success for all the people who helped make it happen and especially for the class of 2008. ..4.J' -' . .- ,,,,.,. ,,,L . lf .154 f Y H V t, V ji ' f 1 , fx' fx. I fp'-j H H jp-i I i -"X, l -'N gi SML LM jxfwiix N 5' Qt.. Q, . 5, ' + F- 4' ' f ! 4 f'9HJh top: Youngsters enjoying time together at their luau. left: Two youngsters enjoying each other's company in their last big event as youngsters. right ttopi: Youngsters i pose for a picture. right tmiddlel: Youngsters watch a group of Hawaiian Dancers. l l 'X in 1 i l i E, l ,i I, in l I i l i l above: Lucky youngsters join the Hawaiian dancers and learn the moves. left: A couple of youngster take a break from all the festivities. right lbot- toml: A youngster grabs a bite to eat. i GUN STGI' lluaug As the end of the year gets closer for all mid- shipmen, each class has something to look forward to. For the Third Class, it is a Luau that marks their halfway point through their Academy career. This is a recent tradition which originated with the Class of 2001 in theirYoungster year in 1999. The Youngster Luau is held out on Farragut Field every year to have plenty of room for food, entertainment, and leisure. just like any other Luau, you can expect to see a huge roasted pig amidst the rest of the tons of Hawaiian food. Decorations always in- clude Hawaiian leis, enough to go around for everyone in the Class of 2007 and all the faculty and staff members who choose to attend. The dress code? Hawaiian shirts and board shorts with sandals of course! Plenty of fun activities uncommon to a Luau but not to midshipmen, such as pugil sticks, soccer, ultimate Frisbee made the afternoon fly by. Youngsters bonded, laughed, and made memories with their classmates that they will treasure forever. Some memories were hilarious such as the Dunk Tank! Other memories grew from competition, such as the Eating Contest. As a finishing touch to make the night memo- rable, a class t-shirt was made for the Class of 2007, which is proudly worn by many on this afternoon of laughter and leisure. The t-shirt symbolizes who decided to partake in an event with their classmates and be able to later say: "been there, done that!" 3 1? ,pig A - ' .N xg 'U ft 1 ' Q f 5 il 1. .il A tl B' 0, fe, 'D' , ff ss.. herndon A greater feeling than your first gold star in kindergarten, making the peewee football team in 3rd grade and high school graduation all at once: Herndon! Although at the beginning of plebe year the gray obe- lisk does not seem so impressive, as the days count down to the end of the year, somehow the monument seems to grow. Finally the morning of Herndon dawns and what used to be a small piece of stone you passed ev- ery day going to class is now one big piece of granite keeping you from earning a new freedom. The Plebes were out with an inten- sity that morning that was captivating. Even upperclass running errands had a smile on their face as they passed by as over 1000 Plebes tried to ascend the greasy monument. With over 200 pounds of lard cover- ing the monument, the key to climbing Hern- don is teamwork. lust as no one can finish plebe year by themselves, no one can climb Herndon by themselves. Taking that mind set from the beginning is vitally important for a quick assent. But somehow, every year the same thing happens: its everybody for him- self. Eventually things settle down and ev- erybody begins to work together. After sev- eral attempts the plebe Dixie Cup comes off and soon the midshipmen cover replaces it. And with that symbolic gesture, Plebe Year drew to a close for the Class of 2008. Later that afternoon, the Class of 2008 gathered in Alumni Hall amidst friends and family. In keeping with the Link-in-the-Chain Program, members from the class of 1958 in conjunction with the Company Officers and SEL, the Superintendant, the Commandant and the Deputy Commandant handed out the precious anchor signifying that the fourth class are now in fact full fledged third class with all the rights and privileges the of there- of. Once the Recognition ceremony was over the parents were allowed down to the arena floor to congratulate their new 3!c sons and daughters and replace the naked plebe shoulder boards with the coveted youngster should board with its single diagonal stripe. 3-Ilfjj'-. 'ti'-N. 1' ,mi Wifi- "r"Tk if ii if if ai-2..l LV U . , . I 1 U 'MF 3,42-N, Lf i Top: Plebes and their parents cheer on their classmates as they begin to climb Herndon. Bottom: During the recognition ceremonies the 4!c become 3!c and receive their anchor from their company officers, sel, and members ofthe Class of1958. "It was the best ola of m life." , ,f -f , - A., -. K as - cfpggrissioning by lustin Middlebrook Commissioning week is a good time no matter what year you are cel- ebrating or how long you've been at the academy. The week starts Saturday evening with the long awaited Ring Dance. Ring Dance for the second class is a joyous evening of entertainment and romance. With live music and free food, the dance floor on Hospital Point is full all night long. After dipping their rings and dancing all night, a fireworks display caps the evening. Sunday begins with Baccalaureate Services during which those midship- men who wish to, may dedicated their service according to their different faiths. Catholic and Protestant midshipmen may dedicate their service to their Lord by signing a special book and by receiving their respective service Bibles. The rest of the week is dedicated to parties for all. Many firsties celebrate their upcoming graduation and commis- sioning with parties that are open to all classes. Both the new and old 3!c get to taste the pleasure of weekday liberty. During the day there are any num- ber of award ceremonies for those mid- shipmen who have proved themselves academically, physically, and morally throughout the year. The Blue Angels flight demonstration team is always a sight to see as the Blue Angels preform daring feats. The Superintendent's Carden Party was a hit for many of the families. With good food and a beautiful setting, the only thing that could have been better would have been nicer weather for some of the companies. Performances from the various ECA's are sprinkled throughout the week for Silent Drill, D8fB, Trident Brass, the Clee Club, and many others. I 5.4 -,g,iHf'l' 1, gr , . Ji? lei' :Wi Top: The Superintenclant poses for pictures for all of the graduating first class and their families. Bottom: A first class midshipmen stands with her sister in front of the USNA 2005 ice sculpture at the Supe's Garden Party. ..- l I 'ZA' -, i VT.. ' 1-ff Above: A future Marine Corps Officer receives his Marine Corps Bible. Q' 'Sw' it "Commissioning week was a blast with all the par- ties, but I could have used some more sleep." A i , 1 Above top: OCP firsties "Big Guns" at the OCF picnic. Bottom: The Oath of Office Right Page: The Color parade is the last and longest parade ofthe p ear y . Wggissioning by Lynne Hoppe Forthe firsties, Commissioning week is both the best and longest vveek. With parents, friends and relatives all converging in Annapolis, many firsties felt the pressures of meeting their daily obligations and finding time for the parties and festivities. Drill and graduation prac- tices meant early mornings after the fun the night before. Sprinkled throughout the day were other events planned for the enjoyment of the firsties' families. Firsties were also in- vited to the graduation ball. This formal event vvas like ring dance for the vvhole family. Although everyone vvas tired after the vveek, graduation vvas something no one would give up even with all the stress and obliga- tions. "Good tHnes,good h1ends,an- e r r Some members of the men's swim team and their dates pose for a picture done." during ring dance Crooving on the dance floor, the second Class and their dates go wild with dance moves Zfc ring dance? IQ i' 55.-4 ,- f 55555 if .' if f"' Q .1 I: ff , mg. C ,J 7 , iv sg- Z 1 Ji: 2? f .J i fix- 5 ff' L 'Qf'T'Z15f'2p W ?ffi:I3: if "f M, A 'Qs ics- ' 'Q ! Q, , .dll 81 I ' I J 9 Q Q, " L fs ' l QL a A 1. W . W: f 'S Av I Q52-Pm fk fb ' f I 0 , 'o U' f th ei- yea r ' , , : "1 "QS lfqlfllgigfff' , V ,n gt. 5-g egizzf .,. , , ,- ga ,,,' , mf.,-' V- ,,,4wy.1., ., v ,V - ,.YwflfW,9,,,Q'l ' fr,-w 4444. Q' at +52 Above: The Blue Angels fly over the stadium at the start of graduation. V 2' "It was well orth the four ear wait." ENS Verducci D N' 5 .. , ,N 1-. -A-3f' q ,-. 'l'. f-LQ Hxfn Sf mv ?!!!!!1!ff 'N ' .pw A 'Y X 4 , , K -'lung ni" 1 -lc. 6 4- M1 f ff W 7 ff ' 6 4 ,, M 9 l. Q 'A 1 -- S 2.1. gl I 5 -9- 1...--q-A1 ,as 1 ,,,.-fx M Wlbf M . 11 'M-ful' ' F-."0.'w'.. - Q fl ' f - ' . .xl K., - 0, , -.A 1 r- J 'Q -W LW " I I I ' A r',,u :V jYK" ,V My QL? . va. K, l 5 ., Q' 1 the year: ' 84 . L B D T1 h N P g , , Sl ,. 'Ar X -signal Zilrszfn 9 A familiar scene at the beginning of each semester. plebes create boards for their companies. They must work on them well and diligently. though. because if they do not finish them in a timely or well executed fashion, the boards will be torn down and made to be redone. A r . nm.. , V Mids sit in the benches near T-Court. Anyone walking down this hall would Between classes. before ECA's orjust think of only one thing: Alpha. In to relax. mids take advantage ofthe the brigade. we had alpha's that went nice scenery and beautiful days that we brigade wide. and those that were com- have at the Naval Academy. pany mandated. Right: Winter starts. Restrictees shovel. February 24th. a day that will live in infamy. Roger Staubach gives a talk to the brigade of midshipmen and then gives us a day off school. Confer- ring publicly with the supe, Mr. Stau- bach asks if he can give us a day off school. The supe then asks both the Dant and the Dean if they feel we can have the day off. Now no one knows why exactly the powers that be were so gracious. Maybe it was because we deserved it, maybe it was because the weather was forecasted to be bad any- way. or maybe it was because they love us like their own children. but either way the day will forever be known as "Roger Staubach Day". 9.521 -V. - ' ' f A . 'iii Y '1 rut 3 riff s- rc Qlsfzgsllggigl l.fg,,:g,q-5:5 3,3 c . .. ... -.nu-- X el" ,, QM, G 5107 " fd: vf 1 I , ' 1 , :,,.w Y'--W , II, ' J " -- VV , ,ff ' , ,af Lo:Qs?if.Ef Q i X . c "T f -' Nw... In w'w4'm'W+'rmf-ww,:v"1f,q'-wvfxwf V, MW W X ' -A Q., N fp: f JM' H9637 ' 1 xx g 1. - a xy I W9 ' f 7 Q EQ! ,......fA,,..4--' " ,wqzf -ff-.., 15554 ' up ,.,,. .. .1 -'-'M ,' ,' ,ff .,,, .V 4 ,f wffx W gf WW' ' Iii? awww ,ill Sli f A , 1 . Q ag.. 4. wvf 4x5 Wy -' E .h 2 x-N Y 1 A .' ' ' vang W. , 1- ,X S, ,-' i u ,ruur 157' 4.1 fglikw' ' 15 - ,,.A.LMM,9gg Mm . we QM V, u l , ,L , '. as rv1f9wfff?W-xiffif ,d.wwW1vwv'UW Y y'ffl F ,.,1.-mpfllf' 4 ' 1 ..V.:a-i,1- SVP 2' H-V . M - ii ' : rl f . 'li' ,gg uvzgl ill l gag f -be dll? . if I f 4 C l' R? z TL. sf l .. c ...gf W A k 2 1 in Y mmmrlk-gi J . ,. Returning to the Academy at the end of any summer is never entirely desired thing thanks to the excitement ofSummer Cruises and the pleasures and freedom ofleave. But nonetheless, it does have its highlights. The Crab Feast is one of more enjoyable aspects to re- form. Whether you are an old pro or a complete novice the night is enjoyable. lfyou're not a fan ofcrab, there's always the old stand by of fried chicken. Sodas and ice cream complete the meal. . t 1, .' gf-Jef, H V3-. . r E l'+i "A, ' N t 2 J N av 1 K. 1 ik X, W ,X 12 ' ., au X11 SWS 'Xia iii, A 47' ' W, 1 1' 1' . LJ ,ji . il if iss - W 'A V- X., , ' "W - A' "'1f135E1' N 5 '- - :H-1 - , rfzgagt -'N' r 1 rt . .-' .f X.. 1 V ...,cp:"si X - Above: Some mids will go to any lengths to protect themselves from flying crab pieces as their companions enthusiastically at- tack the platters of crab. Below: Crab hats arejust some of the many different adornments mids chose to honor the Crab Feast 1 J --... f 1555551 Above: The Amerine brothers are a recent set of siblings to have come to the Academy. Siblings at the Academy are not a new occurrence. Having a brother or sister is a bright part ofthe Academy. Whether going to the sib- ling's room for a little relaxation, going out to lunch together or shar- ing sponsors, there are always good things and good times. Some- times having a sibling can be kind of rough if upperclass perceive preferential treatment, but having someone to give you a pat on the back helps even the most stressed out plebe. Many families have multiple generations come through the Academy. The Shanley fam- ily, has had the longest legacy in recent years. Tim Shanley was the youngest brother of live to graduate from the Naval Academy. In 1988 his oldest brother, John, graduated following his father, John in 1956. When Tim graduated in 2003, eight people in his family had gone to the Naval Academy. Above: A mid plans an ambush for any unwary person who walks by. Pep rallies have been a long standing tradition at the Naval Academy. Every Thursday night before a home football game, the Naval Acade- my family gathers to cheer on the various sports teams as they take on many different opponents, but we especially gather for those about to take on Army. This year found a renewed dedica- tion to the spirit of the Brigade as the first pep rally of the year took place out in the streets of Annapolis at the famous City Dock. Even the mayor of Annapolis came out to support Na- val Academy athletics. Every pep rally tried to do something different. From fireworks, bon- fires, bands, Marines taking over T-Court, and a special appearance by the Washington Red- Top Cleft to rightp: Mayor Ellen O. Moyer rallies Navy fans with uEear the Goat"g young Navy fans enjoy the sights and sounds of City Dockg MUC Francisco Dominguez lead singer for the Electric Brigadeg The I-lockey team and VVomen's Swimming and Diving team enjoy a few moments in the spot light during the Winter Sports Pep rallyg left: the an- nual bonfire at the Army-Navy pep rally sending the Army mule up in flamesp below: Bill the goat crowd surfing at City Dock. skin cheerleaders, the pep rally organizers set new standards for yea rs to come. And as always, every pep rally concluded with the playing ofthe iINayy Blue and Gold" followed by a resounding HBEAT ARMY! ! ! !" Top to bottom: fireworks at the Army-Navy Pep rallyp the USNA Drum 84 Bugle Corps makes an appearance at ey- ery pep rallyg Garrett Barry sings IINavy Blue and Gold"5 Cap tain Leidig leading the Brigade in III BELIEVE TI-IAT WE WILL WIN"5 Colonel Euguea and his daughter Earreng the Supe get ting ready to IIEIRE IT UP"g above: A YP at City Dockj below Coach Paul Johnson and the football team prepare for the hrst home ame ofthe season. I J? ,'4 i I I . 55 V KT i if 'Y' ' I I I si ' If ,- Q 5' 3 , I KN! Lis I' 1 3-- Mtgz R. Y-- :gy I I During the second semester, midshipmen added another skill to their ever growing repertoire: painting. Paint was a common smell as one walked through Bancroft I-Iall, and racks sitting outside rooms was a familiar sight. Mids use paintbrushes, rollers and bright green tape to help them paint their rooms. - fre- rf : fr .H 7- Q lg 1, it sl MV mm Q! . 53 , X ., ,sw ,Q . 1 if . . ,f ,ffgf k ,. ,xv .,. I 41 i... wk, 4, wg . 4 4 x -2 Q .il i Q15 12 , ,.iih5.. ' Av' Fai' nn? 4 0' x :,1iij'f'f-PF -V -' xr A , 51, A 'Qga , .,, f , -gf.,-fm-3-, png fig ,A , Egwgyi-,i.q 1 'X- f x. vi' . rw - 151- ,. '1,,49g.f ' ' 2 .ig . '-:5Jff51k5", . was M425 F ' I f Q 1 ' a ,, s n vi R 2 F 3 N4 0 5 Qi ' My Emmwgiv' M ' . . Q Q. 4 TQ' i 4 I? V ! g Hi :z--,. gf, N' . Zigi ' FJ , 1 f ' - . A I f sped 1 Epi, fm, 'A A , , f- N Y. J - ,, . ,J Y "1 i if . i i ew Q .W 3 ' , L' .YM 5. TL235Qaf"' 2 V . , 1 ,a V... Y 'wa' V we - M 'gy:4m'g,5Qg5f -V f ff'5a QU! x 6 , . Q, in , if 19 a 4 X x h Y j fm , ' ' if I v I ,, 5. Vs v . ' Q. fy, 1 , 1 V X gum lx ,V 1 ' E 5 u, no 5 . ly X . i , lvhh! 1 1 . , X , s' Q5 X - A 5' A 'ig nf' If-ff f K Q R ll f Q 'ph X xK,bx.. 66 KK ' .NA Q u X X0 'sn K AN . IU 'V the ear: in revievv ' 94 , : ,U 'i A J x . .fy A . ' 1 ' ' 1 Y' ry 1 V ,V . 1 N ,u .,f 41" ? . L 1 s " . 1 gt- N, J .9 A -V 0. 'I N6-4' I, ,, A , A 1a H' I .1 ' JIM 1 ,. ,f y y, fl I L lx? gg, 1 4 A wr R." f wtf , gf , H I N if E I , -X an 1 ,, Hx . ,ffm-ffffI1h'1dU-:"X gf J , ' "IQ 4 4 4, S . 512, 4 4 W 1 5 I I W ' fx ,3 SV, W. Mgvgil, If A M6 M4 A W 'f an 4 N :Q 1 ' 422,-1:, '51p:f1 -1 "XZ .3 , vw, '51 Q ?P 5? -fb' Q' VB iff S f 39' 'L 3, 1 -v- -l. ,, 4 ! - C H 5 QV., L ' I -4 ag? si Q M .1 . 24 gf . 4. ' Q 1. 0 ' ' ' Wi? SVG ' Ti? Y . ' f rw, 1 - sf '.v fi. L, f, ' Xi MN ..N .. ,lA - . . , X ' f 'Q Q - 11 lik , . iw Al Q ' ' 9 -ii-5" ff" r' n l: k - IVV4 J A 'Q' P 1 f , Y Q -5 Q, H 1 I 'S C3 Q - 5 if ., ' 'W f . . the year: in revievv 96 HV r. ' ' Q1 . ig, is I ' g 1 V w., , r 'Q 2' 1 Q2 a 5 ik O "EU -1 a X. 1 l X A nv if ' f f f- -f 4, H JQQVQMIQX 461, in W. NA :A f' .,,, : LQ V1 L I. A 'f ' ,A .3 1, -, i , ,, .1 4 i W .gmt ,V,A 'A T A aw y ,b iz, ' 5' ,B a se, f,r,. 1 27 ' I ' ,L Y 1, thee year: in revievv 98 1 29? fi 5 A "1'g!l,.,', A u 21' ntl, :ga-'V'AfMp"1'i ILA' '- y -1 A , 5 f f If ff M M 'aff '?d!ff"' fi f' """d," 11,28 1121531 Auf. X"f"vf..f4Q:.1'i-.,' X - I it ""' 'l' wi. p fyf'-rf, by XLS l Lili-' ll , f 1' 1 l it - -sx wssq "" 1 Homecoming vveelcend this year vvas a special vveelcend indeed. Not only did vve welcome baclc many of the graduates vvho have come before us, vve also welcomed back a piece from our dis- tinguished history. After 111 years, the U.S.S.. CONSTELLATION returned to the Academy for a vveek long celebration. The CONSTELLATION served as the training vessel for midshipmen dur ing their summer cruises from 1871-1893. Voyage to Annapolis. 2004 , Special Thanks To: T l Northrop Grumman Iflvrlrnnic S.H11""-N 77:0 lima- lhwllicrs Flllllflilllj 'Hu' lfnilvd Stutvs iN':n:1I ,-lmwirlvrm llnrhur Cruises Brcczc fuisinv P .lcriclmProduvliims limp K Powvr hquipmcnl Co. 5 .4 , . I 3 5 fi .11 ' ff, 1 N N Q . 1 fx in Oo Q - ,ff X 1 '10 -1,-v I-' f ,yt Q ,. vw m'd If rw ,wal xx, Pff, gf ,gf J' Til! -1 ' . L ,QEQQQ ni' at-amx 33. A 1 v , 4 Q 1 O ,S 'L Q2 1 'X I A 1 V the year: in revievv 1oo ef" AL ,QM f 1 i Q, I J vi , P ,xx , G ,E , I 'K 525 I 5 , .,. 1 - 'S I N :,,g,4'.jZ,22? Q if QA. V ' ' " 1' if ' 4 ,, ,ig W" V . 'rg Z 4'3'gf" ' ' . 1 "nf ' WM Q I gy ' 'f f 511: f '. f -3:94 fin X Q 94: 'x -ff N -- 2 4 f Qf 4- . 'wk' .-1 M:-' - Q- fx 4 an , A v '. f-, Y .4 2 ,r ,. jg W-f, L3 xi . N 1?-vig v ' , , wi ,, gjv- - Jgez H: Y Wg, . f- .pfmfw gff 1 ' - , f ' 5, ww ,F ,i 2. f f , Mr 1 C-ii! Y 5-me, Q UMD ,tw nr. SP: :F SF WT, 2 , Q A1 ifselsatre x .,., ' .S.. S - s 1 ' i , ' X' 'V I . .TJ tl ' . Li I I fl, -J' 5 ' - Q frm X V , 5 rtjfq , 5 Q 5 4, ff' 0 Uh X 'I mme? VX, 'l Wm, A I ' lj 'Wa -an vw 'Z A 0 , , xv., ' , . X "Emp 'f ,. .v-fn-,fmu gl, ' A N I, 5' 33,13 Q, '5r,,,,, Us -ffl A . X, 00, V 9 s is N .. f V ,L lf .4 wr 7 -u if" 1' IVR' V fi-' Jn' '1.nv3'1Wggg5w .ne 'PFI 11' my i A1 K-xelafiiiicial-rf wzw-1 .f " I , V I l X .V , ,,,,. ,, fi s ' K W Ava-,Wg 1, V - ' -1 -. Q a ,. - . ' .14 .gk V L '- f ' - -ft wr , P ... ,iQ,?,g,1T,1, wr' . NT' 'wiv W 3fg: wI,1..g,,Qf..,W m f 4' -,FK ' X s... N' ' , ,, 1.4, 'H .P ' . nf zqirifzxxfg- ,UA A .N.:.,... M 4 :J .q s ' My V - 1' . X - ,.. L ., . - , if h:y'fJx,Y 'gi M -I ,J ,..,3Lkg V A H., A , , . .ex -. N I -.,tc.,., 05, in . 'EV 'xcltiw -if , J W 4 w- . A I o f 5 x J , 1.5 A ' ' -'H' .1 ., f-., -ev , - Y ,. qu , 1 ef 'fav if th year in r vievv A 1 in ,gh -4.. 1' . Q 4, L ls' 'W 3 xx .La 5 Jif3?f' 3 Mkt' v m ,Q Q" dl J- A -J mt? 1- na Nw.. I .W W V Q , V.,-'7. . il L. 1 1 W VM if 1 ak, 1 ' I I . wg, i . NA ' 1 1 ,.,. iw . 5, xx. . 1, -,VV A gf ,, LF 5. fgk ' 5 ' ' 'Fai k . .sf . X 5' 31,41 J-ff, 4 W 3 afmk' :Q him M. ' Af" z 'f'fW:' Q-fvia' ,,f,l7cxM V, ., , ,x 5.119 W' 9 w wr 1' 1 9 A , vw ,H V. . .13 www -J: , ' ,J fm, f'3?'i? fffmlipj, , f ,, . , , ., fi .4 'fs , ,A f V, ,, , -g -, f in 9,1 f ' ' ,1 gf X Q,ga11v7,,j7?5,g'1gAf,:'.4ui'Q2wQg',,-A ' 551 . , f ff A A A ff . if . , 1 if - .. L 325, 1 'R Mk gf, ,fa x ' ' --f Mm . V, A A M., x W K ' 1 e H? 9' , 23' -5 , L. 1 , if . K H-4 'KSA 'aa ' Hg- A ' Aff 'J ' fl ' ,,, wi?" ff? ' If Flys, A- 1: -ff AZN me ' :sg '- El ifgs'ifzzf5g, ' Ga. "' " .xffw-153. 4 ,,, ' - G 1 1., I- sl' f V .Jsi 4 if" , S .W ,A . 'Arif' :Q .4 I, 1 . . +R ' A mf 1' 424311. FM U 4 V ix, .M .,, ., . n A . 1 Q 0 n as .JV X , r vq .7 N , w fs N "'. S P6 g. 1 .. -EU .""- ', .N ' ., -25,22-1 Tu it .iw ei' 11 ' fi AQ 9 f-'Sw NW Q 'Y F-U P' rw 4 is F fx . 1845 . , Q. nfs: 4 'K - . me ff x Ar Q I xv 1, , 'ig if , 31:4 3. XM? 'ner-:in 'zz ' .- 9 0-gr" 1 ,f sur," 0 S u -B-.. v .Univ .M . Q.: n" W'- . N.,- - f., 14 .UL 'ff:'f4fi'E?'2f ' U31 S: , 1 ' "Yuan 9- ,Y--A ' Y , v ff- N -4 I z Q V1 , --1 , -- 2. ffg 5 ' ' :J-,, ' ,,,,. W? ' . f ' 'F' . FM-11,1-f"?"?fi5'f 1 V I f I 'Q ,L ,K Rf i. ,,. -'N in '57 Q - . ' 5523 r. ,.,aI"' 5 , ' aw ' ,VO M U 5 Q , , I . s n v Q , H g 'J A .--, , , wfxlii I ' 7 1 I. ' 'ffyxtfi 1. .1 K! lg.,-W 4-. an .5 1,r fa 1,-v ' f 73',,1':: '42 -' was 5 y 1 53? :FM vm-f."'.4 ' si-if' 'X459'-4 gf ET' '2.5,.,,, f Liv? -' "W" 1 K ,-,Q , WW., K gm.. 'sew-'. x .gy 3- 52-flfrf ' :J N: - j1f.?i,,rg 1: 5522? " Sufi! 4 Z., N G--wmv. -:v w ff-1, -',:-grf' f R ' if 11-I,-.'j53i? H1 ' ,fzffshif-1 -fr' .V,. X, r Nfl' 39-Nu -:qi-lui.-3 vwfflllhf I 1 4, If 7 Cowvwefgfetww JJ 1' 'E J! D Q 3 DTA: the Plebe Perspective ....... . DC, alfimore 8. Beyond. ...... Cars 8. Cabs ........... . ....... King Hall. ......... Sleeping Plebes. ........................... Afier School ffhe Daily Grindl After School fFun 8. Games, ...... STU SHT Imspecfions ..... Mid Servic:es......... Exchange Cc1 deTs....... Siblings ...... .... . .... Your1gs'rerLife. ...... ..... ........ ........ - ..... .. Bock in Time KUSNA in 19551. ......... as o o CN it 'mi Q QD it 122. Q W ig Q55 tell you what new movies are out." Well thank God for the mall and that plethora of truly useful information. Maybe itts the hint ot contraband that stirs the fourth class blood: the walking - no, not chopping - down the side of the mall's main corridor and that acute angle you just made into Brookstone. Maybe it's the time spent releasing energy on the heads of tiny Moles us- ing a hammer you stole from Johnny, the eight year old waiting in the Arcade for his mom to finish shopping. top: Sam Kim finds zen ln a massage chalr right: The stylish plebe always shops at Coach. Unfortunately they dldn 't cany the mens' bags Josh Gilbert was seeking Drop the chem books, put away the calc equations, throw away your menus and put on those liberty nam- etags - its the weekend, and for the fourth class that can only mean one thing: another exciting adventure to the Annapolis Mall. "Its just good to get away," re- plies MIDN 4lC Godiksen ffst Co.l, "My favorite store is the Sharper lm- age because you can lie down on the massage chairs and take a great nap: something we all need." An un- derstatement for any mall frequenters who knows that for many plebes the mall only means more places to fall asleep: the food court, the massage chairs, the changing rooms, the mov- ies the line for the movies. If not sleeping you can find a mid catching up on professional devel- opment by staying current on world events. "l think J-Lo has got married at least five times and I didn't know about any of them," MIDN Kim ltst Col commented, with 4lC Manuel l14th Col adding, "We're locked up so much of the time l could not even Maybe it's the atractive sophmore, in high school, that you caught ad- miring your SDBs - or better yet that you bothered puffing out your chest to get that small bit of attention. Or, maybe, just maybe, it's the sweet escape from Swedish lVleaballs as you bite into Fuddruckerls succulent one pound burger. Then all of your midstore watch- es sing in unison 2130, and you des- peratly dash out to lVlr. Brown like Cinderella to her pumpkin, hoping to make it back to the hall early and unnoticed. Now in the cab, you turn behind them to see the glow of Annapolis IVlall slowly fading in the rear wind- shield. Your high-school girls are gone, gone with the civilian clothes, gone with the Arcade games and gone with the oh so juicy hamburg- ers. No worries though, Saturday is only six days away. Moybe it's the hint of controbond thot stirs the fourth clolss blood L Q Q52 i W QD E Sw Q Q fw EE Q 4 it l CD ji E Q Q A . l Qi' I l I i AJ While the highlights of our lives are clearly the long hours spent in class, on the parade field, and devouring King l-lall's fine cuisine - sometimes you just have to get away. The USNA nightlife is thrilling and all, but believe it or not, in Washington, D.C., Baltimore, and other nearby cities they actually have one. We are privileged to be with- in short driving distance of two major cities, several "reall colleges and a multitude of clubs, bars and other estab- lishments for midshipmen to escape to when the Academy cuts us loose. Of course, fourth-class midshipmen know nothing of this forbidden pleasure, they are kept on a twenty-two mile leash specifi- cally to preclude them from traveling to such strange and distant lands. After earning that youngster stripe, though, there's noth- ing that can keep us from venturing to our nations capital and beyond. Oh wait, ex- cept for the continued prohibition on driving --there is always that. And to make matters worse, public transportation beyond our An- napolis hamlet is notoriously tricky. Sure once you get to New Carrollton the lvletro will take you anywhere and the Baltimore light rail plugs heart of the city, but of course most busses there don't run on the weekends and a round trip in a cab will practically exhaust your third class salary. So second class year comes along. Youlve got a car, you've got civvies so you donlt have to go out wearing a giant "look at me" flag, and youlre quite likely 21. , ..,4 Above: is that Herndon? Middle: Going out in public gamers thanks, well wisf and plenty of photo reguests from passers 5 you right into the D-O and Baltimore are YOUVS to UVVVW- Bottom: Vlfith the help of family a couple newly mintecl youngsters appear to have escaped their natural habitat during commissioning week, spotted herei near the llflall in Washington, D. C. 1 P-4 Some of the best places to go are the other near- by universities: UMBC and College Park, George- town and George Washington fdon't mix them upl, American, Howard, Hopkins, Catholic and even St. Johns. Okay well maybe not St. Johns. Travel a little farther and UVA, UPenn, Rutgers and more are still well within reason. The farther you go, the less likely you are to run into another lVlid, though you'll never escape them completely. Let us out on the weekends and we gravitate toward just about any school other than our own. You probably have friends from high school at some of these universi- ties who you can stay with, and even if not, there are always new and interesting people to meet at the clubs and bars. ln reality, Annapolis does have a pretty solid selection where eating and drinking are concerned, but if you're more into intermingling with those strange civilian types, the atmosphere of a big-city club might be more your style. At the very least you can probably find a filthy corner of a dorm room rug to pass out on until Sunday comes around and you have to start back to school. Lef us out on the weekends ond we grdvifdfe fo- .33 word just dbouf ony school other fhdn our own. 1, l l 'l i l if--.. nnks. ., -.- 5 E32 !' Il Finally! Finally, second-class year comes along and you can get that car you've been craving for the last two years. You just become ac- customed to driving yourself around in high school, show up here, and they take it away. For two years your hands itch for a steering wheel, you stare longingly at your firstie friends driving on and off the yard in their fancy-pants civilian clothes, and maybe - if you're really afflicted with the sickness - you make vroom vrrr- roooom noises as you go chopping around corners when nobody's look- ing. Maybe you were audacious as a youngster and kept one stashed away out in town, daring to drive it only when you knew the coast was clear. But when second-class year comes along you get that coveted privilege back and are finally set free to drive yourself around like a nor- mal human being. Of course, the logistics of owning a car are still complicated. Many second class wait until they get their loan because the costs are prohibitive. New parking arrange- ments and fees at the stadium have made things more complex, but with added bus routes and a semblance of security, they may actually be im- proving. i 'k" C "m' j --ws,-,..ff,,..o4 , , ...-wmwvwnvnw g ii a-l-..- With that hefty second class loan and often with the as- sistance of mom and dad, Mids can frequently swing some pretty nice rides. SUVs and trucks are growing in popularity among Midshipmen, as they are in the general public, despite rising gas prices and high cost of ownership. Many still choose to splurge and buy that Midstang or other fast red sports car, while the rest are probably just putting theirs off until they can afford one as an Ensignmobile. With time constraints, most Mids donft have a lot of time to work on cars, but even a quick glance across the stadium lot or first class parking reveals that they do take pride in their cars and often enjoy modifying or up- i l I i i i i i r l i , ,, , .J , I wg,Mr.Brown S Executive Cob ,,,,,......i...,.-W ----- --A-----M -,---- f---f - "-- -- - - - -- - i e is number three on your speed dial, be- i hind your Mom and maybe your girlfriend. The best l ride in Annapolis, you know he . will get you where you want to igo. After all, this cabbie has seen it all, done it all, known it z all. An Annapolis man through land through, lVlr. Brown grew l up crabbing with his father on jthe seawall, having picnics iwith his family on Far- i l l j ragut, and watching the jsailboats from Dewey. j "lt's sad, but necessary l- that they closed down l l the Academy a lot more i after 9 -11. Very neces- l sary though, l know why l it had to be done." De- Espite the distance, lVlr. I Brown kept his close jrelationship with the l,.,.M.,., ,,,,,,,, pocooo .. . grading them, if only to slap on a USNA window stricker or maybe a new set of wheels. Between the obvious signs, the white cov- ers sitting on the passenger seat or dash, and the bags full of all the junk that doesn't fit into your lockers, it's prety easy to spot a lVlidshipman car out in town, a fact that the Annapolis police would readily point out. Academy by continuing his Ex- ecutive Service. Now he has been driving midshipmen and Annapolis residents for over six years, and always with a serving of helpful advice free of charge. As a father of sev- en, lVlr. Brown is no stranger to giving advice. "Humans are just like electricity, you know," he will say looking back at you through his rear-view mirror, "they will always take the path of least resistance. That's why discipline is good." And then, if your lucky and had the privi- lege of riding with him your plebe year and again later on, he might smile at you before his next comment. "lt's re- ally interesting seeing you all grow up, comin' in snot-nosed whiners and leavin something else completely. lt's a great thing to see." I hope lVlr. Brown knows that it's not just the school that helps us, but the people around it. The rich have their psy- chiatrists, the average have their bartenders, the unfortunate have nobody and the very lucky - well - the very lucky get lVlr. Brown. .W Af '... 'Earl , . ' ..Ai'a.-rf" K ff .V- , top: The Jeep is an ever popular choice left: With the BMVV 3 series Quickly becom ing the new Midstang, something more is needed to stand out from the crowd right: A red Nissan turbo Z. Many a Mid dreams of such things. I l'I.l III Qll Sandwich Thurdays, IVIexi- can Tuesdays, Wednesday Evening lVIando Meal, Sunday Leftovers: for the most part I like King Hall food, day in, day out. Then again, I'm also one of the least picky people I know. There are some things about it, though, that I find less than appealing. When I say some things, I mean one general thing, and that is this: whenever I eat at King Hall, it tastes good while l'm eating. However, it stays with me the whole day. I can never get that infernal taste out of my mouth So that's why they have the fruitlassorted weird foods carts. They have everything: yogurt, kidney beans, tuna, chickpeas, cottage cheese. I don't think I could ever eat an entire help- ing of cottage cheese, but l'm starting to get a taste for Chick Peas at every meal. Good enough to stomach a cup of them, they're healthy, filling, and just bad enough so as to not inspire gluttony at every meal. Now the best things are the desserts, because they are usually imported. The Edyls ice cream is one of my favor- ites Ifalthough I do miss the King Hall creamy ice cream originalsy. The D'frosta Shakes are better than everyone real- izes, because when they're in King Hall theylre still frozen, and nobody seems to get that they're called D'frosta Shakes because you have to defrost them if they are to become shakes. I like the new donuts at Tuesday breakfast, too. But King Hall isnlt just about food. Its also about not getting food when you don't I I I , I I I I I I II I Il .I 'I I P I WI I 'll II? "I II IQI II . .. ,,,, Top: T he daily rush of Mids dashing into King l-lall. Sometimes it was hard to lit a I meal into a busy Mid schedule. , Below: A prezel roll undergoes a transformation to become a pastrami sandwich. I Bottom: 6th wing of King Hall in all its glory I I-I I W -4-.,, f 1-- ww Wfifi we yi! 3 ' e L ' ,Min uv- ll ,Y 5 ,.,,,A,,,,,L up J 4, gr-1 6 5 . , . ...,........ 5 i A ,Q . pair- A A . ,ff S ' ' 1' f. " ' ami gr ' 1 fl- 1 ' 1. ,., A...hi-4. -sez., AJP' W . ,Q F- v '1'.'i'4? :I ' Sf',L'y , ,,.. ,. 'rw ' ,w',f.,E 2,31 ,," A . ' Qi ' VII f E' XX xv ' .4 K , F Q'- .ie H. ,U :iw vis' 3? 5 A -kv. A W, .4 If , ,,,, F Q 3? 'if J 4 "W X T lVlost would agree that sleep deprivation is an inescapable element at the United States Naval Academy. Instead of having the luxury of hitting the rack at a reasonable hour, mids T are forced to find creative, quiet resting places. lSince plebes do not rate rack privileges, they l must rely on creativity lto discover other i places to grab a nap. lThe most common Iposition was face- fdown on their desk lduring class. This method had various lsetbacks however. For starters, you are at the mercy of your professor, some of pwhom have very creative ideas of what to do to sleeping mids. Then there is also the inevitable .impression of your hand on your face for the if next several hours. Other plebers have even Qturned to the famed hotel Nimitz. "Renting" a lnice quiet video room and simply being able to ll crash for a period or two seems to be the way to ego. If you're back in your room, your closet is just as a good place as any. Closets are dark and unfamiliar to the always-prowling upper class, conveniently hidden, and best of all, there are mounds of clothes begging to be laid on. Just cover your shoes with a bulky o-coat, create a pillow with your SDB jacket, and you have a quality napping station. Another favorite method is to quickly chop back to your room, shut your door, grab the pillow off your rack and create a r i I r l l l l make- shift rack on top of your desk. lt is almost as good as a rack and doesn't wrinkle the sheets. Just set your alarm and you are good to go. These ideas work for those who are not fortunate enough to have of f f T' a locker room to head to like those hard working athletes who head to their locker room to grab some shut eye. For example, those lucky gymnasts have a locker room and a mattress where they can relax between periods. Then there is the boathouse for the crew teams to sleep in and store contraband too. We can't forget the squash team either with their lovely private entertainment facility: a nice quiet room with a sofa, t.v., and refrigerator. All athletes know it is well deserved after an extra two and a half hours of exertion. Oh! The perks of a varsity athlete. The entire plebe class, however, is completely aware of the nap that is automatically built in to mandatory 4!c briefs. Simply slouch low enough, get the proper neck- bend and voila, a good hour of complete relaxation. I lllfj E O cE ' in OO l l E31 4-M Life after school at the Naval Academy could certainly be described in one word: packed. While civilian counterparts boasted of schedules with a mere 12 credits, and the St. Johns kids moseyed around school playing Frisbee and sleeping on the grass, midshipmen filled their after- noons with activities such as drill, sports practice, Extra Instruction and lVlain Office watch. For starters, the average mid took an aca- demic load of 18 credits. Despite this rigorous ac- ademic schedule, there was still more to do after school than homework. IVlids power walked back to Bancroft after class, shins aching, to grab rifles and watch belts for practice parades. A' 3- 11 ,.. -3 ..-in-L+ 2' 'r I i 1 l l l i Above: Drill and other mandatory events could really cramp your after school schedule j Below: Any time, Anywhere, someone will be running l Opposite, top: Mids putting in the long hours studying l l I Q-- . i I i l l l l l l l i i ii 'I l l 1 l l V i l I rl ln l l I I I I I l if il . l I +'-,- ' - x 5-F 2 .Y y 4 1.-gli . V., 4 N' , ' Z1 , ' -ps +- v 7 P CSS .V- Lol OO i Ei. :Qi Eli With all the pressures and all the time constraints at the Naval Academy, it can be all too easy to get into a rut and lose sight of the things we enjoy most. Fortunately, lVlids generally knew how to keep from going in- sane and would do just about anything to get away from their other pressures and avoid- ing homework like the plague. While still constrained to the yard on most weekdays, we found opportunities to make the best of our time here. All work ond no ploy As soon as the working day ended and company officers cleared out, hall sports began. We rode scooters and skateboards between rooms to chat with our friends. Late nights were spent hammering on an XBox or watching mov- ies. lVlids really are pretty active people, though, and loved to get out of Bancroft. Even winter weather couldn't keep lVlids cooped up inside their rooms. With the first signs of spring, doz- ens of outdoor sports bloomed across the yard. The Academy was even considerate enough to provide us with organized escapes: First Night to Cinco De lVlayo, concerts to crab feasts, and intramurals to ECAs. The best part of after school life truly was the company of friends. Whether you shared a game of catch or a casual conversation, there was always someone around to help make your life as a lVlid more tolerable. Makes Jock cz dull boy in SEI H QD S I. l OO W Q 3 Q 4C QE QQ. 4' I 1 I i K 9. ,K ! .x The 2004-2005 academic year saw dramatic increases in the vigor with which inspections were carried out. Many companies were pressured to im- c'ic prove their systems of enforcing room standards, and , , threats of repercussions were not idle threats. The highest echelons of Academy leadership directed the ef- forts by instituting stricter standards for material discrepancies. Apparent- ly since the Commandant's daughter has to pay for room damage at her college, we should too. Midshipmen grew nervous of changing their ther- mostats when the weather changed, lest the tamper seal be broken and a hefty fee take a - r s chunk from their meager paychecks. ,Q Nu 533' . ---XE-" x N'-5.19 N .,, l' Room standards that had always existed were now being enforced, to the max. Fear abounded when the Deputy Commandant or Battalion Officer an- nounced he would be walking through your wing. Bravo room standards suddenly included a radiant coat of lVlop and Glo, the scent of Simple Green hung in the air constantly as we struggled to stay on top of the cycle of stripping and waxing. Sto- ries circulated of these periodic inspections going terribly wrong, from secured liberty and multiple re-inspections to the tale involving a contraband goldfish being thrown from a window. Often the inspection seemed to not even materialize, though we dared not let our guard down and bet on the i i Top: MiO'die.' aight.- lnspecting a rack to exact dimensions. After piebe summer this is only done when posing for pictures Scrubbing biinds and shower curtains is one of the ieast desirable jobs in preparing for an inspection No space is too srnaii to ignore for dust Top: The night of an alpha, as our rooms got cleaner the halls just seemed to get worse and worse Right: Jeremy Garner says, "Use Mop 3 Glo! " Bottom: After a fresh coat of wax, rooms must be guarded with diligence and the utmost resolve to prevent intruders Deputy to be a no-show. These were just part of our day-to-day life in the hall. When a zone inspection occurred, the Brigade was raised to even more frenzied levels as we competed for the best inspection results. With the new competitive liberty policy, good preparation for an Alpha could correlate directly to more weekend liberty for the following semester, perhaps the most coveted reward a Mid can receive. Entire rooms were dumped into the hallways as preparation began with yet an- other thorough stripping and waxing of the deck. While the wax dried, though, we would order a pizza from steerage, set up some folding chairs and relax in the cluttered passage- ways - a reminder that maybe this place isn't so bad after all. Academic year alpha inspections were not all 1 that exhaustive. You . finished cleaning just moments before the inspection was sched- uled to start and if your room was decently well prepared and in gener- ally good condition you had little to worry about. Someone would walk into your room, check the discrepancy sheet, and walk back out. The First Lieutenant had a lot to worry about, but most of us would be done soon enough and could get on with our lives. ii lllQ Qli-."'I Qli..-l A nebulous and oft mis- understood organization of con- voluted bureaucracy, strange working hours, a hit-or-miss staff and a relationship of complete mutual dependence. No, we're not talking about the federal gov- ernment or even the Academyls officer staff - we're talking about the NAF programs. You either love them or you hate them, but the various components that make up the lVlid services are essential to our lives at the Academy. From day one they took on the role of our primary providers, like nurturing moth- ers for poor abandoned plebes, and continued to suck us dry through the lVlid Store card and all the absurd hype about how it's not real money so you can just spend and spend to your little plebe heart's content. The relationship continues into the upper-class years with the lvlid Store as our primary source of school supplies and a wealth of caffeinated and chemically in- fused energy boosters to keep mids going through a grueling morning of class. They are the wellspring that gives life to the mountains of Navy gear that your parents dutifully pile onto the cashier's counter each and every time they visit. The barber shop, in just the same way, is a neces- sary addiction in our Academy lives. The addition of the bar- ber cam on the USNA network was a tremendous help to lVlids, letting them know before they even left their rooms that if they went down to the barber, they weren't going to get that hair- cut any time soon. Despite the encouragement, we all still duti- fully marched down for that trim around the ears, which appar- ently translates to high-and-tight nly V I I I i I I I I I i I I I i I i l l 4 I I I I P' I. 7, If ,Q :QQQ 15, if ifpf. f . J I f 1 if f , I I, 2,1 ' ' v. i 2 t i 5: FY .rw X 5 5- - ,,.l,f,?, Q V' .1 f 5292, '5rf1'1,f3:3ff':::,oflgfy U . f,ffJ,.,fsf. . M9-6--11" '-fgwfif' 4Zi,45i'I." ' V J? '. V' 14" f igs- -fM'w'W.Ff p4:1,f 3 f' fi ' , ffl a 2 gig, 3 X V -if ,,,i,,'i,1g,, , f fff f 1 I ,Af f :,a- Qf ic '. ff4ffffvifx3.f'fi'l2,f 1 , 1 P ky!! 4 ' ,lf ' I .' J4 :WA Z . y 4 i iii 0 IF YOU REQUIRE. ei ' 1 ACCESS TO 'HHS Sl'ACl'f. PLEASE ff0NTAC"l' BANG ROFT UOVV in b3rberSp9Z-Elk. If yOU lhOLlgl'l't Above: The cobbler brags of his top-notch senfices, and hovv, contrary to popular l O ahead to make appointments, you could depend on a good haircut and some friendly conversation from Smitty or the other well known barbers. lf you waited in line you took your chances. Using the laundry ser- vices is an equally adventur- ous undertaking. From the delightfully blunt Lilly helping mids of all classes figure out hovv to fill out their laundry chits to the cobbler, perhaps the greatest enigma of them all, these individuals are as much a part of the brigade as each midshipman. belief you don t have to pay because he gets it straight from your paycheck Middle: Smitty senres up a iirst rate haircut as Mids vvait patiently for their turn Bottom: The laundry service center and the self senflce alternative is I would like to begin by apolo- gizing to our friends who came to USNA on exchange first se- mester, which includes all ofthe Whoops and Coasties. The idea didn't occur until too late to try to include you, but we assure you, you live on in our hearts and memories. That having been said, there's lots to be said for all of the Air Force Cadets. They had a blastg a change of pace allowed them to meet cooler people. Plus there is an actual town around this Academy. Whether it was visiting with Company boats, drinking in DTA, the im- EIQWUIICI thought that Annapolis was way cooler than Colorado Springs. I ,I III I I yi II I ii 'I I I ,II ,I NI I I II I .I Il il Il II I I I I II . C 2.2. ,I II Top: C2C Ashley Hubbard on a night on the town with some of her friends from 74th I the SLIDSYIITIGHCIGDI OIT his Yacht, Below left: C2C Gail Vllatling enjoys an excursion on a Alavy 26' sail boat. I sailing OI'I The Colgate 26 Sail- Right: C2C Chris Patterson enjoys being towed after running a Alavy 26' sail boat I - Bottom: C2Cs Micheal Lebovitz, lrlghti Grant Bubb llefti pose with the Superinten- pression I got was that everyone dant Vice Admiral Rempt, on The Severn, , YQ his yacht. . I I HI like the camaraderie" not- ed C2C Ashley Hubbard, who spent the semester with 14th Company. "After basic ltheir plebe summerj everyone was scattered. That everyone stays with their company mates for all four years is great in building a sense of togethernessf' l'm going to Coast Guard next I f.r-E 855 semester, and all I can say is that I hope that I will have as much fun as these people seemed to have here at the Naval Academy. I'lI leave you with some quotes from the Zoomies. Some of them had a lot to say, and I guess they say it best. "lf I knew the things I know now when I was in high school about the differences between the Acad- emies...l would have gone Navy." 'tTo all my peeps in 16th company, I love you...You are the handsomest mids in the brigade and I will never forget your kindness." "How would I describe my time at the Na- ,li Il I I I val Academy? Two words...Hoo Rah" - Johni Haney. "I cannot thank the midshipmen of 28th com- pany for their friendship and hospitality during my stay here. I watched them struggle through academic, military, and life obligations and I en- joyed being right there with them. Thank you for letting me share your lives. Good luck with Fair winds and following seas. I I I I I your careers." -Mike Liebovitz I I I 4' I 5 I li I. I I-A I IA Above: Abord Admiral Bempts yacht, C2C John l-laney looks suspiciously at a rather smug looking Midshipman Ernest l-lanes. Look at that face: so smug and self satis- Hed. Can you blame John for being suspi- cious? Just kidding Ernie, you knovv vve love you. Bi ht: All ei ht exchan e cadets pose vvith Q Q Q Brigade Master Chief Bernard Quibilan in front of Memorial l-lall. Cadets from Top: Kevin Stanley Stephen Keefer Grant Bubb, Micheal Lebovitz. Chris Patterson, John l-laney Ash- Q' ley l-lubbard and iilf I Gail VVatling. Belovv: C2C Micheal things I know how when I Lf-BDOVHZ looks wds in high school obout the ollfferences vaguely demonic as he frrem between the ocodemles I would hove to bite the head offofalobsterat NGVy'7- J the annual Beat the Dark Ages dinner 'UW " , , n QI 1 Ill ml HI came to the Naval Academy really loving my family, and you get here and those guys in my company - every one of us - I truly believe that they're part of my family," says Tra- vis Amerine t21st Company, class of 20055. In his opinion, one of the core values of the Naval Academy is the sense of family that we are instilled with as fellow Midshipmen, largely from living in such a close-knit envi- ronment, a factor that has also helped foster a close relationship with his biological brothers. He goes on to say that "it's just been an ex- tra, added bonus to have Denver here with me to experience that." This year, Travis and his younger brother Denver 14th Company, class of 20073 were one of the Academy's most well known sibling pairs and they were even pre- ceded by another Amerine brother, Lee, from the class of 2003. In a place as steeped in tradition as the Naval Academy, not only does a sense of family develop within the brigade, but it is quite common to have multiple links to the Academy in a family tree. From par- ents and grandparents to brothers and sisters -- older, younger or twins, and every combina- tion thereof -- the family ties seen throughout the brigade each year are always striking. Every individual Nlidshipman is their own person and is an adult capable of making their own decisions, a point which Midshipmen Clint and Levi DesJarlais, brothers from Alas- ka, stress in explaining their relationship here at the Academy. And just as each DesJarIais brother has their own unique personality, each family of siblings here at the Academy also has a dynamic that isn't quite like the others. By nature of the admissions process, each mid- shipman is qualified in his or her own right and is individually driven to succeed. When mul- tiple siblings choose to attend the Academy together, they frequently cite the others as a strong influence, but are careful to designate between an influence and a deciding factor. The privilege of having an older brother or sister here has many benefits for both sib- lings and even their friends. Being a plebe without privileges it is nice to have an escape, and many younger siblings will spend time with their older brother or sister to take advan- tage of their improved rights: free rides all over town, carry on at dinner, maybe safe storage Below: lravis, Denver and Ensign Lee Amerine lClasses of '0 7, '05 and '03, respectivelyl pose together as Denver becomes the third brother to attend USNA. The Amerines were among the most visible and well known sibling pairs in recentl Academy history if C-li il i ,5' und 3 .1 .gm lbove: Left to Right, Richard Jindrich F0725 Ens Joseph Jindrich, USN tclass of 'O5l,' SPC Matthew Jindrich, Army National Guardg CAPT Charles Jindri'ch lll, USMC tclass of '20001,' CAPT Charles Jindrich ll, USN tretl attend Joes graduation. Below: Midn Clinton and Levi Destlarlais tboth class of 'O 72 with General Pace at the Marine Corps Ball of civvies. An older sibling can help as a men- tor, too. Denver Amerine admits that his older brothers bring a different perspective and an "insight on how things work" to help pass on knowledge, but Travis quickly points out that it works both ways, with Denver and Lee help- ing to complement his personality. Siblings are always asked about each other, from questioning whether they give each l other a hard time to their feelings on over- shadowing each other's accomplishments. Surprisingly, most do not give the answers you would expect to these questions. Very rarely do upper class siblings mess with their younger counterparts, perhaps playing pranks early in plebe year or on occasions such as Army Week and Halloween. A younger sibling is likely to feel pressured to tfill the shoes" of those who went before, but typically keep a very mature outlook and un- derstanding of their own potential and i abilities. These traits are certainly not restrained to sibling groups, but their unique positions and often extraor- dinary experiences give an added depth to the Naval Academy Family to which we all belong. Special Thanks to all families with whom we spoke regarding this page. May you all have last- ing friendships as both si'blings and brothers in the traditions of the Navy and Marine Corps. Photos appear courtesy of their original owners. lQ L .l l.T.lO "0thers longuish in loziness, succumbing to the temptation ofthe nop. ,. riday nights are youngster time. Firsties and are all on weekend, or out getting drunk. The highest bol of authority is the CDO, who probably isn't around i' or the ultimate intimidating figure, the Mate. Youngsters- free reign to do just about...nothing. There's not much do with this time that's that special, except maybe the .mentioned hall tennis. lVlost people just spend the time 'wing movies, sleeping, or just bumming around. Maybe. are the biggest Joe in the world Cyeah, you know who . ,E you may be doing homework. i 1, S I ' 2 ,,... av' A 2 fine X Qc i ' ,,-. ,D L A nbiwvan i ', WM' 5- ' ff, w T4 ,4.lvJ . i ' 952 F' . . I . 1 'qw I ll- ll M' Q, .T--."" 3 C - J-li i 's -4 wwf 4 , fu- , ' "f, kv V Q 9 'L -kn.,,,Wf,,, R -v '4' 5 t Iv, ,Q'.4.Agn ' AQ fran, ' 8 agai- R 'wr UK xx vCvw1fW"ff"'. 3, :, ,f -, '- , V ., Y 133 , Sion of 1 " n Was 'V' . V 'LAW 2g'i,M,r,, af M sl gt ,w , 1 . H . " so ' fi, . Q, , S., ii gl ,l l o Farragut Fleld mssmn or me uumn suns unvui Acnufnv Through study and practical instruction to provide the mid- shipmen with a basic education and knowledgeof the naval'pl-ofessiong to develop them morally, mentally, and physically: and by precept and example to indoctrinate them with the highest ideals of duty, honor, and loyaltyg in order that the naval service may be provided with grad- uates who are capable iunior officers in whom have been developed the capacity and foundation for future develop- ment in mind and character leading toward a readiness to assume the highest responsibilities of citizenship and government. Student S ori":"" -sw I Q f :-59 vp:i85""2f 1, GM' f' W . 7' Q I M' 3' "gif H , '9 A 7 2? yu- , 4, f H.,-W . K' ' .3 - , ax- ' ,qv 1 ww " ,fm f .,. 5 ,gf , . 5' , f ., .ff 1 .' ff' , " 5 + V Q. if z ' " H' jp'V.wAfM1- V - V, i H' ji' Y, 01 gf ,, if 45' , ' 2 - ' I,'fi"',, ', 'f V-if ' 1 I V ' A E, vi X ,, myyi, .gg l 4 ' .55 ,pw '?'v"Q 'i -f, 1, 5' ' 5 ' ,xv , . L , vb f,,o-, Fleld Dewey Fleld 41 ,Q H P ':,,f' lCh6l8Ol'l U And., . , , W AV """"lar ,b , K, 9' xi Xxx df' I "' " twain 3 CPN F OO Gill 'iii Oli! 1 ll'l ii II I I I I I I I I I ,I I i I I I i I I I I I I I I I I , ,V ., 4 ' I I I Top: lVlid Store. Top left: A new class I walks through gate 3 on I-Day. Middle left: A plebe Braoing up. Bottom left: Plebi I rowing to the Naval Station during Plebe I Summer. Below: First class taking a cof- I fee break. Bottom: A First Class getting I brioked by his plebes. I Ii II ifI III I i I Ik I Left: Dilbert Dunker, an experience for the youngsters muon like the present 10 meter jump. Bottom left: EE as 1955 ex- perienced it. Bottom right: A mid studies with slide rule. Question: Wnat's a slide rule? Bottom: Nlaodonougn Hall. was 2 f Bit: fwkitefekvrerii r CDN OO CEI :E-IT-I OIII I I I I Top: Naval Academy football games are played on the Academy grounds, because Navy lVlarineI Corps Memorial Stadium hasn't been built yet. lVliddle: Hubbard Hall. Bottom Left: Firsties I m 'Th M so-p, -o-Q-, ' d th b h 'I AQ an ay on e eac witll f their girlfriends during June! iff.. , ...W ,M-,, ----1 Week. Bottom right: A youngI ster gets a chance to "drag'fI In 1955, this meant the honf or of escorting a young ladyf around the Academy grounds! instead of today's definition of showing a potential midshipI men around. I 1 t I I I I I r I I I I I I I I I 1 I I I II EIIEQISEI I IQ if 1 I Ira I I I I .FF W I I I N botxk-a'fq,it ffsx ' -Q' ,If 'Sf I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I - P' .I.. fx. S. f l i i l l l i 5 l l i l lTop left: A firstie and has family relax during :June week. Top right: A future Marine Corps 52nd Lieutenant is fitted for his new Uniforms. llVliddle: Tennis courts stand on the future sites of Chauvenet and Michelson Halls. Bot- ltom left: Graduation Ball. Bottom right: A new Ensign has his shoulder boards put on by his lgirlfriend after the Graduation and Commis- sioning ceremony. ,mo MM. ,X , .M Q. 7 imm2"3sf7?"-t" 1 X ah M ff. . :,-,Q A V 'J '- i' '. i' ' " , , f. . " .M" +t A. - M 6 X T fftg:L-lqfffftg A-if l l lilo 152' l lQ OO I...-.-:K YQ f S "Q ol . .n v 1 Ne. Q ,v w 'IO xx xc A H 1-9+ , M, k OIRHSNN 1 ' fwv-sf ,1-.Q l ' ','. . - . vii -.K 1,15 ,Lf 'ur nun ,sr,. 03, sm. 4 ' I ,. .A -..- lf 3 ,M fm ,," .1?""'F' 5' ' x vii' 1: F1 :gm w 'af ,... Q, rt A,., ., 'yi' Q , . a r . ' . V Jr" 0 , . 4 5 ' - E gk - - ' 0, 2' ' wg. ' "' 0 ' I u ' N1 ,a ,Vx a o , .5 5 O 'dvi' m u n ' V ' 'D F 5 01, V . ' ' . x M E 5 1 l..4'. at .Q , g . '1 :M ' "' 9 ' J, ' 'A' 1 D A ' a X' 'vw 5' if l,?:::'l!i ,. 1 ,wp lame, X " ++.' 'lu' 5 4l,. ' 9 Fi- Q 4 C Q 515 'Wi Q Wgggiqq-wa X150 . 4 al A xaf' 4. ":'H"1fm , Z 'ffl' " '. rl..--.ug , .W 'fwfr-2', -1... 'Q VY - '- . .. , , , Ln--,-M. .. . ff-'., ' '.4A-tgp-'.fJ!g+. Cv M x 1 V A' 'f"7E5fv3: '15 '. in S x 'audi' 'lf-'B' AQ, '.-fl.. ,Wk . fl ' 'n -" in rl-'cf . , ' . -Peg 5 , I .no w df 1? Q? ww- fl!4F0'9HZQUwi91yf'3'l'f.A Q. -7 ., ,Q wks 1L4.Z,.5, 4 ' li A 3 ,Q 4 z n- ,W 'FZ N- a , gl" ' K i ,, N I X F .r y K N s I I .. 5- 1 -7, ffwmz-yfmf ,Y " 4" V 'K .. -1. !,:..v , . ,Www ,K ,A Q nf Toi' "There con be no hfty-fifty Americonism in this country There is room here for only 700 percent. Americonism, only for those who are Ameri- cans and nothing else." - Theodore Roosevelt 'E FD if 3 WQPQZ, 1. nf :J Af",gf15l""ii1 :J- FD -1 Lf! 3' , ' , D4 EP 3 ro cu f-f' Q Q.- O O t ' , e s ' ' ' 0 s 0 O . I ' '14 rm yourselves, and be ye men of valon and bein readiness for the conflict,' for it is better for us to perish in battle than to look upon the outrage of our nation and our altar" - Winston Churchill l We fem we happy fem we band of brothers, For he to-day that sheds his blood with me Shall be my brother" - William Shakespeare, "Henry V" Z if O if rx: Cl ru 5-f5 L . spa Jeno satplervx FH O 3 'CJ DJ 3 N4 Q. c: 2. 3 LQ Lfi ound uoseas eied bnj lauolo : FD no rn 3 Q. r-1' ro L11 r-f :- FD f'l 'T E Q.. cu 1-1' 111' :- FD 1? ,s x, tn ifl 'Z s'?Fg52v9'i fat? .MN .I ' i -Q "Some people spend an entire lifetime wondering if they made a difference, p and our Marines don't have that problem." Ronald Reagan 5.-7:+f.T - :Z 24 4 Q 1 I. X ,. .- ......'.g .1 'h 11 ,6 tr- in g Q4 I 2 ' we fs-3 lt Q. ' ru . . . v . . f . tl 5' ,- l A sw If V . 'I :Z ' C231 . , 1 -Q I '. , tbl " .1 :vii-:QQ 7-ff.-,. ,. Y. 1- . ws' --sr rf J avi J eager , ,,.., ,rf LH.. .ngfas -- A A-.-9.5. !-1 . 1 ef f -.ff 4 'J ' : '0:15""L ' fx 'lf . , f, .- Q?" PUT fig ' -I"-air .lx 1.. -- we ' "" -L-,th - L Qff.'2?.35, t- .:, 11:51 gf., z '..g,' i:'zr,,1 1-J 'GT'-if 2 rf.-,f . -A A-4. 'Z A? 1515141 iii? r .gs55y,zf,v1f'.--- ' f'- -y , ' 4.1 ,zl 'L-.7 A ' l lkffifi ,yf'F.f1 T- -fi 5313,-.'.4f-A ' -f - ,"1f'r'-'L9f'- 1 if '--,f -'.- :Y , .9 T gr '--1-'3i,f17fIQf, ' F , 3 , - If- ,- if ' A X , Fig- , :xt ,, 4 -,u-.-.5 ,..+. .X : I 1.47 R-u,,v.' . : J- -'. Q, 'V '. 2 C,gi.,1-r - , Y.-.,,-, : . ny., .. .- P-lb f.'.7 . , ,. . V 1 k "A 'LJ 4-'iv --:fx ' A W AN-Avg' . t U 3 WW n- Trf ' "There can be no hfty-fifty Americonism in this country There is room here for only 700 percent. Americonism, only for those who ore Ameri- cons and nothing else." - Theodore Roosevelt E FD cr rn L13 5. "F .,,n 0 ' .frat-m g . 2352 . ' sf! :J- f 1 l ,. ax 4. in 1 -v -J 'Americans love to right traditionally All real Americans love the sting and clash of battle." -Gen. George Patton limi L.. ll Q A cu .i E -C5 FU L15 TQ 3 o ,E The heights by great men reached and kept were HOT obtained by sudden flight. But they while their companions slept were tailing upward in the night." - Thomas Manson 4 QC 4.4 FU CU 1 GJ .Z 4.1 XXX J' 'I '14 mericanism is a matter of the mind and heart. Americanism is not and never was, a matter af race or ancestry" -Franklin D. Roosevelt ttf' 5 sf 2 s 5? 2 we 3 ly gr 5 3 . -i f .,.. , . Wi' 7' I f-4,55-, ' ' ' ' N133 'S-fx! -,.7iZ.-.41 ZBA ,fix , 1 , 1.1 . .H f. A?.w1'.- ,ww ,, ' ' 1- ff'-J . f' ,. NK. 2 luq.',.,f. -in s- 5 Illl M' iid ... '5 tt: Patriotism is not short, frenzied outbursts of emotion, but the tranquil and steady dedication of a lifetime." -Adlai Stevenson it ' Q., 294, 1. ,Q E 5 s P Z 5 9 - 4 O ic V. -'- o iv t.3:::,.. I , Z.. -, 1' . ., ' 2 -n f -C. "wg, g j M X .A l ...X r e Q N 'im 1. as .L'..jvg-.QM :hi EJ. 'l .c ' ' Q- .f - f-a: '1 :Q ' rp :ii W ,V . n- , - ' N 1 r , , 0 " N ,Q .'..-..- - ': .1 ' '- --f' -Q , V 1. ,fit-'fp' ug., 4, ' cr, I1 ', ' ' , '. ,Q gzf . , ,vi , -, ' . A . ..'n' . ' W--. , -. .- . .' cfs, , ,yd .A -': . ,L ..r '- Q .ll I 'A b , U! , A - ." 9 ' .:- f-7 IA. 1- 1: 5 Q. 1 I I . . ,, - . A - VJ 'MS 3,1 5 -s 1-fx qi' f, S -U LA as tv 1 ' . ' I n k V'i2g5Si: p w 0' 'fg- . 4 ' V ,, , , Ni 4. "U" 5 ,rf s: .Z rv: 2' 'E H I C c 3 O 'O l KJ ro i KJ GJ 7.2. 4-4 'C C .h .L CU .Z 4.4 FU aw Qi ,f ,L l GJ .Z 4.4 CU .":' I Q. , L11 GJ 'C xi FU GJ Px .Q .Z 41d xl!! Z "Every good citizen makes his countrys honor his own, and cherishes it not only as precious but as sacred He is willing to risk his life in its defense and its conscious that he gains protection while he gives it." - Andrewiackson 1, of ' x I . LJ "These are the times that try mens souls. The summer soldier and the sunshine patriot wili in this crisis, shrink from the service of their country,' but he thatstands it nom deserves the love and thanks of man and woman." - Thomas Paine ..-x x 0515 eseqluedu E HU 1 C ffl -1 FD 5. E- uewdm DE? rerun bun LU JP uo-qu ,.-, . mn? 2 .G . 1 LBA, X2 V A9918 ff in S vi f ,sg-7q,L:,.1.1 in Q-'ff gr 3 ..- Qe Q 2, li. - as:-EE .. L- - 5:9-7. '17 V - - -.- ff , Q- Q . .., s ,-.. : . .,. , ,aa - ,. A ::ee,,m -- -4 . .2241 . er if .4 '-.2 1-gf.-.Q-, 1:45 1 , . -- -1-I-,Qf-A m. fa -zsnaz., , . XG .funn-.:.. -J 2 0. -'i?g3:kf,Y .K f . 1,5-1 -r ' V, -A 'r-zi5z.v1s-, ' 6 '- fn , xr- ef--4-'L - " 1 fairy? ' .f f -:QS 5 . V ,- ..,.1 , -E .Liu -,,,25. 1--- M ' ' '- sf::52'f?P'5'5:1.r.54-24-1 1:a55,?S'1ff- 59- e e?-A ' 'if f'5hiTTEl1 ':Lf2':i e ,--fa -,.-. 3, i-,3:,.-L EN.-..,:,,. FWS 'WY J ?':3eie4,1:L.:sg 255.1 f21g:..,..- - 'VH 121: Q- 'Fl-3:ii."i2?:1':Q4r-iv ' 5,55 '- -J: ' Q, -'- 11.-1:44 .. 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M' U I' 'A hier- .4 ' if "We ore determined thot before the sun sets on this terrible struggle, our ting will be recognized throughout the world os o symbol of free- dom on the one hond and of overwhelming force on the other" - George Marshall 4 i FN GN as if if rn r-9- f-+ vw no 3 f-f O V1 Ki rm FD 'KD U3 CJ I f-+ 2' FD 3. Q2 7 N4 E uc: Z' 1-Y- v FD f-o- I v Z I RQ 5' 3 rw 2 0 T DJ Q. C: :. L11 X -FD f 1 1' . em lduiag Wqwtluepualu 1? I' FD Q17 ' ':L'lm,,f,., ,NY """Mm'., 41 ' d',S:::Qxgg'j"q to is --,.,3s, v' A X ,t ' .9 , -w .-1- 'Iw -, , 'M-. 0 it "This time, like all times, is o good time, if we but know what to do with it." -Ralph Waldo Emerson ., lf z ' Wie: Y '1 r u, 4, sn 1 ., -1' .. if . 1 -lituf A ' K 1 5 fi-5'T'g Lfw 1' A QQ' jffii 'CJ 'f - , is .?,3 3 9, if ' --,wif Q W3 'Irj ,j?i-,Jail , f?"..' lf , .3135-g ,Q - ' '21 . f me - 1 of fa- ' ':, -.1-5,1-:Q .1- ,vga . -J- ' vi-5 'UI ' 1' 3-if f' fgfef. 1 QQ -y' - . 4 f f U if , ,gk 43 ,TQ s 5 ' fs ,Q- ,f .5 . 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They always placed in the top three at every invitational they went to. At the St. Mary Invitational the women beat all competi- tion and took first place. The Spiked Shoe Invitational the ladies placed third out of seventeen teams, and at the Salty Seadog Open they placed first once more out of nine teams. At one of the most remarkable meets, the Gulden Invitational, the ladies pulled an amazing first place out of eleven teams. Their greatest accom- plishment this year was taking second place at the Patriot League Tournament. These ladies trained real hard to get ready, and the results were well worth their efforts. One of the hardest aspects to the cross country season is the sum- mer preceding it. lt is tough to motivate oneself to go out and train, which is why a tremendous appreciation is given to the leadership effort by team captain Kristyn Kern. Coach Karen Boyle and team- mates acknowledge that "Kristyn is very good at motivating people and is always helping her teammates out." ln preparing for the season, the ladies volunteered to run in the Annapolis 10 Mile and a triathlon a week before school started. This shows the dedica- tion that these ladies have for the sport, which in turn brought out a great team and a very good and successful year. This year's seniors played a major part in bringing the team to- gether. Senior captain "Kristyn Kern was very unifying" her friends explained: because of her there was no division in the team into separate clicks. The other senior leadership came from Vanessa Guthrie and lVlay Wedlund who are proud of "such a great team, since everyone works hard and thinks as a group and not as an individual." They knew when it was time to train, and at the same time knew how to have fun. These girls knew when to break out the madlibs and complete sentences like "as as Karen Boyle" to humor their coach. Kristyn and Vanessa met at a recruiting trip before the academy, and since then have become best friends. Both have been strong at the 800, 1500, and the mile, while lVlay Wedlund championed over the 3k and the 5k. Coach Boyle men- tions that "The seniors will definitely be missed, and their shoes will be hard to fill." This year the ladies built a strong team, as most were returning letter winners. The third class were the main force that led the team to victory. At the Gulden invitational three of the nine key runners were injured or absent. Despite this setback, their dedication to their team led them to step up and claim their first place victory! The youngsters were led by Emily Castro and Christine Taranto, who won the lst Team- All-Patriot League Bunner awards. Both were "proud of their team, and were overjoyed with their accom- plishments at Patriots." Coach also recognizes "Allison Barlow, Erin Demchko, and Justine Whipple as strong competitors and are the heart of the third class." Another strong young runner was fourth class Kyleigh Ivlillhouse who won the Flookie of the Year at the Patriot League Tournament. She said that she was Hhonored and surprised to have made such an accomplishment this year." She thanks coach Karen for "being an awesome coach by practic- ing with the team in her golf cart and spending a lot of time with the team whether she likes it or not." With such a talented and young team, next year will be even better remarks the team and the coach. via, Q np. Kcfn women's cross country 4 lffvi., , ' ' nf '53, '-5 H ,ii I Y y,,,. :fi ii fp 55 1' 4 1 9 'E , N' ' P '75 ' ' X - B -sa., K I ' ,,, ' V f gj ' X ..-, ' if 'Qi l A 3 f F I A . Ji-.AA 1 J fix 4 Ar .f 3-:Qt . L: I Q-uzlux Q T" ff fn -f Q 1 f xl , x' h 5 x- 1 'Q 4 girl 4 j ' 'P xr A if - gn -nf. A I 'Tx A D Q' r""', '. . 'ff QA """'l'g , '45 Q K 45 3 ff V v I r 4 f L ' K ! I 1 . ,Tc K A -' h Q . ,, ff 1 x , ,A I t L ' x G W .fn-s A x A '. ' 3 - 1 1, 0 'Y Y 'L' F lb ' NEP gf 4' xl A- ' S A N . 'Q u X 'K 4 I . 1 ' . 7 I t u idx lg N, nv, 4, ' '- ' fa o ' . V U ,df - V, 1 M ,M , 45: F ,I NM A 1 n.M'M Q , ' M M I fi: 41' - , ' af f . 'f mimi! '91 , 1, Nl w nu M 1: 1 ,i X I f F 21 mfs, 1" 451.- ir- U - v p, ' Q z"af7 .. ,, ,.,.,,,.! ,I - Q. v' . ,A ' Xf I '9snf, . Q - V guy ,. Q it .fgxw-x .1 'Ll li ' . .. Ji TK! an fig.-H1 -. A fx,-1, f v ., .,': , .U m 1 u , I' Iwi.. ,4..f , "3 .. ,-l'. , 4 4- -5-, . W ...wg aw, Q. . i. 'A ' lv iMM,4. 'N 1 XPS 2 J lv f' ,, fm? ' Qfws .Q , X" '- - ggi R 'N N . S Q Z 1 . f g B HE v Y . ' . -ff gr I v , M A Q. an X 4 V- - f '42, 5 ft f ? , f ,? " 8 f t 4 .. 1 J , 1 A I if K A 1 as , . I 'Q :iv , .,,,,f Q92 3' 1 f' f ' ,au , ff " V , ' ww , ff fi- 4 , ' T -' 1' A A' ' gf I 3 Y Q ' 7 1, n .. -3,5 ,-1 ' , A ' My ' 4 V ' 'ur '5,!mq . ,. ., N, 4 QT, P 5 ,W . 1 ,, ,lf.' 'V 'Y 'n , Ji, fiqfzfff It vb! 1 at 3 ' Q iagisp fi q?5'?!,3-ff 45 A QE255 A, .age .Vg ,yi o ' i'r f W 'N ,I f , ,.c. ,,f5ff.!,, 5 lil nu" E " B I, U Q3 fl! 5 ' . . 43 u A .Q -4 V ., . We , i , H 1 ima lg wl!""'4 ':' 1 A 4 s Q. 4-if Zig. ,, by . img. . I 1.3! " ' ,,,. . Z. , -1 'Y 1-521' +4 - .gy 'l'i r ff-512. , .wg-R , ,A ,, VV x ..-l ? 111151 - ,, ,V U 455 'V ',"N , " K 2, 2-B. 'E L3 , Q Q fr , It 4 N i".-, gf - . ' r-' 11- 1 sse Tennis swimming squo "lt is always hard to have your season come to an end when you know you are losing a great senior class as we arej' said Schwob of Geary, Van Hartesvelt and Amanda lVlcHen- ry lCary, N.C.J. "They have been role mod- els for the rest of the players on the team, combining success within the Brigade, in the classroom and on the volleyball court. The players coming back need to realize the standards they have set in all three areas, and work hard to not just match, but exceed them next season. We are a better program for having those three with us for four seasonsf' The trio of seniors did a fantastic job this season, leading the Women's Volleyball team all the way to the Patriot League semi-final round. By the end of the year the team had posted a 21-9 record while finishing 8-6 in Patriot League Play, and Van Hartesvelt re- ceived First-Team All-Patriot League Honors. The hard work by the seniors mo- tivated the rest of the team throughout the entire season. They set the pace at I .Q . ui l l V. v.i'l'ii " it fl iw. l ,rlllil'ii2'i.:.liiliii if W5 .Wil l r , 'tt 'il' il W. 'P fit fl -. rv WV , mi. iw- 'ilfl sift mlm- .W .,,., t . 'fit' ,iw Y 'W'yMyr'll-l ff. n 'lf 1 , vi. practices and got the team going during many games with inspirational plays and encouragement. Coach Schwob couldn't have been more right, next year's team will have some big shoes to fill. I-lowever, they have experience and many of the underclass know they are ready for the challenge. Good luck next season Navy Women's Volleyball, and continue to succeed both on and oft the court. "lt is always hard to have your season come to an end when you know you are losing a great senior class as we are," Coach Schwob. volleyball The 2004 Navy Women s Soccer team finished the season with an 11 8 1 record The mids were led up front by 3!C lvleggie Curran who had 25 sists and 4!C Brigitte Fox who had 22 points on the season including 8 goals and 6 assists Na- vy s defense commanded by 1!C Xochitl Piedra - and anchored in the goal by 1!C Kim Bonafede, helped the mids outscore their opponents 2-1 on the season with a 42-21 goal differential. Receiving honors this year were 4!C Bri- gitte Fox who was named to the Soccer Buzz lVlid-Atlantic All Freshman squad. She was only the 4th player in Navy Women's Soccer history to receive such honors. 1!C Xochitl Piedra also received honors at the end of the season and was placed on the NSCAA All-lVlid-Atlantic Region Third Team. She was also placed on the NSCAA lVlid- Atlantic Region Second Team last season along teammate Stacey Finley and earned First-Team All-Patriot League kudos all four years at the academy. Accompanying the awards and recognition the Navy Women received for outstanding play on the field, were awards celebrating their accomplishments off the field. Kim Bonafede, Claire Hen- ry, Nicole Waggoner, Haley Crain, Carmen lVlyers, Keri Weniger, and Emma Hagen rounded out the list of 7 Navy women that garnered Patriot League Academic Honors. Emma Hagen also received honors when she was named to the 2004 ESPN Academic All-America University Division l Womenis Soccer Team. Sadly, the year finished with the loss of a former member ofthe team. Standout forward and all time leader in goals and points, Stacey Finley, passed away in California less than a year after graduating from the Naval Academy after battling meningitis. Stacey's life was celebrated with a memorial service at the Naval Academy which was attended by both past and present teammates and classmates. There are plans to create an appropriate and permanent way to properly remember Stacey at the soccer facility, and it is without a doubt that her legacy will continue to inspire future generations of Navy Women's Soccer play- ers. Continue to succeed Navy Women's Soccer team, and good luck next season. f F ' points on the season including 8 goals and 9 as- -.qui ...gf C if A MPH-i!tU1BG5B9 v. f. yin, Af ,,,a E111 .1 ' 's . "QV, ,J H732 , 1 W .Q as 'frvinu-y. ""-., 1-"""':XX 'Qu 'wk la I X ' M 'X I 'T I 5 ff 1!C Frank DiFilippo, the Navy Men's Soccer team captain and sole senior, guided the team through the 2004 Fall season with an incredible display of leadership. At the end of the year Navy posted a 3-10-4 record, but that record doesn't come close to telling the story of their season. Of the 17 games the men played dur- ing the fall, 5 of them went to double overtime, and of the 10 losses Navy suffered, 7 of them were by a single goal. Success was at Navyfs fingertips and this year's underclass starters will return ready to take on a new season full of experience and confidence. Goalkeeper Frank DiFilippo earned recognition this sea- son as he made the Patriot League All-Second Team honors. DiFilippo posted a 0.97 GAA, an .851 save percentage and a school-record 97 saves. His seven career shutouts also rank him fourth in school history. 6 Navy players, in- cluding DiFilippo received Academic Honor Roll Recognition: 2!C Kenan Knieriem, 2!C Dustin Detrick, 2!C Chris Hermeling, 31C Tom Shelly, and 31C Scott Urbashich. Con- gratulations goes out to these players for excelling both off the field as well as on it. The team underwent a coaching transition at the conclusion of this season. Coach Greg Myers stepped down after his 29th season coaching the mid- shipmen. Myers posted a 232- 193-62 record while coaching the midshipmen, placing him 11 wins behind and in second place for the most wins as a Navy coach behind the legend- ary Glenn Warner. Coach My- ers was also 8th on the list of active coaches with career wins at the end of the season. Thanks for all you've done for the program Coach Myers and good luck to you in the future. Replacing Coach Myers for next season will be his assistant, Rich Miranda. Coach Miranda, who has been with the soccer program as the assistant coach for the last 14 years, knows the system and is in an ideal position to become the 4th Navy Men's Soccer head coach. l-le will have big shoes to fill next year, and the expec- tations will be high, but he's got a team full of talent and players hungry for a winning season. l l N. They can hear the crowd outside. The fans for water A g 4, polo might not come out like the football team, but that's 1 only because there would be no room at the pool. A. Schofield is talking now. Talking isn't the right word for 1 his advice. V. The captain and true leader, Patrick Flollo ,gl . comes to the front of the team. Humble and quiet, his con- F fidence washes over the team. They trust him. He trusts them. Y. They know what to do and step out to the pool. This year Navy Water Polo was a roller-coaster of turns and twists. The season started rough with a grueling opener against three top-ten teams in a row. Navy came out of its opener O - 3 but only lost by a combined score of four goals. 2!C Jordan Gentry of San Antonio, TX domi- nated the pool, leading the team with nine goals, one assist and five steals. Alex Flat- cliffe and Patrick Flollo each scored six and five goals in the tournament respectively. Navy finished the Labor Day Open with a thorough bashing of UC Santa Cruz, 8 - 3. With a record of 1-4, Navy needed to catch some momentum and they were ready to do so in Colorado Springs. Their match against Air Force ended with the scoreboard reading 14-7. Coach Schofield comments, "We finally played from start to finish. We started strong and kept that going until the end." Navy would fin- ish the weekend with two more wins. Army, once again, failed to even show up. The season would swim by, but notwithout sweat and hard work. Flollo would be forced out ofthe waterdue to a hand injury and the team "was forced to play without one of its star play- ers," a teammate commented. Despite the barrier, Navy went into the Eastern Championship with awinning record of 1 7-11 that included afourgame winning streak in league home games. Navy ended its season 19 - 12, the 25th straight year that Navy polo has had a win- ning season with at least nineteen wins, and enough to put Coach Mike Schofield as Navy's all-time winning coach i442-177-15. Though Navy couIdn't quite make it to the NCAA Final Four for the second year in a row, there is no doubt that next year the lVlids will demonstrate belong that the Final Four is where they belong. With a plethora of skill from upcoming youngsters, ten upcoming firsties and strong recruiting, Navy Water Polo will be the team to watch next year. And for that they can thank the Class of 2005, leading the way, everyday. water polo D 9 sa-14 sw Qgjiv ', fa: ,-lfffg, 2 Sw' .. A .A . ,Mont ' 'W f 1' WWII R, 3. s 1- 74 1.52, s , , , , J s, g 9: 5 , .,, - fi A f MAF fi , may , 4 1 1 x . 'ii v J 4 1 , we Ya '39 ff 1 a "P, ip I Q n -Sz 1 -fag, , 'fkiisgi-V '52, ra- 1 . as r' 1 .. .4. A 4 ' U U : "'.. ' , . -4, 3 , 135.1 -' Q 3 . " ' 'a 4 f . 3 ,ez V. I xx "H j X K 1- .. . z K X -NB -nr., f -Q. . v , 5 Q,-gvhnnvl 'Q x 1 I an . ' " 33' ,Q 's X , Y W '4.L- 4 I . 1 K ' n Q ' 1 4 J, ., , 'I-0 Y X bn r , 5 Q X ' 2-xt ' U Q' in 4' 5' . , , -f E "9 " 'A 1+ Y YQ, ff , X 2 s ilimg gymmosfics golf g 'G Q , ,,... 1 Q, 5 I ja-mn V .ZSYQ 'W , ali? I V ' . ' -9 , ' .A . U V 5 9 03,3 '. ,- ix,-A .' 'MT 'VW , W., 1' -Q f, Qw- ,-.1 fc f Sgt? - ff' A ww 3' . Q, -2 Y. -1-Qfgiw 5-4 -ff V it F I .'. . i W I. . 1 Y - I ' ,, I Y n , ' V? U I xv. v. P ' ' V L " if 1 if 1 ' f fiflwf '52 fe ' Y 4. ev ' ' ' Q v f5'5'e 'fi Q '2'-2'w1H rfef'f" if 1.5 WE? ms linvv 3 2 x . , 5 ak if " H, " , f, , ,jii A f I f 'W 'aj 99: ' .TE , 5 V, L X .,, 5 I . ,, . '52 Qu, .gg ' - uf 1, Q '- K .,j 1 4 A4 AOP ia- Etw u 'fy Q-'wa IP- , I I 45 I 1 1 f A 1 X, 1 ,I A 39 'LA S-350' is K A, X554 ,.,.g,g6, , 7 -an. rv S ,A ,Y v Wifaf' at nu. M,-9"'W 23 QQ? 41 3 fv T r O vi le A V, 10" ..-2 52 ff Xjlxfxu ww X 3 Q K. I Z--s 5 ,175 -f'-' 18735 mai eq , 1 I , B if ,W Z. A ,A., , g N f QP' x Y t 1 rl 21? E- 5 ' .. 'r 'T r'. iv ,-'A , AV A-f' at fy J' , , ,,, W -1 fi.: 1 'Y s Y ff, ' f' ' 9 fs? .,,,,, , V, ,A .,-.,' K 3, iw- f 4 a . 3 . L. A 1 f . ' 'f -""' , " ' x ' ' Y - In an 'D ' V' 5.15 WM -9 ,. JA gf V 4: 1 'l ' 9 his J ' 5 . H n N' " grivnfv' 'W M. W ' Lb 1 x bg . V 1 -Y:-5-EH I , W zjgsgfgi-fix ' 1 -ff .5.x'i:3igg'f ,kffkiy-, . .5,ZffQ- i r' , ,+y3',g'gQ' -1'5ffk'7'6' ' 1-1" ',2'1, ' , 1: I ff -K ' ,emi - Awww N asa, X 'ilizz ' r.. A 44. gf- , 4- nah g.I'f'5- 13-Q 4 view' fc 'wif e1'.-Q I A VI vug1g,:Q'.1-' :-. ,, . .:,1 ,135 4, few f bclskeflocnll loc: - sv-Q Sign..- If . H 2 uve P 1114 Ei fi A.. .-iq,-.- 1 ' 71' -r- AVY WCSMZ ww' V.,4-iff' W. w Vx sw ,. V- ,,-. 3 I'.a . gn-.,.,+, n 'Q N. ,,s",, Rn A h g Q . ,5- Qrign l wreirlimg wc:1TerpoIQ,T , 9 .. I The season was all any midshipmen could have hoped for, especially the first class who still had memories of the winless season we endured as plebes. You brought us along for an awesome ride these last two years Navy Football, and all we can do is truly thank you for making our week- ends worthwhile with your effort, and raising our school spirit to levels it had rarely seen before. Who can forget crowding Alumni Hall for the Navy-Air Force game, the way it felt to see Blumenfeld's first fieldgoal of the season cap off a come-from- behind victory in the last seconds of the game over our biggest rival these last two seasons? Or what it was like to flood San Francisco with a few thousand of our brothers and sisters in the middle of winter and then take home a bowl win over a team that was expected to run all over us, while at the same time set- ting the record for longest offensive drive and most plays in a drive in NCAA football history 126-play, 94- yard, 142657 We will never forget the Eckel chants, watching Polan- co's long 4th down pass in the Air Force game, or Bobby lVlcClarin's crushing hit in the Army game on a poor receiver sent over the middle. We will always remember what it felt like to win, to be excited, to be united behind a single cause or individual and to bring Navy-lVlarine Corps sta- dium to a deafening roar in order to give our team an edge. We will re- member your faces, your plays, your runs, your tackles and your celebra- tions. Above all we will remember what it was like to watch a team that was generally seen as an underdog, work as a group so united in its goal that it never believed it could be de- i l feated and nearly always walkedf away with a win. And we will learn ,A from all those experiences we were fortunate to share with you and apply 7 them in our lives when necessary. To the departing seniors, we thank you with all our hearts for the memories you gave us, the victories you car- ried us with you for, and the defeats where you held your heads up high and taught us to grow with dignity even when we fall short. To those returning players we are watching to see how you will rise to fill the shoes of those that have moved on.f You are inheriting a proud tradition, and we will all be watching as you-. take over and continue taking Navy football to new heights in the com-i ing years. Good luck next year Navyf Football, and may your victories beg as many or more than ours ever- were. Go Navy, Beat Everybodyl, by Gieorag Andrewsy L1 A k I an ' A T 591 f' V .4 4 , QT MV-'13 nh I it 'I .Qt Je ex A ' 1 ,,. 'J F055 55 , ,lf ff .J 132. f. , YH' PHU 4. 1 A - S 4, .1 - x. -"f'1x3,gf"' ' WBT 1 if-- G W A., ' J :Q mx ,4,i5' s M: fl v '- l X f' 1 1, s 1 if , ax lin, V Ylmfav .,la' .l, ,-. ,nf 41' V fx 1 4' ! .1 4 ,FH x-an if 2 Q1 I A Cxg V 5 gin ., V Oils x'S 65 l l and Alai-A A ng- A nn! . -anguish n in .,., ,px .... N... 1. .f.-,.L.1 .. ..,...,,. az: iss Ju-AM ,Azf-z4,.a4.v.x 1.1.4 .mm rxlaslceinz- 4:,m1..s-..- . -'I--4 , . ., . . Q.,,.1,1 4Q,:,4.i.i..2Jz,Q..i,.L,.Lf.,A.4w J... !f'i'fg--va-1 J xii..- ,11 'i:w fu""w'I ' scuccer offsh x .."' 4 'G . ia x . -9.3. ri X q . . P"'l Q . f cam I -L.. ew Iooskefbcnll bo I' K-14' I 4 .43 L- T349 eb s 'N Q- Lffp.-1 Wig f sam ,, ,f -assioff b M Q S K fl fi gy , . . fix .IE-H 1.58119 C .' 4 - H , in 'P-. 2 YP 'fry as 7' if nw Q. :A , 'fl w .--,, 4- raw li 1 ,. ,1- 2 Q "X ' un sk +91 S. O it K3 1 , " fn. " 'Wh-al 'UHKHSZESQ 112' f ,-.ir w.5.a-wif' -K, ,.Q,,,,,,,.. -Im - , 'H V84 "tif Ar' ' x M4 2' , 1: nn!! ,Jo 1 in 5 ' f-Y .M V: ' ' .4i'yf13""f 'KL J -' 1 A ' a 'z'1'Hfffs'?-ua' ,Q .+L A -A --, R, ,, N x 'l Q, -A, no " -V 'Q Wwiivwwu54fgb'iv:,igv?-Q-life A " " ' " ' " .1 ' 'A Af- Q --vw v -.:,-1-,,,,,w,W-.. , - ' W ' . ' 'U'f""5ff9 nu Apglg .M ,D ,Q . ' . L ' ' v ,. , ' ' Q ' ' I '- "-IQ' lwJ"-- W If I Y?k "5'L'54f'2l?24i"'Q'C 4' -M - iw 4w.wik'8RUN4Hd' Q 'cd 1 , - - wwqf. Q Lk -'va it ' nf" Q , f -- eu. ,M ' zfififf 'IM I I V Q ,CI Te r' yo 0 I 0 Te F1 fe Nu, il Xkfg , .x Hx, f r ,s . fq A "9 f ' y if -if 8- f - , +1-91 -'J if 195 v M'-4-bl , J? ,,-, ,..M': .. . 4 VQXE-fy . 3' f ,RN 1' if 1 .2 1? rr U , W7 F1 'fM"'Si1'1f2iSe2:xfemiw soy - D K, f W 1 11 W1 is ,f: , Q ,E ,Q 0 1 i 'Yi fwmww I 1. C W mv K me as n Y 41 , if ff, N ,4 I - 4 ' if "iw-Revs .NNW Mix , :bil KE " 'L lg. ! fl' - L f if 355, 3 fi X' ? Mm-qv 1 '- X X S 1 1. 59 'I 'fx X U 5' ., 1 i I ' . W xv Ax ' 1 , Q' 1 ,ff Q J ,. 1 i W5 1 3 I 5 ff , 9 W Q X. Q. K Q Q 5 'wi x E. f W , , W ' a A v. Q5 , I vis ffffffsn :"':1QQ,,f' Wu rw 0 sfic S Q 0 If fo OHS in: ,I xlgqf N llg qu. L ,.w A 'fi Qymmosfics golf foolrb ,M F J . ,.. 1,3 4' N I ,Q ' L 'fvsf Milf 3 Kr. . JK W, 3 , -. I 1 , Riff r' 'QL X . Y - M . 1 +-.,. vf' v l 0 4' .1 I Y . vfffwm 1 f' I ,, Q eegfz 15f"'W L if L 3 3 L 2 A f 'T v-v-fin 1 ,fn 1 my 1 If 44, gf it xx P ,,a FD f W .1 I X R 0-A., V ga Q 33 3 5 331:-Eg E W v 1, Z fffhisz 'i .V Sga, ff. 355 3,5 N 2, , , Y? I , :gffb 1 f Nz' I , , Ag 1, :,ff3i5iJf'f5? '4 i.N'5fsN'1'f2 ,f s y , fggig 1. i if T . 1 x Sf Q1 7 A 2 Q5 V -agp f 4,. -'af A 'Q Q A L U. X wi .r Ns ! v , 4, ,I 4 5 . 4 W 1 I 1- I , M ,F , N ' W ,, in . . 4 -.,' ' 1 ak. .5 Ta J 0 ,J Q fn' 1 u . x Q X b J IV" -l - 2 mg vi 3, ,eff ilu J 1 x f'- ,f'2s 4H'W-. ' 1 ' 13 19 Q. t' :fi hx. , ,vi ll' Q 4 e ., ,J f J 41. . "" I 4 , Q a l' ir. . v A .,,,, . --" 4 on 4' I xo-an-b..f Quote: HVVe play smart, we are in good shape and we nevergive up. Thosethreethings make us hard to beat." 1!C Gavin Morrison ,L- if ai 4. 49121, gf. 5, A .qi Ay., ,Q U .y , ,vu , L 4 6553 ' 'f14,n,'W" , ,: 4' 'f , 13, ,rw ,W . . xc A. ,,, . Q.. W' 42' 45' .' 551' , Y 'ii ', 'Y' r. . 2 , 4? i l -2' 2,1 5 f. V , 'q5"'ya M The 2004-2005 men's squash entered the year with high hopes and bold goals. Following a 15th place finish at the 2004 Nationals, the team set goals to move up in the rankings by the end of the season. wh ,i , ' qijf. , , igflr' :if is mm fx 11,1 - Jlim' ' ii'-v I 'i' i:i:W:,il ,U ' il ! i .1 'Vi 14' 'Wi ,19- -' Q FT 2 nw .ww ia- 4 , ii 5,311.11 liri- ggr' y ea A iw . -, .,. , , ,, ,M AM1 ,.i7, 'fl ' E' m., i im 'SQ ,va jr: 'G Aga if, H x-iff f A Ali Ji' .iyf . , , T ,,- .1 ii f ifif l f w 1- Mm' ' li W- ' The team was led by a group of four seniors, captain Gavin Morrison, a crafty, seasoned player, Mike Brennan, the gritty southpawg the fast and athletic Mike Rogers and Luke Ko- ran, the disciplined technician. The four set the pace for the team even before the season began. In order to shake-up the routine in the pre-season and to increase mental concentra- tion and flexibility, the team had ten yoga sessions with a private instructor. Not only did the yoga help the team's flexibility, it also helped the team bond through a shared experi- ence. Two highly-touted recruits joined the Navy team as well, freshmen Tucker George and Jeff Sawin. Both products of strong prep-school programs and junior squash, the two made an immediate impact on the Navy lineup, with George winning the coveted USS Barb Squash Racquets Perpeual Trophy, the first plebe to do so in its 48-year history. George held the number one spot on the ladder while Sawin played at the three spot. Juniors Scott Hackman, Patrick Kruse and Dhruv Parashar provided depth and experience while Sophomores Tom Kier- nan and Phil Jenkins and Freshman Will "Bob" Eucker provided additional depth to the team. The season began on a high note as the team started off 9-1, with a win over 11th ranked Hobart and wins in their first seven matches. The team then jumped out to a 17-3 record and a number 10 ranking in the College Squash Association by the end of January. The team knocked off Bates College and took a 11th seed into the National Team Tournament. After stumbling against a tough Amherst squad, the four Navy seniors led the team to a 7-2 vic- tory over Bowdoin College and finished the season ranked 14th in the nation. The team set a school record with 24 victories and a 24-7 overall record, including 12-0 at home. Luke Koran and Mike Rogers were recognized by the CSA as scholar-athletes and Tucker George and Gavin Morrison ended the season by individually ranking 41st and 62nd, respectively. , quo h I I 'Q . .1 V- . ,i 4-" 0 'Q 'fl . - o My 1 4 A X wferczollegicfre sailing gym 5 4 . . ww - .A, W wwf-nr 2 vii i 1,2 Q, Q .wwiffhv W V V Mfzi , . v u 'IM , 2 , 1 I I ,fart WR! Q N . ,,wwr , . 1 -QF . ,' ' fQ, g . s 'dp " 'L ' , ' if X4 I" . 2 I ij . x V ., 1 y q v ,LG , . . IHl - W ' E ' rx zz.: -.--f US ,Q r Yi -V, 1 4 1 , 1 v gf ' ,, .,, - ,i A ' . I , 1 1 .3 4:- A Ng 3 ' 1 ' v 1 W 5 3 x .. - E A T 'fq v. fv- lf,f, i???iQ,3,. 7 M gem. , 1. fu ,Q ' fr: ."X'mfv,:,,f up , :L .,2s wsw ' 4' I f xifiin ' f,aQ4:4 gf V ,,.v . , WMMQ , i, , 5 , , 6 f , , , 5 1 Q Q it - 1' V ' ii 74gigii?31 f Q " f 'Y I f , fs, f fguiii 123' " c , 3221? Z4 'Y ggi? If f9r44 A f??m ,V 34? "gW'?f If N , xx X an V' X ' 1 KA "J 15" ,, ,l ' av ifbx Qffil AJ! Q -an 5 Q In fx ll I 1 x 1 f . lg :ul vga l ics Pzof gl ' fu.. Mn, ,nu,. QOQ. - ! , ' ,gf:.1 II mf: HQQII Cro anna' ,4 ,El ,A-1 p W. AL 'Q 'Q .4 WD' L"""5 W" 4 'oi "Ei X z 3. H- - 35 W VY 1 Y M ,T- ,,,. V . I . -Y." r -VL' 32.5 .. LXXF' 6 . ', f 4 Q "" ' , - .abr ' '-f-4' E I 1 1 - mf, ., , 4,-. R F Q ar, I L .. ., I . x c 11 s Vx 4 Q 'wif ..e Q , The Navy Womenfs swim team enjoyed another successful season as they closed the year with a 10- 3 record. The year started with the Potomac Relay Invitational, a good warm- up because scores are not recorded. From there the team brought home 10 straight victories, most of them at home in Lejeune Hall. In addition to the victories at home, they domi- nated Army on itls own waters at West Point in December. The end of the regular season was capped by 3 tough losses to Yale, Penn, and Richmond, but those defeats only served to push the women harder as they competed in the Patriot League Tourna- ment. The tournament took place in Lewisburg, PA in February, and after the first day of competition the Navy Women found themselves in second place thanks to a second place finish in the 200m freestyle relay, second and fourth place finishes by Jenn Windstein and Meakin Poor in the 500-yard freestyle. 3!C Aubra Thomas picked up Navy's first championship of the weekend winning the 200-yard Individual Medley. The women started the second day of competition carried on the shoulders of 11C Tori Throckmorton who won her fourth-straight Patriot League 100-yard butterfly title. 3!C Thomas won her second-straight 100-yard breastroke title. The Midshipmen closed the weekend by winning the 400-yard freestyle relay with a time of 312699. Navy's foursome of Freeburn, Flachel Gray, Thomas and Throckmorton won the event by nearly four seconds and set a new Navy, Patriot League and Patriot League Championship record by nearly two seconds. "That was a huge way to end the championship," said Navy head coach John Morrison. "That is always the toughest event of the champi- onship. Everyone is so exhausted by the time it rolls around, but our girls were determined to win it and they did so in a way everyone will remember them." P gi "That was a huge way to end the championship!" Coach John Morrison women's swimming .c. V --'T-.4 , if 'QQ ,9!"5' if ' A ".-,,- I Y . x- . e -Q ' V Q . rg.: 1,0 1 . If ig, , ll li 1 - ' - ,I ' I :Lf , H . f Accompanying their incredible skill in the water. the cheer oriented attitude of the Navy men's swim and diving team helped them to their 2nd straight Patriot League championship. In fact. the thundering crowd in Lejeune Hall during the League Championships helped Navy overcome two teams had previously beaten them in regular season meets. The men also astounded their coaches with their performance during their championships. "This was our best day in our two years of competing at the Patriot League Championship." said Navy men's head coach Bill Roberts. By the end of the weekend Coach Roberts had this to say. "Competing as a team was what led us to the victory. The guys were united long before they arrived at the championship. then worked hard all weekend and just kept getting faster in each ses- sion." Congrats on another successful season Navy Men's swimming and diving team! Luk 1 -' ,, X w ' X X fa. .95 - 1 ' . - x ' N X K , xi X X Xt Q X X K X .-, X k- .HEY men's swimming 4 I 1, BRN , M D 'vi--2, gh. 1 -t i l..m,f?vzfs-ilu 1 .,. ai 1 1 X if I 5- 5 J' i l l l I ' 1 - l a.. l L ,E l -.Li . - ' t t t tl l f"""f ,W -mflj 1 D V, 1 W " ww-Wi' M ' ' , W ,, . ifffiv., Q liln,ld!ntlnw1l fan 'sv ,s,,,,,.. v,., 3 .sw if Q 'S A if , K Se 'ii . , , fu 1 , . 'A 1 A i- 5 Q ' i 3, ta , , f Jr-'J 1' IE. if, t My K ' My yi2'ft,+iM? V 4 1 . .A t , , 4 , ef , we 4 f 'FQQ if, I 1 4953. if? -,, ., L i . 14 . , Q 35? .' . 1. ,,. I ,,' w , K- Q W, . ,IW A 2 i , if A.AW. 1 tigi'i'M-A t 1 I , if-'f li'fr5,fii"'iAi i ' 1 ' fx'-wg ,, , amy, , 2. fi J W V Jwgwgwgkrggf ' ' . . i V Num.-q gr it tt This was our best day in our two years of Auf competing at the Patriot League Champion shipf' Head Coach Bill Roberts ws-- 'UK I The year started out well forthe Midship- f - men as they won their first five matches -L and finished first out of eight teams at their " A ' Navy Classic Wrestling Meet. The men then dropped two tough meets against national powerhouses Nebraska and Oklahoma before returning home to beat Maryland. Following the Maryland match the Mids faced Lehigh at home which was a tough loss and their only loss in their confer- ence. But after Lehigh the Mids got back on a roll finishing the season with 6 straight wins and a first place finish out of 8 teams at the All Academy Cham- pionship. The last of those 6 wins, and their final match of the season, was the N-star match against Army, resulting in a 23-10 thumping of the Black Knights. Following the regular season the Mids competed in the EIWA champion- ships which hosted. At the end of the weekend, Navy finished 3rd out of 13 teams be- hind Lehigh who won its 4th straight championship and Cornell. However, the Mids did managed to advance 6 wrestlers to the NCAA championships. Navy head cho- ach Bruce Burnett had this to say about his team following the EIWA Championships: "I am just so proud of our kids the way they battled this weekend," said Navy head coach Bruce Burnett. "We competed hard at every weight class and gave a great ef- fort in every match. I would like to recognize the six seniors that provided great leader- ship all year long and really helped give us a building block to where we want to go." The six qualifying mids then travelled to St. Louis to compete in the NCAAchampionships. Atthe end of the weekend they finished tied for 33rd in the country, a big step forward from the previous year. "I would like to recognize the six seniors that provided great leadership all year long and really helped give us a building block to where we want to go." Head Coach Bruce Burnett nf' 12.7 f ,A 1 i ff 9' A MQ Y C 4 J -,'. 1 A VM N ',., X2 - 'wxl '.'2 f. , I' .wwdf A A"' Q , 3 'WWW . WM " HW xi A-ll' V ', ,,,,.4.mQa . v te' "L ,R N. 4, "m5S:w,, " X Q ' " ""Q"f'm1,E r f' 'H in ww, P' f ' baseball 're en if . ymnastlcs Although the Navy lVlen's Gymnastics team finished the season with a record of 7-7, there were many highlights and achievements. Team Captain Josh Blackman, ranked 18th in the Na- tion and teammate 2!C Ben Peterman ranked 19th. Both advanced to the NCAA qualifying rounds for the individual all-around competi- tion. 3!C Sean Blackman also made a trip to the NCAAs competing in the rings event and finished the year ranked 24th. Accompanying Peterman and the Blackmans to NCAAs were 2! C Grant Begelin, 4!C Christopher Tam, and 4!C Brandon Cook. Of all the competitors it was 4!C Cook who managed to advance to the NCAA in- dividual finals inthe Floor Exercise. Although he didn't make top 10, it was quite the accomplish- ment for his first year of Division l competition. The team as a whole also competed well on the season, finishing 15th in the country, and clos- ing out with a 2nd place finish in the USA Cham- pionships. Head Coach Sho Fukushima earned Coach of the Year Honors, his 5th time receiv- ing the award. 4!C Ben Cook earned Champion of the lVleet honors at the USA Championships after winning the floor exercise, placing 2nd on the vault, and 8th on the pommel horse. The Blackman brothers also finished 1st and 2nd on the rings, with Sean edging out his older brother for the win. A pair of 21C also earned 2nd Place finishes with Ben Peterson finishing 2nd on the high bar and Grant Begelina finishing 2nd on the parallel bars. With plenty of young talent coming up, its safe to assume we will continue to see improvement from the lVlen's Gymnastics team. 1 1 Q P f l . N f My g gg -. l...i Q 111 I ......f, V, x 1 un.- .,--ns ig. . I K' tire? i 1 l C l -- K ,f 5 f" v .,i In i K 1, , , C Yfl' K, '1 Left: The Men's Gymnastics Team with Coach of the Year Sho Fukushi- ma. Top Left: 2!C Ben Peterman on the Rings. Top Mid- dle: 1fC Josh Black- man, vvinner of 5 individual all around championships is on the rings. Top Right: 3!C Sean Blackman, younger brother of the team Captain Josh, is on the rings. He finished the sea- son ranked 24th in the country for the event and won the rings title at ECAC championships. r gymnastics Q . V U gq 1 if 'V K Ex' ' . wx v rf H gf Q47 5 ?5 ' ,Lv 1 xx M2 f E91 ' 51. 1 ., f 4 .i I-.,ff:::f ,-:.kL1-' ' Y . ,, 24 ' , ", . 1. s , j -x i Q ,Qviiv a., "WTS "2 4 n The 2004-2005 Navy Baseball team will sorely miss the group of seniors leaving after this season. 11C Trevor Thompson received nearly every honor available to a Navy Baseball Player, including Patriot League Scholar of the Year, ESPN The Magazine Academic All American, and Patriot League lvlale Scholar Athlete of the Year to go along with his Second Team All Patriot League recognition for his play on the field. 1!C lVlatt Lukevics also set some Navy records in his time at the Academy in- cluding mostgames played bya Navy Base- ball Player. 1!C Jeff Lange also excelled on the mound, finishing tied with most innings pitched C52 81 2135 while posting the lowest EBA on the team 13995. 1!C Tom Van Dam was the most called on pitcher this season with 18 appearances and 15 strikeouts during his span of 32 innings on the mound. Finally HC Doug Silverman finished the year with a .240 hitting percentage while playing in over half of Navy's games. The players coming up behind this talented group of seniors, combined with the new coach Navy has brought in for next season, Paul Kostacopoulos, should see continued improvement as the new year gets started. Good luck Navy Baseball, and good luck to the graduates. HOur flve seniors all had great careers here on and off the field. I know that all of them Will be very successful as officers in the Navy. They all are highly respected by their teammates and are great leadersf, Head Coach Steve Whitmyer Top Left: 1!C Jeff Lange starts his follow through while pitching against BC. Bottom Left: 4!C Thomas Hamil- ton sprints home in Navy's 11-0 win against Bucknell. Center: 1!C Matt Lukevics rounds first awaiting a throw from a Boston College player. Above: Navy Baseball's firsties pose. Bottom Left: 3!C James Lee, first base- man, makes a move to held the ball. Bottom Right: 3!C Burgess Nichols fires the ball towards home plate. ' ..'f:v "' ' ' 'X' ' 'ft . 5 A . 11: A . . .f. . IIX 'mf Top Left: The team is head- ed out to get some prac- tice. Top Right: One ofthe Varsity Heavyweight boats heading pack to the boat- house after a tough day of practice. Bottom Left: Na- vy's Varsity 8 takes their boat out for a race. Bottom Right: The team poses for a picture in front of the Boathouse. Top 3 insets: Drevv Bishop Pulls hard, the poathouse, Coach Clothier out on the water. By season's end the Navy Crew Team placed fifth at the ln- tercollegiate Flowing Association National Championship. This year's heavyweight team, led by 1!C Hulsebos, lVlac- Dougall, lVlelander, Palmer, Powell, Fligler, and Whitmire, went on to a 15-5 record and finished 8th at Nationals. The team started out well winning the 2004 Navy Day Regatta. Navy's success would continue, with a 3rd and 2nd place fin- ish in their next two Flegattas. Following a loss to Princeton, Navy placed 4th in the San Diego Crew Classic and then won the George Washington Invitational. Next was a tough loss to top ranked Harvard, after which Navy travelled to Mercer County, N.J. and won the Stevenson Trophy over Columbia. Navy next headed to Eastern Sprints, finishing 7th out of 17. The year finished with a trip to the IHA National Champion- ships. Navy's varsity squads started out strong sending 5 of 8 boats to the semifinals after the first day of competition. Fol- lowing the semifinal round, Navy's Varsity Heavyweight four team advanced to the Grand Championship while the other four boats made it to Petite Championships. By the end of the weekend the Heavyweight team had finished 8th overall, while Navy as a team had finished 5th. Congratulations on a suc- cessful season Heavyweight Crew and good luck next year. 'N-Xxxxxasxn Y fl-' 1 , . ' .,!'.,5V'f I l 7 ecivyweight crew I., Q, - au, 'S' u k --- I . .. h 1 .'..: N jx ,gf f ii'.'.'fv' -vs, -X We . - , .cr-f - . x - - Y I -gb ' .5 Nuwxivxi 1 7 . ' fax l Q - y 3oTbcJIl i . t Q X . , .7 'tilt I' .a- Qqinio Qt' -if . 4, W "ff" Av: QQ. , aQr"""""" ' Y r F: 4:94 's'F.-fa: , - ' .Q. p, 745 .-" ,J i A 1 ' -- v on " "JE U 0 1 1 1 x wiv' r-if wg 4 tim-.1?w. 4 6 ,viii .1 A' ff-P yu .Ts -va.. .3 .Nu Q1 , 1 9 NMI 'I 5' 1 1 N '1 S I I I ' r ' Q . I.: LA ul. 'N R 'A' A' . v : W ,.-, 1- v 5' xx X NAVY BREW f x -234: kexvmgm oh! 5 Y ff 52 X. www sql 1 'Qi 4: M ' ,PV . Q, A 1 :Q : ,1jAf"', J. W ' 'f-lsvw-'fgsw.q,f.w,.,.f..W,..,...,.,.4,, 4.-f .,...,..,.,,, V ' 'f - ' ' '-" -'f , ' " rw w,wnn,',M V, , V r ,--- , - mf I ww 4 ',.. J--',.,. "MA ' 'Y Q' 'ff .y. , . ' '- - , .3 V W ' f :,,,, 1 44. f-.' . ,wife-f. i-MQ., ,-, x x I x -frm X ' b F-.' n ex U33 ff lv BN Xi resflirwg wafer polo J gif' F. .V S J .262 ,ac-mai.-dawg:-ifi. 1 J . . Ml,V.gg,g HWG are not just holding our own, We are im proving as a program." Head Coach Mike Hughes WSI , Q - ....a.... 1 - "' ,i..,-iff? " .-Q.-ggz. -x ATL, 4 -WXFWQ "-n-lblg, -4-u. ,.,.. 1 fe -.Jun-fu .au ,. an-' if Y-,H R fr'-. ,fy, V- -Y w ' J' H .--- In V. ' . - ' it 3 I .lb Ili!! -1' .-v-.. N, 'Lf' 'U M 3' N ,ff 11 1 M A ' fpgqf J ff vs- 5 " .ii , , f QSM'- - Q. , xi X4 iv W . .,,, . Q ,gi V it-K rf. Qs 5, ig' .I ' ' 'K P' ,gn Q, . I , .f ? X' 1, 9' W -Q Q ..l- . AHIT bv N -X, is J ' .' , sr, 1 W ? W fr ff: 5373 if 'E' fav - 5' !fi,, G'v 5 if + fi ' -A YL' Q 'i'1o-'ws' 'mfixf 1' Q9 1 v 171 , U ,, 1' ' g ' t - if Q? f"'!ffl'1"Q"ii"'f5T5 , if al tx 1 - -- f-, f 1" I , -,'.f, .,.1'-' cw x" ,V I N -VJ. -A at-- .',. . Q' A ,. gr -dx . ps ,N F3 X ,- Y L's,.rxlreT' Q :LS 'Sax sy! .4 ,1 L .tb -' ghifhll 15, XJ ax 35? Q. I gf' gif!! is QI -, , gall X an i W f Sh -,, f..-4: 1 ' rg 1 f ff' ' f ?? I -av., 53225 I, ig? 'Q' ffafif' 439, .fdgggg 8 .J 5' L. , 57,2 Ii A 5 Sf i sa fwwfa ,ffm 5,1 vwsffxiazg vwfffQg2v ,I-as wwf -, . . 3.16131 , 'fs 4,44 W. 1, a, 41,31 ' 'fc' "- 5:1- 2 L 5 f wk45 F Q :cv ef? fq?kg3w M?g?f fQ?W?i 12 W gf 14i?mag y 1 w e 52 f?gf3ff225 f '- '13, 1. il ,Q fri : 4 f "Fifi iQ,?i?5if s 7 E F ' s 1 :iv AA. K ,,, ,1,, .. Q, 'Sw 4 51:1 2. E5 ff g fi 'g ig? 45 'Z Q Ag ge 5? ?f2, fQ,, gi 'f ,V 3 2 1 ! Q x 1 , - The Navy lVlen's Outdoor Track and Field team, captained by 1!O Ralph Lufkin, finished the Outdoor Season with a perfect 8-0 record. The outdoor season started out where the indoor left off as Navy traveled to San Diego, CA to com- pete in the Pt. Loma Invite. Here Navy placed 1st out of 5 teams, with 11 individ- uals and 1 relay team finishing first. The Midshipmen were dominant in the field events, capturing 6 of the titles. 3!C Ste- phen White won the high jump, 31C Cam- eron Lindsay won the triple jump, and 1!C Adriel Morgan won the long Jump. Anotheroftheday'shighlightscame when 1!O Trevis Rainey won the 100m hurdles edging out his brother, 31C Travis Rainey by 5 hundredths of a second. Fol- lowing San Diego, Navy returned home to host a meet at Ingram Field. Navyfinished first of 4 teams, and went on to compete in two individual meets before returning home to host Army in their N-Star IVlatch. This time the match finished in dra- matic fashion as it came down to the final event. The Navy men edged out Army by winning the 4x400m relay to capture the win 102-100. Led by 1!O Ralph Lufkin who finished first in the hammer toss, eight lVlids claimed gold on the after- noon. This meet concluded Navy's regu- lar season as the men improved to 8-0. From Annapolis the men would travel to Easton, PA to compete inthe Pa- triot League Championships where they finished 2nd. Following the meet the men continued on to Princeton, NJ to compete again in the lO4A Championships. Here the men finished 19th out of 47 teams, concluding another successful season. The seniors departing the team will be missed, but there is plenty of tal- ent from the rising underclass. Good luck next season Navy lVlen's Outdoor Track and Field, and keep working hard. ,gttlllw . i 'IQ W Left: 4!C Bo Fisher takes off on a pole vault attempt. Right: 1!C Trevis Rainey leads the hurdles race. Below Center: 1!C Adriel Morgan soars on a long jump attempt. Below Right: One of Navy's high jumpers clears his mark. Far Below: The Navy team gathers after success- fully beating Army in the N-Star match 102- 100. Captain 1!C Ralph Lufkin stands out front in the yellow shirt while the team Ioooks on and celebrates. XJ. .l Q is 'I '-'CS VY UCS ilil A vi A 3 , -Hp-,H ..., ., ,.4ui.l ' y . ' k R N 'lK""'h'-"'dSq,.,, A is A-. men's outdoor lrcick r-ss, UBI! AN! 71- . ' aaf'fa5rxsQ :4gr T "'Y"' ' , 35214 .N . ,y f . W'-92-Watt' ilgefbol bms bfijai I: Lxl-ffzffln fr tx fx jf If A V ww, is .V ' ' "5 E' f f x ii f 4 2 i f W iii? ? f!',y,g4 ,Zz ' 3 f lg? ,ww ' ihsfli TP. 2? 'ij Vg, E Q2 2 I 1 an , . Vg ,I 5- ' 2 "5 33 113-,gf ., e , www: 2 w 523. Y' If 5 . , ,f w f ,, 5 - ,Q ' -rrxrixl' ' 4 P , ' : 4' '?Wfaaf.,1.'t ....: . PM 544- ' A TA ' A :f41feQ,E.i 4v H4-i,yg5?v -V P ,M-,,,,,,, 5 1 A Q .ut-f y ' . K ,4 V, f ,ff QQ '55 1'a g,f? 1 ' , we f -W--Q -4 ff - -5 ,zz ' J? . K' 0, Q, --' 41,4 .V " . ' 'W+f? 'af - J A 4, H , 1-M ,,,, 400 s 1 Q r K r -ga,-W- ,555-: 1 Os , A GI U, I A' 59 A "',-fe:-,.H 'MBI ' lb W' -uv- rs - F I Zffzyqg im 1 ffl A I 1 0 -,4!FrA X ,, Wig, 'xv' 'Hz f'9Rq.V -f . . f""1fn., f' , f r Q I I xi? K li M 34 Q4 if P' P: Q 2 3 M 15 X2 2 K 5? QF' M45 if gf? ig? 161' 2 A, 1 Ei, . QL 341' ,, 4 N5 Aff, 'E Q V11 X 5 '3f1r1f i-'fi' " V' : '.: . I 5 E 4 5- V4 I E . - Tx. ' J -z, 1 ' ' n . gl E -1, ., 1 -1- ,, ' M2234-"?' 'i"1wy"'9 P' 5:23, QP' I f' J 3 6 -if 4 uf.. , 0 - 'C -Q..-J"i -. 1. 1 w' - l -'N - V j P 'V' F - 3154-'l:i,:1-ff:g,y-4:.Q.-. "1"-gint' K .L Q, ff-. -' . ' '- ,.,, - 1 ' .gg L- ' 'T -- - ' " - ff -1' . . SITE Navy's Intercollegiate Sailing enjoyed another successful season. Re- turning for his second season with the Mid- shipmen, Head Coach Gavin O'Hare continued his successes. By sea- son's end the Women's team had qualified for Nationals, and earlier in the year the Co-Ed team qualified for sloop nationals after placing 2nd at the MAISA Sloop Qualifier. Coach O'Hare also managed to com- pete himself at season's end, leading Team USA to a World Military Sail- ing Championship off the Coast of France, the first Gold Medal for the Armed Forces this year. The 1fC leadership on the team was a key part of why the team was so successful this last season. Excelling both in and out of the water, 1fC Stephen Gay, Don Lunaria, Monica Meese, and Nick Van Wagoner set an example for the rest of the team. All four individuals were strong competitors throughout the season. Next sea- sonts rising underclass are going to have some big shoes to fill, but they believe they are up to the challenge. Con-, tinue to win IC Team. 4 5 4 il, it E, ' 2 V 1 N 'l V i , yuh jj ' 1-yW.., , ll fflllfl i ,Mui . w .M HM,- , , A 5 A J,-. J' , , ' " .4,- f 4 " I Y K V f .,. , ,,, 7- W yllsw, 'Wild' ' ' .1 '4' -A K' ' -' ' .aw plum, f -, ,wif-Qin ' An' -he . M H I 5' 'Q' ..., ' M1 "-7'7" 'L+ V W., ,,..,,..., , . fl , A - ..s.,,, I, 4' , my-5 umm.. NZM - MQ-V .::'4V?fl "",,,'.-'Gs gl 'n "- l... 12- b 11:-'.:Q,f l "'llf-:':f-trlrrfgw 'fri' J -+14 ' ' " V 'I .:-1. ..:f:f,,,.- ,,., ,, I 1.7-...JV 'mm ......,..... -6 .24-.W M.. Mgr-, .M """-"""-Q I I T J '73,-I Nwhii w.Mif'M" 'Y . :.gL,,,, f , -waning., A V Far Left: 21C Charles Fulmer and 21C John Ap- plebaum prepare to round a buoy. Top Left: ZXC John Keith and 3!C Lauren Sutehall look- ing dovvn the course. Center: The Intercollegiate Team prepares for the start of a race. Top Right: ZXC John Keith balances the weight as 3!C Lau- ren Sutehall works with the sails. Above: 3!C Katherine Whitman and 3!C Slava Haywas keep things steady while they head dovvn the course. The 2004-2005 sea- son kicked off with the Offshore Sailing Team competing in October for the National Cham- pionship. Navy, the only collegiate team to qual- ify in the regional round of competition, would be the only college present at the Champi- onships. The race was to he conducted in 37- foot boats, making a fast day of competition for the seven represen- tatives Navy sent. Navy jumped out to an early lead, winning the start and commanding the race for the first 3 laps of the 2-mile course. However, after an equipment failure Navy was forced to make a quick recovery, manag- ing to salvage second in the race, thanks in large part to the fast reaction of bowman junior Jim Paquette. After 5 races over 3 days the Navy team took home the Bronze lVledal, the first time Navy has placed in the competition in 10 years. Following Nation- als, the Offshore Sailing Team headed to the Storm Trysail Intercolle- giate Offshore Regatta, held in Larchmont, NY. Navy won in their class of 8 teams, finishing with top 2 in all 4 races. Success is expected next season, and Navy has the team to do it. offshore sailing ' ,, X f-1-.vm-1, M-Mm' J .. ' V . X - " yy ffl' A '19 . ww ww , 3' i 1 1 i l-X 1, I' 33, X-? ?'f"w-,g 1 'iq in V 2 f.: C- fx 'ix i me to T . C Wg 1 1 by X uf' 'K 'K A51 lv . i T 'ii Far Left: The Crew of one of Navy'S Colgate 26s sail- ing with the spinnaker at full. Top Left: The Daunt- Iess Helrnsman looking back at a teammate. Center: The Flirt heading downwind. Top Right: Courageous and her crew waiting to get underway. Above: The Flirt, heaving in her spinnaker after a downwind run. V6 A Q' 1 I' 1 ' X 1.112 if f'f'i47f,6Qk . f '? E Q f 3.0 soiling ' rifle iocro I A "N-. HN UZ W The Navy lVlen's Golf Team had high expecta- tions for their season. For the first time in four years, Navy was without All-American Billy Hur- ley, but according to Head Coach Pat Owen the rising 1!C helped keep the team focused on suc- cess and provided the leadership needed to get through the season. The year began with the Navy Fall Invitational. At the end of the weekend Navy finished 13th out of 20 teams, with their best individual performance coming from 1!C Captain Bocky Novellino who finished 14th. Na- vy's season then continued on a tough course, finishing 3rd at the Service Academy Classic and a close loss to Army in their N-Star match. The middle half of their season was highlighted by individual performances but tough team loss- es. At the Bucknell Golf Invitational 1!C Braxton lVlashburn cracked the top 10 to finish 8th. The 4!C also made strides throughout the season, helping brighten the picture for the future. 4!C Bob Phillips led the way for the mids at the Em- erald Coast Collegiate finishing 61st, the high- est of any mid at the tournament. By spring the team had grown a lot, and when Navy hosted its Spring Invitational the team improved to 7th place out of 20 teams compared to 13th place at the start of the fall. Led by seniors Braxton lVlashburn and Bocky Novellino, who finished tied for 7th at the end of the tournament, Navy finished a single stroke out of the top 5. The sea- son ended with the Patriot League tournament where Navy finished 4th. But the real story was the underclass. "I was encouraged by the play of our young players. We will be a young team next year with no seniors, but we will continue to get stronger as a team." said head coach Pat Owen. Good luck in the next few years Navy Golf, we know you have a bright future. 7 fx"-' The 2005 Navy IVlen's Lacrosse Team finished the year with another incredibly successful sea- son. With the loss of Attackman lan Dingman dur- ing the offseason, rated perhaps the best player at his position in NCAA lacrosse, the team had a tall mountain to climb to get back to where it had been. l-lovvever, Navy never skipped a beat. They picked up where they left off, working harder, passing better, and uniting as a team like never before as they stormed into the regular season. The team charged out of the gates winning their first 3 games of the season including a 9-6 victory over UNC, a team they had spent nearly 9 over- time periods with over the past 3 seasons. After dropping a tough overtime loss to Bucknell, Navy charged back to vvin its next 4 games in dominat- ing fashion. Navy's second half of the season fin- ished vvith the midshipmen winning 2 of their last 4 regular season games, vvhich included a heart- breaking loss to Johns Hopkins in overtime. But Navy found itself first in the Patriot League, and would host the Patriot League tournament the fol- lovving vveekend. At the end of the weekend Navy faced Army for the 2nd time in the season and the Patriot League championship. Dominating the field, they vvon the tournament with a 15-8 trump- ing of the Black Knights. The NCAA tournament started vvell vvith a 9-7 victory over Delaware be- fore Navy faced Virginia. Unfortunately Virginia is vvhere Navy's season ended. But the team has bright hopes for next season, as the return of lan Dingman is on the horizon and many young tal- ented players are taking control of the team. Good Lucky Navy Lax and get that NCAA Championship. 5' 9:51 B! 'K .T -4 Q . 2' U . ,Q .. ,. V 4 :, - wif Y . ,f ,gf 5 5 ff .I , ef. Ax 4 15 .fi 9 . , 2 9 v 'l ' A Q .1 F' , Q 4' Q is Q 1 'fu 4 1 ' 1' is . 'Q'-'Q 045,111 Q, , HF lpfrl 'gl 1 ar A yr J Af l'1.l'5P,i'L54fm, 1 ct M7 fagi x 4 'tens jf 1 "jf I f' ' J 'W if 5- 7' 4 V 4 'gf f 4:4 fy . .. V1 ' 'rn 'ff' L R f P 4 fl? 'Q WA? ins? ,E Q Rf' ,gl Ak- Q f' .7 " I h Q -P" f fi j 6 ht K E' Q r 4' 4 E K 5 L f, nf 2 , 'Y 14 1 ' I r Q 1 ' Ll f P ik s ' .F yr EFX? I 5 I ,A 1 J mf 1 ' Af 'Q ,, 'rfffXfe.7"f""'a f W QR , N 6 ,sr gif? J Q 9 1 All J rf fl I f if , 6, fyi' 'z' M 1 Q ff 'el 'W 'X Qf fx N gg 'Kr x- ,, W' 'Q 1 K 'S f ., . nv x, if N , WL? .QM ff WW WW 'LQ A ' f J Tl' ,QV ww 'kwa F M- ,. - , .,.. , ,,., 5, ., . 4 ., , ,,,, ,, , . . , Q7 ., . . -J, 1' ' S40 i, M71 " . X , . i , .536 . .V 1 an K 'I' l' N I M 27. . ' ' ., Z, k,4,. iff f" X ,, xx X ,Q zu . '- if 'K Y ' I V., , H .H-M ' ' i, , , :ai Far Left Top: The Seniors of Navy's 2005 Men's Lacrosse Team, all smiles as usual, pose on the bench between Strib- Iing's main walkways. Far Left Bottom: A rowdy crowd of fans watch Navy take on Army at home in Navy Marine Corps Stadium. It was a close game, but in the end Navy's tough defense was too much for Army's high powered scoring of- fense. Center: Gathering together after a goal in the Navy vs. Georgetown game are all the attackmen and middies. Above: 1!C Pat Reilley is making a run down the sideline and gets the ball out of the back during the Army game. Below: What Navy Lacrosse has come to be known for, the most wild midshipmen having a wild time cheering on a fantastic team. lacrosse ,A . 3.2, . -sm. ff rw X MQW!- "M .g mmx ly w,xm 1 4 QV 1 1- was Y Y liymr - , ,............. ... ..,,.-........-.,..,. whewvI z fzfmriu 5 3 li I A4 I,- Rf 7 xx . wx ' ' 't ' .7 at vw, ,.. I .. , 1 Q. 'fm ' . li f 2 , ,I . L., FT .N K 5' 1 an Q. ' G 4.4 qv 'A f ...,.... can -nf' 9.3.2 .fl N. Beyond cheering the Football team onto an amazing season finished out by a victory over New Mexico at the Emerald Bovvl, running through the Pentagon raising the spirit of all the Navy's top officers, support- ing the Men's and VVomen's basket- ball teams and even cheering on the Navy Lacrosse team, vve finally made it back into the world of com- petition. It was Navy cheerleading's first competition in over 5 years and vve made it clear that vve would be back again. The early morning vvork- outs and noon stunt sessions were tough on everyone, but helped take us to the next level. We started out a very fresh team with many nevv faces, but really came together as a team by the end. lt's a testament to the team's spirit of hard work and perseverance that vve were able to achieve all the goals set forth this year. 1-2-3 CHEER NAVY!!! '12 "Practice spaces change, coaches change, partners change, but the spirit remains the same!" UC Frank Fillingim Team Co- Captain "Vile are a team vvho loves to practice long, play hard, and win big." UC Matthew Navy Combat at Arms team competes Da in about 6 competitions during the aca- T demic year. Navy practices at the Naval ea rn Station. Navy provides a demanding or- ' ganization through which midshipmen Captaln may safely practice the tactical move- ment and use of service-type vveapons. The standards include physical fitness, academic and military performance, as well as proficiency as a member of the team. The team is instructed and trained by Navy Seals, Marines, Gunners Mates and Lavv Enforcement Officials. li.. Left: The women prepare to start their race. Middle left: The men get ready. Middle right: 3!C Christine Taran- to, 1!C Audrey Peterman, 3!C Susan Richardson, and 2!C Jean Hyde are all smiles before their race. Bot- tom Left: Team Captain, 1!C Chris Lollini leads a pack as he coasts dovvnhill. Bottom middle: 1!C Jake Bauer peddles hard. Bottom right: Coming around a curve. 'Ulf' VY N., , 1 S lf. Q' .1 . l ll The 2005 Cycling team had a great year. They vvon the Atlantic Coast l Conference Cycling Championship. There were several standouts this year: l l!C Audrey Peterman, ZXC Jean Hyde, 2!C Mitchell Clement, 3!C Jona- l thon Mason, and 4!C Amy Alexander. Of the 24 team members, l l riders qualified for the US Collegiate National Championships Csix men and five l vvomenb. 3!C Mason hnisheol l7th of 198 men and l!C Peterman finished 14th 156 vvomen. Congratulations Navy Cycling and good luck next year. l l l l l l . l l l l , "The team had many new riders, but forged such strong bonds, we won the Confer- ence Title." l!C Chris Lollini Team Captain "This Navy Hockey team is a group of players who are tough when they're hitting and tough when they're fighting." 1 XC Jeff Kausek Team Captain -4-fv'V ' H ! lv Qu:-fi aff X if Running from September through March, ,L Navy Hockey has the longest champion- ship season on the Yard. Finishing the season 18-15-3, Navy had a success- ful 2004-2005 season. Among the - highlights vvere competing in the East! West Shovvcase, the first annual Tur- I key Shootout hosted in Dahlgren, and T l the Crabpot Tournament. Navy placed T fourth in the regular season ECHA stand- ings earning a birth in the season playoffs. ln the playoffs, played in Westches- ter, PA, Navy vvon an exciting 3-OT game versus rival Towson. ln the semifi- nals, Navy lost to eventual National Championship Runner-Up Rhode Island. Navy earned a split for third place with host Westchester after tying in the consola- tion game. Special congratulations go to team netminder and MVP, Zfc Ryan Do- bie. Zfc Dobie vvas named ECHA 3rd Team All-Star and ACHA Honorable Men- tion All-American. 3!c Chriss Schnappinger was also named ECHA 3rd Tearr All-Star, and 4!c Nick Schvvob was named to the ECHA All tournament team 34 X i international pi tol As usual, the USNA fielded a very competitive team. The team worked hard-enjoying one of the best collegiate ranges in the nation right here in Ban- croft Hall's basement. Spending countless hours training both at mental prepara- tion and with up to three different pistols, the team members worked together to improve as a whole. Unlike combat-style shooting, the competitors fire the Olym- pic course of fire, which requires the althlete to remain in one spot and shoot one handed with competition-grade pistols. With 60 shot matches that last up to two hours, the sport requires a unique combination of mental and physical conditioning. The team sent 6junior members to the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, CO to compete in the Junior Olympics National Competition. 4!C Rachel Florea medaled with a 3rd place. These shooters will be the scoring core of upcoming Navy Pistol teams. The Navy VVomen's Aggregate team, led by l!C Diana Beauford, l!C Gail Kollhoff, and 2!C Lauren Keefe went undefeated during the regular season. After a very close vic- tory over Ohio State, the ladies finished with a victory over Army. l!C Red Miller put his name in the record books with his NRA National Collegiate Record in 10 meter Air l Pistol- shooting an amazing 580 out of 600 points. Team captain lf C Mike Gleeson l led the team at the NRA Intercollegiate Pistol Championships, earning a National Title in Q both 10 meter Air Pistol and 50 meter Free Pistol. Every event saw great results from l the shooters in blue and khaki. However, the competition pulled ahead by four points Cout of 72003. Navy's Grand Aggregate and VVomen's Aggregate teams brought home i a second place for Navy. Six Navy shooters-Diana Beauford, Mike Gleeson, Gail Koll- hoff, Red Miller, Dave Bennett and LJ Camp earned All-American honors for the 2005 . season. Coach "Senior" Callahan earned the title of Collegiate Coach of the Year for her selfless dedication to the team and the sport as a whole. With her guidance, the International Pistol Club will remain at the top of the Collegiate Pistol competitions. l l l l l l l l l l 2005 marked another year of hard work and dedication from the Karate Team. Led by Team Captain UC Nate Greblo and Co-Captain UC John Bearce along with fellow officers Kitan Bae, Grant Gillary, Noah Gould, Leonie Jesse, and Kate Kasten the team faired well as always in its competitions. Master Amos Johnson instructed the team, for his second year, and passed on his vast knowledge of the Martial Arts. lnstillingl in the team the fundamental principles of patience, training, and character, Masterl Johnson taught his students more then simply how to kick and punch. Togetherl the team trained day in and day out for the ultimate goal of excelling in their com-l HVVG have petitions and devel- oping a system of fought self defense that one day may help together' them in their military bled careers. The team looks forward to the together: rest of their com- , petitions, including i Won the West Point ln- l tOgethGI", vitational Tourna- , ment that they will j and lost be attending for the fll'S'E time tl'llS yG8l'. Q It has been J!,igggEQghgf,Q . a great ' J 2 . 'thrift-we . season with ig, ffm il ri 5 an excep- ,ph Ciz,,1.f.,, tional group of people" UC Nate Grebb Team Captain , 1 1? J' ,1 13 . , ' ' wi I , . . , Jifsaifjft' l -an i 'TT' WW t' i ' i 4 . ,,,,, . , - 1 , ' , ... , A IW'-W1-'Q............ . ,, A l - The marathon team enjoyed many suc- cess in its first year as a club sport. Every team mem- ber qualified for the Boston Marathon and also ran a per- sonal best mara- thon time. The team is coached on a volunteer basis by Nathan Nudel- man, vvho also works full time as a Sergeant in the Secret Service. Nudelman runs in nearly every race and practice vvith the team. 'he team ran ten races this year, from five kilometers to 50 miles. The season's :chedule was specifically tailored to prepare the team for the Steamtown and Bos- on marathons, and noteworthy times were recorded at these races by the follovv- 1g team members: Wallace Miller: 2:39 Steamtown Marathon C0ctober 10, Scranton, PAD, Curtis Pren- ice: 2:43 Steamtown Marathon, James Cathro: 2:46 Richmond Marathon CNovem- mer l2, Richmond, VA, Jordan Jones: 2:46 Boston Marathon CApril l l, Boston, MAD, loshua Faucett: 2:47 Steamtown Marathon. 'he inaugural team vvon the military team trophy in the elite Cherry Blossom 10 niler in Washington, DC, and set a military team course record in the JFK 50 miler n Boonesboro, MD, conquering the previously undefeated record holding USMC leam in the process. In addition, team members captured over 30 individual ivvards in local road races throughout the course of the season. Coach: y Nathan Nudelman 0-rep: GySgt Judd Baker, USMC President: XC James Cathro Vice President: ' XC Leslie Borenstein Treasurer. ' XC Ryan Dickson Operations 0fficer: ' XC Betsy Kealey P 5 w A- ra'-J '. gl '9'g1'z. V ' zf-A f , has fl! . 4 L- I 2 ,3 QR W M ' if Pai, z ,f , . ir 2- f .tw ' Pa? . 41, W Y 23 , Y gjfg' Fl , 1 f,,,??G.if-sf. f , 'iw ,V W- Av-, Q MQA9? Y "S W ,X .f , 42, GY' -W, Q. Q, :W , ki 6 3" W1 . , , Q, -, WM' A ' , 1' " iid fu 3 ' Y N if , K ++'2L'L" ' V ,H A W ix 495440 :mf ccqxf-,. fair , 9 5 ci .Rug ", X 1 ,gf "5 w L : HIM I A E fix.. , ' l 5 g ,L ku M2 4 --,. .wfk-A sq K 2 3 l L 55 , :Ka , in . 1' .34 , 5 ' J W' ' - F, - --V-34 fre: , 73 ' ,Q 'vf , 2' 1' , ff . 1 , P ' L' ' 3 ' f 5. 4 5 f- 2 Q ig . Q ,Q g fr 4' ' N .4--jig, A fi I 1 "lf you train hard, you'll not only be hard, you'll be hard to beat." l!C Ashley Garner Team Captain -fs It was quite a year for the I Navy triathlon team. With rff.lf:'B fs m 1 lots of new talent and a sol- Q 1-5 ,A id roster of twenty-five, the 5, team overcame a multitude of difficulties and stepped up for the championship season. With a strong start during the fall season, the newcomers proved they would be es- sential to the team's success. The team competed in the Lancaster triathlon under ad- verse weather conditions and went on to win the regional collegiate title at Big Lick tri- athlon. Thanks to the diligent communication skills of team captain Ashley Garner, four team members and Alumnus Ensign Tyler Hurst had the in- 1 credible opportunity to travel to Korea and competegin an aquathlon. The fall season tos as coach senior Brandon Secrest assumed the coach- ing position to start the team L ,F P off with base training through Fill l the winter season. UC Matt Welch took over as team cap- tain in the spring and after many months of tedious hours spent on bike trainers inside and track workouts battling the frigid Annapolis winter air the team emerged a force to be reckoned with. The Cler- mont triathlon in Florida got the kinks worked out for na- tionals and 4!C John Dubiel and Jen Lloyd earned positions on the traveling team. Led respectively by lflf . . . . . T quickly wound down and after ' rs. losing the beloved Jerry Fren- I 1 T 1 K Q A C, -gg, N.. Brandon Secrest and 3!C Justine Whipple the men s and women s teams followeii right behind with remarkable depth at the Collegiate nation competition in Lake 1 Havasu, AZ. Having a blast racing, and placing 3rd overall as a combined team, thi. l triathlon team proved that they know how to play as well as they race during their time in AZ. Some highlight rookies were 3!C Morgan Kitchen and l!C Ryan Tuttle? who had outstanding performances at nationals. The team looks forward to a res covering year this coming season, as it is sad to see many of the seasoned senior. graduate, but with fresh talent coming it will prove to be another exciting seasori l l 1 l . , , QT gg pg. f,, V . if ef,-. , g J .4- ZA If 1 il V ' of s W-.... ,fl 79 ?--,.,--, V, ,.-L-.4 The Navy Men's Club Vol- 1 leyball team finished another spectacular season, bringing home the 2nd Place trophy from the West Point Invita- tional. As you can see these guys are all about working hard and having a good time. ln the evenings, combined with their practices, the men usually scrimmage top cali- ber adult league teams in the area. On the vvhole the Navy Volleyball team has had the tradition of performing vvell year in and year out, and again the team continued to do so this past season. Departing seniors will be missed, such as UC Captain Chris Rose, but there is plen- ty of young talent coming up behind him to till any vacan- cies. Good luck next year! Aw '3 I Y- ll 15 . ., , " FMU 5, -J vw 3 + 1 -6 BLT H113 rv-Q ..v"' as at A . 'W' , -, 'Y ,, M, 1 1 n. 32 'Nairn an f:fif,V , -.in-' ..--:Iii-n--.M ' . X NPQQL rf . 'SI , . -V 1 1 ' fl 1, . ' u ' ln. . , ' 0. f . - ,. Y, H 'J za!!! A Y , JA NWYf mvv A , , . m L I ,"5 Q f' . , .fl . lmvy WIY mv: xuWY -- if-3-M' I ,fxcsl L r ' M. 0-. 1. L19 . 'nu W1 - v 4. WI ,I ' 1. 1 . 'Q ' I an I p , 1,5 W Q-14 ,K T.-fl Q .F 5' .5 4 Qi x 'ntuxf y ' I The Brigade Boxing Championship is one of the highlights of the year for many mid- shipmen. This year's championship was no different. The 64th annual championship took place on February 25, 2005. Midshipmen gathered to cheer on their favorite competi- tors through l l bouts of fast paced, intense Navy Boxing. Weight classes ranged from l 19 lbs through 195 lbs and the heavyweights. The . 2 championship began with Jonathan Liang C04 runner-upb '07 defeating Mikoto Yoshida '08. ln the 125-pound class, two-time Brigade champ Jeremy Biggs '06 beat 0scar San- chez '08. Nick Tawil '06 and James Dade '08 faced off next and Tawil won by decision. Adrian Evangelista '05, Brigade runner-up in 2004 defeated Dan Leahey '07. ln an exciting match, two Brigade Champions faced each other in the T47-pound bout. BJ Richardson '07 C2004 147-lbs Championl defeated Fernando Garcia '05 C2004 139-lbs Championb. The 156-lbs bout became a rematch for Nick Cater and Alejandro Loya both from '06. Last year Carter won the match-up, Loya took the match this year. For many, the next match was one of their favorites. lt's a treat to watch Amir Shareef box. At the time Shareef '05 was a two-time National Champion and a three-time defending Brigade Champion. Shareef stepped into the ring to face Dmitry Shvets '08. Shvets put up a good fight but was no match for the National Champion and Amir became only the 12 Midshipmen in Naval Academy history to win four Brigade Champion Titles. Another intraclass rivalry took place between the first class Chris Lonero and Dan Martinez. Both were runner- ups last year and when the smoke settled Lonero was declared the victor. Derek Herrera '06 challenged Greg Watten '06 for Greg's Brigade Championship title, but was not able to defeat the defend- ing champion. In the final match of the evening, the heavyweights Dan Brendel '05 and Dave Paddock '08 fought ferociously, with Dan Brendel prevailing. Beyond the excitement of the Brigade Championships, the Boxing Team had another fantastic year. The team headed out to Colo- rado, to the Air Force Academy to participate in the NCBA National Championship. Navy edged out Air Force, the defending national champs, to win the tournament. Shareef who had already won his fourth Brigade Championship early that year, defeated his Army opponent to win his third National Title. Chris Lonero and Jeremy Biggs also brought home National Titles. There was a single-mindedness about them that was striking. To them, lacrosse was life. No, that's not right. Their team was their family and group of best friends rolled into one. It was kind of hard to break in as an outsider I guess it could be said of most varsity athletes and their respec- tive sport, but I saw it especially with this bunch. I contacted co-captain Nicole Telesh about becoming manager for the team not knowing what the experience would bring. I left knowing at least one thing: these girls were great. They were great on the field, as exemplified by Nicole's accomplish- ments, having ended the year with undoubtedly the best statistics in the league, the most career goals in Navy history and the distinction of US Lacrosse WDIA attack Player of the Year and First Team All- American. And they were great off the field: co- captain Anne O'Donnell's Marshall scholarship isjust the most obvious example of many achievements by this intelligent and stunningly beautiful group. "The team deserved their national ranking" said Officer Rep. CDR Lisa McWhorter. She noted that, with an incredible depth on the sidelines com- ing and a group of already strong returning starters, the team "coalesced into a mean fighting machine." She wasn't kidding. Navy Women's Lacrosse plays to win. A bad day was when the other team came within 5 points. Typical margins were more along the lines of I 5. When asked about their heartbreaking overtime loss to Florida during the national semifinals, one of only two losses the entire season, the general consensus was that all they could do was accept the result and move on. This kind of resiliency revealed the nature of the team: a team with the adequate strength and skill can win often. It takes a team with extraordinary char- acter to move on while learning from their mistakes. And move on they will: while they are los- ing two excellent players in Nicole Telesh and Anne O'Donnell, the rest of a remarkably deep team will re- turn next year. I have no doubt that they will go far. I read somewhere that the true competitor knows this fight is not won alone but as a team. The individual must take responsibility to push themselves, but one must also rely on the others to push themselves as well, gaining strength thereby. This team epitomizes this ideal: they do everything they can as individuals and know every- one else on the team will do the same. Then they click as a team, and they win. Right: 1!C Anne O'DonnelI, team co-captain, search- es the field for someone open. Above: 3!C Elise Chap- delaine Bottom Left: 1!C Nicole Telesh, team co-captain, proudly displays the 2nd place trophy from Towson's Tour- nament. Bottom Right: 2!C Liza Holmes sprints downfield. women's lacrosse 'Ci-ii mm Wmiie X i i , BCQMQT TEB X wgxa "Our biggest strength is our team- work." UC Nicole Telesh Team Co- Captain The rugby team began the year with a bang. Led by captains and All-Americans Ben Pittard and Scott Cleveland, the team went undefeated in the Mid-Atlantic Rugby Football Union fall season and downed ranked op- ponent Ohio State. However, the fall season ended with a bitter loss to Army. With the Army defeat looming over their heads, the players, led by new assistant coach Mike Coyner, went into a rigorous off season training program of hard conditioning early in the mornings. When spring season came around, the team defeated Delaware and then headed off to South Africa for a 12 day tour. The team collected a 2-3 record while on tour and made some great improvements. Navy came home to beat Kutztown to advance in the MARFU tournament. The next step was Princeton, where Navy defeated Delaware and then suf- fered a disappointing loss to Penn State. The team still qualified for the national tournament. Navy's first oppo- nent was perennial powerhouse Air Force. Everyone had slotted Navy to lose but with their backs against the wall, the team beat Air Force 19-12 without giving up a try. The team then pulled off a close one against Ohio State the next day, sending the team to Stanford for the fi- nal four. Unfortunately, the season was ended one game too soon as Cal beat Navy in the first match at Stanford. The team was driven by the loss of a close coach, mentor, and friend. LtCol Kevin Shea was killed in action on September 14th, 2004. LtCol. Shea was a coach for 3 years, and the team credits him for much of their strength. Every player he came in contact with carries on his spirit for the game and the service. Lt.Col Shea, "Marine, Coach, Professor, Father and Friend," may you rest in peace. Left: Team Co-Captain 1!C Scott Cleve- land makes a punt as 1!C Will Cocos looks on. Top Right: 3!C Blake Lindsay and 1fC Steve Schwarzer are lifted into the air in attempt to make a catch. Bot- tom Nliddle: 1!C Ben Pittard, Co-Captain, strides to kick the ball. Bottom Right: 2!C Jake Womble and 1!C Schwarzer tackle their opponent to the ground. ""x 5 f'K Top Right: Navy Womens Rugby works to- gether. Top Left: The team huddles up to dis- cuss strategy. Above: Navy evades a tackle. Right: Navy's opponent is in hot pursuit 5 Q 4, g NX This year marked the tenth season for Navy VVomen's Rugby, and was expected to be a rebuilding year for the team. However, under the leadership of Captains TIC Sarah Coulthard and l!C Jami Gann, the team surprised everybody and continued the legacy of suc- cess left behind by former NWR players. The team's motto, "Love the Legacy" were words Coulthard and Gann came up with to keep the team's focus on winning vice rebuilding. This motto fit well with oth- ers the team already has. "Trample the weak, hurdle the dead" along with, "Make it so the A can't breath" exemplify the tenacity the team played with all sea- son. This yearls team finished fourth in the regional tournament, and was seeded fourth going in to the national tournament. They reached the final fours in Stanford to cap off their season. A few of the high- lights from this year were the victory over UC Berkley in the sweet sixteen round, and upsetting Air Force for the 2nd straight year in the round of 8. The B-side team also beat Army in the Cherry Blossom Festival. Good luck next year NWR, and keep the Legacy going! rug y 2 0 1 i n 1 Q Y. - -lr - Q I . ' 4 2 N-ex 4 I 2-X. 1 V ," 5 1. :Qs fvlxf fflllt a QE 'Hi' 1 fs, X j 4 . is 1 1 JA W' 3 K , 3 ' 'Y Q ABQ, X x X X'X XX' 1X1 ,7,4,74,,f YN 1 4-1" A fxk. .f ' -. X b ' 1 I XX J" "xl N f X f f x " lkxl V X' , ' ,I , . 'N f' ff 'N ' , In f -. 1 y ' E, X up Y .il Nw., V- f -1 f A I X! 1 X -A X . In x I l' I , I 1 AXL pf I - 4 'X ,, , yqgir 'A frpyig ' by , .f. J 9 K. ,.,, ..-.. Navy has been to the national championships the last 3 years and vvon 3 out of the last 3. Navy lost to University of Southern California in the championship game 3-1 O. Navy boasts a 28 game schedule. This years record was 17-1 O-1. The women have contin- ued to perform vvell, especially after losing plenty of senior talent and leadership following the '04 National Championship, but their return trip to Nationals vvas all the sweeter this year as they were looked at all along as underdogs. Continue to dominate Navy Soft- loall, and stay at the top. , Iv 1 i ,, . . ,H-'Q we V, ' f ff ' --.-.-........ ., 7 Z., , -. 1 .4 5 . .,.f . we-V , V f 1 fu' '-,A 'P 1 v 1-H f -,715 ,gms im, V f 'V 1 Q L1 ,l g. . , J 41, ,Q - 1' 'Z 1 ...Q-Q ',,f-aff' -ggi- c, wk. .,.,4 .,,fa . . . - .' f A-v Q 1 "I 9'.' mf' .1 I ' uf f. .. ,W .os ' .Q'!'f' , 1 ,xy .4 '48-1-H ' " V , .. M J' Y .fuffr Af: , .f-.-sfqw.:--qv-,-' ' Q F 'H X "RN . x V 'M' X a 3 . ' 2 J. v ,-v , X EVM J Ss N, . Q 239211352 if ff 55225, .-Q wa 29112, P' Wnf'-Gm!-.51 x ,N ff - . 4 V523 iz?-iifu af-' M wif-c - il ' l x 5ki.5:1i't: " ' jg , ii 'FZZ,',:f,.l: ., ,--.fix j , Kdigfmg N133 -' xi f 1-, -r . --1 1 'M -.iffy La:-' I , , w4.f.z:.e: '-2 'W'-1' -2 l:f .u '!-ahh' I 1 W . 1- 9? MN K iwwiimlwlf . ,.,,,f4::f1x:lf3zlw .w 'M 1Qg,2i?6g,1x . w, wwf. ,,a2,j, w , 'ULQ9 .- Xqn P .4 ., ,N V 4, ai" ' N 2 if ' , -fciab' :N ' n UW 1451, '. ' ' REQ ,nu :f , 1 'ww ,f W, W, 0 , A , , -311155394 X- P ar ww N, w -'l ,H v, 1 A ,M 5 f Ah X M-1 'WH 'ff' K1 X T A' ' K , , AR' ' 9.4 fig ,mf , kk' "'ff"F,Ee I .Q"":7'2iTi.+X ' - +.,. ,,,. f . w,mk1f13f": Q, f, W. ,, X1iQ,g1r." ww:- , , ,ms 1552? 'Q '1-'lr' . , ..-- ' six 'n . -'H X ' x 0 at 5,5 4'-, ' ,. V F ma I , v - 1' R, mb V J' , i ' 3. ' fer-iiljjt' ' . I I v J. . A - 1 Q -1 'li . 'T -. -,w ir x A X A .. Y , g, 5 O 'v Wg, U. . an 1 Q 'kr- Eokeh...'EokefL...Eokel4 o .j. 1-. ' J' ,,. J' glee club The lvlen's and VVoman's Cilee Club is the largest of the Nacal Academy's musical organizations. They have appeared on several network televi- sion shovvs, most noteably for The Presidential Inaugural GalaslCBSD and Kennedy Center I-lonorslCBSD, Christmas in Washington and The Today ShovvCNBCD, and Good Morning AmericaCAl3Ci. They participate in an- naual performances of Handel's Messiah. They have performed master- pieces of the choral-orchestra literature with the Annapolis Symphany Orchestra. This year the lvlen's Glee Club did a tour of Europe and sang in such places as the Vatican. The men and women of this club repre- sent the Naval Acadmey with pride and distinction in schools, colleges, churches, cathedrals, and many of our country's finest concert halls. The VVoman's Glee Club began in 1976 when women first entered the Naval Academy. men's glee club officer representative: It scnenck director: dr.jonn bary talley president: ifc kerry boscne vice president: ifcjack treptovv secreta ry: zfc dave koeppel vvomen's glee club officer representative It mcbride president: ifc stephanie notfman vice president: ifc saran atvvood secretary: ifc cnrisy niggins pao: ifc Cynthia Ongjoco Semper Ei Society goals: 15 Developing Esprit de Corps and pride among fu- ture Marines at USNA and fostering Marine Corps traditions on the yard. 25 Preparing Midshipmen for service in the Corps by providing the opportunity to develop professional skills relevant to Marine officers. 35 Educating members of the society on the Marine Corps in general, Marine Corps career opportunities, and the lifestyle of the Corps. 45 Promoting interest in the Marine Corps among the Brigade of Midshipmen and the larger Academ Community. 55 Increasing the level of professionalism and mili- tary competence ofa core of Midshipman in order to increase the discipline and martial spirit of the Brigade. f These goals are accomplished through tailgaters, picnics, mixers, PETS, and events such as land navi- gation classes, Field Exercises, combat speakers, trips to the O-Course, combat svvimming, the Ma- rine Corps Birthday Ball, and many other events and activities throughout the year. l A- gi captions cloclcvvise from top: 1 Semper Ei members set up base l camp, go through the gas cham- ber, and practice land naviga- tion. I ll il ll ll i l I i i l l l i l i l l i i Semper ti society officer representative majorjames, usmc co: ifc ryan stevens xo: ifc duane gross ist Sgt: ifc david yorck administration ifc agustin arreola operations ifc cedricjetferson mag. The Midshipmen Action Group was estab- lished in 1992 as a community relations program organized and maintained by the Brigade of Mid- shipmen. Working with community partners, MAG coordinates voluntary projects making it possible for midshipmen to offer their time, talent and en- ergy to a variety of educational, environmental and social service activities. MAG has organized more than 300,000 hours of community service since its founding. In 2004, Mids devoted over 30,000 hours of service to the greater Annapolis area. In 2004, MAG received citations from the state of Maryland y Gov. Robert L. Ehrlich, Maryland House of Del- ' egates, and Mayor Ellen O. Moyer. More than 2000 aprions clockwise from top: are Mids involved in the program every year With aliSplgffgnplfsliffifklfilfiach 26 community partners. USN A Companies inte- 'ng local area kids in school. grate MAG into their Saturday Morning Training plans. aptions clockwise from top: Mids put up Walls on a proj- ct. Mids clean up an area and get a good Work out while elping the community. A brave mid helps on the roof of a ouse during Habitat for Humanity. president 1fc patrick daly ifcjason schulze secretary 11C Ils gayer treasurer 1fcJoe heyne Ei i 1 . Q vice president: it 'e filipino american club president: ifcieremy sabado vice president: zfc theodore borromeo treasurer: zfc reginald cruz secretary 1fc rea dacanay The purpose of the Filipino-American Club is to promote Filipino culture and heritage and to enlight- f en the Brigade of Midship- men. The Filipino-American Club attempts to do this by actively participating in cul- tural functions and events on and off the yard, vvhich include both students and faculty. They enthusiasti- cally encourage everyone in the Academy family to broaden their horizons and experience the unique and rich culture of the Philip- pines. fri' naval academy flying squadron ,.-5-.3 The mission of the Naval Academy Flying Squadron is to provide midshipmen vvith a means to gain practical flight experience in general aviation aircraft. The Flying Squadron consists of tvvo parts The Fling Squadron, which is open to all midshipmen interested in aviation, and the Flying Team, which competes on the intercollegiate level both regionally and nationally against universities such as Embry Riddle and the US. Air Force Academy. The Flying Team vvon their region the last tvvo years as well as placing ninth overall at Nationals and earned the Most Improved School in the Nation award In addition to the Flying Team and Flying Squadron, the Academy has the Initial Flight Syllabus CIFSD program for first class midshipmen vvho are selected for aviation which enables them to get hours behind the stick before flight school. korean american midshipmen assoc. president: ifc steve howard vice president: ifc dan oh treasurer: ifc luke im secretary: T ifc chris kim The purpose of the Korean American Midshipmen Association is to provide a comfortable envi- ronment in which midshipmen of any background may learn or further their knowledge of Korean cul- ture, history, and traditions, as well as provide opportunities for unique interactions with various other universities, including the Korean Naval Academy in South Korea. This year they have participated in ECAASU CEast Coast Asian American Student Conferencej, and hosted four Korean Naval Academy students this past fall. Also, KAMA members in conjunction with Korean Focus presented the history of the Turtle Boat at the Washington Navy Museum. national society of black engineers The National Society of Black Engineers is a support group for Black midshipmen and other ethnic minorities who are Group I and Group ll majors. NSBE was established to help keep these midshipmen in these majors, to promote a better understanding of the field of engineering by Black and ethnic minority midshipmen, and to provide means of showcasing the Naval Academy's excellent engineer- ing program in the minority community, thus attracting potential faculty and candidates. Whether it be tutoring local area youths, providing community service or simply aiding a fellow midshipman, the goal of the Naval Academy chapter of the National Society of Black Engineers is not to promote self, but selflessness with knowledge, time, and fellowship. 'ir' V l -11 K :r.-'- C 1 Y l i Vr1,,.,: , . I , vi i , ,: l :xy 'ig .':.'-1 socecsss sssss X A LII, I Z 3 y president: T i zfc mark theurer vice president: ifc kevin manuel 3 treasurer: , zfc brad holbrook ll sec reta ry: if 3fc patrick dunn li lf if iz 1, lib, nt ., The Paintball Club provides the Brigade with a paintball held and set-up on which general play sessions, training, and Sea-Trials are held. ln addition to running SlVlT's every weekend Cthey have done this for over zo companiesb, the club sets up Brigade play days for all club members and non- members. The paintball club is also a major component of Sea Trials. For competition, the members held the Navy Paintball Tournament teams that play in the National Collegiate Paintball Association against other colleges. l Qi '75 27 , i i ' C l l V. iff -d l ,ig 1 ,BL W 1, Vrazll Sl l l T i Q Q tl Qh-4311- 454: l 01-ij-: The purpose ofthe Chinese American Club is to reaffirm cultural and ethnic identity in midshipmen with Chinese heritage and provide awareness of Chinese culture to the Brigade of Midshipmen and USNA fac- ulty. The goal ofthe club this year was to firmly establish a more legitimate and genuine standing as a club through social interactions, cultural programs and activities, and political awareness. The club held movie nights showing good flicks such as ul-lero" and nl-louse of Flying Daggers", and they went to traditional restaurants for butfets or dim sum Clunch on a carty. The club also participated in Taiwanese Independence Day CelebrationfDinner, Chinese New Years Feast, the annual East Coast Asian Student Union, F.U.E.L Cleadership conferencey, and the annual luncheon with the Taiwanese Naval Attache. ."' ' ,'Z' TT' '.'.' , T,,. Q , Z1 QI... ' "" -llffffyg, '." . I ...'L1.L3.:v,' t .inf ' M' - 'iv - ll president: ifcjack shis -55 vice president: ifc zacharyjones treasurer zfc david tang secretary gfciohn tang f if ,i 2 i Du....axsszb-3.gf.1,wmngxfmwf.1.'..,.f....z1 -.2,.,....,m,.m-f ,.ff.f.A.' - f debate team Navy Debate is the United States Naval Academy's policy debate team. A Brigade Support Activity and Academic Extra Curricular Activity, midshipmen have been debating competitively on the national circuit for over 4o years. Navy competes in all levels of debate and travels to over 15 tournaments a year, as vvell as hosting a tournament in Annapolis. Debate offers midshipmen the opportunity to compete intellectually against fellow undergraduates from schools across the nation. Navy only debates a policy format and is a member of the American Debate Asso- ciation CADAJ, the Cross Examination Debate Association CCEDAD, and the National Debate Tournament CNDT5. The team is midshipmen run and led. Every year dozens of midshipmen in all classes and all majorsjoin the team, everything from systems and mechanical engineers, to political science and economic majors. The team also has three levels of debate. The Novice division is for thosejust learning to debate, the Junior Varsity division is for debaters vvith more experience and allows debaters to refine their skills, and the Varsity division provides compe- tition for those debaters vvho have been debating for some time T A i l f llcoach: daniel overbey lilo-rep: capt keith gibeling, fl usaf i' 1 .. ,.... . ,., .... . ,, ,. ii 'l fenci cl u s"' ' s'sf' ' 'M' 'tot' 'riiir l president: ifc rea katz T l vice president: ifc tom dunbar . treasurerfarmorer: l zfc adam mosley 2 l , , T ll ., The purpose of the Navy Fencing Club is to rekindle the lost tradition of Navy Fencing, a tradi- tion that includes tvvo Olympians and several distinguished alumni. The team promotes physical fit- ness, guick thinking and reflexes, and the tactical skills necessary to be a combat leader. This year the Fencing club has grovvn significantly from years past. Several members have increased their United States Fencing Association Rating through competing at various tournaments in the local area. ln addi tion, the team competed in the South Atlantic Conference and the Baltimore Washington Conference placing third as a team. In April, the team traveled to the National Collegiate Fencing Championships . in Lansing Michigan. .l .ILM .Q Cx .ggfsili 3 Q22 r' LJ r'r1. S Xl! Q W '42 bers of pipesa drum pa ngt ugh h ed by the ldant, captioe led QEQQQOQSQQBO .C rx Q, n 13 'W T3 FN n IW ,D 0, EP , Q, Q.1J E1 no 5 33-T3 C: El V, Q 1 0 Q. .qt-Q -' f+ of -Q -1 N -1 'T -D 01 : O "' vw FD Cf. m 0 -x 3 'U 3 -, ,-g. ,-1- xi 'io-t34mwaUH 'U S4 fb O fl vi X 9 rn -1 5 If T I as-SQQQ sm cv 3 -U 'T 0-1 3 Q -' 01 3 -, 3- 3 fx G- FT' 3 'U Cv 'Y VD - GJ ,gs If fn F3 3 C fb cf. GJ 3 O 3 9: fb 2 3 PG 'A " O. n. -K 3 -w fD LO fl 3 f-i X5?L1'SS?i5iD3Rx1935e'iGnl-r.':iS1f,.'z'af:'LsH-??i5'9C'. -l-.5455-S-i:Yi"S'6vk':eiigfi?BuW-Ei! iff T ' Pipes and Drums was formed in 1999 due to the generous support from the Class of 61' and since then has provided traditional highland musical support to the Brigade of Midshipmen. Pipes and Drums played a major role in supporting the Brigade of Midshipman during this year's football season. They played in venues ranging from T-Court, downtown Annapolis, tailgaters and the Superintendant's tent. They continued to show major involvement throughout the year by performing at weddings, dinning insfouts, the Marine Corps Birthday and Mess night, the Traditional Saint Patriclcs day performance and Graduation performance as well as other numerous occasions including a trip to the Royal Military Col- lege of Canada with the Drum and Bugle Corps. E 1-. " -1 ' .- f. . ,s-..f IVV' , -'-'- if 'ti .away P' Y. 5 if is if QZtdtmdiNQ:aTS aff: i- v Eflwlv , 6 president: ifcjonathan connelly vice president: AV . 52 'X P MQ, ifc arthur ceraldi ' treasurer: T, ifcjeffrey coover f secretary: g 1fc chris keithley g . lg 1 il . The purpose of the Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers and American Society of Naval Engineers CSNAMEXASNED Naval Academy Student Section is to give members the chance to gain experience and advance their knowledge of professional practices and opportunities in naval engi- neering. It also aids in the promotion of naval engineering as a civilian career. Members participate in National and Regional meetings concerning important and practical aspects of today's Navy and Coast Ciuard. During the monthly meetings, professionals in the fields of Naval Architecture, Marine Engi- neering, and Ocean Engineering speak to the group and lead discussions allowing the group to learn more about engineering. KD . '- V ' ' . I , 2. .- cz.-,1.uZl-..lGi1.:",::nav fmdy -K A officer representative i -- 5 cdr berthold moog U -- rf german navy . 3 president 1 UO P Q FN KD -R DJ I5 Fl" DJ E. fD -t 1 vice president Q treasurer fl zfc ryan wade if sec reta ry Qf zfc mary nell rl a Ol r F C 2 l 'U i B .U r 1 FN i .r H l Ci .r N ., . r FD l ' M DJ l cf ll gl ' gll fD - li in . ifcjohn gervveck e, Z lr 3 li Q' il 3 . lg rp ll 3 U' l UN Q GJ li N2 is f ffffwwff zmwf 3 The German Club at the Naval Academy consists of any students interested in Germany, its culture or its language. It consists primarily of Midshipman enrolled in the German courses offered here at the Naval Academy. Its focus is to explore, experience, and understand German culture in all aspects. Meet- ings allow the club members a chance to practice their German skills in a social environment as well as sample German cuisine specialties. Big events throughout this past year included hosting German Mid- shipman in the United States for io days in the fall, and visiting the German embassy in Washington, DC in the spring. During this summer, the club will take a group of midshipmen on the annual leadership development trip. 0' The Navy Aikido Club seeks to develop if the moral character of Midshipmen. Navy Aikido 3 seeks to improve mental and physical flexibility Q' and martial avvareness. Through dedicated train- 2. ing, students learn to protect their ovvn lives and 5 develo the skills to reserve the lives of their ,D P P el attackers. Aikido is the major foundational mar- 9- tial art of the Marine Cor s and Naval Academy Q. P 2 martial arts training programs. This year, aikido 2 hosted a club ban- ? guet to honor the O - - ' si r E chief instructor to SVC katherine alley cr Sth Degree Bleek vice president: 2 belt, and attended rye Say tan i 55 several seminars, ij treasurer: 3 E including the Tvvo 21C billdal-tor-1 O Sword Seminar Seererary. FQ and the Cllefrl' zfc scott herbert a to Blossom Seminar. , 3 'E C a 3 - ' . Q- 2 .l The LJSNA Cannoneers are a Brigade Support Activity that promote the spirit of the Brigade at football games. From the march-on of the Brigade until the final sec- onds of the game, the cannoneers are ready to fire their cannons. During the games, they fire a Dahlgren model 1863 Boat I-lovvitzer for touchdovvns, halftime and the end of the game. They also fire a smaller cannon for extra points, field goals, and the end of the first and third quarters. The cannoneers are a little knovvn, but impor- tant part of the Brigade's spirit. 32 3 W .. -1 "2' . "" 4:'- 11-rg, -'f'f 5253 ?2s'fm?g,f1i'3fiJfl 'E 'SP A 'Vai "nf 7 gg L T '-,ff 'ix ,fn f"f'2' .f,' 5 S . TE Q T T T I 3 m b is gy C LE The Catholic Midship- I it' men Club is the primary catholic group on the yard. - president: Throughout the year, the jordanjones club remains very active vice president: vvith monthly meetings, ser- John hefble llaflcock vice projects, retreats, and treasurer' . , . . John topolski MO s to various places in Secretary, the Washington area. Chris ,yon inter n tl all committee The International Ball serves to recognize and honor the Naval Academy's international students, international officers and their spouses. Additionally, the I-Ball promotes international avvare- ness among our future Naval and Marine Corps officers. The I-Ball provides an excellent opportunity for the midshipmen to use their foreign language abilities and expe- rience the traditions and etiquette of a formal ball. moclelunited nations The Model United Na- tions is a group of mid- shipmen vvho take on the roles of foreign countries and try to understand hovv nations work with each other by going to l conferences and research- T ,FQ.,:'?P United States Naval Academy If 23" cs A' T' B if NA V Model United Nations ing topics The team 'WV' competes against other schools from around the country. lbaptl St student u ri ion BSU has been an active minis- try here for over 35 years. The BSU provides opportunities for tsuo 1, y ysayiietu4 ic ssiuyisyy syyio, usutiiyi ,it, sa, tscysitiuiiis,e Viii ifii , , ueuu s, 1,. iuc siissft1 ussci,s, , thestudenwtotalse On leader- Omcer representative: ship responsibilities and as a re- Cdl, Carr sult to learn and grow through president. Hhands-on" experience. In brian FOSS applying this, BSU emphasizes Vice president. ministries such as Bible study, joe heme prayer, vvorship, evangelism, mission trips, local mission . .-v. - .,.f . ...af .Vf.-....,.,f.fi . 1 .WVT i.,V.'.. .,.V -:...,.5. V.,,. ,.if.,.,......a.. -.,f,'.ii.',f4,.,.,.f. projects, retreats, discipleship, fellowship, and involvement in local area churches. ri nga nd crest com mittee The Ring and Crest committee is comprised of one member of each class. Theirjob is to vvork vvith the ring and crest design companies in order to achieve a crest worthy of representing their class ideas and mottoes. brigade social affairs iT-.-w-.1..- ,,,-nys. N.. .-5.1,---.-C-v-.Q--.N-.fm--.tc .. ww-- E . president: 1fc sean purdy .,,aaa aaa,a agaaaa aaaaaa - The Brigade Social Affairs Committee works with the Operations Department of the Naval Academy to provide activities for the Midshipmen throughout the year. From formal dances such as the I-Ball to con- certs including Rascal Flats, the BSAC is involved and busy during the entire year. joy bright hancoclc organization ,yu-011 Joy Bright I-lancock enlisted in the Navy as a Yeoman CFD, serving at Camden, New Jersey and at the Naval Air Station, Cape May. Following the war, she married Lieutenant Charles Gray Little, who was killed in the crash of the airship ZR-2 in 1921. A year later, she obtained employ- ment with the Bureau of Aeronautics, where her duties including editing the Bureau's llNews Letter", which later evolved into the maga- zine llNaval Aviation News". In 1924, she left the Bureau to marry Lieutenant Commander Lewis Hancock, Jr., who lost his life when USS Shenandoah CZR-15 crashed in September 1925. In February 1946, Commander I-lancock became the Assistant Director Cplansp of the Women's Reserve and was promoted to WAVES' Director, with the rank of Captain, in July of that year. She guided the WAVES through the difficult years of Naval contraction in the later 194os and the expansion of the early 195os, a period that also saw the Navy's women achieve status as part of the Regular Navy. Captain Hancock retired from active duty in June 1953. officers' christian fellowship l president: 1fc dave exner vice president: lfc stephen mcmath treasurer: Q lfcjoe burns secretary: T ifc danica adams i OCP is designed to prepare midshipmen for living out the OCP purpose in the Fleet and the Fleet Marine Porce. OCP concentrates on teaching the fundamentals of prayer, knowing and living by the scriptures, fellowship, and leadership. The program is midshipmen-led, but also designed to provide guidance and teaching through officer mentors. OCP holds weekly fellowship meetings in the Planetarium in Luce l-lall. These consist of Praise 84 Worship led by the Midshipmen Praise Team, and bible studies, led by Officer and Midshipmen teams. Pellowship meetings, with guest speakers, banana races, awesome food and other fun activities are held at the Maranatha Mansion, the OCP ministry home, several times each semester. Twice a year, OCP heads up to White Sulphur Springs, the east Coast OCP retreat center, for a long week- end retreat with guest speakers, line dancing, ice cream sundaes, hiking, and plenty of need quite time. navigators The Navigators at the Naval Academy have taking the theme of navigation and applied it to the Christian lifestyle. Navigators is a large Christian organization found on many college campuses and military bases across the U.S. and around the world. The Navigators are a ministry that began in the 1o3o's with a man named Dawson Trotman ministering to US Navy sailors in California. It has since grown to a world-wide organization, built solidly on Christ, prayer, witnessing, fellowship, and the Word. Here at the Academy, llNavs" meets once a week to hear the Word of Clod, join together in praise and worship music, and most importantly, meet and strengthen friendships. These relationships are the foundation to one-to-one discipleship, which is the heartbeat of the Nav ministry. christian athletes FCA is a ministry that serves to reach out to Midship- men and introduce them to Jesus Christ and to develop, encourage and strengthen the faith and mental as well as moral fitness of those who know Jesus Christ. The ministry of FCA here at the Naval Academy is unique in that we focus on reaching out to athletes who other- wise would not have an opportunity to meet, fellowship and study the word of Ciod due to scheduling conflicts. CII RISTIAN ATI-I LETES FELLONNSI-IIP OF campus girl scouts Campus Girl Scouts is an organi- zation for all midshipmen. Both men and women participate in our activities that reach the community and local Girl Scout Troops. Our members are dedi- cated to helping anyone in need and participating in activities that they have enjoyed through- ' ' Q15 as -- f ll l , mini, 3313331-I officer representative ltjason fox president ifc vanessa guthrie vice president ifc rebecca zehr treasurerfsecretary ifc mary-elizabeth out their life. doty .. . ' 1 lux I i ffffglsixxv Q I iff 1 , ,A 4 i - V 1 ' Giirl Scouts. rnasclueraders The Masqueraders are the Naval Academy's drama group as well as the oldest ECA. Masqueraders provide the Naval Academy fam- ily, friends, and community with theatrical performances through- on a full-stage production. This ' A 1 year it was llMacBeth". During the second semester, the Mas- queraders host One-Acts. These . are one-act plays that are writ- .' ten and directed by Midshipmen officer representative' lt brown usn president g ifcjoel godfrey i A , ifc brandr beekman- I ellner secretary fx zfc cassidy rasmussen out the year. In the fall, they put , Y 'lgjri lriliifl x 0' I I - , Q jevvish rnidshipmen club officer representative: cdr elson, usn president: zfc marshall hoffman vice president: zfc rebecca wolf treasurer: 4fc adam schuman secretary: zfcjeremy smith black studies club team bill l l I V Naval Academy goats and repre 2 il l l The mission of the black stud- ies club is to educate the Bri- gade of Midshipmen about the history and culture of African- Americans in order to instill cultural awareness and a sense of pride among all Midship- men. M 'Tieadrhl Bill lisa BSA thlatEa're's llfoF sents the-Naval Academy at sporting events, naval ceremonies, agpiother exlents in the An na po.lis--a'r5f'Mid- slhipmen are selected for thief team at ther byegyiggigiai ,gqof,,,txl'l4eir ster year by me. of alflinterview pro- jfk-,-.4,gg5,s cIq:iQ.n,.aftervi1igrd are indoctri- i, 1 h 21 CSV- li-lata'i:i2lgl.f55'i22iPflSi5'i? it if-.1 lei 1: 3515159 -2.9-' 4' .l 'fi i "'- 'v ,::,,'fg,:z-Eiizg .271 Wzzlrsl - . P11:--'f1.2:qgqQag2f-Y u 5:1,g.glfQfflfiQC5'n5li,:a'lflflieafnillfiggof,the goats. X ' gQ,,1Aiwi,Q,a,,1 YYV, ,,,,,,,,,g,.,,.V j,,,s.,gg-JL-.i i.i ::fs,... L ......N ...A .. . ........ l l i The purpose of the Jewish Midshipmen Club is to provide fellowship to Jewish Midship- men. Tuesday nights find the Midshipmen enjoying guest speakers, pizza, and thejoy of making new friends. Weekly meetings allow mids to learn from others' life experiences and develop lifelong friend- ships. ocea nog ra phy club The oceanography club is an organi- zation of midshipmen enthusiastic about and actively involved in the study of the ocean and atmospheric sciences. The club presently includes over 280 midshipmen. The oceanog- raphy club sponsors monthly service projects to restore the health of the Chesapeake Bay. Additionally, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration annually sends rep- resentatives to share project updates and to instruct students in SCUBA diving and restoration procedures. dolphin club The Dolphin Club provides midshipmen vvith contact information for submari- ners on the yard and to be involved with various activi- ties involving the submarine community. officer representative lcdr Csely delk david wright officer representative lt ong president joseph huck vice president chris keithley treasurer taylor bond secretary isaiah gammache I campus crusade for christ Campus crusaders are Midship- men at the United States Naval Academy vvho serve their great nation but above all else serve their awesome God. They are committed to constantly seeking the face of Ciod and giving him the glory for all that they accom- plish. Their ambition for life is to knovv and follovv after the Lord, as l-le leads them in all that they do. i l 1 l li national eagle scouts of america Eagle Scouts here at USNA. fn II an class and complete the four years as approximately 14O!o rate of attrition is very lovv! top 17O!o of their graduating class. T .. 1 it 9,1 'N - - T f- 1 'M , ,. . :lf . i' . mmm W mm wamimgjw 5' fwwfmevgxal Qyirwwwl-i Tyr Y jfff,.,-. if.. ,. Q1 V. ., 1. ., A , P, , l 1 ir l. r i T fi 3. 1: ig 1, if l ' ' ,L -rm.-iii ,, a, 'il ' ' M' . Y ' team phllcl The mission of PMC is to reach out to the Brigade of Midship- men and to provide an envi- ronment of Christian fellovv- ship, discipleship, and spiritual development. This includes retreats and speakers which gave great insight for develop- ing and solidifing moral beliefs in order to be ready for the Fleet and the Marine Corps. Team Philo's Mission is to support the Brigade of Midshipman and produce positive public relations in a variety of activities through presence and spirit. The team serves as a BSA that at- tends multiple sporting events throughout the year in order to deliver xlThe Spirit ofthe Brigade" to varsity sports, club sports, and intramural sports. They shoot candy and blare their air horn at home football and lacrosse games. They further serve as a cornerstone at Pep-Rallies as vvell as a mode of transporta- tion for the Superintendent, Commandant, and Deputy Com- mandant. They serve as a vehicle of positive public relations with Annapolis through participation in march overs and An- napolis parades At any given time, there are on averagejust under 4oo MIDN Eagles begin their Plebe year at approximately ioffo of their their graduating class. Their On average, Eagles are in the silent drill team The USNA Silent Drill Team, known as the Jolly Rogers, is a brotherhood of men and women that is America's elite. It is classified as a BSA and fulhlls the midshipmen's extracurricular activity requirement. The Silent Drill Team's mission includes representing the Brigade of Midshipmen at various activities ranging from parades to organized drill competitions against other service academies and college ROTC units. The team is led by midshipmen, with an officer and enlisted representative in an advisory role. The new academic year brought a revamped routine. The Rogers had such a great turnout from it's motivational recruiting video that they were able to establish a plebe performing block. So, with a halftime show for NavyfNotre Dame game as well as the Navy homecoming game there were several opportunities to see a great Silent Drill Team show. This year also welcomed a new gunny to the family, l-loorah Cunny Bradley, USMC and bid farewell to a great man, Semper Fi Gunny James, USMC. Well, it's time to hit the drill deck hard. Semper Fidelis. uf.. .,, , r . 1071 .cf right three photos: thejolly rog- ers perform during halftime at a home football game. left: navy 'W Jn A . ' .-,:-:. silent drill team at villanova. I. president: ifc brian schexnayder vice president: ifc andrew reaves supply: tiffany brandon weapons: matthew mckinley top: silent drill team at practice. middle left: a member of the silent drill team holds her rifle up during the half- time show. middle: the team's awards from the competi- tion at Villanova. right: the co of the jolly rogers braves the "co killer" during the halftime show. bottom left: the team 'ftries" to avoid hitting the co as they practice the 'eco killer". middle: the team relaxes after its competition. iright: halftime. ,- .4 drum and bugle corps fall X04 co: 1fcjoseph cantu xo: 1fc david exner ops: 1fc nicole pelton suppo: 1fc brent schneider The United States Naval Academy Drum 84 Bugle Corps, founded in 1914, is the oldest active drum and bugle corps: in the nation. The Corps traces its beginning back to a small group of musically-talented midshipmen attend- ing a baseball game between the Naval Academy and its neighbor, St. John's College. From that small g,roup,f,i the USNA Drum 84 Bugle Corps has grown to around .. 1 oo st ro n g a n d c u rre nt I y pe rfo rms D ru m 84 I3 'u oriqifiii r i admin: 1fc Justin middlebrook spring lo5 co: 1fcjoshua vveiss XO- l 1fc samuel murray ops: a yea r. From formations to ff iw: AM ,tlx ?. lil.: gifs: L77-fe 5.9.1, ful. misiae, but BIZ! ,?9a'n?FT,l'e ff ho ma, aN,ewrJeefrisey, 'a Penn sylva n ia? Seren concert oo lFst.ri on,,.CT to cond vvorlcsr bugle co p cord, lVlA t mfg. 1fc brent schneider suppo: 1fcjoseph cantu admin: 1fcjustin middlebroolc ."..,4-1 baritones getting dovvn! mellovving mellos ,V lv, ,. ra sharp looking sops ans 2 if 'Ml ontras lead the vvay, nooan! '. i A . "Eff .. ' nfl ,X W., W drummers drumming along drum majorjonn vveier 5 0 above parallel I A "--- .B P 1' gr il l Q 1 l i i gg-, l ij- E L Y top: ifcjosn Weiss blinging his ring. left so much for the horn cages, silly plebes. be low: d84b in san franscico ll e for i,f., r We - presi- sf 5 dent! L' staff director: jeff Weir o-rep: cdr craig felker Capt will dubyak e-rep Inc adrienne brooks drum majors: ifcjonn vveier zfc nicnolas denison zfc stephen vvnitevvay L l latin-american studies club Gne facet ofthe LASC, is dance lesson which are held every Thursday in Mac- donough l-lall. Lessons begin vvith the basic steps for salsa and various other dances. The first io-15 minutes are for review ofthe basic steps and the rest of the time is spent practicing vvith the music. ultimate frisbee I .-,,, -' -..,:- Aa. I USNA ultimate frisbee is currently an active ECA, and is on track to once again be classified as a club sport. USNA ultimate frisbee is not a nevv team, but has been around since the 1o8os. At that time they vvere a club sport and vvere a nationally ranked team on a year to year basis. l-lopefully, once they return to club status they can compete once again on a similar level. USNA ultimate frisbee consists of mem- bers ofthe brigade of midshipmen from all classes, races, and genders. Any member ofthe Brigade is encouraged to come out and give it a shot regardless of playing level. gv Y '--- -H --w-----uwuumn- swan:-ire,-Ghvrz'-" ,. .1-,.,,,., '-. - - QW.-N I, :5 I. , Q C f, .il fa 1? fairlax: cewwrfezv ag 'X-su. firsties: adam bryan jake cosme michael warren Q. -. v f ' 5 M, ' ' 2 if! """' if 1 lr! 6 ? T 14: . I Q f " N V 102 I Y . .. . if 9 V :PIA in I A 9 u 1 y' Q ' I Z 4' .aj -. A: iq , Axis. , , , ' 'JW' . if . h I .- , . 4 I R ' 4 ' .", , 1 . ,f66QW1H1e'.50"r9f-via!-rv'-9144? 'l'5f'-'Jr9v7f4LnD1" "Cliff, -n-1 i 1 Q , 5 P... it-..f. , 5 . . L.. The Yard Patrol Squadron provides interested midshipmen vvith an opportunity to train aboard the YPs and visit area ports such as Baltimore, Norfolk, and Philadelphia. Bi- vveekly practices and competitions allow mids to hone their navigation and command skills. While a part of the YP squadron, midshipmen can obtain their YP Commanding Officer Qualification. This year the French Navy presented first semester's YP squadron's commodore, ifc Caleb I-Iumbred with the French sword in recognition of his dedication to navigation and seamanship. ifc Carol Lee commanded the squadron during the sec- ond semester. , TQ vi 'Q 1. ., ri . . M, gif. H J, ,,.,,,E2: ., F yi v' , ' H Qifiru .ff fl? m"w.g,,f-cz NWT., . w .i , if Y A The Trident Brass is a Midshipmen-onlyjazz band. This year the band performed during the I-Ball, the annual St. JohnsfUSNA croquet tournament, King Hall for Wednesday formal dinners, Commission- ing Week, and the musical. This self organized ECA practices and plays their music for the benefit of the Brigade. ' . - ' 'LM-d-MflvlmmwiMfmiawuimwwekffiwwminww-fwzvww-Mi 1---ii-f.fEf11Lwfi5, ii 'l"v . i if :L X. ' i The Naval Academy Color Guard is composed of dedicated Midshipmen responsible for presenting the Colors at many Academy functions. They are present at all parades, noon meal formations, home football games, the Army-Navy game, community service activities, and collegiate drill meets. They bear the American flag, the Brigade of Midshipmen flag, and the battle colors of the United States Marine Corps and the United States Navy. 'i.Q r -,r .. I , - 31 . , .. ' 5-, ' -I 1 Q u hwy: A vt. 1 'gif X? rf Kai s l :sig 4 ,, I g 'Qi J 513, l l F-1 -I 1 . I l l l l i i l iii i cloclcvvise from top: the color T guard is at every parade, including plebe summer, in the chapel and at football games. l i l l l other eca's competitive eca's forensics shooting club non-competitive eca's art club l u association of computing Japanese amgman dub machinery latter day saints students Chess Club association H ' french dub surface navy association vvrny - 1 academic eca s american institute of aeronautics national society of collegiate scholars and astronautics g omicron delta epsilon american nuclear society phi alpha theta american society of phi kappa phi mechanical engineers physics astronomy club pi sigma alpha chemistry club pi tau sigma golden key national sigma tau delta honor society society of american military engineers institute of electrical and society of automotive engineers electronics engineers society of women engineers labyrinth socratic society marine technology tau beta pi math club upsilon pi epsilon v 1- 'Arg-234-51 wi i t The Concert Band often played at smokers and in the Mess Hall at meals. Their informal concerts afforded an opportunity to relax and listen to such favorites as l'The Grand Canyon Suite" and llThe William Tell Overture." Each program contained a variety of music deigned to appeal to adherents of good band music. For the smooth strains of the midnight medley at many Brigade hops, and for the roaring, bouncing Dixieland of several pre- game smokers, the NA- io vvas a favorite band of many a mid. This orches- tra provided an outlet for the musicians in the Brigade and proved the calibre of the talent to be found within Bancroft l-lall. the hell cats as ueraclers 1955 eca' The Drum and Bugle Corps was perhaps the most regularly function- ing organization within the Brigade. Thelll-lell- Cats" played twice daily at meal formations. Their martial music at parades and their smart appear- ance at football games were always a source of pride to the Brigade. The Masqueraders furnished an out- let for those possessing a talent and interest in the dramatic arts. In so doing, they furnished a lot of fine entertainment to the rest of the Brigade. Their annual show was eagerly awaited by all, and the four evening stand that filled two week- ends allowed all hands to witness a performance. Careful casting and selection of plays and excellent di- recting and production assured a hit performance that was enthusiasti- cally received every year. antiphonal hoir f--qv-,5f,'x ,,.Z .lx-, fm? S' -f A -af TL- ' 1Qv'v!,,,A3s fy-A 41. QQ J .iuvx .- kv? I . ,Q-. catholi hoir n-11 ff-r-gr-'. .f'1"" ,v-11 A i gheecjutw chaps chow' ,LW-A+-,. A Q A a 1 4 5 5 1 I I t if-xx....7a,K... ic ffl- ?" y. . , : if , "'- ,Tu JI, gn " 2 4" ,H 'v 4Tf1"-'T' N I I :?q:Hf. A 1, j' .LE ' .5 g.: X N S9 93" . 'T 1. xg. ,figs Eff if D! " 4-E2 , lic -5. 4? 09 7 - . .4 f . - ,Nfl ,A--. , -1, - 5' 1- if - 2. Y- 1 : E Q1 11 . 1 - ,L .5 u 9' 7 -CJ Q -f 41' 'Ig ,bl ' : s. ,ag --3 ,. - -.5 ,ar 1 ,ix " 'S i by .,..- is-. .Al " W. af thu.-.- if 4- . Before the widespread acceptance of blueprints, man used models as guides in building his houses, ships, and other necessities. Nowadays he again builds models--but for recreation. For the use of those who enjoyed this interesting hobby, the Model Club provided a shop for the building of model planes , ships, or whatever struck the indiyidual's fan- cy. Included among the many projects was the building of model planes for fly ing in team competition if E Q e 5 .W 55 ,f 4. z 'L 'e v i 1 Q 4 rf' ' ,' 1 2't""L"b' SJ ..,,---E' iw at .5 f: --'--'rs ' i f .5 ff S2 5 V: if 1s if if is Throughout each week, VVRNV l vvas as punctual as the Bancroft 1 l-lall bells. Each day began with Q llSunrise Serenade" and ended to i the strains of llDream Avvhilef' l llLiberty Call" on Saturday began 1 the weekend, and study music l on Sunday ended it. VVRNV fur- i nished news and sports as vvell i as music to fit the mood of each i moment l i yi il li l l i l i i l i l l l l l l i wNf" fs: .ww " ff i -- 2 Q 2 li , . . , .J . f . ,t , ., .L. 4 S. , ,. . 1. ,, " 1 "'-a.......t "YN...J 3 it f'Ym,A,x3 xg 5 1- X'-W,,,.w Limoll "'ff-Q. 2 'Haha 5 f Running the Chesapeake and Allegh- i eny Line in the First Wing basement, the Model Railroad Club pursued a hobby that was popular with many g midshipmen. Model railroading was d a fascinating hobby, and these men ran a layout that excited the wonder l and admiration of all who savv it. 5 l The Stamp Club furnished diversion for all vvho enjoyed collecting and studying stamp issues from all over the vvorld. This group spent enjoyable hours in dis- cussing, trading, and exhibiting their collections. In addition to providing hours of recreation, this hobby can give an insight into the history and culture of many nations. The vvide popular- ity of stamp collecting vvas mirrored in the size of the Stamp Club at the Naval Academy Reef Points vvas our lll3ible" dur- ing the busy days of Plebe Year. It served as a guide to all the customs and traditions of the Naval Acad- emy. Between the covers, infor- mation on everything from Plebe Knowledge to the tradition of the cap and the girl could be found. Thus Reef Points vvas our teacher and almost constant companion for the vvhole of an unforgettable year. The Foreign Relations Club stimu- lated an interest in and promoted a great understanding of the position of the United States in relation to the other nations of the vvorld. Through lectures and seminars they gained an insight into the basic foreign polices of our government. Such lcnovvledge is a vital asset in any line of vvork, but it is particularly important in a service career. can you recognize these officers as midshipmen? - L........... - 1 - 1 if if notmcompare Cdr Reagans Capt Bruggeman Lt Clark Ain' Cdr Traub Lt Casals Lt Drosinos Mai Wadle Lt Siegrist Lt Gonzalez Lt Chopek VADM Rempt Maj Hatala Cdr Cuthbert Col Fuquea Maj Mooney '-fSif1C'Hif Cdr Smith Lt Pl'lillipS Lt Boyd Lt Robbins "Swvwlay'5f YVLQOUVV I - 1 F VV n T -:dawn V 1 ' wvnflf Lfpwu I 41 gifxfmf,-4 , - -1-.--an-.' Y ., 3Z2,EZ?f512Tbie1':c:- :ilzw 2 X " 1 legawxrl:-egzegz mi: , Q 12:'fx:Qdqo45:.1,1 f:1.-- 1 'fffw-'::-+3,1:,.-of wb ' :n2s1.:...,H,.,L 4,43 4352.51 :yg:4,a51-3' -'f'i-A:5Zl,T- X H ' T' 5 -'fn . ' ' 1, QQ:Qff.!f,i:.:5H1i.' , 2 , ..v"" ,V -' 2 ' Z. P 5 Q .V , 1 sf 5 ' Q . S ' 3 r ? P !,.' i 1 f i Q l 1 Z It',5f Ticrtlfnew , ycrw0wefw2 vwb "Locr7oyLLkw Ltfsfgnmfvmw befkogaLmLpomt..AGAIN!" L-CJX W0l4f'dfV'OO'VVlff"lAfVl,?A --V1 X vw ww.-,,,f,,.,.--..,,, 1 ., . .Y ,-.Q-fk35Q,2.4 : 4 M: I I 2 wifi?-X19-, - i M , : ,Nw i . ff --L a I Q fx. 1 g 'SJ HUG David Michael Hall World War ll Grandfather LCDR Louis Philip Smith World War Il, Korea Grandfather ENS David Michael Hall, III U.S. Naval Academy, Class of 2005 HM ' ' --6-'f ' 'rm ':e,v.'.a ' X , V -1-ily, 1 . 1-..,.:a,' if , af ' Law?-P 'V ' V , -- 1- .,,g ,.11:5'u,i:5:, X . , -P.,fr.w- ' ., .-, ...V .,., ' . ..' ',' ..:"-'-5-,v,, .cQ ' ' A - P+: , ' .",, --H -uV':.E Z!! li ii vu. -. ' l,v4... .Nt '3-"' ' W ..,, ,Q -I" ,,f1 'WHUIUR :'f'l 'fir i , , V- my , L 1,4 in Congratulations Ensign Natalie Maria Augustine Congratulations on a job well done, and Four years of hard work and great accomplishmenis. A You are a wonderful daughter and sister. We love you and are very proud of you. Now let the Journey begin! Spread your wings and Fly! Love ya! MOM, DAD, MICHELLE, JASON, ABUELITA, ABUELITO, AND KURO - A 45:31.- 5-1- if Here's to clear water, a sandy beach, favorable winds, and a successful Navy career. Congratulations! Love, Dad, Mom and jessica oficer, ,naw 'i'i if' "'f A ff' 4 r LM P 4-ff Congratulations Ensign Thomas R.Bock Youive grown into an outstanding young man, an a leader and a gentleman. Gur pride at seeing you commissioned is as unbounded as the skies you i will soon visit. ' Thanks for being a great son and brother. Love, Mom, Dad and Eileen , 'L 1 ' I K X - Bania - Border S T Ensign Paul Michael Bania Paul Michael, Thank you for giving us so many wonderful memories of your four years at The Academy. We are immenseb' proud of you and can 't wait to watch as the next chapters unfold. Anchors Aweigh! Love, Mom 8' Dad 1 ' I 7 , LQ, ,gl-+ -nv 'U K f 54 ' Q 3 i UO zz We are so proud of you, 'proud of aff you have aLcompH5FLecfa1wfyroucfof the 'man you Have become. IMay Qjoafcontinue to Bfess you and keep you safe. Coragratufatiorzs to tHe Cfass of2oo5. We Uwe you forever, Mom, Dani Andrew a,ncf1Janwf Congratulutions fnsrgn Jay B. Border, II Go confufentfy m aGrection of your cfreamsmdve the hfe you have imaginecf' Tfioreau I - 'H ,,1 , .1 ! , 1 wi .,, 1 Q V1-'HN Eiflxf' if Ig..-111'--1.15 -'J' C1111g1'11t1111'1t1'11115 E1151'g11 MCl1'1'11C?lU C111111111011 DCCI1'1WCl11', W0111'0511 1101'y,111'11111111fy1111. f1llL'L' Clfjfllfll, you 51011111111 1111 lo 1110 C11Cl11CIl1jf'S 111101 1110 j7CIS1.f1JllI' .ljC'Cl1'S 111,161 111111111011 1110111 11'11f0 l'11001111111p1'o11y1111111'0. Y11111' 1'l'6'll1i'l1C10llS 501150 11l'1111111111' 111111 1111111111101'i11y p01'501101'- CIIZCC 111'0 11111y 111111 11f'y11111'1111111y 61.981115 111611, T j1101 tljfllll' ClL'CUIlll71l'S1l171C'l11'S. A5 y1111 1101111 1111' 1l1.f1I'fj111 501111111, y1111 110y1'11 1110 110.x'1 U.YL'1.1l'lI1j l'11CI1J1'CI' 1111111 01101'-p1'1,11111511111 1110. You 1011110 17C'1ll.lIC1.f1IllI' 1.111111110511111 1101113 Qfl1lCI1ZOl'1l,'S 111111 011111111055 11111111101'5 Qf':f1'l.Cl11l'S 115 y1111 1101111 l11111111'11y11111' 1'011110z1111115 1171111 1105l'1'11y 111111 l111'f111fi1111111'11I 11f111111'11111'011 17Ul'L'll1'l.Cl1. RC'l7lU11117C'l' 111 5111y 5l'1'1111y lull y11111'11011'1jl'5. lUUI'1x' 11111'11 01101'y1111y, 110011y11111'j111111'1y 011150 CIIIC1 1l'llS1" lull 1110 I,111'11. W0 11111011011 511 Illlllfll, 116111, M11111 S10110 611161 1W1If1QI'C' 15 1. ,-,ff lyy 1 1 y .4 h Off Collinsw ach elb ied R ba em 'Zi Q' O 09 Congratulations Ensign David A. Ziemloa, USN Remembering the past years brings happiness, tears, and laughter. We are so proud of all you have accom- plished and admire the young naval officer you have become. May Cod watch over you - the future is yours. Love Alvvays, we-'R?. 53" Congratulations Ensign Eric Reidelbach . 14th Company A if , l 'Ensign in 'justdfour years. to be From your first uniform to your present you have been a wonderful son and made us so very proud. Know our love and prayers are always with you. Love, Mom, Dad, Adam, and Carol Ps. eo Big ned! i and T"'?5fl'V X, if l ...Hu Congratulations Ensign Andrew James McCaffrey Son, no parents have ever been prouder then we are of you, not only because of thour numerous accomplishments, but also because of the man you have become. All that you are, you are, because of the gifts given to you by God. Protect and nuture these gifts for someday you will be called upon to give an accounting of your stew- ardship. Till that time may your have clear skies, favorable winds and God as your co-pilot. fs . , Q 1 , u g t 5 PM 4 xi Wim" ' f"r' Jfft ' asaliiur so E B I cCaffrey 'M P- IU a.. C5 L aa : 2 Lu ro - DeBoe WI1 - Bro CD O UO Congratulations To Second Lieutenant Edward C. Brown Your joumey to honor the pledge you made on June 29. 2001 Has been tilled with commitment and hard work. We watch you maintain a firm, steady focus - always careful To never let your duties be shirked. Our duty will be to provide support as you tbllow God's leadership Striving to uphold freedom and prevent its perish. Your family is proud to have you sacrifice much of life's frivolity to Help maintain the lifestyle we all cherish. Much Love and Appreciation, 1 Dad. Nancy. John, Jessica, Grandmama Granddaddy, Mama J, Papa J, and Lauren OU' 'frm Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the l didnt do than byythe ones you didvdo. Sdffthrtawtdflai 'i'i Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade 5 winds in your sails. "Explore Dream. Discover." Mark Twain l J You stayed the y course and in have already ac- complished l tofollow your 11 so much. Continue l dreams, knowing you go God is and your fam- . . fl 1 . Hliflue, till .,.. defer- lriir with ,...' L ov re all A .52 lgfqygif X40- -. -La .-'Z WTC . N Ezvf: -1 Zi ' '5-Q, . 1 l . ,.-3,4 . ll ,1 a Q33 that wherever t ,and your s cl-- - W," ..-. ., " tr:-is il JW ga fl ar: -sf - x ' sag cii'?'W:'r Eli? i "N su 'Z -msc H ea X, . We .i ,DA 'il' 54 F 'd'5f'- MEG. W r,'.,1 - A., .aah .,.. . ,,.,r,, , ,. .:5'El1"1-. a veiifii, r lv . iessaeligiw' ami .. mist-. . Q. X -Ellie? err' is Q.- vf xs. J, ,att sv,--we 5 ' pro J l I l ll ll ll l l 4, l ll ll ll l 1. l l l l .- .t.f,' I 'nffi Your family stands wit you. God bless you and keep you. Love, Mom, Dad, Jordan, and Jacob Son... brother... wrestler... Marine! X -0 z-V , 'if A' ' W 5 1 14 S., af" if 5 , fl '+P ' '4 ,, , , - . I " Ji A M Q 1-Eg: :V '41 gy m 1 , If 5 o 'z ' , :egg 'gziggg' X 9- .. -gk 5-4, - n K ' :wh . I , ' 1' 7 3,1 ' , F, , 17 .. V ek, f fli r "" I Q Y . 1' , ,,,,.. . . A-A--0 I .f -- if F, I , L V 494, v , . 4 4, , H , Q vx Z5 ' ? Y I ,M y H is ,4,,,-ww' 5 , P . fq L W x 1 It ' L.. JN 'h-'.11f If ' - - 4 , ff, ., L mi 'f -Q, sa j' 22,1 '4-xii f Lw"'f. -0 CQ ey' if! 4 ?' I Q ' , I. 4 . .1 5.454 Lv .- ! V . f V: A. ' , y f'3'?f5'f-Q25 '-2: .. ,jf-H V1 1 1 ' g fl, 'Q s J' Af XS . " ,A L: ,.l'x,, , 72- I 5 it 1 ,. , 's-,xg 'I 4'!'U9sff4.: ' 1 4' - f 'L Sk fs A L- In W . Y I 3 1-.flu L ' 34, i , NN- ' 3 . A . ., nvvv4P"'t ' x 'nl 3 . ww Q1 C ,n -' '- on Q N -pw, ff ,s , 'K' Q J .' ,gl w . f ' nr R 4 3 , v , X ff: 3 Wi wi, Q 9? 7 I v. The sacrifice of a few good men dedi- by oating thier lives to V freedom, can preserve a nation for of you! E All our love, L Your family and friends ii Congratulations NllCAH STEINPHAD! God grant victory in all you do! We are so proud Shawna McGinnis love Him. When you entered the academy as a plebe, until present, we have watched you blossom into a mature, beautiful and self confident young woman. The road has not always been easy, but God has been with you throughout your education providing you with the strength that you needed with the knowledge patience and perseverance that has enabled you to during the tough times. You have been blessed IL.. I '-'J accomplish this feat. Remember, as you venture out into the world with the knowledge that gad holds you in His hands, always know that no matter where you are, that our love and prayers will always be with you. God Bless, Love you, Dad and Mom Blessed as the man who persevers under trial, be- cause when he has stood the test h will recieve the crown of life that God has promised to those who Jeremiah 1:12 USNA Parents and Sponsors Club of Maryland salutes our 2005 Graduates - Fair Winds and Following Seas Brett Abpamonte, David Ball Jr, Margot Beausey, Matthew Bettencourt, John Blomeke, Jamie Brant, Dane Brown, James Charapich, Jeffrey Chewning, Sarah Coulthard, Samantha, Craig, Colleen Dennison Byan Delin, Michael Dixon, Patrick Drosinos, Molntosh Ewell, Christine Floeck, Latesha Ford, Mitchell Hendler, Benjamin Herring, Lawrence Heyworth, John Holthaus, Allison Maas, Andrew McCaffrey, William McGrath, Allen Murphy, Mark Nostro, Sean O'NeiIl, Mathew Ostrye, Nicole Pelton, Beginald Sealey, Christopher Shank, Jason Shell, Brian Smith, Alfred Traylr, Eva Tukarski, Eric Vanlandlng- g ham, Matthew Wilckens, Chester Williams, Christopher Yenias u 'U s: 2 a. L- cu E s!Sponsors Club of -H C GJ L.. C5 D. 4 Z CD D G7 O CO .ln FSO de An 10 C 'a UI EE 'Z .9 'E Flyan ins - - Cong ratu lations f ivr n :All in ic ae er. VVe are very proud ol you! 'W' f1 ' W Good luck 8i much love to you always, lvlom, Dad, Chris and David ii rf" Q ..,. rx, LINDSAY ANDEFKSGN Q , i va 'small part, of the struggle you experienced during the past four years to reach your goal. Words vdefSGl?ibe!the pride we have in acknowledging that you are our daughter and just how proud we are of GaryStevefn and all of your family 8k friends ENS Brielle Adamovich we are all so proud of you. You have always been a very interesting child and now woman. You constantly challenge yourself and succeed. Z3 f' ' 3 ffl- ' . .p I 5- I Q , A Botbs After winning a state championship in North Carolina you had the ' ' ' ' "' " As if that were not enough you took on the greatest challenge of your life by attending the United States Naval Academy. iYou have the ability to accomplish many great things with out losing knack of being able to enjoy the little things in K life that really count. You know how to stop to smell the roses. ii Good luck in your upcoming adventure in the Navy and know that ALL of your family is behind you and are very proud of you and love you very much. Love, Mom, Dad, Mera, Ashley, Shayna, and All of your Family it V i ' i .f4.' L .gi 5 s 311 Adamovich CONGFZATULATIGNS Second Lieutenant FRANK John C. Fraser U.S.M.C. IU Dad, Mom and Jennifer "Excellence doesnit just happen. It must be forged, tested and used. It must be passed down and Wove into the very fabric of our soul until it becomes our naturen E'-5: General Charles C. Kmlak 3lst Commandant U.S.M.C. Semper Fidelis Love Always, ga Mom and Dad In matters of style, swim with the current, in E matters of principle, stand like a rock. U- - Thomas Jefferson L 0 O O O If Congratulations Enslgn Graham Gill 0 ., H, 1"' N Au. 00 i 5 nn' - P Q 5 i Q Congratulations Ensign Christiana M. Floeek 123. ,1 L X i You were always a thinker Ceven at 31 and a leader Cas chief Elf in the Christmas shawl! j Your journey had just begun ...... Your journey took a turn into the softball field .... Success isn't measured by the position you reach in life: it's measured by the obstacles you overcome it Many stops on that journey were on horseback ..... Along the way, your family ties have been very important to you, and you have been very important to us! We are all so proud of you, your accomplishments, where you've come from and where you are going! mfa always! Love, Mom, Lee, Anna, Chad Congratulations to all graduating members of the Books.-T. wasiiingion Class of 2005 ! Our prayers Will be with you! Faith: All things are possible to him who believes Mark 9223 ' Floeck OO 1'- 00 f Congratulations, 2nd LT. David John Blossom ll, USMC My son, never forget the things you've been taught...for favor with God and man, a reputation for good judgement and common sense, trust the Lord completely...put God first and He will direct you and reward your efforts. Proverbs 3:1-6 You set the goal and never wavered. You have made us proud every moment of every day. Whatever your accomplishments, all will know that You are one of the Few, The Proud A VIARINE. Awesome! You are Loved by- Your entire FAMILY Finally, find your strength ln the Lord. Put on the full armor of God so that when the day of evil comes, you will be able to stand your ground, and after you have done everything to stand, STAND! no QTY' Ephesians 6.10 13 'iw I wi' 23 ' 'f,.4..'1-nfs. EV ' ,.,. ,F Z' nal CA 'Nl 51 -H .C .2 .1 ITI SSO ' BIO LD 1- OO 316 Hail Congratulations ! Travis Scott Hail On August 25th 1982 we recieved a blessed gift from the lord and your life's journey began. With pride and love, from that time until now. we have seen you pass through many different legs of that journey. Some have been joyful such as your acceptance oflesus Christ as Savior, your strong leadership during your high school years and your appointment to the Naval Academy. We are thankful for the education and preperation for life you have recieved. Now you are ready to embark on another leg of that journey- your dream of becoming a United States Navy Pilot has become a reality! While on life's journey may you always serve your Lord and Country with integrity and excellence. We love you, Mom, Dad and Trish 'Q iv. 9' al? 'iff g 2. , xt. , 5 rgwvrit , is 4.1, .Au Where can I go from your spirit? Where can I glee from your prescence? UI go up to the heavens, you are there,' lfl make my bed in the depths you are there. HI rise on the wings of dawn. Ifl .settle on the far side ofthe sea, Even there your hand will guide me, Your right hand will hold me fast. Psalm I 3 9: 7-I0 'Youcanckndhsl We love you so n1uch, CKeep Aiming Highlj YTJT' Mom 81 Dad WAY TO GO JOSHUA BLACKMAN TO serted here.. A WWEWEWALWAYS fsELlEy,ED l N Yoo! A 'Q WALWAYS ll f ,xvc 1 ' J A Froni A USNA PHO- needs to in- BRAD, What a joy and blessing you are! Cong ratu laions. . .We are all so Love always, ol l ael lVlom, Dad, Julia, l 1 " fa V nw. U 1. I, ,cl 'lf Tfl,':'d'Jmff3E' y 4 '? M tr ,mi J WA f - - 4 . W an f . Q, A ' r x ' 1 ' an 'lIun....s,-, ' I N 1 . - l Q X ev W .. UC l was at IBC Bauer - . . gf., -J'-Q-6 fe ' F gg-5tI', . ,, ,V :ff - .X..,v. . --,L ..V 5 , , WE . i ., dy, . . . i l- g-sv' 1': ' .-. ,.-e Q r S, 2?-sf . n cDonald 'M 318 'Q"""""""""" I'm just a son of a son, son of a son Tyler B. McDonald 'A ' fs '41, .3 ' ff' , uh' .5-1 g ,R 'ii F ,,,, 4 97214 N .ff :5:':7li "i W-.1,QE351,'Sfwl:,.Z:., I-,."13,.i:: . -I F ,A T it F - fn! g 5:'Qg'4i:gg, i 1 4:,.9,w Ui K A-J1li 'l' 1- li" w:.-in-If I , .I--' Son of a Son of a Sailor Jimmy Buffet 1978 As the son of a son of a sailor I went out on the sea for adventure Expanding the view of the captain and crew Like a man just released from indenture As a dreamer of dreams and a travelin' man I have chalked up many a miie Read dozens of books about heroes and crooks And I learned much from both of their styles Son of a son son of a son Son of a son of a sailor Son of a gun load the last ton One step ahead of the jailer Haul the sheet in as we ride on the wind That our forefathers harnessed before us Hear the bells ring as the tight rigging sings It s a son of a gun of a chorus Where it all ends I can t fathom my friends If I knew I might toss out my anchor So I cruise along always searchin' for songs Not a lawyer a thief or a banker... Son of a son of a sailor The sea's in my veins, my tradition remains I'm just glad I don't live in a trailer Brad McDonald Tyler McDonald Mickey McDonald USNA '77 USNA '05 USNA '49 K. ERNESTO ARB OLEDA 'Q fluff' 'lil' . ' Congratulations Ari QErnesto Arieljg As a child we understtod your determination and observed as you leaped towards your dreams and aspirations. We are proud of your accomplishments and pray that as you continue your journey into adulthood you will continue to chase your dreams and aspirations. We will always love and suport you. Be good and noble. Love, Mom, Dad, and Amanda r 'Q ..,,p u . , , .7 Fgfll r..f ' , ij, nw H 2nd LT f y we l .V 'VV Nl-.VV:i,, If 4 4' X A r A 2 5 5 5 QL if . l -Q55 if 2 . ' r Kristen M. Gillan USNA, Class of 2005 . .5 W ,. f1'f1 ilk: -, 'fs 1429 , v '- s'.. .4 1 ' 2 , I r long historic fraternity. All our love, l Mom, pad and Robert In 1992, thirteen years ago, we were tourist in Annapolis l ' 'L.,1,5, , e trying to take in all the sights. You didn't want to waste your time sight-seeing at a "stupid school" called the US Naval Academy. However, at the end of the tour you said, "This is where I'm going to go to school!" Now after a year at NAPS and 4 years of dedicated hard work you've graduated as an Ensign in the US Navy from that "stupid school" one of the most prestigious schools in the world, the United States Naval Academy. All your hard work has paid off and you are now a part of a We are proud of you for what you have accomplished. But most of all we love you because of who you are. l 1 x r-., i i 1 l l I . 1. . , Q2 - l,3.,,.y....:.,.s,f, - ., ,---Mi:-Rf ff-r ,. fQff35QQfi f' 5gS5b5ita'v lvVi5":Q '-if-as E 'WP 'fe' C-f i-24511: ' 'ya' i -1. C ,- . J..-ive. A L- ' 59? A ik o E .., 1. - rf . .ll Viana eauford 6 r Where has it gone? our dreams. y Y rri keeping on. Mom and Pop 8 I To my daughter, best r 7' friend. 84 hunting buddy. r Congratulations on all of your accomplishments. I love you. 1 .flu Here's to clear water, a sandy beach, favorable winds, and a successful Navy career. Congratulations! Love, Mom, Dad, 84 Jessica it r ,Our time has been so short. Watched in awe over the years as you have Va, ved, We swll with pride having your dream and know are ,many more to come. be true to yourself and keep on Congratulations Ensign I With our' love and overwhelming pride Love always, Mom, Dad, and Kara Vemnis Panos Dear Son, We are proud of the fine young man you have become. Just keep living up to your potential. Thanks for being a Wonderful son! Love, Mom 8: Dad R 5 Windsor Frinell Psalms 107: 23, 24 "They that go down to the sea in ships, that do business in great waters: these see the works of the Lord. and his wonders in the deep. Congratulations and our Lords blessings. ,.w"""""" --,,,w-H 'FHneH -Panos 1- N 09 .Z N -I-I C 1 - Toolan CD D P1 O CD 3 -H C C5 0 N N OO jg i y I' Flu High Young Man, on Goclls Wings! We are so proud of ou and blessed to e Hour parents and amilu! 'I x ni Love Mom 69 Dad, Suzanne, Erik, lien, KelceH52Alex ENSIGN MATTHEW DAVID BOYCE T Z' OOHRAH, SEAN!!! How proud We are of you and how We love you! Always Faithful. Mom Dae' " " " iSe0m oo om . WU' D Si f""""" e'!! ! zF,612gfdt1lQlt'i0flt.f!, A Dana P is lfllj x. I' A f.,'A A p ,vuuy ,,. 1 AT3 POTAK Dana, Z NAUGATUCK, cr PLEAS E. . . Pay attention in Flight School! Our thoughts are with you and our prayers are for you. We ask God to bless you abundantly, love you dearly, grant you his mercy 8: grace, watch over you always and hold you in the palm of his hand. You are loved "Naliti', boy. CONGRATULATIONS ! We're blessed and honored to call you our son and brother. With love, respect, and admiration. Mom 8a Dad Jessy 8: LeAndrea Christina Hayes X. x Congratulations, Christina! We celebrate your accomplishments at the Naval Academy and Wish you the best as a Marine Pilot. C Mom, Vanessa and John Nana, the aunts, uncles, cousins and your extended family of friends Elliott Hultgren i For Elliott: Love Mom and Dad y This blossom comes but once in a lyfetime Whose beauty increases over tume and then is full The autumn comes and the blossom falls A foundation is created for all good things to follow A son for all sons, you have distinguished yourseh' Disciplined, deliberate, celebrated, and successful Toil, tears, and energy as much as talent, gnc! and charm Transcending now to the finest of young men With wings spread wide, the world becomes smaller Yet challenges goals and threats become greater g Prepared and conditined is your strength to succeed You do it with passion whatever the need ' Your reason lies not in what you are today But in what you will leave for tomorrow You will grow in mind and body there is no doubt Purpose yoursehf that many more blossoms may sprout. , Congratulations EN SIGN BARRY CARMODY The four years have gone by so fast. You were determined and we wtched you suc- ceed. We love you and are very proud of you. Brennan I-DAY in to U7 .2 o ,,. ,A .Xi .t r . .-if", Brian Clegg '05 2 N 4,4 I think l shall eat these want-adds to see which job tastes best. P 'Cop God be with you on your new adventure as a Marine Pilot. Chris and Bruce ARMYINAVY 5- . O E L. CU 0 Q' N C0 Congratulations Znd LT. Michael D. Brennan And the Class of 2005 A boy is the only An Qld man Once Said Goa' can use To make a man. Death is always smiling On you. All you can do - Anonymous Is smile back. Q - Maximus , Z Try not to be a person of success. But a person of value. - Albert Einstein if ilu?-iff! 5 gig, Q, ' ' .. , 1 'g2' vfg,j- - 1-t.f..,g-lx., y,51qf1fYff, F . -1 l J. 3 9 J' MU' -ag, ff Q ,X gk f H A ,.,,5, 53+-rf,-,-2 H-2-M-V -4,v,-'-.- vv',m,-mffhl,-2w41f:S-.40-af.w?'f-, X' M ,gwinm ' H " 2 . -'f -2 ' f L I 2 . 1' ' ' - "1 - " "1-f' F . fflfif-2,-s'YT5.1.',"'7"TFffffff:-'.,L.--M-rm, -1.--'r-.:,...A":f, ,' . f. . ,- . .Q..A'-J . , , QQ: , f L , : 59 21 , f 3554? 2 , . 'ff' 'Q - ri Q-21" ,' il? 53:52 5:i?:5.'-P7?f,.1Z.3,F3P lib, :i5Z1i:f?f:3fQE.wAL.fT1,Qzfif' gjli, ibififigi'-:':"sTi5q.7m'1 .1257 2 - Ti 2 Q fi ' 4 if .Q-. :iii ' : 'f rf ff: :V if-P f ,l A , - I . . av ' " A S31 X iw., , 4 Q , V . f ,Q ' 9.32 'f' TN ,,-2 f - ' A ' - vt Y ,f""F. f 'W gel W , 9 . . ,1 ff 1 f ,f A ' 'Q ff. - x K .. 1' K NS w"""-, fu.: ., 5-gf if -4 I., ,QQ Gini' : y 'm 4 ' .L I 1' +7 .16 "Hui if 41-V3-fjf2'i:H3f ,L'.'1g 3 4 -J, 0 f ,Lk 5 wf I m 1f 111ggggg 15221 , J 'F I, 9,Q4?": xc f , Mftnfb n 3 ,J 1 i an 1 e' I if , iff: gf Hz , if . ij, an Vi' .. 'mm ,uh 4 '04, X, .M X.1, Z' XJ: . , if ! 163 42. V, f, f i M, .. n V, ., ,.,-.n QW H 5' , V, ,W .fLxfg?. lb. ff' 4+ My 9' gi! 4,t Qu' gg' H we-in .sf 9 :mags A yiigunglffvf f":!B"'!f .NT K .15 .fghffw gipvpf ..::, .-:ggg L -Q fsiifig 1 . 5 'sy I - ' . 1' f 334. UL, ,V v fgzumg.-!.R V ,, , " ---.., -- ---f- av-qi , - -s,,N - '- xx -..,,-W A . 4, -Q .'.1 . 1 H 'f W 9' ff"-'I ,- "" z ' ,W ,Af .1 - N 4 I ff . X I " rn , U! ja . , . 1 e , , I 1 if + 'l fi, . f . Q 'f 'A 4 ' .X 5 : gf? ' i -,Rf r 56. g V wx IQ , 2 . as , E .I 'al' F' zizilmga W1 v N, ? 4, gp- as-., ,of it fd ,Q . :X I naw . 1' , '--rf-4 - 'H ,M fyf I 5. www '-,ff X,-11 QQXQQ 'S 2:5 23392 Y vigil rl Ulmwx k' ' Q fx' H Q m 'v x?,l.f i .w wxi . ? Uvwi, 3 ' 5 Y 2 'QNX j F15 WF ' 'F' igIq1'3"L?' iii 0 ,L ., - , fi , Q x , r fs we f i: ff-x U P ' - A ' mwwwwmMWwwwmwwmwwwwWw +H+1 - X f f 4 ,:l 511: f - , . 1 " naster ' Co ntfi0 Ca 326 - I ENSIGN ZACHARY CONATSER Congratulations and Gods's Blessings to Ensign Anthony james Cantaliohlr. Class of 2005 Just how proud We are of ou, you will never know. Not only have you succeeded in school, you have developed a character that shows compassion, holds strong beliefs, is caring of others, and is not afraid of doing the right thing. Academics are certainly important, and yet there is no grade that can repre- sent What We feel about you as a person. It is beyond grades. We are very proud of you. Love, Mom, Dad, and James Wherever the future may lead, may you aways have the wisdom and the strength to follow your dreams. The courage and ambition to meet new challenges. And may you know the happiness and pride that comes with success. WHEN YOU WERE A LITTLE BOY, YOU STARTED EACH DAY WITH WORDS "IT'S ANOTHER PRETTY DAYF' ZACK--IT IS INDEED I "ANOTHER PRETTY DAY" WE ARE VERY PROUD OF YOU. WE LOVE YOU. t MOM 81 DAD . ' v ., Q - I . . A "'if. " ' ' ' 'I "' 1 1. A ' , ' Q 1 . 9' ' ' f , . Q, a . t ii? f GONGRATU LATIONS 'axial U ip 1 f ,3,g,,7 "Av-.s' - r I . 'U 5 f ll! 1 " I AAAJNQ. r N t4'v411v'4SllS"iU 1- 1X iliuhihl . BRANDFZ WILLARD BEEKIVIAN-ELLNER Dear Brandr, g From the day you were born, I knew you were meant to fly, and- as you grew- to lead as well. Your times at LaSalle, the Academy, George- town, and Pensacola bring you farther along. Never forget the Lord and the ones who love you-the true "wind beneath your wings." Love always, Mom "But those who hope in the lord will renew Ecclesiastes 3:1 -8 their strength. They will soar on wings . like eagles..." Isaiah 40:31 Congratulations! As your time at the Academy comes Nevada Parents Club to an end you are seeing the com- 8, pletion of a great challenge. Now your eyes are set on the next goal USSA PGNN as your guide and the love ot your family always with you, success 2005 Graduates you will meet again. We love you and and are so very proud of you! Gieorag M. Andrews Mama, Daddy, and Mary Catherine Hamilton Neugent Ashworth Steven Robert Schwarzer John Michael Combes Ensign John Samuel Butler Congratulations! We are so proud of you! Love, Dad, Mom, Kurt, Matt, Gammy, and PopPop Trevis Z1 gears ifmas came and Past vvitifi tiwis time icoryour accom iisiwment as We are so Proud of you. i Fetiresment - 'iwll , ,-.., v a 4. , s i 3 u - Q. 3 IW , W .af Hi .v., -I' ,- K ,- . A A, " - ' ,- ' ' if "' ff T5 ...-. , gg I 1 Qvmwi ' 'i x ii iiii QW Lei fizriiikisriy Pm 1 e Joseph Jindrlch l Y--M ' - lf- ::.a:'w1rvn-na . zz-'A"'!'f2v-, V , , .si W?Tm,-.aw , "'TT5?- jf" 'ati g- - f ,. .lap Q I ' I Always had a "Hain, for the nautical and flying. Job Well done Joe, shoot for the stars. Love, - Mom, Dad, Grandma, ect. X 12 4 9 ,,- . , 1,-1 IZA' l l l 1 Adam, We are so proud of you and all you have accomplished. Your hard work and determination have seen you through four challenging years that most young men and women could never imagine. We are thrilled for you that you will get the opportunity o become a Navy Pilotfit was in the genesll Thank you for always being a loving son, brother, grandson, and friend. You set an example for us all. "Go carefully" and live well. With all our Love, Mom, Dad, and Erica Congratulations to the Class of 05, S ' Company 24, and particulary Adam Becker and Jim Colgary fall 4 years togetherll W -' Ross l:lI'Sl ll0l'll lll 0llI' lallllly ' IBEIIIBI' ill life 1 A S ! nf 39 ' ffzgdgv . 3, ' ' 4-3'-fir JL You and your buddies have run a great race! We are sn prnml nf yuu, 00Ilgl'allIlali0IlS, Mr. R058 Sl. Ml0ll3Bl, lllB lll'Gllall!IBl, llBlBIlll IIS lll llll! llalllB Wllllalll B053 000llBI' Sl. MllIllEl0lS llllallelllll, 2001 llllllell SIEIIBS llilllal llllilllblllll. 2005 - Cooper 331 an - Chesnut U7 s. O E C 0 'U L. C C5 ro OVE -Co N O9 OO Congratulations Ensign Jeffrey Ft. Coover We are so proud of you! You have always had the spirit to dream, The courage to try, And the dtermnation to succeed! . We love you, ' IVlom, Dad, and Becky -Q. ,, Ashriel Saville Morgan nyyyryb wmmfl? an ' 'J Con grzltulations Love, Mom. Dad, Siblings, Ncphcws And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love Him, who have been alled according to His purpose." Romans 8:28 This is our beloved son in whom we are well pleased. God has brought you to another milestone, an op- portunity that some can only imag- ine. He brought you over mountains and through valleys. For this we are thankful. We know that great things lie ahead for God is able to do im- measurably more than we ask or imagine according to His power. BBIWO llllll IVIIKE! Serve well llI'0lllBl' SW Piloting a P-3, age 5 , excellence made us beam withfprideic. Onaforelgn exchange . e I , if + gjf Lf cruise with the Australian Your pubhc Speaking ' Navy Vi? Congratulations Ensign SamanthaErln Craig From the day you were born, y you fulfilled our fondest dreams. Asa baby you mastered walking and climbing y b by eight months and from thatlmomentforward, never let anything hold Youlbackfall al'u r W . . y i lg s.On,herf1rst Navyship, With great happiness we watched your 159, balg a gage 9 months let, and jazz dancejpeQrformanfceys?,5l,5 Qfl il3il 5 r ' r a How cute you looked in those colorful 'costumes Your exceptional poise and only surpassed by your superb on the piano, flute, and Those performances broughtfus joy, especially the winter and at the nAcademy.?Q Q i ln the classroom too, your labililtiesgg leadership skills continue to i and friends. And your compassion for others, and spire aus y ally As you continue writing these ng chapters in yourfli5ieQ KNOW most proud of the fine young become- beautiful3,' bright 'Ora 33 successful, f j , an Q. -. Q With Mom on I-Day Wlthtrel116l1dous pride and love,, syc My Mom, Dadva y a y Al -P On - Donnelly - Dicks Q' CO C0 li 1 ln roomf' Tlflanlc ou lor Walter R an Dickson Congratulations We love you, Ryan. Dad, Mom, Lauren, Amy 81 Zero Grammy, Grandma 8r Grandpap ., ' ' 2, I. -'sfilff flvfwi'-'v 1. ggi, fl .,,,Wi,,-f V17 w' V 'lwflwgmw .M 5 ,- wg. 5 af" f its lrealPc.oFlc,a:wlllflwerjvvc.lr,vvl1alll1e13ouglil to life ,- Xml nom lwelfr rlrem To become vvlnal fluff, are Qaloalvle oll lfrtflligmw I f-.ololflann Wo lagging von Croerlfle To Drew, From Plelne to Firstie, we are extremely Proucl oluou lor all you lwave ac- complislflecl over tlere Past four gears. You l'1ave grown into a reaponfsilole oung man ancl always lwanolle oursell vvitler clwaracter ancl clllgnitu. You ave never oat t at special ami e your Hrst grade teaclnner Sai fclit up tlwe lelrtingustalcetliisjourne vvitlfw Hou. We are prou to loe your Parents ancl lbrolilwers. Best ol lucla as a Navy Pilot! 7""'w.,,J' WI U Love, S Mom, Dacl, yy Jonatlwan 5 Tim n'----- ---f ---...-................ """""'1l1Wr,ff"' Mldshlpman with Love and l r Matthew overwhelming Paul pride. lVlom, Dad and Dowler Christopher Na li! g so . 91,1 I ,..,.r t l Charles Cunningham l i l JFor the Lord your God is the One who goes with you 'io fight for you against your enemies to give you vic- tory." Deuteronomy 20:4 l I i t was our honor to protect you during your younger years. Now, it will be honor to be protected by you riuring our latter years. We are proud of you and your accomplishments. l All Our Love, Always, l lVlom and Dad i l l I i l l I 1 i i 1. t S ningham UI1 - Dowler BUSY - Jones' CD O0 00 .1 Xb W ...F . 4--V---7. ....... V, K v A V an . . 'm f 1...-A h 1. I- v Congratulations Ensign Patrick A. Reilley! From a sailor on the "party,' boa to an Ensign on the Severn, determination has been your companion. Integrity and persever- ance have guided you in reaching your goals. We are so proud to .. share your joy and wish you continued success in pursuing your dreams. May you be guided by your Faith and the loving support ,M of your family as you set sail on the sea of life. Love Dad, Mom, Alison 81 Andrew r ENSIGN JENNIFER I.. JONES CONGRATULATIONS! , ... J I 'P -at It if ' ,' fi. ff: 2 " A V, ggi' :db , ggaftf ,,. , - 4' V , 'W 2 E I. '- . N, xy 1 iw xy A T' , we ARE VERYAPROUD OI' vow Love, Rondo J. Bauer MOM, DAD, MINI, The journey has just begun. Your strength GRANDMA MANUSZAK and direction have always been nght on tar- get. We love you and look forward to what's AND GRANDMA 5' ahead! GRANDPA Jones Congratulations 2nd Lt. Aaron L. Reynolds Your hard work and determination have led you to your dream. We are so proud of you. Love lvlom, Dad, Adam 8t Ashely HR Fi From a dream to reality - knew you would do it! Love, Mom, Dad, Shaun and Catie SE AVY' 0 . .mf - . ,Z ,fs ,vo X 4' - s. A 3 ,i L1 ..-fy .. .,. Q h , ,- . K 'Q f 'fr' init-f'iy?"s 5125, iff,-1 1 " -ij: J- ui ' ft 1' .av life, ' 'St 1 I 5,3 in I BEA i "' H :cgi rg f 5-.fi in .. . ,Sx,..q y N Q A' " .L " Ll... f x I p .. ,..... . CONGRATULATlONS Ml VIDA .W5,.mQ'?3-. . S am-vfwfxwt .ni W- I ' ' - .'.-,'w- '. I . ..: ar sxaql. V1 ...K 5 , , vs.-.qi-1:71,-4 J, 'ff..,.- amfjifmf,,Y -.. ' "Saliv- l" PAT ROI ,I ,O MOTIVATED LEADER7' QCGREAT PLAYER" D ,Q D .ni ' V img D MLQVING SON 51 CCTRUSTED FRIEND BROTHER79 CQNGRATULATIONS YOUR in FANS DAD, MDM, ROB, JDN, KATH CONGRATULATIONS Ens. Douglas Andrew Robb "There awe 3 typefsf of lrafselmtlf playem tho-se who make Lt lfwuppevu tho-se wlm- warolfv ul' lfwuppevu awwlf 5740-391 who wonder wlfwut' happezfw " We love you and are so proud of you. l Mom, Dad and El t ? 54 V v L. i l ,ir Congratulations Ensign Roberts " tFor I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper g you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future' " Jeremiah 29:11 Nick, Coast to coast, country to country our total support and deepest love will be with you. We are so proud of you! Mom, Russ, Matt and all of your family .ff-1-1 . ' 5 Roberts .Q .Q O I 339 Michael, Congratulations on your Graduation and Comissioning! MIDN H QOQEIS Execlfffaiye l You have realized your Qfi7CC9l' We are proud of you. dream to graduate from NS, We give you our love the Naval Academy. This 35,773 and support for the is only the next step in i' future. your life and career. Love, Mom and Dad Congratulations!! Ens. Seth David Saalfeld, USN From tractors to planes - you have come so far. g Keep reaching and you will obtain your highest goals. Who knew the little boy in hite would be- come the man in vvhie you are today. We are so proud of you. Love from your family lvlom, Dad, CJ, Kurt, Alyssa, Shan, Chad, Dillon, Payton, Gabrielle, Wendy, Bobby, Lily, DJ, Alysha, Danielle, Colton, Jason, Adam, Grandma 8i Papa CONGRATULATIONS BEN Qu .Qs K! LOVE, MOM DAD 8: fif 4:21 gif? JACK 123' Q Dominic James Daly USNAXUSIVIC Conratulations Devil Dog! We are proud of your accomplishments, so proud of you love of God and Country, and very prould to be the paretns of a true midsnipman. Sto-Lat, Love, Wealth, and Happiness, JMD Q h-mal i Mom and Dad Tyler Scharar .l.f1'!ftfa1fi-T' " - Scharar Z' cu D - Aslup - 341 N qr , a - OO Congratulations, 2nd LT Brian Charles Schexnayder, USMC 2004-05 Commanding Officer, USNA Silent Drill Team , i . f ' ,. . .H ' What a remarkable young man you are, Brian! Thank you so much! We are extremely proud of you and love you morre than 3 you can ever know. May God '5 bless, protect and guide you al- ways, When a man Is' ways please the Lord, he maketh even his enemies to he at ' All Qur Igve and dgvgtigns peace with him. Proverbs - 16:7 I- 8 Mom and Dad :- .C O CD IB C . X Teens make Palisades rescue Q Dell Ruplcs man lauas poise ol ldesavnq Washington stuoems .C 63 32' J' W . h , fi if i, V A 1 l Q M ,,. ...is . s W l,'. N H I, 5 . V V, 5:23.-,.i.v...-, , Nu., I A Q ,yy :,,,, i...xm.l..fw. .Mi We -.ig-,, , it 'l . , ' atc.:S:.:'.Qf:"'1'1'K'.:"f any l .sz-ir. -ig ,I I L . .. .0 - . -. Zh H . s,'!,- 5-:Tw ' . -' ..,.....4-,. .,.,,l.h- . .1 s........ ,,., L. M.: .,,., 1... .,., . ...1 Pl! Rveiitvdlvvnt' wr arf. i .-in i' vw va-v ,. mmvmamnufnwsmmucxmn at -L. in -fs -new a..i1..t...f.......f-,,tt....,.,..,.s.3...-... Ks--M'-H ' . , . -4 bw ' f I What can a mother say to her first born child as he embarks on the jour- ney through the rest of his life? What do I say to a young man who has already achieved what others only dream of? X When I look into your eyes I still see the kind and gentle soul of a little X l boy who couldn't decide if he wanted to be a clown or a policeman when he grew up. You've challenged yourself, overcome obstacles and exceeded your ', ' T goals. You're a man of integrity, honesty and loyalty. You give of yourself ex- pecting nothing in return. Total strangers experienced your strength, courage, and selflessness when you saved a man from drowning a the age of 16, risking your own life in the process. You are a hero and inspiration to your brother and others who know you. As a leader of men and women you will support them, cheer for them and keep them safe. You have friendships that will last a lifetime. Live each day to it's fullest, take nothing for granted. Continue to dream- sieze opportunities as they present themselves. Laugh! Love with all your heart. x But, above all else, always be true to yourself. You are my son. I will always be proud of you, support you and love you with all my heart. MOM I lfiff A L f 'l K K ii lixx i "I . K i A 4 u.a..,.f, L nuff' I lllegitimos Non carborundum Be aware ofwfwzfs going on mfouncfyou I-smilie Q lp --,-- dl ' , ,. .. r-Q95-.k,f:g:-,.,..,.-,.,..Jrnanun, ,zf"f"z:::.::,--:"': ,- W ,. n4:'E17E.9k1ffWn"2jJL' , ,-.fbzgia-f:f"' 'A , ' fr' V.:3:f-..'i4::f- - 109312: -:W'-1- .ff u . "-' 1-1 ' r-I-.1,:K'-wqrgf. ,. f'3'53f 'FStz , . ' 1 fff??fQg.pf:f,f ' 1 , ':L',, 343 - Searle man a Parents - Sea 'E a.. 2 u. .f: lil' 5 0 CD - Sammataro eu E as CD Q' Q' CO ny lNl Dear Tony: We can't believe we are thinking of graduation when it seems that you just got ac- cepted. These four years went by too fast as we were watching you become such a fine Midship- men leader. You have so much potential. We are so proud of all your accomplishments. Thank you for all the fun we had when we visited the academy and spent time with you. Good luck in the future. We know you can achieve all your dreams. We love you and are so proud. You are always our "Ntonuzzu',. god bless you and keep you safe. Semper Fi. Love always - Mom, Dad, Drew, Sal and John GONliIlllTlIlIlTIONS ENSIGN IVlI0llIlEl MITIIIINY SIIMMIITIIIIII Wefaurefscrprawdfofyowandfallftltaft yawlwafvefaccamplfbslweoh Wewwlwyawconimtiedfsmccegavwvyoiw Nafvalf career. Love4 004,014 Mmm Doifrifafrivlft-lfteflfafwtbly CQONGRATU LATICDNS MATT 5 EAMANl From Newport to Annapolis to San Diego and IDCHOUA Sou-I-h Florida Your Ciesting was in gour name parents Through it all Hou have aiwags managed to rise Cor-'gr-G-I-U IG1-es to tide top. We wish gou Fair Wincis and Foiiowin Seas. Your icamiig and friends are verg proud o Adam Abitol Ritarsha King gow? Brandon Alamo Eric Kinzbrunner Elizabeth Bennett Carlos Rivera Love Mom, Dad and Lisa Kristen Gillian Eric Roberts Garett Houston Megan Welsh 'gm Lane Jackson Stephen Winchell N' LaVaugh Kelley Chester Wyckoff Fair Winds and Following Seas to the Class of 2005! Mark, I Congratulations on reaching another milestone in the quest for your dream! You have always met lifes challenges with a positive attitude and a smile. We are so proud of you. May you continue to seek Gods plan for your life. Love and Happiness always, Mom, Vad, Adam and Vavid U! Congratulations Scott There are no words to express the pride and love we have for you. We have watched you pursue your dreams and marveled at your ac- complishments. You are a wonderful son and brother and a tremendous role model. Best off luck in flight school and know that we are always therefor o y u. You are destined for greatness. All our love, lVlom, Dad and Melissa Q V U U Muehael Sires isi Congratulations, Mike, on your ,X r commissioning and assignment to flight school t' .ad K, X +1 el 0 A '-A A . gi .P Y I s -: 'J 3 ., 5 .J . xc We're very proud of you, of your hard work X N and achievements and of the way you face challenges. Flemember, Within your reach lies every path ou ever dream of taking." l 1 lllfloolifi, Dad and Allison ID 0 .2 CD ID 0 n Sid erli - Summ ID Q' UO 'a E CD cu on O I L cu .ac o :S I Skopak LD Q' C0 l . . ANDREW RUCKER We were proud of you then and are even more proud now! Congratulations Andrew on all your accomplishments. lVlay you have Fair Winds and Follow SHANE ing Seas throughout your Naval career. There are so many things we want for you, so many wishes in our hearts All OUV IOVG, as we watch you grow into your own life... Dad, IVlOrTl and Sarah We wish you a world of advenure and experiences. We wish you the strength to face challenges with confidence, along with the wisdom to choose your batles carefully... We wish you the satisfaction of seeing your goals achieved and also the true contentment that is born of simple things... work well-done, frieds well-loved, moments cauth and cherished. f 1 And our Qwest Wish is that Congratulations Suporxlolillen. you will always remember how much you are loved for you are a good and caring person... A man we are proud to have for a son. CONGRATULATIONS You still loola ' goocl in a sailor outlit. Love, Mom, Dad for . the Familg Ensign Robert F. Small, Jr. Congratulations, Bobby! For having the vision to dream, the courage to try, and the determination to suceed. Your strength, honor, courage, and determination will serve you well as you embark on the next phase of your lite as a pilot in the USA's Naval Forces ffm . ff We are so proud of you. Take our love with you as you become an officer and Naval Aviator. lVlay God . continue to protect and guide you as you serve your country in the United States Navy. Dad, Mom and Terri bn an M , , 5 ,v, I Othevr are .ff ,jf0ZfL Cdlf, But make? 014 I ivndyei' Cdll, CAM, Call, ,, ,V 1'- Twvsied stoop 1 ! wmmafceone 074, , . abozotym, , ml ,710 i 111. Mm, Swift i rwkotmorw andtmy 5 71,0087 lore, and rtaft :gum at brewth a, ward ,yowfheartmd we fm 'FE 'S' with cr 'E ,rf 5 2 S 5 5 'WL811 ,Y WHWLWW' 8 95 Yours 13: the Earth and thatisjym dj And - wfwch' ' mmf ' V ' e-'ymLZz9ea.Man 1419fIm! 1.0128 Chafse 2nd Lieutenent Kevin T. Smalley, USMC STH GENERATION OF MILITARY SERVICE PeXuo.-gi .Q x'13"w3'8. M Q au wc. PAPA, A J..- W "Af'7'!'f 1' - - . .95 1' -Ig f, fs". f fy, Lim , KP U, A . in .c 5: E CD :- .92 E CD CONGRATULATIONS FROM YOUR PROUD FAMILY 2 SEMPER F I 3 L. -I-v 77, Your !0'll'8j6'V God nwffledgzf, and cfmfzlffwm K wp auf world. L0-Ve, DM, Mom, fhmfwwn,j01fh, Km, MLdAL1iym IHOW THE WAY 'il BRIAN CQNLEV SMITH E E cn CONCRATULATlONS,YOU PXAAD E IT! co er I co mga--W1 WE ARE ALL SOVERV PROUD OFYOXJ KEEP ON ROCKIN' LOVE, 7v107v1, DAD, SARAH AND AIXAAN DA 'eg !5,IEpl4F5Gik rtvan mennanv cllI'iS Slleieher trevortnomnson Maw, 1 A c r lltterllears snenttogetherin Banerolt develoning their sutlerltero slrills, it the devoted roommates emerged as l Naval llltieers llrenared to delend the i innocent in the real world. coNGRATULATIoNs ENSIGN CHRISTOPHER J. SPBICHER We are so very proud of all your accomplishments and the fine young man you have become. The look of uncertainty as you glanced hack at the Cape May Light House, en route to the United States Naval Academy on june 29th for I-Day has transformed into one of selffconfidence. You conquered each challenge over the past four years. May God always he with you and may all your dreams come true. The sky is the limit. All our love, Mom, Dad and Stephanie Congratulations, Bennie! Mom 81 Dad, Seth, Julia 81 John, Adam, Pooky 81 Trixie TJ H- wo- O -o-I CD 3 cn .E 9 2 f l Ill w lknHe'HMowmgiy1wcieamQ asso BIHUDH Pifiiiiip. Wejre proud oicyoul O l. at m i f Love, i it Mom, Davie! '92, Dennis, Suzi, Blake!! lllllll. Mlllll. Dall Jenna, Ling, Evolving 69 Riciwarcl Ensign William E. Stange BRAVO ZULO ye NAD, UAV? Navy In your blood... 'Super' Kid! Now 'Super' Man...only the uniform changed. Maine -- your ii' home, but all roads led to Maryland. And Annapolis I-Day June 29, 2001 -- Commissioning, May 2'L 2005 960116 CONGRATULATIONS! fiftfeif Wlffl COUVULQQ-H ENSIGN ZACH STEINBOCK Leave or champion... AA wsu nef .M A--, . ' ' ' " . - f. ' ' s , I . . V ' . ' A . Q ,"" 'f .TH ' ,.f""' , i ., , 1 ' r -.im . mf av f . - 'J' ' Jw -v- Q 1 Q34 fm'-fs' . A E' in ' K,,,,,g W' 0 as AS you "THE ONLY EASY DAY WAS , YESTERDAY.,' afwolys WMU Love, v MUCH LovE, 2 9855116 MDM, DAD, ANNE, WES, BUD 5 41 .cz - Vanlandlng 'U 2 I- N LD C0 llllillll lllllll TIIB llllllllllg Ill all EllSl9ll...ll0ll!ll'3llllllllllllS! nllllll llillllllll llllllll il llllllllw Wlllllllll ll llallll!! llllillllllllil Wlllllllll lllllllllllll PBl'lB0l lllll8 Wlllllllll SllllBl'lll!I!" lllllll. Mlllll. llall, BI'lllilllU 8 UIIBSB J' Eric Vanlandinghim "I hope that my achievements in life shall be these - that I will have fought for what was right and fair, that , A I will have risked for that which mattered, and that I ,' Y will have given help to those who were in need that l - I will have left the earth a better place for what I've ii done and who I've been." -- C. Hoppe Congratulations Eric!! We believe in you - Mom, Dad and Kristen 6 C ongratfafatiorzs T revor Cooper T fzompson Remember to take lt Orme Taye at a time' Keep tfimEzrLg mg Jllrwfkrnow that we are afwaysproucfof you! Love, Q'3Vla Q'iPa Cooper T revor, T Hanks for avmg each ofay as it shoufofoe Eveof 4 . 'Q W . Q .. Keep searching for that pe1gfect swing. C orngratufations, Jvlom Sz Daof Craig C91 Courtney 0 .Q 2 U BCD -H C 0 L.. cu D.. P: 2 3 Sullivan - Tanner ' Q' I-D GO JIVITI m ech Mlchae elbe hlllp al H ssenfratz au Knit Qsgo 'fall rl ' ll me as llfiar ' fly 6'1gm1glLwMge1jI?leCzonk y Pznker 0 enja J S cheldeman ohn Schultz l l Thanks for Sharing The ll osfer rude wnTh our ro er co y formly We're all so lncredrbly d Il olwoys be There To pporT you A A A eah Tanner' really "FLY NAVY" Wilh our love Mom, D d "-'ir xw. JERRY, Szlmzefyo-wwerefyowv1g4 we alfwayy knew where! yow ,yeemedf to- be heawleah Bwfofwdq Mo-vm Dad4 Tbvm Maury Edeefru 0wwL?01Ir1X:kf GRANTQQ You have always strivecl to achieve Hour goals, ancl now you have reachecl agreat ancl l' important milestone. On this momentous occassiont we want to tell ou how honorecl ancl roucl we are to have you as a son. Keep Hour sunn clisposition w ereverhuou go. Your 'ne attitucle will ensure that all ot uour tuture oals wglhe realizecl. Along the wau, alwaus rememher to he lcincl, compasssionate, ancl uncirstanclin 0ggC3Ul5l:CllllOWT1'l3I'1.lTl"lCl"l uou will rulu hecome a superior leacler, lovecl ancl respectecl lag al? We love you morecancl more with each passinguear. Fair wincls and tollowing seas , --f s ,f Q fi 1 Q s,c, if f ff' 'av Mom ancl Dacl g ,514 5 ye- . ' f' V , 1 J "1:.,p. '. N,,..,fQl', , 1 -I 1 ha , , o Q ' av ,, , -N , . on X , Y ' -.- I Lift. .1-A v-N. 1 I .,. Vfru not to hecome ia manot successlaut rather to lJeCome a man otvaluen i s i v Allaert Einstein O c 2 .1 .ac an E 0 D ac u 0 .Q : N cn E .E E rn .E .ac ill cu 6-w 35 conenawumous George Benjamin Watkins P' Love from Mom and Dad Qerfer et Obdnraw 'Carry through to the end and be persistent f .yy gi . I A. . fmify Christine Wifiams We are soprouofofyou We fove you. Mom, Wikon 81 Erica God doesn't call the qualified...He qualifies the called! Christopher, What an inspiration you are and proof that God answers prayers. You've worked hard and focused your sights on the highest of goals, always confident that God will put you where you are supposed to be to do his will. We are so proud of you. You will be a great leader of men because the Lord, the Greatest Leader of All, is working in your life. lvlay God Bless You Always wih Fair Winds and Calm Seas. We love you so much. Mom, Dad, Alex 8i Keri Christopher "lVlonkey," l am so proud of ou, not only because of your last four years at the Academy, but also because of the person you have become. l love you lots, and I look foward to our future, whatever it may hold. N Annie May your dreams for the future help you soar to new heights. We are so proud of you and your accomplishments. Congratulations Paul on the person you have become and the officer you will be. Love, Dad, lVlom, Jaclyn, Andrew, Jillian and Ftoy Congratulations, 2nd LT Jack Treptow, USMC You have made us so very proud! With love, Mom, Erin, Emily and Meghan IJ 4 allll IIBSI WiSllBS flll' Dlllllillllell SIIGGBSS l0ll8, Mlllll, nail allll Megan , A 4' . X , , 1 VVuM,, .. J A . - ' 'Q UIIGB you have tasted flight, you will toreuer walk the earth with llour elles turned sllllwartl. lor there llou haue heeh, allll there llou will always long to return. - leohartlo lla llihei Matthew Uebel '05 From his parents sailboat... to blue watersailinq... to submarines! Congratulations and good luck, Matthew! .....,,,axY RATULATIONS EN SIGN THGMAS N VEAD In his 66 Mustang "Need a ride?" At I8 mos. How could we know? Astrospace Engineering Major Pensacola here we come! I am a boy who likes to think about space. I Wonder if there is life on other planets. I hear the loud roar of space ships whizzing by. I see countless stars, planets, and galaxies. I want to explore space and all its Wonders. I am a careless boy who likes to think about space ...... I dream that one day I will be an astronaut. I try to study hard to make my dream come true' Thomas Veade age IO I hope that one day I will be an astronaut ..... Ol'lOI' Future Astronaut age 10 checklng out the space shuttle he 0 we us a toull FRA K PAU VERDUCCI, III ' if . . L 2 , f"' A", H. N 'Q' A L0 ,gg . 1 S nh 4 I 7 gn 'g In 5 , Q l le' Mg, I .9 4 Ind Q I fn' 'X .x . : QA 5 4 .,-A wr J' . in I ,wlhiqq "v' cci du Ver I li" MNWU 3 31- M, Mgr 359 - E eu 'U .E 3 - Wesley - .c 2 an 3 Q GD O9 Matthew Clay Welch ogltzatulllltiom "Ain't no mountain high enough..." rweszzy SSS . lllfltio E ills you enter the next phase of your hfe, we want you to know how proud we are of your accomytishments, anvfof the won- With love for sharing with US cferfuf young man of Cjocf you have be- ygur never-ending Climb: come. Rernernher to afways keep goof first in awe of the heights in your hfe, andknow that your farnify is youve attained afways Eehtnof you. I . 'We foye you, Mom, Dad, JC, Mlmh Grandpa DMC Mom, Brian, Lore andLinc6ey ' Conaratwutattons, Aftnttseyf A A A G .No one sa ta thesefour years by the hay would he ncaa 3 POWEEUFTING WM easy. llou have aehtevettyotn'goals with strength g and tteternnnatton and now are ready to use these slizlts as youjoin thejteet serving on the 'USS Buttietey. We are so very-protttfof' your decision choosing to serve our country, you wtltnzalie a great leader. By tialaneing your ttfe wzth worli, 0 yfrzentts and-fannly, you wzlt enjoy all that you are P' so deserving of. ,.., .'lWttlIlj,fil'l0llc13 anttifarnty have supported you along th isvjourney - we are so gratef'ut'to lftt'lll-fbi' their support. IISNA '05 "Oh therplaee ou will go. " Best wishes as you venture into new waters. Jlvlay you 4 have smooth sathng antt-taint yi seas ahead. X CZ. va ' ' Lkenzenzher, when things dont go assptannettyust say to yoursetf- It 's altipart ofthe at1X'enture! ' 1384 Love - IMon1 A2 Dan ad: Cv ' ,. I 45 O -J A yi 1 'Cf , 'm ,A 'K 'qS""'. . erger sb ei 'W 361 Congratulations Logan! Your boyhood bookself tells all. Thmugh you our famillv 'S Soarmg Kidnapped. Robin Hood. Ivanhoe. The Three lvluskateers T0 new helghts The Vikings. The Alamo. Captains Courageous. Pirates of the Spanish lVlan. King SoIomon's lVlines. the Horse Soldier. l-low the West was Woh. Swords. lVlen, Ships and the Sea. There was a life of adventure awaiting you. You imagined it every day. You believed it and, believing, made it possible. Now, at last, you come to the moment. The quest begins. We say to you what D'Artagnan's parents said to him: Seek out high adventure. Go with courage. Ambulare cum honore. Love, lVlom 8 Dad, Tristan 8t Pa Q' 1 .. '32 -w""' "y 1141, ifvp, ,.i-,.i,i.4?.- dn in QM Zllll ll' llillllll IVI YOI'0Il NEG UUPIAS NEB METIIAS .1 Ensign Snaunnan L. Wark, USN Big Trees frorn little acorns grow... from the Georgia beginnings... to Alaska pioneer peeks... to New Hampshire Crystal Lake shores and Harkness tables... to Maryland waters... We love you and are SO Proud of you!! .......,.......,, .,.---- ,,-.it . . r . 'X 9 'T if I 4 s. ,L I is W Ti' it . 4. Ensign James Sopko Your Family Salutes You! Godspeed! All Our Love, lVlom, Tommy Chris 81 Patrick HW' - Sopko X E 3 363 I5 C Q .N :- 4 ll- Q .Q 2 U hm -H C 0 L.. C5 IL Q' CD gr, ...... fame' .1-ff-1 F44 I','.4l. N I The USS ARIZONA HNCHOR at Wesley Bolm Memonal Plaza, Phoen1x,Hr1zona .g, W f1'f5f'l5Sff' 1. . 'Lf' A'5v...N .. ,H T f' .,'.,,.V'1,.,l, !1fI,:Vf'Lq..r " I t 14.19, li 1 il f Qt F e 1 WET' w T ,.y.1,gTg-7 ., 1 ' fi' we 3-.UUE ' X f ,N ,,Vl1i',i2-'zfl-1 f e e 'ffiiiffje l w ' Y. I K Y AV - - I "f3fj,1?'l I ,Qu ','::1-21 1 I ' 17: ,Tr-T9-'W Q e 1:1-'gege 11 Q, g +51 f ff :SEQ E 'iw 'F' f1affw43.Q 5,1-pu. f: I -, f' " ' '.: 'lg I3 4--LL-I4L3L.F,1L7- f , q ,ff If fig, 4Q43:r5.1 a' 5 3351 if I i like 1?T'?fi'-EU-F? 4 TT ,- -.- - 1 ,y-.-. Diff if 1 I fx -3 3 "1 rj 'al Q33 f1P.f'.jvLi'3 'EBU-rl, -v,-1... 1, -,, 1' .--V 'TLA' W- Q-f CI: 'e!.4.eu5-i?,h U5.H13 w9 f:'1lw,uJ. .LelQ.1u.QIuf2'4' , . .yy '91 MEIIIIIBW T. 0l'0lllllI0ll nur nrnle rn vnu. vnur aceomnllshmellw to serve is exceeded only nvuurrnve e E.. C5 EL- L.. lovenmlrea mumauau E E eee'ee Congratulations 2nd LT Dominic J wx-A ' 1, y ",' 1 1 , ,-M We - , 1 4 ,gQ,Q Q v -t,,.f'V. ' A .v,4f, . , ' ' E., First Year r FirSt olo WE EVER E NICK, Y We are Q p roud of you. Good e' hleoxt Y W' were-ul' 'W tXf"I""i' . , A W , 5,3qx,-4134.,t,,.3,-,...' - . ., vfwtivrvtm ' 1 t,1f,,.,5g, ,t,y.f.,J5A,,A ,V,,Qxvtwfx,-,--,,,,,x,.,f, f Qt 1 ,- ,, , 6, 5 W' ,-'H X-N gg ,My 5 ,ty 't,..ut. Ml, Dad, Mom, joe, Angela, ,. X wi . -r, .. , ,,,.,,. ..,.4 ,, V x-"ffwf4'A1.:f V' .-wif---4-vi-"W ru' ,.., ', j.,, -,1r 1- -3 . 'Q v, '.f:,,,,14- .K E V 4 'L YA. -N E V v 'V :f 'V Mp r.,1 4' 1, -t .At . - f- "' ' Aa'-wtf 1-1. .17 Y, X ,,-' A 'v:1y:-:g M-gm. gg .,,,, ,,,g4,',-C, .aft-n..::-. gr. , ' V 'xr 'f "W H, Y- M'-'a-4'-Dvletiff . . ' . '. "V ' :CH ,5w,.".-"Mi Rf .'!','.24 3 1 O Q. USNA Blue + Gold : USMC Green Congratulations 2nd Lt Michelle Dickson With guts and determination... Forever a Competitor... Keep up those high standards. Mom, Dad, Matt, and Brett are PROUD of you! Semper Fidelis Oohrah! Congratulations To Western Pennsylvania s N ewly Commissioned Officers Ensign Kenneth A. Barkovich Qnd Lt, WT, Paxton Zfld U- Russell .l- ,IHCIQSOH Ensign Kristina D. Rohlin 21151 U- Elililbfffh R- Kefllfil' Ensign Christopher N. Schuster EHSHZH Sitlh R- KTUCSBZCF Ensign Jeffrey Charles Storer Elwisn Timflfhl' .l. Minor Ensign Michael S. Weber Ensign Matthew Clay Welch 'Ambulare Cum Honore " l'wQi - ll, I . .vvrix 'le-n-u.. hu """!-sf-s.'1.. . -Qriy-u-..,q,-,---M' gig Nlids are AM? C9 Cn Our Nllndsi' J' Katherine Alley Emeka lkpa Tey Alverson HP-aul Llano D na Beaufor in Macleod Dfniel Berry Sean lVlOElhannon Jos hua Blackman Brandon lVlt:Pherson Ja ' n Brownlee Tre Neese Michael Chesnut Jontavius Singleton Wes Faulk lVlosi Smith ade Franklin Byan Stevens A thony Garcia Scott Szurovy Joel Godfrey Adam Todd hristina Hayes Nicholas Tyson-if Congratulations to the Class of 54,2-L so I---. I QUT Wa , it-B-PM-Q m ,ki El "I, 1 '.. Hu! E H't-so t l .1 S3 if E . . ii Q .Aj . . , l 3. 1 li 'tl-ttf 1' . . . ,ff ,. ,F-Ti - , I -, ef tl Li .E E U7 5 CB ...I o E E Is .c E C5 ammataro ' Gaiser - 'S Q 19 O9 Congratulations CONGRATULATIONS Ensign Michael Anthony Sammataro MATT You have made us Thank you. Love, Mom, Dad 8I Brian You have achieved two of your dreams: played Division l football and received a superb education We wish for all your dreams to come true in your exciting future. very proud. We are so proud of you and all that you have ac- complished. We wish you continued success in your Naval career. Love, Dad, Mom, Dan and family Ml CONGRATULATIONS ENSIGN SCOTT ROBERT GIAISER USN YOU TOOK THE ROAD LESS TRAvELED THERE WERE SOME BUMPS ALONG THE WAY BUT MEMORIES OE GOOD TIMES WILL NEVER FADE AWAY You DID IT SCOTT WE,RE SO PROUD OE You LOvE YOU WITH ALL OuR HEARTS DAD, MOM, TIM AND MELISSA 1595561 We ZmreQf0u!Be1tqfLu,ck mfyowr Lm, Mem, Dewi, Mdchmi Ikokde, Za-ey Scjauke -'if Na : 6 if C 0ng1foztulblti0ns! Ensign Marcus Chad Arroyo Class of 2005 J ' gl FEEL We love you forever! 1 llllIl!Il'3llllilll0llS Zn" ll' llllll llalllllll' 1-in Q 9lIlllB llllll. l.0llB Mlllll 81 llall BRANDUN D01-L EllSi!lll Bliilll Il. IIBIVIBII QQ QQ P, l . ',. .i 4 . -. 4.. :gg , q,,r. V: L , 5 " ' ,G-,.v. ..a' , Bliall. 'llIBl'B ale ll0 W0l'llS lll lllB Sllllg Ill lllll UGBEIII, Ullll Elle IIIIB ul lllll lllllllll IIIIBS lll ll0lll lllll llllllllllll lll Ulllll' llllall. Swlll WlllllS allll llllBS Call SIBBI' llllll lll lllll WI'0ll!l llll'l:lCll0ll, lllll lllll S0ll!l will EIIWVS Gilllll llllll lll lllllll' allllllllllell Sll0I'8. llllllllllllllll SIIGCBSS HS llllll llalllgale lllI'0lI!Ill lllll waters Ill Iilll. lllllll. Mllm, llall allll Blallll We are nrnuu ol all vour hard work and accom- 4, lllishments. We llrall the llllll will continue to Andrew, i You have the courage and commitment to lead. You stand poised to succeed. Mom, Dad, Emily, WWII ci God Speed. Ensign Chris - ll EIIBQIIIBI' wbtway. . si1,,'2'W??4wgw,as,faKf nf as Lv gy ag: - mf. ,- Semper Amar ie ' Dari i Oll we SC l' P399 Cox ' 1- IN Fl ' Diamond - Young - Zilberman N IN C0 tnnmas vuunu, wilt l ri X, .gg A in llaw Plllll! W8 llllBW Ullll Wlllllll lllllllll ll! WB WlSll Ullll llllllll lllllll lll Ulllll' IlBill SIBII lll life. WB lllllll! Ulllll' lllllllll is BS lll'l!Illl HS Ylllll' ll3Sl. "The llBSl WW lll lllllllllll lllllll' lllllll'B is lll BIBHIB il." - llllllllllwll UWB. Nllllll, llall allll Bfllall Eric Zilberman has exceptional characteristics. He is very loving, caring and loyal. He ls also though, determined, focused, commited, courageous and honorable. He overcame a personal tragedy and turned it into a success story. We are all very proud of him and love him very much. Good luck in Flight School and Best Wishes ENSIGN CHRISTOPHER P. YENIAS AS A YOUNG MAN YOU OFTEN VISITED HTHE YABDH IT IVIADE QUITE AN IIVIPBESSION UPON YOU. YOU VOWED THAT YOU WOULD WORK VERY HARD TO ENSURE YOU'D BECOME A PART OE IT TOO. YOU WATOHED FOR 4 YEARS AT YOUR BROTHER'S PROGRESS, YOU WERE AWARE OF HOW HARD IT COULD BE. YOU SAW HW: WORK AND BEOOIVIE A SUCCESS, YOU SAID, "THAT'S GOING TO BE NIE." NOW 4 YEARS LATER YOU'VE FOLLOWED HIS LEAD. TODAY YOUU WILL BE COIVIIVIISSIONED. VVE,BE CONFIDENT YOU,LL BEOOIVIE ALL YOU CAN BE, YOU HAVE SUCH AIVIBITION. YOU'VE LEARNED TO FOLLOW, YOU'VE LEARNED TO LE MAY YOUR PATH BE SURE AND TRUE. WE KNOW YOU,LL CONTINUE TO FOLLOW YOUR CALL, WE LOVE AND HAVE FAITH IN YOU! AD, I I ,, . ffjf mf' If , ,, , 7' ,, . ' Q ww 0 4' - VW' -2 I 'IWW .Ki,.4. if ,V Y V ' . -1. M W snip, 415. 5 ,. , Q A, ,N u ,gm ' I i2'l..-,ff-""r:fi.'?5 ' , M ,I gtg? .QMS f K vc, S. at Sw. ffm K1'!'I.,,'x h H 'wwf- . 'ff' .'wJI-vw' w.:75E-.'m-Ni. - W OUR HEARTS WILL BE WITH YOU WHEREVER YOU GO! GO GET 'EIVI "TOPHER IVIANH THE SKY IS THE LINIIT! LOVE, IVIONI, DAD AND STEPHEN IVIOIVI-MOIVI AND POP-POP AUNT EVIE AND AUNT PAT - s .. -in YenIas A- Ozereko - Pascucci - Preston ld, , OO fi '.- ...,f, CONGRATULATIONS ZND Lt Francis M. Pascucci, USMC g W W We love you and are very proud of you. C We wish you every success in the Marine Corps. SEMPER FIDELIS y y Love, y Dad, Mom 84 jennifer Strength, Courage, integrity...It's Your Ship xl 2 7 MN- Ai ff-3 f Qongiraiuiatiions., Ensign Jarrod M. Ozereko! fweufarekproeud of the fine man you have become V"p , ,ff-iI3'uilth,en, we aiwaysicnew you woxulgii y i . '1" 'C g Wiih iovefor you always, 1 - y Your Family Frederick C. Acres eassasavqtisland eve-7s Andrew Ryan Preston Emerging from small beginnings and jirst steps, your journey abounded with faith, hard work, and perseverance, with one destiny in sight: Excellence and Honor. We salute you! Gram, Pop, Mom, Ash and Zac . :N .-. JV ALL 23? g-IV: ..,-,Y 9.3 . 5 -175' - A :77e,,:? ,...V. ,V , . . -.rfeilwyv ,A-,-0-.5.-. 71,1 .1 V , ...,,fe-Q ,qv ' - -3.3-:Nu --rf..:,.3L-. jj.. -:'g,'.j1:i j.- lg . . ' Four generations of service academy graduates USMA 1896 with over 220 years of service to the nation x salute the fifth and newest! it SQ Congratulations and Welcome Aboard! 1 Q - USNA 1943 ii USNA 1978 U s w QN YRWTW? b g V ll K I mln ' XM 3 USNA 1919 USNA 1970 'tlitfisgff Q rv, 'miwfxypj '17 mt? A ,2- , 4-44fa-- Q I 5-'J 9 W: F, 5 Y qw w, dv tg. tl,f1'15.v 7 , i l t T4 at ti ' Q' '7 ful vghffffifigkg' f , V4 'x exif, -1 ,W , e f ,r tw N. , ,1 . -E -, 35 vt F1 s ,,,-. Q sl ll I ' , W f' ug Y ,, Alt. K 3, 5 L-,:,..' . ,F f 't' A, :xii 1 ly fi '1' ' Qg,',l'P' lt u I ' x rr l ' ' "" '4 L , 1 1 , U lc QF?-4 it 4 e atsiit T ft, Z g A - D ig ' tl, ' ' li l. 'mv '-' V I 'fi lit ill? .tt I . ,Ai ii -if , ix ,-.gc-ff QQAUENSK? ge ,- , -' ". 1 2-aah QL LSCIENTKA 'un' ld ' N ' , ,ff cf at lr J Hey Ensign Van Volan '05 Congrats ff BZ, Fly-Boy! What a guy C what a class ltirst real plebe year since '7 ll. "Nick kick, VAN? Club LAX-man, Made his Mavna proud, VCE choir-boy "You oo'i Big-Bro, Alta Skier 3-striper - "Witness the violence inherent in the systewt 'hi-yoooj Mr Jazz, 9 Take luck in Pensacola - BEAT ARMY! "Sail away from safe har- bor Catch the trade winds in your sail. Explore, Vream, Viscoverf' - Mark Twain Van, We love ou! Matt, Mom 9 Vad Congratulations it Ensign Difranco You couldnt wait to start living so you came into this life 2 112 months early. God blessed you with courage, determination, and that special "GlFT." From that first wonderful day you entered this world you have accomplished so much, but you weren't satisfied, your accomplishments have yet to cease. Never let your dreams diminishg you have what it takes to achieve all of them and more. You have experienced, and lived life in a way few of us in your family could ever imagine. According to you, there is always a reason for you to "celebrate," no matter what is going on in your life. Party on Tony...you have earned it! Love, Mom, Pop, John, Nicole, Grandma, Nonna, and the kitties is J: Z: cu E .C -4-I O I .X 9 c: BC - Kealey- UD P- 00 Bry, You were born a leader M, ,,., , . - . A .. ,...l.'k.., ,.... We are so proud of our service, and know we are always proud of you. God Speed. Love Mom and Dad We are so proud of you Billy! Love, Dad, Mom 81 Sam In matters ofslyle, swinz with the eurrenrq in iizatfers ofprineiple, stand like a roelc. Thomas Jejferson Jarrod Rothman You were Created in the basement of Sth Wing,ancl we love you and are so very proucl cy' you ana' your ac'- eonzplislznzents. Continue fo in ana' set your sites high. Id" X You are a remarkable young f'l ' '5 nzan ana' truly one ofa kind! F- klioffegg Congratulations Jarrod! Our love ana' support will always be with you, Mom, Dad and JR 2nd Lf. Jarrod C. Rothman Semper Fi! stand up fir what you believe . C ongroatufations Ensign TJ. Keffy 8: the Cfozss of '05 , s 9 f T fn 5 T 1 A . , - W ' "' -u 5' f Y Q T 2 2 V f 1 2 f .. f T wg WfVe'1fe sop1fouoi'ofaIfyou"ve ozccompdsheof Qioofl-Mess you. A + Love, A A A it your jwamify 'L CONGRATULATIONS A A A 2nd LT KURT RICHARD I-IASSELL, USMC MAY YOUR DREAMS ALWAYS TAKE FLIGHT Love, Mom and Dad Kelly - Hassell 377 I' PEP I H Y ?lK11ell.illlll"lnl'l Congratulations Robert Tucker Ragon You ve taken the road less traveled and have been blessed by it. Let God continue to be your lighthouse. He is "our refuge and strength, an ever present help in trouble, Therefore we will 0 not Fear." Ps. 46:1,2. We are so proud of you. 'CPeople sleep peaceably E in their beds at night because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf. " Thank you! mer - Pod Plum Mom, Dad, Katie, Stan, Amy 81 Will S Congratulations E Alexander Plummer, d, se or ' . Capable, calm8zcool lan a air .. 'Iet us run with perseverance the race markeofoutfmf us. " gjppfflg Heh. 12:1 LAM? ,,,,, e r,,,! gg 4 . 4 Steve, you 5-fcmmf Us. Wlth Love and Pflde, jylofyn and' Dad. Mom and Dad Benjamin N. Herring We have been behind you from the beginning and we will always be with you. We are so proud of your A accomplishmens. Congratulations on achieving your goal. God Bless you in your service to our country. i We love you dearly. l Mama, Daddy, Tilghman, Sarah, and Naisby Matt, A We are so proud of who you are and all you dreams you had as a child. The child has become Dad. We commit you to One "who will ride the 5 N everlasting armsf' The Lord God Almighty is His g ' Mt? "A child has to grow. No matter if you Wish it were not so. You hear his words become a strangeris speech, His hands build higher than your hands can You cannot follow where his feet will go. T A A child has to grow? T ' ,f ,5 - from The Night of the Child by Luisef O'DonneII C O 21' GJ D. C L.. 0 Z O Q O0 Leaofers are hhe eagfes... T hey Jontffoch, you finof them one at a time. you never wanteifto quit! youfacecfthe Chaffenges anaovercame every ohstacle We've ahvays aamirea your courage anofthefact that you ahfvays come through when it Counts. W8fbQfSOj91'0'Mcf0ffl01V you live your hfe ancfofalfyour accomphshments. We've watchecf you as y-ou've tahen aff the lessons 'USINIA ha brought ana made them into something alllyour own youre uniqueQ1 your ownperson - 'Unhhe anyone the worfofhas hnown before... Thats why we fove you ancfcefehrate your succe sf C ongratufations, Ensign Kristyn Kern! With fove, jvlom, Daoh Scott anofjvlanai Who knew? You did! It was destiny. You have been adamant about The Academy since you were six. We are so blessed to have you as a daughter. We couldn't be prouder. Enjoy your next adventure Cremember - the right is the hand with the rock!J Congratulations! We love you! Mom and Dad 00ll!Il'2lllIl3li0llS Ellslgll llllIliB-0 WB IIIIIIB Ullll KBBII llilllllillll... Wiill IIWB allll lll'illB, Mlllll, Dall. Callie 8. Will X. A2 9. W E . I I . ff' 5 ' Congratulations, Wes! 2nd Lt. Wesley Robert Ggden, USMC Wlth Love, Mom, Dad , Sheila 81 Kelly "' cp , 515 ZWOUVIAZQJ o- ou , , T confident owwlf L'01lefvLL'e0lfycrwvngfwc7-nfL01fVu..0wL0lf no-w 0uM0wzLvwfCcWp5foh5Zce1f... Comgfrouwlafw-msf o-vvyovw gucceyy 0wwLOcr-rodfvl Waliilv wwwlfvloveafvmdfadaafwzfwtio-m Mo-vm D0L0lf0mdfL13vwl4s0ly Congratulations Aaron! We are very proud e oro' ol r of what you have W' I accomplished. Re- n member that it is "all mental? Now the ad- venture begins. May God continue to pro- tect and guide you. Love Mom 8z Dad You are well on your way to completing your dreams...I support you IIOCXJ... Love your favorite sis, Michelle X U C 1... - Holcomb- Ke G! Q.. Q. 0 I 'L' s: E C5 o E N OO C0 Congratulations Ensign Aczlam William Kerriclc on aloln well clone! We Congratulations Ensign Lynne M. Hoppe i are Proucl of 9014. A5 you emlnarlc on your commissioned service, we wislw you continued success. fiyfwgij madfrefvnemberfo- 515019 fmfgaaf! iaiLove, Four Years f"MOm1Dad1Gfanf1 In the Blink of an Eye Granclmom ancl William PSU' 'l'.Zf'.I'if2,'liff'fZ,'Ifl,T,'li.'i'2' i Leilller, GM C, and strenuous endeavors. " from heaven M.,m'f"LL'L'Z.fZ'iie,..j ' d i in Boofer, l We are so proud of you. You know Grandpa is wafching over you wifh Q bag grin on his Face! 2: , 5 it-7, Q. , wx., Love, Mom, Dad and Craig lviacainnis l David, ' nexitwzwe fyazuflyffz N A5 ym ffefwre to Catch the Sean Purdy practices a take-off from the USS Constellation CCV-645 Gow! Luck I-fvwe Fm tm, Gad Blum! Mem, DM Soon, he will be a real Naval Aviator Adam, afwijaclln WE HAVE ALWAYS BEEN VERY PROUD OE YoU Dennielle, Steadfast determination, Confident strength, C KE , Commitment to excellence, ONGRATULATIONS, ITH lndinite Perseverance. i i 0' '4 1 ,C is ,f J K J' . I E? 0' fa I f. LoTs OF LovE, MoM, DAD, T.J., KERRI, A CHRIS 81 NEIL This is you, Denniellel Words can't express how proud we are of you. We love you so much! Congratulations on you graduation! Dad, Mom, Courtney and Lanie I WW e ' . , gt "You only have to believe that you can suceed, that you can be whatever your heart desiresfv be willing to work for it, and you can achieve it. - Oprah Winfrey m0f0 SU Ivray - Mat Gi o E P1 'U L.. 3 D. X 0 .D 3 .X I5 'D OO Q O0 2 .C 4-I N E SQ 3 cu .I L as - Lonero - Manning - Q' Q UO Christopher Glenn Lonero You reached toward the skies and achieved your goals! We are so proud of you! Go Navy Air! Love, Dad, Mom, Dustin 601, Angelo II, Lonero Congratulations! Ensign Christopher J. Manning Jr. As you begin your career in Naval Aviation, remem- ber to reach for the stars, listen to your heart and always do your best. We know you will serve your country with honor, pride and dignity. May God continue to bless you and keep you safe from harm. We all love you and are very proud of the man you have become. We wish you the best in the challenge yet to come. With all our love, Mom, Dad, Dolly and Michael 'fg,,.oy,v,t Michael-- What started as a young boy's dream has become a reality. We stand in awe of our God who gave you the dream, opened the door for you to attend USNA, and helped you excel. We are so proud of you! Keep your faith in Jesus as the firm foundation of our life and you will continue to "mount up with wings like - J' l .eaglesfi flsaiah 402315 Thanks g T us! All our love and support always, Mom, Dad, Matt and Laura 9 V Q ,gg for sharing your adventure with 'fl-low pleasant it is to see dreams come truef' Proverbs l3:l 9 David Lewis - Company 30 From a little boy playing marines to a Marine Corps Naval Flight Officer ----- your dreams are finally about to come true! We are very proud of you and Love you very much. Dad, IVlom, Terra 8i everyone in your family Two Little Sprouts From the Mountains of Pot- ter County - Godis Country - Pennsylvania do big things! This tiny headwaters stream meanders 352 miles and becomes he mighty Allegheny River in Pittsburgh. The tiny little fellow went on to become a Naval Academy Graduate and Aviator! ENS STEPHANIE E. HOFFMAN, USN Summer Seminar it I-Day it Plebe Summer if Chopping if Chow Calls it Care Packages if First Phone Call if Sea Trials if Plebe end at Plebe Choir tt Glee Country ti New Parent's Week- Year if Chapel Clue it Cross Orleans at Mes- siah if Holly Ball 'X Dark Ages if Italy 8: Eng- land if HERN- DON! if Y-P'S ti Youngster Year if California 8z Hawaiir JFK T 50 Miter if PROTRAMID if Summer Seminar Squad Leader if 2nd Class it Sirens at Masqueraders 'f Paris at Boston Dance if Sala- erneck ti Firstie if Glee Club President if ADEO if Innauguration if Super Bowl if Service Selection if Navy Pilot it London if Commissioning if Houston Bowl it Marathon Ring manca ti Leath- Swplfv - Your fowryeancy by thafiay lfwwe been! hlleclf Wlldfv , ooclfuleve- mevttwnvk alzoveforlh honor. Weowefm' very provwlfofyo-M4 oumdforlbffhaiiowhaafef dome! Weftovefyow- Mowu DOLCE Maury afvwlfifrbifv Garett, What a wonderful journey this has been! From the moment that you knew you wanted to attend USNA, to the interviews, physlcals, the unknown, the ups and downs, you have accomplished everything that you set your sights on. What can I say to my onlly child whom I have so much love, respect and admi- ration for? You have accomplished more in your first 22 years than many accomplish in a lifetime. Fair winds and following seas Giarett, the best is yet to come. Love always, lVlom Congratulations Ensign Harris You were once my dream come true, now it's time to make your dreams come true. So much love 81 pride, Mom, Dad 8: Clarine CHRISTCPHER HoRsT W "UNLESS THE LoRD BUILDS THE HOUSE, :Ts BUILDERS LABOR iN VAIN. UNLESS THE LDRD WATCHES OVER THE ciTY, THE WATGHMEN STAND GUARD lN VAIN. lN VAlN You RISE EARLY AND STAY UP LATE, ToiLiNG FOR Fooo TO EAT - FOR HE GRANTS SLEEP TO THOSE HE LOVES. . SONS ARE A HERITAGE FROM THELDRD, CHILDREN A REWARD FROM Him. LiKE ARRROWSIN THE HANDS OF A WARRlOFt ARE SON'S BORN IN ONE,S YOUTH. T BLESSED is THE MAN WHOSE QUIVER is FULL OF THEM. THEY wsu. NDT BE PUT TO SHAME WHEN THEY CONTEND WlTH THEIR ENEMIES iN THE GATE." A PSALM 127 Chris Lewis Congratulations on your accomplishments! v .N- 'i .. ...,. . . .I Lrfkq. ton- Lewis fl! 3 O I L cn Ln 0 I :: cu E 3: O I ris 5-Har 38 'T Jimmy, We are so proud of you for taking the road less traveled and tolloing your dream. As you continue your journey, walk with courage, faith, and heart. All our love, Mom, Chuck and Family Congratulations and God s richest blessings to 2"fl Lieutenant Grant I Gillary Your hard vvork, diligence and dedication have served you well We know God has wonderful plans in store for you' lVlay God continue to keep you in his care All our love 81 prayers Dad, lVlom, lvlegan, Sarah and Colleen Congratulations J ENS James R' I-amz We are very proud of you and TEM M., , wx' 4, A, E F5123 M Colv Qwyowzf g4 fcLcif,w:f1L-:rw frffrwif Hua HSQNJA. M spy yo-1, if Zmafvef mmdfu g4,u,3ga54,f Chflx yo-aw dfrcfzyefw poutiw Lcwca, 71401441 fir Daiidf ifVOL4"'Lf ik- Sifmfw ,, , c5rSedv iff" if? fi, 1 if 5 ,. ywqv,-, 1 1, -f :M-A - fn' n' frm 2 . ' "' .' , ' A f.L,f,, ' W .A-my i-,G f. ff . , v ,, x .. -, :I 4 f 5,9 55233, f ' fgf' M ux riffs' "' ,av 'i.. . + 4' -0167? 1 5 A 5 Hnel' 387 ' Kinzbru li-,og 4 .. 5 7 g X-A ,Else Y' . . X I - - ' - ' D - tl-:tj , L' -ml... .. ., Q i' X15 X 1 x 'E , ' 1 i ' ,ga -P Li l ' ' i try: X K 'xi it - l ' y EH , eff l ill!!! Congratulations, Jimmy. Your family Salutes Your Service With Love, Mom, Dad and Stephen "Fair Winds and a Following Sean or M aPride Runs Deepi' HWIIBII I 9010 IIBBIIBII, I Wall! I0 IIB B!" "A IBHGIIBI' eiieets Blliflliw. HB Gall 'O never lell where his iniluenee stuns." 5 55 2 Timlllllll 4:1-8 00ll!II'3llll3li0llS, BIBVBIIBHII! PIIIIS. Mtllllllla, Belllie, Milw. To ffTol3l'1er'i Always rememloer tlfmat wlfuen you wislfl upon a star clreams reallu can come true. 2 Congratulations ancl Goocl Luclc, Mom, Dacl, Matt, Anclrew ancl your Special Star in lweaven P610 8: Mall! l 'Wg ffl Ny! A Lf? I Nathan, You made it with hard work and on your own terms... Words can not begin to express how proud we are of you and your accomplishments! You have turned out to be an extraordinary young man. Keep setting your goals high and lead with enthusiasm. Semper Fi, Marine! Lots of Love, Mom and Dad Nathan, you have dreamed the dream and made it come true. Congratulations, we are so proud of you. Love, Grammarlggglw-,Qrand-dad Good luck and where's my five bucks for the 32 all over? Gimme Nate-Dawg. Congrats and good luck, Bald Eagle Boy! a break. Fm OHIY Welcome to McDonalds, may I take your order? 8 years old...l Wanna buy some speakers? Lee Clark I am proud of YOU... that you will embark an a career of serving your country as did your Grandfathers, Father. and Uncles. May 6055 blessing go with you and keep you safe always. With deepest love, Nana B The Aw honey ...... Stephanie Congratulations, Leatherneckl Love, Grandpa J Marines are getting a great officer and I'm not just saying that because you're my brother. Congratulations, you deserve it! Love, Rachael The Plan 2 0 . The Dream O 1 Q Congratulations. I'm proud of youl Love, 6-Daa 2 0 0 5 Your success story is just beginning and you're on your way to a whole new world of wonderful opportunities. The Achieved! We are so proud of you. Love, Aman, Top, BJ and Robby 'Aviation is proof, that given the will, we have the capacity to achieve the impossible." -Eddie Rickenbacker You have achieved the possible. Now, spread your wings and become one of the few who have taken to flight in the hopes of achieving the impossible. Semper Fi Ben, Scherry, Matthew and Katelyn Congratulations 2"'l Lt. Paul Nathan J aenichen Jr, USMC 389 Jaenlchen .Q 2 O 'cn III' ' Louisianna Paren .2 3 an .I E as E .C 0 .I O C7 CO Parents Club of Louisiana Gratefully Salutes the Class of 2005 . f ' i IJ E :lr 2 3, L .QQ Q gl! I'-nfm' " 'fllft .f HN ii 4 a illllmllllj J Q 1 -ff2Lf!'f: i - si-iigggni - y if gi NS NIatthew'G Cruser fEN S L. Ellen Cutrer in QZLT Jordan P. Jones ,ai Kepper, IV ENS fam s R La z ZLT James D. Lasley ENS Jason M. McGowan ZLT Brian C. Schexnayder ENS Thomas N. Veade Geaux Navy ! Christopher J. Lewis Congratulations Chris!! Youive achieved another of your many dreams. Now on to the next. Good Luck in flight school! We're so proud of you and the man you've become. Always stay true to yourself. We love you very much. Love, Mom and Dad ,s, ,, , . 1 M. gn... .--:r.'nn.iMlA..1h Tim Lehman, Fair Winds 8l Following Seas Love, Mom, Dad, Becky and Nick 419' James 1.2 Commit your works to the Lord and Your plans will be established. Proverbs 16:3 lailaughn Keller, lr. I 231 Yllll Bafll IBSIIBGI IIBGHIISB llllll ll0ll0l' DDIIIIIIHIIIBIIIS, llafll W0l'll, Elllll fail' IIIEW. Ylllll' !IBllBf0llS Sllifil allll Ullllll Il3llIl'B make ilou a fine man. l'll alwavs treasure a heart full oi memories oi "mv lrttle how," hut with everil tlail that IIHSSBS, mir allllreeiation tleellens ami mil atlmiration grows for the remarltahle man you are ........ the son I love so muelr! , , I u 9 -Icon :'l Ensign Timothy E. Lette Congratulations Timothy for having the vision to dream, the courage to try, and the determination to succeed. Your entire family shares in the joy of your accomplishments. We'll be cheering you on as you meet the challenges and wonderful opportunities that lie ahead. We pray that your integrity. your honor and your humor will guide you through any storms you may face and always remember, each step of the way, that you are loved, Tim, more than words can ever begin to say. Keep faith in your dreams. Let the journey begin... Mom, Emily and your entire family .cz E O UD -on C 0 L N D.. - Mississippi ' anuel - Congratulations Ensign K e vin Manuel We are so proud of you and everything you have accomplished. May you lead from your heart and succeed in all that you do. May God Bless You and Keep You Safe Always With Love and great pride, Mom and Dad lf one advances confidently ln the direction of his dreams and endeavors to live the 9 Parents Clu life which he has imagined he will meet success unexpected ln common hours The USNA of Mississippi Congratulates he Class of 2005 Chase Ackerman Frank F illin im A"d'eW lHU"d'l- Henry David Thoreau . g We are inspired by your Mlchael Gross achievements, successes W-ll - H and your commitment to I lam esse USNA. We wish you many - ' ' great adventures ln the Justin Strlckler years to Come! , David Wrigley Much love and fair winds and following seas, Mami, Dad, Allison and Katherine ll.. uc, . ,.. n-J'5'A , 4 ' as ' 1 Vi . X -am V sv I l ' I , A .-.:, 1 . 5 ,-- . I 5 an 15. V I 1 J -r' Ens. Karl N. F. Murray Congratulations and all our love Dad, Mom, Greg, Elise, Teresa and Jennie .Uh you want to huifof a ship, cforft hervfpeo- pfe together to coffect woovfafhcf ofon't assign thern tashs anofworh hut, rather, teach them to fortgfor the endless imrnertsity ofthe sea. - Arttoirte ok Saint-fxuperya Gris 4 2 ii s is -,,-Q ,i 1--f"'.- 1 - Murray 393 ll- 'O- 2 L- O .1 o O L- .Q O CJ 1'- cn CD 22 Nelson Q' O7 OO "Build me straight, O Worthy Master, Staunch and strong, a goodly vessel, That shall laugh at all disaster, And with wave and whirlwind wrestle!" CHenry Wadsworth Longfellowl We are always here for you on shore, Love Sz Our Congratulations, Dad, Mom, Ernie 81 Ryan Congratufations Ensign Benjamin S. Orfojjf We are arnazeofat your tafentsgproucf of your acco'mpH5fi1nents, anofexciteofaoout your future. Afways rernernber we wifffove youjorever, Elie youjor afways. its Kong as were Hviriy ourjoy you wiffrie. We count every cfay you have Eeen in our Hves a Efessing. May youffy Hke an fagfe! Love, Wlorn, Dacf Nathan anofjvlax Hilary, Interests ehlo and iqow lilce a river, commitment endures lilce granite. You roelcl We are so Proucl ot you! Love, Mom, Dad, Brett and Alex 1 2nd Lt. Mark Nostro, USMC A Future Marine? -if Absolutely! Congratulations 8t Godspeed, Mom 8t Dad, Paul 81 David 'BMW .1 : lv W Q 2 ' A 9 arents' Iuh uf Qlunbngau www.usna-pcom.org - f , I ,Y L 'nth' " - A 2 MI l 1 a . gi f FQ ' a:EE155EiTo l N , 1 1-3-,1,-E::+:1fzLl:f,?.J:, m,g,i, Q .A.A 2 J-...WH ax, if fa-2 L , WL ' , "2-EV"?f..1" Q ii5:IQ.,L 5 1. VZ 1122 , 1 , - ' ' V " USNA Parents Club of Washington State PROUDLY SALUTES OUR NEWLY COMMISSIONED , OFFICERS OF THE CLASS OF 2005 2LT RYAN ASHLEY ENS MATTHEW BOYCE ENS JOHN BUTTLER III ENS JOSEPH CANTU 2LT BUDDY ELLIS ENS JEFFREY FALLAT ENS WINDSOR FRINELL ENS JARROD GAZAREK 2LT TROY HOKANSON 2LT STAN LAPP ENS SHELBY LICHTY ENS TAJ MATTHEWS T47 ENS JASON MCKAY ENS NICHOLAS MULCAHEY ENS CLARK MUNGER ENS BENJAMIN ORLOFF ENS NATHAN PECK 2LT STEVEN PODMORE 2LT JUSTIN SHARPE ENS RICHARD SHIELS ENS LEAH TANNER ENS TREVOR THOMPSON ENS DOUGLAS TOMCZAK 2LT ANTHONY ZECH . Congratulations! 2nd LT Alonzo A. Neese, III USMC ' L. . - ,I ...n R I-Q' Ifo-nefowbvowuoefy ' bvvtifuef alafeofio-wofhby evioleafvorytcrbyva i thefltfefhehvvfsf Dnmougbneak Zfwwiilb meefwzliilfvwywcceasy mfuwcpeofedfbw co-wvmo-w1fLm,w,sn - Hefvwy Dafvtdf Tlfmoreouw N A - - 'Qi ""fwnqqf3 Tre, We are inspired by your honor, integrity, loyalty and moral courage. Your strong heart and kind Wit give us joy and perspective. Your life teaches us to imagine and . . . Never give up! With admiration and love, Ashley, Mom, Dad and Debbie, Gramma Jean and your entire family ' NGGSS IN O5 OO if Amwa- f V W Q,LfS4 d I. :- 3 4-:-aa:fY -1- rv, "' 142 -2 'ii7i?H-'ffv,-e:2S,'yf-,j.gig aff- gj , --az' 4.3.4, V , VVVQ-VVVV1 , V 5 V - - Vs- 4 3 'U ". V ' Q - Q 'f . wx'-'V wg' Vw FB-Lf HPS, 21,22 by ' 'ff' 1 . V-V V , 52 V I ' 2 e"."fV?! 4 1 0535. 'Y V, E 2' yi if r JVV1-2?ffjxiiV,,-'f:g45,', 1 8451 . -,W-,VVVVLL-.- --.-.u V V VV ,, . , -1' , , 1 V i, 1 1, -of , , 4. 2 J, -. . i M- I ,.f. -V V 4 3 Vxmfqii- Vg, - A.. ,xi 5,1 . ""'-' "W '?11i1ig.V1V"- V:VliT LV-T ' "' " - , ' f , V 195 1 1 4' 41 1 y '51 - , - -' if 5 gf-34"1l,Vr"?'2 ig-1-Lk, ' ' V." '-V-V f V 5 ' ' , "l V'-5L'1fVV-'-,-5-'gg.3i'VV- V 1' V f - .' ' V L ' ' 1 " - -fbf V- "'- ' a fx. " - - -' " ' V, . 7 ,,, .' 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INSURANCE ' BANKING - INVESTMENTS - MEMBER SERVICES A N Evv VVGRLD DF P AN D I SERVICE Dedlcated Dynamic Strong , yum I SYSCO Food Servlces of Seattle We TT s f S YS C0 Seattle lS proud to have the honor of feedmg our Umted States Troops SYstems and SCFVICCS C0mpany s phxlosophy IS the same as lt was over 40 years ago a trusted suppller pl'OVldll'lg food sewlce customers wlth broad product lmes of consistently hlgh quallty Our partnershlp wlth the Umted States Mllltaly goes far beyond our phllosophy We don t just sell grocerzes here at S YSCO We delzver peace of mzna' SYSCO ns an equal opponumty employer and proud employer of veterans 12061 622-2261 www syscoseattle.com - qs, L I I I I I I l I X t X I X X tg- Q NY ,IN M MAGER 1 is 2 t E '61 Ni 'Q 2 X Nt vt-:cuz ol ,x X , K wsasnz w il . NNN 'XX I Q LONDON umso o 1 , N' I wucns cuums au R Qxx ' gg in S7 ji , - '3- ! ,,. 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' , x . wikis ' 2.1, .1 1. f 1 .. , Q 'fi rr Solutions at Work TranTech is a woman-owned company providing government and commercial clients quality and innovative Information Technology solutions and services in digital asset management and engineering, software engineering, systems integration, network engineering and IT security. For more information, visit us at trantech-inc.com. 4900 Seminary Rd. Suite 215 AIexandria,VA 22311 P. 703.671.9873 F. 703.671.8484 trantech-inc.com We are proud to salute the Men and Women of the M I TT United States Naval Academ SAFETY SYSTEMS we swf F' rt xx, f?' -fr' 'sa smart engineering for Y ,-Y extreme environments CC AGEISERAL UYNAIVICS COMPANY f 2798 Harbor Drive X J ."""'W m'f99'3'3a ew com san Diego, CA 92113 . ,ff .' ff r ,' iw 2 f ' is . 3 ff 'fiaflf-1'4" ,5 K qtigg ' Qffrgiftfiiffjfb . 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By Air. ,,. 9- i have a lot of ways to thank you. x 5. ,Q u . .I - 'v 1 4 Dell" salutes the men and vvomen of the US. Navy and lvlarines. Dell is proud to have played a role in the distinguished history ol the armed forces and aims to continue the support into the future. With technology leading partnerships vvith Intel and lvlicrosoft Dell continues to strive for excellence in solutions and services that can he counted on in any situation. Whether youre on shore or oft you ll alvvays be on our minds and in our hearts. Here s to those vvho continue to ansvver the call. . 2' ri-'rf .,-.,-. . --. .- " ' .-. "F J" A 1 SN ' .. 'W' ... ' r I Df,,.LL ' l l l yn? :Ni 'vorifi fZ'i'? D fm XT' mfr irrfre 4 V ' llfdr' rlifro lylly slr:-lnhj t i SABRE SYSTE MS, INC. txt erienco. Quality Results The vendor of choice for IT needs. The employer of choice for IT professionals. vvwvv.sabresysterns.com I Phone: 703-535-8120 CHETHWG A COURSE FOR UCCESS! vii? 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Prime Contractors North Texas Circuit Board We ProucIIy SuIute the Iuture IeucIers oi the Navy uncI Murine Corps GEICD gelco com 'I BOO MILITARY ! I v V n ffl rm-I IQJ nuns 5I.lIl.HIXIll' I1.uIn .XIIICIIKJII IIIIIIIJIX. ImI.n,1n1rpr't-arsunr lII.lIlll Ill L'tIIHII 1'qrHI1lllm'llI IIVI Ds Jllhl'I H'lIl'I mlm x .l1'x's IHIILQI rx1I.rx. www-NTCB-CUIII 991-1 Q, S1ANADyNE if iff l Paul Olson, Sales Director ff , 972-790-7610 95255 ,N 406 'lla , tml, . , .L MS,- ,ggq Wi i iii i ' ,ff i AIU 5 'uf vb- ,-'R .-7 1, ' K' 4, V' 'iff ' . paw 1, ' 'w.""'s.,.:L 'Q-151. , 192 if U i ,Q f ga, .AS 'r sg '5?'g2.Ao5qig' , -Y . 'Q-SN' Y 1 -, x X I gf' .v.T??'xF Q Cargill www cargill. com cn 2005 cafgm, incorporated Nourishing ideas. Nourishing People 407 SIBEHUJHD HNVCURHDCUDIPQA WB f gage, lt, KL ' xg' K x Q0 .. 5 5 I Pall., ' -"0!fo . 7"'Q'71'f37.-'i "s1Q'3:w 1 'Q O I Q 4 1 J ' , . . I . ' i 1 I g Q 0. I n . Q Q U I 8 f . .4 ft- . O . - 5 0 . Q Q 9 ' 5 I 1 I CA 9 . . 0. ' . ' . . 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I - , A ,,,, x 5 A' 225 to 4ooMHz 20 to 3oooMHz 30 to 4ooMHz Contact PolefZero Corporation, the premier provider of RF Cosite Solutions. :Ln : 5530 Union Centre Drive f West Chester, Ohio 45069 ::,"II 513-870-9060 1 Fax:51 3-sro-9064 H P 0 H A If 1 0 N wvvvv.polezero.com supporfQpolezero.com - 1 Soun-I BAY BQILER REPAIR 1224 Roosevelt Avenue San Diego, CA 91950 C6195 474-8563 Proud Navy Parents ' Lt. Robert Wilkerson, Class of '00 GO NAVY BEAT ARMY! 10 's 1'-1 1 Q flt2 Ml 6AlA2 Scope Mount 559.95 ' 552 EXT 42 Extended Ml 6AlA2 Mount 564.95 555 A.R.M.S. Multibase 559.95 i S 1 . 56 A.R.M.S. ll Adapter 549.00 557 A.R.M.S. Ill Adapter Bracket 548.95 - lc.--E ig a t dn Q L... i f T - zap tt15 Mount tor Triiicon Retlex loptic notincludedl 5120.00 U lf? 5t18M2l 8.Ml4 5? M.-,Uni 5174.00 Ni' 'E "5 H19 A.R,M,S. Mil-Std. l9l3fSTANAG .1 Throw Lever Mount 5140.00 5 ' 51 01u, I. 1 will fl tt19A TATR.M.S. itl 9A lAcogl Channel Mount 5150.00 SEMIDII MMIKETI G SYSTEMS, INC. Sllftl' it-L., Standardizing Military low Enforcement 8. ,. C0 A Commerciolmoums 1 , t1,1 1 1e 5 55195 ACOG Single Throw Lever Mount 536 ' DSR EX EX- OSR SWUW Sleelfe tor Triiicon Acog Optic loptic not includedl 5109.00 US' Polem H 5'lA2'80 574.75 .. V H36 ' OSR S"EX S-Ex OSR Swan Sleeve A ' U.S. Patent it 5,l42,806 589.00 in THROW LEVER Runes W Pair ot Low, Medium or High Throw Lever Rings gc? R37 Ring lnserfs 529,QQ 5109.00 PER PAIR ' . 536 8 33 A 1 I ,gzliliif A A A - ,.r,r Available for Tactical Ring Cap 535.00 LT 'WSW i ,P R' o . 15538 STD Swan Sleeve - Standard Length U.S. Potent it 5,l 42,806 - 522 'RR ' Tactical Ring Rail i will -' ' , ' ' 5150.00 520-00 R38 EX Swan Sleeve - Extended Length 8.46O" U.S. Patent if 5,lA2,806 5165.00 ' 0 o o a o 5522 TRS N Tactical Ring Sight A i V - S24'oo 4438 S'EX Swan Sleeve - Super Extended Length lil-" U.S. Patent if 5,l42,806 5180.00 V AT tt22M68 COMP iizzrvias comp Throw it , Law,,,,,,,,..-.1 "': 1 Lever Ring 599.00 I 5' W' "4 ii s A 'i bl Sm. 8' Me ' Pacers vom e Q39 2ND GEN A2 Plus Modular Mount 5135.00 -7 I I 55401. Low Protile Rear Sight - Allows I l"22M68 lower mounting, miniaturized windage , A w'-f . , T T EXTENFIUN iiii it in knob. New and unique dual aperature hgl gv . L in? - " A i Extension or !t22M68 g1Q9.QQ 'J-W Mount 529.50 V A . Q .ff '::': 3.1, ,,..,.A. . ..l,. ,.f.. in V' L i+23 A.R.M.S. QD. iisosc 9-.....-..,,l L Throw Lever Pistol G,-ip Slim Carbine Bi-Level S.l.R.f'3 Free Floating Selective 573.00 Integrated Rail Systems Please call tor specific requirements V ' Many other models available. S.I.R.0 U90,322B1 s.i.n.O svsvsuis snwrma A-r 5369.00 E2 Thgom Leie' T. Q54 LR1Eo '7' D Gpler Of cms type .Aw 3: -H54 Throw Lever Mount tor T B'P0d 588-00 "" A T Eotech optic 599.00 ITIIITIC IIESEIIIBII IIIIKETIIS SYSTEMS. III8. 230 WGS! GBIIIBI' SIIG!!! ' WGS! BITIIIIBWIIIBL PM 02379 I588l 584-1816 '18X: I588l 588-8045 ' email: SlllBSCDaImSm0lllllS.00lll tilizing extensive experience gained over 60 years of innovation, GKN Aerospace is the leading supplier of military windscreens, inflatable recovery systems, fuel tank systems and fabricated structures and components with fifteen centers of manufacturing excellence in Europe, North America, and Australasia together with specialist repair and overhaul facilities. www gkntransparencysystems.corn lch CE 18 6 ?" nw- s CNGRFTW-ATl?U?e U.5. Ndvdl Acddemy - Class of 2005 .14 " -f ' 4:4-.:.--f' ADDOO Q 5 Develaping Advanced Technologies For the Ships voufll Commdnd Temqrrow . , .-'Q- 4 - V. i J.,-...... , 1 - ..,, ne- -,X -ff ' "' 3550 General Atomics Court San Diego CA 92121 www.ga.com MEDEVAC UAV General Petroleum Allll0W mv 8 5 D Liberty Marrtrme Corporation Salutes The Umted States Naval Academy Congratulates the Class of 2005 Umted States Naval Academy s Class of 2005 19501 S. Santa Fe Ave. Rancho Domingez, CA 90221 Ph: 800-659-5823 Fax: 310-637-9231 1306 Canal Blvd Richmond, CA 94804 Ph: 510-237-1184 Fax: 510-237-7463 www.generalpetroleum.com 414 Congratulations On All of Your Achievements And Best ofLuok In All Your Future Endeavors 1979 ,. , 1' R Mr Gongratu ...to the graduates ofthe United States Naval Academy I on accomplishing your mission. Wherever in the worfd duty takes you, the Army 81 Air Force Exchange Service will be there to provide you and your families with the best ' merchandise and services at f the best prices. This is a mission s 'S we've accomplished for over 108 years. M Make AAFES your first shopping choice, we look forward to serving you. ..:....s 1 Qifei m IK w I 1, L A,--V 'fear 1 , 1 N ? 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Vg! f 8 f IA : 'x l 's '. :rw We salute Naval Academy Graduates of 2005 Y Yrrvrr W Vw, H .W W.,,, ..-,:,L,,, ,.... , , .,.,.,...,.. , --.....V--ff--H------.-W'-Y --A--------Y - --v----v- Q Q 1 L, HME i f4m 1' gy My-:1 - 4 I 5 I x 5 l 1 I , 1 X l L W i I , 1 x Y Y f 3-15 Q 5 It Keepluatchlng thus space Fi:?!l,l'9i1fXif'3ll U.vf1ffff.U,f'1.Vl':N 1:Li'.F22 i!,'1fs:5' kiHJ'41"'U?.1f',"1'wk'k!.3fY:i3." U,L',- 51 1751 Vkizfl VL" " W VF LVN 3 1 z i ' 4. All .. 11 , 3 ,elf ,, M if., , A f. f 44: 1fHLY12.Sif'Il'y? wmUr:s um-f 'Y'xff'2r-,-,'5g. iw, .Oth-fgA.,fgg.s1f1b U?l1'!E,Il,Ul ,.fi:wyaf 1wy1fmv.ar pr w Y 11 , v .'w!f. 2e'5 4.fw2: X " ef 1 ,.. .. ..,. ,, N I ,, ,. , .. ..,A,, ,WA , M ,, . ::,,1ILr'1ggv Lliumggtg w:vlIU 1nn,.,.:1,LgQ- spy, Lum, -xv ,l-ggi .fp l3q1 ,flnf1 1-f.f,4. YQ. M A111 . mmf M gp Vg gn, wx Al f,w V-5,1 1 X A L 1 h U W .a . 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So no matter where their missions may take them, or vvhat they may require, our brave men and Women vvill have vvhat it takes to succeed. . .and return home to the people they love. www.raytheon.com 02005 Raytheon Comp y All ght cl 421 .I ,D , Customer Success ls Our Mission Class of 2005 CONGRATULAT US Naval Academy Welcome to your future. We salute you as you carry on a proud tradition dating back to the earliest days of our country. The bonds you've forged at the US Naval Academy will endure throughout your life. The same is true of MOAA. When you become a memben you're joining a community of officers who share a sense of camaraderie and common interests. As you embark on the road ahead, MOAA is ready to serve you throughout your life. From graduation to retirement, nearly 380,000 members rely on us for the tools and resources to meet the challenges along the way. Find out why more officers choose IW MOAA for the road ahead 2 I li.. : !f'll M visit www.'oinmoaa.or usna M"'td' OW A ' A J gl One PowerfuIVolce Marine Services Salutes the U. S. Naval Academy Because It s A Maher of National Security Missile defense Weapons modernization CACI alute s the Graduates of 20 O5 Honor. Courage. Commitment. These are not just words, but a Way of life that U.S. Naval Academy graduates incorporate into their daily lives. CACI understands this commitment and stands behind the Navy. We have been a faithful partner since 1963. We extend our best Wishes to the Class of 2005. Count on us to be Ever Vigilant in our support of the Navy. CACI EVER VIGILANT 423 Welcome to the Extended Brigade, Class of 2005' S-aswff-ei f,'afff?dw 1,53 ' 'W 'pix 'tv QI 2 E fir 019 fires- ff YUSNH4 T Cl The U S Naval Academy Alumni Association and Foundation congratulate you We are proud to recognize you as leaders ready to serve the nation Stay connected wvwv usna com Fair Wlnds and Following Seas Marine Services Supporting the U S Navy Submarine 8. Ship Repair C fEVEl-TIGREEN Quality Without Compromise HE1.1coPTERs TO Bosuvo 747 AIRCRAFT 1 907 257 1519 ' 'i ,X XlJl'Nll E CASCADE GENERAL PORTLAND sf-IIPYAHD CGNGRATULATIONS CLASS OF 2005 Cascade General operates Portland Shipyard a complete ship repair and industrial facility. We provide full-service repairs and conversion for tankers bulk carriers container ships government vessels tugs barges and Workboats. Our facility includes a 96- acre C388 hal yard 550 O00 square feet Q51 096 square mctersl of craft shops more that 7 600 ft. L2 326 metersl of full-service repair berths and two floating dry docks. Cascade General also provides emergency topside repairs at any location on the West Coast. We are an Equal Opportunity Employer. We Celebrate Your Success. l fl ll I L jf ' w- usp X 1 gb? gg 0: no. XII A: AQIIZN X4 4 'I .wr E s e I B E 2 4 , 1 ' Q 7-93" f N, : 14 Q , 16 Q." n ' g v Ng Q. X .W f rf 1 ' ll 944' J ally, "Q, -gs .-,V ,, ':f h 1 1 , 4 ' I x fb fl 4 7 A I X' A K. 'uk 6152. 7,-Glqxx x w" N QI, ,?,umi,Ejl'M:!,,l 1 x f' -vi as' fa O ", A 4 ' ,lar-+2 , f,-11 lj .ill ,sa 17" .-ik n ' fy x . l g ttf? F ,-- "I dl ' X 5 P ' Q xd'w'4un.lsnf ' uimflg ' Q " 5 X-ll X l Ei ff ..--c 'Q' Ty' I l I l I I I I . 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A very special thank you to the staff of 726 lil Ck!! gf!! ffr . f 1 f 1 fs IIWKII . jffhll National Headquarters: Local Qfhcez I Taylor Publishing Company Taylor Publishing Company ' 1550 West Mockingbird Lane 85 Ashlar Hill Court Dallas, Texas 75235 Parlcville, Maryland 21254 I WWw.tayloryearbooks.com yrbkexpertgzbaolcom 427 47 1 .w -f N Mfg, ff I , 13+ 14, 'H' N , A "' '13 -' aff' I 5. , f' W 1 ,gf 45, 1 . , J J I f ,. Lf: ' :P ., Aw. -Y Q 'S' f 1, -4 f 5 g gi. I a 1, :,f.,. ,H H fy l.. 'L N ' M A. .,. .- q f ' f I? Q WH" 3 ' l?'?:,., fain M539 Q2-' gi. v , g 553.45 Y 54 , , ,G , y ,A ,fn Y J , 7 1. , J 41. ,, , -'W' f 5 Q3 r ""5I-1 A fr 5251.-,, f "4 A 4 nr 9 "-1' , jr -iuasff ' if ,i WW' ' 'ig' if ffl? 3? , .V N :I X 4 f I ,K Agp-. " ' -L43 V ,f V,- , , .f fm A, , YLIV .1 1 L 1, 1 f I 6, , mr. I AM gg ' 2-f v E " 5 F7':t1r.. ' ' ,.v-- ' s . 2' 43 , 7' . 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Wm l Many hours were spent preparing pages, lists, checking to make sure every game and event was covered, every organization was includ- ed, and every midshipman had a photo in the Qglkg idddk. vvd had E1 staff df dedicated individuals. i Thank you all. 436 dK6!'f0L0fk if 5,2 UUQR WN A new crop of Lucky Bag photographers getting hands-on training around the Yard. I r 43 7 The Lucky Bag Senior Staft took a trip to tour Taylor Publishing. Pro- ducing yearbook pages require many hours of training and seeing how our book is produced helped us learn what vvas needed from us. A virtual treasure trove of yearbooks from previous years and other schools give our staff nevv ideas. 438 '54 A L fl.. . 971' 4... 'A :X-....,,, HV., , M- -' cf. H Q V ,zzz v .,,v H ff i i ul A Taylor representative gives our staff a tour of their facilities. My-T-, flag -nun, wb. , N : 4 E. 1 fi ff A Y f fflfl Jfwfff KZ if fzhzc' ffl leaf fflvk ffl xfflrwf gill! fm' ffff ff I I LYIJ. 440 ff CMV 4 5L 9f2W,mfz: jfwdf 441 A ,, A461 1s' W!'CAQ'EJ A 1 ' f f ' ........-- Q if of Them. Overall I am proud milf' , of This book. I sincerely hope JusTin's ThoughTs . . . Well, here I am and iT's OcTober and I have gg jusT abouT finished The 2004-2005 ediTion of The I ....., --,..,.----.., Lucky Bag. Thank God. These are my lasT pages. I ll ll ll I've had The privilege of leaving my mark on all 1000+ pages. IT's been an inTeresTing summer. Some days were awesome siTTing around The office wiTh noTh- ing To do buT play video games. OTher days, I was in from 0730 To 2030 Trying To geT sTuff done. 5 l I don'T know why I was assigned To The Lucky - ' Bag office: I have never had any experience working wiTh yearbooks. My high school was hopelessly in- epT aT compleTing yearbooks. I goT my sophmore yearbook someTime my senior year, wiThouT ever geTTing a freshmen yearbook, To say noThing abouT The oTher Two years. I guess They're done, jusT siTTing around somewhere in PuerTo Rico. I don'T Think I really ever boThered looking aT The Lucky Bag from any of The lasT Three years. Oh I glanced Through lasT year's Lucky Bag long enough To complain abouT and criTicize iT in good old midshipmen fashion. In some ways, a loT of my criTicisms were valid. PicTures were grainy, cropped Too small Then blown up Too big, There was liTTle in The way of ediTing, check ing for basic grammar and spelling CI realize I am going I ouT on a limb here, I am The worlds worsT speller and I freely admiT ThaTj. There were gaping holes lefT when The sTaff had no picTures and no informa- Tion abouT an ECA and jusT lefT iTs name To fill up iTs spoT. I ThoughT vaguely abouT "misplacing" iT during one of my moves, especially since The Thing way a Ton, buT I kepT iT and here I am Today in The Lucky Bag office chocking on The very Things I've complained abouT. Having acTually now gone Through and been The one in charge of finishing The yearbook, I un- dersTand why Those Things happened. IT's incredibly Time consuming To Try To look over 1000+ pag- es by yourself, IeT alone compleTing a large number of pages ThaT had been lefT unTouched. I have done my absoluTe besT To make sure ThaT The problems I had wiTh lasT year's book have been fixed in This year's. I Tried To caTch every phoTo ThaT was sTreTched or grainy. I fixed The redeye prob- lems in The phoTos where I saw Them. I've probably looked aT every single picTure Taken lasT year several Times over. I'm sure I missed quiTe a few. I know words are misspelled and ThaT I've prob- ably used way To many camas in places. BUT, for whaT iTs worTh I am proud of The work I have done. I have lefT my mark on some-N Thing Tangible and for beTTer orfi L worse m mark is a ermanenT Y P fixTure in our yearbook. There are pages in This book ThaT are disTincTly mine, and I am proud ThaT my efforTs have paid off and ThaT you all are as proud of This book as I am Q A To my classmaTes in The greaT Class of 2005, should , gig pdf any of you ever read This CoTher Than my fiancee and our familiesl I have personally gone over every single T . one of your name probably Three or four Times aT This poinT. I used The GraduaTion Program To check names. ll' When I had cause To quesTion The spelling in The pro- gram, I Turned To The Alumni WebsiTe. I did every- fi ii'i'l ' Thing possible To ensure ThaT your name was correcT 3 every way. I checked exacT use of aposTrophes nw mlgand capiTalizaTion, when possible I made sure your full name was used noT jusT iniTials, and I puT in The appro- priaTe suffixes. If afTer going Through your names and pages The numerous Times I did, and I sTill failed To geT your name correcT, you have my sinceresT apologies. I know ThaT is of liTTle consola- Tion, buT believe me I am profoundly sorry ThaT your name in your senior yearbook is noT correcT. we To any ECAs and Club SporTs ThaT we, The TAD Ensigns missed, are sorry. We did noT inTenTionally leave you ouT. More Than likely you jusT goT losT in The shuffle. And finally To Those who jusT love To complain and are noT com- pleTe if They aren'T complaining abouT someThing: when you open This I - year book and you find someThing you do noT like, before you criTicize. 4 CThough iT may be Too laTej I encourage you To Talk To The Lucky Bag 31. N, sTaff, go up To The office above The l2oTunda in The middle of summer, ' 'i if siT down aT one of The compuTers, and wiTh no experience whaTsoever, . make The perfecT page, wiTh every picTure crysTal clear and cropped jusT righT, every word spelled correcTIy, and every single puncTuaTion mark correcTly used. Once you've done ThaT, do iT over and over and over again unTil you've done iT a Thousand Times. And when you have your perfecT yearbook Then you can be happy. 1 Finally, I jusT would like To reiTeraTe ThaT I am damn proud of The work I puT inTo This book. I'm proud of The way many of These pages Turned ouT. When I shuT down The compuTer, Turn off The lighTs, walk ouT of The door and Turn around To Take a look aT The room in which I have spenT The lasT 4 monThs for The lasT Time, I will do so wiTh a feeling of sadness because I will probably never sTep fooT in This office again. Then I will slowly shuT The door, head down The hall, Take The elevaTor downsTairs and walk To my car, as I do so, a smile will slowly sTarT To creep over my face. For noT only am I geTTing ready To deparT The Academy To begin my life and my career, I will know ThaT I am leaving The Academy having done more in 4 monThs Than I probably ever did in 4 years aT The Academy for my Class and my school, and for ThaT I will be eTernalIy Thank- ful for The Time I was blessed gg wiTh To work on The Lucky Bag. T--'YE Thank you. ,J is Justin Middlebrook Y Q Q Summer EdiTor and if 3 LasT Remaining TAD Ensign i f iii I ,Sw ,, ' A Q 'AQ -'.,'-Vsfxgj i ... .. 1. .....,g.,.. A 522'-if-'A ..,...... . 'N ,- KN 'W f I I 144' rw wir - UC Efffflf' if GYM To Sum up me job of E-Eiiror-in-Chief of me Lucky Bag, it would probably take a lot lon- ger than the space I would like to use. This job has been the most demanding in terms of time and organizational skills of anything thing I could have ever encountered. Over one thousand color pages to make, hundreds of parents, emails to deal with, and add all that to the normal load of being a firstie and an athlete, it got tough at times. I never really wanted the job of editor too much but since I was the only staff member from the Class of 2005 on the senior staff last year, I kind of fell into the job. Though it was obvious I was going to be editor, for some reason passing down information that I would need never happened until Iate lVIay, and then it was piecemeal at best. So with the help of John Flodenburg, ourjack-of-all-trades, I went out to make our yearbook something the past years hadnlt been: cutting edge with content the entire staff, not to mention the entire Bri- gade, would be proud of. The more time I spent in the office of the Lucky Bag, the more I realized that we had been operating with substandard equipment for too long. This year marked a huge year of pur- chases to make our facilities what they are to- day, thanks in large part to John. We bought seven new computers, thirteen new monitors, eight new cameras, switched entirely from film to digital in one year, and bought a poster printer to help with all those last minute fa- vors that Ops or IVIWF would ask for. In addi- tion to all that equipment, we scrounged five new desks, a couple couches, bought new chairs and rugs and set up a wardroom like atmosphere up here to get people to actually f.. QT?Q ,q z I Y -4 D. xy, 4 V I . I come in. Basically, thanks toxmy staff, we had changed the yearbook completely around in less than one year. Making a yearbook is never easy. I didn't think it was going to be, but then finding out that 2004 was still not close to being finished with their book by September 2004 really made me question the work involved. When I was told it was not completed yet, I did what any person would do, just tell them that my pri- orities Iie with my book, not yours. If anyone associated with the Class of 2004 is reading this, I am sorry, but my book is my respon- sibility and I would rather take the blame for my own book than one I had to see getting triaged just to get sent out late. And to all the parents of the Class of 2005, I am sorry if I did not make your experience easier as well, though I did try very hard to. Please realize this is your midshipman's yearbook, not your own, and it is made by mids just like yours, not professionals. I donlt think that I would have ever pictured myself as a yearbook editor when I first got here. I was straight out of high school and still self-assured. Well, having the last real plebe summer changed that, as well as a lit- tle incident during Army Week, which led to a broken arm of an Army Cadet and me be- ing one of the first members of '05 to serve restriction. I learned from it of course, but I never could shake the stigma from the offi- cers of having a UCIVIJ assault change on the conduct record. I became involved with Lucky Bag because I thought it would be a creative outlet for me and would be a good ECA to be a part of. vyo-. iltle did I know that the organization was bad and 'etting stuff done was very difficult. I kept coming ack to it because I wanted to make it something am proud of. The countless hours put into this look by so many different people will show through. lknew that I would be taking on a thankless job, jut if I could change the yearbook for the better, it 'ould al be worth it. We set that goal from the be- lnning of the year, to make a book that would be etter than anyone ever seen before at USNA. We ave up lunches, liberty and leave just to produce nother mediocre book. ike Admiral Locklear used to say, "This place is not -amelot." I know we have all realized this at some jrne or another, but I hope that you all reading this lave developed the same love and reverence to le Academy that I have developed. There is no xace I would rather graduate from, with all the his- jiry and tradition that surrounds us on a daily basis. iach day may seem the same, but it's the breaks in jlundane routine that really make you realize what bu have to be thankful for by being a part of "this jne institution." jo all of the Class of 2005, thank you for making llese four years here the best undergraduate ex- erience that could have ever been imagined. I lgree with what Captain Liedig said, we should go bwn in history as one of the greatest classes to jlrer graduate from Annapolis. We came to a cyni- til Brigade, with struggling athletic programs and serious us-versus-them problem. We left with lie Spirit of the Brigade formed by our leadership, lliampionship athletic programs, and an attitude liat it was just us, not them, that could determine ur happiness here. Look at every successful team In the yard, their success was due to a strong core leadership from our class, you can't dent that. is for the Spirit of the Brigade, you all remember loing to sporting events as mandatory as a plebe, le no longer have that problem, with our classmate landing at the edge of the field, leading the cheers , k ' .fifx I' H I s f' for our classmates on the field. We came here thinking that our next war was de- cades away. Less than one month after Plebe Sum- mer, September 11th hit us all. We will be the last class for a long time to enroll at the Academy during peacetime, motivated solely by service and sacrifice to a democracy that wasn't threaten. Now we stand up to take commissions during a Global War on Ter- ror, ready to lead sailors and Marines into harm's way. We often hear about how we are standing at a unique period in history, where the future of the Navy and Marine Corps is not entirely certain and threats to our nation our more serious than ever. To that idea, I can only say, do not be overwhelmed by the uniqueness of our time. Every generation of Americans have faced new challenges and our's is no different. Take solace in the fact that we are the first to come of age in an era with only America as the superpower, and it will be our actions that will determine the future of our country. So in closing, I would just like to congratulate the Class of 2005 for four memorable ears, ones that changed our lives and the Naval Academy as a whole. They say you never have it as good as when you are a First Class lvlidshipman, and thanks to all of you for making it a year that will be difficult to surpass. To the Class of 2006, good luck next year in taking over the leadership of the Brigade and keep up the steady trend of improvement that the Brigade has seen. To the Classes of 2007 and 2008, your time will come, do everything you can to prepare yourselves for when it does. .h .,.. 7,7 WY. , it fl llllli i -vw A. H' 'K Tin's Thank's a loT of People I would like To Thank for Their help and supporT This summer Thank you so much for puTTing up wiTh my endless ramblings about more abouT iT Then you ever would have wanTed To, especially me. I realize I ou' for myxaTTenTion and failed ld noT have bee andisupporT I love for now, for almosT a failed, To help me The k will ia: W were ki . You bail ouT o I didn ng To ouT you for T icaTlon and Brandon and ooT- probabl T- ing up did do. G, sporTs Time To Them. Josh, J oe, and fleffi Thanks for The laTe niglhT racqueTball games ThaT allowed me To release some of my penT up frusTraTions. 'X I Janand Rod: Thank you so much for leTTing melive in your house This summer. We all had a loT of fun. IT was greaT geTTing ia chance To really geT To know my soon-To-be parenTs-in-law. These lasT few weeks have been inTeresTing especially since boTh of your daughTers have headed ouT To leaving -lusT us. I will never forgeT your kindness or The greaT meals. Mom all The love agemenT you!Q1els'gljowln5LTihe lasT four years. I would wiThouT yourqlegjeiiggahdicare packages and vis- more ,To me Than yoiuircould possiblmw. This has noThing ky Ba iTs okay if-I say CnoT vegygga peoplie are going To ingl 4Eg,iql2ul'SQlHE-nlgineeri'ng. iI loT of'ways I owe my as I hail? go admiT iT, Thank you, A Laura: a loT of The crap ThaT I give you. Youhave a greaT TaIenT wiTh or year of High School and I wish you The besT as you head OTherl . 54 Q 3 f Jim and Th TNinTendo and EA SporTs ' N is ' The Pl-T01-0 Everybody who helped me'ouT me phoTos. CDR , ,, ,X we ".. 1-T fi-Q.. f' New-q ' - lr P x 'G rant nothing on cou countlesslhou n t do for this book and hearln'gig,bout mgklng Joe are John weren I,wou lvlr G QDR The L f if mi, wa whenever needed and giving us the su ' There is no way book could have you helped set and isucceed fun and and Thankslalso e and Nisa Halsey- especially during I outfof it. I look forward to seeing you the Lucky Bag I for taking over the shipping business who appreciated it. thank: B for all your help out k you for all your Thank you for taking us on as your ECA. You ness past couple COI'IfId3I'1tS,,,If'li4jUSt the I Thanks for makingmy Vantriease- Thanks for putting up with me andtaking I . Schron- Thanks for helping me keep John sane and doing all the odd Office Laurie Wells and Ellen helper Steven our designer for h portion of the year CAPT Sandala 39 -.s-M t..-.q1s many years, from being a g we spent together in the person, not to mention a great the, way. your sectionsq 'The year was too You are both my ing with all the into a little direction I r Lucky Bag in 2007. in the middle of the year, those 'J l-9 'Mix W hy f ' 'lf J Jlhfw-QIJ fy 4,1 JA 1 ff,,""V'T' f gi L i M Jlu.. ,J.l,1,jQl hr'r"fff1 jgfjimmjywffwfvw lJ1,li fl 1 J :!,i3.k,H,1 .naw will N A ! gi., N lj ' A K .1 ,J Avi ,CJ iyjh-Q ,XA J' ' 1 v.J,,z, fl fs-f.-VL J ,47 JJ J 2 J X xv 5 311- --.11 fp-J 1 l N 1,04 si 7 TP Y U51 U -I ,J j j -I I X, M, ,f 1 H L Q J J J .1 ' -rip l VJ '13 I I X vm M f M JJ 1' yi ll ""1 j . -, , "mv A V' L e RY' Liv- - I W? 7 J 1 ' sf.. 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J .v ' ' " ' "'1-4 4 I . .'-. .4 4 2 I.,, .-I I III I .,I w'4..I'4-II!IR f . .-. III I 4. v.1.I 4, --.. -I 1 : '.-'--211.44-' "1.?H.t.,? ' v., if I, .,g . II I I'I iffy 'Io vp 4 :DLI 445.0-I -.L ' . ' I 'VV'-'fa -' " " I .I .1 , III- .'1IfII? ' I I .Nw . X. .. 1,4 ' 4 -I4 A I:".-ll 'H 4 1 II. II 4 -. . .. .4 N ,Mm .-, A' v ' .5 ' ,.":AC '.I ',o , I, 'r I I:Iv ...gf '.' 4' "' v-'I . . ..4'. I.,-5, ',' Q!-.11 4 ff 'fr' Z ,wi of LM The 2005 Lucky Bag Was pr1nted by Taylor Publlshlng Company based 1n llas T Our local representat1ve IS juha jordan In house We were ass1sted by Tam1 McConnell 86 Nancy Dewees Qur photography representatrve for Davor IS jrm Ramey E011 I 144 The 2 volume set contams 1024 total pages all rn full color pages are pr1nted 100475 hrgh gloss enamel paper The CXCCPIIOH IS the ed1tors sectron rn volume 1 that IS pr1nted on 1001? dull enamel and IS UV coated 4500 sets of books were pr1nted wrth an ad d1t1onal 50 spec1al ed1t1on sets for d1str1but1on at a later date CMV6! The cover was desrgned by M1ke Rogers 2005 ed1tor rn chref and Stephen Wrlhams from the Better for Br1an Graph1c Stud1o 1n Tulsa Qklahoma It IS on a Blue 452 Skwertex materlal Wrth a Plorentme gra1n The 4 color t1p on IS drfferent on each of the two volumes and prctures were chosen to dep1ct the nz day zn the lz e 0 theme All lettermg IS embossed and top s1lk screened rn Gold 43917 64 A 16615 The endsheets were pr1nted on Passport Pumrce paperstock The front end sheet bears an embossed copy of the Naval Academy seal and the back endsheet IS prmted Wrth Blue 4117 1nk fd ly The two prrmary fonts used were Helvetrca 86 Zaphfmo 2556 Lfllfgjl MacIntosh G4 BC G55 were used all were equ1pped Wrth Hat screen monr tors Sof r sed was the Adobe Creatlve Surtes package if f Hd1V1dU3l portra1ts were taken by Davor Studros IH Bensalem PA All o r taken by Lucky Bag stall? members All photography IS entrrely d1g1tal I M I H70 . 0 O . ,, . f,, 0 . . if r' ' ' 0 J f 1 sl if , I 1 . . . . . , ' e os . ' ' ' ' . I 7Z2L6U0M,ffto everyone who worked so hard to make this project a success. I 'f5:9f7-- " 1'-L :Wm-'V -. Q f":.',xfaf5Q.fi!::2g is :-' Cl .1 - . 4-4 ' :fg"'l:Q. 12 .-1 I- -J-3. Ar .. 'f' f1?..fV..V-w.w 1::Mv wr: I-Ma qes.-Wg-as uJ'if.f-f,d'4f-izlbs-515.1 -II.. 3l'x5'G',3 ""f'f-755543 'f'B1':,!"-"2Z.T?',fiQ-1" --5" - .-1,. 1 ,,l"-41-13 Q I. a- ..5. ,vi .,V-WI., ,..V-fg-.- , rfjf 9132I,22QfJpf:.Fi!?'74S4,'f"-II?-'-'QVW9' -r.!+'3', i"fl.'U'Y'.3a Y U ff: wi 5:-..-'aw1Vj'2f-'g'I:.-.1y5'r-"W:u"117'1V.v- .X'-'.-f-'a-.- ' g'-wr.-vI,1.f1,,'g-3.9 5,-pw yi.. 5-x-..l'.v-.yf.'j.v1.-'.g. iw 5 'Q-.A I.-4 - .Nw .. up-3.5 . 1 nv- . : Il. .y'.f'.-fur:-".'-.., "J-1'-H ,PI f,,II .V- U if ,vi-.5-a9,':I -..jf-f"1- '-74.---J .fn fIIg.. .7-,. 1 . I "'.,"'. -1-.. , 1- - -- . ' -.1-...-'. ,.-,,-- If-'-4-,.Iv,I L.337'igjyfc-.Igfb-.'g7'?f."g Ijiaf,5f,.5f52':9,'1g:gfifgflz I.!?:2,-if :E2I17Ir'If.f-f1iI',gIajg-4-LJ La, ,I .g -.,I4.II:,'I': . -,.'-. 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AllMf,,,.,...-f' ,. .,.-'-"Zi, MTM, If ff' JIS ' Pl: wx ,, , 1 Nyffti . VJ- -as 1- r. x 54 V i'ff:Vv,,, L Q 1 .,,.,L ,if 2 r. -, Y' 5, -iflugggp,-5 ,.-4' .1 ah-'f' 1 A 4 Vzi gn DEW 1 MQ.. T5jl Emma . '- , ', : 3 '. Y 91 'Gulf' N HE ESM' v"!!T QHME! V-Wav' ' 't " 6. Commander in Chief Secretary of Defenee 8 .-' -f J-4, -"wx -'-in -A 'a,: 1- -1 - U" 1 1 - ' ' Aw-H,-. H an - me W 'v4u!Q'T"'L- - -. .- ' ,' fx." .i..-f: - .-v-Q-V- The Honorable George W. Bush The Honorable Donald Rumsfeld Secretary of the Navy We 54' 1 The Honorahle Gordon R. England l F iz l w P l ll rl I, X. Il I fl iw li l l l fl General Richard B. Myers, USAF s 9 l n of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Chief of Naval Qperations Admiral Vern Clark, USN Commanclant of the Marine General Nliehael W. Hagee, USMC IO Superintendent I i l l Vice Admiral Rodney P. Rempt, USN ii nirnandant of Nlidshipmen ,ll a W, lk l J A , l Z E 5 Rear Admiral Charles J. Leiclig, USN 4 1 1 . l Deput Commandant of Commandanfs Staff Colonel David Fuquea, USMC S M L li I "ETS Llqf, li 3 lk 3 CApT Baker, USN CAPT Parreira, USN CDR Menz, USN CDR Nlodisette, USN CDR Ronan, USN Chaplain Director of Dental Operations Ethics Advisor Brigade Medical LCDR Nlclntyre, USN LCDR Ortiz, USN Judge Advocate General Administration 12 4 5 ,,' LT Behnke, USNR LT Bozung, USN Logistics Executive Assistant lm , nw- LT Dalton, USN LT IVlatthias, USN LT Olmstead, USNR LT Olson, USN LT Stewart, USNR Bancroft Hall 1st LT ADEO Condcut Aptitude Assistant Operations! Training LT Wiener, USNR LT Wilks, USN cmocivirswp Quibilan, usN Gvscr covingron, usivic Midshipmen Activities SAVI Bfidage Master Chief Dm' Dr. Talley Cathy Noon Anna Hart Anna Ward Albert Wardlaw Music Director Scheduling Officer Social Director Commandanfs Secretary Aptitude 1 5 i i IVV!! 4g ' '- 3 il ls 4 1 6 E 5 I, I .-Ml. NX P- .5- l f 1 QC. Y- 1 'v A ww v ef ,Q ' "-:fir-Zz L. " .- 1 , mm:-T ' 1 +21 . 'L A - Q..-., . U' Y , l , P f ' . v rd' ' -v "f U52 z, . '- if an K "N . YQ ,F -A 1 sin., . jg v 1 iv 11 . ,,.. . .-.fl ' ML 3 ' ,. I . ' Mai ,, , . 4 5-:-1.,.j , .1 , A ,., 5 -13 !1 'A , ll :wg 145251 ' . 5 y ,A gl. . , .4 ' - ' 'P' f ' v J .' 1' H 3.1 'Q , , 7 N 455 ,311 ,AJ 1 .. U, ff'-. i ff f .. , ,--A 4 -ff. 1 , ' 1: 5 , - az-'f A 4 1 . . E . . 5 1.4 L.. 'ff 'Y QW f ' .. 7 QQ if. . J ' K m i- - 1 -.fi ' 1' f'.f , I ,' 11 fy-. 'nl J 'K 11,3 ' ' ' .4 ' ' ,ff it W 'fix 1' wg :A Q .gy Q W fs, . ,-' f . 'Q-r 4" 1' 2 W -' J' '. 7' Q -14 ..f1 ' 351 4" -5 ,fi 1' ' ,f i MICRGECONOMIC THEQK1 P' 1 1 5151515 .- ug.. Q, . .4:,'.'... ., 3.3 .ix Q ,V X -V , Xx TDSHIPMEN STORE Vi-Y .1 5 E I . I 5 Cx J Q? 1 if ' X . , I go U' . ,Q ' " W ,J -1..J Academic Deans I I I I I WiIIiam C. IVIiIIer, PIi.D Academic Dean and Provost I iNIicI1aeI C. Halbig, PI1.D Frederic I. Davis, PI1.D Boyd A- Waite, Ph-D Vice Academic Dean Associate Dean for Academic AIiI'ai1's Associafe D9-HU IIOI' FHCUIYLY 16 . - y ' s'q..-g.,j..-,:A:,:- ' ' 3 ' ., N , ' N fE'?.":Q5y.1.,16Wf92' -. ' w::,v.f'--J . -. ' V ..-gran. Qilhw. ,Mia 1 . Q .ssc Milli l CAPT Richard White, USN l Director, Division of Engineering and Weapons 'i 1 . 11 i l v Ee uit ll 2 .l ,i gl. ' 1 l i l i f - . J , , . , . i , "f. - 1 , v ' Q ' ., - ' V V ,L 1'-1.' " f -, ' - -" 1 -I . H L ,. -- l I ngineering and Weapons The Division oll Engineering and Weapons at the US. Naval Academy is composed ol' live departments, encompassing six academic majors. Midshipmen are immersed in a hands-on, proj- ect-based environment geared toward teaching real World engineering problem solving skills by combining practical knowledge and a thorough understanding of mathematical and scientific fundamentals. The complexity ol' todays Naval weapon and engineering systems mandates a multidisciplinary approach in which revolutionary advance- ments in applied engineering and technology are brought to the classroom to prepare our gradu- ates lior service in the technically advanced Navy and Marine Corps ol' the 21st Century. Aerospace Engineering - . - , ,1 " f . Nf Qi 17 5 , .-1' 4 xi L X 5 , :vga QQ " . I f 2245'- ' wx ,, - 2 -. - 1- .. -7.14. ., ffeiif 'T fl af. l . J" ., -. M ,- F - ff L Y-1 Q ' J. , L ff - ' - ' ,r f- 1 r . - . '1 , , if nv rf ' Q fi A an V bf, J N 1 V A M 4 V ' V A 1 , ' ,' 2 ,M . 4, N, t , Q , 4 xt, y 6 A r 1- 1 A v W , '1 - --K f 3 R , I ,, I . fl 1 - E f' If ' N ' A N ' I -Q! -r 'fry ,5 -- Q, ' - Q , V X I , 5 1 -0 5 U I W! nv ' .-.. A W I W I f - ' , , ,f f 1 f. 4 3 ' ' X 1 g - . AB- 4:12, Y f . fn' E 4- ' A zz W : Q I - V V i , 6 122. 2 , ""- ,ff ' , ' Q 8 459' -' N 7331 1 -:wiki , 5 B 'I Q? NM ' 3 5 A25 5 WX 'Q ig , , -1 A W I f"ii?Z?M W . . - "am W , W N ,wtigf W, EALM-ulza A , . ,Ea N 'A rw-an ,J N ., V . F5211 - ef' "' 1 5 M. M-N, FAM gap, 'f :em , ' ' - 1,1 ff' .'6f'i'?"!4 ', - , 2-.' , kfyfmhw, 1 -..,,... 'rf- Y . I D L , -'Irby ""N , 1.2 :Q XC, , 1 ir.. . , zjifxbf rg- u vi' ffm . ., -. --Lf 1 av.-.,, Division of athematics CAPT Scott Pugh, USN Director, Division of Nlathematics and Science The Division oli Mathematics 81 Science pro- vides foundational knowledge in Mathematics and Science for aspiring naval officers. The core courses ol! Mathematics, Chemistry, and Physics are taught to all midshipmen to aid in their understanding of the universal scientific principles basic to modern tech- nology and to enable them to succeed in any of the Academys technical majors. The Division also pro- vides the full educational value of majors for those midshipmen who choose to specialize in the fields oli Chemistry, Computer Science, General Science, Mathematics, Oceanography, Physics, or Quantita- tive Economics. Mathematics 20 Qceanography f X 9 rhww rs " f-q,,H 'UW 'B-a.. l Chemistry ,, in 3 if 2 3 , . . N ,M 'eg .L,-.,- A. 1' 5 :gina 21 '1 ,. 'JN L .ffyviir Qzifasg' 's 'SL'-A. , gp, " if , W 13? 5, 5 ilk 1 SWz?.:3.v,L If fl ifaaN5':2':-.w-4' 1 I 'LXJX 'f"', 2' ii! X W .- .ul .fl gf ni S15 - 1 . Q 1 Y, ,zyhgrfr v,, 'i Y 1 'rl TQ, 7 .1 W ?- Tv. . E Q SSW ni! 1 xgza' - , LZ, ,, "' ', -'Ui gif cr Q if v w QW 5 ,J :Q F 1' - ' " 411' .fn- NIMITZ 54' , reanumv 24. ness seaaurmv 20. mee is -qiilffi 'A DONATED BY 1 5253253 - M M 225 cuxss or 1955 Q i 'vw My f'f5'f5v ' .Qm'H462fZ" 52212955 ' '12 ' 4 '31 " . A: :Q Q55 ' wmv A 5 ,f t Ah "if nfl-1? SQ Q-F, I in f 1 ",.:fi" E 4, I fs D ' J-. I' 'W vof, 1 .x 15:41 Q 1 ' Q I , an .... ,. mu- -' 9 4' Y, Q 4 f QM 1 sy' ,4,Q l A 'HW . ,V 2 , M., . B ff 1 .J . , .:, , K 7, '71 fu ' I , 55,502 gm s ig Vv a nr ,,,. ,. 2 1 - .",v , Yi 3 5 S 1 W '- 1 X 41 4 E ' ia 5 ,1a,,-mf' .J ' ' 2 ,fp . M5 .X I I 'N W, E A '1 qw .., f ff? ,, , X' ' -f ' ff' V ,iz . a . ,gi ,. ., , -Aw f A , fn ' I is-.-. 1 T 7, . ? af ' r . I A 4 M Y 5 ,,, r., , '9' 43? "' fm, ' "' 'i,,f1" ik 4 , . 'A I. fe 3 L' , if kg 'AJ' Q' vw ' of I ' ' 'f BQ' 1 ' '. K ' f im, 'ff " K.-41 - 6 1 4 , 1 'f , -. YU 2 k ' ' 1 ,4 V, J' -. w'f,,. Wm, - x . ' ' 1 4 f-Avg .4 V, 1. f . + W. My xv 1: U, Semg U 2 'Z' 554, ff? :M -1 E H fy . W f 'Q ' x ' 'x xxx X . X Ay 5 X, ku .. Vx X X , X x X .Xl , Ja,-1 f .L V.. 11 x -. I .W ,, ',.,' . . "' , ., KLA, If-I N4 1 324 ' ' lx f' '. ' 5 -.f2'i""23f2,i?a' 1 ,1'j51!yEfy' WLS' 'X' 111 'JJ 1 :,'.iA2'g ,a2.:r:1's ' Yu - fx: ,M fff "f ' fa m w r ff- 211 ' i 1.12 ..- . 591 1-, ' J Q N 11.5 'Z - -. ' 41 iLJf?EQQfi?fE'f57' " :ff Q., Vfei'-if if E i .., 23 I 2? -f. .. M . Division of Professional De 1 f"7 -"'xN we an X , T Lg , 1: P' 'iii if ll. T Q ' ' .,..,x ,., .i Z' , ,M4g..' ,15 Q hr 4 if ,N ,L 'I-ggi.: .- .,,:ffy,3 ,f f ,gf I '9'F1iQ.,: 'iff ' Q' ' f r ig: I 4 Stine Sw -11 " r?".3:f"i .'yY' :a,YV 154' I ,Ig J-:,,. W 5 ,pl z z N X2 E 5, :leg ig? 'fi T ,4 ,.Q:5.1f',':,-1- f' :xii ,P ,Q v-31:-11,-grill . ' '. - Mk 't xg- ,itrgz 1. -1- vi . Y If 11" 4 , , A f i . . 4 A 3 if l' CAPT Blicheal Jacobsen, USN Director, Division of Professional Development The mission of the Division of Professional Development is to prepare Midshipmen to he pro- fessional officers in the Naval and Marine Corps services. The courses offered by our academic department, Seamanship 81 Navigation, develop skills in the classroom environment. The Department of Professional Programs pro- vides the opportunity for Midshipmen to move out of the classroom and experience life at sea with operational fleets. The staff and faculty are comprised ofihoth military and civilian instructors providing a diversified learning environment for the Midshipmen. Professional Programs l 26 A i i i P l i i i l 2 Improving the Ac The Class of 2005 entered the Academy during a period of major construction and renovation of Bancroft Hall and most of the major facilities and academic buildings across the yard. ln 1994, the Academy began the renovation of Bancroft Hall with the renovation of 7th Wing. Each wing would be systematically gutted leaving only building infrastructure standing. Then over the course of one year, the skeleton would be completely refinished with all new piping, electric wiring, and redesigned midshipmen rooms. In 1999, with renovations to Bancroft well underway, the process of renovating the Academic Buildings began. Sampson, Muary, and Mahan underwent the same gutting process used with great success on Bancroft. When completed, these buildings stood as state-of-the-art facili- ties. Classrooms were well lit, had highspeed internet access, digital projection capabilities including DVD players, flatscreen Plasma TVs, and a mini-movie theater. Some classrooms were further modified to be fully functional electronic classrooms with computers stations for every student. Then in the summer of 2002, after our success- ful completion of Plebe Year, Luce's facelift began. Our plebe year was the last year that we had use of all the academic buildings. Luce Hall renovations finished in 2003 just in time to start work on Michelson. 2003 proved to be an interesting year, especially after Hurricane Isabelle in late September. With record high water levels over topping the sea walls around the Academy, no building escaped unscathed. Once the flood waters receded and the damage assessed, the Bickover lab decks were a total loss and repairs to Mitcher Hall would be so extensive that the decision was made to fast-track renovations to those buildings. Trailers were brought in to make tempo- rary class rooms for EE classes. Bickover's model room was eventually converted into extra classrooms. Working around the clock, the classrooms and hallways in the Bickover basement were ready in time for the start of our 2nd semester. Michelson got back on track and opened in time for the start of our firstie year. During the spring, while repairs were underway for Mitscher, the construction on the Uriah P. Levy Jewish Chapel began. Both of these buildings and the hallway linking 7th and 8th wings together would not open until after we graduated. Once Michelson was completed, construction started on Chavuenet, which like Mitscher and the Levy center would open just after our graduation. Construction has been a part of life for every class since 1994. While the Class of 2009 will have be the first class to come to the Academy in many years and have full access to both academic buildings and Bancroft Hall future projects, including a new field house, will ensure that the Academy stays up to date and ready to continue the train of Naval and Marine Corps officers for years to come. ju ll 1 it ttop: left to rightj Vice Adm. Bodhey Bempt, 1!C Sean Jones, 1!C Antonia Shey, 1!C Chad Arroyo, and Academic Dean Wil- qtop and bottomj Construction progresses on the new Uriah liam Miller participate in the ribbon cutting ceremony for the P Levy Jewish Chapel, reopening of Michelson Hall. fbelowj The new renovated Mi- chelson Hall milfl 'll 1' "-.1 I I I - 0 Y ' I W -A i V V if X .Y L l . l wi.-ic" E E Vw bg- ffgg-f--2.1 a.. i 1 A iff 'T l L 'V f l . .-'T"...,...e...L it -2 is l . l -- - - W-,.....-..,.... 4141 "" tn' ' ww--W9 -,Aa A f' A 5532252 Rlckover Hall ,.,.-.-fd v.,!, " fl - 5:-1' .:-.:- fum, - 1 , ,Q L- - V., ,- , . .- c 555' A ' Z 85231 5.75 Q,a:fifg,. W- :L g:ia,A.? 4 ffm tai iv A '17 g- if I Nimitz Library U. 5 am' V515 5 gg .Mx , X BEM dyikjg, an-af rwN,,,.,,,, ,.... X fm" I 1 ' 3. ,L . I' .. ,n . 4' . l . Q -Q33 ' if . J x ' 4 . 'H P Q I 4 f H5 V iii if ' EX I l ,,.- E 1 Q . 'TJ -- vzf I 1-Y If lx fri' we . A " . .z:addb.m4i',: " Q: A 4. s ', 4 r L ,. x '.' 3- ' -V' -- ...-. s ' Q ', -, .I - H 'en "sq, wills: in " J LA 44... . "' --uid I .4 ,. 'xl .gb .2 3' ' 'wu- Q. il I 5 ., 'N . 1 'W vu- :Vx 1 xl 4 . fix 5' ,J ' . ' ix A u x 1, X Q, . 'M Ar I V t K KJ , Mant?- X N , jj w , W , rv N . V yd! Q , X A , 1 0 . -. , - N. M: ., 1 n C 3,4 iifiigiiv f ir f 'Q R, , jj :,3,:X,T5 1 Z' , if fx 4 , ' , 5 ' ' '- Q 5. 114 V7 --vii", ' , I. H fl fx ' Q, V , ' f 1 've - - l- YK A5 , i F s I Y I A Q, s I I 'YQ Q,-.. ,W ,,,,,H-lm M, -. ... .. ..,. ...W an P" J-f vq A , f.. 'fi H 2, ...l u Y 1 tj. N., Q, s ,, fi- H ' - 1 I 'gg' 5 E X . 7 Lx Q. I z I 1 I' rf 3 . Y U i L "xt, A fill 1 Qs . . E ' - l x It s T 7' ' lv 'I -Q . wi, .f ' 'Q 1. 'A .,. fi-W ' 1" as A J. v A. 44'-f ,sa Ltgg x a as si ,. -Q if - f v -f if 5, if if I 'z ,I 1-wry" iff ,. fi- .:S1C'Y '-' 'S' 'K 'if k 55. '- - -er-1 :QT '55 - I .gl v owfe Staff Brigade Cdr: Travis Amerine: XO: Heather Ichord: Chief of Staff: Sayyong Tan: Operations Officer: Anne O'Donnell: lst LT!Admin: Elisabeth Gayer: Training: An- drew Kinard: Adjutant: Andrev Whaley: Aptitude and Conduct: Jason Shell: PMO: Joseph Preston: Academics: Bianca Curtis: Supply: Alexis Kin- ney: Protocol: Matthew Welch Assistant Operations: Danica Adams, Thomas Dunbar, Jef- frey Rzasa jDrilll: Intramurals: Edward Brown: PBT: Bryan Knick: MISLO: Ashley Garner, Matthew Cole: Sergeant Major: 2!C William Adams Brigade Cdr: Luke Kelvington: XO: Michael Siedsma: Chief of Staff: John Burger: Operations Officer: Patrick Daly: lst LT!Admin: Travis Hartman: Training: Ryari Stevens: Adjutant: Gieorag Andrews: Aptitude and Con- duct: Scott Murphy: PMO: Joseph Preston: Academics: Tolulope Aladeg Supply: John Fraser: Protocol: i i i l Vanessa Guthrie: Assistant 1 Operations: Tineisha Davis, j Christopher Cook, Jeffrey Rzasa jDrillj: Intramurals: Edward Brown: PBT: Bryan l Knick: MISLO: Ashley Garner, Matthew Cole: i Sergeant Major: 2!C James Osyf 3 .l Ihairman: flichael Sullivang 'ice-Chairman: Adam Bushg Deputy Chairman ililemediationiz Sarah Mooneyg 'ice-Chairman fEducationJ: Rob rt McFallg 'ice-Chairman ilnvestigationslz iteven Coulong Zoordinator: .ogan Willmang iecretary: iennifer Jonesg iaison: tlichael Weber I i 91 i P i Vi Chairman: i John Edwards Chief of Staff: Temple Albert Chief of Education: j Carolyn Morin SAVI Guide: Bronwyn West 'i l i ii oivuaog Neal Sheridan 1 ADEO: Stephanie Hoffman i Character Sergeant: i Catherine Fleppert ii 1 i v 2 j ecgiment Sm ..- Regimental Commander: Trevor Thompson Executive Officer: Tyler Spring Cperations: Matthew Clark Adjutant: David Jakubek 1st LT! Admin: Daniel Dolan PIVIO: Andrew Powch Sergeant Major: 2lC Raphael Thalakottur Sports Boss: 2lC Joshua Larson Regimental Commander: William Rietveld Executive Cfficer: Emma Hagen Operations: Patrick brooks Adjutant: Victoria Tacconelli 1st LT! Admin: Xochitl Piedra PIVIG: Andrew Powch Sergeant Major: 2lC Gregory Collins Sports Boss: 2lC Britton Chauvin lst Q3oitmH0n Sm 1 yn-1 5 J..- : in of 2.1.2. Batt Cdr: Brian Ross: XO: Michael Rogers: Ops: Joseph Reardon: Training: Matthew Dalton: 1st LT!Admin: Jarrod Gazarek: Adjutant: Jonathan Bearce: PMO: Scott Cleveland: Honor Rep: Joseph Heyne: CMEO: Kevin Harrington: Protocol: Christopher Pandy: ADEO: Rhett Costello: Drill: David Kelm: MISLO: Michael Chesnut: Batt. 'Sergeant Major: 2lC Robert Irving, 2lC Tim Paolinig Sports Boss: 2lC Christian Foschi: l l l l Admin Chief: 2lC Rebecca Wright: Drill Sergeant: 2lC Julio Aguilera CDR Gene F. Harr Battalion Officer CDB Joel D. Newman Battalion Chaplain :il HI I latt Cdr: Grant Bryan: XO: Michael Mabrey: Ops: Benjamin Orloffg Training: Mary Stringer: lst LT!Admin: Lawrence Heyworth: Adjutant: Jeffrey Barnes: PMO: Scott Cleve- ind: Honor Rep: Joseph Heyne: CMEO: Kevin Harrington: Protocol: Gale loodlow: ADEO: Rhett Costello: Drill: Michael Murray: MISLO: Michael Chesnut: Batt. flergeant Major: 2lC Valerie Schwindt: Sports Boss: 2lC Leonie Jesse: Admin Chief: 2lC .jeffrey Foulds: Drill Sergeant: 2lC Julio Aguilera 2nofQl3attaHon Staff CDB Yolanda Y. Beagans Battalion Officer 1 A - . XXV X -N., A 4 V. 1 'T -A --sw- 5- ----:w...,. -wr. - . -...- ,WH --M 1 Q ,df -A-.- "-'w --, .4-.w.,,..,v 5..4.i:...!, A - --A-..,Jg..,,- - Q if-3,5 1:5 ' gi-,.,.'f""" .. T" '14r"'--- "M ' L, .. Batt Cdr: John Vigilante: XO: David Blossom: Ops: Patrick Daly: Training: Luke Im: 1st LT!Admin: David Rusthoven: Adjutant: Kathryn D'Epagnier: PMO: Ryan McAnally: Honor Bep: Sean Doherty: SAVI Guide: Jeanine Lang CMEO: Catherine Eames: Protocol: Jared Wolcott: ADEO: Brett Abbamonte: Drill: William Rietveld: MISLO: Stephen Schall: Batt Sergeant Major: 2lC John Pepin: Sports Boss: 2lC Bethany Zmitrovich: Admin Chief: 2lC Michelle Aleszczykg Drill Sergeant: 2lC Daniel Shevenell LCDB Matt Lee Battalion Chaplain 36 l l 9 l ,: 'l fi l Batt Cdr: Andrea Marr: XO: Lindsey Windham: Ops: Timothy Waters: Training: Lord Cole: lst LTfAdmin: John Butler: Adjutant: Devin Holmes: PMO: Ryan McAnalIy: Honor Bep: lj Sean Doherty: SAVI Guide: Jeanine Lang CMEO: Catherine Eames: Protocol: Paulstephen Chierico: ADEO: Brett Abbamonte: Drill: William Rietveld: MISLO: Stephenl Schall: Batt Sergeant Major: 2lC Dylan Nicholas: Sports Boss: 2lC James Olsen: Admin if Chief: 2lC Michael Farley: Drill Sergeant: 2lC Daniel Shevenell : 3rcfQ3olttaH0r1 Sm Batt Cdr: William Cambell: XO: Thomas Kelly: Ops: Lacey Ainsworth: Training: Aaron Robin- son: 1st LT!Admin: Mary Heather Locke: Adjutant: Rocco Novellino: PMO: John G I e a- son: Honor Bep: Emily Williams: SAVI: David Keltner and Kaitlyn O'Connor: CMEO: Pete r Manzoli: Protocol: Michael Droogleever: ADEO: Gregory Larkin: Drill: Matthew McKinley: MISLO: Candace Childers: Batt Sergeant Major: 2lC Neil Szymczak: Sports Boss: 2lC Samuel Kunst: Admin Chief: 2lC Brian Isaac: Drill Sergeant: 2lC Hannah Jayroe 4 l CAPT William F. Traub Battalion Officer -lim' I i l , ,P I jBatt Cdr: Jason Brownlee: XO: Daren Purnell: Ops: Diana Beauford: Training: Cedric Jef- jferson: 1st LT!Admin: Lynne Hoppe: Adjutant: Jason Nerio: PMO: John Gleason: lHonor Bep: Emily Williams: SAVI: David Keltner and Kaitlyn O'Connor: CMEO: jPeter Manzoli: Protocol: Crisjoaquin Devera: ADEO: David Wright: Drill: Matthew jMcKinIey: MISLO: Candace Childers: Batt Sergeant Major: 2lC Peter Barkley: Sports Boss: j2lC Amanda Minikus: Admin Chief: 2lC Gordon McDonald: Drill Sergeant: 2lC Hannah jJayroe jIr""' ' 2 nl, I, . 3 '-Vg.-.'r,5'f -' - A .-: ,T . - iw i l . -. 5 .- 'Q .R 3' '44 CAPT Alan T. Baker Battalion Chaplain 37 y ecqiment Staff 'kr if H, .. ,rj w 'If ,t,...,,,o,,, sum-' u,,...n.-an-aww 'E l Regimental Commander Trevis Rainey Executive Officer: Aaron Johnson Operations: Seth Krueger Adjutant: Lydia Cutrer 1st LT! Admin: Robert Zubeck PIVIOZ Benjamin Pittard Sergeant lVIajor: 2lC David Haertel Sports Boss: 2lC Jacob Womble Regimental Commander Amanda McHenry Executive Officer: Adam Osborn Operations: Austin Hulbert Adjutant: Tara Houlden 1st LT! Admin: Matthew Nobel PIVIO: Benjamin Pittard Sergeant lVIajor: 2!C Justin Langlois Sports Boss: 2lC Sean Bonawitz :ith Q3attclH0n Sm Batt Cdr: Carly Promersberger: XO: Panagiotis Papadopulos: Ops: Margot Beausey: Training: Miguel Barcelo: 1st LT!Admin: John Blomeke: Adjutant: Rachel Katz: PMC: Zachary Steinbock: Honor Rep: Matthew Mayer: CMEO: Susan Watters: Protocol: Sean Q Jones: ADEO: Christopher Prescott: Drill: Kerry Bistline: MISLO: Robert Syre: Sports Boss: 2lC Richard Ilczuk: Admin Chief: 2lC Rebecca Greenbaum: Drill Sergeant: 1 2lC David Pilko an i I I 1 if .lr "Q A E 5 5 CDR Dixon R. Smith Battalion Cfficer I A ,,t, I Q l 11, A iv ' A 1 - w , ., -, v kv' I V: ,, V i -- U A A 11: rf' .. ...M Q , li E 'l :i l it i 'i l 1 i Batt Cdr: Jonathan Miller: XO: Francis Pascucci: Ops: Corey Barksdale: Training: Matthew Wilckens: 1st LT!Admin: James Shaw: Adjutant: Ritarsha King PMC: Zachary Steinbock: Honor Rep: Michael Roach: CMEO: Susan Watters: Protocol: Peter Hickson: ADEO: Christopher Prescott: Drill: Kerry Bistline: MISLO: Robert Syre: Batt Sergeant Ma- jor: 2lC Kilton Kingsman: Sports Boss: 2lC Erin McCaw: Admin Chief: 2lC Chelsea Gaughan: Drill Sergeant: 2lC David Pilko LCDR Kim M. Donahue Battalion Chaplain 39 5 tk Battahon Sm CDB Douglas L. Cuthbert Battalion Officer i f NK' Q semen X . ., 4 Fifi: "FAA ,1 4:?:'+X,, ' 5 i ls? : f ,. . 1 ' ' ' ,Q1ffl5'i5'Qn'2" I ,- Batt Cdr: Sarah Coulthard: XO: Nicoals Martinez: Ops: Adam Bryan: Training: Alfred Traylor: 1st LT!Admin: Jeffrey Hogan: Adjutant: Micheal Wickham: PMO: Christopher Hilliard: Honor Bep: Cameron Mozingo: SAVI: Monica Meese: CMEO: Joseph Viola: Protocol: Tyler Scharar: ADEO: Benjamin Ortiz: Drill: Monica Perez: MISLO: Scott Crawford: Batt Sergeant Major: 2lC William Sumption: Sports Boss: 2!C Gregory Dietzen: Admin Chief: 2!C Brian Robinson: Drill Sergeant: 21C Joshua Angichiodo CDB Miles J. Barrett Battalion Chaplain 40 .-,aw QL 2 .,, f-4 'V' -5 'T ' A ,455 xl A 'l ,T , V 4 ' ' , is J C! it L .,,:" 'eu . -' fa 1' 4 , ' ' Lf ' ' .yfv V V V I? W v V ,Ai ,mv 4 r f. Batt Cdr: Barry Carmody: XO: Andrew MacDougalI: Ops: Sean Trombly: Training: David Perna: lst LT!Admin: Hillary Nelson: Adjutant: John Creegan: PMO: William Cocos: Honor Bep: Cameron Mozingo: SAVI: Monica Meese: CMEO: Joseph Viola: Protocol: Richard Halverson: ADEO: Benjamin Ortiz: Drill: Monica Perez: MISLO: Scott Crawford: Batt Sergeant Major: 2!C Stephen Kelly: Sports Boss: 2!C Gregory Dietzen: Admin Chief: 2!C Michael Balinsky: Drill Sergeant: 2!C Joshua Angichiodo l i 6th Bnttnnon Sm Batt Cdr: Adrian Rankine-Galloway: XO: Karl Soderlund: Ops: David Yee: Training: Gabrielle Scarlatag lst LT!Admin: David Scherr: Adjutant: Maia Molinaschaeferg PMO: Benjamin Stein: Honor Rep: Carin Benge: SAVI: Christopher Miller and Antonia Shey: CMEO: Timothy 0iReiIIy: Protocol: Elmer Fillingimg ADEO: Aloysius Boyle: Drill: Phong Le: MISLO: Davis Kane: Batt Sergeant Major: 21C Sean Hollowwag Sports Boss: 2!C Andrew Townsend: Admin Chief: 21C Colin Myers: Drill Sergeant: 2!C Matthew Sullivan LtCol Joseph Thomas 6th Battalion Officer Batt Cdr: Thomas Driscoll: XO: Sean Toolan: Ops: Andrew McCaffrey: Training: John Buttlerg lst LT!Admin: Dane Brown: Adjutant: Micah Steinpfad: PMO: Benjamin Stein: Honor Flep: Carin Benge: SAVI: Christopher Miller and Antonia Shey: CMEO: Timothy :O'ReiIly: Protocol: Samantha Craig: ADEO: Aloysius Boyle: Drill: Phong Leg MISLO: Davis Kane: Batt Sergeant Major: 2!C Alexander Ratcliffeg Sports Boss: 21C Pogue jCharles: Admin Chief: 2!C Mathew Reichlg Drill Sergeant: 21C Matthew Sullivan 5 lin., LCDR Van Dickens Battalion Chaplain l 4 1 l l 4 Was it worth it?l Yard-dogs, Beavers, Xtreme, Ship- mates, whatever name we use, we've made it. Four years together by the bay have left most of us relatively sane. We lost Herbert tnot that we miss himl, Belling- ton tGod called her backi, Beid tenough saidi, Vasquez tfell in love with our detailerl, Hiller tto cool for USNAJ, Scholz they buddyll, Jones lpunched in the face and re- alized he was a hippiel, Marcel tO'Garro 425, and Mike Bennett, whom we all miss. TD - "The Letter? My favorite Christmas gift was little Eddie wrapped up under the tree. We made it through dry ice bombs, hall brawls plebe year, Axsis vs. Allies, O3!O4 tools, and EllenSea. Plebe year highlights include the notorious Lax MO to NYC, I-ball, surviving mate with drunken firsties "there's my enemy!". Mastering target practice with water balloon launchers - fruits, yogurts, garlic sauce, milk cartons, and all sorts of goat court shenanigans - Mmake it dog zebralll Tecumseh used to say 'Eighteen days 'till the beavers mount the big one". 42 The last real year of plebe pranks, spot corrections, brawls, and mayhem. Summing up youngster year- still getting in trouble. The 1-2 youngster wardroom featuring Sunday night "Sopra- nosf' was confiscated. Bemember when the girls liked each other? Second class year -training time... not re- ally. Cars : awesome weekend trips. Who had a broken jaw again? Mouse memorial, Bamsey's Corps, and the birth of the Bed Beactor. Firstie year - firing it up and singing. First company discovers alcohol tlegallyi! DTA, lax games, tailgating, and parent's weekend! Surviv- ing "he of whom we do not speak? Laying down salt so we can run a January PBT. "Got drunk last night, l was drunk the night before, gonna get drunk tonight like l've never been drunk before, because when l'm drunk l'm as happy as can be, because lfm a member of First Company". v 4, A "Wu w J K' 1, ' N Z-592' if x M I nw X f new K ,f ,J l ,: mf' -.,, 1 : 'L' Q -'mira Q9 Q Q I 1 R I., D x SU G Q rp Q45 , jesse jftfotn Clefomof Victorville, CA Navy NFO esse, wake up. Three's company. From Russia with love. i5...I guess? Can you give me a ride? l'm getting my license over break. Broke some plebes law. Burnt them with irons. Talking on the bulkhead. Chicago, my kind of town. What's that on your neck? My pants don't fit. Whatever, l could still outrun you in a PRT. I got three papers due tomorrow morning. l'll turn two in late. Negative. Slap boxing with Marcell. O-3 against roommates. SLEDGE HAMMER...Ottice, AXSIS, MAB. NIS, DMI-l, BSL, RIL, Wl-IF Ramsey Totfmer Cox j :,....---Q-s.-c. ....,..-,Tf,.w.W.W.,aw.-umm,W.M-as-w,,i.w'mWwaam,W-.n.fmrf tw,--MmmftemwtwfWM-.wt-vwmwvw:eww-wMw.Lwmg-aM+fwkwmi-saWaweeati-Q-fwr-t-1fawfimmavmfpwmwe-11-fmwm1f-wwzwgmwmbvwwwwawamui Y' 'W U ff .. - f t . 'i ' . r , T- , . .. .- ,, .. " ' Turlock, CA Navy NFO ox, Zilla, Ramcox, Cry Baby, Four-year-old, Cosmo, IQKER, JCDKER, JOKER l guess you're not in Cali- fornia anymore! Welcome to the happiest place on earth, USNA. Has the flat out most disgusting feet known to mankind. I-lockey, skimboarding, skiing, and daydreaming keeps him from reality. Why aren't you allowed back to lMLl ever again? Twice? How's the German penpal, Birgit, and send pics from hot- ornot. Has mastered the art of interpretive dancing... "Which one of you fine ladies wants to dance with me next?U The flying trip from hell will never be forgotten. Could you take any longer to sign your two for seven?! Uh and by the way, we know you didn't kiss a gay guy. Rock on, and show us the dodo-bircl impersonation one last time. Klvll-l, AMP, LFM, MTC, ESK, IAR, APT Matthew Thomas Crompton Q Bedford, NH USMC Ground romp, that's it. Has marked his territory in more bars than my dog has fire hydrants. "MAN DOWN!" tin Mangiasl Beware of the spring break girlfriends, the ocean is not the place. The maiden voyage of the Orca e "the three hour tour". Keeps it simple - Table of priorities are football, fly fishing, beer and! or women. I-las a way with ladies tespecially older onesl, blunt and to the point. Are you ever going to finish a run with ja? To the redneck weekends: booze, guns, four-wheeling, and deer meat. ignition and beating up Drew while driving. Like a true Econ major, goes to bed at sundown. Beat Army hot sauce cocktails for all! In the words of the GI loe Marine doll : "Marine, you will improvise, adapt, and overcome. Hooooorahhhhn KMH, RPC., AMP, LPM, ESK, IAR, APT Robert D 'Arco E otel Rav-4: Severna Park High School will never be the same, So much food at your house, California grape juice, Patel, The cheat is grounded, The mouse wheel, "What about the Cobras?",Snakebite, Go Soxlll, "Is that what they do in Arabia Neil?'f, Drink to Model UN, She wore a dress to ring dance, but still wears the pants, jason Giambi, best midfielder in the NHL, until Simba urinated on his jersey, The last relationship you'll ever have, ffWe didn't tell you because we didn't want you to be responsible", Founder: lack Bauer Fan Club, So many days spent on 24, Learn to drive! tTen and Twoi, Iersey forever, New Yorker wanna be, I-Iave a Schwarma, Don't eat a Misteak, One big fight a semester, You'll reap the benefits, The "Ten-Fold" policy, Kennaugh, Slow and Slower, "Don't make me get the lock", Illusions Neil, tricks are something, Alpha male, Chasing Buddy, "You're the funniest person you know", Four-year drag, Late-night runs through Penn Station... Demorat, but we still love you... I-Ball - What the hell happened?, IINXIII, Office Space and Arrested Development, geek- ers, gassy, to the 21 recorded Birthday spankings after T-boning a NYC taxi cab, 26.2 miles, again, cue Space Squid, At least they weren't cage matches, Italian Stallion, "l'm a Scientist!" Dear The Cheat, You were always there for each and every one of us. Despite your stubborn exterior, you truly cared and Edison, Nl understood us all. We wish you happiness in all your endeavors. See you on g Surface Warfare the campaign trail t , , H , ine ts oc C fiomtese Dow 15 ' ' ' ' ' V . . " i .1 . .. M -.1 it It i . if-1 I i,'..-fi1, ,.f1:i.:,.p.i. ui,-i ,sa aq.t.,iw..Q:i1.'- .i,i...,g. Z. p., vtm.m1iris'1- New c. -.i ' :nw qssiw-ie-,-ii-f-gi aww' :va ie,--ra ,I -wi- .-ff 4: - 'gap ,if . I-at - fm -. -Q w '. .I - ' am Kentucky born 84 raised and proud of it. I know who I am and where I come from. My decision to come to LJSNA was because I felt this is where I was supposed to be and the only place I wanted to be. I'm determined, sincere, trustworthy, patriotic, unique, light-hearted, a tomboy, a go-getter, and realistic. To me, variety is the key to living, thus, I have, I am, and I will always be involved in nearly anything and everything. I enjoy reading, dancing tespecially Latin and Ballroomll, the arts, a challenge, a hard sweat tthe Great Race 84 Escape from Alcatraz are future goalsl, excursions, cleaning, being ridiculously busy, mak- ing others happy, thunderstorms, good old-fashion ffelbow grease," volunteering, humoring myself with the violin, puzzles, and a worthy chess opponent.The Marine Corps chose me to join their "few and proud," and I am both nervous and eager to work with such people. If good enough, I hope to acquire a Logistics billet and eventually a Foreign Area Officer billet. It's been quite a memorable 4 years and I'm definitely convinced that I've found my "niche", To my family X friends: I love and pray for you all-- if you understand me, you understand the path I've chosen, To my 205 class Ev those who will follow: God Bless, God's Speed-- may our paths meet again, and to all, I leave it behind this: f'Live your life and have no regrets."Best Wishes: T.Davis, X05 Madisonville, KY USMC Ground w7,,F.a.m,,,,.,,,..w.,4.-.,.,cM-Tas......W-., ,..f -W -...NV -U... -, W .- . . - N- - I ' I t.,. , j 1 Terms fmffwm Diff ' ' rl . 1. - . . .' .t..-,r.1, . 1 ir.-simr,-..tw-....j..5,,.,,t--atW,ij-...,.-.,Wat, j.,. ,,.-. ,ar,IW-,.1.j..l,.,, -,. , a . i,,.,,1j..,-- ,, -Q ., ,km I. I. , . - . . , , I, U , - . - -Dill, the Dill factor, Dillio, Salmon, "Cross Section of America" huh?, owner of first companies high- est roommate attrition rate, the emotional man whore-how many girls can you incessantly IM, don't defect to Israel-she's not worth itl, responsible drinker- 3 simultaneous shots of Vodka just for starters- is it your birthday or Neil's?, having your own cheering section on Bleaker street, Number 2I- "No Tom you can't have her babiesn, coach's post birthday present-I Ox500, passionate leader- Commanding Alpha Com- pany from the Wardroom, adrenaline junkie-obsessecl with flinging your body off of high places, impervious to pain while boarclingfsliding down the slopes of Colorado, communes with nature, of the species Salmo mykiss dwells in glacier fed mountain streams for 20 minutes, "Birdie on a Perch World Champs", conjurer of evil Indian spirits... impervious to disease brought on by abandoned camp food, "lust dig it'f, Navy ISO-"Days of Thunder", Go Blue, doesn't let Saturday morning practices interfere with Friday nights, Krackers, Spring Break Cancun, Tennessee-4 years running, natural stroke, 3 dragons, Wednesdays are freel, pirates head to sprints in the black pearl, monotone singing voice lstick ,with the recorder studl, Tom Gill! Matt Dill-the greatest man that ever lived, you're a rocker through and through, leatherneck-hoorah?, Frozen Run Black Bear's birch Fenton Ml beer on constant tap, two Ring Dance dates twell, almost you were robbedi, "And al- ', ways remember to take 'er easy and the Dill Corollary", fearless, passionate, slightly Navy PlIOt insane- the sky is just another limit for you brother: the embodiment ot intensity. . .1 45 I I .N XX Micnaef Gary Dodson odson, Dodson, We got Dodson here. See nobody cares.', Schlomo, Spring Break in Cancun, Tennes- see again? Calabasas High Rules! The mayor of Dodsonville, CA, Owns nothing but an entire library of crappy surf movies- "Surfing: it's the source man.' '... Why do you attract crazy girls? Meeeoorrraaa, Tears, Californian Brits, Turkeys, Oh my!... Whc-n's the wedding date?... Why do you look like your girlfriend- what's her name - IJ. Lo, Lohr?... Shouldn't you be in Rickover?. Solve this equation: NYC + YP's + Beverages + Staten Island Ferry + Port Authority : Restriction, Stormin' Norman, Herbert - Roommates For Life... "Mike, get out of the shower", Forbidden love, or not... "It!s not a date unless you pay for it.", Melting Pot Salute! Worst-kept secret, EVER, Back to the scene of the crime, l00CI, I-Iow's that Ist LT gig going? Sub Corps! Great idea, The Union: Local 156 The Third Wright Brother... Easily fits into clown shoes... Thanksgivings in lersey... How about some California Sunshine? Hoching Bowl, Would you do some work please!!! -Ith Squad Leaders, The most stylish crew jacket - EVER, Long hours at the boathouse, What's up with that ridiculous Tennes- :::: see hat? Check your sbemail, Mountain cows, Blue Steel, Isn't time for your semi-annual shave? Listening to loe's conversations-with himself, Navy Lights 2005... See you in 20 30. Mike, you are the godfather. Your intelligence was only matched by, well, nothing. Long Beach, Your dedication has always been an inspiration to us. May you find your perfect wave, . we wish you all the best. Submarines K. -. Tasha. Renee Dorsey I o Cod be the glory. Thank you to all those who have been there for me. First and foremost to lonah Per- kins Class of 2003. For his patience, advice, and friendship. Thank you for Tuesday night "Soul Food" and for being a brother to me. To Nicole Paul Class of 2002 for all those meetings and bible studies in chapel. For telling me to get over it. To Tasha Sistrunk Class of 2002 for her listening to me plebe year and for the phone calls on red beach. To Tasha Mc'Eachin Class of 2002 for her example and strength. To Captain Burrell for making me feel that I belonged. To the Lindas in steerage for their hugs and prayers. To Lauren Keene for being more than a squad leader, To Addie Vasquez for standing by me when no one else would. To CDR Cole for her example and encouragement. To CDR Phillips for her kindness. To my closest friend, Valla Olliver. Thank you for getting me through the past two years. May God bless all of you in the same way that He used you to bless me. Finally, thank you to Cod for every achievement and for bringing me thus far. By all accounts I shouldn't have made it to this point, but praise be to the Father. "The Lord is my light and my salva- tion, whom shall I fear?...Though an army encamp against me, my heart shall not fear" Psalm 27. Clinton, MD Air Force . .. ...--.... .2 ..... ..,. ...-.- -.- .,,,NNnN . 1 ' ' N jvlmfy-ffizczbeth Singer Doty om and Dad, Thank you for all that you have done for me over the last 5 years. There have been many twists and turns, and without your support and love I would never have made it in, through, back in again, and finally to graduation! You two deserve to be up there on the stage with me. Mom, thank you for all of the love, phone calls, packages and cards tyou should work for the postal servicel. Dad, thank you for coming to visit me whenever you could, along with all of the great advice I never wanted to listen to. You were always right by the way tyou'd better keep this yearbook and photocopy that last sen- tence!I Thank you both so much for always doing everything you could to ensure that I have had the best life possible, from schools to air shows, trips, tennis, bikes, building blocks, and most of all your conviction that I CAN do whatever I put my mind to. I will always try to keep that PMA! Thank you, love always, Timex Girl. It is not the critic who counts... The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena...who strives valiantly, who errs and comes short again and again...who if he wins, knows the triumph of high achievement, and who, if fails, at least fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who know neither victory or defeat. -Theodore Roosevelt Longwood, FL Navy NFO I 46 Buddy jay TIES Blaine, WA USMC Pilot uddy "Please Call Me Bud" Ellis, just a wee little leprechaun, B.l, simply: The XO, "Do your jobf", To being 522' '... "Buddy, stop flexingl' '... Eincling ladies who are actually shorter than you, "Do you have change for a dollar, Ifm a little shortll' Llndisputed king of Penn State, "What are you doing now? That! right going out drinking with me." l-low did you actually find home that night?... "Take your shirt off, spin it around like a helicopter", "l can take care of myself, REALLYN, "No really, stop flexing", The undisputed king of Rutgers, Rides in the trunk of the Rav4,. "Wefre going to get friedl' '... Thanksgivings in jersey, Dinner at noon, asleep by 3, I-loching Bowl, Aughhhhhhhhhhhlllll Buddyllllil Buddy, first of all, we knew you were going Marine Corps the whole time. You are the engine that kept us going for four years. With your surly at- titude ancl never-ending impatience, you taught us lessons about life and the fleet that we will carry with us throughout our careers. Personally, you were my right hand man and could not have run the company without you. Semper Fidelis. Wah 5-fczmilton jfrcznklin Perry, GA Surface Warfare ade what happened?" "Man, what'd you think happened" HU2005. This one time in Perry...Shot in the back of the head, You're still thinking about it, Sabotage broomstick. Coach says I might be able to travel with them this week. So I figured why not three. It's still got dents in it. Take 'er easy...Do it right do it light, do it wrong do it long. Don't sing it, bring it. Wade, stop being selfish Let's go to Atlantic City. My Grandma showed me how to gamble. lnsurecl by Smith 84 Wesson. If you wait till the last minute, it only takes a minute. PEACE UP...Office, AXSIS, MAB. IAC, NIS, DMH, BSL, RTL 4. nr' no oavirraviizcnaerafarrfff Pacifica, CA Surface Warfare inner: Lennyfs toes. AXSIS homewrecker. The young and the restless. Addicted to everything. Shax es everything. Breaking collar bones is a hobby. l-looyah deck division. Metrosexual. A big fan of the Bennetts. My mom fried me. Broken keyboards. Tae almighty youngster weight gain. Lifetime sportsmanship award. There's Hall's girl...whats up with redheads? Chronic headbutter. Mr. Lewis, you're a tool. Yes, my hair is reg. My uniform of the day, UDTls. Eirstie brass... Two beds, one roommtwice. S5000 bike, 5156000 parachute, 554000 scuba gear, 351000 Snowboardmcan l borrow your car? One love, Stuppxt. TEAM HALL .... Office, AXSIS, MAB. BSL, RIL, VVHF, IAC, N15 47 N. Kevin .7VlichcLef9Efmf1fington Lake Orion, MI Navy Pilot layer, Kev, Harrington, Meat head...Got standards??...NDPE!I Need to borrow Cromp's Durango for the day? EARS. You sure made up for lost time with f'Hot but probably Not Dot Com." What's that weird rash on your shoulder? Your white-wall haircut makes you a more aerodynamic aviator. Watch your brown-eye when this prankster's out on patrol. Date members of the Communist Party much? Happy birth- day IMU!! Hopefully, your first solo isn't a foreshadowing of the rest of your aviation career. Bourbon Street with Hand Grenades. "No Kevin, jumping the wall is NOT a great idea right now." You know you're whipped when you say this: "Let's have a guy's night out." Careful with the clippers...clon't wanna knick anything. Pics of EARS. Got'em. You want happy ending? I vant vone. MTC, RPC, AMP, LEM, ESK, IAR, APT Z wcL1fJ'Vince11t Houser Houston, TX Submarines ddie, EV, cloogie, the cloogster, HOUSER ee-yut! Avery's got a joke for you - Ensign Houser! Steerage and Dahlgren will be sending you a letter of appreciation for your continued support over the past four years. Always a good sport for taking everyone's duty, has a compulsive shirt-tugging condition, but always keeps a positive outlook on life at great 'ole LISNA. Been through a lot in four years...Youngster year with performance board and Geoff Sholz they buddyll... It's hard to wipe with two thumb casts...gotta love skiing. Goldeneye with Lenny, Hank and A.P...Eear the Wood and Submarine Eddie... Second Class Year: Mini-Budfs screener? 21 st at the O-club tMoore, Wilhelm, and Winel... Belligerent at Leatherneck with Mike and Andy... Eirstie Year: You don't like Beer? Irish Car Bombs don't do it for you tOnly mid I know to get kicked out of 'Dillo's -BSLI ...Musical? You can sing? can't install a battery right? always better than Scuba at the guitar... I got a whole freezer full of ELAPSTICKS down in the cellar... Keep the chrome spinnin' and your heart pimpin' in your mid-stang. You will always be everyone's favorite Christmas present wrapped up nice and neat under our Christmas tree. f'Keep on truckin until it falls into motion". HOUSER, WHAT'S THE MENU FDR MORNING MEAL?l xx Steven yungcfiufjfowozrcf Ooltewah, TN Navy NFO cuba... SHEESHIII... Asian Sensation... UT-who?... the Vols?... It's time to study - put the Playstation away... Coach Eulmer? - Coach Howard... the undirty prior... International Man of Mystery... how many times in a row can you play Worldfs Apart?... San Diego surf... Ring Dance? maybe in Korea... Soju... karaoke bar... Remember Pohang?... restaurant etiquette... English! not poor Koreanl... My Sassy Girl... chopstick fundamentals... Korean candy - material of choice... Scubes... takin' on Six Thai Chicks... moving their luggage... New Year's Eve - Austin, TX... Colorado Rockies... Cancun, don't deny it... 2 - days without Scubster sightings... Asian girl - Asian boy... Dominican Republic... construction disasters... nails and toes don't mix... No Andre Agassi... 6th Gear? What? Where?... 1986, wonderful year for Honda Accords... 200,000 miles... 5 guys... 4 snowboards... one car... carrying The Cross... when am I getting my music back?... Scubie snacks... You Are Laatel... SHEESHIIII Well bucldio, the years have passed, the memories amassed. You've been a great friend, roommate, and comrade. Never stop being a Volunteer! Andrew S tepnen jfmnenick at Charlestown, ridiculous antics off the yard. "Where it all ends I can't fathom my friends. If I S rface Warfare knew I might toss out my anchor." U tumenlck... ZW, cluh -- Congrats... accomplished sailor, jazz musician, keeper of Borloff... the size of your camera DQES matter... to hooking Ben up... Alfred will never he the same, no more tequila or Iimon Cello for you... from the Swizzle Inn to Lord lim's Puh, Bermuda and Brazil were a hlast... truly a pirate 400 years too late... NAAARC... hunting hats, Red Rider BB Guns, and machetes... impromptu walmart shopping... unstriped FDB's... what rifle?... cheers to preventative medicine... perpetual wing- man... George Forman... un-safety at sea seminars... National Warplane Museum, who knewr... "Hey, I got S50 for my hirthday, sweet!"--"I'll take that"... keeping Ioe out of the air ducts... or in there... the monthly joe hunt... the Iahloerwocky trap... resident New Yorker... to many a gunfight... Cod Bless the Nova... The last one to become legal... we could use some more BaggyWrinkle... to Prof. Miller's yawl and crazy stories... to hraving the West Philly Blitz... Kyra's other brother... enjoy the Lightning... to CDO theme nights... sword fights and subsequent broken fingers... to always staying clear of the boom... Americas Promise, Anthem, Patriot, and Hornet, Drew, surprisingly, you were usually the voice of reason among the group. Your Long Islander's ahility to tell it like it is and get to the point always came at the right time. Your professionalism in the hall was equally matched hy the it I 1 X ilirzc S neun Kznz Erunner I .,........ r iltii . I ....i. .vil irli ..i.i I-wwf itgv .,- .,4i-l ,...... ,... 1 .,..i , ,I,-W ...., ....,i . ...,. . .. . .. , ., .. M . . , , Aventura, FL Navy NFO L ww. .. .. . inzy, jewish, THE IEW, Poop tdon't he mad, it's your call signl... "Screw you guys, I think I'Il huy this place." Have you finished the hook How to Rule the World? Microwave dinners for life. 5 mile walks to the synagogue. Atomic Hot Sauce Beat Army...I4 hours of comatose. Shomer Shahhos... "Do you need a minute?" "Did you at least get hlank?" We saw her hair .... nah nah nah nah nah nah...Professional Chit writer...Rememl3er Canoe and your trip to see Bill? The only mid who locks his computer paper in his locker...Prefers Smirnoff to heer. Onto a life with a wife ..... and a Torah. MTC, RPC, AMP, LFM, KMH,1AR, APT ff Geifftufrirrmff fftie Dillsboro, IN -Nuclear Surface urface Warfare tNuclearI. Come, my friends, 'Tis not too late to seek a newer world. Push off, and sit- ting well in order smite, The sounding furrows, for my purpose holds, To sail heyond the sunset, and the haths,Of all the western stars, until I die...Tho' much is taken, much ahidesy and tho' We are not now that strength which in the old days, Moved earth and heaven, that which we are, we arep0ne equal-temper of heroic hearts,Made weak by time and fate, but strong in will, To strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield. NAlfred Lord Tennyson I A 49 g illicfiotrofjonn Lotrotwoty recjuent visits to Huffy. Greatest water balloon launcher known to mankind. Human sloth. Civies, sleeping, driying...plehe year. No more dates at Dahlgren lce Rink. l'm lost and scared. Patty C gave me 43. Sailboats and wardroom, two Chicjuita's. Hi, my name is Conner. Fake Irish accents don't work. Starting plebe rumors. Mudcling it up at the stadium parking lot. My wife beater tan is hot. Friday night O's games. MNF, sc amming for tickets. He was accjuitted. lmmaculata dorm rooms and Maryland chapter rooms are fun. Negative. Promise me you will come back... How's the cow? Cuanto cuesto? l'M A GOLDEN ClUlD...Uffic e, AXSIS, MAB, IAC, BSL, VVHF, DMH, NIS I5 K Q 4 Glen Burnie, MD Surface Warfare K Brandon Scott Lennart oomer Sooner, 3rd in the nation. Show and tell. Does the midstore have rogaine? Patty C gave me IS. Blowing the big game. Sl 0,000 diamond ring. Being left high and dry. Swimchick in Philly. Two beds, one room. The Lenny Shuffle. Gymnastics in the wardroom. He got that Coor's light, shamon. Hank, can l hang out with you? Dressing Houser. Slippers of death. Shakespeare outside Double T. Firstie brass...Road trips to Tennessee and driveway drama. l got rhymes like lay-Z...I got an alpha number tonight. Portell Honor offenses. Rendering honors. Wardroom secured. Sniping Wacle's head, still standing by. HE'S ILIST AN OLE BU...Uitlce, AXSIS, MAB, RIL, IAC, VVI-lF, DMI-l, NIS ' F' 'WTTT i l A i I -L i Coweta, OK Navy NFO I I I e w f ffbrev abes... intense... Pizza Monster... Navigator extraordinaire... skydiver... snowboarcler white- water rafter... scuba diver... the true striper e always sleeping... face it, you're a IOF... Brigade Staff reject 4 5 times... childbearing hips... Neil licking Christi's ear... 2nd Semester plebe year corruption... first hand experience with the lDego's 10 fold policy... what did you do to Robby Iones?... eat- ing disorder pamphlets... 5 workouts a day... pool? 4 give him an oar... starving for the boat... toxicity... the Ervin House... Meaning of Life... Christian Library... Iesus is sold out this weekend... attending to the masses... Costa Rica as Australia - Turkey A- Uganda... California road trip... Kansas road trip... Colorado Roc kies... "Can you see it? Can ya?' '... you have no facial hair... taking a dive e before the jump... land- ing the jump e on your back... psycho skiers aiming their sights... SMT attendance as training officer... fin- ish IFS yet?... ird scjuad -for life... Blue Spruce... ATVs in Texas... midnight gg gg gg ggggggggggggg-Wg calls to Colorado for ti hours... Reconning the Tank... avoiding Navy Week F , g pranks... Neo the neon refusal to quit... has it's own atmosphere... flip signs f ' "' I ' ,cg for roadside assistance... f'VVe dicln't want to tell you cuz we didn't want you to be responsible' I... f'VVhc-n you beat a dog enough, it stops whining' '... Robin doc-sn't get to drive the Batmobile! Mike your faith and understanding has been Liberty, an inspiration to usgall, it's made our lives ric her. Thanks for putting everything into perspective. Crod Bless. Navy Pilot 50 if R ,-f If y y g y Liam francis Wlufcflay F apoleon, Mulcahy, Omnipotent, Lil guy, Leprechaun how do you shut him up - no one knows. Isar- casm starts herel Has traveled the college scene as a true ladies man - sign 'er up! "My little arms are cold!" Give him a few drinks, and he'll direct the world in any social situation. Has more con- nections with girls than Hugh Hefner, but has higher standards than God Isarcasm ends herel. Is it true that Russo kicked your butt in every drunk fight you've had A how's the bite mark on your hand? "No, I don't eat, I dinelf' Liam has the most beautifully styled hair to go to class, go to bed, go to the bathroom, etc. Leaves great drunk messages. We knew he was a born leader after his stint as the Plebe Company Commander, now it's on to becoming a professional aviator. GOT 'EMI lstomp feet and pump arms herei KMH, RPC, AMP, MTC, ESK, IAR, APT .5z,..,....9 N Camp Lejuene, NC Navy Pilot NMQBMFW., ,... -M-.TF --,,. . .,., ..,,,,gg,.,,,,,,. ,,,,, . ,..,, ..,...-... . . . ,,.. ,,,. ..,, ,. .. .. .. . .. . . .. .. . ... . . . .. . V . . V frll L 1 J , i g g george QDGLWLCIQ O Qaififo iffany! Adrienne. The Biggest Hands EVER, Hailing from the Virgin Islands...George of the lungles. The Prettiest Valedictorian on the block. Adrienne. Splashdown Platoon Commander. 4 Dudes on I bag of dirty laundry lThanks E 84 QI Whatever that was that ya'll left on Margot's bed...OG Ron C's to the Eullest... C.U.C...Let the Beatings Commence. Adrienne. Gold Team Alumnus! Halsey State! Coney lsland...NTF... high school George would have dunked that...Started with IU, ended with the Trio...R.I.P. DK, IMC, PB, eggrolls, Walkman, Big Rob, Vet...I'll Never Get in trouble, 30 days later... "That was a tasty burger though." Brandon -- Holding it down at HU. Adrienne. "Stick it in, Stick it in, Hey!" Introduced Marcell to the world. Passing the Beats. Eggrolls sister! G...Red Vines. Extra Weak TV Antenna. "Bethlehem, the house of..." The BLACK Package. HUSTLE HERO 2005! "And I told her!..." RAHSAAN. I'm bickin' back in the Badillac. The Book. Adrienne. Cancun... SEAL Missions! Blockin Mexicans! through the win- dow! Dancing inthe Street! Booze Cruise!KTB tHe doesn't drink --'Yet'I! same room! TC...Indiana...Selfless. Adrienne. Always Ballin' on a budget...even ON VACATION! Playing on the V.I. National Team... lost GEAR... Indian FASH! X...Sunflower Seeds, Fruit and Chocolate Milk... 'fGreedy George." DTA tand he STILL doesn't drinkI...Steadily M.l.A...Where's George? Clnsert Girl's Name Panorama, CA HereI...Adrienne. Never tryin to drive, especially to the club... VIP lSunday Nightsl! DREAM! H2O...Puttin out the flares in 'O5... "I HATE COLD MEAT 5Ul'f3C9 Warfare SANDWICHES!!!"...Single...FINALLY! Audra! cixurion -- Versatile 1-""w..i'i . l ' - i . ' , . ff . Benjamin SanfmefO1ffojjf ore like Borloff... Poorloff... to being called a nerd by the computer guys... who has a glowing CPU, honestly?... Douglass... Strong Sad... Mandy Morloff... India Company Basketball: perfecting the two handed dribble... like a washing machine out of cycle... IoBen Roseloff... care packages from Mama Orloff... "I can't stop eating!"... Cosmopolitans, blue margaritas, and other manly drinks... ffBen. where'd you get that drink?"--"That nice guy bought it for men... Al Gorloff... Ring Dance: Ben Orloff wine, errr... vinegar, first time for everything, the bathroom scene... MSLM obsession... West Point girlfriend Icat- womanl... Pretending to be james Bond, for an entire semester... Being sold on Ebay f... Being bought by your mother on Ebay... ice cream salutel... Stargazing with the astronomy club... ASTRON- . ERDS... George Michael... Mid Storloff... Paying debts with birthday money... "I just got something new for my computer"..."Great..." Talking like Optimus Prime... Chal- lenging Wiz Quiz t"hey man, do what you gotta do"I... flower... "I can't stop playing video games!"... We'll trade you one Orloff for one Brad Chao... you can't try to kiss a girl you just dumped... lim Morrison and the Doorloffs... 4 person car, nine people, I way street, 2 headlights, peekaboo... thanks for attracting the Iabberwocky... who puts chocolate in the ceiling?... Spooning with a large-mouth bass, Borloff, Snorloff, with Issaquah, WA friends like us... what else do you need? You were a tutor, conficlante, a great room- mate and always most importantly, yourself. It is an honor to have you as one ot our Navy Pilot closest friends, keep on truckin'. 51 Il l N. l l X Wtflcf f T' off l OC l CL ld le U, 'l l E l ell, one thing you can say, we started early. rodeos and trashcans tcause and effectl. But turning l ll sure opened cloors, now we can go to clta, wait, have i been there?, no more getting left behind j having kitchen dance parties...avoicling huge spiders while taking out the garbageasomehovv mak- i ing it bac k to school, barely.. CEU! LEAVE ME BEHINlJ!!..it's on to other things such as fash night with our l loyal tashistas...clid we actually get kicked out ot the oclub? races are bad...summer in va, south american l l boys, area code rule what?!...alias marathons..jenga, if you LIE, clrink...um is it her birthday?..vve go to school j in maryland-xoch yve're in marylancl...of all injuries, can i see it?...vvell they didn't have any towels...isnt that l L the sweetest thing...still cant believe vve didn't get our money back from the chad, ew .... bolis among other 1 things, yes now vve all know you could 'eat like 50 of them'...vve'll always love your lack of planning, did i you go before we left the house?...i do what i vvant .... who thought you could actually sing the national anthem, among other back ot the bus songs, or con- l yersations...don't have too much fun at tbs, dont want to end up hanging out of i I a taxi winclow...the marine corps lucked out. -ke V l I 1 i Wheaton, IL l USMC Ground Q jitrwlifew JV! 'ch ef Tofwch j A l Q L 4 A oyvch, Povvchski, Buzzard, SAVI rep, Ukrainian, Andri, vvhen aren't you PT-ing? Come on, ride the ...train e woo woo. "Waffle House heats Denny's!" it's a beautiful thing... the Vikings had a good thing going." "Do you want some kielbasa, it's delicious" Does not abide by the lavvs of "shotgun". No i one will ever forget the reactor plant accident guy. By the vvay, it's okay to have a relationship vvith a female - where did you learn "the monkey". He does not eat food, he clisplaces it from the plate to his stomach. It's okay not to be the first person in line in King Hall, you vvonft be able to get all the food from the fatties. I think . you need to get in touch with your feminine side once and a vvhile. The only easy day vvas yesterday for the i worId's most intolerant man. KMH, RPC, LEM, MTC, ESK, IAR, APT l i l i js, .,,e, li--. - .n.----.. j ' i sin.. . t f rt... A G "T 3 Shelbourne, VT - Special Warfare 1 ff l joseph jfromcis Reardon i I earclron... old man... vve hardly knew ye... a true Renaissance Man... from Colorado, the "mean streets" of DC tvvithin sight of the Pentagonl, Boston... internet dating... vvishing you were at the Air Q Eorce Academy... closest thing vve have to a Medieval themed restaurant... "I don't vvant a girl hang- j ing on my arm' '... "YOU worry about YOU! I'LL worry about MEV '... "Ifm not going to waste my time on someone who isn't gorgeous' '... Why do you alvvays leave it tl minutes before the movie ends?... National Geographic s... eating chicken legs on the diving board... speaking of vvhich, diving is not a sport... pregnant t nun... bionic arm... attack of the lobster man... meals on vvheels... "As vvas the style of the time"... Wormy... l i bi-polar detailer... grumbling and arguing with yourself in bed... the morphing bald spot... congratulatory butt slaps... "There's a snake in my boot!"... Castro Street... T Clrammar lessons in a rural VValMart... Thank you TV guardian for a "steamy night l of HUCIS AND KISSES' '... flash burning half your face on a projector... crashing on ' sub-level C1 of the Reardon Complex... "whiskey you're the devil"... still signing taps j at home... 20 minute stories with no point and no end in sight... someone summon t the Coinbird... communicating vvith the labberwocky... Best drinking hats ever...IER, j from starting stories with adjectives, to wacky caricatures, and your impeccable tact, Arlington, VA youhave managed to bring us four years of laughter. You are one of the fevv genuine j guys at the academy and vvill make a line aviator. Navy Pilot . 52 i 1 . 4Iffp,,,,,?,T.g.v,-,.,5,fA5!.Tf...y,,ff,ff,,7-.-4sf1.f,s.N,1-fvT7..v,.W..a.g,.,,..V ,.,.,,,f.-.4,...T,.,..,y--m,.,..,. ..,, ,,,. .... .....,. ,,,. . v2..,.,N,..,...o. ,,,,, ,.,.M...,.u-.,,... ,. ... h,,,,. N ..,.,. ,. , . . .... . V ...-..., . .,.w. , . -..,. Y,.n, ,. , ,, .,.....,, K. .v . ,, .s..,... .. .. . . ,,. .. ,.. . . . . .. . . in 12' lfiwflf' 17 if P Josejohjlmthony Russo Hempstead, NY Navy Pilot .z ' ft . l a Ruse, the rooster, The Ruse is on Fire, RuStar clearly has a drinking problem. I-low many credit cards, cameras, IDs, and teeth has he lost at the bars? What was that in the latest edition of Weird and what is with those weird food cravings?l At least he looks cool with the backwards Nike hat, even on the golf course. nd I think if it wasn't for the whole Navy thing, maybe he would have been an all-star basketball player with s Air lordans. Remember the coke girls, don't forget to bring your pink hat. It's not so much that he actually 4 es us this friendsi, it's that he hates us less than everyone else. KMH, AMP, LFM, MTC, ESK, APT, RPC X ,L Q I I Matthew Lewis Sevier Cape Coral, FL Navy Pilot iff. ' umbo... not to be confused with Matthew K. Sevier... slow or slower?... playing the banjo... brawling in 4223... Mandi will always be our Oueen... Star Wars push-up contest... Kings of NYU... Used at DisneyWorld... Penn Station bathroom... "Mateo! Te amo! Llamamel' '... Big "Aranhas" and gallons of "Chop" in Rio... running across an active runway... love for Mutti... one big fight a semester... The next person who says Shananigan's... almost dying on top of Bancroft I-lall... B.K. Fagan... running from Dick Cheney at the Naval Observatory... You ARE the Queen of France... More sake anyone? I-low about Limon- Cello?... rocking French Canada... Ring Dance: THANK YOU Mr. and Mrs. Rhatigan, surprise visitors in the middle ofthe night, rekindling old flames... Miles of unedited video... RX8 2.0... nerding it up in Rickover... the Squirrelmaster Seven days to Bermuda... Three grown men screaming like little girls in Houston... Scars from a weekend at Alfred... Running with spiders... dealing with Snaggletooth... closing your eyes for every single picture... falling out of the march from Leiuene to Michelson . . .. .. on Training Day 2... Patriot... member: lack Bauer Fan Club... arguably an- T orexic and an insomniac... need a ruler?... Loving girls and never calling them l back...Matthew Lewis, thank you for your unconditional friendship. Whether it was obsessively watching 24, video game marathons, or braving multiple near death experiences on the oceans of the world- we've bonded with you in our own special way. For that, we are endeared to you for a lifetime. if 1 1 Lx 1 cztfwime fjoseph Sfowzk , St. Clairesville, OH y i Navy NFO l i assed out...for everything. Why didn't you get her number? I'm not like you guys. Gone are the days of the unibrow. Patty C took too long and gave me 15. Country roads take me home...WVU here I come. Ocean Avenue fan club president. I got some new music, you probably wouldn't like it. My dad doesn't approve of my girlfriends. Stuebenville. The Clairsville. My lucky red shirt. It's trailrated. Thanks for coming out Mr. Slavik. Flag football runner up. Slav family curse strikes again. AND YOULRE NOT...Office, AXSIS, MAB. DMI-l, BSL, RJL, Wl-IF, IAC A uf-we tim i ' 5, . -- f - N g-ix-..hM....,.,c,e:r1l.-1.:..,..,...,3 A 1 Q . :if - 53 Daytona Beach, FL Surface Warfare Nicofe Georgina Telesn I nly 'J months II thinkl, and too many memories I wish to forget: RDD, gum?, Alaska-Tahiti, detail, meeting the rents in FL, Daytona was nice, the rainy concert of some guy, falling asleep at the drive- in, driving to CX' for Itlmin of playing time, claiming to be a good driver, cooking the sponsor's microwave, SFfTahoefReno- my little craps shooter! Mass for I8 hours, Canada... someday. I've learned so lmuch from being with you... important things like- I now know that it's not your fault you donft listen, it's just genetit. That explains why I had to ask you to RID twice, be my girlfriend twice, and tell you that I love you... twit e. In retrospect, I regret all three as I should have just heat it into you what I was trying to say Iyour mother would understandl. Regardless, I hope I have the time to learn more from you, and about you, as we take the next step whenever and where ever that may be. Thank you for everything my little sausage, and always know that I love you... even when you're acting weird. Andrew ?nilijo Thompson j Kerhonkson, N Y Submarines 0' .S rn 1 g 1 .Q acko, Tampy, Drew, Loose Cannon, Tampson, Pinky, Red Reactor I guess it's about time for your annual major conduct offense. "Hello Panama Cityyyyln Spring Break girlfriend, oops the great mis- take. "Michelle, I'm sorry but my first true love is beer? Have you seen Officer Oglethorpe, Tampy's on the loose again? It was a great way to celebrate the two-for-seven signing with some fine yellow bubbly. ."Iron jaw Thompson should have won the brigade boxing championship. Nice holes in the wall, you gonna spackle? Shower time is happy time. Watch out for flying remotes! Well, the thing is. You don't understand - You were a great addition to Ramsey's Core..."You wanna go? Let's go?l" KIVIH, AMP, LFM, MTC, ESK, IAR, RPC Q. YZX " 'S 1 , 'Q ff . f A ,.Q. 4 Y ii 21 Q kw -A,-t' A, AM .N 2556. ' 5 "W, "ff-A-.5 lg, U ,,, gf 'A -54.55 ' .4 aiak 5:2 Ax ,EAA M Ag. QA AA. WN ww 'Am 5,455 I 1, A' V , M , -A ,f R 4, A, will A6 W' A ' ' 'ffwji . ,A : 2 . . A A, 1- Ava Af- .AAAw,w,: ,cf ' A AA A x 1 A- J A,r,e?'f:'1' ' ' - -:za 4' 'HF A, A , -,A-at QA A AQT- A AALAAEAA 'Q ,E Q -WAA5, 4 Wg, M M ' A A ' . M'-' :ff '25 fgf SA 1 I A, ' J' f 0 A ,4 -' f,-QA ,, Q. 'iA QA A gggiil JAAAAA A A fAA4,,.,.f,A ,Dk -xg, . , A vu A , A f L 'A " ' .A 'NBA "MK, LW 'A -Au ,E ':fl1.."'gSx ' A ' A, ' 'F gg mia, A' AAA NWA A-Afz 3, f A in 4 ' A-wig, A if 3 mx Nfl' 4 Aj 'ifaj " A Qs EQ 'A-egg? ' Ai- ip- .: AAA' bww A If 'JA A .5 x AAA f.,AAA A 2 ,AAA 1. f' N 1 A1 Alf' A . ve ' 11.2-.359 H' "ew A, Q, 3. A gi, A A-wir, ,V 6,31 Y EA' X, X , 'Rims A 3 " ,. ,'-.A AA-NK " . ' 'jg 5 X 'W fa , . -L A . , A A. N - ' Af 1. 5 ' ' A i' A 4 ' fnfi ZA. if H A A - . ., ., , u Ye -. X sqm... ..1 B A2 ah A AA . f--A A ,V -hAAm.A..,,,, 44!! M"""2,2n 4 gag AH , "' if V '- h"""f5' gf , L' A 'M' ifff f A 5 ri A 4:14 'L ' n 1 I A2 5-av:-A 3.- fi H, .,-Agv ,nj if V31 - -1 vw a - 4 1 . . wma ff., -AAQLM X A A -if 4"' -4,, '. 3 ,i A. QQ. gm sk 1 X 'A'-' , 'Q""'N--'A--Am-A-.-..7-,,., f it Q-A AAA ,A , A, L Q A Q 351' AW :A 1. 3 , Q , xffgrflg 5 5 57 ' ' 1" f f Q pf f f' : hi. A?"'f'- , A. gag I AAA AA AAA . AAAAAQ A A AA, A 1 XA L' Avgya-Af-u -A 'KA 'A Sf , 3: Q L45 AAA A if - ,,A?,AAkP A .QA , AA: K 1-NX . - Lgajf if VIH pai? W,'f ,L,.A N, v . 3 E ' ' , - - ' 'fa' fy 3 'X . M A f4.,,f:.,AA Ex f - la A .ff 5:1 f:f'r,:, Ei 3 -' ' lf? B Aiffiia s I ' A MART' A x -'X' fs ,swam Aa- M: XA' X Xi A .3 A71 A A ff '+ 1 A EMA. l KJ ' F7 k A gi 2 if-1,-AQFN ' ,f 5"?:gaf? 551 ' 5 W AX'm"'1geA.A, A Aa '- f x 'T A 1- T3 A' 93- te.-A-A 22 . 5- , A '55 A 5 ,A 51 -f+AAg' ' X , , 1 3 A5511 3 3-fa Af ff fe., A AKA 5 - ...-xv :fx - P ' QM N?3, 43- ,. ' ff-,,:,,L-A Ag-. 3,5 , MAA WW' 211 x ' X -eg: ai ..f.. A fi' P ff, Y 1' M' ' - iff Af . 1 'L U 6 if 4, is ,gr A ' AIA in 'AAA 34' Ag- ' 23175 'ef-fi A4 'H A- fra, Q ' A . HV A 1 -- A LJ.. W' A m T! -' A s '- 'M .3'51:,A - ' , A A ,f , W -A Qi, F in AX X' H :P - A H iw' X""'1: E1 gas Wiki 11- A Xi - if WA- ' A A ' c ' x-1 a X . A - Q ,, A A Q 4 A A ' , 1 A1 k' ,fi Q 'M ' R.. Af A" Y A 'f1ig'A"b if , 155, 1 w Q' if , ' ' x, Y ,Q ZA IAQ 2 g JA 'img V " f. , .. . AE, 1 .lnlio .Ngnilera Michael ,-Xsehe Rohert Bennett lix e-Lyn Callahan Brian Chapman Benjamin Cordle Todd Erkman Stephen Fnnni .lohn Green lll Stephen Grilling .lohn Hansen Ryan Hefner Clil'l'ord .lessop Mark .lusliss Shane Kigin Sean Kinney Joshua Nlaeeormaek Colin Mel-'erran Brendan Neagle Mark Uhradovieh Mark Olson Tim Paolini .lames Patterson Ross Penrod Charles Pruitt Brad Reed Dustin Rieklels Ryan Shanghnessy James Sheets Shawn Talley Teruo Toyama Gregory Watten Andrea Werneeke Rebeeea Wright R , ix Y , -N x N A4 .5 ,yxslv mmf .ff I' - J 4 as 42 A 'N""s. w.,- , 'Mn 'R L mi-..xvsW'4' L, wwfffl-,Ml ,af X N XII if 1-J t I .K f 1' Q 9 I 'K Nw., 'WS J I N' 56 Daniel Keith lvlariellen lVlalthew lvliehael David Daniel Rochelle Baldwin Ammons Alan Bierman Weiss Carnes Charles David Christoph William Cohn Robert lflemming Anne Ciandy Y Grant Andrew Jacinto Keith Richard Emily Michael Scott Thomas Gehrke Charles Gray Romeo Guevara Robert Jackson John Jindrieh Laraway Dennis Levinson Jacob Martin Robert Daniel Joseph lVlichael Terra Robin Kenneth Kyle Miller Roger lVliseh Eriek Moeller Obrian Molloy Angela Reber Kenditra Roberson Daniel Schramm Lee Schull Jeremy David Addy Earvin Elizabeth Benjamin Daniel Nlatthexx Severson Kyle Shultz Miki Strasdas M Taylor Cavoline Tree David Tuck livenson Yroman Palmer Vlarnecke Justine Louise Whipple K ' X LWW.-twlux 'WWQ--flaws, W WN N Q L trrr f A f it J it lt, 3 if 3 , , it A , f -L i- - 57 W W W 5 W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W 4 W 'V 55-xi ix, - n Ol Q15 wk H gs Throughout the past four years, our experience can be summed up with the phrase, "Eating and Drinking-Love, Ev- eryonef' To most who are not in our exclusive club this is gib- berish, but to the truest of hearts and the strongest of minds it speaks volumes of our time on the shores of the Severn. Our bomb shelter-esgue atmosphere included the ranks of people we will never forget and will always hold in the highest and lowest of low regards-they left us with the great stories imprinted on our innocent and austere minds. 400 words give no justice to the brotherhood we have spawned from the depths of Bancroft, or to the many, many late nights terrorizing anyone who wasn't eating Cluck-U or making music videos. We did it all-highest GPA's, best spirit spots, great leaders, HUGE joes, the biggest anti-joes, Intramurals, Varsity Athletes, open doors, Eckel, best ring dance party, nights downtown, 3-Days productions, break-ups, hook-ups, Summer Detail, IVIUAI-ll, Nurse Flatched, the demerit race, Jerk nights, Youngster year, who would cross the line first, e- mails, plebe year, marriage proposals, great roommates, the best parents, and most of all...making the best friends any one of us could have asked for. 60 lVlost of us come from such great and different backgrounds it would be hard to say we would become such close friends at another school, but God put us here in this company to live together and to thrive on our hard-earned rewards and mis- takes. William Butler Yeats was quoted with, "Think where man's glory most begins and ends, and say my glory was I had such friends." Nothing could ring more true than this statement, we were ALWAYS there for each other-it never has and never will fail us. We don't like to train, big deal, rather, we have succeeded at this game because we found it in ourselves and found it in each other that there is more to all of this than a writing assignment or a disapproved week- end-it's called Life and Love and ours is just beginning. We would like to thank all of the special people who have helped us along ourjourney and especially our familiesg we could not have done this without any of you. "We are the lucky ones, some people never get to do all we got to do...now and for- ever, I will always think of you." eng .10 une? Wud LT Barton L Phillips bompany Officer 1st Semester taff Gunnery Sergeant Antoinette Y. Waller Company Senior Enlisted Anthony Difranoo, XO James Kepper, CC Kyle Thayer, 1st Sgt. 2nd Semester Staff Benjamin Wyant, X0 Steven Podmore, CC Jonathan Ferrell, 1st Sgt. Gainesville, FL Intelligence Tofufoye fgunofuwa Afade ble to leap sixty-plus feet in a single bound, steals the hearts of men and is relentlessly kind, thoughtful -- but questionable in balancing booze and cruise together. From NAPS to graduation, she will always be my friend. Tolu, don't forget all the great times since the good ol' days at NAPS. From teaching me how to make hospital corners to cheering me up when l was down. I wish you luck in the future. An- nette. Chemistry trials, lost friends, lost roommates, trials and tribulations, succeeding in adversity, Always in trouble when with my girls! Youngster year with the girls, half dressed walking down stribling, after speed- ing past chapel...Weeknight rendezvous to the local watering holes...making videos with the girls .... "baby got back", "my girl" She knew what to do, when to do it and how to do it right. Summer school and p-way wrestling... and don't forget LW, ER .... The best Christmas present ever! Most importantly, all the friends and memories have made that made this all worthwhile. The Triad. From NAPs Ol A to USNA US!!! We made it! I love you alll Jilfdm Watts Baker Charlotte, NC Submarines xpends least amount of energy ever. storming mormon. respect the Godfather. those aren't bald spots, they're wisdom panels. Beat you in fight night. Best P-way receiver of all time, absorbed Matt Brown's cheap shots and never dropped a pass. Who's the phone for? Representin' in the Compton Sweater. Bul- let Proof Vest. Weapon of Choice. Rookie of the Year, but had to go through one year of roommate initiation to be accepted. Orlando, Altoona, Negril: We had some good times '03, but second time's a charm. ltfs about time. Kerme tn Andrew Bonfkovich l Pittsburgh, PA Navy Pilot avy Football, company deuce, l l 38-Tony!Coob, spring breaks, Oversize Load, Acme, meatlocker to everybodyfs. Thank Cod and my tamily for helping me along the way. Jilncfrew C fmfke Bashe for A Bozrah, CT Surface Warfare ATLAB is a high-level technical language and development environment for analyzing data and developing algorithms and applications. MATLAB 7 includes capabilities for programming and code efficiency, plotting and visualization, mathematics, increased speed, and file VO. MATLAB integrates computation, data analysis, visualization, and programming in one complete environment. MATLAB is easy to use and learn, and offers and intuitive language for expressing problems and solving them. ' n 1 Dczvivfjilnofrew Bozzzfe ii ., !,- it su"-,Li '-.naw -i :iw i .. V, wiaio. , 1, ,,-'.pfq,1-N,-, 1:51,v.1,., a,,i,,vm1, w.w,,m V W - 1:,,. -Q-, -is-ry-i f. , 1 4 1. Y - ,--- . ' .- i. i it , F , V Summerville, SC Surface Warfare n Navy Blue and Gold, fight on dovvn the field. Vict'ry for us today, so set your sights for this new fray and hold the foe at bay, Fight! Fight! Fight! Un, team, and never rest, 'Till stands high that Navy Crest. Carry on Blue and Gold both in thought and action bold for a Navy Victory! A Dorviafjvloztthew 1-Brown Birmingham, AL Navy NFO -vvay football lthe vvater fountain never stood a chancel, never had so many people afraid to ride when I'm driving, CDR Carr : dancing monkey, shirt stays on a rack in plebe summer, insults on command: I should have always been a detailer, l'm a natural jerkp weekends in Doylestown tmy own room extent: hovv hard can Mech Eng. be?g stupid plebe haircutsp sea cucumberp dragging JC. Sill to class: from Marine wannabe to a functioning human social life, EP-3's or bust, I can't believe I ate a whole Dos Manos: Turnip. 63 Sounuef fomff Brown have made brothers for life. Navy Football U-I0 to IO-2, CIC X 2, Bowl games, Brotherhood, Fourth quarter workouts, Shaved heads in two-a-days, Trailer park, Thanksgiving and Christmas leavefexam day practices, Owmby puking everyday, Sam Hashbrown, Disperse, Oversize Load parties, I wish it was hotter, Playing last 5 games as a 2-I5 pound offensive tackle, Hit it up in there, Seal Team Sam, Goozle, My throat hurst why, Indian runs, Acme after games, Practice .... OVER, El Goneo, BoomBoom, HE said it, Who? Mad- rick Bababahyyyy, Meatlocker, No Limit parties, GOOBER, Puking on Tony!Gale, Bomb Shelter!Swiss Meatz, 3-0, Snarf's closet, HEY, Florida Keys with my brother, 2nd Company, Iackpot, Ocean City trip, Norfolk, USS Enterprise and Virginia Beach, Summer school's naked study hour, Summer pool times, MMAAANNNN, August and I catfishing, Greatest action story ever written still in progress, Bronco club, Spring break cruise crew, Coco Locos, Sisters from cruise, Belly flop contest, El Burieno's dollar hill in the toll machine, Angel spitting on my chest, Casey's cousinfs house, Keg race's Line of Honor, Mark's bachelor party and snorting whisky, lacksonville, S-.Vs and Iacksonville Beach, Myrtle Beach trip, Nip!Tuck, Summerffall fishing, Grandpa's cabin with fishingfskiing and suicide water ballooning, Everybody's place, Fur- niture shopping at thrift store, Getting lost at ILI, Nothing's a guarantee, Greatest Pickering, UH hugger ever, Basketball after school, Night fights at 9, Movie night, Alphabet sign game to ILlfsnowboardingfQuantico, Wayne peeing on cat, First time snowboard- Ground ing, Aghaghaghagh, I I 38-Tonyflien, Marine Corps. I thank God and my family Zachary C ofins Conortsevf irst, there was plebe year with the mouse we turned into an Airborne Ranger and I2 mile fun runs. Then came youngster year..."Only outside Zack can sit in this chair" eB.W. josh, get out of the shower. Duke: "Did you just pee in that cup?" ffHow are you doing tonight ladies?" eI.K. Army!Navy NYC: What's the deal with the dollar? Ocean City: Wrecking the Land Rover the moment we reached the city limit. Virginia Beach: Doing 360s in the Corvette...right before scattering it all over the interstate. Next came junior year with Bitter Beats, Deckplate Debauchery, and some good birthday celebrations. There was S.B. in his f'Prop- lerty of Zack Conatser" gear. Halloween: Hooters, do I need to say more? Then, finally we have senior year. Colorado: "Be Accountablelff eI.P.5 Pineapples and "I want to freeze time" ,-B.L., You better go EOD so you can't be my wingman ever again. Maryville, TN Navy Pilot .1-N Anthony Jtfkn Dijfrornco is implified Equation of My Life at USNA me + no common sense + drinking + AF 84 earings + great friends + rules and regulations : double T + black N + restriction + naked monument photos + forgotten names + McDonalds laundry night + spring break Baghdad style + way too many close calls .... so on and so forth A Systems Engineer trying to be a Poet I really don't know what to say, About my 4 year journey by the bay. I loved it, I hated it, I sure had fun, And thought this time would never come. The memories, they fill my mind, Good ones, bad ones, every kind. Even though it is time to say goodbye, And move on to a new world to try, I will stay strong, I have no need to cry, I carry new friendships that will never die. Cleveland, OH y Navy NFO L Q John Joseph Dormeffy III Randolph, Nl Navy Pilot eing called Snarf all the time isn't too bad, it's the constant "mi mi mi" that wears on you. Luckily I got Dave back by always hamstering to the shower and trying to kill him in his sleep Itwicel. Rooming with jimmy and experiencing the jelly war, golf balls through the ceiling, and extreme bobsledding - "Oh man, Iimbo's gonna be pissed" pretty much sums it up. Four years with the man from the 'Quah and there's never been a dull moment, the dynamic duo- Batman's asleep again, I couldn't have a better room- mate, that's why we just rotated everyone else out. "There's a goober in my closet," we played superdunk and endured St. john together, that's where the bond comes from, although I still had to C.oob-lock my com- puter. I.C-'s crazy quotes and capers, "All I have to do is send this guy a SI 000 money order," "I-Iey, IC., do you have class right now?" "I am pretty sweet at moonwalking huh?f' we'll all have to stay ICed up for him. Weekend trips to Baltimore with julie, becoming a country music fan, summers skiing land a little tubingi, who would have ever thought we'd come this far? All the random stuff I'll never forget - squaring away with Captain Powers and Iosh, P-way football, lack taking us to Ruth Chris for creamed spinach, Leatherneck with Tony, 'fDonnelly, you did detail." My memories will be of the people, and they will be the best memories I could imagine. I 1 1 1 Andrew jvlzcliozefjfzgom San Francisco, CA Nuclear Surface itting down to write my biography, I think back on the past four years and what this absurdly pale kid from California has learned during his time by the Severn...II I do not want to be a Marine. QI I do not want to be a pilot. 39 I do not want to be a submariner. LII I do not want to be a SWO. SI I am, unfortunately, going to be a SWO. 6I Maryland is not California and will never be California. 7I Location is inconsequential when taking the company in consideration. 8I As long as you trim the sides, you can let the hair on the top of your head grow well last Regs. QI If C-umby was ever a real person, I would be him. IOI Lurpy is not just a physical state, it's a state of happiness. I I I It is not ok to urinate where you see fit. IZI Rel- ish the highs, learn from the lows, aim for the middle-you'll be happier that way. I BI If you're playing poker and you can't spot the sucker, it's you. I4I Miles of road and air and land separate me from all my plans. 159 Of course you're alright, you're alive. I6I Though we will all go our separate ways, the 05'ers of 2nd Co will carry each other to all corners of the world. I 7I I would be nowhere without my mother, father, brother and sister. I've counted my blessings, the rest are for you. james Daniefjforafjr if 'fn . Virginia Beach, VA . Navy Pilot to make it through the academic filler to the weekends. Though we are run- ning out of days and weekends together, I know we managed to torm a bond hosed, 2. We want to hang out this weekend, and 3. Well, three, you're... ould have been ranked number one, max PRT, 4.0 GPA, but had some good times instead." True enough there, but it all worked for the best in the end. From humble beginnings as the timer for the plebe ghetto races, to the glorious finale, the good times kept on coming. Living with six other people in a six man room was fun, but I had to move on. From the ongoing take-out battle between the Asian Persuasion and the Caucasian Invasion, to providing Christopher with that o'dark thirty nightlight that he's always wanted. The firstie pick-up of A-Bakes tdespite the constant cell-phone ringing in the backgroundi completed the adventure. With Short-Round since the beginning, we got on great despite his crazy lifestyle and my dislike of foreigners. Though some might argue that we'd peaked during the hard-fought Irish Bowl victory of '04, we kept charging. Despite lying face-down in a snow bank with IC. at 4:30 AM, sleeping through P-Chem with Mill-Mill, and the constant hurdles provided by countless Cunnys, we always managed that will last through the years. How, you ask? Well, I. Wefre all pretty much 65 Kevin camstm fray i room inspections and alphas, LOI's, all joes, fat cluck-u, ranking comments, computer science classes with dr. b, afro that disgraces the naval service, sellouts, restriction, and "those rooms" or 'fthose guys". The Ugly? LT E, Gunnies, joes, restriction, adjudica- tions, the stress, long days, long nights, coming back, denied weekends, spring break restriction, and leaving all my friends. It's been the longest four years of my life and the shortest I oS total days of restriction, but I couIdn't have done it without all my friends. Respect and good luck to Bash, Goodjoe, losh R, Eck, Goob, DiFrancjoe, Ben, Ken, The General, F3 Lam, Ivlen-oni, Steve-o, Tab, my squads, and "else everybody" I missed. Ocala, FL Also, thanks to my family and friends for keeping me resilient through the hard times and celebrating the good times. Peace in the Middle East. Surface Warfare Qozk Kirk Qoocffovv II ray Guevarra, the revolution starts with one man, joes die, the resistance lives on. The Good? getting Burget fired tbest times ot' my Iifel, loving Dormo, gimping to the seven man e with all the beds taken, late night races with Rojas, chapIain's daughters, drinking parties, yp's, da bombshelta da bombshelta, 3-0, the non-joe revolutionary committee, jerk night parents weekend edition, clapping competitions, Friday night concerts, Mr. Roboto, extra leave, least number of prts, jamaica 2004, unsat hair, acme, the o-club, flor- ida state, ncaa football, navy football, and percocets. The Bad? Plebe summer, busted knees, torn ligaments, busted shoulders, three surgeries, 395 demerits QCLASS LFADERI, 60+ marched tours, weekend ineligible, being the problem of 2nd Company, loes slandering my name on the peer ranking module, sleeping thru MQF, schiesting out of NIVIF, and playing X-Box during briefs. My apologies to: I-2 for all of the push-ups in goose pellets, my roommates for hitting the snooze button six times every morning, all the Ioes for giving carry-on, and whomever else I may have offended. I'm trill...I'm a if boss...and I wanna get on. Hold me down! God is Good! Iesus Saves! Have Detroit, M1 a blessed day. Medical Corps Lawrence Hfeywmfth IV irst, I want thank my Lord and Savior lesus Christ for being better to me that I could have been to my- self. Without Him, I would not have made it this far. I must thank my family for all of the love, support, money, voicemails, care packages and kind words they sent to me for the past five years. Shout-outs: All my INIAPSters tClass of 2001 I, Gospel Choir twhen the praises go up...l, Shady types, freaks, roommates, all the nerds who ever helped me with homework, all the loes who taught me how to shine shoes, etc. To all the Joes, Remember when I was in the bottom quartile as a freshman, but BMOS as a sophomore? I can't forget my peeps from Deuce: the Boss-a-Roos. Never forget the 2003 loe Tournament, lerk Fest 2004, Ring Dance Dinner, 80s party, Friday Night Concerts, Da Bombshelta, Cluck-U, Getting "A"ed in for morning quarters, The Ivleat Locker, Else Everybody's, "Dnly in America," PMP, Phantom No-Shave Chits, Room I I27 all that, but I would like to keep in touch..." Annapolis, MD S rface Warfare 66 OMANS 8:38-39 I've said from the beginning of it all that we coulcln't have asked for a better company. It's been great getting to know each of you and you are the only reason that leaving this place is at all bittersweet. He that shall live this day, and see old age, Will yearly on the vigil feast his neighbours, And say 'To-morrow is Saint Crispianz' Then will he strip his sleeve and show his scars. And say 'These wounds I had on Crispin's day.' Old men forget: yet all shall be forgot, But hefll remember with advantages What feats he did that day: then shall our names. Familiar in his mouth as household words...Be in their flowing cups freshly rememberfd. This story shall the good man teach his son, And Crispin Crispian shall ne'er go by, From this day to the ending ofthe world, But we in it shall be remember'd. IHenry V.IV.iiiI "Hey, I don't know about Z 1 1 Christopher Lymolri 5Lfmsori, Clarks ville, TN Submarines he goat is old and gnarly and he's never been to school, But he can take the bacon from the worn out Army mule, I-Ie's had no education but he's brimming full o fight, and Psill will feed on Army Mule to- night! Army, Army call the doctor, Army, Army call the doctor, Army, Army call the doctor, You're all in down and .... .Whoal Any oats today lady? No! Ciddap! Army, Army call the doctor, You're all in down and OUT! ffs Christopher DaWi0f3f0rst Doyelsto wn, PA Navy Pilot rom arriving as a bit of a social misfit to finding all the brothers I never had it has been an interesting, fun and frustrating experience, but thatls life. I doubt I will have relationships like I had here ever again, this was the first group I have ever entered that fully accepted me This amazing group of characters has helped me grow into a man as we experience the high highs and low lows that is the Academy. From getting creative in the hall when there is nothing to do, to filming spirit spots, to marching tours in the snow lBig Hands EADI you come to learn to enjoy life as it comes to you. It has been a lifetime of experience compacted into four years and I've had a lot of fun. . Yet Gods faithfulness has gotten me here and then gotten me through, despite my numerous faults. Also thanks fellas it's been quite a ride. Remember no one can change out of a regulation uniform faster than me, no Hebrew can hustle better than me, yes I am a bit of a music snob but above all .... Respect. F- jcirnes Henry Kepper IV i New Qffeans my mates, and this place, I am prepared. Go Navy! I-Iooyah! I Submarines our years into three parts...I-Day - the beginning of a change, Attitude is everything! Thank heayens for my sponsor family. Parents Weekends were great! Summer vacations 4 best three weeks. Ring Dance-awesome! f'Wherever there is karaoke, I'll be there." Good times in the p-ways...Non Sibi, Sed Patriae...Hernclon, Army-Navy Games - feel alive! Paradise of Pearl I-Iarbor, Country concerts, intramural footballfbaseball, work outs with the buddies. IXC Year e Fighting loeys, Company Commander, Best Times! What to do? Marine, EOD, Pilot, or SLIBIvIARINE!...Keep Charging!...Ambulare Cum Honore...Fair Winds and Following Seas. Navy Blue A Cold. To my company mates and classmates: you are the best part of the Academy. You are what makes this place worth it, and I can not wait to see you again. To my family and friends: your love, thoughts, support, and prayers go so far. Every "heIIo'f, e-mail, letter, or care package was a great surprise and a bright spot in the day to get through the grind. Lastly, I want to thank God for his blessings and strengthening my faith. "For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. Then you will call upon me and come and pray to me, and I will listen to you. You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all of your heart." leremiah 29:1 I-I 3. With him, my family, 67 .Q A Honolulu, HI In telligence Brandon Cjarre tt Lam randon Clarrett I.am: Oh my god, can you just lock up your con locker already? Fastest uniform race, ever. Great, I get to room with the two guys who hate each otherg the first night in the room you and P argue over the displacement of the window blinds...I want to shoot myself. It works out in the end as P almost dies. No musit, no movies? No way! Never did think you had to turn papers in, did you? Wait, I blinked, you must need another beer. Your arm hit the con locker lock? Youngster year workouts, so good. Youngster year PRT...what happened?I Football at Lewes, bars in Annapolis, bars in DC, bars in Colorado. "Dude, check out these free drinks!" 'fYou know meg I'm smooth right?'f The million dollar smile. What is the clock in the freezer for? That is NOT a toilet. Pineapple. Clreat parents. Is that frat? You can hula? One of the most generous guys I know. When you do it, you don't quit. Loyal and honest, except to get out of drill. The only person I know who can consciously spend ten hours editing a single I photo in Adobe but can't find time to do a term paper. Incredible photo editor. Surfer. Hawaiian. Navy Intel? Catch your ride, and stay off the reef. BLam, he came, he saw, he played PS2. Loved by all for the right reasons. Thanks for I everything B, keep smiling. Danieflee Martinez Jr Socttsdale, AZ Navy NFO o my family: Monica, Maria, Dominic, and especially my Mom and Sponsor Mom, thank you for the support during my time at the Academy. I don't think I could have made it through without all of your support and Melinda's meals, "Mmmmm, that smells really goodff To the lrwins, Mckeowns, Moshof- skys, and Gradys I don't think anyone is so blessed with such great extended family. Nadine and Hutch, you're grandparents to me. Hutch, thanks for all the stories. No matter how many times I have heard them they were always entertaining. Stefani, thanks for your guidance and patience. Finally, my 5 year fast track is done. Ethan and Ioel, we spent 4 years beating each other up for boxing, it was a great time. Although, I think my brain is going to be a lot better off. Who would have thought 4 years at an Ivey league level school and I will probably finished with less brain cells than I started. Dave, you're a brother to me, I donft think I could have put up with any other roommate for 4 years. Y I I I I I I I I l I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I jlflicfzae fjoftn Miller I Cedar Falls, IA Surface Warfare 68 he proudest Iowan on the face of the earth meets the east coast. Dude do you even have water in Iowa? 'fTell me you didn't Cat that toast! Living proof you can live on S2 a month. You don't need to study for that. How hard could the MCAT's possibly be? Scandals notwithstanding, we still were the only unde- feated P-way football team. Why are you riding your bike in our room, and what is that crap you're watching? If studying I8 hrs a day and wearing biking shorts were cool, Mill Mill would have been the bomb. Hey man, at least you got nice legs. Most guys couldn't get away with that. You're taking what? Great, I'm living with Erkel and a communist spy. For the last time, you can't wear a grandmother. A babushka is a freaking hat! If you ever compare sailing to the Tour again, you're going to go have to find a new roommate. Mill Mill, Mill to the Ill, Killa Milla, Mikey. Does anyone just call you Mike? Dude, just go. There's no one out here at this hour. Fellas, It's been an exciting four years. There's rarely been a dull moment with you all around. Good luck. If you're ever in Iowa, you're always welcome at my house. A Go Navy rand ISUI, beat everyone Ibut especially Iowal. I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I .I... N., ,Vv,V john Adam Joseph Tietfczynski Chicago, IL Navy Pilot l lebe Year: "Sir, please don't send me to Regimental Tables." I don't like spiders too much anymore. Have you ever been thrown out of King Hall by the BC as a plebe, I have. Youngster Year: Brian Wa- nazack, a good roommate, he accidentally stabbed me, but a good roommate. "Hay P, do you have an extra rack in here?" -IG "jimmy can you help me air out the room! I just blew up Iefffs fan!" Zfc Year: Not another roommate. "Allen, Lili called." "Seriously its not that cold in here." It was a peaceful year, except when Ouimet came into the room. "Sorry about the tooth jeff, I thought it was a great light." "Fr. who's the sucker you're asking to fill that billit? VVhat, Me! This will not end well." 1fc Year: Interning in the OCCL at the DOD-IC's office, a good alternative to a fleet cruise. "Sure, I'd be happy to room with the new guy." I actually got a direct order to go to Noon Meal Formation at least once a week. "l'll meet you guys there in a min, first let me scrape the ice off my window. Oops." I learned that if you put enough paperwork on someonefs desk you will eventually get what you want. This is a picture of my brother Thomas and me in the summer of '85, its one of my favorites. 5 . Steven Robin Tocfmovfe I,-. ,. . , , V . V VV V V tri ., . -fr A . ,,.. , , . LV . .. . ,t , .., ,, ,,., . ,,,, j V, V V V W , V V , V V V F V V V V V V . Issaquah, WA USMC Pilot hat did USINIA give this joe? Four years with Snarf the boy wonder from the 3-Zo to the Ohettog couldn't ask for better. Saint: a friend to the end, always there and gave me the couch while he got on. 3 Days Spirit Spots, masterful direction and an even better cast. 3 stripes, fair winds to my friends in The Deuce tBen did all the workl. Training by Shane Todd: the best. Extreme bobsledding and cockroaches hooyah, sorry limbo. Goobed up fishing pole, ceiling tiles, closet door, head and face but gotta love him. "I want you to meet a friend ofmine, dad. His name is Antoine." Singapore sunburn with a Shiesty Say Tan, thanks for the wisdom pal. "This door will cost 5250... 3500... f5700..." Bill Ieff in Texas and tell him he is missed. Wake me up for formation tmake sure I am wearing pants this timel. Cutty Cruisin for the bad part of town "Oh, I think we found it."- Fencin' Fjord and Hustlin' Horst on board. Dave-Matt-Turnip Brown, get off that manfs boat. Figs, we'll always have plebe summer. I love you too, Tony. A-Bakes is the weapon ofchoice. Mill to the Ill finally chill. Brandon, it's frostbite. Rojas, put a shirt on. I held down DCJood. Fraydo, gimme the mike. With courage, any- , ' thing is flammable... anything. Stay IOed up. Call me Podnuttz. My achieve- ment is the friends I made along the way. I love my mom and dad. Joseph jfufkeifson Preston I Ve,-0 Beach, Fl- have a clean room but always a thalfl empty bottle. Don't just aim, but hit. Navy Pilot IVV: Rooms 5340, 3135, 3052, 1137, and 1116. Three and a half years as roommates... Room 5340: Bash, the Greek Ciod statue, civvies at Double-T, passed out in the pool bathroom, Bash's mouth foam- ing, condition Circle Preston, up after TAPS with only shoes on, naked Bash running at Ray. Room 3135: Bitter-natser, "Pig skewers," living next to Speller, spritzing Rosie's hand, Duke and a Beirut flayoring distraction, almost the mid of the month and Paul Nicholasf letter, ArmyfNavy in NYC. Room 3052: "3-0," tha Bombshelta, Boys to Micls boy-bancl, Antoine Feltcher, late nights in the hallway talking. Room 1 137: Hooters outfits, "Bitter Beats," Barbie Girl dancing, showering with Zack, Ring dance, the LOI, birthday spankings, hanging out with Babs, only "outside Zack" allowed, THE FLIRT. Room I1 10: The four-man palace with Blammer and Men-oni, "Good Dudes," Air Force game in Colorado where "time froze," the in- famous shoulder stare, a belligerent pineapple who you told "to be accountable" and a hamper in the street. Five rooms. Three and a half years. l could not ask for a better friend. Ergo biba- mus. Tri-team from Osprey onward. McDs before Gulf Coast, Peanut jokes, the random Asian TV show we couldn't stop laughing at. Pete: e-bay consultant. BS: Ancient Greek? "Let's look at his splits!" Matthew Clay, IMFL, my hero. Yeah, let's be pilots, screw SpecVVar. To the team: a great family: may we never 69 joshua LocEwoocfTaufRoj0Ls ij Sacramento, CA Surface Warfare on't ever tell anybody anything. If you do, you start missing everybody."-Holden Caulfield. Should have kept my mouth shut, I love you all. To my Mommy, Papa, Sister, and Nick R., I can't say it all to let you know how I feel-for Clranpa. The life possible starring Aunt Carol, Uncle lim, Billy, Chris, Molly, Steph and my Davy my Lewis - God sent me my saving graces. 40's in the car, trigger pulls with Figs, Antione Felcher, Capt. PcmwersfSnarfzsquared away, everything Podnuttz, LIFE with Gale, making fun of Gale with Rev, "Uh man, Ciarin's gonna be pissed", I-IFY CJUOBI Ryan, Karl, Richie, rugby fellas-Icensoredl. Af- ter four years of high school, one year of NAPS, and four years at the Naval Academy we have been through everything imaginable. We started our rugby in high school together and are ending them here in college together. I can not remember a time that you were not there for me, and for that I thank you. You have been more than my best friend, after nine years you are my brother. I know Aunt lane, Papa Ioe, Nick, Katie, and especially your grandfather are proud of you. I know I am proud of you. My first time ice-skating and our favorite picture, King Hall dates and Mangia's. I knew Samba Pa Ti and you can play it. We smiled, we laughed, we cried, and time can pass by but some things do not change. VVith love, CB Dmficffab S t jllubin Ishpeming, MI etting IC. to move out. The Hazetrain vs Chucky Baby and Paul Iya seen my reefer? Itfs cold outside and you made me march another tourl. 2 months of Halo. The top IO IC. rants. Only the alcohol burns off, it won't hurt. Please to get ride to Baltimore. A.I. - dude don't wake up her roommates. Slapping MB, unstoppable pway receiver with the turkey. FFII with LC. and Fjord. No, you can't see my menu. Stealing the covers. Why don't you like me Snarf, and why'd you try to kill me again last night? Two birthday "parties" Nobody liked the honor poster anyvvays. The slouch. The 80's party, karaoke. Lightsaber noises. The cutty and the ghetto. Tunuk Tunuk. It's not that hard. Agent Pizzle. Turkey Bowl and Notre Dame Bowl. The Yeti. Mech IE just plain sucks. All I want for Christmas is: Il to be left alone and not par- ticipate in anything, 23 more girls in company. Don't be gay, sir. Skating in Dahlgren. I don't have time for this. As worthless as a bag of goldfish. As soon as I checked her in I checked the squad list. Mom: Wow, you vveren't kidding, you really do have the best friends in the world. Yeah, but they can still FAD. Navy Pilot Sozyyong Tan I Singapore Singapore Navy 70 oronto Orlando London aikido sasebo Lilburn Singapore 'Quah SF Carribean Sth Batt SK IFK 50... please to give ride to Baltimore? Dude popeyes- I have the munchies! Love you- MRP, Prof Schneider is a jerk. Dude, this might be a VI nah, I think it's more like a 4 or S... got mono from who? Can't hurt all that bad, percocet. Dude, wake up, your late to the meeting, go get your ovvn GHS fruit! five yards! 3-I highs and lows. Why did we break that CD! The SingaporefArkansas connection, the best Chief of Stuff ever, thanks for everything.-Arkansas. What Singapore Navy? Sir, money is good stuff, sir... Yoda... Rockfish season in the Bay... 92 Ieep Wrangler... Little snowboarding incident... cammie sleeves too tight, had to cut them... "FIe's off at Georgetown' '... take it Ottthertable, understand... run away! Golden dragon nights and waffle house mornings, coffee sweet white and strong, off at a meeting. Aksala is Alaska spelt backvvards... vve'reout soda again... uwa jimaya joys and ski liberty lows- "only ever off the yarcI"L:. 'your fuizyt head. Shiesty? Nah... eye cream for what! that's kinda weird man. Mike'l6elrll3nid.whrJ? bikes on a Honda element, this isn't Chinese food? Last names come first, Tan,lSay' Yong. had good times here, if you go Westpac, give me a call in Singapore fsayyonglanwtgmaiI.coml, will be in till 2012 at least. Thanks to all the company, bosses and sensei, remember la resistance! .f"""nx 'Vzctorwl Anne QTHTOCQTWLOTTOTL ,,,.,., ..,..,,.,.. sw.. .,,. ,V... . .. .,... .. ...,, .. .W .. . .. . . .. . .. .. .. .. .. . . ff 5 I I jf r ,I I. Ann Arbor, MI Navy Pilot ranium, organization masters, Eddie Izzard. Crazy people understand crazy people. insane cats, key stealing ferrets. As long as they don't touch! 4 Superintendents, 5Commandants, and 5+ coaches with: locker room "talks'f, crazy New Years clebaucheries, butt pinching. Team rumors and fateful shower in- cident. Always 2 beer Tori to me! Work on that tolerance for flight school donft marry someone you met over the internet. "Hi, are you a flyer?", best of friends, "mandatori'f not mandatory. Valentines when monkey left, matching skirts. Shower buddies! HAHA! laughter, tears, dirty dunks, whispering, blowing bubbles, splitting "our" lane, Hcome see my outfitns, "wait...what are we doing??", the swimming bunnies, the butterflyfhump kick, look! VVhat's he doing?? tsight just walking... the "we're so hot", "guess what i did?" "who?", "weeenaaahsI"s I love you girl...yeah, i think i forgot something in ' your room. hello, awkward...oooh, blackberriesl drunken bowling. wanna go on a jacuzzi ride? hiccup! interesting how much we resist. don't you dare smile! stop say- ing what i say! sparkles. hiccup! companionship? pah! is THAT for me? massages. .. ' j don't let them talk to you like that. did you hear the bubbles? cheers...your turn. mys- K I A terious rugburns. hiccup! another memory replaced, another memory sewn. thanks we- ' 's'1"" for making me smile, thanks helping me be me again. here's to all the firsts that lay -...,.....,., ag, in our path, here's to all the lasts that died in our wake. let love walk the tightrope, . ' thank you for letting me love you. ...are we done YET? I 'B Benjamin Jounes Wyant s D Q Boulder, C O Nuclear Surface hree and a half years together. I lived with you in the pre-Heather-In-Annapolis era when the videos we made were on my webcam and included Ancly's Greek obsession. You've always known that pictures were worth a thousand words, and in many cases, a thousand laughs. ..like the one of you after the Tan- ning Bed incident or the good-bye shots for Amy. All the way through, youfve been a great roommate and a better friend, it's been a privilege. Master Instigator, cameraman extraordinaire, drinking buddy, frostbite memories recorder, consummate hair trimmer, you work out now?, where's Ben? Oh yeah...at Heather's. hey, cool, let's hang out. I'll wear a thong for you anytime. A member in good standing of the jerk club, go be a jerk. Could you not do that in the shower, please? Remediation for Bitternaster including country music time, "I love it when you do that right turn", Lewes, obsessive women, your advice e be a jerk. I can't believe you threw those clothes in the street- a stroke of genius. Coors to the core. Long talks in our racks. Who can be the most random? Yes, Andy, that is my butt. Driving back from Duke we found out we were brothers who would stick together, regardless of the conse- lquences. Thanks for getting me off the bathroom floor, you're almost as shiesty as me. Best friend for 3 and M years and counting. Do good things. -IFP 71 Christine Ann Iillcnhurg Lcannc Rae .Ici'i'crson Thomas Clayton M c Lcmorc Shawn hlllp Xin L Dx um Umm 1 nu N UIILHSUI1 D llx N10xshuLiLl Allhlll Nummsxu Roliu Slug! Vkllll IIN Splunk Thomas Tugun .,' .lf .l x 1 u I I 1 I N H RD July 1st, 2001. 41 prolific high school graduates from around the country tand one shady Honduranj begin a journey that will challenge their minds, their heads, and also their brains. Only 33 will make it to graduation. ln the last four years we've seen it all...floods, blizzards, Red Sox taking out the Yankees in the World Series, a combined demerit total nearing 2000, winless football seasons turned into Top 25 standing and a bowl victory. The Class of 2005 also leaves behind the dis- tinction of opening two bars on The Yard. Despite everything we've seen as a company, and as a band of brothers and sisters, nothing could have shaped our Academy experience more profoundly than the events of September 11, 2001. Just months after we put our hands in the air, swearing to tsupport and defend the Constitution against all enemies, both foreign and domestic," the worst attack on American soil in history took place. Ours is a very important purpose, we must lead this nation and the men and women of it's armed forces through some of the darkests days our country has seen. l-lowever, there is promise in our future, and there is 76 much promise in the men and women I have come to know as more than just friends, but as my brothers and sisters. Each and every one of us, from the f'Set-Asides" to the frequent gold-star wearing members of the Supt's list, have made it through an experience that, I think, was a lot tougher at times than some give it credit for, and have proven that we have what it takes to accomplish great things. On lVlay 27, 2005, we will graduate from Third Company sev- en SWO's, three submariners, two intel officers, one EOD officer, eleven naval aviators, seven Marine Corps 2nd Lieu- tenants, and one Army Higgess. Some will continue their education at graduate school, one will go back to Honduras and do...whatever he does there, and an unfortunate few will be trading vows and going on honeymoons tpossibly having kids, which is frighteningj. The real truth is that many of us have a good chance of seeing combat within just a few years. Good luck, stay safe, and always remember that if we run into each other somewhere...the drinks are on me. - KJ r l , K nL,'7su ', U YH! D 9,2- ,yA f" WIIHJ EMF. H55 .QW ,. ? X47 U2 Y 1,1 V , -z rw F ,I I W Q 0 H fs 7 . 1' , , W Mm , X 0 mhz'-tl-5-:' m fri? fi' LF 'f' AQ 5 f Bi 1 iam: Rapid City, SD USMC Pilot J e jjfrey james Barnes i ur favorite member of the vast right-wing conspiracy, the girls just love your fish analogy, especially the younger ones. lust make sure that you avoid our friend lose. You wouldn't be satisfied with your haircut till the side of your head was bleeding. Thanks for being the quiet hero. Not many people can see the man behind the curtain. leff "the tool bag" Barnes. You came to us with a different last name and an ultra-motivated personality. You leave us...well...with a new last name. We've had some good times. From drooling over ladies to celebratory drinks for passing the PRT, finishing exams, or just because we can, you've provided hours of entertainment. Weapons was a blast. I almost succeeded in getting you to realize there is more to life than the Corps. Congrats on getting Marines. Even though our con- versations are occasionally somevvhat less than cordial tsometimes down right hostilet, I have more respect for you than most. Keep working hard and you'll do well. Best of luck, Nut. From hangin out on the weekends to gettin me out of bed early to make sure you rock out on the PRT we had some good times and you were always there when I got in a bind, a very selfless guy with the qualities of a true good friend. Bush '04, Papa. And for me, lite here hasn't always been the best, but it's been the biggest blessing of my life thanks to Nut, Mike, Roland, Mac, Matt, Emma. ii i N x 1 J 1 jtfltcnaef D Shaun Brnnage Q Birmingham, AL U.S. Army Armor Hanford, CA Navy Pilot 78 a Higgess, College Park, the fire alarm, stuck in elevator, Clip pees himself, changing clothes in Christy's car, sprint from St. johns parking lot, Clip, DW, Higgess, Waynerunstoppable four-man, Weeclo hitting pole at dead sprint, bus flips...everybody's doing them, DW slashing losh for Katie, Plebe EOL formations, Thorp's basement, Preakness-coolers and handouts, Gur enemy at Scottie's, 4th quar- ters, Birmingham procreation company, grad parties, toe licking, like a tiger, my favorite month, foosball vic- tory, two-a-days:misery, late night call from Yamee, Adam and Waynefs boarding lessons, think outside the Mox, we lost Corbin, we lost Weedo, we gained IU girls and lames P, Preakness-buffet you want my meat? Steak and egg breakfast, Meat Locker, Ice Luge on my head, naked study hour, two a days-9 pounds in one practice, Spring break-2 in one night, The Burner, extra week of 4th quarters sweet, road trips, Lane never pukes, my nemesis, Houston Bowl, Brian puking on pool table, Greek goddess, Wildwood with Speicher, foam parties and digital probing, pool parties at V's, OL, Nose shots at Mark's bachelor party, gnome invades Halloween bash, hit I it up in there, Emerald Bowl, knownothing 9pm fights with jeremy and Wayno, Severn high, cheers to Higgess, Serena Williams, Twins, Burner, Rugby, Asians, Old, young, lulia...Damn it feels good to be a gangsta... X Scott Whitman Ckvefanaf R M-Onefonly Supreme Allied Cruvmaster was created at the Cleveland base of operations where numer- ous unsuspecting Bears met their fate and I forgot how to put my pants back on. Panama City: Roadtrips, Aeronautical Discussions, and Fight Cherries. I will miss my shady friend, the only man shaclier than me. WC-brothers through a bishop, King, Ice cream breath, Iceland!Amsterdam trip, PC -Globe, Australian for ..., Restriction fight c lub PR- Spotters and having, our Eat Tuesday Crazy 2 I st BP-Found love on a Nicara- guan hammock MIJ- making you an allstar with my catches, yearly shots on phantom SA trip, Frenchman of the murder mystery night, NWB's biggest fan Zfc year, Always willing to buy everyone a round, doesn't smile in pictures, had to be carried to his room on his 21st Bday, cutting the workouts short, songs at donolans, Bumming at the Globe, Rugby trips, the only time you'll cry, long dinners in KH, teaching you to be a man in the gym, talking more than lifting, you're a great friend, a brother CV-ml, crimsonfclover, kansas, dancing techno, starburst j.beans, r.dance:perfection, bdaysfdrunk words, barfing in H the bong, youngster parties in the basement, dedicated rugby fan, tim mcgraw, mexico, favorite orange shirt, meetingcfltmitscher, little italyfan awesome three days, learning to love country in houston, Louisiana, my sisterffriencls check- ing you out at the pool, my mountain man, 22Olbs baby, my nemesis: x-box, memoriesffrglobe...and many more to come. Best of luck in the future...I know you will be incredible. all of my love- cav 'Biomed Nicok Lorrayne Curtis 1 jacksonville, FL Navy Pilot ikki, B, BigNik, Twin, DQ, II41, Bianchi, Nikki-Chickie, REPORT girl...goocl thing I had all of these names since I never went by my real one! From Kilo to Free 19 to the 3rd Reich, I mean Herd, to Brigade Academics never a dull moment. From Em's 21 st in the bathroom as plebes 64 constant burn- ing canclles-luv ya girl, AnnieO's Amish buggies, Grimmfs George Foreman, Sab's C-walking, YPBBU-minority watch section, youngster alphas bfc of civvies, GlvI's superstar guitar playingtI'm still not gonna singli, Mexi- can cafe Ivlargaritas w! Em, Hil-my identical twin according to lvIajA and favorite Target shopping partner, 21st at Acme, Clubbin with the Fly Divas-Teketlvly Twin 8t Girl Foreverll, Neazy, A, Cyntmuc h luv girlli, is Nik-Nik, NYC trips with the Blue Crew, to chillin with the 'fFam"-Kristalways with the pharmacyli Rizzle, 24. Sina. Can't forget about NWB-my "Teammates"-KK8tBry, 4 different coaching staffs, Scout Team, guarding the "athletic" girls, my FLA Girls, 3 days of leave, Hawaii, tit pre-season wi sleds... got nothing but love for yall! Summer school craziness-rooming with "" Brielle8tKristen, Hil 84 ivIon's visits, wearing Eskimo gear in june 64 Eclipses with Bri. And...No, Prof Curtis isnft my dad! To all those I leave behind-esp. Kris, Peppers, 84 Shim-keep holdin it down for 7th Batt! I have to thank my family for everything especially during these past 4 yrs, you helped me pull through. And last but definitely not least, I have to thank God for blessing me so in so many ways. Philippians 4:13 flvlattiiew Thofrsen Zigoosito Oakland, CA USMC Ground ikki, B, BigNik, Twin, DQ, 1141, Bianchi, Nikki-Chickie, REPORT girl...good thing I had all of these names since I never went by my real one! From Kilo to Free 19 to the 3rd Reich, I mean Herd, to Bri- gade Academics never a dull moment. From Em's 21 st in the bathroom as plebes 8 constant burning canclles-luv ya girl, AnnieO's Amish buggies, Grimm's George Foreman, Sab's C-walking, YP689-minority watch section, youngster alphas bfc of civvies, GIvt's superstar guitar playingtI'm still not gonna singll, Mexi- can cafe Ivlargaritas w! Em, Hil-my identical twin according to lvIaiA and favorite Target shopping partner, 21st at Acme, Clubbin with the Fly Divas-Teketlvly Twin 84 Girl Foreverll, Neazy, A, Cyntmuch luv girlli, tk Nik-Nik, NYC trips with the Blue Crew, to chillin with the "Fam"-Krislalways with the pharmacyll Rizzle, 24. Sina. Canft forget about NWB-my ffTeammates"-KK8tBry, 4 different coaching staffs, Scout Team, guarding the "athletic" girls, my FLA Girls, 3 days of leave, I-Iawaii, 84 pre-season wf sleds... got nothing but love for yall! Summer school craziness-rooming with Brielle8tKristen, I-Iil 84 Monfs vis- its, wearing Eskimo gear in June 84 Eclipses with Bri. And...No, Prof Curtis isnft my dad! To all those I leave behind-esp. Kris, Peppers, 84 Shim-keep holdin it clown for 7th Batt! I have to thank my family for everything especially during these past 4 yrs, you helped me pull through. And last but definitely not least, I have to thank God for blessing me so in so many ways. Philippians 4:13 jvlclntoslijfevin Ziweffll .. . .,,.. V ,,,, .. . . . . .. . . Clin ton, MD Surface Warfare ake the time to plan ahead. All worth while things come from hard work and careful planning. Neyer underestimate the power of dreams and the influence of the human spirit. We are all the same in this one notion: The potential for greatness lives within each of us." "Your entry can decide how you exit. Your exit will be remembered longer than your entry." "Champions do not become champions in the ring. They are merely recognized in the ring. Their becoming happens in their daily routine. We can all ask for more opportunities or we can decide to make the most of the ones we already have. I can tell you for sure, the latter course will always produce results." "Winners talk about their opportunities, losers discuss their obstacles. Focus on the opportunities men, not the obstacles, and never iustify failure. Today is a good day to get better."--Bruce Burnett ME: I got through the 10 meter jump the same way I got through the Tarzan assault course. DL: I-low is that? ME: I told myself that the worst thing that could happen was me slipping, falling on my head and breaking my neck. DL: Thanks. That makes me much .,.,.. less nervous. 79 C liristicma Marie jffoeck aby Clirl. Tequila + Peru : true love. I.il' Suga A Suga Mama. Wrappingeany little sausagel' The one word to sum her up is "determined," This girl will keep fighting and never give up. Never forget our pals e Maveric k, Iceman, or Paris. tiraziness at the hangar club with the girls, Grams, Aunt Paula, Anna, and Mom, Red Barons, "special" straw toppers, drunk "Happy New Years," softball trips, my first ride in the leep, my last ride in Cihad's neon, never riding or being able to get IN his huge truck, shooing away the cats, hearing C'ody's voice for the first time, partyin' with Annals friends, late night walmart shopping, looking out into the audience and seeing you, the day with the marines, passing the finish line, Maryland tailgaters, BBBS, I'arent's weekend and most of all just all the times we chilled. This isn't the end, but only the beginning of a lifelong friendship. I love you Blings, sMOOches. "She's my Catcherl talways will bel. 'Hanger club? -no, I'll stay here and wait for you' pl 'Thanks for the ride in your huge truck Chad, but I think we need to get back for formation -don't know how we'll explain that we got this huge thing stuck in a ditch'. My family away from home. Night runs. You, me and the hill :I -Motivatorll Thanks for being there for me when I needed you! -couldn't ask for a better friend. Love ya, Chellie. I fBorn To Fly' Song 2fIeAP Charlotte Hall, MD Surface Warfare K Wlitcrle If Dawicfjfury Q itch Fury is a man composed almost entirely of protein supplements. A man who will shoot you if you drive below Q0 MPH in downtown Annapolis while at the same time drinking a 64 oz. cof- fee, listening to lourney, and belting out any number of Dice quotes. He spends at least 98W of his time finding ways to simply forget that there is work to be done. He's most certainly a man of "mystique", a loyal friend, and one who lacks any shred of seriousness. Moose I don't like my spot. Bill, I didn't know we didn't .... anymore. Meat, you're morally un-refinecl and a great spelling-B champ. Sabs, what does that mean? Barny, you smell good and wild rhinosaurus nose beats national defense service medal everytime. Miosi is one good lookin Korean man. Nate, when you woke up today did you ask yourself if you wanted to be a champion? I'll fight you. Rex will forever be in effex. Chris, ya naught, allou, ya down. Espo, rock on braw. Bones, deny deny counter-accuse, deny. Pat you're an all-American. Billy likes soda and youthful unclergarments. Maria, I'm hooked on your Calculus. "I bet you wouldn't be thinking about those Fossil jeans if a Tyrannasaurus Rex was chasing you down Times Square." We will forever be in a bubble-world Red. Efficiencies and in- conveniences. Droogs will always ride, ride the white horse. Sean, Alex, john, I Brad, Brandon, the legacy lives on. Mom Dukes, Iohn, Dan, Charlie, I couldn't Annapofis, MD have done it with out you. I Surface Warfare Rofomofo Qczbrief Guerra A rrrrrolando, my swim buddy .... so they actually chose up to be pilots. Who woulda thought back in P.S. with 3rd squad and OB we woulda made it this tar?? Keep on bustin through your t-shirts, driving your thanks for all of the Spurs updates! Fly High!-NC. One word: Hermanito-ET. The most stressed guy i got to l of it.-IM. You really wrecked my parent's house man, they'll never let me forget about that thahal. But you've been one helluva guy, hardest worker I know...but it all paid off. I look forward to seeing you soaring out . 3 l . fly you have to grow wings. And to grow wings you have to go through a tough road of experience. And once you get your wings you have to flap...hard. And finally, the only way to fly is from the shoulders of your friend. Thanks guys. I couldn't fly without you. San Antonio, TX Navy Pilot 80 I . . . I truck Ieven though you still never gave me my lessonll, and working on your swimminglhahall. Oh and I know here. He is what i call a Mexi-CAN. Im glad you got what you wanted bro, you deserve every little bit I there in Cod's reat blue fonder. -KI. And so, I came here to fly. And I learned that to . - at .,w, , ,A .-, ,M it e ,X-tv.,i,rx.,-,-yblg ,i,l'1:!vkywx.v,.. , .V V il .t ,. . Qc.-3,1 f x,.':f - fy g ' .fEfvere tt.5Lfeof1fick ,V .Q ,,d, M y .,,, ,, VY P , ,, M ., W V, I, , , ,,,, V . :,' , ,I , . , ,. .i. V ,.. .,. . , . V I. A .X . . . A V 1 U A LaPorte, TX Navy Pilot . .Ma va,+r4MrsasfuH,,., s - ww,,,.a..s.Nf,... fn, Bismarck, ND Navy Pilot ,-at-VN,---..a ...w,c,...,v-M,.,,. N..-...,.,. .V ,,.. .I A HW. u.. utsicle of a dog, a book is a man's best friend, but inside a dog, it's too dark to read." -Groucho Marx 59' JO-wfhflffsis Wayne igh Knees Heyne from Nooorrth Dakooota. In short, he tends not to think of anyone other than him- self. He takes pleasure in watching his roommate dig through the fridge looking for the last Sunkistg the one that he just drank. In spite of his hairy buffalo tendencies, he will always be the first to find the warmest sleeping bag when backpacking through the snow. Also a wonderful snowboarding instructor, provided you already know how to board and can keep up with him on your first trip down the mountain. Secretly he's always wished he was from Texas where they have flags instead of flaigs. He will always be remembered for his Plebe Summer performance of "Zorro, Fuive, Throy, Zorro, Zorro, Zorro!! Maybe it's the accent, but itfs probablyjust the layer ofdrool caked to hisface throughout the night. He E . . err. . can paint any picture using honey and chest hair, but most of his best work is inspired by s the hallucinations he has immediately after satisfying his coffee addiction at the closest i gas station. On a slightly different but no less accurate note, a true mountain-man...his I love for Nature is superseded only by his love for the Man who created it all. He is a man who seeks the Lord and is determined to walk in His way. Although he is the '05 class- mate most likely to retire to the woods after his commitment, he will touch lives wherever he goes. Keep Choppin away Ioe, and never lose that accent! ,Y .. , X jfreafric 5-fubebos Portage, Ml USMC Ground Y . Y c why I was fortunate enough to know them. DOLCE ET DECORUM EST PRO PATRIA MQRI or a man whose goal in life is to be subjugated by beautiful women, Ian has done quite well for himself. Not a lot of people will spontaneously determine that penguins are the golden children of the earth, or all of the sudden decide to pick up surfing, or randomly plan a trip to South America. Heed is guar- anteed to make some off-the-wall comment that will have you rolling. Don't worry dude, no matter how much of a chocolate milk fiend you are, we won't leave you. Being you're roommate for the last three Years is truly something special. I will be forever grateful for the loyalty you have shown throughout these last four years. Ian Hulsebos stands for what he believes regardless of whether it is popular. He is a man of integrity as well as a man with an unusually large head. Go and be the hard-as-nails Marine that you need to be, Go to Harvard, and most importantly, stay strong in your faith. Then when you have finally arrived as the owner ofthe Cubs, save me a box. I will never forget my brief moment with Mical, my Israeli shillelagh, whom Ilearned a considerable amount of compassion for the struggles that some of us quietly endure. I will always cherish my time with Liv and El ssa Palmer The are two beautiful women and I will never understand 81 Alford, FL Navy Pilot Jerry 'Wayne Irons HS VP, College Park, fire alarm, stuck in elevator, Clip pees himself, changing in Christy's car, sprint from St. lohns parking lot, Clip, DW, Higgess, Waynezunstoppable four-man, Weedo hitting pole at dead sprint, bus flips...everybody's doing them, knifing in losh's back, EOL formations, Thorp's basement, Preakness-coolers and handouts, Our enemy at Scottie's, -Ith quarters, PC Spring break, grad parties, bath- room lk, tag team back again, like a tiger, my favorite monthfchess piece, smarter from troll, afternoon bal- lin, foosball victory, twtm-a-days:misery, late night call from Yamee, jedi pimp, Adam and Wayne's boarding lessons, Mox, we lost Corbin and Weedo, we gained ID girls and Iames P, Preakness-laundry and pasta, you want my meat? Steak and egg breakfast, Meat Locker, Ice Luge, naked study hour, Wayne son ofWilliam, Aar- on son of Hector, Sam son ofleff, two a days-I I pounds one practice, Spring break-8 in two days, jason and large inmate, Will gets record, The Prophet, extra week of 4th quarters, road A A trips, Lane neyer pukes, nemesis, Houston Bowl, Brian puking on pool table, I Greek goddess, Wildwood with Speicher, foam parties, Maxim model:psycho, pool parties at V's, OL, Nose shots at Mark's bachelor party, YPfs with Pat, Is- I notta and loey, princesses, Zeta Tao Alpha Exec. package, gnome invades Hal- loween bash, cabin water balloon launching, hit it up in there, Emerald Bowl, everyone's daughter, chatmaster, , knownothing flpm fights, Severn high, cheers to Higgess, pimpcuts, Coach Wayno, cheez its, movie night, random parties, keg in hurbon, wine and cigars in espana, prowlersfPS2 Ke ith Anthony johnson Forest Hill, MD Navy Pilot .bell...more Kejo. "I have fought, laughed and even cried with this guy. Stuck eith to some, KI to others, but Keio to all who know him. A crazy little Irishman who loves the greater pleasures of life. Can always be counted on to produce a great time. YPs, Dropkick Murphys, jigs at Castlebay, skydiving, sleigh-riding on Hospital Point, road trips to NYC, all-nighters and barbeques on Mrs. Dana's back porch, a new ex-girlfriend is always nice, join the sailing team to pick up girls, quit the sail- ing team to pick up girls, re-join the sailing team to pick up girls. Lay low, stay under the radar then shock the conduct world is his style. A little shady, usually quiet, always smiling and trying to make you smile, too. Can't keep a good man down. Despite evidence to the contrary, rely on Keith to get things done when the going gets rough. This guy never stops. Although his service selection changed more times than his working blue shirt in a year, a great career awaits him in Naval Aviation. With his wit he brings smiles, with his tall tales woven for our pleasure he brings desire. Desire for more. Not more cow- together through the good times and the bad. He's always been there for me I and God knows I've needed his help. In a few words he is the friend that got me through this and the only reason...THE ONLY REASON I think white gringo kids are not that badff Dayiofjitnvfrew Lee Tulsa, OK Submarines 82 ross Billy Clraham with Britney Spears and throw on Steve Llrkel's wardrobe. In essay form, the answer would be Davy Lee. Although he may dress and write perfect "Pink", it's still only worth IO points in Scrabble. Though LSU and USC have moved his heart to tears, congratulations to his ZW which will last through all the years. 'Ht Davy "The Bat" Lee... killer dance moves and dedicated submariner. You have one of the oddest tastes in movies and music that I have ever heard, and it is always entertaining. It's been a great 5 years of odd sound emanating from the room and various insanities. You and Erica will be happy together, I wish you the best of luck, and don't forget your roots, f'Squirrel" and "the Heed"! Davy was my room mate for three years, and our friendship has come far. Both outwardly and inwardly Davy and I are very different, but that will never be important. Although Davy is a man of strong moral bearing, he can handle any prank or joke, and return it with an act of his own. After the many weekends, and summers we spent together at the Wasser'stour sponsor parentsl, my only wish is that we could have more time to be friends. BAR, IAH, AEZ, IEH I i l l A I f I Westminster, MD Navy Pilot P. Il I K. XV. Rn Y C hfton Qczssman Lennon xfs.,, . ! HE MACHINE! To the outside world he is believed to be the golrlen boy, so much so that they published an article about his accomplishments in the football program. But the laxers of 'OS know him better as The Predator. Although nearly flawless on the lax field, Clifton "Clipper" Lennon puts his best game face on when he is on the hunt, late night wherever he set up shop. Always a good Samaritan, Party Man will never forget Clipper's generosity in helping him wash the vomit off his soiled, drunken body, if Party Man actually remembers it. You truly are the machine, no one could have survived a ZI st birthday celebration like yours. No human anyways, that's why you are The Machine! When teamed up with the forces of Upstate NY, the Pride of the MIAA was able to turn out an internet clirtstar. But he was alright because "The Doc" chec ked him out and cleared him to play. A man of few words, in closing, here are some of his infamous quotes: Find itl, Because I'm a effing Rockstarl, You with these guys...didn't think so, I am the lizard king, THIS IS THE END. Christopher Thomas Lofhni I W ur resident expert on eastern philosophy and all things mystic. What else would you expect from someone born into communism and raised on America's left coast? just keep the positive energy flowing and avoid that black hole of negative energy down the hall. Itl gl bhreta La La Look at me! YYYYEEEEEEEESS! What more could you expect from a professional tricyclist from the Silicone Valley. Soc- cer moms envy his mini-van and clean shaven legs. Something about him just works magic on girls. It could be his sickening sense of humor or devilish good looks that lost their room key. Road trips to WtStM, UVa, Va Beach, Swat, and the Mex. Craziness summarized on I-95: pressing his breasts up against the window to get some hotties to call us tthe number and some other choice words written on a Dunkin' Donuts box toplg oh they called, too bad this moron told them our real age ttoo youngll. You ruined my life, gosh! Sum- mer seminar, sister companies, cycling, BKL, NorCal, the list goes on...twelve hours to SC and my sides were gonna split. A full moon going by at 85mph at 2am will brighten anyone'-5 night .... Here's to all the good times, the bad ones, and your entertainment at my expense. Georgetown .... uh huh, no problem buddy, SE, yeah clude, you really owe me for that one! Don't feel bad that you're an adopted member of 'fLa Hermandadf' Even so, coulcln't have a bet- I San Rafael CA ter running, swimming, biking, drinking, debauchery causing bro. Teammates, l Nuclear Sulface Friends, Brothers. Don Zinvnoznnef Rvwaflnnonfm . tw 'if -.II..v1 ..Ii.+.g+.f't.1i.sIxIIII.I,., ..,g. ,-'as use uIg.,I-g,I'p II: , ..t5.,'L, . ' -I I. . .. ..I 1 , 1-.y .IiI:,.f:I : , - I: :.1.Q ,M y-,. .I,,i- ,g t,..,II. It . f I ,, I I Ii.I , I, I 2- -I ,I I I Es t: ,JI . J M y . L . I II I W .I. , .. I sf- ,,,, ,v f, ,, Alexandria, VA y I Navy Pilot on Emmanuel Raval Lunaria, who comes from that quaint suburban hell hole called Alexandria, Va., is the epitome of a Filipino Catholic. When you give an Irate Pussycat I 3 years of catholic schooling, it tends to set a system of beliefs that last a lifetime. You can usually count on this illipino going to Alleluia hour every Sunday that he isn't too hungover tand some days when he Isl. Strong maternal upbring- ing has given Don a unique set of quirks. Sometimes humorous, sometimes disturbing, they make all that is Don luan fthe machine! and we love him for it. Quotes from "The Big Lebowski" pretty much sum up our conversations sometimes. "You're like a lost child who wanders into the middle of a movie" or "SHUT THE Ettt UP, DGNNIEV' It usually got the point across. The eternal quest to get big has kept the MaddTiger going for four years. Countless hours of cross-training in the pool or in MacD have brought Don closer to his goals. Don't try to make fun of his efforts or he may become an Angry Lion. Don's an underappreciated harclworker. We'll miss him as 3rd company honor joe, performance officer, Bravo Company Gps, 3-2 tthe zoo, because that is what he was in at NAPSI platoon commander, and room :3202f3205f32o-H4347 maid. Here's to a future as a Naval Aviator and hopefully not too much worrying. 83 Shreveport, LA Nuclear Surface X. Jason jvlicfiolefjvlcgowcm ason Mctlowan and his horrendous BCC1s come from that port that was founded by that dude named Shreve. From I-day on, whenever wanted a reminder of how to be bitter with this institution, just ask jason if he's looking forward to that days drill practice. Without lason, none of our computers would have made it past the ti weeks mark plebe year. He made a name for himself with always producing the most badass computers. Nothing can interfere with the love of his life, we aren't talking about the current au pair, but Video Games. Far Cry, VVolt'ET, and RoN. "Hey lason, wanna play a game?" 'fNah, I have class" "Com'on" "Alright, lets do it." Paco DeQuink is always at his funniest when slightly inebriatecl. His general disdain for all other lifeforms is usually filtered when sober but some gentle spirits will definitely open up all in earshot for insults. The best part is that he will say to your face and then laugh at you when you don't understand! In summary, Iason has been a great roommate and friend. He has introduced me to the greatness of Metallica and many other rock bands. No one will look out for your personal sleeping habits like jason will. That's right suckas, l done graduated! -KTS. Trips to college park e sprint to gate 1, Yulia, no sabes nada, magnetized walls, spring break - panama city - uncle james - rope swing. eknownothing IVVI jesus ImiHo jvlejia Tegucigafpal Honduras Thanks-Ciocl, Family, Frlettcls. Honduran Navy S wathmore, PA Special Operations 84 spo: The lesus, hailing from a distant, third world country, flew miles over open oceans to attend an elite institution. He was trained well and hard, to terrorize American women. He charted endless territory from College Park to Yale, even fording what he thought was the Severn River, all for love. Even though he Considers himself smarter and better 'looking than his American counterparts, he will return to Honduras empty handed, as he has found his trueglove in none other than his homeland. Nobody messes with the jesus. Chris: good times HondurasfHondutasfHondurasfSpainflvlassachusetts!Honduras fHonduras good traveling partner plenty more to come.Qlii:aitla,:gi.lestuQ5,Came to us white people from Honduras, which I didn't know much about until he told me a feviffystorifesfl lt' li5litldrttdliilaftfi5,havcH a monopoly on chest-hair and sweet dance moves. They fight a lot, talk even,mQre, and back a friend up when they need help the most. They are loyal, passionate, and protidl ll amprqtial toieall him my best friend after four years here at Boat University. lt will be sad to part ways' tl1ils,isQuittfheii,ilbut ll fkiiiovvi hefll make his people and Q . . . his great country very proudg 5Hefs1aflready his friends here very proud to f have called him 'famigof' Ei'EItjLiaZ"ijuitilfiiglaft.i'iJll2.lEtoin plebe year hatin to upper- class lovin. l will never forget you,yblfllftavellvecome one of my closest friends! Never ever forget the girl who dares to do what Honduran girls won'tl jesus: Anne C orne Ha O'Donne ff if ome knew Annie O as a lady laxer or terrifying striper, others knew her as a globetrotter or the missing member of the poster-room for diversity, but we know her as the old lady with the broken hip but still tough as ever, our own lane Goodall who was a friend to goats and never met a gorilla she didnft like, a sister, and a great friend. She was smart enough to receive a two year paid vacation to London but somehow missed the lesson where they said that playing with fireworks was a bad idea. VVe'll be proud to say we knew her when f ZJXX ,,,,.,,......,,,,h.,.-- ,...,.....,.,,n ,...,..f ,...,,,,.,..,...-WM...,.......W I I. . . . ,fff . t i I F iDwcLyrLeTa.t1fick Usgooof j ld man ivialm or is it Osgood? Anyways, you liked NAPS so much you did it twice. It was prob- ably due to the females that matriculated there, because we all know your affection for the female miclshipmen. And although we know you loved the lobsters, we know your true allegiance lied with ACME and all the boys who time traveled with you on Friday and Saturday nights. Whiskey Tango shots may not have been a good idea, but neither was your penchant for late night beer pong games at the Cabino after our excursions to ACME. However, there was a night where you and Mitch held down Icecatraz. Remember that sweet time we had in NYC where you had to baby-sit your girlfriend, sweet huh? We could always count on you for a wise comment and rarely was there a moment where you were left speechless, except of course when your love triangle blew up in your face on the Super Friends radio show. Accept no duplicates or substitutions, YOU put the faith back into the Brigade of Midshipmen with the rallying cry of I BELIEVE. Thanks boys, ill never forget laxin. Mitch, Cram, Seth, Ice, Clip, Horn, Meehan, Felbs, Crazy, Hage, Harris twho ever that Isl, Tripod, and Sull. Penn Yan, NY USMC NFO iff Christopher jordan Qkznofy j ka the Spanish Shepard. He has endured all that life could throw at him and come out a thoroughly scared but a genuine and decent man. From his three arm surgeries to his countless concussions you can always count on Chris to either have or be rehabbing from a major injury. He lives a life with no regrets. He travels the world in search of excitement and romance, both of which he found. He buys Porsches with five bucks left to his name afterwards. He is always the life of the party with his quiet yet out- going, strangely charming and funny demeanor. Always up for a dare from eating things no man should eat to inflicting bodily harm on himself. Too smart for his own good never try and have him explain something because you will be left wondering if he actually speaks English. A dedicated and loyal friend he will be missed when he heads off to be the ultimate SVVOtivator and eventually return to his calling as the Spanish Shepard. -doug silverman How can I not like this guy? He likes Honduran my V V g g 1 women as much or even more than I do. He's loved them big, small, ugly and iril I' A ' Ihot...just like me. The only guy who dared to visit Honduras with the lesus, we ' F shared long drinking nights, 24 hour non-stop trips to Europe and pretty long 3 philosophical conversations. He is one of the guys that definitely made this place easier to hanclle.-the jesus Palmyra, VA Surface Warfare B 1 Aflcofejanette Tefton I leclcling, power hour, bowling, "I turn 22 in August", "why is there someone sleeping under the dining room table?" Good times, no regrets, Greatest brothers a girl could have: hot tub, snowed in, crazy nights, burnt bread, blockbuster fines, nipftuck, spoons, plotting to kill Beau, all in all a huge blessing, I'll always be the favorite, DA: Ohio, girl with mustache, MOS, Toby Keith, OAR, small bladder, "he was wearing a cowboy hat, you should definitely call himf', gambling, STDs tor notl, being single seeing double sleeping triple, to honor, I win again...I always do, IM: truly family, till the end, CL: poophead, oil changes, late night cards, bad timing, frustration, I love Fridays, true connections, complete understandingz BK: playcloh, tired? 'fl woulcln't touch that magazine", NASCAR, wonderful memories, Sis: dead wabbits, "It sounds like there is a huge mouse in our ceiling", naked time, Tanuk-Tanuk, spring break, no .... YES, closer than sisters, Aero: Karpo, Hwhen I was here, I was greater than Cod", "so this is the O-Club, I've never been drinking during the week before", "we're going to paint it pink," MSB: the only one there for it all, English, spring break, Ocean City, football, Edward 40-hands, 'lm good at grilling, you can handle the rest of the cooking," DNB: fighting alligators, taco bell drive-thru on foot, fighting yourself in mirrors, barricacled in the bathroom, "babysitting BurtOnSvi"e, MD job from hell'f, "but Ifm CO", gay guy in Toledo, 'traise your hand it you got a letter from crew.." Navy NFO 85 Brian JZ-Intrlony Ross hat can a guy say about lohnson, doh, I mean Ross? Even though he's not as big as Texas, this guy still fits well in the Bible Belt. Now, if he could only bring it in the racquetball courts like he does at the pulpit. Although afraid of chest hair, he'lI bravely clear a foot of air on his snowboard "method grab." His seven-twenty-triple-lutz-indie-back-side-grab-X-up feat can ever be matched, but he has yet to learn how to land it either. He has a tendency to make others vomit, as he caught his roommate's first break- fast at LISNA on his chest, and later was showered with regurgitatecl sauce after his first dining in. Watch out for his Houdini tricks, his slight of hand might cost you hundreds in uniforms. Additionally, no matter your relation to him, don't ever ask for a Sunkist as it will always be "the last one." He will forever be ffchecking the specs on the rotary girdersf' but that Mustang never will run just right. No task is ever too big for this guy - he truly is a Philippians 4:13 man. Brian is a man of conviction and an example of boldness for all believers. A look at his life will surely tell you that "Cod is cool and jesus is awesome." I R I . "' 0: Newark, TX Submarines E j jeremy yczo S orbowfo j ecause if Cod wasn't in my life I wouldn't be. Thank you Lord for everything. And so it began for Sabajo, el Padre, migrant worker, 6 year senior, Saturday, tomorrow, today, 2 days from now, we picked him up in the airport. Chasing fairytales. Serenity Prayer. Pick me some strawberries. They call me el Padre because of C. Trust. Free massage. I think a local just tried to dance with mel Where were you on the night of the Ilth? LINSAT like a mutha. Vegas, Asian Persuasion, Triple Option on the beach. Cooking at Master Chief's. I'll take lack fishing Miss Ianice. Hoorah. Isn't hers half-Filipino? Batting second. Mamasan. Rundown, Ok Hip-Hop! Those your skis, both of them? Where were you on the night of the I2th? Lakas Bayan. Tu madre de su hija. Deposito en el bancol Straw hat on club median. Why are your cheeks so red? IUO lbs of meat a day. Its okay my parents clon't speak Eng- lish. You cant handle the truth. No car insurance. WASABBIII! Passing champagne at I the Paris hotel. S guys in one bed. Duke, was it all a dream? BH wf Wayne 84 Mike. Salsa Dancin wf Papi. Harmonious melodies from Espo 54 Mitch. Early morning drivin to SID wf Sauls. Bakla 4life, NLC baby, Matigas. Sabado A Yao family, The Guys 8 Chelle, unconditional love, endless support, you will be in my heart always, I LOVE YOU. lelly 8251-I3 .... writing the bios together, a beloved brother...SigMu Forever Monterey Park, CA USMC Ground I James Z Wm Semis' I ames Edwin Sauls AKA: Look, this is the part where in most profiles you put one or two nick names that maybe one or two used in jest for their beloved friends. What you need to understand is that the many nick-names of james Sauls were not only terms of endearment but a chronological map of his exploits, ac- complishments, vit tories, defeats, and the incredibly absurdfridiculous situations he managed to get himself in. We can tell you how he got from Meat to El Besador de Los Manos in five moves. We could tell you what's the deal with the name Little Critter or the complex origin story of The Swede, but we're not going to do that. Instead we're going to try and bestow upon the learned reader some semblances of wisdom that we've learned from lames!Sneaky PetefFootloosefOuide-On Sauls: CWC founder, hand talking, meathead I water polo, talking lif'in with Mitch, plebe year spirit with cement blocks, Restriction Part I: The Staten Island Ferry Chronic les, intro to managersfINIWS, Restriction Part 2: The NeverEnding Story, Eun leaping off buildings, Ivy League circuit with Snel!Suriano, Salinas the first appearance of The Swede, Biggie Saul's European Tour ends in success, The Villanova Eiasco, Can you get me a steak?, "I'll Kill you Ratcliffe", Spear fishing!Safari SaulsfMaui IDrill!Hawaii, the bad dr. saga. There he goes. One of C1od's own prototypes. Some kind of high powered mutant never even consid- La una Beach CA ered for mass production. Too weird to live, and too rare to die. We love you 8 1 Intelligence ITT J IT. 86 y c t ,.N,,-,..,,..,....,.,.. ...U ., .. .,.. X., if I I f l t Kevm ilimothy Smafley Briarcliff Manor, NY USMC Pilot is evin f'Smasher" is known for throwing his weight around-literally. None was better than when he so gracefully folded Belclo like a briefcase with his Terry Tate tackling capabilities as his eyes were affix on Chris' full moon passing though the night sky. Kevin's short fuse has earned him quite a rep. For his actions he has earned the distinct honor of being the only kid in the entire systems major you cIon't want to piss off as a teacher. His name has the unique effect of causing a certain professors ears to perk up and eyes to bug. This power of peeving also extends to his friends with his ever evolving ability to push peopIe's buttons using either a bullhorn next to your face at 4am or with a swift punch to the kidney. But don't let his tough exterior fool you. Deep down inside Kevin's a thoughtful, caring, and willing to talk with anyone land when I say anyone, I really mean just the ladiesl whenever. Count on Kevin to check his email, cell, and budclylist at all hours of the day. Having problems? Rely on Kevin Uthe . . I chatmaster" to converse with you at his room mates' expense as they patiently wait to play video games with him or eat dinner. Kevin's ability to smash all forms of matter makes him a fine addition to Marine Corps Aviation. If there exists a resting place for enemies ofthe United States, you can trust Kevin will send them there. Joshua DmficfSmith Attica, IN Navy Pilot is Mathews, VA I Surface Warfare Igiven me- You've made me a better person, you've spoiled me and taught me HS Secretary, College Park, walking into random parties, finding Corbin lost, the stadium is north, changing clothes in Christy's car, sprint from St. lohns parking lot, Weedo hitting pole at dead sprint, bus flips...everybody's doing them, stopping the bus so I could puke, getting a scar put in my back from Wayne, EOL formations, Thorp's basement, Our enemy at Scottie's, 4th quarters, Panama City Spring break, 3on3 champs, Preakness-coolers and handouts, grad parties, the Claw, Weedo, KT, and I, D puts knife in back and twists, lainie comes to visit, the best one night stand of my life, afternoon balling, two-a-days-everyday, late night call from Yummy, think outside the Mox, we lost Corbin, lake the lecli-pimp, we lost Weedo, Meat Locker, Ice Luge, the IU girls meet Navy guys, good recruiting parties, IU road trip in snow, Lane never pukes, Spring break-8 in two days, lason and large inmate, Will gets his record, extra week of 4th quarters, Preak- ness-Iaundry and pasta, Steak and egg breakfast, naked study hour, pool parties at V's, Wayne and I drive to Myrtle to see Smitty, two-a-clays, , Houston Bowl, great recruiting parties, snowboarding, cheers to Higgess, South Carolina with keg in Pats burban, Spain, Best Man, Whiskey snorts at Mark's bachelor party, being late for wedding reception, Flying F-I 4 off carrier-8 times, Sam and losh Tag team at Myrtle Beach, Cape May, cabin water balloon launching, water skiing, Emerald Bowl, Qpm fights, movie night, OL, addicting games.com, can- dystancl.com, lainie for 5 years!!! james Jesse Sopko I It rian, Los, Will, Crackas and everyone else, thanks for being there for me, lope Cup! Chris, thanks for always being funny and Mitch, thanks for reminding me that I'm not jacked.-llS. Mama and Papa...we all know which one you are. Seven seat:Bitch Niche. Toughest guy I ever met. Driving down to Oak Ridge. Plebe year formal: I owe you one. Frosh 8 Silver: damn Seatrials. IRAtI2:disc'oyering the lersey shore. A summer wfthe Sopko Boys, YPs:S25 cab ride. Youngster year, breaking through and learning the hard xx ay. San Diego, heartbreaker. Rowing pairs on the Severn together. Harvard down the stretch...twice. Winning it all in 04, trip to Henleytstyling itl, the Dream Season. FPWO5: pink flamingos. You taught me more than you could imagine. Rowstrong 05, lope Cup. Always be there.-WMV. Over the past years through the dogs spit. me hubby you dubby, Lifetime, Linda's and Amish market furniture, you have always been there for me and given me a reason to work harder than yesterday. Your dedication and passion has inspired eyeryone who knows you to push beyond all limits. Maybe the stars are out tonight in Virginia or the wind is blowing on top of Mt. Foss, Thank you for all the time you have humility, and through baby steps and patience, you've made it all worthwhile. One day we'll have shaved parmesan in Italy and we will always have October on the Charles- SLW 87 T' R X Emma, Cecilia Natada Trujiffo Florence, AZ Intelligence lebe summer drama, plebe year trauma, from YLIT to VVHAT...Youngster year rebellion-canlt tell me what to do...Only up until I found you. Matt who? The love of my life, the foundation and rock of my soul, the only one who can keep me all together... won't ever forget the good ole intrepid. Big Nik- yeah you only wished you had a roommate that great-oh baby you, you got what I need tspecially on da big lt in the bathroom with krump-de-DUMP...you're the only one who could handle the scent from da corner fan!!! Summer Skewl! OH NO! lennie and Kristen: Climme that...that...YEAH BABYtwhen you read this he'll have given itll Iesus quit getting in all those fights, Kejo and Hermanito will never be the same! Chris, you'll always be my surgery competitor! Suga Mama! NX-XPS forever, Kevin and Mike, you'll never be forgot- ten. Nothin like a word from my girl Shawna: Emma lean!! HeIlooeee!! U and me on the piece of t'Crap" ooh-Ia-Ia, DV, NIU, Hillbillyllg your twin-I swear yall are reIated!!, that crazy girl tbang bang bangt, haunted house, the beach: tube top!!, 40 dollars-we need some food!! We are lost on Princess Anne Road!!! Stuck in the elevator, what are we gunna do now? Probably doin us some good cuz we about to get shady.U Byeeeeeeee! Matthew Aaron 'tlebef Martinsville, IN Submarines oes dining-in port wine sauce mean anything to you? Not only were our uniforms soiled, but you also managed to throw a few chairs and give a few headlocks to the one responsible. Other than that and using Medal of Honor to lure your roommates into breaking the rules, you also make a pretty good coach on anything related to the Silent Service. Thanks for always having the mop on hand to clean up all the blood I spilled, and thanks for being the token Metro tthat is a role I just can't playl. Hope I never have to call in those TWO debts you owe me e I didn't need that skin anyways! Without your fuzzy math, the curve would have been much higher, thanks for making me look good. It's a good thing that there are other people to check your math on a submarine. You sometimes find difficulty with basic algebra. 'Hmm, no, no no, that's not right! Thanks for the update, Matt. Rum this, rum that, if you love it so much why don't you just marry it or better yet, shut-up and sail back to Bermuda tgetting lost on P y V y the wayf. Two things I've learned e sailing is not a sport, and don't clouble-or- g f L nothing your bet too many times on the Indiana Hoosiers. A true sailor through and through, nothing can rain on his jimmy Buffet inspired seaward odysseys. ' '... May the wind be always at your back! May the sun shine warm upon your tace.HH Anthony fcfw0nfofZech Rockville, MD USMC Pilot 88 he first time I meet squirrel I immediately named him Squirrel. I named him Squirrel for his outward ap- pearance as a squirrel, as well as his behavior attributes which mirror that of a squirrel. Some may think that this is a bad name to have, but Tony has brought pride to this name, and I would fear tangling with a squirrel of this caliber. Squirrel was my room mate for all -I years, and he will be my best friend for the rest of my life. I am proud to know Tony. Tony "Squirrel" Zech. It's been a blast rooming together the past three years. You astounded everyone with your professional knowledge over plebe summer, and also astounded us with your impressive shaving by the numbers. Chester Sleepitz would truly be proud of the man you have become. Iledic ated to being a Marine from day one, you proved your worthiness. Be good to Kelly, Take care of Danny and Mo, and never forget your other animal roommates-"Bat" and "Heed", -. ,hx ,w . ,., , 1.-" L, 4 fy' YPA? Y , ff I 1 M sf N! A 'I we' if ,Az E35 t ' ...fn 4 , W, In A X A p A 4 am Q e- X , E: , J' Mm V W J N M if 4 NC! f ' gg l 3 g . ? , .3 L 1 WM ' 1 iff' G 1,a,Qp 'S X wi-51 F i xii 9 9 - 3 g wg jf K 12:-Q fx "a ,., 1, . 4 'Q xx. ---v-- ,fem 'mr : . f 5 15 , , 7 , ' f . I X ' E 5 ' l k 1 X X x XX .11 1 1 A , , x V K K 1-K ' . f X X 1 x . . 1, s 'T' u g , ' -e e-iii XXL' 'gX2X +- Hiiffw' x........n......f,.....,-............A,.....,,. - Um Fx 3 t xx xi Q1 E ge' A A 1 Q :LAW x . X, ,6u,,. ,H ' W, ,XY . yx xanax, . ,M x , X . 1 , 1 , u ' 4w..,,u, R ' Q, Q at Q- 11. X' E 'M ' ' x 'IL '- f , MK ! 5 Q 3 2'mNM.' I vm., ' ' M ' K g. , 5 A Q 5 as K 15. N, ' ' ,WE 4 .,X:..,r ' ,Wizf 2 H , . gf.Cl? 5 5' I x -M, X, 1 , ' ' W .-V462 -- 1 X --gp., X 2 2 1, frfW ., iff' : In '. , , ' 4 r '31g.fA3E- f1' 2 f Hifi, ' x 4a.s,-Jim f , , 4 M.M....M 41 1 :mi Q i 1 Ag' x ' ' ' 1'3" ' 'vb-. 'xx A .,A.. 3 . ,Q , . ,....-W-.-M UWM 5 3 ?5g??7qqMWAy A V 1 f., mmR-,6JCv5'Lt.--.-- I, ,fe E f M . fn Q 3 ..w..,,,,.W rf.. V I A " W ' " ' g f' J " G Q' .4 JW, ,. , . , ,,,,A l, 5 ffm ' K f I N ,, ,, ,, X, I ,,x,x,YV.. , 5. H " ' , k - fgx.,:sm.,f,-" . l . , X1 , , , , V K. . A . ,,n.. . . Nw, , . . 1 ' -A ' . U- ' l"!"f"l " FT .' 'E' I' F7 . 9 52. ' 2 ..-:warg J ,v ,,, .,, .,L ,,. .. .f, F .N ..'., . M . M- 9 ' Ki: 'w3'fA1- 1: MWH N ' "A " e W H, F- 4, . x K ,Y. ,NA 'Um Y -9, ,.. ' U ,Q V "" Ju W w - fn H V-q11,Ryg.ffm..,-11'." , A' C 5'f Q51 ,., r Jw' "-Yum, ' L' w-v.-- .. AJ. .N N. M. Vm vixtr-.,.1A, ,u ,.' E 1:33, T 1 tr"" V' M1 l mdsay William Xaehary tiina Ryan Damon .lohn lan .lames .loy .Xdlam P Burgess Noah Capaeete Marie Dipiero Gerald Dobie lfaldoxvslti ll Patriek Fisher Webster Gelsinon Dax id lXlattheo Justin Christopher William Joshua Andrew .loseph Michael Roy llaines Alan llarris Samuel lleitman Dax id Hoox er Emil Knips Lee Leiboxfieh McClain Lukieh Mathis .lr. tilenn Adam ,laeob Cali in Riehard Allison lidwin Crosby Scott Andrew .Xndretx Nlollat Poo ell Mosley Quiney lNflurray li Parsons .lr. Powell Marie Pulx er Riddle lll Robertson Xliehael .lanies Valerie Daniel Raphael Robert Megan Gavin enlamin Robison William Sehall Miehelle Sehwindt Cody Shea .lose Thalakottur M Tressler Suzanne Vehoxtie Mark Whittle .lames Mason Winston 3 fl x' -.. T -.V Ns- . 90 l Elliot Timothy Zereher Anderson Lawrence Bamikel David James Erasmo Caballero Christian Carbaugh Patrick Allysia James Gilroy Danielle Hood Christina Kelly Kevin Knight Lowhom lVleCadden Lucien Alison N lll1ll1lLl l huh iid Ti uis Briton James Smith Teoh Lee W uthen Hem 1mm Vkolt Dt im Non L . 'R' A N W i QL, ' . , ,mi it f , it it at it -.. lf' rg, it -1f+.,2- , . , . - laura liranden .lohn Ainando Warren Timothy Alessandro liraegen William Xl .-Xngelli L' Beasley Yergara Bcriuega H Bong D Bonham Michel Boyle .l Bramer H Burke ,Xinamla Joseph Achala Michael William ,lason Kevin Fi' .I Burney M Contento M lidirisinghe W linloe M Favia cipel N Flippin Eric D Ciardine James Mia Nathan liex in Graham .lames .lellrey R Cioorlxon D llardwick R Hayba A lleasley D Hollander M Landreth Laupola Caroline C' Lynch Amlrexx Carlos Ciarrell Bradley .loshua Michael .lel'ferson Christina colt Nlarlin A Molina M Moore R Osman Michael Priebe A Ricciardi .I Sarehione A Schade llarcd lzric Gregory .lcssica Nicholas Brandon R Shullick D Smillcy A Surlrlerth A Swauger D Valladaref R Vicr ? in x ii x ' i Q -.,,: N Y l V l l J W 'x i w I 5 w L n W LL, Six W5 . H Qfkwezxw' xg ax w x Qww x X Nt m x mnN v fwqnkgx ' 1- my x N M 'Kai X X, NX, . XY SAW :Bw x x K5 Xu: X N1 -X . 1 'Y Ima 'WJ X X A u '+W-9 YS . Q'iXfQ.'k-Riw fm A I ,4 H, Y W X , ,Q iff? xl 'K sq 5 x L X al I lil-B I' f -a ta P fi' y ff I ff xl! -ug:-25. 5-5, MY" ' J, 1 . QQQQL: 1-1-- -' ,, ' an , ,-f N .f -" N ,g L AA:-'G U ' W 1-' iw, 4' QA, -fglak, Jonathan Ricftmfcf Ca1ff13ea1fce "-. Placitas, NM USMC Pilot he Iourney seemed to take forever and now it seems like it was over with a blink of an eye. It seems like only yesterday when I was telling my squad that I was from Placitas, New Mexico and my favorite food was green chili enchiladas tall said with an Hispanic accentl .... I am wondering where all of my stress is going to be taken out since I will no longer be hall brawling with the roomies anymore during those late, late nights. It will be weird to finally look down and not have a purple nurple .... Well the journey has been fun but I am glad that I am finally done. This bio may be lame but that is because I have been dubbed the non-english speaking one of my room. Matthew john Bettencouift jr 'X - - e ess s Bowie, MD Navy Pilot Mission Viejo, CA Submarines 96 att Bettencourt ..... 'fWhy do you have so much energy?" 26th Co, Wrestling + Milk : Restriction, Choudary's pro reports, Rhett's lunch date with my mom, San Antonio, Winning kick against AF... .4th Co, drunk squad leaders, random acts, rugby, skim boarding in Newport, surfing on the carrier, Plebe Summer squad leader, squad meeting with the chaplain, "I shaved my head for you", room wrestling, long nights, snowboarding trips, surfing in Florida, rainstorms in the jeep, Cape Canaveral gate, endangered birds, Disney World, San Diego 84 Miramar, fixing the "Evil Eye," Plebe Summer CC, long nights and slow plebes, How many PRTS will it take?, Guerra Fearless XO, skydiving, football games, Sterling where do you get all this stuff, Ist LT, FOIL, mustang problems, IFS, racquetball, proposal in the snow, "you all sleep in one bed?," Sheila and the apartment, dinner and a movie, blow up mattress, chicken and pasta, cute and cuter. To all my family and friends thanks for ev- erything you have done for me. Ion 84 Sarah Squared, thanks for the great times. Sarah, without you the last four years wouldn't have been the same. Thanks and Love you. ---MIB Kerry oonom Bosche ission Viejo, Orange County, CA. 4 years summed up in three words: VINUM: Good times. Friday night pizza when there was no liberty for '05 on 8-2. I-Ialf-pints of milk from a water balloon launch- er, Earl's coffee mug, a Batt-O who loves to cry, and a homemade blowgun. When being a Mid was easy, at least until your next PRT stomach. Milking the glorious Ibut stickyl streets of NY like the heroes we werent FFMINA: All I can say is that I met the right one early lto the Amber-smitten, don't hate me because I'm luckyi. After a couple years tthe pre-nukes knowi, if you have to buy a ring, you might as well splurge. Throw in a car and some useless toys, blow a couple grand you can't account for, and the 5535K you never saw is gone. Then you start needing it. CANTUS: Gentlemen, you are all my Heroes. We have molested this fair earth with heavenly song and unrivaled idi- ocy for as long as any man is entitled texcepting Doc, of coursei. There are I4 tgive or take, Warrenl men who will always be the best friends whose names I struggle to remember. First one to O-Rep is a joe. It has been a pleasure failing to serve you, MGC Ilove, PRFZI. In conclusion, brothers and sisters, stay safe. Truth aside, America thinks we deserve these commissions. If you ever have to think twice out there, don't worry, it's not easy discovering you're a liberal. W --w--t...Y,,.-..Www.- ---v-me rimrrewaswoes Columbia, MO Submarines ,..,,.,,,.,..,,,.mm-,-Q,faDqfyas.-.vf1,,tawfa' Y-me -1-.M N. . t . ,,,, ,V pr., W .. . ear Patrick, You have an intellect that tar exceeds your looks or demeanor. Who knew, with your hand outline signature, white, Velcro spray-painted shoes, and midget f Chinook pro-report. From the start you were beating the odds, winning the weirdest mid award, driving 42 hours round trip to KC in a weekend sustained only on Red Bull and trucker pills completing the SEAL screener, landing a girl like Emily. Love, The Family mcaezlarrrcacaifmy fy Glendale, AZ Supply Corps OCCO! O-1 Brigade Cieneral. Summer school with Dave. Captain Eschbach. Summer school antics. "I clon't know anything." Sober as a crooked hoard. "See what happens when Major approves chits?" "Goodbye black mark." Stilts. Beating up Chris. Crash and burns. Summer school with Dave... again. Picking up classy chicks lSharky'sJ. Push-starting car. Brillo pad. Hair, lots of hair. BNZ. Handles his alcohol like a champ. Summer school with Dave... again. f ff g. -, I V ,..--.. ---n-In-.- .4-E, ,. . Wa f - -. .- D.. as ,, I 5 if -....'. EE ' I ll" frgll 15 S' rf " .i 2? HL A . X, A 1 " , 451- -at 'ww ! I r 1 i J., ,,. .", df ,, ,.Zv 1 .-sph-eq AQ, L-3 :M - rw , , N .axe 1 if . ms 4 it tt' , f-fa-1 1 ,ff ii , S 243 Q c A A- . . . --0 . . f 1 -us, V M A-. . .rg fmgjgb V ?! fy' -as ,' K w k ' It K r - i ---Ng S-144 X! Nd., . , I , i is Q V " , 4' 1",a'TI5f,f I ill , :N 'l. 4 1 A s f L", . i 2 -1 Agfa " ' l r .4 .ffl '. 4 if' 4 it """f?5 "5"34- 5 0 ' , J..- 5 g .... - aa, , . l ' airy yr U , V I. w' - ' " ' ' 1: X im' 'R - I IVW., , -. i ,,, S ",...,, V 9.45 , .,. f T- -F4 l .' it M F V: : , ' t eil 4 . az- gm . ' -S S l.l' L - . S RMWQLQ I 97 Augusta, GA Surface Warfare Phoenix, AZ Submarines jvliehctefilobert Cftesnut ron1 thasing tl1e l.ttllt'S .1s n1y wingman to .1 celehratory drii1k for p.1ssing the PRT, or getting service selection, or tinishing .1 final, or .1 just het .ILISU it's .1 Friday, Mike l1.1s .1lw.1ys heen there to sl1.1re in the good tin1es. Ile never hesitated to give n1e .1 kit k ii1 tl1e ass when I needed it, or to help me with a Class. He t .1n he .1 jerk soi11etii11es, hut that's wl1.1t i11.1kes l1in1 interestii1g. Between flooding his room and trying to kill i11e xyith l1is driving ii1 tl1e rain, it definitely heen ii1teresting. Notre Dame game p-l1otel, the sketchy NYC hus, wandering tl1rough some d.1rk and duhious .1lleys .... h.1l1.1h.1. We've had some good times. I wouldn't trade tl1ei11 tor anytl1ing in the world. He's .1 gre.1t Iriend, .1i1d llITT re.1lly going to n1iss him.-AI McCaffrey. Mikey t... hest triendsftwins sint e day one... I st semester ehen1fphysics...ID2iI3...Cil1ic.1go Symphony f... "You're ii1 lllt' Navy, l1ow old .1re you?"...Ring Danes 1... Midstore dates...one ot' tl1e finest men I've ever known...loyal to tl1e end...good luck ii1 tl1e Iuture.-Ioe Cantu. Never rl dull mon1ei1t whetl1er it's S S W A--5 oi1 the firing line, downtown for .1 meal, or working out. From DMS to i1ow I therefs i1o one I'd rather go to for l1elp, in anythii1g. It all worked out, SWU vs. A H USMC, either w.1y it'll he .IIT .1dventure. They said we'd m.1ke lifelong triends ' M A S J when we got herc '... I thought it would he pretty tougl1, tl1ai1ks to you, tl1.1t was the e.1sy p.1rt. Ciood luck. Drive it like you stole it.-lett'l3.1rnes Rhett Chctfrfes Costeffo I 11'v..s:., feavsw.-virmeiimv-sggg.gzm.'-ri-rmav..wma-'2.:aawrm.,1-nisfznmw. . . .. .. V . , A ki1ew it was going to he .1 great time when I arrived at tl1e State l1ouse and was told hy the cab driver it was the At .1demy. I would l1.1ve never n1.1de it without Cfl-IB, West Side Rollers, BPB, the Federation and most import.1ntly TRIBALSI Rach, th.1nk you so much for moving out l1ere, now at least I have a good reason for not doii1g ai1y ot' my school work. Special shout out to Ciluh 3307 president William "Geraldo" Madison. Mom, Dad, Rors and Ry.1n, thanks for .1ll the support. Ryan vou're wrong if you think I'll ever salute you. I Phil it's heen great dominating you in everything. Go White Sox, there will always he a next ye.1r, and Phil .1ll I l1.1ve left to s.1y is I did it! . . .5 1 I I I i I I I l I I t I I Matthew Gregory Dakon Phoenix, AZ Special Warfare 98 weetl We got satellite dishes." "Wanna go to IJogran?" Various grunting. Punching Chris in the stom- at I1. S.1ving Chris .1nd Tyler from tertain death. Ruhher r.1tt. Ciatehing tish. Skiing. Rock throwing tontest, e.1tingteryldatatyl meat, raptor hunting. PT PT. Hamhurger ii1 the pot ket. Hyp'd out. Ironing tammies while wearing them. Winston Cihurt hill. Sport hutton in the Volvo. Arizona p.1int joh. On the polit e station. In .1 Ilelaware dorm. Nic e p.1rking joh .1t Chestertown. Freezing in the tent - 'fl did it twice ec. use 'i .i i io f. r o. JUI. .vet ai. I11 l1111dtC1dh1rd TLT 111 I i l fifeckvfic Ewing III 5 otchkiss alumnus. Cleaning vvearing nothing but a smile and chem Goggles. Bleachy eye. Pastel unclergarments. Tally ho! "Only because you spent so much money on me." The Ewing Center. Warning shots! Ego Alley beer run. Hooka. "Nothing," The speak easy. The cabin boy. Stuck in barbed vvire. Braille parking. Best friends vvith RI. Naptime at the Mid Store. Pile driving Asa. Great arm. Dr. Love. Class participation points. "I need to stop drinking." Cay Sturt' to do Folder. The quatt. "I'm sorry sir, I don't understand that dialect" and the pocket vvatch. Girls are too much work. Ahkay. Huntington, N Y USMC Pilot yy y WifHam Ccnffjfinney III , I ,,,, , ,, 1 ,.,, . W ,,.. i. ,. f . t o r A i,,i X .,,,, .U ,,.,,,, i i.,,i ty. , -W, .,. : ,, ,,,,.,Y ,,,, I ,,,,,.,,, L ..i, , 1, y , ,,,. 'M V ! , a . ., ,,,,, .,, ,, I . , ,,,,, W. , ,,,. h .,.. ,,,,, iiii I ,,,,, ,P f f ., , . , , V .,,. Y V V V William "Chitham" Finney III, ot sound mind and a body that I look at entirely too much in the mirror, do hereby bequeath the tollovving abilities I have attained since coming to the Naval Academy. One, my abil- ity to think the worst ot every situation, any situation CAN be that bad. Tvvo, my ability to complain with the utmost ot obscenities about every bad situation, I do have one bad mouth on me. Three, my ability to poke tun at anyone and any situation that I do not see eye-to-eye vvith, NERDS! Four, my ability to maintain my fine looks despite aging tour years, yes, I am that good looking. Does any one have any gel? Four, my ability to get insanely violent at the most inopportune times, does anyone have money to replace a thousand dollar grill...anyone? Five, my ability to disintribute the Naval Academy, which I totally did not do! Six, my ability to transcend time with one outfit, touching each decade starting vvith the 50's and stemming to present time. Finally, my ability to use the same rock-star-tongue-out pose I have in EVERY single picture ever taken ot me... does anyone have any originality I can borrow? . . St. Louis, MO Surface Warfare f l '- E it - ' Uw e tand at attention. 'fVVell my name's Earl, vvhat should I call you?" "You can call me The Boss." CAV: "Do you tan vvell?" Loves going out to O'Brienfs. Fast and Furious - "thats a roller coaster ride I would'x e paid money to ride." 'fl have no problems being called a metrosexualf' Low standards. Easy to please. Never late on Sunday nights. Clutterecl desk. Talking on the phone... a lot. Humble Yankees tan. "That's right Ms. I-Iunt! You've accomplished nothingln Slept through .5 ot 4 years. Baby blue Brooklyn hat. I-Iaye you been standing at attention all this timeI?!? Hauppauge, NY I Navy NFO 99 Stowe, OH USMC Ground atfwm John Qufosh fter four years of pursuing academic excellence, I have learned one great lesson. No matter how strong you think you might be, it's impossible to face the hardships of life alone. There is no doubt that at some time in your life you will stand "alone in the arena." However, it takes a strong group of special people to prepare you for that moment. Thank you Mom and Dad for all of the sacrifices that both of you have made to provide Matthew and me with a better life. Matthew, you will always be my best friend. I don't know how you manage to do it, but you always know how to make me smile. Doc, thank you for being my anchor throughout the last three years. There is no doubt in my mind, that your guidance and example have entouraged me to be a better person and hopefully a sound Marine Officer. Mike and Ben, good luck with flight school! I've always looked up to both of you for advice and you've never steered me wrong. Thank you for your wisdom. Bill thanks for teaching the room how to rock! Sammy and Thayer, thank you for always being there when I needed you the most. Pat and lared, both of you truly are the glue that holds our team together. And in the tradition of saving the best for last, I would like to thank the wrestling coaches and the Navy Wrestlers for being my family away from home. Naples, N Y Submarines Wailuku, HI USMC Pilot 100 oth Company Roughrider turned 4 Horseman. Aye, Calypso. NarffBeedlecleet. Tribals. Seal Team Madison. Madden tBills vs. Cardsl. MVP. O'LoughIin's, the greatest restaurant on earth, Buffalo Chicken Sandwich. LISNA curses my baseball team. The USS Wyoming. USLMRA and PSZH Racing. Talking on the phone every night to the woman I love. CH B. West Side Rollers. BPB. Woodchucks. Helped a Navy Seal graduate with a mechanical engineering degree. tGood luck, Zachl. johnny Hunting. Stair races. Chicken Wings and Nachos. My roommate has a Mike Tango. Baby, you rocked me. 2-time Intramu- ral All-Star. Roll fights. Big Hog and Little Dick tCall signsl. Shotguns, homemade spears, bullhead. This rig sucks. Laura, thanks for making me part of the QM club. lake, thanks for making "Little lake" for most of my time here. Thanks for everything, Mom and Dad. I hope it was as fun for you as it was for me. Club 3307 will never die, baby. We missed you, Will. Rhett, thanks for not going through on your threats to get a new roommate and the bet is still on. S te1fHng Scott .7'f86fUfIfLi loha to everybody! Love to my Urdies Top D, Eddie, Dan, Throg, Hugs, SSgt. Kinnel and Alex, thanks for the help and IYAOYAS forever! And to all my Horsemen, Dillos, Rough Riders and Techies I'll ride with you anytime! To my little Chicago girl you know you're number one cuz "Girls will be girls, North, South, East, West. But Chicago girls always rate the best." To mom and dad thanks for everything and I love you. To then Staff Sergeants Cababat, Pearson, Marshall, Topp, Thile and Boring, thanks for everything you taught me that got me here. Now someone needs to teach this short little Hawaiian how to dress in cold weather, why else do you think his hair stands straight up on his head? lt's frozen in place! "He's a Marine thru and thru, he bleeds red and green. But don't let the little man fool you, like every man from Hawaii he can sure cook up a storm. Most of all he's got a big heart, one of the most generous individuals around, he'll drop whatever hefs doing for a friend." On-time, On-target, anytime, any target, L here goes Houdini it's PPM! ,,,,,.,.......,W-,ww-mm.x.....a...,....,.f..-,,,.w....-.,a,..c.. ........,.,..1.W.,.N.....,,..L,,.,.....,,m-......., ..., ,cywffx-, ,,.. .M .,.,.. .,..,.h-,.x..,v.v. . ,,,, WV., .V,,, . . .,., W., . , . ..,.,.,.,. .. . . .. .. .,,. .. .. . ffflfiwj. '. li - 4 A L VA - bQ Wifliam Tyhf Hfoefer Lubbock, TX USMC Ground .KTA 1 ' f V ' . 5 i . E . ,Q A on't Mess With Texas! "I have trouble looking at you as a plebe because you act like a youngster." White-water rafting at Ocean City. Subway rides. And taxi cab rides. And taxi drivers. And yield- ing to taxis. Bar in the closet. 11 rounds with Manning. Covering two coolers with one washcloth. Loves the big city and public transportation. "VVon't even tap the breaks." Teacherfs pet e perfect attendance 53?..Teflon. BBB. 177. Swotivator... I mean, Semper Fi. The backpack, 11:55, late night papers. Late night rides. jumping the wall. Fishing. VVhere's Hoefer?...he's running...Iate. Locking keys in the car. "S-A-Di' Hydrates before PRT's. Splash of Coke. Don't mess with Texas! Benjamin jack 5-fofrn ,,., ,.,i,,, ,,., ., V, ,ct ,,.,, ,,., , .,.y . . . , ,I .. .mf M.. . ., i ,.i.,.,yi ..,. J.. .i , , ...r . . . , ,. .. ., l i I Mill Valley, CA I Navy Pilot .Aff A.. . f l Y I F. . I . I axabunga dudes-my high school team definitely would have beaten yours. Laxapalooza. 2005, Year of the Ballers. If Laxin' is wrong, I don't want to be right. Skydiving with D, Ice, Hickey. The shore and the snack pack. If only Hick had stayed awake. Thug night gone awry in Westchester. Dog Days on the Island, ahhh yes the IslandAHellooo Meehan, blackout fights. VVVVIBD. Pat's, Gino's, or Iim's? The predator, the machine. The Koala bear. Hey now Mitchell, Hey Now. Tripod. Krazyliarl. El Cabino and late night pong, Seth and I dominate. LlofMd, Towson, NYC, SF fight night, Gtown, giggling, Icecatraz, toothless face-off master, and a self-proclaimed renaissance man all have one common theme-Iceman. VVOOOOOOOOOOO! I got the horse right here-SD, we still got to watch the movie. SMACMF: Bobby and the locals. Tahoe: La Bamba. Are you gonna eat your grease paper? Scottie yard sailing, many times. Ice watching the game and drinking all day then bombing down the moun- tain, real smart. Many power hours at Graham's place. Graham: LI races, we thought we were pretty good until we met Colin out one night. Colin and a constant struggle for knowledge. Matt--CHAI tea. Carson, Matt and I, we build things. So I tried this whole East Coast thing, can I go back to California now? Sully got pistol whipped, man. Nate, whenever you read this, eat food and wrap up your ear phones really quickly. Mike, let's go to AC. Finney, a true sailor. COLLEGE! Drzwiofjltffmfr Kefm Jr. L I l ii I 1, ,i L l Connellsville, PA I USMC Ground I I akes the corners pretty well. Savvy Naval Officer. Club goer. Church wine. Records in minesweeper. Great time at Ring Dance! 99 problems in Pittsburgh, jacksonville, San Diego, Scranton, Atlantic City, Georgetown, Annapolis, and Baltimore. Yellow fever. Friend stealer tGeorgetown X AZI. Company Commander: hammer, sledge hammer, jack hammer. 16 credits of summer school. Babysitter. Coffee can. 101 Dcmieflcwvifence Kuratko ncl so it hegan for Dk .... multiple cars in front of the house...tlucle, that was my shirt DanI...Schnozz... how do Matty's t hilclren taste?...Now hatting lead-off...Mazatlan 'ttalz the glow necklace on miss Bad- ger... Ill more minutes, guys stop!...No, No, No!...keep the earth green, please recycle...the Mexican sisters. . .and the ensuing long walk of shame- hut at least he found us a place to watch March Maclness...run- ning the triple option on the heach...who's unconsc ious?...San Francisco New Years 'U5...Heyyyyyy!Il!.... Dk, the kleenex hox is Ieaking!...IMU: hey thanks for stealing my wallet...Panama City 'tI2...dancing with Yost on lackie's island...refilling 4O's...the Anna Rulc-...doggy howl and helts...the I5 minute nap...the Hyundai SUV in front of SIowmalley's..Aggie pride and a hroken cell phone...T-rex at Duke 'U5...Duke 'tial with Bering...COLLECIEI...lourney, Tim McGraw, and Alan lackson's greatest hits in the Datsun tape cleckmsuhmitting the Datsun to Pimp My Ricle...Matty B and Big Mike shak- I ing the Ilyundaimand then I took a nap...Cali TU: three point stance- it's okay cause we're wearing helmets. . .riding the razor scooter into the pool...late night workouts with Mosi...I never drive...Shamu in the hathtuh...can I say Schnozz again?...verv romantic phone conversations tmultiple timesI...POST...hlack diamond trails at Cornell '04 ...t tt least she's got a hig heart...fffftirty???...Sprint Livonia, M1 'ti4: Storing a TD in the I3lue!Ciold game...l feel like I'm riding alone in this . tar...Mv numher's only Ill, I swearI...stroke, stroke...I call the hathtuh!...DK Navy Pilot wake upI...lamaica 'O Margaritaville harefoot haskethall...Cietting a workout Carole Jonessoz Lee I s . . , I . t .. . -at-..-Wa,I--...Haw-mwn.1m:,,..,,..aae...,.,,,W-.-i...-vzirwm,,WW.-ammnmaw-J,..aamwyf.-yt,,.-.wssa-wm,,..Y,v5sgas:a,.,,,,. I W a. , Y ,, 3 , . ,e , I .. ,,, - ,, ,. ,, , , Y .. i C . was raised in Willows, California where I graduated from Willows High School. From there, I went to the United States Naval Academy. Second semester Plehe year, I joined the YP Squadron. I have heen a Crewmemher, Squadron Assistant Navigator, Squadron Navigator, Pennant Executive Officer, Pennant Commanding Officer, and Squadron Commodore. During my time at the Academy, I earned the Yard Patrol Craft Commanding Dfficer IYPCOI qualification, and service selected Surface Warfare. ' 'i i Willows, CA l Surface Warfare Cfimffes Austin Lewis nd so it hegan for 'frlitmanf '... howfs the hall and chain...feed the scorpion...leopard print...forearms the size of Texasmeating sand in Iamaica...white pants in the stands...riding the moose with crazy eyes...l.ars...oh captain my captain...Duty Driver freedom with craziness...rollin deep in the excur- i sion...Yost's wingman...PRK, oh that shouIdn't he had, yeah right...keg tossing in cali...C.1erhers main floor hathroom..Sprint PRT Freshman year with Yost...l3CCi's...Stay out of the light, I hurn easy...redneck...love fishing holes and rope swings. . .passing out in 3- 3 hathroom. . .Montazumals revenge hardcore...hey Chuckie, where's len...I3eamer's Boys...fire extinguisher at the frat house...25-2 against Army...playing with a hroken foot in Army game...l3arefoot haskethall...more taquitosmliving at the hills...he's passed out in the hack of the CRV, croquet and lax game not a good mix...Lightweight GD Cornell...Matt and lackie's cousin...lay was almost my hrother. . .Too much princess for one hoy...Iackie is awesome...Last , minute sandwic h from C1riffins...Honor chair roommate...l3ar thief with Yost... Foam I'it Panama City f... NYC lax trip frosh year...Cluh lExit...Ciiving the lengends lunc. h crowd the ultimate free show...triple option on the heach...Tia Maria clay f... trading in Sprint for the x-hox...We c ould never tell how had Chuckie was until it was too late -... VVriting these hios together, a heloved hrother...SigMu Blacksburg, VA t'ffff'vf"' , Navy Pilot I 'I ' N 'IO2 Christopher john Manning Jr. j elloooooo! Richard. Matt punching him in the stomac h, getting dropped to the ground. Throw-up sweat. Tony Hawk. I-Ialf pipe. Captain Hook. Soprano. Dating Kerrie, sharing with Asa - "I have to sleep naked." Spec Ops with Wendo. Oiling up for the gun show. Naked with Colonel Fucjua. "Are you crazy? I'm not putting my pilot out there?" "Tyler you're crazy!!!!" "Awwwwwwwww." Hugs. Cl-town and dating Stacey. The flash in NYC. Donkey Kong in Delaware. Captain and Clinger. Bathing feet with Eric. The Nueve Dos Nuevel Muscle Mags. RICE RED! Sounding off. I I rounds with Tyler. Queer spon- sors. Protein king. "I must have dropped six gallons." "My cat is evilf' Escape from Lowes. Changing in the parking lot. Getting jumped by Roscoe. Donk. Finished. Dennis, MA Navy NFO I Matthew Joseph Meehan ifi iwsivf ,fiw . Port Washington, NY Surface Warfare I. f I .jx Seguin, TX USMC Pilot o everyone who helped me to get through this place I thank you with all my heart. I cannot mention everyone I only have 250 words.-Mike, you have both provided inspiration and the occasional slap in the face.-Mom, you were always there when things looked bleakest. Shame they wouldn't let you set up my locker this time-Dad, thank you, for bearing my burdens as well as your own. Semper Fidelis.-Marty, it's all ahead of you kid. Enjoy the ride.-Mike C., Thanks for being there, and never needing an explanation.- Captain Thorp, I would not be graduating if it weren't for you. I will never forget it, and I hope that one day I am half the officer you are.-Cabin, "I-Iere's to honor, .... " , and to the one we lost along the way.-Steph, The woods are lovely, dark and deep. But I have promises to keep, And miles to go before I sleep, And miles to go before I sleep.-Robert Frost-CLASS QF TI-IE BALLERS ,G-. --- Michae ffyons Murray I .jx I never thought I would look back at these five years with anything but a thankfulness of its conclusion, but sitting here now, I realize what an incredible time I have had and what great people I have been sur- rounded by. This has been an unbelievable ride, filled with ups and downs, good days and bad, happiness and sadness, anger and joy. Une thing that has remained constant, however, is loyalty. Dudes, and you know who you are, I truly consider you my brothers and I will never forget what we have been through, both the good and the bad. From my NAPS dawgs, my 4 year roommates, my fellow colleagues at The League Office, and everyone in between...wherever lite decides to bloops us, you will always remain the very best friends that I have ever had. We really did tear this place up. Tabitha Ioy, you truly epitomize the word loyalty. Thank you for putting up with my complaining and my hectic life, and for doing so with unwavering loye and grace. No matter how bad it's going, you always put a smile on my face. I thank God that we found each other and I'm excited to see what the future holds for us. To my family, you guys have been there through it all, and whatever successes I have enjoyed, I attribute them directly to your steadfast love and support. Congrats to all of my classmates, go forth and do great things, and never stop having fun. 'IO3 Brianna Zstaleen Nelson on f... 4years together, the rest of life to go, but great friends and some crazy memories will be the things I take with me when I take flight tliterallylz I-Day-how am I supposed to carry that its bigger than me? Wolfe put his and my bag on the end of his lax sticks-what a pal. Watching movies dur- ing Blue and Cioldeeoops. New Orleans-the crazy guy who hugged me, my rescuer Drew. All-nighter on VA beach-what a beautiful sunrise-so romantic. Youngster World-Officer and a Gentleman spirit spot-Dief rocked! "This place is like living in a hoy's locker room!ehow unappealing" CORI!!!efinally someone who understandsvThanks for being the hest friend a girl could ever find in this chaos. The Last Samu- raieyou wish you were lapanese don't you Duc! Bahrain, missing my marines LPD-I S! NWB-thanks for the trip to Hawaii, it was a blast! My CDBRA!! 2Ist I3-Day...what a great friend, I owe ya one Ryan. Spring Break 'ti4eHello Mevcico!...the beaches, the alcohol, Cori's attack hy the ATV-poor wrist-- the sunburn.. ouchehey Troy can I borrow your aloe factually l still have it-hahah, swimming ,....A with dolphins-awestmme, Bryan is crazy! IN-good friends .... FINALLY to top it all off: NASS detaile-IXC dinner looked like a group of troublemakers. San Diego with Denny and my surf lessons, Are you stalking me Guy? Navy Pilot-yeah baby! Leadership Conference craziness, Sixx Gun Sal-you guys ROCK! Sean Waxahachief Donlon's , Omar Iuh-ohl, never running for public office! eno regrets! Look out XAi'orld! Navy Pilot Nicholas Andrew Roa I ear Nick, You are a lover of all things. You began your Naval Academy career as the most intense in- dividual of the company, and you finished your Naval Academy career with a homerun off the curve ball of medical doctor gone marine gone swo gone submariner. With a clear head and decisive mind, you joined crew, quit crew, joined crew and loved crew. l-lowever, you never quit on the things that mattered most to you, Erika and spending money. Love, The Family Montgomery Village, MD Submarines Mary Qilfrnan Stringer A . I tringhead- we made it all the way. Everything from writing down everything that's bothering you on a l piece of paper and throwing it out the window to summer scaminar to Halloween...we have had the best of times. So sad you left us- but at least you're marrying the guy! You life is going to be filled with happiness, you will always have your roomies. Luv ya N MaiaM-S "Would you ride with me in my red con- vertible, Miss Stringc-rf", battleship New jersey, chatroom convos, "riding roughn, the queen of you know what, losephine, "I-Ierdnon", partying at the sponsors H terrorizing the neighborhood, we sure do make 2 I hot cowgirls e yee haw! We finally made it Stringhead, or should I say Blasc-head?-Tiff B Have you ever danced with the devil in the pale rnoonligl'it??-TA Newark hangout...pink vomit cleanup on service selec- tion night... jello-shots with gummiesmour exclusive club...the brothers...too much to drink ended up in the .MidStore parking lot and the brand new chair...paper towel disaster...dance-offs...last prt party, "crunk"... refrigerator key?...the room flood...AIR POWER... dirty jersey girls...no more cowbell...wedding planning...llama llama duck...Only a year, memories for a lifetime- the two W's! Go back to feeling lost in a Matlab session... "Annapolis here we come!' '... the mistake of two years of silence... tl S43 in RIO08... "Mr. Stringer' '... harassing "The Shark"... advice on the female mind at any hour of Middfesexf Nl the night... Bethesda and shots vs. Wireless and labs...always keeping an extra . chair in the room...through it all, a great lab partner, listener, and friend always U.S. Air Force z NUS 104 rr, ,... .uw-,-,..,. ,,...,..,h .,,. ,.. ff., ,..... ....,. ... ..,. NY. ,,,. .,,...-,-......,.,,.. ...W ...,,., .,., , .. , . , . . , YYYV, ,. ..-"' ff" . , I. jvlichozef Conin Snflivan j ear Colin, Although you possess the ring of invincibility, you still always managed to display your tender heart. You stalked my cousin, you lit me on fire, you threw Nick's cake out the window, you smashed our blender, and you took us on a half-hour run that lasted for two. lust like when you swal- lowed a dime before the pre-com chest x-ray, you never let rationale or reason control you, and you shave once a week. I know that you will dominate the sky like you defined honor. Love, The Family ,,...w. ' . ' -jf Fairfax, VA Navy Pilot X-Us Jenni er Dozniefle Waff j ock, paper, scissors...paper towel disaster...fun jello with gummies...our exclusive cIub...Newark hangout...the brothers...pink vomit cleanup on service selection night... dance-offs...Iast prt party... refrigerator key?...the flood...AIR POWER...roIIing chair fun...dirty jersey girIs...no more cow bell... wedding pIanning...lIama llama duck...bohagers...red rocks...texas astro trip, enough saidmsurviying hell I or Quanticommy cute little bunny...sometimes I wonder...eIw, mtsmpassing out in the refrigerator...gig- gling in the middle of the night...Ibn vampires...tattoos get you...European manbag...the pants party. ..Ric k- over 2nd periocl...papa smurf...summer cruise phone calls...p-cola roomies...friends forever...tnv...beef baron...phantom poop...I-Iillaryisms...grancIma's peace pipe...notre dame rent-a-car...yp pIayers...wasting away again on the Sullivansmbowling night and BOQ movies...go to sleep ...coloring and reading...sum- mer of restriction?...fart smasher...dumb corpsmen and teenagers...expensive phone biII...letters...hot tub foot soak therapymnavigation tutormracquetball and hike rides... split pants beach party...state contest...Eastport footbaII...my dreamermbearing...cmc with Richard and Lindsaymmarine corps hymn at 4 a.m...crunked...Vermont rug burns...our next meal pIans...baker's doZen...thanks Krista and Ivlargaret... hey Succasunna, Nl E Navy Pilot R Zfrin Lynn Wins few I ung beetles-rough riclers-armadillos-black sheep-4 horsemen Plebe: Miss Mack-IXALL, WINSI-I.I.- LOOOWVV, bonding at the hospital during plebe summer, Navy notecards, Percocet, Antibiotics, Ip's with Blackmon, sauerkraut will make your hone heal, thanks Tyler and Phil, Mr. Steppe- Hbetxx een you, me and the box...", the unstable cot, Halloween costumes-sponge bob, cowgirl, castle, hIue...Supreme Goddess IvIcCaII- "salsa and cha cha like no other", Ernie, Bon Bon, Hard Ball The 8th wing suite- tennisf four-square, cake- "I'm freef', not...Promised graduation gift... "The Splashdown on 8-J has been secured. I say again...", Ocean City Youngster: Pretend dating leading to crushes, Kevin, did we eyer sleep before J am, Nightly vending machine runs, The Ring- "7 daysn, "what we have here is a failure to communicate", restrictees dream movie collection, Dief catching me, Arbo's birthday, tennis for a year, saying goodbye xi a rice cooker, Panama City Beach I-witnessing and long walks on the beach! strip, hotclogs and hot coco to stay warm Cruise: Tori's gopher dance, sur- viving Quantico ZXC: Isabel, Bohagers, texas astro trip...enough said, Panama City Beach II, OCF girls-THANKS, Crusade IXC: Red Rocks- Shirley, rock, pa- per, scissors, paper towel disaster, jello with gummies, the club, the brothers, pink vomit cleanup on service selection night, jenny Cute Little I3unny!aLBERt, 1 Lakewood, CO clance-offs, last prt party, refrigerator key?., AIR PQWER, celebrating Air Force, , shady basements, rolling chair fun, dirty jersey girls, wedding planning, llama I I Navy PlIOt llama duck, 7 times- VVSS rock solid, junk collector, I couIdn't have made it , jl without any of you. Constant: jesus Christ, almost: Zoolander .I 105 I I n- 'f WM , 'Qu MTVN! 'R' f" M' tn 'MA W' W 1' 'Qvigw M W' Y , . M A . F. - . X A ff- Q 1 -X gx f ,ff , A , 1 W ' f A- Q4f-- , ,V . I 1, - ,E+ W, .,,.-me , V .f V 4' Aggyqrtigjw f xv vw? N 1- A154 V- A KW., g'-'V , ? Q . X -'Wg' H W., ., ww - vm uw X ,M N 321 . 9 f 3 U Wm", ,mf , - ly' ' V' Y ' sf , gfkiv' V V Q 'f"T'f1W"" MAMA--1-fm-mf: . , A Wm. f " 'lj ,4 Q , W.. - JJ 1 ,W,,.,., ' , J 1, ,W ' , .,,, --A:g'i"w- ' P A 1? f 1 --' 45' ' N .f '-,"' "' W x' 'A--' 41' 3 ,M--.-ff M ' W . .',,,,,,g.g L. V ', A K 'W V Amr, "'-" W' . ri: " jg 4 ' ' ff -:ff 14 ' ,kr FW, Q, , : :gk My - - ,My-'ff' m. -. A mx- fr, Nu xx: Mi A ' ,- was E 41,1 , x . ww: x .5 A, , kl ff 'VK jr., ,Q ' it V , ff H ' 5 Q ,W Amy-ff .Nu-eg . 5-g"Q if ,A 'W x ,nk W 'ff - 'ffwi -' A ' A .. ? ' ' A 'W f ' V QF f 4 if vw? I V Q ,NW ,QF ' W W X I -jd 7 Q 5-E .MQ ,N i V - M W., W I ,Q ,, A ' V , ' V ,M -ff 4 , xt: NWN A , x I - 1 . Tri, N ,M b I 5 Q V! e , MBE .E 3 A"-9,2 W 2 .gf X V-' .3 K , ' , n .Q X , LH ' 1 ' 5 ,1 , , , Q 2 L J 5 . . ' w w"bf'1Ag auf iff . ,, fx 13 "ww, ' U' AX 1 , P . , H- ' C .' , .M gg, A .Km Q 'M Q- .M mg, 2 f,,.qm4:rLv"'f , A :rj Y-Aft. . 1: V." 1 V ' f Q . I . Y I V 'QA at vs M A Egjgb .wif-V rf. , iag.m,,,Ql X ,vu ..v I WLM,-h:':'ffw1"'f'f"A ' .. ' AK...---A - A i ' J ' - , ' , ,zw-ws-sf ' , ,N v "WH--f' A H,f.53- .Memes .2-,,,,,:V . 4,4 Q 'mmgggmw .QM ,-Q ., .,,,xw-Ji,?,!q s... H I, my ,U Mmyiqj AKQQ .ig ' ' "'WW'W'w" "4M""f ""W fziffgw 1-W.. - '-"7" 7 gfmwimg I ', 1M"" 'V .I if , ,, fm-fi ' -v.,f-4 w 4 V - W., f 4 I A 3 F" fxfy-K f- 'X fr A n . " 4 A 2 4.44 -,,3L,,,,,.,f 1: N --M by - g., A M lr' - ' -, ,,, m L - -v-'H""-1'f"'W' A ., , g ' A , qs A R. I ,1 g, .. Q .... XIA 2 9 N , bi ' .fe X .-. M., 'Vfki' 5 , ' 1, ' 4. I t K f Y Y L , A X 1 5, nw,--W-an-.. 'J I, X v'2.a'LeFq'-gg. Y Y Y , 'Dix' 'WM 5 m .X X gn ,. . ,Q ' M . 2 V ' A f Var- X ff I 72? 2 I Ahmwiw if-fM,,-MMHMQ? V A A ,- ' -W EL " V 1, ' Ex xi' A, ' ' il """'fw..w2 7,2 , M.. -.wwf-H V 1:13 ifgi- A I 'A W K 'Q' 'V I ff' f , Mmu5!""W'a?Q"'Mv2f'-M-7-- -tm, jimi, hi. ffl A iij517..hsM"""""'--ff--,,mM f , V? , , 'F .,?wWWJi -W 'Q Q- ' 5 Z 1 fx -'nw .. 1' 'A 2 nfkwilfffafi' " 4":"16.X," ff, . M .,,m,-V W aw ,gas , i,A Q. Q f 2 wk , H Qu W, -g2.,gW my K ', . ,gafwryu-,lgw ff,-A Ml.-5 ,V Q ,Www f ' W,f,:A My X NW -ff My-M X1.A:5w'fv w, i L2 3 T T: ex , E N ,Ugg W N is .5 V 5 W LLM R 3' M-.,gT..,aw,n..w., Q., , ,. 4 ff , WH x, ,.f5w,+. 'm F5 m e Q Q if 5 E J f . gy iff , V P M ww. W f ' Q Q 5 -1 ' 1 "W 3' r--af' -E 'g if .gig r- . 1 if 'X R" ' fx '51 ' " 5 1 wt' 'fa ' I v ,W j 1 . . ' 1' fl : V? V' f - M' 5 W 7 MM 'NT-F354 'M -M V? "lfi'i3 if- ' , ' 7 ,,, ,- .,,.,affm.o?J'4 , , " ' 1 Fi 5 'f' -:' , 5 - " 1 P R5 ' -V , "vu-,544 AA , 9. g " z an-sm--.i A Y W NY, ,, MV V,,v,.,,,,,,, ..,n,,,.,.,,.,..,- ., . 1, -f L5 . N A 2, A V 1 - . ,Www - 1 W ' -,,-n12-m,,- A-M -,---A----H " 'Jef :gi -ey M, 1 ?'f"3k"'a' I , hi-Tlfl 5 . f"' 1 . ' 'f ' B, -V Xb , f "Wig M gg , K wf M, ,,,,:n5ff'emw- A WN, . . gig," Y- "gf , ,,,. ff-. .Q-f1.vm.'..w.m U u . 'AN 14. "QM ,. ,. ' ,'-- ' H A"-"LQ ' A "F 4- , CWA 5 P":'i,?T.x:,,J "T"'q"4, 5H- 2 Q ' ,, ,,.f -V.,--V5 m ' , , 13.95, 4 V, Q61-?m.,..,-,fK'v'?w-'1, M H I 'M Y " , . h -MJ , Q .,.,.,Mw,W,Mk.3'S,. .'1w, fgf.wcg-ufgfy -f ww-wi M f M- ,,,, , -' 1' -, I W-W ' ' M-, M A ' " r V -I be ' W A K W V . 'NM' L' M,,,,,,. - Awi fwmmwwwmw, .,., ,. A M M " 5 'K f W fm if-4!..,.21lI' w.2a.,,f 'J M W., 7 W'- twg '+""Mv'Ae- W.,-W, . ww. Vu ,. 1 5 X KIT! lxy le kiiiaiitla Sean .lohn .loseph Broun James Britton Nicholas Xl lieillte l eigh liluntletlo Nliehael liratly Patriek liroxxn Alexander Bursi Stephen Cliauvin Alan Denison l t inn: lltoittttx Nlatt .lohn Amlrea Noah Kenneth Adam Lauren Men milton Nlxi Briant lannin Wesley lfisher lzlifaheth George Todd Gould .laines llannah Christopher Jones Alexandra Keele Xleliantlro Douglas lwan Antlrew Miehael Carlos .laines Dhruxt lyme l oya Xliehael Xlarlw Nlarshall NleNeer Dai id Meehling .lr. Shannon Moorse Alherto Orofa R Paquette Parashat' t l intlxax .Iohn Daniel Yasmine lhonias David Robert .loshua Nliehelle Iiiahorii llerlt Rotlenhurg C' Ryan Nlarie Saulx lfraneis Sehniitf Michael Souza Anthony Spotlarelx Albert Taylor lierrixxa Paul Keith Mathias Daniel Xrtele lorrex fXntlrexx 'l rtiog Philipp Turnbull Samuel Weihel .lason Wemloloxwslxi 5 , if 7 108 l Nix elx ,Ianies liry ala Mallliexx lux an ,losliuu Evan Derrick Xlnna l Nnilwerg N .Xnlliony ll Arreola A Barnes M Bond Boyle Robert Bruce karl Roy Xnlliony Taylor Nicole Luis Benjainin lilifabelli .losepli ifarie C aialan Nl lliorox T Dodd Marie England lfelieiano ,I Cialwlwarcl A Cirider W Gursky Stephanie 'lrixlen Megan Allison Clayton Daniel Geraldine Dante X llnnilion Nl ll'inn'1li l llill M llunl lf llunl A M'id'inat F Manalo Maurice M1 . . . , , A . . irsli R5 an liy le lzrie lix an Nieliolas Clirisloplier .lellrey Michael Palrielx Nlillx li Xliillane Q' Page lf Parnell Wayne Pealslrom A Romnek M Ryan A Sanders Nlare Daniel .Iaines Vullen Ry an Anna Brandon Brice D Seliron C' Selniler P Shannon M Sliauglinessy I, Sload C' Switzer A Taylor C Turner lirell Xl xxlllllllllli 110 ii Grd 4,. . A , 3--v 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 E 111 LW ivvk CHICACN Cn June 29. 2001 we were forty midshipmen with one goal in mind, surviving Plebe Summer. Our detailers each brought something different to the table, from excellence to indifference and gave us in- centives, from rolled sleeves to shelf-clips. Dan wrote poems, Tom "slept," Martin, Orlowitz. and Breeden didn't make it, we gained a Yorck and lost PT Doughty after parents weekend. Plebe Summer color company and all the benefits jnonej to go along with it. Plebe Year in Civilian Seven. Good ole' TJC leading us and LT Bob protecting us from Senior Chief Clontz. we made it through. Nealdos sleeping earned us Severn PT a week before Thanksgiv- ing. Army Week was one to remember: crab juicezsecured, de- fending 2!C:unsecured: the hall brawls and carrier landings and ill-fated attempts guarding the bonfire. Tha Bog ended Army week forever, breaking the two-stars daughters arm. Chris' wildman of Senior didn't help our plight. Moreau left us as a member of the square-root club. Youngster Year took getting used to with LT Phelps, Chief fl-ley Buddy." Senior Chief Downs in the Color Company. The year of the conduct offense: Tim with 1-MC speakers: Jerry, Sam, and Scott 112 for drinking: John for not "securing" the wardroom. Chris' "lcemanv legend began to grow, most of us left the 2OfO club, a few just plain left: Monty for home, Gus for God, Scott for the "white whale? Second class year we were trainers under Major Z and Senior "Sniper" We gained Eskimo Grant and Joanna but lost Lisa at the end. Matty B threw a great Army party and we found out Leah's dad is cooler than him. Ham became the parking lot drinker he is today. Bing Dance was fun for most, just not for the Potato. Firstie year was finally upon us, led by Bogs and Parra-O. Heard left in September, Jeff's drinking and grass-wrestling made him sleep behind a locked door, Service Selection disappointed some and Frank hosted us for Emerald-Nuts. Lax-season: tailgating with Ice and Little Angry on the field. Some good times in DTA, DC, l i l l i l i l l Baltimore, and elsewhere together: almost a fieldball title, fifth SEL, in four years and we were done on May 27, 2005. We lost some along the way but managed to become a family too. Thanks for the memories and friendship to last a lifetime: we will always have 3-4. - Tha Bog, aka the ABMy Breaker l l i l Major Patrick Zaleski Company Officer 1st Sem Justin Strickler, XO Maria Parra-Orlandoni, CC Eric Wilson, 1st Sgt. GIVICS CSWJ Bradley J. Chamberlain Company Senior Enlisted Mikael Allert, XO John Bogdan, CC Lewis Emery, 1st Sgt. ster Staff Wheeling, WV Surface Warfare Brieffe Loretta Aofcimovich raft, squeaky c lean xxax loyer, hihemates during the week, how many classes have you missed? MY LROTLEII I lLIRTS!!!! Youngster year dance routines, Miss Hawaii and super hero Douhle V. Let me lick you up and clown, your Beyonce hutt hounc e, leshian seagull, drunk in UTA! TEA-TIME at the Coffee- ltottse, lulia "rihhon-clanc ing" with a cigarette up and down Main Street, shooting Osama in your hack yard, falling into the Sexern. -thunt if Bri-Bri can surf, Bri-Bri can dance, Bri-Bri eats food and still fits in her pants. And so goes the randomness of Brielle, never to he matched hy anyone. Best roommate ever, she taught me so much. ..Loye ya!!! -Maria X Bri, we hetter have a MAD PT reunion someday, 7-I I recons and appearing to hay e Propel. getting us jet-ski rides, stealing lemons for me and getting snowed in with -- Heather. -KPIJ rl To my s'women sistas: NEW YEARS dehaucheries, naked parka swim- ming, hac k-seat-hus parties, Qt hr. hus rides tBuccaneer to Bancroftl, racy plehe dance y ideos, Mystic Oompa Loompa tor iaundice?I, classic hlock flips, driving with Hoss, Ba- nana ttuh Breastroke, Lehigh Stlttttycl "warm-ups", "No Breath" Steve, hot tuh honding, hutt pinching competitions, "Call on Bri!" -Entertainment Officer X To all my family and friends: Some people say that the road life has its humps and turns. Well damn, I must haxe gone all-terrain off-roading...in Chauncy of course. I would not he here without all of your support and laughter to steer me hack on course. God knows I failed NAV! Through scandals, hearthreak, and triumph, thank you! h avimaeraviwgmy firaafi: c Riverside, CA Navy Pilot e are hard pressed on every side, hut not crushed, perplexed, hut not in despairp persecuted, hut not ahandoneclp struck down, hut not destroyed...Therefore we do not lose heart." -2 Corinthi- ans 4:B-fI,Itm X The memories: YP608, Big day in DC, lamhalaya jitters, Eastern Shore, First Pres of Annapolis, BEST sponsors, sleeping, Tony's Italian in NYC, closed door, Scotty the roommate, a clear and starry night, sleeping, the hack roads of Catalina Island, summer days at the heach or the hoat, water- skiing, that "rc-liahle" Acura, sleeping, Danny the roommate, the hackwoods of North Carolina, 'Cettin' huge" with Danny, the hirdie that got caged, Grant the roommate, Old Town Alexandria, hirthday at Air and Space, night on the heach in Leucadia, sleeping, farewell to Matt, miseries of CSNTS, flight-free avia- tion cruise, another summer of fun, horse-hack riding on the ranch, golfing, heach, golf, trip to Toledo Zoo, tractor races around the house, sleeping, Congratulations to Matt, XO, Grant again, Ramshead happy hours, exchanging Acura for the truck, visiting Erica in NYC, excursions with Lora, IES, service selection nighteVVE GOT PILOT! ttf-3, sleeping, new and final roommates-Mike and limmy, squad leader, leep, 1 inauguration, sneaking in, making the last semester memorahle each and ev ery day. Clreat times have passed-many more to come. I-Iere's to our future "When once you have tasted flight, you will forever walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward, for there you have heen, and there you will always long to return." -DaVinci Qie orag Mark Andrews Garderville, NV Submarines 114 hat memories this place has given. It helped us all grow up a great deal, and managed to forge some lifetime friendships. For those of you who managed to make it on some of the Syracuse trips, now there are some memories that will last a lifetime. Erom seathelts to high fives, pig roasts to pyramids, those moments will always hring me a smile. lDon't forget the hattles we consistently lost on the tic-ld Ball field as well. May we never think of our trip to the playoffs again. There were the trips to the shore up in Dirty lersey, the parties up in Philly, and the nights celehrating downtown. Thinking all the way hack to plehe summer it's hard to helieve we've come this far this fast. For those individuals that I was fortunate enough to do detail with, thanks, you all taught me a lot. Fortunately my inahility to he a good roommate helped me meet many people over our 4 years at the academy, and thc-re's was nothing like rooming with somehocly new to make me realire just how much of a pain I was to live with. And finally, may we all con- tinue to keep in touch no matter how far we are spread. l'll keep you all in -- . my thoughts, and whenever we manage to cross one anothc-r's paths, may we create some more fantastic memories. if I Hfotrntlton ugent Ashworth Reno, NV USMC Ground I learned a long time ago to keep my mouth shut. The last thing I need is published references for my stu- pidity and greatness. The ones I can remember, I'li never forget. Those I try to forget, you guys will never let me live down. Erater Infinitas. X "That which does not kill us makes us stronger." -Friedrich Nietzsche !"Some mornings, it's just not worth chewing through the leather straps." -Emo Philips! "I have never let my schooling interfere with my education." -Mark Twain X "I drink when I have oc c asion, and sometimes when I have no occasion." -Miguel De Cervantes X "Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe har- bor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover." -Mark Twain X "If you ever drop your keys into a river of molten lava, forget em', cause, man, they're gone? -lack Handy X "Its 'I O6 miles to Chicago, we've got a full tank of gas, half a pack of cigarettes, itfs dark and we're wearing su nglassesf' -Elwood Blues X "Every day is a great day for hockey." -Mario Lemieux X "Worry not that no one 2 ,yy . 1- I, knows of youg seek to be worth knowing." -Confucius f "When I die, I want gyy. - I ' people to play my music, go wild and freak out and do anything they want to :fi -- do." -limi I-Iendrix ' f., - , P- : . ff i Matthew Jennings Bernhotroh Philadelphia, PA Surface Warfare nd so it began for Matty Bizzle, livin the dream, we can watch her drill competition, l'll take a rain check, dude, save me, No more drinking from the pitcher, Quit lifting with Chuckie and Dane, I don't even know you anymore, it's like this car is driving itself, RiZZo's gonna cut me, We're never going back to this sorority, ever, again, alright this time I am serious, Turning 21 twice, can we trade tonight, Dan will love my children, I'm scared of Mike can I stay with you, she's handy with a gun, I've decided I'm going Marines, ok maybe not, she's a nice girl, SWO, second choice, sweet, Thirsty Thursclay's and Coach's show, Stellar, Mountaineering Club is always open, 39 cents goes a long way in Whistler, more Sig, less Mu, Mike and Matt Swim-buddies at Leatherneck, II5 on the Schuylkill with Tony, wishing every night was a Fursday, Ostrye getting me through Systems, there is a wall between us, sweet dude I'll just use my phone, O-club on Wednesdays, haul, Inspection with Major Z, sweet, morning lifts with Ostrye, - e good night, walking back from the GAP, great night, getting a ride back from the GAP, I am never drinking again, there has to be something in that Sangria, if they are going to charge that much I figure they want me to keep the glass, Spring Break 2005 in Paradise, Post, Collegel, Writing the bios together, a be- loved brother, SigMu Forever X To my parents, thanks for believing in me Joh J sejoh gofotn I I Baltimore, MD ' Navy Pilot hange is the essence of life. We must be willing to surrender what we are for what we can become. I iwikwflii , 'iff 4 9 ?':- I l 7 -:'f1'u'Tv' "fi", 4 , -3 ,, 7 X , . , , I I I ii 1- ' ' U if .. I rim Wi 115 Joanna. Thomas Brozhe ak Ilill, xxeekencl in NCI, detail roomie so we could vent about our "superiors," shining shoes and eatin cookies all clay, Sunday dinners, long talks at Ms. Teri's, workout buddy, country music, the xxills, the most beautiful front porch street in the world: Your encouragement and friendship will continue for a lifetime. Thank you. SE X tame to see if I could do it. Did if. Loved it. I-lated it. VVouldn't do if again. Will neyer regret it. Woulcln't want it any other way. X Eor everyone to whom much is given, of him shall much be recruireclg and ot' him to whom men entrust much, they will require and demand all the more. -I uke H148 AW, ZS, CP, SM, SE, SM, LN, JO and 5-forever thankful for your friendship. Beaufort, NC Navy Pilot Grant Thomas Bryan it fter five years, Giant has found himself admitted to USNA under two names tMidn Bryan and Grantl, in the Barbershop Quartet, missionary and member of two classes. Now, Grant Bryan is finally leaving Annapolis. True, he spent a year in Africa, but this striper was really at USNA the whole time tmen- tally shining his shoesl. He came to Crabtown with a head full of dreams, however, quickly made a name for himself as the "unIoved one" in the rowdy small group, Unit 3. Despite the easy-going nature that made him a target of jokes from his classmates tboth setsf, Alaska's son has been a true friend when the going got rough. Erom the car ride to the 2001 MLK retreat to leading Unit -I, the Academyfs newest spiritual miscre- ants, Grant has consistently been more concerned with other people and their welfare . ...L - ,c.,,, -M than with sleeping, eating or grades. I-Ie made friends with the six most awesome people 5 1 N l in USNA history, was cursed by witch doctors, and left hundreds, perhaps thousands, of l 'X unsuccessful stalkers from around the world in his wake, including an alleged I2 brides- I lg , to-be in Africa. Not everyone could return to waxed floors and the "lite favorites" of the I f Mid Store and leave behind West Africa, where dodging bullets, exploding chickens and ll' IIS I turning down proposals were the norm. The next stop on Granf's world tour is the big ff I i gray fleet and with five years experience, he's ready for anything. So long as there aren't l I Anchorage, any more witch doctors, GCS and U3 y Surface Warfare . I Aaron Christopher Dozusmom our years done at the federal penitentiary in Annapolis! IER29:I I all the glory goes to ICI Much love to the sophomore year Mot Nbest of times in the worst of times". 3-tot all calls, so much sweat. BKY GSB WLM "Cfrazytime" all the time. SlyEox and Kristin. Lane will always be our honorary classmate. BKY, franklin summer to hat toss e that's real tyou owe me like S moviesl. NI-I youre huger than Arnold. Seriously, stop sweating me you ioes. GSB purdue, ERUIT coc ktails, you've been a blessing bro. Small group was huge group. Ring Dance weekend, one big fun blur, busy b gets locked up. GB, youre the man, Africa needs you, eyeryplace needs you. TL I love you man, God's got great things in store for you I-IEBI I :I. TV it was awe- some sleppin around SanEran with you. TLNTV pirate bar in Czech Republic? Iust glad we didnft die on the Autobahn. I'lebeXC nakedcmod cantello lockerroom. NavyTrack, we pretty much owned Army but I think those suc kv days in Halsey will stick with me the most - "okay group" carry on the tradition. Ric kover, waste of our time, GE unit we are about to tycoon. T' Robert Thomas, best naval officer ever, moment of silence. Rockstsuperfivetg ooclfellasn it was a good time. Scruadl-Itcolorsquadf goodtimes. Senior chief tom beringer "Mr. Yarbrough come to my offic e" III times a day was always cool. II'I, I I,I'K,MS much love. If you're ever in Pearl stop by. See you in Eive. Syracuse, NY ICJllN'iZltm Nuclear Surface I 'I 6 I ,.,,,.-f- fm K I I I j I Sjowik Andre Devfammg Easley, SC Submarines y name's Sjaak. It's not weird. It's Dutch. I hail from Easley, South Carolina, where the only thing more common than a gas station is a church. But I clon't juclge-it doesn't fit my philosophical con- structAso please do not be offended. I have three passions in life: II Dancing, 29 Warcraft!Magic the Gathering, and BI Reconciling these two passions in my philosophical construct. I would list women as my fourth passion, but who are we kidding? just look at my other passions and you will understand why there are only three. But my mother tells me I'm handsome. Ifm like a fine Blackstone Mc-rlot...I only get better with age tladies, call me: 443-321-3408, I mean 541 0I. Most people know me for my uproarious laugh, singing voice, skills with a bow-staff, fine taste in women, and even finer taste in clothes. tleans at Sax 5th Avenue, SI40, Italian Dance Shoes, 5400, doin' it fo' da shorties, pricelessi. My Academy experience as a Math Major has been unique. I spend 90'M, of my time playing Warcraft, and the remaining IOM annoying my roommates while they study for their legitimate majors. I am NucSchool-bound after graduation. It only took me five minutes aboard a submarine to realize that I wanted to spend the next five years of my life in a steel capsule full of seamen. My future goals include: II Opening a dance studio, 2I Marrying Annie Trent, SI Reuniting the Trifecta, and 4I Discovering the meaning of life. Dougfas Wifiam jfitzpcztrick Green Bay, WI Navy Pilot ey, you're small, want to cox? Sure, I guess, what does that mean?f' And so began my life with crew on that scorching Iuly day during plebe summer. "Doug, you want to come with us this weekend? Canft, I've got practicef' became the common reply to be heard amongst friends. Of course, that's assuming it wasn't the colors, flava's, krackers, beavers, or diapers, they would be there too, putting in the miles on the water and on the erg. Whether it be Cole Trickle at the Head of the Charles, rubbin's racing after all, or Marty McFly in Oak Ridge, fun times were had for 4 years. Hacienda how I will miss thee. 2004- what a year. My first shot at Weeks, nailing it, taking Ist on the Charles amongst colleges, jumping up to the varsity boat, undefeated season tall but one race by open waterl, walking through Harvard with 700 to go, "I got Wachter!" Eastern Sprints Champions, IRA National Champions, Henley Royal Regatta semifinalists. Definitely one to remember, but I still hate the Dutch. Other than crew I tended to gallivant with two salty dogs and several igEEks. Crazy times indeed. ffSo then there was that time with those girls and, lWell, nothing happened. I'd take a rolled up carpet too, much better than the hardwood floor."N the Minx. "Douggie Fresh, pulling your weight all the way to victory but impossible without youff Iope Cup 05 N Pepe. Sweet bird of freedom here I come... jarroofilobert Qczzmfek Harbor honeymoon. Peace. I Submarines i, I am Iarrod Oazarek, pronounced C-az-A-Rack. I'm 42 years old and still a full time student. In my spare time I enjoy lifting weights and eating MEAT sandwiches. I also have the largest collection of crap known to man. My mountain of uselessness includes the most obscure hunting gear you can imagine, the Oclclest camping paraphernalia on earth, and scuba gear that I'll never use tincluding a really neat dive knife...scotch neatlll. I like to do anything outdoorsy and I'm old enough to rent an RV, so if you like traveling, I'm your man. I also like to party, I usually stick to Bud, but every once in a while I might have like eight...teen LITs. However, this is nothing compared to my roommate who has drank an entire keg with only one other guy, while partying on a bus with the Hawaiian Tropic' bikini team, they knew my name. My look is pretty standard, I'm 4'1 I " and I weigh 230. I rock anything from Abercrombie to Goodwill, along with boxer-briefs ttight, constrictive, elastic bandl. Most days I wear a pair of aviators, guaranteed to cost less than SI 0. My heroes are Arnold Schwarzenegger, Mic Iagger, Mork from Ork, joey from Friends, Bo Duke, and Punky Brewster. If you like what you have heard, it's too bad, I'm already engaged to a lovely young woman of S0 and we are getting married May 29, 2005. Canft wait to head to Mount Rainier in the Freddy for my 117 Cmffkobert Qfotss X ell, it all started in the Middle-West when I was born a happy, chubby baby. I was born with a flight simulator joystic k in my hand, and from there it was all uphill because I liked bad 80's music. Iortunately, though, I hit puberty at the ripe age of 'I I, and got to be a real player with the ladies. I got a hot girlfriend in high st hool, and came to the Academy ready to do everything it took to be a pilot. That wasnt so bad, though, because all I had to do was PoliSci and fly. I did have to dump that girlfriend and be depressed about it a little, but later on we reconciled our differences, so it was all good. Plebe year was Ok, eyen if I vvas a hard core Ioe. I even had a quote on my corkboard that said, 'fChop. Sound off. You are a plehe. It's your job." Yeah, the memory makes me want to puke. Eventually I did puke on some girls up in Canada, but it's nothing Balloon Carl wouIdn't have done. Incidentally, I was voted "most masculine" in the Trifecta. Dunno how that happened, because of the body-shaving and all, but hey, I'm not arguing. I never did bring my fiddle up to the Academy to jam with the guys, but I did get pretty good with the whistle. Well, I think th tt in fi sums me up pretty welleeanything extra would just be a I-lolIywoodization of who I am. Bloomington, IL Navy Pilot Matthew Anthony Hoge I agi, Hagee, Hadjg who really knows how to pronounce your name? Perhaps that's why you have a multitude of nicknames, too many to list. Known for his ability to grow beer muscles and challenge the machine to fights after a trip to ACME, he's just as likely to have a beer in his hand with a mile- wide smile, bobbing his head saying "this is AWSOME!" I'll never forget finding you with your head in a uri- nal, on your 2 I st birthday celebration in Philadelphia. How awesome was that I-Iage? No one saw it coming when you became the terror of Charlie Company plebes during the summer of 2004 as lvtr. I-Iage. You prob- ably set a record for the number of grown men and women you made cry during a three week period. HE IS LEBANESE. A closet aficionado of the fairer sex, he was always quick to deny it at first then three weeks later admit to it. Who knew that because your roommate, Iceman, received a B in performance that the firsties would give you a C because, 'fYou were I-IIS roommate." One of Hage's better conquests who most was a girl named Hfake bo!GDir". I-Ie would reintroduce her to his friends and they would have no recollection of her actual name Kate. l They would pull him aside and he would have to explain to them that she was indeed "Fake lgtllfillfll. Two thumbs up for that one Hage, if only you could still move your thumbs to reciprocate Norfolk, VA Surface Warfare James jxfottfiomictfltfeefy athan, I can't believe you have been here for four years and now you are finally graduating. I am so proud of you and everything you have achieved. You have fulfilled a goal that did not seem feasible during your plebe year. I We have been through the good times and bad times together over the last three years, and I will miss you next year. But I wish you the best of luck. I know you will continue to do well and make everyone proud. I love you. eliristinee Chesapeake, VA Surface Warfare 118 ,,. James Raymonoflamz II I Slidell, LA Surface Warfare Springfield, VA Surface Warfare ames Raymond Eugene Lamz ll, the southern boy with the longest name in the universe came to the USNA with aspirations of being a baseball player. He realized that having a social life and free time was more fun, and then quit the team. After quitting the sport he had played for I 7 years, he bec ame a varsity etter winner in the ZW, club. Three years with "The Rog" has taught jimmy everything he could ever want to know about the West Coast, and what qualifies as "weak aww. Good times in the French Quarter with the boys, hopefully we can get back to BBC sometime and get some more hand grenades, or maybe a lucky dog at 4am. Cloing in the Severn in October for Nealdo the real Dealdo, Syracuse, "netties", playing more video games than studying gets me a 3.0, Semper SWO, I HATE THE PMO, Dec icers, Kentucky Wool, "Av's", chatting with the triplets down the hall, sarcasm, cynicism, VADM Ryan, seedy strip clubs in Baltimore, meatheads ripping speakers out the ceiling, aerodynamic printers, the club scene in DC with "Vonasty", Hawaii for spring break, the unlikely pairing with "the Rog", the quote book, smoothies, sticky rice, and too many other good memories to list. It was a hell of a ride guys... jeffrey Karflange l e knew right from plebe year that jeff, AKA jfK, Flip Flop, Malibu's Most Wanted, was a little differ- ent. lvtaybe it was his lanky frame, or the fact that even though he was as pale as the v-necks we wore underneath our working blues, his taste in music was the opposite. An OG of 5467, i"You don't know about that!"l his curveball drops more than our plebe year QPR ...And jeff, how did you get back from Preakness? -Iceman, Lil' Angry, Culag Crew 4 Life. jeff "Mutt" Lange hails from Springfield, land of hard knocks. The ultimate Superfan, I. Karl enjoys spreading the goodness of 4Ofs and enjoys wrestling in the grass in his whites as well as standing restriction. One of two surviving senior pitchers on the staff, known for his nasty curveball and telling off catchers from the mound. Remember jeff, I don't go to Penn State therefore I cIon't know where we are going. Ready to tame the high seas and dominate the Mo-Boards, jeffrey Karl is a true Surface Warrior- Van Damage... X I 1 l Timothy S tephen Lehman Fort Wayne, IN Surface Warfare ou have been a great roommate and friend this past year. Room 34013-"Tlie Meat Locker." I am very impressed with your faithg I began reading the Bible daily because of your example. Congratulations on your car, and thanks for jump starting my car tmake sure to turn off my interior dome lights next timei. Tell your mom thank you for all the cookies and brownies. Muchas gracias with helping me find my wallet on more than one occasion. I don't know anyone who has louder alarm clocks than you ihave woken up people with rooms by the mate's deskj. Andrea Bocelli, Potbelly sandwiches, nightly oatmeal. You have been a great PMO and will make a fine Naval Officer. Brilliant! 119 S amantha Ann jlflacofa hit ago, NWP, St ho and 4 years of eye candy. "lt's All Goodn Brother who's so overprotective that he follows me to hell and orders me not to date Mids. Love him always. "Chill out"- lames. Sam, a great workout buddy and awesome friend to talk to. l'll never forget the early morning wake up calls and lifting xx ith tiliff. We have more in common than anyone ever thought! NTacc. Team mom W Zander. Sam from Chit ago: It all started in little t'reekg Oak Hill, BRENDA and Cracker Barrel! Adopted new roommate second t lass year, late night laughs: boyfriend bashing, screener of phone calls, trips to NC-"jo, you know that's the fast lane don't you?"3 missed a good roomie, but we got by, just the 2 of us, who got less sleep this weekffp violated by the doctors: "why doesn't he just break up with her??"g Drink EI from Sam: there are how many shots in a long island!?!? Thanks for takin' me in, puttin' up with me, helpin' me out, teachin' me some things, listening, and most of all for being a sincere person and a friend I can trust. Movin' on, but missin' you! IB. A person's life is dyed with the color of her imagination, your life must be like a rainbow reflected in the I-IZO. You've made the lives around you glow with happiness because of who you are, a Chicago girl and a heart breaker, but so full of love! Antonia C hicago, IL Surface Warfare I Sarah Marte Mooney I win:I'm not steph parker, I swim and don't play soccer,summa gals joanie carin and ash- words cant explain how amazing you are, you're my fam away from home, we'll write our book some day, swomen! bathing beautiesfmermaid princesses-4 yrs w! NWS: DT, disco,t-Thursday,beyond the pool and the locker room, your joy and support as friends helped me along the way,meaksy crawl in my bed anytime,YP68I the love boat-joshfchris I always found a place to confide and laugh within our friendships, bri swimn wf the dolphins, benfalex Waikiki, anne-what a semester to be roomies, your friendship is so refreshing -spinning wheels and mud on our hands davefmollyftrev -only you truly understand what it is to take that step, and then to have to return, super 7-doin honor W! you has been quite the journey, thx for keeping things upbeat and humorous! lustin and lon-every person's a teacher, thx for teaching me so much about relationships and making fond memories along the way, momma mooney: banana chocolate chip makerfcontinual therapist only a phone call away, l'm so grateful to have been blessed with your support, you are my foundation Dad, keeping the faith, I always wondered if I could do what you and marc did, marc and amaya hang tough in Hawaii, your love from miles away can still be felt, Michael I always like coming home to see you God Bless on the journey ahead Orlando, FL Air Force y Maria Afejancfra ?a1f1fa-Orfanofoni I laying guitar for tours, digging out monstrous rat-sized hairballs from the drain, on-going war with "The Mouse" under your desk with a staring problem, making up crazy songs, getting fried youngster year ont e a week, returning from Spring Break to a spotless room and a screw-less Maria. Long lost restriction days. Ring Ring Banana phone XI Shrs. Peanut Butter Ielly Time X-Iyrs. -BriBri. Din din anyone?I Roommates for Rome, london, San Diego, I-lawaii, this star child loves shopping. MAC, superbowl, sing- ing for the President. Usher to ring dance? Not for us! Those days on the lacrosse field can't hurt. A friend who is always there when you need her, with memories to cherish. fMl-I. Mcat, fellow anti-country llk, it's been quite a ride...glad we ended up where we did. Changed the meaning of "When in Rome..." What were we thinking? PWA-PAH! Call for some Tae-Bo. OH yeah, snowboarding is of the Devil! -Cyndawg. Redheaded, latina soulmate. Forever like sisters. Italy will never be the same se after us!!! A charismatic., energetic inspiration. Thank you for wise words, and for being there for all of us. Famose una cana? -Sarah. Corsets, CC's ROCK! y Toggles, Fmerald Bowl c owbells, NYC CU' New Years, Nike Stilettos, 'hola chica' l and four years later: SAN DIEGO OR BUST! A-Brandis. Super STAR, running partner, and mutual wavelength. Wt-'ve shared much laughter: Cats, B-Girl Laurel Springs, Nl style, lals, tiourtneyll, osboots, RHCP, 2 I st B-day, dos manos, new techniques, great talks, hard advit e. love you! Can't wait to party in SD as SWO delicious I Nuclear Suffafe lLKs. eShaina. y 120 l I l I II ,W ff,-ff' 4 ,,,.,.-.w-,m,,,..,...a..,,,.,..M,-,-f,..f,.,.,,,..Wo.,..,,., .,...,,.. ...M .,,.. N... ,,,,., ,. ,MW , ...,.,.,... ...,.,. . VYv,, .-. , .. . .. . .,. . . . ., . . Christopher 1D0l'Vi6fQJi8CZO1fLkd Hamburg, NY Surface Warfare HONKA .... CHONKA...BEDONKADONK...PEEZ..RENAISSANCE IVIANWTONKA TRUCKWTHERA- PIST...the one the only ICEMAN. Whats cooler than being cool .... ICECOOL. The man has it e in his veins. Icecatraz, SCHMACME, and the face off circle is where you'll find him. He dominates in all the areas that he roams. It was once said that SIR ICEALOT was created for one thing and one thing onlvuthose that know him best can identify for you later. Although the CHONKS appears strong like bull, with enough buur the TONKA TRUCK is a cuddling, giggling, mumbling little feller...even BALLER can knock him around. A true MAMA'S BOY, one call to home and chonka is humbled for hours . . . well, minutes. A native of the ROUGH BUFF, he is full ofthe pride he takes from such items as SALEN'S HOT DOGS, National Parks suth as NIACRA FALLS, and the CANADIAN BALLET. jvlichotef yoshio Rogers . . , . . , ,, A 1 ' Mus: ' ai, -Hin: im,.wiwa I- Mi- fi..-,..:i,i.i,i,.-A., i mc, .Vt me ,wmm ,.,.xY,,,,,, W ,, ..f,.q. , V., I,,.,a, ., ..!.!., 1 N, ,..,.,,,, . . . . A . .. ,i. ,., .,.a.,.., ,. . , , .-,, .,..,,.. i -f. . ..Ma ,,., ,,., ,I ,. ,.,,, I . ,t,,. ,,,. . ,,,, -V-.H ,,,, V. . ...f e-V.. V. . ..',. ,, .. ., ,, , ,. ,,, , .V , -- Fremont, CA USMC Pilot ike came from the beautiful San Francisco Bay Area and hated the East Coast from the start. The Rog continued to excel in remembering obscure facts and reciting random movie quotes. Yoshi amassed the largest amount of random bull crap and more clothes than he could ever wear. Of course, he would try on three outfits before ever settling on one. On his desk, there were pictures of Hawaii and tons ot books he had never read. Working on the stupid yearbook, tutoring ungrateful midshipman, helping the little ghetto kids, trying to pick up girls with foreign affairs skills, or just playing squash, he wasn't around much. He ended Army Week forever as a Plebe. Yes, MIKE ROGERS BROKE THE ARMY CADET'S ARM. Youngster year, he became a member ofthe 9806 club, became the responsible one on the squash team, and gained a psychotic girlfriend from New York. He fell in love with Hawaii ZXC year and found his calling as a trainer. He nearly died at Freefall school but lived to do nothing as Batt XO. He is always looking for inspiration and ways to scam out of things. After being a closet hoorah for three years, be finally gave in and became a Marine pilot. Kodomo no tame ni and Co For Broke. Matthew Chotrtes Settrrwm L ' I 11- ' i ' I -v is f - I " W W Z ,,,. U ,.i., .. w , ,.,,, ,, .,, . wa ,i.. ,N V W . U H .. V . . .. N , , . W ., ., .. ,X A K . . , .. . .... . . Oxford, N Y Surface Warfare swear, it's over guys .... I am never drinking again. AVC spirit mission: Seven Eleven. Popcorn and soda mot- ie night in 3416. M 84 C's visit to Fifth Company. CoastiefMidshipman Ceorge's visits, and crazxi times. Sangria. Refilling Andre's in class. Youngster freedom. BSB Club. Testing physics from Mio. West Street Outreach Program. Spontaneous wrestling bouts. Car salesman of the month. Ralphing on keyboard. Youngster Daze. Tackled by poopey pants. Waking up in Allen's quarters. ECA with white van to watch a Navy Basketball Game. Operation Milky Way. "jerry, you look thirsty". McDougaI's. Chair nabbing in Sea Isle. Seeing Princess' V+I. Plymouth Country Club great golftourney. Blizzard Party 'Ui Bermuda 'OL USS Mason 'O3. USS john S. McCain!lapan 'O4. 121 l I X, Lexington, KY Navy Pilot Neafjofin Srieriofcm Nealdo "The Real Cookie-dough" Sheridan, of sound mind and an impeccable service record as an OS2 -- DDLQSU best ship in the fleet, do hereby bequeath the following abilities I have attained since coming to the Naval Academy. Une, my ability to release mass quantities of useless information concerning the greatness of the state of Kentucky, dat's dat mutha's milk! Two, my ability to embellish the amounts of alcohol I drink into quantities unfeasible for a human to consume - dog, who said that Scfxlhflll Three, my ability to unnecessarily prolong stories until my listener passes out from boredom, would anyone like a Vanilla Coca- Cola? Four, my ability to serenade EVERYONE with my awesomely loud guitar skills...man, you wanna track down some Kentucky wool tonight? Five, my ability to set my alarm as LOUD - as possible and still manage to sleep right through it. "Make sure my feet are on the ground in the morning or I ain't getting up." Six, my ability to converse with sut h fine people as CART lim Lovell tNASAI. Seven, my ability to clramastically improve my grammar, maff, and chemical abilities, such as my early work with decicers. In conclusion, I never learned to write a paper correctly. , , I Justm Scott Strzckler Pascagoula, MS USMC Ground lebe year- the Severn, the Brick, the Eight eThe Broken Arm, field ball, Intercessional trip to Massa- chusetts and Kiawah, I-lerndon. Youngster year- Prof. Miller's class, the warclroom incident, the fridge, the camping trips, snowboarding adventures. Second Class year- The end, Dawson's Class, Hockey Season, Matty B's, Sledding I I wonl, freezing at Army-Navy, I-louston Bowl Ispoiledl, VVoody's, New Years, I-Iorse Back Riding, Me and Sjaak 21, Kelly's Apt., it continues, Ring Dance tl-lot Limol. Eirstie Year- Parents Weekend tthe Brunchl, The RV trip to the Notre Dame Ciame, Iimmy's I-land, Yorck on the Dumpster, RV trip to Army Navy, Matty B's again.rThe four years here have been good. At some point I am sure I will look back and miss this place. Thanks for the memories fellas. Jeremiah fatrick Sufltvcrrt III West Roxbury, MA USMC Ground 122 orn in Boston, MA - Co Sox, Good times at LISNA- ND Weekend Nc, 2!c, and Ifc yearg Spring Breaks! Interc essionals in ME, Leatherneck -lth Platoon, Plebe Summer, PROTRAMID, YP-694 with LT Lohman, VVest Virginia and the other random places, Hawk AQ Dove:45 days on the line, Emerald Bowl with the old man, Georgetown with Dan. "America is worth fighting for on its worst day. "Go beat the crap out of people who deserve it. Therefs always some jerk in the world that needs to be shot." -LCEN Mattis, USMC K fi if l x M Clean Tanner East Wenatchee, WA Navy Pilot WP-bound, back home for Sth Street U fun in the Wenatcli, April I7th, Plebe summer, Princess vet again, Steinmetz and Franklin f'WOW," "ARE YOU KIDDINCJ ME TANNER?!" Youngsters with Phelps and "The Shipmatefl Baltimore for the Zlst, "B Mile" pass-out, "Technicolor Rainbow." Zoo Clrew, BBDBCI. Bad calls 2nd Class year, lame away messages 0:-J, "Leah the Bla" and "Honeybun" are born, cell phone, "DUDE, Iftvt AT IVIARDI GRAS AND lT'S AVVESONIE, LISTENIN "How's this gonna work?" l'm go- ing to bed." Stealing shots, thanks for the I0 spot limmy, Ben Stiller on Bourbon with the biggest avs for the smallest aviator, summer sojourn back, T-45fs. Waiting for Service Selection, Navy Pilot. Thanks for every- thing Rocks, catch ya on the flip side I Danzefifeefy Teeteif c......................................J Gettysburg, PA Navy Pilot af Y F I, l I 'Q Burlingame, CA I Navy NFO ave a seat and I'll play my guitar for you, and sing you the story of my time at the Naval Academy. lOff-key voice pitching follows. Strums.l Ok. I guess it all started back in the Hill School, but good times couldn't last forever, and I came to the Academy. Plebe year, I found that I could predict the future if that prediction involved me getting boned. I didn't let it get me down, though, and got my frustration out of my system by writing poetry that soothed even the upper class. I tried my hand at Honors History, but said PEACE and dropped that to have more time to cruise in my Impala and listen to the sound system which was pretty much the best one on campus. I also took up gardening, and when my plants weren't thrown from windowsillsdby the breeze, I'm convinced of my roommate's innocence-they did pretty well because of my green thumb. Yeah, it was a violation of MIDRECIS to have more than one plant, but that's how the Trifecta did things-extra plants, extra candles, we were rebels, really tsighsl. I Seldom , Ventured into foreign lands until second class year, where I made my European I 5" , i debut and fell in love with Spanish women. Later, I also got to see japan, but decided that it didn't settle well with me, and I had to excuse myself. lPuts guitar awayl. Well, that's my song, though I really need to work on the rhyme scheme... frank ?omfVe1fofucci III I ou came to as Frankie V and you leave as "The Penguin, Frank The Tank, Reuben Feifer, Clavlord Fo- cker", Nameless lovers, "I think this car could really use a subwooferlu, Civil conversations with home, Visiting BABEDEUCLA, west street outreach program, encouraging good dental hygiene and hair care, A great idea of running 50 miles, "I'm not getting Supt's Stars semester," Craziest waxes of obtaining poison oak, but don't remember how, praying to: the porcelain god, blue bucket, soda cup, floor, etc, DC' liberals, lvIcDougal's!II, Blizzard Party 03, Public relations with inner harbor locals, Operation Milky Wax, 23rd B-clay Dance, Story of my life f'Along Came Polly,'f Penguin Dances, tickets to the air force game: S I 0. food at the game SI 5, enjoying the after party so much you pop a blood vessel in your eye...pricelessIII "Will the phantom...please reveal themselves," "Ver- clucci, what is that on your shorts!", The club house, speedy deuces, Hostages in DC Hooters dining establishment, "This mellow yellow tastes great," Mardi Gras 2004, Emerald Bowl 2004, Homer Simpson slippers, "I swear I am never drinking again," "Tandem bike driver," "Austin Trip," "Fill it up again," Parking lot parties, face plant king, Canned pyramids. Thanks for the memories friends and family, Room 3416 "The party animals" 123 Surface Warfare Thomas Lee Vomastic iiii NN mallyille, the truth, pumping iron, gained SU lbs, two by four, walking tall, the Bigfellas, rapping, I'm loc ked up they won't let me out, the system, welfare check, welfare meal, fake education, just another alpha code, fear, you want me to come pick you up, small arms specialist, we gotta list, oranges and printers, Iilliputians, aint my problem, tell somebody who cares, rack time, the fairytale, platinum, the big ULISX , Alice in Wonderland trip, the pirate bar, sweat, thank you 7th platoon, graduated PMP in a clay, happy birthday Mr. Mc Iiec-!, one on a bravo chit, unlucky in Vegas, surfer dude, puke shoe pickup, get ir done, green ca rd, ygep parking spot, real college, smicls, smlanguage, hey my man, record that, turn that phone off, their gone, ser un disastre, top thrill clragster, Nate those eggs stink, poop, background noise, computer system, yellow light vs. red light, I4 I tv, storage room dumpster cleanout, get on an innertube, nametags off the door, they got Yarbrough, MIR, little marine, URRKD, senior's toothbrush, diet chit, ., . , .. - heayv stairs, army navy smid with camera, what brief?, no muster no meeting, 5iJiQ-'- tx I slippin through the cracks, quit smokin and jokin, restriction muster, four more . years, towers fall in leadership class, its tough but its fair, break army, fool me "'f fjigy once, ethics bowl champs, debater, mega mid, p-way wrestling, internet dates, smallness oath, where's our car Hertz?, CNC, poly sci, hotel after party, central J ,-at yyye L Q West Allis, W1 park mishap, swingers, office space, 7th company leadership ' 'fig 1? Brion Keith youforough I Rockledge, FL Surface Warfare n February of QOOI when I was deciding what to do with my life, God tolcl me that I would be a man of va co I feel lor and a leader of people. After hearing that, it was perfectly clear where I should go. As much as I've mplained and through all the things I've been through, I have realized that USNA is an amazing place. blessed to have experienced this. 3-lol tor life. Ya'll are my boys, lets represent in da Fleet!!! Shout out to my boys Lane and Gus, holla, I-IBMIL. Dowiofjlflehoi yofrck if San Diego, CA USMC Ground 124 Ile is orc k-Iliggity, West Cfoast, switched to Delta Dogs-crutched like a maniac, faster than most could chop. Finally off chit, fist time chopping, "The Colonel." Dave is hard-working, humbly serving others and seltlessly pouring out his heart into the task at hand: SemperFI, school, Honor, SMTs, Getting Huge. a loyal room-inate, good friend and a solid Marine. God Speed Dave! I f .. X11-' s , J' H . F ' 1 - , . f. ?""""'-Y .' f - .JV ' Aff ' I 7 Ja! ,Tv , , M,-Jijbjxf I -. VY Q, fy? Wi . , ' ' ' . 3f3'J5'f.v',. J ,f - J' ' ' , , , ,. ., Y 9, Ufsffdak I. Arm vi-IMJ, Q65 5 ' I I F- Jah' 'Kinky .1 we :-, fy .' ffzrm- . 'y ,,f .f-W X f A f 45- - - ,gif '-, gA',a"A 'mv ' N. Qf 1 ,ma , J 1.15 ff? f, 'ima A Wi' -'I ' ' N? 'j' ' wfgwzw-ily. ' 71 .u, .. A. 2 Q, ' ,. , , J, . Q Lv Mg: ' ,....,,q.: -.,......-' - , Ii if , -V , if ' A H181 PM Q, Q 'A Y N- ' ga. ' ' -ia' S, . , 4. f f' A ' 2 5 W iff Magma ' , - , v ' ' A V .. L, 1,1 3 -21,-wg: - 4-,1,w: .K Y ' 'Q .L ,, wg, -. " I: , A , if v f,S-wx' ff' , wffm, , H , 4 , ff- , ,L . ' f 5 '11 N, ww- ,Q vii, iv Mn' 1 gk "' ,f 3.2" ' 'wif Sim-2 ,112 N, ' rw Q fe fi .- fm -. Ji' 1 " x, 1' , J W , .,, .., 3, , . 1 f ,, K 1. 'I , 'QM 1 L - ' M, ,,-:gg-gvk , , Q 1 fm.. ilu g,,,M4i, g5.g.,,wg, ZW M ' 1 ,va-A, 3 +41 ,E .E A QQ' I 5133, . ' 1' -,f W ff' X 4,1-I - , 1 , x 'M - x-X1 4' wg ,md VN ,, y 1 'fm , 'I I fmy A W 1 ' ' fy' 5 , N -f' ' I v , A' , N" , AV, ,ml L 'LQ ,U ,lx N L, lv . . I K ,L ,JR , L, . MVN ,.:.,:f,r . V p A 5 I . W W j WK V ,M 3,25 4,-nm' fi , " v,,,"M"x"9-M ,-Wa 77 91 if 'A qi ' '1.Wiy:,1,g,5Q,,"'f7" xrlwqgk "lf WWW WM" ' "JQ'1fj",,Y 3 fa? iff' ' . "X , A Y 4' K' 5 ' f QQQL3 :7 , ' N L ,Q V ig' V A M,3,.,., Hm,,J1 Q --3,4-:RT--U i P' ,,.A,. ,Mug J, M J! Y I 1 Z' T YI 5 1,,.- . , 1, ,I qw ,fri , ,vw-'m"Z mf! ,, , M Q? v., ,R 2411 K , 352,65 Q -H ' - -' t- ---. , 4 w '-: ' ,gfi ,- 1411: '-, V vim-Jw 1':2u, f , F W fw ' 1 9 W Q 1 , m W ' r r 51 ' , ,,y.1. 1' ' 5 A wv W .ff-V ' ' Q 45 ' X 1" f ' V: 1"+"" , -A ' ff - ' V xt -W:,Y:-gw- ,' G will vw. :E S 53 1 Y Y L- X K vw! -.U A M wi,.,Mv ' .- ww, 1 .1:q.,A?g4 A , , qw A 2 'wswywqrbz we M Q , ' fn ' 4' vw V ' " yr 14. 'A 5 ' 'ff-f L 'f ' m x 'E W ' , ' 4' ., J FTBE. ' " ff", ' f ' ,M 'A V f , , -- 1 ,asf , , W . 1 ,E f P if , " e g ' +V' fffff , f Q: f fx' 1' me . , ,Qi W Wi" - -- M V .af ' 1335: 1 ' .V fv? 'r ,,.."'iY , . ' ,aft 4' wwf-"" "ww Q "' Aff? A x Y, Q-Q. "W ,fa ' ff' ' ' r M" 'H if ' 4 V' I , Eff in if 1 : ...I-4 ,. .1 ' 75, wi I , ' vw uf, , . 4' ' if . , 52-, ,,.,.,-.,,.,....,9- H, 1,45 .W - N 'J sn. A , A -. -A! ' ' M" :gf f"' A " L- , 'aw , 'TM x x f W L fm J .EE VALE! -'x..if,44v gn. D X ,Q MH I Q wuz, J M iv 5. K: . -:JJ , 'I - A . , V - ff V f -N'lf"'H1- . N... N, , , ,,,,.,..., W V ,x . I W , , I, .A -1 '1' ggM.,a5, " QQ-I 'UW 9"'fv if " ' Q nw? -' axij K N5 V ,K ,.Mgg.' ig' dmr1:zJG'!'Mm.+,..,....-,. up ., w.,,,,,,,-,...,wWL.k..,g,g,,3 Y, f , Uv. ,E 44 I NNW 1 2 1 Jiri. W sf , Q ,,, .mf4g,,- , - K 5,7 , , ,K I, f . l 1' -f,.-. . 1 ,, , ai N W ll l Q AV, , VY N -:Z i 1. f 'Mmb k f fff'.,:.A.f, 1 Q 3 ami? 1 r VY- wg 74 3, ,1-'g: ' - ' 1 -'9"f-'Wm ' V1 - ' ' 5 Ti 2 .1---W, ,.,,A.,Q.. f 'w"'.'91-Fiflqvsnig-lid, -2' 1 ,dxf ,Q . 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WNAW 'K ---' f'-"ww-f'Y:-::+"r"'N . ,v-1+-MM N , ,H . ,,c.,N,, 'I-mg: Xiitlrcn Xlgntlicxx Mark .lziincs .lnincs Dnrn Ktiain-Yu .lohn ruoh .Xtknnx liixrtllcy linker .-Xiiilivxx Barnes llcnrictis Blaittcr Dudley Brown Mziriu Ching Chung ll Doherty l unc lon is .lonnthnn C hristophcr Pznnclu .lonuthzin Hrinn Matthew llrinninontl Rohcrt lfincry Paul l'illAllWLll'Ll Noah Cionfulcs lfziyth Cioothnun Rohcrt Ciowcr Micliucl llurt Richard Hczcl Rohcrt 'Ihoinus .lnmcs Nlichzicl Rohcrt Paul Stcvcn Matiuliiic licinix lrx ing .lon Irwin Pntrick Kolb Andrcw Kuipcr Gregory Lcclcrc David Mzigiiiisoii T Maki lilifuhcth Mcjizts Stuphcn .lairctl Cixxtcmlolyii 'liniothy Seth .lohn Kristin Micliztcl Rtiy Xligginx Pnul Nlnndc llclcn Murphy Alun O'Kcclic Micliucl Squyrcs Lincoln Stockdill Muric Strifki Vulliunos ll Cirunt lzric .lucola Austin Wunicr William Wilson Benson Yzinolsky fa ' A I 'F 7 '41 1 F Xl, -' 's , ,!' 5 Q 'S g -- f f 2 If 4 Q f f 3 5 N " l " -Y 5 Q. ,P lf . 5 t , 2 ' if, fi r f 'T I -' L" A H x ,, 126 I Dominic Steven Christopher Jason Ryan Amaka Russell James Thomas Alvarran E Baldino Nelson Blume Alexander Braud Steven Chambers lirin Chidozie .lay Cook Rohert from e Christopher Michael Christopher .lonathan Stanley Felipe Humberto Gregory Lldriek Rebucrlo Flores Steven Fonbuena N Fouts Aaron Goldsberry Geron Gray ll Grimaldo Michael Harris Kamdoum Kevin .lames Dominic Alexander Rock- Wesley Lindsey .loseph Mattheu Michael Kerno Emmett Lamb J Lopez well Ludington David Lyons Clayton Magee Manaloto Fenton Nlinoi Robert William Kathryn Shaun Elizabeth Ruth James Adam Joseph Molinaro Patrick Murphy Reynolds Neff Patrick Ostrofe Ashley Ring Ann Rockwell Michael Rossi Philip Shepp iid Daniel Alan Sander Sherman Lee Shingler My TL E wk ,L L an wg is N. an Y ,ti , , eil ,, ,, 'il .xtmfmw '1 4,.r,, ,-i., Kelly Alexander David Stephens Arvid Usztics Andrea Charles Samuel Kristin White Wesley Yeargin Francis Zasadny V-Qi , .WLWTFVQJM "ENN 1 , A .ww ' F 1 .i 9 l L L -Q in v -mi .iff M if mp, ,bit Y, A Allflrkfigivqx X if H ri- ' t- 1 at ' A P ll ' fl i .,. i l W tw Mirah I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I . I I I I, I, I , I I I 41, + Things to remember...June 29, 2001 ltraining day 419, November Company 25th Platoon, a squirrel on deck, Roberts' laughter coming from the room at the end of the hall, Bills Irish jig, Paige, Jones, Tocco, Ac- year brought a winless football season. Dozer "your shoes look like ass", Shauna and Christine's bet brought a shower of milk. Fiiding Bill the Coat, and posing in front of P-Funk's door, D-Ran, and Emessiene, Capelli, Weis- sar and Crowder ran a tight ship. Thornley, Halloween brawl, Pelfrey, Youngster year marked the beginning of life in l-lot Six. LT Sheppard, A company of bald heads, weekends at Penny's, Cuellar, and Eddie, a "derelict matew, and 16 majors. You guys were sorely missed. 130 2!C year brought big money, rings, cars, the loss of LT lVlckenna's "knack for commandn, and SKCS Skirvin's sweet tattoo. Bethune, Jefferies. Firstie year, 10-2 foot- ball season, service selection, before we knew it, we had picked shipsfflight school dates, and the year was coming to an end...finally, our journey was over on lVlay 27, 2005 ftraining day if 14325. N '3CKAL0 3 12:1 2 ., .. , , 4, fp . 1. . . 5,9 'df S , 9, . , 260, D O A3 , 35' f uhh! ff llll 3. lu,--4, - 1 Kun ,, ' -'fig fb' iq. ' ' 4? I-fn 11:11 H13 r. 1 4' v' fa ,... -a 6' 6 Q 49? ,f.f. ' fa-Q 1, ' Q ff' .V -. ,. ,- ' , ...W ,yg Q . ,J " fa ' A sz Q! 1"fw,f ' ' 1 1 4. cf" 'Min ikwf. K . V Q . va , I X V. J Q 1 ' 4 af.'.'H'5.du-.5 if er Q xl -Q-L -D v'Y fi' J "-'F-L lv"S,- I .x 1 1221333 . 1 -V .Y 'uf-eff, , ' " 1? -' -flo- , x 1,91 C Duluth, MN Navy NFO Lyme, CT Submarines Matthew Waher fBotrtoe lebe basketball, Chemistry Il- D, D, D, F, D, the mall, late night trip to Baltimore, Marie, McDaniel, Youngster Clolf, Schnell's, Oktoberfest, Sausage Fest I-B-I, Cancun with Dixon and Eddie Langford, Cuellar, UC PT Cruiser, I don't think there's enough room, Audi A--I, Ham steak, Megan, Eddiepalooza, Blue knob, Fat Toe, Bartoepalooza, the early arrival, Acapulco, Yes or not, Caution tape, 'fTacos and Beer", Wakey wakey eggs and hot dogs, I0 meters with a svvimsuit, try 8 meters without, quarto locos, Back Alley Matt, South Padre the birth place of the whale, Cornstalk, Sleeping in the Blueberry patch, "Bad chicken" on Halloween, Bad Santa, Lumberjacks, Sprint football, juicy l.ucy's, -I3 lbs, IHTFP, "Can I Graduate?", Navy Football 2004, I0-2, first time since 1905, Emerald Bowl Champions. Places I went- IUP, PSU, UMD, UNC, UM, SIU, Sl, UMD, Cornell, Notre Dame, Duluth, Minneapo- lis, State College, Chapel Hill, Pensacola, Kingsville, Dallas, South Padre, Austin, San Diego, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Ithaca, Syracuse, Ocean City, Atlantic City, Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Philly, New York, Williamsburg, Westminster, Washington D.C, Bal- timore, Sykesville, Middletown, Boston, Newport, South Bend, Quantico, and I hate Frederick. Special thanks to- My Family, Marie, Megan, Alice and Dave, Schnellfs, my yellow construction hat, the whale, and The Boys, all of you got me through this place. Semper Festum. Christopher Bryom Biff o, my name's Chris Bill. I came in here kind of a weird guy, but I think that USNA has changed all that in fulfilling it's mission statement with respect to my moral, mental, and physical development: I now am near the bottom of my class, drive a truck painted like a cow Iwith hornsl, have a pet iguana named Trogdor under my desk, and I fully appreciate the director's genius in the movie 'Freddy Cot Fingered' I also became an avid weight lifter in my time here as can be seen in the picture below. Now on to the disjointed memorabilia comments: The 20' spud gun. Roomates: Sgt Djerf plebe year: pizza and dubya. 21 st birthday: CMOD, Wednesday evening. '22nd birthday: 1st day of restriction. Going from a 1.05 to a 2.25 in one se- mester. Black Dragon meets jersey Barrier. Taking my ring-dance date to Friendly's Ia 3325 . night, right onl. About my roommates Lord and Ioe, though. You guys did get me through this place: anyone else would have been sympathetic during my academic and personal I struggles and tried to help. Your intolerance was exactly what I needed to survive. Thanks. My sponsors: God bless 'em. That's all I got for now. Ima go cook a steak: later. Domief C otmpos I I Ii l Ii I I I I Madera, CA USMC Ground 132 aniel Campos The lourney begins...Barely getting through NAPS, Plebe year: my hot detailer ACE Ventura and the time she took me to the cjuarterdeck for laughing at her, my dirty thoughts of the day over plebe summer, breaking a l the rules plebe year, Annapolis Mall, LCDR Catoe's Naval History t lass on Sept I Ith, taking the bus, DTA olebe year, Rugby, Army week, Pelfrey, Lapags, being UNSAT, almost getting kicked out for grades, Drinking some beers in Ocean city with the boys, B weeks of summer school, jumping the wall, DTA, various black oas, Youngster: new roommates Kent and Ioe, Friday guitar nights, sui- t ide Sunday, Sponsors, The Eddie Langford incident, more summer school, being SAT, study time in Nimitz, Va. Beach and throwing up on myself while pinching a loaf and the most painful hangover ever, 2,'C year: Summer r ruise in lapan and climbing ua Mt. Fuji, The Black Dragon, hobby shop, getting through EE, unsuc- cessful slayer, Breaking down in the black dragon, 1212, passing out in Penny's e- bac k yard, Spring break in Espana Macrid I'm glad you came Kent, Emily, my t lass ring, Plebe detailer for '07 and '08, Firstie year: to date, 30 MAPRs, 25 rlemerits, and 2 tours for being UA 2fc year, c rashing the black dragon and then fixing it, The best football year ever, The FASH, round trip tickets to Connecti- cut, training offit er, USMC ground, finally going back to where I belong. I I I I I I I I II I I I I fi.. dM,,Qnwqwww-yvyqww-wwywwgwfwawyxsifwym 4 .,i,.,:1,.t 'f-,xv ::.ii.t' 111 1 ' i . y N 1 1 "fi: " .1 azsli' J -' .1 U ' g. V 6 Z A I Los Angeles, CA Submarines A'0v,S,,,.f'.'ky-ana-V-.,.w M ...,,..,,-wr,-vysfm. .... -MM... ebu, ffl gunna, lc glazed, vvon't freeze, they said we couldn't do it, U-ll to TO-2, EVT .net to Emerald, the house that '05 built. lt's been a long road, l fought the good fight, and just trying to win. lm locked up vvon't let me out... Shout out to all my navy ballers, brotherhood for life. This goes out to all my homies who got me through this place. Dl3's run this, BG: C'mon C'mon, knee bend, DOthate hate hater, 4th cjrts, Reg: RegDawg, stayin monster free, makin them g's happen tstealin them onesl, Upper Marlboro trying to represent, keep getting them sled reps in, ?sharonda? you call that hookin a brotha up? ,Walkman: Mazat, LaLa, DC, Maryland, l Ball, and Poco, big money vve stay partying., Tunde: Ak, Akzilla, stay terror- izing the line, finally got that license, stayin cali clean, P-Killa: Perry, cuddler! Morgantown, W dot Chariot rider, BMac: lm party, Di-no-mita, who the hell are you talking too? ERob: Stay chillin, we going to a bowl gamet2OUl J, lm just tryin to graduate, Daaaalenk: Dollar Sign, S, Dalenk S, lenkies, aka Bama, keep your CoGo and im keeping you in shackles, I4 years in office Pres. joe, VP Lord, Cititizen Bill, Rob, and ThornleyI.VVe're doing this for all of yfall vvho didn't y make it through, nah, we doin this for us. Derek Anthony Cook j mwwwcimn T , in-wffw' at i 'fwilfaik-wmwfw ' ' Floyds Knobs, IN .,i, ,,,, A , i"- 1 , ..,. V ., . our years of this place has given me the opportunity to make some of the best friends anyone could ask for. I have so many great memories...kicking up trouble with Eddie, every weekend was an adventure- bachelorette party...summer cruises and guitar with Bonesmroad trip to UNC- walk 500 miles, Lazi- os, the moat...tossing milk from 2-3...rugby...l 1 1 759...fake puking with Billymwalking to the mall...the horse...lapan and climbing Fuji with Mitch eSouyedobashi...homeless shelter...meatsock...Philly cop car ride with Mike...and Penny Schnell...Thanks to Mom and Dad for making me what I am today. Thanks to everyone here, who has made these past four years so memorable. Droog for life. LE-5 USMC Pilot Ch rfesfvlrlrk Cwfmirlofwlm -U i- i- .--t, ,,., am- e. ,. V-'- ,wh 'f-'i -.aa-,ta .i,,, L ., .,., , in ,,,, A ,Ma-W .,.,. ..., W..-, ., ,Y , ,-,...,. .,.- ,, ,V-af., t., mm V i.-,i , ,,..,,t ,,..,,.Yt W V, ..-.,. , 1, V, . , ,HM ,, ,M j ,, A , Shelbyville, KY Navy Pilot ark: Charles tor is it Mark?l Cunningham ll, also called Paul, was born wearing a Dale Earnhardt l-7.3l hat in beautiful Shelbyville, Kentucky. Not to be confused with Lullville - or as the Hsmart room- mate" says with the proper pronunciation, Louie-ville. VVhat's up with Kentucky anyway? "Were the Southl?'f Get serious! And toboggan! Don't forget: 'fl'll have a Coke. Yeah, a Mountain Dew" You'll never forget our near death experience after the AIN game..."is my car ok?" And the Shelbys. How can one guy date so many Shelbys, and with such strange tastes in costumes - if you've seen the pictures, it's not like that. But you'll always know your true friends - vvhofs your Nascar buddy? tOf course, a true friend isn't just a Nascar buddy, they also listen to your Country music tancl go to sweet Toby Keith con- certs and dance with "hot" chicks? and say they like it. And they don't just listen to you about Nascar, but even go to races with you - seriously, who does that?l Nascar. . ."Ain't nobody gonna be better'n me." Oh, the movie quotes. Starting Youngster year with loe Dirt t"Dirte, put an e on the end, it sounds kind of cool"l, Supertroopers, and Wet Hot American Summer tNo, itfs not a pornll l-low many movies have we watched, anyway? But then, that's the backbone of the trinity, isn't it? That and three years of repeating them. Seriously though, the trinity stands together. Thanks for a great four years. ,,.. ,Q -- j 133 . yg frank Anthony Dijfihjopo . .. wr. .YYY-- - .v---Jal.....JlZ--. -N,,,, ,X history of debauc hery since plebe year. Frank, you remember: "you kissed HER?" Hman, I was drunk, okay?," leaying you naked on the Goat, Barcardi U at IMU - "BLAAHH," "that bouncer was strong," beer pong tl? games straightl, Aruba, "how'd you lose your shirt?," "Frank, you're f-ing up," Sarah's modeling agency, the nightly phone cialltsl, llc' cruise, LSD-SI treason L'5tI-I7 we didn't go SWCDI, your fan sec tion and our cheers "D-Filippo", St. Thomas, 'tNo luggage. . . Oh wellfl making plebes cry, 'tThe Redskins are going to the Super Howl this year," t'Yeah, whatever you say Frank." 4 years as my boy, .5 years as my roommate, should we make it -I in Pensacola? Our adventure begins May 27, 2005. "Frank the Tank". 2200 eyery night duty c alls, what a faithful servant. Has symptoms of being a clean freak. That's okay though be- cause after I'ye been cooking up a feast in the room, somebody needs to sweep up the rice and meat. Thanks for being patient with my stinky, messy, and untidy ways. 5-striper handshake, you, cole, and me. Dad, its been a long journey...5 year program, it all start- ed with Regionals for soccer fu' URI then down to Newport. Who would've thought a -I3 year difference...a legacy that would make the DiFilippo family i which started in Montenero and Lorain proud. And a senior season which I will neyer forget, thanks fellas...-ICM, IRM Springfield, VA Navy Pilot Dornief Scott Djerf ly ..,.v.L.....ruuunnuna-N1-num-ana-n..a.Nasnzglr:Qsuwul-v.4-wuumf.w-..-aa-1n,.,,.,ys-,-..-..mssa -i....,....,-.wwwW,,,v,--.fsmr-.vW+ M , - 1- -- - H , ,... ,V - , .ii .. , I ,y - it ,. -. , N -. ,, ,, ,, 1 Y K , ell, finally finishing up the seven year program. Born and mostly raised in Kalamazoo, MI I had always pictured myself at U of M playing footballp I'd never even heard of the Naval Academy. However, a quarterback career plagued hy being too short or too slow for one offensive style or the other spurred me to consider my other options. I enlisted in the Marine Corps with the intent on going to school. Once again, this intent was aimed back toward home and the University of Michigan. Hey, at least I could watch the football games. The deadline for the meritorious commissioning program had passed, ant: the USNA program application was coming up, so I figured ltd give it a shot. A few months later I found my- self at NAPS. I once again tried my hand at quarterback, however, the option offense once again proved the latter of the traits described above. So now I find myself here, about to graduate, having concentrated mostly on academics and an extracurricular in personal amusementp though throwing the ball around on the flag football field was always fun. Back to the Corps I go, most likely for only the five required years. Hope- fully an MBA and possibly a ID are in my future, as well as a job with BMW. Oh, and for all of you who drive a Bimmer and donft know what the acronym BMW stands for, please sell your car immediately: mommy and daddy wonft mind one less payment Kalamazoo, MI dnvltfiw- USMC Ground Catherine Joan Eames I atic-...our little insomniac aka " the high maintenance sleeper", who could forget buenavista...sneaking "beverages" in the hack room, "borrowing" the neighbors boogie hoard for sledding, wiffle ball and bball behind the sc hool, rodeos, being snowed in...an adventure. "My body is a movief will always be a c lassic. To me, you will always be the key nazi, thanks for that. "hella" cool, Cali girl thru and thru...back ofthe bus, wine tasting in paris tsounds so glamorous, but..I. can't forget ski trip, ski trip, ski trip. Nough said. Now on to being a SWU, "I couldn't be on a florida frigate, I don't believe in their mission" Classic Katie. I know you'Il do great.-AS Early bloomers, always a story every Sat. sprinting back at 9:59. Who cared about getting left behind, with kitchen dance parties and drinking...most famous moment, running while talking on cellphones in uniform after parking our car 5 mins til tapslplebe yearl. "leave me behind" ring any bells. Ciood times at Hamptons and BuenaVista, and CHAD!! if actually at school, .- you'll find her slumping around the pways...got a company of fashistas to par- tit ipate in FASH NICLHT weekly. nothing like ski weekends, fond memories, lessons learned..staying in with bolis, a whole lot of beer and ALIAS ...DTA, always a good time, especially when she's not fireman c arrying me bac k tbare- footi...lets not forget a good recruit party every now and then, "why does my EI Cerrito, net k hurt?"...best friend and our lone SWU MAMA!! Good thing she loves that rffee. -X J Surface Warfare 1 J I 134 1 Shauna Arte FQ Egan Burlington, VT Special Operations If 1' V hauna from Vermont: 'fVVhat do they have up there anyway?'f 'fOne highway and some maple syrup. . PRT pacer, 'fjust count'em in your head", workin hard over detail while your roommate shines shoes and eats cookies, 'I 0K, the wills, front row seats at church, relentless sc rutiny of the male population, did you say greg holden?, o-k-r-a, thigh highs that aren't so high, French toast, workin! out at I Ipm...for the 3rd time today...YPoB5, Hin the galley?," ghetto shawana shoshanna star, "You're wearing a skirt? a mini? I knew it" dress-up dinners, chariot dates, the best friend a girl could ask for tcause hanging out with you makes me look tallerll, "dear in the headlights" eyes, "Egan, how many pull-ups my father can do?" "HE HAS NCD ARMSIU, studying in chem goggles, plebe of the semester goes to 4fC Egan and her stash of CDs, Man Magic, Spring Break 2002: Tampa, the hand sunburn, singing Madonna at blue and gold, powder puff girls with Crowder, the sour milk-trench coat incident, prank calls with julie and Katie, Ocean City escapades, P for S, Hot Tub Captain, Nuggs, Shovelface, losephine, infamous 4fC, getting kicked out of practice for talking, Divahs, K-ton Trash, turtle, Richie Mead, Studyin for a test or talking for hours: Thanks. -SMS DKVV ITB RAM "If you have faith the size of a mustard seedmnothing will be impossible for you.'f-Matthew I7:20 Mom, Matthew, Tony, Gram and Cramp-Thank you for your constant support, le t'aime. IDE Watch Over Me. f ' I 6 Joefjvatlianzefgoafrey .itmfir -I .- .,i.1.ff 1. ...fa-ss, ,, W..-.is ww-pw.-iam.. ,ia-iwr.-V fr-f"w' fWr""af' ' 'I ii" ' f'-'fs 'M-f-' ,, ,. B., . , ., .. - , . . H t Canton, GA Submarines Kc., W f 4' here's an aggregation known throughout the country, always ready for a frolic or a fray, From their high and mighty station they are known throughout the nation, As the Micls from down in crab town bay. Each year they sally forth to face the Army and turn the Army mule into a lamb, In the midst of a scrap and scrimmage, you will see the busy image, of the spoiled and pampered pets of Uncle Sam. So round the ends and through the line we run, Show those grey legs how the deed is clone, Navy Blue, we'll see you through, I-Iere's I-low! To the Micls of the Navy Blue! I joseph george jirwfricn i -1--B ,V ' If ,,,.,, ,.,, , vtti .. ., ,,,. n-.-, ,,.,.s1. .,,,, -. ,,..., M., ,,,,i, .,,.,,,,. ,.,, .J ,,., ,,.T,,,,,,,,.,,. ,,., fc.-,t ., ,.,. m,.,,, Hg ,, ,, W, . ,,,..., J, y- 4 , 1 V - V Conover, WI - Navy Pilot ets go ahead and start with Eddiepalooza, Bartoepalooza, and I hate Frederick. "Mike get out of my bed!", "Go get Mike's club out of that tree. . ," Who could ever forget Beer and Tacos, Wakey xyakey eggs and hot dogs. Balcony. I0 meters with a swim suit? Try 8 without one. I'll never forget lumberjacks and waking up on those certain mornings knowing that very night youfll be surrounded by friends and family far, far away. Speaking of family, you all pushed me in right direction, though at the time I may haye thought otherwise ..... Thank you. From B-ball and dry dock pizza, to hitting golf balls on Farragut, to beer pong, to tail gates and road trips, we did it all. Speaking of road trips: Blue Knob, Lehigh, Bucknell, IUP, PSU, UNC, Cor- nell, closing out the tailgate scene at Notre Dame. I-lam Steaks, Sausage Fests I ,2,3,4 ..... 87, and Corn Stock '02, f03, and f04 .... "Dig a little deeper in the well, boys." Yes .... 3 Or Not. lust look for the Shamu. My time here will be looked back upon with fondness, nostalgia, bitterness, all tied up in a knot of pride somewhere inside. If I call you my brother, just realize it's a word reserved for few in my life. Semper Festum, and never doubt it, MIDRECS will be there, you may just have to wait a couple extra minutes. l 135 I Layton, UT Nuclear Surface . , . ,. , . .. .,., ,,......,. ...-. .........,..,. "RN, Afexis Jeanne Kinney oquac ious... to the max! True friend through it all... the high times and my fall from grace... ready to help me get hat k up again. Never forget: Youngster craziness at Tiff's, driving everywhere, PRK, temple trips, engagements and hreaking them, Iexuses and leeps, stadium snow, late nights and early morn- ings, and helping me finally get to sleep! sTacc That summer haircut was horrific, and those were the most unmotiyational HOU-RAH'S, hut still I decided to he friends with ya. Thanks for coming with me on the early morning runs, and helping with the weightlifting in the afternoon. These past four years have been great and a wonderful friendship has heen formed. Thanks for pushing me and helping with the PRT. It only took me four years to finally beat youll!!! But I still heat you! CMC Plehe sum- mer: short short hair and an 'I can keep up with anyone attitude' which you made sure everyone knew, crying cause of BCCIs...plebe year: spring break spinning, seven dwarfs, vanilla ice cream...youngster: hook nose stole him, powerpuff girls. Second class year: new found interest in race cars, drowning out lo with country music. Eirsties: We've hoth changed so much from that day four years ago and in the process you've hecome one of favoritest people. Kick hutt as a NUC SWO and you can horrow my uniforms whenever. RAM Tanfjf-lntnony Lfano I Duluth, GA Navy NFO o there I was on the bridge wing of my ship covered in chocolate syrup..." Paul entered the Academy at the ripe age of 82 years young. Scaring his roommates with stories of hack home and fighting over the overhead lights. After countless nights of stripping the deck with poor air circulation and the poor advice of his roommates, he chose EE for his major. One semester later and with a SQPR of 0.75 he made his way into History. Lessons learned from spring break: don't drink more than 5 Red Bulls at a time when driving at 3 in the morning and pickpockets beware. Nights outside our room waiting for the wax to dry asking why on a Tuesday night we're waiting for wax to dry. Countless rounds at OnTarget shot at those evil paper targets and getting told we couldn't use our own computer print outs. "Yes Paul, C-od really does hate you." "No Paul, heating your computer up will not actually fix it." The company's token teddy bear and on the varsity remedial team. Simpsons connoisseur. Hacky sack target. Master of Axis and Allies.-AM, KS, BS I I I I I I I i I I g Joseph Owen Lopiccofo ... - . . . Rock Springs, WY Submarines 136 de to loe O, "Un the East Coast We Ride...Until the Day We Die." Little Annapolis can't hold a big Wyoming hoy down. What started out as a messy, chill plehe summer, "why look in the boat when there so muc h going on around you?f' Then a regular plehe year punctuated hy a hig O. loe, can or- ganize anything, road trip Iijreyhoundl to UC. Next came youngster year, with a couch, shark, coffee maker rand mayhe the new one tooj, s'more kit and VCR tnever usedl. Trips could he organized too: skiing, camping and cont erts...there isn't an east coast city that can hold out a true punk rocker Iwho isn't a girl of I 33. Super- bowl parties are fun in our room on Ioefs B-day, "Dan when did you get that?" There was never a concert that loe didn't like, he even had his own on VA Beach at QAM: with bands, waves, a hoardwalk, girls on a balcony, hut what can you say after a good night at the Beach House. Second class year couldn't have been better, then worse then better, the fun came and went, but the true fun came on a list A no-one c an rememher, hut no-one will forget. Eirstie year, "oh, the Nerdsf' but loe won't let Thursdays at ECU die. I-LO, thanks for always making sure Ilan isn't a quart low or Kent isn't as clean as he would like. Underwater remember f'Nappy hoys going to he OK!" and keep mustard in your pillow. .,.:f. Y,., ..--,-be .v..M.... -VYF Q,.f..1v.-.w..... M...-,Y VVA. -7,...,. ....a...,-.-a,......,...,.,..-w..,W..4,...-,.....,. .,,.. ...W .... ... -,,, ,. ,,,. .. ...cm .,..-.,.,m,., .. ,, , joshua. Cozkb King Tomball, TX Special Warfare ff if . year plan, 3 years as roomates... QVC: the brawl in the oman that ended with the f class running from the atomic wedgie. SIC: Initial thought-he's one of those stinky distance runners...but I got used to the smell... 2!C: multi-talented naked chef...Star Wars in Houston: "Dan stand stillll' '... SI304... First night in the VI's started with Alize', Hanes classics, and a water fountain...and finally bac kshaft PT supersets leading up to the screener... IXC: 2 team captains, one sqd Idr...sorry our roomie can't live up to our standards...Ser- vice Selection Night Part II, what a relief, NL400FD. My brother from another mother, 5 years, great c ivilizer, I'll never forget: the swamps of NTT, SB '04 tU.S.V.I.I, fountain, that hottie, "don't let me go home with her," dragging me to church despite the hangovers tthanksl, firewars, getting SEALs during X-week, shaving your eyebrows, Law final not-sober, sleeping 2 ft away for 3 yrs, you sleep talking ti me dying laughing, squirrel, slapping my butt as you lap me on the PRT, fridge in box, naked Chef loshua - "It's tasty," and the only Mid I'd let take my sister to Ring Dance. My boys will hook up with your daughters one day. I'Il miss you, bro.lRM. You only need to get beat up once by this kid to know your place... Texas pride, on his running shorts...the biggest distance runner on the track...cliff jumping at the Texas Re- . lays...drinking to the joy of twizzlers... we love him and so do the SEALS. Your Dominican brotherDT Rebecca. Ann jVlcC0ffom j. l Flushing, Ml I owergels, running buddies, IM alarms, dairy queen, chevy's, 'fYoungsters, I love 'em.", snowed in, Op amps, car alarms, mail runs, snack runs, time to go lift..."Can I please just get a nap?", "Ok, never again, except for this one last time.", "I hate fun, but youfve always managed to make me smile." - ASH Got any chocolate?... I never knew that trying on uniforms could be so upsetting Iwhitesf or exciting IUSMC onesl... I'll never will forget how much we loved belting out f'Proud to be an American' '.... tuna, that stuff will kill you... cleaning floors and listening to love songs... "I'm going to marry a seal." swaps and spring break...youngster year: donft forget who told him to run with you... drew quit making that stupid pig talkl... firstie year: not roommates but now even better friends. lust remember: You'll always be cutellll tits cuz of the cheeksl Lex "Flushing, Michigan, yeah go ahead and laugh," the sand-blowers at the back of the drill line over plebe summer, manifesting a man with the Man-Magic kit, Walterfs poster, "It's not even springtime and everyone's. . .," New Haven AXN 2002, Ocean City, Army-Navy 2004 driv- ing directions, studying in Chem goggles, Cosmo workouts, Spring Break 2002, "Let's go shopping..." special dress-up outfits and "Do you like my pointy shoes?" in a blue rim and Drew's sweats--SO HOT. I'm so proud of you, my little Hoo-rah: good luck in the future and may our friendship last forever. SAE USMC Ground .. . . . . ,..... . . .... .... .. . .. .. . - . . . . I I f Kent Jvlzcholefjvlcfmigrihn . plebe year: room second class year: Omaha, NE I Navy Pilot I It , with PROTRA-PALOOZA or BARTOE-PALOOZA, wings andfor Yuengs, Acme, Squash, and dancing in DTA or anywhere else dropping phat beats. And, oh i, I'm Kent, I have nothing to say to you, I'm just really bored. I really wanted to shoot myself xx hen those training sergeants paired me with Lopiccolo: I wouId've liked someone with more jet knoxx I- edge. Boy do I love silly unclerwearl Go to bed Ioe! My first year I became a Squag tNayy Squashf. The trip to the OC capped off the year off nicely. Club H2O was hot, the weather was not, and it's not eyerx day you meet a girlfriend... with child. The rest can be summed up in a blue couch, team up with Dan, then Ioe, make someone angry, become angry, get over it. Koozies! Who knew wrecking my sisters car could cause such controversy? I could go for some coffee. I hate Ioe's music! VAbeach Slurpiesl Dancing, pink shirts, and loafers, yeah, I can pull it off. NAFAC showed how much of a statesman I am. Spain + Dan : happiness. Ring Dance... You said 50 not 3575! My date sucks. What's a ship like because I've neyer been on one. Wake up bl Navy Cadence! Notre Dame was fun, but why does my arm itch? San Fran hella sucks! In other words, it's been interesting, fun, and I will miss those especially involved yes, that's right, I fly planes! 137 Houston, TX Civil Engineering Corps Virginia Beach, VA Navy Pilot . . . .- .iV., .. .-, .....-.,---, .,,,,Nm -.NA Matthew John jvlcfctugfimft X tri A is my air conditioner broken? I0:l4, do I look like a sir? fat group, speed hall. 235 - coach McCor- mic k, dunk on tloodloxy, get your feet movinf, the Happy Rooster, shotgun with 5-wide, 0-I 0, lane and lee, grah a plate, tiarihhean Carnival, THE 4th Quarters, get big and die! Bill Brasky, Herndon in a hoot, xyorst YP cruise ever. 505 A Niamomanamomanatolo, stay out of the mud, stupid collarhone, cancer on the team, J. I0, meat locker, Natty Bo, ice luge, stair diving, the old fttuer, Tricky Tys, OL is horn, Yesac Naed Se- hguh, Bronc o t'luh, enough of Norfolk, Va Beach, commit. 395 A shaved heads, EEBLI, short short Thursday, atcelerate! tlti trophy, Houston hound, 8-5, el Barrino, Ms. R's meathalls, schmACME, the Div, recruiting parties, ti cases and J fistfights, Mexican border, 5.0, I wish it was hotter, great spring. 305 A terrible txyo-a-days, morning shuttles, fat-lazy-piece-of, weeeewhackwhackchop, Fallen Brothers, dang wrist, HashBrown, IO-2, we made it, Deluxxxe, the Ghost, season of UI., Atlantic City - up 53200, Annapolis - clown 336000, Skinny Ray, brand new man james Rofmfwfjvlcjvliffozn III j our years on the hay, three years as roommates. Plehe Year: first impression, always talks about the ladies, pretty boy lames..."Uhhhhh, Iim?' '... Our weekend, IMU, making up for lost party time in one night..."You got kicked out too?' '... only year he spent afternoons awake. NC: Still talkin' about the la- ...Eirst year as roomies...SB, Aruha, the motherfdaughter combo from Atlanta, ffWhat about the volleyball "...Oak Hill time...Pong I5-Peat...the camera. ZXC: More sleep...Houston, Iosh's hackyarcl, Star Wars time, "Dan you gotta stand still."...St. Thomas SB part II...AIize, Hanes classics, just add a fountain...Pretty hoy talkin' bout' USMCN? Eirstie Year: More sleep, sorry you coulcln't live up to your team captain room- mates...Flyhoy destined to try to he Tom Cruise...and of course, the movie collection, sorted by chick flicks, weird?? 4 years of doing no HW. - ED Got some 'ladies Man" in his blood... his after action weekend photography reports, "I donft remember that' '... That man c an dance... Haciendo! After class, in his rack, go to practice come hack, hasn't moved, amazing. Allegedly a History major, hut hefs acquired at least a minor in rack time... SB St. Thomas, almost left on British Virgin Gorda Island, took our timefgot a little lost...Loyal friend, great roommate, gonna he a great pilotfoffic er. My kids will beat up yours someday. - ICM The legacy continues: three generations, same name, same employer. dies girls Professional photographer, Akin Marino Montero Chicago, IL Submarines 138 ittle Al came to the academy not knowing a word of English, only a mysterious language made up of very low growls and grunts. Plehe summer however taught him enough English to survive here at the At ademy and he became the local Mech E major. He possesses many talents, including the ability to frighten small children with his Barry White voice. He quickly gained a reputation of doing nothing and doing it slow. He would apply his cat like reflexes and superhuman speed to numerous intramural sports helping the team win none of them. During the summers, he tried to seek outside employment to make some extra money hut his stint as a moonlight singer ended five minutes later because he wasn't hig enough to fit in the Marilyn Monroe dress. He found out the hard way in Daytona that it is never good to A pass out in the sand before IO am. Singapore. Firstie Year was the happiest year of his , life, as this t hild of an unholy union got his 3502. He could then he found doing nothing hut sitting at his desk going "Vroom .... Vroooooomn while holding a broom and a Frisbee. later on he dist overed the wonders of shooting guns and became a regular customer. He just loves his little gun. "Apparently, I'm a had leader because I don't smilef' 'fSo Al about i how far around the world are we? About STK," Now we are putting America's nuclear arsenal in his hands, Clod help us all. r l r t l l l l f XM!! ,... , ,s.,....,t u,.. Kenneth Bruce Tafrher Mays Landing, Nl USMC Pilot en: The blond bombshell. No wonder he gets so many girls. Letfs see... There was Annie, Allison, Al's sister - can't forget her, so many from high school including the girl that spoke Cierman, the girl that sent cookies e what was her name?, Kate tor was it Beth, the girl from double dates with Iani, Clabi and friends however many that is, and Chris Stevenfs mom land sister of t oursei. Yet somehow he is still the most principled Christian I know. Special thanks go out to the parents, Bruce and Carol, Ur. lakobs tor twic e the fun, Blake for the homecoming dance t"there sure are a lot of motorcycles out tonightnr, and we can't forget Coach - thanks for that letter of recommendation. But you bloom where you're planted. lour years of Crew wasn't that bad. There isn't really any way to sum up what the brother- hood meant- still means. Random stories: "oops, my shoe fell off," the mini buds screener twakey, wakey, eggs and bakeyl, Major Mooney thow can you stay mad when someone shakes the finger you are trying to point at them?l, and the wreck coming hack from Army!Navy tloy the way, thanks for letting your roommates stay at your housel. Mark almost died, but it makes for a good story. And Senior Chief Skirvin was so understanding too. But all the stories pale next to what really mat- ters: the trinity. So thanks for a great four years, and stay healthy. Ba-da-ba-ba-ba, l'm lovin' it. Rohert Westerveht Qktuf A Xa 1' 2. M : 1 t: :,- r.-. ..t r ' at w h , an V . 1 ff! ri m - m n--. sa n --u. W 1 2 " , , r rif w- w ee-w e i - o r , t- ' rt-1 "-' " -1 ' L" -G . t- f r-1' -r f ' nf .' rt f , ff-v r M V , f Corpus Christi, TX Supply Corps fi he goat is old and gnarly and he's never been to school, But he can take the bacon from the worn out Army muleg He's had no education but he's brimming full o fight, and Bill will feed on Army Mule to- night! Army, Army call the doctor, Army, Army call the doctor, Army, Army call the doctor, You're all in down and ..... Whoa! Any oats today lady? No! Cliddapl Army, Army call the doctor, You're all in down and OUT! Wifham Christopher Tyohirt Tallahassee, FL Special Warfare here's an aggregation known throughout the country, always ready for a frolic or a fray, From their high and mighty station they are known throughout the nation, As the Micls from down in crab toxx n bax. Each year they sally forth to face the Army and turn the Army mule into a lamb, In the midst of a scrap and scrimmage, you will see the busy image, of the spoiled and pampered pets of Uncle Sam. So round the ends and through the line we run, Show those grey legs how the deed is done: Navy Blue, xxe'll see x ou through, Here's How! To the Mids of the Navy Blue! x 139 t Seth Kofmerten Toweff I ccording to local legend, aka some stranger in a store, Seth aka V-I 2 aka "The 0ak" is brothers with his roommate lien. Separated at birth, Seth was sent to a library in Indiana. Seth spent his childhood reading "books", watching Rocky and Bullwinkle and learning to communicate using lower octaves. All those books. How can one man have so many books? Did he read them all? That is a question that will never be answered. C'rew...need I say more. Four years of glorious pleasure...VVAAAAYYY ENNNOUUUC- QQHHHIII IH!!! Hut, there is nothing like listening to "the brothers" complain about the early morning work- outs or the sore muscles. "lust quit if you don't like it" was the usual response out of my mouth. Seth is a one of a kind person. Currently he is known as the "Pecan Pie IDominator" in three states. Where did all that food go? I think Seth had a wooden leg. Craziness I tell you! Don't let his slim stature fool you, hels a beast through and through, Life's a garden, dig it! Riding in style in Big Red. There is nothing like riding around with a little mood lighting. "I-Iey little girl, want any candy?" It was the ultimate machine. Should have gotten that disco hall though. Seth...your blank stares, nothing could be more degrading, yet exhilarating. Never forget "The Trinity" and thanks for all the "good times!" RS. I love you mom and dad, and my brother Iohn and his complicated name. KBP, CMC Muncie, IN Surface Warfare WifEam jvlicfwzefilie tfvefcf I t's hard to sum up four years of your life in such a small amount of words, especially when those four years have essentially changed the rest of your life. In my last semester at the Academy I began to feel the change in myself, and see it in my friends. VVe've grown together through the good times and the bad. I will never forget the Friday night basketball games as plebes, Acme wings on youngster Sundays, the birthday parties at Acme during 2nd class year, weekends at lvlikels sponsors, Hellals with lvlikels sponsors, wing wars with 7th wing, the tn man room for two years, golfing, more birthday parties at Acme firstie year, Thursday night pizza nights, baseball games in' Baltimore, Ring Dance, service selection night, and now moving on together toward graduation and beyond. With the help of my friends in 6th company I've learned quite a bit about myself, the kind of stuff that you can't learn in a classroom. The Academy was special to me for three reasons, which are engraved on the inside of my ring. Three reasons gave me the desire . , to succeed, the courage to push through the tough times, the joy of sharing the good times, and sadness at having to leave it all behind for new adventures and l new opportunities. They are my future, my family, and my friends. Holland, Ml Navy Pilot Eric Barnes Rouerts just wanted to win a bowl game and graduate. Miami, FL , Surface Warfare 140 .I QJ'.gg'4g:m1.i f.:.i',g ti 1 ,,.,wn-wvvksw-mwMswmp,..mw .W fmwffsfmswf-wh.f.-A,-..wa-swf-emfm. s.msc...WM,.t-- ,f f.'.,.s.-f ea., M- Y ,...-W.-.sw -,., ,N ,,,,. , ,NJ . , 5551.3 ,, ,',.f..a Q: . K '1. V, V4 35,1 'NN Q lt:,lii.j'.'i'y,.i K L" sms.. yi... ,I a,,,4n .ff0ffQz'rLfEzcL6e th Rose ' R NI ' ft iff 'MV' ' ..i..,,+,,..V,i,,,.4. xxvr 1 I , A -Q . . , Whitehouse, OH Nuclear Surface tatics was a rather brutal course to begin with, but I filed my nails to razor sharp points just to make things more interesting for a classmate. Guess it worked since I never sat next to him after that, sc arecl him off, I did. But friends are friends and summer training was fun, particularly when we only got 3 or 6 hours of sleep on a 36 hour submarine cruise and then nuked a foreign country. Nukes and nerds unite. KCK Suspected of being Canadian until she showed us an American driver's license. Still not sure where she got it. Best friends: the Astro kids and one teddy bear with a fresh mouth. -Tom The youngest Canadian from the Midwest! She rows, she skis, but never both at the same time. Four years by the bay have been like fall- ing snowflakes-- full of sparkle and beauty but now they are melting away to be replaced by the blue glow of a reactor. AS Cuban Cigars... Getting locked in the bathroom... One-way sports car rides... Camping + Beer + Tom : More fun than any of us could handle... Love of puppies... The as only engineer to never do any engineering work... Bruninga: 'fVVhy don't you go buy something"... Overseas phone charges... Actually thinking we could get homework done faster as a group... Breaking you out of Paris... Dating a certi- fied idiot... 'fI'm your Benny Bear!" A true and good friend you'll forever be, To harry, harrass, and always upstage me. CS ff . .qsche xnayvaw .yep 'hw ta-it . A Q-' .- ig -' 2?-fgfgtlfi s-"'p,f'-ATI ' -3.1 I 1- 2 'ft' ' i -' H ' - ' - ,. . . 1' , , , . v,...,,,,,i.,,.,,.A ,,,. .Wy N, ,,,,.,., 1. , . ,,. .,, . i.- ., . . , fi x . oi l -o s.. .tt ,n t .....t .t W .. .I H .,,. i e i.,. f. .-tt t i. --w a s ,i , i . a o .. . - -I ., t tv .t i-.ia n ,.. , - -w ww .. ry . ,V . , V I . V Lutcher, LA USMC Pilot J,uvvvr2?:v-1wr:':fM'f""1rwvmw,.savvy--V-nw .mst-Wa W - .V tw, .I t Q wat, + .tw H.. x. Wigs,-"i.',fs -iw . ogg, f .1 rian Schexnayder applied to the United States Naval Academy after a failed attempt at being a pimp. Despite his options of acquiring money down south, Brian came to the Academy at the ripe age ot I 7. The youngest guy in the company quickly showed his Marine prowess by maintaining the utmost standards with his uniform and especially his room. "lf I have to scrub edge dressing off this floor one more time..." During his entire chemistry career at the Academy he never once burned off his eyebrowsg way to go! He scared the life out of his roommates with impromptu drilling in the room, sometimes late at night-in his underwear. 2!C year, "Sexy Schexy" was tamed by one girl after a life-altering spring break. It was a sad sight to see the poor boy burn his "little black book" that fateful night, the flames lasted well into the day. IXC year was extremely memorable, as were those unforgettable Silent Drill y Team days. "WE HAVE A COMPETITION IN LESS THAN 48 HOURS, WHERE ARE YOU . GOING? SCH EX, GET BACK HERE NOW!" Inventing moves such as the 'fpimp cane" and colorful clitties like, "Be the pole, not the dancern became no surprise to the team when he . took its reigns. Herefs to the man who chugged OfDouIfs through a straw and brought his buddy to the airport at O400...an enthusiastic commander, fun drinking buddy, and best of all a great friend. Semper Ei. ePL, KS, AM, TB, AR, MM, IE, VV, IB af,,,7a4.ff.,f-251.4 ..y,s,.,w...M.-,,.,...s.3.,s,3.w.y,.., s.c,..,.. .V,,t.,..-7 -cw... .W f, .,f. ,Z , .S N.. , 5. , , aa. .s . .Hat .-. ..,.. .. .V . V . . . . V to"'...'11.-.wcwsio., .-orgy tag . ti, .Jos Q1 'i 'sig' it-tri 'I Tj .1 2:2 fx Wil i .' nit I ' .1 " ., i' " I t - ' . i . i L',IQiiu,.3f-srl-,,'i' 3g.,gq.g..-Agf. 1'-25.14, .A 4 - 3 .gggepui '. g, , . ,, t' - ., I: - f' :- f ' 3 .5 . I' . urs tv-ftgcii E if fr .iw t 'tiff '. 'i l.:f'.'.g. 1 ,.f1'.w,'fL..g 'Y :A Y 'I if ' . I" 1 1- . - ' . ,' ' . f . . . .1 if , lf.-,.3i.:-..5,gg-aug. ' 'A 1' - i .. . 'I . . -I I if 7'-9 fm 539 km C O Springs, C O Submarines here the hell is Seglem?!!? How did he get lost for a second time today?!!?f' "Mi: Seglem, what did you do to your arm? Sir, I punched my rack, sir. Why did you do that Mr. Seglem? Sir, no excuse, sir." Plebe year didn't start out so hot with a broken arm and a "lovable" squad leader, not to men- tion the fight over the overhead lights. Things however started to improve as he settled into his Academy ca- reer. Never mind that he broke every single rule in the book and then some. lust think, if it had been anyone else, luck would have run out and they would have been caught. He spent more time playing yideo games one semester then he spent on homework his entire life. He could master games that would make teenage japanese kids go "Good God!" His roommates thought he was secretly Iapanese consiclering hoxx much an- ime he could take in at one sitting, No American could withstand that much random crap for that long. 'So what did you think of when you first met Meredith's sister?" "Well I was thinking of punching bags." SARGE!! lust remember if you ever have children, they will have Albrecht blood in their veins. Don't sink the sub. Kai: Swahili for "great massage-giver". Youfve gotta love a guy who volunteers to rub your back, with nothing in return but note- book vandalism and clawed attacks. lust rip out that damn first page! We love you Kai. Nukes for life! -lo 84 Lex l 141 i , I uni john Anthony Vigifante IV Valparaiso, IN Medical Corps entony, "...xyith different alpha codes," eyebrows only after a couple of drinks, True Blue, Catholic U ttxall me Tonyi, Norfolk nightlife, Eight tor Your Right cadence, Ocean City drive and Ford Escort facili- ties Joseph Mark Vofansky Jr I West Middlesex, PA Surface Warfare y favorite SWO. The strong and silent one...except around the "ladies'l with alpha codes. "joe, the funny thing is...I don't even know which one you're talking about!" Euddruckers uranium customers, "Two-third pound, huh? What, you got some sand..." If you want him to be nice, you better have a whole lot of alcohol, but then watch the nut-taps. Croquet match '04, "whoa, where are we?' '... 80's Party at Pitt, Ioe likes pastel yellow pants...Violently waking me up and dragging me to PT, I hate you...Womb raiders in VB. Summer '04 - maybe 2 weeks apart. NAS IAX - enormous breakfast...stomach not made for flying. She came to visit ME! UVA - Yeah, I play rugby," running the tap within 30 minutes of arrival, "You got more STDs in one night ..., " she got pissed. The cornucopia of personality in the room, ex. "Bill just told me he wants to pisifp in my face. I said, "go ahead and try." I-Ie said 'ok' and just left to drink water." And she's a school teacher? :EO cute points. The Volansky's, my second family, what can I say '... they can drink. SO lbs lighter, about as strong, not as pretty. - IRM crazy, popeye, his own way of "training" Oak Hill everywkncl..the blood MCM O-I in Cltown, 2O..no sweat..rack, SE ...i clonft remember...good times.. WCP dos kt : I -life is too important to take seriously 'x gg Eric Cnarfes Wagner g I Middleton, PA Surface Warfare 142 hat a long strange trip its beenfl It started with Friday night ballin, finger rolls and the Cuban Mis- sile. Dig a little deeper in the well boys, dig a little deeper in the well. Ten meters with a suit, eight . without. Beer and Tacos. Blue speeclos and Bartoe-palooza. IUP, PSU, Bucknell, Lehigh, UMD, Notre Dame. I need this man! Bartoe's urinal and the spectator. Oscar Austin and wandering through the McMillan residence. I will never forget the lumberjacks, bunny suit, bad santa, streakers, flamingo's, boy scouts, and staying up all night singing in the basement. Not to mention the incredible amount of occur- rences I am unable to recall. Struggles disappear but the good times will remain forever. It may be time to leave, but I will forever hang on to my Annapolis family. Thanks for pushing me along. - Take Care. Semper Eestum. 5VlichoLefStewa,1ft Weber jr. Sykesville, PA Navy Pilot SU, BU, IUP, PITT, UNC, LI-I, Frozen Pizza Eaterl, Ernest Goes to Pittsburgh, Fncling Tailgates, "I neecl this", Annapolis Hitch Hiker, puke toes, B-more Flasher, Sausage Feast, Secrets to IDF, Precomm Hangs over, vvait... my pizza, 4 semesters of Spanish: Cuatro locos, fireman, pigeons, Tom Cfattigan, I hope it hurns to the grouncll, Traffic B, Special thanks to Chesapeake Sciences, Fclclie, the Schnell's, ancl Christine. Good times vvith C-Lee. "The price of self-clestiny is never cheap, and in certain situations it is unthinlcahle. But to achieve the marvelous, it is precisely the unthinkahle that must he thought." Tom Rohhins, litterhug Perfume. "We make a living hy what vve get, vve make a life hy what we give," Sir Winston Clhurc hill You are not alone in this world and nor can you travel through it alone. You neecl enemies ancl allies for hoth will clrive you to succeecl, hut most of all you neecl friencls ancl family. They are the ones that come for you in your clarkest hours. They are the ones that push you not only to succc-ecl, hut to love. My sole vvish is that I stay friends with the great people I have met here at USNA, and continue to grovv closer to my family ancl friencls of younger simpler clays. Sykesville, I can't wait to come home, hut I have a fevv chapters I must write first. I love you family ancl friencls, thanks for helieving. y . M7 143 Nliclizicl Reuben Fuilcy Christoplici' Timothy .Ianics Cayzinnc Victoria McFar- Ross Pcpin .Ionuthaii Bcnjznnin Scanlon Shui cncll .lnlin Ruth Mary Ciziunl .I onutlizm Rogci' Kunc Vincent McMahon Mzittlicw Howard Rcgclin .lcnniI'ci' .lzinics Van Hccsl Lisa 'ggi 555 Gr i 20035 l l l Patricia Acton Macaulay Albright Morgan Alvarado Matthew Ray Garciabragiel Erik Austin Allan Dente Michael Duncan Kevin Michael Krmpotich Paul David Sunhong Kim James Kinzler Matthew l Korhan Mark , Michael Orgun Anthony Pinkerton EdwinAnthony Joseph Bartis Andrew Phillip Giaeomucci Daniel Warren Kunzman Pritchett Adam joseph K Kristin Travis Whitney John Patrick Christopher Ashley John Donald Bergman Shirl Bunting llelen Carline B Cumbie Kelly Kristofer .lohn Scott Paul Haycock Craig Hutt' David lnman Neil Kellerman Cameron Eaton Abby Kathleen Carly Andrexx Abbott Macgregor Mcnnerich Grace Meyer Nelson Mitchell Ruckman Sharp SheehanKex'in Guy ,lose h .lelifrey Preston Daniel lkaika P Snodgrass Gregory Spence l i l l l I Ali Andre Stephanie Frank y Sydney Orville Testman ll Vaughan Weichsel Nicholas Zalom l i t t it . A at it rr A P. fr to '9 i is 3 as , hi. f fp 'i ' 'N , r S A X225 Q f 'li ii ti I lfillt ix- n: iwi. WV 3 W 2- , fi' . 'P l A Wi?lliiirtrvtiiM Wrtvwu i rl , D g , l A , if ' 1, 4 :E L44 ' , l rxg NN 1: X 6 it -Sf gf 3 if ' - i 1 A ., . P C., . 9 s if A' l t V W-it tr,,,,..- 3 5 -5 - ' " l 4 145 W , f I G E+, ga wr- fa v- i di ,g, 1 3 msg 1 M. ., . DA N ,un Q-xr.. E I l I I i e LT Leighton J. Pitre Company Officer eo 1st Semeste Staff ABHCS fAWi Bart Urnovvey Company Senior Enlisted 2nd Semesiefoff f INIHIHEIH l"9CK, bb , i 1 Wallace IVIiIIer,1stSQt. iiin inii t i i the i i, gow" M " ZQ K 1 1 it ' xf Rtf X' 4 - J' t I N if an ... 1 i wxl 6 'P ' i A, 5 ,1 . J 'wif 5351 1, 'fl A'-- ' I ,A 'FA ' A V w " X we ,ft , fvf, ,if IVIosi Smith, XO 1 f John IVIoLaughIin, CC A i "is Twlor Knnrlnll 1 Qi' Qni' 1 "-4f Miami, FL Navy Pilot -s -.. Chelmsford, MA USMC Ground Gilbert, AZ Navy NFO 150 Brandon Shannon Afouno o stripes.,.I1ww. what's that on his neck? How bout them cankles? Pumpkin through a window, Howe's computer busted. Whites turning blue at Providence, nice behind. Huge linebacker, never gonna do that again. Pulling trigger after beat army, first of many years living with Chis. One stripe, late nights with Vonlieynolds...put that away. Me and Mark at football games...something about a mouth- piece. Geriatric Royce about to drop dead. Honor like nobody's business along with Weedo and Bill. Own- ing the library...all three floors. Two stripes...Chili Peppers with Nate Dizzle and Mark. Protrapalooza...I didn't puke on the glass cloor...I swear...Me and Iared are gods at beerpong...El Camino...Cheese!! Black boots and green sleeves and nice nights at the Quantico Inn. lames Zuber and scrottage cheese on Tre along with various body hairs. Me and Dave drunk at the Pentagon...Ruth can out-drink Chris. I was a leader of men on the drill field. Finley and Clontz...Tweedle dee and tweedle dumb and some hu hu bullshit too. M.L.E. as a plebe...so hot! Final stripes...Best I cruise ever in Lemoore..flying hornets. Lift' with Cliff Vin Diesel...Humming I at parades. Me, Andy, and Sweden on service selection night. Cortland girls... all. Hitting the supe with bread. Me and Sean sinking in boats. Brigade XO for Halloween. Firstie outings and not being able to remember them. St. louis with lules. M.I.S. and Summer Seminar X.O.,C.C. Partying at American with Smokey and heating on fvtosi and Iesus. Live and learn, never forget my homies...thanks guys for the wild ride...7 on three. . Jason Joseph Jtfrno I qiwnmw 65MMb1'vWi'i6 WiK WwIE?5F-QAiqifigvgi-yes:-.1pwiirxfisMFwWW wFMTWWWMn6M1MWw'Wi'M9:erf F is i- W i f Y it ii ii vii , , i i I ., I , ,, N ,, 'N ,. 4 X X , ,, N . X i i ood times at the cigar lounge. loefs Bar. Trips to the Vinyard. ArmyfNavy weekend 200-I at the great- est bar in the world. Gate 0 jumps. The steel beach sprint. Pub crawl 200-I didn't quite happen. Taxi cab rides from Main St to gate I. Trips to the sponsors. Nights at the Havana Club. Dinners at Ruby Tuesday's and Cic i's during Leatherneck. Weekends in Philadelphia with basement parties and tongue rings. Intercessionals in SC. Preakness 2004 aka "Girls Gone Wild in Baltimore". Iules' heal contusion after run- ning from the man. Summer school case races. Youngster spring break in Santa Cruz. Plebe summer, "Hey mate, go secure the deck". Youngster cruise to NYC for Fleet Week I 1 Ernesto Arzefjilrbofecfa I will always remember... NYC with Shex and a SI000 bill. Papa and all our adventures, from Baltimore to sushi. Nate and Dave who have put up with me for 5 years and are still willing to live with me despite how many times I have broken my computer, fixed it, and broken it again. Hotel parties with the boys, the midstang, snowboarding, and Bill's house lthank your mom for mel. Finally and most importantly, I will always remember the 31 members of 7th Company that are graduating with me on May 27, 2005. Anytime, any place I'll he there for all of you. This has been a roller coaster for me and I couldn't have gotten through this place alone. Thank you for everyone I've met here and all the experiences I had, both good and bad. I know most people think I hate this, but thank you to Sean for 'fPeepers'f guess it will be with me for the rest of my life. Nate and Dave we've been roommates and friends for 3 long years and I hope we will be for many more. To the boys and girls of 7th Co. thank you for making this place bearable. 4 Finally, I'd like to thank my parents who helped me get here, I'd be no where with them. f'You can be my wingman anytime .... Hangin out meant good times had by all. This is just the beginning. VVatc h out because we are P'cola bound."- Mike Papa john Tejar Barrett 5 o my boys- you have provided me with some great memories these past 4 years, thank you. l'll never forget spring break in new orleans and cancun...late nite broken windows downtown...underage at the o-club...family guy...BoSox and Patriots - world championsl...it's still the man being memarguments with Dom...3 years with Sean...club lacrosse...2Ist in Adams Morganmcollege park...reinbold interroga- tions...cranberry juice and niacin parties with Devomaircraft carriers in Newport...leaving evidence in con- struction sites...Donovon lvlcLose...ATHF...philbins house...trash bag of 'road sodas' behind the chapel... late nights and early mornings with the awesome but most importantly our sponsor family in cape st compton. Mom, Dad, Abbey, Emily, Eliza - I love you all so much, thank you for everything. STO, UMH, DIC, IMVV, ISB, IPM, CCL, MDS Providence, RI Navy Pilot John Sa,muefQ3utle1f 3 hings I will hopefully never forget. . .being the CD changer. ..Butlardo. . .passing out against the wall...dip at formation...go go gadget eyes in the boat machine...Chandra shaves...internet games..,"uh huh"... paranoid F...'fdon't take my things!"..."please ask firstf '...f 'that's my change! '... deck jumpingmstair diy- ing...Cape St. Comptonmclip vice president...Ctentleman jackmpress ham...spooning with Deyomdirty hairy...Beam face...peepers in conlocker...Navy Football..."get me some water' '... being "arrested" in New i Orleans...Rick's Cabaretmgetting rowdy in Nashville...Cancun...Roll Tide!..."C.osh Butler, SHUT UP!"...be- l ing the man without a first name..."one more 24"...Tiger Woocl's Colf...my truck...Colorados...building the bar...but most of all lohn, Chris, Sean, Devo, Nick, leb, and lared...The Sponsor Family. l t t Tuscaloosa, AL 2 Navy Nfo i .J . 5 Q . , y , 1 1 1 y g Dommzc joseph Corabz 2 i o all my Navy buddies, l will always remember the sprinkler...DomlovesPoor..Rupert Crisco and his i t brother Eugene...EACLES baby! .... So, and I win...6 times the charm...away message stalker...Drudge Report 8 times a day...One outfit wonder...Philbin's basement...VVhatfs yours is mine...Angry Phila- l delphia fan...Borat...Choke out Cougs, jared, Reinbold...-lt! hand loss...Iared slap...Knite Fight, OK Coral... l King of naps...Triple threat...Donovan McLose...Later guys, just do it later...Anton's boyfriend..Discipline l i t respect...Cape St. Compton. . .Convince jared to skyclive without a chute. . .Mini-BUDfs screener tltl buckst. .. Dominooch...VVhat we want Sean, Mice lay eggsleb, Uh, not really Iared, Bizarro Devin, Hairy Butler, Crazx drunk Chris, johnny-What's the deal?...Sponsor family forever tCrazy Eightst l West Chester, PA ' USMC Ground t l 151 l Christopher 5VlichoiefCoughfom I Stockton, CA Navy Pilot lebe Year: Shout-outs to "the Neck" and "Kankles" for letting me stay even though they thought I was worthlessg burning myself drinking Henderson's "Beat Armyng Sorry DavefArbo for sticking you with Butler A just had to go, moved in with I3 and Dom - big mistake, moved in with Dom again -bigger mistake, hut what a great room. Youngster Year: Livin with B and Mark - what an experience tput that shit away Markig it seems to me the rest of that year was a blur, Lynn left A good and had, more good than bad, Daxe almost getting me kicked out, for Weedo nonetheless, Detail was interesting - go Sucky Scjuadg lets haye some OCT. incl Class Year: Finally figured the roomie situation out, 2 I st I3-day lasted what, two hours, yeah I'm a stud: Major Todd A moron, Senior Clontz - so full of hull, letting jared's matlab help get a little car- ried away A sorry bud, youfre the man. Firstie Year - Flyin the Rhinofs in Lemoore with Iared might have been the best t ruise every Another round of Detail - loved the job, and apparently I was st ary Iwho woulda guessedlp the meanest Ac-O the brigade has ever seen, almost died on seryic e assignment night A proudest I've ever been of myselfg Gonna get that Aerospace Degree e half of which belongs to Devo, I3 and Dave e good roomies, thanks for the help, keeping me grounded, Second Semester Firsties - no class, flying, golfing, good friends, good times - ONLY GONNA GET BETTER - Stand hy Cougs. Toztrich .llirwhoiy Dozfy if l I l l l I v I I I I I I I I I I I I I . i l . e e ese . . gege g . L , L L , eese, C . E' Cincinnati, OH Medical Corps Raleigh, NC Nuclear Surface ou are not here to merely make a living. You are here in order to enable the world to live more amply, with greater vision, with a finer spirit of hope and achievement. You are here to enrich the world, and you impoverish yourself if you forget that erranclf' WOODROW WILSON. 2005-We brought this school to life as soon as we arrived. 911 I changed our future and gave purpose to nearly everything. All those MAG projects are unforgettable. We always expected to win...and we did with the best football team in school history. I had a blast with you all in A-Town...I can't wait to hear what everyone is doing in the world. Best of luck in everything you dof later, Patrick Antonia-A man is only truly great when he acts from his passions. You have so many passions that your life will never be empty! From MAG to 5 stripes, you touched so many lives. Thank you for everything you gave to all those who asked and those who could not ask. Remember the skiing and the snow, the Army-Navy and Bowl games, and the orgo classes. Neen-Gosh where do I begin...the dinners in Dahlgren, lack Iohnson, partying in DC, can't forget the beach house, tubing, crabbing, and fireworks, eating out with my parents every weekend. These past couple of years have been awesome...you better bet that I'm coming to you when you are done with medical school...my own personal Doc! Good luck! Kathryn fort Dijmgnier I lways a good studyfifhinese food buddy during our time at the Academy, or in a dire situation, King Hall table partner NPSC. Stay away from seawalls, white vans, and cumberbunds. Piercings-Trevor and jet-skis. Long trips in the back of the bus with Claire-juice. Following Momma Duck and polar bear peddling in VA Beach. Crazy swimma New Years and parka swimming NBLA. Matt, thanks for being the history major who helped me survive EE with the Coasties. Thanks to Ieff, for the hours of EOE fun, and Nick, for Ring Dance and inspiring me to run a marathon. I'll miss the Trio, especially if I want to dye Easter eggs in the dark. john, keep up your proficiency in Ouackish. I'll never forget WGC for talking to LJsher's mom, London and Rome, Hawaii, and helping me "blossom," with thanks to Maria for not letting me join the other mermaids. Patriot Champs plebe year, and some not-so "Fun" Fridays later, I am leaving the S'Women tand IV cross-countryi. Some of the hardest-working and talented ladies I've ever .4 I ll I i I I I I l I j I l I l l I I I I .J met will be irreplaceable. MAD PT will continue, yet not in the same way, but maybe someday I'll swim back across the Severn. . 152 j Bfolir Weston jfoiufk Savannah, GA USMC Ground X, 1 f AAAUUUUHHHH, the first failed Marine Corps bark. Stealing doors and wreaking havoc over Army week. john's house ever weekend. San Antonio, the greatest rugby trip ever. Ben's funeral youngster year. Being the worst youngster ever. Spring Break 2k3 is 2k5... the greatest spring breaks ever with the best guys. A behemoth which led me to my best friend. Hurricane party. Becoming part of the triangle. Founding Tribacco. Almost getting kicked out of the hotel because of the Ring Dance party. Dancing like fools at the dance itself. Team Kill 5!5... Broo-Ha...Stonewall jackson. Firstie year, We're BAAAAAAAACK Getting my truck towed off of the yard cause I tried to re-build the engine on hospital point. Tribacco round deux. Being crushed when service selection came out then being so happy in the sec- j ond round. The best and the worst of the last four years, where the days have been long, the weeks even longer, lout the years amazingly short. I've had some great times and f 'rl made the best of friends. Let's go get some. "Ain't nothin' like throwing a hula popper. .W Draggin' it across a spot a big 'un oughta be. And ain't nothin' like having him for sup- I per. With some good hush puppies and some sweet iced tea"- Brad Paisley "Woke up 4 at 5am, put on my camouflage. Wiped off my .243 and fired up my Dodge. Headed out to my ol' deerstand back in the pines. Gonna get me a ten point buck with 11 inch tines."- josh Turner Dowiof Toztrick 17-foofotjop l Byron, IL Submarines I K' ono from Mr. Peepers. Arbo in Drag and the Goat Court free-for-all. Mosi running down the red carpet. Rented rooms at the Radisson, alcohol, pumpkin chucking and crossing swords. Maryland road trip in the Stang, a near death experience, and trying to find the pants with my alpha. Oil based orange paint, too impatient, where's the turpentine. Model Youngster room, thanks Weedo, and Sat- urday mornings on the bulkhead -- Ba-ba-ba-bull. Dave and VVeedo's great escape gone bad. Chet, Mike and Hector --the credit card roulette, the party the cops crashed, shots before the I-ball. S525 pitchers and the enlisted scam. Detail with the boys, johnny sorry about the fumundacheese. The shortest 21 st Birthday, wish you could have waited. Lost in NC in the Porsche, and Cougs with game to spare. Friday night at Grif- fins with B and the 10 minute dash to 5-1 -- trying to piece it all together the next morning. Ice skating with Andy, and limping through the Pentagon with B. 1000 miles in one day, parked on the Turnpike, don't remember the last 100. Enjoying the new beer mug and the taste of blood with Cougs. Overseas summer cruises, taking in the view in Italy and Spain -- the Commodore's stash. Late night clubbing in japan with Liam and the face-painting train ride. Long trips to Pennsylvania. Late nights in Rickover and the long anticipated swim. To the best friends anyone could ask for, guys I'll never forget you, you have made the ride great! I j Devm McCarthy ftfonfnes k , i I Traverse City, Ml ' Navy Pilot I I W W i . W W . ,., '. ,,,. 't,.i.,A , ,. i-, L4 ,, :i .I -iii i.q ., . ,ii i i,.i - . , wwf , ., , N W, V A , V , will never forget: The worst 4 years of my life, the best 4 years of my life, Bancroft Roof, the Construction Site jeb, all that cranberry juice, OC law enforcement...San Diego too, 12 cell phones, 10 credit cards, "in the ear" plebe year, beer pong champs Sean, 5 cup redemption, Bizarro Devin, ATHF, cushion face, sleep walking at Dillos, ND no show '04 t9:00AMlj, O-Club a little early, the carrier in Newport, scaling those heights twith or without a trash bag of goodiesj, Daddy "The Good One" Devin, the Bling Bling, Iknoxyhaha, the sweeter the juice, helping jeb get jared out of bed, running off the yard, I proved it to my mattress and I proved it to those stairs, IHNS Chris, "Grand Opening", miserable all nighters, "I eat more pussy than ceryical cancer", but MOST importantly, Cape St. Compton with the Sponser Family... Sean, jeb, jared, johnny, john, Chris, Dom... we're gonna play a little game called Drink... until we've never drank before. 153 Los Angeles, CA Surface Warfare Chandra Elise Hunt t's been a crazy time here. I can't believe it's over. IE it has always been an adventure with you. Ist Hotlanta trip: "Turn it around let me see something...Had me singing I'm sorry fvts. lacksonI" Romi and Mit helle do Protramid, there's a snake in your sleeping bag. Sgt. Bakker we will never forget you. No money in SD. Scandalous times in TI with S but ks, no Spanish and the old man click. Happy Father's day! ,-Xt least xye knew how to use shaving cream. Donde esta el Donkey show? Spring Breaks in Cali. Sarah xx ith no monex and you know who dancing in front of the fan. Brian's onestop party destination. Riverdanc- ing on Sunset, and my incognito dad. Hotlanta and the closetfreak. Never again will I eat shrimp tempura. Dance I hallenge. Chasing friends down main street with Cigarettes. Officially known g as the D.C tank, just don't stop and ask directions. Chillin at the coffeehouse. Taking a "Wrong turn" in a caye with a crazy WV caveman. LA nights, driving,dancing seizur- ing. Black girls CAN snowboard, Turning 21 twice, the 22 birthday bash was ridicu- lous. l loye you all. OOOOORAAHH NAVY SOFTBALLUU Andrew joseph Hurst Wausau, WI Navy NFO ackador reigns supreme. Swimadorfhot tubbin is next. Homework?-if you leave it to the last minute it only takes a minute. Passing physics. Good times in the Bourgemobilel fvIonofBronchitisfStrep Throat! pseudomonas all at once. Feedin seagulls tsqauuuwwwkt. Rabbit hunting. Many great boardingfbeer c ulture trips with Bill. A shot out to my partner in many crimes, Dreeew. EHOHAH lives on! Germantown elementary? Great Drunken Dhalgren chase 04' with Mark. Great Drunken Sling shot chase 04' with Trav. F the Police! Hurst, draw me a scale model of a plate and silverware. Circle William. Radisson parties youngster year. "Its our time"..'.restriction U3'...What are you drivin to muster? Scooby snacks. Dying in the shower plebe year. Pukin in Trav's stang talmost dying, againj. Rapelling. Wanda F, yawn, C the witch. Newport Bermuda O41 Great snowball fight U21 Does anybody really know ' ,,.jQT'fg-4. ? yi whats going on here? Keh, time for a Yueng. And thanks to my brutha and sista in arms. 'uf 'fr V ' " g Q x-agua, D5 ,t X1 " A . I .. ,fr is - A i IE. 1 jg A ' if. A k' I I . 1 .Cane Jackson t Miami, FL Surface Warfare 154 t all began in Newport on a cold October day, Four brothers united, one from Florida and Ohio, and two others from PA. Their sweat covered the floors of gym itll, For determination and dedication was the only thing they knew. These four brothers stuck together for the next four, They were the leaders of a tough group known as the "core" Their career came to an end with the best season in 99 years, For one last time they raised the gold helmet to a brigade of cheers. Now they will go their separate ways, But lumbo, Lane, Tl, and Bobby will never forget those glory days. They will always be there for each other as a teammate and friend, 44, 3 I, 5 5, and 33 will be brothers to the very end. FEBU, NAVY BROTHERHOOD Dowiofjvlichaefjozkuwk Pittsburgh, PA Navy NFO hanks to all the guys who helped me get this far. Lane A wouldn't have survived Gorsky without you as a roommate. Plebe year roommates, Mosi and Chris, look how far the little kid you roomed with has come. Nate and Arbo, some strange times wefve had the last three years. Six to a room in the Haha- mas. Do you guys actually do work? I-Iave you moved from that chair today? Scooby, the room pet. C Lols happiest moments. IXC outings with The Replacements. You're a EE...I'm so sorry. Iunebug's Ring Dant e fun plebe year. Culminating on I-lospital Point inthe snow and freezing rain. Hillapalooza. Third wheel in Seattle. It's been a good run, Take care and God Bless. 1' I O'FaIl0n, IL Surface Warfare Travis George johff oules McDivitt. Good tune! I-Iuh, gotta catch that buddy! Germantown Elementary. Driving skills. Colo- rado O4'. Green Day. I3 seasons Madden...Navy beat Notre Dame! Natural snowboarder. Yeah, I'm going marine corps. Itfs a mustang GT. Miller Time. Guys, were gonna be late to restriction muster! The ineyard. Michael Moore's protege. We are all lucky to be living after riding in Trav's car. Radisson young- ster year. "lts our time, O3"' Trav dippingfpuking. Cheesehead for life. All-I, WRL Amy Leigh Kisdng Tolland, CT Surface Warfare londestar. Free champagne. Two summers on the range. All the ladies on the Lassens and the Vinson: Sex and the City Marathon, karaoke, Like a Virgin, the Three Amigas, bottles of wine. No more kick- ing the puppy. HMS Pinafore and the miscast Angel. There have been many things that I haye eniox ed with you over the last couple of years. Namely our times at Rocky's, the Christmas Parties, Ranger Games. New Years, trips to Albany and the Mountains. Those late night walks and talks, ab workouts, and relaxing in the kitchen. You experienced great times on all of trips from DC to Orlando. It has been a blast. Te Quiero Mucho." e O. 'fAre you missing something with that uniform? Still a dancer, even though 'high on...life.' The trials of midship-person but we love NYC!! Partners in crime - well, ring leader... Braving the wilds of NE, and still the "back-up brined" tbut I still know about yourst. White Chocolate Mocha. YOGA for beach bods in green bikinis. TH-TS-rubies-AS-AK- sapphires. Are we that close to the apple tree? From NYC '02 to RD '04 to Mex '05, we rocked it!" - Tl-I OMINK - I love you! Remember the special towel! And lucky you, I don't hate you anymore ,I Mom, Dad, Kate, Kelly, Mommom, Aunt Sherry, and the rest of my family - you guys are the best. Thanks for helping me become the person I am. Will always keep Grancldaddy, Granny, Aunt Carla, Aunt Lena, and Cookie in my heart. 155 I l . Philadelphia, PA Surface Warfare Wifiam Robert Levis itil m not gonna lie dude, you are still a lil bia. I talked to the guy. Steamboat, Big Sky, lackson Hole, Vail, Beaver Creek, Bret k, Tahoe tthat guyl. Yuengling. Fat Tire. "I do it for the drugs? Punkin Chuckin 04. North Carolina 0 3. It's our time .... restriction 0 3. Repelling. Crazy guy in a fencing mask. Circle William. Youngster weekends at the Radisson. Drag racing a rice burner in the beamer with a ski rack. El Presidente partying at sugars. Alt ohol, sledge hammer, firearms and attempted bombs. Towels for the windshield, lis- tening to Snoop, wearing a rain suit. Bill's basement o fun. I will always have nuts on your chin. 'WF' I I T 4' ' I l -EX Christopher Qkrirr Lorrero San lose, CA Navy Pilot Deer Park, NY USMC Ground 'SB fter the innocent years of high school, Chris came to USNA with 2 fellow Bells and quickly found out the harsh realities which were set out for him on the banks of the Hudson, in the halls of the Mother B, and on the streets of DTA. . . attitude problem Mr. Lonero . . GI. IOE . . i'm fixing my watch! . . 711 recons . . stranded in OC . . "you ain't no cop - click" . . decorating the steps WAWA . . I am Dangerous . . Hulk rules. . wanna do some pushups? . . fruit tarts . . falling out of OfBriens . . 1 man army in front of ACME . . old navy vs Brigade Boxer . . late night bandit . . church circle scuffle . . choking taxi driver . . cigars with lig + red dog. . late night challeges' against Holmes . . mad dog 1 chris 0 . . you, me, the goat? . .the snap . .the real champ. . "I'm talking to Rachel" . .parents wknd close call . . 2cnd story head call . . king of Blackeyes . .Cape St. Compton . . good times . . SRONSER FAMILY john Toiufjvlcfaughin ohnny Mac. The king of missed opportunity. Angry john. West Side?I?. I hate santa. Big foot in seattle. Recon to the spider buoy. ND no show. Bro, what's the deal? Forever babysitting Chris. Church circle scuffle. Bill Levis is the man. NCL. The I2th Mid. Vice Cool List. Lights out by 10:30. Club Hell, RI. hank you Tom, Debbie and Kristina. Shouts to the other sponsor family. SAP Always. DP, LI, NY forever. Mom, Dad, Mikey and Leann I love you more than you could possibly imagine. Thanks for being there for me through it all. WE CON' MAKE IT! f Semi M0 my O We iff i o all my friends at USNA, ill never forget the cool list. slam cadences. spiderbuoy recon. 40oz marc h. Shout. all about the pastels. Philbin's basement. ketchup, tuna, diet coke. plebe summer letters home. Sean and Devo, pong champs. Three years with the lebber. Dom we do what we want when we want. Look Butler, the bears. tarzan jared. Shots?? yeah I know right I-man. Angry rollover Chris. San Diego booze cruise. Whatever yourself. god Butler shut-up! Mississippi roadtrips. Bourbon street debaur. hery. sheizer mc.- gizer. message board. T4 abrasives. Cape St. Compton. those Acapulco nights. chugging pete. french leave with Devo. All my club lax brothers, so good at lacrosse. Are we in New York? And always the sponsor fa milv tthe Awesome Eightsl. l 1 Kensington, MD Navy NFO .. . . .. .. . .. . athanjo Hn Te Ck . I U U 1 , , M yi WA, V1.m.,,.,W,,,: .NW-,.1,,, .,-,.:t.q..., 55.,.y,,,.t 1-ing, .'.!ifi,i.1,M1Q,t . WH.. ma, .V ,V .-.171 - - Y .11 ., l - r 1 A J , L, ,W, , uW, ,i .. PM ,,,. . .. .,y ,.,. ,,,,, 1 ,,,, ,, . , . .. ..,.. P. ,-., 5 .. ,. ..,, , -., ,.f.. .k ,. ,. ,f , i, . 41 . . M lebe year goes out to border police, destroying Howe's computer, 2nd in the nation frosh LVVT crew, Tennessee, mountain cows for Carlos, Brian's party foul he blamed on me, and mornings colder than they have in Antartica. Sophomore year goes out to Ryan Perry's website, Friday night pizza and mov- ies, starting the restriction curse, Strongbad and Homestar, bad snowstorms making great weekends, snow- balls out windows, B team hockey, awesome squadmates, banana milkshakes and banana splits. junior year goes out to snowboarding trips in Bill's basement, Red Hot Chili Peppers concert and Dorothy, PRR brothers, Brandonfs language, AppleCup, 864, Da Belly, one sweet ring dance, and green tea while chillin with Mark. Senior year goes out to the best company a CC could ask for, LT. Pitre and Senior Chief Llrnowey saving the day, Army Navy madness, sitting with Brandon and Mark at football games, top company drill award two years ina row, long weekends in October with jules, Brandon fitting into the XO's uniform on Halloween, service selection night and its recovery, firstie out- ing and its recovery, adopted sponsor brothers that rule, dinner with Mark and chillin at leans, Vin Diesel and getting HUGE, more than 24 hours of driving in one weekend, refreshments on chairlifts and 'jumping off them in Killington, 50 bucks of McGriddles, Vermontreal, friends that kept me from leaving more Rfchfand, WA than once, those wefve lost along the way, one great kickoff, and friends that Submarines l'll never forget and always miss. Team 7 . .... ....... ,........ .... ..... . . ..., .. .. .. . if JV! eak in Ames Q90 or ' , it .1 V, .i. , M y Y t i ci: 1 . .t!, ' i. . m., i va .:i i, .H r H w 1 T t i ri uuilf- Y -L-" nw - - m W r w " - ii in i f : if , ' i . .e 1 - ' i . - eaks, started out together on I-day, Army!Navytfootballlplebe year, manydrinking memories: chad's with bren, key west, every weekend 10-l O, smoking cigars sat nights, pam's apt scandals, ross's pad. VA beach lHot Tuna- Kelly'sJ, ECAC's, Herndontpukersh, pumping the keg next to Hoss, ballers vs swimmers, meat locker disasters, crochet beer couch then team picnic speech, case race, modified blue over khaki, acme sneak-ins, tailgating wf team bill van, Mexican cafe, basement of the kelly'slbest keggers exert. sex in the city, DTA, 4 long years of swimming tsteve,kim,jennifer's inspections!! pretty much every great memory l have you are in it!! Can't wait for more laughs! Love ya always, Meg freezing water and uarm bodies, case races, puking party, tailgaters until t0pm, the Covernor's girlfriend, or-fait-'S game, truck drix- ers, rumplemints, twinkle-toes two-stepping, crawfish, keys in the fist at AF, hoobalooskis, murder mx sterx ,A wigs and rugby girls, das globe, snowball fights love Col YPs in Boston!NYC, hotel with the IG, tuhs full ot beer, random throwing up parties- tan important front lawnl, finding outfits for tailgators, meeting tom clancey, lomemade "lemonade", TEXAS, booze cruise and yellowfin, the cluefmystery party, c'est nouveaulll, a global member for life, and of course SVVOTIVATORS!!! love, ACC ...Great first impressions at my sister's graduation party. What are you swimming? 800 and 400 possibly? Winnetka, Romeo. D-free. Running partner Nlenn ...mermaid princess, PA, pond ice skatin bus buddies room buddies and even bed buddies to wild voungsta g, , C - . Surface Warfare days, always convincing me that l should play more often!!! eTorch l i57 Jesus Rauf Truneofa S X amily are not only those individuals who you are related to by blood. Family are those who are there with you trough thick and thin, good times or bad times, finals or breaks. From the time I got here to the time we all graduated all the guys and girls in the class of '05 in 7th Co. have been my family. I will always remember the four years spent with you all by the Bay. Till we meet again here is wishing you a happy voyage home. Things I will always remember: Plebe SummerfYear: That summer, Friday Night Fights, Telling a detailer that my eyes were on the boat. Young-Star Year: Turning 21, Football Playoffs at the Radisson, Hang- ing out by the rocks, rooming with Lane and Wood, Blowing SI ,200 on a weekend with a girl. 2!C: Wearing Civies, Doing Detail, Getting tours with the Zoomie, Navy Football, Going down to DC, Getting 525K and blowing it all on my truck, Spring Break '04, Thanksgiving in Buffalo and the trip to Canada, Rooming with Lane and Wood for a second year, Cruise in Virginia and the road trip to Ring - - Dance. Firstie year: Going to New York with Ben, Service Selection, Christmas '04, and all the stuff I will be doing but will but won't get to write down cause they are making us turn this in too early. McAllen, TX Navy Pilot Benjamin Arthur Scfte iouzmom . oz Saturday Night Parties at the Radisson ....... Roadtrips to Killington and UPenn ..... Hurricane Parties.... Showing the ladies at Cortland and AU how it's done... Getting to the Funeral ...... Snowboarding in PA, or trying to ...... Tribacco ....... Crashing at the Levis' and raiding their fridge at midnight for the masti- cole ...... tailgaters that lasted all night, and the sponsors ..... An amazing Ring Dance Weekend, even if we did nearly get kicked out of the hotel... making Drew a Mid one last time tArmy Navy '05l... Heyaww-Yawww ...The Family and the Brothers, "I rolelesus and Moses". We've made it through the good times and the bad, toasted brews and shed tears together. Over the past four years, 7 - '05 has grown into a family to me and I'll never forget what each one of you means. to me. To everyone who supported me, and especially everyone that went through this place with me: WE MADE IT! Thanks to everyone back home for their unending sup- port, especially my parents, my grandparents, and my aunt and uncle. Buffalo, N Y Navy Pilot jvlosi Danfaoui Smith ell, here's to sleeping outside ei' Beach Palace, road sodas to Vermontreal, red carpet incident on 4- 0, MIA: Weedo, F, Smoky, Drew, and Reggie, postin wfSigMu 84 Matty's kids DK, tappin the rockies, Youngstar summer roadtrip, chillin Gi" the RockPile with Lil' Will, chillin GP The Sponsors, Houston Bowl A extended hours, 7-I I recons, women trouble, the getaway recon with the Crazy A-holes, lettin the ALlfCortland folks know how we roll, debauchery: Bourbon Street, TRIBACCO monopoly, King Hall Robin Hoods, Club I-2, STMXBTS -I life, that's my daughter lebl, I Like the Way You Move, beware Gatorade bottles A coke cans, no ski trips in lapan!lHi-Sl, Radisson Rockstar parties, the Superman Mark, Hurricane parties, doorknobsfSGPs, the 5108 bros 84 Iesus, Smitty IPSI I love her man, Heyaww-Yawww, keep runnin, and if you're gonna drink-drink with me. Spiderman..from Atlanta-To the Original Shockaz and all my folks, Y'all have been down since training day one. Much love to everyone for your friend- ship, guidance, support, and loyalty. At points we stumbled along our way by the Bay and left a few behind. But through the trials and tribulations of the past several years, we've become a stronger group of men and women. I'm proud that we made it through here together as a FAMILY. I wish everybody nothing but the best beyond these walls. And remember no matter how far apart we are Stone Mountain, GA all the good memories will be forever in our hearts. Til we meet again...GET USMC Ground 158 SOME! -One love, lunebugtthanks BigMal o .7Vlld'lf'iQ Andrew Von Rembowf 'i I Waynesboro, PA Navy NFO H'-. , ,, ,,., .T., the crutch in the door, Youngster Saturdayfs at the Radisson, memories in Tampa, 7 hour phone con- vo, hanging out at Major's, fearing for life with Travis behind the wheel in Phili, getting chased by the Marine guard, nobody really knows whats going on, bouncing the ball, Cortland girls, l.S., B puking on the glass door at Protrapalooza, Spence Von, the wasteland that was Bill's desk Plebe year, drinking after Arbo puked, Stew and Batch...the forefathers, the Blomster, Phish summer tour '04, Bonnaroo, the road with Trey, squatting by the lake, fare ye well hatchetmen, DC3, Cheeeese, Drew's piercing, KS., my wonderful sisters, black mamba, break out the superman Mosi, look a nail, rackador, turn off the death, fun times with Major Todd, the mass, Travis' brushing, circle arctic, road trips in Civ, Margo polo, Skippy, Sis Von, yelling at football games with Btchinstrapi, this man has lost his mind, Travador, Andy's yardsale, buckets of beer with lesus, room hoeclown, the support and love of my great parents. Cicefy Anne Waters Chicago, IL Medical Corps thank Ciod for all the wonderful friends and family that he has blessed me with. I would just like to say thank you Denny, for always being there when I needed someone to talk to. Thank you Mommy and Daddy, I don't know where I would be without my beautiful parents who have always supported me. And thank you Adam, for being my best friend. Why GOD Gave Us Friends- COD knew that everyone needs, Companionship and cheer, He knew that people need someone, Whose thoughts are always near. I-Ie knew they need someone kind To lend a helping hand. Someone to gladly take the time, To care and understand. CIOD knew that we all need someone, To share each happy clay, To be a source of courage, When troubles come our way. Someone to be true to us, Whether near or far apart. Someone whose love we'll always, Hold and treasure in our hearts. That's Why COD Gave Us Friends! jorreofwlicnaefjdfofcott Snyder, TX ' Navy Pilot arzan assaulting the deck...calling for shots...easy on the Pepsi...trouble on the stairs...the "gangster" lean...Providence over YPs..."Not Really"...I-look fem Hornsmyoungster summer in "Paradise" LIP... Admiral ankles...DU why?...the dungeon of996. .New Year's-Windsor, Austin, San Francisco.. .strum- ming the violin...Goldmember...Larry leather...running away from Mac's...snowed in at Boulder...destrox - ing homes...marathons of 24...just the right amount...Beach Palace..Frotrapalooza..Crand National...4tI hands winner...Cape St. Compton-The Sponsor Family I 159 Andrew Cozfvirt Wood he Clorslxy song. 'Navy Medicine sold my spleen on the hlaek marl4et'. I should have turned off my alarm. Court shoes. Falling asleep at the wheel, the staples that resulted, and getting fried for having Dad tell them l was in the hospital. Cluh soccer and the fellas. Restriction. The "All-Stars". Crutehes. Wheel t hair. Face down in a snow drift. Strihhling is definitely down hill. Summer School. The last five steps in Luce are over rated anyways. Camping. Reeons. D's. CCC Band. Raquethall. Ehay road trips. Donuts in the snovv. The friends. Pruneda is still a loe. Lane is still emotionally unstable. l'm gonna miss ya'll. . RH f I y.. r ' A . Tallahassee, FL Surface Warfare 160 'fx' ' fn " " ,.- .. ,. " TR iff' Q, f g j x F11 24 i i i " if : , ' If f Z ,ix 2 1 ' xi' 'j A J E , 33 A1Z2bX' T A i WVXJ L' W B1 N' KR :iz X uf? A s v! 31 vpvwx K Q A A , P , E , A 1 E 5 X H? 5 i l 'si , r MS' f.N ,.""fL-f-...L - N' ' A , Q J' gg A s- K f 5 ,,. " b, Nix W- 5-sw! ASH w- 'w fi f 1,4 ' ' I fl? Ni W ' V xxrfqfef f 2 1 , if ,, iam I' x WMrM.f-1f,,?e"'?'?"- :I QM-V --M1 .4 M g,5.,,Q , , A ' X ff-,nk Y .f f , - Nwun- Ya"7"""'W" 5 3 ,, '11 V A' A f'4L".f-fil.E:! ll-351' .gifj 5 ,P -H jf " 5 ww M, : ,jpg W -' gk, gf , . Q 5 Q ' . if fggg,g',,.f'f-wi::::A..,, J fi :f?w??' T if 1' , wi 1 F32 w'M'f 3 fa ' ' M,-Wfv ' fm if 'ff 1 ' ' 5 " w ' ' f Wa A' - W 5 . 2 - , ' ',,WM ' 4, ' k 'fif if ku :T " is f 5 ff 'f' 4 N' 'iff-'-"Till ,,'f- -i'f"'3g , f' -' F S f ' A ? J. fy , ,ff 1 , - , 1 'Q H -X nu 1'M,,,,...ffj9i..ww'-' V. 1 ,v,..g?,g1'gx ,f .19 1 V A 2 g 5.2 12-fa . v Tn 1' 4, ffm ' ,.,,,..wA . w f J :Q w X' 5 5' Ji, Q V gf "fn, ,j ,,, Q . if , Q: Z f + 1 ' Vg, ' ' V 'L , ' g,..y-IW" V ,, ' Y L, 1 ' ,,..1,,,' M k g ,, Q- M , W A . ... , J QQ ' 'H x M1 U 'Ae' 3 ' '- Zia r 'i L' ' 'VIZ ,., ,r i - ' Y "M--.. fv 4 ' -gh - fd 5 -pa , " 'T ' ft , ., , ff? f ,-. ,W-N M' fr' f Q 2 2? Q? 2'T"'? J 3 K A fr '-fi ' ' , A 1? YV . 4 ,J v 2' , 'f Q Q 1 ' Y' . ' "?fr i if . i iw ' 1 1 Qi Ui . ' f' rf A 1- . 1 -f ...q ' f ' ,PQ 1 I 3 .2 , f 1 ? Q i R 4 , 5 K 1-w 'f , M Y ' " , 1 T g ' X, , n f , l 'f Q ,, f .-1 t ,1 , N s , "IE ' V , . AH Q ' i fL QV, 'E F ' Q.. .f ,., E, ,fn ' f w . G1 k 113, gf 1' ' ff . NN . 5 1 if . , X, I' fff. ' ' R W- 3: 211 . cl -v lk"Lf 1 1 "fi . 1, ' ' , 5' ' 1 is V X ,N J it I ' A Q X ' V , 4' ly, , ug W ,gig 4' Q I Q - 7 L I ,,,.r'g, 1 - f jfj 43,91 J, .2 t if R . Af. f-wr, . R . 1: U qu . lwiqkiffftfg 4. V .I 2 2 I 1 , 1 ... ...I ,, W. , - .f Y ,' ,N yr! : - 5. .f 57, r , , A . my 1-A jj. Q, E, i n Q V im j A N I J 5 . 3 ' , ' Q Q., -J . . , 1, j ,F , 11 'V " Cz Q ' , ,, 4 '- "7 A , '1 ' 3' z J ' . W' ,, , 4 ,-f ' ff A 4 LW ,, 'A' -si 'E 2 5253 V "f:?'3?x' Q 2, 4 f Q Q 22123 Q ' V +, ---- - W ' 4 haf , 1 ' Q, s' 5 , "U v 4 My I f Aw' A V X A W """""f'w-""'ff"'Kf""'5L'?'+ " MA- 'rf '+Wff"3fif"'f"'5l .., x " 5'2f"" 5 3 ' , ' ' , 42,33 .'-. f , 1' 'M ' -f-Lufw-'H-W-ibm.. f N ,. , A,,, ' A , M1lim 5,, ,? 5, 'TQ ""N""M--MW. ,, D A , .,.,,...,.,....M ,.... ,, ,NM -S--f W f -- -M" 'x ' v Aww-, ..,. M Xlgrltsudul .lolin Dux id .lcllcry Circgory Dunn .lolin Grcgory Xlgin .Xli Briggs liurnclt IX' Sun Agustin Blus Brudliord Bowlin Dzilc Calloway Scott Czniby D Ciccocioppi M Coy Slicii on ,lunics ,lcftrcy .lcrciny Cliristoplicr .lznncs Ainy Rcbccca Xngcliu Dux is I' Dcsuutcls Nlicliucl lidnurds Andrcw Gurzu .lzuncs Hcinc Fulton Hinds Elizzibctli Hough Leonora Howard Ty lcr Nlaittlicn Tylcr Scott Cliristoplicr .loscpli Wal lucc Jason licndull llonurd Lzunpcrt Rotli Lurson Bunnnun Lcc F Mclling lidwzird Mcycr Eurl lvlillcr Il Alexander Pzirasco .Xdtun Nlicliucl Williiun .losliuu liric ,lclrcy Morgan Robcrt Miclizicl un Pun ltilt Nlorlcy Quin Dux id Rcculdc A Rccdcr Andrcn Roc Alun Ross lvliclicllc Spiliotis Syinulcslai .lr. 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X -i.r .,,,,,,, , 1 litgw-N ', - V 'H 'K i lta ,lair T rw ml W ,gg ,M wi?" it at-. .mfr f--w wi A 1, ,, ,- -- l U 6 l'7r::g,., N 'Q 346, ' j l N 3 an llef. ""'l'tMa' W"wwij,p wrt' ' H: . . i all vi, my W , ,-,psi Q , T w " T i yr , 361' at ' J sr ' r f 34-' ' i u2rf11gi?w5M,wy9W" rtwffii if J, ' 4 K ' 3 , l i l l 1 63 i or Xlgullicxi licx in Qicruld fllllllll Andrcxx Kimberly Bcniuiiiiii Brent .I ,Xgncxx l Brcucli li Brooks .lr Cliuliroun .I Clicss M Cook W Donaldson A Emory , , . , . . Robert Ryan Rolwcrl Dunicl lxylc Mclisu lxcitli .lzimic licnxlicinicr lll P Gibbons C Cioodu in S Circcn llziubold lVl Hough D Howard M llowc l Ciiox unni Trax is .lcnnilbr Brel Brcnt Vzilcric Brigid Kylcigli liuriiolxronio lfxun King Rue l-uriglicnry E Lcaicli li Logan K lVlcDcrniott C lVlcPcak H Millliousc Clirixloplicr lolin Nlicliucl Mznllicxx .lolin Courtnic Brandon Mzircus Ci Nlonlgonicry Tlionius Nlorgun A Mullcc ,l Obcrlzuidcr Dux id Olscn .l Puscliull L Riddlc D Robinson Rolwri Owur Dux id Blair Gregory Brudlcy .lzuncs livzin T Rupp .I Sunclicf Ci Snicslucn S Suzuki Tliruslicr ll VlppCl'IllZlll D Wcgcncr E Wcrncr N Williiiiii D Wliitncy lX' 1 I l LM! 4 i r 5 I I I I i i gf 165 A A 'I 1st Semester Staff LT Sean Foss Company Cfficer HMC QFIVIFJ Kelly A. lVloNulty Company Senior Enlisted Victoria Tacconelli, XO Dana Potak, CC Josepn Pagan, 1st Sgt. 2nol Semester Staff , A IM: , . . 3,55 Y-M. 5' .11-N TF W. ,if QQ: ,a Q. X-1. X William lVloGratn, XO David Blossom, CC Christine Higgins, 1st Sgt. , 3 1' Hamilton, Nl Surface Warfare Wiifhjo J e jjfery Addison all me Whitey f... Oh yeah, he's from Dublin, we grew up together... You play Frisbee? Looks like we've lost another one... You rolled your ankle in a hole in front of the other team? I didn't see a hole... Can I call you Philippians? It sounds biblical... Yeah I want some coffee, here's your sign... When is Steve Not Elephant going give me back my sanity f... 22 tbleepingt years old and you can't even tie your shoes. I can't believe they're going to commission your dumb tbleepf in 5 months... The Euro-Gopter X and the flash- ing seizure screen of death... I+I really does equal 3... HALO the night before finals... Don't chase jager with Cuervo... Shootin' with Kai and Paul... I-IERE'S TO GRAVY MOMENTS!!! A toast... To Mike, Mark, Paul, Kai, Al, Schex and everyone else. And Steve, Not Elephant, Stealer Of Mike's San- -I ity and his cousin Bob. Everyone should play Hela Poang... Say No To Graphics.. ' Dowicfjohn Bfossom II A Albion, Ml USMC Ground hen I left high school to enter the Naval Academy I felt that I was already fully developed into the man I was going to be and I can remember telling friends and family that I was not going to change at all. I was wrong. In the past 4 years I have experienced my greatest joys and my greatest sor- rows. I have seen my dreams come to fruition and seen the dreams of others shattered at the same time. Through it all, I learned an immense amount about God, myself, my friends, my family and life in general. Without these trials, I would not be ready to face the challenges that lay ahead. To the friends I've made and the family that has stood by me through it all, I thank you and semper fidelis. "It is God who arms me with strength and makes my way perfect .... He trains my hands for battle, my arms can bend a bow of bronzef' N Psalm 1823234 Thomas Robert Bock I I ,I I I I I l I l Il I !I I Ii I I l I I I I l I J I j t j. 'I Naperville, IL Navy Pilot 168 om Bock, sailor extraordinaire. Thanks for taking me to your house Tom. Never saw anyone kiss the snow so many times. You studied too much but it wasn't my fault. Always knew the names of the boats parked behind the fleet. That German wasn't worth your time .... either of them. A distinguished member of the General's Club, usually better at darts but man you were pissed when you weren't. I-low old was she? "Why are you drunk right now?" Congrats on the first confirmed kill for 2005. "Tom, I'll give you money not to go on spring break with these Mexicans." It's for your own good cause your ALWAYS getting into trouble you rebel tobor. Smoking cigars and Gooter's roach clip. Not to mention Cooter. Girls bath- room Breckenridge and some serious training in Bermuda with Dark and Stormies. Ombo. Smoking pipes like old men and vacationing in the Mexican ghetto, you just ate part of a cows head, how do you feel? Iebal Ali, even the beer was terrible. Racing the big boats and cruising on Iav at a gentle I8 knots. Why don't you guys ever go out anymore? Eoxholes can't be E' that much fun. ND-Navy Games and tailgaters, waves on! The Sly Fox and the piano bar and all those adventures that just can't be remembered. t I z l l I I ff , , ?omlstepfLen Chzerzco orally...In His Providence the Lord directed me to Evangelical Presbyterian Cfhurch of Annapolis, where I was blessed with excellent teaching and met many families that have been very special and supportive to me. I found my future wife there during plebe year, and Peggy Ann has abundantly enriched my life, becoming my best friend. She has continuously encouraged and helped me, making me the happiest man alive. lvIentally...Knowing that I wanted to study aerospace, I launched myself into that major. The Lord blessed me with success, and even gave me Navy Pilot for my service assignment. Everything that I have enjoyed learning about in the aerospace field can be directly related to my future career. Clod even ordained that I should be accepted into VCEP at the University of fvlaryland since I was able to validate a few courses during plebe summer tests. andPhysicaIly...I enjoy long distance running, so I ran a marathon during second class year. I seriously trained for another marathon later that year, finishing under three hours therefore qualify- ing for Boston. The Marathon Team accepted me into the squad, and I had a Y very memorable senior year running several races with my friends. Running has been a spiritual experience for me, when I run I feel CJod's pleasure and 4 glory. I am very privileged to have attended the Naval Academy, and it is the London, Engfand Lord who has strengthened and enabled me to finish this race. Navy Pilot if I I Wiliam Thomas Deom IV .. I -, , N .. V . M , M .,, ,i V ai . M, i w,,,- I . y, .e. .a i . . it I., ilii, i M ,V ,iii I -, iw .H ,.., Y M . M l ..y I .I , - ri .,,. a i r . , , W .- ..-4- 1 - ii, llii-' Y --se M M -I 1 - f e' Af f f- 'ff ' Prattville, AL Navy NFO ony saved his LIFE, man. We slept together on the floor. I punched him in the face, and he loved me for it. He touched us all, and not always our hearts. He ruined a bush in my front yard. He only had two rules, stay on the tarp, and everyone is beautiful. The man was courageous enough to brave the halls of mother B, despite having an arch nemesis at every turn. No man was brave enough to enter his closet. No shirt was left clean, no swash was left un-bucklecl, no nurple was left un-purpled. We always knew exactly in which direction the water tower lay. No one complied with any of his requests, so he was never shot in the face, and Lindsay Lohan is not tied up in a basement. Whatever he said, he did NDT have puppies, candy, or balloons in the back of his van. Everything bothered him, but nothing upset him. It seemed like he never met a normal person in his life. No stranger to the Greyhound terminal. If something went down on the field, he was the first at my loack, every time. The Hammer and the Anvil. He pulled things out of his nose that appeared to have been manufactured by Boeing. Kinder than anyone ever knew, smarter than even he ever thought he was, honest to a fault, he was the best friend anyone could dream of, whether they could see it or not. We'll miss you, Doug West. Damon Anthony Doykos Sacramento, CA USMC Ground f I'm getting a C anyway, l'm going to earn it," set the tone for my entire stay. Rlebe year guerilla war against P.I, Getting dinner at 7:30 and just never leaving. The curse of Modern Drunkard Magazine. Standing restriction for Alcohol Offense til. "Tell him you got shot in the hand, come on it xx ill be funny LlSNA Rugby: Elegant Violence, San lose, All-Americans and Tour. "I'm getting off steroids this week, so I can onlx carry this team for four or five more daysff Smoking cigarettes with brass knuckles on. Banned from George Washington University. Punching out my own windshield. Standing restriction for Alcohol Offense Il. Txxo weeks vacation at beautiful Norfolk Level I Rehabilitation. "Donft tell me how to dance' '... "Neyer let goal two interfere with goal onef '...' fl swear to God, if I don't get Marine Corps, I'm going to sxxerye this car into a treef '...' '235 pounds of American steel and sex appeal." Einal words of advice: Samuel Iohnson said "Ex- ery man thinks meanly of himself for not having been a soldier, or not having been at sea." Men who go to their graves without ever getting into a fisttight undoubtedly feel the same way. How many times have you gone home think- ing, "Damn, I should have clocked that guy." Next time, do it. Swing first, swing hard, and make sure you're in the right. You may not win, but at least you were POWER in there svvinging."Like I give a bullcrap, l'm a man's man, macho! E.A.E.D. gggg 169 Afbert Scott Eaton 'Xt- . - --v -.W .4u1w,...f-4,777 ----4.. . ., rom the start, Al, the thespian and grunt, demonstrated the best way to relax was to take a swing at a computer monitor. Always vying for the Dart Championship of the World, Al has made his made mark from the tihic ago suburbs to the Sth wing bac k-shaft and room 33 30. Not only a man with a pipe and a nose for bleedin, he was a distinguished member of the Clenerals Club and a part time squatter at the Fleet Club. His match was met with a Gatorade bottle full of fire while acting as a door stop in the back shaft. An operational mastermind, Rolling Emu and the Sinister Six had enjoyed near success, and there will always be Ilerclnon. How much cloes it cost to be a high roller at the Havana Club? "You crushed our crackers." Roswell, NM , USMC Ground I Annette jvlcufie jf e Eciano-Ramos I T --f--14a-weA----H-V-fv-4-,s-,..cf.-.,-----.vrn'mnwules,7:am.-,mvqwnn,.Y..W-ea31.1,cfs7-sq-N1mm-5WHamamwseeiiwgpmqstatntmamwswcwu-msaamasusgsfnk, , if 1. 1 - .I 4- i f , I . , , X I, , , 4 , , . l ola: My name is Annette and I am from Salinas, Puerto Rico born 22 years ago or so. These are a few of my favorite things: Halloween, Hershey kisses, Betta fishes, pepperoni pizza, romance and action novels, the Dead Zone episodes taddictedl, The Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Las Vegas, my friends, music, and Gospel Choir. Quiero darle las gracias a mi familia y a todos los que me han apoyado en todo estos anos. A mami y a papi, los quiero muchop a Denisse, Alexis, Danny, y Arlene por todo su carino y por soportarme todo. Les doy saludos a todos mis familiares, a Abuela Tavin y Mami-Mela, a los abuelos Victor y lose, y a todos en Puerto Rico. Annette: is does not equal it's, charlotte or sharlotte? I am the only one left thanks to IF!!! Boricua... tPause, pause, pause .... still no reply ...... I then: "what" tpause pause pauset, "oh!', don't forget Manuel-he wont forget u...come to think of it, neither will Eric-those were wonderful vacations! That lil brat!! TT'ers!! A couple?? Thanks to my twin!! I don't know how I would have made it without u!! I'll see u lata, fo so. NShawna Annette, the best room- mate ever! Everyone getting us confused, or are you really Miss Tacconelli? Late night talks and early morning workouts, running? An outer? Singing and dancing in the room! Songs for people, places, everything! If you don't come to lapan I will miss you more than ever. eTacc. Live Long A Proper Salinas, Puerto Rico Surface Warfare i Asnfe organ cufner M y little youngster from psychology class, Soap hugs, El Chapala, Mallory Square, "The Bump", Watch out for the Olympic bomber!. Falling to our deaths from 6000 feet, the only girl that has ever tried to kill me with a steak, VVorld's best bac k scratches, LlSlNIA's resident expert on BUDXS, My little Turkey Melt, Between MID, FL, TX, and SAN DOG, we have been many places and have shared many memories. I treasure the past and look forward to the future. Love you lil' darlin ........ .Let's be honest, we all want to know the real Ashley Clarner mot just the woman in uniforml. Her top priority is always focused on the person next to her, and her caring intuition is experienced by any passerby. On the triathlon team, she is referred to as the "team mom" because of her subconscious efforts to ensure everyonc-'s nutrition and physical wellbeing. Ashley is always willing to share her extensive knowledge on diet, nutrition, and sports physiology. She also has an overwhelming devotion to animals. She realizes that her first priority is the Navy, but don't be surprised if r you find yourself at her veterinary clinic in the future ......... Her lifestyle is based on Q a stable foundation of family, faith, and friendsg they are the tools used to maintain Q that structure so that she may have the confidence to face any challenges along T the way. Her humble spirit tthough overcome by her "fan club"l restricts her from Affingtoni pny vanity which only further enhances the respect received from those around wer Surface Warfare ., 70 Emma Ann 5'-fagen Y . . F --.-..1f-.-..e........e..'w ew.. -, .. Annandale, VA USMC Ground -1. rd Reich scared plebe, youngster craziness .... to now, it's all been worth it. NWS S It's been a great 4 years, love you guys. Nic'-at Rob's pre-plc-be year I knew we would be good friends. Long bus rides, "I just want to touch the goatn, to the package fiasc o, youfve been a great caring, intelligent and supportiye friend. Ash-you became a sister to me here at the academy f.... cold skinny clipping at the Iiarretts, him in those ridiculous shorts on I-Ialloween, and all the times of just "hanging together." I have tremendous respect for you. Kel-Best friend always! Love you to the I 5tI4fIt573t5fItIp power. Threc-'s Company too! ILIIILILM TIII! Who would have thought that Pregnant B's class, Llnfaithful and a victorious sled ricle would result in something so wonderful? Blackheacl master, "the tool", Circ-at Investments: the c hair and the massive sleeping bag, trips in burban, the burban at the stadium tkept in hot in thc-rel, RV trip, baby kisses, MVC , trips ltontci, the dungeon, the basementeuh oh, ZW, more, the night you spent over the stoye, the next morning when I knew I loved you, my near death experience on a horse, night in the barn while r r it rained, car trip up to the barn, conversations all night, New Orleans xl, back scratches, cold snowy night with a hunch of booze and hoard gameseea blur of great memories. Through you I found faith and love. You are a great supporter and friend. Touch your nose! I love you. Grant Taylor Hahn ' .5 Farmers ville, TX USMC Ground .V -- . V j ...gee .,,, . .,. ffsLWL,,.,..,w,,,fa.axnammw-mwmfgs,sf,,?T2fwf,a,..,..,,qaemwwn,W-Mensa-3f.,?e?QwqssfW.fsmfW.-mmnmpssf .,,Y ...-,4,,.,....SCf.,.. wnve- .-s-MQ. ,T,, s,..,.-. .:.:.s... ight now, right now?? Always looking for a good time, Grant learned that the plastic fence at the Fleet Club can't support his weight, and he learned he can't ninja kick a steel fire door. Besides that, Crant was a distinguished member of the Ceneral's Club who truly despised the lengthy Cate ti walk. It climbing rocks in Cabo with pounding headaches wasn't enough fun, spending I days in the middle of a barrio, where no one spoke English, definitely made things interestingp so did being homeless for a week and living in the street, on the beach, behind a church, and hitchhiking with the conduct officer guru. And in the midclle of the night the beach in Atlantic City is no place to be, especially if your shirt spontaneously gets ripped. "That drunk is rabid" Mr. I-Iahn, get in your room! Mr. Sharpe, get out of his room!" "this is wrong!" "VVhat?" "this feels like Texas!" "damn geese...'f "3rd wing, why are you way over there?" "You don't really believe that do you?f' "here he goes..." "you two are from the Naval Academy?" S S y "violators, mount up" Pina Coladas in Los Cabos, "Thanks for not goin in man, it meant a lotto meff Your friend and brother, IMS. Cigars in INtewport. "smile like an angel, oh brother..." Later, later. Ethan james jaworski Muldrow, OK I Submarines here were good times and bad times, funny times and dull times, best times and worst times, great times and sad times, stupid times and scary times, hurtful times and dumb times, restless times and sleepy times, angry times and cleaning times, book times and rhyme times, rest times and work times, frustrat- ing times and celebration times, sick times and run times, times to go and times to stay, times to laugh and times to pray, times to 'hello' and times to 'goodbye', times to multiply and times to cliyicle, times to remember and times to relive, times to forget and times to forgive .... But of all the times time had to gix e, theres still so much more time left to live ...... Uno mas! 171 Lucas Ryan .Koran nex er learned so much about myself than in my four years by the bay here at that little hamlet on the Severn we call Canoe Ll. I am a deer in the headlights, I build supercomputers, I have no personality, I have the smelliest feet in the brigade, I sweat more than everyone except Ryan lvtcfknally, My hair naturally grows in the shape of a dome, I talk on at least fm Ilvt conversations at a time, I have a little red alien, I don't multi-task, my arms swing in t adent e with my legs, I am section leader in most of my classes, I am Nthe anti-game", and I know more than the average person about Sarlac sandpits. Maybe I wasnft there for my roommate when he dreeted himself, but I was there for Tony when he was walking through T-court with his watchbelt on and his cover firmly plebed in his left hand. Despite my disproportionately large and pasty white legs, I was for one weekend the best 119 squash player in the country, for one semester the bonding force which made 3236 perhaps the best room in brigade history, uniting both P.l. and Doynak in a friendship that will last a lifetime, for one summer I taught my plebes to dogface to the hananapatch properly, and most influentially in my development as an officer I tolerated rooming with Big Bird and a skinny eccentric redhead from "SoCal" who didn't play a varsity sport for tu semesters. Hixton, WI Navy Pilot Braxton Heath jlflasnbwfn I e often look back and wonder how we made it through so many trying times. It wasn't the institu- tion in my case, it was the people. I had a lot of friends over these four years, some I spent only class periods with, others only a week, and a very few I saw daily. You will forever be my friends. If you are reading this and wondering if you were one of the friends I am writing about, then know that you are. I don't regret one moment. In the future, I pray I will be able to say the same thing, but for this period of my life, I feel I was almost perfect. Your friendships are what made it all so great. Live for the moment: seize every opportunity: take care of those around you: and live a life full of happiness and prosperity...in the service and thereafter. On the other hand, you could throw in a dip, grab the nearest handle, and let the good times roll! Isn't that right boys! twhy couldn't they have just put me in 3039 A special thanks to: Mary Elizabeth, Skip, ISI, lake, Trey, Raab and Cheese, Tim, and Dave. Cheers! Memphis, TN USMC Pilot F-X Ryan jveafjlflcjtnaffy f o, let me tell you about CA..." Ryan came here as a lohn Deere loving, sweaty, bowlegged waddle- mart her, who made all the girls double take. But stay away ladies, Ryan is on his way to becoming a proud member of the IM, club. Ryan somehow maintained a perfect sweatstash for 4 years with his countless hobbies. He was able to keep things exciting in the most popular room in the Brigade with his never-ending introdut tions to new 805 music, repeat viewings and root memorization of the "funniest mov- ies," frequent ab updates, relentless mouse hunts, random Trevor-assisted Speicher attacks, mastering and teat hing of new random topics of interest. Wefre sorry we couldn't prevent your unwanted connections or help you avoid "the scabf' Ryan can fix everything and teach you anything about - dogs, tars, Sasquatches, or Sherpas. I-le is the guy that everybody wants as their roommate, and somehow the Hobbit and the Shermanator landed with him for three years. . .boy did 8-ball have a threesome. We salute you lvlr. defender of the sanctity of the Scuba pin, you were the guidepost for us all, and we couldnft have made it without you. You never stopped making us laugh, and even when you had poopy pants...we couldn't ask for a better friend tor a dude with more "skills"l. VVe love you man. ee Trevor and Speicher Bettendori IA Special Operations ., -,Q Wifliam Kenneth jvlcgroztfi S tevensville, MD Submarines he most underrated applicant since jimmy Buffet, this Annapolis-grown 3'0" piece of lrish meat will leave his mark on us all. He's provided us with so many unforgettable :although often forgotteni mo- ments: ching drinking, rocking the 80's party as the big-chested Chip 'n Dale, Rex Kwon Doe, litiuid dieting, chant leader, Cabo Wabo, DlB's protege, Bon lovi, hair bands, bringing siblings mut h c loser together, el luego de ivluerto, room visits, weekend tales, and balcony tosses. All in all, "Billy is the best thing that has ever happened to us...we're TOOW positive he's our shipmatef' Whether he was lifting, eating, drinking, or high fiving, Billy never seemed to wipe the smile from his face, even when he was threatening, "l will punch you in the face." Probably Billy's most difficult experience at the Academy was coming to the realization that Trevor was a slightly better athlete, but like he knows, through failure comes wisdom. He really was good at everything he touched, and most of all at being a friend. Billy never stopped teaching us all the most important things to take away from the Ac ad- emy. You're the best friend a guy could ask for Billy, and you will be sorely missed by us all. Youfll always be our brother. ..r4... Andrew Harrison jvlefankr Mahromedi, MN USMC Ground owe it all to one man ...... thanx Rich Aderl We built this city, we built this city on rock an' roll. Built this city, we built this city on rock an' roll. Say you don't know me, or recognize my face. Say you don't care who goes to that kind of place. Knee deep in the hoopla, sinking in your fight. Too many runaways eating up the night. Ma Coley plays the mamba, listen to the radio, don't you remember. We built this city, we built this city on rock an' roll. eLSupercomputernotbrushingteethdarthhelmutlittlereclalienawkwardwalkergoinga- pewildonltvlnopersonalityroboticnosenseofhumorfingertoesoneshoweradayBSmelIslikemacandcheeseyery- dirtyweakestoneintheroombyfarartisticabilityisnonexistantimustbeexcentriclittlebody ........ just kidding, not really. I I Qirnotny J on jlflznor Pittsburgh, PA Surface Warfare Q! l'll never be allowed to drink fcause I'll always be a Minor...Scores was a good time and xyorth the half a grand we spent. Army Navy game in NY was the best, no matter how many people complain about it. We didn't pay for anything at B-Lo. FSYF, buggy whips, Mini-BUDXS. Let's go to Tijuana tor a couple of hours. Sushi at tsunami. l've never been married and l've never punched a woman. There are few like us and few like us. Super het. Tim W. and Tim lvl. leave the tailgater and things get spotty. Sushi at tsunami. Return of the jedi, we'll zip tie those plebes. Why don't you call your Congressman. From Platoon commander to CC and down to drill in a week. At least we got a black N out of it. Sushi at tsunami. That drunk is rabid! Sign me off for some tours. Bow down stupid. BoooooyyyyaaaaahhhI l 173 Dovrwi Robert Tome X , .., .. -...V --.v.sEn.. Naugatuck, CT Navy Pilot X2 ---.....,....................J ana, Ito, S.l7.Qi.I ,, Russkie, Ciroat you pick it. Four years and we are still sane, who would have thought. We will always remember the times 5219, good times, good friends. Youngster back- shalt, the duels, maybe we shouldn't play hockey in the hall. Airdale is the way to go. You usecl to be enlisted back in the day, what was it like sailing on the Constitution? You were an ETO right? There were the late night E-Bay sessions and listening to Dave and Billy freak over Madden, All TI-IE TIME! Text Twist "lac kal, looks like a iac kal, it might be a iac kal, did you try iackal? It's a iackalf' lt's tough but its fair... and it's me hiding behind the fence. Operation Condor I-XXX. Albert lighting the floor on fire. Friday afternoon con ciueso parties, LIIfU's are real, and so are the Kantor. It the door is locked, I'Il come back in IO. "Did you know that liver comes from Liverpool Nah man, pools Simply Amazing!" We know you're a damn dirty enlisted. No, I'm not 36. Chris, no, you can't go out with my sister. Dave, Timmy, and Ilana e the real softball champs. T.lvI.-Bow down stupit! Evad- ing the popo on the roadtrip of destiny... ah the maiestic greyhound.. roman candle fights in subxero temperatures. Sunday morning cleaning marathons... "I don't remember that." Although miniature...he's a giant at heart and a good I dude. Somewhat ofa spaz, but always a gentleman. VVe'll miss ya. I Erik Steven Reynolds ...ww N.-i.-......,.,M.Y,............-.fp-i.-.f...-Vp,..,.,-..,.-W .-o....-W,-..,.,.....,,Mf,.en-swf.:-f,..,,.-.W,W-w,-.,..,..,,,W.VW.e..f-.- Lakeland, TN Surface Warfare ' fwffs--'---.f.lr--BeQTAQ+MvvAvmE- a frs , -- ' ' ' ' .4 -Y-f ' . f' - .. - f . Y n the four years here I have had some great times and learned from the bad ones. I have completed life- time dreams like sailing across the Atlantic, made lifelong friends, and even found even found that special someone to spend the rest ot my lite with. And no I did not tind her in the Ivlidstore. I met her first in Memphis, Tennessee. To my future wife Rebecca, I love you and I cannot wait to start our life together. To the guys on the sailing team, thanks for an awesome four years together and remember to always sail To my other friends and classmates, may you always be successful whether you stay in or five and dive. finally to my roommates Bill and Chris, I wish you the same success as our other classmates and hope always remember the good times we had, and never forget our favorite phrase: "Bill , . N .. . . can we get a goodnight? Dayicfjames Rus tlioyen fast. And you ' Falls Church, VA Dental Corps my etrosexual fever, "my funeral song-its raining men! '... ffHey Tony guess what...I hate you' '... soiled underwear in Trevor's navkit... bringing the hammer and the anvil in intramurals... Total eclipse of the heart roc k-out sessionsmalmost falling off the breezeway... slapfest 200.3.."no one wants to rumble man' '... rims real big... let us not forget the Io cleansing products in the shower... good times on the wheelie cool..."also clude, lock the cloor"... NU-ONE interrupts naptime... getting Tony up at 3am for graduation watch. Never getting in any sort of trouble EVER... dude its time to wash those shorts... "forget it dude, lets just play madden' '... on the trunk and yes while AI was asleep in the back... "hey, remember that psyi ho?' '...' 'also dude, you're not Patric k Batemann. The cheerios as chicken feed... Oh I thought you meant mole-ster cause you know you're good a chemistry and stuff' '... Easily the most insulting and hilarious son of all time-"Peasantsff Still has not received his shipment of supplies from Doug West. Still winning the IOO dollar bet with Chris.. "Shin its safe' '... Blue and Clold bathroom break... Dave always loved his new backgrounds...the Bur k Rogers beat down and heacl's pantsing party. Eating up the oatmeal in Philadelphia. per- Brandon Eugene Secrest Anaheim, CA Surface Warfare 'ff M,,.,,,,. . ., ,,,.,W,. . N, . gl c t 1 i am an obscure and frustrating propositiong fortunately, some have thought this eeivteeentic ing. I thus I thank you fthe aforementioned soulsl for acting upon your bestfworst impulses, taking the time Io "read on". With that said... To whom it may concern, Regrettably, I must preemptiyely inform you ta dist laimer of sortsl, that if you have any intention of following my forthcoming installments, I'm sure the ohst urities and frustrations you have experienced thus far, are not yet exhausted. Christopher joseph Sjoeicfier ,... Y. . .. , . . . . Y... Y. . .,.vY Y. . .. . , ,. .. ,Y,V ,, .:., .,.,,Y.. ,., J.. , ..V.Y .,. ,V., .,,..,.,, YY... ,. ,,f-,.. ,... .., , ,,.,. . .,,.., ,,.... Y ,Y,. .,.,,.- W, . .,,,,, ....,. . ...V g, ., lx Xgbvgqvrbgg-,.E.,,' W,,,,,,,MZV?wYMvi,V..?E,,,,,,, ,F -1 Cape May, Nl o, tsszf' It all started when Christopher joseph Speicher "I3loomed" as a plebe. He has come a long way and hopefully hit the climax of his noble journey when he caught a fish that hefll never forget...a true manbeast. Hefs the only I2 year old that has to shave twice a day. "Speicher, you don't haye to do come-arounds anymore! f...' 'But I want to do them with you sir." Somehow you got through plebe year.. .eyen with a contaminated toothbrush. We can always count on you to make us feel better, especially about our game. You're always good for a laugh: your shaven and artificially tanned body, your unnaturally died hair, your hours sitting awake in your nest, your not-so-thought out comments, your .3-beer tolerance leyel, your nights on the toilet, your pump and runs, your choice of partners, the speed to which you fall in loye, and the list goes on. It has been a long four years but it looks like we're going to lose the bet. I-Iaye fun in the backseat little buddy. You have come a long way in the past four years, from y by pathological liar to honest, kind, and great man. We coulcln't ask for more loyal or better friend who always looks out for us. Weill always be your broth- ers Bilbo. - Trev T. 54 Ryan M. Navy NFO yy , , e . I I Qiofwoirofjlflzcfiozef Stevenson I Houston, TX Surface Warfare I nother typical Texan in the Hall...Naps 2-'I we will never forget tespecially Collinsi... "Please, please, please, please, please" .... "Let's go to the fleet club"...San Diego with Deano, nuffsaid,..I3oston, Little Italy, and no pants... "laws your going crazy again..." HI read it in the Wall Street lournal ...' ' "One time with my boys back home ..... " "I'll tell you another person I can't stand tthanks for putting up xx ith my tirades lawsl .... "ughh, we all make mistakes in life" 175 I . Horizon City, TX Surface Warfare Christopher Burton S tone hris Stone, the t razy guy from Texas, who had no clue what he was getting himself into. After a long, hard 4 years, it is over and bizarre as it might sound, much of it will be missed. Not school, that was horrible, but the friends and fun times, those are the memories that will never be forgotten. I will also nex er forget the love and support of my family, if it weren't for them, I would never have gotten here and xvould never have graduated from here. But in retrospect the Naval Academy has been a good experience, espet ially when I have a degree, a If97I Plymouth Cuda, and most importantly an amazing fiance, to show for mv hard work. To my fiancee, Catherine, thank you for saving me and making me so very happy, I Love vou, a whole bunch! "N Victoria, Leigh Taccorre fh Mays Landing, Nl Surface Warfare Fort Myers, FL Navy Pilot i"Q ictoria, does that name come from the queen? You have been the greatest roommate a crazy person like me could have. Thanks for being patient and putting up with all my crazyness. Stop moving my stuff around! Also for making me run when I hate it more than anything. Thanks for all the advice and for staying single .... like me!! Gracias y te quiero mucho. NAnnette You were always a shoulder I could cry on, no matter how silly the reason. So many great memories: chatting at institute Iwhile clissing on the teacherl, long runs, playing with the doggies, painting the house, my first time in jersey land first ride around a jug handler, witnessing your mob ties when you bought your jeep, eating sushi and giving me the courage to eat the raw stuff, and a good friend all four years by the bay. NLex Midshipmen of the month, semester, year, whatever. She gets straight A's and still has time for more boys than I can imagine. I know that I can always turn to you for help. You never sugarcoat it, and you never steer me wrong. You're the sister I never had, and the best friend I could ask for. As always, we're total opposites, and I leave you L with one last nickname: egghead-- for two reasons: you are brilliant, and you're white on the outside, and yellow on the inside. I-Iey babe, youlre gonna be in japan-you're an Asian sensation to mel Nlvlay Dcwiohorr Taverns Iebe summer squad 3-I, 'pleased, never satisfied '... plebe year in the Third Reich, who cares about grades...Candice Lee Paden, round one...the Figuerres family...welcome to the running world of Al Cantello...an Itith birthday edge-dressing...youngster year, a total blur Igrades went uplmadopted by the I-Iunt's, quite possibly the greatest thing ever...who's this losh Sink kid?...LJSS Ronald Reagan, plank own- er.. .another plebe summer, my way, as a detailer. . .the magic of medicine, PRK surgery. . .Candice Lee Paden, round two...indoor track N-star, 800 meter champion...the armory...a summer in Spain and some volleyball on jacksonville beach...thanks for visiting Candice...first class year...twizzIer 21 and a Candice surprise, Atlantic City here we come... cross country N-star, fifth man...first-time restrictee, great headlock by a 140- pound kidmappendicitis makes the dark ages a little darker...4 year max PRT, superintendentfs list, dean's list, commandant's list, and to add to the list of accolades, black-N recipient...Sinister 6...Tim and Brax, we started together and we're going to finish togethermforever roommates...FLY NAVY! Siempre dominicano! I I I I I I I I I l I I I I I I Trevor Cooper Thompson Kent, WA Special Warfare fter rooming with this boy wonder for 3 years, no one has been proven wrong more then us. Sherman went through 3 pairs of pants in 2 weeks. Your life here resembles a sitcom that probably couldn't be aired on network TV. Little Annie Orphan in the tub despite interruptions, phantom tinkler, non-ex- clusive, lr. Ieff, mid hounds, pulsing hand helds, frequent trips to the doctor, Bonfili's prodigy, finger licker, stench of death, Artrip's protege, soiled underwear in your nav kit, red hair crushes, being the number 2 son. Trevor somehow managed to be a Rhodes Scholar, III in the class, baseball team captain, Regimental Com- mander ancl still be out-shined by his sister. lt's going to be hard to imagine not hearing stories from sports town USA, USC, and "Troy said". We can't believe we had enough room in here to fit Sherman, your torso, and your personality. Needless to say, we aren't surprised with the places you're going and can't wait to hear the stories along the way. You'll always have two friends that love you like a A brother standing waiting for your ship to come in. We'll hit you up when we need money. - Ryan M. 84 C. "lil buddy" Speicher jejfrey Thomas Vornak A C ollegeville, PA Intelligence W.-sy-as..,-.w...,Y,-vt-K,--.VI.-.W1, ..., .. '4,.,.fv'4,' f G .i . . . I ,,-,:t,,x , , 'Ysffi ?Ii"i "' iii in-ri f in i,xlr9w:3:n-fri'1f.s, f r 2153 Milf fi ,,vvI1?gJ5r:1sgg-,i4.t'. 1 .jNif15,,2'f,A A 'f rs s .X .N qg,5!,,ii,, it w':ffi'.y , - ,1 . H- N tall started at a little place called Acme and was downhill from there but you can't forget things like this: Crazy Bs at Guadal Canal and downtown, about 4 broken chairs by Cutch D in the football wardroom, having cars locked up for the night in D.C., the meatlocker: warming our hands in an oven, jumpin on frozen toilets, the outer limits. Watch out for that ice luge Brim, Nick can you grab me the Clorox. spring break survivor in jamaica: jumbo knockin over the ice luge stand, who cares about the girl get the drinks, beach volleyball champs, naked lake, Hotel Baghdad, the murder scene, I forgot about the hot tub. The group formerly known as 3215, YP 698, billy the big mouth bass, "whoa there Bob", football iackass, 2 CICs, 2 bowls, 36 brothers for life, Nick you almost recovered that ball, I love 4th quarters, "Let's go johnny", "eyes on the diamond", "oh I never knew your name was Tl", summer school with the crew, bums for life, the tornado ruined my life, "the wind, the breath", how many nicknames can one kid have?, Trashman you'll never hang with the Workman, "gotta go to work", "how about a commercial of a guy choppin down a tree", preakness: chair jumping contest, "the only thing I can picture is him wearin that Elmo shirt in Iraq". Trips to Cieorgetownz "ya got it", bitter beer face, 'fthe only thing you're nursing is my bad attitude" BROTHERHOOD 1193 . rf WW 0J0S 30179 015 i .,.. .... . , .,,..... , .... .,.. . 1 - . N M V ,M ..... , , . .II , . .. 1 . .,. . , , - . . , V. I . .. .. - - Y , .. -. . V i 5 Falls Church, VA r Navy Pilot I our years thankfully gone by. Plenty of drunken memories to last us. Putting officers wives at Mcijarna- gle's in their place .... wish I could have had those oysters. Generals Club playing Tuesday. Roadtripping with Timmy to NYC. Getting taught how to drink by "Sparky' '.... and getting beat out by a better man. "Watching" all those great football games. Clucking at all you chickenheads.HBOOOYAH! Having strict ot- fice hours t7-3 and nightsi at Bancroft Hall made it that much more bearable. Two brothers gone during my time here .... thank God for a strong family to keep my hopes up .... "There is no iustice...it's iust us." the past four years can be summarized thusly: ESTRAGON: Why don't we hang ourselves? VLADIMIR: With what? ESTRACON: You haven't got a bit of rope? VLADIMIR: No. ESTRACON: Then we canft. Silence. l 177 Rock Springs, WY Navy Pilot Timothy Russe I Waters -IJay...lDay I with Dave and Brax...l3ravo 3-I...Cal's last stand...Ohlen, lohanna, Allison, Adrienne, Willowmhome away from home...Third Reich...The Mox...The Room...LINSAT at 6 weeks tstudy?I... Eree I3ird...Street Hockey Champs...Shouldabeen Softball Champs...Ocean City...Herndon...Suck-4-a- IBuck...YI'-008...Hoston...5 bachelorette parties...Tim and Nick do NYC...TOOL...8 Ball...Dave : sponsor bro...Youngsters : NO VVARDROOM..shoulder reconstruction : no drill...shoulder rehab : Vice City... RHCP in Park City with Daddio...Columbia, NYC...TKT Tahiti... Norfolk...Peabodyfs...Me, loe, Adam, Alex, Rob, Brett, Nick, Ava, lack and Coke...VA Beach...Groton...King's Bay...9-man...Eirst and last times on a sub...O's vs. Yanks...The Rocket...2!C...IJave : squadmate...Nissan Pavillion...UMBC Fieldhouse...Re- cher Theater...The Norva...Notre Dame...kid fell off a balcony...chant "Ioe, Ioe, Ioe"..."gimme that"...bad idea...sittin' on the loft with Al...PRK...Broncos vs. Ravens...Van Wilder...VVilliam and Mary...where's Al?... lBucknell...Patriot Center...Spring Break in Elorida...Et. Myers...Key West...Or- lando...Cocoa I3each...Ring Dance...Brandi...O's vs. Yanks...Hay Adams... D.C. Zoo...Elorida for a month of sun and flying...l-Iooter's for my 21st...Bour- bon Street Station...Orlando for the weekend...Erin and Candice road trip... Squad Leader...lJelta 8-l...yell louder than every plebe...Regimental Bas ' hall Championship coach...Eirsties...Ops...Tim and Tim leave tailgater and go downtown...ISOOOOO-YAAI-IHI-IH...8 Ball at the O's vs. Yanks...O's VVIN... Navy over Air Eorcac-...Wyo over ULAM...Atlantic City...Monday Night Foot ,Vx May Hope Wecffuncf Gresham, OR Supply Corps Fort Lauderdale, FL Surface Warfare ay-May: The Chiwegian from the Great Pacific Northwest! And the most loyal friend you will ever have. There have been rough times, but nothing can compare to the great fun you always have whenever hanging out with this girl: late night youngster year conversations turned into lifetime lessons, conduct club, SUPER MH T-Shirts, eating an entire carrot cake and cokes during YPsfDetail, Heart Room "studying", the constant remembrance of "miss look at me," and turning 21 a little over a month from graduation, Restrictees truly are the spirit of the brigade.Plebe year spazzing, youngster corruption Chappy new yearli, Zfc drama, firstie conduct deficient--Therefs something memorable about each one, and as much as I hated it land I would never want to go through it againl, everything happens for a reason. Everyone Ilve met has changed me in some way. jackie, Alyssa, Scotter, I-Iayes-always in my heart. Ac-years spent with more hours in Halsey than at my desk, and summers in random places across the country, getting into everything I shouldn't. Youngster YPs, NTT, ZXC cruise, NAPS detail Iassume the positionl, Leatherneck tsuper restricteet and firstie YPs they, look at me... prol. lager bombs tno sense in denying it nowi, Alabama slammas, and mai taiseyou don't have to drink to have fun, but not being 21 sure puts a damper on things. All-The-VVay-May, April, Asian sensation, attitude, Chiwegian princessfwonder, May-may, mayness, meathead, Oregon, pork chop, youngin, call me what you like...you'll never forget me. I ' im'-axx 17Vlega,1fL5Vl0t,1fieWVelsh ase race-ballers vs. swimmers tdefeatedl, "I don't want to go to school today", EE-HAHA, ho ho ho, English majors and papers til 6 AM, the original buntah, smokes on the overpass, knee nurse, pain provider, Army!Navy '02, mean meg, sporty spice, the eyebrow, coffee addicts, endless notes, tail- gates and bongs, I love you meg!Eair winds and following seas- col I-Day, cigars, disco dates, New Years in Key West, naughty plebes Ievery weekendl, Pam's apt, VA beach- I-lot Tuna, Supe's wife's list, hole in wall Gi? Ross's, tailgating until 10pm, crocket match Iifthere is any memory of itl, living in the basement throwing the best parties ever, Case Races Ichampionl, Orioles' game, the Governors "daughter", Mexican cafe w! Nata- lie, Hoss, Pompano Park, Sweet 16, bitter swim practices... we're gonna make it! Love, MAP 1st Iof MANYI summer schools when ghetto was my name, hotel party with the IG- a tub full of beer- banging meak's head on the tub, 4 years of swimming and basketball, cheating Ior winningj the ORIGINAL case race, the sponsor house you REFUSED to attend, our almost fist fight at acme, basement that you payed 200 dollars a month for, and just being an awesome person through so ' many different times love, ACC Great first impressions at my sisterfs gradua- tion party... Plebe naps in your rack... Steerage dates... l'm burnt out!!You are my hero.-Ienstein Wifliam Robert Whitmire Orange Park, FL Navy Pilot y four year experience at the Academy can he summed up hy a lot of crew, a little sleep, a little studying, more than a fevv pizzas, and a lot more crevv. Plehe year I learned ahout early mornings and late afternoons at the hoathouse, erg season, and hovv NOT to climb out of hed! As an up- perclassman I spent time hanging out vvith the team at Three Brothers, talking on IM for hours at a time, and having great times on the hus traveling to races. Ifll never forget the ergo rodeos, going around the island, or rowing to "The Source" on Saturday mornings! I feel like I have gained much from my time here, not just in academics, and earned some valuable friendships along the way. Good luck to everyone in their future endeavors! BROTHERHOOD! l i 179 Jonathan Andrew Chunn Dante Toni ,lens Daniel E Avcra Bartulox ic Douglas Berdahl Eduard Boxvring Trevor Slocum Ga- William Christine Bradley Aaron rabedian-Prophet Steven Green Mae Higgins Alan Holbrook Marshal Huffman John Joseph Lloyd Brian Caleb Lucas Ncuben John Pagan Grant Patterson Robert Pennington M Reed Camille Andrew Virginia Collet! .lamcs Edwards Michael Daniel David Kattula Joseph Kemen Jr. Kristen Nicholas Kathleen Saunders Michael Schmitz Michael S David Fisher Ivor Johann Kristiansen Thomas William Sheehan Joshua Mark Bradley Duane William Bethany Bennett Sink Abraham Torres Scott Williams Brian Willoughby Wolfe Ross Zmitrovich .fm John Natalie Kyle Jacob Christopher Monique Michael Berek Joseph Alfano Ill Erin Alford William Bibby Herman Borchers Dongwoo Chung Nichole Crewes Douglas Decarolis Joseph Dostie Andrew Zachary Michael Brian Craig Donald Nicholas T Andrea Joseph Dulik F Flynn Daniel Golchert Charles Hampton David Johnson Leva Jordan ll Edward Ksiazek Londono Benjamin Steven John Adrian Bethany Nicholas Pornrerk Christopher S Macneil Richard Mofiitt Taylor Money Jose Mora Gail Norman Joseph Rank Rerkngamsanga Ray Richling Peter Abigail Christopher Peter Matthew Devin James Habersham Kei Riester Lynn Rigney Robert Schubert Andrew Simerinan Stephen Smart Ted Smith Swiggart Lun Tang Rebecca Timothy Arthur Jean Tilton Carr Washburn Lewis Zeptl " H A ' A bwffalVfw , ,,kHvs2.2Q1':f, 1 V ,,,JQv,wris ,,, vt 'f- i 1- , ---' 3? af ' ' NJN 4 V in -,Tu is 1 J If ,fix gm A' 'iii W .u i ' J H . tg 'J 4 J T A M A X , J , ,wi J, . wg. " mt, Q im r i, , , will ,Q S fiffli il ll? Qld X - ' J- :J ' 3 My A fi' lf ' - .W H n N 4 in 'A r Q, 'Wi J .. 5 71- i i. J J i:.,- 'ii J ' Y J ' "1 1 i' - ' fi" ' fi K' -A e- A ' ' T' M 181 I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I R I I I I I I I I l f . . . ,, .,. 'f ' Q' 'v:ST-W5'iQl'f?1 x.1.-.., -'gm -:-'ffl -1 A-+':'v ..- wp?-x,'L'wfL w' x .M-.g5gf1g,.g.g5l1".4,:v:'2,,s.,5 . gy 5 : 11 a :cy 5 ,ff , rQff3g4g:7'f1gygg:f3gg5p"QgSg9s:5g:gf0af '-32 gf'25:Q2f':,gf:1i1 W ' ff 5332? 5 '53 . , g,Ln3,E.i 65. 31. .K ,Qi??,S25,,W1' " ' 'm.,X 's . ,fy-r':e: -4 V-Wwgqaqlgexv ' YE' Z':xX4wH'T1"1,-159,541 X-ffeifff-lyk!-5225-ez'mm A 2 -:wg 23gg,a:.'gff ' ' H . I A f wr' 'fin fs' 1 ii-f N fi K -I if ., Mr , A ! 1 f ,W A- lt all began on one hot day in June, our last day of freedom. We were rushed places, yelled at, and stood at attention in the P-way as sweat poured down our foreheads and stung our eyes. lt was during our days on the bulkhead that we first got to know each other. 1st squad was able to enjoy Gross's stone cold bearing and Walsh's "warrior cries" while 2nd squad listened to Natalie talk about squad leaders that look like ninja turtles. Of course there was 3rd squad who got to see l-long's backside bfc she was always fac- ing the wall, and then there was 4th squad who had the perfect view of lVlurph's serious fish face and Waggoner's constant smiles. We remembered Josephine, and sang about the music dying because when we all got together we could make anything fun. Plebe year tthe last real plebe yearj was anything but enjoyable, but we were still all together and getting along well. Wrestling matches with the flamers in goat court and carving pumpkins in the p-way helped get us through. None of us will forget l-lerndon and the ter- rible smell of freedom. Starting out in a new company gave us a chance to prove our aca- demic prowess and continue our streak of excellent conduct. We 184 -'-QQ. could never hold onto those coveted billets of responsibility, or stay away from the fun in the rotunda. 30th of 30 is the way we roll, and you gotta be tough if you're gonna be dumb. The joke's on them, though, because we made 9th company our own. The endurance and reliability of the 9th company fieldball team remains legend. The YP team that could beat the Commodore and his crew, watch- ing number 46-spring or fall, brigade soccer champs, we had our proud moments. We've celebrated our 21st birthday's tknowing that we had to wait until weekend liberty to celebratej, and the hangovers, engage- ments, service selections and many other special events here with our friends. We've said good bye to too many, but forgotten none. We've lived a life that most others our age can't fathom and be- cause of this we will always share a special bond with the friends we've made here over the four years. And someday, just like a muggy August reform, we'll come back. Back to our great com- pany, and we'll celebrate again. -NW 81 Bl-l i i i i l 1 l l i I l i l l l l l i l l l i i i i l l 4 i l i l ji , l i L LT Richard A. Robbins Jr. Company Officer 1st Semester Staff CTIVICS CSW!AWj Dwight Barnthouse Company Senior Enlisted Nichols Tyson, XO IVIatthew Luke, CC Dana Herring, 1st Sgt. 2nd Semester Staff Adam Kerrick, XO Brandon lVIcPherson, CC John Pross, 1st Sgt. 'Q . Z 5 sf xx Q ff f N, Matthew Marks Anthony I li i he goat is old and gnarly and he's never been to school, But he can take the bacon from the worn out Army muleg I-Ie's had no education but hefs brimming full o fight, and Bill will feed on Army Mule to- night! Army, Army call the doctor, Army, Army call the doctor, Army, Army call the doctor, You're all in down and ..... Whoa! Any oats today lady? No! Cicldap! Army, Army call the doctor, You're all in down and OUT! I ff Villanova, PA Surface Warfare NN.. X Ryan Grant jflshky yan Ashley, well alright, oorah. A true man of the Northwest. I-lad a truck to match the attitude. You were always a dedicated fan ot Navy women's sports. As natural on the slopes as you were on the O-course. As for the future, all we can hope for is no tattoos and in our tough times just remember, "I-Iere's to it..." is K Port Angeles, WA USMC Ground 4 , . . .. .. . . .. . .. . . . ,YY. . .. ,. ., .. ..,. .. ., .........,..,,.. ,.,.....,.-...,..,...m-...Mm,hs ataae Maria Augustine ey guys its me.Uaugustinef' First black eye ever. Summer school friends. Crazy NYC subway guy... what is he?...omigosh lets get outta here. Lenter didn't know anything...and being lost in RI. You've never been to BOIANGLESN Missing ski's Illst... "just don't let Natalie die!H Preakness blackout. "where is my sponsor sister?" Party at Iesse's then getting carted back to 5-2. Sleeping from MD to FL. Wanna see the Uregon trail bear? Soul food from Shawna's and girls night out. danceparty. CHOLA!! lets go tanning on I-IP...ok. OC. in the cold rain. Picking up Frankie in Miami and buying freckles. Whey, lets drive to key westff 21st-birthdayPumba...sad. at marroon5: these chairs make my back hurt...dude, I think we're old. Tailgating with those nice NI firemen. Going insane in the car listening to an entire Redsox!Yankees game. Wafflehouse people staring us down...WHAT?! Polar bear plunge. Seamarket? Flying Mexicans? "hello, can i please speak with ur mommy?" Virginia beach, flat broke, and the wp A wanted to kill us!! Lb still going strong. Chiquita banana, me encanta la comida i de tu mama. I can't feel my lips! Liquid cocaine. crooked streets. Cheese!! Itfs I ur turn nattie-oh my goodness she is shaking!! U guys are terrifying her! i love u nattie!! stay strong for me and call me if u need ANYTHING!!! AQUOS! It's our t year...it's finally our turn!!! Thanks to you guys it has been worth it- I couldn't Vista ask for better friends and I will miss you all of you...muah! I Navy Pilot 186 if nvl'4R'f5"'l"ff""'?",""f"7"", f'3Q7,Lf -:VI 1.:iI.'f1 .1 l Q jlflicliozef Daviofinennan Newton, MA USMC Ground ikey always had a knack for the sciences. The crazy stares and first impressions with friend's future girlfriends were always classic. Your hurdling career was short but glorious and your fat e will always tell that story. You were the last but probably most memorable with joe's sister. joseph Z'miHo Comm Jr i I Bellevue, WA x says: "The submarine community almost missed out on a fantastic officer, lucky for them they wisecl up...left is Anchors!Marines, right is Victory, and three pumps is Malaguena...ACHILLES'D..These are our credentials...Cod Bless" Mikey says: "joey .... my twin. Beyond a doubt joe is one of the best people I know. joe has always been that guy I can count on when I need it. We always made class fun. l'll never forget our "Midstore dates". l'll never forget the good times. Best of luck." josh says: "Hi joe! What can one .say about four years together being totally awesome in DAQB? Let's think...VVe beat Air Force! Tulane Imua- haha...Yes I know I wasn't there but stillj. Two bowl games. "Destroying" plebes during detail. And most im- portantly best first semester CO ever! The best part? They aren't over yet. One shot, one hemisphere!" justin says: A year with a vampire, and I haven't been bitten yet. Fun times getting me in "troubleH but you'ye been a great friend. Live Long and Prosper. My turn: "BUT I'M COIN" josh, Sam, c Dave, Brent, Mikey, Chris, and all those that I missed, you guys have been the best, I will miss all of you, we laughed, we cried, we had the time of our lives. Most importantly I want to thank jen, my angel, she has always been there for me when I've needed her. I seriously can't wait to spend the rest of my life with y you...remember folks, the only good marine is a SUBMARINEIII Submarines y iyy. -A 1 I 1. , I . I ,. ,I l II I Loveland, C O y Navy Pilot raziness, what a trip eh? helping natalie a. with her bags on i-day, meeting my new roommie DMC l"gOtta walk through the fires of hell before you experience the pleasures of heayen"l, wondering xx hat i got myself into. then there was the rest: youngster year, llc year, firstie year...not quite sure what happened those few years, but they went fast. by far the best memories were in climbing: remember coming back FAR too late trav? Uwe should probably start rap'ing now if we want to get back in time for formation" "nah man, check these views out, it's totally worth it dood" rap'ing in the dark, good stuffmthanks man, you drove and you stuck it out with my stupidity...oh yeah, and thanks for leading that second pitch at the gunks, i was lackin' in the chest hair...dude, your last piece of pro just fell out. ha, maybe 5 Ag 1, i should've gone to west point or the USMC eh marty? i'm in the navy yet i love the "li mountains, what gives? oh well, it's been a great trip... Only solo do you understand tht indiscriminate power of the mountain and feel to your humble bones the insignificance of a human voice raised upon it." i 187 I Raleigh, NC Navy Pilot JI I Matthew Ryan Clark I I I here to start? 4 years in this "outstanding institution of higher learning", can you feel the sarcasm? l Actually, its been everything they said it would be. It has been extremely challenging, and at the l same time, fairly rewarding. Enough about school, on to more important things. I have to thank loe I Matza, he got me into this mess. And I have to thank my family, Dad, Mom, Cramma, Grampa, Tony, and l Dana, without whose love and support I would not be getting out of this place with my commission. The real l memories... "Enhancing" Spring Break with Whit and lack...boys for life...rockin' Iolo and DeBubba's down I in Panama City. Free drinks with Nick Dipaolo at Caroline's Comedy Club in NYC, meeting Kirsten Dunst, I I The Boston Stop...but, most importantly, THA BOYS ,... My sprint bros. Sprint I was something I will never forget, early mornings in the PIT with Coach Todd, tha MAIOR, C. Nash vs. the town of Cornell, NY. No matter where we go, we'll l always be brothers. Finally, my firsties...I think Mike said it best when he wrote: I Qth Company '05, Midshipman separated from USNA: II, Positions of com- l mand relieved: B, Major conduct offenders: Io, GPA: 30th of 30 in the Brigadeg l Lifetime brothers: too many to name. That's it for me, off to sunny Pensacola to earn those wings. To those I leave behind, keep your head down and fly under the radar. lt's been my motto and has gotten me through this place. DLTBGYD. l I . . .. . . .. ., . ., . I .Ky 1 'L I Andrew Eric Dumm I I Lancaster, PA Navy Pilot ndrew Dumm, not Andy, 'Dummf, like stupid, he always knows best. He had a special place in his heart for Fieldball, especially with the ladies. From Darren in Dahu to Daisy's in Boston, Mexicali, I Texas, VA beach, San Fran and up and down DTA, he's always ready to tie one on. EI with the Zoomie. Can't forget the one hit karaoke career in Philly, dedicated to Chasey. McDoogal's Thursdays. George W. I was the best investment to date, though not as fun as the Roeclown Races, you usurperer. I'll never leave the door unlocked again, but I will tell the story for the rest of my life. Olives. Seabiscuit. "Hang a Rupert and let it ride," A The Ripper. 1 I I I I I I ll II joshua ilyoluffsteyozn A I 1 El Paso, TX Surface Warfare 88 osh you earned your four stars the hard way. Late night stays in the Hotel Nimitz never hurt your promotion status. Although you never ventured past the gates your first two years you have made up for it the past bit. We all hope you can start to catch your flights once you hit the fleet. I ' I I I I I I I 'I ,.,,.,..,....,.,...,,..... .......,..,...., M-.,..,....,,,,a.,,,..,,,..,.,..,...., -H, ,-,.M...,.,,,,,,,,,,. www, .. , . ...M ,.,, , . , ., ii Ricfiafrcfjfe fber it .- Ms, ar .ii-1-ii, H , A i ha fL,. i - 'I'Hitt'-.tmirzii-'.'5':vG ,Q JU ' ' , - Penfield, N Y Navy Pilot elbs it seems as though the wild times have come to an end for vou. lerom the computer monitor to apricot facial scrub you were always clown for the cause. Some ofthe video material will neyer be seen by the rest of the world and some ot the things in the "vault" will ALWAYS stay in the "yault". We all wish you had finished the D30, but know now why you can't. ,,,,....,,.,,..,....t.-MWWW,-Y.. iwv., .,-. .5 .,.., .,,,,. .,.,. W ,V,- . .,,,., ,,,, . , ,, . ,. , . . ,.,, ., .. , . , ,-fi' -' t iz , . Ducme jlflzcfiozefgross Carriere, MS USMC Ground ,,.,..,-wh-....-,V-v-fm-.-,.r. - ...,. M, L... .,w.y...., .,... . , . was born in Algiers, Louisiana in August of 1978. l have two older brothers and a sister who kept me here. The rest is history anyway so why not make it simple? we --Tlfiigm i 1 1 George Mfzmam ffaiffaf Whitfield, ME Submarines illy Hall, the wild man from Maine. Liked his High Life almost as much as his Bloody Mary. Meet- ing rightys with lefty sticks at Daisys and other interesting folk at Pete's Pub. Went from "oorah" to "aOoga" in less than l summer. His surfing career didnft really pan out but l'm sure that his Naxal Career will. His roommatefs interruption of his breakfast may very well be the greatest story in the class ot 2005. Boston with the boys, staying nautical with the homeless. Searching for Mahu and one old Mama-San. There's always the handicapped bathroom at O'Brien's. Greatest capstone scam ever. The car is taupe, not purple. Got some great pics with Bill the Goat that night. Had a great two years with LMD. Here's to naked Thursdays, McDougals, honeys in NC, buffalo chicken with cheddar munchers, Rolling Rocks, wiamea swells, tieldball, and Nuclear F-ing Power. l 189 -N Adam WifEam Kerrick Abington, PA Navy NFO dam Iierrick, the quintessential fireman. Couldn't put out lW's flames, but you had two parts of the trifecta. Une of the lucky ones, bailed out of Mech-E while it was still cool to stave off the damn ac- boards. The Man could never keep you down. Parties in the clubhouse were crowded, but hopping, it was always the best way to celebrate Navy beating Army. Successfully defended your Salad Fork title and showed Ciille a thing or two, hopefully he watches you graduate. God forbid you ever finish the leep, then what would you do with yourself? lt'll be a good retirement project still. Karaoke nights in Abington brought out the best and worst in everyone. We all knew they couldn't keep you out of the air, fly it like you stole it. N.. Jeanine Ann Lang St. lames, NY Surface Warfare y you learn to live againf' Thanks for all the great times at the beach house. I have never seen I was special. You are the coolest...best of luck always. peace -Patrick 'I Conifer, C O Navy Pilot 90 hree amigas, paradise of 301 President Street, Preakness, the spinning wheel diner, the brothel, squir- rels in the attic, Q'I3riens, girls' nights, youngster boxing, the Rodeo, sciuisitos, tube riding and endless sunbathing, four years later: SAN DIEGO OR BUST! Luv ya, B. Thank you for being a wonderful friend these past five years. I know that our friendship will continue to grow even when we are far from each other. I'll always remember our days in Newport and our time we spent in Annapolis as some of the most special in my life. We have had our fair share of fights but in the end we always end up talking again like nothing hap- pened. I'll miss our Dahlgren dinners and shopping sprees. Thank you for always being there for me and I know that no matter where we end up I can pick up the phone and tell you all my problems and my successes. I wish you the best of luck in your future. Shelby. It's times like these someone laugh so hard while tubing. I coulcln't wait to take you over a big wave just to see if you would stop laughing. Volleyball was a blast...Your parents always brought a party with them from NY. I loved the weekend on Long lslancl with you all. The lack johnson concert Mark Jltffom Locoztem ark "Locdawg" Locatelli hails from the quaint mountain town of Conifer, Colorado, somewhere near the middle of nowhere. He almost made it through Plebe Summer without his detailers knowing he existed, earning the prestigious title of f'Ghost Plebef' This distinction has followed him throughout his academy career, as many of his classmates still don't know who the heck he is. This might be due to the fact that he shoots guns for a sport, and nobody wants to piss him off. He did, however, manage to make enemies with the entire class of 2007 through acts of cruelty and rating that were miniscule compared to those suffered by all of 2005 their plebe year. I-Ie now moves on to obtain those coveted Wings of Gold, and wishes that USNA be swallowed by the depths of hell. Thanks to all those who actually know who I am and were always there for me. I i l i i I I I 'i I I l w,,,,,,,,,W,,,,,.,.,,c,,..,.,,, ,..,m.s,.,.,,M 'J .:1Z,':z1'ffi:1lf 2 7: x If ' ,g:,-1g,1f,.1..kf 31, 9 ' i 1.1 1i-f1.L1 fsftra is ' lafiii was ,2ig,,g5g,1ygi1g:--11't.1511 2 -fem-1i :1 1"1 'J " 0g,ggQ:3it :L:1,1ef, 1 ', '71 y,,i.14Ql'f+fw. a rw? Y ,,.f,11:-mQ1- 1, rs, f,5ff29'i.l11i11iiQ'11 1- W, 1, ,UM mv.-f..i1yshsmar f ,1 i- - , - 41tf,1Q-,Y-K,, x. i. ,,H,,.,.,,,,W I im at , N. M X W. ., ., . Rflnert Lunctgren .,.. ,ii -All ,i,,1, .Q K, .,, ,. '11 , Uk-, , fy. V 1- . -A . 1 -w,,1v,.i1vswJ' t1'.,.ft-415, 5 '1 .Nv , 1, 1. ' Altoras, CA Submarines rWw,,tY55.5mf77:-f.v,,:,, .e5a,..,,..:W5.......y.,,..Tg7a.,5.,.h. ,,,i:i.1i11-2,941 '11 s A-1 11-i gut . 1,1,1y,itu,f, 5 , ,, .1 5 ffxtiiyg r it 11:.'-.- .,,.,,., ,Wy ,,. , .,.:X. sf'wg,4s.w45:.f - Swings turret 1 if 14 1' it- aw ., .rw-,ug vit? ' fl:24:,fJfQga- 5 , ' Z ' 1? .wax ,Quai i. , .,,,5t1,1f.f,,1..f--,f,v.f.,,A A- . 4, ,L , Y .,,t,,.,y,r2 ' .1 i1 L .1 , ,. - . , i..a1s.1 X 1 i i f .4 .,, 5.3,:' .3 ,hy ., L A, jg-1 W H L he goat is old and gnarly and he's never been to school, But he can take the bacon from the worn out Army muleg He's had no education but he's brimming full o fight, and Bill will feed on Army Mule to- night! Army, Army call the doctor, Army, Army call the doctor, Army, Army call the doctor, You're all in Eglocvvrn and .... .Whoal Any oats today lady? No! Giddap! Army, Army call the doctor, You're all in down and vi Jvlicfie W Marr .. . -- . .i,, . ., . V H. 1 1' 1' 1- . Lafayette, CO Nuclear Surface hank you mom and dad for everything- I could not have done it without you. You are the best. ,W-vfrsffr-'fe-'ef'fvsf1fs'w'f-141'M.--Ma,-aiWi---f-sis-fqwa-fAnnan M. . , . , . ,.. iw im- .1 , . , 1. ,I I ,K M , , . r V my , I X , X , H , , . 1 . ,ag Q3siit2i51lrQ3f1122f.i?jigfp3iiiQ,L1?QSQESQ?egixiiflf 12 -,251 5235. i ,.x. ,,,,1 K ,. 1 1 1 1 1 k -3 2 V 1 il' lf: " lf - 1- 'N if ' Z1 7 ' ' , '. ' 4 I . ' ' , -zfif, iffy B "'r 1 1 1 A -. .2 .1 1 1 . 1 ' "ffi1j1a1i:'.u fi tt .Y 1 ,, K f . ' f A , ' " 1 i .1 , .1 , ,,,,, ,i , , . . ., .,1,- 1.-,y'.It.v,5,. N1 s, 3 X. fiiyeis. V, g, .i 1251-ix,1,v,'1.fc"-If -1 f"'6'J,i.+ p',.,f tt, wmwg,:,.f Stone Mountain, GA Surface Warfare APS, the SS, Plebe Summer, A-1-4, johnson, Wilkinson, zoning out at tables, "fvlr. McPherson, go find your bearing???" 3053, Black Planet, Hezakiah, the Year of Bethune, the House Party scandal with Abdallah and half of our Zfc, lesse's first friend, Super Bowl room inspection, our first restriction muster, cadences in the shower, Playa's Ball at the O-Club, Fannofs "Plebe Changesff Selmo, headphones in the pocket, "SAY WHAT AGAIN!" International Male, 5346, Aunt Neice, "Stevie Wonder's a musical genius!!" Fleet Command, "Nice hair-line..." First Howard Homecoming, "No one can do THAT... THAT's impossible!" Song of the Week, email Shoutouts, Pocket Tanks, Ivllrr23, "You downloaded it?? Oh, thats amazing... considering its lfvlPOSSlBLE!!!" The BestTie Ever, Kazaa, "libba jabbal labba jibba!" Rack giggling. "She may be PCI, but she's readaaayf' 5206, Acapulco, "Din-no metal" Big Truck Driver, "Hold ME down..." DC date auction at Howard, Chappelle's Show, La palapa, dance competitions, 5202!5323, Best of Both Worlds Tour, "Wait... she's a youngster?" Chiquita banana, FRC Regional Conference 2004, twist it 'round your head, and spin it like a helicopter, "For the last time, l'm not going Marine Corpsff Bible protection, the embarrassing photo shoot, The Prototype, "That WOULD be right..." CC, Emerald Bowl. "Professionalism." 191 Jesse Thomas Moore IV lebe Summer, A-I-4, lohnson, Wilkinson, Week 6: "Uh .,.. An O--I in the Navy... uh...'f "Mr. Moore, what's an F-7 in the 3-0 vending machine??" One nametag. 3053, Shoe Funk, Goat Court brawl, Clog- ging the sponsors toilet, Fanno's "Plebe Changes," The Rooster in Philly, Super Bowl Room Inspection, our first restriction muster, Playa's Ball at the O-Club, Dance Party USA, YP's with Sean, E., and Danny Knott, 5 3-Io, "Black Thursday," Chiquita Banana, Booted car, Football fights, Tons of sleep, Word of the Week, Karting Nat down to 5-2, Two years of football and you get 5 downs in the Army game, a recovered fumble, and a Restricted Line billet, General Tso's Chicken, Laziness that kept you from two separate major conduct offenses, dead dolphin, 5206, 'tI'm Brian Fellows!l" Training Doukas, Notre Dame in a Day, Ceiling Fridge, Nigerian Independence Day Party, Tigger, Frozen Waterfalls, Politely meeting Pyro and the Chosen Sons of Pasedena, MD, Razor, Ocean City fence, Houston Bowl, "Rabbits can't cut dey own hair!!" Navy Medical, Snowy Bill the Coat, the Devil's Punchbowl, 5ltt2f5323, Supple top-grain leather chairs, Seinfeld, "Amongst the Tubas," Tailgate Crillmaster, lersey Shore, Eating the playing cards, Late-night ocean runs, Mes- sage to Garcia Adventures: Colorado Springs, Channel II local news, New York, Katie T Holmes at McSorley's, New Orleans, lersey, Asian, starting early, ending late, San Fran- Raleigh, NC cisco, Emerald Bowl, Splitting my pants at The Velvet Lounge, Las Vegas, Christy and the y S I C Hard Rock Hunnies, "Right here at Holo's!", Olympics in Carner, NC. "Wow..." Upp y 0l'pS , llen Ioel Murphy, hailed from the Cock, Hancock that is. Murph was a pretty big thing in his area, mid UO' about 95, 96. Always made sure to STAY NAUTICAL, exercising a little maritime dominance wherever he went. Occupied his time in Bancroft with Qth Company poker nights and countless hours of Bosox baseball in the 5-3 warclroom. Never forget Daisy Buchanan's on Mass Ave and the wicked good times had there. Stumbled into the Devil's Punchbowl in Washington state, danced with a green fairy in Vil- lanova, and lived it up amongst the tubas in College Park. Here's to a Big Hank on the way home from the Triangle and many other weekends spent firing the artillery piece in beautiful Western Maryland with the I Doc and First Lady. Hancock, MD Surface Warfare Christina Marie Sciaomofoz o Nat-the black-eyed beauty queen..It's better to be a smartass..hicling on YP's..NY subway fun..thei im heard round the roomubatting and bojanglesushh, it's a secret..Preakness tthat's all that need be- saidJ.."Yeah, the beach. Damn, it's raining"..bailamos con cholitas..what's that kid's name, eww..6 man i room, not enough spaceuturnover, ha..sweet fairy outfits..football's final momentsayeah, that kinda sucks.. san fran fun..she's finally gone..spring break '05..missing Maria..ya know, I just don't care anymore...The1 best bud anyone could ask for, there's so much I can't even remember it all. Bff,..jk...lolICiod, I hate iml Toi May-the Chiwegian princess.."May, like the month"..running for fun, running from coaches, running from teammates.."It's everybody's hirthday"..Happy Chinese New Year..Surgery Spring Break tsweetluyou did what?!?!..Run Happy..Be Smart .... An awesome girl and maybe it's true, cheerful company does shorten the miles. To Lindz-physucks..b e bye chem...lax players tyou know wholutough times..good times..IO mile! walk through the questionable district..sweet birthday for me, bad times for everyone else Iincluding my car XVIDClONVSl..SLlITTlTTCY calls, winter calls.."um, can you pick me up, Ifm on 4. LOP"..dahlgren dates.."I have to tell you this.."...a truly 1reat friend, someone to go wine tasting with, thanks for always being there wghen I needed ya. To Maria-dance party.. late night rantings..girrrlllll,iyou don't even know..yes, I'll e e where the whitesugone before her time, another reason they don't know what's right you are a great kid and I'll always be there To my parents-Thanks for al- Tucsonf AZ ways being there and sending me food. Thanks for listening to me freak out and Navy NFO letting it go. You guys rule and I love ya. Always. O2 I fur ,..-- s .,. Domief S tevenson Suypfe Philadelphia, PA Surface Warfare lebe Summer, A-I-I, Peterson, Harrington, Wofford, Mike Hall, "When the cat's away, the mice will play!" Tarzan Course. 5053, DSB, Goat Court brawl, Fanno's 'fPlebe Changes," MO's to New York and New Orleans, Black n' Milcls in Tampa and Myrtle Beach, Super Bowl room inspection, our first restric- tion muster. 5346, It Feels Good to Be a Youngster, General Tso's Chicken, boxed ear hair cut, Pocket Tanks, "IM King," Roeclown Races, convenient breeze during Restriction Muster, HotorNot? The Trifecta of the Bad Midshipman, FreeArcade, water funnel, living across from Tau Beta Sigma, the Best Tie Ever, the room watch calendar. 5206, Collegehumor, The Candy Cadence, Kerrick's high school after Army-Navy, The building U . . . I X . l I E i G , - , . I L V . . 3 4. C K blocks of a great movie collection poker nights Notre Dame in a IJ ty amcric tslandlord com, flaming hook spinners on the Bonnie, Snowy Bill the Goat. 52O'7!5523 supple top-grain leather chairs, jersey Shore, woke up in the car... that was scary, Seinfeld, 21 st birthday present, Message to Garcia Adventures' Colorado Springs, undcr '71, Ch annel tl local news, Professional Rodeo Hall of Fame, New York, Katie Holmes at McSorley's, New Orleans, starting early, USA Shirt, "Nothing gives you the right to look me in the eye." x, Bartering for the Texas shirt, Precious, ending late, San Francisco, Emerald Bowl, bumper- less Echo, Las Vegas, DI Dig-Dug, "Take a trip to the weight room," "To not kill nobodyf' "To drink more water," 8Ofs dance party at Penn, McDoogal's, menage-rhino. The land is 1, slow... but the buffalo is patient." .f Nicholas Ryan Tyson I' I Camp Lejuene, NC 1 USMC Pilot 1 ,rf NT i ' - ' . ick "I love you sir" Tyson, there never really was any hope for him, it was grunt, oorah, semper fi from the beginning. lust because the Marine Corps issued it doesn't make it look good, especially short shorts. Thanks for painting the corolla in Philly and for taking LMD's land AED'sl friend to the Home- coming Dance. Your sponsor mom was hot. Make sure you don't let that hair get too long, and careful about that sea-lawyering it hasnft seemed to work out to well for you. It's got to be easier to hold a billet in the fleet, just keep positive control of your computer monitors. Only one who can stretch a dime further then BH, but you sure shelled out some cash fixing the Honda. Semper Fidelis, Nick, keep both hands on the stick. Chris top r jvlicholefafofnek Seward, NE Q Submarines l hris taka: V. or V-Neckl came to the academy from Seward, NE. In high school, his primary sport was baseball. But when he came to the academy, he discovered the greatest sport in the world... Field- ballllll But his rookie year was short lived when he broke his leg the day before Thanksgiving Leaye. Luckily though, he was able to go home on leave for the first time since coming here. Plebe year was difficult for all in Ist company twe could go on for hours about how bad lst company was.l. But with the help of family, Annie, Annie's family, friends, classmates, God, and chaplains, he finally got through Dante's Seyenth circle of Hell. After that, it was like a load was lifted off all of our shoulclers, and the rest of the time in Qth company went by without any more than a hiccup. Firstie year was a blast, and gradu- ation couldn't get here too soon. I would like to say Thank You so much to my family, and Tom and Sue. Without you, I never would've made it through this place alive. I love you all so much. And Annie, I know you originally despised the decision to go here. But you stuck by me through it all, and helped me get through here. Our relationship has definitely been affected as well with the distance, but has become a lot Stronger because of it. Thank you so much and I love you with all of my heart. 193 I A X -f-,.,,.N. Wieck jvlmfie Waggener Mechanicsburg, PA Navy Pilot icole Y Hard work and determination have brought your success and you have earned every bit of it. Thank you for all of your support and your willingness to drive to New York every other weekend. Congratulations. EP. Andrea. . .how do you spell...?" Enemies over plebe summer, and roommates for 4 years. .. Italian...Liberal hippy, thanks roomie! Emma- You helped to make my 4 years of soccer memorable. It's just too had that you didn't stop by the radio room! Erik-I've always considered you my best friend. Keep an eye on that crazy hand! You've worked so hard for everything you have today. I admire your determination and persistence. I hope you now realize that you can achieve anything you set your mind to...Love you. joseph Qif6e1ft'lfVeisBe1fge1fIII i f Houston, Brigadel - Lifetime brothers: too many to name. Submarines U94 inally! 4 years in the making, a long long 4 years. Survived cause of my boys. The memories are many: Dave Selmo extreme I, A in performance Ist semester plebe yearl, complaining about tennis, beers for cheers at Clriffins, Hawaii, The Smoke Pit, NYC, Boston with all the YP boys, extreme youngsta, Loyola and Rudyfs, Sneaky drinky, Anthony my roommate for the duration, jacksonville, Brown with I-Iiller, quit- ting tennis Thank Cod, Dining out Blackout on 2Ist B-DAY, thong and hallway, Super 8 motel 21 st Party, all downhill after that, squatting at Cats house with the boys, worrying about grades all the time, Rochester for Intercessional, I canft believe Isurvived- France, picante sauce-thanks josh, 6 weeks in SanDiego- loved it-, one week in Quantico-hated it - thanks Wilkerson, trying to be a mean 2nd Class, secured from training due to reputation, DTA every night, Dining out Blackout for a second time, Guns-.357 DE AR-15, wow we were idiots, AC with Mike, Leathemeck-why why why-always changing my mind, Detail- the Shark- Didn't know I could be that mean- Stuppy, Anthony, and I making them all cry, Misfit Squad, Nuke interview - passed barely - gonna be a Submariner - NEP, met the wifey who completed my lifey, Nuke bonus on Ring and NYC, all in all this sums it up, Midshipman separated: II - Positions of command relieved: 8 - Major conduct offenses: I6 - CIPA: t30th of 30 in the ..-F"""f 1 I M JT?-Tf?l!,l.l,, 1:17, I .-..M,.M,..h,,,,? -fi, 'U if b W4 . ,A 1' '-' "' " I I- J.Nmw,,,.W,W,, ,w, 5 , W.-. .QV -W .L. M 5 li lil inns 1: 1 ,tg ,--mv-ff-' ,...n-.,.-.-4. ',-A .nun 'V A 11,5 ' Q Qsjv ,I ' .W 4: X 1,2 . if I ML ff --,qgf I V, rx .52 -gf ,. . ,M .. 1 -4 YI 1 2 -J .M . Wwfzw . ...L , .-Q--.wng 'lv k fy. Q 'wan- nu-3141-ev nd -img 35 X M X x vu-W xxx X X xx xs""' x ...wg XX ,lcnnilcr Michcllc Stcxcn .loshua Robcrt Danicl Dustin Jonathan Tylcr Ly nn A-Xhart Louisc Alcszcfylx D Barber lan Cainpbcll C' Caspcr Patrick Claytor Wadc Dctrick Loo Edmondson Zacliary lxcith Scott Monaghan Dana Alexander Danicl ,loscph Stacey Nathan liinbcrs Richard Ciiacopufzi Hackman Lcc Herring Francis llorn Huynh R Landi Marie Lanham I-'rcddic Aaron .lamcs Dylan Dustin Gage .lohn Joseph Ray lNlLiI'IlIlCl lll Benjamin Maycr .loscph Morgan IV Quads Nicholas A Packer W Parks William Pross Kearbcy Robinson Keith Albcrt Robcrt .loshua .loshua Mark Wcs Edward Russcll Robison Roy Sharlow lll M Spann ll Nelson Straunic H Tilcy .lamcs Turner Edward Urquhart Anthony Valdcz Laura Popc Von Rcyn VL :SQ QV ZVDJ A S ll k r B hu 1' Michael Keating Dclouch Colin Patrick Ivlorrison Johzmncs Kristian Schonbcrg C xsty Justin M idxmflt LJLILI 1 Widt Tvvobvm Ti Wclls I mms Whitt M it N unit . X- . 'VI it I 6 i Nlgiulieu I1rie .loaeli .lured Mnlllieni .lzunes Ryan Dianna I1 Iieelx Willinni Iiokliox en R Burrliua-C'orlinun I, Carlson R Chesney I3 Crenieun Ii Dibello Mzirie Dielrieli Ifuuren Brian Bo .launes David Ilunler Bradley Erie I1 Ixginew C' Ifields .lnnies Ifislier Ilunler Cireene IVI Ilunson L Hollruli A .lones M Julius Nlzullien Zueliury .lurrod Dzlniel .lellrey Kevin .ILISOII Mieliuel i Kruy exmky O Lamb C' Larson A Mzielizuio D Mnllliews Powers Meiiill Rudy Peroeho Spencer Pollard lr I I I I Nlurlx I.ifI1eIli Robert Brian Ilirieli Lusunio Sinn Mieliuel D Pulley C' Quinleros R Rodriguez M Seliuus R Selioen Sniull Stinipert Ii Teni I I I I Daniel 'Ilieodore Daniel Iflzinnery Mikoto Lziuru I. 'Ioreliiu II Vain Dann R Vussur Ii Woodward Yosliidu I' Young Q 5 X. Iwi 'F X! xv... . I :QA ? ,E ,L J 5 R, .I A N -- 'Q 2 O J.-" , -it I I I lx jj ..-:II K l I sf, 4' I' ' ' In f .. we I I I I l Those we lost: Mark Turner Wea that guy who cried a lotl, Karen I-loward flm girlfriendl, Stephanie Hurst fSchaII's girl- friendl, Curtis Wilson, lVIcCutchan, Serrano, Stuppy, Clare, Pasternak, Johnson ll didn't leave any out I hopel. Oh and Croskey. The story began back in late June 2001, the first per- son l met fand I remember it because Bush still looks like a cavemanl was Adam Bush, standing next to me in the P-way with his shiny new laundry bags. Vonga could never get sir and malam straight, no one understood what llvl was saying, Schulze always wanted more creamy peanut butter, carpenter had the record for highest chopping fand the correlated big- gest dork awardl, Veade fingered admirals, Kenny's funhouse, the whole nine yards... Being in 4th company as a plebe was both a horrible and en- tertaining experience. l enjoyed covering Jacobbi in recoup and lemonade at nights. Being woken up by Hermeling at 3 am for extra coat hangers got to be routine, or J-Watts obses- sively loud speakers, but never Kay and Johnson fthe coolest tfc every, the worst 2!c in the brigade qBorex and Burial and so in many other annoying and inhospitable people. 4th company sucked, a lot. We then had the amazing luck to land a spot in 10th company. Never before have so many carts lost their wheels, hammers been put down, packs dropped Foster was arguably the world's single largest source of cheesy metaphors and crappy haircuts. Gunny of course doesn't need any explaining. How- ever, I can not wait to pass on to my future enlisted the impor- tance of liberty logs during nuclear holocausts. I don't really remember youngster or 2!c year Cl think I was sleeping through most of ity, and finally 1!c year came and went. Capstones, CDO, restriction, what a sweet year! It was a long four years together. You're all insane, weird, messed up and strung out .... how they grouped together so many rejects and drop outs in one company is beyond me. But that's what makes it interest- ing, that's what made it fun. To the times we've had, the times we'll have, and those that we will miss along the way. You're all the worst plebes ever. -XOU? CUIVIFMN Q!! Damascus, MD USMC Pilot Brett Dcwicfjitubotmonte y name is Bretzel Abbamonte, I have blonde hair and blue eyes, and represent everything that is right with the world: the South, country music, Christian praise services, high school football, and high school girls. I'm a Swarminf Hornet 4 Life, and if I could relive my days at D-Mass H.S. I would in a heartbeat. I came to the Naval Academy because my mom dressed me all the way through high school and I didn't think I'd be able to decide what to wear on my own. There are numerous warrants out for my arrest for stalking my various female prey, and staring at them while in a drunk haze at clubs. If you talk to me be prepared for a serious relationship. My sappy, romantical, utterly unmanly away messages have forever ruined my roommates' lives. I only go after extremely high maintenance girls. I talk trash like no other and served as a "peace keeper" only one time in my life, and that got me lumped in the back of the head during our triumph in the San Francisco Massacre. Meat Cave 4 Life! Much love to Carp, johnny, SeanMac, Shulzy, Ol' man Izz, Shad Im, Iordo, Business... BEAT ARMYII, and all my other brothers that I've made here. Thanks Mom, Dad, Drew, and Kristin for all the tremendous support you have given me throughout without you, I love you all so much! lake, Croskdizzle, Sprint Footballers IFinished the years. I would not be where I am today Matthew Dowioflwyce Spokane, WA Navy Pilot y brother Erik, who still thinks Ifm going to become a Marine Ihoohaall, said one of the best parts about the Academy is your friends, and here is what they have to say about me: "Coolest person I've ever met from Idaho. I've never figured out why people from Idaho get so mad when you men- tion their home state though" tWashington damnitlll. "He's definitely an awesome goalie too." "2!c Boyce: Neeeaaaaa!!I" Qhands on hips, legs spread shoulder width apart? twho didn't expect this one??...seriousIy though, AncIy's the one wita the flaming probIemI. I always could make people mad: Pasternasty and the biting incidents-where was "Mom" on that one?, Adam when I tried to tackle him blindsideg Brian was too I' hard to tick off, pitched stap next door, my roommate w every five minutes or so. I er battles with the southerners tVVaterboy, the Scot, Dang!I ao I never really fought with, but exchanged death threats think I'Il have to visit Mark down in Charleston from time to time if for no other reason than to burst into his apartment tor stateroomI and sing to him, "Call on meeeee, Iacoabi, call on meee" Naturally the Tritecta is going to make the cut for their awesome parties and for letting me take up residence on the weekends. Thank you to the Milners w their homeli. I'd like to than Martha, for your love and fr wo let me be a part of their family Iand gave me a room in 4 my family for their constant love and support. Thank you, iendship. Adam Ricmttf ufh J Aurora, OH Submarines ?O2 ush, Bushy, Bushwhacker, Bushmaster, Mongoloid, el Diablo de Honor. He answers to themp although his roommate is the only one that can get away with "Bushy." He thought he could cover up his 4 stripes, but we wouldn't let that happen. We haven't always trusted his judgment. After all there was the time that the "Indiscriminate Friend" took the plebes to the Pep Tent. VVe'll never forget that one, or the "TRIFFSTA." Then there was his string of psycho stalkers. The wine had to "Drag" him away from the butterfly knife stalker. A severe case of drunken morals kept him out of her grasp. Only if he would have waited an- other month until after he got back from Qhio. Iapanimation, techno, books on tape, and movies that only he and Carp like surround the Mongoloid, 1200 pages in one day, tubes of beer, throwing away Stuppy's shoes, I pouring water on Melissa's head, NYC traffic, bullet holes in the golf, waitresses, eating an entire cow at Fa- mous Dave's are some of Mongoloids more memorable actions. Bromhidrosis, sci-fi, submarines, midrats, Icomputer, Bush vs. Dumm, stic k, overheating, being a compulsive neat freak Ieven though he gave up on his roommate cleaningI. There is nothing small that he can't lose, and nothing to big to head butt. wasabi peanuts and the resulting tears, SSK on a The Honorable Mr. Bush, the brow ridge, swagger l I I I I I I ' I I I I I I I I I I i I I I I l I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I Ia,-W' ,MY ' .-I,ItfI-IIIIWI I' ,gs . tw 34 ,t,m,E,,I,,., .Uv ,,.f,,f,,,.v,,.y,,,1,,,aa,.,,,..y,,,,.,.,1,,,,,,g,3.M.I,v,,,,,,T,II.Ia, ,,,,aV,,1,1g.AI,-If., ,.,.I,-. M., ,,,,,I,I .,,,s,,..1I,A.,I,.,... ,W ...V I ,I I. , v, ,. ,, . ,H . ., I. I - . I ,I , I ., . , , . I . .. , , . ,r.I,,I -I,I, I, . ,I .,. f. ,,I.tL -I I. I, ,, I I I V. I y W..-t-I:'I,s r -:I, pI, -, iw It r aif I ' ,I I , I NIV. fi--QII I, ,I .. ,LII ,, 1 ,. I I I I II Iwmt.,-III ,I--,g,Iw.,tii,, ja i-,,-I, f ., H ,. it ' U, iI 3 I K I I ' ?.i"a4Z.,i,.I, , t fi,I,.a .,iI,'I,,, I Iv. I- I '41, I, Xi 'III c 4. -I I :I I I g get I I all 1I':.II'p-Ir 2:51 1 -:S 'QQIIII -2T',viIt1tfsfI 'fl' I ti fail frflli- 't "II Lt 'II " -,Wig ,I I ,. 41. '1,I,'s:qgItI.,: , it rw I ..,. ,I j si. .f:-'ffIfI- 'x , . ,,.. III, I. k- Iisgii-'f'f'.I,.,q.f, sr I + qrI11': It - I. , waz.: -tIgj,'..s. g,.:,,y.gt, .I I + I' 3 I ,,f-- QI' I.I':1u a, mi- it It-' -If . 'r " If ' I i itriff-ftfig-.43,:..:II1g 'Idfrryr .I it 'L ti"':',t' H1 5 It 'f t , where fflntnony C oufpenter Clifton, Nl USMC Ground ,M . ,,,,.,,,.5W-,fIA,,,1,Qam.1t.V-Mwgy vtfim ww- - 1-Iam I1- ichael Aladdin Carpenter came to the Naval Academy in the Summer of 200I after somehow con- vincing the admissions board that he was not in fact a foreign national from Egypt. Michael arrived with the dream of sleeping as much as possible, and becoming the rolly poly kid he is today. Well, Michael, mission accomplished. Along the way he decided to dabble in all the Academy had to offer, from playing the bagpipes, doing powerlifting, practicing Cung Fu, or even going out for the Sprint Football team Michael did whatever possible to gain that coveted intramural exemption. However, Michael never actu- ally participated in any one of these activities for more than two weeks time, as he realized the amount of sleep that was being lost. Michael has tiny but "quick!' hands, abnormally large calves, chicken lips, and a receding hairline, but we heart him anyways. Michael will always be remembered for his actions at Bos- ton College youngster year, his wrestling match with SRI, his infatuation with E.D. and midgets, and his role in the San Francisco massacre. End Bio. Much love and respect to my rude boys: Iavi, Babbo, john 'ffat abs" Naughton, Iosh Hartnett, Steve "the dirty old man" Iezzi, SeanMac, Keithers, Missa Im, Big Moose, CutchD, and Ioeleeee. How you doin? I be up in Liquid. MeatCave 4 Life! Thanks for your continued support and love: Mom, Daddy Ioe, Elyse Anne, Aunt Addie Uncle Izz and the Ruiz Fam, CIramma and Grandpa. if r ,...., .,.. -,,,. ., e,....I ..... II . -e .. .II ., , , , ,. , . , . I .. . I , , . I I fi' T24 tt I.i'1gIyIi' f.,,.,,5,. W ,,II I. ,, , , In ,,, I-.,,, ,,.. ., . .. I I sr f f-m.I.I4,I, I f I 0 ' I-.f I '- ji fk Leann Dickson A ,AIIM , I Springfield, IL USMC Ground ,,,.n,.y. .gi ' , atalie, Christina, and Maria thanks for all the laughs!! -I miss my roomie. Great friends!! Softball -My Catcher, my friend -my teammates! Thanks girls! Lee, from half a country away and a phone call away, to half a world away and a 2 weeks wait for mail. Writing letters instead of homework. 2 Deployments. Endless hours of worry and wait, 6 june 2003, 22 December 2004, March 2005!! My best friend. Love you, We've made it through just about everything and been there for each other when it matters the most. From talking on the phonefor hours, or not talking and just listening to each other breathe. We've made it through two deployments, and months apart at a time, not to mention all kinds of hurdles along the way. You are one ofthe most determined and strong willed people I have ever met. Follow your heart and you will never go wrong. 43 lust wanted to say hi and to let you know that I love you forever and ever, regardless of where you are or what you are doing. I will support you to the bitter end. You have my love and understanding. Don't ever forget that! Love always, Mom 84 Dad, "lUST DO THE BEST YOU CAN AND Tl-IAT IS ALL YOU CAN DOH. -Mommoml Invictus. F ,,,,.ffI7a.-,55.IaI.WI-,,-I fatty-5 .--. . Ito..-.I.,..,,I, W . . I .Y I, I I H I - I f it ,y I . SeoLn5Vlicna,efDonerty -Psi-rp I, 1, ,U . ' I. I I ,a m y I 4 V ,, , I ,. I I t, t I I II .. H M j I e I . U M I, .. X ,I I U - I I , X A I I I , v- - I Media, PA Surface Warfare ake what ye can and give nothin back!" What the hell else we got to do? Yes, I am a pirate, 200 years too late, or equal parts naval architect and scourge of the seas, at least. For as long as I can remember my roommate has been trying to kill me and I him, oh well, guess we'll just have to graduate. Best man of many friends, Norrin Radd can dance like a minx when he is hangin' with Scott and Bruce. Always had some fixation with being a pirate and chasing after booty, a moist, succulent end to your fayorite meal, Freud, can handle that one, they tell me. That's right, I went there. Scammer and schemer extraordinaire, All for one and more for me as the three amigos grow horns on the hot plate. Plebe year snaking and lacy thiey- ery, punishment on the erg, and clinky to Bombay sapphire. Better lucky than good. At the end ot the day, though, I've still got blood in my blaaaahhh, operating heavy machinery, apparently, in the Citroen jumper, after hopping the fence, to find reverse you have to pull up on the clutch, or get people to push, It's possible to take over the universe MacGyver style, all you need is duct tape and toothpicks. Whether it was DC, NY, San Fran, Pearl, Hilton Head, DTA, or Doc's, the gypsies took to the palace, rescued all those damsels in distress, and as for that guy that sits on your shoulder, we didn't hear a peep from hini. 203 I I BT6L6fVlfl7ilZ:i6L1'l'l Dubif I ating oil tovered baby seals and drinking pledge. Maybe you shouldn't cover yourself head to toe in cel- lophane. Dillofs and "I ball" with Nasty. The box is dead. Pitchers at the fleet. Spring break on cruise, a . walking bar, playing involuntarychicken with a localp how many bottles of champagne? EE, its not just for nerds anymore. tWho am I kiddingl Whats this, another year with Clunny? Cruising the beltway in the Da- I kota. Wed nights at the U-club. Weekends at the cabin drinking Iron City and smoking cigars. SVVOtivation. There is light at the end ofthe tunnel, and I think it's a train. -I years gone and not much smarter or mature. The best damn waterboy navy football has ever had. Remember all we gained, and those we lost along the way. I I, I ' i l . I I Blaine, Ohio gy Nuclear Surface 'I 'rt New i Marcus Andrew 1? F50 tt I ang. LT Dang. Tennessee. Muck. Goat jockey. Youngster fight club. Yemenemene, We can't stop. I Password:Bobwhite quail, beaver. oh, Adm. Rempt was a good old Supe and a good old Supe was he!! Mamasan says free drink if I do what? The wang adds traction control at high speeds. VVhat's that in your con-locker, smells like...? Needed a translator for maiority of time spent up north. Sword fights i are fun until someone bleeds. f'she's hot, but dang she has a big adfli head." Alcoholics unanonymous. club S-4. "I-Iow'd he see that knife blade from across the room?I?" Don't Hpiss off" the establishment. dang, that's lan expensive window, paper cut for getting hit with a pipe..itfs fair? ouch, got mac-I O'd, "did you just stab I me in the head with a knife, dude!?" I like the way you talk slingblade. IM. Last of the i Banana warriors because we all stole his land tand apparently everything else he ever i lownedl. The only person I know that invested their loan in cattle and all their time in the I Iohn Deere Sims game. Yeehawl Bastard child of 'Bama, somehow related to MIP. Un- fortunately, he thought "get some" meant a case of ringworm. Nice try though. Smartest redneck I've ever met - good luck in Pcolal Fayetteville, TN Navy Pilot gg Brian fofwmfcfjfojt P 684 with Munster, Mudville Pub in Newport and .30 minutes to do the job, Falling asleep at the helm after a 2 I st b-day weekend in beantown ..., the hot tub girls tthanks moml, it's my dang torso. it'S it way too long., She got ran over by tBrian sings this partl, Pulling one from Full Metal Iacket for a mail incident, I like my girls TALL., Possibly the initial "Dang" labeler, Ladies man, Ferrrnnnaadoo thigh pitched voicel, Thanks for being the translator tyes I did want the ketchupl., I reckon, I-li, I'm a Texan but I live in Boston., Ring dance weekend and Dave coloring your shirt "red", Snook baby, Snook., I canft stand that kid., Bushy!! My mongoloid roommate., Hanging at the local watering hole, The Fleet Club, Master of the beer scooter, "It don't make me no nevermind" I got it from an old TV show., Forgetting you pants at the Army! Navy game and having to wear your company officer's pants priceless. 'I Snook, TX I Navy Pilot 204 I. gyg5!jlzI?3t'tIIIII.3,f,, III. ,A I ,5g.,,:,II1tzIse'sIIfIyII,1ICtI. ,I - -I I I I 'I n tw-29tIt'-tIItI,f"',.I I ' I If to f ,,,,,3.F..,,,.,T7.I,q,.,.,,.,I...,7,y.,,..T..,VfI11I-Iy,Ms,cI, f,,mM.,. .. .,.. , I QQ,,g,,,1W.g,.y,,.c,,, ,V , II I I 1 MII II ,M ,x.. I. mi IIwf,It.II-, I, I.. I Ig I.III.,I,f'9.'. It, jferrwtrwfo Dowwf Qotrcm ser it l ritz' ,fts,1'z,fw rc, ,X f .I , . EI Paso, TX USMC Ground V,,,.,I,.M7II,I.,I.I!IIIs-7 ,-,, I.-M.ssMsv.,.I.I.. .MW If. was .....,-,I 'I , F tI ' ,L . .V . V. A , A , I,,.gyI,yi.,.,.V.A., N I Q 1 A A he fastest swimmer in the Big River Relays., Mariachi laugh in the CJ-c lub after soapy beer., Team ey il., "Doo ooo ooo ahh ahh ahhh." What the heck was that? "BRASS MUNkIiY!!", Hey Tyson, hoxx do you spell .... , The only Mexican to get caught jumping a fence in New Fngland., She's ignoring me now, which is nice., "Aww, I love cones", How do you get stuck in your own t-shirtf, I set ond, 2 ser onds, 3 seconds, asleep, The traveling fish, "Where did Grant go?'f, Thug or Cfowboyf, Waking in Philadelphia next to an unknown girl and a half naked guy on the floor with a glove on his foot?, tonfirmed bayonet c asualitx, My hispanic chick?, Finding the only patch of forest in all of DIL to get lost in, Cihost hunting and haunted libraries, 'fCharlie Murphy!!", Stop making fun of my car. And yes it does have little wheels., Ioyefhate re- lationship, Drunken gymnastics, Dirty underwear makes a good pillow., Dude, I can't wait to retire, They should take me off of 4fC privileges or at least name the gate after me., Floor buffer rodeo, Providence club SBI drink special. 'fAhh, give me seven!!", Hey, it's a nice night. Why don't you sleep outside?, Alexander the Bestest, I.et's not talk about this ever again, in fact, this never happened, "Fernando Garcia was the only way I made it through plebe summer. Without him and his patience I ' would surely be a civilian by now. Thank You for Everything." -IXC Olliver jeffrey Jitfom Gardner Ii'r'f"!?-?'f'1 I I 7- , 'I ,Az .5 i, W, It K I I X It if I -P II 'I . HI I ' " ' ' ' I.5tj-Iyivg' 'is 'II' I ' Q' I, , ' I , ,,,, ,,c. ,I, ,L -I, I, - . N .I , V,,. ,Ii c , I , I W l t Bakersfield, CA Special Warfare m,,I,.faTa,,I4f,,..s 7ss.,w5I..wffaI.,s, C,-IV., I.,-f,,..I,a V, I A as " xxx' -K 2 :aff ff r, , ,sig ,- ,Q Litf if Q- , tttitftfvr tttfv. s ti ,lf ij 'iss ze 1 I -IIA-..,yH.I .QI ,I , I, , I., I ou do a lot-but is there anything you do well?' One of the hardest workers I know, "I have these brass knuckles in here with my glock," bar-fighting e.i., 'you think Andrea could stay at your house this week- end?' here's to going for it and getting it, Cybergenics, 'hey, I bought a pretty tight car today,' 3461 -nic - est apartment in b-hall...Mr. I-always-have-liberty, always, well, if I'm taking her to the concert, I should be able to take her to dinner first-on a Monday-miss you Brando, Sloth, the darkhose, King of the Stage, too bad you got killed. Where are your eyebrows? Hmmm...Professor S..dangl My oldest friend at the Academy, al- ways therefor paper breaks. You made it back to Cali, frigid waters, Coronado. Give'em hell, I know you'II go far, The most fearless Academy grad I know! The only person to mess up my car more than me. Waited until 3am looking for a scared plebe found you struttinf like a firstie. supposed to be there at midnight, but sure, always blame the Academy, 'has my finger always bent in this direction', 'does the ice cream man always make deliveries at midnight? 'I swear, it was a bear' 'You know, you're beautiful, but not as beautiful as my girlfriendl' I'll never forget the good times we have had!--Guys, I'lI miss you! Andrea, Thank you for always being there, I-day-Grad-day, I love you Always and Forever! Mom, Dad, Grandma, and everyone-Families are forever! Thank you all for your continued love and support! Cfczire fdzotbeth Henry I I- II I I II I I .I I I I II II II fu. I I.I I, I , . ,-IMI , ,iI,I,,,.,,.IH , ,II ,,I, I, I I . I I . .. . .I . I . - Bridgewater, MA I USMC Ground laire Bear, Blondie, Tequila!"I'll have another"!loe Henry. Now one ofthe millions and millions, do x ou even know what a jaf is?, Cafe Soleil en Paris, Acme, wine tasting, "can you get me a soct er t-shirt and shorts?", "I really like this," a scruncher, squirrel lover, shirts vs. skins, with SEALS, Ist road trip to Next jersey, super fun group, dancing queen, feather boa??, JS youfre att is sweating profusely, champion Shore Patrol, come meet my neighbors, Irish dancing, that's what I'm talkin! about, Lehigh bball trip, Anne ot tlreen Gables marathon, Camp Claire and Steph, this is an A and B conversation, why don't you C your nay out, a way with the Dahlgren ladies, skinny XMMM, keeping your options open, panis temporary, pride is forex er, Indian poker, phone calls? Worst case scenario, we shoot a tomahawk up your, LINC, where the fox hat? llot tub girls. High side ponytails, always dressing like twins, Happy New Year Papeete, some more xx ine any one? YP fire incidenttsl. late nights with MB. FASH tand fashistasl. I 205 Reading, PA Navy Pilot X,- Steven Ranofozff I ezzi wi i. My name is Steven. tAll: "Hi Steven"l. Tyson's Fan. Who wants a Steve sandwich? SCARHEAD!!l Dirty old man bythe age of 5. Samuel! lcursedl IzZBula. AOE 4 Life. Fill up the trash can! ZXC lohn- son and ring dance. San Fran! How old did you say you were? Eighteen? What, eighteen? lust nod your head. New Orleans: Fosters, Australian for..., Scuba: stealin Iain's girl, Iennelle, scuba club equipment. Daytona Beach. PRK, drunken family dinner. The OAR concert, oh wait, you weren't there. Boyce's training! dehomophobifying! satisfying my innermost desires. lacobbi's shoes, sister, and kiss, dancing in Danimal's uniform, lighting Sean's clothes pile on fire, 8 crazy nights of Chanukah, The Hurst, The Meat Cave. Humble Beginnings: Brigade Commander detailer, chaperone, clogged shower, all the hallway brawls, crazy Turner, NAPS JOE. YP buddy. Fellow Pusser! Chief: You're not supposed to be in the berthing area!!! Masochist. Is he your boyfriend? Air Force trip disaster. lsn't this one your car? When are we hanging out again? SHUTUP! The Godfather. Living ' legend amongst the CC and the right spirit slaves. Rollin to the mall -lic style, pimpin our SDB's. Service selection tand then Diamond loe jumped out of the closetl Football games tget off me!l, the worlds most expensive sweater, making awesome t-shirts, pity parties, breakfasts, sparkling Catawba and Naval Academy wine glasses lthe only way to celebratel, nipftuck marathon, when it seems like our friends are falling fast, at least we've got each other tloes Most Wantedl Navy Pilot! F-yeah. Luke Hfongiflm i is Queens, NY Special Warfare ELLLLO, WANG! Oh, look who it isf' The chain of command starts with myself, 4!c MIDN lm, my- self. Hard to imagine what this place would've been like without you, and harder to imagine that we didnft get into trouble. Everybody knows the 'B' in BUDXS stands for "Beam.!! You define work hard! play hard, and we lespecially the chickenl have loved every second of it. Why do you have 2 belts on? Where'd your phone go? Again? You'll always sweat "the girlf' and youfll always be the master of the SBDS. Now you know about the glories of Pearl lam, Cincinnati, Nati Bo, and hot dogs. Tear it up in Cali and world- wide. You'll always be in my prayers and jokes, you silly wang- IWK. Korea II - Campus Crusade - Waffle House - Red Hot and Blue and sweet tea, "Mrs, Herb, is it alright if my buddy and I come over for dinner"? Skeet shooting in Thibodaux, The fragrant magic of Kimchi - "Uh, Luke, do you have any of those protein bars"? and "What are all those vitamins for anyway"? Some say you learn more from other people than you can ever learn in the classroom. l think they are right. Thanks for helping me out along the way. Go get 'em - jordan Mark james jozcobbi Jr jacksonville, FL Submarines 206 he Obi-Wan, Nuclear Reactor Iuggernaut, Pentagon Parking Lot Donuts, Commodore of Vice, "I hope they give me my flagship problem!", Man, you really need to see those pics of you from last night, Only l'm allowed to make 5 knot pier landings!, The Tale of 2 Admirals, Da Eurocopter X!!!, NAFAC Limo Service, Flying Navy One, You pierced what?, Navy Rack Squad '05, Plebe Summer: Socks and Tadpoles, Trifesta and McFall's obsession with closets, The Legendary Dan "The Wheelman" Turner, Don Sumatro taka The Godfather: The man is a living legendl, The jedi Mind Trick does work on Marine gate guards, Getting on the Fosters website. Pirates of the Chesapeake: The Search for Bryn Mawr, Hanging with Terry Bradshaw on the sub, Wiffle Ball and the Charles River, The Old School duty van, Valla passing his last Midn PRT tThank Goclll, We beat the Red Team, NOT!! !, and ofcourse, who could forget the soothing sounds of the Matt Boyce Soundtrack, and whatever Steve Schall writes is also a dirty lie, In nomine pa- tris, et filii...et spiritus sancti... A , ,TM-W.-,...m,a m.,...,w..,..,.,,,,-.,.,,f.,,M,f., err..-'.j,...fgri,.i+ 4 f, ., -g":2Ji'l1:jE.'!IQ,,,-213gIT'l- iiif. ii-'gli' ' 2 , J "Wit -1 ,gm LQ-ra I 1- ' iHffiz5'!,fd:.irw. ,e'aw,:f,!- '1-rlffsr it ' I 1QWsT,icfjt11f-4254 ipjjti., .jjfj ,2E.'55Ilfflii5f'I,'.5-fllr?3?15'fi ll" '3 Iljfflgi ,. ??d':'i'Iw.v-'."'Zf" is - ijorcfcm Teter jones efgtvr 7 'r at fit? ' 9 2 W I i ii Ld j l I F: I I New Orleans, LA USMC Ground -,q,.W.cW.,..,g,,.,..,,...u,, ,,1. .,V.W.,,n.i,a.yw.M-U ,,avvijj.,t..'f.j-wry, .. . ' .1 ou I-IEARD me!" Wow, jordan how the hell did you get in Civies for parents weekend, what you have a twin, that's cool. So you wanna go to TT again? So I guess the only corps is the Marine corps, From running track plebe year to running marathons firstie year, your running straight into a fox hole, told you should've went SWO, jk, So what'd you think about abortion again? And No the South is not going to rise up and they wouldnft be better off if they had won the war in the first place, stupiddd, O jordi, you know them bahama mamas ain't good for you, well bud kick att? in TBS, keep the faith alive and KIT.-LHI jordo, thanks for being the only Southerner I can stand. Where do you want to eat, Acme or Sly Fox? Crab Dip? Sure. Thanks for all of the late night Ndiscussionsf' about the glories of the Confederacy! being a fascist. Weill always pray for Lukey's soul. For a man with such AWFUL bearing, you've been the best roomie, CC, ECA president, and best friend I could have ever asked for. The Corps is going to do well by you, keep on running and putting the redneck in leatherneck. Vote Democrat, jesuits will rule the world, Navy football is the best, and we'll miss ya man. jWK. 1 .. X w'g,,.w.f ---ai. fling' .1 -- A r , -I . . John Mfifhiam 56 e e fe V -Iv .tag ,r .,,, Y.. ,nr . , , P 0 , Cincinnati, Ohio Special Operations V ,,,,.....,.,-M-t,,..a,., .1.f,.,,. .. .,.,g,,-Y,,.,..,,,,m,. a.. MXN, ,,., W.-1-ya, -var ,-'3711:'4f1is9'31I' lf! Q V ' ' V . .raifitfrf-ffm Atta-.I fr: ri MU! U m.,..,.i,, ts. ,'l, fr . ,- .. ., .A 4,33 ' A. ee L, as aw.b+'s,g.ff 'ara sefegzf , f :ees .sg-,psf 13153 23 ni' 222 - T-L' 1 it I Q2 ? I ,. fa Q. X .,,w.,,. it -f fu.. sur , , .H ,. M, . .ag ft'.w.i.-as,.f- Izmij, ,.t ,, ... ,.,,,.,,, WXV, , ra... ,,,, L-fm, 'if .,.-, i-R if Y, , r. Keefe, keep your eyes in the boat twhat boat?j "Are you two related" Maybe we are..maybe were not, hmm..what's it to you?!. From didclly dumb to didclly do, to becoming reg. Sgt. Major to Swim team captain and then off to the Mommie EOD, EOD O..O!!!, Remember WANG! You're still my B-otch cause there's only one the truest, the Strongest! SI-IADwang. "Dude, that was totally a SHARTEH, "jake you know what l'm thinking right", "yea dude I totally want to finish that movie","yea I guess, but Colonel Beam is hollering at my door, yalflEARD!'f STU PID! Well from boozing in uncle boozer's house to watching me almost urinate in the cornerfiof myfroiom to Buddies on Monday's to dive screeners to, well, Boozing in general. Wherever we went we knew hovv tb live it up. ,Stay sober, stay straight, kick aM in Panama City and stay away from those busted girls and ln the' land of pleasant living, you sleep late every day, all your clothes get washed and ironed put aviiaygthe only shoes are All-Stars and pretzels fall from the sky. You can swim in streams of also drink them dry. john Kerry is the President, Eddie Vedder the VP, the Bengals win the Superbowl and the Reds the World Series, jake, wake up, you are late for morning practice. AMDG -jordan ,A fl? ,juz ,I g I 1 . j' ' M PV 50 90 an ,,. . ,ii...,.... t-, i,.g.1.. a. , Frisco, CO 4 Navy Pilot lliver just saluted a postman. Flat head Indian tribe. Wisdom teeth, pain killers, hot tubs, bad. Mike shaves his head wearing a jock strap. Veade really looks like a goat. Who throws a banana around the room in the middle of the night? jelly everywhere! Car stereo turned home stereo. ACXDC vs. Enya. A week alone in the Dominican Republic is totally a good idea. Dude I met her on the internet. Strip club, lost wallet, peed pants, flashed my brother, lost and driving, 21st birthday! The guy across the hall! How do I end up with all the crazy ones? Sushi, saki, Taco Tuesday, final exams : bad news. Hot tubs in Houston also : bad news. I was kissing her neck, but her hearing aide kept going off, I'm never taking a road trip again. Uggg, l'm so tired. The Fleet Club and Griffinfs. Dude, the SEAL Captains daughter can't find her car. Nothing but a choker jacket and a thong! Really tight pants. Dude it smells like crap in here. What is it with my brother, naked drunk girls, and strip clubs? Let's not talk about this againg in fact, this never happened. The guys who get chicks are the one's who are tired, but they persevere. Fernie's car is not a bottle rocket launcher. "Take that mosquitoes!!" Crazy buffer rides and Gate G. The Reagans head shake, Preci- sion tours. 2 minutes to muster. Brain damage, Vanessa Williams? I like my girls crazy, suicidal, and deaf. 207 Iain Dougfas jvlacfeoof Brunswick, GA Surface Warfare unning from dod, e-dogl, demon davis, Flounder bobbled into Obriens, past the stabbing, to baby sit LT Dang, Marsupial, Boy-Band, Schian. U'briens for a few:I 5 and tripping over bloody guy in the street. Anger management needed, has a hatred for ironing boards and the like Ii.e. ironsl. lumpin on 'fAdam" in San Fran. Sorry for the "busted upf' trips. Supreme switchblade commander. Thanks for all the memories that have been forgotten. MF, cock-a-noodle soup, team deuce!, Uh, and before I leave, can I have my IO dollars please?", almost getting fried for ice cream, hey, did you do the hvv for idiots class? um, that narrows it clovvn to like 3 classes, at least wc-'ve seen a fevv nerds wipe out in class, even though vve vvon't be employable, bul- lying mark into 5 more drinks than normal, sitting there prayin a sniper that vvould 5 sQ"'s' -'ss----a -Y-------' hit that annoying kid in law, put on those sdbs we're goin out!!-ke. Firstie girlfriend 3 stealin Mac daddy Macleod. Arsenal includes tbut is not limited toj: airsoft guns, knives, real guns, anteater. Stacker fiend. Woman. Iain, youre MUM called! Im quitting rifle, NO YOUR NOT! KnifeCrazy. DepressedLeod. Sweet conduct record. ' MyrmecoiJhaga tridactyla. Sean Ryan jvlcffftafrmon it Newnan, GA Navy Pilot ean Mclflhannon came to USNA a rough and tumble country boy, vvho vvould not be tied dovvn by a girl, but turns out he fell for a yankee. While his life once revolved around beer, football, eating, driving his truck, and loving the South, and destructo he now prefers long moonlit walks on the beach, romantic comedies, and playing snuggle bunnies on the couch. This Pooh Bear once spoke of times of butter-filled belly drinking races, and extraordinary feats on the football field, but novv the only stories he tells are ones that Bill Shakespeare himself vvould be proud of. Though Sean may look like the tough, jock, meathead type of guy, he is really quite different when vou get to knovv him. I-le reads constantly, and is the true definition of a gamer. Don't believe me? lust ask him about his great triumphs in the NetherRealm! Or just try out his favorite game mode in Halo 2, Slayer!!! MeatCave 4 Life! Love to lil Mikey, johnny "I let myself go" Naugh- ton, Bretzel, "Sam" Iezzi, and Iosh. To all my ballers FEBU IO-2. RangerCamanda9's got great IM game. To Mom and Dad I would never have made it without you, y'all have always been there even when I didnft deserve it. To all my family thank you for all your sup- port. Na na and Papa your care packages kept me from vvasting avvay I miss you and I love you. Jofifn Bernard aughton .U I I li I II I I I I I I I I I I I I i I I I I I I I I I 90 Long Beach, NY USMC Ground 8 them look stupid for money, especially Aladdin and Keithers. Other than that my hobbies are playing hockey, dreaming about what would have been at MSU. I heart Mexican vvrestling masks, West Cfoast back alley brawls, and Svvarmin Hornets Buzz Buzz Buzz! This place has both opened my mind and loosened my morals but I'm still a good guy? f'Hovv you doin? I'll be up in Iiquidff Face Stomp. End Bio. By: M.A. Carpenter, Meat Cave 4 Life! Big ups to Aladdin, Keithers, Bretzel, Pooh Bear, josh I-lartnett, Qld Man Iezzi, loeleee, Cutch IJ, laviC'ruz.com, the Crazy Asian, Iordo, lake, Knippers, and Ryan. Last but not least, 'I heart you Mom, Dad, Katie, Baby Iohnny and Babyiest Iohnny. y name is Iohn Naughton, aka Iohnny Tsunami, and I am a Belly Monster. I've come a long vvayi since Plebe year when I vvas just some SWOtivated kid that lived "I 5 minutes from Freeport". Sincef then I have gained an enormous amount of vveight because I overdosecl on Recoup. I will never! forget Plebe year and those tighty vvhitey photo sessions, bag monsters, and sad clovvn Mike. I'll tell youi what though, I still canft stand country music and Southern accents. I enjoy degrading others and makingi "women watching" in Acapulco, tormenting small defenseless Plebes, ruining girl's lives, being a bank andi jcyra farw mr oafoce Boalsburg, PA Navy Pilot v,,w 'fn' I .I . lNewport News, VA ly Surface Warfare I .4 ii . I f LII Mobile, AL I Navy NFO I yle fthe hamsterf' Obrock. OB, DarthBrock, Smelly, StinkBroc k, ThrowBrock, Obrock with the show rooster, Mr. Ed, Eartknocker. I2th mid, HAHA! That's the X-teenth mid! Gina-loveBrock connection tdid Mark ever find out?I. "The average person only likes about I in SOO people they meet, statistically speaking, sir." I bet I can get I2 kids to eat a gallon of pickles and drink a jug of syrup. The wardroom, bring- ing people together. Eating contests, eating. Hygiene, I get along fine without it. The wanderer troomyi. Nev- er as cool as IP brah. MDC: 'fNothings wrong with you Midshipman Obrockm-that's Navy medicine for you. Latex Glove. Beat up by a Panda Bear. Axis of Evil tssshhh, he was the silent memberi. Owner of an 8 foot shaft, yes the javelin. Locked doors, not Schall style. Summer cruise love. NoshameBrock. Hookupwithany- thingIcangetBrock. Man showers at the Obrock residence. SWOBrock? EOBrock? NOBrock, you're gonna be a PILOT! I scare off the weak ones, and the "strong" tinsert "drunk"I ones stay. IM love invites. "Wanna watch a movie?" Kyle keep your pants on. TrembulaBrock. The closet box, and the ebb and flow of the clothes diurnally speaking. StalkBrock Ken doll, comes ' complete with built up immunity to mace. American Beauty tplastic bagl - the hot girlfriend : EilmBrock. One love. Steve and Steve 'Votffa Vonga OUTVQT' III hroughout my many trials, I have survived. I have survived because of my classmates who are now my friends. I was the worst plebe ever, however I found my niche in helping others with computer issues. Throughout my struggles with the PRT and Swimming, my classmates were there to help me out. I met my College Sweetheart the 2nd Semester of my 3rd Class year. We started dating in October of my 2nd Class Year. The Beautiful, Tasha Dorsey, has been a great source of strength and a bedrock which I leaned on countless times throughout my days here at the academy. "Through Thick and Thin, she was a friend to the end." I thank her from the bottom of my heart for always being there for me. I like to thank Mark Iacobbi for the academic help and Dave Voigts for fine tuning my perspective on the Military. With the Gospel Choir, we toured Florida, California, and Atlanta. My Plebe year we recorded a Gospel CD, entitled, "Glory and Honor." I held several leadership positions . in the Choir. My greatest leadership accomplishments were being the Platoon XO of 3-I at NAPs and Squad Leader of Squad I-2 at USNA. Those who were under my care and guidance gave me strength to carry on with my everyday activities. I thank them all for such wonderful experiences. I like to thank God, my Savoir lesus Christ, and my immediate Family. I was able to survive USNA, because of their continued support. I jvllcfiae E ames 2909001 arrett my brother from another mother! We've had a HHLIUUGGGGEEEEE number of good times since T-ball. You're an awesome dude. Good Luck on your future. Daniel Do you remember when we first met? Our Moms introduced us when we were ten. "A TEN!" It's been fun the whole time, middle schools, rival gh schools, even only seeing you when I drop in from college. So many things we've done, fishing round e clock, driving like maniacs, helping put up that pier, Mardi Gras, eating some good food with the folks, td hangin' out with "Gilligan". Daniel and Iarrett thanks for being the best friends a guy can have. james anks for helping me get through here you are a true friend with a selfless attitude don't ever change. Arbo 'member Howl at the moon and the crumpling of a 5 dollar bill, random sushi craves and my insatiable eed for the ladies. To the bachelor pad in Pensacola we will have... You can be my wingman anytime. left atween country concerts, trucks, hot chicks, sushi, guns, and 'fl donft think . -. 1 scooter," I couldn't have made it here without you bro. Here's to beer can fountains and life ahead, thanks for being there. lake and Luke from Mondays - Buddies, good times as roommates, crazy stories that happened in Bama, fthe O-course, all I got to say is DAAANNGGG! My motto: "Live life with- out regret and accept challenges worth the risk..." It was worth it...Love ya Mom84Dad Thanks .... 209 Annapolis, MD Navy Pilot Joseph Quanta. Tctsko oseph Glenn Pasko got to Alumni Hall on I-day by walking out his front door and across Worden Field. Ylls, youngster summer, I finally found somebody that surfed and actually knew what they were talking about. Ioey has since become my brother. We had some good times, bro. Shady youngster surfing trips. roblems at Gate ti: "this is my dad's car, he works here and we live on the yard.". Fabian tstaying in "The Alamo" in dirty Of. with Tomi. Isabel: "I would paddle out to the shoals..." and the adventure to "the point- break" in VA. Post-surf chicken philly's at l3ellybuster's. Roadtrips in the Runner, Our 'sub cruisef to Hawaii "you two could be local haoles" Nort-chore brah. You single-handeclly converting me into a snowboarder. Trips down to my casa in FL. Walking on fences and 4wheeling in Maine. Skating gnar-style at Lansdowne 'and NAVSTA. Wakeboarding pick-ups off the sea wall. Tweakin' out. ahh man, its been a great four years. May God Bless you as you head down to flight school, where I know you will - -I become one ot the best pilots in the Navy, because you are just plain nuts. - Studio 3--I, top ot the world in style, showing the plebes how to get'raclicalf in platoon drill comp, us getting swolf wf Tmoney and Cybergenics, stayed out of the dark all 4 yrs, 2 surtboards S seabag for JXC cruise, late nightsfdeep stuff, best roomate to have, helped me get my dream. S tephen .7l7fL6lA7"8'VIf Scfiotff Annapolis, MD Submarines Sioux Falls, SD USMC Ground 210 tephen Schall. DOB. GFT. ACA Ape. Golom. I3ugBead. Legohead. Scrappy Dooooo. The cleanest Troll ever. The plehe summer boot. Napolean. Anger boy, one second fuses. 2 minute champion. We could go on forever Steve, why the heck is the door locked, again? The infamous 30 minute showers, the mystery of the duh head. Changing in the closet tor the showerl Yeah it's really a beamer. You did what with Hurst? Is trichophagia contagious, or better yet is there a cure? If there is, it must be lots of bubble gum. Per- petually late, never goes to formation, "Guys I drill, I work really hardff The worst MISLO the brigade has ever seen tyou started the facebook rumorl. New Years Eve cursefblessing. Babies in Australia, and maybe San Francisco. Sure Steve, she was a supermodel, Driving to the company officers day care party, sweet youngster conduct offense. Service selection? Marine corps, nah. Aviation, nah. Where's the money? Submarine corps baby. Keep telling yourself the money is worth it. Oh wait, you never set foot on a submarine. ffl know what I like, money, men and scented candles. I like my men like I like my scented candles, short and sweet." Why is it that you get lost, don't you live here? Wait, the door is locked again, big surprise. Even though you're shorter than both of us and have way more problems, we still like you tand it's not cause of your moneyl. Dr. Coleman will always remember you! Kyle and Iezzi. Jason Thomas Scliufze y name is lason Schulze. Prior to attending the Naval Academy I clabbled in the film industry starring in l'l3lackhawk Down," "Pearl Harbor," and "-I0 Days and 40 Nights." I also met my life manager, I mean girlfriend, back in my worthless home state, South Dakota. I try to mask my extremely metro- sexual tendencies by going on camping trips, fishing, playing rugby, and partaking in any "manly" activities. I've worn my promise ring for quite some time now, and it serves as my guiding light when I go to bars with my buddies. I am the only male midshipman at the Academy who owns a hair dryer, and I go through at least one container of hair product a weekg all in the name of looking fabulous. My hobbies include fashion, video games, trips to IMLI, ruining my relationship while at Coast Guard, starting fights, and freaking out during back alley brawls when racial slurs are shouted at my friends. I blame you all for the stories I hope my parents never hear: the meat cave tcarp, abbo, the dirty old man, johnny, sean macl, javi, cga, and all the friends I made along the way that made the nights and weekends worthwhile. -4 Love you Mom, Dad, Adam, Sara, and all the rest of my family that has always been there for me. Meat Cave 4 Life! vt. gf N.. I RN , V. Metairie, LA Navy NFO X H xv 'M 'si . . .. . it I. 2 Thomas Nathan Veaae his rare species of miclshipman can sustain up to 5 dates with no reward. Ciointidentally, when in a car with no air conditioning in the summer months, he has taken S hours to complete a I hour trip. He prefers to sleep in refrigerated spaces and has shown incredible talent in writing hate e-mail to the administration. Rumor has it that he bakes his own bread and has been seen performing high-stepping tlanc es before animated films. - I.E.R. Never before have I met someone so horridly coarse yet somehow so t harm- ing. The absolute definition of scoundrel, his escapades will soon pass into legend. Yet, for all his flaws, he's the truest friend you could have, if you don't mind that knife in your bac k. - S.M.ID. Death-on-a-stit k, "I wouldn't touch that mask!! Oh, you might want to wash your hands now". Nice sheets, where'd you get the holes from? I definitely love sleeping in rotten bananas. Another member of the iron haters of America. Halloween sucks. O'briens has a nice comfortable bed for you, where you can rest your head on a toilet seat. e M.A.E Any man who can i survive Pisacane and the painful courses he taught is ok in my book. Your sense of humor and the ftttit bucket got us through many a hard night of studying. I wish you all the best. - M.L.S. Learning at Lockheed, spooning with the dirty jersey girl. Florida sunrise. Daviofiimothy Voigts will never forget your footrace versus Secretariat through Baltimore. I supposed it's good that he's now covering baseballs. l'm glad those crazy Villanova girls left though. I don't care if they were hot Iames Ioyce just won't be the same. How's about those pictures with the hot dog man statue in the inner har- bor. If IF gets hold of them shefll be over here like Oprah on a baked ham. Speaking of that week, I think BF could use another wine shotgun blast to the chest. Those Saturday mornings at the Fleet with Nasty were awesome. Youngster year was ridiculous. Too bad the stay had to be shorted. Barry White does know his own name after all. Then we ride these bikes to Mexico and freedom. Eye of the tiger man, Eye ofthe tiger. But in any case we all love you buddy. Remember when HS got the headlock on IS? Iust be sure to scream 'I'm a hemophiliac', then when they let go, kick em in the back like IS. Keep in mind: first you have shriek like a child. Then when they turn away in disgust, it's time to kick some back. Finally, next time you see Hiccups tell him that it's not cool to be a IIVE turkey so close to Thanksgiving. Colors. l . I Dwight, IL Nuclear Surface If ' H 'W' om Lindsey Ro m am I ell, it's been a long, short four years hasn't it? Itfs been nice being "momf' to all of you e picking lint The Woodlands, TX Nuclear Surface I I I l I off your uniforms and packing your lunches for school, not quite I guess. My memories span trom plebe year in 4th Co., rowing and, rowing, to our "gossip" problem youngster year, poxxerlitting. struggling through Mech E tMattl Aaarrrghll, growing up during LZXC year, Leatherneck and class ot' 'IIB detail ldang, dang, dang ditty dang, dang Andyl, losing Mikey land many othersl, to walking on eggshells tirstie year. Mike says, "Mom was always there for us. She would keep us in line, tidy up our unitorms, or ex en discipline us when we did things such as pull another girl's hair. But most of all, she's the tidy mom xx ho got Nasty". Along the way I've had some great roommates, but nobody can beat hurricane Claire! Nou I'x e got my nice little nuke bonus and it's off to the real world finally. I'll leave you with a tew thoughts: "Whateyer you can do or dream you can, begin it. Bolclness has genius, power, and magic in it. Begin it now" e Goethe: Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you will land amongst the stars. -Iill . McLemore, "What our enemies have begun, we will finish,"- President George W. Bush September II, 2002. I 211 I' Y , ,,,...u-v-' ,.ffm,wf44ff 4 9 M'w'-'fJ5fif 1 K,-H "1 ,,. u.v"'1 s dl 'ff ne- ,vuwm ww .- ,,.-' ...W 'Z-' ,,.,-uv .nf ,mu ff ' .Iw- ? ' -'ii-V gm W . W . 'L ,,.,,, a 4 . ,. K Y. K W 5 xv. ,A.AM,,q.,,...1x,,,., V K- ,wi mum.: l ' naw --A Vx v- , 1 1 xabhf' ,. I ' .. 'ug ' . V J V 1"Y5v..f, uf ' 4 " 1 'U---. ,. , , 1 x WM .. L MWA p mwmf. :mf-M Q " . Hiwx-544 'X Q s. I,l,y 7 'lf llr 1 012 ww-' 4 ,XF f N ,134 2 I 3 .3 ' 03.41. X ,fy . 2X1 'Q ,X ' V4 W4 S . 4 y'Zg4"7"' . 'ff ',..x5K-Y is 1 4..4 .4..ff.4w.N H .4 .4 1 ' . fi ,- Q 44' W ,4 f f 'f f ' - .f vw' ful xfr'-'i J' 44 4 . X34 1 .1 4 , 1- 1 4 ,,,,, 1,3135 'Q 4, .ij . ,R 4 ' J ' , XXXXJ 0 6 X ' X . .444 ., QL ' ,X Y' Y' Q ., VN, A 4 Q ., f ,, W 1 .ff A ,g 1, 24" N, , Q4 , 4 ig f .15 ' 05-X54 - -X, 4x V I X :Q ,X l XX XA.. 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" ,'g' 441 Q, ' 4 .1 4, ,W r 1, 4X X X., 1 4 2 aXX.frX2,w1Ag4f4 ., 6 W X ai X XX Xjlga X 9 , , 4 if 5 fin.-Lf X :fir . 4 ff A W '4 'V T' - 4 L A .sf , - X 4 1 - ? 4 -' 4 W 4 J ya Xwrlfj ,X , ,4fjXXX?X,'X ,X 4 X Q X- 6 5' , ,W ' 1 4- A 44 ' 'S' 4 .. f I , 5 gg ' f ' 4 , ff X7 1' y!.'f-- ' 4 5' ' E 4- f af ' 1 fx .L 9 A Q J! 4' ' fi f M" ...fi , 4' ' " 4- W 7? E I lv. X. .4 ,df -AIX X,-,LW X ,,. f . 4' gr, ,f rv Q. ,. r . X I 4 XLF2 A , 1 "4 4- 4 W X? 1 . - ,V . iii! P 5' . 'X . 4 , 4 ' - -ff 4 '- 'um . ' " 4ff. 4,4 , '34 -.-A . " '4 ' 4, ' 4 -- - " - --4--W A 43 vw X XX... A W 1 X f V , . f .1 X X X V X. ,,,.gr.uln- .X X, , I ' f ,.g""4f1 if f , -, 4' p .1 . Q - XX 3 -,..,. - ',......0-'wa--f-'z 4,3 '4 52.4-.41 . ' " '4. .4 . mf E w- 4 : A .4 4 . ' , X , 9 -4 4,1 ,X A4 , A ffl- ,ff is . ,"'1"""" 4 ML .4 , - 44 ' A 4 4 " , af X XX , XX X. . :T - , ,4 7 ,, .wang ,, XML .X . X , Q .X,. 3,13 ,M 4X ,Y Xr-,Z Xxsjg , Q 4. . .SL - 5,4 .4 5 4 1 ,X X. 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X' gfj,J A14.1.5'..g1g.Q1X5jL.SfSfg6-:QQ953 4. - X, 'j' 1' - ' 4' 4 K' 4 1 " 'Vial'-W'4iXfsif 2 . ., 4 4 I f , af ' is-sr: ' L ' ' f ' 4 4'ff:f':i.?i . 4: . , , . .- . 4f.qg:g 'ff,414f,::E.xgf3.,q f 4 4 4 4 '- 44.4 3 V4 ' ' K ' 4 V' I , , E ' ' v 'Ti 4, ' 'Qi , , ' ' 'Sf-'l .1 ,, . f . . - , X N , 1-,QA ' 42 f X! . 4 1 A Lindsay Ii Chittenden Scott Anthony Hebert .luck Benjamin Melntosh Justin M1ittliewTliib1iult x..,, p iw. Richard Ceusur Eugenio David Paul Huseher Mark May Powers Robert Lemeul Wiggins Q 1 I l0 Travis Jason Zebulon Wayne Abeyta M Barnes E Barth Rachel Marie Barton Molly M Burd Ryan Sophia Bryan Joseph Engle Jane Fischer Edward Harris Walker Harris David Cole Joseph Herron Jeffrey Eddie Andrew David Dustin William Koller Lee Martin Jr. Francis McDonald Douglas Meadows Daniel Moore ui, Xl Chris Gary Mitchell Jolm Conanan Scott Darby Ry an Doxx Kendra Douglas Jesse Ann Iverson Frank Jarl Robert Kasper Benjamin Michael Christopher Michael Petrisin Thomas Pierce Jr. Joseph Reardon Kevin John Thomas Christopher James Tyler Jason Amlrexx Lang Ringelstein Henry Seebode Robert Shelly Michael Stover Michael Thompson Shane Tidwell Tyrone Tomlinson Sam Walker Jared Jodi Scott Webster Marie Williams is 6 3 at, s 1 A gill ' Zia. ll l. J V Tama i,,- J if lt lit: ll J J T Ii t-'flaw W 'J ,,-ful ' " ' " if " 215 l0 ,losliua Sarah Ryan David Andrew Matthew Thomas Lindi lf Accottiamlo L Atxx ell ti Bcall M Burkett W Cassity D Cave P Cliamberas Marie Conner Justin Zachary Tiniotliy Ryan Robert William .lolin Ali M Daniel T lfricson .I lfrancis P Ciulliksen A llarrell .I lncli B .lutly T Kianpour Stacy joseph Kreg Robert Bradley Patrick Mattliew Matthew M Kulcfexx ski W Leavitt A Lcsage C Mayes .I Mayhew Earle lVlcC'ainmond D Melton Mcfamley Morse Xackery Dustin Matthew Mieliael Crystal Andrew Michael Laura B Nurrbtnn M Oakes 'l' Perry A Pfaelllin .luy Pirainu S Reynolds L Sapienxa li Sclineitler 'liuinas Bnulllml Cienex iex e Ryan Matt Nicole R Siinunstm ln Sticgcr M Stutlcr A Trespalaeios A White D Yaibrougli ' f in . , , F' it f 1 fi P' If R' 5 L. A 1, 'R 4 'ri ' 2 1 ? 1 in 5, , ' A Q L " " j' Q P1 ,H 1 4 XJ Mr Xu..- H75-T P ' I ' s 'li l A F3 --1-.-l I 1 1 t A We arrived on 29 June 2001, from the north, south, east, and west sides. We came here to be aviators, SEALS, lVlarines, and submariners. Thankfully, nobody admitted to aspirations of going SWO. We were idealistic, young at heart and mind, and anxious for what lay ahead. The biggest threat to the United States at our time of entry was the rising of two superpowers: Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera. Coke with Lemon, HLIVESTRONGH bracelets, and lraqi Freedom did not exist. We had entered a military that was downsizing, underpaid, and underappreciated. We came to this place to serve our country when our country didn't need our service. l-low quickly that changed in only our third week of classes of our first semester. Although we were not directly affected- indirectly something in us changed after that September morning. We were all given the opportunity to decide if we really wanted to continue serving our country in a time of war. 33 out of our original 40 have completed the journey and answered with an overwhelming "Yes" Different personalities, interests, and backgrounds would never mesh as well anywhere else, under any other circumstances. Although, it was not the Academy that forced us to mesh- it was our genuine 218 desire to become close with one another. We were not forced into a binding friendship, but enjoyed the bond that occurred naturally as we struggled and succeeded together. Despite our ups and downs, we will forever be bound to one another not because we have to be. We are bound because we want to be. lt is not the lessons in the classroom or the lectures or GIVIT that will guide us upon graduation. Ftather it is lessons and experiences with the roommates and classmates of the 100 and 11m Company Families that will guide us. It is the fondness of the people and the amicable nature of the companies that will continue to propel us to greatness. Over our four years on the Severn we've done everything together. We've laughed, we've cried, we've fought, but most importantly we've endured. We all have our individual mentors and experiences that have shaped us- but ultimately we've shaped each other. We entertained and taught each other without knowing it. We will never forget the times in the Hall or the weekends out in town that are exclusive to us: the Slumcats. JTC ' P " -' Fi'-ff?37T?l1:fjf C 0 M P A N Y l I jejjfeifey Wooaua Acfusei if I I I I I Missouri City, TX I MMMMMMMMMMAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN N NNN N NNNN N N I I I I I I I l I I I ll I l USMC Ground I I I -- 4 Joshua John Beifnanfofjittkinson Chino, CA USMC Pilot y only weakness is relying on my own strength - HBA, "Sir, I-Iow's the cow? Star jumps Mr. At- . kinson" - Beebe, "Can you keep it down: I'm trying to do nothing. I've roomed with you for three years and you still can't relax, and yes you can borrow my homework Again! Semper Fi Marine, Its been a wild ride" - SP, Quintessential Cali Boy. "Take the 2... no Route Z." Long weekend dancing with less and less clothing...I st Spring Break - introduction to West Coast diction. Drummer extraordinaire and I racquetballer. Flying out of Dulles and into BWI... who does that? Weekends in Salisbury, trying to surf in . DC. Turkey, Brother in Christ, brutally honest friend, Always loyal- Semper Fi -Chappy, Video games, 6 mile humps, yelling at plebes, let Ski rides, and girls named Amy point to an unforget- gs. ..... .- .... ..., . , I table summer. Your trademark 'fin your face" personality has challenged me and 3 A. y encouraged me since I've gotten to know you. Cocl's timing is always perfect! i -TSI-I, "You have been that light: I have seen things falling apart around you, oth- ers not see you for you, and painful circumstances fall on you at the hardest times l and yet you remained the same when all other lights went out. Your focus and I faith in God will bless greatly and I rejoice with you as Cod shows you favor in I the sight of men." -DIN, You've always been the man with the answers, the dif- ficult questions, a man of integrity, and man of faith - Sid. , : I I I 'IX Timo thy James Beebe i OSTMAN - Oh boy, Pancakes! Beebe, hang up the phone! I-low many hours has it been this week? What kind of pills are those? Timmy, one P for the rest of your life? That sounds like a really great ideal Seriously guys, I donft even LIKE pancakes...call home and ask my mom. Your butt is getting big again. Tell me again about how you stole your fiance's ring. Well, you got your first engagement out of the way, now its smooth sailing. Quit playing with your hair, you'll go bald. You are my only roommate to break the sixth commandment- that makes me proud. Timmy the tiger. Keep it on the Delta Lima guys. Lessons from Casey Huge: Eat big to get big. Maximize rest. Well rested is well tested. R. Kelly and the Eamon song. Did you get that ring back yet? This is the best thing that ever happened to you! Vinum Femina Cantus. Talley's Heroes. Powder Monkey. Why did I waste two years? Do all cigar shops have back rooms? BMW. Phi. Timmy and the infamous "New Folder." Tim, I wanna go to "the lake." SwimLynne: The lOC baby, what disk are you on? Your mom only remembers me, the Alaskan D and the Ohioan. Bravo Romeo and style advice. CPK and all our hanging out. Only greater things to come Fly Navy! Slumcats. FTB i Delta lunction, AK Navy Pilot I. 220 , . .I,.MIA,.WM,,,,-, .. i','1'f'lfi':5:-I- '- .I - -sII:wi.I,,,, f ,. gigffi . V I I .,I..,.a..I,.I.,,.,I..I.I,-M.. ....aI.c...I, c..,,,, ,I ,.I HM ,,,. , ,, , A V A, WW, , 4 1 4 I yJ5l-9011 Everett Browrike ,I , tr yr I I 1 i !I Richmond Hill, GA reed Creed Creed Incubus Incubus Incubus. You donft have tc be the sole supporter of ebay. Choco- late!!! For that elusive person who always left fudge rounds on my desk, Cod bless you! Agh, Agh!! You've been an awesome friend through the four years here. I'm going to miss all our talks and our goofing around. You and me holding down 2nd semester as squadmates tuntil you went and got 4 stripes.. ding dingl, you never got me to open the peanut butter!! Turn that Incubus clown!! Its getting on my nerves!! I-IOT!!You had to put up with me for 4 years, with a semester off here and there II don't blame youi but I had to put up with you learning guitar- I'm glad I did. Youfve come a long way since I found my life-long friend on I-clay. Someday the overachieving will stop tl hopel. Seriously, we need to talk: Inc ubus- sucks, Creed- sucks, the girl you tried to date plebe year who liked po - keeper. You are an amazing person and true friend. Thank you for everything. Youngstar year: bball versus plebes... forget about it, 3-on-3...playoffs as youngstars, laser 3's...NirnItzes on Sunday afternoons, in the cold, in the snow, catching 4!c Willoughby playing video games...too much, Browntown, here's to wrestling plebe year, Smash Bros, and pizza nights. Star Fox has too many lives! Submarines S i . ifHOL1rL Brandon C oinfipbe ff II .I ' II . I I. .I,,I . IIIIII.I II III I iz 1:I.IIII .1'I 'i .,III. f.I,.III.1 . ,.i I: iI Iii, I ' I .:I'I,iI g,. - ,.LI. i- Ig I -. ILI I,-i I ,. .,sa3. I.i -.I ILI I 1. I. I' 'IIW I ,F W ,,, 9, ,, ,II , ,U-.3 5 I .V V, , V , H x , , Irving, Tx Special Operations randpa...naked study night Thursday...Sorry for getting you guys beat plebe summer... KLCDTZBACI-I, I won't forget ya...getting trashed plebe year...sneakin out with jason and Stan...awesome ski trips... buffalo chickin sandwich...wonderful Hilton I-Iead adventures...Tiki- Hut...Key West "we're either f-in or fightin"...mortons, ring dance...4th of Iuly on Pacific Beach...thanks for the flask guysmreleasing on the beach...partying in the R.V..."who did it on your backpack?"...it's like a tuna can..."come and get me.. I'll be waiting and wanting..K.C."...Specwar class 257... I'll see ya at BUDfs Tuck..."The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times ot challenge and controversy." MLK lr. y I ,,,.,,.,,v-.f.f.f-s,I7aI-,,.ImwI'-IL-..1.s.I,,-,,.I,7.,I.,I-.aww-aafw-I-,I,I.u....,Mq..I., any . .I . I - Ia -I1 . I, A I I.- I- - - I - - - I Imam--'.I.iII,I4i 3IV I, y U A , ..-I:gg,I..:f,Iv't' ,ll he if 'fix , wfkobert Caruso ,-.,i,9,f I II -- I, I ,I I , I I Hilton Head, SC I Navy Pilot I o my boys, I wish you all the best. As much as I hated many things about the Academy I wouldn't trade the last four years for anything, here's a little tribute to the good times we had: 54I I, Naked Study Thursdays, Supt's SDBs, Accent of the week, Chewningfs bed and a little dip spit, Chemistry jokes, I6 hour Greyhound, Running of the Plebes, Two for Tuesdays, Morton's with Mark, Panama City Beach, Tuck's truck, II-ITFP, Million dollar ideas, Stolen Pony Gang, Slumcats, Billy Shmug - Thumper, Billy tossing Stan and Dave across the room, Coin toss, The Snapping Turtle, Sweet Sonya -"Oh, Daveed I love you," Streaking... Mike got Gleesoned, "Tuck, do you think I should date her?" "Do you like Italian?" Tim McGraw Concert. Smash Bros, Tiki Hut x3, Mama Rita's, Lost inthe Middle East -Iebal Ali, AXN RV... Beer Run, Thanks for the update, Pocono's Skiing- Valentines Day, Thanks for the flask, Lost my cover and my balance, Tallahassee missions, Kevin's out... David's at home, Training in Bahamas, "Who peed on my stuff?" PA for a 350, I CT for the Cutlass, Pitt for a night, Helicopter, Furniture weekend, Racing lawn- mower. "Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own un- derstanding, in all your ways acknowledge I-Iim and I-Ie will make your paths I straight" - Proverbs 3:5-6 221 Germantown, MD Surface Warfare I I lN:Now you are a friend I can always rely on - someone who cares enough to be himself and to want me to be myself. The way you challenged me in different ways strengthened our friendship and to me, just the way you approach life is a true accomplishment. You taught me more than you know: l will never forget when you hauled that huge bench from Michelson to help decorate room 5064 - that one act fulfilled the mission. lEB:boys from the start...NO Stan!! Grimm is a MAN!...fights in the room, nobody could ever win an argument with u, screw johnny cochran, the swindler of swindlers: Cruises to tahiti, dancin in london while everyone ditched, more memories than i can share but the most important: becom- ing men together, thanks for everything. AIM:The spiritual leader and founder of the Slumcats, he can easily I be considered the funniest, most entertaining and most loyal of life-long friends. Watch out world, pirates, j SWOrriors, and Hilary Duff - Lord Chewning, tsar of the Academy intelligence network, will conquer you. So many memories: Nice, turkey calls, "hour of hate," DENG, Houston bowl, nude beaches, Dierclra, Chumley's education on life, BARCELONA, peeling stickers, dinner with our 'rents, ADD, San remo? Fuss, tailgaters, tahoe, Supe's staff, Gunnery, insuborclination, our future busi- nesses, the Ace in Wales, rumor control, the GEDRGE saga, French people, coins, room standards, PRTs, the shocker, late nights in battcave, mafia, craps in Reno, and an unbreakablefriendship. Everyonefs lives were changed by you Pl-ll X, NR Carwface jvlichefk Cfiifaers f Harrisonburg, VA Nuclear Surface andace, aka "The Ace" known for early bedtimes by the slummies and as the little bow seat on that 2002 freshman eight. Gunny Putnam, rowing in Miami, two boat crashes in a week, fftake a swim", "give me ten for the girls". Finally 21, drinking too much Smirnoff Ice, Riordin's sweet peanut butter pie, Marine Corps Marathon 2002 to take away guilt. Spring Break 2004 with the slummies, London, St. Pattyfs Day in Dublin, lasonfs vodka, lost at the castle, yucky Guiness, S20 white Russian, Whiskey at the Braveheart valley f... and the highlight "I've been to Wales". Wencly's on Tuesday and Thursday and sometimes I Friday, just glad to join the three mile a year club. Never forget slummie bowling and of course drinking. Newport, San Diego cruise X vacation, Universal Studios and Six Flags, weekend trips to jacksonville, Dave and Busters, Collateral. Two years spent trying to start a club that still doesn't exist, oh well maybe next year. Monterey then going nuke, gonna make some real cash...finally get paid to go to school and do nothing. Good memories with the slumcat family...FTB. v I .jj I I I I I I I .lx Reginafcfgarcia Dichoso I - San Diego, CA Navy NFO 222 rom D, Reggie, D-SSS, Diesel, Treg, TeagueReg...SEAL night ops wit 3!c Zwicker-Who cares? Group 3 all the waylwstarring as the bowling ball, Walking into Stat to hear lack complain about Ms. Fuss: okay, absolutelyl, Scam trying to cut weight: "Donft touch me, Ifll pound youI'I, running wit Sara F-nice, talk- ing to Mary at a football gameel likes, Getting swarmed in the Batt Conference room one night by Chuck, among other AphrodisiacCats. Sometimes you just gotta throw the ball up and hope it bounces in. I like your idea. So I make my way to 5-2 and get dealt with by la fille avec les petites mains...According to Ben, the company during Ring Dance weekend was awesome. Stuff like that, Coronado wit Steph Iyummy hair, yummy legsl, CSTS wit '07 were some of the best times of my life. Watching music videos wit I--Awww, c'mon, I just wanna see her. Every morning, stumbling upon my shour to take , a huge drain. To all the Slumcats, it's been...too much..."j3-pointers and .3-yr- i. olds, you will always remain se'enteen, trips to SD to meet Mandy Moore-I will never forget, it's been great, but if u ever mention Yates again, ima hurt you."eIason...Like the Baby-I'm from Alaska, and I like to say a lot-I wants to go to Poland, and I wanna be a candy. Delight yourself in the Lord, and l-le'll give you the desires of your heart IPsalm 37:4I. jejjfrey Thomas Chewning is I N. , . Q ff I y Roznofozfflfoycfjfze F059 jr. I, I was the kind of guy that every man hates to have as a roomnxate. Whenever you need a break, you can count on RI to be watching another movie, then going to bed way before a third ofthe engineering homework is done. Honestly, he needs to fly a damn P5 so he can watch movies. "I Iey Sam, you going to class? No, me neither... let's go back to bed.'l Thank God for Emergency Medical. To those long nights getting lost in D.C. AND Baltimore... don't go down that way, the c ops are down there! Iellow Mitsi herman, on the USS slave ship. Founding member of team angry and personal enemy through good times and bad. I hope you find a trashcan someday. I think I'm getting fat. Hoo-rah I think I'm going to be a marine toreyerlf Semper fi, do or... why? Leatherneck sucked! I wanna go aviation! Whelp, guess I'm gonna be a SWD. Time to never PT again, eat donuts and drink cof- fee everyday! I wanna be a 2nd round draft pick aviator! Followin the room rules till I die. Big gulps, huh? Well, see ya later... phi Huntsville, AL Navy NFO Kristen Marie Qiffan I I APS 3-Ig DMB : 60 days restriction. We survived NAPS and the Academy. I'll miss going to dinner, having girl talk, shopping sprees and chick flicks. Through good times and had you were always there for me. You're one of my true friends who I know will be part of my life forever. Thanks for being my best friend - Shelby. Laughing fits resulting in IM quotes, lust keep swimming. No Buenol - Lynne. Cornho- lio, DC trip, Finsteinls before the flood - Crizzo. I'm glad I was ordered to help you with pro-quizzes plebe year or else I may not have gotten to know you so well. You've helped me grow a lot since I've been here and . I clon't know how I could thank you. You've been an awesome friend - Matt. To another one on the fiye year plan tCRABBYI: surviving four years of practices, much drama, making up excuses, and coaches: Key West New Year's Eve, rooming together for away meets in one bed. YP-CNS! Brad Pitt : sex on a stick. MARGARI- ITASQ April birthdays, being 21 as youngsters. Pinching someone at Armaclillos. Youngster year parties. Air force pre-game. Summer school. Getting kicked out of English class. No me gusta la clase de espanol. 22nd birthday with the Governor and more Margaritas. Thanks for all the memories and good luck in Pensacola -Il. Here's to Vegas, Tequila and New Years in Texas, cheetah sheets, angels and doctors, -I long islands and many more awesome memories. Te Cora' Springs, amo. ML, MW, MF. Navy NFO , jlfliclfioiefjoseph Qkeson -4 balcony. Gleesoned . . . again. Chem goggles in airsoft wars. "I just wanna feel like a person again" after Mama Rita's, beach volleyball, Tiki hut. Welcome to Vancouverp hot tubs and c ops. Plane rides with Stan. . . and fish ponds. Stolen pony gang, midnight sweepers, flasks. 3 liter bottle of Heineken. "Where's my lighter, B?" 7058 video productions. "Where's lack?" "Mark, tell her let you off the phone . . . honestly, is it worth it?" Tuck's Zlp downtown, trucks, deer, fishin'. Are we together this week? RV: beer recon, septic mishaps. "Tuck, what'd I just eat?" True love-Chevy style. First rideg freedom for Mark loo. Truck box camping, Stan style stew. Fish stories, campfire fried fish. Dang, Mark's car is small. "XX'here's my truck?l' More beach volleyball, more Tiki hut, long days, forgotten nights, post- ing dinnertime truck security with Stan, world's worst drunk fishermen, shark attack. Brownlee, chicken tenclerloins. Pistol trips, CBS. Play hard. Team Kill: Broo-ha, the legend continues. Get-r-done Thursdays. Quantico fishin'. The communist and gun laws. "Gleeson, get the f outta my office." Pigs eye lean v. frat parties. Dear friend john tour and drink. Team Angry v. Ben. Gleesoned? Coors Light, lack Daniels, Car- hartt, Chevy trucks. House rules, nose goes for beer. God, friends, and family. -I Harrington, DE -USMC Ground 223 Essex, VT USMC Ground Sa.muefTete1f Gray ,l mmmm.HIWTBSMTIWTBD. BIH always remembered. To those who don't believe it, the Iron Stom- ach still exists. MDII its been an adventure. Climbing that damn mountain and the Colorado Witches. Pat teaching Brett the proper technique on how to use a funnel will stay with me forever. You are the most diabolical hater of all time, you know who you are. Pray for me Thayer. Red, you made it. To you four thanks for everything. My fellow Droogs, there is not much to be said except Droog for life. Team NE rides to Canada, who knew S100 could go so fast. Broo-ha to numbers 2,3,4,5. We will continue our legacy over the next few years. Rl we stuck to the rule of the room. "The object of war is not to die for your country, but to make the other bastard die for his." Gen. Patton. Four years that cannot be called fun, but I came, I saw, and scammed the system to win. What we do from this point is what will really matter in life. Thanks to all who gave me their support over the past four years. Wlmfk Chfristophmf .Haag . . . ..... . . . .. . !l1UgglQ? Sleeping with one eye open, falling from racks, drunk in NY. Vanover...all you Sacramento, CA Navy Pilot IP fallen roommates...alI three of you. My apologies for yelling at that b every night and keeping you up. HOT! No, seriously, stand back, Mark! Anal retentive wiring. 7058 movie productions...where is lack, anyway? You really sleep like that? What is this...an enginel? It's plebe summer and he has a freakin' engine in his room!?? Whatever happened to Teschnuts? Rietvelt likes men. Oh my God! You killed gunny?! "I like to think outside ofthe box, sir." Work? Hahaha, thatls a good one. gPor goo? It's naked jumpin! jack time, I think I'll be scarred for life, Wanna go for a ride in my race car? I think I'll pass, thanks. Who's toaster is this? Is that a toaster oven too? Oh yeah, and Mark...STOP GRABBINO MY BUTT!!! I love you Lindseys! Zoot Zoot Zoot! Stan and Mike? Oh, those two are drunk and passed out in the back of his truck. - Cup of flour? jason is a princess. First ride, freedom for Mike too. Stan on a beach with a margarita. Yeah, but you gotta catch it first, Mike. leff...wanna have to do is stand on the wall for 20 seconds! , Are we adults yet? The couch. Hi, Ounny Paul. I finally wore you down, stubborn, We both know you can be a, you know, but I love you all the same. Getting out into the real world isn't as intimidating when I'm with my Mark. Lynne jlflicnefle 3-fojopel ith Company Slumcats F.T.B. Phi. The segment will not be broken Hok, so here is the earth, chillin... round! Bugger!-Katie My random noise making roommate, stop teaching my brother things! Never snowboard. I'll never trust you around a human size soccer bag again. Co-inventor of new uniforms!- Cynthia CLUMINATINO! All of us here in 7th wing will always be harder than the rest of the Brigade tpolar bear plungel. Hops, sun health and safety officer, Plebe Summer, cough cough. Button wars, wild sponsor child, hot tub anyone? Testing your limits, can we do that? Tahoe fO5-Steph OHIO!!! the best, cheapest, goofiest, and weirdest la good weirdl friend i have had here, i've loved every min we've had here and hope we never lose touch-jason tbrowntownel Mildred, you know I love you baby!-jeff First squad Ifm waiting on you! OC baby, what episode are you on? Hurry up, I'll wait for you twasting time is the time of our lifel Who lives in a pineapple under the sea? Lynneski! P-cola!-Timmy Picking our noses with foam fingers, "don't turn off the lights", NO PRIVACY, trip to DC, late night talks, IM quotes, swim- mingfretiringfcoming backfretiring, slowly corrupting you, donft go ocean-o! tbest decision of my lifel, ROOMIES FOR LIFE, reading your dad's emails, reykj stories, your many lovers, cruise to the Caribbean, march-on buddies, " leashing your fury" on '07, Reggieisms, being one of my best friends and best haker Heights, GH roommates. Thanks for all the laughs so far more to come in our next endeavor- 224 Navy Pilot Kristen ff Houston, TX Navy NFO Casey Deon Hughes emories that I will never forget from the Academy and that would not be possible without the awe- some friends I have made while here: Padre Island and beer bongs tSB '0 Bt. The nights at ACME. Spencisms. "Tackle time." "I wish it was hotterlf' Atlantic City. Outback Steakhouse. Coach Folk, "Get big and die!" Meat Locker. "Tricky" Tys. "El Barrinoff Sam 'tHashbrown." "Captain D." "Mexican" Meraz. Donnie "DRP." Frank "the tank." Sean Mac. Nick Wilson, aka "Bill Braskyff Handles ot' Crown Royal. The nights we never remembered. "Case on Nine." Sam's cabin and the balloon launc her. The time "Barrino" threw SI 00 in the toll machine. The Scots and Rusty Nails. The beac h and "4 lbs" steaks. Laying tile and carpet. "No, seriously." 4th quarters. "Supplementsf' in the summer. 270 lbs. Tvvo-a-days and shaved heads. "I wouldn't kill myself for it3I00." "Peg leg" t'04 sea- sonl. "5 second delay." "Case Factor." Spring Break '04, "The Cruise." Coco Locos. f'You saw whales?f' "I got some beer in my room, I'll be back." Tyson's ringclance date. Ms. R, "Do you have leather in your truck?" Tequila. AD rages. Yesac Naecl-Sehguh. Nearly dying while sledding in Raleigh. OL parties. I0 kegs. "Dispersel'f Getting kicked out of I-Iurricane Hut. Surgeries. Losing my truck in AC. I0-2 and two bowl games. CIC trophy twice. Beating Army. Thank you to all of the brothers I have made here at the Academy. I will never forget our times together, nor would I change any- thing we've done for the world. FFBLJ. Thomas justin Keffy Liberty Corner, Nl Navy Pilot ysleepIIl'f-Casey. And finally, MK's. Slumcats, stay tight forever. ere's to all the memories. The fights in the five-man. To an all out sprint from Le Tour de France to catch our train. To San Fermin, Belen, the penas and everything else we left behind. Feinstein, thanks for kicking me off the bed, I will forever bear that scar on my back. Double gooool Homer's Pub Crawl and fateful Sth story balcony in Rome mah friends. Chillin at the plywood tables at La Oveja Negra with lack, Mana, and Lydia passed out in my lap. lack, thanks for my first cigarette. SD-What kind and how many? Zwick passing out in the bags of trash at the Romano Palace. To lack Nicholson and Celtic toasts at Glendalough. To Larry Fitzgerald for enabling me to make Deuce mad at will. To my LSAP crew...Arriba, abajo, al centro, y al dentro. Siempre los tres fuertes. To Paddy's and Fiddler's Green. To Timmy and the "New Folder." I-louston, San Fran, and Tahoe. To Reggie's first time at McDougal's...nice, I likes. To Ring Dance, the Small Hands episode tl don't likes? and the Ice Queen. The trip to Notre Dame: Gina, belt whippings, Mawds' "standards," an unexpected guest, "jeff, that white girl, was it everything you dreamed of?" The Five in Five at Dartmouth. "That lill's a real firecracker..."4laded Timmy. "Maximize Stem Lee Lapp Vancouver, WA I USMC Pilot 41 I, We got beat, thanks B. Laundry naps, running of the plebes, naked study Thursday, Dip spill tsorry 1.3. Want one of these greezies? Mikes gone green, Dave spat it out, I-Ianz and Franz, Mike is here? Billy Shmug, Shady B, me, and Nerious Friday nights, Tucks truck, Mamma Rita's, Mark is here? Billx. these chips are so good. Road trip, food poisoning, Tiki hut, Coin toss, Thumper. Atlantic City with Casey and Billy, glad we made it out alive. Miss you Eric. Chest bump with Billy. One life teaches volumes. NOLS. Did you pee on my stuff again? Downtown for Rob's Zlst, trucks, deer, fishing, and beer, all in one night. "We need a good muster Mr. Lapp." stumble stumble...what!? Snowboarding with the love birds in PA. Got her. keeping her, love you Babe. Mortons with the boys, thank you brother. Hey Billy, sign me in. Thanks for the Flask, B's declarations, food poisoning. . .again. Donft get yourselt plunged! I am Santa! JTI4. Did you just hit him? That is my husband! Ouch. Semper Fi, Central Park, you can call me Cowboy. Slum-Cat. They are loyal, and they are my friends. I have had my ups and downs. I have been loved and judged. I have been scared and insecure. But never have I been vvithout the strength that our Brotherhood has given me. Thank you David, Mike, Billy, Rob, Brandon, and Iason. , 225 l A The Woodlands, TX USMC Ground Andrew joseph jvlawcisfey t began with a coffee mug.Our friendship only grew stronger after destroying your sponsor's car-thus we plotted our first operation.It' you ever doubted our frienclship,just remember PROTRAIVIIDzyou-model with diamond in tooth,me-fat friend of emotional wastcxllouston campfire,fountain bathing in Nice,"if you clon't hook up with her I'm going to punch you in the facc-."You were looked up to for your patience,analytiCal xing,politic'al correctness,ancl cool temper-thankfully all that disappeared when you became a tyrant as CC- Clocl bless you for that.VVe'Il always keep in touch and meet in the most exotic places.I'm looking forward to knowing the Chuck in JU years as l'm Confident you will succeed in all that you do.Drew, thank you for help- ing me as only you can.INIow CET SOME!-ITC,Drewski"VVe're buddies,we're pals,we're amigos,we're gonna wrestle,"Big dreams for a big heart and a marked man,from 25 credits to no class, always searching,likes to make an entrance "slam,"knights in heart and deeds,all-or-nothing,comfortable in any situation with anycmnczanybocly wanna work out? IOI-IN you're out of your element.-CiBVV,punky s , drewster,shtbag plebe beComes Co csdiyelevator in civvies plebe year,philosophical about everything, instigator, hoorah, slumcat-fam...big brothers.-SHPQA man for all seasons,C'huck has it allzridiculous grades,double maior,business trips to Furope,a pro-tennis player's body on milkNroids.But my favorite is his once-ancl- a-lifetime interview with la fille avec les petites mains.I'm so jealous.RCiDgTeddy , wannabe,Chester look-alike,Andreas history?A grand sc hemer.So many changes at LISNA."I don't even need sleep to operate, "Triumphant Texan. I Matthew james jvlcjiinfey a t North Little Rock, AR USMC Pilot I od or Sweet Pea, Born to be a Marine, Silent Drill Team-"I'm not marching, this is how I walkf' Double- fisting Guinness overlooking Dublin, "I know what I said but if I really hated you I would never speak to you", Ivtr. Dependable -CBVV Your Irish, I'm Filipino, together we're an odd couple, but you know your brews and I know style. Thanks for being a great friend. Remember when you slept in front of the hotel door my plebe year to keep Monty from chasing after Tiff. "Matt, what did you say, hands look like what disease?" -Frankie Pro-quizzes plebe year tthanks for the helplg walking to Sampson for the past three years, giving girl advice, spending nights watch-ing movies, second round draft picks. It's been fun, thanks for being one of my . best friends. -Kristen Nova '02-'fDon't let me have another one Brian..." tLater that nightl 'fYou let me down Schex..." Fellow member of Fire team hole, Been an awesome four years, thank God you can catch almost anything, you have saved me more than once. Dh, and your ice skating is pathetic. II still think that you fell, I mean who would believe that I, the harmless, little girl, pushed you?I Don't forget the check-out line at K-Ivtart. Good luck in the Corps! Giggles out Slumcats, Rogers, I love you all and hope to keep in touch as long as I'm still breathing. lust remember, stay out of hospitals, newspapers, and jails, and don't forget to FTB. Phi I I If .Ig TN Wifhlam Toztifick Wlewzz I ' I I I I I La Quinta, CA Navy NFO 5226 emories at LISNA start with Navy football. We started plebe year at O-I 0 and were one of the worst teams in the country. We finished off one of the best turn arounds in Navy football history at IO- 2 with an Fmerald Bowl Championship and ending the year at number 24 in the country. FEBU, BROTHERHOOD FOREVER. I would like to make a shout out to some of the wonderful people I have met here. To Case man, Fl Brino, Tys, and Big Brown, The cruise of a life time, the belly flop contest, the S100 bill I threw into the toll booth, getting naked at Casc-y's cousins house and of course the Scottish Rugby team. lfiuys the ball is in your court tAs tyson would sayl. To the I Ith Company Slum Cats I love all of you and I wish the very best in the future. GRRR. To the boys, Brandon, Tuck, I-bone, lack, Ivlikey, Ben Cieorge, B-tizzle, aloe Duc e, Andrew Calvin Wood, I leave all the great memories we've shared together. And lastly I would like to thank my two best friends, Dave and Stan. You guys are the best and I coulcIn't have graduated without youcyt two. Dave I leave yoci helicopter, Napoleon Dynamite, the tvlichael lackson l moves, c hec king your balance and ofcourse the best lawnmower in the nation. I Stan, AKA Wc-c' man I leave you coin flip, the cheat bump at the bowling ally, and our domination of Aff. CDD BLFSS and I thank you all! I I ...f I Dougfas James Nelson jr Hunt, TX Navy NFO ou were my confidant plebe year, loyal roommate the next, spiritual advisor after that, and true friend I today and forever." Ieff Chewning., "I can share with you what I feel no one else would listen to, and you do not judge me. Without you, I wouldn't know about the faith I have. Thank you Doug." Stan Lapp., "ln the time I have known you, I have seen the heart of the lion, the compassion of the lamb, the faith of Daniel and the heart of David. I am proud to call you my brother and my friend." Iosh Atkinson., "When I was 8, I prayed for someone who could keep up with me. You were the answer to that prayer. I'm still amazed at your level of enthusiasm and joy!! Mike Stephens. , "After just a few talks with Doug on our San Diego cruise, I had made a lifelong friend." Robby jones. , f'There is no other person who cares more for the well-being of others than Douglas Nelson Ir. He helps those in need many times at his own expense. He seeks the will of Ciod and strives for the best in all things human. His caring and loving personality will only breed success in the days to come." Liz Tree., It is because of the Lord and my family and friends that I made it through the Academy. I'm just glad that He has E good plans to prosper all of us and to give us a future. gf 1 Z.. . ir. ., . Jason Jllncfrew Nerio , .. , ix, ul L, .. , , it .i n , mst. aa... I l.i..i,it,....if.f,,3 .rim , ii.1.-g.i.f.as,w.miw-xwn.,.',i'ii iwifzii-A-ma.1- I ,LN .I -,Ua:.,ii,a.-I: :Q if , k is ,ff i,,,j.1.:-. -. , ,I .I a ia . V V -,T . V I .. V ' V . . I er name was Tess? Hilton Head Island, OLD WOMEN, Philly "recon", Streaking Sth wing, You punched the ceiling? KLOTZBACH, Sneakin' out with B and Stan, Mamaritafs, Tuck's truck, Tulsa Football game, More officers B? Talley's Heroes, PB 4th ofluly, Morton's, Corrigan, Above the knee is gay, Zack, Party in the RV, Ranch, Old women, Who went in my house? Kevinzoutg Davidihome, never skiing again, Don't touch my butt, Harman, DTA, Wherefs the funnel? Greyhound, Angie or Angela, Cigar shop, Flasks, Trips to Norman, Cilee club: philly, to florida, md, texas, boston in 2 weeks, Tiki Hut, Hot tubs, 9.4 on HotDrNot, Nerio Shrug, What a great idea! LLL, Uofl, Inauguration, Super Bowl, San Diego with the roommates, Monday night football after 9!II, Cordially and emphatically, Old man river, Matchmaker for jarrod and amber, Diamond? Thanks for the beat-down B, He got engaged too? Not your sister lack! Random songs in King Hall, Old Women, Wait... No AI- F 'F' F it 'F ' cohol on MO? If you can't get a good girl... Dreamweaver, Captain Winkie, So much for OSU mom, 3 completely different nights at Erikfs, tTulsa, KC, Hous- If ton, Tulsa, new yearsi Thanks for coming to the ol' LIS. ofA dad, Vinum Femina P Cantus, Four years together by the bay, where Severn joins the tide, then by the service called away, we're scattered far and widep yet still when two or three Tufsaf QK shall meet, and old tales be retold, from low to highest in the fleet will pledge the Nerio Navy NFO if . I K A F I I Cynthia Rose Zufueta Ongjoco Derry, NH Navy Pilot y wingman and cherished friend. Who would've thought that Spring Break 2002 would be the be- ginning of our best friendships land worst scandalsi? From Europe to Hawaii, ArmyfNayy to Ring Dance, we've been together through it all. Always there to lean on or laugh with, my little Irish ilk. -SLA Cyndawg...boy did we start off on the wrong foot. But now look at us: lLKs forever!! Wish you only the best. ..Love ya so much!! -M-cat NEVER forget Rome, London, "You're of my heart", IT drama and headaches, our innocence, and you will always be my jewelry guru. Congrats, first ILK down the aisle! I loye you, will miss you, and I can't wait to visit you in P-Cola!!-SMH My little brown snowflake, thank you for saying yes and making my life worth living forever just to see how far the trail under Stribling goes, . how many times I can fall when skiing, how many tears can freeze to your face, how many chubby cheeks will come, how many boogers I'll sneak, how many thumbs up you can get, and how happy I can really be. -AAM Plebe summer nighttime conver- sations. Inventing new uniforms and random noises -LMH Mama joco!! I WILL make you open the peanut butter one day, 2nd semester squadmates fo-eva AIEB Norkous Malorkous: HCD and the mission. B: the randomness, gicker, cornbolio, photoshoot, no bueno, spray bottle, green N? and then somep roommates through it all! Sorry about the hurricane. FTB slumcats! eCRZO MacDougalltSELI 227 Stephanie 3-fekn Tmfkeif parker. Princess Stephler, Stephalo, Stephlebear. Plebe Summer...secret nighttime conversations, cough cough. Button wars in 2nd class alley. Definitely the angel sponsor child.-Lynnski If tvlia's testing her limits, can we do that too? Soccer, soccer, soccerlllll Slumcat bowling. Long Island iced tea, lots of it ...joe vs. jane, "C'mon baby, you know I love you."- Kwame. Lehigh basketball MO. "Say night-nightf'- Kim Shirley Cape May "I think theyfre looking at my leg." Road trip to Ohiomthought we were gonna die Katay. Close the deal. Anne of Green Gables. Stuck in the 7th wing elevator. Rudest person on the team. Diagnosed as clinically slow, so hack off about the cones. No really "shut the f up." Gotta love those I8 page papers. Anne of Green Gables . Hair escaped the jaws of T-reg. Typical. "Can I have a jungle fever please?" l'll only date him if he likes mashed potatoes. St. lohn's fire hydrant. "You're a skinny ..no you are!" Broken nose, tampons will fix that. Camp Claire and Steph. High-side ponytails. Oceanography twin Stvltvl. UNC- Ist in the nation, see if I give a flying- yeah. Happy New Year Papeetel Wine tasting. Lost in Paris. More wine tasting. Houston and Tahoe with the slumkitties. Good night hugs. Big brother interrogations. Eightin flamingos. The cutest, sweetest little ever. Good luck to the best little sister ever "el Parker". No really, close the deal. USMC... YLITI KKS. FASH 'O5. grrrrrrrrr. Letfs get outta here. Phi. Carmichael, CA USMC Ground Wifliam Thayer Qmxton his All-American warriorfprincess is destined for greatness. Memories will always remain of debates, alarm clocks, Knights, touchy racks, strength and honor, "vehicles," wrist watch confrontations, milk- shakes, endless non-fat protein-rich meals in KH, "its all relative, to a certain extent, but it depends on how ya look at it," the body of Achilles and mind of Tecumseh, the odd-couple of T-Pax and lohnboy, the restless napper, "everything in moderation," Alpha-bravo and phi?, the Lt. Speirs always within you, addictive freckled lemonades and Bonzai burgers, Ring Dance weekend, Gillan watching of Maximus stripping and IB commentary, and deft maneuvering onthe wrestling mat. I cannot imagine a better roommate, although he is slightly high maintenance. Thayer is THE one to fight in a foxhole with, discuss theories and play sports with, and compete with for EVERYTHING. The great moments included Paxtonious recruitment trips to Paxterra to revel in the aura of family greatness and legacy, nights spent talking in our racks, and the forging of friendship that will endure through this life and the next. Ex tempore. - Meyersdale, PA y USMC Pilot y Seem Eugene Turvfy years as room mates, summer detail together, and we still dont' get along. I love you bro, even with all your quirks. losh, Rapping in the room before chowcalls during detail, doing crazy dances and bustin' rhymes. The Doug and Purdy show! l'll be the navigator, you be the pilot. Doug, Seanski, Seandog, Purdy, Purclyman, Purddog, the list goes on and on..., I lth Platoon Creed, video games, "Eye ofthe Tiger", A true ladies man. Look, I'm a math major. Did I ever tell you about...blah blah blah, Huge Grin all the time, Lucy's. That's Rediculous. Ben, Phatty P's Represent Lynne! Rugby? Aren't you a little skinny? It's plebe sum- mer again? VVasn't I a squad leader last year? lt's been a trip slummies. Thanks for helping me through all of it, thick and thin. I coulcln't have made it without everyone. Thanks for all the great times, and A I'll always keep a smile on my face knowing you're all there with me! Sean, If one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams and endeavors to live the life which he has imagined, he will meet with a success unexpected in common hours. -Henry David Thoreau Mattoon, IL Navy Pilot t 228 W?,,,,,.?,,,.,,...7fs ....c,.W,....,.,..., 'er77'q.iiIfr,a 'llljl --Meftt.. . I -I Ssd,'w'11g , ,M ,H - . ...H A .. Rooert Tucker Rayon J jackson, TN Special Warfare Aw,,..,,c.M,.gh-,.,.. a.. .,... ,,,,..,g,Y,,,.,, ,.,,.,,,, ,vo . 11 Q. f- I P . . une 29, 2001, 4-4, we got beat, thanks for the last one B, KLOTZBACH, Chewning's bed, "Tuck's head's gonna explode", running o' the plebes, 5411, naked study hour, cigars, Hans 81 Franz, Tidewater Colonies, I-Ball, lack dropped my guitar... streaking, civies, truck, tailgaters, Tracy's house, Morton's, B - "How do you spell 'cat'?f', Million S ideas, IHTFP, naps, Grad week parties, "You think I can finish this bottle?", "wah wah wah Tennessee, wah wah wah Duck Hunting, wah wah wah jimmy Buffett", the "fun- nel", Hilton Head, Knoxville, youngster every day, Ring Dance x 2, Army- Navy RV, the Philly "recon", ski trips, flasks, "Tucknutsf', 21st - DTA, deer, fishing, Key West, Hilton Head again, Mini-BLJDXS, the -ith 84 SDPD had luck, Condition 1 on the yard - busted, DTA, the concussion, SPECWAR, no eyebrows, an- other officer B?, everybody's engaged, Hilton Head again, May 27, 2005, BUDXS, Thanks for the memories, but most of all thanks to God, family, and friends for all you've done and who you've helped me to become, I love you all, "Love must be sincere. Hate what is evil, cling to what is good. Be devoted to one another in brotherly love. Honor one another above yourselves. Never be lacking in zeal, but keep your spiritual fervor, serving the Lord. Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer? Romans 12:9-12 sn.. Caroline Ann Scuofoler 1 Los Alamos, NM USMC Pilot or Heather: We two were four years afloat competing with the other. Lying down with the stars and wak- ing up with the sun, Sweating and bleeding and crying some days. in search of small victory when we were done yet more often i think, we worked side by side and for all of our tolling, the river still won, Boats! Water! Yeah! Candace, youfre a bacl-a MotherFI jackie Sinnet, if I give you S20, Caroline Scudcler, go to Miami, You clon't need oxygen to row! Like glass. Today will be a great day. St. I-j-j-j. Princess. This is Danielle's Boat. San Diego. jellyfish. Miami. Here I go again. You pumped? Slumcats, So Tanuk-tanuk, clu-cla-da-da. Brr it's cold in here. Mad cow disease? Never saw anyone, I just rowed and rowed and rowed. Lynne, me, and the third wheel. Cold showers! Getting fried with jason and Doug. Isabel- water water ev- erywhere. Nightmare... what will we ever do? Eye of the Tiger. Supt's Girl. Perpetual limp. Top 100 Best Movies Ever. The sound of cold steel. Shine your head for a nickel. Kill. Sev- . enth Wing Walker .... I swear I'm working. 12732. Polar Bear Plunge. Ghetto 'L 7. Tigers. Protestant choir, VA Beach, NYC and not enough tickets. Starbucks in the morning. Sprenkle: how long to streams of false delight. These odors are the prayers of saints. Psalm 143. Phi. FTB. 7,,..s. ..,. n,.,f,,:,.,.fa.-NIM-,--.-,N...,,.v .... ...,.,,.-5.-ff, ,...V., .MM .4 ,,. c.V.. .f.V. . .. . V. , .. . ...kg . .. . .L , V. . . . . . . g I . I I NfC4ee f Scott S fsrtee J Virginia Beach, VA -USMC Ground ven before you walked into room 5402 plebe year, the Lord knew we would be the closest of friends. As we ran sprints for the first time on Rip Miller field practicing for the PRT, I thought, "Who is this that has such energy and such a vibrant perspective on life?" As we stayed up until 4 in the morning talking about everything from why my closet door moved in the night to why the universe operated the way it did, I thought, "Who is this that can instantly comprehend all the crazy things we talk about and is willing to share thoughts on absolutely everything?" As we ran the Rock N Roll Half Marathon in Virginia Beach wour home turfl and surfed that afternoon, l thought, "Who is this that is so relaxed and kind and so willing and enthusiastic to try anything and everything with those that share the same passion for life?" As I sat at my desk in our room 7046 going through a difficult time in the fall of our IXC year, I felt a tap on my shoulder and thankfully received a glass and a friendly note commemorating our time at the Academy and I thought, "Who is this that is so willing to give so generously with no thought of return and who fully values our friendship? It is you Mike Stephens, my Academy companion. Thank you for who you are and the friend you will bein my life forever. Douglas Nelson I 229 ., MX john Wifham Treyptow er name was Tessewe got a hiscuit here! Two girls, a snowstorm, amhient light, and a 5-day week- end. LI of I and the mighty Beach Cfluh. Hanging out at Tracy's tthanks BI, "Hour of Hate Streaking" t'that plehe' just saw usl, tvIorton's, Tidewater Luxury Parking and Spirits. Tiki Hut and Drunken gui- tar playing at Hilton Head t'Really, I'm SO sorry'I. Going hroke in Venice, Homer's Puhcrawl and 5 stories in Rome, right mah freynds? Lydia, Mana, La Oveja Negra, Barcelona. Tuck, are you in my squad again? ,David too? lapan, hahymthe A-Team's exploits. Norkous, tvtalorkous. Caught with the fridge: pants down. Never stopped talking to Ange CHCGI, never slept much either. "You really punched mel" Restriction musters tHey, Lieutenantl after negotiations with the DOD failed tlumping the wall seemed feasihle at the timel. Ring Dance and AcBoard, all in a day's work tlust call me 'Second Chance'eThanks for the nudge, BI'fTALLEY'S HEROES: The cigar shop in Ohio, Iustin Nassiri, IDreamweaver, the hushes at Hood, Pleasure Island X Sheep Island. Vinum, iFemina, Cfantus. A SKIV tfinallyl Wait, therefs no drinking on M.O.? What a great idea! Cfordially, and Emphatically, VEEPX Slumeats Slumming in the Slums of 7-O, Stairwell guitars, "Agh! Agh!" Browntowne owes me his name, Nerio owes his shrug. Making fun of everyone with Chewy, Drives hack from Leatherneck with Drewski-my dearest Home-Wood, IL friend tAhhhhhhhI. Riordan's with Randy N Betsy. Macheth firsties: HEYO! Four years of good times, slummiesea real hand of hrothers. N e. USMC Ground . I I I George Benjanfan Wathtns Q as anyone figured out if its George or Ben?NBen's one of those guys that you just want to know, wheth- er its hecause he's gonna do something stupid and you want to laugh or hecause he's a good guy to he friends with, either way, you know you're gonna have fun. We've had some awesome times and we'll have some more. elf I had to descrihe Ben, I'd say he's most like a turtle. Not just cuz he's slow, or cuz he has tiny little arms, or hecause his head resemhles a mushroom. Ben's like the turtle that's heen run over, kicked around hy sadistic children, and dropped into moving traffic. Now what does a shahhy turtle like this have in common with Ben? They are hoth survivors. They mayhe rough to look at, hut they've heen through a lot and just need some TLC to make it in this world.NWhere do I hegin?I Ankle weights. All those trips you said you wouldn't go on.VVaiting for your luggage in Heathrow. Late night rumhles. Dishes with your mom. More ankle weights. Being a friend I can count on to someday collect my mail while out of town, hut not watch my kids. Thanks for the laughs George and your friendshipfHarder to O find a "worse" guy than OB. The annual PRT dinners were awesome. Coming hack after foothall practice and seeing me asleep at your desk... nice.+IO:O7 y you fought for it, you earned it. I Unionville, PA Submarines g Christopher Matthew Zwichevf mend for Arnold!!! Sweet, caring, and kind, He hates when people waste his time. He loves eating iee cream even though it makes him throw up. He likes the roaming gnome, tattoos, and tigers, And en- joys Iifting, ice skating and skiing. He hates when people use his computer or go through his stuff and drinks lose Cfuervo straight up. He travels in his dreams to Philadelphia, Toronto, upstate New York, and the Cfarihhean. And on lazy nights to a hed in Bth wing. He survived living with Grendel and Bear only to move in with Stinky. He is an amazing hest friend, hoyfriend and lover. lune 4, 2005 I love you NNNNN Chelsey J Hatfield, PA Navy NFO 230 ,W-wx g,,,f1'iZ, -A 1,Lff"vQ . W5 ,:. f-fu " P A -1- X4 v' .x.-,,...MV 9 f,,.. .4,...--...,...L I x .9g,.,.,,...., --1-fr---4---w--r ...- 1 F , " A Q27 "gm 3' r by I W S3 W, .fn . -,. ,. ,r X, ,, . ,1-'nl x K lyk I 1 J :ht I .L 1 f 5 W WM 1 X 4 I H .1 1 , . si , V 1 ,,., finyf I V in ' , I ., W-wi' W '1 . - T " ., If , 3 .1 fi 4-' 'Y '4 x ,, 5 X ' W. J., ' If I nf. Q V fm' "1 1 ' , M-1 + 4. .f , 1 "" U ' ' - - ' ' 'f"' - ga:-ma. , .t w H, " . - ' ,M mfr, W M . A- ffl Re'-.1 CW WM'-W ,., -. A-Nw.-w M WHW,W5,,.,., , I .-- Wwamvm' -'--...........RWTjiHq f-vw HL-fa 2. C ' ' if A . HP 2411? J' fy .' 3 t la.,-f ' ff. -' ' g,. +G' 9 M :N W N , film. , ' .Mm 'Www .,,.....4Q.11'f" 4- 1' -.. 'M' ' MW , A .X V Y? .,.--,,,i.,-V,,-.N.-M -.-..,,.,., ll .lason .lanet Cory lVliehael Paul Nicholas Adam Thomas S ,Xliong Marie Broome .loseph Colistra .lared liekert Kaneen Evans .l lfreeman Daniel Freihol'er William Gallagher tirant Dax id Christopher Aaron Spencer Brian .lohn Dermot Brenton Joseph Ureenxx ell Allan tirillo Anthony lleil Stephen llunt .laines lsaae Taylor Kadf Nieholas Killian ll Andrew Kolb Carl Lambert Kevin Kathleen Alan Richard lfederieo William Amanda .lellrey Krueger Miles Lane .lr, liugene Laughary Neole Mahan Michael lVlarsh Andrew Mayer lVlCllLlll21l3L1l Lynn Minikus 1 l di l l l i i i i l I l l I l l 1 I I Daniel Patriek Albert Grant .lason Brian Wade Poehe Berg Sargent l'il0I'Cl Silx a Kenrie Smith Lee Swenson Anthony Vent K,,.f,., 4' 2 I K 1 5 Y fi! l H J , g if . V v rig I P, 5 .. : i ' 6 i ti 1 l vi lt ? l 5 Z E ' 3 'E 1 I 1 gr fs lx , W , A T 'i "2 2 ll Derek David Holling- Timothy lvlargaret William William Marjorie Daniel Anastasiades sworth Bennett Engene Conaway Delaney Curran liugene Dann Lee Davidson Kathleen Drake lp l-rietlinan Michael Peter Daniel limily .loseph Gregory Nicholas Nlartin Keith Glasby ll Francis Goodman Ryan Hood Anne Lapp Thomas Liles lillsworth Lynch Charles Marston lzdxxard Nlerrick Ebony .lace Gregory Gregory Kelly David Robert Colin Briana Miller Dustin Mirmak Allan lVlisehler Thomas Nannig Ann Nelan Douglas Novotney Anthony Porter .lames Raunig i y Sean Frank Philippe Ryan Christopher Ex an R5 an Stephen T Patrick Rice Gershom Robinson Ivan Rodriguez Michael Roy Schnappinger Andrew Scott Lexx is Sidlox sky .lolm Skahen .hi l l l l l l ' Ray Daniel David Daniel Patrick .lohn 1 Smith James Tedeschi Gridley Underhill Colby Walker Brian Winter Sangxx hon Yu Sr, l l h it -YV" at gt: ' l 'ili i ' in if Q 5 c l iof, ,tf.V ,, 5 lk an ' it l 233 l II body Lloidtni Dux id Victor Mntthcxxi Circgory .loncllc IVIzn'tu XI Iignton XX' Iicnson S Cole M Colon Cox A Cunnnings D Dcxmillon ID Divo' , ., ,. . ., ., IJ.ix nI Rlictt fXnn.i Ixi istotu Apiil Ciugoiy C Iinton .Iohn I cu Icrrif N Ciilniain INI Ciuiltoil Dunicl Ilgnxlxikcr A Icurd .I Iizicfitizimki Bownizin Igiwsoii .I Lim xitl Inccy I' Nlnlc oIni L I Iioniux Robert Miclincl .Iolin .Ioshna Circgory Canon Evan Mutauilii I3Iziinc Moors Sliunc Moses Thomas Ivloyniliun Pzittillo L Pctrzlcca Rgiulicl Nlicliaicl Clizirlcs Iirik 'Ilionius Irx in Dunicl Ryan , Rcnnic I Scanlon XX' Scott M Sink SIounc .lcxxcll Spcncci' If Turpcy III I. Urbzinslti I I I I I I I tlctiticy C'In'istopIici' Cziscy Lznnxi I, Xtimiciiciigcl I A Ycntnru IJ Wnlkci' Ci Zinimcrmzin y 2 4 -.A 5 I ' 3 I I "P--. I I I I I I I I II 1 I I -u .0 H 1 : Y x X . S 'gr' , 1 .,d . ,War mg gi-,n 41: .- ,. I 1,3553 L ,w 3l'w V5 4 J' -cb Y Q I Q, wi 0 , , , W H1'2f.ff:"A "'w , k A 1 :is 2 sv, "ks 'M 1, 1 ,L 5,4 1 f , Def 1 'F' my 1 f Lf 1 1. I, 13, M fm -1 ve' 1, I 4' , 5 'V 4445, 2 A A f r J V 'wzv-11" ,V ,,., T Q.. . '35 .. 5 Y ' VMS- 5 J we-F A W- 'I '-x.. 9 Z 12th Company-Dirty Dozen, Wolf Pack, Angry Badgers Fallen Shipmates: Ftoss, lVlcKraken, Bostwick, Connor, Larson, Schmidt, Kirkbride, Gill JSIVIC: Duckworth, Alley, Alexander, Pzasa, Hayes, l-looker, Dickson, 'opolski, Prentice, Wilkie Pilot: Foster, Robinson, Ferro, Glaser, lVlanzoli, Bae, Cox, DeVera, Wright NFO: Gowins, lVlerkle SWO: Lee, James, Peyna, Peterson, Smith, Kavanagh, Jones Subs: Wozniak, Richards, Brouillard, Pagona EOD: Serfass SEALS: Kitchen ,TQ Four long years of hard work-or hardly working-is at an end. At least we can all say... "We're done, we've made it!" No more arctic showers in the ghetto of 7th wing or brown water pouring from the faucets while construction workers wake us up in the early hours of the morning. Onward to better things, we'll take on new challenges and begin paving the way of our future. Where ever we go-whatever we do: shipmates, shoremates, squid or jarhead we'll always remain a family and we'll always remain friends. LL . in i CAPT Mary Beth Bruggeman Company Officer 1st Seme Jill N. Peterson, XO Landon B. Foster, CC Michael G. Zakaroff, 1st Sgt aff IVIIVICS Douglas F. Noyes Company Senior Enlisted Cutis W. Prentice, XO Louie A. Ferro, CC Adam J. Brocnetti, 1st Sgt 2nd Semester Staff Beeville, TX USMC Ground Lilburn, GA USMC Ground Laurel, MD Navy Pilot Scott Cooper Akxancfer ii c ott loyes being nakecl. What's more, Scott likes letting you know he loves being naked. Welcome home. He's probably the only Marine who will ever go to bed under a Scooby Doo blanket. And he will likely be the most motivated Marine ever. Especially so given his incessant chit-chat and bubbly personality. Eyer the ayid conyersaticinalist. Take, for example, the time when bis roommates were the last to know about a certain former member of Ilth Company. And don't get him started on Cracker Barrel-not a fan, to say the least. He's also proud of bis fifteen feet in the air, and likes to let you know it, too. The way bis eyes light up when he mentions how time stood still is, quite simply, just magic. Too hottie likes to sing, too. But it's usually one line, and it's usually for hours at a time. At least he likes to volunteerfsuch as the time he hid in his closet to keep from doing the Worden Whirl. There was never someone more dedicated to bathroom protocol. "They might see my shoes!" At least you know he won't keep you up at night. I I :OO sharp, or it's a pumpkin for Scott. , vs s. Katherine Louise Aftey hat's the matter with you? You want to be an English major-be an English major! ..... Kataton- ic...Katastrophe..."Sir, I am NDT going to drop my rifle!"... "Well, art is art, isn't it? Still, on the other hand, water is water! And East is East and West is West and if you take cranberries and stew them like applesauce they taste more like prunes than a rhubarb does. Now, uh.. Now you tell me what you know' '... I'II never forget the first time I met you: "The coast is clear, Batman! Cro Navy, Sir!" I haven't stopped la