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xr' L I W .' Qizfff i s 'W mv F Uh N 'D Q99 GJ n H , .ff ,- --- ,747 'xg A A f 4-AL J- A, J. sf , , ,T 5- f -'1S-fZ.. fTL,'--W4 i ffflI Q L I N W 5 I , ,M 68 Q ll' 'Q his W fe vw . OW 5: .M ma 0 n O. 'Q I 94 I O Q J 9. V p 9 Q 4111- ' : 'QQ'6'54'4""?s"-s'o"a'g94'4'4'4'g'4?l4'Q 'Q f Q, ' 92535 O QD 5: I o .,- 'T lu 'Zyl f " 'mai ' X f 2 Il Q is O rwunfum Il IHA! All .'l- A Il I ll llllIl.ll.ulllI ,nu,,,,',",,Ihh M T H E BQ' H 5 ' - f 0, , , X --3-. .-fm 'xt Z-1 -T.. . WTQ I ap Q I 2 EIIJ l gm! ,ff 7 ' 'L pq' '-" .gf U: wif 1 LUCKY BAG Q H ' Q. 'Q 9 E?fPf2tPtPtPKPfPfFtPt9Q i fa"4'lf4'4P'.Q"e?d'6'o?'!l4'0"4'.'4Q LW 1 A I l I x W ' , :1.. f ' 3,4 1 V VE Q The Annual ofthe Brigade oflllidslaimnen United States Naval Academy Annapolis, Maryland xl-513-14 , . P Z 2 -Q, MA. .Cf , wx' ? f -1 f .V .,.. ,, 4aC.'F'mAyf-1,15 X xffhgwpd--,. W, ,- .V '- f'QrZ5'?sf3fqa'Qyg 'y.-,-::,.y , A., , K. 9,64 A-,xy .M Lit nu 52, Q fr + ': 5, ,Z ' I V 3 1553 'Y x. . 145' -wif 'Q Q, , P , , . M ,mg in , sg 1 r 'iv f A. if .? W Table of Contents TloeBrigaa'e 1st Company 2nd Company 3ra' Company 4tl1 Company 5111 Company 6th Company 7th Company 8th Company 9th Company 10th Company 1 Itlo Company 12th Company 13th Company 14th Company 15th Company 16th Company 17th Company 18th Company 19th Company 20th Company 21st Company 22na' Company 23ra' Company 24th Company 25th Company 26th Company 27th Company 28th Company 29th Company 30th Company 6 12 28 44 60 78 96 1 12 128 144 160 178 194 208 224 240 256 290 290 308 324 340 354 370 386 404 422 438 454 468 484 fass M i i aecneates triis fuiiiiai Lacey Baca Yearnoon Major CRicnarcfS. Cjannon 'JCI M iZlyrii17, 200.4 3T6fQBQlFl'0L6OYli,ii7f6,QYlCLTf116 in imeiii, iii Qviiiifiiie Division, itieneryferfei i 'fi Lieutenant Sqoteniner ir 1st Marine Cllecaiinent, IST Marine Division, Cl Marine Exyeentionary Torce, Ser'vecf'USClXfQZl as EE CPrcfzss0r anefilliigny Coacn. M WHO fiotn rnacQ tne uftiinate sacrifice in tne our nation in i eration Q ' ia. .3 ,gf v :, ,,.7,, , - A4 J wi iii 1 25 E, we .Q , rl' ' -H .5 -' V I ' vu, 36 ,ff-A ,, -A-,T , -i s 4, , ,, "4 5, ' L gg - l y . ' V fvli.. 5 1- , b f . V' "W Q A 4 -, ' ' "5 gif" , 4 ' f'9,g,,1, ' ily, U. 'Q' f'1li,f'?Ufi: if 3"' , . ' 55? , W ff I if 3 , 5- ,Y N. V , ni. .. 'S 'Q e 5 4 ,A f. ' ' : Q, " ' , 5' b 41' le 11555. if-if fd 55325311 1 'f ' fe I .. Q" A K, gb W A Miha. xy 4 ,Q ,.+f.- ' , 3111 "www, xQv "'Z,. ,puffy 'Q 55, YYQ f i' if 5 .F V, 0 . 'it 7'1" Ugg Q K. f w U O 1 01' - , in 'Ns N5 ' , I 5 1 QAM' Zi 1' lv ' Q pin Q Q P' P P K i W 1 Y I I I if ff ff' f- . 1 L l Q A .1 B R I G A D E S T A F F 20 l ij l , ff y F i Jfw flfk - Left to right: Tyler Smith. Physic. Missions Officeri Travis Amerine. Sergeant Major: Aaron Hickman. Aptitude and Conduct Officer: Jessica lVlcClay, Chief of Staffg Jonathan Landers, Training Officer: Eric Ranger. Brigade Commander: Drew Thomas. Operations Officer: Si Kim, lst l,T!Admin Officer: Sale Lilly. Executive Officer 5 , i"iYfi'F"'Z, 'W' - ""' frwfffl, V' ' W iff ffff V Y C O ' ' Y ' Y W tr 'Y i Tvvufrrfiffi, ,,'-,K Eygilgi Z'4t'5F if " ' ' - ' mf 1 f..." KIRK? iff V A 3 'Q X '- if ii as f ' , . ,gf-91:5 Ulm, f ' N - . , , , A , i V - . ,, V igag-g:'w'v-ff , , , , g j"+g , M. .1 .1 ' A .. 4. A lx '- f N.. . l. . - i ,D l , ' ff if r , FAIW flfk ' 'LIVNK Left to right: Heather lchord, Sergeant Majorg AndyiCronin, Operations O if cerg Eric Scherrer. Executive Officer: Tyler Smith. Physical Missions Officer: Quinn Rinehart, Brigade Com- mander: Yong Chey Tan. lst LTfAdmin Officerg Simba Chigxvida, Adjutantg Kyle Opel, Chief of Staffg Niel FletcherAptitude and Conduct Officerg Kristopher Von-Krueger, Training Officer 04 ' ml A I fi if Luna? i ruff I xl lg X Left to right: Lauren Warren, Liz isong Kevin Sullivan, Secretaryg Travis Ohermyer. Coordi- nater: Alexander Martin, Chairman: Nicholas Karnazes. Vice Chairman: Katherine Shovlin. Investigations: Nickolas Perez, Education ,ffllffli 4 K' F . jfifinllllllfll ffnf zwfjrffzfj rfffzfffr ffyf ' e f f f X' jx -M111 fjfrffzrf rf 1' fAflf Miki 111 17? Af. I I my fwffffrf UWM fffzfffwfifffvf fAf!f Mfflffflfvffl 111 AIINIWII, - rf' fm! WP. f'l!!6l'flf'f' f11'1'nr+iJ in riff ffrfffkfzzfj. - f'll'f!!!'f! fAf!f wwf -jff6mf7!fffff1fJ fAf'l'!' aww 135 fAf'l'l' rffffn, rfnrfffrff fffijfljffffzffff f'fw'f7fffffp'rff11 any 'ff'ffl'f'f'f1j rw - Mr'f'fQ'ffrffff1fQ1'Wr'1'Q flffffffnfvzfffrf v rf' fm! f'Af'flf. ffwrffff Mrffvfffffy fff'fAf'l7j fffxrffwfjffrrf fAfff rfflrfm nn' H50 fn AWNKWV Aww Mr' fffjff fffiffl' ffffffxfffrfflffy. - rf' fm! fjffwf Brigade 84 Honor Staff 9 l D l , ' 1, ffl ff fmwzffff Q 'W Left to right: Alfred Park. O erations: Drew Barker lst LTfAdmin.1 Katharine Folz. Regimen- tal Commander: Jared Ogclen.Atljutant1 Joseph Duchesneau. Executive Officer: John Keefe. Sergeant lVlajor1 Stephanie Patterson. Physical Missions Officer: Brandon Secrest, Sports Boss 004 fail l ff .ji , R wyfmwzffff If fry - li ffmf Left to right: William White,Adjutant1 Stephanie Patterson, Physical Missons Officer: Doug- las Kane. lixccutive Officer: Ahron Ocldman. Regimental Commanderg Travis Hartman, Ser- geant lvlllxllllf .lohn Crumpacker. Mitlshipman Information Systems Liasison Oflicerg Matthew Bernhartlt. Sports Boss f--Q f - l 1 . 4, .FJ V TG? K l l ll ' JY w witfii-412 1 9 .,H5if.. 'i , if 1 Q pi 'R , l 3: , , iwgi: , Q ft J fs . .4 Q Left to right: Ann Cox, Physical Missions Officer: Diana Roach, Operations: Jennifer Lip- F scomb, lst LT!Admin: Christopher Lollini. Sergeant Major: Ryan D. Restrepo. Battalion Com- manderg Daniel Kuratko. Sports Boss: Jimmy Suh. Executive Officer: James Myung. Drill I CDR Patricia Cole lst Battalion Officer B A T T 'Qfl'ffflA'f'!! 1 - 'W N 1 . Officer: Jonathan Kim. Training: Nicholas Yonnone. ADEO R P tttt it it s T I .nge - .l - l O N ,D-ja 0 , , y 0 LCDR J vel Newman Qlffffffiffff 'fry 0 Cyfffff Biitttiiitiii citipiam Left to right: Steve McManamay, Adjutant: Errol Youngborg. lst LTfAd ning Travis Miller. Operationsg Michael Byrne: James A. House. Executive Officer: David Kelm. Drill Sergeant: Cody Lutke. Battalion Commander: Mike Campbell. Physical Missions Officer: Brian Ross. Sergeant Major: Paul Barron. SAVIL Christopher Neboshynslty. Training: Mike Mahrey lst Regiment 8: lst Battalion 11 Elf E002 milf , f w -3 ,waxy mr , N..- QQSLM ' ' at L E - -m- LT Blah' A' Keithley Jennifer M. Root, Company XO Company Officer Ian A. Drullard, Company Commander Kevin M. Harrington, First Sergeant LNC Adrienne Brooks Company Senior Enlisted 4 J.C. Davis, Company XO Nicholas B. Perkins, Company Commander Liam F. Mulcahy, First Sergeant 12 2004 2 11"- NICHOLAS EDWARD ALFANO E--vp 'af HICKSVILLE, NY ,W NAVY NFO "wanna play some high low?" JJL Fat Wop. the kid from Strong Island. Juco baller. You are friends with everyone. but you love JACK D. the best. Beer Pong anyone? Hofstra bars. Y0u're the real birthday boy. leaving your carburator on 95. Army weekend at Linda and Teds. Fat Mike's party. Car Bombs. Just Ball NJT "Hell yeah I'll have an irish car bomb sir" If -. . . . y we never got to spoon jh. KM Nick Alfano. while watching a NFL game at DfS2Cs in front of Stexe RauIli's dad. CBC The last ofthe true strong islanders. Nick never gave up the light for the battle of the pong...he 2 1:-bf if . J ,. . Spillane Sorry never quit and drank like the merry soul we know and love...KK "Bucky had a SlClLll'C-A TJM "Can I hay e a pitcher H of Jack and coke. What do you mean you don't have a pitcher ofjack and coke?" Sarver: "Nick you ordered a pitcher ofJack and Coke" RS J.D. pong. juco. pathfinder. jersey turnpike. fake cgi real. intervalsskfleat l-I4 beers. 5 guys. 8 hours of drinking...any questions? NBP "I drank two beers really really fast" "You're the devil. you and Jack Daniels are the dex il" WCB. I don't know where to start. LI God's Country. Who will never go to TX? Mulcahys. You taught me everything. .lust 2 minutes. . .ok ok ok... IU. My urban cowboy. Ahh! I can't believe I whipped him. Beer Pong. Youngster Tuesday mornings. Ah. I'in a mime. Cling. Toe pick! I LOVE Lax Guy sl Waiting all 4 years for one night - New Years on 6th St. - LAC Qi EUGENE WINFIELD BURTON-BREAZEAL OAK HARBOR, WA NAVY NFO Hi My name is Bingo..Welcome to Alpha! Call him Jeeps. Monkey. Bluejean. Newgene. Screwgene. Hugene. Soup, but don't call him late for practice. Have you done your homework yet? Snores like a chainsaw. Jeeps turn over! Random palm pilot alarms. 3 minutes until 5 minutes to formation! Be wary of the black snake. It's weird. the picture of me in my rack and you not there. The Wall. Beemer fixed 3 years and S3 million later. Be careful scraping the windshield. you might not get back on the yard! Helping a mail truck. helping 2345: Justin trying to sleep. yelling at Ian. Ian dropping rifles and yelling at Justin. and Eugene dancing around the room with techno blaring. Look guys, if you're gunna break the rules. you might want to do it more quietly. IM push ups. NG vs EWBIV. No. no. it's a too sexy! But I must! So what is the negative effects? It smells like axe in here! It's about that time eh chaps? Right-O. I'rn le tired. Hey ya. the Saab lady. getting dirty. getting subway. then getting stuck! So. I hear ya like to push a little deck? Ah. Rockville. LAUREN ALYSSA CARR FREDERICKSBURG, TX SURFACE WAREARE Living across the hall plebe year. "Sir they told us it was a liner to espo". from Mom. Bob and Ingrid's, Ocean City and Doc's house. breakfast burritos. "I want it NOW". "Nooo. ok yes". "Im an angel fallen from heaven". NY to Texas. Getting hit in the face with the tree branch. learning football. LSU vs. OK. Speedracer. "but its worth S5o.ooo" towards my BMW. Spanish God.taking care of me when I was sick. pobracito. Teddy 8: Linda... .NEA From TX. to WV. to OC. to Mexico to 4 years at this wonderful place - you have grown to be one of the few people I know will ALWAYS be there for me. I love you for the girl I know you are...the passionate. athletic. beautiful Texas cowgirl who follows her heart. -JRC Who would have thought that studying more chemistry would bring us closer together? You were my savior. though you almost killed me twice driving through red lights tonce in front of a fire truckl- BHG Everything life has thrown at us along the way, .. we have your scrapbook to help us remember it all! But it's the little things like knowing what each other is like at 0530 in the morning that really make our friendship so special. Thanks for being who you are, and helping me to figure out who I am- LAS My favorite roommate. oh wait. My swo buddy. braider. make up artist. You opened my eyes to an exciting life. taught me what Cosmo couldn't. and took care of me more than you will know. Aniigas por siempre-SNF First roommate, how can I ever thank you for putting up with me. I don't know how you put up with all of this New York around you. - JMR lst Company 13 ANDREW THOMAS CARTER ENDICOTT. NY USMC GROUND "The Inission of the United States Naval Academy is to develop Inidshipmen morally. mentally and physically and to imbue them with the highest ideals of duty. honor and loyalty in order to provide graduates who are dedicated to a career of naval service and have potential for future development in Inind and character to assume the highest responsibilities of command. citizenship and government." RYAN LEE CRAFT SHELBY, OH NAvY PILOT Thinking your cool because: you're older. drive a Trans-am. have a private pilots license. an aero major .... on and on and on. Good times at the Jaime's beach house. I44 was the big number for that night. "What was that'?'?'? I don't know but here it goes again." The black Trans-am never -- I being good enough. Silver Trans-am. only other car driven less than the Bronco fExcept it is always parked at a close spotl. Good times drinking Tequila in Veracruz. Always having places to go. but never letting us know where. All of the girls you IM but nobody has ever seen them. If anyone is going to be living a secret life. it's going to be you. Here is to the good times drinking Spaten Optimator at Rams Head. Here is to flying for the rest of your life. MBS How did you ever make it through this place? You had by far the hardest major in the world. 1 mean What other major makes you play four hours of flight simulator on PS2 eveiyday. 8 hours a day during finals. You do work hard at everything, homework. ears, women that you can't have. .lust remember the movie "Unfaithful'l and everything will be all right. How much money did we spend at Ramls Head? Don't you worry. we'll be forever immortalized at that bar with our own mug. Was S585 worth the price? l think yes. Now we can toast! Cheers to surviving the USNA! Cheers to flying! --- JMM COLLIER CRAIG CROUCH HOUSTON, TX NAVY PILOT Few people are known as "The World Connoisseur." Collier came to the Naval Academy with his mind set on service selecting aviation. He did everything he needed to do. and then some. Collier was never one to stay idle or to stray away from a challenge. He kept himself busy with acolyte work. Lucky Bag Editor. and countless other activities. He chose to major in chemistry. one ofthe hardest majors at the academy becuase he thought it would challenge him and it was the only B he made plebe year . Collier did not set small goals. but he is on track to Inaking Inost if not all of them come true. Collier's one of those people who will drop anything they are doing to help someone else out. l could always count on him for help even ifl knew he did not have the time. He made Inistakes. but learned from every one of them. He made a few enemies. but anyone who didn't get to know the real Collier really Inissed out. Good luck in the Fleet. I'm sure I'll see you out there. - JJ 14 2004 .. ,Z Welcome addition in any social s .UL NEA. HRRRRGH! JAMES CORBIN DAVIS p OREM, UT USMC C1RouND "Ahhhh yeeeuh give it to your boy!!!!" JC was a late addition to the crew, spending two years in Italy on his the first Mormon we ever met. but if' they're all like U JN Il-ll, ,eff A VMET 3 XJ. ' . ff i"" -X , f' , I- -ff T but yyclcomc mission. Hc's him. then Utah can't be so bad. A legendary intramural warrior: this lllllll had skills unlike anything Jan Dainard had ever seen. The most competitive person I know. he's good at everything he does. except fishing. And driving down streets III Las Vegas. Attracting women is no problem tor this man: his dance moves could make you dizzy, but keeping 'em around proves a bit tougher. He holds records in Italy and America for 'number of women dated-onccf Even though he makes us look bad. he is the best roommate and II-testi a guy could ask for. He won the respect llllll admiration ofhis new classmates through his quiet demeanor and selfless attitude. A warrior on the field and a gentleman off of it. his good nature rand his daIIce moy esp IllLtliC him a etting. There's not many men in the World that we would want our sons to emulate. and IC's at tops the list. .IAH SEAN RICHARD DOUGHERTY DREXEL HILL, PA NAVY PILOT Shamus O'Shanti from-uh. Munster? Tree Room Co-Founder. Viking at heart. Bouncer at bars from Virginia to Seattle. Get up. get up. get up it's 7130! Speak into my horn. Please keep your monkey anatomy and shaving cream cans to yourself. Newscasters, high schoolers. elementary school teachers. rugby players, bachelorettes, Englishwomen- Shamus and his wig have dated them all. Okay. maybe just kissed tbut not necessarily only one at a timel. No hotel? Find a Tepee. Tappin the resources at Immaculata. No, she's my schmoopie. Your schmoopie? Okay, she's our ex-girlfriend. You don't want her? Just pawn her off on Jon. Pull the trigger Sean Eor just call everyone in your phonebook. it's only 2:30 a.m. Professional skier who can hit old ladies with deadly accuracy. Here, hold on to this pump. l like bagels, cream cheese. buttered popcorn and cool whip. lilll such a bad feminist. It tastes minty? DRY! He bit my stomach! Edward 40 hands. won by forfeit. Happy Times Cab: I dropped a turbo in this mother. Tree Room Forever. IAN ANDREW DRULLARD CHESHIRE, CT SPECIAL WAREARE lhe'sl like pulling a string from a sweater...Take one Tazmanian Devil. add six pounds too much sugar. one geodesic dome. a touch of' Cheshire class. and a little Southington 'hood. remove the governors on the volume. and throw in one Trident : WHAT! I7 Cla-boom ga-buh tand a whole Iness of random sputtersl pointless yet catchy too. Yes you can Inake apples out of a ton 'o stuf'f'. CC and inventor ofthe double combo-billet. This is Admin...This is lt' Lt. "I would never darkside..." woops...Hi my name is lan. l know everything about every cartoon ever made...ever. Save the her. . .a bit too buoyant. emergency blow'..There goes that car with the rocking chair...agaiII The Aegis X- I. Big Top IaII. Ian's Big Adventure. driving back in a hurry. . .don't wanna miss blue and gold with Ritterman. . .hmm lst Company 15 Il SHAINA NICOLE FLORES COLORADO SPRING, CO SURFACE WARFARE Locked on little Napster. Ms. Flores puts out effort! S. J. scribbled everywhere. Papa .Iohns? Fetal position. Mmm..sugar free jelly beans. Crocheting and Mega Millions. not so much. Nap time, spilling 100 quarters. Brownfblondf chocolate cherryfshoitflong but hair EVERYWHERE. Karen. enough said. Platinum recording artist in the shower. Pack rat-never. unique organization- dehnitely. Kashi under the desk? Making history in Nashville. I'll never forger the fun and the pain and I cannot thank you enough for helping me hnd the missing piece in my life-JMR. Through high hair contests and being complete opposites. you were my first friend here. Love you. Becs. To SWO MAMAism, craftiness. oogling over Enrique. Bible Study and OCF-God Bless-MW. The Introduction: Hi. My name is Shaina. You guys need any help? HA! Did we ever! My "no fun Christian girl" who dances on bars with me. I have learned so many things from you that I will always cherish -learn to braid your own hair!-LC. Your faith has been an encouragement in my life. I pray that we look to God for the rest of our lives. I will always love you...click-KJ. Hebrews IQ: I I. to all who supported me. thank you. REBECCA HALEY GoULD NEWHALL, CA USMC GROUND Gould's coming...I just heard her clear her throat. Either that. or your I cracking ankle. but I suggest you stay away from any covert operation. Begging for rides at the Harbour center, mmmmmm...Whole Foods. Room treat. Joe Marines, Midstore again. Juanita, Patty. Lisa. Oorah. Yut and Semper Fi Payback is a medevac. Printing started...all of the memories have kept me laughing and have forged a bond that cannot be broken. Luv ya! JMR Well. I think that our friendship is pretty amazing considering we met I doing what you love and what I hate. . .the Marines! But we made a good time of it, and I will never forget checking each other for ticks. or room talks. or our equal yet opposite obsessions tyou-litness. me-schooll. I will miss you Mrs. Bishop!sDi Always remember that there is not enough Love Spell in the world, bleach and ammonia will never mix well together. and that any problem can be solved by piling onto a rack. Our room was the best place to laugh. cry. vent. and live. Joe Marines forever tand a little swol. SNF To the whitest Cali girl the world has ever known. I know because you took me there. Thanks for coming back to the tree that day. God knows I wouldn't have made it through that day or the following years if you hadn't been there waiting on ine. I will always remember the funest. yes I said FUNEST. room EVER. Me sleeping on you desk. Shaina and her somewhat random Christian admirers. and you refusing to use IM unless you were on my computer. Good luck with that whole Marine thing HOORAH! NJRC I I MATTHEW JOSEPH HAHN BALTIMORE, MD NUCLEAR SURFACE WARFARE . Matty J. Super genius...32's about right.. .I then I moan throwup. Out Cold meets Blue Juice meets Prefontaine. Adam vs. the computer. Dust I is becoming unruly. Pete. Sumo wrestling at CONDOM. She kicked your butt! Pit stops at quiet waters... every quarter mile. The time Willy got froze at the naval station. Oh, I'm going EZ today. Sure. King of the Wall. Socially ept. I want a boyfriend too. She's very talkative in a non-interesting sort of way. Brigade Swim Bike Run Champions of the World. Blue Crush. .. sooooo hot. That was a lot of pull-ups. So we ate 4 pizzas and all the junk food in the house? Hey Matt! What? D'you loik. . .bread? Sleeps with a fan. The most obnoxious alarm on the planet. Race ya to the shower! Charlie "the printer". Who goes surfing in January? Wrestling the Sasqwatz and Benvenga at the same time! Do you like to play soccer? I like to play soccer. Oh by the way. instead of going out this weekend, you're hosting a troop. Thanks for volunteering. Mountain bikes to gate watch. Hal You got an F on Ebay. Watch out for those medians. they sneak up on you. Hey Matt. you busy? WOW. Headphones : good investment. I choose you Pikachu! Chicken alarm. 16 2004 45- 4:1 '-'H . 3:5 H IL! . , . f i . f' -A S .ff ANDREW GUSTAV HEMMINGER ANNAPOLIS, MD .y,..,Asy SURFACE WARFARE When looking back at the Naval Academy career ofAndrew Hemminger. we must lirst understand his perspective. He is the only four year "V" in the institution's history. Therefore. "when a mannn loves a womannnn. he can't keep his mind on nuthin else. turns his back on his best friends" ...... anyway. don't worry about me. l will risk my life while you call the police .... tattoos at midnight during YP's ..., getting thrown out of Preakness. . .waiting up at night in San Diego so we didn't get beat too bad. ..spending the night on the hotel lloor...don't worry you're not going bald .... .new years 2002 in the jeep .... cowboys in Dallas. .... ytou're a great photographer. . .car bombs...Boston homeless bar. "gotta hit it soft. like a ...... ' '.... don't fall asleep in the car. . .. "you R can't push a rope". Ha ha ha!...Oh my God we are dorksf' .... "Ladies. who ordered the front llip'."' "l'll lly oyer that wall. . Plankowner. .. J AMES ALBERT HousE WINSTON SALEM, NC NAVY PILOT THATMS WHAT DADDY LIKESYV' We always knew when Jim was pleased with himself. Almost heaven. WV. . .or is it NC? Or TN? Well -. --.- there's no telling where in the South you'll find Jim. but you know he'll be wearin' his topsiders and dressed like a frat boyAno one around here quite has his style "'Jim: How'd you spell your name again'?' Her: 'Kat...K-A-T' Jim: Oh, um. see I thought it was with a C."' So he's a pilot? No a naval aviaroli Whatever he is. I know he makes a great wingman, and he won't let you forget that he's "in the U.S. Military lmean facelf' If you saw him run through downtown Annapolis in 70's clothing to get a CD so his roommate could propose. you'd know what I mean. lf there ever was a laid back midshipman it was him. Whether H . H L it's in Daytona on SB or in the river he's always fun to be around. You'll never hear someone speak poorly of him. and he never speaks poorly of others. A true "dude" Jim is a friend's best friend. Best listener and the quickest wit around. Gotta love him. His favorite verse is Phil 4:13. The best part about Jim. he always took that strength and passed it on. With that being said..Jim can we spoon now??'? JJL, JCD, UV, NEA. I J EDADIAH .IAMERSON SAN ANToN1o, TX SUBMARINES .led is the type of guy that you always go to when you want something l - ' . I I good to happen. He has seen a lot of adversity. but it still holds true that he I- ' is the luckiest guy that you will ever meet. He has challenged himself to become a better person every minute of his life and he has never given up on his dreams. The Naval Academy' has been good for him, it brought him from a boy to a man. and it taught him to dream farther than he had ever though. He inspires all whom he is around and has a genuine care for the well-being of others. Whenever I need a piece of luck to brighten my day I will know where to look. Love ya man. CCC. Dude. plebe rifle. incessant IM's from me youngster year. weapons detail was ridiculous: what are you doing this weekend? Study'ing'."?'? no way. dude: back a little late from xmas leave'?1 Blizzard weekend. ..l remember enough to know what happened: HFS festiy al and Long Islandsg thanks for taking pics on my Qld: Houston Bowlfnuff said: love ya. dude and you know it... CC lst Company' 17 IN JONATHAN KIM TAMPA, FL USMC GROUND Jon A Picking up chicks in Orlando clubs, parties at UF, want to eat at Papparazi's'? You turned off the alarms?! Drinking in NYC, Surfing, yeah I'll try it. Hardcore trainer, PT stud. best friend. you got it all Johnny K. It took you long enough to make the right choice! Once a Marine, always a Marine. See you in TBS bro. JOHN JOSHUA LOWERY WINGATE, NC NAVY NFO "Hey Romeo...lets go fishin' at Tuckahoe!" Funny how "wettin' a line" together can form a friendship stronger than brothers. We've shown our fair share of Balto!DC residents ha couple real hillbillies", that much is for sure. The Fast Freddy started it all, and Cvod knows that ship could A AA A A form a bond between anyone. Don't let those "Red Eye's" get to you Josh, a NFO--er, naval flight officer--needs his vision. You best watch out when those boys from Dixie walk into a bar, cause no Yank is buying this place out! Play "Freebird" man! He's a laugh and a confidante. . .a friend to the core, Josh always cowboyed up. There'll be no regrets, no worries and suclz, for cowboys like us. . .Josh is the definition of southern, not in that bad way that makes you cringe, but in the way that makes you feel welcome and at home wherever and whenever. Not to mention he does have that really flashy gold fishing hook on his hat. Top class if you ask me. That there's funny... ADAM STUART MILLER FAIRMONT, WV SURFACE WARFARE The hula dancing, stuffed animal decapitating, roommate maiming, elite warrior of the sea. From Screen Door Man to all the stuff in Whistler that I can't repeat here. SO what if tomorrow is boxer brief Friday, he'll throw it out the window anyway. Best guy to have at your side when you like to pick fights in bars -- but the worst ifyou want to pick up chicks cause he's usually the funniest dancer in the club. Dude, you going Corps? "Sorry I can't come to the phone right now. I'm ringing in the new year with my buddies in Houston!" Sleep in the shower much? Rain camping in the Jeep with only a cooler to survive. Super IM pimp machine. Do they wear shoes in . West Virginia? A consummate partier always. "Did you see that - I beat him at darts!"g Adam, he's a cripple. Oh wow, yOu're how old? "She dressed up like a school teacher, with a pencil in her hair and everything!" Destroyer of Plebes. Go to the Midstore, NOW. What's that in the snow, it looks kinda like a big .... After school happy rack time. PTing on the fantail of the YP, now to South Boston!! "Arnold" will be changing scenery from the mountains of WV, while SWOing it up in tropical Hawaii hoping to see many Asian beauties!! "Hey Charlie and Nick. let's take the duty van for a night on the town with thejimmy legs!" Will do anything to help a young fbut still olderj bachelorette in need. He drinks like a fish and PT's like a beast!!! Adam, you can be my wingman any time!!! 18 2004 KYLE CHRISTOPHER MOORE CAMARILLO, CA NAVY PILOT Kyle Moore... Tree Room Co-founder... likes bugs and pizza and has of a hummingbird. If you need anything from him. stop by early bed by 8. Avid athlete who loves racquetball. swimming. lifting and got something he doeSn't. he'll get it. Then sell it three months later. even after regurgitation. Snowboarder for life... it's SO much more Screw you guys. l'm on the mountain by 4:30 AM. The second one who needs permission anyway? It's a littlecold. and a littlewet. You ir ' DDJ -2 'If' vt the metabolism cause he's in golf. If you've Girls love him. fun than skiing. to take seconds. can hear him and his system coming from a mile away. watch out for that fresh wax job. Wherever he might be. his heart is still in Cali cause he probably just checked the weather there live minutes ago. You did WHAT to my Gatorade bottIe'?'? "There are no corn dogs in New York" but he's the number one fan ofJane's grilled cheese. In-And-Out Burger. and all other foodfcandy except for seafood. Always watching Aicha. Peanutbutterjellytime. Gonads and Strife. or GI Joe Public Service Announcements. Highlight of his life - watching Top Gun after receiving Navy Pilot and while receiving a warm ....... oh just watch the movie. 92 , .ig faq. L ,Q 1, , . A E ters. . 1. , "V H3 A WOO WOO! Going to marry Kate Bosworth someday. Oh yeah. he's never getting married. All he needs is a helo. his toothbrush and a few cases of Red Fusion. Ring-da-da-ding-ding-ding! JUSTIN MICHAEL MURGIA GILBERTSVILLE, PA NAVY NFO The Mangrovian llailing feeble memory Greek. More time invested in gaming than some people live. Were we in the same company? Racking out in under your desk. Ocean City, NJ is basically where it started. The drive by fry. The worst white boy basketball skills ever seen. The hook up tent in the woods. The Hornet hop, you still owe me! The enlisted girls in Tijuana. Along comes the High School friendfgf. Fat Tuesday in DTA. Mudding behind the stadium. Ton of green spent on crabs. Darnest TV I have ever seen. "It wasn't me. I would have never made it to the sink." She will always be my co-sponsor mom. "What, you guys never blew your nose in your shirt before?" If it's liquid and on the table. he will spill it. Room I 127 and 3062 it's at. The Mangrove Equation: Money Spent : 3 T Money Made. Gotta go. its Jana time. Congrats Justin. Navy Air is the only way to go. - RLC Living on 3-3. Spilling everything plebe summer. Late night mangrove psychoanalysis. Electrolysis. Going out with Tine. Cleaning up your mess. Living on 3-l. Complaining about DMB. Stealing my Tequila. Cleaning up your mess. Fixing my computer. Chilling at Uncle Bobs and Ingrid's. Living on l-l. Inviting Jana to your 215' B-day party... Cleaning up your mess. Spring break in Veracruz. Cleaning up your mess. Living on 3-0. Partying at Jana'S for the weekend. She cleans your mess. 6"' street for new years. You are tinally toilet trained. Going Naval Aviation, we have the rest of our lives! - MBS e,,, NICHOLAS BAXTER PERKINS KINGWOOD, TX USMC GROUND I'm a freakin' well oiled machine right here!! Anyone seen the bathroom? Oh the wall next to the TV. thanks. lfl dOn't get CC. I will KILL YOU. lfl dOn't get Marine Corps, I will KILL YOU. "Hey gunny I think I cut myself" or my hula dancin roommate slashed my linger trying to skewer a decapitated stuffed duck. YUT! I set the standard with political correctness - openness to others always! Sir. I think 20 beers in 2 hours is a tad too much of the right spirit. Many nights have been spent in DTA with this Hard Charger. l'll just sleep here in .Iane's yard. I emptied my guts on the Metro!! 5 guys. I-I-I beers. 8 hours .... any questsions'?'? You want who in your squad ...... awwww yeeaaaah!! Your name is Scarlet. eh? Who needs their number. I don't want to TALK to them!! Just take a stroll down West Street at 0230. Many exciting encounters with lots of lovely ladies have proven that the force is strong in this one. Why yes. my older hot bachelorette. l'll help you complete your goals. After scuba diving. let's take a trip in the duty van!! Bring Charlie for his personality and you call the jimmy legs!! .lust going back to the yard. sir!! Graciously opening his home to many poor, ailing Mids during the cold winter months for beer. an exciting bowl game. and an awesome New Year celebration. Nick is I1'tlC friend. Give'em HELL Devil Dog! lst Company 19 CHRISTOPHER JAMES PITTMAN WOODBRIDGE, VA NAVY NEO DO you have any clue how much ofa stud this guy is? Chris sure knows it when he Hexes in the mirror live times a day. Another of my roommates who made the all time restriction record of l20 days. Maybe he'll learn to stop letting Matt be such a bad influence on him or he wouldn't have had to leave us with only one semester to go. Wait. I thought roommates were supposed to write these. . .I guess we'll make an exception as Chris will always be our roommate. even when he doesn't live in our room. Sometimes I'm glad he's gone, I don't have to deal with an obnoxious drunk like on his 214 birthday tjfkl. Wait, that was my fault! The look ChriS's mother gave Matt and I when we delivered their now 21 yfo son stumbling drunk for their road trip to Atlantic City will be burned into my memory. Especially the second time after he vomited in their van and we had to clean him up...again. Good times at the Rams Head and every other bar Chris got his woman drinks at. I Inust admit. they did taste good, but not as good as Helles! Chris will be the best pilot that ever got assigned NEO this Navy has seen. The only Mid I know to do well in classes by playing Everquest. . .maybe Poli Sci and killing imaginary creatures have something in common? Bringin it straight to ya from the days of I 105. You know its all about common sense. . .so why don't we have any? I mean all you gotta do is line it up...just like in real basketball. Bad boys to the end! I wouldn't have gotten this far without you dragging me along. Twins? Tropical vacations in Bancroft Hall, Chinese dinners tyou know the namel, memorable "dates" with old friends tyou linally repaid me for that onell. You were never afraid to let the girly drinks flow. CHARLES ROBERT PLATT HOLDREGE, NE NAVY PILOT No guys. you go ahead, I don't have any money to spend on YOU. On the weekend? Oh I'll be taking the woman to dinner, movies, drinks ...... the works. Hey I'm 21, let'S get the duty van, bring some civies .... .hell even invite the jimmy legs!! Jimmy legs: "What're you boys doin in there?" Charlie: "Just getting dressed. sir." Could be 0100 or 1300, He's probably racking out for the night, stop by tomorrow!! Naval Law with Nick. So what do they have in Nebraska? Groundhogs. Have you seen Charlie? I haven't seen him all semester. Blues on the Bay. drunk jazz with Andy. "Mr, Platt, get that inlIection out of your voice! I" The instigator. Southern girls are and will always be the cutest. What can you tell me about these "soft shoulder boards" I keep hearing about? Kettlebells Comrade? Judo know if I gotta gun! You have second off? No? How about a trip down to the Midstore? "I've got a new scheme to Inake my millions, interested?" You shut-up, Math is cool! Excuse me, could you be more politically correct, I'm offended. Gotta love those bachelorettes up at Galway Bay... milkshake please? Seeing the light, Charlie has left the warm glow of nuclear rods for the cool breeze of the blue sky. ""' J EFFREY ROBERT PORTELL .171 2- 1 WATERLOO, IL NAVY PILOT These past 4 years of lockdown have been memorable to say the least, and I couldn't have made it through here without all of you guys. Carter, thanks for being a great roommate and friend. Despite the popular Inyth that you play Video games all day. everyday, I think I know better than anyone that you really do have character and depth. We had some great talks about everything imaginabIe...Higgins boats. "the man". sarge, strongbad, women, The Big Lebowski, etc. Thanks for the laughs and best of luck in the Corps. Kyle, we had some great times from the start and I consider you one of my best friends. Plebe year would've been extremely boring if we didn't Iind random ways to make things funny. Thanks for everything and we'II see ya in Pcola. And to all of my friends here in lf' Co. who are too numerous to mention with too many memories to recall, we made it! Through the hard times, the good times, the scandalous times, and all the times in between. we have arrived, it's linally OUR time. Best of luck to all of you! See you on the outside! 20 2004 RYAN DAVID RESTREPO HADDONFIELD, NJ MEDICAL CORPS Rezzrepo- "I am an eyeball. sir!" Living with Stinky. Mr. Chianuts. sir! Barry Willhite's smack letter. Patsy. Josh. throw something heavier! The master of stuff...we salute you. Garas breaking the bubble. Sprite too." "Ryan, get your face out of the poison I'm getting in your rack... "l'm going to kill you Tjffii in wma , sy 32 T t It iii I ? '-1-gilif-Agp-r - ' x Good morning King Arthur and of bagging out "I'll haxe a ivy." Blake. real Y" "Today is B-Y-O-M day. That spells 'byomf lt rhymes with 'I moan."' Fragging your own teammates..."Fire in the hole!" If you're going to throw up. you might as well do it on someone else's bed. Dive buddies. l've never seen so much liquid come out ofa human being thappy birthdayl. "We were talking to each other. ..it's telekincticl" "Hey whats that in my con-locker...You win!" "You go to a school north ofthe Mason-Dixon line .... lsn't it1"' "l burned a hole in my corframs Christ that was terrible!" Habusake. I can't believe they actually gave this guy stripes. Sure was quiet lirst semester. Smelled better too Dl3gHOSlSi7 You ve been with her for seven years and you aren't married yet'?'.".' The deliling of West Point. ..successl That thing that won t die One day you guys will wake up on an operating table and see my face." You know. you're probably going to have the tirst confirmed kill out of all of us Good luck Doc' -JBT 85 AMW J ENNIFER MARIE RooT NESCONSET, NY USMC GROUND My LI friend who made laughter apart of these past four years. Stop swiffering. we have to hide Barbie. Amish market. country music marathon. long runs just to talk about life. EE boats. the wrecking crew of badminton. Can I open the package? Sacred room poem. Sharing clothes and even parents for a weekend. Open window. polar bears. gravity. pink hair-sorry about that. Close the soda, no more company emails. Ring danceznew dresses. Can I do a routine? NKOTB tape. Fights...never. Yelling...just for fun. Great. By my side for these years and on my big day. I thank you. Enough "Shania and Jen" moments for a lifetime, I cannot wait to see what God has in store for you. Matt 7:7-SNFIJI. To compulsive live a.m. workouts and three outers in a row. Lime Tostitos and Guacamole Doritos. Whole Foods salads and hoping someone will give us a ride while the doors in front of Staples opens and closes. Leatherneck and dip room treats obsessive cleaning. Life is full of little pleasures and you have provided so many of them. I will always love you.-Bec. My roommate does anyone question her? No. that's just Jen. Plebe summer - interesting eating habits. her rat. Mr. Kenny and Kay. We survived it all - and now who will give me Swedish fish and twizzlers'?'?-LC. LAUREN ALICIA SCALLY Sr. Louis, MO NAVY NFO Best skiier Navy has to offer. To ski trip memories. that we will never forget. You are an angel and a very special person. A true friend that I am thankful for. Always keep your chin up and smile. it makes people jealous. Luv ya. Liz. parties. purple elephants, 4038. dc. ice cream, amusement park rides. watching movies. concerts, two-stepping. nashville. houston. st. louis. new orleans. chicago. red. thumper, right cross. and emotion -jpk Up and at 'em hear we go. we're off again to the Pat Green show. See if you can get your hands around that Fosters beer can, how far down the beer list did you get? O'Brian's and pizza: Pusser's. parties. and crashing on a boat in the harbor. -Matt E. L2 - which Lauren? First one of us all to get that kiss. Lucky girl. I think people believe that l'm beating you up when you come back from the weekends with bruises all over- maybe you should stop skiing.. .lol. Can't believe that we are mox ing on I ve lived with you for so long - it's gonna be hard waking up to an alarm clock instead of you poking me from a mile aw ay. You are such a wonderful beautiful girl go catch your dreams and you have guys tagging along at your feet - don't tease 'em TOO much. HA. -LAC lst Company 21 MANUEL BRIAN STRANGE BELLEVUE, WA NAVY PILOT The Mexican momma's boy. lets live in Mother B for four years. Went from clueless. to SWOtivated. to linally Navy Pilot. who would have guessed? Hess's squad with Strubs. did you ever know anything? All calls for months with Blackmon-Combs. Chief Slaughterbach, "PC's?? You want a man size ship!" "A real man just reaches in there and flips it." Near brawl in King Hall. Drive by fry. Restriction. First time out of the USA. Drinking from the Vodka bottle. More hot cousins than a friend could ever hope for. Always got the "private" side of the room. Watt's caught ya. Who left the surprise in the sink? Loud guitars and African drum pounding. I Congrats Manolo. Navy Air is the only way to go. - RLC The first time we met had to be the time we were staring at each other face to face sweating our cajones off doing pushups while getting screamed at by Mr. Adams. Economics I was a good call. you get to sleep I2 hours a day. It was good times though. Remember Chavez and the hotel party when all the other guys bailed so we were left to entertain all the women. Thanks for the insight south ofthe Border. siestas and the food were incredible. -JMM To the guy who started my never-ending trend of nicknames tlames. Jaim... the list goes onl. To the guy who went from pulling me through muddy obstacle courses. to lightly grasping my hand for Ring Dance Pics. To the guy who became my best friend and my biggest competition. It's funny how sometimes I feel like I have known you forever. and others as though my life didn't start until I met you. . .Here's to diet coke and chex mix in the middle ofthe night, b-ball games to relieve stress. and YOU being the smart one. Can't wait for FL... I love you NJRC JOSHUA RAY STRUBECK CAMARILLO, CA SURFACE WARFARE I Bruce Lee meets Dennis the Menace. More self infiicted injuries than one person should sustain in a lifetime. Sword practice in the room. Josh-speak. Rules for sharing this book. Yea. it's right there next . to Introduction to C after get out of my room. Professional bowler. Son. where you going with that rope? What's the purpose of that Midshipman? Photogenic. 0330, phone rings... guess who itis for. Morning Josh! Thanks for dropping the phone off. Don't talk to me between the hours of 0700 and 0700. Diet: silk worms. jellyfish. and cinnamon drink. Korean massage. No books on shelves. No reg furniture. Hey can I borrow whiteworks? Sha-roo hai!!! Shut upl Ninja Gaiden? Deedee, get out of my room! Long hair on the floor. Too many hours spent talking about girls...and to them. 0300 not a creature was stirring. . .except maybe Josh on the phone. It that a clip on? Playing video games until your eyeballs fall out. Ian c'merel This girl's talking to me in French! BOUNCE WEEMEE! Carpet Bear... now that thing is scary. Turn off your lights! Car batteries. Does class A absolutely guarantee dat dey is better quality? She was China in the National Security Counsel of our relationship. WP. Josh Speak. Be water my friend. JARED BLAKE THOMAS WAVERLY, VA NAVY PILOT Blake "I hate it when people call me Jared" Thomas- You know. he still just "doesn't look like a midshipmanf' I never saw a spider bite do that before... Who has my white shoes? "Hey, Blake, here's your nametag back!" They can't fry us all :P marching tours at 0530. Smart enough to stay out of the poison ivy. "The PFT finish line? It's that line of puke over there..." Youngster alley. Dirty lighter the's a biterl. The fuzzy ball-licking monkey. "I keep losing my blue-rim shorts." Who goes from Group 3 to Group 2? Tequila shots : Carrying Fatty back in Costa Rica. Carrying on conversations in your sleep. Commander Cole wants to see you... Wait. you got weapons detail and you never even qualified? Almost dying coming back from Ocean City. Living in that "closet" on l-I. Rancid care packages. Dueling farts. Don't those guys ever go to bed? Lord Douglas McDougal. The giant Englishman. Shellback ceremony. "Mike, we've got a room inspection today." Engine math. I'll give you one guess who the phone's for. Ocean math. The Holy Blade and the Beat Army bat! A mean mean man. Those fools are actually giving you an airplane? Have a blast in P-Cola! Semper mors ab alto. -RDR 84 AMW 22 2004 ANDREW MCPHERSON WATTS DURHAM, NC NAVY PILOT Sasquatch - don't get your hands too close to his + Randolph : bear pit catastrophe. Stinky and submarine. HOW many music videos do you have? cracked Ryan's password! The best batinobile ever one afternoon. His Blutarsky face always cracks us Star Wars rap! RC Colas and moon pies...mmm. Little Debbie cakes. Weird obsession with BBQ sauce - . -' ""'4:1-"l- . -12, ,v we 'I - --'tit ,Q-, ...Xxx ,I 1, . 1-4 - ,O , UDDI libs ,- 'Ii C P3 I' 'Vlmf Inouth. . .Watts the yellow Hey. ljust constructed in up. NO MORE Don't touch the Anybody want Chinese tonight? l neyer thought someone that size could tit into TWO wetsuits. Obviously it's a poltergcist. . .on your crotch. Wish we got to play with legos all of lirstie year. Fat guy in a little coat Cripl. 6'Your mom! Ohhh!" But video games are more important than homework. Mahnah mahnah! We never saw this guy study once in four years. Andrew. what are you doing this weekend. . .sailing? 20 minute room brawls. Could you turn it down a little?..thanks. Ummm...Strubeck did it? Sasquatch angry! Watts is cheating...I think so too! Somebody kill Carter!! Your car is worth how much? Doesn't like beer?! Oh my God. he got pilot. Hey. flying a jet is just like a video game. Good luck in P-cola buddy! -RDR 84 IBT WILLIAM CORBETT WHITE CLANToIsi, AL SURFACE WARFARE Hey. who's here to lly planes? l'm here to tly planes!! SWO. Big Billy Benjamin, Simple Will, the Head, man you have acquired quite a number of names over the years .... lts been a long hard road man...Let's take it back to our first meeting: Getting DUSTED By ZW' LT,s. Fast Forward to Youngster year, getting DUSTED by CDR McCormack. chillin with Chief Jaco, Simply Awesome and Justin Credible. . .ALL THE AC!!! .... Fast Forward to Second Class Summer. Weapons Detail. f'Shooting at 'Twan.". God Coach. Red Alert for hours, Slurpee Time, Captain Kirk what you just say??, hot room. Rooming with Sistjo. Our role model driving a blue tahoe with cement in the power steering. Then fast forward to Second Class year. Constant drama. getting DUSTED by CDR McCormack, are you noticing a trend here???, "I need my clippers! !". Dinner at l800!. "What kind of fish that is? Poke Fish!!!!!". Candy makes you dandy tsaid like Samson on Half Bakedi. Catching me looking at stuff. playtighting over your chair. "Come on wit' it!", Constant Auburn vs. Georgia, tI'm up by the way!!b. I'21ClHg jackets. belt buckles. "My trucks bigger than yours!" tsaid like Craig's daddy on Friday After Nextl. By the way, I think its going to be hard finding a size I lty officer cover. Once I drank two beers really fast. "Baby got back!" 01011 100. unnnhhhnn comp sci is cool. . JARED MEYER WILI-IELIvI MASON, OH NAVY PILOT Jay "Corky, Fuzzy" Wilhelm from Ohio... Tree Room Co-Founder. .. and lover of all animals! I! Always keepin his cat like reliexes in check by tossin some blue balls. 'jigga jigga jigga' Yes. he has a hot sister that none of his closest friends can touch... but that's okay because he's extremely generous with his ex-girlfriends. . .Heres to tirsts. Speaking of which... "You remind me of my next girlfriend"!!! Though weighing in at 160 lbs. he won't hesitate for a second to pick a light with Mike Tyson. Drumstick what? Got plans tonight? No seriously. Don't forget to skydive from the zero deck on your way to tinal exams. and "Don't tell me your tale of woes. seagullf' He's never too tired to go out at night and never completely willing to wake up in the morning he will entertain the crowd for hours with Spiderman and Aicha dance moy es. Put your hands in the a-ir! Never hesitant to pick up on a chick that someone else reeled in. "So, how's the beer tonight"!!! You have a boyfriend? What's that got to do with us? I didn't know they were still together! YEEEEEP! lst Company 23 s f' fin Q, may N' 1 lege' -fgffm if Wu I , Q lg'-1, ' 1 fic firm . 2 nl. 1 I A l I ,1-1, .ry '. iz 'i gl 1 lf ST ,f 'H' f"'U"" """'--i L 1 1-+21 1 "A, 1 tg 1314? '51 Dunie .1Xn1n1ons lxe1tl1.1Xl11n lX1l11r1elle11Vle1ss lglCl'll'lLll1 L'111'11es Roe Anne nnus Cizindy Ciehrlve 1 Nliehuel Dennis Seott .lateob Lev inson lNflurtin Lllllld RUlWCl'Wlt SCllI'lll1tlN 1 LI-T 1 -1 1 1 1 :W l!11l5ClllLlllXO 1 ' 1111111111 Duvid 'liree Tuelv Rohert.lol1n lpve-Lyn IS. Cul Bennett llllltlll 24 2004 9127 " fk'!31'f li 521 ,. .job , .hmfg 1,,. Kenneth Duniel xv Stepluin Andrew C'l1i1rles tionsulv es Ciruv ' l 1121-, tl 1 f,11:4Q.g, ,i 1 ,ineiv lVllllCl' lvllgfh Daniel Roger Kyle Lee .leremy Sehull Severson ' 1 Duniel livenaon Vroniun Wurneelxe 8111111 Duniel Chup- l3C'l.li1ml'l -lUmCS lnun clUlALllC lVl11tthevv Eugene lVliel1uel David David Daniel Robert Clturles C'l1ristopl1 Cohn Flen1n1ing .lueinto Ro111eo Fllllllillll Steven Keith Robert Richard .lohn C iuev111'z1 llCl'llLll1LlC! .luekson .li11driel1 .loesph Erick Miehuel Obriuit Llilll1Cl'lllC Putriee Terrz1A11gelz1 Moeller Molloy Reuves Reber Dginiel Lee David Kyle Addy Miki LfllI'VlI1 lVl, Shilling Shultz Strusdus Taylor ', .lustine Louise lVliehz1el Whipple ASUllCI'11 .lzunes Asehe Todd C1'1111e Stephen Daniel .lohn lVlz11'sl1z1ll Stephen Edward lfI'lvl11ilI1 Funni Green Ill Cirifl111g NX n ,f i .lohn Robert Leo Ryan Christopher C'lil'lard Nieholas Hansen Hefner .lessop ' Brendan Robert Mark Anthony Mark Daniel P. Neagle Ohradovieh Olson Ryan Mark .lames Edgardo Shawn Erie Shaughnessy Sheets Talley Michael Alan Jesse Alan Ainsey Palmer Bennett Cleland Cox ' it 9 -' 1 T ' 171 t 5 ,I .i Tasha Renee Mary-Elizabeth S. Buddy .lay Dorsey Doty Ellis Andrew Stephen Erie Shaun Gail Autumn Huineniek Kinfhrunner Kollholl' ' 1 1? thx - is ii il- X' 1 xx 'XX-L nw 51222 A T AM' B 1 3, v F l s 5. E Mark Stallord Sean Miehael Joshua .Ndain Colin Steuart lx son liarron .lusliss Kinney Maeforinaek Xlelerran Xleadors .laines Michael Ross Axterett Charles Thomas Brad Nlartin Dustin Beniainin Patterson Penrod Pruitt Reed Rieklets 2 429-'tiki - ' T' 1, 5 fl N R I!!! X is If y I i ' A X s . Ll t 'if'-3.-'f"A V' r I, " Wi, ks! 499 -i.-.l It T' f 1 ' I il' ,jg-A fgfiilq A i S T W Teruo .lanies Gregory Patriek Andrea Kim Reheeea Kendall Toyama Watten Werneeke Vkriuht . i. ' ' , ,. Matthew Thoinas Neil Rohert Tinesha Chantese Thomas .lonathan Xliehael tiary Crompton D'.fXreo Dax is Dill Dodson Wade llainilton David Miehael Kevin Miehael lidxx ard Yineent Stex en Yung L liul Franklin llall lll llarrington llouser lloix.u'd Riehard .lohn Brandon Seott Michael Clititoixl l iain l-'ixuieis tieorge l'.itriek Laraway l.enhart Mahrey X luleahy tlgarro lst Coinpany 25 'W at i Benitiniin Samuel Xoehitl ldalia Andrew Michael Joseph Francis Joseph Anthony Matthew Lewis Nathaniel Joseph Nicole G Orlofti Piedra Powch Reardon Russo Sevier Slavik Telesh Andrew Philip Thompson 26 2004 X X x .5 lst Company 'w I FPO!! Cf!!! fllil f LT James Evans Company Oflicer l Megan D. Weller, Company XO William W. Irwin, Company Commander Gale K. Goodlow, First Sergeant GySgt Antoinette Waller Company Senior Enlisted Christopher Sherlock, Company X0 John J. Fitzgerald, Company Commander Samuel E. Brown, First Sergeant 2004 ff' -" 1-- an -yt I ALLEN MICHAEL AGOR fe' VIRGINIA BEACH, VA e SUENIARINES SMALLHAND .... Yeah man, I cleaned up all his ' I , - -a D . K if I Y A .x ,lg I' 4 j. ' u . 'Y 'X ' f,' R 'R """-X- I I I 'BQ , -,,, I I 5. q., , I -F " . -I - vw 2' Q puke last night, again .... .yeah so this is my lilth time as a character witness for Pani .... ..Sir. I'm a slob. ..Dude. you're not CAT V ...... AHOOGA AHOOGA DIVE! DIVE! DIVEI.. Roomie... l haye never seen anyone work as hard as you did to get into Nuke School. in a few months you will be wondering why you wanted to go there. If we are ever free. Charleston will be a blast. Keep on Trucking. K-l-I hey allenmwhats that thing moving on your desk. ..its looking at me. .. Thanks Mom and Dad for supporting me through everything. l love you both. l even love Joey even il' it was because of her that I stopped getting care packages plebe year. ANTHONY DAVID ATLER ,uv RENTON, WA USMC GROUND A big thanks to my parents for all there support. you're really great. To all the friends I've made here, it's been real for sure. I'm glad I met each of you so keep in touch and I'm sure we'll hook up at some point in the upcoming years. especially when I need to borrow money tjust playingj. And don't forget those kids that aren't with our group anymore. . .Doc. Dude, Shades, Corona. Vogel. tNot Winklewomanl. . .They're apart of who we are as much as the rest of us. To all my Boys from home, you're the reason I do any ot' this. total inspiration till the end. so give me about live more years and we will ride again... harder than ever. PAUL CHARLES BARRON RIVERSIDE, CA I USMC GROUND C Crazy runs to the snack machines at QAM. Paul gain 30 lbs so you can 'H be fat like me, you will never be able to put pizza away like me. stop ramming me with your head-KI4. It's a good thing you got Marines. 'cause your talents of running and camping in the woods would be really out of place on a ship-SS. Don't know what happened. . .talking about God. volleyball hit your head. and I ended up on top of Iny desk-MH. Yknow Paul. people either really like you and think you're hella-cool or they hate you.. .there's really no in between-AA. Rayne in the room? sure but I only have 50 glow sticks: it's ZAM. time for a shower. some spanish Inusic. and ramen noodles: so she's flexible?-JB Shoeshine on the windowsill and 8 layers of wax on the tloor tso brainwashedl: a walk from Chevy's with a cigar. . .nah. it's not that far: dreaming of Zeppys: Coke ci .lack please: KFC anyone: what do 151. Shrek. 84 Dominoes have in common'?: plunger...l don't have a plunger: stop passing out in the show er: Platinum sucks nowg you're lost in DC again: its only 3AM...lets go to Vegaslz if it wasn't for you I wouldn't realize how stupid I am-.IOM ...it you're reading this, then we all made it back from Costa Rica! Surf's up! Semper Fi! 2nd Company 29 CALUM RODERICK B IENHOFF SPRINGFIELD, VA NAVY PILOT Calum. BFDD. Whoo whoo..what the heck was that. Cueeez don't you have ur own soap. toothpaste. towel, underwear. . .etc. YES we do have to go to the brief. yes I have 5"' period every day! Dude your Scottish. why the heck are you a Zcan sam'?'? You got nothing on the irish. Vegas baby. don't play. I win every time you stand behind me! And next time try and keep the jello shooter and whipped cream in ur mouth! Forget about all those other girls we'll lind u a good one someday-I hope...can't forget the time we don't remember. and of course there is always brathairfdearthair. roommates for -I years, brothers for life, love ya bro :!1Cvramps. Calum. where to start .... it all began with Iny first ride in a corvette. I hope your linger still doesn't hurt7'?? The many road trips: new year's in vegas. don't bother gambling and especially don't ask the dealer. Could we get a smaller room please. Hawaii 20031 try to be quiet: scrape any cars? Snowshoe mtn., you better work on your aim: how's your bruise. 7 bars!3 hours..apple martini. anyone? The best is still yet to come .... .See you in Pensacola. :flzil Mac JEFFREY KEEN BROWN JR. V as AUSTIN, TX SPECIAL WARFARE If we ever go to war with Texas and the rest of Texas is anything like you, we are screwed-Jeff it is 7:30 don't you think you should be going to bed- Being a Bear at the sink- Ruggers!- Oh. and there are 20 officially recognized languages on Saipan!- Y'know I never did hear you two in the room. but at least Scotty got to watch- its like dipping them in a cold mountain stream- whatdya mean you could hear the nailclippers from down the hall?-A man of few inhibitions and even less shame .... for god's sake. there were three other people in the room. MICHAEL J AMES CAMPBELL JR. BoIsE, ID NAVY PILOT Sure. Potato Country. Vogel and I breaking I-Ieaphy in over Plebe Summer. Never forget Shaedler. Vogel, and Sanchez. Jaime Leverence - that's a first. Fitz and Recon, roommates and friends. Fitz and the Inouse. Two more semesters of John and Eric. Aero sucked. but it's the best major. Varsity Aero that is. None of that space stuff. Wind Tunnels. enough said. Ben - friend and confidant. Beau - YP's for life. The Lion King on Broadway. Eugene - I'll never forget the stuff we got him to do in NYC. P-3's blow. Got back together with high school flame - I0 JUL 041 she's the One for me. I love you Emily Christine!! 3.8 GPA career high followed by a 3.0 career low. Firsties at last. couldn't come fast enough. won't leave soon enough. Unlimited weekends! Oh wait... nevermind. KI-I lKirschenheiterl and I in a huge room. Winning football season!! Commander and Chief's Trophy!! Last brigade PRT ever. Paul gets married, who'd have though e'd be the lirst of the four!'?! Service Selection - Snow angels in SDB's. Service Assignment- Beer and an August 6m flight school date. Last semester. One thing ends. but real life begins. I won't Inind leaving this place. but I'm glad that I came. Many more memories left for drinking stories with friends. So Inany friends. a true bond above and beyond differing personalities. I'd do anything for you all. Its be a rough ride, but its been a thrill. 30 2004 UNEEDA WV , NAVY NFO Kayaking in the thunderstorm in jax. faceplant in the rain at Kristin's. oompa loompas. road trip back from jax summer cruise. - Kristen. Instant friends as soon as we started to talk plebe year and now best friends. Remember sleeping in Walmart parking lot. getting freaked out by the leaf blower dude. brushing teeth in the parking lot. putting up wf my randomness. You're strong. Love you Jaim. Lydia. To the little hillbilly who no one thought would make it. You've helped me make it. I could convince you to go anywhere with me from Dahlgren to California. I'll never forget the sad lip and the "Suh yes Suh." or the last night of parents' weekend y when we. stood outside and waved goodbye to our parents. - Bee. From one expert hair brusher to another. thanks A for making me laugh when I wanted to cry and listening when I had outbursts of frustration. You have brought Firm to a whole new level. So glad that someone else d0esn't like to do work either! Oceaneasy. if you got the right profs..lucky. Thanks for the naps. more naps. . .and then bed time.... movie anyone? I'll always be your room fatty.-MW Dancing on bars. Mexicana Airlines. Shopping sprees. Never forget. - LAC Good times at the NJ beach. chilling at Laurens. camping in MD and in WV. tanning on the beaches of Veracruz. cross country skiing in WA. Chilling in TX. going to Disney World. it seems like we have been every where together. If every week could be a weekend. life would have been incredible. Find what makes you happy and pursue it, I know you will be great. Love N MBS - F--gre ---"" . . i I T J AIME RENEE Cox HENRY PAUL ESHENOUR ' ' " Q? 373' WATERLOO, NY NUCLEAR SURFACE WAREARE Schnell. Henry. Schnell! H. Esh-Series, Rope-a-Dope Style all the way. GQ has nothing on you. "Vee are behind schedule!" "How many times do I have to tell you. petrol is blood!" Too bad he just needed a quart of oil... Germany would be resurgent. if he were only there to help. Henri always had a keen fashion sense and love for techno. he was smooth with the ladies tread Maggiel. DJ Panzer knows how to drop the hammer relentlessly: a Party Master. Champion barrel tosser and ergoholic. That's a mighty line G8cT. why don't you mix me up another? If you need him he'll be there. a guy who can keep his sanity when everyone else is running around lost. and one of the few that can be trusted with doing what he says he's going to do: unless he's returning some videotapes. or out at a Swim Meet - -watching. what else. the Breastrokers. Cool toys are great as long as they aren't lost or stolen, right? Gnly guy I know that could get women from NY to drive 7 hours for a party. A Jaeger from the heart and a Punisher to boot. J OHN JAMES FITZGERALD NORWALK, CT NAVY PILOT Four years at the Naval Academy has been stressful. sometimes painful, but I would never trade the friends and the memories for anything else. The time has Hown by and it is time to move on in life. Baseball - On the team for three years and did not one start in a game. but never regret being on the team. Company Commander - Did not want to do it. but it was a good experience. Navy Pilot - Time to start the rest of my life. My best friend. you've always been there when needed. man. and I really appreciate that. Another mother to me. always cleaning up my crap. I always give you a hard time. but I appreciate everything you have done. Do not stop working hard. you are gonna be an awesome pilot and I would be honored to be your wingman. -Sean 2nd Company 31 l 1 MICHAEL ANTHONY HEAPHY I R. QIIEENSTOWN, MD SLIBMARINES Another bites the dust! But he is the lirst one to bite the dust. Living with Mike was like having a folk jukebox installed in a corner of the room. He would play his guitar for hours as we tried to sing along. He is the kind ot' guy that you do not want to piss off. because he can hit you with a pistol round from 100 yards easy. Hey Mike. how are you doing? - An hour later of constant banter-- well. yeah I am doing good too. Don't trust you with a volleyball. but you're a good for a talk at 2 in the morning: I'm still gonna get you with my sword-PCB. Nothing will ever beat road cone chow calls. Guess what day it is. Hebrews 12:1-3 Thanks everyone who helped get me through here. especially Dad. Mom and Kelly. Love you Danielle and always will. WILLIAIvI WGRSHAM IRWIN ATLANTA, GA SLIBNIARINES I'm a rambler I'm a gambler I'm a long way from home and if you don't like me than leave me alone I'll eat when l'm hungry and I'll drink when l'm dry and if moonshine don't kill me I'll live till I die MATTHEW JOHN KIRSCHENHEITER SAIPAN, MP SUBMARINES "MATT CRUSH. DESTROY' SDS uDude, it's ZAM. Yeah but get outta bed, there is a picture of a submarine on the internet" HThanks for the cheap knife that broke in my hand" "Who cares if the rooms on Ere. my sides not" Brownie "Here comes the Giant red-haired Saipanese God" "I hear he can crush your hand while eating a whole pizza." "Watch out for my Monkey Kick!" PCB "All this over a fan" EP "Let me see your equations." Jed. Dave. and Z "HMMMM" Dave "What's better than a pillow. a dog. and a couch?" MAH s'Tu-tu-tug-tug boat." Otto "Remember all the times in DTA...oh wait that wasn't you youngin, we'll live it up in Charleston though" smallhand Thank you Mom and Dad for all your love and support. I never would have gotten through here without you. Love yoIIr son. 32 2004 CHARLES ALFRED LARWOOD III 52,551 -1 f :"7' L A 1 i I. -A O L f -nn, 'ff ,img - i., ru: ' 7 . - -, I . 1 -- Ax , .V f. W. I V ,Z .' ' fl 'J 'fa if " f ., ' all 5 W ROSWELL, GA mf, --I NAVY PILOT Webcam. Chuckie Mon. MB transit to Sullivans. no its cool we'lljust sleep in the snow tonight. YAH MON. the lil. valentine's ' second spring break in ATL. do you think I can clear this waterslide. Its cool mon l'm a cliff diver from Nigril. Middleton's Happy hour-a home away from home. ATLiens. you sure don't look lo. Ducati. GSXR. I think I got hit by a car-Tony. Bren Marr..thanks Tone. Lassitcr's crazy girl. Ginger Williams. Paulaner. Tecate. Negro Modelo. Clairmont Lounge. I can't believe she's only 46..she doesn't look a day older than 42. yeah my dad owns I this place. you'll do all that for 9510. drop it like its hot. lgraf. can I get 9 hurricanes. new year in N.O. jear bear. hot hat girl. hey dad we're going to restock the cooler. Christmas job at beverage warehouse. newp on the stoop. you poured beer on my bird. fox fields. shore house. yeah my name is cha cha. new south-GT. Franzia-bag-o-wine. NYC Easter Sunday -did you just kiss my aunt. cab 312. darkhorse. Lassiter's. Atkins Park. Moondogs. Coyote Ugly. Mako's. Clairmont Lounge. Bell South channel 5. NAFAC wed. GT. Bob Pissano at Loews. Ring Dance 2 S214 for nothing. Final Exam Fire Alarm. can't waste this sweet liquid-O-club beverage transit. the two loves of p's life- CMOD belt girl and Sushi. Fetrow. AOL female companion search. Restriction Goeslll. Arleeeeene. Poster Boys of Army Navy Calendar 2004 tsorority editionl. looking back friends. ..I wouldn't have done it any other way. J AMES Orro MYUNG Los ANGELES. CA USMC PILOT Running is a way of life, but watch out for speckles .:.::.. It's cold... Geo Metros are cool! How do you get quarters stuck in your jacket? Incoming flashlight! Chevy's is pretty far away. got a cigar? Movie theater leftovers. Midnight knitting. Mobius strip! Killington... hell no. Staying up 2 days straight from Hollywood to Vegas. Crazy Horse. . no wonder they call him Crazy! Eating kalbi and rice in the room. Rolling around i drunk in the club, throwing up on the Turnpike on the way to the Army Navy FB game. I Popping wheelies in Baltimore. Did a rhino stomp on your finger'?! I invested my I career starter loan into having fun. Goofy jigs in Peter's room. making fun ofJK with Jimmy. 4-wheelin at the stadium. Working on the huffy today? Or should we strip at date auctions in GW? Either Way. 2 hr drive to Ocean City tomorrow. Let's buy more surfboards than we can afford and drink somewhere. Italian restaurants on M street, and shady DC nightclubs. no half breeds here. NYC was too much fun. especially with alarms that don't go off Cor someone turning them offl. Either way. what a great time. We ride together. we die together. Marines for life. Otto- We gotta get in shape for real now .... riiiight. Thanks for sharing some of the better times we've spent at the academy with me. You've got a good spirit and are one of the few people around here that can be concerned with other people before yourself. Don't forget that. SEAN PAUL GUIMET WESTERLY, RI NAVY NFO Tardiness a virtue. Coach."Oiee need to be here a little earIier".only appears to hate you. Allsopp-"Know what it means to be a MIDN?" l Maybe not, but knows what it means to be a Jaeger. C .Stevens. Always has priorities in order but never enough time to be on time. Works harder than most. keeps at it, all around great guy who deserves the spotlight more. -N. Rygiel. Slow and steady Wins. Opposites do attract. What noise? Here's to finishing .- C I I hard. B. Ehrhardt. What's in that notebook? "Phantom" Jaeger coach's eye's on. if not in Virginia. at"sponsor's" house. Jaeger for life H. Eshenour. Always positive. able to make anything funny.always there to talk to. most relaxed. agressive brother on the teain..true friend.a jaeger. A. Arnold. A hard worker and great teammate. P. Marcy 2nd Company 33 PATRICK JESSE PERROTT CASSELBERRY, FL NAVY PILOT So there I was. . . 'Yo man. rock bottom and start oft' the night with two black voodoos' "Hey man you wanna go out? Nah. man I have withdrawl from what I drank last night. But. Dude!! Ok. let's get drunk." "I dated little Debbie when I was a fat kid." Dude. you punched me in the chest really hard...tTHUMPIJ .... Why do you always have to treat me bad? .... "Hey l'm PJ. I have the expensive soccer Inom car out front." .... "Lars, dude. why do I have your credit card?" ...' 'l'm looking fora Jaime Herman?" "Pj, ljust saved your life. Thanks. man." You don't even know dude". . ."A IQO octane, I think l might have to.' '..... Todd. watch the eyes. N0OOOOPEI...Matt matt Inatt matt matt STAAAAIIIINNNBAAACCKKI ..... Allen, let me see the lucky IinI...Hey Danny! TOTEATI Seana Paul. ye me musagainl lt's all about that Chicago sweetheart .... t'Lars hOw'd you end up in. . I ERIC DANIEL PORTER BROOKEVILLE, MD USMC PILOT Run run Ginger Bread Man! II Eric is the kind of guy you cannot walk through the hall with without stopping to talk to someone he knows. Most ofthe time it is a lady friend of his. but you can't hate a player. The Marines are lucky to have this motivated Hoorah that constantly serenades the room with cadences when he is in the shower. He is a great guy though. after you get past the massive pictures of himself running that reside on his desk. There is never a dull moment with Eric around tespeeially when he has had tequilalg whether it is Ordering Ooglie Googlies at Chevy's. constant phone calls from his mom. OFBM ISO one WG. and constantly being assassinated by a linger gun as he enters the room like a SWAT team. For years l've had my doubts about you. but deep down inside I know you're batting for the home team. "l'm like Allen Iverson. Doug is like Vince Carter and Clay is like Larry Bird. Well who does that Inake me'?... Charlie Ward. lts stuff like that. that'll ensure the name CGR lasts a life time. This convo doesn't go outside this car right?" Remember--there's 8 lanes to life and life is a game ot' seconds. just like track. See you patrolling the skies. Thanks mom dad alex grandmas all my adopted parents and everyone else that helped me get through this place. TPDNMS 34 2004 T 9... X I ERIC MARC RANGER ,t is E956 LA CROSSE, WI NUCLEAR SURFACE WARFARE I It is not easy to find happiness in ourselves, and it is not it elsewhere. . Agnes Repplier Do what you feel in your heart to be right - for you'll be criticized anyway. Eleanor Roosevelt Weakness of attitude becomes weakness ot' character. Albert Einstein To love and be loved is to feel the sun from both sides. David Viscott possible to find Sometimes there isn't enough talent to win on talent alone. The key to success is giving every competition or challenge everything you got. Herb Brooks Cplayed by Kurt Russell in movie "Miracle"b aerobics, my 'crutch'. Pro 3:5-6- DIANA ELIZABETH ROACH CHARLOTTE, NC NAVY PILOT From I-day until grad. 8c 4ever-you:the bestest roomie- Cgl since "meeting in the middlef' my BF! Snuggling nap Xs. talks, drunken nights. OC. 'temultuousl Enrique 81 body pillows..I could go on 4ever but 'me 84 words'ILY MW DidoN2the top of the world8Lunder the C .Il nvr forget what u sharedwfhearnsoul.laugh.smile.sky dive ,ski,snorkel,skimboard.Montego,Jungfrau.Baja.8zRono. So many things we learned were a nono.ll luv u for always.Il like u4ever,as long as Im living, my princess you'll bNE To YP677, rides home on 495-yikes!Packing for AF8LSigns-Pensacolanhere comeVA-grls-MC To summer nights in the desert, Yosemite 84 Sequoia..to SATC. long talks and hugsLB AF smelly pie, skipping inspection..BUSTED! and leaving lasting impressionsj H To you studyin more in one night than I in a month. to "telling it like it is," and the length of your arm tlonger than minelIC"Can I turn out the lights'?"to always standing mate and loving YUT times at Quantico.BG F-18s. San Fran cable cars. step SNF A smiling Grouch w! silent laughter bf: BigGirlsRule! I2I-EED BRENNA LoU1sE SCHARP FARMINGDALE, NY SURFACE WARFARE Brenna Scharp .... its been a great ride .... and something tells me the fun is just beginning. From the nail clipper incident to our firstie year .... speechless is the first thing that comes to mind. Screaming late at nite .... skillbuilder .... you know you're going crazy when .... the letter you wrote that still holds its own special place We've been through it all. but somehow only the best times stand out. Like nites in Cancun and crazy grapefruit diets and foam parties. And conversations for hours about everything and anything. Trips to the shore twith and without Faithb .... and to get "snacks', .... and how you always seem to know just when to call me out. Thanks for being the reason I made it through and the reason I get out of bed when I don't want to. l'm so glad we'll be doin the Whole SWO thing together .... cause I can't think ot' anyone better to share it with. 2nd Company 35 I I AMES DAvID SEARELS J R. SUMMERVILLE, GA USMC GROUND BANJO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ScoTT DAVID SEWING DENIsoIsI, IA USMC GROUND SCOTT! ll!!! Whats in Nebraska? UH OH Charlie's inbound .... The man who almost made NFO but then couldn't cut it and had to instead go Marines. Sorry, but then again you did drop Yoga for a Wedding Ring...I know Marines don't need smarts, but your dad. A Pastor, would have made a better choice than that. But, you're someone you can always count on, the Marine Comps is lutky to have someone like you. Why are you cleaning your rifle again, have you tired it since last night? Pure in action, filthy in thought. Scotch seems to be your personal enemy. MJK, PCB, MDW, JKB CHRISTOPHER ANDREW SHERLOCK PHILADELPHIA, PA NAVY NFO Papa Smurf. Hey, I don't know you, but you wanna be my roommate for hmm .... Say, 4 years? Glad that worked out. That's it, no more roommates, just you and me this year grandpa. Okay, all jokes aside, you know they've developed wonderful new materials for those replacement hips you'll be needing in a few years. HA. We few, we happy few who have changed Naval Academy policy. "Good night Jane Fonda. . Three years and you finally saw the light of intramurals. Snowed in at Dickinson, the explorer snow drift excavated by rubber maid tops, and the quick evac during the blizzard. Credit to this guy for introducing you to the wife. Don't forget the wedding invite. "Hey, if you've ever wanted to try bamboo, don't. It's gross." Hey backseater, where to now? Left. I said LEFT! SMACKIY You: one and a half hours, Me: almost three. Dearthair, Brathair, you know it. Love ya man. See you in Pensacola brother. -the BSC tCRBJ 36 2004 l THOMAS PATRICK TEAGUE FUN v- 55 SMYRNA, GA NAVY NFO ATLiens. Chuckie Mon. MB transit to Sullivans. no its cool we'll just sleep in the snow tonight. YAH MON. Middleton's Happy hour-a home away from home. you sure don't look 16. Ducati. GSXR. I think I got hit by a car-Tony. Bren Marr..thanks Tone. Lassiter's crazy girl. Ginger Williams. Paulaner. Tecate. Negro Modelo. Clairmont Lounge. I can't believe she's only 46..she doesn't look a day older than 42. yeah my dad owns this place. You'll do all that for 5510. Drop it like its Hot. can I get 9 hurricanes? New Years in N.O. .Iear Bear. shot girlz. Webcam. restock the cooler. Christmas job at beverage warehouse. Newp on the stoop. You poured beer on my bird. Fox Fields. ShoreHouse, New South-GT, Franzia-bag-o-wine. NYC Easter Sunday -did you just kiss my aunt. cab 312. upstate-siena. BingHampton. darkhorsc. Lassiter's, Atkins Park. Moondogs. Coyote Ugly. Mako's. Clairmont Lounge. Bell South channel 5. NAFAC wed. GT. Bob Pissano at Loews. Ring Dance : Silk for nothing. NC Roadblocktsl. Final Exam Fire Alarm. can't waste this sweet liquid-O-club beverage transit. the two loves ot' my life- CMOD belt girl and Sushi. Fetrow. AOL female companion search a!sfl'?. Restriction Goes! I !. Arleeeeene. Poster Boys ot'Army Navy Calendar 2004 lsorority editionp. I couldn't have had more fun at any other school... thanks to my friends and bad habits. ---lt. . f"tY ---. A I ,' I 5. '5 X LILYANN MADONNA THOMAS SOMERVILLE, NJ SURFACE WARFARE What a crazy and interesting four years it's been Lil. We have definitely gone through a lot together. Through all of our laughs. tears and I "roommate tiffs" you have always been there when I needed you the most. We have so much to look back on and laugh at- "The B-2 Spirit Sir7," our crazy and delirious nights in Cancun. our "you know you're going crazy when. lists, parties at the shore house. 'tLily. what are you doing'?!'?!'?" You hated me over plebe summer. but that's alright. I would have hated me too. always yelling at you and telling you what to do. You. Jen and I have some awesome memories, we really do. I love how we always seem to act tougher when we're together and laugh hardest at each other's jokes. You always give the best advice and Ilm always wondering how you just seem to know certain things. I can't wait for Mayport Lil, the fun times haven't even started yet. ROBERT DEWITT TUTTLE CORFU, NY SUBMARINES I From the Halls of Montezuma to the shores of Tripoli we tight our country's battles in the air on land and sea. First to light for right and freedom and to keep our honor clean: We are proud to bear the title of United States Marines. Our liag's unfurled to every breeze From dawn to setting sung We have fought in every clime and place where we could take a gun. In the snow ot' far-off Northern lands and in sunny tropic scenesg You will lind us always on the job --The United States Marines. I Here's health to you and to our Corps which we are proud to serveg In many a strife we've fought for life and never lost our nerve. If the Army and the Navy ever look on Heaven's scenes. they will tind the streets are guarded By United States Marines. I I 2nd Company 37 TDDD PAUL URKOWITZ MERCERVILLE, NJ NAVY PILOT From the Halls of Montezuma to the shores of Tripoli we light our country's battles in the air on land and sea. First to light for right and freedom and to keep our honor clean: We are proud to bear the title of United States Marines. Our flags unfurled to every breeze From dawn to setting sun: We have fought in every clime and place where we could take a gun. In the snow of far-off Northern lands and in sunny tropic scenes: You will lind us always on the job --The United States Marines. Here's health to you and to our Corps which we are proud to serve: In many a strife we've fought for life and never lost our nerve. If the Army and the Navy ever look on Heaven's scenes. they will lind the streets are guarded By United States Marines. CHARLES EDWARD WALTMAN II LITTLETON, CD NAVY PILOT Been through more stuff than the any of us. yet he's still just as crazy as the best of us. Thanks for the room GF. "We're going to go play foosball "Eric, we just passed Martin Luther King Blvd and Harlem St...there are a bunch of people all dressed alike and l have on a plaid shirt and trucker hat. Get me out of here! I think Iim going to die!" Chris. thanks for taking a bite out of our room's 3.0 bamboo. "We're going to go play foosball" We went 26. you went 50. Damn you. Explosive Diarrhea. Decent? Oh don't mind the guy in his underwear up there. "Charles. this is a pretty good movie isn't it'?...yeah. l've never seen it. . .you sure you don't want to watch something else'?...zzzZZZ" So Charles are the rumors true? Gotta see a man about a horse. We're going to go play foosball. I'm cool. Flying a Cessna. All I wanted was subway. Thanks Mom and the family for all the support that you gave me while going through here love y'all. an MEGAN DOROTHY WELLER RICHMOND, VA SURFACE WARFARE Fellow SWO mama. sister in Christ. Cgl. friend for eternity. Pro 3:3-SNF ' Those that see you as a quitter will never understand. I know the courage you carried with you. first midshipman I ever met ton email remember'?l. you turned out to be more. going to King Hall. doing Pilates. talking about our boys. 8c gossiping.-BHG Once the smart girl in my classes to the roomie who shared my burning desire for "room treats." Russell is one lucky Marine! -JRC Late night talks. dance parties 81 the TZ club that wasn't tthank goodnessl. then there was Russell CRTLMIYD. we cut off all our hair tbad movel. but always brushed eachother's when we were sad. danced our hearts out in our underwear 81 at O'Brian's. made each other laugh and cry. You taught me that l can never be sure of anything. We have truly come full circle! ILY-DER Megwalla. my lab partner for life. roadtrip philly. always dancing J. hot o-math proff. coldstone in SD. shopping trips. crocheting Cgl crazy crafts. team ocean. family feud. love you. AMB 38 2004 KN , ,1- nn u-11: r. - r --" -Wf- ' ' ' '7,' . , Q ,Om 4 lag, l 1 I 'Pr , .4 5 111, KRISTY ANNE Woop N X Q f I . . . ' ff l? MACUNGIE, PA - A A- -' Q SURFACE WARFARE Ni lt has been and interesting four years and l'm ready to go. To all of you who I cried and laughed with. thank you. and I'll miss you all. A phenomenal artistic talent chained by the demons of Rickover. Those who know you. . .know you well...and are better for it: as forthe rest. . .it is their loss. Complex. analytical. passionate. determined. Competitive..."NO l'lVl NOT...but I'll bet I'm more competitive than you!" En France. . .or Portuguesemor Spanish...English'? Mt. Washingtonmangels do come in strange packages. . .CC...nice kilt... NYC...you're never alone in this universe...OBX...you've lighted my way through many a storm. Ajourney without a goal is lost. . .but it's the journey itself that makes all the difference...our paths thus far have not been similar. but the part we've shared has changed our lives forever. May the road ahead rise up to meet you. rugrat. From softball to coloring at TGlFs to cruisin thru snow in Giles. its been an awesome ride! Now on to San Diego were going to have a blast! Smiles. T. Walk on a rainbow trail: Walk on a trail of song, And all about you will be beauty." Navajo Song The four years by the bay has been a long trail. Some of us are worse for the wear. some of us are better. Hope that the rainbow brightens and the song is happy. Hereis to the four years of pain and misery that we will forget and to the four years of great times and great friends that we will remember. A MD ,-""" 2nd Company 39 :ij . K if '- 1- . , ,,,. ., ,,,.. T was ,-.hh vt, an e , if if iiflsllzff Q W s"- . Q 2-'.'.'!' , ,' -sb ' rim ' ' , fm l 'li ,,. f 1. 7 I grim, ' Q,-Hg. .fl 'il 4 -mf I 1 , p 1 ,v I Allan Wei l,un llelen Miehelle Timothy Miehael Robert Theodore Christine Carol Michael Wayne David Ward An Barnhart Beaeh Benediet Campbell Carter Courtney 3. ,-gs Clinton Ryan Artliur .lason Calvin Andres Alberto Matthew Lee Matthew Levi Monika Lindsay Bryee Caldwell Deshiarlais Dorn Fraser Gonxalel Haldeman lleavrin Hess Holden Miehael ,li Andrew Miehael Zachary Thomas Brendan Arthur Patrielt Robert Kaitlin Marie Caleb Collen Laszlo Frank Humara lliirley .lanosky .lohnston Karalus Kempe Knapp Korsos Seolx liui Aaron .lames K lfrie Robert Christopher M. Bradley .loesph Miranda .lane Kirby Wilson Brent Hamilton Ku on Lan Marx McCarty MeNeely Melson Mills Oglesby , .s -:A Johnathan S Ashley Taylor Phillip Alexander Ruth Caroline Brendan Kasek Steven Gregory Michael Colin Lori Elizabeth Pastell Ill Preston Rios Roberson Rok Searver Short Simerly ft 'tt Patriek Timothy Sean Reidpath .lohn Peter Nicholas .leremy .loseph .lonathan Michael William M. Su l l ix an Sullivan Temperi l li Abbate Biggs Birsner Carson 40 2004 Dunicl Lee Michael .lohn John Adam Steven Robin Joseph Fulkcrson Joshua Lockwood David Tab Say Yong Martinez .lit Miller Pierczynski Podmore Preston Rojas St Aubin Tan Victoria Anno Bcniuinin .lziines Tlii'ockmoi'ton Wyanl W' 42 2004 i v JL' SJ 2nd Company 43 Mf'z'ffQ?PffzzQf1xz1 X I If L ,. LT Chfisfsvhsl' J' Kristin B. Cvarrott, Company XO Polk Gabriel R. Haun, Company Commander Company 0f'f1Cfff Scott W. Cleveland, First Sergeant Chief William B. Hook Company Senior Enlisted -H9 i Jeanne H. Cameron, Company XO Michael Groothousen, Company Commander John E. Hedrick, First Sergeant 44 2.004 world order. DREW RICHARD BARKER KENNEWICK, WA NAVY PILOT Drewfus. Friar Drew. Manscape. "you can Drew itll' '... a man and just as many claims: tallest gymnast in America. smartest . . . hairiest gymnast in America! Here's to the good times spent painful times spent in the treatment room rehabilitating. . . We cried together. won together. and lost together. Thanks for being of our team. NMG for life - no regrets! -PDL Son of Hanford's born of the desert sunrise, nourished by the irradiated fish of River, and raised in the masochistical spirit of the gymnastical 7-,fig ft S aff . ,L .gag 1 rf: . Jfa I 5 ,da 'F 5 fm? 'Q ww a r ff' of so many names. gymnast in Americ laughed together. the heart and soul nuclear reactors. the Columbia 4....K in the gym. and the Unknown and The quintessential arch-Goober. Exempt from the Relativistic laws of Gravity and Tensor of the Inconceivable. -MCG So. how did he do it? In between Fukushima. space-based interferometers. three stripes. and scholarship aps he found time to disciple half the family. help the embattled, and still keep a smile. No other explanation may be given but that the strength and grace of God fiowed through his broken body. Drew, you're a man. Live passionately. Always fall on the arms of Jesus to carry you through, and never stop fighting. -MWM. .I VI in-1N,a' CLAUDE LAWRENCE BERTHOLD FAIRBANKS, AK USMC PILOT Lots of booze. one night stand. next thing you know you're getting married. Showing up to formation looking like we slaughtered a pig. 23'1' Birthday ending up with a pinkfpurple stomach and too much edge dressing. Taking YP's to browns wharf. Gaming las in video gamingl till morning. Late night watching ExcaliburfBoondock saints!Dune. What he spend is loan on "A ring, a gun. and well .... the rest on beer". "Come on it will be the squids vs the Jarheads and this way is quicker". Motivating your sox until you pass out. Shuffleboard and tons of memories at the fleet. One last lil thing Shibby. J ENNIFER COLETTE BLOOM DALE CITY, VA SURFACE WARFARE Trouble... how boring would my 4 yrs have been without ya... Definitely would have been more peaceful. but who really wants that? From summers in the hall to Halloweens and passing out in my truck, where would we be without each other? Try not to get into trouble anymore, I'll be too far away to come rescue you. p.s. I promise... - shady- Gate l...I like em big - muscles. that is. . .taking l for the team. H24 hours? l've never even shopped for that longl...Jenn. I'm gonna tell your mom!...scrott. . .visiting my best friend in Hawaii. I'll be back tomorrow. . .CHEERSYY Sexy Seven...Ladies night!...Devin's inquisition...Chief...who's black mustang'?...road trip to NC - what were we thinking?..multi-tasking..housewife in VA beach...I don't like girls...the biggest face everl...what does the C stand for?...prude Jenn...I'm a ballerinal...body shotsl...hi. I'm her yankee friend...Best New Years everl...Ricky. I'm going to be a modell...What? Who called my name'?...LT S...dahglren dates...bffl CH. AH, LW. EP. AJ. JP What. you've never been to Disney World? This will have to change! Vero Beach...dinner with the 'rents .... laughing at and with my mom...relationship confessions. There is no way I would have made it without your shoulder to lean on or your smiling face to complain to t good thing you are stronger than mel. Next year will be hard with out you around...but I know we will remain friends for the rest of our lives. Love. Mason. 3rd Company 45 u-nu n JASON MICHAEL BRADLEY PHOENIX, AZ SURFACE WARFARE BMB all day loIIg. . .Can we stop for smokes. . .Lets shoot some pooI...Hey guys. wanna shoot some pool...ToInorrow we should shoot some pool... Yeah I'll have a Coke. yeah Pepsi is line. . .Wait never mind. I'll have a coffee. . .Poop Deck of the Fleet. . .Man. I need some l...poker at Claude's. . .watching Friends.. .That's not due till 5"' period.. .Late night laughs with Jimmy '... Roommates for 3 U2 years. stupid OOC billet...Week loIIg arguments with Jimmy. . .WZIICIIIITQ Excalibur and Dune...New Years III SA with Katie. Oizee. John. Bob. and Jeff... Running with Claude to and from the Fleet. . .Squids versus the Jarheads. . .This way's quicker. . .OK. I'Il agree with you about the chicken wings. if you agree with me oII everything else. . .Vikings at sea. . .Pooll Pool! Pool! Screw bowling. let's play pooll...I'm so excited I could pee IIIYSGIII...SI'll.lfllCI3OZ1l'CI at the lleet .... ..Kiboshll! Q U " MICHAEL JOHN BUCKLEY CHESTER, CT SURFACE WARPARE Speaking of drill. "Littering and". "Heh Heh, aaalllll riiiighu. 3!e shoe shinning EI. Striving to create the billet of NIVIIGH. "an a little past that there's gonna be a retaaaded kid sellin Iireworks". It's common knowledge... From -I-4 to 4- I. it was a good time. wait. who am I kidding? Basing our lives off of Lipke and Peterson. The Ice Queen returns. and steals yourjob. My little brother twho happens to be 2 years older than mel. You cleaned up after me. II will never challenge your mastery of the consumption of liver-damaging Iluidl. Thanks for the memories. you better keep in touch.-NJP Have to keep a guy that drives a car aIId is 21 b-I me. Stop following mel Are you sure this is a good idea? There is no cut. The Saint. My hrst Beer. D helping that shady nite. The Pub Crawl in PIB. Big fat pink elephant. The Cave. "SOmeday. son. you gotta learn to stop diggin'." Trash bags are for trash. CT Auto-bond 81 DD's. The shame-avaitor. Roller-Coaster promise. Owe a dancel . Smooehies. You are my best friend for infintity+l. -KAT. One pillow all night in the hallway - NASS-'Ol. My stalker! Here's to you and Katie. Saving the Fall of '06l. -SNF PAUL MASON BURK ,fv- ROUND ROCK, TX U.S. AIR FORCE - OFFICE OF SPECIAL INVESTIGATIONS It has beeII a long ride. and I am glad to see this chapter of my life come to an end. I am grateful to my parents and friends for standing by -L. me and encouraging me throughout my life. Without you I would not be where I am... I love you all!!! I never imagined that the Academy would work out the way it did. I came here to achieve Iny dreams and have beeII blessed with the opportunity to carry them out. I have had a great time here during Iny four years. I will never forget the great times I had during restriction. football. and track. Holly. you are the best thing that has ever happened to me. and I will always love you. To John. C-MAC. Lozada. Nugget. Marcus. Josh. Jeanne, Kip. Travis. Frankie. Q-Ball. Wheels. Ryan. Mags. Colleen. Bling. Rob. and many others lsorry ifI left you outl. thanks for all the good times and your friendship. I In I will never forget you. I wish you all the best in the future ZIIKI pray that God bless your lives with riches beyond your wildest dreams. 46 2004 J EANNE HART CAMERON CENTREVILLE, VA MEDICAL CORPS To our blonde bombshell... That's how you do it!!! posture going, wild nights with Nat at Donlon's. with mom's psychoanalysis. southern etiquette. the paint dress and diamond shoes, and always winning dog eyes. You can take the chem nerds out of the but you can't take the trailer park out of the chem QIKJH-"Q i Y fa 'Simi' ?""".'v -A-it Am' T '-': .., -atm I of X Y r - 'f' i " " l- f Y- in i f "-' 'A-1. e H' is I 12 'z- Keep that weekends in VA purple spray- with the puppy . . AAAAAAA trailer park. nerds tlsabcl! J. Your corps, the med corps, heyyy!! DCOH. They'll never break up the triangle- RMB 81 CBT. Outback birthdays Tropical Twenty, crutches out the window. Moesher on the Hoot. ACL's blue P. Checkley's Angels. Midline. drunk roommate virgin, R.H.-he's so not unattractive, Youngster Manifesto and our weekend of restriction. burners in Cancun, PP girls, stalkers. There's been drama but you've always been there for me and stayed a loyal and true friend. Who else would put up with all my desk decorations like you? Thank you for all the great Inemories. and good luck in the future. I know where to go next time if I break another armll- Katie RYAN JoNATI-IAN CGRCORAN SCHAUMBURG, IL SUBMARINES lt! day: Shouldnlt we be somewhere? Wooossshh -swear in ceremony. or NOT - Skipworth's squad - Studied hard. . .too hard - WVU - Dorsey. boys for life - adopted by Westins - Backpacking - Spring break: DR. German girl, Hopkin's girl, Button Nose, Martine and bartenders. screwdriver hell, helped back to the room. Ring Dance: Sponsor brois sister, waiting till tomorrow night. Preakness, bathroom breaks on car ride back - sub bonus and DTA - Cubs baseball - Club Soccer president. ridiculous tourney trips. last game of nationals: best performance ever, NCS: I love ya guys - China, Russia. England - NYUfYale trip. getting CORCORANED tverbj - Houston Bowl: Sommer, where'd ya go? DukefYalefMontrealfNew Orleans. Great weekend trips - Rio de Janeiro - Graduation - Just getting started. It's who you're with that counts .... thanks to my boyz. enngh. JANINE ELIZABETH CURCIO PITTSBURGH, PA NAVY NFG JJWU! I think we made a wrong turn-30 minutes ago...2.50 Bay Bridge. Coooke. Irish terrorist..."Do you think heis cute'?'?" Mimimi Poof!Um. Ma'am, I think we broke somethin'-again. cloves8LChristmas. Chevy's. Cheers, I'M SO PISSED OFF. Pitt-the greatest city in the world! "it's so creamy and wonderful!" and one day. 2 old ladies wfa big front porch8Ldogs-couldn't have made it wfout you. . .love always-kristimel-Plebe yr. roomie. you left me and I am still trying to forgive you-too many fun times- muffin stalkings. Craig and his way cool car. plebe pimp daddy, sheep, "Ma packed us bread and jamlf' Pittsburgh visits ...NC was right and you were the only person I could tell. I'll miss you much and will think of you whenever I see Heinz ketchup! DB-NINI... JKJ Scandalous! Skiing on butts. and Cheers. . .need I say more? PCola watch out! Luv ya Hun!K-Who needed stickers anyway? Scandalous tangoing. VS modeling. headpetting. and drinking with the Harem, "if you ever want to go back to 18"-always Jack 3rd Company 47 KRISTIN BETH GARROTT SEVERNA PARK, MD NAVY PILOT Powerpuff girls throwing crutches out the window. wings. Herndon party. drama in N.C.. tropical 20. checkley's angels- Katie..Flying in FL. caffeine headaches. sailing in Naptown heat. relaxing by illegal pool-Jaime .... 3 years and countless hours on the Severn. ridiculous nights in B-more freshman year. and showing up drunk to St. Mary's the next day. sneaking out over and over again tesp. in Bostonl. ORANC1E.thinking your dad was going to kill us for our stupidity tagain and againl.. french maids. ice cream happy hour.. snowballs twith lll21l'Slllll2lll0WS'?I breaking into RCSC to sleep during SMT.. "DO you girls need help?"-the ski patrol as we tried to ski UP the hill.. You. me and Jaim at Cheers-we are the worst singers ever. but we will still audition for Am. Idol together. always had fun doing nothing and laughing at things that weren't funny to anyone else? No one understands our matching yellow visors and Hawaiian Howers-Alexa..Me bashing most-finally not all!! of your boyfriends, you me and Alexa on spring break sunning at RCSC. OOMPA LOOMPAS tbut we did go wacko after having so many people sing that songl..we all feel the same: your fam is like our own and the times have been great-Lydia. RYAN OLIVER GONZALEZ 1 CARPINTERIA, CA SURFACE WAREARE ...Gonzo . .GOnzar. . .Gonzafro. . .Spongebob. . .Gonchar. . .Gonzama bin laden...Yeeeeeeeeee. she's a lil, nug..."It's not my belt buckle. it's my LD setting Off the alarm". . .Booby trap... ...I love that song. "In Bloom' '... Tighty Whitey's and black sOcks...Company Love. ..Beatin' it.. ."Dude. you farmed it.". . .Finishing off the bar. . .USNA Rack Team.. .HI will never get a major". . .'lDouble click her patch"..."Don't be such a kwek kwek"...Wild Man .... Baldy...Prichard. hop in...Wandering fingers at HFS... King Cobra. . .Sweatshirt for pants. . ."It's cool. she's a second cousin',...Pillow drawings. ..Sheridan's trash can. .. Higher and tighter'?...Is that possible'?..."Leave me in DTA". . .Naughty time...always got the IM smile...Partaking in Bankroft all four years...Santa Barbara .... Rincon...DTA...I-Ball...The Fleet...Col. Ripley's au pair...Merusia... Homewrecker. . .shweeny... NAPS...Band Of Brothers. all four years... Too good for the ladies...The only guy who hates Christmas lights. Scrooge. . .Always trustworthy and a great friend.. .a brother. a surfer. a musician, a true Californian... MICHAEL ROBERT GROOTHOUSEN JR. p , V p , ...yv N M VIRGINIA BEACH, VA 'll 'A A i f 'A ' NAVY PILOT A From random wrestling in his early days to painting to the wee hours of the gg U P A . ,. A morning. Groot has made the most of his academy experience. During his ' I ' "'l A time here he has learned many valuable lessons. of which. it is not the fall that is going to get you ....... its the sudden stop on the coffee table and sometimes its best just to be yourself ........ on Halloween. are not the least. Groot is more than ready to move on from this place and begin his servitude in other aspects. We will all miss the times that were good and struggle to remember those times we think were fun but can't really remember. Oh well. ....... TwOfer'?'? 48 2004 l 1 CHRISTOPHER STEWART HATHAWAY SOUTH WINDSOR, CT NAVY PILOT Faiting into trash cans. training with a bucket. and putting socks on in Iny underwear. 4:45 just wasn't Hand in hot water to pass the whiz quiz. Moe's Tavern. Flights to Easton with James and Brandon. Weekends Pusser's waitress. Any veggie lasagna left? NYC with Ticket. "Are you a warrior or a scientist. Hathaway?" Germany. Prowler and Mentor. Nesa President. Ops. Vodka and the Dining Out. T :Q "Lg: auf--i . 'fig gf ' I ,, J I I, f f. D Ml ! -f G1 LK " la fin 'fm H. 'L QI' I-:if SJ practicing good enough. Formation with the Mike. Private DB : DB! Thirty Days underway. QMOW. DQ Challenge in the Boundary Waters. Spare Rocket! Goodno's Girl. Infectious Diseases Girl. Roller Girl. Hot Cocoa on the Sth. The Lion King with Melanie Au Pair . Instrument Rating. Zurich and San Fran in a weekend. CFI. Rooming with Ryan and Drew. Nights out with Ncener. Neb and Putz. "I think he's going to kill himself if he doesn't get jets..." GABRIEL RAUL HAUN MT. AIRY, MD SURFACE WAREARE Gabriel Raul Haun .... .the dark Argentinean ladies man. The IM master. . .all night 'til Dawn. Booby trap.. .vthere She is. . gorgeous!" Too Inany mems too remember. . .good buddy. good friend... good brother. . .Room Olympics. ..Peanut. .. My Bean...Lights on the hot tub...nO pizza in the airport. . .canoeing in Alaska. CAVA. . .I'm gonna hit that up. Deployment to Myraq .... 3"" Co Myraq team. All the line ladies at Iball...you gotta luv 'em. Adouble S...what would we do'?...Horse Head.. .You are the cameras. . .Twenty dollar bet. . .PreakneSS...weeeny!!! Impulsive is that Free? .... I luv my teacher! Nuggett! Baldy. Wildman. FBI. Music...that's the calling. I luv my Golbe.. "But they won't let me goooo"...I'll get a keyboard Trouble in Bancroft. "I say revolution and you Say restriction." Band of Brothers for four years. . .Partaking in the room. all four years.. .Thx for the good nights .... on ice. . .on my arse. Miss Pat should have kicked me out. Swim buddies. cold buddies. let'S get the hell out of here. Late night! DAMIEN GORDON JACOBS CHARLOTTE, NC USMC GROUND Known as the Body. ..80 pounderS...you know like a rhinocerous. .. Em:cA2...yOu Should have gone SWO...Jim Beam is not water. not even before I-ball. . .from wandering Fredrick to Bourbon Street.. .Hail the triumverant. . .Navydominancel 3rd Company 49 nl I-1 li I KATHRYN ELIZABETH KELLY ELGIN. IL NAVY PILOT KK. Kiki. My breezer buddy gl favorite redhead. Benihannas 84 at'ter...where's kk'? my backseat driver. DTA. Tucson. infamous SWUB tiestas. Friends for life. Nattie-Boil: gate 8 pool. Le Bar Bat. Cancun. TT drama 8a roomies. team parents. memories... LW:'1 Mermaid Princess. Hoss' Angels. uniform ofthe dayzbirthday suit and parka. OC. YPs. speedbumps. visualizing. KeyWest. Miami. I5 Nil. tanning-top of Lejuene. sweetest girl on Seal Team S'Wu. Wed. Disco dates. T- Thurs. Fun Fri. lone member not an original-but owner of"Ho"tel Part II. Okla- fift2f"1ing-lioina. J-Bo. Mooner. BJfl1 Checkley's Angels to PP girls. Berkeley desk. best drunk liar EVER. FITH. midline. fake restrictees. next-door sponsors. outback. WP website brings joy to all. do you know T? no. but my roomie does. whole bottle ofthe Captain. hellllo Rusty. hole in wall. 'lla' 84 X-exam. "um. I fell off the monkeybars . redheads are hotNF. ring dance in a sling. but damn it feels good to be a pilot! You can't see in the dark. but you've been with me through all. A true friend and lighter. JC:'4 u CoRY DAVID MACCUMBEE if , A Q BALTIMORE. MD NAVY PILOT Cory. Corn Dog. Corn Pops. Corn Pizzle. Pizzle. Plobster. the Man. or simply the Piz. Inventor of mixed drink slappers. Happy hour doesn't apply. Sole hnisher ofthe Chevy's X Baja Challenge. Whidbey 5- Just shut up Jim. "BOYS, ITS ME POPS. ITS ROB'S 23'd AND I CANT TAKE HIM DOWN MYSELF." Fab tive and team shoes. Showin the air conditioner in the Bahamas who's boss. Montreal. I like your style. Towson or Bmore? Where were you last night? I don't know but I woke up next to the pool with a random room key in my pocket. The Ice Luge. tsucked next dayj .... Going fishing and me running from snakes. Darkening ship. Towson t Rolling Rock the Pale Alej. Cocktails and Dreams Drinking Team. You and DTA t always sucked next dayl. You da man Corn Pops. No Woody you da man. No good the next day. "Marcus: Cory. man you got A class'?. You: Argggga mhhhmhmhmh.. Marcus: Very Well." Fritos bag. He's not money. he's PESOS! G-UNIT. Body is a Wonderland. Three Amigos and the UPENN SAVI incident. Three Amigos and the George Washington "GIVE ME A BEER ANDY RIGHT NOW" Incident... don't let me do it Andy. Chapstick .... Igottago! Cory we gotta get on the day cruise! UHHHHHHHH. Quarter Bottles! You drank my twelve pack? THAT'S BS MOM! Pukin on the mom's car. Cory why you swervin so much? IT'S WINDY. We're in a tunnel. man... "You can find me on the toilet..." Beating Guts. LP's GOOOOLDEN NUGGET! JOSEPH ANTHoNY MANKIEWICZ SAN FRANCISCO, CA SUBMARINES Things to remember: Drunkopoly. Multiplayer Rogue Spear. Goat court window watching. Tropical Twenty. Fire in the holel. Z's Friday night beverage "deliveries." Here's to all of our lost shipmates tthat we care aboutjt Lozada. Groves. Zohorsky. ...Golbe. Easter parties at Scuba's house. Running from the I-ball in mess dress. Big party and all those weekends at Tim and Rosie's. Spring Break with the List and a Mustang in Daytona Beach at FT's house. Rear Admiral... lower half. New York City and Dennis McKenna. Pineapple Inn. Youngster Manifesto. Drill Bitchl. Captain's Wheel of Punishment. F.T.C.. Zo rage. Gonzo and Mank in Atlantic City. Driving "the Beast". Stuck in the snow in the Middle of New Jersey at a HoJo's. Pokerftirearms nights at A as Claude and Kim's. Gonzo Square Pants. Ring Dance with the Limo and restaurant 3971. Dead animal vs. musty. Great times had with Errol and Steve... the roommates. Joey loves Jenny forever. 50 2004 new ig 1 ' af" Lf! PAUL MICHAEL MARCY -' 1. - 1 -' A'-KX , A wi! GUILFORD, VT USMC GROUND ftrwii Three words: Work out, sleep. fooooooood. Vermi...Why is Gonzo sleeping in my rack'?"...The one room, 4 years. Love Muscles, the MAN, Bench ..- Master, Gunner, Hips, Brain Trust. Just give this guy a Marcymonster from band of brothers press Marcy, Erg mirror and he'll be entertained for hours. Any excuse to take his shirt off.. Who wants to go salvage diving in Georgetown? How about Philly? Sits in the corner at parties, then lets the game llock to him. Amazing. The only guy to park his car illegally for an entire year without getting a ticket. The Jeager with a temper problem. Man of few words but a force to be reckoned with, can carry on an entire conversation in grunts. Guess you can major in crew after all. The "standard" for 4 years. Record Breaker that feels the need for speed, definitely has the biggest back on the team, just ask him to measure it. . .Competitive...His loyalty was always to the brotherhood, if he wasn't working out. you could prolly find him dead somewhere. The only guy I know who has never stopped pulling. To Mom, Dad. C. the brothers, the boys and everyone else that was there, thanks. Check it out local on the 8's! STEVEN BROOKS MCMANAMAY SEVERNA PARK, MD NAVY PILOT Things remembered-3 story lilm on McDonough. Easter parties at my house, Drunkopoly, All 4 spring breaks, Ruggedmen, 60 days restriction, FTC, Youngster Manifesto, Poker night, 7218 Fightclub, Fire in the hole, Unibrows. You won't be forgotten Groves, Zo. and especially Antonio. Marcus. you kept me above water here, I'll never forget that. Errol, Joe, Von. Ryan, you guys were great roommates. All my R.A.T. Borthers- don't forget where we came from. To the third herd- I honestly believe we had the best group of people in the Brigade JESSICA RosE MOHAMED VANDERGRIFT, PA OCEANOGRAPHY JMO!JRabbit, Cleanin bandits, Tomahawk riding recon, Skinnydipping in 8th wing fountain pre-Herndon, Varley's wrath, Running over China Buffet man, Free dinners for a week, Kicked out of Platinum, Sideswiped by a school bus biking tand one evil rollerbladerj, rabbit teacher and munkey scientist: sleepovers between class. Mudd, LilPecker, The crazy night: 'fBut how do I know'?,' Pulled over 3 times, 2 hospitals, Thug and crazy singing lady, 8 minute ghetto run and shower, Ensign libo youngster year. Polar Bear busted nose and blood everywhere. Xmas restriction rubber and musters made fun by a magic vegetable grown in Bam's conlocker. "lt was everyones 21' birthday that night!" Eastport Styliez with random yacht finale, Porkchop, Post p-rade-recovery-time with freezypops Bear pit, two girls stand alone. LN '03, tatu nanahyanah, weekend in Philly: hit by cars, getting in lights. Finding long lost sisters, I'll hold you up by your belt loops anytime. God bless the rebound. here's to meatheads! 4 1 3rd Company 51 'N v MATTHEW WALLEN MOUNTS RANSOM, KY SURFACE WARFARE From late-night workouts to filibuster like advice sessions always could count on you... Minnie yut drill officer returns to his SWO roots. . .Don't sweat the small stuff...Good luck as a future Spanish interpreter. .Kentucky couldn't be prouder. . .those squirrels better watch out CHRISTOPHER MICHAEL NEBOSHYNSKY BRUNSWICK, ME NAVY PILOT Here's to 4 years by the bay. To my roommates JPQ3, DPW. and DRB. Youngster year - true youngster afternoons. hanger wars: 80's music: Oscar quality videos tesp. Mad Burk and Star Warsl: jihad: she's dirty. Zfc year - building things from a piece of string and a tin can: new roommate and whitifying himg "You order Chinesefl.. no? You want Chinesef?H, fireworks. and other prank calls. MISLOXPISLOL calling the radio station because I fried my roommateg root beer and other code names: wildmans in the head C'oh sir. you're f-'d now!"J. Firstie year- when was the last time we waxed'?1 who's in OUR bathroom?: Rod and Joe called. they said you're1 I could run the world from my computerg passing the ol' pigskin. .. in the room. BCW - Rollergirl. Castlebay. getting around Ward Hall, bridezilla. Here's you to you guys tyou my boys!!J, thanks for making the past four bearable. See ya in the lieet. Jusq'ici, tout va bien. JEFFREY CHRISTOPHER PAYNE WYo1vi1ss1NG, PA SUBMARINES Trekkie whose Trident project rivals Dr. Evil's laser, but didn't even know what a spark plug was. . .Future NASCAR driver with 3 tickets in 3 different states.. .relying on mom as a personal alarm clock.. .went from plebe who couldn't keep his pants on during drill to hardcore drill officer by tirstie year.. .Drunk monkey impressions.. ,Submarine officers aren't supposed to have shaved heads 52 2004 PTI NATHAN JOHN PUTZIER 3395557 122 u-:uni V 4 ' Q r, 1 ,. f A-V l 2 1 l Og. il ", i x 'Y 7. X- 1 gps, . '43 4 .., NORTH CANTON, OH W e CRYPTOLOGY Speaking of drill season. Sbemail time. Poolhall Junkies. "It's common knowledge". Good times. T's bday "party". Superbowl. Wrestling matches. "I'm not as think as you drunk I am." LPD6 Duluth and clubin' in PH. "I had an awesome time!" Black Sheep Alley. Broken ankle. Its kinda like that. "Ya... Whateva". Late night Inovies. 443l. 3209 84 1203. "I got you good..." Squad 4-l. Bday bash. Cleanup on aisle 5. Tiger Woods' got NOTHIN' on me! Late night Soprano marathons. This far from the end bro. just more chances to cause trouble. - MJB. USNA to UVA to USNA on a Tuesday night...why'? I Your small empire and the tome. You are bad because you proofread. The only survivor of THE DOCUMENT. How many classes have you slept through? Fieldball and wraslin' with Moe. Throwin' down at Hellen's and all of our endeavors that were totally unproductive wastes of time. Too bad you're blind you could have a real job. l'm sure l'll see you out there decoding a box of Rice Krispies. -Groot JAMES PHILLIPS UARLES III CHARLESTON, WV SUBMARINES Q-ball. Baaaston accent. Horritic sunburn at the sponsor's house. "They never give us time to stretch!" "Wight, Wight Hawoe!" Homestawrwunnor. "l00fi ID chark" tCoach Zi. WVU craziness. Slainte. "SNOWPLOW!" 6'WelI. consider yourself yelled atf' "Is James here? ls James here'?!'?!" dstop. STOP!! Well. you only broke the law." S5 Coyote tip. karaoke. Heisman '67. Active Inember: Annapolis boxing club. Navy touchdown club. "Geez Mike! Take it easy! ! I" 'fThis will not stand! All of you OUT!" Ring Dance, kicking the others out. 'GOh. you can find me in LONDON!!!" Loves NASCAR and Jeff Gordon. Diehard Redskins - Joe Gibbs for President!!! ohhh. OHHHI-I. OHHHHH C-A-N-E-S CANES! "Well. get to it" tpoor waitressl "I'm thinking about Switching my major again." 80's music on the brain. prank jihad. Madden rivalries. Presidents Day storm - skiing while everyone was back at school. plowing into snowbank. car in reverse on highway. "I love you dad!" "Awwl of it!!" To Katherine. you were there for me during the toughest times. you kept me here. I'm beginning to appreciate what this place is giving back to me. - CE. CN. AB. DW. DJF. CMB. SM. MHMF. CM. DR. MJM. KFR A You guys have added years to my life. we've laughed so hard... J OHN WILLIAM SCHINDEL PICKERINGTON, DH USMC PILOT ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. loves teen girl squad, loves getting engaged and spending 5300.000 on a ring. Gnly guy in the postofiice that can cook. Rusty Schindel is my favorite nascar driver. Loves having profiles and away messages about his fiance. PULLING GUARD!!!!!!... will you marr...nevermind. Presenting Mrs. and Mr. List. But she came through on Inagural weekend. Hater of all line arts: Ben Harper on sat morn. daylight in guns. creative movies. "How am I hostile'?!'?! ".. .... B obo the circus monkey.. do all your roomates get kicked out. or do they leave because they live with you ..... nothin' wrong with a little gut and skinny arms. man. be proud ...... loves teen girl Squad so Inuch he married one .... looks like david spade off the field. plays like ray lewis on it ..... never missed an opportunity to throw down in practice .... dresses too nice to be from ohio ..... List yourself! Skinny arms. poochy gut. no problem. hates being antiqued, especially after a truce. . .a fellow hater .... .Boulware and Lewis iII the back holding court and not stretching. Inventor of "ahhhhhhhh!"...f6fl victim to Z's helicopter lists. Hostile drunk. I am a History major minoring in the language of Schindlish. Remember. just cuz you saved a bunch doesn't mean you have to be one. Congrats on beating Gunz to the altar. Semper Fi brother. - Meat out. Gunz. Tigs. Derk. Shaft. Philly. Zach. 3rd Company 53 af V, ANDREW LAWLER STRAESSLE ATLANTA, GA I-gg USMC PILOT To the best of times. to the worst of times. You have made your family proud and continued the USNA family tradition. even taking a semester off as an exchange student at the climbing wall your senior year. What a wild 4 years it has been. It's amazing how one thing can happen and it takes 2 years and an M-lo to get over it. "How is it that you never have any homework?" You know I only use you for your brain. By the way. "Can you help me with MAPLE?" Weapons class alone was an experience. Aside from all that. you have taken to re-introducing H girls to the Academy. Something I've never understood. "How do you know every girl on the yard and still come out empty handed?" If you can't get a good girl. get a W. S. or H girl. To the brotherhood of the black shirts ofGlee Club tours and the countless adventures we've had. "What the... did you fall asleep again'."' "Yeah. thank God for rumble strips!" The fun continued. from Houston to Bourbon St. and on to Rio. And don't forget. that 35300 was your fault! You are many things to many people. You are always there when needed. always a true friend. the one I can tell anything to. the voice of reason. the one who always keeps me grounded. and the one everyone can count on. Friends forever- DGJ. JCP. MWM. JMI-. Sc .IMH JIMMY JIN SUR SUH TORRANCE, CA SUBMARINES Jimmy Jin Suk Suh- Did a lot of growing up and learning about myself through the four years. I learned that the most important things in my life are my family and friends. Jason: Always there to remind me to take a break and live life a little. Many good memories through the 3 W years of BMB. James and JK: Without you boys life as a mid wouId've been too much and too serious. Marcus: the one that got me looking good and ready for Costa Rica. Reactor Corps! Beating up Otto in his own room. picking on Jon K. sleeping in late over Army-Navy. running red lights in NYC. surfing Maryland and Costa, Los Angeles BBQ's. holding belt buckles on highways. do you wanna die'?!. Accceeee! Let's do some mountain-climbers in the garage. I hit 145 what's your max? Thanks for making these past 4 years memorable and fun Jimmy. K-boyz for life. Now. off to take care of business! MARCUS EVIN THOMAS HEPHZIBIH, GA SUPPLY CORPS Right now I'm smiling. Taking advantage of this moment Cause there might not be another soon Holding on to memories like roller coaster handle bars tightly cause I'm slightly off my rocker--But to you I may appear to be your average Joe But little do you know that even Joe got problems that he gots to joust with Floating in this game of life Despite how out of place you may feel In this race oh you just can't quit Ain't that a - that being heat I'm on the beat like cops Only cultivate the stable dim when I place my drops No concentrating knocking other people out the box Why?--Cause in a sense See we all be kind of lly .lust can't be scared to spread your wings Head to better things Maybe the mockingbird and nightingale they want to sing--keeping this thing alive To the tabIe's what we bring We like hailstorms and blizzards in the middle of the spring Extraterrestrial - Outkast 54 2004 ll! KRISTOPHER ERIK voN KRUEGER- ST. PETERSBURG, FL NAVY PILOT Ever since I can remember. I had wanted to attend Academy. Both of my parents were retired Naval Air traflic While I traveled the country and the world with my we moved from duty station to duty station tlceland. Alameda. Corpus Christy. Pensacola. Key Westl. I was with my two brothers Aaront Army Enlistedl and Kurtis 'ZUEW fam, - the Naval controllers. parents as Lemoore. home schooled tEnlisted Navy h Q , -1-N ' L .. , , 1 QC. QS: .4 5 N H 1 A7 1 1 -in ' -as fry,-.-J xl F' .. 'x . H 104 I , Nukel. At the age of I7. I attended military prep school in St. Petersburg Fl. at Admiral Farragut Academy. After two short years there. I came to the Naval Academy in the Summer of 200 I. as a member of the class of 2004. During my four years by the bay. I have evolved personally and professionally so that I would not recognize the person I was before I came here. I have developed a deeper love for the ocean and sailing than I could have ever dreamed. My best memories and most trying times at the academy will be forever embodied on the countless hours I spent offshore sailing during the summer. The struggles I have endured in my life while at the academy have brought me to the brink of self destruction and back again more times than I can count. I am a more capable person. warrior. and American than I could have ever been with out the Naval Academy in my life. For this. I will be eternally grateful. DONYALE PAUL WEST HOUSTON, TX SURFACE WAREARE Welcome to the lifestyle of Donyale West. How would his peers describe him? Roommate 1: That Donyale always beat me in Madden. he had that special touch with the A button. but I made up for my low self-esteem by stealing his fake girlfriend and making her mine. We had great time with bathroom wild-mans our last 2 years... He wouldn't say our bathrooms are the best though. instead he would say the mall family bathrooms are the best. Always remember not Donyale North or Donyale South or even Donyale East but Donyale West. Roommate 2: At lirst I didn't respect Donyale because he took our extra closet when he moved in but I realized he can be of help to me. He can blackify me and teach me how to pick up hot chicks. so I decided to give him a chance. It worked! I now play rap and R8cB and know the ebonics, but somewhere down the line it messed up We whitified him! Self Reliection: I'M HOT!! Hot or Not says so 9.1 baby!!! My Annie!! 23 to 29 to 3. ADRIANA WESTEREEKE EL VERANO, CA SURFACE WAREARE Starting was hard, linishing was easy. I-9 and I to the end! A year and a half as a youngster, has that been done before? Worst flu of my life. took three down. Retired my swim cap and goggles. Long atmo study sessions with Krystle and Gale. Two cruises to Sasebo. Japan. lucky me. Ski trip to Heavenly. frozen Gatorade and mirrors. Big car accident but I'm alive. Thank you VW. Oatmeal with MeaMea, OH YEAH! Bling Baby! MUAH! AandB4! And I would like to thank: Walmart. bowling. twister. hot tub. my buddy and me. June 25, 2002 - B on bended knee. YES! What a ring. Bling- Mom- thanks for everything. your support and love can get me through anything. Christina- great sister and friend. you are beautiful and I love you! The "B"s- thanks for being there for me and especially for your love and openness. Brandon- my one. my only. you are such a duffer! ISDLY! 3rd Company 55 ERROL OLIVER YoUNGBoRG DEL MAR, CA NAVY PILOT From 6-3 to 7-U to 3-I to 3-2,thzinks to all my friends who helped me get li1'ougli.3.5yezu's from D to meeE. You have made me who l am today and L nothing I can sziy or do will ever be able to thank you for sticking by my side tlirougli. . health. our lirst date at AfN,our general stupidity, cheesy lines in dirty dancing to get you to kiss me, .l1llN2llCll tdrop it like its hotksuck it up in Key West, my lapse ol' good judgment on exchange. mmm..Dullaiezicliing me to ski und leading me down the mountain crying,Hipping my egg,nein... yuan, the Ring Dance comedy ollerrors. Roach llimily driving, stop trying to hold my hzind,NewYears celebrations in tlic night lille hot spot ot' Roanoke. obsessions, tcuiszind woi'i'ying.But we survived, not because ofstubbornness but iiicndsliip and loye.l'll love you tor ulwnys.l'll like you foreyeilas long as l'm living,my pumpkin you'll bc. -DXCz1lil'oi'iiizt!!! N , ,,1f"t4 1 ar- L 56 2004 W i i rr tliristoplicr C. hliitthcw .Xltin I lairlt ' . 1 L . .lnstin Sinnncl C'ln'istoplicr Daixid William liinil Hcitinun .loshuzi Loc Andrcw lVlcCluin lloovcr linips Lcihovich Lukich tilcnn ,Xndrcw Xdann Poxicll .liicoh Quincy tkilxtin li. Richard Allison lvluric Edwin Crosby hlolllil hiloslcy lNflui'i'aiy Pairsons .Ir. Powcll Piilvcr Riddle lll "'TW'T'l3'31'3" SY' "W 751 .1 FT' Nlichaicl licnitiinin Sznnucl Alhcrto .lunics Williuni Rohison Rodriguez Schull .liiincs Mason iffif'-:gi':' . -.I gf v L.: 1 , " L :ti ie, Tug EQ 414,32 Nfcltg , 1. EVN vl' 4 ., .. , 'j nl Xi 'illf' 11 .'f yr- 'lwfx l :fill t ,ffl i ,'4, .. ti. c J fry " Sf, , . I. I I ,.f ff, ,. it 1 if ul Ely' 'img , i, n ii, , li'f V 1 l .Icttrcy ,liinics Winston Burncs ll 1 Cliristitinu Mtiric Mitchcll Duxid Rolando tizihricl lflocclx lfiiry Ciucrru ,V TV, 1- ,t it 2 ixw git-3 ll Vulcric Michcllc Dzinicl Cody Rohcrt M. Megan Suzunnc Schw indt Shcn Trcsslcr Vchovic artist? s 6 'S Michucl D Shiizin Scott Whitinun Bianca Nicolc Mzitthcw Thorscn Briinuge Clcvclziml Curtis Esposito .lohn liverctt ,loscph Allcn lun Frcdric .lcrry Waync llcdrick Heync Hulscbos Irons Davy Andrcw Clifton Cizissinun C'hristoplicr Thomas Doncniinunticl .luson lVlichz1cl t .lcsus Emilio Anno Cornelia lcc lcnnon Lollini Rzixnl l.unzn'izi lVlcGowun lvlcjiu O'Donncll 58 20 04 Joseph lvlichucl Mutliis Jr. Scott Andrew M Rohcrtson Gavin lVlz1rk Whittlc 1 l clntosh Kevin Ewell ll Keith Anthony .l oh nson Christopher Jordan Pandy .. ..... J Jill 1:-gnu-ip, in 1-in-an ' '- a Nicole Janette Brian Anthony Jeremy Yao James Edwin Kevin Timothy Joshua David James Jesse Emma Cecilia Pelton Ross Sabado Sauls Smalley Smith Sopko Trujillo Matthew Aaron Anthony Edward Uebel Zech 3rd Company 59 011176 nm W LT David A' Behnke Jeremy J. Colwell, Company XO Company Officer Bryanna H. Herring, Company Commander Philip D. Hall, First Sergeant Senior Chief Bart Urnowey Company Senior Enlisted 41 ,sm 4 W K .Vg , I, . ' -V ,aw f Brooke H. Anderson, Company XO Peter C. Flynn, Company Commander Mary T. Stringer, First Sergeant 60 2004 BROOKE HONOR ANDERSON g LUCAS, TX . 4- v NAVY NFO Four years together by the bay Where Severn joins the tide. Then by Service called away We're scattered far and wide. But still when two or three shall meet And old tales be retold From low to highest in the fleet We'll pledge the Blue and Gold. 4231 Adios 4'h Company - it's been real. l'm sure l'll see you guys around... You can find me with a new last name. Desrochers. Here we go. off into Never Never Land... bha the tunnel looks much brighter. ac- 1 4 M . 6'-f x N f I 55 1515 u-Z? if 1 ' ' K if S. fr .-E . 3,-, -.Q - 1.3 'lj . - . "' 1 I, , I JUSTIN GEORGE BAXTER PASADENA, TX NAVY NFO Hey, vvhere's JBax'? oh he's sitting on the ground again. Guys my hand really hurts, what happened last night? Here's to roadtrips. Pour it up!!! Your warmest cheapest Vodka that is. "A sense of urgency? Man l'm from Houston." Waking up in that dorm room in Pittsburgh and saying. "l'm bout zeroed out up here." No Justin. Iknow it's bright and sparkly. but it's not food. Standards? who needs 'en1. definitely not this guy! She still hasn't called back? Whatever. let's go ransack some other girl's place. lf only you could major in NCAA Football and SSX Tricky. Mike Jones who'?...Mike Jones. A sense of direction right like that ofa dizzy wombat with a blindfold on. Funny how he could find his way to the bar during a blizzard in the middle of January though. And the cold. FORGET IT! Leaning out of the sunroof to pour anti-freeze on the windshield on the way to Vermont when it was - 14 outside was not fun apparently. "Yo, are they serious with this choppin' stuff? They want me to yell WHAT when I square a corner!'?" Here's to being the best of friends even though we couldn't even live on the same side of the room plebe year. The Wreckin' Crew Strikes again with many more to come. --TK MATTHEW GEORGE BERTHOLD HATFIELD, PA NAVY PILOT Plebe year, 8 room inspectors on day 1. catching rats under the racks. Le's office. "Yeah, you're probably right", found out that Matt + caffeine : not a good idea. Army week and the laser in T-Court. ...Youngster year. "Why didn't I pick English'?". the last Bancroft Birthday Parties, The Juntunenllll. "There's gotta be somebody who needs some killin"'. boxes and bayonets. "Make the machine do the work". free nightly entertainment courtesy of Goat Court. "How do you know about the machine? ...Second class. trip to the ISF. racks in the snow and snowballs in the hall during Army Week. the alarm clock incident. pro quiz "fun". getting the eyes zapped. flying with the Blue Angels fyou lucky. . . J. . .Finally Firsties. "Sound Adjutant's Call!". Le's office returns fwith kayaks this timel. officially a naval aviator. the light at the end of -MBB 4th Company 61 MATTHEW BRIAN BIELIK BRUNSWICK, OH INTELLIGENCE The Pistol Range. ..Do I look as cool as you do in those geekers?? Rat a tat. Room time: craziness. Rat a tat. Attention for colors indoors. Rat a tat. "Is this supposed to be here Mr. Le?" Rat a tat. Mice galore. Rat a tat. The Oftice. Rat a tat. Goat Court and "THE Juntunen". Rat a tat. About as much fun as a bag. . .no. . .truckload. .. Rat a tat. Room with a view. Rat a tat. The wings... Rat a tat. -MGB The saxophone player becomes a snare drummer. huh? A roommate with the perfect workup to command... XO CCO Under Instructiont to CO. Who wants to go to a I5 minute I2 hourt meeting on 6-0? I don't see the reason for bravo-ing. do you? Heat... we don't need no stinkin' heat. "Kevin. there's an alpha tomorrow. . shouldn't we clean? I guess we should pick up a little... Ohio pride... including a llag. Luckily spy satellites take Blaek 84 White photos... colorblind N-Ts unite. -KMK KEVIN ROBERT BOOHER FT. THOMAS, KY NAVY PILOT No. man. we didn't see what happened. Why don't you just go ahead and jump over that fence and run off the misery. No regrets. Speaking of no regrets. those eyes look freaky in a picture - sure glad the Navy was able to tix something for once. Now if they could only teach you to keep your tongue in you mouth. Learn to throw. and hnd your girl to meet all 8 criteria. -NY I've heard of sleeping with one eye open. but two? Call me when you lind the perl'ect mountaing until then. lucky I3 and the pretty orange ones will have to do. ls it my turn for a secret or yours? I guess it doesn't matter as long as you're wonderful. I'm fine. and a phone happens to be around at 3am! -.IL From jumping like an ape. to huddling wrapped up in the corner. if only all the girls chasing after you could see what I have seen. Fought TOOTH and nail on the Ultimate lield. Shakespeare in Love? Where's my drugs? e e -- Can you patch the hole in my back? The last inhabitant of 6029? I can still count on one hand but did they all have to be in one spot. Three wise men. not so wise- Are you in the military? The unstoppable pair tif we get out ofthe roomy. Your sister's friend. eh? Reformed catholic. eh? l5l. eh? I never was as good as you on the rocks. Roomies share- What kind of wine would you like? -WAC Admit nothing. deny everything. and make counter-aeeusations. There aren't that many and it's not as bad as you think. ' JOSEPH RAYMOND BOSSI I SIQANEATELES, NY NAVY PILOT "The mission ofthe United States Naval Academy is to develop midshipmen morally. mentally and physically and to imbue them with the highest ideals of duty. honor and loyalty in order to provide graduates who are dedicated to a career ot' naval service and have potential for future development in mind and character to assume the highest responsibilities ol' command. citizenship and government." 62 2004 PATRICK J OsEPH BRANDON WESTON, CT NUCLEAR SURFACE WARFARE Pat. friendly guy. a little too... bum's best friend. Known in Miami, and damn near anywhere else our travels took we perfected them, and learned many a lesson. Let's swimming! Air Force One's headband. Rebel bandana. Vermont, literally. "ofcourse this homeless guy knows is - they're good at stuff like that." No Pat. that's not a Rit T- A 4--.. QW - 'f ' ' ' 52 as the "Civcr" us. Roadtrips. go hurricane "iced-out" in where my car urinal. Heyl didn't know you could reach Boomer here. Those O'Briens bouncers don't like you too much do they? It's 2 AM in Annapolis and there's nothing left to do... let's go to Baltimore! ...here's what we're going to do Mr. Brandon. hc's going to drive and you two can follow me. Cancun... hey I gotta bounce. I'll meet ya'll at the airport. Pitt. the only city we haven't worn out in three years. You're the only guy who can lay your new bike over and still come up with a smile. Can't wait for our future rides. Here's to good times and best friends. --Trav JOSEPH CHRISTOPHER BURGON COTTONWOOD, CA SURFACE WARFARE Joe. why are you calling out your OWN name? "Goose .... Gooooose. Where's my wingmanff' That's not daneingg that's something else. You're a wuss. go talk to her. "Hey, can I get your opinion on something?" No, I'm Maverick. Right SWOtivator. If you complain I T I about your major again. I'm going to shoot you. Do you ever do any work? Glad you tind the right girl bro. Treat her well and enjoy Hawaii. Semper SWO...no, Semper Fi! See you in the tieet. Stay away from the SWOnuts! -CEG she grabbed my hand .... Dude, you can't pass out on the toilet, people need it. Kentucky? Who the heck is from Kentucky? You guys sucked at football in high school. Who the heck is from NorCal'? Yeah, you complain . I I . ....... . about your major again I am going to shoot you too. Watch out for sharks in the big blue.-RRJ I MICHAEL PATRICK BYRNE SEMINOLE, FL SURFACE WARFARE Mike Byrne. R.J.. Dr. Byrne. Byrne Daddy. Renaissance Man. You were one wild and crazy guy. A patriot would sing "God Bless America" at the top of his God awful voice at 2 A.M. in the streets of D.C.. right? Mike is a patriot. There has never been another person more concerned with matching their shoes to their belt and then wearing the flashiest threads ever to grace the runways of Milan. Mike is to organic chemistry as a train is to a train wreck. "Dream as if you'll live forever, live as if you'll die tomorrow." -James Dean. Kung Fu Fighting for four hours. Runs an ultra-marathon on a whim. Eating ethnic food A and Inaking his friends sick. Took a babe to Ring Dance and then never called her Inuch . . I .... after it, smooth! Frenzied football fan. both of them tthink about ill! London. Madrid. Budapest. Vienna. Bratislava tSlovak train schedules are hard to readl. Only person to get a week in Spain. a week in Italy. a liight off a carrier deck, and not pay for any of it while on a surface cruise in the Med despite a lackluster class rank! Got what he came to get here at USNA. friends and memories to last a lifetime. The Kids in the Hall. 4th Company 63 BRONSTON BENE CARROLL KATY, TX SURFACE WARFARE From baby oil to Hying bats. we always had laughs. We have come a long way since Newport and Platoon 3- l. but we still can procrastinate like no one else. Congrats Rooooooomie. Ace Boon Coon...late nights talking. late nights laughin. you throwin beats and me just rappin. Rivals in High School. Roomies in college. Roomies after college...you would think the people in charge would have learned by now BBC. . .my Swittie. To the messiest neat man that l ever knew. I know that we were never a clean bunch and that our room may have had some "health issues" but man. I promise that if you just picked up things every now and then you wouldn't have to spend so much time bathing to get clean. lt is my hope. and prayer for you, that by the time we graduate that you wont' have to call your mom to check on your home zip code. . .and that maybe just maybe. you'll be able to spell words like "chin," Keep the pain train rocking my brother. and remember that when you are "sick and tired of being sick and tired" that there is always time for a Nap. DAVID WILLIAM CAVANAGH VOORHEES, NJ NUCLEAR SURFACE WARFARE Dave. always up for a good time. You redeemed yourself with PJ. try to keep up the trend. We're glad you finally decided to grace us with your presence for Spring Break. Here's to four unforgettable years. I couldn't have done it without you bro. The Wrecking Crew strikes again... and will do so for many years to come. Great times and best of friends. - TEK. Didn't know that Luda knew bout you cuz "You's a. . Give Justin his drawers before he scares the girlies cuz he's "all zeroed out upw on the top bunk. Always tellin' it like it is - "put that diff: wig back on when we do it cuz you look better as a blonde" - that was. uh. her costume Dave. Yeah, we know that YOU Wouldn't have done that - YOU'RE too neurotic to get caught for stupid Sl1lf?i...Lll1Cl get put on restriction for 60 days. . .and not make a spring break till SENIOR year. . .it's all good, maybe we can even graduate after we condense all your spring breaks down to ONE week. "Someones comin'. quick open the trunk and pretend like we're doin' something". . ."uh. like drinking our beer or playing w! our tirecrackers'?". . .always having the solution in a pinch. . .or at least that uplifting advice - "oh well" -PJB. I JEREMY J ACOB COLWELL FREDERICKSBURG, VA USMC GROUND From the Halls of Montezuma to the shores of Tripoli we fight our country's battles in the air on land and sea. First to fight for right and freedom and to . keep our honor cleang We are proud to bear the title of United States Marines. Our fIag's unfurled to every breeze From dawn to setting sung We have fought in every clime and place where we could take a gun. In the snow of far-off Northern lands and in sunny tropic seenesg You will find us always on the job --The United States Marines. Heres health to you and to our Corps which we are proud to serveg In many a strife we've fought for life and never lost our nerve. If the Army and the Navy ever look on Heavenis scenes, they will lind the streets are guarded By United States Marines. 64 2004 be Tof u! fa. I ANN STUART Cox ' 1-. ' Q. . 1' . -I Y. f V , . N Q...-.., L -. ' . .Q v ' La' " If 4. 3 2 mv 'A .L I - 11' I - I an 52. 2' ui 'x :fit R' POQUOSON, VA NUCLEAR SURFACE WARFARE 1' lg-iz! They give me 350 words to make a lasting impression. two: thank you. Although there were the notes I forgot envelopes I forgot to seal, and the stamps I forgot to lick. I still I only need to write. the remember it all. I'm so lucky to have you all in my life. Bridgepot- you've always stood right beside me: your spirit reaches out and takes hold of whatever you do, be it the small kindnesses or the lifelong friendships. BHH- bottom line, the best hugger I know. BAH A thanks for mixing it up and putting up with me. Dad and Mama - everyone who has ever met you has told me how lucky I am. Thank you for a love so encompassing. and a love which makes me most independent. Katie and Cici- although we have all set out to scatter as far as possible from each other in every aspect of life, we always return to laugh at the same kitchen table. I am equally gracious for your wisdom... and that we will never share a bathroom again. To the teachers who are too many in number and for nurturing my curiosity and driving me to explore rocks unturned. books unopened. and canvases unpainted. The Legacy Boys -rare have I found so much warmth in a room, thanks for sharing the password. 3"t' Squad taught me there is a time and a place for cheerful determination and it's not at 0515. My woos - you inspire, you challenge, and you ruck. And most of all, to my biggest fan. I will try every day to love hard as you have loved: without question. Without reason. without limits. too rarely recognized. thank you WILLIAM ANDREW CRONIN DWIGHT, IL MEDICAL CORPS Three amigos - four years. Most people sit drunk BY the lire. not drunk IN the tire - good thing you're gonna be a doctor. Don't 'hook' too many in the future. NY getting me in shape. Fall after fall with KRB on the Wall, curse those rocks! Near-redline during the screener. Ditching you at the swuba party - haha. Ain't no amount of drinking gonna make that face pretty. even at a Bacardi Factory. From 6029 to Puerto Rico to San Diego and beyond. "It's a Cronin thing. his brother was the same Way" - hope my kids turn out as good as y'all. NY "I fell into a burning ring of tire." The Cronin Fam really is a government genetics experiment. Well the team is unstopable even when We're cleaning shark tanks in Baltimore. Escapar! Shakespeare in Love? Where's my drugs? Can you patch the hole in my back? 3 Wise men, not so wise- Are you in the military? Fulfilling the role of the Best Man-passed out in Ram's Head KRB I W -Q.-Q., f,' ri COURTNEY CLINE DAVIDSON NEW OXFORD, PA USMC PILoT Raised on the rough streets of New Oxford. PA... a gangsta through and through. Thought about being the real G.l. Jane, but then changed her mind 'cause she didn't Want to go in the Army. Anyone else remember the days when she was dead set on being a tive and dive SWO? What happenedl? A baller and shot caller. if she gets as tired up in the held as she does on the court. then the Marines are in good hands. Here's to blinds that actually work, flying calculators. chocolate cake to the face. the devil teaching calc. and countless gallons of ice cream. Skinny. but strong as dental lioss. NICL, MLJ "Sir, it's a slurpee. sir." lovin the frat and still throwin it up. NALR Bombs Away!!! avidson with no D. just kiddin' Court. you've now got your D. An ostrich. any more Aftershock or Hot Tamales? Jackson Hole. WY...is that a cemetery? the moose. the jackalope. and "the fastest person on that mountain." Key West Cuban cigars and freaking kayaking. Holding your hair back. are those pink undies??? And the chariot. Will We ever get enough? I ran an outer today in 28:58 and ate three bowls of ice cream before I did it. Future Commandant. President. whatever...oorah. NAML 4th Company 65 A :nn ,ul u l l :null PETER CHARLES FLYNN EAST AURORA, NY NUCLEAR SURFACE WAREARE Dirty prior. I wish my bro was a JAG too. Keys to a room not owned by ' I the Naval Academy - can I get a copy? I guess we were roommates all 4 years even though you spent plebe year in the Brigade Legal Ofiice. It was great having you and your girlfriend as roommates over the past four years. I still have a sneaking suspicion that the real reason Amelia would call 50 times a day was to just talk to me. I mean how could you possibly be here when you just walked out the door of her room? But then again you are "Above Average." Oh, and thanks for teaching me to lock the door. . .even ifl never listened. Here's to "hitting a bulk head outside my hatch" and the flying mice on 6-O. Thanks for being the politician la.k.a. brownnoserb in the room and keeping us out of trouble. Well. at least keeping your self out of trouble. after all. "there's only so Inuch I can do to keep the room clean. Sir." Sorry about the time that you fell out of bed. cracked your old head. and I heard you moan but just rolled right over. Watch out for those hanger racks tthanks for taking that one for the team! and tent pools in the fleet. OMA. . .I don't care if you call it flat. . .it's still old. Old man Pete! The source you could always seek old man advice from... Too bad I never listened to it. You always looked out for your roomies even when we didn't know what to look for. Thanks for helping to bring our roommates GPA average to above 2.1. You Joe! Glad you waited. Oh. and buddy. "I think your winking at me." Thanks for making my time at the academy bearable. ERIC KING FREY THOUSAND OAKS, CA USMC GROUND The cool Cali "backer" with the burns meets the cocky Cajun. ..must have been meant to be that we would be roommates! We have been through everything together and I have to say it has been a pleasure. I guess I finally taught you something now that you got yourself a Texas girl.. .you've been hooked since our spring break trip to Houston. I don't know what you're going to do now that your parents can't blame me for everything. Love ya. My psychotic roommate .... .I'm still trying to find out what religion you areg somewhere between Christianity and devil worshiping. Thanks for all your smart-aleck comments over the past four years. I should have back-handed you a long time ago. Thanks for teaching me how to spell "chin". Good luck in TBS. you'll need it! I'm sure your devil dawgs will love the way your cammies Smell like skunk. It was fun being your roommate and I wouldn't have changed it for the world. Love ya Next time someone falls out of their rack, help them! Even though your taste in music Sucks QGO Clutchli and your kinda' big and smelly. and even though we kicked you out for a year, you were always one of us. CHARLES EDWARD GEORGE PAWHUSKA, OK USMC PILOT Walking around DTA and saw something. . .sorta looked like shoes .... I don't think that little rag is big enough .... Why were you standing out on the porch with just the dogs? WHO BROKE THE COUCH-MJ K Remember plebe year and the double deuce? Second semester curse. down with Janet Reno. We're not alcoholics. just binge drinkers. I forgot my medication .... Stone Slept on the Hoor. The buck. What were u doing walking on the trolley tracks? My hand hurts. From what?-RRI I'm just gonna sleep in my truck! No. I don't want a shirt. I've got a knife.-GTM Thx to everyone who helped me along the way...especially those I thought I didn't need. You all know who you are. Keep your head high, watch your six, and I'll See you in the fleet. In honor of Long: "Much Love." -CEG 66 2004 PATRICK MICHAEL GIGUERE 'ills I SOUTHBRIDGE, MA it INTELLIGENCE , , , A .4-1221.1 ,' ina. Q.-5. '-iffzaf-. M n gli., -1 ,Q 1,,f 1 " f 1? 7 . - To hanging in and holding fast when things were really absurd and confusing, and the end was no where in sight, and I wondered what I was doing here. To people I couldn't make it through here without- the McCarthy family, who helped me open my eyes and see things as they are not as I was told they are, Daledo. Stoner, Greene Machine, Dilz, Doogie. To keeping the tire in your heart and soul where no one could snuff it or warp into what they wanted it to be. To not allowing any wall or rule to really contain you. As they sing in the Irish Republican Jail Song: "No jail can break our brave young men, no prison clamp their pride." To the good times that made it all worth it, and to the world that lies ahead. "Then pale and worn, he kept his deck, and peered through darkness. Ah. that night of all dark nights! And then a speck -- a light! a light! at last a light! It grew, a starlit flag unfurled! It grew to be Time's burst of dawn. He gained a worldg he gave that world its grandest lesson: 'Onl Sail on!"' -from C olunzbus, by Joaquin Miller BENJAMIN DAVID HARTLEY CLOVIS, CA USMC PILOT Since these last four years have taught me how to be a better procrastinator, you can lind my bio in the 2005 Lucky Bag. BRYANNA HELENE HERRINC1 MILLERSVILLE, MD NAVY PILOT Dreams come true..CMC, grey haired buddy, SHADY!! whoops! it just "disappeared". SCAMinar. truth or dare.. AC! YP's. tattoos, one-on-one till the gym closed, slap Iights..homework'?'? Road trip! Big Mamma, VA BEACH, cheap hotels..detail,oh-so skinny! Where's Bridget? Oh there she is. Donlons, Car Bombs, B spooning the LT. Brown Suga. SAW club. . USMC or NAVY'?'? IS Drafts, Happy Hour at Dillos, CC-will it ever end? Losing myself but always a BALLER. CA wfKK. SISTER!! Vodka and orange soda, lax-games. shots in the room. ORLANDO-hahaha! Handles o Captain, you'll cut his what off? Screamin in the car. shoppingftanningfsister time. parties in sweats and STILL hookin up, wanna go for a walk? The posse, bigguns for life. almost lost my bottoms- my TOP!! Cowboiiiiii, dude I think we broke the screen, size don't matter I still get my kicked. maybe with subway on the baseline you'll run faster, he's like a damn monkey! OC, it's better in the Hamptons.Thankx to M8LD. BS. CS. KK,NWB+.'Z 41-EVER. 4th Company 67 1 f I MATTHEW PAUL HOLLADAY MONTGOMERY, AL NAvY PILOT Matt Holladay, best knows at USNA and around Annapolis as Doc, is from Montgomery, AL. He was a motivated young student with dreams of being a navy pilot. Naturally, it wasn't long after he got tO the academy that his motivation waned and he became just another mid trying to make it to graduation. Doc never did study much, and sleeping came much more easily anyways. He can usually be found drinking a Coke and is often said to have problems with too much blood in his coke-stream. He enjoys playing racquetball and golf. and does so whenever he can. While at the academy he studied Computer Science, and has decided that means that he can pass tests, but doesn't really know anything useful. Doc service selected navy pilot, and is looking forward to Corpus Christi for primary training. His social life has been condemned to marriage on Sep -lm to the wonderful and beautiful Kylie Rice. A more than fair trade. RYAN RICHARD JACKSON CORNING, CA NAvY NFO What do you mean, 'standards'?! Dude, this is the cheapest stuff they got. Medieval Times. ..and then she started to grind on me. Lead pipe's are not nice people.-GTM Spring break, plebe year. What are you doing to the sink? Dude, an old guy is Over there watching you guys? "...and I'M supposed to be the one dragging YOU down." Attracting unstable people or making unstable people. Where is the handle? GONE? Get fat before fat runs out. Rugby, you mean that's a SPORT? !? Thought it was just a drinkin team. "Designated sober midshipmen". I guess I'm going to be crashing on your couch now. Common law marriage doesn't take effect for another 3 years. I'm surprised it hasn't fallen off yet. What is that smell? Getting kicked out of the house again. still not your fault. Nice truck. No license, but it doeSn't have plates anyways. Dude, there is a trashcan right there... not all Over the desk! Janet Reno. True, true. To all the good times, the bad times, and the times we did stupid stuff and didn't get ourselves killed. Congrats bro, and thanks for pulling me across the finish line. -CEG MELISSA LYNN J OLLEY WEST VALLEY, UT SURFACE WARFARE Melissa Jolley: MM-Jolls? Can any other room in Bancroft claim to have a fridge, coffeepot, hotpot, iron, blender, sewing machine, AND ice cream machine? I think not. To eat and quilt... what else is there? You can spot her smile and her hair from a mile away. There's something a little crazy about those Utah Mormons who drink Diet Coke! "M-Jolls, it's Sunday, what'd you bring us to eat?" You always knew how to cheer us up after a rough week. Do you feel jolly today? Haha, it just never gets old! Of the three of us, we got away with murder, you got fried for nothing. Go figure. You're destined for SWG greatness, engineering glory. and quilting godliness. Here's to 449, need we say more? "How 'bout noooo!" NCCD. JCL l 68 2004 - .'n I I. I ' V. 1-.1 I M tt ef f ' TRAVIS ELLwooD KEENEY WAXHAW, NC USMC PILOT North Caroliiina. c'Inon and raise up! Always remember your buddy. Thanks for convincing me to buy that "ice" Oh the cops are breaking up the party? Let's jack this Bombay and jet. I heard there's a sweet after hour's club in B-more, you wanna check it out? You made skating an art form. Surface Cruise partying in Norfolk. How about Cancun? Never back down bro. "Where'd them girls go? Forget 'em let's get in a ight." You broke your femur and can still outrun me. "Man I'm all cut up from last night. you remember what happened?" Keep holdin' it down! The Wreckin' Crew 4ever!!! -J Bax Who won the Civil War? UNC tOh no. what's he doing? Pat. OH NO. PAT! I ! J. Pittsburgh. College Park. Ring Dance date in under 2 hours. haircuts at Brad's. Ram's Head. B-more on many occasions. and you certainly can't forget Bermuda. Thanks for being such a great roommateffriendfbrother. Good luck in the Corps. -DC That's a GREAT idea Officer Sha'niqua. better let THIS guy drive. he does have a um. license at least. highway at 3am. Trav - let's pull over. Are you sure this is a good place? Yeah. you're right it looks lowER here.. .and I like running also. I think we convinced each other of enough dumb ideas that May 2S"l could be a miracle A hcre's to the wrecking crew and voluntary stupidity. God bless tand HELPJ the Marine Corps. - PJB Here's to ya'll. My friends and family. Mom and Dad. thanks for everything. you've always been there for me and have stood behind me through it all. and Calvin. you've cheered me on from day one. U U7 . I CJ 1 Jack is NOT in Vermont. MICHAEL JEFFREY BENJAMIN KUNKEL PLANO, TX U.S. AIR FORCE OSI Thank you to my parents and sisters and Carrie. I would be in a very different place if it were not for all of you. Kunkdaddy200l has embraced and has truly fallen in love with the Navy in his past four years. So he's going AF. Texas used to be its own nation. refused to turn up the difficulty on any video game he ever played. the service is gaining one of the largest torsos and craniums available. ...locked up. mouth shut. sir. Let me to turn the microphone up. FIFA 99. Joe's school bag. I2 pack in one sitting. I'm just going to leave this food right here Dude. the president wrote me. Fiddin' to go back to school. You sure you're going to sign? look. I bought a mandolin, and a djimbe. Dude. it's not a phase. I play it all the time. Pretending to watch the Cowboys' games at Buddy's.figuring out the heritage.4!'I cousins. . .no more phone calls. "Hey Mike. who's that girl besides Carrie in that picture" -the beginning of two years of hell for you. Let the Journey Begin or Be All You Can Be or Aim High - whatever they say these days. It's not Ford Tough, it's Texas Tough! "You a good person. my best. Tony" NY N IGH TUAN LE LOUISVILLE, KY NAVY NFO Dude, I hardly ever say dude. "What is wrong with you people? I'm a p people person. Don't you understand? I'm good at dealing with people." It has been fun four years being with you guys. five years with those . NAPSters. It seems like yesterday we were doing stupid stuff during Plebe Summer. and now we are here. Who could forget Bronston's "Boom shakalaka boom common now"! Travis' Home Alone Scream. oh yeah... my "Lock it up ponytail, you go PMP" and we all did "going to the chapel and we're going to get married. . We cherish these memories and each other. We remember our lost friend Kyle Hurdle in our platoon at NAPS. Life is precious. friends make it that way. We are friends forever whether you like it or not. See you in Pensacola! I will try to hold my drink this time. MAYBE!!! 4th Company 69 A JENNIFER COLLEEN LIPSCOMB BEND, OR NAVY PILOT How does a hippie end up in the Navy? The fastest rack- making duo Plebe Summer had ever seen. Who sleeps with a stuffed shrimp. yet detests seafood? From our days in the 6-0 ghetto when we got locked inside our room. you encouraged me to transform into I a dying squirrel. saved my French vanilla oatmeal from a mouse. and don't forget. that's "Coca-Cola. 'Classicf if you will." Thanks for being the tirst to make fun of me and assert that there is a little personality hidden in all of us. From crew to rugby to jendahoochie's to our houses to Honduras. we've been through a lot...we've seen each other at our best and our worst! How bout another ridiculous road trip to Miami. and a car that breaks down at South of the Border!!! I mean come on. how much PINK can you have in your wardrobe? You can be my climbing partner anytime. Hope you're line. I'm WONDERFUL! And you still owe me secrets. We'll be waiting for ya in Pensacola... NCCD. MLH. KRB GRAHAM TRUITT MACDONALD KILL DEVIL HILLS, NC NAVY PILOT You like red headed .... '? Down, down. down. the blue knight's going down. Castillo and coke baby. Dude if we go towards Philly and then back down ..... What's that smell? Missed another show. Homework or PS2? I think I amjust going to lay in this water fountain. I think I walked into a door .... -RRJ Umm. are you ok.. .did you pull that trashcan on you? You can't puke upwards. In the rack. No? Check DC. Just dance with her: she thinks you're Cute. Houston. Ridiculous. Former LTs. Do you ever do any work? Plebe year recon. thanks for opening the door for the po-po. Proper response is "5-0, 5-0. runl". not "It's ok. Colne on out guysf' HEY. THIS IS ACADEMICS. I know you really hated it. RUN MIDS. Jolly Rogers. Emailing the entire class: "I hope no one . got killed." -CEG DANIEL JOSEPH MOYNIHAN EXETER, NH NUCLEAR SURFACE WARFARE 40' - You're from where? Man, I just wanted to do Navy Intel. Dude, we are gonna make so much money. RONGE X. MIDREGS in the spotlight. At Exeter we just like to sip tea and play crouquet. 1980 Ford Mustang. Daphne I really messed up with Cleary. Tell me we're gonna party Grimes, just tell me we're gonna party. Ultimate Frisbee. OK First. who put the Ilfilfzlt on the deck. 3"l- "This is Noel Lewis. I've got Dan at gate 8". Hey. Lets just leave. NCAA football tournaments. Justin is S-Child. I really like losing at darts. Hey. Can I borrow your plane. thanks, wheeeew. 2'lt' - Sub Cruise. Rooming with Nigh. Let's take Gatorade to the game. Jingle bells and I'm in Bancroft Hall. Someone totaled my car. I don't want to be an engineer. End of Semester leave at lVIike's. The Chick from Venus. I'm still talking to her. II' - No restriction. Ram's Head. Got the Bonus. Going to San Diego. Thanks Mom. Dad and Nora for all of your support. I love you all. 70 2004 DALE LEE RUSH ROMEOVILLE, IL SUBMARINES "The first rule of light club is you do not talk about fight club. light club is you DO NOT talk about light club. Third rule: "stop" or goes limp, taps out the light IS over. Fourth rule: light. Fifth rule: one tight at a time. Sixth rule no shirts. no rule: lights will go on AS LONG AS they have to. The eighth this is your lirst night at light club. you HAVE to tight. I'm must've left the original in the copy machine .... JUSTIN JosEPH SALVIA STANFORDVILLE, NY SURFACE WAREARE A Thanks to my parents and family for all their support these past couple basis and helped me through some of the roughest times I have seen. I shooting straight. SECNAV let place rifle lt' place pistol DONALD ANDREW SINITIERE HUMBLE, TX SURFACE WAREARE Ace Boon Coon... WE STARTED, TOGETHER .... .WE'RE , GOING TO FINISH. TOGETHER! By the grace of the years and especially my fiancee, Sunnie. who dealt with me on a regular 'gxx'-1'f.'-X , I 1 'A Bmw' favn g The second rule of if someone says only two guys to a shoes. Seventh and final rule is if half asleep again. I couldn't have made it without you. Now with out further adieu some commentary by my roommates. ..First day of plebe summer, "hope this Salvia kid is cool." "Hey quit yelling we're all on the same team here aren't we?" Plebe year Orlando, our lungs may never be the same. "Salvia always thinks he's right." Tampa Bay "This tastes a little strong man." Nice car. Hey Justin wanna hang out'?...no I'm going to Pennsylvania.. .shocking. "Umm. ..I think you owe me 3 cents from last yearf, New York Spring Break. man those paintball's hurt. ROBOT! I Y! "No man Ilm Italian...how do you spell spaghetti?" Pleasure Island improv. quick on the phones. Rough nights and still Lord! Its always comforting to know that your roommate during the school year my also be your roommate during summer school because you'll are retaking the same class. It has been a long and rough road. but I wouldn't have wanted to travel it with anyone else. Thanks for always being there whether you wanted to or not. Love ya Bull. Sin, Andy... The theme from day one was laughs in our room. Whether you were being caught with your pants down by BBC or holding a bottle for Eric. sixth Wing was interesting. Get a good alarm clock because you may have the record for missed class. Congrats Rooooomie. Andy. The BIG SIN , or perhaps the SIN before the fall. A eeee A If you were to ask my parents that is. Whatever. cause we have come a long way from rubbing butts in our tiny room at NAPS and you not listening to my ramblings about Jesus. But. I won't hold it against you for kicking me out for a year.. .after all, you did hold my pee bottle for me.. .and throwing darts at each other was always good fun. Well. I've been destined since 99 to annoy you wherever you go. so I'm sure that I'll be seein ya on the boat on my way to the gulf. I'll see ya in the Heet bro. and pass that Cope man. . .just pass that Cope. 4th Company 71 A DANIEL SORIA SALT LAKE CITY, UT SURFACE WARFARE Locklear's Nameplate. You can't listen to a headset. you have to listen to music. Token bolivian .Iew from Utah. I've been dating this chick all my life. Cheerleaders are cool. Its amazing how you can be in charge of many things Icheerleading. ring dance. yearbookl and still be a sack. I was a national champion wrestler. I am a hot snowboarder. I IOS maybe, nope. One ofthe hardest workers once you gave him something to do. Danny was able to make a bunch of people mad but still graduate. One ofthe staunchest supporters you could ever have. Once he's in your corner he'll light for you till death. And don't forget that facination with Projectors... - Collier JASON NoRTH STONE HANCock, NH NAVY PiLoT "...The strain ofthe great adventure was sensibly tightening on me. And as it came I braced myself to meet it. And real life began to tingle through my veins." Thanks to all those who made the memories great and prepared me for what is to come. CASEY HARLAN SWINDLER LOUISVILLE, KY SURFACE WARFARE Thanks to family and friends for helping me to get through this place when times got tough tnot that I worked too hard.I SEC dominates the ACC. Thanks to .Iustin for the bio and the 4 years.. .There was a knock on the door so I jumped in my rack because it was after lights out to find Casey already in there!! Plebe Super Bowl gluttony. Spring Break Tampa Bay. "I just want to talkf, Florida state trooper: "Salvia huh, from New York? Go back and try againf' Hey we'll make you some OJ. "I wanna sleep in the hot tub." Montreal. where are we going tonight. looks like super...again. "Let's go to Kentucky this weekend, there is a bIizzardf'Are you depressed? Look he's asleep again!'? You do so much homework. l'm jealous. He started Halloween with no costume and wound up with no shift. Whats that? Dungeons and Dragons. "SaIvia's the last person I would talk to about something that important." Ohh another chick Hick? 72 2004 UGUR YETRIN PGM TURKEY TURKISH NAVY - SURFACE WARFARE l1l V-v G fa: ,V v 1 . , V: " ' ' l 1 if 5:4 f U TI, f i Lila .. x i X. V- ',' '-4, F' ' J f, .f.. , 2.9921 I I 1 A f if vi ' J When young Ugur Yetkin got off the boat from Turkey he couldn't speak a word of English. but he had aspirations of . . greatness in the land ofoppoitunity. Unfortunately for him, he stood in the wrong line and wound up in Alumni Hall on I-day 2000. Since that fateful day. Ugur has been making the best of his life as USNA. He became a computer scientist twhich means he passed a lot oftests. but doesn't really KNOW anythingl. He tried a variety ofsports including tennis and racquetball, and he tried to educate the "stupid Americans" on the finer points of European handball. In his free time, Ugur enjoys dancing the tango, salsa. and giving briefs on the I Middle East and Turkey twith a capital T, otherwise he'll yell at you and say "it's my country, not an animalnl. Ugur I has service selected "Turkish Navy" and, for the hne American education he received, he owes his government 20 years of service. He will tell you it is not enough. Ugur will return to Turkey with 4 years of free education. many great memories, and even a few new friends. NICHDLAS QUINN YONNONE LoCRPoRT, NY NUCLEAR SURFACE WAREARE "You-know-me" "Yvonne" "Yo-non" "Do you think you are better than your classmates?" "Yes, sir" tconfidence questionb He sits on a throne andjudges people. Dwight Township! Watch out for that mouse. Orlando. Look at Pepperonis on the pizza. Happy Dance? Call Kunkel's bluff. Though we vowed in P. R. that the Hot Boys would use the force, we all fell to the dark side, some sooner. some later, some more frequently than we would like to admit. Its 5 p. m., how can you be tired? Jumping the metro tracks. Who drinks by the lire anyways? Volume and Repetition! Locked Door again tchecking emaily. Do I see a back hair? Great Big Sea. He calls you out. but he helped me with my greatest weakness. "I ain't proud ofall..but I don't regret it either." Man. do l want to do EOD. or maybe SEALS. or maybe SWO, or maybe EDD, or maybe Nuc SWO. Hey Mike. I am into your girlfriends cousin, Ijust don't like talking to her. You cooked all the beefI! "You're good person." Go to Texas. Ride on goat cowboy. WAC, KRB. MIK Tanning on YPs started it all, but l'm still winning the competition. Keep your temper down and your radar up. and you'll have it all. love alwayssjen. shady hoochie's and headlights on linds and the homeless man. admit it. we were lanebheathed! lmb sleeping beauty. she didn't break character! swim lessons at Rochester. buried kegs in panama. socal, croquet matches, jackjolinson. rolling up to longboards in the duty van. getting talked to by lloyd...multiple times. nick, watch your blood pressure. LRE Av W ii T 4th Company 73 A . x Y 5,5 " Q K .aff I is 4 iffhlf 'Masta L A A Q 1 - if - , f, ,sf lei' A K nuff", -1 Q 2 Q ,f iw., ,-,-,X 1 tt 4, H f ',-' Q vb, ,s 13, f ig s- I ' ' --V A 4 rs tim , s -1259 f- I ,ills 1- ri t fi lf--2 f?5'.M T -' 1 egg 71.3-1 'af lj ' H-1-yl ,. Ny his s il if ls-15i.:e-1' 'lil' EU5, t.. ,mi 4:5 4 ,L Denver Reese Kirsten Erika lVlatthew William Amerine Andrews Austin lklatthcix Robert David H. Keith E. Adam Lawrence Butlin Carter Caton Craig Michael Gregory Gary William Alexander Dean Anthony Paul Garcia Grimes ll Hagness lnnamorato Marc Alan Karla Louise Chris Saehwa Michael Dale Lan son Lazenby Lee Lower t ..,, ,T T W E , Kathleen lilifabeth Cliristopher .Iohn Joseph .lohn Carl Pauls Pcref Reichert Ross Mary lilifabeth Daniel Mark Kylq M, Wootan Yurkoyieh Bgilkg 74 2004 W? is 16 lt 3533, s 5, .lohn Thomas Daniel Scott Madeline Elizabeth Patrick .l. Baxter Belloino Boe Bray Francis Charles C. Nathan Zebulun Gabriel Paul Marcus Damon Dailig Daniel Duran Fowler Antwan F.L David Thomas Daniel Allen Charles Robert Jefferson .lordan Kohnen Kreuz Nicholas lvlagtangol Ryan Lee Joshua Caleb Nicole Ann lVlararac Miller Parsons Patterson .lerome Jospeh Paul Simmons Michael Todd lan Xavier Roubieu Smith Spoja Trainor Amanda Leigh Sean Michael John Patrick Joseph I-I. Blundetto Brady Brown Brown l i 4 i l i l l l i li 4 l l i l l i l l i it It ll l 1 l William Tyler Benjamin Jack David Allan Kelm Daniel Lawrence Carole Jonessa Charles Austin Christopher John Matthew Joseph l locliiei' Horn Jr. Kuratko Lee Lewis Manning Jr. Meehan PAF., l 'U-in Asa Michael Michael Lyons Brianna Estaleen Nicholas Andrew Mary Tilman Michael Colin Andrew James Jennifer Danielle Moos Murray Nelson Roa Stringer Sullivan Tunison Wall Erin Lynn Winslow 76 2004 x ' N Q? f 1 x 1 W 1 -' - Wi l 51:31. I ig Z ,XM M 5 f Q., xv X I X w 5 'K QX EB! ling 4th Company 77 1 Z' Z ffm mu at K Major Patrick Zaleski Michael Q' Tremelq Company XO Company Oflicer Frank N. Parisi. Company Commander Frank P. Verducci, First'.Sergeant. GMC S Bradley Chamberlain Company Senior Enlisted N Christy A. Pachall. Company XO David A. Kriegbaum. Company Commander Michael Y. Rogers, First Sergeant. 78 2004 Q LINDSEY MARIE BELLOMY DALLAS, TX amen H USMC GROUND Linds, you are truly one of the most wonderful people I have ever met. I 1 1 - I, 4: 1-1. I x . -'ff , V 4. l 1 l u g ' Y .n 'N ',, H 12 WT'-v , N- In I - - Dm!! . ,Lf IQJ, I T, an 'vi' 'iq "' Y' 4 . ff- ' F' , A, . . 45 You've been my best friend through it all, boys. spring breaks. and everything in between. You've been there we I needed to laugh and cry. I don't know ifl could have ever made it through without you. l'll miss you when you go to TBS. but I know we'll never really be apart. We love each other too much. You are going to be one great Marine! Don't break too many hearts, or let anyone break yours. I love you-MLH1 Don't forget DaHoochie's - but what the heck was that in the bushes? Thank God we never got L. B. Heathed - who ever heard of a BIO getting an honor offense! NY: looomis and prior lust. Hockey groupies. . Quincy, where the hell is Quincy'?...A Rootie Doooo!!!!. throw it up. mother trucka! Let me see you pump it up..what's that you say? l.l.l.l.l.l.l.l. .Ahhhh! Old men and secret service. does it get much better than that? Poop talk : friend level: food. poop. boys - that order. Thundercats.. I-looooo! !! Tuscaloosa green jello, need I say more? HO-club! ! ll Where my girls at? And yes. I'm very nervous tahh...Dillo's and the memoriesl Who are you'??'? And who does that'?'??'? Haha. SKIDS. alright already! Roger. roger. check. check. NOTED! Always 'Livin' on a prayerl' Nmon. lpz. scapli. lowo. shovthis, lsd. jgrOb. m-easy. brownsugar. andj-coipsl ROBERT LAWRENCE BERRY IV p MISSION VIEIIIQ CA ll ' - NAVY PILOT "The mission of the United States Naval Academy is to develop midshipmen morally, mentally and physically and to imbue them with the highest ideals of duty. honor and loyalty in order to provide graduates who are dedicated to a career of naval service and have potential for future development in mind and character to assume the highest responsibilities of command, citizenship and government." MATTHEW MEYER BRUNOEHLER NEW CASTLE, IN USMC GRGUND Matt, it's been a joy knowing you. You are one of the few genuine people I've come across in my life. Youlre a heck of a friend for putting up with me for two years as a roommate. I hope no more rats fall out of the ceiling on to you while you are sleeping. and no one pokes you with a broomstick while you are trying to take a shower. wink wink. Yut. Dialpad! !! Your friend. --LDT NMIDSHIPMAN 4!C BRUNOEHLER O-4-O-9-O-6. SIR!"-Morning. afternoon. evening. all plebe summer long. Then skits surprised when the guitar came alive. Playing for Free 19s girls. Dave Matthews. Simon and Garfunkel. I Meagan Varley made her own requests. Raising the Indiana Hag against the Texans. Weekend trips to Einstein's before the Hood. Bring your own mug and hope for free bagels. "Give 'em one!" MEAT Platoon tired it up. Killer Bruney is a big ogre, but the sweetest and best ogre of them all. Thanks for the hugs. laughs. pranks and punches-mln 5th Company 79 MATTHEW THOMAS CRONAUER VIRGINIA BEACH, VA NAVY PILOT Crooo: Cro-millionaire. No. you can't eat that in here. Come wake me up. Medium burger? I didn't know I could buy a hamburger like I buy Iny t-shirts. Who was I dancing with? Why didn't someone stop me? Show me the Fake. Cro. I think it is because I walk funny. 60 Inile high antenna. We told you not to mess with him right now- Cronutz could have become Cronut. Don't pick pilot. you don't really want to do that. Why are we leaving I'm not ready to go yet. "Pull" Bay Bridge stop. UVa French house- Thanks J. VA Beach crew. GH GF BS. 49' 19,111 Ii "" " - , ' .' in A ., " I fi, V . I A .- 'gig' F5 Q , if - I 'X VI ,aj ' ,Sir . ffvfxqfil rf . wg ' f5J"1f:' , I 3 vfft- "?aeis+ I j ,. . -Y., fry! .IQ af 5 -As'-il f It I. 'WJ WM . .9 J MI. " ,si ' ,. wa- Xj,ig..' ' 3 ,f- vias", 9, A 34325-sijg Gi wisige-' ' fa b frt?'5i if .. ti -.-'Q . kj r .' A ' , f 1. uf. Il. 1 "SA 1 ' .sr M " " FRANK GURNEY EDWARDS IV OLNEY, MD USMC GROUND 370 and holding. 180 days of restriction. 100s of tours. Honors General Scientist-M Scientist. Rabbit teacher. taeynacks. What's a weekend? Leave. huh? Restriction...oh. CDR Cole saved me. Nagy-Stolichnaya. Dude. Lets go bowling. College Park Wednesdays. I wanna dinosaur! Tijuana. Eating Happy the Iish. "It's a Horticultural project in my locker!" The crazy weekend-3 tickets 81 2 hospitals. Polar bear breaking his nose-"my junk is small!" Video camera man-bad move. High school kids-assault and battery-thanks Big Tom. Philly in 2 hours-thanks Dad. Mom is the mayor of Olney. NCIS interrogations. Lil Pecker. Mudd. Sunday night fury. AP Biology. Nooo Sanchez! Costa Rica. "Tiger needs 5526. I got mine." "A princess. yea? I guess I'm the slave?" "Not my wife, Ella es mi hermanaf' "Roaches. crawling in your ashtray?" Wooow! "I didn't mean it!', March ls! Loving- getting jumped. "Hey Munkey" "Only mostly" I love the "prance" Santa Baby. Polar Beart yes dude!-TeufeltPOWb-T Moneytlike a Chester?-Wilson IPHHHIHHHIQII white snake! wish u were here. WILLIAM BRANDON EIDSMOE BOTHELL, WA NAVY PILOT Will- Bill- Brandon. ..I'm going to College Park this weekend. I haven't seen Chappy in a long time... Luke. you only won cuz I wasn't really trying. Dinnerfl? Bro go do some home work. . .freaking computer science majors. they never do any work. . .Lack of bearing? Thanks for the compliment. Road trip with Tony. . .51 hours across the US. Hey. Tony. put on the 80's music and let's head to Preakness. Wait. she molested me...she's not old enough to drive yet...I think I need a savi guide. Greg...its thriller time. Hooah. Rangers lead the way. . .faint. . .what happened? Halo Brah. LM. LTH, RN. MC. TA. GC. AIM sainteids. 80 2004 V yr- KEVIN CHARLES FLAHERTY Zuma! . - S - l Q f . ld' -I 1-11 xiii? "2 5 I -was 'gifs 1:N.3 - ' ,112 1 'fy ' A ', , if ' Q C GRAND ISLAND, NY SUBMARINES The Great One. Focker. 2004 flavas. Vermonster. Team Flaherty. TIT. 4 on 3. flood the basement thad to call AllStatel. "my bologna has a first name. it's f-o-c-k-e-r. . .good .. . comeback." WOOO! random shopping sprees wfsnook. "Yo, at WS we have 3 kegs per crew." taco Tuesday. Amish market, el Toro B. fud. baking in CANCUN. Bcrvards. Lizzy Lizard. yodi. cotton eye joes, midnight sledding in VT. del wfAlex's Britney dance, crazy landlord. "Okay I call the police." west street walker. del spirit Spot. hacienda walker. "Kevin, do the dishes. . .thanks." 7 min ayabs. awesome 80s I wfrandom other cool music. l-800-more MIDS. ha look: Canadiens. camel cam. its a walkoff. its l of. quiet waters l with the colors. starting lights with pwood. I want my jacket back. kangaroo dance. heyy girl. gold medals. national champs, coach's best man. golden child in denial. magnum. last 500- BA. He'll get you going. confidence oozes off him and infects those around him, wfquiet intensity he pushes himself and his teammates to higher and higher levels. he's there for you on and off the water. Crack it open. color it up. add some liava. and leave it to beaver. cause we can can can. Special thanks to Mom. Dad. Tom. Scott. DANIEL JAMES FLAKE DRIPPING SPRING, TX NAVY NFO Sleepin, in my truck. again. Dental work at BC. Knockin' it out. First man on Mars. no really. To Mars and back, or just to Mars. Prototype bumper satellite and SPASAT. Everyone is invited to the Houston Bowl...who is coming with me? Shuttles don't do close air support. Weekends at the D's. Ying to Mike's Yang. Day trips to NJ. 2"t' command. 3 hours of sleep a night. Whats an off-period? Hoop dreams. Winners of Heaven and Hell at Northwestern. Congo line buffet. I don't use sun tan lotion. 25 cent wings. Country Concerts. Crashing with Ricky's girlfriend. Who are you taking to Ring Dance? Pacific Beach escort. UFC. Anger Management. Match maker. Cancun F F F F Cantina...give em one!! CUuuhhJ...leathertaf...arn I really the right one to come to for advice? RICHARD PAUL FOEDERER SYRACUSE, NY USMC GROUND Ah, Ricky Foe, where to begin. .. Plebe summer begang you were the 129' monkey infecting the entire company and remained sick for nearly 12 weeks. . You moved in with Noe. who you affectionately called "Lunchbox,', second semester plebe year and the trouble began. Your Halloween costumes were legendary and generally in poor taste. you were hardcore enough to break your hand on some dude'S face. learned that your left hand is much different that your right, and began your trips to Ithaca College Youngster year. You were conned into becoming training corporal. training sergeant. training officer. and plebe detail simply because "you looked angry". which eventually landed you in Major's office. Three times accused of cutest physics major in a bathing suit. In fact. I think you were offered a job modeling the new Quantum physics book in exotic locales while wearing little to nothing as your TAD. The mass ofa photon shall be. now and forever more. known to be exactly 1.00000 Rickys. The best times were on our coke runs and in the room. our only safe haven within the Naval Academy's walls, where there were wrestling matches. soccer brawls, continual rants, and movie sessions to take our mind off the question which we asked each other daily .... Why didn't we just go ROTC? Sth Company 'I KATHERINE ELIZABETH FoLZ LAKE WYLIE, SC USMC GROUND I love Jesus. Yes I do!" Kriegbaum is Awesome! Feel free to bone me taw cmon Drew you know what I meant! Why does this entire P-way smell like skunk? Small P Ski. Are you guys going to Einsteins? Umm. No it got hurricaned. Katie WEAR YGUR BLING! I've got a twelve inch Tsilencezlt and a dozen roses. and a pickup truck. Hubba hubba hubba hey. Are you plebes talking in KH? I didn't think so! No Mark Zftcotrglrf I mean Mr. Conley. I can't explain why Mr. Brunoehler is a dolt and can't remember his rates. Hey guys guess what I've got? Whoopie PIE! SWO sucks Katie. You're going to be one hell of a Marine. Semper Fidelis KT. we used to light like cats and then we turned around and decided we needed to be friends. Best turnover ever. You try to act tough. but you're such a sweetheart underneath. s-o-O-O-O-Zzzzz. Occasional roommate, forever friend- mau ra ARON THOMAS FOSTER UNIVERSITY HEIGHTS, GH SURFACE WAREARE The misadventures of Foster. Fostrich. Hate Monger. A-Ron. The tall lanky guy who validated 3 out of4 years. "Open it with your mind. Foster." Tiger's Milk-does a body good. "What do you mean he's Hindu?" Hours of Tribes. Hours of Sopranos. South Park. If only we could be Peter Griffin. "Hey, let's jump up and down in the elevator and fall down the shaft to our death!" For all the times you stayed on your side when the "retarded neighborv came over. Frozen feet from Army Navy. The constant money changing. Do your laundry. "What stinks?" Hurricanes for Parents Weekend. Photoshop. "Make her loose l5lbs." Fark. Seriuswy. Halo. Laughing at stupid people. Or stupid people who are dilTerent than us. Darky The obsession with Dark Movies. "Are you supposed to be a ghost? With a string hanging from your head?" "Does your armor protect your junk?" When is the last time you worked out? Stanlake. "Are you drunk? You've only had two beers!" Heroes-our little secret. Three years of ME! SWO doesn't suck, YOU suck! Norfolk here we come. -KP I MONICA LEIGH HALL ALBANY, GA NAVY PILoT Mollyhally, I just don't have words nice enough for you. You let me crawl in your rack when I was sad, held my hair back when I was throwing up, and kept all Iny secrets. And on top of all that. she'S beautiful. -mln. WGR, Japan-need I Say more? Laurie. Lauren, the marines have landed!!! Can I go out like this? ...No you need a shirt first! Hooking the olive. damn international ball. Shady Ben.. .yeah thanks! O-club, why Stop now? Lauren, where the hell is 95??? Balcony scenes with Romeo, help Linds! Could you please stop sniffing my hair? Where the hell are we, and why don't we have a dial I tone? Wanna wrestle in some green jello? Prom now on we sit at the bar! Beshany .... damn. Most of all, Livin on a ! prayer! Mon. l'm at a loss as far as what to say. I will miss you more than you can imagine, but know I'll always be ! there to hog the bed and raid your fridge!!! -lmb, lpz, law, ls, rmr. 82 2004 , qs, LANCE TYLER HEYEN engulf -.va-J H4 'ogg TULSA OK ,mv - SUBMARINES . C 6 1, ci- .".'-g.- V1 . 1 Vasa JS' . 5' -: . 'W ' Qzgzwggf. ,ix .V I. . , 1 . ,V 7'-3-'-e"JdFTT-L-tr 1.5- gi. ' .J 1 A as-A ' f: , ...- . 9 Q , Lance - LT: You need a stripper this weekend. Anger Management. Back at bootcamp tnuke schooll. Man these people get on my nerves. I think I will lay here till I get better. Help me find my friends. Let's go dancing so I can try out this new move. Has anyone seen where all my stuff went tPhilly, College parkJ?? We gotta leave right now if we want to catch the bus... OH WELL!! Goofy broad. Check out my new toy. Critic period. What's her name. What's up Tyra... WHY DIDNT YOU CALL ATTENTION ON DECK. Give me the paper... he said he didn't want you to read it. Back before you were born. I never get sick. just take Body Booster. Milk is for babies. My near death experience was way better than the captains AIMN LTHeyen NICHOLAS DEAN KARNAZES ALBUQUERQUE, NM USMC GROUND Nick. Nizzle. Nickeropolous. hello my name is. . .I love YOU!!! No matter how hard you try, you'lI never be able to shake your New Mexican roots. What? Mexican? After two days growth. you look more like Islamahamabad. . .What are they doin'? Lock and load!! So there I was. . .BD in SHP...when my cell phone rang...Did you see that one? She was pretty cute. . .I'd PIHB. Nice SUV. overcompensating? Never. not this guy. Momma's. peach belinis. surf. sun...burn. You're a great friend. shipmate. wingman and comrade. I would take a bullet for you. And your men won't hesitate to do the same. NEL Nick 'Spice' Karnaze is just about the best judge of character I know...and fine wine and cigars for that matter...always dressed to kill. or lend a kind ear. if he is as good in the fleet marine force as he is as a friend. he will have a long and glorious career. -asm. american. Metro. Saturday Night Fever. Montreballer. the Bearded Plebe. The College Reserves. Three colleges in three days. deal with it. "Tonight gentlemen. Ijust wanna dance". . .France loves the Caucus! The 9:30 Club and getting kicked outta Canada. Who would want to go back?! "Who spends eighty dollars on a bottle of Champagne?" "Why does your name have an 's' at the end?". . .WTF Mate. . .The TOP. . .The Boat Club. one dollar pitchers and the best damn night in South Bend.. .49 West. . ."The wine. cigar. and martini expert! !". . .Let's get a breather. "Room 3160. the I DAVID ALAN KRIEGBAUM y LITTLETON, CO USMC GROUND Dave, Dave, Dave. What can I say. We have had some terribly wonderful and some wonderfully terrible times. Thanks for letting me know there was someone out there with as filthy a mouth as mine Cperhaps. hahal. If having a knack for revolting and disgusting each other is a mark of true friendship. I assure you we will stay friends until our dying day. Your friend. and fellow bastard. --LDT tTresl You could use the pattern of bruises to trace our relationship. I have never been so badly beaten and so well taken care of at the same time. tBut let's not forget that I won some of those fights.J Big brother. we had it pretty good as long we never questioned our good faith in each other. didn't we? Love. MLN Sth Company 33 KEITH GERALD LABEE HARRISVILLE, Rl SUBMARINES So here I am, fast approaching 2400 the night before this is due, USNA has almost linished giving me my complement of nickels so generously supplied by all those taxpayers. I never worked at a department store. but my friend did, it was a big one, in Chicago, but he doesn't work there any more. When you're sitting down to read this after all those years have gone by, just remember. yes. it really was that bad, you just can't remember. Then again. who ever knew a camel could do such a thing'7'? But it does explain the smile. Act it out you idiot, with a German accent! What a great idea. and clever too! No. it's a chariot race not a limerick! Insert random initials no one understands here, or not. It's almost Friday. And finally. to end on a serious note, l love you Tara and l can't wait to begin our life together. STEPHEN JOSEPH LAWLESS OLD H1cKoRY, TN NAVY NPG 'gJoe. it's time for dinner." Consistent response over the past 4 years in this place... "Hold on, give me 5 more minutes. let me finish this part of the game? Typical comp sci geek-talk for you. The only people who see less sunlight are albino coal miners working from sunrise to sunset. The times have been good: the road trips to the Cuse and Army Navy games, the sporatic stints of running before PRT's, greasy Dahlgren pizza's and movies. Your past roommates have been numerousg to include those who think lacrosse gloves in the shower are good things. and the ones who believe that a computer screen emits enough ambient radiation to tan an Eskimo colony for a decade. And who can forget the 2!C Halloween Costume, You got spirit, yes you do. Enjoy the laziness of staring at the computer screens in the back seat of an aircraft Joe. God knows you have enough practice doing it. SOKTHEAS Scorr BC t j summit Charlie, Snoop, Blinger. Superman. Did you say crabs, crawfish, shrimps,yseafood'? ip Q Get big and die! You wanna split that, Trevor? Late night laughs. Meant 1200 and 4 f, yy if y ' straight teeth. The other Corps. Supply Corps. LB + LD : 02 Have you your: y ii Myocellplextechcoup deluxe? Thumbs up for your detailer. Sweeping the floor. Who's.. the Mid of the week. I met this girl. . .whats her alpha? Springer's swimming hole. Evicted at OBX. Blitz it up. Sprint player for life. Pink roses. Play on playa from the Himalaya. 25 cent wings. Must have BACK. Another blind date. Stay with me!!! Family tailgaters. In order to see the rainbow. you must experience the storm. Your mission was here with us. Plebe summer squad to ZW' semester tirstie squad, Dave. Don't ever cheat the man in the mirror and the woman standing behind him. No regrets. Return with honor. Go big or go home. Rollin' 8 deep. 84 2004 i 1 CODY CHRISTOPHER LUTKE SHREVEPORT, LA NAVY PILOT Old Man Flannigan. ODB. Ethnic ties at UM. Late it cold out? Spring cleaning every weekend. "Do "Cody probably has it" Springer's swimming hole. Blitz it up. Pirate of the Severn. commandin' 3 ships. financial brief. Posters in thorn trees. NOTHING Disney World!!! This DVD was on sale. Scaring the Higgy higgy higgy. Jokes keep coming. Root beer and shavin' legs on the 212 25 cent emu E 'S- r Af. - a s X cs' ,CQ-4 '- -W , Q: ,v Q f ix .rQf5. . .s 'I Y 1' T ' 1 . 'F iE. ,'f' 3.9 J ' 'Z-tc 1 Q night laughs. ls you have a .... " Evicted at OBX Wingin' the HAPPENED in high-schoolers. Hearts on the J-ville sub. Wanna back massage? No papers before midnight. Bringing home the fencing gold every Weekend. Chess with Ricky. Trashin' the toolshed. NBA on NBC. Leavin' the legacy. Man of' a million voices. wings. Football in the Bronx. Kickin' spittin' Raptor. Want a watch? Family tailgaters. The Silo game. Trish the dish. BC bus riddles. No regrets. DLILYSKHA. Go big or go home. Rollin' 8 deep. LUKE AARON MANSFIELD ' LAKE HAvAsu, AZ SUBMARINES Luuuuuuuuuuke .... DaLukesterr. Yeah, I'm cool. The officer ofthe watch is LT Holmes. Brigade Star. Chem Skill Builder is worthless. , Skateboarding under the influence. Off Deck Fridge. Good ol' South have any money. like my new cell phone?? Why does is matter? Halo. brah. Cya Cya! Cackalaeki. Key Biscayne. Bonnaroo. Fomby. wish u were here. XP Middy strikes again. Jersey girls suck. No wait. Jersey sucks. Pratt-17. Terminal Velocity. Lance. chill out. Nice Map. ShetnastyLD. CRIBBLEY Y Y. Booterpalooza. Who loves you? Hold on a sec. 1'm concentrating. Huh?? Saint Tigre. I can't go out man l don't I TRAVIS WAYNE MILLER Rouun Rock, TX SPECIAL WARFARE "Life is 10? what happens to you and 907 how you react to it." Where's Travis? Oh he's running or lifting or swimming or climbing or maybe running. Plebe squad mate Rainel. Bringing the Honduran to ATX. Our boy Hector. Cabanna ffl 1. Bringing the Yankees down to Austin. Blue Knob Donuts. Red Death. Aquarium. Football in the Bronx. Sunday night chats. Serenading us constantly. "If you're gonna be stupid. you gotta be hard." Best body in Tennessee. The unconditional support of my family. Lizard. High fiven 'em. What is Napoleon's first name? Teachin the two-step. Dillo's margaritas .... .nervous yet? Good Guys during finals. C.A.T. Queen and COL's adopted son. Springer's swimming hole. I have a good sense of' direction. Wingin' the financial brief. Training Partners for life... Always looking for you on the trail, FP. Weekend aviator in SD. The porch. We win. "Tom it's a secret." No Inore rap please... do you guys have the eagles? PA Parties. Truck drivin' .25 cent wings. Family tailgaters. Go big or go home. Rollin' 8 deep. Sth Company 35 nun MAURA LEE NELAN SALEM, WV NAVY NFO You're such a ray of sunshine. Psyche! But you're an enlightened soul and a dream to dance with. -mb: Ta hen piaoliang. Wo ai ta. It was always easy to have fun with her. even though I hate fun. She always took care of me when I had too much to eat. which was everytime we went anywhere I have never known a soul so full of love and ferocity... Even though I hate giraffes and puppy dogs and zoos. I love you. Li .ling Ting shi zuihao de nanhaizi! -Bai Ming You're crazy and I'm crazy and that works well for us I suppose. l've been a shit-head a lot ttape in the hair. etc. etc. etc.l and I probably don't deserve a friend like you. But! I am your favorite. as you once said land I have that in writing. so there's denying it. hahahah. You know me well. probably too well. and yet you seem to still want to be around me. oddly enough. Anyways. Like Winnie the rise. X. Pooh said. "well be friends until forever. you just wait and see." My femur is all yours when I'm gone-until then. I remain. very truly yours. --Tresrg He's right. you are just bloody nuts. 'we were just looking for a cruise box that someone left up here.. .' two trips to Colorado to see your adopted family. talks over coffee on the water front. and more beatings than most people could ever want in a lifetime. 'Charthouse. .. good foodf 'chicks dig it'. Its been a wild ride kid. don't change for anyone. love always. DAK MARK AARON NoE ATOKA. TN SURFACE WARFARE Ah Mark, I trust you with my life. just not with my money or my wife. We spent the better part of four years together. and we saw some good times mixed in the standard Academy drudgery. Youngster year was spent in physics class quoting old movies and ruining monitors in the lab with a magnet. Most of QXC summerfyear was spent BD in SHP as you came to terms with your new antisocial lifestyle. Firstie year was spent both in the Hunt's basement and Walking through the perpetually terrible weather to your car at Hospital Point. When the final tally is taken it will show that we will have survived three soul crushingly bad movies. two apocalypses. two terrible sorority parties. one ghetto Virginia Beach Holo. one particular commandant. one dead body, dozens of NCAA 2004 seasons. and countless eXtreme challenges. All in all it was a pretty good run. -.- RAINEL ARMANDO NUNEZ TEGUCIGALPA, HONDURAS HONDURAN NAVY Ray - EL Nunez: My head hurts I think I will stay in,. why not. let's go out!! Are you going to the stadium? She was 30 man!! I will sing a cadence to put me to sleep. Do the tootsie roll, the tootsie roll. Hey Ray. put it up and get in the car. "l'm a man now!! When is the wedding. we love him...haha. Come on. Mike work. 0k lets just do it tomorrow. Man I met this girl. UM Honduran boxing match. Sleeping on Frank's sidewalk. Bottoms up Rai. Desmonds's. Yeah man we have that in Honduras!!! Austin. Squadmates all plebe year. You workout too much bro. Mike lets do HW. Cro man relax. LT calm down bro. Marcus you are not that tough. Luke I love you bro. Seth. smart guy. Halo Brah. The people I love. Papa, I will always follow your example. it is because of you that I am here. I respect you and admire you so much. You probably don't know this but I strive every day to be more like you. Asukita. baby. I have learned so much from you. I've grown into a better person because of you. I love you baby and please forgive me for all the mistakes I will make in our futureQ. Mama. always so tough with us but at the same time so loving. You always took care of us and we always came first. I love you mami. Gemas. guirras locas. I never tell you girls. but I love you both more than anything in this world. You two are the joy in my life. I love you Julia and Pamela. Eli. te amo. Everything I have done is for you and because of' you. You will always be in my heart and I will forever miss you. Te amo Eli. gracias por ser mi angelito de Ia guardia. Tato. 86 2004 nl: :mini ! CHRISTY ANNE PACHALL SPURGER, TX USMC GROUND Pachall. the is silent. giggle twins. hopping the this.BLAH! Four-man room. What's that black stuff on parties. we could leave them in Orlando. Roughing the VID! CHEERS!! Sexy Seven! Ladies night. biggest one! Help me with my sheets! cut the tension with a knife. Who called my name? it rum punch hour yet? I like big trucks! dahglren dates. LT S. Simmer down now. half! that's 26 miles!...Ehhh!!! Man. this sure is a kick in the teeth. Oooo. that wa blond hair. blue eyes. filled out with nice thighs. . .Who would have thought a Mar N 545 --3 gi!! 5 5. wg. - 5 7 YU. E lg . V 1' E 43' F.:-4"':-' 'lit . wi Eff: S Q", 5.1: , .- Y , Q 16 fence. Here. try your face? slumber kicker!! VID! VID! face ever. give 'em running buddies. LT Cutie. Is sir!! nail parties. lt's half-and- s a good one. rah! Arian man. ine. but don't say she ain't tough. Always there. we make fun ofher teeth and crooked smile. but she brightens our day!...best roomie ever! aren't you freezing. Dr. Peppers. blown fuses. May God be your shield forevermore from every peril to the Corps. ..Leathertaf. Ms. Popular. iron will. Loyal friend. Knock-em dead...bff! -A.J.. J.B.. E.P.. J.P.. A.H.. L.W.. D.E.. C.W.. M.D.. D.F. FRANK NICHOLAS PARISI BRONX, NY USMC PILOT A Bronx Tale. Dillo's margaritas. . .nervous yet? What does it mean when she says...? From bloody nose to the Champ. Navy Boxing's poster boy. Is that MY alarm? Late night laughs. Trashin' the toolshed. NBA on NBC. Speeding to Indy. Raving to country. What are parking meters for? Italian stallion. Training Partners for life. . .Always looking for you on the trail. TM. If you're gonna be stupid. you gotta be hard. Narein' on Mike in SD. Special K. Springer's swimming hole. coming from? Blitz it up. Not 21 ...Desmond's. Pilot, USMC, SEALs. Pilot. aha.. Searing the high-schoolers. Show me the money. Walkie talkie eell-phone. Evicted at OBX. Where are those sounds .USMC PILOT. Weekend aviator in SD. Kissin' three girls...at once. Nice belt buckle. Tribal dancing in DC. 25 cent wings. Shut up Richard. Don't worry. my mom sent me a picture. Hold the line!!! Family tailgaters. Meetings with Major. Play a different song Frank. No regrets. Be the inspiration. Go big or go home. Rollin' 8 deep. li KORY STEVEN PETERSON MYSTIC, IA SURFACE WARFARE D8cB Pit Leader. K-Dawg - One of a million white rappers. Mr. Peterson - Inspirational Squad Leader. Raj Ahten - Invincible warrior on any battlefield. Kory - A true friend. The curse: Brown Recluse Spiders. eoneussions. torn thumb ligaments, Osgood Schlatter, falling down elevator shafts, the list goes on. Got same refrigerator. man has time Hown. Just remember, Orange rhymes with syrin Pick up any plebes lately - '!He must be telling the truth: why would someone ma dum...,! your parking decals yet? Nice car. compensating for something? 3 years with the ge. ke that up? Dum dum dum dum Sth Company 87 JONATHAN SCOTT PRATHER SILVER SPRING, MD USMC PILOT You guys wanna do a four-man'? Incredible Buddy Lee. Should've been from Texas. Water balloons. . ."What's your GPA?" Firstie wisdom 81 youngster cynicism on the ledge. Java addiction. I am sober. No. really I am. Sunday night chats. Shut up! l've gotta wake up early... to watch a Inovie. Tailgating means drinking earlier. Can someone help me take the grill back? 3 years. anyone met Christina yet? Springer's swimming hole. Tribal 1ll'l in S1 eviction in OBX. Dillo's Inargaritas. .. and afterwards. Most reinediated guy in the brigade. Queen and COL's cock-a-roach. The porch. "Bufting" the lloor. Mini-Herndon. Rum punch. 25 cent wings. Family tailgaters. Buffett wisdom. 2 days before I-DAY all the way to USMC pilot. Thanks to everyone who believed. especially Mom. Dad. and Christina. Go big or go home. Rollin' 8 deep. REBECCA MARIE RICHARDS FREDERICKSBURG, VA NAVY PILOT Doublewide trailer trips. Blue Magnet llights. Kilo Fife Whiskey haziness. RIP Owen I. ditching for "Brad". P8LD INOIII groupies. marathon sleepovers. . .run on. Just Becca, 'mountain dew' summer School. Cut it up. ain't no Navy Hockey "groupie". Back Row Babes, WGR. The Egg. I love the 8O's. room raider...non leg giver. Here we go again .... Raid any cabinets latelyil, classic Bi-Polar Buddies. Canoe + Black 84 MildS...Deserted Island. balcony sittin! smokes. haunches. NY Strip Clubs, me. . .a bar clepto'?...of course not, SS...could We see some ID'?, Oh the Loc days. Keys Wallet Phone Fourth Thing. "heeey yooou guys". archetypieal east coast Blue Knob, Beach Nuts II...a family vacation. Rockstar or Superman'?. Scaph. mac flights. chicken dogs'?. Scenic routes in small cars. Pink luffa's, hiking with the kitchen sinkl, EOD... here's callin' fora heads upl. oh. ..lbheath. moto screensaver. average age - 27, The 'List',...Livin' on a Prayer -- LSD. sparky. LPZ. LoWo. Skids. NY. jgrOb, Marti Gras. Mon MARCUS DUANE SANDERS GLEN CARBON, IL SURFACE WAREARE Marcus -MARRCUSH!!! Man. talk about some times!!! You are a true riding partna... typical conversation with you.. Me: you wanna go to... You: fa sho... Us: ton the road IU minutes laterj. Keep yourself out of trouble but if you ever hnd yourself in some you know you can ' ' holla at me. BIGGETH Where is Marcus? I think he is at football or on liberty. Hurry up and jump.. Hey bro. can you turn the bass down a little bit'?'.' That guy and that guy are alright. I don't like the rest. Stop being greedy. my momma bought me those twizzlers. Lambert!! Get your hands out of your pants. Rai. Matt. Lance Three words describe that man Marcus Sanders:RlDE OR DIE. Somebody you could always depend on to do whatever at any time. To DC and back!! I appreciate the friendship. See you out there. TIMC Well. you almost had no pectoral muscle messin' with the big boyz. it gave you time to hang with the "HU" click. It was all part of PI's master plan.. .save Marcus 431 until the end .... the very end. Your tooth. on the other hand. got you nothing but a chit for NuBasics. Them l8's look real nice. . .where am I lookin? Put them girls with attitude out of your car. I counted on you to do the talking We've had some wild times in D.C.. even in San Diego. Even though you didn't go to NAPS with the rest ofthe fell IS no one would think you weren't one of us. I could always count on you in those rough times no matter what they were. I'm glad we got that chance to conveis ite I mean listen to you speak. ..It's been real. leave them big girls alone. Holla at yo boy! George 88 2 0 0 4 i 1 l MICHAEL QUINN TREMEL PORTACIE, PA NAvY PILOT Quinn. Needs to be in love. Honduran on Frank's Guys during linals. Seen my football highlights? COL's firstborn. Bunny PJ's. Underway club. Sunday night chats. Go to AC tonight? The ghost. island. Luckiest guy around. Thanks for cleaning. My family. because they make me the luckiest Stn rj: QUE? Q' G, H g ,' 'iq' ,. . -G ,"' IW 1 0 -I Y ,- s, u-1.1 1:55. p l - X f,' "'-t1 ,we - -N . . 5 V, I 44 . xl 'I I .S at f-' 7 ' Qt 2 porch. Good Queen and CRAPS!!! Cut throat Notre Dame. guy in the world. Tailgaters! Eat-Sleep-Eat. Marchover mom. Bro you do the circuit and I'll do the programming. "ray thanks for helping out mike..." I'm up .OOOICZI Peggy Benjamin. 30 sec chair abs. maybe they're with the make a wish foundation." Spring Break workouts. Springer's swimming hole. Sheppard's Pie. Red Stripe incoming. 2"l' command. The porch. Mini-Herndon. We win. Our boy Hector. Cabanna ffl I. The Imperial. "She's the one" Rum punch. 25 cent wings. FIFA it up. Irish Mass. Meetings with Senior. Croquette '03, PA parties. Tribal dancing in DC. Wake up Dave. please'?!1' Go big or go home. Rollin' 8 deep. I DANIEL JACK VIRGETS GCALA, FL SURFACE WARFARE The mission of the United States Naval Academy is to develop midshipmen morally, mentally and physically and to imbue them with the highest ideals of duty, honor and loyalty in order to provide graduates who are dedicated to a career of naval service and have citizenship and government." DAVID RYAN VOGELGESANG INDIANAPOLIS, IN NAVY PILOT Vogel-Snatch. Snatch. Snatch Face. Doing the toughest sport. Late nights laughs. Where's Dave? Its not that cold out. 'tDo a back flip" Foot in mouth. Springer's swimming hole. This song is for you, Scotty. Jiggle big or go home. Rollin' 8 deep. potential for future development in mind and character to assume the highest responsibilities of command. like the rap girls. Evicted at OBX. Blitz it up. FIFA it up. Sheppard's Pie. Migas. Not wanted at Legal Seafoods. Yes Dave, we'll wait Gtil 7. Can I borrow your shirt? Cut throat island. Indoc at Georgetown. Lets go bowling. "Dax'id. you are either the most improved or the most F-ed up, dohl' The four years of pain in the merciless dojo were negated by the wonderful memories in Cali, Texas, St. Louis. and the numerous hours spent in busses and hotel rooms up and down the east coast. Mr. funny-guy and movie-quoting partner in crime. thanks for all the good times. NMC1 for life - No Regrets!!-PL 25 cent wings. Irish Mass. Family tailgaters. PA parties. Let your light shine. Cro 5th Company 89 CRISPINA LEE WEISSENBERG CANOGA PARK, CA NUCLEAR SURFACE WAREARE i was lost.you were lost,hut we found each otherundereover agent erispina,A.li.A "Wiley" to those who knew her welllike radio towers'?erazy cops at the insane asylum'?italian food? Vegas, NY,Philly,SC,LA,we seen 'em all,84there's no place l wouldn't go with youfDGO usme marathon,bar haltimore,blown t'uses.turn on the heaterlonly fruits and nuts are from CA!God hless.good luek!eC'AP First met in plebe ehem,then parties at Kikishaek row oftheater,eorona's at griflins,astro liw.Army-Navy!don't let the good times stopleABH hi i'm erispyltrom astro girls nights out,ram's headddyslexie kid's drawings,to matching long johns,maj in his hoxers8calmost missing our llight for a pedicure,we've been through it all.all the luck 84 love in the world!eliS "yeah..her name's crispy..eool,huh'?"always cool when a girl isn't ashamed to admit she's hungry. Godspeedf.lC.l great times at CCC8cehureh.thanks for being my friendfLWP wa.-2 ' Aw-.R -un. 20 04 J JL Q -if----N Y--YW-A WW. . -..J J J l , Julia Elizabeth James Nathanial James Raymond Jeffrey Karl Timothy Stephen Samantha Ann Sarah Marie Lisa Murugi Heard Heely Lamz II Lange Lehman Macola Mooney Nkongc Maria Alejandra Christopher David Michael Yoshio Matthew Charles Neal John Justin Scott Jeremiah Patrick Leah Parra Orlandoni Pieczonka Rogers Seaman Sheridan Strickler Sullivan III Tanner ' r R . A, t ' s 1 ' i c Daniel Neely Frank Paul Thomas Lee Brian Keith David Mehdi Teeter Verducci III Vomastic Yarbrough Yorck Sth Company 93 20 l. Xji P" K A rj . jf affair' ff fry A ffffff Left to right: Jeff McLean. Executive Officer: Kurtisiwong. lst LTfAdmin: Samuel Delk. Operations: Sean Riordan. Battalion Commander: Natalie Frantz. Adjutant:Trevor Thompson. Sergeant Major. TWT L sl CAPT Gary Sandala 2nd Battalion Oflicer A we U 9 ee 4 J ffllfflrffz jf fry Q Q Jfmf Left to right: Caleb Lindh. lst LTfAdmin1 Christopher Macpherson. Trai iing: Lindsey Mc- Guire. Operations: Vance Scott. Executive Oflicer. Jenna Seidel. Battalion Commander. David Jakubek. Assistant Operations: Andrea Marr. Sergeant Major: Fernando Garcia. Intramural Sports Bossg Jessica Pommerer. Adjutant: John Vigilante. Admin Chief. B SA T E T C A OL N1 D o N LCDR Matthew Lee Battalion Chaplain 2nd Battalion 95 i 12 1 Mf?c2f196avyf LT Michelle McKenna Company Officer Kurt C. Russell, Company XO .Christopher Blackburn, ,jgvi yDaniel S. Djerf. SKCS Steve Company Enlisted Gabriel R. Crane, Company XO Michael J. Berge, Company Commander James R. McMillan, First Sergeant 2004 MEREDITH IVIINTON ALBRECHT URBANA, IL NAVY PILOT MJ:why'd we do this again, dude?... what cOde?... don't due tOmorrow?... guys... did I mention guys?... oh THAT supposed to tell you guys how much I drank as a mid"... rocket choo-choo train... it's not rocket science - oh infinitesimal perturbations... you bought a pet WHAT?... factor of the a-hole. sir?... wake up, dude. "what'd I theory of relativity. "no really. what'd I miss?" I told you. relativity. "oh... can I see your notes later?' '... no, that's celebrating survival with a little Ben and Jerry's... no youl... what do you mean we did the whole lab wrong?,.. jx '?qQ, . 65. , sm i a.. an we have something zoomie?... "I'm not let's get on with this wait. it is! damnl... so what IS the packing miss?" Einstein's Einstein's theory of PHAT astro geeks... more caffeine for who else would have as many injuries, surgeries, illnesses, and mental disorders as me?... I'm retarded, BB: Late night Cluck U and the hookah...who wants to drink the bong water? Dude, let's learn how to surf. . .you think there arc sharks around here? Remember, nothing beats a Hummer. ANDREW ROBERT ALVARADO SAN FRANCISCO, CA SUBMARINES Melvin Udall, Shut up kids. Alvy- Fancy Feast- Honky Tonk- Doosh I just wish you weren't a liar. I hate you... I hate you... I hate you... You got the bomb Joe Rocket crashing bikes and getting drunk right after. You've got something in your ear. "Am I the only sane person here!?!" l CLINTON SCOTT ANDERSON DEWITT, NY USMC PILOT Being the Cleveland brothers your parents thinking I was you on I-Day Chemistry book tossing she was wearing my favorite pants at the Christmas party scaring away visitors homemade war paint and again and again and again toga party parachute quals free dinner at Planet Hollywood the house the light above the bunks at the house the dirty -1--M, j 'n'i ,. I Purple sheets. "If you turn left your guts turn inside out..." So you turned right. I'm on the uphill street. Meanest kid ever. Sweet Japanese Tat... From the mean streets of Frisco. The Burma Road. M F'er. I walk like a tough guy. WHAAAA... it's MY bio. Clnsert sarcastic comment herej You suck... NO. YOU suck. Shut up Annie!! Michael Challenger Smith and those civvies. Thanks for being such a horrible person. . .made us feel better about ourselves. "Hey, Ugly..." "Five years... and none of you IDIOTS know my name yet?" - C1G,GC.AM,BD bar the bracelet "Doggie. ah!" movie nights every Friday bringing a guest to the house who decided to be a brother standing bet on Georgia vs. Syracuse-you better have the S5200 stupid cat videos clearing Out the basement when John wasn't home trips up north for intercessional trips south for intercessional Iieldball tag team you and Mark Iinishing the Shiner Bock at the bar. . .tailgating for the Braves game Tuesday night fights...f1nally coming to blows one Saturday night fall in good funl. Cortes jumping in, but who had the black eye? Thats right. you did. . .that pub better be there when we come back. Remember that we'll always be brothers man. no matter where I live. and you know that I will always be up for "un mas." -MM -Thank you Mom, Dad, John, Taylor, Jenny, Grant, Katie, I love you all 6th Company 97 MARCUS RUSSELL ANTHONY VIRGINIA BEACH, VA NAVY NFO Spike. Sex on the beach dance. How do I look? Hey Lilly... Hey Marcus! Does this match? Gabe and Marcus. Kings of MCD .... You know how much Salt I eat'?'?'? Real World. Straight P.I.M.P. Crazy Savannah love triangle. Hunt and peck. Dirty Pat could type better. Yo. peanut-butter-ears is quite possibly the greatest thing EVER. Keeping Banana Republic in business... Jeep ride from GA to MD- you and JK up front- MS and GC in the back keeping it real. Caitlin'?'?'? I hate stupid people who think they're cool. Underside of your desk. ..Boogers'?'? IUOWC GQ. Book o' lies. High rollin to a new extreme... weekly haircuts. tennis elbow, no drill. no football games...Irish Kevin's. where'd you go?... Mexican Grill '03- MS. JK, MA... no graduation that year. Have you seen that cute little plebe...she looks a lot like you. S1000 bet. The ferocious Colton... I didn't know he was part Wachoochi. Hey Colton. does that wheelchair have hydraulics? Quinn and Marcus plebe year- She's mine Alvy. .. Water ski team? Pat ll, Mac. . .sweet sponsors. The tri-athlete with the best gear that's never been used. Official Savannah Council Member. Woohoo wake-up calls. Here's to good times. a great future and all ofthe memories- it's been fun. -JK. GC. GG. MM. MC. MS BENJAMIN MICHAEL BEARNIAN ALBION, MI NUCLEAR SURFACE WARFARE Beer... The man with the ideas. Whether it was ways to optimize the Corridor92 calculator game, network some YP's or build an electromagnetic railgun Beer is the man to talk to. The man with a keg of creative juices that are always on tap. a one minute conversation with him will most Certainly yield results. Blowing things away with 9mm's and M- I 6s over the summer we1'en't nearly enough fun without playing Red Alert 2 until the wee hours of the morning during Weapons Detail, and listening to Slim Shady at the Start of every day on our way to 'work'. Or driving 'a little over the limit' back to our respective homes with a little radar detector named Synthia in his souped-up set of wheels. The fun really started when The Cox roomed with Beer during the senior year and Beer purchased an X-Box and all GPA's automatically lowered. I never knew hockey could be so much fun... I also have never seen players get lit on fire after Scorin a one-timer before... INHL Hitzl "Clarity comes in the morning." Beer to The Cox, after failing to beat the last level of Halo on Legendary at 0300. fWe beat it the next day after three attemptsl Finally. service selection. The nuke community got lucky this time, I expect Beer will have completed his designs on a fusion reactor in a few years. Just remember to bring your mini-voice recorder so you dorI't forget your ideas. -The Cox i MICHAEL JoHN BERGE STERLING, IL SUBMARINES Miggity Mike. Eat it with a spoon Berge! If you are not Mike. do not I put your bio here. -JDR Wo de baby zai nar? Right now, he's probably saving the world or playing Tecmo Bowl. Thanks for taking care of Wallace. I hope he likes it on the sub. You're simply the most wonderful person. You loved me when I was crazy. and when I was sad, and all the times in between. You held me close when the thunder frightened me and when the wind blew too cold. I love you. hen big. more than everything that ever was. -- Maura The best Head Gouge in the Brigade. Made the Percocctt Gouge look weak. Gettin' some in the backshaft. Mathew Henson... brrrrr. Who ripped all the boards? Looks like you found yourself a snow bunny. -CCB Crazy! -AC Its been great being old y men together for the last four years, Tartuling each other, disco Dahlgren Fridays. living with Alan. having someone I to talk to, who could have pictured us as lirsties four years ago when we were scared of Nat. Here's to the best company commander ever. thanks for being my best friend four the last four years. See you in the duplex. -ASH 98 2004 CHRISTOPHER CLAY BLACKBURN INDIANAPDLIS, IN SPECIAL WARFARE 4fC Snowball. Edward 40 hands champ. First tracks Death from above. Eastport Bridge. Clay and Irwin girls in Chicago. Clay's The guide-on? S100 dollars Hiking to Arbutus. "Brent, are you clothed?" "Yes." loudest in MCD. Nobody gets us. but they never guys just doing our thing. Wouldya? The H-Bomb 6 2. Y jg' . 14: '- t A , .. va, I ......- af ---f - . , WEL: at Whitetail. in a tree. yellin at a pop at roulette. The aziest and will. Two crazy plan. Jeapordy champs. Low crawling at Killington fora glove. Like Che. took the light to USMA. would do anything for lift tickets. don't forget to sign in for MO. Barefoot wall-scaling. getting some before dawn. baptism in the Hudson. Clay "The Ruthless" you are sadistic. 21. don't pass out at the bar. DTA. Give me my wallet back! West Point? Room Inspections? Hooah. AXN "lt's all so complex." ICECREAM! Did SwimFan leave a note on your desk? Return to testing the strength of alloys. I will always have your back. because I know you've got mine. See you in the surf. see you in the sun. no matter what we always have fun. NS. BD. AO. MB. GC. JB JUSTIN J oHN BRAUNE NESCONSET, NY NUCLEAR SURFACE WARFARE Can we work our right arm next? I'm qualified. sir! Dude. it was just water. Civies. 5"' wing parking. Friday night. Youngster year. Where's Justin? weightlifting. .. quit staring we are just getting huge. Are you sure you don't want to be in a SEAL team? I guess the SWOs need some testosterone too.CCB ...Pregamming at the spot then rolling downtown to O'Brien's. I hear the flight attendants are nice this time of year! Roadtrip .... where too? .... JMU of course. dude. there are no prospects here .... just keep drinking. they might start looking better. SP1 when are we getting bikes? What do you mean you met a girl last week and now she's in love with you? How do you do that man? Beasting out a Workout at MaCD. or Cruising in the vette. More than anything else. thanks forjust always being there. I know that I can always count on you. We were cut from the same mold. your best friend -BB- It's a cathedral...no it's a palace...IT'S GORGEOUS. Justin if any those little Spaniards get in the way. do'em. I can't believe you charged the bull! Drove it like you stole it and most important Cinque Terra Long Island girls. unbelievable! It was meant to be. here's to you here's to me. the best of friends that ever be. but if you should die before me. well... that sucks! but I get the corvette.MM ATLANTA, GA USMC GROUND aka- Big Chap, Big Pimp. whatever you can imagine. From the great state of GA- that's right Chap you and me bro-JMK. Asia. Mexico. France. a German. China. of course the B and W ones... Chap has tasted a little of everything.. You are truly an International Playa. All the ladies want a taste of the CHAPPLE CIDAR. Blawww... go grab the lil' Chaps. 3031... the pimpest room in all of Bancroft. Youngstas. ya gotta love em'. MarlsLinPaNikKell. Sportin' the jock strap-easy access. Sprint All-Star. The toothbrush incident- never forget that one- Sina and Chap- Ladies night on Sunday... tru playas. "May I please have another?" "Hey. what you eatin' on dawg?" "Can I hold on to that?" MAURICE DONYA CHAPMAN I, l' i F Thoia thoia thoia thoing! Wawa FRUIT PUNCHIIII The ultimate man's man. Chap these times have been great. we'll see you in the Corp or in the Club. whichever comes first. JK. MA, MM. GC. BD. AE. and the rest of the crew 6th Company 99 ALAN CORTES KINGWOOD, TX USMC GRGUND Yhatzee! "This one time. at NAPS..." Mr. Honey Bear and Sea Trails Honey Bear. This is Midshipman Platoon Sergeant I Bus Commander. Protocol Officer. Platoon Commander. Squad Leader. Strongest mid Coachl Cortes. Letls sit together in Calculus so we can hold hands. But you got to love the Indian music. staying up all night playing video games and sleeping from 4 till I0 then starting all over again. The married women at the Wobley Barn were all about dancing. Thanks for introducing us to all the awesome movies. "Drew, what should I do?" So I figure ifI sleep now and then study all night long I'll be good. This is the day from hell. Just two seconds. Just a ten minute nap. Quit spooning me. Thanks for single handedly improving the quality of our lives for the last four years. ...Good luck in life. just don't let anyone "get you". -DH. JR. MB GABRIEL RAY CRANE YUMA, AZ USMC PILOT SQD3 All-stars. Room with a view and a salty sailor. Death from above. but Bacardi will make it better. Parties+Cokes+vending machines. Hey guys. does anyone have an extra ski? I broke one of mine..straight-liner. Ofncial Savannah Council Member. The CLAWII Beers with Gram-Gram at l0am. One liners- you're the best ever. "Did you touch my butt... because if you did, that's ok." "What, I'm ugly. you hate me." San Diego Harbor, fast boats. and a case of beer. HALO SENSEI. Gabe that's Annie's carpet... Always remember, Special ed teachers love Mids in Mexican hats. The Savannah Rash. AC. The car ride from hell. but we lived through it thanks to a stolen squeegee. If you ever need money, just call me up and we will go to AC. Kayaking in the Severn... Eli's alter-ego...the two funniest kids I have ever been around. Gabe's Cooler Rescue on July 4, 2002. Tubs of Pudding. Pawning Cigs for Beer on the Severn. driving backwards. He's a man's man, he knows what he knows.. .If you want companionship. get a dog. Good luck in the Corps, just don't land that plane on your face...I'll see you at the bottom of the lift. CB. MA. JK, MS, BD. NL. GG BRENT ERIK DANIELSON LAGRANGE, IL USMC GROUND Burnt- The Chicago Cyclone- Big D, Foink- Huffy Hobo. Kneeling into the drain plebe year. Have you ever gotten a nose-job? Cheer up you big. bad G.I. Joe. I didn't know dip could make you puke. Mr. Castro must not like you. come live with us on 7-3. I can't believe it. we're in Aspen! Edward 40 Hands anyone? Brent. are you clothed? Did you cut your hair? Unclothed pull-ups. Fast and Furious. How's your sister? Grrrr. Cookie from Ms. Johnson. Frosting zombie face. I am a bad boy. Fancy little nancy-boy. Can't finish a Lumberjack Slam. Pizza-Boli Challenge. Freak-show. Incident 4391. Plebe Summer letters home "Navy SEAL trainingl' You should be more PC. 'fAbandon all Hope" Dangerous Tides. Carrot Cake... just this once? Belair to the dome. Cortes poppin' Chunky. Give lem hell Brent. -GG, GC. N S, AA. CB 100 2004 Cc'mon, loan : truck and gunsl. Q Q-gf..-... .A A 'Ln 4 SAMUEL PATRICK DELK 35" ATHENS, TN SUBMARINES I What better way to remember than to get perspectives "" '-- from polar opposites...I once told you this place made lifelong - friends. You looked at me like I was crazy, and said you'd be glad to forget everyone here. While you are right about, well, almost everything. you're wrong about that. Whether you want me or not--you have me as a friend for life, so ha. I finally win. If you ever need a smile, call me upg I'm good for entertainment, at least. Here goes: blue ducks: Minky: the scary monkeyg "But it's my favorite blanket." "I know.": Houstong Preaknessg "But, I love this song!" "I know."g your damn blank message. If you ever get tired of 1,000 acres in the middle of nowhere, come find me by the beach. Thanks for knowing how to deal with a nut.---Sammy Dockers, if we never roomed together, we'd have been happier people. Ok, maybe not. We did iind plenty of "intelligent" ways to pass the time CWater balloons at the lake'?l. Every Southern stereotype I had, you proved right Mutual misery made us friends, but itfs been worth it. A few memories: grillingg PBRQ shootingg the third roommate: is it hot in here'?1 "This is Plt Sgt C, may I speak to the nearest plebe?" 0400-where is Sam and why is the shower running? I turned more Southern than you turned Yankee, and ifI fail out of nuke school, I will hunt you down.-AOF 8: SP MARY THERESA ELLIS IRVING, TX NUCLEAR SURFACE WARFARE It has to be the spunkiness...NWL defense and all the fun times on and off the f1eld...Starting traditions at Dillos with the crew...Sonny Shane Marg and Mary, those were the days. And who can forget the Smiths...We had a great time there didnt we...Mids coming out of the woodwork on a Sunday morning after crashing cause of the rain. Who are all these people? But you said leave the dishes on the table...thats what I did. Spring Break 2-03 with the crew minus one...Shanes rocket fuel on the way back form Destin, bowling and pool ending up at the Waffle House...is it really 2AM?... 4th of July and meeting Nate, wow hes really tall... Christmas Break in Gulf Shores...how much fun did we have and no that tree wont light on f1re...l7 hours of fun from AL to MD...whats with us and Waflie House...at least this time we stole the show...Truck drivers suck...Mary...how fast are We going? Double dates and late night movies, mexican food and tons of fun. Bragging to each other cause no one else will listen...Complicating our lives and then Iearnin not to worry. Service Selection...dont worry M youll get Mayport and I was right too. Time to move to FL M. GERARD EDWARD GREGA JR. WEATHERLY, PA NAVY N FO Ogre, Fat Monster, Lenny, Shrek. Burro, Mongo, Pear Head, The G- 1000. Baby Huey, "Hercules, Hercules" Put that toilet down! Hey stupid, glad you know your name dumb CQWIW. Gerry, don't move. Stop sign. BMW, our door. Clay's sponsor's screen. Bet ya can't eat just one. The true cannonball champ. My favorite part ofthe day, Gabe Hexing. An idle hand is the devil's work. Gerry, sometimes I think you're stupid, but then I think again and I realize that you are. after all. just a fat monster. Operation slim fast. Red Rover. Red Rover send some exercise right over. That is goin in your bio, 61557. Master-Blaster. Yes, you do have crazy ogre-strength, please head-butt me again. Wakin' up with huge bruises on my head, thanks idiot. The vette gets em wet. Horsepowerjunkie. Gerry, I am in your head. What would you do without me. Gerry. don't make me get the cattle prod. Wet Willies, Coyotes, Junior Savannah Council Member. Gentle Giant. Here's to good times at PSU. Savannah, AC and anywhere else where hot girls hook up with guys like us. GC, MA, JK, MS, BD, NL 6th Company 101 IosLYN MARIE HEMLER I ANNANDALE. VA USMC GROUND From a young age you've had but one goal in life: to grow up and be a devildog just like your daddy. There were bumps and pitfalls along the way. but good friends make good Marines. You'll always have the support you need- right down the hall or just a phone call away. Movie nights. Stevinator. squadmatesfroommates from the start. the crazy addition of Mary and Spring-until the crucifixion. conlocker convenience store. Beach Babes in FL. best navy running buddies. racing down the stairs. house runs and our hero Melissy. Anne. pseudo roommates. horror stories with burning skulls. waiting on leatherface. not understanding the complexities of the situation. I know that voice. solitaire races. it's just Elmo. sweeping roaches under doors. I love me some youngsters. I got two stripes. telling Drew EVERYTHING. "Ma'am. is it going to be a good day?" Frederick seems like a nice central location. In company. walks. drunk dialing. Creed concert. stone mountain. 4:30 in the morning. ice age. three words: four languages. midrates. dreams. Bahamas. "rockin the car and singing along." stuck in GA. American Idol. chateau. diamond stud earrings or a pony. finally letting you drive my car. didn't mind the traflic. the shirt. Mayer. Motis. Mercury. Max. a great year and 2 mos.. a shaky 6 mos. can't change what happened before it. l'll never be the same. There is no way to cover everything. You've touched me in a way you may never fully understand. "I loved you. grey sweatpants. no makeup. so perfect. Gur love was comfortable and so broken in." You can't hide beautiful. -MIM. ASH. KE. CM. QR ANDREW STEVEN HORAH ELKTON, MD SUBMARINES Drew-rah! The Nyquist Nuke. the bandpass bad-boy. you couldn't even engineer a system if your life depended upon it. Always looking for a way to make 5 bucks. "ls your name really hoorah?'?" You're so responsible. But we definitely can't take you anywhere. "Sir. will you please calm down!" Youngstas...I love 'em Long talks about how love is intangible. Maybe if you wouldjust stop stalking girls for once. The 24-hour advice hotline. After one weekend: "Yes I have a girlfriend...Yes l'm in love...', Rum and Cokes. head in a trash can. Spending 4 years trying to ligure out that crazy Columbian. A hopeless romantic. just too bored to care. The nexus of all female knowledge. "Special" stories. Long island iced teas. "I love me some youngsters". what street was that'?. talks in the doorways. detail. psyco dude. two stripes. Frederick. jeep Cherokees. my conlidante. the one guy who just gets it. Roommates for life. -MB. JR. MS. JH. AC. BD JOSEPH MICHAEL KISTLER SAVANNAH, GA USMC GROUND You Matt Damon wanna be. If it weren't for those savannah trips I wouldn't talk to you. Savannah Council Pres. Chris we are going to hook up tonight. . .Trust Mel Jeff stole my girl. Marcus this bartender thinks the beer girl is my girlfriend. Don't worry it's on my tab. Dawson's Creek Guy. Tijuana. Angry Marines. and a fake phone number. Cop car on River Street. Denting up the rental van. Are you sure you this is the way to your house'?... Trust Me! White Trash. Dixie Lover. WTL. Stab wounds. Polar Bear. Dirty Phone messages and being stood up in DC. Marcus and Mike you wanna get down in the Urge. Mike I'll beat you up. Holla out to the Gentlemen's Club. Crown and Ginger. Irish Car Bombs. Tequila. blah blah. . .don't mix. Spooning Stains. Did l do anything bad last night. Weed or Ioey..Ummm Weed. Great times on the Fun Deck and the dock. Wet Willies and Call a Cab. Coyote's. Gram Gram's bottle of wine. Don't put that shirt on. you puked on it. 0-5 Suite in paradise. Code Red. Vodka and grenadine. Kettle One with Gunner. Remember when I beat you on that hole on your home course. Congrats. first major in the company. Our S1000 bet. Smoking outside on the ledge. Beer Pong Champs. We have to hold the Savannah Council soon. Its been a great run and its not close to being over. Thanks for all the memories and always being there. MA. MM. GC. GG. MS. BD and the rest of the crew. 102 2004 - I NICHOLAS ADAM LESHOCK SHAMONKIN, PA SURFACE WARFARE Lucky.Lay Shock.The Shocker.Lucky Charms. The Stupid Little Go-carts: wakeboardingglellylish!gNight wakeboardinggbusted on Rt. 2 with a case:My desk:The Shiregsledding with bonfs I've been to deathgonly one to land the tantrumgBoating in the bay at midnight1The boats1Eixing the boats:When the cops for us after Serg jumped over an old man in a row boat:Driving Mustang1Driving to LA for a sold out concertgWhite Horsezbeer Rosarito for tacosggetting lost in queensgthe bar downstairs at 2513111 5-W .4 -ilu 4 T Q5 -at by -f fif-1.- B , an iff. -Xx x 'L Aff' ",. 7: 2-I , 2-v-9 ' 'A 'I 33 F while walking jeepzclosest downtownltishing sent the chopper pond:TJ and Quantico:Letting Leprechaun. GF6g.S1 around DC in Serg's me walk into that window1Atlantic City:Las Vegas1Punk shows in DC:Elvisgcar locked in Balt. Garage one tues night:"NAPS isn't so bad" nights"1Gate Zero1subway:Western Maryland:Bam Bam:Romania1Motor scooter at Dairy QueengCall from Joel at 23301When Travis almost got shot1PreaknessfVlPJ1Driving the boat backwards down the Severn while Gabe sold cigarettes: Army-Navy Game? Plebe Summer S337 Moderator. Mowgli. . .hurt a human before an animal. You want pain. or liospitalizatioir? Here's to good times had and good times to come... - Me.AA.GG.GC.AM -JK. MA. GC. GG. MC MICHAEL JOSEPH MCFARLAND SPRING, TX USMC GROUND Micky Fay-. aka. ..H-Town Clown. From the first day... until the very last one. 4 years together...the jackest guy ever to step foot in MCD. without a doubt the biggest 2-drink hypocrite ever. "I ain't like thatv but by far the most solid guy around-you never let us down. Segregated room- don't step foot across the tracks... Hey Chap keep that dude real over there.. .Marcus to Joey. "Hey Joey. you heard of that one guy..yeah that dude sucks... no he's cool man.. I hung out with him Youngster year...the girl from Oregon...Kim- sweet tats and piercings. She's not a "B" man. Unbelievable! The Georgia Elag...its Iny state flag.. .the Civil War was over 125 years ago. Too good for medicine... straight from the burbs of l-Iouston. . .USMC poster over the big hole youngster year- puke cleaner upper. . .and never a word of complaint. Remember the Polish girl and the test? So when are you going to meet this Spanish girl? Which Corp are you going to choose? Quit stealing ltinsert expletivel. Quit staring at that book- you aren't getting any smarter. Wanna Sangria? How bout a Sapphire and Tonic... Ok make it a well. SWEET SATURN!!! Been to Marshall's lately? Latin Palace... maybe later. Boyz with every EPES worker in Bancroft. Lemonade out of 7-4. Are you coming on the Savannah trip!you're about to get uninvited. Club True in AC? Let the booty take control... 4 good years- we'll see you out there- keep it real brother. ANDREI GRIGORE MITITELU ROMANIA SURFACE WAREARE tln a thick Romanian accentl The Lion. Tree-trunks. Lulu. Lulu-bells. Russian recruit. the dead-beat-dad. Entertain me! "Pukin' Rallyu... lt wasn't ME. "kick the ball with the bat" I'll just quit two days before the PRT. If you do that. I'm not going to talk to you for a week. Hey. can you pass me some ranch dressings dude? You know... I really hate youtClayJ. Gerry. your arguments are not logical. The bar at Quantico. No. you are wrong. New Orleans 4 times'?...I know you got a hooker you liar. The Oracle... Einal Destination with the Crane Boys-almost drowned on first night dive. stingray tiew into the boat. boat almost came off the trailer. Andre and Gabe waited for I hour hoping Eli made it to the boat wfo drowning. looking for invisible sub pens. Andre pokes his first fish. And yes. you are my father. Viva Las Vegas! Chasing the black bear into the woods. Thanks for watching all those useless movies: I didn't want to sleep anyway. - Gerry the Mouse. GC. NL. AA. BD. MM. CB and everyone else. 6th Company 103 UINN MARIE RINEHART WINTER GARDEN, FL USMC GROUND From the tirst day you walked briskly onto the decks of 8-3. NordicTrack. we knew you were destined for greatness. Plebe summer we could always count on you to keep your bearing. well except for all the goofy times like when we had to straighten Mary's hair. bury the dead mouse. name our rifles tafter dead pets'?J. and just classic room Inate moments. Plebe year was filled with sunbathing in the gutter. making dance videos when we should have been studying. you keeping us fed with microwaved ziti. trying on clothes and taking pictures. Youngster year we had facials with Anne. three extra room mates lwho had their own message boxl. your daily letters and ilowers. hidden Easter eggs in the room. your first ring be dance tahem... Charliel and countless other memories. Then you left us for second company. but you were always a Hott Sixxer at heart. Days tilled with soccer. Charlie. and your crazy all nighters thave you slept at all in four years'?l. Finally our Firstie year and luckily you came back home to 5-0. Brigade Commander. we always knew it was coming. and our same crazy antics. Now onto the Marine Corps for you. where we know as always you are going to exceed everyone's expectations. But we will always miss your made up songs. Love you. Quinn! -JH and all the other roomies l SEAN PATRICK RIGRDAN SEAFORD, NY SUBMARINES Well. it's hard to believe we're about to linally escape this place. From A I our Copenhagen days to now. we've gone through a lot. I'll never forget our exploits with LCDR Steve. the late night grills. you out of place in TN. water balloons. houseboats and beer. waxing philosophical. Gary the Great. Army-Navy 2002. MIDN PLT SGT Cortes. Route 2. roadside stops. 26.2 miles twhat were we thinking'?l. the bitterness and loathing. being ready to get out of here... Here's to the next step and more assured fun times at NPS. Watch out Charlestong here comes some Group 3 idiots. If things get rough. just remember these two things: 1.7 Don't blame meg you went to your interview. and 2.5 "I'll watch this line. you watch that one. and let me know when we hit the Curb." -SPD J OHN DAVID ROTH TOWNSEND, TN USMC GROUND Nicest guy I know. even if you do argue with Mike ALL the time...Wait. what were the rules? Ledging plebe year. The taverner and the pub of room 7408. The illustrious Captain of Pirate Boat 3. Hiding in the closet from chow calls. Ahh, who cares. . .LETS DRINK. John, WHAT is Alan doing? Half ofthe time I'm laughing. its because you're laughing so hard...Dr. Love's history classes... UD... Baltimore. . .Wobbly Barn. . .Rum and Coke .... Can I have the drink with the most fruit and little umbrellas please? The only person here who actually likes the same books I do. Took more supplements than a geriatric patient. He brought snowboarding to the backshaft, Convolution .... Fourier series. The greatest man who ever walked Stribling. Never willing to compromise yet always willing to help. When I look back at my time here at the Academy. I owe as much of my success to the man they Call Sledge as I do to myself. He fought cancer and won. He supported me in the dark ages. brought me through alive. I want to join the John Roth fan club too. Never lose the Line-of-sight. Semper Fi John. -MB. DH. AC. MS 104 2004 Yet God does not take away life. gina KURT CLEAVELAND RUSSELL 22. 5 WARREN, PA - Q - - - u Q Arc: Y 1 y n- T M. sig,-f i- -11-, ' - Y- H .5-, ,..s-q i ', X .5 1 .rs .' . I'-'T , if ,. vjlw 'f' 1-lf" '-V P Qld USMC PILOT K.C.. Snake .... Navy XC!track. DQ and disco night in Boulder. Ben's blue toenails. Smooth Criminal. Almost drowning andthe Hat tire in Orbisonia. PA. Thanksgiving with the French family. The soccer girls of NAU. El burrito gordito. the Grand Canyon. 115 degrees in Phoenix. Joe. Roscoe. Gus. and Josh in NYC. Close wins over Army. Sundays in Patapsco. The "Magic Three." Coach's speeches .... Four great years with Crusade. "I agree with Cam." Awesome friends. Virg. Steph. Dan C. and more-thanks for the support. Big Break. Beach evangelism. the bus ride. RAD. the Snowbird Invite. FSU girls. Beginnings and ends .... The aroma of 7-4. "Pure power." Hot 6 Christmas parties. De1k's birthday. Dock-jumping with Nick. One-time snowboarding. 3 yrs with Lucky and Alvy-I'1l miss you guys. Many adventures with Rob. in Arlington. Orlando. Tampa. Seattle and Vancouver. "For we shall surely die and are like water spilled out on the ground which cannot be gathered up again. but plans ways so that the banished one may not be cast out from Him." II Samuel 14:14...Vaya con Dios. . .. KRISTOPHER MICHAEL SHOLD SEQUIM, WA NAVY PILOT "She's terrible partial to the periwinkle blue. boys." Marcus' Sponsors. Guaranteed. MS. Tjoa struck me. Double Stuffed Oreo Cookies. Ronan's "coosin's. Ego Alley pool. 0.00 BAC. "What movie is this? I've never Seen this before is it a special edition?" We should've gone to the VIP in Houston. Cadet ZXC multitasking. Hootie Hoo! Union Bowling. CDR'S room. Compartmentalization. The O-Club after the Alcohol Awareness brief. Door not close...pull harder. Don't eat chicken and drink. Clay's Sponsors. Darth Andre Lightsaber Duels. Club Trust with Sammy, Rick, and Remy Martin. Pushups at Squisitos. McDona1d's. "Hi, is Nate there?" "Did 1 already tell you this?" to my JMH for getting me through here and JL, AG. BD. GC. 4 years one room. NS. PATRICK ALLEN SNEED HIXSON, TN NAVY PILOT Pat and his "uncontrollable urge to crack open a cold one." have left us all shaking our heads in bewilderment after 4 years. A truly "unique" individualg Kurt Russell won't even visit his room anymore. I'm sure we'll all miss the days of throwing down at He1len'S and staying up till 3 painting and watching movies. Some parting advice: "When there's nothing to lose...there'S nothing to Gein." 6th Company 105 i 1 MATTHEW KILPATRICK STAINBACK ARLINGTON, VA NAVY NFO url- Stains. . .Im not sure what you are thinking sometimes when it comes to yourself, but when someone else was involved you always had their best intentions in mind...Except when you left Joey outside Jimmy Buffett, but hey, jail. Original Savannah Council Member. Escape Swim to the Shariff. Death swim to the bouy. Hurry go catch up with those dolphins. Irish Kevin's. JH hooked up with some ilfc. The ultimate water ski. Lawn business to pay for the boat. Guarantee! !!. You've got the PT. "Party Boy" Rum nights on the Shariff with the crew. Put some pants on when you walk through CIC! Ebb Tide karaoke. Volvo at Gate 0. Subway Kelly, she was great. Burnt Cowboy hats. "But Why the Runfi Firstie-Youngster Love. . .SS. Stop sleeping on our fridge. "Mr. Kistler, Bacardi is so much better" I want to be Jimmy Buffet. Troll. The tree house. Jumping off the East Port Bridge. You're not out on three strikes. Alpha Gringo. LateNight Concerts. All about the Forties. Insurance...The best 5515 ever spent. Mouse face killa. Lets talk about these phases. Ship Captain. Ghost the rapper, Surfer, Water Skier. Guitar Player, Dirt Bike Rider. FreeWheelin Matt Stainback. Pack Rat. Losing your keys and your jacket. What the heck is Mcfay talking about. NWS. ..we can sell shirts. I'm signing up for something I know nothing about. But if MA says its pimp I'm all about it. Thanks for all the memories, don't worry, there will be plenty more. -MA, JK, MM, GC. GG. BD, CB NATHAN CHARLES STUHLMACHER TERRE HAUTE, IN SPECIAL WARFARE Fire it up! l'm a pink Huffy bunny, sir! Double stuffed Oreos. Who is on Frank detail, I guess I have it again. Sir, My roommate ran away and I think he took his computer with him. That's I filthtastic! Plebe summer canteen throwing champ. Who brought the sledge? Kris, not again. . .what a mess! All stars in the Sandman's office. So how about that brief? Formation? Well I thought this was the USNA correspondence course? Don't threaten kids with knives! Hide and go seek at my house! Littering only gets you disqualified. What are these files on my computer- that stinky whoop. Annie is on the phone. again. DTA on a Friday night- all it takes is a brief hello. Nate never bought his own drink and didn't get his wallet swiped. Nate. are you sure this is a good idea... OK lim in. Go to AC, put it all on black. Someone actually lives back there in the shack? Annapolis PD wanted you to stand on one leg? And you got arrested? The Downs, who wants eggs? and crazy home owners. "I think I'm too fast for you." Always strapped... always ready, always by your side. No, I wonit stop bouncing this ball! It's time to get wet and sandy. Somewhere, over the rainbow, the goat is old and gnarly. and marines are too tough. That bachelor party is going to be fun. I'll see you in the cold and dark water. CB. GC. KS, BD, JK XIAO SUN LAKE HIAWATHA, NJ NUCLEAR SURFACE WARFARE So, who exactly is Midn X? No, not some random person within the Brigade, but Xiao...Joe...or however you say it in Chinese. Always a trooper: always a friend! Joe knows how do things in style. He never has any money, but finds a way to buy a new suit every week...AND his precious Movado watch! Staying true to the family...willing to make anyone "an offer they can't refuse!" Bring up the topic ofJersey. and you won't be doing anything for the next couple of days. So, how Jersey are YOU? I'd say IOOW since you are probably the only person EVER to pick your ship based on the name of a city in your state. Go USS Princeton! Great friends remain friends for life! Hungry Joe? "Let's go get some Chinese Food!" N MO 106 2004 ALAN ROBERT VANREET KERRVILLE, TX SUBMARINES Niagara Falls. "Is Alan there?" tMathisJ Words of Wisdom. "The best milk after you eat all of the frosted flakes." tGabe Crane's memory of yearb. Road trips. Surprise to New York City. Coconut drinks with addition. Belle. NO BITING! "Pay attention, to the road!" Dahlgren Love. Carrier landings in the Hall during Army Week plebe year. 2lt' for nuke exam on the way to New York with Clint and Andrei. Going to f J H fwfr ? T T?-""--., 'ZUU Zi' Q part is drinking the Alan from plebe Clint. Our new Dates. Mama's birthday. Studying the storage facility. Police visit. MSN Phone service plebe year. White works Van Reet. Honeymoon found in the head. Searching for Shiner Bock. "Big V says NO to alpha room inspections!" Steak or Pasta. Taking the "e" off the coffee cup. New truck. bad lifts. Days at the auto hobby shop. Santa Reet. Friday King Hall Lunch Dates. Racquetball wars. Get 'ER Done! DVDs. Lemonade Tycoon. Beaming. Hot Air Balloon. Spring Break in Texas. Oct. 24-27 every year. Don't forget to change the clock. Chart House. Dreaded PRT's and weigh-in's. Neck machines. Chicago on Broadway. "You're getting married on June 51" too?" Movie night. Homework - what's that? Singing in the bar. Plebe streaker. June Party in Texas. 6"' company - you are the best. Good times and good memories. Thanks for the support and love! Alan - I love you always and forever. This has been a hard four years. but the best 4 and a half years. You are the love of my life. JEFFREY PATRICK WILCOX LEBANON, IN NAVY PILOT "The Cox" is the little recognized genius of the academy. While his genius does not express its self in areas such as physics or calculus. he is the most innovative person I have ever met. If Necessity is the mother of all invention. I have spent more time at the Academy listening to him explain his various creations and ideas than I have studying. -Beer"Pete. I have no idea what's going on in this class." "That makes two of us." "You're a Navy Prior? You must be a nuke. right?" -PFC "It's only impossible because I haven't gotten around to programming it yet." The Cox. YP-TDS Presentation December Sth. 2003. Ho Chi Minh. in the tunnels under the library. Giant rat traps. swallows like to eat peanut butter. Alphaland. Destarus. Kimbett. little walking eyeballs. Music. Brad's tunes. Writing games - Moon Rover. Starmen. Corridor92 Iron Cactus. Jumping spiders. tarantulas. millipedes. horseshoe crab. mantis shrimp. Tron 2.0. Metroid. Axe-throwing. NAPS. spurring chickens. homemade liamethrowers. blimp. Shooting M-ls at Newport. From the bottom of the pack to the top of the game with YPGs. GySgt Hartman: "YOU JUST PUSHED MY BUTTON AGAIN you bad person" And Weeeeeeeeeeee! My Spoon is too big. The journey has been long. and the road not well traveled. Some say it's the end. others the beginning. but for me it's neither. This is my 7"' year. lucky number 7. When that number gets to 24. then it's over. Back to my fleet. It's time to go to work. 6th Company 107 E, llil 5, . l E 1 WA' 5 1. lfffl -M " I .U 1 A leisure ,Qi -'qt r R ,rn ,- Q 7Q,'1Y 'f f' M4 . ffl I 5. .sl ' X wx Y al"'li !,' 5' in 3,1 t tl . , ..j A 1 ,Qi al F -555554 i' 1 i in H - :Sw Q f 'xg V - fs: , 5- xiii A 4 '1555 .M tg -'j 1 ' at ts ' Qiif' 2 ' L' ' 'X I wfme-f M . fuk' ra ri Kristin Patricia Travis Macaulay Whitney Morgan .lohn .loesph Patrick Donald Christopher Shirl Ashley Helen Acton Albright Alvarado Bartis Bergman Bunting Carline 5 .Iohn li. Erik Allan Austin Michael Matthew Ray Andrew Phillip Kelly Patil Kristofer Craig John David Cuinhie Dente Duncan Ciarciahragiel Giacontucci Haycock Huff Inman ' ' V A-sa , fiat . -s at , i Elizabeth ll. Scott Neil Patil Sunhong David James Kevin Michael Daniel Warren Cameron Eaton Brandon Michael .lohnson Kellerman Kllll Kinzler Krmpotich Kunzinan Macgregor Marshall A ? 'F -air ,, ,usp .,,- swf 'fps Ahhy Kathleen Carly Grace Andrew Nelson liorhan Michael Mark Anthony Matthew E. Adam .loseph Jeffrey Preston Mennerich Meyer Mitchell Orgun Pinkerton Anthony Pritchett Ruckman Sharp Daniel lkaika Kex in Ciuy .loseph Gregory Ali Andre Orville Stephanie Vaughan Frank Nicholas Sheehan Snodgrass Spence Sydney Testinan ll Weichsel Zalom H: 1: W: lwan Chester Timothy N. Linda Margaret Robert .l. Michael Reuben Wayne Alan Ruth Mary .lamar Quartrell Beard Davis Denning Dihhern Farley Gantz Gaunt Green l08 2 U O4 t'--'W 'W' X -X ff u i ' 2 .pkg i CMMS ' t dnt It Xl il 1-Yvijiiigg g Q' S"""i' ' 4-ef "h' "U" " ""i""' 'T' V' 'f' W f 1 Thomas Cj Nicholas D. Matthew Davison Darren Paul Christopher T. Michael Brian .Jonathan Roger Albert Hoon Ham Hamm lngold Jacques .James Japxon Kane Kang Justin Pierce Michael Wallace Kenneth Paul Rebecca Lynnanne .Joseph Francis Cayannc Victoria Douglas Vincent Matthew Clifton Kirkpatrick Kohler Kuhlman ll Lawrence Leavitt McFarlane McMahon Miller .-- FN -Y .... .,.,i.,,-,.,.. ,--H.--,..Y -. . rn-.. T.-V-. me .,:4 ' John Eric Stanton Lewis Kenneth Ray Justin Kai John Ross .Jonathan Benjamin Grant Howard Jennifer Annette Moore Moore Morrison ll Ossola Pepin Peternian Regelin Sanders ,....,. as--F-1-Q V-,. . , H, ,. l . i -tif Vi arms' C 'Y4?'J'JJ!F.i!.' T KWH ' 'i ' za 1 Nt: if .f ' ff"- -I ,Nl My 1 J- 2193- fa" J :'f ' t J J 235. .A 1711 Q, gt e - 1 Q-.ti cziglp-'-.'f,'. ' 1 ,fjfwg i "I , yr? - A ' W it-3 ja ff gm-v-. il ,ffl A I . if -chi'- 'ggigai J A Til' we , . 'J A Q 1 1 H , 1 ti .,,z'iJvtq ego Jonathan E. Stanford Henry Daniel Seaton John Burk Kyle James Lisa Ning Matthew Walter Schillo Shaw III Shevenell Stringfellow Van Heest Wang Bartoe Bryan Daniel Lord Kahil Derek Anthony Charles Mark Frank Anthony Daniel Scott Catherine .Joan Bill Campos Cole Cook Cunningham ll Diiilippo Djerf Eames '31 Shauna Joel Nathaniel Christine Mercer .Joseph George Alexis .Jeanne Paul Anthony Joseph Owen Joshua Caleh Egan Godfrey Jefferies Jindrich Kinney Llano Lopiccolo McCann 6th Company 109 Reheeea Ann Kent M iehael Matthew lxltlflkllllllll McLaughlin Qeth lxolmuten Will: nn M Poxull Rletwld lil'lC Charles Wagner lVlLl.'lllf'llllll Alan Marino Kenneth Bruce Robert Westervelt William C. Melvlillan lllwihlu' Montera H Palmer Paul Pipkin E . John Anthony .lobeph Maxk Vigilante IV Volansky Jr. - x . 5 t t- f -. 3 x. -' Vw glivqwq- X19 A P K'-aa-1.., , LW xx is My 0 -.sm E," N.. 1l0 2004 4 l Q,- ll U 6th Company 11 1 Flfwiff am J milf MAJ Todd Finley Company Officer Kacie E. Inman, Company XO Dean B. Farmer, Company Commander Mosi D. Smith, First Sergeant CNot Picturedb Senior Chief James M. Clontz Company Senior Enlisted .......,... - - . . . . Jonathan D. Smith, Company XO David R. Stroman, Company Commander Nathan J. Peck, First Sergeant 2004 - A Fig - A --no . .. .... - ------li' f -. ' WD W I LAUREN RACHEL BAKER 'Qi v 'gf I WESTPORT, CT SURFACE WARFARE After 4 years we are back to where we startedg "l'm trying to go to bed" and has finished with your service selection. See you in Hawaii -LCM Summer Went to the most beautiful places in the country with the Daewoo. best country music ever. had fun riding weirdos. SSLTC parties in our BOO with chips and like champs. and best ofall stayed friends. Counseling Thank you for your friendship. l will cherish it... visit you in Pearl you lucky girl!-DR Track. roomies. more track Iwhose turn to go to the adjudication this jet skis and golf cans in NC and who can forget the advice from CC "drink alcohol it your foot" Glad we were able to survive this place together. KJ LB you are an inspiration L.L.L8cK. It began with 2 I st. ring dance. 8: cruise. ours rocked. awesome girls tus! I. the bus in the heat with dip. Hip hop and step sessions over silly boys? especially when I come friends. captains. and time'?l Charlie's Angels. will kill the bacteria in to me. l'm so thankful to have grown close with you during our short year together. Thanks for taking me under your wing and treating me like a sister. KA Mom and Courtney without you I wouldn't have made it. I love you and THANK YOU! PAUL ANDREW CLARKSON OCONOMOWOC, WI USMC GROUND Lover of Ben Harper and Dave Mathews and Incubus..ALPH UNGUSAMUNGOUS, Never afraid to launch attacks against Germans. Never changes his away messages. Invented the infamous Z recoup'n'rum. started "jawns" from then on everything was labeled with "jawns" Only one who knows how to keep Mad Rob in check. Its only a Rikaloff and look how much more you get...Real-life Irish version ofstifllerntall drunk, and rowdy from Friday-Sunday..tall. sober. and rowdy from Monday-Thursday..looked like the second L coming ofChris Lepore in 'Ol Army-Navy game. then had his knee re-done a couple times..SLlM.."So then I woke l up. and the first thing I thought was 'where are my underarmour underwear'?"'...wishes he was Ben Harper--but I looks nothing like him and owns more guitars. . .single-handedly kept Meat on the weekend list first semester..out- danced a party full of stoners at Syracuseulrish. yet whiskeyfbad and VOdk2l:gOOd..fLlILII'6 rockstar. Always maintained some standards. hehe. Syracuse, UPENN. PENN STATE, UofMD. and ofcourse USNA. Ruiner ofBlankets. totally unexcitableuvee vill not fail! what's in the guitar case? My guitar... and a handle of Rikalov.. some OJ.. ninjamakemecrap.. fakes an injury. then goes for the leg- sweep... stop making horse cry.whaaaat's happening. Let's hold ourselves to high moral standards.and fail miserably. TECHNICAL SUPPORRT! We are the most devoted disciples of PTI Mackey. You must clone yourself so Madel will have a guardianftranslator for life. 320 eh? JOHN RONALD COLLINS TOLEDO, OH USMC GROUND Nd a loan'?'? "Rspct me!"dudes. sh ws totlly into me!"Free wknds whn dty. "Time to gt paidl"Dwnld now. ask questions ltr." NJWS Brother. " Awsme dressr. GdWll: "you forgot PrfrrdCstmrCard. Life,.Iustice8covmt all. man. its weird.in odd you trust.More noctrnl than raccoon."i shot hd wth a pellt gun tonight".got fried just for bng alive.only Lattiinr pntng face for gms. doesn't strt typng pprs til midnight.of th wk aftr duefMRB U HLDING OUT ON ME! victm of every schemehates being wearing combat boots with shortsblackd out and tommy Ztone meet chcklst.VCCINATN and vasline!"Whoa. its tddstang. it runs.no" It'saRai nelll She stngs like a bee. AllovrEastprt. APTC abominable ho-man.NK.IO Meat's on "Tame the librty for myslf in bettrjob thy're satloves X-factor. nin'ChrisCoi meatstk. big playa, ruthlss slaya. knfwnds. l65lbtwin. smallinstature but nevr in hit. hardr you work the hardr you are bro. tru tilwere run through. frm naps til last breth always elite meats.-50. JUANISRAYDY. They knw were comng for them soon. Slainte Semper Fi.sCM"To all my bI'OIl16l'S. yOu IHEICIC me the man I am today. Thanks for the good times.NSPB. Fist. Post.PEBU. 31. Semper Pi. Meat, out." 7th Company 113 l 1 1 ui nil annul :nl 1 1 JEREMY NEAL Cox MARCO ISLAND, FL SURFACE WARFARE I love you Mom, Dad, Rory. Jared, and Lady. I love you Candice, the love that lasts. Going down to D.C. youngster year, partying with random i Physics Club's at UMD and messing up your pants. Who knew everclear could do that to you'?...Army!Navy Game Youngster year what a night: the coffee, the sushi, walking all the way to UPenn, but then the Sl0O's, the drinks, and the night at the apartment...Squeak, squeak, squeak, what's that sound, who knew they could ht hot tubs into hotel rooms? The quiet times at 49 West. Spring Break-Candice, the truest test of friendship, what a ride. Jeremy we have shared so many moments, memorable. and sometimes unbelievable. Thanks for the memories and the friendship. I-ChrisPl J-Ballz, need anything else be said? You gave the best gift for Christmas. a tire alarm. What are you still doing up? lfl ever wanted to subject myself to torture, I would just listen to your music. Never a dull moment in the room when we both went to take that '20 minute nap' that turned into a 2 period one. Thanks for being a great roommate for the past 3 years and best of luck with being a SWO I-JBSIIII Jeremy, wake up, you're late for your X-period test. . ..again. Mr. Cerebral who read a book a day, wrote papers the day before they were due. Always a good friend, always a loyal friend. I-Rowdyl MARK ANDREW DAY MACRAY, ID NAVY PILOT It has been an interesting four years. Late nights. elaborate pranks, wrestling, parties, weekend trips. the people, the teasing, the friends. Best Wishes to all. God Bless. "Finally, my brethren, be strong in the Lord and the power of His might. Put on the full armor of Cvod, that you may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil. For we wrestle not against flesh and blood opponents but against the rulers, the authorities, the cosmic powers of this dark world, and the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms." tEphesians 6: IO-129 "Do not let this Book of the Law depart from your mouthg meditate on it day and night, so that you may be careful to do everything written in it. Then you will be prosperous and successful. Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be terrifiedg do not be discouraged, for the Lord you God will be with you wherever you A A go." tJoshua l:8-95 SEAN MATTHEW DINCES CORONA, CA SURFACE WARFARE Sean, aka "The Dincel' came to USNA as an impressionable young man, subscribing to the picture of the Academy painted in the many brochures that adorned his house. These impressions were quickly dashed as we came to live in the lovely 6'h wing, Bancroft's last real treasure. Here, Sean began to hone the sword of cynicism he would expertly wield for the next 4 years, making him a perpetual source of comic relief to the humdrum existence of those creatures known as Midshipmen. Always ready to surf the waves, or critique the technical fallacies in Blue Crush. After four years at this institution, he can boast his biggest accomplishment was teaching the residents of 7'h company his middle name is not "meat," 114 2004 .ff gm ,158 LLOYD ROBERT EDWARDS gy.. HANCOCK, NY SPECIAL WAREARE 1 I l X x , it lM 'ti 9. ' . 1 'i I, 1 -Q ll ! if AHL -Ga-T-- .X K Q. Q 'f 'Si T " 539' , N ' ' chicago. 6am LLOYD...that part of my life is over. jeans model. i don't got time for your rhymes. jnl in panama. spitting llama. NO man. you can dance real good. those girls are just busted - you keep punching that ice until We're ready to leave. nrotc.jump. dive. buddy's only half the Word. upenn. pennsyltucky. jackjohnson. Words Will never hurt you. o-quals? schmoopy court. Who loves kitty? boston on bentley. s.l.i.p. limp dilz. evil diesels. creepin. la jolla. la. mammoth. unplugged at south mission. lighting ollies bar on lirefknocking it overfpainting the carpet. favorite slushy? purrrple. speedracing with maverick. beerathalon. life is good. Weigh-ins and midnight holidays. silent hogs. sprint tb champs. . .gentlemen D tuesday night double secret club. scary Inovie. Whistler b.c. potential for injury is through the roof. fun box. can't Wait for you to Operate. alabama Worley. dreamers ofthe day are dangerous men. . .TAF AKO NQY MRB JRC BCD CLZ PAC VAW KCP JTG TJL mike. heather. jake. natalie, Mom Dad Harold Beautiful Audrey Beth. home is Where the heart is. 33. DEAN BLAINE FARMER II . KNGXVILLE, TN NAVY PILOT CCCCPPPPIYI! ...... Uh-oh. Dean's Red Meter is about to blow .... and We all know Why Marcus Was picked last..."KnOxville is probably the least redneck place in the World". .. COCK---BOOM!! Go Navy. Sir. Beat Army Sir through the streets of DTA .... "Craig don't give me that stupid grin"..."Guys I'm just gonna go back. I got a ton of Work to do". . .AutoResponse from dbf2usna: Work. "Baby Deanie spent 3 hours on the phone last night and now he's dreamin of states that begin With ITM' If anybody has any questions about anything. . .ask Dean. because he knows the ansWer. From his first career homerun in his first career at-bat to Team Captain and Company Commander. Dean . . . Caka CP. Baby Dean, and Redl has always been a great friend and source of making fun of anything We could think to make fun of. One ofthe greatest guys We've ever had a chance to meet. he has made all of us better in some Way. Not afraid to speak his mind. Dean alWays made sure things Were done correctly and he always looked out for his buddies. It's been a pleasure Dean. best of luck in everything. . .it's been a bIast!...CCs and Ash TIMOTHY ANDERSON FOX LA JOLLA, CA SPECIAL WARFARE selling out foz.RAVENS! NTT Wakeboarding. grenade hopping for'dl6O 'aw - ' t ' - V9 pj . Oz oe. pj s carpet- stainfendless shame. lst place dude. granian. Fimjox. Inore dudes! Clifford. jingleballs. "sorry i only date hot SoCal girls" doing 100 on NJTP or 72 in the Lincoln Tunnel. "so you Wanna be a pilot-Maverick?" driversliscence: I break late backshaft soccer. broken bats and computer screens. mammoth day trip-pills and liquor. pirate extravaganza.OC With Snail and Certano...fat chicks CGD nates-heli-vacced by big man van-my personal savior. I Friday night body-rock. "dude its time to get up and go back out there TJ." coronado. pissdrunk pt with lrefS:ajx'. The I buttO "another divescreener'?"dOesn't matter IIOW. boilerbuildingBootieJeans. Boston 04. Wha happened? warwagon. ADD? Wanna ride bikes? voice of reason unless mixed With liquor. last pocket of morality. the revolt of 02. lao valley. rabid dogs of the north shore. souza-the Bronx: Warpainting pjd. driving after Easterns OO: glory days. caliredeyes. guy. Princeton: farting on scho. commercecockblock of 'Ol. going to the shoW...tWice. "dude, We're so Outta here" thanks for all the Inemories. I couldn't have made it Without you dudes lre.pjd.tjl.pmk.kcp.Wtm.akO.jtg.vaW.pOlo. TIMMR 7th Company 115 NATALIE RosE FRANTZ PEACHTREE CITY, GA SURFACE WAREARE Eyebrows. .. showers and cleaning to stall... mooching over at MO'S... ,,1,, I Confessions and laughs... IM anybody?... I want waffles from a waftiemaker... always doing laundry... afternoon naps... permanent CMOD magnet... EE all the time... organized to the extreme... situps. yay, um I think not! I am going to break the ring on your phone... always cold... so that was... nope wrong guyl... frequent iiyer extraordinare... body pillow... the hot one... Georgia peachl. Golf carts... Canada, what the heck the river is frozen!...lotion, got enough?...face a little red from. . .did you get sunburnt?., um yes. ..mice in the stereo!mouse traps.. .sweet potato pie song, yuk! ! . .. skiing.. .the lone female EE su1yivor!!...With Love Always Margaret, Kacie, and Kathy RowDY ADoLEo GARCIA KEARNY, AZ SUBMARINES P We decided to live with you because you knew how to shine your shoes and I have spent four years regretting ever since. Going out and always hearing. . ."Rowdy, is that your real name? Wow really?" Where did your pants go, and why a pillow? 5151 ! Summer School must have done it. . .Aww. . .Whoop Whoop! and all that... CP Rowdy Garcia - Should have never given you the locker by the door. One of these days you will have something positive to say. Can't believe I lived with you all 4 years. Good luck with the Sub stuff and thanks for being a great roommate... IBS!!! Rowdy G4. Rowdy bouty. Excessively loud techno. Bass. what bass? Rowdy, is that really your name? I know him as that abrasive and belligerent guy. Head bang to some metal. "KILL FRUIT". How can you sleep like that? There was this time, back at NMMI. .. We sure wore out those middle fingers, giving them at every opportunity. - JCox DAVID ANDREW GARDNER KATY, TX SUBMARINES Like everyone else, I can't believe it's over. I sure am glad it is though. The days seemed to take forever, but they added up quickly. Like all else at USNA, it just doesn,t make sense. Tom Petty said it best. "It's time to move on. time to get going! What lies ahead, I have no way of knowing! But under my feet, baby, grass is growing! It's time to move on, it,s time to get going." Luckily we have guys like him to say things better than we can. The only things I'll miss are the dear friends and many random nights in DTA. Best wishes to all, I hope you Hnd what it is you are looking for. 116 2004 Kathy and Natalie JEFFREY THOMAS GRIFFIN ANNAPOLIS, MD SURFACE WARFARE Always hooked us up, can i get a ride from the UPENN. pizzeria. mexican student union party. who CDR. Grif Sandala...club lax purse keeper...loved drunk raps plebe year..."whatever dude...we're soooo swo doesn't suck. sooooooo grroood...i mean great... in inn 1l We IZ: Q v .A Q .4 ifizvh 3 ,I ' ll, Aga If 5 15.17 I ' -s. 1 Q' airport? was that grif? by all Majors... outta here man." why'd you break that army chicks arm? Boston. jamisons. iifa 04...scary movie...Eilomena twe always knew you were in the mafial. . .mammoth...Jeff "I'm Bringing Beer Back to Dahlgren" Griffin. Well young grasshopper - it's been a long journey - maybe your lax skills will someday rival mine. Beer pong champions with Paddy. Valhalla I'm coming! YDV - we need an extract NOW! Oh, by the way - is your mom gonna bring us Baja? Still marrying that girl from the bar? Flogging Dropkick. Get outta third gear. speedy. Morning winter sprints, Mini-BUDS t6 hours...I'm spentl. biceps - nobody could stop us. Polo -Jet Skiing - "high speed jump offs" We don't care ...we just win. Oh geez. Griff- You're a hard hitter. show stopping stud - SWO can't hang with guys like you. Griffin wins at O'Briens. Mickey's. Guinness, Met-RX? Honorary member of 15. You're going to San Diego for SWO...not SEALs ibut I'm sure you can sneak on the busy. Here's from your boys in 7!l5 - PN. TE. LE. JL. BW. JW KATHY YUSHIEN HUANG . j HUNTINGTON BEACH, CA I V K.. .V NAVY PILOT I ' I-'iz' Blinds closed windows open!! Is that a mouse. no its Kathy and her teeth! L fu. Shove off! .... Midn 4!Ci. so the keys are where?...she's in the cave...so R W rvbj 'W . .. A g A your name is Yu no Shin no Kathy? ...drillfintramurals I think not!...all night G I ' comp sci. hmm..lets try history!... bad bunkmate!!! ...can't watch the end of a DVD. ehh? Its only five minutes! .... the dreaded blank stare...golf carts. . .off to Germany. AGAIN!...qualify your roommate? Try again. . .weird Chinese munchies. sample at your own risk!...mooncake. .. Best luck always. Natalie. Kacie and Margaret KACIE ELIZABETH INMAN FREDERICKSBURG, VA USMC GROUND Big feet, Big Hair. Big Fun, Accidents while walking. just luv the love handles. can I get an oorah, yip yip! Can't forget schlepp to sleep with.. .are you ever awake, workout fiend workout queen. . .ahh Colin!...go catch a squirrel. . .Terrets chowcall...4 seat you are late .... peanut butter jelly time... the spewing closet...why fold. they are just going to get wrinkled again?.. Hidden Spinach platters of death. curly haired boys...Kapa-I'd like-to-lick...well. it was the ONLY way to get you dressed fastmtiashlight reading. . .friends don't let friends kayak...it's a two day event. oh well I'm packed for a year!...3!4seat taxi cab...NOSE BLEEDS?: Bad medicine is what I need. . .ooo...not a morning person...hangin at your house...umm Danielle you need to take these red pills with the Percoset...erging together...ugh...bloody noses...but you still keep going...your ugly bunny. .. good thing you'll be on my team...b!c you are a MACHINE...to the toughest girl I know...RAH!.. is she really saying that?...daily walk from the odd side...and I know you can lift more than me... My twin. sleeping in EE. Judo Partner. confusing everyone. most especially the plebes. heads cut open. our "dates" for the Ball. shaving your dog. the Marathon...NWC...love ya..D. Jenna. Jen. Alexa. Margaret. 7th Company 117 . h ' I .AO ,nb Q ,. I. .IV . . A - '1 1323.5 Gin p g -5 -- '.:..k'2. :L 1. if-5a-E! 'lt " . -. Q r - 's . af gas 5. ' ' are guarded By United States Marines. CHRISTOPHER STEPHEN JOSEF HOT SPRINGS, AR USMC GROUND From the Halls of Montezuma to the shores of Tripoli we light our country's battles in the air on land and sea. First tO light for right and freedom and to keep our honor clean: We are proud to bear the title of United States Marines. Our Hag's unfurled to every breeze From dawn to setting sun: We have fought in every clime and place where we could take a gun. In the snow of far-off Northern lands and in sunny tropic scenes: You will find us always on the job --The United States Marines. Here's health to you and to our Corps which we are proud to serve: In many a strife we've fought for life and never lost our nerve. lf the Army and the Navy ever look on Heaven's scenes. they will find the streets 5 fi. i KACEE LEE J Ossis BOISE, ID NAVY PILOT oh captain, my captain- you've been more of a role model to me than you'll ever know. thanks for keeping me going when times were tough. Never forget tattoos and strip clubs on the island. frosted donuts at 4 am in college park. underground bar at Princeton. crazy shoe laces. holding things hostage at amerisuites. john mayer. norfolk. san diego. starbucks. 81 ofcourse st. johnnies. stadium runs. and countless hours in halsey- our second home. Always remember all the fun things that kept us sane Thanks for helping me laugh our way through our 4 years here. l never would have made it. especially through SOC without you. From the chemistry all-stars. to Martha May Who's class. all the way up to the YP-666 swim team..how did we ever pass? Maybe it was the help from a certain Robotrippin roommate. . .Hstudying has the same effect on me as alcohol"! What should we wear? Uniforms? How 'bout unreg pe gear. Forever 2l dressing rooms. a trip to Kohl's and Bob Evans. and hiding under your desk on Wednesday nights..and many more adventures to come in P-cola!! PCB tThis message has been brought to you by Nicorette Gum and the Duct Tape associatiom From springbreak. the cruise, bahammas to Peg Leg's. We survived 6 1 and 17 ' CO Shady youngster year. countless house parties. the famous licking you ear incidence. 2!C yr,just us and the backshaft-soco and at baseball bat Your 21 ' b-day. l'll never look at the black8Lwhite store the same. Rohobuth-tubs can be tricky. Hurry up and get out of season we have some drinking to do TIMOTHY J AY LEANCU GREENSBURG, PA USMC GROUND T-meat... l ofthe original "family" members, p-burgh connect game... slowest but most solid dude in the world... OlYl. post hoohl. hoo...from naps till last breath. always tru. big meats we grew...They let us graduate'?. But they need guys who squat til they puke the all nighters shoveling snow...As for me.. ..terrible t and the rest of the family. 2-2 ah semper good dudeus. -50. . .From lil meats to ..Both kicked out by the Dant not the Supe. .. ...So off to the green team you go...Missing .l am off to sea. . .But l'll meet in the weight room of my LPD- Big Sin .... from the acboard to the dants list...bathing bobby in recoup...this dude decides he wants to dll something. he goes full throttle ..... living proof that if u lift weights and work out hard enough while being confused in the classroom with regularity u can succeed here.-tigger. ..From the halls of NAPS to the Halls of Montezuma. Terrible T swells like no man every before The Myth. the Man. the Marine can't be stopped only contained...DONi'T SLEEP ON MR.T .... kemasis...uhhhh I can't read or write Expect to Win .Mini-BUDS with Timmr and Lloyd. . .We are trash ...Meat J..Can't Hear Ya CLC...OK BYE...The 12 Disciples...Yeaahhhh BBC you wanna beat my cakes'?. . .Liff with Cliff...Hey man you really shouldn't run your ATV into trees .... Panama City Big Break '02 0? 04 NAPS maha Ac boards and l separation...Too Mandylicious for rne.Jreeves I made it..Love you Mom. Dad. John. Jill. Katie. Chloe Semper Frdelrs 118 2004 L ' im! sw? SALE TRICE LILLY IV ' ' CARROLLTON, TX SPECIAL GPERATIONS Sale is an odd but in a loveable way. Though an overachieving work-a-holic in the purest sense. he is a remarkable , . fellow who exerts great effort and dedication. Sadly. this lifestyle has prevented Sale from discovering all of the joys DTA had to offer. He possesses a tremendous knowledge of politics and economics. but only a select crowd appreciates that conversation in a bar. He is a great athlete. line wrestler. and more recently a half-decent swimmer. Few people know the real Sale. since he rarely goes out. Those of us who have actually gotten to know the lad. kind of like him. A good friend and drinking buddy. even if it is only in small quantities. Now young Sale will travel to England where he will learn all that one could ever want to know about me the economy and liaise with the local population. When he returns to the United States and the Navy he will be choosing the difference between the red and green wire with the EOD. Remember. once he turns 35. to Vote Sale Lilly for U, S. President. "My Vote's for Sale!" lam wh la N ag! MICHAEL THOMAS LINDSEY KATY, TX SUEMARINES So the heavens smiled. and there was Mike-who was also smiling. And that smile made its presence known all over the Annapolis stomping grounds and then some: shooting darts at Donlon's tand sometimes hitting the boardj. rocking out at the piano bars tMike. six lovely ladies and a bucket of vodkal. or over the bow of a sinking canoe on an icy lake. He served with distinction on every plane of battle: the unofficial graduate of the winter mini-BUDXS screener. engaging in mortal combat at midnight by the Lejeune Hall fountain tMr. Lindsey. it's noon and you reek of alcohol-do we remember how we hurt our ankle'?l. and whooping up on some woop-arm in the 7"' Company wardroom. Mike do detail? That's unpossible. And then there was the Yeti. However beyond the smile and the many outrageous. frequently drunken escapades that most will never see beyond. Mike. the late night roamer fAll those who wander are not lostl. will always be one of the greatest. most loyal friends. S.T., J.S.. D.L. DANIEL EARNEST LUNDEN COLUMBIA, SC l SURFACE WAREARE "The mission of the united states naval academy is to develop midshipmen morally. mentally and physically and to imbue them with the highest ideals of duty, honor and loyalty in order to provide graduates who are dedicated to a career of naval service and have potential for future development in mind and character to assume the highest responsibilities of command. citizenship and government." 7th Company 119 A ROBERT WILLIAM MADEL II VIRGINIA BEACH, VA NAVY PILOT "We own it...' wMad Rob LINDSEY CLAIRE MCGUIRE NEW HYDE PARK, NY NAVY NFO Ahh Sparkplug. First you knew PJ, then you knew Chris, and I was last. I My mom still loves you more. sponsor sister. Vegas New years midnight and I kept coming back. Spring break Hawaii and Inice make more noise. You. me. and shlock. the Gaelic Trinity. sounds like a good excuse to drink. I still can't bend my linger. You're angry and that makes me angry. Baja Fresh and your stomach. Chevy's was Inuch more agreeable, I'll pay you back someday, before you break Inore lingers. Easy to spot a Inidget in a bright red ski jacket on the slopes. Yes. dear. Short lax players are better anyway, harder to catch. 29 in 7. then you're in trouble. September 10. see you there. You've always been there and I'll never forget. Youlre part of Iny life whether you like it or not. Love ya little girl. ACRB. Shorty. I mean... umm vertically challenged. Summer detailer roomies with the peeping tom as well. Flat tires. tons of liberty. and putting up with Cal, what a summer. You can always brighten Iny day. thanks for being there. go FO.-JP. I couldn't have asked for a better roommate. We finally Inade it back together. I will Iniss nights iII Dahlgren and talking about anything and everything. When you need a smile remember "I keep working Iny way back to you crown" Love ya-LRB AHRON KHALIL QDDMAN WRIGHTSTOWN, NJ USMC PILOT For love of. . .Mom and Dad, family. Country. and the Creator. leave time for j love and foreign au pairs. Multi service deuce droppin ll pm Shaft in his PJ's I on the couch. never been pissed off .... .owns more scarves than your mom. turns 2l in March of 2012. future rockstar. loves passing out on bathroom lloors. 5-striper. and I still like lIim...hope he gets in less fender benders with his jet than cars..."gimme a ifo meal "... nicest guy ever to set foot in a Post Oflice. Bob Allah. Jah Live. LetLoveRule-LLR 120 2004 KEVIN J AMES GDONNELL BUTTE, MT USMC GROUND Honestly. out of over 4000 mids. I'm definitely the hottest. First intense physical attributes. I'm short. balding. and extremely head curves into a dome-like aperture. and radiates sunlight very OF RAP MUSIC. These attributes are all sought-after. however. physical trait is the two extremely gigantic eyebrows. You may be are they so big." Well I'll tell you...l never get dirt or sand in my are virtually indestructible and they are capable of repelling the to medium sized particles. NOONAN. They also create a unique since it's the only place above the neck capable of hair-growth. capability of joining together, thereby doubling their strength. .kg ,1 . ' fx -'ri QBQU Q I 1 b X I I R1 ,am off. let me list my pale. The top of my effectively. LOVER my greatest wondering. "why eyes. My brows majority of small shadowing affect. They also have the Girls love them... Guys want them...but only I got e1n!!!! I'ni thankful that I attended the academy. MONTANA MAN. While here I was able to hone my singing. dancing. and acting skills which I'm sure will carry me far. BLACK DENIM JEANS. TIGHT! I know that a lot of people are jealous of my physical appearance. but that's not my fault. I've been given these gifts and I intend to use them. IAM THE NEXT AMERICAN IDOL!!!! IWarning! !! subliminal messages includedj LAURA JEAN PERAZZOLA BONAIRE, GA USMC GROUND "You ain't got no boyfriend. you ain't nothin' but a little .... " OH NO wait a minute! Preakness '02, fight much? f'I'm freaking out! I'm freaking out!" Birthday in Baltimore with CPZ and crew- Who did QI shots! School girls. anyone? Lets play touch the meat. Nothing we do to jail, runl' -LSD the window night. Booze cruise with Mikie. "I just want to find the roof." Throw it up! Mardis Gras with farbs and CPZ. OOO club nights. All I need is some southern comfort and a baseball bat. The list! Hot youngster Thursdays. tailgating in hot pink fishnets. Where's Laura? Check MB's room. Shout out to Homeslice. A Please, no more pictures. Drinking on Nick,s porch and walking to the gas station. DTA-John. Craig, Bobby G.. Mark, Rick! Uhh. I accidently set myself on fire and burned my SDBs. A ROOTIE DOO! I finally found my long lost sister. we were the last two in the bear pit. God bless meatheads and nice rebounds. ..I should know. Here I go again .... Rockstars. all of us- livin on a prayer. CLPz.LSD.ILG.MEZ,JRM.LMB.RMRJ CHRISTOPHER LEO POLNASZEK I MONTEREY CA Chris Polnaszek - Can't believe we've lived together since the first day you showed up here and now it is off to the same ship. I have never met someone who loves the surface Navy more than you. How did that hole get in the wall? Thanks for being a great roommate. God Bless you Che. .. IBS!!! Who is this Che guy? He's that EPES worker that comes into our room and takes showers. St. Chestopher. Swing dancing in DC.. .some girl's house...Mrs. Bern staying up all night. Come on. you're not Greek. Ok. just this once. Don't you get it. Chris. she likes you. Never before seen someone smile so much. Is this the trail? Sure. Riding trains. I can't begin to W I . j f M I B SURFACE ARFARE . Xxx Xp ..., is 0 thank you for everything. Candice - I can only say. thank you for your friendship. See you on the West Coast. - JL Che Che. Oh Che Che. aka St. Chestopher. An icon for orthodontic perfection. always happy. always helpful. always oblivious. but made sure the room always had shoe polish and fruit cake mix. Thanks for the years Che. my roommate. my friend. - Rowdy 7th Company 121 is wrong and we don'tjudge. ever. Karaoke in Philly...just shut up and take it off! "Oh my god. Laura we are going JACKSON MICHAEL SIEGLINGER TALLAHASSEE, FL NAVY NFO tHJack: the grand old man of 7m Company. It couldn't be cooler to be anybody else: sometimes a cowboy, sometimes a pirate, sometimes a "skateboard punk rocker" timagine thatl, but always a good friend. Well, tHlack was never partial to "the man," and they had their occasional bout-some much bigger than others. I guess we both owe RADM Sammy J. one? Strange things are afoot at the Circle K. There's been way too many near-death experiences: Jeff Apple at Nations, subsequent visits to the sketchy place, the debacle in Rochester, the spin-out in the ford escort, and parking the Trail Blazer illegally on Hospital Point. There are things you give up for love, there are things you give up for taps, but make no exception around South Park time. Well it was a long and arduous trek for the gunslinger-who was always far more aerodynamic on a snowboard than in a statics class. You're a man obsessed with all things piratical and anti-establishment, we need more like you because you're not brainwashed. S.T. M.L.. D.L. J GNATHAN DANIEL SMITH CHICAGO, IL NAVY PILOT What can we say about Jonathan? Not too much considering every time we looked for him he seemed to be on movement order. Seriously though. Jon always proved game for a good argument-he was truly a master debater. . .one of those people that could sell an ice machine to Eskimos. Out on the town, he was never without his p most dependent debate partner, who goes by the name of Captain Morgan. We came to love that mess of clothes and rumpled paper around your desk, and watch in awe at your ability to crank out a ten-pager in the last minute , tliterallyl. While your future is that of a pilot, all of your real friends know that you are a SWO at heart. JUSTIN BRADFGRD SMITH BONITA, CA NUCLEAR SURFACE WARFARE The Colossus power of Justin's friendship, laughter and commitment - "Justin you're so strong." Someone who touches everyone around him, whether that touch consists of a hard drop to the ground or the creation ofa memory that will live with you forever. From Severn waters to the streets of DTA. Memories of long islands, innuendos even Freud didn't think of. mustard bottles, speed skating, loudest trigger-pull, long van rides, Gonads, Tripod, karaoke, Livin' on a Prayer, Hawaii and all its escapades, Asian red and definitely a "2O" - "that Justin is so hot right now," Van, quite possibly the greatest girlfriend ever! The Wolf, the Strongest Man in College Sailing, red meat, unstoppable, "you need to catch up" drinking, eating, partying machine... a friend that will never be forgotten. GONADSY - BWA Never did homework when you were suppose to, never slept when you were suppose to, and woke up to a fire alarm. Fox in Sox. D.C., the side of your car. One Tequila, Two Tequila, Floor. . .literally. DOWN PERlSCOPEl From I-day to the USS Antietam, it has been and will be an amazing ride. Loving a roommate sometimes means holding them down, beating them, and telling them you love them at the same time. Justin! Get up Justin! Van is lucky to have you. and I am lucky to be called your friend - CLP, RAG, JNC Thank you Mom and Dad for everything. l love you both! ll Adam and Van you are the best, love you guys - JBSXJTS 122 2004 unl - -A . 22'fT'7 5 2,-f-. x Q ', A 'f j " , ROBERT DANIEL SPARKS U NEWPORT, RI SURFACE WARFARE Hi Bob. Bob was truly the jack of all trades. coming to USNA as a football player. but linishing his career as a pole- . vaulter. Asocial butterfly of a man. with the phone constantly ringing off of the hook. one never needed to worry about answering the phone in the room. it was always one ofthe masses looking for Bob. One of the most dependable people in the company. and one never had to search far for him. if he was not at his desk. he was right above it. And while Bob's shoes are always immaculate, kiwi was not the only type of wax to grace the presence of our sink. From hanging out on the weekdays to jokin' after school. Bob always made the day more exciting. And let's not forget that Bob would say what everyone else was thinking. regardless of the setting. like "I think your tattoo's on crooked." DAVID RANDOLPH STROMAN JR. GREER, SC SUMBARINES "I.. Ijust dOn't understand." The quintessential X-Box addict. Dave entered USNA with the highest ideals and impressions, many of which I were destroyed over the following 4 years by Sean and the other miscreant cynics that lurk the halls. At USNA Dave has experienced a variety of 4 letter words not previously in his vocabulary and overcame the anxieties of online dating. We eagerly await for some young southern belle to pull him away from his game console. but until then we will watch Dave climb the heights of NCAA football fame. Dave was always a good friend. and an easy person to talk to, especially after he got subs and tried to talk to everyone. including his pen. "I got Strosf' Always a man of hygiene, the only object to take more baths than him. was his car. Which brings us to the real love of his life. a man by the name of Bond. James Bond. I MARGARET, ELIZABETH SWEENY GROssE POINTE, MI SURPACE WARPARE Amphibious landings or is it running agrOund?...green face masks..."I do NOT snore!". . .Georgiominside-out hospital corners...Did you already get issued your glasses?...So. Vve decided. 1'm going SWO! No. wait NFO. No SWO. NEO. SWO...snot bubbles...manual of knife...Cookies? No, no don't look in the top desk drawer!...Peggy...Canada. so I live by a frozen river!...Well, in Grosse Pointe we. . .CNN 2417. . .sleeping at attention...protecting the Halloween candy. . .sumo wrestling. . superplebe. . .how's the weather in sweenyland'?...I BELIEVE! I !..bad bunkmate. . .D. . .the vomiting closet. . .good think you turned in that coxbox .... wrestling. whoa there!...where's meg...coaches never ending stories about you...the little engine that could..never forget the races and bus trips...NWC...Good Luckl..Love Always. D. Kathy. Kacie and Natalie. 7th Company 123 l ADAM SLIVA TISDALL EXETER, NH SPECIAL WARFARE "The mission ofthe United States Naval Academy is to develop midshipmen morally, mentally and physically and to imbue them with the highest ideals of duty, honor and loyalty in order to provide graduates who are dedicated to a career of naval service and have potential for future development in mind and character to assume the highest responsibilities of command, citizenship and government." SETH ERIC TUFVESSON SANTA BARBARA, CA USMC GROUND Deep within Seth, a terrible battle wages on: schizophrenia. The evil demon spirit of Chesty Puller and a beatnik poet duel for possession of A Seth's soul. Those of us who have met Seth know him as the highest and tightest, who occasionally slumps into a medium reg. We might mention his drunken pleas for air suppoit against his roommates on a wire hanger, ricocheting the Cav offa few speeding cars while catching a few zzzs, or maybe something about an admiral's daughter, but no one works harder or does their job better. We might complain about his power naps at all times of the day, whether for two minutes or two hours. Always writing some book that he subsequently manages to delete, rocking out on his laptop, or to Chris' amazement waking up by the numbers. Who else would try to kill a roommate they love with an iron? Those of us who know Seth, can tell you how he always buys the first round, as long as it's Jack on the rocks, or how he brings you that unexpected bag of snacks when you're stuck in the hall over leave on restriction. We wouldnit trade him for all the Scandinavians of the icy northlands. We ruv you Setf. Remember what you're doing out there. We may have stopped you that night, but youave always been on the long walk to Quantico. M.L., J.S., D.L. DANIEL LoUIs URBANCZYK WASHINGTON, DC SUBMARINES From the Halls of Montezuma to the shores ofTripoli we fight our country's battles in the air on land and sea. First to tight for right and freedom and to keep our honor clean, We are proud to bear the title of United States Marines. Our flag's unfurled to every breeze From dawn to setting sun, We have fought in every clime and place where we could take a gun. ln the snow of far-offNorthern lands and in sunny tropic scenesg You will find us always on the job --The United States Marines, Here's health to you and to our Corps which we are proud to serveg In many a strife we've fought for life and never lost our nerve. lfthe Army and the Navy ever look on Heaven's scenes, they will find the streets are guarded. By United States Marines. 124 2004 ff . 5 , ',-, X ". 1 . - Ki, 4, 1. . ' F an 1' U 9 Q U n K Q i 'f ' X xl 1 1 O " 9 1 X 0 x, , 0 , 0 , Q pm., Ag 2 N' N ' :pl , ft .V I l . Q w 5 .' 11' O . . l 1 u ' O Q ,,'.f' 42 49 9 ' O fr Q Ld N Nm- I of N. 'X - K g N' 1 ww ,, W '- XX. -4 ff' . . A . A u ' . 5 O 9 Q e . I .f ' an 'H 1 , -wggygffd V ' a 3 I 0 av 9 . I J' r . . O 1 ,, O 4 ' B E 5 , . 0 9 A ., " if W ,K , , John Edward Alllson R Bobyak Turner Tyler ' is 'W J Hx,-of 1 , f Tff ' , :hx lignhgy ', 1? s ' A - V- A I ' Q , s C 0 ' 0 0 ' . I 9 ' Q .V Y cl, V IH: . ' M. 4 5 K 0 . 0 o 'W Q3 3 1 " , U . C f,gl.55 N I 4' 433 ' . Af 4 1, ' , 5. . 0 ln mn: Dax 1 B ll mtt X f - J' N! ., . 0 , 0 126 Jeremy fXmli'cxx Cliristoplier .James .James Fulton Amy Elizabeth Rebecca Leonora Tyler Tyler Roth Scott Bummun tiarfa l lcine llinds Hough Howard Kendall Larson Lee fl Christopher F. Joseph lidward Wallace Earl Jason Alexander Adam Ryan Michael Morley William David Joshua A. Mclling Meyer Miller ll Parasco Pawlak Quin Recalde Reeder 1 TTI? Eric Antlrexx' Jclrey Alan Morgan Michelle Robert Michael Robert Jac Oakey Allison Paige Michael .Joseph Roe Ross Spiliotis Symuleski Jr. Szeligowski Ullman Went Yokitis .f wif:-fi-'41N" yi lil., -- J A ":f,1"x I' "fi "E , 1 Um , ,..,. , .wtf r Brandon Shannon .Jason .Joseph Ernesto Ariel John Teller .lohn Samuel Dominic Joseph Christopher M. Alamo Almlot' Arboleda Barrett Butler Corabi Coughlan J liii All Y I i li mi' l Kathryn Port Patrick Lindsay Blair Weston David Patrick Devin McCarthy Chandra Elise Andrew Joseph Lane D'lipagnier Daly lfaulk Hodapp Holmes Hunt Hurst Jackson David Michael Trax is Cieorge Amy Leigh William Robert Christopher Glenn .lohn Paul Sean Timothy Nathan John Jakubck Johll Kisling Levis Lonero lVlcLaughlin O'Neill Peck 2004 W rx e ir , k , . " "" A ff A - Q' :ar-Q--3 if: if ' 'I I 1 1 Meakin Ames Jesus Raul Benjamin Anhur Mosi Danladi Mark Andrew Andrew Roben Cicely Anne Jared Michael Poor Pruneda Seheideman Smith Vonrembow Warren Waters Wolcott Andrew Calvin Wood 7th Company 127 yrnzxtevq-wp fv i :.:zgLy.z- 31 Hifi C60122 am f fi fi LT Demetrius Wilkins Company Officer Christopher J. Bajuk, Company XO James J. Morris, Company Commander Dana R. Potak. First Sergeant Senior Chief David A. Poust Company Senior Enlisted 0 Christian M. Mieckowski, Company XO Greer M. Lynch, Company Commander Davidson Taveras. First Sergeant Knot shownb 128 2004 i CHRISTOPHER JAMES BAJUK . SILBERDALE, WA NAVY PILOT I Languth's favorite writing buddy. Chris never took hacked through Mech. E., and he never ran through I Yard. Pull-ups in the Bahamas, didn't anyone ever I not cool? Where is Chris? Oh. he is at Kathryn's "l!"' T, 2:1 ' ,A :QC - -M.. -4' A, ' 1' I ----iq., f,' 1a - , 'X 'xi so as ' MET any shortcuts: he the "lava" on the tell you that's place, JOPA. She must be the happiest ugly girl I have ever seen! Did the crawl with us a couple times. though you stuck to your Hyboy bars. Keep taking videos. and one day you may be famous. or someones worst enemy :J H JED Buys a stock and it doubles in a week! Bazooka. l love Ballet. BAAAJUK. Marching Tours together. Going to see Capt Parker together. Rooming together for two years. We were hard on roommates man. Did we have four that quit? Npimpsuit bajuk", "bazooka bajuka" Ballerina girlfriends are hot. Grenade! This means Marshmallow War! You are off the hook. too hot! Yeah. just gorilla go for a quick workout: an outer and a couple hours in the weight room. Ifl only had a brain." "Bajuk. talk to the wall!!" Gotta love Triviso and good ole Squad One!! I I MATTHEW ALAN BEASLEY VERO BEACH, FL SUBMARINES Sometimes all of the funniest and most unfortunate things happen to him. Your tooth first, then your finger.. You're not gonna survive I until graduation. Holds the record for most body parts lost in one plebe I year. i I JACOB ROBERT BRODERICK MILWAUKIE, OR NAVY PILOT "snake the jake" Hey Beav, never forget Dino from Santa Barbara!The I Beav. No one else could pull off a more innocent face.'LBroderick, hx your . forehead!" Jake, I still have those pictures.Stood on all-calls with me for an entire semester. Got me through plebe i year. Drove me around until you crashed the car. Gave me a permanent seat at your table. Thanks for everything! Dep Dant: That Leveron kid is going to Wayne movies exist, Jake Broderick will have a purpose in life. me through my entire time here. I love you. "Beazer the Brain" ..glad your linger grew back.. I'm still gonna get that tooth. though. To you I bequeth the honor beer. after all you are our honor rep. I guess doing homework on Friday nights really does pay off. Biggest brain known to man. Self-appointed smartest guy in the company. The coolest kids did Mathcounts. have a come-around with me too.The Beav. what else is there to say? As long as Ronald Reagan lives and John we all can't go to heaven. Most Wrinkly forehead known to man. Thanks to my wonderful family that supported 8th Company 129 A is C f DAVID SCOTT BUCK LOUISVILLE, KY USMC GROUND Back in the old days, when I was a plebe.. Who is this Buck character... I thought he dropped out the second day of plebe summer along with what's ' her name. But turns out he just gallivanted off to Russia. So now he's the Tzar's communist drill ambassador to all of Sth company. A submariner at heart disguised as a Marine. Hoorah Reactor Core. And remember, The Cheat is Not Dead! Even though we met you late you truly are a lifelong friend. Buck-futter. Only knew you for two years but you tit right in. One of the best guys on the PLANET..."Clean your rifles!!!" My Marine Buddy, Buck '02, you need a shave, tape worm, Russian mission,hea11 of gold, late night talks, squad mates, Drill god, and most of all, someone I know I can always count on-a great friend and Motivator- YUT!! JEFFREY ARHMAD CHARLES FORT MEADE, MD SURFACE WARFARE . Eternal Father strong to save whose arm hath bound the restless wave who bidd'st the mighty ocean deep its own appointed limits keep oh, hear us when we cry to Thee for those in peril on the seag O Christ! Whose voice the waters heard and hushed their raging at Thy word who walked'st on the foaming deep and calm amidst its rage didst sleep oh hear us when we cry to Thee for those in peril on the sea: Most Holy Spirit Who didst brood upon the chaos dark and rude and bid its angry tumult cease and give for wild confusion peace oh hear us when we cry to Thee for those in peril on the seag O Trinity of love and power our brethren shield in danger's hour from rock and tempest, fire and foe protect them wheresoe'er they go thus evermore shall rise to Thee glad hymns of praise from land and sea!! ERIN NOEL CHOROMANSKI EAGLE RIVER, AK SURFACE WARFARE Vvvvrrrmmmp! Why does that never seem to work for us? 35 Ireland will be great fthe guys will be hotterl, there's nothing but a little water separating our two island paradises next year. Love you lots and miss you already. - AO Sleepy and abrasive, not. Japan will love her, Southem at heart and Alaskan by luck, she can drink like a fish with just a few mistakes here and there, great cleaner of dog bites, can't say no to sushi. She is spidergirl, terrible luck with cars, but survives, never a fair-weather friend, loyal, caring, wonderful, and will be missed greatly. - BM Meeting at the visitor's center the day before I-day, friends from the very start! My plebe summer running buddy, winter plebe year venting runs, hangman, notes, and causing trouble in EE, dancing downtown, in D.C. tmy 21 st!J on the bars in Baltimore, NORTH CAROLINA '03!!, trips to Philly and NYC... The most fun, loyal friend a girl could hope for! Friends Forever! - SH CHEERS!...Sledding with the Johnies!...Alaska!...What?! I thought you were a goodie goodie!-AJ Nice funny a friend I will miss but always remember. Stay out of trouble and don't let anybody change you." -KK The first night I ever met you. . .lying on the hammock Haha I wasn't trying to embarrass you. You drank how many Red Bull and Vodkas'?? I cannot believe you're still alive. 'fYou want to go get a bagel? Erin, get out from under that car!! I love you. - LW Halloween costume! 130 2 0 0 4 i 1 3 l 1 I ANDREW DIMITRI CROSS PLYMOUTH, MA SUBMARINES From the Halls of Montezuma to the shores of our country's battles in the air on land and sea. First and freedom and to keep our honor cleang We are title of United States Marines. Our Hag's unfurled to By United States Marines. PATRICK J osEPH DONAHUE ANNAPoL1s, MD SURFACE WARFARE The writers of this proiile have never met a girl not in love with UP 4 v d":f l., , 1 , . 1 V . J-'f'-'Ji 'IL '.21.'t' "L, Ti- -QL:-'IT " '55 1517 'f .J R. Tripoli we light to fight for right proud to bear the every breeze From dawn to setting sung We have fought in every clime and place where we could take a gun. In the snow of far-off Northern lands and in sunny tropic scenes: You will find us always on the job --The United States Marines. Here's health to you and to our Corps which we are proud to serveg In many a strife we've fought for life and never lost our nerve. If the Army and the Navy ever look on Heaven's scenes. they will find the streets are guarded Joey .... .ever, though many have not realized it in time . To think that l the culmination of his Academy experience would end with actual enthusiasm for a Surface Ship. When not placing hits on people's families in order to get them back for looking at him the wrong way or borrowing his sprinkler he enjoys arguing, talking. and arguing. The areas biggest proponent of Hatteras and all things kiting lead Navy Water Polo in goals. split-open lips. optical anesthesia injections and trash talking. The years have yielded marriage accusations. "heart to hearts", laughter. tears, and classic arguments about anything and everything. All-American athlete. friend, and teammate.. the best stories are yet to come. Favorite Donahue catch phrases: "Say you like me hat", "I'm Joey". "I agree with myself', "I'm not playing next yearn, 6'Suriano. you have no idea what your talking about", "C,mon it's The Boss". "I'm not even gonna apply here", "Hey Daddio, Where's Madre'?',, "Snelgrove you're wrong". "She's not very motherly". "I hate that man", "She left me for Barry". "I hate you guys", "Tim, you're never drinking at my house again", "WHAT!?!'?" .,.. a few scattered memories ......... Sly Fox. Attriting the navy water polo team. Patrick Joeseph Mc'O'Donahue. Nice shins, "Sweet skegg dude? Rice clog king. Latenight in the old empty Jacuzzi. "We're soooo not even." CANCER. 'Tm on recievelw Skurfing into the storm of a century. Have another ..... T J OSEPH EDMUND DUCHESNEAU NORWAY, ME CRYPTOLOGY Star4if5 now Spooka?5 aka Secret Squirrel. speakers and lights, Great times at 'Dillos and Riordan's. JOPA. "Man that chicken chili's awesome, I'm going to get King Hall's recipe." Damn Maine-iac and his VIP status at the Fleet Reserve Club. Hey, you think this is a pink or a white glove? You have one speed, and it's fast as Hell. Do you have a BSLM for me? You're still no match for Texas Judo. We'll always scare away the older women at O'Briens. Why do we take turns getting kicked out of the same bars, my indiscriminate friend? I would be a Ranger with you any day of the week. On second thought "I don't want to be a Ranger anymore." Priors have to stick together and with what their good at. Real men still play with Legos. Hey! I know those guys. . .they beat the crap out of their recruits! You say you like Metallica? It doesn't take much to start a friendship. Thanksgivings in the bar twith rows of little soldiersl at my parent's house. in the yard. in the wet shrubberies, and at the bars will never be forgotten. Making "eyes" on the bulkhead. ArmyfNavy 2!C year. AIN train ride. your buddy Dave, The Ground Round, 16 days 'til Herndon, Ring Dance, and most of all my best friend who is always there for me despite hard times. Theyire ' 1 going to yell at us? THM. Sth Company 131 un 1 zu i ADRIAN WALTER T. DURHAM SAN JosE, CA NAVY NFO Is that a tiask, or are you just happy to see me? I spent 4 years of my life with you, and all I have to show for it is a rash! BABPD. Thanks to Adrian I have tested my foreheads limit on durability and shock.. Fun trouble. Forget studying, let's drink. McDougals, now that's my idea of a good time. Hey stop beating up your computer. The Marine Corps Coochie Killers. A bottle of rum, a bottle of tequila, just your average Friday night. AWT Durham and his fan dfflthead over the summer: those were the days. doesn't that hurt our head'?, McDoogle's, the surrogate owner of Armadillos. Sleepiest person known to man. Many, many good times together. We shared secrets, drinks. and the occasional 'song' on the dance floor. The happy hour circuit was our time. O'Briens at the end just put the icing on the cake. - JED ADESINA EKUNDAYO RANDALLSTOWN, MD .Q NAVY PILOT "The mission of the united states naval academy is to develop midshipmen morally, mentally and physically and to imbue them with the highest ideals of www duty, honor and loyalty in order to provide graduates who are dedicated to a career of naval service and have potential for future development in mind and character to assume the highest responsibilities of command, citizenship and government." A , ua-it sg - V- Aga...-M" ' .R , gf-vw' gl gm X nf?iNxMw52'. , - Av - -1 'ia A T ERRENCE FRANCIS FENNINGHAM PHILADELPHIA, PA SURFACE WARFARE The 6'4" man of thunder truly stands head and shoulders above his peers. He began his odyssey through the hollowed halls of Bancroft a timid young buck with dreams of swimming for the US Olympic team. I-Ie departs, four years later, with little else on his mind other than "dancing" with girls and avoiding running the USS Boxer aground. How will I remember Terrence you ask... ..the severe case of ADHD. the "Big Bird", his affinity for blowing it with potential suitors, the lonely whiskers that grow on his chin, his disdain for the unknown, his fancy for the simple pleasures of the Jersey shore? No, I will remember Terrence as the kind of man who loves his family and his friends more than himself. From his two goofball uncles to Chris "Bilbo Bagginsu Speicher, Terrence displays the kind of steadfast loyalty that is hard to find in this day and age. After four years of inseperability I question what you will do without my keen fashion sense or my ability to turn the President of SADD into a beer pong champion. The truth of the matter is that you will succeed in whatever endeavors you undertake in life. Your zest for living will guide you to a happy home with a beautiful wife and loving children. I will miss you old friend, and always remember there is a guy 300 feet beneath the Pacihc who loves you like a brother.RAO 132 2004 " 1rHS -fs . T-, ' 40 N- .S 1 JOSHUA STEVEN FISCHER ww PEORIA, AZ ,mf NAVY PILOT Fischer WAKE UP! I have photo evidence- DS Desert boy couldn't take the cold. He had a way with the ladies and never held out on his friends. Loyal friend who's always there. strippers!- RAG Bringing in the newspaper in cactus land. Four people. one bed. Only 2 hands, Doing laps in the GTI. drunken songs in DTA. fly straight and fast-JR Hmm.. Says here "Pilot" You need to workout. I'm not going away until you come with me to workout.-JS Favorite salsa partner-MMS Self- appointed ladies man. The most Jewish man I know. Remember our Batt Commander from youngster year? Fun at I Wellesly? Picked up more plebe girls than any guy I've ever met. 3-2- l -Josh!! Boston girls. and strange looks from them. Not in my Dad's office. The trashcan is on THIS side-TO Myrtle beach in one day? She was 41 Y! Rental car racing. You called me Grandpa. but I will always run circles around you. Shared a room with the Vietnamese girl for a while. you kept me sane. Good times all around. and have a good career. - J ED . MICHAEL CHRISTOPHER GRAHAM AUSTIN, TX SUBMARINES Dive. Dive. Dive. Mr. Fixit with an eye for detail. Eclectic and Sweetheart. Perfected the art of mediation between the Marine Corps and Reactor Core. "Mike, aren't you hot in that sweater?" Never knew Physics could be so fun and get you so many chicks. Relatively speaking of course. The quiet curve buster who should have worn a mask and cape for the number of times he saved us from the villainy of quantum mechanics. Beware of quantum ducks: Quark Quark. "We installed that light switch so you can turn the lights on and off. Not so you can throw light switch raves." A friend who's loyalty would go an hour out of his way and call it a minute. The coolest goober ever. DANIEL JAMES GRUMMAN l VICTORIA, TX NAVY PILOT "This Guy." Late work nights and Texas Pride. The Dan got Gabrielled. and it was AWESOME! "Sometimes I refer to my sack as my lucky bag." "Coming forward on the rammer!" Did you just walk full-tilt into that door? The only person I know who gets more polite the more he drinks. Slow down. damnitl The war-cry. Stretchnutz. Most people pull over to the side ofthe road. not into the run-off ditch. Technology. whats that? Master of speeching and checking email. Grumman basketball. the only sport more lethal than lieldball. Dan. no one could make walking into a sliding glass door in the Bahamas stylish. The Green Wave's Iinest. Greatest war-cry known to man. 8th Company 133 A SARAH ELIZABETH HAENGEL l MoRR1sTowN, NJ NAVY NFO Another in-company girl. honorary '03 grad. packs light. dancing queen. never skips a holiday or birthday. not a catholic school girl, makes the best l I face and grunts in tennis matches.. never complains about anything, the only other tirstie girl who takes the elevator N Ain't nothin' gonna break my stride. late night dance parties. foam sword. TJ. Stumpilicious. that thing you called a car, no chow calls. thongs. ghetto booty. Build Me Up Butter Cup. Killer Clown. After Party. too many civvies, Commissioning Week Shopping, late night "talks" N Two aviators. together forever... Awww N No one better than Sarah knew how to make one mile. as the crow flies, five or six during our treks through Annapolis to the tutoring center. N two canteens for an hour! N The most surprised l've ever been...Radisson Hotel Valentines Day 2003 N "It was a glorious time". there was an abundance of cherry garcia everywhere. and weekend movies ruled the streets. we were friends. we still are friends N Stumpy. Stumpilicious. Harry. Frodo - pizza eating contests, stupid dancing video games. running under your desk. bobble head. crazy faces, destroying the room with peanut butter. shaving cream, jam, and the best root beer ever N One of the best friends I could ever have. Remember plebe year runs. Being the first person l ever met here. Hangman and notes in EE. Dancing on bars and on tables, random songs. New York and old men rocking out just being there for each other always. A JACOB ALAN HUFFAKER NORMAN, OK NAVY P1LoT "the dude abides..." TRoY ANDRE LEvERoN FERDINAND, IN NAVY P1LoT . GET THE ZOOMIEY lGrenade! This means Marshmallow War! A My dad will plant cocaine on that guylYou're dangerous. Patented "Ok". JOPA. Remember the drunken videos and the other ones from youngster year that almost got us kicked out. "Nothing like this tight ass uniform to make me look like a skinny bitch." Mexico 2004 debauchary before it begins judo chop! UMMMMMM lt may only take two beers. but that just means you're a cheap date. Many fun nights at Armadillos. and some not so fun afterwards. Well, amusing for you. and me much MUCH later. "I need a copy ofthose videos." "OK" - JED 134 2004 GREER MATTHEW LYNCH TULLAHOMA, TN SURFACE WARFARE You'll have your chance at Bode . . . someday: fiying possible: capable and efficient XIOL breaking into house'?: There's drill today'?'? Looks like we have step . . . the Senate: May he find nirvana with perfectly ZUEUU -uw 4 Q J-5 QS!-G.. .xii I 1. , 3... - 'Na - mf? Q cars? Not your sponsor's tutoring: next spaced lioor I tiles and excel spreadsheets for everything as he proceeds along his checklist of life. His proud Southern ways have endeared him to me as a life-long friend. JEFFREY JOHN MCLEAN MEQUON, WI NAVY PILOT Definitely one of "Milwaukee's Best". Jeff will remain ever faithful to the Badgers, Brewers. Bucks, and Packers. In a room full of pessimists. he succeeded in upholding his unconditional love for the Academy and all things aviation. Charming, jovial, and a little bit wild. Jeff has been widely accepted as one ofthe friendliest and most fun loving guys in the class. Ever the ladies man and always with a beautiful girl. Jeff somehow even managed to find a couple cute dates inside the confines of the military service. When his homework or teaching blind kids to read didn't get in the way. Jeff never passed up the opportunity for a good time. He will be remembered for those walks from Gate 8. phone calls to Main-O, antics at Georgetown. wake boarding Plebe Year and those famous plaid . pants. From his nearly perfect GPA to the Truman Scholarship. Jeff has distinguished himself as a stand out among overachievers. As he heads to pursue his lifelong dream of being a Navy Pilot, we can only hope he will always remember the guys who, for four years, tried to keep his ego below the clouds. Today the Navy. . .Tomorrow the White House! We love you brother. 6015. I want to thank my mom. my dad, Mike. Hans. and especially Meaghan. .. my inspiration for everything. You all mean the world to me. and I love you all dearly. CHRISTIAN MICHAEL MIECKOWSKI LITCHFIELD, NH SURFACE WARFARE From the Halls of Montezuma to the shores of Tripoli we fight our country's I battles in the air on land and sea. First to fight for right and freedom and to keep our honor clean: We are proud to bear the title of United States Marines. Our fiag's unfurled to every breeze From dawn to setting sun: We have fought in every clime and place where job --The United States Marines. Here's health to you and to our Corps which find the streets are guarded By United States Marines. we could take a gun. In the snow of far-off Northern lands and in sunny tropic scenes: You will find us always on the we are proud to serve: In many a strife we've fought for life and never lost our nerve. If the Army and the Navy ever look on Heaven's scenes. they will 8th Company 135 A i BRENNA LEIGH MONTGOMERY JESUP, GA SURFACE WARFARE Best Friend. Mad 'Elephant' and 'Raptor' skills. Exorcist Child. Dog bites and tire alarms. Bahamas. mice running rampant. the ghetto. weirdest I A eating habits. illegal room decorations. blonde trio. Ten foot dancing radius. Being the most fun and spastic person alive. The world's loudest alarm. scandalous internet orders. golf course 'Ol "screw guys. ljust wanna DANCE." what's the big deal about dating in company anyway'?'?. partners in crime- and laziness. dance moves on the tennis court. best doubles partner EVER. Special K with strawberries. quarters. cucumbers. and candles. "stop dragging it about". "I wear Iny sunglasses at night." you'll always be our sweet Georgia peach! who am I going to look at bridal magazines with'?'? See you at the wedding. whenever THAT may be... caII you please pet me. My pareIIts are here... for the year. Mustang convertible. Wardroom. USMC CC chaser. morning persOII. Singing and dancing queen. Tennis Capt representing. come play. frozen hairs are a bit Inuch for you. North Dakotan at heart. A lover of Canadians just like me. I mean no... There's never a dull moment with you always making me smile. roomies for life. a friend forever... see you in VA. My fellow Southerner. I couldn't have asked for a better roommate JP HS EC SH JAMES JOSEPH MORRIS JR. KINGWOOD, TX III? NAVY PILOT H P The wildest cowboy ever produced by the Chicago School system. Getting back to his Texan roots. Jimmy. his cowboy hat and pressed wranglers became inseparable. Unforgettable. whether because of his hulk-like strength proven as aII All-American power lifter Plebe year or his impulsively outlandish sense of humor demonstrated by dancing in nothing but tennis shoes and a tstuffedl Speedo with some lucky King Hall workers. He is a fine gentleman with a penchant for Ten High Whiskey and nothing but the Hnest country western albums. A little too good with the ladies. Jimmy can never seem to shake them once he's got them. Whether he is marching his company out on Worden Field or running naked around the room, Jimmy continually proves he is one in a million. We'll never forget the hours of ridiculous conversation. craziest sleeping habits. rooming with Oldenburg, the rockstar wig. that old jeep, Omohami. or Plebe summer fthe first time or last timel. The Naval Aviation community has no ideawhat is about to hit them. Best of luck Jimmy Joe! DOUGLAS VAUGHN N ASSIF BISMARCK, ND NAVY PILOT "One day you should make a book: "" Life According to Doug. "" You know what else I hate? What? Everything." "Hey Strong Bad... Why dOn't you shove it up your ear-wa." pink. soiled car. Man doug. . .man. I haven't spent one minute with Doug that wasn't incredibly interesting Bouncing. Stop bee-bopping Nassif. Blow your nose Nassif. A guy couldn't ask for a better friend. Thanks for helping me tlIrough probability. See you in PeIIsacola. "Mr, Nasseeeflv The greatest person who ever lived. Dirty Dirty man WOW Doug has two aspects which identify him from afar: his "bebop" and his large welcoming grin. I love dolphins. no. really. I do Most Unintentional Funny person known to man First words to your mom on our lirst plebc summer call home: "Guess what Mom'?? I have green stuff coming out of my nose!!" None of us will EVER forget you! 136 2004 cousins. F V TYLER JAMES OGDEN CONCORD, MA NAVY PILOT Alf! Crazy Ogden. Most cheerful happy go the ultimate goalie. Sorry we drank all your Vegas, baby! JOPA. Whaddya mean you're A master of the Las Vegas bouncer evasion true sex catalyst. Good thing you came in. I off his throat anytime soon. Whoever heard of gm 'l -:IR .D tu x. ' C .- ' .'.., V -X !,' xy' - f I ' ' '- -'rw 1 T 31 .3 'Ya f i Q tr wma? 5 1 D w lucky guy and dad's beer. not 21 yetA?'? technique. A wasn't getting a hotel with no stairs'?'? I-Iey. is that guy dead? No. he's just asleep. What's that chair there for'?'? Tyler will forever be the pirate of the Caribbean: his adventures with his friends in the Bahamas included many things. most notably his brush with the "Sea shells. sea shells- I've got ganja- sea shells" dealer on the beach. Possibly the nicest man on Earth. Two words: stupid tile. It should be standard issue around here. RYAN ASHFORD Osoooo LEAWOOD, KS SUBMARINES The Oz. The tsoon to bej wealthiest. most powerful metrosexual ever produced by the City of Fountains. Famous for his long dry Spells. but more than that. breaking them in an astonishingly tremendous manner. His keen fashion sense and Six-pack abs have only complimented his line tennis skills in making him the envy of many men and the object of many females desire. Although almost notorious for his gruff mannerisms and straight-forward. "in your face" attitude. he has never stopped making his friends laugh at any poor chump that try cross him. Always the voice of reason in a room of pseudo-eccentrics. Ryan has a knack for remaining cool and collected no matter what the occasion. Even when washing cammies in the shower. or working on his computer late in the evenings as his roommates sleep. Ryan remains the epitome of what a true Men's Health. Maxim. and Stuff subscriber should be. From captain of the tennis team driving an Audi to captain of industry driving a lleet of Audis. we know we can always trust the Oz with our friendship and favor. or at least our money, because we know we won't be trusting him with our JESSICA ELIZABETH POMMERER NEW ENGLAND, ND SURFACE WARFARE The albino terror Strikes again, blonde trio. quit dragging my blanket about. cocoa wheats in the coldest place on earth. most melancholy away messages ever, most lovable drama queen. ind. one beer wonder, ND is the greatest, Canadian lover, polar plunges in Montana. roomies for life. forever friend. -BLM you taught me that albinos need sunscreen - lots of it. Sis. you gave me a new impression on blondes, they aren't any less "ditzier" than before. but they can - be the best of friends. We will definitely keep in touch. the way sisters do..Where is the boy board - and is there any room left on it? -LEC Killer Clown, strawberry blonde-NOT. Martin Wright's party. Boys. boys. and more boys. my favorite North Dakotan- JMS Bubbles. Bubbles my bubbles Flat tires... Melvin the moose. Thanks for always being there for me. -LCM Pom-pom. North Dakota? Where's that? At least were not in North Dakota. land of the frozen tundra. Can I call your mom? Almost as pale as me. or is it the other way around? I got nothin but love for a. I'm alwa s there for ou. SWO doesn't suck. ou suck. Kee in touch 'ess...ica. -CRB bahamas one shot wonder. destined S Y Y Y Y P J to have albino children. love ya, jess jess.-HKS 8th Company 137 STEPHEN DIETRICH RITTERMANN TORRANCE, CA SUBMARINES Old Man Rittermann. Looks like he's here on an age waiver. Funniest upset person known to man. You made gripes an art form. Remind me never to argue with you. Mr. melodrama. Maryland Yankee. the best roommate a guy could ever hope to have. My type of humour. Hey. Steve! Just wirebrushin' ya. Hey. are you all done with the cheeseballs? Steve you should come visit in Vegas: what you can't cuz you are playing Star Wars? Fun trip to Concord even if all you wanted to do was see the historic sites. There is no Blair Witch in these woods I promise. Perhaps one day we will return to OC and retrieve our buried treasure of beer. Remember running? It's all in the shoes. I really do apologize for yelling at you for keeping me running in formation. I will NEVER sit outside at Rams' Head again. Ever. How do we get to West Street again? Drill : tutoring : stopping for food on the way back! I'll never forget what happens when you mix an acid with a base. bottoms up! I MICHAEL CLEMENTS SEGREST CONNERSVILLE, IN NAVY PILOT Eternal Father strong to save whose arm hath bound the restless wave who bidd'st the mighty ocean deep its own appointed limits keep oh, hear us when we cry to Thee for those in peril on the seag O Christ! Whose voice the waters heard and hushed their raging at Thy word who walked'st on the foaming deep and calm amidst its rage didst sleep oh hear us when we cry to Thee for those in peril on the seag Most Holy Spirit Who didst brood upon the chaos dark and rude and bid its angry tumult cease and give for wild confusion peace oh hear us when we cry to Thee for those in peril on the seag G Trinity of love and power our brethren shield in danger's hour from rock and tempest, fire and foe protect them wheresoe'er they go thus evermore shall rise to Thee glad hymns of praise from land and sea!! . JENNA MARIE SEIDEL READING, PA USMC GRoUND Fiery roomie that corrupted me from the beginning with late night talks. dancing. 84 that scandalous shirt. Rugby injury waiting to happen. Redheaded twin, sleeping in EE. great judo partner. confusing plebes over detail. cutting our heads open. winking at the USMC ball. For being the mature one when l needed to have it all told to me straight. thank you. Hoorah. Killer. Late-night plebe summer chats - go hrst squad! Build Me Up Buttercup. Ain't Nothin' Gonna Break My Stride. Plebe chemistry - Sweet Caroline. dance parties. fat days. styrafoam swords!!! the gorillaforangutan. so fresh 84 so clean like peaches n' A cream. I shot yo' mamma but I didn't shoot yo' daddy. pink Gap pants. pull your lip over your head 84 swallow. VS for any 84 every occasion. arm condom, Ground Round - "So if there are THREE midshipmen. . The After Party - just WOW. talking about anything and everything. ups and downs but friends 'til the end. You were always there with a shoulder for me and you know mine was always here for you. You can always count on me to be there. 138 2004 HOLLY KATHRYN SIEBEL BRENTWOOD, TN INTELLIGENCE "The Ho"-All Holly. all the time. . . Always had the mentality, even as a plebe. Remember the ass the 'Captain' wfthe youngsters. But the drink of TN girl could only be Jack, and boy could she drink example as WUcom. teaching us that food at a navy just as important as the ball and that a meal was never sfiac 1 .QQECFW ,Iv-K: ,tum I UI. I l .- ' 1-1-uni Sli' .R n 4 fp' M 3:-gb , fl xx V ' I a upperclass brownies and choice for this it. She led by softball game is complete wfo a pint of Ben 8: Jerry's. Together we learned that France sucks. Ireland is awesome 84 what the hell were we thinking going to London. Also. that one day. u might be called Mrs. Dalo. but until then he owes me S25.Get Some. I-IOORAI-I Navy Softball --Jules HoMo combination! We always had a blast on and off the held tnot in a way that our nickname would suggest thoughll "Lemme outta the ca' Cole. Lemme outta the ca'!!" always use those tirst few innings to warm up :-I -Mo"Evil always appears good" "We have Mr. Pibb".losing coaches. Jacksonville. regulating MO and I . the Extreme Gulp. Cracker Barrel. You'll have a cleaner car without "your kids", Koon's Ford .medieval times mementosl'll miss you Ho!-Nis. Four and a half years through thick and thin. I can't imagine the people we would be today without each other. I do love Country now.Steerage's MVP. To all my friends and family. thank you and I love you all. PMB-IWU JAMES EDISON SMITH JR. LAUREL HILL, FL NAVY NFO MY HEAT DOESN'T WORK! Nicest guy EVER! See you in the FO world sometime! -- Perpetual workouts: the game will always be there. Ellen, Kyomi. red snapper. You can be Iny backseater any day. Classic truck boys. We made it dude. -- Without you my computer would have JAMES SCOTT VANNEST FAIR GAKS RANCH, TX SURFACE WARFARE If you were stuck behind enemy lines with a caII of sardines and a plastic spork, I still believe you'd make it it back, leaving a trail of destruction in your wake. - "No Scott, he wasnlt trying to start a fight with you..just keep walking" - Soccer. graduation parties, rams head. ethos. I still say the North is better. and I always will. no matter how big your belt buckle is. I driven me insane long ago. Plebe Summer to now, I'm glad we've been friends. -- You have such a huge. . .CPU. .. I Will you process my unit? -- I didn't really mean to kiss you...really. .. -- The Cave. lt's too cold in here. Quit I playing EverQuest and get out here to have a few brews with us. -- EverQuest Challenge 2004. My Wizard is superior. Why did the inspection have to come during the middle of a raid? -- James graduates USNA as a level 3000 demon slayer, and also a best friend to many. -- Most computer time of anyone. -- There is life outside EverQuest - J ames. I mean Scott, who are you anyway? The most feared iieldball player of our time. not for his skill but for his fights. Don't think you can hide his liquor. he'll Iind it if it takes all night. - In his time at the academy. Badness has been the most competitive. the Inost hilarious, the most energetic. the most distinctly Texan. and the best friend I'ye I had. - everything is bigger in Texas. the best roommate a guy could ever hope to have - Maybe he'll figure out his service assignment when he makes O-4 - My Shoulder! At least we both got A's. and one of us learned the warrior 8th Company 139 A RAYMOND MARK WERNIG JR. AKRON, OH SURFACE WARFARE Mark, "don't even think about looking at my sister," Wernig is dehnitely a "yes" man in any situation. A true product ofthe Jesuit school system Mark religiously sticks to Catholic girls, successfully completing the once inconceivable trifecta of Holy Cross, Boston College, and St. Marys What happened in four years to turn one ofthe Corps' most promising prospects into a die hard SWO7 Could it be his affection for those girls in SDBs'? Or might it be the intoxicating draw of Tijuana and the beautiful blondes of southern California? ln our opinion it must be the circulating rumors ofyoung officers' standard 12 o'clock tee time at the countless courses of sunny San Diego. Not technically a Navy legacy, no one has more regard for thc traditions and history ofthe Academy than Mark, especially the brutality and humiliation doled out by 2 C detailers. tWe had some great times there didnit we'?J Always quick with a smile or a great story tonly made greater by his wild imagination and penchant for all things grandj, Mark is truly a class act. One of Ohio's finest: Mark will make us all proud and hopefully make us all millions at the same time. Best ofluck on the high seas! mini. - 140 2004 r -T' , 1 f . f ,fm 54,1 .wll :tj ,l+,f , t,flm,'f 1 " P l it ,1,7x , ,i ' ,r dn" I els ,N . iii' 1 , taxi' 5 1 3 I . i515 . ' ,Q ii. khl, John Joseph Natalie Erin Alfano lll Alford Berek Joesph Andrew Joseph Zachary F. Dostie Dulik Flynn Q Andrea Benjamin S. Steven Richard Londono MacNeil Moffitt Christopher Ray Peter Abigail Lynn Richling Riester Rigney James Habersham Kei Lun Rebecca Jean Swiggart Tang Tilton ,, e,e, r' , ,X X a-gg ,X . K l '- ' l i tlXgKEF'tE. fix li ny It it al! 1 -,' Hgh? ', 5 . Kyle William .Jacob Herman Christopher D. Monique Nichole Michael Douglass Bibby Borchcrs Chung Crewes Decarolis V FWZ. A7ff'." Vg .51 'Q , 3 A 4 'P- t 1 Michael Daniel Brian Charles Craig David Donald Leyalle Nicholas Edward Golchert Hampton Johnson Jordan ll lisiazelx it fi X 'J ' -' " ,, +541- N' -'J . I! , I t V. Qt John Taylor Adrian Jose Bethany Gail Nicholas Joseph Pornrerk Money Mora Norman Rank Rerkngamsanga L , E , t Christopher Robert Peter Andrew Matthew Stephen Devin Ted Vanessa .Jeannette Schubert Simerman Smart Smith Solem Timothy Carr Arthur Lewis Dante E. Toni Washburn Zepf Aiera Bartulox ic x 4 t i i Jens Douglas Daniel Edward Jonathan Andrew Camille Virginia Andrew James Michael David Trevor S. William Stex en Berdahl Bowring Chunn Collett Edwards Fisher Garabedian-Prophet Green 8th Company 141 .-..-.. 1 W I 2 A w Q r i 1 Q u 4 1 F if Tx L U Brandon Eugene Christopher Joseph Edward Secrest Speicher Stevenson ,X Victoria Leigh Davidson Taveras Trevor Cooper Jeffrey Thomas .X wx . xv, L Stone Ne- Tacconelli ' Thompson Vanak Eduardo Jose Timothy Vargas Waters NE Y 1 N , -A .m X 3 - I , N. 'N " ..,, me-.- 9-iln.-..av , -4-ff 073' W 8th Company 143 A mil wgbmzgf K LT Matthew Gills John C. Ivey, Company XO Company Gfficer Jason L. Potter, Company Commander Scott K. Childers, First Sergeant Senior Chief Edward S. Allen Company Senior Enlisted I Joshua C. Ray, Company XO Zachary D. Butala, Company Commander Martin W. Johnson, First Sergeant 144 2004 lf i W SCOTT PATRICK BENNIE ' - - T 'jg 'H-1, ' I 1 -- r., ll , irff- - . - , .---.-5 x :A V i7 '-at ,...-.c . Q V ' ,Y . ,I 'ii 'zz f-I l. " !q " W 1 " -.-' - -eo ng. 1 X3 9 1 L52 COVINA CA YH rg SURFACE WARFARE Scott who's that. Peewee oh my roommate. His major counting and colors...Stomach pumping-Always cold." just let me . as A EEEEE open the window a crack". Does not like AC watch on his day off. his sport is gay not him. Dude you can't surf. SNOW BLOW 2003. catish ummm catlish- Loves the midshipmens. only ISM of them anyway. Bent Towel rack. Tony- wow we gave a great brief. The days of wrestling -Talks. no matter what time we went to bed. "did you use my razor. no you didn't...PEEWEE"- swapping of wits- JUST LAUGHING- a friend to everyone a true Brother to me-Shane. Orlando 2000, first touch of the magic juice. "IT TASTES SO GOOD. ONCE IT HITS YOUR LIPS!!" "Scotty, now you understand that youre just sick. and your going to be ok'.'... l Uugh." sponsored by NIKE. "You ugly!" From running open mics. to running from Shane. he always had a smile on his face. Only man I know that can pull two triggers at once. and then come too already fixing the problem. Sundays at Best Buy with JJ on the stereo. Makes everyone's life better, but sunny SD is where he belongs. BHSIIJ for life! CHARLOTTE ELIZABETH BIGG GREAT F ALLS, VA SURFACE WARFARE To the most charming red head and greatest roomie. from oompa Ioompa to SWOmamma. Toothpaste in the sink. lost boa in the house. Tucson, "V Monologues". alarm clocks, early to bed. drunk neighbors bed hopping. interpretive dance parties. I'lI catch ya on the seas. Luv. Nat. Best bow pair ever. "burning eyes of Charlotte". Red shoestring bracelet. Miami-words ean't explain it. Visits to West Point. "suga doll". Crosswords in Acoustics. You are always the best one at cheering me up when I am down. there really was a one armed monkey named Lefty.NlVIere. . long sleeve t-shirt in 1000 weather. the castle! Speed cameras under bridges. sheep. me TRYING to ride a horse. crazy airforce guy's house. pb84 j for three weeks. smelly guys in our hostel. GREYHOUND bus. narrowing it down to one boy. l'm coming to you for all my psycho problems Dr. Charlotte!-Jen. Iris Inn, NY snow storm. Mexico tel dorkol. Disney World. Slippyl 423 Muwah! ll Thank you Mum. Dad, sisters and all of my wonderful friends! I don't know how I could have done it without you! ANDREW DALE BRowN ' BAY, AR NAVY PILOT the dance with Ms. Frantz. the shocking experience in Montreal. We know i how you love your blackberry merlot and those S90 blind dates. What can Brown do for you? How about a deal on the cell phone without voice mail. or a great deal on a broken printer. or even a bargain on a laptop with no software? Although the steal you got on the purple hypercolor truck from eBay tops 'em all. Drew. we had some good times running marathons even with half-dollar blisters. We're still waiting on that fart. Now Drew. don't forget to check your stocks. You had plenty of time during your 45 days on the line... I5 thanks to Jason. f'Its our time." Good thing Ward Hall didn't catch that scandalous correspondence with 459C. How many Red Bulls is that? We're glad we were able to take advantage of that D-qual and your ability to carry a tune on the harmonica. We learned how to speak Arkansanian. That was a nice Grumpy costume. but you look better in a chef's hat at the COL David Russell Culinary Institute. The world travels were nice. . .topping out thc Benz down the autobahn and standing watch in our Rhein Main "hotel." beats a wet sleeping bag with jingle bells hanging from it. 9th Company 145 ZACHARY DAVID BUTALA I HELENA, MT NAVY P1LoT Boots. Rare Montanain thug. Getting fried over plebe summer. Got caught sleepinf Been drinkin' since he was 4 and runnin' from the cops since he was 6. Bothering the girls on late Saturday nights. Stayin' up till 2 on a Friday just playin' our guts out. Open mic nights. Dispatch fanatic. BHS. Made my first drink in Orlando never been same since. Company tailgates and Castle Bay. Dillo 2. Yabba Dabba Doo!! Jumpin' in the Poole. Don't worry about .... No we're gonna worry about it! The other Eminem. Split my eylid right open. Anesthetic. ..I can't feel my hands! My wingman with the swim team. By the Rivers of Babylon. Brown trou. CC. Loyal 'till death. Best friend ever. ADAM COHEN GosHEN, NY NAVY PiLoT From Goshen, NY. but I was on COPS once in Miami. . .What up Cletis? Mr. Conte, I want to be a SEAL. . .nevermind. can we say 223 LB's'?. . .Sir. my heroes are Vice Admiral Moore and Admiral Zumwalt. . .Thanks for keeping everyone entertained with Colon Blow's aka Aesop's Fables to include: Volume l-That time I punched the guy in the throat in Tijuana and knocked him out at knifepomt. Volume 2-l35mph serve...How's Fleet Command 7 Why don't you log a few more hours today. Did your Dumbo ears really make you hit the side of the pool? Thanks for that one Jamila. . .Then came Top Gun II starring Adam and SmittytNice FrameJ.May I please borrow your beautiful daughter for a few moments of your time'?...You owe Murph some scissors or hedge trimmers and you need to work on your Waffle Stomp. it smelled in here for a week...I hope the Eagle Scout Jamboree comes to Georgia. Couldn't miss on a year with the troop. Troop 63 saw the I-Day Flyover. Treasurer of the bunk bed club. The only member of the Cynical 7 that Gaysus didn't lust over. Show those Zoomies how to do it, I can think of no one I would rather have flying for us Thanks. but I ride a Harley. OUT!!! -Murph, Yevi .IOHN ROBERT CRUMPACKER KIRKSVILLE, MO SUBMARINES Grandpa John! "How's your morning guys?" Hey, can you turn the lights off, its not the optimal lighting for my screens! Making as much noise as possible anytime anyone was asleep... click click. click Click click... So I met someone on the internet .... Hey waitress! Must have no less than 3 Computers. Women in uniform .... Yummy! Leading his flockfgagglefharem. ME watched him play his games. SR played the games with him, and AJ decided on a different kind of game to play. If your new girlfriend is young enough to be the daughter of your ex-girlfriend then you might be a pimp. You can be my wing man at DiIlo's any day. Nuke power all the way man. Thanks for being the older Grandpa. My auto insurance goes down this year. and next year, I'll start collecting social security! It's been fun getting old together. These young kids just don't understand. PC Gamer, D8LD and the rabid goats. Chess anyone? 146 2004 GREGORY JAMES DANIELS ann!! BOWIE, MD vrvsre 0 l l I - "' - r 1 I , x X ' 5 1 ,hy r X Q .-,- 'tai-A X Q 'vii 1 1 1 l ' f iff sul- L - I . I ' J' . f1 C a x Q USMC GROUND Greg. aka G-Nice. aka the Man. aka Chips and Salsa. Daniels "Sir. request permission to make an emergency head call." "Mr Daniels. did you take a shower this morning?" Are you SAT yet? SAT. man I ain't been SAT since plebe year started! What's up. FATBOYYII Who wants Cluck-U with a side of fries? I don't do sword practice. Some chicken and mumbo sauce would go great in the summer of '69. Just because my girl keeps beating me every time we race doesn't mean I'm slow. I'm just letting her win. I really do suck at checkers. Christina Aguilera is soooooo fine. What's a Palm Pilot? SWO doesn't suck. you suck! Oh wait. I'm not a SWO anymore. HOORAH! I want to buy her a ring...it costs how much? Oh it can wait a year. Got a cold? 3201 of A water every night. lots of vitamin C. and PT! Come on guys. who wants to go to BIG BREAK with me this year? Budweiser salutes you Mr. Silent Killer Gas Passer. JUSTIN CHAD FAIR ELIZABETHON, TN SURFACE WARFARE Fair Bear. J, Buddy. The Nature Boy...Mayberry to the Academy. it's a transition...Eh. man...Making the rounds...BIC riding summer...Troop movement to the MRE...The more you know. "What more could you want in a movie? "... If it smells like gas. it's probably gas...Cammied up at ST's...It's like the truth. but it ain't...Two pairs of cuffs?...Bon Jovi fuzz ride...Good times on the ship in SD, no wonder you're a SWO...Don't vacation in GA...One favor lends itself to 60 dayS...Incredibly Shrinking Fair...MRE again with Bill and the Mangia Mile...ifl and if2...Unsat 2!C : Star Trek Club four year member...Man cnlsh on VW, JW, and BP...No football : no morals...Chinesish, anyone?...Who knew I I I I I that you could rodeo is such a small venue?...the raging silhouette...San Antonio Sunday Night...All Swimmer second team...Serving those who serve us. and their families...Whooo ooo...That drawer needed watering, so did the hamper. thanks Meat...It's hammer time...Pizza fights...Only 5 hours from home...We'll retire the Team Us jerseys... JCA and NBK J OSEPH MARTIN FOSTER LAFAYETTE HILL, PA SURFACE WARFARE Smokin' Joe Foster aka Danny Zuko or Matt Damon. hitting the Duck like a freight train. Get the greeting line ready. cause Joe Joe has entered the building. He came in at 180, left at 140. In the blue corner. out of Philly wearing the DDS, it's Joe 'flron Fists" Foster. "I'm from Philly Bif8zC?8z. Talk now." For old time sake. "IfI aint drinkin' I'm on the beach. Ifl aint on the beach. Im lIyin'. Ifl aint liyin' I'm doin both." a few addenduIns.... Maury? Yes! Meryn? NO! Eddie Vedder? Yes yes yes. Hopefully they will let you put the poster in your stateroom so you can kiss it goodnight. Cynical 7 for life. Sth Wing Lockers- pretty classy. Mr. Falafel's Hummus. Down with the Bullfrog-Cancun 'O3. Seth is the man. It's time for a study break-Libby l. 2. or 3? Thank the crack head in I Orlando for the drinks. Thanks to angry Eddie for the Beer Bong. and Sandy for the photo op. Couldn't have done it without Camel Lights and the Marlboro man. Many bed time talks about the Dub. hedge trimmers. peeling face and the 5-3 Slammers. Eww. SWO it is. 5 years from May 28"l. we got an appointment in the Back Woods... Dark. LP's always.-Johnny Boy 9th Company 147 1 SCoT ALEXANDER FOSTER UPLAND, CA USMC PILOT Here's to cutting up the slopes in Cali. You would have made a good squid but you'll have more fun in the Corps. You can still be my wing man even if you are ajar head. Wanna push some deck tno one is aroundl. "Don't worry about me I found a place to stay. . Dagger. "Dude, l'm coming over." Cali Foster - chillin' out and talking about 'em. ?'?k" ' fm! ki Thanks for the house in Mexico. Scooter fest was a success. I learned a lot about "foreign women" there. I don't think you're trying to compensate for anything by driving a big red Blazer. I don't care what the other guys say about a Napeolean Complex. Zzzzzzzzztttttt ding zzzzzzzztttttt ding ding...Sonic the Hedgehog Arriving! Scooter. Volleyball on the beach courts in Colorado Springs... cue Top Gun soundtrack. Where's the AF guy? I hope your late night conversations in your special "mumble language" are understood by someone because we sure don't. I am the CifCfl'l: Commander: not you Sweaty. Scooter. leave the Smirnoff for her! You drink the beer! Dark or light'?... Dark! DANIEL LEE HEMMINGER ANNAPOLIS. MD SURFACE WARFARE danimal. daniel. R.O.T.L.. W.E.B.. snaggletooth. danny lee. knows what is important in life and at usna. if he were a gremlin land he might bel. joes would be water. assault team bravo leader - Zfc beware. this fourth quadruplet came from naps with the first QAJ. got the leftovers from bev. 'it smells like midget in here' can you say napoleon complex? born and raised 6 miles from gate I. good times at the cape with the napsters - riding the big waves on his short board. roommates since I-Day. ed haun's apt floor. . .almost made it home. the perfect antidote forj's OCD. 4 years in a singlet. lives in a nest. passed up a FF+ at UD. but met the CDR's daughter at plebe summer sock issue and they haven't looked back. ego alley debut. home football games sound even better on ajeep radio. key west internship. now he's off to NPS. he's as solid as the stump of an oak tree. . .you won't hnd a better friend. if you need him. check the beach. 'over and out. shhhhh' JP. KM. ST. VW. JF. MB DAVID PHILLIPS HICKS CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA SUBMARINES Hicks, Jackass, Hairless Dave. you were released like a fawn into the wild. Forget DTA, girls are at the clinic! For the tears in the notebook I award you I0 points, not stalling at the light gets you another 5... Divers do it deeper... Positive temperatures means top-down weather... Take off the GD brakel.. I swear there were cowsl.. Never live up to your weekend guarantees. After the JMU Eclipse incident. we are wondering if it's intentional... Leaving your friends out to dry with jungle fever'?. .. You make me want to kill myselfl.. Do ANYTHING for more time with MO Jenny... Get under the blanket with Scarface... Never knew you were a liberal until American... Your slump will end this weekendl.. Your target age may need to increase when you don't look I5 anymore... Meet us at Senor Frogs at I2 for shots. no that's not our mom! Wish you happiness. even if Kyle doesn't let you near Leigh or Keri. Maybe they can help with the pot...JPM 148 2004 . 1 WILLARD JEREMIAH HURLEY LEESBURG, VA SURFACE WARFARE A young innocent boy who didn't know about than golf and school - Now an innocent boy who alcohol, R-rated movies, and golf. So, they won't select the PGA huh? "I'm going for SWO to play Sf UE!!! A'-te if-7 . K Aj ,E -J, 1'..... M. . t . 1-n-Qtr, ifqf.. -xg g -4. 4 -4. E gui' if-ar. , ,-Qgsg , anything other found girls. let you service golf!" Let me know if you ever need a caddy. The best roommate twho was never there! that we could have! I'm a golfer who occasionally vacations at the Naval Academy. What's that Jawnpiece? "Jimmy Christmas!" Yo. ZIP it! Golf Team DD. Mr. 61. "Do-piece. Bildo, Do, Bill, Willard. Williard. Donut Fish Hook! Nona. BradIey's. "No underwear?" Sooo photogenic. Here's to tirst times and the lOHg stories that follow. Hope the transition from squid to professional civilian goes as easy as the one from Marine to SWO. I know how horrible it was to go to tive days of classes in a row. See you on the course. 4 N-stars. 4 MVPs. The 6 year drought is over!! A year of tirsts. .. III. .. just remember to follow through! I JoHN CURTIS IVEY WESTON, MA SURFACE WARFARE mvp. jc. xo. the state champ turned TaIi's chauffer is marrying a princess. off for a life that most only dream of. IWTCOYF? hill school grappler. forget boston. weston on yps - a jazzy host. Zfc doors? his 38 nasties. 5 yrs of learning yacht handling. a class act. can't wait for jamila's dinners -JP Throwin it way back in the day with the cynical seven. static every morning. the Iindh pranks and cracked windows. The day we found out the "truth" about gaysus. uan, more boppers por favor..one for me 2 for JD" Beer bongs at Sandy's with angry Eddie. crazy parties at Carters. Hot beezy competeezy fo sheezy my neezy. . .Dumping water on the bullfrog and security stopping by...brrn'rr. After parties at the Ritz..one more scream. Your LP Kenny on the booze cruise..I got the pic to prove it! New years resolutions worked out real well huh? We are going to hell for all those late night talks. "hold my hand as much as it huns" she tells all. ..I know it was dark... backwoods. watch out for the dub. Your bachelor party will be phenomenal. SWO it is dog. in 5 we won't need that golden seal. -Smokin' Joe. AMANDA GRACE JoRDAN HUMBLE, TX SURFACE WARFARE Do I look like Britney?. . .CHEERS!!..."It was awesomelv Who says that'?. . .So I was Jewish for a day. . .ritas at DilIos!...There's a pole! . . .Your half of the room always spotless. . .We could leave them in the middle of Orlando. . .Look! Itis a duck!...PINK! need I say more'?. . .Go on MO. . .Boxed wine. . .Honor Nazis. . .24 hours? I've never even shopped for that long. . Amanda. it's only a crab. stop crying. . .Dahlgren dates. ..It's half-n-half! . . .Who needs Cosmo when you have Amanda'?. . .Suppol . .. Changing in the parking garage!...Those ducks speak French!...Those darn pigeons... I'm a princessl... Jeep thieves and runawaysl..."Can't we just take the metro'?". . .Guysl I'm in love! tWhatever!J Guys. I'm engaged!!...Sexy Seven! Thanks to everyone for helping me get through. bff-C.P.. J.B..E.P.. J.P.. L.W.. KL.. A.M.. 9th Company 149 A WESLEY GLENN KENNERLY MADISON, NC NAVY PILOT From Supe's List to Jackie Nova, Wes you've come a long way. Your ability to fall asleep in the most awkward positions will serve you well. Whether it be a box of Bojangles chicken, 100 Oreos in one night, or 87 eclairs after IFS. Wes. you've eaten it all. what happened when you crapped your pants or when you threw up in Rome with your pants down? Dozer, be careful with the treads-they may leave marks on your back. "Wes are you still there? Wes, wake up!" MUNGEN! gay pride parades, endless hours of age 4 and above computer games. and scuba diving expeditions in the fountains. seagull feeding frenzies and the snowball bombing onslaughts from 5-2. ls your sleeping bag folded differently? Did it get "used" by Drew over spring break? Good times running marathons, skipping drill for "Color Guard,", 551200 for summer cruise to Bahrain. MIDN04, whose Maxima is that? "Hanging out" in white works ...Do you guys feel a breeze? Bud Lightner kept you entertained. but how 'bout that up-and-coming pop singer. Jackie Nova?S83? She must be good. N ADB CER KARI DENISE LIGHTNER WAXAHACHIE, TX SURFACE WAREARE Sandra D, Bud, Streak, The only sponsor sis' on record! 'Tm going to bed early!", 21st birthday en route Paris, little miss red corvette, 420 Amsterdam, baguettes, do you girls have alcohol in that bag'?, boy crazy, lil, ifl, 933, fr4...cOastie, trading notes in weps, pat green and gavin d., only one who hasn't fallen out ofthe rack, boys, spirit lingers, shaving cream wars with walker, go on MO, recons, sea trials- how did we get mud THERE? 45 days and not even a black N, boys. dance partaaay, undies Tuesday, red-headed slut, artsy one, never a dull moment and never a tight, and BOYS! See you in pearly-Al Acme Tuesdays, our own cheer team:J. road trip to Philly as 4!, your sidekick anytime, forever dance partner.. great friend..:J allie Chicks, ducks, and bunnies. brave enough to walk all the way across our room after TAPS to hide on my desk and make sure I was okay, that accent, ?Let's go down to 'mill?!?' "circuit course" around the room, and of course. . ."Big bootie, big bootie, big bootief' Pop-tarts! Popcorn and M8cM's, your smile can light up a room, Oh, and boys! Tammy PRT buddy, Hey look! There is an armadillo on the ceiling!-duh CALEB ANDREW LINDH MONROE, WI NAVY PILOT Kermit, Old, bitter, AND frail! Mr. Cynicism! wanna go to the Fleet Reserve this weekend? international swinger! Just keeping up the foreign relations with the Russians and Brits! Not one hickey, but two. "You and me baby ain't nothing but mammals." The 80's were by far my favorite decade! Asleep by 1030 every night. 23"l' birthdays with the hunchbackmquite an experience. It's all about the cheese! Shaving nipples. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle... water bottle! Hey Caleb. phone's for you... no just kidding. Can somebody PLEASE call me? Anybody? You are living proof that first impressions aren't always lasting ones. First impression: Loser! But wait! He can PT the crap out of me. And what's this?! He likes Metallica??? Getting bloody together on the rugby pitch and chillin in Montreal. Thanks for getting me up the stairs. ASJ. You suck again! What are you talking about? Of course I wouldn't pee on the couch. You'll always be my ranger. Unless, that is, you don't WANT to be a ranger anymore... Hey Adam, smile. you're on candid camera! JED 150 2004 ALISON MARIE LUCHSINGER QV D ii- y wg, ..j 'af ia -Af' ' SI , .- lxEi . j q 'iq 'Q ei iv' - ff-A. , ,.. ugly Q . jc Lusk, WY USMC GROUND Ali Babba. even though I didn't like you at first. I couldn't have asked for a better friend to keep me straight for four years. Our addiction to Starbucks led us to drinking frappuccinos """ in sub-zero temperatures wearing garbage bags in Times Square. you drained Z INET S' threes against Army. were a lime-green blob on the slopes at Jackson Hole. and exhibited bravery in the face ofa mysterious thrashing creature in the lagoon ofa Florida Key. You're perhaps the most rational and grounded person I know. unless it comes to a pair of XL shorts and playing a random Sanchez defense tthe two lingers come outl. After '04 years. you've not only left me with serious addictions to Diet Coke and the Chariot. but you've been the one best friend I could ever ask for. --CCD USS Rushmore..marines...pierced...making fun of court...playin in the post .... Bottle Between your legs...AR Ali-the silent assassin, known for her quiet utterances on the sideline underneath her breath that most people don't hear. Never seen without a Diet Coke by her side and holds nothing back on the court NC. ADAM J AMES MALLo ELMHURST, IL USMC GROUND "junior! make em bleed like My-lee. why are you running again? pamplona-watch out for those bulls. gimme a bagel . . how many calories does it have? eres la leche" - KID sum. detail '02 "Killer, 'That other guy's lucky if he doesn't get his ass kickedl'. C+F. very good driver. give your friends boxing lessons. you just chill and let bartender AJ make you a drink. writing in the little red book. going to Espana. the Gemeny Farm. hunting. roomin 5345"-aep Espana '03 "Le Killere. 'It's a good driverf nice buck. Thumper vs. 357? One heck o' a ranch. The double chromes and too many gumballs. bullet! Let's get some oranges. Tuna meets Foreman grill, good work champ. double dose A A A of backshaft, now the mansion, thanks ops 5345.5345.5302, the boxing lessons worked. Hibemation is key. december Tx cowboysfikp "I wanted to scream in terror+pain. but I'm a gentleman. pulling all nighters 3 nights in a row...for a paper that was due 2 weeks ago. Sir, how do you live on just eggs and bread?-mor" vw and jr KYLE STAHLER MCVAY ' I SPRINGFIELD, VA SUBMARINES Stahler. swifty. Jennifer. his life partner but roommates girlfriend. angles 8: dangles. the all-american family. did his best to protect his sisters...sorry kyle. it took 2 years. but we finally found him. 547 knives in a tackle box. 621 gidgets Sc gadgets - 2003 new blue lexus is the biggest. scooterfest 2003 co-chaperon. DD's like it's his job. never would have made it without him. then there was his Zlt' birthday... the lloor never felt so good. gave an intoxicating commentary on the CINC's state of the union address. plebe quarters. lt' leg of RT03. there's no I in M.E. it took 3 sgts but he handled the training for us. he'll do great things and we won't be surprised when he earns his own sub. JP. DLH. DPH. JF. Hail Thane Stahler. Shirtless sleepover 2 and operation Mini Me. How do we trick Jen into drinking? My dad: subs. your dad: pilot. We must've been switched at birth. Tell mom. er ..... I mean Jen. not to worry. Kyle. can I drive your car? You missed two years at Lee. but I got you back for -1 years here twhether you liked it or notl. See you soon brother. CRB I 9th Company 151 A ALLISON LLOYD MOON BRAOENTON, FL SPECIAL OPERATIONS if my chute don't open wide. i got a Reasor by Iny side-me! MAD swimmin cross the severn! freezing. bruises. rain. toxic socks. SAWs. road trips at Lneck. X-week circuits. wrastlin. PMP. "war face" -that Tammy's a scrapperl stealin jeeps. run amuck. goin' on mo. fruitavor- AJ 45 days aint so bad wf a roommate. Pardon! Senor! brawlin over tape during b8Lg. "be the rocket". come a little bit closer buttercup because you don't own me! 4 years wfout a hght. . .see ya in hawaii! -KDL mooner. mooncakes. mooner pie. shortcuts under gate l. GT hitchhiking. HOEtel roomie ti swear i breathe hardl. closet dancer. heartbreaker and heartaches. yOu mean the world to me 81 i'll miss "my mooner"-Nat AXN '00 by 2 pts: clubbin and lost lDs in DC: NS shower gals-"you naked under that towel?"-oow. "you naked under that parka'?"-everyone: hoss's angels. team drama. s. beach. key west 8: lauderdale new years: thong thursdays, 15 N-stars. when it rains parrot bay. it pours-LeWtish KK JLG BJ thanks for the love 84 putting up with me all these yrs. ANDREW STEVEN MURPHY WINTHROP HARBGR, IL NAVY NFO Machine Gun Murphy. the Squirrel, hailing from Chicago. Bel Air, Sallisaw. everywhere but Philly. Did it all and saw it all ......... Original member of the Cynical Seven. while still managing to avert the lustful gaze ofjaysus. Caught with codpiece in hand you single- handedly organized and starred in Headbangefs Ball at the Ritz. close shave with the Norelco. huh? Maybe the Sooners will win next year: maybe Jason White can take some tips from you on gaining weight and drinking chocolate milk. Peanuts left on Wayne's car. Lindh throwing blocks at CQIITCIJS, nightly Noxzema facials. Who puts a turtle on the back of their pickup? Nights in Georgetown with the Abercrombie redneck or at Bateman's leaving your drinks on the highway at 70. What exactly does a couch dance entail? You owe me a room fan. soccer drills with Smokin Joe youngster year. YPs at lvey's. squirrel loves his nuts. 2 cents. Fisherman's lnII. Enjoy Pensacola and NFO school. see if you can validate with all your frequent flyer miles. Going original LP's. -AC Let me drive before you destroy the clutch.. J AMES PATRICK MURRAY LEESBURO, VA USMC PILOT Jimmy Conquest. Onions. Euro Jimmy. who the hell is James. "Love" chitted into the company... He's an actor. perhaps youive seen some of his work... As far as cars go. he bought the same one as Kyle... There's been a stranger in my only bathroom for the past two hours... . Flashing the ring... You don't go here. l go here... Jimmy you threw up in Matt's room... But l have to test for my brown belt... htnm tops down good thing the deer didn't jump... Aroused by the Lunar cycle in Eastport... All he needs is beer and he'll jump on any grenade... "No way dude. she jumped on me". .. Don't be such a... and I didn't throw up on your car... VA college connoisseur... VCU nurses and interns Scooterfest 2003. JQ chapter of - fraternity. Varsity Kickball 2003-2004 DPH 152 2004 way back. Akbar and Geoff. the 1 MATTHEW LoU1s NEGRETE SEVERNA PARK, MD NUCLEAR SURFACE WARFARE SWEATY... The Colonel looks like Kyle's little hangers, I can neither confirm nor deny... Sacred consumed... Mediocre Midshipmen at best... parties in Baltimore... Beer. Public Urination. and I ALFRED EDWARD PARK KINGWOOD, TX SURFACE WARFARE TEXAN. Sho-Sho. 'Bers with Weez. got Cope? First impressions are lasting impressions. Too much Bunny? Don't touch me. Promise me. Jack and convict muann and Van, Shotgunnin' tall boys. So. you ff . ' 5 ,1 h, A A f 113-...et G i f 33' . 'f I a sa brother. .. coat I wine must be Baseball after- a forgotten meal at Hooters : one fun night on a park bench... Before the Academy I did infomercials for bow-flex. .. Sure you can get in if you can squeeze between the seats... Boxparty 2002, Scooterfest 2003. Varsity Kickball 2003-2004 can't fish in the marina? SIE. it's all good. Prof. C+F, da! QueenieLin. yo. she e-mailed me again, late night philosophy in 5345x2. 2.0 to 4.0 with 4 stripes, 2yrs Hat. Now. son. . .first buck, nice bet, bronco rides. Shiner Bock, Texas frontier, too many gumballs. what's a francophone? grunion run. ebay, carrots 4 sight, notes on dating, remember dialpad? He's so shaved, he would be the perfect husband. speak into the microphone. judo master Rick and sensei Pam. C'mon dawwwg. Playing tha B. Da! Toledo. Good talk, entrepreneurs of 5345, Mr.B's cigars and highs Q? Loew's, hangin' with Diz and LUCAS. the 930 Club. A fellow Montreballer and my true homie, I swear somebody is kidding someone. but I know he's always following the PROTOCOL! Peace bro! KELSEY CARL PETERSON III LAGUNA BEACH, CA SPECIAL WARFARE Shalsey. Kaaaalsey, Freakboy. Catboy. Knuckles. SS crew. Rugby brothers.busted heads. 9 hour waits, broken shoulders. room yoga. getting fat atmeeeneee baaads. hey Iahdee dahdee. monkey h-ing Bears. Sarge. the football. burying trash cansand big bottles. visit from LA. Team Bill 1 and 2, Frank's house Williams and Allman Brothers. price for beer at Point Lomazhandcuffs. trip to the CO. not to mention restriction, get totally stoked for this boaching gnarly cowabunga. LB with fam. golfcart. PIA. fishing with Doc K and visits to the growler, we can't let that bottle of massage oil in your truck go to waste. swedish tish. kp and the cocoa butter: a deadlycombination, rolls in Montreal. Mr. B's suave style. West Texas ranch.coyotes. deer. flat tire. Bee Hive. Ms. December and her sister. 220!l 3 JMT, hail. rain. snow in August. baggy of food. losing 20 lbs. Butt-O, weez, sho. killer, 8034.5345X2.5302 pubchamp. fum mum. das bug. eee-urrr teleschcopes! lighting foxxy. what happened? bonfire in .Vs NY apartment. who loves kitty? schmoopie. I'm dropping pearls here son. 9th Company 153 J ASON LYNN POTTER J A CANISTEO, NY A-Q ' A SURFACE WARFARE "Dillo 1" once he's had a few. Mastered "around the world" in one night. never passed up a responsible drinking opportunity.Groomed for command by Nancy. still made CC after a dining out appearance as "frank the tank."Shoes polish better after a nightcap. Spaghetti in the heater "l'm 22. it's time for me to stop drinking so much."From mini-woop to the luscious beauty at the white house, Jazzy was a classy girl."l'm not going to change who l am for you."trip to Texas -"it's whatever." "Go Ravens! "" Dude, it's me!" A Ring Dance date found at Scooterfest. but girls aren't meant to be friends. BS. sharing the beddin.it's common courtesy. RT03. trou splitting dogbones. finding his natural weight -yet inlinite llutter kicks. choked out by Tali. faster than an RC. you got "spit" on jc's clothes. Qlfc trips to HP in the BMW. the trademark hand kiss for jd. golf wf I2 packs. computer out the window. "Company, left Hank. march!" skull crusher. angles and dangles. where's my ring? a great roommate. a true friend who would do anything for his boys. KM ROTL JI TS DH .JOSHUA CHRISTOPHER RAY ARLINGTON, TX SURFACE WARFARE Pubchamp. quote unquotc. your precious locks. Bouncy ball desk madness. Beaux Il vs, Cookie. Football animal destruction, Door traps for Gramps, Stripping for Wongatello. Boy do we hate someone in the Army, DVD rental. Watch your pants in the hallway. Perfectly timed Hatulence, Johnson artist. Picasso. Salvador Dali. Walter, Boinker. Flying Dutchman. Manclible, Moby. J aaaaames, Frogger. Funzo, Pommerererer. Bud. Dramafs performances. Friendly. Just about got on one knee and Deaner got around and never called, SIG .45 and the range, Popeye's fart farm ritual, Mariner's tricky services, Cooking at Colonel's, Best Buy investment club. 02 was a bit abrasive. so he settled fora Russian spy. Sunday morning Chick and Ruth's. there will be a V in your carpet one day, Room Homer. Homer love. Freakboy, Le Killer, Fun Hmum. VW wouldn't have gotten back a few times. ls there a skunk in the room7. Watch out for wallowers. Don't forget Fiesta style. 9 am shadow. that goofy little dance, best listener. friend for life CLINE EDWARD REASOR SALEM, VA SPECIAL WARFARE Weez. From Salem to Coronado, Cline you've finally made it. Looking back. how can we forget the teepee haircuts, JMU cook-offs. or the 30 days 'til Herndon swim. We've learned a lot: you can't argue with ignorance. "lt's true-I read it in a book," and "I won't be the first to get married." Jennifer is a lucky girl. You have given her so much-the screen-printed underwear. the naked CD, and the P BuckleyMoss cross-stitch Csomeday'?J. I heard Cline makes great biscuits. "MlDS MOM." whose red Honda is that? seagull feeding frenzies and chimichangas from windows. that is the shower not the urinal. Dude. Ijust sharted. Fumigating the room youngster year. Male grooming in the shower. Create-a-fart.com.Packing up the car a week earl...3 minutes. Filling up the tank three days in advance...4 minutes.Backing into parking spot... I5 seconds. SEEING JENNIFER THAT MUCH SOONERWPRICELESS. "Yor path led through the sea. your way through the mighty waters, though your footprints were not seen."-Psalm 77:19 "It's Toooouuugh, but it's Faaaaiiirl"---ADB. WGK 154 2004 1l1n CHRISTOPHER DAVID ROBINETTE OKLAHOMA CITY, GK NUCLEAR SURFACE WARFARE Well Chris, first it was Mandy who never came to see Bailey who left you hangin' at the airport, then Stacey kidd though. who's next on your list from Hot or Not? you sleep with the phone every night? NATALIE MARINA SCHULTZ TUCSON, AZ SURFACE WAREARE Natty-lisch-ice, Natsche. new hope, decorating our room. always wild at 0500, coyote ears, jaccuzin it, sorority girl. Holla. . .holla back! ALM. The best 4 years. We will always be "angels", mermaid princesses, and bathing beauties! Summer school debauchery-Old Bessie. Gcean Cityg fx A i ' 'WLC I 201.1 kli ff ' x X- A'f. ,435 ZFLJVT5 you. then it was ee but it wasn't ur You're one of the most giving people I've ever met but paying her S700 dollar phone bill isn't going to change her mind ..,. so next time you want "to buy your first real six string" don't go to the live in dimel go to Wal-Mart or better yet Sam's. that way you'll get more bulk for you buck. and I'm not paying u back for the Wendy's u bought me. I consider it a donation to a charitable cause. . .CAUSE I WAS HUNGRY...speaking of which buy me some CLUCK-U. . .but hey mamma always says that 7 years from now u'll have the green light to stand at the alter. . .so when u do get there make sure "The CoITuptor" has fresh socks ...that odor is strong enough to stop a charging elephant... and how do Lejuene tanningg NS shower gals-"are you naked under that towelfparka'?"-OOW: Annniiiimal... Hoss's Angels: "What happened to Waldo'?"g Steve's sets in black, punched out, cat moves, training trip drama. Smile, Sorry Ms Jackson, club navigator. Swuba New Years- Baja Beach Club, Key West- head in the toilet or ditch. Ft. Lauderdale. South Beach: Restriction-KY Derby, Pablo the parrot: study groups at the "HOe-tel". Uni of the Day B-day suit 81 Parka: 15 N-stars-LEW Ctwin, sis in spiritj, J-boe, KEK. Nalgene to TRUCKWRECK, hall talk. pull ups and jumpin for l5l Onnagurui. . .MAP. From Tortuga and Ooompa Loompa, interpretive dancing, "V-Monologues" to SwoOooMammasl Char. Breezer timeg GRUMPSgloud daily iightsfdaily love. why Japan? meglet. SHANE ROBERT TODD MT. AIRY, MD SURFACE WARFARE Mayor, Frazzed, "Did you even look at the backside linebackerrrrrr!!!" - crabbing-Fast Freddie in P-Town. Samoan Bouncers. Shane QD fullback? Mama Todd's cookies.. Can kv make anyone laugh. True friend and brother - Worm ii63--Todder...weightlifting partner'?..A-l kites.. strongest man ever, roll the knee, chicken wire, no pain-grizzled..9 toes.. NAPS-Providence..dominate blocker..."Where is beef points "... OCB... crucible...Ranch dressing.. permission.. Matt's Van-Friend and Brother for life...DJPFLSS--Bebopin'- navy 44-AC watch. snowblow 2003. Catfish. How do you spell that? Rockin'roll outlaw. Tony, 3l6..l can't breathl.. ripping paper. PHONE. Konichiwa.- Peewee--pack rat.. Jack.. damn alarm clock.. back to back. "not graduating". .. P 3 mattresses. PBJ, hardest worker-field or weights. There is hard enough...thanks for it all bro. true friend from naps till last breath. -50--Kate: true friend Sz true love, Turtles-NYC-Ballet-Spring break-Dave concert-running away-the future is going to be even better- CBH always 9th Company 155 VAN ANDREW WILSON BATON RoUGE, LA SPECIAL WARFARE Stogey and coffee anyone? Lock washer. we're doing that thph. San Antonio. grunion run. ebay escape and evade. mammoth round l wf sho and muann. PC limp dill vs. mimi style. plastic tree forest. afternoon cap. island in the sun. Van's in charge of vans, that's gonna hurt. sub major. at least we had the wilhelms. can you put tive in a room? Cherry blossom nose job. ring dance date RCDC. NC slip and swim. water cave. who loves kitty? meeeneee baaaaaads. another fourth. you sank the beer right? If you lose your Cd's don't kill yourself. Double western bacon cheese burger. 22O!l3weight loss program. nice tent. Johnson art. Biggie. Smalls. Walter. The Flying Dutchman. Boinker, Salvador Dali...need we continue? Who shot the sheriff? Who shot Bambi? I-Iuuh? Why is there o'club watch? What's the point of having a car? bouncy balls. and Pepe le Pew. Star trek. Whiskey and Whatever. DMB and Dr. Enuf Saturday nights in 5204, Weezer in Dallas.bringing a Friend back to the company. hymus. yoshi. dramatperformancesl funzo frogger under covers schmoopie. KURTIS KAI YEUNG WONG PINOLE, CA SUBMARINES Wongetello .... thanks for buying the odor eaters. . .by far your best i investment. . .but will there be enough to last on deployment? . .you smart you are. . .even to Chris's mom...l still can't believe u spent 33600 on her and you don't even have a ring on her linger .... your years ofledi training on the cube have made you ready for any invasion force. ..but make sure you don't sleep through your alarm clock and miss ship movement. . .You are going to lose at Mortal Kombat. .. someday! l8 Honey Hickory wings please. Palm Pi1ot's are so cool...I love it for Worms! Midnight phone calls out in the hall. . .no wonder you sleep all day long! Who needs an alarm clock when you never wake up to it? At least you have great calendars! All ofthat Aikido will do you a lot of good...on Submarine? But l love Crimson Tide! Y2Kai rolling through the halls like a chester. .. i think u know everything and never pass up the opportunity to show how El . t I Z ' I 3 -. 156 2004 lil, 4 rim- Vx. l l Dustin Wade Detriek ik i l i l i l l i i .MA .loseph R, I .audi Mage VN, Parks ' ' ffigl l l li,. .lonatlian Tyler Leo Xaehary Nathan Keith Richard Seott Monaghan Dana Lee Alexander Francis Daniel Duc Cong lidmonson limbers liiaeopuzzi Haekman Herring Horn Huynh ' 760 ll i i Stacey Marie Freddie Ray Aaron Benjamin Trevor David .lames Joseph Dylan Quade Dustin A. Lanham Martinez lll Mayer MeLemore Morgan IV Nicholas Packer l 1 4 i .Iohn William .loseph liearbey Keith Russell Pross Robinson Robison T v i A 7 Mark .lames Turner Wes Edu ard lidward Anthony Laura Pope Von llrquhart Valdez Reyn Ryan Miehael Barry Michael Daxid .loseph Emilio Scott Kiley lirennan Cantu .lit Childers fn-N 1, 5 tvwff " , l l Albert Roy Robert M. Joshua Nelson .loshua H. Sharlow lll Spann Straume Tiley JJ 4' 'Pfi- M ,,, Q. i of ,liillxln I.. 'ff' i y.-ll f,-.t i "ex Matthew Marks Ryan Grant Natalie Marie Anthony Ashley Augustine Matthew Ryan Andrew Erie Joshua Paul Michael Richard Clark Duinm Estevan Felber 158 Duane Miehael George William Martin William Adam William Jeanine Ann Mark Allan Matthew Adam Ross Robert Ciross llall V .lohnson Kerriek Lang Loeatelli Luke Lundgren 2004 i Andrea Michelle Marr Nicole Marie Waggoner Brandon E. McPherson Joseph Gilbert Weisberger I II X 5 if V l 5 IX ' 1 i l Q rg' 'K f ' 4 :if i Jesse Thomas Allen Joel Christina Marie Daniel Stevenson Nicholas Ryan Christopher M, Moore IV Murphy Sciabaira Supple Tyson Volnek Xeb ll 0 l X' 1 .M s. 'Q'-S. W 9th Company 159 .....,,........i,..........,,T',, a e1 wifi 52196077 LT Tom Foster Company Officer M FEL. wmv, 7. Kurt L. Podrazik, Company XO Patrick F. Melnerney, Company Commander Jordan P. Jones. First Sergeant Gunnery Sergeant Blair E. Cvreentaner Company Senior Enlisted Casey S. Thompson, Company XG Alexis B. Wise, Company Commander Dale S. Crowner, First Sergeant 2004 Wi g? AARON THOMAS ALLISON as --' ,fr y WYLIE, TX NAVY PILOT I will always appreciate the encouragement. support. and love from both my childhood friends back in TEXAS and Iny here at the Academy. I could not be in this position you all. Mom. Dad. and Amber, thank yOu for your love and support throughout these challenging years. TO my friends back home. I thank you all forthe phone calls. IM'S. and the SPRING BREAK trips. TO Kris and Anthony. we will always have skiing in New Mexico. Thank you all who took the time to study with me and kept me fighting as Systems had me in that head lock. To Micah and Mac. sorry for keeping my desk lamp on late for those three years. I know you both hated my long nights. To Trevor. Raj, and Adam "Danger" Powers. you guys will always be brothers to me. but why the Marine Corps? No. just kidding. I couldn't be prouder of you guys. Semper FideliS!!!. You're gonna be the best damn NFO in thc life long friends if it wasn't for unconditional Navy oh wait that S Pilot Just don't forget Fritz up there! TPS DAVID THOMAS BARNES YORKTOWN, VA NAVY NFO Tenacious D. Smalls, Little Barnes. D. and DJ Storm Shadowg all correct when it comes to addressing my roommate. From passing out on a Jamaican beach to seeing the locals beat on by cops... always seemed to have about three at a time from the dirty Old woman to the young impressionable friends sister.A gear head. a DJ. and most of all a friend. KM I knew then and still know now. nothing about cars. It can only get better with flight school. weddings and everything else we are going to do. I can't wait to see where this all will take us. Remember what Carlos says about conception. -Grandpa Valentino Rossi. . .Max Biaggi...David Barnes? Just wait till he gets on the track. This Gantt chart looks like it was just copied and pasted. "I am an experienced nuclear design engineer." duty king .... Hoods. bomb threats. hurricanes. blizzards. gunny tirades-BARNES. GET OUT HERE!! an automotive nutcaSe...naturally aspirated. . ,not on my watch. I live my life a quarter mile at a time What does that mean? Kart racing, getting airborne. hoop earrings. -Micah BRIAN JUSTIN BOBIGIAN . EL PASO, TX I NAVY PILOT l SLOB. Milkshakes? Big Black Bouncer, Beer Club.. .most expensive free T-Shin ever. Death to the bartender. SOCO and limes. Super Bowl l Hippies. Piece of silfitt car. Plebe Summer Company Commander... A What? Most blown out of proportion civvies incident ever. semester of no work. Dahlgren. Tony Hawk. Ricketts. Virginia Beach beeramid and out. rollerblading at 2 AM who does that'?'? Happy hour. Jillians. rollin 10 deep youngster year. do you watch movies for a living.no shower contest. dirtiest motel ever. six mattresses on the Hoor with no hot water. the steamin cleve. TJ. hitting the big 21. Tailgates. Panama City with S20.000...wow. face down in the rice patties day l. Mid ofthe semester...what'?'?'?. stellar battalion level interview. Mangias. COWBOY MOUTH marathon? Jimmy. Pat Green...so hot. Sam's Boat. Houston. Van tailgate for AF. porta-potty tippers. ski trips to Gettysburg. late night phone calls with lexi. tastee cakes. CC hat. foam hand Shoes service assignment what a night. As freaky as you can get. That'S right folks a naval aviator. LW. JQ. PM. EH. DR. KPS. KK. 10th Company 161 DANIEL LEONARD BOWERS I CIREENSELIRG. PA MEDICAL CORPS n From the halls ofAnna-polis to the shores of Steel City. Devildoc. Danimal. just plain "Doc' salty prior has left his mark at good 'ol oosna. "I have a rash on my..." The "pharmacist" always seems to have the correct diagnosis. "Hey you. time me on this...I'm downin' this Cape Cod in less than I5 seconds. time thicl me .... " . Lover of Makotos.this calm. cool. and collected hoo-yah spends more time applying to Med schools than playing Final Fantasy and Soul Reaver. Suave and debonair. he is the only one that can pull off a moccasin jacket t TASSLESJ and manage to piss off Gunny everyday with the length of his sideburns. Master of Chremofsuhmyunguy. and Gung-Fu. Spielvogel? ..walking back from class..."I know this is a little random. but you're the only person I could think of that I talk to in lst Reg.' '... scar-face. .. Uno's. . .Uber- nerd. . .V-day snowed in..lucky gogglesmbreakfast vs. lunch. . .Crums' adopted sponsor son...Wildwood...NASP... pineapple pizza and fruit punch...Dan CD's...Rent. . .Ring Dance...Puzzle People I43 devildoc."Dude I think Ijust got sold into slavery DALE STEPHEN CROWNER JR. ANNAPOLIS, MD NAVY NFO Where does he get those wonderful toys'?...Biff Yeager...Is it raining? Is , it snowing? Is a hurricane a-blowing'?...Diego'? I don't think Annapolitan is a real word. . .Black Samurai...Come on. FHQWHGADS...the PB solution...She moves how?...I mean, honestly. who throws a rack'?...Yes. I'll have two long islands. ajack and coke. and a cape cod. and for my friends. . .Graduation youngster year. yeah. ...Two words - Robotrip. . .Fireside chats... Jamaica Me Crazy 2002...Tito... King of Sting. . .Master of DISLISIGIZ . .Panthro. . .the boy who could fly... Maybe I do.. .. and maybe I do.. Well, amongst his weaponry were such diverse elements as: imagination. style. determination and a mean right hook May you and Amanda be blessed with the future of your choice and always remember. . .When your nose is bleeding and your eyes are black, and you are so tired that you wish your opponent would crack you on the jaw, and put you to sleep, light one Inore round -- remembering that the man who always lights one more round is never whipped BRIAN JAMES CUIvIIvIINGs MERRITT ISLAND, FL SUBMARINES CUNNINGHAM. . .pleber year caught racking out in the closet. . .me and D and a bottle of crown. Calc II hangovers. Sketchy brawds. . .Au Paires at I-Ball. Boozing it up in the movies. Became an excellent climber. Poker Night. Fireside Chats. Booze. Jamaica...hooking up in the foam party... then in the ocean. Babysitting mcabee. Cliff Diving into seas even the locals were afraid of. Jerk Chicken bargaining. Driving back from U. Maryland...that was close. Taking care of Dale on Graduation. . .a little hide and seek from Gunny. Panama City. . .Crazy Duke chicks. Meet my internet girl to be...you are the best. More booze. Ring Dance...god bless Hojo. 8 weeks of leave lirstie summer...I lived on a couch, did some day labor and learned to bartend. Sold out to the submarine community. LCDR Fever is my buddy. Alieen takes over. Fair Winds and following Seas. By the way...I am not Jewish and I am not from Florida. 162 2004 I MATTHEW SCOTT GILL 2. f "' '." .gs EXCELSIDR, MN SPECIAL OPERATIONS "The mission of the united states naval academy is to develop midshipmen morally. mentally and physically and to imbue them with the highest ideals of duty, honor and loyalty in order to provide graduates who are dedicated to a career of naval service and have potential for future development in mind and character to assume the highest responsibilities of command. citizenship and government." JOSHUA PAUL GODDIN SHAWNEE, KS NAVY PILOT The Den Mother, Surly McAngry. the pride of DeSoto High. "Hey, Josh is it cool ifl borrow this shirt... and this hat... and..." Went from carrying the ball to pancaking 3-tech's. Don't take the man to Best Buy. Totaled a Benz. Dunk rims all-star. The perfect gut. 4.7 40 at 305. "Why are you so pissed all the time?" The GHOST. 322.3. Jimmy Pyne: Golden Status. True friend and brother -Worm if63The incredible expandingfshrinking man...surly...jolly..."Oh Danny Boy"...Go Huskers...praying in front of shrines to the football Gods...sweating in the summer .... sweating in the winter...FB...Center...Tackle...Guard...Coach...Ocean City...flip flops and linen shirts...sweatbands..."You hungry'?"...Runza's...Midwest to the core..."You skeered? No sirsly dude"...Den Mothermalways my cousin's favorite...Benz...Maverick...Bratsva...Body-for-life...Never in a good mood in season...dissappearing..."Danl Shut the fQ1s6fk up!"...ln Matt's Van headed west...Brother for life...See ya in the Heet shipmate...DJPfff58 ERICH ROBERT HILL I CLEVELAND, MO SUBMARINES Funnyman. Erich. Who names their kid that? Where you goin? No where. Ricketts. Most innocent kid.. .ever. Refusing to leave on the weekends to play counterstrike. Grlando. Christmas Break: lt' Party at Dannyfs. Virginia Beach. Bird Poop on his head. Mammoth. Chesley Hines, Wongatello...sweet friends .... Movie Theatre Parties. Refusing to get in the car in the GHETTO. Bi-Polar drinker. Too cool for Cancun. TJ: "I will never go there". . .climbing the bar commando style. The old man in Rosarita. Those damn Federales. . .they wanted 33250 they got 536. Hiding from the training officer. Dates with Danny. Turning 21. Vodka and beer the night before a test. That weekend: Flashing the be SEAL's girlfriendmgetting punked while getting a high live. Needing a new cell phone. "Who is tough now?" Being pulled on a leash after Civ final. Panama City. The ol' WD. Jumping in the pool at Spinnakers. Subnerd cruise. Firstie Year: Lex. DR. BB. LW. JQ. PM. KK. 10th Company 163 ERIN ELIZABETH JOHNSON I SENECA, SC U.S. ARMY - MEDICAL SERVICE OFFICER It started with CC where we didn't sing, we blended, it developed into NYC. Ft Laud road trip, West Point Dance...bring the Labatts, Number l and 2 ofCGS. even though not a GS, Aunt Betsy's. "Please put the top down," AM shopping trips, "l'm getting ma1Tied!...and going Army" N LAW The weekly family newsletter. most perfect wedding ever...Country music 2-U7 .... But it has a butterliy on it! .... margaritas at Chevy's..If it has a cherry in it. it is good by me.. Go Navy Beat Army!" N DDK The white One, Bo, crappy roommates.. Always taking care of me.VA Beach. . .Cheers. cutest siblings in the world 84 no they are not my kids. getting away from it all at the cabin. Feliz Cumpleanos! NLMWSL5llIl1C1'I1 Belle. Luv ya A Liz Doing pushups for your letters, Getting lost in Harlem looking for you, Spring Break 'OAL Sandhurst. Picnics by the river. Six Flags, honorary Woop for 6 mos. YWW. 500th Night, Army Navy l-4, THE "Ring" Weekend, Flirtation Walk, the Kissing Rock, the River AGAINI, Dollywood with the fam. the cabin, 100 Night, Waimea Canyon,my precious sweet baby doll! I love you VERY much!N CBT KRISTOFER WILLIAM KALSTAD SANTA FE, NM NAVY PILOT a man named Albino-- with a few little secrets of his own.-- He may be a young boy-- in the sight of his granny-- but he has had the heart of a thirty-two year old. Now Rafters Boy-he likes to sport garments of his zoomie friends-he goes to town... and then makes the mess-but in the end everyone is calmed. he likes to think that he is a ladies man,but in the end the twins all go play Cribbage. has had some MINOR luck-chat rooms can bring many anew friend-thank goodness for no statutory on IM. INick and Henry-for whom no Panama tales may be told. the Godfather will live a good life-even if it is on the shower Hoor. A brother that I never had and never really wanted until now, you taught me that being a manls man has a place, and that a princess, well. really doesn't belong anywhere near the Y chromosome. I will forever remember your determination . your friendship. small things that really have no business being remembered. But here is to one last time, "KRIS. get your CQDSS up."Forever brothers-AMM DAVIDA DENEA KIRK NEW ORLEANS, LA NUCLEAR SURFACE WARFARE so much energy bottled up... Vida las Vegasl... Livin la Vida Loca... we can chart the memories by your hairdos. .. what exactly happened to your hair. . .the darker one. .. l'm from Nawlins. jungle fever... GENIUS... obsessed with the time... "boat feet"... dresses suck... its good enough for government work... constant blank stare... breaking it down by yourself... sorry... Just turn onthe music, any kind, and she just goes dancing like Baby.. psychos, all of you... why are you a Democrat'?... don't speak. woman...the Sunday afternoon chillings at the West Street coffee house. . .what happens on Spring Break, stays on Spring Break... the crew rolls deep while the choir's asleep... the Board "Old men love Vida"... White Russians... What kind of book is that'?'?... chilling at the Ticconis... Cheers... Lovely... Don't hate on my orange Car, yo... shopping trips... Aunt Betsy's... Army-Navy road trips... Dahlgren dates... almost dying on the mountaintop. . .Never underestimate yourself. You're beautiful, don't ever forget it. 164 2004 'f DEED! ,"'J'vqiS '56 I MICAH SHANE LANGLEY 0 - - - - X ' T 4 Y 1' -4 R. . yqf.,-. ' -V l ty A i I ' ,- I. .. -..'ff'.' ff -l' ' if DEL Rio, TX NAVY PtLoT for real men. Cedar Point The 2? Club is for the weak... The 8 Year Club is The Genesis Point for the Ticconi Sponsor Network. I A A Intercessional Trip. And "The Micah Award" goes to Micah... "but Pete takes it Milt... I'll take a Coke with that." Never at a loss for the most inappropriate words. I hear that you can't have a car until Zfc year... oh. that's only if you put Navy stickers on it. Tiffany's and a check with 5 figures. what were you thinking? Gh. wait: I did the same thing 3 weeks later. Firstie year spent reading books and trying to save a very wet formula car. Second choice... maybe... more like fate has a way of keeping friends together. KMK. Ah, the things we have been through to make it to graduation. Everything from fusion powered pipe organs to girls with hoop earrings, we have been through a lot. But together. I must say. we make one amazing engineer. and now that you have made the wise choice and come to ily with us. things can only get better. Here's to the future. DTB KHRISTOPHER MICHAEL MAcPHERsoN PALMYRA, NJ NAVY N FO SUBS to FO ..A red headed sub guy, a prior marine, and a high school girl at NAPS. The combination was perfect and the three amigos we became. After a wedding. philly cheese steaks. can I borrow your car? and a last ride to the coast and that pirate place. we graduated. Then it became who's turn it was to visit, another interesting wedding. the two gimps, engagements, and a better graduation. Five years of memories. fun, and laughter. I thank you-Shaina A prior submariner tno such thing. they are all darn good marinersl. now coming to fly with those of us that are smart. Known this kid for 4 years now. and Grandpa lives up to his moniker. Whether it's the frequency of volume of his voice. or his mannerisms. he tits his nickname well. But even with all ofthe joking and kidding aside. which is all in good fun anyways. he is an amazing individual and an awesome friend. Couldn't ask for too much more, other than for him to quit yelling at me... -D ADAM MARK MATTHEWS LiviNGsToN, WI I SUBMARINES Whether it is drinks or his lovin, after downing a long island. he'll bestow them both freely on anybody. Cheers, grannies basement, Ledo's. and the youngster mall. Who could forget the jeep adventures? Rollin 6 deep in a 4 man jeep. a 750. a couple cokes, and a state that didn't outlaw open containers .... Priceless. He used to be full time DD, whatever happened to that? Getting lost in DC. Baltimore, Annapolis? Adam always was the ladies man. he pulled girls like africana. emaculata. midn-x, midn-y. coke liend. and midn-homewrecker tactual names have been altered to protect the innocentl not to mention his harem back home. He did so well that occasionally he'd have some extra girls for those of us who weren't as skilled in the hunt .... occasionally I wouldn't blow it. I couldn conclude Adams Bio without mentioning his coital mishaps tsee dictionaryl. like the hitting. the vomiting. the man-show game, and that very disturbing night of "never have I ever". Adam always has and always will be a good friend, and I love him like a brother. THE GODFATHER-kwk 't 10th Company 165 KRISTOPHER MICHAEL MCABEE LIVINGSTON POLK, TX NAVY PILOT Wow, what can I say, we've lived together for three years. We have made it through everything from Jamaica, losing one of our brothers to the man, all the way tO service selection. Most ofthe things we've done I think are illegal in most countries and would probably be frowned upon, but weren't they fun? Now it's on tO the future, but not without something tO remember: May we be in heaven an hour before the devil finds out were dead. MICHAEL JOHN MCDERMOTT JR. PAPILLION, NE SPECIAL WARFARE McDermott, stahnd bah for E-AH! Dude, nO One ever told me that... I mean. youid think that they'd have figured that out... Dude, where's my Stupid... Well, Mike, every single One of your roommates has stood at least 60 daysg so you got that going for yOu. "Go figure." We're waiting for that Lit. Crit. book, and that workout book entitled "Bigger Than Gill'S." I mean, if they haven't made a movie out of it, it isn't worth reading-and even then it still iSn't worth reading 'cause you could just watch the movie. They weren't playing waterpolo tonight, so I just played Warcraft. Although many Others also bore the nickname "the yellow dart," yOu still were the Only yellow dart tO pierce our hearts tawwwwwwwj. Nice Dominican suntan, by the way. Gimme back my picture. Keep doing your real job, go ahead. buddy, you earned it! Git out! PATRICK FRANCIS MCINERNEY CHICAGO, IL NAVY PILOT Plebe year he liked to go by the name Fox, as part of the Ox trio - that was a cool costume. Getting caught with cool music like The Cars, Journey, and REO Speedwagon and the infamous calendar. Cancun, and SQCIHIZIS emerged. Beginning second class year it was all over for Pat - Seamus was the new lawdog. The life of the party -- At least when he didn't pre-game, and wake up the next morning ready to party with Kurt the night before. "there's a loser born everyday," "Why didn't you just get a butt tattooed on your arm?" "Mexico-up, Mexico-down," "Why's that , cat throwing chips at me'?!" and the ever popular explicative filled downtown-death threat, Seamus quickly emerged as the symbol of putting a good time over common sense. "lt's Gkay, I'm a doctor!" Chrissy never did call back did she? Is "cablastered" really a word? Academically: nearly all A's every semester. Physically, always the perfect PRT texcept hrstie year, when all beer and no running made him 3 seconds slowerl. Socially: well, we all know Seamus. SCS 166 2004 5 'ff COPPELL TX . , Q . - , - Ev gen!! A - NATHANIEL DAVID MICHAEL NAVY PILOT into? I can't Wow. big little brother what have we gotten Ourselves imagine not having you up on 5-4. When stuff got hard y our strong. poised, gentle silhouette always stuck in my mind 84 pulled me thru. You don't even realize what you have taught me 84 how you have helped me. I wonder why you are the younger brother. I love you bro! Jenn better take damn good care of you! Go Navy Track! BJM .... Lexi wants me... "you're so cute nate." I eat...A LOT .... how did you do in the track meet? "oki'.. broke the school record. Hawaii... Spooning with the roomie. Qlt' Birthday...an impressive performance... Pat Green. Halloween beer pong champion. Bro I cant believe we did it. My thighs are as big as key's waist .... a towel will cover it. . .hole in the wall. Mid of the Semester and I don't do a thing. Formations are optional. Nice hair. Nice shorts. . .thc tighter the better. Plaid Shirts Late nights on the phone with Jenn. Mmm food. . . RMOOW duties. . .wait I don't have RMOGW today. . .oh well. 'John stay in bed. it is so warm". It's GLORIOUS. Back yard BBQS. I love you Jenn. JQ. LW. BB. BK tin spirit! RAJESH J ITENDRA MISTRY PASSAIC, NJ USMC GROUND The Red Man. I'm not a terrorist. Ninety-four days of restriction and 215 demerits in one year. I want my privileges back! I'm not illegal. I am an American. Just wait until I trash your room. Montreal. Hoorah! Las Vegas. Houston Bowl. Why dOesn't anybody call me Scarface? My best friend Johnny Walker. Red label on the rocks please. The Captain was here. Hunt for Red October. I'm service selecting SWUBS. Damn. why is Scott in my squad again! IHTFP Low crawling at Jack's. The Famous MacDougal's. Karaoke at Cheers! Hinjew. My religion is Miscellaneous. Crofton - great movie, Jennifer Love Hewitt. Gettysburg ski trip. BLACK N with a STAR. Leatherneck 2003 - Assassins Platoon. tire team "Fox ticks". YPs in Norfolk. You NEVER turn off the GPS. Drunken cartwheels. Whattaburger! DANIEL AARON NELSON CHESTER, VA SUBMARINES Big Tony. A product of the 80's he never forgot his roots. hair band rock through the early morning, "classic" Van Damme movies.YOungster year we saw him down a whole container of maple syrup in minutes and then Big Tony. when asked what he wanted to order at the local waffle house responded. "Where are we? Waftie House? Ijust want a waftie dude." He has a tendency to lose his keys so it might be a good idea if you drive. Make sure you don't make fun of him when he's not in the rack. Tough times build character. and with a Black N and teardrops to prove it. Dan must be destined for greatness. He fought the law and the law won. Selecting submarines after graduation. Big Tony is headed for Charleston. When not studying you may catch him at the local Karaoke bar doing his classic rendition of "Wanted Dead or Alive". so watch out ladies. Dan was the best roommate a guy could have, because who else would put up with a guy who can only play Bon Jovi on guitar and not smash that thing over my head. KP 10th Company 167 Bowling. Illl play your game! Buddy's chicken wings. Yuengling. America's Oldest brewery since 1829. Tombstone saw the agony of sugar overkill for 24 hours. He had a typical Half Nelson the next day. As much a poet as a warrior. JOSEPH RODOER PETRUS MILFORD, M1 USMC GROUND Saturday college gameday at Bev's. Go Blue. Sure. as long as they beat ND. Recons and duct tape. "Those guys were SEALs." Verbal bouts with the YP Commodore. . . he should never have apologized. Was there ever a She-Petkus? Then Cancun unleashed the devil dog inside him. Partied like a rock star. but never ever got sick... Ring Dance: the night we didn't get away with it. but managed to make it an awesome weekend out of it anyway. Rigorous Marine Corps Marathon training regimen in DTA. . . "where are we staying tonight?" Trips to Duke. the anything for money party and JMU and tough guys at Skidmore proved a good time. He was often seen in the halls wearing a nerdy chem club t-shirt and hollering out "hey hey hey" to whom ever was in the general vicinity. Joe's a big doors fan. because they gave him his motto. "Well I woke up this morning and I got myself a beer." IPSUJ In four years I watched Diamond grow from a budding young Med Corps candidate to the pint glass cleptomaniac he is today. Thanks for the memories. You can be my wingman anytime. PM Hoorah Devil Dog tefr I KURT LOUIS PODRAZIK 1 a DAVIDSONVILLE, MD I SUBMARINES 101 100101 ...ah what the hell am I thinking. Kurt was one ofthe three worst CS majors in the company. Maybe it was because he couldn't stop L.. staring at my screen saver. Nah I think it's because of his friend Jose or maybe it was his new buddy Jonathan Walker. Well one thing is certain. he is a D-ville local that likes his Ravens and his Zeppelin. but he loves the ladies. G-Unit! The self-proclaimed beer pong champion twell he was my partnerl, he quickly learned the art of trash talking after the college tour of 2002-2003. I will work you dawg! I've never seen a man love his guitar so much. Playing "Wanted Dead or Alive" lives times a day will do that to you. He was good at "Pulling the trigger!" to the next submarine extraordinaire. That's just crazy. Through it all we were always ready to go down in a blaze of glory. Oh by the way. how's Natalie doing? DANCancun. Panama City. Ring Dance. and what lies ahead. . . Plebe Summer to graduation. thanks for the memories. PM I T ADAM EVERETT POWERS WOODWARD, OK USMC GROUND Danger... watchyoself. "Wood-ard Oklaaahomaaas' finest! Mr. Powers. are your feet broken? Naw ma'am just a bruise. 2 broken feet later you tough guy .... We'vc come a long way from summer chem classes. staying under the radar. shady youngster antics and crazy hazy weekends. Nice haircut. yeah went to Brad's again. Flipswitch returns to the scene in Jamaica. dang! ls she married? heck no. man. What's that you say. oh yeah its in Oklamaican. Where've you been? From hooyah to nfo to marine. . .damn straight. Well. actually .... .no. I don't think that's the case ...... Redstripe. yaaaaaaayyyyyy beer! I agree dude. shower shoes. white works pants and a cammie blouse should be an authorized uniform. We all were "caught looking" during Halloween. Christies with SteveO. aughta be illegal. maybe it was. Firstie year. unlimited weekends. nuff said. You su..ietch. Who's the "bomb'?" 168 2004 IoHN ROBERT UINN ' ST. LOUIS, MO NAVY PILOT Fathead. where is he? Soccer practice. Burger place for a date. SLUH...does he like dudes. naked triathalon around the fountain. Ricketts. Dude around... Friday night movies in Dale's room...the danny's elbow. getting lost in Texas...ugly. We have uniform as a youngster? Jamaicamdoing it the first bf ", E King..a bad Tuesdays. would you turn marker incident. to wear our night? lirstie parents weekend social coordinator. 35 years or older. make out with old women for drinks. Miami vice by yourself. I Tailgates. drinking with hugh. lFS..the ultimate scam. shower up play some volleyball. Ex-fiance. COWBOY MOUTH. Pat Green concert...u-turn at the murder scene. Samls Boat. Houston. Listen to them have sex. go tigers. Brigade 0800. From the Windows to the Wall.you meant a lot..MUAHNLW TA tribute to Brian Key. . .best friends with Big Gay Gary. Skiing. Scootering and mini-bikes down the stairs. I love redheads. Mammoth. The Reverend. HoustonLW. DR. EH. PM. JQtcauSe no one knew mel. DANIEL VINCENT REINHARDT KANSAS CITY, MO NAVY NFO VD. Orlando. Mrs. V's aka the cult. plebe concussions. Jesus plebes. crack shaft. Ricketts. popping erich's drinking cherry. Shut up Nora. Dahlgren. Chinese. Chem Nerd. Virginia Beach, HoJo. lirst blackout. wasted in the movies. piece of Smit car. puked in all Slobs cars. coming y back in civvies. amateur hour. Shaved my legs for the tigers. "l'm I gonna drink you over the table", threating to kill pizza delivery men in Cancun. No shoes. no shirt. no problems in Cancun. Lisa. 21 in San Diego picking fights. TJ. Rosarita. Half my loan is downtown. Menden. Making fun of chem nerds with chem nerds. Panama City. ..Steph vs Carrie. Hagerty.. ."I am not gonna Sleep with you but...I,ll jump on the grenade. . .Firstie Leadership". Carrie wins. Can't hang out with the fellas anymore. Sorry I am going to Duke. Carrie needs some water, she is dehydrated. Subs suck. More Duke. Never got so sick as service Selection. Ten phone calls a day from Carrie. The Admiral'S wife. McGeogetown. Tony. Too cool for Iny friends... congratulations on the engagement. NFO. ..SWO of the air. Got a commitment problem. EH. BB. LW. JQ. PM. KK. VANCE DEMOND SCOTT BALTIIvIoRE. MD SUBMARINES The TANT is merciful to those who please him. "I cannot help itg it is my nature." No, you never were a wubologist. Milkshake or rootbeer Hoat, Pat? "Let them sing." "Without me, you are nothing." Cue the music. We all lowered the chair-we know we can't sit at your level. VD." YSD and TPAW forever. RIM. KLP. CST. TES. SCS. GCS You were a decent racquetball player-but not the best. Stay away from Kurt's mom. The man giveth. and the Man taketh away. "Give me that sh'kt. Beavis!" Executive footage. "I'll see you in Hell. Cameron." "I'm John Ofticer. blah. blah. blah." "I'll play your game? Keeper of the '04 executive wardroom. Where did that King Hall crest come from anyways? You taught us that lield marshalls actually don't salute. but they wave batons. EE Nazisl Swim Nazis: Subsquad MVP. And no. VD. you can't fly Apaches in the Navy. "Nothing Spells Fun Like a Little 10th Company 169 SAMUEL CURTIS STANTON BETHESDA, MD USMC PILoT Sam. you are one ofthe few. the proud to complete the Academy's two year program thanks to a strong affinity for the rack. A highly motivated narcoleptic. he fought a daily battle between his insatiable lusts for food and sleep. He is known for his marathon drinking benders and partying like a rock star. as demonstrated on his Zlt' birthday when he stayed out till 7:30 and we had to put him to bed. Boy. that shower was a mess. Despite all his virtues. episodes like the POD and Mexi-ho remind us that he's only a liesh and blood man. An idealist and a responsible midshipman. . . but I wouldn't trust him with the room hamster. Three years of astro boycotts and alcohol related faux pas' tsee Cancun. DTA. Gettysburg. etch. Your stool awaits you in the green carpet room. Don't leave till you finish your beer. --- PM. KWK. JP Navy pilot? No. no. that's Marine pilot. After plebe detail and treks through the mud at leatherneck it should be. It's been Bolling and Annapolis. Pat Green and Robert Earl. next up is Q-town and the "Corpus Christi Bay". Let's kick some butt. Semper Fi! --- TES I. JACOB J OSIAH STEELE BROWNSVILLE, WI NAVY NFO Jacob "Josiah" Steele. Wow. I never really thought BOTH of us would still be here, I guess it all started in the cell back in Ricketts huh? Interpreting for the training squad started your linguistic career off early I suppose. "Hit the rack Steeley! !" Eating rabbit food for dinner AGAIN? THE WALL MOVED DUDE!!! No Jake. actually it didn't...and it still hasn't. but I'm glad you had a good night with the captain. You know on average everyone living in this room has stood 51.6 days of restriction each. Don't ever take watch for Wade. . .just sell him out next time. walk away. We won't ostracize you. Rock Climbing and camping on Rogers lawn. Don't let me beat you to DLI. And remember STEELE b gill, goldbond P shower. and if they haven't made a movie out of it. . .it isn't worth reading! I KEVIN PATRICK SULLIVAN WHITMAN, MA SURFACE WARFARE Swotivator. no wait marine corps hoorah. no wait Swodaddy. I choose to drink. How was church. Church? I went to the bar. Boston sucks. Irish suck. Those damned army men. Homewrecker!! Champagne at dillos. go Pats. The Basement, . .my home away from home. Slaying in the Van, need we say more? Evil Sully. The vice coordinator. Ricketts, Virginia Beach. . .good times. Youngster summer fell in love and ditched us. mammoth Cancun. need I say more? Stealing shoes. eamaras and whatever else he could. I drink my dinner Steamin Cleve. Two year gap. Firstie year. Honor secretary...what'? Jen. "I don't toe the honor patty line". Various activities with the conversion van. Share the wealth. Running a marathon. Jimmy. The victory torch. Let's go kill a homeless man. JH. MOOW. library tours, creepy roommate. getting pressed in bed by josh. "I don't drink anymore". USS Bunker Hill with Macky and Wade. BB. LW. JQ. PM. DR. EH. KK 170 2004 yi l TREVOR FRANZ SUTTON RANDOLPH AFB, TX USMC PILOT Mr. Trevor, where do we start? All four years, I to your random late night outbursts of frustrated taste in music. No, Robert Earl Keen is not good two years with 3!C and 2!C Magua, then. two out of nowhere, Mr. Trevor was unleashed upon guys. Come on, just shake my hand." No. it's not Bw r f: l f'Y at S S! ,,1zm" V' iz vg ax. .X 5' --for A 2 BBW - :fu I 9. I Z' " F ir "' -fl- an never got used barking or your music. We spent beers later. from us. "I love you ok to flirt with Sam's girlfriend...or Sam. But it is ok to puke in your puke. If the need arises.-JRW IV, CST I know two Suttons. I There's the focused, hard Marine and fellow detailer by day and then there is the infamous Mr. Trevor. No. Kip To doesn't know where any of your clothes are. and yes, Moni is awesome. Glad you saw the light and went pilot. Oorah Devil Dog. Remember, Marines don't take naps. . .but this one sure does. -SCS CASEY STEVEN THOMPSON MONROE, GA I ' NAVY PILOT I From leader ofthe next rebel uprising to roommate of a black man, we saw all range of emotions and facial coloring. How has Scott not been lynched yet? We had trouble understanding you at first as you spewed forth such phrases as 'IAh tell yoo ut ..., Ahm lixin to ..., and Ah've got a hankerin fer. . And let'S not forget those "barking spiders." You inspired us all as AdjuTANT while making Sure we all remembered that the plebes are now and always have been weak. From your quick raids on Raekistan to a semester at the Coast I the Navy. but we kill people." Yes, it is possible to haze over IM.. Watch out for that spicy Guard Academy he's been a part of both the A and the B team. "The Coast Guard is a lot like if . S as brown mustard Case, it stings. "Noted . Disregardedf' You hear them banjos? Hey. who's that new midshipman in I I the march on formation? Oh wait. that's not a mid, that's CaSey's girlfriend. Go fry yourself. l'm sure if there's one I thing Casey would want us to remember. it'S this: "We killed more of y'all than y'all killed of us." .IRW IV, VD, TPS. KP I I I I . JAMES RUDYARD WILKINS IV I CROWNSVILLE, MD I SURFACE WARFARE I Kip has to be about the only guy here who can play Max Payne, watch movies, Solve rubix cubes, AND get a 4.0. . .all at the same time. A Veteran of marching tours on the Terrazzo in CO, a master of the kazoo, and ION' companys Iirst and only Admin World Champion. famous for admitting what all midshipmen truly feel : "I'm looking for the highest stripes-to-work ratio." "Don't you want some responsibility as a FirStie'?" Jimmy:tPauses. . .thinkS...pOnders...smiles...replieSI "No. Not really." Of course. that A stunt did reward him with quite the opposite position. but that did not dishearten him from trying for the high bar of . platoon commander in the spring, with the campaign line "l'm not looking for responsibility here. as much as I just I want to carry a sword." Denied of his dreams once more. but still in good spirits. Kip will join the SWG community I in May with his heart set on two things: going diving. and tracking down fellow SWG Everson. for whom he is yet to profess his eternal love. CST, VD, TPS, RJM I I 10th Company 171 I ALEXIS BROOKE WISE NORTH PALM BEACH, FL NUCLEAR SURFACE WAREARE Hey. it's the new girl. Let's boycott her. Ok. ZXC year void. Do they really hate me? At least Key loved me. well wanted me in the biblical sense. Ekdahl. . .who'? Is he that nerd. . .she is too hot for him? Firstie Parents Weekend. linally accepted. Mom is a little concerned about my new friends. The Corruption. . .we think it worked. LT and Ashley. Dirtiest girl ever. I mean EVER. give the movie tickets to mom, banana george. noisiestjacket ever, CC who is she? CC hat, "I can't lit it all in my mouth" COWBOY MOUTH. Pat Green. "don't get it in your eye", huge nerd. ..like crazy smart. swo doesn't suck, you suck. "I am not sure ifl am gonna get my ship. . .dude you are number 7. Aviator hater lbut they are hotl "I don't buy shots for aviators", great at getting free drinks for all. . .even il'the dude is creepy, Sam's Boat. ..Houston. Tiki Bob's on A SUNDAY NIGHT, the first night-ja te volim JQ. USS Philippine Sea. Dad Mom Ash Allie 8:BIaine...you were my rock...love you to the moon. I can remember all of us together always JO. BB. EH. KS. DR. PM. KK. SE. BKIin spiritl. LAUREN MICHELLE WOOLEY HUNSTVILLE, TX SURFACE WAREARE I -4. ' Dating via web cam, VATO, Just call me the Toothless Mexican Wonder!! ...., SHARKSI I'm puking bloodg I think I'm going to die. Is it rum punch hour yet'?'? Rob x 2 I BAD! what were we thinking? I was in love with a LOSER! What's that on your I'ace...ewww!! Sexy Seven! You're married'?'?! Ritas at dillos. You're a left flip-Hop We weren't supposed to be doing anything. LIAR! Jenn B's answering machine. You need to shave.. .Thanks Jenn. W. Lauren ARD. ..I love you like a fat kid loves cake. Wet what'?'? - ls he hot? I can't tell. you cut my hair? Is that a bat? Ensign who is on the phone? Houston Bowl, 2004. Always remember that Vm proud of you and love you! EEJ - The handprint. Spongebob Squarepants. ..FRY YOURSELF! Dealing with the crazies...I woke up... what happened'?'?! "I'm swearing offboyslw "I always attract the black thugs." Sushi is so good! "I hate people." "I'm the only one with any sense ofdirection! !" - DK Check your engine!! VA Beach. Gate guard..."Thank you Capt. Obvious. "" There are two drunken Mexican girls trying to break into your house!!" Boards with the Supe. .. - 'x .px - ' . I , , A I . f ,N 11. ,- A ' I ,3-'y:.ft ISF'-'-'lijgmigrzw 3,,,2, 1Q,'!,"1'-if . A xi" ' Y-?::!ff. 3 2, 'tgv.g:?2f1:-M1LiiilzeiIii? .Zig 151-, , U C -' 31"MZ-"5ftrIWWII?INC:.'Vi?"..Af. ...N V- z21ri,,i s.- Q 4'25aaeziiU4::.:1iar'f 1-,i:ii'viui.wn. .. A. ,. if-viii Poi if L:f"'rJi-ii-'-' " - I i A. ,L Wv h itff L:,sf:. NW" I ' iw' 'I-Fiifxxz-lf'5l?fi.i,2k 6 re? I L I 4:rf1113A'.2fif:i',:5f--wfxag. .f-. I g V HRQ, :Taxi 12 gg ,Dj ' " :kgs 14.2555-Qaxx if'-15 ' I I I A !i'i'fIEii2 Q23'Qi ,Hag ' . if . -it "--fglillsi . ' I , j ...I , iw. www , t Y " f Y Wg' 't ,N :f A x x Y ,fi rm . 1 L ' I 'V """'W-., . 11,42-f?,: iii R- ,iizazi , 'IGH I it Vziiliiii ' .:X ' 1'91ifg' ,M-"W i . - I5 lm: .g .. . "sk'mM :at hx' f.. 14.52 K' J I fy S Wiki . I, fi j 3:1 -Z: I .f Tffrfw' I " A A ,gy V . -li: xi, V55 172 2004 , , .l l m vs, ' , i. .,,.,....,. lag f N .yr if, 1, , i ,fm J E ITMJ MTm'T' 4 ill A . . l 1 , i Michael James Joseph Glenn Stephen Andrew Jason Thomas Maria Eugenia Tyson Kibler Hayes HufT Thomas Nathan Papa Pasko Sehall Schulze Serrano Silengo Stuppy Vcadc David Timothy Lindsey Roh Voigts Windham if , ., i e, ' K V 3 : i 'wk 1 as ,w4,,.,nsallQf- -I L ,,.-Wfff' ' J ,ixsirixsfn N '-1, 'mlm 10th Company 175 , di :W , X ' 44,24 x ' X L L -' 'Z '1 walk , D LA " w 1 s .. " 4 Q Q K, t In K MWF- 7 'ff' N Q' 1 ws 30.4 , J ,, W5 X, .. ..f H ,M 4- 1 N F ' J' - x. '- x, 'I u 3 if 'x " 1 4 1 I 3 f r fe' ,Q if i , Us ww- lu - fmefzfif 0 WMM LT Jason Fox Company Officer John T. Meixner, Company XO Jason E. Burkett, Company ' f Commander be Q, Andrew J. Mawdsley, Gunnery George Company Enlisted 2004 Matthew J. Dattoli, Company XO Matthew S Cushanick, Company Commander Thomas J. Kelly. First Sergeant i EE LISA ANN ALDOUS if - YAVET 5 INDIAN LAKE, NY SURFACE WARFARE H ll - . - 'ltig gqc lg 'QQFEF' V Y' 1 I l .N f I - A 2-. ,Q Q il fa 3:'E,.f . 417 5 It's been a long but fun road from Minihan's Monkeys plebes to Ocean's ll tirstiesg dancing on tables for alpha inspections, green paint and half-stepping, origins of the Easter bunny, G-E. SA, "what do we do if we run out oftoilet paper?" NFrazzle, the wonderful Sound of Silence, Army week 20001 Amazing Grace, running up and down the halls before break, birthday '0lg Spain with Lex, flamenco dancing at 2 a.m., knives, oranges, slot machinesg RMC, AFA-Rockies, beer signs, pit, attack ofthe mice, snow angels on Farragutg Mighty Mouseg Outfreakinstandingg Jake's Dilemmag Assateagueg road trip, matching chest candyg the Joans hit Florida, xops, human bowling pinsg time Lex, you can call me a snippet ofa person, parents vs. Isabel, the storm is defeatedlg ifl have to read one more book by William Faulkner. ..g clock tower, taking care ofthe kidsg fun times in 7069 with Doc and the JAP, learning to shoot dartsg "we stick together"g "You have not lived until you have done something for someone who can never repay you" NAnonymousg and finally, remember that the secret to life is simply to breathe in, breathe out, and everything will bejust fine. JUSTIN MICHAEL ALFANO NEWTOWN SQUARE, PA NAVY NFO It's been Fonz from day one heretsorry Mom guess they didn't like my first namej. I distinctly remember saying to my plebe summer roommates that if I ever had to sit at regimental tables, stand restriction, see the Dep-Dant or the Dant I was going to quit... Well after doing all four and celebrating my 218 at a surprise restriction muster, it looks like I'm still here... go figures tNt': for lifeJ.Viva Italia...Fonz, aren't you going to take your sweater off before you get in the shower? What's your sister's name again? Guess who called me? Fiery Italian. Twins tArnold and Devito that isj. How many tacos in how many Tuesdays? What day does the O'Club open? At least I know now what being married for 30 years will be like. Fonz, she's cheating on you. CBXPW Ca.k.a. Cuddlerl lets go to the Pub and have a word with Uncle Daniels. "Phila who... Phila what?', Converted Redneck. Wanted in the Republic of Texas. You're just a huge walking talking ball ofhormones, always willing to give a second, third and fourth look one person that put things in perspective for me, cuz no one was ever angrier than you. C o-founder of "The Shack." at any girl. You were always the NCL 14. "Goodnight Fonz!" ALBERT EDWARD ARNOLD IV WOODBRIDGE, VA NAVY PILOT AEAXXIV, fluff daddy, albear, alwys there with a plan, 84 another plan, 84 another. Full ofNRG, luckiest unlucky guy known to man..born to cox the I IV, "my house is only 45 min away," don't miss that buoy. knows exactly what we're doing for practice, cause coach said.."He's sooo cute! What is he. 16? ".. Had the vision since plebe yr. alwys gold, alwys train, alwys Crew, alwys faster. Here he goes, here goes speed racer. Drive 2 Miami, only in the van. The New Years Eve 2 end all New Years. Dude your sister is hot. Yes, you're ripped. No amphibous landings in your FXA-I8 please. the best drunken breakdancer in 5 states, "my eye fell out." mackin the ladies. A true cox'n u could alwys count on him running his mouth, no worries ur brothers will alwys be there 2 get ur back. "hows my hair?" g-town, philly: good times. -- Where's the beats?? GK Bones we got it. Girlies left, Girlies right. what do I do? Just pick l and roll. Hook it up l time, where u been going? Soccer games-Ohh! Go Big or go Home. CHOOO CHOOO. Shift your weight, 84 step on the gas. This guy can drive a shell, but fly a plane? Of course, he's got the eye ofthe tiger. Punisher 84 Jaeger -bing, bing, bang! Sir Goodnight Mr Vlahakis, Sir!..finally roomed together after talking about it for 3 yrs..how much ya bench? l0O? Old E on the way up to AfN..my grocery store companion..wow, you're a pack rat..'how is it u eat so much 84 can't bulk up?' most fashionable mid award. Ash. Amanda, smarter 84 cooler than i, best sisters a brother could ask 4..mom. dad, 2 much 2 say not enough room, i love you 11th Company I iiii NIKOLAUS J AMES BOCHETTE FORT RILEY, KS NAVY PILOT Pivot and step. pivot and step... Grandma is already in the rack... the South will rise again! Give it up for the white boy shuffle. countless naps after school. media chits while on 4!c privileges. and the smelliest two feet the good Lord ever bestowed upon the earth. Were you dressed by Ray Charles? Bob the man with no internal monologue. Cruisin' in the mid-stang, the water balloon enforced no-Hy zone, playing video games with the Mexican mafia. clothes Hying out the windows. incomprehensible southern babble. and a whole bunch of other stuff we dare not mention... The man who could but mostly didn't. may we never see Bob in a professional setting. Sumter, South Carolina: Population I7 tCush can attest to thatj. .. you were the ultimate culture shock to modern America. Here's a toast to indoor plumbing. non-striped shirts, female stripers, and just plain drama... on second thought there ain't a chance in hell the South will ever rise again. -Poon. Busta. Cush MATTHEW DAVID BRUNNER LANDSDOWNE, PA NAVY PILOT Who is the Poon? The laziest smart guy you ever met. Fifteen double . shot cans arranged in perfect formation signifying the completion of a semester's worth of work in one night. The only man we ever knew who could simultaneously rip, burn, and watch a movie. Here's to the 243.000 years and millions of dollars you owe in copyright violations, may our favorite blockbuster always remain one step ahead of the man. A toast to the "Knight of Nastiness? and "Mr Pillsbu1'y": may they never resurface in our minds. Have fun in the next golf war with your P-3. The swing is as deadly as the tan. The Roots, number three. collisions with postal employees, "don't mess wit da chi". the putt-putt challenge, spontaneous light switch raves. endless Family Guy and South Park. number one on Ward Hal1's Most Wanted List, and the guy who could fix anything. You were as much a culture shock to White America as it was to you... - Cush. Bob. Busta. "MIA IG." - if i l.... JASON EUGENE BURKETT FREDERICK, MD SPECIAL OPERATIONS HOOYAH. Shrimpeye. Ballerina, DivemanJAY. Oh. the fond memories you've left us. From riding in the red Chevy Cavalier CZ-245 to being too afraid to swim to the island. to the rollerskating with l3yr olds. We were always scared you did not want to hang out with the girls. don't worry they don't bite. You were def our "Christian DJ." You weren't always so squeaky clean teven though your bald head made you look that wayj. C'mon Jason. dance for us. just like Britney. The Purple Turtle!!! Diver on surface. Diver ok!! I bet I can guess what you're gonna order. chicken and pasta. Where's your green eyed cheese grater? tboy could she grate that cheese. great personality tool. Fire looked pretty good till Electronics I. CFIREODEU Way to sell out your lab partner. In all seriousness. you were a loyal friend and someone we could always confide in. Once a triangle. always a triangle. l'd like to end this with... HOOYAHW! CGH. JCL. ARS Hot Tub Captain. IM talk, lt's GAINER timel. Adios...take it upl. Who's getting kicked out today? 'ehf SMS, SAE Diver's might only be U3 a person. but they're definitely athletes, no matter what anyone says...our roomates. let's not go there...we're in the same room. at the same desks for 2 years straight?...what, you don't like my car?...hey. you up there? thanks for listenin to me and laughin at mefaheml, l mean with me...hardest workin kid I know, got less sleep than anyone else at the academy, but EE was worth it. right? jason? Zzzzz MMJ l 1802004 1 - l FRANK LLOYD CAMP b,.,,,,g. 1 Z. A P . J . VIRGINIA BEACH, VA 5. " , ,F' I' - H-QI , ny! H - ls ff I RC ' Ns it f' tafgfegggg SQ 315 .-nn-an sg ,. ID . USMC PILOT THE DUCE, waking up to Underwood, stolen rugby van, and trip to the mall, iirst set of civies, accidental knife wound, what's your name? no P eeee demerits? How's that possible, stocked youngster fridge, locker room fun. roaming the streets of Annapolis, bonding in an alley, bros for life, I love you man! Yo, Stevo there's a dart in my legl. I2 hours of hard time, river dancing at O'Brien's, Au pairs, I-ball, insomnia. and insomnia the club, lcwbie and the 20-4IJ's. birthday girl's limo, how much protein is in that, swimming in ego alley, Oh .... Um sowry, struck by lightning, sleeping on the deck, with your own rack, 4th roommate. hour of power bowling, sucking ribs, lOst...cell phone. camera, cell phone 2, camera 2, brush, headphones. can you remember anything? 99 cent double cheeseburgers. I thought we were bros, pink lemonade, Uncle Sam's, I don't even liiiiiiiike you, fights in the hootch. the soap's on point, I thought we were bros, why not? it's fun, shuuuuuuut uuuuuup, daggone freakin squash melon grape brain housing group helmet holder hootch, biggest motivators around, MARINE CORPS, HOORAH MATTHEW PATRICK CAPPS if-,.. ABINGTON, PA isi NAVY PILOT itlt I f Matty Capps, the all star soccer goalie, lax big stick, and now his most Vqgf impressive feat, ultimate Frisbee player extrodinaire. The leg, first to stand V A I A' il" M j f MOOW, gootiness, the walk, bathtubs, crazy second class, and some lax. - .f itf, ,,,ppp 7 , V .. After a two and one-half year hiatus, back to be roommates again. Haha sucker. Just kidding, it's great getting to live with you again goober. So sitting back trying to think ofthe funniest thing I've seen you do, and there were a lot of them, I've come up with two. Remember that fateful elevator ride Army week plebe year? I swear I almost died laughing. And there was the time at the game you spun around the stick, in Orlando. Thanks for always making me laugh, especially every class I've ever had with you, where watching you nod off is priceless. Just be careful, you might break your neck if those get any harder. Thanks for being a good friend and a seliiess roommate. Blaino, Busta, Bobbo, G-man, CS, CCC. ELAINE MICHAEL CARDINALE MCDIONALD, OH NAVY PILOT Blaine, I honestly have no clue where to start. Well brother, it has been a ride. You are without a doubt the best friend a guy could ever ask for. I wish you the best of luck in P-Cola. To think I was there for all the big things. I was in Columbus for the first weekend, from what you all have told me I was in South Bend too, and all the craziness in between, even though I'm still waiting for the good table on account of your name. To the Crew, including Jeff. See you in the clouds bud.- NGR Ah, the roller coaster that is your life...often with hilarious consequences tremember when you thought you were gonna die on the way back from Georgetownl. While neither of us can say for sure whether or not there were actually tacos on Taco Tuesday, I can say this with certainty: Red Coral, Friday Saturday. -MTS 11th Company 131 MATTHEW STEPHAN CUSHANICK CHESAPEAKE, VA NAVY PILOT Even you can't fight gravity and win, the Massacre in 7056. nine months to reinstall one damned toof. a Philips head screw in your grill. and stoned on Demerol. lt's Cush AKA "Comrade Super-Cool" AKA "That Guy" AKA "Dolla Forty-3." Service selecting pirate. the vein. setting records in the Eastport Marathon. stumbling back from DTA. Rollin' on Dubs. hating on Merriland. multiple hour movie breaks. 9 hearing tests later. parallel parking. Bloodhound Gang Mondays. the summer concert tour. llzll. wearing as little clothing as possible. and Aloha Friday., "Cush. where's Schmidt?" "Hey dude!" fHigh-pitched voicel Here's a shout-out to all da boys. the Mexican Mafia. claymores and 45's. no holds barred Mario Cart. blacklights. Cush's Travel Agency. and the rest of the CCCP. .. Forty year old women. DB Frumpy. Easy-ography. the Eastport drunks. insurance professionals. postal he employees. and car salesmen... If you ever find a carrier fiying a pirate flag while blastin' 50 Cent you just found Cush. -Poon. Bob. Busta MATTHEW JOHN DATTOLI SILVER SPRING, MD SURFACE WARFARE Well, here it goes. thanks to everyone. especially my my mom. dad. Meredith and Tony. and ofcourse the guys who wrote these quotes: you are officially "Skinny" for the rest of your life. unless someone hears Stinky, or Stink-man. . .I DID take you to see the Anheuser-Busch aisle in St. Louis.. .just because it was your high school's name. does not mean you went to Gonzaga. . .hey, it's just a basketball game...Donuts. cigarettes. coffee, rocking ship equals SWO practicum...COWBOY UP!...viva Italia. . ."There ain't no beatin Wheaton.. .what song is this? point for me. . .Where's Skinny-home for the weekend-Every weekend. . .bologna, salami and cheese sandwiches.. .falling all over the dance floor at Cancun Cantina. Did you eat all of your lunch today'?.Well. I don't know where to start. you were the only one out of us all that never managed to piss me off. I could always count on you to take my side on anything, whether it was drinking in SC till the wee hours of the morning or going into DC and hitting up the GW rugby house. we always managed to make fun of anyone we saw no matter where we were and our first intro to the Nesquiek mix man that was a good night lt's been a long road and there's one thing I'm sure of after all is said and done. no one has meant more to me and given me more memorable times. you truly are the best guy to have for a roommate and friend. you're my boy skinny. S MICHAEL Topo DEHNZ BoW1E, MD NAVY NFO What a great time we managed to have while stuck here. What exactly were you doing in that picture? Going to HFS. Dude. are you ever gonna change that background? "Hey guys. I look like Avril Lavigne." "Hey where's Mikey"..."I think he's in the wardroomf' Making fun of' nerds at the movies with Little Art three years running. Monday nights in San Dog with Kenny and Matt. That's why they make button flies. When shotguns are pointed at your back. all you can say is "Yo. turn up the volume." South Park after lunch. M-A-R-Y-L-A-N-D. Barnoculars. and tailgates with Big Art and the Captain. Finally turning 18. Ehh. we could carry him. but we'll just drag him. Making Al your personal fire hydrant. "Make it more superior." Cuddling with the Captain. and 3 near death experiences in the Exploder. Refills during Oklahoma. "Yo Pop- what's up?" Little Mikey Cottontail. No Mikey. it doesn't go p-kew p-kew. it goes bang bang Firstie leadership...through boots. "Eh, what're you gonna do'?" Fair winds and following seas. 182 2004 1 1 l 1 i1n i i Lewbie. . .One HellUVA a guy. . Smithfield, Vir-gin-I-A "When did they R 53552 FRANK DALTON DURRUM III 55? if --A Hrs ' ,L ,,, .gglrivsa v I 3' ff 3' ix-, --.-xxx 1 h X .1 . 1 '-1,1 ' T5i. 1 .v MOUNT PLEASANT, TX USMC GROUND Bubba, Bubster, Bubburr. RD. Texas' finest: The man the best ideas, but they are cool" First roommate, Cab rides in Orlando, cab rides to the Pub and run. another use for a lawn mower other than cutting grass? days restriction from Nancy's. Chronic sufferer of the "Durrum Curse" That lady probably didn imp' Q1 I F' who "doesn't have last roommate. So Bubs what is Only guy to get 30 't need her minivan window. Set the most classes missed record, I-Ball plebe year. Dominoes and scooters in the Caymans. Home wrecker on more than one occasion, "slipping" out ofJH's bed, "she is a little homely" "whats on Nancy's floor?" running from the Game Warden. Horseshoe hasn't fallen yet. We'll have ajack and coke waiting for ya at the pub. friend from naps till the end. Nancy Survivor, MIA BL, JW, JO- LHE, BCM, Coon LEWIS HENRY EDMONDS III SMITHFIELD, VA I SURFACE WARFARE I put this Stop sign here?" "I am cold and I don't know where I am at." One blue USAA card multiple hookups. . .from Gordon and many we hope T no one remembers, a jumper short of a baller, CYO mastermind, Flag FB HOFer, roadtrip SUNY Cortland.."They never would believe us if we told'em S200 line. 0 duck, Texas hunting trip "I blew out my flip Hop" I-ball plebe year ...thinking ajack n coke at the pub sounds good right about now, I'll meet you down there and get the tab rollin ...Nancy original. Nancy Survivor, tied in the series but up one keyboard, ...'4Leave me alone go perc out!" "no...I gave you a printerw, "no...but they have it in the midstore" last nightis episode of matlock? takes a special guy to put up with me and budbur. couldn't have made it without you... friend till the end ...B-Math, Bubs. Coon, JT. . .MIA I BL,JW, RNS... i I I 4 ALEXA O. FORSYTH PALOS VERDES, CA V SURFACE WARFARE G'Alexa. Is that your REAL name or your dancing name?". . .AO. . .JAP. .. I Boobs...Apple girl. . .Agnes'? No, Sir. doesn't like me very much." 4'That's because you hit her in the head with a rifle.". . .living with the pagan. . .Frazzle quotes: What? I didn't LIE. What are they going to do? Fry me for being MEAN'?...beware of mice. . .Can you guys sing louder'?...Happy Jewsday! Happy Hump Day! And don't forget...Happy Monday. Token Jew on Crew...Sunday Bagels...I don't think I know the meaning of the word "no"...going to see the - "show" and meet the cast at Dani's church. . .ever changing away messages. . .knock knock. DECENT'7'?...skittles. gucks, stargazing :its "astronomy" homework. Nov. l0...Hospital Point? DoD? Woops. . .not the showerl...SPAlN l 200l,2003, 2004! CJA Sandwiches!...MM...SPD. BHN. KJL.. . .Cairo Egypt: LAA. SPD. MMS. fthe eternal I optimist, the eternal pessimist. John and Mary's. "the drowning of the ducks". Minky. meeting Mo and the DC girls. . leaving for Plebe Spring Break, Preakness, "Did I know you Youngster Year'?". the white blanket. the Scary Monkey. late night talks. navigating stairs, cinnamon buns, dropped glasses, female cops. "Bend It Like Beckham", the ears. . .it's all about the ears. Houston phone calls and drinking. i "That's my thumb", and changing songs. Fair winds and following seas as you journey to the Left Coast. and for posterity's sake. "It's tough always , being right, but somebody's got to do it." I win. -SPDJ I 11th Company 183 l PASCAL JOSE GONZALEZ ST. LOUIS, MO USMC PILOT Jerry Springer squad" One ofthe most fun guys to hang out with and definitely one of the Inost level-headed, I'm sorry about all the jokes. Ancient Peruvian-Italian rivalry and all... Good times: hotels in DC. Balt, Dupont Circle. Blocking skinny's game at his house. Two thumbs up for that One. Things have been great having you as a roommate. Holla. . ."Gonz, Can l borrow a movie?" You have always been there tO help someone out when they want tO waste some time. ..You are by far the Only person who would go so far out of his way to help a friend out. It means a lot. You're always my little S.F.P. . .You're my boy and my BOY. Cicero's on spring break, kicked out of league-dart play. You're a mini-motivator, but a lot of Marine. HOORAH. Wedding STL style, Marine ink. . .A great dude, great friend, future true husband, great father, and great USMC oflicer...from naps till last breath, l'd give it for you, thanks bro. . .I can't remember a time that you didn't have my back. . .Way back to the Springer squad, Mosser monster, red meat and campin, YPS, brawls at OBS. Now you'll have my back from a Cobra. That feels just about right. . .too close way too long bro, video tapes, ocean city fun, "l'll suck your ribs", "the soap's on point". "You would steal it, you...!". "You're nothing..." Minority room, BROS FOR LIFE!!! JUSTIN NICHOLAS HAVRILLA COLUIvIEIA, MD NAVY NFO Eternal Father strong to save whose arm hath bound the restless wave who bidd'st the mighty ocean deep its own appointed limits keep oh, hear us when we cry to Thee for those in peril on the sea: O Christ! Whose voice the waters heard and hushed their raging at Thy word who walked'st on the foaming deep and calm amidst its rage didst sleep oh hear us when we cry to Thee for those in peril on the sea: Most Holy Spirit Who didst brood upon the chaos dark and rude and bid its angry tumult cease and give for wild confusion peace oh hear us when we cry to Thee for those in peril on the sea: O Trinity of love and power our brethren shield in danger's hour from rock and tempest, tire and foe protect them wheresOe'er they go thus evermore shall rise to Thee glad hymns of praise from land and seal! CHARLES RAYMOND HURD NEW YORK, NY SUBMARINES "Uh thatls not my name sir..." The coldest sail to Baltimore EVER "ls this about the stereo sir?" "Stereo?" "oh! uh never mind..." Stitches from sailing, stitches from fieldball, 45 days, Thanksgiving, Christmas, people really should close their blinds at 0615. Dartmouth hospital, snowed in in Hartford. YPS, NYC. smoke race for a triple kiss. AP3. we drank Maine dry, dancing on a bar in Hong Kong, Singapore, Brisbane. Pearl Harbor, Golden Shellback: "it does what it's told!" wasted times, Vermont spring break, we're awesomc...that's all you need to know, "Did you girls know that October is breast cancer awareness month?" Howl at the moon, the stairs and then the pavement. AU Girls, aupair girls. Maine girls, older women, boobs as your backup. Boarding everywhere on the east coast, booze, way to quit smoking, Fat Jen's, nice golf swing, Oh Boy Obcrto. remember all the fun times and good luck at nuke school. 184 2004 MATTHEW MACKENZIE J AMES LITITZ, PA NAVY NFO Albino Rhino. Maja. NMSND. stinkin of chlorine, key trips+Miami, case race wf0-6. yellin at the coaches. eating interesting roomies. do you have any edge dressing'?. l'm out. what WL means.. Where's Matt? umm, Stef kidnapped him for AGAIN. Are you back there?-JEB...fun times and fast cars 4"l of Julytgeo metro'?l. spring break in Bancroft youngster sideburns than me and they blow in the wind. behave yourself what song is this? Point for me-MJD ...def works way too hard, tea, the matt cave, "I'm sorting through some stuff", tiring it to A!N'?. despised KH, foreman grill. how many alarms do you EBU -ies' '15 ,fe- -ss . g R- ,I W ' I it 3355? 1 E 5 fra-'.Ei , west trning chips too loud. no. I don't know the weekend. in SD for the year. longer on the Metro. what'?. orange up on the way have7. it's so strudel, laid back, had advice for any situation, the real deal friend, like a big brother-AEA King Hall has a bathroom'?. "You can make pancakes on that?" "James! Close your mouth!" I'm telling you guys that Sigur Ros is the future of music. Pine at Hopkins plebe year with the buds from home. "it's not like I lost a kid". nice vampire teeth. ouzo and the straw hat. how's your sister? Shut up, hands off. ok you can talk to her, here's her number. spending all my free time in the Caribbean the next 2 years, luckiest man alive, thanks to my family and Stef, I can never repay you guys.. .cheers JUSTIN BERNARD KALNOSKE ANNAPOLIS, MD NAVY PILOT I South Boston VFW over YP's. Blurty nights at neighborhood parties. And let's not forget how we tired it up downtown. 'Get back on the horse and stay therel'-AWK Phantom sink puker, had to hire Lesaca as a plumber. Veteran of rooming with the angriest wop of all time. Chronic sufferer of y.f. The man who was always up for a beer-LHE "Like Brett Favre says. 'I would have double bagged it."' Always had something in his back pocket to make everybody laugh.-MJO Kalno..Mayport: takin advantage of everything...the man who definitely knows how to have fun. 'next round '... always lookin for the next big thing. an indispensable member of l l, someone to count on...take 'er easy..cya in Pensacola-AEA Kalno... the ultimate connoisseur of fine Asian cuisine. "Hey, anybody want to go downtown?" DVD marathons. Roommate telling you you're going to hell. Meeting girls tailgating. I am not asking for it - I'm demanding it... Unintentional high comedy... -STM ALAN WILLIAM KRUPPA LA GRANGE, TX NAVY PILOT We never really liked that thermostat anyway. Who thought dental Hoss could be so dangerous? Plebe Summer with George. You and Bubba, mouthfuls of water, face to face, all wet two seconds later. Mr. Validation by day. Super Sailor by night. Rooming with the Coastie. If you move a muscle. you're dead. Nope. now the Turkey's dead. and hanging on our wall. Ring Dance was awesome. too bad about the Hang Gliding. and RI. Oh well. there's always Alan's regions of success. South Park breaks. Finally some TV shows for us. Monster Garage. and OCC. Yo man. you looking svelte. and belligerent. BWC neighborhood parties. Not the couch! Bad Tequila. Smartest dude in the world. SPMBN. Yo Dawg. gimme some Dap, and thanks for landing my plane! Yee Haw! Hold my beer and watch this!!! Memland, Go Terps, Fear da Turtle, G-Unit. Getting Spinner hubeaps on the white Ferrari. VGEP Firstie Year. Aero all the way. DBF. Your glock is most definitely not on tire. How many O-6's can you pass out in front of? And one more thing. l'm talking about that PPY! llth Company 185 SEAN THOMAS-ANDREW MAGEE LAKE GSWEGO, OR SURFACE WAREARE WORM: A name that strikes fear and lust into the hearts OfAnnapolis women. . .How old was she again? Dude. Worm. c'mon man. quit dancing like that... PYT anyone? The Lone Laker who fought his way outta Oswego. Come see what I bought before you go shopping dude. NO life skillz. grizzled knees. thinning hair. "Is that Tom Cruise? I didn't think he was that tall?" Who was the starting shortstop for the 1952 Yankee -yeah we know you know. The Ghost Summerrdebacle. . .Proud to be your friend - Jimmy Pyne A66 USS Acme - homeport Ricketts. . .Fast Freddy. "I don't understand... We're young. virile. attractive. in high demand dudes. ladies." Living the dream. Broke up with girlfriend day before Ring Dance - The Bear R59 Cankles... dislocated knees... loudest snorer in the world...OC '03 - where did you do your summer cruise?... worst listener ever...worst dancing faces Pe ever...product of a rocket scientist and a kindergarten teacher... do you even remember taking me to the airport?... wonder what her kids were doing... scandalous... wash the sheets... restricted SWO...tom cruise... armyfnavy XZ... roommates everywhere. brothers for life...DJPif58 Made it through the crusade. How many hats and how many horns does one need? Choptank. Hair gel and plab shirts. FEBU... Brother to the death and always there to lend a hand. SASA here we come- Mayor R67 BENJAMIN CHRISTOPH MATHEWS PITTSBURG, PA USMC GROUND Dunn-megga or beefdon? No one knows but I tell u this guy will find a way to get things done. But if anything goes down this man will be there no matter what the cause is-RDH. BMath: NAPS. One ofthe craziest. hardest. trustworthy dudes I know. Bros always. Semper Fi-JRC. PA connection. NAPS malia-TIL. Master ofthe wubstick-BL. Getting ruffled. Travis's apartment.cOm. Eye for the silver screen. Beerheads. Heard yOu're a sucker for a pistol-whip-TM. Great on the lield. "Bottom line" you're a great dude-JS. -l hours. one bar. 5 dudes, S700 bar tab. one kid in jail for assault. can't beat it. "Dude, sack up and cut yourself"- MM. The worst memory in the history of man. "Hey, why is Mathews sleeping in the hallway?" Room 7018: lowest average GPA in the Brigade and by far the most absences.-STM. Got any candy?-ST. Hey man you think your sister would date me? At least I don't kill my babies. Getting pumped before the games FEBU. brothers till the end-ATM. Why, look son, it's Satan. Biggest meats on planet earth. If it's cold, put it in zee oven PSU. Let's crush them up and snort them. Good thinking man. Bruised and battered. still came to play. linished when it counted. Slainte and Semper Fi-C AM. Don't turn around dude l'll be done in a sec, you too Andy-TB. Hit 84 run, you seen my bti:8LA'Z girl friend?-BJM. "Yes dude. when we getting Wasted?"-ETC. "Aught03." Risler. I-Ball Plebe. Year 3 year roommates. 10K punch-FDD-LHE. Bullets in the hand from Afganistan. Heart 2 Heart with sn? BB cappin and knife slashin-KEK JOHN THOMAS MEIXNER EVERSON, WA USMC GROUND Johnny Meix, the greaaat dude. JT came to the boat school from the hard side of Nooksack. Washington Where only the "tough dudes? survive. Ladies' man of K-6 teachers down at O'Bs. Sorry, the Mariners donit get a ring for choking in the playoffs. Toby xl, CYO. Roadtrip SUNY Cortland. ultimate wingman. OB drinking buddy- LHE. WJTR non-stop country music sing along radiomwhatsac? it turns out... john von clausewitsz. talk your ear off. alarm bzzzzzz shavin...I-IURRICANE COMIN ! roommate's girlfriends roommate, who got engaged this weekend? molars in the wall, take-downs. ground-pounder -7045. "Some us lead and some of us fly."-Bubdur.. Oz. never understood what thc hell you were sayin... definitely the bigger Hick. 3yrs 7"' wghtrm, times were good man as -Wood. .. Springer Squad, NTT, YPs. Detail. campin. OC yo...I'll be right there, raw meat. sword bearer. varsity green team. -Gonz. A Man's Man and a Marinc's Marine. .. A Country boy can survive... Wish you the best. the boys .... MIA J.G. 186 2004 WILLIAM JOSEPH MORAN ST. LOUIS, MO USMC PILOT Heuer the destroyer, comma club, spring break 2003 Z-O-U, Harpo's, Margarita Mamas? car dealership at never seen someone as excited as you when you found going Corps, built ford tough? "l'm Pimpin' it" 100 UP...2500 dollar couch, did you man up yet? First survivor of R muster, Happy birthday to ME! gf 'W' 1- vt 56553 '- ' Ac. gn - ' it ,:"' .. ' j '-'-- 'H .EM -. 311, "the Lou." M-l-Z- 3 am, golf course. out you were times. COWBOY Burger 81 Brew, Taco Tuesday, O'Club, Typical thursday... friend who was always ready to go out with his boy...all around nice guy who I let talk to my sister... never gotten along for more than a semester, love to talk smack.fall out never lasts long anywhere in the Corps. I would gladly take ten bullets for Will. Semper Fi. Represent the Lou.trouble since we lirst met, craziest faces during plebe summer, rash help, rough spots.you are a witch you rich trucker, i still love ya. crazy nights, canit believe roomies plebe year.always got caught, music and movies, tour kings, daniels at GW, you were always meant to be a Marine, good to see you get what you deserve. good luck in everything you do. and just ball up. HOORAH. MICHAEL JOSEPH GSTERHAUS MERRIAM, KS NAVY PILOT 1 "Haus' heart is about as big as that Jayhawk state he hails from. He's fl l a little different than the rest it seems, and I don't mean the fact that his hair is a little too short for a naval aviator, I mean he listens when a people speak, he really cares about how you're doing, he has no agenda. Whether taking girls to working lunches at debate tournaments, or wrestling my roommate to the Hoor after a full I day of classes, Haus is a true gentleman, and a true friend."-ASM, American. remember thinking to myself as Mike and I were sliding down the side of Touch-Me-Not Mountain at Philmont, LAdd this to the list of Mike's bad ides.' and all I could think of was. . .IWGBTPP is JLL. . f'Busy with the ladies by day, procrastinate about Systems at . night, he made his mark on Stribling Walk EVERY Sunday night, but watch out for the seawalll You're a great kid. l a great man, a great friend. Mike, Bros forever" N MIDN X. . ."'Hey ladies, hey ladiesll' only I FOOIJIIHLIIC to CYCI' NOT hear the snoring...see you in Pensacola"- JBK..."You are such a nerd like me, why is it that you have to be beating off all the girls and I dont? f Well, at least my car isn't going to fall apart right after the warranty expires. I know Pensacola doesn't get down sub-zero temperatures like back l I I 1 home, I hope you can handle it...but I know you're tough man. You're a rare friend. I hope living together wonit change that opinion gl" -JCI STEPHANIE LYNN PATTERSON MAYVILLE, MI MEDICAL CORPS I Hey Doe, don't you ever smile? list of Woe summer recon to 80' wing l Vaporized rooms Choking in the P-Way love chitting out because of Bobby pacing the l2:40 PRT runtime Hey Steph my shin's hurt nomad youngster you chose chemistry as your major AXN week crab bombs and biological warfare one free period all week. Getting Alexa "Something l I I I i, that tastes like pineapple" taking advantage ofthe Merchant Marine's open bar Hung over in the limo in New York Are you XC captain? no lt' Reg. PMO RMOOW, another useless watch Are you the girl-on the big screen infamous Tim appears For my fellow runners: Foony's P' team KB's salivating workouts pasta parties and smoothies on the I beach in Hawaii while Isabel hits East Coast Pineapple. Crochet lessons on the bus turkey sandwiches and gogurts I banking on Per Diem. No cinnabons or French fries sneaking ice creamfcandy past Karen Army Girls nicknames I hair ribbons and stickers carbo mix workouts with Gunny JoJo's butt fetish never ending bus ride to Dartmouth Carla's nicknames "Don't cross the l I I fondly and cherish forever. Good luck and may God bless all your future endeavors. I llth Company I road" CDR C. Sport Psychologist Meetings "Sharing the Track" with the guys Partner Relays for prizes PRT as part of workout Learning how to smile before racing. Jen's surprise Planning weddings on bus trips All these memories and relationships l've made over the years I will look back at 187 STEVEN MICHAEL PIACENTE YONKERS, NY USMC PILOT Hey Pia-sontay. Heuer the Destroyer. summer school. hole in the wall. tumbling hairballs. comma club. restriction vacation. Most famous Herndon cover ever. I checked G into the navy lodge. roomies with clausewitz. . .and Frank. waking up to the Hurricane in our hootch. .. what is going on? It fell Senior Chief, Night Fonz. the cookie monster. Yo..get off Iny back. Will-o. Steve-o, Frank-o. T-o. Gonzo. Help me out with my fade. get my back. Steve and his camera. Steve-logic. uncle rich told me... Pimpin out the jetta, Yo..lets go bowling. 24-7 at the library. "dying" every Tuesday'?. wake up for the screener Steve. be club lax. judo, your Marines will do it. . .donlt touch me. don't touch me. couples club founder. "rwwahah rwaawah. heheheh. . .", Ring dance. ..last time we'll ever all chill together. I don't even liiiike you, go hang with your "boys." Yo Franko. we liftin. nightly lights. just tap out. I can't feel my feet. This water is freezing. . .coming up on 3 minutes, Bro's for life, Motivator. MARINE. HOORAH. JONATHAN DOUGLASS POWELL FAYETTEVILLE, NY SUBMARINES JOWWWWUUUHHHNNNAWWWAATTTHHHAAAWWWAAAAN NNNNNN! !!!! Yo nice dawg!!! We be graduatinf Gimme some dap. playa!!! My playa! G-UNIT! Our little uh-oh OREO! Our personal punching bag. It's just body hardening. We just ate: itls SOUTH PARK time. Watch out! Ijust had laser eye surgery. I'm gettin, BIG ON YOU PLAYA! LEFT RIGHT LEFT RIGHT LEFT RIGHT LEFT, GET ON UP!!! Get a brace - l, 2, 3, 4, ahhhhhhh... MJ - worst roommate ever. Just go to the bat cave. but better ask KR. though. It goes without saying that she's been the deti ning part of your life here. Good luck with it. G-UNIT! !! Reading magazines about wolves and log cabins. Deer. turkey. and geese hunting. Could try flying the enplane. but we'll prolly crash it. G-UNIT! !! Where are those ants coming from? Prolly the Coastie! Who goes to bed at 10? It's truly been an experience living with you. Never met someone who has such a hatred of tuna. You know. an adult costume is only ten extra bones. What's that in your pants? All that work in AERO just to go SUBS. the quiet service. You'll be all right thoughg it's just tive Inore years of your life. Can't play your rap music too loud. though. Time to watch OCC. It's a romantic comedy, baby. SPMBN... WORD IS BOND!!! ERIK MICHAEL SCHMIDT SPOKANE, WA USMC PILOT Erik. Max. Schmidt. Schmidthead. The Flash. Hotwheels, Timmyg whatever you're going to call him, youlre going to have to catch him first. "You're so unlucky..." From TCC to NTXC. Swiss Alps, Real World Flagstaff. and beyond? Who knew he would be a Marine Aviator. must have been that great Zfc influence plebe year. Just goes to show you that running I8 Iniles a day and playing video games for three hours each night counts as a major in computer science. The only guy who could eat three desserts in one night and not gain a siIIgle pound. "Hey, Washington is so much better than Florida!" "Did you read the script today?" NTXCXNTTF CRH.ILA.AJL.KCR 188 2004 :li ANTHoNY GEORGE STRANGES SILVER SPRING, MD SUBMARINES "Baby I love youg I don't want terrorists to Beefcake. Beefcake. BEEEEFFFCAAAAAKE. HEEEAAAAD." Half man, half gorillag the gorilla "Hey Mikey, guess what I did this weekend!" How 'Wh 1... 15. R ti I -im ,A 9 s ,, ,ggi L 'lf Q H 15 V 35:1 I -Q1-gmt i s .. if Zu!! "ie Emil,-. Y kill you." HNOOOOOO is the better half. many tow trucks does it take to get your jeep unstuck? Just two. Lifting weights with your feet. . .bad idea. Chugging a six-pack in a park in Japan. Matty Sass says: When you take off your white T-shirt you look whiter than before. Grumpy-Bear. "Don't hug me!" "Don't worry .... we'll be at the bonfire any minute." The great white rapper. Body hardening. . .. or tenderizing as the case may be. Gee I think something is wrong with Ozzy, he just doesn't seem normal. Ford Focus. Too cool for TJ. How many Shamus are there? "No. . .we're not drunk .... and do you really have to point that shotgun at our backs?" Explosions at the bowling alley. on the way to the Q, at the Q, mostly everywhere. Mostly. Fair winds and following seas .... as much winds as you can expect underwater at least. MICHAEL LUTHER UNDERWOOD DIBERVILLE, MS NAVY NFO roomies for 3yrs.family.had your own reserved couch in my house.drinking nesquick mixes at 9am in SC.celebrating service assignment starting at 4pm.you owe the Metro station a few hours of cleanup.we always got mad everyone else but each othertthat's pretty impressive for two angry guys like usymy best and longest friend at the Academy. thanks bud-Skinny.never knew anyone so transparent.it's refreshing to know someone's leaving nothing unsaid. . .then he barks. . .but that's another storysomeone very few people can stay mad at.. .and I have no idea why. . .good luck in life. navy and marriage.we're all glad to know that the North and the South finally signed a treaty.Love you bro'-pascal.N-I-C-K-O-W. mah baby. . .oh ah'm Sorry.Crah.Were you raised in a bavvrn'?Hair. . .shave it, dye it. trim it, gel it. . .just don't leave it alone-will.Just like me.. just a little dirtier...then he did a 180 on us and hasnt been the same since... weapons detail 2x...Ma JEEP... Same taste tshes my Eyetalin Princess dammitJ...no problem lettin it all hang out tdear GodJ...we know how to have a good tiIne...NFO fo' Life!! well maybe just 7yrs-fonz.HUGE Hick...Wood. . ."add a tenf, So he does nothing.Boys since day one.boys til the end-JT 11th Company 139 4l l lason Andrew Cynthia Rose Z, Stephanie Helen William Sean Eugene Robert Tucker Caroline Ann Michael Scott Nerio On gjoco Parker Thayer Paxton Purdy Ragon Scudder Stephens .lohn William George Benjamin J olm Robert Christopher M, Treptow Watkins Weier Zwicker 192 2004 MQW 07296601 Captain Mary Beth Bruggeman Company Ufficerji X. Andre M. Jonckheere, Company XO aMatthew A. Campbell, Commander Christopher Wozniakl, Sergeant Senior Cor Enlisted Christopher Ashinurst, Company XO David Hoopengardner, Company Commander Reed A. Kitchen, First Sergeant 1 l 1 , l 12th Company J ARED LEE ALLEN I' -A if CONCORD, CA ' I NAVY PILOT Jared Allen. Promoted to the prestigious rank of Kernel sometime Youngster year, Jared's administrative skills saved us time and again, even if his people skills or utter lack thereof, achieved the opposite effect. If you ever asked him. you'd learn that California may be the best place on earth. In his mind Jared was constantly in California for four straight years, evident by his constant wearing of shorts, with long johns underneath in the winter. Oblivious to the cold. Jared was rocking out constantly. The Nav's worship band was the closest thing Jared ever had to a rock band, though he always played a wicked air guitar. Between the air guitar and pining for California. Jared also managed to occasionally keep Unit 3 on track using words like "expositional" and "inductive" The Kernel's focus helped us get to the DR twice and his rudimentary skills in espanol helped us survive the trip. Of course, he didn't think the trip up, that was. . .fSee Gillb I CHRISTOPHER ADAM ASHINHURST I STAFFORD, VA USMC GROUND "LOSE YOURSELF IN THE MUSIC". . ,Ash, Cash, Wendy, Sponge Cash Square Head. property of Allison.. .the boy straight out of Philly. I mean Stafford County, VA. If you ever need a personal trainer give him a ring, he is the weight loss expert. ...ZOO to 165 in y a week "that won't be a problem." Who can ever forget the famous endzone dancetdust I your shoulder off for mej. Ash is a straight player. 'Shows up plebe year to dominate 1 baseball, but then decides to get involved in Sprint. It turns out that he is actually a pretty decent quarterback, 2 National Championships, 2 MVP's, oh yeah and to us he is known , as "Heisman," The quarterback challenge never ended, so I guess we will have to See who dominates the next period I i in our lives. It's been a good one Ash. Phillipians 4i:13.. always. Ride Together, Die Together. CCS and Dean. N This dude, maybe one of the greatest athletes the academy has ever seen. Madden, AAAV, Trash bags. Cutting weight, 165, gaining weight, 200+, skoal wintergreen longcut, all these things equal Ash to me and you ask anyone they'll tell yous it'Strue. Ash it'S been a pleasure this last 4 years and God Bless you and Allison in the Marine Corps. Hoop out. . 3 U I A U I S I I . . I y DANIEL MARK AUSTIN g I U U' I UAWINTERAIPARK, FL ' A 'F g Q p . I.USMC.PILOT I I I This blue eyed Sherpa hails,from7Orlando, Florida, known for Disney Land I I and beat up weather in June. Threefbloody rounds with MB plebe year. I "Welcome to German Jams" "Hey,you guys got any detergent?" "Hey, you - . , I I I ' I ' , guys got any food?" "Hey,you guysgot any change?" "Hey, you guys got I any ski boots?" "Hey, you guys got any calculators?"lDannyl. i"YOUiRE A BUM!"',leverybo'dy1. Failed attempts to start a band with John Allen. What's the going rate for the morning after pill. Out of shape for the PRT:7min 45sec. Bracing up Swabies in Montego Bay. Slicing your hand in Florida and still pulling it off. Can you say "Mrs Captain Julie Austin?" One of two great things that came from that Spring BreakfSTuDsJ. SPIRIT RANK FOREVER! Teal Mexican truck RIP. Hula dance party on the dash. Cheating death numerous weekends in a row, E counting them in Spanish. "I just saw a chicken in the bushes!" Beating down Roanoke Chicken Man. Bags of l marlin spike and sea rations. Possessed computer screen. chemskillbuilder 1. Danny 0. Eli Owre's brother l. Danny 0. Late nights with CB naked, I totally naked. Good luck in the Corps DevilDawg GG STD TY ET f.194f' 2 0 0 4 ig? MICHAEL ROBERT BARIKIAN wi, A .gg " 'Qfzifqmt I -- - ramad QE-7 -PV? I Pi' JY aa! E 1 STRATFORD, NJ ffmi. USMC GROUND Wait, you actually go here? Avg. day : Formation Cskip itj, Class fskip itj, Formation Cskip itl, Lunch Cliftfrunfwrestlej, . Class Cskip itj, Practice, Dinner, Madden, Bed. The amazing career ofa Naval Academy bookie is coming to an end. Three bloody rounds with DA. AIA BLVD. "Can you help me with this paperfhomework!test?,' Summer golf outings. Luring "Big Anne" to the rack with a Lombardi poster. Stealing cars. "Hey man, I know your girlfriend." Saving the world one Jew at a time. The GMU connection? Endless scams. Sneaking wrestlers into Preakness. Teaching us all how to drink on your 2181 fdon't remember? We got the photosj. See what happens when you don't spend 510,000 on a limo! Cigars on the Annapolitan. The Tan Salon that never was. Body heat is the best way to stay warm! Whatever happened to the HT, WPT. CC. SJ BS, Bar. TM tix Cdude, Denver is a long way to go for Tuesday libertyj? E-A-G-L-E-S, nope. GG TY ET MC TM DA J OSHUA CURTIS BAUER LEEDS, ND SUBMARINES Bauer - aka 'the hammer' nuf said. North Dakota Style all the way- COWBOY UP. You joined in the crew of me and ash youngster year in 7149, shag carpets, cheap beer, baseball games, jack, soco n lime. We helped each other through, from the dyed hair of spring break in Jamaica to the car troubles of 2" class year to the bars in DTA. Bauer always was friends with everyone, took everyone out for their 21S', was always inviting everyone everywhere he went. Randomly going anywhere: from Pat's in Philly, to country concerts in VA Beach, to a wkend in PRAGUE Calways wondering anywherecgceverywherej. Joshua was also the master Judo d 1. . . . .. .4 IZAEJETHBUDREJKO 1 . .NAVYRNFO A R - 1 .ItjigQigcnuallyfypronounced Mottville and it has an Indian casino. Budyi . 1 1 Spending thaiiksgivingifwith Tiain the, 5 ' by ,thelcountry for navy events. The hookar 3 B g A g fmovie nights on 71. The Queens brigade run by the Triple threat V A A L 'S herself. Ring dance shower time. .'fWait Catherine, what are you doing up at 4 in the morning? Is that Eli O's brother? Weird." Late plebe nights with Mitch Moore and Jack Daniels. FOOOOO, you's a FOOOOOOO! Too bad about Boogerman. Went to Orlando and came back with a tennis ball, and that led you to his friend the French Poet. 1t's the Bua-donk-a-donk. Firstie brass well you know the rest, yeah youngsters. Also, your brother is the meanest man alive. RS RK DK GG TY ET MB tiff-gg -,M 12th Company RICKY D. BURIA GRLANDO, FL USMC GROUND Diablo -Who knew "you can feed me anytime". would lead to this. I guess the shiny spandex really did something for me. From ROTC to hard core Mid we've been best friends through it all. HTB -- You are my fancy rat, my bright-light partner, my airplane pilot. the Zubaz model. my tradeport companion. my ring dance pimp. my monkey man. my sexy drooler-yikes. the workout guru. and despite it all the love of my life. The adventures we've had together make our years to come as husband and wife that much more exciting. I am so proud of you -what you've achieved and what is to come is all apart of truly living your dream. The sky is your limit and your playground Mr. Marine Corps pilot -Ohh rah. Te amo con todo mi Corazon. N Your WTB 5-year plan. "Nice ESWS pin. are you a prior?" "The key to happiness is having dreams. The key to success is making your dreams come true." Anonymous MATTHEW ALAN CAMPBELL FAIRFAX, VA SUBMARINES Mattie, Easy Mac. MC. The Father of the H6326 Prophecy." Host! Yeah ' baby! The all NOVA room. Where do you think I'm going? Yes. my car is parked on the yard as a plebe. . .youngster. . .second class. and yes my license plate is MAC04. Jumping the wall. Spring Break Daytona ttoo bad it took others to tell me what I did, thanks Joni. Totally stole Senioris office, loved the AKC. Alpha inspection- time to clean. where's Matt? 21 and still carded for R-rated movies. I don't want relationship. I just want. . . !!! No one can drive the chariot but me. Mr. Campbell listens to very angry music. Not my books, my binders. Sleeping with your eyes open. Bon Jovi. What time is it- 10 after - I0 after 0630? I can't believe you just hit me. Bond. James Bond...Sshhh, I'm spying. Guinness. breakfast of champions. How much do you have'?...ummm. 32. Trifecta. NASCAR. Look at the firetruck! Sounds like Matt is awake. I HATE MY FACE. CHRISTINE COLE STATEN ISLAND, NY NAVY NFO Chris-Cole: plebe rifle: "l!c,' YPs: dead NTT swim buddy: creepy, shady youngster: FA: Carter Hall chicas: mad dog: getting ice: Weapons detail: Ocean City: red headed New Yorker catholic school Jersey girl now from Floridatthanks, Justinbg blizzard '03 weekend tJed. . .dudejg darts at Joan and Pete's: hanging from the ceiling: lost after monster truck rally: vanilla: Narch design room: that's not 6 inches: text messages: we party here: Zlt' b-day: lush not an alcoholic: nerd: Taco Tuesday: lfc AIN: "You can't answer the phone cause you're doing WHAT'?": baker's dozen: Houston Bowl: service assignment night with the company boys: ok. that didn't sound right. . .go ahead and make fun of me: "I don't know about you sometimes. girl"tCharlesJ. . .Thanks to everyone for four years of interesting and tmostlyj good times. . .To my boys. . .I love you guys and you know it... "Every plane needs a FO". .. 196 2004 1n11 W BRANDON J ACKSON CoLV1N mf'-W' ROCKWALL, TX NAVY NFO Where to begin with young Brandon? This man, a man known by many names, many faces, whether they be metallic. swollen or just plain angry. Known to the English speaking world as Duce, Colvinator. Coolvin and many others that can't be mentioned, he always has a knack for communicating in some unknown language, perhaps ones and zeros orjust plain murmurs. We have watched ll Duce grow from a mere padawan. breaking holes in ceiling tiles into a full fledged Jedi and being caught playing with his light saber or randomly brandishing his mighty jedi weapon after a night of engaging the dark forces in downtown Annapolis. He is a true warrior in every sense of the word, hardened by blowing his horn on historic Worden Field to violently stabbing his saber into a struggling enemy in a fencing match. One cannot claim Brandon as a man who likes to go slow. A blink of the eye and one can miss the metallic glimmer of his smile as his X-Wing Stealth car darts by. Quick and aggressive, Brandon comes quickly when the situation is hot. Always ready to lend a helping hand, he never hesitates to drive from the backseat, even right after oral surgery. A man of communication, he always seems to be able to catch you at the right moment. whether thoroughly engaged in reading or studying, Brandon jumps at the chance to help his shipmates with a study break. Often touted as "rude", Brandon is widely misunderstood. His love for people, kittens and ewoks. glimmer in his everyday interactions with people. God bless Texas and usethebomb! .. - 5 7 Q gif" Y ini-U' s r lung, ,Q 4' ' -1-,,'i 1 f' f 1 'fx-FA MATTHEW J OSEPH COPARE PETTSGROVE, NJ NUCLEAR SURFACE WARFARE Matt "Pooh Bear" Copare, the saltiest mid lrl LT in the Navy, with the high and stupid and 8 diet cokes a day, he has defined his legacy. His car is his life. From the days of the PSU girl to watching flowers bloom and on to Dana days of now. He is the shadiest of creatures not to be disturbed from his nocturnal state. Only person to eat dessert before dinner. . .to watching him pound Guinness on YP's to seeing him for the first time as NAPS inductees. . .Wow Matt, how far you have come, from the good'ol days to being one of us H7143 bums." Chronic broken pinky toe... "Hey man, guess what. . "Uh, yeah Matt I got the same email." "Your mom's lasagna made me poo in my pants," spurred the biggest fight ever! Neat freak. Went from Aero to General Eng. How do you pull . A.. these hot girls? You passed out in the bathroom stall. What ever happened to the PSU dance team hookup? "Turn off the lights!l!" Internet buying addiction. . .Matt's blood-diet coke content : well above the legal limit. GEOEEREY DAVID GOLDSTEIN CHEVY CHASE, MD SURFACE WARPARE Along with Ensign Nick Parker, one of the founding members of Team Tough. The only requirements: to be Jewish and ridiculously tough. Super Dud. "Goldthein, ave you been boothingf,-JQ. 'fAnd I'm Dr. Lickstenstick? "This is for you Ally .... ouch my leg!" "This is how a SEAL clears a mask...ouch again" 7 a.m., in bed. . .noon. in bed...5 p.m., in bed... 10 p.m., in bed snuggling with CB or JB sleeping on your back. Daily workout: six hours of PT with old friends Mari Windsor, Jamie Brinkus, and Clay Blackburn. Where do you find the time?! The Geoff Goldstein five-step program for getting a girl: step l. write her a poem: step 2, go to her play: step 3. get goosed by her boy friend: steps 4-5, disregard. Step 6 if necessary. heft check. No wub game. You just can't close. Dutch runway models must look better the closer they get to the equator. SPIRIT RANK FOREVER! Ruining the Academy rep one hot dog at a time. What's wrong with my feet? "Hey Geoff. your phones ringing: I think it's the honorary grad. . again." Cop rides with bags of marlinspike and sea rations. Good luck hibernating on Curts. ..say hey to Escobar. ET TY DA MB DK. 12th Company 197 1 nie l - i in-ll 1 1 l I 1 - i GABRIEL REESE GRAUKE BRENHAM, TX SURFACE WARFARE Give me a HOLLER if you're from TEXAS! Why do people hate Texas... ? "Everyone ..., white works Grauke...3 minutes,... golf' Are those Knox's sweatpants. . .? Where did Dirty go, you know, the allengator, swampthang, warthog. the "he's the meanest, he you know, shower-shoeless man, the circus animal, the man with the merchant mermaid. Oh, where's BT, haven't heard him lately. Hey Hotspur, jackarse, you wanna go and crack some skulls? Sounds like a good time!...maybe there's a skull breaking video you haven't watched 57 times in the last three days - you never know. He's a solid dude. Well,... there's that. A Keep swimming up stream, I'll drift down and wait in a comfortable eddy. Always roach-it. Always scheming... Money-tight-hookup-shiznit. DAVID ALAN HOOPENGARDNER J R. CENTREVILLE, VA i-4" N P .,..f3r'-In j AVY ILOT z ,,.. QM I A 5 fg,f's'f i AA QA A- .. I ARA 'fHoop. . .Like a Basketball? From getting busted buying Fritos during Plebe Summer to our fearless Company Commander Firstie Year, Hoop has literally A ' ' " done it all. The infamous 7167 Whiz Quiz. The green BUG. The youngster room carpetfrefrigerator! daItboard!Foreman. The best 12th Company Tailgaters. The Friday night Hookah Parties. And where the heck did those sandals come from??? What can we say Hoop. it's amazing you're still alive after all your visits to Hospital Point after 'falling downf riding razor scooters down the stairways, to 'slipping on wet floors, in the P-way. It has never been boring babysitting you for Cinco De Mayo Hoop Cdon't ever lose your Sombreroj. It's been a good mn buddy. Best of wishes from Dakota Ashes. I MARK CHRISTIAN INGMAN QLYMPIA, WA SURFACE WARFARE Hey, my name is Mark, want to see my .... .highlight film? Tell me now if you don't. I am here to major in Chinese and play football, why are these people yelling at me? I think I'll just catch a nap in the closet, no one will come in. Free ballin, in Knoxis sweats is SO money tight schiznitl "I'm the Moose." Right .... so Bert it is! Ingus, Dingus, Ingus McGregor, Bert DingleS8cffP':. .. Finally you became the Roach, surviving project Indian, Katie Keller, and rooming with the Boiler, the Rhine poodle, the Allengator, and Graukfestival. Its that time ofthe night again. . .you always escalate things. So when exactly is mouse season in ghetto 7? Well, there is that .... The only man who can argue himselfin circles and end up defending the point he was attacking. Hairclub for Mids. ..l just got this in from Pakistan, is it safe? DETITWEBtDAJ and leaming to tell a Homet from a Tomcat. These are not the droids you are looking for. . .what? The Roach. you accumulated nicknames like it was yourjob. Your real talent, though, was sleeping, because everyone knows that you need at least 8 hours a night. Remember catching a nap after plebe summer in the laundry? Or catching naps after Rugby practice. about the eaiplugs? I could have sworn that they used to be orange... Good luck getting a solid 8 a night as a SWO, if anyone can do it, it's you. 198 2004 i i all - l Il- nil n-sin nl-l ANDRE MICHAEL JONCKHEERE is EUREKA, CA USMC PILOT It's amazing what the Academy can do to a Marine. Hardnosed grunt R . . F54 --I n 231255 to high-speed pilot who would have imagined that? Yet with all his refinement, the old man of the company these past couple years shared his inhnite wisdom to lacking individuals hoping to spark some discipline or bearing. Too bad he couldn't spark some order into room cleanliness while he was at it. Oh well, we all can't be Hollywood material. Maybe those dancing lessons will come into good use one day. Keep the skies clean for all us on the land or sea. DOUGLAS ROBERT KANE JR. WESTLAKE VILLAGE, CA NAVY PILOT Chester the Molester introduced us to the "kv factor by securing dome from Hemdawg. Andretti style driving back roads West Virginia, capped off by a tight backside misty 540, little rough on the landing. Yo Rob, can I get a ride. List of places Rob has marked lroom. dorm rooms, covers, cars, and lets not forget Adamls housel. Hey can you come here and get Tal off my refrigerator? Ring Dance: Come get Hoop and his car out of the ditch. Great job on setting up Ring Dance, but terrible execution on closing the deal with your datetyou must have learned your game from Monkeyj. Living with 2 Maryland Jews really pissed you off, Shalom cracker. 'tHey, Geoff 's a player, don't hook up with him, hook up with me. Dave" A A lKanel Dad, why is mom a fat redneck woman with a mullet, and why did you let Skinny get in on that? Are we there yet? If you can roll a T-34 as well as the Trailblazer, Topgun ain't got nothin on you. GG RS TY DK ET CB KACEY EDWARD KEMMERER REDMOND, WA SURFACE WAREARE NAPSlatenightpre game w!BMath,shavinbothheads,thefam,NAPSLB sTJ ,B M,ED,AS,EF,Charliosw!NR.NA,latenightfilmin,sleepinw!Gonzo8LKim,pa ssin2.0,SpringBw!Fre8LSin,IloveRachel,youwillmakeit,shitIwon't.pizzaon Wedsw!PJ ,LL,SinGetoff1ne.medalothonor,3Odaysinthebri g, l3tours+ l ,AJ XKC jump! l !Gettincut,roletoJ MUBostonian style,OCwithCW8cATM8cRS8cCrewpunchme.NTT4'hPlatoon,SoCoPongG?LaxLairRATstandown,NAdrinkinbeersvi ewinHS8cMB.hehe.YP'sMC.Guiness8L350ZRat8LKSFoxlieldgettingwastedoncarsready2die.2m'JMULaststraighthoo kup,whichoneofyou'?J D,sorry4punchloveglasses.BMathRUSERIOUS'?N J LakehouseBeaver.J C DELTAOpsWARatth eSHORE.USSDenver2 lrunJFern,DPandLLSeattlew!JC8LBGHootism8cUWgals.NAPSdetailshhhhAK.TC.BM.ourse crets.Mainew!JD,7!l l!dubsnOl'port.CourtFest20028c2003RazorscotterBumlightsSpiritRank.SLUw!Mizuchicks.Spr ingBreakgo2beavseatpizzarun.OFace8cMDredhot.LL8c DB shady,KSw!donkey,Jamorunnindatab.EBoiledup,Ratcigar s,JDMiamiOHdealmein,IneedS l ZdollarsJDFSU,shedrinksmorethanmesotightthestoryof2dudesLNwfJF.OFace,JF,DE,NFOLlFE,CYAUSMC.SeniorH ockeyGroupiesWilieWWSJSD! l !CU.USAFA.CSU.SFS.Ca1rySwords.Post.Bustripsw!Knips,Seniorsintheback.Email8cIMwars.soberupfuzzyKessplay fair.Latenightw!Tal.WatchBJw!Bronzy.Nomoredeltajustaseaotblue.FromtheHallsofMonteOhwaitnevermindSubsnahSowhydidyougotoLNagain'YGOS WOorGOHOME,NAVYHOCKEYZOO47 l43BUMS. 12th Company 199 ALEXANDER BRYAN KENDRIS NEW OXFORD, PA SURFACE WARFARE Sharky K.. just like the amish...always on the straight and narrow, lt didn't take long for him to be done with Aero. Always up late, he's the MP3 Don. Man he's drunk he ean't run that marathon. Sleeping in late, does he know he has an exam? Another engineers test. bet he didn't have to cram. The silent type. who knows what he's going to do? West Point found out the hard way. next time the joke's on you. Either in the boxing ring or classroom, the warrior just won't quit. He wasn't gonna drop. he could take another hit. Everyone's armed with a gun. but he's the one with the knife. no problem. we got your back. we're boys for life. RRP. MSR. CAS. TLW, CS S1 HYO KIM l VOORHEES, NJ NAVY PILOT No discussion of disappointment would be complete without mention of , Dave Kim's career as a football fan. Yes, almost as pathetic as Donovan McNabb's arm is Dave's insistence that the Eagles are a legitimate force. His time at the Naval Academy has been marked by three NFC Championship losses. as well as the sight of Danny Austin's nekkid booty sweating in the hot Jamaica sun. Which is more painful? Good question. He is a great friend with a lot to offer. especially it' you are into low-budget motels in Delaware and communicable pinworm parasites. Gas Attack. "l am really worried about service selection. . Always a help with HW, someday he'll get a B. Stretches a dollar further than anyone. Founder of the Kim E-Bay empire. Sold his soul for stripes. Saved his friends by fixing their window before Isabel. Member of the Dirty Jersey Clan. Bring your puppy over for dinner. Jamaica 2003: talks with rock stars and. "Eric! What are you doing?! ...oh. it's just Danny." Bad dance moves and worse nipple hair. Where does all that food go? You eat more of my sponsors food than I do. Our token Asian. Kim Chi and noodles from home always hit the spot. Do you shave your legs? What did you say? You speak more ebonics than any Korean I know. but you are from NJ. ' I ' MARK ALLEN KNOX I WEST LAFAYETTE, IN NAVY PILOT Knoxy. Knoxmeup247. Kokmihov. Mama Knox. Snack master. Dessert...it's part of the meal. 5-year plan. Beer brats with Carl. Request permission to come aboard Ma'am. Bloodhound Gang. Oh my Godl- I am the Solitaire champion of the world! Starcraft. Where is your class ring and Supe's stars? I AM BULLETPROOF! I' I Cheesehead. This place isn't hard. let me tell you about Purdue Engineering. I'm not Knox. I'm the Dude. Why buy the cow? Valentines Day for men...! I'm going to the lab. Knox. . .like the Fort. Shi shei ni de baba? Sounds like Mark is awake. Jumping the wall. . .shine the balls this way. Boilerass. 200 2004 KYLE BERNARD OPEL BURKE, VA USMC GROUND O, Lenny, Jopel, Big O. 5-year plan. Who put you in charge of the is Victoria'?! Naked time! The 6326 Prophecy doesn't go De-independence day. How's the wifey? I can't go out, Iim saving Kyle in the room? 7ll7 every morning. All NOVA room. Shut- than you. Don't you live on 3-l'? It's that time again already? Econ have 5 stripes. Rah! You have to go back and pay. My friend Captain Ricketts parking lot. Yeah I play basketball here, technically...not Designated walker always. Sir, its not my poster! Its theirs! C ROBERT REED PINCKNEY JR. CHARLESTON, SC SURFACE WARFARE Robert Pinckney-four years by the bay, where has the time gone? His performance here has proven that progress does not come without struggle. Growing up in Charleston, SC . young Robert embodies Southern hospitality and has always remained friendly, proof shown as he is on a first name basis with two Superintendents. A consummate Political Scientist, Robert loves to develop "foreign relationsi' with young ladies on the D.C.! Maryland international scene. Over the years, Robert has tirelessly labored to educate his suburbanite shipmates in the culture of '4The Dirtyf, A friend in the truest sense, Robert is destined for great things conning his destroyer on the bounding main. MSR, ABK, CAS, . . TLW Q ,f QT- 5? , A 'V b , xi i I: 'ZDQHI Z' Q f something? Who through me. forthe ring. Is up. I'm bigger isn't easy. But I down by the bay. really I guess. A RICHARD ALEXANDER RASCO PINECREST, FL SPECIAL WAREARE Ricky uthe Cuban infusion" Rasco never meet a piece of sushi he didn't like. He could probably survive anywhere with a spear and a pair of , . . goggles, unless its cold there. Likes the taste of Portugese Men. . .of war. Christmas Break 2003-2004 Miami style, shake it up and let the good times roll. Party like its l999...She's just a friend-I swear, it wasn't a date, dressed in yellow she says hello. Game Time Meters and Punishments for 250k what else is there? Oh yea, it'll be line, let's do it. Hereis to slow fireman carries, big baracuda's, and girlfriends. A salute to Regina's, Joss's, and MOO-Time. You taught me the pullup, some day l'll teach you to run. MCM. worst idea yet. Helluva leftjab, but I still got you in a cradle. The long mile in Boston. thank god for the free subway. NYC was cool, but Jacque and the sushi was amazing. Taught so much, and convinced to do way more. Heres to being cold, wet, and sandy, living like rock stars and talking to girls often. A short rower with a huge heart you could always count on him just so long as it wasn't during freshman spring break. He's one part fish, two parts Mr. Smooth, and a Jaeger all the way. 12th Company 201 MATTHEW SCOTT ROBINS MONTEREY, CA NAVY NFO Matt Robins. perhaps you know him, maybe you don't. but maybe you recognize his pimp stroll as he makes his way through the halls of Bancroft. Matt cares about us all. that's why he does not bother you when he "borrows" your things. But he never neglects himself. His video and personal purchases indicate that. Keep your eye on the ladies when visiting Scuba Scott. After his appointment he might give her a tour of the house. Yet with all his escapades. Matt has an uncanny ability to recall minute details about ships and the Navy uncommon to your average shipmatez he showed class pride all over his "General Sherman"g and was there when the situation called for a drink or just ajoke. Matt. it's been fun, it's been real and at times it's been real fun, Rock out in the Fleet. RRP. ABK. CAS. DAH CYNTHIA ANN SEDLAK MCHENRY, IL SURFACE WARFARE In this world size does matter. . .but not to Cindy. Many make the mistake and let her stature fool them but if you've met her you know she has more heart and kahunes than your average midshipman .... .Did you step on a mouse or did you tell Cindy ajoke? It was only a matter of time before her charms would snag old TW. Like a good sister would she would always have your back. while always proving that short people have tolerances corresponding to their height. Only two drinks. . .y0u're a SWO, you gotta build that up, don't you know. Well, maybe you will be a future weather girl, but We can forecast your future success. Otherwise all your brothers will get you back in line. l I CHRISTOPHER ANDREW SOUTHARD UCEAN CITY, NJ USMC GROUND Yes everybody that is not a typo, it does say Marine Corps Ground under Chris' name. His time here has epitomized the phrase work smarter, not harder through his incorporation of common sense and cynicism. No one better at working at the last minute. especially when you only have one minute. Knew the plain truth of no use leaving for tomorrow what you can put off forever. When Irish eyes aren't smiling, he's usually complaining about something wrong in this world. Such as the NCAA's position on anorexia. "Hey, there's something lishy about those peer rankings'?!'?"tLT Ll Through it all. Chris has always been a simple man -- all he needs is a light. bottle of Jameson, surfboard. and fishing pole. Someone may need to tell him there is no USMC station in Margaritaville. A While spending quality time with his beloved Bern on the weekend. he found time to hang out at Davis' Pub where everybody knew his name and credit card number. HEIL KOMANDANT! EX SCIENTIA TRIDENSllll - DK ABK RRP MSR 202 2004 I l HV:- -Ie- Q. f 7 I . Q R f' - , '1 , QRS? Te' E ., 'yi 'A 3 ,, .-. , A il . I vi I Eg 7 RONALD MARTIN STEHLIN II Q., if GAITHERSBURG, MD gm.. NAVY PILOT TUUUUNA! If you need someone to close this is not I your kid: ifyou need a super intelligent space monkey for NASA's next --1 mission to Mars. this is your guy. Drinking away from school, bitter monkey1 inthe hall, bitter monkeyg at class, bitter monkey. 24 hour stare session - Jamaica 2002. Take oft' that sweater! You are not Captain Jack Sparrow no matter how many times you quote him. Ms. LT Crazy-Eyed Manus-Stehlin. Watch out for the big girls in Japan. Old brown beatter Honda fwfnew hubcapsl R.I.P. Spend your loan already you Jewish Monk. Look out here comes Batt Training, he's so hard. Taking care of your roommate has never gone well. but at least one time you saved him from drowning in his own vomit. and by saving him you said "screw him" and went to sleep in the ward room. College Park sucks. You never hooked up with a mid oh wait DK GG TY CB That's fine, can we all go to bed now? Gkay Ronnie... ERIC HAYNES TWERDAHL JR. NEW CANAAN. CT MEDICAL CORPS One word. two syllables. CREEPY! Dirty Twerdy hails from White- Bread, Conn. His first love was Lesbia. The YP kid endured 4 years of aftermath before executing a solid Double Scorpion, straight to restriction. But what happened in between? "I'mjust trying to see Dave! Ever tell you I was Marine Corps Ground?" Christening USNA with Blakie605. 39 coniirmed Tomahawk kills thow many times can one monkey die?J. Sandstorm dance parties and riverdance ho-downs in 7163. "I love you Honey" fNedl "Yeah we did some role playing, she pretended to be passed out." You'll always be our Batt Commander. "Guys, I met the love of my life!" Bass-mouth dressing technique. "Could you tell me a little bit about the Bolshevik Revolution?" Words that Webster doesn't know. If you're gonna call yourself "dirty-jersey" you better be a. . .Whoa Whoa Whoa! Ball out at Oxford, Admiral! MB TY GG DA DK RK CB RS J AMES VINCENT WELSCH III EAST NEW MARKET, MD NAVY PILGT Jimbo. Jimbob, Medium Jimbo, The Waterbuffalo. Hell yeah they are! The missiles are inbound, SM-2 surface mode! How much does it cost to punch holes in both sides of a piece of paper? I can totally beat I you in Monopoly. and everything else. You're wrong! Gadget King extraordinaire. 5-year plan. Rack King. Friday night sporting events. Demon Davis. Falling asleep. locked myself in a bar restroom. Sunday night wings at ACME's. Sunday night dinners at 5 Porter Road. Cruising in the 'Benz. OC Summers. Shady 80. Who here is 21 and lives here? l didn't choke the plebe. Coolest mom ever. UMBC. Flaming Dr. Peppers with Jon. I'm sleeping here tonight. Falling asleep tinsert place herel. Awesome summer in San Diego. especially at TD Hayes Inaking fun of ashtray. Second base with Matt. Ring Dance booze cruise. l'm going to take a quick nap...wake me up in an hour. 12th Company 203 TALMADGE DENNIS YoUNo WooDRUFF, SC SURFACE WARFARE This "Monster" is straight from the backwoods of the deep- south. "If you're gonna build a house, first ya need some WOOD!" "Dinner rolls for breakfast? Honestly. Mr. Young." Bex Boyd. Football, Rugby. Sprint. Corps. . .what happened? Body-slamming UVA broads. Boranzy performing karaoke on the mic twith DA in the closetb. Inter- service Champ! Long weekends on the road with Mr. Cheeks and the fable sessions. God Bless John Mayer! Bible lessons and life tales from EF. . .l'm a virgin. . COOOOOOOOOOSE!!! MC smoking the flag from your Crack! Puke in the trash I'll take it out. puke in the bathroom you'll clean it up, puke in the refrigerator you get the table cloth. Backseat braxvls with DA 8: AC, and countless stains from CO, BG, and the plebers. Knockin' Adams right out ofthe Academy. SPIRIT RANK FOREVER! Leave Mrs. Campbell alone! Hey, stop peeing in the bottles, sink, E shower. scale. magazine racks. etc. Gorilla sex. "Maine!"IShemanI "South Carolina!"ITal1 Your dog stole my beer! You didn't ask the old man. so you gotta go! Marlin spike and sea rations. Thanks for the good times on restriction! I love you PJ! SWO.net brace up. the Monsters coming! KK MC DA MB ET GG DK 204 2004 l 111 1 A -- - mme-My so K J l Peter Bradley Peter Anthony Jill Naomi Curtis Wayne Vincent James Jerardo J. A Brian Charles Aaron Adam Manzoli Merkle Peterson Prentice Ragona Reyna Richards Robinson Jeffrey Andrew Andrew Jeromy Paul John Andrew Adam Slater Christopher David David Alan Rzasa Christopher Serfass Smith Topolski Wilkie Wozniak Wright v l2th Company 207 Al'!ff66!ZfA ga wpbm LT Joseph P' Chclpek Timothy J. Burbidge, Company XO Company Officer J Michael W. Kessler, 1 Rocco D. Novellino, Chief Marie E. Company, Senior f Enlisted C J Carl A. Ellsworth, Company X0 Joshua E. Fogarty, Company Commander Jared D. Burgess, First Sergeant 2004 sv 'c ,QA V7 ff g i 1 1 S Vinci , "ff-' nl, ' rx R' Jr 1 5 1 l 1 K- f- . J -nniiig, X : as f ' I-.A 9.--- S ,, I A I Dm! V 4, 1. A t g. 1' g ,, I I 'v T. - J - V' . '- - ,E f ZACHARY JOSEPH BOGUSLAWSKI ,W 1 MADISON HEIGHTS, MI W., if NAVY NFO Has there ever been a MIDN more proud to be from the violent crime capital of the world? Probably not, but that's the Zack we all I know and love tat least Gaby doesj. From being the best man to wake people up in the morning t'Good lVlorning Dan' I. to one of the original members ofthe 'O4l" Reich tBogs, Hogs, and Ogsl, to getting potatoes in the mail from Momma B. After going down with his "tragic" Shoulder injury tfollowing Zlll l l ground ball inningl. Bogus turned to giving nicknames to all of his ex's te.g. Dog Lady, lce Queen, Dr. Freak-n-Speakl. and as his year long squadmate might have said, "which girl is it now?" Dropping wads of cash for a hockey game was always fun tThanks Karinl, eh? Smokey and the Bandit changed to Smokey and The Duke tcho wang'?I, and driving to NYC for one night never was Inore fun. nor was giving Smokes hell about something that "never happened". "Don't mess with Poland. Travis." "YOU got 3 stripes.,.and get to yell at kids all summer? How'd that happen?" Nobody's ever been happier to get an S-10. then drive it like a damn big-rig. "Four years went by pretty quick, huh?" "Well, when you don't do it right. it doesn't take as long." Zack, we love you, take care, good luck and God Bless! -TSG, NLN. TAH. DBE. GTRJ, TLM, CMS. MOC TIMOTHY JUSTIN BURBIDGE ,yn -"2 ,Nfl TAYLORSVILLE, UT SURFACE WARFARE Eternal Father strong to Save whose arm hath bound the restless wave who bidd'st the mighty ocean deep its own appointed limits keep oh. hear us when we cry to Thee I for those in peril on the Sea: O Christ! Whose voice the waters heard and hushed their I raging at Thy word who walked'st on the foaming deep and calm amidst its rage didst sleep oh hear us when we cry to Thee for those in peril on the Seag Most Holy Spirit Who didst brood upon the chaos dark and rude and bid its angry tumult cease and give for wild confusion peace oh hear us when we cry to Thee for those in peril OII the I y sea: O Trinity of love and power our brethren shield in danger's hour from rock and I tempest, tire and foe protect them wheresoe'er they go thus evermore Shall rise to Thee I glad hymns of praise from land and Sea!! il 3 CARL ELLSWORTH CASE III ' 5? I SPRINGFIELD, VA NUCLEAR SURFACE WARFARE t 1 "The mission of the united states naval academy is to develop midshipmen - I morally, mentally and physically and to imbue them with the highest I ideals of duty. honor and loyalty in order to provide graduates who are dedicated to a career of naval service and have potential for future development in mind and character to assume the highest responsibilities of command. ' citizenship and government." I l l l ll I 13th Company 209 . l MICHAEL ORLANDO CASTILLO KINGSVILLE, TX SURFACE WARFARE Eternal Father strong to save whose arm hath bound the restless wave who bidd'st the mighty ocean deep its own appointed limits keep oh. hear us when we cry to Thee for those in peril on the sea: O Christ! Whose voice the waters heard and hushed their raging at Thy word who walked'st on the foaming deep and calm amidst its rage didst sleep oh hear us when we cry to Thee for those in peril on the sea: Most Holy Spirit Who didst brood upon the chaos dark and rude and bid its angry tumult cease and give for wild confusion peace oh hear us when we cry to Thee for those in peril on the seag O Trinity of love and power our brethren shield in danger's hour from rock and tempest. tire and foe protect them wheresoe'er they go thus evermore shall rise to Thee glad hymns of praise from land and sea!! NATHANIEL JOEL CHASE NORFOLK, VA SURFACE WARFARE "The mission ofthe united states naval academy is to develop midshipmen morally. mentally and physically and to iinbue them with the highest ideals of duty, honor and loyalty in order to provide graduates who are dedicated to a career of naval service and have potential for future development in mind and character to assume the highest responsibilities ofcommand. citizenship and government." DANIEL BENJAMIN EAGAN DEWEY, AZ USMC PILOT The Little Greek Mia' from Arizona: Zack kicked him in the head every morning during Plebe Summer. It wasn't, 'fGonzales, or Rodriguez, or Arroz con Pollollll' Good thing Super G. had a sense of humor. Plebe year he and Nate joined the Jolly Rogers, and they've been causing trouble together ever since. First black-shirts at Nova, Psycho's Ships ofthe Desert, and then YPs . a 10 foot fence, razor wire, summer whites, and Nate saying. "Dude, hold my cover." Even morning practices with Zart weren't as bad as hearing the Dep Dant say, "You got how many majors? In one night!?" Oh well. the Form? makes a good conversation piece. 21? birthdays . 'nuf said. Remember Youngster Spring Break, or would you rather not? Driving the Z from Arizona to Annapolis, what were you thinking? Plebe Summer cake punting . a future Olympic sport perhaps? 2!C year Age11tS111itl1 moved in, Army Week became synonymous with grand-theft-auto, and the Rogers won EVERYTHING. "Skiing in Austria? I might freeze to deathllu Quantico, rain. mud, and Regimental TOWs .Team Green's callin'! The Huston Bowl adventure . . . the Caroller-skate liipped . and Karin got a ring. We've come a long way boys, and four years sure went by fast. "When you don't do it right, it doesn't take as long 210 2004 CARL ANTHONY ELLSWORTH JR. COLUMBIA, SC NAVY PILOT Damn SC girls! Friends to the end. but they won't let you when Ellsworth almost wussed out on I-day. you've told mood" burning a lampshade. whackin stick. inappropriate stupid dances. "Ya need more booze!" From "making you good talks about women. you've been a damn fine friend N h - - , r Y V I Q. . . . 4, . s s ' ,Q,gL , in f- u, vjrl' im: u, - . T Q5 45.. . gif ' Zlignf touch 'eml From the get-go. incredibly long stories. "set the song lyrics. FAM scale. uncomfortable" to having Haywood. Summer seminar to commissioning - WoOdy's sister. Hag football all star. snoring wars. "I love this place". South Bend. Been through a lot. and it's been a blast. You've been a great friend N Chuck. Carl "Gamecock" Ellsworth. SNOWPLOW! Hawoe! takin' one for the team and sitting out half of lirstie year. Heisman '67, Staubach wannabes - pigskin throwing. C- A-N-E-S CANES! N James. Crazy caitalidge. 80's music leads the way. "It's not gonna happen" - IFS. always rock the perina-stache "I tell them it's because I have more testosterone." -HC privileges - yeah RIGGGGHT N Ryan. Providence. best plebe summer roommate ever - doin work for Haywood and me while hurt N Mike. Due to unforeseen stupidity Drunk Fest 2003 has been postponed until late 2004. we really have had some great times N Kari. Restriction crew. chin nuts. RISK 2020. scrambled eggs offense. we made the best of it N Jimmy. Last minute sprint to restriction muster N Auggie. "W PER!" "don't tempt me." the other The Cheat fan. my confidant. ily high N Diana. The best of times, the worst of times. but an amazing experience - my deepest gratitude to my family and friends. ADAM STEPHEN FISHER NAPERVILLE, IL SUBMARINES A breakdancing fool. a Madden 2003 extraordinaire. a quasi-tlamer. a well-accomplished squad leader. an Acme regular. a well-rhymed conversationalist. and an all-around chill dude, and all this from a guy from Chicago. Oh yeah. and that Trident scholar thing. How did he Roberto my man. Roberto. . Fair winds and following seas. much love and all that jazz. KJM. ouT MARSHALL HAYWOOD FOARD GLOUCESTER, VA NAVY PILOT Woodford. there are lots of stuff to remember man: chillin out in l l ll tbetter than 7256 and 7142, but nothing beats 72365. wrapping you in have time for this and still manage to reach a routine drunken stupor on the weekends? Easy. perspective and a lot of know-how. CEO is on his horizon. probably while dating a super-model. driving a BMW. and living in a lush bachelor pad. Keep this in mind when you got Fish-dog on the brain: What do you call a Mexican with a rubber toe? toilet paper. kid-tackling at Halloween, TEXAS PETE Beat Army. YP's to Gloucester, the soap opera plebe year love life. NTT. your fart in the woods when we should have been hiding. the Natalie Portman incident in NYC, incline football with Brandon at JMU. "that's the story of my life". your sudden obsession with Tolkien. and all of a sudden knowing more than Chuck did about it. C arl's burnt lampshade at FAAEAW, the whacking stick. S1400 for Bahrain. secret shaving videos. Haywood and Megan - the lovebirds. soccer in Megan's grandma's backyard with the cousins. cruisin in the Woodmobile. PNs. Carl's high and tightt li. all the damn dances we made up. Chuck's late night TRAFs. one dollar for every football game "Anchors Aweighf' the very handy FAM scale. beers and Inovies at Mr. Menne's. Sweet Emotion talong with. of course. the Shimmyi. your disgusting fungus toe. A!N Philly drunkenness. CAAARL at l lil l. "I'm a southern gentleman." territorial waters. Ryan's ADD fun. a spear through a con locker. a burrito at a window. a pumpkin Inisthrown. constantly breaking Ryan's things tok. maybe it was Haywood's ADD. or Inaybe just LITHJ, four aviator roommates-despite our thermostat differences. great friends. and damn good times. -CE. CM. RK 13th Company 211 ! l JOSHUA EDWARD FOGARTY WARE, MA NAVY PILOT Affectionately called 'Wild Bill' by his friends. at least in the beginning. Senior Chief. Billiam. Humphrey Bogart. Bogarty. Bogina. Titi. Fogartit. and Titphor - yes he owned them all. Professionalism at its very best. but only sometimes. He possessed the biggest 'fat boy' nipples I ever saw. but was also the skinniest kid I ever knew. He could always make us laugh - MP5 and Mezg pillows and crusted socksg radio interview and making hailey pukeg dumping tess and livin with toe gang rotting feet and his Hashlightg he is a man of honor. His Vernacular includes existence. soul. and skull. The perfect combination of Blue and miss smarty pants. but only because he is the one and only combination of them in living Hesh - he has made us all proud. Want to go drinking with Josh... watch out cuz he'll disappear. Racking hundreds of Hight hours youngster year... One line naval aviator he will be...YOUR BOYS - JO. JM. HML-l. RK. AL. If you want something bad enough you'll get itg and to those that supported me through the adversity I am forever in your debt. Mom and Dad. you opened the doors of opportunity for me for 23 years. this is as much yours as it is mine. I cannot describe how much you mean to me and how thankful I am for every ounce of love you've given me. I love you both so much. BENJAMIN ADAM GEORGE EAST STROUDSBURG, PA NAVY N FO I would like a 4 piece chicken nugget...They only come in 6 and 12 piece... Well. take two of them and shove them up your.. .I only want 4 chicken McNuggets! You ate my Schnitzel! Well...it was in the fridge...and if it's in the fridge. it's fair game. Chueko. Sucia and Pronto! Dude... you're a goner... what can I say? You don't stand a chance. From this point on there is no "In case of emergency. break glass" the glass doesn't break!! I would remind you of some of our memories. but I'll save that for blackmail... Seattle. San Diego. trouble in Norfolk. VA Beach. New Orleans. Baltimore. D.C.. Georgetown. Philly. NYC. SOUTH BEACH BABY! Jersey and PA...Don't forget the Pub. the Turtle. Downtown and the Double T at 3. . .What happened last night? Did you pay the bill? How much was it? How did we get home? Did I leave a tip? On top of the world in your awesome truck... or sleeping in it! Always the most stylish guy. with your belt buckles and hot shirts... your leather and your spiky hair! You always took care of me. and I always wanted you to. RALPH DONTAE HENRY BALTIMORE, MD SURFACE WAREARE The man with many names .... chief. chiefdon, and the infamous DEZE. Always was there when his boys needed him. Remember the time in Jamaica...man was it wild, C that thursday night special J. To get through the naval academy the man had to work hard, but he did it. Now its time to move on to the next level and dominate that as well. Icame I saw and i conquered. Holla at cha boi. cuz chief is out! ! ! ! !! 212 2004 1 l l TRAVIS ADAM HOGAN AURORA, CO SUBMARINES This lanky moose came to us from "Denver, Colly- after that great introduction that he was indeed "wrong year agenda which included: hurdling Vergara while 5 step program to victory tsee his cell phone messagel, Fogarty tABCsl, and delaying his apology to Momma at heart. applying his "every Sailor a fireman" tactics fire and ended up as a window prop. And of course. said the words "I love you Pookie" tPookiePoohl more. so Twelve inch Hogie! He's also gonna be a rich man after with Danielle. and some people bet him he wouldnt -guna :L IQ: xY .g a 'fgfcfi 4 . A It ado. sir!" We soon found out as a football bat" and had a 4 chopping. following Forgarty's worshipping the wisdom of B. Travis apparently is a SWO to his printer. which caught no other MIDN in history has Where's the suntan lotion? graduation. seeing as he's still Lastly, "Bullwinkle" himself can be seen in the future scooting around on the deck of Nuke school yelling out "EL CAMIIIIINOO? at random times. "Four years went by pretty quick, huh?" "Well, when you don't do it right, it doesn't take as long." Travis. we love you man. God Bless. -NLN. ZJB. DBE. CMS. GTRJ. JEF CHRISTOPHER GLEN HOPKINS LUBBOCK, TX USMC GROUND are guarded by United States Marines. . GABRIELA TERESA RUIZ JOHNSON BROWNSVILLE, TX USMC GROUND Advice from Racheal 1 Whatever you do, d0n't date a Marine. and don't be Living it up on 1-1. Chow call school with Rivera tthanks for being there Kare Bear and TID. But Karin, Bernard likes to hang around! Dea's house. From the Halls of Montezuma to the shores of Tripoli we tight our country's battles in the air on land and sea. First to light for right and freedom and to keep our honor cleang We are proud to bear the title of United States Marines. Our Hag's unfurled to every breeze From dawn to setting sung We have fought in every clime and place where we could take a gun. In the snow of far-off Northern lands and in sunny tropic scenes: You will find us always on the job --The United States Marines. Here's health to you and to our Corps which we are proud to serve: In many a strife we've fought for life and never lost our nerve. If the Army and the Navy ever look on Heaven's scenes. they will Iind the streets a Marine. Slagle, sounds like bagel and Veith. the metal faced man. 8 Ball- "Play with dolphins"-The liars! Hey V, that Wareing chic wants to fly Ospreys. Mexico-Kill those roosters. build those houses. Oceano YP cruise-the duty suburban-Jeftiner Root, love ya dude! Lucky 13. WWCGD? Bogus. my yearlong squadmate: I didn't break your shoulder! Puerto Rico, thanks to Gary. Throw? Amanda, you want me to throw? Mark. I need help with ocean homework! Joe: Eh? Como? Un melon. . .Theresa and me. the biggest SWO mamas ever. Hey Specks. beware of rocking boats. Kristy: You'll always owe that pretty nose to me! Physics 2, baby. Y'all. W'all. I love Djibouti! Loved the lfliisp. Marine Corps Marathon 2002. M.D.. thanks for beating the SWO out of me. Atmospheric thermo and Martin: derivations anyone? EE2: the spilled soda was an accident! The Heidemans. Babboo. love you! Easter 2003-Chattanooga, ll months and a ring. But Christine. . .The cabin, thanks to Rob, Ryan and Karlee! Leatherneck: Monsoon season! Got ticks? Got Karin? Get up that rope! Who doesn't love WalMart and C ici's'?'?? Carl Case: "Poke lish with sticks!" Road trip to Notre Dame. Hammerjacks:speaking in Spanish. Houston Bowl. From MWA to USMC, just a slight admin error. Johnson Swanson. Boo. -gtrj 13th Company 213 RYAN LEE KELLY THE WOODLANDS, TX USMC PILOT Hoorah Texas! Sweet tat man... you are a hick for life. To think you had us all fooled... how many times were on the Supe's list? Fair enough though. Always give it the good ole one-two. in fact give a 'YUTI' for the men's department of the Navy. Meat hooks. smile those pearly whites. You took my girl Rabbi Charlie Bravo! 2 lt! at the Cayote. nice pink paintjob right in time for detail turnover. I caught your add on Bangkok palace. how's the statue collection going? please. let Don King out of the headlock. Ryanosaurus BOOW. colonoscopy. Kellage. . .dude. he can't hear you - he's talking to Nikki on IM. Tronic's basement in Mclean. what a ring dance pad! We rocked that party bus. well most of us did! You 'reckon' you know what the problem with Scotland is do ya? Let's hear that whinny. "My name's Ryan and l'm from The Woodlands where people ride bikes and smile and wave and slilivff' Roomate Romeo. keep that heat off! leven though it's 60 degrees on your side and you have no heaterl I memorized your cell phone rings on training day. uh. two I think. It's not gonna happen. ..IFS. Thanks for putting up with the dance platform as long as you did. When are you OFF the phone? Take 'er easy buddy. character. you're an all American guy. Go naked into the world. have fun in Leatherneck II. and drop us a line when you're up to no good. That's an order. - JO. JF. ML. JM. CE MICHAEL WILLIAM KESSLER HAUPPAUGE, NY SUBMARINES carl. so glad you actually showed up on i-day. escapades ofthe pile dan. speakingof which. Cas you got me into trouble a few times. but We both know you got me out more trouble than l'll ever be able to repay. let's go to texas and I'll do Iny best.Mez. carl - bus to providence what the hell happened that night? Walt. it's not like there'd be . Fish. service assignment night - were we serious about ourselves? Navy hockey : debacle. KC. JD. Fuzz. Scott we lost Inany along the way, but we remain.Rooland thank God you came along or else I vvould've never been able to deal with that guy for another 3 years. may I never have to stand trial in kangaroo court for the rest of my life. but judge jpk we met long ago up at bridgton and I'll never forget you. Casa de Knips, Shipmates. tracking. SLU tlike that'll ever happen again for the rest of timel on the plane in civvies. worst organization I've ever been afliliated with. throw it, ease your rudder and ever so gently..RIP KC. division oflicer's guide says . fair winds and following seas HORACE MADISON LEAVITT IV MCLEAN, VA NAVY PILOT Tron 2000. conceived on a nuclear reactor. whoever stood behind matt during plebe summer never saw anything but the back side of his enormous head and phenomenally shaped ears. 'crook in my neck'. Women in Bancroft. bras in the overhead. Innovative thinking and tactical use of dry ice and urine. Do all Spaniards have disgusting living habits orjust you? A living legacy: HML 2.3.4... ever seen sea fur on a human? The women - rosie. C5. and all those chicas...Budlight: better when aged. just ask Gloria. The great escape to McLean - we owe your family. Able to sleep through anything twith the aide of his Turbosj. The ward hall incident. when in doubt. give 'er the ole I- 2. Prior to USNA. Horace worked at a department store in Chicago with Ms. Randalls. We mustn't forget doc gordon with his red sports car ll 'em tasty Inargueritas. happy birthday hot dogs. Who cares about the lives of camels?. GAB. MYRTLE X TURTLE. ff blizzards.. its the oldest trick in the book...ACT IT OUT! I WANT A CHARRIOT RACE. NOW! 'ats pretty fair. well its fair enough... at least we're being honest' roughly somewhere between legitimate and respectable ...... horace thanks the crew. and the club for the memories. 214 2004 hungry" "l'm tired" "What time bitt -. l I 1 H i i l l V , I 'L V V . , ',. 'fr ' ' UB S A I L- ex-3 1: '1' '," . .' 'r F fl. 1 2 9 I-3i 1 ih"4. ALEXANDER UY LIIvI img YJ' ,4 WFT? QUENNSBURY, NY SUENIARINES I want to thank everyone who has helped me get through this place. especially U random Azs peoples that gave a hand. . "Got that ish?" Waltdawg. I couldnt have made it through ESE wfo Ur AID. My boyz locious. tronics. OgDOG. R-kelly, FOGS. Elizzy wizzy. chiefdon. chaser. captron. fiflih. biz. Murda. Thanks for being super-duper shipmates Thanks for taking good care of me: chI'is8cjolIn8.zjacki+HMLlll8cMaria. Liminator. aka Uy's bathhouse. Oi. fanghorn. treebread. Rickshaw. treebiscuit. GOT rice? english gramatician, wfo a lim your handicapp. first admiral. king of herndon. GOT any food? I go from nothing to zero. hey how far away is 200 miles? This water's dry. Am I bigger than fogs? Physic + MATH-:Phematix. CONDOM college. BRAZIL. RIO. FORTALEZA. MIAMI. HGUSTON. DANCE contest. what goes on in the VIP room stays in the VIP room. Get me some fried chicken. "l'm is it. NAP TIME" l'll make you TAP out. U know what I am sayin? RONALD FRANCIS LUNING HOLMES, NY SURFACE WARFARE There are 5 key principles I have learned at USNA: Integrity. Honor. Iact. Eortitude. Patriotism. Shirtstays, socks and a shirt equal a reusable jumpsuit as long as you clean exactly half of the room. Weird Puerto Rican chica. Motorcycles are against MlDRegs. but so is coming back an hour and I5 minutes late from Spring Break. I9 College Avenue was the end of the beginning. Ryan Kelly puked in my wife's bed. 400m swim: at least make it look possible. Homework was just too stressful. so I quit doing it permanently after plebe year. All that weight lifting with L.D. and Kellage and no results! I need to take a gas pill. To all Mech E'S I have served with: thanks for doing the labs for me. EM458C is the only place in the world where 20 minutes becomes I2 hours. l3"l Company picnic before Col. Allen's lecture is a BAD idea. Room 7146 is on the shady side of Bancroft. McDonalds: me encanta. Out, CECIL CHARLES NICCUMBER III RENO, NV NAVY PILOT Chuckles...where do I Start? The most "innocent" of the roommates. you always provided entertainment. First it was the pseudo-roommate. then the realization that 21 just wasnit coming any time soon. I think it all began with the TRAFS plebe year--it was downhill from there "Honolulu I-Iawaii4?". Garcia's hatch. LITH. VA Beach with D and C. Gloucester - Crawford road. "Have a great idea!" Champagne Serenade. Vicky on the roof. I know we all "gave you sh--," but you generally gave it right back. There was Boston's Italian Festival - and you always were jealous I saw Natalie Portman. Course. I made up for it in NTT - gas was my demise. Hit it up hard with heldball and Vlachakis. "Launchpad McCumber" You swimming in my living room and Carl's roving hands. Don't forget the whacking stick. 'The Chain' dance for my momma. the ticket and Foard Esquire. Ring Dance 84 Julie Julie Guerre Chaley! I! The Duchess of Balthazar and our new roommate Ryan tread ADDI. spear tossing. hair Shaving, NAVY NAVY NAVY NAVY! Ninja break-dancing - and the blood on your face. PRT workouts just wouldn't have been the Same without you. even though you always ran faster than me...and beat me in racquetball...and in Pawket Tanks. We did team up. however. to Inake the tropical zone superior to the arctic--despite Ryan's thermostat sabotage attempts. And don't forget all the crazy times at Mr. Menne's. But damnit. you're Still not 21. - marshall and carlos 13th Company 215 JONATHAN J OSEPH MEZLO SUGARLOAF, PA SUBMARINES Mezlo: the playa and the slaya. Luscious. muppet. mangina. it's pat. is that a yukalaiel? 'I dare you do throw tron's rack out the window... you don't have the cohonesf Mexican jewish shrubbery. 'l'll bone you... with a drag'. what's the word? DO NOT REPLY TO THE MEZLO. disco biscuits. hazelton teamwork at its best. phish. toilet plungers on cheeks. mack'n the garlic. is that a yukalealier'? IDT. tastic. luscious. PT and the UN. cazorla A where'd mez go? Gloria and youngster year. half asleep. cigars. incense. nasty sleeping bag. nastier dew. YOUR BOYS... BRANDON ROBIE MONAGHAN PORTLAND, OR SUBMARINES Plebe summer to lirstie year. Hew by and the time has come to move on. .. say "Exxxccellent" Mr. Burns. 4 months of payback for one stray iron. hard drive adventures, and spring break on the beaches of HI with the greatest guys ever. 3!c year- where did Brandon go? Rooming with the Qfc and starting down the dark path to 2 majors. Norfolk. Greece and Amsterdam and I was definitely going for subs. Neo and Agent Smith start rooming together, who would have guessed? The ski trip with Jeff and Jon, hot tubs. snow and hey who finished off that bottle. Finally made it to the homestretch and hey. we got a Commodore on deck. To the clubbers: the four years have been a blast. absolutely incredible adventures from coast to coast. preachers selling glass bricks. Bush Sr. and south padre. insert cool Europe memory here. and foliage. Lots of foliage. Best of luck to everyone. J ARED WALLACE OGDEN II RoswELL, GA SURFACE WARFARE 'Hey. you want some of this? You can have it. Big Nasty, a man who lives up to his name in every aspect of existence. From clogged pipes in plebe summer. to cleaning your pipes Iirstie year. Long cut. pissing off Sal and Buck CEagles sucky Cannonball champ, Jeep adventures, 21 youngster year and the swim buddy I always lost, IO pairs of dirty underwear under your desk. Army!Navy and the Playwright. Voice box Teresa, turnpikedoubles. Movies on MaeD. San Diego. telling Ashley I was dead and Hailee's bloody teddy bear. XMAS in Roastwell. Bobby the indian. tonsillectomy. WHAT!'?, Firstie Parents Weekend performance "Well now Jared. your mother and BLUE. telling the Secret Service jokes in handcuffs. Thanksgiving in Ware. Dating girls from Mass : never good. He never trained for mini-BUDXS but somehow made it through without a hitch and always smiling. Jared Ogden. through all his antics and philosophy, made me see the true value of the Academy experience. Perhaps not the perfect officer and gentleman. but a warrior in every sense of the word. I ll Oo to war with you any day brother. YOUR BOYS- JF. HML4. RK. JM. AL 216 200 i lg 1 1 Il in M L ,Y ,, I .- ,em IA it 594 .ai HARTSv1LLE, TN SURFACE WAREARE ,. X, . ELIJAH WAYNE SANDERS For the most part quiet and reserved, but will get hostile if necessary: don't sleep on me: nicknames include the colonel, eleezy, and hitman: southern pride: no bearing at tables during Plebe Summer. and "boy, I screwed up! !": it's been real. I love you all. and holla atcha boy JOSEPH BRANDON SIMS STRINGER, MS NUCLEAR SURFACE WAREARE I found God. I found a woman. I found service to my country. I got everything I ever wanted from this place. Now I'm ready to leave. The Naval Academy is going to look great in my rearview mirror. -IBS He's the best swim partner ever. Yoohoo and oatmeal creme pies. setting the smoke detector olf, snow lights. wrestling on Fanagut with one arm behind his back, "You got that right." Trident light Ntalksf' watching me fall all the way down the mountain after he taught me how to ski. 8245. sweating out two summers of Weapons Detail. bourbon- "like momma's milk." horseback riding at Luray. We play the best trumpet together. He's the best grilled cheese sandwich maker and cartwheel and gymnast King. Atlantic City-what a magical night. and the wonderful road trips across the country and world. I love your Elvis leg! I ! !! Thanks for listening to me. taking care of me. and making me smile no matter what. It has been an adventure and honor going through four years by the bay with you. I can't wait to make new memories in the future. You are my best friend and true love. -HCE CRYSTAL MARIE SPECKMANN JOHNSON, NE USMC GROUND Reveille! Reveille! All hands heave out and .... avoid falling out of your racks or your chin will split like Miss Speckmann's. So are we going to McGarvey's'? Damn! I have duty! How about tomorrow? Dude. I have a test to study for!'? Sheesh! Go Mickey! Go Mickey! Ok Miss Disney. keep charging and stay as motivated as you always are. NC1ale 13th Company 217 un :nu 1-I In- l ERIC DOUGLAS STEIDLE I ,LI L .... -I LUSEY, MD SURFACE WAREARE Always great company on long runs that otherwise would have seemed like an eternity. PRK . . . The blind leading the blind. literally. But we never ran into anything because you always opened your eyes, no matter how much it hurt. The open ears that always listened to anyone's problems. even when the problem was too much to handle. You never gave up on anyone. Long road trip to South Carolina . . . JIMMY finally turned up. Recons: 3'it' co. guidon. nerve damage from low crawling in snow. Ho ClIi Mingh. Herndon. bouncy balls. snowing in the Colonel. chased by Marines. 7-I l. MSKEEEEETZZZV' las he shows you his new Karate movel :IISPLATW tpasses out during drill plebe yearl "Joes don't slide down hand rails!" "Doing pull ups in the hallway doesn't make you a Joe." "I blew up the taxi and now I have to drive those people around in my tank." tyou know you've played too much GTA when you talk about it in your sleepy "It's the eye of the tiger. It's the thrill of the tight... I love that song." "Restriction is part of the Academy experience. They shouldn't let people graduate with zero demeritsf' "I can taste the Inud and tell what part of the field it came from." tthen stop falling in itj. "Cough SNEEZE SNEEZEIH Good luck Ambic Coldle. MATTHEW GATES THOMPSON VIENNA, VA NAVY PILOT "Captain Redbeard, hOw's the wall in your basement holding up? wanna Split a handle? what happend to the subaru? virgina cops. Can you remember what happened last night. I can't. Hope you can ht in a cockpit, Mr.T."One of the best friends I could ever ask for. Don't worry. no cops around here. I almost tapped you out that one time - you were scared, although you were asleep too I guess. Just don't drive my jeep into any more combines while we trespass on a farm! ROSSANNE GALE BUENCONSEJO VERGARA LOS ANGELES, CA SURFACE WARFARE -. "Gale, Big V, Roseanne, the Waxing Queenw did anyone ever call you by the same name? We never did make it to Tikki Tuesdayg leave it to the Academic Officer to get in the way. Where did these extra roommates come from? You caught them doing what? It was a joke, it was just ajoke. can't you take a joke. We all knew you were the silent, stealthy type but who knew you would take it out on Karinls teddy bear. Whereis that Korean guy'?! Frat in the Zoo... Ice skating. the Fort, Bird sanctuary...Gigantour! Nice rObe!'? 5 doors down Delta Dog! I hate it.. Yukky.. Never again.. Sooo when we going to Skyline'?! Pink Rats everywhere! No. 6 please. No I hate their coversl? Cornbread + Adobo : Scrumptious New Years Day 2004! You're my best friend in the whole world! Always yours lele Nlsee Mom!! 99 bottles of beer on the wall...and still 95 left to go. This Flippin' Filippino is going to be a bad ofhcer. Making me do pyramids and flutter kicks. . .You're a beast! His beast. So glad I got to know you and that you still don't think I'm mean. See you in San Diego eventually. but you better write often! I'll meet you downstairs by the post office at 5:30. No. really...I swear this time. -Grandma 218 2004 - l 'ew JOSEPH FRANCIS WALTER BARRINGTON, RI SUBMARINES "Well, all I'm saying is that I Want to look back and say that I did while I was stuck in this place. Had as much fun as l could while I place. Played as hard as I could while I was stuck in this place. girls as I could while I was stuck in this place." -- Dazed and 'HUGH' if 11- ' it the best I could was stuck in this Doggcd as many Confused 13th Company 219 Qf u " x . ' 4- v' ."7 -N ff' :assi-'N' B. A K v. I S I Q ',-rr , egg' T ' Q - 'ff - 5 , , . 1 Q '4I', . -pl L, -1:-TFA I V. Q' N y vw " ilsnrf Wx 3 3 f ft-F' ft"'f1T3f'a gli i. ,J V ,Qt li. ,. .Q Lw,.g,,, . :qu-rf ft. 3 x l 1 is f l a 1 If Vi 'Q ugh- ,I Ji l in I nrl 0' 3 -'-sw , . .lade Marie Andrew Paul Scott Anthony .lohn Walter Nicholas Michael Kristian Anthony Michael Paul Baum Camden Clark Coleman ll Culver Czajkowski Dausen .lettrcy Michael Samantha .lane Frank Edward Gregory Michael .lohn Wehruin Tomas Aaron Brian Allan Caitlyn Marie Fllcr .liz Foxton Furman Gehring Gilligan Grado Guest Harrington Ryan Patrick Ronald Delean Emily Anne Paul T, Maximilian Michael Angel David Christopher David Henry Kelly Kimbrough Laraway Lyne Wolfgang Mayer Melendez Moody Morgan l .loseph Patrick Desiree Karmari C D Flared Andrew Carl Werner Danielle Ann Andrew Fredryk Richard Stephen Christopher David T Person Sanche7 Schmitt Scott Still Tattersall Wilson ll Wright l l l l l tl El il El Dwayne Thierry Meredith Anne Thomas Daniel Mark Patrick Serge .loshua Timothy B. Christopher Avery Yavorski Addington Banna Bender Bermudez Brock Canales Sr. 0 e l l .lason N. Christopher R. Danny Loranfa ,lohn Miller Frederick Sherri Lynn Philip Thaddeus Josiah l Deane Deluzio Dorsey .liz Dove Fields, .lr. Flohr Galindo Haltom 220 2004 -i ' f 4 Clark Allen Rocco Daniel Cliristoplier Robert Christian Alexis Shane Clifton Edward Scott Gerrall Edward Colleen Ann Mungerr Novellino Pisuni Rivera Skopak Szurovy Tieman Vote .lOl1llll'llll1 C. Wliiteliurst 222 2004 wg' 4, .V ': 'Q i if 'Q W X 4 KJ w L H' ,. 13th Company 223 t fflU'fF6l2fA 0111 map Captain William E' Kaitlyn E. Longley. Company XO OBHCH David D. Brennan, Company Commander Company Ofheer Mark P. N ostro, First Sergeant 1 V s 1 . ti i . .Qi Senior Chief Richard Latour Company Senior Enlisted Robert H. Bower, Company XO Matthew G. O'Connor, Company Commander Joan M. Kershaw. First Sergeant 2004 f BRIAN WILLIAM ACKERSON aug? Ying v. Q A . ,iz-S. L' ' ,QZ7-I '7 A " Qt "X - A if'-'rw-g. - ff 1 A 'I ' .JQJY 'J' -,VE T?-I 54 Q 5 OFALLON, IL USMC GROUND What can I say. four years of hanging out with each other and so many memories. Plebe year Saturday movies, the trip to . . Orlando. block 4 YP Alpha Squadron, NYC, Sophia's Restaurant, wanna go camping? the bomb guy, the pull-up guy, hey let's go to Double T Diner, you guys wanna go to Red Robin. I could really go for some Taco Bell or Chevy's, can you burn me that cd?, do you mind reading my paper?. ring dance weekend. the Bunn's, you dressing up as Johnny for Halloween, the tailgaters, the Three Amigos. the Ocean City grenade. late night conversations about everything, etc... Let's go for a run man. . .dude itis like 4 in the morning. ..l can really go for a banana milkshake right now...wait. that guy is president??. it's 2004 man!...so gullible, ack I think your legs broken...race club can be dangerous look out for the wall...hey IM singh and Z real quick. Porf slept in my bed? Do you think thatis good? Thanks for all the memories, you're the best. Best of luck in the Corps. - JZH. Eck. Port' I J oHN MICHAEL AHMUTY LYNDHURST, NJ SUBMARINES Johnny. Johnny Mute. Johnny too Hotty. Yep itls been a wild trip dude. Plebe year and radio time. "Sir, I'm cold sir." All calls til Herndon. ' Youngster YPs New York. Punk Music and the air drum. Turn that SCWXSL down! Oh wait nevermind it's good stuff. Sleeping 18 of 24 hours a day. Ripped blue magnet. "No really. I took a shower." Model U.N. dude I'm going to get kicked out. Punk band. cover band. Matt what band? "Johnny hates Johnny," what a great name. but how about 'fCause it's your dog?" Matt Tune plays too slow, I ean't keep up. Girls. girls. girls, ages I4 and up. Editing of Forestal pamplets gotta have some way to find them entertaining. Chain wallet. NOFX hat. stripes and plaid. Road Trippin' albums l, 2, 3, 4...and the Ultimate 80's collection. Who buys CD's. I've got friends. Rams Head beer and Calamari, Castlebay not needing our ID's. A black guy "getting you used to It John you 16 the man. Good luck you crazy nuke fool we're going to miss you Dusty. Aek 84 Eck, aka Ned and Lucky. Why do you guys hate me? man you run one hell of a wardroom. ..were you named after John Cusack?...l know you love tv but what about Phoebe Cates put In good words for me. ..with who? Anybody. . .wanna make out?...punk might have lost a good drummer but the navy has a great officer the hand motion no the best was. . .is your nose moving'?...frank the tank, frank the tank. . .MAP I DoN EDWARD BARBER JR. PHOENIX, AZ CRYPTOLOGY 7321. I thought karate was self-defense. Don. playing construction worker and drywalling in our room. Don, why are you cleaning the electric socket? Don't mess with his computer on April Fools Day. DON IS HERE. Decent?..Yeah. well. I don't know about Don. More waivers than anyone we know '... Easter Eggs. Where is Don?? "He's at the hospital". Kendra's here??? DJ Tiki. Breaking up lights. Hey Don. . .tNo Answerl. Hey Don tNo Answerl ...Cafe Tattoo. It was Schtolin. Don, the Barber- get it! ll John Hage Fridays. Response over IM. I Cryptic statements from movies and songs. "Charlie Bronson's always got a rope." Singing row row row your boat. during squad combat course. The six week destruction of Don Barber. Don's Office. Is Don Pissed off? No - that's just Don. Karate van stunt driving. "Hey Mr. Barber. Guess what?" "Mr. Prindivillc. your eyes are out of the boat again!" Hannibal Lector. That's a curb. That's a car. The summer EE project. Sniper song. Meatloaf, uncensored. Don your computer is keeping me awake" Reverting to the Keds. Giving up Catholicism for Lent. The fedora again. . .Don. do you have another company t shirt desIgn77 3 ' Butt-alion. Tech Stuff. Stop cleaning! Hey Don, talk to the Shark lately? Hazing??? "Hey Midshipmen. come back here what color are those shoes?" Five basic responses never worked so well. The Marine Corps really got what they deserved in this guy. 14th Company 225 l 1 l I AARON GLUECK BERGER LONOWOOD. FL NAVY PILOT "Best friends will always remain best friends. they know too much!" They call me the Beav. Lake House secrets. Wide loads. I come back ten fold. Crying with the brothers. Jay Leno on spring break. PJ Ryans. Cowboy I hat. Bird. Downs, and the Tank. Phantom pisser. Water pump. Table top dancing. 007. Can you clean my neck? Swapping spit with the face eater. Stupid quotes. l love chick flicks. Late night lights. Mamas boy. Fights: l start them. my friends finish them. Spring break road trip. Choke me. Say yes. Family e supporting cast for everyone. Graceful athletics. Club soccer- l will spit on you. ARCHNEMESIS. Five stitches. Love to the family. Military Ball 2002. Oshliosh B'Gosh. Lake House spaz. "I think l puked up the inner lining of my stomach!" Rl to FL... lets go to key west. J ARED WILLIAM BOSANKO CORNING, NY SURFACE WARFARI3 AA A A A Heeeyyyyyy...shooowopbop - Dr. Bosanko ta future renowned psychologistb l I ROBERT HARTT BOWER MOORESTOWN, NJ NAVY PILOT "Best friends will always remain best friends, they know too much!" Nice car. Online gambling losses. Clean the floor. Thirty-five minute showers. Spring break road trip. l'm expecting. "My boys can swim." Hair gel. Reagan for president. Great lookout. What's that smell? Shelby one-hour. 007. Scoter vandalism. "Where did you guys go?" "Can you come pick me up?" Spring break is better in threes. Military Ball 2002. Little Beavls date. PJ Ryans. Passing out on the lawn. Midnight booze cruise. 50-cent by the pool. Chili's 2 for l. Talking in your sleep. Rally racing the 2002 Explorer. Sweetness. Carbombs with Paddy. "You better loose yourself...at JMU." Debauchery. "De-box that wine and we will drink like Kings." 23. 226 2004 l DAVID DANIEL BRENNAN ug -4-qy I WAYNE, PA SPECIAL WARFARE , I ,T Q. ,I ,. ,Sl , .QV f K, 1 1. 2 gi ' "Best friends will always remain best friends, they know too much!" Big Time. Big Nature. Bone Pony. JD says, "show your box." 007. Box it up. Punching your girl in the face. Military Ball 2002. Lake I-louse secrets. "Hey man, you got me?" Late night "runs" I think its time for new sneakers. Spring break backpack. Pepto Bismol. Spring break road trip. Swapping spit with the face eater. Punching friends at the Lake House. SEAL team USNA. PJ Ryans. Belligerent drunk bitter. Does your family live in Annapolis with us...they are always here? What happen to the dumpster? Who's getting married first? Love to the family and AW. - C AMELIA COLIN Cox RESTON, VA NUCLEAR SURFACE WARFARE Four years, where to begin? Definitely with I-Day, showing up to the room in disbelief that you knew what to do-NAPSTERI The fun began. , Tours before classes'?Monopoly,JAG office, lirstie food raids, ICOI-I2 AM deliveries-still and always a mystery. I done gone here, I wear the ring. Lost bet lip syncs in cropped eammies, who are all these people on the bed'?Orlando mall bust, J.W., youngster hotel room.Halloween beach bum. nice wig. K bar and eyelashes.What were you doing on Farragut'?Do you actually cycle on those MO's'? The infamous Cancun. Midori, eavemen, bellyflop, booze cruise, foam party freak,voluntary separation to be Bacardi girls. Closed door brings the Fever Fry. Plebe year ends in a week of libations and some surprises! Visit to the high school track. 3!C A year-powderpuff, shower races, musical roomies,D8aB nut. Shady squad leader. double date tantrum. SIMS. Friday gymnastics. Quite a lap dance! ZXC year-Shopping V.S. online. Back-to-bed Thursday training. Squad outing. red-head bouncer, DoD pulloverlunior prom? Ring Dance. Finally Firsties- Debuting Kelly.Club 7303, Apex. Dream. Peppermint Schnappslau class,Exxon bathrooms. I don't know how I was so lucky. I couldn't have asked for a better roommate, who became my best friend. A girl with many talents and many dreams, I won't be surprised to be reading your best-seller one day. I never would have made it through this place without you.Thanks for all the memories. I love you!-BNO AZIZI ASWAD CROSBY HUMBLE, TX SUBMARINES I Z Simply known as Z but so much more complicated...There is absolutely nothing special about that baby. . .where are you going at 3 in the morning? Washing your car'??...it makes sense because you are Z...talk about marching to the beat ofa different drum1ner...the fattest skinny guy I've ever met. can I have your metabolism'?...hey, it's 2 in the morning, we should start doing work...the lady in the red dress with the silver teeth... gets Captain to do his wake up calls...Yeah. ya didn't...nuke school. huh'?...the old man that moves like a gazelle, slow but so smooth and Huid. ..mad soccer skills like Freddy Adu but ten years older...Taking over the family...what does tongue taste like'?.. 3-l-8 for life. . .MAP. AAS. Ong 14th Company 227 THOMAS MATHIAS ECK HELENA, AL SURFACE WARFARE Corona with no lime. . .the man with the smooth image. . .a laid back southern gentleman...did u do the reading?...yeah line let's go out tonight. . .does Jimmy Buffet live in Alabama'?...no but you do. . .have FUN in Pearl Harbor and don't ever change.. .Porf The movie guy and the music guy in the same room. you know that is the party room. Saturday movie trips plebe year tsorry about Sugar Sc Spicel, getting fried during computer storage for using the elevator. Warped Tour 'OI in our khakis?. Broadway Joe's steakhouse. cleaning the floor to Michael Jackson, Elton John as the opening act for Billy Joel. Bonnie and Summer ta pair of winnersl, Road Trippin' Volume I. Johnny Hates Johnny's manager. Johnny's going away party. the Army-Navy trip to NYC, Home Crrown!All American Rejects show in VA, Waflle House after. Ring Dance weekend fun, '!Girls Just Wanna Have Fun". Ram's Head beer club tlirst to finisht, Sean Donlon's. Castlebay's 3 Nuns, Acme wings and Natty Boh, Monday Night Football at Buddy's with Shellie, the karaoke room movie nights in 7360 and then 7367. etc...Johnny. Back to bed. Need my sleep. Ibought this sailboat and this surfboard and... Crazy spring break trips CCancunJ Where's my beer? The southerner from California. Yeah right. Hey man, don't cut my hair I got it done last month. Ack i I ANGELA DAWN GONZALES TUCSON, AZ SURFACE WARFARE Summer school X 2.You. me and Mon. Smoking. not smoking, smoking , . again. STC. Lisa's. So many shoes! Wine. One of my first best friends. Dirty Dancing is one of the cheesiest movies. but you have to love it. 1800? Introducing long island ice teas. High heels on the ice. I am surprised you didn't break your neck. You will never find Angie alone. Out with the underclass drinking at the fleet. her babies! Angel and the boys out at the pit! BEAUTIFUL... I can't believe I have been chasing you for 4 years... I should have told you Iwas a Marine. DAMN THE FRIENDSHIP ZONE! YP's, Iawnmowers ttighty whitiesl. tummy rubs, motorcycles, green tuitle. 'II f 'ed your boyfriend!" My Angie. ..my best friend for the past two years here. 7346, why do We like youngsters? Community service in the front yard. a ride for a ride, HIGH heels, three hours to get ready, hand over the mouth, who is it tonight? OH they know each other? We both want the same things out of life and we are REALLY good at getting them, thanks to our protectors and 40 percent...keep up the good work. . .get your devil dog. . .in san dog...rah I l J ENNIFER LYNN GROB NEWTOWN, PA NAVY .PILOT I I want thousands of your babies. Literally, thousands. I U . Mwhahahahahahaha. Velociraptors ftardsl. WGR baby! You ruin lives fb30?l. Beer pong anyone? Donit I look like a school girl? Homeslice. "I'll come after track." Back row babes. Peein on the streets. Pump head-head loss. 'Tm going to marry a retard." Lindsay's seal bro. "Anyone want to spoon? Anyone? Please?" Ho-clubbin it. Tomcat. Pffp talks. Tease. "Good piece of gear." "Holy snikes. not tactical." A thump thump..."make it stop!" DTA: John, Craig. Mark, Rick Hot Youngster Thursday. The List If O +J. "We don't judge." Nothing we do is wrong. ...... Livin on a Prayer.... -LAS. LPZ. LMB, RMR. MAM, KES, MLH. LAW 228 2004 - Q " Y 'ii X,-Q , ,,, , . s 44 ' i - ff :I I JONATHAN WATSON LANDERS 'li-2-js fd V245 FAIRFAX, VA 5 USMC GROUND HEEEEEEY! Words of the day are save and power- on. I keep Dr. Pepper in business...I should buy stock. How was it. man? Brothers separated at birth. . .hi mom. hi dad! Hey. Mrs. Flanders. Sunday morning doughnuts at 5 Porter. Mythical Magerk's with the mythical beer and the mythical parking garage. "What. am I supposed to look for the imprint of her butt on the sidewalk?" Club soccer enforcer. You're not helping! Good Orange shooter. How about them apples? How about this apple! Striper duties. Yeah baby! Chemical warfare. Club Baja. Porf's living in my basement. JMU trips... Trifecta. Biggest Joe in the Brigade. Where am I? Let's race! Spring Break Daytona fhurdling street benchesl. "Borrowing the canoe." 80's hairbandsl. angry music. It's red. no green. wait. . .ahh! Carlos 0'Kelly's. '73 Tailgaters...50 yd line. Ingleside TX????... "Don. what's wrong with my computer?". Easter Eggs. Snow Butt, Boondock Saints. "How many plebes did you have out there?" . "Let's go lift... I'm kinda tired man."...Garcia's Shirt stays. "Hey Kate. what should I get tinsert namel for tinsert holidayJ?" Nicknames. weekends in Myrtle Beach. Killing the 4-striper with bad haircut. "We will not tire. we will not falter. and we will not fail." RAMSES NELSON LEON . fl HIALEAH, FL NAVY PILOT BIENVENIDO A MIAMI!! "Mr. Leon I especially dislike you because you use your NCO powers for the forces of evil!" So are you on the football team. no I Play squash. No Don. don't eat me. eat John. he is white meat. less calories. Excuse Me Mr. CMC. CNO. Secretary. Senator. and the list goes on. do you know how I can get my GI Bill? Priors -- Claude. Jeff. John. on the live year plan. Spring Break on the TRIUMPH - Claude. JelT your on decoy! Nothn but love for the Becerril's. YPS. 3 ports 2 girls :J Out with the Comp Sci in with the History. LHD -2 Hong Kong - "hey you good time last night. you good time." Leon I think she's talking to you man" Gees Bubba. I don't remember. Had twenty-thousand dollars but I I I spent it all. Terry 84 Rams in fighting hole - gees will it ever stop raining in the held. Ray and the Bushinator. Espana - Capt Tune, Sevilla, the manca and the liter red bull 81 vodka, the tapas. Pamplona and the bulls. Valencia and the topless MIDS, Ibiza tmanumissionj- "you know ray, odds are one of us wont make it backf, Does that say Deans list? Did u want Navy Pilot? umm. sort of. JONATHAN BEN LEUNG MILPITAS, CA NAVY NFO I know somebody, who's always being a whiney. And his name is Jonny! Mr. Whiner, I remember asking you to room with me at the end I of plebe summer. You seemed the quiet, introspective type. even if you did worry about Hgetting your lingers dirty." 4 years and countless adventures later- from six-legged roommates to the invasion of the 6-wheel drive legos - we've discovered the "crazy vein" in both of us. and you are as close to a brother as I will ever have. Things we'll always have in common... great culinary experiences tremember. if the place looks too nice on the inside. they probably don't spend enough on their food! I. group 3 all the wayl. Georgetown nights - walking into random parties. cross country treks for Jamba Juice lMango-A-Go-Go. fruit of the Holy Landl. the extra-dimensional portal in the back of your closet t"Ahg! You pushed it back into the rat world! Ok... ifthere are any rats. or bugs. or insects in here... anything that has more legs than I do. you just stay on your side ofthe closet and I'll stay on mine"h. a love of dogs t"Hey. when I look at my dog. Plato. I look at his legs and I think. "two weeks of meet - each one." And he looks back at me. like he knows I want to eat him." RIP. Mr. Plato.J Jon. four years on Severn's shores. and you've changed people in ways you'll never know. Always working people behind the scenes. never asking for any credit - the invisible hero. Always remember: Two are better than one. because they have a good return for their work: If one falls down. his friend can help him up. But pity the man who falls and has HO 14th Company 229 KAITLYN ELIZABETH LONGLEY WEST NEWBURY. MA NAVY NFO Kates. Short Stuff. Mini-mid. K-Lo. Munchkin. Little-One. Short Sword. Tough Little PT btliiffil .... and on and on: party? OK. The Boot! HA! Nice try. N"Shortest room in the Brigade" "Loud Girl Room" Dance parties. Like a Prayer to clean Who needs a stereo? Busted so BUSTED1 20 mins of talk in only 5. racks on the Hoorfnaps under the desk. 7327...what a view! What's a rum? At least turn off the screen! Crazy Oatmeal. Fighting tires with lemonade. Click Click all hours. Where's Kate? Best roomies EVA! SN JP. . .NToo many fun times-cheers, KJK Scandalous! NYC-"I fQSifed everyone up!i' butt skiing ha! PCOLA-be prepared. from beginning to end.luv ya hun-NINI... NSing I ing8crugby8Llaughter8ctears8chelolIights off of lields8cNYC8LCatsMeow8Lbending the rules8zcarrides81 lobstererers8ckiki's 8ccheers...luvalways!KNM1N Hasks. My Stows! WGC low riders. Italian men. London boys. Argentina! Playing with penguins! Maine '03 ridonculous! Z I'd be you RIO any day. D For always knowing what to say. M For all the smiles you give ILU BGU YBM YTCMSW! For all the laughs through it all! In Your Time. Itls OUR time! MICHAEL CHRISTOPHER MIsCH Roekv RIVER, OH NAVY PILOT 7321. 'Tm an honor rep, so I can lie. cheat. and steal without reprocussions" "I'm not ftttltfing arguing!" DJ Diet Coke. Rocky River What? Hey listen to me play guitar .... What the hell is a tree lawn'?'?'? Wanna play ll Football 2lXbox 3JPS2 45 Foosball 55 Anything .... I swear I'm gonna punch you in the face. 'THe who walks on wet wax. cuz roommate won't turn off lights" Most people prefer English, mike prefers Gibberish. Hey listen to this cool song. Eve1yone's music sucks but mine. Look at this cool animation I made on my palm pilot. only took me 4 hours. Hey guys. cheek this out. no really. cheek this out. Do you always study calculus. . .? Where the HELL is Grinnell? Chem Warefare. Rubber Arm Puss Punch. Englebert Humperdinek. Slamming windows in the morning. Rescheduling entire days around King Hall meals. PRT : fun! The wakeup song "G, C, D. Em" Homestarwunna. Easter Eggs. The Snow Butt. "For every tadpole on my pillow .... " Johnnie Hates Johnnie interpretive dancer.. "That's your momma!" C hieka-dee, Sir? PMO- Taking it in the face again .... It sucks being the fat kid. Mike and Anne fighting. . .stilI. Stupid Bio Suggestions. Charismatic. Unprincipled. Careless. Egotistieal. The Marine Corps really got what they deserved in this guy SALINA NADINE N AVARRO HESPERIA. CA SURFACE WARFARE Salina member ot the shortest room in the biigade. nghting tires with lemonade. racks on the Hoor. "but I love him' '... oh please he tits in Jen's pantsl. singing Like A Prayer. "Loud Girl Room." 7327 best view. - Best Roomies Ever KL, JP Salinas Navarro Piacente Huggins. Sally Sue. Munchkin. Chimichanga. Shining Youngster. NWB's Jil Fan. JT's future wife- invite to sponsors Aren't you gonna straighten your hair? Punch in the stomach. plebe chemistry summer school. Push lt- Salt N Pepa. Get Up! Get Up! Time to go to the Beach. let's go bike riding. 'Bama Sucksl. Tony's Dance. I'M FINE!!, forever I8 with an attitude, "Oh my God that voice!", Wearing black and white of course, snowstorm in KID. Mitcher bathroom. best Halloween costumes. I have bigger ones. USS Rushmore- enough said. side rearview mirrors aren't necessary. Hershey. .... weeeeeeeh ttalking fastl, skiing- or pretending to. Rita's and Squisitos. Notre Dame road trip- "I'm so Happy". "Navy Navy Navy Navy." "Hello World I'm back in the game!" It's better in the Hamptons NWB+2 Forever. 230 2004 - NATHAN LEE NEIHOFF BOAZ, KY USMC GRouND From the humble beginnings of sounding off with "Yut, sir" to asking "Who stole me Lucky Charms?" who would have thought return? Rack time chats plebe and youngster year. What were sink for so long with her? A bottle of Jack at Phantom of the shipmates back afterwards. A ten foot fence with razor wire problem, Dan hold my cover." The quest for the shower electrocution. Lawn chair diving in Lake Tahoe. Miswired girls. on the door. Look, a car shaped like a chili pepper. The reverse grip forever. 215' birthday + EE : "Ha" Getting kicked out of on the table. Joe Cartoon, Kill Frog, Jay Donaldson, Home Star ix f sy ""!!. ,gelft A Y Simi? I" s' yi., 1 PT?" fs, 1 . ', Eid ' -3: wmv w"' iq 1' ln? v 'T - Super G going around a prior Marine would you doing next to the Opera and carrying in whites .... "No potato and Lepard's Just put a scrunchie under-hand panther Riodians for sleeping Runner. Fogarty's Thoughts on Religion ..... El Camino." "Paint it any color you want" and "just wear a hat." "For years went by pretty quick, huh?" "Well, when you don't do it right, it doesn't take as long. Good luck and God Bless .... .DBE. TAH, ZJB. CMS, KBW, GTRJ, BRM MATTHEW GERARD O'CoNNoR CHESTERTOWN, MD NAVY PILOT Matt Jo'Connor...ROOMMATE!!...Red Man...GPS ...Elmo. . .Mr. Man. . .stealth pleber. . .poop machine. ..Best company commander ever! I Jais! Where'd my boards go? The relationship master, especially during X-week. . .lucky for him, no sense of smell. . .Pocket candy extraordinaire. . .Great training officer! He worked so well with 4fC company commander. tPrecious!9 "If you donlt leave. I am going to take o1T my shirt and scream! !" Youire trying to get me drunk! Goodbye my loooove! Always patient and willing to help out with homework. "It's SO easy Stevie! ! !" Best person to buy a car from, ask Chris...You wrecked my life! Open the window. . .Real Estate connoisseur on the yard, owns a few properties...Baltimore has the best 27 year olds tgotta love kidsi. and the best beer pong team...Houston Bowl karaoke...Hawaii...Try to stay awake on your birthday, its more fun that way. Paige wasn't much help either. . .Careen off a cliff lately? The good times past. ..Maine 'O3...Acme trips.. .Iowa City tthat was my girl! thanks man! Always have Hopej. . .4 years as roommates, 4 years of shower ambushes. . .late night talks. ..Best QB - Receiver duo in Hag football history tuntil it got coldJ...Chinese food nights with the soy sauce in the printer...HEY RED! WHERE AM I? .... Jais! I wish you the best of luck Mr. Man, and thanks for all the great memories!! We might be going our separate ways, but our memories will always be with us. Good Luck! TRUE!!! BRANDI NICOLE OLSON j KINGwooD, TX , MEDICAL CORPS Introducing, from the great state of Texas- KingwoodtGreentreeJ, looking so scared- one eyebrow permanently arched, but-credit card swipes, lax players and throwing cheese. Orlando-'fyou girls don't waste any time," fake eyelashes, pennied in, late night mail delivery, youngster lip-sync concerts- we should have sold tickets, Halloween over- exposure and ICOH. Cancun- why don't we own stock in Midori? snorkeling, foam party- who is he? pump your list for the cavemen- b. show us those softball skills. rug- burned tops of your feet. the Captain- huge high school track fans. surprising powder. revolving door policy, "you're so loud. you're screaining!", ms. colson, SIMS addiction. inappropriate guitar man, less than sober dance routines, p.s.-trying to get your shoes on for formation after Mexican cafe. online shopping, gymnastics Friday. racquetball court dancing, Christmas party laying on the deck plate, squad outing sans squad, junior prom? dance classes- "they wouldn't know directions. they're in high school," two years of Exxon changes, but- there's a crack in your ceiling?! b8zd in the rain. j. lo. apex. club 7303. writhing? service selection "week," who passes up dessert?- "you should split it." oh. and watch out for that desk- it's hazardous! Who would have thought I would be so blessed? There's a healing power in you that is umnatched. Thank you for all of this- I love you! -ACC 14th Company 231 JONATHAN SCOTT PARKER ALEXANDRIA, LA SUBMARINES Mr. Whiner but Inostly Mr. Babywthe best roomIIIate a person could ask for.. .been together for over three years. I don't kIIow what 1 am going to do or where I will find myself without y0Ll...lII2lIIy wonderful IIIeInories: plebe year, youngster. second class. our last year here. endless nights into DC's surreal nightlife. Georgetown's row of M st, girls...girls...girls...and great food all the time. while I remember thc summer aIId spring vacations of La and Fl. teaching and educating me how to drink, late nights talking. crany and wild times that I would not change for anyone. It will surely be missed. Even though you will be in Charleston. I will miss our close bond and remain friends forever. Mr. Baby has established himself as a fine member ofAnnapolis...his collateral duties include: sleeping. whining. drilling, Inotivating, receiving exotic food from parents. and having the amazing talent of acing all his work. Four years by the bay over already. Cheerse here is to countless beers. women. and our future in the Heet. Through good times and bad I remember you as one ofthe few people I could truly trust. Here is to the future. friendship. and trust. You are my shipmate. JBL SUSATORN PHETCIAD THAILAND ROYAL THAI NAVY - SURFACE WARFARE Ong Sorry you had to learII English from ME... tlIe pride of Thailand, future prince with his princess Yam. . .long hours on the phone. tell. Yam I said hi.. .perpetually asleep. . .you have a light with the champ in two hours maybe you shouldn't be eating a Klondike bar and pork rinds. . .the tough guy who listens to chick music .... man, I only sleep for like 5 minutes .... mike. how you say'?...Ong. wake up!..look at her. like a kitten man...You know what man! !. I'm just glad man. . .ong. if I'm ever in Thailand you better hook me up..."Mr. Phetgad. MAN IN THE ARENA" "SIR FIND OUT SIR"... Man I sit right here and they don't even Count me as a person man... cook a noodle man.. .Forget walking to the head man. Shower right here...tTo the supeb Yes Sirl. Yes Sirl, Yes Sirl, Yes Sirl. Yes Sirl. Yes Sirlt You get tlIe ideal. . .hey can you take my watch'??...3-I-8 for life...MAP, Z, AAS... JENNIFER LEE POLLIO HOUSTON, TX SURFACE WARFARE Jen- Shortest room in the brigademsinging "Like a Prayer" and Dixie Chicks while scrubbing the Hoor- who needs a stereo?! "Its busted. so busted!" racks on the Hoor and sleeping under the desk ...eating care packages..."Shouldn't you be at softball practice?" ...youngster workouts and oatmeal addicts... the "Loud girl room" -can they really hear outside the door...always Plixin' to..." 7327- best view ever-best roomies ever! SN. KL Jumping the fence...giggle twins..."Wow. look at that truckl' '... Slave Machine groupie and road trip to NC - what were we thinking'?..."What's a frog doing in here'?...l'm busy!"...CHEERSl! I'Lll1I1ll'lg back for taps...Sexy Seven... horse teeth and "crazy eyes". . .DITB'?-isn't that a club or something? ...Kllil'S...bllS6I116l1I...IS it rum punch hour yet'?...BIG WILLY...bus ride from hell. . .Wherc's Jen?-behind the bar!...'ritas at dillos...New Years stalker!...5280 fcet...Who runs marathons for fun'?. . .running buddies... IM call-outs. .. night at the Roxbury. . ."Here try this... BLAH! "... fancy lip gloss. . .Guarder of the pills...Dahlgren dates...bff! LW, CP, AJ. AH. JB, EP 232 2004 n--ni ntl nm: LX Rf N . 1' TH..." Y BRIDGEvIEw,IL if SURFACE WARFARE --5 MICHAEL ANGELO PoRFIRIo el Michael Angelo Porlirio...sick name fora sick cat... everyone loves Mike...always has something to saytor morel... never misses out...Midshipman of the week, month, semester, century. ..Iife of the party...doing the bicycle from B-more to DC. . .it was either a ghost or ack...Really busted on the scene youngster year shaking everybody's t'itGL'lf8LfZ hand. . .How many times did you two kiss'?'?'?...Good thing Z told him to grow out his hair: went from bald oaf to a promising lady's man.. .its all in the hair man, you know Chopek style...We all know some things didn't work out, but l'm sure it turned out to be a good thing... I must admit though, it was the source ofa lot of belly laughsti.e. staring into space for minutes on endl... 3-l-8 for life...AAS, Ong, Z "I'm just gettin' you used to it!" Cheeeeeeeeese, you've always been my homey through it all...Late night trips to 7-ll cause we were losers on weekend, talks about relationships tor lack thereofl..."I'm running a marathon. . ."Bloody shirt... "Yeah I'll run with you...sorry I fell asleep..."Sam's club trips, tailgaters, Croquet match, "Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go,". . .the Home Grown fAll American Rejects show...Ring Dance, your Qld birthday at Rut's Hut, my 214 birthday t"I did a good job"l. . .Old School, Ocean City land the girl that diedl. etc.. .. "You're my boy Porf, You're my boy..."J2H, BA, ME --....,. ,... ...,....h..,...,... L. WILLIAM ALGYSIUS PRINDIVILLE FRIENDSWOOD, TX USMC PILOT "Wild Bill, YEEEEE-HAWWV, Another damn Texan '!You're clueless, aren't you?" f'Yes, sir" "At Mr. Prindiville, sir" "Mr. Barber...guess what?" Raptor chopping We know it was you that named every room plebe yearg we used FBI lab techniques to find your fingerprints -Aek, Johnny, and Eck Parody songs "So, Prindiville, what'id yeh read 'bout in sparts?"tI think he did it to piss off Salinaj Pizza boy Chinese food guy, Wild Bill hooks you up I know his alpha code, it's... Letter to the Capital, no really "midnight...no more phone...bed, Mike" "Guh?" Jon and his favorite plebe "Why are you mad? She's MY squad leader" Chem Warfare Fighting Mike under Michelson Spring break: Streets of TJ: "girls in the center, like rhinos" PROTRAMID: Michelle Branch, Ci-Ci's and "STITES!" "Where'd they get I-IANDCUFFST' Karate tournaments: minivans. highway rescue. lost in NYC, 30+ guys on the floor and the famous John Kaptan song t'fI'm John Kap-tan..."J Oh, yeah, we sparred too. Summer 'O0: platoon sfscreen: Summer '03: platoon commanderg it can happen "You didn't just screw the pooch..." "UC Prindiville, please report to company area" Just being a Marine isn't crazy enough: Cobras, Harriers, maybe Ospreys? IfI wanted a safe life, I would've gone to UT like a normal Texan tsiql.Thanks guys: let's get out of here before something stupid happens. BZN, roger out. P.S.: the Alamo really was a strategic victory JEFFREY RICHARD RGBERTS JR. . MESHOPPEN, PA SUBMARINES Hey Jeff. . .you wild truck driver. Some jeeps have transaxels in the front, others have theirs' oriented in the back! Plebe year.Iron Squad: Unity Through Shared Pain. and shared Stan. Ho Chi Mihn expeditions! Youngster and second class roommate times, Spending the random nights sleeping in the Party Van in the Georgetown lot and waking up freezing cold. Boat projects: "I need a bigger shower." Constant lectures on engines, trucks. and women. Good times and great stories with Capt. Bob! 2"!' Class year. "the room that cared." TRASHED during Army Week. Plenty of time for his trucks. boats. engines, and let's not forget the legos. . .6-wheel drive, remote control legos. Jeff. I'm glad .smrzelwzfjr taught you to relax... even if it was my sister...tJPJ walks back and from our cars and vans always put me and the other Jon into a stupor and fascination of wonder with the world of Jeff's precocious ingenuit. Four great years at the academy as a motivator, experiencing the good and the bad: the worst surface cruise as well as the best times commanding his own boat. Silent Drill. Florida. The Jeep, The Truck, Ski vacation! Let's not forget Ring Dance! Always an engineer iirst. it was no surprise when Jeff selected Subs. Those who know him best agree that Jeffrey Roberts is a good shipmate and a true friend. His professionalism and character will lead him a successful journey and career in the Silent Service. Fair winds Jeff. QJBLJ See ya in Charleston! tJSPl 14th Company 233 CRAIG THOMAS RYAN ARLINGTON, VA NAVY PILOT 7321. Graig Ryan. congratulations on getting Naval Aviator. Sorry Marie didn't work out for ring dance. at least lots of girls offered on HotorNot.com Dude. guess when my pads are getting here'?'? Aren't they sweet! Perfection ot' Adam Miller Style Foosball. First to 100 games. the battle is still on. I'm not looking for perfect woman. just perfect body. hair. attitude. eyes. smile .... Failing the PRT cuz of Beau. Too damn pretty to be a runner. Bloody nose boxing champion. The schnoz. Guitar contest winner. "Who throws out a Victoria secret catalog!". Remember cleaning scott's stuff for inspection'?. Hey craig - where scott? I dunno ...... "Attention to details. saves lives shipmateu. "Hook em' Horns". You know who's standing watch right novv. "No Salt - No Salt". Draino. Tea- Bagg. Church Girl. Navy's Greatest Goalie Ever. "That's what she said!". YOUR MGMY. "NO, it's okay. they live on the yardl. The boot.. Jal. Craig's First Girlfriend. Craig's First Kiss. Palma Checklist. Brrrrrrrrr. it's cold in here. . .Robin Hood Prince of Thieves is the best movie everl. "That was me! !" Hurricane Streaking. The Marine Corps really got what they deserved in this guy. JAMES RICHARD SANGUINETTI SANTA RGSA, CA SURFACE WARFARE So say goodnight to the bad guy. Come on. this the last time you gonna see a bad guy like this. let me tell ya. b ez Luigi, ALEXANDER ALINN SINGH HYATTsvILLE, MD NUCLEAR SURFACE WARFARE The coolest guy I've ever met. . .he doesn't Walk. he Hoats with the head nod. . .sup,..SINGH!...the contagious laugh. . .books a girl every night at the clubs...thanks for trying to teach me how to dance. ..3'U loudest man alive. . .Red Stripe. ..born in Jamaica but now in the U.S. makin bills...neck boy. ..I think he has leukemia...but more than anything thanks for always keeping it real in a place that is sometimes so fake. . .l'm a better man because of you...look out San Diego. half the 318 is on its wayl. 3-l-8 for lit'e..lVlAP. Z. Ong 234 2004 c EQ. T ltfgx aw ln .. i s MATTHEW ALLEN SLOUKA IowA CITY, IA SUBMARINES Roommate! Where do I begin. I will just start with the list. Kate twanted mel. Lori twanted you l year laterl. Hallie. Jen. Then the ones in the middle that I only know by the places in which you met them. Argentina. New York. Chicago. We won't linish. It is better if l just start at the beginning. When Stew and I picked roommates it was quite a process. We were shining shoes next to each other. and the roommate list was passed around. and you were the only one left. Don't you feel special? It was a perfect match from the beginning. l did my work. You tried to do your work faster than me. Stew just sat around in a bad mood. But we do have some memories to show from it. Soy Sauce Wars T tl always wondered why my darn printer never worked "Open the window Stew. l'm gonna jump" "Its open". .. flag football on the frozen tundra of Farragut Field long walks in the night around Dewey fwatch out for your squad leaderl we always knew who to invite to play poker thanks for the ride In the concert some people worked out every day after school you played X-box every day after school couldn't everjust go to bed, had to have a phone. ora game. or music l know l am forgetting things. but it has been a great ride together. Run Silent. Run Deep. Good luck! TRUE!! SCOTT ALEXANDER STERLING NEWPORT, RI USMC PILOT Dude Weeeel Plebe Summer lVlemories "Elephants can move their tnember in any direction, at will." Wolfpack: First time down the Ho Chi lVlihn then running back for taps! Flashlights. knife. war paint. rope. digital camera. super-itnposed satellite map. glowsticks do We need anything else? Renaissance Festival. anyone? Second class year...Tuesday night "Beer Club" at Sean Donlonsl "Ya know. if we RUN to and from the bar. it's that much more time we can spend AT the bar."l l 149 "Can we get the tab. please?" SUMMON THE FOURTH POWERED CREATUREIIV' "I'm Homestah Wrunna, isn't dat gwate'?" the SYStem. is DOWN." Firstie exploits Hey, where's Scott? Scott doesn't even know where Scott is right now...t5 hours laterI...Hey. Scott. where ya been? "Oh, I got a coke." The essence of professionalism: in uniform 24-7 no. REALLY. Ya know. Scott. sleeping in your chair with a book in your lap doesn't count as "working" You should REALLY take off your uniform and go to bed tonight youwe been wearing that thing for 5 days! Hey Buddy! Got any food? You know. Shcott, me and yer mother we've been sheeing allot of each other lately Somebody I know. is alwujvs being a Whiner and I'm not sure I LIKE whiners. Scott, you have your moments. Still. you're one of the best human beings I know. Run with perseverance, Mr. Whiner. and you WILL get the prize. - JSP, JBL. JRR. et al. NICHOLAS IAIN STEWART TRENTON, N J SURFACE WARFARE Snook. 2004 flavas. touch it twice, black sheep. motley crew. OSD. always dark. always talking. always angry. always late 4 Nate wake me up. CANCUN. Chilton's cooking. cracker barrel. Amish market. fudruckers, HOAGIE HAVEN, snook's way. the other way, apple crisp. In-n-Out airplane service. verinonster. alex's volvo hook up. DUI on the curb. can u see the six pack yet. hacienda walker. 2l l ...OUCH!. The Plumbers: Mario and Luigi. don't roll down my window! thanks Focker. are u serious? Excuse me, um yea you over there. . .you dropped your pocket. "I'm better than you day." back of the bus. food lion. amazing Asians. hutnpty cookies. 52 days underwater. deck division. Dudley farts. Jeremy's basement. .... yo. snook. u go to class today? I ain't marchin'. I'm shootin'...South Trenton's Finest. 14th Company 235 1 nu il JOHN DOUGLAS WALKER III PORTLAND, ME NAVY PILOT "Best friends will always remain best friends. they know too much!" Wait. . .how old are you. Navy Hockey: road trips are .... Late nights I l ofsolitaire. Busted head - scarred for life. Lake House alarm clock. Mistletoe is your excuse. ARCHNEMESIS. .lack and coke. . .where'd he go? Flyers game smack-down. NYC YP's A do you want to sit on my bed? Late night lights. Shout out to the Oreo Room. Steve and Cheri love you. Expensive UK trip with pleated pants. Sportin' the Bikini. Seniority in Acapulco. Wednesdays at the O-club equals HAMMERED nights. Ring Dance: Breakfast for one. The Beast. Thanks mom, dad, doch. luc and Janie - love you. Swapping spit with the face eater. "They all fall in love." 007. Spring break road trip. l swear I had a six pack. Deal me in. Foam hat at hockey games. 7, ll, doubles in Portland. I BEAU CHRISTOPHER WIELKOSZEWSKI COLORADO SPRINGS, CO SUBMARINES 7321. Member ofthe 204 club. Where are my glasses? Check out my I program. it's really cool! Midget-clown. Brigade Rack Marathon Champ. These mattresses are so much better than the old Ones. The internet is for what? "Sorry guys gotta talk to my pre-wife'1 Oh wait. l never said that. Rollergirl. Jennifer Garner, Anna Kournikova - Workout video! So that's very much like the Army. Wrestling with Garcia. ridiculously large pictures everywhere. WIS. Baileys. sleeping again. Hey Beau. can l borrow a movie? .!usq'ici. tout va bien. l'm a sponsored athlete. Wilco, wilca. wilca-not-gonna-work-here-anymore. I bent another rim this weekend. Hey mike, can you bring me breakfast? Will Prindiville's plebe summer roommate. Dr. Pepper PRT Challenge. Used to work in Chicago. Freezing at Army-Navy. CastleBay With Nebo. Club Racquetball. lf you can find the pictures. you can have them! Opera-fying every song! Adopted Firstie. Gargoyle at the Halloween Concert. A testament to long term relationships and digital cameras. Marine Corps really got what they deserved in this guy. 236 2004 Y I i 1. f 1 Y 1 1 1 ,i 11 f 11 3 1 , 1 1 I Y 4 Y 1 1 1 1 V 1' EEIZZW M3660 LT Jeff Rogers Company Officer Jeff Cr. Cliffe, Company XO Christopher Hussey, Company Commander yy Jason D. Shell, Firsiygefgeanr Chief Susan Decker Company Senior Enlisted K, i I I 1 i 1 Jason A. Kozak, Company XO Mathew O. Caylor, Company Commander John M. Burger, First Sergeant 240 2004 . 5, ,741 S- ,. '25-"'7-.-.-.-,,,.f fy ,nm ,, ef- f lib x 1 3, NICHOLAS ADAMS BITTING EAST GREENVILLE, PA NAVY PILOT - . V : H . 41" ' la f.. u. . 'Vit I ' f elm " 1 , s Aug 1-In ' 4 ,., . .AV is . ..,. M 17' if J f' " 4 - . Q, eb" 'fi 3 . H - mar Eternal Father strong to save whose arm hath bound the restless wave who bidd'st the mighty ocean deep its own appointed , . limits keep oh. hear us when we ery to Thee for those in peril on the sea1O Christ! Whose voice the waters heard and hushed their raging at Thy word who walked'st on the foaming deep and calm amidst its rage didst sleep oh hear us when we cry to Thee for those in peril on the sea: Most Holy Spirit Who didst brood upon the chaos dark and rude and bid its angry tumult cease and give for wild confusion peace oh hear us when we cry to Thee for those in peril on the sea: O Trinity of love and power our brethren shield in danger's hour from rock and tempest. fire and foe protect them wheresoe'er they go thus evermore shall rise to Thee glad hymns of me praise from land and sea!! NATHAN JOSE BROWNE FAIR OAKS, CA NAVY PILOT "The mission ofthe United States Naval Academy is to develop midshipmen morally, mentally and physically and to imbue them with the highest ideals of duty, honor and loyalty in order to provide graduates who are dedicated to a career of naval service and have potential for future development in mind and character to assume the highest responsibilities of command, citizenship and government." MATTHEW GBADIAH CAYLOR ENGLEWOOD, TN SUBMARINES The "Man of Mystery," for many reasons, whether it be for his so-called "soul" or his scandalous behavior behind closed doors. - A self professed womanizer before the academy. and we all know what that means. Some womanizers spend their money on improving their image. others spend it all on a pearl white Lincoln. Pearl White'?'?'? His Lincoln and soul-train rhythm earned him some "women of color." So he says! ll Anyhow as my subordinate and roommate, l ensured that he was obedient, well behaved, and prepared to meet the submarine fleet again. Good Luck! JGC Some people think the DDP can only be viewed in WIDE SCREEN! Other people think his deep blue button-up shirts are...well... alternative. Whatever you think, know for sure that you will see this man again sometime in the future. Even if it's only on the internet. By the way Matt, make sure to send us all a copy of your sub bonus video...lT'S MY MONEY! Good luck to you, oh Supreme Commander of 15. Fair winds and following nuke pay. DM 15th Company 241 1 n ilu! 0 I JEFF GREGORY CLIFFE EDGEWOOD, MD USMC PILOT Jeff Gregory "Hardcore" Cliffe a.k.a. The Grand Old Man. From his first day I I as a midshipman, Jeff has always been the type of man to inspect the situa- tion or detailer CLFJ from head to toe. People have looked up to Jeff...not in a big-brother sense. but rather in a "Hey, this guy is really old and seasoned" sense. Normally found in his natural habitat known as McGarvey's, his exploits in downtown Annapolis are a thing of legend. Who can forget the Headboard and Snow Wrestling...God knows we won't let him. He is a maII with an insatiable hunger for JJ videos and Georgia Peaches, Whether inspiring the company with his Marine Corps strut at drill or leading his comrades to the Fleet Reserve, Sarge is as comfortable raising the bar as he is raising a glass beside one. His afhnity for Matt's high quality entertainment has shown him to be a lover of many things tanimals tool. In the air or on land, .leff will make the Marine Corps proud because the chicks dig him. Semper Fi! MC - y RUSSELL EUGENE GARRISON , ... ....E. .. LEXINGTON, NC 'ttf " ' A NAVY PILOT I That's right! This here is Russell Eugene ofthe Garrison clan who hails from the A N r y Q g ..,y p L. great state ofNC. Although having strong ties to his home state, Eugene has a ""' A iiii " A ' " ' A A strong affinity for the almost as great state of NJ. He aquired the taste at UVA, one of the few times he made it out of 7th circle of hell otherwise known as 7352. When not studying for heat transfer, Blues's control systems, or writing papers 5 days overdue, Eugene enjoys not being clothed, Led Zeppelin, the audition, a good Brazilian friendship and Matt's CDs. This lron Mid has a knack for impeccable grammar, never once using "myself" incorrectly or allowing others to do so. Playing off this desire for perfection, he also kept his roomates on their toes by setting his alarm clock for random times dumg the night. These four years spent with Eugene would not have been the same without his quirks, incessant movie quotations, that eve- ning with the goddess ofthe night, and that sweet, sweet southern accent. we wish you the best of luck in your future -'nf endeavors and we want to leave you out readers with some advice from ACXDC: "so lock up your daughter, lock up your wife and lock up your back door and run for your life." Godspeed and to the hilt - JAK and myself, DM KEVIN MICHAEL GOERING KERMAN, CA SUBMARINES Eternal Father strong to save whose arm hath bound the restless wave who bidd'st the mighty ocean deep its own appointed limits keep oh, hear us when we cry to Thee for those in peril on the sea, O Christ! Whose voice the waters heard and hushed their raging at Thy word who walked'st on the foaming deep and calm amidst its rage didst sleep oh hear us when we cry to Thee for those in peril on the seag Most Holy Spirit Who didst brood upon the chaos dark and rude and bid its angry tumult cease and give for wild confusion peace oh hear us when we cry to Thee for those in peril on the sea, O Trinity of love and power our brethren shield in danger's hour from rock and tempest, fire and foe protect them wheresoc'er they go thus evermore shall rise to Thee glad hymns of praise from land and seal! 242 2004 l l l uniform, yellow line. . .CB JUSTIN LAMAR GOLSON AUSTIN, TX SURFACE WARFARE "The mission of the United States Naval Academy is to mentally and physically and to imbue them with the and loyalty in order to provide graduates who are service and have potential for future development in the highest responsibilities of command. citizenship and JENNIFER LYNN HAMMER POTTSVILLE, PA USMC GROUND What more could I have asked for, someone exactly like me, unlike everyone else you approved of all the boys! Slapping the boys-HARD. "you can't do that 'til you're drunk!" TAKE MY ADVICE about V Q'-v QI -9672 11 - N . ' 51 1 3 1 .- develop midshipmen morally. highest ideals of duty. honor dedicated to a career of naval Inind and character to assume government." MARINES! I knew you were Iny favorite when we played with the youngsters. ..Keep making the silly boys chase you. but don't give in. NO MATTER HOW MANY TIMES THEY CALL!!! Come see me in SD, little miss smarty pants! Love you muah.. .AG MY LOVE-stay smart. well book smart. and invite me to the wedding. . .JG My darling hen, the moonlight in my life. Oh how I will miss our fights, our nights and night lights. walking in the hen house raising all sorts of hell, when I say no boys allowed I mean it! You still owe me lucrative options! Halloween "mee-OW", 40 percent!...MC dumbest smart girl i know! contacts in the wrong eyes. Ronald McDonald red. naked time, on the far end, bus of nuns, you should be blond...NWC Grilled cheese, Cockburn. Pretty in pink. wicked in LARS CHRISTOPHER HERMAN ROCKVILLE, MD CIVIL ENGINEER CORPS From the Halls of Montezuma to the shores of Tripoli we light our country's battles in the air on land and sea. First to tight for right and freedom and to keep our honor cleang We are proud to bear the title of United States Marines. Our flags unfurled to every breeze From dawn to setting sung We have fought in every clime and place where we could take a gun. III the snow of far-off Northern lands and in sunny tropic scenes: You will find us always on the job --The United States Marines. Here's health to you and to our Corps which we are proud to serve: In many a strife we've fought for life and never lost our nerve. If the Army and the Navy ever look on Heaven's scenes, they will find the streets are guarded by United States Marines. 15th Company 243 CREIGHTON KEOLAOMA Ho J R. HoNoLULU, HI NAVY NFO My parents say that the past five years went by so fast, but I have to disagree. After being at NAPS, the transition to Annapolis was fairly smooth. I was ready for tough classes, lots ofphysical training, and mental challenges. My first day was the best day ever..,it was my birthday. June 30"' 2000. Of course I kept that to myselfto avoid the extra "attention" My days were extremely long, especially after my three-hour rifle practices. My toughest challenge was memorizing lots of useless information like daily menus. Some things were just strange, like bulkheads, p-ways, and scuttle butts. Leaming time management was the key to getting through this year. Overall it was pretty rough, and I was glad when it was over after climbing Herndon. My youngster year was my year to recover. All eyes were off me finally, and I proved myself worthy ofentering the realm of the upperclassmen. My hardships this year were in boxing and wrestling class. My partner was 30 pounds heavier than me, and I often left class dizzy or with sore muscles. But I managed to make it through. For the record. this was my most enjoyable year. Second Class year, academics became a challenge after I went deeper into my major, Systems Engineering. Some days I questioned myself why l chose it as my major, and I spent countless hours trying to understand the Work. I managed to get through it with the help of my teachers and friends, I had the privilege of yelling at, I mean, training the plebes that year and had lots of good times. Firstie ycar went by fast and before l knew it, I was a new Naval Officer I I CHRISTOPHER PAUL HUSSEY SUNNYVALE, CA SPECIAL OPERATIONS Eternal Father strong to save whose arm hath bound the restless wave who bidd'st the mighty ocean deep its own appointed limits keep oh, hear us When We cry to Thee for those in peril on the seag O Christ! Whose voice the waters heard and hushed their raging at Thy word who walked'st on the foaming deep and calm amidst its rage didst sleep oh hear us when we cry to Thee for those in peril on the seag Most Holy Spirit Who didst brood upon the chaos dark and rude and bid its angry tumult cease and give for wild confusion peace oh hear us when we cry to Thee for those in peril on the seag O Trinity of love and power our brethren shield in dangers hour from rock and tempest, tire and foe protect them wheresoe'er they go thus evermore shall rise to Thee glad hymns of praise from land and seal! I I ALEC MICHAEL J OHNSTON CHARLOTTE, NC SUBMARINES "The mission of the United States Naval Academy is to develop midshipmen morally, mentally and physically and to imbue them with the highest ideals of duty, honor and loyalty in order to provide graduates who are dedicated to a career of naval service and have potential for future development in mind and character to assume the highest responsibilities of command, citizenship and government." 244 2004 JASON ALLAN KOZAK GLEN ALLEN, VA USMC PILOT Coming to us from the capital of the Confederacy, Jason "A-H" Kozak whether his southem origins preside over his Germanic roots. He came conservative and with one small virtue to learn - tact. .Jason lost is A- the street in Montreal. Thus was born the J-gaine. He likes to bring goes, especially when there are girls around. Jason has a high opinion of about his restriction. He is also the commander of the Battle Group-V world's greatest Navy NFO. Jason taught us many things, like how long speeding ticket in a new camaro SS tabout 39.5 hrsb, that ifyou steal a car you just lay down and say, "I'm a friendly!" and that morale ALWAYS im- beatings continue. The Marine Corps now owns him and hopefully he will Y Kx ,,gZi1:Y ..., ...ly '13 fi s' . .Q A Z 2521-F 'ZZ + C cannot decide to USNA already game crossing this wherever he women, ask him and almost the it takes to get a andthe police get proves when the use everything he has learned here to lead Marine squadrons to glorious battle. Good luck, buddy. Hoorahl - DM, PH, 81 KY A great companion until he commands that you 'try to get awayl' RG DANIEL JONATHAN KRUMBEIN ' AURORA, CO SURFACE WARFARE Dan the man...Clever Dan...so many girls, so little time, rilie team plebe year...fun times with coach Kelly...you were a pistol champion? Youngster year - pistol team...Blizzard of O3 college park, getting sick on the side of I my car...crazy photos with jeffl...Bahamas 03, who could forget, the tres amigos..."we're gonna get high tonight"...sean paul, nightclub after nightclub. Girls. girls, girls, I don't even remember all of their names, but let me give it a shot: Karen, Stephanie, Jess, Vicki, Liz, Shannon...and that was just a week!...the zoo...bacardi 15l...dollar shots of tequila...arriving drunk at the airport as we got on the plane...Ring dance 03 dan. where's your date?...kristin trying to dance with some other dude! Firstie cruise in spain...how any phones do you have? I A Which car are you using today? When in doubt, go to Best Buy...When do you turn 2l?? April of lirstie year? Dag yo. I I can't believe it's been four years, but it was fun! l I l l l I I l J AMES J OSHUA LIGHT I SCOTIA, NY NAVY PILOT I Plank owner of Delta Force, P.I.M.P. . .nope, just PMP, BLL, Lips, Laddle, the most I belligerent, abrasive man this side of NY state, the dumbest smart kid we know. and master of obscenities in the presence of small children. What happened to the internet girlfriend...wait. that was Josh, Lightbulb, wrap that groin trackstar. slow motion night vision lip wagging. what's Hussey again?, 'BI wanna hook up NOW!" Ex tridentia scholarentiamso ridiculous, Sl.47!!!, where's JOE? Nice gut. Oh no, OH YEAH! Sure that vaseline's for those lips? Good thing your voice gets an octave higher around women, JALB tthat's not the way you serve!! Road trips to Duke: hang with A Aristocat, use us for our bodies. "Jim never pukes, I've seen him much worse than this", goldhsh love vomit...a changeling around his girlfriend tkindal... way to sell l your soul to your Econ profs. . .Can you do my homework for me? DD-Jean. . .Oh well. The Altima wants to know how you're gonna Hy a jet. Crash Gordon. . .NYC cops don't like to be touched, buddy...Ski and Taco Cabana, round one DING. . .Corona Olympics. . .why is it that a forty gallon head t can't figure out sunscreen? Jim Light, detailer...You would be the biggest tool if it wasn't for us, cuz there's gotta be a STANDARD. . .joe at heart or not, we still love ya. Good thing you're not going alone...the boys QBGP, PN, BW, JW! l I I , 15th Company 245 1 1 i 1 l 1 t TRENT TWIGG METLEN MURRAY, UT USMC PILOT Trent Twigg Metlen - What hometown? All over. Status? Taken...Jenn. Plebe summer visits from big brother, make Fagone cry, validating all of I plebe classes, then failing, CSNTS, craving sugar cane, getting in Hghts, and climbing rock walls in Jamaica, "His brain melted!" say toys, rugby? too many heh heh head wounds, Soppes are the best, craving Nishiki rice, finish your's, mine, and my mom's dinner, Aero Hurts! PRT guy, still craving poi? Made Supe laugh! Do not forget the time in DTA with your esteemed Aero roommate, JD and the false presumptions ofthe locals due to your old man sweater. Despite how much you try, S.L.A.C will stick whether you are a bloodthirsty barbarian on the field of battle or a eunuch due to your relationship status. Remember the Brazilian encounter, and if you have troubles on your pull-ups, it's because you really are the biggest in the brigade. Last but not least, always close the shower curtain no matter where you are or Half Mast will appear and say bad things about you know who. -CKH. JAK. DM. REG Doivn-3N1co MONACO H. , me Q N APLES, ITALY NAVY PILOT Hailing from Naples, Italy thome ofNeapolitan ice creamy, Domenico came to the USNA with the hopes that he could make some friends that wouldn't judge him by his diminutive stature or copious amounts of body hair. Alas, this was not to be. Not to dwell on the negatives of small stature but a wise man tAllanJ, once said women love small men for two reasons: Reason F and Reason S. He soon fell in with Jack's crew and, although not a founding member, was soon promoted to Commander of.lack's Midget Brigade. Despite this dubious honor. he missed out on the first Montreal trip. Not one to be left out, Domenico rallied and was a pivotal member of Montreal, part DEUX! Whether he was hitting on Pebbles or searching for his wallet you could always count on Dom to spew forth a continuous fbunt of wisdom. Some of his greatest hits include: "l'm full of sugar!" "As soon as this is diy I'll be sober. . .f30seconds laterj. . .That's good!" "Domenico, I hate me so GMDMT much, it's unbelievable!" "She's pretty cute." In closing l'd like to ask you one thing Dom - "Do you think you can work with that'7 KY PH 84 JKYou know what they say about guys with big hearts they are true friends!! JC8LSW And Little ltaly's greasy heart was broken at the sight ofhis "tainted" Anna K. calendar. RG ERICK CESAR N AVARRETE STEMWOOD, IL Q4 , USMC GROUND From the Halls of Montezuma to the shores of Tripoli we fight our country's battles in the air on land and sea. First to fight for right and freedom and to keep our honor cleang We are proud to bear the title ofUnited States Marines. Our flag's unfurled to every breeze From dawn to setting sung We have fought in every clime and place where we could take a gun. ln the snow of far-offNorthern lands and in sunny tropic scenesg You will find us always on thejob --The United States Marines. Here's health to you and to our Corps which we are proud to serve, ln many a strife we've fought for life and never lost our nerve. lf the Army and the Navy ever look on Heaven's scenes, they will find the streets are guarded by United States Marines. 246 2 0 0 4 l 1 I l ' 'Tl f .sj,, i f A , i f ' 'VF' 'I "f'6:if-.5-1-N. , 'alld ' -Ai2'v:.4f:73y,, 54 J 'm ' 7 . PATRICK JOSEPH NOVAK 0 -:swim MCLEAN, VA ,Wk NAVY PILOT Came in as our All-American lVIomma's boy tstill arel, think you're Irish now...nights alone with Doro Arigato dude...your plebe haircut rOcked...plebe duty Saturday too bad you videos. poor with beer in the window-well...Way to drop the hammer in Orlando. . .You're crazy man. ..LoOk up, are you Hexing in this picturei' Youngster year Court kick...Captain Bob's church repentance.. .the congregation asking iI'Joe was Jewish. . ."Grif. take the keys", that was close. . .Cougars love us, Inen want to be us. ..Li'l Patty. ..Drink til she's Irish. you wish you had my Cheers Dublin. ..Way to go nutso on plebe detail, at least we got'em to quit. . .Nice passing out early. I always make it to IO: COurt's shower, puking on me, naked gorilla-style on the shower rod... "lt's so easy". . .Nice red-hot sports car, dork...just kiddinl it's hot, but so are you, right'?...So you know em at DonlOn's'? We're Still waiting for that free pint...Club lax captain, you'rc sooo cool. ..Keys, cell, ID. . .what happened to my shirt.. .and where am I7 Tactics books look like urinals I guess. . .and your name does have an "O" and "A" in it.. .and I don't know who you are.. .Way to sell out CDR Piranha, he didn't last, good thing Court did. . .Seriously, the luckiest man we ever knew, and when you weren't. somehow we found you. Raise a pint for Pensacola, here's to dreams of Top Gun and the Navy's hottest fighter pilot. Love you A-the boys tJL, BW, JWJ JASON MATTHEW PETTITT NORFOLK, VA NAVY PILOT Jason, JP, Jay, timebomb tHA!J, Focker, Mr. Boh, Mothasucka. Growing bird nests in your hair is cool. So are "burns" on your butt. who sleeps on a space heater? Sweet dude sweet. Still watch Dragonball Z because it rips! Pink, I mean Fuchsia shirts are cool, especially ifthey're Lacoste. Code names are sweet too. .. Dith, Mioma, N.E.R.D., Tshell, what do those mean anyway? Last second Long Islands always help. Is that necessary? Extremely necessary. Clown car tailgaters. .. where does the cake always come from and what about that meat slab? C omin' DOWN! Who stole the moomoo? Extensive marine martial art training. EPIC. The peculiar pub and Dave Chapelle. our boy. Sleeping naked in Stahl's chair rips too. World Wars at the Villager. The service selection stock market and the last 2 slots. thanks for waiting bro! Glad we didn't go Nuke! CLUB I5 and 2Pac 4 life! I8 words. Stay classy go to the Zoo and the Americana more often. Too much more to say, too much love to give. ACME nights will never be forgotten, stay fresh, stay cool, stay clean. .. PEACE! NJL, KG, JV, BW, PN, JW BRENDAN GRAHAM POOL NEWPORT, RI NAVY PILOT Listen to that music over the phone .... I need help getting dressed. . .at least I beat his ass breaking my arm ..., bailing Trent out at Brigade tables. White man can dunk tand jump really high tooJ...and he can drink when he is Zl ...5 N Stars and counting...crazy trips to FSU...wasted OIT ot'NyQuill...that makes me stumble around too, doesn't it? Rodeo Trip til. is that a beer in your hand Brendan and lets be serious, the JD girls weren't that hot .... went from flying ajet to driving a minivan in four short years. . .blocking Josh from harmin' himself with Net Nanny...my inoralistic other half, I'd let you date my sister Brendan .... puttin up wfa bunch Ofdrunks all hours ot' the night. . .Coach, can I borrow your laptop'?...redheads rule l5,. . .three years in 7-4. . .God is on your side in the sky...Best ofluck at flight school buddy Hying those P-3S IIVIAD: married and completely domesticatedl. stopped drinkin, started thinking, ended up married, well its probably tor the best... 15th Company 247 RENEE MEREDITH RUNYON GOOSE CREEK, SC SURFACE WARFARE The oldest hrstie female in the brigade!! Crazy old lady! No. I respect my elders. Really! Still want to go to Ram's Head and linish the 95 beers we still have to drink!'? We'll run an inner the next morning! Bleh. If it hadn't been for "THE BEAST" man, you think we'd still be dissin' each other? Well, thank God for San Diego! Don't lose contact girlie or l'll kill your abs! -RGBV CHAD ALLEN SCHUETT MENTOR, OH SURFACE WARFARE Schwetty!! Quiet on the outside, crazy on the inside. . .Came here in ' search ofan adventure after living in lVIentor...Plebe Summer prepared him for the "corporate world". . .Tell us about baseball, or know any good baseball movies'?. .. Always stays awake in lVlahar's class even if everyone else is sleeping. . .2 spring breaks plebe year. ..Fieldball hurts tls he paralyzed'?l...Let's fly a plane into the WTC on FIightSim. . .A natural-born skateboarder and D.l. and Hawaiian at heart tl no stupid ha'olel. . .Wait, since when is downloading live music is illegal'?...The voice ofall reason and logic. . .Known for his loyalty and knowledge ofSS5B...Abs of steel after climbing the waterfalls. . .Shots at lVIargaritaville twhat was that gooey thing'?l ...Look at Me! Welcome to DC!! Cedar Point is the best ...What is a mussel anyways '? These Lucky Charms taste funny!'?! Since when is darts such a hard game'?...Loveparade, LPA in Berlin, Roxy, P-Ricans, PSU, Glow, HOB, PvD, Tijsmlvleters at Hansen's, Speicher, and Danish girls are best...lVlmm Doner, Teach me Deutsch sometime... Blas mir ein! ISAAC JEROME VANHOOSE SOMERSET, KY SURFACE WARFARE 2 cameras,l Dori Oregato-how did we make it? Del Slo grand prix to Daytona. CON K. Irelandwsins at the Guinness factory. "must be 17 to ride." Keymaster WXF EET in the door? 20 lines in the water, bait tem and wait 'em. . .hate the game." Fudge Rounds and Mountain Dew-SWO is ready for U. I will miss "the headf, but the lleet's a small worldAl,ll pick yah up on my ladle Irish radar. On the Freddy, found him iigurin how to Hsh off the back ofan amphib. "Didn't bring lishin' poles whichadija'?" Chesney in Portland, convos on the Shenandoah, been a blast. "Zack" could usually be found terrorizing the fish out at Tuckahoe or streets of DTA in ZAKS-C5. Seems like forever since UK won anything, don't tell Isaac that-he wouldn't believe ya. So many girls, couldn't call them all by name. . ."Afternoon Date", "Evening Date "... Mayport will never be the same. Great fisherman, even better friendg ifya knew him, you'll miss him, ifya didn't, ya missed out. Cowboy Up. PROV3:6 JJL. JAH. JCD. PIN. 248 2004 ' cf.. 5""-wt ..... an J osLYN MEREDITH VENEY ODENTON, MD ,. T R df .t "C Q- rc h .f:. 3 -Q ,-L - I , 1, IJ..- ,W E' ' we ff' SUBMARINES Big V, brigade champ...almost, ring dance...almost, villager inn parties, Raw in Dahlgren with free pizza, royal rumble, billy and chucky fan club, tag team champs, spring break to Georgia, spring break with the boxing team and then u saw the light with l5, senior week at the beach, AC exchange students and hot surfers, drown jumping offa pier lately? Super size, waima go to STL for new years? How bout Austin? NYC hotelroom with I3 people, get your thing out of mine, jmu power outage, Del party and the race back in 40 minutes, hows the snowboarding going? Stick to surhng. sold your life for SIOK with Fresno and lunch ...sweet dude sweet, hey can l get a ride from the airport? BRIAN MATTHEW WALINSKI jg SCOTTSDALE, AZ NAVY PILOT Our littl' hsh X drowned rat, Skeeter, and Cougar hunter. . .Still stuck in the 80's. oh well! The man who would live with birds...good thing they live your hair, way to kick Lips in the lipsg To spending nights with an old man with an uncanny ability to drink gin, drove on the Yard more as plebes than anytime else, Villager Inn, ditching Taps .... How'd we make it this far? A.U. LAX's biggest fan: gettin' wecki at Grandma K's, guess ice cream's better than beer, wuss. . .three dudes, one tank, and a dirty keel. we made a good attempt on the Brazilians, Master and Commander. . .ofthe Chesapeake? Run up the pink panties, matey. .. Fire up the party Tahoe, JMU night: towed ttwicej, arrested toncej, unarrested toncej, bailed out by friends toncel. Kellogg's in jail ttheyare grrrrreatl. Joeas Puking...just don't get any on the seats! Czech girls tread lrishl love us, Bore those plebes to death, howid you get a B.S.? wait, I know...the Golden Princess: black socks, nothing else...The planner and RV mastermind, way to take the keys with you while the blizzard raged. . .Nice wig. . .Operational knowledge. you got it all man. . .get to the point! Don't use those skydiving skills in flight school, the carefree sky rat, we're living in your trailer at the drop zone when we're done.. .Joe was Til , you were 91232, Joe lost it, now you're getting your dream shot, I-Iere's to F-l4's- your boys, JL, PN, JW MATTHEW NicHoLAs WATTS DOVER, DE SURFACE WARFARE Papa Watts, loved by all and Mr Personality. Matt got everything he wanted at USNA picking up internships like women with his charm and getting out ofdrill. watch, and intramurals. Losing bets plebe year: running around formation hands and singing the Beatles, hunting squirrels in camos on the way to loved his squad leader Brian Donovan and attempted to marry him twice. calls :Hl'l21lDlD2i da habba da" but he really did have the last plebe year. "l'm so that's what you call me" Matt was never sick, but he was pretty good Especially on British exchange mids. Matt got his revenge on Marines by on all calls for 9 months. Outstanding! The Dude was pretty intimidating until they found out he was Bill the Goat. SLEEPY, the RX7 almost holding class. Matt Matt at chow the dude. at puking. putting one to plebes blowing us up, the web cam, Ledo s, Smeagol, craziness, the plant, sprained ankles, KDD's party, the white snake. After four years. you get to trade me in for a woman. To the best roommate in the world, may God bless you and Dawn throughout your career-NMW 15th Company 249 ni :uni l NOAH MARTIN WHITE EL CAJON, CA SUBMARINES Noass came to boat school as a single-white male, and he will be leaving as a single-white male. Not much has changed. However, Mr. Foley, he does like women, just the wrong ones. The "It's not money, it's credit," policy has taken its toll and forced the 6'6" Great White into the submarine community. Not to worry, he will have the benefit ofdiving below this cruel, oxygen-rich world, seeking out the hand ofAriel in the coming years. lvlerman, Merman! NEWS FLASH: Sheltered boy from El Cajon unable to fend-off East Coast Fatal Cold. A headline common for the human Towel. CIO NAVY, SIR-R-R-R! The future Emperor ofthe United States of America spent a lot oftime skipping through the p-ways and stuthng his pants... "I want to hold your handl' and refuse to kill the peanut butter tfoul memories of mustard genocidel. Always in the pool, never in the Hall. Once gnawed a whole in his white leathers and inhaled too much spray paint. Boddington's, two for seven. Firstie Summer: Cheese. turkey. Ritz. Budweiser, glaciers. Roommate of tour years, best friend for the next forty. MW Sorry for this being so long next time we will put this in a script file!! SW l STEPHEN VoN WILLIAMS COLUMBIA, MD NAVY NFO A . , He comes from Columbia, MD or out ofa movie - we never really knew which. Ring Dance. The Closet. Real World in 7446. Oh the drama! Squad Leader ofthe Semester. Interests .... debut? Chess games during Alpha cleaning. Batt-O action figure. Plays more video games and listens to the biggest variety of music than anyone I know. "And somebody's a-grabbin' my butt." Mountain Dew Code Red and popcorn. . .the snack food of champions! Dude best of luck in everything you do. And always always remember, "I port' u tre rout'!" JosEE STANLEY WGLFEL BARRINGTON, IL SPECIAL WARFARE Friday triathlons, teaching you to run, Scaminar parties at Sherry'sg You, me, old Eastern bloc countries and nowhere to stay .... we'Il think of something, Chipmunk cheeks in the back ofthe Tahoe, Platinum grill fit was international dayl, Lil Paddy radar in Adams Morgan. . .sweetg chicken bones and homeless people on the streets of UNC, Skydiving tthink I did that oncelg we always knew you would come out ofthe closet tthe SEAL closetlg SHOTtsl in the face, "FOCUS"g Pax River pilots, Cruise: S280...Alcohol: 3990. . .turning down the hottest girl ever: priceless, USS Thach: Summer 2002, beaches till we're bored, nights in Tijuana, here's a bottle, go sit on the beach, noises in the dark with Paddy. . .short and dark in Vegas, Chicago-Mac 2000...USS Rovente, been there, done that thonorary team memberl, thanks for givin' away the Capri Sun, you whore...its ok, we'll forgive you for bein married to your beer-maiden the past year tNOPElg I love seagullsg 4.0 English-hoe, smartest kid at USNA, asked if he worked at a truckstop once beforeg But seriously, we know who the best SEAL is gonna be even ifyou still can't swim, there's a terrorist out there with your name on his forehead, best of luck in life from your boys A JL, BW, PN 250 2004 1 l l i l l I i I i . N X L WW f' ...... .... fx: W 'lem 7 2" .ff , '1 Q' 0 f Nj., le -, . ff' Jhv::yn t ASW! Ml' f' ,wt ,kg yu tg ffm. N ,IHS jf ' "il - P will 1 7 2 ' fl ees ,Q f TF . '- 'Slit ' t Lucas Michael Anthony Sebastian Brady Adam Applewhite Ardito Beauchamp Samuel Carl Mason Bradley Stanley .lohn .lennifer Lynne Fleegle Fox Germain Gladem Joseph Benjamin .lulianne .loan Aaron Scan Randal Hess Holland ,Iefterson lll Kaiser l 'r Charles Deblois Ngua Van Kelly Ann Christopher .lohn Meyer Nguyen Campbell Osborn Oxer i l l e l Matthew E. Troy Henning Thomas Russell CC Lear llolman Sladek Vantrease Wallin Williams if ' E?" , ,, rx, . 'Z i 'l 't 1 i , i . 1 X P l James Robert James Bradley Ryan Lawrence William C. Armstrong Cantrell Carr C ra b be ru wi -4 i l Bruce Alexander Anthony .lames Nlichael Gregory .Xndreu Xhltlsiut Chucoslxi ll Clay Dandrea Don Kal, i l l Z Danielle Tamara Nicholas Raymond Ryan Dax id Nlatthexx Alan Gross llaubrich .lr llaught lleptinger .,, : Wil , - wffgget - 707 H rw. 5-mx Roy Michael Kimberly Lourdes .rXmli'exxi .lames Rex in Nliehael lilotfbach Koss Lan renee Meier .leremie Andre Papon 5 - R 1 Scott Robert Wood :vw . Y Y-W Ya? f E n r 1 9 .2 it l Nicole Yu Dupont Ass, Ai .sh ' ' Pt :Ra 1 Clifton Allen Mark .lulian Lau renee William Roberts Rothschild Shrex e Kyle Christopher Chang .lung Wright Yu 51323 ' "Weir ' "' R Clinton Dax id Samuel Salxadore lsaiah Douglas limrich lfromille IX' Ciammaelie 15th Company 251 K, W ,,,,,,,,, an.:-ai.-e. .- nr' rg :sr-1 ' 'vw -3 f 1 ii 'M L f " J . 3 ' 1 ,i l i i l i i i 5 B , 1 i Nisa Klarie lirnest Taiiin Aaron Robert Douglas Robert Adam Bradtord Michael .James Derek Albert Christian Jared llalscy llanes lirekorian liurz Lane lVlcBryar Mills Naya . S S to eeee , .e., , .,te, it i r i 'i . F V. 4 1 l Jake Dax is Lamar Slexcn Robert Francis Aaron .James Dylan Berkeley Alex James Livier Caroline M. Oxxens Owens Richards Romero Ross Runyan Salas Seider g. Qt L i l i i .3 , lf if l William T. Jared Blake James Richard R. Daniel Allan Dennis .James .lon David Brett Richard Ryan Edward Short Shorter Smith Solfelt Speck Stockton Vining Wade l7VT""'l is 4-, ,kynlr X 1 K x 'Tit' 'W t 1x I Ili ff slr 1 I luxfyyv ,Hatha 1' Xlillard Benjamin Lacey Rae Frank Peterson Rondo Jacob Casey Ross Samuel Clinton Jonathan Lee Woodard Aiiiswoi'tli Albi Bauer Blount Boyd Bryant -,,v,.-H, V ..,..,,,-, .... -5, 5753?-Yf'?'1'1j7i" A' - ---ff' Ti' 5 John McClure Alexe Matthew Warner William Ross lVlichael Lagora Shane Lee Adrian Anthony R. Jami Lea Burger Calarasu Campbell Cooper Droogleever Ehler Evangelista Gann Allen Theodore Cedric Alexander Gregory Nicholas Shelby Lee Sean Patrick Robert Quinn .Justin Louis William Edward A llandy .lellerson Larkin Lichty lVlacDougall lVlcClarin lll Middlebrook Moiles 252 20 04 r i 11i l fit 'S 45 l 3 ll Aaron Michael Jarrod Micah Dennis Clayton Jeffrey Richard Richard C. Anthony Nicholas Amir Mustafa Jason Daniel Obrochta Ozereko Panos Pinkerton Rosenbusch Saina Shareef Shell Mark Thomas Emily Christine Stephen David Summerlin Williams Winchell 15th Company 253 S E C O N lfylllifllfflf if fry - Q aff D Left to Right: Lindsay George, I st LTfAdmin Ofhcerg Nicholas Hvozda, Adjutant, David Dostal, Executive Officer: Philip Greene, Physical Missions Oflicer: Benjamin Rounds, Regi mental Commander: Brandon Doll. Sports Boss: Rebecca Burns, Operations: Thomas Kulisz Sergeant Major E G I M E N T fi- il . gf . O HK Hlifllfflf My ' 'cylflllf Left to right: Joel Gow, 'pei-ations, David Fleischmann, Executive Office! 1 Phil Greene, Physical Missions Officer, Mia Jin, Regimental Commander, Patrick Hanks, Adjutant: Stacy Finley, lst LTfAdmin Ofhcerg William Kelly, Regimental Sergeant Major 254 2 0 0 4 l"""'N j rx ., il lap CDR Dixon R. Smith 4th Battalion Ofticer B A Left to Right: Allison Berg. Honor Representative: Cc n M. Gaines. Adjutant: Josiah E, T Nicely, Drill Sergeant: Shaunnah Wark: Sergeant Major: Erik N. Walker. Training: Jeremy O Bartowitz, Battalion Commander: Laurie Felker, lst LT!Admin: Matthew Israel. Executive T Officer: Morgan S. Halstead. PMO: Andrew Krut, Drill: Edward C. Brown. Sports Boss: Lau- U ren Caprio, Operations A L I O N ft Rlffffifffz if F R T H i I g j Qj. T , jj. A , g LT Kim M. Donahue QOCR if ' Battglljgn Chaplain Left to Right: Robert Blackwood: Training Officer: Darshan Thota. lst L fAdmin: Cameron Douglas. Executive Ofhcer: Andrew Ives, Battalion Commander: Michelle Augustine. Opera- tions: Matthew Mayer, Sergeant Major 2nd Regiment X 4th Battalion 255 A 12 1. fame!! 0 112 amz .. . f 7 Captain Robert Powers Company Officer Jason P. Mortimer. Company XO Kevin J. Behm, Company Commander Kerry L. Bistine. First Sergeant Senior Chief Steve Stuber Company Senior Enlisted Johnathan A. Bernard, Company XO tnot picturedj Benjamin J. Michael, Company Commander Matthew J. Degree, First Sergeant Cnot pieturedj 2004 Z Q V ,-i ,MT JoHN REED ALLEN LAUREL, MD NAVY NEO Thanks for picking me up when all my rooinies were outta here. Sorry I brought the curse with me. "What're you doing Kevin? What're you doing?" Where did these rugs come from and what are they doing in my car? l964 W to 2004 Welcome to the late night club. lt's 2 am wanna go to the wardroom? NYou hoard everything, how old is that loafof bread in your con-locker? From 'Plebes against the machine, and 'Coincidental Chaos' to Abuse ofNADN to making movies on 2-0. Night at the AZN Spirit Spot. Rack racing with the scatman. J.R. Allen - I6I'l Company Cominandant. Intramural Flag Football MVP. Tail gate Godfather. 4 Chilling at the Sly Fox with Jess sRemember catching the Fomby train to SWO-Town? A 4362 'So Happy Togeter' Screw the wardroom, let'sjust take all the money and lose it all in Atlantic City A KAJ. A Doing Boards 2lt' B-days and Behm tellingjokes. . .sis breakin cameras same schedule honorary F member 4 Florida road trips N Beer bonging and camper trips living vicariously MSH. Foxtrot. AXN '03 in the camper 84 AF N Houston Bowl Don't forget SB '03 or the Vandy 8: ND MO's All the gators 84 helping me understand the ladies. BJM. Roomies-4-Life JAK 8: BWF. That's it pretty much in a nut shell. It has been a long, hard road. Hlled with stress. determination, memories, accomplishments and most ofall friendships. I could not have done it alone. I thank my family, my friends, Jessica and my shipmates. this has been ajourney built on trusts and bonds. I can't wait to see what else the future has JPM JONATHAN Scorr BEATON ANNAPOLIS, MD NAVY PILOT Quite Majestic on the desks of 6-4. A 5-man that should have only held 3. How many write-offs tonight? Too many early mornings to count. Your unwavering passion to take to the skies expressed in hours of studying. And studying. And studying. But, it all paid off- who wears the Stars after getting one every single semester? Isn't that the God's List- a 4.0 in everything? All things possible through Christ. Guitar playin'. gospel sayin' aeronautical scientist kicking it old school with the "God Squad". Pilot. Friend. Brother. And what's this about the daVinci Code and that Origin of Species? Always. JAB Ah. Mr. Beaton. always sticking up for that one extra point over Jason... jerk. The aero glory days... super. Late nights, sleepovers. Karpo. Saarlas. hahahaha. we showed them all. Guitar playing. Thanks a bunch. Jon and his harem of 20 plus women. Sorry Jay I can't hang out this weekend. I'm "hanging out" with tinsert female namel. You the man. Love ya buddy. Show 'em how it's done at Pensacola. KEVIN JoHN BEHM WILKES BARRE, PA SUBMARINES I Kevin doesn't actually live in Wilkes-Barre. but try to tell him that, and you might end up with a fish hook in your mouth. LESLIE! I would have . if you did NJM Good thing you are going subs, cause otherwise I would ' worry about you busting open doors when there is a tire drill" You have always been there for me. thanks for going to church with me on September Ilth reunion, I will never forget. You have been a brother. a friend and leader. I will miss seeing you everyday "Behm Machine" sAJE Gay Puerto Ricans. Roomies and neighbors for life kid. The Morgan Room in Mountaintop. Turtles. Ducks, bears. . .Championsl Getting lost and finding European Castles "Belle Portabella"..You always tell it like it is kid. and loud! Behm Flag! Love ya 4 MH Dreams about sub-coins. miracle trip to Boston. broken ankle from grass knoll plummet. weekend Behm Machine. Exclamation! But. I should have quit when I was aHEAD. Sorry about that seafood salad in Rome. We've onlyjust begun. Drill like Centurions. YAAAAI -JB It's FIVE O'CLOCK. Your superstitions and disorganized organization never ceased to amaze me. Take care of .Janelle and keep having fun with the ball position. Make sure you get your sub buddies to make the cancun walks with you after a night of waters. Work out cause I'm coming for you at the reunion. Many good times too many to ht in a paragraph Stewart. you're a weasel but I'm still goima miss ya. love PFTFS 16th Company 257 3 1 l l 1 l 1 JOHNATHAN ALEXANDER BERNARD SHOREWOOD, WI MEDICAL CORPS Folding socks, throwing Oreos, Europe adventures, fine food, fine Inusic. Battling to American music in an Irish-themed party at a club in Milan. Operating on Behm. Rugby scars. What were we talking about'?! Bernard Flag! Love ya. MSH XO, always the calm one. Always thinking 81 always in control. Most of the time. Still gets after it. Anywhere, Anytime, I'll be the first one there. BJM Ah, the Inemories, 4 years, 4 rooms. Terry choking Jenky. Breaking down in Baltimore, that was sweet. Shadiness of youngster nights. 45 min conversation on my 2 1 st birthday I have no recollection of: sorry you were in the room. Will be docs together to bring up my karma. Boetig. Your beautiful body jacked up by rugby Cgl fieldball. May front the properness but an OG at heart. JPMI love you to death but hope I never see you in the fleet. Great times had 81 many more to come, just make your flights. "OK, we're in Europe .... now what?" The natural athlete who can never PT Cgl still beat me up. Study hard at Medical School, I'm sending my kids to you, love. REP Mitcher. KNM It has been a blast over the past four years. When in Rome, ride mopeds but don't fall off! Thanks for the raw fish though .... CMC meeting? Maybe next week for free pizza, WE'RE GOING TO BOSTON! Thanks for falling asleep. Only the beginning. KJB STEVEN CONSTANTINE CHAMALES BROOKINGS, SD I USMC GROUND . Steve day one thought you were a good dude runnin laps around the I platoon cause plebe summer was ajoke Wallace Col Chamales calling the room first cigar those nites wasted on the roof speakin of roofs opening my eyes to techno and hip-hop Scuba Steve smelly feet overall getting after it during the summers youngster year across from the battalion officer, talk about irony PT'ing all the time as the grades slipped looks instead of books Not havin a clue what was goin on but knowin we were right that second class year debacle with Dan T - Fire it up!!! Taking 3 I weekends in three years. . .RooInate. . .always doin your own thing over summer.. .Setting a dive school record after I not workin out for three months Leatherneck Vive la France Francois Turds in the Marine Corps Georgia Second semester hittin like a ton of bricks Best Squad leader I've seen Going Marine Corps Ground. When we came in i here no one would have guessed it would have ended like this. Gone through the good times and the bad, sweatin ac boards and conduct cases together, worryin about the haters and then letting them hate. You're honestly the most genuine man I've run across and the main reason I've been sane for my time in the granite asylum. Its been long and hard, but we made it together and now its time to thug our way through life knowin that we always got a true friend to call on, but don't sleep, I'll catch you on the PFT eventually - Gabriel A i I I l KRISTIE MARIE COLPO COLUMBIA, MD NAVY PILOT E I "Your not going to fail .... I promise .... here, have a lifesaver ..... meet at the library at l930?" Here's to the sweetest young lady in the Brigade, I told you to try out for the l cheerleading team...Honors? .... gosh, I wish I was as smart .... best of luck down in P-cola, have fun with the cat, but remember, no more than two.. .Can't wait to see you inthe left I seat of that ,60l NYEAS Three random people-I'll never forget us. Candy from boo...sure. just I come over and turn off the radio...Living in the library for a semester, but whatever you do, NO OPEN CANS!!! Squash courts, problem sets, 1' stress you say? Not when we have the Mexican Cafe. Thanks for the late l night talks and uh huh's and not so much's. Maybe someday we won't stress...or not. NJR 258 2004 1 ! 1 l I l 1 L 1 I 0 'Wt' -rf Q Qisff ALIDA JADE EDWARDS .,,, 1 33:6 i'g. 7 fd lil, .ff'J-' ,925-1,4 ' r, X gf' .lim .:L7'-5,-fz..Xg,w " ' rx. .JE T1 'Z LZM C Er- . f,:f,.fi:..i5g? Z:---1 JW-' . -1' 1 , , x 1, 32 HUNTINGTON, NY SURFACE WARFARE , Km? Jadey Baby! So maybe we didn't hit it off on YP's C that be gave us a second try at Leatherneck! LT Pineapple Inn to our hooch building on FEX l- 2 non-Boy Scout semi-city girls! Fire Team Land the powers Villegas and the pretty good for Nav-look at this weather balloon You have an inner strength and dedication to your loved ones that I have never seen before! You pulled me through the rough times, and I am so blessed to have found as good a friend as you! Good luck in the Pineapple Navy, Jadey!-MBC. Stay off of those percocets. Your Zlsl B-day, hmm need I say more? Jade, Did you register me this semester? Thanks. Service selection. You took care of me for four years here, looks like your stuck with it in Hawaii too. Talking NY nonsense, how do you say coffee? My family getting a vistor without me there. True Football fans. We're gonna have fun in Hawaii, youlre the greatest. -FROI Over the past four years you have and friend. I can always count on you coming through in the clutch. When in Texas. . .Don't answer the phone when you are busy. You can take the girl out of New York, but you can't take the New York out of the girl. Nothing will ever change that. Always a voice of reason and sound advice. you have always been there for me. Look forward to meeting the Jadey of the future, but I will always miss having such a good friend right across the hall NBehm. Thanks Dad for everything, Dennis you are always in my heart and with me forever. AJE played the role of sister, mother, LAURIE ANN FELKER ELLICOTT CITY, MD NAVY PILOT It was a tough transition going from the ifl party school, WVU, to lock down at the Academy, but I made it. Thanks to all the great friends I made here, to my family for supporting me, and to Jason for always being there for me. I love you! Good luck to everyone and I will see some of you in Pensacola! ANDREW HUNT FROISTAD l NORTH ST. PAUL, MN I SURFACE WARFARE FROI:'Tossin oreos8cpushin deck,my dad is still a funny man.movies with lots of fruitopia.Harbor Center 78L7,2nd half of Pearl Harborifblankets up in the 4-man,for various reasons-Doing , A A . colors,hehe-Talkin'-tellin stories-watchin movies-our kids,super athletes-Violating NADN for a laugh-Costume champsll-Ball and Johnny B,mixer? valentines from Natalie.cookies from Claudia-In the boxers-answer the door- boozing,san diego,beaches-home-sauce-your wingman, PA bar of mullets-Studying all the time-Alphas-Stealing soap."PLEASE ROLL OVER!"-Finding out that trust. respect,8cloyalty are hard to give8charder to earn.You taught me more about myself8cabout life than I could have expected-You'll always be my brother-Love ya more! NMH.'-'Frostie,oh how bout class clown 2004.Not a more known name around USNA over the years.Always keep the target in the box."Does color matter?Jadey8zT-Lane'- Grandpa Jack. Denali-You're in my chair-putting holes in the wall-movies-he got best actor in this-Go Twins.-HI- 'Your style's Navy baseball sweats-1 of the most intense competitors at everything.Two-words, Florida State.Notre Dame-tailgaters- all the girls loved you-You are the life of the party, center of attention8ca true friend.-Myles'-'how do you do it'?Mr charm,the sense of humor I've decided. tru tuff guy on the mound, always in pain.First to drink last to fall.Thx for the times!! BJM'-Jimmy D,Beerpong with the sleeve,l5-in-a-row. invinsible. morgs, matty. pc, JD,JD.ND 16th Company F259 LINDSAY KATHERINE GEORGE SHERBORN, MA USMC GROUND "And a love struck Romeo sings the streets a serenade. . So many memories. Crew girls from the start. Youngster roomies. Songs on repeat. "Proof of Life" and fro-yo Fridays. Goodnight Moon. ZXC year missing my roommate. No RD dates and commiserating on cardboard boxes. lntersessionals in Sherborn. lires by the pond with hoods. Summer in Europe. crepes in Brugge. "What kind of gas clues this car take?" IXC libo and countless buckets at Howl. Coffees in the Hart Room and one day. I'll perfect my DD order. promise. Shoulder to cry oII. Listening ear. Best advice ever. Thank you for teaching me what friendship is all about. Best of luck in Quantico. Mwah! -LMP. Set eyes on you day l. waiting in line already getting yelled Lil. "Which one are you'?". living through the 4"l plebe summer roommate. waking up at 4 am for pro ee knowledge. NTT dream team. changing fast on Saturday nights. summer school birthdays. 2 deaf to hear. downtown nights. hiccups and shopping trips with Mr. George. never have I ever. could tell you anything. girl who doesn't like the outdoors heading to the Virginia woods. luv you babe!-ABG. Remember when'?...meeting in the bathroom. plebe year still blurry. "Space cadet. George!" Hotel binge. Late night cart rides. Stop the stalking. no Inore hockey. Frat forever! Chocolate chip pancakes and Malawi gin! Let's go to D.C .... Lindsay. that sign says we're in Virginia. You actually study to learn? We're stopping at DD again? Ring dance fiasco. Banana Republic dressing rooms. and ugh...I think I ate too Inuch. Everything is peachy. How did l ever let you talk me into this Marine thing. Geez. Mwah! Love ya. -MDS KENNETH EDWARD GILIvIORE III ZION, IL SUBMARINES Where were you this weekend? "NICKY'S" What did you do last night? 'Nicky's. Illinois resident by birth and redneck by choice. He's proud of his daddy's Inullet and loves working on his cars even when it is damaging to his roommates quality of life and career. He would do anything for anyone, and often times not hesitate to do more than was asked of him. He was a good roommate and even better friend. Almost betraying his namesake he eventually came around and decided to go spend his time with a bunch of dudes. Much love. some freckles. and a little bit a red hair. gn vw MORGAN SIMPSON HALSTEAD TALLAHASSEE, FL NAVY PILOT Fast intros.deskv.bone.club Milan. f.etc.Rome moped.Temper.inventor of the Hags.-'JB Flag for angenthe most rational guy around.such a stud? the brawler as a second class. NKBYoungsters.taught Behm how to dance. . Cancun.EurOpe, and the Caribbeans,leading in Germany, Rome'?,water talk after screeneryou have thc dctermination.Jet Pilotor SEAL I have no doubts.Keep the drive. NRP Seen it all."Time and Circumstance..f'Took me in. the ropes, finer things.can't wear that tang out.man. handles to the movies, super hats for bars.San Diego for a day.battle stories.Watching you put in work. watched by you when I put in work. passing the work around.Labyrinth. I-ball w!Berno.road trip from MN.D-Town."Cruisers" Me neither."Earnin a boats grade the old fashioned way. Brothers for life. NFROI Begin bud, Nimitz hall. knew the namefwhos this dude?" answerzfellovv tough guy. founding father of f. "tree house"decorations at the naval station.The counts 7'?Ugotmebyl .dooItrimtally. -l0+'?Countless trips to DTA.wing men.TexasA8aM.Houston Bowl. Spring Break '03. Head high."Is the cable back on?" NBJM. Mini-Buds rockstars, even in the trunk. Headbutts Mom calls you goose.Crazy movie ideas. Best dancer.Study Angry to nice. Never know.Lucky dollar in the street. NIM. Chilling Sagamore Syle. Philosphy of Art...sorry.sleeping in class 81 getting better grades.camera man. Non Technolgical Thrashing."holes in the wall".All time Guest of F.HFStival.palm pilot monoploy!'?...this is your career! N See ya in pensacola Maverick.NJA 260 2004 PATRICK J AMES HANKS KENT, WA USMC NFO He hails from Seattle, the land of liberals and rain tdon't worry, he Among the original Jack's crew and founding member of NASA. managed to break every rule at the party house, even before most has vanquished all of his greatest enemies. most notably a handicap Xwtdgg' E25 ns 'fa may 5 got his waiverj. Patrick has were created. He sign. the letter A H , A t"',,.gL-A -I'- 'rj I fx 1gQQia.-'gfxxq 1 fl ., ,KE af V I . Q , ,Www 1 , f 'A E : I ' 2' a 42 ,, F and the number 150. He has been a diplomat as well, spreading love from Montreal ttwiccl to Japan. We will always remember you knowledge that has escaped your lips: "It's cool guys, I'm straight." I "Kevan, l'm not going back to the yard tonight because l'm not that "Dom, I hate you so Gil'ltD:l'l'lf Inuch, it's unbelievable!" "Jason, if you don't shut up I'll have to hit Dom again!" One last question for you Pat - "You got your ID'?'?'?" goodwill and for the timeless innocent!" V 'fa .1 ll ill, I STEVEN PAUL HICKMAN BOZEMAN, MT SURFACE WARFARE Steve, what can I say? I imagine you don't even care if you have a bio. You're a bad actor. You're gruff. You're not politically correct. Most of all, beneath all of that, you're actually a really A A genuine guy, more caring than most. We were the dynamic duo. We were sometimes ruthless, most of the time relentless. Who could forget waking up in the back of the Volvo, after releasing control of the wheel and the map, only to Iind us deep in South Carolina with no good idea where that interstate Went? At the end of it all, we're all still friends, and we all made it alive. Can't wait to be clown there in TX with you. -RCB I ANDREW GABRIEL IVES RALEIGH, NC USMC GROUND "From Fat to Batt," "Joe-hater to Motivatorf' Falling through the roof, it was all your fault, I swear. "I still can't believe they are going to make you an ofiicerf' - Duane Opfer. 300 to 235 in one summer. You might be able to bench two of me but can you hang on the PFT? Rooming with Dan T. The KING of beating the Po-lice, AND the conduct system. NC State, Fighting, underage drinking. drunk tank. no ticket. 7-l I, underage. public urination, all charges dropped, but you did some "Restrictees, uh-ten-hut." Pimpin G, head restrictee. 208 Demerits, 91 days restriction, total. Second in conduct offenses only to Josh Krieger, King Victim-of-the-System. You went to court forthe traffic ticket. driving school, no line. You fought the law, and you won. Air Force Cpt'? That's why we call you Pimpin G. My Poli-Philo term paper was better than yours. "blah blah blah You always puff your chest out blah blah blah," don't let the haters get you down. Never forget what LtCol Cuff, Maj Heidemann. and Cdr Smith have all done for you. Roommates, best friends, and Marines for life .... .Steve. 16th Company 261 i i i l 1 1 1 1 1 I i 1 i 1 1 1 ROBERT DONALD JENKINS IV J ACKSONVILLE, FL SURFACE WAREARE Name: Jenkins Aliases: Rod, Rob, Bert, Jenkie, Rod-Bert, Commodore Crunch tthanks Steve! Birth: 02SEPS2, C41 days premature. Projected birth date I3 OCT 1775! Major: Systems Engineering Minors: Grand Theft Auto, Master Slayer, Techno Sc Russian Pop music Hobbies: YP's, Chart Prep, SWONET Quotes: "SWO doesn't suck YOU suck", "I'm trying to cut down on my swearing", 'Techno 81 Russian Pop are real music", 'Tm not whining", "That Gary Ross is cool and I want to be him one dayl' PHILLIP CHARLES J OLLEY WEST VALLEY, UT . NUCLEAR SURFACE WAREARE p Phil Jolley, He's a Model. . .Idiot? Ah, the bountiful memories of the , times we had at USNA. . .remember that time you got hurt? I think my best memory of you is when you asked every single plebe to cover your chow callg except, you actually didn't. Nice going. You know at our ten year reunion, we wonit talk about who got what billet or who had a 4.0, we will talk about you not asking and a certain anonymous 2fc Kurrle. Oh, and then there was that other time that you were injured. . . I'm sure that all your knowledge will aid you out there when everyone comes to you with their computer problems. Naturally you will only be able to fix them half the time, but you will still be the resident nerd. Congratulations, you're a computer geek! Your journey at the glorious Naval Academy has been a great one and your path always straight as an arrow. You came in wanting EOD, then switched to jets, now helos, then Seabees? Wait, then it went to Intel, then Helos again, SWO, supply, finally a decision for subs, eh, maybe not. . . Then one day out of the blue, "Nuke SWO guys, it's what I wanted all along. . . really!" It's been quite an experience here at this humble institution. Good Luck out there in the big scary world.. . .and then there was that time you got hurt again ! KEVIN ANDREW JONES ARLINGTON, VA NAVY PILOT Jonesy, my "last but not leasti' roommate, here are a few 'cblasts from the pastv N NEVER ending alarms. . .wake up Kevin! N ear-plugs for the snoring N Halloween - 4'Oh my God itls a gorilla!" N Devo - Whip It N "3 Amigos. . .they copied usl' N 3!C Angus, report. .. N mirror drawings N Daily Schedule: waste time till midnight, drink a soda, have a snack, get in bed. . .get out, start HW, sleep at desk, repeat N LT looking for sausage machines N bacardi banner N closet tornados N S20k blown loan : 2 cars and no investments N night owl roomie. . .lights out 0130 N "you shave my back 81 I'll shave yours"N crew to cycling to marathons to triathalons and PS2 N "no you can't have Iny candy" N "it's funny. . .funny hat N Sam's Club Runs N Krieg's b-day and the Fresh Produce mats N "why can't you just run an 8: l5'?... max it out" N malfunctioning arms... and Speech N Hurricane Isabel N lost roommates. . .a common bond N Goose and Maverick N Sorry they wouldn't let you service select Mad Max N JRA 262 2004 g- ani :uni I JOHN PAUL KISH JR. HUMBLE, TX NAVY PILOT Pass the pitcher. . .and the shot glass. . .and the bottle...hell I am thirsty favorite color is NOT red. Although not the cleanest kid you'll ever of the more interesting and amusing. Know to cook special burgers company tailgates. He was never without words always had a story for Texan by birth, goofy by nature. Good luck with your wings of gold. GEORGE ANTONY LANE WRENS, GA SURFACE WARFARE 'fTony Lane 421, T-Leezey, T-Lane, GEORGE." Fancy foot work got you many records for NAVY Football. Long 4 years, ups and downs, but the ups came at the end, and they were BIG, CIC Trophy, Houston Bowl, all the pain finely paid off, thanks to PJ. I drove to Notre Dame just to watch your 70 yd TD. Always laid back, and a dominating force in Volleyball. You're my claim to fame, "Yeah I know sff21." You're the man Tony, gonna miss watching your consistant 20 yard carries-FROI. A wide array of roommates from crazy Texans to a boy from South Dakota to a stinky midget from Tennessee, and the forever missed, Poopa from Pottstown. Doty snackers are everywhere, especially in room 54062. Last few weeks of plebe summer...where did ya go? N an inspiration on the field...Touchdown Tony Lane! N Few words but carried a big stick Number one fan ZDU 4 wg : ' , . 15, P ga Egg'-lf'ff'-:Al ,ll M.. .- and no my meet, he is one and Texas chili at every occasion. JRA! Nthe quietest person to ever consistently use up all of his minutes on his cell phone: the posterboyg the old young man, the Georgian biker boyg Who would have known that the kid who never says much thiml, and the kid who probably says too much Cmel would become best friends. We have experienced a lot togetherg from the wizards basketball game and those annoying cheerleaders: the D.C. nightlife, and all those situations I care not to say: But no matter what the situation was I can say you have always been a good friend. Keep GOD first and HE will lead the way! Y! TL CESAR JESUS MANTILLA II ODESSA, TX SURFACE WARFARE To my brother, friend, and shipmate, I've known you , since NAPS and it's great to know we will enter the fleet together, you understand me and I understand you, we've been through stormy weather, but what's pleasure without a little pain, remember kid, thereis no rainbow without a little rain, the God Squad, it wouldn't be the same if we had a different name, but we held it down, me, you and Jon, we held it down. . .Aight, time to blow up your spot. . .I say you were O-5 against your wrestling matches against Jon. . .no matter how tough you were, Jon had you on your back screaming for mercy...yeah, he made you tap out every time, it's all good, you'll get 'em next time, right?Man. I would be highly upset if you didn't marry your Rose.. .the amount of hours you talked to her on the phone was A ridiculous, but hey, everyone falls in love sometimes. . .but did you really have to leave Apple B's when we were all eating to call her, couldn't you wait.. .You were great in racquetball bro ..., you always believed that you could win and I admire you for that. . .plus you was sponsored by Wilson so I guess that's saying something, but doesn't everyone get sponsored'?CJ, you love everything about acting right? You do. . .so you're admitting that you like wearing make-up. . .I guess that would explain some of your friendly behavior...holla As always, I love you bro, know that I'm always there for you. . .we've been through too much not to stay in touch.Keeping it Authentic for Christ,Kwame aka Verbal Chemistry One Love, One Mind, One God 16th Company 263 l 1 1 l. i l l l BENJAMIN J AMES MICHAEL COPPELL, TX USMC GROUND Bro, we're officially "grown-ups." not 2 long ago mowing lawns, muddin', playin "ShouIda Been a Cowboy" after home games: soon you'll be callin me for CAS 2 bail u out! nice having my eternal best friend in 4!'l wing. that more than anything helped me get thru this place. been Zgether whole lives. time 2 go our own ways, lookin forward 2 getting Zgether Q! the lease and Q! home for "full count." good-buddy: NDM lt' to thrw down, last 2 leave. CC of 'E' Centurions. Boat-club, foxtrot, Kbar on computer. it's game time. War-face? U define TX.. Lookin-out, taking care of people, always-ready, always-faithful. JAB Crzy TXan, Urb Cowboy, handy wf ladies, knives, Hrd head contest. "show u that cowboys aren't so tuff". Marriot!!-Ball. waking-up Jess!Gunny.. been fun. see you in "God's Country.":TLT Christening F...Billy-Bobs X2...cowboy always partyin...Dukes. Pete's...l of best friends: ATS Crzy dude. laughin about stories for years. White-Russians. . .you need. a big straw and a warm glass. taught me about lifefleadership more than u will ever know: KJBur Jeep is cooler than mine. good times: JPM "easy bra," rollin, Sagamore styl, Cmbt-ring out the window, nites Q! Pub. apologies, workin-out. ND!Vandy, NFBI, Chillin CLD F. Sr Apple Sake. Houston Bowl, Mazes in boats: JRA 2 many a good nite in dta. 'F' 2 TX. Gr8 foodfdrink. AHP Crzist dude, parties like a roekstar, can bto wf the best of 'em. Free Rec in ur future. crush bodies: REP buildin' E, tracks on the wall. Flippin-outfgetting-wise. Jeeps, ritas, A8cM trip, 'boozin' thrashin slopesfgym, rarely give out respectftrust, kid, u gotfem both. 2 more days like the l's we've had! : MSH J ASON PAUL MORTIMER LEBANON, NJ SPECIAL WARFARE J-Mort, SEAL or Doc'?'? Interesting choiceg at least you didn't puss out. Haha you the man for that. The lankiest bastard I know. Those damn aero labs? But you managed to get wasted many a time! BJM Who's that tall lanky pseudo-Polo player that shows up out of the blue and steals away my performance grade with that impressive brace? Oh, that's Mortimer, the coolest killingest Seal-Doc I know. BIGTOE. 4 years. 4 rooms. Double the XO. Double the Sharing. Double the Bunk bed. Double the Sponsor. Who else can be Spenn. "Fudge Patrol", and a fairy, ski downhill as batman and find time to hangout in the wind tunnels lab? So who will count your PPTs now? So much vomit. J AB The dream that stayed alive throughout all four years. Reaching the height of your waist, I haven't seen your face much these past few years. Try to get those Giants to catch the Smurfs so I can see you during BUDXS. love petes Bracing like a pro. Loves to be tickled. Thanksgiving parties with foggy endings. PT, screeners, and summer "vacations," blood, sweat, and tears. Just remember, I'm there with ya bro. Never grow up or be too serious. A mom with whom I love to party and a Bob who crushes my. MH I think you broke Lindsay's ankle, sorry about the Jeep. Dinner Conversations. I can't believe they are letting us run the Company. Fussball at Leslies. Have fun leading the Giants!! KJB KWAME KORANTENG UFORI CHANTILLY, VA SURFACE WARFARE Kwame Koranteng Ofori. kwam-cakes, KK., Aught-4-E!! from Ghana, Africa. . .Just trying to make the best of my time and I met you on the court spinning away from guys, making the impossible passes, and defending the ball on the other side. You're good. There were a few happy trips back to NAPS from them away games. After graduation, we ended up in no-fun 21 ! Rappin' K couldnft keep a straight face! Quit laughing! Get some bearing! JB got the God Squad together and the wrestling and trading punches started. Remember the night you almost destroyed Jon's arm? I never could get Jon pinned, or so he thinks. We grew as friends and as brothers in Christ. God brought us together through the same path, NAPS basketball and our brother Jon and then down the same road with our respective girls. Those long nights talking to her and then about her. The phone ringing at 0230!!! fl found out YOU told her it was okay! Spring breaks were fun... that long drive to get you in ALABAMAI... rather have you at PCB than not. From rappin' with Plebes Against the Machine to Words of Wisdom to making your own music, your words have always been an inspiration. How about some arepas? SWO Bro! It'll be awesome! WAIT A SECOND! !!! STEPHANIE'S CALLING!!! BRB .... okay, she just wanted to say hi land yes I blew her kisses!! from NAPS to USNA to USS James E. Williams, it has been and will be a great time! Thanks for being a tool of Christ! 264 2004 nl - 1 1 1 H " ' . - -. 1 I 'R I N ICKOLAS ANTHONY PEREZ T12-N R 5 SULPHUR SPRINGS, TX USMC PILGT Hey snuggles, nugget, nugz...who gives themselves their own nickname? Are you losing weight or did you finally grow a neck? A Texan by birthright, he never let go of those true southern manners. Nick was always the lirst to offer advice, warranted or not, and was always the first to sit down and listen to you. Sincerity was his strong point. He was a great friend and roommate and would have made a great Naval Officer. He will make an even better Marine. Hoorah!!!-KEG, JPK. Three roommates. three Marines. La Pura Vida. Jes. College reservist, MontraBaller, Hoggie, and loyal Bandejo. 3 colleges, 3 days. deal with it. "I swear its not a lufaf' Battle with the ice queen, Ocho. We're going to kick you out of Canada, "Who cares?" Turn off the heater Nick. WTF mate?-JHJ, H, TRS, NDK. Sincerity is perhaps the most noticeable characteristic of Snuggles, well that and the fact he has no neck. He will not make a decision without careful thought and consideration given to everyone's feelings. He surely stands among the greatest of men, and the greatest of friendsfla pura vida'-ASM.american. To the Staff. the Shaft. and getting Honor, not getting off her. To Europe, to OBX, to 6-4, and to all the great dudes I had the pleasure to be friends with. Love you guys.-NAP . RYAN ELLIOT PETERS I MT. LAUREL, NJ SPECIAL WARFARE I As a resident of God's Country tthe state of South New Jerseyl, you've been voted, "Most Likely to Sell his Grandmother for Personal Interests," AKA PETERS FLAG!! You will always be the biggest tand I mean biggestl little guy I know. I love you no matter how sneaky you are. I can't believe our dreams came true. Well let's hope the one about me yelling on an op doesn't happen. Can't wait to spend the next live years together tTina approved the switchl. See you in the surf Smurf. - JMort. Petes. prolly the hardest pretty boy I know. Gunna be one good operator some day. hooyah, SFS, you and mort prove Jersey is gtg. Avoid boxers!! BJM. If you ain't cheatin' you ain't tryin, plebe gnats, the Snore-no-more. making it all the way to 6-4 with a tie on your head. making me . gag, your tricky conniving arguments, It's a sin - ask the Chaplain, trying to teach me to dance. Comp Sci - better make that Poli Sci. the worst 6 weeks on a cot. the mile in Cancun, Russian Water Therapy, mafia connection. still sneaky, finally falling head over heels, almost allowing me to die, ITS FIVE O'CLOCK. Things I have learned: sneakiness. grooming standards. but 5 never as Anal Retentive. At least in live years you will have some new stories for me. Have fun Leading the Smurfs, but don't forget about your old l roommate - Face. The Sunshine yellow Xterra will match your trident in Coronado. just don't end up in Towson. Legend of Zelda, S2000. cove PT. l I I See you out there, but never during working hours. - JAB l I I I I , CASSIDI ANN REESE GRAND FORKS, ND NAVY NFO From the friends in company you hoped to never have: It's amazing that we've known you for 4 years. You were the straight arrow in a curvy world... all to be destroyed in one night of craziness. Weill remember you for your kindness, intelligence, and persistence, but mostly for that one night. Have one more on us Cass. KTY, PJH Being Episcopalian is cool, huh... never thought you'd be the one to twist my arm to go drinking. DJG "Yes, NFO was my first choice"... even though you're small, you're a big friend. PCJ In the ' realm of Science, few have braved as many tedious semesters as the legendary Token Female Physics Major. Enduring many hardships, facing hordes of time-independent perturbating males, while armed only with a myriad of science textbooks twhich I she could hurl with pinpoint accuracyl. this noble soul persevered to graduation day. l Congratulations Casi, you're not one of the fi-ble minded. RPF I l l l 16th Company 265 I I AMELIA THERESA SHEVELAND FARMERS BRANCH, TX NAVY PILOT Here's to breaking rules...makes Sunday mornings more fun..just don't break the "house rules" Where to start. . .lets see. . .does Buena vista ring a bell .... here's to long weekends stranded there with the same 4 people... .and ofcourse who could forget Chad-"Wait is he the pimp? ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTY DOLLARS!'?" Not to mention the after math also known as Nadia's wedding. ..who was it who had to carry you into the reception? Jenga. . .could we think of a worse idea. . .and let's be honest. . .how many times can we watch The Sweetest Thing in a row. . .was it 3? "So this is what it feels like to not be hung over on Sunday...hmm...I kinda like it...let's make a snowman!" "I'll kick your ass. I'm an ATHLETE". . .who says that? Then of course there's the superstar NWS if2l...captain, l.2.3..wait how does it go'?. . .diet coke and country... 'Tm stretching my toe!" Oh yeah and thanks A for getting us a soccer mom. . .wink wink... "Oh. . .so you 're Garretti' So much for days of sledding, running over cripples. and rule "tweaking". . .we love you Amels. . .don't worry we still got ya for a lil while longer! - KE, XP Amelia. my hometown girl. Duke's Pete's, Billy Bob's rock! So does NWS. True Texan at heart even if she denies it. You a great friend! - BJM Amelia Badelia..My Mals..Q- Town..Summer White..Mexican Food and Projectile vomitin by Paulie..RANDOM enlisted dudes apartment..what?! Party Hardy bring it Meat Locker! Super Bowl and Ski Trip..Who's drunk'?!..I think I like a boy in my Company..hmmrn ok Mals..It's betta in the Hampton's always..LOVES you always and forever. - KY TONG CHYE TAN SINGAPORE SURFACE WARFARE Yong Chye Tan "I thought that having more stripes would get me more friends. ..Boy was I wrong." "What's the tirst article ofthe code of conduct?" "I am serving my compulsory service in the Singapore Navy" "I told you. I don't eat beef. that is why I am eating CHICKEN fried steakn "mm...mmm!!! MMMMM!!!!":!1 it "I can't talk. my jaw is wired shut" "I go to Maury Hall to study because it has internet." "I'm Rod's subconscious ........................ .. .... .... . " "Who's the man with the master plan'?? .... .TAAAAAN!!!" "No sir I speak the Queen's English." I I' DANIEL ALLEN TREMEULA I CUB' RUN, KY I A ??'?'?'? Five and a half years by the Bay - Dirty Thirty, Beavers, Sharks and now I g g I Centurions - Eight AcBoards and counting - Grand Old Mid of they Naval' I Academy - "Back when I was a plebe.. . ." FromIBSAC to I-Ball and y beyond... - Dancing at the Deb Ball - Have Dance, Will Travel - The only Segundo with a Class!Ring - Rain on I- Day. Parent's weekend. Sea Trials. Ring Dance, and Graduation - Friday night Close Quarters Combatives-training with Adam and CQC seminars with Hock - Making love with Miss Kimber and Mrs. Wilson - That'S not a knife, this is a knife! - MCMAP and Breaking bayonets at MACE - .mp3 scandal - "This place is too Ting liberal!" - W3ADO. .. it only gets better with age! - Highest and Tightest - 23 May 2003 - Colonel Anthony J. Drexel Biddle was the MAN! - The impossible only takes a little longer - Semper Fidelis and always remember: E '03 LEADS THE WAY! ALL THE WAY! OOHRAH! 266 2004 strength. BlVI's hard head, living his nnal words of wisdom. . "Your lies make baby Jesus cry." "Let's go bowl one for Donnie" TERRY LYNN TURNER II DALHART, TX SUBMARINES TA2. Double T. "Cowboy up you city slickersf' Terry no more liquor you, stick to beer. haha. Close call on ZX7. You had me worried. Man have the last two years gone fast. Good old Sean Donlon's. "No don't tonight you're wasted!" guess it worked anyway. Is the scar healed cause 4058 isn't. Terry. Texas is too far to walk...or swim. Relax Gunny is suppose to be the intense one on the drill tield. Krut's room? WTF Gunny I checked there? Thanks for great times buddy. See you Texas sometime. BJM The memories will never be forgotten... "No Fun 21", Wallace. JB tcan't drink what twice'?l. 6422. JM in Dirty Jersey, swimming to with "Stinky," TL with the camera. hanging with Gunny. etc. etc KEVAN Tnoivms YOUNG SAN ANTONIO, TX SUBMARINES Here be a tale of love, lust. sin, and debauchery ...... .... c ensored censored censored censored censored ..... Beyonce ....... censored censored censored censored censored censored censored ...... Prince Albert .... . censored censored censored censored censored ....,. her ft 7 .inf ,pf J I I U Qi I for call her yet. Terry in Sc JK in Boston Texas. JD's brute Dadis shotgun .... censored censored censored censored censored censored censored censored censored .... on an elevator wearing a shower curtain .... . censored censored censored censored censored censored censored censored censored .... .then one time at band camp ....... . censored censored censored censored censored censored .... shat on a turtle! Despite all then. Kevan IS the responsible one. As a founding member of Jack's crew and charter member of NASA. he has ensured our safe and timely return to the Academy time and time again. Finally. he bestows upon us "Dom. I hate you so GM Dwi: much, it's unbelievable." s 1 S . wx' .,,. M 4. Q 16th Company 257 1 il f 270 200 Christopher G. Aimee Danielle Blake Andrew Adam Chase Scott Edward Michael David Jared Lee Tad Jonathan Lease Lee Lyon Millsap Murphy Pastemak Reddinger Robbins Matthew Andrew Eva Marysia Eric R. Robert Eugene Soraee Tukarski Zilbennan Zubeck H 'skill ' A W, , f,'if,,7.,,b4 ' is '- ' fra- ifiifit' if Q ,S Wiffii , , , , . Y, , ,4,, . I 0 Y Y J ly' v 4. Li! W www mic' , qi V 4 i mg L U ,ff'? we ,Q V ,,.? 84 16th Company 271 I afwzfewzii a Uiipbddy LT Nicholas A. Christopher K. Brown, Company XO Kristof p Michael W. White, CompanyfQCommander Company Gmcer Benjamin W. Pittard, First Sergeantfnot picturedj GySgt Ellis Covington Company Senior Enlisted l i l I i l l E .. 1 Thomas J. Gibbons, Company XO i Daniel R. Rockwell, Company Commander , Jeffrey P. Kausek. First Sergeant i i A A l l l l i i ' lil i i 2 l 2004 l iam MEREDITH DAWN ADKINS gig! WEST POINT, VA my SURFACE WARFARE - - - - - - 1 ' ' -. N v . FI.. - 4: ..g. " W" l l ,, .4 4 i ' . , pk I 1 f' ' I . . . . . , M N.. ,L 1,1 I Z -5, ,572 . ' 1 I ' .- I J ' I g sffgg 'S' :ie -2 'E p -5 ,. "Your mother" Plebe year spent with an orange hat gl a book in the corner of the boathouse. SMILE!!! I! More movie knowledge then one single person should ever have. Crab Carnivalmfanciiied trailers...and tractors. You'll probably never be good with ties or clasps!!2 I ,almost an Old Maid - LD NAKED TIME,knowing EVERY movie ever made, marrying my brother, the crew BED since youngster year,losing the war, whatever that movie was inthe HOT nav teachers class EJH Midnight screaming from coach " "I cant call her Meg!" Ears -AF So what movie did you see Mere? COke...nO ice!"You better be back by 3.What are you guys watching!"- AB Bow buddies, with our oh so cool braceletsg corrupting you in Miamigtrip to VA. . .got my fair share of red necks and mulletsgcrossword puzzles in acoustics, ya gotta love a one armed monkey named Lefty! N Char I can count on you to explain a movie and critique an outht! 1800... baby the best thing you can get out here! Not sure what to order... I know something you'll LOVE!!!-AG "Mere, you are the best roommate that I never had. We really have nothing in common except for our passion for the 80s, that few understand, yet it will bond us for life."-Malynn How much has changed... the hrst crevvbie I met ...oceanography ..best decision you ever made. GO YANKS!...my Dad sends his lOve...NWC... D YOU CHOSE ME A-dawg, .I-dawg, BI- best roomies LCA-Get out ofmy birdbath, TDA-Let's go girls Thanx-ICA, BOB, TS, IL, TC I I CHRISTOPHER BLAKE ALLEN I WELLINGTON, FL NAVY ,PILOT Congratulations Midshipmate! From humping Bancroft Hall during Plebe Summer to going as a various women for Halloween tBambi, football trainer chick, and hooters girlI you were eager to do anything, i despite always studying too hard you made some time for fun. .. especially recons! Painting the Andrews AFB approach, swimming across College Creek during the hurricane tand evading the ttbad guys"I, and our best: the well-planned NSA iniiltration. You should've gone SEALs. I'lI go to war with you anytime. -LWP So, now it's back home to Florida, to seek your fortune in earnest. You were possibly one ofthe realest people in I the company, even in light of your history of cross-dressing. Always involved, always motivated. always positive! I'm looking forward to sharing the great big sky with you! -MMM I MICHAEL PETER BERNARD JR. I It CHARLOTTE, NC, NAVY PILOT Casino, what crawled up there and died'?! . . . 12.75, probably 23.7 5 by now . . . "She was how old?!' '... two burrs, that's enough for me . . . prefart giggles, penillaween + chalk, shot down I2 times in Key West, lapdance if you drink another! . . . Go Team Bernard . . . mid hounds . . . I'd kill you for a breakfast burrito . . . "What would your mother think' '... your closet threw . up . . . Bohager's . . . Walter's TV, VCR, and DVD player, enough said . . . "I hope you get helicopters" . . . "With the gas he has, who needs an ejection seat?" . . . the Nad . . . "Mike, you're supposed stay ON I the road" . . . YP's and Newport, the beach . . . Cioodjob Captain Bernard, we just ran aground . . . "I'd choose my car over any girl" . . . cockyjetjock, on the way to P-cola!!!! I I I I I 17th Company 273 1 1 i uns ul 1 CHRISTOPHER KENTON BROWN GRANITE BAY, CA SURFACE WAREARE lirecrotch aka beaker aka crack baby. . . Subway. . . napping for 7 minutes at a time. . . chemnerdsCfiPhotmail. . . chops like a freak! . . . You can't spell geek without EE . . . dying hairjet black. . . random third roommate. . . lights between roommates. . . hard- on for the Corps, then randomly "SWG doesn't suck, you suck". . .karate team - rolling a l5-passenger van 1.5 times. . .coffee at midnight. . .20fl5 vision but wears glasses to help him study. . . freakin' packratl. . . Jersey weekends . . . team Bivouac . . . Service Assignment night: clogging the shower, naked on Hoor in bathroom. . . always the Sober, responsible one twait, those two don't go togetherl. . .randomly buying a skateboard and bringing it to NC. . . metro rides to kiki. . . "what are you?" "i'm partly cloudy with a chance of showers". . . quit water polo, but still wears a speedo. . . mamian, the fourth roommate. . . "HIYAH!". . . weekends at the smith's. . . it'S been a good trip you crazy, bright red Californian Muppet. BLAKE AUSTIN BRUNDIDGE PLANO, TX SURFACE WAREARE By Matt and TJ: Pinc Nites forever, chaps and thong, two big blowouts: ' shants and detail, Blake it's 6:54--MY ALARM IS ABOUT TO GO OPEN, Hey, Simms is awesome, running back from Georgetown. . .Dude just jump it! you really wanna fight THE fullback?, favorite quotes: "walking it off' and "we already established that you broke the Playstation", Blake you wanna lift? I'm a second semester lifter, Are you sure you didn't hit those kegs'?, TJ owns Blake in college football, the Bond movies in one week, lets See your best Mac face, Two moves: Back it up and seal walk Chris: Can I borrow your pink polo shirt'?, you broke the entire room, sometimes saucy and always Tom's protege Tom: All you'll ever need is some tasty waves and a cool buzz and you'll be fine. Kevin: Hght the good Hght. Aloha. James: The most available drinking buddy ever. We barhopped for about a month straight once. Good times. Toddtt-moneylz I'm throwing your hat at graduation. If you get rich first, my beamer should be blue. Any time you want a game of poker, I'm your man. Keep having your dreams. Adam: So cocky...I love it, you're just like Maverick We re gonna get rich quick. Mike: You're a great best friend, still shockedfjealous about the chair force. Glad you didn't run off on me e trly Big Mike Sleeping every day in Econ was a blast, you pull it like its your job! Whit: Favorite pair ofjeans ever. Good luck with "plan Z once you get there All of the -icci's: You have been a great bunch of dudes to chill with for four years down by the bay. The Pineapple Inn. . .yes, I'm THAT guy. Hereis to Black N's, not Selling people out, and knowing how to use a 44 while on restriction. lets raise our glass and make amens, we had our fun, we walked our path, we drank some beers and got some CLass, but before we toast our glass to all our friends, let's raise our beers and make amens...cuz there'S one thing sure, we ain't done yet...here's to nights I don't remember with friends I won't forget. What follows are the ramblings of those friends, memories for a lifetime. . .thanks fellas: Chambers, T-Money, true All-American, Sailing is a sport - we run wind Sprints! Roommates for 3 years, Tre and James, Econ...bargain A's, Tannen's class or lack of. Sweet, this scanner is gold! Bermuda...enough said. . .or not said. Learning to surf OC style...it'll change your life swear to god, clubbin' in PB rip-curl sponsorships, el spring break-o, chillin' in the DR boozin' with el Presidente, high school girls, Rosearita swells cabo ditched and wasted in Georgetown, Ritz robe parties, RV crew, Cowtown 4-Life, PBR boots, buckles, beer and a Texas accent, Houston Bowl at the Derek weeknights J at the office. . .beer on demand, DTA weekends, Wharton.. .class of 201 l, my back is gonna be really tired after that the eternal Search for Basedow abs. 'fLife moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in awhile, you could miss it." Write that down 274 2004 ToDD JAMES CHAMBERS WEBSTER, NY SUBMARINES To all, I'd like to propose a toast. . .To all my brothers, to all my friends 1 sc' ---at "JS iii 2... V35 may 1' Q1 '. L sa" ,,. ALEXANDER GREGORY COLE WIDEFIELD, CO USMC PILOT Alex aka Bolo aka Ricky Ho aka DeeDee Mau aka Mad Asian Beast from the Southeast. This man loves to party! tno wonder like a pilot. mentality of a grunt. Wants to live in MTV Spring searching for "Tan Girls". Says he lifts weights for the Marines out for Spring Break. Addicted to Wild on E! Never forget the in College Park, Baltimore, DTA, G-town, and downtown you flex in every picture?" Coors Light, Mardi Gras...What Major. Always up for havin' a drink or 12. l of the original 2 Marines. Pacific Beach drinking booze 8a Hooters. BOHAGERS. pants lt! platoon, the Hawk. Shenanigan's karaoke. 2151 B-day Wonder aka The he went Airj. Parties Break World. Always but really only works weekend adventures D.C. "Why do Hurricane? History who wanted to be Leatherneck smarty walk to gate 8 and world's longest piss. From Colorado Springs to Annapolis?? "God doesn't want me to date you." Always remember the great conversations we had while we did thousands of pull-ups. We know you are a softy at heart and there is no one that could take your place. So here is to Alex and the adventures to come... Semper Fi. -- S.E.. DF., M.W. with Ben and the Coast Guard. - STEVEN ANDREW EKDAHL FRANKFORT, IL USMC PILOT "Whatever common sense dictates. do that." "Happiness is a state of mind, not a state of being." "You want me to jump on that grenade? No way! That's a thermonuclear warhead." "His PT regimen is SEAL like." Lats of steel: can crack nuts with them. The best friend you could ever ask for, always there when you need him, I want this rnan next to me in a fox hole. "Computer Science to Infantry??" H24 hour CMOD? hmm sounds familiar." This man's so tough he spit in our detailers face! "Um, Steve, can you . Hx my computer?" "Steve you realize that you haven't even been on a date with her yet, but you're already planning marriage and kidsf, Hlive got to block her. I can't stand her pulsating screen name staring at me all dayf, -- Alex ..Saddam's Bomb Maker, only fruity drinks for Steve. remember that girl Karen? Mini-triathlon Clark Lake MI, Kayaking Dave .. Taught me more in one semester about life, leadership, and friendship than any other person in my four years here. He is a great person to hang out with no matter what part of the country and I have no doubt he will make a great Marine Officer. - Mike Oh yeah, he's tough. Wait till he comes back for a swim and whines about his lats being chafed. tReally high pitched voice hereb: "I'm Steve. I feel so girly when I can't eat a pizza without punishing a toilet." I wish you all the desires of your heart, bud. Semper Fi. - Matt . A r jm . ... ...... . r ., .,...,.-,......... ., . j . ROBERT WAYNE FEATHERSTONE MOUNT PROSPECT, IL USMC PILOT Rob aka "B" aka Bobert aka Roberto. Plebe summer 2nd squad. . .nice BCG's...dealing with little Dougie. Challengers buddy plebe year... I I Feathernuts, sound off! !! Plebe room suffered some abuse from Rob and Dave, . ."I swear that hole in the wall was already there." Awesome trip to WVU. . .yes we know that girl called you up there. Tijuana what? How much did she take? She was Polish???...In Tijuana? Remember how we couldn't swim 25m when we got here? Zfc summer...protramid-- bowling alley. peeing on the sidewalk. Bloomenator. falling off the brick ledge. Margarita Monday and then Ramshea.. Talks like a 50's dock worker. if there was a blue collar Marine trade union he'd been in it. Built like a brick shit hoIIse. Gained 40 pounds of muscle but the question is "did you put on any body fat?" Works out harder in the gym than anyone I know. Navy Air all the Way!! Hard- workin guy would rather work with his old man outside than have a white-collar job. 17-ball 4 life. Born to be in the Corps. We knew you'd be a Marine before you did -- your standards are just way to high for the Navy. Thanks for sharing the good times and helping with the bad. 17th Company 275 1nlnu : p DAVID TIMOTHY FENBERT 3-, F Q3 r ,L WAQ- GROSSE ILE, MI X ' .QAV , sit fr 1 USMC GROUND .ti From the Halls of Montezuma to the shores of Tripoli we fight our country's battles in the air on land and sea. First to tight for right and freedom and to keep our honor clean: We .. ' I x are proud to bear the title of United States Marines. Our lIag's unfurled to every breeze J . f 1 x H -1 I From dawn to setting sung We have fought in every clime and place where we could take a gun. ln the snow of far-off Northern lands and in sunny tropic scenes: You will find us always on the job --The United States Marines. Here's health to you and to our Corps sf 'lie 1 I which we are proud to serve: In many a strife we've fought for life and never lost our nerve. lf the Army and the Navy ever look on Heaven's scenes, they will find the streets are guarded by United States Marines. i w . , ' I Q- ' 5 F iffi' ff , aff N ? f lx N Q! if ww 3 g I fi If, . Y ' . ' e 1' 1 gs. , .5 ' 'Bal If Ev ' fi I , vt V at 9,1 2 :W t 'I 353 I.: is ' I , C4 A + ..' A . I. ,I . 1 "Eat I 41 ' rf fffrzgrvffi- -f gy I -I . I 1 , ., , SPENCER MANIN FISHMAN 55 r,tt A yvp , U . MILL VALLEY, CA ' I' ,, , NAVY P1LoT ,553 p . Midtishman Shipman...Fishy. . .GI Jew the All-American Hebrew.. .from San . Francisco. not that there's anything wrong with that. . .outlawed head gouge... ',-- . ftti -.-t,' I if tr-r I , . .Q """"'Q"""""""" tt' 'I" I 3 no I don t want to go to church with you.. .You can have this back I forgot it in my pocket. . .christening the Camaro. . .Take me back to the base. . .Just throw that Hare in the field. . .Sam anyone want a beer.. .When you get to 95 head North...Sorry Marissa next time I'll bring Viagra. . .ls the guy in the back seat OK'?. . .A random airport search is the best time to break up. . .Your liberal welfare system now supports your Mexican girlfriend. ..Bringing the offensive line at American.. .Did that guy ever find his jacket. . .She runs track at Stanford. . .Best wishes from your illegitimate child. ..Boxparty 2002, Foxtields 2002. . .MIA 2003 Varsity kickball 2004. . .DPH, JPM, EJK. Fish. IfI had one word to describe you it would be "Jaxxx." l don't really know what that Ineans. nor does anybody. Moreover, who really cares'?! Your 2!C year head gouge was quite possibly the greatest publication USNA will see in this century. Remember, firsties have fewer classes than plebes do Inonkeys. Who comes up with that stuff? It's been fun, and there's always more to come. . .RCB. JAMES OLIVER GARCIA FAIRFAX, VA NAVY NFQ This is your academy career good to the last drop .... And so it began. three strangers in a room. Earning back a rifle twice for Chris, All Day. Gold-Bond Commando for life... Triple Shots after C-Trials. YP,s, Rolfs. 151, Enough said. Thunder Ted turn down that shirt. 3!C BBQ. my house, Wizards game, debauchery. Jordan. TJ's BBQ on side of car. 2 l. leaning over bed. Surtin' in the QC, clubbin' PB, getting my HEAD together outside gate, thank god for teachers. l-Ball Bra, dancin' on stage. Going to Spain. Equipo Drink, Ariba Abajo. ..3 year roommates. Todd and Tre. and the drunken Bolivian, the scanner, sketchy Super Bowl Pool. Living under the KGB QLTKJ, Good dude .... Watching Ben Hur with a few Caffreys on Matt's B-Day in the Hall. Polo matches with Beer and BBQ. Don't forget the "I live in the back shaft" Hammer. Ryan's Tiki Tuesday "accident", Spring Break in TX, going down to the docks. Off to the O-Club. dude you comin'. Beerpong, me and Adam, Spades w! Mike. distractions all about. Duffman studying in the "Stacks", H2-Ohh Yeah. Duffman vs. Umpa-Lumpa. Duffman in toga vs. GW. Alcoholic + Alcohol Allergy : happy man. Buddies, football SUN. MON, Shelley, and Sally dollar drafts. Darlene 4 pitchers 4 vice commodore! Mono can't stop my liver, who da FO. I da FO, 17-baller for life. It's only after we've lost everything that we're free to do anything... 276 2004 THOMAS JOSEPH GIBBONS JR. CARY, NC SURFACE WARFARE "The mission of the United States Naval Academy with the highest ideals of duty, honor and loyalty in V i ' 1 QW ,O A o ,Cm-5, ll ' X' LH, .- . - --.59 VX - goof' is to develop midshipmen morally, mentally and physically and to imbue them order to provide graduates who are dedicated to a career of naval service and have potential for future development in mind and character to assume the highest responsibilities of command. citizenship and government." PAUL DANIEL HAAGENSON MJNNEAPGLIS, MN USMC GROUND Craziness. Setting the alarm for 3 am. and hitting snooze till formation. Came here to be a pilot - ha! Jamaica and Costa Rica. Hanging with the Stubbies. Honorary member ofthe Class of... Late night IM, and lots of chess. Who needs to study? God bless you all: Psalm 23 CASEY ALEXANDER HENRY GULF BREEZE, FL NAVY PILOT "Do nothing out of seltish ambition or vain conceit, but in humility consider others better than yourselves. Each of you should look not only to your own interests, but also to the interests of others. Your attitude Should be the same as that of Christ Jesus: Who, being in very nature God. did not consider equality with God something to be grasped, but made himself nothing. taking the very nature of a servant. being made in human likeness. And being found in appearance as a man, he humbled himself and became obedient to death--even death on a cross! Therefore God exalted him to the l highest place and gave him the name that is above every name, that at the name of Jesus every knee should bow. in heaven and on earth and under the earth. and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord. to the glory of God the Father" tPhilippians 2:3-l l. NIVJ. S 17th Company 277 111: 1 l 1 n 1 l in-n 3-1 nuns I l MATTHEW THOMAS ISRAEL WIIEATON, IL NAVY PILOT From not knowing what IM is to spending forever on it. Determined to make everyone LOVE Jimmy tor go deaf listening to himl. Power-hour for 45 minutes. . .Matt's the loudest puker ever. Gone to class, come back and we have 100 new songs. but let's hear Tiny Dancer on repeat. NTT weekend at Nonnie's with too many shots. Wait'll Otis sees us. . .Shama-lama-ding-dong before formation. Matt's in the office again. . ."You have a car, cars have seats!,' 81 "I spend money on food because I like to eat!" Hey Matt, nice shants...cue the Blake and Matt light. Happy Zltl Matt! Cling! Clang! Clunk! Umm, is that what I think it is James? Navy 'O4mobile youngster year.. .Jay and Silent Bob drunk. . .Matt always loses when he plays strip I poker with himself, but its ok, the cooler lid kept things PG-13. It's 3am in Key West. phone rings.. ."TJ, I'm lost, but I see the Blue Lagoon." Naked bar. . .only shoes. Preakness in the mud. Matt's in a giggly mood again. Lets give the detailers an alpha!..."Gentlemen we have grime on the outside of your doorway." Matt: You didn't ref that game Blake! Blake: Yes I did, are you calling me a liar'?!'? Cue Blake vs. Matt II: Rumble in the Wardroom. l7!h Company weight room. Back from G-town. . .let's jump the wall. Trogdooooooor. The Ring Dance Limo was awesome. Holy cow, I'm totally going so fast. I have no professional training of singing. I do believe all of our major Naval Academy moments have included rain. Graduation? Everyone, lets see your best Mac face. Awesome roommate. more better friend. It's times like these... . . ELLIOTT J ORDAN KUJAT j DAVIDSONVILLE, MD SURFACE WARFARE Elliott in the morning: ELLIOTT.. .GET UP...ELLIGTT GTF UP! Wow, the world ended, but I think that you just slept through it. Way to go Mr. Hyde, Dr. Jekyll is getting a crappy Bravo score once again. Thanks for taking me back to 'fThe Base" so many times. But seriously, why is our door locked during your off periods? You're in the room. . .oh. . .I get it. Does that youngster have shaving cream on his face? STAR J UMPS, KUJ AT! Pagliarrrooo. . .don't worry guys, the voices in my head aren't telling me to do anything bad. The sponsor that I never had. . .too bad I had a poor upbringing and am inherently violent. Is that your professor calling? He says you're sleeping through his exam. . .again. Feedback: "PECULIAR." They were right about that, but you're still a good dude. He may not have made the PROMOTION, but he most certainly gained a LEVEL. SMF. You defied the laws of thermodynamics, nature, and common sense! Striving for greatness as intensely intricate online game characters behind an impenetrable wall of old coke cans. you met the standards and beat every rap. We might say you survived crazy roommates, though you were the one with two identical alarm clocks, neither of which was set to the right time. so maybe they survived you! Your willingness to share kept us alive during plebe summer, and your friendship never ceased to be an asset. Thank you. Now look out Heet, here we come!!! -MM RYAN MICHAEL LALLY , A I I MIAMI, FL gl SURFACE WARFARE I ll A Ryan "the king" lally . . . g-town excursions, glow sticks, how much I i washer fluid is that? . . . "the soul of tact . . ." training for BUDXS, largest buddy list ever. ushoremates, hands over hearts", lallygagger, I lawly dawly, Listerine pushups, "you dumped water on who'?!". . . YP's l t l and a 5-striper, Starboard SSDG, Paglichi Mullet, "I can't, I have cancer" . . . tight shirts, upholding the standard, if fatty to perfect PRT . . . naptime, worldwide . . . spring break in key west . . . NEG to Notre Dame game, "Ryan, I! 4 1 it E never talk to her again!" . . . Mr. Gibson, "I know where you live!" . . . new cell phones . . . getting the company il kicked out of Donlan's . . . throwing snowballs at CDR's . . . Lally for CC, "The pep rally is a trick!" . . . "Yeah, but she's fat!" . . . 'rifed . . .never had to park at the stadium, "the Supe and I are tight" . . . wheel of woe, always scamming, watch out SD!!!!!! - 278 2 0 0 4 I I 4 I l I l 1 I RANDALL J AROY LESLIE HIGHLAND, CA SUBMARINES Seal Team Leslie, Lou-stank-ho, burning writing a soda bottle, a girl in every port, I guarantee this command someday, only guy I ever met that reads China and submarines in his free time, shake those Q2 . :iw 252111 A .fi assignments in guy will have about Nelson, haters off, nicest guy ever, best roommate ever, actually put it down on a wrong number, two sport athlete, booty-lock in the 400. found love at the I-ball, Alpha Inspection King, Renaissance Man: engineer, athlete, and ladies man. Maybe if you ignore the problem it will go away. Grown ass man. All the women want him and every man wants to be him. "When are you going to get those pants hemmed Mr. Leslie?" "This guy loves to complain about the Academy." m El Caminos and CALIFORNIA! Getting left in the bearpit, helping a shipmate out wrestling the upperclass during Army week got you choked out, what happened?? You know I had your back but it was one on one! Taught me everything I know about women Knot muchl. "Do you have any food?" - AC CHRISTOPHER MICHAEL LISK GAINESVILLE, FL SURFACE WARFARE 4!c: Spring Break and Coconut shrimp- please Tom don't explode! Jason it's ok not every upperclassmen at this school hates you, Gold Bond Commandos, 6-Ball, Lauren Carey, Thunder Ted. 3fc: Kevin emerges as dominating swimming star, Staying up late at night talking to Tom while Kevin fell asleep mid conversation, Tom declares that we are living in a dot com world. 2!C: Cruise- One night in TJ w! Tom, Kevin 84 Lubbie, Kevin- it is not ok to sleep with another guy naked, First year with Blake Spring Break in Mexico with the boys, Adopted by Mr 8: Mrs Shapiro for a semester, Sopranos every Sunday at 9. Saturday afternoons at Tjls grandpa watching football, FireRonZook.com- because the SEC already has one Vandy. IXC: TJ introduces PS2 to Chris-Blake tells Chris he needs help, Jan l engagement to Ashley, Getting into bed for a morning nap only to find Blake already there, Blake and I study I5 min total for finals lt! semester. spooning with Tom in AC, why has no one seen Matt Israel this year? Tom goes to his tirst Gator game and does the chomp. Predictions: Kevin loses his battle with baldness, Tom buys a conversion van and runs away to Mexico only to reemerge 20 years later with a beard and a Mexican senorita. Blake ligures out a way to cram a 5 year Navy career into 3, Ryan says something inappropriate within the first 5 min on his new ship. Four years of great memories and hanging out with the coolest guys ever Ceven Shrimpybg I made the best of friends, friends that will last a lifetime. BILLIE JUNE MATLOCK . y 3 H' . PADUCAH, KY SURFACE WARFARE i We only had four years together, but we also had lots of good times. The trips to Ocean City. . .I think we should start around 6...ole Bessie might make it! Four years of training trips. . .speed bumps .... Hoss's . driving .... club Navigator. . .Hey ya! The numerous New Years disasters that we endured...Baja Beach Club and temporary tattoos, Ft. Lauderdale, and South Beach. I loved lounging in the streets of Georgetown with you guys or alone! Boots N Suits our plebe year and one exciting Army Navy meet i that came down to the last race and 2 points. It seems that I gave everyone "Vera naseumf' The walking closet and y team fashion coordinator as I was often called. And yes I know I have a shopping problem. Restriction wasn't that - bad. . .we were all there together. What ever happened to Waldo? I love ya girls and am going to miss you! Thanks for all the support you have given me Mom, Dad, and Paul! 17th Company 279 i l 1 - 1 1-nl ul unnnli n MATTHEW MICHAEL MCCLURE LAS VEGAS, NV NAVY PILOT Your ring looks like psychedelic what'?! . . . largest vocabulary ever. . . flying to get hamburgers . . . your healthy fighter pilot breakfast. study? or watch CNN'?. . .smiling like the grinch . . . the infamous McClure curse tguess it is true after alll l. . . midvids - "Sea Trials is now over". LT impressions - "Nicc!". . . Professor McClure . . . always ready to fly. ZACHARY SCoTT N ALLEY DOUGLASVILLE, GA NUCLEAR SURFACE WARFARE Zack aka the Nalleygator aka Nallby aka ZN aka Zinc 'Tm just the slow southern boy,'.but actually one ofthe smartest guys in the company "When Nalley's balls are against the wall. he stands tall. Second Class year "hey Zack. when the hell are you going to make your bed?" "yeah whatever". I9 weeks laterl "Hey B, I made my bed." lf' you studied half as much as you talked on the phone. you'cl have a 4.0. t'Sir. the qualifications of a naval officer are. . .uhhh." Tannen's Econ. We Should have been engineers. SEALS no. Marines no. Pilot no. Nuc SWO yes finally. Skiing at Dan's. The REST Program. Peace through superior firepower. Damn the liberals. The terrible Japanese class and "Dude. it's l1Ot water." Singing to B. Mucho Margaritas. Pabst Blue Ribbon. Rather be here then Tech. Met some of the best friends I'll ever have. Met the girl of my dreams. AMS. The 4 years haven't been that bad. could have been worse. ABY. P.lP. RWF. DRR. RLS. you're my boys! LUKE WALKER PUTZ SCHERTZ, TX SPECIAL WAREARE International Man of' Mystery. Seal Team PUTZ. ready for action. Whether it be at 0500 working out. the Ring Dance Marathon. swimming the creek in the middle of Hurricane . Isabel. scaling the fences of the NSA. bringing home the trophy sign. spray painting the . Andrews runway ftwicel. or relaxing at the 4-l bar. Seal Team Putz is unstoppable - never T once caught! tknock on woodj Part crazy. part Russian. part EE. all hardcore PT stud land part-time slayer! J. What a way to start a career as a SEAL. -CBA Who would've thought "-10' xtuP" would make it this far? S. Campbell fPutzer. you suck!! and J. Hill tSound off. Putzll would be proud. First semester. plebe year. we had good times in 1305-eating S30 worth of Halloween candy even before the big night. dumping a bucket of' water on thc girl in civvies taka LT Cullerl walking through T-court. earning 6 81 I2-week Chemistry grades less than 50W fyou showed Prof. Shade. . .rallying with an A on the final examl. finding anything to do except work. Poli Sci major? You should've been an EE with all your gadgets and love for random inventions - people detector. LED for issued alarm clock. switch for heater. The only places you went on liberty were Subway. Pep Boys. the Commissary. and Radio Shack. Both mini-BUDXS screeners? Spent 2 l st B-day in the frigid Severn. It doesn't take much to make this guy happy. Only God knows what he'll do when he finds a woman...This guy is the cheapest and most indecisive man alive. but he'll do fine in life. Hooyah. RML 280 2004 l JESSICA ANN REED TUCSON, AZ SURFACE WARFARE J DAWG - Kung Fu Reed: You could beat everyone in Jujitsu. Not everyone thinks. Always keeping the room entertained with your From Engineering to Oceanography...Martin grabbed us both. is UNSAT tacademics or PRT...you pickl. You will always be a 5!7! You're Side ofthe room is NOT the coolest! CBJ 84 Al Don't will always be the favorite roommate.-A Always trying to watch into Japan! New Episodes of Foamy every other week! Your Lord has your raincoat...Stephanie, I knew I didn't like her." Youngster as if qt" M i Tim-I' .J f K actually as quiet as sarcastic humor. The whole room member of NWB+2 worry Jess you WWE...continuing and Master. "Steph year up on 4-2 in the smallest room ever. ..NOT by choice! Listening to A's dirty music. ..we know you liked it! Brigade Judo Champ!!! Full Dress Raincoat Gear for Drill! The only girl we know who goes to a club and doesn't dance! Room 2116 The Davis Room SWO Mamas for life! Love A, MERE and BJ! DANIEL RUSSELL ROCKWELL SMITHFIELD, PA USMC GROUND sa? Dan, Danbo. Danimal. Rock. Natty Light plus Pacitic Beach equals eternal blindness. . ."I swear I couldn't see anything. "" Oh God I'm gonna die" So what if our whole room failed the PRT."Country Roads Take Me Home."You really think those girls want you because of your WVU hat? Sorry I spilled that cherry eoolaide in your bed over Plebe Summer. Oh yeah and that marble shower air horn temporary deafness thing. . .my bust. I really would have paid for the clutch handle and anything else I broke. Munster truck valley. Enough of the Company Commander jokes. "Hey Zack can you put up a whack shack." Face plants at 7 Springs. Only 145 mph? Look at me I'm Lcznzpie! !! Didn't you punch Lally youngster year? Pitt!WVU 2003. Remember when Dan almost went subs? "This would be really funny if it waSn't happening to me." "Dude. your sponsors daughter dates the cousin of the guy who owns the dog of the lady who cleans Travis Pastrana's house'?!" I guess I should include PB. Panama City here we come! Thanks for all the help with school. girls. life. and everything else guys. Ii I I ADRIELHNIE LEIGH ROSETI WILLIAMSVILLE, NY SURFACE WARFARE Roomies since plebe Summer. '5Ma'am , I don't really need those right i 4 now. ",' Well, I hope not." Sprinting back at I I 155. My parents like watching you play bball more then watching me row. TAPS at I I: 59: No. Adrienne isn't here.-MER8cJess Why You Hate'n! Midnight Sleepovers when you should be studying. Stealing Beds and Applesauce. Sat. in Sherwood Forest. DMB Toilets with S150 and I5 mins. Shady J's as Plebers. New Years with cowboy hats and failed resolutions. Curved pathways boldest plebes ever. MHugg's GODDESSES: Cherry Coke. staying up till -Iam. RD. Sleeping in class and failing. Inside Voices. Bday and Dance Parties! Good times in OC. Always making up lyrics. Breaking into Halsey! I Bouncing Bry's Party: "Get out Now", Breaking up tights and Keg Tosses. Seal Team Adrienne in Coronado wf "Jenny", too much sun A'?'? Crack Kills: if you haven't seen it then you don't hang out with her. Recruit-Frogger. "Make Sure you give Sal her Shirt back." Honorary smoking buddy. BAMA SUCKS. Up against a wall. My Valentine. Party Cd' the ML with MHs. ACME Dance Partner: takes a special girl to get kicked out of there. Roseti Roughnecks twe should combine teams-KYI. VA. GM-NW-S6-MANG- CH ..., My Dad is a LT. My sister...the DR? Sleeping in your bed...in your OLD roomt2I27l. SS: INO FLIPFLOPSI. Sometimes All You Need are 5 Buddies: Japan Isn't Ready Yet. I Love My Bestest. It's Better in the Hamptons: NWB+2 FOREVER. 17th Company 231 l i STEPHEN LUCAS RYAN lf' ROUNDTOP, MT USMC PILOT 2nd LT, USMC TRAVON KEMEL SANTERRE STOCKTON, CA SUBMARINES Though here IIT-j0lll'lI6j'lS' end I lie in darkness' buried deep. beyond all rowers strozzg und high, beyond all mouizmins steep, above all shadows rides the Sun and Stars .forever dwell .' I will not say the Day is done. nor bid the Smrsjbrewell. - J.R.R. Tolkien KEVIN MATTHEW SCHAEFFER ALEXANDRIA, VA SURFACE WARFARE You drive rlzat. . .uhh it IS a van "Bianca stole our money" "But Allison, she was soooooo hot" Forrestols, what Forrestols "Dude, I just made eye Contact with the OOW. . .run Dude, we'll drink till 6 in the morning and then youlll help my sister move into her new apartment, oh I forgot to tell you that part What. you've never been to Mexico? We're going to Tijuana No, America is THAT way Kevin, will you please stop body boarding, its hurting me Get your ass off the ship or I'm leaving, we got to get to Trestles YOU LAG Siestas at our Mexican restaurant Ummm, I think you're in the Wrong room I'm not drinking that...yes you are, its your birthday. you HAVE to Costa Rican barrels and crazy crabs off roading We deserve this Don't quit While you're ahead, it takes all the fun out of it I am the best thing that ever happened to you Its been real Kevin, and I couldn't have made it without you "Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in awhile, you could miss it." - Ferris ALOHA 282 2004 l THOMAS ALAN SHAPIRO PACIFIC PALISADES. CA SURFACE WAREARE Alright, for starters you should stop working out. It is not working. really anyone. Oh and sorry to burst your bubble but you will beat me up. not in Costa Rica. 2132 or 4139. These are a few things never forget: Chris getting us kicked out of Mexico. didn't think Your "other" side. the training side. Those jumpers will never be quote "You do not want to come down here! The platform of PAIN" KOOKED it. I was always doing your dirty work. You had a lot to O'Neal .... class dismissed. What could I expect when your heroes Bueller. and The Dude. Some things should go away with time. and of those things. IT SUCKS! What can I say Tom where would you .. . - ................-.,...lT- -Q5 tx' -,eg-,. 1. 2 . M' 'Lael-fg ' ask anyone... NEVER be able to I think you should that was possible. the same. . .and I Sept. 21102. you learn. then came are Spicoli. Ferris your music is one be without me. I am like Yoda to you. the force was always stronger in me. The light Tom walk towards the light. The future looks bright my friend. we scammed our way through. it really is possible. First we had sympathy. then we had none. Can't blame them though Mexico. Costa Rica. Spain toh wait you were doing detailmbummerl. Cali. Dominican Republic. Cabo, and the list goes on ...... aloha. I almost forgot ...... you were always right .... I am a tough guy! A11 1 need are some tasty waves. a cool buzz. and I'm finef' Jeffrey Spicoli RICHARD LEE SHINN CINCINNATI, GH USMC GROUND Former SN + MM3 : 4.5 years of fun and more fun!? Haimibal? Counter 1 Strike? Scrabble? Spicy Kimchi soup? Meat bread? Glow Bowling? Wings? No Mrs. Fie1ds?! Rice cooker? Hehe. Sky Line Time? A Three Way dry and a cheese coney, please! New Years Day 2004! You're my best friend in the I whole world! Devil Dog, make sure you stay out of trouble while 1'm in the Middle East somewhere. I Luif you forever and ever. Gale I MICHAEL ROBERT WHEELER VIRGINIA BEACH, VA SUPPLY CORPS Where to begin: NAPS 2000. don't ever shave your head again! that weak 15ft jump shot, only person to get thrown outta practice. ..sweet. . The ensigns house-nuff said. yea you still owe Kristen your life. Cancun-wow. def. stays there! you and cullen being chased by hotel security. awesome. Summer 2000-our new family-NTF...oh and did I forget the numerous spring wknds? ...your 21? in va beach. . .hahaha. have they recovered? the mutual hail Inarry..whats a little desperation btwn friends. then you meet steph and fall in love!! wheres the real mike wheeler?? Endless parties. btwn scuba dan. and us just bein ridiculous. And who can forget the wife...will you two shut up! probably your Inost ridiculous moment..EVER. can you believe we've Inade it? Hey 17. wheres whee1er...busted! thanks for being Iny best friend for all this time. it wou1d've Inade this place much more difficult wfo you N RB. cali is where its at! A T-Money ...well sir. ughh. it's my grandfather...beer pong banned from O-Club! YP's in NYC...robe party at the Ritz. upgraded llights to Houston Bowl. . .can you cover for me? Oompa Loompa vs Duff Man. . .great roommate N Yosty 17th Company 283 1 - MICHAEL WALLACE WHITE JR. ORANGE, TX USMC GROUND Bead monger, wine conesiour, D's basement, Beer Bong, I can't even do one pull-up. Fat Mike to Skinny Mike, Bacardi 151, Getting lost next door on Grosse lle. Dining Out try the grog now Dave. MPS. Golden Grain. Qld Birthday Bash at Sean Donlon's Former F-Ball player. Budweiser. Mead. Gate 3 Jagr Mike's Truck. O-club frequenter. Leatherneck 4"l platoon meathead, the Hawk.Tailgate Bar-BQ master Cgl organizer. Leatherneck meatheads. Semper Fi. - Dave. Plebe Summer roommate, detailers read his letter home saying he wanted to leave, and then he became Company Commander!Brigade Striper, who would have guessed? Remember our insane workout we did getting ready for TBS? Mardi Gras: "Don't worry I've got it!" Erin from Adam's Morgan. Solid as a rock, the type of guy you can count on forever. Lifetime friend. - Alex.. I guess at everyone is gonna make comments about Mikes weight. Or they'll talk about that annoying as hell Texas flag shirt he wore with the cowboy and boots when he grilled burgers at the tailgaters, but Seriously Guys, Thanks. 'Preciate it having good buddies. - Dan KIRK ALAN WHITTENBERG CHESTER, IL USMC GROUND From the I-lalls of Montezuma to the shores of Tripoli we light our country's battles in the air on land and sea. First to light for right and freedom and to keep our honor clean, We are proud to bear the title of United States Marines. Our lIag's unfurled to every breeze From dawn to setting sun: We have fought in every clime and place where we could take a gun. In the snow of far-off Northern lands and in sunny tropic scenes, You will iind us always on the job --The United States Marines. Here's health to you and to our Corps which we are proud to serve: In many a strife we've fought for life and never lost our nerve. If the Army and the Navy ever look on Heaven's scenes, they will lind the streets are guarded By United States Marines. ADAM BRYANT YOST SHEPHERDSTOWN, W V SURFACE WARFARE Plebe summergthese Navy Sweatpants are HOT.Goodnight Jane Fonda, and the response. . .4WSASSif0ZvIff'k. . .I like this place already.6- pack. civilian 6.Get your hair cut Yost.Youngster trip to watch Jordangthanks a lot TJ, my car needed to be washed anyway.Covering for Big Mike,What march-onflgboarding school starts youngster year.Yost, get a haircut!Wow Adam, your closet is clean!l'm not cocky...l'm just good?!'?Nicknames-Adam Basedow, PROTOTYPE, tommy tough nuts.Let's go to the o-club.l7-ball always will own the o-club.Can't forget, "nice to meet you John, uhh, I mean sir."Do I have to salute the president. or just wave? Tannen's econ classes-Todd, my back is getting tired from carrying you-two diplomasgMucho margaritas1Major DeLong's Chem I with Dan1Ring Dance and the Ritzgfollowed by f robe party-Adam, where's Angel-she's tired guys1Firstie YP's in NYC-Boom Boom Room in Canada,the hippie midshipmangbar at Ring DancegKings at the o-club1l7's halsey workoutsg biceps, triceps, and even abs:Get a haircutgle' class to Houston, Big Mike and IgMexican restaurantglsally and the hotel1Supe's reception and songs next to the bar, doubleiisting red wine as Batt ADEOgI'm a stripergl7-ball, here's to you-best friends a guy could have1Thanks Mom, Dad. Matt. Megan-and especially Angel-I wouldn't have made it without ya...I love you guys. 284 2004 -!'f-- V. ,fha 4 , YR 7,4 Mf 1 K N J, .f I 10, W. 11auj,Eg'5?? vm gl- .ty , f 'Hrv- l7th Company 285 I- , l F J I ! Carolyn Beth Samuel Edward Josiah Edwin Jeffrey Alan Benjamin Wright Elizabeth Marie Jeffrey Wallace Aron Lloyd Morin lvluiray Nicely Palmer Pittard Polfer Ransom Reynolds Patrick Keaton Douglas Martin Joshua David Logan Keith Joshua Winston David Alexander Rollo Silverman Weiss Willman Wort Ziemba 288 2004 rl-A, 'TNT ,. U 1, r, ,Q V IJ 4' 2 . ji? 3 ii ii x U ' 5 fjfga ff " f f--' 5 'f ?l14k l"A'x " a ,nun all l A-Ja M1 mgnmufv. dum., . , 'fm' 'NY xwaxww I V .. mw- Aig- , l7th Company 289 'f ,I on fklfewzfi A nm any f K .,-1. . LT Michael Vass Company Officer Justin C. Hamilton, Company XO Jacob C. Loeflier, Company Commander Frank A. Ramirez, First Sergeant Cnot picturedj Senior Chief Kevin M. Woods Company Senior Enlisted A 'Ex Q . um J if .ft Abigail A. Steele, Company XO Joseph A. Andrejack, Company Commander Nathanial R. Grebb, First Sergeant Cnot pictured? l 2004 i tscratches countlj, shower music, secretly you love green drinks and i I """ M y , J OSEPH ALAN ANDREJACK A f CAMP HILL, PA Z , I I USMC PILOT A Andresrnack - Who could think of a better CC. Poolhall Junkies. J Habib s. parking lot parties. Alfano's your best bud. Whaaaaaaaaa...The sailor dance. Cigars and people watching downtown. What company M? SEVEN! "Seven'? I Y give you a five" We were talking about the World Series. NJT "What I have learned ,r,,.-.. i about myself is that I don't like being in uncomfortable places." summer '00 but aljy VA. now... "I am going to go to Quantico for 6 months and be uncomfortable" Barking F 'Eff Spiders? Ham Samwich? Jody's got Tal girl and gone. SPH Beating you at ping " i' if pong and pool red-headed sluts. I really will miss both versions ofJoe tok-maybe only drunk Joel. DMB "Got any Andresnacks? I sho' am hungry!" Watch out for that killer mahi mahi. it's a doozie. We got your back. no E town punks are gonna mess with you. . .even if they are a bunch of girls. Best of luck to yag I hope you'll never have to drive out to New Carrollton inthe middle ofthe night again C'MON. LET'S GO EAT!! One. -NCC Joe. The man. The myth. the guy who froze puke on the back ofNeil's car You drink like a woman but don't get all emotional like one. Never forget Man-gina's. tryin to shoot people on the highway. Quizno's. the orifice and the Snake Have fun at TBS with all the otherjarheads. and good luck at Pensacola. Holla. -MAT J AMES PAUL ANToNroNo GREENSBURG, PA NAVY PILOT Antonionionionono . . . whatever. You will always be fat boy to us. No matter how much weight your Euro girlfriend makes you lose. Since I- Day we were roommates, but somehow half-way through plebe summer you got stuck with the "slow and smelly bastards."tSorry man! But you got us back by never standing watch plebe or youngster year. tDamn life guards! Who needs 'em anyway'?I Youngster year brought out the James that we have come to know, or Jamie, as your shady side honios put it tthat's Marshall and Ashley "Bowser"l. Nothing gets you in more trouble than your American Express card. You never leave home without it and never have cash with it!! tThank God for that Dairy Queenj And thank God some ofthat video in the Bahamas never came out. . . IBustedl Some of your finer accomplishments include a S200 bar tab in the Grove. projectile vomiting at Nikki Beach. using lube for the first time. being the swim team manager. catching a 7-ft sail fish in Miami. and, oh yeah . . . you are the president of the Socratic society Cya there! All in all we couldn't have found a better roommate . . . in company! But in all seriousness. we hope you move to Italy some day many that beautiful girl of yours. and have a bunch of orange-haired kids. And remember. you don't have to stay out until the break of dawn to have a good time! Good luck. ANDREW CHARLES BANKSTON Kiuowooo, TX USMC PILOT Semper Simpsons. The former D8cB hoo-rah since reformed. A notable member of the fist pump crew. Always up for night at hobaggers or CP. No shirts on the ride home. Texas is the greatest. You gotta like Willie Nelsong who doesn't like Willie Nelson? Boooones. Twizzler fights on Halloween. Short shorts and belt buckles. Roommate for four many years. It's always time for Turkey. Yut. Frozen boots in February. Manners. What manners? Nice shoes. Thrift clothes and spring break in Colorado. Simpsons. Family guy. and 70's quotes conversations. Girls have cooties. Always someone who can be trusted and relied on. Andrew is the best of friends and roommates. We know he will do well wherever he goes. and he will be missed by all. Good luck in all your endeavors. 18th Company 291 JEREMY DAVID BARTOWITZ WAUWATOSA, WI NAVY PILOT BadgerBadgerBadger. Chewbacca calls. "Where's the morale meter Scar? Nala? Whatever." Def. shoulda been an English major. Masochistic karate nights. Swobie can't handle the NCAA 2004 action. Jammin to Bon Jovi- good concert. great times. SkiTrip2K3 .... . snowboarding OUCH. Sleep talking gibbajabba. Plebe summer bracing. Was that my bag we did 250 flutter kicks for? Sorry! Myrtle Beach Weekends and Summer Scaminar nicknames. . .sorry bout the carpet. Paintbrush 'artwork'...thanks fellaz. The Valentine's Blizzard '03 fender bender. Getting a lil sister I never asked for... much love Meg. YEAH BUDDY! Ringing true to something I was told long ago. I've met the best people and best friends here. Thank you all for the memories and making me who I have become. Best of luck on your chosen roads, and good luck for those following us. I'Patriotism is not a short and frenzied outburst ofemotion but the tranquil and steady dedication ofa lifetime." Adlai E. Stevenson, Jr. DENIZ MARY BAYKAN HAGERSTOWN, MD SURFACE WARFARE Four years and so many memories.. .mufIin, you can't make someone love you, you just have to stalk them and give in, the good roommate, bracefaee, ring dance weekend or was it the prom?, green drinks, meeting rap stars, shopping trips, movie nights, Ops' one love, Cheng, three sisters, starting the party that rocks your body, BAR Baltimore, is that Deni on the bar?, 525,600 minutes times four years of friendship : some of the best memories I'll ever have, I love you andl wish you the very best.-KMM Thank god you are finally lettin go...you are too fun.."Mine is FIFI ".. .,'Look at the sheep...sheeeep"...a girl we can count on for shopping, for CLARKS...We love Scott, for sharing Mike and Deni Sandwiches, we luv you hun...JEC KNM Georgetown date on a Wednesday night all for a lost contact. Cracker Jacks. wonderful braces. Replacement friends. "People don't sleep at sleepoversl' Potter!! John Deere store. Mini Deni's 168 of themj. First lfldves Club-Diane Keaton. Colin Farrell and Firth. I want to marry someone just like Bill B Control Braces s Thanks for putting up with me- going to miss you- Abby "Come on Bacon. you can do it. just one more push-up". What a lush Is that ecto cooler? NJT Denning moment-Tennis ball of integrity! SPH Have fun on the USS Carney with the other circus folk. Shaykan Baykan Baykan Bits JAA The only person to take every PRT and never actually do a pushup. Good luck..Hagerstown is wicked awesome dude BJ+NCC ALEXA JANE BESTOSO ERIE, PA NAVY PILOT To the sister I never had who once asked, "why are we friends?" This Q super skipper sailed her laser all the way to nationals in Florida. 2 Bacardi-Us with some V8 splash . . . and she's down for the count. Monday Buddy's, Tuesday Ramshead. Wednesay O-Club, Thursday Obrien's, and now it's time for the weekend. Who else would be up for Chippendales in Vegas? Restriction wasn't so bad, just don't let the OOW smell that breath. She'll have a double Dos Equis on the rocks please. So what if her car blew up, she can still drive to BWI. h'One weekend lim gonna come to your housetKGJ and sleep in your bed and I don't care who else is in it!" March over anyone? No thanks, we'll just help out with that keg in the parking lot. Who needs alcohol when there are teddy grams? All she needs for fishing is a twig, a piece of string, and some ham.t-MWJ With those strong legs and nail pulling skills, there's no telling what this Tijuana lovin' oompa loompa can't accomplish. You're the only one who made this place bearable, now who's gonna be my beer pong partner? Skipperrrr, I'll miss you . . . the Severn won t be the same without you NMM I had to add something- thanks for putting up with me for 4 years as a roomie- love ya and will miss ya- Abby 292 2004 I JEREMIAH TIM BRIGHT G, gg!! - ll-I --'il -51......' . ,A iff. i f 4 Z. .. ' 55 NEWINGTON, GA USMC GROUND From the Halls of Montezuma to the shores of Tripoli we fight our country's battles in the air on land and sea. First to fight for right and freedom and to keep our honor cleang We are proud to bear the title of United States Marines. Our iIag's unfurled to every breeze From dawn to setting sun, We have fought in every clime and place where we could take a gun. ln the snow of far-off Northem lands and in sunny tropic scenesg You will find us always on the job --The United States Marines. Here's health to you and to our Corps which we are proud to serveg In many a strife we've fought for life and never lost our nerve. Ifthe Army and the Navy ever look on Heaven's scenes, they will find the streets are guarded by United States Marines. I RONALD FLOYD BURRIS II BYRON, GA NAVY PILOT I think my roommate pretty much summarized our 4 years here. "Ron Burris has been my roommate now for four years, and he is still a bit of a mystery to me. lf I had tried to lind someone that was more ofa polar opposite of my self. I could not have. Yet, somehow in these four years we have formed an odd and unique friendship, not like most friendships but more like brothers in that there is something stronger that bonds us together than common interests or meshing personalities. Usually that bonding force is a mother. but here I think it's the fact that we live in the same room. Most of our conversations have started with "You know what I really hate about this place?" From water-gun fights, to throwing random objects at each other, we have had our fun. Most nights we spent together facing our desks, working into the early morning. And most mornings he spent throwing things at me or yelling so that I would turn off my alarm and wake up. It seems most of our summers were spent against each other: learning how to break each other's necks in NTT, or his P-3 squadron shooting torpedoes at my submarine. to the competition between 3'it' Herd and the 4th Platoon Rocks in Leatherneck. Ron has always been blunt and unafraid to say anything. he is who he is. I am very glad to have spent this time with Ron, and I wish him the greatest blessings wherever he goes. I know as stubborn as he is, there is nothing he cannot do that he wants to do. Good luck Ron. SWO doesn't suck, and neither does Navy Pilot!" tErvin, 20041 Thanks Travis, sure beats a random Go Navy song. MIGUEL ANGEL CANTU SPLENDORA, TX NAVY NFO Five years, a few tickets, an arrest. many women, and a couple of adjudications later, I was raised by a Spanish Princess and a motivated Drill Instructor by the names of Maria Isabel and lt' Sgt. Israel Cantu Sr., USMCtret'dJ, I have 4 sisters and three brothers. In order: Guadalupe C antu de Medina. Israel Cantu J r.. Staff Sgt. Jason Manuel Cantu, Captain Marisol Cantu de Zammit, USMC, Midshipman Candidate Adrianna Maria Cantu, Paloma Bianca Cantu, and last. but not least. Marco Ariell Cantti. I thank those above as well as all of my friends, shipmates, and my motivated underclassmen who have been there through the trials and tribulations ofthe "Academy Experience." I would not have made it anywhere without the support of my family. teachers. and friends. I am thankful for my wonderful family. my nephews and niece and for support from all when my mother and grandmother became ill. Dad and Mom, I made ittal beit a nasty Sailorll To my older brothers and sisters. thanks for everything. I've always looked up to you and continue to do so even though I am one of you now. To the last two left ofa long line: learn what you can and make your own footprints in life. You do not need to till our shoes. Put some bigger ones out there for others to emulate. The babies look up to you two specifically and will want to be like you. Make sure you are observant as you have had 6 brothers and sisters and a motivated mother and father that have walked before you. You have had plenty of time to watch. It is your time to live life so ensure you do it right. 18th Company 293 NEAL CLARENCE CARTER Rock HILL, SC USMC PILOT Nealio. BigC. Clarence. Neal "say no way to slay" Carter. came to the USNA through the NAPS program. And after 5 LONG years they are finally letting him leave, Looking back on all the "things" he did. itis amazing he never got in trouble. l'm sure ol' Grandma would agree that he's a "little angel." I don't think she knows all the stories though. Neal began frequenting "night clubs" at the ripe age ofa youngsta. Establishments such as Double D's welcomed Neal with open arms. . .and legs. Straight ladies man for real.You can be my wingman any day..Alvin and the chipmunks. your porn star ringdance date..G-town. and yes they love the BBC in Philly. Lil'white girl. Showing up at that ghetto bar on my 2lt'. biggest surprise! Porch cigars. parking lots. and habib's. tailgating. fros. Your freestyle rap. priceless. Stacey gonna hook you up? Oh that Neal Carter is 2lLlOl'ZlDlCu.lN0l1111121 Toohey. Souff Kakalaki. You're a great friend. Semper Fly. never forget the office. LT Rob's. My head out your car window twice. SDN. Etown.Good times always.We'll meet at a Mixa concert.ONE. B.l.NJT.JAA 'Q iv wa-I '.g1 if ,W Ea " 2 , . B1 ui. - EVERETTE TRAVIS ERvIN ADVANCE, NC SURFACE WARFARE Travis Ervin. Swerve. Magic. the BCGs guy, the Greatest Human Being to Ever Live... Ever. The final member of our happy band has been called this and more. From the greatest county on earth and with more homesickness than any of us ever had. Trav never let anything get him down. His love for bananas and smoothies fthe source of his radioactive powersb. and his ability to use the word "face" at any time set Trav apart from Inost normal mids. The frequent Thanksgiving trips to his home in Davie County, NC. Inade us all want to be Rebels texcept Hick maybel. and gave us an appreciation for the Rebel Yell tto be uttered when crossing the county linel. Travis Ervin devoted himself to everything with a passion. the Crew Team. the Navigators, the BCGs, the MechE department. and he never cared if they returned it. His ability to endure serious sleep deprivation fueled only by the statement "there's plenty of sleep in the grave" Inade us all envious. and very tired. But whatever his sleepnw habits Trav's love for God. his family and his friends helped us help each other through anything that came at us. Only H111 64111 malte ti em mn dui stun .s'n11vu'. NUnit 3 ELIZABETH ANNE GILLIS GRAND RAPIDS, MI SURFACE WARFARE Elizabeth "Coastie in a lVIid's body" Gillis came from the vaunted Lower Peninsula of Michigan to bring her special brand of cheer to the banks of the Severn. Though she contracted a terminal case of the Plebe Hack in the summer of 2000 which has kept several strings of roommates awake at night. Elizabeth survived CGA crew. the women's rugby team and two French classes with Graham Scarbro to graduate as Lawrence Brandon's favorite target. Whether it was opening the table for dessert at record high decibel levels Plebe year or leading a band of rowdy Coastie Swabs in cheering for their Division Ill football team. Gillis never did anything quietly. Her love for the Navy got her through school. where she's allegedly been studying oceanography. although she never seems to know the weather forecast. "Huggy Bear" earned her callsign at CGA because of the outstanding enthusiasm that made her LB's favorite Plebe to pick on and the over-the-top friendliness that made you like her even when she brushed the lint off of you before Inspection without asking you first. Nitpickiness aside. Gillis' love for her chosen career and her Academy will carry her a long way in the Fleet So long as she can get over the Hack. Semper P. NGCS 294 2004 'ii-f W. kg, e ! ! ig ,-5 5' XF.. 'f f , gf' I ALEXIS FRANCESCA GONZALEZ 2.4. 1? WATSONVILLE, CA pwf i' USMC GROUND It has been an unbelievable party since the day we met. Sexy Lexy and Meesh...What are the odds you meet someone who is so similar to you. even almost right down to a birthday? Half Mexican. half white. favorite colors is purple. birthdays in February, from California. play Libero in volleyball. and are both 5'4" on a very tall day. From Club Wet to Chippendales. that blonde was SMOKIN. we've definitely refined our tastes. We've been to Cabo San Lucas. Colorado. West Point. to the most awesome ship ever. USS CARTER HELL and don't forget Mad Dog. While I was in Spain. you were telling those blisters on your feet to suck it up because there wasn't any way on God's green earth you were gonna miss out on a FEX. And yes. New T Jersey is only I5 minutes away from Philly. dear. Through dropped cakes. "almost not making the team". surgery. and ihtfp days. we've survived it all. USNA had no idea what they were getting into when they got us together. and now the Marine Corps has a pair of hot tamales coming their way. are they ready for us? Teammate. best friend. dance partner. confidant. and above all...MY SISTER. Te quiero inuehisimo. "She takes my hand and leads me along paths I would not have dared explore alone." - M.V. Patel. PHILIP AARON GREENE SEATTLE, WA NUCLEAR SURFACE WAREARE "You put up with the grind of work or school as long as you can or is required. But then. one day. the phone rings one too many times. or the line at the gas pumps seems unending. The air smells bad. The food foul. 'Enough fgftlzis' you cry. You grab your ice tools and are gone." -Duane Raleigh !Thanks to everyone for all of your help. teachings. and laughter. Years from now when you think of me. look to the mountains. for that is where I'll be found .... JUSTIN CHRISTOPHER HAMILTON YORKTOWN, VA NAVY PILOT Gotta say being a roommate with someone for 3 years was both rewarding and interesting. From bringing me home and introducing me to your countless "girlfriends" who were all hot. to partying over at your sponsors. those were some good times. How bout getting stood up by your girls at the last second when we headed to Tennessee or the time at JMU where you definitely needed to be babysat. we made the best of it though. Oh. and then there was that time when you brought me home for Thanksgiving and introduced me to your hot friend by the wrong name. You better work on that. You've definitely turned me off to one thing. . .Guinness. You're a better man than I am to be able to drink that stuff. Memories of Halloween tare those chaps'?!'?! 5. our wonderful "leadership" of 18. Christmas partiesflate night "swimming" over at John's. and ring dance were all a great experience. but they wouldn't have been the same without having someone to laugh and make fun of others with. Thanks for the memories. oh yeah. and "I Love You. I Trust You." NJCL Drinking tequila through a straw. whispering over the phone. forgave me for helping to cause that little harassment incident and you never miss an opportunity to make fun...what more could I ask for in a design partner? I'd be lucky to be in your backseat someday. Love ya. kid and you know it. . .C.C,. the F O 18th Company 295 CHRISTOPHER DWAYN E HOLLAND CHICO, TX SUBMARINES "Are you ready for the chicken, mon!" Good times across the board...well during the weekends and spring break '03 at least. "I sure hope this root stuff works." Can't wait to dominate William 84 Mary again...and without the streaking this time! "Yo, hook a brutha up! Naa. dude. that's my girl" l was serious about that one. Chris! "Work hard, play hard!" should be your motto. Have fun underwater. NCC SCoTT PATRICK HOPKINS GREENSBURG, PA MEDICAL CoRPs Scopkins, closet intellectual...could never tell that from his personal appearance. Wonder if he'll buy books at med school? probably not. Ping-pong extraordinaire. Fluent in Pittsburgese, and German, believe it or not. Upstairs at Riordans. .. the Captain was there that night, as well as a few ofthe flower beds in DTA. Enjoy four years as a civilian. JAA The Doctor is in...with a body check. NCC Weirdo. goofy, loser, dork, all words that describe. . .youl rec room fun, chucky lookouts, bezerk states, the cool meter, smelly hands, never saw that lesson plan. . .if you ever need driving lessons, just call! who's really in charge? never a wuss. always a friend. I'll miss you. DMB LEWIS SI-IINIL IIvI BAYSIDE, NY SPECIAL WARFARE Master, Mission, Mate. . .the principle in which he lives by and cherishes. Frankly, he is a hardworking and focused individual. He's a person seeking after God's heart, always improving himself. dedicated to his goals. enjoys bodily punishment, Cgl simply a Christian Warrior. He's a mission oriented person, achieving what he aims for. More importantly, his life is marked by the grace of God's hand carrying him through the schools of hard knocks in Queens to the hilly roads of Valley Forge to the Naval Academy and soon through the sand pits of Coronado. Stay strong bro. Keep charging hard and stay away from the pinky...no l'm serious. GB. tLHIJ Lewis came to the Academy with an open mind and ADM Hill's cover. Though not yet aiming for Hag rank, Lewis has always made USNA worth his time. His work on the Campus Crusade prayer team and frequent trips to the pool in efforts to be the Navy's next frogman proved his devotion to his faith and his career. Maybe it was extra shiny shoes, or the extra sharp creases. or even being on Brigade staff. but something about Lewis and you could tell that he wanted to be at the Academy. But whatever the case, Lewis stuck to his guns for four years and after plenty of hard work, he's got no hair, no eyebrows, and a trip to Coronado to show for it. Who knows, he may put on ADM Hill's cover some day after all...tGCSJ 296 2004 l-'H MATTHEW THOMAS J AivHsoN IVIARYVILLE, TN USMC GROUND Intensity. "You'll always be my baby." Techno-machine. What a that a tattoo of a Tuna on your shoulder? FAAAAHHK! Japanese ZZZZH!!! Let's do 225 4-count flutter kicks for Barto's Snoopy bag! Travis thought she was a mid..." Orlando 2000. "Matt. I don't quite Japanese. Domo what?" "I can't open my doorg it's roped to the wall." 05-02. Men's Journal Oct. 2002. He's a 5'8" l90lb bulldog. but how outrun you on the PRT? "Let's go grappling!" He doesn't shake hands you. . .he puts you in a headlockl 2 Gin and Tonics and he's toast. Nate tlutter kick contest. He broke the metal deck plate chopping so hard. -la- Dwi " Z 'ga Moocherl Is cartoons guru. l'm sorry Matt. understand Army Sniper: could Obie when he greets Charles and the "Who throws a shoe?" Sorry about the leather seat. Diesel. A True friend. OORAH Jamol Barto. Obie. Rob. Mom. Dad. thank you for always being there Speci ll thanks to family and friends. and my other family. the Brendles. May God grant me wisdom and the fortitude to do what is necessary Shiken ITTIHIIUIISLI daikomyo. We do not rise to the level ofour expectations: we fall to the level of our training. BRETT PADRAIC JOHNSON SOUTH AMEOY, NJ NAVY PILOT Brett or Brettley "No Shame In My Game!Get Your Mouth Off My Keg" Johnson arrived at the Academy from "Dirty Jerseyn looking to own the place. which he almost did. After almost getting sent to Leavenworth plebe year twhich was a close oneb, B.J. decided to lay low for a bit. It's not that he didn't know how to have a good time. though: he could probably have fun at a monastery. His venue of choice, however, would be Double D's or the Body Shop. keeping them in business. Youngster year brought broad horizons and new beginnings such as getting thrown out of the worst club in Jersey. Hey. there's a first time for everything. Junior year. the big AXN bash in NJ prepared him for the office parties and the ever necessary role he would have lfc year as the Beaver party liaison. Tailgater representative gig proved to be a huge networking device for members of the Class of '69 and put his foot in the door for huge things to come. BJ- Bon Jovi. Brett Johnson. Coincidence? Dirty Jersey. Spring Break or Boxing 7 Tough choice Habib s liquor store. parking lot parties. 2l,it's about time. If there ever was an opportunity to drink. it's now. Ho-brian's. Armanill hos Got any new movies?" Dining in vice..hey where were you before? WE GOTTA RUN. Fly navy. ROME! NCC.NJT.JAA. TIMOTHY JOSEPH KINKAID OREGON, OH SUBMARINES Tim Diesel. Meathead. Fatkid, Cool guy. He should really put a jacket on. its cold. A reformed womanizer and user of outdated slang. The only y guy with enough nerve to talk his way into a CP party, then peel out in their front yard when he leaves. Tim plays the macho game very well to conceal the fact he is an aero nerd. Thank goodness for beer, women. and aerodynamics or else Tim would have nothing to do. "Do you know where the weight room is? That's alright. I'll tind it." Good luck fitting inside the sub. 18th Company 297 -u-:mul nn 3 n:l11l l l PETER DANIEL LANGLEY MIAMI, FL NAVY PILOT What isn't Pete...our ICOR for life varsity gymnastics team captain t2xJ. All-American athlete. Sup's List 8 semesters running. midshipman of the semester every time. ifl plebe in the company fiuent in his native language and French. 4.0 GPA possibly holds the record at the E-Course and. ..if he was Indian his name would be "dances with fat chicks." You could always count on Pete to be watching a movie every night of the week if he wasn't scanning the internet for the latest Saturn model tor g.p.l. Despite his hard work ethic and continuous girlfriends. Pete always found some time to go out and have fun...well. if getting tossed out of bars in hick-town PA is your idea of fun tCal -"Ohettos"J. . .or...doin' it dirty in STL tthank god for snow stormslb or...impersonating a retarded supermanfhandi-man IUVAI. . .or...trying to party all night in Philly with TATU or...trying to Hnd exotic Italian we chicks at PSU tyou almost found one smaller than you. . .she only had you by a few...we got picslb Despite these low moments in Pete's life. we've had some amazing times together... in the grove. Orlando t2xl. Pitt. New York twith the brosl. Ft. Lauderdale and becoming turtlemasters in your driveway. We could always count on you for a good jack handy quote or a random one liner t"yinz girls"J. You've made these a great 4 years. Words to live by. . .DON'T terminate. . .procreatel Represent S-3's and Saturn for life! We'll be waiting for you, buddy tand reserving your ICOR billetl. JPA 84 MAT Never forget the ofliee and the smelliest couch that ever existed. - JAA Don't forget to show up to your birthday parties in the future. at least forjust a little while. -NCC NMG for life - no regrets!! DRV JACoE CHARLES LOEFFLER PALM HARBOR, FL SPECIAL GPERATIONS Are you pregnant'?...He's gonna be a soccer playa. NMS 4 Life. . .I mean 2 years. Are you asleep? How bout now. How bout burning Ol-30-SC hands off? PCB Wendy's girls. they've got a lot of personality. What. the cops are impounding your car? Pringles Dance! Too bad the whole fiancee thing didn't work out. So who are you taking to ring dance? You hide your intelligence so well. First. he's a trainer.. .what. now CC? I mean. of course with that high OOM! You'd think your knuckles would be the same size. . .Oh, and pass me a "sanitary napkin." 4'Usually I would back you up on this dude but. . Do that Florida dance with your California shoes to your Punk music. In all seriousness. you have always helped us laugh during the hard times and you were always there when we needed you. I Once a triangle, always a triangle. HOOYAHI CGI-I, JEB. ARS 4 years of living together. partying together. suffering together. Through thick and thin. you've come a long way. From wanting to be a Nuc. to getting Spec Ops. being unsat to Dant's list, Ain't Skeered Halloween to Company Commander. Wait, what'd you use that razor for? Who's is it? Who would have thought someone so quiet could be so bad. Orlando, TN. JMU. tWait. an O-6's daughter? Awesomel. You've definitely kept me entertained and always guessing at what will happen next. I love you. I trust you. JCH BRENDAN JOHN LOONEY OWINGS, MD INTELLIGENCE Billyclub, close 1 in French. Pointless cough. I roomy who liked me. slips out of everything mando. I thought MaLooney played well. You,re playing lax? Do you know how 2 play lax?"I got the ball last game. Somel I luv 2 hate. Old women love you tstonewashya hotel will be cheaper "Holler back now. simmer down now. I-Iey good to see u". Thank your uncle for the mini pow camp Matty and I endured. From FB to lax. l of the best athletes CSL dudes I've known. What color is that loon? U don't look that smart for an Intel guy...America is doomed. Best of luck Loons. BLtl timel get it together or I will rock u again. Steve keep on laxn. who is the lucky I next year? P.S. I am the best athlete in the fam.only u r so unlucky. You lost so many times.u finally came up won! Thnx 4 getting us kicked out of Murphy's. U look more like my mug than me. ' Lost. sleeping in 84 a bus chase in ND. peein our pants like its our birthday. Dude your mom out drank you...dude me too. sweepin girls of their feet. she was mine. breakin noses in skelly. hard hitter hard worker and great dude. thanks bro-50 298 2004 i JARAD WILLIAM MAHANNA MESQUITE, TX SUBMARINES Old Man - What an awesome roommate you've were awake. And let's not forget how many bones I think for a month you were off chit. Where's the Mustang. We cleaning our room? Naaa. Fried Sneaking out between games. Country music? .fm -. 4' AA ""F if ' X a l ,lp MKG 1 i N? 4L', i ,. -X R 1 'Y I A been. when you have been broken. J arad? Workin' on for no door-stop! Hey. what you got in that con-locker plebe year? Less weekends then plebe year! Hanging at D8cC's. Late night phone convos with Hollie. You ain't married yet? Gravity sucks. NJT A car in every port. The Inost homophobic man l've ever met, you're a sure lit in the submarine community. JAA The Man is after mel He's coming to get you too! -NCC old balls, ebay shopper, mr. lix-it. thanks for the wisdom and picture. im glad i listened to my elders. it was fun. the pranks were better....is he using my shampoo? how many cars do you own now? if u stayed away from ebay you years u took more weekends as a plebe .... there was that I semester though. either way you got what you wanted. and hollie will finally get to marry you after waiting forever. what did you break this time? thug from texas. is that a skull cap? CAT 5? thanks for the drink. not the best place to be, but we had our fun good luck with subs .... JBL might not of been unsat for four the size of the fight in the dogf, 'LMeh" TRAVIS JOSEPH MANION I ' . DoYLEsTowN, PA ,5, +,Q.1fi gSsj! if-ff. I USMC GROUND 5 I V . , " As, ' fx- A ' .. i"i Well, you finally made it the second time around. 500 doctor's appointments later and IO surgeries, it's amazing you are still alive, Team Cherry skate and scooter team, a lot of 'i', ' dam memories, sangria in four states, smelly kid at practice, trip to South Africa. Travie I xi like Frankie and the rebound. Amateur status, cause I'm the MAN-ion. Good call on I t the Golden Tee, no one likes you, you're very abusive, apathetic, sloppy, and athletic. Meeting horsemouth and giving her to Biggie. 3 Amigos will ride again! Beating Luke ei, ff for "lil' stacef' "will u sleep in the wardroom tonight," Cherry Soup. all night karaoke, if I yellow mustang in San Diego, Inaking Chief, Team Helmet. summer lax champs, ever been to Glen Canyon? Bet it all on the held, rodeo champs, A+ for effort, left alone on Pikes Peak. its cool she gives a lot of blood, llm wheel, S2 bargain, military demeanor? "It's not the size of the dog in the light that counts: it's ,JARED MICHAEL MAULDIN LAKE J Acksoisi, TX NAVY NFO Who is Mauldin? Did he go to this school? Was he even here youngster year? Some say they saw him a few times around the yard tusually in Dahlgren buying pizza five times a weekb. The only man to get away with growing a beard during Plebe Summer somehow, Jared definitely liked stuff. BOONES! Jared is living proof that you don't have to do anything ever if you were once a varsity athlete or were injured once upon a time. "You wanna turn on some Simpsons?" Mauldin's top USNA achievement: having more lamps in his room than the number of exams he studied for. Here's wishing good luck to the "Pink Flamingo" afterhours establishment. Finally, best wishes to a great friend. roommate, and the guy who won't hesitate to tell you when you're being stupid. This guy. Kermit The Frog, I Inean Jared Mauldin 18th Company 299 1 1 1 I KRISTEN MICHELE MURDOCK SAN ANTONIO, TX INTELLIGENCE Roommates forever, fun always. The Three Sisters. is Carlos really from Puerto Rico'?, the fraggle rock and muppet dance, parallel parking, the Clarks and Niki Barr, my shopping soul mate. Believe in yourself! I always will.-DMB "It's something unpredictable, but it the end it's right, I hope you had the time of your life." To my girls. DMB, AAS, AIB: thank you for having faith in me when I didn't have it myself. 525, 600 minutes, sugar plum fairies, fruit parties, mini-road trips, we're all hangin Out, roommate dinners, friends and dawsOn's, from every one of us wanting to leave, and getting this far. I love y'all, I wOuldn't be who I am if wasn't for you. My piano man: drama P drama M drama L, surfers on acid, the teachings of mr. mund, hrst lady of NMV. mem hall, segal, picture, NT tthe other kindl, simply: always. DDarbs: cuks, nemo, noted, the straight friend. domestic abuse, drop it like its hot, movie night, she has bangs, too similar tastes, hotness, I'll always be watchin out for you no matter where you are, dunzn. RB: someday. My proteges: the word is large, l00 cases, vandy, trouble, little army of kristens, thanks for keeping me sane. We've all been to hell and back, but at least it was an interesting ride. Someday I'll lind the way make it up to you. But for right now, I'll just try to pay it forward. ..kmm TRAVIS BRETT GBERMEYER CHARLOTTE, NC SURFACE WARFARE First,It has been a wonderful ride through the ups and the downs here at the academy.I could not have made it through this place without my Grandparents,my brother,my sweetheart,my Parents or my three amigos.thank you for always being my support system.Now here are some quotes from the three amigos: Teddy Bear."Grandma"TOilet bowl flush from above.Ran faster than Iamo on the PRT.Sleep deprivation-not a problem.College Football 2004 ADDICT!"Look an Oreo backwards. . ."Can you get off the phone Travis'?"My little red lobster"Lovin' those QT's.Gotta love mama's cookies. Rob's smash into the snow.Incoherent conversations in his sleep.WAKE UP STINKY! Quote from my sweetheart: There are just so many wonderful memories: tcoffee,having lunch or dinners,Movies,Christmas lights, orjust talkinglto the big thingsfthe Ring Dance,Valentine's Day Dances,Football games,Graduation,the Nutcrackenand our Anniversary dates.On this big day in your life,I want to congratulate you on your success over your four years at the Naval Academy,especially your senior year, and all of your many accomplishments. Congrats! ! !Sweetie, you made it!!!!! IAN MCCAIG RUMMEL FALMOUTH, MA NAVY PILOT First of all, Ild like to thank the Academy...but seriously, ifI was into quotes they'd be from Jimmy Buffett, Morihei Ueshiba, Indiana Jones, Valentine Michael Smith, Bob Marley, James Bond, Jack Aubrey, Dirty Harry, Bruce Lee, Marcus Garvey, Bob Dylan, Douglas Adams, Buckaroo Banzai, andthe dude from the Seven Samurai who dOesn't have a name but has all the good Japanese one-liners. IfI was into quotes. I shoulda just put my phone number here but if you want to Iind me, you already know how ttwo-way wrist televisionl. I'll get a better picture too, the guys who took it are artistically challenged. Saving all the "shout- Outs" for the delayed grad yearbook anyway, right? I'll call all of you within like a week. Maybe freshman summer was a total joke but instead of hazing myself until the guilt goes away, I'll just go hang out in Florida fora while and you know, fly stuff. Everyone should come down. it'll be a wild party with the requisite beach volleyball games and ensored - good luck and see you guys soon! 300 2004 GRAHAM CLAYTON SCARBRO ANNAPOLIS MD NAVY PILOT Graham yo tengo una novii Sc irbro The only one who ever liked Academy threw coins in Tecumseh s quiver knew 1ll the yard Uou e Cheeburger Cheeburgei l poundei before Ildlllllll junior high Annapolis so long he had to get out for 1 semester tt Coast Gund missed up to and including S billion points but not is ni my as Gr int the lowest circle of Hadesb Nly but thou didst laugh He s the one the cool pictures of us and m ide ill the T shirts we never ot He llso with enough soul to ask the question Is better to get up or et down? S' I llf ' ,. Ill mme di 51 if A ' ,C L Qs.- P . , Daw ' 322' fm? i the N tx il ind ate the He lived in tin whieh he Bry in who who drew all w is the one JAG m ide two Ts- x 'Q ,LE - . .uf I 2. kr , Q J 2 5 1 . I Z' .. . .. , -zz Wm t z 't . R 1 1' 'Q 4 7 X. 3 z 'L . . ., . --. ,.,'v" N . . I J U '. ' 2 A ' ' -. 2? .J--" 2 ' T L ' ' 2' 3 'B SY 2 Q ' J - gf ' I ' Q: g g- QTL 1' f , ' A .N . .cg .. . ZA, l -L VL. y was gone for a whole year, thus exponentially decreasing his point total to below s ' ' C 2, 'r 'fu 'xli ' 5 ' .yt z 2 a ' Q ' 'g . z .' A 1. 3 episodes about the only summer cruise he had with the U.S. Navy. Coincidence? We kept him around because he let us use his house Cwell, we kept him around until we realized we could go there without him, like the time we watched Hook in his basement. and he mowed the lawnj. Graham was also the founder of "benchism," and he was always found sitting on the bench next to Tecumseh before afternoon classes espousing the virtues of"chilling out." His second two years were spent trying to get his roommate from the first two years to live with him again. That man is the incomparable... I See Ervinb GERALD JAMES SHARP JR. ORLAND PARK, IL SURFACE WARFARE The ultimate wingman. BOOBIEDOO!! The number one Hogger of all time. The master of the "fist pump and hump." BOONES!! Pay attention Sharp! Destined to marry Suzy the Bartender. Gerry's rules for CP: eat the stuff out of McDonald's. peel out in someone's front yard, no shirts on the ride home. Gerry is also a fan of Steph and her suggestive shot glass. Here's a ball. I believe you drop-kicked it. Anywho, best of luck to Gerry "Lyle The Rock" Sharp and his son Leroy down in Texas where Lone Star beer in his cereal will keep him alive. ABIGAIL ANNE STEELE MGLINE, IL SURFACE WARFARE Steve, Abs of Steele - Home of John Deere. We got a Christmas tree! NJT Running into refrigerators. Abidoo. XO. We'll never have to worry , about you getting a D.U.I. Good luck! JAA Visits to Vinnie Mac, Donut Shack, rat lover, replacement friend Csuch a girlb, Mack trucks, Harry Potter, purse-making?!? pool sticks. sheep. sheep, and more sheep, road trip to Moline and don't forget Hagerstown! hotty youngster look out. E-bay fiend- who else orders a car from NZ? or all those license plates. did I mention sheep? one day you'll have that New Zealand farmer...or a Marine. not just friends. but more like sisters twhy else would we tight so much'7l. I love you! DMB Extremely liexible, good eating habits, and non-opinionated. The best adopted daughter anyone could ask for! BG 18th Company 301 l ROBERT PATRICK STOCHEL CROWN POINT, IN NAVY PILOT Sto-chel, Stokel, Stoshel, oh! Stochel? Barto forcing double shots on the Zlt' "Bob" "Little Bob" "Muscles" He's a Hoosier from Indiaaaaana. "That's a retiection On your character!" "When I was in Ft. Campbell... " Margaritas? Navy Golf: 6 N-stars in a row! Singing Bon Jovi in Dallas. NONA. "If LtCol was in the Navy l'd promote him tO CAPT Obvious!" No more Bacardi! MEAT! 4"' PLT. Cold shower scream at l2am. Body shots at Bradley's. . ."l was best looking in high school." E-G-OOO! Arnold and Gunny Kob impersonations. "He's a freak."AHH BIG BOGTY! NavyfND tailgater. THANX Mom, Dad, Ashleigh, Barto. Gbie , Jamo, Nani, Kiss, Bildo, BC, NAR, Zog, Mouth, Rock, Brax, BJ, Coach, CDR K, Lucas, Kristy, Lex, Kra1y,Tim. Diane, Lexie, Miles MARK ALAN TEDROW CHARLEROI, PA NAVY PILOT "Mr, Tedrow, go find Mr. Brereton and tell him 'Ping" '... Mark Tedrow didn't buy into the whole "plebe" thing very well. He spent most of his first year sleeping in the football locker room, talking on his cell phone, listening to MP3s, or yelling at his fourth roommate! twho still has his watch by the way. . .J Despite the grumblings of freshman year, Mark became an aspiring youngster who really cared about the rules . . . almost as much as he cared about women. But he was young, dumb, and full of c . . . He has since moved on to more refined things, i.e. the twins. Thank god for that snow storm in FEB '03, huh big dog? Mark always had the sweetest car . . . too bad he could never drive it on the yard. He never spares any expense when it comes to having fun tas your broke roommate can attest tot! And he never holds back when it's time to party. "Shot of Jack anyone?" Best times ever: Miami four years straight, Loyola tand the woman's lacrosse teamt, Vegas. Bahamas, UVA, Penn State, the Burgh, Cornell . . . Worst times ever: that crazy night in PHILLY! Roommates since I-Day! Friends for life. Thanks for everything, especially the constant supply of snack food. Good luck getting l4's. Pce! -PDL 8: .IPA Good times in DTA, Baltimore, the Ebb Tide, and Quiznos. The last Tomcat pilot ever. Goodluck. JAA Honorary office mate...4 life! NCC thanks for getting us kicked out ofMurphys and all the good times an laughs. JM NEIL JOSEPH TOOHEY JR. ISLIP TERRACE, NY NAVY PILOT Rin Tin Toohey. D 84 C's. The greatest sponsor in Annapolis. Shannie Banannie and the away message king. Real American Joes. "I'd give you a IO." The most feared detailer in company M. "Gimme the milk" JAA, RTT. Going out all them times for "I" beer. Who we kidding? Damm man its getting late we GOTTA RUN. get changed on the way. The dancing king. A+ on the movie collection. i'll be bugging you at P-Cola too! Lets not drink as much in API. HA. BPJ much love to momma lowly and her toilet bowl... both of whom you hugged. RB. Intervals, JUCO for life. Marino Marino fun for a boy and a girl, cheap blockbuster DVD's, Sales at Express, the mastermind behind the bar, driving me home when my car broke down, Mceebs on my 2 I st birthday "Another one turning 21", breaking your back while squatting. Fun times e in TJ. "I never win anything" belore you win the 250 dollar prize at the ball. Just Ball, NEA, CJ The KID, "are these white spots ok?" sorry about burning you lip. Fun times, more movies than paramount. We have cleaned! Great Friend. Momma Dukes' cookie, coffee by the case. Sleeps more than a bear, Probably cause he is so young but looks as old as me. To the youngest from the oldest. JM 302 2004 F28 :M . -'flfw 1' SN gx , Ax !Q"A, 7 CA , I . X, , if 3, - f f zJ' 1? EFF? ,F ,. ,, ,F 'J' ' LW .1 - . Lf f 'X x ,D E' ,.,' :M ,f 1 '474' J , H211-f g,.,-4 f L . r f' 34.- ' U Y s A gf 1 . 4 ,z' E ,xv -, n 18th Company 303 In E ! E I E U Qf P w N' U M 1 v 1 r P r l '! Q :5:QI.:.-L 5 f : L UL' i i . f 'Km . Q I 5 Q C O Q Q :ply .. , . .44 ,,,, , 5, , " 1 ' 0 1' . Q iz, ' J tr i -IGM", I' 'fi . 6 O l 6 I Wi Q , 'tr If 'V ' , M-ff .,s- I,. . , ,n s 1 . . . I A . . . . s 0 O Q Q, , Q I xr! Z7"'.1" ,eff We Q f fx , Q "' f Q H4 t U I 0 e ' ' 0 D . C ' Q 9 . Q 9 l C v n 0 I l 2- . f 4 K , 'iv 1 l f'Af"i'wtf5L.f l 'f , f 1- ffl' """ " 3' - fmgw.w,. W. :5.3f.4,,f- v zwydu-, -zfzwswtffr f 3,5413 V . i U . ll! ' Y- h l 8 O . ' Q O O. 9 .1 QE? Q f, ' 4 . u . , s ' s Q 1 'N 1 , A ' A',' I tr an gt,- , - 'H' B ,525 , a A ', - M I Q l if l r f r' . 21:1 ' it fin- .. ' . .,.' '52 -f -.ffl f -,- , ,,A. . , iii,-c'F?T' . V 4? 7 '.2?li'?5f4fL, ' wif'-Y' 'I 352519 . 'lfl M fzf-' If - lzgimgj l gh' 3 X A A .-way. r' B' "' f , 'R e . , or f ' -,x await 4 let. ttf 1 ' Q I ' 'l 11 ' J v K . ffl . lm l QE: ' I 3 Q ' Q , c Q o . Q . . Q . . . s n Q l 5 g v f Q I 1 . . 4: Geoffrey Thomas Edward Hathaway Matthew Duane Iiito Delano Parker Stephen Kimberly Erin Blumenfeld Boydston Brown .lr. Burroughs Carlisle Carson l new r or - N 'J pf? 1 of X, ,p ' . Al 5 O h O 4 u Q Q Q B 4 ' 0 ' 0 it -1 306 Matthew Martin Jonathan Byrd Audrey Justine Meredith Rose Nicholas Owen Mayer Miller Peterman Peterson Ralston l l i Frank Albert .lohn Geoffrey Andrew Thomas Ramirez Reuland Rucker Garrett Brady Clifton Toshiro Christopher Mark Michael David Ggregoiy Michael Kelly Ann David Jordan Christopher Peter Santos Sato Schuster Stryer Valdez Wirfel Wrigley Yost 2 Q gi at Ml? 44 51? 'Q gg ag f gk i if Kyrie it 534, gg, -x r , V ,,to , 0 -ar ia, EE Miz at , . .. W r 2? i QA' Y 1: -lllli - mir 'Q A sihxxi, td iaisfxi iiii - .V ' 2.2 if -' X fm Ati? N " ajvl aff u ix X? he f x 3. , 2004 l I l m TZ? L "U -W 1 .p ffwr Wm V A' .sf iw? 11 ""'N wi-f 18th Company 307 l !'l26f66l 215 07796601 LT Chfigtopher Robert C. Blackwood, Company XO Milner Nathan M. Williams, Company Commander Compan-y Officer J it it p Aaron C. Johnson, ChiefRiehard A f Colbert y ' ff Company Senior J J il f Enlisted James E. Lysinger, Company XO Joseph C. Sands, Company Commander Graig Diefenderfer, First Sergeant 2004 - 7 'rg - 'fn' sl'-' J :rr U .V .A ' gf '.,' ---1 -- 1xQ1 - 'T X MATTHEW AMBERCE BABER 5 ALLENTOWN, PA vm NAVY PILOT "Over and out..f DLH "You can't push a rope! Ha ha ha! Oh my God we are dorks. eAGH "Bloodgultch"- TDS "The Oracle"-KEW "The Admiral will set sail gain.'!TDS You are an absolute Barbarian. But in a good way. l know you always wanted to be a Mansionist. We will open Conan's and it will be the biggest phenomenon since sliced bread. Ha Harr! KROM!-MGW "John Schnatterw -TDS HTUFFFVREP "Sorry Baggins"-BBL "Tomalty"-BBL Cancun burns through clothes, at least it did yours, but it didn't slow you down, cheering up the day with interesting ways to say hi, inviting all to your house to get welts from paintballs over a cold one and smoking stogies, the coolest family in every aspect, nothing is funnier than seeing you try to eat whitey with guacamole! !-TYS "Erectonomonomonius Novalavalalociousn-ENW "I love you."-TDS "Jump Slice Cowabungalv-JCS "Keith Phoenix"-JEL "Getupaaaa!"- TDS "Mumbles-best Half-life player ever!"-JKH "I went to Worlds in the stapling competition."-MJC "Thanks for the cardboard boxes in my rack."-JEL, JKH, ABK "T-Hornton+Budweiser:Smilef'-CLT "Suits and ties at Banana Joes!"-TYS "Kruttox"-ABK "The Panty Man"-JEL "Chilli Con Came"-NAL "BattyfTsh"-CRE t'Casa de Meat"-MAB, KEW, TDS, JMB "Crashin go karts in Ocean City."-MJC, AGH. MAB, JJB "U-S-M-A Gooo Black Knights Smarch!"-ABK "Piano, piano piano, Vooocaals, vocals vocals."-JAC "Put some butter on it!"-CC J ONATHAN MICHAEL BLACK PARKLAND, FL NAVY PILOT Throws bottles on the floor, serenades random women, knows every girl at the Academy, Mr. Intensity, and the President of BOB. lt has been a good . . year and l look foreword to chillin with you all through flight school. "U- S-M-A... Goooooo Black Knights... Smarch!" -MAB! Always singing everywhere he goes, screaming into goat court in the middle ofthe night. Craziness-KTM, SKH 6 X 6... the bakery is always open-K.Phoenix ROBERT CHARLES BLACKWOOD g CRYSTAL LAKE, IL Ll v A NAVY PILOT F rom the corner of your plebe room to my car parked in 9 hour, our lives changed for good. You came here to Fly navy planes, and hopefully you are leaving with a little bit more than you expected-I know I am.-LEC Manx, give me a kiss, lad. Ah, the lovefhate, brotherly feud between the highlanders and lowlanders never ceases. lfMGW Roommates for 4 years. I have no idea how we didn't kill each other. The Iron Curtain. TH PS marathons. Stop punching people to their stomachs and sleeping in showers-JL Peepers. want an apple? Hey Dengles. say itll Living with the int'l connection all the way...good luck my friend-JCS Can't tell you mow many times l died laughing at the things you did. Thanks for a hilarious 4 years...BAP BAPP!!" RERP Great taste in clothes. music, and girls...Thanks for all good times tPeepers, Ring Dance, XOI You're a great friendeNMW Look out for that...ooh, door.-CAD The most spastic person l know, always there to make the old man face, or whirlybird. An awesome friend who has done more to cheer me up than he knowseCCD WhiteMetal. They say that those who suffer together form the strongest bonds. lf that is true. then we paid our dues, our bodies may have been broken, but never our friendship-ClassyLady Why don't we run 55 and take a it2...his head is too big but so is his hea11...Flexx-SMF 19th Company 309 LAUREN ELIZABETH CAPRIO DENv1LLE, NJ SURFACE WARFARE I don't think there's a luckier girl in the world...To my boys, my big brothers.. .You've taken care of me through these four years. We've I had laughs. lots of drinks. and a great time here at USNA. Who ever thought I could have such great friends. Nate, I am responsible for you not leaving here :J and you know it. Erwin, if you ever need a ride to NYC, let me know. Jonas, ITALY need I say more? Ernie. I will visit you in Puerto Rico, you hottie. Dave. my favorite Marine land favorite teddy bearl I you are my soul and know me like none other. Tyler, picture perfect - please take me to a movie sometime. Deng, you know you want mel Clayton. you're the hot older brother all my friends want gb I love you guys.To my sister... Jessica you have been there for me for four years. Whether it's shopping or sleeping, or giving ourselves facials in ee Don's basement. I will never forget you. Spring Break..or should I say "wreck" and then Hawaii, which made up for everything. I know North Dakota missed you these past few years. but I will miss you so much more these next several.And my Robby...who ever thought this would happen'?I'?! We've denied the rumors but it's useless. You are my best friend and my boyfriend. You give me a reason to smile every day. Howie Day, Chicago, New Years, Central Park, and right here in Maryland, you've been with me four years. And tomorrow no matter where I am. or how far away I may be from you, "you've got my only heart". Youryfkzvorife Dirty Jersey Girl.Lauren MICHAEL J osEPH CARBONARCI BLAIRSTOWN, NJ USMC GROUND I Big shame in the house .... and that's how it started. . .painting the wrestling hallway as plebes .... funky facemasks in West Virginia ..... Too slow for the Rams Head bandit.. .Internet pimp... "let me see what you're working with" .... .Team Cherry .... . Cowboys in Dallas... Sangria in four states at once.. "is this a Cwod dam". . .directing traffic with Team Helmet... became a fine surgeon on the beaches of San Diego... Team Cherry Scooter Day... Did you ever till up that nitrous tank'?'?...you know the names of about 4 people in the company. Innocent 2002 mix. . ,"mike, you got next'?' '... crazy legs dancing at the wedding... passing out on a sure thing... "there is a girl on the other side of that wall"...extreme wave running... Devil Dog Road... "Hey bro, can I have your car?" ahELK country.. "We'll show you how to surf'. .. spoonin' at leatherneck, .. I'Today I'm gonna work on my pinfallsw. . .counselor at fat camp... can you handle my chomps. . .wax holsters. .. "Here's to our Enemy's Enemy, which is US!" ,i' I CHRISTIANA ROSE CRAWFORD I BLUEFIELD, WV USMC GROUND . I You are such a well-kept secret. With the trials of the past years behind you now, you have suddenly metamorphosed into the incredible person you have always had the potential I to become. Your drive is unstoppable, your determination unending, and your hght is fearsome. It has been a wonder to see your smothering spark slowly burn into the open. showing the whole world all that you have to offer. You have taught me much about A perseverance. unconditional love. and the true meaning of soul sisters. We have learned that there are no rules for the allocation of luck in this world. Just because you didn't say . it doesn't mean I didn't hear it, Smeegle, and there truly is a little bit of "customer" in all of us. If you can't lind it, just think of Captain. If you ever need me, put on your POW l bracelet, and you will know that we were supposed to be a part of each other's lives. Keep in mind that you always know the right answer, but you have to sometimes be quieter to hear it. It is a good thing Ryan shined your shoes after all. because you're a Marine now. and it will be more than you ever dreamed 310 2004 CHRISTOPHER CH-LON DENG VERO BEACH, FL SUEMARINES Captain Dengles, Cap'D, D. Money. Pimp Chink. We've had some fond memories, plebe year with Deng. Blackwood. Sands. and Laucys what a Hopefully you'll never have roommates again -,lm vi 1-I x AA f , Q1 " if .gt-::'si+iQpf M' Chilong. Deng. the 4 man of crazy combo! that'll force you to sleep with a bayonet. Always smarter than you let on. you're bound for great thingsf RCBThe Angry Yeti had too many a line moment to list here. Just make sure you check to see if someones surgery went bad before you start making fun of them next time. A true friend and relined gentleman MARNUC! ll!-ZKP"Chi-Long. the first half ofthe ASIAN-CY. Only person I know how took whiskey straight from the bottle. Awesome guy, great friend who's humbled in the heart and strong in the spirit... unless you're DENGRY. Good luck and take care." ARERP The coolest pimpchink aroundg a great roommate who never ceased to amuse me.. CDR nuggets never had a chance. You always gave me great advice on my wardrobe and dancing skills. With your nuke skills in hand and the humor we taught each other. you'll be invincible and control tire like mel-TYS Dengles. Say it Dengles..no SAY IT DENGLES NO! yeah. you know what l'm talking about...Good luck my friend. After our room plebe year. you should be ready for any submarine-ICSDengles - Never let anyone tell you computer games aren't cool Congrats, and good luck in everything life brings you. -NlVlWThe Chi is long. Focus the chi. you will be able to hear the Kilos.-IVIGW CAMERON ALEXANDER DOUGLAS ROEBUCK, SC NAVY PILOT Dave, like I always said, Ya Gots Ta Do It!! You're the 'haaaa' and I'm the 'da-da-dum-dumf Man you better calm yourtfselftlt down unless you excited to see me in person. One of few to hold down the title 'family'. Good lookin out for 4 years. well 3 Good Job XO-DRAINEY. Shoekneezy..He stings, I step..we can go all clay. whoo! Ernesto. do you think thats a little weird? Yeah. no water hose! See those deer chillin in the cut supreme. DZ, what's a cut supreme? Took 2.5 years and clutch to break up the room. Fly a heterocoptor-Good luck brother-WC. GreazefCaptain Cold. Been a hard road and we been through alot. a horn of mead-MGW. Thanks for keepin all haters in line. C U in P-cola-NIVIW. Aintadamnthangchanged. "Heyy I'm line. I can see you"...no DZ. your eyes are closed. I may end up as your RIO-ERV. "Horses, WTF would I want to ride a horse" I still wonder if you enjoy anything besides money and... Erictulet me get your ear." DZ:"Gettin somethin?" Eric:"no". DZ:"no"- EDPORTER. Assistant Squad Leader and a great friend. Giddiyap MMif:l:F:lftlt:lf:"lI-RERP One of the "trillest" folk I know. ..like a brother to me-IVIARKIZEL. SB'03-Audioslave8zBirdman. Visit Conan's for I COLLIN REEVES Fox LEMOORE, CA NAVY PILOT Foxy Lady, XOF, the woman-killer himself are just a few of his names. Collin had an interesting start. even earned our class its own '04 day. Possibly the only plebe who left his con-locker open not once, but three separate occasions just to train his upperclass on how to better vaporize a room. This not only puzzled, then l!C O'Donell, but left him speechless. His only words, "You've got to be kidding me, right? it's ajoke, right?" Well. the rest of 5l'I Company Pig-Hunters soon found out Collin never kids anyone. He patented the 'wild chimp dance' that would certainly win some contest. somewhere. Can't say we won't miss you and your colorful expressions that make absolutely no sense. but God Speed and Fly Fast...Go Jets. -RHK 19th Company 311 jeep'?". "don't cry Stephie! !". Easters-egg hunting, A's valentine, New Years Resolution-it's not working, creeping, STEPHANIE KENDRA HAYES MT. AIRY, MD SURFACE WARFARE Steph, Stephie, Sterp-Late IM talks, pass the salad. . .vegetables. we don't pay taxes? What'?, permanent member 4- 1, great girl, god bless you. -EVR. Incredible worker, great advice, digs scars, cross between Miranda and Sam. movie buff, Happy B-day to us-TY Plans for the weekend'7...oh yeah. that's right ...haha. . .never a dull moment, great friend. -JCS Middle name Kendra?-a black girl's name. You gotta represent. Whoa Chomps-Go easy on the apple.-DR Incredible friend, TJ 84 breathalyzers, summer cruise 81 dta, amazing spirit, best of luck.-LEW "I will kick your butt"-crazy tights, bus buddies and roomies, breaking into Jon's apt, da old ladies, laps in Alumni, Jon's stud track friends, "WHAT are they doing in the "I wouldn't lie to you, not at a time like this," late wardroom nights, ice cream, spring break in EL-BAMA sucks, Notre Dame road trip-"I'm so happy," "It was AXN and I liked it anyways," scream heard 'round Choptank, scary sleeper, Regan's roomie, Parrot Bayrdrunk. "Red and White," Mt. Airy-news report-everyone'S second home, End ofthe Road, uWhen are you moving in'?", BF and roommate, Another One Bites the Dust, American Idol, GEBRUGA, RM 4351. "I got food," smoothies, Foamy, "Can you hook up my computer'?", "I read that somewhere," Its better in the Hamptons, always and forever NWB+2 LUKE JASON HUSTON MENASHA, WI NAVY PILOT What can I say about Joe Bagadonuts? A lot actually... because "it's all the same hoe' '... King of the plumber's crack... "in the mouth! 'l... nice hips... nice left pec... nice knees... "CALL THE COPS!!"... Nov I7 '02 at Gecko's... That's your kid dude! USNA MED!DENT?...yup. Formation?...nope. Dril1'?...nope. PRT'?...nope. You gotta chit'?...hell yeah! Rich...YUP! Midshipman's midshipman, huh? Yup, had more stripes than the rest of us... Lead from the front! Who's CDO tonight'?..."There'S the hockey all stars! ".. . Mr. Huston, you NEED to go to lt' period to make 2-for-7 official... restriction muster goes... honestly... sir I wanna be a naval aviator Sir... UMMM...OK!... Man I make this look good... a guy who battled a mountain of adversity for 4 years, always spoke his mind, stay trued to his own beliefs regardless of the consequences, and STILL got his first choice for both service assignment and school report date... good work Luker, you made it through. And you made it through your way. -TRS. BBL. CLT, DPR JUSTIN COLE J IMENEZ TEMPE, AZ NAVY PILOT Justin- You are the most un-Hispanic person I know, but Still a true friend, however, your heritage is still shines through when you complain about the weather being anything but sunny Arizona weather. However. if you have a kitchen, Emeril and some ingredients, your talents shine to perfection! Watch out Pensacola, this guy has some class. newly corrected facial features AND lookin' for a good time! We'll be roommates through flight school. however. your challenge is NOT going to be fitting in the aircraft! N MO Justin- From all the time we spent at your sponsors to lunch after church it was a blast. Cooking, laundry, "he can't take twice as many shots as me," the Redskins, swinging. You're a great friend, may God satisfy all the desires of your heart. N CW I A "When the goodness and loving kindness of God our Savior appeared, he saved us, not because of any works of righteousness that we had done, but according to HIS mercy." TITUS 3:4-5 312 2004 - Tin' 5, I' .1 . I .r.- - - -- R . . .xi-, ...raqx L RYAN HAMILTON KING A S! PORTSMOUTH, RI ' ,,' ,I ., N. NAVY NFO A good midshipman, steadfast friend. and terrific person. As with most people, Ryan's USNA beginnings were humble. j I A O 1 ipii wf I ,,,p j I "0-l Day" and telling the Pig to keep his legs straight were the major A I ' in ii i'ii ' I highlights of Plebe Summer. The Pig seeks vengeance with every war known to man. Youngster year begins with booze and trouble. Restriction is good. huh? I crawl through the ceiling and the Volpekuehne rages. We get a wee bit O' Irish in us and have the time ofour lives invading foreign soil. Who else has seen Pikees in real life? Firsty year and we just want to leave. It's been an amazing ride and thank goodness it's over. Don't want to be too mushy but it's been an honor and a privilege to serve with you. -Petey There is truly P is no better way to bond with a person than keeping him from complete solitary confinement of restriction. I met someone who truly loved life even when it was handed to him on a rusty platter. Saluting you in May could be the most painful experience of my career because I wish I could be returning the salutes with you. No matter where we end up or when we get there. it will be just like kayaking against an Alaskan tide with a head wind. No matter how much it sucks, or how long it takes. at least we'll have plenty of time to make fun ofeach other when it's over! I love you man!-Grant ANDREW BRIAN KRUT PENSACOLA, FL I I USMC PILOT From the Halls of Montezuma to the shores of Tripoli we fight our country's battles in the air on land and sea. First to light for right and freedom and to keep our honor cleang We are proud to bear the title of -- United States Marines. Our flag's unfurled to every breeze From dawn to setting sung We have fought in every clime and place where we could take a gun. In the snow of far-off Northern lands and in sunny tropic scenesg You will find us always on the job --The United States Marines. Here's health to you and to our Corps which we are proud to serveg In many a strife we've fought for life and never lost our nerve. If the Army and the Navy ever look on I-Ieaven's scenes, they will find the streets are guarded by United States Marines. J ONAS LAUCYS LITHUANIA SURFACE WARFARE You don't have a middle name? Jonas "the Bonus" Laucys. 8 straight hours at your computer. whether it's work or play. I'm still the one taking your pizza box to the garbage. -RCB. Alkbnoihgandtoasd .... phuu. what we having for breakfast'?.. Labas... From the hrst day to the last. you're my boy...you're my boy. Good luck to you my friend, teach them some American stuff in Lithuania-ICS. Zeee Bonus. "Some clothes came off, some stayed on. and that was it." I don't know if the graduate world is ready for you. -MGW. The "Litho", European himself. Where's my CAVS ticket? Keep in touch and never forget that birds are animals too. -RERP. So far yet so close .... always motivated aren't you? Chillin', skillin', skatin' as usual. Lithuania has a navy? You stuck with me all the way...U R TOO COOL! REW:-J Great dude, except for the techno music addiction. Congrats. -NMW. The happiest guy I know. fellow non-american always smilin' and making greatffunnyfwhat the hell did he say? quotes , good luckllll- EVR. The Lithuanian Lover, Comrade. Good luck in manning the shore patrol kayak when you join the Lithuanian navy. -CCD. Riverine, Brown-water, Littoral operations you could totally start that up. Grand Old Man of The Lithuanian Marine Corps. How hot is that! ll -DSR 19th Company 313 BRANDON BOVEY LoETUs i FREDERICK MD SURFACE WARFARE Going to class today? "Nope, pulling a Huston" Cro to class all week? "Nope, pulling a Loftus" .... Funny I never saw you at Bethesda-Just run MIDS. How does this weekend list work? lt looks like spring break in this room! Dude, I think Berry has my cell phone! I ean't figure out how to get the van in drive. ..maybe you should drive. From Frederick to Ocean City. Philadelphia, Jamaica and Bourbon Street-never a dull moment, always a good time. Thanks for all your encouragement. There are a few good dudes in 19. but only three righteous bros. Sorry Baggins .... TOMALTY! Bilbo! "Good morning Vietnam!!" Miles loves those bmore women! Tailgatin is where its at .... .tall cup of water...Say man, I'm not positive. but I'm pretty sure plebes don't have liberty on Thursdays. roulette ..... montreal, club dowtown...sources .... treat yourself .... happy new year. you look beautiful .... car bomb thursday .... riding in cars with 4 girls .... freestyle battles...sorry stomach..Hi holly's mom .... wait, mom is that you?.8 parade seasons. . .no formal parade appearances J AMES EUGENE LYSINGER III BRIGHTON, IL SUBMARINES -Jack, that was right next to my face -Your turn now -Preheatin' the ovens -There's no place like the Beatzeria -She called me Abraham and Moses -Those are the ugliest feet I've ever seen JonB I KATHRYN T ERESE MASLOWSKI HOPKINS, MN SURFACE WARFARE NWB+2: how fate has brought us all together. Wfout the Venezuelan and basketball who knows where we'd be. JAPAN is NOT ready!! Shane: you make my soul smile and my heart complete, thanks for being in my life, no regrets ever 567, CBH forever. Katers. First lady. Shane Todd's OF: U got it bad, I love my bestest forever, why u haten. I-3 wardroom, can I have your green skittles? l'll be your personal heater. sports cars from now on. I'm drunk, where's my shoe? Common last name. Sherwood Forest, McGarvey's ZW, new years good and bad, eventually telling you everything, come sit here-on my lap, Kate how is your ankle. shin, collar bone, nose... bench buddies, brace face, Queen of the shore, our little cook, morning grace periods, Foamy, TV buddy, Sex and The City, late night studying: GEBRUGA, what did you do on the sink? Teddy grahams made us friends, best roommate ever, Chin's pin game. Snood, I'll have a Coke, Kate can I borrow a magazine? Surfer girl QQ heart, my if I ranking, where did you get that?-I bought it online, whatever-I do what I want, Sam's club guru. OC: Wal-Mart fun. llITl-flI.S'f going for a walk, Road trips to IKEA. always there to listen. It's better in the Hamptons, always and forever. -NWB+2 314 2 0 0 4 E I I I jg .. - b J "' ' " .4 RAMON ERWIN R. PATTUGALAN FONTANA CA USMC GROUND You came here to become a Marine. Now go and I know you're a SOCAL native. but you don't word in EVERY sentence... You did what others AIRBORNE and Mini-BUDfs screeners. Heart of your head. Envied his hot gff and his shady You were always a cool head to talk to... Rerwin best friend and roommate ever. Thanks for your get some... need to use that talked about: was the size youngster year. Rattugalan. the obnoxiously loud punk music... Erwizzle. you can't hate Italian men forever. Be careful when you throw your hat in the air Oddjob. you might hit someone... The Godfather of KH cause he could speak Filipino. Rented a mansion for ring dance and drinks tequila like water... Swim-buddy. cause you were due for a miracle. An awesome roommate. an eyen better I friend I ll see you at the other side brother... Mr. Pineapple. how many spoons do we have now'?... E. we share a unique bond: OUR DOME! Big melons look good in dress blues anyway. Good luck and may our paths cross. Mansionists Unite: RERP. MGW. EVR. JI-. NMW. TYS. CCD. ICS. RCB. LEC. RERP. CAD, DSR ZACCHARY KENNETH PETERSON GILLETTE, WY SUBMARINES Good thing your Mech E skills and humor kept us entertained in our horrible classes! Your mom sent better care packages than my entire state. The series begins with "Wyomie I-Iomie does Tokyo!" You are the most motivating mid to get screwed over so many times, you kept things light and few could appreciate your hilariousness. -TYS Zaccharius. Brooding Grub. The Nugget Commander. What a crazy 4 years we had together. You made ceiling expeditions. bad engineering humor. and "signature moves" normal parts of my everyday life. I never knew a person so genuine and sincere. . .traits this place has often overlooked. Weill play many a game of Halo on legendary before we ride off to Charleston. Onegaishimasu! - CCD Zac always went above and beyond what any normal person would consider his "Call of Duty." For instance I . . . . . 3 to better prepare for being the Co lt' LT he explored the overhead spaces and ventilation ducts in company area. i That was the closest Zac ever got to restriction. although I would hardly say he was scared straight because he subsequently went subs. The only 1 man ever to give himself an infection from drinking too much Coke. About as white as chocolate can get. he managed to find the Irishman in him 5 while rolling down the Cliffs of Moh'r. Good times, good friends. the very best of friends. God be with you. may you have fair winds and following I seas.-RHK I I l T DAVID SEARD RAINEY I LANHAM, MD .N -s4.Qf' 5tw rJ f. USMC GROUND - .'e, A - 'R X Els' I First of all. Batman wants his hairline back. The realest roommate a young dude g 1 A could have. That's HEADLY! Intimi-dave-tor. How you gonna spell Marine wfo the 3 Rainey. and an M - DOUG. Don't bring that devil box here...PREACH..."You're a 5.5 P predator"..."No I'm not"...The. the ladies. the ladies...GONE!..AIways good times...It's if , -- ' --If finally our time D. but I don't think they're ready - WC. You're the only guy in I9 whose 124755 -' Q-gl butt I couldn't kick - Willy. Apollo Rainey - Pat. "ERNESTOOOOl". Fellow wardroom T groupie. "Your always in here" - Steph. What happen to your shirt? I don't know. Dave. focus man! Oh look. there goes another red head. I rule in life. can you kick my ass. 1 Eric you are assimilating my style. now I got to go change - CGR. How do you put -I years in one space. ..You CAN'Tl To my fam and peoples. thanks for all the birthdays. the holidays. the New Years. the weekends. and 5 weeknights that make this place all the more bearable. l 19th Company 315 1 l ji GABRIEL NAINOA RAMOS MILILANI, HI NAVY NFO "The mission of the United States Naval Academy is to develop midshipmen morally. mentally and physically and to iinbue them with the highest ideals of duty. honor and loyalty in order to provide graduates who are dedicated to a career of naval service and have potential for future development in mind and character to assume the highest responsibilities of command. citizenship and government." DAVID PETER Rusrieo MIDDLETOWN, NY SURFACE WARFARE Eternal Father strong to save whose arm hath bound the restless wave who bidd'st the mighty ocean deep its own appointed limits keep oh. hear us when we cry to Thee for those in peril on the sea: O Christ! Whose voice the waters heard and hushed their raging at Thy word who walked'st on the foaming deep and calm amidst its rage didst sleep oh hear us when we cry to Thee for those in peril on the sea: Most Holy Spirit Who didst brood upon the chaos dark and rude and bid its angry tuinult cease and give for wild confusion peace oh hear us when we cry to Thee for those in peril on the sea: O Trinity of love and power our brethren shield in dangers hour from rock and tempest. tire and foe protect them wheresoe'er they go thus evermore shall rise to Thee glad hymns of praise from land and seal! JOSEPH CLAYTON SANDS FORTVILLE, IN USMC GROUND Chesty Sands. C-Money. Clay, White Chocolate A.K.A. Dub C. Clayton. from the wheat lields of Indiana. to the shores of the A Chesapeake. Would you eat the moon if it were made of ribs? lt's a simple question. don't jerk me around...Your man sized chest is only eclipsed by the newly exposed and clean shaven DOME...did somebody say something about a virus? Is there a cure for it? Nope... where are you guys going...Shawn Donlons'?'?... Plebe year was a challenge for both of usg listening to ,lonas talk and avoiding Rob's daily exposures...Larry Bird strikes again. I swear. he's been shooting all night. YO Clay. the club owner called...l knight you as an honorary Southern Negro and bestow all benelits that accompany this honor. The Marine Corps just got a hell ofa dude teven if they do have to buy bigger hats for youl HA HARRY!- CamDZ.D.lVlGW.NlVlW.EVR.RERP.JL.CCD.SKH 316 2 0 0 4 i 1 i 1 TIMOTHY RICHARD SCHEIDLER MUNCIE, IN NAVY PILOT He's totally dizzy. and let us tell you why... because of adventures with College Reserves... the TOP... El Rojon... Montreballing... 49 West... Club 2332... enforcing the ROE... "My name is LUCAS" Nice shirt... Ave... Nice pants... everywhere else... That 70's Mid... Smooth -- and the Carnegie Club... Who else wears a full uniform to bed? Don Norm! If you were starving..." 2 ft... Can I borrow a safety pin? I cowbell... Pizza outside of the Hockey Room... Are you kidding me'?! sorry. I fell asleep." "Dude. l gotta study... Ok. lct's go." Battery- messages... Redheads... Especially my girl Emy... Battlefield promotion conduct... still an MIR at heart though... 930 Club... PROTOCOL... "the Pentav ".. . Key West... the College underage -- at Johnson... "Hey need more "Dude. l'm draining phone for meritorious Connecting the Goodwill suit... Bob'n'Sally... MA... ME... Yes. his head was always in the clouds. but we've found things make more sense up there in the clouds. afterall. Quick to make us laugh. and even quicker to make us go out for a drink. with Dizzy by our side. spirits soared. women swooned. and gods were created. -LJH. ASM. ABJ. NEH. RHF. MPB. AEP ANNE RYAN SCOTT NASHVILLE. TN NAVY NFO HAHAHAHAHA!!!tin a high pitched squeall How bout those bets Anne? Iheard you can leg press like 500. no 600. wait it was l000lbs . right? Or maybe you should just propose to that really hot LT. Oh wait. you never carried through with that one. How bout the credit card game? NAPS was full of those stupid bets and Boston trips and best of all. sharing rooms with Jason. 2-Z! Y! Don't make the other pilots feel bad every time you walk by the dessert isle. A future warning for anyone who comes in contact with her, sleep lightly. You Inight get honey dumped on you in the middle of the night. If only you could have service selected prank warfare. And quite a wrestler she is too. she's feisty. In all seriousness. you were always a smiling face. and your prayer life was an encouragement. Good luck Goose. CGH. JEB. JCL TYLER YOUNG SMITH I LACEY, WA SPECIAL OPERATIONS There is nothing Wrong with up holding the standards. even if it means survivor naval academy. Maybe some day you will see the light and do some east coast skiing.-JNM We definitely made our mark in Panama City. Key West. Little Creek remember your 2 l I'-JL "The other half of the ASIAN-CY! Good old TWINKIE. the Ladies Man! Academic nerd. No. 4 Mini-BUD!s candidate. all around PT Stud. -RERP The guy with the connections in DC and always finding a place to go. even if it includes I8 year old clubs- EVR You fundamentally destroy any and all dieting theories that say that homo sapiens cannot consume about 10.000 calories a day and maintain bodyfat percentage of less than SW - because this is what you do -.IL From a shaven head in hrst squad...to a shaven head and eyebrows after service selection. I've seen it all. I will never forget the Point. Cow Club. Benny Haven's and the stories about me you will tell NOBODY about ...you've been the big brother I've never had but always wanted. Love you - LEC "The best thing about tonight was that it was free. kinda like K-Mart-MW The man of circular reasoning: one day your gonna write that book! JEB Pupo. Twinkie. Agent Smith. The steadfast roommate who wishes he could be IOOCZQ Asian. The inventor of the pissed gorilla. angry bulldog. wet honeybee. and God powers. Without you I probably would have more brain cells. but I say it's been a good trade off. Too bad you didn't go nuke and preserve the holy trinity. I WIN! - CCD 19th Company 317 THOMAS DOAK STRAUSBAUGH COLUMBUS, OH SUBMARINES From the Halls of Montezuma to the shores of Tripoli we tight our country's battles in the air on land and sea. First to light for right and freedom and to keep our honor clean: We are proud to bear the title of United States Marines. Our lIag's unfurled to every breeze From dawn to setting sun1 We have fought in every clime and place where we could take a gun. In the snow of far-off Northern lands and in sunny tropic scenesg You will Iind us always on the job --The United States Marines. Here's health to you and to our Corps which we are proud to serve, In many a strife we've fought for life and never lost our nerve. If the Army and the Navy ever look on Heavens scenes. they will find the streets are guarded By United States Marines. COLIN LEE THORNTON WALKER, LA NAVY NFO Torton..Redneek..Walker. LA'?..It was always a pleasure to see you, your Bud. and your smiling red face enjoying the night at any club, frat, or house party BOB attended. First you build the foundation, then you build the house..C1o hard or go home..Get up that ropeI..Red Dragon..your car sucks! Will you still make my rack? Ben and ,Ierry's..trips to Steerage..I still wish you would have gotten out of your raekl... 'lThornton. how come you look sGD8Lt hot and your roommate looks like a piece of sQ28Ltl" .Ring Dance..high and stupid..I'm glad to see you going NFO because they need some good men like you..but I don't think you'II need your shirt-stays in Pensaeolanno shoes, no shirt, no problems. The only guy I have ever met that would truly give me his left nut...this Bud's for you. NLJH, MAB ,N . f 4211+ ' 1 ,' ., Q Q ' I I, X , E 1 on . , " N 'N I" .. - . -. El ' a3Q3:5A.t7" ' -A 1 -53-ef f A- . ' gust ,qw ,qi lgtgsii., . i'5i'7"' LQAEFV 51 EK ,, . 41, if-I A i 1' was A '- .tf.,.fawt'- wiv J 5 524.45 it og, o,.'.i',:. W, 4, . ja., 5, A V it A . Fa., .Vg .,. I . '?'1Wvv?eq s e ...tx H . , . . I we I ERNESTO RAFAEL VILLALBA J R. PONCE, PUERTO RICO NAVY NFO Remember, the cheaper the vodka, the worse it is, i.e. Wolfschmidt t German for 'of the devilli You've been a great amigo: take it easy on the ladies! HMCIW. Much more than a roomate and a friend... a brother. Thanks for everything...-RERP Dude..You will be rich when you invent civilian Ilick. And if you thought I was joking when I said I was coming to visit Ponce -just wait and see. -JL Kept us together in philly while Jack. Jose. and Jim kicked the crap out of the rest of us.-TYS Nesti-AIR DEFENSE has owned every intramural team we've been on, runnin the courts.Good luck brother. JCS Ernesto - Together since it all started...best roommate and friend I could ask for...Congrats, we made it. -NMW By the way, you never beat me in wrestling--no matter what you say. -DZ ERNESTOOOOIII Que Pasa Man? What happened to all that cake?-DR My little Ernestito, R. Kelly-Ignition "I hate that song!". you are the best-Good Luck-SKH 318 2004 ERIK NIELSON WALKER MACON, GA USMC GROUND Eternal Father strong to save whose arm hath bound the restless wave mighty ocean deep its own appointed limits keep oh. hear us when for those in peril on the sea: O Christ! Whose voice the waters heard their raging at Thy word who walked'st on the foaming deep and calm didst sleep oh hear us when we cry to Thee for those in peril on the Spirit Who didst brood upon the chaos dark and rude and bid its angry give for wild confusion peace oh hear us when we cry to Thee for those sea: O Trinity of love and power our brethren shield in danger's hour fg -v7i UIJHF Q R 7.x . Q5 H g ---f, Kan g : F-iii: E 'f MEET' 14"'7l "' who biddist the we cry to Thee and hushed amidst its rage sea: Most Holy tumult cease and in peril on the from rock and shall rise to Thee A tempest. lire and foe protect them wheresoe'er they go thus evermore glad hymns of praise from land and sea!! MILES GARRET WARREN RosWELL, NM USMC GROUND Fun times at boat school and even more laughs to be had at TBS. See you GREEN SIDE bro." -EP Milos. Where is your CHERRY turnover?'?7 l5 dollar hockey tickets. good times, great friend. nothing did ever dominate you...except maybe slippery ICE.-EV Milos The Dominator. You are the definition of a male. Hard-and-classic-rock-only-listening.cigar-smoking.and drinking-everyone-else-under-the-table stud. Despite your hatred of techno. it's good to know you. Keep trucking. -JL Haharrr!Do pirates carry Mameluke swords??Must have back.Good luck brother. may our careers cross paths down the road. I would serve with you any day-CS "Hey i'm going to Conan's later, you want to come? KROMl "Officers draw...Swords tArrri'r!l Officers CarI'y...Swords tHa harr!J" - MB Milos - Flannel shirts will never go out of style. you should get one.-NMW You were the most dominating person ever born 2X7 Black. Let's go to another hockey game but next time you wear the mask. 4-1 HYEAAAAH. Yarrrrrr! l l l I -CamDZ Miles the Destroyer. Great sponsor of Clint. inead. classic rock and other things manly -CD Next time don't park the Lexus in the driveway. It gives people in the neighborhood a false impression of us. -DSR Is it legal for a Scottish man to assume the status of the Greek god of Domination? How many hours of Led Zeppelin music do you own? The Marines now have one heck of a guy to their name. -RB KEVIN EUGENE WHITE J R. PACE, FL SUBMARINES "The mission of the United States Naval Academy is to develop midshipmen morally. mentally and physically and to imbue them with the highest ideals of duty. honor and loyalty in order to provide graduates who are dedicated to a career of naval service and have potential for future development in mind and character to assume the highest responsibilities of command. citizenship and government." 19th Company 319 NATHAN MICHAEL WILLIAMS CROSSVILLE, TN NAVY PILOT "Well, Annapolis has hnally gotten used to the 'Ilop...now on to Georgetown and more...Good times always...the smart kid ofthe group. good luck to you Iny triendf' - JCS. "REALLY smart. Watch out tor the 'Litho' drinks e sorry l kicked you, it was too funny. You went through this place hardly even noticing it. Goodjobf' -JL. S'Willy, the only person l know with the guts to study at a bar. Gverachiever extraordinaire...Do they have a grad school course on women? Happiness is what you Inake oflife. . .Good luck and god speed." ee RERP. "Man, roommates and friends since day one. can you believe it's oveI"?'?'?...crazy days during plebe summer all the way until graduation. . .Take it easy and l'll see you in P-cola. . .best of luck always." eEVR. "Dude.just go with her to ring dance. she's HOT! 'Listen to me. Shut up.' Hope the aviators like wearing turtle necks."- MGW. "Willy. being from Tennessee sounds so great when you say it. . .Good luck on gaining weight. eat more--Keep working hard."-CamDZ. "Willy, . .never met someone so ainusingly arrogant and ridiculously smart... good times laughing at inferior beings in weapons. l'm sure you'll be ill in Hight school just like Damon. Good luck." ee CCD. "You are a nerdy butthole with an attitude problem...Loved working with you. friend...don't worry about doing the "uncool" thing. . .cherish the Ineinories and look forward to more." -RCB f .45 1. 5 - L I -Ta 320 2004 rf... -,-:-V-f----Y' - - -ev H-1 l ,Xntliony .luliano Dex iiono ...,..,.,..--.,..,,- .. A, . , , 5,5 N' Lex i .loseph Laroehe Christopher A. Noa l Andrew Robinson Wing l l i l i i i Matthcxx Charles .lohn Karl Du yer liriclxson Iv gif' ict f l l T i Dax id Ryan ,luan Andres Lawrence l-lado l ,il i Luke Anthony Travis Lorne Parchment Fgvgs-'vw ' ' ' """f"' il Rainey is, 4 1 ir. 5 -1 asa- ,Sty tilt, lf w.. , .sig A--Af"ff qw, . f-,gi Ni'-fre. .f - M' , aj A- -, . , 3 . or f 'fi'Lt'g- ffl 1' 4 . . .R y X' 3.1 1 1 ,f f 3 7211 QS. " Gigi? ,.. V ":, 4 'Q-,-.T 1 ,, , fi' i 9 4 l l lit'Tl'L ,fmlpg i I 1' Thomas .loseph Yonnghans "" ""' '5" T A 3: -af - ' 1 l l l tl Ty-f-'W -vffffff f - T an i , Matthew .loseph Chelsea Rae .lordan Taylor Frederick Ciaughan Gentry Adrienne Arline Kendra Leigh Daniel William Maeser McClellan Mellvaine .loseph George Thomas Bums Daniel G. Rietl Sauer Summers Kathleen Rae Matthew Henry Blaze Antony Ball Bates Belobrajdie ,.v Neal Thomas Margaret Elizabeth Herman Holt Stephen N. Melissa Ann Moga Myers David l. Nicholas Abel Tang Tawil .lohn Joseph Guy Keoni i Blomeke .lr. Carlsward Ciraig Thomas Walter Charles Daniel .lames Ryan Charles Aaron Christopher William Reed Anthony Douglas Adrian Vladymir inieiciitiei-in Drix er lll Ciackowslci Higgins .lohnson Kelly Maealuso Martin ,L .iff """" ' "'- - f ' - 'f-- f ' ' fvw- . r r-rr--. .-.f3v?' , l Robert Paul Ciavin Reid Curtis llideo Matthew .lames Panagiotis Antonio .lohn Lynwood Christopher .lohn Michael Lavem S Mclfall Morrison Nickel Ostrye Papadopoulos Phelan Prescott Roach 322 2004 in X Aron Michael Bryan Joseph James Hugh Robert Mark Addison Tobias Kyle Aaron Ryan .ludc Shaunnah Leigh Rotklein Sarg Shaw Syre Tafel Turner Tuttle Wark Matthew David Matthew David Wickersham Wilckens 4Q112hfk'QgQ,,g 1 Jfgfii-.?ig,,.q , "gv:1'f':? ,,51ggiWfQ,'if,ft-gj,Y 19th Company 323 fzfefzffkfl 011296175 if LT Mark Debuge Benjamin S. Aaron, Company X0 Jonathan Childress, Company Commander Thomas J. Young, F irst. Sergeant Company Officer 3130 -Qs 132. 1732 Chief KL. Robinson Company Senior Enlisted Carly Promersberger, First Sergeant 1 1 Q 324 2004 l l l l Jessica N. MCClay, Company XO Russel W. Jones, Company Commander - 1-1 :T "T T .....-,.....' -A Pisa - --ii P BENJAMIN SAMUEL AARON FQ? 'g Q TUCsON, AZ my SUBMARINES All night TH at the Borgata, juiced for l2 hours, falling asleep on the road after 5 minutes. Throwing the ball up Over your shoulder. 6 in a row from the circle, countless games L of2l ...Stan- Zona...the fridge. Tuesday night booty calls, rushing back for TAPS...Sl0,000 club...lOO0AI waming level. Mazel mazel good times. N Mike. Me, you, debs hangin out talking about... what was it? Chiefwaitin for the chaplain. Valiantly leading 20 with valor. doing your duty dutifully. Sword manual hijinx. Vodka redbulls. Submarine bonus supplying drinks for your aviator friends. Hangin at the sponsors grillin' steaks and watching Clint. The best man for the job on 12 June. N Jon. lt took me tour years, but l finally found a weakness: Texas Hold'em! FOod's overrated. Psycho crunches "l can do a thousand ofthemf' Rocker's a punk! "Dir yes Dir!" N Sean. Sotie, l love youjust l kiss. We've always lived in crappy rOoms...nO this one is a good E one...dude but it dOesn't have any heat. "Ben quit humping the doorframef' She's preganant! l-95, 2 feet ofsnow, a Honda civic. and an imminent l l l l honor board N Geoff. Hang'in in the breeze... Astro what'?...two's full over eight'sA?l..Dallas. . .you think what'?!...haha. . .20 in a 50. . .All night AC... pull over!!!..thumbs up...busted fridges. . .plebe summer...what's in your ClOSCfi?NCl11g l HANNA LEA LUSUEGRO ALERTA THE PHILIPPINES PHILIPPINE FLEET - SURFACE WARPARE I Hanna Lea Lusue fro Alerta' one word to describe her maganda l I E . . . . L V . i We've been through hell in 3052 to heaven in 4428. Adventures with i Absolut in the back OfKathy's car, the 2151 birthday you and l will l NEVER forget, the hottie wall of fame. late night bed time talks, taking Sarah shopping, almost getting you stuck in Mexico, making tamales, seeing snow for the first time. rhyming I Sean Bean, Turkey day at Tita's, DTA and the O'Brien's nights, and finally admitting you and CaluagMudslide are more than friends! Girl, you have been my rock through this rollercoaster. Besides repeating "serenity NOW" you have kept me sane here and I will never forget your laugh and your smile. l have not only made a friend. but l have gained a sister. All these years I have learned one thing to say that you would only understand and that I wish l could say I more often to you. . .MAHAL KITA!NM EA Alby, hind kita makakalimutan. Maraming salamat sa pagmamahal. atensyon, at alaga. Kaibigan magpakailaninan. Rea, kita tayo ulit, pakabait ka. MICHELLE ELIZABETH AUGUSTINE . VISTA, CA I USMC GROUND MEESH N best roommate, four years of late night heart-to-heart talks. secrets and gossips. 'Sunny' San Diego, crossing TJ border, bus to NY, fun in NY, girls' night out in Philly. Wet DC. everywhere with you was a blast. We've endured pain. won challenges, and laughed at our mistakes. You're my defender against inonkey-hating-people, my source of laughter and amusement. my . teacher on American culture. . .the good part of it. You're 'cheerful' and 'girly', the dancing goddess ofall dances. ' In DTA you show your grace and style, an amazing and intense leader On the vball court, in the hall. you're our I youngster's favorite. From hearts on your i's to three stripes On your shoulder. nothing's changed. you remained the Mexican girl everybody admires. .... 03's in particular. l'll come back for your wedding in Mexico. Serenity l1OW...Nl'l LLA..but don't leave out g-string divas, sex in the city, trying to take a picture of me peeing on monkey , girl, sambada new year, stolen shoes, so hot in hur, does this make me look like a jota'? Oh and PBR!NAFG l I l 20th Company 325 F Pl ALLISON MAY BERG COHASSET, MA SURFACE WARFARE lf- Having a car has mad character and that's good to learn to drive stick in. The bug hardly compares to that stupid I5 passenger. It's all worth it for skiing leverywherel. So it all started with Selmo. Navy swimming wasn't enough but skiing! mt. biking! rock climbing! camping! hiking seems to do thejob. Did your hot enlisted Marine friends really break down? What? Formation? The rack. again? Ab sculpting today! How many times did we see OAR? Toothpick rocks. Hunter trip from hell, stuck in Jersey. Spring breaks under S500 are great, but the true cost: those damn ims. Two years of complimenting profiles. "Take only pictures. leave only footprints" Crazy times at the Carr's. Great tailgates: smoking cigars! cloves tthat's itl. Protecting others from hurting themselves. then, crazy risk for a broken arm and pins that had to be cleaned by a toothbrush!! Also. risk taking doesn't apply to driving. lts about the left hand turn signal and right hand pass tDon't be that guyl. l will try anything once. or twice, or until it kills me. See you in Vermont some day. TREvoR AMMON BINGHAM GEoRoETowN, TX NAVY NFO TB, the Fat Hog, disruptin the peace with his bull dog snore. Rappin out to his fav eminem from the Conk. Workin hard, or hardly workin, he's a sys maj. duh. Ralphin in the sink on the first PRT back from mission vacation. Pukin in my plane. Let er rip NFO, but bring a bag this time. Gettin extra libo and weekends. hey back in 02 that's how we did it. Buy a truck, no money for gas, renegotiate. Mindless minesweeper wiz, the freecell king, cheap game fix for TB. Buy a set of knives with your loan. get a free vacation and 60lbs of steak online. Got the rock for Tiff, good move, you need someone to keep your side ofthe room clean. Friends always! RPF Back from a two-year mission and we quickly became good friends. Like l've said before,just seeing your face in a crowd Iightens the mood and makes me smile. Best of luck to you and Tiffany. You guys will have a great life together there and en el mas allay. And remember: crew practice:good, libeityzbad. l look forward to hearing from you in the future Un abrazo fueite A BM W. DAVID RONALD BUTEAU III SHREVEPORT, LA SUBMARINES The ffl Stunna! Wassup, playa! How bout dem Tigers! Don t forget to water that WWII German Panzer tank. 60 days later... Touch the ied torpedo. or l'll hit you! Remember that time you got a bucket?? LSU sucks on the backside. Sir. do you have my laundry. . I? 2002 was here... so gullible. You've got I0 seconds to change these batteries. or you lose everything... For God's sake: get offthe phone and shut the window! Saline solution... better keep your promise on that. "Man, l'm sweatin' this Capstone!" e 4fC Buteau. Norma... 'nuffsaid. Hey, how's that No. bedroom apartment doing? Sweet DVD contributions... NO! Seriously, you're the first real friend we had at this placeg our room helped keep us sane. Always be family, bro. 326 2004 l 1 l V g . V A 'A-I 1 ,L 4 -Y lf, ORANGE CITY, FL Gm, NAVY PILOT I CRAIG Louis CANDETO s Golden Boy... "Can't hear ya."...FOLLOW ME!.. 'Give me my chicken sandwich". .. "No, seriously, l AM Craig Candeto. .. Brownie, tell them who I am"...Count 'em, l...2... 3...4...5...6? Army's worst nemesis. . .oh, he plays baseball too? He had one good game and thinks he owns the place... "and if they got a problem with it, tell them to come talk to me". .. "l OWN YOU". .. "l liked the Buccaneers last season, this year l'm a Patriot's fan, and after next year's Super Bowl, l'll tell you who l like"... "uh, can you 'explain' this homework to me" ...Mr. Everything, CCs dominated everything. . .except us! From 6 Touchdowns in the Army-Navy game to the baseball field with homeruns and sick catches. . .CCs balled out all the time. Our best friend and the one who kept us on track. . .mentally, physically, and most importantly, spiritually. You're one of. if not the best athlete to ever walk the halls ofBanerott. and one of the best all-around guys to be privileged to meet and be friends with. Every day was something different and every one brought on new stories and experiences. It's been a great time with you buddy. . .lots of good one's to come too. Keep running the race. . . 'cause you ain't done yet. Philippians 4:l3...Always. Ride Together, Die Together...Ash and Dean JONATHAN AARON CHILDRESS FARIVILAND, IN NAVY PILOT If you were a hotdog and starving to death, would you eat yourself? We are rallying a great host of stout men to a king hall feast. While the 2!C poured buckets on your two roommates in the middle ofthe night, you kept on sleeping, perfectly dry and perfectly content .... Jon, RED RUM. . .Champion ofthe Halsey l.5...Fearless Ping Pong warrior. . .RED RUM...Oood time 2 Beer + Roman candles + Dodge Neon'?...The Commandant ofthe Marine Corps?!...you are gunna run a what'?!...Where in Indiana? The woolly monster. . .extra liberty and vodka makes for roommate fun time!..RED RUM. ..Request permission to come aboard Commodore. . .Thanks for everything. cmg. .. First semester Ineetings with Debie, all the time, of course about nothing... Famous Dave's. Red Hot and Blue... good quality cheap beer...ping pong... cheap sodas purely for the caffeine... Led Z, Elvis... the top gun high-low five... honored to be by your side for the big day, June 12. DANIEL CHRISTOPHER CUELLAR GLENDALE, AZ NAVY PILOT Face down in an alley in negril. UUUUUAAAAA. I will find youll!! Meeting a mega serious girlfriend at a foam party on spring break. JEEEEEP! Hey Dan...you have to call him three times, oh ok Dan Dan DAN!!! Mini-BUDXS and Senior Chief Hoffman-CE lfyou wait till the last minute it only takes a minute-GN AirForce brat, aviator select. gentleman, quiet, strong and deadly, what? .... you have a girlfriend? .... we're happy for both of you,. . .how's it goin OPS,..pretty sure its 50 west, no 50 east .... a surfer and a rocker, he rocked our worlds A HA,MA,SL 20th Company 327 u ERIC CHARLES ECKSTRAND WILMINGTON, DE SUBMARINES An avid pursuant of knowledge, he strives for knowledge and coupled with experience, ultimately wisdom. Master of Comp Sci, Genuine to the Tee. Hardworking and honest, will give you the brutal truth time and time again, a reliable and dependable fellow whose there when you need him. For 3 years he brought humor, candor, and mirth everywhere he went especially with the Doc-warmabees. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa .... ., possessing Globalic knowledge of Putting Sheets Up hels still got smaller lungs than Butter. The best runner in Delaware will blind you with his speed and his even more remarkable skin. His logical and systematic approach to life and emotions makes for a model of professionalism and stoicism. I swear baby, it's not mine. Sorry about your truck. 1 track mind: you need help. Your Friend. COLE RYAN EVANS COPLAY, PA SURFACE WARFARE 33-0 beer pong champion. dr. jeykel mr. hyde. Time u carried me back to the car at umd on like a 2 click humpfFEj. Loves makin out with chinese girls on the beachfDizzleJ. IM game master, gettin outiiexed in the mirror everyday - gotta work on that 6 packfDanl. 2-7, Big Cole, wrkout prtner, jello legs, TX04, SB04, MonoCole, Iceman, Sinatra, swim instructor, Mzo wants us. CMeatJ now cole... you have a weak armCBrowniej duty van driving pimp in sd. what is that on your back, a lizard skeleton? one wild night in lajolla - jealous as hell. CNYJ The SEALS and EOD communities are missing out on a solid all-around guy who anyone loves to claim as their friend.CRingoJ Great '02 X-mass with Lambert, Livermore, Rotklein, Garvey and Haack.fAronJ A typical Soc, good looks, great eyes. Cole, 2-7 again. Ohio U when u got surounded by the wolves, Cook's champagne and ofcourse Mardi Gras. EOD-whatever, you know who you are. Not another major.CMMaclstrj Lookout for the grafiiti massacre at the 'Eagles' bar in PB. Hotel Del and a case of car bombs, un-used suits for Vegas.. A PT stud and great baseball player you are.lMalnyJ Top down in the Mustang in CA, IM game master, gettin outliexed in the mirror everyday - gotta work on that 6 pack, workin' out to Timberlake won't help, jumpin in the Severn ice...what were you thinking?, Studyin' hard and doin homework on the lst day of school, whatis worse than a computer nerd...a wannabe computer nerd Gust admit to itj-DC JASON BERNARD FERNANDEZ BATON ROUGE, LA SUPPLY CORPS Etemal Father strong to save whose arm hath bound the restless wave who bidd'st the mighty ocean deep its own appointed limits keep oh, hear us when we cry to Thee for those in peril on the sea: O Christ! Whose voice the waters heard and hushed their raging at Thy word who walked'st on the foaming deep and calm amidst its rage didst sleep oh hear us when we cry to Thee for those in peril on the seag Most Holy Spirit Who didst brood upon the chaos dark and rude and bid its angry tumult cease and give for wild confusion peace oh hear us when we cry to Thee for those in peril on the sea: O Trinity of love and power our brethren shield in danger'S hour from rock and tempest, fire and foe protect them wheresoe'er they go thus evermore shall rise to Thee glad hymns of praise from land and sea!! 328 2004 I ' '-"""""""'-" ' , , 'M ' '41-'Eff 39911 DAVID TODD FLEISCHMANN ,may TEMPE, AZ . 5 MEDICAL CORPS Wooof! !! I'm a dog. You see that powerbar on your desk? Now you don't. Its in my stomach. Most of the time you can find him running on the treadmill, swimming laps in the pool, riding stationary bikes, doing push-ups, or jumping rope. Somehow he manages to coordinate this physical medley with academic exploration and mastery. Despite his obsessive approach to fitness, the skills ofa true ATHLETE elude him. Never to reach the physical heights of his fair skinned antagonist. Uncultured heathen, barbarous mama's boy, a non-listener who denies his he harem, Bull SIfif!+ you get six sheets up in a day! You managed to help and teach countless with patience and empathy. You gave me confidence, kindness, and true friendship. You'll always be a good person who cares so much for the world and will do great deeds to benefit humanity. Gattaca, The Power of One, I'm so glad I was blessed to know you. "May God be with you through Harm, and all the empty places where you must walkf, REED PETTIT FOSTER STAUNTON, VA NAVY PILOT Lost in one of the many battlefields ofCounterst1ike, Reed soon found his grades plummeting along with knowledge of Computer Programming. Deciding to invest his 2nd class loan in a plane, then another, then more hunting equipment, Reed is not known for being a thrifty spender. But at least he has a place to park his plane, now he needs to set his sight on finding legal parking for his car. Those tickets are just a friendly reminder, the DOD police don't really mind if you park in faculty parking. Hey, if two people agree on it, then it cant be wrong. How many girlfriends did you have, or wait. . . how many times did you have the same girlfriend? Please keep us informed. What happened to playing guitar, we cant keep track of yoni hobbies, a new one every month. First you were a pipe smoking lunatic, then a whino, then a habitual coffee drinker and now you cant make up your mind on a simple mixed drink. Stick to the Beam and Ale. To the hunts that were not successful and to those that were, happy and safe fiights in Florida. Your best friends ever, no really, ever. RWJ-TAB COLIN MICHAEL GAINES VERO BEACH, FL NAVY PILOT Whatever dude. phf!...Come on you guys. . .You are totally going helos man - Geoff. Abercrombie red M3 from e-bay. Hey, do you hear something? Do you smell that? It's rubber, your burning your tires. . .slow down yo! Thanks for the room in Mazatlan. . .first time I've spent seven hours at the beach at one time. Thanks for taking my idea and riding the great white when I WASN"T THERE! - Sean. Colinator. Plebe year D and B master musician. Astro.. no wait Aero King. CDR's best friend. Houston Bowl craziness. Red neon. 0-60 in 3 minutes. Shootin fireworks and pushing shopping carts. The liter. E-Bay BMWS. Ahhh yeah. Smokin, you at ping pong. Wearin polo shirts at all times.. oh so professional even on A liberty. Smokin' stoagies and keeping it real. The true and original. longest tour as my roommate. - Jon. Long drive to AC, tolls, food, down... and then the drive back, MickeyD's, a little bob and weave. .. That fateful night at Griffins' when Mary started freaking out on us... the mid-sandwich... the aero varsity squad... is that a flush? Big surprise... do you listen to anything other than Metallica and Led Zeppelin? - Ben. Hey yo.. .is that Snoop Dog? River every time. . .Running the table. Roommate bonding time...bothering the English major. . .hanging out the window in the middle of winter to talk to the woman IFUJ. . .the refrigerator. "Man. . .I failed that test" : A++. . .practice PRT. . ."Swipe! Credit card" - Mike 20th Company 329 GREGORY LoUIS GARVEY DUBLIN, GH SUBMARINES I like short walks on the beach to a freshly tapped keg when I can enjoy a night full of keg stands. That pretty much sums it up. I also offer a one hour rental of the trunk in my explorer for a low cost of 60 days restriction, transportation fee not included. I feel the most important lesson I have learnt while here is that the possibilities that are out there if I only didn't have a girlfriend. That's about all I can remember, must have something to do with weekend memory lapses. Anyway, time to go lax it up. JAMIE MICHAEL GLINES I MODESTO, CA USMC PILOT "Ok, you only have I0 seconds to change the batteries? . .our roommate is like a pet dog. . .waking up to 'CYYUUUGGGHHHIT .. ride home with ED, I'll see you back at school. .. another round of hurricanesl... how 'bout a wedding cake?... I'm in Florida, but I'm swimming in a pond... attacked by the Raptor.. .again and again... Always be bitin my head... Hey, that leprechaun is talking trash. . .I think you can knock that light pole down. . .four bottles of milk, one bucket. . .C S. . .I'm not going back to the room until you choke me out 5 times. . .man, at least cover up with a blanket. . .how 'bout you unlock the door. . .there was a chair there, it looked like a perfect spot to jump.. .'fDude, that looks like suntan lotion!". .. face down on the table at Ring Dance... Sweetest hairline since Bruce Willis... can cook, clean, and lay down the law like any good mother... gains immense powers when adorned with a Viking hat and in the vicinity of a keg... loves puking momentarily "I think I got a concussion, but I didn't fall over". .. leaps off of fifty foot Jamaican cliffs or twelve foot decks at Grandma,s house with equal ease. .. washes his hair with hops when he's on TV... responsible gunz loves passing out on trolleys on the way back from Tijuana... MOY OL'SON .... throwing my knives in water and hiding my weapons. .. posting nurse Jamaica style would readily take a bullet for us and Ev Williams RUSSELL WILLIAM J ONES VALLEY SPRINGS, CA SUBMARINES A 'Not Foster', the Cali boy who came to MD to buy his guns. He,s got I the camo, got the calls, he's sittin in the woods freezing his necktie back from bootcamp. Stop scaring the bucks away. Misfire? How many beers gone in the Snow, gotta leave the frozen brews. Flingin arrows at Barryis, getting booted, pushin the dead car out of the drive, new doghouse, ah well. New trucks, new cars, sell one. Privileged IXC parkin in front of the chapel. It ain't wrong if we both agree. Russ, aka Ladies Man, buying stock in jewelry with the fresh canteelopes pickup line. How's that one go again. Is the truck bed comfortable? Lancelot getting rocked in CS. No whining when I play ya. It's not the computer that sux. Russ the Tool Man Jones. workin at Home Depot, building a house for more tools. RJ. the E-4 nuc instructor, going back as an O-I to preschool. Consolidate, sell everything, buy a bike. Leadin 20, playing his own game, good on ya. Best buds for life, serious! RPF-TAB 330 2004 KEVIN MICHAEL KAHL SYLVANIA, OH NAVY PILOT The non-stripers...must be rough being Group 3. I'm sorry, Group intemet...it's amazing what you can come by when surfing the net. addict who knows it all...Yankees Shrine? Who else? Duke games. . .. Coach now there was something a bit different. The only person his dog above everyone else. I hope Jen can come to accept that .... she what she is getting herself into. What's a bravo inspection?...l237 Lake Bancroft, then 4 hours of mopping and drying later...No put that on your jacket...CO to Admin, nice change of pace...it coldest winter in 50 years, but that doesn't mean we should expect work..."cleaning,' for the zone inspections. . .Ohio and the Hag, "Maybe 'f S J'ff":i2g O., , 1-1. S E dd if "L ," 1 ,,. .1 rn, at -ip lr Clif fx 6... Love that You are a sports "whooping" at I know who puts doesn't know becomes you can't maybe the the heater to we should iron . The heater s working again. . .never mind". .. You know the young republican has come out to play when you see the foam leak and his lips curl. Lawyer anyone? How much fun were prtls? You have been a steadfast friend. Now if you only didn't want to fly P-3s. . .on to Pensacola and the good life. MSL MBB I SARAH ALEXIS RAE LAWRENCE I HOUSTON, TX NAVY NFO Sarah Lawrence the blonde guy magnet from Houston, Texas. She hasnit always been the blonde bombshell we know of today, Remember that mullet? And what about those glasses? GONE and good riddance! Who can forget the 2 l Sl birthdayfdining out where the porcelain goddess and a mighty attractive '01 grad were the only things you were interested in? Hanna and I were so lucky to have our own computer repair guru living with us who managed to install a DVD player in her own car! Book reading turned out to be her most expensive vice after her stint with the anti-fructose dilemma. which led her to consume only the hard stuff. That didn't stop her from seeking the miraculous wonders a C hippendales show could do for a foursome of single girls in Las Vegas. By the way, D.T. wouldn't be the Mr. GQ he is today if it weren't for this girl, you are a much better plebe summer squad mate than I ever was. You're off to the aviation world and I'll be expecting air support for me and my Marines one of these days. I love you!- M.A. Please pay your wardroom dues ,... installed a computer and DVD player in her Ford Explorer, nine hard drives in her desktop, cabinets of DVDs. ultra-modem accessories, high-tech tools, state-of-the-art gadgets .... spends her weekends in Sears, Home Depot and Sam's Club. Awesome 215' b- day, DTA hookups, Ms. GetSome, This girl knows it all, does it all.. .except how to parallel park. - H.A. NOEL AUBURNDALE LEWIS . ST. ANDREW JAMAICA, W.I. FOREIGN SERVICE Get huge despite the distractions... yeah, I'Il let you talk to my sister... - Ben SteinBergAugPoo1. Bomboclot. Halo. Stealing Craig,s memory. Anybody see my shirtfshortsfany article of clothing??? Oh mon, I . borrowed dem. I saw Priscilla with a big football player. Just gimme the light... - Cole You were the only dumb black dude to sign up for swim conditioning. - Geoff. I want to but I don't, is 4426B THX certiIied?, always leavin food everywhere, shut up...say it again!, go Ohio...I mean Miami...I mean Ohio, did you ever not like a movie'?, you know you liked the silver bullet-DC Foreign nationals rule! we sleep during the day, awake til dawn, never-ending systems labs and lab reports. it's a dance off. my house is better than yours, don't forget to sign me up for your movie... NHLLA 20th Company 331 , 1 I MICHAEL ALAN LILLEBERG VICTOR, MT SUBMARINES Work...what's that? l think l'mjust going to read all day until l get tired and want to sleep for eight hours. Three weeks worth of work in a year, not bad. Yeah, that's tight...like FP. From the windows, to the walls, till the. . .shake your tail fathers - Sean and Mike Dance Party Yo! Hey. . .where did mike go? He was just here a second ago, here's his cover! eSean AC, the miserable drive. dunkin' donuts. windows down system up. . .O-Unit, 50, Em. and then the rest ofyour bad taste in music... Stanford Bball. .. games of2 l. the block. . .hold 'em at all hours, slow playing it, almost missing CDO muster...sub bonus. ..interviews gone bad. . .the only one left on the island... eBen Roommate bonding...shut up...Vodka and extra liberty. . .ll1Z1l1liS...lllTl busy...RED RUM. . .go to bed...refrigerator operations. ..l don't want plebe summer stripes!...89.Q. . .NCAA 2003...are we sitting with the Commandant ofthe Marine Corps'?...your ankle is purple dude. ..ls that your design project'?...halIa. . .Borgata marathons. . .20 degrees out, doing 60 with the windows down...wake up!...you got it'?...o.k eColin DAVID ALAN LIVERMORE WARREN, OH SUBMARINES Riordan's...anytime...just one more. then we'll leave...my koozie is always with me. . .how many times have we gone to Ring Dance'?...Booze Cruise. . .Menis Club, Walton, NY...how 'bout them Tigers'?...let's go Tribe. . .down with the Yankees. . .we'll split the tab. Only dude who stayed up later than me, and for no reason. Always knew you'd be there for me. because you rarely left your desk. WRNV president? What ajoke! Contributed to the DVD collection, and a true Ariny-week companion for pranks. ND MO, fight club, hitting lepreehaun trashcans - you saved me from the brick that night... sorry I couldnit return the favor... You choked me out 3 times - in l night! You definitely taught me humility... Poor Steve-O. .. at least he got his gold wings... co- addieted to HALO... What the hell happened to you, did you puke on yourself'?! Uhmm. . .yeah. Glad you finally passed that Nuke interview. Best ofluck to you, brother. Always be family. JMG, DRB. Dave aka. Fatty JESSICA NATA MCCLAY EDINBORO, PA SURFACE WARFARE The quote list, trucker English, Greenwich Village vs. Sports Adventure land. Selena Dion. miner's hat. cordless headphones!fKS Jess, hooking me up with O-3s7 GO NAVY SIR to 5 striper. My Ms. American Flag!- MEA New Roomie til, high strung and bi-polar! DUDE you only have 2 stripes now! Tweezer chick! CASTLES!-REW Don't be that guy! The lodge, Killington. Julio and Vertigo, Inagic bars and ditches ...ski bums. Top of Breck and 6 pins in my arIn...Well at least l didn't rip Iny A! The Carrs. . .hot tub. blender queens and empty boxes! OAR concerts, climbing wall, and hallway baseball bored firsties. Why did we wait so long to do cool things?-AMB Motivating geek like me. plebe summer was hectic and we did our best. We believe the grass is greener up north, our engineering is lacking compared to our friends on the Hudson and in Groton, sad to see my NPS roommate go!-TYS Banks ofthe Thames. USNADETNL, High Strung as the CoS, co. street hockey team. weekends spent on Mech E. A terror on the slopes! NGCS, CST "I'll try anything once, twice or until it kills me!" 332 2004 want some ice-cream. GEOFFREY MICHAEL NoRIJLING SYKESVILLE, MD NAVY PILOT I'll have a Muelheisen please...Plebe Ho! Upperclass have surrounded need immediate assistance!...Crazy Nordlin' is a pizza inhaler: oslices! 20th Company's Moral OfIicer...Drill: All Pain, No Gain...Canada: I stuff is pretty good, gimmie a sip...Jamaica: Giving the boat dude all crappy snorkeling trip. Jerk chicken, I can't see it in the dark, but it's ghetto hotel room in that frozen hell known as Hunter, NY...A short Jacksonville Naval Hospital...You're the most easy going guy l've you were a drink, you'd be Mellow Yellow...All I ever hear coming of the room is gunfire and engines...Shhh- it might be the BOOW. 4'-ES. :R+ if FAQ-' N iife 'GREY 5 . I ,A A w -'Mt f qi, , T I Q, l, Kita -'Nx , zum! 3: 1- "' L , - ,-. .g :: our room. we inin...Hail to hear this Tequila our money for a so good!...The term stay in the ever known. If from your corner Quiet down. turn off the lights, lock the door, and don't answer the phone...Yeah, is this Hooters? We j ust SEAN ERIC SHERIDAN PALMDALE, CA SURFACE WARFARE You can clean my house any day. . .Don't ever need to go to Hood again... the old man who just wants cheaper car insurance. . .Red Bull and V, finally got you out. . .The towel from Plebe year. oatmeal. . .Hanna, Michelle and Jess carrying you...Diet Soda, Pretzels, and well that's about it... N Ben. Carrs! Blender! Movies! White Russians! Blah! N Jess. The cleanest person ever. "I hate it when it rains, it makes my truck dirty." Although I spent many hours every week preparing love notes and Valentine's Day scavenger hunts for my girlfriend, somehow I still found the time to strategically place "your mom" post it notes all over my roommates stuff. I don't know much about history, but I sure do know a lot about sleeping, watching movies, and playing video games. Face Down In A Rice Patty. The only one who didn't N Mike. 50 pesos for a towel. . .San Diego. . .Buy a cell phone. go to the beach. you CAN do it!!..want some lunch'?...look at that Great White, wouldn't it be cool to...man. this is a long walk. . .another I0 huh?...Nice shoes. . .OS2, nice password. . .No, you're staying in the hotel!..Mazat where?..Plebe Summer hero. . .Ask Sheridan A Colin them-our memories and friends, your friend. DARSHAN SUBBARAO NAIDHU THOTA ST. SIIvIoNs ISLAND, GA MEDICAL CORPS Together even before we got here-GHP, first seeing you at 04 Hour of Power, surviving plebe year together, letting the wounds heal over and I become stronger than before, learning more than we ever thought about ourselves and others, hanging out in Nimitz, talking in the basement, laughing so hard you couldn't breathe. LCDR Higgins-only class together. trips to SubWay, solving girl problems, never losing the wonder. road trip Spring Break Youngster year, only person I could talk to about what's important and real, knowing what your family meant to you, for all the bad times there were a thousand good ones like Mother Theresa? How the fiitgi It should I know'?l But dude it's Your! Dog! Sharing the laughter and the tears, camp fires on the river, kickin ass in school. working hard, watching, waiting as it all pays off and dreams come true. Now you're off to MedSchool. going to be a doctor. you've healed Inany already with your unyielding will and caring heart. These are the days ofour lives. we cherish you are my truest friend. We built here what will last a lifetime, go and share it with others. Forever and always 20th Company .333 MATTHEW CLIFFORD WHITE SETAUKET, NY I SUBMARINES Looking back on the last l'our years. you don't remember Inost ofthe bad timeseand I some otlyour good times have to be told to you the next morning. Spring break. the cabin. Pirate's Cove. Naples. St Bonaventure land accidentally Orlandol. sailing detail... Chevy trucks. . .-libs. .. have all made the down times worth it. Good friends make all the dillcrcnce. They can even make you laugh about improving the Star Spangled Banner at the dining out in Iiront oti a Colonel. RUTH ENGLAND WILSON CAMBRIDGE, MD USMC GROUND The Inost positive and cheerful person I knowL at the same time- tough as a rock. Way to go. girl. You went through more sI!i8ctgT here than anyone and I can only envy your strength. Looks like we're graduating on the same day. so OOI-I-RAH!!! Keep chillin' and skillin',just stay out ot'trouble.JL The nocturnal roomie- what is up W! that stuffed dog? . The master of all sports- who else has so many Lithuanian friends? AMB The best date I I could have ever had for that dining in.CM Can I borrow your truck? He hasnlt written y in IO minutes! Hey we have to do our handshakemgive me footsteps to l'oIIoW.RYK Across the river. across the country. around the world. and back again. "I'll NEVER I be on a ship!" Guess you Iinally got that gray hull cruise in! The SWOtivated yut-yut. I Marine Corps ground tagainl finally! GoddessOIWar '03, or is it '04'? Rocketball and mushboarding. finding out we weren't as skilled as Legolas? Tour guide Barbie LOVES U-turns, I'Did you guys see that toad!" Boatsvvain's mate Pilates instructor-trainer. Crossed rities. no no it's crossed anchors in the held! Mystic piercing, Sunday shootings with the gate guard. Always call hrst in the morning! "I dOn't do scary." "We have a separate file for separated Midshipmen that have been separated!" Semper Fi Do Or Die Ooh-Rah Bring It! JMB, NMH I missed you guys. Christmas road rage and crotch sewer. Playing shipboard Barbie sure was lun. Love you Mom and Dad. To the Original Hot 6 Hawgs ot'2I1 you're in my prayers always! Sigs 84 BOatsQ Glad to be here. GET SOME! it l l I I I l H 334 2004 ' PN J' 2 1' X t, , ' '--f YT . V N .-'.' ' 'aj ! r ,-... , ,i ,- , M tl- if was J im-fri'-zf-1t"j I 1 zfzrri V- ' I' 4 ix if X t IP, I' 'I I f,' gm! p.f X I f r Tim M2 J xl ah? '1' A '- f- , nf ,, 'Q z J- . .V , 1 l ' 't , t 1 John Philip Alspach Andre Avila Alves Cory Matthew Robert George Sean Thomas Thomas Norwood Michael T, Burns Robert Ian Cameron Daniel Eldon Davi Paul Andrew John Pierce Hodapp Kennedy el S Baxter Beauchamp Blackman Brow n L. S f l Benjamin Brady Jeff Scott Dubinsky Kyle Vincent Ellis Christopher Mark Douglas Wilson Christine Renee Dewitt Engdahl Gates Harman Francine Eva Lee Tyler E. Lenn Elida Luana Antonio Bienvenido Timothy Edward Hollace Elisabeth Martinez Miranda Morgan Mullilxen .- 5 ,fl l l 1 i Alexander Jack Burgess Evans Michele Perez Christopher Aaron Timothy Ryan Keith Allen Pridgen James Richard Alexander Michael Newell Nichols Perry Phillips Rapuzfi Sandroni I 11 in i tl , 5 1 , , , -li .l it 1 i' 1: ,lx I Brendan Douglas Arlo Jeffrey John Tang Marcus Theodore James John Benjamin Anderson John Thomas Slyman Swallow Walters Wightman .-Xppelbaum Brad Matthew Jacob Harrison Serkan Calimli Thomas Bernard Colin Robert Scott T. Dearden Jay Michael Dixon Aiitliony James Berthelotte Biles Carroll Chandler Doulxas 20th Company 335 Q O ' O Q 4. Aw V E' ..- M . 5151 Q "l ' I ,, I , I , , . . . A J . 6 f ' u Q ' , ' , r C . h 0 5 Q c Q . 1 , I . 0 . I . ' 0 . . ' 9 Q n Q . g I. Q I U Hmclton lxez.n M 5 . ' J 'r 40. . ff, x Ellen Mogclx PLlIIlClx Mlchu cmr Dune Benjamin Leii T cj LII k Douglas Lucero M urti n MCC reary ., H H ,W-3 'giwii I, xvlxx A z. H uv In Ev, PA ll -A 1 " ' , N V Xl- X e .hr is 0 ff! a I Q 0 Q I . 9 E Q 8 F utherine James Williu Murphy Okeele Gkruhllk QW, 8,445 W l '.3,.w le, gl gl M M Y K V. l. V Q I 0 c ' Q ,, ,W x, , M W. of ' O o . ' 9 Q . 0 h . 9 r ' ,J s n 0 Q Q U U . 1 0 Q l iw ask ,Q 3 3 x l, W , .X , 0 l ' Q 1 ,,,.ff . ww A NN sl' 0 n Q 0 ne Nicole ' ZlI'liS . MT, ii ' ' e .1 , W., f v 'l Q un M ..,, W .v . a' lx-Q Q 1 Q l U I R ,N 9' 9 i' -1- Q l""' 'fc 0 f I . , 0 , 0 'M , - , lf' Q 9 , X 'S' f l ' A Q 8 an 463 'Di ll ll I 0 W ' W fx" Qggggwigziqzmi,-2 M I 0 ,. xkd ' W , X! , f 2 flfffldhlf fry A tfflff Left to Right: Nicholas Rueda, Physical Mission Officer, Natalie Fries, Operations: Darby Bodden,Adjutant1 Nikolas Rongers, Executive Officer: Dmitry Rukhlin, Honor Representi- tiveg Mac Steele, Battalion Commander: Patrick Morey, Admin Chiefg Simba Chigwida, Drillg Tamara Lancaster: Training Officer: Daniel Wilcox. lst LT!Admin. . 2 2 ' 4 .jg 2- 'Y aff' 14,5 -If -2 fi. W g , g , fl ' .j A X . , ' Wfll7flAf'N te ffl - Ill!!! Left to right: Monica Perez, Drill Sergeant: Michael W. Moore. Training: Robert Zaborowski, Executive Oflicerg Justin Trudell, lst LT!Admin: Melanie Cooper, Battalion Commander: Aaron Tyler, Adjutant, Barry Carmody. Sergeant Major: Hunter D. Washburn. Protocol: Re- becca Gordon, Operations: John C. Fitzpatrick, MISLO. r X -. V' CDR Glen R. Sears ll 5th Battalion Officer B A FT IT FA L T H I O N CDR Robert L. Keane Battalion Chaplain Sth Battalion 339 ' may 251, 0 4' EGYYWWI L LT William Fagan Company Ofhcer Tobin J. Walker, Company XO Ashley R. Bower, Companyiiffommander William E. Stange, Firstgsergeant Senior Chief Sean Carolan Company Senior Enlisted 340 2004 Nicholas S. Collier, Company XO Amber N. Brookhouse, Company Commander Christopher L. Glenn, First Sergeant MICHAEL TUCKER BENNETT OJAI, CA SURFACE WARFARE On a cold snowy day...that is how it began. lt was only be 6 months but 2 years was much better. Rain Parties with Pamela and the speech. Harbor whores. roof. Pony Keg Friday and the Follow up with Pony augur , N -,' -lf, ..v. Xi, ,E-II. i:"5'-'97 SQ' QGZEI : supposed to party? Recruit Crying on the Keg Destruction Night. Then there was Croquet, from the Match to the Shire gin and tonics were all we desired. Selection Night worked out great. Too many memories. too much fun. See ya budday in the Land ofthe Rising Sunllelake Mmm guysss. when we get home, act cool...she knows. That warm day when Kee-Kee blew chunks from his nose. One day l'll beat you at NCAA, or Golf. Sorry about thanksgiving, that game was personal. The smoke signals .. A were answered. in the worst way...only to see more belly another day...our film debut was the greatest...Saki. Saki. get used to that...have fun in the pacific, I'll be in lraq-- look out, its a C Double attack Kee kee better start stretching. God l hope we have a thursday practice tomorrow. Tweeter and the monkey man on the never ending road. that was the biggest bag I've ever seen. Where's the ping pong ball. Oh Bear. Buried the keg in NC. Should have never went to the beach, watching Chris was good enough. Heres to swimming with bow legged women. What a long strange trip its been.-ATM Here's to the breezes that blows through the treeses. .. GARRETTSON LoUIs BLICIHT LOMBARD, IL SURFACE WARFARE G-man slick always enjoys a fine drink, never misses the opportunity to recite an appropriate limerick there once was a clubber named blight .... and l get a new girlfriend Port Aransis, speakers, dancing! Really, Horace is cool.. he can hangz happy hourtSl partyfdinner UMD twhat are they doing on the sofa'?'?J, nuthin like a good bugger'n. tHMLl. McCaffrey and Limericksg Orlando hotelsg pictures of LTL are you engaged yet? Europe was awesome. UML Plebe life Inust have been nice in 8002 B. Listened to music to our fallen shipmatel infonned through intra-room lMs. lf you put Nintendo games on and watched movies all day wfo fear of upperclass, but kept us on "the other side" ta toast your computer, finals week tends to pass unnoticed. Did we ever return those cots? Just blame the zoomie. tMTSl. Remind me never to bring my girlfriend to Doc's house! KJLJ. Cudog-NWP, drunken bowling. driving'7. stealing peoples girlfriends, Garretson-you are the man. Have fun SWOin it. Always there for youNCrazySwede. Love it all and live it like you die tomorrow. Remember, everyone makes an impact in some way. QGJ. I ASHLEY RICHMOND BOWER PITTSBURGH, PA NAVY PILOT So. . .ASH tie. bowserl. . .another four years at the same school. . .and now we're off to at least another year of training. We must always remember to "never stop tilting around" I ...copz cam, Bahamas 84 cancun tyou were always going after the girls...never quite A to always find a "caldwells" wherever we live. Good luck not climbing to the top of "the list". . .maybe you'll hnd a way to beat me. But ifyou don't...just remember you'll always have beach pro! JPA Some ofthe greatest times in my life were here tironically enoughl and I credit this to all the great people that I was surrounded by. Tough times and bad choices always arise. but the worse they are, the better we come out. From the best squad mates in plebe summer, to the best of roommates, thanks for everything. "We succeeding. . .although we were quite impressed with the Texanl. We'll have to remember live in a world in which we need to share responsibility. lt's easy to say 'lt's not my child, not my community, not my world, not my problemf Then there are those who see the need and respond. l consider those people my heroes." "lt's not the honors and the prizes and the fancy outsides of life which ultimately nourish our souls." -"Mr," Fred Rogers 21st Company 341 AMBER NICOLE BROOKHOUSE F REMONT, MI NUCLEAR SURFACE WARFARE Sweet Pea. Meant to be a flower child.. .how did I end up here? So far since plebe year it's amazing. From the letter to yourself to I love you and all the laughs in between. "Can I have this?" Summer School X2 -both spent with you. I was brown, you were black. and yes I can accessorize with my glasses. Seriously, who drinks wine! Three years of NWC. The ergs on the end. Miami-haircuts and manicures. Did you know you have dirt on your head? Ghetto momings: a polka, some eggs, and mimosas. Finally the real me - NAPS '00. Team Ocean B4no I will not take one for the team! Be back by three. Double dates - 'Tm sorry, we don!t let girls in on the weekends." V.S. magazines and the 5250. My sister back home...with me through the best and worst of times...a sword and shiny shoes. -AB, JT, AG, JH, DJ, RB, MA, LD, KC NICHOLAS SCOTT COLLIER ANCHORAGE, AK NAVY PILOT BR: old man Collier, worst ever?, she's a goddam marIin!, ahhh, waaaiiiissstttteeeddddd, were you a plebe during Vietnam?, mewwvvviieee, liparovski, gimme my car back jerk, ahh hangover in weapons II, missing class like its our job, here's to the grand old man of the navy. ML: Get kicked out, surviving on fumars, Find-a-bed, Tiger Collier. . .only 42 years until SPGA tour, who are you?...we,re awesome, that's all you need to know, find-a-bed, make me some eggs, turkey fwildj, mike special, lame, bowl game in houston I getting after it in austin, nice fiance, my favorite positionzme drunk her paying, wasted nights dta, she was blurry'?. amazon woman, gas powered equipment .... freak!, so frank didn't get laid all break, nice car, don't worry ...we're drinking beer, tailgaters, best ever?, here's to flight school and having the best job in the world. M ROBERT DOUGLAS FANNON IV I k VALPARAISO, FL I USMC GROUND To Pogue: Congratulations! You made it. From Paris Island to Twenty-Nine Palms to NAPS to the Naval Academy. Graduation is upon us, Marine! Plebe year on 8-4 was a lot of fun .... wait. . .no it wasn,t. But we made up for that by living in Rickett's for a year... wait. . .that didn't make up for anything. You may have a spiffy new grill to go with that snappy new uniform, but youlll always be one of the CAT V guys with me tby the way, have you worked out for your mandatory I8 hours today at 95'Mi? You wontt lose weight any other wayl. So here's to you, Mr. SDB Lover! After all these years ofthe toys and the models and the insignia, you finally got your Mustang! Just be careful with her, they don't do well in the snow ttmst me on this onej. Never forget though, the biggest car on the shelf is a MOPAR! Cheers, ASJ, DJM 342 2004 J oHN CLAY FITZPATRICK MEDFORD, OR SURFACE WARFARE '6The mission of the United States Naval Academy is to develop morally, mentally and physically and to imbue them with the highest honor and loyalty in order to provide graduates who are dedicated to a service and have potential for future development in mind and character highest responsibilities of command, citizenship and government." 'ZUDM ir 'f'-T ' ' 5 4 -, l 'lin-In .,s.1tQ?fQ, , .- '11, -1' 133' mr midshipmen ideals of duty, career of naval to assume the J USTUS LEE GETTY MANCHESTER, MD NUCLEAR SURFACE WARFARE Its not Menendezl, gatorade bottles with Roach, chapel visits, 'lBeat Army Sir! l" on tape, riding the Tomahawk, plebe racquetball, The Whop I Legend, Hotel Ricketts, youngster wardroom, steinl, you look like a penguin on crack, Hare 04, Sir Pedro 04, Bman 04, plebe summer nacho tortilla chips, the Waypoints picture Care you in step'?J, Ring Dance drama, punch yourself in the throat, the mistress, "Thais a maj or for all of you.", golf course runs, Raul or Derek Jeter?, owning the elephant, jerk chicken, Subway Sundays, "dude, whols sleeping on our floor'?',, singing flamenco, la vert ferie, The Chus is Loose, borrachold and "lo siento mucho mi amigoj' Papi C hulo, RMD v. CDV and FCB v. VAL, Malaga 02, 12 hours in Heathrow, Chad the PAO, "Hey fez-hat girl," national TV at AXN 02, Jamaica 03, Salamanca 03, Roppongi night, the bodega, engagement ring shopping the heater in the breezeway for counseling, F.C. 21, broken foot and the boot, prairie fire puking, "I got my ship, skoneskliones spending time with Sarah, One Love - TJW, C SH, TEL, KCI, J RT, PML. CHRISTOPHER SCOTT HURT GLENVIEW, IL NAVY PILOT Stein! Fuengirola'd, He's the worst Jamaican translator ever L2 o'clock, surfboardsj, worst roommate ever, Club Smith, Hal Daddy's, You split your own head open and you still owe us for the medical treatment. We could always count on you for a thought form deep left field. You won me S10 one weekend without even knowing it. Eye Heart You! NA-VY AIR!! Catfisher-man. P.S. roommates, "Sir, do I have to live with Mr. Hurt?" "You have mined the sanctity ofBlue and Gold!" Hotel Ricketts, youngster wardroom, urban sprawl, Bman '04, J Money, Sir Pedro, bowling, Jamaica '03, Malaga '02, Tomahawk photography. "Switch nametags, 'cause Hurt's got heart and Hart is hurt." One Love - JLG, JRT, PML, KCI, TJW. x ' minimis and I'm going to die!", 21st Company 343 KENNETH CHAD INGLE BURLINGTON, NC SUBMARINES The gingerbread house Casanova, Club Smith, Na Na Na can't get you out of my head. Elephant. We'll always have your recovery time from ACL surgery. I Love NY. There is nothing wrong with small Jewish women. Dude, lets make some Ramen, SPLAT! I hate the world! I could have sworn that window wasn't smashed when we went into Bottoms up Pizza. Bass Fishing. Riordans Girls. Brownie thrower. Racquetball plebe year, J tMoneyJ Kalmanek, AXN b-ball trip, Hotel Ricketts, steinl, youngster wardroom, bowling. Malaga '02, Lost in Jamaica '03, Orlando '00, Welle wildman. The Whop I Legend. The apartment, FIFA. Newport. . .Chevy I truck.. .on the rocks...Matty will drive ya. Block Island 03' How do you feel? Prof Miller Cgeniusl. "Dellenbaugh, Kellogg. Carrico, Vandenburg, Haberlandlu OE. IC. One Love A PML, CSH, TJW, JLG, JRT. MIA J IN BALTIMORE, MD MEDICAL CoRPs Taco Bell the night all the Detailers went over for Korean food. USMA!! the MOST frustrating, MOST rewarding experiences. Marathons, something to prove, or maybe we just really liked to run hard.. .but we were ALWAYS ahead, racing to the iinishg being the "Navy girls." Marine Corps .... incredible, qualifying and then tailgating with the WP parent's club. Boston... AWFUL. Steamtown. . .somewhere inbetween Disney marathon. . .fumm, can you say BAD IDEA?!?!J. Your ability to get everything done, on time, no matter what the circumstances. Your absolute inability to wake up to your alarm clock. What would you do without me? TELL BLINKN! Or more like blinkblinkblinkblink... What WILL I do without you Tammy? Without all of this... "Jin and Juice," Tucker's free stylin. Martinis, table dancing. X-Mids unite! Deep cleansing breath... can't believe it's here, an end, a beginning! By your grace, Lord, through the good days and bad. Navs, my glimpse in the grind of heaven, always an encouragement. "My father says that almost the whole world is asleep. Everybody you know. Everybody you see. Everybody you talk to. He says that only a few people are awake and they live in a state of constant total amazement." Mom and Dad, it's been your ride more than it's been mine, an incredible story, the honor and joy of these years belong to you. Hansoo, truly the apple of my eye, may you never stop dreaming. Tilt your head back once in a while and laugh when it gets that good. Phil2: I4-I8 I ' ADAM STEVEN J oHNsoN T SoIvIERsET, PA NAVY PILOT Congrats, you finally made it. Profound beer thoughts, list fights on the I . lawn in SDB's fdonlt get in a trunk anymorej, rolling tires down hill, 4 years of Thanksgivings and hopefully more to come, all spent downstairs in your bar. Friends through thick and thin, and youlll always be my best man.-JEDHey Adam, want some Tequila? One step, two step, three step, four. Here's to Kodak moments in a crappy Toyota stuck on its side in a ditch in a blizzard at three in the moming playing Black Jack. Try to pay more attention to the road in the future. "So April, you break up with your boyfriend yet?" I'm still a better shot than you. A toast to high hopes, high dreams, and achieving them all in the end. It will be a pleasure flying the friendly skies with you.Well, three years ofliving with you and you still haven't gotten me to make my rack on a daily basis. . .it must be the old age getting to you. Any girl would be lucky to be with you dude, especially with that mean tat and the tender way that you apply lotion... Thanks for the love of cars that you gave me, my bank account will now always be like yours. . .emptyl Take care of your baby, maybe someday you'll retum the favor and give me a spin. . .until then, here's to all-balls camping trips, nights out in Pittsburgh, and times to come in our future. -Dave 344 2004 7- jx -' l-'A-,V ' "' " V C.: ' - ?'-',"-I, 1 ua 7 'F ,I-.. .' -Q " - g i '4 i MARTA KAREL JUNG ,..,, ji 'Y is RENO, NV Z, A NAVY PILOT Have a beer, is that a PR in prone for you? Actually, I've never shot a prone match before...Princess Suite...This is going to be complicated...Ten Rounds with Jose Cuervo...Umm, I broke your ski...I think I'll name him Dog...Maaartaaa? Can I go wee-wee in your potty?...I think you failed Girl School... Shattered shot glass and "The coolest girl I've ever seen' '..." Wow, I thought that was just an old wives' tale"-MM. It's not like it's rocket science or anything...oh wait, it IS, crap! "Today we're learning about the 'Semi-lattice rectum "'. .."My 4 years here were kinda like 'Hogan's Heroes' episodes- you know. with Sgt Schultz and Col Klink always bumbling around and poking through your stuff' so you're telling me we A did the WHOLE lab wrong? I got a D+? Oh my God, I PASSED!!! I wasjust checking the...I'm retarded. Just how much caffeine have you had? ...Ben and Jerry's and beer make everything better. Let's call the satellite Trogdor. Wacca, wacca, wacca! -MMA. Einstein's theory of relativity, they're letting US build a satellite!?, infinitesimal perturbations, packing factor ofthe a-hole?, illness and injury, evil profs, living in the basement... Here's to God, guys, guns, and graduation - thanks for the memories! MICHAEL LEwIs KENDEL NEw BRAUNFELS, TX SUBMARINES Yo Spaz. .. Do you remember that day on the seawall? The rest of the tiavors do. Penn had no idea that a legend was bom that day. Then and now. I was always right there when you spazzed out. Hopefully my guidance and cool temper has helped you along the way. Hah. So here goes... gold medals, the interns, the thermo. the freakin back pain. the car at high RPMs. the margaritas, the swing, the dancetron 5000 or whatever that game was called. Have fun with the not-quite-marines, I'm sure the greatest Spaz moments are yet to come... yo, we have Yale shirts. .. CMVL spazz, flava, 4 seats down...magnum...6 seats up, DDR, swing dancing with guyman's wife, thanx leaving it all on the sevem every day - bag Guys, we only have 10 hours before the alpha... Two Tons of Steel. yeah baby! C.J. how do you spell "gone" again? Do you think 5 coats of wax is enough? Ricketts has two t's in it right? Given these idiosyncrasies. and many unmentionable ones, mike is by far one of the most caring and fun to around roommates. His drive and determination to succeed will propel him to the top way before either of us "roomies" begin our climb. :ol T TAMARA ELAINE LANCASTER ROWLETT, TX U.S. ARMY - MILITARY POLICE "There is a time for everything and a season for every activity under heaven." Ecc. 3:1 Now is the time to give thanks: to incredible parents who helped me live my dreamsg to the best big sister imaginable for all the advice tand a beautiful niece and nephewlg to the guys for finally accepting meg to the roomies for laughter. tears, and understanding, and to the man I love for being the man I love. "Happenin' chicks in 8036!" PMP, our "circuit course," big bootie, poopy suits, sweet-talking the dirty chief. slumber parties, shaving cream wars, falling out of racks, and ritual goodnight hugs. Hotel Ricketts. Plebe summer 2002: Evil T, soccer in the p-way. I-Day intimidation. Counseling sessions on the heater, running in the rain, Slater loves me!! "That's a major for all of you!" Gortex Barbie, MEAT platoon. West Point: falling for that cute guy in Glee C lub. the incredible marathon team, much-needed comfort food. And thank you all for everything I have left unsaid. 21st Company 345 I- 7- ! PATRICK MICHAEL LOBNER MANHATTAN BEACH, CA SUBMARIENS Eternal Father strong to save whose arm hath bound the restless wave who bidd'st the mighty ocean deep its own appointed limits keep oh, hear us when we cry to Thee for those in peril on the seag O Christ! Whose voice the waters heard and hushed their raging at Thy word who walked'st on the foaming deep and calm amidst its rage didst sleep oh hear us when we cry to Thee for those in peril on the seag Most Holy Spirit Who didst brood upon the chaos dark and rude and bid its angry tumult cease and give for wild confusion peace oh hear us when we cry to Thee for those in peril on the seag O Trinity of love and power our brethren shield in danger's hour from rock and tempest, fire and foe protect them wheresoe'er they go thus evermore shall rise to Thee glad hymns of praise P from land and sea!! MICHAEL ROEBUCK LUEBKERT BLACKSBURG, VA NAvY PILoT Regular college guy to Naval Academy? Duffy's, FM: J.J. Foleys, owe Hrst born child, movie star mary, Chinese hair, Paul Revere's House, J.A.P, Make Pain Your Ally-drop weights, lifting partner once a year, 4 degrees of Lubie!N,l, next weekend Villanoval, Mtalk to me McBride", make me some eggs? Fumar? Let's go out for a couple drinks... Find-a-bed...anywhere? Worst ever. lt blows up. Alright, here's what you're gonna do. . .Ahh, she was bluny, my favorite kind. Team awesome: can I service select awesome? Santa Clause of wild turkey. Only 3 hours...600 dollar bar tab. Goltihangover. Most ambitious weekend ever. New Years in Austin. Poker Men. Lippage for the hippage. It's one o'clock in the rnoming...screw it lets go! Meewwwvvviiiieeee??? Mama lions. Jungle juice, Hrst night back. ..lets skip taps! Worst singer ever. Caddies, I'm movin on...blarin Toby Keith in downtown Baltimore. Buddy and Mike show. Because l was inverted. How bout noooo??? Have a six-n you wish was a youngster? Nooo problem. Worst training officers ever. Ravens cheerleader...thief. VT you're soo beautiful. T.S. Calm down Mikey...NO! I love you Mikey. She's unmusably unmusable. Myles at your computer.. .door locked. Abercrombie model, Fat Jen and Plouffe. Hal Daddys. Way to stand restriction every year at the Academy. Why did you kick him Mike? So you don't get sticky!! Frat boys... yay! Stoppppp. Leader of men. . .follower of women. Take what you can give nothing back, here's to the USS Luebkert. MYLES MICHAEL MCALLISTER CLEARWATER, FL NAVY PILOT the man who traveled more than anyone during his 4 years at the Academy. "A striking resemblance to Corky on Life Goes On, Myles, self proclaimed the FSG ,... Absolutly Nothing. Who can forget PROTRAMID .... ',Myles get out of my room"...Are you sure? The man i love to hate. You really let yourself go. Fine then! Your ruining Iny Mojo. Mikey doesn't mind anyway ..... I would quit the Academy right now. Stop sucking your thumb...you're 25! No, i was never drunk in San Diego. Myles- NO! Thanks for FSU. Sorry bout the elbow. So man, you movin in? What-a-Burger in our boxers. They wanna fight, Grab Something! Whos up for Slip-n-Slide? The start ofthe Snort. Stepmom.. You gonna be there? Volleyball class. Lilly. Random answers. Ego Alley. 2 for 7, who needs it? 15 games man, 15. lndy 500. Teachin Bear and Butch how to play in Houston.. You still gotta roll to MN. Your one ofthe very few genuine people around, and everybody loves it. Have lim at home, learnin to fly. PB shirt ripping Matrix light. Mylo. Original ofthe HP sledding team. "l'm taking the weekend off and being responsible." Sure buddy. Brigade ADEO interview .... .Ma'am l drink over 24 beers on a weekend. Hello 5th Batt ADEO. Believe pinky needs to be checked out dude. There's Something About C elie, but you are Woogey. Preakness hve stayin alive. EOD? I don't want to stay in the Navy that long. Service Selection: Navy Pilot. Hoot night owl. One ofthe greatest partiers I've seen and heard you're not a bad soccer player. You want to be a Marine. 346 2004 I fi - ZTTJ7 . Ag ..ef,,.. E' lm DAVID JosEPH MEIKLE 'I 2.- MOUND, MN -nu 1--1, , , , I 4 - - 9, , I , .iw 'ara'---A , , 1 gu lf 3 Y 40 4- JI " ax fZy:...,,5 SUBMARINES Good times, bad times, fat times, and not-so-fat times. Heaviest room in the company? Hell yeah, but not for long. Vote Pogue out and it was just me and you 'till grad! CSorry Poguej. From the high climb to 8-4 to the long walk to Rickett's Hall to the frequent inspections of 6-0. From the Mustang to the Toyota to the Neon and then the new Ford truck t Try not to wreck this onej. You can even change your oil now! From girly drinks to Guinness. From Katie to Carla. Even your taste in music has improved. You've come a long way man. So the hell with what "others" might say about you. You will be a great submariner and a great ofHcer. I'm proud of 'ya man! Remember the lessons you've learned both good and badg they're all important. Cheers, ASI MARTHA ANNE MEssER LANCASTER, PA NAVY PILOT Marty Gras, M-ez throw it up! !! Plebe hair. Frat houses. Youngster cars. "Playing" field hockey. Leaping outta my shell. "Fm not violent. I'm passivea' Amish. If I don't remember it didn't happen. "Laura where's Marty'?,' Moderation. . .what,s that? Over-pregaming. . .out after 15 minutes. But I rallied. Booze Cruise? Bruises. Knifes. Roommates, NobigO. Drill buddies. Twins. Monkey on a Stick. Brothel. VA Beach. London. KS,JS. The finger, Baja Fresh:7 days! l00demerits. Overnight on restriction: S. Don't worry he's a legend. Rugby games...dn1nk. Weightlifting or Rugby. Do we have to wear a unitard?l'? Drinking and Chainsaws. OOOOO Club. Big D fats. Fat and Ugly. New Orleans for New Years, enough said. lim in the projects? Give me your phone. Forwarding calls, opps. Marty handshake. SmAcme. Who would've thought? Best of luck. Kick some ass! Going to miss you4TES, LJP, LAS, JLG, MLH, RMR. --fm j gW,,,,., . Y af. 424341, .spain 'f wmlf - - Az' -f-.-1-- A ."" W EDWARD PRESTON RUSHING , . V, ,L GLENMORA, LA . if-T ' 4.433- 4 XF' I USMC GROUND . r','l 3 FM: weapons detail: trouble makers, Va Beach 7 mile hike, dirty girls, , G i I j Udel, Intemational Pool Champ, Annapolis drag races, 4 kings...twice!, ' Blizzard toursfcadences, St Johns Alpha males, crashing weddings, Jack and O.J.'?'?. . W proud Z owners, I-ball king, another MlLF!?, worst plebes, bros for life, poker. surviving -fl, gf' T -- I Q Q- on bumy and booze, eminebuddy?, cooking at udel ttwicel, im witcha homey, fat chick f wet bed, pool, popping cherries in the backseat of lubie's car, turkey twildl, Buddy and ,E 9 Mike show, Pat Green, DVD's, worst ever'?, Bacardi girls, class'?, so frank didn't get laid all break, copperhead tBuddy special pricej, white walls, road trips, mewwvie'?, skipping A A A taps first night back, best news ever in Baltimore tmama lionsl, Z28-4, Roanoke, UMD, wasted week in Richmond. Caddies, moving on, Army!Navy Lodge 2004, hitting on exwubs at obriens, left for a wub while playing pool, MILF hunter, ahh, the crazy nights we don't remember, but we canit forget...here's to the Corps and 0300, you made it, congrats. Good luck at TBS, and here's to the general. 21st Company 347 just don't understand... We're young. virile, attractive, in high demand dudes." The best recruit host in Navy history. ' THOMAS KEVIN SCHWIND I ANNANDALE, VA SURFACE WARFARE Oh budday oh BEAR. don't let the squirrel eat your trail mix. I want it. I think Mikey wants to play truth or dare, and thanks for reminding me I I'm only 20. and for the hearty see you later when I was 21, stop playing MINDSWEEPER. and why don't you EVER clean up under your desk bear? Wouldn't have you any other way... Summer cruise: USS Acme. homeport Ricketts. Big beer night. mid-week trips to OC. living the life. Home Team. "I Studs and Sluts 2003. PBR and .lim Beam. The GHOST. The Fast Freddy. True friend and brother... NAPS. we had it all figured out. Andy please leave the craps table. Plebe year drunken stupors how did we get back. Thank god for Fran and Andy Tailgaters. When the wolves come ottt hide the pork chops. Friends in the beginning brothers till the . . end. Schweenermbig yellow bananamquickest feet I ever saw...vodka and raw eggs... coolest family ever...class of '0-I.5...wheelchair warrior...decided he didn't want to be a mid for four months...breaking down before the Wilson bridge...VFW club...flag football with your bro...most athletic fat man ever..93 surgeries. knees non-existent...the teddy bear van...the man who made Ocean City possible... '04 real estate agent...pork bellies and stocks...6 seasons of naval academy football...the Bear... will be a giant amongst the little yellow monkeys...NOVA boy...overachiever...the ghost...give me a bourbon. straight. on ice...friend forever, brother for life...DJPtt58 CHARLES JoHNATHAN ALAN SHORT I? , A I WAYNESVILLE, NC NAVY NFO C.,I... Hey Man I will never forget coming back to Ricketts. reaching in a bag of potato chips. and pulling out a dead aw squirrel. You always got me good. You were an awesome roommate, even if your side was always messy. I might still call you up when l'm old and ask you how to spell something. Regardless of what happen our 2"" class year. out ofeveryone in our class. I truly think that you best epitomized our honor concept. Good luck man and watch those virgin 007! 4 Mike C.J. Don't forget the dots? Whoa. . .who is this guy? Four years by the bay. . 8429. .. Ricketts... 4028 6019. . .they all seem the same for some reason. I think you should wash your hands. sir... Whoa. . .who is this guy? Wessums ...yussums... yuns. . .what did you say again? Turn on the Christian music baby! How about Michael W. Smith one more time? Maybe we could stay A A A up until three studying EE .... or maybe Mike would look happier with a few smiley's on his face. Or maybe a few drinks would help. Oh wait, "I don't drink." Words cannot capture the memory behind these words...roommates for four years. . .brothers for life. -TY TRACY ELAINE SPRING DALLAS, TX NAVY NFO Springer. Trace, Golden Girl A plebe hair, the mission, twins. judicial punishment, counting off asleep, upper class magnet, Myers, Slacker. plebe year V-day, rice krispie treats, FRAT, plebe drinking, black N!60 days. can I hang out in your room. you're a cheerleader, beach trips, drill partner. passing out, in company, MLXCI. 5. Iirst true love-PL. roommates. stunmercruise02. 4thjuly02. dance party on the Cleveland, monkey-on-a-stick, men. nobigO. hitting on otlicers-never. booze cruise 2inl. Riordans, your puke smells awful, what happened to my ' I whites. Bar Baltimore. too much alcohol. good talks, going to miss you el missed you. Look forward to good times in P-cola. We came a long way baby and changed a lot. Here's to the future. 348 2004 u Og. , - X J xxlfm iiff m- -x I ?, 'gi F.'5 V".x' MAC THOMPSON STEELE DU'-7 HOLLYWOOD, FL ' USMC GROUND It iSn't Sleeping in your rack if you have a cot. The eternal struggle for frustration outlets: killing mice. jumping classmates. or throwing burning bags out of high places. Who has lost more roommates? It is ok to groin-tap. but don't talk about Iny girlfriend. Remember that night. at the bar? I probably dont But thats ok: the important part is you got me home. Your truck might be manly and have a Stick. but it's not 4x4 like mine. The coolest caveman I know. No. that's not a sport. Georgetown huh? How'd they let a Marine in there? I'll nex er forget Luella...Red Coral next week? Good luck in the married life. I will eat your dog. First off. good luck. in everything. Second. she has a name and it's not fiancee. Third. you do. without a doubt. have a sound system that H most third world countries would laugh at. Anyways. I won't name incidences. as there are way too many. Good luck at Georgetown and my favorite deer tick discovery zone they call Ouantico. -GLB.BMC. DMB. NGR JUSTIN ROSS TRUDELL VIRGINIA BEACH, VA NUCLEAR SURFACE WARFARE Baby- So you're saying you're a horse? Yo Tmdell. did I ever tell you I hate his place? Stein! Goto your cave. Varsity Tailgaiting Team. It looked fondled. The Gayzer of Ricketts Hall. He said he was supposed to be there. A DVD addict and movie quote enthusiast. He's a devout Southerner tLee. Jackson. King Day! tor someone from a place so un-southern as the "fast lane." Club Smith. Bay- BAY. Eye Heart You! Ifl had a Iish hook. I'd sew you up. That's a major for all ofyou. Brrrm Brrrm. One love to B-Man and Sir Pedro...never forgotten. Youngster Fridays in Hotel Ricketts. Friday night bowling. Malaga '02, Across the hall. . .plebe year, senior year. Sniveling what? Youngster physics: That doesn't mean I wont make out with you! Talks about feelings. American Idol and Joe Millionaire. Trips to VA Beach. A summer in Michigan. The first shower. Cheers to the happiness we have now and always. . .and I love you more. TJW. CSH. JLG. KCI. PML, ANB TOBIN JOSEPH WALKER MIDLOTHIAN, VA USMC GROUND Tobin J Walker: Tobes- "What would you do ifyou were in my place?" I could always count on you to whip me... anytime, anywhere. f'Why do you guys use each others last names'?', Roomies for 4 years. Some come. some go. but you Stayed. Movie quote God. You can always tell when you're angry... those three veins are creepy. One word: Fuengirola. HMORE HOT!" "SO COLD!" You owe me a new face on my citizen watch. Sleeping Pill Challenge. Varsity tailgating team. t'That's majors for all ofyou!" Salamanca 'O3: M2. Daniels. Garemon's. etc. bodega night. French Canadians. "Todos los mujeres del mundo. . Fiestar'ing with Tere. Providence YP'S. Hotel Ricketts. . jousting. youngster wardroom. Sir Pedro '04. bowling. joe. Joe 84 Gary. Jamaica '03. Malaga '02, So short. Wanna play the ear game? Ugh. nice chest hair. Ginger bread house. One love. JRT. JLG. KCI. CSH, PML. ANB. 21st Company 349 TRAVIS LEONARD WOOD BELLEVUE, WA SUBMARINES A man who realized early on that ifyou slept I2 hours a day you were Only at the Naval Academy tor two years, Travis could think out ofthe box like none other. His thoughts ofthe day bewildered, and stumped, even the quirkiest of physics professors. Just curious, how many licks to the center ofa corndog or the recipe for a peanut butter and jelly rack? A modern day Renaissance man, Travis could grasp any concept thrown at him whether it was physics, cooking, sailing or pro-knowledge five minutes before the test. He frequently would lind ways to hide the time until the next rack marathon by watching movies but never studying. Other days he would quicken time at the snatch ofa watch and be in total control-yet no one worried when that happened. they just went with the flow. You got the dangerous combo ofcharisma and brains and that make you. well. dangerous. THOMAS FITZGERALD YALE SAN FRANCISCO, CA SURFACE WARFARE Tom, don't fall asleep at your wedding. Hey man, I had a blast being your rooinie. You always had an ability to decide what was really important in life and not worry about the rest ofthe B.S. Keep swing dancing no matter how hot the beginning chicks are. Cali forever man and watch those Irish Car Bombs. tMKl Ever awoken to a FULL MOON? If you have, chances are you have roomed with Tom. YALE. . .what do you think ofthis? "I think you should wash your hand sir!" Sweedish kids eat chocolate pudding with ladles! "Sir, my roommates didn't wake me up, can I retake the test?" "No CJ., she dOesn't have a BIG nose!" "So, what's your sister doing?" "O.K., you hold the bag, I'll drop the squirrel in. Mike'll never know!" Tom. whatcha studying'?. 'QNatural Selection" So. where does she go to school?, "Dude, she's HOT!" To have grown a world apart from my own, you turned out to be a great friend, reassuring contidant. and molder of many newfound perspectives. As we go our separate ways know your friendship will always hold a special place and be an integral part within my life. Best ofluck always and may God bless you! :ol C..l. ALAN LANAHAN ZARRACINA EDINA, MN USMC PILOT Zarr. . .Zarra. . .Zarrac uh, Z. Always an athlete, you never gave up on playing a sport. From crew to cycling you took everything hard-core. From seat racing in the Shells to your tight cycling suits always hanging in the bathroom, heck even the Gunny's called you a "stud," So, martial arts or the Navy, what'll it be? I think you made good choice, and lim sure you can always impress those hooyah's out there with your knowledge. Don't forget about England and the good ol' time with the older chicks. You've had an interesting collection of roommates. from those who left, to the real napster. to some lubie kid that surely brought your game around with the ladies. We both went from being to reserved with the ladies, to actually making some moves. Who woulda thought, you finally thought inside the box and good times resulted. Maybe being the good guy does work out in the end. Senior year. you finally find roommates that worked out for the best. What an interesting room, from strongbad the physicist to some guy that might just joke around more than you. Turning boring old times into somehow very comical moments was our specialty... . Marine corps. what!'? Well. l'm sure you'll attack this one well too and hopefully I'lI see you up in the sky. Thanks for the great times, I don't know if l'd say "stud," but you're a great guy and you deserve all the best, good luck. AB 350 2004 l ' i f. 15 if M.. " "' 6 MXXL i lf ,. . ,..,,,...--,..,,.,.. ,,,,....,- , .,....,-,-.- V ..,...-.,. .Y f.,,., ,W ,- l i Q1 ,kj ,I ' -' ',' iv'-s V. , . tl.:-I 5'-L' kip .J ' if f - ,t V, 1, , . -. f ffl: 4 i J ' if f .4 . , E' Q X rg, . . . -. , are .J 2 J J A A iii, . i ,g xr' ' JP i n I. E -if ' 3 . ,I v lslklk 1 li un, l Robert Richard .Joseph Michael Kieran Charles Aaron .loel Castro Paul Adrian Colon Dennis A. Dunhar Adam Joseph Ackerman Campbell Carroll lichringer FW" " "WW " J 5 l 1 l . J i " Z , t . , ' , l ' ff L . S Luigi Carlo Robert Eugene Wade Robert .Jessica Adriane Christopher Mark Phillip D. Jenkins Autumn Marie Bridget Anne King i Figueroa Filosa Gauthier Goetz Hironaga Jodfio J ee, W, ...T -Wm F . f v- Q ,, 1-f fm- , , . .. . it i-4' ' -? ' .3 fy -'is-fi pi F524 5 if E J ' , f. A ., ,. -A '. 'sf f' SLB' +A Ai ,. fq 5 N. 7, ,ia J . J P I C " , 1 ' f' , A 1 f 1 ' " - iggf' Y '?-g lk 1 i ' X -1 TE ' 'l' I J 1 , T l T J ' , X V J 1 ' w ,, . - J A I Julia Anne Adam Charles Kyle James Patrick Lee Ivan Randil Locke David John Lorfeld Christopher Louis James Patrick Thomas Joseph Klopmeier Marsh McMenamin D'l3rien . ..f.., W. .,., 7 ,...Y. --f . -f----,- - J, J 5 f .A ' J V tg , l - fs' sv l l i J Daniel Ryan Melinda Marie Marcus Edward Jose Sanchel Malthevv Smith Nick Joseph Stiles Michael Lee Joshua Hagen A O' Neill Parrish Porwoll Simmons Smith Stampller Su ann ?'Y?'W75f75?? ik! 'P ' ' 'i" ix l l i. lan Robare Jillian Rae Trimholi Adam Douglas Evan Ryan Altemus Brian David Michael George Christopher James B ilinskv Bruglei' Townsend Watters Anderson 1 iiiiw ' f wfi: W J ii S E QI it EE? I . i l J Tara Ahleigh Amanda C. Canedo Dennis Paul Colin .James Ryan Dudley Frantz Paul A. Fvlstra Kathleen Anne Eric Shucri Handal Burress Chenette Christie Halle l 21st Company 351 an f ' J Q . . ,, 1 Q I an-va, fb 'qw -1- . il . a s Q I 'if ig. , ,, iz M r, A U Q O O 4 i 3 - 7 "-mm-1,,,., U W f ' as-uv Q fl, 'em I l ' ,J l Q K' I 0 Q P is effrey Allen Milota 4 ' 'MV : 'K Q I . I 0-4 '14 3 5 Q "fi I , , ' -Tr. ' .,f 1 f -, - -. - , ff-N A5564 , ' f fi ' . s . 0 a V O + Q ' X s O l , Q o ' ' O D U H 4 r f 4 l vs J f 994-1' Y i x . xg T if l, KL, i YL, , , l t Q is .. "1 im., Kellen Christopher Wesley Robert Benjamin Daniel Timothy Michael Carlos Manuel Brent Kenneth .lustin Benjamin Jaequelyn Marie Mollahan Ogden Ortiz Rigler Rivera Rohinson Searle Sinnett Tyson Senna Stahl William Edward Brendon Gregory Sean Hannon Stange Tillman Tromhly 2 lst Company 353 i X,- f X X 1061217 rf' !2 S 0772 Wlllf fi W J LT Rodolm Casals Joseph A. J ankola, Company X0 Company Officer Lacey M. Popson, Company Commander Zachary P. Jones, First Sergeant l l l l i 1 i l i I Senior Chief Debra Downs Company Senior '-lu 20 Enlisted Michael C. Hockett, Company XO Jonathan R. Cantrell, Company Commander William G. Cocos, First Sergeant . I 04 lliul l DARBY MCNEE BODDEN JR. NORCROSS, GA USMC GROUND Sleep is what people do at night. Yes. I did your sneakiness. Yes. you are still a ninja. a genie staff sergeant, and a cheese-eating surrender least you are not French-Canadian. It was funny , ZA: "E - T ' 0 ' j -G '54-Tl? h- -9198. . .. , a t. l 'n f.. 'Sat--- .X Y. 'vi 'f, 2 V'--' ll' 7 . 8 'V 'timi- underestimate Moroccan. a monkey. At being Nik's alarm clock. No. you can't have any Ramen Its not normal to be nocturnal. "Jen e pourrais pas avoir reussi sans toif' It has been a blast Osama bin Bodden. The most animated Frenchman. Born and raised to be the devil's Advocate. Always has more money at the end of the month then anyone else. Who puts out a dirty sock? You really would have made a mean ass SWO. What ever happened with that trip you took on the Appalachian trail. . .all by yourself? Where you from again'?...Morocco'? MILES ROBERT BOWER MALVERN, PA USMC GROUND From the Halls of Montezuma to the shores of Tripoli we tight our country's battles in the air on land and sea. First to fight for right and freedom and to keep our honor clean: We are proud to bear the title of United States Marines. Our lIag's unfurled to every breeze From dawn to setting sung We have fought in every clime and place where we could take a gun. In the snow of far-off Northern lands and in sunny tropic scenesg You will lind us always on the job --The United States Marines. Here's health to you and to our Corps which we are proud to serve: In many a strife we've fought for life and never lost our nerve. If the Army and the Navy ever look on Heaven's scenes, they will tind the streets are guarded by United States Marines. SHALIMAR LEON CRAW BRAZIER DETROIT, MI SURFACE WARFARE I am a portrait painted by the Lord. a sculpture at work. trying to reach perfection. Blessed with a slew talents and abilites that He chose to give me as a tool to honor and glorify his name. Endowed with countless people in my life to help this sculpture to reach its fulfillment of perfection. But. because the Lord is working so passionately in my life. the devil is trying to capture a man of my calibur to decieve the world. I am a man that is constantly tempted to do the devils work. I often fail! Trust is an issue. Love is another. Loyalty is the third. So I stand alone once again. A man that needs to become more like "every man, God's man"! This is my journey. to make my sculpture material as malleable as can be. This will be my effort to help the Lord mold me into the man I need to be. I will GLORIFY HIS NAME! 22nd Company 355 JONATHAN RYAN CANTRELL GALATIA, IL NAVY PILOT "You can take that Honda Dickic and stick it. . "No trust, no trust." Herpes.... Simply ridiculous. Receding Hair line? What hair line. SO ILL. CJ. Doc and Zuk put the sticky notes on your desk. Q-tip trick. Belgium Chocolate. Prince of Belgium. "Beer Police." "Hey guys, did I ever tell you about the kid from Adam's basketball team?" Happy 212 drinking out of the toilet. 4 IV's. PHHHEEEERRRRRRPPPPP. . .. Hehehe. Keystone Light .... So good for the money. 9 out of 50 - "Oh man, they're gonna kick us out." The Soul Stealer! Microsoft games. "Sure Matty, I got this awesome suit you can borrow ..... it'll look greatl' - if you going to the NFL draft in 1983. All girls I of Galatia high classes of 1998-2006. "But twell. Ijus wan to tawk'?" "Oh girl. you're just so stupid. . I really am sorry about Dis.. .oh yeah and the chair. . .yeah, and umm... turning your stuff upside down .... yeah. "So I wasn't really on the baseball team. except for when coach had me pinch run. . "Oh my god, that reminds me of the time when I passed the ball to Adam... Mayor of the harem that is Galatia. Bullet time gunfights tquarter movej. The little car w! the big sound. "I HATE MY LIFE, I MEAN. SOMEBODY PLEASE SHOOT ME IN THE FACE." NICHOLAS STEVEN CARDILLO VICTOR, NY NAVY PILOT PURDUE DANCE. Alien Dance. White hots. "The Rock!" "God's Country." South Central. Thanks for stabbing me in the back squad mate. All that studying really got you somewhere. What are you going to service select? Boat dock romance. Get a ring dude. Maybe one day you can get your hat from the bottom of the Severn. Chemistry... great choice dude. Where did you really get the mono from'?'?'? "Be nice." Sky hook from hell. Pasty white body. The psyko. Way to hook up West Point. "This is your night!" Cardeeyo. "They think Ilm Mexican. . .What yOu're not?" The Linebacker. Beat Mike at his own game. . .undefeatedl Watch out for the wet spot next to the hot tub! PIG ROAST! Mauteville. Broken Down Palace. Thanks for teaching Craig how to shotgun a beer. "Ran down and killed an Indian.. .Shipmates, hands over hearts." Labatt Blue. Your dad is the one who drives the RaV4. Appalachian trail in 30 below. . .great idea. The Doctor is in. BIJAN CARL DERAKHSHAN PAINESVILLE, OH. . USMC P1TLQTf A Gap Jeans model from Cleveland, OH. fsmooch smoochj. . .my Caramel ' g brother.. .pretty dizzle taking up all the GD girls - Bijan, Derk, and Dizzle I A all in one. .. WVU, just give him ur ID man. . .partner in crime Mardi 'Grass I night...hates interceptions for touchdownsmkayaks, and likes it...sleeps more than any three guys combined...more organized than any three women combinedmsnagged a girlfriend after everyone at the party had already kissed her Once...males aren't supposed to have PMS, are they'?...living proof that you can get by on looks alone ..... talked trash to eight heavily armed Jamaican police officers, and didnlt get shot. .. quick jog through downtown Baltimore at Two A.M. on a Saturday. . .quick jogged with Zach 6 miles across Philly for a damn cheese steak...all you need in life is a little Buffett and a pinch of Skoal...not a bad guy for an Iranian spy...made up a language called "farsi" and convinced everyone that he spoke it. . .Ir-ish...if things get tough, just paddle that kayak to Margaritaville and hnd yourself a blonde stranger... Has 2 favorite artists: Buffet and Springsteen.. jail... 356 2004 l . l 1 I .Spent a night in a Jamaican l l l I l 5 - in Q V bfi in lgx MARK DILLON DESCHENES G WATERTOWN, CT gmg? NAVY PILOT "Whaaatttt...Noooooo." "Magnum...Blue Steel...They are all the same." "Should I sell my Beamer for a Porsche?" "Check out what I got online at J. Crew!" "We are so lucky to have grown up with catalogues." TAAAAAFT. "What are we gonna do?" Who gets crabs during plebe summer. . .you can actually see the dead ones. White works Zulu and Yankee. How did they ever get so dark. "Check out my fruit basket." Trash corner. "So what do you think about square toed shoes?" Clown shoes. Al's fungus on your back. "I'll meet you there...call me." "I don't know...it is gonna cost a lot." "She said she just wants to be friends." UCONN. A clod. Metro-sexual. "She did it because I was wearing a pink shirt." Susan. . .twice. "Are we having formation this morning?" It's not a real mall unless it has a Brooks Brothers, Banana Republic. Gap. and Hugo Boss. "When your girl friend sees me. she's goima wanna sleep with me instead." "You are doing good. . .just speed up." "Just use the rille to break into Derk's stash." You look good as a LCDR. THE TEAM! Traveling karaoke singer. Admiral Moose. I need this Atm. "Get the rubbing alcohol." I should have never gone to Vegas. She's probably not coming. I don't think we're invited, but I don't care. MICHAEL GRAHAM FRAMPTON WAKEFIELD, MA SURFACE WARFARE Masshole. "That's an awfully big hole to trip into..." "Look it..." "Jesus Trell. it's not that funny." "Yeah I think I'm gonna take a nap iirst...." Go back to bed. that's only I2 hours today. Good Dudes shirt .... the worst one. "Wanted Dead or Alive" in San Diego. Breaking the K2Orange code. Always found the party. "Yes. dude." "So I couldn'tjust say no to her..." We all know you really crapped in your trash can. Cowboy up. . .REDSOX suck. t'I'lI kill you. I'll kill your family." 'II hate this state...Get me out of here right now." Diving out of the window...twice. Mel Sinatra. Wide Load. "Frampton are you wearing underwear?" Naked time. "That snow bankjumped out in from of you." How did you sleep in the wrong house? Long nights in Nimitz Plebe year. You love chitted the wrong girl. DD is a little too old, so stop kissing her ass. The Irish curse. Assault and battery. underage drinking in SD, crawling in the wrong bed. online gambling. abuse of NADN. 50 with 40 suspended. . .are you kidding me? The only reason Trell got fried. Old slayers never die. . .they just fade away. T ALEX DANIEL GAUNTT FORT WORTH, TX USMC GROUND G-A-U-N-Poo-Poo. Critter. "It's aight Maile. I'l1 take care of ya." "Don't A make her suffer for my idiocracityf' Buy your own dip. 'IWelI all I got is SS, I will pay you back tomon'ow." "I don't do raslin'. I don't do ningitsu. I box...I'll box you. . .I'll box you right now...I will." The 7 deadly scratches. Dude humans don't grow mold. Tasting the atmosphere. "Holy Christ. I'm itchy all over." A modern work of art. Always drunker then the birthday boy. "Y don't you list myself!" Make the noise Al. HURRRNNNNFFFF. Silver eyeliner. puking in your garbage can, shirt stayed to the rack. Dog Soldiers is not the best movie. Clean your truck. "My truck smells like potata salad." One pair of pants on. two pairs off. "Hey Kelly. you like this?" "Yauntoo'?" I don't think a healthy man should make that smell. "Ben did ya sign the honor scroll? Did ya sign it for me?" "He always tights me when l'm drunk." "I just farted jackass!" Stop eating her face. Who starches their jean? Who skies in their jeans? "Hey ya'll watch this." "My friend Micah..." "No not Typeridersf' "Mitaswell christen the shower." Report...REPORT. ..HARMS. Col. Inman. U30 years ago. Thanks for the Jaeger on my clothes. "I only do it once." THE HAZE. 22nd Company 357 ASHLEY BARBER GREENE LEXINGTON, NC SURFACE WARFARE First person I met on I-day, getting caught talking in line. Talking to the GGs, "How are you tonight?" - "Well, I'm a little warmer...." "Get out of here..." "Sir, Iny riHe's name is Billy Bob Gene..." IN THE HONOR ROOM'?'?'? Can I have ONE Funyon please'?'?'? Who was that in our room during those plebe summer nights? "George, why don't you know my name?" - "I'm Greene Sir..." New Years in Boston and Montreal. NTT stellar squad. Never Ever Have I Ever... Abby's house and being put to work. First plcbc girl to lll2ll'Cl1 tours in our company. And did you really burn my face with a curling iron? Tuesday night tanning buddies. Queens of "maximizing our liberty." Dancing on bars. Drinking out of buckets. Never forget SB in Costa Rica with Caesar. Zlt' birthdays in VA Beach. lotsa concerts. Intersessionals in Sherborn. H countless Real World episodes, and two New Years Eves. Thanks for ski lessons and endless eighties trivia. Maybe one day you'll overcome that motion sickness and be able to lIy into hurricanes. For now, best ofluck in Mayport! Ashley, did you hear me? He either had stripes or thc same name. We'll still marry the lirst person we ever date. Food anyone? The grocery store is in our closet. Bikinis on the beach III tlIe freezing cold wind. Too lllllkfll stuff. I mean who really has a shaved ice maker? Pilates in the room. Open the door! Shopping online. Rehoboth beach night. hit and run. How many fender benders? Will you stop playing that damn dashboard whatever music!-MDS. LKG. LMP MICHAEL CURTIS HOCKETT JR. QUARTZ HILL, CA NAVY PILOT "Pappy, Smeagol . . . you were enlisted for how long?" "Are normal people supposed to turn red when they drink'?', Whatever happened to Skip and Jen? "No, no. green on bottom. green is soft." Hit Squad leader. Tea-baggin' Billy. Iron Chef. The only man who actually knows everything about everything. The eighties are over man. "Can you stop the music?" "Did you See that air7I'?" There's nothing wrong with California that a good Hood couldn't tix. Fabrizio the stylist. "Finish your drink!" Maybe Red Bull and vodka is not such a good idea. To Zuk, what Robin is to Batman. "This one time at I NAPS . . Pommerersutra "Back when my dad worked in Hollywood . . Nice loofa. DOn't worry, Pappy'll clean it up. "I just wanna coast down the greens on this one, guys" is Hawaiian island creation. The girl was Wearing a skirt, jumping up and down over your face. and you rolled over and went to sleep . . . Always gets the good magazine. Ehhhhl? How did you ever get sick and lose your hearing? "BEEP . . . checking for bugs." Thanks Dad. NICHOLAS EDWARD HVOZDA IRVINE, PA NAVY PILOT "It'S like Mazda...but with a V instead." The Blue and Gold room. The Nile. TheHissilent. The unit. "Nothing Else Matters" concert with Milton. Where do you find all those random websites? You dOn't need pants to use the bathroom. . .or sleep with Jesse. Franzia. . .out of the bag or PowerAde bottle, your one true love. 'IScore one for Navy." Double listing watching "Eyes Wide Shut" in Orlando. Who drives a Saab. . .Maxim says it's the car ITIOSI driven by gay Inen. Fly fishing expert. Hold on H get a picture of this. La Pura Vida. You're so organic. H. "Hey Guys!" Meteor shower streaking. "I have a handle. it will help you sleep." Inga. driving like James Bond. College Reserves. "That seems pretty selfish..." Heineken? Hotel Del Rey. "Hey Alex. all these girls really like me." Dropkick cover. H.voz, true friend. the Nile. Hooters, I C sailing. To Quebec, and all of its inhabitants, wings we had to sign for, I-80 for life, good luck with everything, I can't believe we are done. No Inore split pea soup bud. "I'm happy for me toolIl" 358 2004 JOSEPH ANTHONY J ANKOLA -I SAN DIEGO, CA SUBMARINES A Beautiful Joe. Hit squad with Marcus. Served 2-5 to life. Fiasco in Nile. "Ben-can you dig it'?'i Well I know you're not 2 I. Hanging out Sailing with Brett. What really happened oII delmarva? Bermuda LT Goyette. Faurot. Col Howe. Will. Zen sailing-really. really sailing on Anthem. Bad sailing on Anthem. RimPac in HI. Gwyneth. 58. Bancroft. Costa Rica. Heineken, almost dying. Travel mom. La Ocho! 4121. Matty. Fish. Ice. Drew, Tank in Diego. Conquistadors in Night: Carnegie Club and Felix Lounge. Ring Dance with the Pentav. you kidding me? 9:30 Club, almost getting kicked out of Canada. twice?" Always the SAVI guide. More cowbell. Boxing with Nik- block. man." "Just some fries." qglgw Ze I! 1 9 I x g g 33'-'nl sag' ,,C'5v,A, 1 5: 5' 1 1341.-HA.,-.-sg , . I . P ii T ' .ld jimi - Orlando. The at the Egnewsf on Patriot. ridiculously fast I 1:30. DC. I I: pura vida. Spain. Sinatra MCMUN-are "Who shaves "Joc. you gotta College reserves. 49 West. MA and ME. Playing cover soccer with H and Phil. Ro-class of no class. Damn XO. "Cider," Gymnastics-that's awful! San Diego pride. New Year's 2004-blehl Random quotes-"Swanson, you don't know what that's from'."' "I just like looking nice." A lover of good poetry, Latin. and a peanut-butter and jelly sandwich. Key West. Europe 2004. Eric. Nik. DJ. Ben. Marty. H. Ro, Diz. Snuggles. Spice. More to come. ALEXANDER STEWART MARTIN SAN DIEGO, CA USMC GROUND ASM, American. Walking with honor, Life according to Frank Sinatra. Caddi. You spend 9902. of your day thinking about girls. okay. you're 97W...The TOP...49 West...Mary Alice...Mary Ellen...the Carnegie "Business gentlemen, business"... gonna finish for dad...single malt scotch... Rojon...Ryan Stevens... Cocktails and dreams...girIs, girls. girls! "Cool" come home with me"... "She has braces but she's so hot!" "I hate strip clubs, I love stripers." Costa Rica, Key West, the sails to Bermuda. Montreal. the reserves and confetti condoms. There are the friends you are born with, and the you die with. 3 for 3. Sail fast. sail often. Beautiful babies. Falling in love breaking my heart. November cadence: "I miss the San Diego shore." Room the Honor Shaft...We three. Lieutenants of Marines. Deal with it. Hit Squad. Windansea beach... Serving 25-to- The right. Club... 1 El but ' college ,si 5' friends K and 3 I 60. life. no parole. "Dr. Martin. you taught us all. ADM Martin, you led us all. Marty. you befriended us all." -in the Inidst of movement and chaos, keep stillness inside of you- -rye, ro. a-beautiful-joe. dizzy. snuggles, spice. H 84 chef. PATRICK LABARRON MCANANY HORNELI., NY USMC GROUND "THIS IS MACADEMICS! RUN MIDSII' Ear muffs, dream journal. Climbing numbers. Happy Hour Hound. Where the hell is Hornell, anyway? "Well, not labeled." One gallon of milk and a Barq's...30 minutes. 'ICoach. Coach." The Hrst time and the last time. "How do I disengage this?" pee it off. "Well...I've already had giant clam. so Illl eat it." Cheers beers. Marines. Subs, SWO. Marines. "The CommaIIdaIIt wants to talk you about service selection." "Quietl Billy and Ray are sleeping." Magic I Pokemon. "You wanna go orienteering'?" Rubiks Cube. you still can't it one-handed. Simpsons...6:30. 7:00. 7:30. Who makes their backpack? "THANK YOUUUUUUUUIUV' Greenbury Point Towers. Enough of having Billy being your role model. Color by it's yes. Just and to and do O XV Il 22nd Company 359 41 W RYAN HILLIS MCKAY OWATONNA, MN NAvY NFO Eternal Father strong to save whose arm hath bound the restless wave who bidd'st the mighty ocean deep its own appointed limits keep oh. hear us when we cry to Thee for those in peril on the sea: O Christ! Whose voice the waters heard and hushed their raging at Thy word who walked'st on the foaming deep and calm amidst its rage didst sleep oh hear us when we cry to Thee for those in peril on the sea: Most Holy Spirit Who didst brood upon the chaos dark and rude and bid its angry tumult cease and give for wild confusion peace oh hear us when we cry to Thee for those in peril on the sea: O Trinity of love and power our brethren shield in danger's hour from rock and tempest. tire and foe protect them wheresoe'er they go thus evermore shall rise to Thee glad hymns of praise from land and sea!! MATTHEW TIERNEY MIDURA I ELLICOT CITY. MD NAvY NFO "Watch it bounce...Watch it bounce!" Out with the Navigator girlies. It I doesn't take 25 minutes for the shower to warm up. In bed by 10:30 every A A night. Crazy Dave stories for entertainment. Watching peep shows with Trell. "No. you." "Oooohhhhh!" Perfect school attendance for 4 years. "Well l didn't want to shave my goatee so l thought it would be better to show up in civies insteadf' Strung more Lacrosse heads then taken tests. "I think my hair is coming back." Waterboy. Matty Moe. Cheddar Bob, 2-l gnome? Flyer? "Yo sexyf' You up for another deep sea fishing trip? l promise we will catch something this time. Irish accents. MD boy. going back to the mother land...Wait until we get our whites...The ladies will love us. VT...woah. your ankle looks like a softball. Undefeated in baseball. Boston...I should have listened to you. Great guy. l'm gonna miss ya. We will all meet up again in the air...that could be scary. From the begining you have been a great friend they should have let you Hy. lfo ain't so bad either. keep it real, you are the man! JONATHAN DANIEL NELSON FT. LAUDERDALE, FL SPECIAL WARFARE DP: Ferbreeze. BW: Grunt, mumble. What u say Jonboy? Density of food. Congrats, forehead big as Trell's. Call green machine if you lose your red ' ' rubber ball CircusSeal. AG: Only man who'd make my truck smell like food. WT still your B? Jonmid vs Jesus? MH: You're WT's B. Only guy who'd bum any 8a everything. BS: Only mid to have a 4.2 GPA. Run back from the clipper club. BT: Not giving you Iny food anymore Fatty! My vote was Jesus'd whoop your butt. JC: mmm. U gonna eat that? It's in the trash can. Jon. mmm. that's k. l'll take it. NC: Hereis to brother Jonboy...l out of 3 not bad...2TP Triathalon. Watch out for them wizards. towers. and Sandusky red snappers. PM: JohnnyMID! Superseal. Run in cold. I'm talking easy-mac here shipmate. Pillow bangers. SR: Tough as nails. in bed by 8 p.m. every night. Alcohol's no effect on you. Probly be president. l'll defect long before then. Jesus beat you fair and square! JS: Became a seal just to spite me. l'll say something nice cause I doubt anyone else will. tEditl CR: Damn it feels good to be a gangsta. Nocturnal year. Strippeifdoctoi wife Hairless wonder Gimme lunch B! Leavin on ajet plane, Driving. so? This year's to get not fat! It's, Bedtime! 360 2 0 0 4 -.Q -lv V' 1 5 'r 'A .tv Q- ,,. 'rr I ii, 1 1 X ' f 5 f .4 'ZUQIIII ERIC OLVERA EL PASO, TX fam? 5 .gg 21 SURFACE WARFARE blah. blah. blah DANIEL JOHN PETERS GRAND ISLAND, NE . :L . NAVY PILOT Duh...seriously, basically, obviously, essentially...Inay the dice be with you...that smelly V . Vegas trek...the Horseshoe closed, the Bellagio is next. . .the potentially felonious matter. p .,3.f51'jffyy Ib Y Where are my clOthes...You gonna hold that lamp all day...PI calling you out from far I ' . . . . . f3'I.I4??W' . away...stop shak1ng...tO Shipstam. from C-Dubif43 Your only my triends cause I have A a car. . .you have been in the navy for almost 8 years and you still haven't been in the i'qM ggnx p M A Heet. . .Dan the lover of all...Thought we would be in the same family. . .An unnamed person vandalizes graveyard. SEE YA IN THE FLEET..the Bearf1f59 Read Key...The JW ilii MMM A I old man of Navy Football, played seven more plays than I did sophomore year, will never let me forget it.. .Roommates at the hotel - roommates at the GHOST. . ."837 times. . Fact ofthe day... Trained hair Golden locked bronze god. Once ate himself to 300 pounds. . .Epic film night. ..Always knows the right answer for at least pretends toj. . ."Magee. you have the worst listening skills ever!,'. . .',Youthful Stupidity,'..True friend and brother ...Wormsff63 Is that Patrick Swayze? Lake Gaston with Woody, M.R. and the kids. Patiently waiting for Shellariniraskanewski... Studley, VA'?...Body-4-Life. , .Runza anyone? Scarlet and Cream. . .Hell's Angels. . .The Ghost Summer of 2003:Debacle. . .The March Midwest Tour. . .Thanks for the memories. . .cya in P-Cola. .Bratsva For Life-JGif66 "Shipmate...PoSt! MRB I LACEY MICHELE POPSON WYOMING, PA NAVY PILOT Eating Iell-O out ofa bowl at the beach..."FlVE GOLD STARS FOR KEVIN!" - "I DO have a hood on this sweatshirt. . .SEE'?'?'?" - You can fall for chains of silver: you can fall for chains of gold... Listening to the Same song over. and over again... Shakira. the General. "Bouncing. round from cloud to cloud. . Why aren't there more people here like us? Hart Room time? Getting rammy youngster year in 2107. Echinacea? Pumpkin bars and tortellini salad. Brussels summer 2003. DD calendars. muehlheisens. le Petit Prince. Gettin lost in CR, fruity Caesar. tequila shots in VA Beach while breakin windows. old beemers and neons. Disney I princesses. RW and Friends addicts. Where'd the frosted cookies go? Concerts and singing in the room. Rocky my boy toy. drinking from buckets. try not to run your plane into my ship I Poopsie. You got early lights? Going to bed and you're waking up ! So I wasn't the best plebe. Baltimore fun. Tequilla shots : missing underwear. Civilian halloween. Nghtmr5l3. Loungin' at Capt. Dave's. From pancakes and Inilk-shakes on Wednesday nights. trick-or-treating. being sun goddesses. and Working out with SEALS to 'We ran a Inarathon !' Singing Xmas carols after taps. carpools home and care packages chat 'mysteriously disappeared' .. November Company to the Fast Freddie SHAKA BRA! Bally's, Japanese rose gardens and getting lost. Detail with you know who xl. Swimming with the primadonnas. So lucky to know a doll as awesome as you-see ya in P'cola Poppyseed I -MBC. LKG. ABG. EAY. MBC 22nd Company 361 .-I CRAIG J AMES RICHARDSON EMPORIA, KS NAVY PILOT "huh huh huh huh huh huh. yeah." "lVlmmmmm ...... b:l"'l1lies." I wonder what would happen if E-ring and C-ring wrestled... Does anyone want to listen to Kid Rock and ln Da Club before we go skiing? 34-DD's and 27. C-rings mad closet game. C-ring falling off his chair after Zuk's classic White Russian. "Are these the boneless kind?" "Pass the catsupf' "That there bucket of meat." MANWHORE. Hey Craig you wanna play euchre? Two words. one hyphcn "Mid-West." -I dudes. 3hour ride to AC. and all the nasty details about C-Ring in France. Unky Craig. "The kid deserves my love. but ljust don't have it to give." The Baby's mama's stealer. Craig that kind of dancing can get you 5-10 years in most states. "Coors light .... .best beer ever!" ALCOHOLICS. Chiefs in the Super Bowl. huh Craig? "Ya you still owe me 350.65 from McDonalds." Craig you're driving home. you don't need the ict-plane song. Sit there on the bed for a while. GET NOT FAT! lvlaxim-a-month for the rest of your life. So you fought Bower great. except for the him beating the shift out of you part. Don't leave soap in the microwave. Next time just let Rosey copy the stuff from your calculator. N1KOLAs GIROUX RONGERS BEDFORD, OH I NAVY PILOT ' Always been there for me and Ill do the same for yoults been a crazy I ride and I dont think Id of made it without youYoure my best friend bud thanks for everythingWatch out for ferry operators with no teethDont forget my trucks bigger than yoursYou only wish you were ltalianBMCWhat can I say about a FrenchCanadian that hasnt already been said Squadmates 3C year 4121 2C year XOs lc year its been a good tripYoure a funny guy you swimmerboxergymnastmalemOdelYou were always there with a joke whine or word of encouragementYou were a great roomie you are an even better friendJAJ Canadian part time friend and part time victim thanks for all the laughs and traded blows DJBut I do love you ChristineDrinking tequila worms is great spewing after is not Some pretty boys get all the luckEDSWe will always have Everclear ri ght'.'RHMBreakin it down with high schoolers in Quebeclvleet at QuakerSteakHooters for the SuperBowlCrOod lifting buddy Checkin out a sailboat for a picnic the Nile on YpsCan you tell me that story again please NEHJust cuz the pic is taped to your monitor doesnt mean you can click it with your mousel look forward to rescuing you from a smokey crater around your 2 year pointMTS SETH JOHN ROSENBERRY MONROEVILLE, NJ SUBMARINES "Jet fuelf' 'fDouble JD on the rocks." "Giiiinn an Juice." Snorting No- se- Doz. Thanks for bilging us in the bathroom during plebe summer. Is that a VW or a pig? Does interesting things with Lego's. Magnum XL man. I I inches. . .aroundl Too bad the back door was locked. Give us a side view. Ohhhhh Nimitz, ohhhhh Nimitz. Oblivious to DJTraCulCZ's pogo shows. Taping off at 5:30. . .way to piss Off a stressed out dude. The only way to get you out was to lock your books in the con locker. g'Three times and I kept going...Thanks Yohimbif' Did you learn to dance from Craig? Learned the secret to C-Rings closet game. l00 demerits, 60 days. 6 months loss of privileges. one cup of coffee. Thanks for watching us while we were sleeping. Tripod. lf you haven't seen IT, you should. 362 2004 KARLEE SCHEIMREIF DELRAN, NJ NAVY NFO Jersey Fresh, Reif,you came to us with a smile and never lost it over the 4 years. Maybe it was all the gunny butts8ctists full of pink petals. . .from Hit Squad, Tyson Scheimreifson,"Spoon me!"8L"Kanani!" tAnn and I got spooned lt' btw! to convincing me the shower isn't the best place to sleeptbut a good place to wrestlel you've been a rock. . .or a bundle of blankets sometimes. Not many people have two birthdays, random cg visits tya thought we were sleepingll, and half an eyebrow. "I'm just a girl f S -1 -"-I Q gf f N I 7 -, ff ,jf Q .-be -Q ff- SJW?" X A- 'f , f' T' " ' ,f- In 'lf- a -A - Q 7 in all white, sitting next to another girl...wearing...all...white." Who else could I commandeer a ferry in NO. wf or share the same thought when I hear the words 'health and wellness"? Fever's desk will never be the same.Through the ups, the downs, and the rumble strips, 'Friends encourage one another! EAY Keeping me sane through those long astro nights,what more could I ask for'?Besides, of course, clown wig red. vibrating bulls. late runs to Griftins. and a Bridesmaid!May the future bring us closer together Q Godspeed. -CW MARC ANTHONY SEALS N EWNAN, GA SURFACE WAREARE mentally and physically and to imbue them with the highest ideals of duty. honor and loyalty in order to provide graduates who are dedicated to a career of naval service responsibilities of command, citizenship and government." JESSE RYAN SHAUL "The mission of the United States Naval Academy is to develop midshipmen morally, and have potential for future development in mind and character to assume the highest AURORA, C0 SURFACE WARFARE You have come a long way since the Golden Showers. Sweating contest with Zemo. McFadden's favorite plebe. Tunnic Tunnic Tan. Eat all the beans! Mouse. Jeffery. You are never going to look good naked. Ship Selection based on Star Wars release date. "Maybe if I just let a little out to those out! "We decided to use her last name because Judith feels. and I totally agree. relieve the pressure...URRRGGGHHHH Waddling past the family in the Mid Store parking lot. I hope you threw that using the males last name is sexist!" Sleeping with H You have a great future in cinematography. Things you can do with a web cam. Where do you call home? PA or CO? Columbian darks. D. Skinny. Don't worry...you don't look like Buzz Lightyear. So what's your major? "We have a problem. . - Bowman. And then you disappeared... 22nd Company 363 WILLIAM RAYMOND SHERIDAN III I CHELMSFORD. MA SUBMARINES "Bahama Bill." Handle Friday. Starting in Annapolis. waking up in New Hampshire. Mug shots with Hvoz. Step l3...repeat I-12. Rubber sheets. Personal record - 6 times in one day. 3 roommates in one year. Where's Billy'?...Check the wardroom. How did you live with Ray and come out clean? "She's got boobs and a butt. ..l like that." Drinking major. Cvambling Ininor. and a math problem. CIPA 4.0. BAC 4.0. Drunk on duty. check. Drunk skiing. check. Drunk in school. check. Surprisingly did not wet the RV! Sweet raccoon face from Colorado. How do you go on the Coors tour and not have a free one afterwards. How do you get a speeding ee ticket on the off ramp? "Hey Billy. what is the spread?" Yo you got a dip on your forehead? 525.000 loan. 3310.000 bonus. 4 overflowing spitters. 3 times a day. 2 wet pants. and l lost roommate. "Billy, why were you stripping your deck naked?" "The police pulled us over. . .and then I had to apologize to her parents." Take a hedge trimmer to that thing. IVIAILE DANIELLE SHIMODA ORANGE, CA To our basketball superstar. "Did you know there was supposed to be a plebe summer before you got here?" Never could resist those SEAL wannabes. Spring Break in the OC. Zltl b-day adventures in VA Beach. "Never Ever Have I Ever .... " "Oh damn." Late night talks- why are we always so tired the next day? YOUR SQUAD LEADER?'?'? Hmmm. Ooh-rah. I had this bad dream that I went to a prison school and became a Marine... wait a minute... "I don't care. I don't wanna be here .... Collecting "presents" for people from the cruise boxes during finals. How's that Atkins diet treating you? "Ice cream isn't carbs. it's all fat. . Talking in the bathroom during plebe summer... man. this place sucks... Switching rooms plebe year- how did that happen'?!?I "I got these awesome sneakers on e-bay that no one else has" Where do you get all those funny smelling foods ..... Plebe year switches. climbing in bed after I fell diving onto mine. really liked that late night scuba twin. youngster year online shopping sprees. closets full of clothes. "EEW. what are you eating. get that tuna out of here". Fights over watch. Ring Dance squad leaders. ballin all the guys, you spent how much? drinking bottles of Vodka. projectile vomiting in the room. lookin good in the Marine green! Creeping...Iate nitesmhoarding the bottlefall the timel...i dont know anyone...that's me on the poster...tan k...nemo .... old dirty married marines...Maile. you take the ball...belly button rings...i own him...carrier landings- LMP. LKG. ABG. AR ERIC DAVID SWANSON P CAMP PENDLETON, CA USMC GROUND , ' "I will instruct thee and teach thee in the way which thou shalt go: I will guide thee with mine eye." Psalms 32:8 "If you want to leave footprints in the sands of time. wear work shoes." - Unknown 364 2004 Yi D MICHAEL EDWARD THORNHILL J R V 'WHL llh ' ' - f. !-' .- , ,- if . 1 l ,A 5 ' -:T ':. ' f " 'gift-'f-NN , af- ., . t e " . -7 4 ,. . ST. FRANCISVILLE, LA SURFACE WARFARE "Go SWO with Bo!" The Original. "Schiiieza!" "So who wants to pick the movie'?...Anybody but Bo? Put your hand down Bo!" And then he - discovered pepperoni pizza. The Italians would like to thank you for single-handedly saving their economy. not to mention the number of papa johns employees you've put through school. "So I'm skiing downhill right? Now remember. I can only turn left..." My name is Bo Thornhill. and I have no taste in beer. "I'll take a bud-light" "Anybody have a knife I can borrow? I said A knife bo. . "Damn, I forgot my knife. . .well this I apple is useless" The original Hawaiian-tight. How you picked up that squirrel. . .we will never know. Shoulda been a cowboy... "I shoulda gone to LSU" "Musquedine. anyone?" King Cake. The only Cajun who knows where Israel and Palestine are. You ate 9 burgers? Who was that dude you were sleeping with in the hallway. Closet trainer .... service selection cape. About the most stand-up guy we know. . .the Duke would be proud. tHe'd be even more proud if you'd lose the hairdryer and start eatin' chili...J. I l ..- BENJAMIN LEE WILLS . PLANO, TX USMC GROUND Do you even know where the toilets are? He uses his size to his advantage. Using a Ziplock bag as a bivy sack. Loads of fun with his ultimate fighting!Bridget Moynihan tiles on his computer. You can have Penelope critter on his chain. Feet. damn, whats wrong with your FEET. Should have pissed on the tank with Trey. would call dude. I don't see how you get into that beast ofa truck by yourself. much less drive it around the streets of ! is Ben'?'?'? Answer your phone!! One day you will have to learn how to use a knife. Great letter. .. love the letter. Who are all the chicks on your cork board and why haven't you hooked us all up? Wendy's isn't even that great. We all know the Crown Lion stole I your dance! ! !! Closet slayer. New Texas rides again. Finally someone slapped Greene!!! I l I I I Cruz man, she aint that hot. Curled up in a ball next to Critter on his Zlt' birthday. The only one who could keep the have got same punishment. Who the hell makes their own ghille suit. Who is K2Orange. Naval architecture? Great Annapolis. Dodge's are great trucks. but Jeep,s suck'?'?'? A little secret Ben. they are both Chryslers! Where the hell ELIZABETH ANNE YATKO DALTON, PA MEDICAL CORPS I Yut-ko, you had a pretty low profile plebe year, but when 3fC year rolled around... I there was no stopping the three amigos. Hiding from the world under your desk. not remembering the birthdays you MADE UP. Pants Optional Thursdays. trying to speak German, knife and fork. "you look the same." rumble strip. parachuting men and pink I petals. candy corn. and "We were mud wrestling in shower. l swear." NYC. punk rock DC. N.O.- "When I do something for the hrst time. . l thought you were random until we opened that care package from your mom. gl Ofcourse the freezer is a logical place to put your keys. Good luck with spelling for the rest ofyour life and remember. "Friends encourage one another." -KS "I have to be sober to suture?" Sunset Cliffs with a bottle ofwine does Wondersw You know who. It's not the critic who counts after 25 miles in the mud. 49 West. smiles on my linger. reality check. believin i in the impossible, singing and singing and singing. a friend no matter the distancesKNM U C y 22nd Company 365 I ll 1 - RGBERT MICHAEL ZABOROWSKI I BEL AIR, MD SUBMARINES Technical is Iny middle name..,The coolest tlnng I have done is car surf...NESA is for men...Hey Swanson...I mean Zaborowski...I am sorry...u both look alike .... EDS "Why do a conference on Turkey? Why not ham or chicken?" It was an experience man. . .turn down the bass. I think they're gonna tear down the wall...look the ceiling is vibrating...AIl I gotta say is the Wild went further than the Wings .... RHM CHRISTOPHER LANCE JAMES ZACHARY FRISCO, TX USMC GROUND DBdeez nuts! Undue stress... spontaneous at its best... cheap shots lead to sweet fights on the field... trunk ofa taxi cab headed to DTA. . .Anyone seen List's dvd's?? Lots of energy, big powerful horse legs that never quit. Fried himselffor not playing playstation. People Person l0l. Lover ofall things: bad ideas. spontaneous decisions, loans. "Quick game of NCAA? ".... singing the wrong words to bad songs ..... guitars on the toilet? ..,.. hanging with Zach is like babysitting a four year old ..... Atlantic city anyone?... Spring Break 2003: 8 M days in Colorado, 27 hours in the Bahamas, snuck on international Flight to get back to America. . .Always finds a way to break the unbreakable .... entirely too comfortable with being naked. . .put some clothes on... predictably unpredictable... Good to see you Tickle me Elmo. Huge disgusting horselegs which propel him to Superman interceptions. Social butterfly. "Zach, please don't break it. Actually, please don't touch it." Let's go get some loans man, it's a bank, they like giving us money right'?? Frank really loves seeing you in his kitchen. Really. Please stop touching me, I don't want to break. The unlikely pimp. Very smooth. Deep down inside we all wanted to. RRRRRRRRRRABERI I! List called, he wants his DVD's.. Cowboy up...Se1nper Fi brother, out, kshhhhb. JOSEPH MORGAN ZUKowsKY CANFIELD, OH . SURFACE WARFARE ' Things originated by Joe - spoon in the yogurt lid. the saying "You got your tickets to the gun show?" Baby Joe. "No you hang up lirst". The balloon. Sausage lingers. What the hell is wrong with your thumb? "Just follow your nose!" - Toucan Sam. That rash is from not wearing any underwear. "Ya whatever Joe." "Is the bass supposed to be that high?" Bill at Wrinkles .... 59300. Throwing your cover over the bridge .... Fl-330. Hollering at dinosaurs...prieeless. Rug burns that look like zebra stripes. "How is Scotty doing?" "Sir, do you know where I can find overalls?" There are days when I see Joc's more then my own. Pizza Chef Joe. Cookies and Cream Ice cream. Jack Daniels. and Beer...yummy. "Lightning Crashes. an old Inother cries..." "Joe what were you building last night?" "Seriously, what are you doing in the shower at 5:30 in the morning?" Hey what is going on in the minivan? "Ya my cousin is 6'8". 350lbs." Joe, it was just a hairy man behind a window with bars. Hummm .... what couldl do with a l5lb lobster head? - Send it to a chick. Re-elect Reagan. or was it Nixon? "I love dump trucks. Like when I tell my mom I love her, I tell her I love her like a dump truck. 366 2004 , -.... ..... ...I ..... -' Summer Michelle Andrew Benjamin Christopher James Jujuan Alan Caroline Marie Brian Christopher Todd Warren Bardsleymarcial Bockus Bongard Bonner Jr. Brochu Caldwell Savona Carlson ' 3 Adam Grant Deirdre Erin Collins Jenna Amber Corter Kenneth Charles Garth George Brad Carlin Ryan C. Doot John Phillip Christianson Dalton Davidson Dickinson Fischer ll J John Laurence Kate Marie Ford Justin Tadashi Jeremy Jay Garner Andrew Patrick Timothy Lee Jason Paul Kreutter Thomas Gordon Flynn Fuiimura Gilliland Henderson Love III Nathan Lloyd Erik Matson Robert Paul Mayer Vincent John Robin Teresa Moder Josh Lloyd Joshua Daniel Gates Edward John Malnati Mazzurco Nickerson Pivarsky 22nd Company 367 "W Q M 1 Li? -gfri? Q41 4. 1,05 J? as fm Q eff 5 win: VN? 4 VS- . u 1 ,IM gy. 2915? 14 ' ,, , 'R , Q. 514'-3 119' Q 1. 'A ' 'C 5 ex I , l W' T7 F? William Gavril Ansel Arthur Doub Jason Scott Doyle Victor Trcmayne Jason Daniel Epps Warren Halcot Cynthia Gelpi Uriol Mirel Gutarra Cocos III Duenow Fool 'r L William Alexander Rebecca Lynn Zachary Paul Jones William Robert Patrick Joseph Stephen Samuel Patrick Michael Francis Scott Haro III Jabouri Knapp Lukanich lVlclVIath Morey Nelson , . 2, ,, ,Q Joshua Pridham Joseph Patrick William Theodore Lloyd Douglas Douglas John David Joseph Chester Richard Matthew Evans Snelgrove Taft Thompson III Verblaauw Vitollo Williams Jr. Wood u., :ex 'hu :rf H1 .-5+ gn uafff N 22nd Company 369 !l'Fllfl af A11 0119661721 K K F..........e....V Y,Y.. . ..... J., ....,. ,.,. . ., , .f V,.. ..-nm ., C .- ,..Y , ,, .. . ,,.,,,,,.,, , , . ,,..,,,.,,,,, ,.,,,,,,,, ,,,,1,,.o-,H 3 . 2 5 E Major John Hama Aaron M. Ochalek, Company XO Company Officer Erik R. Spalding, Company Commander Joseph R. Viola, First Sergeant Senior Chief Charles Sanders Company Senior Enlisted .. -V 1 , . v , , , - 1 l is S., 1 J A 5 pri 5 John M. Zahodne, Company XO John I. Actkinson, Company Commander Christina A. Fallon, First Sergeant 1 l 1 l i 1 i 2004 1 A t JOHN IRA ACTKINSON REU 2? Q SAN ANTONIO, TX gm-,. i 1 -,, -,- ,XF f is ,-I.. 'xl' . ,Qin ,I 1 1 1 l 1 1 l I 1 1 'Q f'- . N 'il X gr x. g f - fr- . , 2 .J - uf. T. fr- 1 -1 - 40 s NUCLEAR SURFACE WARFARE NAPS and the birth of Frank Look out for all those snakes and bombs out there Chicken Wings and Beer Bro's before Hoe's Playing poker and drinking some Yuengling Plebe year at the Kram's what a debaucheiy Spring Break Booze Cruise and Daytona Doctor said I need a backeotomy To Hunting and Fishing with the Fam Katie and I head to Texas USS Chief I think I need a new gun! MATTHEW ALAN BECKER SILVERDALE, WA SUBMARINES Service Selection: CIA. If Reynolds Shrink Wrap needs a spokesman, he's the guy...that guy that nobody knew was in the company, nice to meet you finally! Oh yes, Ilve been known to get away with just about anything. How did the hole on my leg get there? I'm so sneaky, I don't even know! God bless the bike team. Its given me endurance, stamina, and frustration for many reasons. Short and to the left but that never stopped him from pumping away at those arms. . .GO Navy Bike Team! Uhh, forties in the back of a van? How did you get that tan being so shady? It's getting late but we still have half the homework left. You know what we always say. Just don't try that at nuke school. No man has accomplished so much with so many people not knowing about it, but that's what shrink wrap is all about, keeping it undercover. This shady cat was the worst in the brigade, quiet cool collected. Just don't get him going on one of his random laugh outbursts, they last quite awhile. The greek knows what's up, right roomie? Hey matt you there "yeah Phil" okay nevermind... I never did Matt. I never did. Anyhow, if you ever have a medical concern you know who to call... my parents are doctors. So here is to four years of us and a lifetime of friendship. . .And finally you get to get paid to go down below. MASON WIGHT BERRY WASHINGTON, DC NAVY PILOT Ahhh yes the Mase man, dancing on the stage of Webster Hall didnt some guy bid on you? CPVJ Mason, what is your Mom doing? Thanks for all the memories from Key West to Cancun Clook Dad I'm on national TV, wait is that guy with the camcorder filming me?J Over three and one half years living together! Don't worry you didn't really hit him even if those handcuffs sure felt real?! KNBJ Road trips! Cook-outs in the rain...drinks with mom...sleeping on couches..."What exactly are you two?"..dancing.. to long conversations, to "Mason, tix it!" to your infinite patience, to girl advice and boy help: we've done it all. UBB Hey, have I ever mentioned I know Al Gore? No?!?! Let me tell you about EVERYTHING. And yes, your mom reminds people of the Hforgetfull' fish from Finding Nemo. KDJJ "Hooters waitress:a legitimate profession." Intercessionals: speedos and sombreros, we'll get another shot at PJ sometime. CEBMJ Dont forget Cheddar came to life at your house! CShou1d have soaked the wood chips.J Country music in a couple of Jeeps, dancing with any girls that look halfway decent, room 6223: Stinky feet representin! To my Hrst time clubbing, my Hrst Georgetown party, and many classes stuck in Maury that shouldnlt have been as fun as they were...thanks for always bringing the party. CSpokJ 23rd Company 371 .4 F RYAN MATTHEW BLACKLOCK KATY, TX NAVY PILOT Mispronouncing pop as coke and seeing if"ya'll" are Hiixin' to" drink a Shiner for the sake ofdrinking a Shiner, from never shooting a pistol in your life to national champ, you've been away from Texas for too long. Texas Football. Wearing out ,lerry JeffCD's and The Big Lebowski DVD, think we've finally got it all memorized yet? Arguing over everything, using our cellphones too much, taking sporadic deturs to save time, and at 3am everything is funny, especially your lVlAPR's. Put in a little work at lirst and its amazing how little you have to do. EDDIE CHARLES CARTHAN DONELSONVILLE, FL SURFACE WARFARE "The mission of the United States Naval Academy is to develop midshipmen morally, mentally and physically and to imbue them with the highest ideals of duty, honor and loyalty in order to provide graduates who are dedicated to a career of naval service and have potential for future development in mind and character to assume the highest responsibilities of command, citizenship and government." CHRISTDPHER WILLIAM CLEVENGER RANCHO PALO VERDE, CA SUBMARINES Ah to be done with school. lt was a pain while I was there but looking back all that I can remember are the good time that were had doing things to pass the time. Between sailing physics and frisbee there wasn't much time to think about anything else, but with a combination like that who would want to. lt did earn me the several nick names, well that and my living style. A few points leave behind for fribee guys are Ruby Tuesdays any time that you are on an MO, and never take on the "responsibilities" of team captain, they can be bigger and uglier than you think. Physics is a blast you just have to survive until everyone's test average drops down to yours. As far as sailing goes it's a blast, sailing through ice Hows isn't, but coaches like Heffjust make you want to do it. What can you say about Chris? He's short, a pack rat, from cali, and wants to be a sub driver. Despite all these short comings, he's a great guy who will always help you out when you need it. With a nickname like Banzai, how can you go wrong really? 372 2004 I MARK PHILIP DUGGAN ASHBURN, VA NAVY PILOT "Dooogan", "what'?", "nothin" -CMV "Maaak, it's Love, NB. Cowboy up! Jeep rides. country music. , Stinky Feet for lifetMWBJ! Chee-eese. Truffle Shuffle. Cheddar, croquet and places that have asked us to leave. turned this hairy Irish-Italian into a love machine... Go, Your smiling mug in the morning. Wait there is a stair t"'IQ" 7 if your mothah" there, watch out. Neilisms. 6223: From Hacksaw to EBM. " Cheddar, go get her! I" and with these words we teach others what you have learned and done" love ya bro - ERS 'Tri'. Everybody's best friend. especially the ladies-DTH. Farva. Cheddar, HBLOOD, BLOOD! I I" - AWS For the love ofGod. all I wanted was a little bit of action from a soviet spy. Someday. this nice guy won't hnish last-DJE. ZX4, Mark. let's go to the mall...give em one! tUuuhhJ...aww. youfre like a teddy bear.the fat kid jokes were fun, but you know we love you-CAP. Chedda and Feta they make it betta. The speed to which Feta can dixe I nekkid into a shower Duran Duran can't top that. You threw the Greek head first into a window, Mark Duggan is magic. only he can make the i eagle land, and when it does, the Chedda will melt in her mouth not in her hand.-VPV. Like a brother to me. and this ffl squad leader knows how to , party. Tailgating until midnight, Taco Tues., Ladies' Night, hunting wild gals. Notre Dame, and fun define Cheddar. -AMO Thanks to the boys who D got me through this place, and to the girls, you know who you are, you were always there when I needed you. Ya'll are the best. I I DEREK JAMES ELLIOTT RENO, NV I NAVY PILOT The force is strong with this one, this kid from Reno don't lay around much cuz he is A f ' sf '- ,cf ,. ,tij- 7 - J - 4 A slayin a bunch, a bunch ofwhat is still to be determined but he is out there giving it his all to all the listeners ofthe Ethnic Lounge. especially to CPU and MIDN S. hell they might even be reading this right now, damn do they look good on paper. Wednesday night will I forever be voided by the absence of no-holds-bar Ethnic Lounge. Shnoz! Il Keep the comic genius coming Girth, and God bless you ifthose fat genes ever catch up to you. Always came through in a clutch, especially when some ofthe guys needed dates on short notice. Mr. "I practice my Backstreet Boys dance moves naked in the mirror" and I toolbelts on the beach, fighting a few losing battles against the power of PJ. YPs and the I Village Idiot, the VD Hour...thanks for the Ring Dance date and I swear l'm not a sexual I predator, no matter what she says. Don't forget us little people when you've started your own boy band. Don't forget times tilled with NSYNC I dances onthe tennis courts, the picnic ,.... and Blue and Gold. Crash course dance lessons before Spring Break. What's that on my shoulderl? Pilot to Q Bombadier and line dancing in underwear at all the wrong times. In house surgeon. You drank beer out ofwhat while skiing? Could use a Navy van for all the right things. Always ready to make a little love, and on any given Saturday he'll be gettin down tonight. I I NEIL BRYAN FLETCHER ROSWELL, GA NAVY PILOT The few times Neil made it out ofNimitz Library to go out were always good timesg Along with Neil's intimate knowledge ofthe Yard, Neil became the father figure of the boys and a best friend to me..-Cheddar Neil: Where are you from again? Jersey? That's Right North Jersey Boys Forever. AS. Cancun morning recaps t"All I know is that she goes to UVA and she likes to play basketball."l Its been a great four years and I wouldn't trade any moment. To my favorite Springsteen wanna-be. . .catch you on the Hip side. Love, MB Neillie Bee... Get off l- A 80 or you'll end up in NYC, and don't speed through Virginia on the way. Girls from Dewey to Oxford to the WWII memorial to Rams Head iso she's 28 and used to do what'?J. but you could never get them back to your room in the library. Beer Club, FL, sack in the sprint football game. OLBs tor life. Neilisms. "you really did two plebe years?" HS streaker to 'nrstie stripes and the only striper I ever loved besides Spencer... you've come a long way. but you're still our HERO. "Let's go see Neil." -rbfagfbm. To all the Boys..Thanks for the memories, here's to many more! I I 23rd Company 373 I .4 l l ADAIVI JOSEPH GENGLER aff' LINCOLN, NE USMC GROUND Nebraska football, marriage plans, sailboats, living in the keys, furniture Inaking, real estate rentals. house repairs on the weekends. owning a ranch. designing a house, speaking Arabic, new workout plans, plateau stories, playing Intramurals twait, that was someone elsel, King of the Hill, Family Guy, Wes Anderson films tRoyal Tenenbaums, Bottle Rocketl, 3am rover watch underneath T-court, RaIn's Head, Tony 84 Cindy's. The Big Lebowski: "l'm sorry, I wasn't listening." Bottle Rocket: "Exhaustion'?" "Yes, exhaustion." "You haven't worked a day in your life. How could you be -i exhausted?" Take 'er easy dude. And we know that you will. -rbfbm DAVID ANDREW HUNT ROCHESTER, NY NAVY PILOT It's been a fast four years. It hasn't been as bad as everyone said it would be. Thanks Mom and Dad for the moral and financial support. I think you guys enjoyed "The Academy Experience" as much as I did. Track- IUOSI rewarding, exciting. and worthwhile thing I've ever done. Every year we get better . . . and every yearl have Inore stats to remember. C ooksey, Baitels, and C antello- always keeping us entertained. Poker- I never knew what a great game it was until l came here. Thanks to everyone for the donations. Guitar- 1,111 not Eddie Van Hunt as Ben once said. but it's been fun jammin' with everyone. As for my roommates- about the most laid back guys I know. I found out that this place is more fun when you actually get along with your roommates. The eternal suppliers of video games and DVDS. Good luck 23. DAVID TYLER HURST BAKERSFIELD, CA NAVY PILOT T-dawg, Big T - If Lance Armstrong had a stalker this kid would be it... Those Tour de France DVDS are great. You shave your legs how often? That curb can hurt. Oh well, it's worth it as long as we get to Ogle "her" during her nightly visits. Swim. . .bike...and then run a little aSS, at 0230. Oops forgot you had a race. Tyler's passing up another chance to go out with us? I for one am shocked. Well, he does have a race coming up .... in 2 months. A triathlete by day and party animal by night...You been drinking all night,how Inany beers was that? "'Did Tylerjust have Inore than two beers'?' 'Thats gotta be a record."' No, there are less stairs this way. Taking upperclass sisters to balls, he is part ofthe catch release program ofcourse we didn't catch anything oh well it was still fun swinging the ole pole around speaking of poles and swinging it took me a while to reveal the secret but now you know. Oh yeah, by the way that's Iny ring dance date in your lap. This hooyah went to Panama City to get honor. l've never seen someone so enthralled by fornicating deer... Here's to the life ofsurfing, taking it easy, and flight suits torjeans and T-shirtsl. AMO, EBM, MPD, MAB, NBF, VPV. Tri - Thanks for the memories boys - DT 374 2 0 0 4 1 i 1 1 TIMOTHY ANDREW LEONARDI PROSPERITY, PA NAVY NFO Varsity Swimming 4 years. Coach McGee Moody is to be his assistant. James Richard Foglemuth Ill: the successful renaming ofa person. Tony Terzano. coolest BENJAMIN THOMAS MAIDA JACKSONVILLE, FL SURFACE WAREARE For Fellas Like Me and MM3: And now, the end is near And so I face the final curtain My friend. I'll say it clear I'll state my case, ofwhich I'm certain I've lived a life that's full I traveled each and ev'ry highway And more, much more than this, I did it my way For what is a man, what has he got? If not himself, then he has not To say the things he truly feels and not the words of one who kneels The record shows I took the blows and did it my way. --Frank Sinatra MICHAEL JONATHAN MIELNIK RICHBORO, PA SURFACE WARFARE Mike Mielnik... just remember to think before you say anything, always at the wrong Bad luck and all he was still one ofthe nicest fellows you'd ever meet. even if he did look stoned when you met him. t's the swagger, his esteemed conduct history. and the that he was smart enough to realize that hopping in tights and rowing a boat with a bu place at the wrong time but keeps going day after day regardless of what happens. Keep the Mcarthys near by just in case bad luck wants to give you a run for your money any time soon. Keep fighting no matter what happens and keep your drafts! He had great luck unfortunately it was bad luck. Where's Mike? I don't know lets check the snow banks. of menjust wasn't cool which made him a legend. A belligerent drunk...not him, but a I 'alltytw . 1" . gEQ,1-an 5 I I f"-' '..A , vim 47 my hero. can't wait complete and total man alive. fact nch ladies' man...thats him. Best roommates ever, even iftheyjust wanted the closet space. Special thanks to the Jaegers, Irish Mafia, fellas at Donlon's, the Good CDR, and anyone else who witnessed my shenanigans. Especially when I needed a little "broken arrow" support. 23rd Company 375 ERIC BENJAMIN MONTGOMERY CARY, NC USMC GROUND Hooters+Ba-ia+Howl1where's Monty?-.IIAL Started your time at Navy I off in the pisser tswirlie boyl and almost ended it that way but thank god ' I for park benches and friendly Colonels. Just keep on walking Monty but secure that zipper. It's the beach again twell the sand tor you Yutl. we gotta even the score it's PJ tl! and us 405-NBFQ Beach hooouse. you naked? Shirtless nights at Howl. PJ. Why is my face wet?-MWBQ From the Halls of Bancrott to the shores ofCarolina We have run up huge credit card bills all in the pursuit of happiness And what have we both learned other than Long Islands. benches. and the Academy don't mix?-TRIQ May the hogs of Cancun be forever thankful for the chance to get down with the ideal devil dogfsexual predator-AMOQ "I don't like intervals.,.I like getting tat"-DTHQ Honor duty discipline drunkenness you name it l'Ie's got it. no man represents everything I stand for more than the Colonel-VPV1 First plebe XYZ case, can't beat the Swirlie Brothers. nap on orden. G'town during L'neck. the walks. "Its f'n cold out here." so when are you getting rubber sheets?-AWSL Mad Dog. Hurricanes. and beads. Bobby Lipton Gillette. "Hey look that ear's driving itself." 20 cent 4Ooz's and dropping face first in TJ-JER "Thats my roommate's desk. not a bed"-USg to countless TMD nights. DIE. MPD, CMV MICHAEL WILLIAM MOORE AUSTIN, TX USMC PILOT Ingredients Iinclude but are not limited tol: A tremendous sense of adventure seasoned with aII appropriate dash ofyut. A mustard seed of faith carefully situated in a heart strong enough to be broken. A mind grounded in the Inoral wisdom required to be a spiritual leader, though the Inemory may at times ensure a certain degree of humility. Two hands stained with the carbon sludge ofBMW innards. -All wrapped together with something slightly stronger then the spackle of Montes wall. Mike- forever a faith-filled friend. Best to ya bro! - DRB WHITNEY Ross MOREIIOUSE .fa I I FLORENCE, SC NUCLEAR SURFACE WARFARE In CDS we were asked to list our goals. Everyone sat there thinking, but you just wrote out at the top "Live in Vegas and be a professional gambler". And I am pretty sure that will happen soon. Its been a great tour years. and I wish you all the luck down in Mississippi fboth on the ship and at the nearby casinosj. Hit them deuces and Hushes. and if you're really lucky, Peyton will win the Super Bowl next year. and the "Lets Get Loud" CD at Camden Yards will get worn Out. SEE... YOU... LATER... -,I",IRF"Z Tony Terzano is the coolest man alive today!I!II!!I!!!l!!! 376 2004 AARON MICHAEL OCHALEK MiLAN, MI NAVY PILOT Was there ever a man who represented so much stoicism'?...Spok has it all, what Spok does he goes against the grain, the man of few words and even till he gets on the dance floor, then look at him go with that hand in the around like he just don't care...still without a smile on his face.tVPVl go to language school to brush up on that Spanish or Vulcan or whatever speak at the time. We wouldn't have made it to Notre Dame in that RV the Vato in the back.tMPDJ "Come on Aaron, let's go hogging, it's fun, month at the family funeral home 1 big inheritance tor Aaron...jungle buckets, hydrating my back seat, G'Town I two slayings at once...you down big 6225 style.tEBMl The Angel of Death: those stories about 43 l .-.D l x GT' xy ..-125, -,V tl '-2 . 1 N 4' . 'f - 5 but thats just fewer actions. air dancing Maybe you can language you if it wasn't for lor real." Busy juice and pimp. hold it the bodies your Ribs anyone'?tDTHJ "Wait, its ten dollars to get in this club, man, you got five bucks'?'?'?"tD.lEl Don't worry. . .being picky about girls will pay off someday, well, at least l hope it will.tAWSJ lfcleanliness is next to Godliness. you are going right to Heaven.tMWBJ Emotions have never had a worse adversary than this man. From Bahrain to Notre Dame, we have wreaked havoc on bars and clubs alike...ohh yeah...Show me that dance move one more time. . .tERS 'Tri'l folks bring home never get old. instead of whiney little rotc kids, KERRY NELSON RICKERT EAST CHINA, MI NAVY PILOT Like usual, I waited till the last possible minute to put this together, brings up some good memories and some I'd rather forget: White chocolate... I Montreal, nice petophile smile, those canucks, spring break, stay here Nimitz, the canoe trip with the nudists. . .sneaking onto the Saratoga .... poison ivy, rapelling, late night brawls, barques root beer, all nighters, D's place, late night hottub streaking, Canada, blind dates, damn Louisiana Tigers, piercings. tight pants. Yapaners, South Carolina swimming at 4am, Yana, glow stick party, San Diego. Rosarita. July 41", Moscow "competitions", the Hungry Duck, the scotish, riots, I already have an O-3 over at the bar! the Ramshead Powerpoint, whats the statute oflimitations on nearly" beer clubedness, snooze tag that roommates love, Germany, foreign relations, knock first, blown tires, the best XO SL team in the business, two a days for the PL. loyal customer to certain barbers, the roughest 2151 in many ways, Houston dancers, car pro-report, bumming rides after croquet, and the GI that never was. l couldn't have done anything without the tam, thankyou all... RYAN ALEXANDER RIPPEON THURMONT, MD SURFACE WARFARE Eternal Father strong to save whose arm hath bound the restless wave who bidd'st the mighty ocean deep its own appointed limits keep oh, hear us when we cry to Thee for those in peril on the sea: O Christ! Whose voice the waters heard and hushed their raging at Thy word who walked'st on the foaming deep and calm amidst its rage didst sleep oh hear us when we cry to Thee for those in peril on the sea: Most Holy Spirit Who didst brood upon the chaos dark and rude and bid its angry tumult cease and give for wild confusion peace oh hear us when we cry to Thee for those in peril on the sea: O Trinity of love and power our brethren shield in danger's hour from rock and tempest. tire and foe protect them wheresoe'er they go thus evermore shall rise to Thee glad hymns of praise from land and sea!! beer muscles with JF, our little speaker mouse, who takes two german classes...for real?" sleeping in the shower 23rd Company 377 T15 annul: i il l nu un nal! nl l , J UAN ENRIQUE ROSE III I .. ,.. 1 - H .gross xx GCEANSIDE, CA USMC GROUND During NAPS lndoc l began telling myself"the longer you wait the better it will taste." No sooner did l realize that it wasn'tjust my ex-girlfriend l spoke about. but everything in life. SUCCESS, FUN, and FAMILY are the three things l had myself living for and l want to emphasize that school is not...in fact...the most important thing in your lite tthanks 'shrink wrap' forthe inputl! l 33 days of restriction at NAPS, Hooters while on restriction, Freedom Bridge, SIU SAT because ofJW and URI friendsfk Said good bye to Puerto Rican Jackie, and after getting arrested 5 days before l-day l encountered 'Bobby Lipton Gillette' who has this to say about me: the guy who introduced me to the wonders ofTJ and the cardboard villages ofeast LA.J."fTJ, Tequila shooters, fallen soldier at Club Salari. and undressing outside my housed: On to my roomie 'White Chocolatef, La Tolteca, sleeping in your A chair with a broken arm. lake teeth from "surfing accident" .... Ramshead a little early...2t And representing the Skotardz tKB. RW, JK. Tizl, is 'Nannersf trips to NC, NY, surling in OC, Al and Peru, good times back home in Cali, TJ and crazy ass cross-country drix es. Of all the boyz. you know you're the most dependableg.lt's a shame you cOuldn't get SWO, l know it was your one true desire. A wise ass once said "the void left by your departure from the Westside was rightfully filled by someone that will never contribute to the growing populations of mexicans and always ensure the success ofanheuser busch inc." Primo, Pops, Kamikazee, Bert-Dogg, our memories began before these times, grew through and will keep on coming... NICHOLAS ANTONIO RUEDA WEXFORD, PA NAvY NFO To the Boys who didn't make into the yearbook: K. Hurdle, M. Lowry, J. Denicco, M. Mc Laughlin, J. Lockard, B. Lambert, D. Campbell, J. Dupre, M. Huggins, G. Zibikowsky, J. Wilson, M. Plouffe, P.J. Selvidio, M. Blake, A. Kram, S. Mathewst'll6l, T. Mc Closkey, C. Austin, R. Wood, A. Keeney, T. Lawyer, J. Herring, J. Broussard, G. Kim, J. Gray, M. Maloneyt'Ol J, Uncle Joe... FEBU CANDICE LAUREN SARLESE FULLERTON, CA USMC GROUND NWR. . .Army!Navy week getting my head shaved and retaliating .... are you on chit again? Movie nights with B, Coyote Ugly again? Yps, best summer cruise ever. . .tattoos, EOS. . .woohoo, truth or dare anyone? Youngster year. You made the nrst few months awesome. Meeting the best friend I ever had. Homecoming... unexpected discoveries. Spring break...grand canyon with 2 old ladies. Sir, l failed my final cause l had an unexpected visitor in my bed. . .yikes. ZXC summer cruise to Baltimore followed by the best month of my life. Nice hair cut. . .please tell me it will grow back. My eyes were tinally opened to you...awesome and confusing 2'ld semester. ..Us. first of2 surgeries. are you still on chit? Lost you. l!C Summer...l have to pee where? 6 girls in a hooch. too many chiefs, -ll" platoon. . .bottom ofour class top ofour game, blisters, yes .... l lost my keys. Why can't l sleep on my IXC cruise? What do you mean stand watch from l2 at night till 6 in the morning? The year, "you're going out tonight. . l am! Get drunk what night. . .every night! Why can't wejust get along, 2"t' surgery, on chit again. Big decision NFO or USMC '... NFO! Sean Donlon's.. we can cuddle anytime. . .Thanks for the best times ever...KRB, B and B, KB CS, JG, KS, AK, my boys, rugby W UB's. my roommates. 378 2004 it -we vi HEWITT NJ SUBMARINES I -' ' ' :', - - - I . ANTHONY WARREN S1sT1 kid I ever mct. member of Model U.N. 3 and a half years man. "Dude, What!? Shut up!" Tyrone had how many names? AOE II. Eggs, tuna 84 milk: a bad combo. I never thought Dagsboro. DE could be so much fun! Finished his Rams Head l00 how fast? 55 days. No more wrestling or choking me out. Jumpers. .. Hit lt!!! Not talking about the BC, or NWS for that matter. Its alright, you'll always have a TLB to keep you in company. Could've had a GA Peach but EE CBed you?! lt's all good you're better off getting your kicks on the soccer field. My brother from Jersey. Those other guysjust don't know what they're missing. So ifl go Marines. you'll go Marines. Sure, ok. Lift any weights lately. They'Il like that on the tin can. The pocket of power has changed my life forever, halfAsian half Mediterreanian, I have dreamed of this mixture since I was born, so how old is your sister? Power lifting has gotten you ripped ,but how's the back? Ifpower-lifting is cool, what happened to your rib? We've had Great memories, looking forward to the years ahead. "Why is the overhead on?" "I'm goin' to bed, screw it" We found spaghetti for days-EBM,MPD.CMV ,AMO,NB.D.IE,VPV Anthony. Tony, The pocket of power, the smallest giant A swirlie to World's Strongest Chinaman. 2"'! shortest ERIK RIVERA SPALDING NACOGDOCHES, TX SPECIAL OPERATIONS Semper Tripus Podus... Don'tjudge this fool...he'll throw Iire and briinstone back at you! The first guy on restriction and he's going to be my roommate? So why do you call him that? Um, we'll give you two guesses... Whoa, thatls a huge huge .... muscle? but seriously, never before had I met someone so perceptive in my life, the man who partied till he beat his friends to death, the man whose alarm clock I want to beat to death. the man who beats every girl he but that's not his fault he is truly gifted.. Gave me my first introduction to alcohol. As a Sensei, he taught me much over the years, butjust remember point at the door and say "dance" it works every time. Umm by the way "Why'd you let me go home with her last night?" However, there were some other lessons learned: Detailers+Orlando2Trouble. .. Ohh yeah, why aren't there any wrappers in France??? Who cares we've both got the fever, and the only prescription isjungle. Wait where are we? Pennsylvania? Hey! No Karate in the Ski Room! So C'mon tripod, one more spring break for old time sake. This time we'll get the footage, but what are we looking at? "Hey Erik. ..l'm still in the corner!" IDGAF -Girth -The Greek, -M B, -Gomer, -Cheddar, -Shrink Wrap , -Spok -Whoop and the rest... Well guys the end is here and although this chapter ofour lite is closing... I think have many more pages to write .... Love ya'll -Erik M a HEATHER MICHELLE TWIGGS CUMMING, GA SURFACE WARFARE Ranging from her days as the most "ratey" plebe in the Brigade taking charge and ordering upperclassmen around preparing for Brigade concerts and Dances, to her battle of wills with the English Department, and her Firstie year chairmanship ofthe I-Ball and selection as Sea Trials Ops-O she has never been one to sit back and let life pass her by. If "exuberance is beauty", then she is far and away one ofthe most enchanting people one could ever meet. - CAP You'll Hirt with anything that has two legsg "that's not true, I'll flirt with a brick wall." Walking three miles in a foot of snow to get to a bar during AXN. Mutiny'?! "Bob's bait shop and doughnut emporium "" Can I borrow a shirt?" "Where do I get the fast pass for that?" I know the real you, and while I know you have horns and a slanted halo, you will always be one of my best friends. -IWW From the Hrst time I saw you as a plebe "Who smells good?" to getting my first salute as a commissioned officer-you were almost able to keep a straight face. Watching movies on the weekends. midnight talks on the stairs. Cheetos and Cherry Coke, a touch and go to Mahan. Florida included a swamp, a fence, about Eve trespassing incidents. and a four-lane highway. what a Spring Break!!! "BGA stands for eagle, globe, and anchor," Thanks for always being there for me, and for letting me be part of your life. - TDC.. To falling Navy gates and the bestest drinking buddy that ever lived.- JL As for me? PPM baby!!! 23rd Company 379 WHITNEY LIND VAUGHN STAUNTON,VA USMC GROUND Won '... we have so much in common. We make things happen. . .handles. .. he's looking at YOU! Our weekend routine. ..Lighthouse, Hurricanes. BK. DC. NOT a package deal! Shopping for our ridiculous outtits and then actually wearing them. Football Sundays. ..Monday track practices. I don't know what I'm gonna do with out you helping me and my big moutIi...yes. we do have bats. So special. . .bless our hearts. . .pimpette cups. You DO love him. Partners in ----- Double Trouble. I wouldn't want to protect our house with anyone else! Stomach aches. . .ownerslIip. . .the POWER. . .exactly Montel. Brendan and the many others...show em how DC does it. . .and did you! No rooms... i'WIlCl'CqS Calvin?" ljust wanna. . .YAK...take one for the team. Get off my girlfriend. . .we'll prove it. Future plans. . .at the same time. . .so tall. . .Thoroughbreds . .exactly Don't know what Shaniqua is gonna do without you. ..Iast time you left she made 5520. Save my room. -Barbara Reba CHRISTOPHER MICHAELVDNDERHEIDE LAFAYETTE. IN NAVY PILOT The cheapest person I know. but at least he'll be buying an expensive ring soon. You're lucky, maybe someday I will be too. AOE II. Roommates for 3 and a half years. Our midget. "l'm a one woman man." Was that ex er true? "Its here. its here!" "What'? PUNK!" How many times did I tell you to quit crew? Yeah. we argued. but were always there when the other needed so1neone.- AWS To a fellow rower who quickly became a good friend. You're one ofthe few rowers we know that can complain about the sport so much. yet still lind enjoyment in it and win medals and t-shirts. We will miss riding in the BMW with you on Maryland's back roads. the stories. the kidnapping I l4!!!!J the dinner dates with the interns, the movies. and ofcourse the advice. From IF-2V. We lit stuff on tire! Beast. it was awesome rowing with you- BMW. MLK The Beast- Flavors 2004 uYou're trouble" -HAZ I Duggan get your sword ready. To you all. its been great. To my fellow aviators select: WINGS OF GOLD BABY. Punched out... what training day is it? HAZ- l'll ask you later. VASILIS PHILIP VOULGARIS DIX HILLS, NY SURFACE WARFARE The Greek. quite possibly the strangest individual I've ever met. and that includes my run-in with the West Street Walker. from a 0.0 to rating his own second class, his time here was marked with rack burn. thumb cramps and wearing his tennis letter-sweater long after he quit the team as Vasilis upholds his status as an emerging comic tthe 6th graders knew it all alongl. whether chillin' in the wardroom or surviving the chill on the backside ofMt K. he will always be Hawaii's MIP. I mean MVPwaterfalls at MICA "I love you man" late night house calls in Baltimore. Still stumped as to how you ended up here did you just see that big line in front ofAIumni four years ago and wander into it. but I'm I glad you're here. You avoided I l05 and the brig. Ethnic Lounge forever. and got a sub. I mean frigate. in the motherland where the roosters don't crow till hve in the morning. thank you for turning me on to thcm during the dirty jersey tour-love NB. and watch out for those mailrooin windows and trees. its kewl tho cheddar wont be there. To all my friends. the Asian. Chedda. Colonel. Girth. Mase. Neily-pooh. Spock. Shrink Wrap. Tripod and all others. thanks for making my -I years here the best of my life. I love you guys here is to the next 50 To my family tMom. Dad. Bro. etc.l I love you. without your constant guidance I wouIdn't haye made it through. Here is to the end and a new beginning GOULETIIII 380 2004 -annum: nn: Rf-:gg-, ,ii u--in N. Y MY, .l W WILMINGTON, NC In USMC GROUND Dude, that chick is all about you, but Iny balls over there. see you later.Actually my ball is in Japan, if u wanna come burry a keg with me, we'll pull on it all day watchin Kee-Kee jump out ofthe sand at strangers and chase that dog thatjumped offSteves chest, l8O!, c n balls! Catch a ride on a frog with wings my man, soft greens and rolling fairways await us, not to mention NON STOP NOSARA.-MCTAG lt's been a good journey, getting a chance to live wit you ALL 4 YEARS HERE. We grew and learned a lot. Be easy, and good luck wherever you end up.-EDDIE C. Powder. Whitest man to ever listen to rap. No-e.has played every position on defense,the ghost,gas warfare across the desert,strawberry daquiris, craps, the horseshoe and his game face."you skeered'?,watching his camera defy gravity,puking in your camera bag,longest journey ofanyonefthe frog was flying! No sirsly dudes!" fourties on Fremont,sushi, sake bombs, debauchery,four years of Inayhem for a bowl ring and ajersey,damn straight dude, Oohrah!! See ya in the fleet,Shipmate and brother-DJPif58 Back room meatheads. Can't remember much ofOC. Vegas baby vegas got to love car fumes. Dude I'm not drinking tonight, ok I'll do one. Buried the keg in NC then moved on to better things. Pac and Mam, dude I hate practice. Dude l'm getting shitty tonight. Boys from the beginning, brothers till the end. TYRONE CHRISTOPHER MILES WADE If 7 !' X it J ACQUELINE-MARIE WILSON WRONA VALRICO, FL NAVY PILOT JamaicaBA5ChickHoar.Couldn'tLivew!o:DMB,Coke,JelloShots,Woops.HasStrongMorals :HerRefusal2EatwfoAFork.LovesMeetingPeople8LLearningTheirFavColor8cFlavorlcecre am.Committed2Family8LFriends,AlwaysHasASmile,Laugh,8LWillingness2Help.MostNot able2Flugiew!HisSugarcane,Jake' Woop,'CANADA.WordsOfWisdoIIi:Swimming:CrossY ourLegs,Driving2FL:Don'tGetArrestedORCaIj acked.Com1nunism:DoYouLikePickles8L ApplePie'?ANinNYC1SittingOnTheFloorOtTheBar.Turning21:DoYouRememberAnythin g.Don,tBeGay! YouNeverF lewAnything."SheCanAlwaysFindN ewWays2 EntertainHerself 8cThoseAroundHer:f"'IWantABoyfriend!AtLeastOneThat'sNotGay,He'sNotGay,He'sJust Confusedf'You'veKeptMeOnMyToes8LSmiling.KeepYourHeadlnTheCloudstltYouDon't. It'sABadThingJ.WhetherTeachingA"Nice,Controlled,TriggerSqueeze"OrPuttingTheSque ezeOnAnUnsuspectingMan,JamieAlwaysKeptHerDominantEyeOnTheTarget.BottomlessNFLpintsg.IfOnlyIHadSomeSayInYourCallSign.'fYOUSUC K!,'The3!CWhoKeptCrettingHerShoesStuckInTheElevator.MissingPatriots1stSuperbowlbfcOfDrunkWrestling.PatMcCveeBandCD's,OnTheirWay.Ho mecomingTrip:YouDecidedToPickUpOneOfTheNavy'sFinestlClubbing:When8LWhere'?3SummersTogether,8cYouKeptMeLaughingTheWholeTiIne. Drinkingw!LT"Brian,"GossipQueensDuringWeapons,DiefWantedYoulWeGoBackToSolidFo'8LBeenOff. JOHN MICHAEL ZAHODNE CANTON, MI NAVY PILOT Navy B,s is old time hockey, eh? Hey Whit, where do you wanna eat tonight? Red Hot and Blue? We nearly died later on the bridge over the Severn, going 90 miles an hour with Tim trying to send signals to my "yacht" ofa car. Tony is the coolest man alive. I wish I were back in the D. And for the last time .... . my name's not Jimmy. Yes it is!WRM 23rd Company 331 ! I Monica lngentc Nicholas Robert Brandon August Robert B. Shary III Jontavius Ferrante Robert Francis Douglas Richard Victoria Clara Perez Quihuis Roitsch Singleton Smail Jr. Tomczak Valenciana Joseph Richard Michael Alexander Devon Keating Christopher Paul Viola Wickham Willett Yenias 384 2 0 0 4 "-"" -- "' -----"""""' id 411.1 , f 1 , .gf r- E ' 1' BQ M' ' My A mf E y I QE 4 4 I , 2 5 1 f 2 ' ' J J? .. I v-at r ff ' f""AV ' X-' 5 Y ,!,. ku . , I-In ' f! 4 vf,,-f ' J" ' , Y A , , , ,.--, , ,..f" " f ff X M ,.,J ' " fl-K., V 1 ,,, f'-' , ff- J-f -MM J 1 f, N, ,, , , I - ,airway H mimi: -.,,....K--N --inf-flu W- Y. . YJ., ii-, V - V V y--y v,..,n.,..,,:, W, W? W M., , Y. ,W 'v U ,V .h -.w---f - - ' A x N . 'fx' Wx m xv: Wx SN" xx ' wi' ,wr Q1 41.225 , , N .. M is ' 121: ax ,, 1 X I ,--fa ,shr ,Y 1-IQ 5 . - 1 5 I Y- 9 is-x . ,f Y 3 4 f - . 'Ni f " L- f I : : fag U iffgqiiifflaigjielagwiw w WV WMM V 1: Ni 1 r.- :,:,: A . 5, 1. 1 X ,xg.g'- .. -- 5 wg - ., 23rd Company 385 1061251 A nzufff Fllwdlyf 3. 4... M- A L L 5 x, J -., -'f LT Michael Hollenbach Company Gfficer Gunnery Sergeant John S. Kob Company Senior Enlisted 386 2004 Tracy A. Martin, Company XO Frank A. Machniak, Company Commander James J. Colgary, First Sergeant Anthony J. Cvuidry, Company XO Lisbeth A. Diantonio, Company Commander Steven R. Sehwarzer, First Sergeant 1 i I-I 44 kr 1 14: V .aff-,.! .S, Ci I I SERGIO AUOUSTO ARIvIAs JR. g.,,fi f SFT LAKE ELSINORE, CA NAVY PILOT Ahhh budday! What do you know...FOrd Mustangs, DC, Beer Pond...President's Weekend Plebe year: funny Inovie, Georgetown M x . 4 f M' ' .L - ... "' .' - 1 H 6.3. f N .. ,if x 4 f ami af ' f' LP-' and free breakfast, Bud Light and all before noon. Riva ' ' Road: Our home. Croquet. . .Backyard x-games. . .BBQs. . .Pony Kegs. . .and Pamela. War Paint...BIackouts...Wake Boarding...Charlie, Acme, and Bowling "I am moving Out!!l" Glad you didn't-Good luck in P-COla...see ya in the fleet-Jake. It started with trips to Greg's with Dan, drunk after Thanksgiving, Dinosaurs, pulling over on Rt. 50, Georgetown, running back late. Spring Break in San Felipe, drunk go-carts, beer pond, Wakeboarding with Nick's boat, smashed at Bruce's. Golf+Beer1MIP but the Warped Tour made up for it. 3 ll and Pennywise, Best Trick wakeboarding, motorcycles, throwing it down at the Shire. Surfing in SD, Ilyingjets, pony kegs tno regretsl, snowboarding, kicked out ofACME, croquet, beer pong, beer bongs. The big boat, the elusive tantrum, the wrecked shoulder. New Years 8L Copper Mt. REMEMBER THE SHIRE! Hey bro, thanks for making it all worthwhile -MAN RYAN THOMAS BAILEY MIDDLEFIELD, CT USMC GROUND What can I say about my man RB. . .from being your crisis counselor to your fun coordinator, we've had a heck ofa time these past 5 years... fiesta a la casa de Ryan-NAPS style. . .what happens in Cancun, stay in Cancunlllmsponsors mattress, now that was fowl...Spring Weekend 2000, '02, '03-partying like rock stars. . .my Zltl in Va Bch-talk about ridiculous... road trips, chillin with Scuba Dan and the crew, tailgaters, DTA, Power Plant...never forget the good times...NTF for Life - Wheels: I should have learned to listen to you sooner, Red or Blue 7!4, sorry about. the leather seats, hug the munchkin, lots of memories and many Inore to come-LA: There are those who like country music and those who just dOn't know it yet. After four years with me at least you know. Another four you'd be sportin the boots and hat too. It has been a fun ride. Watchin the lip stroke was entertaining but seeing you pass the swim PET was unbelievable. The world is safe now thanks to us heroes. I retire as the room football champ. Livin with you was never dull it made my four years by the bay. Take care and give me a call if you need me. CSHXJAMB: Wrong place, wrong time, right place, wrong time, right time, wrong place. From JFern to Eeek the Cat, it all started plebe year. Somewhere between protramid and graduation, you went down the path I thought I'd take, and I went down a path, well, we're lucky I got to the path at all. You were there when I needed you, and having you around has made it that much sweeter. I'd wish you the best, but you deserve so much l'l1Ol'6 than that KMM. CHRISTOPHER MICHAEL BEGLEY ' II I ---- ' Aiami, NAVY NFO if ' I "The mission of the united states naval academy is to develop midshipmen I :I- morally, mentally and physically and to imbue them with the highest D glp V p A pp ,,,, my ,tgk p Vyvp Wi . , ideals of duty, honor and loyalty in Order to provide graduates who i"' U' I 'T are dedicated to a career of naval service and have potential for future development in mind and character to assume the highest responsibilities of command. citizenship and government' Q 24th Company 337 l DEVON MICHAEL BENBOW GARBERVILLE, CA NAVY PILOT Denbow. . .The Denbonator. . .The Beta Male. . .The ANTI-Marine. "I swear Benbow, ifit's not one thing...it's TWO!" From the far reaches ofNorthern California, where trees are logged and cut down by the score and the dumb hippies are still chained to 'em A "There was a kid in my high school whose parents named him Xxyyzzg they were hippies." The biggest clotheshorse I know - "I just felt like I needed a new leather jacket. so I bought one." Him and that damn United Airlines credit card. "I require a window seat and an in-Hight Happy Meal. And NO pickles! Oh God help you ifl Iind picklesl!" From detail into the ac-year A "Uh-oh. I think a high pressure front's moving in. . .you know what that means. Plebers: we might get a Visit from Hurricane Benbow!" Well. after all that. we'Ve hnally made it. Nothing like being on the five-year-plan. huh? At least you L never had to sit in the 'yellow chair' Congratulations on getting Navy Pilot: I told you there was nothing to worry about. Most ofall. thanks for putting up with me through NWP and two years at USNA. Here's to us: the newest ensigns and second-louies. P.S. Never lose your religion: "Yea. and God said to Abraham, 'You will kill your son. Isaac.' And Abraham said, 'I can't hear you. You,ll have to speak into the microphone' And God said. 'Oh, I'm sorry. Is this better? Check...check. . .check. Jerry, pull the high end out. I'm still getting some hiss back here."' FG 2:12 PETER DONALD BENNING LONG BARN, CA USMC PILOT What to say about the best roommate: how about .... "Whiskey for my men, beer for my horses", the never ending country music. "We still gotta get our B8LD tickets." Super snugjeans, c'mon man you gotta let 'em breathe a little. Endless movie quotes, "Nathan R. Jessup Commanding Officer Marine Ground Forces Guantanamo Bay, Cuba" jack bauer is a BATND!! Endless hours of swimming, thanks for everything. esp. your patience with overcoming the lip stroke. Hows that beer pete? THE MID. Joseph Allowicious Midshipman Benning. "hey you need an ambulance?" the odd couple or old married couple. who would'Ve thought. Greatest church buddy, random tsecretj trips wfo telling anyone.. .CSH, nothing in the world tastes like beer ..., I really want a steak and a beer. . .there was this raccoon.- thanks for everything bro, youre the best. . .Junior out. p RYAN ALAN BROWN I5 A It KERRVILLE, TX NAVY PILOT Eveiyone's favorite antagonist. Red Shoes... "don't swing" starring Duff I as highlander. .. driving back from NYC at 3am. .. snowed in "seriously, I'm his good luck charm...he needs me"."l'm not holding that damn dog anymore". .. "brothers . .are you kidding me? Look at his ears!" Hey. do you like boone's farm? Lets get a webcam. Sangria Saturday, Uncle Don. Then downtown. Who's this dude on the sidewalk? Heavyweight champ of IM.. The worst Tyson fight ever at SergiO's. top down to SD. Public speaking: "dude, somebody was puking in the bathroom." "hey guys, who puked on my bed?" Obnoxious. Living out ofthe red Explorer with the best turn signal in the world and a full tank of gas, Simple pleasures like boots and work gloves. Missed the urinal. It's the national anthem for goodness sake. Insurance, Cabana ll. WW. "dude, your girlfriend really sucks". .. ww, A 388 2004 l -ni " - S3524 MESA, AZ . FT CIVIL ENGINEER CORPS He rolls old school in the El Camino, he walks tall tHA!l like the hero from a Kung Fu Hick. and he drinks beer from a pitcher. He's the man, the myth, the legend...he is Dave Campbell. That'S him in a nutshell, at least on the surface. Dig a little deeper and you find Freud's dream come true. The guy is afraid to sleep twho knows what dream will haunt him nextl. he HATES wearing clothes teven on watchl, and has Skittles and root beer at the base ofhis food pyramid the was fuelling up for the marathon. . .for four yearsl. Look more closely and it only gets worse. He spouts Marvel canon and movie quotes like historical facts. speaks of Harley rides in the Southwest as ifthey were mythical. and does things like L. slyly wielding butter knives and making his own nunehuks. However. you eventually dig so far that you come out the other Side. . .the softer side. He does charity work, coaching local Russians in the ways ofcoolness. And even with all ofhis Bruce Lee inspired madness and machismo, he still needs a library card to check out his huevos. He always has the epitome ofa Mexi- CAN attitude tmixed with a little bit of Mr. Miagi and Billy Jack on the sidej. Dave always gives you a unique perspective that can only come from actually living, and his sailors will love him for it tand respect his digging experiencel. He is the wise man, the teacher, the hooker. the peacemaker. the confidant, and the man of constant sorrow. He thinks himselfa lucky man, but his friends are truly the lucky ones. PS - Baby Bruce, you will be missed. DAVID RAY CAMPBELL I .. 2 . SIMBA ANDREW CHIGWIDA HAWTHORNE, CA USMC GROUND "Attention to order!" Great thumbs, I mean hands, at least for an Old man. Remember to watch out for chickens at TBS, they're frightening. l hear you can get mud on your face for tree at TBS. lf being a Marine doesn't work out you can always go on American Idol for your MC Hammer rendition. Who wears the pants in your relationship? Never Again Volunteer, wait you didn't volunteer. you were volun-told. A.S.C. MGD thanks for being the one and only girl for me. Thanks for believing in me. sacrificing by being out here. keeping me Sane, dealing with time constraints, and helping me make it through here. l wouldn't have even sent in my application if it wasn't for your loving nagging gl. From Cpl. to 2"t' LT. 24 '04, thanks for the memories and the great friendships: ASC. RTB. PDB. HDM. SMM. AAT. CHARLES THOMAS COOPER BEXLEY, OH SURFACE WARPARE Eternal Father Strong to save whose arm hath bound the restless wave who bidd'st the mighty ocean deep its own appointed limits keep oh, hear us when we cry to Thee for those in peril on the sea: O Christ! Whose voice the waters heard and hushed their raging at Thy word who walked'st on the foaming deep and calm amidst its rage didst sleep oh hear us when we cry to Thee for those in peril on the sea: Most Holy Spirit Who didst brood upon the chaos dark and rude and bid its angry tumult cease and give for wild confusion peace oh hear us when we cry to Thee for those in peril on the sea: O Trinity of love and power our brethren shield in danger's hour from rock and tempest. tire and foe protect them wheresoe'er they go thus evermore shall rise to Thee glad hymns of praise from land and seal! 24th Company 389 MELANIE BROOKE COOPER MARION, VA NAVY PILOT My triathlete stud, timooo lover, coffee date that never worked. rooinie on the Fast Fratting Freddy...Crossman...state room chats...Pearl and Rose Festival.-NMS Plebe summer sister companies to super swim buddy and true friend. Trash-sorting parties, the toothless chief, sleeping oIIr cruise away, detail, and those annoying Navy ,Ir girls. "This beats percoset and my rack any day!" -LP Oo-freakin-rah Mel! Rain, diy crackers and peanut butter, give 'em one for the hooch Iyes, six girls changing and sleeping under two ponchosj. ..PensacoIa anybody?-AL, .IE YP cruise-Jade. Charlotte, Meg. and Ine...dancing to diity music Iit's not what you think!! Your Melanie-isms always brightened my day. Unbelievable spirit and incredible attitude along with chats to remember forever...can't wait for fun times in P'cola with a friend as good as yoII!-DR Spontaneous bursts of cliches, a sparkle ofoptimism on a tough day, late night shrink sessions. winging it as sword bearers, cruise to the Carib 2004, prosecuting attorneys- r-us, daily pilgrimages through the Labyrinth aka the Rotunda, peanut gallery view. and 'Ithe crime ofthe century." l'Il miss you most.-KS Professor Penn's calculus class to running long and hard with a liery redhead who always wanted to add that one extra loop around Dewey! Running offthe Yard, sweating and leaving all our clothes hidden behind bushes out in town. You taught me how to laugh at life and have a blast. I know I will never lind you up in a tower singing "Someday my prince will come" -screw that! You'lI be the one saving him! Love you doll! -LC ANDREW SCOTT COXE CORPUS CHRISTI, TX NUCLEAR SURFACE WARFARE Coxey, a die hard SWO from day one. who couIdn't be convinced otherwise by his two prior Marine roommates, he wanted to follow y the path ofthe legendary Cdr. The redhead devil ended up going nuke SWO instead, chasing the big bucks and putting his math and interview skills to the test. Rooster boy never backs down from a challenge and is always willing to try knew things whether it's wake boarding, snowboarding, gymnastics, or surfing. Just because he's willing to try it doesn't mean that he was good or coordinated enough to be good at it. Namely: opening the peanut butter on his head, celebrating his birthday, catching a plane for a ski trip in Colorado, trying to fire up the flaming Dr. Peppers, or especially DRILL! Coxe get out of my formation! Great times, great memories, a great roommate, a great friend to all, always willing to help, always tells it like it is, always has that goofy grin on his lace Cwhich means you better stand by for something offthe wallj, and a great future naval leader who works hard and always plays hard! Aloha S-mate! JUSTIN ARTHUR DARGAN CRYSTAL LAKE, IL NAVY NFO Dargs, aka Thunderkock, aka anti-gunny. Apathy at its best. Most offthe wall crazy rad dude I've ever met. Can't beat him at poker cause you don't know what the hell he's doin. What are you service selecting'?. . .Whatever dude don't Inatter. Best facial expressions ever. The Clash Rocks. "I didn't even fathom the fact that you could swim holding those shoes over your head." -MDM X Damn the man Iwith a Iistll. I am the coolest and toughest guy on the planet. The Bizkit rules! I rock so hard! I rock the casbahlll I heart ACDC and I also love the band... the Unicorns? -ATR X 5 well-lit lanes of traflic .... "Just enjoy yourself." You are a GOD. By the way, do yoII think KFC's still open? -CP X The last ofthe ninja rockstars. Combining amazing back Hips, killer head banging, and Bahaman palm tree climbing with the perfected use ofthe word "rad", you're guaranteed to rock every Inoment. The most creative and self-confident man around - here's to you big sunglasses wearing, perfect picture posing, Percocet snorting, marathon running, NYC storming Justin -,IRM X Summary: Yes, the clash do indeed rock. lfl could do it all over again, I wouldn't change a thing, except that I wouId've had a killer Mohawk and I wouId've service selected rockstar. On a serious note, time for the all too true cliches: I definitely never wouId've lasted ifit weren't for all the great friends I've Inade here. You all know who you are, and Ijust wanted to say thanks. We'II see each other around sooner or later. Be excellent to each other, Paity on dudes.Also, I am going to get a tattoo that says "RADI" on it. 390 2004 EDEN LISBETH ANN DIANTONIO L, , - se . ' NW!! WOODVILLE, MA - ' if q 7 USMC GROUND To the coolest roommate ever: thanks for four great what, you always gave me a rock to lean on and with Here's to you: Ride in style A always lookin' cover. Ever changing hair styles, colors, lengths, you years of trading back massages, l'm pretty sure you still owe me one. Small fry! Crazy double dates... Baltimore street. Baltimore... the comedy club. Ah, boathouse memories. That was a loaded "umm," Enough with the "yuts" already! Did you reallyjust say his hip liexor? So, you guys wanna watch Jenna? Crab Carnival. ..Yankees vs. Red Socks... taking pictures ofthe Sons ofthe Confederacy. What the hell is a bubbler anyways? Nalgene Bottles really are unbreakable. Rockin' out before drill. She's a biter. Hey bSFffitMi, pass the peanut butter. Hot 99.5... Double Date Room... Vicki's Angels. Hug the munchkin. .. crack-ish. .. if you step on my leather seats again. that's it for you buddy... Red, White, and Blue. Lis, if you could you would lead the world. l will never forget how you took me in as the class of2004 tplus l I. You understand that if you want to make it in this world, sometimes lite has to be a competition and that is ok-AL years. No matter someone to laugh like a magazine name it. After SEAN MICHAEL DRISCOLL GCONOMOWOC, WI MEDICAL CoRPs If you ever pass Sean Driscoll on the street. he will greet you with uncommon kindness and a hearty handshake. That is, right after he greets the clock. Oh, and if he starts counting the lines on his fingertips, don't be alarmed. lt'sjust his own special way of recovering from weeks on his deathbed. lfthe sun is out, he might dart between spots of shade to avoid melting. lf you want to be nice, talk about Breakfast at Tiffany's, but don't invite him to play lasertag. He can't tell which team he's on. Besides. that bag taped to his leg kind of gets in the way. Unfortunately, Sean never had as much luck with women as his best mate Bryce did. That's OK, though. . .he'll always have Carmen San Diego fjust as long as he keeps coming out of the closetb. His genius is matched only by his colossal laziness. Don't worry, though...ifyou're in a downed helo with him in the desert, he'll patch up your wounds and serenade you. He's so considerate that he'll even give you a German lullaby while sleeping. Heis just that considerate. That's why his friends defy anyone to find someone who dislikes him. He is truly the most caring individual on the planet, and he is nice to everyone tunless you're in the Army Corps of Engineersl. ADAM MICHAEL FARBER CRANBURY, NJ NAVY NFO Hide your beer bottles and reinforce your latticework. . .Here comes Adam. To date, the only thing that has been able to contend with a froggy Farbs is the Gunny. . .in T-court. ..in front of everyone. Aside from constantly trying A A A A to convince Gunny how hard it's raining, Adam enjoyed torturing himself with Epil-Stop and riding tanks on restriction. fHmmm .... maybe he forgot to iron his white works on purpose.l lf you roomed with him, you would know. . .what happens while you're asleep is none ofyour business. In the days of 8250, LTZ recognized his potential as a prior early on. . .experience Farbs used to teach us many things, such as how to lind Australians in Hong Kong tamong other things. . .bu xie bu xiel, and how to date WAY out of your league. He also learned much in his time here, like why you don't volunteer for PMP or attack the gate guards with an AK- 47. Most memorably ofall is the account of his death: He was waylaid by fake smoke and Frank stepping on him. only to rise like a phoenix from the ashes ofhis own feces to live again. And after all that, he still thinks he has claws to go with his fur coat. The thing is, the beserker attack that made the latticework cry is an example of exactly how stupid he gets for the people he cares about. Sure. he talks tand kicks, punches, shaves patterns in himself, etc.7 before he thinks, but at least he's on our side. And quite frankly. it's good to know that certain things will never change. 24th Company 391 NATALIE NICOLE FRIES WINTER PARK, EL USMC GROUND The best roomie ever, 4 years of great times and good memories. Gonna miss you hun, no more Disco Fred or late nite chats. The Lax superstar!! Got you to say "wicked"!! One ofthe best friends I could have asked for and I'll always be here for you no matter how far apart we may be. Remember Army! Navy fun for four year... Rockin' the country before drill... "BEAST"ing rifles plebe summer... Givin' the waflle to Wilkinson. Never forget nights at the Shire, backyard ski jumping, or racing the Z. Hitchhiking to the mall and home. Here's to you. "Ice Queen." Crazy Spring Breaks... Panama City rocked. the Bahamas were scandalous. "We're walking at an incredibly high rate!" Unmarked Semi-Trucks and Kings Cup Fun. UE-ESU 2003... "SOOO funnyfi Midnight walks by Mitscher and studying EE. "Like youjust said that!" Settling arguments by wrestling. A New York City three times. Ocean City twice and Baltimore once. Three great years undercover. NLM. ANTHONY JOSEPH GUIDRY HOUSTON, TX USMC PILOT The Guidry is the guy you want to know. He consumes enough whiskey to kill a donkey, and then wakes up smiling the next morning. You can play beer pong with his parents and they'll cook gumbo for you. You want bootlegs? He's your man. tUntil the Feds catch onto him..."HIDE THE HARD DRIVEl!!"l You want to know how to get kicked out of your company and then be hanged in Mem Hall? Again, he's your man. You want to learn how to burninate at level 38? He's. . .oh. . .no, he's almost your man, but not quite. Guids is the kind of guy to run a marathon and then sign himselfoff for 5 tours. He is an expert at airsoft sniping. having drunken fireworks displays. holding stupid grudges. and losing miserably at the nose game. He is the cynic ofcynics. the lover ofticks tliterallyj, the ribeye, the Cajun sensation. and a proponent of vigorous G-rated co-ed activities. He has overcome many hardships, such as making huge car payments lwhere do those go?J and being repeatedly mistaken for a Texan andfor a tool. But through it all, he enjoyed the protective warmth ofhis magic wool tnot to mention the carpet he wears on his legsl. It was a great day when Anthony came to us. We immediately knew we had a friend that would be with us through everything. Ironic, isn't it? The best thing to happen to 24"' Company in the last three years was caused by a bitter manifesto and a small man with a bad haircut. NICHOLAS J AMES HARGRAVES W! A EL PASO, TX NAVY PILOT It was a long journey to commissioning for Nick. He had to overcome the kind of social retardation that can only be bred by military school. After . working extra hard for his rainbow ribbon. he checked in for plebe summer... and mentally checked out soon thereafter. With nothing but his rubber ducky and the memories of his beloved dog, Maggie, he forged through the next four years. During plebe year, he managed to keep his fridge hidden. but as for everything else. "he just didnlt feel like it." After turning his D 84 D obsession into a successful business venture. he battled his A.D.D. and bravely took blows from Guidry's fist and Erank's...well, you'll just have to watch the video. He spearheaded a campaign to get himself elected as the Supreme Uberdork. and soon after celebrated his victory by building a computer out of a nuclear reactor. With his plan for world domination nearing completion. he focused on developing himself into a finely tuned varsity athlete, eventually proving to his jerk friends that he is among the best skippers in the nation. In his spare time, Nick managed to amass quite a solid DVD collection. which is reputedly the best in the company. He Inight tell you how excited he is about being a pilot, but in reality, he's sad that he's flying He was always the type to worry about his health. but fortunately for us. it actually does NOT look cancerous. and Nick will be with us for a very long time. His friends were lucky to have had such a loyal and good natured guy with them for four years. 392 2004 Z , ei A BONCHEUL Koo A R T if REPUBLIC OF KOREA SURFACE WARFARE Captain Korea we will call him one day. When this dedicated SWOrean is in charge of his entire Navy, we will still remember the Boner of the good old days. We will never forget his stirring rendition of"Da Boys in da Hood." Nor will we forget how, after years of convincing us that he was shy and that he "doesn't undastandf' how his true personality exploded with one phrase: S.M.D. He tried to hide a lot ofthings from us, like how smart he is tbecause he didn't want to do everyone else's workl, or the fact that he is actually a Communist spy. or that he is some hybrid breed ofsuper-ninja. We saw through it, though, and made it our mission to corrupt him. When he worked his first Nightshift, it started a landslide that ended with his dad rescuing him from an emergency room. He returns to his nation with increased sneakiness skills, as a certified sKOOba master, and the ability to explain to his friends the meaning ofthe phrase, "Bi bi a moktaf' We will miss him greatly but "by the way". we will always remember the short time we had with him, and we expect great things from him. FRANK ANTHoNY MACHNIAK J R. ATTICA, NY USMC PILOT Meat...That pretty much says it all about Frank the Tank. He's loud when you need silence, he pukes in the shower when you have an alpha, and he disengages the 4WD on the black ice. . .absolute meat. lf you see him in the weight room, his tattoo will say hi before he does, but for all his talk about "jacking steel," his legs make him look like Big Bird without feathers. He loves hockey, and he finds it relatively easy to score, provided the goalie wears a mask. He has no problem with inullets tbut he hates herbsl, as long as the mullet bar has a pool table. He would happily stay at your house, but only if you have a spare racecar bed. lfyou're shopping for him. he likes any shade ofpink, and he really is pretty undiscriminating with regards to size, too. He has been known to wear a few stripes, play some prop, and taste what Dave rejects. He claims that he's not a closer, but we all know that V stands for more than victory. He could be found teaching Koo new English or, more recently, keeping Ciunny and LT out ot the loop So what it he s meat? Does it really matter that he thinks John Mellencamp wrote all those songs specihcally about Attica? Not to his friends They know that when it really comes down to it, he likes the Cheat and he sticks to his guns, no matter what. HEATHER DANIELLE MADERIA ' NORTH OLMSTEAD, OH NAVY PiLoT "Chasers are for the Weak"-Four years of great AIN games. Sorry l slept thm church again. Panama City Beach, Zulu Warrior. Plebe Year , Marine- Go Semper Fi Society. . .Jackie's classy pictures, they made life worthwhile. Samls Club super shopper 315' Company's iifl fan...Youngster year's fourth roommate tthe Fudgel. .. Mogadishu Mile ...The Reject Store..PBR dirty knees youngster year, hotel board room thre crotch discussionl Just enough lrish to celebrate St. Patty's Day.. .motherly instincts, List's LIC study buddy. . .The only 2 white girls at the Nelly concert "Are you depressed'?H. .. never smiles, well almost never slap lights with Mike "Your eyes are so beautiful, ljust want to dive in!"... Da BROWNSl Old Men FXRHXEXNXDXS rice krispy treats TAGS you've been a great friend Heather we love ya lots- Lis 81 Nat 24th Company 393 ge t ig TRACY ALAN MARTIN If-L. PEKIN, IL USMC GROUND The T-Bag has and always will be a man of few words. although he's a man of many random sound effects. Still. for all of his silence. he was never accused of being subtle. He was never shy about his love of Miller Lite, Dragon ball Z. his people, his Carhart. or his ratty orange hat. He is the Nuclear Marine. a man on a mission from way back. 1997 in fact. The 4-day FO. l-day Pilot and the only man to ever leave a key inside a Velcro-sealed vehicle. Come to think of it. maybe he did that on purpose: otherwise he might come tiying through the gate with guns blazing. Was that a truck or tractor? As a founding member of Restrictor. he knows how to get in and out oftrouble. . .so what ifit involves Ralph? At least he has his horseshoe intact. Known for his ability to steal women away from Joes. if you fall into this category you'll need to keep your eye on him at all times. A Be warned. though. . .DO NOT steal his CD's, ask him to do lunch. or leave him alone in Rome. lfyou wanna be on the bone list. hc's your man. lfyou wanna get off the bone list. just buy him some smokes. He'll probably respond with either. "let's go find out." or "what . .no tongue?" His friends have no doubt that his brand ofcommon sense mixed with random goofiness will help him be an outstanding Marine officer. JACOB Ross MCILVAINE WADSWORTH, OH NAVY PILOT y "Biggest dreamer l ever met. 'Can l service select 0O7'?' Badass skier who I drives those around him to tty crazy stunts. He'll tty anything. especially if it sounds exciting or dangerous. Best first time surfer l've ever seen - l mean we surfed a Hurricane. Back Yard X-games gold medallist in singles and doubles lirejumping event." e MM "With Jake. every single day is an adventure. Rad dude who's always up for doing something crazy and awesome. My most positive infiuence. "Dude? Wanna go to Costa Rica and surf?" "Dude, lets shred this sand dunel!" "Dude'? Wanna go randomly run a marathon'?', tWe took first and secondj Jake's Theory of Smartness turn me from a know nothing workaholic to a 3.5 studentg tests are more fun when you don't study for them. l think all of us will agree that the worst semester at USNA was first semester. ZXC year. Jake I Rad." -DD "Likes to dress up like Elmo or a greasy mullet dude from the 70's 'cause it helps him get chicks and makes him feel like a spy...AltOgether the best dude in the world. l'll never understand how someone can spend all oftheir time drawing Victoria's Secret models and still pull straight A's...l wouldn't have made it through here without him." WATR MICHAEL DONOVAN MCMAHON NEW HARTFORD, NY USMC PILOT l will always be better than Eric Balfourtwho the hell is he'?5, Jimmy the Chimney!. so many broads out tonight. all great marines have Mohawks at some point-AR The apartment on 8-2 with dumpy. my puke on the fioor. Getting arrested in B-moretalmostl One wayg hey. don't back up. The Shire. beer pong gl croquet. Nice waterbed. Backyard X-Games. Have fun. grow a high and tight for me-MAN Great great dude. And not-just in the ordinary sense. Radder. Mike. I love you. I want to have your children-JD Bonz or the Duke..Gotta be Bonz. ..Leather Coats in G town? Breathing Fire in Rochuhookin up with the lights fiickering..Croquet. parties..the Shireltnufsaidl Gay Denny's. Houseboats. Lumbetjack Scarface..Starsky and Hutch. Team Systems..Now Team Marine!! budday "l'll see ya in the fieet"-Jake S. The reason l enjoyed myself here I I "Come on. you can do your work later" dragging me out for food and drinks. you taught me the finer points ofcuttin loose and partying. Surf and ski trips ttwo to your backyard! we've shared some crazy times. l'd sleep with a bed-wetter anytime for you-JRM Punk shows in DC. sledding behind thejeep punching each other-NL Drivin around DC, bombing through reds after one too many in the stang. The last great two and a half years with you-MLN 394 2004 bf- , cg --.I-. 3 "" 1.4" SIGNAL MOUNTAIN TN I SUBMARINES -. tc p 1 SEAN MICHAEL MEREDITH "One time me and my brothers. . lsn't that how everything else starts too? Too bad Sean missed a great Pat Green concert. the rest of us had a great time. Or how about the time he got into a boxing match with a I2-foot iniiatable snowman? Or that memorable subway ride back after the Army!Navy game in New York. When doing something dumb won't do. he has a unique ability to not be at a loss for words. That looks "crappy" Sean had to take a class to learn to speak English. as opposed to hillbilly. He still doesn't believe that A'reckon' is not a word. Being an accessory to peeing on a statue will put you on restriction. ask him. he knows. I "High l'm tact. have we met?" Get 'er done. MITCHELL AUSTIN NEWTON CASTLE Rock, CG NAVY PILOT MEEATCHI What a run. . .or was it a drive with Sergio to DC or Beer Lake. Whatever the case it definitely was not smart. DD? 2 wrecks in , one day. Then there was a little place called the SHIRE. Ienough saidl Pony kegs Fridays. . .best idea ever...sleep walking? Thought so. No matter what we Inade it. . .Good luck. . .see ya in the fleet. JS "IfI don't meet you no more in this world then uh I'Il meet ya on the next one and don't be late" -J.Hendrix. here's to the good times. Aaah it Inakes me so mad when it burns like that. Backyard snowboarding. The seatbelt trick. Wakeboard competition at bob's. beer pond. Jumping over bonfires. The punching game. Penn st.? what a waste! Bruees backyard. The boat. The other boat. South river. West river. Cops chasing us down in the chopper. Driving around DC. In Quantico waking up to use the closet. Driving to LA for a sold out concert. The zoo. Driving to TJ and Rosarito for tacos. Letting me walk into that window. Orlando in the dark by yourself. parking lot in san diego on a sat night. When in doubt do what elvis would do. Be cool. NAL High speed, watch out for that desk. -Hello Tracy. this bed looks nice. That's not water on your desk. Get to the point Mitch. does this story have an ending? Are you awake? Chug it. . .AARRGGGHHH. Nice bruise. "Hi my name's Mitch and your friend's passed out on the sidewalk." SA MM RB .T LYDIA BURGER PEARSON 'Finish'-A POUGHKEEPSIE, NY NAVY NFO I When do we get to use the moped'?. campsg BIRI and Tyler Aveg fights with our parents-Cuz..Pearson Platoon. "loving it here at Boat schoolf' sailing brought you and Jaime together. but was NOT sailing that created the friendship that no one else understands. road trips to WV. CT-stale cheez-its. diet coke. sleeping in Walmart parking lots all the way. ..1 you. Kristin. Alexa. and Jaime were not "real" friends all Plebe year. "how late are you open 'til'?" oompa loompas. you scamper - you don't rung bad parkingjobs tyour special spot with hate notes on campus: hitting mailboxes omg superthick milkshake obsession. "I want this meal. but on a pizzaf' Remember that one year you sailed? Sneaking out and getting caught in Boston tbut it was worth it!J Spring Break with you. me. Jaime. Kristin and Paula in B-more.. YPs and the best hreworks we've ever seen.. swimming across the "Atlantic ".. blurred memories from ceitain parties sophomore year.. ridiculous dresses for Halloweennunfortunate incidents in DTA tmeaning when you dragged me there unwillinglyl.. Heroes.."Lydia. Stop being difficult." I didn't think it was possible to Hght so much with someone I love as much as you. but we've Inanaged it. Very few people I trust more than you. see ya in P-Cola.-Alexa. 24th Company 395 ERICA KATE PORTER I GLENNVILLE, GA USMC GROUND Sir, I don't do domestics...snow llurrieslll, get the cainera...where are you from'?!'?...rice krispy treats. . .didn't I see your pic on a pro repoit poster'?. ..Ensign B e1nails...So Co, never drinking again. . .old man... umm, I think its drool...sleeping bags. ..it wasn't poison, promise. . .what does Cosmo say'?. . .yes he's my brother, we're twins...cell phone, again'?...Leathertaf...sticks, logs, branches...Ladies' night ...karaoke... HEEEEY!!!...nail parties...CHEERS!...Sexy Seven!!...hi, l'm your yankee friend...perfect shot!...Give 'em one!!! tuhhhh!!l...'I just swallowed something really big'...my zipper broke, honest ...slumber party...VID! IVID!!VID!!...cut the tension with a knife. ..LT S. ..Powder. . .ritas at Dillos. ..Hoorah!...what happened to your hair'?...Dahlgren dates...sooo what are you ladies gonna do in the Marine Corps'?...be there with bells...Gemini twins...BFF. -CP, JB, LW, AH, JP, BM ADAM ROCHESTER RALSTON HEALDSBURG, CA USMC GROUND Perfect plebe roommates: Adam, "Bye Jake, and die and rot in hell you inbred hick." Stealing Sean's pre-breakfast snack of Starburst and Mountain Dew and his John Deere hat. "I ate the Booberry, sorry." lt's been fung hopefully the Marines will provide you with a Inore comfoitable bed then the floor beneath your desk, but I wouldn't count on it. IJRMJ "Vin picking up on your sarcasm." You definitely lay it on pretty thick. Oh no! Call 3-3333, the price ofBooberry cereal is now 3,000 dollars! Who can forget the owner of the Red Rocket. It could take us "All around the world." You're so sassy with your laundry rules and your genius conversations online, "Fine, we won't fQ!iaf." Pirating cable and forming A Ladies ofKing Hall calendar. Easter dinner, spring break to Panama City, and Army!Navy football adventures were all the best times and we got to experience the famous ranting and raving sessions that you're so good at the best ones being about the P-factor. You might want to avoid falling flat on your face while intoxicated, save that for Panama City. Such great times! Don't ever lose your spice. Lata Flava SHANNON MARIE REVELL FRANKLIN, TN SPECIAL OPERATIONS On June 30!" 2000 I reported to the Academy as a very motivated, very clueless. but well meaning plebe and haven't changed all that much. Running track. studying chemistry, making life-ling buddies and growing up have made 4 years fly by. Though over those years, the 4 walls ofBancroft have drawn out the craziness in me. After flying in a helio, I only dreamed out ofjumping out ofthe back in a scuba suit. I like to think that I am not mentally sound, but medical has cleared me!- SMR. ..Hi, my name is Shannon Revell, ooohrah! Pizza! Pizza! Pizza! Pull up your pants. girl. Gelato on the weekends, by the gallon, thanks John. Why are you under your desk? The tire doors are supposed to be closed, I swear. Phone calls from people we don't know at Zam. . .yes, I know about it. l thank you! It holds 3 songs. . .well, it did. . .whew, thanks John. Why are you two in the men's room? Crazy boys, crazy stories. hope thcre's more in store! -KAS. ..What Shannon? You want to go blow sffliit up? You managed to do it all: sushifdancingfcoffeefspontaneous Iiights to the Bahamas. But please don't forget trying to pick up guys in Tijuana. You will be sorely missed when a Trader Joes run is necessary lor Inaintaining life. Chocolate covered espresso beans, careful you get wild! Lets shake the buzz and go run for the track team: 4009410 with no break ifyou dare! DC to DTA. .. I0 inin..need I say more? Beach babe how do you keep those abs of steel so hard? Was it the movies in snow storms or the tow rope offof your sailboat? No. It was the all night dancing from swinging to techno. We all know you will be great-lux'-If 396 2004 I I I I mfjwl, - nl-v. ,Qt A' 7 l- AUSTIN TODD RINGELSTEIN CENTER HARBOR, NH SPECIAL OPERATIONS Ringo- "Slowest Dude In The World"...Sat next to Hilton at a private party for 2 hours 84 didn't say a word dude, you want to do that EOD Screener," 84 he ends thanks for being there when I needed you most. I love you all. DMITRY RUKHLIN STATEN ISLAND, NY USMC GROUND Dima is the man. No, no, no...He's the guy behind the guy behind the some Patron in him and he's like a big bear with giant claws and sharp wasn't always this money, though. There was a time when he lived in and he knew nothing of car insurance, moils, or the practices of religion. happy life, eating kosher foods some ofthe time and never, ever needing a we burst the bubble, we created a monster named El Ruso Sucio. He women, eating roses, forgetting to remove his socks, and relieving himself chairs. His spending habits became erratic IWalt Disney would like to f..s ',I 'If , 1. F5 R J- L S 2 Paris and Nikki to them. "Hey up doing it in the end. Pulled some Hooter's chics in NYC just to have it ruined by that awful dude. -MikeM. Hi! Austin eats. and rocks. And in his spare time he surfs like a champ, breaks all the girls' hearts, and goes above and beyond the call of duty to do rad stuff You're so rad.-JD. Ringeldingel, Mr. Danger himself-there's never a dull moment around you. To think it all started that summer day we fought over who had more scars. From random adventures, to March surfing hypothermia, to scaring people by blowing into raisin boxes. we've done some pretty cool Iand weirdl things! Hey I wouldn't Stalk you ifit were not worth it. You rock my world.-M.M. The man who knows everyoneg member of the Triad 81 fellow adventurer, you're a true freestyle master. Hard working, determined, sincere. relaxed. From using a Crocodile Hunter flashlight to dig for Roman artifacts to the perfect All-Ainerican family dinner. ..from surf trips to ski trips...you've taught me more than this school ever could. AJRM. In sum: LET'S SKIP DRILL AND GO SURFING IN A HURRICANE! Iya that's right, Gunny Kobl.Thanks friends-Kas the wise Scholer said, it's all about people.l Kev, you inspire me everyday. Caitlin, mom+dad, friends and fam. guy. Get teeth. He a bubble, He lived a chair. When began biting under beach thank him for the charitable donationj, and he became legally classified as lethal weapon behind the wheel tthat one is not our fault. . .thank you Manhattan cab driversl. Today, his car, much like both his shoulders, is nothing but a thin covering over reconstructed innards. His musical inliuences range from the Russian national anthem to the theme songs from his favorite films Iwhich have inspired some of his best workg they really ARE the greatest thing everl. One thing, however, has never changed. He will still give you the shirt off his back without a second thought to himselffor to the ghastly sight of his exposed glasscuttersj. His father is exceedingly proud ofliim. and we all know that his Mother, may she rest in peace, would unquestionably feel the same way. I I I JOSEPH MICHAEL SOUTH I 1, : ' il - if H RACINE, WI 'I . ax USMC GROUND , EQIP . sig, 3 r i ivfi sl - ,uk I Aff ' Q S' 'IFQQX I Whether you're looking for whoever took all the extra cookies from King 55-,I i.,.,m1g. I R p ,fri Hall or l . . . . . , Il "IJ, I k .'2'I-,F . your latest video, look no further than Joe. This climber extraordinaire '23 enjoys So Co, Crawfish Etoufee, Lasagna, and getting rufied in Fredonia. Heis the P' of only man we know to be yelled at for being considerate enough to vomit directly J f li l' 5 ll! into a toilet, and also the only man to be banned from the highway system of ' the state of Pennsylvania. He's Dima's guitar backup, Litchfield, Jr, the Greatest ' jil l Wardroom Officer Ever, and the Undisputed Champion of Getting Kicked out of Spinnaker's. What you have to remember about Joe is that he'S always rightg it's reality that's tiawed. , Be sure not to get him mad, or he'll invoke the Toothbrush Revenge. Beat Army, shipmate. not me! A man with I uncompromising standards, in his book it's either a ten, or it's Tucker Max Time. After all, he was able to hook I everyone else up during Spring Break, except himself. Hels always willing to do something personally before he asks someone else to do it. no matter what the task - except for getting ditched in Europe. He'll soon be making his father and brother proud. by following in their footsteps right into the Marine Corps. Joe, you're money and you donlt even know it. Oh, and we're still sorry about not getting your truck. I I 24th Company 397 JACOB RICHARD SWANSGN COLBERT, WA NUCLEAR SURFACE WAREARE .lake Swanson, honorable midshipman and person of integrity, honor ball recipient. New York, Las Vegas, bonfires, long drives, pony kegs and boxed wine. "Well sir, I am going to be an otiicer in the navy one way or the other." Well. Budday, See you in the Fleet! Stealing Hags at West Point. Passing out in the back yard. Out of hand. at the shire. at the bar, at wherever. Gate O during NTT tthe camel at the lax casal, fighting dudes at Dairy Queen. good times in Boston and NYC. Crossing the Canadian Border tanked after a long night in Vancouver. "Oh how rude of me, I haven't given you the full tour," "This is my friend Brian's House"-right dude, right. "Your not getting by unless I get a hug"-M DM On cold winters day, in an Infinity bound tor nowhere, I set out with the gambler, and the legends start from there. We put balls through some wickets, shaded out in Ricketts, plans of parties, pony kegs, and cryin on the roof. You deferred when it was needed, and that I won't forget, we would have been the honor kings, if not for a kid named Nick, Budday's till we die. f'l'm going to Acme" "Lets go Navy!!!!!" "Monty this is some good chardonnay!"-Tuck KARI ANN SZEWCZYK GREENVILLE, PA NAVY PILOT Sezswick, Schewan, SF, Alphabet...uncontrOllable smiling is suddenly a downfall, go Iigure...some pneumonia may cure that. . .sleep on your desk. Hey, we ARE in your company, we live ooooverrrr theeeere. Can't you take a hint'?! I know, let's wake 'em all up! 'kscrub scrub:'t...I don't know the enlisted ranks ofthe army. . .too much ammonia. Why are you still here? Uhm, how come there is a door behind our door? "hi mom" Oh, your sailing stuffis all wet...you fell in'? Gilbatrar, I think you mean Gibralter... trampolines and beer, sail carts and vodka, cliffjumping and mopeds, what a trip it's been! AARON ANDERSON TYLER CLACKAMAS, GR USMC PILOT Four years at USNA have leii many great memories... ASC and the I trashcan... SAC and... and... whatintheheck did that guy do that's even remotely incriminating anyhow? My roommates tell me that they will universally remember me for my ability to clean the floor. Apparently it had something with a trip to the Fleet Reserve Club followed by a bout of scrubbing the Hoor in less than a complete set of PT gear. I assure you all that I have no idea what they are talking about, can't remember a thing. How sad. What can I say, maybe I should have been around company area more Often. .. Oh well. Here is to our the company and all the fun we had evading LT-Z, introducing and inevitably re-introducing ourselves to LT-R, chillin with LT-H and, ofcourse, discussing the finer grammatical points ofthe English language with Gunny... Friggen heellllllll-yeah! You all are the best, and most entertaining, group I have yet to come across. Special thank you's to Mom, Dad, Danya, Hilary, Dave and all of my other family, friends and fellow Marines that helped me to get here. Thank you again to all ofthose who helped me to succeed in the race to graduation. l43HRM and Semper Fi Marines! 398 2004 2 n I SHAWN DAVID WILKINSON JOHNSTOWN, PA USMC GROUND How did Shawn Wilkinson get through boot camp? I pushupsf' Odds are he probably thought it was fun. I unbelievable knack for lllillilllg everything llllll. He's l life that he hasn't stopped lidgeting for over twenty I K. by ...w y I A -I mcjrgo'--Ibff Q' .' I l lf! -xr-XAIIJ fgrzlip lt- if cgi I ,.l, 1- C' I,- x 4 I! ivy, I 37" 'J' He "did a lot of ln fact. he has the so happy about years. Whether it I was teaching Koo to sing in English, sailing. or even living with Kenny Crux. he was hax ing a blast. llc had fun wild-Inanning the LT, and had fun paying for it. He had the best November dress-up parties anywhere in the hall Plebe year. Don't get him started on Beauty and the Beast. or any other Disney movie. for that matter. lfyou hax e a computer problem, he is the hardware master, and he even likes helping out tthe Brigade MISLO doesn't pride on customer service the way Shawn doesj. He doesn't like SWAT-style intrusions, but he forgives and then gives you some free software anyway. Shawn even enjoys change. He got kicked out ofcommunity college. he changed roommates every yearr changed cars, changed majors, and changed his choice for service selection more times than we could count. tWlIo bases a career decision on dolphins'?I And in the end, he service seleeted...husband'? Actually, she's about the only thing he can decide oni which says quite a lot. We might shudder at the sound ofthe wedding bell tit tolls for theel. but we know that nobody deserves happiness more than our friend Shaw n I tWe'll assume that the gray hair means he knows what he's doing.I He returns to the lvlarine Corps a little bit older, a little bit wiser, with a new wife and good friends. We should all envy lllllll. I l I E l I l l I l I l I l I l I l l 117 n I I Uigm I 5 . ' 4? '.Q" I . l l ' I i I I l I I I I I I l I I Pl 'QI' 24th Company 399 "WMI L 'j'f:"""' ' 5, - -1 Q J l 'il T52 C lb'-ftsifil N' Xa-4 if ' 1?- .-...M , .,,. l-5 h 'Pl HEJSNEE ty s .' J 1, '3 Cl VX 1 W' Q -.v,.7x7v'4m,1v5-.f stir' J area' -f V ' .Qt ,- .. 5 ' Afurk 4f1,pYfi5-,rf ' 1 A Q 1 f ' " x . . Q t A I , .1 Q, 114- 'fl at 5 ' N 'I+ s v Jonathan Alan Andrew William Andrew Michael Miguel Duwayne Patrick Arthur Ryan Wayne Conn Matthew James Aslan Beasley Chambers Charles Colyer Cousins J "Cf A ,V 2153 1 , I l 5 l i l Charles D. Creamer Michael Edward Megan Marie .Joshua Edward Robert Louis Foster Robert Raul Ctarcia Trey Hines Katherine Emily Dcboer Farkas Faucett Hobbs it Eric William Matthew Charles Morgan Ann Mitchell Bryan Joshua Mark Lewis Leigh K. Loesel Shayna Colleen Eric Nathan Hoying Kiernan Kitchen Kusterer Magur Marquardt it Jonathan Roy Vincent Moretti Kevin Shaun Mukri Nathan Gregory Jeffrey Brian Parker Susan Veronica Mikaela A. Rodkin Michael Joseph Mason McCall Myers Richardson Scirocco t Il l l all l l ll James Edward William Murdock Jon Richmond Jayson Wong J Wesley Vandorn Jeff Michael Ward Whitney Alexander Smith Snead Stange Trembath Abraham J " ,Uk ts' Jared John Barnard Kristin Sue Bent! Abby Amanda George Michael Joseph Angus Kyle Arthur Mitchell Clement Jared Tucker Brandon Burton Campbell Christman Clifford A 400 2 0 0 4 n' Caleb John .James Daniel lan Manuel Lopez Matthew Stephen Hillary Suzanne Anthony Michael Bahadir Kursat Trevis Lorne Huinbertl Lasley Lukevies Nelson Piunno III Polat Rainey Patrick Andrew Michael Paul Tyler Robert Steven Robert .Johnathan Edward John Thomas i Jesse Coen Stice John Nicholas Van Reilley Sargent Scharar Schwarzer Sheater Stanley Wagoner Susan Lynn Watters 402 2004 RTE.-f: L 'U 24th Company 403 l 1021251 A cffzpbczffy E LT Anna Boyd Company Gfhcer ,W 5 Rebecca M. Gordon, Company XO Paul D. Eckert, Company Commander James F. Sullivan, 1, dv: feral- ,1 ,An A .,,fi,f1'.19,' 'K " .-,wr 5 Senior Chief Keith A. Buckman Company Senior Enlisted Nathan R. Hege, Company XO Eric W. Jones, Company Commander Ryan A. Weber, First Sergeant l 1 404 2 0 0 4 '51-uv. I - - Q If h 1'sJ.' , .4 A '-4 -1 - 'tif A l g, 5 lm: .ggi-i.7.w,g 1 ',. U 'f. E ADI- gr., 1 , Q . W AQQS' eff 7 : I , -. ' 1 Q . BENJAMIN CANNoN BAILEY iii? 'M 'Y MEMPHIS, TN fm NAVY NFO Someday I'll be able to figure you out and when I do, you'll be coming to church with me on a weekly basis. CTR tChoose the Rightl. future lax coach at USNA, richie meade,, ball buster, watch out for drunk pilots, Ben Bailey made it his mission to single-handedly keep Acme in business. His efforts are so legendary that a statue will be erected on the dance fioor, appropriately depicting Ben gettin down to "Shake Ya Tailfeather". Both Jones's stop telling me this stuff ..., kicking my aSS in PS2 everyday, NASCAR and the beer shower. Billy Bill and Will, the Grove and Fox and the Hound, "so Will why can't you walk...", watch out for those keys. A great friend. Saturday nights will never be the same, building a tolerance at the condo, remembering the empty case .... .you tell me what happened and we'll both know Q-l. . .the road had to be built somewhere... grandfather clock. . .room 3221 and 3227, late night talks and chalk tossing competitions, our first calls ashore, acme. "you've got 45 Inin until practice" .... ."I know, but why are you sleeping on the bathroom floor?" Have no regrets! Aerosmithfliiss, NinersfRavens, the 5 hour drive to Phili. wait are you sure it's house 34657 Memphis, improving the odds after starting off2 for 4. Sweet Dreaminl Polar Bear Plunge. finally in a bathing suit... 2151 birthdays. . .puke and rally, da bronco, preakness. sitting on the window ledge waiting, missing Inore classes than anyone thought humanly possible, you've been there done that and still made it. NFO in June .... all the way baby! Plebe year's rough, youngster year a haze. 2"t' class alittle better, firstie year the best, NFO .... june fourth looking better and better everyday. MATTHEW EDWARD BAYER BOLIVAR, MO NAVY PILOT Inventor of recreational sleeping. Do you want me to use headphones? Got rid ofthe burnin' barrall when we moved to the big city. They just put in a fifth stoplight. Wake up! The bio's not done yet. Which one is ' she? The hot one? Gotta kill some more Nazis. The gravitational held is too strong. The double perch! I don't think I'd have made it without you. Doesn't miss his soap for three days...shower. huh'?, I don't get it. see dude it's a slack line...looks like a tight rope to me. . .no it's a slack line. great guy and great friend The yellow face, it hurts ussssss .... Why are you using the word Bayer like some kind of insult? Proverbs 27: I 7 A Thank for helping to keep me sharp. You're not a plebe anymore, you're allowed to get in the rack. No better pillow than USNA shorts. eh? Maybe a face-melting solo can take care of that. Or some Twee. Gratuit? Yayahhhh! I I! Wake up Bayer. you missed your X-period. Did you shave today Bayer. Late night studying for every CS class. Sittin on the ledge. Lighting your farts on fire with Hazlewood. Bayer did you just say the f word. I can still whip you in pool. A The Gibson, Ben, Paul, Will BRYAN MATTHEW BLAIR ' WHITE SANDS, NM SURFACE WARFARE has a bad habit of not looking where he's going and hitting into walls, decided that he just didn't have a hard enough time in school and became , . . an electrical engineering and started losing his hair. Rogaine man... Rogaine or propecia.. or revivigen... A Nick Rygiel LeBlair, you French Piece of... Tourettes A I can't live like this, wake up and clean the room. I'll jump on that grenade guys A BLAIR. you pulled the pin. Dude. that's where I brush Iny teeth. We'll never forget the snow picture A two thumbs up. Getting caught about twice a week A text -just lock the door Blair. Shaving Mercado's back. lt's not powder blue. I'm not riding with the Cabrales's again. Was that English Blair? Are you sleeping there? RIGHT TH ERE? Yeah. your eyes bug out of your head real far. Nice one Blair. Our non-discriminating friend A LeBlair A GSLG Spring break in Ft Lauderdale with Funny Face. Greg the Keg, Muffin, the three L's and The Gibson. Let'sjust say it was a love-test. A O-Club people 25th Company 405 DOUGLAS ALEXANDER BRAYTON I .1 - J MIDDLETOWN, DE SURFACE WAREARE Straight up punisher. captain america. a champion...uhhh 6...60 coach...the bus. it cant be stopped. lookin for the speed. .... Doooogie... the Cap'n...big bro...wah wah wah-REGULARWCHOO CHOO...roody poo poo...go BIC: or go IlOME...25tl.tltl0 meters. lt's not only temporary. its jabaroni drive and we won't forget. True punisher and fearless leader as long as it's not past bedtime. But. Coach we need those tables. lt wasn't us. I swear. Bushwacker. A The ravager .... pecan pies. the romp. the trains A Doug inliicts crushing damage on everything from cars to couches .... remember it's "A long way to Tipperary." Castle Greyskull. He'll tell you the important stufftwo times. two times. you know? Jaegers for life A Pauly. Chris. Nick. Henry. Brian. Ricky. Coop. Seany. and Al A brof'ahood. What a trip it's been. Checkin' it in one last time to the Smackdown Hotel. Logan. Eric, and Hunter 4 y'a know. Mom. Dad. .l,l. and Allison. thank you. DANIEL STEPHEN CABRALES NORTH POTOMAC, MD NAVY PILOT The ward list still says you're a Monnon. You're always welcome back anytime and anywhere. - BMW Almost made the mistake of going marines. luckily the navy came to its senses and made him a navy pilot. just remember that the plane goes down when the stick goes up. fly navy - Nick Rygiel Funny Face. Me no wear pantalones 4 in front ofthe head table. Sleeping in strange rooms. its close enough. lfyou puke l'll -- down your throat. ADEO. not hypocritical. Family cook-off at the tailgater. Where's my Danny? l'm sorry I don't speak mamma Cabrales. Brillo Pad. Oh, my god put your shoes back on. Mercados biology project 4 stunk up the entire lab. OOHRAH Time for some PT. Nice car A still doesn't pull in the girls. You picked Chemistry? Only person to get kicked out of Ram's Head and Sean Donlons. Spring Break EE photo. l'm not MEXICAN - I'm from Equador. l'm sorry sir, we can't let you into this club with that K-9 t- shirt. Laundryll Showers? Only person that could make Quan look neat... and normal. - G8LG I CHRISTOPHER MARTIN DIETZ PITTSBURGH, PA USMC PILOT DIETZI I I !! One moment Sir! The infamous beginning for The Dietz Platoon has continued throughout the last four years. The scary part is after reporting Dietz Platoon all present or accounted for he went on to become Brigade Adjutant. "DlETZ BRIGADE, 2004 PRESENTW Although he never said this we can never forgive. or forget, the insanity that followed this red-headed ditz as he ran his way through the Boat School. Maybe one day we'll forgive him for responding f'Dietz Platoon, all present or accounted for!" But the comedy factor for us all when 'NC Murray freaked out while asking. "Dietz!! Who's accounted for?" is just too great. May he always be the shark hunting for the PMP bears. if for no other reason than being bald. "Stop Smiling Dietz!" - MSP 406 2004 I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I Ev gif vim DELAND FL um e ---- - T -- PAUL DANIEL ECKERT USMC PILOT Paul Eckert - No one loves the Gators as much as this guy. I'm not going to video tape anymore midnight breakdance l sessions with a strobelight. Watch that tirst step in fieldball. it's adoozie!! Harrington's number one rule: plausible deniability. Thanks for turning offthe smoke alarm. Ilaxe you seen Tombstone? And a Wheeeeeee!! Let me borrow your knife for second. Somebody stole it? Zombitied during sprint season, never again... Let me guess, TGI Fridays? I told you not to go aero. No. you don't need to put on headphones, I 'nt not watching it. Thanks for all the DVD's, I'lI get some eventually. Get off IM!! I lorgot you had an X-period. I'll clean up the edge dressing don't worry. An hour till the Alpha. we don't need to start cleaning yet. Good luck at TBS and I can't wait to see you in one ofthose astronaut suits. God bless and I'm praying tor you. -MB Got any boysenberryil What's that Rammstein guy doing? Thank God lor Mike and Kathleen. Someday we will get Matt with the quintuple perch... Psalm I-15:89 -Ben "Why didn't you wake me up. . .my alarm must be broken". so your cousin says hi. Ifun times at the rodeo- two out ofthree ain't bad. Yut to a great buddy. -Will .lones Hey guys. we at Notre Dame! GLBs forever. -Fletch STACY MARGUERITE F INLEY ALAMO, CA NAVY NFO stace.i knew you would never go SWG. First midshipman put on restriction in '04.and they all thought you were a troublemaker. Ron Chino. your I your 2 your 3 your -I.NavyfAir Force. grandlather clock. Visting Cali. the millions of goals you scored playing soccer and the awards you hid bc of it. NCAA's.you beat us there.the m8cm candy guys.hangin out at the condo.Preakness.we will linally get there.Good Luck in P-cola!Love you always. D. PUG! Umpaloopa doopity doo, hnally playin forward? Purple'?? I swear the last thought I have is looking down and seeing an empty case - BCB NWS- "It's not fear that keeps us from succeeding. It's fear of failure. Have no Regrets!" Expect to Win! PL Champs and NCAA's 2003! Restriction, Cali- Fat Fong Say. Hannibal. Drama Queen. preseason extra running. 3 for 8 strong, multiple times in 20 min, meggie-Iny little protege: you can do anything you want. Cali girls- keep up the recruiting. Bear-Sharks. . .thanks tor bringing me back! 2lf! birthdays. "you have -I5 min until practice". . ."I know, but why are you laying on the bathroom floor?" Bar Baltimore, O'Briens, and Acme .... .l'll remember you all. I can't wait to keep the party going! Pensacola in the summer! Thanks for all the memoriesg it's been a great ride! MATTHEW TINCI-IER GIBSON BoNNER SPRINGS, KS N AVY PILoT A different roommate every semester. Indoor golf. Logan can't room with Ionesy. Gibson's cool though. Nice one UTCS. Knock knock - those are the rules sir. The meanest hurricane this side of Annapolis. Then those hot-chocolates The double g bar is open again. Driving to see Logan's parents. Spring break in Cancun -- then in Ft. Lauderdale. Ring Dance in the bathroom - Colleen was super pissed. Good work with the 7 iron. 72 Cheeseburgers and 600'Ki of my pay. at O'Briens. Knock Knock - request permission to come aboard sir. Cutting remarks are very hurtful. Nocturnal during x-weeks. Ma'am. I - what this time Gibson. Guide the right platoon on line. I'll still beat you on the card - LG almost got away with everything if it was for good old ward hall. too clever for his own good sometimes. will spend hours creating works of an that only the select will be shown. videos, cumpecker, e-fry - NR I never thought we would be friends, but I was very wrong. Thanks for hxing my computer. talks in the warp, and bringing me back down to earth. O'Briens need I say more. Best ofLuck. - DI 25th Company 407 LOGAN SALVATORE GOHEEN AURORA, IL SUREACE WARFARE Outspoken and gregarious. His antics and stunts filter down as lore. True to his friends he remains. Much loved is our Mutiin II' you got him Inad he got more than even with you. Will spend hours devising and working out a plan or partying but never waste a second working on schoolwork unless absolutely necessary to do so. Did you go to class? His creativity and ingenuity are only matched by his love ol' DTA. "i'm okay. really. blahhhllll... that's nothing. l'Il be line." Tell the plebes to stop trashing your room. Goldtish and Red Stripe. CFC coordinator. I don't want you rooming with E. .lones - Gibson's cool though. Nice thinking LITCS. Hey your parents are in town and there's a hurricane out. Let's roll. Face oflndignance. October. the worst month ever. Our Iirst night out after restriction - visit to brigade medical with LT. Chocolate P Inilk. peppermint sehnapps and hurricanes. the double G is open. Matching paint and spackle. The Thermostat is evil. Indoor Golf. Lett Shoes. Want some Chinese. let me collect wardroom dues. Mid Knights. What's with the orange and white flag? Sorry about the reI'rigerator Becca. Wish you had a sleeping bag for the cold nights. You shook me for one Ifl80l" of an hour. Lick the what'?l Did you just say that? - The other halI'ot'the Double G LAUREN ANN GOLDENBERG BRoCKToN. MA SURFACE WARPARE Goldbergo. Got meat? Cat eyes and worshipping Satan. Those things might set oft' a metal detector.. Go kill a goat you weird gothic Metallica freak. e O-Club People I want a succulent. juicy piece ofaiitti . STEAK! I meant steak. exactIy...i mean excellent. I wear plus size in Chinese. Who else turns a YP oll' with their ass'?...Don't touch mel...long walks on the beach with Jenn...nationals xl. All those memorable USNA powerlitting practices you're gonna missg don't worry l'll keep you updated. Good luck to you and all your future endeavors. tthanks Dara. you dry-hump with the best of 'ernl Coincidental Chaosuyoungster year..battIe ofthe bands..Take the little puppy. and rip off its head. then pull out its legs and beat on your drum. We'II never understand your ritualistic music. Hey Lauren. why did you get stopped at the metal detector? Is that Lauren's Halloween costume or what she's wearin to the Slipknot concert? Best punting cover ever. Run Mids or I'Il complain a lot. - G8cG Lauren thought for a long time that she was the Whitestone around. but then the little blonde farm girl from NH mowed in and made her look like she spent two weeks in Hawaii. Despite being disgruntled about moving her drums out to make room for the new roommate. she eventually got used to abusing her whenever possible. But then the roommate got even. double deuce. what can two people do with Mr. Pineapple? tliarin stay away from Mr. Pineapplell Semper SWO, and no you can't have any more chocolate. See ya in the Ileetl REBECCA MOLLIE GORDON CORAL SPRINGS, FL SPECIAL OPERATIONS Becka-seems like yesterday you told me I looked like the chick from Police Academy. eating cookies in bed,"midnight bathroom runs".your l iiiii I T P ' l.your 2..ugh ugh. . .can you Iix my goggles.vanilla air freshener.kulik.O BGYN.you know you can get friend for being in the same bed'?MongoIian.Floods.navy crew.Princess.aIl to become a cheerleader.silver spandex.8tI's sing along songs.eoI'I'ee bars.our secret closet in the warp.sushi.cooking tone day I will make more then garlic breadl O'Briens.rock stars with the bear-sharks.. I N' prize booty.congrats on EOD. I knew you would get it..I did have the hottest roommate ever..love you always-D:ltTe recordare en mis oraciones.. princesa.Suerte con todo. - BMW To Iny little P- oh trouble.VaniIla V.7-I l.bowling."you should want it so bad." Broadway daneers.Dunkin D..Sister lIazel.can you remember'?"they need to play Sherrie Austin." steering wheels -- and CORNBREAD. I will miss you tons!-your little SI fry trap. IIIOFIIIIIQ walks to the boathouse. herndon equals what? camping Iyou didn't Iall down the waterlallll. west v.a. bush gardens. spring break. key west. NAPS tshitty townl. trips to v.a.b.. what live in 5"l w'ing'?..C'.lS Late night talks in the warp. strawberry IIIZ1lIgO smells - 2 hours or I5 minutes..take care ofthe dolphins- The Gibson? Goldenwinger. pt at what time. Your new Tennis partner- holy smokes your babies would be superhuman! Is it becca or becka? He was holding your head. while he tried not to tall asleep. that is love. "laundry". navy lodge. Pictures without clothes in vans Ioh we were coveredl -guess? From Swimmer to Cheerleader the past -I years has given me many experiences and friends that I will never forget. ..It is time for a new chapter... Thanks for the memories. -Beckawi 408 2 II 0 4 Vg ,A 'I -1--lo ' ,ct ,. -- -. if l l 1 I ' I ", I Q X -pm-J -5-.. VJ is ALEJANDRO LUIS GUTIERREZ DEPTFORD, NJ NAVY NFO Which one's your parents' room'?g take Cox to the sponsors1 missing Chris, more weekends as a youngster than anyoneg You have a Polish girl too? Houston bowl AAJMM A-Rod: Four years sure went last huh, well not really. We had some good times though from the Jersey weekends ttratlic is light on 301 at 3:3Ol, football games tthe true fansl, ND trip tno commentl, and ArmyfNayy lJosh. enough saidl to the Donovans tthey like me betterl and O'Brian's lBearshark Countryl. You were always 'kind ol" on weekend. Talk about taking on some tough stuff fall semester Iirstie year. You beat it though. you win. And it couldn't go to a better guy. Thanks for all the memories and for adopting me into your family. ADW Michigan? But you're from jersey, bandwagon fan, A.I. should be in jail, CHICO, are the eagles ever going to win anythingll. DIRTY JERSEY A Ben Bailey Where's Alex? Have you checked the wardroom. back couch. ESPN Classic. Wearin' Hazlewood sized clothes on a Gutierrez sized body. That's one large piece ofbling, does it spin? - G8cG .....- ...... ... NATHAN Ross HEGE HIGH PoiNT, NC SUBMARINES To my favorite Democrat. An individual with some amazing talent and skills, i.e. Snood, Minesweeper, and most recently, BeJeweled. You've , greatly enhanced my interest in many ofthe common things in life such as NASCAR, Bill Elliott, sushi, the Carolina Panthers, and ofcourse 'Friends' Thanks for being such a great roommate, companero, and friend. Good luck in Power School. 6406 - Readmits' Clubhouse. -- BMW. Watch out forthe submarines, no, not the submarines you're thinking of. - NR. Natalie, Calm down. watch out tor the Iurker, WHAT ARE YOU THINKING? Wait .... wait .... pull what out'?. got to hold up the back bar at O'Brien's. but Brenda itsjust a little drink, yea it's just a time warp - BB. Wait. ..What'? I will protect this house! "Let's get Sushi!" origami, time warp, "I'm not a Democrat." the patch, Nathaniel, the Polka, Political Philosophy, O-Club Wednesday nights, Meet the Press, whatld ya say? letls run, primaries, the beautiful number nine jeep. goodnight-LW. We didn't think you were cool till you showed us the beauty ofO'Brien's - back bar regular. It's important to note that they're not real people. Their beauty is only surpassed by their convenience. Who's that extra box ofdoughnuts for anyway? I do not currently have a Cadillac in my garage. Lead from the front. I don't take myself too seriously. Late night at the Double G bar. A MG, LG. DANIELLE ELISE JAMES AMITYVILLE, NY USMC GRouND you are wearing RED.Marine..shoits'?castIe time.cracking your neck.going.blond and back again.the loud obnoxious class on the crew team.nights at DahIgren.JH.AIways the strong one we looked up toIManicure in Miami.I love your curls.catholic church'?. Trader. AB SPAN DEX.Is she a chain smoker'?Time for your "other pills". Dulce .magazines oh, Ijust like to look at the pictures.great friend and teammate. toughest competitor I know.you're going to bark.KC.my hero. Boathouse XO.only one on the watehbill. Nayy Crew Camp started it all."St. Anthony's girls are so cool."Trips to NY.Go Yanks.I am going to steal Otis. Bon .Ioyi.One day the student will defeat the master. MA.You are the closest I have to a sister here."More weightlu mean anything'?" Look guys, lt's Danielle Jamesllucky us.No matter where we sit. we will always make the perteet pair.AB.Strong island.you're rich if you go to McDonald's.stop snacking. Amittyville :Ghetto.Long Island is NOT N.Y.tootsie rolls.BB. ArmyfNavy youngster year.boys.boys.the west nile virus.garbage cans and vanilla body splash.chex mix.VS-2-l.SF. Thank you for all the conversations,and forjust being there for ine.Enjoy all the good things in lite.I'Il be checking up on you.BMW.my roomie. dance partner. bf. and bed buddy.1ny police academy chick.not a fan of PEE tests, but you love our daughter P. "bathroom trips". bedtime cookies.rooinates sleeping on desks.your l.your OBGYN'?, Kulik. fried for being in the same raektyeah that stopped usl.8O's.decked out in spandex. SLISHI.best garlic bread maker.SAM's. Mongolian. W.Choc Fren V.Mocha Frappachino. Things aren't ending my hottest roommate-they are only going to get better.I Loye you. RG 25th Company 409 I ni - nl :sl l i ERIC WESLEY J ONES I Q 'I mg .I .R EIJELSTEIN, IL lp Coming here from the HM.ltSSBN-73Ol wasn't a hard transition at all as long as you take li away the apartment. the car. liberty every night. decent pay. the occasional beer and the ability to do what I wanted to do when I wanted it. Twenty-three years old during plebe I year. while my classmates thought I was ancient. I thought I could teach you all a tew I things and I ended up learning more from all ot'you. It has been an interesting four years. I1 which I wouldn't trade for anything and which I wouldn't want to do again either. -EWJ BUENA GENTE!! A BMW old balls. ifyou talked to him you'd think he was age 30 going on -Ill. always has an answer tor everything. along with thirty statistics about nascar I I drivers at the same time. can get along with everything. especially nurses atjohns Hopkins I Nick Rygiel Uncle Eric. the Old Man oIl25. His sense of humor and positive attitude. I. Io I are a product oli his years. No truer man has tread these halls. A Hunter Washburn Old man river, swissy lover. Urlacherf Elliott stalker. Sunday. Sunday. Sunday Poison live at the Peoria civic center. so where is Hood? - Ben Bailey I'm really busy right now ok? l've been sick. But you're playing NASCAR? Bill Elliott. What formations. Take another nap. Chiquita qual. Navy women's Lax. Ret'rigerator. Hey look at all the weight I've lost. Catheter stories. It's not cheating. it's her dog... Sam Adams. I think I threw out my shoulder.. Jones' it's foosball. lvledal ot' Honor zipper. I'll go on Spring Break with you next year. One awesome graduation party for ya EE GScG WILLIAM POWELL JONES I I HOLLY SPRINGS, MS I NAVY PILOT l I Will the thrill. only real pilots eat clam chowder at l0:30pm. ELI for - Heisman. How blue were they? Calm down formation is in 20 Illlll, I I I can't. ljust can't 0li...liIll going to see my girltriend - Ben Bailey Say hi to Mamadoodle and Daddy-o for me. Check out Iny closet, see how y clean it is? Oh. you Inean those bags ofclothes. Yeah. l'm folding them this weekend .... ha ha ha. Willy P, here's to the only two who ever defeated Carl in hand to hand combat. . .sort of. Four years of awesome study habits and I sleep patterns. thanks to WP's Blockbuster. Romans 24:28. eBen Rounds "Stop! Move away from the cookie jar!" Road trips and blind dates. rodeos and southern traditions... Will. this movie is horrible. PUPPY DOG! Twelve pillow cases lor 3 dollars! MY WALLET! Yes, I know Ole Miss won. Ohhh. Pinch. I got it now. So my cousin was asking about you... Thanks for watching out for me when I needed it- you've been a great friend. Best ofluck. ePaul Puppy! Il Good thiIIg his roommates are either south or west ofthe Mason-Dixon line. No. l'm letting you down until you get to the top. lt's been great man. l'm praying for you. MB I ANDREW BRICKMAN KEENE SHREVEPORT, LA l NAVY NFO I Andrew. it's been four years for Inost. but you priors have dealt with the impossible. Getting through the days on the yard have always been fun with the random comments from "Iron Keene." Breaking up I the tnonotonous with your ironic words ot' encouragement and always I show ing the way or lending a hand when times get rough. Thanks for being there and remember when you are breaking in your new pilot to let him know who really controls the plane. Congrats Andrew. God speed and safe seas on your journeys. EDM Rene? Who? E.lMM Sometimes it's the guy you never see that you look tor when you need someone. Keep it up and stay always just as excited when you look at the world. God be with you Andrew! I -.Ili I 410 2 0 0 4 l l l i Q a US Navy Aircraft. A G8cG l CHRISTOPHER JAMES MANCIK HARPER WOODS Ml NAVY NFO wif' Mansuchio Who s that girl with the cane hanging out you sweep that under my desk l'll punch you in the a rash on my. . What S that picture on your desktop with Hazlewood. Hey lets go work out' Goin tO the rg Q ffl' n--n-1" ,qgm , ff ill' , .. 'yi 5 n-2 .giffa -.,-X i fa, 'f '.. VA WE? in your room ' lice Mom l h ue AITLLI M ini tmtnt pull up b us out 7 ' FY: .3 -js . er ' 3" gf: ' 2 ' . 'i 3' ' f C 3' Y , A ' S " 1 If on farragut? The Hood connection. - G84G SEAL's anyone? Running afoul of2fC Zuber during Plebe Summer. Remember the encounter with beer and Julie's whiskey on your 2 l St birthday. NO matter where this bear ends up. there will always be frozen sharks waiting to confuse him. Thanks for the years. A MSP GREGORY TOMAS MERCADO WARRENTON, VA NAVY PILOT The quiet man usually unless heis feeling pretty good and then he's one step away from being a little too friendly with the girls. f Nick Rygiel Greg the Keg. That French Toast was off the hizzie! The Mercado: 3X4 Sprite, U4 Michelob Ultra and 2 sugar cubes if you're feeling frisky. Special Ed'S version ofl wanna go to the Naval Academy YAAAY! Greg, do the cat! Nice sweater. Oh wait, that'sjust your backhair. ask the Frenchman about it. Hey. what are you doing this weekend? UVA to get some girls or another basketball game at Annapolis High. Last minute decision for ISO. - Everyone at the O-Club Kyle the Keg. The chick on the bar at Bar Baltimore. Ring dance date. thank Muffin! How old are you? Spit wads,j-pipes, stink bombs, bathroom stalls. and water balloons. l'm goin home this weekend. Greg it's the super bowl... sorry gotta clean up and strip the deck. Minority Report rocks out the foosball like nobody's business. Someone's refrigerator and pantry will never be the same. You spent l how much? Dude I didn't pay for it! Perhaps. The button that earned the Medal ofHonor. They're putting the oldest looking 7 year old in charge of l l DANNY DOUGLAS MILLS II AIKEN, SC SURFACE WAREARE lt is always a comfort to know that no matter how jaded some people get. there will always be Danny Mills, who no matter how many times he may A A get hurt or burned. is still never afraid to live for his dreams or put his heart out there. Keep charging. Danny. You'll find happiness, l'm sure: and when you do. try not to shoot it. -AK Someday, when you sell the rights to your story to some soap opera. we better see royalties. 25th Company 411 gjunglelstriper fever lean we say dark sidel or your feet lthank you so much Mrs. MJ. The possibilities are endless. J OsHUA MICHAEL MUELLER UPPER ARLINGTON. OH SUENIARINES Hey SAVI. watch this!! - Alex Gutierrez Oh where to begin? Maybe with cleaning lbleach and ammonial. gambling I I2 step program enough saidl. hiking t"I see a bright light getting closer"J or the Army!Navy incident l"Who's room did I go in"l. Or how about the wardrobe tpurple cowboy boots'?I. your truck Ithe death trapl. but seriously you are a true class act. -DTW Ferris came to us as a missionary from the magical land of Left Wing Democratic Male Feminists to show the rest of us chauvinistie sailors the path to righteousness. Young Mueller was greatly dismayed by his experimental failures at several universities tUDel. OSU. SMUJ before he was forced to take his research elsewhere. Finally. he put his theories to practice at a small New England college chock full of be young. combat boot wearing research subjects. One day we'll go to Europe and had our Polish queens...but until then. keep lilling up milk jugs with gasoline. driving pretty blue trucks. playing Myrtle. defending us from giant Samoans. rewriting the Messiah. and rolling 7s .... DW Brigade SAVI - Go Navy Lax. Let's go bowling. Got your sub bonus youngster year. - GSLG "Mom err Ma'am I told them I was your husband" "knock knock pause thump" MARK SHERARD PECKHAM .aff ALTADENA. CA USMC GROUND Sgt. Pecknasty. . .The Myth. the Midregs master. the Marine. After four years of being a Marine trapped in the uniform ofa sailor Mark is finally going home. . .to the corps. Who needs to do homework when you could play Diablo! Member ofthe computer copyright club. "Charmed"'? Founder ofthe Col. Allen high rise clothing line and person most likely to go to. and survive an ACBOARD. Have fun rolling in the mud at TBS and showing the world what a good haircut should look like.CJM MATTHEW GEORGE PRATT CAPE MAY, NJ NAVY PILOT f- The A team, what an unstoppable combination. Dirty Jersey where dreams come true. especially for Luke. Spring break in St. Thomas I Duffy's Love Shack. Megan's Bay. Mr. Lizard. Shamoo. the Cycle. and a grade ofA' A Booterpalooza a time to remember. EF? O-Club with the Bearsharks. 26 pitchers. 8 dudes. in 3 hours. Summer in San Diego. PB. Mission. and Lajolla bitties thanks for the house and good times. Luke stop painting the ship. Tijuana. Rosarito. and Mazatlan all dirtier than Jersey and all a great time. The Palm. Ruth Chris. Vegas. St. Tigre .... thanks lid. Ifyou are ever in Ohio. don't go to Putin Bay. Ifyou are ever at UM get in touch with .l.loshadamSS. Armyf'Nayy game at Lincoln Financial. in a box. followed by Tirnanog is hard to beat. Club soccer not always the best soccer. but always a good time. 3 Proms down. many more to go. EnglandfScotlandfIreland almost cost me a liver. Virginia beach with Radmiral and Kinky 50. watch out for trees. Ursinus. everyone should hax e their own bear. Thanks for the memories 25. Four years with a skinny. foot fungus infected. alcoholic roommate who dries his ears with his underwear and is about to owe me I OO. wouldn't trade it for anything. Family and Friends. thanks for the support I couldn't have made it without you. Cya Cya. 412 2 0 0 4 MICHAEL SCOTT QUAN 'ZDQU-If uv 6? BRADBURY, CA I '-' A 1- ff-l - i t - ll' f 7. K ' . J Ls . A-Ce' ,'.lV1','Q' L 1: K 3 if Q NAVY PILOT QUAAN! - The Chinese Jew. She's gonna lay an egg. May 29"I. we'll be there. and so will Mike Jr. Never hurt so much to write a Sl5.0Il0 check. What's that car making up for? TWO-FER. Minority Report. The Great Wall of China. Quantico Quan. Midknights on 2-4. plungers. Like the Menorah? You pulled another all nighter? SDB's and gym shoes. The Germans after I-Ball. Your lovely Polish Princess. Kate. Write another e-mail. Thanks for the laptop and hnding Stop Azlea. The only person who saved money on mid pay. E-Bay rating -30. l think I want Marine Corps. QUAN, look at your room. Always a good sport and willing to help someone out. Ahhh Mihke Quan. rove frye ryce. - G8cG. NR. Guys at the O-Club BENJAMIN JEFFREY ROUNDS NAPLES, FL NAVY N F0 Roomies since Plebe summersurvived Hazlewood.did you see Mancik's mouse. Come on Will you have to be hard like me to like SlipKnot and Metallica...oh and Christina Aguilera... the only person I know with a blind dog.Frankie. "I am not even going to respond to that Willa". "Why do you have a coffee mug in the shape ofa boot .... it's really not cool". best friend since l've been here.thanks -Will Jones Hey stripes. thanks for the Metallica intro. FEDEX Field. and my first beer. Maybe this isn't the best place to be dressed as rednecks. Seems like all we did was haul speakers around We could be prepared to play, but that's not our style. Let's roll the monkey! The Perch. No, I'm not doing the dance!! Gratuit? Riding the G-busters in the rain at Normandy. THA HA HA, Vin a loud American!" 'IHey. this isn't the Wendy's parking lot!" Talent show The Box Nasties Thanks for holding me accountable, don't ever stop fighting tHeb 12:41 and I'm praying for you. MB I told you it was coffee and no salt doesn t go on pancakes. Are we still in New Jersey? No dude. Harley's can't turn. I'm down here by the water. Ben? You ok'7 Yeah we ll make lt to Georgia without stopping for gas. no problem. You wanna go bounce? Come on. change your screenname. you're not ndRegCDR anymore Let s face facts. It wouldn't have been the same without you- best of luck. -Pablo NICHOLAS WAYNE RYGIEL FARMINGTON HILLS, MI SURFACE WARFARE Hard working and studious, he is there for his friends, through thick and thin. Mi casa es su casa,nice.naps. Where's her purse'?. 3-2 zoo, stealing I boards plebe year, the flag. irc, isn't it nice to go away to college? rygiel eagle, lone gunman, punisher. Gotta give the guy credit: 4 years across from Doug and he still appears sane on the outside. "HE'S MY BROTHERIH. really is though. because whether he'll admit it or not. he's a Jaeger. anyone hungry for a blood burger? need a place to stay'?...Nick's house IS the smackdown hotel. Fellow member ofthe far corner ergers, you know who could still be watching. Spring break. gainsville. You gonna make it--speed up! slow down! But remember Nick. Ive got this uncle...Where we gonna park? Nick you're going 80 and the lane ends in 100 ft. well, if you drive a ship like you drive a car. it'll be a fun ride. a true friend and brother.---Thanks Mom. Dad. Lisa, and everyone else who put up with me. especially for these past tive years. 25th Company 413 M DANIEL EDWARD SCHUMACHER EASLEY, SC NAVY NFO dangerous dan. taker ol'gordo's sword and failing the rooms. always outspoken when not needed but always his own person and never relied on anyone else but himself for direction - Nick Rygiel Brings so much to the table, book ofdangerisms. I l05? Nope goin' FO. SAM's is the best place in the world man. Dr. Thunder- Ben Bailey Llminmm .... Llmmmmin. .. "Ok then. anybody else know the answer?" Got Milk? Dangerous? Delicious? Deilication? Snowboarding on Hospital Point. Embroidered robe. SWG Sweater ..., Sams Club. Bread and poulette sauce. German girls. Japanimation. Dan. LT said to take that sheet down. CAP inspection. what notebook. We'll notity you in case ofany surprise ship visits. -GSLG When l went to a REAL college To the room .... and the wack shack. How many paper towels do you need? Chris. tell me about girls. Hey Schumacher. put on your headphones. Mouth closed. mouth closed. Schumacher you don't rate shaving your head until Herndon. Schumacher Stop Smiling .... you couldn in llOT!!!!!! MATTHEW LINS SHETLER WEBSTER, TX NAVY PILOT Mr. Shelter? ShetNastyLD. Inappropriatejokester, nothing too sacred for a wisecrack. About 100 scrimmages, but we're even on games. One l more Texas loss away from S500. 20 hours in a Hyundai with Faucker then digging The Gibson's car out ofa snow bank. At least one screaming argument a semester. Are you wasted? Going to your sponsor's again? The only person I know who can carry on a conversation completely in metaphors. Booterpalloza. The A triple plus squad in Saint Tigrey. Bon Jovi Jersey weekends with the A-Team plus Luke. O- Club nights. Do you guys pee in your shower? Navy Air all the way. LAURIE ANN SOLBERG MAHTOMEDI, MN NAVY P1LoT The girl from the frozen tundra with a day named after her. May 4th is Laurie Solberg Day. Red Gatorade and Strawberry pop-tarts cure the worst hangover. Here you go Carl. I had to work extra hard for those beads. Cough cough. I can't put my arm down. Co-founder of Wubtoberfest 2004. and main beneficiary to Farbruary. Cancun T-Shirt NASCAR T-shirt. 6-pack in the shower. Who is it this week? Didn't get the back rack for nothing. Ho-clubbin it. the true O-Club commodore - GSLG All the memories from Japan wf Mon and Law...LPZ lighting at Preakness. Many nights with the locked doors. Lt G. . .Brian. Becca and YPs. Spooning with Jen and Pete at Leatherneck. Pump head-head loss. hehe. "Holy schneikies not tactical? You're a tease...Thanks!!! The List. anyone seen it lately? Nothing we do is wrong. Remember ladies a glass of wine is good for the heart. Hockey games with the girls and the road trips. . .til fan. Gne Way and Livin on Prayer. . .Here we go again... LPZ. JLG. RMR. MAM. LAW. MLH. LMB 414 2004 't do it could you .... l'm Coming Qff A 5' --. li 'iglsig PENAcooR, NH av . . USMC PrLoT What was the Academy thinking when they let the little super white tarm . - -1 N o. .m' , C -im. KARIN BEVERLY WAREING girl from NH into this place? Stanley Hanley. Bagel Slagle. Super G and Dean the Machine tyeah they were all hott. Then she broke her foot. But that didn't stop her going to Rivera's school for the Privileged with Gaby and TJ. While she was off at crew. Bernardjust liked to hang around. And yes Gaby, she is crazy since she wants to Hy the Osprey. Remember' YP's to New York... probably not. but we all know Nate does. From the southern belle to the roommate from hell. she lived with them all. .lealous anyone? Then came the Lake Meade trip... Dan's the one who canlt remember that. WWCGD and Ghetto 7 living. The 2fC cruise to exotic... Baltimore? Cake punting anyone... maybe a new . sport? "Hey Gaby, want to run a marathon??" We didn't buy A's in Capt's class. we just bought him drinks. Thanks Psycho. I3 got real lucky and Theresa. Nate. and Karin followed in the lootsteps of our illustrious 8-Ball upper- class. Hey Kim. I mean Bev. whatever your name is. want to spend SI00 to see the Wings crush the Caps. EH? .lust so there's no confusion. she make I quilts, designs dresses. bakes cookies. and she sleeps with no less than 2 teddy bears every night. but she's a MARINE at heart! WTF's a bearshark? No matter what. you will always be Lucky. Kare-Bear. we love you. be safe. and God Bless. -DBE. NLN. ZJB. TAH. BRM. GTRJ. LAG I I I.. . I LAUREN ALLISDN WARREN GROSSE POINTE, MI NAVY NFO It's My Life...LALA-roomies forever. I don't wanna live with her, not a LALALA. Cancun- squeegying like a banshee. "Did you get the memo? lt's Spring Break!". Japan-the Marines have landed. big dumb blonde. Galaxy. San Deigo double date. Ft Laud road trip- poor Blazer. cabin times - pontoon boat. Japan again. all the locked doors...just go away. birthday at the beach. I kissed him...hey me too! Field Party "Who owns this land'?...Cingular," Bar of Baltimore, what's in the fridge. DTA. hockey games. Lowo. brief rugby times. l'm NOT from Canada, OOOO Clubbin it. tootball parties. GO WINGS! My Army Girl- plebe year rugby. "blending" in CC. road trips. WP, Ring Dance to bridesmaid shopping...lots of shopping in general! always havin fun and laughin together the whole way. Stop calling me Warren! country music, S40 worth of sushi, time warps. Lower Canada. I shift at Z! rides to your car. nerds GO TIGERS, it began with peanut M8cM's. decent? O'Brien's. a ride to the airport, What do you want? Democrats forever. the Amish. Friends. . .Livin on A Prayer i I I I i.-.- .,, .. . . HUNTER DAVIS WASHBURN . ANDOVER, MA SURFACE WARFARE I To the best team captain ever! Thanks for all your encouragement, words of wisdom, and motivation. I admire your work ethic and your ability to look at the positive in all things. - BMW saves the world on the weekends. oldest ofthe Washburn Clan, he decided to join the Navy and put up with everyone else here at the Academy and hnally roomed his last year with two fellow rowers. I Always a good roommate and friend, he was always there to clean the room when no one else ever did. and to tix his car when he broke down or was crashed by the mechanic every weekend or so. - Nick Rygiel Christmas party summer salts. back of Boehms truck. Hardest working person at the Academy. -G8:G Destined to lead the team from the beginning. generally avoiding the easiest target ofall. making fun ofthe spot. Always taking charge in the ! front ofthe boat twhich really is the backl, in Cancun. leading the way for the A-Team. Hurnpties, the Flavas made l it through! Standing Cmod? Humpties cookies. coffee cake. IHOP all you can eat... I9 Vi. Fudruckers pounder. . .mmm, autumn row in Andover. warning high flooding area! Car broke down in Vermont. then got wrecked by the mechanics. Unlock the magic. cuz we can can can! Flayas TiT. The Best roommate ever, even if he goes to a brief or two. TLC - every night. that's the bottom line. A great Cap'n - leads the boys. leads ' the charge. and drops the hammer. -DB . 25th Company 415 I I I DANIEL THoiviAS WILLCOX .39 IDAHO FALLS, ID NAVY PILOT Eternal Father strong to save whose arm hath bound the restless wave who bidd'st the mighty ocean deep its own appointed limits keep oh. hear us when we cry to Thee for those in peril on the sea: O Christ! Whose voice the waters heard and hushed their raging at Thy word who walked'st on the foaming deep and calm amidst its rage didst sleep oh hear us when we cry to Thee for those in peril on the sea: Most Holy Spirit Who didst brood upon the chaos dark and rude and bid its angry tumult cease and give for wild confusion peace oh hear us when we cry to Thee for those in peril on the sea: O Trinity of love and power our brethren shield in danger's hour from rock and tempest. tire and foe protect them wheresoe'er they go thus evermore shall rise to Thee glad hymns ot' praise from land and seal? BRADLEY MERRILL WILLIAMS SCOTTSDALE, AZ SURFACE WAREARE "The mission ofthe United States Naval Academy is to develop midship- men morally. mentally and physieally and to iinbue them with the highest ideals of duty. honor and loyalty in order to provide graduates who are dedicated to a career of naval service and have potential for future development in mind and character to assume the highest responsibilities of command, Citizenship and government." 'UU' 416 2 0 0 4 I P l r P U M vl ti ri J i A 1 5 4 54 Dennielle Mariko Monica Lynn Cameron Joy Jonathan Isaac Wesley Gene David Louis Perna Aaron Kyle Polaneo Jaan Roos Matsumoto Meese Mozingo Norris Passons i ' Ryan Albro Stevens James Francis Andrew Daniel Ryan Allen Weber Matthew Clay Greg Wood Adam Yang Sullivan IV Warner Welch 25th Company 419 v 'Wm - L Fw ff 'V-fr 420 2004 I LtCol Joseph J. Thomas. USMC Battalion Officer B Ol , ff y y A A wflfffflrffz ffff A ,JJ-W Left to right:Theresa Morris, Adjutant: Christopher Maloney, ADEO1 James Brohyn. Drillg S T Andrew lmperatore. Battalion Commander: Robert Guyette. Executive Ofliceit Andrew Ly- boldt, Physical Mission Oflicerg Cera Tillet. Operations: William Mangham. lst LT!Admin: I T Peter Fisher. Training. A X T L H I O N mi 0 ff ' LCDR Van Dickens oi' fx' ' li Buftalign Chglplain Left to right: Duchuy Nguyen, Trainingg Jon Francisco. lst LTfAdmin1 S ephen Lantz. Execu- tive Oflicerg Nicholas Pinkston, Battalion Commander: Nickolas Foran. Admin Chief: Dang Duong, Adjutant. 6th Battalion 421 unusual:-:tall-3:11 I f 1061251 Q MM cwabmy C at is X H Captain Jeffrey R' Stephanie N. Fiek, Company XO Ruifhel X Q Eric D. Brege, Company Commander Cmnpany Omcer Erik H. Gustafson, First Sergeant fnot picturedb J ftii M J x fir y J ,A-in ,.. xx v - 1 V V L 'Ti B M QQ? B Senior Chief Joseph Cr. Summa Company Senior Enlisted Hayley C. Edmonson, Company XO Stephen J. Raulli, Company Commander Kevin J. Kinkade, First Sergeant tnot pieturedj 2004 you're goin to pearl harbor brah, Pearl. Take care 84 aloha. LIS. VX 'HW Dm! .jglliiis Q CLAYTON CAESARE BEAS ig -.,, l 7 A 'T . M ,LX1 'T ' ' l 1 11-111 - A I. .lm-5 . .. :x i xv 'I . 4.2. 1 H5-1 7: "" 'Qi' i 4 1 1 ' C Q " U., wg. I-n 1 r'- 'I , . BLDOMINGTON, CA SURFACE WARFARE It's pronounced Bay-es not bees. Who's Clay? put that...? Alarm clock going off ten times a day. La puta means king. Stop talking about history, ,tram Now where did Che Guevara. no one cares. Mexican without being Mexican. New word in the English Ianguag Beezinized, drunk beyond the point of no return. Drooling, eyes red. singing La Bamba. no more bar tables. has to be dragged back to his room. holds on to things. missed BOOW musters. It's been a good time. Useless arguments. almost Iights. Daily fatness check in the mirror. Late night snacks. Highest ranking person to fall out ofdrill. Don go swimming after thirteen rounds. UNA MAS! Nair for Christmas. did you use it? Desk is not meant to be used for that. Blackhole squad. Plebe Summer: Personal invitation to align. I'm not going to say any names. Beas! Janis's house and singing. Quiet, shy. Always reliable. Talks real. Braddah beez. you nuttz. bu. Dats solid dat the islands needs a braddah like you to teach them the true meanin of bein beezinized. It's been real. Good luck in I CI 'I BRIAN KEITH BLASCHKE SAN ANTONIO, TX NAVY PILOT I don't know ifl am gonna get pilot. I am nervous... I don't know if they'Il give it to me. So how many anchors? SIWSII kickers. and the ranch... Brian in his element. The big hunt. Cruising south padre. Girls gone wild at dinner next to us... Mary is better. "I hate Iny major? Dahlgren dates and long walks with Mary. Thank God for the cookies. and the jerky. Thanks for taking the trash out. everyday. How much can you possibly wash your hands? Pat Green! Thanks for introducing us to Miguel. Ring Dance. . Fumbleroosky fumbler. Yit Yaw. Sightseeing on your flight sim. Crew Rest already? It's only ZXC Year! Twenty minutes till class? We can get an episode of Friends in. It's time to shred A class together every semester...why stop now? Good ol' Andrew...sir. -BH -DFT -MT -MAC ERIC DANIEL BREGE DECATUR, IN SURFACE WARFARE Eric. the conscience of our group.. .well almost. You are settling down and getting married, but not after a few reminders of your past. Drinking with Willy beer for beer. then puking at Bobby's commissioning ceremony. Throwing magazines and bean-bags at Jamo for two years. Orlando trip, renting a car as a plebe. Flexing by the pool...blinder in hand. . .anyone up for a margarita? "Dave Jeopardy's on at 7. want a rematch!" Lincoln. how about a bottle of wine? .... .shipmate, got time for a haircut'?'? Access to cheap drinks at the Fleet reserve club. Being violated at the Red Rock Western Saloon. while meeting your future wife. By the way she thought he was a male stripper. Josephine bribing us with brownies and cookies. Last but not least opinions on nuke school. subs. the Academy and your favorite .... .3 OUT l UP! Best ofluck in California, catch a wave for 26th Company 423 DAVID ANTHONY BUSH OAKLAND, CA SURFACE WARFARE Life wouldn't be complete at USNA without somebody to keep it real. to tell it exactly like it is. and simply to KEEP IT DIRTY. The Last ofa Dying Breed : THE REALEST. I could never go to war without a Lieutenant and DIRTY was always that man. Ifwinning isn't everything. why do they keep score? Somebody has to come out on top and we seemed to always find our way there. KEEP IT GANGSTA YOUNG DIRTY!! DB. or should I say Dertee. Dave. the man with all the answers to wardrobe color coordination from head to toe. An athletic, smart. comical. ladies man that keeps the rythm in his feet. Bush. takin the fleet by stuntastic form. Holla at cha boy from Muskogee. MC Girls call him David. I call him habib. Listens to loud music. lectures all the girls. rides on twenties. dances all the time. Money. girls. ri1ns...what else is there. Met him in the weightroom. lived with him for 3 years. stay friends forever. it CHRISTOPHER BARROW CARSON COVINGTON, LA SURFACE WARFARE RHSC. Dirty B. New Orleans is his "Big Easy" home. He wanted to thank his mom and dad for their support and guidance throughout his journey. Chris Founded D8LC's with Jake and Jamo. NAPS 00'. the abundant Geese. and still keeping it real ever since the Weasels and Mogrel. "Race car ya yas" and your brand new speakers. Blue 2WD Ford explorer. J24's. summer school. another "great day on the Bay." and all ofthe hours listening to D. North U. and Nancy. racing Woody Wood Pecker. Pirana. Grandma. and Suck Boat. Classic Carson combinations: 40 knots. midnight. and a barge. . .Swift 2002... I mast. Chippewa, another mast. West Marine Quality foulies. and 3 straight days on the rail from Newport to Bermuda. Iffgilunf 2003. hotdogs and dejenaise. "We need some women" Never was there a more dedicated spin trimmer... "head up. fall off, gettin' greedy. I'm losin' it." "Dirty Dirty." Dirty D. grab the handle bars and hold on. PT PT PT. and yet "l'm so tiny and small." "Pontoon, Pontoon, your location over." '!The Black Ice". DOD... "Peace!" 9 I26 days. Acme Smackme. "Fight'? No need. I'll hit myself." "Jamo. not nice." The Kegairator. thanks Jamo. beer pong .Great times at D8cCs and all the guys there. "What happened last night?" 80 I 7 .... SMD! CS. fans. Dougiefresh. Jamo. and Jacob .... nice demerit count. Panama City. Mardi Gras 2004. Aruba... "You either get busy living or get busy dying". .. Congrats on finally making SWO "Tip ofthe Spear" after 5 long years... see ya in Pearl Harbor. MICHAEL SCoTT CoPPoCK LAGUNA NIGUEL, CA NAVY P1LoT We spent three and a half years as room mates. serving as bad influences on one another. There were many a late night spent with video games and DVD's that were regretted in the morning. You gave me two things that I will never forget: waking up to the smell of whatever magical coffee you always brewed in the morning. and all the character you built during 2!C Spring Break. Congratulations on getting pilot. Now you have to show the fleet what Il Duce can do. Good luck with your future. I'll make sure I steer a straight course to make your landing easier. -Mike Tyree Mike. the craziest and tdon't tell anyonel most caring mid I know. God I hope you sleep in flight school. Video games are a terrible weakness. but you got pilot so they must have paid off. All those cookies and care packages fueled the fire. Sleeping with a sheath knife under your pillow and a gun in the bedside table. hope I never meet you in a dark alley. Crazy Californian. Crazy enough to get married that is. Perhaps someday you'll open Arnold's Pizza Shop. It'll be suiting, because l'm a choir boy compared to you. Through it all. we couldn't have gotten there without having such a great room. When I need some CAS. I hope you're the one coming to save my ass. -Brian Ehrhardt 424 2004 MARCUS MARVIN CRAIG MuskoGEE, OK NAVY PILOT MC through the eyes' of those who surrounded they call him. The Gkie from Muskogee that can school u ask him too. From the beginning it was and by the end it was man seriously, but I tell you rxffg - 47 ess, if 'fe him. MC is what freestyle any ol' ohhh shooot. what. there is no other man you can count on when you need something, but only if he is on time. A great friend...that man DEXE. To Marcus, aka Crizou. a true friend who's been there for 5 years strong. Maybe l can make it to the backseat of your plane in a few years. Until then, it's been a fun ride...TlMC. Marcus Craig, known for his laugh that nex er I stops and even paralyzes when Froi is having fun. "Get outta here man". "Curveball BLAMM. Lets not forget I the Muskogee Magician, where is Muskogee? All l know is they rope and ride there. l will always remember to stay off the court, and take care of my chicken legs. Can't wait to turn the page and see what happens in the next phase of our life. Oh yeah. OU I sucks...Cio Cuators..out...CRAlG. Craig. the daddy ofthe room. Works hard, plays even harder. He knows how to laugh. sing. be an athlete. be a gentleman, and be a friend. Dave, Marcus. Lincoln-roommates for 3 years. friends for life. HLUKEY MAN. I i DERRICK ADAM DREESE HARRISBURG, PA SUBMARINES He came to the Academy MM3, and will leave an officer because of one man, Lincoln, the Prez. Derrick Dreese. AKA Das Boot, Puppy, I Daetoe, was always known as and always will be the warrior among ' us, the one knowledgeable about the ways ofthe world. There were a few lessons along the way even Das Boot had to leam. Many ofthem came from PQ, another highly knowledgeable about the world. The lesson about rules at the Annapolis mall comes to mind. Somebody get this guy a gitt . certificate for starbucks. cant get enough coffee. He may ask for the boot again but don,t give it to him. his toe is better offwithout it. He always has the latest gadget like the proper Nuke he is. Using his vast skill base. he I I I I I constantly acted as the mediator for the Bulgarian and killa Beas. See ya at the O-club, good luck with married lite. I and dont forget the proper procedure tor picking stuff up from the Hoof during plebe summer. To the submarine I service we go - BG, aka the best roommate you've ever had. I I 3 HAYLEY CARGLINE EDMoNDsoN I I MYRTLE BEACH, SC SURFACE WAREARE I I lt has been a long, adventurous, four years and ljust want to thank God for being my foundation and guiding my way through. Brandon, thank you for being Iny best friend and true love throughout the wholejourney. Mom- thank you for always being there to talk to and to support me. Thank you for all the encouragement and prayers. l wish everyone the best of luck. God Bless You- HCE. For me the single greatest event at the Naval Academy was finding l'l1y best friend. She's the one who cleaned my room plebe summer because she had the time. She broke the rules for me. despite being afraid. She kept me here and grounded when no one else cared. She liked Iny Elvis-leg at Ring Dance. She traveled halfway around the globe with me. We've met all of our milestones together and achieved all of our goals. You are my best friend. Hayley. and the only one l I I I I can't do without.- JBS 26th Company 425 I BRIAN J AIvIES EHRHARDT VESTAL, NY SPECIAL WARFARE Brian, turn otfyou're freaking alarml"SpaceCadet"was a latecomer to the JaegerS.a DJiBcommando yut-hardt going berserk on the ergtburnout not withstandingldidn't know what to make of him. but became a pipelayer.punisher.bushwhacker.and Toughguyg goiIIg up hills and down ropes. Ran like the wind but skied like a hoax. Anything for the ladies, even roll from l11OVlI1g vans. Knife or iron in hand, grenade in desk, cookies in the closet and a look in his eye. but otherwise normal and always prepared. Helluva boxer- ask Ricky. Hailed from Vestal tVirgins'?l. used degree destroying Xmas trees and shower racks. Nights ofshredding and Friends followed by Demoyer the Destroyer. Decafcoffee didn't work. nor black, natural born bobble-head with a million mph mind. Beware of talking in the third-person and your sleep. Could beat the Joker at smiling. Gollum at creepy, but not the Goth at lighting. No doubt can take it above and beyond the call. the call ofthe wild. Miami 03!04. terrain. or ifit terminates. Crash will do it. Only in a Jeep. Always willing, Always faithful, Always there. Brotherhood ofthe .laegers.MT.MC.DFT.BKB JACoE DANIEL FERRARI WEST DES MOINES, IA SURFACE WARFARE Eternal Father strong to save whose arm hath bound the restless wave who bidd'st the mighty ocean deep its own appointed limits keep oh, hear us when we cry to Thee for those in peril on the seag G Christ! Whose voice the waters heard and hushed their raging at Thy word who walked'st on the foaming deep and calm amidst its rage didst sleep oh hear us when we cry to Thee for those in peril on the seag Most Holy Spirit Who didst brood upon the chaos dark and rude and bid its angry tumult cease and give for wild confusion peace oh hear us when we cry to Thee for those in peril on the seag O Trinity of love and power our brethren shield in dangers hour from rock and tempest. tire and foe protect them wheresoe'er they go thus evermore shall rise to Thee glad hymns of praise from land and sea!! . STEPHANIE NOELLE FICK COCKEYSVILLE, MD SURFACE WARFARE "Oh my gosh". Clay-face Corey. Peach margaritas can solve any problem. Starbucks best customers. Gossip buddies. 93.1 all night long. "Lets go to the gym... again". OC-'Ol and the Sunshine Motel. "All I want is a towellv---that is when l knew we were gonna be such good friends tor a long time. Best ofluck w! WADE. "SHI-ll Don't say 'babies'." Crunchy Ebbi rolls at Yin-Yankee. "You got to try Anap's signature chilled drink." Airing out from The Annapolis Terrace Motel. -KAT. NASS 'Ol Conversations on 4-4 stairwell. Your biggest "tan" from '06+l. T breaking your boat during "UNREPS". Good luck in SD. -MJB 426 2004 Jaeger for life. Liquid, rough ZUDM gs aft fax JON SALVADOR FRANCISCO JR. V15 RICHMOND, VA ' -' ill 1- V L-nw 11 I tif' rn' 5' 1 - l , Pg. ,, l ! 15g 4. Ni. :fi J 'f 'I -L' un -...v ,P 1 , li tag S NAVY PILOT A true Southerner. Ripping people's racks after the O- Gordo drunk. Don't talk politics tO him. Mexican... of. Mama Fransisco's enchiladas. HO cuz. wat, outer? Heres a spam musubi, I save you one? Wat, you no Club. Getting umm sort Nah. I tired. like? Fine den, mo fo me. Eh, sorry bout Jamaica brah, dat rum must've gotten to me. An wat, like lickens in tennis again? I know you beat me wen you were a pint short ofblood, but dats nuttin. Cuz I is haaaaawaiian. Right on in getting pilot. Lata. CCB, STK ,LBN Thanks to Mom and Dad, ya'll were a big help getting through here. Carrie. you're a very special person in Iny life and I wouldn't be the person I am today without you.. .thank youl. Sue and Jason... me thanks for being there when I needed advice. Janis, Jack and Jane ya'll have been an awesome sponser lamily. Lenny, mahalo for being such a good roommate and friend .... boo, we go grinds. .Pensacola here we come! Hayley. you've been Iny best friend here. go get Beezanidezed Qust watch out for those bar tablesl. Frank, Oh my God, you just said the N bomb in my car! Hey 50 aka Ferrari .... your undying love for this place will be missed. Marcus Craig aka Slowest Man Alive...you were close to getting that Trident Scholar. Gordo.. .Iny other roommate. . .stay away from the everclear, I mean vodka. Everybody else I didn't Inention thanks for all the memories and God Bless. ..thanks for everything! PO, we Iniss u fo realz. Koev...The Bulgarian Barbarian .... need I say more. Beez .... lets BRIAN DAVID GORDON CLARKSVILLE, MD SUBMARINES Quiet and intense. His dedication is absolute. A true team player in every sense of the word. We are all inspired by his work ethic, Always striving for more. There for you when it counts .... BG WILLIAM JOHN HOWEY III NEWPORT, RI SUBMARINES Bill came to us by the grace of God second semester youngster year. the little mutinying bundle ofjoy. ADEO do we need some more water? The life jacket to save you from your sinking rack. Call your wife. THE PLAN. Making friends with Bob, as Drew Inakes friends with tequila. Yeah. even I forgot how many you had. Thanks buddy! Sailing. THE MAN WHO BROUGHT BEER BACK TO THE HALL! WRNV. Who don't you know? "I'm gonna be that guy" "wujahay" P's8:H's. Tried to hook everyone up with Andrea's friends. The man who knows everyone. Bill can produce any USNA item with simply a phone for fun. "Hi I'm the director ofWRNV, can I get free stuff'?", Building street cred in the Ileet as a youngster. That's a pretty shanzzy sweater you wear at Halloween. Races from hell. Breaking everything. We're gonna xyin...'? They changed the line...break out the King Hall Beer. -DET -BKB -MT --MAC 26th Company 427 Call. In the Navy before his roommates were in high school. The only man I know who plays a submarine simulator CHRISTOPHER JOSEPH JAivHsON I HICRSVILLE, NY USMC GROUND Budweiser. Kolioflamo. Doritos. Lacrosse and Sprint. Coach Iamo. LONG ISLAND. "lt's a Jeep thing. You wouldn't understand." Plebe year spring break twhat rulesl ",lUCO for life..Squatting to Petey Pablo.. Intervals.. Fat Mike" Tough and Cool. Dave Mathews. Here's to countless nights of packing into the clown car. changing in the streets. and getting back for taps with 30 seconds to spare and ofcourse the Choo-Choo Lounge. Bean bags and magazines. English major. D and C's the originals. The ghetto grill. Summer school again. Brad's tHigh and tight. dartsl Naval Science. Drinking Zlloz Cokes like water. Calculus o times. "The Kegerator". beer pong tBeirutJ FEBU. Likes to collect other people's shoes. The .lersey turnpike. Restriction and marching tours fflying VI. X-class. Where did C that come from? .lamo got it. 8017. SMD. Demerit count. What happened last night? Turn the fans on. Haircuts form Brege. Re-Coup. Whens surgery? Never. I think some one saw me. lThe Ratl Loyola. B-more. Wheres Jamo? He will be back. Flutey. Iowa Step Child. SS. The President. Little sister. Little man. LT Z Spunk CDR FAT. Key West. Marine Corps'?'? l65.9. The Sarver's. Wardroom. Old school. DTA. NFS. Warning levels. Great day on the bay. Salaxxer's away message. Jack Daniel's. Meee. ..Meee.. I caught a mouse. get Steve. Orioles games. Horrible place to be. great place to be from. 4 crazy years. JOHN MICHAEL KAPTAN CHITTENANGO, NY SURFACE WAREARE "The mission of the United States Naval Academy is to develop midshipmen morally. mentally and physically and to imbue them with the highest ideals of duty. honor and loyalty in order to provide graduates who are dedicated to a career of naval service and have potential for future development in mind and character to assume the highest responsibilities of command. citizenship and governmentfi PAUL MATTHEW KEPNER NEWPORT BEACH, CA NAVY PILOT Looking back on the saga of PK-T, from the ditty bopping days of "Kepner. get some Rogain. heh heh heh" to the beginning ofthe Happy- Family-4-Ever youngster year. PK-T has had an impact on all the lives he has touched. To all those that know Paul well. we have all shared in the experience ofwatching his relationship with Paige blossom from the days of3am. "No I wasn't sleeping babe" phone calls. to the "Hey. my phone's dead. can I use yours? Hey Paige!" moments. to the stage dancing wild woman of Ring Dance saga. We all just hope and pray that our ferocious night crawler. worm wielding. skateboard riding. skipping class for snowboarding. "I'm going surfing" friend will always remember the late night soft talks. sleeping l in the dead rat stink-sack nights of B-D-B-D-B's. Thanks for dancing the robot till Dan OD'ed on JD. for sleeping in the shower on more than one occasion. for the Margarita Ville vacation from hell "See you later hot girls...we got to shower and get ready for a big day at the Magic Kingdom." for the checkered shoes. impeccable taste in clothes. for not getting too angry when your camera got destroyed Ifrom Timl. and most Ofall. forjust being your-gotta be weird-self. Love. The Happy Family 428 2004 STEPHAN TODOROV KOEV BULGARIA 7777 "Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah. the Bulgarian Barbarian. sir." "Sir, American, may I say 'I am a Bulgarian, lighting in the forces . . is beautiful, her features are so exquisite" "Goldschlager'?I This is drinks gold'?!" "Boo Sheet!I!" "This is quite possibly the best dip I ever met someone so dedicated to learning. that he would get Inad for the snow in order to have school canceled. Steve has the Inost reality, but hey, he must be right. He understands material so well, I it better than the professor sometimes. And boy can he dance. If you Tailfeather" in the club, you better watch out because an out-otl is somewhere cruisin, soo hard with no regard for his or anyone E 1' I 5- A- ig . ff' 'EDEN Eat? instead of saying "The bird perverted. Who ever' Nev er hav e if people pray warped sense of believe he knows hear "Shake Your control Bulgarian else's safety He is definitely the coolest Bulgarian tslash Hawaiianl I have ever met and with the stuffthat comes out of his IIIOLIIII, he has definitely Inade it an exciting ride here at the academy Keep bustin' out that C-Walk. Bogey. Cruz too hard. I LOVE King Hall. How could you not like this? Its delicious! "It's raining men DIscotechsI More like running in place. Has to study. Hell no, I wont take your watch. Versus PRT and Military Professionalism. Watch OLII for flying SDB buttons. Goofy laugh. Don't call him a Communist. Number oftiines he threatened to kill his roommates: uncountable. LINCOLN MCCLAIN LUKICH SOLON, OH SUPPLY CORPS Wednesday pizza, lifting with the guys. Mical ate the trees. It's not a cookie, it's a ritz cracker. Hawaiin food and calenders. Craig's music. rodeo's, up late, h Daddy. David yelling at girls, 20" rims, Cali. habib. Losing frosh S.B. wf the guys. Street doggies in Key West. Marcos dancing to Madonna. Put Mahoney inl Sis evolves to KC. .ID-"eventually they fall in love with me". Beav's salmon shirts. Johnny teaching me golf. Rat's stealth plus Poison. Eric's tattoo. Dave beating up beaver all the time. Wrestling in Key West. The tme Kess? Paul the gentleman. Dirty Dreese. .lamo backing me. Schweener's money skills. Bower's driving skills. All the rest ofthe guys, wish I had Inore room. Don't forget the goals. Sept 7 2003. Dec 3, 2003. Casie, I owe you happiness. thoughts, and any success. Mom. Dad. Yell, Drew, Al, Foxy. Bailey always loving me. COLLEEN MARIE MALONEY CANTON, OH SURFACE WARFARE Eternal Father strong to save whose arm hath bound the restless wave who bidd'st the mighty ocean deep its own appointed limits keep oh, hear us when we cry to Thee for those in peril on the seag O Christ! Whose voice the waters heard and hushed their raging at Thy word who walked'st on the foaming deep and calm amidst its rage didst sleep oh hear us when we cry to Thee for those in peril on the seag Most Holy Spirit Who didst brood upon the chaos dark and rude and bid its angry tumult cease and give for wild confusion peace oh hear us when we cry to Thee for those in peril on the sea: O Trinity of love and power our brethren shield in danger's hour from rock and tempest, fire and foe protect them wheresoe'er they go thus evermore shall rise to Thee glad hymns of praise from land and sea!! 26th Company 429 nu- 1 Ili i i l I1 4 DOUGLAS MICHAEL MOREA PORT WASHINGTON, NY . NAVY PILOT Dougie Fresh, String Bean. Bag Man, IM "King'?", Cheers29, SS, Spunk, Dingy Doug... What is his real name? Four years on the bay... Varsity Boozin' - Power-Hour, Corbel 4.90. Colt 45. G-town, B-More, DTA with the best of'em tACME. .. "I love this bar," Beirut tNick, .lamo. .. someday, late night with Carsonl. NADSXVOST - Laser docks with T-Bone and Wolf. two miles upwind in 40 kts'?... No problem. NA-9 Flirt tO Bermuda tthat counted toward cruise credit'?l, NA-I2 Ilgilunl to Newport tHotdogs, Dejainasie, Outside of Block I.'?'?l. Ring Dance - streaking, "borrowed" inboards, frostbite. Wardrooin stockholder - Reality TV, VHI, El, MTV, Are you ready for some football'?'? Original member of D84C's -- PW blanket, 80's CD, kegarator, grillin', G-rated films, tri-pod, "Old School," "What happened last night?" "Knight Rider" - 240 miles tO get stuck in the snow, "Carson, can you help with this dead battery?" Room 80l 7 - demerit count... got a calculator'?, "MeeelVleee!", SIVIDI, CS, NFS, Gate Zero. Restriction, tours, restriction, tours... Spring Break, Thanksgiving, and Christmas in the box... "which was lovely." Navy football - tailgaters, 8-5, CIC, Cheesesteaks, AIN - 3-l. Houston. .lune 30, 2000 - May 28, 2004. Four years on the bay, never regretting a day... God Bless America! LENN BLANCAFLOR NAKAMA MAKAWAO, HI NAVY PILOT Burger King-whopper with cheese, "I am going to punch you in the face" I little dooger. you have always been right about Dan. You are a crack shot. NRA forever. as open minded as I am handsome. Some girls got away. but they weren't "that good".Southernrock is back on the rise. I completely agree. you and Chad giggling like girls on I the phone. Remember the girdle you wore'?Remcmber Orlando'?...the I8 hour Florida drive, little raptor noises in the middle of peaceful happy naps. . .Thanks for being always where we needed you to be. best friends for life, Paul l and Dan.P.S.-bdbdbdbdeh. wait, i stay in da yearbook'?so dat means i made it?wanna tank my braddahs 84 sistahs in da big 2-6 tformerly golf- l 3l . honorable president lincoln. ifit wasn't for him, me 84 diggie wouldn't have made it . outta plebe summer an become naval aviators tojon,you been one solid roommate,tanks for putting up w! myspam an hawaiian music an stuff. phil, no forget all the good times like da time w! da assassin mitts boo an dat time w! da cape. braddah beez,gettin beezinized was good fun, cuz. gordo, you motivate me. frank, definately da tank, brah. to brad 8a ralph, 2 braddahs so ambiguously gayer an dumb 81 dumber. bogey, no cruise too hard in bulgaria an hurt yourself dancing again.to da bestest sponsor family ever. much mahaloz to my loving parents, mom 8a dad, for always bein there wen the goin got tough 81 i didn't get goin. favorite little sister, nikko, who looks like me ti don't look like herl, tanks for always bein there.ahui hou everybody. alohaz. STEPHEN JOSEPH RAULLI I I NORTH SYRACUSE, NY NAVY PILOT 2 You made my life a living hell for 3 years. Burger King-whopper with I cheese, HI am going to punch you in the facel' little dooger. Now that A Dan has vented let mejust highlight your positives. For one, you have always been right about Dan. You are a crack shot. NRA forever. Also, 5 ll I i you are as open minded as I am handsome. Some girls got away, but they weren't "that good". Southern rock is back on the rise, I completely agree. Dan and I will forever miss you and Chad giggling like girls on the phone. Or I I li g . . , , 3 when you would scream like a girl whenever a shadow OI a rodent would cross the floor. We also miss the pump handle, arm bar. cross lace. and nude gorilla press. Very noble of you to teach us some wrestling moves in your ll free time. Remember the girdle you wore? Remember Orlando? "The hotel's so small from here". Ok, you really weren't that bad. . .the IX hour Florida drive, Cocoa Beach, "Hey Steve, look who's herel", "I'm so burnt! Ahh!", and ofcourse little raptor noises in the middle of peaceful happy naps. ..Hope you Hy better than you drive YP's. We know you will. Thanks for being I loyal. stubborn, ambitious, and always where we needed you to be. Your best friends for life, Paul and tl really do love youl Dan. P.S.-bdbdbdbd l 430 2004 DANIEL ADAM REDDEG JR. VALLEJO, CA NAvY PILOT Lennydeutschypopposclmitkopf, you could've let the Asian kids that from school everyday hold you back from beating Final Fantasy X, but you didn't. Sister Deloris: Mr. Reddeg, please recite Habakkuk came down from the mountain with...Ahhhhhh." And that homeless to hold you back. but you sure showed him. We tried to hold you back American cheese. Spawn gave you nightmares. Sheila and Picture Restraining order against the girl of your dreams. Trapped naked and Paul's bed frame, but you made it out. The sun in Vero Beach brought inch of your life, but Steve survived. SPF 4: Good call. Car torture. Inade every effort to suppress your genius creativity. but the poetry and 'Q os- zmw -.i2'4-A vs .4 H5157 1 ii -4 Q f . . Y' 'T ' ""'- ' ' . ' gif? 'SY if 1'.x.'-1" ek 3 .- l 5 W 4 1 T ,Q , iff: A . 1' : , - Xll. and XVI. l:l2. "and he guy in SF tried wx' lo slices of Man. lather ofl. fully shaved in you within an The Navy has art kept coming. chased you home Even the trainer on your chest tried holding those bad boys back, but Mardi Gras freed them tor good. And for that matter, how dare that youngster not give you her name'?! You've come a long way from from your days of"Lenny Stinknut" and we don't want him coming back now. All in all. Dan, you've graciously dealt with a lot to be our best friend. but you have and will always be the friend we both need. Steve and Paul RALPH DANIEL ROGERS MONTGOMERY VILL, MD NAVY PILOT somehow still here. im not sure how, or really sure where here is. but hey - one day at a time. brad - im not sure how our relationship started, but its been great ever since making out with you half-naked in a baby pool in front of500 mids... ok tine...its never been great, but its been fun. together we were able to lay claim to the dirtiest room in the brigade for 4 years straight. with exploded apples and oranges, colorful couches, and naked occupants. tex - my van with its busted engine running on only 2 Cylinders could still take your truck any day... if you can tow it to the line for me. thanks for helpin me figure out life. brudda lenn - tanks for da smoothies and all da other kine...see you and your hawaiian ping pong supersta in maui. chris - dip. spit. greedy bite. lessons are free anytime you want em. dan - did we really memorize pi in class? thanks for helping me through an exam ti got a Bj and giving me and mine a moming shout-out in king hall. johnny fran - i want more bean dip. phil - i'm still waiting on part 3, good luck in the real world. don't forget your bling...it took me three hours. 6l'I'lTl'l'l'I'I'I'IAI'l'lTI'l'I'llI you are the best. see you in costa rica. 123 ROBERT NELS SARVER LEXINGTON, VA SURFACE WARFARE Rob uThe Rat" Sarver. Now that we are graduating, it is time to move on to bigger and better things. Time to say goodbye to Poison. big hair, F and Guns N Roses .... but then again, Poison did pull a lot of tail. How about you trim those sideburns Mr. Sarver. What did you need Baby Oil for anyway'?'?'? Here's to countless nights ofpacking into the clown car. changing in the streets. and getting back for taps with 30 seconds to spare. and ofcourse the C hoo-C hoo Lounge. Two years of5:30 workouts and .lamo snoring. Acapulco or Restriction .... was it worth it? Best ofluck in Hawaii ..... stop hitting on the tourists. l 26th Company 431 l DREW FIELDER THOMAS LANTANA, FL NAVY PILOT The never-ending margarita. I THINK I AM GOING TO DIE!!! IAM GONNA STAY UP ALL NIGHT! Sleeping in 3-2-l. So much for that! The ranch and the varmint riile. Drew can you hit the beer can? Chemistry l0l- how do you boil water? My life is so hard! Who is Liz? Stripes do get you close the Dant. Room 6064. is pleased to announce the return of MIDNXCDR Thomas. USNA '04. Welcome aboard. Sir! Next time you come by. I will take a picture ofyou and put it on my board. 'diftaf TBS. Do I get an allowance? "I am not a tool." Wants to llyjets, but can't get past carnival rides. Thanks for making Cathy part ofour lives. Well shaven. All I want for Christmas is books! I knew you'd come to love countiy music. Gap in the Trifecta. Nothing is nothing. Face time with every otlicer on the yard. How many Kool-Aide flavors did you try? "Teach me how to play video games. l'm uncoordinated!" Major: Chemistry. Passion: Everything but Chemistry. Record holder for most European Mid ofall time. l'm such a better person for having been around you. BYOEtOH Ram's Head every Thursday...kind of. Asinine bitter cynical What ever happened to making a difference? "I'll freeze your little..." Sneaking Friends with an antenna. Then taking over the wardioom TheVictor1a Secret tashion show. searching for Britney.. To the man who is years ahead of his time. the world will be yours. don t forget the little people Learn some volume control and you'll beset. Here's to beautiful women and good coOking.Bob the bartender... -BH -BKB MT MAC BE KATHERINE ANNE THOMAS LASALLE, MI NUCLEAR SURFACE WARFARE NASS-'0I.'03. Gun show. Who's following who? Hiding behind the fan. Good times in OC. Rides in the Murph mobile. DP's favorite 3fc. Marti-Gras Hasco. Tampa Bay 150 miles? The Ghost Tour. "The Youngin' got ine drunk". AfN games with the families. CDO Dads even know we are here'?l Weekends at "The Pit" with P8cR. Soap operas in 8070. W8aG time. The Sopranos gift face. "Smoochies". The battle btwn country and rock. Luck ofthe Irish. Good seats for the B's. Newest Sox fan. Breaking it down Barney Style. JS having another crisis. Ring Dance on Crutches. "Megan said I'd like it". O.A.R. in DC. Down the line on P-I-B. Cedar Point '03, Miles of separation can never keep us apart.- MJB. NASS-'0l. OC-701 tmy lifesaverl. Lab partners and Clay-Face Cory to Roommates. Tuaca! "He was hitting on you! No, he was hitting on youfi Armadillo's and peach margaritas twe'll just take a pitcher!! Drunken classes. Coffee addictions. Gossip! Saving the Fall of2006 tMike and Katie all the waylll 93 I SNF BRADLEY ROY THOMPSON PARSONS, KS NAVY PILOT JAIS! Hello Mr. Man this is Mr. Man. Lets recap: Never had a proper uniform on, ever. Too bad Kat was I5 ttoo bad her sister was l3j. Anybody up for a road trip? You still have that phone number we got somewhere around the GA FL border? Thank god for British kids. and for AK. There's a taint in my BOX. I told you once you started it would be all over. Watch out for those stationary tractors. theyjustjuinp right on top of you. Well B-rad, those are just a few ofthe more notable memories. I am sure we will make plenty more when we take Florida by storm. Thanks for always dragging me out and helping me to be more spontaneous. You are the reason that some might actually consider me funny. Shimz A Red Okay. now it's my turn. Ralphie, you are by far the worst roommate ever. We did have some good times. though. Wafflestomping waffle. fruit and windows. cable vs. baby lacrosse stick. and all that stuffl probably shouldn t mention Lenny. you're the flyin Hawaiian. Hui boo. I learned a whole new language talking li'dat. Jonny Fran, you smell. To the GC boys wow I think there's too much to mention between Hick. Red. Capp'd. and Grizzy. 4 years out of control. That's the way it should be Everybody else thanks for making it a fun ride. 432 2004 1 l 1 1 1 f- 'll- .....-...--...... . .. .. . f , --...4 at ' M G w A :PTP . ICHAEL EORGE OELFEL td gf 1.55 +' 'A+ J' V - W. 5 CHAPEL HILL, NC ,Q gy--.1 SUBMARINES Greg Woeltiel, an old southern boy from Chapel llill, NC' lThe Tobacco Statel. AKA, Pillsbury Doughboy. Twitch, Popeye. Otl'shore Sailor all four years. endless chalk talksg ' .l-24s. American Promise, NA-ll Swilt, part ot' crew of first -l-1 demasting by Chippewa, Bulll'rog+Zinc 0XlLlCf'iPllSS lace, Bermuda in the cottage wf scooters. NA-l2 ligilmzl to Newport. One time DEQCs member, straight Vodka, power hour. Friendly Dirty D workers and blow outs. Random Wake-ups. Your LSU Golden Girl. Bros betore hose. Orienteering, lindless PT on Farragut. Boring Pool. "Don't cheat your body". Marine Corp Marathon 2002, 2003. 'LLake-O-Music Lexus," Ring Dance, the broken Sea Ray. Wiggin out. Army Navy game in Philly, "The Black lee." Mardi Gras 2004, Ramada Bourbon. Aruba .... . lliking on the AT, away from the tilth. MeeeMeeell. "We need some women" Greenpeace. Ralph Nader and your liconomist. Mech E and your Submarine selection, Bowman Scholar, Monterrey. "You must be the change you wish to see." Stay in touch, Best ot' luck and the Transpac is waiting, cya in Pearl Harbor. KELLIE MELISSA YOUNG PORTLAND, OR SURFACE WARFARE 4 years my little Christopher. Dave Matthews and the ft3l50 cab ride. Summer School and Grand Tourismo. My .lakey Poo. Long nights in ,lake's bed. My sweet little inncocent Kellie Mellie does nothing wrong-C.l and .IF Ouatnitco 2 San Diego. Always ready to party. Ski Trip-Where's Salina? Only cool girls get kicked outta Acine-5 times.-AS Kellie Kellie Kellie. Sister, wanna go for a walk'? Laying out on Farragut,Lejune, and HP. Vodka and Orange pop in the locker roomflacrosse games. Shoppin for parties."Hey, Where are all the white women at?" Bar Orlando. Corvette at .l's. Bangin on the Floor. The Bobby bottle. Curved pathways. Summer School roomies. OC. lt's like Niagra Falls. Music stops-us singin at l way. Birthday Parties. Cherry Coke runs-late nights with Marty. Goddesses. Cheers-karoke O-line liriends. The Shore again and again. Scraped chin? Press Box action. Black N96 club. Restriction and restriction pals. Shady BEO room in San Diego. Keg tossin. Army!Navy-9!27!02. "DlE! Stop breathing and die!" Pink Lady. The Meat Locker. PoohBear. Snowstorm aka State of Emergency- KID drivin us. Diet Coke-Gummi Bears-Rita's-Squisito's. "Your opinion doesn't count l've. . lKEA trips. The Marriot lobby and Ring Dance. "You don't understand." The Puncher. Pools-8"' wing to NavStaf'Don't wake up Dad!" KY Crushers. The Red Skins. WD-10. Finally 2 l. Snowy nights in Philly. Football Hotel. Wardroom with my daughter. Pledge friends. A LT what'?l Sometimes all you need is 5 buddies-always and forever girls. lt's better in the Hamptons..NWB+2 forever. 26th Company 433 49 if MJT! f fluff -like . fffff -.lm ,.21,l'ii'qg8' -. i -, 'Q . O 1 'Sir '.f-'+V f t tf :'l,:a .f ,mix Qi? rw' 1 -4 - ,A x ,- 'zailg ir..-If ry' tkkvplg f 9 ij . . - lifts., lx-1-7' "ffl, HQJSNM i"E'-'5"i,' vt 'ci V. ...J- John Thomas Jason Scott Bailey Gregory Scott Blok Robert Scott Marius Caras Dennis Patrick Patrick Layne Dunn Addicks Caldwell Doyle David Paul Eckardt Eli Aaron Edelkind Timothy James Christopher Ryan James Kenderick Joesph Edward Sean Andrew Genis Robert Alan Green Emge ll Eubanks Everett Fitzgerald Earl Douglas Rebecca Lorraine Jeremy Dean Jones Sean Patrick John Martin Kelley Shanece Lemetha John Tyson Daniel Robert Herndon lslin Kearney Kendall Kerstiens Kovalcik Joshua James Megan Paige Luis G Martinez Christopher Joseph Jaime Andres Ashley Scott Myers Christopher T. Brett Philip Kristofl Mahler Ryan McCook Moreno Ragsdale Robblee Jr. Brian Michael Bonner Michael Sara Emelia Desiree Eugena Jennifer Marie Nathan Sean Tyler Christopher M Eric Anton Wallace Sheckells Staye Sandberg Francis Timmons Tortella Urban William Booth Blake Marcus Christian Glenn Jonathan Allen Christopher Joseph Donald Adam Erin Kathleen Wallace Wanier Acord Bergstrand Biello Breazeale Brewster 434 2 0 0 4 Kevin Joseph Eric John Knepper Christopher Jopheh Carson Crosby Christopher Ryan George Francis Maia Molina- Alonzo Aldrich Kinkade Lewis lVlcAbee Miller Mittnacht Schaefer Neese III Thomas George Rachael Erin Andrew Ryan Adrian John John Nicholas Katherine Alice Reginald Morris Scott James Sides Osgoodby Pitchford Preston Rankine-Galloway Roberts Scotidas Sealey II Blake Alexander Donald Wayne Thomas Buchanan Stoffel Underwood Van Dam l 436 2004 mi TE JL U vii! ,, 5 ,mg X ,J 1 ,., 3 .W X, .15 ,M,.- 'A I ml' is 26th Company 437 X , Q 11161111 if 611611115 611112 611311 LT Christopher Harvey Abby A. Wilder, Company XO Michael J. Thomas, Company Commander Cgmpany Officer Joseph A. Plot, First Sergeant FCCS B Snyder Company Senior Enlisted Jonathan D. Dorsey. Company XO Jonathan M. Whelan, Company Commander 2004 -47 -...' - S ' e 1 FJ? 7 JAMES CARL ASK imgk ya Qi HELENA, MT -my NAVY N FO AKA Hot Carl. Crazy James, Mr.Gover, Rhinoceros hunter. The Weatherman. Baby Poo ...From the beginning...straight- faced JA...the BlC...off to PA with wheel protection technology...the marching man...Calc 3 hnal while hammered...MRE...4 conditions ofJA...Proud alumnus of Loyola College of MD...3tI days later...We're pulling for Rocky in this one...humna-mumna-mumna-humna...mi-mi-mi-mi-mi...MRE now with BilI...Beautiful Mornin' SGTMAJ...Ogres and onions...They call me the fireman, serving those w ho serve us...The Rhino-hunter: from DTA to ND .... I A GONE WlLD...Leaving the evidence as you go...Swim Team all-star...Pizxa- throwing. ball-kicking, rope'em and ride'em cowboys...in and out of Dillo's...San Antonio Sunday Nights...No. no. there are two O's in Goose. boys...We're going down to South Park, gonna have ourselves a time...Tell MJ we said. 'What's up'...With the best from, .ICF and NBK I KEVIN Ross BARRETT I ANTHONY, TX I I NAVY PILOT I John boy, you asleep yet? Will you quit!'?. says John. Seriously. is there anyone else left that you haven't bothered yet? A Texas high School football player that made his best tackle on B P Walsh during . a spontaneous pep rally. The mate-in-a-box. The most ruthless NTT Risk player ever. Nothing ever ends until you win. Hey, tinsert namell You SUCK! Emily's other hancee. Navigating the duty van obstacle course in Mayport without a hitch. Navigating a staircase without taking a step. l saw Punxsutawney Phil--Curoundhog's Day 2003. Class? Work? Formation? How about some more Playstation? NWLAX til tan? Actuallyjust. .. Too cute to be a Marine, he picked pilot on a coin toss. T'hell with all y'alll VM I from TEXAS! I I , I I I I I I REBECCA MARIE BURNS LAS VEGAS, NV I U.S. AIR FORCE - RESEARCH CHEMIST I I Roomie since day one- so many memories! Singing to sleep, random quotes, the flashing, hot Vs. cold. wrestling, coffee in the morning, I scrambling to formation. ZGOM. and the book to be written. . .Best of P luck to you sweetie! -Angie 'I' To our little desert rat ..., .Earmuffsl Salt and dust, nights of debauchery at Donlon'S with Nat tlend me some sugar, I am yo neighborll, the ultimate light- weight-cheap-date, one and s