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- I • •• . m - . ■■ ■■ - ■ gimBa!m«i M»j » ' i,. ' i ' )wt- ' »»w pcwfccHvt : JWk c( lU jHLlc WU l»J-TWW . . . - -. -x- ' AMBm WMIWWi g« 7 1 Opening 16 Year 126 Chain-of-Command 1 44 Faculty 186 Brigade 414 Advertisements Jt 2 415 First Class 696 Sports 790 Organizations 850 Closing 864 Index W jr. . j»y- - . - ■■ ■ CONTENTS L_ 1U CUn 4 fffl LUCKY BAG Volume 95 Editor-in-Chief: Jane M. Collins AffM ht l)eft perspective per - spek - tiv n 1 : the science of painting or drawing so that objects represented have apparent depth and distance 2: the aspect in which a subject or its parts are mentally viewed; esp: a view of things (as objects or events) in their true relationship or relative importance IL SjptcUctc ' ), Sj oiX Clearly, perceptions are different depending on where you stand. As a memory book, Lucky Bag can portray the Naval Academy from the inside looking out, or from the outside looking in. . 1 i The United States Na val Academy: a place where midshipmen live for four years but never call home. Should a yearbook show the overview, or can it concentrate on the individual? L I $uU $ tU $l$U Perhaps some individual views are so common, so widely held, that they can be called collective memories. " I ' ve been there, " a midshipman remembers. 1(U ? £ PUtwtf Some experiences, all midshipmen understand. But can we ever recognize The Big Picture? Or do we just see parts of the whole? Much of the time, it seems, we are wrapped up in our own worlds. But once in a while, we catch a glimpse of something much bigger than ourselves. m IL [yJj kA Ji { 4jpc0U, Lucky Bag cannot catch all the important moments, for they are different for each individual. This memory book, though, aspires to record different perspectives of the Naval Academy. ,m 16i L Pc cctU c: Ifie JUmj wvh. f eoe THE YEAR Midn X: At 1825 on Sunday, Hospital Point seemed just as far away as the Stadium. I guess it was all right, though. The dash back to the Hall gave us a chance to practice for the New and Improved Mile-and-A-Little-Bit-More. THE YEAR IN REVIEW... Midn X and Midn Y were in the yearbook office, reminiscing about The Year. Midn X: Hey, remember when we used to get all those honor bulletins? They always used our names, and it really made me mad. I was afraid we might be getting a reputation. Midn Y: I remember. Those were the good old days. USNA. They gave up the bulletins when they ran out of letters. But you ' re off the track already. You ' re supposed to be reminiscing about THE YEAR. You know, OUR year, this year, when we were first class, leaders of men and women, responsible, in control . . . Midn X: In control of what? The first thing I remember about being a first class is getting a thirty-minute lecture on where I couldn ' t park. Midn Y: You must be thinking of the changes neccesitated by the building of the Dave Rob- inson Memorial Basketball Arena ... I mean, the Brigade Activities Center. Look on the bright side, though; at least we were all allowed to park in the Yard. According to Rumor Control Cen- tral, anyone with an OOM in the bottom two hundred would have had to park at the Stadium. Midn Y Right. And while you were parking on Hospital Point, you got a chance to look over the New and Improved (Safer!) Obstacle Course. You know, I heard someone was killed on the O- Course. Midn X: That was just an out-of-control rumor, Y. Speaking of Rumor Control Central — there were some pretty good stories floating around about former SECNAV Webb ' s much anticipat- ed USNA visit. Midn Y: I heard a couple of those. According to one rumor, Mr. Webb was going to come to the Academy and give us a Forrestal Lecture during exam week. Midn X: That wasn ' t a rumor, Y. That really happened. I was talking about the crazy idea that ' 90 would have a Two for Nine Night. Or the even more amusing story that an alpha code had been found on one of those " women ' s under- garments " — you know, the ones that were found hanging in trees on the morning of his " change of command " ceremony. Now that could have made his speech really interesting. Midn Y: Even so, we hung — get it? — on his every word, and responded joyously to the news that all summer training would henceforth last eight weeks instead of four. Midn X: At least the firsties responded joyously. I wonder how the Training Officer responded. 18 Midn Y: Oh, didn ' t you hear? There wasn ' t a Training Officer this year. It was all done by he Hall computers. ew and Midn X: Was it the same computer that con- ceived the idea of RUN AIDS . RUN king 01 SANTACLAUS . RUN EASTER , and oth- ver the er various holidays and diseases? Course. i the 0- Midn Y: I think you ' re exaggerating, X. Anyway, the Academy wasn ' t really run by computers, you know. There were people behind those comput- rumor. ers. Rumor had it that The Man behind the -there machine was LT Kachmarik. around iticipat- Midn X: It must be true. That man single- handedly prevented my Mail Directory from mi- grating for a whole year. rding to e to the Midn Y: And, in spite of all his advice, we still went out and drank green beer on Saint Patrick ' s Day. 11 ral ' Midn X: You know, we had a lot of people deainat aroun( j t0 gj ve us a( j v ice. For example, take 0r ' CAPT Shupp. Please. Ha Ha. ode had , under- Midn Y: Yes, I remember the Drill God — he re found advised me that if I took a knee on the parade hange of field, he would remove my tonsils with his thumb Id have and forefinger. Midn X: He wasn ' t totally unreasonable, Y. Sure, - on his he didn ' t want us to take a knee — but he didn ' t the news mind if we took a face. Always remember Shup- orth last pology 7 (?), " Work hard and don ' t take a knee. " tyously. I Midn Y: Words to live by. But I have to admit, ided. whenever I think of all the valuable advice that I ' ve received, my mind starts to wander . . . back to . . . Midn X: Oh, no . . . not way back to . . . Class Historviy » ■ PLEBE YEAR? Midn Y: Yep. Plebe year. The infamous quote of the century, here at USNA: " Suck it up and go with it, ' cause that ' s the way it ' s gonna be " — MIDN CAPT Butler. Midn X: Those were the good old days. We got our first taste of what the Naval Academy would be like on 1-Day, when we were obediently sign- ing all the forms they put in front of us. We were told, " By the way, one of those papers you ' re autographing says that you agree that your com- mitment will be five years active and three years in the reserves, instead of the two years that we told you before. " Psych! Midn Y: That was just the first of many changes that we would see over our years at the Academy. When I talk about our plebe year, I tend to start with, " Do you remember when ... ? " For ex- ample, DYRW we had to pick up our uniforms at the Press Shop, and the " Brigade Services Mall " opened in October? Midn X: DYRW The Laundry People made us write our alpha codes on all four corners of our sheets and bedspreads? DYRW we didn ' t have to wear a nametag on liberty uniforms, and women wore real ties with WUB " A " instead of " wings " ? Midn Y: DYRW Mr. Pep drew moans and cheers from the Brigade, but in either case refused to be ignored? " Have you got that spirit — yeah, yeah . . . " DYRW midshipmen (besides plebes) ac- tually attended pep rallies and had a good time? DYRW we had to do over 300 push-ups at the Princeton game? Now those were really the good old days — when we excitedly summarized a football game for our upperclass, and they said, " Nap?! Nap?! is that what you call him?! Do you rate that? " Midn X: Our plebe year was the last year that plebes didn ' t have mandatory breakfast, and up- perclass didn ' t have reveille. Firsties had liberty every afternoon, second class had Wednesday libs, and reg PE gear was something that only plebes and really weird youngsters wore. Midn Y: But things weren ' t all rosy for the up- perclass. When we threw our company com- manders in the Severn after the last parade, they got fried — breaking ranks, or something like that. RHIR. Midn X: And firsties who stayed in the Hall while they were on weekend had to go to formation (were supposed to go to formation) on Saturday mornings. Midn Y: The reasoning behind the rule was, " Bancroft Hall is just like a ship, and if you were on a ship, you wouldn ' t ever be able to sleep through reveille. " Midn X: Army-Navy, ' 85 — as plebes, we were allowed to " jump ship " and stay overnight in Philly. It was the last year, officially, that plebes were allowed to change shoulderboards with fir- sties. Midn Y: We were supposed to be reviewing The Year. How did we get all the way back to plebe- dom? Midn X: I think we were talking about mem- orable quotes. Hey, I ' ve got one. Who said, " If m 20 Class Histon. £ you don ' t like it, quit! They ' re still taking ap- plications at the University of Maryland " ? Midn Y: Too easy. It was the one, the only, CAPT K. — aka Captain Al, the plebers pal. The speech that you ' re referring to will live forever in the hearts and minds of all members of the Class of 1988. 1 wish I had a complete transcript. As it is, I can only remember general impressions . . . Midn X: I know what you mean. When I think of it, I remember bits and pieces, like " faggy stuffy things, " " pansies, " and " we don ' t have to apol- ogize for anything we do. " YOUNGSTER YEAR Midn Y: Yep, that speech really capped off the year well. It was the year of Carl Beve. Jr. Midn V. Talk about rumors! I heard some real winners about him. Who was he, anyway? Did he have anything to do with Sandra Day O ' Connor? Midn Y: No. I don ' t think so. Must have been another rumor. But some events were more sub- stantial — for instance, the demise of Midship- men Held Publications. We all mourned the MHP ' s loss, until we figured out that it would mean more weekends, and more civilian clothes privileges. Midn X: The civvies regs were definitely twisted. Old rules: weekends in uniform, but when de- parting on and returning from leave, civilian clothes were allowed. New rules: civvies were allowed on weekends, but for leave, we had to be in uniform. Whv? " In the Fleet, vou alwavs re- port to your duty station in uniform. " What ' . ' Midn Y: Whatever. Under the " New Rules, " the Dant ' s List was defined to replace the company officers ' list. Newly privileged mids received standardized bennies. Midn X: But there were some bonuses that we all received. Like, for example, our official Torpedo ' Em penlights. Did we really pay five dollars for those things? I still have mine. I figure it ' ll be a collector ' s item someday. Midn Y: One of the biggest events of the year was Hurricane Gloria — the " gloriafied " rainstorm that cancelled Friday classes and sent firsties to the sea wall to rescue drowning cars. Midn X: As youngsters, we drove POV ' s to Army, Class Histoi 21 4 " % which didn ' t seem like such a big deal until we were second class and had to take the bus. In fact, if we ' re talking long-term effects, Hurricane Glo- ria couldn ' t hold a candle to CAPT K. ' s infamous speech. SECOND CLASS YEAR Midn Y: The New and Improved Rules That Didn ' t Have To Be Apologized For began to rear their ugly heads second class summer. During the long, hot weeks of PROTRAMID, our evening liberty was curtailed so that we could participate in a mandatory study hour. Study hour? For NS300T? Midn X: Actually, study hour wasn ' t always en- forced. Exceptions were made whenever CAPT Shupp felt the urge to practice for the change-of- command ceremonies. Midn Y: During summer training, Group 10 blew holes in the theory that " they can ' t fry us all. " Other Groups who sat through the " stressful " lecture were sympathetic. Midn X: Later, the " can ' t fry us all " theory was to be further tested at the ' 86 Army-Navy game. Some of us wondered if, by the time they were through yanking people out of ranks, there would be anyone left to march on the field. Midn Y: It shouldn ' t have surprised us, though. The first semester of our second class year should have been warning enough of which way the tide was flowing. After all, we did spend a whole year of Saturday mornings attending widely appre- ciated SSIP lectures. Midn X: When we weren ' t attending mandatory lectures, we were in reg PE gear, getting our rooms inspe ction-ready. In Fourth Batt., to be extra-professional, mids field-tested a new no- sleeping-in-the-afternoon rule. That policy crashed like . . . like a midshipman in the af- ternoon. Midn Y: The administration decided that mids weren ' t responsible enough to ride bicycles, but if they would have let us ride bikes to Baltimore, we might have made it to the Notre Dame game in time for the kick-off. Midn X: It took almost as long to get to the Notre Dame game as it did to re-brick Stribling Walk. Midn Y: No, it didn ' t take thai long. By the time they finished re-bricking Stribling Walk, they were nearly done with whatever they were doing with Mahan Hall. Midn X: I don ' t know; that scaffolding was up there for an awfully long time. Midn Y: It was up there for almost as long as we ' ve been rambling along, trying unsuccessfully to stick to our topic. Midn X: Which was? Midn Y: The Year, in Review. Later, ENS X and ENS Y continued their ram- bling, feeling, as alumni, even more sentimental about The Institution. Their final words could 22 Class Hiv r £ only be fully appreciated by other members of the Class oj 1988. ENS X: Remember Friday noon personnel in- spections ever) week? Filet mignon? Bagels on Wednesdays and Sundays? W Y: Remember when the label on the peanut butter said " Skippy " instead of " King Hall " ? Remember the " Spring Crack " during second class year? (Wasn ' t long enough to be a Break.) W V. Remember when two strategically placed " snow days " (four weeks apart) enabled us to miss two EE tests? ENS Y: Remember when ritos with Mexican Meal . thev served Dor- ENS X: But that was a long time ago. And def- initely off the subject at hand. What were talking about? THE YEAR IN REVIEW... PLEBES! I-Day. — " Name? " — " Joe Civilian. " — " You ' re in Golf Company, Twenty-First Pla- toon. Are you ready? " — " Yes, sir! " — " Go right through those doors. " " Right through those doors, " new members of the Class of 1991 found six weeks of grueling reg- imentation. Just as a hundred and forty-two classes had done before, ' 91 underwent a dramatic meta- morphosis from civilian to midshipman — by way of Plebe Summer. Before the Swearing-in Ceremony, all seemed well — left-face, right-face, wear your cover two fingers from the bridge of your nose. Not too bad. But, alas, after a long hot day, the plebes said go odbye to Mom and Dad and hello to . . . " Plebe Halt! Why aren ' t you chopping?! " Chopping??? " Get those knees up. Move, move, move!!! " When the next day began, the rest of Plebe Summer blurred into pools of sweat and hours of yelling. PEP, sports lectures (aaah, ten- nis — in an air-conditioned room), drill, uniform races. Commandant ' s time, personal time (personal what?), validation tests, and SIP ' s (S — In Pants) . . . they were long, long weeks for the Class of 1991. 24 Plebe Si PLEBE DETAIL Plebe Summer . . . AGAIN! This time, upperclass midshipmen saw things from the other side. Charged with transforming ' 91 from long-haired civilians to clean-cut, sharp midshipmen, the Class of ' 88, as- sisted by a few of ' 89, at last put into practice what three years of leadership training had instilled in them. Secretary Webb resurrected the requirement for plebes to be braced at all times, thus ' 88 had to enforce something that they themselves did not have to do. Using Squad Leader Instruction Periods, each first class had the opportunity to offer his or her own philosophy on what it meant to be a midshipman and a naval officer. Everyone knew that plebe summer was intensely difficult for the new fourth class, but for the first and second class, the journey was just as treacherous, albeit in different aspects. Taps was at 2215 for the plebes; however, the firsties stayed awake a few more hours to evaluate the day and prepare for the next. Even so, reveille still went at 0500. The upperclass on plebe detail were totally responsible for at least thir- teen people. By summer ' s end, ' 91 was prepared to enter the Brigade as followers, and ' 88 was ready to lead. 10 26, Pletx- Detail 27 SUMMER CRUISES Final exams were over, Herndon had been climbed, and the hats had been tossed in the air. The stage was set for summer cruises to begin. For the newly striped third class, cruise spelled free- dom at last — and a chance to get a taste of the " real Navy. " Some were sent to the Med and WestPac to visit exotic ports while others took the Greyhounds of the Severn to the Great Lakes. Sailtramid offered the adventures of riding the waves of the Atlantic to Bermuda. There was noth- ing like being on a boat with ten people who hadn ' t showered for three or more days. The second class were by far the luckiest of all during the summer months, for they were given the opportunity to excel for eight weeks of Ac- tramid Protramid. Actramid was a " fry trap, " but Protramid had Pensacola which offered the most liberty time. Thus the six days spent there were often hailed as " a good time " even if the T-34 flight on the morning after was a bit uncomfort- able. Meanwhile, the Firsties were off acting as junior officers on ships around the world. The seas weren ' t safe with middies at the con of an LST or FFG, but the ProDev Department took the risk in training Midshipmen " to excel in the fleet. " 28 Sumnic Summer Cruises 29 ' .T ( MUM ' S ..7 1 - r RETURN OF THE BRIGADE No one looked forward to the Return of the Brigade — exeept for maybe the second class, whose butane breath was getting loo hot to handle. Of course. ' 91 feared for their lives — they were under the delusion that ' 89 was going to make them mis- erable. The second class did their best to uphold the reputation that preceded them, but they didn ' t have a plebe year of their own to use as a reference. Perhaps the biggest nuisance of the beginning of the year was moving back into rooms. The mere thought of opening basement lockers sent chills of fear down the spines of unorganized mids. The first room inspection annoyed all, especially plebes, be- cause every upperclass on deck needed to borrow a mop. wax, Brasso, or Windex. Besides that, first im- pressions from inspection can be the difference be- tween being seen as sqared away or needing to be squared away. Book issue was a good time — we all enjoyed waiting in line and carrying books that seemed to weigh a hundred and fifty pounds. Altera few days of briefs and Commandant ' s Calls, Super- intendent ' s Calls, Brigade Commander ' s Calls, etc. academics began at full force. Plebes wandered about the yard searching for their classrooms. 32k, Return of the Brigade . 2-FOR-7 NIGHT After a long summer of AC- TRAMID PROTRAMID, the new second class mid- shipmen return with the Brigade to face an important, to say the least, decision — whether or not to commit themselves to seven more years in the U.S. Navy or Marine Corps. (For those aspiring to be Naval Avi- ators, the commitment is longer.) Two-for-Seven was dreaded by those who w ere indecisive and doubtful, but the Class of ' 89 handled it well. Snacks and beverages, including a few kegs, were provided for ' 89 to celebrate, or mourn, the commitment. The only actual signing that took place was when each " segundo " requisitioned a pewter mug as a me- mento of the night he or she " signed his or her life away. " Two-for-Seven Night also gave the second class the chance to gather and regroup before they all faced the latter half of their Naval Academy careers. Once committed, classmate loyalty and support be- came even more vital. After Two-for-Seven, " cooperate to graduate " was no longer a mere phrase but rather words to live by. 34 2-for-7 Night 1P 2-for-7 Night 35 , • It PARENTS ' WEEKEND For three days the Class of ' 88 got to show off the education and training they had absorbed during the last three years. The firsties greeted their folks with the traditional close march — " Hi, Mom, Hi, Dad " — at outside noon meal formation. Stripers dem- onstrated precision movements with swords that, al- though commonplace to Mids, parents never tire of seeing, especially when their kid is wielding it. Then after their sons and daughters nourished themselves, the parents were treated to a visit to afternoon classes, maybe NL400 (glad you could sleep off that jetlag, heh. Dad). If their Mid was fortunate enough to have a youngster, a trip to the Midstore to buy another sweatshirt might be in order. (Gee, Mom, don ' t you have enough? No, I don ' t think my fifth cousin once removed wants one.) Friday events winded up with a dinner in King Hall, and the weekend really began, as Midshipmen and parents escaped the Academy to spend some quality time together. Thanks, Mom and Dad, for making us who we are today. 36, nd •ms ' Weekend J I 38 Fall - ' FALL DRILL " ' Company, Forward, March! " " Left . . . Left . . . Left, Right, Left. " As the Brigade returned to An- napolis in the fall so did these sounds return to that favorite mid hangout, Worden Field. Drill, CAPT Shupp ' s favorite pastime, is an Academy tradition that has been around since the first class of mid- shipmen reported to the banks of the Severn, and one that will be undoubtably be around as long as Ban- croft houses mids. Tourists loved the formal P-rades with all the men and women dressed up in Full Dress Blues out on the drill field. The midshipmen, how- ever, held a different view of the P-rades, feeling that they were a step above restriction but light years below any other option for a beautiful Wednesday afternoon. Had it just been an occasional Wednesday afternoon formal P-rade, drill would have held a higher place in the Midshipman ' s mind. But with at least one practice drill session a week, usually more, and the platoon drill competition, football march- overs, and countless outside formations, even the most enthusiastic mid was soon run down by endless hours of marching. Add in a plebe tour or two and the reason for the lack of enthusiastic drill participants became quite obvious. Nonetheless, most did take a strain on the drill field, if not for good ole ' USNA then out of fear of meeting up with CAPT Shupp after taking a knee. 40r ' f 41 ■£- «_- FOOTBALL SPIRIT Pep rallies . . . spell outs . . . sheet posters . . . push-ups . . . spirit recons . . . march-overs. All of these bring back memories of Navy football spirit. Bolstered by the motivated Class of ' 91, Brigade en- thusiasm ran high. Football bets between plebes and upperclass caused much uproarious activity in T- Court on the Mondays after games. Although the results of the games were sometimes disappointing, the mids, ever faithful to the Blue and Gold, re- mained dedicated to the team. The close loss to Air Force was an especially exciting game. Army, of course, was the climax of the year — the Brig traveled to Philadelphia to cheer Navy on. 42 ■ Football Spun ft TAILGATERS Tailgaters after Navy football games are as tra- ditional as marchovers and the hat trick. No matter what the outcome of the game, mids and other spec- tators found something to celebrate. The parking lot came alive. The air filled with the smell of ham- burgers and hotdogs on the grill, the sounds of laugh- ter, and the feeling of comraderie. Whether the ' gater was sponsored by a grad, parents, an ECA, or a company, a good time was had by all who attended. But don ' t forget to be out of the parking lot by the time it gets dark — or face the wrath of roving patrols with Form-Twos in their breast pockets. Go Navy! 44. ■ Tailgaters ' r- «r JULIUS CAESAR " To be, or not to be? " was not the question the Masqueraders were trying to answer in their fall play, but rather it was, " Would my friends really stab me in the back? " Yes, the thespians performed William Shakespeare ' s historical drama, Julius Caesar. The good acting and lavish costumes made the play a spectacle to watch and the large crowds made it a joy to perform. From the opening lines to " Et tu, Brutu? " those in the crowd who had never seen the play were on the edge of their seats, and those who had were just as captivated, in a way that only Shakespeare can captivate. As for the mids in the audience, not only were they able to see a fine production, and perhaps chalk up some extra credit in a class or two, but those special Friday night libs were hard to beat. 46 Jt («■ ■ Julius Caesar 47 Ik- I 48t HALLOWEEN On October 3 1 , uniform standards went out the windows of Bancroft Hall as the Brigade tossed aside their SDB ' s and dressed up for a Halloween cel- ebration. Ghosts, goblins, witches, warlocks, and oth- er oddities appeared, along with the usual assortment of King Hall workers and transvestites. One could even find a pair of bi-planes circling the Yard, and there were rumors of giant raisins on the rampage. Aside from the need to break free from WUB " A, " there was another reason for the more outlandish costumes. Midshipman were competing for the honor of being judged to have the best costume in the Brigade, and mor e importantly, the cash prize that went with that recognition. Each company se- lected their representative for the Brigade costume contest at formation, and then they headed down to a quiet and peaceful King Hall, where the jockeying immediately began for a seat in milk carton range of the fool who chose to dress up in his best sport coat and tie. After dinner and the traditional food fight, everybody headed out to T-Court for the pep rally and the finals of the costume contest. ' 1 Halloween PLEBE MIXER After four months of social deprivation even mandatory fun is, well, not unenjoyable. The Plebe Mixer for ' 91 was actually a pretty good deal even if just to let loose and hear loud music — any music. Some plebes were even lucky enough to have their girlfriends or boyfriends make the trip to Disco Dahl- gren. For the guys, merely talking to a civilian girl and smelling her perfume was enough to make the af- ternoon worthwhile, whether they danced or not. For the young ladies who were invited from the Annapolis area, meeting a midshipmen to spend some time with was a memory worth keeping. Many plebes partook in two alternatives to dancing: reading, or more im- portantly, sleeping. A few even played a guessing game, trying to identify the state flags, only to realize two hours later, that not only were the flags labeled on the wall, but also that they were in alphabetical order. At least it passed the time. 50, 51 -v» : LISA LISA One enthusiastic midshipman put it this way: " She didn ' t just put on a concert — she put on a concert for the mids! " Sporting a black spandex mini- skirt, white leather boots, and long flashy earrings, Lisa Lisa performed with the Cult Jam to put on a spectacular show for midshipmen and their guests in Halsey Field House. Making a stop at Navy during her Spanish Fly tour, Lisa Lisa provided a chance to cut loose and a welcome break from the academic routine for those members of the Brigade who at- tended. Even though the midshipmen were disap- pointed when Expose cancelled, the concert was deemed an overwhelming success. The Brigade Social Affairs Committee and the Modern Music Commit- tee hoped to attract more big name bands in coming years. 52l, Lisa .3 ? NL303 MESS NIGHT NL303 Mes s Night, sponsored by the Division of Professional Development, provided an opportunity for second class midshipmen to sharpen their social graces while rubbing elbows with high-ranking of- ficials. It also gave the King Hall staff another chance to display their culinary skills. While the menu left something to be desired, the company was both stimulating and intimidating. Both fall and spring mess nights attracted top brass from the both the U.S. Armed Forces and foreign services. 54 NU03 M hi ' If • : 4 • V J 1 Li 1 Nl 303 Mess Nighl 55 .. I ARMY- NAVY Once again Army Week hit Annapolis with all the fun one football game could muster. Preliminary rumbles and shaving cream fights started on Sunday night after everyone returned from Thanksgiving break. Many tried to get in a final night of studies, as it was also exam week, but it would be the last night for any semblance of study in the hall. Army Week was about to reach flank speed, with spontaneous (?) pep rallies, the car bash, BEATARMY quizzes, rum- bles, room trashings, and more food fights than the ' Dant knew what to do with. (He finally ended up saturating King Hall with company officers and BOOW ' s with orders to fry the slightest offender.) The Thursday night bonfire and pep rally were a huge success as it signaled the end of the preliminaries and the beginning of the real thing: The Big Game. Bright and early (too early) Saturday morning, more than eighty busses rolled out of the Yard and headed for the City of Brotherly Love. Upon arrival there was the wait for the orders to move out and march on, and then the call to storm the bleachers. Then, finally, the moment the Brigade had been wait- ing for all week — the kickoff. The cheering was a constant roar right down to the final seconds, and then it was over — Army had won. The final score, though, did not stop mids from " celebrating. " They headed for South Street, drowned their sorrows, and told everyone who asked, and some who didn ' t — " Just wait ' til next year. " JOahiv. • , •71 kj Pte? £I A J . W fSMBF- 1 V W J K " ' y ▼ % 1 A Yi " . . ' :i 5 ■ Army-Navj 5 V ...- ' ? fc CHRISTMAS FORMAL The Christmas Formal, put on by the Brigade Social Affairs Committee, provided midshipmen with an opportunity to dress up in dinner dress blues and strut the town with a grease drag. Swaying under the soft romantic lights of Dahlgren Hall with their dates, the mids enjoyed a last opportunity to escape from the pressures of the Hall before finals. One mid commented, " I probably should be studying — I ' m unsat. But my girlfriend is from Annapolis and this was my last chance to take her out before I go home for Christmas. " 60 ( ( hristmas I ormal 61 - ' »■ DARK AGES Gone were the lazy, hazy days of summer where wine, women, and song were paramount. Gone was the crisp autumn weather for Saturday morning marchovers and great Navy Football. The Brigade entered the post-Christmas blues when time seemed to stand still and spring break was but a fantasy. It was the time of the year when two minutes seemed to last an hour and fourth period EE lasted an eternity. Enter the Dark Ages, the true test of a mid- shipman ' s sanity. The plebes sensed it, too, and they were indoctrinated into yet another Navy tradition. Their exuberance of first semester was replaced by a will to simply survive — like most of the Brigade. With bowed heads and slumped shoulders, mids tried to ward off the chill Severn River wind. The freezing winter weather, though, seemed to reach the very depths of mids ' souls. The Dark Ages — there was one positive note: because of the darkness of the long winter season, midshipmen truly appreciated the coming of spring. 62i Dark Ages 63 I ' SNOW DAYS The only relief from the Dark Ages was a thick blanket of snow from Mother Nature — thick enough, of course, to cancel classes. Six N ' s were cancelled, chemistry labs were sadly missed, and the rack beck- oned. Plebes revelled in rack time vice come-arounds and nobody cared about anything. Restrictees found more than the usual joy in snow days, because shov- elling for one hour meant one less day of restriction to serve. What ' s a little manual labor for two more weekends? Whenever the snow threaten to upset the daily routine, Rumor Control Central went wild with such upsetting stories as mandatory study halls even if the instructor was absent. Yeah, right — " Section leader, take charge. " Although most of Bancroft Hall slept, some warriors braved the blizzard to engage in battle. Snowballs flew along carefully thought out trajec- tories to make contact with foreheads and noses. Those prospective spectators who dared to open a window ran the risk of becoming casualties, but all was fair in fun and snow. 64s Snow Days ' l THE KING AND I The Glee Club chose " The King and I " for their annual musical performance. The Rodgers and Ham- merstein story focused on a charming English school- teacher taming the King of Siam. This musical has enchanted audiences since its premiere many years ago, and this performance was no exception. Toaale Mulitauaopele played the role of the King, a part the legendary Yul Brenner made famous. Collen McFeeley played the school teacher whose decidedly assiduous mannerisms succeeded in guiding a stub- born king towards a modern culture. The large au- diences enjoyed " the King and I " and its trademark songs, music, and spectacular costumes. 66, The King King and I 67 »L I " m FORRESTAL LECTURES In honor of former Secretary of Defense James Forrestal, the " Bore-Us-All " Lecture Series was intended to enhance the education and perceptions of the Brigade in the social, political, and cultural arenas of the nation and world. The first lecture was preceded by ugly rumors that ' 90 ' s commitment was going to be changed to 2 for 9, and that women were going to be shipped off to " a school all by themselves. " But alas, the Honorable James Webb, SECNAV, arrived and dispelled these falsehoods. He did, however, announce the reinstatement of the old mission of the Acad- emy, to be indicative of his intention to im- pose more stringent training, e.g. Bulldog and a minimum eight weeks of summer training. By the way, did anyone ever claim the " woman ' s undergarment " the Secretary brought with him??? Prior to Dr. Ballard ' s visit there was no speculation on what he would reveal to us about his search for the Titantic, but once he announced the movie, the Brigade rejoiced. Surprisingly, many were intrigued enough to stay awake to see pictures taken in the dark- ness of the ocean floor. 68, f :, rcslal I ccturcs OV ,..f y l i 1 I ' SERVICE SELECTION January 21, 1988 will live always in the mem- ones of the Class of ' 88. On that night they made decisions that would dictate the course of each of their careers in the Armed Forces — Service Se- lection. For those at the top of the class, the evening was a happy one, during which they made their choices official. For others, however, waiting in line and watching the TV monitor meant biting nails and sweating it out to sec who would gel the last pilot, the last NFO, the last Crypto, and even the last Marine Corps billet. Surprisingly, the Marine Corps billets ran out early, and the last hundred or so selectees found choices of Surface Warfare, Surface Warfare, or Sur- face Warfare. Some used the long wait to play the odds on a coin to make their choice for them. Overall, most first class expressed a sense of utter relief af- terwards, because at last they knew what they would be doing after graduation. But after all was said and done, many still wondered if they had lived up to their class motto, " To Thine Own Self Be True, " and made the right choice. In any case, the button to push was . . (OAST. 70 1 n ice Selection J V l ; l MAGNUM Never before has the Naval Academy been so excited by an alumnus homecoming; but when Tom Selleck, a supposed member of the USN A class of ' 68, brought the filming of his last episode to USNA, midshipmen and Annapolitans went wild. One would think this excitment drew from the female members of the Brigade only. (Not so, only James Webb gets that kind of attention!) No, the Hollywood hunk aroused the interest of everyone in the Yard. Mid- shipmen lined Stribling Walk and the Chapel steps for hours in order to get a glimpse of Magnum. Although midshipmen were officially required to attend all scheduled classes, many profs neglected to take at- tendance, since they themselves could be found some- where along Stribling Walk. Following all the attention his T-Court walk through created, Selleck enjoyed the company of 4500 midshipmen for lunch in King Hal l. The volleyball team presented Mr. Selleck with a volleyball to com- memorate the work he has done for the U.S. Olympic team. No one enjoyed Selleck ' s visit as much as the Protocol officer, Lt. Liggett, who was caught smooch- ing Magnum in the Wardroom. Is that proper pro- tocol, ma ' am? The enthusiasm of the day of filming was matched by the actual showing of the much- heralded last episode. All company wardrooms were packed with mids hoping to get a glimpse of them- selves walking through T-Court. 72 Magnum t Magnum .-« " INT ' L BALL Twenty-two years ago, a tradi- tion began at the Naval Academy. The idea, conceived by Professor Tol- stoy, was to invite the daughters, sons, and friends of foreign digni- taries, as well as international stu- dents from the D.C. Annapolis area, to an evening of pageantry at the Na- val Academy. In addition to showing our international guests a good time, the International Ball was designed to honor our own foreign exchange of- ficers. Midshipmen joined enthusiasti- cally in the planning; the committee was headed by Midshipman First Class Laura Stroman. All upperclass mids were invited to attend the In- ternational Ball, which was held on Saturday, 26 March 1988. Many mid- shipmen escorted the foreign guests to an exclusive reception that pre- ceded the dance. The evening was a stimulating one; midshipmen were afforded the opportunity to meet oth- er young people of very different cul- tures. A few brave mids practiced their foreign language training on the accomodating guests. 74, i Intcman 75 . n Il On Hundred ' s Night the most " popular " firsties were braced up and rigged, in a celestial fixes, stand- ing on one leg, reciting the Laws of the Navy, back- wards. The usual " orderliness " of Bancroft was cast aside for the tradition of role reversal between the plebes and firsties. It was amazing how two or three little gold bars on a collar could transform a mild- mannered fourth class into a fire-breathing maniac out for blood. Even the screen who could not re- member what CIWS stood for did not forget which firstie flamed on him during plebe summer. Reality set in for ' 88, as the impact of only one hundred days finally hit home. Being a plebe again provoked reminiscing over the years gone by, and the ever popular phrase " when I was a plebe " was thrown around more than anyone would like to hear. But, alas, all good things must come to an end. The brief two hours of ' vator privileges, going to Steerage, and " bee-bopping " in the halls without a cover ended as quickly as they began. Study hour returned the Hall to relative normalcy. 76 iocs Nig:.- ' s Night lOO ' s Nigh -, r Spring 79 w- 80 SPRING DRILL Springtime at the Naval Academy provided long-awaited relief from the Dark Age Blues. The explosion of color in the Yard and the expectation of spring leave lifted the spirits of the Brigade. Unfortunately, though, every silver lining has a cloud; in the case of spring, the cloud was SPRING DRILL. Once again, Worden Field echoed with commands: Present Arms! Order Arms! Forward March! Parade Rest! (Not necessarily in that or- der.) Platoon drill competition was first on the drill agenda. One hundred and eight platoons competed fiercely and hoped that the random number gen- erator put them in the top fifty, at least. The fun didn ' t stop there, though. As soon as the platoon competition was over, company drill began. Spring parades provided midshipmen with yet another opportunity to excel on the drill field. The mission of the Brigade was to impress the tourists and to survive the critical eye of the Drill God. CAPT M. Shupp. ikkAaiir ' k L k Spring Drill 81 9 ACTIVITIES CENTER It was early in the winter of 1987 when the Brigade first noticed that there was something going on in the area behind Mahan Hall by College Creek. Contrary to the belief of some, no one had made a gigantic mistake and started building the rumored ninth and tenth wings of Mother " B. " Rather, it was the beginnings of the new Brigade Activities Center. Finally, the Bri- gade was to have a real auditorium where every mid could sit, in comfort, for a Forrestal Lecture or to watch a basketball game. Upon comple- tion, there will be no more long rows of gray chairs set up in Halsey Field House. All through the spring, the " Clank! Clank! " of hundreds of concrete beams being driven into the ground was a constant reminder of the work going on to complete the newest building in the Yard, the Brigade Activities Center. 82 j ■• w a H r " • " ■nin, , Muni liir Activities Center 83 . ' L DININGS- IN Dinings-In were golden opportunities for midshipmen to develop proper etiquette and poise on the social scene. The gourmet meals were always a delight, with fdet mignon, green beans almondine, baked potatoes and sour cream, and fresh chocolate mousse for dessert. As wine connoisseurs in training, mids learned that Port goes with everything! The numerous bottles of red and white wines offered an occasion for midshipmen to dis- play their unquestionable ability to drink re- sponsibly. Guest speakers highlighted the evening with witty rhetoric covering various topics, like leadership and professionalism. Then . . . the GROG! was awarded to the unfortunate clods who dared to wear unreg suspenders or just could not seem to keep their elbows off the table. To top off the evening, toasts were proposed for every reason from honoring the Navy and Marine Corps to just getting in a dig at a company-mate (company officers were also fair game at this point). All in all, dinings-in were good opportunities for eve- ryone to kick back and relax. 84 Dinings-In ! h ' h ' Dinings-ln 85 .-. ' 3!r MARINE CORPS MESS NIGHT The new Commandant of the Marine Corps, General Gray, came to the Academy for the Marine Corps Mess Night, the likes of which haven ' t been seen for a long time. Colonel Fagan, who was at- tending his first mess night as senior Marine Corps officer at the Academy, and the Semper Fi club made sure that the General and all involved had a grand time. The drinks flowed freely from the beginning of the evening in Dalghren Hall. The General talked with mids and Academy officers during the reception, and then the group headed over to Smoke Hall for dinner. After a fine meal, the Commandant had the honor of lighting the smoking lamp and addressing the gathered Marine and Naval officers and mid- shipmen. Afterwards, the General was presented with an authentic Naval Academy B-robe. OOm.iii Mess Night Marine Corps Mess Night 87 . A " •9 - 88 SPRING FORMAL As life emerged from the thawing ground in the Academy flowerbeds, the mids, too, awakened from the Dark Age Doze. Those who braved a chilly wind sought a tan on fifth and sixth wing red beaches. Cinderella libs gave firsties a hint of long-awaited independ- ence. From midshipmen in all classes came the undeniable signs of spring — plebes were tired of the routine, second class became more and more apathetic, youngsters made " flaming faces " in the mirror, and firsties were " just puttin ' in time. " Of course, with spring came opportu- nities for romance, and what could be more romantic than a midshipman and date at the annual Spring Formal. Dahlgren Hall ' s ice skating rink was transformed into a stage and dance floor — a floor filled with sharp look- ing young couples in mess dress and flowery skirts of every shade. Dates flooded in from every corner of the country, not to mention colleges and high schools right in Annapolis. Dinner in town, perhaps at the Charthouse, and a night of dancing, both fast and slow, proved to be a splendid time for all. i] nau ■ ' - : ' • - I Spring Formal 89 .. . ffl L |l SHIPS IN THE YARD Throughout the year, the Severn River and the Chesapeake Bay have the opportunity to hold in their waters Navy ships. Although Annapolis does have a naval base, it is not the home port for any class of navy ship. It is, however, the home of the small yard patrol boats on which midshipmen are given practical seamanship training. So when a navy captain decides to bring his ship into Annapolis, his crew, the town, and the midshipmen benefit from this port call. While the crew of the ship enjoy liberty in Annapolis, mid- shipmen and tourists are awarded the chance to visit the navy ship. For each plebe, however, this is a mandatory professional obligation. As they study about the ships in their professional manuals, they have the opportunity to learn about the ship more extensively by seeing it first hand. One from each of the following classes of ships and submarines was present this year: Ticonderoga, Permit, Spruance, Ol- iver Hazard Perry, Los Angeles, and Pegasus class. ' ■ V 9(k ps in the Yard I Ships in the Yy BULLDOG The Class of ' 89 Marine Corps hopefuls were the first to experience Bulldog. Bulldog is a precommis- sioning course, a mini basic school course, to prove a person is committed to the Corps. Early second se- mester the Class of ' 89 midshipman who were pon- dering a career in the Marine Corps started training for the six week long summer course. Pre-Bulldog consisted of afternoons of physical fitness training, Wednesday evening classes, and a three-day field excercise at Fort Meade. The mids were taught how to write Marine Corps five Par- agraph orders, field strip M-16s, and they also learned about Marine Corps history and tradition. The training of these Midshipmen while at the Academy was intended to aid them in the tough Bulldog course at Quantico. 92 Bulldog h» ' fi i I w Bulldog 93 . St SPECIAL OLYMPICS 1988 was not only an Olympic year for the world but for the Naval Academy as well, as the Special Olympics came to both Lejeune Hall and Ingram Field one weekend in the spring. The first day was filled with swimming events in Lejeune as the Olympians competed in the full spectrum of water races. The spectators and huggers cheered them all on to victory, in the truest sense of the word. The next day was a beautiful Annapolis spring day and the Olympics moved outside to Ingram Field where the track and field events took place. Mid and civilian volunteer huggers again cheered each finisher and ran laps with them, while in the infield there was time for talk — and maybe even a little football. 94 lympics • J I ' ■ ' t Special Olympics 95 J L NAFAC Once again college students fron all across the country, and some from across the oceans, converged on the United States Naval Academy in the spring to discuss foreign af- fairs. The reason they all came together was NAFAC, or the Naval Academy Foreign Af- fairs Conference. For three days the nearly 200 delegates discussed, argued, and contem- plated every angle of the 1988 NAFAC topic; " Solving Today ' s Tensions for Tomorrow ' s Peace. " And if that weren ' t enough, numer- ous VIP ' s from all areas of business, politics, and academia were present to give lectures or take part in a debate on the topic. Midship- man Will Burkhart, ' 88, did a great job run- ning the conference smoothly. To the other mids involved, NAFAC, otherwise known as Not Accountable For Any Classes, was a su- per way to enjoy a week with other college students. The class option and nightly O-Club libs weren ' t bad, either. 96r ' 97 .- " HUH GODSPELL The Masqueraders put on an unprecedented second play for the spring of 1988. Following the successful production of the Rogers and Hammer- stein classic " The King and I, " the players regrouped for a performance of " Godspell. " Through many hours of hard work and practice, the cast of only eleven formed a close-knit group. The closeness that formed within the cast aided in communicating to the audience the spectrum of emotions involved in any rendition of " Godspell. " The play was both delightful and heartbreaking in its account of the teachings, life, and death of Jesus Christ. The Masqueraders provided a touching and entertaining performance for Naval Academy au- diences. 98 G XJ: : ' I Godspell 99 «■ mi HOOTERS The rock band " the Hooters " came to Halsey Field House in the spring of 1988 and rocked a near- capacity crowd well into the night. After the Bal- timore band the Del Lords warmed up the crowd, the Hooters came on stage and put on quite a show. The four men from the City of Brotherly Love played their mega-hits " Where Do the Children Go " and " We Danced " from their first album " Nervous Night, " and the crowd loved it. The Hooters didn ' t miss a beat as they then moved right into songs like the hit " Johnny B. " off their new album. The band played with and to the crowd on nu- merous occasions and, of course, played the encores when it was obvious that the crowd wouldn ' t leave until they heard them. It must have been strange for the band to look out over the large crowd and see so many black coats and ties. Unfortunately, the uni- forms were a reminder of the the finals coming up in a week that left many Mids wondering " Where Did the Grades Go? " • 100. ' CJN if r jM Z m bd hol T i Jn9l The Hooters 10! , + r MBM »l- • f - MOVING OUT As summer neared, and the end became closer than " distant future, " the minds of midshipmen turned to one thing . . . getting out. It was again time to move a year ' s accumulation of things — living and dead — elsewhere. There seemed to be more uni- forms, more books no one would buy, and more clothes with other mids ' alpha codes on them, than ever before. May 1988 — purloined laundry carts rumbled down the hallways laden with computers, stereos, civilian clothes, and other items (uniforms?). It was a hectic fight to beat the deadlines of company officers to move out or be . . . The plebes chopped around in search of new company lockers, while upperclass just ran for the nearest trashbin. The firsties made moving out the most fun, because it was their last time. Their best things were packed into boxes that got in everyone ' s way, and their worst were strewn about the basement for the wayward janitor or the willing mid to pick up. Midshipmen groaned at moving time because storage space was not as prolific as junk to be stored. But the emphasis on moving was MOVING OUT; mids be- gan to realize that, for a short respite, it was OVER. 102 :Out • . , Moving Out 103 , v- II DEDICATION PARADE The Dedication Parade marked the beginning of the end for the Class of 1 988. They had been counting " lasts " for the past semester — last Spring Break, last O Course, last Monday of classes, last class, last exam . . . Then finally, after all those lasts, ' 88 realized that they were about to experience another " last " — their last June Week. Families began to arrive, and on Friday, 20 May 1988, the Class of 1988 participated in their last Dedication Parade. The rain held off only long enough to ensure that the ceremony would not be cancelled at the last mo- ment. After the midshipmen were all on the field, a steady downpour began that would last the entire duration of the parade. The rain, though, did not seem to dampen the spirits of those in attendance (at least the mids found it fairly amusing). In any case, the purpose of the Dedication Parade was not for- gotten, and the faculty members of the Naval Acad- emy braved the foul weather to receive tribute for their service. The faculty honored included those professors who were retiring and those who had served faithfully for twenty, forty, or forty-five years at the Academy. Four instructors received special recognition: the Alumni Association Research Ex- cellence Award was received by Professor John J. Fontanella and Associate Professor Mary C. Wintergill (both from the Physics Department), the Alumni Association Teaching Excellence Award went to Professor Craig L. Symonds (History Department), and the William P. Clements Award went to Captain John K. Kruse, Jr., USMC (Political Science De- partment). 104. ' I tedication Parade 105 .1 ■•.: «L HERNDON The monument is 2 1 feet tall, and it was covered with about 200 pounds of lard, courtesy of the Class of ' 90. When the cannon fired, Herndon was rushed by over a thousand plebes. The plebes were cheered on by the upperclass, whose liberty depended on famous cover switch. This year, the upperclass didn ' t have to wait very long — in just 43 minutes, 44 seconds, the Class of 1 99 1 , led by Mel Davis of Tenth Company, had achieved their goal. According to leg- end, Midn Davis will become the first member of his class to become an admiral. The Class of 1991, although they did not come close to ' 72 ' s record-setting mark of 1 minute, 30 seconds, were proud to record the fastest time of any of the four classes at the Academy. Members of the Class of 1 988, on the other hand, were glad that their own record would hold for another year — ' 88 holds the record for being the slowest of all the classes of plebes who have climbed Herndon, with a time of 3 hours, 1 2 minutes, 23 seconds. . 106 ■ ! I I Herndon . - RING DANCE Most of the activities of June Week were geared toward the graduating class: special King Hall din- ners, Superintendent ' s Receptions, the Farewell Ball, etc. However, on Saturday night, the spotlight turned to the Class of 1989, as they donned dinner dress whites and attended the Ring Dance. The second class had looked forward to the evening ever since they had ordered their rings as youngsters. The quest for a date had started early in the year; for some, the choice was made early, but others agonized until a few days before the event. Finally, after much preparation and anticipation, the big night arrived. The midshipman ' s date wore the all-important ring suspended on a blue ribbon around the neck or pinned to the lapel. The ring was dipped in a binnacle containing water from the seven seas, which symbolized the travel that lies ahead of midshipmen. Then the couple entered a large gold replica of the class ring, where the ring was placed on the midshipman ' s finger. The ceremony was sealed with a kiss. 108 f » Ring Dance mam p Baccalaureate «L SUPT ' S RECEPTION Commissioning Week was a busy round of social activities. The Yard was buzzing with parents and friends of graduating midshipmen, and they all want- ed to experience as much of the Academy as possible. This included meeting the " big stripes " that are such an important part of the institution. During the Su- perintendent ' s Reception, parents received their chance to speak with the highest ranking officer of the Naval Academy, Rear Admiral Ronald F. Marryott. Midshipmen and their families waited in a line that sometimes stretched around the corner, in order to pass through the receiving line. The wait was worth it, though, since the weather, which was pleasant on both afternoons, made the garden of the Buchanan House especially pleasant. The refreshments were bountiful, and the company was distinguished — all of the Superintendent ' s guests were impressed. 112 lout ' s Reception 1 I ' Superintendent ' s Reception V- 11 BLUE ANGELS On Monday afternoon the seawall and all the playing fields of the Academy were packed with ex- cited spectators of all ages. The Severn River was shore-to-shore boats, from the smallest dinghy or knock-about to YPs and yawls. From the fir st time the engines were heard to the last sight of the planes, the crowd was enthralled. They grew accustomed to the noise, and to the announcer ' s words, " And now, from your left . . . THE BLUE ANGELS!! " The Blue Angels, known officially as the U.S. Navy Fight Demonstration Squadron, have per- formed their precision flying demonstrations for more than 186 million spectators. They have been performing during Commissioning Week for more than thirty years. Although the individual maneuvers performed by the team are those taught to every prospective Naval and Marine Corps aviator during flight training, the show has evolved thoughout the years, since the first team was organized in 1946, to become the epitome of aerial artistry. The tight dia- mond formation has become the trademark of the Blue Angels. -„ " ' i ' Blue Angels 115 9 COLOR PARADE The color parade was the most widely attended of all of the brigade ' s dress parades. For many parents and friends of the Class of 1988, it was the only opportunity they had to see " their " midshipmen on the parade field. The weather was warm and sunny (hot enough to keep the corpsmen fairly busy). The highlight of the event was the formal presentation of the colors to Sixteenth Company, which by virtue of its excellence during the entire year of competition, won the honor of being designated color company. Sixteenth Company will carry the colors for all events until Commissioning Week in 1989. The Color Girl, Susan G. Robertson of Anaheim, California, was chosen by the color company com- mander, Dennis J. McKelvey. n ■. ' ' it: r r Color Parade 117 --» ' «r COOLING OFF The last parade. It was over . . . and the first class celebrated. There weren ' t any days left to countdown — just a wake-up remained, and the countdown changed to hours. After four long years, it had come down to one last dress parade, and then — what better way to cool off than to " take a dip " in the Lejuene Hall pool? A brave few headed for the foun- tain on the Michelson-Chauvenet terrace or — gasp! — the Severn River. It had been a week of receptions, parties, dances, and dinners, accompanied by ceremonies and pa- rades, pomp and pageantry. There was only one more ceremony left — graduation. On Tuesday, relief and anticipation were showing on the faces of the first class. llo ; . • t :■ Cooling Off 119 V u GRADUATION It was a cold, cloudy morning. Main office re- ceived phone calls from scores of confused people: " So is it inside or outside? " The decision had been made at dawn, and the ceremony would be held outside. Those who attended would later ponder on how the decision had been made. Wishful thinking, perhaps? In any case, the firsties were happy that all their guests could attend the ceremony. For the first hour or so, enthusiasm kept the graduating class warm, but the weather worsened throughout the cer- emony. A steady downpouring of rain and cold gusts of wind made the firsties ' teeth chatter. " The first thing I ' m going to do as an ensign is take a long, hot shower, " muttered one shivering member of the Class of ' 88. Cold rain, though, couldn ' t dampen the spirits of the soon-to-be-commissioned officers. The grad- uating class may have been soaked when they took their oath of office, but their smiles were as wide as ever when the covers went up. One thousand and forty one members of the Class of 1988 graduated on 25 May 1988. Of those, 855 became ensigns, 174 went Marine Corps, and 5 were commissioned in the Air Force (7 were foreign citizens). This was the 138th graduation of midship- men. ' • : " Jt 1 «3F s i c L iff ;V c Graduation 121 p»- 122 ! . u ' l@ m r % - i Graduation 123 . GRADUATION 1 1 1 1 12 ■ ■i 125 L ' Ml p» PtWf ctM t: R lCO£i+l%lh £ juMa4, CHAIN-OF-COMMAND I -- ■ •■ P " » COMMANDER -IN- CHIEF I SECRETARY OF DEFENSE SECRETARY OF THE NAVY 1 CHIEF OF NAVAL OPERATIONS COMMANDANT OF THE MARINE CORPS SUPERINTENDENT U.S. NAVAL ACADEMY 1 SUPERINTENDENTS STAFF COMMANDANT OF MIDSHIPMEN COMMANDANT I CHAIN-OF-COMMAND [ 128 . I -1- Ronald W. Reagan Commander-in-Chief Chain of Command 129 Caspar W. Weinberger Secretary of Defense Frank C. Carlucci Secretary of Defense Chain-of-Command 131 - ' Chain-of-Comm 132 Secretary of the Navy t Secretary of the Navy ham of Command 133 pt ADM Carlisle A. H. Trost 13 Chief of Naval Operations " ommand t • Commandant Of The Marine Corps ( hain-of-( ' ommand 135 . ■ p RADM Ronald F. Marryott 13t Superintendent of the Naval Academy fit ad t Howard W. Habermeyer Commandant of Midshipmen Chain of Comma ndl37 P " + r - £ • ru • j ' Executive Assistant CDR Scott A. Fry sm i A. HP» if ■ ■ in a ici W f ■ t BSS L Flag Secretary LT Jay K. Mattonen Flag Lieutenant LT Mark Tempestilli Protocol Officer LT Linda L. Liggett L i i " r . L V [l k 1 | » | ca 1 • m 1 L r ip Deputy Commandant CAPT Edward K. Kristensen Executive Assistant LT Richard A. Chapman Legal Advisor CDR Michael W. Lord 139 U Conduct Officer LT Joseph C. Adan Movement Officer LT Lance R. Williams " T Schedule: 1 I Paula .1 i tfficei Hart ell In - ! A | 1 t H ' -_ " H ' . First Lieutenant LT Sue F. Robertson Midshipmen Financial d isor LI Mark J. Belton H ., r t w Midshipmen Personnel Ot ' fi LT Sue Roden ( MTieer-in-Charge of Midshipmen Store LCDR Roger D. Admiral Midshipmen Sen ices I I ( iregory B. Zingler 141 I Division of Engineering and Weapons Aerospace Engineering Department Electrical Engineering Department Mechanical Engineering Department Naval Systems Engineering Department Weapons and Systems Department Division of Mathematics and Science Chemistry Department Computer Science Department Mathematics Department Oceanography Department Physics Department Division of U.S. and International Studies Economics Department Language Studies Department Political Science Department Division of English and History English Department History Department Division of Professional Development Leadership and Law Department Seamanship and Navigation Department Professional Programs Department Office of the Commandant Physical Education Department 144 ' THv . :. - Pvufyectl e: fU iU C £ cMe4 ce U f cfiMA c4, FACULTY pi Academic Dean 14i " T ( APT Sieve F. Rime Director, Division of U.S. and International Studies f VI Bk w (APT Vincent J. Gilroj Director. Division of Mathematics and Sciei COL Fred T. Fagan Director, Division of English and History CDR Stephen R. Woodall Director. Division of Professional Development John o. Coppedge Director of Athletics Division Directors 147 pa Aerospace Engineering Department Chairman Commander Vernon C. Gordon i Lieutenant Commander David Adcock Associate Professor John E. Allen Professor William J. Bagaria Professor Harold D. Black Professor Bernard H. Carson Assistant Professor Walter K. Daniel Commander Vernon C. Gordon Associate Professor Gerald F. Hall Lieutenant Commander Beth E. Hubert Assistant Professor Gabriel Karpouzian Assistant Professor Michael D. A. Mackney Captain Ray M. Rapert Professor George F. Pieper Professor David F. Rogers Professor Maido Saarlas r . Division of Engineering and Weapons |4 Electrical Engineering Department Chairman Lieutenant Colonel George D. Peterson Professor Reuben E. Aleyy Jr. Captain Warren P. Averill Associate Professor William E. Bennett Lieutenant Commander Haddon D. Brown Lieutenant Commander William B. Brown Professor Stephen H. Burns Assistant Professor Patricia E. Burt Lieutenant Commander Robert O. Corey Lieutenant Commander John C. Dentler Professor Francis J. Eberhardt Lieutenant Commander Janes R. Hague Associate Professor David S. Harding Captain Grant K. Holcomb Commander Jerry M. Jenkins Lieutenant Scot L. Johnson Professor Glenn E. Leydorf Associate Professor Tian-Siu Lim Lieutenant Commander Johnnie M. Logan Captain Eva G. Malagon Professor Richard L. Martin Assistant Professor Don Y. Northam Lieutenant Colonel George D. Peterson Lieutenant Commander Frank Piazza Commander John R. Plett Lieutenant Commander Homer J. Rood Assistant Professor William Rynone Jr. Professor Ralph P. Santoro Professor Antal A. Sarkady Captain Dan Simons Captain Robert M. Spillers Lieutenant Commander David D. Thompson Associate Professor Raymond Wasta Lieutenant Colonel James G. Ware Assistant Professor Robert S. Weis 15 r ' " i : " T Division of Engineering and Weapons f - • ' Mechanical Engineering Department Chairman Professor Joseph D. Gillerlain Jr. Professor James A. Adams Professor A. Mohsen Alwan Lieutenant Commander David A. Blank Professor Thomas W. Butler Commander Alfred L. Cipriani Associate Professor Herbert C. DeMart Associate Professor Elliott E. Dodson Lieutenant Eric L. Dziura Assistant Professor Shirley T. Fleischmann Professor John O. Geremia Professor Joseph D. Gillerlain Jr. Professor Robert A. Granger II Lieutenant Commander Mark J. Harper Professor Dennis F. Hasson Lieutenant Commander Ronald M. Hill Major John P. Johnson Professor James A. Joyce Professor Eugene L. Keating Associate Professor Harry H. Keith Jr. Associate Professor William M. Lee Professor Vincent J. Lopardo Professor Angela L. Moran Lieutenant Commander Robert S. Owendoff Assistant Professor Kenneth F. Read Lieutenant Commander Michael J. Shimko Professor Jack H. Smith Professor Russell A. Smith Captain Paul B. Stumbo Professor John P. Uldrick Lieutenant Commander Thomas D. Walker Lieutenant Commander Richard W. White Professor Chih Wu 15 -f I Division of Engineering and Weapons Pl Naval Systems Engineering Department Chairman Professor Rameswar Bhattacharyya Associate Professor William A. Barr Professor Rameswar Bhattacharyya Professor Arthur E. Bock Lieutenant John R. Bollinger Lieutenant Commander Thomas M. Buckingham Professor David W. Coder Professor Roger H. Compton Commander Thomas C. Cooper Professor Thomas H. Dawson Lieutenant Edgar E. Estevan Lieutenant Commander Kenneth A. Graber Lieutenant Wayne J. Harman Commander Leslie W. Hewett Jr. Lieutenant Commander David S. Hilder Professor Bruce Johnson Assistant Professor David L. Kriebel Associate Professor Thomas J. Langan Lieutenant Commander Alan B. Lerchbacker Assistant Professor Keith W. Lindler Lieutenant Gregory R. Long Commander John T. Manvel Commander Michael D. May Associate Professor Robert H. Mayer Jr. Professor Michael E. McCormick Lieutenant Commander Thomas L. McGowen Associate Professor John T. Metcalf Associate Professor Brice C. Nehrling Professor Martin E. Nelson Assistant Professor Marshall L. Nuchols Lieutenant Commander Patrick K. Poole Associate Professor Clyde C. Richard Jr. Assistant Professor William H. Schulden Lieutenant Commander Dale R. Scott Lieutenant Michael A. Storm Associate Professor Kenneth L. Tuttle Lieutenant Commander William G. Washnock Lieutenant Commander Brian R. Weaver Assistant Professor Gregory J. White Professor Peter F. Wiggins Lieutenant Richard R. Williams 15 ■ ■!— P Division of Engineering and Weapons 155 - . ' m Weapons and Systems Engineering Department Chairman Professor E. Eugene Mitchell Jr. Lieutenant Commander David B. Barrett Associate Professor Thomas E. Bechert Lieutenant Commander Paul W. Bobwiec Associate Professor Charles G. Brockus Lieutenant Commander John K. Callahan Lieutenant Commander Peter F. Coste Lieutenant Commander Harold H. Cummings Associate Professor Robert DeMoyer Jr. Lieutenant Colonel David W. Diggle Lieutenant Commander David O. Drew Associate Professor Terrance E. Dwan Lieutenant Commander Joseph P. Gilio Associate Professor Kenneth A. Knowles Jr. Lieutenant Commander William A. Mason Lieutenant Commander John H. McKim Professor E. Eugene Mitchell Jr. Captain Gregory A. Morrison Lieutenant Commander Christian Q. Ness Lieutenant Commander John D. Ouellette Lieutenant Commander Joseph W. Poole Associate Professor OlafN. Rask Associate Professor Robert S. Reid Lieutenant Stanley H. Shoun Lieutenant Commander Wesley C. Stanfield Professor W. Richard Vollmar Associate Professor Jerry W. Watts Commander Dennis B. Worley 15 i ti Division of Engineering and Weapons •S¥? H,l TO l,, ' t5! 5 - _ - ' I ' JT FT 1 VWVWW ChJUw 157 ■ Chemistry Department Chairman Professor Charles F. Rowell Captain Robert M. Andrews Major Gerald P. Belknap Associate Professor Thomas E. Bitterwolf Associate Professor Graham T. Cheek Commander John P. Christopher Professor Roland R. Corey Jr. Lieutenant Commander Kenneth W. Curry Assistant Professor Douglas S. Dudis Associate Professor Mark L. Elert Assistant Professor Robert F. Ferrante Assistant Professor Jeffrey P. Fitzgerald Assistant Professor Anne B. Frost Associate Professor Frank J. Gomba Assistant Professor Debra K. Heckendorn Associate Professor Lloyd O. Jones Assistant Professor Kevin P. Kelley Professor Edward Koubek Assistant Professor William T. Lavell Lieutenant Commander Michael A. Lemieux Associate Professor Robert G. Linck Assistant Professor Joseph F. Lomax Captain John V. Mallamaci Professor Samuel P. Massie, Jr. Captain Timothy A. McKelvey Assistant Professor Keith R. Osterhout Professor Charles F. Rowell Instructor Diane M. Schmit Professor John W. Schultz Associate Professor Joyce E. Shade Major Robert L. Vaughn Associate Professor Boyd A. Waite Assistant Professor Timothy Watt Associate David L. Weingartner Lieutenant Colonel Raymond M. William Lieutenant Commander John F. Wyman 1; f : ■3- " p Division of Mathematics and Science 15 Computer Science Department Chairman Associate Professor Frederick A. Skove Associate Professor Wayne Amsbury Lieutenant Commander William G. Borries Commander Frank S. Calcaterra Professor Frank L. K. Chi Major Eugene J. Cole Major Joseph E. Connell II Assistant Professor Dane Clayton Lieutenant Commander Mark J. Geschke Assistant Professor Nikolaos Glinos Major Gary A. Ham Professor Patrick R. Harrison Lieutenant Commander Melinda L. Moran Lieutenant Commander Michele G. Mort Assistant Professor Frank M. Pittelli Commander James J. Richardson Lieutenant Commander Willis R. Rowe Lieutenant Commander David J. Smania Associate Professor Frederick A. Skove Associate Professor Robert E. Steed Associate Professor Edwin T. Upchurch i • I . w Division of Mathematics and Science -« : Wl- Divi Mathematics Department Chairman Professor James M. D ' Archangelo Professor James C. Abbott Professor Peter P. Andre Assistant Professor Mitchell B. Baker Associate Professor Craig K. Bailey Professor Theodore J. Benac Professor Ebon E. Betz Associate Professor James L. Buchanan Captain John M. Byzewski Commander James J. Carlin Professor Michael W. Chamberlain Assistant Professor Robert F. Chamberlain Major Ronald W. Chambless Professor C. Henry Christie Associate Professor Carol C. Crawford Professor James M. D ' Archangelo Professor Frederic I. Davis Commander David A. Ehemann Lieutenant Commander Christopher E. Feeney Associate Professor Gary O. Fowler Associate Professor Anthony Gaglione Associate Professor Mark J. Gotay Associate Professor Charles C. Hanna Assistant Professor Peter E. Haskell Professor Robert A. Hermann Commander Martin D. Herzog Captain James B. Hill Assistant Professor Michael E. Hoffman Assistant Professor W. David Joyner Associate Professor John S. Kalme Professor Harold M. Kaplan Associate Professor Mark E. Kidwell Associate Professor Philip O. Koch Assistant Professor Deborah A. Konkowski Associate Professor Bao Ting Lerner Lieutenant Robert J. Lymburner Lieutenant Commander Freddie L. Lynn Associate Professor Thomas J. Mahar Associate Professor Reza Malek-Madani Lieutenant Jay A. Malmstrom Associate Professor Richard F. Maruszewsk Jr. Assistant Professor Paul B. Massell Assistant Professor Philip W. McCartney Lieutenant Commander John F. McCourt Professor Peter A. McCoy Associate Professor Mark D. Meyerson Assistant Professor Courtney H. Moen Professor Charles Edward Moore Lieutenant Commander Eric R. Moorman Lieutenant Commander Jerome A. Morzinski Professor W. Charles Mylander III Assistant Professor George Nakos Lieutenant Commander James A. Olson Assistant Professor Thomas Otway Commander Lee Parsons Professor Howard L. Penn Associate Professor Geoffery L. Price Professor Henry R. Richardson Assistant Professor Bruce R. Richter Professor Thomas J. Sanders Lieutenant Commander Patrick A. Sandoz Lieutenant Marvin A. Solberg Assistant Professor Jacqueline F. Stone Assistant Professor Asron I. Stucker Associate Professor JoAnn S. Turisco Associate Professor John C. Turner Associate Professor Peter R. Turner Associate Professor William P. Wardlaw Associate Professor Peter J. Welcher Assistant Professor William D. Withers Associate Professor Carvel S. Wolfe Assistant Professor William E. Yancey 16. t T w Division of Mathematics and Science wfr Oceanography Department Chairman Commander Michael P. Cavanaugh Lieutenant Commander Marion E. Alcorn Lieutenant Commander Leonyx G. Baker Commander Michael P. Cavanaugh Lieutenant Eric J. Coolbaugh Professor Douglas W. Edsall Professor John W. Foerster Lieutenant Commander Richard G. Kelley Jr. Professor Thomas L. Kozo Lieutenant Commander Michael C. Lewis Professor Horace G. Loftin Lieutenant Commander Donald E. McManus Lieutenant Commander Kurt M. Scarbro Assistant Professor David R. Smith Professor Alan E. Strong Captain Marshall P. Waters III Professor Jerome Williams 16 •fp : ™ Division of Mathematics and Science 16 - Physics Department Chairman Professor Graham D. Gutsche Professor Rutherford H. Adkins Associate Professor Carol E. Albert Lieutenant David A. Beam Professor Donald W. Brill Professor Gerald P. Calame Lieutenant Michael J. Connolly Associate Professor Trancis D. Correll Captain Norman C. Davis Lieutenant James R. Dire Professor Samuel A. Elder Associate Professor Irene M. Engle Assistant Professor John P. Ertel Associate Professor William E. Fasnacht Professor John J. Fontanella Commander Gerald W. Fritz Professor Graham D. Gutsche Associate Professor Edgar D. Hall Assistant Professor James R. Huddle Professor Richard L. Johnston Associate Professor Murray S. Korman Lieutenant Mark J. Marshfield Lieutenant Commander David E. McLaughlin Professor Frank L. Miller Assistant Professor Steven R. Montgomery Associate Professor Bruce H. Morgan Assistant Professor Eugene P. Mosca Associate Professor David A. Nordling Captain Paul H. Ostdiek Professor Charles W. Rector Lieutenant Commander David A. Sadler Professor Robert N. Shelby Associate Professor Leslie R. Schwiezer Associate Professor Lawrence L. Tankersley Professor Donald J. Treacy Lieutenant Edward J. Tucholski Associate Professor Mary C. Wintersgill 16C •pm i f Division of Mathematics and Science 167 ■MHfli Divi Economics Department Chairman Professor John E. Fredland Captain Miguel I. Becerril Captain David A. Bethel Associate Professor William R. Bowman Assistant Professor John B. Buck Assistant Professor Hareesh M. Dhawale Professor John E. Fredland Associate Professor Arthur R. Gibb Professor Rae Jean B. Goodman Professor Oliver T. Grawe Associate Professor F. Reed Johnson Professor Roger D. Little Professor Robert M. Marsh Professor Clair E. Morris, Jr. Professor Mancur Olson Lieutenant Commander Steven Roehrich Captain Stanley Shumway Professor H. Bruce Throckmorton Lieutenant Commander Raymond Turner Lieutenant Commander Timothy Traaen Associate Professor A. Royall Whitaker Associate Professor Thomas A. Zak -.a 1 Division of U.S. and International Studies ' Language Studies Department Chairman Professor Michael G. Halbig Instructor Penny M. Bledsoe Assistant Professor Christopher D. Buck Instructor Maria E. Castro DeMoux Associate Professor Eva L. Corredor Associate Professor Sharon G. Dahlgren Assistant Professor William H. Fletcher Assistant Professor Elsa M. Gilmore Lieutenant Salvador M. Gomez Instructor Sylvain Guarda Professor Michael G. Halbig Professor Martyn Hart Commander Juergen A. Hendes Professor John A. Hutchins Lieutenant Julie A. Kendall Assistant Professor Rita P. Landers Professor Daniel T. Y. Lee Professor Claude P. Lemieux Assistant Professor Enrique Marquez Assistant Ludmilla A. Z. Pruner Professor Guy J. Riccio Professor Bradier Rivera Associate Professor Gladys Rivera-LaScala Professor Cla-re Saint-Leon Associate Professor Vladimir S. Tolstoy Professor Protase Woodford Professor John D. Yarbro • i i ; It Division of U.S. and International Studies I! jw Political Science Department Chairman Professor Charles L. Cochran III Professor George P. Atkins Assistant Professor Robert L. Beckman Associate Professor Robert A. Bender Associate Professor Thomas Boyajy Commander George L. Breeden Professor Charles L. Cochran Major Michael E. Edwards Professor John A. Fitzgerald Assistant Professor Barbara Harff Captain John E. Kruse Jr. Lieutenant Commander Kevin J. Latham Commander Edward A. McKenney Associate Professor Gale A. Mattox Associate Professor Helen E. Purkitt Associate Professor Arthur R. Rachwald Professor Robert L. Rau Assistant Professor Dennis Stevens Professor Rodney G. Tomlinson Commander Charles D. Varos 17; . Tff Division of U.S. and International Studies 173 English Department Chairman Lieutenant Colonel Laurence W. Mazzeno Lieutenant Cara D. Akerley Associate Professor Nancy P. Arbuthnot Associate Professor James A. Arnold Major Charles E. Beck Associate Professor Harriet F. Bergman Associate Professor Neil Berman Assistant Professor Stephen N. Brown Associate Professor Marlene C. Browne Instructor Carol Burke Assistant Professor Laura P. Claridge Instructor Susan L. Davis Lieutenant Thomas J. Dekornfeld Assistant Professor Lois Evans Professor Fred M. Fetrow Assistant Professor Bruce E. Fleming Assistant Professor Charles H. Gilliland Jr. Lieutenant Scott A. Hastings Associate Professor John M. Hill Assistant Professor Mary D. Howland Professor Philip K. Jason Professor Michael Jasperson Associate Professor Eileen T. Johnston Professor Allan B. Lefcowitz Assistant Professor Robert D. Madison Lieutenant Commander Hamilton K. Maynard Lieutenant Colonel Laurence W. Mazzeno Lieutenant Jeffrey E. McFadden Assistant Professor Natalie C. Michta Commander Stephen V. Myslinski Professor Charles J. Nolan Associate Professor Timothy D. O ' Brien Captain Keith A. Oliver Associate Professor Michael P. Parker Instructor Joyce Renwick Professor Stephen M. Ross Lieutenant Barbara E. Schebendach Instructor Patricia P. Sine Lieutenant Commander David P. Smith Associate Professor Molly B. Tinsley Professor David O. Tomlinson Associate Professor David A. White Assistant Professor Hardy C. Wilcoxon Jr. Associate Professor John Wooten I ; Division of English and History i K, Jas Jaspi . Mazze: ifcFadfe C. Mich- Myslinski dm ). O ' Bne: i A. 01m: I P. Pate e Renwid BlLBd nebendacr. ;ia P- Sir.; j p. Smuh B.Ttt romlmso- 1 A. Whitt 175 mmm W t History Department Chairman Professor Frederick S. Harrod Associate Professor Richard P. Abels Associate Professor Philip R. Artigiani Associate Professor Theodore W. Bogacz Associate Professor Thomas E. Brennan Professor William L. Calderhead Instructor Calvitt J. Clarke Assistant Professor William B. Cogar Lieutenant Commander Cheri L. Conilogue Associate Professor Phyllis Culham Lieutenant Commander Thomas J. Cutler Assistant Professor Mary A. DeCredico Lieutenant Jan C. Dejnozka Captain Gilbert B. Diaz Instructor Matthew Ellenberger Associate Professor Nancy W. Ellenberger Associate Professor Jane E. Good Professor Kenneth J. Hagarii Professor Frederick S. Harrod Commander Kenneth R. Holzmann Assistant Professor Sari R. Hornstein Professor John W. Huston Assistant Professor Michael T. Isenberg ' Professor David E. Johnson Associate Professor Robert W. Love Jr.! Professor Philip R. Marshallji Associate Professor Daniel M. Mastersonji Lieutenant Commander Timothy M. McLaughlin Captain Charles P. Neimeyer Assistant Professor Samuel H. Nelson Assistant Professor David P. Peeler Associate Professor Anne T. Quartararo Assistant Professor William R. Roberts Lieutenant Maxwell Shaw Assistant Professor Ronda R. Simms Lieutenant Commander Don T. Sine Instructor James V. Skalnik Associate Professor Jack Sweetman Professor Craig L. Symonds Associate Professor James P. Thomas Jr. Professor Larry V. Thompson Captain Peter T. Underwood Major Grant H. Walker Professor Philip W. Warken ' -■» y . jwT J- ? — pn v -J sJ ' ? ? yV ' V-V-V I I I I I Ci£ SaS W f Do Leadership and Law Department Chairman Lieutenant Commander Peter A. Scala VI i Major Charles W. Arnold Assistant Professor Leanne Atwater Lieutenant James N. Bond Associate Professor Eric D. Bowman Lieutenant Mary A. Brigden Captain John A. Bukauskas Lieutenant Blake T. Bush Comma nder Melvyn A. Estey, Jr. Lieutenant Douglas A. Hess Lieutenant Peter A. Hunter Lieutenant Commander Robert D. Jenkins III Captain David A. Kish Lieutenant Barbara M. Korosec Lieutenant Michael Lockett Lieutenant Bruce W. MacKenzie Lieutenant Commander Tania E. Marshall Lieutenant James J. May Lieutenant Charles L. Meyers Professor Karel Montor Lieutenant Sean G. Neilan Lieutenant Commander Kathleen P. Ramsay Assistant Professor Paul E. Roush Lieutenant Commander Peter A. Scala Lieutenant Colleen S. Smiley Lieutenant Robert M. Wagner JP- ' I i Division of Professional Development 3 .. . " f j ) «A Ml t " A A I HALLOA, »a a A! 1 r» a L 179 mm ■t Seamanship and Navigation Department Chairman Commander Christopher E. Weaver Lieutenant Kevin J. Bickel Lieutenant David T. Brice Lieutenant Kevin F. Brown Lieutenant Commander John W. Byrne IV Lieutenant Lamar N. Campbell Lieutenant Christopher A. Carbott Lieutenant Carmel E. Chapline Lieutenant Douglas A. Elliott Lieutenant Commander Todd A. Erickson Lieutenant Commander Eduardo L. Ferreira Lieutenant Commander Marcial E. Garcia Lieutenant Timothy S. Garrold Lieutenant Commander Timothy A. Gibson Lieutenant Andrew J. Graziano Lieutenant Commander John D. Hill Lieutenant Commander Thomas J. Hirsch Lieutenant Nicholas H. Holman Lieutenant James W. Burton Lieutenant John P. Johnston Lieutenant Jonathan D. Kurtz Lieutenant John H. Lackie Lieutenant John D. Little Lieutenant Commander William T. Lucas Lieutenant Shawn D. Mank Lieutenant Anthony Marolt Lieutenant Edward J. Masziwski Lieutenant Arthur A. McMinn Lieutenant Commander Stefano Mole Lieutenant W. M. Nicholson Lieutenant Thomas S. O ' Donnell Lieutenant Barry K. Olver Lieutenant Gary D. Pash Lieutenant John D. Paul Lieutenant Lester L. Price Lieutenant Allen S. Rice Lieutenant Louis R. Romano Lieutenant Eric A. Romon Lieutenant Taylor W. Skardon Lieutenant James P. Steckel Lieutenant David R. Stitzlein Lieutenant Thomas W. Strother Lieutenant Keven B. Talbert Lieutenant Hideo Watanabe Commander Christopher E. Weaver Lieutenant Marcus B. Yonehiro Lieutenant Kurt W. Ziebarth p Division of Professional Development 181 P ? Professional Programs Department Chairman Commander David W. Davis Lieutenant Stephen P. Curtis Commander David W. Davis Lieutenant Michael J. Kronzer Lieutenant Timothy M. Lombardo Lieutenant Commander Larry J. Murphy Lieutenant Joseph P. Rardin Lieutenant David M. Surgent Lieutenant Daniel J. Valaik Lieutenant James L. Whittington t K. life f rr V Physical Education Department Chairman Commander James J. Campbell Lieutenant Charles D. Batchlor Associate Professor Stephen N. Belichick Captain Stuart C. Betts Instructor Karen C. Boyle Associate Professor David A. Brown Commander James J. Campbell Professor Albert A. Cantello Lieutenant Ted W. Carter Associate Professor Jack M. Cloud Associate Professor Rex W. Clothier Assistant Professor Stephen M. Cooksey Lieutenant John W. Cotton Assistant Professor Jan B. Dainard Instructor Richard A. Deladrier Lieutenant (junior grade) Edward N. Denny Commander Donald A. Downing Lieutenant (junior grade) Charles W. Driesell Associate Professor Joseph C. Duff Lieutenant (junior grade) John F. Fitzpatrick Lieutenant Richard J. Hayes Associate Professor Peter M. Kormann 18 Lieutenant (junior grade) David R. Laton Professor Lee W. Lawrence Associate Professor Heinz W. Lenz Lieutenant (junior grade) Ronald E. Lievendag Instructor Caryl L. Martin Assistant Professor Bryan L. Matthews Lieutenant Matthew J. McCloskey Lieutenant (junior grade) Brian D. McLaughlin Instructor James J. McNally Assistant Professor Richard F. Meade Lieutenant Colonel Lonnie L. Messick Lieutenant Eugene A. Miller Associate Professor Lawrence G. Myers Assistant Professor John C. Officer Lieutenant (junior grade) Kerry L. Oshanick Professor Edwin C. Peery Associate Professor Dudley W. Purdy, Jr. Assistant Professor William A. Savering Lieutenant Nancy J. Schiavetta Lieutenant (junior grade) John J. Schmit Lieutenant Robert J. Schoeneck Lieutenant (junior grade) Michael W. Sehofield Instructor Peter B. Schuyler Associate Professor Joseph Suriano Commander Carl J. Tamulevich Lieutenant James W. Vautier III Lieutenant (junior grade) Hawley L. Waterman Associate Professor Reginald P. Wicks nb . —f Office of the Commandant ma 18l PeA4j cctU c: MisUfcfrty h ov, l)iijJ J m " — T — — n tT r — i -.is- r ' ltd BRIGADE « rt rtA v Q Fall Set Brigade Commander: Roger G. Isom; Deputy Brigade Commander: John Kropcho III; Brigade Operations Officer: Michael M. Lanterman; Brigade Administration Officer: Fred K. Herrmann; Brigade Adjutant: James C. Stewart; Brigade Supply Officer: Craig A. " Colby; Brigade Training Officer: Glenn W. Pendrick; Brigade First Lieutenant: Mark B. Guevarra Wd Spring Set Brigade Commander: Michael J. Rose; Deputy Brigade Officer: Mark W. Bible; Brigade Operations Officer: Jim F. McGrath; Brigade Administration Officer: Darryl L. Smith; Brigade Adjutant: Steve C. Rife; Brigade Supply Officer: Chris Harkins; Brigade Training Officer: Glenn W. Pendrick; Brigade Drill Officer: Jim S. Szerba, Brigade First Lieutenant: Rob Thornhill 18. Honor Officer: LT Marjorie Rawhowser Brigade Honor Staff Brigade Honor Chairman: David J. Rogers; Vice Honor Chairman: J. Russell Feldkamp; Deputy Vice Honor for Investigations Chairman: J. Scott Bensing; Honor Secretary: Thomas F. George; Honor Liaison: Richard R. Bryant; Honor Coordinator: Brian A. Colley. o o v.s 189 • : :; ta Fall Set Regiment Commander: Leanne K. Fielding; Regiment Sub-Commander: Daniel W. Mulligan; Regiment Operations Officer: James A. Vohr; Regiment Administration Officer: Roger W. Bivans; Regiment Adjutant: Timothy R. Schick; Regiment Supply Officer: Karen B. Povlock Fills. 19. Spring Set Regiment Commander: Andrew S. Johnson; Regiment Sub-Commander: Daniel J. Hebert; Regiment Operations Officer: Christopher Hodson; Regiment Administration Officer: Daniel J. Schebler; Regiment Adjutant: Timothy M. Salmon; Regiment Supply Officer: Julie S. Chalfant — ■■ laniel W Fall Set Rem man Commander: Christopher L. Abbott; Regiment Sub-Commander: Craig S. Bender; Regiment Operations Officer: Brian P. O ' Donnell; Regiment Administration Officer: Gregory S. Williams; Regiment Adjutant: Tammy M. Adams; Regiment Supply Officer: James R. Campbell Spring Set Regiment Commander: Jon S. Hooper; Regiment Sub-Commander: Ward V. Quinn; Regiment Operations Officer: Jerry P. Hupp; Regiment Administration Officer: Michael J. Giedraitis; Regiment Adjutant: Robert A. Cecchini; Regiment Supply Officer: Matthew T. Treaster 191 Fall Set Battalion Commander: Albert D. Perpuse; Battalion Sub-Commander: Paul J. Rock, Jr.; Battalion Operations Officer: Martin B. Cox; Battalion Administration Officer: Peter M. Shumway; Battalion Adjutant: Michael M. Yancey; Battalion Supply 9 j?mv Jeffrey Akin Fail Short- BA TTALION OFFICER CDR John Condon BA TTALION SEC RET AR Y Felicia Walker Spring Set Battalion Commander: Peter B. Baumgarten; Battalion Sub-Commander: Lynn G. O ' Neil; Battalion Operations Officer: David Cela; Battalion Administration Officer: Hope Katcharian; Battalion Adjutant: Scott J. Waidelich; Battalion Supply Officer: Jerry B. Dismuke m Akin I Fall Set Battalion Commander. Thomas M. Cleary; Battalion Sub-Commander: Edward J. Strasscr; Battalion Administration Officer: Richard Culp; Battalion Adjutant: Jeffrey S. Iheedy; Battalion Supply Officer: John H. Reuter to o o o BATTALION OFFICER CDR John Craighill Spring Set Battalion Commander: Brian E. Street; Battalion Sub-Commander: Robert Jackson- Battalion Operations Officer: Timothy Heatherington; Battalion Administration Officer: James M. Burgum; Battalion Adjutant: Timothy Tumelty; Battalion Supply Officer: Stuart S. Gaudet BATTALION SECRETARY Carol Sniezek l n Fall Set Battalion Commander: Mark E. Mercer; Battalion Sub-Commander: Andrew G. Rander; Battalion Operations Officer: Kurt F. Miller; Battalion Administration Officer: Kirk A. Delmas; Battalion Adjutant: Sandra M. Hill; Battalion Supply Officer: James E. Dyer m BATTALION OFFICER LTCOL Richard Kunkel, Jr. BA TTALION SECRETAR Y Betty Hinebaugh Spring Set Battalion Commander: William R. Hittinger; Battalion Sub-Commander: David E. Finley; Battalion Operations Officer: Robert D. Shasel; Battalion Admin- istration Officer: Michelle Laurenzano; Battalion Adjutant: Bran P. Burt; Battalion Supply Officer: James D. Barber _ Dver Fall Set Battalion Commander: Anastasia Kelly; Battalion Sub-Commander: James L. Gray; Battalion Operations Officer: Andrew F. Wickard; Battalion Administration Of- ficer. Charles M. Bailley, Jr.; Battalion Supply Officer: Donald A. Wright IV HO H o B Spring Set Battalion Commander: Sean F. Reid; Battalion Sub-Commander: David P. Studer, Jr.; Battalion Operations Officer: Tristram E. Farmer; Battalion Administration Officer: John E. McKeon; Battalion Adjutant: Thomas W. Temple BA TTALION SECRETAR Y Barbara McGowan 1° -v ris. £3 fe H H Fall Set Battalion Commander: James C. Sarfcrt; Battalion Sub-Commander: Thomas A. Smith; Battalion Operations Officer: Robert F. Simi; Battalion Administration Officer: Jeffrey L. Limle; Battalion Adjutant: Kelly E. Wahlen; Battalion Supply Officer: Brian f . Davis fl 1 7X4 L CW SEC RET A R Y Phyllis Cochran i Spring Set Battalion Commander: Toaale Mulitauaopele; Battalion Sub-Commander: Joseph P. Kersticns; Battalion Operations Officer: Annette C. Schlutermann; Battalion Administration Officer: Alfred A. Bunge; Battalion Adjutant: Joseph A. Zebrowski, Jr.; Battalion Supply Officer: William D. Park V », w Fall Set Battalion Commander: Kristin A. Bakkcgard; Battalion Sub-Commander. Steven J Wicman; Battalion Operations Officer: Thomas K. K.ss; Battalion Admmistratwn Office Timothy kunkle; ma o« .4 uMKf: Christopher Lord; Battalion Supply Officer. Lorcn Wisniewski gkLfc Spring Set Battalion Commander: Bruce A. Jobe; Battalion Sub-Commander: Lon L. Sorokatch; Battalion Operations Officer: Jeff A. Margraf; Battalion Administration Of- ficer: Marjorie F. Canby; Battalion Adjutant: Paul C. Lehman: Battalion Supply Officer: Troy Saunders H H o C 5 X BATTALION OFFICER CDR Paul Zambernardi BATTALION SECRETARY Carol Kellner 197 • First Company Best Wishes . . . Honor, duty, and a smile — well done, Jim Thien! God go with you always. Mom, Dad, Joe, Mike, Bob, Pat Leanne, what you have achieved is not priv- ilege, but the obligation to lead. What you have earned is our respect and admiration. Thank you for letting us share a part of the challenge. We love you, Mom and Dad Congratulations, Richard Romo. We are so very proud of you. Our love and best wishes go with you always. Mom and Dad To the Class of ' 88: Be the best, anything less isn ' t worth the effort. Godspeed and smooth sailing! CDR Mrs. L.J. Sobieski, USN (Retired) Congratulations, Class of ' 88, First Company, and especially Ensign Neil Jurkovic. We are so proud of you, Neil, and all your achieve- ments; for having the strength, determina- tion, and sense of humor to make your dreams reality. Love, Dad, Mom, Danny. Di- anne, and Glenn Congratulations and best wishes to the Class of 1988! Especially to First Company, and most of all to Perry. Fair winds and following seas! Love, Mom Best wishes to Pat Murray and the mids from Fun One. Wear your Blue and Gold proudly. You ' ve earned it. Love, Mom, Dad, Ann, Lisa, and Tom Congratulations and love, Phil Dawson! Mom and Dad Congrats to the Class of 1988. To First Com- pany and our son Dan Schebler — we love you! Mom, Dad, Meg, and Beth Congratulations, Trevor C. Hunley and the Class of ' 88. We have great admiration and deep pride in you. Good luck and Godspeed. Mom and Dad n IjB? V r--i. ■ % n ■ • Fall Set Company Staff Spring Set Company Staff Commander: Commander: Neil R. Jurkovic Jamie A. Jones Sub-Commander: Sub-Commander: Dan J. Schebler Dean E. Craft Adjutant: Adjutant: Anthony T. Diaz Donald S. Hughes 19 1 Company Officer: LT Paul Mien Not Shown. I 1 David Schmick Class of 1988 Row I: Daniel J. Schebler, Marilou Potenza, Denise M. Rupp, Hope Katcharian, Pamela S. Finley, Judith M. Fortier. Leanne K. Fielding, Michael J. Valiak, Donald S. Hughes. Row 2: Ted E. Dempsey, Tom E. Warner. Cabell W. Bayncs. Timothy J. Devlin, Stephen P. Sobieski, Ruben M. Garcia, Richard T. Romo. Phillip E. Dawson, Brian S. Bartholf. Neil R. Jurkovic. Row 3: Anthony T. Diaz, Trevor C. Hunlev, Dean E. Craft, Paul J. Rock, James A. Jones, Perry L. McDowell, Andrew L. Hicks, Bryant D. Allam, James L. Thien. Not Shown: Patrick J. Murray. Vander L. Boudreau. ieAJoR anECraft S.H First Company 1° " pi ' First Company Underclass Class of 1989 Row 1: Ben D. Quinto, Chris G. Mokns, William E. Simmons, Axmal L. Bachelier, David M. Bergman, Jeffrey C. Scott, Edwin M. Henderson, John G. Wolf, Michael J. Good. Row 2: Cary J. Krause, Dave X. Greenheck, Rock C. Salonga, James D. Myers, Brian D. Frack, Robert W. Webber, Calvin F. Smith, Mohammad a! Jamshed, Kevin M. Lynne, William S. Padgett, Chris P. Thomas, Brent R. Samuels, Bryan A. Brauns, Gregory J. Hall. Row 3: Thomas C. Reale, James H. Darrell, Ronald E. Draker, William S. Hall, Brian P. Mc Goldrick, Harry J. Pelto, Stephen T. Stone, Charles A. Kimberlin, Christopher D. Fischahs. Not Shown: William m! Redman, Scott W. Pappano, Frank J. Cardello. t t t i t Class of 1990 Row 1: Greg D. Houldson, Patrick R. Mc Grath, Tina M. Lawson, Sara T. Burke, Jennifer L. Myers, Cindy A. Schultz, Linda Slootmaker, Elvin A. Rodriguez, Bryan P. Ponce. Row 2: James P. Cartwright, Andy J. Leung, Joe S. Kiefer, Rich I. Edwards, Paul A. Cocotis, Henry L. Guy, Butch E. Neuenschwander, John V. Hardaway, Dean B. Asher, Scott J. Glennon, John L. Flowers. Row 3: Leonard T. Guzman, Edward L. Zawislak, Tom R. Allbee, Daryl K. Potter, Stephen D. Johnston, Robert W. Hansen, Chris L. Lov ejoy, Walt J. Morris, Troy D. Miller, Greg R. Nicolay, Mike W. Umstead. Not Shown: Thomas E. Grattan, Gregory G. Gillette. Class of 1991 Row 1: Peter A. Wu, James H. Adams, Steven N. Malone, Ahmed D. Yahya, Patrick C. Meagher, Jon C. Schumann, Eric W. Hildebrandt, Jeffrey M. Faga, John Q. Martinez, Kieth W. Lehnhardt, Jeffrey M. Quinton. Row 2: Raymond G. Gonzales, Matthew B. Parra, Jeffrey S. Weiss, Craig T. Kennedy, Timothy A. Crone, Jeffrey R. Mileham, Timothy N. Carroll, Dean E. Robison, Andrew D. Stewart, Michael J. Rigo, John R. Pereira. Row 3: Marc T. Newton, Ar- thur M. Delacruz, Jason A. Vogt, Christopher C. Barnett, Joseph R. Dondero, John D. Duthie, John H. Pylant, Michael S. Riley, Kenneth C. Sparta, John C. Soma, William J. Devries, Robert W. Mook. 2 1 lass ireenhecij im mad i s,Gtegoi { I " v : f fi ;i ,(!K dfcl TO flK 1 990 f. vnr) (below) 1991 Steven N. agher. Ion [Miaga, Jeffrey M. latthew B. , Timothy i Carroll. John C ' 0 A ' jjtv ft % ■ ' " ' P lh " First Company 201 2l ■ 1 20- ■?M Second Company ' Best Wishes . . . What a dream costs in courage, it gives back in glory. Thank you, Albert, for the love, joy, and pride you always give us. Love, Dad, Mom, Liza, and all To all of Second Company, Class of ' 88, con- gratulations and best wishes from the Ale- xanders. Stevie, we love you! Mom, Dad, John, and Tommy Congratulations and best wishes to the Class of ' 88. You have our admiration and respect. Jeff Williams ' family Congratulations to the Class of 1988. With heartfelt pride, admiration, and love, we sa- lute Ric Gresia and the Second Company graduates. Thanks for the great memories. We wish you all the best. Enjoy, and God be with you. Love, Mom, Dad, Karen, Katie, and Chris Congratulations, Sean, we wish you the best of everything in the future. Love always, Mom and Bill To Vincent Reyes — We proudly salute you for your commitment, fortitude, and per- severence. Fulfill your dream and carry on. Semper Fi. We love you. Mom and Dad Quad — From Lex. Park, Olmey, Pasadena, and Annapolis. To Jax, Orange Pk and Key Largo, Fl. Best Wishes to one fine son. Semper Fi, Love from Liberty ' s Crew Fall Set Company Staff Commander: Harry Monroe Sub-Commander: Thomas E. Rogers Adjutant: Matthew J. Ferrier Spring Set Company Staff Commander: Steve T. Alexander Sub-Commander: Rich C. Quintal Adjutant: George B. Palmer im ' ompany 2 Company Officer: LT Fred Stockier Class of 1988 Row 1: Vince L. Reyes, Sparky A. Rcnforth, Fred Farzanagan, Thom- as E. Rogers, Anthone R. Wright, Alan R. Behning, Bernardo Solis, Ilya A. Poulektov. Row 2: Brent M. Cornell, Mike Monroe, George A. Brisbin, Stephen T. Cassetta, Sean P. Plankey, Bob T. Badeer, Jon A. Smith, George B. Palmer. Row 3: Keehln B. Powell, Peter B. Baum- garten, Richard Schwartz, Stephen T. Alexander, Richard C. Quintal, Jeffrey R. Williams, Steven D. Cronquist, Thomas A. Zwolfer. Not Shown: Andrew L. Caldera, Murray A. Cook, Matthew J. Ferrier, Eric J. Gresia, Albert D. Perpuse, George G. Pukach, Steven D. Stuck, William D. Taylor, Alan W. VanLoon. J f t t f| I ieu»- cond Company 20 " Second Company Underclass Class of 1989 Row 1: Douglas B. Thiry, Jeanine L. Noser, Stephanie E. Schollaert, Noreen L. Gibson, Victoria L. Gnibus, Kelly A. Brown, Theresa A. Lewis, Jonathan L. Hughes, Bill J. Becker. Row 2: Anthony J. Newpower, Dennis B. Roudebush, Scott E. Cook, Brian V. Caldwell, Damon I. Woo, James A. Wilson, Keith B. Wichmann, Robert D. Wetzel, Randy E. Alexander, John D. Guandolo. Row 3: Christian F. McLaughlin, Gregg R. Romero, John D. Hicks, Timothy B. Phillips, Steven J. Walker, Michael R. Barber, Mark S. Andersen, Mark E. Petz, Daniel R. Consie. Not Shown: Raymond B. Worthington, Gregory J. Weisman, Marcelo J. Valdez, Patrick M. Dunn, James R. Clautice, Anthony J. Bigbee. Class of 1990 Row 1: Michael E. Wallis, Herbert E. Ball, Andrew S. Garner, Joe E. Guluizza, Scott D. Phillips, James O. Johnson, Eric L. Mersch, Michael J. Wilson, Marcus S. Stefanou. Row 2: Joseph C. Gombas, Brad C. Mc Gaughey, Whitney W. Kemmey, Jack S. Downey, Michael R. Ruehring, Curt A. Renshaw, Llewellyn D. Lewis, Alan D. Philpott, John G. Kurtz, Scott M. Murray, Kelly G. Dobson. Row 3: Gregory M. Co- landrea, Edward D. Murdock, Joseph A. Bertoldi, Allan Ziegler, Jr., Thomas J. Leonard, Emmett R. Wootton, Joseph D. Solomon, Derek M. Cribley, Chris K. Le, Bill W. Castleberry, Kevin L. Steck, Mark E. Winick. Not Shown: Larry A. Dickinson. Class of 1991 Row 1: Scott D. Holland, Roland P. Bruggeman, James R. Wimmer, Jennifer L. Nicholls, Elizabeth R. Franklin, Susan E. Slaven, Leigh S. Kline, Caroline L. Lothner, Alex J. Waugh, Kenneth J. Price, Elton C. Parker. Row 2: Andrew J. Smith, Jason A. Whitehead, Anthony W. Gabbard, Jorge J. Glaesel, Mark D. Garrison, Kelly P. Houlgate, Thomas S. Mc Gowan, Douglas R. Mewhirter, Michael P. Capuano, Troy N. Byers, Rodney C. Ward. Row 3: Daniel J. Salmore, Christopher E. Ochoa, David O. Mann, John A. Mo- ses, Frank M. Bradley, John M. Maxwell, Arthur L. Glasgow, Ronald J. Mobayed, Michael L. Walsh, David P. Shewfelt, Michael S. Stephens. Not Shown: Keith K. Takabayhi, Keith Wilks. 20 h 4 i ii ' iil 2 t f I t f t t I I I . % f. : f t ; f f. _ I ;■: -% " ■ ' »+ ' 1k " ' " ,»V , !• V 1990 (above) (below) 1991 Mark T ScGow: } ,TroyN Sairnor; taA.M» Arthur L L. Wal5 ' . f | f tiff tit : " t f it If IK 0k A f ' » • . ' ■IH I Company Aril Second Company 2 209 Third Company Best Wishes . . . JCQ — wish you joy and success in life! Love, Jaded Mame Loosen up. Colleen Baby Anchors away, ' 88 Third Company, sailing team, and sailing. Captain Dan Whitney. May you soar high and have smooth sailing. Love Mom, Dad, Dave, Doug ' 91, and Debra Good luck for .the future, Rebecca Lonigan, Ensign. Love, your family Fall Set Company Staff Spring Set Company Staff Commander: Commander: Chris T. Phillips Steve S. Sklenka Sub-Commander: Sub-Commander: Eric W. Weisel Jimmy D. Cox Adjutant: Adjutant: Colleen M. Walker Pete E. Shumway 3 Company Officer: CAPT Dennis Funderburke Class of 1988 Row 1: Timothy L. Pfeifer, Whitney G. Tantleff, Colleen M. Walker, Rebbecca E. Lonigan, Theresa C. Michael, Lynn G. O ' Neil, Pegeen M. C Neil, Fritz A. Schlueter, John J. Shanley. Row 2: Steve D. Sklenka, Jimmy D. Cox, Dion Cornett, Pete E. Shumway, Eric W. Weiscl, James A. Matthews, Chris M. King, Todd M. Lipani, Andrew B. Barker, Mark W. Goodwin, Paul E. Pullin. Row 3: Chris T. Phillips, Curtis H. Goetsch, Bill C. Miller, Mark E. Kutscher, Bruce J. Bennett, Daniel R. Whitney, Barry J. Phillips, John C. Du Pree, Stevie T. Stephens, Stu E. Hamilton. Not Shown: Joseph M. Brinkman. Third Company Underclass Class of 1989 Row 1: Michael J. Debruyn, Matthew J. Caradonna, Steven S. Morris, Eric J. Micheli, Terry L. Harcharik, Bob J. Cepek, Daryl J. Woodworth, Pierre R. Hinton, Steven J. Grass. Row 2: Tim R. Hofacre, Kevin D. Reed. Brad R. Stillabower, Joe M. Hart, Paul M. DeLuca, Andrew J. Dambrosio, Neal M. Quigley, James C. Rentfrow, Paul C. Haebler, Eric S. Rokke. Row J: Jeff P. Marshall, David P. Casey, Mark D. Thonen, Paul G. Diehl, Gerald G. Gmerek, Andrew C. Escriva, Barry J. Gittleman, Michael J. Reyes, Jeffrey Haggot. Not Shown: William S. Stomp, Shawn P. Hendricks. , lf f I 1 t t : f ; i-: : ' t i ' ' ( ' 21 Class of 1990 Row J: Don A. D ' Andrea, Duncan S. Owen, Aimee K. Hodges, Kathryn E. Dailey, Deirdre V. Gutierrez, Lisa M. Kleinfield, Elizabeth J. Warnick, Manuel Burgos, Todd B. Hastie. Row 2: Shawn T. Cullen, John F.G Wade, Baron V. Reinhold, Michael A. Stanzel, John P. McGrath, James W. Forrester, Rob- ert L. Frye, Gene A. Granados, Mark D. Behning, Aaron C. Bartlett, Salvatore P. Rafanello. Row 3: Paul A. Beckley, Mark W. Deets, Julius A. Fuchs, Kevin R. Jauch, James C. Vestevich, Jeffrey W. McCauley, Raymond L. Cournoyer, John W. Powell, Rafael A. Davila, Dwight E. Barnett. Not Shown: Robert D. Weissenfels, Charles P. Kane, Michael L. Christ. Class of 1991 Row 1: John A. Papavasiliou, Heath C. Kolman, Al- berto D. Gutierrez, Elizabeth A. Fitzpatrick, Jodi L. Bloomer, Andrea L. Lemon, Sheila M. Stallings, Loretta L. Vandenberg, Wade Skelton, Neil P. Kearney, Matthew T. Hill. Row 2: Montgomery L. Pullen, James D . Minyard, Zachary J. Kitchen, David L. Christel, Mitch D. Reynolds, Donald M. Brown, Matthew T. Howard, Jerome D. May, Michael L. Hamilton, Christopher D. Hagood, Michael T. Smith, Travis W. White. Row 3: Kevin H. Ansbro, Guy R. Coursey, James A. Monck, B.J. Witkin, Michael C. Collins, Mathew R. Frost, John T. Shotwell, Ted M. O ' Neal, John C. Doyle, John J. Mann, Brent R. Kendall. Not Shown: Christopher J. Treacy. J lass, art B 01 3 iii ! i 1 1 i ■ ' « Vt ;; l :; f " .J t t it rt i ' : ;: f ; r ■ ' i!, i 1990 raw (bchw) 1991 Wr 3 Fourth Company Best Wishes . . . Congratulations, Francisco. Your family and friends are very proud of you. Love Mom, Jack, Jerry, Joe, Tom, Mark, and Michelle Congratulations, 2nd LT Francisco Ball. We love you. Grandma and Patty Congratulations, Brigade — you have filled each hour with 60 minutes worth of distance run. We proudly salute you, son, and your friends of Fourth Company. Love C.W. and Grace Giles Learning to love yourself is the greatest love of all — Mr. and Mrs. Jesse L. Smith Spike, a dream come true, congratulations. Love ya, Mom, Dad, Linda, and David Congratulations J. I am proud of you. I love you. Mom. You are the best big brother ever! I love you, Diana Fall Set Company Staff Spring Set Company Staff Commander: Commander: Scott W. Rogers Ron A. Smith Sub-Commander: Sub-Commander: Francisco M. Ball Mike S. Quilty Adjutant: Adjutant: Christopher S. Robinson Scott W. Rogers 216 Company Officer: CAPT Paul Evans fif 4 Class of 1988 Row 1: Scott J. Waidlich, Michael F. Majewski, Gregg M. Nakano, Yoshiyuki C. Muraki, James S. Szerba, Stephen C. Rife, Scott W. Rogers, James C. Stewart, Francisco M. Ball. Row 2: John K. Bailey. Michael M. Yancey, Mike J. Quilty, Robert T. McKenney. Daniel J. Koerschner, Liam P. Merrick, Stephan J. Fernandez, Michael S. Parish, Michael Carsley, Van A. Anderson, Ronald A. Smith. Row 3: Neil Giles, Jesse D. Smith, Maurice J. Klein, Chris S. Robinson, David M. Hitchcock, Penn D. Frey, Kevin G. Gonter, Jack J. Thorn- sen, Joseph E. Smith. Not Shown: Thomas J. Ferguson. " Mit V t t I » ? t t f t t : f % fit t t I I I i A. Smitr. ;S, QUlll) ftf.Rogers j ' •A ' . ' •££ • « V ' ?K Fourth Company 217 Fourth Company Underclass Class of 1989 Row 1: David S. Dickson, Emily H. Lai, Heidi A. Fleming, Kim A. Nugent. Holly L. Gordon, Susan H. Oxendine, Joan R. Oldmixon, William J. Serad, James M. Popielec. Row 2: Glenn E. Bleiler, Alberto B. Carlos, David M. McCarthy, Timothy E. Sandeno, Albert S. Lewis, Gontran M. Lamberty, William H. Woods ' , William P. Donnelly, Robert H. Palm, Derek A. Fuller. Row J; Jonathan R. Stevenson, Donald D. Gabrielson ' Matthew J. Piacitelli, Brian L. Hathaway, John K. Woodson, James M. Joyner, Julien A. Grant, Matthew w! Wessel, James R. Barnhill. Not Shown: Kathleen Smith, Timothy R. Seitz, David M. Rose. r . 0i |K % ' m Jk ft V y( v • • I J V IHH Class of 1990 Row 1: William J. Wright, John P. Chimenti, Steven J. Marinello, Carter L. Honesty, Leonard C. Dollaga, Darren M. Coston, Joseph R. Bonacci, John F. G. Jackson, Steve A. Maclaren. Row 2: Wade M. Reinthaler, John A. Macdonald, Ronaldo A. Solo- mon, Arthur Gibb, Lyle E. Hoag, Patrick D. Flood, Charles K. Lovett, Mark B. Chenoweth, Dean A. Ebert, Daniel J. Bishop, James N. Fox. Row 3: John A. Guiliano, Douglas E. Reckamp, Peter S. Olep, Wil- liam P. Garrity, Richard J. Wells, Peter J. Smith, John A. Proctor, Rick H. Radice, Alexander J. Meis- sel. Not Shown: David J. Makowicz, Robert C. Laval- ley, Patrick J. Hogan, Bruce M. Harris, David F. Clipsham. Class of 1991 Row 1: Stephen L. Hoffman, Lawrence M. Kocisko, Christi C. Childress, Elizabeth A. Laudig, Yuka R. Masterson, Kimberly J. Marks, James T. Gancayco, Allan A. Coulson, David K. Guluzian. Row 2: Marc H. Nicholson, Christian F. Wortman, Anthony B. Spinier, Eric L. Lowell, James T. Earl, Bryant A. Clevenger, Christopher L. Languell, Edward B. Paraiso III, Marc R. Delao, Christopher J. Ericson, James R. Sinley Jr., James A. Kreicbergs. Row 3: Martin D. Lewis, Brennan C. Copp, Matthew T. Clark, Stephen R. Spencer, William C. Duerden, Jef- frey W. Uhde, Paul E. Hanover, Timothy C. Alm- stedt, Micheal J. Foley, Jacob L. Heinz. Not Shown: Micheal D. Bachmeier, Albert T. Caesar, John A. Chilson, Robert S. Johnson, Terry L. King, Scott A. Pitcock. 2i fe f f t i ?T1 it t rii t r ;; m 0 i ' k . • " A k ' • $ IK •% • 4 1990 r«te« (bekm) 1991 I, Kocishi .....it ' t ' ■ ' , ft.! t « t ft » t ft • I : ; M : I • ' ! ' :; J, Ericson C. ' " % •% • • • % A ' •Hfrfff _ j lourth Company 219 22 ■■ Fifth Company Best Wishes . . . Congratulations, Fifth Company, ' 88. To ENS Michael W. Sneath, USN: We love you and are very proud of your accomplishment! Bravo Zulu! Fly Safe! Love from Mom, Dad, and Dawn Congratulations, Ensign Gordon Cole. With love and pride we salute you — Mom, Dad, and your whole family Congratulations, Jim Arguelles and Fifth Company. You have made us all very proud of you. Love, Mom, Dad, Jeannie, and Aunt Therese Congratulations, Class of ' 88. Super job. Art — Semper Ft. " The cream always rises to the top. " From the proud family of Art Crowe John S. Cox, you did it right — you did it your way — live up to your potential. Carry on Admiral — you have made my life worth- while. Dad Congratulations and good luck to Ensign Chip Downs. Love Mom, Dad, and family Mike: Our pride and love is without limit. God bless always. Semper Fi, Rusty and Spunky Steve Graves — You did it and you did it well. Mom and Dad are beyond words — proud of you. Congratulations on your big day. God Bless you always in your endeavors. Our love, Mom, Dad, Sue, Cris, Ted, Teri SUPER CONGRATULATIONS to Ensign Christopher L. Harkins, Fifth Company, and to the Class of ' 88. Best wishes for the future. God be with you always. Mother, Dad, Lisajo, Tom, and Chichi USN A, Class of 1988 — " Underway making way. " Congratulations and best wishes, Da- vid (Luke), we are proud. Love, Mom, Dad. Lisa, and John Frank A. Snyder — May life ' s blessing be with you always. Stay caring and special — we love you — " Eleni " and Stephanie tf Fall Set Company Staff Spring Set Company Staff Commander: Commander: Gordon E. Cole David C. Bass Sub-Commander: Sub-Commander: James A. Wolters Harry C. Demiris Adjutant: Adjutant: Robert W. Tamaro Jim P. Arguelles 22. m 5 Company Officer: LT David Phillips Class of 1988 Row I: Gordon E. Cole, David C. Bass. Keith A. Goetz, Scott H. Evans, Harry C. Demiris, Christopher L. Harkins, Rich A. Burr, James A. Wolters, Phillip G. Bunce. Row 2: Ronald C. Allen, Matthew C. Caldwell, Michael W. Sneath, Jeffrey J. Akin, John F. O ' Brien, James P. Arguelles, Kyle D. Kliewer, Steven M. Graves, Arthur G. Crowe, Charles R. Bingham, Jerry B. Dismuke. Row 3: Frank A. Snyder, Andre E. Stokes, John S. Cox, David J. Lucchesi, Kaiser F. Tamaro, Keith E. Miller, James J. Stewart, James R. Downs, Benjamin B. Peet. Not Shown: Kurt A. Van Etten, Gregory W. Strauser, Timothy R. Schick. Fifth Company 223 Ill Fifth Company Underclass Class of 1989 Row 1: Dionisio S. Gamboa, Erik L. Snyder, Christina R. Green, Wendy T. Miller, Karen E. Somsel, Catherine K. Donohue, Carol J. Womack, John G. Kcmna, Michael S. Kalafsky. Row 2: Jon C. Ladda, Matthew W. Lightner, Ted E. Fundoukos, Robert H. Hickman Jr., David M. Swenson, John K. Blalock, Stewart M. Chang, Patrick J. Powers, Richard J. Giacin, David S. Grennek. Row 3: Michael H. Newton, Larry S. Wincent, Erik H. Barnes, Cameron D. Geiger, Matthew P. McLuckie, Dwight C. Neeley, Douglas E. McCann, Robert W. Janssen, Kenneth B. Golding. Not Shown: Sara A. Applegarth. t f.f t % I i t t V » i i Class of 1990 Row 1: Jorma B. Winkler, Larry A. Teed, Anthony T. Bunosso, Barbara S. Hundley, Tracey A. Fuchs, A. B. Slemrod, Ronald C. Romero, Nicholas T. Shaffer, Jon R. Carriglitto. Row 2: Mark M. Hunt, James M. Monaco, Craig P. Laws, Jerome Wallace, Matthew G. Caldwell, Vincent R. Panella, Timothy J. Keller, Mi- chael Junge, Everette C. Rochon, Jaime W. Engdahl, Daniel R. Cook. Row 3: Stephen K. Kolakowski, David A. Hawkins, Matthew P. Jensen, Richard J. Benites, Mark A. Rinaudo, Eric J. Anderson, Mat- thew J. -Viand, Keith A. Branner, Robert B. Sofge. Not Shown: Terry L. Bradford, Anne A. Kulbitski, John A. Gentrv. Class of 1991 Row 1: Richard J. Farrell, Robert G. Gardali, Errol M. Doebler, William F. Goodwin, Adan Cruz, Mark J. Colombo, Douglas J. Lamarca, Rex E. Swetnam, Paul B. Quimby. Row 2: Nathaniel R. Saria, Paul J. Fal- lace, Robert A. Liner, Gregory F. Granieri, Kenneth T. Engle, Robert H. Baker, Kim T. McNealy, Brian M. Smith, Peter J. Ryan, Shawn T. Nisbett. Row 3: David S. Allen, Eric R. Beratson, Phil A. Thierauf, Robert L. Bass, Terry M. McCurry Jr., D. Craig Naylor, Ramon A. Baez, Todd K. Idol, Kip S. Doug- lass. Not Shown: David P. Fields, Joel W. Guierrez, Wallace E. Schlauder, Brian N. Trotter, Peter A. Young, Waleed A. Yousif. A 5 iam,Paui olJ.Fal- . Craig Guierrei ... I t t I I f ! |f f. I tit if ft f f • t ; I Fifth Company Z ' Arl? miliums -JU V-sJ " C - ■ I » ' 5 227 a Sixth Company Best Wishes . . . To all my brothers in Sixth Company: Lots of luck! — lif Zo Thanks John and Mary Zohlen, from Ron and Dotlic Fisher Scott — you said you ' d do it and you did! Love you! XO Congratulations, Shawn Colson. With hard work and determination you accomplished your goal. Smooth sailing. Love, Mom, Dad, Yolonda, and Peter Congratulations, Thomas. We ' re very proud of you. Good luck to you and all our ' 88 mids. We ' ll miss you! Love from the Z ' s To our son Nick, Sixth Company, and the Class of ' 88. Congratulations and God ' s bless- ings in the years ahead. Love, Tom, Leslie, and Donna Gcrace LL SLfiX Fall Set Company Staff Spring Set Company Staff Commander: Commander: Michael J. Dee Michael S. Newman Sub-Commander: Sub-Commander: Robert W. Hooper Randall V. Doanc Adjutant: Adjutant: William R. Fisher Gerald A. Whitman 6 Class of 1988 Row I: Ray R. Ramil, Bill B. Swent. Dawn L. Bennett. Kerry M. (V Conner Shannon L. Workman, Rosalind J. Richmond, Scott E. Rein. Row 2: David Cela. Mike F. Otl, Henry V. Doyle, Michael J. Dee, Shawn E. Colson, David P. Wells, Michael S. Newman, Robert W. Hooper Row 3: Scott Bensing, Brad Cox, Alexander C. Cutler, Randall V Doane, Christopher F. Schaier, Nicolas J. Gerace. Gerald A Whitman. Sean D. Griffin. Edgar A. Green. Not Shown: Thomas J. Zohlen, Anne E. Watt, Douglas O. Stanford, William R. Fisher, William M. Brown. I t I t t t (III H ill r i ' Sixth Company 229 - Sixth Company Underclass Class of 1989 Row 1: Christopher W. Carlson, Marvin G. Campbell, Matthew E. Suess, Ki M. Hwang, James S. Finn, Ron D. Neff, Eric J. Toweson. Row 2: James A. Chatfield, Kevin J. Quinn, Chris Fatheree, Darryl Lampkin, Philip H. Young, Joe M. Howard, Bob R. Hoyt, Dennis C. O ' Rourke, Charlton P. Adams, Edward J. Drew. Row 3: John M. Laeivita, Erik A. Burian, Eric L. Christian, Mike P. Baratta, James R. Rogers, George R. Fleming, ????, ???, ???, ???, Mike D. Sheehy, James L. Gorman. Not Shown: James Shannon McCarter. Class of 1990 Row 1: Mark S. Godfrey, Michael L. Grossholz, Harold T. Zabrowski, Constance C. James, Janelle K. Buck, Tara K. Traynor, Renee L. Rasera, Aaron S. Peters, Ariel P. Soriano. Row 2: John H. Fishbach, Matthew J. Polk, Tim J. Feldhausen, Michael R. Rein, Brad S. Tidwell, Perry M. Pascual, John C. Coyne, Aaron M. Brosnan, David A. Bryson. Row 3: Samuel N. Williams, Naseer A. Chaudhry, Joel R. Walker, Matthew J. Berra, William S. Bushnell, Da- vid A. Duff, Gilbert J. Miller, Shawn P. Obrien, Timothy M. Callahan, Edward B. Haynes. Not Shown: Tomas A. Zikas, Michael A. Polidoro, Honore B. Mealey, Franklin L. Allen. Class of 1991 Row 1: Shawn K. Forman, Carl D. Flores, Jonathan D. Cole, Michael D. Rapp, Keith M. Salisbury, Stephen P. Forkel, Yianis J. Selinidiss, Paul A. Larson, Martin Cubas. Row 2: Daniel L. Jablonsky, Jonathan M. Gladston, John S. Galipeau, Adam J. O ' Neill, Jason R. Pace, William T. Schild, Christoper M. Hale, William E. Pedersen, Markus J. Gudmundsson, Daniel F. Olson, Martin H. Daniell, Daniel J. Durn. Row 3: Michael G. Strong, Joseph L. Smith, Robert B. Chadwick, Jason E. Kutsurelis, David R. Leroux, Patrick N. Grover, Dennis C. Townsend, Erik A. Ellsworth, Henry C. Adams, William Scott Dillon, Jeffrey S. Ribel, John L. Enfield. 2: 5 lass f I t t t | I t f ? iW ' % ' ' (Hi . m A fl ft Y ' W 1990 (above) (below) 1991 Sixth Company 231 6 233 - i IV seventh Company Best Wishes . . . Ensign Rob Gray — you set your goals and had the courage and determination to achieve them. God be with you, Scott and Eric, as you soar to greater heights. Our love. Mom, Dad, and Nancy Congratulations to the Class of ' 88 and best wishes to everyone in Seventh Company from the Family of Tim Hoke To Paul Pensabene: Here ' s to you, for all you are and for all you shall become. My love is yours, always, DonnaMarie Good luck Scottie, we are proud of you and we love you! Dad, Mom, and Kids Congrats, Class of ' 88, Seventh Company, and Kevin Brooks. Godspeed, Kev — We love you. Mom, Dad. Shawn, and Kelly We love you, Paul, may you always fly high. Best wishes to all our boys in Seventh Com- pany. Love, Mom and Dad, Donna, Teresa, and Thomas Pensabene Congratulations to the Class of ' 88, Seventh Company, the guys in the varsity, and to ENS Colin Kane. We love you, Colin, and are so very proud of you. Mom, Dad, Brendan, and Tick i»tJJv8 i THEY FURTEb WITH DEATH... HELL H TH£ MAW ' fiNEST +K Fall Set Company Staff Spring Set Company Staff Commander: Commander: Kevin A. Brooks M. Scott Wheatley Sub- Com mander: Sub- Com mander: Jon M. Elston John R. Garcia Adjutant: Adjutant: Bruce J. Morris Jeff M. Reagan V « 7 Company Officer: LT Robert Brennan ileal ,Gardl 1 ■ 1 iUti V KM J 1 V -k 1 Class of 1988 Row 1: Roger G. Isom, Kevin R. Umbaugh, Timothy E. Hoke, Mike S. Danford. Matthew H. Bills, Bill J. Blackstone, Mark A. Hernandez, Bruce J. Morris, Paul A. Pensabene. Row 2: Jeffrey M. Reagan, Douglas J. Moberg, George J. Vassilakis, Jake M. Elston, Paul J. Fletcher, Jeffrey D. Adams, Colin P. Kane, Timothy P. Tumelty, Dave A. Bondura, George P. Meehan, James J. Fontanella. Row J.- Juan R. Balboa, Zachary M. Scruton, Malcolm S. Wheatley, Robert K. Gray, Erik C. Wright, Glenn R. Allen, John H. Reuter, John R. Garcia, Kevin A. Brooks. Not Shown: Robert F. Thornhill, Ricardo M Gonzales. I ■ f 1 - m n t . » f t i t f l f t t t : l; : t : i : f.f i ' f « ' ' ' ' % ' ' i " j hWI ' 8 ■ ' % ' $ H ' Seventh Company 235 •■ ' Seventh Company Underclass Class of 1989 Row 1: John E. Kainer, Rafael A. Curbelo, Peggy A. Bosnic, Karen B. West, Grace L. Stover, Michelle C. LaDuca, Stephen G. Verner, Timothy S. McElligatt, Paul J. Zippel. Row 2: Jose I. Morales, Patrick D. Herring, Scott T. Powers, Joseph S. Begley, Douglas Nekrasz, Ben B. Goodwin, Gregory S. Wagner, Edward J. Gray! Vincent D. Zarasua, Joseph S. Smith Jr.. Row 3: George S. Capen, John L. Trower, Norwin R. Fischer, James F. Cooney, Ingar A. Grev, Andrew S. Wilson, Jeff M. Tomlin, Robert H. Lewis. Not Shown: Piper A. Smith, James T. O ' Farrell, Patrick D. James, Timothy S. Buffington. Class of 1990 Row 1: Glenn O. Young, Juan M. Spencer, Stephanie A. Myers, Ann Marie Stringfellow, Catherine A. Moo- dy, Maria K. Filonczuk, Terry L. Clark, Kelly E. Mackey, Kerry C. O ' Boyle. Row 2: Everett W. Dun- nick, Tarkan M. Yetiser, Robert S. Pryce-Jones, Jim C. Burmeister, David Fong, John E. Byington, Kersas J. Dastur, Gregory G. Olson, Jan Hein W. Phelps, Michael A. Sherman. Row 3: David R. Bradley, Malachy D. Sandie, Kenneth C. Caves, Michael W. Giles, Jeffrey S. Gill, Martin W. Culbreth, Kenneth E. Hobmann, Stephen C. Yeager, Jay R. Singer, Richard J. Dromerhauser. Not Shown: Quoc B. Tran, Nora L. Ernst, Van L. Emery, Thomas C. Disy. Class of 1991 Row 1: Erik C. Harris, Gary L. Null, Kelly R. Davis, Larry D. McAfee, John H. Bruggeman, Duane E. Koser, Douglas A. Watson, Donald A. Turner, Frank K. Chong. Row 2: Robert E. Barnet, Mark N. Hurvitz, Jeffrey W. Rogers, Michael S. Radke, David T. Peter- son, John P. Grierson, Dean W. Dorcas, William D. Kulp, Jerome S. Hill, Robert A. Bridenstine. Row 3: Slate L. Johnson, Matthew W. Amstutz, Craig A. Benson, Tommy C. Kim, Brian P. Dulla, Anthony J. Kawa, Nathan M. Smith, Daniel B. Keto, Orie R. Doffin . Not Shown: Jeffrey T. Anderson, Paul I. Bowen, Carl A. Bresko, Bobby L. Gopffarth, Louis A. Piconi. 2: " 11 ! k iclielie Henirii U.Grji Mamc I! ,, ' §. Iff? I r . I : f | f f. | t f t t .Jraw 1990 r (below) 1991 7 " MH , LI )uane .er, Frank Hun: T. Pete iaml tl»J Craig A. nlhon , One R i, Paul I . Louis ' . t t t t t .... I If ♦ ft » t I ■t : ' t ;: :: t ;; t ; t t ; . r • •,. " " J ! I! " l I J I I ! A ' ' « !§■ ieventh Company «3 2; 7 ■ Eighth Company Best Wishes . . . A new start — a bright new day, choose the right path, Kennon — let God ' s wisdom show you the way — with love, Grandma Chris, the beginning of your unlimited future! To each child God gives all of Himself as fully as if there were no others. " " Get fit to be used, and God will wear you out " (Tozar). Todd, you are a blessing from God! To be used of God, is your greatest desire. Best wishes to Dan Haas and the Class of ' 88. May all your years be as good as the last four, the Haas! Hey, Rich! We ' re proud of you! The Culp ' s Mabuhay and Congratulations! Joseph A. Abaya, Eighth Company, and Class of ' 88. Good job. Juni! We owe it all to the Lord. Again, you ' ve brought us joy and pride. We love you. Mom, Dad. Nan, Jay, Jam, Jet, Paul. BoyBlue, Titas, Titos, and cousins To Edward Chow, Class of 1988. Ebert, we are very proud of your accomplishments! Best wishes for continued success in your naval career! Mom and Dad Way to go, Kennon, you did it with class. Keep on sailing! Love, Mom and Dad Congratulations, Louis Adissi and the Class of ' 88. We are proud of you. Mom, Dad, Mary Ellen, and Tom Fall Set Company Staff Commander: Kennon A. Artis Sub-Commander: W. Arthur Doney Adjutant: Michael T. Zimmerman Spring Set Company Staff Commander: Christopher J. Verdoni Sub-Commander: Douglas C. Hull Adjutant: John W. Eichelberger k 8 Class of 1988 Row 1: Jon C. Quimpo, Eric G. Kukanich, Louis G. Adissi, Ken C. Cooper, Steven E. Gall, Christopher M. Cook. Keith B. West. Gregory A. Jones, Joseph A. Abaya. Row 2: Daniel T. Altomare, Patrick J. Porter, Albert L. Ferro, Christopher J. Verdoni, Michael T. Zim- merman, Thomas E. Base, Edward C. Chow, Todd A. Kiefer, Rodney A. Mills. Row 3: Douglas C. Hull, Arthur W. Doney, Kennon A. Artis, Daniel J. Haas, Dave M. Edgecomb, Cordel W. Harris, James M. Burgum. Thomas M. Cleary, Daniel J. Hurdle, Timothy B. Heather- ington. Not Shown: John W. Eichelberger, Albert L. Ferro, David L. Kaufman. Highth Company 241 wf-r Eighth Company Underclass Class of 1989 Row 7:Orin B. Clay, Nora A. Huml, Cathy M. Masar, Heather L. Purvis, Heidi K. Reinard, Denise M. Shorey, Rita G. Tauber, Robert L. Velez, Mac A. Mera. Row 2: Nathan E. Beltz, Loyd P. Rhiddlehoover, Evan d! Dash, Matthew S. Sturges, Richard S. Hulit, William T. Ipock, James O. Godwin, Bill C. Filan, Reggie M. Howard, Anthony P. Cox, Paul M. Basile. Row 3: Kevin R. Stafford, Michael C. Fischer, Kenneth G. Harris! YessicC. Spencer, Matthew H. Ungerleider, Stephen B. Hackforth, Brian T. Montgomery, Brant D. Brocket Christopher A. Schaefer, Robert L. Priest, Eric M. Buenviaje. Not Shown: John C. Lowrie, William E. Moyer! Class of 1990 Row i:Clay A. Stackhouse, Patrick M. Dungan, Jason B. Burrows, Sean P. Marks, Brian A. Hoyt, John D. Cielo, Craig G. Haider, Jerold C. Miranda, Robert G. Cannon. Row 2: Robert R. Scott, Harold P. Katz, Gregory J. Parker, Eric S. McCartney, Robert M. Personale, Bryan M. Baquer, Mark C. Jordan, Ray- mond W. Bichard, Andrew M. Morrell, Michael A. Gossett, James Q. Ball. Row 3: G. Ken Hunter, Rob- ert F. Spandau, Edward A. Sorrel, John F. Doran, Matt M. Stromberg, Ryan L. Coughlin, Thomas W. Hofer, Mike D. Pia, Richard A. Eckles, Ronald K. Davis, Bryan L. Tauzer, Daniel L. Gordillo. Not Shown: Roger D. Morgan. Class of 1991 Row 1: Romuel B. Nafarrete, Gil D. Gajardo Jr., Karin M. Hogan, Samanthia Maez, Carrie A. Soy- land, Lisa J. Bachman, Amy R. Colvin, Keith J. A. Stanford, Mark T. Locklear. Row 2: Jonathan B. Shoe- maker, John J. Lapina, Patrick S. Edmonds, Todd C. Wobig, David T. Hillard, Brent K. Andberg, James B. Baca, Benjamin K. Hess, Stephen S. Philpott, Rich- ard J. Ramassini, Dino Pietrantoni. Row 3: Michael J. Lindemann Jr., Neil Williams, Dru M. Blanc, Marc S. Lederer, Robert C. Dunn, Keith L. Ruegger, Crai g W. Piechnick, John D. Spencer, Van R. States. Not Shown: Stephen D. Demeritt, Stephen A. Hobbs, Stanley F. Jaroszewski, James S. Nerup, Kelvin L. Upson. 24, Jk t 1 1 1 fl fTTTl f : t » til " if f f |i f | : t ;-.|: : . 8 1990 (abov (below) 991 CI t 1 II I ft li ;i • ' ' V 1 B . BH ieluh Company Z f 3 24- Ninth Company Best Wishes . . . Joseph R. Maguirc, USNA — ' 88. Congrat- ulations on a job well done! May you serve in peace. We love you. All the Maguire family Congratulations, Alan! We ' re all very proud of you. Good luck in Florida. Congratulations and best wishes to the Class of ' 88, especially " The Raz. " Love and pride from the family of Ensign Steven R. Ras- mussen. Good luck Jim, Eric, Andy, Craig, Alex, Sam, Bill, and Dez. Success to the Class of ' 88 baseball team members. From Mr. and Mrs. Louis P. Rossi Congratulations, Tom! We are very proud of you. God be with you. We love you! Mom, Dad, Scott, Lori, Mark, and Michael A secret for Sarah: In life, everything is im- portant. Everything else is not. " The race by vigour, not by vaunts, is won. " Congratulations, Alex! Mom and Dad Congratulations to the Class of ' 88, 9th Com- pany, Andrew T. Waters. You make us proud. Dad, Mom, Gran M Fall Set Company Staff Spring Set Company Staff Commander: Commander: Joseph R. Maguire Thomas E. Arnold Sub-Commander: Sub-Commander: Alan T. Sitlinger Roger S. Grayson Adjutant: Adjutant: Mark S. Wierman William W. Hoban 24 v I Company Officer: CAPT Michael Shupp 9 Class of 1988 Row I: Eric S. Block, James A. Vohr, Shri J. Drake, Lydia K. Derrington. Julie S. Chalfant, Sarah M. Michael, Nena K. Harman. Ruth A. Miller, Joseph M. Maguire. Row 2: Roger S. Grayson, Wil- liam W. Hoban, Craig A. McCarter, James M. Rossi, Joe F. Lasala. JetTS Sheedy. Michael S. Leary, Salvatore A. Dipaola, Desmond P. Quigley. Alan T. Sitlinger, Ford A. Williams, Andrew T. Waters. Row 3- Mark S Wierman, Martin M. Cade, Warren H. Jermgan, William J. Schmitt. Carl D. Graves, Robert T. Durand, Steven R. Rasmussen, Thomas E. Arnold, Robert B. Tomiak, Bruce C. Fauver. Not Shown: Brian E. Street, Christopher J. Gallen. Jft% i ' ti t nit itt m- ' - a «r •: , ■ i T " | ? r ' i -,r % Grayson Ninth Company 247 •■ ' Ninth Company Underclass Class of 19891 Row 1: Jon J. Jerge, Brian E. Treanor, John M. Wolfe, William W. Misita, Robert M. Roy. John A. Ostrowski, Pete A. Garvin, Steve P. Baker, Tung Ho. Row 2: Stephen P. Braun, Noel V. Denney, Faustino M. Baysic, Christopher J. Urinyi, Thomas W. Heatter, Chris D. Quilty. John W. Herman, Thomas D. Wando, Jeffrey W. Jones. Row 3: Carl B. Salazar, Aaron S. Kushner, Michael D. Shoup, Gregory B. Meyer, William A. Jividen, Thomas A. Kubista, Robert T. Cassady, Jay F. Wigley, David B. Walker. Not Shown: Ronald B. Pangrazio, Jeanpierre J. Brousset. • = . " . • • • J . " ' " T f " V " ' r " " m S» " 5£» Class of 1990 Row 1: Thomas O. Laverghetta, Robert L. Packowski, Brian P. Kelly, Joe C. Palmisano, Jamie A. Tang, Davida Y. Nelums, Chuck H. Vickers, Mark R. Kus- tra, Troy S. Jackson. Row 2: Patrick J. Walker, David G. Colegrove, Scott R. Ward, Jeffery P. Foltz, Thom- as H. Leutzinger, Jean Jacques C. Lopez, Robert L. Edwards, Spencer J. Crispell, John A. Knight, Jun K. Lee. Row 3: Kevin E. O ' Brien, Kevin P. Turner, Michael C. Johnson, Richard F. O ' Connell, Dana A. Emerson, Peter A. Landauer, Marcelo Perez, Ian Un- derbill, Jon A. Johnson. Not Shown: Paul J. Valesky, Fran M. Utley, Pamela D. Nolton, Robert J. Keller. Class of 1991 Row 1: Robert W. Keefe, Harry J. Ward, Marco A. Juarez, Michael D. Schultz, Stephen M. Jennings, Keith M. Henry, Sean D. Dugan, Andrew M. Mc Carthy, Rodney J. Ruff. Row 2: Zubin R. Clemente, Paul H. Hogue, Scott A. Bunnay, Michael C. Mc Aneny, Paul H. Diedrich, Matthew J. Lattig, Grady B. Reeser, Eric C. Sucharski, John C. Kipfer, Todd A. Sears, David G. Graulich, Ricky L. Jones. Row 3: Robert H. Duryea, Thomas P. Mc Donough, Sean B. Salter, Paul S. Olin, Marc J. Davis, Scott D. Carson, Alan R. Bradford, James C. Castano, Ben E. Jacob- son, David A. Evans, Jeffrey S. Dodge. Not Shown: Michael O. Brunner, Robert D. Krajewski, Robert Martinazzi. OstrowJ - Jivider 9 1990 (above) (below) 1991 •KM Jacol ; i 1 „ ., .1 t | t I I t t | f 1 1 , Iff | I f: | ' ■ A ' 4St% 0 " ifc ' ' ft flj " " v IK ' ' V ' Ninth Company 249 - ■ " ' «L a w 9 2 C - Tenth Company Best Wishes . . . Congratulations to the class of 1988. To our son Richard, our wish is that your hopes and dreams will be fulfilled. You have made us very proud parents. Love, Mom and Dad We are proud of you, David. Best of luck to all ' 88 Mids. Dr. and Mrs. Simon Donald 1. Dracon — Tenth Company — We are proud of you and wish you success with the Navy. Love, Mom and Dad Congrats to our very own " Officer and Gen- tleman " Lt. Jamison C. Moore, USMC. Our pride and love go with you always, Jamey. Mom. Karen, Mike, Stacey, Mama You made it, Tucker! We are all very proud. Good luck to you. Tenth Company, and the Volleyball Team. Love from Mom, Dad, Traci, Tom, and Tanker William, we are proud, as we know Dad would be, to finally order the cake! Love, Mom, Jonathan, and Bundles Bobby, have we told you how PROUD we are of you? We ARE! Mom, Dad, Johanna, and Pop ENS Eric Ruttenberg, USN — Congratula- tions and best of luck. Have a wonderful and successful career. Love, Dad, Mom, Kather- ine, and John ' 85 Congratulations ENS Francis X. Hallioco and the Class of ' 8 8. Love, Mom, Dad. Maris, T.J. Best wishes ENS Michele Daley. You fol- lowed your dream. God bless you in all you do. Our prayers and love always with you. Love Mom, Dad, Mike, Sam To Ed (Grinch) and the Tenth Company — Love ya! Dad, Mom, and your whole family Fall Set Company Staff Commander: Donald I. Dracon Sub-Commander: Kenneth W. Caraveo Adjutant: Richard C. Vaill Spring Set Company Staff Commander: James F. McKenna Sub-Commander: Domenick Micillo Adjutant: Fred V. Morales to Company Officer: LCDR Mary Purdy Class of 1988 Row 1: Kenneth W. Caraveo, Fred D. Morales, Michele A. Daley, Pamela L. Hilton, Karen B. Povlock, Varanda K. Williams, James P. Boland, Domenick Micillo, Stuart S. Gaudet. Row 2: Scott F. Granger, Mike J. Wilmot, Richard C. Vaill, Ant hony A. Villanueva, Robert E. Banker, David P. Dawson, Donald I. Dracon, Eric C. Ruttenbcrg, Jeft J Harm, Michael R. Greene, Timothy M. Salmon, Edward C. Gnn- nell. Row 3: Jim F. McKenna, Sean T. Epperson, William R. Bray, Chet H. Wooley, David U. Simon, William S. Dickson, Charles W. Lochard, Gregory R. Shimp, William T. Lenrard, Galen R. Ncgaard. Not Shown: Tucker S. Hite, Matice J. Wright, Francis X. Hall, Jamis- on C. Moore. . " i A i f tft t t i § if- 1 t»» : i f : ...«. - ; i i: r : l. McW __ i p ' r " ii-fra if ' n Until Company 253 m Tenth Company Underclass Class of 1989 Row 1: Kelly R. Whiting, Mark A. Hagler, James B. Schroder, Mark S. Bishop, Matt C. Rawlins, Steven R. Boyles, John S. Hammes, Bruce J. Black, Douglas G. Perry. Row 2: Kevin G. Shanley, Mark V. Metzger, Jim L. Flautt, Christopher J. Zito, Edgar A. Jimenez, James J. Snare, Ron L. Pawlo, Scott G. Abel, David R. Brandeen, William M. Harber, Darryl C. Anderson. Row 3: Charles B. Cooper, Gary L. Deal, Barney J. Carter, Steven L. Fong, Drew M. Kenny, Tom G. Spatig, Michael Knowles, Mark W. Samuels, Joseph A. Desantis, Robert T. Ingalls, Jorge Alberto Acosta. Not Shown: John J. Tregoning, John C. Mohn, James A. Imanian! Charles S. Gray, John J. Drake. ; t f f t f | it tit in pi f f % v - «« : ' a » ' " ' MK ' Class of 1990 Row 1: Darrin J. Frazier, Scott C. Dimeler, Susan E. Mead, Fredrica C. Spilman, Paige L. Fraughnaugh, Sandra L. Nagy, Glen S. Wauchope, James A. Palombo, Joseph J. Lee. Row 2: Steve V. Brock, James O. Bradley, Martin J. Pullen, Charles C. Sparks, Ker- ry J. Hollenbeck, Brad A. Blackwelder, Douglas A. Staunton, Terry J. Fritz. Row 3: James M. Newsome, Peter E. Slamp, David J. Rosenblatt, Bert R. Hays, Joe M. Mc Donald, Chris R. Tipton, Andrew C. Schoen, John M. Zuzich, Kevin J. Mc Govern, Mat- thew H. Banks. Not Shown: Stephen J. Stark, Kevin M. Mc Gowan, Ann E. Copland, Matthew H. Cooper. Class of 1991 Row 1: Youngjoon Kim, Kenneth J. Livingston, Wil- lard C. Burney, Jeffrey N. Lucas, Jeffrey M. Roth, David J. Appezzato, Brent R. McMurry, Jude T. Burke, Michael H. Villar. Row 2: Gerald A. Dobbs, Forrest D. Wilkins, Erik M. Fretz, Ricardo R. Rubi- ano, Samuel F. Petito, Daniel E. Dzenitis, Deric J. Sims, James J. Connolly, David R. Scheu, John R. Hindinger. Row 3: Michael C. Kaiser, Diego Her- nandez, Jeffrey S. Hosking, Mark D. Brazelton, Da- vid E. Olson, Lee A. Hunter, Charles A. Joplin, John E. Colletti, Julius M. Taylor. Not Shown: Melvyn M. Davis, Donald A. Jack, Marc A. Mac Lauchlan, Eric P. Rixen, Curt R. Sholar. - " H ' !1 t to 0f ' ' , K ' ' 1 990 r M rMow; 1991 del H t 1 1 1 1 — »- - I tilth Company 25 " „••• " r I IB 0 257 IB Eleventh Company Best Wishes . . . 2nd. Lt. " Dutch " Bertholf: Congratulations and love! We are filled with pride. God Bless! Semper Fidelis. Mom, Dad, John, Admiral Eugene, we are so very proud of you and of what you have accomplished. We wish you and your classmates God speed and smooth sailing. Mom and Dad Corrao God bless BKG and the Class of ' 88. Love and pride. Mom and Dad Gummin Congratulations David, Eleventh Company Commander! We are proud of you. Put on the whole armour of God ... the sword of the Spirit which is the word of God. . . Eph. 6:10- 20. Love, Mom and Dad Good luck, Class of ' 88 — Al and Eileen Protin and family " In self-trust all virtues are comprehended. Free should the scholar be — free and brave. " RWE 1 837. We are proud of you. Mom, Dad, Jessica, Jennifer, and Jacqueline Fall Set Company Staff Spring Set Company Staff Commander: Commander: Charlie R. Howsare David W. Maxwell Sub-Commander: Sub-Commander: Todd M. Odegaard Eugene G. Corrao Adjutant: Adjutant: James A. Protin David M. Donnelly ,1 tl Company Officer: LT David Portner Class of 1988 Row I: Daniel J. Hebert, Carl W. Peterson, John M. Meighan, Paul X. Tiede, Joseph P. Brennan, David M. Donnelly, James A. Protin, Brian K. Gummin, Charles B. Marks. Row 2: Edward J. Strasser, Eugene G. Corrao, Dutch P. Bertholf, Alan R. Miller, Michael L. Beno, Michael J. Hogan, Brian T. Alexander, Todd M. Odegaard, Charles R. Howsare, William E. Daisley, Henry N. Marxen, Allen O. Mitchell. Row 3: David W. Maxwell, Robert E. Curran, Stephen C. Ellis, William G. Cook, Mark E. Franke, Daniel L. Garcia, William J. Stites, Danford R. Deakin, Michael R. Lowe. •«■ f f t fTtt t M tM t ,f ! I H t I t I I; Eleventh Company 259 « r " «L Eleventh Company Underclass Class of 1989 Row 1: Michael C. Ladner, William M. Triplett, Kathleen M. Stepien, Barbara A. Sousa, Roni S. Plautz, Lisa M. Skaggs, John P. Coney, Roger S. Galbraith, Stephen D. Palmer. Row 2: Calvin L. Ward, Clinton A. Carroll, Paul K. Averna, John H. St. Clair, John E. Ries, Stephen C. Cook, Ray E. Vuicich, Bruce A. Czaja, David l! Cloe. Row 3: Michael P. Klein, James A. Caufield, Oliver J. Block, Randall D. Casement, Rich C. Williams, Stephen M. Dininger, Scott W. Wine, Thomas J. Munro, Glenn A. Barker, Paul J. Tortora. Not Shown: Joseph P. Parks, Michael M. Hunczak, Roberta M. Hahn. Class of 1990 Row 1: Norman G. Concha, Stephen A. Spagnuolo, Stephen Koch, Henry Lee, Jason C. Ott, Leroy Alicea, Kirk G. Simonian, James R. Midkiff, Kevin S. Minton. Row 2: Thomas A. Creek, Broderick V. Berkhout, Michael A. Kostiuk, Timothy D. Trotter, Samuel B. Whitman, Christopher G. Nardone, Victor M. Raspa, Adrien Sanchez, Michael A. Byrd, James M. Greene, Scott M. Horan. Row 3: David W. Bouknight, Victor C. Caruso, Scott F. Benedict, Charles G. Simpson, Robert A. Green, Todd C. Depauw, Lawrence J. Artman, Eric R. Pihl, Mark S. Gilbert, Allen R. Minick, Scot P. Somes. Not Shown: John K. Hedger, Kevin M. Brown. Class of 1991 Row 1: Craig A. Moringiello, Jeffrey A. Uphoff, Louis W. Doan, Charla J. Gallaher, Rachael E. Darr, Marty L. Shue, Julie A. Hansen, Bobbi L. Shea, Peter R. Berning, Eric C. Camus, John A. Suazo. Row 2: John E. Blake, Paul C. Hagar, Andrew M. Kirkland, Rich- ard F. Neitzey, Jeffrey F. Gold, Stacey D. Overlin, Joshua G. Skule, Daniel B. Robinson, Joseph P. Dunn, Andrew P. Moriarty, Phil P. Jacobson. Row 3: Robert L. Barr, Anthony P. Delucchi, David W. Lit- tle, Gregory R. Collins, Harvey R. Berman, Alex- andra C. Gervacio, Alan W. Abbs, Joseph G. Rehak, Duane M. Oakes, Christian M. Bonat, Ross C. Troike. Not Shown: Walker A. Matthews, John R. Quinn. m m%m class , . t f t t t I I. f t t I f f If f | " : I f f f f: -f: t J » ■ ' •■ ' 4B ff» " ' «% ■ ' • ' - ' " ♦ " ™ — ' r ; _ j Fi i I " I 1 I Jl - »,■- j»w v 1990 r«fc»4 r iWo»vj 1991 »C tl Eleventh Company 26 It TT tl 263 tm Twelfth Company Best Wishes . . . To Jim and the Class of 88 — Congratu- lations and Godspeed. The Darcy Family Fly high, wide, and handsome, Jim! With pride and love we salute you and the Class of ' 88. Mom, Dad, Bill, Leah, Caitlin, Chip, Laura, Laingen, and Grammer Congratulations to all of the Class of 1988, and especially to Frederic W. Malek, from his very proud parents. We love you, Fred. Congratulations and best wishes to the Class of ' 88, Twelfth Company, and Craig M. Mill- er. We are proud of you, Craig. Love, Mom and Dad Our roundman has lived on the edge, but he never fell off. Congratulations, Scott. John Stephen McRae Watson — We love you and are proud of you. God bless and keep you safe. Love, Mama, Big Mama, and Will Congratulations to the Class of ' 88, and all the members of the Twelfth Company. Our love and pride to Erik Knutila from Mom, Dad, Kristina, Brandon, and Grammy Cyr w Fall Set Company Staff Commander: Sean M. Hamilton Sub-Commander: S. Lawrence Kisch Adjutant: James J. Darcy Spring Set Company Staff Commander: Craig M. Miller Sub-Commander: John S. M. Watson Adjutant: Frederic W. Malek w 12 Class of 1988 Row I: Mark A. Miller, Jeffrey E. Forte, Donald G. Holl, Brandee L. Polowy, Kathleen M. Toomey. Patricia A. Turney, Erin E. Martin, Robert C. Jackson, Fred J. Severson. Row 2: James P. Laingen, Eugene W. Cobey, Mike D. Samuelson, Juan C. Osorno, Craig M. Miller, Sean M. Hamilton, Eduardo Sandoval, Patrick R. Steele, James J. Darcy. Row 3: Glenn R. Gay, Anthony W. Eaton, Erik J. Rnutila, John S. Watson, Richard W. Kammann, Paul M. D ' Alessandro, Frederick W. Malek, Scott L. Kirsch, Bern R. Werner. Not Shown: Bernardo B. Roig. I I 4: » t f | ; I 1 I f f " | 1 $:§f W w y ■ w » Hb ] %■ ■ • -;; itiAV I welfth Company 265 Twelfth Company Upperclass Class of 1989 Row 1: David A. Laderer, Javier D. Garcia, Jarrod M. Nixon, Edward J. Iocco, Mike J. Elton, Robert E. Smith, William P. Pennington, Brian J. Britton, Wade D. Turvold. Row 2: Daniel T. Thoele, Kevin B. Campbell, David M. Maxwell, Argo A. Apollonio, David L. Anselmi, Kenneth R. Grimes, James W. Gay, Paul M. Dabbar, Paul A. Ghyzel, Earl H. Jones. Row 3: John J. Wilson, Gregory D. Potteiger, Anthony W. Bogard, Paul W. Cook, Curt J. West, Troy E. Holland, Kevin P. Voss, Dennis F. O ' Leary, Matthew J. Shade, Marko Medved, Brent W. Courier. Not Shown: Todd J. Flannery. Class of 1990 Row I: Michael Villegas, Steven M. Rutherford, Karon R. Barker, Kimberly M. Fowler, Michelle R. Baker, Jennifer L. Christen, Donna L. Thurow, Eu- gene C. Canfield, Brian M. Lunn. Row 2: Curtis K. Phillips, Christopher J. Lundstrom, Michael Sweeny, Frank M. Blackburn, Evan S. Robbins, Jon M. Aytes, James R. Garner, Matthew S. Pregmon, Erik B. Goss, John D. Martin, Mark E. Beatty, Joseph R. Gannon. Row 3: Patrick A. Vonzur Muehlen, Christopher J. Adams, Donald D. Nelson, Andrew H. Cook, Thomas P. Fedcio, James M. Bleakley, Charles V. Red, Travis C. Beal, Dean E. Wence, Timothy G. Chou, Richard C. Utnik. Not Shown: Jeffrey L. Masters. Class of 1991 Row 1: Stephen F. Boyd, Matthew A. Scher, Jennifer A. Lednicky, Maureen Fox, Katherine L. Banta, Mol- ly B. Armijo, Melissa D. Ruh, Stephen K. Parker, Brian M. Gilday. Row 2: Brent C. Walker, Stephen L. Jendrysik, John P. Frederiksen, Darin M. Liston, Eric H. Verhage, Kelly W. Biggs, Neil W. Stratton, Robert J. Pavlovich, Joel R. Macritchie, John R. Dudley, Gregory B. Williams, Andy D. Crowe. Row 3: Mat- thew J. Fuhrman, Paul F. Wakefield, Brian K. Soren- son, Michael J. Brakora, Jeffrey L. Boschert, John J. Kapp, Rob R. Mc Gregor, Francisco J. Sanchez, Ed- ward T. Casulli, Kevin S. Mooney, Chad A. Hyde. Not Shown: Jerry Dawson, David J. Martinez. ■■- ■■ ■-■nrrgsaa » ass ■Saul mpbt 3 aul || rd.P. |-| f § t | t t ft t i ? t t t t to ' W m k. % 1990 w; (below) 1991 t2 Twelfth Company 267 " n -J .J HA 1 " vV ' 1 v. 1 »| ' 1 12 269 - Thirteenth Company Best Wishes . . . Good Luck, Jeff! We love you. God bless and keep you. Love Mom, Dad, and Cindy To the 13th Company, 1988 — Congratu- lations and smooth sailing! Special wishes to our Navy man, Charles, from Barbara and Pam Litchfield BRAVO ZULU Andy Johnson. With love and pride, Mom and Dad Congratulations to Todd and all our Mids! We love you all! The Hickersons Ensign Roger W. Bivans: We are very proud of you and everything you have and will ac- complish. Congratulations and best wishes to you and 1 3th Company. Love, Mom, Dad, Carolyn, Rick, and Jane ip Fall Set Company Staff Commander: Charles E. Litchfield Sub-Commander: Scott T. Peterson Adjutant: R. Curt Copley Spring Set Company Staff Commander: Todd W. H. Hickerson Sub-Commander: Ted G. Veazey Adjutant: Scott T. Peterson It w Company Officer: CAPT Red Jent ■■■ 13 Class of 1988 Row 1: Kevin M. Furr, Harry M. Wingo, Emily J. Almonte, Sandra M. Hill, Mary M. Jackson, Donna P. Murphy, Jack C. Likens, Robin D. Shoop, Luis A. Maldonado. Row 2: Dwight D. Fontilla, Andrew S. Johnson, David B. Shanes, Gary C. Peters, Charles E. Litchfield, Scott T. Peterson, Randall H. Martin, Jeff R. West, Kurt B. Hauer, Bill P. Conley, Paul H. Chrisman, Todd W. Hickerson. Row 3: Mohamed R. El Afandi, William R. Hittenger, Roger W. Bivans, Michael B. Steinbach, Carl J. Kolek, William M. Collier, Curt R. Copley, Ephra- im S. Garrett, Edwin G. Veazey. " Jfct J| ;fTf; I " | f : § f " if| | it .hi " ii ViiTj, ' " - 1 Inrtccnth Company 27 i IV Thirteenth Company Underclass Class of 1989 Row 1: John M. Steidle, Glenn R. Miller, Ralph L. Mc Donald, Sean P. Fuller, Joseph A. Eisert, Robert B. Bassett, Gilbert A. Gomez, Jonathan M. Warner, John T. Buthod. Row 2: Frank C. Salcedo, Riccardio D. Gay, Thomas H. Hanzsche, Luther Archer, David L. Cox, Christopher T. Owens, Michael J. Rodriguez, James R. Dotter, Michael A. Ballou, James E. Demott, Mark S. Hulbert. Row 3: Michael D. Metzger, Keith A. Kirol, Brian K. Burke, Daniel A. Vetter, Kent R. Brown, John A. Czajkowski, Michael J. Ulses, Brian C. Canova, Jerry R. Boster, Frank J. Menarchick. ., f. t I t t | f | ;| " ;| « I if t| f i if ft t :: f- . ' ■•■■ t ; V Tv » " ' ■ ' ■ ' ' ' ' ' ■ ! - v ' % . H K BH H Class of 1990 Row 1: David H. Dorton, Kent F. Thompson, Lisa M. Bozzelli, Stephanie E. Karasick, Leslie A. Kocher, Nicole M. Gillespie, Rebecca A. Moore, Joachim P. Cox, Charles S. Smith. Row 2: Vincent P. Schiavone, James K. Manchester, Timothy R. Rehmel, Michael D. Niedert, Mark R. Mineo, Todd A. Mayfield, Mi- chael A. Bidus, Keith E. Hanzel, Roy A. Brillante, Brian T. Smith, John J. Choi, Walker D. Patterson, Richard P. Reynolds. Row 3: David A. Stouwie, Jo- seph M. Giacobbe, Philip S. Valent, Walter A. Cop- peans, Alan J. Reyes, John P. Sembrat, Mark A. Herrington, Paul J. Sullivan, James S. Kollar, Ray- mond B. Ott. Not Shown: Brian S. Marvin. Class of 1991 Row 1: Tuan N. Pham, David L. Huber, Sara L. Saltzstein, Margaret A. Gibson, Ines C. Vial, Barbara L. Lopez, Jill A. Gregorieff, Miguel L. Peko, Walter E. Finney. Row 2: Christopher S. Atienza, Anthony F. Saenz, Troy A. Dinkel, Kale J. Moberg, Daniel W. Scott, Ross B. Cheairs, Charles W. Hutchison, Sam- uel P. Mowery, John C. Evarts, Douglas G. Odwyer. Row 3: Jonathan E. Heigel, Timothy J. Tousignant, Erik M. Bender, Scot A. Schulte, Gibson C. Arm- strong, Anthony J. Lesperance, Jeffrey S. Woodbury, Gary L. Schaap, Andrew R. Welham, Kurt L. Metcalf, Raymond H. Rabidoux. Not Shown: Michael W. Bes- son, Harry M. Gray, Matthew N. Hammond, Sean G. McLaren. ' W 3 Mft% i class . Ruben b iioD.G a , ■unova f f ? ■ t t I ■ f tf It? 1 tt f t| f. | " f $ f f | f | 1990 „. «..„ frl: ini ! ) £ ♦ % % (hchnv) 99 " MH ih «■!. 1 1 tiff • » i i ! I f I yr I hirteenth Company n 273 rrr to 275 Fourteenth Company Best Wishes . . . Congratulations to the Class of ' 88. Wc are proud of Ensign Corey Kechn and 14th Com- pany. May you have success and happiness in wherever you go and in whatever you do. Mom and Dad Congratulations to Ensign Mark G. Hakun, our special friends of 14th Company, and the Class of ' 88. You are GREAT! We are very proud of you. May GOD continue to bless and guide you. I can do all things through CHRIST who strengthens me (Phil 4:13). With our love. Dad, Mom, Drew, Grand- mother, Richard, and Aunt Eleanor WAY TO GO, BIG GUY! You made it! En- sign MARK G. HAKUN, United States Navy. I am proud to have you for a brother. Best wishes to 14th Co. Love, Drew Congratulations to the future Admirals of the 14th Company, especially Dan-Dan. Love, Mom and Dad, Mike, Brian Congratulations, James O ' Brien. We realize the road was long and rugged, but you made it, son. What lies ahead won ' t be easy either, but the rewards are worth it. Love, Mom and Dad Donna M. — Luck and happiness in the future. Love, Mom and Dad Fall Set Company Staff Spring Set Company Staff Commander: Commander: 1 Dennis A. Maloney Matthew B. Aaron Sub-Commander: Sub-Commander: David E. Finley Andy E. Burcher Adjutant: Adjutant: Edward A. Gomez Philip L. Barnett 27 t4 Company Officer: LT John Christcnson Class of 1988 Row U David E. Finley, Thomas W. Baugh, Eugene A. Burcher. Micheal F. Moran, David A. Clausell, Nelson J. Delgado, Corey E. Keehn Christopher J. Simones, Enrique F. Marchese. Row 2: James P O ' Brien Paul R. McGowan, James E. Dyer, Matthew B. Aaron. Thomas A. Hole, Bryan P. Burt, Ralph A. Dengler Mark B. Dunleavy. Dennis A. Maloney, Mark G. Hakun, David H- Newton, Eric J Buch. Row 3: Andrew J. Fne, Sean P. McBr.de, Phillip L Barnett, Christopher S. Mosher, R. Daniel O ' Conner, Michael J. Leid.nger, Stephen H. Donnelly, Scott J. Hallenberg, Edward A. Gomez. f ft t t I t fTt t fit I t 1 t i t,3 ■ : : : . : : ' i l :: , : -jjfs ■ ft : ' $ ' % ' ' ' $ ' Burcher Fourteenth Company 277 X« Fourteenth Company Underclass Class of 1989 Row 1: James A. Mann, Robert F. Waters, Krista Harris, Ruth F. Chasen, Julie A. Anyan, Catherine E. McCann, Deborah L. Cuffe, Frank Goshey, Patrick J. Paterson. Row 2: Mark E. Paterson, Noel A. Pitoniak| James E. Rich, Robert W. Vogel, Christopher E. Hamilton, William G. Irby, Shawn P. Duffy, Douglas d! Lancaster, Dan E. Lewis, Anthony E. Altomari, Sean P. Kelley. Row 3: Arthur D. Dove, Scott F. Russell, L. Pucciariello, Charles, Timothy B. C Rourke, Stephen W. Johanson, John M. Lewis, Carl C. Jordan, Stephen G. Locke, Thomas A. Bruno. Not Shown: Timothy J. Maricle. " MHt,i i 1 ! ¥ I f % ' ■ | $ t f f »; -fr ' | ,4 ' ify m- 1UV " r ffty £ Class of 1990 Row 1: David G. Perrin, Richard A. Schoenwiesner, Kwan Lee, Duane D. Cordrey, James R. Proudfit, Michael Celis, Jon R. Olson, Mark A. Burgess, David P. Holahan. Row 2: Robert M. Beer, William A. Bulis, Joseph P. Reason, David L. Mc Intyre, Mark T. Smitherman, Peter J. Snyder, Brian L. Smith, Brian S. Gray, Andre Stroud, John R. Calvert, William R. Russ, Michael P. Paschke, Bradley D. Kirk. Row 3: Todd A. Zeich, Kelley L. Hansen, John M. Senger, Peter B. Egan, Michael S. Varney, Kurt W. Beyer, Robert F. Jardeleza, John A. Walker, John G. Romero, James J. Maher. 27 VMHK Class of 1991 Row 1: Scotty W. Waltermire, Christopher C. Cote, Cynthia M. Williams, Quincy A. Fleming, Angela K. Hart, Alyce A. Campbell, Kathyrn A. Fitzpatrick, Kimberly A. Livingston, Randall W. Peck, Guy A. Torres. Row 2: Eric J. Valenzuela, Garron S. Morris, Peter A. Gwynne, Brian F. Hussey, John M. Kern, Timothy T. Carr, John A. Paul, Robert C. Ham, Jeffrey W. Sinclair, Robert T. King, Andrew G. My- ers, Peter H. Tyson. Row 3: Bharat Shenoy, William P. Turner, Terrence S. Reed, Douglas B. Whitney, Paul C. Nylund, Jay C. Harrell, David S. Steel, Brad- ley S. Kinslow, James A. Dawson, Timothy M. Chris- tenson, William N. Bollwerk, Dennis D. Ylagan. 14 m n fine [ M| £ 1 «■« ' ! !• . .» ft. V 1 f 1 1 1 t t t ft f 1 1 % t t Iff iili j • ' ' Afi ' - A " " • » ' X « +i ' + » " ' 1 990 (above) .Cole. gelaK. latrick, 3uyA. Morris. . Kern. Ham. G.My- Viiliam hitney, .Brad- .Chris- - r i: 1 — r i (below) 1991 ELgTjJjjH 1 It ' t t t t I ft fit 7 I :!,; , ' ;| t | : f ; l : ; r : t ; il • % • Fourteenth Company 279 X - J Ff p teenth Company Best Wishes . . . Life- is but a second on the clock of eternity. Keep busy, keep smiling, and enjoy! Love, Mom and Dad Dobbins Jeremy, what you are is where you were when God bless and protect the Class of ' 88 — Mr. and Mrs. Donald J. Quinn Joe: BZ, fair winds, following seas, always Mispah. Mom, Dad, JJ, Donna, JC, Deb, Jay, Paul Fall Set Company Staff Spring Set Company Staff C ' ommander: ( ommander: Donald R. Hensley Shannon E. Kawane Sub-C ' ommander: Sub-Commander: Michael V. McMahon Arthur Deleon Adjutant: . djutant: Peter J. Callaghan John C. Treutler I 2b. u.. Class of 1988 Row 1: Douglas A. Tucker, Jeremy S. Thompson, Donald R. Hensley, Anthony T. Calandra, Felton J. Elders, Andrew G. Rander, Mark P. Lotze, Scott A. Minium, Bruce A. Stanfill. Row 2: Christopher T. Marr, Daniel M. Rosser. Michael V. Mc Mahon, Mark W. Bible, Shannon E. Kawane, Jon A. Wills, Peter J. Callaghan, Arthur S. Deleon, John C. Treutler. Row 3: Joseph B. Spegele, Steven J. Er- ickson, Ronald J. Kinn, John F. Dobbins, Edward C. Olshaw, George W. Davis, Henry H. Wingate, James W. Hikmat, Jeremy J. Noonan, John E. Zeberlein. Not Shown: Timothy W. Quinn, Thomas K. Guer- rero. Stephen A. Ferro, Terry M. Bickham. t5 • " 3 I ' J I i r it itt I I f t r I | I | Fifteenth Company 283 w Fifteenth Company Underclass Class of 1989 Row 1: Karl F. Liebl, Heidi C. Dickerson, Duska L. Sahler, Karin A. Klose, Michele A. Villani Bonny C Morgan, Harry E. Brandicourt. Row 2: Steven S. Lambrecht, Eddie L. Glasper, Bruce T. Brown Craig J Prosser, Richard C. Rapson, Dominic E. Roberts, Michael J. Baird, James W. Holly. Row 3: Joker L Jenkins Dieter G. Jobe, Stephen C. Formella, Stephen K. Laabs, Mark S. Perkinson, Raymond A. Art, Michael j ' Pnefer, David S. Nolan. Not Shown: Jay A. Warren, Robert K. Morrison, Brenda K. Berger. Class of 1990 Row 1: , Paul A. Thompson, Paul S. Krush, Tanya R. Worthy, Denise S. Leadham, Racquel M. Williams, Kelly R. Van Dyke, Diane T. Leroux, Jesse V. Tom- linson, Leonard E. Reed. Row 2: Jeffrey P. Varanini, Raymond A. Berzins, Kent T. Churchill, Joseph M. Devine, Michael P. Jacobs, Jose R. Nobrega, Mat- thew T. Polk, Timothy M. Chain, Thomas G. Bufkin, Christopher P. Tinio, Lance A. Hayden, Kent A. Leka. Row 3: Thomas N. Thomsheck, Christopher J. Quigley, Aaron L. Johnson, William W. Jetton, Eu- gene R. Robertson, Bret R. Simon, Marcos Lopez, Donald E. Bain, Alexander B. Moore, Charles J. Brady. Not Shown: William B. Muir. Class of 1991 Row 1: John A. Gerardo, Richard L. Reeves, Hyon S. Lim, Joel B. Richards, Michael W. Eagan, Steven G. Velotas, Eric P. Woelper, Thomas E. Chandler, Jose M. Melendez. Row 2: Christian J. Edwards, Derek B. Granger, Robert A. Sandri, Daniel A. Berenbaum, Robert M. Morelli, Grant A. Gogis, Alexander M. Wilhelm, Jeffrey R. Mitchell, Peter E. Davies, Sean P. Jermyn, John L. Rabin. Row 3: Al N. Kamahi, Tim- othy J. Spollen, John J. Zuhowski, Jose F. Castiel, Bryan M. Spano, Michael C. Conover, Lawrence C. Suter, Jeffrey A. Chatfield, Daniel R. Gawitt, Thomas D. Fuglestad, John-Paul Ayubi. Not Shown: Jon D. Duke. M JI lass onny C, Craig J. 1990 (above) f lh|» ; | t t t f t I W f f : ; tffff f 1 » 1 1 JW w - .ill (below) 1991 tt 1 JU iyon S :ven G. 1 1 1 1 » v t : |. : ft ft :: f :: i - t5 Fifteenth Company 285 :ti li 287 I - Sixteenth Company Best Wishes . . . Congratulations, Jason, and all our Class of ' 88 boys. We are very proud of you. Smooth sailing and God bless you always. Love, Mom, Dad, John, and Marmie Congratulations and good luck, Class of ' 88. Class of ' 88 — God bless you all! Ensign J. Robert Escobar — Thank you for a job well done and for the joy you have given us. We are proud of you. Love, Mom, Dad, and the rest of the family Congratulations, Keith. We are proud of you. We love you. Mom, Dad, and Kathleen BULLSEYE! ENS Gino Celia — So proud to have been a part of it. We love you. Marc, Mom, and Bill With lots of love and admiration, we share your pride. Congratulations to Grant, 16th Company, and the Class of ' 88. May you always have fair winds and following seas. We are blessed! Mom, Dad, Blair, and Reed Congratulations 2nd LT Jon Bunn, our fa- vorite Marine. Thank you for the pride, joy, and happiness you have always given us. God bless you. Love Mom, Dad, and Dave Congratulations! From the parents of Bernie Sullivan, 16th Company Congratulations, Lindsay T. Kough, Sweet Sixteen, Class of 1 988. May God be with you. Love and prayers. Mom, Dad, and Lawrence (USNA-86) Best wishes to " BLT with Cheese " (Mecks, great H20 polo and Buds!) Mr. and Mrs. " L " jjrftft T ««f|w Fall Set Company Staff Commander: Margaret M. Brounk Sub-Commander: Lindsay T. Kough Adjutant: Jose R. Escobar Spring Set Company Staff Commander: Dennis J. McKelvey Sub-Commander: Ron C. Wince Adjutant: Patty A. Lipoma Company Officer: J Michael Chapline lb Row -Todd E. Hiett, John E. Kenn.ngton, Gina R. Edison, Michelle M Laurenzano. Margaret M. Brounk, Patty A. Lipoma Ronnie C. Wince Richard A. Kondo, Denver J. McKelvey. Row 2: Frederick J. Gosebnnk, Thomas F. George, Jose R. Escobar Richard A. Rodriguez, David G. Dieugenio, Lindsay T. Rough, Max.m.ll.an A Grant, Chris Daugherty, Kieth A. Masterson, W.ll.am E. Fiery Row 3: Jon D. Bunn, James H. Yee, Grant B. Stephenson, Robert L. Sun- derland, Arthur P. Drennan, Michael A. Musser, Michael J Kraft, David A. Shelton, Jason R. Matic, Bernie A. Sullivan, Mark E. Mercer, Gino Celia. C. Wince Sixteenth Compan y 289 t Sixteenth Company Underclass Class of 1989 Row 1: Michael A. Windland, John L. Rogers, Brian S. King, Albert F. Corchuelo, Robert C. Williams, Eugene T. Martin, Joseph A. Smith, Christopher V. Olson, Scott K. Baroun. Row 2: Harold R. Cornwall, Keith W. Brzozowsky, Matthew W. Rose, John E. Dell, Colin S. Walsh, Jay F. Dill, Derrick E. Garvin, Thomas G. Foggin, Eric S. Sherck. Row 3: Joseph M. Austin, Dana S. Dewey, John C. Beal, Robert M. Memmesheimer, Chris L. Pickett, Joseph P. Schweitzer, Peter J. Rieg, Robert E. Millott. Not Shown: Lance R. Westernlund, ' David S. Thorn, Adam A. Such, Christopher M. Spunar, Mathew F. Hoffman, Jeffrey D. Garigliano, David j! Dowling. Class of 1990 Row 1: Mike R. Florence, Chris R. Nelli, Kelly L. Duncan, Marnie C. Bradley, Barbara L. Rapson, Catheryne M. Buckholtz, Tawny J. Petrick, Bodie M. Spangler, Paul W. Moody. Row 2: Jerry D. Conner, Gary M. Bruce, Chris A. Ross, Gary S. Larson, David E. Bagner, Gregg A. Manazir, Donald E. Osborn, David A. Arteta, John A. Dissinger, Paul D. Torres. Row 3: Brent J. Williams, Vic P. Bindi, Gordon K. Ray, Eric S. Wiese, Michael J. Gabriel, Andre D. Brown, Claro W. Villareal, Daniel E. Savage, Mark S. Gilmore, Benjamin L. Mansour, Darin E. Perrine. Not Shown: Steven J. Wood, Derek C Vanderbunt, Wesley A. Freeman. Class of 1991 Row 1: Jaun J. Orozco, Michael L. Bolt, Robert Fran- cis D.Cauilan, Marilyn E. Dix, Gisselle Jankus, Car- men Y. Campbell, Heidi K. Berg. Deborah J. Sme- tana, Darla L. Lamper, James R. Fisher, Jason K. Lopez. Row 2: Patrick A. Sullivan, Peter J. Morse, Daniel R. Wagner, Jeremy M. Lehmann, Raymond L. Pearson, Jason T. Jorgensen, Bobby J. Bray, Edward G. Moninger, Glenn D. Garfield, Daniel E. Murphy, Benjamin P. Meeuwsen, David S. Rinker, Douglas B. Kelley, William A. Bowling, Brandon L. Guidry. Row 3: James C. Logsdon, Gregory D. Price, James G. Jones, Douglas W. Carpenter, Thomas E. Walunas, Stephen E. Banta, Raymond P. Gibson, Jowhn J. Vourliotis, Matthew David Heck, John S. Zim- merman, Anthony R. Domino, Frank E. Krevetski, Neal S. Cuevas. J S lass Euger veith omas i shei me J ii m ., tit t it I I ' I I t ' Mi :i : i f : « ; ' « : »■ r ' : ' : , 1990 -ovw irtFra us, Car- J. Sn; asffl I iraes G. ■evetv ; . 16 Sixteenth Company 291 ■mh Hill lit 293 ' rjL Seventeenth Company Best Wishes . . . Congratulations, Mike. Mom, Dad, Bill, Ev- elyn, and Clan from Brazil wishes you and the Class of ' 88 all the best and smooth sailing. LT F. K. Herrman — The foundations are now under the castles! Congrats to you and 17th Company. Thanks for a special four years! Love, Mom and Dad With love and pride, congratulations William Plemenos and 17th Company. Mom, Dad, Paul, and family To all our Mids — Mikie, Tim, Ruth, Chris, Scott, Kirk, Glen, John, Craig, and James — Good luck and may God be with you. Mr. and Mrs. Veltre Fall Set Company Staff Spring Set Company Staff Commander: Commander: Mark J. Mouriski Christopher N. Neugebauer Sub-Commander: Sub-Commander: John M. Mares Michael H. Veltre Adjutant: Adjutant: G. Chris Bernard Brian G. Falke w Company Officer: LTJim Settele 17 Class of 1988 Row 1: Kirk A. Delmas, Michael C. Bayesa, Maureen K. Toohey. Christine A. Coetzee, Maria L. Pechacck, Mindy W. Allen, Troye C. Crickette Kenneth J. Kristensen, William H. Plemenos. Row 2: Brian G Falke Johnny M. Mares, Glenn N. Williams, Michael H. Veltre, Scott J Knox. Timothy M. Mc Gowan, Christopher N. Neugebauer, Fred K Herrmann, Gregory C. Bernard. Row 3: James A. Lakes. Mark J Mouriski Craig R. Dudley, Steve W. Landers, John G. Sprenger, Dennis J. Walsh, Ted A. Peck, Jim D. Barber, Chad O. Dorr, Neil A. Pettigrew. 4 i " t t I vf f t I it it MM % • Wfc ™ L _ - Seventeenth Company 295 Seventeenth Company Underclass Class of 1989 Row J: Joel R. Godwin, James C. Orona, Herman J. Cestero, Geoffrey D. Cogan, Brett M. Bekken, Vilf Sardana, Andrew M. Nugent, James K. Selkirk, William T. Parkhurst. Row 2: Carlos M. Barbosa, Edward P. Liu, David R. Bates, Michael Hornitzchek, Kevin Bostick, John M. Petit, Ben J. Koenig, David B. Carson Raymondo J. Villar, Christopher S. Cronk, Jeffrey W. Simmons, Bradley S. Armstrong. Row 3: Joel D. Stewart] Mark R. Vandroff, Terry M. Crowe, Stephen K. Barrie, Ransom R. Rogers, Rob Lydens, Joe Stibler, Jay H. ' Bitting, W. Robert Tibbs, James W. Weggen. Not Shown: Kevin E. Kinslow, Kenneth J. Dyer, Christopher M. Cashman. U ' tt f it ! I ; t ' l ft. I 1 f f i ' : l ' : t " f f f : f f l-f: ■:■ 4 4$ Iff ' to ' " ' to ' i % ' " § ' W ' ' Class of 1990 Row 1: Bryan R. Wright, Mike D. Hendrickson, Dora U. Lockwood, Sheryl L. Ames, Kelly A. Keefe, Jen- nifer M. Buenviaje, Christina M. Dineen, Peter J. Hraba, James E. Thompson. Row 2: Tim M. Hen- derson, Timothy S. Bush, Tony L. Ohl, Brian D. Huey, Todd E. Carlson, Jeffrey T. Wall, Stephen R. Silva, James J. Lawless, Michael G. Coonan, Jeffrey W. Hickox, Mark W. Reiling, Bruce E. Oistad, Robert A. Wcislo, Robert D. Bourassa. Row 3: Michael R. Moore, John J. Quinn, Timothy W. Spitser, Donald H. Gill, Michael J. Martinez, Thomas W. Arbaugh, Timothy P. Siemens, Mark W. Bauermeister, John W. Jones. Patrick D. Daniels. Class of 1991 Row 1: Ahmed A. Dawood, Shane M. Baldino, Marx- umillian J. Lucas, Brian C. Procter, Curtis R. Leyshon, Scott W. Edwards, Rudy Borjon, Sean A. Rach, Marc A. Hone. Row 2: Douglas W. Baragar, Joseph R. Popp, Kurt F. Studt, Brett E. Fillmore, Eric W. Lautzenheiser, Robert I. Adams, Chad M. Jung- bluth, Kevin D. Filan, John C. Devine, Russell J. Berlin, Dale A. Eymann. Row 3: Dennis J. Nealon, Edward C. White, Dave L. Kennedy, Cr aig A. Rob- inson, Erik A. Koonce, James B. Rimrodt, Scott A. Zellem, Bart B. Larocca, Matthew S. Boyd, Thomas J. Teuschl. - l clasj w •ierJavf 17 $ t f t t t t f 1 lit fit tttt ' t ft | f f ; .I " I f f t v " ' ■ « • 990 (above) (below) 1991 eak y f f « -1 ' • ' " t ■ I f 1 1 , V : tit i t t f ; 1 1 tii Seventeenth Company 297 1 299 ■ ' Eighteenth Company Best Wishes . . . In proud recognition of our son. Chuck, who " . . .Fills the unforgiving minute with sixty ' seconds ' worth of distance run . . .. " Mr. and Mrs. Charles Smith Well done, Mike Guerrera! From the Ohana, Masami, Fonz, Kitty. God bless the brigade. So it is. Congratulations LT John Moore — we al- ways have been and always will be proud of you. Love, Mom, Dad, and Granny Congratulations to Midn 1 C Craig D. Union and the Class of ' 88. May your career in the Navy be successful and all your dreams and ambitions be fulfilled. Your parents are proud of you. Congratulations, Chadwick K. Watson and 18th Company. May your life be filled with good fortune and success. Full speed ahead! We love you, Chadwick. Dad, Mom, Brenda, Gary, Dawn, Dan, Beth, Richard, Kayle, and Carol Good luck Tim Noonan, USMC. We are all proud of you. Love, Mom, Dad, Steve, Lucy, Betsy Fall Set Company Staff Spring Set Company Staff Commander: Commander: Douglas H. Gelbach Allen R. Flanagan Sub-Commander: Sub-Commander: Craig D. Union Bill T. Skinner Adjutant: Adjutant: Timothy R. Noonan Jim M. Butler V Company Officer: LT Charles Coughlin Class of 1988 Row • Daniel W. Mulligan, Michael H. Guerrera, Roger C. Enckson, William T Skinner, Allen R. Flanagan, Douglas K. Gelbach, Andrew J Heino, John R. Ross, Keith R. Kans. Row 2: Kurt F Milter, Curtis L Brown, Gregory J. Kolcum, Vernon L. Wallace Sam TScaffo, Todd R Bibza, James C. Union, James M. Butler, Todd C. Vaupel, Wesley B Kaufman. Row 3: Timothy R. Noonan, Richard J Her- nandez Robert D. Schasel, Lawrence O. McDonnell, John E Moore, Andrew G. Howell, William B. Seaman, Christopher E. Hodsden, Benedict B. Valecruz. Not Shown: Frank T. Carr. Eighteenth Company 301 BB Eighteenth Company Underclass Class of 1989 Row 1: Gerald J. Cavalieri, Edward R. Martinez, Kristin A. Reynolds, Stephanie M. Rhoades, Monique A. Beauchesne, Lynn A. Johnson, Laura S. Bush, Patrick G. Hunkler, Douglas K. Engelke. Row 2: Chuck R. Bailey, Joe R. Krycia, Todd C. Waldemar, Colin Brady, Darin J. Marley, Wesley M. Boyce, Joseph M. Fagan, Thomas R. Peck, Daryl E. Simon, Brian R. Wetzler, Clemente O. Diaz. Row 3: James F. Glynn, Bryan D. Anderson, Scott A. Macmurdo, Anthony D. Faust, John A. Duvall, Scott D. Kepler, Chris L. Knight, Rick J. Stoner, Dan R. Hicks. Not Shown: Raelene L. Ryerson, Paul T. Parker, Michael D. Michel. Class of 1990 Row 1: Brendan P. Rogers, John M. Prendergast, Louis F. Rutledge, Gerald B. Haran, Stephen E. Lis- zewski, James A. Kirk, Michael P. Huck, Clement K Wong, Theodore A. Prince. Row 2: Michael A. Rif- fice, Douglas I. Hewitt, Timothy H. Burgess, Tyler W. Shepperd, Edward A. Simila, E. J. Knight, James A. Lewis, Gregory C. Archbold, Matthew M. Gutierrez, Eric J. Zerphy, William J. Heatherman, James R. Barney. Row 3: Brian J. Fitzell, Douglas W. Rhodes, Gary H. Savitt, Robert A. Gillette, Michael A. Mc Cartney, William C. Jones, Edward L. Anderson, Timothy E. Winand, Walter H. Glenn, Chris E. Gronbech. Not Shown: Timothy B. Smeeton. Class of 1991 Row 1: Jason L. Gagnon, James R. Lederer, Katherine I. Sullivan, Julie A. Yutzy, Nancy E. Jordan, Bridget A. Gies, Jeri L. Smally, Cristina A. Frisby, James P. Keating, Robert J. Sherwood, Michael E. Mc Eahern. Row 2: John M. Tisdale, Gary D. Freeman, Emmet J. Mc Carthy, Michael H. Cleveland, Joel S. Jensen, Donald R. Wilkinson, Sean P. Magee, Richard G. Greiner, Domininc A. Flis, Richard L. Norvell, Peter J. Schommer, David A. Lagassa, Anthony F. Gu- tierrez. Row 3: Thomas W. Trelenberg, Patrick J. Zaleski, Joseph J. Mc Inerney, Francis B. Parker, Erik D. Prince, Glen D. Galloway, Mark E. Zukowski, James M. Kosowski, David L. Blazes, Erich R. Heinz, Fiore L. Nardo. Not Shown: John T. Rainwater, Keith C. Williams. " MH jk ' class •fit Momqu c h M. Fagar i, Bryant ' t t t ■ f » ' II f I | t I | If || $■ f til t t tit- — ' I " , " l 1 1 " it 1990 f fl wj (VWmW 1991 aha 8 Eighteenth Company 303 wm ■ w Xb 305 Nineteenth Company Best Wishes . . . From the great state of New Hampshire — our best wishes for your future. We wish you health, wealth, honor, and lots of fun. The Sharpe Family BRAVO ZULU, SON! Now on to your wings of gold! With love, from the proud family of Ensign Rob Webb God bless Don Grady, Jr. " For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal but mighty through God. " Love Dad, Mom, Doug, Alicia To ENS Don Wright IV — We are very proud of you. Love, Mom, Dad, Scott, and Matt Michael Giedraitis, we are so proud of you. You have taken your gifts and talents and increased them a hundred fold. We love you. Mom, Dad, and your brothers and sisters Fall Set Company Staff Commander: Eric J. Sharpe Sub-Commander: Lawrence J. Hertzog Adjutant: Christopher A. Korn Spring Set Company Staff Commander: William L. Bach Sub-Commander: David V. Gentile Adjutant: Donald E. Grady 9 Company Officer: LT Linda Lundquist Class of 1988 Row 1: Lawrence J. Hertzog, Robert W. Kellogg, William W. Burkhart Corey D. Melton, Donald C. McKay, William G. Plott, Eric J Sharpe Row 2: Michael W. George, Michael J. Ma, David V. Gentile Paul L. Lhote, Mike K. Binnix, Donald A. Wright, Gregory W Rouillard, William L. Bach, Augusto G. Cata. Row 3: Michael J. Giedraitis, Christopher A. Korn, John D. York, Barry K. Shelton, Stephen G. Sandoval, Robert E. Webb, Kenneth R. Spurlock. Not Shown: Cliff D. Rees, Donald E. Grady, John M. Devine. Nineteenth Company 307 Nineteenth Company Underclass Class of 1989 Row 1: Bradley H. Vogt, Paul A. Purdy, Brian D. King, Carl V. Petty, John C. McClure, James R. Maxfield, Luis Ramos. Row 2: Julia A. Smith, Derrick J. Reiton, William B. Dodge, David A. Johnson, Jason J. Michal ' , Kelly C. Perdew, Christopher K. Barnes, Mark D. Kapral, Ernest W. Linsay, Mary E. Robertson. Row 3: Per J. Lovfald, Howard C. Warner, Michael A. Jiminez, Walter W. Robohn, Larry L. McFall, Adam J. Sturbois, James F. Berg, Richard M. Miller. Not Shown: Derric T. Turner, Jason J. Michal, Michael R. Leflore, Ronald F. Jones, Devon M. Burr. Class of 1990 Row 1: William S. Anderson, Kevin C. Mc Goff, Christine M. D ' Amico, Laura J. Pearson, Monica Schrodt, Vonda M. Armstrong, Suzanne M. Autry, Brian W. Cavanaugh, Dean M. Woodard. Row 2: Todd J. Davidson, John E. Gatewood, Travis A. Johnson, Jeffery C. Jockel, Brian J. Ark, Michael M. Mc Millan, John F. Burns, Jay A. Butka, Raymundo B. Sevidal, Wyman H. Howard, Anthony J. Anglin, Christopher K. Wheeler. Row 3: Matthew J. Wilson, Eric K. Prime, Peter G. Galluch, Jeffery J. Czerewko, Douglas H. Walker, Charles R. Gillum, Brandon D. Neisus, Andreas J. De Vine, Joseph R. Darlak, Charles P. Good, Ralph E. Stuart. Not Shown: John A. Zwolinski. Class of 1991 Row 1: Ryan G. Johnson, Daniel C. Reed, Paul W. Starr, William G. Freehafer, Gerard J. Hernandez, Michael G. Jennings, Robert M. Gaeta, Grover L. Heiskell, Edward C. Miller. Row 2: Clinton A. Neuman, Craig D. Sybrant, Richard T. Brophy, John A. Bolt, William S. O ' Connor, Chris L. Nicewarner, David V. Bonerb, Terence D. Ladau, Charles H. McGuire, James D. O ' Donnel, David M. Ruth. Row 3: Robert C. Taylor, Thomas J. Shelford, Patrick J. Papa, Scott S. Creed, Andrew J. Mc Marlin, Joseph P. Mooney, Thomas R. Reilly, Mark H. Oesterreich, Manuel A. Picon, Terrance A. Norris. Not Shdwn: Christobal M. Dernier. %M% t fclass •Mi ' cta . t f t f f |: ... It f t ■ ». t i t •«r » « VI » tomv 1990 r v,j r w; 1 99 1 md If ft it I t tit it ' t " t t:t i p — 1 ,0j ' %A ■ A : • ■ ' )(%• • 19 vnth Company 309 .....__■_-.; 1 9 311 Twentieth Company Best Wishes . . . Peter Alexander — Truth is lough. It will not break, like a bubble, at a touch. You may kick it about all day, like a football, and it will be round and full at evening. — Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr. Mark Luta and Mids of ' 88: Strong in will to strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield. Love, Mom Go for it, Damien! We love you! Mom, Dad, and Janine To our son, ENS David Robillard: Your achievement gives us great pride. We value memories of our Academy visits with you and your friends, plus some stop-offs at home. Our best to all of you, in your chosen careers. Love, Mom, Dad, Kristen, Michelle, Jennifer To our dearest Michael, a never-ending source of pride: May you and all of ' 88 go " from strength to strength. " God keep you safe and smiling. From Mom, Dad, Glenn, Danny, and who love you Congratulations, Ensign Andrew Wickard. We love you, Mom, Dad, and David ENS Tom Schrantz, Class of ' 88, you have climbed the mountain, now fly like an eagle — your proud family MIDN Donald H. Packard III — A lot of work — a little fun — look what you have done — fly like an eagle — your proud par- ents Greatest success, happiness, and love, Bob Hamilton, 20th Company, Class of ' 88, from the California Clan: Mom, Dad, Jim, John, Gaya, Lynne, Heidi, Jon, Deanna, Kathy, Debbie, Jody, Karen To Bob Hamilton — IUSNA88. Congrat- ulations and love from Mid ' s Mom We ' re so proud, Jane. Look what you ' ve done! Love, Mom and Dad Fall Set Company Staff Spring Set Company Staff Commander: Commander: Leo L. Debandi Sara M Salas Sub-Commander: Suh-C ommander: Darren W. Ault Christopher J. Payton Adjutant: Adjutant: John D. Coode Lee M. Conley Company Officer: LT Stuart Forsyth Class of 1988 Row 1- Mark A. Luta, Michael W. Weinstein, Robert C. Hamilton, Wendi L. White, Jane M. Collins, Sara M. Salas, Gretchen A. Quasebarth, Kevin K. Kitts, Dean W. Turczyn. Row 2: Leo L. De- bandi James L. Gray, Gregory L. Simmons, Thomas M. Schrantz, Jon C Silvey, Tristram E. Farmer, Jeffery A. Kendnck, David J. Robillard, John D. Coode, Christopher F. Trigg. Row 3: Robert S. Carlisle, Christopher J. Payton, Kevin M. Zachery, Richard W. Dehn, Darren W. Ault, Joseph M. Moralez, Peter D. Alexander, Donald H. Packard, Andrew F. Wickard, Lee M. Conley. IIS " j. ?m i If ; | ,|; I : l : l I | t % • 4r fa ' fiy ' f - f: i; IVIRtV » I I Twentieth Company 313 n Twentieth Company Underclass Class of 1989 Row 1: Michael T. Klemick, John D. Mc Dowall, Robert R. Wyand, John G. Gibson, Aaron E. Gilbert, Robert Kleckner, Kenton R. Lietzau, Lino Covarubias, David R. Klain. Row 2: Mark E. Thomassy, Lawton D. Feuger, Michael J. Tesar, Robert P. Wilson, Michael S. Latimer, Robert T. Benson, Jeffery S. Shelton, Gary P. Wegleyl Michael W. Russonello, Mario De La Ossa. Row 3: William J. Townsend, John E. Shassberger, Brian C. Clifford, Scott W. Akins, Stephen N. Burke, Robert T. Bennett, Douglas J. Brandeen, Michael L. Thrall, Thomas J. Phelan. Not Shown: James R. Ronka, Michael A. Kelly, Michael K. Harnett, Charles C. Gears. Class of 1990 Row 1: Michael T. Tisdale, Stephen W. Kline, Kather- ine M. Shaw, Christi L. Salazar, Karin A. Mullane, Adrianne C. Cosby, Mary Anne M. Hansel, Mark T. Brinkman, Stephen E. Majewski. Row 2: Donald E. Elam, Kellog C. Sharp, Sidney T. Jones, William L. Watson, Michael E. Araojo, Randall C. Banks, Mi- chael D. Gordon, Burchard C. Jackson, Timothy C. Barkdoll, George W. Sofield, Jose Cervantes, Douglas A. Mc Goff. Row 3: Stephen R. Farmer, Wesley R. Mc Call, James G. Stoneman, Raymond D. Godsil, Peter J. Schlegel, Robert H. Aeschbach, Christian G. Cabaniss, Edward T. De Wald, Jerry L. Ellsworth, Michael J. Kircher, Kurt K. Schoen. Not Shown: Mi- chael E. Karczewski. Row 1: Christian T. Perry, Todd A. Miller, Rene J. Rosales, Kristen B. Fabry, Sarah C. Morley, Jennifer J. Rowe, Lynn L. Stroth, Ana I. Vaughan, John P. Newton, Casey J. Moton, Paul G. Terlaje. Row 2: Christopher W. Whitehead, Dennis F. Penepacker, Matthew G. Reardon, Timothy P. Wachendorfer, Robert W. Preisser, Raymundo Villareal, Michael B. Boyd, Edward G. Hazlett, Richard Westhoff, David S. Bateshansky, Arthur L. Fairson. Row 3: Michael W. Loeffler, Christopher R. Thomas, Kenneth C. Bruley, Micheal N. Oluvic, Eduardo R. Benevides, Chris- topher J. Jacobsen, Lindley W. Grubbs, Paul J. Savell, Robert C. Sullivan, Michael W. Rentz, Jonathan C. Ciccone. 3i !l las Feuge iai, t I f % " ' ' + § ' m " Mfttoi i i 1 1 t ; iff f lit p i 1990 (« wW (below) 1991 ichael B. f, David i. Chris- J.Savell, jttan C f I I f I I t . ' : I t :■•» i I I f ; : f t : ' f. 1 I I 4t« ' • ••« Twentieth Company ny J I «3 1.-PV - LJ %% if • Twenty-First Company Best Wishes . . . Congratulations to our son. Ensign James S. Egan. We are very proud of you. Good luck and God bless you. Love, Mom and Dad Congratulations, Jason " Wally " Burke, 21st Company. We are so very proud. Good luck to Beaver, Eddie, Lumpy, and June. Love Mom and Dad Happy landings. Bill G. — Mom As you, Jon, embark on your adventure, may life bring happiness and success. Dad, Moth- er, Tasha, and Sarah ••dOOOO r m usenty - One c Fall Set Company Staff Spring Set Company Staff Commander: Commander: Robert W. Honeycutt Edward Alexander Sub-Commander: R Sut-Commander Adjutant: Robert W - Stron S Daniel B. Widdis Adjutant: Robert P. Tortora Jl. R 21 Company Officer: MAJ Jack Moore Class of 1988 Row .-Jonathan B. Dachos, Mark W. Jones, Robert R. Cox, Robert P. Tortora, Lisa R. Gregory, Tammy M. Adams, Lindsay T. Rough, Brian M. Hare, John J. Codtosson. Row 2: Brian A. Colley, Rodney K. Luck, Dominique E. Soave, Daniel B. Widdis, Greg B. Marbach, Mark F. Scanlon, Edward E. Alexander, Dave M. Gebhardt, Robert W. Strong. Row 3: Richard L. Bomhold, David P. Studer, Michael J. Rose, Bill M. Gross, Britain T. Price, Richard P. Silva, Jason B. Burke, James S. Egan, Joseph F. Donnelly. Not Shown: Gavin J. Fite, Robert W. Honeycutt. .% ■ t " t f f ».| | r v «■■ t Twenty-First Company 319 , • Twenty-First Company Underclass Class of 1989 Row 1: Stephen A. Wistner, Chad F. Acey, Charles W. Mills, Don A. Mills, Eric J. Reilly, Phillipp Lindogan, Todd R. King, Derek G. Tangeman, John D. Ralston. Row 2: Richard M. Hobbs, Jeff J. Emenaker, Robert b! Du Mont, Donald J. Glatt, Dale P. Hurley, Leif B. Harrison, Edward C. Maraist, Thomas L. Robertson, Thomas C. Popp, Brian S. Sears, David A. Salomon. Row 3: Kenneth E. Harrison, Robert B. Fryer, Brian W. ' Sullivan, Christopher L. Tranquill, Timothy S. Taylor, Frank E. Lugo, Ronald S. Lasorsa, Donald T. Vangilder, Michael W. Steadman. Not Shown: Earl E. Wartenberg, Bryon G. Meritt, Robert P. Lessard, Redante G. Dacanay. " MlWi,i f t f P $ l " t -■!. It I t " r f i : l :: f :: v ; t ;: t ; 1 -t t . m m $, 4 « 0, % • ■ - . ■■ Class of 1990 Row 1: Pete L. Nannini, Richard S. Hager, Deborah P. Sparkes, Carla M. Meyers, Lael A. House, Lynne A. Chapman, Heidi G. Savage, Frederick W. Kacher, Michael A. Maier. Row 2: Michael L. Burns, David M. Laudadio, John B. Frankhouser, Edward W. De Vinney, Charles A. Chadwick, Andrew B. Gentry, Joseph W. Kirby, Joseph G. Hurlihy, Brent D. Mar- quand, Daniel J. Underwood. Row 3: Keith C. Erdman, Jason G. Adkinson, Robert A. Cameron, Eugene T. Malveaux, Kelvin A. Ford, William J. Guanni, William C. Haggerty, Warren Yu, Jeffrey W. Smith. Not Shown: David S. Seydlitz, Herbert R. Race, Daniel ! . Pepper, Joseph P. Luchtenberg. Class of 1991 Row 1: Alex D. White, Leslie J. Raffini, Ann M. Komer, Michelle D. Reyes, Tracy L. Hansen, Kathryn L. King, Suzanne C. Defeo, Robert Issa, Daniel W. Gabier. Row 2: Anthony A. Case, Christopher L. Williamson, Stephen F. Murphy, James D. Bell, Gil- bert L. Hageman, Adam N. Brodbar, Jeffrey L. Rehmeyer, James M. Novak, Neil R. Albuja, Chris- topher Frye. Row 3: Matthew W. Maloney, Gregory L. Williams, Andrew H. Zakem, Dan B. Drake, Timothy A. Brooks, Anthony J. Monaco, Eric N. Pfister, Na- than J. Hawkins, Chris S. Lockett. Not Shown: David C. Berghult, Donald C. Chipman, Brett E. Howe, James K. Richards, William J. Robinette. 21 Twenty-First Company 321 323 VL • • " • ' ■ ' : , Twer Second Company Best Wishes Congrats! You make us all proud, Wcs. Love from all of the Summers ' clan Congatulations Michael! Our love, pride, and prayers are with you always. God bless you — The Kurka Family Best ofluck to the Class of ' 88! May your seas always be calm. Mr. and Mrs. J. Retzioff and family Congratulations to Eric K. Busko, 22nd Com- pany, and the Class of ' 88! Beat Army! With love and pride. Mother, Lisa, and Billy Congratulations, Mark Ho Song. Best wishes in your Navy career. May the winds that fill your sails lead you to a bright and promising future. With love, the Song Family Congratulations, Chuck Cash and the Class of ' 88. Continued success in the future. Love, Mom, Dad, and Dan To my son, John E. McKeon, God bless your spirit, effort, faith, and courage! Me ke aloha pumehana. Mom Matt Baiters — You know we ' re proud! Love, Mom, Dad, and Marcus Fall Set Company Staff Commander: Charles L. Cash Sub-Commander: Michael D. Tanner Adjutant: Hank A. Colburn Spring Set Company Staff Commander: Christopher S. Drewello Sub-Commander: Mark J. Retzioff Adjutant: Terence G. Emmert .1 Company 22 Company Officer: LT Joseph Jockel Class of 1988 Row I: Hank A. Colburn, Michael D. Tanner, Terry G. Emmert, Lawrence E. Gloss, Dave L. Woodbury, Eric K. Busko. Charles L. Cash Richard R. Bryant, Chris S. Drewello. Row 2: Gregg D. Lehocky, Douglas R. Schueler, Mark J. Retzloff, Eric F. Weilenman, Christian P. Dobleman, Sean F. Reid, Wesley I. Summers, Shawn L. Penrod Mike D. Mahaney, Rob L. Robinson. Row 3: Kevin M. Myers Jonathan E. Johnson, Harold S. Yeldell, John E. McKeon, Travis D. Zach, Thomas M. Duddy, Eric J. Reinhold, Matthew L. Baiters, Mark H. Song, David N. Sween. Not Shown: Russ J. Feldkamp, Michael J. Kurka. Eighth Company 325 m • Twenty-Second Company Underclass Class of 1989 Row 1: Thad E. Smith, Carlos A. Grez, Kristine M. Davis, Margaret L. Marcantonio, Adrienne M Hegman Maria S. Chapman, Sean T. Moriarty, Theodore L. Mc Coll, James M. Gameros. Row 2: William G Pickrel ' Emory A. Anderson, Mark R. Lauda, Eric E. Eastman, Jos eph W. Huffaker, Philip B. Janus, Patrick S Bayliss ' Alan M.Petro James F. Ehlert, Craig L. Wilson. Row 3: Robert M. Hagan, Patrick J. Hudson, Gordon b ' Colton, Brian E. Engel, Mike R. Tribble, Eric D. Cheney, Robert M. Floyd, Mark J. Wiggins, Rolf D Versluis " Christopher Saat, Raymond J. Benedict, David E. Gray. « P f ft t- :: | ' I: If I f, | : » | f |ii |:: 1 l Ail | B HHi H Class of 1990 fcw 7: Benjamin C. Salazar, Chris L. Pierce, Eric P. Brumwell, Joe B. Nelson, Jim S. Pfautz, Greg K. Wong, Karl E. Hines. Row 2: Harris B. Halverson, Jerry J. Highberger, George R. Graves, Trygve E. Hammer, Paul S. Cotter, Burk E. Lindsey, Scott A. Roza, Patrick J. Liberaski, James F. Fox, Geoffrey M. Grindeland. Row 3: Ted J. Scypinski, Louis J. Schager, Brian M. Garrison, John C. Lombardi, Eyo E. Ita, Anthony R. Kyvelos, Hugh J. Huck, David H. Foglesong. Not Shown: Arthur J. Reiss, Joseph C. Murphy. Glen S. Leverette, Adam L. Hunt, Daron D. Fullwood. Charles E. Berger. Class of 1991 Row 1: Ernest A. Howry, Luther K. Townsend, Hil- lary A. Brooks, Michelle L. Manick, Mary C. Mankin, Kristin C. Mawanay, Jennifer F. Diaz, Joseph Barbosa, Sunil B. Desai. Row 2: Joseph J. Pasquito, Jeffrey S. Sychterz, Michael A. Kuypers, Shaun C. Spang, J. Eric Anderson, Marcus B. Pletcher, Daniel B. Morio, Jeffry D. Guerrero, Brett A. Bourne, James H. Keaney, Robert W. Pickerill, Michael C. Pat- terson, Peter K. Malecha, Chistroper P. Vansickle. Row 3: Michael R. Hallisey, Stuart B. Maneta, Bryan J. Didier, Russell J. Coolman, Brian T. Woodard, Matthew W. Shipley, Sterling W. Dawley, Daniel j ' Barchi, Charles S. Willmore, Dale B. Hager, Robert J. Callahan. Not Shown: Jeffrey S. Sychterz. 22 " MflA HfTT :las I lift S.I JOrdor . » 1 1 : i ' ' li 9 i f t ♦ t ' t lift t t ' -:: ' ' «( ' ft ' • ■ A 4K w R 0h. rtv 990 (above) (below) 1991 ' 4flM , Josep Pasquiic ihaun C f. Dai ■ c. F ansii ta.Bnar Voodarc " i; | | f If ill : J ; , ( TO " • . ■ « , J VrtlTr. ' , Twenty-Second Company 327 • i t 329 Twenty-Third Company Best Wishes . . . " What ever you do — Be a good one! " — Raymond Wiggins, USN ' 42 Claude E. Richardson — A graduate with honors from Polytechnic Institute of Balti- more, MD. He is a student with a lot of inspiration and gets along easily with his peers. Live the questions, Greg. Love ya. Mom and Dad Our best wishes to Ensign Suzy Laufenberg, 23rd Company, and the Class of " 88. We love you, Suzy! Welcome home to San Diego, Mom and Dad, Henry, Jane and Amy, Nan- na, and Aunt Sue Fall Set Company Staff Commander: Bill H. Suggs Sub-Commander: Douglas M. Murphy Adjutant: Richard E. Scott Spring Set Company Staff Commander: Frank E. Mays Sub-Commander: Diane R. Wiggins Adjutant: Rick J. Acheson J 1 . Company Company Officer: LT Douglas 1 eMasters ftJJ: Robert P. Poellnitz, Claude E. Richardson Diane R Anastasia Kelly, K.mberly F. Boyer, William K Suggs Villareal. Row 2: Gregory P. Sauter, Collin W. Schatfer P nnypacker, Doug M. Murphy, Chns L. Abbott, Frank Rick J Acheson, Leslie M. HU1. Row 3: Richard E. Scott Yanvary, Brian A. Rathjen, Michael B. Davis, Ronald F Scott J. Christopher, M.chael G. Coleman Christopher X. Not Shown: Gary L. Formet, Susan M. Laufenberg, David . Wiggins, David E. Blaine S. E. Mays, Tyrone J. . Startzell, Kennedy. J. Rogers. PW " !J .P f . g t f I » f ikE-Ma sftSa £+ ' ' w Tweniy-Third Company 331 r , i i • . Twenty-Third Company Underclass Class of 1989 Row 1: Robert M. Reeves, Hsuan Y. Huang, Edward R. O ' Neill, James B. Webster, Matthew S. Tysler Joseph A. Malabanan, Joseph M. Mandichak, Scott M. Hurm, Mark A. Mearig. Row 2: John L. O ' Brien, Sieve P Mc Alearney, Duane J. Carr, James D. Gonsalves, Gregory C. Allen, G. Steven Vanni, John H. Cunningham, Ernest H. Greppin, John C. Ryan, Anthony E. Ahnen. Row 3: Douglas A. Rogers, James R. Armstrong, Matt A Tait, Christopher J. Lung, Calin J. Evon, Robert A. Forwalder, Kevin M. Claffy, Rich G. De Guzman Sean B Foley. Not Shown: Bart A. Taylor. ., -t t f .f JL i irrt tit " I " t ' " ' l H t " :: j it ■ s ' " ■ f ' ' h ' ' % : ' a ' « , • ■ . Class of 1990 fWH: Row 1: Chris D. Hitt, Daniel R. Tejada, Krista L. Pierpont, Melissa K. Metz, Doranea D. Clark, Eileen L. Haskins, Sinthi H. Nguyen, Glenn R. Weinstein, Vince Gutosky. Row 2: Mitchell D. Rios, Pablo R. Rodriguez, Michael W. Gochis, Brian K. Park, Paul D. Bowman, Stephen E. Boals, Louis E. Brown, Shawn C. Cash, Vinny E. Fragomene, David M. Springer, David M. O ' Neill, Jeff T. Barnaby. Row J.- William C. Mc Kinney, Robert A. Ferrante, Thomas W. Dent, Robert A. Dodd, Paul J. Snyder, Thomas E. Sanchez, Robert M. Bohanek, Matthew H. Ellis, John S. Fitzpatrick. Not Shown: Scott B. Schleicher, Shawn P. Malone. Class of 1991 Row 1: Christian J. Lenz, Jeff M. Jackson, Torrence P. Simmons, Joseph Dapollonio, Philip E. Sobeck, George C. Dyer, Donald L. Raines, Michael R. Lagow, Stephen D. Martin. Row 2: James K. Kalow- sky, Robert B. Cawley, Harold A. Terrell, Eric E. Austin, Luis Mulet, John F. Mc Vay, Douglas F. Fee, Edward P. Reddick, Alan R. Dingus, David Stohs, James D. Cooke, David M. Houff, Brian E. Crane. Row 3: Eric E. Otten, David M. Sharpe, Perry W. Kaly, Kenneth W. Zitz, William K. Kimmel, John L. Higginbotham, Eric A. Dukat, Luke G. Driscoll, Douglas Zimbelman, William F. Boss, Shawn D. Pautz, Johnathan B. Nolan. Not Shown: Sung Kyun Jeong. lass eP. Seai 25 ,f I t t f t .■■ % if t t t t | f | |:. ; L » if; i ■ ■fc 990 r«to (below) 1991 SoM had R. Kalo»- EncE F.F« Slob. « Cum erry xv John L Jriscol i»n D ' 8 Ky M | f IM f | : lf t t f tii:i ' t | f tit I t : I . :; - - 1 - 1» ■ ii ■• f f , ' , " . i 7 " " Twenty-Third Company 333 - ! Twenty-Fourth Company Best Wishes . . . Congratulations. Joe Lyons. God be with you. With love, pride, and prayers, Mom, Dad, Helen, MaryAnn, Scott, Babei, and Grandpa To my favorite mid Love, Helen JKP. Congratulations. Kevin, Congratulations! We are all very proud of you. Our prayers and best wishes go with you. Love, Dad, Mom, Steve, Bob, Syb, Mike, Monica, Billy, Kelly, and Ida Congratulations Kent Muilenberg, Class of ' 88, and 24th Company. Wear your gold proudly! Love, your family The light is very bright now. The end is near. We are very proud of you. Jack and love you very much, your parents 24th Company Vagabonds, Ride the bumps of the future with courage — go for it — you will make it — good luck to all. Mr. Martin Congratulations, Ensign John Kropcho. With love and pride we salute you and wish you the very best. Always love. Mom, Dad, and Christine Congratulations, Class of ' 88 — especially 24th Company. May all your dreams become a reality. Much love, happiness, and success in whatever you do. You always have a port in the storm with us. We sure enjoyed the tailgaters. The Kropcho ' s. Towanda, Pa Fall Set Company Staff Commander: Joe G. Barton Sub-Commander: Tim W. Reicher Adjutant: Jack D. Salyers Spring Set Company Staff Commander: Gregg W. Martin Sub- Com mander: Timothy S. Sweet Adjutant: Paul G. Simpson .3. Company 4 Company Officer: LT Joseph Rogers Class of 1988 Row I: Schuyler T. Sweet, Peter J. Yannakakis, Bob J. Bello, Kent K. Muilenburg, Jack D. Sayers, Dave R. Valadcz, Robert A. Pescatore. Row 2: Kevin J. Whearty, George A. Mazzoli, Joseph P. Franson, Charles M Bailley, Andrew D. Wannamaker, Dale A. Kelly, Mark D. Damisch Thomas M. Buehner, Timothy W. Reicher. Row J: Greg W. Martin, Joseph F. Lyons, Douglas A. Jones, Juan P. Rivera, Jeff K. Palmer John Kropcho, Alan Androski, Dana W. Cook. Not Shown: Thomas W. Temple, Paul G. Simpson, Pierre R. Kennedy, Joseph G. Barton. ' 4 fliPl Jml If; f % ft t.tl | § I ' ll % I ' " ' 4 f fa % V " " (§ " r| ]■+ Twenty-Fourth Company 337 i •• l Twenty-Fourth Company Underclass • fiu-k .t« ™ Class of 1989 Row J: Michael T. Scarry, Thomas R. White, Michelle D. Morlan, Elizabeth Meneeley, Kathleen J Monoghan Ann E. Hollenbeck, Monica K. Holland, Charles A. Rust, Stephen A. Mosier. Row 2: John P McGrew Arthur R. Lyman, David A. Michael, Michael D. Mc Gettigan, Stephen M. Newell, Charles W. Graver James C Walton, Edward J. Mc Govern, Anthony R. Blankenship, Jonathan T. Shemwell, Michael C Cornell Row ] Mike P. Kolster, Vincent A. Pagano, Cal D. Reeves, Steve E. McCormick, Kevin J. Kim Philo A Colborn ' David A. Roberts, Edward W. Tornberg, Erin L. Zellers, Richard A. Frey, Stephen L Burnett t ft f- f f f f |,| fit If | |.- : i $;;. " h ' $ " itfc %f iiL mm t? ' n ' Class of 1990 Row 1: Bradford T. Luke, Richard B. Steele, Patrick S. Cronin, George F. Franz, Adam C. Lochmann, James A. Young, Michael J. Herger, Daniel L. Chlarson, Craig T. Davidson. Row 2: Frank R. Bendik, Mike M. Malloy, Matt P. Klemish, Robert L. Wedow, Raul O. Gandara, Robert Musseman, Kenneth A. Clark, Den- nis R. Thomas, John J. Brady, Jeffrey E. Blankenship, Mario A. Mathisen, Rick Crabtree. Row 3: Carlos a ' Sardiello, Tom P. Bogan, Marc P. Scheipe, Brendan R. Mc Lane, Jim L. Hancock, Jeff D. Renwick, Kent W. Nelson, John H. Blalock, John A. Haga, Byung Tech Kim. Not Shown: William C. Suggs, Kevin R. Flynn. Class of 1991 Row 1: Scott Y. Yamamoto, Alton D. Delane, Francine A. Barilar, Jo Ann L. Mc Cabe, Caren M. Ritter, Kimberly L. Church, James G. Baker, James M. Vandermeer, Eric K. Lind. Row 2: Rex A. Kiteley, Kevin S. Hinton, Rodney S. Coleman, James M. Russo, David E. Johnson, Duncan S. Barber, Todd A. Bahlau, Glen W. Mac Donald, Alexander E Stewart, Joseph R. Baich. Row 3: John J. Patterson, Ben A. Davila, Todd R. Finley, Ian T. Hadden, Djuan U. Graham, Chris M. Nickels, Corey B. Franklin, John L. Kelsey, Jeffrey G. Heiges, David M. Dromsky. Not Shown: Charles M. Stuart, Mark L. Sweet, Patrick J. McAlear. " T -las; ■■¥N Wi ir ■Mr.ii James ( ifa ColK) % t ill ViN 1990 «ud Stewar Jin, John (below) 1991 MJ|1i r t t t t % i in 1 1 : i « • » ' + ' ■+ " " ' Twenty-Fourth Company 339 ■ ■ 24 34 ' BBOOH B ■ Twe y-Fifth Company Best Wishes . . . Congratulations, Ensign Joseph R. Dundas, 25th Company. We are very proud of you! Keep your goals high, stand tall, be proud of your accomplishments, and may your future be filled with challenges. Be sucessful. We love you — Mom, Dad, and Marie Through the long, dark watches, carry on, Paul. Congatulations, Class of ' 88! Thanks for many great memories for Tom to treasure — The Tippetts Michael, your family is so very proud of you. Love and prayers always. The Marchildons Congratulations to the Class of ' 88 and the 25th Company. We ' re proud of you, Jeff. Love from Mom, Dad, Dave, Shawn, Doug, Deb, and Dan Congratulations to the class of 1988! From the Altobello ' s. GO NAVY!! BEAT ARMY!! Fall Set Company Staff Spring Set Company Staff Commander: Commander: Tom A. Tippett Thomas J. Melnick Sub-Commander: Sub-Commander: Gordon S. Valentine Mark D. Altobello Adjutant: Adjutant: David M. Fravor Rico P. Vera Company Officer: LT Rodney Raymor K ■ 25 Class of 1988 Row 1: Kevin S. Arnold, Nicholas J. Amatuccio, Michelle L. Meria, Kathleen A. Kubiske, Elizabeth J. Shaffer, Scott F. Manning, Thomas A. Tippett. Row 2: Ernest P. Fuchs, Dedrick D. Baker, Mark A. Lamczyk, Bradley S. Mullen, Gregory S. Williams, Curtis D. Avery, Rico T. Vera, David M. Fravor, Steven E. Trent, Joseph R. Dundas. Row J:Toaale S. Mulitavaopele, Mike J. Marchildon, Ed Sloop, Mark D. Altobello, Kirk A. Williams, David C. Chapates, Thomas J. Melnick, Daniel K. Bacon, Gor don S. Valentine. Not Shown: Jeffrey A. Cassidy. Jj|t O f!!» i I t I t I n t fik ? M l , v ' K Twenty-Fifth Company 343 • ; - . . • , Twenty-Fifth Company Underclass Class of 1989 Row 1: David T. Sadler, Scott T. Love, Randolph H. Reyes, Sung Kim, Carl A. Lahiti, Daniel J Rivera Joel S McFadden, Jim P. Waters, Jay G. Crabtree. Row 2: Thomas S. Druen, Mark E. Sanders, Brian B. Nicholson Paul P. Ryan, Jeff T. Ellsworth, Mark F. Springer, Frederick R. Luchtman, Edward J. Bott Carl G Nyberg ' Darren D. Petro, Donald S. Brown, Suda T. Cabral, Alexander B. Chao. Row 3: Todd R. Kousky Michael o ' Connelly, Dan W. Brune, Scott D. Porter, Gregory J. Cozad, Rick B. Eitel, Todd M. Moore, David M Schhevert, Frank A. Boylan, Armando E. Batastini. Not Shown: Theodore A. Zobel. Class of 1990 Row 1: John A. Barnocky, Fred J. Alexander, Laurie S. Wood, Christine N. Bath, Valerie Rawlings, Janet S. Fuller, Lynne M. Smith, Jose R. Flores, Anthony P. SanJose. Row 2: Craig M. Foster, Kevin C. Mon- aghan. Ken A. Niederberger, Raymond M. Tortorelli, Edward G. Gernat, Craige O. Thompson, Kent R. Schrader, Dan W. Bryan, James S. Owaga, Frank E. Johnston, Troy M. Mc Clelland. Row 3: Eric M. Lewis, Doug P. Sullivan, Mark G. Schrecker, W. Lewis Glenn. Tim B. Smith, Rob J. Hunt, Mark C. Carroll, ilenn M. Hopson, Rick G. Crabtree, Steven C. Ohmste Not Shown: Rodney T. Brown. Class of 1991 Row 1: Richard W. Gordon, Owen J. Jones, Carlos A. Patino, Carlos R. Guardiola, Michael D. Callahan, Charles C. Mulieri, James J. Mucciarone, John J. De Bellis, Bruce W. Bosworth. Row 2: Daron L. Lenzendorf, Ralph H. Stowell, Curtis P. Collette, Robert C. Friedman, Bradley S. Carlson, Tyler R. Turvold, Edward D. Fay, Ronald P. Preiss, Armando Estrada, Kyle Y. Mitsumori. Row 3: Michael J. Han- nan, Mark A. Guillory, Bruce M. Easterling, David W. Way, Matthew L. Leahey, Mark A. Delahanty, Karl A. Andina, Jason C. Davis, Carter B. Edge, Stewart G. Smith, Matthew G. Conger. M lass v . i 1 1 1 t , , If It I f tf; | f;l | I ♦ 1 : .v : ? ■■ " ■! t -• ;-,;«; ' vf; t " % 1990 r« (below) 199 nJ.De iron L. fit ft .1 f 1 ,.,. ' ■ ' % " % f f t t ,t t I Twenty-Fifth Company 345 . i 347 ' Twenty-Sixth Company Best Wishes . . . Congratulations and lots of love to Jim Sarfert and the great guys and gals in 26th Company. The USMC got the best! Love, Mom and Dad Congratulations, Alfred Anton Bunge! Your ensign stripe — what you ' ve worked for — was a mere dream in ' 84. A lowly plebe, four years to go, now on your shoulder, the hard won goal! Love, Lucia Anton Good luck! Happy flying, Dave. The whole Geary Clan is proud of you! Good luck, smooth sailing. Class of 1988. Jim and Evelyn Victory Class of ' 88, 26th Company — Our love and very best wishes to the greatest group there is. Steve, Susie, and Windsor Laing With love and pride we congratulate you, Joe Fischer and the outstanding young men and women of the 26th Company. Best wishes and schnapps all around to the Class of ' 88. Love, Mom and Dad Best wishes to the Class of ' 88, 26th Com- pany, and Ensign Staten! Soar like an eagle, Bob! Love, Mom and Dad Congratulations and best wishes to the Class of ' 88 from the Santo Salvo ' s. A salute to Ensign James Johnson for a job " well done " — Mom Ted — We are so proud of you! On the wings of an eagle . . . soar! Much love, Mom, Dad, Jennifer, and Jessica P 1 ! Fall Set Company Staff Commander: Dominick A. Cipolla Sub-Commander: John J. Keeling Adjutant: Matt McKiernan Spring Set Company Staff Commander: Dean A. Orvis Sub-Commander: Lester M. Wolf Adjutant: Dominick A. Cipolla HBaMMl Company Officer. LCDR William Wheeler Class of 1988 Row 1: Anthony L. Thome, Carlos R. Flores, Alfred A. Bunge, Dom.nick A. Cipolla, Wayne P. Brisson, Thomas J. Victory Dean F. Valentine, John J. Keeling, Steven E. Cedrun. Row 2: Kevin R. Barnell David G. Cleary, Eric A. Laing, Thomas E. Turner, Lester M. Wolf James L. Johnson, James R. Maguire, James C. Sarfert, Mark B. Guevarra Kevin J. Ross, Matthew McKiernan, Joseph Fischer, Alan M Greenwood. Row 3: Marshall G. Millett, Brian E. Bell, Michael L. Bramble, Christopher B. Snyder, Timothy P. Yanuc.l Thomas P. Smith, Ted A. Biggie, Dean H. Orvis, Bob A. Staten, John T. Santo Salvo. A. Orvis f P4Pft ' I t t I ' , |||| -I ' M " f r i. ' 1. I ' , Twenty-Sixth Company 349 Twenty-Sixth Company Underclass Class of 1989 Row 1: Kevin R. Wesley, Donald W. Gelsinger, Sally A. Chamberlain, Julie M. Niedermaier, Cassandra A. Crownover, Elizabeth P. Wainscott, Jennifer G. Burch, Paul T. Druggan, Anthony C. Horton. Row 2: Keith D. Bell, Charles W. Gill, Bret N. Pasiuk, Randall E. Ivener, Daniel A. Miller, Timothy S. Rennick, Christopher M. Stamper, Patrick K. Morrow, Christopher G. Campbell, Daniel S. Smalley. Row 3: Tim R. Goering, Paul M. Riegert, Paul S. Kruszka, Rommel M. Esteves, John R. Hoofnagle, Albert C. Kinney, Jeffrey R. Bradbury, Stone L. Hill, Andrew C. Jarrett. Not Shown: Gregory S. Pekari. a— 1 Vt J t i f t-.| f t t " f |: |J| + ' t f : i :: i : ' : t : ■ ' :■■ % t- IN fT M v:. Class of 1990 Row 1: Darrin B. Sanders, Craig Schwartz, Norman J. Freebeck, Alex P. Mercier, Mark J. Fiori, Michael K. Bice, Marshall W. Stukes, Jeffrey M. Grimes, Darrin S. Guillory. Row 2: Aaron T. Johnson, Henry A. Miller, Robert M. Liebe, David P. Sanders, Gary R. Owens, John B. Mustin, Russ S. McCormack, James H. Delaney, Stacey S. Whitehead, Sean P. O ' Flaherty, Pete A. Charles, Joseph W. Daugherty. Row 3: Rob E. Beauchamp, Paul A. Cannon, Michael D. Megeath, James A. Carroll, Steven D. Williams, Jeffrey J. Naglestad, Craig A. Holtslander, Walter G. Garner, Mark R. Arvizu. Not Shown: David A. Mitchell. Class of 1991 Row 1: Peter S. Merrill, Darby F. Valley, Gilbert D. Rivera, Scott V. Mowery, Jensin Weng, Tara M. Lee, Stephanie N. Mateev, Brian L. Banks, Daniel J. Zoot, Michael J. Koslow. Row 2: Joseph R. Britton, Mark J. Lenart, Corey A. Garrett, Jason X. Hackerson, Keith C. Stevens, Michael A. Reiners, Stephen W. Lindsay, John J. McDonough, David A. Schalm, Matthew S. Busch, Shawn M. McGehee, Christopher L. Kelley. Row 3: Eric D. Klepper, Robert C. Toney, Scott F. Humphrey, William A. McConvey, Jerry R. Foltz, Leon R. Jablow, Cory A. Bouck, Robby F. Schimelpfening, Andrew L. Causey, Wade A. Epps, Michael W. Zuna. I. f!9ft f t f t f III t tiff t i t ! rt f if I f f f | ■»: f i: li. ' ! r ■■■ 1990 r M (below) 1991 raMJ el J.Zoot. iiM tp f 1 1 1 t { ' if 1 t t 1 fill rff : ; t : » : i » i ( u ■ ■ Twenty-Sixth Company Company «3Z? 1 7V , . 26 353 ■■mnno Twen yoeventh Company Best Wishes . . . John Podolak, we ' re proud of you! Good luck to you in Navy Air! Love, Mom, Dad, Sue, and Kate Congratulations, Jed. We are very proud of you and what you have accomplished. Keep a lion in your heart. We wish you the very best of everything. Love, Mom and Dad To our Midshipman Greg Acton and all the Class of ' 88 — Best wishes and God-speed in all the time to come, Bill Ann Acton Way to go, ' 88, 27th, and Brad Bookwalter. May your life be as great as you ' ve made ours. Semper Fi — Love, Mom, Dad, Derrick, and family James Horten — We brought in a boy ... but he came out a man. Dad and Sis To the entire Class of ' 88: BRAVO ZULU! To Kurt Juengling, God speed, fair winds and following seas in the years to come. We ' re very proud of you. Love, Mom, Dad, Lisa, Grammie, and Uncle Al Fall Set Company Staff Spring Set Company Staff Commander: Commander: _ , , , An dy P. McCartin John D. Zimmerman Sub-C ommander: Sub-Commander: Max Q. Mejia Jed C. Smith Adjutant: Adjutant: Kurt W. Juengling Robert C. Sparrock illi Company Class of 1988 Row 1: Michael J. Munoz, Jeffery L. Limle, Greg L. Acton, Maximo Q Mejia John D. Zimmerman, Michael B. Schultz, Jerry P. Hupp, Jerry A Dickerson, Thomas C. Gomez. Row 2: Matthew J. Felt, Andy P McCartin Kurt W. Juengling, Thomas F. Pietkiewicz, David J. Hoff Jed C Smith, Scott D. Morrisey, Michael P. Hodges, Robert C. Sparrock Alan D. Czeszynski. Row 3: Brad A. Bookwalter, Thomas E White Larry W. Strimple, Mark M. Wesley, John E. Podolak, Joseph A Zebrowski, Dean A. Sacerdote, Steven C. Townsend, James E. Horten, Owen M. Travis. Not Shown: Richard H. Fatzinger. „i| ' I t t t I , || it f t . : .v ' l ! ' • fT» ' l ' i ' t I t ; t 4f JH Sfa " ■ - V V ' ? ' % f-, ' Twcnt -Seventh Company 355 Twenty-Seventh Company Underclass D , Q Class of 1989 Row 1: Sean P. O ' Malley, Francisco J. Gutierrez, Robert A. Kovalchik, Catherine L. Lawson, Anne A. Hotis Alison M. Smith, Mary Jo Salerno, Anthony C. DePrizio, John P. Eckardt. Row 2: Neftali Pagan, Thomas e ' Fletcher, James W. Melone, Patrick M. Owens, Alexander G. Deluna, Vincent H. Scott, Charles ' G. Strassle Matt Hermstedt, Mark P. Moynihan, Jaime Borrego. Row 3: Andrew J. Darcy, Gregory A. Grubbs, Darrin 1 Whaley, Robert B. Beymer, Paul M. Parashak, Richard D. Thompson, Milton J. Songy, Jon M. Sablan Michael T. Cuccio. Not Shown: James M. Markey. Class of 1990 Row 1: William J. Kuzmick, Tim J. Peifley, Deborah L. Williams, Michelle Vanexel, Mary Kay Wegner, Leah M. Faris, Melissa M. Bowers, Miguel R. Sierra! Horace J. Sermons. Row 2: Robert K. Takesuye, Con- rad E. Sanville, Alfred W. Breed, Martin L. Whitfield, Thomas R. Gesell, Tom A. Young, David W. Haas, Dave D. Hebert, Neil V. Cucuzzella, Christopher J. Culver, Donald J. Miterko, Robert M. Lockwood, Jeff C. Wiemann. Row 3: Adrian Alcazar, Monty G. ian. Hector L. Rodriguez, Raymond J. Roberts, Beckman, Ken D. Georgi, Willis E. Putnam H. Browne, David M. Sanders, Jose i Jeffrey D. Renwick. Class of 1991 Row 1: Kevin L. Stein, Maurice H. Carr, Michael C. Gerry, Frank G. Wakeham, Jeffrey A. Trail, Chris- topher J. Downey, Conrad G. Dungca, Daniel P. Shea, Jeffrey E. Falcone. Row 2: Joseph A. Diguardo, Christopher P. Stuart, Ashton C. Brinson, James M. Gomez, Gary J. Takis, Richard D. Brawley, Michael D. Neuser, James N. Adamson, Daniel L. Forry, Christopher J. Schneider, Russell D. Johnson, Ronald M. Bishop, Justin M. Shineman, Gareth L. Crossley. Row 3: Keith D. Green, Anthony M. Bruce, Dwayne M. Davis, Scott S. Kokka, Stephen F. Austin, Eric S. Sawyers, Dennis I. Hayden, Gregory P. Harders, Steven R. Haynes. Not Shown: Jonathan J. Testwuide, Cesar M. Rojas, Stephen C. Brzostowski. — :.. ■ . :. : i= rar ' MBA, If las is u Sua- Dam- L Sabfa -wfi • m» - ,« i «r !■? " fc aim ■K 1990 fatov,; (below) 1991 9,7 laniei P. liguan ames ! MichE .. Forr. D« i, Eric S. A tfi t| t Iff t tttf % i t t t f t t t : . » m ' " 4| 0fc fc V : v : .»» Twenty-Seventh Company 357 ? if 27 359 Twe Eighth Company Best Wishes Uncle Bern ' s investment paid off. Congrat- ulations — Mom, Dad, Laura, Alison From Mark Maglin ' s parents with love and pride. Jeff Napoliello — We hope your future gives you as much joy and pleasure as you have given us with all your accomplishments. We are so proud that you are a part of a long and deep tradition — the long " Navy Blue and Gold Line. " Thank you for being an excellent son. Go forward and be happy, with all our love and God ' s blessings. Mom and Dad Congratulations to the 28th Company and the Class of ' 88. Our love and pride to you. Ensign W. Grant Mager. May God continue to bless you in your endeavors. Love, Mom, Dad, and Stuart To Darryl Leverne Smith: God bless and best wishes. Thanks for being a loving son. We all love you! Mom, Granddad, family, and in blessed memory of Gran Way to go, Joe! Soar like an eagle. Con- gratulations and God bless you. Love, Mom and Dad and the Gang Congratulations, Brad! Love, Mom, Steph, and Shaun Fall Set Company Staff Commander: Lawrence A. Wadford Sub-Commander: W. Grant Mager Adjutant: David K. Flick Spring Set Company Staff Commander: Paul A. Dolan Sub- Com mander: Alberto R. Alberto Adjutant: Daniel J. Higgins Company Officer: LT Joseph Hayden S8 Class of 1988 Row I: Darryl L. Smith, Stephen Gutosky, Alberto R. Alberto, Brian M. Van Norman, Lawrence A Wadford, Curtis A. Wold, Michael P. Mc Donnell, David K. Flick, Timothy B. Cherry. Row 2: John F. Hawley, Mark P. Maglin, Mark A. Haden, Juan I. Segovia, Brian T. Davis, Deric A. Camarigg, Mark S. Carlton, Daniel J. Higgins, Robert A McLauchlan, Patrick W. Brown, Jeffery T. Napohello. Row J.- Hampton H. Tanner, Erik A. Myhre, Curtis M. Irby, Braddock W. Treadway, Michael M. Lanterman, Joseph P. Kerstiens, Grant W. Mager, Scott R. Davis, Jason J. Ross, Paul A. Dolan. Not Shown: James S. Schwab, Martin R. Beaulieu. ! 1 {% tfl:| 1 1 t 1 t r r ■ : » • 4 ' rf : , k% • " ) - 1 - Twenty-Eighth Company 3 ? . .. i . Twenty-Eighth Company Underclass Class of 1989 Row 1: Geoffrey A. Cielo, Julie A. Morgan, Elizabeth A. Thomas, Laurie J. Mundy, Michele A. Prevost, Kimberly A. Feltault, Susan B. Seaman, Charles E. Quintas, David C. Hurley. Row 2: Jeremy B. Chio, John A Tekverk, Joe P. Toth, David S. Merker, Stephen V. Martell, Tom M. Mathis, Shan M. Byrne, Bryan E Cheeseman, Peyton M. Allen, Scott B. Lysaght, Erik G. Harrison. Row 3: Kent S. Berry, Vera C. Cole, Craig s! Prather, Ron J. Novak, Casey C. Travers, Kevan D. Katuin, Louis J. Durso, Robert J. Jones, ' Peter J. O ' Connor, Gregory C. Huffman, Noberto M. Nobrega. Not Shown: Mark R. Pimpo, Kenneth R. Johansen Kathleen C. Jamieson. fffft t t tf:f J t,. I • i; : j. :: f :;t- :: |;: 4 A i% th W " ■ ■Hl Class of 1990 Row 1: Frank H. Redd, James B. Tannihill, Warren R. Abel, Michael T. O ' Brien, Brad W. Bogan, Mark C. Ortega, Francis X. Asper, John F. Crowley, Jacob H. Espinoza. Row 2: Jon D. Drews, Brent R. Gregory, Michael J. Pestorius, Robert E. Bunger, Rick C. McCormack, Neil B. Covington, Michael J. Stevens, G. Jeff Stewart, Kyle E. White, Joel D. Fantz, William S. White, Stephen J. Amiaga. Row 3: Ronald F. Kramps, Ernesto M. De la Rivaherrera, Joshua J. Kitchen, Eric C. Lange, Michael L. Renegar, Sam K. Guertin, Brad J. Staley, Michael D. Nash, Rick A. Van Derostyne. Not Shown: Christopher C. Straw, Francis J. Kasprzak, Peter J. Clarke. Class of 1991 Row 1: John A. Meyer, William L. Campbell, Maureen M. Magnan, Jennifer C. Taitt, Earnestine M. Johnson, Penelope K. Hardy, Hai T. Cao, Andrew J. Gebera, Patrick J. Kilbride, Paul L. McKenzie. Row 2: John R. Delaere, Donald A. Zaremba, Gordon S. Wilson, Keith P. Reams, Richard D. Wilmes, Alec R. Mac Kenzie, Kenneth S. Barber, Fred W. Lindsay, Matthew N. Hess, John C. Jones, John L. Clawson, Steven E. Howell, Morgan J. Miller, Andrew G. Ramon. Row 3: Anthony J. Whittington, Raymond C. Barata, Thomas A. Braden, Edward A. Stevens, James A. Davis, Michael D. Fisher, Mark S. Fleming, Robert W. Barry, Joseph T. Phillips, Christopher B. Graham, Jonathon R. Thornburgh, Timithy L. Cou- ture. Not Shown: Daniel J. Orcutt. •? £o Cra . I f I ft t J | iff f if fit t I ft I ? : t. ii- . . . • 1990 (above) (below) 1991 ■nesttne y ie.J ri rew G itevens, Twenty-Eighth Compa ny363 . _. « JHHHBIMHMHI ■ ' Twenty-Ninth Company Best Wishes . . . Richard D. McGrath — You achieved your dream! Be proud, you deserve it! Love you! — Mommy ENS Bill Park: You have met all the chal- lenges of the best, now challenge the rest with what the best has to offer. Love, Mom, Dad, and Diane Shaun Donnelly — You are the best son ever. We love you dearly. We are very proud of you! Robin — Job well done, may God ' s grace be with you always. Love, Dad and Mom Dear Trey — Congratulations on your achievement. We are so proud and love you so much. What a privilege to have a son such as you. Good Luck, NFO. Mother and Dad Congratulations, Judy! Raymond P. Kempisty ' 78 and Annette Abiera Kempisty Well done. Class of 1988!! To our " future Admiral " Greg Lamb, 29th Company, all our love. We are proud of you! You too, John. Love from Mom, Dad, and all the rest Fly low and slow, sail high and dry, drive safe and sane. God bless you all, and have a ball, ' til you reach home again — J. R. Brenner God bless you Judy, 29th Company. Love, Mom and Dad Kempisty, Grandmother, Ma- ry DeVries, Ciupak family, Diana and Car- oline Kelly Judy — Happy Days! You made some of your dreams come true. Sorry about Adam Ant. G.K. :5 Fall Set Company Staff Spring Set Company Staff Commander: Commander: Michael T. Camilleri Brian P. Clancy Sub-Commander: Sub-Commander: Trey W. Wheeler Scott R. Shire Adjutant: Adjutant: Eric R. Wyatt Rich B. McGrath ■«. Company Officer: LT Michael Sweeney Class of 1988 Row 1: Willie W. Wheeler, Elena L. Abuyen, Cassondra L. Preer, Robin D. Buxton, Gretchen C. Stage, Ernest P. Kostos, William D. Park. Row 2: James L. Cox, Brian P. Clancy, Stephen C. Coker, Gregory C. Lamb, Timothy E. Mattison, Joseph R. Brenner, Jon S. Hooper, Shaun H. Donnely, Timothy J. Brunn. Row 3: Scott R. Shire, Michael T. Camilleri, Richard B. McGrath, Andrew J. Greene, How- ard Payton, Robert S. Harrill, Stephen D. Sladky, Thomas A. Smith. Not Shown: Eric R. Wyatt, George A. Mazzoli, Judy L. Kempisty. Twenty-Ninth Company 367 Twenty-Ninth Company Underclass Class of 1989 Row 1: Roderick I. Manabat, John R. Graham, Adam P. Holmes, Matthew S. Scribner, James K. Reining, Brian A. Wong, Carther F. Jorgensen, Daniel J. Eckhart, Daniel D. Catlin. Row 2: Theodore V. Wingfield, ' Lance R. Fuller, Gerard F. Schaefer, Scott S. Jensen, John J. Bellino, Mark W. Bergmann, Robert M. Ruiz] William A. Fries, Matthew K. Martin, David Milot, Timithy C. Gallaudet. Row 3: Reece D. Morgan, Mark R. Breeden, Anthony J. Iuculano, Thomas J. Magnani, Paul A. Herbert, John W. Datka, William C. Ormsby, Randall L. Smith, Charles R. Messenger, Steven R. Hampson, Paul J. Ling. Not Shown: Kip O ' Connor. ift lljkjiir t I If f If I I I % i i t " t V ' i t i :; « ° z ) m Jh mAs J ' " »v ' ' fr %% ' 1% ' ■I H Class of 1990 Row 1: David G. Wasson, Robert W. Pritchard, Tonya L. Henderson, Anne M. Katcharian, Laura B. Williams, Pamela L. Krahl, Christina E. Frueh, Pat- rick C. Kane, Robert F. Wojcik. Row 2: Anthony H. Sugalski, Michael D. Alesi, Christopher E. Crane, Thomas W. Callander, Todd A. Gibbs, James B. White, Michael J. Mangiapane, Harvey R. Klyce, Jerome P. Lavely, Wesley C. Bannister, Jay T. Jamis- on, Gregory T. Schwaiger, James D. Turner. Row 3: Rhoderick G. Dacanay, James D. Stowe, Brian L. Keith, Jonathon R. Pfiffner, Christopher J. Rosen, James T. Foster, Aaron M. Cadena, Peter E. Her- inger, Peter G. Vasely, Mark T. Zauel. Not Shown: Keith A. Knutsen. Class of 1991 Row 1: John A. Price, Jerry A. Gordon, Sherif M. Samy, Albert H. Hincken, Stephen C. Rodriguez, Dennis A. Espiritu, Bonifacio Vinfrido. Row 2: Dan- iel B. Hodgson, Jonathon W. Sacks, Robert L. Clukey, Michael B. Mas, Cliff P. Pearce, Scott C. Gustafson, William W. Wilson, Matthew N. Bowers, Stanley J. Krasovic, Jeff E. Everage. Row 3: Damon S. Fetters, Nicholas C. Berra, Michael A. Guthrie, Kevin P. Blenkhorn, James N. Hickman, Eric V. Peterson, Neil E. Funtanilla, James D. Mulik, John B. De Bruin. Not Shown: Alton L. Grizzard. lass t ' Jif t ft £ ' ;.,v,Y w % ■ 990 (above) (below) 1991 I t! ft 1,1 J t ft I ■ t-« t t ft — Twenty-Ninth Company 369 X - £i%3 371 . • • Thirtieth Company Best Wishes . . . Dear Andy: ' 88, 30th Company memories: steeple, track, top 100. Future: TBS, P-coIa. Love, the family of Andy Shaw Smooth sailing and happy landings to the Class of ' 88, and especially to my son, Bill Macchione, who never fails to make me proud of him. " Nice going, Buck! " God bless you and much love, Popper With pride and love we salute you, Ensign John Freese. Congratulations and happy fly- ing. Love, Mom and Dad Way to go, Keith! Congratulations to all of 30th Company and the Class of ' 88 for a job well done and a future well begun. Love, the Beals family Fall Set Company Staff Commander: Jon E. Swanson Sub-Commander: Matt T. Treaster Adjutant: Rob R. Grasse J Spring Set Company Staff Commander: Michael G. Milo Sub-Commander: Milt K. Guzman Adjutant: Mike R. Bynum m Company Officer: CAPT Sue Sitlcr Class of 1988 Row 1: Scott F. Lowry, Dave B. Madigan, Charisse M. Mann, Annette C. Schlutermann, Missy L. Cummings, Laura S. Stroman, Chris J. Rakow, William A. Macchione, David D. Romberger. Row 2: Keith A. Beals, Tom J. Caffney, Milt K. Guzman, John M. Freese, Tim W. Conway, Todd J. MacDonald, Richard Canedo, Andrew L. Shaw, Matthew T. Treaster, Michael R. Bynum. Row 3: Christopher J. Dirks, Robert R. Grasse, Terence B. Moran, Jon C. Swanson, John C. Church, Michael G. Milo, M. Paul Qualey, Robert F. Simi, Chris D. Warren, Steve Coughlin. «ft ft t f Hit. !t fit1t ,: t rviw; ' to( K I: ii Thirtieth Company 373 . • • Thirtieth Company Underclass Class of 1989 Row 1: Leland E. Modesitt, Charles S. Henderson, Marc J. Pedalino, Tommy E. Coker, Robert E. Stevens, Daniel Gentry, Robert A. Cady, Thomas P. Farina, Nicholas J. Etten, Paul J. Gallagher. Row 2: C. Christopher Smith, Burton B. Sunderland, William B. Snead, Mark D. Jorgensen, Tyler L. Frautschi, Edward F. Toppi, Shaun R. Flanagan, John P. Olsen, Victor V. Newsom, Christopher L. Fraticelli, Paul M. Radomski, Todd H. Nichols. Row J; Nicholas G. Rigopoulos, Curt W. Hoffman, Joseph F. LePage, Thad E. Nisbett, Jay J. LaPoint, Sean K. McCartney, Mark R. Breeden, Matthew C. Sandoval, Robert W. Busby, Richard A. Beutter, Jose L. Garza. Not Shown: Kevin S. Paschal. if t lift ■M i f ft | It i 1 1 rti t %, f m M..WM Class of 1990 Row 1: Wayne A. Parker, Edgar F. Montgomery, Colleen M. McFeely, Jennifer A. Hampson, Patricia C. Campbell, Jennifer U. Redman, Joseph L. Gar- diner, Lewis P. Berry, Mark A. Creasy. Row 2: Jason M. Carter, George D. Knight, James S. Young, Quinton R. Bell, Paul J. Buzzelli, Michael W. Bernhard, Joseph E. Blackstone, Charles A. Carver. Row 3: Jeffery N. Drake, Harold T. Workman, Gerard K. Shanley, Franz D. Messner, Matthew M. Norm, in, Richard J. Gurdak, Karl E. Jensen, Wil- liam E. " hase. Not Shown: Stephen M. Trafton, An- dre L. Smj . William E. Randall, Sean P. Kent, Mark A. House, B iv. K. Hopkins, George J. Dennis. Class of 1991 Row 1: Joseph P. Gottschalk, Donald L. Landry, Tabeetha M. Moesinger, Dawn C. Habel, Michiko J. Martin, Susan L. Mitchell, Mary L. Beasley, Kathryn M. Graves, John H. Wolfe, Robert O. Glenn, David A. Ochoa. Ro w 2: Michael B. Tanner, Alexander D. Brinker, Mark J. Knollmueller, David J. Lesser, Wil- liam M. Brown, Muhammad M. Alnairat, Tracey E. Jenkins, William S. Abrams, Roger A. Sanchez, Rob- ert L. Brookshier, Jon F. Beckman, James R. Carlson, Thomas W. Caywood. Row 3: Scott A. Chandler, William M. Gallagher, Anthony L. Gilbert, Paul J. Mc Cambridge, Tommy M. Short, Michael H. Smith, Sean R. Liedman, Michael J. Borgschulte, Frank M. Schenk, Paul K. Ewing, Robert S. Steiner, Wayne A. Acoba. Not Shown: Kevin P. Fisher, Kevin M. O ' Connor, Robert M. Sehnert. Thirtieth Company 375 • 377 • . • Thirty-First Company Best Wishes . . . God bless you, John Romines and 31st Com- pany. Love, Major, Mom, and Cindy 2LT Thomas E. McKean, USMC. Congrat- ulations and the Lord bless. With love. Dad, Mom, and all the family Christopher Karp and first class, 31st Com- pany. An unforgettable four years, admirably accomplished. Proudly, with love, Jerry, Pauline, Caroline, the zoo! Eric — Check Six. Bill and Helen Savage To Keith Folkerts — Best wishes and God ' s blessing on your life as you launch this new phase. The love and prayers of all your family go with you. Aloha, Ensign Michael Civello! Fair winds and following seas to the Class of ' 88. Mom, Dad, Kathy, and Lori Chris Lord — No words can express my pride. Love. Dad Job well done. We are proud, Jimbo. Love, Mom, Dad, Tom, and M.M. Fall Set Company Staff Commander: Tony J. Ludovici Sub-Commander: Tom M. Williams Adjutant: Michael J. Civello Spring Set Company Staff Commander: James F. Traa Sub-Commander: J. Phil Phillips Adjutant: Michael J. Civello 31 Class of 1988 Row .-Thomas E. McKean. Christopher Karp, Kate M. Brennan, Erin A Wilson Lini McCarthy, Margaret M. Jockel, Lori L. Sorokatch, Joseph T. Phillips, James F. Traa. Row 2: Keith E. Folkerts, Rudolph M. Janiczek, Marshall L. Swor, Nhut Q. Tran, Craig A. Colby, Donald M Waymire, Currie P. Crookston, Christopher J. Lord, John A. Romines. Row 3: James H. Spence, Anthony J. Ludovici, Thomas M. Williams, James D. Grassey, Kenneth M. Pascal, Erich J. Wahl. Not Shown: Michael J. Civello, Rasheed Elmoslimany, Eric J. Savage. I t | ... t 1 t: r - 1 t fr ' fo ' ' m ' ' f V iflb % sF.Tm it Phillips J. Civello Thirty-First Company 379 • Thirty-First Company Underclass Class of 1989 Row 1: Thomas C. Schmitt, Patrick T. Moynihan, Christian H. Post, Matthew D. Childs, Michael V. Goshgarian, John R. Uyemura, Joseph D. Noble, Loren J. Smith, Carl F. Thiele. Row 2: David T. Bernhardt, Ryan Q. Garcia, Jose Flanagan, Bob C. Santiago, Steven M. Debus, Wayne M. Jeveli, Zach R. Bell, Timothy J. Nyland, Shawn D. James, Timothy J. Smith, Paul D. Montanus, James A. Rodriguez. Row 3: Colin B. Elster, Kevin L. Brown, Edward J. Roth, Francis E. Spencer, Dondi Edwards, Clark A. Nichols, Britton D. McNeill, Robert D. Miller, Matthew L. Welborn, Jeffrey A. Dietz. Not Shown: William A. Wilson. .,,I ' f ff »||. ., t f If f f t::tt|, f I I £ t r f " •- t " f ; f 1 I ll I Class of 1990 Row 1: Khoi E. Tennies, Thomas M. Moriarty, Susan S. Lee, Kara C. Flatley, Tracey C. Perez, Julie R. Connor, Rita J. Fuller, Charles F. Pratt, Kent H. Anderson. Row 2: Adam J. Vanderbunt, Jay A. Rexroad, Brett Sloan, Anthony D. Watson, Pedro A. Sanchez, John R. Kracht, Ronald J. Surfield, Brian T. Hofmann, Daniel L. Frost, Jeffrey R. Krusling. Row 3: Peter T. Courtney, Luke S. Ritter, Gregory J. Schmeiser, Kevin R. Magrane, Jerry T. McAvoy, Will A. Clarke, Shane S. Smith, John S. Lunger, Michael K. Devaux, Steven M. Doyle. Not Shown: Mark E. Prybell, Thomas J. McBride, Mark V. Donohue. Class of 1991 Row 1: David B. Blackwood, David E. Koss, Chris- topher P. Briggs, Roderick M. Bennett, John B. Quinlan, Daniel M. Shaw, Mark D. Chambless, Rob- ert A. Krivacs, Jeffrey R. Stutz, Stephen D. McKone, Nicholas A. Vision. Row 2: Joseph M. Hesse, Robert G. Kelley, Warren W. Wicks, William B. Eckerdt, Timothy R. Jett, Patrick L. Neel, Mark T. Palmer, Jeffrey A. Martin, Gilberto E. Escalante, Shawn W. Mc Kee, Max G. McCoy. Row 3: Christopher R. Davis, James K. Dallas, Thomas B. Mayne, Hugh P. Everly, Thomas P. Kotsos, John A. Norfolk, Timothy J. Ernst, Brian N. McCorkle, Peter A. Felarca, Daniel R. Thorsfeldt, Thomas K. Weinberg. Not Shown: Walker E. Kimbell. lass si it t ' 1 |. i |: tiii f 4» ' fh rf M „ " " , « « ' ' M :-.« Thirty-First Company 381 • jm 51 383 • Thirty-Second Company Best Wishes . . . Congratulations to David J. Albritton for a job well done! We are very proud of you. Love, Mom, Steve, Sherri, Nana, and family To O ' Brien, 1 son, love and best wishes, Mom and Dad Always keep looking up! Congratulations, Bruce. We all love you. Mom, Dad, Cindy, and Brian Best wishes to the Class of ' 88. The Dembia Family Congratulations to the 32nd Company. We ' re proud of you, Tom Kiss. Wish you fair winds and calm seas on your voyage through life. Love, Mom, Dad, Tim, and Karen Big B — To let you know how terrific we think you are. You ' ve done it all — and with class! Love, Mom and Dad Congratulations 32 — most of all, Mike. Fly high and God bless you. Much love. Mom, Dad. and Steve Congrats to Class ' 88 and a big congrats to Steve and his friends in 32nd Company. A job well done! Time to join Rich ( ' 86) in the Fleet! Aloha and God bless. Mom and Dad Lorentzen and family MONDAY NIGHT F00TBN1 WP TAI F OUK -SPORT SERIOUSLY Fall Set Company Staff Commander: Paul A. Stader Sub-Commander: Steven C. Thome Adjutant: Daniel O. Merrill Spring Set Company Staff Commander: Steven C. Thorne Sub-Commander: Stephen E. Lorentzen Adjutant: John J. Nobers ■ ompany Class of 1988 Row 1: Sanjay D. Mathur, Craig S. Bender, Steven C. Thorne, John M. Tramont, Stephen E. Lorentzen, Kenneth B. Burgett, Thomas K. Kiss. Row 2: Michael J. Hosken, John J. Twibell, Andy B. Mueck, Timothy Andrews, Greg D. Hitchan, J. Dane Thorleifson, Michael C. Morris, Matthew W. Leclair, Bryan P. Graham, David J. Albritton, Paul A. Stader. Row 3: Leland B. Johnson, Bruce A. Jobe, Helge F. Carson, Daniel O. Merrill, Michael C. Jones, Frank J. Dembia, Daniel L. Kramer, Adriaen M. Morse, John J. Nobers. Not Shown: Timothy P. Keefe. " f I f ft l.t fill t t • ' : t f ! f ' f f f,: r 1, i ) I. " r ,j- IsJ C, Thome Thirty-Second Company 385 • . Thirty-Second Company Underclass Class of 1989 Row 1: Christopher J. Van Wart, Christopher W. Brunett, Dulcita M. Lu, Ellen S. Gardner Marie A Demel Jennifer R. Jaunsen, Barbara D. Tucker, Jeffrey S. Petrie, Terrence E. Hammond. Row 2: Joe C Shipley Gan L. Irvin, John M. O ' Brien, Robert J. Kowalski, William R. Watkins, Michael P. Gergely, Anthony T Dickens Dale M. Rohrbach, Charles L. Moore, Christopher D. Hopkins. Row 3: Joseph F. Wade Edward Y Holt Thomas C. Smith, John W. Chewning, James P. Edwards, Joseph G. Klein, Brian C. Grimm Michael J Glenister, John S. Coffey. Not Shown: Brian J. Greeley, Richard J. Brennan, Mark A. Autry t Mi 1 1 ft: ft f | f f :|: :| •_♦ ■% f. | f : : --t;-f i : f: " i 0k i Class of 1990 Row 1: Mike G. Badorf, Steven M. Daggs, David J. Mac Donald, Derek P. Frasz, Efrem P. Venters, Marc D. Johnson, Michael D. Burroughs, Paul M. Webber, Tyson J. Gallander. Row 2: Scott M. Prinz, Joseph P. Pugh, Sean P. Robinson, Michael R. Persche, John W. Donnelly, John L. Sewell, Kirby J. Scott, Rick P. Newton, James A. Nelson, Trent E. Goulding, Mi- chael P. Forster, John C. Hartman. Row 3: Brian L. Friley, Nicholas J. Dienna, Michael J. Vernazza, Eloy Ochoa, Tony Falco, Michael C. Peterson, Michael A. Nikohch, Lee J. Pantas, Scott M. Pease. Not Shown: Leland A. Howell, Paul Feduchak. Class of 1991 Row 1: David L. Holdsworth, John L. Telford, Jill M. Hanson, Kelly J. Elliot, Sarah E. Colvin, Jennifer C. Sehlin, Christina B. Glaser, Kristin A. Roper, Jason A. De Graft, Philip A. Berry, David A. Lott. Row 2: Richard F. Lay, John C. Mann, Brian E. Kelly, Mark E. Burcher, Jame.s A. Wolfe, John A. Feichtel, Jeffrey A. Campbell Moutina, Michael R. Rocheleau, Eric C. Cash, Thomas T. Booth, Brian T. Green, Thomas A. Weber. Row 3: Brian S. Scott, James B. Habuda, Thomas C. Evers, Gary A. Bernard, Daniel G. Rob- ertson, David J. Hauth, Daniel D. Imbat, Christopher M. Folkers, Ronald E. Buck, Kevin M. Harris. Not Shown: Murray H. Willis. I M% f t « t f t | !. f i ft i I- ft ' ■ • « ' " » , ■ ■ ' " » : ' •■ v ' ' ' : 990 cu .ov v (below) w) 1991 Thirty-Second Company ny JO ■ ■ I ft . L 389 . . Thi -Third Company Best Wishes . . . Congratulations, Ensign Bryan G. Monteith. We love you and are proud of your accom- plishment. Best of luck in NFO training. Mom, Dad, and Jeff Best wishes. The Kasudas Dear David Lopez, 1st classman. Dad and Mom are so proud of you. We wish Co. 33 the best and those in 16 who have been close for many years. May God bless the Class of 1988. Go Navy. Congratulations, Tom. We sure are proud of all of your accomplishments. Best wishes as a Navy Seal. Our best wishes to your class- mates, too. Mom and Dad From Jim Zito ' s mom and dad to the Class of ' 88 and 33rd Company. Congratulations to you all and God bless. And, Jim, we knew you could do it — it was just a matter of how! We are proud of you. Love, Mom and Dad Avec joie nous avons parcipe pendant 4 ans a la vie de notre fils Class ' 88. Paula and Stuart Dempsey Congratulations to the 33rd Company and to our son Bob Cooper — Dad, Mom, Beth — Also, your sailor sister says Semper Fi to her Marine brother. Congratulations, Billy! We ' re very proud of you and wish you every success and hap- piness. Love, Mom, Dad, Gregory, David, Laura, Sandra, and all the family Best wishes, Anthony, " The Guys, " 33rd Company, and the Class of ' 88. We love you and are extrememly proud. From the Maz- zeos, Don, Mary, D.J., and Michele. " Go Guido! " To our favorite wrestler and all of his friends — Congratulations and thanks for the special times. To Scott Kelly — with our love and great pride — Mom, Dad, Kristie, Steve, and Laura. Good luck, Navy wrestlers! Congratulations, Chris. Best wishes to the Class of ' 88, the 33rd Company, and their " Dough-Boys. " Love, Mom, Dad, and Lisa 1 Fall Set Company Staff Spring Set Company Staff Commander: Commander: Anthony J. Mazzeo Paul A. Ambrogi Sub-Commander: Sub-Commander: William J. Daly William E. Tobin Adjutant: Adjutant: Jim E. Bartlett Christopher J. LaPenna pO Class of 1988 Row 1: Christopher J. Lapenna, James L. Lanoue, Scott K. Kelly, James A. Zito, William E. Tobin, James E. Harlan, Matthew B. Blackwell David A. Hitt, James D. Hawkins. Row 2: Gregory J. Florence, John M. Kasuda, Bob W. Cooper, Tom C. Manning, David D Hallisey, Thomas R. Mc Carthy, Paul A. Ambrogi, Jim E. Barllett, Rhodel G. Dacanay, Barry W. Crosby. Row 3: Wesley W. Spence, James C. Dempsey, Paul C. Lehman, Dan L. Begeman, Peter G. Dunphy Darren M. Olson, Anthony J. Mazzeo, William J. Daly. Not Shown: Jose E. Rossy, Brian P. O ' Donncll, Bryan G. Monteith, David M. Lopez. .yf t I r jfl ' J ' - • ■ • • , " Jr Thirty-Third Company 391 • Thirty-Third Company Underclass Class of 1989 Row 1: James D. Miller, Tawayla M. Lemieux, Tania L. Viera, Kristen A. Colbert, Hope B. Mohle, Dawn A. Hillman, Julie K. Modlin, David E. Nosal, Drew D. Hymer. Row 2: Peter K. Lehardy, Wesley R. Guinn, John J. Thompson, Steven A. Kalderon, Timothy R. Trampenau, John L. Johnston, James T. Jones, David M. Shalikashvili, Gary W. Korn, Jeffrey S. Kerr. Row 3: William G. Mann, James A. Bell, Jeffrey S. Winter Matthew G. Soltis, Sean P. O ' Donnell, Gary C. Burger, Craig A. Anderson, Robert S. Duguay, Keith E. Hicks! Leopold B. Blum, David M. Cox. Not Shown: Mark C. Sergi, Michael E. Sawyer, Albert R. Peltier. . 4. Mm ; I f f f Iff; i I it t I ' f[f if " • " •»■ Class of 1990 Row 1: Kurt W. Eglseder, Ron P. Gorman, Lisa A. Kirkpatrick, Katrine G. Jacobson, Donna M. Pen- sabene, Amy J. Oliver, Courtney A. Barilar, Gerald C. Graham, Walter J. Scott. Row 2: William J. Tumulty, John M. O ' Brien, Todd A. Douglas, Gregory B. Eytchison. Larry M. Halvorsen, James P. Theberge, Lawrence K. Yeh, Frank X. Castellano. Row 3: Duane A. Sand, Christopher A. Herring, Thomas M. Cal- ender, Robert V. Pragada, Michael L. Kraft, Mat- thew E. Woods, Wesley S. Smith, Robert A. Rypka, Richard M. Stacpoole, Keith R. Chateauneuf. Not Shown: Mar; in J. Zapolski, Joseph B. Tamblyn, Law- rence D. Martin, James L. Boswell, Paul S. Barranco. Class of 1991 Row 1: Larry M. Cook, Sean K. Sims, Bart R. Bruchok, Stuart R. Lockhart, Gary W. Pinkerton, Mark D. Ludovico, John W. Fancher, Rodney A. Flores, Steven A. Jenkins, Matthew P. Stevens, Eric W. Millinder. Row 2: John J. Martin, Todd A. Troha, Samuel C. Gibson, Henry V. Harbuck, Marc C. Schweighofer, Anthony J. Kotarski, Robert J. Miller, Curt D. Ellingboe, Christopher C. Mc Clellan, Merlen A. Mix, Gregory A. Calaman. Row 3: Marc D. Lucas, Todd B. Walther, Steven R. Jacobs, Christopher C. Tragna, Victor D. Hyder, Kevin J. Sofield, Kennen T. Wynn, Todd A. Jones, Douglas E. Dudgeon, Nelson R. Santini, Rogelio E. Alvarez. T class hE I •mm- } t f 1 lift? t - ■ I d %0 m» - , ► . 1 990 r »4 V .-. 1 11 ■vens. ' f it It f 1 I t f (below) 1991 t $ I fPt | t I I I ■ I | iff I t f » ' ■ ' ■ • , : : AU 1 . • nv Thirty-Third Company 393 -L ■ ||b i 395 Thirty -Jbourth Company Best Wishes . . . Thank you, Chris, for the joy of being our son. May God be with you on your journey. Always remember, to thine own self be true. We love you. Mom and Dad Best wishes, Class of ' 88. Special congrat- ulations to Mike Dinardo, 34th Company. We are all very proud of you and wish you much success and happiness in the USMC. Congratulations John (Cheti) Lemmon, 34th Company, and the Class of ' 88. We are all very proud of you, John, and will never forget the wonderful memories. May God bless you and guide you always. With all our love, Mom and Pop, Kristi, Stephanie, and Boomer Ensign Jon Hupp, we ' re happy for your suc- cess. We ' re PROUD of the man you ' ve be- come. May you soar to whatever heights you choose for yourself. Congratulations to you, 34th Company, and the Class of ' 88. Love, Mom and Michelle Wishing you a dream to follow and a goal to strive for. We ' re so proud. The parents of Lance Davidson Hats off to the Class of ' 88, 34th Company, and " our mid " Tom Trotter — God bless you all! Love, Mom and Dad Great job, Mark! Thank you, Heacocks! Good luck, Navy Hockey! Congratulations, Michael Tabb. We are proud of you! May God continue to bless you, and the Class of ' 88, in all that you do. Love, Mom and Dad To MIDN David M. Wheeler and the Class of 1 988 — Congrats! " May your seas be smooth, your steps true, and God be always at your side. " Love, Jean and Mike Wheeler Congratulations, Ensign Mike Fournier. Love, Dad Best of luck lo 34th Company and all of ' 88. From Mr. and Mrs. Muller Fall Set Company Staff Commander: Mike F. Chesire Sub- Com mander: Dave M. Wheeler Adjutant: Chris J. Nordlie Spring Set Company Staff Commander: John S. Lemmon Sub-Commander: Thomas G. Trotter Adjutant: R. David Bruns 34 Class of 1988 Row 1- Jeffrey A. Margraf, Scott E. Wilson, Michael T. James, Jon- athan R Hupp, John S. Lemmon, Thomas G. Trotter, Dave M. Wheeler Eric M. Veit, James R. Campbell. Row 2: Stephen C. Hassell, Christain J Nordlie, Paul L. Muller, Paul E. Savage, Michael W. Dinardo William W. Hiscock, George W. Turner, Michael T. Brown, Jack E O ' Donnel, David A. Hitt, Robert T. Miller, Michael E. Tabb, Michael J Fournier. Row 3: Paul G. Martel, Mark L. Hagenlocher, Mike J Cox Steven J. Wieman, Christopher J. Bushnell, Jeffrey S. Muller, Stephen G. Kim, Michael F. Chesire, Thomas H. Beck. Not Shown: Lance G. Davidson, Mark A. Butler. ■ ' Iff « I t i • • f " 7 r % t tt % f f t • f f I -% ' $ I I j. Trotter Thirty-Fourth Company 397 A • Thirty-Fourth Company Underclass Class of 1989 Row 1: Brian S. Tait, Edward F. Hiler, Chris Y. Tanabe, Bryn L. Johnson, Donna M. Stephenson, Kimberly A. Stogsdill, Yvette M. Gonzalez, Heidi Maley, Michael W. Leupold. Row 2: Daniel D. Arensmeyer, Christopher D. Delargy, Michael C. Cousins, James J. Camarata, Jeffrey D. Oberg, David S. Lopez, Mark S. Dudley, Pete J. Zameska, Jim P. Davis, Andrew B. Craycroft, Robert G. Adams, Brian S. Adams, Clarence E. Willie, Hector L. Baez. Row 3: Steve O. Obsitnik, Paul W. Wehner, James M. Keller, Edwin P. Reed, Jack B. Nicholson, Richard E. Dodson, Roger P. Suro, Robert A. Engle, Lance J. Wood, Glen A. Zurlo. Class of 1990 Row 1: David A. Streight, Manuel Barba, Hyo Rhee, Bryan T. Somerville, Jason A. Schave, Jason A. Rezac, Darren V. Morton, Richard J. Haberlin, James M. Conway. Row 2: David B. Blackman, Rob- ert F. Hall, Scott A. Parvin, Daniel J. Brunk, Michael R. Miller, Joe F. Testa, Kenn M. Knittel, Roger R. Ullman, Bossi A. Chester, Lono K. Hagmann, John M. Daziens. Row 3: Eric G. Feagler, Edward L. Wil- son, Christopher M. Engdahl, Timothy G. Leonard, Mark E. Watkins, Matthew E. Simms, Leif E. Steinbaugh, Jim A. Bartelloni, Keith B. Davids, Da- vid R. Lerch Not Shown: Timothy J. Millen, David E. Lowe. Row 1: Thomas M. Wetterhahn, Glenn W. Scrima, Christopher D. Lopes, Nana B. Adae, Margaret M. Scholzen, Margaret A. Nauck, Jodi K. Thingvall, Ka- ren M. Machinski, Eric C. Lafferty, Mario A. Carazo, Michael A. Parker. Row 2: Greg M. Hlatky, Joseph J. Mc Dowell, Alden M. Mills, Joshua D. Houston, Chris D. Janke, David D. Gilbert, Harry L. Nurse, Christopher O. Bownds, Jorge A. Baez, William J. Donovan, Anthony W. Troxell, Thomas P. Terneus. Row 3: Hugh J. Mc Farlane, Andrew C. Est, Robert J. Turner, Brent W. Goodrum, Michael G. Dowling, Christopher J. Sweeney, John J. Lonergan, Brandon A. Fausti, Cullen B. Mc Dyre, Robert K. Williams, Timothy E. Yoo, Robert J. Quigley. Not Shown: Eric W. Covington, John M. Wiese. h imbf W % Jl .$ t t t I I f ||H I f t |t ft I f i I I! 1 f l : 990 r« owj (below) 1991 V. Sera aigaret ngvall. K- iCarc L Will: ». Teraeus. :, Roben J . Dowlin? i. Brand Willie Thirty-Fourth Company 399 34 r S(| 401 WKHWn Thirty-Fifth Company Best Wishes . . . To Nancy Rogers: Be all you can be, but be happy. We couldn ' t be prouder! Love, Mom and Dad Johnny Mac: The weather is here, wish you were beautiful! Your family Dear Jim — we are proud of you and the Class of 88. " Well done. " Mom and Dad To our son, Phil Campbell — we love you and have always been proud of you. Con- gratulations to you and the Class of ' 88. May God bless each one of you. Phil, Bonnie, and Tracie Campbell The Class of 1988 — we are mighty proud. Good luck Scot and 35th! Go Navy! The Fuhrmans First things first, timing, do you understand? No more SSB for me. Veni, Vidi, Vici! Con- gratulations, Sean! We love you, we respect you, we are proud of you! Mom and Dad. Este Bud es para ti Raul! Besos, Maura. DBC: Determined, we knew you ' d finish; blithesome, how you ' ve influenced us as a family; courageous, what you ' ve shown us since plebe year. You ' ve made us very proud. We love you! The Conleys Rene, the world is yours, do your best. Love, Mom and Dad. Good luck as a Naval officer. Alex Fall Set Company Staff Commander: James J. Landon Sub-Commander: Scot A. Fuhrman Adjutant: Brad G. Hermsen Spring Set Company Staff Commander: Daniel B. Conley Sub-Commander: Michael J. Hammond Adjutant: Sean D. Leary Company Officer: LT Jeff Brandquist Class of 1988 Row ;Clarke M. Woodfin, Desmond N. Smith, Lorraine N. Rogers, Tauria B. McMillan, Kerry E. Romig, Marjorie F. Canby, Loren L. Wisniewski, Bradley G. Hermsen, Fredrick S. Hall. Row 2: Damon E. Fields, Glenn W. Pendrick, James J. Landon, Philip E. Campbell, Roger C. Clark, Robert A. Cecchini, Michael J. Hammond, Richard T. Montgomery, Rene L. Cerda. Row 3: Steven L. Tiedemann, Max E. Aguilar, James F. McGrath, Alex M. Weiner, Michael T. Kunkel, Scot A. Fuhrman, Sean D. Leary, John K. Mclnerny, Daniel B. Conley, Earl F. Jones. Not Shown: James K. Owens. -•MUft I I I ' M t If !-- f ■ ' ■? f f ■ I :: » S ' A ■ fe 1 • ■ 1l «•« ' ' ' • + i ' % | fi v ■ ' • • » Thirty-Fifth Company 403 , S : Thirty-Fifth Company Underclass Class of 1989 Row 1: Russell J. (Toiler, Robert C. Bigler, Eric J. Hannum, Dwight D. Dick, Joseph S. Navratil, Florencio A. Dictado, Mark G. Minotti, Patrick S. Griffin, Christopher M. Jones. Row 2: James D. Oakes, Craig J. Washington, Chris A. Cantarella, Dale E. Fajardo, Michael J. Breslauer, Michael D. Durst, Willie D. Billingslea, Robert A. Williams, Dana R. Sweetser, Robert P. Saunders, Richard A. Guth, Andrew A. Bober. Row 3: Robert W. Stauder, Thomas E. Slusarchyk, Carl E. Newman, Christopher Cross, Dean C. Vantol, Tony P. Menzl, Thomas P. Hare, Brian S. Soika, Michael M. Belles, Benjamin D. Salerno, Kevin L. Dippery, Joseph M. Vitelli. I tf I t f I I " " ' f f f | 1 fit ' ' | rf f t I : .t, :: t | : r [[ M • f (fa Jtt ' 1l Jf 1% f fK ' flfc " rfl % % V I - f- idi mmm Class of 1990 Row 1: Louis W. Amy, John J. Driscoll, William K. Moreno, Cecily A. Williams, Stacy W. Danneburg, Margaret T. O ' Neil, Alisha D. Thurman, Brian S. Filler, Mike A. Warner. Row 2: Samuel Lord, Thomas A. Bruno, Chris M. Lemmink, David J. Stamm, Scott T. Davids, Nilo S. Melo, Mark S. Sumile, Sean P. McHugh, Jun S. Parker, Kevin R. Hawko, Michael H. Harmon, David M. Padula. Row 3: James D. Raab, John L. Bastien, Kevin S. Kingery, Matthew G. Moore, Richard J. Ryan, Lyle J. Shay, Robert T. Garretson, Dale R. Minich, Jeffery B. Wilson, Mark W. Dixon. Not Shown: Timothy L. Gamache, Gregory A. Reppar. Class of 1991 Row 1: David D. Geismar, Michael W. Smith, Drew J. Reiner, Allison L. Datka, Kristen C. Waller, Janet L. Jackson, Nancy L. Dodge, Thomas E. Rosson, Isaac G. Davidson, Timothy F. Sparks, Konrad M. Schroder. Row 2: Brian L. Davies, Gregory J. Kelly, Adrian Bordone, Brian J. Rooney, Patrick E. Tighe, Randy P. Wright, Steve L. Aim, Todd A. Porter, Michael F. Eilers, Robert M. Gaucher, Gil C. Niedenthal. Row 3: John E. Passant, Walter A. Hock- ett, Mike A. Spencer, Demetrius J. Haynie, Andre M. Williams, Kurt M. Heine, Brent W. Brown, Jon F. Neumann, Dominic P. Del Pozzo, Michael J. Ford, James A. Braun. 1990 (above) Gil C Thirty-Fifth Company 405 407 4 ■ Thirty-Sixth Company Best Wishes . . . Congratulations to Cheryl Beddick, the 36th Company, and the Class of ' 88. Cheryl, our pride is surpassed only by our love. Mom, Dad, Steven, and Todd. With love and admiration we congratulate Ensign Cynthia Hooker, 36th Company. Mom, Tom, Jill, Robin, Amy, Doug, and Grandma Kenney A tennis racquet at NAPS — trips to Philly by rail — Tuna Boat Owl and Hood — Love you, Admiral — Holly, Tab, Steve, Shauna, Mom, Dad Eighty-Eight, you are great — D B, we love thee. Really proud of our son Richard Clark. You ' re 1 ! Congratulations — Joan and Dick Clark Best wishes to ENS Scott Diaz and the Class of ' 88. We are proud of you. Good luck at Pensacola and NAVAIR. Mom, Dad, Gil ( ' 87) and Peter (USAFA ' 91), and Aunt Na I Jeff S Fall Set Company Staff Spring Set Company Staff Commander: Commander: Bert D. Pridgen J. Scott Whitaker Sub-Commander: Sub-Commander: Cynthia J. Hooker Scott W. Wassel Adjutant: Adjutant: Scott A. McClure Peter T. Limoge Eompanj Officer LT JeffSummerour Class of 1988 Row 1: Klaus J. Barboza, Cynthia J. Hooker, Cheryl A. Beddick, Cynthia L. Putzback, Kristin A. Bakkegard, John C. Schulte, Ward V. Quinn. Row 2: Charles K. Head, Michael A. Corriere, Clayton C. Cosby, Ron A. Smith, Jerry K. Stokes, Robert D. Pridgen, Richard M. Clark, Scott W. Wassel, Peter T. Limoge, Scott A. Mc Clure, Mark A. Levett, Steven E. Pontell. Row 3: Chris J. David, David M. Shelver, Ken Zieleck, Ronald G. Seits, Gregory J. Wild, Keith N. Burgess, Scott J. Whitaker, Don R. Bates, Scott R. Diaz. Not Shown: Troy Saunders, Myron L. Hall. Thirty-Sixlh Company 409 ? Thirty-Sixth Company Underclass Class of 1989 Row 1: Zigmond V. Leszczynski, Gregory A. Gulick, Tung X. Pham, Felipe A. Luna, Frank W. Davey, Dave E. Turnbaugh, Greg T. Pusch, Fred T. Fagan, Edward M. Devilliers. Row 2: James E. Howe, James E. Melvin, Todd A. Pfeiffer, Marcos M. Javier, Craig D. O ' Brien, Joseph E. Baumgartner, Joseph E. Holland, James J. Hughes, Ronnie K. Smudz, Ronald J. Howe, James H. Schwappach. Row 3: Michael Leschinski, Steven M. Hilgendorf, Steven J. Blette, Randy M. Unger, Phillip P. Kondilas, Sean P. Johnson, Neil G. Underwood, Tom A. Svoboda, Jeffery T. Engel, David G. Mc Cord. Not Shown: Paul R. Day. If I f. f li ft it t t 1 1 SjTt ,11 f j| : |::f, :: .t: : ' fi r 4 -if %• V s ■ 1y - s : % - " v - : : V 1 :i B ■ 9U Class of 1990 Row 1: Andrew D. Burden, Suchate Prakobchati, Christy Johns, Dianna M. Manzoni, Vera M. Perry, Sabrina S. Bell, Monte P. Woodfin, Mark A. Petroff, Brian R. Keith. Row 2: Chris Mosakewicz, Michael L. Jensen, Jonathan L. Salkoff, Scott R. Bonney, Max R. Reck, Eric R. Hofmeister, David E. Raby, Dave L. Kayea, Ken Bates, Bill Walke, Louis A. Carvalho, Nick R. Candela, Cary G. Smith. Row 3: Christian F. Defries, Alex J. Garcia, Mark A. Hoff, Joseph Po- lanin, Adam K. Bovshow, Hugo C. Gutierrez, Mi- chael L. Shires, Philip M. Gibson, James J. Wolf, Steven A. Tazza. Class of 1991 Row 1: Steven L. Horrell, Kenneth Finley, Shaunna M. Corcoran, Maureen Curley, Teresa M. Young, Samantha J. Greene, Julie A. Kohl, Enrique Rairan, Ivan G. Carlson. Row 2: Travis W. Nisbett, Steve L. Cantrell, James F. Verrees, Jeffery D. McCreary, Christopher R. Huwaldt, Darren T. Morningstar, Jef- fery J. Kowalczyk, Lawrence F. Le Gree, Brian J. Mc Cormick, Richard F. Hayes, Thomas A. Darby. Row 3: Chaz M. Veronick, Gary A. Mc Intosh, Joseph R. Gadwill, Dominick J. Strada, David J. Ellison, Thom- as V. Junor, Paul M. Reinhart, Jose M. Rodriguez, Scott J. Shepard, Douglas A. Vaughan. " JL v " lass -•J.f t f t || ; f ff I f f t t t I f ' t f t % I ff ft .»,:: • ■ j : : i : _ : : : : - : ■ 990 fa ovej (below) 1991 eRaif , Steve L IcCre. gsiar, Jef- ianJ.Mc llbyj tepk R I hiity-Sixth Company 4H • r 36 413 4 m AFIA Samahe A-15 Allied Signal Aerospace Co. A- 16 Armed Forces Insurance A- 13 Avondale Shipyards A-30 Balfour A-21 Bell Helicopters Div. Textron A-26 Bennett and Harris Co. A-8 Boeing A-6 Boeing Helicopters A- 19 Boo?. Allen Hamilton A-33 British Aerospace Inc. A-17 Budweiser A-34 Coca Cola A-32 Contel Federal Systems A-4 Digital Equipment Corp. A-29 Elbit Computers. LTD. A-28 FMC Corp. — Naval Systems Div. A-3 G.E. Aircraft Engines A-l 1 G.E. Naval and Drive Turbine Systems A-l General Dynamics A-22 Harris Corp. — Gov ' t Support Systems Div. A- 13 International Signal and Control Group A-39 International Transducer Corp. Jane ' s Publishing Co. Marine Aerospace MFG., LTD. McDonnell-Douglas Training Svstems MEBA District 2 AFL CIO MEBA NMU District 1 AFL CIO Motorola Government Electronics Div. Naviator Shirt Co. Norden Service Co., Inc. Nuclear Fuel Services, Inc. Oto Melara SpA Proceedings — U.S. Naval Institute R. T. Fnck, Inc. Rockwell Int ' l — Autonetics Marine Systems Div. Rosemount Aerospace Thorngate Uniforms Tracor Applied Sciences United Technologies, Pratt and Whitney Div. USAA USNA Alumni Association ■ " , ;v PewftdM t: frt hJ t t $ct4 ct ADVERTIQEMENTQ « GE Navy Engineers. The Tech Backs Every Hardened And Ground Gears The Most Advanced Propulsion And Generator Systems Advanced technology. It drives GE. It drives engineers. It fuels their imagination. It fosters the best products. It ' s the cornerstone upon which future systems are built. Sharing advanced technology for use in other applications is a way of life for GE engineers who can draw from numerous Company resources. Resources like Corporate Research And Development which investigates metallurgy, fluid flow, insulation properties, noise abatement, advanced diagnostics and other fields critical to the Navy. Resources like Drive Systems which offers advanced silicon-controlled rectifier Full-Load System Testing power conversion techniques that improve performance and opera- tional flexibility by simplifying the entire electrical system of the ship. Resources like Simulation And Control Systems which provides advanced digital controls to the Navy, including new Arleigh Burke Class DDG destroyers. Resources like the Aircraft Engine Business Group which brings its expertise in aircraft-derivative gas turbine pro- pulsion systems to Navy surface ships. Resources like various laboratories of the Turbine Business Operations which improve the efficiency of rotating equipment and lead to breakthroughs such as smaller, lighter, quieter, hardened and ground gears. All of these resources work in cooperation with Naval Drive Turbine Systems which is chartered to coordinate 2_ JS,. Corporate Research And Development the design, manufacture and test of the most advanced U.S. Navy pro- pulsion and ships service turbine generator systems. Technological Transfer, Solutions And Success Continuous technological transfer is the reason GE is the leading supplier of these systems to the fleet from the largest aircraft car- riers to the smallest auxiliary ships. It ' s part of a Proud Tradition that lets our engineers build-on a record of over 75 years of propulsion experience and over a century of power generation experience. It ' s the reason GE is aboard SSN-688 attack submarines, SSBN-726 Tridents and is pioneering next- generation SSN-21 systems. It ' s the lology Of A $40 Billion Company ; One Of The m. Propulsion And Auxiliary Systems reason GE propels CVN carriers, provides advanced hardened and ground gears for DDG destroyers, supplies turbine generator sets for LHD amphibians and produces shock-qualified electronic governors for CGN cruisers. It ' s the reason GE is exploring electric drives for SWATH prototypes and developing the lightest, quietest, smallest, highest-power-density ships ser- vice turbine generator systems. A Firm Commitment To Integrated Systems Fully-integrated, factory-tested sys- tems. They ' re required by the Navy. They come from the experience of supplying more Marine and Navy systems than any other company. They come from careful attention to detail with disciplines such as Digital Control Systems finite element analysis which is used to check and recheck each component before assembly and test as an integrated system. They come from the investment of hun- dreds of millions of dollars in modern facilities. Facilities that permit computer-aided design. Facilities that permit computer- aided manufacture such as numerically-controlled machining centers to assure the highest level of accuracy and repeatability for every component. Facilities that permit entire systems to be full- load tested while on-line results are monitored by computer-aided data acquisition techniques and fiber optic sensors. After shipment, total systems support is continued by GE service engineers, who are on-call to provide installation, maintenance, overhaul and training at ports around the world. Leadership— A Proud Tradition Continues Leadership is the reward of advanced technology. It ' s achieved through the on-going pursuit of engineering excellence. GE Navy engineers know this well as they combine their talent with the total resources of the Company to advance the U.S. Navy mission into the 21st Century. General Electric Company, 166 Boulder Drive, Fitchburg, MA 01420. A-2 led for AEGIS firepower: FMC ' s Naval Systems Division. Two major weapons aboard AEGIS cruisers are Mk 41 vertical launching system and Mk 45 lightweight gun. The multi-mission Mk 41 offers selective launching of missiles against air, surface and submarine threats, as well as land attack. For closer range, Mk 45 offers selective firing of all types of 5-inch ammunition. Both of these highly automated AEGIS weapon systems are produced by FMC ' s Naval Systems Division. We build them. The advanced technologies applied today in sophisticated shipboard systems require even greater sophistication in manufacture. Without question, FMC ' s Naval Systems Division, operates one of the largest, most advanced facilities in the world for design, development and production of naval armament. Our Mk 4 1 and missile canister production alone requires nearly 300,000 sq. ft. of dedicated high-tech facilities. We support them. Wherever you find an FMC-built weapon system, you ' ll find us providing fully integrated logistics support. This includes shipyard technical installation assistance, provisioning, spares, field service and the latest in simulation training systems. We ' ve got the team for AEGIS firepower. Full capability and commitment to produce the finest systems on time, on budget, with full support anywhere in the world. FMC Corporation, Naval Systems Division, Box 59043, 4800 East River Road, Minneapolis, MN 55459-0043. Defense Systems -P Contel Federal Systems turns telecommunications problems into telecommunications systems. Contel Federal Systems handles exceptional data and telecommunications challenges for clients all over the globe, and beyond. At the U.S. Air Force Academy, Contel designed and implemented an information system local area network that ' s one of the largest in America. In the Middle East, Contel is overhauling communications systems in Egypt, designing and installing security systems at the King Abdulaziz Airport in Saudi Arabia, and modernizing communications for the Army of Turkey. In Colorado Springs, Contel is the prime contractor for development and construction of the vital internal and external communications segments for the US Air Force Consolidated Space Operations Center. In space, we ' re owner and operator of the Tracking and Data Relay Satellite System (TDRSS), a sophisticated communications relay system that provides data and voice links between Earth and low-orbit NASA spacecraft Complex telecommunications projects like these demand innovation in systems integration, design, and project management- skills we demonstrate every day at Contel Federal Systems. For more information, contact the Contel Federal Systems Business Development office at the address below. Contel Federal Systems Vice-President. Business Development 12015 Lee Jackson Highway Fairfax, Virginia 22033-3344 (703) 359-7500 1986. Contel Federal Systems A-4 w m WELL DONE tLASS OF 1988 The United States Naval Academy Alumni Association is very pleased to welcome your class to our ranks, with 99% of the class coming aboard as Life members of the Alumni Association. REMEMBER THAT YOUR MEMBERSHIP ENTITLES YOU TO THE FOL- LOWING BENEFITS: • Low-cost group term life insurance • Reduced rate group investment program • Group travel opportunities • Low- cost hospitalization supplement plan • Subscription to Shipmate magazine, which includes Class notes and the Association ' s Annual Report • Eligibility to vote for Officers and Trustees • Receipt of Class newsletters. Homecoming information, etc. • Employment assistance The list of benefits will increase as the needs arise, so stay in touch and let us know if we can be of assis- tance to you in any way. Best wishes for future happiness and success as you join the ranks of alumni who long have rendered distinguished service to our Country, our Navy and our Naval Academy! • WELCOME ABOARD • THE U.S. NAVAL ACADEMY ALUMNI ASSOCIATION •7 We ' re in the Navy Army Air Force. Marines. Boeing has been a proud team member with air and ground-based informati n of America ' s armed forces for three systems, avionics, helicopters, airplanes, generations and today serves all branches space vehicles and missiles. JE7£7JFJA £7 mm sfe . A . - .-.-.- Dependability. ' A tradition since 1875 ' District No. 1 MEBA NMU of the National Marine Engineers ' Beneficial Association (AFL-CIO) America is beginning to realize that its military readiness around the globe depends not just on the regular armed forces, but also on the strength of the United States-flag merchant fleet. After all, without a healthy and active commercial fleet to support U.S. troops during wars or other conflicts, America ' s military operations overseas would be left high and dry And ever since the early days of the republic, generations of brave and patriotic Americans have valiantly supported their country in wartime by sailing with the merchant marine. Today, the licensed and unlicensed members of District No. 1-MEBA NMU carry on that proud tradition as partners with the industry in making the United States merchant marine strong during peacetime. As the most valued members of the US flag commercial and government fleets, they are an elite corps of highly skilled merchant seamen who have proven time and time again the meaning of the words expertise, dependability and pride. It ' s a tradition that ' s been handed down since the founding of the National MEBA in 1875. Photo Marine Reliance. US-Flag pure car carrier 444 North Capital St N W., Suite 800, Washington, DC. 20001 (202) 347-8585 E DeFries. Pres, Shannon J Wall. Exec. Vice Pres, Clyde E Dodson, Treas.; Louis Panse. Secy; R.F Schamann, Vice Pres Licensed Div ; Rene Lioeaniie, Vice Pres., Unlicensed Div GEMSTONES OPTIONAL Fine Quality Reasonably Priced Made in the G.S.A. , Some rings and insignias are not shown « CALL OUR TOLL FREE NUMBER Monday - Friday 9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. Pacific Standard Time California: 1-800-227-8003 Outside California: 1-800-227-8002 We welcome Visa, Mastercard, Money Orders and Personal Checks r fcT) %3 zn.n£.tt cHaxxii. Comfiany 7888 Ostrow St., Suite C, San Diego, CA 92111 A-8 f A smooth sea never made a skillful mariner. -English proverb We .ire proud to support the brave men and women pledged to keep our nation tree. Pratt Whitne) Sikorsky Norden Hamilton Standard Spa e I tight Systems Advanced Systems Strategic Defense Systems Chemical Systems UNITED TECHNOLOGIES A-10 ' » m • r a i WW gyy ► " JU ¥ uVe made us all proud. i Aircraft Engines The finishing touch on United States Navy missiles. ■ Motorola ' s capabilities in guidance control and target detection ensures the mission success for several of the U.S. Navy ' s current anti-radar and fleet air defense missiles. A powerful technology additive for America ' s sea power capabilities. For more finishing touch facts call 602 949-3905 or write Box 2606. Scottsdale, AZ 85252. M) MOTOROLA INC. Government Electronics Group A-12 w 3H| ' ; HARRIS... First in electronic support systems mm 4j ». and training devices for our 1 IV OeLN m ] m nation ' s defenses. V l vp 1 w : : IT r Ha I r A ™ J ™ " J r-ZT B Government Support Systems Division Syosset. NY • Norfolk. VA • Orlando, FL Alexandria, VA • Fort Walton Beach, FL Our " All-Risk " Personal Property Insurance for Cadets Midshipmen is 10 WAYS BETTER than other " All-Risk " coverage for Academy Students Here are just 4 examples LOSS OR THEFT OF JEWELRY, WATCHES, FURS Our policy pays up to $250 per item and, at no added cost, higher limits if you list (schedule) properly in these categories with us. Other policies normally pay only $250 for loss of any one or more items in the above grouping. With other companies, higher limits require a separate policy at added cost. Note: The method of insuring service academy, university or college graduation rings may differ from insurer to insurer. LOSS OR THEFT OF CASH Our policy pays up to $250. With other policies, the limit usually isonly $100. FOR THE WHOLE STORY, WRITE OR CALL TOLL FREE 1-800-255-6792 TOTAL AMOUNT OF COVERAGE YOU CAN BUY You can buy as much coverage as you want from us. Other unscheduled " all-risk " coverage offered to cadets and midshipmen is usually limited to $3,000 LENGTH OF TIME YOU CAN KEEP COVERAGE Our policy not only gives you " all-risk " protection for your property while you are a cadet or midshipman, but also throughout your service career. Your commissioning does not require you to take any action to continue your coverage Others may require you to take out a new policy, at new rates, at the first policy renewal after graduation. PRIDED FORCES FORT LEAVENWORTH, KANSAS 66027 Serving the Military Professional. Since 1887 V A- Admiral Alfred Thayer Mahan (1840-1914). A brilliant strategist, whose writings first defined the importance of sea power in the modem world. It is a tribute to Mahan that his ideas still live, not only in navy tradition and history, but also in the minds of those who will help build tomorrow ' s navies. A t Autonetics Marine Systems Division, we appreciate the importance of sea power. That ' s why we ' re so proud of the technologies we ' re developing for the U.S. Navy. Our precision navigation and control systems. Our cost- effective shipboard information management. And our innovative undersea warfare programs. We ' d like to tell you more about our commitment to sea power. Write or call Autonetics Marine Systems Division (DA4I). 3370 Miraloma Avenue, Anaheim. CA 92H03, (714) 762-7775. And be sure to ask for a copy of this specially commissioned portrait of Admiral Mahan. Autonetics Marine Systems Division Autonetics Electjvnics S}tstems Rockwell International nil IHAVI n:.lN(i SYS 1 M IOH ONBOARD III I ICOPTEnS HP TO W Ml TRIC TUNS SAMAHE the Shipboard Helicopter Handling System, was designed by DCN to handle the awkward task of maneuvering large helicopters. SAMAHE has an advantage over other systems because it provides a totally rigid grip on the helicopter and permits its relocation irrespective of its position in the landing spot, even in heavy sea conditions OPERATING CONDITIONS: rrnvfiriiiiq Pliillnr II Million rmnsvofsnl Million Hull Plfc h Wind SlOP 1 30° i 8 " 60 Knnf. LOWSPf ( 1) + ?0° + 5° SO Knot " . NORMAL SPEED t 15 " i3° SO Knots OR MORE INFORMATION CON1ACI AHA. Col. Charles A. Serre, 1901 Pennsylvania Avenue. N.W., Suite 403, Washington, DC 20006 Telephone: (202) 293-4554; Telex: 857560 ITf Allied-Signal Aerospace Company ►Hied Signal A-16 BB ' xl Better training; faster training; more cost- effective training; t ' s what ' s needed right now to _ make the most of every defense dollar. And that ' s exactly what the T45 Training System ' s set to deliver for the Navy. Developed to train tomorrow ' s pilots to higher standards in fewer flying hours, T45TS combines flight simulation and computer-based academics with practical instruction in the T-45A Goshawk, a new, versatile trainer developed from the highly successful British Aerospace Hawk. Whether flying off a runway or a carrier deck, no trainer demands more of its pilot to help him achieve the higher standards in airmanship and weapons systems management vital for tomorrow ' s sophisticated combat aircraft. Yet no trainer ' s more forgiving of mistakes made along the way. Then add into the equation a 42% reduction in fuel use, a 46% reduction in support personnel requirements, and a need for 25% fewer flying hours, and you end up with two things. An overall 50% saving in training costs; and a T45 Training System training system ideally suited for tomorrow ' s defense needs. So no wonder the Navy ' s hooked on T45TS. It ' s the logical way forward into the 1990s lor undergradu- ate jet flight training. TRAINING SYSTEM FROM THE MCDONNELL DOUGLAS AND BRITISH AER( )SPACE TEAM, Aerospace Inc Dulles International Airport Pi ) Box 17414 Washington I A-18 «- BoeingVERTREE Deck to deck in 30 seconds. When seas are up and everything is tied down, vertical replenishment with Boeing H-46 helicopters is the only way to go. Regardless of wind direction, the H-46 ' s unique tandem rotor design al- lows unmatched handling and hovering. Whether it ' s parts, stores or ammo, two H-46s can transfer 180 tons an hour, day or night. Deck to deck in 30 seconds! And for unmatched mission readiness and maintenance savings, Boeing began delivering the first of 354 kits for the Navy ' s SR M (Safety, Reliability and Main- tainability) program in July. All kits are Boeing-built and NARF-installed. And they ' ll increase the H-46 ' s mission capabilities through the year 2,000 and beyond. The Boeing VERTREP helicopter: the U.S. Navy ' s own special delivery system. Boeing Helicopters, P.O. Box 16858, Philadelphia, PA 19142. T .7 " There are still some folks out there who think we train two pilots to fly two different Hornets— fighter pilots for the ' F-18 ' and attack pilots for the A-18. ' They ' re completely missing the beauty of this machine for the Navy. " This one plane flies both missions and the pilot is trained for both missions. For a squadron skipper like me, the dual role advantage means I ' ve got a lot more capability on hand. So when I get the order for additional strike force or more combat air patrol, I can give ' em a ' yes instead of a plea for four more hours to get some different equipment in the air. " I led one of four squadrons of Hornets on the Coral Sea during the Libyan action. Coral ' s one of the smaller carriers in the fleet— too small for other fighters so they filled her up with Hornets. " It was like this. We ' d have six of ' em in the air and I get told the mission ' s being changed from air-to-air over to air-to-ground. I tell the guy in the sky and it ' s done. He ' s air-to-ground, just like that. We ' ve actually changed the mission while they ' re flying— no other plane could do that. " Then the situation starts gettin ' real hot and they double our normal sortie rate —double it. And we do it— without the maintenance crew having a nervous breakdown. " That ship got a new lease on life with us. Turned out ' 18s did most of the flying, they were so reliable. " I tell you from personal experience, no plane can go up against the ' 18 for maintainability and availability. The numbers prove it. Libya proved it. " It stays up like nothin ' else. And it takes just one pilot and one plane to do jobs no other single plane can handle. " The Hornet keeps pilots happy. It keeps the maintenance crew happy. And it makes me look good, real good. " THE F A-18. FAMILIARITY BREEDS AWE. The F A-18 strike fighter is a highly effective force multiplier— one plane with one pilot capable of flying more tactical missions more effectively than any other Naval aircraft. This Hornet Tale was taken from interviews with actual F A-18 squadron skippers. Doyou have a Hornet Tale? If you d like to tell us about it, send your name, address and phone number to: McDonnell Douglas Hornet Tales. P.O. Box 4105. Hazelwood. MO 63042. Wll send you a set of six F A-18 " ROCK1N 1 AND ROLL1N ' " posters and may interview you for our next Hornet Tale. McDonnell Douglas prime contractor, Northmp principal subcontractor. MM " , " J " . " J- " 1,I:. mil ' Itis did Hitisl of the flying, they I mm Fellowship, Tradition, Pride: Your Naval ROTC Midshipman or Alumni Ringfrom Balfour shows it all. Each ring is individually Arj _j designed to include your school, 3l lO LI Cl unit, graduation year and degree. 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V3St -Tt-»i f-riTnTftff YfMhUrtKMWliftlrifc 1 ■ - »1 ! « _ mvr ■ y t • I ■■Uiit iMTJ I I I I IIWII III I I I I ll lll l i » iri: 4: ' ,Tj i - .-.. v..4Mjigasit«aC ' aii;aafi8e igf a6B5»»8«jfiiB ' tii la nwHiaiBwaiiHmTinw 2 1 1- pe iaf cOiM c : Pa c( Ut lilLJU 1 Opening 16 Year 126 Chain-of-Command 1 44 Faculty 186 Brigade 414 Advertisements 415 First Class 696 Sports 790 Organizations 850 Closing 864 Index alMndKttMKMI •taaflKu: HiKz- ' -.tS : utmtm ' m s JBMsm CONTENTS h Ptv ccl The 1988 Lucky Bag proudly presents The Class of 1988 In Memoriam Robert G. Collins 15 August 1987 This section is dedicated to the memory of Robert G. Collins. Though he did not live to see first class year, his life still affected those of us who remained. We thought it fitting, then, that Robert ' s time at the Academy be remembered here with his classmates of Thirty-Sixth Company. Robert Collins will always be one of us . . . in our hearts, he is still a member of the United States Naval Academy, Class of 1988. CLA99 OF 1 988 Bryant David Allam Millersville, Maryland Aerospace Engineering Naval Aviation Bry has become known to us as the most easily wupped guy in First Company. First he was wupped by a girl, then by his kidney, and finally by his rack (oops, sorry Bry, bed). He has tried to keep up with the boys by first buying a convertible and then a mo- torcycle. Now he has taken one step further by selecting Navy Air. If these are all the bad things that can be said about Bry, he must be doing okay. See you in Pensacola. FLY NAVY. TEW 416 Brian Stephen Bartholf Jennersville, Pennsylvania Physical Science U.S. Marine Corps One of the most remarkable things about Brian is the way his eyes glaze over whenever he hears Hank Junior sing " Country Boy Can Survive. " This is rather indicative of the nature of the beast we call Bart. His day to remember is the 1 6th of November 1 985 which could be the date of one of several reoccurring knee operations (GO NAVY FOOTBALL!) or the date of his first triumph over his " better half — only his stuffed pet muskrat " Freddy " knows! Bart ' s favorite time consumers are the Marine Corps and his quest to drive various species of rodent into extinction via hunting. In the short term he wants to get an air billet after TBS. In the long term his " big picture " includes many hours spent in a Canadian cabin enjoying his favorite pastimes with his true love. Until that day, however, we will probably find Ban at Homecoming football games enjoying his newest interest in that sport — tailgaters. SEMPER FI, BART!AED Cabell Webster Baynes Williamsville, New York Political Science Surface Warfare Young Middy Baynes, a Southern aristocrat from Buffalo, NY, shuffled off to the Stand-in-Line Company as a Fraternal Brother of a prestigious prep school in RI. Leaving his vagrant days behind. Cab came to Fun One and roomed with T T. Not exactly Mr. Academia, EE cut his crew, and almost Navy, career short. " Don ' t let me miss the one o ' clock bus. " Who could forget Army ' 86, and tabs at Riordans. Surprisingly he bought the Whomper (a real rebel) which was great for pretailgaters. Nags Head . . . Cab was known for bloodies on the beach, anchor clam, the quail, and an unnerving time in P-cola. " Willy, how many girls are there? " " No more long distance relationships. " We will always remember him as a witty and fun-loving " duuuude " (except exam weeks). Danks for everything Cab, and good luck out west. SPS, PJM, VLB, TJD, FAW Vander Leonard Boudreau H ' akcfield. Massachusetts General Engineering Naval Aviation " Bouda " left the Fishe Club and came to USNA from ' " Bakefield " with three goals — to play hockey, get a ' vettc. and fly. When he pulled in a flight billet a month after Service Selection it was all complete. , s a plebe with the boys in thirty tool, he made the hockey team and later became the captain. Youngster year brought him and Polio to Fun One for a little relaxation. Second class year he was unable to ride the Rocket and went general sooner than later. That year lifelong friend and teammate Goody showed up in the fun company as the " Sir, call Debi .-XSAP " " messages kept coming in. Who could forget the barn, Va Beach, and Nags Head trips. No stranger to the sauce. Bouda made all the road trips, anchor clam games, and treks to Riordan ' s. We will always re- member him as Humphrey and as a great friend, and we know he ' ll do well in P-cola. Good luck. Bonds. TJD. CWB, PJM, FAW, SPS Dean Edward Craft Bradenton. Florida History U.S. Marine Corps It would be easy just to recap Dean " s exploits at the Boat School. We ' d speak of his talent for drill: " I didn ' t know ... " and " Inspecting Officer ' s comments are (CENSORED). " or his love for bathroom floors. But to know Deano. one must know his passion, his hobby, and the thing that gets him in trouble . . . WOMEN. With those fish lips and fivehead. it was a mystery how you inflamed so many women of such varying . . . types. And they all wanted to put the nose ring on you. But you kept your bach- elorhood and had a good time doing it. We ' re glad you survived and we hope you meet your dreamgirl; just don ' t introduce her to us. or she ' ll drop you like a bad habit. Seriously, you ' ve been a model roommate . . .just kidding. We ' ve been through hell, mostly self-inflicted, but the good times were the best. Take care of yourself, or we ' ll have to do it for you. SEMPER Fl. PJR JAJ Phillip Elwood Dawson Robertsdale. Alabama Mechanical Engineering Surface Warfare Being from the Gulf Coast. Phil did not wish to stray far from water. His fondness for the sea inspired him to volunteer for a sailing cruise third class summer to hone his nautical skills. To say he jumped into sailing would not suffice; was blown overboard would be more accurate. Majoring in Mech E. Phil spent many late nights and weekends studying. While trying to survive the wrath of the Engineering Dept. he still found time to enjoy squash and singing. First class summer. Phil volunteered for a second sailing cruise; however, the Navy required a Greyship cruise. Determined to complete a cruise without falling overboard, he gave up leave to take both cruises. Returning to the rigors of academic life, he found relief at tailgaters. Phil will be remembered by his classmates as friendly and dependable. Good Luck, and remember. " What you can do is limited only by what you can dream. " NRJ Albert Edward Dempsey Miami. Florida Political Science Naval .Aviation Look at what the Florida Air Academy and NAPS has produced this time. It is not hard to describe Ted. He is the type of guy with only one thing on his mind — partying, probably due to his life in Florida. Soon after graduation he will be heading back to his turf to master the art of flying. Hopefully, it won ' t be like his driving. While at the Academy Ted participated in that very physical sport of Debate, and he has aquired a couple of permanent injuries paper cuts — to prove it. This sport had its advantages, though; it helped Ted BS many members of the opposite sex. .All that sup- posedly came to an end on 4 Oct 86. which is when Ted met the girl of his dreams — a penny pitcher. We all wish those two good luck in the future. If Ted ' s taste in women is as good as his taste in beer — Corona — he won ' t need any luck. When Ted decides to quit this fine scrv ice. he plans on attending law school, which he says is debate for adults. BSB 417 Timothy James Devlin Newark. New Jersey Mathematics Marine A viation Young Middy Devlin, a city kid from the Vailsburg section of Newark, New Jersey, came to the Academy as one of Seton Hall Prep ' s best. Big-sti.x 26 made for some good times and memories with Bubba. Ball, and Luke. Youngster year brought Dog to the Fun Company where he was the Ac stud among us, even though he studied the least. Tim ' s wrestling experience helped him contribute to Navy Judo and deal with the Philly locals at Army. A major part of Tim ' s success, both academically and in getting a marine a ir slot, is attributable to a girl we all came to know and love. Dog was no stranger to the sauce, and as far as we know, the only blood-spilling shotgun casualty (Red in VPIE). Through it all. Crotch came in as Tim tub, and left a Devil Dog (to be). We know he ' ll do well and wish him luck in the Corps. Swing with the wing. CWB, VCB, PJM, SPS, FAW Anthony Thomas Diaz Tucson. Arizona Mathematics Marine Aviation Tony came to USNA via NAPS. He came from Tucson, Arizona and ended up in the 23rd company for his fourth class year. He became well known, along with his plebe year roommate, Vinny Reyes, for his outlandish adventures and his knack for never being around when the hammer came down. Tony went to first company and his adventures continued. Tony broke hearts across the nation when he became engaged. He now takes life way too seriously. Satisfied! " Starrider. " TDR Leanne Kay Fielding Atwater, California Systems Engineering Civil Engineering Corps Leanne came to USNA from sunny CA armed with her swim goggles, a tan, and lots of enthusiasm. A successful plebe year followed by a " cruise " to Bermuda, led to three years of Fun One. Always working, Leanne succeeded at everything she did, whether it was earning four letters and national honors in swimming, getting the highest QPR in Fun One, or managing to appropriate her sports car before the loan came out. As a firstie, Leanne was sent away on ' isolated tour ' as REGCOM 1 . It wasn ' t a total loss — she had a lot of fun not making any policy and getting 3 striper libs for not doing it! She also received free voice lessons from Capt Shupp — an honor which made her the envy of all. A sudden loss in rank 2nd semester was welcomed. Leanne cruised into service selection and chose one of those obscure CEC billets. Now she ' ll cruise back to sunny CA for CEC school. Keep cruisin " , Leanne — it ' s all down- hill from here. JMFHKRTR Pamela Sue Finley Fort Washington. Maryland Oceanography Surface Warfare Pam hit the USNA deck-plates running, setting her goal ofa 4.0 GPA. Although academics proved tough, Pammy was a true troop- er, studying until the wee-hours in steerage, to the dismay of the OOW. Plebe year Pam was lured to the boat-house where mas- ochism reigns. She also busied herself as the Ping-Pong Club president. Unfortunately, neither team-tables, nor away meets in California were arranged. A bubbly personality and wackiness won her the appropriate nickname, " Finhead. " Throughout her Boat- School years, Finhead was the swinger, bopping to such artists as the Beach Boys, the Mama ' s and Papa ' s, and the Kingston Trio. Her night life was star-lit, literally, as she hung out on top of Michelson scoping out celestial bods. Not until 2 c summer did Spam become " one of those " when she scoped the bod of her jet- jock beau. Despite Waldo ' s persistent advice, Spinley chose the true-blue profession. Best of Luck, SWO-Mama! MWA 418 1 Judith Marie Fortier Concord. Sew Hampshire Political Science General Unrestricted Line Jude decided to join the rest of us via the scenic route. With four vears prior and a vear at NAPS, " Mom ' s " perspective of the zoo was slightlv different. Those of us fortunate enough to get to know Judv well learned that those previous years helped create the honest, forthright. funn , and crazy individual with whom we spent a close four vears. Memories of the crazy times — squirting people with water, blasting Def Leppard and the Scorpions, to mention a few — will stick for a while. So will memories of the normal times — mugs cluttering the sink (for all those gallons of coffee!), lamps on. lights off, alarm clocks, open windows, and back-rubs (from who ' : ' ). Whatever the memories — bad ones with that ol ' knee (watch for those potholes next time) and all the good ones — they will all be remembered fondly as are all that are shared between the closest of friends. Best of luck to you. Jude — you ' re a nut!! LkF Ruben Martias Garcia Aurora. Colorado Mathematics Naval Flight Officer , , ■ r f Ruben came to the .-Vcademv from Salt Lake City and found military life easv to adapt to after 1 8 years with the Sgt. Major. He found the academic challenge a little tougher, but after plebe year he met that too. .After P-cola during 2 C Summer. Ruben fixed his professional sights on the elusive wings of gold. On Service Se- lection night, Ruben went to Smoke Hall with doubt, but he lett with the last NFO billet. That wasn ' t the only surprise, either: an inadvertant. but deserved, company commander position. Despite the ups and downs, our four years together have been a truly great experience With vour sense of humor and dedication, we re sure vou ' U be the best ' B N in the Heet, but we ' ll wish you good luck anyway. See you in P-cola. TCH PLM Andrew Leonard Hicks Cherry Hill. New Jersey Chemistry Surface Warfare . , Andy hails from a ?beautiful ' ' part of New Jersey. Being a natural athlete he had to become involved with sports. He tried his hand at baseball, then tennis. Leaving the Academy sports scene he dove headfirst into triathlons and skiing. Somewhere in this quagmire ot sports and recreation was a budding chemistry major aching to be set free I ' m sure if it were not for weekends, girls, cars, rules, and regulations. Andv would have made a fine geek (he does have the glasses and a computer). However, there are such things in life, and . ndv was no stranger to any of them. I think they even had to make a new section in the reg-book to cover his exploits. Andy always looked at things a little differently than everyone else. Maybe that s whv he took so man midnight runs at dizzying speeds to places unknown! Actually, the fact that he graduated with us is a lasting inbute to his drive and dedication. See you on the high seas! JLl Donald Scott Hughes Alexandria. I irginia Physical Science Supply Corps , , Don ' Hughes — man, mvth, or legend ' ! ' Mostly legend! Don came to USNA from Alexandria with a year-long respite in Newport. Or was it two years ' Anywav. his presence was quickly felt especially on the football field. This three-year letterman electrified Navy- Marine Corps on more than one occasion, not to mention the grabs he had against Army. That ' s the public side of Don. When you gel to know him, this Virginian has a couple other interests. First and foremost is . . . well, you can ' t blame him for chasing this lovely ladv Second is his family, which made football tailgaters an in- stitution. Last but not least is his friends who are many, and thankful people for knowing someone like Don. As his roommate I ' m not sure where 1 fit in, but if 1 ever could find him awake I think 1 would tell him — it ' s been an honor! MJV 419 Trevor Clay Hunley Waverly, Tennessee Mathematics Naval A viation Trevor came to the booming metropolis of Annapolis from Waverly. TN. His " Dirty " plebe year went well, sweating hard for good grades even though NATS gave him four youngsters. Al- though he literally " labelled " himself as a " light " kinda guy on the ship ' s brow m Athens, youngster year was more smooth sailing. Second class year started with a victory by TKO in G-Town; he was soon knocking out plebes as the Sandman of the Junior Gestapo of Once Fun. Second class year ended " Gingerly. " as he went on one last SWO cruise to the Med. He returned to lead First Platoon during the Summer, and returned in the fall ready to put his nose to the grindstone. Unfortunately, he put his nose to the pavement, so there was the " short " visit to Bethesda. The next stop in the journey is Pensacola. Good luck down there. PLM RMG. 420 Neil Richard Jurkovic Westwood, New Jersey Mathematics Naval Flight Officer Squeal returned from Coast Guard a new man. There wasn ' t a party he didn ' t make. From bean dances and accents to long- winded jokes, the girls of Annapolis didn ' t stand a chance. That laugh was his trademark. Sporting stars, Neil was ready for plebe detail as a 2 c squad leader. His interesting choice of friends led many to believe he was hard-up. Real friends knew it wasn ' t so. He bought a shiny red corvette and his future as a bubblehead began to fade as Wings of Gold caught his eyes. First class summer was spent at USNA, this time as Platoon Cdr. He was well-known around the weight rooms as the " pump boy " ; however, at tailgaters, he con- served effort by using both hands. All his hard work for Fun One demanded some relaxation: nine hour lunch breaks, trips to Texas, and weekend ski trips. Squeal had a memory like a pencil sharp- ener. Neil heads south to P ' cola to become a back seater, and our hopes soar with him. SPS PED Hope Katcharian Fairfax, Virginia Electrical Engineering Civil Engineering Corps Hope came to the Naval .Academy from a military family. De- spite her father being a graduate of the Coast Guard Academy, the Navy was still her first choice. Her sisters were apparently in- fluenced as they both have aspired to attend USNA; one is in the class of ' 90 and the other is a soon-to-be member of ' 92. Hope excelled in many areas here at the Academy. Desiring a challenge, she chose to be a EE major. She survived the horrors of Electronics, Comms, Microwaves, and all those other courses most people only have nightmares about; she also obtained a minor in Spanish while doing it. A lot of her time was devoted to promoting Navy spirit, both across the country and around the world. As a Navy cheer- leader she traveled extensively, including two trips to Japan, to support Navy sports. Hope succeeded here and is sure to do well in the CEC after graduation. We wish her luck with her future. DJS 1 Perry Lewis McDowell San Francisco. California i ' ; ' Naval Architecture Nuclear Power — Surface Pero took the Naval Academy by storm four years ago, arriving from San Francisco intent on being a SWO GOD. He came to FUN ONE from ROARING TWENTY with an mlensily thai found little outlet as a youngster. This natural warrior literally lost control during 2nd Class Summer, both on sea and land. As a 2 C flamer. Perry instilled great professionalism, as well as the fear of Godwin his plebes. Plebe detail was a memorable performance, too. Can you ever forget Ling? No, its still echoing around 4-4. Along with his devotion to duly, he had a pronounced hedonistic tendency, revealed in many trips to Hood, Schaefer ' s, and cruises with " the Captain. " Like the middle-aged pirate in Jimmy Buffet ' s song. Perry often fell passed by, but there ' s still plenty to plunder, and the guns ' still thunder. With sword in hand, we ' re sure you ' ll take the fleet bv storm, too. Good Luck. TCH RMG Patrick Joseph Murray Hingham, Massachusselts Physical Science Surface Warfare ,, . Young Middy Murray came to us from deepest, darkest Hingham (Hackam, Hookam) and made thirty-tool his new home. Leaving the low profile back in 32. Polio was newborn in the Fun Company Pat was known for his organization and his special alpha code (but if the JL ' s want it they have to catch him). One of Navy Hockey ' s finest, he was no stranger to the saucei, queal, clam, and he never missed a stagger-over. Bop Polio bop! " Wanna go bal- listic ' ' Have another one. " Who can forget Nags Head 86-ss, summers at the Cod, Riordans, roadtrips in the Blue Lude. and looking over the menus in the ?V. We ' ll alwavs remember Pat as an easy going guy who would do anything for a tend Jhanks Pat, the Galor Navy is getting one ot the best. CV B, SPS, VLB, IJU, frAW Marilou Potenza El Paso. Texas English Supply Corps , • ,. u It seemed I was a mite of sediment That waited for the bottom to ferment So I could catch a bubble in ascent. I rode up on one till the bubble burst, And when that left me to sink back reversed 1 was no worse off than I was at first. I ' d catch another bubble it 1 waited. The thing was to gel now and then elated. We make ourselves a world apart Behind light words that lease and fiout, But oh the agitated heart Till someone really finds us out ' Tis pity if the case require (Or so we say) that in the end We speak the literal to inspire The understanding of a friend. But so with all. from babes that play at hide-and-seek to God afar, So an who hide too well away Must speak and tell us where we are. PIN IN Paul Joseph Rock Wood bridge. Virginia Political Science Marine Aviation , . Paul came to us Youngster year as the most sheltered human being the world has ever known. It always amazed us how anyone could live so alone in a room with two other people. Under our careful guidance, however, he soon learned the ways of the world (Schaeffer ' s in Baltimore over 2nd class summer) and that getting in trouble on occasion keeps you honest. For someone so intelligent in class (a big BZ for that), he never ceased to astound us with his ability to be otherwise; morningbrain; has the bell rung yet; I got creamed on that test! " (said after every exam he ever took until the pink belly " of justice " ); and our personal favorite, his own version of " Famous Naval Sayings " for every occasion. Slowed down by his " Irish Bucket, " he never was fleet of foot, earning him the dubious title Wheels. However, despite your many failings (regardless ot what your mom mav say), we ' d never trade you for another. SEMPER FI DEC JAJ 421 Richard Thompson Rome Lancaster, California Political Science Naval Flight Officer Rich a California boy, arrived at the Academy via a small eastern prep school. He was sportin " his Cracker Jack blues and raring to go. Rich — some called him Dickie, others knew him as Caveman. We in Mike Company were more familiar with the ? 1@ who could answer correctly once his classmates failed. He was a real star Plebe year. Youngster year brought him to Fun One and academics. Despite his extensive fencing experience, his battle with Stats and Dvnes was bloody. I think that Rich, at one time or another, selected every major the Academy has to offer. He sur- vived by listening to his monk music and finally settling on po- litical science. Second class year brought a challenge and a search for roommates. A lack of fulfillment drove him to the Ram ' s Head. I ' m sure Rich will have more social life than he can handle in P- cola. Good luck and enjoy. SPS Denise Marie Rupp Hicksville, New York Economics Supply Corps After an eventful third class cruise, Denise became reknowned throughout First Company, thanks to the Log. She kept up the partying tradition throughout youngster year . . . remember the Christmas schnapps party, the blender party with pina colada sherbet, the tailgater after the Maryland lax game? Who sponsored that sorority party, anyway? Remember to thank Paul Tuzzolo for the ride home. Thank you also to Nick Cipriano after the dining in. Never forget the birthday party at " Rudy ' s " with the garbage pizza and Robert and Bob and Bob and Bob. Did Cousin Bob really tnp you in the parking lot or was that just our imagination? First Class year found a repeat performance in the Log and a memorable St. Patrick ' s Day at " Riordan ' s. " Denise, I ' m so glad you decided to stay. It wouldn ' t have been as great without you. Seven PCR ' s later ... no one deserves to graduate more than you! See you in Athens. Love you always. MP Daniel John Schebler Davenport, Iowa Aeronautical Engineering Naval Flight Officer ban left Davenport and the banks of the Mississippi to visit Annapolis and experience his first airplane flight. Annapolis being slightly more exciting than Iowa, Dan decided to stay. His earnest efforts to be a good midshipman landed him on the heavyweight crew team (he took the name Canoe U. seriously and thought he had better learn to drive one; it took him neariy three years to figure it out.) Dan ' s youngster cruise to Spain and Italy took him out of the country for the first time. He must have been impressed with the " miracle of flight " after all of his journeys because he became an aero major with an initiation into Tau Beta Pi to top. First class year brought an aviation (!!!) cruise, Dan ' s vanishing act (regimental admin — who ' s that?), and an NFO billet. He is sure to succeed in all endeavors. Good luck in Pensacola! HK Stephen Phillip Sobieski Vienna, Virginia General Engineering Surface Warfare Bull, where to start? That he drives a bicentennial edition Ford Grananda — that he took the system to the brink and then gave in and came back to school — No! Start with an offbeat dance step and a sense of humor that won ' t quit. DSH, MJV. Steve arrived in 35th CO from ET school and made himself familiar with the conduct system. Pubes came to 1st company and kept a low profile, remaining inconspicuous so he could break more regs (until the fridge). Second Class year saw Steve in front of the Supe (thanks to EE). He involutarily reenlisted for a week, but luckily, he made it back and entered the double major program as a GE. With new found dedication, he became one of the Pump Boys (unfortunately for thugs in Philly). If only he had spent as much time studying as he did with . . . he ' d be a Rhodes Scholar. Never forget Nags Head and the Vet Day Storm ' 87. TJD, PJM, VLB, CWB, FAW 422 James Lawerence Thien Bellevue. H ashington Marine Engineering Surface H ' arfare Once upon a time, from a strange, far-otTland (Bellevue, Wash- ington), arrived an mnocent. ••Gung-Ho " boy lo the awaiting anns of Bancroft Hall. .After a year of ripening in NINE, fate dealt Jim into FUN ONE. FUN ONE greeted Jim with a semester filled with an overdose of Country music, not so golden oldies, and room wars. The outcome was a three-year sentence with the likes of AH and B. . A 1 Bravo type attitude soon developed, only to be perfected by graduation. Concentration and effort was equally split between the rack and all those GEAR courses. Jim gave true love a shot for two years, only to realize that his heart and soul belonged to a white 1969 Corvette convertible. Girls would have stood more of a chance with Jim if they knew the simple difference between a piston ring and a diamond ring. Those of us who had the op- portunity to know Jim were the lucky ones! The BEST OF LUCK in all that you pursue!! ALH Michael John Valaik Buffalo, New York History U.S. Marine Corps Mike hails from Buffalo: the chicken wing, beef-on-weck capital. He arrived at N.APS sporting a " SI " vertical leap, Lennon glasses, and a pair of black chucks. A three-time backyard Ail-American, Mike had to hang up his shoes due to a career-ending ankle injury. Fluke became a lightweight crewjock. Sickness and a heel injury slowed him, but as always he came back strong. Third class year was a turning point for Mike. Trips to I.U. with Chad were always memorable, although 1 doubt he remembers Cougar. Mike often was found running to Rob, crew, and mostly . . . Tailgators, Clarks, the Vous, and Catholic movement orders were weekend adventures for the ■ " Flukester. " He was a member of several prestigous groups: " Dougy Fresh and the get Fresh Crew " and " Tommy Cool and the Too Cools. " Mike could be found studying at U of M or doing his Johnny-on-the-spot trick. Peabody set the time machine for 8 20 88. Good Luck, Bunk. DSH Thomas Emil Warner Waupaca, Wisconsin Ocean Engineering Naval Aviation This good oP boy came to us from a small town in Wisconsin, the land of beer and cows. Tom must have learned his hometown lessons well, because the only thing that can compete with his beer is his sleep. Knowing Tom, the only things he will remember about the .Academv are his basketball games, his orders lo Pensacola, and maybe singing on the seventh wing terrace on Hundreds Night plebe year. We wish him good luck, but we know he will not need it. Some things were just meant to be. Fly Navy! BDA 423 r- . Stephen Thomas Alexander Tucson, Arizona English Naval Flight Officer Steppin-slone came to the Old Naval Academy, not ignorant to the wayward ways of the world, desiring to be instilled with Pride and Professionalism on his way to Naval Aviation. He chose a major that would give him a high class rank. After his move to " Loose Deuce, " Sleevo suffered mass corruption from the boys, yet, by sporting pressed uniforms and trimmed eyebrows for su- perior military appearance was able to become the affection of the CO. Sporting button downs and sweaters he also becanic the affection of every mom and sister. Get the picture? Steve blew the froth off a few with the boys but frequently woke up not knowing with whom or where he was. A Batt Cdr plebe summer, Sleevo set the example for ' 9 1 (?). He became a SWO (so was the new CO) but after he got CO CDR, Mr. Lillywhile saw the light and took NFO. Who flies the plane, anyway, right? Invite us to the White House when you become President. AVL Robert Todd Badeer Smithtown, New York Mechanical Engineering U.S. Marine Corps Bob Badeer, the man with the can, the famous, or infamous Beechnut hat. Maybe some of us will remember the fiasco on the Superintendent ' s lawn longer than we will remember graduation, but it did bring some exciting weekends. Bob, or Mr. Gambler, will probably also remember trafficking to minors, but that wasn ' t the real reason for his two years on his " no booty chit. " The man was a genius, especially when it came to the stock market, but then that doesn ' t mean that gifts such as snowscenes won ' t display some weaknesses. Bob was one of the all around great guys in the company, and we all have many great memories because of him. Thanks, Gunny Bob. AVL Peter Brian Baumgarten El Paso, Texas Marine Engineering U.S. Marine Corps From the barren sands of West Texas, Pete came to USNA determined to prove something; what, we ' ll never know. He was a 100% glow-in-the-dark bubblehead, but after rooming with Gerry, his blood turned green, and he strove to become a Marine. Known for his intense looks and professionalism with the plebes, Pete ' s only mistake was tying one to a chair. A stewardess, a bimbo, a kook, and a " ? " , Pete was never one lo stop experimenting in new forms of rejection — even when it meant cab-fare back from Loyola. If the girls ever tire of his flattop, they surely will never forget Pete ' s car: " the mint-condition, no-rust " 1973 Fiat Spider was his deal of the century, but to us will always be Pook ' s easy $2000. Psychotic madman, drill stud, academic wizard, and tequila guzzler; we wish Pete the best luck in the Corps and know he ' jl never be quite satisfied until the order is given over the 1 MC: " man the landing craft . . . lock and load. " GGP 424 Alan Robert Behning Phoenix, Arizona Naval Architecture Surface Warfare Big Al hails from Phoenix, and came to USNA ready to boogie and rap. He joined the crew team where he spent strenuous af- ternoons doing horizontal work-outs in the N-room. Switched into Two, he strove to become the best dressed man, with the help ot his 1-0 fashion consultants. Part of the monument crew, Al decided to play it safe as a lookout, but got restriction anyway. He met his dream in the Library of Congress, but it became his nightmare in Boston. Rooming with Anthone soon made Al the rap-master; he reached his prime in Cancun. Occasionally his slolh-like reflexes were called on as a QB tor the Llwt. football team, and he racked up impressive stats: I for 1, 1 TD. and 1 interception. Too honest with Navy Medicine, his past came back to haunt him, so Al gaffed flight school and chose SWO. Shooting for CEC and the space program. Al will be a top-notch engineer on Mars. Drop us a line from way out there, AB. lAP George Allen Brisbin Tampa, Florida Physics Surface Warfare u A man of the sea from way back, George sported his time at USNA as a " thayler, " tacking and jibing in the sun. Use of nautical terms and quickness with a Naval saying earned him a rep as " Boats. " Showing off his juggling got him " volunteered for the plebe summer talent show. After his fiancee Dear Johned him, he spent Ring Dance weekend trying to pick-up his friends ' dates. Unable to juggle all the balls afterwards, some heavy-hitters con- vinced him to take some Rest and Relaxation. Before he left he showed he was still a " team " player, and could tag in and out with the best of them. Sent to the Fleet with ' 87er, Phil, the two of thern often painted San Diego red. A year of rock climbing and volleyba 1 later he returned to Mother B. He doesn ' t rack without his v-ball. Taking the path of most assured graduation for his fifth and final year, he finished like he started, " Jus ' puttin ' in time. " See you when you get your flag, George. QL Andrew Lawrence Caldera Park Ridge, New Jersey History Naval Aviation , v v Andrew Drew, Drewski, but not Andy. Always a New Yorker, but lives in New Jersey. Bucknell. Oxford Rockstar. Road Tnps. Sailing to a conquest. Flyboy throttle jockey. Hey, righteous dude! Bleeda waiting for Bladda. T-Tops, sun, and shades. Ring Dance, bottoms up ' Second class summer; lock and load! What s a varsity letter " 1 don ' t play these . . . games! Motored 1.5 years with the dough-truck. Cruise director supreme! Not a penny pincher. Reem- me what happened? Youngster Homecoming. Dark, stormy sum- mers in Bermuda! Part of the Morning Light and Vengeance Three Muskateers. BYC Sludmember. Always win the Party! AYC Mount Gay and Tonics. Fourth down and long — let ' s punt! Lake Placid and Whiteface Slopes. I ' m not lowering my standards! Anton and Brian It just doesn ' t matter! Spring Break — $300 mistake! Push the envelope! Pensacola; the adventure continues. Biggus. Pookie. SecNav True Friends! Mom and Dad, thanks for the support! AVL Stephen Thomas Cassetta Rve, New York Mathematics Naval Flight Officer . , . , hi»cc Scubby came already equipped with a nickname and an endless supply of stories for every occasion. Plebe year earned him a " real rugby N sweater and a $13 shave. Youngster year was filled with talent shows and monument pranks, with restnction often making it hard to get home to the Big Apple. Scubby ' s wheels could have made him some tart lemonade, and often caused him to become an appliance ' s worst enemy. It didn ' t stop him from making numerous roadtnps to local colleges. Hey Scubbs. Hnd anything in that dumpster? If they tell us to flick it, what should we do? A math major never letting us forget: no papers, no projects, no labs, he teetered between being a Marine or an airdale. Wingnut convinced him to go to Pensacola. Senior year provided him the chance once again to show his talents as QB and also to enjoy the pnvileges of SECNAV list. Scubby, good luck at flight school and keep telling those stories. AVL 425 Murray Andrew Cook Surgoinsville, Tennessee Oceanography Naval Aviation Instigator, Catalyst. Redneck, and Bosn ' s Mate. What a com- bination! The hardest partier in the Brigade, Murray played foot- ball and managed to sneak out anyway. He could be counted on (with JD ' s help) to procure female companionship and woo her someplace special. However, one night he got confused, and woke up next to his roommate — " Murray, what are you doing in my bed? " Other fond memories include bouncing at the fish market, the ice machine, tnps to the Vous in EJ " s and Jack ' s Green Machine, Academy Motel bashes, The Boardy Bam with EB, EV, JM, KR, BP, ED . . . etc. P-Cola and the Rent-a-Wrecks, Clarke ' s and Billy ' s (Murray, I ' m cold; come get me!) We finally made it, Murray — after five!!! Kick butt in P-Cola. KCJR Brent Montenegro Cornell Merritt Island, Florida Political Science Surface Warfare O Tempora! O Mores! Panuriunt monies, nascetur ridiculus mus — oh the times! Oh the manners! The mountains are in labor, and a ridiculous mouse will be brought forth. (Afterwhich I met a roach in America, his family had a massive tree, they lived just about everywhere, nonetheless, he was a very personable roach.) BMC Steven Donald Cronquist Fort Washington, Maryland Electrical Engineering Steve came to us from an 18 month vacation in Japan and soon wished he was back. Although 86 wrote him off as one they left behind, he made it on the six year plan. The only EE in Loose Duece, he helped us pass the class, and more importantly the PCR! Right Steve? Steve might have missed his calling, though. Under the strict tutorship of master-muscian Brento, Steve became a renowned keyboardist of sorts. Steve was usually a quiet, subdued guy, but we occasionally got him " riled up " on his favorite guy — Freddie the Janitor and his lady Nannette. 1 guess we were wrong about Avery and his love life, and when he left it left only me to badger you about yours. Never forget the late night talks we had on every subject available. Watch out for those late night man-eating moles. You ' ll do well in gynecology. Dr. Cronquist. God bless you, SBV. P.S. Do you think in the fleet that your CO. will ever lock you out of your room? SBV Matthew Joseph Ferrier Mystic, Connecticut Systems Engineering Nuclear Power — Submarines A budding, young bubble-head attempting to follow in his fa- ther ' s footsteps. Matt came to us from everywhere. He quickly subdued his two unruly plebe-year roommates, Joe and Doug, with his dulcet rendition of " Sunglasses at Night. " Scrambled into Form Two, Matt had no chance of subduing Millimeter Peter and George. He fled to Ilya and Scubby, but was chased away by their ultra-clean living habits and the incredibly high performance grade they helped him attain. So he fled back to George. On weekends, Matt ' s lovely morning face made him the scream of every local girls ' college. He managed to swindle a family sedan out of the CAPTAIN, but that ' s about it. Perhaps he will best be remembered for chewing out the Fourth Co. Officer while taking a shower. Despite his many attempts. Matt never earned one demerit. We all know he will ace Nuke School, and we pity the sub that wakes up and sees his face. YJG 426 Eric Joseph Gresia Catonsville. Maryland Physics. Aerospace Engineering Naval Flight Officer Ric started out like a house on fire. He arrived plebe summer with a mohawk and a stack of books. Not content with a Single major, he decided to lake two. Fate threw him in Second Company, ranked first in the Brigade. Ric soon fell in with the wrong crowd; where did he go wrong? It must have been UVA, where he went out for death bumtos and never came back. Spending his special liberty studying became " Sorry babe, last call. " " Trust me, 1 know what I ' m doing. " meant " Hey. sleeping on the beach isn ' t all that bad. " Long walks from New London to Rye supnsed everyone — especially Scubby ' s parents. His hot sports car lasted three weeks at NavT, going from a facelift to expulsion for imaginitive parking. .iVlways picking up the tab. and looking on the humorous side of life, he was a favorite. Good luck in grad school N. ' XS.A, Ric. we ' ll see you on Mars. GAB Harr ' Monroe IV Key Largo. Florida Oceanography U.S. Marine Corps Bom in Jacksonville. FL. Harry (Mike) suppresses his southern drawl. Being the son of a " Great Santini " test pilot, he quickly learned discipline and decided to go to USN.A to soothe his psy- chotic desires, . lthough dedicated to a life of physical violence. Mike had one weakness: academics. Due to this. Mike took the multiple SAT route to USNA. Once in. Mike adapted easily by breaking plates on his head and by hazing and being hazed. He molded his mind and carved his body preparing to be the ultimate grunt. His build attracted many and resulted in risky relations with multiple females. Were it not for his lack of weekend eligibility and a cenain " Bam Bam. " he would have reached retirement eariy. A summer with the Royal Marines was the highlight of his USNA career. Ready to do battle with the craven red foe. Harry soujoums forth from the Cavern of Aargh. .As long as he doesn ' t have to deal with a computer, the military is safe. ADP George Bruce Palmer Reston. Mrginia Chemistry Nuclear Power — Submarines Hey George — remember Keehln ' s Party? How about his bath tub? We all remember it! George was kind of different when it came to study hour. We knew study hour to be from 2000 to 2400. but not George, he was in the 0200-to-quarters club, something that we thought only Comp. Sci. did. George, clean your locker! Remember late night brawls with Van? Not Looner, either. George still wants to fight — Antoine. Hey, still on the wagon, you Gymnastics stud? George, good luck, you were, and still are, one of the best! A ' VX Albert Dan Perpuse Seattle. H ' ashington Systems Engineering Nuclear Power — Surface Al (The ' Pino) " sojourned " to the Academy from high school in Seattle. He brought with him a very " inquisitive " mind. While at the Academy. Al ' s major accomplishments included achieving a class rank of 27, serving as Batt. Cdr.. and winning the Brigade Boxing Title. He was always willing to help someone, no matter how tired or busy he was. The ' Pino ' s tenure here was not always filled with such perfection. He expenenced frequent periods in which he lacked female companionship. These periods ceased each time .Al was able to visit his old high school. Al also experienced trouble negotiating the stock market, navigating Rowe Blvd.. di- gesting Rum Runners, studying in bed, and possessing his military LD. in the Phillipines. So we wish " The " Pino " the best of luck with Nuke Power and huge car payments. We hope one day he realizes his true desire to be a Marine. HMM 427 Sean Patrick Plankey Southwick. Massachussetts General Engineering Surface Warfare " Restriction Squad! ATTEN-HUT! All right, where is Plankey? You ' re kidding, he graduated? " Yes, it ' s true. Thanks to an act of God and the hard work of " Spanky Graduation Detail, " he really made it. Sean had the dubious reputation of trying to " Beat the System. " Naturally, the system beat all over Sean, and common sense did not always shine through as his greatest virtue. After all, you hit a Colonel ' s wife with water balloons and you went swim- ming in the bay in January, in SDB ' s. How did you keep warm? Must have been something in the blood. Sean was always glad to act as duty driver, but his passengers weren ' t always thrilled, " Come on, we ' ll get there in no time via the GT! " You ' re crazy, Sean, that ' s definite ' Look out Edson, here he comes! The Navy will never be the same . . . SPP MAM Ilya Alexey Poluektov Forestville, California Systems Engineering Surface Warfare Plebe year for our Russian comrade was spent rowing and playing the accordian. He met his roommate for the duration, Scubby, who had similar hygiene habits. Scabby and Ilya were hit hard by the Japanese monument. Trade marks of his room: socks that can support their own weight, and the locker ameoba monster. President of the Russian Club, he taught us the phrase " Speciba za piva. " The only reason he ran marathons was for the free Bud Light. Second class year brought cars, Ilya broke in Scubby ' s. Ilya chose a Micro-can, a Jeep. Good thing it can ' t get stuck, right Iller? Ilya is very ambitious and a firm believer in bigger is better. Impeached from the Russian Club presidency, he switched to full- time living the good life. Cancun brought the battle with Colombia. A wise gambler, Ilya ended up getting a hydrofoil. Good luck, Ilya. STC Keehin Bain Powell Severna Park, Maryland Ocean Engineering Naval Aviation Loinmaster, Jammaster, Jaymaster, Jam (aka Sirioin, Loincloth, Tenderloin) came to us from San Diego, via the five year plan at NAPS. Fortunately, his folks moved to Severna Park, a mere ten minutes from Gate 8. Loin became very familiar with the ol ' Conduct Sys, and earned his letter (not for a sport, either). He came to Loose Deuce ready to make history so Kerry would soon be known as Keehln ' s brother. A fine partier. Loin familiarized us with Clark ' s, and some dive bars unknown to other Squids. He partied far and wide, letting nothing stand in his way, including police cars, which he simply walked over. A SECNAV list casualty. Loin enjoyed first class year, planning tailgaters, and mega-parties. After he lectured us on the virtues of SWO, he took Pilot, much to the surprise of everybody; folks, ball-and-chain, and the boys. Good luck in the skies, happy landings, and invite us to your offshore oil rigs. AVL George Gerard Pukach Cheverly, Maryland Ocean Engineering Nuclear Power — Surface Pook came to USN.A a wayward juvenile delinquent from the outskirts of our nation ' s capital, complete with Vuamets. Gerry soon ventured forth in search of finer pastures, sampling pleasures from Delaware to Denmark. Ger finally shocked us all on Xmas ' 87 (Good luck!) Once a hardcore Marine, he suprised no one by selecting Nuke Surface ($). Academic wizard, weightroom fiend, source of bad gouge, penny-pincher, and packrat; we ' re sure if he ever leaves the Navy, Gerry will don the plaid sports coat and sell Pete the car of his dreams . . . again. Gerry will be a success in the Navy and beyond. We know the Navy and California are in for a hell of a time with the one and only Pook in power. Best of luck in the Cutting Edge. PBB 428 2 Richard Carey Quintal Andover. Massachusetts General Engineering Nuclear Power — Submarines Happy 22nd Binhday — How many utensils did you get on your face? Sure, 1 remember last night . . . who? The ultimate spinner, he could spin anything, except for that one cherry pie. Rich showed up in Skate 28 as a Recruited gymnast in Mechanical Engineering, but left in Form-Two as a well rested General. " Well rested . . . period. " Hey, Rich, make sure to always pick up after yourself! Rich was always here, always smiling, and always set to add a bit to the morale of the company. You ' ve done a good job. Rich, and you ' ll do great out in the Elite Force, hunting down (targets?). AVL Austin Eugene Renforth Wheeling, West Virginia Mathematics U.S. Marine Corps Sparky, a West Virginia kind of guy, is ever faithful to the Corps. Working on his presidential campaign, he was deeply involved in Honor and the Black Studies Club. He deserves to be proud of his athletic achievements — 1 50 ' s captain and four-year starter, and a rugby natural. He is so well known throughout the Brigade, that if a Bancroft mafia existed, he would be kingpin. Popular for his quick wit and telling it as is, his genuine heart makes for a true friend that will give his all. He even befriended a mo-mo. Pest control might help with the giant mole problem. How far can you go with $20? The Emile Post of dipper ' s etiquette, he awaits the resurrection of the Taj Mahal. Champion of the 18th street demolition night and seeking out the Shwayge machine. Master of studying just the right amount. Sparky will be unstoppable. As said at UM, let ' s come back and rock the house sometime! The best to you. Sparky! SBV Vincent Luis Reyes San Bruno, California Political Science U.S. Marine Corps I ' ve had a pretty good time. VLR Thomas Eugene Rogers Naples-on-the-Gulf, Florida Physics Naval Flight Officer Many of us in Second Company will remember the XO, the reign of terror. Nothing more need be said. Tom was well known as the Billy Martin of the Softball team, but Softball was not his only sport. Remember playing a few holes on the golf couse? Maybe you and Jeff W. should have hooked up, the way you tried sneaking the extra chickwich. Tom will probably have trouble remembering the deep discussions that he had, but they will be long remembered by some of us here in Second Company. I have a couple of questions Why will Tyson lose in the next year? and what is really meant by " Miami Who " ? Good luck. Tom. Some pilot will be lucky to have you backing him up. AVL 429 Richard Schwarz Massapequa Park, New York Physical Science Surface Warfare Light ' em up, Bob! Rich was one of the true whiteworks fiends. Always relaxed and skating, he was heavily into LAX, in more than the sporting sense. Known as the most durable midshipman, Rich was always injured, always in whiteworks, and never at formations. As a matter of fact, he was rumored to have slept even more than Rich Q., but this is hard to prove. All that is proven is that he has never drilled. He was Wingnut ' s fielders choice at the axe boards, and was immortalized as the object of the famous quote: " I could have had you out of here ... " One thing that will never be forgotten is the time that he tried to break into Ric ' s condo with Jeff W.; except that it was rented out to someone else . . . ! All in all, quite a guy! AVL Jon Arthur Smith Greenacres, Washington Ocean Engineering Naval Aviation Jon Smith!? Come on, what ' s your real name? Coming from the state famous for it ' s apples, he sickened us by eating them seeds and all. Academics always proved a challenge for Jon; no one could study so much and get so little for it. Instead of climbing the ladder of success, Jon chose to scale the Japanese Monument and then descend to the depths of Smoke Hall. The youngest of our small group, he finally turned 2 1 at Army our senior year, but had already proven his love of excess. Next time don ' t wrestle a judo expert, and abstain before leading PEP for the Class of ' 91. Workout animal, woman chaser, and the man with the moon-pie face; Jon never got the recognition he worked so hard to earn ... so here ' s to you, Jon-O: you ' re the best of the best. Take care and Warn all your NFO ' s to keep their oxygen masks on after you ' ve had Mexican food. Turn and bum to the top of the Navy, crazy Jon! PGK Bernardo Solis Cartagena, Colombia Political Science Foreign National Claiming to be a foreign national, Bemie " El Guapo " Solis came to us from the Colombian Naval Academy by way of George Mason. Never one to be punctual, he arrived to plebe summer two days late. His reputation as a Latin Lover soon became well established. After a brief career as a genius in Colombia, Bemie decided to major in Political Science, with a minor in wires, or " threads. " He is now a LTM. Bernie, a former member of the SECNAV list, sampled many delights of the States. He eamed several marks of approval. A true capitalist, Bernie seemed to be the chief purchaser of computers, CD ' s, and a sure steady user of the phrase " Charge it! " He dragged a group of us down to siinny Cancun, where the principal language is English. Poor Bemie is going to be stuck in Cartagena, and then flight school in Germany. Bemie, invite us to the Colombian White House when you ' re president. lAP Steven Douglas Stuck Thousand Oaks, California General Engineering Naval Aviation A one-time (one semester) HE major who soon saw the light. Crazy times from the start, with D B parties, falling out of a cab in SDB Levi ' s in Times Square, etc. But he always knew the way home, whether he got there by Rabbi Smith carrying him there or by sliding along the wall until he bumped into the Pepsi machine, then turning right. Careful when you turn over your pillow. Dreams of Porsche. Drives a Honda. Is it tme you had a comearound with your fiancee? This, of course, led to the Scharf-Stuck-Lynch Cold War. Hope that back mb was worth it. The focus in his life must be the stereo. World ' s largest CD collection. Belongs to the Incredible Stereo Deal of the Month Club, buying $2000 worth of Dragon junk and the infamous $3000 unreg speakers for cheap. Hope you can " see " your way thru P-cola. Good Luck; get fighters! WDT 430 2 William David Taylor Covington. Virginia ' - " Systems Engineering Nuclear Power — Submarines •■Wild Bill. " ••Chief, " — Bubblehead at hean. NAVTAGger extrodinaire. and an academic stud. Bui why take 21 hours second semester 1 c year? He ' s really too kind, but 1 guess he won ' t be loaning his car to " bert again. Old fashioned, he lives in a log cabin, is infatuated with animals (gerbils?), and even his music says he should have been born 20 years earlier somewhere near Rudy ' s or a disco. ■ " The Good Feeling music of the Big Chill era. " Mr. Pro- fessional for the plebes and at drill — were the ' •eyes right " for the company or yourself? How about the ladies? Should 1 mention " Bunny and Me " or maybe the " Angel " ? Then again there ' s the ••Arabian " or . . . but your parents were right next door! I suppose 1 should stick to • " Yolanda. " Good luck in the fleet and on New London ' s Donut course. Thanks for the fry. SDS Alan Wilford Van Loon Hermanlown, Minnesota Computer Science Surface Warfare Computer wizard who crusaded against the Lynch-Demon, the Scharf-monster and the worm to become the savior of our weekend liberty. Printed everyone ' s papers. Despite being Christian music DJ for WRNV, and wearing new grooves in his Amy Grant records, still finds " I Spit on Your Grave " to be the greatest movie of all time. Reads only Mack Bolan " one man against the world. " Guess he needed that TV, er, computer monitor, to watch the Twins win the World Series. We didn ' t hear the end of that for a while. Great NAVTAG plotter; do they have radar on your " new " ship, Al? Engaged for three years. Always a Marine at heart. Yes, I had to come all the way from MN to USNA to find what I needed, but once I found it, 1 never let it go. People said I would never make it into USNA, and then said 1 would never make it. Well, I am here, and I made it, and 1 owe it to support from those same people who said I wouldn ' t make it. Thanks M V SK, AVL Jeffrey Robert Williams Port Jefferson, New York Mechanical Engineering Nuclear Power — Submarines Jeff, the " biggest slouch around " is, as a SENIOR, the only midshipman STILL boycotting the chickwich. To him every girl was " the most beautiful girl in the worid, " but that may just show his kindheartedness. Speaking of kindheartedness, it can be seen by the fact that he even knew one of his teacher ' s names, but that was the one that he stayed up all night for to do three homework problems. He was shy about video cameras; ' •Mom, that ' s how we say hi. " Bladah-bladah at 000 090 270 relative! The one wildman of the company, he was guest singer for some band in Rye, New York, probably while cheering for his favonte team, the mighty METS! If you see him, ask him about his Halloween Ritual, or Toy Master (noses and masks). Good Luck, Jeff, we ' ll remember you always as one of the boys. AVL Anthone Raynell Wright Lackawanna. New York Economics U. S. Marine Corps Hey! ' Toine! Keep your hands to yourself Anthone has his own reserved seat in the wardroom: " •Can I take that chair with me? " Here we have, fresh from Second Company, the first Nuclear Tank Driver! He was heavy into 1 50 ' s football, but was the only one on the team that had to gain weight for weigh-ins. Speaking of 1 50 ' s, for some reason he couldn ' t take the pressure of intramurals. yet he managed to be a 1 50 ' s Star. Love that Colt .45. " The Ladies call me Mr. Right. " Anthone was the only man in the company with one leg and two toothpicks! Watch out Marines, you ' ve got one heck of a great guy coming your way! AVL 431 Thomas Andrew Zwoifer Wood Dale, Illinois Naval Architecture Nuclear Power — Submarines Tom " Z-MAN " Zwoifer. the last man in the class. Tom, get that dressing out of your inbox. Tom. What DID you do at Halsey? Oh, some of this, some of that. Sometimes known as Off-Color King, it wasn ' t at all related to the way that he ate, which would make a praying mantis proud. Tom will always be remembered here in Second Company as a founding father of the Japanese Monument Club, as well as for his outstanding performance as Golden Glove Third Baseman. Tom is truly dedicated, one of the very few remaining N. ' SiRCs. Tom, the fleet awaits you, and we know you are ready! WL RD Andrew Bowman Barker Arab. Alabama English Supply Corps Andrew came to the Academy with slightly different ideas than the rest of us. He thought that it was a country club college with a little bit of military thrown in. He survived 15th Co. plebe year, despite his command appearance at Ac Boards. Drew came to Third and created an Ice-box on 1-0 that was ignored for months by the company officer. Second class summer found him adjutant for Group 12. where he led by example with his disregard for ac- countability. He was only seen in P-Cola when he absolutely had to be there. He stayed, miraculously (unexplainably?). and committed for two more years of trying academics. He missed the Ring Dance for a cruise to Australia, but his date understood, and she didn ' t have to return her DDW ' s. First class year saw him have a few problems with driving his car. " I don ' t think the heavy stuff is gonna come down for quite some time, " Drewsome said. But it did, and he lost Spring Break, Athens Bound. CHG PEP Bruce Scott Bennett Maple Shades. New Jersey General Engineering U.S. Marine Corps Daroose was a Godsend to his two roommates; he saved them from the BM3. His pencil-neck frame earned him nicknames: Bruiser, Bubba. Norman, Grossberger, as well as a starting position on the varsity offensive line. He always kept abreast of the time, and it was well known that everything was proportional. Brother B was a Marine ' s Marine, and was often heard shouting " Arf! " or " I did something stupid. " He had two pet Doberman ' s which were kept in the hall nightly. As time progressed, he found that football am his life. His favorite quote was " — -! " which he serenaded to the company on many occasions. First class year he acquired the sporty fishbpwl, a fine machine that killed the ladies. In Daytona, he was the big stud, and in Australia he met his long lost Auntie May. We are quite sure that the Corps will choose to send Brutonomus to any hotspot in the world, so that he may put his diplomatic charm to work. CHG 432 Joseph Mateo Brinkman Port Orchard. H ashinglon Computer Science Surface Warfare Joe ' s plebe year was spent getting paid to party on more week- ends each semester than our youngsters were even allowed to sign up for. All of that just for an occasional round of debate. .Although it started out as a means of putting up with plebe year, it became a necessity for dealing with youngster (financial) depression. It was during this year that Joe learned the fundamentals of financial disaster, something he would retain, and eventually perfect. Living in the back shaft, unnoticed. Joe became delinquent beyond ad- min conduct. After a close call 2 c year. Joe spent 1 c year with the rest of us. reminiscing about the good old days. Watching Joe drop everything in my room, mailing all our luggage to con a ride on a MAC night, losing Joe somewhere in Iowa, finding him at my house the next day. all-night computer jam sessions . . . that ' s what they were with Joe, the good old days. MD Chessley Dion Cornett Hebron. Kentucky Electrical Engineering Nuclear Power — Submarines Dion " foot-in-the-door " Cornett came to us from the bluegrass state of Kentucky, land of beautiful horses and fast women, neither of which Dion partook of (much). Instead, he was quite content to fester in the EE labs with the rest of his double-E buds. Emerging pale and beady-eyed from the bowels of Michelson, Dion expressed his creative side in many ways and to many people . . . Dion also rowed crew and rolled in casually late from the ' Vous, earning a different color " N " in each case. We thank Dion for the many hours we enjoyed on his sturdy tri-hull, " Les Parte ' , " and pity the poor fool who actually believes it ' s a sturdy tn-hull and buys it. Unfortunately, his greed overcame him, and he and his new boat will find a home at nuke school in Orlando — but Bill has no qualms. Dion was a level-headed guy, and we wish him the best of luck, tp.bm.ps.mg know your password: DCLDB. TP Jimmy Dean Cox Centerville, Georgia General Science Naval Aviation I am writing this to the memory of my father and mother, who departed from my life on 8 Januar 1 98 1 . It was their strength that helped me through the years that followed. My parents gave me so much it would be impossible to ever repay them. If 1 could have just one wish in life, it would be to have them with me on graduation day. However, the memory of my parents will follow me through the rest of my life, and they will always hold a place in my heart Love always, Jim ! In memory of Earl and Margaret Cox. JDC John Calvin Dupree Alexandria. Virginia Physical Science Surface Warfare JD took the NAPS pipeline and worked hard to get there. He had quite the temper youngster year — soap can be a lethal weapon. But that wasn ' t the end. as Truman ' s precious tiger will tell ■ ■. ■ a 51 offense resulted. Maddog John tned boxing, a sport in which he invented a new style — lead with the head, jab with the left, lead with the head. Later, he decided to add to the athletic challenge at Navy by running the mile in hightops. John ' s favorite phrase became " Yer lookin ' just like a hog, " which earned him the nickmname FP. Some famous quotes are: " Meeting, what meet- ing? " and " You make me feel like a king. " JD had such a zest for academics he spent three summers here excelling, in addition to his eight-hours a day study habits. Unlike the rest of the wardroom rats, the only time he was in the wardroom was for meetings. John will pursue excellence on the waves, rather than in the mud: a blessing in disguise. PEP 433 - L Curtis Henry Goetsch St. Louis, Missouri Aerospace Engineering Naval Aviation We first met Curt at the start of youngster year, when he became our omnipotent leader. Spring found us road-tripping to Lauderdale. Don ' t forget, politics and women don ' t mix — ' aye. His quest was to locate the stairway to heaven, which he found at Hood and Delaware. .As a 1 c, Shark lost his best girl, Rosie O ' Grady, but gained a much more interesting one. Hey, Tampa isn ' t far from P-Cola. Any wedding bells? If that happens, forget the mountains, but that ' s okay, because I hear Cobra Yodelling. Curt ' s most coveted award is Mr. Cynical 1988, which is dwarfed on his trophy case by his many Heismans. True, never losing his taste for Kool-Aid, was known throughout the Brigade for his potent punch, which got three of us twelve, twice. Favorite quotes: " That may be a dad gum 6000, Hi. I don ' t remember any of you guys, " and " Hey guys, how ' s she look? " Curt, good luck and Fly Navy, we divers need the work. FAS Mark Willard Goodwin Bath, Pennsylvania Aerospace Engineering Naval Aviation Where ' s Bath? Richie Cunningham arrived at USNA as the model. All-American boy with more erroneous illusions than any of us. Goody didn ' t really understand East Coast women until he met one with her keg. It was love at first sight. We hope he finds another car before he spends the rest of his loan. His faithfulness was only surpassed by his faithfulness to weeknights at the ' Vous. It must have been " a lack of neurons, " because it resulted in 66 fun filled days and a righteous Christmas break. Now that we can go out, Goody stays in and studies EE (it ' s just not as fun now that it ' s legal). We wish you the best, good luck in Pensacola. Mr Good- man, remember to tape off and shine your shoes, because you promised, tp.bm.ps.dc. TLP Stuart Emerson Hamilton Bremerton, Washington Computer Science Naval Aviation " Soup. Stew. Stewbone, Stupher. " " Daddy, I want a . . . " " But I haven ' t been home in three days. " Sailing is a DANGEROUS sport — six stitches youngster year. Anything looks good after he ' s been drinking. " But she ' s nice. " 128 mph on the beltway — he likes driving over the curb. " What are you doing after Hemdon? " " But I ' ve only been on the computer six hours. " She likes you, but she isn ' t physically attracted. " So what ' s your point? " One of three but an effort for two. Dolphin Club President — but went Aviation. Good luck in the air and on the beach in P-Cola. DRW BJP Christopher Michael King Brooklyn, New York Physical Science Surface Warfare Chris entered Camp .-Annapolis through 26 Co., " where he ran up the worid ' s largest phone bill. Scrambling to Thirsty Third, he distinguished himself with two WEs in two years. Always turning lemons to lemonade. Chris turned the Axe into open season on Quieg, joined the Brotherhood and traded Mother B for a more suitable soulmate. Not waiting till graduation, Chris began his SWO career on the USNA Yipees. Always ready to lengthen his SWOage, he spent 1 c cruise on BB63. CG52 and AOR3. In fact, Mighty Mo was so taken with this squid they refused to throw him back. USNA finally pulled him out of Subic a week after the brigade returned. Chris wasn ' t completely professional though; during 3 c year he spent his free time refinmg his boxing skills. He also acquired fame by being the only 1 c in the company to room with an enlisted, eventually getting a one man room w guest bed out of the deal. Good luck in the REAL Navy. SEH REL 434 Mark Eric Kutscher Findlay. Ohio English Supply Corps . . . Kulc ' h stormed in on us from Ohio with his sights set high on football stardom, but he settled for the whiieworks record of the universe. Although he never became a Marine, let alone kill or become a colonel, Kulch will have ample opportunity to count land-based toilet paper in Norfolk after a six month stint in Athens. We wish we could have partied more with Kuich. but when we weren ' t on restriction, he was unsat, and when he was sal, we were on restriction. After football. Kutch picked up bodybuilding and picked up a third in his first contest. During one of his many summer academic rehabs he was able to lure a fine Annapolitan down the trail of matrimony. We won ' t forget the puddles you left us in Pensecola and Pfeif s floor. We wish Mark the best. BM, PS, MG Rebecca Ellen Lonigan Montgomery. New York History Surface Warfare _, , Taking the initiative to a hair-raising experience and long- standing fame, Rebecca toured Mother B in depth on I-day ala chop with GF and no detail escort. Plebe year was dull after such a roaring start; only witchypo could liven it up. They say you are bonded to your plebe year roommate, fate brought Rebecca back to hers Thus returned the familiar friendship and comforting shoul- der for the trials and tribulations of the years to come. Even through hazing by an incompetent twit 2 c year (Hazing a 2 c.!) Rebecca managed to find an antedote for USNA blues, which is still working today. She. who has become a friend for life, came here wanting to be a Marine like Daddy, but she decided she liked the sailor ' s life. I can onlv wish all of God ' s blessings to you on the Santa Barbara. Have fun being a SWO Mommy! PMO James Allen Matthews Charlotte, North Carolina English Nuclear Power — Submarines Jim came to USNA from North Carolina via 2 years in the nuclear fleet. He quicklv found a spot on the offshore sailing team and managed to avoid drill and evening meal formation for two years Then he fell victim to the allurements of a certain lady from Bowie Now Jim marches and makes all formations, but his week- ends are free, at least as far as the Academy is concerned. I guess he didn ' t see her enough during the week when she came to visit alter all she did miss a total of three days during second class year (due to snow) I think their group study room in the library has been retired in their honor. We ' re not exactly sure if any studying was ever actually done in that study room, but somehow Jim always man- aged to pull off the good grades, apparently without trying Jim attnbutes his success at the Academy to his faith in God and the love and support of his parents. Orlando, here we come. Good luck, Jim. EWW Theresa Catherine Michal Key Largo. Florida Mathematics General Unrestricted Line Through plebe summer and plebe year, this Iowa girl s constant smile and glowing charisma earned her the professional reputation she retained through graduation. To prove it. as a first class, she oulshined most of her classmates with a passing grade on the PC K in only three attempts. With a zest for living, Theresa distinguished herself in such instances as " The Dead Giri in the Bathroom in a bar in Fla All of her liberty wasn ' t spent dnnking, however, she still managed to find time to sun herself daily and wreck her new car weekly. With a major in math, and a minor in sunbathing, Theresa still managed an All-American springboard diving season. Holding every womens " diving record at USNA, Theresa lett this sport to pursue other interests, including . . Theresa s positive attitude helped me through plebe year and I wouldn ' t be where 1 am today without her. Thank you; your best friend and brother, Jason •89JJM 435 William Charles Miller Burke. Virginia Systems Engineering Nuclear Power — Submarines We ' re not really sure where Bill is from, he usually says Ca- lifornia, but his house is in Northern Va. Bill astounded everyone when he picked up lacrosse as a Napster and eventually made it to the ranks of varsity. However, he became too close to the coach and was reduced to schlepping with intramural has-beens. It was never difficult to lure BUI into " the gue " of the " Vous, which prompted him to become one of the proud participants of " Late Night at the " Vous " part 1. With his limited amount of neurons. Bill decided that restriction was for him and he led " Vous part 2. However, thirty three more days and a militant Christmas did not disuade Bill from pursuing his life long dream of a nuke bonus and six years under water, which, after all, is " not so bad. " We wish Bill the best of luck and the ultimate tan. MG, PS, DC, MK Lynn Gerise O ' Neil Ansonia, Connecticut English General Unrestricted Line This spunky little honors English major came to USNA from Connecticut. As a " model midshipman " she was not only a major sweat and an outstanding athlete who lettered in Cross-Country, but a very special friend as well. The company heartbreaker, who is as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside, finally learned the art of chilling out her first-class year. Memories of Spring Break in Key Largo, going out dancing, and just spending time with the guys will stay with all of us forever. Many more good times are in her future, as she will succeed in everything she puts her mind to. Good Luck and see ya in San Diego! TCM Pegeen Marie O ' Neil Columbia Falls, Montana Mathematics Naval Aviation Starting off with a close attachment as Siamese twins, joined at the hip plebe summer, to the present, Peggy has been a sweet, dear friend. This soon-to-be pilot, who came here because she wanted " to fly, sir, " chose the math route, fortunately for my Calc IL From helping with Calc plebe year, to our trials and tribulations of youngster year. Peg and 1 needed and helped each other, offering comforting shoulders for support. OCF and friends kept her alive 2 c year, despite a potentially lethal dose of theory. First class summer and RMH were quite an experience for Peg. This led to even stronger faith, which made 1 c year smooth sailing, with Dant ' s list, FCO Friday nights and good times. Get a good tan in B and HI this summer. Welcome to the " jet " set, or maybe helos? REL Timothy LLoyd Pfeifer Towson, Maryland Oceanography Naval Aviation Timmy, the other Pride of Baltimore (the one that didn ' t sink) actually hails from Towson, a point he is particularly fond of making. Tim started his career at Navy as a lax giant; however, he became too close to the coach, so Timmy and varsity lax parted ways. That left him with the sorry plight of schlepping around the intramural field with his has-been pals. We ' ll never forget the times we spent with Tim at the ' Vous gawking at his style of beer- downing and heartbreaking, hoping for some of his left-overs. Tim was part of the ill-fated Late Night at the ' Vous (part I), from which he gained 33 days with James K. Polk and an impressive slew of Charlton Heston trivia. Since then Tim has somehow gained some neurons and was able to avoid ' Vous round 2: however, we would like to thank Ed for the use of his car, and we think he owes us an apology. See you in P-Cola. MG, PS, BM 436 3 m Barr ' Jay Phillips Yuma. Arizona Computer Science Naval Flight Officer Barebone came to the Academy an idealistic chap, and left an opponunistic hedonist. Never a hair out of place. Opie quickly learned the location of all the local women ' s colleges, and even if thev didn ' t work out there was always the youngsters — when he dared. Bear always let us know what he wanted, often saying, " She ' s mine, I saw her first! " First class year he was quite proud of his car, which fits m perfectly at Clay ' s. He worked on his lead- ership quiaities early, giving new meaning to officer-enlisted re- lations. Being a careful driver. Barry never saw the tree coming. Barry walked away ... the car didn ' t. In Daytona. Brother Bear exhibited his wily ' dance moves — and caught a glimpse of the Promised Land. When B gets through with Pensacola. there will be a lot of broken hearts, but hopefullv he ' ll learn from his mistakes. CHG Christopher Thomas Phillips Arbutus. Maryland Ocean Engineering Naval Aviation Flipper came to us from a tugboat in the Philadelphia Naval Yards, and wasn ' t too sure if it was a step up or down. But he quickly rose to the top. and by senior year he was the head beakerfish. a job he sweated profusely. His perspiration was not limited; he sweated academics equally. During this time he always quivered . . . " Yes. dear. " Additionally, he was President of the Gang for three vears and was the original designer of Working Uniform Blue Negligee. He loved Kool-.Aid, and received twelve for such, in more wavs than one. His favorite quote is " This might be a dad-gum 6000! ' " Nicknames included Slim-Slum, Lord of the Ringoleans. Mr. Ed, and Mr Bates. His favonte songs were " Dangling Man " and " Tied to the Whipping Post. " and we all know what his favorite color was. Falopian should do well in the fleet, and we expect to see him back here in twenty years — as Com- mandant. Good luck to him and V. CHG Paul Edward Pullin West Covina, California Economics Naval Aviation Pauley schlepped out here from California with a big grin on his face. Hi ' s charismatic persona quickly earned him nicknames: Dr. Doom. The Gloomster. Rowdy ... He was elected Captain Pullin, the Brigade Morale Officer. Chesty quickly made his presence felt among the fairer as he headed for the Orient youngster year, over which he coined the immortal. " I did nothing. " Once a member of the Gang, he over the years followed the scathed path and even- tually got his " ace " in the mountains. Carlos was always broke and unsa ' t. which is why he graduated with over 5k and a 2.85. The Tasmanian Devil took his love out of the hall senior year, but this was short-lived. Cobra was for 20 in Daytona. but we ' re sure this will change as he is gracing the Aviation Community with his bubbly presence. We ' re sure even Pensacola will be boring to this living visage of Spuds MacKenzie. CHG Frederick Anthony Schlueter Salem, Ohio Electrical Engineering Special Operations The Teddv Bear came from Schlueterville. a one-sloplight town in Ohio. .After surviving the holocaust of Serene 18. he moved onward to laid-back Thirsty Third (how appropriate). Fntzie was the best O-lineman on the 1 50 ' s meat squad plebe year. " I ' oungster year he donated his all to the Rugby team; well, almost all: one knee (three times), one shoulder, and a few stitches to the skull. All this and he still loves the spon. Fred loved the academy all four-plus years. 2 C year found Fritz headed towards Geek Hall. Rooming with jungle John Gersch and his dancing fingers was always a blast. He didn ' t sweat Service Selection like the rest of us. did he? • ' Mavbe NFO, no Nuke, no SWO. maybe NFO. ok Spec Ops. " " Hey anvone thirsty, I ' ll make some punch! " Nice car. This might be a ' dad- ' gum 6000. Yes.dear. Fritz, have fun underwater. Be cool and have a great life. Just watch out for sharks. PS. While you ' re up, turn out the lights. JAY 437 John Joseph Shanley III Annapolis. Maryland Physical Science Surface H ' arfare I first nicl Jav in ihe far back corner of the 1 50 " s locker room; we have been intimate ever since. I learneci early that Jay had more hooks than a Bait and Tackle shop. Jay. otherwise known as Shans, Jabba, or Droopy, was always one to give his opinion. J-Bone got along better with his profs. Jay ' s quest for a teddy bear was answered l C year bv a UCLA Bruin. Who could forget Girth, the Genius, the only man to love USN. ' V. Jay ' s accomplishments in- clude: graduation. Varsity Rack team captain, and throwing some wild Herndon parties - just ask the cops. Jay ' s gouge file was awesome, which Kevin and Gerard thank him for. As Conduct Officer, Jay kept on top of everything. Did you ever get to those 64,000 worth of fries? I didn ' t think so. What a beautiful day (person, day, meal). Fritz, you ' re the hook if you give me 40 cents. Not Guilty. Well, it was real, and it was fun, but it wasn ' t real fun. I ' ll look for you on the ZOO. FAS Peter Eldon Shumway Athens. Georgia General Engineering Naval Aviation Pete came lo USNA from Georgia Tech — mistake 1 ! Next, he chose to challenge himself with Aerospace Engineering — mistake 2! Mistake 3 — during sophomore year Pete ' s social life (women) revolved around the old addage — quantity, not quality. Fortunately, he later redeemed himself by meeting a charming young lady from Johns Hopkins. Nonetheless. Pete was not through with making mistakes. Mistake 4 — the ' Vous! This midweek venture cost him the battalion stripes he had always dreamed of and set his weekend social life back 33 days. Shortly after this, Pete was told he would not have to ever spend another weekend at the Academy. Pete slipped through the dreaded board ' s fingers only to have his naval aviation dreams shot down by the firslie in front of him at service selection. Once again, lady luck smiled upon Pete, and we wish him the best in Pensacola with his guitar and sail- board. TP, DC, BM, MG. Stephen Douglas Sklenka Marietta. Georgia History U.S. Marine Corps Steve, " Schenkre, " came northward as a naive Southern Gent trying to straighten out us damn Yankees. When Schenk came to Third Company, he discovered his talent as a Rock and Roll guitarist and strummed day and night. He dedicated himself to becomming lead guitarist for R.E.M. During intermission. Steve found time to write his Samson Hall novels — most of which dealt with a fantasy ending to the Civil War. Schenkre was also known for his " Golden Locks " of hair, until one day he met with his destiny (Marine Corps) and a couple of hair clippers. A couple of less hairs later, Steve found that his wholesome boyish cuteness still shown through, and he hadn ' t lost his righteous touch with the women. As senior year closed, Steve held the Third Company together as company commander, even though half the first class was pending restiction until graduation. Good luck, Schenke, in sunny California. Later, dude — the boys. TLP Truman Stephens, Jr. Charleston, South Carolina General Engineering Naval Aviation Well, four years are finally up. They certainly took their time about it. You know, in those four years, a lot has happened, starting with good ole Andy Paul. From there, you spent cruise walking all over Little Creek with Wes. Second class year was fairly uneventful except for wrecking John ' s car in the middle of the night in the middle of winter in the middle of the street. Oh yeah, you did get a couple of stars on your sweater to match the one on your ring. (Thanks for the sheet poster!) And you did end your second class year in style; Povlock ' s sister and . . . with one of your plebes. First class year, ahh ... It seems Europe was good to you (your little " Frenchie " ). Tijuana, what can you say? Nothing, at least not here! Well, have fun in P-cola, and I hope you get what you ' ve always wanted, a woman in uniform. I hope you make the best of the Navy. Take care. STSJ 438 Whitney Gordon Tantleff Hcsl Orange. Sew Jersey Economies Surface Warfare At first impression Whit may appear to be cheap, but in reality, he just likes to do things that •make good economic sense. " Whit gave up a promising career as a professional paperboy with an amassed fonune to attend this prestigious institution. From the outset Whit appeared to be in a " state of confusion. " but we all knew his mind was on Wall Street. He will be remembered for many things, but most notable are his lack of inhibition, caustic and ' abrassive sense of humor, and a complete obsession with physical fitness. He may not be the first admiral in our class, but he just might be the first CEO of a fonune 500 company. Everyone must always remember thai " no more need be said, than Ked. To the Surface Warfare Community to which Whit will be going shonlv: ma the Force be with vou! CSD. MDM. TGE Colleen Michiko Walker Oak Harbor. Washington Electrical Engineering General Unrestricted Line . Collen arrived in D-12 ready to serve her country, not realizing that plebes got veiled at. It was a rocky first night. Things could only gel better, though, and they did. When she came to Third Company voungsier year, she was sailing on the varsity dinghy team, wearing stars, and embarking on the EE major. Things stayed that way for awhile, and she even rose to 2nd class regimental commander. Then things got complicated. She got a boytnend. quit the team, and lost her stars. But she stayed with EE and never lost sight of her reason for coming. JRG Eric Werner Weisel Lakeland. Florida Mathematics Nuclear Power — Submarines Eric little realized what he was getting himselt into when he left the Florida Institute of Technology four years ago to attend the " Academy. But the vears have finally come and gone andEric wil have ma ' nv happy memories to look back on. He held his first pistol during small arms indoctrination plebe summer, and since then has earned his place as captain of the pistol team, picking up two .-Vll- A.mericans and three trips to Nationals in the process. Second class year was a turning point in Eric ' s life. First, he fell in love: and second he began his first vear as a Christian. One would be hard- pressed to say for sure which influence was the greater in his life, but one way or another, he has become a genuine and reliab e fnend and a ' true servant of God. Orlando is next. Now it they only had a pistol team in Florida, he could get out of duty at Nuke School, too. God bless. JAM Daniel Richard Whitney Pittsford. New York Computer Science Naval Aviation u Dapper His Dapperness. Dano, Biff. Vidal . . . Goucher is his home awav from home . . . whipped like no man in histor _- Second- string Sailing Team Captain — Sailing is a DANGEROUS sport. The Dapper Factor is high. Ring Dance — " Ini-Mini-Miney-Mo. " Mr Whitney a call for you in the wardroom. " " Daddy. I want a " ' " Yes. Dear. " Deadly with the BiffWilT. " Hey. Dan, what ship did she pick? " " Two of three. " BJP I 439 ' — 1»- Van Anthony Anderson Fern Creek, Kentucky General Engineering U.S. Marine Corps Van came to USNA from the Bluegrass State at a mere 125 pounds, but we soon discovered that he was actually the biggest member of the brigade. Van ' s fondness for his home state was rivaled only by his love of the Corps. Oh . . . and then there was M.A. Our knight in the black Trans Am was obsessed by this quest, but his stature was too great for mere mortals. First class year found Van really cutting loose. Van made several road trips. He lost at Delaware even though Navy won, and then there was Florida, raft races, Maryland, and Tokyo (or was that radio Tokyo). This Ma- rine will go far. We wish him the best of luck. DJK John Karl Bailey Owego. New York Mechanical Engineering Naval Aviation JK is a nice guy. His training at Owego Free Academy made John one of the most professional midshipman in the brigade. In fact, he was such a stickler for regs that every morning at reveille he could be found pressing the wrinkles out of his rack (with his body). He was so proud of how good his rack looked he often had to be pried away from it to make it to formation. Above all, John was always one for helping people, and friendly, too. We could always count on a late night visit from the Mech E crew. At the beginning of 2 c year, John swore to make " Stuff (?) Happen. " With the arrival of CDR Fury, " Stuff did happen. Fury taught him, keep an eye on those performance jackets. Boy, they sure can get thick without your knowing it. First class year John earned some spare change as an instructor at the late night school of evasive driving. State Troopers don ' t like litter bugs. Good luck, take care, keep in touch . . FMB JDS 440 4 Francisco Martin Ball Lampasas, Texas Mathematics U.S. Marine Corps „ „ Frank Is a nice guy. He hails from Lampasas, (Did I say Dallas ' ) No, Lampasas, Texas. This bull-riding, bronc-busting, ballling bad- ger made his aspirations known early. Upon trying out tor the 1 50 " s football team he was asked, " What " s your favorite position son? He replied, " Horizontal, coach, lights out, with some George Strait playing in my ear. " Seriously though, with a lot ot E.l. from Professor Ezra Brooks, Frank earned straight A ' s in all of his subjects (spades, hearts, diamonds, and clubs). USNA will miss Frank ' s calm collected attitude. Well, everyone except the in- tramural officials. He has taught us all about both types of music, country and western. Frank it ' s been fun and " rusty " too. Stay out of Accords driven by Beetles, avoid the duck-head syndrome, and you ' ll Texas two-step right to the top. Semper Fi. JDS Michael Carsley Ph iladelph ia. Pen nsylvania Economics Naval Aviation Mike brought his tough Philadelphia attitude to Annapolis sport- ing a crew cut and hating men who wore pink. Plebe summer Mike became known as " Stoneman " for his sadistic performance of military drudgery, a quality which pulled him through four years of lightweight crew. Mike spent hours developing fascinating skills such as rolling pencils down books and picking items up with straws during study hour plebe year. Those unhuman feats were rewarded with a 1.4 and a recommendation for separation, but ended with two sets of summer school. Mike liked USNA summers as he opted for plebe detail over Mazatlan 2 C summer. 1 C year made Cars a team captain and a girlfnend who actually wrote letters. Being such a BM, however, enabled Mike to throw back the little ones, expecting bigger catches in Pensacola. Stoneman, I never expected that skinny, gungy kid behind me 1-Day, lo tu™ into a friend who would mean so much to me. Good luck! JE M Thomas Joseph Ferguson lonia.Michigan Economics Naval Aviation Ferg it ' s been four years of fun and sobriety. I beat you only once, but how sweet it felt seeing you hang over the roof. From hanging over banisters, to tumbling over golf carts, to long distance speed records we did it all. You saw many ups and downs. The big relationship ended ' only ' five or six times. Easterns and the silent car ride, her and Jim (or was his name Joe?). The bus rides north were long and smellv; never met anyone else who could fumigate an entire bus quite like ' you. Just a good working system. Volunteenng info has never gone over well at the Boat school especially with Fergy. What liquor store was that again Mr. Ferguson? Everything TJ did he excelled at; gymnastics (known by all as the Lord of The Rings) golf. Schnapps, economic thought (need any text books for that one Tom ' ' ). It ' s been a pleasurable tour years TJ. we ' ll all go out for one sometime, me, Rider, you, J+J. Good luck in the air. Rider, SJF Stephan Joseph Fernandez Tiverton. Rhode Island Physical Science U.S. Marine Corps . . Better known as bulldog for his never ending ways, as shown by the intense big time wrestling he partakes in. Down boy or your other shoulder will hurt. Though called ratpack, he was willing to let another wear his boxers. Is that why his OAO had him buy sonie more ' ' Steve was the first in the company to start a nng fund, however he lost his money on the rollercoaster nde. It was no coincidence that Steve found a new fondness for CH-46 ' s first class year but his eyes would not cooperate. The ' old man had a knack for boxing and was soon an Ail-American. His prowess at boxing was only rivaled by his chess playing ability . . . given a BOARD. The Mannes are lucky to get such a motivated ring knocker who can read a map so well and never get lost, especially on return troni liberty The pseudo EE major never had enough time to study. Steve did you say you wanted the lights out before I left. You re a super friend. Good luck. Ferg 441 p Penn David Frey Downingtown. Pennsylvania Political Science Naval Aviation Penn Dog. Dougue. Dogger. Bam-Bam, Power. Pencil. Pencil Neck — alias P.D. Frey who hails to us from no where else but PENNsvlvania. After a short stint in Newport. Penn headed straight ' for King Hall. Until Penn found the pleasures of Sevema Park Pie. he spent a lot of time boxing the champ. Although Penn ' s boxing skills never got him into the ring, his glove got him into the park. Life behind the plate wasn ' t quite what the dogger had in mind, so he soon found himself in Halsey. .Also during sophomre year he was making trips to medical as a result of a Delaware expedition. How many trips around the beltway to Florida? The ring brought the loss of a parking sticker and some hard time in Smoke Hall. The year had its good points though: continued success at the local high, election to team capt. and a new friend- ship with a man called Arty. Senior year, Penn found a new pal — BILL. Penn Frey: 7 in the nation. 1 in our hearts. JKB Cornelius Ward Giles Florence, Alabama Computer Science Nuclear Power — Submarines PROGRAM (the adventures of Neil at Canoe U); PROCEDURE 4 c Year; IF called Malone THEN Keep Running ELSE GOTO Reem room for EMI; END; PROCEDURE 3 c Year; DO WHILE Army week FOR X=l to 3 DO Flame; plebes PUT (matress) IN (shower); GET (matress) FROM (heaven) REM! plebe vator! END DO; PROCEDURE 2 c Year; FOR X=l to 100 DO BEGIN Flame; Flame- Flame; Study; END DO; END; PROCEDURE 1 c Year; REM! big time MIS Liaison (WHAT DOES HE DO??)! IF com- puter project due THEN Stay up all night ELSE IF MIS junk THEN Stay up all night ELSE IF glee club m.o. THEN Celebrate all night; Sleep during three striper libs; END; BEGIN; 4 c Year; 3 c Year 2 c Year; 1 c Year; GRADUATE!!!; GOOD LUCK IN THE FLEET. ,A=7 20 21 5 21 1 20 13 25 26 1 1 24 25 7 18 18 21 3 1 1 10 MSP Kevin Gregory Gonter Annapolis. Maryland Ocean Engineering Nuclear Power — Surface Looking out from deep within the comfort of Old Yellow, Kevin " dudefeesh " Gonter gained a unique perspective on life at USNA. Kevin revelled in the intellectually stimulating environment and never missed a chance to exchange ideas with his many liberal colleagues. Arguments? Kevin didn ' t know the meaning of the word (Kevin never did recover from the Mondale loss)! Living in Annapolis, one could almost see the umbilical chord from Kevin to his home. He did introduce us to progresive music. It was funny how he liked to play the same song over and over again. Was it a compulsive psychosis, or maybe just too much caffeine in Kevin ' s blood? And we could play any song we wanted if we paid for one third of the stereo. What a bargain! At least Kevin had some fashion sense. When one thinks of Kevin, he doesn ' t think Mid. The adventures we experienced would have made the Supe proud. JJT David Michael Hitchcock Groveland, Florida Political Science U.S. Marine Corps David Michael Hitchcock, alias Hitch, has the fastest epee in the WEST. Being the ratiest plebe of them all, he majored in BS. making him the biggest BS-er around. He enjoys redheads, blonds, and fast cars, although he can wreck them all. Even though his head is sometimes connected to his namesake, he finally (after four years) made the Ail-American fencing team. Dave enjoys fishing on the land as well as the seas, and will never stop seeking his destiny. His goal is the ' 92 Olympic team, and with the discipline and training of the Corps he may achieve his goal. Mack, Muff, and Z. 442 Maurice John Klein Fawn Grove. Pennsylvania Physics Nuclear Power — Surface It all started one dark night when a government scientist working on an ultra-secret experiment with freak alien genetic matenal got careless and left his window open. Actually. Jay " the Mouse " " KJein came to us when he attempted to run away and join the circus. It s no wonder it took him four years to realize his mistake. Most afternoons, if Jay wasn " t in the rack or wondering why this school wasn ' t more like the University of Maryland, he could be found roaming the Academv grounds in search of the perfect intramural. Some people cant hold jobs; Jay couldn ' t hold a sport. Aside from living with more people than anyone else in the company. Jay earned distinction from his bizarre resemblance to hamsters. Jay vou ' ve grown a lot since we ' ve known you (we figure you ' ve 19 more years to go to catch the rest of us) and we know you II keep getting better (if you can stay awake long enough). Good luck and don ' t let the bedbugs bite. TIG Daniel John Koerschner Dallas. Texas Economics Naval Aviation , . r Dan came to Navv expe cting to suffer through his tour years here but 3 c year brought new found freedom for Dan. and he was able to slip the surlv bonds of Mother B. It all really began to jell after a cold Delaware night which was warmed in a BIG way. Next came leaping over tall " wall-like " obstacles to go on 1 c weekends ' ' c year which were approved by Ms. Athens . . . Georgia that is. Dan gained rank quickly to become Adm. R. Petty who ' eft Capt. Ski with a battered mobile and the order. " Don ' t give up the Olds! Finally Dan lost his admiralty by becoming an accomplice to a crime in progress which landed him two months in hack in the Marble Monestary, but he still managed to be an unchaste rankless monk Seriously though, it ' s been a great pleasure these past few years The aviators are getting a good stick. Dan never forget ' The Quest, " J.B.. N.F.W.A.F., and the deep red Georgia clay. Liam and Van. LPM Michael Francis Majewski Las Vegas. Nevada General Engineering U.S. Marine Corps , . . . Mike didn ' t let life at the Boat school dampen his zest tor the fast life He could always be found either playing the lady s game at Maggies or Secrets or cruising out to Ocean City just to see the sun come up over the water. In his spare time, Mike found time to major in General Engineering and to become a pretty tough boxer, reaching the brigade finals a couple of times. He even managed to get in a little enjoyment and learned how to stay aboard one of those sailboards during many afternoons. Do they sail out in the desert plains of Arizona? Dunng his senior year Mike assumed his first real command — as the Color Guard (alias Cake Guard) commander. Mike hopes to play with the big guns in the our Corps. And I ' m looking forward to having him on my team once niore. From one non-Bancroft marine to another, no BC-haircuts to keep our women happy . . . SJF Robert Tigner McKenney Orange Park. Florida Aerospace Engineering Nuclear Power — Submarines Rob came to us from the Sunshine State looking for direction in his life after spending his childhood running from refonners who tried in vain to erase his juvenile delinquent image. He fiew into aero and quickly disproved the myth that engineers have it tough: he always had lime to play computer games and do crossword puzzles in the dark (a ploy to guarantee him an NPQ Crypto billet that backfired and landed him a sub)! His struggle to prove his worth was characterized by his ability to extend his uncontested Marathon Shower record and repeatedly put his wit on the line by winning Trivial Pursuit Tournaments in extreme states of drunk- enness. Rob ' s love life saw some ins and outs in Germany and peaked 2 C year when he was under the hypnotic spell of a Mia- hunting devil woman who brought him to his knees after every crippling blow to the family jewels. That " Tigner Tuft will be missed when we tee off MMY 443 Liam Patrick Merrick Newington. Connecticut Physical Science Naval Aviation Liam was a nice guy. He came lo Crabtown and ended up partaking in a ver unusual crab feasl. Over the past four years at Navy, Liam has sought for the finer things in life, and so far it looks like he has obtained many of these. A certain Halloween party youngster year resulted in more than this budding ace had bar- gained tor. He soon fell into the mouse trap. Second class year brought three commitments into Liam ' s life . . . woman, wings, and wheels. First class year Liam finally managed to get some kitchen passes so he could play with the boys. First came an encounter with the Blue Hens, followed by a trip to Florida and Georgia. Liam will always be a Dawg at heart. The Navy is lucky to get such a good stick. Liam it ' s been a blast: just remember the quest for fun must go on. DJK Yoshiyuki Charlie Muraki Eureka. California Mechanical Engineering U.S. Marine Corps He came to us in direct defiance of his liberal Californian friends when he arrived, he had visions of nuke subs, megatonnage and mega-bucks. Yoshiyuki, AKA Charlie, a name he picked up ' as a child, (Charlie is not on his birth certificate) did not take heed to the 28th law of the navy for he liked warfare schools more than leave. Yosh was an airborne, jungle, and arctic warrior. He took a greater sacrifice his senior year when he emerged from under- ground to join the under 5 ' 7 " over the wall social club Their last convention cost him two months of weekends and the position of Co. Cdr. for second semester. But nothing was too great a sacrifice for his friends; he would gladly give you anything you owned from his black hole. Yosh ' s final struggle here as a Mech. E. was his ride on the rocket. He ' s now going Marine Corps. I hope he loves the Corps as much as he loved some of us here. Good Luck to vou Yoshi! MC Gregg Musashi Nakano Papaikou. Hawaii Political Science „ , .J , - Marine Corps Gregg settled into the Academy quite well, in spite of his no- madic past. Youngster year Gregg picked up the nickname of INinja tor his burning quest for physical nirvana and better ways to torture his body (as well as those of his friends). Gregg I still can t bend my arms! Gregg ' s desire for perfect fitness is only topped by his larger appetite and need for sleep. In his 22nd year he tasted the finer things of hfe, again. After eating so much, the body demands rest, and Gregg obeyed every time. He didn ' t even bother to wait for Boats to stari, before commencing rack ops Gregg became an outstanding student, known for his feats of slumber He only slept in order to ready himself for his numerous daring escapades on the Severn in November, in Mahan, and skipping rope dunng second class summer. Gregg — the only person in the compaiiy who has a bike instead of a car, and for good reason Pee- Wee ndes again! JCS Michael Shelton Parish 11 Orlando, Florida Mathematics „ . . , Nuclear Power — Submarines Beginning our trek together thru the fun at Canoe U, youngster year found Mike catching up on the sleep he missed as a plebe He could have written a book entitled " Sleep Your Way To A 3 4 " Seriously, Mike knew when to study and worked a little when necessary, which was rare in his case, due lo his natural ability as a scholar and mathematician. During Christmas break 2 c year he met his honey. By spring break they were engaged, adding a new dimension to the term " Luv at 1st Site! " All 1 c year he rounted down the days til graduation and his wedding. His walk with God and his relationship with his fiancee have been a great inspiration I wish you both the greatest happiness. Mike, you ' ve been an ex- cellent roommie for the past two and a half years. Trust in the Lord with all your heari and lean not on your own understanding- in all your ways ackmjwiedge Him and He will make your paths straight. 444 Micheal John Quilt) ' Vestal. e v York Systems Engineering Nuclear Power — Submarines Never one lo refuse a good deal. Mike reported to USN A ex- pecting ihe four year, all-expensc-paid vacation that was advertised in his recruiting brochure. Once he caught on. he talked his brother into joining him so he wouldn ' t have to suffer alone. As a hard working systems major. Mike rusted out several pens on his climb to the top of the class. Mopping up sweat beads was only a minor part of his .Academy career. His ceaseless efforts to " lead the adventure " were an inspiration to us all. Who can forget Mike during such memorable events as avoiding his roommate ' s pet crustaceans, bathing in unauthorized fountains, that special date in Vienna, or teaching carrier aviation safety to his plebers? His most famous escapade, however, earned him an A in performance when he saved the nation ' s capital from an attack by abusive, anti- ■Amencan deaf mutes. Good luck you bubblehead and like Spud always said, " It will all work out. " TIG Stephen Charles Rife Pheontxvllle. Pennsylvania Mechanical Engineering Nuclear Power — Surface All the Rifedogue wanted to do at the USNA was play sports, party, and charm young ladies. His desire to be the apple of the ladies ' eves made him play quarterback on the footaball team. Rifer complained that the helmets were too light and were taking the part out of his hair. He decided to play 1 50 lb. football because he liked the big helmets, tighter pants, and more time to invent dnnking games. Rifer did display his maturity on our annual boat cruise. With the help of Dr. Kortnan. a change was wrought in Rifer. He now rents a room next to his lab under Michelson where he worked on his Trident Project. His grades slipped to a 3.9 from the 4.0 he had during his partying days. Senior year Rifer led the company football team to bngades and was second semester brigade ad- jutant. It ' s hard to believe that such a smart guy has such a great sense of humor. Rifer is a great fnend. Best wishes in the future. PDF Christopher Steven Robinson Tampa. Florida Physical Science Surface Warfare CR came to USNA with the ambition of becoming an Ocean Engineer, but soon realized weekends were made for Michelob vice academics and became a physical scientist. CR arrived with a steady girlfnend and is departing for California leaving a different girl behind. The word BACHELOR doesn ' t exist in his vocabulary. Despite his commitment to the female gender. CR has always found time for his friends. Dependable, sincere, athletic, humor- ous, and broke (Visa.MC) are all attnbutes. CR lettered in varsity rugby and was a key player in many co. sports. MIGHT " V FINE SURFACE LINE descnbes CR ' s near future. Without doubt he will be the best EOOW the USS PELELIU ever had. We ' ve had some great times: Ring Dance. Va Tech. Univ. of Del. and Fla. and Key West, but who could forget those weeknight jogs, bedroom brews, and midnight conversations. You ' re one of my best friends and I ' m sure we ' ll remain close in the future. WAIDS see you in CA. Scott William Rogers Westminster. Colorado Mathematics Naval Flight Officer Where would Scott be today without the seventies? Whether it be the rock-n-roll. the fashion, or the disco moves, Scott always set the trend in 4th Company. Heck, if it were not for regulation hair standards, Scott would have porkchopsl But really, Scott always set the example ... on that far off distant baseball diamond (Are those grass stains on the knees of your jeans?). As company commander, Scott was always there to defend our rights and common sense from the evil lurching duck head. We knew it was tough for Scott the morning of service selection . . . Mannes or Nav Air. We II always remember Scott like his favorite beer . . . cold filtered and Rocky Mountain pure. Best of Luck to The Boy! PS. Does that Vette work yet??!! 445 Joseph Eric Smith Dillsburg, Pennsylvania Political Science When I first met Diesel he was 260 lbs of twisted steel and sex appeal, and looked a little like John Candy. But thru the years, and the numerous visits to PT, and the torments of varsity football, he has matured and refined himself into 260 lbs of twisted steel and sex appeal. And all those girls ... for the last time Deese, what about that Silver Bullet, and that trip to Dillsburg when we laid our eyes on " the Ville " and experienced Sheetz for the first time? It was from him that we learned " boxing " where Smitty proceeded to k.o. his ring dance date and left her to recover the inevitable physical and mental torment thru praying to the porcelain god. We ' ll never forget the sounds of Grandmaster Flash as " White Lines " echoes thru our minds for eternity. Thanks Diesel for the four years together by the Bay. Later . . . Joe and Scott. JJT Ronald Andrew Smith Hampton, Nebraska Systems Engineering Nuclear Power — Submarines A Navy man from way back, Ron started as a wrench-twister in bell bottoms. Deciding it was more fun to sit on his hands than use them, Ron came to Annapolis to pursue a zero rating. He par- ticipated in many ECA ' s which earned him a letter sweater and two black N ' s. Ron got to know several people here and after these encounters was convinced to participate in the five year program for special midshipmen. During the idyllic summer Ron proved his usefulness to the Navy as a team player, and returned to Mother B. in style as the color company commander. Although he missed plebe computer issue, Ron quickly got on board and bought a gectorbox and put many comp. sci. ' s to shame. Having hated the times spent in the surface Navy, Ron selected subs — considering his record it was probably best to join a field with no women. After an exhausting search, Ron finally got married in dental, though it took him a year to admit it. James Clifford Stewart Twin Falls, Idaho Mathematics U.S. Marine Corps Jim started life as a tiny spud with a fondness for sheep and wide open spaces. When he arrived at USNA, he knew he had found a new home. Jim just couldn ' t get enough of such character building experiences as close order drill and the Nakano " flop-till-you-drop mega-workout of death " (we all agree he could still use more), if he could remember to breathe. After a decadent fling with the " old lady " 2 C summer, Jim enjoyed a brief tour at our sibling, resort Academy in Colorado (too brief for our taste). Jim ' s amiable disposition (ol ' Stone Face) earned him four big stripes as a firstie (did someone say swallow). The surprise of Jim ' s time with us occurred after " Mr. Nakano ' s Wild Ride " robbed him of his POV Who would have thought that the AU-American, fag-bashing, spud cake would buy a rice-grinder truck? Good luck Jim. The Corps will never know what hit it! TIG 446 4 James Stephen Szerba Reading. Pennsylvania ;,, Mathematics Naval Avaition Jim came to us from a PA coal mining town after he served a tour at both MMA and NAPS. This kind of service time has filled him with a wealth of wisdom and supposed knowledge which he is all too eager to share with anyone. Jim put his time in with the football team for a couple of years, then he hung up old 22. Even after his illustrious conduct career stemming from the 2 C summer fry trap, Jim was selected to be the brigade drill officer, the Junior Shupp. Jim took his job so seriously that he was often seen following Shupp around like a lost puppy and was even caught dressing right and covering down at a dining-in. He stuck it out as a math major and resisted the pressure to go Corps, to ultimately settle into married life and reach for those wings of gold. Jim will never have to worry about his future, though, because his ability to wheel and deal with anyone has appropriately earned him the rank of Schiester First Class! MMY Jack Joseph Thomsen New Orleans, Louisiana Electrical Engineering Naval Aviation For as long as we have known Joe, he has always been one to give of himself Whether it be damp mopping the floor on friday ni ts. or getting up early for reveille, Joe has always been the " big man " for those special occasions. In fact. Joe is so charitable he plays Santa year round; but instead of giving " Ho. Hos " after a weekend of delivering gifts on Spa Road, he only insists " She knows. She knows " (Christmas can ' t last forever!). Good ole h.c. always liked to give his present with the tag still attached. " I ' ll use you, you use me, and we ' ll both have fun! " Of course he wanted to give to the good, but like Clint, he never forgot the bad and the ugly. Even to this day. he denies his frightful encounter(s?) with " the fang. " Joe always dreamed of being a pilot, so he finally got himself PQ ' d. We know that with his bionic shoulder. Joe will go far wherever the stick in the cockpit may take him. Diesel Scott. SWR,JES Scott Jacob Waidelich Clarke. New Jersey Mathematics Civil Engineering Corps Whoever said that partying and schooling do not mix. never met this Jersey boy. The epitome of hardwork and dedication. Scotty also knew how to handle the ladies in style. Always a charmer especialy when it came to his favorite dessert ... ice cream. For some reason we never saw Waids on the drill field until his first class year. But when he finally made it to Worden Field he held nothing back and strutted his stuff proudly leaving everyone in awe. especialy with the " Waidelich change-step " . Will California be able to handle this stud, or will it suffer the wrath of " Buckdang " ? Thanks for keeping me single and sane, good luck m the Corps, know you ' ll look great in your hard hat . . . CR Michael Mason Yancey Wolcott. New York Mathematics Naval Aviation Raised a poor apple farmer. Mike ' s dream of bettering himself was realized when he was accepted to this institution {which was fine with his family who always said he should be institutionalized). Mike dreamed of becoming a pilot as he honed his flight skills through gravity defying leaps onto his bed from all manner of room furnishings. Mike always confounded us with witty, original yet utterly bizarre turns of phrase. He constantly impressed us with his financial sav and his ability to extend a line of credit far beyond that of mortal men. Whether it was a late night dip in the M-C puddle or investigating improperly secured vending machines, life around Mike was never dull (then neither is any natural disaster). In retrospect, friendship with Mike was like the relationship be- tween an oyster and a sand grain. Good luck in the Fleet and remember, " Those carrier landings are all fun and games until someone gets 14 stitches. " TIG 447 TH Jeffrey Jackson Akin Titusville, Florida Aerospace Engineering Naval Aviation Jeff, you get picked up by a girl in the CIA and I get pic ked up by the Secret Service; we were destined to be roommates. It ' s been a great three years and promises to be a better next two when the Boys of Summer hit the beaches of Pensacola. Rich. Jeff — Abetter friend would be impossible to find. I guess we ' ll never forget the four of us together, the half-pounders at Fuddrucker ' s, your boy Popeye, the few beers, the miles and miles of running, and all the laughs. You ' re the most honest human being I know. Thanks for the moral support, take care of Barb, and I hope maybe I can be your RIO someday. Chipper. To Mom, Dad, Greg. Susan, and Barb — your love and support these past few years has meant far more than you probably will ever know. I love you all so very, very much!! Jeff Ronald Duane Allen Virginia Beach, Virginia Physics Naval Aviation RRRonallen entered Fifth Company with a stinking pink ward- robe and a reputation as the best athlete he knew. Basketball is his forte and Coach Allen can always be counted on to provide in- terminable commentary for any game on any channel. Aside from his own leapmg ability. Ron ' s other love is his Ford Mustang which he owns jointly with the Crazy Horse Mustang Shop. This Mustang skirts that fine line between a classic and a hazard to navigation, so Ron spent a lot of time in the area lookmg for adventure at Maggie ' s or women ' s volleyball matches. Ron weathered four years with a company ranking analogous to a yoyo. In that time he established his own video emporium and acquitted himself as Sugar Daddy for a squad of lost causes. It ' s a well known fact RRRRonallen will set Pensacola on its ear. Good luck and good hunting. EAG James Patrick Arguelles Wantagh, New York History Nuclear Power — Submarines Imagine . . . the inviolate silence of a mandatory study hour. Suddenly the peace is shattered by the king of time management himself, Ernie, the man whose lengthy organ of taste and speech reaches unfathomable proportions and creates noise. Keeping these rare outbursts to a minimum, Jimmy excelled to four semesters of academic (4.0) perfection and lost nar ' a single roommate in the process. A Smiths-Morrisey groupie born and raised in Wantagh, he could run like the wind and hang with the boys. Wine, women, and song were an integral part of J.P. ' s illustrious stay by the Bay and despite his periodic neglect of one side of this delicately balanced mad, James appeared to finally find the necessary com- bination which propelled him into the Who ' s Who of the social strada. Most of all. we will remember Jim for the sincere and true friend he is . . . TAKE HER DOWN. TAKE HER DOWN DEEP, TAKE HER DOWN 88 FEET!! Good luck and God speed!!! DJL 448 5 David Carl Bass Bartow. Florida Sfer- Oceanography U.S. Marine Corps Dave alias Fish or Snake, depending on how goodlooking his friends ' girlfriends were, got off to a great start at N.AVY with an " F ' in chemistry to top off a 1.74 semester. Fish turned things around in his " four years together by the bay " sentence and worked out religiously, well often. OK sometimes. This was only due to the incredible amount of time that his challenging group two major took. Dave did claim the title of BAM when he broke the 310 lb barrier. This is not to say that BAM ' s workouts weren ' t well rounded. He did bench, bench and more bench. As will happen with Blonde Arian Monsters, Dave lost hope but broke many Maryland hearts himself. Only time will tell what will happen with the Canadian beauty. The final semester Dave became 5th com- pany commander and selected Marine Corps. All kidding aside, although we fought like husband and wife, ! learned a lot from you bud and wouldn ' t have roomed with anyone else. KAG Charles Richard Bingham II Klamath Falls, Oregon Physics Nuclear Power — Submarines Did Chuck really spend four years at the Naval Academy? I doubt if he even knows. Half the time Chuck doesn ' t even know what day of the week it is. The other half of the time Chuck is trying to decide whether the girl he is seeing at the moment is his girlfriend or not. The answer changed as much as a second hand does on a clock. Validating too many classes at USNA, Chuck ended up wasting a semester in the political science departm ent before he could find happiness second semester first class year by enrolling in Georgetown ' s National Security Studies program. Of course, he was too ashamed to drive to class after the incident — or was that accident — with his car. Watch out for those — . He spent a lot of time playing racquetball but never won, and never did learn how to play chess. CRB Phillip Gregory Bunce Baytown, Texas Mathematics Nuclear Power — Surface Phil came to this fine institution from Baylown, Texas (THE center of American culture). Once he was here, he wanted to be a computer science major . . . um ... no a math major . . . well, ok — both! He kept up this pace (of course without ever studying) until th middle of 2 c year. Wanting a part in some musical group, he chose D B. He stuck with their long schedule (and countless tnps) for all four years; he even managed to get three stripes from it. I will personally vouch for Phil and say that this great responsibility did nothing to tame is " attitude. " One more area worthy of mentioning is Phil ' s varsity letter — in conduct. Yes, Phil did spend his share of time in Smoke Hall (he spent my share too — thanks Phil!) Phil really is a great guy. We ' ve had good times, a few bad times, and some that we don ' t remember. .All I can say is look out New Mexico — here we come! — Skitch. RES Richard Allen Burr Warren, Michigan Physics Naval Aviation Richy, you ' ve always seemed to be the most fun to be around: with the ladies, out with the boys, at the Tigers game, or on the Friday nights when we were mere " mung " . I could always come to you with homework problems. Although our squadrons may be far apart, we four will always be roomies and friends at heart. — Chipper Road trip to .Armv, drinking all the way, yelling our heads off, the onlv win of our Academy career. Wherever we go, what ever we do, beer should always be there. In fact I still have a hangover so I ' m not going to go too much farther. Hope we always stay fnends. — Ben Rich never lost sight of the fun side of things in his four years in the 5th Co. He continuously amazed us all with his 4.0 semesters despite being in the rack NLT 10:30 every night. What a perfect roomate! Best of luck in the future — may you always find the warm weather and beaches. — Jeffy 449 Matthew Alan Caldwell Portland. Oregon Economics Surface Warfare Malt came to USNA with a love for blondes, Henry ' s, " and Mazatlan. These were rare commodities in Bancroft Hall so he focused his energy on becoming chairman of the boards. During the week MAC participated in a variety of activities ranging from varsity squash to croquet to suntanning while BOOW. Ski spent weekends in comedy clubs writing down lines for future use to impress the ladies, blondes of course. Occasionally, Psycho becanie spontaneous enough to go yacht pirating or return from liberty in summer whites with docksiders. Clubber gained popularity in 5th Co. by carrying on traditions like eating chalk dust at football march-overs. Jones was best known for telling funny stories, but few remained attentive after hearing the same story the umpteenth time except his faithful roommate. I ' ll miss those all-night B.S. sessions. Good luck on finding the perfect blonde. Stay in touch. JJS Gordon Edward Cole Akron, Ohio Systems Engineering Nuclear — Submarines Gordon came to USNA from God ' s Country, the Heart of America — Akron, Ohio. Gordy found his calling as a systems engineer, leaving plebe year antics, crew, and bad grades behind. The " peacemaker " of Room 3309 went on to become an integral and " vocal " part of the plebe indoctrination system, developing the authoritarian style that would become his trademark. After a little horseplay in the hall, a costly attempt to clean up his language, and some experimenting with C-side rugby, he was ready to move on to the responsibilities of first class year. Serving as company com- mander during plebe summer and first semester, Gordon refined the skills which he decided were best bestowed on the nuclear Navy. Command at sea is the next goal for this submariner (plus a big Catholic wedding and a large family ...?). JAW John Stewart Cox Charlestown, Indiana Ocean Engineering Naval Flight Officer John was the best person I knew at knowing when to have fun and when to study, although it seemed like l c year was all for having fun. For John that meant rugby games, not to mention the rugby parties afterwards. He always had a good story after the weekend and she was always " beautiful " , but I ' ve heard rumors that he ended up with the rugby queen more than once. John was a faithful Louiseville Cardinal fan, or Indiana Hoosier fan depending on who was winning, and I don ' t know of anyone who knows more about guns or chewing tobacco. John is one of the most dependable people I know, and he always proved that his word is as good as gold. That ' s the kind of person you want around in a pinch. Good luck with Navy air. I just hope they let you listen to John Cougar while you fly. GEC Arthur Gerald Crowe Clifton Park, New York Marine Engineering U.S. Marine Corps Upstate Arty, the bank, came to the Boat School in search of Marine. He quickly found Marine engineering — well at least it was half right, and a crazy group of plebe year friends who always did wrong. As time passed Art met the Rocket, survived the Severn, 2- 4-7, and took a fall from the port. Quickly adapting to a pinch, harmonica raps, country music, while his hair grev inwards — he was showing signs of change. " Whoa Belle " , " that ' s an F 1 50 and so is that " and " Arlena THE who do you love? " . Unhooked we took off for Alaskan forklifts, picnic tables, Denali — I finally saw my first moose (Al?), fishing lessons and finally he found what he NEEDED in eariy morning PT. EARLY! RUNS! It was true love, 21, and soon to be in green. Its been OCUK at times but hey you still owe me six. God bless and best wishes. Red. SMG 450 5 Harry Chris Demiris Valley Stream. New York ■ ; Political Science Naval Aviation Harry came to the Naval Academy hailing from the growmg metropolis of Valley Stream, N.Y. Better known to his friends as " the teflon man. " Harry often demonstrated why Poly Sci majors will go further in this world. His gift for gab and smooth personality helped this boy wander out of more form 2 ' s and into more gouge courses than you could shake a stick at. And when the teflon man wasn ' t working the charm on the Conduct Officer or the Registrar, the local women ' s colleges were always free game. Never at a loss for words or women, boy if that blue Z could talk what stories it would tell. Harry showed us all what good friends are all about. A sure sucker for the beach and babes, ole Harry plans on spending the first few years on the Pensacola beaches in search of those wings of gold. I ' m sure the Nav ' has found what they ' re looking for with a top notch pilot like Harry in the cockpit. " Semper Fi, " my friend! SHE Jerry Bennett Dismuke Jackson. Mississippi Elecrtical Engineering Surface Warfare Jerry came to us out of Jackson Mississippi. When he got to USNA he decided to lake the challenge of being an electrical engineer. You had us worried a few times. Jerry, but we all knew you would make it. I cannot count the number of times you took a nap and set your alarm to get up to study, but when it was time to get up you would say those famous words of yours, " IN A MIN- UTE. " Jerry, better known as Prak (the Russian word meaning cool), how can you be so tired that you wake your roommates up twice in one night snoring? Jerry always had a desire to be a fine naval officer. Too bad that desire never carried over into bas- ketball. Keep trying " Old Man " and you ' ll finally dunk that ball. That is your attitude " Try and try again if you do not succeed the first time. " You have been a great friend and classmate. Keep that smile which took you years to perfect and never forget our four years by the bay. AGC RGI James Robert Downs Columbus. Ohio Political Science Naval Flight Officer Chip came to " USNA from Columbus, Ohio, but eventuaUy worked his way out of that handicapped start. He was my most reliable running partner and always maintained a happy-go-lucky attitude that made him fun to be around. Best of luck always, and may you and Beth find everlasting happiness. — Jeff Body by surburst. You never failed to amaze me with your culinary ex- ploits It ' s been a pleasure to be your friend over these years. How else could I have met all those babes on the beach in Ohio? I wish you and Beth the best in your lives together. Remember, P-3 ' s are 1. — Rich Wow what a roommate. I can ' t believe we ' re still sane after three years together. I will admit you are a great guy, but don ' t act like you ' re from Ohio and we ' ll all get along better. Good luck with the wife and keep your head in the sky. — Benny Scott Hayden Evans Kingston. Pennsylvania Phyical Science U.S. Marine Corps . Scotty, a native of Kingston (Mecca), Pa., came to the academy via NAPS, where he was transformed into the " Gouge Hound of Navy Scott lived by the saying " an ounce of gouge is worth a pound of knowledge. " His files however, enabled him to become a regular at Pete ' s Place, the Vous, and Ivan ' s. He enjoyed many good times at the academy with the guys, or at least the next day we told him that he had fun! The ladies were often charmed by Scott s rough and more than ready approach. Who could resist a guy armed with a " wife beater " t-shin, boxers, black sox, and a beer throvtm in for effect? You are a die hard Manne and a true fnend! Even though vou are not from Noo Yawk, I still love you like a brother. Just make sure that you drive tanks better than you dnve Suzuki Samurais, is it possible to roll a tank? Quantico has finally found what they have been looking for! Ooh Rah! HCD 451 Keith Allen Goetz Olympia, Washington Mathematics Air Force A viation Keith began his USNA career in Lucky 1 3 at a strapping 1 35 lbs. Hailing from Olympia, WA., his devotion remained with one Molly Bee. After screening his classmates from heat all year, he made the move to Fightin ' 5. There he began to grow physically, especially in cover size which, as Kip and I can attest, reached global proportion. Soon after one memorable and expensive weekend, his devotion faltered. He soon became known as " Emillio, " making frequent trips to U of M in order to maintain civil military relations with several young ladies. One of these trips, while conducting unrep ops, found " Gucch ' " faced with a real live " fatal attraction. " Falling in and out of love almost continuously, Keith began first class year with a resurrected " Beemer " and an emest desire to wear " powder blue. " All kidding aside, there ' s lots of great memories bud, good luck in flight school and take care. Through good and bad . . . friends forever. DCB Steven Mitchell Graves Cedar Rapids, Iowa History Naval Aviation Well Red, it ' s been a couple of tough years. You leave USNA with a much better understanding of many things: salmon fishing, girls (Dahlgren girls to be exact), and Jack D. ( " My head keeps flipping back and forth. " ), just to name a few. I ' ll sure miss those talk sessions that lasted till zero dark hundred. Yea, right! Lets never forget 1 9 hours of sleep with our $ 1 50 beards in bear infested Denali. Nothing quite like eating with the bugs. The salmon fishing at Soldotna was definitely a highlight of first class summer. Where did that $500 go anyway? The rest went to the yuppie George Jetson-mobile. I guess the best way to sum it all up is a. coupl e of key words: country music, fish, farm, Alaska, bars, bikes, Baltimore babes (hey we never did get new w — .), but most of all, friendship. Best of luck to you and N. God bless and please keep in touch. AGC Christopher Lee Harkins Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Systems Engineering Nuclear Power — Submanines Who could ever forget the baby-faced kid from New Hartford, starting his Navy career by taking " laughing lessons " from the 1 9th platoon commander during plebe summer. Having learned his lessons well, Chris continued to laugh his way through Navy U. Who wouldn ' t with a good luck horseshoe embedded deep in his bowels? From a youngster year liason with an old friend (who just happened to be a plebette), through a dislocated kneecap which left him ineligible for protramid but eligible for a three week Cocoa Beach vacation, and even throuch a tense 8-week period during 2 C year in which he was forced to park his 300ZX in the yard — Chris laughed his way through all the trials and onto brigade staff 1 C year. Of course, the question is, will the scrog monster ' s wiles cause another female to gasp, " I ' m melting, " or has his little marine from Duke put an end to Chris ' philandering? RWT, JOB, TRS Kyle Duane Kliewer Port Orchard, Washington Mathematics Surface Warfare When Kyle came to Fifth company, he showecf us his true self when he became known for hour long showers, massive rack time, and jazz music above the threshold of pain into his headphones. As second class year hit, the sleep disappeared and showers were squeezed in between studying and writing music for the Drum Buggle Corps. His Jazz was toned down through the Trident Brass which he became president of first class year. The Meat ' s intense style of playing bo th the bells for D B and piano will always be remembered. As a second class, Kyle joined the Officers ' Christian Fellowship and played piano for all the retreat talent shows. More than a few D Ber ' s will remember Kyle for the D B Bible study discussions that he helped lead. As a Surface Line selectee, Kyle has prepared his coffee mug through heavy use. After rooming with him for two years, I can say that Kyle is a great guy and a great friend. Good luck and God bless. MWS 452 5 David James Lucchesi Manassas, Virginia , Mathematics Surface Warfare The line is long and distinguished: there was I, A, S, C. G, K, and who could forget " Skelctor " (Cheese is trying to). His USNA experience was bumpy. Elke broke his heart, he broke his car; sports ravished his knees, he ravished the aforementioned. L.B. could be seen with his rooster doo and progressive clothes giving rides to ' ■Lizards ' " in his chick magnet. Excesses were a large part of his non-studious career (ie. REM and alcohol (twice around, up and down)). If Cheese wasn ' t spending his Christmas in Hawaii or diving in the Keys, he was furthering international relations in Time ' s Square. This full contact basketball champ and skiing stud muffin found pleasure in expoiting those obvious weaknesses in his " shipmates. " In the end, this " Manassassian " used his ' oh so fine rack study skills to prepare himself to be the finest minesweepin ' officer in Bluejacket history. Good luck Dave, it was . . . ,well you know! TGK Keith Edward Miller Cheyenne, Wyoming Chemistry Nuclear Power — Surface If ever there was an individual who exemplified every desirable and outstanding quality. Doc Miller was it. King of the first impression. Screen was nearly as flawless as he made our parents believe. However, the nerds were way off when they formulated their opinions of his suppossed innocence. Although charm, wit, intelligence and quiesence were mere portions of his total package, those who truely knew him saw other traits. Vociferous at times and asleep perpetually, this native Cheyennophyte dabbled in chemistry and made his four years on the banks of the Severn a success, despite a shakey beginning with Lt. Awesome and SCI 01. Upperclassdome brought with it numerous lady friends of all ages (all legal of course) and less free time than a ploober has — that is what ' s in store for an aspiring Honor Guru. Of course there was always time for a little Mecca. May calm seas and fair winds be with you always! God bless you Nuke Stud. DJL John Francis O ' Brien Mclean, Virginia History Naval Flight Officer As John reflects back on his four years at USNA, he can take pride in having had a complete midshipman experience, ranging from varsity soccer player to second class battalion commander. The Fanatic earned his nickname through his intense love for military history and his relentless efforts to ensure high standands among the striper organization. O.B. worked hard and played hard all four years at USNA. He could frequently be spotted on the hunt in town or on the road toward Hood, Goucher, or other targets of opportunity. Yet, when the party was over, John was back in the hall excelling academically in front of his EE or German book. It is questionable whether his athletic talents or military bearing earned this scholar-athlete more fame, but Johnny O. won ' t be easily forgotten. Look John!! That plebe is holding his cover improperly!! KAV Benjamin Braman Peet Providence. Rhode Island General Engineering Naval Aviation Ben, Ben, Ben. I guess it was inevitible to end up with you as a roommate. You ' ve got to admit, we ' ve been like brothers for the past three years, even with your gross music, my excessive clean- liness, and our different interests. Your heart ' s in the right place. Maybe the four of us will end up on the same carrier someday! — Chipper. The only friend 1 know that has an infinite number of relatives. I don ' t know how vou ' ll spend all your time now that your Naval Academv sailing career is over — just maybe you can try working out every once in awhile. No matter how you spend it, I imagine vou ' ll always be having fun. Best of luck and always remember the four! — Jeffy We survived youngster year together despite many attempts on your part not to. Remember the shaving cream? Many beers and hangovers later, we ' re still friends. Imagine that! All the luck, see you on the beach. — Rich 453 Timothy Richard Schick Manila, New York Aerospace Engineering Naval Flight Officer Tim came to Navy U. four years ago a starry-eyedidealist. He promptly started stretching. Though he is still not flexible, Tim has accomplished quite a bit. Through single-minded dedication to success, Tim not only survived the daunted aerospace engineering program, but actually did well enough to make it into the quarter century club by service selection. As it that weren ' t enough, he became the reincarnation of Bruce Lee (it ' s not a sport, it ' s a way of life). The schickster was the owner of the most closely watched stomach in the brigade (am I fat yet?). Unfortunately, Tim never did master the art of driving. Oh well, he ' s going to be an NFO anyway. A fine one at that. I ' m not going to say good luck, because Tim doesn ' t need it, and it probably wouldn ' t help anyway. Knock ' em dead. Blade! RWT Michael William Sneath Grand Haven, Michigan Computer Science Naval Aviation From the start, Mike showed unique talents at expressing his viewpoints to others. His Christian punk music filled the halls during peak traffic hours like formations. His sense of duty and forcenjlness proved for interesting conversations, like discussing first class cruise options with the company officer. Being a member of OCF, he surprised many people with his singing talents and ability to flip the slides for the overheads. During second class year, he became a true computer science major by being unsat every grading period except for the finals. He will be known as the man who lived for nights by sleeping during the day just so he could stay up and do homework. But above all, his ability to pull through in tough situations despite the odds was an inspiration to us all. Mike has been an excellent and needed friend during the last couple of years. Good luck, God bless, and Go Navy! KDK Frank Alexander Snyder Annapolis, Maryland Mathematics U.S. Marine Corps Frank and I go back to NAPS. I recall that he was very happy there and had a wonderful roommate. While at USNA Frank never knew whether he was coming or going. For instance, while at a restaurant an Annapolitan informed him of his backwards shoulder boards. Frank studied very rigorously, at least once a month. Every once in a while he would diet by only eating breakfast, lunch, dinner, and in between meal snacks. At Navy, he was a real lady ' s man. Midshipmen really loved his dietetic body. Frank, being the nice guy he is, had his share of experience with them. He literally had to peel them off. I am pleased to announce that he got his long time wish of humping a pack, wearing a high and tight, and ooo raaing. I congradulate both Frank and the Marine Corps. Let ' s have three cheers for the voting officer. I am happy he was able to get rid of those armidillos. Good luck, but remember I won ' t be there to hear the alarm. AES James Jay Stewart Trenton, Ohio Physical Science Surface Warfare When writing a description of Jim, one would have great prob- lems summing up his whole spectrum of experiences on one page. Very possibly it could become the only publication in history longer than his famous lists of things to do. Rumor has it that included in these lists of things to do was a note to himself reminding himself to make a list of things to do. Always one who could find himself in strange situations, Jim was accustomed to being handcuffed in his room, waking up face down at Cheese ' s Bam Party, or spending weekends in Smoke Hall as a result of run- ins with 0-3 submariners. Loved by all the ladies. Smoothie had the natural moves to knock their socks oiT. He finally met his match first class year and in the process nearly put in a request for a precedent setting coed room. With an assignment to the Big Stick, Jim is sure to impress all who cross his path. Good luck Jim, seriously. MAC 454 5 I Andre Edward Stokes Dale City, Virginia Mechanical Engineering Surface Warfare Since NAPS Andre and 1 have been friends. 1 first saw him on the football field. He was tremendous! There Bacon (Andre) stood, ready to crush everyone. Bacon has always been an intimidator, a true leader. Whether on the playing field, class room or just hanging with the bovs, Andre has always established his dominance. Andre, aka Chrome Dome is also famous for his use of words. Once, he announced over the IMC Jamm-bone lay to the quarterdeck. Man did he become famous. Dre is a mechanical engineer, but he ' s not your typical geek. Dre realized the importance of an occassional taste. Once while tasting at King ' s Dom. he found it necessary to relieve himself of some excess stomach build, up right there in the park. Another time, at Howard U. Dre impressed the ladies by sleeping during the dance. Dre ' s love for food coined the phrase grubbing. Many have tried to steal his title of Grubmaster, but Ore ' s still Top Dog. MET Gregory Wayne Strauser Plymouth, Michigan Physics Special Warfare A man totally dedicated to self-inflicted pain. Academician, li tweight crew stud, marathoner, seal extraordinare, the list goes on and on. This is Greg in a nutshell. Never a man to pound, but when he did, he raged. Thoughts of the Little Creek van ride must never be forgotten. With the help of a friendly Michigan deer, Greg added himself to the already long list of 5th company ' s demolition derby drivers; luckily for the deer, Greg was fully equipped with his stainless steel 1 2 " Seal knife. Althou usually known to stick to the regs, Greg has been known to as go so far as to go over the wall in pursuit of happiness. However, these risque activities have come to an end, as it looks like Greg selected more than just a career on service selection night. May the force be with you always. Good luck and God speed! JPA Robert Wynne Tamaro Moraga, California Mechanical Engineering Naval Flight Officer " . . . It ' s Tike what happens when you put pressure on a wa- termelon seed — It squiris away! " Such is the insight of this devout Henry Rollins disciple, a radical whose imagination is truly a bottomless pit which spews forth its witty aphonsms with uncanny nonchalance. Although sarcasm has its place in many of his words of wisdom, it should never be said that he lacks human sincenty. Cleverly concealed behind his utter sloppiness. his costly dis- organization, and his serious want for self-motivation, is a tender spirit whose concern for the human predicament lives and breathes with convincing enthusiasm. What else would you expect from someone whose curiosity is strong enough to block out his con- ception of time — and who is the proud owner of a diesel-powered VW Dasher? TRS Kurt Andrew Van Etten Indianapolis, Indiana Economics U.S. Marine Corps Kurt came to the shores of the Severn from Northwestern Prep School to be a Marine Corps officer. Four years later, with head shaved and wallet empty (from numerous coast to coast excur- sions), he is finally ready for the Corps (if he squares his rack away that is) Kurt came to 5 from the Stalag. Intense as a youngster he was out of control as a 2 C. There will no doubt be at least one 2 C from " 90 inundating those plebers with the Van Etten program of pro knowledge. Of course Kurt ' s professional manner never once inhibited his social life. His studies and shyness however, did. When ••2-Can " Van did party though, he did so with a vengeance. Five dollars can go a long way. And finally Kurt, after you leave these hallowed halls for a career of Ooh-rah, business schools and trips to the Far East, be sure to remember all the good limes that were had with the boys in 5, the best Co. in the bngade (except in color points). " Semper Fi! " JOB 455 James Aaron Wolters Shingle Springs. California Aeronautical Engineering Naval Flight Officer Bulch. Someday that name will be painted on the side of an F-I4 and inside the cockpit will be, no doubt, one of the Navy ' s best NFOs. Don ' t forget who gave the nickname to you. Butch has really come a long way since 3 c year. From a youngster year of shotput underwear, 4.0s, and shaving creme filled nights to a pretty ' 65 Mustang, 3-stnper libs, and almost normal grades. Not that he didn ' t study as much. His reliance on Dews and Jolt became frightening as he denied sleep to tackle his tough (Ha!) Aero classes. He must have the highest blood caffeine level of any mid. All that studying made Butch want to beat things which is why he became USNA ' s top drummer. Not content with just beating drurns, he became company sub cdr and relished his role as XO. His XO inspections were feared throughout the company. Good luck with Navy Air, Butch. I just hope that P-Cola is ready for you. GEC Dawn Louise Bennett Baltimore, Maryland Physical Science U.S. Marine Corps Dawn Getmeoutofthewater Bennett, our dear departed Annibal put it. In Dawn ' s first life she was a goldfish in a very small bowl. The trauma of bumping her head convinced her that swimming was much better if you stay in the same spot. Much to her dismay, ole General Lejeune didn ' t quite agree. My roommate, the most lov- able person you ' d ever meet. Always helping others, especially her poor, confused roommate. Now Dawn ' s a Marine. Ooh Rah. She ' ll never drink again. Too bad, Capt. B. Now she has a new man to carry her home. Nice boots. Well girl, I ' m gonna miss you, you professional stud. The few of the few of the proud. Oh well, you know how we all love living together . . . they were right. RJR Jeffery Scott Sensing Lebanon, Pennsylvania Political Science Surface Warfare J. SKITTLES BENZINOWITZ — A SHORT HISTORY Bomboche, Barny — Where ya goin this weekend? Oh, OK. Well maybe next time. Say hi for us. — Buy low and sell lower? Black Monday and Chuck Schwab take their toll. — Bad knee nips promising professional soccer career in the rose bud. — The majors game: CHEMENGLISHPOLI SI. — Through it all SKIDS thriveS — Honor Boy: You runnin for office Scoots? Who, what, me? — Public driving enemy No. 1: Playing find the curb in his two ton bumper boat. " You ' re not driving tonight are you Mr. Bensing? " (BEAV) " Going to Maryland in MY car ma ' am! " (MR. BENSING) — Joins various militant elitist groups; FUMIGATE THE NAT- TERJACKS, F.A.G., GREEN JERSEY Assoc, 1437 CLUB, GANG OF FOUR. ACC 456 I William Matthew Brown Washington. District of Columbia Mechanical Engineering Special Warfare William Matthew Brown began on Christmas day long ago. Matt (the alias we knew him by) did quite a lot of unexplained travel in his life, staning in Marvland. he then spent time in country in California, New York, and D.C.. He also infiltrated two uni- versities before finding us at USNA. Matt always maintained a quiet, steelv expression, only occasionally dropping his cover to challenge his foes to push-ups at THE RIVER. We should have realized then that water did something to him, but we all thought that he was going to be a grunt. Who else had a lifetime subsription to SOF? . fter almost seven semesters at Canoe U, Matt decided that his cover was successful and he could begin to become mortal. The change was subtle but it all came to a head at Chris " party with the SEAL-to-be singing Xmas carols in a hottub. Just remember Matt, when you are in Coronado saying " I am so hungry . . . " THERE IS NO DOMINOS AT BUD S. SEC David Cela Miami, Florida General Engineering Surface Warfare This Venezuelan-Miami man made it into the NAVY via BOOST. He is extremely adept at chattering and dressing fresh. Although his Latin charm impresses and attracts women, he never attained a steady, worthwhile relationship. If he maintains his Nav log as well as his female phone number log. he surely will excell beyond all expectations as a SWO dad. Even though he tried numerous sports, his vertical leaping ability has never surpassed that of a heavy, uncoordinated rock. We congratulate him on his gaining US citizenship and his enthusiasm for the Navy should take him far. Unfortunately his luck with roommates was the same as his luck with women which gained him an OUT of company job. Perhaps everyone was envious of his golden bronze tan. Once he develops some bulkiness he should develop into a fine young man. Best of luck in the NAVY and real worid. No matter what, he will be happy and spread happiness in whatever he does. Buenas Arepas! MAJ Shawn Eric Colson Byron, Minnesota Naval Architecture Surface Warfare Shawn came to us from Cloud 9 after a successful youngster Y.P. cruise and quickly disappeared. Of course, had his plebe year roomie done the job right when he stabbed SWO ' s postenor, we could have never been blessed with his presence. It wasn ' t until second class summer that he let his true colors show. It was then that Shawn fell in love with the Pacific Isles, became a sleepless beachcomer, redecorated the Coasties " humble abode and began taking his phvsical training so ven seriously. Colswo spent 2 C year teaching Haiis the tricks of the trade but, alas, the trade got too tricky ' for him. It was also then that Shawn became a favorite target for the Norfolk Junior Achievers. 1 C year he demonstrated that island women could be found anywhere and on service selection night selected (to his mother ' s dismay) a smorgasbord. The PI may not be ready but the ' Swo certainly is. Good luck Shawn, may you always be haze grey and underway. DPW Martin Bradford Cox Oklahoma City, Oklahoma General Engineering Naval Aviation .After high school. Brad joined the Navy as a corpsman. He was enticed by his seniors to go to the Academy via N.APS due to his unproductive high schoool years, which were wasted away on the frisbee field. His delusion of majoring in Chemistry and becoming a doctor soon ended. He decided to leave his " real " major after seven semesters.so he could spend more time with his girlfriend. Bodiene endeavored into many sports, yet excelled at none. Bodidillv earned his peer ' s respect through his quiet demeanor and leadership bv example. Buckethead believes he will mature and grow up by getting married after graduation and trying to be a pilot. If he ever outgrows his siUv noises games, the punk band Flaming Lips and his financial ineptibility to buy cars, trucks, etc., he may succeed. Best of luck Bradfuerdo. Success and happiness (or at least craziness) is guaranteed to you. Changes will be made when he returns as the Dant!!!. MAJ 457 Alexander Charles Cutler Madison, Connecticut Naval Architecture Surface Warfare Ma dison. CT " s prodigal son certainly came to the appropriate place to live out his Epicurean fantasies. With a nom de plume for all occasions, Mr. Laser or the affable Al-E-Catface, never allowed himself to be softened by the tainted life of a freshman sailmg legend. No longer under the protective guise of marbachk, the next two years were a time of national championships, nocturnal so- liloquies, garment agriculture experiments, and lest we forget our hero ' s selfless pledge lo tutor a special friend even on a bad day. His dedication to sailing didn ' t let up senior year, as he sacrificed many weekends with his crew working on crucial techniques in the spam van. He disposed of mucho dinero in his faux world campaign — some was spent on women, some at the Brickskeller, the rest he spent foolishly. Nothing is sacred between friends and you have been a good one. JSB Michael James Dee Richmond, Virginia Mathematics U.S. Marine Corps An Army brat with nothing better to do during his high school days but go running on Friday and Saturday nights. He started his career at NAPS and had an awesome year athletically earning the soccer MVP, and lettering in indoor track as well as lacrosse. Then came Coach Myers and the slow demise of his illustrious soccer career. He ' s never been known to want to do anything other than be a Marine; however, he can be heard every mornmg grumbling about the early morning Jarhead workout, Maj has never been very interested in girls until the end of 2 c year when he suffered his first of many broken hearts to come. But now the tide has turned and he stops at nothing to break another heart each weekend! Everybody loves you Maj, so keep up that great letter writing tradition after we ' ve all gone our own way. MCB Randall Vernon Doane Evergreen, Colorado Political Science Special Operations He rowed his plebe year, but decided it was not as fun as skiing and resolved to seek his letter elsewhere. His perseverance did not go unrewarded, he received his letter in Georgetown. Sopho. year stuck him with Ally, Scoots and Torch. Classes filled the day while Nerf Hoop and indoor football filled the night. He spent his weekends at Kent ' s and Sunday nights working as a Founding Member and chief editor of The Top Ten in Gektordom Com- mittee. This prestigious position foreshadowed later accomplish- ments. He is a three time winner of the Green Jersey and a Felchball Champion. He also proved himself a fashion giant when he invented the ' high and loose. When regimes changed junior year, he ended up with the short end of the stick. The high point of the year occurred when he ran into an ex-company " mate " one eve- ning. Randall outlasted Marcos and has proven himself an ex- cellent Sub-Commander, a student, and a close friend. MSN Henry VonHoff Stoever Doyle Carmel, California Economics U.S. Marine Corps enro came the Academy from Florida by way of Califorina and Virginia. The transition from an all boys high school to a co- educational institution, like the Navy, was a culture shock for Hen, but he is beginning to recover. Junior year Hen moved from the gridiron to establish himself as Rugger. The legend of the Dancing Bear is known far and wide. His ablities on the field are equaled only by his disablities off Hen ' s weekend antics (sometimes week- night?) were always a surprise: G-town . . . with who? . . . Carolina, etc, but Hen always had the hops and barley to blame. Service Selection was never in question. Was it? Henry ' s motivation made the Marine Corps his only choice. Good luck. Hen, you made my time here easier, and with all sincerity Semper Fi. MFO 458 6 i William Ronald Fisher King of Prussia. Pennsylvania Physical Science Surface Warfare Bill, a.k.a. Fish or the parking attendant, came from 21 third class year saw the 1411 (and later 1436) wardroom; how about this antenna? And who can forget the Commandant ' s Cup. It was yours for the taking. Fish. Second class year saw in-season panying. the boys from 25, lax lailgating, Tau Beta Sigma, and the purchase of our own dan door. Who says you can ' t buy a fry ' ' Firstie cruise came and the force behind the Dark Side went. At Jeast this girl is conscious and good looking. Now all she needs is a green card; ask Dave. To bad you didn ' t get Corps. The Marines lost in that deal. That YP cruise third class summer must have been a bad omen. .At least you get the best of both with an LH.A. Best of luck to you and your wife (at least the kids will have rhythm). .And now, sing it Frank . . . thanks for the memories . . . Keep on smiling Fish, it keeps them guessing. " Semper Fi, " roomie. Semper Fi. Z Nicolas John Gerace Burlington. Vermont Oceanography Surface Warfare Nick had trouble adjusting to .Annapolis. Around here no one speaks Vermese — the dialect of the North Woods — and hockey players aren ' t gods. .After 1 5, Nick couldn ' t accept that Slack 6 was part of the same Brigade. To preserve the .Academy he knew, Nick marched tours as a youngster, stood " Old Style " restriction, and founded the Old Guard. But Nick ' s greganous side soon shone through. He had a way of introducing himself to out of company stripers w hich was quite unique. He endeared himself so much to Capt. D. that many of us thought he had a perpetual halo. When he finally got his one honzontal, two new passions entered his life to rival hockey; muscle cars and classmate ' s sisters. Emboldened by this, Nick even took a swing at the conduct system and wound up on line with the Old Guard again. So good luck to the reluctant mariner, haze gray and underway may never be the same. SDG E gar Alexander Green Dillon, South Carolina Systems Engineering Nuclear Power — Submarines .Andy entered USNA as an Air Force junior from the Lone Star Slate. He figured four years by the bay and another five of beiiig scattered far and wide would prepare him well for a career in trucking. He managed to keep his nose fairly clean. That frat case was only for watching T.V . . . honest. Despite his high class rank, Andy had many extramural exploits. He went for long taxi rides, redefined the term " Beltway Bandit, " competed in intramurals as the Twelfth Man. promoted interservice relations, went to swap meets, and joined ECA ' s like SPAF until he found too many stnngs attached. .Always the introspective type, .Andy often slipped away for the depths of the North Maryland Forest. After these con- templative sojourns, he made a sincere and possibly lasting mon- etary committment to Boomers. So farewell Shipmate, and Onicer or Teamster we wish you fair winds and following seas. Oh, how tender. SDG Sean Desmond Griffin Grosse Pointe Farms. Michigan History U. S. Marine Corps Gunny ' s career in six disproved Darwin ' s theory on the con- tinual evolution of the species. Gunny was a dedicated SWO until he had a memorable experience in Baltimore on NS300. After Quantico, he embraced high and tights, BC ' s, jungle boots and Chesty. At the same time, he joined the Order of the Black N. For his debut at Hood he introduced a new handshake that could have been real. Later he showed an interest in reptiles and returned one dav with the body. The rest of the year was spent on acts of sabotage. That summer Gunnv proved his unsuitability for Surface by splashing a whale boat at flank speed. Well it ' s supposed to be an adventure. Other adventures included the escape of the grizzlies on Halloween. Christmas on the 22nd, the flight of the Flymg Dutchmen, six months with Lt. K ' s Dining-Out Club, nightly lullabies, and unappreciated serenades to the ducks. Good luck to the Marine wanna be, and Merry Christmas. EAG 459 Robert William Hooper Wolfeboro, New Hampshire Physical Science Surface Warfare Bob entered the Academy fresh out of high school expecting an enormous challange. He soon realized that he had far too much energy for plebe year and began to use the excess to constantly toiTnent one of his roommates. He thus created one of the few who believed in the " scramble. " Youngster year landed Bob in a world quite different from plebe year. His initial perceptions of the . cademy were completely shattered. He battled academics and finally succumbed to the " Brotherhood " of Physical Scientists. Road trips in search of destiny took Bob to such exotic places as UVA, Hood, Army, College Creek, and DC. Second class year was responsible for Julia. A blind date that had been introduced by his roommate ' s blind date that had been introduced by Bob ' s ex. Follow that? Well, anyway he was married that day. Weekends, plebe detail, first class year . . . Julia!! I believe in the " scramble " — It brought me a brother. Good Luck. SE R Michael Stone Newman Westlake Village, California Aerospace Engineering Naval Aviation Michael Stone Newman, the man of 1 ,000 names. From humble beginnings in CA, TX, Indonesia, CO, and wherever else would forward his parents ' ubiquitously itinerant fruitbasket orders came 6th CO ' s most unflappable, and most intransigent stoic. After four years, the Naval Academy is ready to foist him on an unsuspecting Pensacola. True to his form, philosophy, and potential he will probably be first in his class, with an outside chance of being last. Of his tenure here, who can forget the days of Nerf hoop, All-Star Catches, and Walter Payton imitations, and nights of Permagrin, surfing, and regattas complete with sound effects. From his po- sition on the executive council of the Top Ten and as Benigno Aquino, he showed the leadership that won him the Co Cdr spot, a record three times. He ' ll be one of the Navy ' s finest, just as he was here, in his own unorthodox way. RVD Kerry Maureen O ' Connor Denver, Colorado English U.S. Marine Corps Kerrbear came to USNA enthusiastically ready to take on all challenges. And that she did! She worked hard at everything and althou the results were not always what she expected, it all worked out for the best. She was quite the technological stud! Kerry had a great time at our 3 c dining-m even to the point of tears. She found a guy that year which disappointed many others the next couple years. She became one hell of a volleyball captain and will eventually attain the rank of capt. in the Corps — her service selection that shocked everyone and one which she decided on the night before the big day due in part to the influence of the " Devil Dog. " Kerry will best be remebered by her willingness to always listen or help anyone even if she had ten papers due, four tests (even if they were EE or weapons), and pre TBS training at Odark thirty all the very next day. Go get ' em Kerry — ooh rah! AEW Michael Francis Ott, Jr. Midlothian, Virginia Political Science Surface Warfare Well Mike, it ' s hard to believe that you once played 1 50 ' s. When you get to the USS Whipple, remember that there is a maximum weight standard in the fleet. I sure hope, and your CO will too, that you can master the ability to drive ships better than you did with cars. It was nice having you as a roommate until second semester first class year when you became a day student at USNA. Also, I hope you use better judgement in obeying Article 89, UCMJ, disrespect to a senior commissioned officer, when you graduate, if trouble didn ' t find Mike, Mike found trouble. Congratulations on your engagement, even though you don ' t deserve such a fine woman with an outstanding personality and fantastic moral char- acter. Good luck after July 30. " Semper Fi " and " llligitimatus Non Comberundum. " Fair winds and following seas. Five and drive, and then Tycoons! HSD 460 6 Ramon Roxas Ramil San Diego. California Economics Surface Warfare I never have understood California dreamers. like Ray. Yes. Ray is from CA. at least he keeps his car there. This year Ray bought a Porsche 944. I ' ve got nothing against beautiful cars like the Por- sche, but I hope he never asks me to help make payments. Senously though. Ray must be a financial genius. How else could he afford those twentv credit cards, five girlfriends and a GQ wardrobe? Ray will make a fine SWO; I ' m sure. You can find Ray hanging with San Diego ' s ' Bad Bozs " all over Southern Cal. From Hollywood to Tijuana, Ray will be checking out the hot spots and scamming on hot things. I ' m sure I ' ll run into you somewhere in San Diego someday. Good luck, Ray. WBS Scott Edward Rein Wolfeboro. New Hampshire. Electrical Engineering Nuclear Power — Submarines Scott enlisted in the Nav . a little disillusioned by his high hopes and ideals. He was quickly engulfed in it ' s mass and taken into the depths of the sea by way of the POGY. Four years later, Scott ' s head had surfaced, and by some great fortune, the sea had thrown him up onto the steps of Bancroft. No, Bancroft was not the real Navy, but he would have to endure. His selection of a EE major kept him up until the wee hours of the night, but he was not about to catch up on his sleep on the we ekends, his recreational activities wouldn ' t allow for it, A road trip to UVA to play leapfrog, walks along the river, making eggs at Julie ' s, and Blue Whales at Army. We have been through a lot together, but like the ocean, soon we must part. Scott will continue to move on. creating a few wakes, but a man must keep his standards, and some will never be lowered. To the traveling man. you have a home with me. RWH Rosalind Jeannette Richmond Baltimore, Maryland Oceanography General Unrestricted Line Before anyone here at USNA knew Digger. I had the pleasure of knowing her for five years. I didn ' t know her as well then, (when she was Baby Ros) as I do now, but we shared a few memorable days together. Lunch time (and yes she ate as much then as she does now), gym class fights with Richie, and homeroom 80 1 . Now Ros is a woman with purpose. She has her D.C. billet, her Macy ' s card, and her Turbo Saab. After sacrificing numerable days of Christmas leave and Springbreak for Navy Women ' s Hoops. Ros is ready to go out into the real world and have fun. She ' ll have fun no matter how much gas or how many trips between Baltimore. D.C. and Philadelphia it takes to do it. 1 have her to thank (I think) for still being here. I couldn ' t have gone that extra mile (haha) without her. (Thanks Ros, I ' ll miss you. .And hey. watch out for those flies). DLB Christopher Francis Schaier Alexandria, Virginia English Naval Aviation Cristobal, Christop, Shyboy, Cuteness. 6lh Company didn ' t see much of Chris youngster year as he was so occupied with Varsity Lacrosse, yet he did manage to become well known as the operator of a home entertainment system ... but that was Andy ' s fault (twice). During 2 c summer Chris participated in the great " They can ' t fry us all " experiment. That was the year he came into his own as The Cute One. Stuffed animals initially appeared in his locker and then slowly took over his desk. Well, as an English major he never used his desk anyway. He was so inundated with Sampsonitis that by the end of 2 c vear he could no longer count to one correctly ... as is evidenced by his formal portrait in whites. He also made his impact on Naval uniform fashion by introducing Service Dress Blue " Tex. " At service selection, he got his coveted Lighter than Air Navy Air Billet. Keep ' em fiying. Quack! Nev er the less, always a member . . . SDG 461 Douglas Ora Howard Stanford Meadville, Pennsylvania Oceanography Surface Warfare Fresh showed up on I-day with white-works on and chit in pocket, ready to hit the deck plates running. His medical box is proof of this man ' s love of hardwork. Balancing wrestling and academics, he excelled at both, always managing to have a good time doing it. When Fresh graduates from Annapolis, he will leave the women screaming and the strong men sighing in relief as he heads for San Diego to set sail. Believe it or not, we have had some fun times here . . . Ocean City, 21st birthday in Maryland, shocking the Vouz, collecting pitchers so we could eat, his brand new BMW, big and bulky workouts, and always the last one ready because he is still fixing his hair — now this is a Party Animal . . . and I ' m sure when we see each other again, there will be many more stories to share! Best of luck. TOM William Benjamen Swent Alexandria, Louisiana Naval Architecture Nuclear Power — Submarines, When Bill first got accepted to the Naval Academy, he must have thought of himself as a very lucky person. However, the USNA conduct system soon caught up with him and convinced him otherwise. Bill was a thoughtful victim of circumstance. He was famous for his confusing but true reflections: though the mids look like swarming ants or endless caravans of pack animals, they are men, reduced to this condition by restriction and the bewildering indifference of casual gods. And, why it ' s madness around here; they ' re pushing and shouting. Wild dogs bark, and I watch as they sway, clowns drinking their cares away. And, when I was young, we were going to move out this way for the clean air, healthy you know, away from the factories and smoke; so just get in and we ' ll go for a ride. And, braving the elements, searching the wide ocea n with hooks and spears, we know lots of people, the reptiles and I. Bye-Bye USNA. MFO Anne Elizabeth Watt Belair, Maryland Computer Science General Unrestricted Line Beth was a hard charger from 1-Day, attacking each task with determination to do well. Her passion for running proved this. She ended up with six varsity letters in cross-country and track. Plebe year was a challenge aside from the platoon runs, but dumping water on people in the seventh wing and witnessing obscene acts during ' 85 ' s service selection night helped pass time quickly. Those " Sweet " inspections soon gave way to " Slack Six. " Hard work has always led to erratic sleeping, evidenced in waking up herself and a second class at 0330 for a 0630 restriction muster. Remember youngster Army, Beth? Few know the truth. And no Beth, it can ' t rain on 1-4. Tired of chasing bugs with pledge, she advanced to water guns, slipper hiding, and finally EE second class year, tem- porarily ending her merriment. But, cross-country parties ease the tension. Good luck. We ' ll miss your laughter and crazy jokes. Don ' t work too hard! KO ' C David Patrick Wells Columbus, Ohio Aerospace Engineering U.S. Marine Corps And the Buckeyes did send forth their epic hero, Taff the Ar- tesian, to dwell among the squids on the Severn River landfill, to study EAS (Engineering, Aerospace, Sadism) and to fall prey to both of the Lee sisters. He did battle with the Beav, Ferdinand, and Ronald McDonald. He journeyed west to Zoomieland and re- turned to slay the Modnoc beast. And Taff did give his heart to a banshee until betrayed by the cute one. He continued to pursue outland dwellers and his love life did resemble a USO tour. Un- fufilled, Taff did convince himself that he never met a woman he cared for. Taff dedicated his life to a sacred quest: to meet and utterrly destroy Bobrow on the field of battle. TafTs crest — the Eagle, Globe and Anchor. His battle cry — Ooh Rah. And the cry arose from the Maryland mudflats as Taff rode off: " Semper Fi! . . . Oh boy. " SDG 462 6 Gerald Andrew Whitman Decatur. Alabama Systems Engineering U.S Marine Corps II was thought a biography on Jerrv could not be written because alcohol could not be the main topic; however, some information was found. Bigdog definitely has a hot temper. This is easily seen when Sprout plays sports. For example, he was in the penalty box more than he w ' as on the field during fieldball. For those who thought this school was turning easy. Jerrbear kept the " flamer " tradition alive. His temperment can also be seen in his dnving. Most of his paycheck goes into new tires (second in spending only to his favorite drink). He has the work hard, play hard attitude as can be seen by his academic work and weekend antics He is definitely motivated to be a Marine. He should succeed in life because of his driving philosophy; " If you can ' t run with the big dogs, then you have to sit on the front porch. " Tattoos and restriction parties. If he gains some weight and gets some new music, he may succeed. " Semper Fi. " MAJ Shannon Lee Workman Cumberland. Maryland Economics Naval Aviation The most timely and organized midshipman at USNA. she never forgot anything at any time. If choosing not to study for a test or complete an assignment luck always went her way. Despite a facade of a conservative nature, nights on the town told the real story. Her biggest fear, aside from slippers hanging in goat court, were insects and mice. She has been found gripping a wall for dear life scream- ing for minutes on end because Harvey came to say hello. Despite fear of creatures, she had no qualms about wearing Sixth Com- pany ' s favorite claw slippers in the hall, or her tiger ear muffs to D B practice. Never let it be said that she was a slave to fashion. The D B mysterv man who welcomed her into Sixth Company like a brother, or was ' he more than that ' Excellent at living on the edge both academically (although she had well over a 3.0 QPR) and financially, living on $25 for a whole month 1 c year. One more question — Were you you Salty Sally? KO ' C Thomas John Zohlen Annapolis. Maryland Oceanography U.S. Marine Corps Well. Tom. it looks as though we beat the odds once again. All 1 can say is !(5 $% to the skeptics. It ' s a shame you ended up going USMC; you could have used all of your Navy uniforms in the Fleet seeing how they ' re still brand new, although your WHITEWORKS could be used as RAGS. After all the years of knowing each other and rooming together, 1 never thought you could be turned to the dark side. Oh well, may the force stay with you. And who would have thought that you would take up a girlfriend just because you had no one to party with any more. On top of all of that, you used the " L " word! Hey, schleprock, you know that the Corps will not go for your excuses of broken bones, underweight and malnutrition, so put on some weight! Make sure when you get to TBS you don ' t wear cut-off cammies and long hair. But. seriously, I am sure the Corps will benefit by your unseen professionalism. Good luck! WRF Jeffrey David Adams Canton, Ohio General Engineering Naval Aviation JD came to Annapolis with all of the Naval prowess one would expect of a kid from Canton, Ohio. What Jeff did know was football, partying, and fun. Plebe year failed to atTect Jeffs pen- chant for a good time as he moved on to Lucky Seven. Youngster year ' s highlights involved the Annapolis Vice Mobile, a " local " girlfriend, and the Varsity ' s baptism by fire. " Have any of you looked at alternative education? " Second class year found JD adapting nicely to the horizontal position as he gave up being a tackling dummy and took up competition for the greater glory of Seven. Jeffs firstie year was a memorable one. His Mustang was never allowed to rest. Firstie memories: Purple Haze, Two Stripes!? True Love. JD " s ability to stay ' : step ahead of trouble will come in handy as he arrives in P-cola. He will succeed in all, and we who know just how great a friend he ' s been, love and salute him. PJF Glenn Robert Allen Whiteford, Maryland Physical Science Special Operations When Glenn came to the Academy, he strove to not be mistaken for your typical Napster. Although he always was going to have fun even if it killed him, all hopes of anchorman were shattered youngster year, as well as several bones, thanks to his persistent self-abuse with the wrestling team. Leaving behind the garbage closet and that empty bottle of apple schnapps, Glenn kept up his fast-paced lifestyle second class year in hot pursuit of the fairer sex and a proper burial for the Colt. His far broader musical tastes and maximum liberty policies led him into first class year, with its ups and downs, with the goal of graduation in sight. Affectionately named Hammer, Glenn was always the first to help out another member of the V when they needed it. He always got what he wanted, and that Special Ops billet was no exception. Glenn, few could figure you out, but from one who knows you best, success is guaranteed in all you do. JJF Juan Ramon Balboa Port Huron, Michigan Mathematics Surface Warfare Jay came to us a naive young man from Port Huron, Michigan. After a fun-filled freshman year, he found heaven living in Seventh Company ' s version of Spanish Harlem. Ricky, John, and Mike taught Jay how to keep a clean room, and he was commended for it by the Battalion Officer. Juan also won a two week vacation at MPSS for his creative writing abilities. Who could forget the drunk driving posters he pasted on the walls? Or Captain ' 88? Admiral Parsoneaux sent Jay on a mission, and he ended up getting class cancelled because of a gas pump. Juan strove to be a true math- ematician, and proved that he was eccentric. He was the best blood drive guy ever. Look out. Navy, a whirlwind named Jay is coming. USNA will be a lot duller without him. 464 7 Matthew Howard Bills Walloon Lake, Michigan [: Physics Special Warfare Matt arrived ' at USNA from The Great Lakes State. He spent his first year here in Cloud Nine, where he was know as Buffalo Bills. Matt was a model Plebe spending weekends at his sponsors or on YP movement orders. In Matt ' s second year, he became the ideal Youngster, which is not to say he was the ideal Midshipman. There was never a dull moment with Matt on weekends, which was the only time one could find him awake, unless he was playing jumpman. All the fun he had youngster year caught up with him in his third year here at Navy , when he met his Helen of Troy. Wars seem trivial to the pains he suffered from her, as he spent a month in the hospital and had two extended tours in Smoke Hall. Matt returned a changed man from his First Class USMC cniise, when he decided that the Marine Corps motif was not for him. So, Matt is off to Coronado, California to become a Navy SEAL, where Yesterday was the Last Easy Day and Rest is for the Dead. TPT William John Blackstone Steger. Illinois Aerospace Engineering Special Warfare , „ „ Bill is a nice guy. Bill is from Chicago. Bill likes to work out. Bill is going to be a SEAL. Bill has a nice car. Bill has a nice girl. Bill ' s girl is nice. Bill is an Aero major. Bill is lost academically. Bill wishes he wasn ' t. Bill does have an A, though. Bill does not know in what class. Bill is a PCR genius. Bill got 216 pts. on his PCR ' s. Bill lives with me. I wish I had girlfriend. 1 wish I had a nice car. 1 do like to work out with Bill. Bill is a stud-dog. Bill is a nice guy. MHB David Andrew Bondura Perry Hall. Maryland English Crvptologv „ , . „ Dave came to the Academy after a short stay at Perkiomen Prep School where he earned the title of best post-grad kisser. He then entered the academy with a go get ' m attitude: beer, crabs, and women " let ' s go get ' m. " Many of these goals were achieved dunng weekends with Dave and other good friends at the ' Hotel Bondura, " Maggie ' s, and Fell ' s Point. Dave ' s mild,yet studly per- sonality made him a hit with several beauties and several beasts along the way. If there was an angel to be found Dave would find her Dave also became very attached to weight lifting since the beginning of youngster year. He looked like Lou Femgno with Karen Carpenter ' s legs. His working out had definite effects on his body as shown by the comment " Gee Bondo, looking good. First class year Dave lucked out and lived with Nave ' s 1988 Dream Date the Joker. Good luck in Crypto, buddy! You are a true fnend, thanks for being you! HCD Kevin Arnold Brooks Rochester, Minnesota English Marine Aviation . » a a.m Kevin was a very good roommate and most of all a dependame and helpful friend, in spite of coming from the " Dork Belt. ' He completed his tour at the Academy in seven semesters instead ot the usual eight. As a VG EP scholar, he held the rank of Mid- shipman USNA(retired) following his Company Commander tour Despite being a top ranked student, Kevin never bore the title ol " Geek " He was far from being a Geek. A very conditioned future Marine aviator, Kevin was a model midshipman whom 1 really respected He was very involved in so many things, which kept him busy, but he always had a girl at home: this brought on his unusual spnng cleaning, afreshly shaved dome. It always grew back (Thank God) Green B-Day at Miami, and the Breakfast Club are in- famous. Keep working hard, Kevin, You ' ll be one of the best the Ser ice ever had. Thanks for the good times. God bless. KOI TEH 465 Michael Scott Danford APO. New York Computer Science Surface Warfare Spunky smiled and shuffled his way into our hearts from some- where in Nebraska (even though he didn ' t know exactly were it was. Even now he insists he is from APO, because they won ' t let him use his van as a place of residence). Plebe year Mikey, blessed with the gift of being able to speak unbelievabley fast, joined the debate team. There, on movement orders over the next two years, Mike enjoyed a lifestyle that even Keith Richards would envy. In his years in Seventh Company, Mike had many bad and good mo- ments (mostly bad), . " fterhis dreams of flying the golden skies were shot down Mike ' s only pleasures came from the yellow rose, and of course the DEATH VAN FROM HELL and LUCAS. We ' ll always remember Mike and his heart of gold. He would loan out his van to anyone willing to put their life on the line. Mikey now heads to SWOS still crusading for the " Wings of Gold. " See you in the friendly skies and remember, " We Won ' t Get Fooled Again! " AMF John Marshall Elston Lebanon, Oregon Economics Naval Aviation After a rigorous life of sawmills and real college, Jake decided he needed a rest. Sleeping his way through 4 C year, he could dream of nothing but girls. Jets and Vettes during his daily post plebe qtrs nap. Since liberty uniforms were never featured in GQ, Jakespeed dedcided that civilian attire is always appropriate on weekends no matter what class. 3 C year and the most disgusting room in the brigade bonded Jake into the notorious " varsity " by the great spineless one ( " am I boring you Jon? " ), As 1 C year approached, expectations were high for many corvette road trips with the boys but pure magnetism quickly prevented that. After a brief tour of the international scene speed turned to his overpowering need for motherly care, and John opted for a nanny to keep for good. Now, after hundreds of eye examinations by Dr Dad, speedster is taking his " post apocolyptic oo ' s " look to P-cola. " If you ain ' t a pilot, you ain ' t " ! Best of luck! SM(MC) Paul Joseph Fletcher, Jr. Fryburg, Pennsylvania English Naval Aviation Fletch came to USNA with hayseeds in his hair and with a face that all mothers love (if only they knew the truth). Peej ' s USNA experience can be summed up in three words — GIRLS, CARS,GIRLS. His penchant for J.D. and his ability to drive " above and beyond " reason always amazed us. PJ ' s vast wardrobe of tight jeans, T-shirts, and cowboy boots impressed us all, as did the DUSTER. Army saw successive fights, girls and Purple Haze. PJ ' s guaranteed to make a fortune, because he never spends any money. Three stripes? The Varsity Tradition. We missed him senior year, but Grove City loved their new son. Will he settle down? Let ' s hope not. Beyond everything else, PJ was a great friend. Undoubtedly, he will succeed in any endeavor, if not by skill through charm. Good luck in P-cola. Always Keep the Faith. CPK James Joseph Fontanella White Plains, New York General Engineering Naval Aviation Font came sailing into Plebe year with an open mind. Much to his dismay, he too had to put up with Plebe summer. Boy, those sailors will say anything to get you here! After being unjustly caught for an act of consumption, his first Dark Ages were spent re- stricting. Jamie came back for Youngster year and surprised us all. After a bout or two with Winnie, Jamie became became a proud member of the elite V. Upon returning from 2 c summer, he decided to stay for good. Being an aero major was no fun and second class year was filled with all-nighters. First class year was filled with benefits: dinghy team captain, three striper libs. Jamie, not being one to allow studying to interfere with entertainment, soon found himself a general engineer to accomodate his rigorous social schedule. But he is soon to be a pilot, and much happier for it. To a sailor, wild-man, and friend, good luck in all you do. GRA 466 7 John Robert Garcia Redlands. California General Engineering U.S. Air Force , , Tow tank experiments, our study of languages, going to church with Matt, low tide sailboat handling, zombie driving (I brought Garciavich back) and 2-4-7 with peach juice (John brought me back). These are a few of the ways John coped. John contnbuted much to the Brigade as a well known Ho Chi Mihn lourguide. Bay knock-a-bout service director and baby killer extraordinaire. John also organized the 5-0 death squad. A superb athlete John par- ticipated in full contact Nerf Hoops, brigade champion sailor 3 times and his favorite, fieldball. He wouldn ' t Hy Navy because he can ' t see any of our small planes, so he went " Air Farce " because he spots B-52 ' s C-5 " s (you know, hauling rubber dog doo from Hong Kong) every time! From a night marish plebe year to now, Diego has truly matured into a machine with every waking thought focused on the screams of his victims. I guess he ' s ready to grad- uate. Drop that Napalm Diego! AMP YOYO IMIC Ricardo M. Gonzalez Ponce, Puerto Rico Political Science Surface Warfare Webster defines unique as: " being without like or equal: dis- tinctively characteristic " . We define it as " Ricky " . The only man in this whole place who can bring a smile to your face and a warmth in your heart no matter what kind of a lousy day you have had. The man of many hats, a stud in the true sense of the word. " Hey Rick you ' re my hero! " If Saturday Night Fever had been filmed in PR, Ricky would have been the star, not to mention the videotape he should have made. It would have been twice as good as Fonda ' s. Oh Rico, Rico. Rico, what are we going to do without you? You are our advisor and big brother, but most of all you are the best friend a guy could ask for. " How ' bout that, huh? 1 showed him! " Ricky was bom to live in New York City — because the city never sleeps and neither does Ricky. The Steerage King shall never be dethroned. " Te adoramos, Ricardo. " GOV Robert Kendrick Gray Sharpsburg. Georgia Oceanography Naval Aviation Robby left God ' s country in Atlanta, Georgia to become a Navy man .After a plebe year (?) with Barracuda Six and th e antics of Batterycharger, Rob joined Lucky Seven and tested his head against beer cans (3 C cruise), soccer goals (3 C year), barbers (EMBC), and fieldball. Never lacking female companionship, he gained respect (and Dant ' s list) by switching from physics to ocean- o ' Rob anchored the fieldball D and found a jump shot, er, set shot- BOUNCE PASS! With 1 C year Rob had his lemon custard Regal with the peach sign, the mag wheels and four on the floor (CDB). After serious reconstruction of his knee, shoulder, and the South, he still made P-cola. Good luck Rob! Your ' re my best fnend, but don ' t trade those wings for two tickets to Buffet or the Hawks! See ya in flight school! E-man. ECW Mark Anthony Hernandez Bay Shore. New York Marine Engineering Nuclear Power — Submarines Mark was affectionately known as Java, Nukie Dog, or the Conniver Coming from New York, it wasn ' t uncommon to hear a friend say, " Hev that ' s a red light, take your foot off the accel- erator " He has the dubious distinction of BE.ATING .ARMY in soccer by himself Mrs. V your the best; white works, P.E. everyday Senior year or what? Alwavs there to help, especially room formals, nice floor. Actually, the Landau couldn ' t have made it here w tno " J you Two man room every semester, except for the breath of fresh air-Joker. Listening was a strong point, I think. Thanks for the Valentine idea, the awesome music — Whitesnake, .AC DC the list IS endless. Where did that Policeman come from? Submannes will suit you just fine. Nuke School, a breeze, the money — finally. Mark you never cease to amaze us. BJM 467 Timothy Edward Hoke Bay Village. Ohio Mathematics Surface Warfare Little T blew into Crabtown blinking and twitching. He settled onto Cloud Nine and soon became The Joker. Despite being the most popular non-athlete at USNA. the naked blinking gopher Joker always strove for greater recognition. His battle for one for the thumb was the most drawn out ordeal known to modern warfare. Navy ' s own version of Spuds MacKenzie, the toe-walker, never quit when the guts started flowing. In fact, this was usually the prelude to a typical Joker legend. He has been known to sleep in cars in subzero weather just to get tough. His athletic prowess was proven by his finish in the Cleveland Tnalhalon. Joker is now headed for the Pacific Northwest where he ' ll meet Paula Bunyon on the FLOATING PACHYDERM. " Come on Fat Guy why so much? " " Easy, " he said with a mouthful of fudge. We ' ll never forget his act in Knoxville. Good luck T. Life will be a lot duller without the Joker around to liven things up. JPB.LEG,TJB,BJM Roger Ge rome Isom Monticello, Florida Aerospace Engineering Nuclear Power — Submarines The Iceman came to us from a farm in Monticello, FL, after attending B.O.O.S.T. in San Diego CA. He decided to take the challenge of being an aerospace engineer among other jobs in- cluding the first set Brigade Commander, and Black Studies Club president. I can ' t help but remember all the times Ice was sup- posedly just resting his eyes (he would never admit to sleepiiig). We will never forget the late night headless monster. Let ' s be serious no one has ever heard of a Brigade Commander sleeping during study hour. Roger has proved that osmosis works. No one works harder than this man to put forth his best effort, and as a result he is one of the best the Naval Academy has to offer. Yes he ' s the first marine fly guy submariner. Thanks for the good times Rog. God bless you. JD Colin Patrick Kane Warwick, Rhode Island History Nuclear Power — Submarines Colin came to us from Warwick, Rhode Island, forsaking the halls of the Ivy League to be a " real man. " Kanehead started plebe year very motivated, but youngster year found him loosening up. He made his mark on Army (and the floor), as well as perfecting the 1.5 mile dash for taps on Saturdays. Second class year found a somewhat disillusioned Kanehead. He went looking for female companionship, but he found it was easier to borrow others. First Class year found him loosening up in academics in favor of social functions. 1st semester found Kanehead at tailgaters and Ri- ordan ' s. Second semester was spent at Georgetown and in the rack His pel " pile " grew gradually throughout the semester. Remember Racer X? Colin is joining the " elite " of the submarine force, and will undoubtedly lead the ideal bachelor ' s life. Best of luck, Kanehead. I ' m sure you will do well. JHR George Daniel Meehan Deale, Maryland History U.S. Marine Corps When we first met Spike, he was his normal cheerful self- obstinate, belligerent, slow and bellicose self. Youngster year was a joyous time including midnight discussions about The Exorcist, airplane rides for Doug, obedience school for Spike, CREW, CREW and CREW. But second class summer brought about a change and Spike became Danny. Oh and what changes they were, agreed people in the company (or at least most of the people), his hair grew out, his brain went to doo-doo and he bought an IROC. By first class year, Vicki ' s domesticating forces continued to tame him. He traded his IROC for a pickup and changed study hour into phone hour. Intellectually, all forms of conversation intrigued Mr. Meehan the Scholar, because we all know that politics, sports, and sex all revolve around theology and dialectics. We were constantly reminded of this because " In the field you stay away from rodents and snakes. " We finally got the last word. JMR and DJM 468 7 Douglas John Moberg ; Cattaraugus. New York " Political Science Surface Warfare Only Doug Moberg would argue with you if you told him it was dark outside because it ' s night-time. Spumed on by a 1 2 pack a day (Pepsi) habit, our Cattaraugus native daily bounces from one wall to another in search of the perfect argument (which, of course, he always wins). Doug ' s really not crotchety, for instance, he has style — white t-shirts (sometimes even with pockets). Levis, engineer boots and a white ' 66 Ford Galaxy that no one will buy from him. Doug ' s also a connoisseur of fine foods; you know — hot dogs, hamburgers and vanilla ice cream. Doug ' s lust for power carries over to the athletic field where he ' s always been a standout, even if he IS short, fat and slow. We ' ll always miss Doug, especially in the mornings when we realize we have to read the paper ourselves rather than listen to him read it to us. JMR and GDM Bruce James Morris Coronado. California Mathematics Special Warfare L;Bacon never left Coronado. " We ' re going to make it . . .- .Andrews. D.C., Vous. 100 pushups, an underwater and a Corona; repeat uiilil sleep. Those Violent Femmes. Group 10, The Ring Leaders, Thanks Frank. T:Why Sir; a carpenter; the bacon cannot be blamed for leaving the team. " We are the music makers, and we are the dreamers of dreams. " I ' ll go. 1 wanna go. The only easy day was yesterday. CHEESE: 1984 UCSD pool. So you think Navy Polo will be cool. 1985, no more. Back to Coronado for us. Bikes, McP ' s, Corona; OH OH Dads are forming up. Bail, surfs up. This buds for us. Ut ' s do more CRIMES. DENVER: From Physics to group 10. " If the dnver ' s not happy, no one is happy. " The Hotel Del; may the future be full of success and great waves. SHOOTERS! MARK; Coronado, Beach, Sun, Corona, SEALS, The Undau. Good luck and " remember the boy who got evrything he wanted. " BLT with CHEESE and lets not forget the MAYO and a dash of DENVER. MAH Paul Anthony Pensabene Brooklyn. New York Political Science Naval Aviation Paul left the rigors of Boston University to pursue a career at the Academy. A decision many people have questioned, including himself Plebe year found PENS on all calls for most of the year since no one could understand his Brooklyn accent. Youngster year brought Paul the unsuspected distinction of joining the " V " while taking the Physics final. Second class year brought many all night Porsche vs. Vette debates. I guess you were right. There was more time for liberty now but that just meant PENS could spend inore time sleeping, showenng or brushing his teeth. By the end of the year Paul spent so much time in Medical trying to find ways to be disqualified for Flight that we thought he was on TAD there. First class year brought the Varsity captainship as well as his Vette and first true love, of which the last two are kept in Brooklyn. PENS, one last thought, thanks for the memories, and best of luck in P- Cola. GJV Jeffrey Michael Reagan Madison. Wisconsin Mechanical Engineering i.S. Marine Corps " Hi. my names Jeff, no relation. " Norm ' s plebe year was spent eliminating roommates and playing screen. Escaping from 22nd to 7th youngster year. Norm brought his wet blanket outlook on life, an affinity to knives, and his reptilian ways of hibernation. Noc- turnal by nature, his afternoons were spent cocooned in his blanket asleep, but with his eyes open, musically graced by Pink Floyd ' s THE WALL, at 800 dBs. In the dark. Norm could always be heard slithering noisily about, in search of a method to ruin someone ' s bright idea. The search was an easy one, for Norm gathered eve- rything inside the vast warehouse of a void he called a locker. For around this area, there have been sightings of Jim Mornson, Amelia Erhart, and the Romanovs. But, in the end we ' ll always remenber and miss Norm ' s witty . . . well you know. Well Norm, only four down and three to go. SEMPER FIDELIS. By the way, " Where ' s the curtain? " DJM GDM 469 John Henry Renter Hasbrouk Heights, New Jersey Electrical Engineering Nuclear Power — Submarines Roto came to the Navy with visions of academic and physical glory. He started grandly — a 4.0 in EE that inspired hatred among his firsties. John ' s intensity didn ' t wane plebe year, but he light- ened up with the etTects of his new roommates. Specializing at Army in the bathroom, Roto evntually went militant with his tastes in women. Second Class year saw Roto living high off the hog with the Glee Club and happy with his new (translate first) girlfriend. Number one in everybody ' s book except for the company officer, Roto didn ' t get the glorious stripes. First Class year saw Roto in a slack mode, easing into his accidental three stripes with joy and cruising in the RX-7. Second semester at Hopkins was a rude awakening. STUDY, STUDY, STUDY while his roommates racked. Roto ' s service in the " Elite Force " was never in question, and his rise to glory will not end with graduation. You are the best, Ro. CPK Zachary Michael Scruton Salem, Oregon Oceanography Nuclear Power — Submarines In my time with Zach, I ' ve seen him progress from the ultimate sweat to a typical midshipman: one who procrastinates and likes to claim, " I don ' t care. " He likes to blame that change on RKG and me. I didn ' t know Zach plebe year, but I ' ve heard he had a good time learning chemistry, but there weren ' t enough women in that major, so over to easyography he went. Zach has been a stud since he was fourteen and that did not stop with Academy life — he is notorious for being nice to the women. By the way, . . . why MY seabag? Zach loves the game of baseball — no matter how often he complained about Coach Duff and the many times we told him to give it up, he persisted — I hope those knees get better. Zach, you ' ve been a great, loyal roommate. Good luck with the bub- blehead community. GOSUB! BLUB, BLUB. MSW Robert Francis Thornhili East Dundee, Illinois Honors History Nuclear Power — Submarines Throbbin ' Rob is the only person who tanned plebe summer. The beer-fearing, straight, 12 yr., Scotch drinker from 111. didn ' t like his out-of-town striper housing, because of poor turnouts at his daily movie. His good grades were a great cover for Rob ' s Bar Grill and Family Fun Center. He holds the record for the most satisfied squad in the Brigade. In his old age, Rob spent most of 1 c year taking his Re-Tards to the Detroit War Zone. Aw! Despite being a striper weeney, debate Pres. and choir VP, Rob keeps himself degenerate like the rest of us by getting (air?) sick in a taxiing plane, hour long monologues on WW II (Do you remember?), and well structured conversation with himself Even though Rob is an old English gentry (Who could forget Dr. Who?), we know that the boat secrets will be safe even in the face of torture, because " I ' m not telling " (Has anyone seen Dicky ' s nerf ball recently?). JRG and MSD Timothy Patrick Tumelty Mount Laurel, New Jersey General Engineering Naval Flight Officer Tim (Action Jackson) is a man bom to be in charge. He de- scended upon the Academy from a small private school in New Jersey. Tim achieved every every goal he strived for except his USMC NFO billet. Thank God. His greatest achievment was living with Matt for five semesters and maintaining his sanity. After graduation Tim will embark for Pensacola, Florida to earn his second set of wings of gold. His first were earned for falling out of a plane ten times. We know that he will wreak havoc upon the girls of Florida with his eternal cuteness. His ultimate dream came true when he was appointed as second battalion adjutant. MHB and WJB 470 Kevin Robert Umbaugh Waldorf. Maryland History U.S. Air Force From the hallowed lands of Waldorf. MD. by way of the PEA- NUTS comic strip, Kevin graced us at USNA with his over- whelming knowledge and expertise of . . . everything! Smacking his way through the grapevine at 36, Gumby ' s plebe year was high- lighted by an upperclass " squelching " Plebe Halt! " Umby escaped down the hall, walkman boldly displayed for all to see. Arriving in 7th, he promptly assummed his duties as the Fifth Wing Crier. Athletically, Gumbaugh the Omniscient was driven by one need, the need to win . . . everything! Be it Softball, soccer, fieldball, and debates on Nietzche or the weather. Scumbaugh ' s temper was non- existent, except of course on odd or even days. Through all this. Tonto ' s secret desire was to abandon us all and drift into the Civilian Service, of driving winged buses. Good luck and God be with N, she needs all the help she can get. Believe us. she really does, because destiny calls for three little Umbaughs. DJM and TPT George John Vassilakis Erie, Pennsylvania General Engineering Naval Flight Officer George came to " USNA from Auburn, Maine and immediately realized he wanted to go back. Enjoying plebe year like a flogging. George was known to have phoned home more times than ET. 3 c year. George was well on his way to a distinguished career until one afternoon when he was thrown amongst the refuse called the " V " . 2 c year brought the great Porsche Corvette debates of which he finally made the right American choice. Gu ilt by association brou t George a special team captainship 1 c yr. and even though weekends were limited, the admiration of various females was not. Nicknamed " slugger " for his ferocious bar room brawling. Georgie chose Naval Aviation to match his car and social lifestyle. The human alarm clock must now pack his Bruce paraphernalia and head south. I just have one more thing to say, slugger — HUGE!! Best of luck; you ' ll do great. JME Malcolm Scott Wheatley Waverly, Kentucky Aerospace Engineering Naval Aviation Scott came to grace the hallowed halls of Mother B from the Bluegrass State, with him he brought a friendly smile and the love of " the wench. " The wench is gone but the smile will remain forever. His problems with the " fairer " sex didn ' t end there. At one point Scott was so desperate for a date, that he checked out of USNA for 42 days (during school) to go on the hunt. He checked into Bethesda with an " ankle injury? " Within a week it was discovered that Wheat was being visited at 2 AM by a " Greek Goddess " , that he later took to the Ring Dance. Good thing your ring didn ' t get lost between the mountains buddy! Scott will be headed for P-Cola to tear up the skys so he won ' t have to drive his car 105 mph to bitch about wenches. He will always be loved by " the Boys " , especially RKG and ECW who spent Christmas en- joying Rocky Mountain Oysters and 22 tons of salt. ANS Why the dufilebag-because it was there! Good Luck Scott! BFF ZMS Erik Charles Wright Staten Island. New York Oceanography Naval Flight Officer E, EC, EZ, EW, " Fright, Big E or E Man came to us from Staten Island a borrough of New York City, which he never lets us forget.Memories bring us to the plebe year N Dance how long were you in that stall? Rockin ' the sailboat on 3 C cruise: an interesting offer at Trader John ' s, 2 C summer; And a tour of great US and Japanese cities. I didn ' t know — city was that big. He could never resist a basketball game. Did anyone ever see him dunk? .A look in the mirror; no, you ' re not any bigger, or a woman in uniform, 87 to ? Erik was the keeper of a deadly blow gun; where ' s that mouse? A strangely diverse tape collection; that ' s a cool tune and some incriminating photo albums, where ' s my camera? You could always count on Erik for a practical joke, a hard time or an incredibly exaggerated story. But most of all. Erik is a great friend. Here ' s to a great time in Pensacola. RKG 471 TH Joseph Aguinaldo Abaya Cavite, Philippines Mathematics Foreign National In 1 984 Joy Abaya, alias Jun, escaped from the prison known as PMA. Joe, looking for some fun, decided to come to the U.S. Soon after arrival at BWI, Joe was taken into custody and brought to one of the largest federal prisons. USNA. At the Academy, life was easy for Joe; especially plebe year, when the only English words he spoke were " ril find out, sir. " But Joe fooled them all, because he can actually speak and write better English than most Americans. After a few 4.0 ' s and long hours in the library, Joe was seen out a few times. Okay, only once, but Joe knew how to party. That one night, Joe was seen in not only one bar but four bars out in town and, needless to say, Joe slept well that night. I have seen Joe go from a shy Filipino to a half-blooded American. Sadly, though, Joe can not stay with us. PMA wants him back. Joe, I wish you only the best You have been a good friend, and we will all miss you. Take care LGA Louis Gerard Adissi Queens, New York Marine Engineering Nuclear Power — Submarines Lou — the cheerleader; known for his split-over the back-under the butt-no eyes-no hands lift, intentionally found out that girls do come down hard and fast. He is even able to build a pyramid by himself! Lou — the stud; ask him, he ' ll tell you! Lou — the submariner; sweated sub interviews, was told by the interviewer that he was a plug-n-chugger. He definitely plugs everything he has and chugs everything he can. Lou — the person; great memory for exams and essays, but not for complex things like names and faces of people in the company. Excellent conversationalist; had an " interesting " conversation with a wardroom worker; topic: Donuts taken from a moving tray and squashed into pieces in someone ' s hands. Lou — the friend; warm-hearted and caring. Although he opens my mail, he ' s still a person you ' ll be glad to know. We ' ll miss your cheers and company. Take care, good luck, hope subs have room for pom-poms. JAA Daniel Thomas Altomare Bowie, Maryland Mathematics U.S. Marine Corps Always the homeboy, Dan spent his five collegiate years next door at the Boat School via NAPS. Gunny Nevglosky brought out his true colors; Marine Green. He took his soccer ball and ran with it, becoming 4 C C.C. — heading for glory. After earning five stripes on cruise, he reevaluated his priorities, spending 33 days with the EMBC. Dad, I mean Dan, got through 3 C year and loved crunching numbers so much as an Aero, that he rededicated him- self to Math. Dan ' s versatility on the soccer field (thanks to Coach) and dedication earned him the respect of the team and the Cap- tain ' s spot senior year. He finally joined the Green Machine and has been unbearable ever since. By the way, where were you all night while your classmates were getting their heads shaved? You ' ve been a great friend, Dan. Don ' t ever forget what ' s im- portant, and you know what that is! . . . And stay away from strange Bulldozers. PJP IBIIIIII mi» 472 8 Kennon Athony Artis Washington. District of Columbia Economics Surface Warfare Hailing from D.C., the politco mecca, Kennon began his cam- paign towards USNA at NAPS. Nailing down the Rhode Island Primarv, he moved on to Annapolis and stepped into Class of I988 ' s oval office. During his four year term, Kennon followed the party line and pushed class shins, boxers, a class crest, etc., through the Hall. Feeling the crunch of a tight budget, he introduced a Talent Show bill which was passed unanimously by both the Hall and the Superiors. In the face of immense pressure from the Academic House, Kennon pleased the populus by organizing the Ring Dance, Parents ' Weekend, Service Selection Night, and of course the " Last Hooray. " There were no three stripes wrapped around the thousands of hours Kennon dedicated to the Class. But, behind every public figure there exists a private world. How did he attract the Marsupial? Good luck on the big blue. RCC Thomas Edward Base Moraga. California Political Science U.S. Marine Corps A California boy, Tom came from Moraga to 33rd Company, where he had a plebe year he would rather forget. He then burst upon 8th Company, headphones on and eyes on his second class car loan. Many a late night was spent with Mike and Pat dreaming of new cars. But as second class year arrived, Tom started to focus on slightly different objectives. He even made the " Weak-ma list " on several occasions from the Dan Altomare Memonal award to the Designer Tux award. Firstie year brought satisfaction of many goals- a Red RX-7, Platoon Commandership, 2 1st B-day, 300 lb. bench presses, and the USMC!?! Although his hair suffered after Service Selection Process, ' 91 soon faded from his mind. Tom had become the 8th Company official David Letterman fan and was seen many nights in the wardroom for " Late Night. " He will always be remembered for his warm friendship and good nature. EGK James Montgomery Burgum Reston. Virginia Marine Engineering Naval Aviation Jim hails from the bustling metropolis of Reston. As an im- pulsive collector of both music and repair bills for his Alfa Romeo, Jim one of the few bom to suck lead, was a never-ending source of amazement, be it enormous disk purchases or just broadsiding a W Va mountain. Jim was a man of simple obsessions ... uh, pleasures; music, his car, the Cleveland Browns, and telling anyone anything and everything about them. Only those pnvileged enough to listen to his favorite song(s) with him can truly appreciate Jim s gifts- the ability to reproduce those tricky guitar nffs and keep you around until the next song ... and there ' s always a next song. Echoes of Jim ' s words haunt several of us, such as " Don t touch that CD as a matter of fact, you ' ve seen enough, " " Wait one more minute " " It goes like this — shing shing shing. " After nding the " Rocket, " Pensacola should be a breeze. Good luck, Jim. TMC Edward Chao-Hsiung Chow Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Political Science Surface Warfare . .u Dreaming of fish chips in Scotland, Ed time-warped on the boomerboat 3 c cruise, where he missed out on the Coke Con- troversy but managed to catch his dolphins. Youngster year brought Kate Bush, ABBA, and all-nighters in his chair. Not that he studied there, though, and so he sweated through a blistery Pitts- burgh Christmas and came back to give up his varsity gills. Those also were the days he would walk to get his pizza and had seaweed as dessert. Second class year. Ed Chow, Chapter Two. (What more can you sav?) That summer he spent chasing his matrix and driving an eggbcat ' er in P-cola. And then there was one . . . 1 c year brought a 3 7 nights of Chinese under a blue light with Japanese tunes, and days of letting off steam via his one nostriled 9mm Brazilian bull named Taurus. See ya in the fleet, Ed! Ut ' s hit em running!! CMC 473 Thomas Myles Cleary Levittown, Pennsylvania General Engineering Marine Aviation Tarzan came to USNA straight from the wilds of the African jungle . . . uh, I mean Tom came to us by way of Levittown, Pennsylvania. In addition to his sterling sense of duty and pro- fessionalism (except for those of us who can " see right through you " ), perhaps his greatest legacies are in the phrases: " You mir- rors all look alike, " " You are. You are a good-looking guy, " " This isn ' t the bathroom?, " " Have I got a story for you! Where are you going?. " " I ' m not going out tonight. I really mean it, " and of course " Yes Dear! " . TBS will be a breeze for you and in the Corps you will shine but at all costs remember: there are plaid polyester shorts, knee-length black socks, and dress shoes out there with your name on them. Always remember too that if Doc Savage can do it, so can you. DJH Christopher Marvin Cook Glen Burnie, Maryland Mathematics Surface Warfare This Texan ' s tenure at the Academy began with his own personal (and not-so-personal) wake-up service, and plebe year with his roomates went great despite the poor servant ' s liberal decoration on the 7th Wing parking lot asphalt one day. 21 days of rays in Hawaii — a gorgeous first summer, but he ' d have to wait until the honeymoon for a return visit! The High Sage delivered many a potential victim from the Axe the next year, while holding a perfect 4.0 and managing the 30-5 Final Eight Team just for kicks. The Gap introduced the best of friends, Dana and Chris — in two years the rings and vows would make them Mr. and Mrs. 2 C summer breezes saw 20-ft foursome fun in the wind and BBQ ' ing off Greenbury Point on the E-boat; the year ' s regimen was cheer- leading, weightlifting, D., and grades-not necessarily in that order. Paper traps couldn ' t snare our summer school CC, and it was on to VGEP at GW — What are uniforms? ECHC Kenneth Charles Cooper Beaufort, South Carolina Aerospace Engineering Marine Aviation Growing up the son of a Marine fighter jock, Ken embodied the theme of the Great Santini. His first step towards the beloved Corps began with the Prep School, 1-2 Platoon. As a plebe, he became Barbon ' s child and permanent resident and eventual land- lord of Khe Sanh. After Hemdon, only a youngster by rank and 1 C by privilege. Ken was always a 2 C at heart. Never one to yield in an argument, Ken ' s sense of logic seemed to outshine his average QPR. As a roommate, honestly. Ken was great. He frequently tried to enforce a cleaner Khe Sanh. Academically, Ken ' s success in aerospace was never ending. Thermo, EE, and aircraft design and the profs who taught the courses always help sustain Ken ' s quest for academic excellence. Finally, where would we all be without his sponsors: Mr. Mrs. Lee, Becky, Nancy, Bob Jen. Your support carried on past the weekend. THANKS! Ken — good luck in the Corps and remember the bet. DLK Richard Charles Culp Winchester, Virginia Mathematics U.S. Marine Corps Paw arrived here via a one-year stint at UVA. I am convinced that this time at the university added a hint of spice to the already outlandish Culpian thought process. How else would you explain his behavior of memorial proportions in D.C.? Or how about his last duty (?) weekend (Did you have the chocolate mousse or cheesecake Paw?)? Didn ' t UVA offer Bike Riding 101? To his credit. Rich has distinguished himself as a true performer. His being awarded a Marine Corps Scholarship is one example and his final class rank in the top 100 is another. Rich also served as president of FCA. As honor representative for the Eighth Com- pany, Rich spent countless hours at Brigade Honor Boards. Per- haps his greatest challenge came in his first semester First Class year when he served as Batt Admin Officer. There, he dealt in- timately with his counterpart across the hall. The Marine CTorps gained a true winner in Rich. Good luck. Rich, and God Bless. KAA 474 8 William Arthur Doney, Jr. . Turkeytown. Pennsylvania fe Aerospace Engineering Naval Aviation Donut came from Turkeytown and quickly took his place as half of the original BACF " s. Though bom with a stnper ' s mentality. Art was turned down for Brigade Commander because he parts his hair in the middle. After the Blue Bubble youngster year, Ducky met his fiancee whom he had impressed in high school by throwing 7th graders into lockers. From this point on, he was a Weak-Ma regular. He was sad to see her go to study in France during our last semester and if she had staved, maybe he wouldn ' t have made that fateless trip to Philly. He missed his Cuddle Bunny so much that he flew to Paris for Spring Break to propose. .Always the economist. Art used his car loan to buy a house and used some spare change to buy a ' 11 Satellite which glows in the dark. Though you want to fly a sky-pig (P-3), get ready for some good times in P-cola. It ' s been a great three years! Good luck in flight school and with Cuddle Bunny. — The Boys WAD David Michael Edgecomb Tacoma, Washington Mechanical Engineering Naval Aviation Dave led a life of ease while striving to understand F=MA and derive everything else. By studying Socrates and (jerforming stress tests on calculators, he made it through here with barely a 2nd grade spelling ability. He never let us forget Washington ' s moun- tains, but we never let him forget that deck of cards he ruined after he personally flooded the desk. Edgewood ' s love life was based on celibacy, and he sometimes got ants in his pants — or crickets in his britches. But his only vice, in which he indulged heavily, enhanced his unique philosophical genius and gid-getting ability. This genius also let him create the 10% all by himself, mainly because he was the only one in that select group. Good luck. Flash. You can save the world, but please don ' t bite the rivet. By the way. Art and I understood you from day one — we just never let on! Huh? What? Oh well, maybe one day it ' ll be important enough to pay attention. John Warren Eichelberger III Harrisburg, Pennsylvania Computer Science Surface Warfare It " was only fitting that Ike got mamed just ten days after graduation. Though he is THE youngest member of our class, he got some valuable experience in fatherhood by trying to keep all of us in line. He came to Na 7 determined to become a member of the 2% club and marry his high school sweetheart. He wasn ' t seen much on the weekends because when the whip cracked, John went running. We held onto him one weekend to throw an engagement party and after convincing him that we could control the crowd, he indulged in his first drink{s) with his friends. Ike shunned an attractive sports car and purchased a nice family car (which he won ' t let his ' kids ' mess up)! Eichelflamer contracted a sense of duty 2 C year, but the boys quickly brought him back in line. It ' s been an awesome 3 years, Ike, and we ' ll all try to behave ourselves while you ' re away. Good luck and don ' t let the little woman eat too many chocolates. The Boys Albert Louis Ferro Towson, Maryland Aerospace Engineering Civil Engineering Corps Bert came to us all the way from Baltimore to put m the tour years necessary to become a Naval officer. Never seeing a purpose for studying, he slept those four years away and woke up with a 3 5 and an aero degree. It ' s too bad he didn ' t wake up in time to see the caddy his RX-7 decided to tangle with! Though he was bom with a lax-stick in his hand, .Albert never got much of a chance at Navy until senior year when he tangled with the turf-monster and lost. He tried to convince us that he was the perfect " he man woman hater but then the T-word came along and stole his heart. He started using the L-word freely and became a regular on the Weak-Ma list. Don ' t forget the trips to Loyola, the vicious pool game in Clyde, or the Nerf games junior year. You ' ve been an awesome fnend Bert and a great roommate. Good luck to you and have fun in the real Corps — the Civil Engineers! — Love ya. DCH 475 I I Steven Eugene Gall Elyria,Ohio Computer Science U.S. Marine Corps Steve ' s military career began when he validated his senior year of high school and joined the Navy as an aviation tech. His prior enlisted service was invaluable. None of us could forget it — even if we tried. " Did I tell you about my F-14. " After three years of Fleet service, Steve ' s academic career had a one time twist when Steve graduated in the top 4% of his NAPS class. His interest in computer science was unparalleled. 1 can remember many late nights with Steve glued to the terminal eagerly hacking away. As time passed, this portrait became common place with murmurs of great Dane and adventures of Ho Chi Min. Another twist came on service selection night when the salty dog picked scarlet and gold, vice previous word. Go artillery! Finally, after many attractive women, Steve has finally settled on one. As roommates we wish you much success and what else can you say about a man who says it all himself KCC DLK Daniel James Haas Wyckoff, New Jersey English U.S. Marine Corps Words can not accurately describe Dan ' s stay here at the Naval Academy. A Varsity Fencer, Dan was anything but your typical midshipman. In fact, I don ' t understand how he got past the psychologists. An English major who listens to Black Flag does not make sense, nor does a die hard Naval Aviator going green. Then again, Dan never made sense. Remember the good times in D.C. but forget that nightmare at Hood. Don ' t worry. Dr. Steve says your hand should be fine without the cast. Dan has exhibited extreme self control at times. He didn ' t kill his roomate youngster year ... or second class year ... or first class year. Good luck with the Grunts, Dan, you ' ll need it. " Adios compadre, " it is time to go to that big hostel in the sky. TBH Cordel Wendell Harris San Bernadino, California Computer Science U.S. Marine Corps Cordel, affectionately known as Rock, came to USNA from the West Coast mecca of fashion and hipness, San Bernadino, with a plethora of trivia minutae spanning the spectrum of innumerable disciplines. Always setting high goals standards. Rock earned his letter sweater plebe year with one extended tour of Smoke Hall, Rock, perhaps loved most for his five grand stereo (that only picks up two stations) will be remembered by Dan 1 for his irrational outbursts of emotion, his physical grace in getting out of the rack, his uncanny ability to pronounce those tricky foriegn words, and his upbeat colorful fashion sense. " 1 know thaaat!, " " C ' mon guys!, " " Is somebody going to write mine? " Despite being one whose presence was appreciated almost as much as his absence. Rock possessed, as a matter of survival, a great sense of humor and a heart of gold. We know you will do well at TBS and have a ' Grrrande ' time in the Corps. TMC Timothy Beard Heatherington Raleigh, North Carolina Mathematics Naval Aviation If any one person was ever truly devoted to the pursuit of pleasure, it was Tim (in any " form " I might add). It may not quite have been a hedonistic lifestyle — well, I guess it was. Whether on his head, diving over bushes enroute to the lightower, in the gutter, in the wardroom or the rack, or especially in Dillo ' s, if there was fun to be had Tim was doing it. His studiousness, of course, was legendary: " Wow, 1 think I studied over an hour this semester! " (think choosing math was an accident?). Out of all the great times, adventures, and otherwise interesting experiences, we ' ve had two questions stand out above all else. Why, oh why, hasn ' t your classy girlfriend dumped you? Why, in fact, did she ever go out with you in the first place? And how did you end up being so professional and a striper? Pennsacola here he comes — lock up the women and roll out the beer! Not if I see you first, mate. DJH 476 Douglas Clark Hull Clyde. Pennsylvania Computer Science Naval Aviation Dougie came to us from the boommg metropolis of Clyde as a BACF with a dip in his mouth and stories to tell. And if you ever jet him get started, he would tell you about the ' glory days " for quite some time. But one thing changed from the glory days, he was no longer in L-word and instead tried to build bridges. In his con- tinuing effort as a BACF. Dougie used his loan to buy a truck which was well protected by Butch and Grunt. As far as school went, he spent many a long night in front of the CRT trying to survive dane- chi-and-double-e., but still managed to fester the WFF crown from Pat for his ability to sleep through anything. No one will forget " giving up " at Army " 85, " At ease, Smokey ' in D.C., or the ' view ' al Loyola, for Dougie made quite a spectacle of himself. Also, he ' ll always be remembered for his partying ' Mum ' and Dad and their awesome tailgaters. Well Dougie, good luck to you as a Marine . . . um . . . Navy pilot. ALF Daniel John Hurdle Oconomowoc, Wisconsin Systems Engineering Nuclear Power — Submarines Dan came to the Boat School with one thing in mind, to have as much fun as humanly possible, whenever possible. He ' s been doing that ever since. In fact, he ' s been over doing it ever since (like Commissioning Week ' 86). Who can forget the trips to D.C., UNC, and across the Bay to JP ' s. We ' re still the only two to climb the QLLH. Dan was always the guy you could count on wanting to go out, even if his Trident Project wasn ' t finished. By the way Dan. did you ever finish? How about these famous Naval sayings . . . " Care for a game of Broom Ball? " . . . " What do you want to eat tonight? " " I don ' t care, what do you want? " . . . " Remind me to . . . " ... " I ' m not going out this weekend! " . " Adios muchacho, " give someone a head-butt, and have one on your head for me. See you when I see you, mate. TBH Gregory Allan Jones Jacksonville. Florida Political Science Naval Aviation ..,,.. When I first arrived in 8th Co, I was still a little shell shocked from plebe year. I soon found that I had lucked out because the guys in my new company soon straightened me out, and before I new it I was having fun. Who can forget the ' broomball ' games or the weekends in D.C. with Dr. Steve (At ease, Smokey) or the nde back from Army (You don ' t need to do that!). Second class year found us ranging farther in pursuit of fun, most notably to UNC. This was cut short, however, by the ' Big Accident, " and 1 found that my friends in 8th Co. were my greatest support. I ' ll never forget Dan " s stories about everything that happened to him when Tim and I were gone. I think I owe the fact that I made it through here to my friends, for without them I would have taken everything much too seriously. I wish you the best and Til miss all of you. GAJ David LaHTence Kaufman Cleveland. Ohio Systems Engineering Special Warfare . . • , Dave came to our beloved .Academy from his sell-acclaimed " God ' s Country " — OHIO. Yes, the same geeky. smiling, blond- haired and affectionate fellow who spilled his guts about the ngors of plebe life (in that 1984 Ricketts show stopper " Naval Academy Challenge " ) has changed for the better, I think. Although he ' ll agree with you, Dave pretty much made mince-meat out of every chal- lenge presented to him. Yes, he had a 3.7 but he also could do push- ups, pull-ups, sit-ups, etc. until the ground beneath him gave way, no geek alert here (He also isn ' t a geek because he studies less than a history major.). His abilities allowed him to skate into a SEAL billet — his dream shot. He added to the SEAL challenge by ripping his knee open on the turf, but he fought back in record time as expected. He ' s a good friend and will undoubtedly become a great SEAL warrior. Thanks for keeping KJie Sanh strong, Dave, remember the bet. KCC 477 Todd Alan Kiefer Brea, California Physics Naval Aviation Todd came from Ca. with many radical views of life. Plebe year strengthened his faith in God, as he watched three roommates separate and hovered near a perf. board himself. Youngster year brought new roommates, strangers from the other side of the country, who soon became close friends . His curiosity and sin- gleminded concentration led him to pursue his wild brand of thinking in his major, physics, and though his grades may have suffered, he finally figured out angular momentum, geosynchro- nous orbits, and wrote a computer program to find his perfect class schedule. Though not an EE, he has done more wiring in the co. area than A.G. Bell. Todd works hard at whatever he does, and is eager to help others. His strong and growing relationship with God and his work in the Navigators will bless him as he pursues his career as an airdale (even if he can ' t use his experience with the silent service). May God bless you. RAM Eric Gregory Kukanich Winchester, Virginia Computer Science Naval Flight Officer Plebe year at USNA was a big shock for Kuke who came straight from God ' s Country. After leaving No Nuke 19, with his Com- modore 64 in hand, Kuke headed for his new home at 8th Com- pany. He quickly took his major by the horns and probably doubled his QPR. It wasn ' t long before he became known as " Karp " anich. After enduring a year and one half of late nights arguing about Physics and EE, he finally got a semi-normal roommate. He pushed youngster year to the limits — getting caught on a Zebra and at the 5th wing barbershop. Him and Dougie stretched things out one night coming back from Cinderella liberty but they made it o.k.. He got the NFO slot he worked so hard for and is going to have a great time at Pensacola. THE BOYS ' TEB Rodney Alan Mills Cordova, Tennessee Electrical Engineering Naval Flight Officer Rod brought his academic brilliance to USNA from the state of Ohio. His parents moved away shortly after he left, but he even- tually tracked them down in TN. His four-year adventure on the Severn has left its scars (his forehead was surprised by a low flying transom while playing Bancroft B-ball, and his knee lost a big one to the ski slopes), but his self-discipline and sense of humor have always been up to the challenges. Though ranked higher in the Brigade than in his company as a plebe, he has never earned the coveted " stars. " He joined D B to see the world, but got to see some of Smoke Hall along the way. Yet, his perseverance has paid off with an NFO billet and a class rank in the stratosphere. He has been a faithful friend to all who know him. As long as T-34s handle inverted maneuvering better than his ex-car, Rod should have nothing but clear skies ahead. May you soar on the wings of eagles. WGSC Patrick James Porter Queens, New York Naval Architecture Naval Flight Officer Pat came to Uncle Sam ' s Yacht Club from Flushing, New York. Because of his rigorous and strenuous training at The Bronx High School of Science, he was fully prepared for life as a plebe. He spent many fine times in Smoke Hall before he even wore the stripes of a youngster. His fourth year in Annapolis brought a new light into his life. His twenty-first birthday gave him new birth. He was now the " man " he always wanted to be, or so he believed. January came and Pat had not played his cards right. Pat was finally the " real man " he always wanted to be. Only for a month though. The Marine Corps only served as a method for Pat to lose the highly coveted cham- pionship belt of the WFF (he still remained in second place). Soon after, the good Lord smiled in Pat ' s direction. His opportunity to fulfill his dream would soon be within his grasp. Good Luck, Pat. May your skies always be clear and blue. DTA 478 8 Jon Christopher Quimpo San Diego. California |j| General Engineering Surface Warfare Four years later Jon-Jon has hardly changed. . x initial year in Thirsty Third was full of plebeness, with laughs and friendship provided by the Sass Man and Cooch. " But Dude, don ' t be comin ' down on me or nuthin ' ! ' " A brief flirt with Aerospace ended in General, but it did give him time to conquer Dahlgren. unnecessary as it was. His babes came from places like New Orleans and San Diego. However, he still wanted a piece of the action whenever anyone had friends of the female persuasion visiting; " Dudefish, hook mei " Sometimes those blind dates would turn out to be jukes, but Quimps took " em all in stride. The Filipino Palomino has a body of iron. Solid Gold moves on the dance floor, and a face girls find, well, irresistable. Most of all, he ' s as solid a friend as anyone could hope to have. Jon, good luck, keep the faith, and show ' em what surface warfare is all about. Remember, " We are just too wild for this place!! " RSH Christopher James Verdoni Racine. Wisconsin Physics Nuclear Power — Submarines Behind Chris ' s peaceful, subtle, smirkish grin, lays the Italian Tiger of USNA. Chris came to us from the University of Wis- consin. He played varsity volleyball for two years at Navy. He will be remembered, academically, by many midshipmen as the ' mid ' who made the gouge. Many future mids will benefit from the academic labors of Chris ' s work by being able to complete home- work on time and still rack eight hours a night. However, some will remember him as the roommate who wouldn ' t turn out the lights ' til reveille. Chris did spend time relaxing. He regulariy returned to Mother ' B ' toasted after a night in D.C. After three years of strict adherence to the military discipline and the academic grind, USNA elevated him as 8th Co. CDR. Chris will realize his purpose in the Navy when he is in the DEEP, SECLUDED, ICY underseas of the North Pole. In the depths, he will realize the reason for subs, Bancroft, and four years at USNA. MTZ Brian Keith West Charlotte, North Carolina History Naval Aviation The only thing that no one doubted about Keith was that he was a Southerner. The Confederate flag that was a permanent fixture in his room make that certain. .Another certainty about Keith was that he was always easy to find, in the rack. Stones of his prowess at this sport spread far and wide. He even claims that he completed the Academy in two years since he spent half of the time asleep. Academics were more of a nuisance than anything else. Not until 1 c year did he discover that TV was the missing term in the equation of good grades. He became a weekday regular in the wardroom and his QPR soared. Keith will also be soaring soon despite the fact he was lauding the advantages of surface until the moment he said " Nav-v pilot. " Hopefully in Pensacola he ' ll find himself a Southern belle and finally end the search for a beautiful woman who ' ll take him. No matter what he does. Keith will be great one day, at least in his own mind. MOS Michael Tone Zimmerman Long Beach. California Mathematics Nuclear Power — Submarines Mike came into 8th Co. with quite a distinguished background. He tried his luck at Long Beach City College, enlisted in the Navy before USNA and the Severn. Plebe year found Mike on his way to academic boards, mandatory summer school, and then meeting his wife-to-be. USN.A continued to establish itself as a yacht club to Mike as three vears in Skate-8, a 3 C cruise on V.A Beach, and an all-expense paid l C sailing cruise to the West Indies can testify. Mike ' s only desire at USNA was for a red sports car which showed up l C year with a red 4-door family car and a diamond. Never one to turn down a good time, Mike managed to go out with his roommate twice in three years. He claimed devotion to the wife-to- be, but many a Saturday night was spent with his computer. Couple that with a receding hairiine and it ' s no surpnse he chose a submarine career. According to Mike, somethings are meant to be (we ' ll see, we ' ll see). CJV 479 TH Thomas Eugene Arnold, Jr. Tyrone, Pennsylvania Computer Science U.S. Marine Corps Captain Intensity came to us from the small town of Tyrone, Pa It is rumored that when he was born he was wearing a pair of combat boots and throwing floppy disks at a Zenith computer. When youngster year rolled around, he was proficient at observing Academy life from new heights in Cloud Nine. Through the years he gave us many memories — the Army Week Ho Chi Minh trail excursion; smashing a stereo to study EE331; Tecumseh with geekers; falling asleep WHERE?; the bald man, trained to kill by Ninjas. By first class year, Tom had learned to deal with real challenges: Batt Staff, company commander, and the Comp Sci department. And don ' t forget about early morning PT and ac- ademics in the late (early?) hours. Amazingly, he still comes out on top. This biography is dedicated to a great friend and roommate who endlessly dedicates his time and effort to the well-being of others. Thanks for the memories. RBT Eric Schuyler Block Greenwich. Connecticut Mathematics U.S. Marine Corps Blockhead came to USNA with the typical I-day worries. How- ever, it didn ' t take long for Eric to show the world that he had a lot less to worry about than most of the rest of us. Taking on the Academy seemed to be a pleasure for him, as he proved that he could do it all. Eric was often the center of our curiosity, and tor good reason. How did he juggle Water Polo and 3.0+ average? What really happened on youngster cruise? Is this guy for real? Believe me, Eric is a genuine human being! For the first five semesters, the hardest thing he had to do was to find only one career interest. Unfortunately during this time, his roommates were as fleeting as his career interests (sorry about the Zoomie, buddy)! But none of this kept him from his famous late nights at Krypton ' s or his mid- morning " catch-up " sessions in the rack. Thanks for being a good friend, a great roommate, and a loyal fan. Good luck and Semper Fi, Eric! JMR Martin Marshall Cade Dubuque. Iowa Aerospace Engineering Naval Flight Officer Martone had a rough time at USNA, until Spring Break plebe year brought his beat-up old guitar to keep him company. From then on, the decks were never silent. Martin may be unique in USNA history for his habit of getting a bad performance grade each semester, then getting placed on the Commandant ' s list after mid- term grades came out. He may also be the only plebe in USNA history to give Statics El to the second class in his squad. Christmas 1986 brought a new girlfriend. As a firstie, much of his time was spent abusing the credit limits on his Visa and Mastercard. April 1988 brought the end of his much-discussed romance. First class year also brought a new sense of priorities, as Martin began for- saking his studies in order to spend eight to ten hours a week in the weight room. Firstie-itis struck especially hard after five years of engineering. Here ' s to memories of all the times, both good and bad. Dat-da-da-daahhh!!!! AMF 480 9 Julie Steele Chalfant Arlington. I ' irginia Mechanical Engineering Surface Warfare Don ' t let those big, green eyes deceive you. While everyone always wondered if Julie was really there, she showed them her intellectual brilliance. Many times Julie was more quick-witted than she realized. Providing entertainment with her well thought out statements, she ' ll always remember that the ground is ob- viously where people land regardless of performance. Here ' s to climbing gates in torrential rain storms for Steve ' s ice cream. Beneath the quiet facade raged the real Julie that all her sailing buddies learned to know and love. Beware of the terrible Jaegermeister and fateful Thrifty van rides. Julie will always be the sweetest and most loyal friend, even if she was a heartbreaker. Remember the fun limes: sailing, Bailey ' s, hot tubs, Chinese food, bike-riding. Fishing Bay, to name a few. Jules is a genuine jewel. Lookout California and SWO — here she comes. Success, love, happiness. Sail fast and have fun! JEA Lydia Kay Derrington St Louis, Missouri Physics Aviation Maintenance Duty Officer Checker ' s life at USNA began with youngster year. She was an avid Lacrosse fan and you could find her at all the games — actually, all the tailgaters. Whoever did win the ' 86 Maryland Navy Lax game, Checker? Second class summer brought the " Chevettes " and close friends that will be hers forever. Pensacola and Combat Town will never be the same! First class year highlights include the 150 ' s game vs Princeton. Army-Navy in Cherry Hill, St Patrick ' s Day, and the man. Checker will find herself in Jacksonville, Florida after graduation. Lydia will always be remembered as a friend who always had time to listen, gave great advice, and who was always willing to party! Love, the other Checker. DMR Salvatore Albert Dipaola Baltimore, Maryland Mathematics U.S. Marine Corps Sam entered at 200+ lbs., but 4 years of 150 lb. football, no fantastic Italian cooking from his mother, and the Marines made him a new man — although we kept a scale in the room to keep close watch. After a " fun " year in 25th, Sam came to 9 and quickly made a name for himself Youngster year saw him doing moon- shine shots with his roommate late at night. Never one to be very neat or tell all the facts of a story, he could always find yet another girl (preferably blonde) to take to the Potomac. Sam ' s friendly way made him new friends all over the the globe, especially in Ven- ezuela. The Marine Corps will no doubt have someone that they will love, and Sam. your mother, father, and Michael will be very proud of you. Good luck! At times I ' ll wish I was with you. JSS Shri ' Jerrene Drake Columbus, Kansas English General Unrestricted Line The boat school has been quite an experience for Shri " — or vice versa. She found plebe summer quite amusing with beach parties and squingun e. ecutions on 5-4. The rest of that year was truely exciting too, being a native of Stalag 17. She found enjoyment by marching tours or throwing steel balls and spears. That year passed quickly and she was soon in San Diego for 3 c summer camp. We sure did learn a lot. didn ' t we. Being homesick for 5-4, she joined 9th company, and became the flaming youngsterette. It took only Statics for her to realize her real love was English. What does French have to do with English anyway? Oops not supposed to mention that. First class adventures included discussing life over beer and pizza at Rudy ' s, making rules, and disco enng Antigua. Shri ' s future will be filled with muscle cars, muscle boats and a muscle man. Have fun. GREDISON 481 Robert Thomas Durand Lakewood, Colorado Physical Science Surface Warfare The Geester came to Crabtown with a snausaging gambol in search of a career in submarines. Plebe year in 27 found him ranked first among his peers (18 of whom are now civilians). After 30 days of restriction and an 88+1 day sub cruise, Bob had second thoughts about the submarine force, USNA, and life itself Moving into Cloud 9 youngster year restored his faith in the Academy and gave him a calling: Surface Line. His romantic life was a comedy of errors until he woke up first class year and decided to be lively and non-specific. Quick to smile, friendly as a pup, Bob ' s " finely chiseled, wind-swept features " are staring bravely into the future. He chose FFs soley for the purpose of destroying all submarines, foreign or domestic. I ' m sure he will do well in Norfolk — he always stumbles into success. I ' m gonna ' miss you. Bob. You ' ve been a true friend through thick and thin. Fair winds and following seas. I wish you the best. CDG Bruce Charles Fauver Bennion, Utah Mathematics Nuclear Power — Surface Bruce joined our ranks from the wacky West; Bennion, Utah to be specific. He spent his plebe year in Form Two, grinding his teeth over plebe chemistry. Youngster year he joined the crowd in the Cloud. It was then we discovered a link between his love of watermelons and his ability to sleep anywhere, like in front of a T.V. or underneath a couch. The McKenzie Brothers never had anything on you and Steve! First class year, he somehow cut a deal to get personal showings of the WWF twice a week put into his nuke contract. Why else would he go nuk e? Bruce ' s quick wit and easy going character helped us to keep things in perspective. He certainly helped me through some tough times. Thanks for being a friend, Bruce. Good luck in the Surface Nuclear Navy and in the future! JRM Christopher John Gallen Wayne, Pennsylvania Political Science Surface Warfare Quarts arrived at Camp Annapolis in the summer of ' 83 with higii hopes and a quest for excellence. This lasted until he met his company officer, the legendary Captain Cub Scout. Plebe year soon passed, and he found his way into the BSTS Company. 26 agreed with Chris, and he soon was being molded in the image of that paragon of military virtue, the CAM. Quarts ' nickname was more than symbolic — his frequent yachting expeditions made him a legend among his contemporaries. YP Squadron added not only to his professionalism and spirit tolerance, but it also added a small craft command pin to his uniform. Midway through his firstie year, he was sent to sea for a year of character building. Thus refreshed, he returned to face a different breed of VMI grad — the Shuppster. Chris occupied his weekends with forays to Philly, breaking several land speed records en route to Immaculata. Good luck in the world of gas turbines and ASW! RTD Carl David Graves Charleston, Illinois English Surface Warfare Cruising into Annapolis with dreams of a nautical vacation, Carl soon found what Academy life was all about. Living in Skate 28 for a year, he learned to climb stairs and live with a mild psychopath. Carl flourished when he landed in Cloud Nine. With the zest of a true academic, Carl plunged into his studies, falling asleep soon thereafter. He managed to survive, nay, excel as an English major, using his finely honed ability to shovel literature with the best of them. Carl loved the Academy so much that he dedicated six months of his second class year to the study of Smoke Hall. First class year Carl truly savored his freedom; on his youngster Fridays Carl was changed, out of the hall and through the gate by 12:1 1, disappearing completely until Sunday night, always just in time. Well, not always. Carl, you ' re the closest friend I ' ve ever had and I will always cherish the memories. Good luck in Japan on the Steamin ' Demon! RTD 482 9 Roger Sherald Grayson Bronx, New York Mathematics Surface Warfare Rog came to " the Academy by way of the BOOST program in San Diego, where he learned to love the sun and the surf. Plebe year in 7th Co. was no sweat for him, as his height enabled him to sneak between the legs of his upperclass undetected. Ascending to Cloud 9, where he served as Co. Soul Rep, Roger found fame and fortune in music. .As President of the USNA Gospel Choir, he led his group to its most successful performance season, leavmg a trail of cheer- ing fans and broken hearts . .A talented composer m his own right, Rog recorded a WRNV Top 1 original, performing as MC Jazzy G with MC Mellow D (Dave Albritton) on the smash hit " Mv Damn Pleber. " Roger credits his success to his strong belief in God. the support of his loving parents, and the lessons he learned growing up in the Bronx. After graduation, the Jazzy Pre (his ' 87 Prelude Si) will carry him to his next adventure in the sun, aboard the USS LUCE in Mayport. Good Luck! RTD Wenena Kerr Harman Staunton, Virginia Political Science General Unrestricted Line Wena was the girl with the freckles, strawberry blonde hair, and the occassional knee brace. " Com fed " you might say, straight from the home of the Statler Brothers. She enjoys the simple things in life . . . cheap bubble gum and mail order catalogues. Thanks for sharing, loving, and laughing. RAM William Walter Hoban Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Aerospace Engineering Naval Aviation Bill came to USNA from scenic Philly to run track and to become a Navy Pilot. He gave up the track idea after plebe year and a few run-ins with good old .Al. Instead he concentrated on his major and on living life to its fullest. Somehow he survived the wrath of Rocket Reed and some other pathetic profs. He even survived a fifteen round brawl with a computer table, although he lost the conduct system and nearly spent his Junior and Senior years at Penn State. His financial situation has always been anything but stable, especially after he drove a borrowed car back from D.C. in first gear. Bill never really got along with the military profes- sionalism here. He must have always been thinking of where he was happiest, on the beach in Sea Isle City, New Jersey, with an ice-cold Bud in his hand. Good luck in the future Bill, cause you ' ll always be a true " Shipmate. " DPQ Warren Hamilton Jernigan II Pensacola, Florida Economics Naval Aviation After spending one year as a partying " frat boy " in Flonda. Warren came to USNA with visions of being a " Nasal Radiatior. " Maybe it was only natural considering that he hails from Pensacola, with a few detours in the DC. area along the way. Originally an Aero geek, he decided that Econ. was more conducive to his penchant for narcolepsy. How he could spend so much time con- fined to the rack and yet still become closely aquainted with Bancroft Medical is a mystery. For his sake, let ' s hope Pensacola grants unlimited sick leave. Harassing his 2 c summer roommate (EPF) . . . " Outside! " and watching him stagger around on his knees chasing blondes in NW D.C. is etched in his memory . He took such a strain by taking two research seminars his final semester. All those trips to Washington to do " research. " We all wish him the best of luck with flight school, his white picket fence, and 2.2 kids. ATW 483 Joseph Frank LaSala Wayne, New Jersey Mechanical Engineering Nuclear Power Joe LaSala (just hearing the name makes you chuckle) never ceased to amaze us. No matter what he did, he always seemed to use the back door. We first met Joe youngster year with his glorious rides back from D.C. (Hey Des, hand me that seat belt?).Joe had no problem showing his prowess with women (whatever their ethnic origin). He would talk with them for a few minutes and then wouldn ' t leave them alone for a few months. He has always been a fun guy to be around, until he falls asleep on his bar stool or behind the wheel. Joe would have never made it through the Mech E program if it were not for his keen awareness in class. Nowhere is this more manifest than in his 6 PCR scores. No wonder he got Nuke! Or was it Air? Wherever he goes, Joe will always leave his heart on the Joisey shore with his speedboat and a pretty little Italian. Stand up straight and look back now and then, Joe! Good luck and may God go with you. DPQ Michael Sean Leary Beaver, Pennsylvania Physical Science Naval Aviation Hailing from exciting Beaver County, Mike came to us with his charming personality and mild temper. Mike never bothered any- one in the company, actually some people didn ' t even know he was in the company until second class year, except our fearless com- pany commander who wouldn ' t let us room together and made me room with MUD " eye. " Mike always seemed to have the knack of meeting psycho girls. He received hundreds of messages, volleyball schedules, and even had his car monitored on the weekends. Mike is best known for his fine taste in music and his slam dancing at the Ramones concert. His microwave, raisin jack, and the tug boat queen who showed him what to do with a computer table (If only BH was so lucky) kept us all amused. Well, SHIPMATE, I ' ve had fun rooming with you for 3 years, good luck as a Navy pilot. JFL Joseph Robert Maguire Kinston, North Carolina Political Science U. S. Marine Corps Joe comes to us from Kinston, NG. Four days prior to entering the Navy, he was offered a fun filled year at NAPS. The good times ended I-day when he was sentenced to Stalag 17 for a one year term. The amusement resumed when he was paroled to Cloud Nine. Youngster year had Joe climbing fences and wading through lakes on his way to the near fatality of EE second class year. After a " great time " in the Orient, Joe found himself as company com- mander. This was a memorable position, in particular the march over following a visit to Marley Station a few hours before. First class year ended his Naval Aviation career but asked him to be one of the few, the proud. Thank you for your friendship. Good luck in the Marine Corps. BCF Craig Arthur McCarter Joliet, Illinois General Engineering U.S. Marine Corps Originally claiming the beautiful town of Joliet, III. as home, Craig came to Navy after a year detour through Tulane University. Plebe year in " Sweet Sixteen " was not exactly the same as the streets of New Orleans during Mardi Gras, but the " overly mo- tivated " plebe with the good haircut took on the rigors of military life with ease. Excelling academically, CJ demonstrated his phys- ical prowness while churning the waters of Lejeune Hall and gave a new meaning to the " whole man " concept. Second class year was rough for our hero, but with a minor major change from EE to General E. , he managed to come through with the rest of the men from 5451. After a summer of surf on N.Carolina ' s Outer Banks, first class year found the letterman without any colegiate eligability left. The extra time on the weekends was well spent with the B.H. in E-City. The Marine Corps is getting a good man. Keep up the PMA and the warrior mentality. JAV 484 9 Sarah Mar Michael Livennore. California Mathematics Supply Corps Sarah came to Ihe Academy from the Bay Area, the only place with more unpredictable weather than Annapolis. She carried on the California attitude throughout plebe year on the sailing team, but by youngster year, she decided to do a REAL sport and joined aerobics. From the start, she set out to prove that aerobics IS a real spon. and more mids than ever are doing aerobics thanks to her. She IS truly an Inspiration to all who come to her class, but she is even more inspirational as a friend. Hard times seem a little easier when Sarah is around because she can find a silver lining in any dark cloud. We ' ll never forget Hoiby High, Friday night at Mag- gie ' s, Raspberry Margarita Toasts, Brunch at Jason ' s, summer in Halifax, and rising Mastercard bills. Maybe the Supply Corps will help us get out of debt. If not. Living Well Health Club needs some new aerobics instructors . . . Thanks for being a great friend. Kiss JA and someone else for me. DRW Ruth Ann Miller Goshen, Ohio Chemistry General Unrestricted Line Goshen. Ohio could not have picked a better representative for USNA than Ruth. Likewise, I could not have picked a better roomate. When I think of Wooty, I think of our 60-mile bike ride before our bikes were given to charity; John Denver and Suzanne Vega; long talks about life and getting questions and no answers; sympathy cards and flowers we exchanged when we had bad days; long nights of chemistry denvations. predictions, and calculations — who would pick such a major? Ruthie will be remembered by all for her open-door policy. She has the incredible knack for taking on her own problems and the rest of the world ' s too. Ruthie deserves like no one else the promising future that lies ahead. Good luck to you Ruthie. May God ' s love follow you wherever you go. WKH Desmond Paul Quigley Matawan, New Jersey Economics Naval Aviation How could anyone forget youngster year and seeing Des. Most of us expected to hear a brogue to come from him, but instead we heard. ' Tm from Ma-a-a-tawan, New Joisey! " Des always had a knack at making friends wherever he went. Who could deny this happy dwende their friendship? Most of our mothers wouldn ' t have minded adopting him as one of their own. Des even managed to make friends with a certain D.C. caretaker and one New Jersey state trooper (106!). Des never made the .Academy the focus of his life. In fact, it was usually the farthest thing from his mind. This was never more apparent than in Des ' s cheery moods when re- turning from leave (This place ). Through it all though we always managed to have a good time whether it was a road trip somewhere or going down to Catholic. Good luck as a Navy Pilot, Des, from your SHIPMATES forever. WWH Steven Ross Rasmussen Kenosha. Wisconsin Computer Science Surface Warfare The Raz will " probably be best remembered for his all-time record often parking tickets aiid two FORM-2 ' s for unauthorized parking. The Jimmy Legs certainly won ' t forget him or his black Porsche. Steve was the originator of the towel abyss, and he was a master of the last-minute cleanup before room formals. ( " The Black Hole is in operation again . . . " ) A few weeks of restriction during first class year led to a severe case of loneliness and many nights in Bal- timore ' s Sports Bar looking for a cure. Unsuccessful at his first priority, Steve took up playing pool for beers. His enthusiasm for the game led to many study hours spent in Smoke Hall perfecting his shots. Long live the Albert Michelson Memorial Pool Tour- nament! We hope you manage to do a better job of keeping your stateroom clean than you did with 5421. MMC 485 James Michael Rossi Bethesda. Maryland Electrical Engineering Naval Aviation When Jim Rossi wakes up in the morning from unsettling dreams he finds himself changed into a monstrous slug. When we speak to him he answers, yet we cannot understand him for his reply is in slug language. Soon he is transformed again into a sometimes brilliant electrical master who has even built a metal detector. This is just another intermediary step in the final metamorphasis. Batting next for Navy and playing left field, Jim. .Jim.. Rossi. .Ros. si! There ' s the pitch and it ' s outta here! Jim has now blossomed into a butterfly, or at least he will soon be flying something which looks more like a butterfly than he does. It ' s been a long time since I-day together four years ago but we still have a ways to go; theie is more beer to drink, more Redskins — Giant ' s games to watch, and more women left to scam on. Stay away from stranger ' s houses while under the influence, and remember, wher- ever you go, there you are. ESB William Joseph Schmitt Philadelphia, Pennsylvania General Science Naval Aviation I always used to look forward to Sunday nights after Rugby games, when Schmitty would tell me his horror stories from the weekend. Those womanizing days ended, though. First class year brought a steady girlfriend and a new Mustang. Hearts were break- ing in high schools all over Annapolis and Severna Park. Snow- storms and Mustangs don ' t get along very well, and after his second wreck. Bill spent most of second semester without a car. ( " Anybody wanna buy half a Mustang? " ) As a General Science (Rocks for Jocks) major, he never had any homework to speak of, and his lack of transportation hit especially hard during Cinderella Libs. Bill exercised his skills to the utmost by borrowing his roommates ' cars. There ' s no doubt he was the champion moocher. All kidding aside- good luck Bill, you ' ll be a P-3 man yet. MMC Jeffery Stephen Sheedy Atlanta, Georgia Economics Nuclear Power — Submarines Jeff was the only person I know to graduate from the Naval Academy without actually going there. If he wasn ' t spending his time cleaning the weight room, he was being chased by ladies of the night in Georgetown or finding monsters in the closet. In his quest for the Military Triple Crown, Jeff spent a fun-filled night in a pizza truck, and many a night with future stripers. His love of greenbacks earned him the affectionate name of Ivan. Senior year we found Jeff trying his luck with a sword during the day and a swizzle stick at night. Jeff always tried to help the less fortunate, especially the deaf. Honestly though, good luck in the Submarine Force, stand tall and remember to look back now and then. To us you will always be a SHIPMATE. SAD Alan Todd Sitlinger Valley View, Pennsylvania Aerospace Engineering Naval Aviation Alan ' s high school ambition was to " go to Penn State, get rich, and drive a Porsche. " Instead, he came to USNA with the hopes of earning those Navy pilot wings of gold. Alan spent most of young- ster year travelling home to socialize with the underage females of the valley. When his reputation was finally shot, he turned to frequent trips to the " Glepper Zone " of Washington, D.C. These excursions allowed Alan to practice (unsuccessfully at McDonald ' s on one memorable evening) hand-to-hand combat and the art of dumpster camouflage. He spent his remaining time at the Academy in pursuit of blonde women, Mr. Daniels, and Popeye ' s spicy chicken. Nevertheless, he managed to earn a spot in Navy Air. Better hope they don ' t learn about your 2 1 st birthday. Good luck at Pensacola, you ' ll do fine. MSW 486 9 Brian Edward Street Crofton, Maryland Systems Engineering Nuclear Power — Submarines Brian was a commuter student from Crofton who spent most of his weekends at Maryland and VaTech. Brian was always a stickler for details, right down to the numbering system for his socks. Veterinarian, Squash, and the Bent kept him too busy to go out with his friends, but when he did, even Skippy would be proud. To get on Brian ' s good side it is important not to put his towel on a wire hanger, for future reference that is. Although Brian rose to the ranks of striperhood, he never was afraid to break the Regs. In fact, he was more nervous about his father finding out about our refrigerator than Lt. Aten. Brian ' s high grades kept us all studying out loud. This annoying habit made his all-nighters less than memorable for Mike. Well Brian, good luck as a Bubblehead. Too bad the sleepwalking didn ' t work!! JFL Robert Brian Tomiak Springfield, Virginia Ocean Engineering Surface Vi ' arfare It " hasn ' t been boring with the Tomahawk around. Plebe year academics challenged him, and everyone knows he loves a chal- lenge. Mids above and below him felt his flames. Opponents in soccer and on the track watched him flash by. Building the worid into water would not stop him either, as overextended study hours mixed with metal mania, mini-rumbles, and wierder antics to keep us sane. Eternal youth took him to G-town first, but old friends and new flames kept him coming back. His cut-off tee may have brought us reg PE gear, and his professionalism brought headaches to those who didn ' t care to hold lop standards, but his sense of humor and undying perserverence to always do the best and the right kept many of us from losing sight of our purpose. Rob came to Annapolis with his goals and never looked back except to help someone else along. I dedicate this small tribute to my special friend. Ooh-rah, SeaBees! TEA(CI) James Alexander Vohr North field, Massachusetts English U.S. Marine Corps Hailing from the deep woods of Northfield, Mass, Alex had to shed his work boots and flannel shirts for pro-keds and the dreaded smell of new white works. Lt. Aten first noticed his professional bearing and demeanor when Alex emerged youngster year at Army- Navy. That was a year of ups and downs, as Alex won his first varsity letter with Navy crew, but he ran into the double " E " gauntlet as life started to lose its old linear qualities. Second class year Alex hung tough as a member of Force Four of 5451 by winning the IRA Championships in a four man shell to go with the three N-stars won by the other members of the force. It must have been the training trips to the Wharf Rat. As a four striper first class year Alex gave the rest of the Bngade a taste of the " Vohr Factor, " and now it ' s otTto the Marine Corps. Keep massing, attacking, and presisting, Ralax! C.-VIM Andrew Thomas Waters Holtville, California History Surface Warfare „ . ..-y.. It " was a warrii sunny morning on 6 July 1984 that .Andrew I . Waters began his long awaited naval career. He " Hit the Deck Plates Running " and never looked back. " Muddy, " as he was affectionately known, overcame periodic bouts with Heinz Lenz and the sustacal-wielding doctors to become the " Admin King " of Cloud 9. Other significant positions include Captain of the Varsity Rack Team, chief wardroom rat, and Company Ops Boss. Although his varsity sport kept him busy, Andy still found time to enjoy some of life ' s opportunities. In fact, his first Friday night liberty was just one of those occassions. . ndy celebrated Navy ' s victory on the court by experiencing what it is to be a kosher Vlasic pickle. It is still unknown why he was the only middy to beat the Dreaded Rack Monster, but he was an inspiration to us all. Good Luck in the Fleet. " Haze Gray and Underway, " be careful of those Big Blue Magnets, and .Ames clones. WHJ 487 Mark Steven Wierman Salisbury. Maryland Naval Architecture Naval Flight Officer Mark came to USNA from Salisbury. Md. for lack of anything better to do. Once here, he decided to eat, drink, and be merry. In fact, he loved spicy chicken so much that he set the record for the number of tailor shop visits in one semester. His tailor shop problems weren ' t lessened by frequent trips to D.C., where Mark would indulge himself in fine women and spirits — the more the merrier. It was in D.C. where Mark became an " Ambassador " and an inhabitant of the Glepper Zone. Who could ever forget the Glepper Zone? As a member of the 3 a.m. Sandito Club, he was a participant in various unforgettable evenings (more on that later). Never one to be too concerned with the Navy, Mark finally realized that he would eventually have to " graduate and do something. " Luckily, he saw the light in Pensacola and decided to head south, ATS • Ford Alan Williams Minnetonka. Minnesota Physical Science Naval Aviation Back in " 84 Fordo decided to follow in his brother ' s footsteps, so he packed up his bags, left Minnetonka and headed for USNA with high hopes. After a month of school, he came to the conclusion that the Navy wasn ' t for him after all. Fed up, he packed up his bags again, called a cab and checked into the nearest hotel. After a chat with his firstie brother Chris, he decided to return to school and give it another shot. Struggling his way through, he finally got past plebe year and the rest wa s history. He has always been a fun person to be around with his great sense of humor and his unbelievable knack of taking and dishing fun loving abuse. Being no stranger to the sauce. Fordo never passes up a chance to hit the bars or take a road trip in search of good clean fun. Playing hockey for four years, he definitely earned the distinction of being the team ' s answer to " Charlie Hustle. " He is truly a class act. Good luck in P-Cola. PJM • fw ' Robert Edwards Banker North Stonington, Connecticut Computer Science Nuclear Power — Submarines Bob came straight out of high school from the land of true maple syrup and pitching horseshoes. In Serene Eighteen, Bob knew all his rates until he was asked " the definition of love. " The start of youngster year he brought back THE STEREO that nobody could match and ended with a case of beer, a wrecked Catilina and a 6000 series. Second class year brought about his first trip to KITTIE ' S PLACE where he was dubbed the STORYTELLER. First class year finally came and with it came increasing trips to Morgantown, West Virginia. Bob ' s pride and joy is his 1980 white corvette and his challenge is THE ROAD. Bob will always be known as Mr. Wild Turkey, the GAAASHer, and Rack Monster of room 5223. GOOD LUCK SLICKIMUS! AAV 488 10 h James Pius Boland Charlestown. West Virginia Mechanical Engineering Special Warfare From butterball to BUDS this 5 ' 7 " inbred worked his way out of Morgantown and into restrictive hfe at USNA. Jimmy went to the movies quite a bit plebe year. He can ' t remember most of them. We quickly learned of his ability to kill Wild Turkeys. Sometimes his friend Jack would beat him to the point, and he was left praying. Jim was under the powers of . . . as a youngster. His loan went into a non-refundable relic of metal. Second class summer Jim took up woodworking and " talking. " Jim was the master planner of all outings, including Rehobeth. He spent the rest of the year floating in and out of Morgantown to " talk. " We went along to protect him from lockjaw. Jim was smooth, as he split from his woman the day after the Ring Dance. With his car on its deathbed, Baltimore became a new rest stop for his liver. If Jimmy ;eally is a fish he should have no problem at BUDS. JJH, ECU, JCM William Richard Bray Natick, Massachusetts Political Science Surface Warfare Bill Bray, alias Big Willy, came to the Academy from HOC, the Home of Champions — Natick, Mass. Whether it be golf bas- ketball, or skiing. Bill always found time in his life for sports. From endless babbling about Byrd and the Celts to the time the Sox lost to the Mets, Bill has always been a diehard Flutie, I mean sports, fan. Through championship wrestling, U.S. Steel, picnics on the fire escape, and " You guys have it so easy! When I was growing up ... " Through endless and pointless arguments about anything trivial, sloppy rooms, classic rock, and touring rock bands — Bill has been a good roommate. Now it is time to get " ready for sea " aboard the USS FIGHTING FORT FISHER. Good luck. Bill, and fight the good fight. FXH Kenneth William Caraveo Turlock. California Oceanography Naval Aviation Bubba, Budda-belly, Gooney-goo-goo ... we thought he followed in the footsteps of his brother (minus the extra responsibility); did that girl really bake the bread " " And just how long have you known . . . anyway? How many dales do you need for an engagement? Perhaps he wasn ' t a varsity athlete either, but he joined the elite as a victim of Stiffs cutting crew — along with several other NAPSters. But he didn ' t go into total retirement; rather, he became 10th Company ' s version of Billy Martin on the softball field. Oh, and were you company commander or sub-commander, we can ' t remember! Your 23rd birthday was successfully celebrated on Wednesday Libs. Remember the late night chit-chat sessions as a member of the minority gossip group with MRG and MAD. We will all be talking about you for a long time to come. Good luck at P-Cola — fly straight. MAD, MRG, TMS, RCV Michele Ann Daley Allentown, Pennsylvania English Cr ptology Michele came from Allentown. Michele came from Allentown Deja Vu? She liked plebe summer so much she went twice. She quickly adjusted to upperclass habits. She continued her talents in basketball — or was it baseball? Talks with her in the basement locker room were more precious to me than she ' d believe. Look out. Plato; we ' ve figured it all out. 2 c year; Mich, did we have a 2 c year? EE study sessions, and Dew to keep awake. Attention on beck! Capt Morgan ' s. First class year saw Michele ready to party! From tailgaters to St. Patty ' s Day (How many guys did you kiss that night?) What inspired platoon drill? (Those eyes!) We were two outsiders in the English Dept. No one ever understood how close we were. Good luck in crypto. I ' ll miss you but that ' s what phones and planes are for. God Bless You. Sis, thanks for all the late night talks. Trivial Pursuit, class, and all the gossip with MRG. Wonder if MOM still thinks we ' ll get married? JLKKWCMRG mi 489 David Paul Dawson Haslett, Michigan Computer Science Naval Aviation After a year of real college life at Mich, State, Daws was thrown into the jaws of 25 and Carlton Pierce (all your rates, go). Hanging with Sal, TJ, and lifelong roomie Chuck made the year dangerous but interesting (Little Green Deuce Monster). Third class year: the big 21, the comedy drama " Dream ' s Landing " (directed by JR), decorating Christmas trees and colliding with traffic cones at Army, Florida with CL, TSH, and Neon Leon. Second class: the underclass wardroom (Love Connection and Amerika), brigade Softball champs, MWC, and fame with the WUB " A " gang (lots of laughs and restriction). Firsty cruise for Daws was touring Hawaii in an F-4 (callsign: Dawg). First class: the Black Beast and The Road (mach 2 with your wheels on fire), WVU, Dr. Chi (you all get D or F), a new nickname (W), the Vouz (the blue wall doesn ' t give up), and, of course, A (those scenic rivers). Don ' t give up the ring, and go for the three wire. SFG, TSH, WTL, CWL William Scott Dickson Alex City, Alabama Oceanography Surface Warfare Scott " Bud-row " came to us via NAPS with his Jimmy Buffet music. After surviving plebe year in 23rd company, he spent his youngster cruise aboard the USS Nimitz in the Med. Third class year was rather casual for Scotty, but did you ever figure out who done that to yer bear? Second class year brought a big change to Scotty ' s life. At the International Ball, Scott met his future fiancee. They will be getting married in Buenos Aires in June. Scott enjoys scuba diving, hunting, and traveling. He will be leaving good of USNA for Philly and the USS Patterson, FF1061. I hope the Patterson has large enough storage rooms for all those coffee beans you ' ll need. CWL Donald Irwin Dracon Littleton, Colorado Marine Engineering Nuclear Power — Submarines Sea Cadet " BIG DADDY " came to USNA from the land of losers — Broncoville. His Auschwitz ID indicates the rough tran- sition to military life during plebe summer. Slack SIX and per- manent " carry on " set Don ' s attitude toward the next three years. Bom a diehard nuke, Don opted for marine engineering. Second class year Don, WVU, and party beverages became best friends. At this time the " great glass collection " began. Don ' s failing in- vestments and sporty Satellite roadhog have helped him to remain in abstinence. After nibbling from his mega-chow packages, Don would sleep with his designer booties in order to ward off the evil toe monster. Amazingly, he kept five grease uniforms, managing life in a set of white works. Unfortunately, true roommates have been replaced by true sweats. Best of luck and keep the rad level low. JFM STE. Sean Tyler Epperson Alexandria, Virginia Mathematics Nuclear Power — Surface Sean is from a typical bourgoise family in Old Town, Alexandria. Ep-T came to the USNA following a " real " cub scout retreat at VA Tech. He picked up cadence with the help of " left, left, left " from his beloved summer platoon Cdr. Third class year, finding the EE load about as much fun as a Nazi concentration camp, Sean looked to the math department as his saving grace. Blessed with our infinite wisdom for the next two years, Sean would excel in all the challenges at USNA. In return we were blessed with his nocturnal grunting and snoring. Sean had at his disposal the 74 ' special edition Laguna prototype. When he managed to get this beast out of the Fairfax mud pitts, he was off to see . . . After getting engaged 2 c year, we thought Sean may be suicidal when he had to suffer through those two-week separations. Admiral McKee ' s high-five convinced Sean to grab the Nuke bonus and head to Orlando. We wish you all the best — JFM DID. 490 10 Stuart Scott Gaudet Middk ' biirg, Florida i Systems Engineering Naval Flight Officer Coming to USNa straight out of a Florida high school, Siu brought a laid-back, beach outlook with him. Not a particularly useful trait plebe vcar, Slu found a home for himself in Tenth as a 3 c. He was the first Class of " 88 WUB " A " gang member. .Always striving to improve himself, he soon discovered he didn ' t have to study to keep his grades up. At least not until after midnight! He also was particularly adept in turning the floor mto a general- purpose garbage can. Weekends found him either at Catholic U, in Morgantown with his cousin, or driving at some ungodly speed in his baby blue ' 67 Camaro. A truly classic car, Stu equipped it with all the modern conveniences, except working door handles. Always proud of his French origins, Stu displayed amazing tolerance levels until Army-Navy " 87. The wall at Stouffer ' s is still recovering. Bui. all in all Slu, its been fun. Good Luck. RES Scott Franklin Granger Millbrook, Alabama History Naval Aviation Straight from high school in the deep south, our confederate friend found himself in 22, roommates dropping like flies. After his arrival in Ten we soon realized that Scolty was a collector ... of female friends. Third class year: backmasking. ping pong, global domination, the comedy drama " Dreams Landing. " " (directed by JR), and the start of the flock (P,J,R,K). Second class: " dain bramage, " " the Jersey shore (R), the beach at P-cola (M). Once academic year started along came MWC (A-zzzip), the fame of the WUB " A " " gang, fieldball, and the brig softball champs. His year culminated in Smoke hall (OHIC . . . oops) and putting on the ring (the right one) with H. First class: Scott hit his stride (M, J, K, P, K, T, etc. — must be why he got three stripes), stay away from the Commodore ' s wife, WVU, the Pulsar roadster, Vouz (are you all right ' ' ), and Brig P-judge (darn computers). The fun is in the hunt not in the kill, see ya upstairs. WTL. DPD, TSH Michael Rodney Greene Boston. Massachusetts Economics Surface Warfare Buddha came to crabtown ready to run for USNA. He es- tablished himself and wasn ' t afraid to admit it (I ' m the fastest man at the Academv). Although a heavyweight when it came to running, Mike was a lightweight with a drink. (I wanna go this way, 1 wanna go that way.) Second class year brought Mike an NCAA record. Star (and several stars on his sweater), and The Gold Card (you " re such a Momma ' s boy). First class cruise made Mike realize that large ships and partying were for him. (Sorry about the dent.) First class year Mike really got into his major and demonstrated his love for paper-work as Academic Officer. DAHLING, cease the chatter, shopping at the midstore, and long talks. Can you believe we made it throu EE and Steam? Don ' t dance on the flight deck like you did between classes! Thanks for trying to drown me. " Hi, Honey — I ' m Home " made you our e.xtra roommate. But we love ya ... you ' re such a peace-maker! KWCMADMJWRCV Edward Clyde Grinnell Los Altos Hills. California Economics Naval Aviation Rugger, AKA Grinch, Edge ... it began in SB straight to the stalag Got vour black N, vagrancy, sleeping in the gutter, re- striction squad. ATTEN-HUT. you ' re in 24. too. H? Could be trouble ... it is trouble. E. Maazzaa! CREW-BO-MO-FO! Get that varsity letter. Beat Army, oh well, let ' s pick up some beer and golden grahams. Army 1985, room 1934, fear, repo man. slam dancin ' at 4am, crazy 3 c, crazy roommates, the big fry, restriction squad, ATTEN-HUT, again? scrambled, again? bye E. party ' s over. A summer in A. Swedish girls, out of jail, almost. A night in P. singing rock lobster, H, arc you in trouble, again ' ' Ring Dance! the boat bye Mazza. A summer in Europe, back to jail, almost done. Hood girls are . . . out! Nice yellow lude, dude. Spring break in D rugbv the SC girl, wow! Cinderella libs, chillin ' at the B s. JUEVOS RANCHEROS! I got my flight billet, no I didn ' t, yes I did! E. we re back! Wingmen Forever. TWHH 491 . ' 5 « ' Jeffery Joseph Hahn Tampa Bay, Florida General Engineering Surface Warfare Jeff had a first class brother with a 3.8; too bad only one of them was blessed with brains. Jeff had a real talent for fixing things, as long as he could do it with masking tape. Tape could not fix windows. Along with Jim, he master-minded many practical jokes. His favorite pastime was reading while he took a hot-cold shower. He choose from a selection of sports: the first was wind surfing, then he took up wrestling the big blue monster, and finally baseball. Baseball was not good to him; with Jamie pitching, he struck out twice. He and Jim became " Brothers " after one eventful trip to Morgantown and continued the tradition onto the Vouz and the Valentine dance. Bliss was defined as laying in bed and being able to work on the computer at the same time. Now that his ship is in San Diego, he can get back to the sun and beach. We are sure that Jeffs calm temper will carry him to success in the fleet. AMF, ECR, JPB, JCM Francis Xavier Hall Port Jefferson, New York General Engineering Supply Corps Fran came to the Naval Academy straight from Port Jefferson High School. He played two years of varsity football and two years of 150 lb. football, in which he earned two varsity letters. Ac- ademically, Fran didn ' t set the world on fire, but he always dis- tinguished himself as a hard worker. More impressive about Fran is something that can ' t be measured on a report card, something that comes from the heart: genuine selflessness. Fran was more giving of himself than anyone I ' ve ever met — a true friend. When one of life ' s cruel realities slaps you in the face, true friends can be hard to find. In Fran Hall, I know I ' ve found one. BRB Pamela Lee Hilton Cincinnati, Ohio Political Science General Unrestricted Line Coming from Cincy straight to EZ-25 (all your rates . . . go), Pam soon learned to tell one billiard ball from another. In an attempt to escape, she became a rah-rah. (Why do people keep yelling ' boom ' ?) It ' s a good thing she got scrambled into Good Times and better care. Youngster year found her with a tree named Gloria, finally looking life straight in the eyes. And where was the guy depart- ment? Wake up and smell the coffee (you drink it enough!). Per- sonality of a doorknob and the character of a wet paper towel, yes, ' the fisherman ' , ' the nose, ' etc. She has one thing going for her — she hasn ' t broken her arm yet this year (knock on wood). Hurricane Hilton will long be remembered by fledgling 91ers. USNA is the guilty party for wanton destruction of character, but I ' m sure she will get on an upswing once she hits the fleet (running, of course), as long as she contiues to wear those slinky ni tgowns. KBP, MAD Tucker Slocum Hite Littleton, Colorado Political Science U.S. Marine Corps After MMA, Tuc breezed through Seven with volleyball in hand. His activities increased upon his entry into Ten; his emphasis shifted from professional to social. Third class year: the big 21. Second class year: the underclass wardroom (Amerika). First class: Hawaii cruise. A series of female interests contributed to Tuc ' s academic standing. These companions could be counted on to supply his friends with blind dates who had " nice personalities. " A bom social director, Tuc orchestrated numerous " nasty little soi- rees, " usually with incriminating results. Tuc was one of a select few mids who appeared in the comedy drama " Dream ' s Landing, " directed by JR. Tuc fit the Califorinia " beach volleyball " mold: tall, blond, AWESOME hitter, and tall. His only respite from varsity volleyball was fieldball 3 c year: the scoring machine. At our 20th reunion, just look for Tuc on his memorial stool at Griffins. Good luck in the Corps. DPD SFG 492 10 William Trevor Lennard Papillion, Nebraska Bi : Political Science Naval Flight Officer Trevor " There ' s no place like home " Lennard came to USNA skipping along the Yellow Brick Road (from some AFB out west). Skate 8 was kind to him, and he made it through with his re- spectability. This he quickly lost upon entering 10, when he met up again with his 4th grade classmate and three year roomie. Grange. Third class year brought the Voyager, ping pong, and numerous trips to Va. Second class year: more trips, 2 for 7 (a bite from the forbidden fruit in a can), and USAFA and the big sunrises. (Strange things happen to him on AFBs.) At the end of the year, DD and SFG finally convinced him to drop the truckster for the Z (they saw him test-drive a TA with tire-roasting results). First class year found Trev wearing down the Black Turnpike of NJ, visiting his own personal Oz. The ring went on in Fall of " 87, without the ring. Get married soon, so we can have a Mom in P-cola. Do some of that NFO stuff. DPD SFG Charles William Lochard Trinidad. Colorado General Engineering U.S. Marine Corps After his demotion from Sgt, USMC, to Midn via NAPS, Chariey found himself surrounded by snot-nosed kids who needed his help to survive 25 (and Cariton Pierce). Third class year: Chuck and his ' 67 Camaro ragtop arrived in 10. They both appeared in the comedy drama " Dream ' s Landing, " directed by JR. That same year, the " 67 rag had an allergic reaction to Rorida sunshine. Second class year: he watched a close friend leave (TJ), but also unloaded some excess baggage after Christmas. He also introduced a 17th Co fieldballer to his knee, bringing delight to our team and ejection for himself First class year: he hit Mr. Morgan ' s wife with his Jeep. Chariey spent all four years at USNA playing rugby, lifting weights, shooting pool, living with Daws, and searching for the sacred Moosehead. We know he had a good time, even though he ' ll still deny it. Good luck in the Corps . . . exACTIy. DPD SFG James Frederick McKenna, Jr. Dover. New Hampshire Electrical Engineering Nuclear Power — Submarines Jim ' s first peek at civilization occurred when he ventured from his hometown to USN.A. He discovered that Serene 1 8 was not so placid when chowcalls were required through the shower ven- tilation ducts. Starting 3 c year, Jim look courses in his major. Shortly thereafter he began suffering from chronic EE psychosis. The first symptom was night-time personal conversations, reveal- ing secrets the Soviets would pay for. Secondly, over 3 c Christmas, suffering from EE psychosis and against the better judgement of his contemporaries, Jim took the first step towards fatherhood by becoming engaged. Adding to the financial burdens of his AT T and US Air stock, Jim found a new love in his ' 67 red Corvette. Even though he told ADM McKee " Pm doing it for the money, " Jim was accepted into the Nuclear Program. Never forget all the good times you ' ve had, and look forward to all that ' s ahead — STE DID Domenick Micillo Brooklyn, New York Aerospace Engineering Naval Aviation , ,. . „ Ominous Dominous, THE BOY! Yes, the Italian racquetball threat of 10th Co. has been a joy to all of us. His dances of victory, infamous Aero-gouge file, and rackosis trances truly signify Dom s highest prionties. Dom came to us as a tiny young bambino from the heart of Bensonhurst, Brooklyn, NY, and his spunkiness is always evident — from cussing out Brigade Drill officers at 06 1 5 to his fiery burgandy Camaro. After 23rd Co., a bout with Capt. Peele. some ' striction, and shovelling snow, Dom finally moved in with the robust characters of 10. Changing Nando ' s entire vocabulary, engaging in bubbly convo, and living with the MPO GOD were true triumphs of his years at USNA. Yet a few of the memones we share with him are golden: white works, DAWG, Moo-Goo Gai Pan, Sinatra and, of course, Bruce. When they made Dom they broke the mold. You ' re a classic, buddy. Best of luck Italian; fiy straight, and always check your six. FOM mi 493 Jamison Currier Moore Los Angeles, California History U.S. Marine Corps He started as a hamster and enjoyed the benifits of being on the tennis team. He got into debt and mto shape. Tennis was cut short youngster year due to lack of interest. It was always " overcast. " Then he went through a short stint as a stereo REPO man. Hor- mone knew every starred mid. He was always deeply involved in plebe indoctrmation. Something was seriously wrong at the Val- entine Dance under a full moon. A little later in the year Jamie threw Jeff his second strike. His Ring Dance date was late for dinner because she had to fill the pool. Jamie decided to spend the summer continuing the pro dev at Mother B. First class year saw Jamie arriving with three stripes and full use of the tennis center. He got the second to the last MC billet, but the morning workouts only lasted two weeks. Jamie ' s other interests include: . AMF, JPB, ECR, JJH Frederico Orlando Morales Pnmedale, California Physics Nuclear Power — Submarines Fast Freddie became a Boat Schooler the hard way, via enlisting and BOOST, but his laid back Prunedale personality lives on. His life really began third class year when LB came around and he took up bartending. A little restriction, with stars, put the damper on second class year, but his Lithicum weekends and new vocabulary (thanks to Dom and Rich) livened things up. First class year found Fred everywhere but USNA, practicing with his honey-bunny for their coming marraige. Eventually LB was introduced to the gang, and we all realized just how lucky Fo Mo had been. Fred ' s nuke decision wasn ' t influenced at all by money (or was it?). We wish him the best of luck in the world of the deep. The sub-squad will remember him as their drill sargent, the Physics majors will re- member him as Madonna ' s buddy, but the Tenth Co. will re- member him as a zesty hombre. DM Galen Robert Negaard Dayton, Ohio Mechanical Engineering Nuclear Power — Submarines Grrr . . . Negaard is from a small town in Ohio named Dayton — whoever heard of the Reds, anyway? He has mastered the art of Mech. E, bowling, long-distance running, and harnessing the power of the blue monster. He is an expert on the Ark of the Covenant and is a dedicated fan of Harrison Ford: " Good evening, Fraulein. " He has boldly volunteered to serve UNDER(?) the sea and will ag- gressively further his engineering degree in Orlando, Fla., along with his fiancee (no kids, yet . . . ), Fortunately, the Academy and his weathered roommate have ingrained in him strict disciphne that will make him an admiral striker in the fleet. G has coined such popular phrases as, " Beat you up? " " Crush you like sand? " " How are you doing, C.O.D.? " Go get ' em, B.C.! MJW Karen Beth Povlock Unadilla, New York Physics Naval Flight Officer Little did Karen realize, when she left partying Onadilla, she would be under the critical eyes of so many men! Yet, her own crew coach was the only focus of desire for her, and despite ' various colorful rumors about herself and certain physics classmates (ahem!) she maintained control. Spending her hours pulling for Navy on top of academics, parties, LK, and honors, Karen was not as accessible to the CO as she was to everyone else. (Hmm, TZ . . . Z but not touch!!) Yet Karen did show quite a flare for bringing aTTention to herself When she was not studying Physics, dressing in Madonna outfits, or cruising in her Beemer she was enjoying the company of her many close friends. Karen never could resist the oportunity to chat and bum time. She is an incredible gal and a great friend to all of us who know her well. We wish her the best of luck in her naval aviation career. Take it easy KB, and if it ' s easy take it twice. FOM 494 10 Eric Christopher Ruttenberg Lake Oswego. Oregon Mathematics Naval Aviation First Smutty (G.D.) had the distinct advantage of having his brother living downstairs (did plebes have Cinderella libs back then?). He continued the easy life by living in a two-man room for the rest of his career. Eric and FoMo shared a bottle collection with " Pete. " He obtained his nickname on youngster cruise in P.I., where things were chcapy-cheapy. He spent younster year on re- striction due to his fetish for firing " cannons " along with Dean and Mike Hunt. Second class summer was spent at the Academy im- proving interclass relations. Romance soon got the better part of " alphabet soup " Eric, winning over throngs of women. When it came to cars, only the best, an Alpha Romeo Milano (Melon?). His driving career began with a bang. First class summer found Enc returning to elementary school. During ac year he had a rosy titrie at Regatta in Charleston and then a long dry season. Good luck in P-cola with soup and jets! JPB, JJH. JCM Timothy Matthew Salmon Landing, New Jersey Political Science U.S. Marine Corps Everyone ' s favorite jarhead reported to USNA direct from the NAPS playschool and the snake-ridden Parris Island. The word brace never meant much to 4 c Salmon, and he brought a whole new meaning to the phrase " bad attitude. " Second class year brought an end to baseball and a lifetime membership to StifTs Cutting-Crew. Three years of invested lime and money faded with the Dawn. After his jilt, Tim joined the Honors program and became permanently attached to a computer. Recovered, our Irish knight rode fearlessly into his womanizing future, conquering many. And " the gland with a conscience " marches on. Three parking tickets weren ' t enough for Tim so he earned his fourth in April and gained Second class parking privileges. .After four dis- tracting years at USNA he will be returning to his beloved Corps. We hope your career flies smoother than your love life. Good luck from the boys. DJH, MJR, KWC Gregory Robert Shimp Owensboro, Kentucky History Marine Aviation Gregory Shimp ' s four years here at the Naval Academy can best be described as a prolonged identity crisis. .A native of Ohio. Gregg (Don ' t ask where the second " g " came from) has maintained that backwoods spirit by persuing his long term dream of someday dethroning the fishing king. Jimmy Houston. Gregg also sports a fine collection of cowboy boots, and often relaxes to the sweet sounds of Hank Williams. Jr.. while reminiscing of his days at the rodeo. Gregg, who spent seven months of his life in the Cariibean. is also a closet Rastafanan. and he maintains his status as a Bruce Springsteen groupie. As far as his plans for the future, Gregg intends to be the first Marine Corps .Aviator to win the Mr. Olympia title. Best of luck, Shrimp. DUS David Udell Simon Westport. Connecticut Ocean Engineering Naval Aviation The last four years for Dave (alias David V. Simoni, Dave Mackintosh) have seen a long list of new activities: ping-pong, Nerf hoops Wednesday nights at Fred ' s Place, radio cars, and following in the footsteps of Bertil Fox. The guy who shaved an " N " on his head remained a Deadhead throughout. Although he gave up on tie-died shirts, we still hope someone will teach him how to dress. What will he do when his parents quit buying him things (such as the car. and Bermuda)? I ' m sure we ' ll all get to see him on the winner ' s dias at the Olympia someday . . . (MS?) either that or in the Blue Angels. Whatever, keep on " truckin! " GRS 495 Richard Curtis Vaill Staler! Island, New York English U.S. Marine Corps Statcn Island threw Rich out and gave him to us. After a ditTicult year in 20th Co., he found easier times in 10th Co. Youngster year saw his QPR rise above 2.0 but the sweat continued to flow. Second class year lit the dormant flame, and EE fed the fire. With first class year came the black Formula and frequent trips to the Black Garter. During his stay at Canoe U. Rich proceeded to spend most of his time on crutches due to his weak ankles or a lack thereof A true lover of music, Richie Valley is a wild man both on the dance floor and with his guitar. The Mach I maniac, the ten megawatt madman, the man who never needed to use the on ramp to get into the fast lane, is going to be a true asset to the U.S. Marine Corps. " Semper Fidelis " — keep it on the red line. KWC MRG Anthony Astilero Vilianueva Oxnard, California Physical Science Surface Warfare Coming to USNA from NAPS, Tony had to adjust quickly to lower midshipman pay. After all. hour-long phone calls to Ca- lifornia were tough to manage on $60 mo. Even after a long plebe year in Serene 18 and " requesting permission to be drilled " after every meal, Tony was determined to keep the laid-back Californian image alive. Third class year found him patenting the " Vilianueva look " : tilt back the cover, insert hands in pockets, and stare blankly at nothing. Second class year found Tony of legal tender, and since he didn ' t often partake, his tolerance stayed low. One Saturday night he slept with all of the room ' s dirty laundry, stray shoes and loose books — courtesy of DPD. By May, he found himself in the ranks of the married — not that he ever wasn ' t. As a 1 C, " We ' re going to Maggies " became part of his TGIF vocabulary. But we all know he won ' t have any problem settling down, so good luck. Slick! REB Varanda Kelita Williams Poway. California Economics Aviation Maintenance Duty Officer Booty, HI " black troll hangin ' under Fitch bridge, V, Messy Marvin. Oh, by the way, how many blotters did you buy? How many times did you sweep the floor? Don ' t worry, Mickey won ' t bother you! Varanda came to us from the west coast, a bit confused and a lot spoiled. Youngster year found her rooming with her nemesis from NAPS, MJW. The company was never the same; late nights met early mornings, and neighbors were feisty when kept up. Speaking of feisty, how about that power breast stroke in the forty- year swim. We know why that stroke works for you. First class year and the info, gained from reading all those magazines — we can ' t overlook the wedding plans — how did you find time for home- work? Oh yeah, you didn ' t!! The love affair that budded at NAPS from pure denial has blossomed into a life-long committment. Good luck; we ' ll miss you and your lovely dancing!? Luv, your roommates. MAD, MRG, MJW Michael James Wilmot Annapolis. Maryland General Engineering U.S. Marine Corps Mike is a man of humble spirit, but don ' t think he won ' t trounce you (you pick the game). An athletic natural in body and character, Mike didn ' t have it so easy at academics. As for so mariy, the Rocket proved to be the Waterloo of an arduous war with the books; but Wilbo again proved the winner in the end, gaining the prized mameluke that eluded so many. Don ' t ever let it be said Mike isn ' t emotional; under his usually reserved demeanor awaits a child with a deep desire to tip a canoe, zap you with a water Uzi, or 4-wheel his way up the nearest mountain. Rarely does he express the profound depths he thinks and feels. Got a problem? No problem, Mike will hear it out, no matter how bad he ' s unsat. In Mike I have seen that " greater love has no one than this, that one lay down his life for his friends. " Mike is a true warrior in that battle that is callled life, because in all things he gives his life to the Victor. TAP 496 to Chet Hilburn Woolley Towsun. Maryland Oceanography Naval Aviation Chcl came lo Tenth Company a virtual hometown kid from nearby Towson His parents soon saw fit to desert him. however, and left for New England. Always one to make the best of any situation. Chet soon disco ered thai skiing and having no stale taxes made the move worthwhile. In the meantime, he set about to prove that it is. in fact, possible to keep one ' s head well above the academic waterline while at the same time making numerous trips to D.C. a nd Baltimore and keeping fit enough to run prettv much anyone else in the company into the ground. Although Chet ex- perienced enough of the highlights of Pensacola to select Navy Air. he was finally punished for his past hedonism. Nes. penance in the form of a tall blonde from Hawaii was due. Chet rapidly established a path from .Annapolis to Tarrytown. and life as he knew it was over. Tear ' em up down in Right School, and see ya up lop. WTL Matice Jeanean Wright Annapolis, Maryland Physical Science Naval Fliehl Officer Moody Matly(Ti ' ce) Well it is a good thing she didn ' t have to travel far to get here because she cenainly would not have made it on time. Speaking of time, doesn ' t reveille go at 0700 vice 0725. We certainly wouldn ' t want lo interupl that 15 hr. sleep day. How did you ever find lime for class ' ! ' Oh, You didn ' t! During your waking hrs., you did manage to get in 5 hrs. of Spyro Gyra arid at least 5 boxes of Kudos. Navy track will never forget you; your leadership, your records, your private cheering section, and your arguments with the coacli. Never forget rooming with VKW ' . you were the perfect mixmatch. You survived the PCR (psyche). Nav swim- ming, and academics. P-Cola will be a breeze. Don ' t worry HY will be the first Nuke plane commander. Good Luck we will definitely miss you luv your roommates P.S. whv was the door locked? ! $(a %$ @! Brian Thomas Alexander Richmond. I irginia Physics U.S. .Marine Corps From out of Virginia ihe man known as B.T. sailed on a quest to command one of the Academy ' s elite tall ships. His goals were simple: to be able to identify any brand of rum by smell from ten feet and date women as loud as he was quiet. Our hero never could park a car as well as he could drive a boat — one more ticket and his car would be banned from Hotel Brancroft ' s grounds forever. He wanted to fly but a greater calling brought him down to earth to pound and grunt with the best — his leathery hands grasping the barrel of a Ml 6. We ' ll remember him as the " Ethiopian " and " Ectomorph " — Eleventh Company ' s most aggressive bodybuilder. Together with his favorite roommate he survived the Curt Hughes incident (The Man who could not Peel an Orange). Thanks for the years and best of luck in the Corps. 497 Michael Lawrence Beno Socorro, New Mexico General Engineering Surface Warfare Mike came to us from the little known and seldom heard about podunk of Socorro. He tried to be an ocean engineer, but thermo wrecked his life and he went general. He still thinks he ' s in a real major and still carries " The Combat Briefcase " and HP. He ' s had no female relationships at USNA that we know of, but he carries the picture of a certain member of the class of ' 89 in his wallet. Other than this, Mike ' s loves have been his car, his Becks beer and his cowboy boots. Have a nice deployment in March of ' 89, we ' ll drink a few for you. Fair winds and following seas, your roomates. EGC PFCB Paul Francis Cheney Bertholf Altomonte Springs, Florida History U.S. Marine Corps Never a dull moment. From 14th Street escapades and fights at Maggies to all night Airborne gunge sessions, Dutch always seemed to have more going on than he had time to do. UNSATness was one of the few things that Dutch managed to master while at USNA, outside of bilging his roomates of course. His high personal stan- dards earned him the honorable position of being permanent ICOR. Little things like all night beaconing and his nightly snore-a- thon earned him several appropriate nicknames. Permajam, Con- stabilge, and Bilgemaster are just a few that come to mind. First class year saw Dutch trade in his old car for a brand new family wagon. Keep your fingers crossed Dutch, maybe after PVl gets through with Army basic training you ' ll be able to put that wagon to use. Out here . . . MLB EGC Joseph Patrick Brennan Brentwood, Tennessee Mathematics Surface Warfare Jumpin ' Joe Brennan will have to temporarily shelve his lifelong ambition of driving an Anheuser-Busch truck for a living as he heads west to join the Gator Navy in San Diego. Joe ' s dominating presence on the offensive line could be only surpassed by his continued presence toeing the restriction line. His talents weren ' t restricted to athletics. One of his greatest talents was his wide- mouth bass impersonation that he often performed down at " The Hill. " This won him a lasting place in the hearts of the patrons and a place on the softball team. Barney will be best remembered by the captain, crew, and passengers of the " Rebecca Forbush " for his undying affection for a 30-gallon trashcan. He showed his affinity for the surface community at Ocean City: Joe Brennan, the story about a man and his raft. Nobody will ever forget dollface. To the king of beers: May you one day have your own team of Clydesdales. Good luck from the boys. BFD William Gregory Cook Tupelo, Mississippi Ocean Engineering Naval Aviation Who geeked the most, yet racked the most? Who got more chow packages and letters than any other mid? Whose girlfriend spent more money on him than he made? Cookie! Hailing from the birthplace of Elvis and center of the universe, ol ' Gregory probably never guessed that Em, who ran the track meet to her front door on their first date, would fly up for every Army Navy game and Easter, send three letters a day and one chow package a week, and " buy daddy a new pair of shoes " when she wanted to spend more of her endless supply of money. The only time his blue jet flame was not on Geek Row was when he was mutilating buzzards with Em (when he didn ' t lock the keys in his car). Taking over Curt ' s position as 1 1th Co. GQ rep.. Will tried out a beerdo, tactfully kicked over full bottles at parties, threw bottles from moving cars at road signs, and echoed his southern drawl through 5th wing in retaliation for an Army week recon on our room. GARC 498 1 Eugene Gerard Corrao Whitestone. New York - Physical Science Surface Warfare Huge spent his USNA days proving that it is physically possible to sleep more than 12 hours a day and still graduate. While this led to some academic difficulties, anything over 2.0 is gravy anyway right?! School was never kind to Gene, and he soon became one of the last members of the Brotherhood. He will now be able to use his Phi-Sci knowledge at EOOW school. Geno is a New Yorker by trade and, after three years of living with people from civilized parts of the country, has managed to grasp the English language and has learned to control his childhood urges to " collect " hubcaps. Fast cars and crying women have always been among Gene ' s pastimes, too bad the car was always on blocks at home and Aplesmack didn ' t get emotional. Watch out for the salt spray on the bridge wing. Turn and bum. MLB PFCB Robert Edward Curran Redwood City. California Physical Science U.S. Marine Corps Rob was Eleventh ' s airborne representative. After tours at MCRD San Diego and Newport, he was assigned to USNA as commander of ATU. School was the only obstacle in his way. Rob and academics were like oil and water. Neither Wally ' s steam e.i. or an academic board have helped. Gramps epitomizes " 2.0 and go. " He meets and exceeds the Airborne Training Unit ' s standard of having its commander unsat by having been unsat every semester the last four years. Because of his limited weekend eligibility, Gramps was never interested in love-life outside of Bancroft. He confined his area of operations to the female members of the brigade (as anyone who saw him rappel out of 5th wing youngster year can vouch for). During 2 C cruise Rob signed his life away to the class of ' 87 and then to the U.S. Marine Corps as a firstie. Yaa- hoo!! " Semper Fi. " DWM Wiliiam Earl Daisley Coudersport, Pennsylvania Mathematics Naval Aviation Wild Bill left quite a track record during his stay here at Canoe U. Intent on becoming a pilot, he would let nothing obstruct his path — not even a mailbox! Bill kept a good head about him, whether he was conducting air ops off Mike ' s rooftop, moshin to thrash, or rockin in the stadium parking lot, St. John ' s by the river, and even in the Hall. A true lady ' s man. Bill knew how to treat them right. If he wasn ' t pounding with P, he was pushing cham- pagne on C, or mauling M. He always did like giant jugs and hugs, but I don ' t know if anything could compare to his passion for sugar fixes. Fortunately, his voracious appetite for food and drink was offset with over 800 outer perimeters. From .Annapolis Jacuzzis to Anne Arundel General, and from the halls of Goucher to the shores of Pensacola, Wild Bill Daisley leaves his mark. MEF Danford Rogers Deakin Reston, Virginia Physical Science Special Warfare I CAME, I SAW, I GOT FIVE BLACK N ' s . . . 1 LEFT ... I CAME BACK AGAIN . . . AND I ' M STILL HERE!!! Ah. come on Dan you love it here, otherwise you wouldn ' t be looking for a roommate for next semester. I wonder who will get stuck with you next semester. You were always good with the women. Good for a bum with no class, but anyone can pick up bims when you wait till everyone else gets drunk. The SUNSHINE stud, BUDS should be no problem maybe you can get that school right this time too. Good luck. Secret Agent Man! BTA 499 David Michael Donnelly Oxon Hill, Maryland General Engineering Naval Aviation During his stay at USNA, Dave Vader got quite a reputaion as someone to have around when the party starts (coincidentally, he was always there when it ended). In order to keep this reputaion untarnished, lord Donnelly stuck to a strict training schedule, using every opportunity he had to stay in shape — he even created a few such opportunities (a fact that cost him a couple of days on restriction). Like major leaguers, Dave usually trained in Florida during the spring — unlike some less professional partiers, he did not waste time sunning himself on some white sand beach. This is not to say that Dave ' s only concern was with partying. A major amount of his time since sophomore year has been spent with R. She is the only female that could keep up with him and, for that matter, would want to keep up (or put up) with him. The remaining time was spent tearing up the rugby field. Good luck in Pensacola, Dave. BFK Stephen Charles Ellis Walnut Creek, California Aerospace Engineering Surface Warfare " Bulky D. " came to us from the land of sun, and spent the next four years closing the windows behind his northern roomies. The only engineer in a Group III room, the " big blue blob " kept irregular hours, and soon he was correcting other people ' s " adverb abuse. " His time spent on the town was inversely proportional to his record (and later disc) collection. Steve ' s taste for music on the leading edge left his roomies confused, was it music or was it a construction vehicle? Stumbling from his rack to the sports page, at 7 A.M., he could be found indulging in copious amounts of raisin bran supplied by his overzealous roommates. His hobbies included wind-up toys, late study hours, and pursuits in the field of resource management (gouge). What spare time he could find in his matrix was spent in trips to Moxie so he could buy stamps for his postcard collection. " Psycho Killer, " Steve, and good luck! CBM AOM Mark Ernest Franke Sterling, Virginia Electrical Engineering Nuclear Power — Submarines When Frark first appeared at the Boat School, we weren ' t sure if he ' d come from Sterling, Va. or planet Claire. Psycho set his sights high, vowing never to miss another final and to only " watch " the dancers of the K-Side Inn. If we ever needed to find him all we had to do was follow the lOOdB guitar licks to their source. His musical exploits were many from introducing a new sound in guitar to 1 1, the dance of the " Mad Dog " to the east coast (not to mention Chippendales), and a new meaning to the phrase, " warming up backstage, " on the party boat. Frank had an extremely diverse taste m women from the icy D to the warm hearted C (let ' s not forget A), but he seemed to prefer his dates to the stadium parking lot the best. He was often laid back but would get wound up sometimes and get off on a high five or two. We can only hope that the walls of a Trident can contain this dynamic space child. WED Daniel Lawrence Garcia Cypress, California Oceanography ., ,, ,. , Naval Flight Officer 1 he Mone blazed in from SoCal ready for some of that east coast action. Intent on being an airdale physicist, Garc began a quest for wine, women, and song. His odyssey pitted him against the Dish who left him stranded at Veteran ' s Stadium, and the Drag who taught him to scuba dive and water ski in the same room. But Dan weathered the storm like a true Trojan and his victories were many He and the White Ghost Sled smoked D on Rt. 2, gave MB whiplash, and explained ergonomics to J. Always looking for ad- venture, " Yak on my Back " has skiied the mountains of Vermont fished in the Pacific, hiked in Virginia, wrestled in California, and boxed at Hood. It ' s been a true adventure and the east coast will never be the same. E doesn ' t love him, but he ' s M ' s favorite. This liberty hound is going to take Pensacola by storm. AGC 500 1 Brian Kent Cummin Pound, Wisconsin English Naval Flight Officer Brian comes lo us from Pound. Wisconsin. Pound, Wisconsin? He enjoyed USNA so much ihal he spent more than halt " his time asleep. The only things that kept him awake were playing rac- quetball and phone calls from L. Oh yeah, L. That little ring got him into debt with half the company and too broke to drive his car, but as always, he pulled it out ... or did he? 1 guess there ' s no reason to take the final if you don ' t turn in the research paper. But that ' s a minor set back. As a matter of fact it ' s impossible to sweat almost anything if you ' re short timing it from 500 days. We love you as a brother; somehow we just couldn ' t picture you as a nuke, but you definitely fit the bill as a backseater. Good luck — we know you ' ll be happy wherever you can lay your sleeping bag and put a picture of L. WJS CRH Daniel James Hebert Applet on, Wisconsin Oceanography Medical Corps Dan Herbert, no it ' s Sherbert, no it ' s Hebert with an accent somewhere in there. " Can you peel my orange for me, Dan? " He left the lowly peons from II for a lofty title. Was it regimental sub or sub regimental? No one really knows, we never saw him work. " Going to drill today Dan? " — " No, I think I ' ll go to a med school interview. " Are you sure you ' ve enough recommendations? " What ' s all the sweat — you ' re only 18th in the class. " Dan was much more than an academician though, he was a philosopher as well; yet, Hebertian theory seems much more palatable after a half- dozen margaritas. How did he ever get B to listen to him? I guess it was when she found a diamond instead of a pearl in that clamshell. Well, at least he ' s got someone to trust his car keys to now. Good luck Danny-boy, no mailer where you go lo med school you ' ll go far BTA TMS Michael Joseph Hogan Little Rock, Arkansas Political Science Surface Warfare Hogie began his stay in 1 1 by playing darts, getting acquainted with Hood girls, St. John ' s woodpile, and pursuing debutantes. Despite his hard work, commendable class attendance, and leg- endary punctuality, round two at the ac board nearly had him joining his former roommate. Smooth talking in round three kept up Hogie ' s hopes for a repeat appearance in Dossier. Although it look four credit cards, Hogie always managed to dress one issue ahead of GQ and became a regular at the Bnckskeller. He survived numerous bouts with Jose, trips with Scooter to Clearwater and Gettysburg, and Pit Crew outings lo the Voo and G-town. We ' ll never forget Hog ' s offering lo drive back from the Thorogood concert, dancing with the wall and the girl that " could have been mine " at Fishmarket. " I ' m not dnnking tonight Bill. " or rappeling with a garden hose at M ' s parly. You ' ve been a great fnend, Mike, and we wish you the best always. WED BC Charles Robert Howsare Bedford. Pennsylvania Oceanography Medical Corps Coming from the back woods of Pa. Chariie ' s biggest battle was learning to speak the language. But there was no challenge big enough for Chariie, so he soon overcame that obstacle (well — almost!). I ' ve often wondered how Chariie made it through plebe year without huntin ' or fishin ' every weekend. I guess reading every issue of the Bedford Gazette, five times from front to back, pulled him through. In every thing he does. Chariie likes to " get among ' st ' urn. " whether they are rabbits in the briars or plebes in the passageways. Chariie is the type that seeks out leadership roles (maybe because he likes to have things done his way), and he found one leadership position as company commander for first semester. Charlie always tries to do his best at everything in order to " do everything as unto the Lord. " Charlie, you ' re a good man and a good fnend. Medical school is yours. God bless you and L and your life together. BKG 501 Michael Robert Lowe Anaheim, California History Naval Aviation Well, lets do this, no this, no, maybe this, but I want to be a SEAL, no, a Top Gun pilot, I liked that movie, no, that isn ' t it, what I really meant was . . . but she ' s great, she even likes me. I should marry her, did 1 say marry?! No, that isn ' t what I meant, what I realy meant was . . . Life at USNA has been a confusing proposition for Mikie. in fact so confusing that he went to George- town for class for half a year before we set him straight. The stud who wanted to quit to be an enlisted SEAL his plebe year (until a youngster set him straight). So what will it be Mike? Sea, Air or Land ... or all three? We know that from 50,000 feet up to 1 65 feet down under you will do well. Surfs up dude!!!!! Ha! DRD Charles Barend Marks III Branford, Connecticut English Surface Warfare One could always find Chuck in his rack with a " cup of tea and a good book, and thus it came as no surprise when he changed his major from poly sci to " single E " early in youngster year. Of course, this change allowed him more time to aim lights and blow up speakers over at The Booth. Speaking of time, always being the last one around for finals gave Chuck plenty of opportunities to meet lovelies like P.F.B. First class summer found Chuck driving his Saab, and teaching the plebes our pre-drill motivation song. Chuck also experienced the wrath of the pay system, becoming the only midshipman to receive a bill instead of a paycheck, and be granted the privilege of paying for his ring twice. Despite numerous at- tempts at Marine Corps recruitment by his father, as well as offers of preferential selection, Chuck chose his own path, and decided to go Surface Line. " Psycho Killer, " Chuck, we wish you the best of luck in your future. AOM SCE Henry Nicholas Marxen Williston, North Dakota Physics Naval Aviation Exactly where is Williston, North Dakota anyway? Known as Chickenhawk, Hank was a different bird. Definitely not a " sweat " (though he could lose more weight in sweat than a person twice his size), he never bothered himself with money, homework, or even studying for tests (when he remembered them!), but he always managed to get that crossword puzzle done! And what about his racquetball game? Besides his ability to sleep through any class, or his affinity for conduct action (he had the company ' s third highest demerit total!!). Hank was unbeatable on the courts. But it didn ' t end there. Hank was a lady killer as well. We ' ll all miss Hank. But memories of company parties, incense, late nights, Georgetown " oogling, " and the candy jar will live on forever. Good luck in Pensacola Hank! (or is it Henry?) P.S. Got any dip? TMO David Wayne Maxwell Portland, Oregon English U.S. Marine Corps David " Rax " Maxwell, came to us from Portland, Oregon. He developed a deep love for his rack and as a result became an English major. During his youngster year he discovered a new sport, bicycle crashing. It was this same year that he discovered how to take care of blistered feet, bruised arms and shave his legs. He came to the fore front of the company second semester first class year, and as a result lit off sweat pumps five, six, seven, and eight. Dave has kept up a long distance relationship with a woman which has chased him from coast to coast. Yet he still is saving himself for the right woman. May the right woman come before DSB gets him. REG 502 11 John Michael Meighan III Annapolis. Maryland ; _ General Engineering Surface Warfare John is the first person to graduate from USNA under the new Local Schools Exchange Program. He entered the Academy during ' 88 ' s freshman year from .AACC and was allowed to continue in his music major. John ' s real education took place downtown attending lectures by such greats as Billy Price and Frank Sinatra. The most important thing in his life, however, was his relationship with his true father. Ray Chades. Always the rebel, John insisted on driving around in an old convertible (a 1963 Ford Falcon Futura), wearing clothes from the portly section of Goodwill, and drinking Penn- sylvania ' s finest export. Senior year. John found a substitute for his rack in the company of a girl after his heart, his Falcon, and his family name and fortune. Although he has more experience in placing orders than giving them, we are sure that John will do great in the Gator Navy. John, remember us and the summer winds. PLT Robert Alan Miller St. Louis, Missouri Aerospace Engineering Naval Aviation Bob hailed from St. Louis with the drive and determination unmatched by his mere mortal peers. Plebe year brought a varsity letter and stellar grades despite the adverse conditions. Youngster year Bob found himself in the tiger company, and this new en- vironment bent him toward the aviation community. It was only after three weeks at jump school, a week at Quantico, and 1st class Marine option cruise in Pendleton that Bob was finally sold on Navy Air. Although Bob chose the flying major and sacrificed many of his weekends so others could study his solutions on Sunday night, he still found himself at the mercy of Rich on several weekends. He is the only person 1 know disciplined enough to save money each month of plebe year yet spendthrift enough to go broke flying Cessna ' s over U.S.N.A. Best of luck in the Fleet Bob. we know you will go far. PLT Allen Orniand Mitchell Forest Hills, New York English Medical Corps Al is a product of the " Big Apple, " a true paradox. New Yorker to the core with a personality that doesn ' t betray it, a quick wit covering the sensitive side that only " bug-eyes " could love. The women of Al ' s past are many and varied, includmg " hips " and the only girl to send metro fare to insure her date. Of course, the only true love of Al ' s life is Juliet; black, sultry, sleek, fast, and with dual exhaust. Juliet is. obviously. Al ' s Alfa Romeo GTV6. His affair with her extended to multiple photos of her interior, exterior, undercarriage, etc. Consumed by the exhausting passion of this relationship, .Al felt compelled to retire every evening shortly after the commencement of stydv hour. This combined with constant consumption of diet-Pepsi and a Nostromo hat, .-Vl managed to be the only English major to build his own mainframe from scrounged EE Dept. refuse. " Psycho-Kjller, " Al. Good luck in med school, we hope you never operate on us. CBM SCE Todd Michael Odegaard Eden Prarie, Minnesota Physics Naval Flight Officer . This Norwegian from Minnesota, far and above the biggest bachelor of the class, was never able to find that elusive, tall, blonde girl of his dreams. He made up for it with his acquisition of a sleek Grand Am, in which he escaped from prison as often as possible. His major brought him happiness in many forms, including the JOY of a wonderful roommate. The gougemaster of the physicists excelled in his art, and not til first class year did he realize that the less work he did. the better grades he got. His efficiency and experience with the admin-conduct system as " the CDO from Hell " (his motto: Fry or be fried), landed him conduct officer, having already tried his hand at sub. TMO, the epitome of ef- ficiency, inventor of the Beer-do and model for murder victim, if you earned one thing from your class, it is our respect. Somewhere m that carefree, laid-back demeanor is the man who did what had to be done, always. HMI 503 Carl William Peterson, Jr. Ledyard, Connecticut Marine Engineering Nuclear Power — Submarines He started out with stars and finished up wondering what life was all about. One of the few who found years of happiness (and confusion?) one night in Dahlgren, he used his nuclear financed escort to take him (along with his books) to Pa for the weekends. His first priority was academics, or was it basketball, or was it her, maybe it was . . . No matter, he did well in every area, even with only one chest hair. With his sights on an SSN, he covered every conceivable base: Nuke this, thermal that, ultimately becomming president of the .American Nuclear Society. He created the Goon Squad and his calves got drunk during his second plebe summer as part of the SWO Team. One of the lale-night-study-buddies, he graced the fortunate few awake at zero-late-thirty with his strange insights on life. Seriously, a man with hope for the future, he was a man with 20 20 vision but Coke bottle glasses. Amazing. ARM James Albert Protin Charleroi, Pennsylvania Computer Science Nuclear Power — Submarines It has always been hard to pin a label on the Electron. On the surface he seemed to be nothing but a Don Juan — breaking hearts all over the place (even if they were not awake). It is a relief to all of us that he is graduating — it was getting pretty crowded out on the window ledge. This is but one facet of Jimbo ' s character. He found an outlet for his athletic talents on the football field. Being the computer whiz that he is, he served as the mainframe for educating the team, as well as his roommate and friends. When it came time for everyone to buy cars at the end of second class year Jim could barely contain his pride in his, so he decided to show it off by doing 360 ' s in the middle of West Street at 4:30 in the morning. Good thing he was calmed by the steady nerves of his only passenger, Big Fred. It was in Ocean City that we found out what a truly fun loving guy Jim was, however. Good luck from the boys, Jim. DMD William James Stites, Jr. Phoenix, Arizona Naval Architecture Surface Warfare Jim, or Will, as his closest pals know him, is mostly from sunny Arizona. Being an Air Force brat, he has seen his share of other parts, including foggy England. Jim should have grown up in the fifties. If he did we wouldn ' t always be listening to the oldies station, and maybe he could have passed his eye exam. Now the Surface Navy has him, and I ' ve never seen a more gung-ho sailor. When people ask him, " Why surface? " Jim says, " Surface Warfare, it ' s not a question, it ' s the answer. " And when anyone offers a complaint about being nestled in the bosom of Mother B, Jim is quick to pipe in, " I love it here! " and of course we all believe him. Jim, I don ' t know what you ' re going to do without me and my advice on women, but I ' m sure you ' ll manage. It ' s been a good year, and you know that ' s saying a lot! Any time you wanna open a big can of Kick-Butt, you know where to find me. BKG Edward John Strasser III Fairfax, Virginia English Nuclear Power — Surface E.J. Strasser, the man known for his dedication, interesting ideas, and booming voice, is perhaps best remembered for his run-ins with the admin conduct system. If he wasn ' t driving in the yard, he was late for taps, class, or dental. His term as Wardroom Czar introduced eleven to EEJ-onomics and wishful thinking. (How about that new VCR, eh?) He played company cheerleader, when flaming on section 107, and maintained the REAL Far Side room for three years. A photographic memory enabled E.J. to ace his EE classes despite sleeping through them. His first-class switch to English major has revolutionized classroom discussions in once- peaceful Sampson Hall. He always took care of his plebes (when he wasn ' t losing them), especially when he fixed the head door with Al and Steve and tape or launched midnight assaults on Ft. Myer. E.J. it has been educational. We will never forget you! WGC 504 11 Paul Leonard Tiede Triangle, I irginia General Engineering U.S. Marine Corps When Paul was not running, lifting, or swimming, or hiking around in Ihe woods dressed in Marine Green just for the fun of it, he was concentrating his etTorts on girls. With Paul, if she wore a uniform, she looked like Kelly McGillis. This may be because he spent his early years following his father around to a series of Marine Bases — when he dreams of this period in his life, instead of color or black and white eveo ' th ' ng is in olive drab. .Although Paul is an intelligent person, and has done well academically, his memory is a bit shoddy — to such an extent that he decided to get a permanent reminder of what his Social Security Number and blood type arc. Paul has excelled in sports as well. There are men without countries and Paul has been an athlete without a team. This has not slopped him from becoming known as one of the best all around athletes i n our class, however. Good luck in the Corps from all of us. The Bovs. JAP Paul Michael D ' Alessandro St. Clair Shores, Michigan Aerospace Engineering Naval Flight Officer Pooky. a Wolverine at heart ... Go Tigers, Red Wings, and Pistons! Doin ' the Wilmington bush-boogie, John says, " What a mess! " George ' s best friend, the guru of aero (designer of the great drug-busting airplane), gectus-maximus. Sailor extraordinaire, Canada BYC Team Na 7. Spock of the sail-ship Enterprise, Dark and Stormy Bermuda passages. Biggus ' s better half, sister, anyone? Why did it take you four years? Blind dates are not his thing. Unforgetable trips: Lake Placid, European Vacation III, and sporting his grippers and only his slippers. .-Vlways on fashion ' s cutting edge. Dirk is a jerk, whoops, Mr. Nice Guy, " I ' m sorry. " Look out. P ' cola — here comes the Three Musketeers! Duker. Lusch, Rich, JT, Paul, and especially Goose, thanks for the mem- ories. Dad, Mom. David, and Heidi thanks for being there through the good, the bad, the forgetable, and the unforgetable. I owe it all to you. PMD James Joseph Darcy Brightwaters. New York Political Science Special Warfare His friends call him Dare, but in company area he ' s known as the Invisible Man. This mild mannered Lax player from, where else. Long Island disproves the idea that only model mids make great leaders. Just ask the team. May have gotten away with more extra- curriculars than any others I know, but when you run around with Tiems that ' s expected. Wanna ruin Jim ' s pleasant disposition? Just ask him about Syracuse. Somehow he maintained the highest grades in the room while still contributing to the anti-study at- mosphere. Let Dare D.J. your party, and you ' ll be dancing to " Summer Tunes. " Just let him show up. and you ' ll be dancing. Can ' t resist mentioning his temporary youngster year fling with another, uh, youngster. He ' ll deny it. First class year brought adventures in USNA parking, the Vu, and . . , Where ' s Jim? Call Econo-Lodge. Will serve some serious beach time in Coronado next, then who knows where. Been my pleasure, James. SLK 505 S ' Anthony Wayne Eaton Pickerington, Ohio History Marine — Flight Officer Had Tony been a dog. he would have been an Irish Setter wi ' thout papers. Subsisting on a diet of Pepsi and chips, our friend spent his waking hours either as couch spud or preparing for sleep. Kudzu was the man of impossible realities like 25 out of 24 hours of sleep per day! But don ' t form a preconceived idea of Opie, for this fme institute taught him just how to use those few precious moments of free time; he never let a deadline interfere with David Letterman. Varying his wardrobe from the jeans he wore in 8th grade to those of 7th grade, Kudzu was not what you would consider a clothes- horse. . true athlete, however, this carrot top often fartleked along his favorite route to the soda machine. The adrenalin created, however, wasn ' t enough to keep our driving narceleptic awake — as his car can attest. An Ohio native, this Marine will serve his country well and never let his front seater down. Good luck and God speed. GGDL Jeffrey Edward Forte Slatersville, Rhode Island Computer Science U.S. Marine Corps Jeff started the last semester with a renewed commitment to excellence. Within a few days, however, his focus properly switched to more worldly virtues; wine, women, and debauchery. Going out with Don Juan himself was worse than plebe rates. " This is Chris, and Susan, the bartender is Julie, Kim is over there, the hot blond ... " Slow down Jeff, I can ' t write that fast. Spring Break 88 found Jeff at play in Florida. He watches too many beer commercials. When Kathy ordered a Lite at the Tiki Bar, Jeff showed her the moon. When last seen, she looked dazed and was still singing, " You light up my life. " And what fate awaits our hero? Will the next batch of sea-monkeys live longer than 10 days? Only time will tell. USMC " Bark! " MAM Glenn Robert Gay Dumfries, Virginia Oceanography Naval Aviation Have you ever wondered what it takes to create the total package — you know, that pinnacle we all dream of, but few reach? Well, we think your prayers have been answered, at least our ' s were. G, the cultured man of the 80 ' s proved himself to be the master of every situation he encountered. Socially, Glenn started with a rock-solid background — you kno w the effect Dumfries can have on a young man. His social graces were evidenced by the statement muttered by his first and last blind date; " He looks great, but does he speak? " He finally found bliss with . . . Athletically, Glenn had it all, especially a true-to-form hard body which experienced nary a day of drill. His future looks bright, with clear skies and fair winds. To find our stalwart friend, you ' ll simply have to peer skyward, and if he ' s not there, try the beach. T D Sean Michael Hamilton Newport News, Virginia Oceanography Naval Flight Officer Sean " Pod " Hamilton came to us from a big military family, and chomped at the bit to follow his brother P.J. into USNA. After a brief stint Brassoing pipes under his sink at the Stalag, he moved on to join the Dirty Dozen, where he quickly became known as " the maid. " Although shy, he soon became a woman chaser, his passions torn between many. In his efforts to win the attention of the opposite sex, he subscribed to GQ, wore expensive clothes, bought a BMW, and even shaved his legs ( " Hey, I like how it feels, ya know? " ). But all this didn ' t help, and he was forced to turn his attention to crew. Here he flourished, despite a busy load as C.C. and self-appointed rack-stripping watchdog of newly renamed Tool Shed Twelve. After he had memorized the big letter on the eye chart as an " E, " they let him go NFO. Too bad there aren ' t any oars in an aircraft, Sean. Good luck to ya! JPL 506 2 Donald George Holl Erie. Pennsylvania Political Science Surface Warfare Tne still of the night is shattered by the snap of fingers and a burst of singin g. It could be none other than Dandy Don Holl passing by. When he first came to USN. ' , things weren ' t exactly smooth for this SWO-Pop from Ene-sistible. Pa. Ever the ex- troven. Deeg wasn ' t satisfied with simply finishing 4, ' c year. In- stead, he made a point of meeting with the Supe Co. to explain why he wanted Navy in his future. Finding a home in 12. Don settled into a life of football, classes, socializing, etc. Second class year was hi-lited when he was named MVP of the .• rmy Na 7 game. Despite a heavy l c year of spudding to the " Dating Game. " Don will graduate with Hying colors and take his place among the finest of Surface Warriors. The future looks bright, with mamage imminent. We wish 21 (the hands that ate Syracuse) the greatest of success. Take care of yourself Don; you ' re one of a kind. T G Robert Christopher Jackson Irmo, South Carolina History Naval Aviation Xerox, RC. Stonewall, arrived from Irmo — where? He breezed through plebe year in Dawson ' s Company. First cruise was to the islands, where sun and waves gave desire to sample brandy. Young- ster year found him torn betwen majors (both cat III. no big decision). Joined a " Man ' s Sport " — the bowling team. Affection for cookies and gedunk began. The Wedge was quick to start a new workout " next week. " .As 2 c was lost in the Shrubs. Ring was purchased only to find him barking up the wrong tree. His true loves were Boston sporting teams; the Washmgtonians made him seek refuge on Batt Staff his last semester. .As sub-commander, he attempted to take control. The 4 c voted him lOX better-looking than another three striper from first set. He proved his athleticism with company LWT football. His one regret is that he joined the Mustang club vice getting an Alpha. With bat in hand he journeys to P-cola. Good luck! SMH Richard William Kammann, Jr. Wilmington, Delaware General Engineering Naval Flight Officer Dick, better known as " Biggus here to sail. Marine E. Mech E ■ the Delaware Destroyer. Came GE. " Sooner or later, you ' ll go General. " So. this is a weekend! Pookey ' s better half The Windmaker. " Where ' s my laundry ' ' " " He don ' t care. " It just doesn ' t matter. Skippy Dicky of Conquest! Defender of the seas! " Sailors are not baggils. " " My thumb . . . it ' s a gusher! " Oxford rock star. Should I Stay or Should I Go. Loves Dark and Stormy sails and skiing Mount Gay. " Sorry about your slalom course. Have you seen my skis? " BYC stud member. Racquetball champ. " I can ' t play, I have to work out. " Bam me. Pat me. Sand me. please. Can you read between the lines ' ' Care Bear, you ' re always there . . . We ' ll be back in a minute. Earlv Honeymoon. Bladda goes to court. NFO but almost SWO. P ' cola — three musketeers. Couldn ' t have dunnit without family, fnends. and Care Bear. More Kammanns to come! RWK Scott Lanxence Kisch Maplewood. New Jersey English U. S. Marine Corps It took the Roundman. the music-man. four years at USNA to get what he wanted in life; USMC and a steady girlfriend (the .Ad- miral ' s daughter, no less). Not one to have studies interfere with Letterman. Scott proved to be an asset academically and en- tertainment-wise. One of the more creative mids from North Jer- sey, he spent his free lime pondering (out loud) how to improve the world of entertainment. Round progressed from plaving the Ma- rine Corps hymm on the harmonica plebe year, to drilling naked youngster ear (KBTR). to serenading in a London piano bar first class year. Recruited for baseball, then cut. Scott found his niche in the Glee Club and packed around with them. Luckily, his room- mates managed to drag him away to Catholic and D.C. for a little excitement (like crashing in a BMW). We wish Scott the best in his endeavors to replace David on Late Night in ten years. Aaaah. BRW 507 Erik John Knutila Bourne, Massachusetts English U.S. Marine Corps How do you say that last name? No one is really sure what to call ERIK, but it is true that he has not gone unnoticed in his years at the Academy. EEK has developed his own style of being a mid- shipman. It all began plebe year when everyone knew who KNU- TILA was. With a little freedom, NOODLE continued to develop his off-the-wall ideas ranging from heavy metal rock-n-roll to the eroding mountain that always appeared from his locker. We always had to live in a big room in order to have a little floor space on the weekend and to keep the killer socks at a distance. It is also quite obvious that K-NUTE was successful at sleeping through every financial lecture, and his spastic actions have helped him to live up to the name NUT. The NUTE came to the Naval Academy with very little military bearing and is graduating with even less. Watch out. Marine Corps; here comes ERIK KNUTILA. MDS James Palmer Laingen Bethesda, Maryland Aerospace Engineering. Naval Flight Officer Bone, a resident of the D.C. area and a graduate of Mercersburg, attained his appointment solely due to his A-type personality and not because of his Dad ' s influence. As a former member of Form- Two he became Barbon ' s apostle, and a year later, he set off on his gungho crusade in the dirty dozen. In his perpetual quest for the holy stripes, he ventured into Falcon lands in his beloved Bimmer. He returned a semester later with his medulla oblogata fused to his glutious maximus, only to stall in areo. With the help of Mac he was able to smooth out the turbulent flight, but Mac had no words of wisdom for his BMW ' s $2700 fuel pump. Bone had a minor interest in girls, especially ones with bones in their noses. A tee- totaler. Bone drank once, just once; passed out once, and had one hangover. Well it seems that the pirates " dream will be soaring the blue skies in the back seat again. Good luck. JCO Frederic William Malek McLean, Virginia Economics Surface Warfare Fred had a rough plebe year. His hardest time was keeping a straight face at tables. As a plebe, he played tennis and squash (those sweet team tables!). The tough plebe year made the up- perclass years even better. The women, the Dive, and Johnny Cash are certainly rnemorable. Who will forget Fred ' s twenty minute stay in the Marine Corps on Service Selection night. We will always remember you, brother, and may our paths always cross. — JPO and Big " G. " Fred arrived into 12th Co mid second class year (his third company). He did a fine job and eventually became our adjutant. Fred never seemed content unless he was living on the edge. He is the only person I know who could consistently make taps with seconds to spare and never be late. Always spitting one out and looking for a " doyup. " We ' ll miss him, all right, and I want a ride when he gets his sidecar. — Toe Kicker from Tuscaloosa. JSW. JPO, GJF, JSW Erin Eileen Martin Lockport, Illinois Mathematics General Unrestricted Line Erin arrived from the Midwest as a track recruit, and, as usual, she didn ' t know what she was in for. The 25th Co. Army Navy fling still didn ' t help her to learn upperclass names. Unfortunately, notorious 1 c Pierce selected Erin for his remedial squad. " All your rates — go! " soon became a dreaded phrase. Erin ' s suffering soon took a back seat to her newly found " study " partner. This con- verted He-man woman-hater (aka " chubby " ) became a permanent fixture in Erin ' s daily life (and mine). Erin found that EE required a different type of student; a new major was no problem. Erin ' s diet consisted mainly of motrin, which can ' t be that bad since she ' s held the Navy pentathalon record for three years. Service selection created a difficult problem for the USNA couple; however, the intelligent choice was made. So, if you happen to see a petite blonde running to the chapel June week, chances are it ' s my roommate. PAT 508 12 Craig Martin Miller Mandate. North Carolina Political Science Marine Aviation Craig, the man with no nickname or chest, arrived after a lough year at NC State into Serene 1 8. Plebc year was easy compared to rooming with Dirkus and Sandman youngster year. He majored in darts, chipping rock, and was unsat for his first and only time. He gave up fencing to be a sailing stud on the offshore crash training program. First class summer was spent sailing the Caribbean, where he formed his own reggae band called The Rat Patrol. Craigmon ' s party companion is Ralph but a little Chloraseptic helps. Being a Bull major helped this philosophical man purchase a car with no working lights and be romantic enough to gel engaged on Halloween. First class year found him in charge of the Dirty Dozen where his drilling expenise allowed him to come up with new commands at ever parade. This should be helpful at TBS, after which he ' ll head for P-Cola after tying the knot. Good luck, wash your mug. and get that Healy. ES Mark Alan Miller Fountain Valley. California Oceanography U.S. Marine Corps " Sir " " ( " sick-in-room " ) Marcos was dropped on USN. ' " S door- step, along with some seriously warped west coast attitudes. How many people do you know have pets such as rattlesnakes, rats, tarantulas, and possums? His major accomplishments include mass-murdering our 12 sea-monkeys, obtaining one of the last Mr. Potato Heads — equipped with pipe, and supplying pyrotechnic materials for the 3264 Demolition Team. Mark also had some interesting " toys " " — a ■ " speculating " device, a stun-gun. many sheep-skins (thanx Mark!), an assortment of Guns and boomerangs . . . and an electric Viper? His little black book was always stuffed full of numbers. His primars- strategy included a catapult launch from the flight deck, a wild (mostly sideways and smoking) ride in his Mustang GT, and then a seemingly innocent picnic with heavily laden cooler in tow. USMC — BARK! JEF Juan Carlos Osorno San Diego. California Oceanography U.S. Marine Corps Juan Carlos " ' Donde Espana Ichewan Wa-Wa 50 el Caballo ' " O " somo. came to us from Nicaragua or Ireland {we " re not sure which), via the Fleet and NAPS. Started somewhere in 2nd Reg- iment, then moved into the Buzzin " Dozen and encountered roomies Tnpod, Xerox, and Bone. Spent most of his time on the magic rack, kick-starting the Pod, or watching WWF, impressing all with his powers to do nothing and yet stay fit and S.AT. Wanted a " Chevee " " Nova SS, but settled for a Trans . m for high speed cruising to N.Y. City on the weekends, to see the wife. Exposed his roomies to many hazards, including TB. Meatloaf. and drunk WWF demos. Not the SWO type. Donde went Corps, where he " ll appiv his motto: " Delegate evervlhing, do nothing. " " Plans to retire in the Phillipines with $1000 after serving his time. Good luck, old man, and keep taking those pills. (Via the mouth, please!) JPL Brandee Lx)rraine Polow ' ew Bloomfield, Missouri .Mathematics General Unrestricted Line Brandee left her farm to swim and try Nav . Plebe year wasn ' t tough in 36 unless you count AM workouts and RC pursits. Five davs a week at 0500 make you cranky or wall-pounding. Four years of double swims paid off with Spring Break in Buffalo Third class BP set her heart on three stripes and a hearse. Country music twanged at all hours. The fries for being in love . . . amazing! Sure mids park in cars, sneak out 2 c summer — but only a few get caught. First class year BP earned three stripes and said bye to the Marine. .Absence doesn ' t make the hean grow fonder and l c libeny doesn ' t help either. BP ' s binhday was memorable (not for her). Mudslides were eas , but the return wasn ' t. .All rooms and racks look alike. First class year was wild — scrubbing showers, getting cultural, dancing " til dawn, pressing the coast button, and waiting to get out. Next year BP heads to Colorado and ski slof)es. Good Luck. KMT 509 Bernardo Benjamin Roig San Cristobal. Dominican Republic Systems Engineering Civilian BB, as Bernie is affectionately called, is an ESL (English as a Second Language) student. His favorite response plebe year was the " Excuse me, sir? " The language barrier forced him to spend many a night studying by candlelight, and such hard work and dedication enabled him to emerge as a survivor of plebe year. His grasp of the English language vastly improved, BB faced a new obstacle; his major. Studying dav and night, weekday and weekend, he again pulled through — at the expense of countless hours of lost liberty. But when BB did venture out on liberty, he did so with a venge- ance. Described by some as a " dancing machine, " he lit up area dance floors and showed us Americanos some of his Latin Amer- ican moves. Bernie has been a great friend and a source of in- spiration to all. His work ethic has provided a shining example and will lead to a successful career. May he get his BMW soon! Go4it! FJS Michael David Samuelson Pleasanton. California Marine Engineering Surface Warfare We didn ' t know Mike plebe year so can only assume it passed by without event. " The Scam " started his career in 12th virtually undercover. It took a semester to discover we had a roommate, but since then " Yoda " has served with distinction, showing new facets every year. Third class year Mike had a unusual affinity for cigars and strange late night chants, (God, I hope she calls.) Second class year Mike was the wardroom sportscaster, drawing upon his sports knowledge, (fifth down?) First class year Mike came into his own and made his mark on the Academy and on furniture items. (Why is that rack wet?) He remembered to lock his car door, even when leaving the window open, and left his class ring in the " safety " of the car instead of his finger. Fatal Attraction wasn ' t his favorite movie, in fact it stunk. Now he is headed west via Coronado. You ' ve been a good roommate and own the happiest toothbrush around. " Whatever " EJK PRS Eduardo Sandoval El Paso, Texas Physical Science Surface Warfare Sandman slipped into the Backdoor of USI A via Newport Junior College, dodging plebe year on the Football Manager Pro- gram. Third class year Scamdoval earned his reputation radiating with the ED-1 A from San Diego to St. Croix, finally finding a post to stand by in Annapolis, without built-in kids for once. He was the best hostess at the Stockdales, the sandwich supplier in 32 1 2, the dancing fool in the islands, the best gardener anywhere. He held the Key To Life but even that could not save him from summer school and being UNSAT; his roommates were no help — they were UNSAT, too. Ed he was quick with the comebacks — at least the three he knew. SCUBA is his hope, " after all, Ed, boat handling isn ' t your forte. " Come Fling, Ed rides the Little Mule west to play stanchion on an Oakland Oiler. We will miss you Ed, but maybe, in some foreign port, we ' ll see you and let go a thunderous EDLUND!!! Adios and good luck always, my friend. CMM.DNH Fred John Severson Moorhead, Minnesota English Naval Aviation Fred, a friendly, shy boy. Hockey was his best friend. A knee injury prevented him from playing much plebe year. Nimitz was then the next stop. Youngster year, all of a sudden, the shy boy became a playboy. Girls were falling for him like leaves from a tree. Until one night he had life ' s best experience when he met a girl who never left him alone. Fred, in keeping with his adventures and trying to develop a new way to refrigerate his corvette ' s engine, sufifered a minor accident that left him wearing a suit to help heal burns for six months. But not satisfied with missing two weeks of classes, he decided that he needed another tour at Bethesda, and a second operation. Fred ' s wild life came to a stop when he met a little girl from New Carrolton, MD, and an old, friendly boy with many women was changed forever. And so he ends at the altar. And then on the road to Pensacola. Fred will surely make it big, with the constant help from . . . BB 510 12 ti Patrick Richard Steele Manteca. California Chemistry Nuclear Power — Surface Pal arriscd plebc year arid earned the title BMF4. Pat continued in the forefront of life in 12. George " the Animal " (Yes, there is a resemblance) ended 3 c year with an event of epic proportions. .Although never a gourmet many were suprised when Pat declared the St. Johns turf edible. In a strange turn of events, he then rode upon the shoulders of the football team, . rriving in the room, being of a religous nature, he felt he should pray. Yet there was no god in sight. (Who did that?) Second class year fivehead brought his 350ci machine east which he loved to drive, but it was difficult at times, as his keys hated him. First class year there were many people who could attest to his generosity as owner of free midnight auto parts distribution. (Bring your own wrench) Yes, into each life a little rain must fall. Too bad it ' s when you want the lop down. EJK MDS Kathleen Mary Toomey Milton, Massachusetts English General Unrestricted Line Kathy, a model BIC, came to USN.A to find what Navy life was about. Plebe year didn ' t phase the happy-go-lucky Toomer. Her Boston accent and smile were always a source of attention, good or bad. Third class year came — fun times, dancing in G-town (via Rudy ' s), parties. Lax games (putting on the nght jacket wa s a problem) and getting away with more than luck should allow, but still, KT came out of it smelling rosy. Second class year KT enjoyed sailing and M M " s. First class year she had a blast, dancing, widgiting showers (?), and tailgaters! Whatever happened to the Army Navy game? Where ' s my car? What tailgater?! Winter was time for ski trips (did your car actually survive?!) and fun with D.C. Spring fever caught KT with a passion via the Spring " moon " in Key West. KT ' s USNA life can be summed up in two words: partying and studying. After two Europe tours, KT will be off to work and to explore Japan. Best of Luck. BLP Patricia Anne Turney Berkeley Heights. New Jersey Mathematics Naval Aviation Patricia needed a break from the all-girls prep school she at- tended in Jersey. USNA proved to be just the place. MufTy ' s ratey attitude and fencing buds helped her through her disciplined plebe year. She and a few cohorts then climbed Hemdon a little early (at night and with a different cover). Youngster year her fencing began to pay off; she made Nationals for the first of three times in her Navy career (fence intense). The Mech E. Dept. soon became a distant memory, when Muff decided Math was more her speed. Regs were only a guideline was the attitude that landed her in Smoke Hall. .A serious relationship for Muffy never lasted more than a month. Then there were those who were persistent, but never made the grade. Good luck. Muff-pilot, but please ... get a new cover! EEM John Stephen McRae Watson Charlotte, North Carolina Economics Nuclear Power — Submarines John the Ripper, Maker of Morning Noise. Do not enter the Dirt Road! Carolina cowboy: everybody else talks funny. She had BOY- GUNS! Sanibel, come and see my dinghy. I was only going 35 — $4000 later and my car pulls to the left. I ' d like to thank all the little people who made this possible, but I can ' t because I did it all by myself! Pookev ' s nurse. Mo-light mascot, are we winning yet? How do the running backs look. Dick? Oxford rock star. You lose the races, Skippy, I ' ll win the parties. Woody the Woodpecker wigs are in. man. Spit one out! Wanted to dodge bullets, instead he ' ll dodge bubbles. Leader of Snowshoe Gripper Bngade. What ' s a Varmit. he ' s a candidate, sir. really. What ' s the Moon Man doing with a cracked window on his Benz? Ireland ' s missed chance at romance. Thanks to: Mom, Bro. Bigmama, Varm, Moon. LDH, ASH, JC. RWK 511 Bernard Raymond Werner Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Political Science U. S. Marine Corps Ram-Bern, ihe Little Giant to some, came to USNA from the Iron City via Texas and MMA. If he got nothing else out of four years at the Academy, he at least developed an ability to sleep anywhere, anytime, and in any position. Showed a child-like fas- cination with disecting and burning any object within reach while at his desk. Bern epitomizes the " 2.0 and go " academic condition. If he tolerated my wackiness, it was because I reminded him of the girls he was seeing. Let ' s talk about the one he started USNA with and the one he finished with. If he wasn ' t the president of the " Catholic " midshipman club, he was at least the liason. If you ' re looking for a carnival ride, just get into a car driven by Bern. He ' s the only person I know of who could rear-end somebody at a green light. " Speed deBem " found the perfect sport for his mentality in rugby, and naturally became one of the best. The Corps has him now. SLK Julienne Emily Almonte Fort Washington, Maryland Chemistry Intelligence With her infectious smile and colorful personality, Emily always saw the brighter side of life while remaining JUST friends with everyone. While sacrificing precious weekends, she became an All- Star crew again and again (what do you do with all those cups and bowls?), all the while familiarizing herself with beat (?) sailing parties. Then came 1 c responsibilities??, major discoveries, bar hopping, fufu drinks iced tea. Wed. Libs, hot tubs, Spring Bk. at ODU (lights-n-JB), St P ' s Day, more special times. Nor will she or her roommie forget all those chem all-nighters, the EDP-shredded wheat-n-fruit, all the roses, pasta salad cashew chicken feasts, sail- ing trips in the Thrifty Van, a certain crew regatta, gymnastics meets and tanning in SD Sarasots while people in sweaters went by. I wish you all the best as a spook. Look out for your KNIGHT. Thanks for the memories. I ' ll treasure your friendship forever. Keep smiling. Keep shining. SMH Roger Wayne Bivans Titusville, Florida Ocean Engineering Surface Warfare Fresh out of a lazy Florida orange tree setting, this man ' s best contribution to USNA was his Jimmy Buffett collection. His major flaw: he refused to the end to greet his loyal roommate in the A.M. with a fresh mug of Java — except when his mother made him. When his plebe year iniquities faded into legend, and the computer game disks were hidden away from him. Grog ' s performance caught up to his grades. Don ' t be fooled, though, he still doesn ' t know the meaning of hard work ... Of course, Jean-Claude sur- prised us with his downhill skiing acumen; but bored with incessant 4.0 ' s, our boy found his true talent in boot-hill bob-sledding, although he lost his memory a while (whatever happened to those 24 hours?). He has an irritating tendency to schedule R-ball games for his roommate during precious free periods — with the Co. Officer — but, nevertheless, his folks offer 5-star accommodations with a pool and fishing. KMF 512 3 Paul Hayes Chrisman Richmond. Virginia ■- Mathematics Nuclear Power — Surface Paulie-Wog seems like a quiet boy who once was his class Co. Cdr. However, we in the know have experienced his misguided transgressions. Paul junjped. or should I say fell, into 3 c year with a dramatic triple axle ofT the top bunk. He recoverd to find himself more than face to face with Spud ' s steady. 3 c year found Paul playing with that " trouble fluid " ; he joined his roomie trying to draw LOP ' s on the Nav. final. After a 3 c year spent hell bent on life, he began to c oncentrate on his studies. Studies slowed the man but didn ' t stop him. He found himself in Smoke Hall more often than he liked. Paul found his 2 c treat more of a trick and struck out on a mission. Women with alpha numbers, and babysitters are a speckle of his catch. He replaced his quest with a new love of " Hitting the Brooklyn side. " Remember, Paul, if in need, there ' s a good chance a " Little electric thing will come up, " and save ya. Buddy 4 ever, Billy. WPC William Michael Collier Norwalk, Ohio General Engineering Surface Warfare Bill ' s nuke pi ' peline brought him to USNA, where he thought he would return as a EE, but he soon realized that rack and wardroom beat all-day labs. His inability to hear the reveille bell was sur- passed only by unreg haircuts; " Mop " had his own reasons — black hairs hid the grey. A nicer guy you ' ll never find. He never said a critical word; his music said it all. Bill ' s penchant for progressive rock brought his roommates kicking and screaming into the 80 ' s. For example, one dark and dreary morning the room arose to " Life ' s hard and then you die, " by It ' s Immaterial. He is one of the most responsible persons ever met unless he ' s behind the wheel of a car. We urge him to sell his T-bird and buy an old clunker that can afford to be wrecked twice in six months, and which cops are less likely to pull over. However, we know this won ' t happen; so, as you drive quickly off into the sunset, may you have fair winds and following seas. ESG William Patrick Conley Westwood, Massachusetts Physical Science Surface Warfare Fourth class " year had a hard time finding Billy at all, as he hid from it at every oppo rtunity. Having been a Rook at Norwich U., Bill decided he deserved a battlefield promotion to youngster j.g., and thus the festivities began. The edge Bill walked 3 c year was so sharp most people would have been cut. Pursuing the fine art of debauchery on Wed and Sun nights led to LOP ' s that looked like contour lines on the NAV final. Not one to be overcome he bounced back by bringing in a private nurse to treat him. All was better after a photo session and a hot shower. 2 c year was spent mostly asleep to recover from 3 c year. He awoke momentarily, half way down a hill at the A-N game, to finish the march-on and 2 c year. First class year was spent as the resident expert on the TV guide. When not in the wardroom he could be found preparing himself for a future centerfold in the " Men of the PBA " calendar. See you in Newport! Love ya. PHC Ronald Curt Copley Hacienda Heights, California Mechanical Engineering Nuclear Power — Submarines Curt has been a dedicated submariner since I-day. There is no one more willing to defend the submarine force during heated debates with those who will be able to see the light of day. All of his abilities and actions at USNA have proven that he will make an excellent submariner. In prep for future lack of port calls. Curt spends his every weekend remodeling the dark and dreary abyss of his sponsors basement. The fact that Curt is absorbing every bit of sunlight that he can now is the only logical explanation that ALL of his plants have died — including the cactus. Curt, on your way out, please accept some advice. Think before you loan a giri your car, money, and ring. Take extra batteries for your walkman; no one else will want to hear country music. Last but not least, if you are going to drink, please learn how. the real Navy does not give three days SIR for a hangover, not even the sub corps. ESG 513 b « th ; Mohamed Roddy Ei -Afandi Winona, Minnesota Marine Engineering Nuclear Power — Submarines Listen: Is this man Nostradamus ' third badman? Nietzsche ' s Ubermensch? Or is he just misunderstood? Facts would indicate the former. An ex-roommate, current wherabouts suspiciously un- known, assured us that Mo is the Dark One. Mo is given to a dark and morbid form of humor unfathomable to the rest of us. Stable people don ' t submit themselves to marathons or submarines. The recent wave of Appalachian Mountain disappearances correspond to Mo ' s hiking trips in this area. No reasonable man should d oubt the sincerity of T ' V evangelists, yet Mo does this and more. En- gineers don ' t write poetry, and Mo has broken his wrist in two holy places: Quantico and the Sea Wall. Coincidence? We don ' t think so. Always remember: Quantico carnival rides, USMC Marothon, Chili ' s, Irish Times, " Death before restriction!, " Granger ' s Tor- nado, The Rocket, ' 86 Army " date, " " Pull my hair and slap me, " " Ain ' t you got a home?. " and " What? " JCL Dwight Deane Fontilla Champlin, Minnesota Mathematics Nuclear Power — Submarines Well, DWI, you actually survived this place. Some of us weren ' t sure, what between the knee, shoulder, etc . . . You didn ' t exactly start out very well, either, what with the D B. But we let that one pass. You did eventually come to your senses, or had the sense knocked out of you with Mudworms and slow pitch. Hell, you even marched in a real parade like the rest of us. But, the walls of Bancroft won ' t be the same without you; the maintianance men are thankful, too. I wish you luck, Bonzai Dude, and remember to take it easy on the slopes and dance floors. I expect to hear about lots of trouble being caused in the sub world but I don ' t want to hear any names, OK? Oh, if I get slapped by any strange girls in bars, I know who to blame, Mr. West. I hope the Twins do whatever you want them to do, and, last but not least, ARF! ARF! JRW Kevin Michael Furr Van Buren, Arkansas English Naval Flight Officer Stubby the Furrball came to USNA armed with a coffee mug. Kevin spent his four years in an endless quest to eat, sleep, read, and workout simultaneously. Youngster year we never knew for sure if Craig was under that blanket. After two traumatic ex- periences with girls back home, Kevin learned to appreciate the Comfort of the South in large quantities. Too bad he ended up a casualty in Tony ' s backyard. First class year brought driving trips and unlimited credit, both of which he enjoyed to the fullest. After all, isn ' t life a quest for the Hemingway experience? Keviii hopes to become the ultimate renaissance tough guy in Maine. Living with a poet has been an experience, but one day his hardback book collection will be legendary. I ' m sure Europe was fun, but he still hasn ' t taken his eating journey across America. Hopefully, he ' ll learn to have normal sleeping habits and wake up to a steaming cup of brew daily. Till then, good luck, Kev. RWB Epiiraim Spencer Garrett IV Gautier, Mississippi Political Science Surface Warfare He came from " Ole Miss " with a grin on his face, a glare in his eye, and mud on his shoes. He brought with him all the de- termination and expectations of former naval greats but was soon awakened like the rest of us. He changed his name due to many murderous pronunciations and came into 1 3th Co. as Spencer, but Ring Dance weekend, his real identity appeared — ' lil Ephie! A down-to-earth good guy willing to do anything for you as long as you don ' t cancel his Post subscription. Known for his ultra con- servative viewpoints, Eph ' s always ready for a discussion on pol- itics, sexism, or religion. Following the footsteps of those who have made our Navy great, the sun can be seen setting on Spencer as he drives off in the Buccaroo, leaving behind EE, headed for the last bastion of naval masculinity, the 16 inchers of the USS IOWA. WMC 514 13 Kurt Blair Hauer Yardley. Pennsylvania Political Science Surface Warfare He came to DSNA as one of Gary T ' s best recruits ever. Third class year Kurt succumbed to the pressure of carrying the team to concentrate on his professionalism. His professionalism rubbed off on his roommates — future 4 5 stripers. Kurt also found himself looking at his retleclion in the Smoke Hall floor after some mis- guided classmate loyalty. Second class year found Kurt with new roommates to be influenced by his professionalism. .Mlhough he failed in helpmg these roommates, he did emerge with a strong and lofty recommendation for I 2 striper billets. Kurt realized that after such a possibility of major stripes, he would need to slow down. First class year was spent in Smoke Hall, in his room (not Ted?), in a stint With Rugby, and in developing his ' " cone of power. " Kurt kept his secret of success close to the vest for four years but 1 let out his profound words " If you don ' t know it, act like you do. " Luv, Billy. WPC Todd William Hanson Hickerson Camarillo. California Political Science Naval Aviation Hick, 6. 24, 25, 13. .Acts include: the boys, Ed + Rugby Team table, Bustin, Biness, Going Back To Cali, Nanny: Zowie Wowie. Duke Debacle, Radio Races, Wieds, 21st Celeb, repo man at Philly, defective shoulders and blood that won ' t fly, backroads football run, cow at the Bam, Padre Island and Miracles of Sun, La Familiars and the Fan CLub, sleeping on barstools, Chinese food and the Wall, from eternal restriction to Company Commander, Hick vs. Marine Corps Option, Hathaway, slam dancing to X, Rocky, Biscuit Head, Sun: where dat at, 4.0, hosing down the rack, left hook, the Vein, making the big decision, Tau Phi Beta, Ridges, Hix Mixes, Coast Guard Parades, thunderstorms in Pensacola, St.Patty ' s Day formations. Daps, papers, papers, limos + ledges, you ' ve got a nice . . . Good luck to a future Top Gun, as a roommate, teammate, and friend, you were definitely bigger and defer. ASG Sandra Marie Hill Rome. Georgia Oceanography Surface Warfare We all thought Sandra was a quiet southern Daddy ' s girl, but she proved us wrong. She was always up to no good, in thoughts, actions, daydreams, and nightmares. Her list began 4 c year with an adorable voungster, 69. She challenged her roomies profession- alism: rufn-and-cokes, NC, long night in the wardroom — but lonely room formals made up for it. Remember .Army ' s Kit Kat, MMJ ' s apt, physics final, and decadent Dead Week ... is he tall? Second class year was spent running into glass doors and off the deep end. First class vear she REEEEPORTed as a batt stnper, battled between SWO CORPS, ran THE marathon (despite her caffeine fi.xation), and still tried to corrupt her roomie with pitchers of Margaritas and White Zinfadel. CLUB-MEDing in Martinique " just to dive? " (boom-boom-boom). Always giving, sharing willing to listen. California Hawaii bound, Sandra will be the best ship driver around . . . RASE it up! Aloha and beware of 0300 phone calls. JEA William Russell Hittinger Danville. Illinois Mathematics U.S. Marine Corps Willie, Cheeks, locked out 3 c year, I don ' t nghtly understand the technicalities, the woman from Hood, Duke road trip. Switch, Norfolk Nvmph, Yoda, Center Screens. Russ has been up and washed his car, knee exercises, Bon Jovi, the Wagoneers, 3rd Batt Cmdr, Raquetball Champ, an Uncle, again?, plenty of rack, the mile, rapelling, serene plebe year. Ft. Lauderdale. Sambo: nicknacks, EE, Rivkin ' s package, nice ring, my personal alarm clock. Caps games. Boots: 89.5, Australia, VTNA Board, UI frat parties, " Go wav down, take a right and you ' re . . . , " sheckles. Austin-Danville ' road trip, sidelines coach, sports photography. Word Up.two-man room for a day. A future Marine who seems to do evervthing right and the kind of fnend who is as true blue as the Illinois skv, Russ was one of the guys who made the Academy tolerable. He is on his way to the top in anything he does. I don ' t know how I ' ll survive without him. Good Luck. ASJ 515 Mary Marcella Jackson Wimherley. Texas Oceanography Surface Warfare Mom and Dad didn ' t expect " What the hell am 1 doing here? " from the apple of their eye, but that was just the beginning of Mary ' s transition from shy, quiet, and innocent to " ACTION. KB and PH helped her survive " all your rates, go " in 25 with Army- Action, sunning at CAPT Cs, and G-Town. On to a summer of sailing with slimey ham, Diet Pepsi, no showers, and THE O s. In the Stalag Mary knew the 1 c better than they knew each other. Fuji, the Beemer, Wabbit; Bike wrecks. Short Stuff. 2 c: pro- fessionalism? She can ' t walk on water even after " The Book. ' l c: San Fran on KIS-YA for SWO MOM training, hoppin furniture at the DC pad, ski slopes, funky boxers. Docs, physics teachers, and sunning in Martinique. Mary was born with a prestamped passport (Saudi fiancees, ambassador ' s sons, and rare diseases). Four years and twenty countries later, still won ' t eat with her hands. Her sights are set on rolling seas and Hawaiian sunsets on the 1 80. DPM Andrew Scott Johnson Austin, Texas Medical Corps Andrew Scott Johnson ... the long, tall Texan. The Legend of Seven, indoor luge, a real plebe year? Navy Crew, Navy Rugby . . . Who ' s this new guy we have to room with? WHFS, nice music, won, too, cartoons, the Tau Phi Beta Duke weekend, the basketball worked car stompin, I swear my brother is a Beta, just let me talk to him, and please, put that gun away . . . Yoda! Joe Weider s anabolic megamen, get ripped, bustin is my bmuh, get that ring, nice Corvette, San Diego summer, Miramar . . clean that dash- board! Home to Austin . . . life guarding, going back to Call . . . L.A. — Cambodia, a night with Nanny, pure entertainment, San Diego margarita parties, let go of it! One more year ... A side, killer B s, turbo diesel, just push Jonhson! I hate Maryland! A rugby five striper? Spring break, Austin, Tri Delts, Sting, on the roof, South Padre incredible times, incredible friends. This is not the end . . . Hick. TWHH Carl John Kolek Boca Raton, Florida Electrical Engineering Nuclear Power — Submarines Best known for his Carlisms, T.T. ' s beau helped put life m perspective; " One bad day and it ' s PMS on a 5 in.-54 " (after the new conduct system came out), " I could be on restnction with alcoholics and conduct cases " (after missing reveille), " Catholics charge $100 " (baiting Mo). Ever conscious of his origins he re- mains a loyal Redskins fan. He reminds us that ' Boca is not Miami ' as he scurries to the wardroom to watch ' Miami Vice. ' The Digital Man was known to fawn over his ' Big Money, " straight from Japan, stereo system. Seeking the zenith of stereo performance, he ded- icated his EE project to it. " Musical taste is essential to roommate compatability. " Remember Rush, the Police, the Fixx, reggae night. Destined to be a bubblehead: Carl slept in his socks, racked away the afternoons, took the hardest major, and aced the PCR. Keep up those boat dreams. Ja Mon! CEL Jack Cagle Likens, Jr. Longwood, Florida Political Science Surface Warfare Cactus Jack, wake up, this is your life! Picture a man who may shift identities at will. THE FACES OF JACK: SuperJack (Ubermensch), Fu Manchu (Grasshopper-gone-wrong), Freddie, make-shift mid at Army (nice shoes). Uncle Jack ' s Cabin, Father Jack, The Color Purple. Jack ' s academic pursuits have been less than conventional. QUOTH THE SENSEI; I slept through what? What are all these italic d ' s? Herr Likens, you are being combative. Ich habe eine grosse Hunger! I know what to do, I will call your company officer. I ' m bored, I do not wish to study. In a quest for ways to relieve boredom, ALWAYS REMEMBER: All-nighters, comic books, Rock-n-Roll library, dip, soda $, Rackology 501: Dream Control, Death before restriction!, The Revolution (What is an autonomous collective, anyway?), Chih ' s, Armadillo ' s, Very Fast and Very Strong, night noises, " NO! " If only it were a different world. See you on Visigoth Day. — The Bad and the Ugly GBU 516 Charles Evan Litchfield Houston, Texas Systems Engineering Naval Aviation Persecuted by the Gods? Paranoid? Does Fate have it in for you? Don ' t panic, call 25 5-Grad. Don ' t worry. Litch. Luck doesn ' t know we ' re working on this one. THE PROS AND CONS OF LITCHHIKING: Tuco. battery checks, sensitivity, ornamentals, the VAX. LBFM. Symbolic Stack Dump. Pnnceton and Pooh. Chili ' s, My Girl. Back to Groton (awwwman), the five minute bladder, persecution complex, stealth plebe, drive through rate window, beer bottle squares, a feared coup for a puppet regime, situational gentleman, chips and hot sauce, RHIR — account- ability, night noises (Brightlight), Maggots! In his time, Litch has given us many good words to live by. FAMOUS PAST WORDS: " Say Grace before you eat. " " Education! " " 1 don ' t care. " " I ' m j ust a gigolo. " " I ' m afraid we do. " — The Good and the Bad GBU Luis Ahmad Maldonado Isla Verde. Puerto Rico Physical Science Surface Warfare The surfing Bob Marley fan rode a wave to USNA from PR to start his Navy career. Louie was quickly instructed on the evils of music by his upperclass, but he stuck through plebe year. Youngster year Louie found his two favonte recreational sites: Uptown and Eastport. He was seen there many weekends discussing Naval tactics. He decided phy sci was a perfect major for rediscovering the lost art of rack and so became a consciencious objector to reveille, a moral stand he kept ' til graduation. Second class year, a ring on the way, Louie took his car loan and bought a timid little economy car, a Trans Am GTA. First class summer he hocked his surfboard and headed for Hawaii, only to fall for a California girl. Then he discovered what good gas mileage his car got and how expensive trips to CA were. Louie ' s off to San Diego to be a SWO. Good Luck and Left Full Rudder, Paco. See ya around — probably in a family tree or something. MBS Randall Harold Martin Simpsonville, South Carolina Economics Surface Warfare From Simpsonville, SC. to SES-200 in Pax River to Coddington Point Community College (NAPS) to USNA to the Philippines . . . what a story. With so much time spent on the " pre-SWO " pin and conditioning squad it ' s no surprise that he didn ' t study much. Being CO of YP p4E made him the first in the class to command. Spring Break he went to Norfolk aboard the " Gus Boat, " COM- SAG ' s first gray ship U W. Randy liked the good things in life: stereos. CD ' s (lots of both), bass guitars, cigars, chocolate, coffee, and . . . Cars were another story: a ' 76 Civic whose first gear doubled as the brakes and a ' 75 Comet with an exhaust so loud that It could raise your QPR — Goooood night!!). An occasional temper tantrum caused the death of several coffee cups, a mirror (care of his steam book), and a speaker. Well, the Reet and Olongapo better beware; Randy is on his way to conquer. DBS Donna Patricia Murphy Miami, Florida General Engineering Surface Warfare Earth to Smurf ... it must those percocets. Donna braved the knife five times at USNA, and just had to watch the last one. Be good to those knees. Murph! She had difficulty keeping roommates plebe year; I suppose her prior professionalism was too intim- idating. Then the little matchmaker introduced KM . . . before or after Hemdon? We met Murph 3 c year. A year of studying in the rotunda, coffee breaks. M M ' s (GC has been here), and partying policemen. 2 c year brought geeking, untimely visits. MacMurphy, last year of " What a mess. " and a falling out with NARC (sooner or later . . . ). After 1 c cruise, even the Dant was interested in Murph Was he nice? It was a great Army run . . . the longest leg for the gimps (You WILL pay). Weekend trips to Norfolk (can ' t you find the right bar?). ENS C, the little man ' s bro, and of course AR. Now that you can legally be in O Country, BE GOOD! The MONO will treat you well! You ' ll be a helluva SWO. MMJ 517 Gary Charles Peters Las Vegas, Nevada Physical Science Surface Warfare It appears Gary is USNA ' s only living sandpaddy. but he is. He arrived via Vegas — someone ' s loquacious, no, just LOUD red- headed child. Sort of a smile with curls. A virtual paragon of academic excellence, only the trivial points of errudition entram- meld him (grades, classes, ac-boards, etc.). A master of first im- pressions, Gary established a close working rapport with the 13th company officer in preparation for an Ac-board the first day back from the summer hiatus. Next our nubile young adventurer sprawled heart first into the sweet bliss of a romantic entanglement with a young native. The remaining years have been typical of a Mid betrothed; no car, no money, just warm fuzzies. Gary will always be remembered for the 1 3th Company poster child, morn- ing flatulence, many faces of pain, helpful drill instruction, and Queenie. Basically, Gary, you are sick, twisted, and perverted. It appears we like that in a person, but we do. GBU Scott Thomas Peterson Dallas, Texas Economics U.S. Marine Corps Scott, a glutton for punishment, just couldn ' t get enough. After a year of hazing at Texas A M, he came to USNA. Scott was easy to find. He was either studying or commuting to Texas. We just had to look for his leather belt, fastened by a buckle which could double for a hubcap, his cowboy boots, and his redneck shirts. Most weekends were spent going to Chili ' s with the gang or drinking Lone Stars at Fuddrucker ' s. Scott was a Mudworm, and this tra- dition will continue as he enters the Marine Corps. Best of luck Scott, " Semper Fi. " Memorable moments: Why Rivkin why? Shut up, I ' m talking to a duck! Country " Music? " I have to work on a paper, mudworms, chips and sauce, pushups, trips to Waco, Col- orado Ski Trip, I ' m afraid we do, Mr. Happy, Calvin and Hobbes, belches and slaps, nice girls, bad girls, Snookywookums, electric blanket, throwing shoes, paper airplanes, the special table, Willy and Clint, etches and diminushuns, and stealth plebe. RDS David Brian Shanes Honolulu, Hawaii Computer Science Surface Warfare Dave reported aboard from the 50th state. His off-duty pursuits have included proprietorship of a fine kosher foods distributorship, " Dirty Dancing " at Margarita Maggie ' s, where he collected a stack of phone numbers (thou he was rarely known to dial any of them) and once brought back a birthday cake with big pink headlights (which he promptly whammoed), and being a skate guard at the local roller rink. Dave managed the varsity sailing team for three years, becoming head " hippity-hop " handler and even earning the coveted Boston Whaler qual. After learning of his altered career path, Dave wandered down to Norfolk with his roommate over Spring Break to board the " Gus Boat " for a week of AG! ops, BECCEs, trying to find good chow courses, " Jungle, Ensign Bea- ver, " " Thanks, Love, " and getting thrown out of the wardroom by the Captain. His path starts in Pearl Harbor, where Dave is sure to show ' em how it ' s done. RHM Robin Dexter Shoop III Virginia Beach. Virginia Computer Science Surface Warfare Rob Shoop? Oh yeah, Rob ' s the reclusive, nocturnal computer creature seen rarely during daylight hours. Sort of a Company Raccoon. Easy to find during the day, Rob perfected many tech- niques in Rack-time maximization. Twenty minutes before for- mation was plenty of time for the Blue Beast if you knew how. Rob firmly believed that 12 hours sleep a day implied only two years ' time at USNA. Rob is a biological anomoly; he undergoes a daily metamorphasis flowing from the morning cocoon stage (morning chair rack sessions completely covered by his blanket), to the semi- conscious daylight larval stage, to full adulthood at night. Rob always was a night person. Things to always remember: The Log, Chili ' s, Loyal Roommates?, ski trips, pellet pistol battles, chips and hot sauce, the Captain ' s morning wakeups, TIS, Tri-semester PT (PE tests), Mr. Happy, and Mudworms. STP 518 13 Michael Brent Steinbach . Garden Grove. California V Aerospace Engineering Naval Aviation Mike came lo good old USNA from sunny southern CA to become an engmecr and naval aviator. His first two years went rather smoothly except for a few episodes youngster year. At the Eastport theatres, he discovered a new way to decorate the inside of his cover and had the unforgettable encounter with the evil forces of the Eastport natives. Second class year he realized he should have never gone .Aero but somehow survived the Rocket. Being the only one in the company without a Ring Dance date, he invited an old h.s friend in a desperate attempt to save his pride. Little did he know that she would steal his heart away forever. First class year his entire existence was dominated by her and it definitely reflected in his grades and financial stability. Mike ' s wedding bells will ring in October, and then it ' s off to P-cola. Good Luck. Maybe I ' ll see ya at the Steinbach family reunions. LAM Edwin Galantin Veazey King George. I ' irginia General Engineering Naval Aviation " Sleazy Veazey " — it ' s not just a name, it ' s a way of life. This phrase, which has been carried worldwide and translated into countless foreign languages by the scores of girls that Ted has wooed, aptly descnbes our hero. (Just ask " Leather. " ) Ted is only the latest in a long line of Naval heros. He spent his formative years on the Parade field, but it was the thought of life " down on the farm " that drove him to the .Academy (via NAPS). How he sur- vived plebe year is a miracle (with roommates like Coop. Hawkman. JefT. and KJrk. how could you not get in trouble?) It was such a traumatic experience that it forced him to drink — who do you think made Mr. Ashford his millions? McGarvey ' s almost proved his undoing, however, when he ran into SECN.AV at the bar. Just remember, some men are bom to sleaziness. others have it thrust upon them, but there is only one who defines it. Good luck in P-cola. Theodore. JMMIII Jeffrey Raymond West Owensville. Missouri Aerospace Engineering Naval Aviation Dear Maggot. Well, wild-eyed Southern boy, it has been difTerent being your roommate. I ' ve never been accused of so many things that I didn ' t do. I wish you luck and hope you learn to fly in the wild blue as well as you have learned to study in it. May your RIO do better with maps than you did in DC. We hope you can keep from getting your car blown up. since the species is near extinction. May fewer girls in your passenger seal be adorned in Chili ' s T- shirts. Keep skiing but beware of small children screaming " Be Free! " Do remember when in a dogfight that the Mudworms always had the best defense. Yet we were never quite sure what slowpitch had — except fun! .Always remember to cause trouble — don ' t get in trouble. Please watch out for Mimic ' s moving furniture and strange girls who know your name! Guess What — I ' ll tell ya ' at the reunion. Lastly, 1 hope you survive better in life than you did in my dreams. Go Cards. DWI Harry Matthew Wingo Lothian, Maryland English Special Warfare Having read your journals, we felt obligated to make additions. FLASHBACK, A 30 SECOND RIDE: Peaches, Mighty Mouse, Lawrence, Anchor Windlass, Ceiling Ghost. Princeton Pooh. My Girl. Groton. rock-n-roll remedial. Uncle Jack, dip, body fat %, Europe (dirt cheap), rack injury, Alabama, slalom, the block. Pink. LESSONS LEARNED: The real world won ' t be impressed by a pathetic look. Deep meaning isn ' t found on jockey shorts. Con- tradict yourself you are large, you contain multitudes. Somebody ' s always cleaning up after the French. Nietschc probablv hated Dickens, too. WE ' VE STILL GOT SOME QL ' ESTIONS: Is the view from 7-4 any better with two moons? What happens when you loose control in a psychodelic dream? .And, by the way, which one ' s Pink " In retrospect, one incident reveals the quintessential Wingo: As you gaze off into the sunset, she asks in awe. " Do you know what that makes you? " " Alive. " — The Good and the Ugly GBU 519 Matthew Bradford Aaron Snow Hill, Maryland Aerospace Engineering Naval Flight Officer Man ' s come a long way since that fateful day in August " of " 85, when 1 found him lost and destitute, seeking a role model. He ' s learned that the Fat Boys are not the " have all, end all " of music; that alcohol may not be our friend, but our enemies need love, too; and finally, there ' s more to pushing the envelope than what they taught him in his Aero Dynes class. Coming from that cosmo- politan mecca in eastern Maryland, his laid back " warterman " attitude won all his classmates ' friendship; his good grades and his insidious good sense won him their envy. As company commander, people actually obeyed him willingly — a record of sorts among the brigade. I happen to be one of them. Despite those nagging traits of his — intelligence, cleanliness, and always being right — I ' ve never had a truer friend. Matt, I wish all the best flymg those things you ' ve spent four years studying. Fair winds and true sailing. CJS Philip Lee Barnett Phoenix, Arizona Mechanical Engineering Nuclear Power — Submarines Enter ... A tall, blonde. Teutonic warrior with one quest in mind, the ominous rack. Although not an exact facsimile, he does have dirty blonde hair, a medium stature, and a small but sub- stantial set of love handles. He seemed to have his own guardian angel and his luck seemed to rub off on any of his companions in their never-ending quest for extra three-striper libs. Second class year, Phil acquired a flashy red Porsche (pronounced POR-sha) which he treated like his first born until one stormy night, he increased its seating capacity from two to seven. First class year The Boat School ' s warrior tradition finally broke through Phil ' s mellow exterior in the defense of a not so innocent friend at a local bar. Good luck Phil and thanks for keeping me out of trouble our last semester here. EFM EJB P.S, Help me make it through Nuke School! EFM Walter Thomas Baugh Ellisville, Mississippi Systems Engineering U.S. Marine Corps Tom came to wonderful USNA from the swamps of Mississippi. He is 50% of the weird room, 33% of Zogco and 100% Good Ole Boy. When he arrived for youngster year, he brought his Piuddy along with him. He spent his weekends with Piuddy doing Turtle things and his weeks at USNA doing anything except studying (4.0 and go). He spent many nights as a Weird One attracting attention from the Jimmy Legs, spreading poisonous gas on 7-3, making space shuttle simulators, and devising new and interesting ways to defend a nuclear retreat. His extreme lack of tact often got him in trouble but combined with his often psychotic demeanor and an unusual passion for fine firearms proved to be a useful deterrent for nosey company officers. Having adopted the motto, " Don ' t be one, breed one, " he went into the Marine Corps to do what he enjoys most — destroying things (well . . . second most). Good luck. Hope to meet up with you in Tennessee. TAH 520 14 Eric James Buch Fond Dit Lac. Wisconsin . Oceanography Surface Warfare Eric left Milwaukee. America ' s brewery, reluctantly to come to USNA. Our favorite cheesehead, Eric distinguished himself as one always willing to sign his name to any mail order, Ed McMahon giveaway, or mastercard charge. Like Marco Polo and Genghis Khan, Eric always returned from foreign travel with knick knacks and suprises. .Mthough Eric always thought he was driving no matter which seat he was sitting in. he was copilot during his most famous sightseeing tour of the yard. Liable to attack his desk, locker or shower at any hour, keeping a clean room was always utmost in Eric ' s mind. During second class summer Eric and friend Tom failed a class in symbol identification, and his cruise group never forgave him. Finally, our jolly doughboy from the North always found a way to put youngster and plebe boxing classes to use whether it was a Maryland icer. Bill the Goat, or his loving roommate he hit. Good luck to the short one. SHD Eugene Andrew Burcher Alexandria, Virginia Mechanical Engineering Nuclear Power — Submarines Andy left his sheltered life at the all boy ' s school, for the ad- venturous lifestyle the Nav ' y promised him. Since he had only a few romantic encounters prior to USNA, Andy is on a quest for the girl of his dreams. His hopes were highest first class year when his high school dream girl mysteriously became his lab partner. Unfor- tunately, during their late night " study " sessions, academics was the only thing on her mind. He entered the 14th Company and has been affectionately known as " Burch?. " His third class year was spent taking road trips to UVA, Richmond and heart to hean conversations with CDR Fry. Second class year rolled around and Andy discovered his fondness for subs. Thus, his professionalism grew so much that he insisted on taking plebe detail to help a friend stranded in Europe. Andy has a promising future ahead of him and I ' m sure that he ' ll find the girl of his dreams with out getting juked. JSH Bryan Patrick Burt Pensacola, Florida Oceanography Naval Aviation Bryan arrived in 14 after a stay in E-Z 25 plebe year, surviving football, two great squadleaders and the academic load of a real school. He quickly distiguished himself by playing on the JV offensive line, doubling his CQPR in a semester and being named 3 c company commander. As the years progressed, Br found himself at the top of his major, easy-ography. He became the Oceanography club president and his quest for power began. He organized numerous OCF picnics, retreats, banquets and prayer breakfasts and culminated his power quest by securing the position of Third Batt .Adjuatant. Throughout his Navy career, Bryan ' s parents have tried to lose him by moving five times since youngster year. Bryan, however, following his idol, me, to flight school will end up in the same town as his unfortunate parents. Well Bryan, we ' re in the Navy now and they ' ll make the rules and we ' ll follow ' em. Best of luck in Flight School and in your career! PRM David Allen Ciausell Mobile, Alabama Physical Science Supply Corps DAC came to the .Academy from the south with a tremendous ability for finding untapped credit, but with an atrocious memory for the name of his girlfriend. Was it Karen, Nellina, Tawana, Odessa, Harriet, Emma, L ' rsula. Wanda, Sheila, or that one-in-a- million girl at the ' 85 Army-Navy Game that still gives Andy Burcher nightmares? It never ceased to amaze me how any person could get so much mail from so many people without ever writing back. .Along with the only Dole and Chiquila collection in the company. DAC brought his own version of the Rotation Diet to 14. During weigh-in periods, pure starvation and sauna visits were required with a seefood diet for the rest of the year. .And. we can ' t forget the Black Max (DACSTER) which put DAC into his fi- nancial crunch. Just how did the DACSTER get on top of th at guardrail? Best of luck to you in the future my friend and I wish you great happiness in your life. Keep in touch. CEK 521 Nelson Jose Delgado Altus, Oklahoma History Surface Warfare Nelson Jose Delgado is the only Puerto Rican to fight at Dien Bien Phu. Nelson (alias Juan Valdez or Fernando Valenzuela) survived exile from his beloved jungles of SE Asia through a strict diet of glazed donuts and chocolate chip cookies. He needed to be fit since cars were impossible to drive in the rugged terrain of Oklahoma. This man among men exercised inhuman discipline in the rack, dreaming of ways to conquer with his wit (How many foreign countries have you been to? or Let ' s talk politics). He did not need to trick his one true love. The Spanish belle Nelson won Europe for, knows him too well. Mr. History wrote manuscripts destined to be world renown. He made his presence felt around the globe. During 1 c winter he taught Argentine Marines and soap stars. He did earn his own gold wings, but the pseudo-Marine outflanked Chesty Puller. Mi companero chose to teach sailors to train waves. Viva Nelson! MGH Ralph Albert Dengler Bronx. New York General Engineering U.S. Marine Corps A native of THE BRONX, Ralphy-boy came to USNA to join the brotherhood of the USMC. Through two flamer squads in SE- RENE 18, RAD proceeded to Ca BB-62 with JD, BC, GD for Cruise. 3 c yr brought new experiences with OTW in GT, rugby and Barbara. 2 C summer with Camel, Mark in FRG, and old women in P-cola, resulted in six mo loss of 1 C driving privileges. CumM + CumR = 2.13 caused a major change for RAD. After signing a few mustercards for his friends as MCMO, RAD found himself in front of the DANT, and his own restriction card, so he volunteered his leave and joined the X-mas Club. All was not lost, however, thanks to two blizzards and the one for one deal with the MSRU gang. 1 C cruise with the ROYAL MARINES. Day one of 1 C Yr. RAD with a six grand and a member of the five for four Club with Cheese and DAC. Spring Break, Capt. of the Rugby team-Pot Rug. CHAMPS-BRIGADE BOXING CHAMP. An awe- some roommate best friend. AMF Steven Harold Donnelly Hudson, Ohio Mathematics Surface Warfare After joining the hallowed ranks of midshipmen, Steve found the priceless commodity of sleep, therefore, he chose the major that gave him the most free time, math. In his last few semesters, Steve had a rough overload of 1 5 semester hours and occasionally had to creep out of bed in his quest to keep his dazzling G.P.A. Several ways Steve was able to avoid bed sores was through his par- ticipation in hockey and batt. LAX and in his never ending search for intellectually stimulating sci fi books and computer games. Steve is a naturally mellow and laid back person which is reflected in his self styled quote, " No violence, no violence. " 1 c year Steve found a new passion, girls! He also was given a squad in which he tried to carve out his own corner of Penn State at the boats school. Because of his high G.P.A. and class rank, Steve was able to choose the mighty Dahlgren at service selection. Steve was a great room- mate and friend. EJB Mark Blair Dunleavy Sanford. Florida Political Science Naval Aviation Mark is from all over the world. After NAPS, he took his leadership position in F-1 8 and excelled through plebe summer. Ac year thrust him into a flamer squad, but his toughness paid off as he coasted through second semester. Youngster cruise was on the Nimitz, near his lifelong dream: naval pilot, then the year had its ups and downs, with OTW and scheming. During 2nd class sum- mer, Mark was a plebe detail squad daddy and ran into a SAM. 2nd class year churned through with more scheming then unsatness, and after too good of a time in B-more with Cheez, Mark got the blackball and restriction. A snowstorm and MSRU- 10 got rid of that, but the year ended without 3 stripes. Firsty cruise was on the Coral Sea, then Mark rocked and rolled through the year as a stellar platoon and squad leader . An awesome athlete and best friend, Mark was always there. Good luck and God Bless You as you launch into the sky and dance through the clouds! RAD 522 1 4 James Ernest Dyer Sumner. Washington Physics Surface l ' arfare The quintessential D B God. Jim had the pleasure of rooming with a former classmate that had a penchant for reverse peristalsis and Judo. Then he was forced to seek company elsewhere, and it was south of the border that he looked, finding solace in an individual who could quote Star Trek reruns in Spanish and iden- tify every constellation in the sky. The bugle-blowmg " Dweebs " came to the boat school from Washington state, and has dazzled the Physics Department with his Einstein — like logic, although any- one watching him in his room would think that he " s an Economics major. Estimated right now at having only about half of Rock- efeller ' s total income. Jim limeshares with Smith Barney in order to keep his accounts in line, but relies on his Zenith hard disk system to plan his daily schedule. Jim ' s career future lies in the Surface community, where he plans to show Japan a thing or two. He has been a good friend and will be a great SWO. EAG David Earl Finley Lawton. Oklahoma Mechanical Engineering Naval Aviation Dave will always hold a place in my heart, as well as in that of all those girls who got a taste of his chronic condition of cold feet. With an eventful first class year that included a broken hand, two vehicle accidents, and a forever calling female, Dave exhibited great stamina. I ' ll never forget the night he spent in the sink after the Supt. ' s reception. Then, his deep involvement in the Mech. E. clubs forced him to spend a weekend in . " Vtlanta where he saw our old friend Rich. Dave got moved downstairs during second se- mester to serve as Batt Sub-Commander. Finner finished first in Airborne training third class year, and then crammed five more jumps into first class year to become the first man in the company to earn his wings of gold. Now Dave goes for the wings he has always dreamed of, the wings he well deserves. With a great future in store and memories to cherish. I say one more thing, brother. Good luck and fair skies. JPO Andrew James Erie Fairfax. Virginia Electrical Engineering U.S. Marine Corps By the volumes of books that the Zog consumes, one would think our hero an English major, to which he grimaces, but the Zog being a junior mad scientist. He had contributed immensely to the social habits of his peers with a knack for always having a friend or cousin in some sorority or with an apartment at away FB games. His Johns Hopkins connections made even home games weekends exciting, not to mention watching his special talent as a Zogmeter self- Breathalyzer. Hiding beneath an intimidating extenor and his biweekly copy of Shotgun news, one could always find a Levi Garret chewing Zog to explain the Greek of blackmagic EE or tape some tunes on his wunder-stereo. The future will find our good OP boy first atop any hill his men take or successful in any thing he attempts. SPM Edward Aaron Gomez San Diego, California Physical Science Surface Warfare Taco. after a long and arduous journey from the beaches of Southern California (I still question the fresh water that dripped from his clothes), immediately began to register his presence on those around him. Remembering my initial impressions of " the Gome, " I recall most vividly his unconscious reaction to music. He immediately has epileptic fits in his hands and feel which, sur- prisingly, keep time with the beat. .After having known him for a longer period of time. I gained a deeper understanding of his high ethical standards which limited Ed to only one neurotic girl a semester. Being surrounded by the " stupidest smart people " he has ever encountered, Ed easily transcended his peers in all areas except academics. .After four years of having his head in the clouds, graduation is finallv forcing him to settle down and dampen his feet, or will it ' ' JED 523 Mark Gerard Hakun Bethlehem. Pennsylvania Aerospace Engineering Nuclear Power — Surface Mark joined up with our company influenced apparently by only two outside forces: baseball and vengeance for rough plebe days in the Serene 18. Destiny allowed him satisfaction on both accounts. The glorious Red Sox somehow blew their lead, and the team from NY won the series. Plebe summer gave him the chance to even up some old scores although.a few long nights far from his place of duty make one wonder if he was getting soft. Women cost Mark more than just a few evenings when he found himself assigned to his favorite abode, the rack, for kissing one girl too many. Re- covered from mono he seemed to be falling apart, sore knee there, air apparatus here. By first class year, Mark was back in the fast lane. Forced to abandon the idea of becoming an aerial taxi-driver, he accepted the challenge of the noblest combat arm. Surface Navy. It has been a pleasure shipping with you hope you have the best seas in the future. NJD John Scott Hallenberg, Jr. Athens, Tennessee General Science Surface Warfare Scott, or " Opie, " as he was affectionately dubbed, came to the shores of the Severn from the hills of Tennessee. Joining 14th company from 1 1th, he quickly disappeared from sight because of being a top member of the tennis team. As the end of youngster year approached, the civilian college applications went out. Was Opie to be a Navy man or not? A change of sport to squash brought about a change in attitude. It became somewhat evident that in his life that he would have more hair on his face than on the top of his head. This would stop all of the confusion which people have distinguishing him from his Navy roomate. Although being away from the prep school atmosphere for three years, he never lost his taste in style. During senior year, Scott ' s life began to involve only four things: studying, tennis, which he changed back to, ' Cheers ' , and Jean. After graduation, Scott is off to the " Best ship in the Navy, " USS Glover. EAB Thomas Andrew Hole Wapokeneta, Ohio Electrical Engineering Naval Aviation Tom, also known as Fubar, stands out in any crowd due to his " Heat Miser " red hair. Being a well-armed warrior , he remains one of the few true American fighting men, Code of Conduct (mod 1988) notwithstanding. Tom has had his fill of USNA ' s Conduct System, having spent 40 days (actually six months) on restriction second class year for misbehavior during a lecture he never at- tended. To the uninitiated, stepping into his lair, the " Weird Room, " is a combination of " Apocalypse Now " and " Young Frankenstein. " Between the arsenal of lethal firepower (a source of anxiety to the C. O.), the sizzling chicken patties of Steerage Annex (a source of anxiety to the chicken) and the hideous array of assorted hazardous electrical devices, his room standards are a stark contrast to those of the administration. All in all, however, Tom is definitely the sort of person one wants overhead when the bullets start flying. WTB Corey Earl Keehn Medina, Ohio General Engineering Surface Warfare Originating from Burger King Town, U.S.A. (sometimes referred to as Medina, OH), Corey eagerly assumed his role as a mid- shipman in the Brigade. This thin-framed midwest boy made up for his lack of muscle and mass by using his mouth. Being a true master of orating, he could easily overpower the opinions of any mere mortal mid. To fuel his obsessions, Corey stuck to the strictest of diets — away with green leafy stuff, begone soil infesting plants. No sir, only the highest grade milk chocolate could possibly soothe the appetite of such a giant. Look out Richard Simmons, I think he could have solved the puzzle to good health and longevity. Best wishes in the years to come. You and yours will always hold a place in my heart. DAC 524 Michael James Leidinger Richmond. I irgina Oceanography Nuclear Power — Submarines Mike hails from ihc capitol of the Confederacy. He sianed ofl in Stalag. and after a shon jaunt on a sub he joined 1 4. He ran on the wrong side of the law 3 c year, but an encounter with jimmy leg quick draw changed his view. .After a trip across the pond, during which he learned the secrets of Wis fried chicken. Mike set off for a fun filled summer with the boys and girls of Gr. Seven. More than a BOQ table was broken. and ' Mike learned free FALL rappeling. That was not the only medical problem 2 c year: it turned out ok; medical would be suprised at the amount of in-room care he received. 2 c year was also a year of the tundra visit, and jeep pull. Somewhere along the line Mike picked up the sailing bug and made a vacation on the per diem boat, Mikes first class year was occupied at a local girls " school, and with trips to Pa. Mike has been a good friend, and I ' m sure he ' ll do well, no matter what path he chooses. RDO Dennis . ndrew Maloney Carmel. ew York Mechanical Engineering Nuclear Power — Submarines Dennis came to the Academy from a small town in New York. He was the brains behind most of the recons during Army week. He played each of the lower classes against one another and walked away laughing unscathed. These brains were also applied to ac- ademic endeavours which qualified him as a permenant resident on the Sup ' s list. When he wasn ' t being Professional Pete with the piebes or studying, he was rowing and rowing and rowing for R.F.C.. his beloved coach. Dennis ' s love for his sport gained him two medals a national championship. With most of his time de- voted to athletics or academics, you would think he didn ' t party or go out with women. This man is hard to carry and doesn ' t row well with a " sleepless " night. 1 know Dennis will have a good time being a civilian in Grad school before reporting to nuke school. Good luck in the future and happy hunting down under. DHN Enrique Franscesco Marchese Tampa, Florida Economics Nuclear Power — Submarines Our favorite Puerto Rican Italian hails from the sunshine state of the south. Maybe it was the confusion between not knowing if he was a rebel or a eurofag. but Rick quickly became familiar with Smoke Hall. Fully enthusiastic for the Marines (he went so far as to shave his head for his passport picture), things went a little down- hill after he was seen by Taco wearing only a walkman. His entrance into 14 was not the smoothest, being suspected of strange doings in the night. Youngster year was punctuated by a few unforgettable trips to bathrooms in D.C. Rick just couldn ' t keep out of trouble — while helping a friend who was a little under the weather, he somehow ended up in Medical and had a few more visits to Smoke Hall. First class year also brought the Fox. which after a few small problems seems to be running smoothly. Hope- fully his troubles will have slopped with graduation and in the future he ' ll run silent and deep. PLB Sean Patrick McBride St. Mary ' s, Pennsylvania Political Science Surface Warfare Sean, known as Woofer, left little St. Marvs to see and experience the real world for these four years. Woofer really impressed eve- ryone with his stellar tours at the Pentagon and with the Ponugese Navy on exchange cruise. This made up for his academics, and he was a poly sci major no less! A " calculator-phobic. " Woofer was always much more adept at practical, and hands-on tasks. Sean played rugby for three years and then stopped his firstie year so that he could also get his varsity rack letter. But when work time came. Woofer could really produce. He was the only guy I know who could bang out an essay by threading in the paper and start typing. The Surface Warfare community is gaining a real warrior, as evidenced by his rugby experience. He is truly a man to have nearby, when the missiles stan to fly. When needed, just cry, Woofl AJF 525 Paul Raymond McGowan Rockville. Maryland Aerospace Engineering Naval Aviation Paul had the privilege of residing only a beltway away from USNA. He arrived at Annapolis after an academic victory over NAPS, Not learning from his Newport experience, Paul decided to challenge Rickover ' s medicine men. Upon entering 14th Company during voungsler scramble his love of airplanes became known to anyone daring enough to enter his abode. The proximity of home gave Paul infinite opportunities for adventures. Different women entered Paul ' s life and now the state of Montana has been vic- timized by him. Rocky IV made its appearance during youngster boxing and Paul tried his best to follow suit. Thus Pebble was bom. Paul ' s soap box cars wound up in. wind tunnels and the aero department found this midshipman intriguing. After four years in the Navy Paul, of course, chose to fly Navy jets. With his de- termination, flight school will also fall prey. He ' s been a great friend and I wish him luck in all his endeavors! MGH Michael Francis Moran Cold Spring, New York Electrical Engineering Civil Engineering Corps Mike came to the Academy from Cold Spring, NY. with fiill intentions to fly, but instead will be a proud member of the CEC due to his countless allergies. The man we call Vegas was very successful in his bodybuilding and powerlifting efforts winning or placing second in several meets. Vegas is the master of the EE major after spending countless hours of time studying as we all tried to bother him. The hearts of countless women will be broken when Mike marries his long time girlfriend on June 4th. We wish them both the best of luck and we know that they ' ll be happy. Although Vegas was always busy with his work, he never turned away anybody who needed help, and the fact that he put up with me for a year proves that he ' s a good man. Good luck with everything the future holds for you, Vegas; I know that everything will turn out well for you. Take care and thanks for everything — Mosh CSM Christopher Scott Mosher Pembroke, Massachusetts General Science Supply Corps Mosh hails from south Boston after being recruited by the football staff and his older brother Jeff, but somehow this place wasn ' t like they said. Ft. Lauderdale and Europe with Tierns saved plebe year. Mosh played football for four years where he started out as a DT until he told the coach he could catch the ball — hence the PPC man. The 3-8 and 2-9 seasons weren ' t fun but there are some great friends and memories. It was all over after Army but the social life could begin — at Hoolihan ' s. Joe we ' re glad we didn ' t lose ya. C.S. Express, thanks for the pass. Chris spent many a weekend with . . . and plenty of times with the " boys " and now he ' s off to score for the real corps. Good luck with everything in the future, Mosh, thanks for being a great friend and roommate. Mo power, get some! — Vegas MFM David Harwood Newton Bellevue, Nebraska Physics Nuclear Power — Surface Originally from somewhere in Nebraska (I think), Dave had some " prior " experience with " the Navy " before arriving at good old USNA. After an initially shaky first meeting (nice bandanna !?) and some eye-opening introductions (you are dating a what?), it was friends for life. Despite some rough times (including march- overs with no neck, living with the CC and trying to make heads or tails of physics), Dave managed to survive and persevere through four years. Much to his surprise, he even managed to have a good time once and a while (esp. 2 c summer with Miss Liberty, Mr. Lopez and the gang! Well Dave, welcome back to the real Navy. Thanks for everything — you ' ll never realize how much I ' ve learned from you. Good luck either above or below the sea; at least you won ' t be stuck in a cockpit . 526 4 James Patrick O ' Brien Salina. Kansas Pysical Science Naval Aviation " I ' m a cowboy and with an alarmclock I do ride. " sang the hard drinkin " man from the Kansas Plains. For Jim it was either a life of music or the military, but the call of the sea was stronger than the wail of his viola. Four years together by the Bay has proved more than enough for J. P. who spent those years in 14 rooming with " Salty " (which everyone very much appreciated). Dave and Paul. With Johnny Cash as an idol, a strong sense of priorities was never a problem for Jim — video golf first, homework last. " Be pre- pared " might have been his guiding motto, never being without his token can of corned-beef hash and enough dirty laundry to fill the closet. Ever the athlete, Jim coached both the light-weight football and basketball teams lo record seasons in keeping with 14th Co. traditions. Now he is finally ready to retire his jersey, settle down into the married life and take up bowling in P-cola. Slay close. DEF Robert Daniel O ' Connor Glens Falls, New York Mechanical Engineering Nuclear Power — Submarines After spending plebe year confined with an interesting room- male, Dan spent little time in his new home because of frequent trips to Boston. This year also marked his ice battle with the NHL all-stars of 1930, teaching the rest of us how to drive in the snowy Alps, and the hearse. No other car has ever seen as much action on or off the road, at least when it was running. When he wasn ' t too busy beating up Dave, he captivated the Baltimore high schoolers with his famous grace and charm. He spent 1 c summer teaching the French how to handle their alcohol and developing that famous physique and powerful build which earned him the nickname " chief. " It was this year that he also tried to set fire to anything he could. He soon discovered Arlington and became very scarce around the company, much to our relief I wish Dan the best of luck with the future, and will always remember him as a great friend. MJL Christopher James Simones Prescott, W ' isconsin Mathematics Surface Warfare C.J. came to USN. from that northern mecca of Prescott, Wisconsin, but soon developed a strong affinity for the Chesapeake Bay. He demonstrated proficiency as a math major, but the hidden mechanisms of such devices as an alarm clock continuously amazed him. Always the mild mannered one. the nickname " Poohbear " soon caught on. C.J. rose to national fame and fortune youngster year as he became possibly the most widely televised Navy basketball fan in the Academy ' s history. Not one to neglect professionalism, he became the company SWO rep during first class year. He also assumed the prestigious duties as " happy-go- lucky " Lucky Bag rep, and most notably as " Log " rep. C.J. was always able to find the humor in any situation which helped make the four years bearable for the rest of us. As he was able to find all the good about his four years by the bay, the future must certainly hold great things in store for C.J. MBA 527 lark William Bible Bowie, Maryland History Nuclear Power — Surface Mr. Decisive. Those days leading up to service selection were pretty intense. An airdale would convince you that NFO was the way to go. Then (sometimes the same day) CDR Woodall would get ahold of you and you " d spend the rest of the day drinking out of your " I ' m A Surface Warrior " cup. Maybe it ' s best you finally went NUCSWO; aviators usually don ' t have a hard time determining if a topless beauty on a Hawaiian beach is male or female. We heard you didn ' t have the same problem on your 1 C Med cruise. We were all so privileged to be a part of the " Gerardo encounter. " Do you remember losing sleep worrying about it? Thank God the system works. Having a home so close was nice — for all of us. Did you ever imagine you ' d be spending so many nights on the couch? It was so nice of you to volunteer your room as the company ' s summer storage area. We really appreciated it. I wish you fair winds and following seas in your future. Good luck. SEK Terry Michael Bickham Independence, Missouri General Engineering Surface Line Terry laid back in his rack and was soon asleep, drearhing back to that hot July four years ago . . . .Arriving here from Missour-uh, Terry came in search of the " ideal military establishment. " Instead he found Canoe U. Struggling with himself for the answers to all his questions (and he had some dandies). Terry became involved with hopes of making a difference. But he soon realized he was a very small fish in a very large you know what. Bicks started as an Ocean Engineer, and in two years was " promoted " to General. With his " promotion " successfully completed, he moved on to women and after getting out of a potentially volatile situation, decided to join the ball and chain gang. First class year, how could we forget . . . VW, no VW slob, up all night, sleep all day, Bick ' s study habits (or lack thereof), and oh yeah . . . Terry! Wake up — you slept through two classes!!! Good luck and good riddance! TWQ TKG Anthony Thomas Calandra Cresson, Pennsylvania General Engineering Naval Aviation It ' s not true, Anthony did not resign his status as Vice President of the He-man Club, he ' s just on a secret, long term assignment. This tall, dark Italian from (you ' ve never heard of it) somewhere between .Altoona and Denver has always claimed to be best thing for the new masculine image currently sweeping the nation. The decade of the sensitive man is dead (just ask him). I offer this new officer as the model profile for those who wish to follow in his reactionary footsteps: favorite quote — " Look, just give me a beer and a Buffet tape. " Favorite drink — Beer if he ' s buying, Margarita if you are. Favorite activity — a boat (Sail), a beer, and a woman. Favorite car — fast, blue, and low (TVR — What ' s that?). .Anthony Calandra is and always will be vintage male (Unless he succumbs to the " M " word). JFE 528 5 Peter Joseph Callaghan Braintree, Massachusetts •. English Surface Warfare Pete came to the Naval Academy wanting to go to sea in boomers. He said you could kill the most people that way. He ' s always been a bit morbid. Pete ' s idea of Christmas decorations were red and green shotgun shells suspended from the overhead. He was always cynical, but Pete became a little bitter after cables ruined his chances to be a nuke and a chemistry professor and a lying malingerer almost aborted his career second class year. Dur- ing detail, plebes came to Pete to get Form-Two ' s when battalion office ran out, and the mates never were safe from the first se t Gestapo adjutant. Pete should have been an N.I.S. agent, for he has the surveillance technique down. Soon, midshipmen will forget Pete Callaghan. Only his rack will remember. The next time a mid hears the name Pete Callaghan, he ' ll repeat the name as a shiver runs down his spine. Because next time, Pete will be older. He ' ll be trickier. He ' ll be Conduct Officer. DAT George Walton Davis II Quincy, Florida Mathematics Naval Aviation " Gooood Morning Viet Nam!! Charge!! " The king of notable quotables, Dorge, Jorge also took a few tries at being a varsity athlete (was it seven?). The company nice guy ' s other interests wei;e cars (he had two), basketball (he never won), and blind dates. His hero was Hamlet and his imitations will not be soon forgotten. The " Medium Man " wooed the local women (to sleep) with his ap- proaches, but he was always on time with the tipsy taxi. Whether it was coming to Navy, staying at Na 7, choosing a major, or service selecting, George never had trouble making up his mind. Un- forgettables included George ' s White House tours. Advanced Calc (three times), and encounters with the Academy parking police, not to mention the " Chalet. " If it was up to George, he ' d return someday to surf in Hawaii, eat " shave ices, " and live with Saavik. He heads to Pensacola without a fiancee, but his sisters still love him. Best wishes, George, — Officer McCargo JFD Arthur de Leon Phoenix, Arizona General Science Surface Warfare The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly. This is Art de Leon, a confident man who came to this superb institution from the great " hot tamale " in the West. Tumbleweeds and all. Art was the epitome of a stellar midshipman who was highly respected among his peers. His inscrutable morality and enthusiasm toward our nation ' s ideals were to avail him in earning a place in his plebes ' minds as someone whose footsteps should be followed. That was the good Art. I know .Art will never forget the times of trial and even lunacv we shared as roommates. Though never really serious, we both enjoyed trying to put the fear of God into the other guy or even someone else (a plebe) for the smallest things just to get a reaction. Will anybody ever know how crazy you really are, .Art? Fascinated with the stars and planets. Art was always looking up with optimism, perhaps toward the bright future that lay before him following graduation. Best regards. Art. DMR John Fitzpatrick Dobbins Winchester, Massachussetts Political Science Naval Aviation They call him " The Big Man, " and it ' s not because he ' s strong. John, Jack, J.D, Dobba. Breaker, Beacon got fried a few times even though his nose managed to be on time. Fat Jack bottomed out twice during his four year (actually five) stint: once when the Red Sox blew the sixth game of the ' 86 World Series, and then when his girlfriend failed to deliver third row tickets to Bruce Springsteen two hours before the concert. He is a legend in his own mind when it comes to one-on-one basketball, but statistics don ' t lie and the " Little Man " and " Medium Man " repeatedly rejected and fouled him right out of Halsey. He was relieved with the new company officer because he would no longer be called the " Company Buf- foon. " Whether he is playing golf in Winchester, the piano in Mitscher, or debating hot political issues (and usually winning), one can always find John doing it his way. GWD 529 James Felton Elders III Georgetown, South Carolina Physical Science Naval Aviation I can remember that day in ' 85, " Hey Ant, why don ' t we room together next year; we both like ' Yes, ' so we ' ll get along fine. " He was holding his guitar so I thought it would be cool — WRONG — Felton couldn ' t play the guitar to save my life. But at least the next three years passed without a murder attempt. Felton only attended this fine institution for two years — yea, he went to class for two years and slept the other two. Without each other we wouldn ' t have made it through here. But there was his 21st birthday. He ended up holding my head in the sink, " Hey Ant. I don ' t remember you eating that. " 1 tutored Felt through weapons class — he got a B, I got a D. Felton was a well-balanced individual — he wasn ' t afraid to be professional, he just thought it was a drag. Yea, he was too busy sailing. Hey Felt, 1 know a place in Pa. where we can get 35 cent drafts, wanna go? Sorry Spanky, I gotta live my own life now. ATC Steven James Erickson Cedar Falls, Iowa General Enineering Naval Aviation Yukon came to us from the rich fields of Iowa. Although he didn ' t do much corn work, he soon cast aside his innocence (as if he hadn ' t already) to do some shucking of another kind. On those DROUGHT weekends our Ericksdotter could be found playing " Norm " and shooting the breeze with Kelly, Frank and, of course, Pete. Usually Willie or Fergy were at his side in equally low spirits. But, when that smoke cleared, the tables were boxed, the balls racked, and the cue sticks broken, he had to find a new and less humble stool. Gosh, how it hurt him to leave that transfigured place in the past. Desperately seeking any suitable ball and chain, we almost lost Steve, but we always seemed to save him at the bell. Or did we? After all he doesn ' t know how to use the brakes, just ask him about his biggest break-up. Mug in hand, this pal will find his new stool between a pair of hot and fast Pratt Whitney ' s. JCT Stephen Alfred Ferro Martha ' s Vineyard, Massachusetts English Marine Aviation We ' ve all had the chance to room with Steve. If Steve wasn ' t out running around trying to cut wei t for 150 ' s (just five pounds before tomorrow) he was busy opening all the windows in the room to freeze the cactus and the pineapple. A three-hour taxi ride from Boston to the cape was an experience, especially Tony ' s world politics. Steve did very well in classes. I had one of his classes and I know what they ' re like: Coffee, hot chocolate, and doughnuts every Friday. Take home tests, quizzes that don ' t count, and interpretive papers. Wow! Steve selected Marines, the only one in the company, even after going to Quantico during 2 C summer! We wish you the best. God Bless you. " Semper Fidelis! " OOO-Rah! SEK Thomas Kevin Guerrero Kalispel, Montana General Engineering Naval Flight Officer Arriving at USNA from metropolitan Montana via the Party School in Newport, Kevin gave the impression that he ' d just as soon be back on the spit-shined floor at Moose ' s. Kev stumbled through Ocean Engineering with his dip and coffee mug (or was it a jug) until the Rocket brought on a MAJOR change. He GEN- ERALLY made it through until he warmed up to Annapolis after finding his own heater . . . eh? Their anklebiters may never know about: visits to Johnies place with JD and Tim, the Woody cut, and forgotten nights at Maggie ' s, but WE do!!! Best of luck at P-cola and remember " To the wall, Kev! " TWQ TMB 530 15 Donald Ray Hensley, Jr. Houston. Texas Naval Architecture Nuclear Power — Submarines Don brought lo the Academy a strong will, colorful personality, and a warped sense of reality. He came prepared with his hair plebe summer short, and has yet to let it grow out. often causing con- fusion as to which class he actually belonged. Don was of the rare breed that actually enjoyed drill, especially as company command- er. Second class summer was excitation for Don; at Quantico he fell out of a helo and broke his leg — well, good story lo tell, anyway. He also acquired a cammie mummy sleeping bag and was rarely seen after that. But all of this did not add up to a Marine, for Don excelled at academics and chose Nuke Subs. Don also excelled in his Christian walk; however, it has been difficult for him to live up to being a " boring Christian. " Don has been a great roommate and friend, and he will be missed. May God grant fair thermoclines and following tides. How many times do you swish in the morning, Don? JBS Shannon Edwin Kawane Kauai. Hawaii Computer Science Nuclear Power — Submarines OOOO Shannon! Aloha! Pass the opihi please. You ' re from Hawaii! I was there once. Let me tell you about it. A red Lawa Lawa? I ' ll put the sticker on this weekend. Two cookies? Don ' t worry, I ' ll run tonight. We Beat Army. Spring Break ' 86! 2 C year saw a lot of visits to the Mid store to visit a certain employee (those Hallmark romances). Shannon came a long way to prove himself here at USNA and he sure did. From plebe year till Company Commander, SK made Hawaii and his family very proud. The first Admiral of our class — no doubt. God Bless you, friend. May your ship be always greeted with gentle breezes and calm seas (A sub is a ship, too)! MWB Ronald John Kinn West Chester, Pennsylvania Economics Supply Corps How ' can a 50-inch-chested wall of a varsity firstbaseman fail the o ' course? The " The Extra Big Man " was never intimidated by company officers, deputy " dants, academics, or taps. He held a soft spot in his heart for late night movies,monday night football (eventhough it was spring), and steerage runs. Not one to be easily tempered, his favorite stomping grounds were the Seventh Co. wardroom and the heavyweight football fields. Rhino had almost as many absences as excuse chits. His other interest were quilts, fans, and whiteworks, not to mention cleaning the room. His biggest thrill was seeing his own portrait in the Log . Always money conscious, he will make a great " SUPP-O, " and if he doesn ' t, his parents will foot the bill. The pride of MMA, this military machine is destined for greatness in whatever field he endeavors (be it baseball or lifting weights). GWD Mark Paul Lotze Ashtabula, Ohio Political Science Naval Flight Officer Mark is the man who will find perfection through persistance. He hit the academy wound tighter than a Swiss clock and attacked life as a mid with an intensity all his own. He kept the " Mr. Clean " title in spite of roommates ranging from Missouri to Boston to Bom Again. As a youngster stymied with Statics, he found his true track in Political Science — it only seemed natural for a guy who spent as much leave in Europe as in the States. Mark ' s language skills earned him a minor, a stint as the German Club President, and more than a few continental friends. Mark threw us all for a loop and trashed his budget when he drove up in his 944. but then champagne really does taste sweeter in Champagne. Good luck, my friend — you ' re off to a start as fast as your stride (but don ' t forget to " mosey " now and again). Take care . . . TMB 531 Christopher Timothy Marr South Brunswick, New Jersey Naval Architecture Nuclear Power — Submarines On the 8th day God created Chris " the Fanatic " Marr and saw that it was good. He plucked him from the depths of Jersey and placed him into 14lh Co., probably to battle the Rosserian, and later to impersonate him on Halloween night. Chris worked hard at everything; he ' s the only person I know to get the gouge for the Struggle. He was always seen in white works, playmg the mello for the beaters and blowers. Mr. Maahr, as a certain Jamaican might say, gave up head-banging music youngster year in Fighting 1 5, to do battle for the Lord. After all, that music was never any good on his AIWA box-stereo. Chris is a person who would never com- promise, even as he did 1 00 things at once. He was a true disciple of Christ in the company, D B and OCF, never afraid to tell you " Jesus is Lord. " I ' m sure you will someday hear, " Well done, my good and faithful servant. " God bless you, Chris. We ' ll remember you. Amen. BPB Michael Vincent McMahon Arlington, Texas Systems Engineering Nuclear Power — Submarines Mike ' s time as a midshipman was like the last half of an Horatio Alger novel. A typical day would see him up at 0630 after about three hours sleep and off to a six-N systems engineenng day followed by crew practice. After dinner, he would start studying again until three the next morning. Everyone had at least a few such days, but Mike lived that way all the time. After four years, he hasn ' t gotten all the respect he has deserved. Rocket Read took a bite out of him first semester of firtie year, and his company officer called him a jerk when he stood up for his roommate second class year. The same guy got him fried and almost killed the next year when trying to make taps from downtown D.C. in 18 minutes. Mike never got the striper position he wanted, although he bent over backwards trying to be the best midshipman possible. He kept thinking life was like that Horatio Alger novel, but he was wrong. DAT Scott Anthony Minium Yuma, Arizona Computer Science Nuclear Power — Submarines Upon arriving at the Academy Scott got off to a slow start, but with the end of plebe year, and the move to 1 5, Scott moved into high gear. First there was that one in physics . . . Not to mention the helpful elevator lady at Army Youngster year. What exactly were you doing when you were late? Second class year was a great one for Scott with a whole crop of new possibilities that he didn ' t even have to go looking for. Well, sometime around Christmas his luck turned bad! (?) A Southern belle invited him to spend Christmas with her, but when Scott returned he continued to drool over the oppor- tunities at the Boat School. However, as fate would have it, that same Southern belle returned to Scott ' s life 1 c year. So much fpr the new crop of opportunities that arrived 1 c year. See you in Orlando, and bring the beer. One more thing — " Beam me up Scottie, there ' s no intelligent life down here! " AGR Jeremy J. Noonan Barrington, Rhode Island Mathematics Surface Warfare Can you believe we do this to ourselves? JJN 5 Edward Charles Olshaw ; Wilmington. Massachusetts Physical Science Surface Warfare Alias " the Liltlc Man " or " Man of Small Stature " — not to mention his big derriere. Ed came to the Navy as the resident genius from NAPS. Ed ' s foremost interest during his tenure at Navy was the weather, and he rarcK missed a forecast or an Army- Navy game — a close second was baseball. He was noted for his record-breaking rack time. Ed also specialized in many memorable quotations. Although never wanting to appear ignorant (just ask his EE ProO. Ed would counter his own question, like " Why are there three-hundred and fift -si days in a year? " He had a smile, " Not including the holidays. " Having a keen eye for nothing except fastballs, Ed gave up hunting for fishing. Someday this pride of Wilmington. M.A will return to the seventies. To be sure, he will be missed by Popeye ' s, Pitchers, and all of us. JFD Timothy William Quinn Rochester. S ' ew York History Naval A viation From Rochester, N ' , the coach ' s son found his way to the Boat school. Tim had the system figured out from the beginning. For starters, he got his head shaved before arriving for plebe summer. Way to go Tim. really got " em w iih that one. Plebe year ' We weren ' t there but he assured us that he did great. A History major, Tim emerged as company Riordan ' s Rep 1 c year, which didn ' t surprise anyone. His previous performance in this area made him a shoe in. Thanks, Panch, for saving our friend. Through his many ventures. Tim ' s wallet came to read like a social directory. He talked of many, we saw few . . . except one particular evening at Maggies — that night we saw a lot. Tim ' s casual attitude will serve him well in the aviation community. Thanks for all the good times and good talk (our ears off). Take care. Tim. Mav the road rise to meet you . . . TKG TMB Andrew George Rander Conklin, Michigan Electrical Engineering Nuclear Power — Submarines .■ lthough he came from a small, slow town in Michigan. .Andy transformed himself rapidly into a " Nav-y man. ' Strange how much of that took place after the big " 21. ' .Andy became one of 15 ' s ' Navtag Madmen; ' a title which has nothing to do with his cunous affection for Smurfs. First class year was just that for .Andy, what with Rio and Baltimore . . . and I ' Oth and 13th. .After first semester we were doomed to hear things like " " I could talk to someone for you - . . ■ ' or " when 1 ran the Batt ... " How many stripes did you have? We went through a lot together (2 c year!), and it would have been tremendously worse with anyone else. (Especially a non-EEl) .About .Andy I must say that he was my finest friend at Canoe U. But .Andy, remember, you ' re still just a big cockroach. SAM Daniel Mark Rosser Springfield. Pennsylvania Systems. Electrical Engineering Nuclear Power — Submarines On the sixth day God created Dan in his own image. His childhood included toying with oscilloscopes and motors, and when he called the harder half of his double major " child ' s play. " he was serious. Known vanously as the Heat Miser. Rosserian. Danbo. or simply the Menace, this most valuable friend was the Fifteenth Company dement leader. Dan would explain his actions: " It was wrong. I knew it was wrong. But. I did it. " What he meant was, " ' Vou thought it was wrong. I knew you thought it was wrong, so I did it. " Dan would never accept mothering; he had his own ideas about what was important. Formations were not. Learning was. Bnlliant. defiantly independent, supremely confident, and possessing infinite potential. Dan is the essential American. And he loves It. For Dan. life is child ' s play. D.AT 533 Joseph Brian Spegele Roanoke, Virginia Computer Science Surface Warfare " Joey. " an Army brat, demonstrated his proclivity for indecision soon after high school. He attended MMA for a year before he decided he wanted real hazmg; so off he went to VMI to be a Rat for a year. Then he decided he wanted to go to a real school and showed up at USNA, following in his brother ' s footsteps. Com- puter science was one thing he charged into without loo much indecision. Joe ' s build makes him a valuable assest in a rumble; his jovial, care-free nature keeps him from usmg his bulk in an un- provoked manner. He definitely believes that if you ' re not racking, you ' re not doing it right. Joe has been a great roommate and friend for three years together by the Bay. Remember these: Rumbles? Friday night Chinese? " Breathe . . . breathe! " ? " Come aboard! . . . Sir! " Screaming candidates? EE screams? W? P? L? J? Double bar? Single bar ' ' The Thomas C. Hart is getting a good man; may God grant fair winds and following seas, Joe. DRH Bruce Allen Stanfill New Carlisle, Ohio Systems Engineering Nuclear Power — Surface Bruce came to USNA from New Carlisle, intent on becoming the best officer in the U.S. Navy. Venti ng his frustrations from a tough plebe year through the D B, he ended up the only male on the all female flag line. But Bruce battled back with his undying optimism, and eventually he became D B Ops, the backbone of the corps. He took his third class cruise on the BAINBRIDGE, but still ended up selecting Nuclear Surface. From youngster year on, he excelled in Systems Engineering along with his unsurpassed professional knowledge. On the lighter side, we ' ll never forget his " exciting " driving style — thru RED lights. He was probably dreaming of battle in the Persian Gulf Nobody knows the whole story of Spring Break ' 88. when he stayed with five different women ... If Bruce heads to the fleet with the same enthusiasm as he ' s shown here he ' ll be a success at everything he attempts. Good luck Bruce! JAW Jeremy Stewart Thompson Longview, Texas Physics Surface Warfare Arriving at USNA after a detour at NAPS. Jerem ' y lost no time in making a strong first impression. 3 c year he gained the post of Co. alcohol rep after an evening ' s activities in Dahlgren saw him testing the girth of an irate wardroom worker, introducing a zealous hop rep to a wall, and stripping the finish off the SOW ' s shoes. 2 c year brought sobriety and little time off with Black Magic, Varsity sailing, and tipsy plebes all vying for equal time. Thanksgiving ' 86 saw us on the road trying to set the Annapolis to Dallas speed record in THE Camaro (19 hours). Jer started l c year with two great acts of bravery: taking plebe pistol detail, and rooming with " the Rosserian. " Second semester he became the Conduct Officer, making life in the Shaft a little easier. Spring break ' 88 in Colorado brought the Landing Strip, stealth ops at USAFA, and Pallavicini. Fair winds, my friend. May our paths cross often, either on or below the seas. MVM John Carl Treutler Grand Haven. Michigan Mathematics Surface Warfare I ' m sorry, what? Huh ' j ' How John passed the hearing tests; a mystery to even Sherlock Holmes. Willie was dubbed the messiest, most disorganized Mid, while still having storage boxes labeled " miscellaneous, misc. items. " His favorite way to wake up is to sneeze seven times in three seconds. His favorite hobbies, besides boxing for Navy, were dipping, buying unpopular CD ' s, burying his head in his engine, laughing at all the wrong jokes, and falling in love (seven times). Willie came from Michigan (obviously) and learned about " riding shotgun, " Adv. Calc, powerful stereos, for- mation announcements, and 914 repairs. The Surface Navy will have to turn up the speaker circuits so Willie won ' t miss the action. JT, Trites, Hey!, were all names he wished people used instead of Willie, but to no avail. The target of a lot of jokes, ribbing Willie was like shooting fish in a barrel. Good luck Willie, we ' ll really miss your laugh, but most of all your company. What? GWD 534 15 Douglas Allen Tucker Littleton, Colorado | . Naval Architecture Naval Aviation Doug came from Littleton, Colorado, but many people at USNA believe that he is from a much warmer place. Growing up, he showed much promise as a muckraking journalist but he opted to reform the Naval Academy. He entered second class year with the motto " Spare the deuce and spoil the plebe. " His illustrious career as the supreme originator was cut short by the infamous inver- tibrate conspiracy. Undaunted, Douglas Tuckermeier excelled as a firstie. He was a Rhodes Scholarship finalist, fried six out-of- company youngsters in one night, and set the land speed record between Washington D.C. and the Anne Arundel County line bridge. At Superbowl time, Doug ' s motto was " One hand for the Broncos, one hand ' or the ship. " Always on the lookout for traitors in state government, Doug publicly exposed a Communist upstart known as Senator Leningrad. A true American, Doug will never compromise his ideals; just ask his fellow restrictees, PJC Jon Albert Wills Henrietta, New York Electrical Engineering Nuclear Power — Surface Uncle Fester was the picture perfect plebe from the moment he donned his dixie cup; Public Affairs thought so. He was a good plebe, even though his year ended early when a squadmate told the upperclass " how ridiculous all this is. " As a youngster, Jon chose EE as a major, and somebody chose him. Just how did she bruise your lip, Jon? His Halloween costume as a janitor was perfect, complete with stereo components and body paint. As a second class, Jon got serious: For his studies he got a briefcase, and for his girlfriend he got a ring. First class year saw his dream as company Adjutant met while thoughts of a " June Week wedding " filled his mind. I hated the fact he could fall asleep anywhere in five seconds, but I ' ll remember Jon most as a great listener, with whom 1 was able to share my deepest thoughts and fears. Thanks for the memories, Jon, and good luck Mr. Mrs. Wills. BAS Henry Holmes Wingate Charlottesville, Virginia History Naval Aviation Talk about an All-American guy — when you think of Henry you think of a 1 50 lb football quarterback, apple pie, mom (or mumps), and a " 69 Le Mans convertible. Hank, the " Mellow Man " or " Skinny Man, " earned his varsity letter while leading the victory against Army as a junior, and then to the 1 50 ' s championship year as a senior. Beingsecondof nine children. Hank has learned how to listen, be patient, and eat very slowly. Most of his weekends were spent at UVA (home), or JMU (second home). Someday Henry will go to a real school — it ' s his ultimate goal in life. Quite the artist, he spent many a rainy afternoon drawing and listening to George snore. Hank was successful at every thing from grades (History Honors, for a while at least) to athletics. He easily made the grade for Pensacola via VA Beach. The " Golden Boy " will be a flying ace for sure, and we ' ll never forget his monthly cookies or his " top- down " attitude. GWD John Edward Zeberlein Cherry Hill, New Jersey Electrical Engineering Nuclear Power — Submarines I came to Canoe U. with a few things to accomplish. They were to win an N star in 1 50 ' s, get an EE degree for a hobby in later life, and to go underwater. It looks like all three will be accomplished — barely! The N star part was a cinch if you can drop twenty plus pounds in two days then gain it back in two more days. I ' ll never venture into a sauna again. EE was a constant battle of SAT vs. UNSAT, with the victor usually being UNSAT. Going underwater was cake for moi, the anchor nuke. Seriously, nobody was even close. Thanks Admiral! A few things which won ' t be forgotten are the " missing " bus in Pottsville, and the sacrifical burning of THE nameplale. I leave you with one thing on your mind; " So . . . What are you trying to say? " ZEB 535 i nL Margaret Mary Brounk Wanwatosa, Wisconsin Mathematics Intelligence Margaret came to us from a place where cheese abounds, people are weird, and the cows rule by majority. An ace swimmer and phenomenal hoops player (wherever did you get that shot??), Mag decided to broaden her horizons as well as raise the caliber of her immediate social group by joinmg the crew team. Four years on the scenic Severn, Ted. Jonalhon, Solomon ' s Island, Boone ' s Farm. " Freckles that melt into one " by about the time of the ole DadVails. Youngster year brought true love. And your steadfast roomie, PAL, who lived up to her initials and kept you out of trouble, most of the time. She had a tough act to follow after plebe year with " Q. " Second class year you were a real " P.T. " enthusiast. But how you ever wound up company cdr. let alone a distinguished grad — you can ' t even find your way out of Annapolis? Intel, huh? Kind of ironic. " On Wisconsin ... " Best of times, best of friends. Lotsa luck and then some. L A Jon David Bunn Poughkeepsie, New York Political Science U.S. Marine Corps Bunn . . . everyone ' s favorite four letter word came to us via the Marine Corps from New York. After an enjoyable stay in the serene company, he was scrambled to the more challenging sweet com- pany. Not realizing that USNA wasn ' t an open campus, JD took up residence in Riordan ' s where his needs were quenched. Never one to " beat around the bush " he always took the bull by the horns. After finding the Marine marathon a tad shy of challenging, he set his sights on the coveted Commandant ' s Cup. He didn ' t achieve that goal; however, he won in the end when he found Marty. Well, JD, having spent the last four years together by the bay, there are a lot of me mories. Remember: Owens, Where ' s ...?!, I love . . . !, carbo loading and unloading in DC. and jumping your car. But if you only remember one thing, let it be this: In a world of variables, we are constants. Good luck! JHY Gino Celia, Jr. Phildelphia, Pennsylvania Computer Science Surface Warfare Gino brought us not only an uncanny ability to shoot a pistol, but one-liners as well. After surviving a grueling plebe year, Gino found himself in sweet sixteen keeping weird hours (play computer games ' til ten, study ' til two). Second class year found Gino a national pistol champion, and as of this writing he is trying to do it again. Gino not only amazed us with his shooting skills, but with his computer skills as well. Many a late night found Gino hard at work trying to save the paper of a classmate. The only price Gino charged for his services was verbal abuse, which anyone desperate enough to come to our room for help well knows! After SWOS Gino and Kim will be reporting to Charleston for duty aboard the frigate Jesse L. Brown. Fair winds and following seas, my friend, and I hope you remember more of your future dining-ins than you do the last one we attended! P.S. Good morning Gino! JDB 536 Chris Daughert} ' Jersey Shore, Pennsylvania Mathematics Naval Aviation " Dog-man " came lo USNA from a tiny town in Pennsylvania via the fleet and NAPS. After easy living in Pensacola and Newport, plebe year came as quite a shock. He survived, nonetheless, with a little help from track team tables. After waiting a respectable amount of time. Chns hooked up with the little blonde from track. They soon spent many romantic study hours in Nimitz, becoming quite proficient in plebe chemistry. Youngster year, Chris stopped running for NavT, although people would continue to congratulate him on races for the next year. To increase the thrill of youngster tower jump, Chris executed a perfect somersault (after a perfect trip), before entering the water like everyone else. His quest for danger was still not satisfied. Pre-comms and service selection answered his prayers — another Top Gun candidate is bom. With his plebe study partner and visions of supersonic flight, Chris " future looks bright! EEM David Guy DiEugenio, Jr. Forked River, New Jersey Political Science Marine Aviation Degenerate hails from the Jersy Shore and MMA. " Wheels " started with 1 50 ' s and stayed " til they put him in charge. " Did you ever make weight? ' " After youngster cruise on the Love Boat, D became addicted to his girl and stUl is — No worse for the wear. LTK and MAG say thanks for the envelope, we knew you had it in you! Hey Capt. D tell us about Laos — again. Beach party at the Bro " s. Room Standards?? Memories include: The five nights of Rudolph. " " He ' s in Ron " s Room " ' Drennan Treatment. Frankie with Drigues, Den Den — Get out of here! Where " s your ring? The Vous!! .Army tailgaters with the clan, group ten ringleader, nude windsurting. I need a . . . Ability to clear a room (or dance floor), livin " with cousin, RIGGO!, " Your reach must exceed your grasp, or else what are dreams for ? " " Good luck in the FMF Pappy. See you at TOP GUN! " ' Semper Fi " from two who knew and one who didn ' t. COZY, Ponch, and Drigues. Arthur Paul Drennan Hudgins, Virginia History Surface Warfare Paul, a man who believed that the only position is the horizontal position. He came to the Naval .Academy with one purpose in mind (sleeping) — to be the best that he could be. No matter what the situation was. or the attitude of the people around him, he always pursued what he believed to be true. His God-given talents allowed him to excel beyond his classmates both academically and pro- fessionally. The surface warfare community captured Paul at an early stage. Before him, his father achieved the rank of captain specializing in ASW. Paul has the ability and potential to surpass that mark. The only thing that stands in his way now is time. Paul was always willing to take the time to teach others the finer qualities of sleeping, but undoubtedly he became one of my best friends. I wish him and his beloved a happy marriage and the best of luck with whatever the Navy challenges him with. RLS Gina Rea Edison South Bend, Indiana Mechanical Engineering Special Operations " I will never quit and I will graduate. " These are words that Gina swore one night during plebe summer. .As our final days pass before us, Gina makes good her words. Plebe year bnngs to mind Streitere and a bloody nose. Decker and his " love " for Gina, a perpetual look of " " Did your dog just die? " and Mo Regina ' s search for a ring dance date. Youngster cruise sent Gina to San Diego. This was an " educatonal " summer with lots of summer camp thrown in! Youngster year brought mechanical education, rifle and non- plebedom. A man enters the picture in second class year. Gina begins to contemplate the big " M " word as her social life comes to a standstill. .After first class cruise. Gina returns to the land of the living. First class year brings qualification for rifle nationals, po- licemen, lots of P.T. and Special Operations billet. In the future, Gina will be underwater, doing classified things and keeping the Naval waters safe. SJD 537 Jose Robert Escobar Sparks, Nevada Mathematics Naval Aviation Jose ' s first motivation for comming here was his mom, and he was sure he would make his visit short. But as always he just took it in stride, discovering it was the best move he had made. Jose was always able to find the right hook or meet the right person. From " The Admiral " at Army-Navy to shoveling away 15 days of re- striction in one weekend. Only Jose! And the road trips: Radford, UVA (Where ' d the apartment go?), N.Y., Ocean City (poor Mike), Alantic City, Duke! Then there was Hawaii, Lauderdale, Mex- ico, " ' one of locals " in Europe, and conch in the Bahamas (No weak drinks!). He was the only one who would have a giri ask him to dance after eveo ' one else had crashed and burned. But no matter where he went, he made sure everyone had a good time. No place to stay? We ' re going anyway — hell ya! Jose ' s good nature made friends everywhere he went, and made some of the best right here. Thanks for the good times. Fly high and shoot for the stars. GBS William Evan Fiery Nashua, New Hampshire History Surface Warfare Evan came to USNA from the bustling metropolis of Nashua seeking fame and fortune (stripes and nuke power). Calc quickly dissuaded him from these goals, and its Rickover — Maury- spawned cousins dogged him the rest of the way though Navy. Each year Willie had a different thing going: Plebe year saw " mail out the ears " from the " little woman ' ; 3 c year was " which girl is it now (out of six or seven)? " Second class year started out normal enough, with him flagging EE and validating Smoke Hall. Ev had the rug pulled out from under him that winter, but ' ole Jim Webb thought he was too small for CIVLANT and threw him back. He now bides his time in sweet 1 6, counting the days until Christmas when he can join the rest of us in the real world. Hey, bud, don ' t forget the good times: binges on the dock and Nashua nights, pig out at UNH and going Gaelic at two in the morning. The time has flown, thanks for being there. JRM Thomas Fervier George Wheeling, West Virginia Electrical Engineering Naval Aviation Opie came to USNA by way of Wheeling, W.Va. After a plebe year which included mandatory study on Saturday night, com- pensation came in the form of 1 6th Co. For three years, he did nothing but manage to fill every conversation with at least a little bit of sports trivia. Everyone has heard just about enough that they could take about lU hoops, Penn State football, all the Pittsburgh pro teams, and worst of all, his pseudo alma mater ' s football team, the Brooke Bruins. When Opie wasn ' t talking about sports, he was talking about the perfect girl he met the last time he was home or how much of a mistake she turned out to be. Tom was definitely a sucker for the female species, but he always knew where to come for advice. Whenever he asked me for advice, he always did the exact opposite. He never learned. Despite his social setbacks, we know Tom always had the best of intentions. Good luck Tom. See ya in P-Cola. JRE Frederick John Gosebrink III St. Louis, Missouri Mathematics Surface Warfare Goose came to Navy after a brief stay in Newport. Plebe year he went out for the offshore sailing team and joined forces with Fuzz, Damien, and Bolt to form the Pulpit Club. A Solgere trained foredecker, he ascended to pomt youngster year and stayed there forever. Sailing took time out of every weekend but two things always took precedence; Nick and Baseball. Probably the most avid Cardinals fan East of the Mississippi, Goose was unmistakeable on the water as " the guy in the Cards hat " and he will never forget that night at Bogie ' s with Danny Cox. Nick enjoys a " most favored dog " status in John ' s life, though the little schnauzer probably wonders why anyone would drive the Beast cross country just to see him. When John wasn ' t on the water he was on the hoops court makiiig Magic green with envy. John goes surface upon graduation and will obviously excel there. We wish you the best of luck and dry chutes. F H 538 •• 4-.. 16 Maximilian Antony Grant ;. Wyckojf. Mew Jersey JiLi Political Science Honors Special Warfare Max came to L ' SNA from the Marines and NAPS. He walked on to the football team and walked off a year later. The next three years he spent: on the LAX team — two years, two goals, three game balls — studying politics, and VGEPing with two summers in DC at the Pentagon. Lots to recall: jump school with LTK, living with the TURKEYS. Hello CJ — I ' m not good enough to play LAX for Hopkins, fried for frat with his bro?? T-shirt raids, tell them we ' re asleep, getting friendly, test weeks, the artic Triathlon. Severn swimming — " just practicing Sir, " eating pig tongue and eel in Japan, the view. Watching the Army-Navy game on TV at SU, the RITUAL. High points for Max include: meeting M, car dates, DC days, hanging out with IVAN, GO N.AVY!! Love and thanks to mom, pop, Jul and D. Good luck at Georgetown, weather should be good in Coronado. Top Down. " Semper n . . . " " Never give council to your fears. " LTK, DGD, RAR Todd Edward Hiett Spring I ' alley, Ohio General Engineering Surface l ' arfare Todd arrived at Canoe U via Bridgton Prep. Plebe year he decided aero looked good (as well as several upperclass) and joined rugby — immediately earning his letter at Towson. When re- striction ended he went straight to Hemdon where he put the cover on it (hope you enjoyed the fall). On 3 c cruise he experienced Italy and earned his second black N. Restriction ended in time for Christmas. He also enjoyed Dahlgren watches but what did a certain 0-6 say? Second class year brought EGE and who could forget the A-town circuit, Gazelling, DC Motors, Airsurfing, Elvis, Red underwear? Herbie finally earned a rugby letter and found that he flipped for Na ' y at football games. Firstie year was an academic cake walk. The SAAB meant roadtrips: WVa (Go Mountaineer). NYC (HoJo " s anyone?), Loyola (Nice road salt), springbreak (Utah powder is better than what?). His bodv failed him along with Dean Kelly — so it ' s SWO in San Diego. Good Luck! JRM John Eric Kennington Annapolis, Maryland Physical Science Surface Warfare Eric was preceeded at USNA by his father and three older brothers. Being a " NavT Brat, " Eric lived all over the world — Italy, Hawaii, etc. — but eventually his family took on the position of Annapolitans and brigade party host. He started his Nav career at Newport and skated nght into graduation. Soon after conquering NAPS, Eric joined cloud nine for his plebe year. He found his silver lining youngster year when he joined sweet 1 6. Eric spent most of his time gr appling on the mats, which soon led him to wrestle with an academic opponent. Eric ' s love of life and a " cold brew " led to his extravagant purchase of the Severn cruiser; who else would buy waterskis and a boat with his car loan? To find Eric on any weekend would entail combing the slopes of Mt. Kjllington or sailing the waters of the Bay. A true sports fanatic. Eric was a SKJ buff! I wouldn ' t be suprised to see him 50 yards behind the Saratoga with a rope tow in hand! HAS Richard Atsuhiko Kendo Nothglenn. Colorado Aerospace Engineering Nuclear Power — Submarines Kondo-san was generally a spaced-out kind of guy. mostly be- cause of his major. He worked hard at everything he tried, whether it was a computer program in asirodynamics, a new dismount in gymnastics, or perfecting his parallel skiing. .As a roommate, he was easy to get along with. One of his unique talents was being albe to fit himself onto the sink to soak his feet. In any case. Rich always had a ready supply of rice seaweed crackers and fermented milk, and always offered his house as a ski-lodge every winter. A real good guy; I expect him on the moon someday. Known as " stealth- man. " Rich was a ninja warrior; sometimes he was found suf- focating his classmates with ammonia. Beware Max and Lindsay, no one ties up the " Stealth-man, " leaves him naked, and gets away with it! Speaking of naked, you could always find Rich in a Chip-n- Dale ' s mood. Good luck Stealth, when is payday? 539 Lindsay Thomas Kough Arvada, Colorado Political Science Special Warfare Hey what ' s up with that? Water polo bench warmers, spring break rock assaults, the ' Vous, group 10 ringleader, new Fndge, ring dance cruise, the talk, the FIGHT, secret handshake, it was worth it! — Wherefore rejoice? Lettuce couldn ' t have stayed to endure Mike ' s regime even if he ' d wanted to. Seven years to graduate. It ' s three o ' clock. Your little brother rates your salute, and . . . LIINDSSA ' ! The only easy day was yesterday. Cousm, relation, libation, it ' s the ' Nado Bike-O-Rama, Corona unrep, jump back, let ' s do CRIMES, free dinner and Jacuzzi. Is this the feast of Lupercal? " Col, I ' m definitely going Marine Air, " no cash, wrath of CJ, TURKEYS, Ferris Bueller, butt dance. Viper Squad- ron, two N ' s, PRC Pres., honor rep., Ode to Den-Den, Len, Schlag, Bucher. " Semper Fi, " Tim (Ram). Thanks mom, dad, Lawrence, and Gina. See you in the TE.AMS. Love, BLT with CHEESE, Degenerate, Ponch. H2T Michael Judge Kraft Palos Verdes, California Political Science Marine Aviation Krafty interrupted his promising singing career in the Los An- geles underground music scene to go to college and then creep (in various colors) east to discover rowing and to musically educate the masses: IV-pneunomia leads to the boathouse, asbestos alley, anti- christ, cigars on the lanai, guiding light, nerf hoops, pigpen, IRA ' s, foggy in Hawaii at Moose ' s, the fly III, varsity, surfed, hanged in effiiy, the night ride to BWI, frozen thawed, thin ice. Madness, convergence zone, tree trunk, porko diablo II, Supt ' s list libs, the circuit, flying, chemical engineering, NNN, X-New Years Eve, hoops in S.D., philly summer, popcorn, two hip I, captain, sal- amander, drink one wear one, blitzkrieg bash, cash from chaos, r r swindle, mutinies, med Xmas, computer genius, volksgemein- schaft, close at S.D., Wisco, Sieg Denver and Keith, illigitimati non carborundum. Thanks coach, Redline, pull for Navy, Semper Fi. DKM Michelle Joan Laurenzano Bowie, Maryland History Intelligence Michelle ' s long, tiring trip to USNA for I-day consisted of a 12 mile drive. Having a firstie sister helped. Nancy may have helped her plebette sister, but to the class of 88, Midn 1 c L . . . was to be avoided. Closely following in Nancy ' s footsteps, she wrought the same vengence on the class of 9 1 . Throughout her four years at the Boat school, Mich led a very professional existence . . . even flam- ing for walking across the grass (ask Sandra)! She managed to earn her very own black N due to her association with the beaters and blowers. She did neither — she " played " flag. As chef de la NA-4, she wined and dined the crew of her youngster cruise. Needless to say, Mich will always be remembered for her ... pool partys, lasagna, St Patty ' s day festivities, and chocolate chip cookies. To the class, beware of her logistics. She may be cooking lasagna in your kitchen as she passes thru town. We wish her the best as a SPOOK! SH MJL Patricia Ann Lipoma Kingsport, Tennessee Oceanography General Unrestricted Line Howdy everybody! I ' reckon ' the time has come to move on out into the worid known as the ' real one ' . Oh my goodness! No more ' HOOPIN ' with the Na 7 women ' s basketball team? What a year to shoot the bomb for three. Mag, who will keep you up at night? Just don ' t drive after dark or from dawn to dusk and you will do just fine. Hey Stretch — I mean Gretch — What ' s up? PLEBE YEAR !!! I purposely deleted it from my memory, but it is accessible thru storage if for some weird reason I ever wanted to reminisce about the year of being dumb, blind (who is that?), crippled, and too many miles from southern hospitality. KJymaxx on the radio — Time to call Thumper. Indonesia, Alaska, Wales, Hawaii — It ' s not just a job, it ' s the USNA way. Thanks Margaret, Gretchen, Dave (for getting me thru THAT year), Bro and Sis, and especially MOM and DAD. Ya ' ll stay ' decent ' now ' ya ' hear? PAL 540 " .■i. Keith Andrew Masterson Mt. Airy. New Jersey Ocean Engineering Naval Aviation Keith came lo Navy, via MMA. from the Turnpike state. Forget the bad limes, remember these. 4 c: Pleasant valley, NJ jokes. " You can ' t add sleep. " Resistance Bowl. ISO ' s — " Do that again, " N . 3 c: CA propaganda. UVA. Luge team, Lindsay ' s sleepover. Fred, Hoodlums, going Ocean E. (Thanks Denver), Statics — " It ' ll never work, " " Why don ' t you hook up your friends?, " " I ' m enjoying my food, " warmup laps. Chip, Philanthropist of the Week, " How can I make money with this?, " Karen. 2 c: Mr. MC. North-South. Sta- dium parking, restriction, Gazelling, beer-phase shift, suspended, shooting rings, Fred at 11:52, Army exchange, blue sack, 150 ' s cokes, Rudolph, nng dance nightmare. 1 c: Hawaii, Wall-to-wall, SNAAB, big .Al. ISO ' s letter, pilot billet. Mike and Denver, you ' re the nuts. I love you both. " When they kick at your front door, how are you gonna ' come? With your hands on your head or on the trigger of your gun. " AMF Na 7 ' . DMK Jason Richard Matic Kingsburg. California General Engineering Surface Warfare Jason followed his brother to USNA via NAPS, then rode his coat tail thru an easy plebe year. His room on 3-0 provided us with an easy escape from recons in goatcourt. He joined D B for the trips but when he met a 28 year old at Pitt he found that plebe year didn ' t teach about that. GC. NY became his second home 3 c year. He met a girl there but Jas never could fi nd normal girls. He saw " Psycho 11 " until she deemed him too much a calming influence in her life. Second class year came up and EE brought his grades down (sooner or later ... j So he discovered A-town with the Gazelle pack. Loyola was a hot spot and he became famous by making their yearbook, busting shells on his head, and joining the One-Fife club. Firstie year was highlighted by bad fashion, unsatness. roadtrip to NYC(KKK-$292) and ended broke with no memory of Dave ' s. NAMI quailed him but Dean Kellv didn ' t, so he ' s SWO in San Diego! (AKA: Sac, Jed, RoboAlcho). TEH Dennis James McKelvey Buena Park. California Naval Architecture Nuclear Power — Submarines Denver traded bodysurfing and sold his red convertible Ghia to come to Na 7. What a fool! He came from California with a wonderful girlfriend. Psycho platoon, lowlife squad. PEP. Pleasant Valley, rumbles every- friday, snowball fights, the " .Anti-Christ " and the " Trough. " Mike and Keith, physics cur e buster, laundry bag wars, the " Night " (6000). surfing Mike, cap of knowledge, beach in a bag. follow the lights to funland, road cheese. UV.A. red hair at Poseurs. " 4.0, " group 10, .Man with the 4-way hips. 17 pull- ups, living with Herbie, hide the frisbee, power factor dance, DENVER, team spectra, " 4.0 " times two, Australia, plebe detail, champagne, viper Squadron, Klansch Masterson and the Hans Brinker Boys, crocodile hunting, submarines, giving her the " Rock. " cornpany commander. Be the ball Denver, my best friend ever, take me fishing sometime. MJK Mark Eugene Mercer Oklahoma City. Oklahoma Mathematics Naval Aviation Where is Oklahoma? I don ' t think anybody really knows except Mark. .A valedictorian of a high school class of 2(30 and an SAT score of 1080, he got into the academy because his congressman couldn ' t find anyone else more qualified. To say the least, the academy was the best place for Mark — where else could someone from OK get a free education, a new $5,000 mouth, and a whole bunch of girlfriends with four digit telephone numbers. Even though he has had it so good, he always found time to complain, if it wasn ' t about too much homework, it was a ' oout some striper member duty he had to do. No matter what people say about him though, he ' s honestly a good guy, why else would I stand his weekend watch plebe year so he could put on his mucklucks and go sleddoggin ' . When it comes to best friends, Mark is uncomparable. I couldn ' t imagine this place without his friendship. OU lost two in 88! HAG 541 Michael Andrew Musser Vermillion. Soulh Dakota Ocean Engineeri ng Nuclear Power — Submarines Haihng from the metropolis of Vermillion. Mike wanted to see the world — so he joined the Navy. He was an outstanding athlete in highschool (state wrestling champ). Plebe year Mus made the football team as a mere walk-on. but grew (literally) to become team captian. .Along with all his football awards, Mike amassed a stack of medical chits which allowed him to take two years of P.E. in his final semester. He broke the typical stereotype by excelling in academics and being accepted into the prestigious submarine force. We will all be safer with Mike underwater. He had a July 4th bang that left him earless, but he got his " Tang back in time to get a few speeding tickets. Mus will enjoy it in the deep since there are no stop lights or speed limits, however he will also find that there is no " Penthouse " where he can avoid the CO.. snakes and airplanes. Good luck Mike, see ya ' glowing on the cover of GQ! JEK Richard Anthony Rodriguez Pacifica, California Political Science Special Warfare Drigue came via NAPS. Rich was unwilling to bother with plebe summer — Sonny and Danny made sure he didn ' t have to bother with plebe year either. Third class year began two traditions: 1st team All-World ISO ' s and whiteworks. After pushing Ron over the edge he was saved by Max. Just how many cokes do you have in your locker? His performance experiment failed, 25 — Who cares? Keep your car off the yard! The halo dance proved the CIA out of control. Room with Sac and Fred. Rich became a major stock holder in Hills Brothers coffee, the food of the gods. Joe Bonnanno was not a crook — just a shrewd businessman. Max again — including the tide. Rich chose SEALs and now must really learn to swim. Can die with a smile on his face because he has got Frank under his skin. Vous — LTK. Degenerate. Ah how gracious life can be when one has friends in the right places. Even at BUDS they get the weekends off. MAG, DGD, LTK David Allen Sheiton Streamwood, Illinois Political Science Nuclear Power — Submarines What can I say? First class year arrived, and the Shooter was born. I ' ve had my share of growing pains at USNA, but this final year has been worth it. Thanks, J.D.. for the Marine Corps birth- day; I ' ll never forget that night as long as I live (sorry about the carpet. Ronbo). Cap, you pushed me to my physical limits, but don ' t get cocky — I ' ll always dog you on the roads. Say, will Al still hook us in the Reet? My best wishes go out to the Dog-man and Mrs. Dog-man; I hope your marriage is long and fulfilling. I apologize to all of the firsties of 16 for my marathon phone sessions, and no, I ' m not yet a legal resident of Chadottesville, VA. Finally, my sincerest thanks go to mom and dad for being there at the worst of times — I couldn ' t have made it through without you. Grant Boehler Stephenson Dallas, Texas Aerospace Engineering Naval Flight Officer Quiet and innocent was the best description for Grant during his youngster year. He just stayed out of the limelight and kept his nose clean But as second class year came around, he started to come out of his shell. Then, all of the sudden, we ' re all first class and SIR is bom! He gained this very deserving title for his weekend excursions during first class year, starting with a Swedish encounter in the Med and continuing on with trips to VA Tech, American, Nassau, etc . . . You learned to not worry about Grant when he was nowhere around at the end of the night, because SIR could always catch a bus back the morning after (Mt. Mattress) if there was one (Reno)! Despite all his wildness though, which he was able to hide from everyone but me. Grant still has a very sensitive side and is one of those special friends whom you can do nothing but love! A career NFO from the beginning. Good luck GRANT!! JRE 542 1 6 Bernard Anthony Sullivan Pittsburgh. Pennsylvania Political Science Surface Warfare Bernie came from " Steellown. " USA. where 20% of the pop- ulation is the Sullivan tribe. A good ballplayer from Bishop Boyle High School, he was recruited for baseball at LISN.A. Bern spent his year in 24th and had a good year of hardball. His varsity endeavors soon faded as the man m him called out; Bernard had found the apple of his eye. She was soon the object of all his weekends. Soon it was hard for his friends to even see him. Bern spent his driving hours with hands at ten-and-two and cruise at 55mph — Bern ' s first family truckster. The only real advantage of his absence was the lack of one-dimensional " Bernie Humor. " There still stands an offer for Bern to experience a real weekend with " the boys. " In some ways we are probably fortunate that he is gone every week- end; his incessant infatuation with " Top 40 " music is stifTling. .At any rate, we wish him the best of luck(6 yrs. +). Kiss Grandma. Bemie! MAM Robert Lee Sunderland Clearfield. Pennsylvania Oceanography Naval Aviation When Bob left the comfort of smalltown western PA. he wasn ' t quite ready for 31st platoon summer sweatbox parties; he just wanted to kick for Navy. He endured well, however, and Wally the Moose soon found himself enjoying youngsterdom in sweet 16, earring the sweat w ith him, though. Bob committed himself early to getting to know his Lord Jesus, and He responded by bringing Bob hard decisions and committed friends. Bob kept kicking, reading, praying and laughing. Youngster JV ball brought a 55 yard game winner. Second class varsity brought difficulties. First class ball brought a new coach. Bob always brought a smile and a cheerful word. Through the victories and the losses. Bob learned the value of living to please the One who sees everything in Him. Looking to Pensacola and beyond. Bob leaves USN.A knowing Him who is called Faithful. Thanks Bob. TAP Ronnie Craig Wince Sacramento. California General Engineering Surface Warfare Rbnbo came to us from that land of earthquakes west of the Mississippi. Lacking a knowledge of the east coast, he stumbled into West Point and was subjected to beast barracks. Finding this loo easy for his liking, he opted for the Navy adventure and enlisted in the nuke program. The officers at the glow in the dark school shipped him off to Canoe U. via a pitstop at NAPS. Ronbo quickly adjusted to academy life and joined the crew team as a coxswain. Second class year brought about a young lady from Illinois who would forever tame him. After considering air. Ronbo decided he was going to wreak havoc upon the enemies of democracy from the bndge of his frigate. Ronbo. with your dedication and girl by your side you ' re sure to go places. Just remember two things: always check for shaving cream and never wear WUBU trou with your khakis. Good luck! JHY James Henry Yee Huntington. New York Naval Architecture Surface Warfare Yeeman came to us a good Catholic New Yorker whose morals didn ' t allow him to drink, smoke or cuss. He stuck firmly to those beliefs and still hasn ' t touched a cigarette. Jim ' s expertise with a sharpened laundry pin is only exceeded by his skill with a pencil and he soon won three wnstwatches and became the cover anist for that award winning publication company officer illustrated and the right hand of it ' s editor. .A true friend whom could always be depended upon to be the bright spot in any event beginning at Riordan ' s. Jim worked hard to broaden his shoulders and take his parents for every dime thev had. Just remember Jim — Rap E. I . . . . WUBU Trou . ' . . , the Bridge CIC Hey — ! No — !, the quote board ... .the other quote board . . . Just remember who loves ya Yeeks and the best of luck. SEMPER UP, OUT AND DOWN! RCW 543 Melinda Waldo Allen Kalamazoo, Michigan English U.S. Marine Corps Mindy came from Kalamazoo to " finally find a home " in ol ' Hotel Co plebe summer. Already with an affinity for the smell ol pledge she easily adapted to USNA housekeeping standards. To this day Mind loves a clean room. Her friends call her Waldo, a nickname popularized in Goat Court plebe year. Plebedome had its ups and downs, but a great sense of humor, a supportive larnily and good friends helped her hang in there. Third class year Mind " saw the light " and joined Finhead at the boathouse on College Creek She left Playboy 2 1 to find a new family of friends in Stalag 17, including a funny little Marine-type named Freddy. The pres- sures of second class year were somewhat allayed by Lt. Hague s guidance through the dreaded world of EE, and first class year marked the epitome of Waldo ' s success. She ran a marathon with the Chap-Man, made first boat, and wore stars and a Navy " N. No more ensign bars for Mind. Go Corps all the way! PSF James Douglas Barber Dixon, Illinois Oceanography Naval Flight Officer When the " Uncle " decided to clean up the mess in the 3fd Batt armory he had to find the best man for the job. That is why Jim was named Batt " Chop. " And, as expected, he attacked and solved the problem. The reason I tell this story is not because it is an extraordinary feat for Jim, but rather because it is typical. Give Jim a job and he ' ll get it done! Sure I could write about funny Jim stories (especially the trials and tribulations of getting " D ' s " at- tention), or make fun of his 20 600000 vision and 18AAAAA shoes, but that doesn ' t say anything about him as a person. His friendly perma-smile (including the mondo-dimples) lets you know the real Jim: the Jim who would go to the ends of the earth to help anyone; the sage Jim, always ready with words of wisdom; the motivator Jim, always ready with encouragement. (To Jim: Good luck! May the Lord protect you, and may He put me in the driver s seat of your plane.) COD Michael Christopher Bayesa Wyalusing, Pennsylvania General Engineering Surface Warfare After leaving the social mecca of Wyalusing. and completing NAPS, Mike arrived at the Naval .Academy as " The Biggest Man In The Navy. " Perhaps his biggest achievement while at the Academy was on the gridiron, where his opponents fell left and right. Then again, it may have been in his home away from home: the weightroom (even Arnold would be impressed!). In any event, Mike somehow passed classes (and his HIV test) while learning how to play hearts, play with doll houses, and mutate with the couches in the wardroom On the weekends, Mike became " Mr. Social, " and even the Michelin Man once. The Lady Lex should have its hands full with Mike on board. Living with Mike this year has been an experience 1 will always remember. SWOS Newport should be just as fun. One thing Mike has taught me is that you can never be too big or too good looking. I wish him lots of luck. SJK 544 • . 7 Gregory Christopher Bernard Augusta, Georgia History Marine Aviation As a boot youngster in 17, Mr. Personality wasted no lime finding action by joyriding with his roommate ' s girl. Destined for Nav7 An. Pipecleaner spent two years racing in his Camaro with numerous female co-piots, trying to fly. Unfortunately, his attempt to and the car at night on a pitching, heaving front lawn deprived him of his wings for a while. He blamed it on a miscalculated ER vector. So much for sleeping through NS. " That ' s OK. " said Chris afterward. " Popeye ' s is within walking distance anyway. " The mishap jogged his brain, however. Beanhead opted for the Corps, giving up his hair and his Navy wife. Marriage would be too expensive anyway, he decided. Maybe it was the bass guitar and the Gerber knife that changed his mind. Mother Bernard blames Chris ' s roommate for the USMC choice — at last word Fred was hiding in Ho Chi Minh. eating stale MRE ' s and singing John Valby songs to the rats, hoping she doesn ' t find him. FKH Christine Ann Coetzee Richmond, Virginia Political Science U.S. Marine Corps For Chris, coming to the Naval . cademy wasn ' t a tough decision — it was more like a family tradition. She had one more tradition firmly in mind — The United States Marine Corps. .4fter a stint with the Dinghy team, Chris found her calling in powedifting. She made it to Nationals two years in a row. and pumped a lot of iron with the guys along the way. The Coetz also found her calling in Poli Sci, with her gift for languages, and her way with words! Coetz ' s winning smile (except when cutting weight for lifting), her effervescent charm, and her weekend attire certainly proved that Marines can be feminine. But her enthusiasm for the Marines certainly didn ' t cut down on her social life, perhaps even helped it on occassion. In fact. Coetz and Koshka found their way into the hearts of many men and into lots of trouble. Good Luck, and Thanks for everything! Who else can say they lived with a 105 lb. National powerlifter? MKT Troye Carrie Crickette Savannah, Georgia Mechanical Engineering Civil Engineering Corps Troye came up from Savannah with a suntan and a basketball. She made her mark as a Var. Basketball player, lettering her plebe year. She also won respect as one of the few female Mech E ' s. Troye kept a low profile in the company. Second class year provided a big social turn-around, as her penchant for Marines and Pilots was finally exposed. By the time she was a Firstie, Troye had opened up and let loose both her wisecracks and practical jokes. Troye ' s love for the outdoors was obvious by her proficiency at tennis, making it hard to find a good partner. Troye had no difficulty in finding the gouge, though. She was known Brigadewide as the 1st Reg. Mech. E. Gouge Headquarters. Troye continued to expand her horizons through her last year at USNA. Those Admin announcements at Quarters let Troye assert her hidden personality and charm. Troye, just as we were finally getting to know you. you ' re leaving. Good Luck! C M Kirk Anthony Delmas Atwater, California Mathematics Surface Warfare When K-irk got tired of eating head cheese, butchering rabbits and growing almonds in Atwater. he decided to join the Fleet. After short stints on a Spruance and at enlisted Nuc Power School. Kirk got this crazy idea to come to the Academy. When Kirk wasn ' t busy studying integrals and Diffy Q ' s, one could find him on the baseball dianiond under the watchfull eye of the infamous Coach Duff. Somehow, between games, old Kirk managed to have fun wrecking hotel rooms, partying at the Veltre ' s (to whom we are forever grateful) and as guest of honor at " The Party " at S puds ' . He even found time to get lucky enough to find a great giri and get engaged. Kirk will be a great edition to the Fleet, as there is no ship which could not use his maturity, professionalism and knowledge. I know we all wish him the best of luck. I look forward to seeing him in the fleet. SJK 545 Chad Owen Dorr Santa Rosa. California English Naval Aviation Flawless. Well, maybe not perfect, but as close as a guy could come. Who else could be so consistent with high grades, stay at the top of the company performance ladder, be a dead ringer for stripes (only to escape that honor by going VGEP), and select Navy Air? No doubt about it, Chad Dorr had about done it all. In fact, graduation was just around the comer when the bottom fell out of his immaculate record. I s ' pose it ' s not really an honor offense — but he sounded so sure when he said, " It won ' t happen to ME! " I ' m just glad the whole ordeal is over. Permanent scars, however, have been left — when a guy finds it in himself to purchase a small gem for large amounts of money, you know his judgment has definitely been impared. All of 1 7th Co. ' s best wishes go out to the new couple though, and I know Chad will be a continued success story in the Fleet. I just thank God that Chris Bernard is still the hero of 5th wing. JDB Craig Robert Dudley Camp Hill, Pennsylvania Mechanical Engineering Surface Warfare Craig came to the shores of the Chesapeake at 6 ' 4 " and 2201bs., attributing his size to the excess radiation he received from Three Mile Island. Better known as Spud upon his arrival, it was soon changed to Spuds by his presumptuous roommate. Others would refer to him as the aquatic sea walrus due to his aquatic ca- pabilities. Playing water polo his first year here. Spuds decided his best sport was socializing, and that he did well. Spuds specialized in late night activities; ensuing new shower stalls, exploring new steps and occasionally a fisticuff here or there amongst his buddies. Spuds will probably be best remembered for his " Chief im- personations and his candid picture taking. Spuds had his ups and downs with women and eventually settled with one of his ups most of senior year. Spuds, all I can say is that its been a pleasure and I know that the SWO line will love ya. MJM Brian Gerald Falke Accokeek, Maryland Physical Science Surface Warfare Nature was good to Brian, as he was blessed a giant among men and a god among women. Unfortunately, Brian could not go out on dates much because he wasted most of his money on weight gain formulas. Unfortunately the two pounds he put on were not enough to prevent him from being disqualified from the featherweight division for boxing in town well above his weight class. He turned to sailing to fill the void. As XO of his yacht, Brian was com- mended for taking tremendous interest in his personnel. His main- trimmer was especially impressed with his rudder control. I ' d like to thank you for your janitorial services. A mere mortal man couldn ' t have stomached most of the things I threw on the floor. But to tell you the truth, " Your mouthwash don ' t cut it. " Good luck in the fleet. JGS Fred Karl Herrmann Flemington, New Jersey English U.S. Marine Corps Fred, Lump, " Lette, Hairball, Hairman, the Furball. This hairy guy from New Jersey, with baloney in his shoe, always has a joke ready. " Yeah, Joe called. " Joe who? Come on Fred, do you think Neil is going to fall for that one? Waldo might, but then again, she ' ll fall for anything. That ' s OK, camy cake decorations are cute. If you couldn ' t stand his jokes or laundry folding techniques, at least you could enjoy his parents ' ' gaters and Army parties. Watch out if you get this first semester P-rade loudspeaker mad at you, he ' s likely to pull a gun on you. Especially if you mess with his teddy bear. It ' s great that Fred ' s dream of becoming a Marine will come true, since his hair is getting naturally high and tight. Of course, if my mom ever gets a hold of him for turning me to the " dark side, " he may never be off, like sleeves on a vest, in May. GCB 546 Scott John Knox Sring Hill, Florida Oceanography Surface Warfare Scott arrived at USNA fresh out of high school from the Orange Juice State, via the Big Apple. After moving to the Slalag, he was quickly dubbed " Murray — The Shell Answer Man, " for his superior knowledge of worldly affairs. Being one of a small mi- nority to actually want to be a SWO, Scott promptly chose Easy- ography as a major, meaning he was in the rack every night by 9:30. He never missed one of our birthday bashes, even if it meant.doing time for an illegal chicken run. Scott ' s desire to be a SWO means the surface Fleet is getting one of USNA ' s finest. He ' s been a great roommate for two ' years and a better friend for three. Thanks for the memories kid. I wish him the best of luck and will truly miss him after we graduate. KAD Kenneth James Kristensen Council Bluffs, Iowa Oceanography Nuclear Power — Submarines Kenny came to us from that maritime power, Iowa. Plebe year ' s Christmas Formal brought about his nickname, " The Stain, " after he trashed his drag ' s new $200 formal gown. He was an eager participant in USNA academics, but not so eager to keep his EE — major. Instead, he displayed his enthusiasm by changing to " Easy- ography, " leaving thirty minutes early for class every day. Thanks to this, Kenny was able to gain stars for two semesters. Not being one to let any extra liberty slip by. Stain would depart on Friday nights before room formals. Stain ' s summer cruises also let him show his eagerness for learning — learning how to polish torpedo tubes for six weeks as a first class mid. He enjoyed this experience so much that he has chosen to spend the next twenty years of his life polishing SLBM tubes. Remember Stain: He who laughs last prob- ably didn ' t HEAR the joke. WHP James Arthur Lakes Hamilton, Ohio General Engineering Surface Warfare Rip Van Lakes came to the Boat School from the Ohio plains, and although we generally only viewed him face down in the rack, we all know he survived the Academy " his way. " Jamie has always kept us amazed at his often bizarre views on life, such as his motto: " If I sleep at least 12 hours a day I ' ll only spend 2 years here. " Nearly a casualty plebe year, Jamie rebounded under the guidance of GE and has snoozed his way to weekends with minimal effort. Sleeping is not the only thing our hero is renowned for, however, it is a known fact that GMT is referenced to the sounds of Jamie clearing his sinuses seconds after the revielle bell. When not sleep- ing, Jamie ' s hobbies include getting picked up by waitresses at Denny ' s and 39 year old divorced mothers of 2. All seriousness aside, Jamie has been a great friend as well as an obedient room- mate, and we all wish him great luck in reaching that first million by the time he ' s 30. TMM Steve Wade Landess Soldotna, Alaska Ocean Engineering Civil Engineering Corps My last three years rooming with Steve (or Grizzly — the untamed Alaskan) have been a lot of things to me, but certianly not boring. Youngster year we burnt off a lot of plebe year steam. I still can not believe we got through the whole time at the Academy with out being caught over the wall. The times we spent at the Hiebels, the week in Alaska, and the Bachelor party in Boston will never be forgotten. I ' ll always owe you for setting me up. My prayers will be with you for a long and fruitful life. You desene all the best. Your a great friend and person. Good Luck in the Fleet! DJW 547 John Michael Mares San Juan Capistrano. California General Engineering Marine Aviation John Mares — the man of many names and many cars. " Pepe. " " Juan, " and " The Little Mexican " are just a few of the affectionate titles he held with his friends. Johnny had an uncanny knack of announcing his presence about 5 minutes before he arrived and was frequently greeted with an amiable " Get out of here! " when poking his fuzzy little head into the door. Known as the " stone fingered dealer " to his card shark pals. John loved to sing along with the music bemg played in anyone ' s room, but he never matched the right words with the right music-this led some to believe that Johnny tell off the repelling tower one too many a time at Quantico during 2 c summer. John ' s liberal heart towards car dealers led to a few early retirements in Annapolis, and helped the Jimmylegs achieve their monthly quota of parking tickets. John joins the illustrious Corps to become a flying jarhead. Good luck, John, you ' re a great friend. CRD Timothy Michael McGowan San Marcos, California Oceanography Surface Warfare God knows why, but Cocktosten came here from sunny southern California, only to be stunned by our barbarism. His sponsors DID NOT have a hottub. Tim spent his time 3 c year looking for that special whiner, and finally struck paydirt at Army-Navy. Don ' t girlfriends make Dining-Outs and bank statements special? For Tim, finding roommates was quite a problem. Though, to our knowledge, he and Juan only drove one of their roommates crazy, " Steve, it ' s your quiet time. " they did manage to sit idly by while others were ousted for academics — and one for consuming too many twinkies. ' The Curse of the California Boys ' was finally broken 2 c year by a courageous narcoleptic from the heartland of Ohio. As a firstie, Tim assumed the title, ' Company Couch Potato. ' He even went so far as to move next to the wardroom with another TV addict. I ' ll never forget fright nights, Oingo Boingo, or being your friend. Good Luck in the future! JAL Mark Jon Mouriski Abbotsford, Wisconsin Physical Science Naval Flight Officer His name was " SKJ, " but everyone called him " SKJ. " He came to the Academy via the Cheese State,via the Corps, via NAPS. With his vast experience. Ski was never at a loss for words, frequently making up his own at times. It was often said that " redundant " was his middle name. After three months as a po- litical scientist, Mark decided to make the most of his free ed- ucation and opted for the more demanding brotherhood curric- ulum. As company commander, Mark led the 17th through a fine first semester and into the videos of Mama Spud. After much thought and mathematical calculations. Ski selected to be a scope jock in the aviation world. Mark has been a great friend and roommate for three years and will marry the girl of his dreams after graduation. Good luck, pal, but you won ' t need it, because the Navy is getting one of the best. CRD Christopher Noel Neugebauer Mitchell, South Dakota Political Science Naval Aviation " Launch Noogman on the alert 5! " Chris, known as Noogs to his friends, DDNAFAC to others, and one of the most powerful men at the Naval Academy only to himself, was our fearless leader second semester. Whether it be displaying his spirit as a Navy Cheerleader plebe year (N-A-V-Y Goooooo Navy! Fight!!), or as Deputy Di- rector of NAFAC as a firstie, Noogs was never one to pass up an opportunity to excel. As CO of YP-676 1 C cruise, he learned that although the new YP ' s are big — green can buoy 7 was bigger, and changed his service selection from Surface Line to Naval Aviation (due in part to aforementioned buoy.) Sorry Noogs, there ' s no sure fire way to stimulate hair growth, big biceps and bird-legs don ' t mix, and no matter what you say, you ate that buoy all by yourself! You ' re a great friend, Noogs. Check your 6; I ' ll be there. MHV 548 • . 17 Maria Libuse Pechacek Germantown. Maryland General Engineering General Unrestricted Line Maria ' s time at the Academy was merely a short stop on the way to a successful career. Aero to Mech to General. Catholic Choir and Glee Club trips to San Diego and New Orleans; singing with Donna Sommers and .Amy Grant. Cruised with YP-676 over 3 c summer. 2 c Ring Dance and T.C. She will be remembered for her pizza — skating parties and her friendly smile. My " Lady in Red " re- members meeting the Bluefish fisherman, lots of mosquitos, rain (Is this tent waterproof ), and apple orchards. In a civilian crowd, Maria would draw comments like " She ' s a Mid? . . . but I thought ... " She will remember her four years well, including her un- fortunate visits to Smoke Hall. TC Theodore Allen Peck Dixon, California Physics Nuclear Power — Submarines Nobody thought it could be done. It was amazing the way he could sleep through so many classes, alarm clocks, and wake ups — and always end up on " Dant ' s list. Of course, not everyone saw his dedication to academics, or how he would carry his Phys. Mech. book with him into the head so he wouldn ' t have to take a study bre ak. I did. And we all used to laugh at how he seemed so tired and how he would " miss " small details — like going to his first formation as a platoon cdr. — without a tie. .And most people didn ' t know why he was so sleepy all the time. I did. Ted Peck lacked in energy only because he gave so much away. Ted gave his all for the Lord, who gave His all on Calvary. I know, because Ted introduced me to Christ, and I watched as Ted spent endless hours talking to people, praying for people, and volunteering when no one else cared to. Stay strong, Ted. and thanks for giving so much. JDB Neil Arnold Pettigrew Shawnee, Oklahoma General Engineering Surface Warfare " The Loudest Man in the Nav7. " Living with Neil is never boring. He has earned his title by continually testing his lungs for no good reason, and at some of the oddest hours. Apparently, some guys never get enough of plebe year. Neil, always the scholar, coined the phrase " I have absolutely no idea how to do this (a problem. " By maintaining diligent study habits (never beginning before 2300; never ending before 0200) Neil epitomized the phrase " two-oh and go. " But what it is, is, he spent many a Saturday night contemplating the bucket. .Also, he calculated his order of merit so that he could have the distinguished honor of beginning his illustrious career as a Surface Warrior aboard the last surface combatant offered to the Class of ' 88. Franny 0 " s will miss you! ADMIT IT! KJK William H Plemenos Whippany. New Jersey History Surface Warfare Will came to the Naval .Academy with an unusual goal ... to be a Naval Officer. Even more unusual than that, he WANTED to become a SWO-Daddy. The " Plum-shot " came to the .Academy knowing almost nothing about math. Four years later, he and his Casio had survived Naval Academy mathematics. However, how much math he actually learned is severely in doubt. Will was the only youngster who had half of a room to live in — he and his bass guitar took up an entire half of a room, while his two roommates crammed into the other half He also gave new meaning to the word " project: " OLD BRIGADE ' TEX LOC . ALL. Will entertained us all with his own version of uniform races — many of which he finished second in a one-horse race. Like this Bio, Will-speak bounces from thought to unrelated thought. And to those who don ' t know Will well, if you would like to hear Will-speak in its purest form, introduce yourself and say " Goodnight. " NAP 549 Kenneth Christopher Rouser Gaithersburg. Maryland General Engineering Surface Warfare Where to start? Parents ' Weekend; S.W. shoes jiist don ' t go well with civies. Y.Y. — the Big Toe, Potatoe Head, Ms. Sally Loesch, Clapper Elmer Fudd. Best room in the Brigade: Kenny, me, Staypuff. Naked Superflv, marshmellow fights, the Huey Lewis night in Dahlgren, where by the tennis courts I heard, " WHAT?! You don ' t believe in — ? " Our nights at the Vous ' with Jack, Mac, Eber, Duker, Bobbv, Firls. Liz — Hey Vince, he just called you a Sleeping at the Quality Inn hallway, " Murray, what are you doing in my bed? " Boardy Barn, Naked Darts, NL video, Kimbo ' s. Time has passed on, the rains came, then we ate the purple forest. A war hero in the Persian Gulf. Ten foot tall and bulletproof It took us five but we made it! " Long live the Puffer. " Redneck. IMAC John Gallagher S prenger Toledo, Ohio Economics Naval Aviation John doesn ' t think of Toledo, Ohio as merely the glass capital of the world and the home of Max Klinger, but more importantly as the birthplace of his favorite person, himself Although John is an outgoing person, he seemed to spend most of his time with his best friend — the full length mirror in his room. Academics never hindered John ' s social life because most of his profs were squash players, and he lived his motto: " Why do today what someone else can do for me lommorrow. " Despite the fact John feared flying, as { evedent by his 1 70 90 blood pressure, he chose Navy Air because ? he mistakenly believed " the chicks ' ll dig me. " John is remembered for many things — four time All-American in squash, Squash Captain, Master story teller (we still don ' t know if they are all true) great friend, and the man with the biggest wart I ' ve ever seen. John a final word of advice, " Get down to medical and get that damn thing removed! " EOE Maureen Katherine Toohey Marion. Massachusetts Chemist I v Oceanographv Maureen sailed down one summer day from Marion. She im mediately established her versatility, rowing Varsity crew as a plebe and choosing to major in Chemistry. Athletics and academics didn ' t dampen her social life, however. Neither did her profes- sional developement. In fact. Mo quite efficiently combined both, especially during her summer cruises. Her prep-school persever- ence and New England propriety were outdone only by her un- canny ability to meet people and her sympathetic love for animals. Mo made the successful crossover from crew to sailing, culminating in an enhancing sailtramid cruise. She sacrificed her Varsity Sailing billet during her last semester, though, to drill one last time with the company. First class year was an experience for Mo. She got a surprise service selection and found the joys of HUM-SS electives. In any case, she kept us on our toes. We ' ll miss you, Mo. You ' re one of a kind. CAC Michael Harrison Veltre Ellicott City. Maryland Computer Science Naval Flight Officer Fast cars, fine spirits, and " interesting girls. " That ' s the Duckman! A nocturnal computer geek that has " last minute " everything down to an artform. " Mike, those ANIMAL PAKS won ' t work unless you get out of the rack. " Memories: 2 C Fnday nights over the wall, Maryland Navy Lax games. Kirk ' s birthday parties, buovs in the night, hangovers in the day, and doing Mach in the Mustang. You and you ' re family are CLASS. Thanks for the good times roommie. You are the " best man. " There ' ll always be a place to crash and a place at the table at Rudy and I ' s house for you, Mike. But, don ' t bring your laundry! Launch Noogman (Navy ' s best bald fighter pilot) and Duckman on the ALERT FIVE! CNN 550 " .» .. 17 Dennis Joseph Walsh Boston. Massachusclts Physical Science Naval Aviation Dennis J. Walsh, what else can you say, he ' s a wild Irishman from Boston. He has left us with many unforgettable memories: the Warwagon, Dining-ins, the Alaska trip. Bachelor party in Boston, the Clubber-Walsh boxing match, and his great Boston accent. D.J. is a friend you can always count on, talk to, and most important, go out to the bars and have a good time with. Voungster year D.J. met E. She kept hmi under control, most of the time, until we got together. D.J., Good Luck to you in the future, and knock " em dead in Pensacola. Thanks for the memories and the great friendship you have shared with me, and others in the 1 7th Company. SWL Glenn Neil Williams Princeton. New Jersey English Surface Warfare Glenn arrived at this fine institution from NAPS, via the Garden Stale (also known as the nation ' s wasteland). Although he lived only three hours away, his odometer always tallied up 1000+ miles every weekend — either that odometer slipped past the quality control checks, or Druck loved that car too much to drive straight from Jersey to Crabtown and took the long route — through Ohio. Glenn ' s harem of girlies abided from coast to coast — and . ' KT T loved him! Glenn ' s varsity sports aspirations were fettered by a weak ankle but not his competitive spirit. The legend grew, and he became known as Bobby Knight of 17lh Company sports. Not convinced that the aviation community was all that exciting, Glenn chose the fast-paced SWO community. We ' ve had a lot of fun together, but it will only get better in San Diego. You ' re a great friend, but there ' s one burning question that must be asked; " What happened to the hair on your legs? " CRD Todd Ronald Bibza Pittsburgh. Pennsylvania Oceanography Naval Aviation Raised on O-Fries, nursed on I.C. Light, and rocked in the cradle of Zelda ' s. From the City of Steel came the man with the iron gun. A four-time letter winner, Todd ' s pitching prowess won him the elusive N (by throwing 90 mph peas at the knees). Bibz is a dedicated connoisseur of women, always keeping his priorities Straight — babes came first. Prowling in his hot red . OOZX, Bibz was often seen at Flaggs, Champions, or knee deep in Vous goo. Grooving to Bibz greatest dance jams, he often performed " yardwork, " the " clam, " and if appropriate — the devastating " rake. " Academically, the " Gouge Master " had three philosophies ... an ounce of gouge is worth a pound of knowledge, nothmg takes priority over seeing a Cheers rerun for the sixth time, and if it can ' t be done in the rack, it shouldn ' t be done at all. May your quest for the tall blonde with wheels never cease. Sec you at 20,000 ft. someday — fly fast and hard. STS 551 Curtis Leo Brown Hampton. Virginia Physical Science Surface Warfare Curtis Brown, C.B., a native of Hampton, Va. came to the Academy via NAPS. He arrived at the prep school wearing a knee brace so big it made you wonder how in the world he ever made it to Newport L ' pon entering the Academy, he was able to participate in his tavonle sport. The Only Sport, football. Though " Cbocker " had more than his share of nagging injuries , through hard work and doing the things I taught him he was still able to have a successful football career. Remember, of all the crazy nicknames you picked up while at the Academy: " C.B., " " crazy-legs. " " the whirling derbish, " " C.Beeee., " " grubber, " " grubbocker; " " Cbocker " — the nickname I gave you — is the SADDEST. Take care The Mighty Jamm. CDU James Michael Butler Lexington Park, Maryland General Engineering Naval Aviation Jim, alias " Jimmy. " Butler is a character all too often portrayed as the hero in the movies. With his outstanding diet of doughnuts and cookies (which I bring up from meal for him, by the way), he gains his " super powers " to defeat evil " Scooters " in their devious plans to dominate the world with racism and bad muster sheets. With his " power visor " (his sunglasses), he swears he can see sheer beauty in even the most unnatural of females of large designs. In just a single bound he can reach the tallest Coke machine and refill himself with his 18.5 Cokes — diet, of course. All kidding aside, he has been the best roommate a guy could ever have. He can make any room seem more cheerful and definitely more fun. He is a great person with a heart of gold and has taught me a lot about myself He will bring happy times to any command he goes to and I hope I ' m lucky enough to fly with him one day — anywhere, anytime, Jimmy. God bless MHG Frank Thorwald Carr Portland, Maine General Science Naval Aviation Why did it take you a semester to move in? Thanks for the Heart tickets. Who said Wheaton wasn ' t on the map? Wicked Wanda, Stevie Nicks..you finally made eye contact. All those hours spent taking in the sights and sounds of second class year. Scuba club president does have its advantages. Anne Arundle on the Bay, The shower, almost a 4.0, White Chocolate, Hula-Hoops and DNs. You know better than to walk home alone. Philidelphia Pent House. Jeeps, WaHoo and hot summer nights. 2 for I and digging for buried treasure. Thanks from all the people at Ocean City. How about the hostage exchange? Over the wall, doing the walk, and belly blowing at St. Mary ' s. " You know what I like! " Mug runching. Our first class theme almost lasted, but we lost one along the way. You won Frank, your the King, the games are over. It ' s going to keep getting better. Best of luck and thanks for everything. It ' s been great. RCE Roger Charles Erickson, Jr. Oak Harbor, Washington Operations Research Surface Warfare If pizza were a religion. Skip would be offering a " slice of heaven. Well RC 1 guess I knew we were in trouble the first time we went for a run on mountain road and you left a special present on the front seat. Ah, my 21st birthday was a good one: Who else would have ended up in B. Park, " having it your way. " DNs on me! Well octopus, nice leather jacket, kind of reminds you of tonsoffun and grotessa. How about 2nd class summer, building 52, the sponge, Roge was always his best at the crack of dawn. November 8: guess if you go over the wall you should try to go to morning quaters even if you do think your on 5-4! 33 days makes you want to leave your mark on Worden field.T-giving (Pass the Port!), MSU, the TKE house, and remember our walk in the library, just hanging out (don ' t pick any fights " do you know what this is for " ). Well at least you came to your senses. Its been great RC, ILYR . . . B WTS 552 •• Jv. Allen Richard Flanagan JanesviUe. H ' isconsin Oceanography Nuclear Power — Submarines Coming from Cowlown. USA, Easy Al was always eager to have a good time. As a youngster, he critiqued movies in Eastport with his best friend Johnny Walker. He also went fishing in Philly for halibut just for the halibut. When second class year rolled along, Al left Mother B to spend a semester up at the gray institution. West Point. However, when he came back he left no doubt in the plebes ' minds why he was called Al Flamagam. When first class year came along. Al found himself with a new name. Due to his remarkable resemblance to that far Eastern deity. Al became known as " Buddah. " Second semester Al moved to the position of ultimate authority when he became company commander. Still eager to have a good time, .-M volunteered to have his hair cut at the 1 8lh Company Beauty Parlor with all the marines on service selection night. As graduation neared, Al often said while gazing into space, " Squeeze " em. " JRR Douglas Keith Gelbach Indiana, Pennsylvania Political Science Marine Aviation Zzzz..Shhh-Gelbuchi " s resting. Tell ' im the seven crazed janitors strike at midnight! Zzzz.. Quiet!. .Puta Head ' s resting — up late last night love dancing at the room party. Zzz..Yes! only resting!! Too many nights at the Alumni House and too manny Oreos pound- ed. .Zzz.. I know, only resting right? — Si, it was along and har- rassing summer — ' es only got 33 days left to remember it by.. zzz. .What ' s he mumbling? " . . . 91-X.. " Something about cross country hell and Twitty City . . . zzz.. Mr. Gelbach. sir the Lt. would like to see you. .Hey Doug!. .shhh. resting . . . Think we should wake him? Time for graduation. .Naw give him a few more minutes.. wait he ' s awake! Well, Doug now that youre fully rested, good luck in the Corps — keep pickin ' it with that rusty fork and dreaming of c- 1 30 ' s. See you in Quantico, Big Guy — It ' ll be great . . . well sort of cold and wet. .but later . . . JEM Michael Hiro Guerrera Mililani, Hawaii Aerospace Engineering Naval Aviation Hot Air was out and Bubbles was in (Hot .Air could ' t breakdance), but the Bubbles grew continually larger and refused to burst. Fed up with the shoe collection, he cut the blimp loose. Suddenly a priceless object appeared on the dance floor. Mike and the Biz bumped noses as they both dived for it, they were off in a flash to split the rewards and live happily ever after. I ' ll take Budweiser. Mike slid through the years on his skateboard. Pre- cious. However, he had to streak back over the wall (Jimmy-Legs), when the Scooter finally learned his name and summoned him to wield his conduct hammer. As the new lawman he got tough and bought a chase-car (ie BEERCAN) and went social with the rednecks (great Tequila). We survived the Ogre, the Concept, and the IHTS. WM?! syndrome together. In the air, we ' ll always fly together, and even laugh as we pluck Mav from the sea, again. Eyes forward and wings level good buddy, SKATE TOUGH. JMB Andrew John Heino Virginia. Minnesota Naval Architecture U.S. Marine Corps Proud of his Finnish roots, A.J. came to the Naval . cademy to be a fighting man ' s Marine. After spending a week at Quantico with him, I ' m sure that he will make a good one ( 0302!). Living with the future ' danl has been great — loud music without a radio, having our very own M 1 6 for room security (they ' ll never figure out where we stashed that sticky — fingered moke), and a growing ap- preciation for Milwaukee ' s Best are the things I thank you for the most. Good luck in the USMC FMF, TBS, the GTO, and AMF! " The more people he meets, the more he likes his dog! " Hit the beach (Clearwater), she ' s got a drink in her hand, she ' s got her toes in the sand . . . Hooters, .Amanda. Mako ' s, Diamond Horseshoe (C ' mon, let ' s go). Quicksilver ' s (C ' mon, let ' s go), " Well, okay. I ' ll go to Florida with you guys., " " When can we go again? " SEMPER FIDELIS . . . KRK 553 Richard Joseph Hernandez Lenexa, Kansas Mathematics Surface Warfare Rich, from noplace in particular, is the oldest of five Rich clones. After beating NAPS back to the edge, Rich took USNA by storm, peanut buttering all his upperclass racks plebe year, and single- handedly wrestling the entire 18th Company. Larry followed on many classic road trips on the rare occasion when Rich ' s grades and conduct allowed him to take a weekend, resulting in the loss of many damage deposits on rental cars. Second class year brought a romance that rivaled Ali Frazier for excitement. As 21 came and went. Rich found himself on a first name basis with every bouncer in Annapolis. That summer. Rich took command of YP-682 in defense of the St. Lawrence Seaway. Firstie year showed Rich how " awarding " a birthday with Tom Z. could be. He also established himself as the Vince Lombardi of the intramural world. Now, Rich takes his dynamic leadership style to the Surface Navy. Well, here ' s to next time, let it begin this time. TIM Christopher Earl Hodsden Bellows Falls, Vermont Mathematics Naval Aviation Hodge came to USNA as an All-American Boy, and no amount of provocation from his classmates could corrupt him. The small- town Vermont boy chose carefully when he picked his first girl- friend, and five years later plebe detail pushed him over the edge and he got engaged to ensure a squad of littler Hodges. The daily letters must have convinced her to say yes. An avid whistler, boxer, and academic stud, Chris never wasted a moment, except for many man-years spent brushing his teeth. Hodge brought a four-striper ' s discipline to the room, throwing guilt complexes with a glance if the floor or the sink was dirty, and never allowing any monkey business while court was in session. A big fan of Barry Manilow and Cornhead, he was often spotted standing near the window with a bucket of water. Although short, he was forever cursed with sleep- ing near the ceiling. May he continue to have fun at higher al- titudes. K D Andrew Gerard Howell Shelbyville, Kentucky General Engineering Surface Warfare From the backwood hollows of Kentucky sauntered Andy " The Hulkster " Howell to do battle with the Double E Doomsters. " Whiplash " beat the Axe Board because of massive shovelling by the Major, what a gift . Talk about expensive tastes — black Porsches and the highest priced ring in the class. Andy ' s best friends, next to Choe, Spooch, and Butts, are Mastercard, and the Beneficial Mortgage Company of Maryland. Who really is P. Mitchell and what is he doing with Messy in Dahlgren? Hey, what about the fridge, TV, and the syrup bottles at Army-Navy? Yeehah, Jester ' s dead. Barred for life from the Safari Club. You ' re just a short-timer. No one in the back shaft. Gotta love those stewardesses. Remember ditzy Southern women, congenital de- fects, and Wiedemanns. The hell with Scooter and screw the plebes. Don ' t ever forget what they all really need. It ' s been real fun, bud. Good luck Drew from Spooch and Choe. WBS BBV Keith Randolph Kans Dunedin, Florida Aerospace Engineering Naval Aviation On the sunny beaches of Florida at the age of 1 2, Keith decided that he wanted to be a Navy pilot. A few years later he found himself at the Academy trying to avoid the subariners who were attempting to steal his dream. But Keith would neither dive nor stay on the surface; he had to fly. After a few close calls, he made it saying, " I hope the fleet isn ' t like this! " Deep down inside Keith really loved the Academy. Another one of his famous quotes regarding Academy mind games was, " And they ask me why 1 drink! " Keith was one of the only members of the Brigade who actually enjoyed drill. When he said " 1 Hope There ' s a Friday Parade, " he meant it. Have fun in the danger zone and stay as far south of the Maryland border as possible. Hooters . . . drunken drill day . . . White Lion . . . Milwaukee ' s Best Light . . . hobble da gaga . . . Diamond Horseshoe . . . rednecking ... the beach . . . " you guys look just like tourists! " . . . AMF buddy! AJH 554 18 Wesley Brent Kaufman Belpre, Ohio English U.S. Marine Corps " I think my car was stolen ... " Wes joined the Major ' s company as an established athelete in 2 sports and a ' lax ' attitude that made him one of the most mvisible youngsters in 18. " No Fun " workouts ended with 2nd class year, along with a checkout from the Renata Inn and a discovery of Cagneys and Barb. Giving his all for Navy, our intramural hero gave his shoulder for a Itwt. football touch- down (1 can ' t even dress myselO-The summer brought about the Marine Bus Cruise, meeting fun people at MCRD and the Beach Comber, and hooking Muss. " 8 weeks " of vacation began with a tour of Canada and the Western U.S., and ended on the 1 8th hole in West Palm. As a senior, there was an mtro to Whiskey Tango, the firstie four man room, a McTailgate at Army and visits to Smoke Hall — look back and laugh. Four years was more than enough for Wes, but unless the Marines make an MOS for golf pros, its 5 and fly — I said OOH RAH! — " . . . maybe I left it at the X concen. " TCV Gregory Jennings Kolcum Virginia Beach. Virginia Electrical Engineering Nuclear Power — Surface Greg immediately impressed his classmates with his skills as a basketball player. The image was soon overshadowed when he became known as the Mad Wiper, had social engagements with Tomahawk, and the dreaded Tang Incident. There was that girl hoopster and that MUD PIE. Greg hurt his knee second class year and had to retire from hoops for awhile, but at least he got his 1 wish — eternal chits and Golden Whiteworks. As first class year rolled along, Greg ' s knee got better and he again ruled the court daily. He enjoyed it so much that he once sacrificed months of leave to play basketball with his friends at lunch. During the Dark Ages, Greg could often be heard saying " Every day is a Monday. " Greg was always one to enjoy a joke, even if it was directed at him. " Ah, You ' re doggin ' me! " Food, hoops, 4WD. LA Lakers, and Magic. Look out Nuke Power Navy, ready or not, here he comes. JRR Lawrence Owen McDonnell Ramsey, New Jersey Electrical Engineering Nuclear Power — Surface As an EE major, Larry worked dilligently in his search for more and better gouge, and must have exhausted himself to need so much afternoon rack time youngster year. Second class year brought a car for weekend road trips, a constant stock of King Hall burritos, and an interesting date outside the Brickskeller. After a summer in old and new Mexico, Larry returned to Bancroft and a Firstie four-man room. Listening to excessive VU brought out his artistic side and gave the company the " Tuna Melt " song. The year passed quickly, except for the 40 year swim, and Larry finally found time to improve his golf and skiing. Now he ' s taking his own brand of professionalism and humor to the Surface Nukes, and is so confident about swimming he ' s decided to tackle a surf-board. — Surveillance 29 reports " All Secure. " RDS Kurt Frederick Miller Gates Mills, Ohio Aerospace Engineering Naval Aviation Dirt is a heckler, a hilarious comedian who can make light of any situation. Of course, he was more fun as a socially unacceptable youngster, but time has made him almost respectable. He is a veteran of many high-speed road trips to Philly, extra nights in New London, pre-dawn dehydrated performances. Wind Tunnel lab reports, gray bus airborne spewings, religious mercenary expe- ditions, striper sword practices and post-holiday urinalyses. All character building experiences for a man from Cleveland, center of the known Universe. Now he merely suffers from numerous mad- nesses, not the least of which is a guilt complex associated with over-indulgence of JD Whiskey and Lima beans. It must have been that Italian that made him swear off civilians, though he does reach for an occasional moment. He is destined for greatness since he always wins at Pepsi Machine Roulette. And he looks good in Brown Shoes. DWM 555 John Eric Moore Watsonville, California Oceanography U.S. Marine Corps Juan Maas arrived in 1 8 and moved into a very loud and popular room. To get away, he joined up with the seven crazed janitors and explored the bowels of MacDonough. Second semester got a little quieter but no less adventurous with the room parties. Second class summer combined the allure of late night rendezvous and the leadership challange of dealing with a nearly career ending plebe summer. During the year John was a regular at the Friday Night Croquet Tourney, through the head and around the box. The realization that riding in the back was like kissing your sister, combined with an enjoyable cruise on an MSO, made him find his true calling with the Corps, After selecting his destiny, his thoughts turned to things more enjoyable. Concerts, cruising on oral chits, the cross country hell ride, TJ, and early morning PT. The Dap and that manly scent will follow him wherever he goes. Good Luck you Jarhead, Leatherneck, Devil Dog, DKG Daniel William Mulligan Long Beach, California Aerospace Engineering Marine Aviation Dan applied to only one institution of higher learning — and fortunately for us he was accepted, Dan brought us his California cool, and proved it was possible to complete plebe year in a Vulcan manner. He made his mark as a fashion stud, an Army Navy partier, and a charter member of the Friday Night Indoor Croquet League, He did well as an aero despite the fact that he often considered homework a bothersome distraction that got in the way of a degree in science fiction. Although his seven-day cycle some- times got in the way of his sensitivity, he expertly wooed the ladies (already targeted by his Glee Club buddies) with his charm and his tanning salon pigment. As a firstie, he maneuvered his way to four stripes, a private room, and no responsibility. Cheap as he is. Skinflint put a down payment on his turbo mobile home, and also purchased a whole bunch of USMC uniforms in preparation to outdue Pappy Boyington, KFB Timothy Raymond Noonan St. Louis, Missouri Economics U.S. Marine Corps I assume that no one is a greater authority on the past 5 years than myself. One paragraph will never capture the memories of the Naval .Academy and NAPS, I shall always be able to remember various and sundry experiences of restriction, ski vacations, hock- ey, cruises and over zealous reactions to many circumstances by just thinking about USNA, My friends that 1 will keep after grad- uation will be living reminders of our experiences — every time I see them over the rest of my life, the past will become present and the memories will become more fond. Mark, Lindsay Dave, Ram Beau, 18, 32. Mike Henry, the Boys from NAPS, the whole hockey team and even Rich. My Mom and Dad are the most important aspect of this education. Without their love, guidance, and support who knows where I ' d be, now or then. If it was meant to be, everything will work out. TRN John Riley Ross III Del Mar, California Mechanical Engineering Surface Warfare Hooters. John was bom on a sunny beach with a guitar on his back and a surfboard in his arm. J.R. Superstar was destined to be a rock-n-roll star, but God fouled up his orders and he ended up at USNA. JR was reknowned for his scenic tours of the yard, to include the astroturf. Hospital Point, and Bishop Stadium visitor ' s dugout. When JR wasn ' t frequenting Dahlgren, he went to the movies at Eastport: Number five is alive. Woman ' s Prison Mas- sacre, A Million and One Ways to Die (but I only saw 8), Hob- bledegee with the first lady, and The Platoon Game (How did that movie end?). Those Eastport Cokes sure were refreshing. JR will leave a legacy with his many famous naval sayings. " Hey, don ' t you have to be somewhere?. Slim and trim is 95% of the ballgame, I think I left something underneath the bed. " But, Johnny Appleseed is best known for his horticultural exploits planting the fruit of the loom around the yard. Squeeze ' em. ARF 556 Samuel Thomas Scaffo Clayton. New Jersey General Engineering Naval Aviation O mnipotent, all knowing, unlimited wisdom, excessive power and endless experience are only a few of the qualities Sam claims to have aquired from a Jersey childhood. Sam grew up deep in the swamps of Jersey, scrapping with the Devil, to become the big, Italian, pasta monster. .Although Sam, " Never wanted to come here, " he did it all. A mechanical engineer, general engineer, crew stud, and rugby maniac, you name it. He was an extremely hard worker that knew how to have a good time. When he wasn ' t hiding in .AMTR.AR ' s to petrify someone, he was chasing them down dark corridors with laundry carts. He was an extremely talented fighter, although we did bring him home in a trash bag once after a brawl with JD. Known as a connoisseur of the finer things, Sam claims to have found something special. As he spent his first class summer flying around the mountains of Hawaii, so will he fly into many future sunsets as a Navy pilot. Speed. CMS Robert Donald Schasei Eden, New York English Nuclear Power — Submarines Rob hails from Eden, NY, where prolonged confinement due to snow has been known to produce a different kind of man. He started off at USNA on the wrong foot with two 4.0 ' s plebe year. Youngster year brought life with a crazy Texan and more high grades, aided by an easy major. He thought that drama would be a good way to meet " chicks. " but a freak accident left him with a broken jaw and a great story . Second class year saw Rob set a world record in the USMC Marathon for chain smokers. As first class year amved, Rob found himself hard pressed to pick a service selection; he changed his mind 22 (fully documented) times before deciding that submariners get all the women. He took 3 stripes second semester to avoid listening to his roommate ' s music. This came in handy as he found a sudden need to spend time outside USN.A. See ya in Orlando, Rob; I ' ll bring the coffee, you bring the smokes. LOM William Ben Seaman, Jr. Hershey. Pennsylvania Oceanography Nuclear Power — Surface Q: What is Bill ' s favorite naval saying? .A: " Brace Up. Maggot! " No doubt many a Ploober will remember the personal interest Bill took in their health and well being. One wonders why they didn ' t appreciate him. Luckily many upperclass knew him as a guy you could always count on. Spooch, this is your life — Chow calls for Lefty, 35 Daze, Thrust In. and Friday nights in ' 54. Then came the Euroweenies, some hard time and a " special " young lady. The $20 Log solved that. Ditzy blonde Southern babe. Wanna warm up the Hoover and head for Happy Valley? Creator of the Praltstain and I ' m a bagel. Names and hull numbers of ships in the Navy. go. PSU NROTC and Nuclear Engineering not challenging enough, he head- ed for Canoe U and the Easyography Department. Bill was an incredible student, showing the amazing ability to pack a week ' s worth of studying into 20 minutes. Is this possible at Nuke School? We hope so — Good Luck! AGH BBV William Thomas Skinner Plymouth. Michigan Economics Supply Corps How can the years here at Nav not be exciting watching Bill walk on that treacherously thin ice of the conduct system. As the Major said, " Every one of these reports involves a female! " Bill ' s 21st established the Adventure, took $10 to DC, got there, came back, and had more fun stopping at Burger King. Youngster year saw surprises like, " The Easter Bunny brought us some white chocolate ! " or " What was that noise? " and " How ' d that motorcycle get in my living room?. " YP cruise saw the Philly Penthouse Caper. Second class year was Bill ' s great juggling act. The exchange to Army introduced us to Dave and " Hey Dave, think I can part your hair? " The LISN.A wall proved to be more secure than USM.A ' s and no one saw much of Bill or Skip for the year, except the OOW. The next chapter was first class year, JEEPS and the circuit. Well Laura ' s got you now. Thanks for the laughs and the good times! ILYB FTC 557 Charles Marshell Smith SlrongsvillL ' . Ohio General Engineering Civil Engineering Corps 38..SPEED TO BLIRN.. WHEELS.. ROCKY. .RAMBO. CMS came to us from a SM. ' XLL TOWN but with big town ideas. MANIM.AL earned his keep by amazing friends and foes on the football field and in the weight room. A four year letterman in football. CHLICK earned .411 .American honors and was named team captain. Football and family dominated his life and he swore he would never have a serious girl. That ended 2 c summer. Now, after a brutal year at N.APS. and four at USN.A (except for snow days which were spent in Strongsville) Chuck will OPUS the Academy for good, and will, on June 18, 1988 marry his dream. Speed, never forget the BOYS, Bruce. GLORY DAYS and all our other crazy ideas. Finally, just a big thanks to a man who ' s always been there for me, when I needed a laugh, a beer, or just an insightful listener. I wish you the best. 1 love ya like a brother. .Alwavs remember W CKW Craig David Union Albion. Michigan Physical Science Surface Warfare Craig David Union will not be remembered as an academic genius. He would rather be remembered for his energetic per- sonality, high spirits, and most of all, his hooping ability. Coming from Naps. Craig was an immediate success at the Academy He adapted to the .Academy with no problem. I admire Craig the most for what he and Mike Tabb accomplished plebe year. They set out to prove to the world that " Ain ' t nobody bad. " Well. Craig, ilX,, time to hit the fleet. Take care and remember that you ' ll alw Haiha|| remembered as the " MIGHTY JAMM !! " CLB wKM Benedict-Jose Bustos Valecruz San Diego, California General Engineering Naval Avial ion Hey, Choe! You number one. Yo, muhara, where ' s your green card?! Joe, a.k.a. Benedict, brought the sounds of the San Diego surf to the Jungle Room of 7354. He played classics like the Surf Punks, the Butthole Surfers, and Linda Ronstadt. Sometimes he j would even sing and talk to us while in Rack Dog Zebra mode after .s being bitten by the big dog. Joe learned Judo to protect himself | from born-again women like the Kangster. Mr. Smooth used to I sweettalk the ladies from the bars of Annapolis to the discos of ' ; Tijuana and the O-Club at Miramar. Other alter egos included Mr. i Fisherman, Mr. Scuba, Mr. Skiier, Mr, Surfer, Mr. Spearfisher, and I Mr. Supplier of Phillipino Delicacies. Hey, we didn ' t really kick | him out, and he corrupted us. Dodge trucks are ram tough. Take | care of the Bingster. Don ' t forget our 50 bucks each. We made it, room 7354. Bustos is one of the most caring guys we know. Good luck, dude. WHS AGH Todd Carlton Vaupel Jonesboro, Arkansas Mechanical Engineering Marine A viation Todd arrived at room 7353 with his tapes of Van Halen and the BarKays and his freshly polished jump wings. Airborne! (He was a Marine from day one) But, luckily, he calmed down, and his musical tastes improved. We learned that if he mixed, clean laun- dry would become dirty. Second class year was three weeks of hell (You see there was this bear . . . ) and .All-American honors in 1 50 ' s. It was also the beginning of a year-long relationship that spawned the nickname, " Weak One. " Hey, a man needs what a man needs. Still searching, Spring Break brought Todd to his school teacher phase. Ring Dance was nice (about 6A.M.), but something was not quite right. Marine Cruise (Left hand guide hand . . ., dirty white pants) and Florida (Robbie ' s Sporting Goods) filled up 1 c sum- mer. Then came our four-man firstie room, more Ail-American honors, and (at last!) Army-Navy weekend. Good luck with Keeks and fly well. WBK 558 18 Vernon Lavell Wallace Philadelplna, Pennsylvania Physical Science Supply Corps Vernon was born May 9, 1966. the first of Iwo sons for Lydia and Wayne. A nut for athletics, he played Varsity Football and ran Varsity Track at Abraham Lincoln High School in Philadelphia. Pa. He then attended the Marine Military Academy, in Harlingcn. Tx. Vernon was then appointed to the United States Naval Acad- emy where he participated and lettered in Varsity Football. His hobbies include athletics and music. With a strong love for music, don ' t be surprised if you hear one of his productions over the airwaves in the future. " Born into the world year 66, an affinity for music led to the mix. In a world full of greed, pain, hunger, and disaster, came the Vee, a.k.a. the GRANDMIXMASTER. " Chadwick Kingsley Watson Fort Wayne, Indiana Political Science Supply Corps We searched the computers for a guy to graduate from the Academy, your name didn ' t come up. Do you know someone who could? Jose on a vacation far away, so were you. No regs? No wonder. Between Indiana and Georgia you formed the shiver dome, the boat, the Philly fire fighting team and the water hammer. Shoka Tiern, 91, Fluke, Bunk. Hitch, Fresh, Dare. THE BOYS. Remember Sam vs. JD. dumb dego. Howabout wiseguys. Run to Indiana, you finally got hooked. Your dream came true, you always get your way. 1 wish you two many happy years but hopefully not to many Chuckie — T juniors. 1, Chad Watson three striper. Vol- leyball captain, most popular man at Navy, I ' d wish you all the luck in the world, but you ' ve already got it. You will go as far as YOU want. I ' ll miss your jokes, attitude, lunacy, our philosophical talks and ideas, but most of all your friendship. " We ' re all done here. " Give T my best cause . . . well, you know the rest. STB William Lance Bach Poway. California English Special Warfare Lance, a.k.a. Verne, came to the Naval Academy after three years of deck-swabbing. Prior to his deck-swabbing days, he was a Ca- lifornia surf rat. connoisseur of beach bunnies, and party hound. But then came USNA!!! Verne, in his final Academy days was a clean-cut company commander, though he suffered from short- timers syndrome, he was a drill machine. To be married on the day after graduation, Verne is sure to procreate numerous Verne ' s and Vernessa ' s with his loving wife. Before this sudden fall from glory, Verne specialized in sun-tanning, 150 ' s football, recons. and two very hot, flamey plebe details. .After graduation and his fateful marriage, in which I will happily slap G on the fanny as a sword- bearer, Verne will proceed to SEAL school to become a frog warrior. Should a shark bite him while he swims m the chilly Pacific surf, Verne will punch Jaws in the nose, and bite him back. Verne is the boy!!! WWB 559 Michael Kenneth Binnix Annapolis, Maryland Computer Science Nuclear Power — Surface Mikey is easy lo find. He is either sleeping, sailing, or spending money. In fact, he blew off P-cola for Nuke Power just to pay his bills. He was the only plebe who did chores on weekends; his mother made him after running away from home to join the Navy. He would have been a 4.0 student, except for an extremely ag- gravated affliction of blue magnetitis. His desire for sailing has only recently been surpassed by a desire for a wedding band. A computer jock — not geek, he hates computers — Donny might be ugly but your mother still dresses you funny, and raindrops are still falling on your butt. Just keep the ships out of ditches, not like your jeep. Shmedly and 1 hope to see Ensign Whetman, who ran the class of ' 90 ragged only to come back and graduate — we hope — with them. Japan will have only strengthened his resolve to join us: Rod below Mike on, and Jeff above the seas. Beware of that SWO belly, Michael! RKL William Wylie Burkhart Indianapolis, Indiana Political Science Marine — Flight Officer After coming to us from the home state of Charles Manson and John Dillinger, Wylie has continued to admirably carry on their tradition of disregard for authority. With a Black N awarded early in his career, Wylie went on to become the first non-brigade commander NAFAC director in the past several years, although he is still partial to George Dickel, blondes, and the Beastie Boys. A true master of the inside game of mission accomplishment. Will has baffled us all by being one of the wildest cards at USNA and yet still getting more done than " Joe Striper. " Wylie has left a legacy of crooked neck Annapolis girls as they tried to catch a glimpse of him cruising Crabtown in his Beastie Bug blasting rap masters at 250 watts. After a playboy tour of China, Wylie will enter the USMC and it will have to put a leash on this wild man or else let him run rampant through Nicaragua with a K-Bar and a tin of Copenhagen. WLB Augusto Gisbert Cata Miami. Florida Computer Science U.S. Marine Corps 20 Jul 81; " 1 Like IKE " CVN-69: Push-button P.O.; Darryl. Applewhite, Freddie; Monte Carlo and Cuba; NAPS: Salve, The Narragansett, Salas ' ; USNA: How ' d I spend $4000 as a plebe?. Navy Crew, Ocean City with Kevin and Jim, Tempe, Biscayne Baby ' s (Carmen), Fantail-Gus, Savannah; Giorgio, wine-coolers, and a moonlit beach; I love the Navy. I want to command an Arliegh Burke Class, " I hate my major, " " The Ducc, " " Did you see that sailboat Mr. Cata? What sailboat, Sir?, " Carmen at Philly; Quantico, the turning point; P.T. Flaggs 13 Sep 86, New Year ' s in Indiana, Bolongo Bay, USS Austin, " Hard Rock Cafe " Naples; USS JellyStone, " Hard Rock Cafe " Magalluf; " What ship did you pick? USMC; Rudy ' s, Route 50; USMC Mess Night, " I said what, to whom ?, " You should have seen my wall.; Apartment Hunting, Easter with Pooch; CMC; The Resident Communist, Gisssbert, " Close your mouth, " surge. AGC John Martin Devine Mount Laural, New Jersey Physical Science Surface Warfare John came to USNA via NAPS. J.D. ' s four years at the Academy were up and down, with each week bringing on a new adventure. His second class year had to be his best by far. He was able to achieve Eastern Wrestling Champ and did so well academically, he earned himself back to back appearances to the big brass at the never ending table. He almost made it to round three, but passed up the chance. John will be graduating much to many person ' s surprise but to none of my own, for after living with him for three years there is one thing I learned. He will NEVER quit. John brings nothing but laughs and joy to the people he is around and I ' m sure will continue to do so out in Caly. John is truly a great friend and bunk. The miles that seperate John and I will not matter because I will always remember the fun and laughs and friendship he pro- vided these last three years. CDR 560 9 David Vincent Gentile Hacketistown. New Jersey Mechanical Engineering Nuclear Power — Submarines What is Dave? Dave is the result of years of Momma ' s Italian home cooking, a pharmacy of vjtamins, and too many late nights in the basement of Rickover. D is for dedicated. A is for vitamins (B.C.D.E. Niacin and Calcium included). V is for the " v " club, and E is for excellence in the Subsurface Navy. Put them all together and they spell STEIN. Once a year he was good for coming back and telling us. " Hey guys. I think I found the right girl, again. ' " For the other 51 weeks, he is a mild mannered introvert until he gets behind the wheel of the Z. On [he road, he becomes a hazard by driving 56 or 57 mph. Dave ran the company, and tried to run the room, with an iron fist. Stein is a very sociable person except when studying, sleeping, eating and until two hours after waking. Dave ' s professional ambition was to become a bubblehead. In Dave ' s Navy, there were only two kinds of ships: submarines and targets. KRS MJM Micheai Wayne George H ' ashington. Pennsylvania Economics Marine — Flighl Officer Conservatism was in during the eighties and Mike was " hip " to it. The Q-Ball came from that redneck state somewhere near Pittsburgh. Strangely though, he was the only man we knew who kept a fifty caliber muzzleloader in a plastic pseudo sportscar (Fiero). He also had a problem with parking in the yard during his senior year, six tickets in two weeks was enough to earn him a new parking spot out in town. Even though Mike always had a few sweat grenades at the ready, he was a reliable guy and you always knew where he stood. The Marines will love to have this right winger dropping the smell of victory on certain deserving countries. Some- times you have to smell the glove. Poetry through Pain. LJH EJS Michael Joseph Giedraitis Paradise Valley, Arizona Marine Engineering Nuclear Power — Surface Mike joined the Navy to ' see the world, but hasn ' t looked up from the books yet. Seldom seen up in 19. Mike called the boat house home. Second class year Mike announced his presence in 19 with a too decibel " Plebe Ho! " In search of his better half Mike traveled to Georgetown and all the local girl schools, having a good time but never reaching the elusive goal. Mike finally got to see the world on summer cruises, spending his money in Europe and West Pac. Mike became an honorary Bravo by launching bottle rockets off green beach, sledding in the cemetary. and Butt Running from the Severn River. Despite crew and many other distractions and ac- tivities, Mike still managed to graduate in the top one hundred of the class. Nuke School will provide Mike with his greatest challenge yet. Best of luck in Orlando and onboard the USS Arkansas. Thanks for the good times, Mike. JDY REW Donald Eugene Grady, Jr. Sevierville. Tennessee Systems Engineering Nuclear Power — Submarines Don came to USNA via .Alabama, but now resides in Sevierv ille. A typical day began with a bebop down the hall for a Mountian Dew and the comics. His few free periods were reserved for rack ops. After class it was usually racquetball followed by one of a multitude of choirs. Glee Club or the Musical. If he wasn ' t in the hall he was sure to be singing somewhere, with " the kids, " or on the roof (remember Army Week ' 87!). Study hour was strictly adhered to for Don — no more than an hour of study nightly yet he still managed to pull through somehow (except for Fluids with the Rocket). Evenings were characterized by huge sugar intake, lots of Dew, and plenty of study breaks to bounce the rubber band ball or throw darts with CK. Through all this Don somehow managed to be selected for nuke power submarines. I don ' t know where he ' ll find the time to sing now, but I ' m sure the silent service will never be the same. W ' GP 561 r i I Lawrence Joseph Hertzog Park Rapids, Minnesota Naval Architecture U.S. Marine Corps Larr ' is a hard man. Until our last semester, we knew his as Captain Sinusoid for his oscillating moods. Lately, however, Larry has been very , very happy. A couple of trips to Florida have done wonders for him. Larry has always been a competitor, academics weren ' t his forte, but he put in the time in the chair and m ade it happen. Although Larry has rich taste, he knows how to stretch a buck. The Marine Corps is in his blood, so it is a safe bet he ' ll be a lifer. The man of a thousand quips knows how to smell the glove. Poetry through Pain. EJS MWG Robert Wayne Kellogg Glens Falls, New York Mathematics Naval Aviation Bob started his academy career off with flying colors by getting invited to the regimental striper table during plebe summer for knocking their swords off their chairs. Since then, however. Bob has excelled in everything he has done. Track and cross country had Bob waking up at 6:00 AM for runs for eight seasons, until he wised up and started participating in triathlons. Now he works out all day. In between school and workouts. Bob has found time to frequent such places as Gettysburg, Georgetown, and New York City. You have been the best friend and roommate a guy could have, good luck and God bless. P.L. Christopher Allen Korn Longwood, Florida Mathematics Nuclear Power — Surface Chris is a great friend. He is the type of guy who would " bend over backwards " to help out a friend. Whenever it comes to women (actually talking about them), old cars, bowling, and power racking, Jizz is in a class by himself It is a wonder that his hometown has done without him for four years. The Naval Academy certainly will not be the same without Chris. His ' Cuda, ' Baker, and his unique slang set Chris apart from all others. An active member of Sub- group Bravo and the best friend I have, we at USNA and all snowbanks in Maryland will miss him. Good luck in Nuke School and all that you do. DCM Paul Leo Lhote Ford City, Pennsylvania General Engineering Naval Aviation Coming from the big town of Ford City, PA, Paul had little trouble adjusting to the rigors of Academy life, although he did spend a few days on restriction and shoveling snow thanks to Harry. Being a member of the varsity baseball team taught Paul the value of patience while spending nearly two years in the gulag, but first class year had him as Navy ' s starting third baseman. Most weekends were spent around the area until senior year when Paul put a few miles on the car by visiting lUP as much as he could. He could always be found cheering on the Fighting Irish or Steelers whenever they were on the tube. Although not an academic phe- nom, Paul maintained fairly good grades during his four years, which earned him the right to choose Navy Air. Paul has been a great roommate and friend. Best of luck in your future naval career. RWK 562 19 Michael John Ma Chardon, Ohio Political Science Surface Warfare At first glance Mike appears to be a studious, mild mannered, short person from Ohio. At second glance, he is still a short person from Ohio, but give him a few brews and some Violent Femmes and he is ready to do the fly. Cruising in the ' scort, wondering why he can ' t get just one kiss, he is always on the make, searching high and low — mostly low. Miker has proven his skills as a hunter several times as a Hood regular, and by bagging a few beastly beer cows at MWC. In addition to excelling in his studies, Mike is also famous for his neatness and room cleaning skills, making him the best houseboy in 19th Company. At first Mike ' s dream ship was a Minesweeper, welded to the pier. Mines in the Persian Gulf changed all that. Instead he decided to sail the high seas in the Hot Shot Scott, one of the Navy ' s newest tin cans. Even though he ' s only 5 ' 5 " we expect big things from Mike. Today room 2436 tomorrow the oval office. KRS DVG Donald Clopton McKay III Charlottesville, Virgin ia Mathematics Surface Warfare Don, or should I say Donbo McSlay. has been a " wild thang " at USNA. Don hails from Charlottesville, but Donbo was bom at MWC, where he single-handedly tried to keep the world safe from Democracy, or at least a few Fredencksburg townies. Though an avowed SWO daddy, Don could be heard echoing a high pitched " bark " though the hall before any drill session — drill being his favorite pastime. Running was a more enjoyable pastime and was a way of release for Donbo, a former Al ' s pal who never seemed to forgive the coach of his few faults. Don will always be remembered for weekemd treks to Norfolk, MWC, as well as Army Week wrestling ' 86. Remember cheering USMA on to victory over ex- change weekend, running (and diving into puddles) in the rain, and screaming out the windows youngster year while assuming CDO duties. Don ' t forget ... the only real wings are bridge wings!! WGP CAK Darryl Corey Melton Orange Park. Florida Oceanography Surface Warfare Going through two 1 2 years with Corey at USNA was an enlightening southern experience. I came into acquaintance with him second semester youngster year. Never before had someone with a love for country music and women been endowed with such moral character. Corey did have his moments of animalistic be- havior, but that is definitely " knot " proper to mention here. Academics was something that sometimes got the best of Corey, but in the end, he alwa ys managed to pull it out. However, his Physics and EE books will not live to see another academic year. As with most of us, Corey ' s lovelife at USNA was as sporatic as parade results. Noilhern women never seemed to mesh correctly with his personality. Trans Ams, crutches, marriage, and volcanoes always turned him off. Corey will be a country boy for life and a Surface Warrior out of Mayport, Florida. Best of luck in your future, bud! CAK William George Plott Waynesville, North Carolina Mathematics Surface Warfare Profuse sweating and aberrant marching marked Bill ' s first sum- mer here, but good roomies that year helped him make it. Being a purebred Tarheel from mountains somewhere south of Virginia, Bill was never sure who to cheer for when Navy played UNC. Always a lively member of any .Advanced Calc class ... his head would bob to the right, then the left, then crash to the desk. His snoring was neat, too. A true competitor in Batt track and XC, he took the stuff seriously until this year, when he bagged it like the rest of us Despite having one of the best blotters around. Bill held on to his presidency of the BTR and " V " Club chapters ( " They ' re just good friends " ). Remember 0600 Nav meetings. Joneser. " Bilge, " and " the Tongue? " Initially with his heart set on being a bubblehead. Bill went to his nuke interview, but God had other plans for him. He heads to SWOS in August before making his home on a frigate out of Mayport. DEG DCM 563 r i Cliff Duane Rees EUicott City, Maryland Physical Science U.S. Marine Corps In the summer of 84, Ellicott City sent a fine scholar — athlete to partake in the crazy campus life of Annapolis. He proceeded to breeze through plebe year as a starter on the basketball team. Youngster year was most exciting, bringing with it a trip to the Captains of the yard and the Final Eight. While captaining a young Navy team as a first class. Cliff managed to pick up his fourth N — star . Although there were many tough times. Cliff kept his sense of humor and positive attitude, always putting a smile on those faces around him. The Marine Corps should be proud to have such a fine leader joining their ranks. JMD Gregory William Rouillard Gunnison, Colorado Systems Engineering U.S. Marine Corps Greg is an interesting character. He stands in the top ten in our class and majors in systems engineering. He rose to the height of D B Commander first semester first class year. Greg always seems to be " planning. " Organization seems to be his key to success. Small meals, positive attitude and long walks help him to round out his extraordinary personality. As with every mid who has ever lived, Greg has a fair amount of events he would rather forget. He has no trouble finding dates, but has managed to accumulate enough bricks to start a fireplace. On occasion he has even been known to engage in intense physical exercise at the squash courls. Greg has chosen Marine Corps as his service selection. The life ahead should be filled with success and excitement. He will be flying the Marine Corps ' F A-18 sometime in the near future. Go for it! CAK Stephen Gregory Sandoval Elkview, West Virginia History Surface Warfare Sandy hails from the boondocks of West Virginia and originally came to USNA for his first pair of shoes and a commission in the Marine Corps. He quickly emerged as the Sub Gr oup Bravo coun- selor and confidante, as well as master mechanic of muscle cars, a.k.a the Mav and the ' 66 Charger " Beast, " especially when in- toxicated. Steve displayed his academic prowess as a Bull major by managing to be unsat for three years running, thanks to the " Berg. First class year saw him with stripes (finally), life on two wheels, abandonment of D B and the adoption of hair, dedicated to a forced career on the high seas. What the Marine Corps has lost, the Navy has surely gained. Keep the shiny side up, the sticky side down, and thanks for being my best friend . . . BKS Eric Joseph Sharpe Derry, New Hampshire Aerospace Engineering U.S. Marine Corps The enemy is not safe with this knife wielding thug from New Hampshire. Blockhead was soon disillusioned with Aerospace and concentrated on his " minor " in military history by reading every book on warfare. The only thing more important than his fas- cination with knives and combat gear was his lust for the rack. Eric ' s stint as Company Commander proved to be very rewarding in the area of micro-managing and breaking in the new Company Officer. The U.S. Marine Corps will benefit from this mountain of a man, hope to see him in the FMF. Sometimes you have to smell the glove. Poetry through Pain. LJH 564 Kenneth Reace Spurlock Ukiah. California Political Science Surface Warfare Kenny has been elected the man most likely to put off until tomorrow what can be done today. We ' re simply commenting on his incredibly relaxed attitude — towards everything. Whether it be paper deadlines, folding his laundry, or carrying out orders from the Dant, Kenny was never one to be rushed. A founding member of the 1 9th Co. bike club, Kenny has left his mark on the highways, medians, fences, and accident reports of the Northern Seaboard. Assuming the role of 19th Co. morale officer, he graciously con- tributed to several tailgaters without collecting a dime. He planned many road trips but never seemed to think about silly things like reservations or bringing everyone he invited. We know he un- derstands ship ' s running lights which, like his face, are sometimes red or green depending on what time happy hour started. He ' ll leave behind a legacy of unpaid bills, soda cans, and broken hearts on the beach. MJM DVG Robert Earl Webb Orange Park, Florida Aerospace Engineering Naval Aviation Rob, a.k.a. Mav, saw the Naval Academy as just four years of pre-flight. Bom and raised in a Navy family, he won ' t claim a hometown but normally spends his leave time in Florida. In- fatuated with flight, Rob became one of the original big four Bravos while carrying out wind tunnel tests with bottle rockets. Never one to pal arounnd with plebes, Rob could often be heard throughout the wing, improving their moral fiber and Trivial Pursuit scores. First class year started with Rob trading a month in sunny Diego Garcia for a week in Smoke Hall. By then he was firmly entrenched in 19th Company ' s toy war. Rob came out the winner with two cars and two bikes. He must have invested wisely because his fortunes with members of the opposite sex improved dramatically. Good luck in Pensacola, Rob, you ' ll make a hell of a pilot. JDY MJG Donald Alexander Wright Fairfax, Virginia Physics Naval Aviation Donny, more affectionately known as Calvin, has blessed the Academy with several of his graces. He is very finicky about the females he is seen with, they must either attend the same school as he does or have a name that ends in " y, " as in Puffy, Biffy, or Boopsy. Like his women, Donny is selective in the music he listens to. When he attends concerts he sleeps through the opening bands to maintain his standards. His extensive tape collection consists of seven tapes of Jimmy Buffett, one for each day of the week. If there is ever a person that is the typical Mid, Donny is it. He me- ticulously follows the regs, is thoroughly proficient in drill, buys his things from the midstore or mail order, controls his alcohol con- sumption, has an impeccable driving record, and bought a Mus- tang. Since he is a Navy brat, on any given day he can be from Florida, Virginia, or Maryland, which just proves that no matter where he is, he ' s lost. KRS 565 John Davis York Sierra Vista, Arizona Oceanography Naval Flight Officer John, a wcll-lraveled Army brat, revived an old family tradition when he showed up in Annapolis. By youngster year, John figured he had this place licked, but the Dooch and some bottle rockets would firmly establish him as a plank-owning Bravo. John im- mediately emerged as the cultural pace-setter by introducing pais- leys, suspenders, and the Cure to the rest of us heathens. After a run in with Bear and a water fountain, John was a changed man. He turned his attentions to hot-rodding " Bob the Death Honda from Hell, " butt running from Santee Basin, and seeking more worldly vistas on the weekends. In February 1987, John happened upon L and the rest is history. A gouge-hound in the truest sense, John was never fazed by USNA and will hit the fleet in stride. Easy going and full of common sense, John is all anyone could ask for in a future backseater. Sec you over Pensacola. REW " " l Peter Dietz Alexander Little Rock, Arkansas Economics U. S. Marine Corps It is not often that a good ol ' boy comes to USNA from Ar- Kansas via Italy without really applying. Perhaps this accounts for Peter ' s " rebel without a cause " attitude, one that put him at loggerheads with the admin conduct system. There was indulging at youngster " gaters, UA at ' Dillo ' s and the gate 1 O-course. Perhaps this caused PDA to punch the wall and break his hand (or could it have been watching " Breakfast at Tiffany ' s " at Army ' 85?). Pete was also the original " beautiful " man with a two gallon jug of Polo and his belly cut pythons. However, even Mr. Ed can swallow upside down Margarittas courtesy of Pip. Mr. Econ even got a 1.0 in his first majors course. Remember, marines don ' t need to count (that ' s why he isn ' t going SWO) . . . where did your hair go in November ' 87? Best wishes to Hornberger Jr. — a copastetic kind of guy. JLG Darren Wayne Ault Chico, California English Naval Aviation Aultman, Too Tall, and the Opamp. The Dallas Cowboys, L.A. Lakers, and Cincinnati Reds shall always prevail. AU will be remembered for its many weekend excursions. The car survived a 3000 mile trip, but couldn ' t turn one fateful Thanksgiving night. I will be remembered as the man that doesn ' t use a glass while consuming. Basketball and football were pastimes, but Softball was my favorite. First class year wasn ' t my year, but a new car and a girl did more than compensate. Plebes will always have a place in my heart; lord knows they are never good enough. Company parties always held my interest, being the loner am ong couples more than once. 1 am a Northern California boy and always will be. We ' ve had some good times; thanks for the memories, 20. LLD 566 Robert Steven Carlisle Felton. California Oceanography Nuclear Power — Surface I met ' Rob " for the first time while I was waiting in the bleachers on " f ' -Day. One scramble and four years later, he still hasn ' t changed. Though restriction, bad grades, livmg in the company ' s smallest room, or bemg the platoon commander of platoon number 108 in platoon drill might get some people down. Rob has never lost his good disposition or his positive outlook on life. After taking a brief eighteen month respite starting in sunny Oriando Florida, Rob will be going to the David R. Ray and spending his weekends in the California sun that he was raised in. Once he gets on the outside, his outlook on life should serve him well in good limes and bad, just as it has done here. Fair winds and following seas; we ' ve finallv survived. RVVD Jane Marie Collins Lompoc, California History Surface Warfare RRiinngg . . . RRiinngg . . . No, Jane is not here. No. I don ' t know anything about the Lucky Bag pictures. My roommate, the COL KJink of the Lucky Bag . . . informals. biographies, work parties, excusal lists. It was a thankless job, but the Class of ' 88 would find no better editor. . master exam-laker, Jane held a 3.5 QPR without a problem (literally) — for 3.5 years, at least . . . Summers were her glory; most recently, she cruised to the Virgin Islands aboard USS D. B. Beary. partied with the crew, and then backpacked through China for seven weeks. Spring Break ' 88 — aboard the Trudy J. — proved her aptitude to surface warfare. Row, row, row your boat . . . Jane will be one of the first women assigned to the Combat Logistics Force — look out, Cimarron. Thank goodness, she will be in Hawaii, where the temperature never falls below 65 degrees. Good luck, Jane. Do well — re- member. God will never test you beyond what you can bear . . . " Cast OfT! " SMS Lee Michael Conley Fort Morgan, Colorado Aeronautical Engineering Surface Warfare Lee came to USNA out of a Marine family but chose to wear the blue uniform out of here. Ignoring the " you don ' t have to go aero to fiy " advice, he made things difficult for himself but managed to hold the course. How best to measure his experience here but with images of his final and best year here: sailing with J. S, K after three years of crew . . . roadtripping to see Stone and the restriction following . . . flagging 401 at six weeks and the twelve week re- covery (sans weekends) . . . dragging J.S.A. to every home game ( " maybe this time . . . " ) . . . remaining sat and unrestricted thru second semester (barely) . . . skiing with J, D, J, D. T and 70 Old Viennas . . . roadtripping to CU with J ... the KU interns: K, L, S, S ... but what ' s up with J.S.A.??? . . . and not air, NFO, nuke . . . how about SWO!. Lee ' s most profound advice to us all — " Don ' t sweat the bead before the need. " Have a good one out there! BTR John Duffy Coode Nashville. Tennessee Mechanical Engineering Nuclear Power — Submarines John came to us fresh from Nashville as another good Catholic boy. .Along the way he has grown wise to the ways of the world. Plebe year in the Serene Company brought enlightenment in the military way of life. Anxious to begin his engineering career, John experimented with the deformation of automobile metals much to the horror of a generous firstie. He embarked upon youngster year with great enthusiasm, until his attention was temporarily lost to a hometown love. By firstie year, John was back and at his best in a variety of scenes ... the Whale, on the Mall with Dave, Green Alligators, 70 Old Viennas in Tico, a shon drive to Colorado, and those crazy KU Jayhawks. From here, its off to the undersea world of small racks and big paychecks. Your future ' s so bright, you better wear shades . . . DHP 567 Leo L. Debandi York. Pennsylvania Political Science U.S. Marine Corps The Naval Academy ' s loss is the Marine Corps ' gain. It is hard to find anybody as dedicated and hard working as Leo. When it came time for work, he was always there; and, when it came time to play, Leo was one of the first in line. There are other qualities besides Leo ' s short hair that make him perfect for the Corps. He loves to hit the beach, he can ' t spell his name, and he ' s not afraid to push himself until he throws up. Good luck with your future, Leo (Marriage?). Keep in touch, bud. LAGNAF. " Semper Fidelis. " DWA Richard William Dehn Collinsville, Oklahoma Computer Science Surface Warfare Considering Rick and I first met each other on the bleachers in Halsey on I-day, I felt especially qualified to write about his illustrous career here at the Academy. For our three years in 20, we ' ve roomed three semesters together, including on ce in the company ' s smallest room with the company ' s most reknowned rack hound who helped ensure we got lots of sleep if not the the best QPR. Since then we ' ve enjoyed the comer room on T-court, snickering at the mids who forgot their rain gear. Actually, Rick ' s been the ideal rommate, considering his musical tastes are pretty decent and he could put up with my singing. A dedicated SWO god. Rick headed out for his first tour on the Hewes, FF-1078. Un- fortunately, the ship is probably razor blades by now, so instead of a Brooke class missile shooter he got a Knox class sub-hunter, which didn ' t thrill him, but I know he ' ll do well regardless. Fair winds and following seas, buddy! RSC Tristram Evan Farmer Trevett. Maine History Nuclear Power — Submarines The original PDB, who enjoys a good time and pretty plants and shrubs. This type of behavior is expected from a Boston Celtic ' s fan. I will always remember M.L. at O.C. No place is sacred, for I am a true devil ' s advocate who ' s going somewhere. I came here with high expectations of paradise in the sky, but settled for checkbooks underneath the sea. I sought command and rings of gold, but settled for stacks of paper only to leave them behind. While four years by the bay, many things have come and gone, including Bat Man and my hair. Tris, despite all that ' s happened, you are a beautiful man and a true friend. You and your excursions will not be forgotten. D A James Lee Gray, Jr, Dover, Delaware Electrical Engineering Nuclear Power — Submarines Jim joined the Sailing team plebe year so his roommates could use his blade (on each other). This started an illustrious offshore career that ranged from swiping Zodiacs at Fisher ' s Island to tangling with wild beasts in St Mary ' s. There was some sailing in there, and Damien ended up in the afterguard of " Phantom " with Half-Mile. Damien gutted out EE and even got stars once. Hard to believe, since he was never one to stay on the porch and could usually be found running with the big dogs in Delaware, the Beach house or NATO parties. If he wasn ' t there he was trying to go fast either on the water or in the RX-7. Second class summer with group five was when Jim decided to give his heart to submarines and his jacket to anyone who wanted it. With all that valuable training as Batt Sub-Commander to prepare him, Damien is sure to excell in the Silent Service. May you always hear them first. THE PULPIT CLUB JLG 568 20 Robert Curtis Hamilton San Luis Obispo. California English Naval Aviation Bob arrived on 2-2 that first, humid afternoon youngster year, barking Cadet Corps-isms, twirling his nfle, and liking it. He had the plebes braced up and the upperclass peeved even before he found his room. His true value as a model midshipman wasn ' t fully realized, however, until our first, sacred trip to Philly. Since then. Bob has maintained the highest standards of professionalism in his mission of plebecide and has achieved a level of familiarity with a number of underclass that is clearly above and beyond the call of duty. His final year has been a ride on the edge of academic failure which resulted from his persistent endeavors to try the souls of each and every faculty member in the English department. But beneath Hambone ' s obnoxious spirit and superfluous Chief Inspector Clouseau phonetics, lies a sense of humor and an easy nature that has made him a friend and one hell of a roommate (EBB). STEAM Jeffery Alan Kendrick Riverdale. Georgia Ocean Engineering Nuclear Power — Surface Jeff, better known as the mouth of the south, always had some- thing to say, sometimes a little too much. His obsession with failing EE kept him unsat much of second and part of first class year. However, this setback did not keep him from enjoying his week- ends or the race back to Navy in the midnght hours. His dnving skills, or lack thereof, always impressed us along with the firepower his blazer carried. Every now and then, one could catch him chasing criminals in his car. Jeff has been a good friend that never seemed to be ready on time, but could be counted on to help out with any problem. In his day he was known to acquire a few. Our adventures scuba diving in 100 ft caves, water skiing on glass lakes in Georgia, late nights in D.C., and trips to Utah will always be memorable. Good luck as a SWO, Jeff, but most of all good luck in finding your dream girl (in church, of course)! JLS Kevin Kermit Kltts Charlotte, North Carolina Systems Engineering Marine Aviation " 1 need my Phase-4 sleep! Turn off the music so I can study. Ready to rack? " These phrases have endeared you to us these last three years. Together we have endured small rooms, restriction (except Trigger), unsatness, studying, as well as other affairs. Friends are people who know all about you, but like you anyway. Lucky for you we ' ve let you hang around. We ' ll miss your southern drawl, your crawtaters, and your MardiGras babycake — but not your Sys.Eng. crabbiness. Oh, we ' ll miss your stereo, too. In spite of our tenuous start as roommates: Trigger meeting you once, on DragDay — when your mouth was wired shut, and Zack in CAPT Gandy ' s class — when he wished your mouth was wired shut: we have since become best of friends (and the Inguinal Region). Even though you ' ll have a new roommate after graduation, we ' ll fondly remember being your " firsts. " You are always welcome in our room. Good luck best wishes! Z T Mark Andrew Luta Eugene. Oregon Physics Nuclear Power — Submarines Mark came to USNA from Eugene, Oregon, the land of Mary Decker, Alberto Salazar, and Nike tennis shoes. From the very beginning, we knew that Mark was just a little different. Plebe year all of 3rd Battalion marveled as he actually downed 12 cannonballs for carry-on. I don ' t think his upperclass were quite sure who they were dealing with, especially after they read his plan for taking over a nation with 20,000 men. Youngster year came and Mark amazed us with his vast professional knowledge. A dedicated member of the YP sqardron. Mark was always available to answer those last minute NS or NN questions. Despite Mark ' s experience with the greyhounds of the Severn, his heart belonged to the submarine force. He became a physics major in order to qualify for ADM McKee ' s elite band of fighting men. He always said that he would fly home first class if accepted. He was, and the world is his. Fair winds and following seas, Mark. GLS 569 nun ' ' ■ ' I I p» 55 UTS ■■ ■■-. A ' . a: RB ? -«- ' SS BS i !B!tl t!V? Donald Henry Packard III Pocasset, Massachusetts Oceanography Naval Flight Officer Don, Don, Don came to the Naval Academy with high hopes and a full head of hair. He quickly found a home on the sailing team and was rarely found far from the water. Don ' s academic career has been a roller coaster ride of 4.0 ' s and 2.0 ' s with little in between. His academic low points caused him to see little of the real world during his second class year. Rumor has it that that ' s when he tore his hair out. What remains he guards jealously, with only an occasional trip to the 2nd wing barbershop. In review: 70 Old Viennas in Tico. the Whale, improving Canadian relations, green alligators, lost mopeds in Bermuda, schussing in JefTs face, " It ' s just not like that!, " crazy KU Jayhawks, and one misguided ro- mance. Don ' s naval career promises to be one of fast planes, good times and excessive length as he pursues a career as an NFO. Though, we all know that someday he ' s just going to sail away. Best ofluck. JDC Christopher J. Payton Jacksonville, Florida Ocean Engineering Surface Warfare It ' s not a bird! It ' s not a plane! It ' s Bulky!! Calvin brought to life. The man with no enemies. Chris Payton can find a bright spot in any cloudy day and put a smile on anyone ' s face. He is a hard working, dedicated person who will make a great naval officer. The surface warfare community is getting a great individual (20 knots with your hair on fire). Four years on the pistol team won you a letter and a spot at Nationals. We have had plenty of good times together: Army-Navy, NCAA, CAA, company parties, driving cross-country, and of course ZZ Top. I ' ll never forget the times we ' ve shared, and I look forward to more. Enjoy your time in the Navy and good luck. I ' ll see you at your wedding in 1 989. If I could only spell some of the Greaseman ' s expressions I could put an appropriate ending on this. Oh, well, You know what I would have said. Aloha! DWA Gretchen Anne Quasebarth Nokesville, Virginia Physical Science Aviation Maintenance Duty Officer Gretchen ' s indoctrination into the Navy was the cause of some high anxiety, but she was fortunate to make some lasting friend- ships with Mag and Brandy. Who could forget Halloween and the Nun ' s excorcism on her Bob Armstrong? Studying, sailing to the Bahamas, studying, tour of duty in summer school, studying, second class summer, studying, studying ... To maintain sanity, Gretch elbowed her way to a two star sweater despite the obstacles. Diligent and hard working, she stuck academics and will sport her Phi Sci QPR hi degree with pride. We began to see the real Gretch when the pressure eased, and we liked what we saw. Even though she won ' t be soaring the skies, she ' s content to be soaking up that Hawiian sunshine — Aloha! We ' ll never forget the Witching Hour, EE, the Greaseman, keeping " busy, " the Big Game, and none of that petite stuff! Best of luck! WLW 570 David John Robillard Scheneclady, New York Ocean Engineering Special Operations Dave came lo us from a suburb of Albany. Since he has been here he has bulked up quite a bit. Dave, however, is not the usual muscle-head as he has been known lo shatter many academic records at USNA (Tau Beta Sigma Xi). A.U. has held adventures galore for Dave. He spent many a night searching for the brown paper breather. His green shirt is lost forever. As senior year approached. Dave could be found making quick trips home to see his mother, or should that be his girlfriend? His horse acumen won him the triple at the Preakness to the delight of his investors. The spread eagle position on a Delaware bridge after an Army-Week finale will be in the memories of the " l-Team " for a long time. In all seriousness, Dave has been a great friend who will for sure leave his mark in the Navy as a Diver. It has been a pleasure being your roommate. Best of luck. JAK CT LD DJR Sara Magdalena Salas Fairfax. Virginia English Supply Corps " Hi, I ' m Sara — Where ' d you get that? " Sara had her priorities straight; make friends first, then concentrate on being the best midshipmen possible. Over the past years, she has been trans- formed from a " lost " soul to an inspiration in black, with gold wings and three stripes (real stripes). Along the way, Sara ' s Smile has won friends throughout the brigade. Sara was a sailor, but retired the dinghy after suffering through foul weather and severe hypothermia. Later, in another dinghy, dauntless Sara " Rowed, Rowed, Rowed the Boat " while practicing her " command voice. " Echoes of " Eyes, Right " and " Company, Halt " were heard throughout Key Largo. Trips with Sara . . . cruising at shotgun — how did those woops find us? Motion sickness made dreams of Navy Air less attractive, ruined a scuba trip, and gave her a pale green glow on an attempted Bahamas voyage. Sara is the best that the Naval Academy can offer; the Navy is lucky to have her! LRG, WLW, JMC Thomas Michael Schrantz Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Oceanography Naval Aviation What a lifestyle this mesmerizing odyssey of romance and daring has led. With a bright background of wrestling and being one of the Pittsburgh boyz, he set his sails on USNA over the likes of Pitt. However, after a little ruff sailing in plebe history with prof Thomas, visions of Pitt brightened, but he was soon set back on course. On more than one occasion we thought his single days were numbered, but with time there was always someone new. 2 C year brought the frustration of EE and the wrestling coach, restnction, and nerf hoops. Spring brought his vette and bike . . . Pink nail polish on his big 21, Pitt-Penn St. game, O.C. with the boyz, Delaware, and of course the VOUS all to make l C year the best ever. Many boring classes with Fresh, craming for tests, and the big and bulky approach to numerous workouts. Not to forget our favorite playground, Tom ' s backyard . . . Pittsburgh. Watch out Pensacola! JCS Jon Charles Silvey Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Economics Naval Aviation A big man with a big reputation, J.C. set sail f or USNA to excel in football with his sights set on being a Navy pilot. Youngster year made J.C. realize he would rather catch women than passes, so he decided not to play football. We ' ll never forget our first weekend as youngsters in Delaware and our 3 .A.M. wrestling match. The International Ball introduced him to a young Sweedish girl who took up much of J.C. ' s time for awhile. With second class year came EE and a winter of restriction for civilian clothes and nerf basketball. First class year outshined them all with four of the best WE ' s at the borrowed house in O.C, a shot every first down at the Pilt-Penn St. game, and a $50 fine for an open container at State Colllege. And of course, who can forget the numerous good times al the VOUS, known as Headquarters for the boys. No matter what time we left we were always seconds away from missing taps. Look out P-Cola! Good luck! TMS 571 Gregory Lanier Simmons Decatur, Georgia Political Science Surface Warfare Hailing from Georgia, Greg was always a staunch " Surface Line, Mighty Fine " loyalist. Not so amazingly, he opted for one of those grey hulls on service selection night. He always worked hard to succeed, and never gave up when the going got tough for him. His strong religious beliefs and willingness to make personal sacrifice have helped in the past, and will no doubt continue to be major factors in his drive for success. Greg will soon be surprising many people with just how successful he can be. MAL Christopher Franklin Trigg Wilmington, Delaware General Science Surface Warfare The oatmeal is gone but the memory lingers on. Time has gone fairly quickly the last three years with this SEAL-wanna-be SWO god. So tough he breaks girls ' fingers (a real lady killer). We fondly remember him spread-eagle against a bridge girder with Delaware State Troopers ' guns on his back and K-9 ' s at his behind. The I- team will miss Mom ' s cooking come Army-Navy. We won ' t miss his growling locker and drawers running laps in the room at night, though. Hopefully, he can keep his neck intact in his rack, without us. Trigger if you ever get the training wheels off your motorcycle, stop by, and we ' ll reread the quoteable quotes. Watch out for that velcro, you ' ve always seemed to have some trouble with it. We ' re sure you ' ll be a much better officer than you were a " scribester. " The I-region could not have been better. Good luck, and godspeed. KKK KMZ Dean Wladisiaw Turczyn Camarillo, California English Naval Aviation Dean dropped in at the mate ' s desk one hot August day, coming from a " real " plebe year that ta ught him all the niceties of lead- ership necessary for any naval officer, ready to imbue his worldly knowledge upon all. Some, namely any plebes unfortunate enough to cross his path, received special attention, producing a special place for him in their hearts. Noting his own adverse reaction to anything involving numbers, " Steam " channeled his efforts in the direction of literature as an English major, causing many a sleepless night for more than one professor challenged by his unique point of view and lack of inhibition toward challenging their opinions. Dean leaves these halls to further pursue the satisfying of his proclivity toward speed by moving to high-performance aircraft as a supplement to his ground equipment, following in the brown- shoe footsteps of his father as a naval aviator. B-cubed, and you ' ll like it, ad nauseum. HAMBONE Michael Weinstein Stony Brook, New York Physics Surface Warfare The " Stoner " came to USNA from the 51st state. Long Island. Plebe year sent Mike to some highly motivated upperclass in the 23rd Co., but Mike never let their constant " encouragements " get him down. Youngster year sent him to Roaring Twenty and tp a fresh start and even fresher grades. Firstiedom brought him the job of company ops and official announcement maker; he was always the Man With A Deal. We always knew Mike was a man of strong convictions. While most tried to avoid controversy, Mike was never one to shy away from it. We will never forget his struggles for religious freedom nor his letters to Time and The Washington Post. I guess Mike is a " Rebel always with a cause. " Surface Warfare was Mike ' s service of choice, and we all have no doubt that he will be successful. The fleet will be in store for a man who will do great and mighty things. Fair winds and following seas, roommate, I know you will be one of the best. GLS 572 0 fe) Wendi Lee White Waterloo, New York Economics General Unrestricted Line Some people were awarded black N ' s — Wendi should have gotten a black C — as in Car. It drove her to numerous tours of duty in Smoke Hall, not to mention ticket expenses. May the Maverick Rest In Peace. Her short engineering came to an abrupt halt four weeks into youngster year; she then took up economics and the fine art of couponing. She was always improvising on hair regs, procrastinatmg until the all-nighter. Salty Sally with all the dirt, dreading each of those nine miles for Navy, in search of connections, partying with KT and the gang, spending time with family, thinking about the Jag and those few thousand tanned, good-looking reasons to love California and select Long Beach. Wendi will be heading from coast to coast, around the world, and wherever her quest for adventure will take her. But remember, Wendi, home is where the heart is. SMS, LRG, TMA Andrew Farlling Wickard Annandale. New Jersey Economics Nuclear Power — Submarines Twentieth Company resident financial wizard — if LT Money was busy, there was always Andrew. He hated the academics and yet excelled, caring too much to just let them slide. In the mean- time, though. Drew was continually busy. Many thanks to Gregg M., Antoine W., Doug G., and Bill G., who pulled Andrew through plebe year in Thirty-two. Youngster year he mastered the art of MACing, including two trips to Italy: the Cappios; Cortina; treas- uring Midnight Mass before a very cold night, sleeping in Italy ' s premier driving machine — Fiat Uno. Cruise was tough too — Japan to Hawaii — minimizing underway time, while maximizing enough liberty time for he and Gregg to earn scuba quals. Good luck, Andrew. My thoughts and best wishes are with you wherever I am. Remember to smile; the air is good for your teeth. SMS Kevin Michael Zachery Eagle River. Alaska General Science Surface Warfare Our man with the most discs, lowest mpg car, largest magazine and associated accoutrement collection with a smaller bank acount than a plebe with a computer. We ' ll try to keep in touch with this man on the run from creditors in hot pursuit. But the first place anyone should look is his rack. The way we ' ll always remember Zach is wearing black Dingo boots, tight shorts or jeans, muscle tee, with a pimp hat dancing on his desk (to Saturday Night Fever). His motto is " It is better to have loved and lost (or dumped) than never to have loved. " We wanted to get him an .Acme, B-grade, sci-fi, book of the week club membership but decided he would be too busy sleeping to read. We hope that his ships staples include sodas and PB J to maintain his nutritional axioms, and that anyone with problems will find this man who would forgive and befriend Old Scratch himself as he has us. The I-Region remembers. See you at the top!! CFT KKK M 573 p Tammy Michelle Adams Tucson, Arizona Systems Engineering Naval Flight Officer Reeeport! Tammy (T.A. — T.A.) arrived plebe summer ready to take on things which she ' d never dreamed of doing, and her high school friends could never comprehend. A jack of all trades. Tam- my participated in more ECA ' s than most mids even knew existed and managed to create a few of her own. Memories: numerous crushes (E4-03), SPLAT! What did you forget to do? marinara sauce, Navy funded weekends (FL, NY, MD, PA), sitting on a dock as collateral, dates with VAX ( statics, thermo, fluids . . ), a sparkling smile 1 c year, duty as PP watch officer (not again!), turbo Z, first take-off and landing, hanging out in a tree and finally landing the gold at night from a Huey, one of two surviving Playgirls. Tammy ' s indecisiveness kept the women of ' 88 in sus- pense (CEC SPEC OPS NFO), but finally she decided to begm her quest for the gold (and a REAL man) in PCOLA — back seat or not. Best of luck, Tammy. The sky ' s the limit! WW, LG, SS Edward Eugene Alexander New Cannen, Conneticut General Engineering Surface Warfare Ted is one guy that nobody will readily forget. Besides bemg a guy that constantly needs a maid or a mother (your choice), he demonstrates a quality, that, umm, let ' s see here, umm, I don ' t know, umm, that can be politely described as indecisive. Ted will be remembered for his many excursions to the " Vous, " " Kitty ' s, " and Va. Beach. Ted has always been a lady ' s man — don ' t let him lie to you! Actually, speaking nothing less than the truth, he is the master of " juggling. " It ' s wierd how he had duty almost every weekend or an away rugby game. Yes, Ted was one of the few who used rugby as a cheap date. But that ' s okay, Ted never really had much money to begin with. Ted is actually a great guy and a real dependable friend, who will (have to) use his personality, along with his scholarly pursuits in Mech., Oops, I mean. General En- gineering, to be quite successful in life. Good luck. Twigs! BTP Richard Lee Bomhol d, Jr. Peoria, Illinois Oceanography U.S. Marine Corps Rich came to us youngster year through the luck of the draw. He came from the center of the heartland, Peoria, III. He was to prove the proverbial cat with nine lives, and he used at least six of those here! Although he began as a question mark, we soon learned that he was one of the best assets of our company. Rich was on the dive team, but there wasn ' t any sport which he wasn ' t good at. His happy-go-lucky outlook served him well. Remember the road trip to Delaware? Rich proved his iron willpower by quitting dipping 2 1 times. His ECA ' s included; collecting N stars, M ' s, chiquita ' s, and dole ' s. Contrary to his reputation, he never earned a single demerit in his five years at USNA. It ' s too bad he chose the Marines, he would have made a great kindergarten teacher! Good luck. Rich, oy vay, and Semper Fi! DPS 574 Jason B Ton Burke Philadelphia. Pennsylvania Oceanography Naval Aviation Whether it be participating in some goofy ECA like the Balloon Crew (Oops!), the Miss Maryland TEEN pageant, or juggling wom- en from all comers of the globe (or was that all wings of Bancroft). " Wally " has been a source of entertainment for us all. Youngster year found Jas lying low as the Golden Boy in the Triple E room, but the brilliant disguise disappeared as 2 c year rolled in. and Wally rolled over 1 c Moore. Christmas restriction turned out to be a circus, as Jason spent it in Ricketts with the Bearded Lady. First class year Wallace got wise to us and went undercover. It was tough to find Wally midnight to 3 a.m. on weeknights and even tougher on weekends. He was either off playing the Slots or ferrying from 4- 4 to the Econo-Lodge (Whew! That was close!). But despite all of his escapades, we ' ll miss the Northeast Philly boy. Good luck in Pensacola, from Eddie. Beaver and June. JES Brian Allan Colley Ann Arbor. Michigan Chemistry Naval Aviation During Brian ' s three year stay in 21. we have successfully trans- formed Colley-flower from being a typical .4-performing. Whiskey- Lima, cupcake, to a C-performing. Whiskey-Lima, cupcake. It all started youngster year with his disco date at Dahlgren. and his not- so slick maneuvers at the U of M tailgater (yes. June, we saw you). Despite being an equal collaborater in the Fab Five, Sweet Pea emerged from the 5000 unscathed. Demonstrating his well- roundedness, Brian set out to tackle every post on the Honor Committee and finally took the last position by default. The consumate jock, Brian could open a sporting goods store with his biking, snorkeling, sailing, and racketball equipment. To ease the pain, Brian always had a willing woman to rub his back. It ' s been a great three years, good luck in P-cola, but remember to take a knee if you need to. Your chums Wally, Beave, Eddie, and Lumpy. JFD Robert Rider Cox Olney, Maryland Physical Science Supply Corps Bobby, he ' s a man with great manuverability and speed as shown by his fast reaction at U of M. He was an instantaneous hit there, needling Roy and receiving a safety pin himself On the golf course he ' s a terror. " Hit the brake not the gas Bob. " Well, Rider, it ' s been a great four years, buy some new sheets for the apartment and a bucket vice your shons. You ' ve been a super friend and I hope you ' ll remain one. By the way, I need a dip . . . jinx you owe me another. — TF Low Rider, hard to belive we actually made it all the way. Bobby, of course, is the demi-god of 2.0. and I mean 2.0. Youngster year with big G and the lightswitch. (I will find your restriction). 1987, a banner year: that princess of yours sure was lovely. So when are you getting married? Bob. you ' re a great friend and roommate, and I ' ll be around to bug you in the future when you swing trapeeze. By the way, that was the highest full in I ever saw. P.S. I love you little . . . MWJ Jonathan Brett Dachos Nashua, New Hampshire Marine Engineering Surface Warfare Johnny Legs, Bo, or J.D started his plebe summer by putting a bayonet in his roomate ' s neck. He was then lucky enough to join the " slack six " company. Johnny legs was denved because of his obsessive triathlon training regime. Many workouts started in the early morning and were spread out into the evening. Anyone who knew him would admit he was hi-strung and always on the go. but if you thought he walked fast you should see him evade a dog on a workout. John still found time for fun and made trips to Notre Dame to watch the fighting Irish. He truly is a great guy and friend. Best of luck in your Navy career. — RK — . Mr. Bo Dachos danced. Everv morning at 5:00 or 6:00 a.m. came the alarm. None more need be said. There were also the frequent visits to our room from your best female friends. It ' s been a good last semester with many memories. HEY. BOB, IS HE AWAKE. BRC 575 Joseph Francis Donnelly Philadelphia. Pennsylvania History Surface Warfare Joe came to Navy from Philly with more than adequate cre- dentials Two junior vears and a year at NAPS got him ready for four years of sleep and LAX. He tried playing the invisible mid, but trouble soon found Joe and followed him most everywhere. We usually didn ' t have to pull him out though, because Joe became somewhat of an escape artist through his stay at USNA, dodging deuces (and classes) whenever he could. Although he tried, he couldn ' t escape the 5000 Club (more than once), joining Wally, The Beav and 1 to make the Fab five . . . well, four (Hey, where ' s Zerbs? On the HP again?). Chinese food and Zombies got us snow- shoveling to freedom. Hey, Joe, how ' s the yard look from the rooftops? A woman and a windshield (and fewer classes) got the best of Joey first class year, but we all knew we ' d find him back in Smoke Hall ... See ya there. Joe, an easy going guy found real truth in " 2.0 and GO. " Best of luck in the Navy and beyond. BAC James Stephen Egan Tampa Bay, Florida Political Science Surface Warfare The Lonely Guy, banned from Bean Town, is often seen skipping class to go hit the long ball with his double-scoop tucked neatly in his plaid pants topped by the latest in velour apparel, or was that corduroy? But, the Beaver is a unique creature following the creed that nice guys finish last. Whether it ' s rebounding a Black Label off the head of a Delaware-ite, dumping an Old Milwaulkee on an overzealous RA, or just watching the tube while the cat eats the canary, there are no holes barred. And by the rosey cheeks, red eyes, and skip in his step, it is obvious that the " Beave " has been bar-ed. As one of the Fab Five, cool Eg ' s kept up the reputation by becoming the best host at the tailgaters due to his control o f the buggy-wagon. But we have found out that Stooly ' s criminal actions are just a front and we all know he has dropped the " L " word. Good luck you sensitive SWO. Your Roomy, Wally. JBB Gavin Johnson Fite Dallas, Texas Physics Supply Corps Big G from Big D, Big Iron . . . Everything about BIG G was no doubt BIG from his appetite for the demon liquor to his taste in maternity wear and grease fired third world fashion. G was a patron of the finer Diners and Motel Cocktail lounges of the East Coast. He was certainly unparalled in his glory at catching quite a hefty jerk at the Burlington Diner looking at him with genuine horror. Drove an Edsel, had a fondness for using improper syntax and grammar for his own financial gain, as it were, if you will, a true workingman so proud of his stained dead man ' s wardrobe he often gave the impression of a reeking, inbred, hillbilly genius with a definite cosmopolitan air. G was equally at home in squalid abodes from Juarez to New York City. G was like the final, fatal cryptic anagram received by Grandpa Munster shortly before his death ... it is unfortunate that few people will ever know the true story of BIG G. BMH David Mark Gebhardt Peoria, Illinois Physics Nuclear Power — Submariners Dave reported to USNA from the booming metropolis of Peoria ... or as it is better known, God ' s country. While a plebe, Dave hit the deckplates running by befriending the youngsters of 1st Com- pany and working hard on room formals. He started as an Electrical Engineer; but after receiving a ' B ' in one major course, he decided that Physics was his true calling. When he wasn ' t helping class- mates with EE he would be playing basketb all, or anything else besides studying. Everybody who knows Dave automatically as- sociates him with submarines and . . . that he won ' t be happy unless he is cruising at seven knots with his hair on fire. Good luck at Nuke school and especially your summer Math course; I know it ' ll be rough. MFS 576 Lisa Rene Gregory Longwood, Florida Political Science Supply Corps she came to us from under the sun, totally unaware of what she was in for, Plebe year was a rude awakenmg (No more B-ball, hello squad tables), but Sara and interesting distractions kept her here. But, seriously, Lisa may not have been the most " professional " mid, but she had a lot of friends and support. People would do anything for her, because she was always willing to help them. You could always count on Lisa — she had a strong shoulde r and a good ear. Where ' s your roommate?, cruises in the Far East and LA, parties on the beach (Who was that guy?), the quest for a tan, pseudo-Greek, the other surviving Playgirl, Tammy ' s shrink, ex- treme taste in guys, breezing through Chem, Quantico, and her many miles for Navy (HA!), JD, Fla bound Spring Breaks (Is it snowing?), sad goodbyes to roommates, " Leees, " the boys next door. Good luck in the Supply Corps, Greggs. By the way, have you decided on the name of your bar yet? TMA SMS WLW William Mayfield Gross Wilmington. Delaware Aerospace Engineering Naval Aviation Reigning from " The Place Where You Can Be Somebody, " Bill came storming to USNA with a year of " studying " experience under his belt. He started on the right foot with high grades and lots of Glee Club experience (Rickover and Arizona State will never be the same). Youngster year could b est be described as a blur, which is probably best anyway. (Bill did get some good sportsmanship training at Risk) Spending many weekends on the Rugby field, Willy stumbled through MWC and contracted what is known as The Great Sickness. The cure came 1 c year like a jolt of reality. The numerous, faceless many were good medicine. The Great Swami distinguished himself as the only Aero with more wardroom hours than study hpurs, but he was always quick with wit and ideas. Little Joe should survive New Orleans with his Cartwright training (or will New Orieans survive him?). As the card says, " guaranteed to add life to any social occasion. " RPS Brian Michael Hare Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania History U.S. Marine Corps Brian came to the ol ' Academy from Pa., but that never seemed to keep everybody from asking what part of California he was froin. Brian was one of, well actually, the only midshipman to visit London more times on weekends than most midshipmen visited Hood College. During our four year tenure at the Academy, Bri and 1 witnessed the demise of Mary Washington and the rise of Los Angeles (with its " Dia de los muertos " attitude of the locals on Hollywood Boulevard, Bob ' s Frolic Room, and the Paradise Mo- tel), the initiation of numerous international incidents on the continent of Europe, the infamous naked axe-wielding YP cruise of second class summer with Sully, Lin-z, Des, and OF COURSE, our four fabulous seasons bashing skulls and bones out on the rugby pitch. All of this fantastically enviable, stimulating excitement from our mutual modest beginnings in the 33rd Company plebe year. We ' re now off to bigger killings in the real world. MLB Robert W. Honeycutt Hope, Arkansas Aerospace Engineering Marine Aviation Bob has graced the Academy with his fine southern viewpoints for four years. This Arkansas boy reminds all of us of a fine beer; you love it and learn to tolerate its gas. Bob has proven his leadership ability in being company commander, his shoveling skills in keeping the confederate flag up in his room, and his equal opportunity traits by belonging to the Club. Bob will always be a good friend to have and will always be remembered as Midn I-ain- in-charge. It is very obvious that Bob will be the best aviator in marine history as far as he will be concerned. RLE 577 Mark Wilson Jones Stamford, Conneticut General Science Naval Aviation Maaark Jooones, it ' s been three short years, but a lot has hap- pened. It started with big G. I know you ' ll remember his face after the fight. Big lips, cut forehead, etc. . . There was also the infamous broken light switch night, one bad morning, Egbert and the room, and lost restriction. Off we shoot to second class year and the Mercedes. Head games; all you can handle. We were in Florida, and I was patting your back over a fence. Then came the roommates who can ' t hear alarm clocks. Then there was the computer genious of gymnastics management . . . eastern champs twice. Other teams tried to copy your programs, but you still couldn ' t get us socks before every meet. You ' ve been a great friend. Low Rider. RRC Rodney Kevin Luck Annapolis, Maryland Mathematics Nuclear Power — Submarines From the time he realized his true calling in life was to be a Naval Academy Midshipman, Rod has strived to be the best. He proved he could do things his own way, sleep, and still succeed. Son of a Naval Officer, former head of the EE Dept (YUCK.!!), he has been everything from Plebe Company Commander to Asst. Brigade Ops. He spent most of his four years on the Sup ' s List so he could romance Blondie and escape from Schmedley and his eccentric roommate, who is right out of The Twilight Zone. Rod was also the only person we know who had a two car family before he had a family, she got the new blue Mustang convertible and he got the eight year old diesel Rabbit! Rod, our lives are better for knowing you, and we look forward to working with (for?) you in the fleet and in life. Take care of Sandy, and raise our four nephews right, and remember our Company Dining In. May our friendship endure the test of time. M D Gregory Ben Marbach Warrenville, Illinois General Engineering Naval Aviation This potential gung-pup needed only 12 hrs of foxhole duty, some damned realistic surf survival, and a comfy cruise-ending 10 mile hike to convince him that the boat club ' s version of aviation life might better befit him. Yes, Greggy was your model mid- shipman. Earning the title " morerack " for his quality time spent in it, his study and sleeping habits have been a source of constant amusement for us all; " all-niter " should be his middle name for the umpteen times he ' s pulled off the grade. And how could any of us forget his driving abilities. Obviously a product of too many childhood viewings of ' Speedracer ' and ' the Dukes of Hazard, ' Greg still owns the land speed record for that infamous DC to Annapolis run. Would like to thank Greg ' s parents for keeping his locker looking like your local supermarket, and Greg for the many great memories of the 350 sm block multiple Rickover classes we ' ve slept through. See ya in P-cola. RWS Britain Talbot P rice Hingham, Massachusetts Economics Nuclear Power — Surface Affectionately known as P.K.(true meaning disputed), this lov- able lug will probably be most remembered for his sincere ded- ication to physical fitness. Religiously, he put forth that extra effort to set the alarm clock to get a solid 1 minutes of strenuous physical activity. His dedication to studies was equally amazing. He was always willing to go that extra mile and pull an all-nighter . . . even if he had already seen the movie. Referred to as " wheels " on the Rugby team, this speedster was always the life of the after-game rugby parties. So what if none of his songs rhymed or made sense. He did contribute somewhat to our being Brigade Fieldball Champs: he did a heck of a job warming up our goalie; we ' re sorry we never got him in a game. Well it ' s off to Nuke school for this mental giant; we know all those long hours of " Cheers " and cards will surely payoff See you in San Diego in a month. Thank you, OOW! XX OO, T. EEA 578 21 Michael Jeffrey Rose | , Dayton. Ohio W ' Economics Naval Aviation Give it 10 MikcN — he likes it! Hey Mikey. He ' ll try anything once. " Mr. Wing-It " rose from 880 in his class plebe year to the 200 ' s, but did not stop there. After two summers oi " morally destroying plebes and then chasmg kangaroos in Australia, the king of spontaneity turned his attentions to the opposite se. . Blondes, brunettes, red heads, with or without alpha codes, graced his black book. One lady was so impressed with dating Mike that she started dating members of her own gender. Mike always showed a good time. Finally McRose reached the exalted rank of Brigade Com- mander — the most colorful yet. Within two months he was " fried " a 6000 series for " sexual misconduct in Bancroft " and responsible for frying the entire airborne training unit (or so rumor had it). Mikey ' s career is as flighty as his love life, and we wish him the best as he lakes lo the sky. Remember, Camelot is not a dream, and " he who will not risk cannot win. " TMS, DJH, LRG Mark Francis Scanlon Springfield, Virginia Computer Science Naval Aviation Mark Francis Scanlon — the computer kid of 21st Company — sorry Dan. you were beaten hands down. This Virginia Tech drop out came to the Academy with intentions of commuting from his Springfield, VA home, but plans didn ' t quite work out as he would have wished. Computer-geek projects took most of his lime, keep- ing him in many weekends. We missed him all those Saturday nights, but we understood. That new Zenith computer wiih dual drives and super memory expansion chip was quite a sporlscar. Speaking of sporlscars, 1 pity the guy that finally bought Mark ' s 240Z, the only car with more problems than Mark ' s programs had syntax errors. It did have one good feature, however, the anti-theft and entry device during the winter. .All in all, Francis was a good guy and a good roomate — Steam, EE, — he was there when I needed him. Good luck. Boom Boom. Hope that Hoss Cartwright whiskey training serves you well in P-cola. I heart USN.A. DMG Richard Paul Silva San Jose. California Aerospace Engineering Naval Aviation Rich came east from San Jose CA with visions of showing the Navy the imponance of solar power in today ' s world. This goal got him through N. ' PS and plebe year when he decided to take up the gauntlet and became an Aero. This proved no problem, and he breezed through only slightly daunted by double D in double E, FFF was pleased to learn that us heathens on the east coast had heard of physical fitness so that he could keep up his running, swimming and bike riding which culminated in running a tnathalon. This was only to be out done by his coaching the Brigade Championship Field Ball team. Never lonesome for feminine friendship, he had them from both coasts and continents, although we never seemed to meet the ones that were not freshmen. We wish our own Phil Donahue the best at P-Cola and hope his .Adam Cartwright whiskey training serves him in the future. Good luck. WMG Dominique Emilio Soave Hudson. Massachusetts General Engineering Surface Warfare Dom came to the .Academy from a friendly little town where muscle cars and helping a friend are the keys to life. " Domingu " never skipped a chance to study; it just seemed that he was always studying cars, his airplane books or helping a friend. If he ' s reading this, he has his fingers touching his chest, his lips pursed, saying " Who, me? " But the Sup. said, " Yea you " when he switched him to General. He ' ll get his Aero degree, though. This unsat little fur ball did teach his straight-.A roomie many things, like the real priorities in life — not grades or grease, but people. Everyone from 21 owes Dom at least one favor; even though he ' ll deny it till he dies he ' d bleed blue and gold if you cut him. I raise my glass to Didi (pure as the driven snow ' ' ), his parents, swim tests. Ring Dance date from " 89, Borris, and toys,toys,toys — my friend. Hope to see Jap. rice burner, wings, little Didi ' s (legitimate), and more toys. RKL 579 Robert William Strong Mishawaka. Indiana General Engineering Marine Aviation Bob was an inspiration to us all. Towering barely over 5 feet, he was left with a reduced pool of females, but yet always seemed to have a " girlfnend. " But Mite ' s best luck always came after his rugby games (he tried wrestling, but just did not get the women he thought he deserved), although Bobby always kept his priorities straight between women and booze. This ought to serve him well when he heads to P-Cola after Quantico and begins to reap the benefits of the blossoming farm system he set up over 2 c summer. Our favorite Hooker lived by the philosophy that life is always better on the other side of the wall. We wish Shorty the best of luck in the future (see you in the air — check your six) I hope the Mishawaka City Council will appreciate this future Senator. WMG, UMM. PK, MR David Patrick Studer Little Rock, Arkansas Political Science Marine — Flight Officer Pat came to us a spoiled Arkansas child. His hard work and easy major allowed him to achieve the rank of battalion sub- commander. This Citadel-wanna-be could always be counted on to formulate and voice his opinion on any subject. His extracurricular activities included USMC mess night wine maker. Rich ' s rack wrecker, heartbreaker, black N winner, second class cruise whaler, and winter uniform hater. He achieved a well earned reputation in civilian laundry for his 16-35 week. All of us wish mutton-head the best of luck in the future, and better luck with the ladies! Pat, we know you will make a great NFO and an awesome Marine. Re- member " Semper Fidelis!! " RWH Robert Parris Tortora Alexandria, Virginia Political Science Surface Warfare Robert was one of the few mids that could keep the same girlfriend for all four years here, and then some. Maybe it had something to do with the fact that he ignored everyone else on the weekends to spend quality time with his one and only. His hopes of being a Naval Architect were scratched when he couldn ' t draw a boat, and his hopes of being a pilot were blurred by the fact that he couldn ' t see three feet in front of him without glasses. He made every effort to NPQ himself playing rugby and fieldball, but only succeeded in passing out every time he gave blood. But he was still a great guy to be around. He amazingly stayed sat (usually) while playing cards practically every night, as well as being a faithful member of the Cheers crew, and was the only computer literate firstie that didn ' t own one. He never lost a strategy game — maybe he should be the CNO or SECNAV someday. ' Till then, only the greatest memories . . . DBW Daniel Brent Widdis Colorado Springs, Colorado Mathematics Nuclear Power — Submarines Big Dan came to Camp Tecumseh from far off Colorado with a good attitude and a never ending smile. Life at USNA was almost too easy for Dan. He pushed the Coast Button eariy and cruised through, but with his good grades it ' s hard to tell. Youngster Sub Cruise gave Dan the push he needed to join the Bubble Heads (or maybe it was for the $$$?). His real calling came after getting Eppy for Xmas and becoming the resident computer genius. Dan ' s been a changed man ever since. Never one to turn down a good game of Hearts or racketball, Dan was always ready to try to defend the title of Reigning Champ. Maybe you ' ll find some room to hone your skills in the missile room of your sub, because next time we meet I ' m going to kick your dog. I hope you never forget all those good times we ' ve had and don ' t ever lose your sense of humor. I wish you the best of luck on your undersea journey. Knock ' em dead DanlRPT 580 Matthew Lee Baiters Lincoln, Nebraska Political Science Marine Aviation After a grueling plebe summer, I wanted to room with a positive, enthusiastic person plebe year. That person was a baby-faced farmboy from Nebraska. Four years and many adventures later, we were still roomming together. Roomming with Matt was easy: while I was studying. Matt was sleeping. I ' m envious — I think he really did spend only two years here. Matt was amazing; a time never went by when we went out that I didn ' t chase him into a sundry of stores, following his quest for a beautiful blonde. Destiny had its way and Matt and I ended up in our respective corps. As we go into the fleet I ' ll always remember the trying times with the 2 c on 8-4, 3 c year — the 2-0 window girls, spring break in Miami (OZE3), 2 c summer at P-cola, the march across Europe, and trying to stay out of trouble to graduate 1 c year. In your future, may the Lord watch over you and helpless blondes everywhere. My corps, your corps, the U.S. Supply Corps. EJR Richard Renard Bryant St. Louis, Missouri Marine Engineering Nuclear Power — Submarines A seemingly innocent boy from St. Louis (or Indianapolis, de- pending on their football record), Rich took on the place by storm, succeeding in every area. Marine-E, singing, and striving for subs weren ' t enough — Rich ran for and was elected class Vice- President junior year, but I don ' t think the Jimmy-legs voted for him. Need a parking space? Rich ' s manners were always of the highest standards, as he always left something behind for the host- as a remembrance of his party visit (. ' rmy, Sandy Point, etc.). Fieldball and slow pitch let Rich show off his athletic talents, while those Friday night Spades games against the math pukes dem- onstrated his mental genius. Senior year brought Rich fame and not so much fortune as Hotel Company Commander and Honor Liason — you ' ll be successful wherever you go. Rich. Keep reading the comics and don ' t ever stop laughing. God help the bubbleheads and good luck. CLC Eric Kendall Busko Glem Arm, Maryland Political Science Naval Aviation Eric came to us from NAPS, the last bastion of professionalism and only hope for the free world. Eric found that aero wasn ' t challenging enough, so he deci ded to pursue the fine ari of poli sci; however, group III didn ' t guarantee a 3.0. When Eric got his BMW, he gave new meaning to the term " hell on wheels " as he and Rob, armed with their trusty radar detectors, chose to pursue the true meaning of " high performance. " .Mways good for a laugh and a fun time, Eric was a gold medal contender in the " St. Patty ' s Day shot and sprint gate 1 o-course " and threw a great birthday party. Eric " the iceman " was always decisive when it came to women. This resolve was characterized by the now infamous phrase " I ' ll ask her tonight " . . . yeah, right Eric. We ' re not sure if PCOLA is ready for Eric, but we know he ' s ready for it. He ' ll do fine if he remembers that Grandma ' s watching him, too. Nya, nya, break the law, face the craw. MDT RLR DRS 581 Charles Louis Cash Milwaukee, Wisconsin Systems Engineering Naval Aviation And lo it came lo pass that I met the pompous Mr. C. He quickly established that there was none fresher than he, and the three of us, including country boy Micky, would sit around in the room as he told us stories of how he caught some crabs otTthe Deleware shore. 2 c summer Chuck met Chaz and the world shuddered. The debaucherous duo wreaked havoc from Philly to P-cola. The gods found favor with C, and he rose to power 2 c year. In an attempt to avert a coup by rebellious Him, he instituted his philosophy of Cashism. 1 c summer, he had an absolut-ly swell time in Sweden, but 1 c year brought him command of the company and gooning on the weekends for the evil Dr. Chazoid. Chuck also came to know the ways of the brotherhood. During the heinous mile and a half, like service selection. Chuck felt the need for speed and chose Naval Aviation. Remember to take the fresh with the tasty, and that systems engineers do it with better control. RGB Hank Alan Colburn Cantonment, Florida Mathematics Naval Aviation Believe it or not. Hank is his real name, and no other name could fit him better. Hank comes from a family of home-growns on a farm out in the middle of nowhere. Don ' t tell him he doesn ' t belong in the city, though, he feels right at home under the neon lights of bars where women are waiting for him. He likes them very young, very old, and all shapes and sizes. This ultimate male uses his persuasive little grin to make women do things most guys only dream of like being invited to breakfast (ask him about that one). Even with all his natural talent with women, he is an exceptional athlete, competitor, and always willing to help. As his plebe year roommate, I found in him, an irreplaceable friend. Roll tide! MEM Christian Patrick Dobleman Daly City, California English Naval Flight Officer The quiet man from San Francisco, Chris soon became known as " Link " after brandishing his Mod Squad like afro. Link traded in his reserved personality and button nose for a Brigade Boxing Championship and the " proboscis humungus. " His aggressiveness never carried over from the ring into social settings . . . unless prompted with large amounts of liquid courage. Always up for a roadtrip. Link was a faithful sidekick on many an adventure. Usually the one to keep his wits about himself. Link was the nice guy in the crowd no matter how many he had tipped back. Chris is as dependable a friend as anyone could hope to have. He will be missed a lot as he heads south to spread " LINKAMANIA " in Pensacola. THE BOYS Christopher Scott Drewello Oakland, New Jersey Mathematics Naval Flight Officer Plebe year was a blur; Pizza fights. Red name tags. Banana wars, 883162, WHIT. Chris entered youngster year with a good tuck and a nice tan and somehow got ranked near the top of the company. The halo effect lasted for the next three years and landed him a job as the company commander. He soon found the job required more work than the prestige or 3-striper libs could justify. Youngster year was full of JOYous memories from UofD, where Chris and Chuck managed to find a colony of new friends. Girls and other things have always been attracted to Chris for his ability to do the Skunk, howl at the moon, and slam dance. These qualites made him a vital link in the Love Triangle. Despite Chris ' considerable contribution to the company fast pitch team, his 0- ' 86 slump was broken only when he reconcentrated his efforts and became familiar with nu- merous Iditerod participants. Someday Dad ' s Christmas present will come in handy. MDM 582 Thomas Matthew Duddy Lakewood, New Jersey Mathematics Naval Aviation Duds bounded straight from Lakewood Prep (in New Jersey, God give him strength) to the martial environment of 9th Com- pany, which prepared him well for the rigors of youngster year. We became roomies in 22nd (Bravo Foxtrot) after the 3 C scramble. Youngster year featured the Grease, the wall of studs, and tuna feesh. On weekends. Duds lunged for SMC and her arms. Being a math major, his favorite subject was Diffy Q " s; he even stuck around for the summer sequel. Academic sorrows were drowned in Led Zep. .•Xs a firsty. Duds became Dudstud. dabbling in pistol coaching, squad leading. Sup ' s List, and matchmak ing. Order of Merit anxiety propelled him to new heights. Weekends were en- tirely SMC, now with a CRX escort. This was " The Year of Obnoxious Flatulence and Finer Beverages. " Dudstud got Na 7 .Air; looking forward to sampling P3 coffee. Thanks for a great three. Best of luck to you and Sandy, " Semper Fi. " and Hammer of the Gods. TDZ Terence Gordon Emmert Northport, New York Aerospace Engineering Naval A viation Enroute to a Steely Dan concert in July 1984. Terry made a wrong turn and ended up at USN.A. Seeing that his " Red Baron " was in need of repair, he decided to stay and enter the ranks of plebedom. He started that year as a crew jock and ended as an aero geek. This progression served as a transition into the middle years where his best contribution was the use of his hairline as an aid to understanding perpetual motion for fellow physics students. First class year bore witness to Terry ' s highest level of metaphysical awareness as he discovered Spam to be the fundamental building block of the universe. Terry, however, didn ' t let this obsession inhibit his social exploits. Bored with conventional female com- panionship, he set his sights on more challenging quarry in the form of an ill spoken Spanish Rose and an ill gendered German Idol. Terry will always be a sincere and loyal friend. Nav Air is lucky to get him. DLW John Russell Feldkamp Cincinnati, Ohio General Engineering U.S. Marine Corps " I ' m not here to make friends. " " I ' m not your judge. I ' m your judgement. " — the first words from Ish when he came to 22. Youngster year; Uncle Lar, Rapper, Salt Peter, Scotty, Gina and Patricia. For the three years that we spent together as roommates, his education always came before his academics. What got us through the " BS " of 2 C year and the apathy of 1 C year? Oc- casional weekends? G. H. ' S?The rack? No. it was the time we spent eating and dnnking at the Chamberiain ' s. Russ has a place in Naval history. His great Naval saying: " Sierra Hotel; " and with Ish it did happen. Our hero went from conduct case to four striper, vice- honor chairman in three short years. But he maintained the same amount of respect for the admin conduct system. M. found our gold-winger l C year and he learned the Pennsylvania roads quite well. One year with Ish was too long, but the three I spent with him seemed too short. DNS Lawrence Edward Gloss Villa Park. Illinois Mathematics Cr ' ptolog} ' Uncle Lar descended upon LJSNA from the enlisted ranks with the might of a Bronko Nagurski touchdown surge. He toyed with plebe year, demonstra ting an impressive attitude towards military life. Youngster year, however, saw Larry losing interest in his ill- chosen math curriculum as he turned his efforts away from the burdens of academia. fateful Baltimore evening gave birth to the Smooth Operator. During second class year. Larry and Rosie deviated in their interpretations of humor as Larry ' s company rank crept ever closer to his golf score. With renewed vigor. Larry began first class year with one goal in mind — Cryptology. January 21 brought the good news to both Larry and a community lucky enough to benefit from his virtues. Larry is a capable historian, witty commentator, reliable compatriot and. above all, a true friend. Good luck to you, Lawrence. DLW 583 Jonathan Edward Johnson Havertown, Pennsylvania Systems Engineering Surface Warfare Book I: The Early Years. Born in a hospital near the house he helped his father design, Jon early on wanted to be an architect. Or maybe a lawyer, and make really big bucks. Then in high school came a revelation — he ' d forego the pursuit of wealth (though remain a Republican) and join the Navy. At USNA he tragically chose the wrong major (project? this major has a project!?) and spent two years studying far too much. Jon ' s current QPR reflects his changed priorities. No longer content to stay in Saturday night with a cup of black coffee and his library of All Hands magazines, he felt compelled to answer the burning question — is there life beyond Main St? In his time here, Jon also discovered the sport of missile recons (one for two), braccioli and other haute cuisine, and the joy of travel by MAC. Book U: The Post-Early Years, or " Baltimore to Japan — The .Asian Connection " (see Kev or Hock for an explanation). JEJ Michael John Kurka Glassport, Pennsylvania English Surface Warfare Michael arrived on the banks of the Severn, hailing from sub- urban, a fact that he relished when Pittsburgh, not San Diego or Boston, was named the USA ' s 1 city. Although his tenure on the varsity basketball team was not prolific, he will always cherish the team ' s upset victory over powerful LSU in the NCAA Tournament and the support that he received from the 26th Company. He will always be remembered by the class of " 85 as the brigade MIS Officer (Military Integrity Specialist), though he was unsuccessful in his attempts to supplant this position as a permanent mid- shipman billet. Although it was never understood by our class for lack of background information, his nickname preceeds him on all the corners of the globe — Air. Air tried to live by the Golden Rule while at USNA, for this and other reasons, he was a welcomed addition to our company. Good luck tomorrow and always! URI Gregg Daniel LeHocky Woodstock, Illinois Mathematics Naval Aviation Not having enough fun at the U of S. Carolina, Gregg applied to USNA. He had a good plebe year; however, he was not satisfied with having no demerits, so youngster year he began his infamous conduct career, which ultimately ended with 134 days restriction and 223 demerits. Third class year, he shattered a USNA record at a use football game, which remains unbroken to this day. Second class year was quiet, except for being attacked by one of his friend ' s dates, while his friend was lying passed out next to him. He ended the year with a new opinion of Goucher girls, and of girls in general. First class year was not what it was cracked up to be. This year began when he, and other members of a recon raid, where fried to due a 2 C who exhibited his blazing speed by being out-run by a 40 year old commander, but that was only the beginning . . . All joking aside, he has learned from his mistakes and is looking forward to beginning his career as an aviator. JE Michael David Mahaney Emmaus, Pennsylvania Mechanical Engineering Civil Engineering Corps Spike came to us from the wilds of New Jersey bringing with him a certain aversion to the color spectrum. Discovered on 1-Day, this colorblindness doomed (or blessed?) him to the ranks of the NPQ. Mike ' s plebe social life was considerably active and, in the name of generosity, he liked to set up his friends with dates, much to their dismay. Mike was slightly forgiven during youngster year when he brought down the " lovewagon. " Mike was to later test his knowl- edge of physics by flying the wagon on the NJ Turnpike. Mike ' s driving prowess was further exemplified when he made an illegal turn in a duty vehicle which resulted in a law suit and a full social calender for weeks to come. Mike ' s " Mr. Fix-it " reputation landed him a job in the CEC where he will probably design the first naval base made entirely of coat hangers. I was truly lucky to have Mike as a roommate; friends like him are too hard to come by. CSD 584 John Eluwene McKeon Honolulu. Hawaii Mathematics Nuclear Power — Submarines John was basically the well-rounded mid. For the three years thai he was my " roommie, " I never saw him deviate from his policy of " work hard and be professional during the week — play hard and live it up on the weekend. " He always sought the way to yield maximum liberty. Not only was he a " liberty hound, " he was also very thrifty with his money. To make possible his trips to places such as Hawaii and Australia, he accumulated a total of 16 MAC flights. His 17th will be to Europe after graduation. John loves to sing, and was very active with the choirs and Glee Club. It was only fitting that he got bit by " the love bug " while singing " Handefs Messiah " at Hood College. Eight months later it was all over, and he was engaged. As best, 1 am very proud and happy for both of them. I wish them the best of luck in the future, and I love them both. HSY Kevin Michael Myers Calumet City, Illinois Physical Science Naval Aviation Four years ago. Kev made his debut appearance here at USNA. Since then, it has been a never ending saga of KEVBO, against the stripers, the administration, and the most dreaded academy in- stitution of all, a cademics. However, Kev NEVER let any of the above get in the way of having a good time. After all, what ' s life if you ' re not having fun? We had some good times. Remember the city dock escapade of 3 c year? At least they were both loaded. Working on our cars and then me whooping your rear afterwards racing down route 50. Maggie runs and the FOUR HORSEMEN. Yeah, those were the days. But, then you had to get in trouble BONEHEAD! But, even through all that, we still had some good times 1 c year. You know, I guess, it ' s hard not to have a good time around you buddy. Even through the trials and tribulations of 1 c year, life was still FUN. Seriously, I wish you the best after graduation. Just be sure to watch your six! MHS Shawn Lee Penrod Springfield, Ohio Systems Engineering Nuclear Power — Submarines Th e Rod joined our mess 2nd semester 3 C year, suffering from Massachusetts syndrome. He brought with him the unreal com- bination of a stack of systems texts and a single digit class rank. The antics of the room ' s lone engineer gave hours of entertainment as he hungrily rummaged through our chow packages and made funny noises in the shower. When Duds cavorted with Sandy at the Ring Dance, the Rod provided a jilted T-Bone ' s only companionship in Ocean City. The weather unfortunately matched their moods, so the beach was devoid of scantly clad bimbage. High point of the year: breaking Dud ' s nose in judo class. 1 C year. Rod finagled a single room with his own phone and a fine view of scantly clad tourist bimbage. But. he still managed to drop by now and then (Hide the food, here comes the Rod!). Rod distinguished himself as YP Commodore and nuclear navy shoo in. He could teach Rick- over a thing or two! Best of luck. Rod! D Z Sean Frederick Reid West Roxbury, Massachusetts Political Science Naval Flight Officer Sean is his name, but he ' s known by all as Mr. Nice Guy. Never one to pull punches and always quick to make a joke at another ' s expense. Sean was known and avoided by many. But to those who know him well, there is no better friend. Sean ' s accolades are many — 4th Batt Cdr, sup ' s list, and hockey player; but his life away from the Academy is more impressive. Sean had a problem with the ladies — he could never get rid of them, " Chicks just dig the way I dance. " Sean was always in search of a good time, whether drinking in Annapolis, or leaving his mark at one of the many colleges. Always arriving with a cooler full of beer in one hand and a chainsaw in the other. " Jeremy " turned many heads. Never one to wear out his welcome. Sean always managed to leave before sunrise — one step ahead of the lynch mob. Sean is a great friend who will be missed when he goes to Pensacola . . . but not if he leaves Junior with us. THE BOYS 585 Eric John Reinhold Miami. Florida Economics Supply Corps Eric came to the Academy a salty old dog after what most of us thought was just a one year stint as an enlisted man at NAPb. Weren ' t we surprised to leant that he had sailed with almost every navy since history began, always as the stern authoritarian task- master What else could explain his sagacity and canny ability to never be wrong ' ' Together in the same plebe year company and both scrambled into the 22nd for the remainder of our four year sentence we were roommates the entire time, a very rare oc- currence ' I guess It was just the right mix of opposites that we both could learn the most from each other without killing one another. From " Call " and the endless nights trying to sleep under the number three wire on the Enterprise to the debauchery of S-Break in Miami to the " see Europe on $5 dollars a day " program, it was all a lot of laughs. To top it all off, Eric will finally marry ' his woman. ' The very best to the both of you from me. MLB Mark John Retzloff Canonsburg, Pennsylvania Mathematics Naval Aviation 1988 marked the year that J. H. died, but only a small percentage of the female population was disappointed because they knew Mark Retzloff lived on. Mark, celebrating his silver anniversary on April 1 , 1 988, is a hard working individual that studies hard du nng the week. He is a one of a kind type of guy, or should I say, an all of a type kind of guy. On the weekends he collects stickers, he ' s up to twenty-five now. He ' s found them on toilet seats, train ndes and even triple decker burgers. I tried to transform Mark into a soiith- em gentleman, but being German bred and northern bom, he ' s a lost cause for society. Being from Pittsburgh, Mark doesn ' t have too many good qualities, but the ones he does have definitely outweigh the bad ones. Always being helpful and patient with the unfortunate like me, he ' s as good a friend as one can find. Thanks for all the good times, especially the ones up North. HAC Robby Lee Robinson Roselle, Illinois General Engineering Naval Flight Officer Rob came to us from . . . well, we don ' t really know, but neither does he. Rob gave a whole hearted effort to aerospace, but Supt ' s list and three striper libs first class year were worth the change. Youngster year brought a new meaning to religion. Before the last resort trips to " Dogpen, " Rob would always have an appointment with the brown bag optometrist behind the church. After acquiring his dream machine and hitting triple digits for a sustained period of time Rob and Eric turned the drive from Towson to Annapolis into the Autobahn. Rob, the last of a dying breed of heartbreakers, always let them down easy, after they spent $$$$ to see him. Unfortunately, Rob ' s presence hasn ' t " been felt as much this year due to his VGEP program at Germantown Elementary School. Although, I ' m sure this higher education will help him pursue his dreams in Pensacola. Good luck and remember Grandma loves little boys too. EKB,DRS,MDT Douglas Rhea Schueler Estrella, Colorado Aerospace Engineering Marine Aviatiofi Doug came to us from a land where men are men and sheep are scared. The only worldly possession he came with was his elec- tronic abacus which some how produced enough answers to get him through aerospace. He was fortunate enough (?) to letter in two sports — Rugby and Conduct! To the untrained eye, Doug ap- peared to be quiet and reserved, but we know better. Who else could be the inventor of the patented " By the Left Flank " — Yummy! When Doug isn ' t on the rugby field or bouncing at Clarke ' s he can be found cruising the streets in his baby blue corvette. Doug is usually calm and cool except when it comes to his hair, the barbers at Quantico will have their work cut out for them. Doug was a good friend who would come through when you needed him, the Marines got a good one. Maybe you ' ll get a heliocopter of your own some day. EKB,RLR,MDT 586 22 Mark Hoin Song Palos Verdes. California Political Science Surface Warfare Mark. aiTectionately known as " the donger, ' is my beslesl friend. It all started 3 C year during Commissioning Week. We were out in town and came across a couple of older women. What a nite! Then 2 C year came and EE. Mark enjoyed it so much, he took three semesters of it and we became fellow LTM ' s. To top the year off. he went out on his 21st birthday and got in trouble for being too kind to some 4 C. As a B-Day present. 33 days restriction. Finally. 1 C, Friday nite libs, his 65 " stang, and no more restriction. We enjoyed numerous nites cruzun ' around listening to those oldies, taking trips to Baltimore at two a.m.. and of course Margarita Maggies. I ' ll always remenber that nite we stayed up talking after I saw the " Dant. I couldn ' t have asked for a better friend than you. You ' ve helped more than you ' ll ever imagine, and I am going to miss you, Buddy. You ' ll always be with me. Good luck. See you in PCOLA. 1 love ya, Mark. KMM Wesley Innes Summers Enfield, Connecticut Physics Naval Aviation Say yes to Wes. No, he ' s not campaigning for public office, he just wants a couple of friends. He ' s the perfect friend to take out drinking, because he abstains from the pleasures of the amber fluids and is therefore capable (?) of driving his drunken friends back. But don ' t let his sobriety fool you, he ' s a lady killer at heart. He loves slipping into his Lee jeans before he comes back to the Academy from a weekend with a friend at home. Wes is also a pet lover at heart. Once after a basketball game when I was with him, he persuaded me to walk two stray dogs back to the kennel to feed. All in all, two people say yes to Wes, Mark and Hank. We found in Wes an unreplaceable friendship that will never be forgotten. Thanks for the memories Wes and please don ' t vomit on your instructor at flight school. HAC David Neil Sween Frostburg, Maryland Physical Science Surface Warfare Dave and I roomed for three of four years here at Camp Hap- piness (1095 days of unadulterated bliss). Physical science snatched our hero from the grasp of a third consecutive semester of noteable academic underachievement (finally) and vaulted him into the land of the weekend eligible. Schweebles to " The Boys. " our surface stud distinguished himself as true semipro in coaching drill (influencing people and making friends through positive reinforcement), room inspections, study hour avoidance, and rackreational operations. Our secret to success: " our " home at Chamberlins. the Towle funhouse, good weekends together (when simultaneously sat), a little work, " the bird, " BFN-ness. and alot of laughs. To our officer and and gentleman, and his bride-to-be, I bid fare winds and following seas for all time. Good luck, Dave, and don ' t ever forget — Sierra Hotel! JRF Michael David Tanner Warrenton, Virginia Political Science Naval Aviation Mike came to us from the real Navy, and don ' t let anyone tell you different. A prior nuc, he obviously regressed during the four vigorous years here, as he was refused the chance to become bubblehead. Luckily for him. his nuc interview Spanish inquisition helped him to see the light to the better life of a Navy pilot. A true master of the sarcastic one-liner, Mike helped create some of the " Conrad Dobler " controversies in the company. Always a tough person to ta lk into having a wild time — against his own will — he was forced into town for an unforgettable 21st Birthday, Who knows what ' s in a duck pin shooter?., not Mike. Mike did. however, put in a fine showing at the " St. Patty ' s Day shot and sprint gate I obstacle course " with some other 22nd Co. athletes. Actually, Mike was a hard worker who could always be found in the weightroom or the wardroom, both of which will help him in PCOLA, Remember, Grandma ' s watching. DRS,RLR,EKB 587 Eric Firdaus Weilenman Congers. New York Political Science Surface Warfare Live from 2-1 , it ' s late night with E CO — featuring your host E-Shelf along with all the late night regulars. It ' s been three years of fun-filled activities beginning with 3 C year. E has always been a night owl, but since his arrival at the boat barge school, he has further cultivated his metabolic tendencies. 3 C year featured the 2-0 deli and Friday night burgerfests. Study hour was that special time set aside to rest before beginning work on the 00-06 shift. Another highlight was E ' s ascendancy to the order of the black N. The Shelf rolled into 87, running a close 2nd among firsties for career demos. Not to be outdone, our man surged ahead and enjoyed a brief sojourn as the sole possessor of that title. Before xmas leave, the dynamic duo took the title, unfortunately, leaving our hero a distant third. Times have changed since the summer of ' 84, but we ' ll never forget the late night crew — the people, the times. EFW ' oj David Lynn Woodbury Missoula, Montana Aerospace Engineering Naval Aviation Woody hails from the birthplace of modem Naval Aviation; Missoula, Montana. He entered USNA with the lowest recorded whole man multiple in history and has since set the aero de- partment on fire with his unparalleled success. It is generally acknowledged that Dave was destined for megastripes, but an ill- fated boat ride side tracked him. Although not an overly religious man, Dave does believe in certain ceremonies. He has his own peculiar method for baptizing new cars that should be the envy of everyone. In fact, Dave ' s little red magnet has done its job quite a few times. It ' s impossible to condense a friendship and convey respect into 160 words. Woody has never turned down anyone in need and his roommate always knew that Dave was the best friend a man could have. We know that Dave will enjoy unlimited success in whatever he chooses to do. After he is done being a 4.0 pilot, he ' ll be 4.0 in anything else. LEG Harold Stephfon Yeldell Edgefield, South Carolina Marine Engineering Nuclear Power — Submarines As Harold ' s " roomie " for three years, there ' s a lot that I know about him, but there ' s also a lot that no one has ever figured out, like how he managed to get so many messages every night from so many women? If the mate received six messages, three would be Harold ' s. Although many women vied for his attention, only one had the keys to his heart (as well as to his Maxima). He was always quite a traveler when a long weekend approached, and the question wasn ' t, " Where will you go?, " but, " In which 1000+ miles will you go? " Distance was no object to him. Harold has always been intensely professional. He acquired his two long sought after goals, that of the D B Corps Commander and, much more importantly, that of a nuclear power submarine officer, and I ' m very happy for him. Harold, I hope that our paths cross again soon (and often). You ' ll always be my " roomie. " JEM Travis Dane Zach Fremont, Nebraska Political Science U.S. Marine Corps The first sentence I remember Travis saying is, " I ' m here. " , as he dropped a box on the desk in our new youngster room. The second sentence I remember is, " Yes, I ' m experimenting with a variety of dietary supplements. " That sums up T ' s life at USNA: Presence and Experimentation. Imported from Nebraska, Trav got off to a slow start in " Skate-lS. ' Scrambled to 22, he proceded to ex- periment with a variety of study habits, enabling him to embark on the infamous ' Honors Odyssey. ' Evicted from his assigned 3 C room, Trav ended up with Rocky and Duds. Our Hero endured three semesters with The Rod, only to achieve a 2-man(at last!) Comer Room that was haunted by the ghost of the Human F-I4. Not one to deny a challenge, the Hairy Elf set out to prove that romance distance could work together. In this he failed, and has since settled on local turf. Farewell, T-Bone. Your integrity will carry you far in the Corps. Take care, keep in touch. TMD 588 Christopher Leon Abbott Hagerstown, Maryland Mathematics Nuclear Power — Submarines Chris is the only guy I know who was recruited to be a mid- shipman — not an athlete, just a midshipman. His passion for making a game of every challenge has surfaced in his treatment of grades, athletics, and especially maximization of liberty hours. This guy has wooed the Administration with his combination of stellar academics, athletic prowess on the intramural field, profession- alism in the Hall, and impeccable personal appearance. Chris has a way about him that will unquestionably lead to a successful career. Now for the real biography. Amazingly, Chris has managed to achieve all this glory during his weekly visits to USNA despite commuting from his home in Towson. Alas, C is his true love, the Navy but a mistress. He aspires to be a husband daddy submarine officer. Chris has impressed and amused us all in ' 23, and the friendships and memories will last a lifetime. Good luck, Bubby. FEM Rick James Acheson Fowlerville, Michigan Naval Architecture Naval Flight Officer What a little monkey! Originally from Huntington Woods, Rick now calls Hooterville home (after his family moved and didn ' t tell him the new phone number). Rick overcame his sordid and ma- cabre past to rise to the very top of the heap at Camp Tecumseh. He pursued academic excellence for four years and achieved that pinnacle of Nav7 success, the varsity rack letter with the gold star for his many campaigns in Hymie ' s pleasure palace (i.e. Rickover Hall). Not even the rigors of I-day could separate Rick from his beloved hockey stick and funk tapes. Though few ever knew of his hunting prowess. Rick spent many Sunday mornings tracking bears in the newfallen snow. His only failing was his choice of roommies — a company commander and two five stripers — a motley crew indeed. See you in the skies, buddy, and remember, when the % gets too high, pile it to the sky and start a new pile. DJR Kimberiey Frances Boyer Honolulu, Hawaii Oceanography Surface Warfare Kimmy, dear Kimmy ... the end is near! What a grand ex- perience. I can still picture the first day: in from Hawaii and out the door to get yelled at. Plebe year was like that, eh? Fourth class: Smith ' s towel, Gonda ' s knock, Pierce ' s fry fetish. Army, the green machine, savage tans on Capt ' s roof ducks in T-court, Lou and Lejune, Georgetown, the Neutron Dance; 3 c: sailing cruise, Jimmy B, photo fetish, talks topside with Pat, Tose ' s toe holes, parties at Tom ' s, introduction to Jim, 2nd Annual Bachelor Party — The Casual Approach, Atlantic City sun, picnic on the Mall; 2 c: a yellow rose for you, engine math, fluids — UGH!, parties at the apt., drift from moi. New England, Jim ' s departure; l c: a man down south (leave it to you to fall in love), a sporty CRX-Pali, a calling from Hawaii, Army, Service Selection — SWO mamma, California bound (Sorry about that, Kiddo) ... All in all, we were quite a pair on this roller coaster ride of ours. MMJ 589 Scott Jay Christopher Cherry Hill, New Jersey Oceanography Surface Warfare Scott has brought a great deal of craziness into all our lives. The " Korean cowboy, " Georgetown escalators, nightly throwdowns, Philly bus rides (remember?), and 123 mph! Pensacola beaches, " Rambo " at Quantico, youngster smokeouts, and beating up Yugebutt. Kato could always be counted on to provide a degree of intensity never experienced by many of us. I know you wanted to fly, but you ' ll get enough challenges as a SWO. I know 1 speak for all who know you when 1 say that you taught us how to laugh, relax, and have fun in your own perculiar ways. California is in for a big surprise: just don ' t tear the state up! Thank you for being the best roomie a mid could ask for. Good luck, I wish you smooth sailing and great adventure ( I know if you can ' t tlnd adventure, you ' ll create it.) Semper Fi buddy! MGC Michael Glenn Coleman Cedar Rapids, Iowa Oceanography U.S. Marine Corps Four score and four years ago, give or take a few, a bright-eyed and pristine farmboy trudged onto the Academy scene. Armed with a fresh " not so high and tight, " Mike, " Colehead, " set out to experience the wondrous marvels of the " Real Navy. " Downing the " spirits of life " freely, if not avariciously, he laid waste to all academia icons. Outlasting four roommates, his present one won- dered if he will graduate or not, Mike has lent new meaning to the word " textbook osmosis. " Racking, with visions of M16 ' s and " taking the mound " dancing in his head, Mike has accumulated an impressive CQPR (Cumulative Quantity of Periods Racking). Now, with a " real " high and tight, Mike is going Corps. His fanaticism, humor, and, believe it or not, intelligence, will be a welcome addition. As his only surviving roomate for the past three years, it ' s been an experience; one I would gladly do again. Good Luck, and I ' ll be " seeing " you, OOH RAH! SJC Michael Brent Davis Memphis, Tennesse English Supply Corps Mike hailed to us from Tennessee with a four inch afro. When he came back from 3 C cruise, he must of felt like he didn ' t have any friends, because he invented one, Larry, and made him M Fleet Admiral, a twelve striper. Mike had three weaknesses; Visa, Visa, and Master Card. His cards had continuous bills approaching $1800. He sold his stereo and CD ' s to pay them off.but in two months, they were skyrocketing back to the edge of their limits. 2 C year he bought a Corvette. That was too much, so he traded it in for a rice burning go-cart. Mike earned a Black N with a combat " A. " He was the first to accomplish this highly covetted award after the scramble. Mike was a god. He was radio god and also program director at WRNV. His dream was to become a Marine. Mike I ' m very sorry you didn ' t gel Marine Corps, but I ' m positive that you will do a fantastic job in Supply. If I had to again, I ' d pick you as my roomie. Your friend for better or worse. RFS Gary Lee Formet, Jr. Orlando, Florida General Science Naval Flight Officer Plebe year was something not to remember for Gary, especially with the room situation. These problems brought him to OCF for an escape. 3 c year was just a little better. Remember the room from Hell, spontanious fires, Kansas, the Greaseman, and ' star boxing at parties. His inability to understand the occult — Black Magic 1 Gary — forced him to become a GenSci Knight (Luke, use the Gouge). The relaxing schedule allowed him to devote more time to OCF, Honor and smoothing out the sheets in his rack. He was attracted to the professionalism of the surface navy, l c year (Boats! More coffee!), but the hours spent inverted at USNA determined that he would go FO, the promise of eight hours down a night was just too much. USNA was uphill for Gary, but now he is coasting down the backside. His growth in Christ through OCF friends has made it even easier to live up to his favorite quote, " Don ' t sweat the small stuff, and everything is small stuff! " PO DL 590 23 Leslie Marie Hill Elko. Nevada General Engineering Civil Engineering Corps And the pitch gels past the catcher . . . Leslie takes off for home ... the catcher makes a wild throw toward the plate ... the pitcher goes for the tag . . . the dust clears and the umpire bellows SAFE!!! That about describes my survival at USNA through the last four years. Memories??? Well . . . Navy Softball . . . sailing to the Bahamas . . spear chucking ... a midnight blue " 68 Mustang ... a great cross-country trek . . . four wheelin " in the Comanche . . . College Park weekends . . . Coors Light by the case. To end this masterpiece, I ' ve got to thank my parents for all their support and my friends, especially CP crew, for keeping my remaining sanity intact. See ya . . . The Kid. ME Anastasia Kelly Pinedale, Wyoming English General Unrestricted Line You came here with three things on your mind: desire to excel, desire for adventure, and just plain desire. Two first names. If that ' s confusing, try following your love life. I tried once, and ended up grieving for all the broken hearts you " ve left behind. Knowing you, 1 learned a dreamer can survive and be successful here, and some things are worth waiting for. Somewhere between our years of heart-to-hearts and your demolishing the hearts of the " weaker " sex, you managed four stripes, varsity crew, and a 4.0. Must be that Wyoming air. You are destined for great things in the world of literature, and I have dibs on an autographed copy of your first book. I ' m not sure if Wales (let alone the rest of Europe) is ready for the true renaissance woman, but she ' s on her way. Fair winds and following seas, my friend for life. LMB Christopher Xavier Kennedy Lower Burrell. Pennsylvania Political Science Naval Flight Officer ex. has proved to be a man of many words, most of which are four letters in length and very descriptive. His chosen major of Political Science is a result of his abbreviated football career that rewarded him with minor dain bramage. His moral character and personal behavior are commendable. He is a man of only two vices, one of which is very beautiful. For a man of such large proportions, he is notorious for his gentle nature and small appetite. His love and respect for people, regardless of their ethnic or religious make- up, makes him a pleasure to live with and a good friend. CER Susan Mary Laufenberg Del Mar, California Chemistry General Unrestricted Line " Hey dude, let ' s party! " Suzy was the first native Californian I ' d ever met, and she confirmed all my suspicions that Califomians were wild. " I ' m sorry, we only come as a set. " Remember the taxi and the handcuffs? We were inseparable, just ask the D B. Suzy was awarded her black N after Harrisburg (we hate PA) for out- standing partier of the weekend, and as the D B social chairman she proved that you can party anytime and anywhere. Certainly they suffered a M.AJOR loss when we quit first class year. Will Ed and Henry ever forgive themselves? You heartbreaker. you! But it was on to as many musicals and specialty groups as our songbird could sing in. Suzy always knew the latest fashions and always had the latest progressive music, all from CA of course. How can anyone forget her pink everything! Thanks, Suzy Q. for keeping me cool! You are the very best fnend! Good luck in Miramar! Animal night will never be the same! MLC 591 David Charles Lyle Minis, Florida Political Science Surface Warfare David was a submariner all along. However, playing " Silent Service " and memorizing F=MA was not enough to get him through his nuke interview — his " technical credentials aren ' t that impressive, " said the Admiral. Like, duuhhh, excuse me for going Poli Sci. Now Dave is a surface warrior down in God ' s country — Florida. David was a motivated, professional MIDN with a 3.1 QPR, but 1 c year he slept himself into a coma. He would have pushed the coast button, but that would have involved waking up and reaching for it. " He spent the years playing guitar, roasting insects with English Leather, driving his car into drug stores, and threatening to throw the ' computer from Hell ' off the fourth deck. " In his spare time, he studied and played tennis. Shari, I had fun. Gary, you ' re a swell roommate who makes a good cup ' a joe. Randy, you ' re a great friend and confidant. Sean, good luck, you crazy bananahead. Mom and Dad, thanks for everything. AMF. Frank Edwin Mays Overland Park, Kansas Aerospace Engineering Nuclear Power — Submarines After watching too many nrovies, Frank came to the boat school so he could get a set of choker whites to impress the ladies. He soon found out this place is not as fun as the catalog had portrayed and wanted his money back. " Holy cow! We ' re not in Kansas anymore, Toto. " Nevertheless, he stuck around and played the game. Frank came to find a few things at the Academy he really enjoyed: weekends. Despite the handicap of being an engineer, Frank man- aged to get out every chance offered. He did pretty well; so well he was let loose upon the Air Force Academy where he played squid and enjoyed the environmental assets for which Colorado is known. He enjoyed the flight time, but the dollars dazzled Frank, and he decided submarines were for him. He ' s a hard worker and will undoubtedly (gasp) command a submarine of his own some- day. His commitment to excellence has set a standard for us all; especially his friends here in 23. CLA Douglas Matthew Murphy Omaha, Nebraska Mathematics Nuclear Power — Submarines Doug is new to the Midwest, a " transplant, " to be exact. None of us are surprised you ' re going " underMarines. " Good times have always surrounded you. Losing at Mexican ' s with Mrs. V and building the BUD tower will be remembered, although we wanted to forget the morning after! Doug introduced me to Box Lax and the Brickskeller in D.C. I can just see him yelling " Oogie wa wa " and " Skal. " Installing your car stereo and speakers was a sobering experience: it took that long!! Even here, Doug had the knack for good timing. Mids were mmdful of their hands during our a.m. feeding rituals, especially on Tuesdays. Drill gave Doug the chance to enjoy the outdoors and nicotine afterwards. Weapons let both of us catch up on our sleep (we were a team!). The labs were even worse — trying to finish them as quickly as possible. We all wish you the best of luck, Doug. Run silent, run deep Haas! MGC Blaine Stanley Pennypacker Lancaster, Pennsylvania Mathematics Surface Warfare His name is Blaine Stanley Pennypacker, but we just called him Fudge. As a member of the Yugeguys and Upstairs Crew, Fudge dedicated his life to girl-juggling, sleep, sun worship, blissful de- bauchery, and the artful avoidance of the dreaded study hour. Fudge was renowned for his offbeat tastes in hairdoos and in his music . He became a winner of the coveted Black N and earned the right to shovel snow for the administration. Fudge reached his peak ofindulgence with the road trip of justice to Key West on the Fiero express; the first person to reach critical velocity in a four cylinder automobile on 1-95. Upon arrival, he put to good use the basic engineering principles he had learned by erecting the " sight but not sound proof Econo Lodge golden blanket. Not even second degree sunburns could stop him from 5 a.m. batching! Where ' s Fudge? Check his rack — he ' s probably in there somewhere! We ' ll miss you a lot, pal. Foe 592 Robert Patrick Poellnitz Virginia Beach, Virginia Economics Surface Warfare Rob came to 23 straight from Va Beach with his soccer ball, tanning oil, a picture of AJ, and his own language. Podaddy, or Po, quickly became a member of the yugeguys who showed him the ways of the world. During his marriage separation of youngster year, Po was able to experience many of life ' s pleasures — es- pecially as the semester came to a close. After a special ride to the bus back to AJ, Rob finally stabilized to become the person we know and love. Po always kept himself busy, whether sleeping, tanning, lifting (?), fighting with anyone who outweighed him by at least 50 lbs, gorging himself at meals, avoiding Dale, avoiding any form of studying, or simply beping profs for " the hook " (SP212). " Bob " has the patience of a saint, as he had to put up with things hke Gilbey ' s fiascos. Fudge ' s music, hand-licking, and a surprise roommate second class vear. The whole upstairs gang wishes Rob best of luck as a SWO-daddy. BSP Brian Albert Rathjen Saint James, New York Economics Surface Warfare RAT . . . just RAT. The big man from Long Island was known and loved by all . . . well, almost all. Rat was the king of the one- hner, made oh-so-special by his overbearing accent. Because he was constantly on " the quest, " he became affectionately known as Batch. Relentless on roadtrips, women and children scampered for cover as Rat rumbled into town. .A.rmed with his bulging " busch " muscles. Rat made every party his own. He was fearless in casinos, frat houses, and bar rooms alike. Always a smoothie with the ladies, he always had the right thing to say. At sunrise his feet did the talking . . . leaving behind either a broken-heart or broken fur- niture. A great friend. Rat will be missed by all as he tears up the seven seas as a SWO Daddy. The Boys Claude Edward Richardson Baltimore, Maryland General Engineering U.S. Marine Corps Claude came to us, bom to be a Marine — especially since his birthday happened to coincide with the November 10th birthday of our few and proud. He seemed to meet the required mental ca- pacity, or lack thereof, by actually volunteering to be punished by the Systems Engineering Department. He is also a man of few vices, but his one vice is one of which he should be proud. Although he has had his SHORTcomings, he has proven to be one of the most likable and most personable guys I ' ve ever met, and he ' s proved this popularity by being elected class vice-president. His support, humor, and, most importantly, his friendship have made life here so much more bearable. CX David James Rogers Arlington, Virginia Oceanography Naval Aviation Dave hails from far away Arlington, VA, but coming straight from there to Canoe U. would have been much too easy for a man like Dave. He opted for the three-year Johns Hopkins entry pro- gram. Upon coming to USNA, after gaining an age waiver, Dave quickly excelled in the program, .■ s 1988 rolls around. Dave is finishing a fine scholastic career which included seven years of college, five majors, countless nicknames, a near fatal indoor track attack, and a successful Spring Break rabbit hunt. Upon grad- uation, much to the dismay of loved ones, Dave will begin flight training, but not before enjoying a three-month excursion to France, paid for by the Navy. Good luck to a great roommate, and remember two important safety tips: pile the !@ to the sky, and then start a new pile, and also, always remember where your bread is buttered (or they will remind you!). RJA 593 Gregory Paul Sauter Columbia. Maryland Mechanical Engineering Naval Aviation Five years ago. Greg Sauter had one goal that stood out above all his others. This lolly goal was one of high speed, intense com- petition, and self pride. Was this one goal a Navy career? Well — no. Greg wanted a brand new Mustang GT, and he was going to the Naval .Academy to get one. His Mechanical Engineering Degree and Navy Pilot billet almost seemed second to the Flying Ford. Since 2 C year, Greg has had lots of fun in his ' Stang (some legal, some — well . . . ). By the way, his top speed is classified since it would probably land him in jail if word ever got out! Living less than an hour from home and a fiancee, Greg did manage to think about school occasionally — between weekends. Living with Greg for three years has been interesting. That ' s the only way to describe it Give ' em hell, Greg; I ' m sure you will. But look out — 1 own a GT too! — Rich RES Collin William Schaffer Layton, Utah History Naval Aviation Cruel fate conspired to displace a mountain ski bum from Utah and dump him at Navy. That ' s how we met Collin. Despite sleeping through youngster year, our genius managed a 4.0. He rested on these laurels until second class year. Then he moved upstairs to the black hole, where his Schaff-A-lanche became legend. " Sack " was constantly working out. Well, he meant to, anyway — sometimes he slept. " Chaffnuts " managed to escape the evils of drill for two years until the great wheels of justice brought his scam to a screeching halt first class year. Collin was a great roommate — always quick to referee a wrestling match. Collin had no luck with cars, especially the ill fated " charge monster. " Never one to com- plain, Collin ' s cheery outlook on life was a refreshing start to every day. Collin is a beautiful man, but he ain ' t got no rap. Best of luck in Pensacola, we ' ll you miss you pal. The Boys Richard Earl Scott Anderson, Indiana Aerospace Engineering Naval Aviation Rich spent his four years by the Severn trying to get away as much as possible. In order to achieve this, he joined up with that notorious Underground Party Railroad — the Drum and Bugle Corps. He spent his weekdays resting and packing for the next D B trip. He showed such prom ise on the " professional " side of D B that he spent a semester as the Assistant Drum Major — he managed to have the fun without suffering the responsibility. Seriously, though, we needed him around. D B wouldn ' t be the •same without him. After all, somebody had to get the short end of the stick, and Rich is uniquely qualified for that, being the lil ' sprout among us. Rich, just remember to be nice to the engineering division on your carrier, I just might be there someday. Also — we ' ve not forgotten that you missed out on the Black N from Harrisburg, so you ' d better watch your six. The Navy better do the same — ready or not, here we come. — Duckie PGB Ronald Freeman Startzel Strong, Pennsylvania Mathematics Marine Aviation It was a dark and stormy night. In a small town in Pennsylvania, Ron dreamed of being God on Earth. Due to some mental mu- tation, he thought the Marine pilot was such an animal, and the road to godliness went right through USNA. Ron loved cars, music, and women, in that order. On his desk was a picture of his old girlfriend, covered up by a picture of a ' 57 Chevy. While I was reading Playboy, he was reading Hot Rod. This might be why he considered dating the same girl for a whole month to be a long and drawn-out relationship. As for Ron ' s love of music, he never thought the lyrics to popular songs were quite explicit enough, so creative sing-alongs with the radio became a hobby, enhanced by his limitless ability to invent new names for anatomical parts. In addition to his many interests, Ron brought something even more important — his mother ' s stromboli — which made being his roommate particularly advantageous. MBD 594 William Harold Suggs Fort Still. South Carolina Aeronautical Engineering Naval Flight Officer It has been said that to love the South, one has to leave it. Bill already loved it, so instead of leaving, he brought it with him. Everyone noticed when Bill and a bounty of South Carolinian stubbomess arrived at USNA one humid summer. Those nights were filled with dreams of airborne speedsters booming through the clouds, and of violent encounters with iron birds sporting red stars. Bill was blind as a bat, but he knew that even bats could fly, so he never gave up his dream. His room was filled with well-built model versions of his dreams. If one came to visit at the right time, there was often a chow package as well. He was quick to share it, while listening to his " Naked Aggression " tape or some other collection of distorted noise he had lying around. The way he pract iced telling sea stories utilizing the " big watch " and his ring for effective hand motions proved he was ready for the skies. MBD David Elias Villarreal Falfurrias. Texas General Engineering Marine A viation Unlike most midshipmen, Dave came to USN.A with an affinity for water, a condition which must be hereditary. His sadistic nature caused him not only to volunteer to be an engineer, but also to join the Marine Corps. His love for the Corps was undoubtedly inspired by the one man he respects the most, C.APT Peele, former 23rd Co. Officer. Dave can be characterized as a man of action; as such, he has had many epic expenences that he gladly shares with interested midshipmen on Thursdays. A gifted man, Dave has been blessed with the voice of a canary and the command of two languages. His gentle nature and reliablitiy make him a valuable friend. CER Diane Rae Wiggins Fullerton, California History Supply Corps When Di arrived in 23, we really didn ' t know what to make of her. Three years later, we ' re still not sure. What can you expect from the woman whose personal motto was. " Damn the reg- ulations, pass me another Margarita! " ? We ' re still not convinced that the bra that SECN.AV pulled off Tecumseh ' s head didn ' t have her alpha code on it. Through it all, though, like a good wine, Di got better with age. She seemed destined to go Corps. She even ran her mile with THE TOE once — just once. First class year brought many happy returns. She took her squad momma duties very seriously, got rewarded with a sword second semester, and became the two striper from hell. Di figured the only way to keep her Visa and AMEX gold card was to go into organized cnme. Supply Corps just came naturally to her. " Support the Navy mafia — kiss your Disbursing Officer. " Good luck, Di. Bless you. DJR John Ty Yanvary Newton, New Jersey General Engineering U.S. Marine Corps Ty just wanted to be an auto mechanic. He came to USNA instead, dnving his " Jeep of Death. " Ty was known for many things, including being the " Goat court giggler, " king of the late night photo sessions, and anchor " cheese " man. " Hank " liked to roughhouse — whether throwing furniture in the wardroom, in- flicting melon size bruises with his monkey-like feet, giving " wet willies, " or putting someone in the dreaded " grapevines, " Hank always came out on top. Ty ' s predeliction for fried pork skins always made him a welcome addition in the wardroom. When Ty wasn ' t reading Jeep magazines, working on his Jeep, or driving his Jeep. Ty was dreaming of his Jeep. Happy ' s music tastes were so diverse; he could always find a jam to piss anybody off. Ty has been a great friend with a huge neck and big heart. We all wish Ty the best. Ooh Raahl The B«ys 595 I Alan Androski Wickliffe, Kentucky Naval Architecture Surface Warfare I ' ve been with Baby in this playpen for three years. Conver- sations are difficult with new words (carbonium, cordulation) and weird noises. Amazing we found time for school. Turkuelation sessions with Pink Floyd or Memphis swamp jam and his strobe light. Nights on the town in his overcoat and pajamas were as interesting as the three big studs story. His family moved to PA, increasing his supply of food (T-court tic-tac-toe). He was busy with Navigators and OCF. His box of tricks kept things interesting: monster mask, purple foam, throwing star, and the Space bunny costume at Halloween. The air freshener appeared when the room began to smell funny. Eating with him was interesting. Sleeping when he was still awake was hard: finding batteries and other items in my bed and under my pillow, quiet whispering in the back- ground, and of course " go ahead ... go to sleep " . Pop the green thing, hit the warp drive, and keep the daytimer up to date. DAJ Charles Mackin Bailley, Jr. Upper Marlboro, Maryland Electrical Engineering Nuclear Power — Submarines The Egg Tooth entered the military service when we were still watching Spiderman cartoons after school. Prior to his Marine Corps days, the only information on Chazoid comes from a U of Md lab manual involving the gravitational effects on Sony Trin- itrons. After a year at NAPS, Chaz found himself at USNA being groomed for a prestigious leadership position. He demonstrated this virile prowess by surpassing the high expectations of even the NAFAC delegates. Many valiant endeavors of King Nimitz will be remembered for years to come. For example; the famed single- shoed expedition of Jan ' 87 which led to liberal modification of early morning uniform regs. Also included in senior year were surprise inspections of Georgetown powder rooms and a new approach to the Plebe indoc system. The Goon Master is a lover of aerobatic wildlife. Chaz is truly a great friend. Best of luck. Kevin and Joe. KJW Joseph Gabriel Barton Philadelphia, Pennslavania Mechanical Engineering Nuclear Power — Surface " Oh, yeah, I just moved into your room. " Joe ' s first words to me at the start of youngster year — he ' s been there ever since! Joey B. came to us from Philly, home of the Army Navy game. Joe was our company basketball stud until his knee blew-out first class year. I ' m just glad he did it AFTER drill season — no one else knew how to march up front. As an M.E. Joe was a late nighter. What better way to stay awake than to have a soda or two and a bag of the hardest, crunchiest pretzels he could find! And you thought the mice were loud. But when Joe went to sleep, he went to sleep!! Buried beneath his blue comforter, alarms, bells, lights, or even the stereo couldn ' t bring him around. Speaking of stereos, Joe is the only person I know who listened to EVERY station at least twice a day. Joe, good luck at Nuke school and enjoy your career on the " worter " (water), and let ' s stop ignoring the women, huh? TWR 596 24 Robert John Bello Erie. Pennsylvania Aerospace Engineering Naval Aviation " Oh M.P.H.! Somebody else has lo drive my car home tonight. " How many limes have we heard that one Bulky? Bob. the Beerman, Bello was never one lo be called a teetotaler. In fact, some of his best adventures came after a few road sodas. Doing his " Eric Stratton, rush chairman ... " routine. Bob rarely failed lo attract the ladies. His only problem was that he usually failed to remain alert, leaving his prey helplessly in the hands of Skv. Being an .Aero, " Good-guy " Bello spent many hours studying, furiously pulling hairs . . and it shows. Often hating life, the " Grumble Bunny " searched for ways to pass Engine Math and EE . . . Oh well! Instead " Felix " Bello became the neatest guy in the Brigade. Too bad he lost all of his neatness and breakfast on the fishing boat. We wish you and your idol, baseball legend Tommy Lawless, all the luck in the world; both of you need to avoid all the cracks in the road of life. PJV Thomas Michael Buehner Verona. New York History U.S. Marine Corps . country boy from Verona, NY, the Beandog adjusted quickly to the new luxuries of running water and eleciricily. 33 and " Lima Beans " provided training for 3 c chow calls and training as the " Slimy, scummy, stupid dummy, yellow belly, Mr. Buehner. " Bas- ketball, Softball, and the Malachi Bros, of fieldball. EE cost him a 5000 with Erickson. Tom ' s lifetime dream of joining that big circus deep below as the Evil King, horned and masked, leaping from balcony to balcony and taking showers on his head, followed by a stimulating flasher ' s ballet. The greatest rituals-cards as the Nilmaster with the Problem Children, midnight rendezvous at Hotel Ohio for a night with the wife, and Naked Study Hour. Cheese on the Beanerschnilzel, with pepperoni on a large, and in the undies after an evening with the Stallion. " Care for a burger, sir? " A great friend always. Good luck and Ooh-rah!l MDD Dana Wynne Cook Stowe, Pennsylvania Mechanical Engineering Surface Warfare Dana came from sevenTEENTH platoon onlv to enter 24 a leper outcast unclean with mono and strep. A track fanatic, he also took time to get his tongue sucked out. Remember to break from late night talks and heated " discussions " to burn incense (navT bean soup). 2 c — My major ' s most important to me. l c — My weekends are most important to me. And so l c year starts with fountain pushups, frog kicks, and pier phone calls while on Res- olute. Dana Cook on the USS Cook — really!? Drinking Chernobyl ' s, singing the Beatles, and resident fashion consultant — it ' s no biggie, " as usual. " Women problems ' Try sweating, wearing a nice shirt, or playing the game. Mad Dog liked it! L-word and lot ' s of luck to one of THE BEST! (Even though you don ' t think so.) Motto — ' tis better to give than to receive when down South. ' The BIG question — " What ' s that on my shoe? " Look out San Diego! JK Mark Daniel Damisch Garner. Iowa Computer Science Naval Aviation Mark is a cornhead, wise in the ways of sheep and beans, with a passion for taken women and musclecars. " Good-job " did a bad job with Frank in South Dakota, Amy had the courtesy to introduce Dunk and William at a party, after studying her curves of form in Nimitz. Racquelballs, basketballs, bl — balls with Kropper and five girls at Army. The magic touch at locking doors mysteriously and a veteran of Ll. J ' s killer party, this amiable computerhead came to us with prior " slinky " experience and became both a problem child and a pighead. moving in with Pesc. Narco. and E. King. .Able to carry a hundred pound tent up a mountain without complaint with John whining all the while, gone home with eve- ryone, the greatest friend in the world, he singlehandedly kept the King from jumping. Pilot of the future, don ' t spend it all in one spot. Thanks and good luck. 597 Joseph Paul Franson Longmeadow, Massachusetts Physical Science Surface Warfare The doctor arrived at the Academy with the notion in mind that he was part of some grand experiment in T. Lear) ' ' s lab, complete with Gretchen ' s horseshoe haircuts. However, he reversed this trend 3 C vear, challenging even Rapunzel on length of locks, and impressing all at formal inspections. Shotguns in the Power Nova on the way to TV parties at the Dove ' s highlighted sophomore year. Joe just couldn ' t get enough of Navy that year, remaining back to study rather than going on leave. Junior year brought on frequent trips down to " St. " ? Mary ' s. June week brought on the Kamikaze Ace who nearly wrecked a yacht of partiers sailing to Baltimore. Senior year Joe was knighted Sir Dahlgren the First, a truly tow- ering achievement in our school ' s history. He also earned the distinction of Goon Apprentice that year. In all seriousness, Joe, you ' re one of the finest people we ever hope to meet. Best of luck. Chas and Kevin CMB. Douglas Alan Jones Dallas, Texas Computer Science Surface Warfare Gumby ' s been in my room since 3 c year. He lets milk rot and eats my food. A Texan — he lets you know he ' s from that country. Our room has a peculiar odor from his car hobby (brown sheets). So far he ' s never had the whole car in the room at once. If he drove slower he wouldn ' t have to spend so much time fixing cars. Know anyone who ' s had their car pulled out of a ravine by a crane? Gumby tends to hurt people during rumbles. He ' s helped my torquelating in the room with his disco ball. The stereo that worked a week before it blew up. He did buy a CD player, but his CD ' s don ' t work because he used them as frisbees. The funniest times of my life: Phred visits pep rally, bum on halloween, cutting golfballs, hiding under the desk, coming back from St. Pat ' s Day recruiting bubbleheads, flying lizards, dancing scratch acid in the strobe. Major influences: Jerry and Carole (slave child). When he ' s out of vivarins I ' ll tell him " go ahead, go to sleep. " AA Dale Avril Kelly Berkeley Springs, West Virginia History Surface Warfare Dale Kelly was the only person in twenty-four to want to be a SWO-daddy since youngster year. A good ol ' boy from the moun- tains of West Virginia, he survived through it all like the rest. Body by accident, he had a little problem with the O-course in Quantico — one which left him with a plate in his left arm, a broken ankle during plebe spastics, and a variety of sprains and twists. The only other problem he encountered was academics. As his roommate, I must have woke him up a thousand times so he would study. Women were not a problem, though. He snagged one with the " ring " over Easter of his first class year — his roommate ' s sister no less. Oh well, may he be successful in all his endeavors after leaving " mother B, " and keep in mind that somebody is watching you. PRK Pierre Robert Kennedy Chesapeake, Virginia History Naval Aviation Pierre Kennedy, the " Frogger " or " Viper, " hell he ' s been called so many things that it ' s hard to tell what they call him now, is a good of boy from the VABEACH area. He had a way with the girls, and sometimes even women. A master of bull, he majored in Historical Eng-in-earing as he put it, with his concentration in DEBATE (yes, he was sooo good at B-S-ing that he gained two berths in the National Debate Tournaments and talked his room- mate into typing most of his papers). His mastery in the art of bull also got him out of the " fine Navy " stuff like formations, formals, drill, and watches, but since when does an AIRDALE need to be able to do that kind of stuff anyway. Best wishes from 24 and especially your future brother-in-law. DAK 598 John Kropcho III Towanda. Pennsylvania Physics Nuclear Power — Submarines Sent from Bohunk. PA via Sweet 16, equipped w stars, you tormented Sky and Red most of 3 c year ' til the Scandal put us together. By then, there were no push-ups in the nude, but there was — 55 quick steps to a beautiful floor — is this sock clean — daily soft shoe in Hanes — ego in the mirror — contact rituals — look alike sis — and money$$$. .After Detail, Navtag and YP ' s, you were overflowing w professionalism. Those late nite talks of ice queen shelly-constipated dogs and girls resulting in indigo doo dads — low pain threshold — two year dry spell. Don ' t forget alfalfa — subscription — skiing w bulldogs — listening to Eagles and The Beat — 360 " s on 180 — 40 day lent(intent) — USS Bancroft ' s XO — Roger — VGEP — peanut warts — roids — Vermont (the food ' s here, I guess it ' s safe to have a beer). But, with new ward- robe, flourishing investments and New Yorker in hand, you ' ll get your masters at APL and become a fine bubble-head. Thanks for the good times. Luck be with you. DWC Joseph Francis Lyons Fair Lawn. New Jersey Physics Naval Aviation On July 6, 1984, Joey transformed from a bike-making beer drinker extrordinaire who was a part-time short order cook into a CLASS A midshipman who was destined to be the Dnll Officer due to his great performance rankings. Along the way he would be labled a Card Shark, a Problem Child, a WWF Official, a Cross Country Tour Guide, a Team Xerox Repairman, and a 2nd Class Garbageman. Over the next four years you would find him with LT Johnson, the other Malachi Brother, at Denny ' s for breakfast (to help him make it thru finals), with He-man and the Masters of the Universe, or the rest of the Problem Children. Now he is at Pensacola looking for his WINGS OF GOLD. Good luck, Jake, Your Friend Elwood. JKP Gregg William Martin Bennington, Vermont Ocean Engineering Naval Aviation From enlisted submariner to Naval Aviator. The transition from enlisted man to officer gentleman will never be forgotten. Plebe year was an experience, to say the least, " Who are these people screaming in my face? " Maybe a trip to the Academy beforehand would have given me a clue! But there were good times to follow. Glee Club tours and Chapel Chior trips. Singing and performing was fun — but the time set aside for relaxation was great. People who got me thru. Donna Rynn, Debra Hill, Erika Hoffman, and Miss Kim Henley — those times in Hawaii! Road trips to Vt. Rooming with Fred Malek. Juan Rivera and Mark Damisch. Kevin Whearty, Bob Belio. and Schuyler Sweet. . very special spot in my heart for .Ann Wolford and my cherrished Army friends. The Davis family — my home away from home. Company commander. Favorite saying, " The .Academy — a nice place to be from but a terrible place to be at. " I ' ll probably miss this place — Yea Right! Kent Kelly Muilenburg Titusville, Florida Mechanical Engineering Naval Aviation Astronaut HS produced " Wheels " Muilenburg, future Naval Aviator extraordinaire, but if the Na 7 knew about Kent ' s past, it might think twice. Though he may be " Winnie the Pooh " to the OOW, Kent ' s really the slowest man alive. Even Kent ' s foot odor can beat him to formation. Kent has been a real athelele here at Na 7. He ' s well known for his downhill sliding, x-countries to Atlanta, and a 5.0 ratio in the St. Marv ' s Marathon. Kent ' s thought- fulness is also well known. His Ring Dance date loved finding him inebriated, two hours late, with his pick-up and two less than articulate friends. And that ' s not mentioning the time Kent decided to scream for Ralph rather than say goodbye to Hank! We ' re hoping Kent will learn a new dialect in the language of love over in Germany to add to his Atlanta repertoire; however, for the sake of moral propriety. Bob, Kevin, and I feel justified in denying him the master bedroom. GO JETS! TSS 599 Jeffrey Kenneth Palmer St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands General Engineering Naval Aviation Transplanted from the Caribbean to USNA, Jeff never had lime to take his skates off. Plebe year breezed right by tossing him into you-can-score-24. Which he did! Jeff played hard for the company basketball and fieldball teams and played cards regularly to help boost his aero grades. Youngster year wasn ' t all fun and games, it was also relaxing at Brad ' s — and if you couldn ' t find a bed there, there was always a nice comfortable shower back at Mother B. 2nd class summer meant parties on 7-4 (while others did nav charts) and watching sunrises on LBI. A sunrise which dumped a girl- friend, soon to be fiancee, right into his lap. 2nd class year JefTtook his skates off long enough to ride the rocket, and not wanting to leave his aero buddies behind he switched to general just to stay with them. What a guy! As a firstie Jeff was rarely seen, unless you happened to be in DC. Look out P-Cola, here comes Jeffie. Flag- poles beware. JFL Robert Alfred Pescatore Ocean City, New Jersey Economics Marine Aviation Plebe year — Featuring Snobula the big six man and Shock troops: Ralex, Porko Diablo, Treads, Phenad, Spikacon, Clancy the knife, Denise the menace and Goonybird. All members of the U.T.B. Boat Club. Don ' t turn jo back on me sucka! Youngster Year — Are you in this company? Snobula meets the Beendog and they open Bob ' s Burger Bam with Jeff when the Jolly Green Giant walks in and draws his mameluke. Snob wins letter. " Ok Navy, I don ' t think there ' s any flies on us so . . . " 2 c year — " there ain ' t no crabs on us! " ; Meet the comhead from Iowa, the Evil Juan and the Evil King. Pescy ' s not here, he ' s in Bangledesh. V4w o wins IRA — beats cheeseheads with a seal 20!aahh! 1 c year — Bophorama ' 88 Scrawny saves Jokes. USMC Marathon — no train, much pain. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! enough! and play Ice Hockey. And if you don ' t like my lasagna, get the ladder out of my house! CC you ' re the tts! Vincent ' s the smart one, Johnny ' s the athlete, Bobby, well Bobby ' s just Bobby. RAP Timothy William Reicher Dubuque, Iowa Mathematics Naval Aviation Tim, the com boy from Iowa. Where exactly is Iowa? Tim started h is life at USNA in Tight-2, Fonn-2. We think that has mentally scarred him for life. Then came 24, Hard-core 2-4. Some might go as far to say 24 was a little slacker than 2 — just a little. Youngster year he and Dana would argue over anything. But they did com- plete the Rummy 10,000 game — Tim won. Tim ' s a nice guy, but after awhile it became, " Dana, either quit moaning or die. " Third class year came screetching to a halt when the getaway car (Hank, Kent, Tim) got pulled over for doing 90+ back from D.C. Nice try, but you were still late. Second class summer must have been hard, because Tim didn ' t come back. He ended up at Coast Guard and didn ' t realize it until Christmas. Nothing like getting a Ring Dance date on the night of I ' ll never forget Tim ' s insistent voice in my right ear during march-ons. Good flying — Keep the faith. JGB Juan P. Rivera Los Lunas, New Mexico Chemistry Medical Corps Juan came to us from the land of enchantment, and entered quickly into the realm of Narcopolis. Plebe year was tough for Juan, going from desert to Severn shore but he got by with a little help from his friends. Youngster year saw an increase in time spent in the rack and a purple heart for breaking his collarbone during a touch football game. He made the catch, and the TD! Second class year was a struggle; sometimes academics cut into his sleep (rarely). He also met Pesc, Bob, Snob, and Slob. MoaBean, The Evil King, Gorana, and Cornhead also became close friends. Finally, through many hours spent under the eagle blanket, Juan made it to first class year. Senior year he split up the room but kept the friendship. We wish him the best as he heads back home to become a doctor. You ' ve got to love Navy Medicine, You Can ' t Sue ' em. TOJ 600 24 Jack Dene Salyers II LaPlata. Maryland General Engineering Surface Warfare After skating through plebe year in the Club, under the Houck- ster. Jack came to 24. a professional. This attitude was evidenced in hiscomearounds. but even more so in his spade playing. At first, we wondered about this guy who slept with his eyes half open. We did recognize, though, that Jack had a special touch with women. It was said, " I don ' t know whether Jack has had more girlfriends or covers. " However, in some divine attempt at compensation, he was hated by the .Academy laundry. Jack did manage to squeak in some academics despite distractors: 3 c cards, making tapes, Salena; 2 c Miami Vice, camping, home improvement weekends; 1 c canoe trips, skiing. Jack manages to maintain his optimism despite a lot of abuse from us. a few parking tickets, and anti-Semitic jokes. We wish Jack all the best, we also hope he will indeed build that dream house he has drawn and redrawn since we ' ve known him. DRV Paul Glenn Simpson Independence, Kentucky General Science Surface Warfare Jiiice wandered into USNA from the bulging metropolis of Independence. Kentucky. Plebe year forced him to drop many of his country ways but cityslickers like Harry eased the adjustment. A week of sun in Miami was followed by nearly being shot by the ravaged Bemie Goodman on the L.I. Railroad. Two years of living with Schuyler also had its moments. Who can forget (who can remember) the kamikaze party. There will always be shocking memories of Sky dancing on the desk and John doing nude push- ups. Juice redefined study hour. For every hour he spent in class he spent two hours in the rack thinking about it. All of the sleep was worth it as he set blazing records in the mile run. Weekends found Juice at the Sanders or the Comedy Cafe with the boys trying to endure all of the grief Joe could dish out. Juice spent his summers on the beach in San Diego chasing bikinis. I am sure the memories will last a lifetime. Timothy Schuyler Sweet Fredericksburg, Virginia Political Science Naval Aviation Although Sky called Fredericksburg home, he is really a third generation Na 7 brat. Puddy began his Naval Academy career running cross-country, but by Christmas time he found his girl- friend running from him and himself running from big Al. Most of Sky ' s campus time was spent wrestling, bedtossing, exploring with the A.I.. and relaxing on his memorial wardroom couch. . way from USNA Sky was constantly on the prowl. Once cage dances and bannister leaps failed to attract the ladies. Sky resorted to playing dirt man for Bob and Pete . I guess the quote that best describes his exploits is " I know she ' s fat — I know what I ' m dojng. " After losing his cookies on a fishing trip, part of a tooth in Quantico. and all respect for his father. Sky naturally choose to fly with the best. Wherever Schuyler goes from here, he is sure to find good friends, good times, and the local Good Guys. GO JETS. KKM Thomas William Temple Newport Beach, California English Special Warfare TOM-A-TO. I think we ' re out of gas. Stolen skateboard. Swiss Army dog. " That ' s tweaked. " " Mulchers are fags. " " I can ' t do just two. " Get ready for more, like, two hundred. Welcome to Co- ronado. " Hence home, you idle creatures ... " Themis Tomato Tomple led the yellow ball sq uad as El Capitan. and as NCAA Ail- American. Ruth leads Tom. " There was a time when there was nothing at all. " " It was the night before Easter ... " THE ONLY EASY DAY WAS YESTERDAY. Play some polo. Eat some pizza. Well, the pizza was good, anyway. KJcked off the team again. I warned you about the yogurt cup. Secret Mex. Maybe cars don ' t go here. Federales, oh boy. So it ' s a lie. Troopers don ' t float after all. Bobo. Wedge Whomping. Gerb Warfare. EAST COAST WATER POLO SUCKS. BLT w CHEESE. BLC 601 David Ray Valadez Carlsbad. California Physical Science Surface Warfare Hailing from Southern California, our hero was dismayed to find that suntan lotion and a surfboard were not pan of plebe Issue. Coming east also forced Dave, an avid skier, to adjust to snow of a different sort. Dave ' s performance and appearance were of such professional magnitude that even officers were prompted to ask the question, " Are vou a midshipman? " To this Hood girls would have to reply " No. " ' .A shower cap and a bottle of Cuervo Gold made ARMY 86 a wonderful thing. While the ride to Kevin ' s hit new heights in deception. The owner of the Bear Rug blankedled the halls his hearty laugh. Some of Dave ' s famous quotes include, " Hey little darlin ' , " " hi babe, " " yo babe, " and " yeah, that ' s what Kevin said. " Dave ' s warm personality is such that he find himself stand- ing on darkened streets waiting for absent friends. Well liked by everyone, is a real fun lover, and truly a good friend. Best of luck, Chas, Joeman, and Kevin Andrew Dryden Wannamaker Lawton, Michigan Systems Engineering Nuclear Power — Submarines From Induction Day, this quiet Beef Jerky and Slim Jim supplier from New York, Massachusetts, Michigan, Raleigh, or wherever, was bound for success. Drew took on the .Academy and its chal- lenge only to be beaten by a hot dog. That ball park frank which met Drew at the Orioles game Plebe summer deserves some credit. Drew will never be satisfied with the bulletin boards at USNA because he knows he could do better. This plebe year expertise led him to Systems. However, this was not enough to keep him busy so Drew spent time sailing the seven seas, at least one anyway. We never heard of his port escapades but he sure did write enough letters. Drew was the outdoorsman; skiing in Vermont, canoeing close to dams, spinning 360 ' s in Kentucky, and undressing in front of roommates ' girlfriends on camping trips. It ' s a wonder that this outdoorsman chose the inside of a cigar for a career; temporary duty at least. ADW Kevin Joseph Whearty Marllon, New Jersey Economics Naval Aviation When Kevin ' s stair-jumping tactics failed to erase his " Big Mis- take, " he applied himself at high speed. The Fireball Express came to a screeching halt after Stanley Jordan, but he careened onward through .Army ' 85. His junior year hobby was trimming ivy in Annapolis, but that vine soon withered. With all the finesse of a wrestler, Kevin charmed his Ring Dance date in his own special way. Yes, Sir Dahlgren II truly towered in exploits with the fair damsels, although he was " only trying to be nice. " His altitude toward the fairer sex took a nose dive senior year, and he pulled out late in his last serious relationship. Proving frugal, he slimed more flight hours in VTN.A than some ' 87 aviators in P-cola. Goon wages supported his weekend forays on VISA. Known as the walking stomach by some, Kevin has a bigger heart than anyone we know. We wish him the best of luck as a Navy pilot and in all his endeavors. Chaz and Joe. Peter John Yannakakis St. Louis, Missouri Mechanical Engineering Nuclear Power — Submarines Wicker is no longer 1 2 price, roadtrips in Rex to Tom N ' s and the 21st, who knows which Range sister is next, relationships ... X that, taking Kent for a horsie ride at the Roxy, picking up Hank ' s, Sky ' s, and my slack on the fishing boat, surviving exploding cars at Penn State, surviving Bubba the cab driver ' s DRIVE and light posts at Dave J ' s, boat tours at the city dock, the Daytona duds. Was it the food coloring or the beer (St. P ' s Day)? donating dollars to the needy at Good Guys, taking beer showers at Hank ' s parly and what else ' ' Is CAPT Midnite now CAPT 10:30? LATE NIGHT, the Fat Boys, Paint the mother pink, LT Evan ' s boy, I knew Pete Y . . . You mean President Yannakakis, Elvis Costello, What about Antigua? Johnny Rotten and Sleph ' s mom in the morning, waking up, OUCH!, Thank God that the baseball and brewing mecca of St. Louis gave us Pete. Keep GIVIN ' EM THE BUSINESS. RJB fr ' ' -er 602 Mark Daniel Altobello Rockvillc, Maryland Oceanography Nuclear Power — Submarines Alio came to USNA from the North American Parly School.Thc quintcsscnlial middle class suburban while kid spent three years in the Corps (D B) beating and blowing until trading in his trumpet and boring movement orders for more free lime. After considering NFO and surface for a while, he instead reverted back to his first love, subs, and proceeded to laugh all the way to the bank. With no behind, no neck, duck feel, and a receding hairline. Goose kept us all entertained, especially with his sense of humor and acerbic wit, realizing early on in life that there was no way he ' d get chicks on looks alone. All kidding aside, whether we were studying EE, relaxing at Ocean City, chasing coeds in Georgetown, spending Easter at your house, or just picking on Curtis, we always had a good lime. " That ' s not my friend — he ' s my roommate! " Some things arc jusl understood between people. Run silent, run deep. Good luck in nuke school. EPF Nicholas John Amatuccio Massapequa Park. New York Mathematics U.S. Marine Corps Uncle Tarantula came to the Naval Academy by way of Holy Trinity High. He thought he was tough, but he was really just another fat-bull Guinea from Long Island. " He who hesitates becomes part of the pavement " was his motto. But the Gunny put him in his place at NAPS when he told Tuch he looked like a damn soup sandwich. Even Beswick thought it was funny. Once he reached Ihe Boat School, he became a true acadamian. It wasn ' t until he endured severe emotional pain when his girlfriend suffered from mid-life crisis, that he turned into a hit-lhe-Rhodes Scholar. After two semesters of advanced calc with Coach Meyerson. he returned for a third to student teach. The love of his life was really lax. Tuch would eat jusl about any living creature for Navy la- crosse. But LIncIc T ' s most ama ing feat was racking up traffic fines twice the value of his car. If by chance you ' re searching for the meaning of life, just read John 3: 1 6. JAC Kevin Scott Arnold Scotlsdale, Arizona History Naval Aviation Kevin Arnold, the kid from the west. The parly animal of Scverna Park. Host of unforgetable parlies al Mosa Dick ' s and Clarke ' s with " David Lee " Morejon as leader. We spent harsh, sad, happy, and many light hours together. Wc shall never forget road trips to Va. Tech, Atlanlic City, and nearby bars in the " chevy. " He was always quick to give help or advice to a friend. His middle name is patience. Many mids made it through USNA with his help in either swimming, navigation, or in jusl having him as a friend to talk to. We both learned that it just takes some time away for good friends to come back together. The world is wailing for a Navy pilot with his qualifications and personality. We will meet again when Paraguay invades Arizona. Good luck in flight school and life in general! Rico for Ihe EZ-25 weekend gang. Hasta entonccs! TPV 603 Curtis Duncan Avery Portland Oregon Computer Science U.S. Marine Corps Curtis, aka " Junior, " had a vision of flying the F-16 for the zoomies. When that didn ' t work out, he chose to receive a $ 1 50,000 education " a nickel at a time " here at the Boat School and opted for NFO. Plebe year Curt and I became one of the few, the proud, the survivors of 33. You were always the " Beast ' s " favorite. Remember Army week? The ledge? The attempted murder? The torch under the door? Anyhow. I guess roommies are supposed to get the full treatment. Roommies also keep good secrets. Remember youngster cruise? The Club Macombo? The " dancer " ? Well, forget it! How about a certain middy tied to the side of a certain boat tossing certain cookies? My lips are sealed. From the serene heights of 8-4, Curtis invaded the Killer Duck company to prove that screens are people too. " Junior " almost managed to pull it off. Before he knew it 1 c year popped up and NFO popped out! Look out MUH KEEN COE! Happy landings in Quantico!! TSM Daniel K. Bacon, Jr. San Diego, California General Engineering Nuclear Power — Submarines Dan comes to 25.5 via San Diego. Back home he is well liked by his folks despite doing $2500 damage to the rug. Dan spent four years sailing for Navy and lead 25 ' s WSC for which he got a 4K. In the wardroom, Bacon Potato logged days in front of ERC. From a sub family, the second-to-last nuke in our class will stand out at Orlando due mainly to his fashion and musical taste. Third class year Dan became a general, found time for swim practice, NCAA tourney (we ' re I ), and sought Jean-Peirre. Second class year he took on several personalities from Ireland, Aussie, and France. As Company ops, the Idea Man showed good judgement by setting up a party at the O-Club which the MAJ loved. The Daily Feed was better than reveille. Best of luck to The Fat Kid, a one of a kind who left his mark on USNA and if anyone should ask, its probably Dan ' s fault. TAT Jeffrey Allen Cassidy Buffalo, New York Mathematics Special Warfare Since Toes entered the Academy, Lou, Navy swimming, and 25th Company haven ' t been, and will never be, the same. Insulted by trivial mathematics. Toes chose to excel in medicine, astron- omy, the execution of exotic animals and now humans as a SEAL. His collateral duties included: Private Investigation (Toes P. I.), 25.5 miniature golf president, 6-1 barber and Whiteface Ski Di- rector — at least until he lost his consciousness. The 6-1 side shaft has felt his wrath — windows, ceiling tiles, clocks, smoke detectors, nothing could escape the force of Dr. Destructo. Keeping relations between officers and their wives was his specialty, something Mrs. Tobin will never forget. Only the Toes knows why Pumpkin Head would want to hold it for him. Traffic was no problem for the Toe, and he would run anywhere to see the Dead. N JA David Carl Chapates Holden, Massachusetts Mathematics Naval Aviation Coming from Woostah, Dave moved up the ranks to become a charter member of the 25.5 miniature golf club. The original stein excelled as the guru of the couch potatoes. His athleticism allowed him to dazzle everyone while he made his whitest of white moves while being glued to the basketball court. He was a stimulating conversationalist, but this was only when he was sleeping. Dave was a caring person, demonstrated by his sympathetic abdominal explosions. It was his caring which made him a true hole debutante. The birdman wanna-be epitomized professionalism while on his first class cruise by keeping up foreign relations and learning the true meaning of " down under " in Australia. Remember, it was ' never ' us on the dance floor and eyes are never yellow by choice. See you in P-cola. TJM 604 25 Joseph Raymond Dundas Millville. New Jersey Maihamatics Naval Aviation Joe came to 25lh Company from downstairs in 26th. As if taking orders at USNA wasn ' t enough, he was also engaged to the dish. After livmg through youngster year m that dictatorship, he took control of his life second class summer. Now he frequents the halls of Goucher college were he is known to the girls only as Shmo. Joe ' s life during June Week that year involved a late night sprint in- cluding hurdles where he ripped his trousers, and wejust made it in time for taps. To his girlfriend ' s dismay, Joe loves his car and is known as the Friday night mechanic. He often makes comparisons between his car and girlfriend. Joe is a good pilot and a good friend and will make an excellent Naval officer. SET David Michael Fravor Toledo. Ohio Oceanography Naval Aviation Fravedog came to this fine institution from Todedo, home of Tony Packo ' s hotdogs, via the Corps and Naps. You would never have guessed he was prior by his aviator attitude and civilian haircut. Youngster year was spent at Brad ' s Pub, the scene of many outstanding parties and other social gatherings. As 2 c year began, Dave and Fish were on cruise as Dave reached new heights as an Irish ace and enjoyed a fabulous view atop Bancroft Hall. The weekends were meant for fun and we had plenty of them. There was the time at M-street when Dave went yuppie hunting and had to show his ID to prove his age. First class year Dave continued on his merry way as we killed tim e at Maggies, Fran O ' s and Riordans. Dave was found with a death grip on his ID and woke up in many a strange place, much to his surprise. Call it destiny or a great three years together, but through the good and bad, Dave and I survived. Thanks for everything. SFM Ernest Paul Fuchs, Jr. Downers Grove, Illinois Economics Surface Warfare Paul came to USN.A from Chicago. He saw Navy crew as his ticket to easy street and rowed plebe and youngster year. Crew turned out to be a ticket to an axboard so he gave up the 0500 runs, the ergs and the -Annapolis spnng breaks. With his love for math (What ' s an integral?????) he chose the single E major as everyone knows that econ types don ' t do math. .As a second class, reality struck home, economists do math and play with computers, too!! Econ, EE, and steam sent little Paul to see the Dant ' s conference room. Given a reprive, he became a studying machine. Grades aside, Paul found time to get to G ' town and the local estab- lishments. He just left to make taps at 0100 (or was it 0200? ask Dan). Paul is off to sunny San Diego to haul marines as TOP SWO. Remember, Haze Gray and Underway, good luck. MDA Kathleen Ann Kubiske Ypsilanti, Michigan Physical Science General Unrestricted Line After the Navy showered her with millions of dollars, Kathy decided that she didn ' t have anything better to do so she came to USNA to give the women ' s volleyball team many winning seasons. Celebrated throughout the northern hemisphere for her killer spike, she also did her time in varsity track, proving herself a true studette. Youngster year her heart was caught by the Incredibly Debonair Marine Machine, and it wasn ' t long before the two pledged to be Glueheads for life. Does he know that she has a habit of spilling macaroni down the sink? First class year Kathy lived in a permanent state of mental shutdown, awakening only once or twice to read a Harlequin romance or throw a Softball around. Whitney my love. Laundry bag wars. Cold water didn ' t feel that good, but you ' ll get yours. Leisure suit Larry. Thanks for the fun, and good luck in sunny Pensacola! (Please throw out those rancid blue docksiders!) MLM 605 Mark Anthony Lamczyk Jacksonville, North Carolina Oceanography Marine Aviation Mark came to us via the party school in Newport, RI. A product of Tomcat 14, Mark (aka Lamb Chops, Joey Vegas. Chopper, and Joey) has got to be the most liked member of the company. He is an amiable person with whom all can relate. Despite Mark ' s success as a mid, particularly in athletics where he went to judo nationals, he did experience some bad luck. First there was the olfactory torture of living with the Fish. Next came the wrath of BATTLAX which resulted in knee surgery. And as with most of us, the academics of 2 c year did not vouchsafe trouble free grades. But Mark prevailed. He even received more than he bargained for; especially with the development of the Mark I mod O Espousal Unit. Of course Mark had to recant his affirmation of the " unsavory. " But if there is ever a case where two people are made for each other, this is it. Go get em, Mark. JRD Scott Fletcher Manning Fairfax, Virginia History Surface Warfare Fletch came to us from the huge city of Fairfax, Va. This was convenient for Scott because he took his laundry home to mom. Scott kept to himself until he met Brad of Brad ' s Bar and Grill. From then on he was out of control. We ' ll never forget Army 3 c year, fivehead, road trips to MWC or UVA, and Ken ' s flying log. Scott was a Navy wrestler which helped him when he went out. Remember M-street with Watts, Fish with " God and everyone, " and your New Years Eve buffet in Daytona. Jimmy Buffet, Philly when you were me, Labor Day with ILBT, and skiing. Scott will never be a boxer or a blind driver, " I live at 3903 Bentwood Ct " — no Scott, registration, not residence. Remember fake snoring on weeknights, wrestling everywhere, putting mushrooms down the drain and other places. It ' s been an interesting three years that I ' ll never forget. To all the times we ' ve had and the one ' s yet to come, thanks for everything, you ' ve been a great friend. DMF Michael John Marchildon Mountain Iron, Minnesota General Engineering Naval Aviation This is the beginning of a new day. God has given me this day to use as I will. I can waste it or use it for good. What I do today is important because I am exchanging a day of my life for it. When tomorrow comes, this day will be gone forever, leaving in its place something I have traded for it. I want it to be gain, not loss; good, not evil; success, not failure, in order that I shall not regret the price I paid for it. The future is just a whole string of nows. From plebe year in 17 to three years in 25, four company officers, systems to general (sooner or later), one 5000, three commandants, Lauderdale on cruise, EE with Chip (remember. Brad?!), Boston on cruise, all my Dad ' s letters. Mom ' s goodies, football seasons, thanks Mom, Dad, and Mark, getting read our rights, the .38 special and 357 (remember Greg!), NAPS, G-Town with Dan Bacon, GT Coupe, VTNA, 25 — we made it. Thomas John Melnick Scranton, Pennsylvania Mathematics Naval Aviation How ya doin, babe? What ' s your sign? I ' m a feces, my friends call me number two. Ah yes, smooth Mel always had a line. Tim ' s strength has been making friends. Could it be his shining per- sonality? No, sweet cheeks is the true meaning of the word hole. Was it his skill at foreign relations? Could be, even fat Norwegians did him. It has to be his ability to find humor in the most disturbing situations, even while those around him are yakking. 25.5 charter member who didn ' t lose his privileges after moving upstairs. He was always willing to help out a down-and-out friend (?) with a shot of banaca. He was ' never ' on the dance floor, but has been known to invent his own language at four-thirty in the morning. Do you think my eyes are yellow by choice?! DCC 606 Michelle Lynn Meria Bremerton, Washington English General Unrestricted Line Michelle, Mish, Mickey, Vomitrina, LBFM blew in from Wash- ington ready to take on USNA with a quick wit and a librarian ' s wardrobe. On 1-Day she got in the wrong line and missed the woman ' s issue varsity letter. Still, she was a world class athlete, setting a record for most hours spent in a pool drowning. Thank- fully she finally learned to hold her breath. Punkinhead, Shaffe, and Killer were OK but the communication Gap sure was a problem. Too bad John made co-location a word to remember, California is a long way from Georgia. Detail almost ended in tragedy when Mish began broom brutality, but she taught a squat- ter to stand proud and saved her image. Dave made her miss the concert, but at least she used the restroom before the long walk to the gutter. 1 know that everything ahead will go Mish ' s way even if she doesn ' t knock that tube-a-day toothpaste habit. But who will wipe her mouth now? Raisin pride. I ' ll miss you! EJS Toa ' ale Suiava Mulitauaopele San Francisco, California English Naval Aviation The Wild Samoan. Wally. Toze. Pele. M-12. Toa ' ale rowed a log boat from the islands all the way to Annapolis because black and white were his favorite fashion colors. Hey. it ' s not his fault that his name has 16 vowels in it! Second class year Toa ' ale joined the Order of the Yellow Towel for participating in the Rumblefish Experience. Then it was the invasion of Joey, which brought with it wrestling matches at 2 a.m. He acquired quite a large fan club of local girls who baked him boxes and boxes of cookies every week; however, he soon tired of this lifestyle and decided to proclaim himself King of Siam so he could have a bonafide harem. He also gained the reputation of being dance king of USNA. Boondoggle. The Safari Club. The much-dreaded Mastercard bill. Thank you, drive thru! Maybe you ' ll finally get a real tan down in Pensacola. Say hi to Fasifa ' i, and good luck in everything you do! MLM Bradley Scott Mullen Sparta, Michigan Computer Science Surface Warfare Sweating nothing. Mellow Mullen never believed in getting any- thing done early. Why waste time when you can pull it out in the end? By looking at the numerous pictures of the beautiful girls on his blotter, you would believe that he was related to Holmes (not Sherlock), but the girls know the truth. His darling has her hooks in him, so the rest of the female world will suffer. Drinking with Brad is qui te an experience. When the twinkle comes to his eye, it is time for him to do his " Fred Flintstone Shuffle. " To the casual observer, a buzzed Brad is as friendly as a Teddy Bear, but to those trying to put him in the rack, he is Brad the Wrestling Grizzly. On the batt. football field. Brad gave a new meaning to the word " kill. " Those who have driven with him know that he will make a great pilot someday. Why did he choose comp. sci? Even he doesn ' t know. There is no truer friend than Brad, and he is someone who you can always trust. GSW Elizabeth Jane Shaffer London, Kentucky English Supply Corps Bayuth. Shaffes. EJ. Beth came to us from ol ' Kennntucky, bringing many tennis rackets and lots of etiquette tips. After spending two years as a musketeer, she decided to become a Broadway stahhhh. Second class year created the Tag Team, where charter members Mish, Kelly, and Beth raced to their racks during free periods to acquire record levels of sleep. During 1 c summer Beth became a member of the Jimmy Buffet Adventure Club by sailing the high seas to Bermuda (and succeeding in her lifetime quest for the St. Tropez Tan). Firstie year Beth became Dance Mama, but it was not until second semester that she finally ac- cepted her alcoholism. The sneakers from Hell. The Baby Poop Shampoo. Black tennis shoes looked good with SDB ' s at Army. Dilemmas over Mel ' s fashion tastes. It ' s just not going to get done. It ' s okay, Shaffer, 1 don ' t care how you roll up the toothpaste. Thanks for all the good times, it was a great three years. I ' ll miss you. MLM 607 Russell Edward Sloop Portland, Oregon Mathematics Surface Warfare Slop descended upon our hallowed halls from the northwest, and was soon disappointed to discover he couldn ' t major n squash or beer bong design. However, he soon acclimated himself to the Navy way of life, and in response to criticism from his upperclass concerning his lacking professional knowledge, held his own unique form of Naval Science 101 E.I. one late night in the fog y backwaters of the Severn. After restricting four months for his nocturnal sea trials. Slop let everyone know he was back in stride again, mixing science with pleasure as he tested the aerodynamic qualities of malt liquor and mexican cuisine. Slop did manage to letter twice during his Naval Academy career — four times in squash, once in conduct. If you ever went out with Slop, you were bound to have a good time, regardless of the 27 cents you likely would fork out on the way home for gas. As Slop embarks on his career as a reluctant SWO daddy, we wish him well. KAW Thomas Andrew Tippett Linthicum, Maryland Oceanography Surface Warfare Tom, a true Baltimorean and x-fighting Archer, was known to us as Grandpa. In bed by eleven, yardwork at Lynn ' s on weekends, lounging in his lazyboy while admiring his saw wrench EE sets, he was the most " domesticated " of the 6-1 family. He is recognized as the first custodian of the Sully memorial Xmas chimney and tree, and owner of Tipp ' s used car parking lot during any leave period. He worked hard as Co Cdr showing Rod the ropes 1st semester. His hardest job was HRC rep with his roommie being a walking violation; his easiest was parade judge. Got his picture in the paper for that, and even in SI during our plebe Army. Some would say he ' s part of the Brotherhood by gouge alone, but he couldn ' t have done it without his fiancee typing his papers. (And let ' s not forget her aerobic display that one night.) I ' m sure we ' ll end up seeing Tom on TV someday, with his official AMA sticker, giving us the weather for the greater Dundalk area. DKB Steven Eugene Trent Seattle, Washington Mechanical Engineering Naval Aviation Steve came to the 25th Company from the hallowed hall of 7-3. He claims his days as a plebe in Serene Eighteen were a terror. As a youngster, he went back to high school but it wasn ' t to learn, and if that wasn ' t enough, he also had the midnight rides on the magic carpet. His grades soared and established the CQPR that would later absorb the abuse of Gotay and Rocket Reed. During 2 c summer, Steve was a co cdr and he lead Group Ten into history; they destroyed the myth that " they cannot fry us all. " First class year brought responsibility and a ray of light. Steve was the sole remaining " true " engineer in the company. In co football, he was the interception king. In the Lamczyk Dome, he shot his way into the Nerf Hoops Championship. Steve marched through the year as a squad leader and a platoon cdr. Next, he heads for P-cola. Steve is a good classmate who never lets anyone down, and we hope to see him in the fleet. MAL Gordon Scott Valentine Rochester, New York Marine Engineering Nuclear Power — Submarines Scotty hails from the state up north, from which he took the long route to get here. His experiences as a " prior " obviously didn ' t help, why else would he continue making the same mistakes with beer and women. Upon arriving in the " country club " floor of 25, Scott immediately fell prey to the drug dogs of CAPT H. This bust, however, wouldn ' t stop him from snorting the gouge upon which he thrived. Second class year arrived, with it increased liberty. A summer cruise where the showers are warm and the beaches are hot was highly recommended. As a firstie in the sub-commander billet, where else could we put him to keep him out of trouble? Down- stairs for the last semester with wedding bells in the air and graduation in sight. Stay well and come back to the surface. The Gang 608 Tomas Pabiino Vera Asuncion, Paraguay Physical Science Foreign National Rico Vera Vera. Pablo. Pancho. The Mad Paraguayan. A man of many names. Most know him as the exchange student. But to his good friends he has become much more. We will never forget the trips to Va. Tech, the nights with Morebo, or the plane that was shot down by the sidewinder missile. This old place will never be the same without the " Green Macheen " parked in the sixth wing parking lot with six tickets on the windshield. How will Gregory Jones ever survive without your business? You ' ve been a good friend to all. The kind of guy who would come through for you wheii you really needed him. Have a good time driving the Rico Mobile back to Paraguay. Give your girl my love, she ' s already had enough of yours. .And, don ' t forget you ' ll always be my favorite Mexican. Adios amigo. Think of me whenever you take a shot of tequila or shoot a beer. Rei, Morbo, and Kevin. KSA Gregory Scott Williams Fort Walton Beach, Florida Physics U.S. Air Force Dirt never stuck to Greg, try as we may to find it. He was often found brushing off, thou we don ' t know why. He should have been wiping down instead. Greg ' s perspiring paid off, though. It was a rarity for his name to be omitted from the Supt ' s list. But he was not without flaws. As the toll booth attendant will attest, he still seems to need training wheels on his bike. I suspect few will ever know of Greg ' s expenence in SDB bozo as a firstie or his trip to Army-Navy sans shoes. But he has better things to do in Philly than go to the game. He found the Freehold police department quick to respond at all hours of the night. Greg was never so glad to be on the receiving end of a " grab " as he was in Bermuda youngster cruise. We always thought he had a nice " tukas. " We ' ll never understand why Greg chose to be a zoomie. Maybe he just wanted to be a little closer to his twin sister Kira. But Greg will be successful whatever he does. BSM Kirk Andrew Williams Avondale, Maryland Mathematics U.S. Marine Corps Jake Lamotta, the man who never met a chit he didn ' t like , came to USNA via NMI. The inverted oreo ' s first love was basketball. He put on many exhibitions for us in the gym and in the room where he perfected his nerf skills youngster year. , charter member of the 25.5 minigolf club, and manager of his own diner, we always knew where Jake was by his nasal sounds. He was almost as impressed with the people in medical, after blowing a tooth out his nose, as the people of Annapolis and other cities on the east coast were with the " Jake Grind. " Despite being a member of the chronic halitosis club Jake never met a girl that didn ' t yell date rape or I love you by the second time. Jake ' s way with words and his love of school led him to a record breaking five majors in all three groups. Jake came here to be a pilot, hives, unfortunately, didn ' t drive him to drink, they drove him to the corps. Friends forever, and good luck in everything. RES • . « f l-.V ' ' t4 ' ' 4 ' J ?. a: 609 Kevin Robert Barnett Mt. Laurel, New Jersey Mathematics Nuclear Power — Submarines Barney, also the nickname of his brother Brian, went home just about every weekend to his grand estate in south Jersey. His greatest claim to fame was owning a 1969 Mustang Mach I equipped with a 428CJ engine and a four-speed that was restored to original condition. He thanks his parents for all their support over the last four years. His favorite quote is from Al Paccmo m Scarface where he says " You want to mess with me. Well then say hello to my little friend. " KRB Brian Edward Bell Belmont. California Oceanography Marine Aviation Brian came to us from sunny Belmont, CA via NAPS and 1 1th Co Rumor has it that he became quite the SAT guru after round five, or did he? When he wasn ' t sleeping, playmg polo, givmg out gouge, or studying, he was whistling or shadow-boxing in the shaft. Pulling off miracles during finals and falling asleep on command are nothing for B.B. However, he missed his true calling when he passed up being a lumberjack in Washington state. While ded- icating much of his time to polo, EI, and the god of 2.0, his social life faltered. Under the tutelage of the master S.D., he learned of the Red Eye and the R.J., eventually earning S.D. status himself Having achieved this honor as well as avoiding the ever-threatened AC-BOARD, I ' m sure that being a good Marine and a fine aviator will be a breeze for this LTM, known to us all as B. Bell. Semper Fi amd good luck in the Corps. MLB Theodore Albert Biggie III Orchard Park, New York Systems Engineering Naval Aviation Theo showed up in 26th Co. with a stereo and an inflatable airplane, which he used as bait to find roommates. Little did we know that Ted ' s escapades with the giris would lead to the addage of " all giris love Ted Biggie. " With a name like Teddy, giris seemed obsessed with giving him cute little teddy bears. Sadly, many of these animals seemed self-destructive, even suicidal. Second class year held many changes for Ted: the jeep, the insta-date for Ring Dance, the Mr. Tact award at Brian ' s party, and learning not to go mudding on his birthday. First class year has been spent endlessly re-adjusting the jeep, road trips with Billy-Bob, and repeated visits to Maggies and Rudy ' s. Ted ' s future lies in Naval Aviation. Let ' s hope this trip to Pensecola turns out better than the first, when he learned what a handful of sand can do for attracting cops and buying a ticket into Salty Sam. FLY NAVY! TET Leavinq City of I a p o I i s 610 Michael Lee Bramble San Demas, California Political Science U.S. Marine Corps MLB SD (ret.) A man of the world, a geographical misfit, a teacher, roommate and friend. The modem warrior epitomized. His stay here was brief but his conquests were many. A man with a genuine respect for the dead, appreciative of a roommate who sleeps through an lhing — he will never be able to forget the HUT. A year at Louisville, his mind for math, his tongue for Spanish, his poly sci shovel, and a retired HP helped him make it through the five year plan. After three years with a chamsaw he learned the importance of a daily workout on the big blue trampoline. Life in the shaft, a good cheese. Riordan burgers, will be forever etched onto the bowels of his mind. Now as he continues on the road of life he will soon be green and in Quantico. His next stop could be anywhere, but whatever he does, he will do it well. Good luck in the Corps. SEMPER Fl Your friend, B. Bell. We have a quorum . . . SLUM THE GOAT. BEB Wayne Paul Brisson Naragansett, Rhode Island Political Science Surface Warfare Wayno came to the boat school from RI (you know — New England, Mass). .An aspiring EE, after one quite miserable young- ster semester (that ' s why he always had something nice to say about his roommate KB), the Dean and he agreed poli sci might be more suited for his weekend desires. With his first weekends, the boat on wheels and his black buddy would often be found on their way to Fredericksburg. Second class summer he grew professionally from Schaffers to Pensacola. During all this time only one could capture his heart. Second class year Wayne was taught where and when to jog, park his car, to hide in hatchbacks, and the quickest route to N Charles. After spending the summer " sailing. " l c year brought added respite and a new GT. Wayne often studied in the library (Loyola), but always kept plausible deniability! A rough 21st (throwing up where), he sailed on. Your future ' s in the air. DAG Alfred Anton Bunge Miami, Florida Economics Political Science Naval A viation Just barely a U.S. citizen, the former Nicaraguan aristocrat came to us via Miami, refuge for all Central Americans. Looking for opportunity and the American dream, he came to USNA for a FREE education, never realizing he would repay the debt a nickle at a time . . . After enjoying the best plebe year had to offer, Al became familiar with every awarding authority at Canoe L ' . Ded- icated to quality leadership, he once lectured an upperclass while inebriated, resorting to the finest adjectives in the English lan- guage. CAPT K. loved to see Al ' s shining face, especially con- cerning the incident in Pensacola with DKF, his bodyguard. De- spite his efforts to exceed the max demos, a townie, who threatened his bachelorhood, helped him put it in one sock. .Al managed to make it to batt staff, where he slept through reveille on a regular basis. Only the shadow knows how he will fare in the cockpit. Buena suerte! LMW Los Steven Edward Cedrun Los Angeles. California General Engineering U.S. Marine Corps After being banished from southern California, " X " decided to spend the next four years in exile at the Naval Academy. As a plebe, his first love was a uniformed female. (What did you call me?!) He chose naval architecture as his major, but the mechanical en- gineering department coaxed him into general engineering. In appreciation of his frequent business. Margarita Maggies has de- cided to display his graduation portrait in their lady ' s room. Ser- vice selection left Steve rolling in the mud. Although he ' s excited about the Marine Corps, they probably won ' t give him a medal for playing cards. To all the good times: fieldball, the Booiemonger, Tiems and the box of doughnuts, Panama City, Thailand, Hong Kong (I don ' t feel good), and Rotten Ralph ' s (thanks T.A.). Steve will make a fine officer of Marines, and I ' m sure he ' ll make loads of money. DGC 611 Dominick Anthony Cipolla Massapequa, New York Economics Nuclear Power — Submarines For Dom (aka Cipper, Wop, Hosey. LD) choosing USNA was as easy as saying car loan. Thus receiving his call to duty, Dom left mom ' s Italian cuisine back on Long Island to become an engineer. After a brief bout with aero he soon decided that a degree in economics would enhance his draft status a few years down the road (are you listening IBM). Dom worked hard at his grades, often taking to the academic buildings at late hours. (Though some say it wasn ' t to improve his CQPR.) Dom soon pulled himself out of this quagmire and concentrated on attracting women — like at Army 2 C year. First class year brought Dom three stripes and a new reg haircut — well, almost. Reveille, drill, reg pe gear — it was all his idea. Thanks for everything, Hosey. Don ' t stay under too long. WPB David Gerard Cleary Bismarck, North Dakota Electrical Engineering Naval Flight Officer Dave came to us from Bismarck, North Dakota. Having chosen the Naval Academy over a promising career as a model for GQ, Dave opted to challenge his mind instead of his body for a change and picked double " E ' for a major. He ' s been successful in his major — although the Shark and Killer Keith may tend not to agree. Dave will always be remembered for his Friday nights at Frannie O ' s and cruisin ' around the circuit in the Dartaroo. Dave made lasting impressions on everyone he met — like the Segovias in Hawaii. What kind of dinner? Dogger is going to the fleet as an NFO but he leaves behind a legacy of all day night honor boards and a string of broken hearts at Disco Dahlgren. Remember ' gaters, restriction, the under-the-rack raceway, morality talks at Pete ' s and trips to Florida. We leave Dave confident that he will be a great NFO. If not, we know he ' ll make a great used car salesman. SEC WPB Joseph Fischer III Cranbury, New Jersey Mathematics Naval Flight Officer Joe came to us from the thriving metropolis of Cranbury, New Jersey. He spent plebe year following the blue line in Lejeune Hall on the varsity swim team. After earning his letter, he felt the irrepressible urge to move on to more worldly things. Basketball and a certain ' young ' lady in Roanoke filled his time. CBCCCC ' s. Big Joe spent first class year in Baltimore (same girl) or playing golf during one of his five youngsters. An expert at avoiding the books, Joe studied past 1 2 PM only twice in four years. How ' bout a game of cribbage, shoot some pool, or throw some darts? I REALLY don ' t feel like studying tonight. Did I ever tell you about the time when I was at Peddie and . . . hey, what do you know, it ' s 1 1 PM — LIGHTS OUT! Do you ever see the taps taker? I don ' t. Wow, was there a fire alarm last night? C ' mon, we gotta rally! Well, now it ' s on to Pensacola. Good luck, Joe. We ' re history! AMG Carlos Rafael Flores San Juan, Puerto Rico Physical Science Surface Warfare " Los " was delivered to us from the beaches of San Juari. He started his SWO career as a charter member of " the greyhounds of the Severn. " A member of the infamous " last rank " in drill, he demonstrated consistent professionalism by being 26th Company ' s anchor man. Unlike many, he had no problem adapting to King Hall cuisine. " Chos " was dedicated to improving his prowess; he logged more miles than the cross country team. The epitome of a physical scientist, Carlos perfected the art of 2.0 and go. Who knows what destiny holds for our beloved friend, but we ' re con- fident he will continue to charm his way into the hearts of all who get to know him. Adios, Los! AB LW 612 Alan Morgan Greenwood Arlington, Virgina Political Science U.S. Marine Corps Following in the footsteps of his father and two older brothers. Big Al entered the Corps. Al collected three stars and a few records while spending four years in the pool. It all payed off when he received his three stripes. The 5 AM death march. SWIM. Eat. Sleep. Eat. SWIM. Eat. Study? No! 1 1 PM — lights OUT! Why are you making so much noise? Phew. Rodent. There ' s only 49 states. " God, I wish my date were here. " Hubs. OK — umm — got it — " 25. " Blue Bug gets one and a half kills. Dude! SB ' s hot tub party. A few extra formations in Smoke Hall plebe year. Yea Dan, come on, it ' s great here. The Greenwood legacy continues. Ewok, do you come here often? Daddy-O. Which way to Austria? Grass doesn ' t grow on playgrounds. Na 7 colors — hey, the bottom is rocky. Finals — anybody have a good book? It has been a great three years, Al, if only you could have pulled your weight during room formals. Good luck in the Corps. We ' re history! JF Mark Bennett Guevarra Winter Springs, Florida Systems Engineering Nuclear Power — Submarines When Markus entered the 26th Company, he quickly founded the Abyss. The sign went up, the plane came down, but the flags always remained. But after three long years of systems, he ' s still just a fledgling engineer. Still, we all have to admit he is the nerf hoop champion of the world, even if it did take four days of restriction to change his playing habits. .4fter four semesters of living with the Pigdog and Theodore, someone felt Markus would know something about " Prescribed Standards of Cleanliness, " and they made him the brigade 1st Lieutenant. Perhaps Mark ' s greatest claim to fame has been his leadership in intramurals. Hoops and fieldball were his thing, and BSTS was always a contender. So Markus, after good times, bad times, and a lot of VAX time, your friendship and good humor have been treasured by all of us. THE GUYS JCS James Lawrence Johnson Goose Creek, South Carolina Aerospace Engineering Naval Aviation Nothing cheers you up like Goose. Despite ' thermodynamic tribulations, ' abuse from the bloody Brit, and all night wind tunnel labs (even now he ' s trying to pass off one as some colossal research project), he ' s always good to be around. With Goose you have dead week fun (poor, kite traumitized kid), inbred musical appreciation, and an uncanny sense of timing (which only applied to his Salty Sam submissions, not his juggling instructions). Proving that the masochist streak in aero majors is not just mental, but physical as well. Goose joined batt crew. Then with the wind al his back (and the threat of another drill season before him) Goose returned to the sailing team. Now if he could just find a simple solution to the Vixen (how a sweet girl got such a name, I ' ll never know). Well, you ' ll make a great pilot (or whatever, just as I told you), and remember, if in trouble, just pop the canopy and fly faster. EAL John Joseph Keeling Pascoag, Rhode Island Systems Engineering Nuclear Power — Submarines At first JJ was a nice innocent kid with a normal haircut, but then the scheming and conniving began. Keels always had the coif of justice. The memorable trip back from Gtown 3 c year in Dean ' s RX7 which only left a few minor scars. That last trip home to R.I. in the green machine with Smitty and Snydes. Thanks for all the adventures when you took me home over spring break and then during the summer when you had to miss NAPS detail. The rocket trips back from Gtown in 30 minutes in crash positions. Who will ever forget the girlfriend Keels shared 2 c summer and the in- famous 21st Bday party which Snydes missed. OOPS! The awe- some tailgaters, camping, parties at the Parkers. Army-Nav , the 26th Company hotel, late night sub parties, countless women, much beer, road trips, LP charter member. ML. breaking regs, the JJ strut, HMWH, lake baths, parking and speeding tickets, thang medicine, and all the unprintable stuff. CBS 613 Eric Armstrong Laing Brookfield, Wisconsin Chemistry Nuclear Power — Submarines Clubber became an inspiration to us all by giving up a brief but bold career in aviation and selling his soul to subs after realizing that if he selected NFO, he mav have taken a billet away from Bob. Clubber has amazed us quite often by displaying remarkable talents in: taming Herman the ferocious jungle beast, heroically halting runaway Broncos with his own Cavalier, mastering the harmonica after only two months, putting certain female chem advisors in their place, bringing a new sadistic meaning to Calvin Hobbes (and Garfield), sustaining the USNA dairy farm for four years, and last but not least, his leg was maimed on the way to the brigade soccer champs, but he ran the USMC marathon anyway. If nothing else, his sister ' s charm was a blessing to us all. Good luck in escaping the top 100 (you probably couldn ' t do it if you tried). Fair winds and following seas on your Mississippi death voyage! JLJ RAS James Richard Maguire Fremont, California Oceanography Surface Warfare Jim came to USNA a naive swimmer from California who obviously had chlorine on the brain, since he decided to stay. His swimming career didn ' t last long after plebe year, because he discovered he couldn ' t do math to save his life. As an easyography major he found plenty of excuses to get back in the water, even though he used scuba gear most of the time. Third class and second class years were highlighted by trips to Europe in the summer and tending bar in Irish pubs (his favorite place to be, by the way). Also included were binges on the dock, and other wild parties (that I heard about and occasionally got to go to), Nashua nights and Pig Out at UNH. With 1 c year came an ' 87 Mustang, but he didn ' t like it so he got an ' 88 instead (?!). I also discovered that he was on a first-name basis with practically every bartender in downtown Annapolis, which is not surprising. Thanks for sticking by me — you ' re the best! See you at Christmas . . . WEF Matthew McKiernan, Jr. Southold, New York Mathematics Surface Warfare Eager to put Long Island behind him, Matt headed to NAPS with great enthusiasm. With a single room and a fresh bar of soap in hand. Matt took Newport by storm. One brick wall and a smashed mug later, NAPS was over. The Academy proved no match for Matt. To occupy his time, he looked toward the night life of Annapolis for help. He divided his time equally among the various drinking establishments. Unfortunately, no smiling could be found in Fran O ' Brien ' s. Most conversations with Matt eventually turned towards geometry. After all, his major was math. Matt, you made me a believer that there is truly something magical about triangles and yes, even the box they came in. Always remember the nights out with the Captain, the Elks Lodge, Helen of Troy, L and J sandwiches, and Frank Martinez. The first drink ' s on you at McCracken ' s. After all, it is your round. Prove your friendship . . . " V ' ou can get that. ZEN Marshall Geary Millett Reno, Nevada Marine Engineering Nuclear Power — Submarines Marsh came to us from the brightly lit strips of Reno. Once in 26, he was instantly dubbed " Grandpa " (he was the oldest of us by far). With a couple of vears of college under his belt before his arrival, Marsh always had USNA in the palm of his hand. He wizzed through engineering classes, and was the sour ce of wisdom and gouge for many an aspiring (or struggling) engineer. Marsh was so quick, that he went VGEP. With that, off he went to Maryland, " a real college. " It was here that this poor soul was lost to us in the form of a cute grad student who captured the purest of hearts. First class year was highlighted by our company officer officially dub- bing Marsh " The Grazer, " after he ate him out of house and home. He also gained popularity with the " needy " in the company, when he set up an unofficial dating service. When not expounding on the virtues of a tax-free Nevada, Marsh is one of the best. Good Luck! JRM 614 26 Dean Herbert Orvis Butte. Montana General Engineering U.S. Marine Corps. DeanO came to us from ihe snow capped mountains of the Continental Divide. Though he had his share of ups and downs at USNA. the weekly chow package from mom helped him, and his roommates, keep pace. From plebe stars. Dean went on to bigger and better things. First there was the clash with the Rocket in thermo, which led to an encounter with the Axe. (It was nice to know that he was not the superman he seemed.) There was also fun, like taking showers m scuba gear, complaining that oceanographers are always in the rack, and the " ole Orvis glare. Firstclass year found Dean a power starved three striper (best choice the CDR ever made), 30 jumps, his girl, happy in General, and once again listed by the Supe. Dean, my friend, the time has flown. Thanks for sharing four years with us. we ' re outta here!!! P.S. God save the Corps from people who like to jump out of perfectly good aircraft, and keep an eye on Mo for us. JRM Kevin Joseph Ross Atlanta, Georgia Economics U.S. Marine Corps It is not the critic who counts, not the man who points out how the strong man stumbled, or where the doer of deeds could have done better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood, who strives valiantly, who errs and comes short again and again, who knows great enthusiasm, great devotions, the triumphs of high achievement; and who, at the worse, if he fails, at least fails by daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who know neither victory nor defeat. John Thomas Santosalvo Scotch Plains, New Jersey General Engineering Supply Corps S-A-N-T-O-S-.A-L-V-O preped a year at the infamous Cod- dington Point Community College (NAPS), before granting the .Academy his presence in the summer of ' 84. J.T. spent much of plebe summer watching the Olympics and keeping tabs on the nurses at Bethesda. .After celebrating the S.C. victory with Phillips in Baltimore, John became aquainted with a certain blond ' s older brother. Freedom meant good times at Bradshaw ' s Bar and Grill, Boxing lessons to certain members of ' 85, and social skills with Tiems. Always having an affection for automobiles, John am- massed $900 in moving violations in Daytona and was then TKO ' d. Second class year meant a smile, and 1st class year was famous for the weekend at LBI and the tube at Nardi ' s. Overall John was a fnend and a person that could always be counted on. All of us have faith John will find the happiness he deserves and have confidence that he will find success at whatever he does. JFT James Carl Sarfert .Allentown, Pennsylvania Systems Engineering U.S. Marine Corps Bucknell had no rules. A year without beer, music and giris? Thanks for keeping me sane and out of trouble, DWE. You ' re a great friend, but you really can ' t sing! Youngster year brought BIG STIX and frequent roadtrips with the Cipper. Second class year systems kicked in and I found myself in " the .Abyss " more and more each day, though I almost blew it all with a DDO while vying for the Nerf Championship of the world. Also, ' 90 and their development became my favorite pastime (at least Mon. Fri.) The ring dance is f erhaps my finest memory, with good fnends, good booze, and an awesome date. Firstie year they kicked me upstairs. Being the EMI batt cdr brought me in contact with " the lord of Darkness, " N.AFS, and a well earned six pack. My last semester was back with my old roomie. James. I really didn ' t mind your all niters. Markus, Pig, Theo, J.J., Blob. Clubber, Barney, Wayno, Deano, Mo, et al . . . you ' re the greatest. JCS 615 Thomas Peter Smith, Jr. Long Valley, New Jersey Mechanical Engineering Nuclear Power — Submarines Smitty was a bright student who was wilUng to share his woddly knowledge with all. Test time would come and so would many others to seek him. His door was always open and some say he worked hard enough to earn two degrees. At the start of youngster year Smitty wasn ' t appreciated enough. As time went by he became one of " the boys " and his social activities blossomed. Rejoined in many clubs such as the LP Club and B.S. Club which changed Smitty ' s way of life. On spring break in Ft. Laud. Smitty did it all. He went with a garbage can, port-a-john and ruined the shocks on Snyde ' s car. He came back and turned professional. He a nd his squad leader stayed up many nights discussing squad policy and playing chess. Remember Fish ' s party, Michigan and weekend getaways in D.C. Best Wishes to my favorite roommate. FF • TPY Christopher Bradford Snyder Birmingham, Alabama Mechanical Engineering U.S. Marine Corps Chris (a.k.a. Snydes) came all the way from Indi-hio-Cara-bama. Snydes ' easy-going demeanor became apparent when he came to the 26th Company. Never one to give up sleep for study, he sometimes awoke with the word Sybil etched upon his brain. Most cherished, however, became the weekends of justice which brought out the real Snydes, the charmer (Chuck Brown), Parker ' s Beer- fests, 30 min. G-town Annap. crash positions, Nellie (RIP) Florida, T-Court decorating. Navy game, L.P. club, ride share pro- gram,HM ' WH club (high sign), Syracuse P.D., TPS tutor program, hot tub ring ding, Notre Dame, camping . . . and countless others. These vast adventures coupled with Snyder knowledge made him the BEST dressed, looking, golfer, and academician. Snydes seemed to have a thing for the name ' Beth ' . Some would torture the poor lad about one who would snatch him from bachelorhood. The time has flown. FF JJK Robert Allen Staten Bartlesville, Oklahoma Oceanography Naval Flight Officer From where else but the great dustbowl of Oklahoma should one of Navy ' s finest swimmers come? Developed by Ronco, " Bronco Bob " (knees not included) he out-swam everyone, as long as he avoided the bottom of the pool. With practices that had him up before dawn and gone till dusk, at times he seemed to be more of an occassional occupant than a roommate. The man that begged for responsibility now finds himself drowning in paperwork as CAO. It ' s only fair though, since he ' s avoided processing of all types of paperwork up until now (dueces, parking tickets, etc.). You ' ll have a tough time finding a cross between KJ and AB. Of course, who could actually settle down with anyone who owns Madonna discs and drives a Pontiac as if it were a real car. But why would you drive a real car as long as you ' re not in a real major? No matter how you spell it, Bob is Bob, which is why we call him Merv. Happy trails, Dudefish. EAL Anthony L. Thome Ontario, California Political Science Surface Warfare Tony came to the Academy from the inland empire of Ontario, in sunny southern California. After a brief stint at NAPS, he arrived ready to make his mark. Quickly tagged as a laid back California-type, he lived up to this reputation his entire time here. Whenever trouble seemed inevitable, he always dealt with it easily. Political science appealed to Tony from the start, and so did the grades associated with it. After plebe and half of youngster year, he hung up his judo ghi to pursue other interests, such as partying and . . . Weekends always found Tony in a different place, and usually with a different girl. He was always a firm believer in playing the field in his love life. Believe me, anybody who knows him can attest to this. But what a heck of a field!! Good luck " Stony, " the Surface Warfare community could not have asked for a better guy. TJV 616 26 Thomas Edward Turner Hollis. Maine Electrical Engineering U.S. Marine Corps Arriving from backwoods Maine. Thomas thrust his illustrious presence into the 26th Company Abyss. Known for his eccentric film selections, the Pigdog quickly earned the reputation of com- pany odor-producer by going years without changing his sheets, costing his roommates many paychecks for Lysol. He soon ex- ercised his outstanding intelligence in Electrical Engineenng, giv- ing himself the dubious name of STUPID. Never one to say he was sorry. Pigdog nevertheless made many close friends. After years of fourth wing " high and stupids. " he assumed the looks and de- meanor of a typical Marine Corps grunt. So into the Corps he goes, bringing along his aggressive leadership style and plenty of OOH- RAH! to boot. Best of luck and Semper Fi — The Abyss Dwellers. TAB Dean Francis Valentine Spring Lake, North Carolina Economics Surface Warfare Deano entered 26 in a fury, serving real restriction all fall 3 c year. The prison life brought out the true side of Dean early for which we presented him with " the handle. " Then he thought he was Mario coming back from G-town one fateful night and sent his RX7 to the graveyard as well as Keels out the back window. Spring Break was a climax as the boys left him in Ft. Lauderdale because we couldn ' t find him. Soon Dean started dating his favorite midette for which he took much abuse. Dean became Mr. Stock Market as everyone soon came to him for advise. Valentine was the company rugby star, but also became known for his highly com- petitive intramural games. It did not take long to transform Dean ' s study habits from late nights to early evenings as he learned to appreciate the rack. Highlights: Syracuse movement order, parties at the Parkers, Rugby queens, wanna-be girlfriends, and all the magazines that go with new trends. CBS Thomas James Victory Aptos, California. Political Science U.S. Marine Corps Starting as a swimmer, Vic switched to rugby, then dedicated himself to pumping ' em out and skiing. Aminos and raw tuna are said to be the secrets of his success. The influence of Archie, a.k.a. Chuck, must be noted ' cause where would Vic be without him? The Califomian epitomized ... on the cutting edge of fashion and a future coverboy for " GQ " and " Muscle and Fitness " . . . Cruising in the car-o-justice, top down, progressive tuneage, wayfarers on. Definitely a babe magnet. Some likened his brain to a rollodex of creative stories for every occasion to swoon the ladies of the 80 ' s and 90 ' s . . . Story 453? Although he ' ll never forget his roommies of the past . . . Salad Bowl, Joe, and Cedbulon, he ' ll take memories of chasing skirts with Stony to his grave. Although not quite a hoops star. Vic excelled at rebounding for friends, ie. EG, BB, DV, Whether in the air or on the ground, it ' ll always be " pedal to the metal. " ALT Lester Marion Wolf Baltimore, Maryland Aerospace Engineering Marine Aviation Mo was thrust upon us from the mean streets of Bawl ' mar. After an intense plebe summer with the gang from 29, he proved his mettle by successfully bagging out of numerous physical trials. He appropnately earned the title of " Chitman. " These deficiencies were offset by his incredible rackabililies. Able to snore while awake and sleep while AC DC echoed in his skull, he was a firm believer that racking twelve hours a day graduated you in two years. His proficiency continued to shine in PT, where he was quoted as saying; " I ' m just a little slower than everybody else. " 1 wish him the best in TBS. I know he will be able to apply his art of study by osmosis. I enjoyed sharing " the diner " with you, Wolfie. AAB 617 Timothy Patrick Yanucil Hamilton Square. New Jersey Oceanography Surface Warfare Tim galloped into 26 with the speed and looks ofa thoroughbred. Never one to let his uniform get in the way, Yani impressed us with his quick wit and creaky bones. After a semester in the bilingual room, he moved in with someone who ' d clean up after him an( ' remind him of what class to go to next. Yep, that was Yupp asleej in his reefer, jousting on 4-1 and presiding as the Yani-Cudo ovei " thy Thang Masher. " Thirty minutes from Georgetown in crash position, beerfcsts at the Parkers, " Here ' s to brother Yani. " catch- ing bad acne in Florida, CWS and HMWH clubs (high sign). A year of weekendmg in Baltimore and giving out train tickets one night, then the blind date that changed his life. The Navy will never be the same . . . fair winds my friend. FF TPS Gregory Lee Acton West Frankfurt, Illinois Mechanical Engineering Nuclear Power — Surface Greg, the Groundhog and a Rocket survivor, was a morning person. He loved to feel the morning sun on his face after a late night with the Mech E. warriors — but only after a couple pots of coffee. Actually, he was a pretty cheery guy. One can imagine how happy he was when after returning from 3 C cruise, a great time with the BTs and MMs, he learned that he had to room with Mr. Happy aka " the Captain. " Greg was a member of the 150 pound football team for four years. The Fireplug earned honors at the position of defensive back. He was also quite a wrestler and fieldball player. Just ask his roommie — " snap. " Greg put the pedal to the metal frequently, especially Ring Dance weekend in the Nova. There is nothing like taking sharp comers at high velocities, huh? Greg was also a fitness buff — he loved to lift — especially 12 ounces. Good luck down at nuke school and in the future. Keep smiling. JLL. BAB, JDZ Brad Allen Bookwalter Reed City, Michigan Economics U.S. Marine Corps Bradley came to the Naval Academy from the metropolis of Reed City, Michigan. His upperclass were quickly impressed by this motivated lad, who they named " CAPT Happy. " Brad took up boxing plebe year, which led to a fine career that included two brigade and an eastern championship (good luck in natiorials). Brad took a hit in grades plebe year, so in search for higher academics Brad ' s liberty policy became basically USNA. While the brigade oohed over the Notre Dame cheerleaders. Brad aahed over " Motors and Rotors. " He lost his girl youngster year to a man from the orient named L.D.D. So Bradley began a new quest for the opposite gender, which eventually led to an interesting encounter with a dumpster in Georgetown. There was only one service for Brad. He will make an extremely fine Marine. Brad was a great roommate and a friend who could always be counted on. Take care of yourself. Bradley. JDZ, JLL, LWS, MMW, GLA 618 Alan Donald Czeszynski Brookfield. Wisconsin Ocean Engineering Surface Warfare " Alan baby, why so jaded? " If there is one word to describe Alan ' s NAV experience it would be sacrifice. Four spring breaks and countless hours were absorbed by the " bowt-house, " while the call of MIDGR.ADE sentenced him to four years at his desk, with his nose glued to a book and his right hand strapped to his HP. Not to say he did not have any fun; intermitant success during his never-ending quest for " balle mousse " kept him sane. Service selection did not escape his systematic and thorough approach to every aspect of life as he agonized over si.x career paths only to decide on graduate school. We wish you luck in finding a roommate compatable with your repugnance of light and sound after 2359. Alan, you have been a great roommate — for an oarsman — and a true friend. RHF TCG Jerry Alien Dickerson Fresno, California Mathematices Nuclear Power — Surface Hey, Mr. Double-Standard Man. Here ' s to your memories at USN.A. You proved yourself time and again as the " Master " of the gas game. You were also referred to as the " ultimate " man. You designed your own wreck-a-car club, and Zip joined happily. Re- member the time spent rooming with Mr. Reinard — silence is golden. " Rice " nights were plentiful, thanks to your mom. The dark ages brought Snowshoe — the more you got up, the more you got down. What study hour? Twenty-two hundred, time to hit the books. Dude!!! Remember cloves? What about " dip-head " singing to his " wife. " And you singing to yours by cassette? Fifteen to twenty-nine, it did not matter. DJ " JD " — the progressive scene was where you were at. Nuc bonuses were made for stereos! Keep on California dreaming, she is waiting for you there. Is USNA all bad? Remember Jerry, warts are beautiful! JPH Matthew Joseph Felt Poland, Ohio Physical Science Surface Warfare Matt, hailing from the motherland of Poland, Ohio came to the Naval Academy with a litle more experience under his belt than the rest of us. Not all of us " boots " could measure up to his standards, but he did his best to indoctrinate us. Matt " switched " majors and was totally captured by the field of Aeronautical Physical Science. Although academics were a must for BamBam, he siill found time for a healthy social life. That agile big man always said he was young, single, and loved to mingle, and no doubts lie here. Matt ' s fondest memories of USNA will undoubtedly involve football. Our All-American had quite a year, didn ' t he? He will always be remembered as 53 on the roster, but 1 in our hearts. Good bunk. Nice juke. APM TFP 619 Thomas Christopher Gomez Virginia Beach. Virginia Physical Science Surface Warfare T.C. is a Navy brat from VA Beach who comes to USNA via NAPS and the five-year plan. A four-year varsity sailor, he went math because he was a glutton for punishment, but one visit to the long green table youngster year inspired him to expand his horizons and join team xerox. Tom ' s reg-flexing coiffure was notorious since he never returned from leave with a reg haircut (well, maybe once). He had a lot of fun in P-cola, as many people witnessed, but being point man when it was " blowin " stink " was numero uno until he met the fair lady (yes Tom, I said it was a nice ring). Frequent road trips to Nashua, NH dominated his scheduling plans firstie year. I still can ' t believe we ' ve been roommates for three years; maybe that ' s why we both picked the same ship. The surface navy will be getting a great officer. See you in the fleet. SHEIK Michael Patrick Hodges Clover, South Carolina Computer Science Surface Warfare Sheik, an heir to a multi-million dollar corporation, has been unable to shake his southern slow mannerisms in his four years at TFP, but that ' s okay. After spending two years in the " Corps, " Mike left the ranks of the blowers in a successful attempt to survive as a comp sci. A computer geek from way back, Mike could always be counted on to lend a hand if you could pull him away from that green screen. After experiencing second class summer together I ' ve come to the conclusion that your father was right — the Marines are not ready for you . . . yet. The Surface Navy is getting a fine officer, though and I look forward to serving with you in the fleet. Thanks for all the moral support that ROUGH youngster year. You ' ve been a great roommate from day one. See you in Charles- ton. TCG David John Hoff Clinton, Iowa Mathematics U.S. Air Force David came to us from the heartland of the midweast, Clinton, Iowa. Although this area is not really close to open water, David had a natural attraction to the Navy and took a round-about path in achieving his goal of coming to the Naval Academy; that being working his way up through the enlisted ranks and attending NAPS in Newport before coming here. Dave greeted plebe year en- ergetically and made the most of his previous experience. He was one of the few that ever completed the dreaded signiture list of the entire company and also mastered the fine art of reciting every basic rate before starting professional review with the " Tank. " Although academics were never his forte, David worked on his strengths after plebe year and was head photographer of the Lucky 5a,g junior year, and the astronomy club president. Finally, new interests led Dave to change course again for the U.S. Air Force. MPL James Edwin Horten DuBois, Pennsylvania Marine Engineering Nuclear Power — Submarines Jim came to the Naval Academy from DuBois, PA, (yes, its a real place) to offer his many talents to the Navy. Since plebe year Jim has been interested in subs, which is reflected in his major. He has excelled academically (except for spelling) while involved in other activities such as the Dolphin Club, Tau Beta Pi, and Drum «fe Bugle Corps. While the D B requires many long weekends and nights practicing, they repaid Jim with many trips over four years that have been unf