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jaki fc, O m m? ( Icjggjgjfe Llll€M¥ IM as III V ■M MMi r ■■: ' ' . ■•,■■ v.jf ' - ' ' i ' ' - i« 5 EDWARD R. LAST Printed Products Representative (319) 332-6500 ) r:--«F - Pres» THE 1986 LUCKY BAG Presented By The Class Of 1986 To The d States 4aval Academy Editor - Robert E. Gilmer Associate Editor - Ted Anderson Buslres- Manager - Matthew Ware --«sirf.- ..,.J THE MISSION OF THE U.S. NAVAL ACADEMY IS TO PREPARE MIDSHIPMEN .... LEARNING PRINCIPLES OF RIGHT AND WRONG Moral development is an integral part in each midship- man ' s four-year program at the Naval Academy, as they strive to display in everyday life the highest standards of honor, duty, and responsibility. The Brigade Honor Con- cept sets forth the high standards of integrity required of midshipmen, and guides them in achieving and maintain- ing those standards. Through the Chapel Program mid- shipmen gain insight into the ethical and spiritual dimen- sions of military leadership. The moral principles developed through experience and personal grovy th be- come a integral part of the midshipmen ' s characters 7 4 • OPENING MCREASED MENTAL POWER BYDISOPUNE With the increase in technologically-complex military systems, today ' s young ofticers need a comprehensive education to pr epare them to perform in their new envi- ronment. The solid college education provided by the Naval Academy ' s undergraduate program provides midshipmen with the well-rounded knowledge that they will need upon commissioning to effectively carry out their duties. $IVI " ETi| MENTAaV • 5 ■A I IMPROVED FITNESS THROUGH CONDITIONING Mandatory participation in either varsity or intramural athletics, as well as frequent physical fitness tests in strength, agility, and endurance fulfills the Naval Acade- my ' s commitment to the physical development of its midshipmen. The competitive spirit produced through athletics, along with the alertness possible in a well-toned body are important in making midshipmen the best possi- ble officers. 6 • OPENING trmmummmfiimm m lM-iTS YEA mi -lit nEYEAR«9 ii •mmm ii ; »; ' mmmmm m Plebe summer provides new mid- shipmen with an indoctrination to the Navy. For most plebes it is a struggle to get organized and learn to manage their time. Plebes are pre- sented with instruction in pistol, sailing, naval science, navol terms and tradi- tions, and much, much more. The days are long, starting with PEP and ending with the singing of ■ " Na - Blue and Gold. " The first experience with the new idea of " plebe rates " comes when the new midshipmen are in- formed that they must learn the names and hometowns of everyone in their platoon by the next day. But no time is alotted for them to visit and get to know each other. No time for that. Many people must learn to adapt to their new temporary home as the hu- midity during plebe summer can be very bothersome. First class ensure that plebes experience a new dimen- sion to meals as they introduce to plebes the correct responses of " 1 ' !! find out, sir. " and " No excuse, sir. " Plebe summer marks the beginning of a whole new way of living. 12 • THE YEAR oe supef car :e ■ :ist class e ' - ' . .ney iniroducejo (3 -NO excuse, sf y i-ftebegW PLEBE SUMMER PLEBE SUMMER • 13 jfM 14 • THE YEAR PLEB£ SUMMER • . 7.V1 . ■■ ' - ■ " F ..w.-, :i -i li . smm YOUNGSTER CRUISE oungster cruise is a time fo hands-on training on board ac tive naval vessels, YP ' s, or the Academy ' s own sailing yachts. Manv third class are fortunate enough tc have cruises in some of the most exot-i ic ports in the world. I Youngster cruise is a time for mid-i shipmen to learn about the enlistee 16 • THE YEAR ' J ' . I n SECOND CLASS SUMMER Second Class summer is designed to introduce the many difterent specialty fields midshipmen may nter in the Navy and Marine Corps pon graduation from the Naval .cademy. The class is divided into A elve summer groups that spend " iree weeks together traveling to Pen- 3Cola, Florida, the home of Naval Air, Quantico, Virginia, the Marine Corps training grounds, and New London, Connecticut, the home of many of the fleet ' s submarines One week is desig- nated for training on the Academy s yard patrol craft. During this time mid- shipmen cruise to Little Creek, v ' ' gima and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania whe;e everyone participates m a bre -rain- ing in shipboard firefighting and dam- age control Four weeks ore spent at the Academy in public speaking class- es, alcohol awareness education, So- viet military indoctrination and an in- troduction to international law. 2 C SUMMER • 19 FIRST CLASS CRUISI 20 • THE YEAR 22 • THE YEAR SUMMER LEAVE AND LIBERTY SUMMER • 23 % ■ J - ... . • ■ " ■ ' V r ' .T ' ' «. j; :- i .£ ' :?- ' :::: • " c? .•v. v. r. • «»r,-v- • sass PH « I Ci ;26» ' i-it V AR RIGADE RETURNS ate in August, ttie entire Brigade of Midst ipmen tKiuled itsetf and Its belongings in from tt e deligtits summer leave and descerxled en upon a new arxj unsuspecting class As each person became customed to ttie weigtit of his new ttie plebes figured out that year was a whole rtew bail By ttie first P-rade, ttie young- sters were no longer ccr new-found freedorr +hr were learning positive i-: riiques, and the firstiei counting down the dOy: class and plebes dike v concerned with getting o " ' start for the ocod ' ahead. 1 w - Wi ;■ ' jM - A- ' Wrn ' - ' S j ' iJtia iiaii iiiK SA amfii ' dK .i :. wo for Seven night marks the point of no turning back in a nriid- shipman ' s life At this time the los-, has joined the Navy for thte next «ven years With a celebration of eer, food, and music, ttie second Sloss realize the beginning of " Second ss Year " The event is a fun time for and a celebration of a tvard earned Commitment ' 87 COMMITMENT NIGHT I ' limmim - ' 30 • THe YEAR i.- Sif ' scsSiSisc lALL LIFE il .;-«,1rtfe . - -r • ' ■• VMm. ALL PARADE SEASON r Wk s part of the military training at Bm the Naval Academy, midship- men practice drilling and iarct)ing one afterrxxxi o week in the p and spring seasons. This practice idds to a parade usually on Wednes- py afterrKDons which guests, faculty hd officers are invited to attend. The drode consists of a " fix bayonets " drill fj |k1 a manual of arms sequence which leaves the crowd cheering for cision and discn:no -ir: ; Brigade of ' ' Sailing team drop on the Seven : js lute is heard for the The hours of oroc C: off as each cor-p ; the salute of - " PARA06S • 33 ■ ' I " - -• ' ZA . THF YEAR I As the brigade marches over to the stadium to the beat of " On Navy Blue and Gold " songs ore ig to build up the Navy spirit. To pass before the game, WRNV sets up " O provide music, the WUBA gang per- torms satirical skits, and the plebes pell out motivational themes in the Jndzone. As the national anthem »mes to a close, the plebes race to he field to usher the football team to mother Navy victory. NAVY FOOTBALL r m mmt , j .4JMmMmmum ■»» I he midshipmen stand, waving covers in the air, to build enthusi- asm as the kick oft starts our team charging down the field. Activi- ties in the stands include passing Bill up ' over heads and encouraging plebes jj|0 recon the opposition ' s mascot or Ipheerteoders. As Navy scores. Drum i and Bugle Corps plays Anchors Aweigh, the cannon blasts, and plebes race to the field to do push-ups for each point scored. After the fina. score is displayed, and " Navv Blue ■■ " -,.-1 Gold " concluded, everyone c ; to various tailgaters +c c _ - ■ socialize GO NAVY ..»p_»- .JOf ; ' 5i ' ■ ,-,,H. . !iafe iY- jm re they filming a war movie at the Naval Academy or is this just part of the military training? does it look as though the yard been invaded? Has Army finally won? Nol It ' s the Marines. Members of the Staff at the Marine Corps training command at Quantico came to intro- duce midshipmen to weapons used by the Corps. They set up various displays ranging from small arms to howitzers to •copters and even satellite anten- Marines were stationed with each y to answer questions from inter- ed midshipmen. USMC STATIC DISPLAY STATIC DISPLAY 4.v.r ?K» ' WS ' SW ' PLEBE MIXER 4a • THE YEAR tmm mmmmmmmt 1ST, he piGbe mixer, heW early in th© fall. IS the first opportunity after the ocodemic yeor begins for he plebes to invite girlfriends from lomfi r., t,r.rr the oreo to come and ■ rmal hop at the Acade- - tie first " big " weekend for since plebes do not " rate " 4 PLEBE MIXER HALLOWEEN T he ghosts and goblins emerge from the halls on Halloween night. Evening meal is quite a show when everyone arrives at forma- tion wearing outrageous, funny, scary, and obnoxious costumes. Each corti pany conducts its own contest for thJ best costume to send on to the battOR ion competition which leads to the bri- gade winner chosen before eveni meal. Immediately after supper trick treating begins, and when the upi class finish trick or treating, or when tl plebes run out of treats, everyoi must once ogoln resume studying ; ' T®5 ;f " ' - ■ 9f m Tj w r- r. tr it m. tfitr jLMi iT y 7 r » » IT rtfy- ; ; ?y : ' ? ? . : " , :glKvq.i!tfc y:ag ry, aw; - The Masqueroder ' s fdt presenta- tion of The Birds, adopted from a ploy by the Greek playwright Aristophenes, was a great success The flock of feathered (and sometimes flying) actors and actresses, under the directkDn of Dr. David White, 2nd Lt Daniel LaFave, and MkJshipman 1st class Kent Collins, had their audienc rolling with laughter over the satiric quality of the ploy. The time and effc which went into the production of t pkay, produced by MkJshipman 11 class Scott Gureck, payed off times. ..1 .Vr J? M W W -9 P ' ' § ARMY NAVY FOOTBALL )r the brigade ihe thought makes plebes shudder :,!ng spirited pro-- r " aturday morning, the plebes are rollies. Friday rv,:;i, ' (jussed to Philadelphia and join the rest — -■ " ' e brigade, weary from a night ' garrie celebrations but excited .,..,..,, . . t the year ' s premier sporting , of the iHuri vent. The Brigade and the Corps of iiebes thof ' .adets march onto the field he ' - f ' -i ' e oan carry ' heir seats to watch o the othf ' woops 17-7. !» p ' ' " ' « 5e • ■» i • : Wia mMi M-yyi- ' ' ' ■:• ■; .i. -f-yr ' .: ' - -r W " W WW k F IT m »• sr » wr »-■ iy. r « nr T? m .i,,. ...,d K; mm : ' !:: -• ■6i aari»asMbfe COUNTDOWN TO XMAS . . f w w CHRISTMAS DINNE PT jr EJ ir V.K [VWtH9M AitiB » ' i a ' eir %- t I r DARK AGES r7 » " - ' y iai u ft - ir1f w w i r ' -f« i? 1 ■ ' m » 1 S P I ' ' ' triFl : .-1 -JOTHBHMR mm NIGI race up. You Maggot " One ' hundred days before gradua- tion, and they thought it was al- most over. Then suddenly, they were plebes again. Plebes are seen all over, , wearing the insignia of the highest ranking stripers in the brigade. Firsties ... are chopping down the halls, bracing up. It ' s a good thing that it only lasts a i few hours. gjgc g ifTiSiSfc m ki -J y. i !! i ir r jszaC ' Hau i£v ] Bg -- 100 ' S MGHT . 63 i Mm W W W W Wi IT FRANCIS R. SCOBEE MICHAEL J. SMITH ELLISON S. ONIZUKA RONALD E. MCNAIR GREGORY B. JAR VIS JUDITH A. RESNIK CHRISTA MCAULIFFE A dream of many yesterdays pierced the velvet blue. Reflecting rays of brilliant sun, it split the sky in two. In awe, I stood to watch it, while Old Glory rode the breeze; A tingle pierced through every spine; I swayed on weakened knees. Caught in the spell of wonderous flight, my breath seemed far away. Enchanted, thousands watched it, as it flashed a metal-gray. Then, in the smoothness of a climb, a spark — then nothing more. The scar spread out across the sky, and silence reigned once more. In disbelief, I watched it all, and heard your muffled cry, as seven died courageously, in glory, in the sky. They touched the face of God, that day, as only flyers can. And we stared in shocked amazement, as He touched the face of man. f H w 29 January 1986 w " - ' S . W -9 W ' t m MAN .w. m w jLi w 4r sr »■ sf I? IRES . l» t »: — . - - -. e who has dreamed mighty dreams and dared to tulfill them, he who has lived and loved with a full heart, he who leaves others behind to preserve his treasured memory has not lived in vain. A part of him will forever remain with those who cherished the friendship and love that was so freely given. His smile will live on in his memory, and truly, he will never die. 17 March 1986 Robbie C. Shaw mt ti ■ " " ' " ix MFMORIAM . 73 SPRING BREAK 1 I n the spring, over a hundred mid- shipmen assisted retarded adults and children to compete against one another in the annual Special Olympics held on Ingram field. They acted as supporters and huggers as families watched their relatives partici- pate in both track and field events as well as swimming races held on a sep- arate weekend. These days together provided a meaning ' 1 experience for all involved to chens ' : os memories forever. ■JJIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII ■ " -IP YEAR SPECIAL OLYMPICS SPfClAL OLYMPCS • 79 i? r i yyKK X ARMY-NAVY EXCHANGE I he Army-Navy exchange program provides an opportunity for second class midshipmen to visit West Point, and second class cadets to visit the Naval Academy. The programs allows the midshipmen and cadets to go see how their counterparts live " at that other place " and helps promote good relations between the two schools. NAVAL ACADEMY APPRECIATON WEEKEND • 81 w r i 82 ' -HE YEAR Each semester the second clas! leadership classes sponsor mess night which provides mid- shipmen an opportunity to experience firsthand the traditional, formal dining- in. The President and Vice-President of the mess are members of the second class. Many high-ranking officers from all over are invited as distinguished guests of the class. The spring ' 85 mess night took place on a special day for Navy basketball. Televisions were set up in the wardroom so that everyone at the mess night could watch as Navy beat Cleveland State in the NCAA playoffs. NL 303 MESS NIGHT MESS NK5HT • NAVAL ACADEMY C 84 • The Year FOREIGN AFFAIRS CONFERENCE .- I. . ' iLTii ' . DEDICATION PARADE For the class of 1986, the dedica- tion parade was just one of the many commissioning weel ac- tivities worth celebrating. This parade was the last of many parades for the graduating class. The parents were given an impressive demonstration of military precision as the brigade per- formed manual of arms drills including a fix bayonets sequence and a pass-in- review. With the academy sailing team providing a picturesque bacl - drop and the brigade dressed in the traditional drill uniform, the proud feel- ings of honor and patriotism were stir jj ring within everyone present. 4 .frtsfcwj v! ' y«P ' es6 ' ' ' - i - 1 r Dedicatkjn Pofcxje • 8 g . Tha vear Herndon is the familiar name for the plebe recognition ceremo- ny. The day of Herndon marks the end of plebe year and a new be- ginning for the fourth class midshipmen. The class of 1989 combined spirit with teamwork to reach the top of the greased monument and replace the plebe dixie cup with the combination cover worn by all midshipmen. The task requires cooperation and a drive to succeed, and on the first day of 1986 Commissioning Week the class of 1989 met the challenge. RING DANCE For the second class midshipmen. Commissioning Week means Ring Dance. The Naval Acade- my ring is one that is worn by all alumni with pride and distinction, and the Ring Dance is a special occasion. This is the night that midshipmen receive their class rings and many present that spe- cial someone with a miniture replica as an engagement ring. Midshipmen and their dates participate in the tradition-; al ceremony of dipping their rings in the waters of the seven seas. Many still believe that once the ring is dipped in the water it will always return to its owner if lost. The Ring Dance will al- ways remain a special memory for each midshipman. : ' Ring Dance » 9 4 A MA s graduation approaches the |p_ first class begin to realize that »m they are stepping into a new i cle of acquaintances, The Superin- . ©ndent ' s reception at Buchanan ouse is both an opportunity to intro- Iiice midshipmen to receptions and jiow their parents to meet the Super- iitendent. However, the midshipmen iW have one more opportunity to ex- , ress their joy at the upcoming gradu- tlpn when, after the completion o f p Color Parade they all run to Le- vne Hall to jump fully clothed into the Kintain and rejoice A WEEK OF CELEBRATION JUNE WEEK • 93 r w jrrnri BACCALAUREATE I he baccalaureate worship ser vice is an act of Thanksgiving to God for all the blessings and graces he has bestowed on the Mid- shipmen first class. Those Midshipmen, who through the academic years wor shipped at the altar of God, rejoiced together as the end of their term ap- proached. This special worship service asked God to continue to sustain them as they entered a new dimension of their lives . . . Officers in the Marine Corps and Naval Service. fmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm V ■ " ■ ■MMlll . :..w J? jf IP " trr i l - AWARDS AND DAi iCES Commisioning Week is a time of celebration. Friends and families travel great distances to at- tend the week ' s activities. Parades, re- ceptions and ceremonies are held al- most continuously. Among the most special ceremonies is the Prizes and Awards Cermony, during which mid- 96 • THf YEAR shipmen who excelled in academics, athletics, and leadership are honored! For the midshipmen and their date dances occur every night includind the Ring Dance, the N Dance for ath ' letic letter winners, the 86 Dance fd the graduating class, and the Farewel Ball. r«fi ore ■ - y •i - . :-v F _f wi ' r g ' o o BLUE ANGELS The sky was clear, the sun hot. The old Severn River Bridge was closed to traffic and hundreds of cars were parked on the grass of hos- pital point. Thousands of people lined the sea wall and the playing fields. They all came to see the Blue Angels. As usual, the Angels ' show was mag- nificent and breathtaking. The brilliant blue and gold birds displayed the ac- robatic flying skills of six of the U.S. Navy ' s top pilots. Some people in the crowd knew that this was probably the last time the Naval Academy would see Blue Angels in A-4 Skyhawks; the Angels were soon to adopt the sleek new F-18 Hornets. But for Commission ing Week 1986, the A-4 Skyhawks owned the day. ) itheii spring • 99 Proud and loving families filled the stands at the Navy-Marine Corps stadium to recognize the nevj beginning for the class of 1986, After four long years of hard work and dedi- cation, these young men and vjomen were ready to begin their careers as Naval and Marine Corps officers. The Blue Angels made their appearance revealing just one of the many chal- lenging and exciting positions in which one or more of these young officers could later discover themselves. ? «A jCotpsi - - GRADUATION G ' cxluation • 10 ' 1 Graduation • 103 ssvoxv THE BRIGADE OFWIIDSHIP RONALD W. REAGAN COMMANDER ' IN-CHXF. IGADE OF MIDSHIPMEN CASPAR W. WEINBERGER SECRETARY OF DffENSE CHAW OF -COMMAND • 107 : W ' : JOHN F. LEHMAN SBCRETARY OF Wf NAVY OF MIDSHIPMEN |MKdMIRAL JAMES D. WATKINS CHEF OF NAVAL OPERATIONS ' ■?vtK- CHAW-OF-COMMAND • 109 M V ' : f j( ' ' ■■■ ■ •»- jpnpnr r ' ' e- I d GENERAL PAUL X. KELLEY COMMANDANT OF MF MARff CORPS IGADE OF MIDSHIPMEN Pli REAR ADMIRAL CHARLES R. LARSON MA CHAM-OF-COMMAND • 111Si mmMA REAR ADMIRAL STEPHEN K. CHADWICK COMMANDANT OF MDSHPMEN Of Midshipmen tf CARL A. LAMB ACADB KCiXAM Chain-Of-Commancl ' 113 BRIGADE STAFF Fall Staff Irlgade CommandeR Daptrty Irtgad Commander: Opcrofiom: Administration: Adjutant: Supply: Craig F. Mern James N. Adkins i John K. Martinet Daniel Maclnni Brian D. Aiis Daniel L. Beld IM • THE BRIGADE ■wwrr ff) Irigod Cominandar: jg N Alt ' •putv Mgaeto Commander: OfiW Op»fa«on«: gg l lor Administration: jiKjOi Militant: fw«L» «UPP«V: Daniel J. Merzke Mark J. DeClue Mark D. Larabee Keil R. Gentry David J. Sheridan " Karen D, Ulisnik Fall Staff Commander: Denise M. Edson Sub-Commander: William J. James Operations: Michael A. Dorko Administration: Glenn E. Campbell Adjutant: Timothy J. McGarvey Supply: Robert Proano, Jr. Spring Staff Commander: Gregory McMichael Sub-Commander: Christopher N. Castelli Operations: Bruce Kennington Administration: Nancy L. Prout Adjutant: Eric S. Little Supply: Peter S. Allison FIRST REGIMENT fall Staff Commander: Jay D. Shaffer Sub-Commander: Sprague C. Cook Operations: Patrick Morocco Administration: Mary M. Secrist Adjutant: Brian K. Berryman Supply: Leslie A. Kovonic Spring Staff Commander: Charles B. McClelland Sub-Commander: Mark W. Johnson Operations: Adolph H. Brookins Administration: Eric J Fenton Adjutant: Scott W. Helmers Supply: Geraldine Stochelski id SECOND REGIMENT JTAL STAFF • 117 118 • THE BRIGADE OF MIDSHIPMEN Battalion Officer: Commander Robert E. Lokari Fall Staff Batfalion Commander: Lisa M Hosack Battalion Sub-Commander: Eric Mortinuzzi Battalion Operations: Eric J. Fenton Battalion Adjutant: Randall J Wolf Battalion Administration: Connie Carlisle Battalion Supply: Levino R Garcia Spring Staff Battalion Commander: Charles Sizemore Battalion Sub-Commander: Ron OIko Battalion Operations: Rick Dansey Battalion Adjutant: Lawrence F Wood Battalion Administration: Steven L Daniels Battalion Supply: Glenn A Miller FIRST BAHAUON TTAUON. 119 w IS 9 r ' r. IF iTm w g.i iiiUiiM iBiBWiliWf ' - ' cirj: ' ' fe ' r«t!y ' ' » J ' J J :WlF1fY ' ' t ' I FIRST COMPANY ivoqc Company Officer: LT Paul M. Allen Fall Staff Company Commander: James R Hatala Company Sub-Commander: Paul J Tuzzolo Company Adjutant: Larry S. Walker Spring Staff Company Commander: David C Weir Company Sub-Commander: Eric J Bruner Company Adjutant: Michael Niemiera FIRST COMPANY • 121 r .- IT ' JKBaMiTr wtw Cijp w r. r jTir jrjpJFjrife ' ' TO fTii y ' - ' ' - - - ' - ' " t t ft t-t ' t: t f ft _ -_ ' -_ -♦Slv ft A t I f f t ,f t t ' t it «»»,• »« " ir — — CO 1987 1988 1989 Bow 1 John Zambrzycki Dave White John Tigoni Jerry Tyner John Stnngfellow Evaristo Gonzalez Jeffrey Evers Mcholas Cipriano John DiMento Row 2 Richard Ewing Jeffrey Jacober Mfchael Brandenburg Carl Nerup Paul Gross Anthony Ferrari Jeffrey McGarry Dorren Turner Patrick Tiemey Larry Hushour Mk:haei Gaffney Ernest Harper Bow 3 Eric Perreca John Green Joseph Krensavoge Mark Belcher Timothy White James Monroe Thomas Welch Geoffrey deSeauclair John Kennedy Kevin Coyne Mot PIctufod Paul Burkett Bow t Ruben Garcia Leanne Fielding Judith Fortier Marilou Potenza Raymond Burkemper Richard Romo Denise Rupp Michael Valaik Brian Bartholf Bow 2 Perry McDowell Phillip Dawson Neil Jurkovic Pamela Fmley James Thien Daniel Schebler Hope Katcharian Stephen Sobieski Donald Hughes Timothy Devlin Trevor Hunley Bow 3 Thomas Warner Patrick Murray Vander Boudreou John Donelan Andrew Hicks Bryant Allam James Jones Dean Craft Not Pictured Cabell Baynes Albert Dempsey Anthony Diaz Paul Rock Bow 1 Scott Kepler Steven Baker Robert Morrison Robert Memmesheimer Eric Eastman William Triplett Edward Devilliers Sung Kim Paul Kruszka Bow a Peter Rieg Joseph Begley Paul Montanus Gregory Pekori James Davis Brian Soika David Roberts Matthew Sturges James Holly William Irby Jason Bowie Bow 3 Steven Hilgendorf Peyton Allen Mark Minotti Todd Williamson Christian McLaughlin John Blalock Clari Nichols III Robert Babcock Rafael Curbeio Not Pictured Matthew Childs Albert Kinney sfi t n f I t Iff t f t.f ;|::f f f .-,W.;.,MiiEi««i j c« wtrm wTw y j j ' jF ' jrjrp wrifw W ' 124. JHE BRIGADE OF MIDSHIPMEN CO ■«-H« w itWiitor- ' r ' ' ?; j:VAr ' - «v " ;6 Trt¥.ut ' org: g r ' r r- r - " ir " ' -,-- , - .J Jf J» jr:jrjrr « ] 1 MONEf . SECOND COMPANY 126 • THE BRIGADE OF MIDSHIPME N Company Officer: CAPT Steve P. Lynch Fall Staff Company Commander: Lawrence t Wood Company Sub-Commander: Stephen Garwood Company Adjutant: Eric B Boyer Spring Staff Company Commander: Richard S. Barbon Company Sub-Commander: W. Paul Flinter Company Adjutant: John Ball !c wfwcjM r r r fnr-ir . i j j! j9 W ' w rir »r V«lf; nr ' jjj A ' JU i ' MiMiwsit 1987 1988 1989 Bow 1 John Chandler Robert Kane James Lodwig Timothy Corkery Edward lonnone David Attisoni Richard Levins Wayne Turner Joe Sanchez Bow 2 Paul Walker Sunita Pandya Heidi Moser Roger Brill James Bennett Bow 3 Timothy Corrigan Shawn Scharf Michael Williams Claude-Phiiippe Lim David Sewell Robert Turner Tomas Ennis Jeffery Thompson Not Pictured Andrew Callahan Deborah Klatt Stephen Milone Keith Spencer Bow i Alan Vanloon Vann Vickers Thomas Zwolfer llya Poluektov Frederick Forzanegan Thomas Rogers Anthone Wright David Rines Benjamin Freeman Bow 2 Andrew Caldera Alan Behning Steven Stuck Stephen Cassette Jon Smith Bernardo Soils Eric Gresia George Pukach Albert Perpuse Peter Boumgorten Austin Renforth Bow 3 Harry Monroe Troy Heitmeyer Matthew Farrier Jeffrey Williams Stephen Alexander Richard Schwarz Keehin Powell Robert Badeer Richard Quintal Not Pictured Brent Cornell George Palmer Vincent Reyes William Taylor Bow 1 William Simmons Timothy Heaton Edgar Jimenez William Mann James Armstrong James Gay Laurie Mundy Heather Purvis Lisa Skaggs Bow 2 Patrick Herring Elizabeth Meneeley Charles Gray Joan Oldmixon G, Thomas Foggin IV John W Herman Michael Belles Neil Underwood Sean Foley Todd Waldemar Bow 3 Nancy Daigler Piper Smith George Fleming John Orr Theodore Zobel Francis Davey Kevin Campbell Gregory Gulick Fredrick Luchtman Daniel Arensmeyer Not Pictured Mark Kiefer Robert Kowolski Daniel Rivera Carl Salazar n ' m.j.M „■ f t ft t I t ;|i I f ft I I t t| WJ .Wf9 C tr M :. .j jFjt j w rt ' ior?fi%Wv SECOND COMPAY • 131 ; : • ' ' iivyAweitwic ;.ui ' orss r- r r- r jr- ' ir- ' W ' » j - «iF p jrjrirjr jr t t Er THIRD COMPANY ! XSC?%%W Company Officer: LT William P. McKinney Foil Staff Company Commander: Richard A Kruse Company Sub-Commander: John Mansueti Company Adjutant: Nancy J. Dykhof Spring Staff Company Commander: Michael DiVerde Company Sub-Commander: Matthew Kirby Company Adjutant: Jay Ward .»T m rnn r r trm . j JF j jr jp- -w rT r 1 [ |ia|-Ktre ' P? ' r;vato .Yi ' -e-, ».;:TOt BRKSADE OF MDSHIPMEN ii 1987 1988 1989 Bow 1 Albert Hawkins John Mykyta Earl Wilson Christopher Arias Steven Halpern Henry Lalble Matthew Early Jeffrey Caporossi David Brown Bow 2 David Seawright Jeffrey Earle John Denlne Eric Scheulln Paul Nesbit David Miller Scott Cressmon Joseph Greene Arturo Martinez Patrick Hosey Bow 3 Juan Rodriguez Shown Dennis Bill McKinley Kent Vonhorn Todd Steggerda John Hardig Dominic Meoli Leigh Burnham Paul Rayhlll John Gllstad Bow 1 Gregory Pusch Roderick Monabat Benjamin Quinto Bow 1 Ki Moon Hwang Joseph Brink nnan Adam Sturbois Jimmy Cox Jeffrey Petrle Lynn O ' Neil Ronakd Lasorsa Rebecca Lonigan James Riening Colleen Walker Ronald Novak Andrew Barker Mark Thomassy Theresa Michal Bow 2 Whit Tantleff Daryl Simon Stu Hamilton Patrick Dunn Bow 2 Gordon Colton Arnold Thomas Michael Kalafsky Chris King Michael Kelly Stevie Stephens James Godwin Paul Pullin Damon Whitfield Fritz Schlueter Stephen Braun John Shonley Vincent Zorasua Stephen Sklenko Stephen Newell Eric Welsel Joseph Smith James Matthews Steven Dudley Todd Lipani Larre Bachelier Bruce Bennet Kenneth Harris Bow 3 Steven Blette Williams Miller Bow 3 Dion Cornett Christopher Hopkins John DuPree James Webster Daniel Whitney Anthony Faust Timothy Pfleter Stephen Hackforth Mark Kutscher Andrew Craycroft Chris Phillips Ronald Jones Curt Goetsch Francis Spencer Mark Goodwin William Ormsby Peter Shumway Todd Moore Not Pictured Timothy Maricle Pegeen O ' Neil Stephen Verner Barry Phillips James O ' Farrell 1££M Iff t ft 1i f f f 0 y 1 ' fiki ' ' ' 1 l - ; ) Vf p»i sy- c--.: --tfe? il THRO COMPANV - 137 Li. w»i . - .., 0 rimK i-i- -t.r-yjj ' . ' -4f ' }K»- v: ' U cj » »• ' r r ITU FOURTH COMPANY )E OF MIDSHIP JtXi i w3:o: Company Officer: LT Chip W. Jones Fall Staff Company Commander: Glenn LeCarl Company Sub-Commander: Matthew Bledsoe Company Adjutant: James Campbell Spring Staff Company Commander: Erik Stechmonn Company Sub-Commander: Gregory Fenton Company Adjutant: James Wilson jr.-PjFjrr -v v ika ., ,rit ?-!flffsr ' .vJ A ' ? Y« ' (T. ' tr i t i If t flit t ,ADE OF MIDSHIPMEN tx 1987 1988 Row 1 George Peterson Gregory Dawson George Ganahl Joe Vajgert Didi Dorsett Dovid Fluker Scott McFarlane Keitti Bannacfi Michael Sopko Row 2 James Duke Michael Wuamett Letitia Dour Veronica Llaneta Suzanne Skelley David Demarsh Charles Muggleworth Row 3 David Oss Bruce McFadden Wesley Huey Robert Plantz Dennis Richards Christian Bahn Russell Emons Philip Shevis Luis Polar Not Pictured Dwayne Lindsey Jeanne-Marie Prideaux Row i Van Anderson Yoshiyuki Muraki Thomas Ferguson Francisco Ball James Stewart Michael Yancey Michael Quilty Gregg Nakano Kevin Gonter Row 2 Robert McKenney Liam Merrick Michael Parish Hideo Core Christopher Robinson Scott Waidelich Jomes Szerba Stephen Rife Penn Frey David Hitchcock Row 3 Maurice Klein Joseph Smith Jesse Smith Cornelius Giles Jack Thomsen Scott Rogers Paul Banoczi Michael Majewski Michael Carsley Not Pictured John Bally Stephen Fernandez John Gugerty Daniel Koerschner 1989 Row 1 Raelene Ryerson Carlos Barbosa Catherine Lawson Dana Dewey Dulcita Lu Mark Hagler Alberto Carlos Robert Blanton Donna Stephenson Row 2 Michael Gergely Mark Overbey Julie Anyan Hope Mohle Edward Hiler John Johnston Jeffrey Garigliano William Snead Curtis West Theodore McColl Loren Ingalls Darren Petro Michael Jimenez Carther Jorgensen Row 3 William Redman James Perkins Randall Smith Noel Pitoniak Paul Tortora David Bernhardt John McDowall Chris Mokris Joseph DeSantis Stephen Laabs Norberto Nobrega Not Pictured Hector Baez Deborah Cuffe Christine James John Hogan f .t f i If f t t 9 " - .. COMPANY • 141 ir o jp r r. 9 wrm m ' tt » : , jp,wji ji wwryL 142 • THE BRIGAC - " msm £i fRyoAJe KISS , I FIFTH COMPANY CO- J Company Officer: LT Sean P. Sullivan Fall Staff Company Commander: Kelly Hanson Company Sub-Commander: Doug Collins Company Administration: Brian Barnett Spring Staff Company Commander: Eugene Burgess Company Sub-Commander: Vern Caldwell Company Administration: Steve Everly J ,..-.. J .Jiii«llli« S»l- wjF.m jr o jp w r: r ». ' » ' » ' " » ' «-p - y ' .t j? jp jf jt j r i ' » ir . i«l ? !!i!iSR£ ADE OF MIDSHIPMEN 1987 1988 1989 Bow 1 Anita Petty Kevin Moroney Andrew Wickerson John Berner William Campbell William Humphreys Paul Mack Terence Malloy Charles D ' Ambra Row 2 Ralph Nelson Ralph Belling John Fenner Gregory Gotten Ruben Govieres Steven Rakow Karen Joyner Mark Hamilton Paul Bevons John Fitzwilliam Bow 3 Scott Herbener Amy Donovan Steven Clarke Jeffrey Jennings Peter Hutson David Badger Lynne Mickelson Joseph Rizzo Bow 1 Jerry Dismuke Richard Burr Jeffrey Akin Michael Sneath Robert Tomaro Gordon Cole John Cox Harry Demiris Scott Evans Bow 2 Ronald Allen Charles Bingham Chip Downs James Wolters David Bass Keith Goetz Benjamin Peet David Lucchesi James Stewart Matthew Caldwell Gregory Strauser Bow 3 Mark Smith Christopher Harkins Timothy Schick Phillip Bunce James Arguelles John O ' Brien Keith Miller Kurt Van Etten Kyle Kliewer Steven Graves Arthur Crowe Not Pictured Andre Stokes Frank Snyder 1 i i 1 ' jTjiW ' if Bow 1 Carl Lahti Kevin Kim Jon Jerge Heidi Fleming Kathleen Jamieson Susan Koehn Michael Uses John Ostrowski John Tregoning Bow 2 Randall Casement Carl Jordan Christopher Carlson Stephen Burke Maria Chapman Terry Crowe Christine Davis Robert Ruiz Joseph Smith John Lacivita Matthew Scribner Julie Morgan Russell Collar Bow 3 Patrick Morrow Daniel Boisvert Frank Salcedo David Gray Jon Sablan Jeffrey Tomlin Michael Shoup Scott Akins Bart Taylor Michael Leflore Not Pictured Leni Quilantang Kip O ' Connor t 1 1 1.1 ♦ If t " ' tv ' - ' r %0f » ' NH ' fK FFTH COMPANY • 147 • ' . r ' r.jrjF.»f jp c m r r r » ' » ' ' ' » ar ' " -F ' - ' j .JF jf jf jr jf jrr el » m " Ff TH COMPANY • 149 ; w ._iri[.j_i tmwmtiffn T ' " " rrrYrT ' iVi ' Tifir :- :«FjFjrjfjp ' j SIXTH COMPANY " BRIGADE OF MIDSHIPME N Company Officer: CAPT Kim L. Dillard Fall Staff Company Commander: Rick Bodziak Company Sub-Commander: Roger McSavaney Company Administration: Sue Korol Spring Staff Company Commander: Donald MacNeil Company Sub-Commander: James Meehan Company Administration: Gregory Miller SIXTH COMPANY • 151 mi ' ii ' « ' -». ▼ jp o m w r: r ir ; : ' -.F,jFjrjpjpj fr ' Taft ;««i?F ' ffii!WBn J 1987 1988 1989 Bow 1 David Cohron Stephen Clarke Pocy Ostroff John Walters Robert Coleman David Molthen Matthew Kirk Brian Burgos Alton Coleman Bow 2 Joesph Dipaolo Jonathan Hensley Al Sambar Ben Torreon Michael Mangan Patrick Shea Trent Nickels Ty Schieber Terry Takats William Townsend Ronald Prass Bow 3 Eber Verhovsek Paul Aanonsen Christopher Calhoun John Kempkes Andrew York Robert Horel Eric Baltazar Daryl Watkins Bow 1 Kerry O ' Connor Michael Newman Robert Jones Christopher Schoier Scott Rein Robert Hooper Shawn Colson David Cela Ramon Ramil Bow 2 Douglas Stanford Anne Watt Rosalind Richard David Wells Ralph Baker Shannon Workman Sean Plankey William Brown Jeffrey Bensing Nicolas Geroce Dawn Bennet Randall Doane Bow 3 Gerald Whitman Sean Griffin Edgar Green Michael Dee Henry Doyle Bradford Cox Thomas Zohlen Alexander Cutler Michael Oft William Fisher Bow i John Robertson Paul Radomski Thomas Munro William Wilson Christopher Barnes Andrew Schwinger Michael McGettigan Robert Williams Nathan Beltz Bow 2 Kenneth Johansen Eric Reilly Gary Deal Lawrence Vincent John Buthod Michael Russonello Brian Clifford Victor Newsom Edward Liu Colin Elster Ronald Pangrazio Gordon Fowkes Brian Britton Timothy Galludet Brian Adams Richard King Bow 3 Harry Elliott James Swappoch Edward Maraist Aaron Kushner Thomas Kubista Eric Mabe Theodore Fundoukos Gary Korn Thomas Peck Edwin Henderson Steven Fong John Daria SIXTH COMPANY . 153 W W w UJfUMi i. llrtlllllM l(i|i " «ii lU ' rillliii 1(1 I II nil I ' •j ' ij ' .jF j!t jH jfr ' f, r r DE OF MIDSHIPMEN SIXTH COMPANY • 1! Battalion Ofticer: Commander Brian J. Barry Fgll ?t«aft Battalion Battalion Battalion Battalion Battalion Battalion Commander: Joseph C Sullivan Sub-Commander: Anthony P. Roberts Operations: Raymond Tolomeo Adjutant: Silvia M. Rivadeneira Administration: Michael D. Amedick Supply: Michael Althouse Soring Staff Battalion Commander: William J, Kopchik Battalion Sub-Commander: Robert Williams Battalion Operations: Philip L Patton Battalion Adjutant: Mitchell Turner Battalion Administration: Agnes L Connelly Battalion Supply: Eric S. Irv in Q SECOND B AHAUON Saebncl Battoicxi • 157 SEVENTH COMPANY : OF MIDSHIPMEN Company Officer: LT Rob W. Winsor Fall Staff Company Commander: Robert Maus Company Sub-Commander: Stepan Wisatzki Company Adjutant: David English Spring Staff Company Commander: Michael Althouse Company Sub-Commander: Rodney Serignoli Company Adjutant: Timothy Allen ( ro JT V 1 COMPANY • 1S0 r t t f t ft if ft Iff I f t t i t;t-f fi S ■ ' • ' -tlA -% ccv; 1987 1988 1989 Bow i Fred f?edling John Titus Jeffrey Shirk Patrick Stauch Edward Sullivan Louis Poore Stephen Ruggireilo John Ribera Thomas Hearn Bow 2 Rodrigo Dill Kevin White Jason Wong Stephen Thompson Davi n Driesbach Laurie Musiek Linda Hunter Leslie Hirko Patricia Corsello Mary Green Glen Campbell Bow 3 Williom Muscha James Walter Jerry Holden Robert MocFarland James Leiio Duane Walters James MacMurtrie Dana Ruga Craig Burris Bow 1 Douglas Moberg Zachary Scruton Scott Wheatley Robert Gray James Fontanella Jon Elston Timothy Hoke Mark Hernandez Bruce Morris Bow 2 Kevin Brooks Jeffrey Reagan Robert Thornhill William Blockstone Matthew Bills Timothy Tumelty David Bondura Ricardo Gonzalez Juan Balboa Michael Danford George Vassilakis Erik Wright Bow 3 Jeffrey Adams Paul Fletcher Colin Kane John Router Glenn Allen George Meehan Richard Hobbs John Garcia Roger Isom Paul Pensabene Kevin Umbaugh Bow 1 James Keller Gerald Mathis Thomas White Edward Anderson Steven Boyles Dwight Dick Damon Woo Reno Sprague James Hughes Bow 2 David Rodriguez Brent Courier Michael Good Randall Unger David Carson Heidi Maley Kelly Brown Kimberly Nugent Elizabeth Thomas Susan Seaman Jeffrey Bravo Philip Janus James Jones Bow 3 Roland Muse Christopher Cronk Matthew Rose Charles Smith Mark Metzger Craig Wilson Marko Medved James Flautt Andrew Bober Not Pictured Christopher Pickett Stephanie Rhoades Charles Rust M .. f 1 t I t t-f t t i ' A ' ■ " " « ■ fk.- ' ' -% ' rt» ' COMPANY • 161 ' V SEVENTH COMPANY • 163 EIGHTH COMPANY E OF MIDSHIPMEN f vi3« oc; Company Officer: LT Rich Chapman Fall Staff Company Commander: Kevin J. Prusso Company Sub-Commander: Peter S Lynch Company Adjutant: Lance D. Loepke Spring Staff Company Commander: Ray Raus Company Sub-Commander: Stephen B. Company Adjutant: David J. Burke Zike 1 COMPANY . 165 aoL . J ft fit Iff ft f% f t I t i-|-t:i;- ' ■ ' i " ' W g ■■ fl ( ,5, ' OF MIDSHIPMEN cope 1987 1988 1989 Row 1 Christopher Verdoni Dove Kaufman Row 1 Row 1 Kenneth Cooper Christopher TronquM John Wilson Steven Goll Charles Moore Christopher Thomassy Eric Kukanich Ryan Garcia Joan Rongitsch James Burgum Cliff Salongc Mike Bramble Jon Quimpo Bonny Morgan Clifford Blumenberg Rodney Forte Pool Pkaufz John Wonebo John Eichelberger Karen Burch Michoele LaForge Row 2 Kimberly StogsdIII John Siedgianowski Christopher Cook Anne Hotis John Metzger Richard Culp Row 2 Row 2 Joesph Abaya Philip Kondllas Charles Cosson Gregory Jones John Tekverk Paul Lewis Edward Chow Jeffrey Kerr Roland Towers Daniel Hurdle Robert Lessard Marshall Brown Timothy Heatherington Frank Letellier Robin Stewart Todd Kiefer Stephen Johanson Jofin Fuller William Doney Steven Walker Jennifer Culbertson James Cubbage Chris Spunar Timothy Bonn Daniel Altomare Mike McShane Howard Meritt Kennon Artis Robert Williams Douglas Mines Row 3 Sam Lee Scott Hopkins Michael Zimmerman Tom Phelan Row 3 David Edgecomb Row 3 Greg Stefanon Thomas Cleary James Dotter Ken Ross Cordel Harris Joy Wigley Scott Leach Douglas Hull Owen Connelly Lawrence Bntt Daniel Haas Dave Greeenheck Stephen Teeple Patrick Porter Dwight Neeiey Scott Quinn Robert Joralemon Stephen Stone Demetrius Flewellen Thomas Base Jim Edwards Patrick Gallop Albert Ferro Steve Wistner Donald Robbins Not Pictured Thomas Smith Ted Kuziela Louis Adissi Robert Menendez Not Pictured Rodney Mills Not Pictured Timothy Rayner Rich Keller Jeff Emenaker M ■ hkI ' I COMPANY • 167 .L tiittuS ¥l¥ OF MIDSHIPMEN I I y-- NINTH COMPANY " GADE OF MIDSHIPMt i J ' vo Company Officer: LT Bobbie L. Aten Fall Staff Company Commander: Mike Cocl ey Company Sub Commander: Patricia Trudell Company Adjutant: Brett Sturken Spring Staff Company Commander: Eugene Black Company Sub-Commander: Wade Troxell Company Adjutant: Dan Grieco Ai 1987 1988 1989 Bow 1 Joseph Losala Salvotore Dipoola Row 1 Jeffrey Sheedy Robert Pignataro Michael Leery Jean-Pierre Bolat Eric Block Stephen Tackett Desmond Quigley David Bisaillon Lydio Derrington David Major James Vohr Wendell Ross Sarah Michael David Berrman Row 2 Matthew Sampson Shri Drake Patrick Sims Andrew Waters Row 2 Joseph O ' Hara David Bums Bruce Fauver Kevin Potts Warren Jernigon Daniel Doherty Steven Rasmussen John Slaughter Alan Sitlinger Richard Witten Ford Williams John Lewis William Hoban James Todd Julie Chalfant Dennis White Ruth Miller Thomas Clark James Rossi George Council Brian Street Christopher Upham Row 3 Eduard Gottschalk Joseph Maguire Orlando Gotay William Schmitt Row 3 Mark Wierman Edward Miller Martin Cade James Beggs Wenena Harmon Anthony Fabian Thomas Arnold James Henderson Robert Tomiak Mk;hael Weiner Carl Graves John McKenno Robert Durand Kent Ubellocker Craig McCorter Bernard Koehr Not Pictured Drew Wesson Roger Grayson John Rinkacs Bryan Turner Row 1 James Mann Michael Debruyn Eric Sherck Robert Waters George Reilly John Hammes Michael Rodriguez Anthony Horton Mark Hulbert Row 2 Philip Colborn Douglas McConn Todd Nichols Willie Billingsleo Shawn James Geoffrey Ellsworth John Lewis Paul Ghyzel Raymond Art Robert Janssen Joseph Flanagan Barney Carter James Commaroto Row 3 Wayne Jeveli Raymond Vuicich Kenneth Grimes Matthew Soltis Raymond Benedict David Marcellino Arthur Lyman Michael Cuccio Vincent Scott . ' ft f I t t; t ■% f M )mm w: ' .:: ADE OF MIDSHIPMEN - rOCK nr TENTH COMPANY Company Officer: CAPT Pete A. Whitenack Fall Staff Company Commander: Jim McAnaly Company Sub-Commander: Jim Kim Company Adjutant: Bill Sheedy Spring Staff Company Commander: Harold Dunbrack Company Sub-Commander: Scott Franklin Company Adjutant: Paul Sneddon V mz -ti TENTH COMPANY • 177 1987 1988 1?89 Bow 1 James Emmitt Thomas McKenno Chortes Ferguson Charles Su«van Toctd Alison Joseph Campbell Michael Bell Matt Bal er Stephen Day Row 2 Alexander Edwards Thomas Nilsen John Lesniak Roger Horns Pete Turner Jeffrey Valmus James Alley Thomas Macrae Row 3 Dean Sadanaga Dennis Mollon John Jenkins Edward Mogee Robert Lyon Donokj Griffin Dorrin Grover Siegfried Wuiff Mot PIctufd Scott Boyer Joseph Buenavista Thomas Cosey Brian Haley James Hogan Jeffrey Lukish Row 1 Francis Hall Varanda Williams Richard Vaill Kenneth Caraveo Chet Woolley William Lennord David Dawson Scott Granger Tucker Hite Row 2 Pomelo Hilton Karen Povlock Jamison Moore Jeffrey Hahn Eric Ruttenberg Frederico Morales James Boland Michael McKee Sean Epperson James McKenna Robert Banker William Bray Gregory Shimp Row 3 Mlcheie Daley Motlce Wright Chartes Lochard David Simon William Dickson Michael Greene Donald Drocon Stuart Gaudet Anthony Villanueva Galen Negoara Not Pictured Timothy Salmon Michael Wilmot t r iiT-S Row 1 Bart Pamall Loren Smith Christkan Post Gregory Potteiger Bryan Cheeseman Eric Hannum Joel Stewart John McClure Phillip Peavler Row 2 John O ' Brien Paul Riegert Sean ODonnell Jomes Howe Derek Tongemon Gilbert Gomez Randall Ivener Eric Rokke Reece Morgan Mark Autry Chesley Monague Steven Kalderon Christopher Cantareila Tony Cox Tony Bogard Erik Bunon Row 3 David Bergman Faustino Baysic O J. Block Thomas Hole Gerard Schaefer Derrick Garvin John Ries James Chatfield James Markey Jeffrey Tengonciong Jon Lodda Emory Anderson Not Pictured Kenneth Sparta ft it if M« OMPANY • 179 ,mmmmm ,j.-i«3!iite£ ? j v M ! tiK;- v ELEVENTH COMPANY I " ff-y gg - IBS ' THE BRIGADE OF MIDS Company Officer: LT Walter B, Coumbe Fall Staff Company Commander: Dave Peterson Company Sub Commander: Jeff Waite Company Adjutant: Whitney Keith Spring Staff Company Commander: Tod Choi Company Sub-Commander: Jeff Waite Company Adjutant: Tinn Moses r X f-;»k i . . !-». -s - 1 I COMPANY • 183; _i -i caiik-0.? m?mi m:.:: rOCL ' ' 1987 1988 1989 Row 1 James Schmitt Jolin Martins Lee Lambert Ned Metcalf John Cameron Christopher Schenck James Chllds Carlos Zengotita Thomas Watson Row 2 Frederick Lotrash Jimmie Todlock Brigitte Horner MarY Balch Susan Williams Kirklln Fletcher Robert Monore Mike Gordon Mark Girardi Nkapoleon Cayouette Row 3 Matthew Bliss Joseph Morales David Ogden Bortlett Harwood John Wirries John Fickle David Schiffman Akan Boyer Dimitrlos Pappas Row 1 David Maxwell Charles Marks Dutch Bertholf John Meighan Joseph Brennan David Donnelly Hank Marxen Michael Beno Allen Mitchell Row 2 Daniel Hebert Carl Peterson Robert Curran Brian Alexander Bob Miller Eugene Corrao William Daisley Mark Franke Brian Novotny Curtis Hughes William Cook Daniel Gorcia Jim Stites Row 3 Michael Lowe Brian Gummin Stephend Ellis Todd Odegaard Charles Howsare E J, Strasser Courtenoy Allen Michael Hogan James Protin Paul Tiede Row 1 Mark Meorig Michael Julian Patrick Powers Tyler Frautschi Anthony Ahnen Suda Cobfoi Rita Tauber Michele Morion Diana Burke Row 2 Sara Applegarth Karin Kkjse Kimberiy Feltault Cassandra Crovimover Edward locco Michael Goshgarian Brian King Timothy O ' Rourke Albert Corchuelo John Eckardt Michael Latimer Somule Nova Lawrence Von Moss Thomas Hare Devon Burr Row 3 Mark Paterson Mark Samuels George Capen Mark Thonen Milton Songy Terence Harcharik Carl Thiele John Drake Anthony Dickens Not PIcturod John Dell James Horns Mark Jorgensen t t f t t.f .f t f ■ -1 4k ■ ■ ' ♦ • ♦ . . ■ jj Kamn i l mmAm. ' : ii ADE OF MIDSHIPMEN • fOCr ' COMPANY .187 I l TWELRH COMPANY Company Officer: LT William H. Borger Fall Staff Company Commander: Joe Calandra Company Sub-Commander: Jeff Martinez Company Adjutant: Paul Wiegman Spring Staff Company Commander: Scott Mitchell Company Sub-Commander: Don Ulsh Company Adjutant: Mari ZIomke Twelfth Company ljl:tf fit tf i r " ADE OF MIDSHIPME.. ijci ti Row 1 Mark Broshkevitch David Wertman Marc Dalton Michael Spanos William Byrne Gregory Contaoi Douglas Masters Guy Jackson Kenneth Clark Row 2 John Ortiz Jason Pugh David Bragg Edvi ard Kovanic Paul Espinosa Thomas Beleslmo Edward Holland John Hair Joseph Lara Philip Horrlsberger Robert Dietz Kirk Benson Row 3 Stephen Garrett Daniel Basil John Adams Ross Beaton John Stevenson Chad Van Hulzen Brian McKane John Loesch Andrew Pray Olin Filyaw David Folsom Row 1 Eugene Cobey Jeffrey Forte Donald Holl Juna Carlos Osorno Sean Hamilton Anthony Eaton Patricia Turney Erin Martin Scott Kisch Row 2 James Dorcy Kathleen Toomey Richard Kamman John Watson Paul Dalessandro Jeffrie Lund Michael Samuelson James Laingen Bernardo Roig Patrick Steele Kerry Romig Brondee Polowy Bernard Werner Row 3 Thomas Ungard Robert Jackson Craig Miller Dirk Heintz Mark Miller A. J. Arroyos Kirk Syran Glenn Gay Eduardo Sandoval Fred Severson Not Pictured Erik Knutila Row 1 Christopher Van Wort Joe Shipley Rick Stoner Jonathon Hughes David Mathe Andrew Jarrett Robert Kleckner Edward McGovem James Brandt Row 2 Craig Prather Matthew Horn Scott Cook Michael McGregor Adam Holmes John Graham Brian King Joseph Krycia Dan Brune Richard Richmond Row 3 Robert Hagan Jeffrey Dietz William Parkhurst Robert Bennett Timothy Goering Jomes Bell Thomas Hanzsche Paul Parker Aaron Burton Paul Druggan Robert Adams " Iff % ' W9 WW WfWWwW9% , TWELOKCOMPANY in BkttS THE BRIGADE OF MIDS yf J : ?© TWELFTH COMPANY • 193 ' c ! ' H .- ' Nr 5 I Hi Battalion Officer: Commander Scott A. Fry Faii Staff Battaiion Commander: John Poganelli Battaiion Sub-Commander: Christopher Atwell Battaiion Operations: Stephen T Ames Battalion Adjutant: James F Brown Battalion Administration: James S Snider Battalion Supply: Spencer A. Wade Spring Staff Battalion Commander: Alfredo Arrendondo Battalion Sub-Commander: Bernard M Gately Battalion Operations: Bradley G. Beil Battalion Adjutant: Michael A. Blumenburg Battalion Administration: Gilberg L. Vincent Battalion Supply: Christi-Lynn Simpson THIRD BAHALION TTALION • 195 .-i { ik«f-f . " ; . THIRTEENTH COMPANY I J. ?IGADE OF MIDSHI ■•O ' Company Officer: LT Mike L. Williamson Fall Staff Company Commander: Michael A. Kelly Company Sub-Commander: Carl R. Lytikainen Company Adjutant: James S. Noble Spring Staff Company Commander: Lawrence P. Shuttleworth Company Sub-Commander: David V. Watts Company Adjutant: Martin H. Weller THIRTEENTH COMPANY • 197 t i ft ttf f t f ; 198 • THE BRIGADE OF MIDSHIPMEN .OM K 1987 1988 1989 Row 1 Row 1 Bert Hurler Jack Likens Row 1 Joseph Stillwaggon Kevin Furr David Klain Greg Johnston Harry Wingo Rommel Esteves Sean Holmes Samuel Smolley John Doroshuk Jorge Esparza Luis Maldonado Joseph Malabanan Bill Hallahan Gary Peters Hsuan Huang Robert Hein Ronald Copley Brian Jones James Collins Robin Shoop Timothy Trampenau Daniel Stonaker David Shanes Mario Herrera Row 2 Row 2 Daniel Thoele Anthony Tolle Donna Murphy Row 2 Curtis Morgan Carl Koiek William Fries David Biddinger William Conley Britton McNeill Rene Martinez Paul Chrisman Robert Miller Nicholas Campbell Matthew Adinolfi Rolf Versluis Tom Ives Craig GoettI Erik Snyder Curt Hartman William Collier Ernest Greppin John Dove Randall Martin John Schoeb Craig Dellorso Scott Peterson Albert Peltier Row 3 Charles Litchfield Loyd Rhiddlehoover Jason Skubi Julienne Almonte Row 3 John Rowan Row 3 John McGrew James Gfrerer Mohamed El Afandi Douglas Nekrasz George Cox Spencer Garrett William Hoffman Ross Mitchell Russ Hittinger Craig Washington Richard Macchio Michael Steinbach George Apollonio Robert Douglass Andrew Johnson Bruce Czaja Karl Brandt Roger Bivans Carl Nyberg Not Pictured Kurt Hauer Kevan Katuin Paul Bunge Mary Jackson Not Pictured Jeffrey Crymes Ted Veazey Michael Elton David Fennell Jeffrey West Donald Gabrielson Marc Ruggiano Not Pictured Christopher Gogne Dale Szpisjak Dwight Fontilla Scott Pappano Sean Carroll Sandra Hill David Swenson THRTffiNTH COMPANY . 199 II THRTEErJTH COMPANY • 201 ..lil if.; I r FOURTSNTH COMPANY . - ADE OF MIDSH . !£:. Company Officer: LT John A. Pasko Fall SfQff Company Commander: David G Baca Company Sub-Commander: Stephen M Shaw Company Administration: Michael F Morrissey Spring Staff Company Commander: Timothy J. Mackenzie Company Sub-Commander: William D Craig Company Administration: Christopher D. Casados FOU?TEENTH COMPANY „ ; " t ft f f :t I f f .. 204 • THE BRIGADE OF MIDSHIPMEN 1987 1988 1989 4 Row 1 Erica Miles David Hughes David Odom John Keone Francesca Gary Stephen Cote Daniel Hendrickson Walter Sechriest Thomas Domon Row 2 Suzanne Massoglia Wendy Sullivan Mark Kozar Andrew Gordon Carl Liebert Stephen Meyer Wallace Keays J.D. Cook Row 3 Steven Swift Jovi Santiago John Milliman Daniel Aldridge John McGinley Leiand Hansen Paul Horan Timothy Snoke Not Pictured Lee Miller Dave Robinson Bill Hamblet Row i Paul McGowan James O ' Brien Christopher Simones Anthony Beers Michael Moron Christopher Mosher Andrew Frie Tom Hole Walter Bough Row 2 Mark Dunleavy Ralph Dengler Sean McBride Dennis Moloney Edward Gomez Michael Leidinger Eric Buch David Clausen Philip Barnett David Finley James Dyer Row 3 Richard Gendron Bryan Burt Corey Keehn Daniel O ' Connor Eric Randier Nelson Delgado Mark Hakun Rick Marchesse Mark Salsgiver Not Plcturad Eugene Burcher John Hallenberg David Newton Stephen Donnelly Matthew Aaron Row 1 Mark Springer Patrick Griffin Stephan Sessions Bradley Stillabower Joseph Wade Preston Jones David McCarthy Jeffrey Winter Vincent Pagano Row 2 Nicholas Rigopoulos Eari Wartenberg Michael Newton Francisco Gutierrez Bruce Brown Craig Prosser Patrick Moynihan Edward Bott Thomas Druen Jarrod Nixon Karen Somsel Elizabeth Woinscott Denise Shorey Julie Modlin Emily Lai Neftali Pagan Row 3 Paul DeLuca Patrick Owens James Wilson Edward Roth Stephen Martell Victoria Gnibus John Duvall Scott Abel Derric Turner Gregory Cozad Joseph Vitelli mil m It f |: lift f f t MWWWW . ' i FOURTEENTH COMPANY H JADE OF MIDSHIP COMPANY . 20?. FIFTEENTH COMPANY 208 • THE BRIGADE OF MIDSHIPMEf Company Officer: CAPT Michael R. Hamel Fall Staff Company Commander: Rick Dean Company Sub Commander: Joe Hassenfeldt Company Adjutant: Mil e Dalgetty Spring Staff Company Commander: Barton Roper Company Sub-Commander: Len Zimmerman Company Adjutant: Scott Starsman mi FFTEENTH COMPANY • 209 It iff t 1 1 tl f • -if • " Wmk ' (0 $ ' ' llf ■ % K " •% ' ■ ' J 1987 1988 1989 Bow 1 Mary Miles John Harris Robert Donohue Michael Guyer Carey Monhertz Anfonio Martinez Robert Hoskins Roger Stanton David Adams Bow 2 Randall Packard Mothew Ludwig Kimberly Russ Christine Keller John Kyle Charles Lone John Plohetski Anthony Hollinger Bow 3 James Money Hugh Mills Joseph Lauletta Brian Patton William Reilly Arthur Penny Don Schindler Not Pictured John Flcnsburg Marc Gibeley Reuben Hart Stephen Panchyshyn Jeffrey Royburn Bow 1 Douglas Tucker Andrew Rander Scott Minium Jeremy Thompson Jon Wills Peter Callaghan Kevin Guerrero Felton Elders Anthony Calandra Bow 2 Stephen Ferro Mark Bible Bruce Stantill Donald Hensley Steven Erickson Shannon Kawane Joseph Spegele Terry Bickham Mark Lotze Christopher Marr Bow 3 John Treutler Michael McMahon Daniel Rosser George Davis Jeremy Noonan James Hikmot John Zeberlein Henry Wingate Timothy Quinn Not Plcturod Arthur Deleon John Dobbins Ronald Kinn Edward Olshaw Bow 1 Glenn Bleller John Uyemura James Hudson Charles Pucciariello Rob Cassady Robert Wolfe Clemenfe Diaz Michael Scarry Stephen Palmer Bow 2 Lisa McGowan Erik Harrison Monica Holland Marie Demel Holly Gordon Bryn Johnson Edward Toppi Ingar Grev Paul Ling Ravi Babu Bow 3 Joseph Schweitzer Brian Greeley Evan Dash Eric Buenvioje John Bellino Anthony Altomari Matthew Shade Robert Wood Matthew Finney Not Pictured Shawn Duffy Robert Engle Joseph Lepage Michelle Lucero Kristin Reynolds Dona Sweetser Gary Wegley 1 1 . f:f f t : ft Iff t f-t r ■ ■0 S ' A ' v " ft H COMPANY .211 OF MIDSHIPMEN imL-Jti ' 600( ' Ar., ■ mi k ■ 7- ■ . -4- « P H Me -.¥. ; " -, ' J t ' r t■ ' ■• I I SIXTEENTH COMPANY Company Officer: LCDR Charlie A. Jones Fall Sfgff Company Commander: John Russ Company Sub-Commander: Tom Turner Company Adjutant: Alan Brock Spring Staff Company Commander: Art Hale Company Sub-Commander: John Wilson Company Adjutant: Tim Holly It t If f-f t « OF MIDSHIPMEN 1987 1988 1989 Row 1 Jeffrey Hoggott Rowl Christopher Jones Row 1 Gino Edison Timothy Boyle Mark Gibson Thomas George Joel Godwin Brandan Kot Dennis McKelvey Eric Micheli Jonah Shen John Kennington Matthew Martin Christopher Smith Christine Volenti Joel McFadden Craig Soer James Yee Dondi Sheehy Jason Garrison David Shelton Anthony DePrizio John Ortega Margaret Brounk Row 2 Timothy Reimonn Richard Kondo John Chewning John Lorlcco Row 2 Noel Denney Row 2 Mark Mercer Charles Strossle Andrew Buckon Gino Celia Daniel Hicks Barry Brockway Jason Matic Christopher Urinyi Trav Thiesse Jose Escobar Paul Dabbar William Soper Robert Sunderland George Freidenberg Sean Sullivan David DiEugenio Timothy Sondeno John Hottendorf Lindsay Kough Kurt Armbrust Frederick Smith Maximilian Grant Christopher Thomas William Neumann Jon Bunn Jeffrey Simmons Joseph Cheneler Richard Rodriguez Paul Basile Kenneth Robell Patricia Lipoma Row 3 Michael Martin Row 3 Robert Cody Row 3 Chris Dougherty Thomas Slusarchyk Carl Neidhold Leonard Armstrong Bradley Armstrong John Stetanko Frederick Gosebnnk Joy Warren Matthew Howes Arthur Drennon Richard Samson Mark Gardner Todd Hiett Christopher Fischohs Michael Ryan Keith Masterson Joseph Stibler Robert Wehman Bernard Sullivan Andrew Wilson James Bouchard Michael Musser Joe Miller Brant Pickrell Grant Stephenson Mark Sergi Douglas Mason Not Pictured Brian Gregory Not Pictured Michael Kraft Not Pictured Eric Hoy Michelle Laurenzano Kenneth McCartney Scott Johnson Ronnie Wince Jeffrey Shelton r4 f f f ft f I t 1 1 f ffh § ■ !»■ %» ' ' «A- ' »- fK% ..A J. ' c. , juai rikBiAMlH SEVENTEBITH COMPANY I Company Officer: LT Jim J. Colgary Fall Staff Company Commander: Brian Moore Company Sub-Commander: Mil e Woods Company Administration: Steve Rehwold Spring Staff Company Commander: Barry Dyson Company Sub-C ommander: Patrick Leary Company Administration: Doug Krieger ' t tif t 1 1 f ' f f f f I t f: ! f ipmii|i| 1987 1988 ' 1989 Row 1 Thomas Mercer Robert Swickley Rudolph Carlson Andrew Lennon Thomas Tomaiko Michoel Anderson Steve Taylor Anthony Kllmas Gregory Maslello Row a Jose Shores Paul Huxold Conrad Caldwell Gregory Seargent Michael Horrisberger Joaquin Bernardo Anthony Prato John Feeney Richard Vitaro Row 3 Thomas Lunifeld Michael Keller James Rothbun Scot Malloy Benjamin Shove Craig Oechsel Timothy Deane Ted Wallace Hot PIctufed Sean Coyle Erik Holtkamp William Lucas Michael Parrillo Scott Urbach Row 1 Brian Faike Christine Coetzee Philip Turner John Mares Michael Bayeso Timothy McGowan Chad Dorr Melinda Allen Theodore Peck Row 2 Glenn Williams Fred Herrmann Gregory Bernard Christopher Neugebauer Scott Knox Michael Veltre K. Anthony Delmas Maureen Toohey Wiltom Plemenos Michael Velasquez Kenneth Kristensen Row 3 David Calken Mark Mouriski James Lakes John Sprenger Dennis Walsh Steve Landess Craig Dudley James Barber Maria Pechacek Neil Pettigrew Not Pictured Troye Crickette Row 1 Brian Sears Ronald Smudz Barry Gittlemon Fronk Lugo Clarence Willie Mike Tesar Joseph Holland Orin Clay Zigmond Leszczynski Row 2 John Coney Corey Coombs James Cokes William Becker Kevin Paschal William Filon Eric Voegels William Padgett Douglas Lancaster John D. Ralston Paul Parashak David Milot Raymond Worthington Keith Kirol Mark Petz Row 3 Robert Floyd Joseph Hart Gregory Meyer John Beal Mark Moynihan Scott MacMurdo Anthony Williams William Hall Gerald Gmerek Douglas Thiry Ronald Howe Robert Millott Not Pictured David Brandeen William Watkins , A ' - t ' ffk Ifffffffff f ft tit ft % f - SEVENTEENTH COMPANY • 223 BRIGADE OF MIDSHIPMEN !il!V lHl!pv.j.j( » J S M EIGHTEENTH COMPANY ■ ' r k Company Officer: MAJ Robert Grider Fall Staff Company Commander: Thomas Moillet Company Sub-Commander: John Neal Company Adjutant: James Ohman Spring Staff Company Commander: Aaron Horney Company Sub-Commander: Jeffrey Rucker Company Adjutant: Kevin liams H COMPANY • 227 I 1987 1988 1989 Bow 1 Scott Bibeau Larry Smith Leonard Laporta Dennis McGee Gregory Gephart Brad Edenfield Lance Lacroix Sean Blochberger Edward Stephens Bow 2 Ronald Higgs David Smith Shelley Laurllla Jennifer Smith Thomas Von Kolnltz John Peters Stephen Gillespie David Marsh Anthony Arellano Scott Miller Joyce Brackett Bow 3 Daniel Schill David Hemela Thomas Brasek Brian Lee Matthew Horan Ray Cooke Gregory Coil Leslie Martin 1 Bow 1 Keith Kans Andrew Heino James Butler Roger Erickson William Skinner Frank Carr Allen Flanagan Michael Guerrero Todd Bibzo Bow 2 Timothy Noonan Richard Hernandez Roger Johnson Charles Smith Robert Schosei Todd Vaupel Kurt Miller Daniel Mulligan Christopher Hodsden John Moore John Ross Gregory Kolcum Samuel Scaffo Bow 3 Craig Union Curtis Brown Lawrence Mcdonnell Chadwick Watson Vernon Wallace Thomas Lowder Douglas Gelbach Andrew Howell William Seaman Benedict Valecruz Not Pictured Wesley Kaufman % F, Bow 1 Christopher Delargy Robert Webber James Fulton Mark Lauda Don Mills Kimberly Felder Brenda Berger Stephanie Esquibel Kathleen Smith Bow 2 Michael Durst Kevin Quinn Robert Bigler Marcelo Valdez Michael Barotta Mark Andersen Paul Herbert Michael Baird John Coffey Stephen Dininger Thomas Farina Armando Batastini Anthony Newpower Bow 3 Luther Archer Robert Dumont Christopher Quilty Stephen Obsitnik Leonard Cooke James Mccarter Douglas Brandeen James Berg James Rentfrow Michael Glenister Druso Daubon Not Pictured Michael Cornell Kathleen Stepien Jonathan Williams f f fmf t » Iff I, t f t t I |; f f:;| - — - • " ■ i i ' COMPANY • 229 -_ " .1.5 tr " IT K- ' Mh.-, ! K ' COMPANY . 231 ' - » 1 - ff jP Cj ? .a» B aHig. ' ' y vi j»»yi MMAfi I Fall Staff Battalion Battalion Battalion Battalion Battalion Battalion Battalion Officer: Commander Richard D. Evert Commander: Brian K. Parks Sub-Commander: Sandra Davidson Operations: James R. Addison Adjutant: Kevin J. Delamer Administration: Jeffrey Winebrenner Supply: Richard S. Vorl Spring Staff Battalion Commander: Daniel K. Baczkowski Battalion Sub-Commander: Matthev C. Hellmon Battalion Operations: Stephen P Semple Battalion Adjutant: John Wilczynski Battalion Administration: Roland C Salvonero Battalion Supply: Charles G. LoPorte il FOURTH BATTALION .r imtMrntiinVi ifr v r«»f ' --,j-f " «- ' • • ■-■■ ILiii ' I NINETEENTH COMPANY I Company Officer: CAPT Anthony J, Verducci Fall Staff Company Commander: Gregory Glaros Company Sub-Commander: Chris Reeger Company Adjutant: Matt Ware Spring Staff Company Commander: Matthew Glavy Company Sub-Commander: John O ' Donnell Company Adjutant: Andrew Shuma ff «. .MNET®«TH COMPANY • 2 9f.m M i:jM 1 f ' fff ' . ' VjiftiWBijerfti ' ' .ry i fit tiff 236 • THE BRIGADE OF MIDSr 1987 1988 Bow i Eric C. Ho Camilo O ' Kuinghttons Pham Huy-Cong Robert Calhoun Jeffrey Danielson Glenn Stevens Russell Moore Douglas Tenhoopen Jason Cronin Row 2 Molly Corroll Curtis Lee Tracy Smith John Craig James Hibbler Matthew Miggins Christopher Newcomb Christopher Compeggie Michoel Ray Mark Joslin Brian Noyes Errol Rideau Bow 3 Douglas Boerman Rose McCain Alan Herrmann John Bissa Steven Sisney Russell Clarke Daniel Forster Russell Smith Tina Ingold David Buckley Not Pictured Frederick Wojcik Row 1 William Burkhart Harry Stathos William Swent Donald McKay Cory Melton Jeffrey Whetmon George Burgermeister William Plott Donald Grady Row 2 Michoel Giedraitis Augusto Cata Michael Ma David Gentile Christopher Korn Donald Wright Lawrence Hertzog Michael George William Bach Robert Webb Row 3 Michael Binnix Christopher Edwards Robert Kellogg Paul Lhote Eric Sharpe Stephen Sandoval Gregory Rouillard Barry Shelton Howard Pierce John York Kenneth Spurlock Not Pictured John Devine Cliff Rees 1989 Row i Riccordio Gay Calvin Smith Krista Harris Ruth Chosen Jeanine Noser Margaret Marcantonio Adrienne Hegmon Gretchen Otto Tawayla Lemieux Noreen Gibson Row 2 Donald Glatt David Bates Eric Cheney Geoffrey Cogon Jaime Borrego James Orona John Thompson Richard Williams Ralph McDonald Brad Cooper Steven Lambrecht Steven Brown Potrick Bayliss Christopher Venezia Richard Giacin James Miller Row 3 Matthew Hermstedt Michael Thrall Matthew Wessel Steven Hampson Robert Wetzel Chorles Messenger Cari Newman Shaun Flanagan Nathan Bailey Frank Pritzl Anthony luculono William Swent Craig O ' Brien Lance Fuller 1 vf tff f fffltltff f i 1 0h 1 1 1 1 HpI NWETEENTH COMPANY • 237 ie irti NIseTEENTH COMPANY . 239 tjOfif- ' rvi •VfltMI ' V-tV jf j jFTrtct K ' i U TWENTIETH COMPANY 284 • THE BRIG,. Company Oflicer: LCDR Larry J. Murhy Fall Staff Company Commander: Todd Wagner Company Sub-Commander: Scott Moore Company Adjutant: Phil McLaughlin Spring Staff Company Commander: Matthew Muckelbauer Company Sub-Commander: Sharon Alman Company Adjutant: Ellen Roberts . r I • _. CCNfNtW • 241 • « injr Ci , iri riMTiT ' i — I " Tfi rrr-r " " f i ' L» L tit t tif - iift " ' ih ■ ' ( if 242; i THE BRIS 1987 1988 1989 Bow 1 Daniel Hill Kevin Hill Renaud Stauber Duane McDonald John Hesse Scott Erdelatz Christopher Johnson David Julian James Dick Row 2 Steven Rowe Enc Little Michael Williams David West Sean Curry James Houck Michael Hathev ay Jeffrey Griffith Kenneth Dunn Row 3 Ronald Harris Matthew Sorenson Kenneth Frock Peter Kowenhoven Daniel Brown Greg Ellison Richard Anderson Paul Meisch Timothy Rogers Mot Pictured Michael Herron Thomas Murphy Row 1 Dale Rohrbach Cam Geiger Drew Hymer Jock O ' Brien Bill Misita Roy Perez Row 1 Robert Forwalder Leo Debandi, Jr. Ben Goodwin David Robillard Ed Martinez Mark Luta Row 2 Kevin Kitts Todd Kousky Brian West Robert Vogel Dean Turczyn David Anselmi Gregory Simmons Tony Blankenship John Coode Bill Serad Sara Solas Keith Wichmann Row 2 Brian Burke Thomas Schrantz Andrew Darcy Jane Collins Jeffrey Oberg Christopher Trigg Kevin Kinslow Wendi White Thomas Heatter James Gray Rick Frey Christina Jones Tim Rennick Michael Weinstein Howard Warner Tristam Farmer Johnny Derricho Robert Hamilton Row 3 Robert Cariisie Chris Campbell Row 3 Robert Cepek Christopher Poyton Mark Bergmann Peter Alexander Michael Michel Darren Ault Robert Palm Lee Conley Greg Grubbs Andrew Wickard Brian Sullivan Richard Dehn Paul Wehner Kevin Zochery John Woodson Jon Silvey Tim Taylor Donald Packard Paul Gallagher Gretchen Quosebarth Lee Burton Jeffrey Kendrick Not Pictured Not Pictured Chris Brunett Mark Moralez Matt Tait t It t-t I f f : ' 4 » ■ z ' • TWENTtTH COMPANY • 243 v.fijr c» f " J J -9 J ■f ulAX ' SA:• i .:v»i- ■ ' Aj % ' ruGi (;iiEntiL£ ttVfiKSf ••• J J . » ' » ' ) : jfjfjt ' jfjf:rrfrr TWENTY-FIRST COMPANY i . 46 • THE BRIGADE OF MIDSHIPM Company Officer: LT Jeff N Zerbe Fall Staff Company Commander: Maura Quinn Company Sub-Commander: Mark Lowman Company Adjutant: Paige Kohli Spring Staff Company Commander: Paul Obsitnik Company Sub-Commander: Guy Maiden Company Adjutant: Bob Bazan TWENTY-FRST COMPANY • 247 .mm f:jm ?■ ....• i ' . . In iimTi n i " T — r-r ■M ::w»nmm f . f t t t t ,| ' .f t t f t I f f r %« % ' ' ' ' r ' " T " 248 • THE BRIG 1987 1988 1989 Row 1 Geoffrey Anderson James Fisher Thomas Truden John Woughter Rick Dou Joseph Videll George Lipscomb Michael Stewarf William Maffhes Row 2 Scoft Hunnemeyer Jeffrey Taylor Christopher Powell Jonathan Washburn Scott Timm Scott Slater Martin Brandle Jose Trevino William McCarthy Grover Tellez Ernest Swan Row 3 Richard Hoffmann Christopher Fay Michael Peoples Brian Kline Mark Quick Robert Sizemore Christopher Bolt Eric Dono Alexander ihde John Alder Philip Corcoran Michael Herrera Bow 1 Robert Cox David Gebhardt Robert Tortora Dominique Soave William Gross Jonathan Dachos Edward Alexander Kristin Orlich Michelle Lapeer Row 2 Robert Strong Joseph Donnelly Mark Scanlon Robert Honeycutt David Studer Daniel Widdis Mark Jones Gregory Morbach Lisa Gregory Leesa Taylor Row 3 Britain Price James Egan Richard Silva Jason Burke Brian Hare Mark Zerbe Brian Colley Michael Rose Rodney Luck Tammy Adams Not Pictured Gavin Fife Row i Douglas Rogers Daniel Eckhart Joseph Noble Jeffrey Marshall John Czajkowski Richard Ropson Steven McAlearney Fred Fagan Michael Vaccariello Row 2 Mark Perkinson Robert Hickman Christopher Cashman Christopher Lung Frank Goshey John Wilson Alexander Deluna Todd Flonnery Michael Kolster Andrew Guth Michael Ladner Kevin Dippery Herman Cestero Row 3 Brian Wong Michael Klemick James Selkirk Keith Brzozowsky Dennis Oleary Peter Zameska Christopher Stamper Eugene Martin Jeffrey Scott Gory Irvin Gregory Romero Richard Miller Not Pictured Marshall James Scott Powers r . n. ' li ? f, t f t t f.t t V3 - » • 4( ■ ' " - ■ ' % ' " K» ' 1 ' " V fl l ' Wi }E OF MIDSHlPf EN " COMPANY • 251 , TWENTY-SECOND COMPANY Company Officer: LCDR Richard L. Towner Fall Staff Company Commander: Tracy Howard Company Sub-Commander: John Wynn Company Adjutant: Wright McLeod Spring Staff Company Commander: Wendell Crouch Company Sub-Commander: Patrick Morrissey Company Adjutant: James Donnelly .vi 9 m € m ' ' r ' vmff- y rK . viiiABBM!V i ;:w»n n . -» t f f t f t-t-ff f ' f « ' ' «■ ' ■ ■ - • Ati ' V ' " r 1 ■ ' A ' initf 1987 1988 1989 Bow 1 Charles Schilling David Hogan Harry Schmidt Phillip Bond William McNeilley Donald Herndon Mary Kelly Robin Young Joycelin Robinson Bow 2 Nancy Springer Walt Martin Christopher Rapp Stephen Peters David Orans Gary Parker Robert Parker Mike Patten Paul Buck Charles Baker Patrick Wade Carlos Suarez Bow 3 Bradley Roberson Garry Parzych Jerry Lenaburg Michael Finch David Renberg Paul Newell Todd Bolinger Thomas Hubbard Brian McKone Bow 1 David Woodbury Robby Robinson John Feldkamp Wesley Summers David Sween Mari Song Michael Tanner Terry Emmert Eric Weilenman Bow 2 Richard Bryant Douglas Schueler John McKeon Matt Duddy Charies Cash Sean Reid Sean Bond Hank Colburn Jay Stejskal Travis Zach Jon Johnson Shawn Pe nrod Bow 3 Kevin Myers Harold Yeldell Gregg Lehocky Matthew Baiters Larry Gloss Michael Mahaney Eric Reinhold Anton Lorgiader Chris Drewello Eric Busko Mark Retzloff Not Plchirod Christian Dobleman Bow 1 Gerald Cavalisri Kathleen Monaghan Alison Smith Lauralyn Carter Tania Viera Solly Chamberlain Grace Stover Robert Wyand William Stomp Bow 2 Kevin Shanley James Melvin Shown Hendricks Tung Ho Michael Windlond Scott Lysaght Tony Kimberiin Chad Thompson Scott Love Chad Brivkalns Douglas Brown Matthew Caradonna Tony Frudakis Michael Reyes Byron Merritt Bow 3 Neol Fenton Thomas Bruno Gregory Allen Neal Quigley Gregory Wagner Scott Porter Mark Vondroff Steven Vanni Jose Garza Dawn Hixson Scott Hurm iff t:rf t t .w 1 . ., .. f t TWENTY-SECOND COMPANY • 255 mm inm tjM ' :at)BBHire Vi JWM i.»? :,- ' ; COMPANY . 257 «Vf «(!fvy_4 . -, . c jp p jF jr jf_ji- j jT tr r ( tf TWENTY-THIRD COMPANY ?IGADE OF MIDSHIPMEN :misiiiBasmlssf mi Company Officer: CAPT R. B. Peele Fall SfQff Company Commander: Joseph W Ihlan Company Sub-Commander: Richard M Gomez Company Adjutant: Michael G. Van Durick Spring Staff Company Commander: Gregory J. Mazenko Company Sub-Commander: Richard B. Lorentzeri Company Adjutant: Jeffrey L Tavares 111 r ' TWENTY-THRD COMPANY • 259 260 • THE BRIGADE OF MIDSH « l 1987 1988 1989 Row i Mark Brown Gregory Shinnick Thomas Henwood Stephan Smith William DeBruyn Randy Ferguson Michael Quinn Bow 2 Burt Espe Patrick Hurley Philip Cobb Richard Chao Wallace Moore Seth Hudgms James Raymond Paul Gosnell Edward Walker Joesph Van Helden Row 3 Steven Koto Hans Graverholt Mark Schreiber Brian McCowley Charles Kramer Brian Shamblin Thomas Maxfield Michael Radice James Peters Murray Cook Kenneth Rouser Mot PIcturod Row 1 William Suggs Richard Scott Blaine Pennypacker Robert Poellnitz Vincent Capiello David Rogers Claude Richardson Gory Formet Scott Christopher Row 2 Diane Wiggins Clifford Burgess Gregory Souter Michael Coleman Michael Dovis Ronal Startzel Brian Rothjen Christopher Abbott Frank Mays Rick Acheson Kimberley Boyer Row 3 Bow 1 James Walton Robert Stevens James Waters Brett Bekken Redante Decanoy William Ipock Jomes Clautice Alex Chao Ransom Rogers Bow 2 Charles Adams Luis Ramos John Guandolo Randy Reyes James Demott Michael Rollins Robert Fryer Mark Sanders Paul Ryan Matthew McLuckie Brian Tait Robert Boyles Julien Grant Bow 3 Aaron Ressler Stephen Barrie Reginald Howard John St. Clair Roger Suro Thomas Magnani Dominic Roberts Jonathan Lebaron Robert Priest James Weggen Casey Trovers Not Pictured Scott Baroun Jay Crobtree Bradly Vogt 262 • THE BRIGADE OF MIDSHI TWENTY-THIRD COMPANY • 263 r. f ■V4|»K«f V .Jfc. Jfrc ALL THIS f MORE... Sr g TWENTY-FOURTH COMPANY 264 . THE BRIGADE OF MIDSH Company Officer: LT Ron R. Evans Fall Staff Company Commander: Mark J. Angil Company Sub-Commander: James J. Puzan Company Adjutant: C. Frederick O ' Neill Spring Staff Company Commander: Raymond Poinsette Company Sub-Commander: Mark Eakes Company Adjutant: James Pasichuke .mm fUM 9 r: r r . » ' « « f « » t t % -- - t ' «(» ilK ' jfH 1 1987 1988 1989 ■ow 1 Kenneth Cundrff Poul Curran Chortes Wirth Darin Ashley Rudy Crespin Suzanne Brown Julie Helmers Rayonne Soupset Stephen Ryan Bow 2 John Baldwin Diana Farraday Adnenne Marks Stephen Giannone David Welch Gary Kirklond Wilbam Angeloni John Spitzer Stephen Locke Bow 3 Shekion Jo James Schreiber Timothy Slough Gotxiel Gomez Craig Perri Janet Walters Geoffrey Hotter Ed lonone Patrick Ahearn Samuel King Harry Benson Mot Shown Joseph Phillips Guy Simmons Bow Timothy Reicher Michael Mazza John Kropcho Gregg Martin Akan Androski Juan Rivera Pierre Kennedy Todd Hickerson Timothy Sweet Bow 2 David Vaiadez Joesph Lyons Charles Bailley Joseph Barton Dale Kelly Jock Salyers Todd Hickerson Robert Bello Hank Price Peter Yannokakis Bob Bello Bow 3 Andrew Wannamaker Douglas Jones Frederic Maiek Paul Simpson Thomas Buehner Robert Pescatore Thomas Temple Jeffrey Palmer Joseph Fronson Kevin Whearty Mark Damisch Mot Plctufd Dana Cook Bow 1 Don Gomboa Jack Stekdie David McCord Felix Bustilks Kenneth GokJing Mk:hoel Leupokj Dole Hurley Roger Galbraith Ron Slson Bow 2 Mary Jo Salerno James Imaman Gregory Weismon Bob Kendall Arthur Dove Ellen Gardner Wendy Miller Sean Fuller Thomas Reole Anne Cavey Carol Womock John Hoofnogle Bow 3 Waiiam Pennington Ernest Unsay Paul Day Mark Pimpo Andrew Escriva Thomas Coker Thomas Fletcher Brian Caldwell Down Hillman Richard Eitel Christine Tonabe Kevin Wesley Andrew Nugent Mot PIctwod Terrance Hammond .•K t f t t t t t t f M f 1 mH ■ ' ■ ' 4h ' fJK ' V » rK f e M m 9 ' 2 ' W ' : JfJfJfi ' J ■BRIGADE OF ML S SVv « t ,Vi, , it " . ,Al. ' ' N j j j jfjrjrr i: III ••M llllllll ■ Li r ' l • " J Brigade Of Midshipmen C ' " A SSV( , W,% . Battalion Officer: Lieutenant Colonel Anthony J. Pesavento EfllLilflii Battalion Commander: Donald Braswell Battalion Sub-Commander: Susan D Fink Battalion Operations: Christine E. Lombardi Battalion Adjutant: Morgan B. Jones Battalion Administration: James F Durand Battalion Supply: Peter D. Yarger Sorina Staff Battalion Commander: Jeffery McMullin Battalion Sub-Commander: Keith R. Wettschrek Battalion Operations: Todd A. Steffy Battalion Adjutant: Thomas Frizell Battalion Administration: Daniel F. Redmond Battalion Supply: Paul D. Lawrence Fifth Battalion • 2T . .m0 Ci W . .-. .ij, ..j n f mtitf rr ' -■ :. -.vr- ' !: ' -,. ..rc »i ir-.-- .PJJTJfXyY f , ORK HAI n ir% R TWENTY-FIFTH COMPANY iN H Company Officer: MAJ Charles W. Arnold Fall Staff Company Commander: Fred M. Rife, Jr Company Sub-Commander: George D Pointon Company Adjutant: Ellsa R. Martinez Spring Staff Company Commander: Russell G. Tysinger Company Sub-Commander: Stephen T Fay Company Adjutant: Keith W. Huntley rCCJMPANY • 273 • w.mM CjM m w m- j j jfjt ' j jrr i. t f III f i-i f l x» 1987 1988 1989 fl Bow 1 Rei Gonzalez Michael Carroll Gregory Miller Patrick Hamilton Michael Starkey Charles Daniels John Watson Nicholas Diorio Francis Fitzpatrick Bow 2 Kristopher Klein Brad Boyd Douglas Blackburn Scott Veach Rob Ellis Michael Wooster Charles Marsh Art Blanchard Michael Kiess Bow 3 Erik Shay David Sasek Frank Pereira Jack Franchi James Sullivan Michael Clark Dominick Oddo Enoch Blazis Michael Danzer John Burke Mot Pictured Anthony Bradley Michael Brooks John Fulp Keval Kamat Bow 1 Nicholas Amotuccio Fidel Morejon Paul Rumelhart Scott Manning Elizabeth Shaffer Kathleen Kubiske Michelle Meria Joseph Dundas Curtis Avery Bow 2 Mark Lamczyk Thomas Melnick David Chapotes Tomas Vera Kelly Wahler Bow 3 Michael Marchildon Brad Mullen Scott Valentine Dan Bacon Toa ' ale Mulitauaopele Thomas Tippett Ed Sloop Steven Trent Gregory Williams Not Pictured Mark Altobello Kevin Arnold David Baker Jeffrey Cassidy David Fravor Ernest Fuchs Lorene Paulsen Kirk Williams Todd Hickerson Bow 1 Vikrom Sardono Leif Harrison David Feuger Miodrag Nedeljkovic Joe Mandichak Peter O ' Connor Joseph Austin Javier Garcia John Gibson Bow 2 Chris Fraticelli Brian Bauer Keith Hicks James Gameros Matthew Welborn Azeem Jamshed Darin Marley Brian Frack Bow 3 Stephen McCormick Michael Pnefer Eric Christian John Trower Donald Brockett John LaPoint Robert Benson Timothy Litz Not Pictured Brian Canova Stephen Formello Wesley Guinn William Inman Elden Mayo James Myers Thomas Schmitt William Woods 0t t t It t- : : : : : : : : : : : : ' : : : : l .f.9 0CiM iTw ' jt jjfsfrf if f , 276 • THE BRIGADE OF MIDSHIPMEN ,SSH V, . .llJ f ' I COMPANY •277 . .9 0 CtM ' ■ ' ■- . ' - :Y.y -f •,i..ye v i yj ' j ' » fj jrjfx Yjr f , BSTS f(f( ( TWENTY-SIXTH COMPANY •• ' ■a ii; ) . 278 •THE BRIGADE OF MIDSHI « v,% , Company Officer: LT Dave M. Cameron Fall Staff Company Commander: Bryan S Semple Company Sub-Commander: Aaron S. Ellison Company Adjutant: Donald M. Bouchard Spring Staff Company Commander: James M. Kuhn Company Sub-Commander: Patrick B Stith Company Adjutant: Dibble, Bartley M. .: ' ICOMPANY • 279 0 €iM ' ' L I 1987 1988 1989 Bow 1 David Bement Clare Amy Richard Dikeman Craig Augenstein Jorge BlasinI David Kless Todd Cramer Michael Browne Robert Keith Bow 2 Thomas Wagner Daniel Snyder Ruben Soto Thomas Harrington Theodore Brown Thomas Browne Thomas Taliaferro Susan Davis Ann Padilla Bow 3 Christopher Gollen Michael Fields Chang Chung Steven Otto Patrick Stratton Michael Kurka James Cody John Polowczyk Brian Moloney Not PIcturod Robert MacArthur Margaret McKee Bow 1 Timothy Yanucil John Keeling Dean Valentine Christopher Snyder Dominick Cipolla Thomas Turner Wayne Brisson Steven Cedrun Eric Laing Bow 2 Carlos Floras Kevin Barnett James Sarfert Mark Guevarra James Moguire Lester Wolf Robert Staten Marshall Millet Alfred Bunge Bow 3 Michael Bramble Brian Bell Joseph Fischer Thomas Smith Thomas Victory James Johson Dean Orvis Ted Biggie David Cleary Not Pictured Alan Greenwood Kevin Ross John Santosolvo Anthony Thome Thomas Tierney Bow 1 Sherolyn Clark Roberta Hahn Michelle LaDuca Matthew Clucas Carl Petty Sean Kelly Derrick Reiton Michael Breslauer Frank Boylan Bow 2 Timothy Hofacre Christopher Harmer Monique Beauchesne Haydee Lewis Joseph Navratil David Michael Robert Saunders Scott Jensen Matthew Piacitelli Steven Debus Marvin Campbell James Schroeder David Moyer Victoria Summers Bow 3 Yessic Spencer Matthew Neild Edward Holt Steven Morris Joseph Carroll Christopher Owens Timothy McElligatt Robert Santiago Thad Smith Not Pictured Wesley Boyce James Gonsalves Steven Samaniego ■.■; ' rr ' " ■ ' •• A i •r ' " ' Wf r COMPANY • 281 ..Ji«:mkii.4 .1lt..: ivfif r .vnf L " • ' • • ' - - - ' - J ' jr ' jV ' r m ( ' « THE BRIGADE OF MIDSHI I TWENTY-SIXTH COMPANY • 283 mx jiL .} -r -i ' iii .f f m THE BRIGADE OF MID Company Officer: LT James P . Ransom Fall StaH Company Commander: Brian Skimmons Company Sub-Commander: Kirt Kranker Company Adjutant: Mike Wharton Spring Staff Company Commander: Keith Smith Company Sub-Commander: John Singel Company Adjutant: Mark Flores m iikui ' 2iB6 • THE BRIGADE OF MDSHIPMEN 1987 1988 1989 Row 1 Eric Lafnitzegger Mark Groothuis Paul Dupre Jim Byrne Joe Tenney Vic Tuttle Charles Ambrose Croig Branchfield Micriael Polcon Row 2 Laurence Lessard Thomas Adams Dawn Alvarez Jeanne Grabowsky Kathleen Buckley Patrick Hagerty Thomas Coyne Curtis Permito Michael Norton Joseph Seibert Row 3 Michael Ropiak Marc Firlie Stanley Jezior Lon Rodemacher James Green James Derrane Joseph Eversole Susan Mitchell Joseph Deleon Not Pictured Michael Flood Row 1 Alan Czeszynski Jerry Dickerson Greg Acton John Zimmerman Maximo Mejia Wilburn Thomas Robert Sparrock Kurt Juengling John Podolak Row 2 Thomas Pietkiewicz Celeo Murillo Brad Bookwalter David Hoff Steven Townsend Michael Munoz James Morten Ovi en Travis Dean Sacerdote Joseph Zebrovifski Row 3 Jed Smith Larry Strimple Thomas White Michael Hodges Thomas Gomez Matthew Felt Andrew McCartin Scott Morrissey Jeffrey Limile Not Pictured Richard Fatzinger Jerry Hupp Michael Schultz Mark Wesley Row 1 Susan Oxendine Jeneane Maddaloni Mary Robertson Frank Menarchick Tung Pham David Nosal Yvette Gonzalez Pat Hunkler Steve Mosier Row 2 Rich Beutter Paul Diehl Dan Gentry Calin Evon Laura Bush Charles Gears Jennifer Burch Matthew Sandoval Julia Smith Christopher Schaefer Julie Niedermaier Cary Krause Carlton Davis Row 3 David Grennek Michael Ballou Eric Hruschka Erik Barnes Robert Duguay Matthew Groom Lance Wood John Petit John Cunningham Albert Lewis Not Pictured James Glynn David Merker Paul Purdy Christopher Saat jl 1 BC Iv ' U 1 i k ¥: ..,: .. i - tiltK - ' - " ADE OF MIDSHI, ' ' IWI TWENTY-EIGHTH COMPANY DE OF MIDSHIP Company Officer: LT Mike F. Melo Fall Staff Company Commander: Jim Brocket! Company Sub-Commander: Nels Swanson Company Adjutant: Ken Arneson Spring Staff Company Commander: Jack Dingess Company Sub-Commander: Earl Totty, Jr. Company Adjutant: Todd Solomon » y • TWENTY-EIGHTH COMPANY • 291 ¥: ... _.-d 1iJ ' -f ' ' ' ' . ' .ftife?.,? ! ' ' §y 10 a Hj % Ih " ' ' ' 4 BRIGADE OF MIDSHIP 1987 1988 1989 Bow 1 John Dryer Stuart Littlejohn Patrick Flynn Eric Henry Gunnar Buzzard Robert Hickey Jeffrey Stec Tricia Thompson Laura Lott Bow 2 Daniel Shields Juan Wheat Michael Tobin Michael Cantwell Anthony Fernandes Greggory Monk Samuel Baker Steven Fenstemaker Patrick Curtin Bow 3 Sybil Bradley James Hagler Gil Diaz Vincent McBeth Kenneth Inglesby Steven Yoder John Quast Dave Dutch Patrick Quinn Kenneth Ham Hoi PIcturod Timothy Whelan Bow i Jim Rogers Keith Bell Duska Sahler Barbara Calister Kathleen Geer Jane Kurtz Jonathan Shemwell Marcos Javier Bow 2 Mark Breeden Rich Brennan Chris Valentino Jay Dill Dan Lewis Kevin Reed James Caulfield Raymond Villar Shevaun Webster Robert Beymer Richard Deguzman Dovid Nolan r rwin Fischer Bow 3 Jonathan Warner Michael Sawyer Robert lydens Thomas Sammon Kevin Voss Craig Anderson David Dowling Herbert Jones Paul Hoebler Not Pictured Dondi Edwards Darryl Lampkin David Shalikashvili Bow 1 Michael McConnell Patrick Brown Darryl Smith Mark Carlton Stephen Gutosky Alberto Alberto Erik Myhre Juan Segovia Bow 2 Jason Ross Hampton Tanner Braddock Treadway Deric Camarigg Lawrence Wadford Paul Dolan Brian Van Norman Robert McLauchlan Jeffrey Nopoliello John Hawley Bow 3 Mark Moglin Scott Davis Curtis Irby Martin Beoulieu Joseph Kerstiens Grant Mager James Schwab Brian Davis Mark Haden Not Pictured Timothy Cherry Curtis Wold «« f f»« t t »,» t I- » t «:t f t. ' rf f m.01 0, .,i r? ' ' rmum 294 .THE BRIGADE OF MIDSHIPMEN TWBITYNINTH COMPANY ' THE BRIGADE OF MIDSHIPMEN Company Officer: LT Jeff A. Tomeo Fall Staff Company Commander: Larry Maye Company Sub-Commander: Loretta Reynolds Company Adjutant: Alan Jarusewski Spring Staff Company Commander: Daniel Dufresne Company Sub-Commander: Russ Lindsey Company Adjutant: David Rhodes rm!smm ix4 ' ' r- " 1 " k n. r l , ? t lt tit t l " W298 • THE BRIGADE OF MIDSHIPMEN 1987 1988 1989 Bow 1 Lou Gregus Albert Desmarais Christopher Hodges Steven Sylvester David Quint Andy Rov e John Wells E ric Hollowoy Brett Pierson Bow 2 Keith Peden Michael Lombardo Robert Goodbody Michael Sheerin George Bnsbin Bill Howe Jim Willcockson Allen Cruz Michael Gieg Thomas Schwab Gregory Harris Robert Hollawell Bow 3 Thomas Graves Jettrey Colwell Michael D ' Ambro Timothy Wolf Roy Ledesma Dan Sammons James Merna Anthony Sindoni Alan Rogers Bow 1 Jason Summers Stephan Coker Timothy Brunn Timothy Mattison Joseph Brenner James Cox Cassondra Preer Elena Abuyen Robert Harrill Bow 2 Gretchen Stage Shoun Donnelly Brian Clancy George Mazzoli Bill Park Trey Wheeler Andrew Greene Ernest Kotsos Gregory Lamb Erik Gartzke Michael Clemens Bow 3 Judy Kempisty Steve Slodky Richard McGrath Scott Shire Eric Wyatt Christopher Okelberry Thomas Smith Michael Camilleri Jon Hooper William Fiery Robin Buxton Not Pictured Howard Payton Bow 1 Edward O ' Neill Christopher Zito Brian Treanor Brian Prather John Lowrie Gontran Lamberty Matthew Bishop John Olsen Rudy Padre Bow 2 Sean O ' Malley David Velez Michael Steodman John Lark in Kent Brown Clint Carroll Charles Mills Stephen Locke Joseph Baumgartner Aaron Gilbert Frank Cardello William Heyser Patrick Nath Kent Berry Bow 3 Brian Wetzler Vernon Cole Charles Gill Peter Watts Andrew D ' Ambrosio James Cooney Troy Holland Tom Svoboda James Ronka Daniel Smalley Not Pictured David Velez Wel A I m B , Ma X X £ 1 t TWENTY-ISJINTH COMPANY . 301 KJiSL- ;.! .;-. ' li -iiPF! 1 , v THIRTIETH COMPANY BRIGADE OF MIDSHIPM Company Officer: LT Tim G. Ruck Fall Staff Company Commander: Christopher J. Ainsworth Company Sub-Commander: John R Taylor Company Adjutant: William A. Rauscher Spring Staff Company Commander: Brian B Brown Company Sub-Commander: John A Collins Company Adjutant: D. J. English 1 t L m jM V 1 M- . m : ; rt J -V ' i Vfi ■ — 1 mm • • n ( n !i f ■mit • sm ■» ' • V T- fr " ™ " " loij InJ faifti wft j » mfz i| • 4 ' A " W%i0 • ' k " ' f i " V d ' lm 304 " . THE BRIGADE Of 1987 1988 1989 Row 1 Richard Williams Michael Metzger David Cox Jeff Cielo Ronnie Dictado David Casey Joseph Parks Christopher Olson Row 1 Robert Kovaichik David Romberger Row 2 Row 1 John Church David Cloe Jeffrey Lay Timothy Conway William Pickrel Rodney DeWalt William Macchione Bryan Brauns Jim Bates Milt Guzman Richard Thompson Brian Humm Dennis Sullivan Brian Felletier Cody Grammer Chris Rockovv James Sadler Ivan Pagan David Madigon Kenneth Harrison John Gasperino John Freese Randy Alexander James Holbrook Row 2 Mark Wiggins Scott Roth Todd MacDonald James Popielec Row 2 Stephen Coughlin Thomas Spatig Paul Kurisky Richard Canedo John Kemno Eric Wood Terry Moron Jeffrey Engel Rosendo Rodriguez Robert Grosse Matt Reeves Michael Jordan Christopher Dirks Row 3 David Lester Mary Cummings Stone Hill Skip Trahan Laura Stroman Brian Grimm John Pinnota Charisse Mann Edward Sterling Joseph Piontek Matthew Treoster Glen Zurlo John Plourde Annette Schlutermann William Moyer Robert Harrington Andrew Shaw Tom McAvoy Row 3 Row 3 Walter Robohn Rudi Saldivar Keith Beals Harry Pelto Timothy Roylonce Scott Lowry Dean Vontol Scott Stanford Poul Qualey Lance Westerlund Mark Mykleby Jon Swonson Patrick Peterson Jason Hardebeck Chris Warren Joker Jenkins Daniel Snyder Robert Simi William Townsend David Postoll Michael Milo Not Pictured Daniel McMillan Michael Bynum John Mohn Eric Schoenbucher Thomas Gaffney Brent Samuels t _f t t _t ».»-t _f ■ ' s:::7 Tywmmm : s306 • THE BRIGADE OF MIDSHIPMEh THIRTIETH COMPANY • 307 ■ ' ' ? 308 • THE BRIGADE OF MDSHIHOE I Fall Staff Battalion Battalion Battalion Battalion Battalion Battalion Battalion Officer: Commander G. Daniel Moore Commander: Roger J, Morin Sub-Commander: Bret D Wise Operations: Jeffrey S. Ruth Adjutant: James D. Barnes Administration: Kim K Lee Supply: James L. Mailloux Spring Staff Battalion Commander: Kenneth A Bogdan Battalion Sub-Commander: John G Worman Battalion Operations: John Marc Wiemann Battalion Adjutant: William Kiestler Battalion Administration: Jeffrey M Durand Battalion Supply: Daniel L. Lachance SIXTH BAHAUCN 1 SKTH BATTALION • 309 m- ..- ' ' - ■ ' - s i mmi THIRTY-FIRST COMPANY _ 0 • TrtE BRK3ADE OF MIDSHIPMEN Company Officer: LT Frank G. Scholley Fall Staff Company Commander: John Bamonte Company Sub-Commander: Damon Boteson Company Adjutant: Patricia McCarthy Spring Staff Company Commander: J Cooper Crouse Company Sub-Commander: Tom McGovern Company Adjutant: Peter B Van Tasser 1987 1988 1989 Bow 1 Robert Zaorski Michael Huber Rodney Graves Joel Baker Leonard Borgdorff John Young Danny Nygaard John McGowan Michael Smith Row 2 Michael Wanebo Ben Glenn Gary Janac Edword Eckerf Dale Anderson John Vertel Daniel Dougherty Patrick Perkins Bow 3 Robert Smith John Sniffen Paul Bourgeois Scott Lochndge Spencer Wall Michael Lavigna George Williams Steve Pitrof Sean Coughlm Not Pictured Anthony Diggie Lozaurnei Dugger Gregory Hill Leroy Vaughn Bow 1 Kathleen Brennan Lini McCarthy Johnny Tucker Bcrty Brown Donny Waymire Barry Gum Tom Williams Margaret Jockel Lori Sorokotch Bow 2 James Spence Christopher Karp Craig Colby Nhut Tron Thomas McKeon Rudolph Janiczek Eric Savage Currie Crookston Bow 3 John Romines Marshall Swor Todd Kile Erich Wahl Karl Droese Kenneth Posed William Rowell Anthony Ludovici James Traa Not Pictured Michael Ovello Roshed Elmosiimony James Grassey Christopher Lord Erin Wilson Bow 1 Joseph How ard David Schlievert Ron Redick Scott RusseU Robert Jones Donokl Gelsinger Louis Durso Eddie Glosper David Maxwell Bow 2 John Ryan Michael Harnett Stewart Chang Phillip Lindogan Robert Stauder Joseph Klein Anthony Bigbee Trnothy Phillips Kenneth Dyer Michael Leschinsky Emil Peoples Terry Kimberling Bow 2 William Jividen Christopher Knight Bryan Anderson Charles Stout Burton Sunderland Daniel Miller Steve Dickson Marc Pedalino Mark Rawlins Thomas Wondo Robert Smith John Dotka Not Pictured James Joyner Dennis Roudebush Eric Toweson ft If « tf t». I f f t I ft f «, f TWTY-FRST COMPANY • 313 ..-rt WKky - ' ' v- ' ».i -y KMUlJIJ f k f « SHKe brigade OFMI Sfck H Ml • ») . ' ' ...- ' iiS W. ' !lW THIRTY-SECOND COMPANY k ; BRIGADE OF MDS. Company Officer: LT Allison A. Audilet Fall Staff Company Commander: Rick Merrill Company Sub-Commander: Tom O Keefe Company Administration: John Gensure Spring Staf f Company Commander: Gerald Pfeifer Company Sub-Commander: Kurt Enrlquez Company Administration: Dan Moses THRTY-SBpOND COMPANY . 317 ...»r-« ky - ' -°r ' ' i.»,Jj V } ' . gm J M j .:., ? t- f. t. « If t:t f:|f lift „ 1987 1988 1989 Row 1 Arthur Pruett Christopher Wilson John Wiikens Stocey Headley Lisa Rathjen Anthony Cimafranca Matt Mullins Grady Banister Jeffrey Moss Row 7 Eric Parker Kathy Allen John Zulick Jonathan Jewell Gregory Zymbaluk Douglas Keller Derrick Smith Darin McCloy Mercedes Liwski Thomas Bacigalupo Randy Johnson Row 3 Thomas Wilder Scott Brown Stephen Ballister Timothy Thomure Ted Anderson John Flynn Eric Leong Timothy Flonan Richard McGrath Michael Maiogne f H 1 Row 1 Matthew Le Clair Samuel Clemmons John Twibell Bruce Jobs Bryan Graham Craig Bender Stephen Lorentzen Paul Stader Daniel Merrill Row 2 Noel Salvanero Ken Burgett Michael Morris Frank Dembia Michael Jones Gregory Hitchan Thomas Kiss Dane Thorleifson John Tramont David Albritton Stephen Leon Andrew Mueck Steven Thorne Row 3 John Nobers Tim Andrews Leiand Johnson Sonjay Mathur Daniel Kramer Thomas Nigon Helge Carson Timothy Keefe Adriaen Morse Michael Hosken Bow i Alan Petro Joseph Roth Ted Wingfield Joseph Fagan Jeffrey Bradbury James Ehlert Wade Turvold Jeremy Chio Shan Byrne Row 7 David Sadler Kristen Colbert Colin Brady Kevin Claffy John Shassberger Steve Grass Dale Fajardo Pete Garvin Leopold Blum Zach Bell Carlos Grez Lynn Johnson Barbara Sousa Row 3 Joseph Steele Ronald Draker Michael Knowles Brian Engel Jay Bitting Anthony Menzl Gevan Reeves Jerry Boster John Hunczak -.a8!aiiBS--v?rs»E . .-■ ymmi t t I ft f f t r ■• ; • 4t • n • ' jti- md rn. ' THRTY-SECOND COMPANY .— .. . ' v. -i.iSJi«.W,liJISI H " few-; ' ' THIRTY-THIRD COMPANY h BRIGADE OF MiDSh Company Officer: LT Timothy M. Mulcare Foil Staff Company Commander: Mark Barth Company Sub-Commander: Chris Kinsey Company Adjutant: David Green Spring Staff Company Commander: Mark Roeckell Company Sub-Commander: Andrew Tanner Company Adjutant: Harvey Winters I COMPANY • 323 ;f: ft I tvt.f: :r, TW fr |y ir ViVPl ' si Ifca hi • I .r .n -f ft ft;;! Iff I l, ft ,tf ' t ' :l |r ' t ' _ _ iv« _ _ JTIiPf If «P iWW 1987 1988 t?89 Row 1 George Saroch Bob Misch Chris Dunphy Stephen Nogy Michoel Demchak Ted Williams Susanne Clautice Poul Brow Scott Wolfe Bow 2 Chnstopher Memom Patrick Kelly Gary Walker Steve Cohan Duncan Hart Ben Griffith Alex Rapadas Michael Hill Elizabeth Wuestenberg James Morgan Bow 3 Todd Buechs Jay McKelvey Tim Callahan Robert Olsen Miguel Rodriguez Warren Buller Steven Battle John Bays Thomas Van Atta Mot PIctufd Carol Berry VlifJK t k Bow 1 Jose Rossy William Tobin Daniel Begeman Barry Crosby Jim Zito Scott Kelly Thomas McCarthy Matthew Blockwell Bow 2 Peter Dunphy Greg Florence Paul Ambrogi Darren Olson Chris Dempsey Jim Bortlett Dave Lopez Joe Dacanay Jim Hawkins David Hitt Robert Cooper John Kasuda David Hallisey Bow 3 James Lanoue James Harlan Wesley Spence Brian O ' Donnell Robin Sarner Paul Lehman Bryan Monteith William Daly Christopher LaPenna Anthony Mazzeo Not Plctufod Thomas Manning Bow 1 Jose Morales Erin Zellers Peggy Bosnic Theresa Lewis Catherine Masar Jennifer Jaunsen Stepanie Schoiiaert Claudia Perez Katherine Coviello Bow 2 David Rose Kevin Lynne Paul Cook Charles Quintas Felip e Luna Michael Tribble Todd Pfeiffer John Rogers Harold Cornwall Glenn Miller Douglas Perry Scott Wine Robert Busby Ronakj Pawlo Dennis O ' Rourke Jerome Conn Bow 3 Glenn Barker John Smith Patrick Hudson Matthew Suess Paul Averna James Barnhill Edwin Reed Mark Kneisel David Walker Thomas Robertson Andrew Kenny John Kainer Not Pictured Karen West " o n . ♦ « ft f 1 _f r f v.. V- BRIGADE OF MIDSHIfSM THRl feJHRD COMPANY . 327 v — i.Ji .l i ■ 3 r ■ ' y .v. i I j,i»_ THIRTY-FOURTH COMPANY i Company Officer: CAPT R. G. Houck Fall Sfgff Company Commander: Robert Prior Company Sub-Commander: Joy Surina Company Adjutant: Henry Silva Spring Staff Company Commander: William Rohm Company Sub-Commander: John Crook Company Adjutant: Andrew Metroko mi 1 I 1 J f « t « f »»» » ft t I t Vt : 330 • THE BRIGADE OF MIDSHIPN i 1987 1988 Bow 1 Graham Rogers Gary Corter Charles Cassidy Bourke Millgan Douglas Schutz Michael Georgiefski Kevin Hol.and William Weber Erica Safiler Row 2 Steven Ivory James Kushner David Johnson Scott Bowmer Ronald Woodamon Dofxjld Ward Tod Northcott Louis Zoccardi Bow 3 Rob Roberson Michael TluchowskI Jim Matheson Eddie Schofieid TtvDrrxDS Marzec Douglas Hanson Robert Kay Mot Ptcturod Morjorie Trott Bow 1 Michael Dinardo Steven Wiemon Lance Davidson Tr omas Beck Richard Bruns John Lemmon Mark Hageniocher Paul Savoge James Campbell Bow 2 Paul Martel Christian Nordlie Michael Cox Michael Tabb Thomas Trotter David Wheeler Michael Foumier George Turner Jack C ' Donnel Paul Muller Michael James Bow 3 Robert Miller Jonathan Hupp Eric Veit Mike Chesire Stephen Kim Mark Butler Jeff Muller Christopher Bushnell Michael Brown Jeffrey Morgraf Mot PIcturod Stephen Hossell William Hisock Scott Wilson 1989 Bow 1 Barbora Tucker JeonPierre Brousset Brian Hathaway Joe Huffdker Richard HuBt Christopher Fatheree WHIkam Tibbs George Acosta Derek Fuler Bow 2 Mark Kaprat Pierre Hintor James Rich Peter Lehordy Robert Lewis Donakb Vangilder Russell Bandong Heidi Dickerson Thomas Popp Darrin Whaley Dan Vetter Cathy Donohue Ben Koenig Bow 3 Lee Modesrtt Brian Nicholson Jay Darrell Carl Ward James Melone Michael Eggleston WBom Donnelly Ed Drew Darryl Anderson Ann Ftollenbeck Mot Pteturod Daniel Catlin Nkjro Humi Dieter Jobe Mark Richardson Joseph Toth Sheryl Trent n W B _ H f f I ft t • f « jftr ' i»yA m.0, ■ A _ _ _ • _ • _ « _ ' _ % ' . I t 4 S. ..Jti i I 332 • THE BRIGADE OF MID. k " - ' - " ■ ' ' -ils W ' " ' ' " ' V, a s ,-( A%!t •A •.icT Vkv. = y lN W m Fd 1 r ' I THIRTY-FIFTH COMPANY " Ht BRIGADE OF MIDSHIPN Company Officer: LT Chris Wenz Fall Staff Company Commander: John L Swanson Company Sub-Commander: Paul A, Gardner Company Administration: Karen Fallon Spring Staff Company Commander: Paul R Demers Company Sub-Commander: Bruce F Loveless Company Administration: Jeffrey D. Dibble ) THRTii-RFTH COMPANY ; •m .,BRK3ADE OF MIDSHIPMEN 1987 1988 1989 Row 1 Row 1 Desmond Smith David Turnbaugh Row 1 James London David Salomon Mark Fox Robert Cecchini David Lopez Joseph Steffon Fredrick Hall Steven Kephart Brooks Clark Scot Fuhrmon Philip Cronin John O ' Boyle Michael Hammond Robert Wilson Rick Stollmeyer Marjorie Conby David Hurley James Springer Roger Clark David Thorn Guy Braden Max Aguilor Sean Moriorty Andrew Ricciuti Row 2 Row 2 Thomas Mattson Clarke Woodfin Larry McFall Row 2 Damon Fields KrI Liebl Kent Kirby Alex Weiner Lino Covarrubias Don Shaffer Glenn Pendrick Jon Stevenson Phil Brandt Timothy Kunkel Thod Nisbeft Michael Watt Bradley Hermsen Chad Acey Bruce Shuttleworth Loren Wisniewski Edward Gray Michael Weigert James Zarzoco Mike Cousins David Anderson James Owens Jeff Jones Ramon Cancio Taurio McMillan Michael Honna Daryl Wagoner Daniel Conley Philip Young Michael Rovenstine Philip Campbell Kevin Stafford Row 3 Row 3 Kevin Brown Robert Adier James McGrath Edward Turnberg Chris Melling Sean Leory Row 3 John Raymond Steven Tiedeman Bruce Black David Beemer Colin Walsh Timothy Smith Scott Seeberger John Mclnerney Charles Bailey Logan Jones Rtehord Montgomery Paul Zippel Jeffrey Kane Earl Jones Christopher Cloy John Gordon Christina Green Sean Johnson Roger Hilarides Rene Cerdo Tom Mothis Wesley Mumm Not Pictured Brian McGoldrick Not Pictured David Greer Stephen Cook Richard Galvan Nancy Rogers Richard Dodson r f ff tf ft If II ; , t t t t tit t I r 1 THRTY-Ff TH COMPANY . 337 ■r ny i» im M 338 • THE BRIGADE OF MIDSHIPMEN THRTY-FFTH COMPANY • 339 --:i w-v...,iy. .W;j«H ' I V i. Llj . ' . THIRTY-SIXTH COMPANY N ■THE BRIGADE OF MIDSHIPMEN n " - Company Officer: LT William B. Standley Fall Sfgff Company Commander: Matthew J. Hickey Company Sub Commander: Mark S Tuneff Company Administration: Bill C Kiestler Sprlna Staff Company Commander: Kent A Pard Company Sub-Commander: Scott C Rumph Company Administration: Bruce R Hudson TH COMPANY . 341 t t I « t «._t I I ■ 2 • THE BRIGADE OF MIDSHIP I! 1987 1988 Bow 1 Gregory Thompson John Mellor Paul Saksvlg Matthew Midea Richard MacMurchy Anthony Gonzales John Meissel Arthur Cimiluca Robert Shepard Bow 2 John Hall Doug Wilson Andrew Vulllemot John Wilson Ron Smith John Young Joseph Simei Kirk Baldin Bow 3 David Robinson Robert Bums Gary Schabert Jackson McGrady Daniel Bates James Swanson Mark Winkler Not PlctufOd Andrew Coffey Owen Duke John Weaver Bow 1 Clay Cosby Steve Pontell Robert Pridgen Rich Clark Don Bates Scott Diaz Michael Cornere David Shelver Scott McClure Bow 2 Bob Collins Ken Zieleck Greg Wild Keith Burgess Cynthia Putzback Klaus Barboza Cynthia Hooker Jerry Stokes Cheryl Beddick Ronald Seits Peter Limoge Kristin Bakkegard Bow 3 Ward Quinn John Schulte Mark Levett Kevin Head Troy Saunders Myron Hall Scott Wassel Gary Carpenter Christopher David Joseph Whitaker 1989 Bow 1 David Johnson Timothy Buffington Matthew Buffington Matthew Tysler David Loderer James Rodriguez Duane Carr Ronald Neff Daniel Consie Bow 2 William Harber William Dodge John Wolf Nicholas Etten Robert Roy Joseph Eisert Jason Michal Rob Bossett Gregory Huffman Gregory Hall Timothy Nyland James Snore Mac Mera Robert Velez James Gorman Bret Pasiuk Per Lovfald Bow 3 John Hoyt David Cox Christopher Cross Charles Henderson Michael Sherman Gary Burger Michael Barber Brian Montgomery Stephen Burnett Benjamin Salerno Matthew Ungerleider James Finn Mario De La Ossa t t I _f I t f f % • A - tmjfik- ' m ' - H " o THRTY-SIXTH COMPANY • 343 . ' likW.W JfiRIGADE OF MIDSHIPMEN Jifc ' juftl ' ii - OMPANY • 345 ■K ' " - jy J 3 w t ' J: 346 • CLASS OF 86 X ' ' lMSHV CLASS OWI 986 " t i " r™ ' . .JSI 1 - p ' » 1 ■■■ B FIRST COMPANY TIMOTHY A. ADAMS Quartz Hill. California TOGA- Tim " Old Gnarly " Adams - came to Navy from a grueling sub tour In Hawaii and an equally stren- uous year at USC A nuke par ex- cellence, Tim has 133 days " under- neatti " as a mid His days astiore tiave been a struggle to get ttie Interview wtille squeezing every drop of Navy blood he could as Bri- gade vampire. Not one to waste time, he hos a Chapel date with Lauren 3 days after the day. We expect Togamltes In the oven by Christmas, PFO JAMES N. ADKINS III Georgetown. Texas Apple pie, Chevrolet, and Jim Ad- kins — the words just seem to go to- gether. From his willing smile, to his brains, to his stripes, and to his equally oll-American " friend, " Mary, Jim Is a mother ' s dream. His accomplishments read like on awards ceremony, but he still man- aged to find time for wild partying on Bourbon St , Glee Club trips, and a few rides to the University of Dela- ware Jims success won ' t stop now, as his daily trips to College Park for more school signify, and It won ' t cease when he enters the submarine force Best of luck to you and Mary, and thanks for being a true friend AJL ALLAN G. ALTERA Marietta, Georgia Allan came to USNA after having an eventful high school career. Un- known as a plebe, he concentrat- ed on academics and swimming Youngster cruise on AOE-3 Instilled In him the love of the sea. He con- tinued his academic excellence due to his underage drinking status. Second class year he had the privi- lege of serving under a fine Mid as academic officer and at June Week took Miss Teen Virginia to the Ring dance much to the dismay of one of his classmates, Firstie cruise took Allan to the Canadian Navy and their shipboard bar. He was V.P, of Tou Beta Worm, Good luck in Japan; warrior! ROBERT T. BADER I Ontario. California i Some people are born great, and others have greatness thrust upon them , , , and then there ' s Bob, Af- ter receiving his green card and ar- riving at Boat School In the back of a stolen pickup truck. Bob pro- ceeded to rewrite Naval history Heavily armed with his Macintosh, young Mllo explored the height? and more frequently, the depths ol professionalism. Bob could often be seen on display in the model mid- shipman room, because he was c model mid (except for his T.V., mi- crowave, motorcycle, open-end- ed Ac log, phone, and barber shop). He did manage to get c Burke scholarship, but even a bllnc squirrel finds an acorn every now and then. With his offbeat sense o humor and uncanny ability to ovoic convictions, the Corps is getting c good man. Mi casa, su casa. ij ' " W ' S [JQJ ,. I ' fr tamer • ' jeeQi£-t i sxces y :M, -OS-:: WjCTOCisgr;, ' vceBestoiif.- DOUGLAS B. BECKER Springfield, Illinois Doug hails from the Land of Lincoln, and came to Canoe U with prior military experience Sitting around, drinking beer and playing cards as a weekend warrior prepared him well for USNA ' Sooner or later you ' ll go General ' became Doug ' s motto after Dynamics took its toll As Gri- mace of G ' , you always knew what was in his brown paper bags A man of impeccable taste, Doug be- came a member of the Corvette Clan Although he ' s not the best break dancer, he knows that the only good brain cell is a dead one The roots of the family tree run deep See you at Trader ' s happy hour SLD JEFF BEUISTRI Severna Park, Maryland Jeff was Q local boy from Severna Park who came to Navy to major in lacrosse and be an Ail-American Well, he ended up just being an " easy-ography major " The Kid was easy to spot on the field with his nose extending past his face guard and his bony knees Weekends found Jeff at Clarke ' s on his private bar stool demonstrating his excel- lent taste in women 1 c year was interrupted by a 6-week Spring Break, but it looks like we made it. Babe! Don ' t worry, your Dad knows! DCW ERIC J. BRUNER Medford Lakes, New Jersey Gomez arrived at Canoe U, with a hangover and in a state of shock, IVIost of his first year was spent on the soccer fields and running G ra- dio station. Eric excelled in all as- pects of Academy life, by winning a letter in rugby, being elected headworm by his engineering frat. and leading Fun One his final se- mester Besides plenty of accom- plishments. Eric had a long list of un- forgettable experiences, even though some he cannot remember: being on a spy mission at army, tak- ing on four bouncers at Ft Lauder- dale, or destroying a stereo without the use of force But Gomez will al- ways be remembered as a great friend. Navy Air is his calling so keep flying high, PJT DANIEL J. BURQUE Wilbraham, Massachusetts What can you say about a man who is a legend in his own time? First there was James Dean, then there was Clint Eastwood. Now there ' s Dan Burque, without whose musical tirades in King Hall, life would not have been the same. Seriously, Dan is one of the very few people to have survived this institution both largely unscathed and profoundly changed On 1-Day. I found myself rooming with a shy. considerate classmate. Now I room with a confi- dent, aggressive, young man who is as kindly as the day I met him Navy Oir is getting a real gem. Take care, and stay in touch, BPD tiiioa •06 IOC ' W EAN M. CODDINGTON ' ' lor Lake. Minnesota .lAYNARDi This computer genius ■ame to Navy to fly jets but four laars of beer goggles made him a ockseat man in more ways than le This exemplary midshipman re- iBfined the meaning of account- oiiity. Why sleep in class ' ' Use your lomi The condition Z concept, i elve hours of sleep a day, made ; stay at Navy seem a mere two i»ars, Ivlaynard tried — prostituting msetf to the nucs but, instead, ' enwhelmed the Admiral with his •)sire to fly Sorry, no bonus buddy strong background in beer con- mption, womanizing, and tailgat- ) makes him well prepared for the ■ors of the Pensacola party life. ppy Carrier Landings ' 1-B BOYS STEVEN L. DANIELS St Francis, Kansas Steve set out to the big city to fly and to make a name for himself It seems he ' s gotten both. The man known as Chunks, Slor, Evil K , Rip Van, Pylon, and Crash has taken Navy Air for his service selection He should fly jets after all of the tricks he ' s learned with cars and motor- cycles. It is a wonder Rip has sur- vived the math major The rack monster and Steven King booked up a tough fight His pillow was defi- nitely mightier than his pen Steve, if you can stay away from Hood, Ivlos parties, and B B buritos, you ' ll be fine. The roots of the family tree run deep See you at Trader ' s happy hour DBB BRIAN P. DELBARBA Princeton, Illinois Brian may be in the military, but he will always be a civilian at heart. He has excelled in his aerospace engi- neering major and has been a valu- able participant in company sports. His easy-going outlook on life has been an important characteristic to help offset the pressures en- countered here. It will help him to keep everything in perspective as the demands made of him will in- crease as he enters the nuclear power program He has not only been a roommate but also a good friend. Good luck. Brian! JAMES K. DICAMPLI Manassas, Virginia Jim rolled into USNA from Manassas with a circuit diagram in his heart and the gleam of an HP in his eye, Jim ' s love affair with EE has had its rocky moments, but any doubts should be dispelled by the big grin he wears whenever he sports his 74 ■! Op- Amp T-shirt Ever a lover of the creature comforts, Jim took his car loan and nuke bonus and de- termined to make his firstie year as painless as possible While that port and starboord ring of his had us all thinking Jim was a SWO bro for sure he fooled us all and joined the Silent Service Ivlaybe they have nicer wardrooms underwater? Fair pro- tons and following neutrons. 1ST COtVIPANY • 349 ERIC D. FARRFkL Rochester. New York Eric is not a typical New Yorker, which) means that he can read and write He learned to do it so well, he has a 3-5 in math, a very hard ma- jor?? He constantly brags about his super Supra-but I think he only likes it because it has a view and he won ' t be seeing much out of his sub, Eric had the chance to skate in Supply Corps but his sense of duty won out-duty to his wallet that is! But this new found money should help fund Eric ' s major hobbies; drinking, b-boli, partying and drink- ing As Eric forges ahead. I know he will succeed as he has here in the FUN One Fair winds and swift un- derwater currents! Cousin Head 1- B BOYS FIRST COMPANY JAMES K. HAMEL, JR. Mount Vernon. Virginia A UVA swim recruit who wandered thru USNA ' s gates and didn ' t realize his mistake until after " , so help me God, " Jamie, affectionately known as ' Hymie. ' is a swimmer to the core and a part-time student That unique and refreshing attitude characterizing his stay at USNA will benefit him in the fleet Jamie is a prime example of what persever- ance will accomplish, even when the odds and six AcBoards are against him Though swayed heavi- ly to select one of the lost marine air billets (yss ,.- --odel mid vied for the covr - r position), he firmly stOL ; and se- lected the sv., .. joly AO- 179. 2.0 and go! BMi? GAM 350 • CLASS OF 1986 JAMES R. HATALA Lebanon. New Jersey Hardwork, enthusiasm, and knowl- edge! Jimmy Hatala came to the Naval Academy with these words in mind He applied himself aca- demically as a ' Mech-E ' . frequently studying 40 hours a week Still find- ing time to run and work out. Jim probably wore out a record num- ber of shoes Remember that cold Marine Corps Marathon ' ' Well, those tough years paid off to the tune of first class year, a nuke bo- nus, and 3 striper libs As you drive, your BMW out the gate one final time. Jim. remember all of us and these days May God grant you good success and bless you and yours abundantly PATRICK J. HOFFMAN Ambler. Pennsylvania Horsey. Horsehead. Hotter First Years Football. Louie. Rogers, St art. Anyone else ' ' I don ' t knc about this Frankie. Penn State. Nc Champs, Classes. Eng " 5 Phy S Good Grades, Liberty Relaxctic P-cola, Look Pot, did you drive tl car ' ' Final Countdown 280Z Plebe Det, Sick and Skinney, Fo( balP Gettin Serious ' ' Matzko a the O— line, up downs. Mtgs . Pre tice , Nap did what ' ' Oh No Do- in Orlando . The Outcome 2 ters. 1 N-stor. 1 New Major. A F- striction Tryout. 8 Miles Later - Been Fun Being a 1 -Brother FAE ' ' irii iiiiii MrT ' ' ' fc ' •J JO j, . 35 ;of! .._ ■ ' • Wo, 5x :: ' ' TO Kr : I TIMOTHY J. KRAMER I Mechanicsberg. Pennsylvania Convicted of stealing lunchi money rrom first graders, Tim was sen- •enced to 4 years tiard labor at trie Naval Academy Upon arriving here he found ttie conditions quite con- ducive to his mental instability But, Tim quickly adjusted, and soon the only things that surpossed his pro- ' esslonallsm were his neatness and jDillty to wear the uniform. Being a Simple lad by nature, he was con- tent with the zoo or a quiet evening ■n MHo ' s world Continuing to live life on the bayonet ' s edge. Tim finds iimself heading for the salt water and sea breeze where his insanity ■night put some adventure into the TODD M. LADOUCEUR Farmington Hills. Michigan Todd arrived at USNA from Michi- gan with Outstanding credentials His academic and leadership traits blossomed immediately during plebe year He was never at a loss to express his opinions and often his sharp wit showed his lighter humor- ous side He excelled m Aero de- spite not fitting the mold of his Aero peers As a second class he earned the position of Batt Cdr, but was unjustly rewarded his first class year Firstie year his high school sweet- heart left him due to the navy life Since then, Todd has tasted the va- riety of life Good luck at NASA fol- lowed by TBS and on your goal as an astronaut UNH BA LE Annapolis. Maryland Linh wanted to come to USNA so bad that he left his native Saigon in favor of Annapolis. Not wanting things to be too easy he went sys- tems, and subsequently spent many hours under the study lamp. His hard work payed off with his suc- cessful bid for Surface Nuke. But it wasn ' t all work and no play for this Don Juan of Vietnam When he wasn ' t at home enjoying his moms good cooking, Linh could be found out with the boys soaking down a few brews If " ninja " applies himself with anything approaching the fer- vor he attacked USNA with he ' ll be a fantastic success in the fleet and beyond. ANDREW J. URETTE Houma. Louisiana Jack lives from one adventure to the next, with just enough time in between to recount the stories From the bayous of Louisiana, Jack brought to USNA his zest for fun and mischief, his personal warmth, and a high set of goals and ideals. Jack ' s gallivanting around the country on Glee Club trips, Florida roadtrips, and ski weekends provid- ed perfect material for Jack ' s brand of storytelling. Something in this four year saga convinced Jack that the Marine Corps was the place for him. The Marine Corps will be all the better having a man like Jack as part of it. JNA iHOfff - " ■.■sr-o ■■: iUl W. MEYER tmars. lowa ■Jul arrived here at USNA with his ork boots, golf clubs, and a mind I of dedication Not one to waste ' y Itoerly, Paul spent much of his le at his sponsors taking some ■le out to run the Marine Corps arattvDh, attend Church, and visit sweetheart and soon-to-be- fe. Liso (On May 21. a date famil- to us all!) Paul had no trouble •vice selection mght for the USMC ' 3s just right for him To a super t fson — God bless you and Lisa q - jys. JRH GLENN A. MILLER Lawton. Oklahoma Mr GQ fell for the Gold Dust ads 2 c year, even though he swears up and down that he doesn ' t know anyone named Tracy but we have proof — the names on his checking account The King of Gouge always pulled through the night before the big e«ams if he wasn ' t sleeping Speaking of which, his goal was to sleep at least 12 hours day That way he only had to spend 2 years at Canoe U He ' s re- sponsible for I990 ' s Reef Points ' quote " He came, he slept, he graduated number 117. " The " Twitch " will live on XOXO 4 TLF ACR MiCHEAL NIEMIERA Dale City. Virginia Mike came to USNA after a stint at Naps His Ail-American status as a 150 lb football lineman was not earned over to the academic world. Sleep overtook studying. Chicken pocks as a plege, N sweater as a youngster, unsat for a bnef time and Co Cdr. as a second class and true love as a firstie sum- marize his career He was destined for Surface line and took a grueling YP cruise first class year to prepare himself Mike should be an out- standing Surface Line officer arid we wish him all the best at SWOS and EOOW scfiool Fair Winds arKJ folkDwing seas! scon A. OROICH Superior, Nebraska Scott came to Navy out of the booming metropolis of Superior, Neb Famous for his one liners like. If they can ' t take a joke. OH WELL, or Now that you mentioned Drink! Starting as an Aero Eng . Scott soon learned the meaning of " Sooner or later you ' ll go General " Nothing got him down As long as he had a cold Bud. his genuine bull hide boots, and someone to abuse, he was in heaven Fly high and do it to them before they do it to you ' Good Luck, Abe! (Don ' t ever get the idea that l like you!) 1ST COMPANY . 351 FIRST COMPANY PETER F. OWEN Virginia Beach. Virginia A green mustang. Pete ooraahed himself through the Academy Too gungy for words (the tew you could understand), he was always there when you didn ' t want him or hod food Pigeon-holed away in some surely vital but obscure staff job. he never had to be anywhere his last year Pete is returning to the Marine Corps, with a fine future as an Infan- try Officer ahead of him OOOR- AAHH! TAA KENNETH I. PAGACH Edison. New Jersey Rugby games, 4 striper libs, and a fast car were all important to Kip his first class year Kip always enjoyed the " after rugby game celebra- tions " and his 5 liter machine pro- vided him with quick transportation back to Mother B to take care of his job OS Brigade Honor Chairman Kip surprised us all when he decided to talk with Admiral McKee about a job in the NUC SUB business. Kip, you are an honorable man with an hon- orable cause Good luck to you al- ways! J(?H ALFRED C. RAINES, II Wayne. Oklationna AC, came to the hallowed halls of the Chesapeake University of Na- val Technology from the thriving metropolis of Wayne. Ok. nearly the heart of Okia, Ace ' s bright " or- ange " MG demonstrates his desire for faster cars, younger women. and older whiskey. Although Gramps worked hard on academ- ics, his addage that " D is for Diplo- ma " holds true for almost all mids No matter what happens. AC. will still be one of the first 130 to gradu- ate. There is a certain couple who will miss ycj and your barber skills. but will aiwQy ;. welcoms you in their home, regaic ' ess of your talents. GAM DENNIS LEO REDMOND Freehold. New Jersey " Menace " Redmond came to the Academy from " The Boss ' s " home- town. Not your soft spoken type, Dennis ' articulate verbosity and boisterous laugh would echo through Bancroft Hall, Dennis caught a wild hair early in his acad- emy career, opting for on engi- neering major, but his love of the rack soon swayed him into the his- tory major However, oil the wild hairs weren ' t clipped. The future will probably find Dennis in the cockpit of a Navy F-14, so if you ever hear that lough in the hole of a carrier, you ' ll know who is there 352 • CLASS OF 1986 I ' VtViS ' - HJll %i BRIAN M. RILEY Caro. Michigan Bnan, alias Vladimir and Buckets, hails from the home town of Caro. Michigan and pledges allegiance to Michigan and Georgia Tech. A very forthright and upstanding indi- vidual Mr Riley proved to be very understanding and in most in- stances a plebe ' s " best friend. " A Chemistry Major and a part-time in- structor for plebe chemistry in the nan, Brian ended up choosing Nuke for the money and Surface Line to curb his passion for life at sea Brian w be truly missed for his very pro- fessional attitude though everyone knows that he will make an out- I standing addition to the fleet. DD- 1976 USS MERRILL, way to go BRIAN! JKH AVID C. WEIR est Chester . Pennsylvania 3y Dave. Wake up. you ' re sleep- g through graduation! Our per- stuol sieeper came to us with a 3t soccer foot, preppie clothes XI a kX3d of rotten jokes Being a oud scientist, Dave majored in e extracurriculars such as inebria- n. travetng to real colleges, riots id kicking his soccer adversaries 1 the shins. The future looks bright ■ Dave after graduation since he » be MTiping into a set of Marine 3«ns and then into an ejection 3t m P-cola Good Luck Dave, d remember the boys are behind u OS wen as Hank and Froggy! jivice for Dove Watch the loiter- m Lauderdale and keep Mr Ho H under control SAO JOSEPH R. THAMES North Carolina Joey, along with " G " marched into Navy after a year of BOOST for an exciting plebe summer with room- mates Jeff and Dave Teaming up with " T " Wells brought on three years of womanizing, starting dur- ing Youngster Summeri Fun times ' Thanks goes to Mom and Dad, bra- Tony and sis-Shell. Quantico (Ma- rine Land) now awaits him (Sorry. Rob, no subs), and later P-cola. STFB PAUL J. TUZZOLO Sfaten island. New York Tuz2 arrived at the Academy from the Big Apple, where he obviously perfected the art of butchering the English language. He brought with him a desire to fly, a large beak, and a pair of feet that turned visi- tors at our door. For Tuzz, academ- ics progressively worsened as we received more liberty, in spite of this. Paul survived the ocean engi- neering major as CO of Team Xe- rox. Tuzz succeeded as a mid by only hiding his ambition to be a der- elict, which was revealed many a weekend A cold Bud. a fast car. and a diploma will keep Tuzz hap- py Soar with the best. Tuzz, you belong there! Remember DMOS. G and Schnoppauges LARRY S. WALKER San Antonio. Texas Larry " Sleep " Walker came to USNA as a pseudopiebe with a brash Texas grin From day 1 life was just sleep, rock-n-roll, and the " ckasses countdown " His blue RX-7 was the envy of all upperclass Since his car was blue, Larry chose his uniform to be blue. Blue as in bus driver polyester. But if one kDoks past Larry ' s shell of cowboy boots and assorted Texas paraphernalia, one sees a true " hedonistic mo- ron. " Yes. while Larry isn ' t sleeping, his favorite habitat is a hot tub with a girl and a margarita. In 25 years one can expect to see Larry as an Air Force general . . . with hot tub, girl, and margarita. " Uncle Scary, " IB BOYS TONY WELLS Wheaton. Maryland Tony, commonly called " T-Bone " . was a local product from Md Being a recruited athlete had its draw- backs, as T-Bone will tell you. Bas- ketball did provide a welcome es- cape from Mother-B, and along wrth team roommate Skylor Whi- taker who loved to irk him, he cruised into Youngster Year, which brought on an all-time high 2.75 sqpr, and the discovery that wom- en will believe almost anything First Class year brought " T " many chal- lenges: President of the Ring and Crest Committee, and the Semp)er Fi Society " T-Bone " would like to thank Mom, Dad. and Aunt Jo for all the prayers and support MEE (The Boy!) RANDAL J. WOLF Yokum, Texas RarxJy. a good ole ' boy from Yo- kum, Texas, came to USNA for a challenge and got it. He met the challenge with 3 24 hour semesters, summer school and a 3 6 QPR That started the decline from reality. Ap- athy set in and China became his focus. Here he excelled and won the NAFAC best paper award Stripes seemed to allude him as he dkJ not fit the " striper " mold. He did get Batt Adj and a great roomie, though. Randy tunneled his poly sci vision and joined the nuclear navy. After TAD in China and the comple- tion of his enlightenment at Nuke school Randy will undoubtedly be an outstanding Warrior Good luck in the Orienti TML AGA JEFFREY S. WOLSTENHOLME Marys ville, Ohio At first gkance, Jeff appears to be the typical all-American boy — blond hair, blue eyes. Track star from a small mid western town. In reality, Jim McMahon studied under The Kid! A party animal par excel- lence. J W set the standard fof the 3-striper way of living. The man does everything with style, whettier he ' s waterskiing on the Severn, getting radicol haircuts, or floating in aquatic slumber while dreaming of the French Riviera. Yes, though Navy Air shot him down. Jeff was consoled by a free trip to Italy aboard the 6th Fleet ' s Flagship Batten down the hatches. Belknap. cuz Navy ' s finest is coming aboard! 1-8 BOYS!! 1ST COMPANY . 353 jrr DOUOLAS R. ALLEN Reston. Virginia Doug was disappointed when he was not allowed to commute from his home in DC. suburb to school, but his love for the Academy grew to even surpass his love for the Corps. After a year of basketball, when Doug had his more significant dental work done on the court by elbows, he decided intromurals were the way to go Masochism drove him towards systems engi- neering, which gave Doug 3 won- derful years of sadistic profs Even though denied his Marine Corps bil- let, Doug settled for Navy Pilot Hopefully the TA-4 ' s will survive the onslaught FLY NAVYi JAMES JOSEPH BALDING Newark. Delaware Jim arrived at the Naval Academy with a voice like a dog whistle. which explains why he would hove done so well out in town, if not for that great girl from Delaware Through back-breaking academic endeavor, and the fact that he is a fan tastic physical specimen. Jim had any service to select from In the end, though, he chose nuclear submarines, not for the great pay in the navy, but the great pay out of the navy. RUN SILENT. RUN DEEP THE BOYS JOHN W. BALL JR. Ozarl . Alabama John arrived a good ole boy from Ozark. Alabama where life was sim- ple and talk was slow Needless to soy. 1-Day was a nightmare for John. By Youngster Year. John awoke from his nightmare only to have another one with Mechanical Engineering. Through gallons of Mountain Dews and hundreds of sunrises. John was able to conquer MECH E He ' s now off to conquer his new assignment in Japan, Good luck rubbing elbows with the High and Mighty on the Blue Ridge. THE BOYS RICHARD S. BARBON Bucks County, Pennsylvania We knew Rich was destined to be c Marine when at birth he cut his owr umbilical cord with a K-Bor knife. He came to the Academy being the only Mid in the history of Navy tc enjoy plebe year As an uppercloss Rich deviated from a Mech E de gree to weeding out communist in filtrators in the 4th class He set up c command post (Khe Sonh) one spent many a study hour cleonin; his rifle, crossbow, and knife Honin; his Marine skills, leave time wo spent jumping out of airplanes one running through the underbrush . , And this is the man you want ft marry. Michele?? Good Luck. Th( Boys, ERIC B. BOYER London. England Eric come to the Naval Academy via NAPS where he was the vale- dictorian He was the type of room- mate easy to hate he always had fewer classes, did less homework, and got better grades than his roommates. His one major aca- demic setback was when his sys- tems project refused to work (due to probable terrorist sabotage) Other than these. Eric was easy to get along with, and could be trust- ed with a blind faith , , , One of his most unpredictable acts was his service selec ' ion choice, which until the night bf - ' action he was considering and Marine Corps — bu ' . J-, from ser- vice selection an ,NrO, FLY NAVYMI DRA STEPHEN E. CARWIN Cincinnati. Otiio Steve came to the Academy, long haired and ready for action After a few weeks of plebe summer, Steve disappeared from the hall to the swimming pool and then the library He did not reappear until Youngster Year Steve was well known for his ability to out eat and drink every- one at free banquets During youngster cruise, Steve developed a strong love for the Orient He re- turned there on first class cruise to learn more about the strange and mystical culture. Steve was shocked to learn that if he went USMC he would have to lose his hair again He leaves us to go into Naval Aviation, We wish him luck. The Boys. CARMINE CICCOLLELA Plan view. New York After a one year party at NAPS, Carmine came to the Academy to reassure his classmates with a wink that plebe year was no big deal Because of Chic ' s academic excel- lence he became an astute politi- cal scientist who always had the gouge. However, the gouge never seemed enough for the PCR Most people stroll their way into service selection, but Chico sleepwalked his way into the Supply Corps Car- mine will always be remembered for his quick wit and relentless sense of humor GOOD LUCK to both you and Dede THE BOYS EDWARD J. COWAN Stone tvlountain. Georgia Ted ' s goals were to be a vars swimmer, valedictorian, and t gade commander 4 years later SIR chit ran out and he emergi from his room as fieldboll coach a squad leader. He was a hard wc er, when he wasn ' t over the w He wasn ' t sure what to major in ' he tried Aero, OceanO, and f ' Sci, but only between the tirrs when Margaret called and bef - 1 1 pm bedtime Good luck in - cola with your furniture We V ' you and Margaret the best, Lc3 Ya. The Boys 354 • CLASS OF 1986 «I.I«|0N ir-«4th::: n post f.-, SECOND COMPANY SHAUN A. DEEMING Beaverton. Oregon Psycho came to us a sweet and innocent all-american boy ready for adventure. And adventure is wtiot tie found. His personal mem- oirs include moonshots on the library copy machine, and many a vixen left crying in her beer because he wos unsat and had to return to the crib by 0100, Now this man is smooth, but nobody can operate that quickly (except for once). Our military Lance- " ' a " lot is one of the few and the proud. Yes. he has an honorary barstool at Riordan ' s, and never needs to show his ID Thus earning the name " Joe Annapolis. " By the woy he is going to be a Ma- rine aviator. HUGS AND KISSEShiihimi THE BOYS MATTHEW B. DOLAN Marlboro. Massachusetts Here is a trustworthy saying that deserves full acceptance: Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners- of whom I am the worst. But for that very reason I was shown mercy so that in me, the worst of sinners, Christ Jesus might display His unlimited patience as an example for those who would believe on Him and receive eternal lite (1 Timothy 1 15-16) For even the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give His life as a ran- som for many, (Mark 10:45) WILLIAM P. FLINTER Long Island. New York " Wild Bill " left the island an aver- age, overweight American kid but will hit the fleet as a lean and mean fighting Marine machine Because he slept his way through plebe sum- mer, the administration felt that the rest of his indoc would be fulfilled by rooming with me. After painstaking efforts. Bill was called away to serve his company as the XO, where his time was spent weather- ing more injustices of the hands of Rich Barbon Because of this, it is my pleasure to award Bill the room- mote award Which enables him to fly a F A- 18. get shot down and go to a PO.W camp. I love yo babe. The " K " STEPHEN N. FRICK Gibsonia. Pennsylvania Steve hailed from the fabled, exot- ic city of Pittsburgh But at the age of 17, he left in pursuit of the Ameri- can dream! To have a Naval Acad- emy degree, a ' 65 Corvette, and a single seat jet fighter. After an early brush with the unknown (Mech E), Steve saw the light and changed his major to Aero. He read novels during finals week and made mod- els during study hour, getting aca- demic credit for them! Well, like most cheap stories, this one has a happy ending Steve got his ' 65 Vette, graduated within the top 50 of his class, and is going to flight school. FLY NAVYi 2ND COMPANY • 355 ERIC W. JOHNSON Albany, California After a one year party at NAPS. Eric came to the Academy for a crude awakening. During plebe year, " pack rat " learned the definition of PDA. OBSTCR. Form-2, and the " General. " Over the next two years, " fire hydrant " had his share of women and economic strangu- lation, culminating with his fling with the " thing that wouldn ' t die. " " Bar- ney Rubble ' s " final year at USNA had both ups and lots of downs (4000 -I- 6000), but through it all E.J. had the winning smile while walking on his toes. GOOD LUCK in the fleet and with Donna. THE BOYS ANTHONY DARRELL JORDAN Montgomery. Alabama After making a spur of the moment decision to come to the academy, Tony had 4 years to reconsider his decision. Tony ' s motto was, " Got 5 minutes? Do another EE drill. " To prove this he used to take catnaps in class, and then study all night Tony typifies all the unique abilities to adapt needed by all Naval offi- cers. He ca me to us a single D B guidon bearing Marine lifer and left a married SWO rugger EE. Good luck with Kay and in the Gator freighters. Thank God you ' re on a ship you can ground and get away with it, at least not have to swim away from it Love THE BOYS till " JAV AKIRA KADOWAKI Europe Jay came to the east coast fully believing that he was entering one of the finest liberal arts academies in the nation. He came with clear cut goals. He strived for nothing less than excellence with vigor and moral perpitude. But sometime dur- ing 1-day he lost sight of his goals and woke up 4 years later in Rior- dan ' s saloon, where he was quoted as saying, " If this bar stool goes, I go with it; my post is here. " Banzai, THE BOYS. BRUCE KENNINGTON Honolulu, Hawaii Go Navy I Beat Army! MICHAEL PATRICK KILUON Cherry Hill, New Jersey The following is a typical Michael P Killion salutation: " Yo dude, can I borrow your (you fill in the blank). " Translation: " Yo dude, hand it over, your never going to see it again. " Killer gave up punch- ing sergeants at M MA to ridicule all who crossed his path. All this while earning four time All-Ameri- can honors in 150 ' s and becoming captain of the boxing team. Mike will best be remembered for his unique conte Dorary fashions (in and c You never sow Mike . - on his face, his charrTi .j, , . , , _: „ , ,o will help him in the Corp. Good Luck and go RE- CON. Smell YoMNiM! THE BOYS ERIC MARTINUZZI Redford Michigan Eric, known and loved as Uzzi, came to the academy from that " hub of the North " Redford , Michi- gan. He soon realized his dream of academic perfection by becoming the first permanent resident of Nim- itz Library Never to be mistaken for a geek, Uzzi soon brought a new meaning to the word machismoi Armed with his favorite shades (geekers), Uzzi pumped iron until he cast a shadow like an inverted pyr- amid. After a small drooling experi- ence he became the Don Juan of the Glee Club. Uzzi will soon be working with things that go boom in the night as a SPEC OPS officer. Good luck Uzzi, we ' ll miss you!! JOHNATHAN L. McDONALD Jacksonville, Florida John came to us from the kicked- back life of sunny Florida and quick- ly decided that the plebe experi- ence was not for him After skating through plebe year on the track team, Mac decided that the Academy had more to offer — ev- ery room had a full length mirror, in front of which he spent many hours After four years of him telling us, we finally realized he was ALMOST as good as he said he was. Fly high in the sky and with Yvette. Good Luck from, THE BOYS ROBERT MICHAEL MOORE Hay market, Virginia Bob is known for his perseveranc not his luck After applying to th Academy for four years, he was I nally accepted His " luck " contit ued during plebe year when V wound up in " 360 ' s " motivatic squad. An intense relationship see developed as plebe was older the squad leader From plebe year Be went on to Mech E. where he he stimulating encounters with tt Rocket. Despite all these setbaci ' Bob maintained his HO HO Icuc and his multitude of moods. A whi wind romance and a surface lir billet are now upon Bob ' s horizor GOOD LUCK, THE BOYS. 356 • CLASS OF 1986 , of " «= ■■ SECOND COMPANY CARL H. MUENCH Rochester. New York Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own under- stonding, in all your ways acknowl- edge Him and He will make your paths straight Taste and see that the Lord is good, blessed is he who takes refuge in Him His compassion never fails but is new each morning Great is Your faithfulness Whatever was to my profit I now consider loss for the sake of Christ I consider ev- erything a loss compared to the surpassing greatness of knowing Christ Jesus my Lord I do not con- sider myself to have taken hold of it but forgetting what is behind, press on for the prize of the upward coll of God CIENN A. PERKINS Edgewaterpark. New Jersey Gone to Europe -,i;: .vrj: %jm ADRIAN A. SANCHEZ Los Angeles. California His initial interest was sparked when he heard that everyone got a green card. Once here, he realized the nuke bonus would go a long way to putting gas in his dream car (a truck) and buying typewriter rib- bon for all the stories he writes. Be- ing the non-conformist he is, he not only got good grades in Systems but lettered in Judo, showing not all engineers ore gecktor-heads. Good luck glowing. Adrian, we will miss your wierd sense of humor Love ya THE BOYS •)0 PETER M. SCHEUFELE Palo Alio. California Pete left behind the beautiful S F, Bay-area to spend a year at NAPS and then join us here " by the boy " Soon offer return of the brigade plebe year, Pe e was working long hours on bulletin boards and tran- soms For this effort and a good memory tor Plebe trivia. Pete was made third-class Company Com- mander, but his leadership in the company diminished as his time at the boathouse on the Varsity Crew team increased Applying himself to history papers, crew practices, and the ' 86 Trident Calendar, Pete gave it his best, sampling what life here had to offer, and is moving on with an open mind in the NFO crowd 2ND COMPANY • 357 THIRD COMPANY DAVID P. SCIORTINO Floral Park. New York Dave came to the Naval Academy because of its reputation for aca- demic excellence, moral strength and discipline, but what finally sealed it wa% the car loan He finally satisfied his lifelong search for the car of his dreams It all followed one simple equation-car plus nuke pow- er bonus equals women Ultimately, he made up for his first three years here by becoming an untiring wom- anizer OS a first class Finally, he leaves them all behind for the call of the deep signed, THE BOYS ANTHONY W. STANCIL Merry Hill. North Carolina Tony blinked into the Academy and left behind his hogs, dogs one, two, and three, and coon hunting. Tony was famous for his ability to utterly confuse everyone before EE tests (the rotor and the stator) He had an uncanny knack of being able to pull himself out of potential academic trouble with final exams. Tony studied SEAL tactics to figure out how to deal with his profs He leaves us to go into Marine Corps aviation We wish him luck The Boys ALAN VANDERPYL Blacksburg. Virginia When asked where he was from, Dutch used to say " Turkey. Persia, Germany, my father is in the Air Force he flew F-4s in Vietnam " However, by youngster year we were able to break him of that " sin- gles bar line " From plebe summer onward Dutch — or Alan, as the la- dies that knew him know him — was master of the gray area From plebe year problems with baby- teeth, to the youngster sailboat cruise with Dizzy Izzy. to academic under-ochiever second class year. to a Job-like sago of car crashes. lost love, and lost hair, he survived to become the Phoenix rising from the cigarette ashes to achieve graduation. Lodies. I knew him once, you can too LAWRENCE E. WOOD Lineville. Alabama Lorry came from the land of mint juleps and glodiolas to grace the Academy with on honest-to-good- ness true representation of a real " Suthurn Gentiemun " Eager to ex- perience all the Academy had to offer, our Trident Scholar thrust him- self into academics, commanding the company, and partying with the rowdiest of the company ' s Boys But preferring the loid-bock. easy-going life of the South. Larry decided to kick back in the Civil Engineer Corps for a spell, where he IS shere to hit the top Good luck and " Yo ' ll take care now, ' THE BOYS 358 • CLASS OF 1986 h lSHS 1 1L« I DANIEL J. BALUSTER Rochester, New York It wasn ' t easy. It wasn ' t supposed to be DJB ELIZABETH ROBERTA BASS Annapolis, Maryland She journeyed oil thie way from the boy to join summercamp. It was a little rough going at first, but she caught on Most people thought there was nothing but air up there, but I knew better Elizabeth was as nice as could be and always had a smile or sarcastic poke She could never understand that no matter how good a sport she was or how many beers she promised to slam down a woman just couldn ' t party with the boys The times she did though were good ones. Her Fa trip OS well as those G-town nites were great As a track star and a friend she always came thru Bobbi helped make my 1 c year the best and she made me quite an outdoorsman JEFFREY M. DAHL Golden Valley. Minnesota Jeff came to USNA with wings in his eyes, but left with the corps in his heart, Jeff grew up in the state of Minnesota ( " God ' s Country, " as he puts it) and never lets you forget it A fine distance runner, he ran two strong seasons for Navy Then, he set out on his own An Aero major for a few semesters, he proved the old saying " Sooner or later you ' ll go general " Jeff parties as hard as he works, Wabanna ' 85 is a prime ex- ample Jeff always has a flair for a scorching romance, but manages to stay out of trouble Jeff, you ' re a true friend Go for it! -MTD MICHAEL T. DIVERGE Schaumburg. Illinois Not an academic powerhouse. Mike arrived a runner with a Navy scholarship Mike soon realized that USNA entailed more than running Inspired by an American flag. Mike adapted well and became Com- pany Cdr by First Class year. His in- tense win-at-ail-costs attitude did not interfere with support of others Mike survived stitches, beast bites. 1 137 rumbles. Wabanna and 5 Bat- tle R ' s. Mike was always attached to Monica, and despite our ribbing, developed a special relationship (Long distance is the next best thing) The flag is still there and the Marines are getting one of the best men it will ever have Good luck! DML MGP ANCY JEAN DYKHOFF arkersburg Mest Virginia jst after we figured out how to renounce her name, we also fig- ' ed out that this serious, budding arc was really a soft-touch with a ompbell-Kid grin Hailing from the ooming metropolis of Porkersburg, est " By God " Virginia (lest we ver forget) this spunky oarswo- lan with her inimitable JC Penney yie proved to be an invaluable end and an irreplacable room- ate Armed with only her bears Id Cynthia ' s letters, Nancy has anoged to remain firmly in touch ith reality despite the fishbowl, T Door, and her fellow aeros )st of luck, we ' ll be watching the les for you Oh and Nancy, are e having fun yef No, really JOHANN B. FOURNIER Sierra Vista. Arizona Not even MIT could change Jo- hann ' s choice to come to USNA This was probably because of their lack of a P G fighter pilot job After a tough Plebe year, youngster cruise saw him hard at work on his sunton in Hawaii Three years of a tough Systems major awarded him free weekends in his room to study One of the things that pulled him through was his newly found social life, finding Georgetown the hard way. and wild trips to Lauderdale Johann will always be remembered by his kindness and his ability to laugh at his troubles Watch out Navy, here comes a real " Officer and a Gentleman " TPM LEONARD B. GABION Newport, Rhode island Lendog came as a salt from NAPS Only his acodemics did he forget So he enjoyed his weekends to the max Till ac. probation him would not let. In osmosis the Beylon truly believed Not even a hurricane limited his tail Let Washington now begin to grieve O ' poor Lenny has taken up soil. Very welcome are you. the ladies yelled louder. Ever cuttin ' up surf and skiin ' the powder ROBERT L. GRAY Zushi, JAPAN Having been raised in Japan, Uncle Rob was in for a culture shock when he arrived at Naps Although well mannered and reserved, Rob al- ways left a lasting impression on people. Not quite understanding the minds of East Coast women and still looking for a car to buy. we never had a lack of conversation topics Cedar Hill was home away from home, and memories of turbo station wagons. Summit Lake and Sushi will always remind us of you God bless you. brother 2 Tim 2 15 E.DH 3RD COMPANY • 359 USA M. HOSACK Pembroke Pines. Florida At first I thougti she showed no emotion, but then I realized that Lisa is simply honest. It is hard to get to know her. Her friendliness is genu- ine but reserved for those she cares o great deal about She is strong- willed, capable and brilliant Her ex- treme efficiency will always be a mystery to those who meet her How she can read James Bond or Robert Ludlum books during exams, take regular naps in that red co- coon of a sleeping bog and still get everything done before it ' s due I ' ll never know Lisa loved to cheer, hated to run, and did both for Navy, She kept her Reebox and burned her running shoes MATTHEW KIRBY Potomac. Maryland Beginning his career at the Boat School as the 23rd Co problem child. Matt immediately impressed everyone with his positive attitude and professionalism. Plebe year Matt and Tom spent many a drunk- en Saturday at Timmy ' s discovering just how much beer nine cents could buy A reckless youngster year rooming with Junior and Jamie didn ' t mix with academic success and Matt was blessed with two Ac Board appearances that deep- ened his appreciation of physics Unfortunately, after two years of in- spiring performance, the infamous Q banished him to 3rd Co where he lived unhappily after ever RICHARD A. KRUSE Walthill. Nebraska After vacationing a year at the U of Nebraska the Cruiser made a quick transition from the cornfields to mother B With his moon boots and marlboros he quickly earned the reputation as Mr Cool Even with his party experience with the Goucher 6 and Wabanna gong he managed to lose 3 days of memory and 3 layers of skin in Lauderdale With a sympathetic ear and natural leadership abilities he assumed the role of Co Cdr Surviving many manball bottles not always un- scathed he kicked some bootie on the hoops court Now after 4 years of hard labor in the aerospace lobs he ' s going to get a shot at the real thing in Pensacola DOUGLAS M. LARRATT Madison. Connecticut Known to all as the Raft, he soon earned a reputation as a lovable, absent-minded professor. Not known for his ingeneous pick-up lines ( " Hi, I ' m Doug " ), his baby blue eyes come through as a big hit with the girls The Rott shocked us all with a Saab Turbo after four years of fiscal conservatism (i e the MPU deal) Raft impressed us with his ski- ing, windsurfing and soiling abilities Raft was an integral port of our weekend adventures such as Wa- banna ' 85, the Goucher 6, Ft Lau- derdale and countless others Ratt will always be part of 1137 Navy Air will never be the samei We will miss you. Good Lucki MTD MGP NANCY E. MANN Dallas. Texas Before she realized that she had joined a fraternity, this bundle of energy ended up at USNA To recti- fy the situation as best she could, she became a Navy cheerleader For four years. Nonce has been o never ending supply of " Go Navy " ' s for the home team and her friends She earned her jump wings 2 c year in academics and her purple heart as the bouncing cheerleader This decorated veter- an won the hearts of all her friends through her never-ending enthusi- asm one; --■ ' - - ' ic outlook on life We cc .St- Nancy of having rrk or too little mo! " , . ' jrm " get- ting crated ' Semper Fi Nancy JOHN R. MANSUETI Saint Mictiaels. Maryland The Mantis Shackled by Matrimony eons before l-doy, he and Laura of- ficially joined the Navy along with the rest of the boys Leaving Laura outside Gate 3, the Nimitz stud graced his SATNESS factor on the Laytee ' s and Brohomms of 3rd Co His bartending abilities surfaced as the Montis unleashed himself on Lauderdale, Wobanno, and even WC Boom-Boom Mansueti pum- meled Bott Boxers while earning 3 battle R ' s As a French-Speaking gourmet Oceonographer, he found his name on the Supe ' s List 4 consecutive times he was always the stabilizing force to keep the boys from going over the edge at parties He will soon be gyrating at P-Colo AGNES M. MAYEAUX Baton Rouge. Louisiana What can we possibly soy about a character like Aggie ' ' One thing for sure, she definitely is proud of her Cojun heritage As a matter of fact, a definite similarity exists be- tween New Orleans and Aggie— Partyi When Aggie walks into a bar, a space opens up on the dance- floor, drinks are offered, and the fun begins When she isn ' t out on the town, she ' s behind the wheel of Daisy May (more like Lemon May!) to find excitement-or rather it finds her A few memories from the gong Just another " Ike Hall Girl " Getting thrown off the turnpike Fun with ducks! Summer school at River- sides Big and stupid— A real god- dess in progress CV MT GLEN A. MILES Timonium. Maryland It con be said that Glen Miles d ' not let his studies interfere with t college education Women or bartenders from across the sto ' will swear by it Glen will just laug and remember captain of the It team and a 3-time AA, 2 WoO ' word Ct, and getting USMC at tr buzzer He will remember the und ing support from his parents, and I will want to forget Smoke Hall, b not the staggering right in Terplai that put him there Glennie- thor for all the laughs Its been 2 ' i yec of battling, but the best is yet come Keep the rap sharp and st- in the fast lone Let the good tirr ' roll B F 360 • CLASS OF 1986 — i THIRD COMPANY TODD P. MIUEP ea a ' ■o ' c, c.-e- • :-r.3ire; ,ea.- unteoshed Todd He wasted no time in meeting every civilian around. AJways enttmsiastic. Todd used 2 C summer to rest his mind Academic year saw Todd cheering for Navy at al those away gomes. Tred of the cold, he Sved off the land in Key Largo. That surrvner Todd dried ptebes and recaits. He got engaged at Ring Dcrice. Ser- vice selection left 2nd LT Maier USMC , Look out Marines, tiere ' s one ttKTts more than meets ttie eye Good Luck Todd! JBF ADAM E. PATERSON 9-ee ' Cz.e Sengs. Florida " ie doorstep of 1 It was Second - _ _ ay after an un- expeciea Ofrve inrough ttie woods. Starting wfth a critcal trip down- town. Spkash wcKJd bolcSy show up for a kite night at the Academy Motel, a txazardous mess r t, and other isokated incKlents. A-D-A-M was always up for a weekend ex- curskan or weeknight distractkDn to avoid the monotony. Tt LTM pre- ferred to take a risk with his ward- robe and sought more cSverse mu- sic He went through trencticoats faster ttxin Nattie Bo ' s end was gkxj to get through ttie game and head back to Rorido to fly. conserva- e oppor- :oca ap- ' ex-crew : ' -er 5 se- -r ebroted ;-s to Ft :: " !. Never : 3 party. - er of ttie ctier 6, -dtheO " ie year emofa- the beast ana 2 Ez- He is a great frienc the surface cc " .- NANCY L. PROUT SuccasuvTa. New Jersey Nar cy came to the academy from Morristown. although her family c ontinued moving unti a find set- tlement in Houston. After a brief stint with engogement. single life was decidedly the way to go. n never forget muttipie visits to the Ctxjrt House ond many outings on Sl afternoons. She ptayed b-b i for 3 yrs inti her knee deckded enough was enough. 2nd semester 1st ckass year found her with 3 stripes and was a time for mirxx d- terotkDns. Recuperoton akxig wtti the new Sbs Qave her a second resi- dence at thfe Meck ' s. Sup Corps seemed ttie only way to go and Go promises to be much fun. I owe it al to my kDving parents. Ttionks. 3RD COMPAfMY . 36 ■ DAVID PATRICK ROACH Redwood Valley. California Macho ' s life began in a Wendy ' s drive through even though he had existed IS years previously in Jim Jone ' s old hometovi n. He alvi ays added something to the group the Wabanna theme song, the hyena laugh, and that vivacious smile We rescued Macho from D B and he joined Q rock-n-roll band. His inno- cence was often questioned on those escapades to Maryland, Washington, and the Lodge, but he was always sure to make that CAL phone call. And as for outdoor sports David was a bit of a trapper himself, Dave was always a good roommate and helped me through some rough academic times, David is a true friend and I ' m glad the par- ty ' s not over yet JLW ROBERT D. ROUND Leawood. Kansas Pounder was born into the wrong nationality After 4 yrs he finally lost his American accent By firstie year he spoke Spanish so fast that ever the Puerto Ricans couldn ' t under- stand him Bob never had a steady girl, but Big Ed never complained Too bad the model showed up in Parade wearing a wedding dress " What was her name ' ' " Bob did it all. got great grades, partied his brains out with the Ripper, surfed the tubes in PR, and 0,C. Adios, Ace and remember . , , One Man, One Wave JAMES G. RYAN Toms River. New Jersey To the guys, you ' ve all been great The super times and the friendship you ' ve given have made it all worthwhile To my family, thanks for always being there ROBERTA CLAIRE SHAW Eugene. Oregon Arriving from the far-off lands of Or- egon, a mild-mannered girl arrived at Annapolis with the goal of flying Navy Air No one could hove tor- seen the Robbie that would come to be known as the " Crazed Killer " of 3rd company Neither sea, nor land, nor air was left unconquered by Robbie who participated in scu- ba, ran 3 marathons, and jumped out of airplanes in her spare time A true friend, Robbie always had o kind word or special song just right tor the occasion Long after all oth- er memories fade, Robbie will be remembered as a servant of God who ran the race to win (1 Cor 924) CHARLES V. SIZEMORE Savannah, Georgia Little Verbon came to us from the deep south resort of Savannah and the loving arms of Big Verbon and Lil Edna. He spent plebe summer staring at red freckles, washing skivvies, and dreaming about Billie Goat. A party animal who slurs at the smell of beer, he escaped the Goucher 6 incident to help master- mind Wabanna 85, The Georgia Peach was quite the jock, first earn- ing a ISO ' s letter then going on to captain the powerlifting team and kick butt at Nationals for two years. Our last Baft Cdr cruised thru Mech Eng and will now be cruising down to P-Cola in search of Southern Girls and fast jets, RAK ROBERT W. STEVENSON Memphis. Tennessee This is the tale of Tank Always known to be frank Knew when things began to stank Ever full of bologna. Leading the Brotherhood pack Found in the wardroom, on weekend or in the rack Had the ' If it wasn ' t good enough, it wouldn ' t be the minimum ' knack Caught by a honey from Bowie, Not physically nor scholastically a king He ' s got you ' re ' thing ' In the clouds in his flyin machine Note: Never freebase your Tang! AMF! -RDR- REID T. TOKORO Honolulu. Hawaii When he invaded USNA on l-Doy so many years ago he was the model son. An incredible athlete, he let- tered in soccer and ■ISO ' s while also dabbing in baft lax and company football. He elected to major in oceanography. As on underclass he never drank, swore, smoked, partied, nor had a girlfriend. May 198S, changed some of that. Re- member O.C- at the end of the se- mester? Who could forget Zoid Ring Dance W.E.? Zoid, we wel- come you to the world. Oh, and Mom, don ' t worry he still doesn ' t smoke or swear. JAY LOWELL WARD Orlando. Florida Once possessing a harem. Jay ' ; style was not at all cramped by the advent of Wabanna, the GOUCHEf 6 or his U of M safaris His connec tions in the Sunshine State provec useful on roadtrips to those ports who could forget the hottubs, spa ghetti dinners or J ' s excommunicot ed cousin in Ft Lauderdale Speak ing of diners JScD ' s bar and grill wa a grand attraction 2 c yr with thi help of Joy ' s reactor expertise. ' year brought memories of Europe extensive business practices, on ' an affinity for fishing on free oftei noons. Jay ' s taught me more m yrs about priorities than oil my fo mal education It ' s Friday afte noon. Oscar ' s happy, and we ' r mobile, -dpr- 362 iiL:i:iinr% UK nut 4TH COMPANY • ' CDO-ttCr TAKASHI R. YAMAMOTO 5on Leandro. California After four years by the bay. the " Admiral " is ready to become an Eosign Destined to come to the Naval Academy, he went from a slow start to finish on the Supe ' s list Coming from the Bay area, he had no practical experience with crew, but seeing as it would be his first command at sea, he adopted it as his sport San Diego will never be the same after the lost of the samu- rai warriors passes through He is a true-blooded Swos-Buckier Good lucl and happy sailing I? T T AVERETT M. ALLEN Alexandria. Virginia Avery came to Annapolis via NAPS. After a two year stay in 22nd Co . he joined the 4th Co to finish his tour with the Navy. Coming from a military family, Avery developed an early interest in the military and jets. Academy alumni from West Point. Air Force and Novy helped moti- vate him in selecting silver wings over gold ones as he joins those " boys in blue. " Every man has a dif- ferent dream and it is his job to chase it Good luck, Avery, in your quest for excellence jer;. -- CHRISTOPHER J. ALLEN Miller sville. Maryland Chris wos the only day student we knew. He kept his uniforms, his PC, and just enough food to last the A-eek at school, along wrth his tools and books Never o workaholic Chris once had to ask for directions to the library Other than marathon late-night TV and being invisible in Ded. Chris was famous as Mr Fix-it. 1 speed swimmer and swim team —anager, a bug-flamer, and an ex- cert on television shows and mov- " 5 All that time in the wardroom nd playing Trivial Pursuit finally paid :n when he won an Emmy for par- ticipation in lielsen ratings. Take core, good luck, and don ' t forget your wrench. 363 kW Mi,mim MATTHEW . LE0SOE Chester, Virginia Pete, we still aren ' t sure where he got that name. His taste in music bordered on bizarre, the outside border, but come 1230 we knew he ' d be there to watch David Let- terman. He made a very successful economist (ceteris paribus) while taking advantage of every minute of liberty he could first class year Pete ' s photographic skills may someday earn him the credit he rightfully deserves. Pete has consid- ered the Peace Corps and some cults he ' d like to join after he finishes his Naval career, WHFS was Pete ' s favorite radio station and Gustav Mahler his favorite composer. Good luck (Matthew)? STEPHEN G. BOWEN Cohasset. Massachusetts As one of the most easy-going guys in the Company. Steve has always seemed to enjoy himself. His ever- present sense of humor and flair for sarcasm have helped through many rough moments. Steve ' s tal- ent extends into academics as well While making a EE major look easy. Steve has always been more than willing to put his " Newsweek " or " Musician " aside to give help on homework. Since Plebe Year he has been a starting goalie on the hock- ey team and has been named MVP of the Crabpot Tournament. Sadly, Steve will never be a blimp pilot as he has dreamed. Well, good luck anyway Steve. MICHAEL D. BOYD Boone, North Carolina Mike come to Navy with high hopes but kept his wolfpack application until the end of 3 c year when he traded in EE for WE ' s and the rock Shot by Machine Gun and burned by Third Degree, Mike kept his SPIR- ITS high while making the transition from married man to wild man. Ring Dance culminated with Miss UNLV and a tour of the National Aquari- um few below will ever forget Mike and his best friend. Bongo, have never let the boys down. Southern Bell to Star Wars, the closest doub- ledate ever at the copa to the Doublemint Twins, Skibunny Katie to Miss Italy of Pa. Hit Ca running Mikei Best Wishes, Shadowbrother Mix PETER J. BUTLER Kenmore. New York Roosevelt Suie , Bo came to us as a young and innocent boy But a dote with an apple core began to change this After validating and studying away Plebe year so his classmates could have the gouge. Bo ' s true personality began to BREAK out in Dahlgren He then booted his way thru PROTAMID 2 c year caught him over the wall and skipping thru T-Court after a SIMPLY AWESOME performance of The Messiah 1 c year saw him return from CC as a new person. Bo the HPP, The cutting edge does not ' know what it is in for. Good Luck. We ' ll oil miss you ' JAMES R. CAMPBELL Farmingdale. New York JR. would often share his family ' s homespun hospitality with many of his friends during Spring Break, He will probably be most remembered for his adventures at Army Navy, during his weekends, and on the Hood dance floor He worried more about not making the Dant ' s list rather than those few seconds be- fore taps on his extended week- ends at home. Having completed 2nd set plebe summer detail, he will be rer " ' " " " ' " -l by his plebes as one O ' firsties who led them :. .jarade victory. J.R. ' s outs:an:i ng academic achievement and never-exhaust- ing smile will take him far through Nuke power school and later to the fleet Good Luck! NORMAN 0. CRUZ Salinas, California Norm gave up the sun and fun of California for good ol ' Canoe U, Norm is one of the few firsties to have never had a plebe year, for he spent 2 3 of 82-83 performing the rigors of track manager and avoiding his upperclass by dining on team tables or eating out of his weekly chow packages. Norm was quite the ladies man though, start- ing with plebe year, moving through Belgium, and winding up at Washington ' s birthplace Norm did well with ' 89 over the summer (Where ' s my car?), and certainly earned his two stripes first class year Good luck with surface. Norm — remember, any port in a storm! RICK E. DANSEY Cocoa Beach, Florida Rick came to USNA destined to command a sub. He pursued aca- demics diligently by studying at least 4 hours a week, Plebe year was quite an experience 83 made a permanent impression all over him, 3 c year saw him start to ex- periment with more than a tew women who looked better with ev- ery pitcher. He con chug with the best. Rick was good at ' going oft ' . Going oft to USCGA, to Batt Staff and going off on most of his class- mates, 1 c year he and the boys made ample use of his 3-striper libs, Bancroft Hall will always have a piece of him, especially the cata- combs. Subs are getting a good man. Bo and the boys DONALD F. EYRES Muscatine. Iowa Don couldn ' t help being notice during Plebe Summer, whether t TV crews or an irate COMO But ney. (And just ask Kwis Cine about their visitor on Service Selei tion Night ' 83 . . ) Fish and bot powder contributed to his beir one of the few Goat-Courte youngsters- with annual repeat v its. Don surprised everyone in Four when he selected SWO and cho an AEGIS cruiser out of Norfolk made sense, though- Don ' s on i curable worgamer and where el would he find a bigger and bett computer game? He ' ll have fi Nobody else put as much effort ir NAVTAG and the Soviet navy. 364 • CLASS OF 1986 ' l ' HS GREGORY J. FENTON Grand Ledge. Michigan While at Annapolis, this naive young man grew to become o veritable stud Boo took on the gentlemanly. but hardly rigorous, sport of Pistol, High grades were never a problem for Boo, He was never caught studying his entire plebe year. His taste in women varied as much as his taste in beer There was the Lat- in Lover, the Hood College " hook- up " , and the Mount Vernon adven- ture, A Tigers fan until death. Boo proudly displayed his " Tigermania " bumpersticker on his Celica Supra Boo did a fine job with ' 89, " Baby- face " was a great example plebe summer and later with his 3 stripes. Navy Air is getting a good man. Good luck. Greg FOURTH JAMES P GALAMBOS Colorado Springs. Co To the man who for three years stood as tough as the Rock of Gi- braltar but crumbled like dust after the Ring Dance Despite his uniform appearance, Jim was one of the biggest academic sweats ever to grace the halls of Mother B. Jim was always quick to offer academic and personal help, and my only re- gret is that I couldn ' t help him when a certain female from the Springs brought him to his knees. Good luck and work hard, because I know you wouldn ' t have if any other way. DJM COMPANY r? ' ' - ANCISCO J. HERREROS in ' iago, Chile .rnving four years ago on a plane Dm that thin country on the west- ;n coast of South America. Fran- ,sco has given us all a close hand .9w of Latino Machismo in action pm his plentiful exploits with mem- jrs of the opposite sex to his alco- lic consumptions at some parties foreign representatives in DC . oncisco has truly left Americans th a favorable impression of men , m his home country. Close to de- ling on making the United States home. Francisco finally decided go home and show his navy lat sort of man they have been ' »ing these four years Buena ; 5rte. Javier, GLENN A. LECARL Union. New Jersey Glenn invented his own version of the USNA five year plan: Plebe Sum- mer with ' 85. ten month vacation, four years with ' 86, and continuous comrats. With this extra wealth, he has traveled extensively in Europe, Somehow Glenn has grown youn- ger every year as evidenced by the ' vette. the cycle, and the eyes Athletically. Glenn experienced the dreaded " sailing team youngster burn out, " and settled on becom- ing Fourth Co ' s best Fall of 1985 Company Cdr Overall Glenn ' s ef- forts can be summed up in a sound well known to his roommates. " Whisk, whisk, whisk. " Amicus usque ad aras. ' 4- ' ' ' ■ ' iU ¥-W» ' ' FOURTH COMPANY MARK A. LUNDE Los Alamitos. California Mark emerged as a celebrity early during plebe sumrrier with tiis rendi- tions of " A Goat IS Old and Gnarly " As a plebe summer platoon CDR, Mark could always be found by lis- tening for that good or Navy tune As a EE major, Mark would hove his room full of fellow EE friends seeking the " gouge " sometimes keeping his roommates up late nights to learn about tronsformers As the company 1st LT Mark tried single- handedly to turn the company around Weekly room inspections and weekend formals were his forte ' Mark ' s perserverance, of which Cindy can attest to, brought him far at the Academy and will do so in the fleet Good Luck! ERIC s. McQueen Lake Alfred. Florida " E " come from the orange groves to play hardball with the big boys of USNA A sub, computer science, and top 10% were his goals. An am- phib, Phy Sci, and top 90% were the results Like Mick says. " You can ' t always get what you want " But " E " is a survivor, as the oc-board knows The Phoamin ' Gang con- verted him from a shy " Gentleman Johnny " to a " Fly Guy " party ani- mal (His 2-hr Hood adventure with rum and Coke was a knockout) Academics, Judi, and women are his hobbies Since he ' s already a 30 hr week man and a state chomp, women of the world- beworel Good luck buddy! -Dandy STEVEN D. MIXSON Springfield. Virginia " Mix, " a navy brat, come to USNA via NAPS with NAVY AIR on his mind His eyes didn ' t have the same vision though, so he picked SURFACE WARFARE in San Diego and simulat- ed flight on land with his 300 ZX Steve only broke one reg at USNA Unfortunately, he did not have be- ginner ' s luck OS he became a mem- ber of the over the wall gang and restriction squad Mix partied long and hard and was always fun to be around as nobody could break a window quite like he could Surface line is lucky to get his command voice and once the " standard " hits the fleet, it will never be the same Good Luck! Bo, WALTER MORES Newark. New Jersey Latman came to us from beouti downtown Newark Right away devoted himself to It wt crew o school. 3 c year saw him find personality at Dahlgren Hall as maxed lib. time and increased tolerance He also began to lea his mark on things like the Rotunc This hobby stretched to 2 c yf and climaxed after Messiah. • held the title with sloth and begi to live by the gouge to beat Me- E. 1 c year saw him cut his tii ' with the boys to do his hardest m- athon. He chose Navy air. Gd Luck, we ' ll all miss you! »s sv .«jl.«» DENNIS J. MOYNIHAN Springfield. Massachusetts Denny came to the Academy as on emmissary of the Irish Republican Army to gain glory for himself and all Irishmen At first things were tough, but Denny showed the true luck of the Irish He went from the pain of wrestling to being the golf captain He also out-smarted us all by getting out of Nuke Power and going surface line Congrats on a pb well done Erin Go BRAGH, JPG MARK E. POWERS Kingsport, Tennessee Mark ' s dream of climbing the enlist- ed ladder one rung at a time and becoming the first man to hold ev- ery rank in the Navy ended when his father accepted his appoint- ment to NAPS for him The guilt he felt for skipping a few rungs drove him to " EE " for which he learned the error of his ways. Occasionally you might find him asleep at night and once in a while during the day you ' d find him awake He chose NUC subs for a g ood reason — he always wanted to be in one of those sub races he and Michelle used to watch out on Hospital Point Good luck to you both M -i- M. Dis- co Dahlgren won ' t be the same without you. CHRISTOPHER C. RAMOS San Jose. California Achmed acquired his name through his incredible push-up con- test with the Lat-man. He was a studious member of Phoamin ' Phour although he was the person most likely to see the Lt, His exuberant behavior touched everyone he worked with. He was always there to lend out his computer. His aca- demic expertise led him to become the company academic officer. He will best be remembered as the en- dearing Captain Molsen during Ar- my Navy, and for his many early arrivals from the Officer ' s Club His friendliness and hard working de- pendability will be a valuable asset in the fleet ERIK D. STECHMANN Great Lakes. Illinois Erik came to the Academy after a year at NAPS where he played football and wrestled He pursued his wrestling career at USNA but hung up his singlet to pursue his dream of becoming an Ocean en- gineer. A 71 QPR start made the decision a bit easier for him. Erik ' s movie star looks earned him com- plements from his NASAP counselor. Davita, and many a young lady at Franny O ' s. Stek found his dream car but it almost didn ' t survive the 85 Spring Break Trip. Erik ' s profes- sionalism earned him respect and a Company Commander Billet. Stek will follow in his father ' s footsteps and become a Naval Aviator. TEPHEN B. SZYMANSKI v ' llmngton. Delaware ,nce his piebe year knee injury :3pt Ski from wrestling, he decided .1 wrestle with academics, and .3ve EE take him to the mat He ' s ways been a dependable friend ven when we pushed him out in e hall for missed chow calls. " Look ' ail the wires Mix " You ' ve broken e Army-Navy tradition, but you ode up for yourself in Crete and ■ape Cod, " the casual one " Who oukl have thought plebe summer uod leader " papa Ski " would ive managed to squeek out that 3rd NFC spot Having almost ught the form with you (A-N ' 86). ■ good to know you ' ll be in the air id off the highway. Good luck jnd. JAMES E. TATERA Vacaville. California The meaning of the word " Califor- nia " acquired new dimensions to all of us when we met Jim so it was all truth Through this four years we have enjoyed his good humor and friendliness as much as we have feared his appetite Never too tired for a game of fnsbee or a good program on TV. he managed to graduate with an engineering de- gree through studying in the most absolute secret places, although rumor is out that he was seen study- ing once Just once. Escaping by a hair ' s width from becoming one of the few and proud, the EDO com- munity will have a valuable asset in him in the years to come. Good luck JET ARTHUR J. VANGELI Cortland. New York A J. hails from the great state of New York and soon found himself in the great state of confusion. The only alternative was to turn to aca- demics in the hope of attending o normal school of business and get- ting an MBA. Besides Bill Cosby and the G.A.L.S. the best night of his life was when he selected Navy NFO. The other nights were spent trying to keep his roommate out of trou- ble and sane. (Pow to the weak Mo ' s) Best wishes and you will al- ways be a member of the Wright Family. G, 2nd Lt. KYLOR E. WHITAKER LePanon, Oregon Upon arrival at USNA, Whit ' s first question was " How long does this ritual last. " ET phone home was his battle cry for plebe year His white uniform was always impeccable while it lasted until it was forcibly retired. His high turnover of roomies was not due to his late study hours, but to their desire to go CIVLANT His ethnic music and sweet jumper, along with his desire to Groove. Ganz. Growin ' deep until Grad day (four G ' s), will be sorely missed by us J C , don ' t drag Whit into Leav- enworth with youl Stum, Walt BOYS 4TH COMPANY . 367 , 4 ' JAMES R. WILSON Chicago, Illinois Early on in his career THE SLOTH dis- played some of his talent in card playing during Plebe year While at the Academy he could almost al- ways be found buried in the Sloth Bag. 3 c year saw him switch to Phy Sci to allow for more sleep time and give him a chance to raise his QPR. When he was not dreaming of grandeur or a cure for MPB, he was playing some type of game or teaming with Lot against others. 2 c year saw his expertise in car handling increase By the time t c year rolled around Sloth had finally bloomed into the fine shot that he really is. Let ' s get that " vette " fixed Good Lucki We ' ll miss youl FIFTH COMPANY I - Ik 4 BRIAN S. BARNETT f Lauderdale, Florida Brian 1 came to Canoe U direct from Long Island He shot his way to fame on the rifle team, shot his ' mouth enough to be retired from WRNV. endured 4 years of ' grades largely shot to hell This ' didn ' t stop him from building wor- shiping a model of his dream car the ' 85 all-black Firebird It was a ' voodoo doll, he became well known at USAA (but there was sand on the roadi) A would-be pi- lot, SWO Dad showed him the light (OK, so eyes grades helped) We ' knew he was set when he built the balsa sailboat Brian ' s been a great roommate who ' ll listen ( tell yoi when you ' re full of it) Good luck ir Charleston— you ' ll do " otoy " GROVER LEE WRIGHT Washington, DC Never one to be caught " hiding, " Grover flashed his potential as a shining Celeste-ial body during plebe summer, when he thrived on man overboard drills, sound sleep, and rotes at the table (pass the milk, please) He unselfishly spent his time at Hams Point with his loved one, washing and waxing her turbo Although he was pres of the BSC, he will always be an honorary Ital- ian. Despite some " Major recruiting efforts. Grove turned his talents to- ward Marne Air, where he will un- doubteciy f-v with the likes of Ro- danwh ' r. . ■-- ' lis wings of gold with v.f onde Best of luck, Ac, KENNETH D. BAUGHMAN Lorain, Ohio Amy who ' ' Youngster year K- spent most of his time sitting in C ol ' s sink. Kenbo was always vi iiii ' to help his fellow shipmates - frc blind dates to hairy chests. K wasn ' t one to drink much, but did have a problem finding his c at times The most work he ever c on a desk was with his feet - Stu Night Feveri His brief ideas of ' Corps were nixed when he dec ed he wouldn ' t look good vv moss on his head Having stay ' true to Amy for 4 years, his tf feelings showed through on Servi ' Selection when he chose MSO ' Married Surface Officers. Gd Luck! R.O., G.B., S.W., V.C. 368 • CLASS OF 1986 v iNH tS ' i v.« » On MOued i ak 03 ' am. if(, - Slot to he ' ■ " 4 tie teco- l AA (tut -J; iWjednrr: ' - -igtcaesstK wittosDeer: I ' etJoHiGc-: ROBERT E. BROOKS Houston. Texas Hair to his knees, blue jeans, and an extremely heavy checkbook. Bob was ready to begin four years of stress and confusion " I have to get up at what time ' ' And clean my room ' ' " Through the torture and the pain he managed to survive to ,find a way to get into Supply .School Weightlifting. tennis. . " Cheers. " o dozen roses, and pret- .ty ladies , , Bob was all business ,Four days o week in PE gear, he .must have majored in PE and Oceanography Next stop: Athens. ,3eoria by way of 300ZX turbo Fast cars, plenty of cash, and a good ife ahead. Thanks for the memories 3IG GUY I S ' KEVIN J. BROWN Colonic, New Jersey Double " K " (Kool Kev) came to us from Colonia, New Jersey after swinging out for a year at NAPS He has always been a killer with the ladies, through use of his charm and charisma If Kev had spent as much time in the books as he did chasing women, he would have been a Tri- dent Scholar THANK GOD FOR 2 As for weekends, he can never get away from the New York nightlife " let ' s hit Bentley ' s " The parties and playing ball will always be re- membered Kev. you ' ll always be one of the " fellas " (GENTLEMAN OUT-N-ABOUT WITH ALL THE CLOUT). EUGENE R. BURGESS Burlington, New Jersey Surge Geno, our warehouse of ir- relevant info. He remains to be the only person known to have BS ' d his way into both graduating and nu- clear power If only his sweet Mom knew, the seedy women and the alcohol problem, what would she think! At least he still has his inno- cence, despite the efforts of Mr Moyer to marry him off. It ' s a good thing his paycheck rose quicker than his tolerance level If you ever wanted to find Gene on the week- ends, all you had to do was ask his Mom or check his rack Good luck in Nuke school and may the bull never stop flowing KB. RO. VC. SW DAVID A. BYMAN Virginia Beach, Virginia When Dave entered the Academy on 1-Day, he declared that he in- tended to keep a low profile. And Dave has definitely kept that prom- ise! He has been kept out of seclu- sion only by his never-ending search for help in Mechanical Engineering. Yes, Dave is a man of few words, but those who know him also find him to be a man who puts the inter- ests of others ahead of his own. His love for God is obvious as he places his trust in Him and speaks about Him to others Thanks for being a friend, Dave and never forget; " God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble. " (Psalm 46 1) two. !»«« " ,k ' ' ' ■ " ' ' .rostcf! ' " , «enM - ' _ as " J; ._ ' " " ' ! •• ' ■ ERNON F. CALDWELL rants Pass, Oregon 3m came to us a lean, green, on to be serene Marine. Vern de- 3ed to rise to the top at the ;ademy by winning a battle of trition, all but one of his plebe lar roommates have been left by wayside. The only thing Vern s retained for four years is his 3ase girl. Sue Thoroughly disgust- ■I with the Mickey Mouse atmo- nere in the hall. Vern retired to his ' , ekday home at the sailing cen- ' and to Sue ' s on Weekends, !! t od Luck in the Corps!! The Guys " O.. G.B, KB, S W. " IAN A. CASSIDY Jamestown, North Carolina When I arrived at USNA on July 7. 1982. I knew I would need lots of help to make it to graduation. Therefore, I would like to thank my parents for all the love and advice that they gave me during my four years here, I also could not have mode it without the love and friendship of the following people Chaplain R, Ross. Maj. and Mrs, R, Linhart, Lcdr N Daigle. Coach Paul Evans and his staff. Larry Moore, John Funk, John Vorndick, Mr, and Mrs, S. Zimberg. Maria Canales. Capt and Mrs A, Konetzni. and Prof M McCormick. Gary, thanks for putting up with me for the past three years CHARLES D. COLLINS Raytown, Missouri Doug rode in from the Show-Me- State leaving behind his prized fam- ily, Rock-n-Roll. and his motorcycle It took dimost two years, but the East Coast finally adjusted. No rose- colored glasses for this boy, he pre- ferred the thicker kind at Timmy ' s Despite his best efforts, Doug (or somebody) found it easier to switch majors than fire a tenured profes- sor He always wanted to be a sci- entist anyway Remembered best for his firefighfing talents, Doug al- ways saw the lighter side of life. Sur- face Line will definitely be one man the better when this salt hits the fleet. See ya on the fantoil. -SJD THOMAS D. COLLINS Richmond, Virginia T C has spent four years by the bay putting the Academy in his rear view mirror. Always working on the Camaros, his fondness for cars has only been surpassed by his infatua- tion with women. In both cases, he has always gone with the proven performers Tom is proof that lifters hove speech impediments, Adrian, Never tell him that the scotch is free or that you have a sister His laid back lifestyle and long hair left quite a few Marines in shock with his choice on service selection night Better get used to those combat boots and let ' s hope that women really like green. Good luck TC AS. 5TH COMPANY • 369 ■I 4kmm FIFTH COMPANY STEVEN J. D ' ONOFRIO Cohasset, Massachusetts Following two brothers. Steve climbed the ladders ot USNA with gouge and ospirotlons of validating plebe year (or did he use the vo- tor ' ' ). D ' nof excused himself from plebe year and sloshed about the East coast with the sailing team. Finding that sailing and Systems cut into social life, he opted General and retired to the Oxbow Junior year (and a few state troopers) found Steve playing road warrior Not one to cramp his style (or pay tickets), service selection and a li ' l red Vette put him bock in the fast lane. Navy Air ' s gonna have a hard time keeping this kid out of the burner. CDC MICHAEL J. DUFFY Lake Bluff. Illinois Mike came to Canoe U,, the son of a naval officer, dedicated to the vision of a bridge and bachelor- hood. Never worrying about the tri- als and tribulations of life in school, he calmly (hidden from any in con- trol) survived to pass from our midst to the USS Ticonderoga. Mike never passed up an opportunity to have a good time and the girls of Annap- olis mourn his passing Long Live the Six Pack. RONNIE A. ELLY fort Wastiington. Maryland Ron came to USNA with an intense desire to fly, a girlfriend, and an RX- 7. Along with Carlo, he became one half of the company ' s Filipino ambassadorship, later to till the en- tire position after 3 C year Many expected Ronnie to take after the mercurial Vic, whose memory still burns in the minds of 86 ' For a vari- ety of reasons, he mellowed. At Lauderdale, during Spring Break 3 C year, he met Wynn. who washed away memories of past ro- mances. The desire to obtain the Right Stuff kept him up many late nights. Pensacola bound, I wish him the best of luck in his quest tor hap- piness. P-3 ' s, and big business. — RFP 370 • CLASS OF 1986 STEPHEN CARLETON EV ERLY Vienna. Virginia Steve was well known as the most outspoken member of Fifth Com- pany. Although many people failed to understand the finer points of Steve ' s sense of humor, he always managed to moke everybody lough Who can forget those eve nings of baiting " Yea, buddy! ' There was always more to Steve than anyone suspected He never failed to surprise me. Good luck, Steve, and God bless you. JAMES M. FOLEY Spence co ' Veiv York Jim arrvea from Artie Circle, USA He never could figure out why there wcsn t at least two feet of snow by Christmas He did not let it bother him. his goals were elsewhere They I culminated his senior year as he led •he X-C team to 7th at Nationals .ifortunately, Jim ' s dream to be a tyboy were dashed when the Navy did not appreciate his eyes as [much as he did His overseas dreams will be true as a SWO. A •nal complication arose when it A-os decided to wire his Jaws. He •nen showed us that it was still pos- ; Die to run without your mouth. Put , our mmd to it and you can do any- •iing Good Luck! kDN TODD ALAN FORNEY Sioui City, Iowa Todd came to the Academy as a naive and impressionable young lad. At the end of his stay. Todd had picked up a number of new experiences his first date, a new if somewhat uncontrollable Fiero. and some amusing drinking habits. Even so. his good humor, easygoing nature, and inquiring mind en- deared him to his classmates. Known by many names such as Toddler, the Lodger, and Forndog- ger. Todd managed to accept them with no hard feelings. Best of luck as a future submariner and Godspeed EN K. HANSEN •se. laaho 3n com© to USNA ready to ange it to suit his ways As a ibe. he gained noteriety when refused to get his haircut after k3st to Air Force Youngster or. he rTK3naged to dnnk every er on the Ram ' s Head menu 2nd iss year, he became a romantic t It was a kacal girl, then a firstie ' s sjer. then a firstie Now he ' s mel- i ' ed. and is anxiously waiting to g down to Pensacola and change I ' o sut his ways KELLY J. HANSON Freemont, Nebraska If there is one word that describes Kelly, that word is " dedication. " What else could explain such a self- less act OS tying on SDB tie for your roommate while he and the rest of your classmates attend Plebe Breakfast formation? Also within Kelly IS a boy who laughs in his sleep, hangs his roommates stuffed squir- rel from the overhead, and lacks the shame that prevents other adults from walking around a room wearing a T-shirf tucked in his briefs. bkack shoes, and black socks Add to all of this his good nature and willingness to listen, and one finds oneself with a friend whose friend- ship is beyond words — but " price- less " comes close L. ROBERT GARCIA JR. Fremont, Calif oma Bob come to USNA fresh from both High School and California Plebe year, when he wasn ' t studying, he was singing in the choir he eventu- ally led 1 C year A month on AOR- 5 3 C summer helped him decide on NFO OS a career choice For two years he flirted with danger (and Ac-Boards) before his CQPR took on upward trend For 1 C cruise, he sailed to Spain where he improved foreign relations by shaking hands with diplomats and dancing with their daughters ■l C year he achieved his goal of carrying a sword by becoming BATT Pork- chop, For Service Selection. Bob was ready for P-3s and P-colo Good luck in P-cola. the Navy, and life. Bob. GARY IAN GERSON Chatsworth. California Why did Gory come to USNA? He heard it was free Plebe year hod its challenges; living with the RAT. passing PE tests, and lots of bulletin boards. It also had its bright spots like Saturdays at the Zimbergs house Youngster year he got solid working out and a stereo reunited him with his beloved music. Second class year was Youngster year con- tinued, but a show on WRNV and Mech. Eng, wore him down. First class year was a blessing, the sum- mer in California, a secluded room to live in peace, and four wheeled mobility- the feeling of freedom. Now the bubbleheads will get o chance to experience G I Gerson ff JAMES A. HEARD Evansville. Indiana Jim ' s arrival at the Academy did not seem likely to cause the stir that we would see four years later His behavior could be called slightly eccentric Jim ' s overabundance of energy could be seen in the ward- room with his imitations of bacon and French toast. We often would walk down the hall hearing screams from Jim locked inside his locker Jim ' s affection for a field ball goal left a lasting impression on his nose Despite or in addition to this, how- ever, he was a good friend, always ready to help someone in need Best of luck and remember. " Hap- piness is a warm guni " LUTHER H. HOOK, III Havana. Florida Luke. Harold to ya ' ll. has been fixin to graduate tor four years now He ' s the last bourbon sipping South- erner left among us One admires his survival of culture shock experi- enced from his Yankee room- mates. His USNA radio station. WRNV. always provoked interest- ing remorks from him like " What are they playing ' ' " or " At least they were playing something! " We can only hope Luke can navigate his home Florida skies better than his steps through Academy flower beds . " it was so simple, like the jitterbug, it plum evaded me " 5TH COMPANY • 371 k ' - • m jwmsi CRAIG F. MERRILL Oxnard. California Craig ' s largest flaw was to let a " paticular " mathi major proofread his papers Craig, you ' ve defined integrity bothi as midstiipman, and as the best of friends Never has the Brigade had more respect for the Brigade Cdr. than when you were at the helm Your marl has touched everywhere you ' ve been and ev- eryone you ' ve met, it ' s to your credit that a touch of reality has returned to the Academy-the MHP is dead, long live MidnRegi Pretty good for a guy who couldn ' t figure relative wind By the way, it was 000 May God watch over you and Susan and grant you the besti I ' m proud to call you friend KEVIN D. NIBBELINK Lansdale. Pennsylvania It was a hard transition for Nibbs from ' sweat ' to mellowed-out fly- boy, especially after brossoing the pipes under the sink plebe summer A dedicated athlete, Nibbs spent most of his time running varsity tracl and cross country in weather even the mailman wouldn ' t brave He shattered all myths about engi- neers by breezing through his years as a EE with a 3 7 (and he still got to bed by midnight). Nibbs left his last semester to explore the real world as he got his masters at Maryland University Life in the fast lone is about to get faster as he heads down to Pensacola for freedom, fighters, and funi Good luck Nibbs GO NAVY AIRi AS RONALD D. OLKO Coral Springs. Florida Ron (R ' olk, Ronbo) came to us from Anywhere, USA, usually Florida or New Jersey He initially managed his money well by arranging direct de- posite at Timmy ' s, Needless to say, Timmy ' s closed when Ron sought new horizons Since then he has concentrated on his long list of " lust " affairs from Corvettes to al- pha codes Ron ' s true love for flying almost outweighed his love for the Corps until Bubba and QPR stepped in. Four years of the academy and rugby have drained most of his wits The Corps gets the rest Semper Fi VC, KB, GB, SW BRIAN D. PEARSON Hampton. Virginia Brian 2 came to us from Hampton, VA and NAPS Though legally blind (•?r my shin), he chose the Poly Sci route to graduation. He ' d be track- ing down a new novel for study hour, checking for the next Star Trek re-run, or wondering when he ' d get up again As a firstie, " Mario " imagined his VW Jetta a | Formula 1 racer and ended up giv- ing it a face lift with a mud bank. Brian also went to Philly for Army I and ended up sleeping with Ned | the Puke fairy otter wrestling o bot- tle of JD to the floor Overall, though, our " SWO DADDY " is one I heck of a great guy and will do I great at nuke school if he wakes Lp I for class ROBERT F. PRESSLY Nashua. New Hampshire Bob came to USNA looking to major in Nuclear Eng , however the majors board didn ' t offer it Bob then de- cided to take on the World of Sys- tems and till now hod his head locked on to those notorious books of microprocessors, robotics de- sign, etc . . His quest for Nuke Pow- er ended on a short stint aboard a fast attack during 3 c cruise Bob dismissed thoughts of Submarine Core and went gung-ho over the Marine- ■- - lungle Bob ' s love for the V. • .: lump school and USAF, ' :: Between rab- bits, (= . Tjj. Good Luck stealth ch out for Jim- my-Leg:. . ' . nit the beach! RAE. RICHARD P. ROMAINE Wayzata. Minnesota The little Aero major who tried and mode it Even managed to get an NFO spot You ' d think he already had his pilot wings the way he drives his RX7. Of course, he ' s usual- ly in a hurry to get to or back from his " nanny ' s " pod in Virginia where he spends his free weekends The sailing team takes the rest of his weekends and afternoons When he ' s in the room and has control of the stereo, watch o ut, because there ' s likely to be some strange sounds heard Like his music, he ' s very different and mokes sure you know it, but then, what ' s to be ex- pected from someone with the nickname. " Q-tip, " ALAN R. STEWART Indiana. Pennsylvania " Rack " decided to desert the real college life in his hometown to show us how seriously a guy should take care of himself. This, of course, in- cluded plenty of rest and o lot to eat When he wasn ' t giving the bri- gade El, he was busy learning some lessons on his own: yes, you really do have to go to those lectures, no, radar detectors don ' t always work, and no, gymnasts were defi- nitely not made for the mile run With that big bonus hanging over his head, Al jumped in with two feet and now he ' s o Surface Nuke, Al came, he sow, he slept, he ate .... and in the end he walked away in the top fifty GOOD LUCK AL. KDN SCOTT A. WINFREY Burlington. Colorado • Spot, Scooter. Windbag. Wi| Brow, Wimpy, Bucky, LW. Scd came to us the most naive youi man until Todd rolled in. Returmi after youngster X-mas with tf blues over the punk fashions I home. Spot developed a taste . ' military wardrobes. After a Laud dole romp with a Playboy-ty- ' zoomie, he returned to steai ' Mother B With Scott now in i; flight program, we may have ; bring back dirigibles. Good lucl God speed KB, RO, VC. GB » 372 • CLASS OF 1986 Nhhi«v» SIXTH COMPANY CHRISTOPHER P. BENDEN Freehold. New Jersey A Chinese Californian from New Jersey? Chiang brought rebellious instincts, motorcycles, a devious nature, the Boss and punk rock to bear on USNA. Bloody murder was his goal, and he achieved it often. One year with St. God didn ' t stop him from tooling on Billy O and tok- ing the " Little Smoky " YP trip. From seeing midair spots above his rack to fighting himself in the mirror (end losing) after a hard night out, Chiang was never on holiday, not even on Thanksgiving The post - Happy years were never dull or reg. Try civilian girls. Remember detail, snack lovers. AMF, Huey RICHARD P. BOOZIAK Titusville, Florida Well, you see! " Who didn ' t look at the menu? " Hollways in Halifax (J.J.) Younster year King Tut! Tom Collins in the 4th deck bar Rubberman and the ' 2 hour b-day party. Learned helplessness a la lax hel- met. Cold pillows f r. Tag ' s inferno. Campfire philosopher Sloshed on the steps- one wild wedding. Junior year Living on the edge Dipping in Decem ber- damn it ' s cold ' The fin- gerless wonder " So her boyfriend ' s a boneheadi " Seniors! Boss-man. Team Xerox IVless night-port party and stinky sheets (haven ' t I seen these mountains before?) Get to the point Tutti! " That was the stupi- dest thing I ' ve ever done " CONNIE L. CARLISLE Syracuse. New York C ' . Medusa ' s bud since Chick Ruth ' s (after the bad times w P P ). the perfect roomie who sings plays guitar, has stereo, likes to rap, writes pretty poems, draws pretty pictures, reads Sheldon (I read Chaucer), hates her coach but still throws, loves soccer, loves Rocks but not EE Remember the road trip w Sinker to Key West, mountain climbing, home to Syracuse. Leigh ' s car. Spike ' s first haircut, my 21st (burpi). Hadji in your underthings. Sandy Nieta ' s I knew the watch opals meant bells in Dec. Tom ' s lucky to have a spook like you! ROYAL G. C. COLLEHE JR. Annadale. Virginia Bonzo. the human adrenaline source. Wildmannmg Big Larry Ice Cubes Eddie ' s Sheets Reed " Don ' t laugh. I ' ve got to get this working fvlore tongue " Bonzo on watch = Firei No Common Sense " Whitework Friction " First Mistress The Ultimate Stereo. Left at the Pasadena Hilton The Island. Hotel Comoro Bonzo fashion wear How much S to do . ' ' The Human Snake " Hey. Can I have your ad- dress ' ' " Keller Geister Brand new ' 73 Volvo The European Adven- tures Hi Gong at Cheers ' Getting thrown off Cape Cod 1 nite + 3 ©xgirls ot the Copa The Wave Family Ties. The Iguana P m the Gutter. By the way. WE never did anything stupid! 6TH COMPANY • 373 " PTW LOUIS H. DAMPIER Cieba, Puerto Rico Louis spent his boyhood admiring the underside of aircraft, dreaming of flight. He flew into USNA thinking of nothing but Navy Air, He en- trenched himself in his studies to re- main " Still Aero " Louis became famous as the company travel agent, escorting friends on yearly jaunts to P,R, for Spring Break Louis ' dreams came true-he ' s Pensacolo bound He vi on ' t be the driver but he ' ll be the steely-eyed killer in the back seat May the vi ind always be at your back my good friend KATHRVN L. DAVISON Fargo, North Dakota Kay was one of the few North Da- kotans in our class Used to big spaces and cold temperatures, she adapted well to the confinement and humidity of Annapolis and to academy life in general She got into crew and stuck with it for 4 years She also got involved in sev- eral ECA ' s. such as choir. Glee Club, guys There was Chiang, then the Citadel Man, and now Fishbaif And all through the 4 years were your EE buddies. I swear. Kay, sometimes I didn ' t know whether you were in 12th or 6th company! Now she ' s off to be a barnacle- scraper. Good luck, Kay. I ' ll " see you in the fleet! " Love. Tricia SCOTT E. DONALDSON Maple Plain, Minnesota Scott flew into USNA during the long, hot summer of ' 82 and com- menced to hoeing the long row He studied hard, but he didn ' t let schoolwork get in the way of the finer things in life huntin ' . campin ' , fishin ' , and thinkin ' about MJ Now he ' s flyin ' outta here on Navy wings of gold Thumbs up. Scotty -BUK I KENNETH R. DOREMUS Phoenix, Maryland When asked, after Herndon, what it felt like finishing Plebe Year, Ken re- plied, " What Plebe Year ' ' " Plebe Year was o blur of weekends spent cruising the Baltimore area in his cor and civvies Ken did not realize he was in the Navy until Youngster Cruise, which he spent underwater Life at sea didn ' t faze Ken, though He spent the next three years build- ing up his sound system and collec- tion of cooking appliances In his Senior (not to be confused with First Class) Year, Ken sold out to the highest bidder— to take the nucle- ar Navy by storm JEFFERSON L. DUBINOK Patuxent, rylaryland Stinky, remember Tetanus shots, the laughing boy of bravo compa- ny, Sunday nights listening to the supersow, a QPR of the square root of two and Rueter ' s answer to it, the pack rat. stinky the sock and lefkowicz too. New York, New York in Baltimore, potted flowers, round- heads, hand grenades in Quantico, Waldo Peper in Pensacola in his un- derwear. Flem and the cajun queen, the Marine Corps birthday party wntoi r.-imaro and honky dough h ' 1ay boy losing his teeth [ineapple rum Stink? " , yc.y e date wore the same f a fiesty German in Ar, -0! Where ya been ' ' " Dovw -. i. ' ie nail . . , " EDDY L. ECHOLS, JR. Chattanooga. Tennessee Dr Echols, as he is now addressed by friends and associates alike, is only the second Black to attend med school from the Academy He comes to us from Chattanooga by way of NAPS Most of us would cringe at the idea of going to school for another seven years Ed- dy ' s motivation is that he ' ll be able to do something none of us got a chance to do (be a doctor) HUH, chase women, and drink brew full time He ' ll be chillin ' like Matt Dillon with his beamer and water bed I just hope he remembers to leave some women for the rest of us when we make our visits Eddy, you ' ll always be one of the " Fellas " (GENTLEMEN OUT-N-ABOUT WITH ALL THE CLOUT) DENISE M. EDSON Pensacola, Florida Coming to USNA from P ' cola. Den- ise, an English major graduating 23 is headed for a Spanish Cox Fund. CDA School, and the USS Yosemite Ahh, Medusa, remember , a 1sty roomie as youngsters, last minute papers, a 0200 Bagel Party, Mt climbing after TAPS, Annie ' s Easter Eve, your b ' day party (before ev- eryone wore civies) with pitchers of Marguaritas, The Ravens, plebe training as Batt CDR 1st set, Reg CDR 1st semester, and teaching 2nd semester, along with other de- veloping interests ' ' ? ' ' Look out Mr BELL. Best of Luck in the future ' ! See you in December, D Ever your roo- mie Connie KEIL R. GENTRY Overland Park, Kansas " The American Eagle " come to tt Marine Academy hoping to enjc the military atmosphere he so di sired Instead he got 6th Co. K stood out in many areas due to I short red hair and polished leothe his last two bastions of military bee ing He quickly learned that the was more to the Navy than stan ing watch at parade rest and red covered wine and women His ti meeting with our new CO was conduct hearing, but he won I " over with his Marine mentality In senior year he became a compul geek, the company bulletin boc officer, the brigade paper push and finally o Marine. 374 • CLASS OF 1986 sHS 1l:« m JOSEPH E. NINES Washington. D C " Vol Who IS thaf " " Hey that ' s L ' ll Joey Hines ' He Is one of the tough- est guys to step out of Woshington, DC in o long time He is a two tinne All-Amerlcan in Lightweight Foot- boll, an IC-4 " A " , and Heptagonal Championship Finalist m track, as well as a seven letter winner here at Navy Joey is a guy with insight, a person who knows how to get what he wants, whether it be girls or his lesson Joey, wherever you go just remember, you ' ll always be one of the " Fellas " (GENTLEMEN OUT-N- ABOUT WITH ALL THE CLOUT). " GERALD L. HODGE Dallas. Texas Jerry arrived at USNA and soon re- alized that a sate plebe was one that wasn ' t around so he enlisted in the D B Disguising himself as a mild-mannered Midn . few people knew the real Hodge To those of us who did. it came as no surprise when he became the first to get engaged An Econ major. Jerry was seldom caught in the halls on weekends Actually, he spent many weekends on tour with the D B The grapevine has it that after a hard day with his horn Jerry be- came a living definition of the word " party " Upon graduation awaits Nuke power school and marriage to Teal Smooth sailing amigo. Lou SIXTH COMPANY ! ' ■ MAHHEW HOLCOMB ' Qinbnage Island. Washington .tatt came to the Naval Academy | ith o scholarship to play football. ,ut little did he realize that every- ne had a scholarship After a year ;n the meat squad, he turned his ,ttention to better things Carolyn, jdo. Chemistry, not necessarily in ,iat order I ' m not sure where he , ent more time, but he earned a |Own belt in Judo. Carolyn got a amond ring (so much for his car on). but no-one ever saw Hap use textbook His youngster and se- .y cruises showed him the finer pints of the Navy, but he went l rps instead I hope the Marines |]n use a slightly lunatic brown belt lemistry major RUSSEL H. LAMB Mobile. Alabama Surge. William of T ' (billy)— " . I didn ' t stand at attention! " Fresh- man yeor Grease cover Kimbo short round with E E, Teflon coat- ed Who can stay up the latest to- nighf Bermuda Nova Scotia Soph- omore year Mr Tag Preachers daughter Gary ' s leonardo at Mardi Gras Junior year. Electrocution Buftett after the sure thing Sub- zero beach party at Penn State Dream week in Tortola Philly W E ' s, family truckster ' ' Coldest Mdy 18th in history Senior year Cdr, Cap- Gun Adjutant superior Cupcake Alone ' ' In the mountains Debonair in Detroit Brunch at the Hopkins club, Dahling? Two for three — head for the mountains!! " That was the stupidest thing I ' ve ever done " — • rv 9) vV • ' iV W JW DONALD P. MAC NEIL Whitman, Massachusetts Ron, Mac 1st Day Plebe Summer " Hit the snooze " THE LETTER Omar, The Virgin of the Islands Froulein ' s Room in GERMANY. Fast Driving, and Slow Women Hotel Camaro Mr Tog Grumper Dog. Silent Gigo- lo Yogurt Granolo A Whiffle ' The Worst Weekend of your life! Dau- phin Island end the Far Away Eyes Which way to the beach ' ' Bird Legs Bernoulli MCDURICH The Brick S ' udying in uniform Left at the Hil- ton in Pasadena. Taco Tuesday, the Day After. O-fer. Is that your father ' ' Sway HEad, BABS. Austria or there abouts Donnar Duck Stinky the sock By the Way, " We never did anything stupid " ROBERT C. MCSAVANEY O Fallon. Illinois Q-Balli For the first two years we weren ' t sure if he was one of us or a spy for the Admin Every roommate he had got kicked out until he met his match in Royal junior year. The radio switch and Larry Drinking wine on the ledge. The country squat on Holy WE. The get-rich- schemes of 2 c year Toga! Toga! Nissans are small, huh! The Trinity es- cape, Jenkins Hill " Who took my clothes ' ' " " I ' ve got to start chew- ing my food better. " " My boyfriend is a heavyweight wrestler " Rats in the shower, buy low, sell high, Virgin Islands, cold spaghetti and hot An- dre ' Who wins the personal mail contest " That was the stupidest thing I ' ve ever done ' JAMES J. MEEHAN Broomall, Pennsylvania JJ, Handles, the Ham, Remember: 1st Day Plebe Summer " Hit the snooze " SCHLEP ROCK (.76) Lovin ' M M. Brown Sugar When you were anchor man? D ' s F ' s s — k! Chunky soup Taco Tuesday-the Day After Bonzo ' s bathroom spy Rubber Leg ' s Candle power Jen- kin ' s Hill A naked night in May Best shot on the H O Polo team Leader of the annual Barry M sing-a-long The Groper " Semper Supply-us " The Fieldboll Bomar Army-Navy parties. Stinky the sock. Spring Break ' s And lots of other stuff Mo can ' t know aboutli By the way, " WE never did anything stupid " GREGORY E. MILLER Yorba Linda. California Those lucky enough to be in Port Battalion during Plebe summer sow " Simon " nearly choke Como. Ed- ney in his magic show After 2 yeors of college, Greg enlisted, attended NAPS, and finally made it to USNA. His ECA ' s include. Jump School, Re- con skills, marathons, and classical guitar Greg ' s laid-back academy life includes a Systems Eng degree, and A yrs on Var crew! " NPQ sto- tus switched his service selection from Marine Air to CEC (where Greg will pound the surf as a Sea- Bee!) We all know wherever Greg goes with his talents and determi- nation, he ' ll be a success God speed and good lucki BRIAN S. PAGEL Watertown. Wisconsin Hadji the left handed injuneer re- member. . sweat of the summer, St God ' s pet. Little Richard and the marbles The instigator, chasing girls you could never get, Dae and Hadji, Dae and Bonzo, Hadji and Jenny, Bonzo and Jenny Ronald McDonald on the island, and Patti the Plumber. Officer and a Gentle- man, Mexican standoff How do you spell — ? Hey Hadji catch this, yet! I go to jump this weekend. Don ' t • " ' ■ ' toot, repainting Tim ' s.- ding the Rock- et, bu: :: ' , ' S The Trinity ■ " Nite Tram ' .?f the car Bonzl! I won- ' ' jrinel See you at the Ak MICHAEL B. PARKYN Anaheim. California HUEYHi, remember ' ' Forncois the Malibu Mid, Skalbo and lax prac- tice, the Happy Buzzard, Gary, sleeping in it, the funnel, the 0815 shadow, Happy. Gunn. Larry ' ' What would Paolo say now ' ' " 3 C year brought the joy of retention to Mr 161 How ' bout Pasadena, a differ- ent girl every other week ' ' Did you really want Keil for a relative ' ' 1 C detail and a nice glass of ice tea, so you thoughf Didn ' t you wonder why they hod lemons on their glass- es of JD ' ' How ' d the ice cream taste ' ' Remember Thanksgiving Plebe Year and tell me who the real Marine is ' ' AMF, Chiang RICHARD J POWERS LaGrange. Illinois The time has finally come to leave Mother B and try living in the world of grown-ups It ' s been a four year struggle in aerospace, but now it ' s time to pack up the " pimpmobile with the genuine plastic woodgrain panelling " and move on to the wine, women, and windsurfing of P ' cola, that is if he can live through his five month party, courtesy of NASA and the many women of DC , MD, and VA who will undoubt- edly assist him in this venture Re- member the sailing team ' s motto, that if it ' s not fun, you must not be doing it right May your future life in the Rockies of Colorado be totally awesome, stud! PATRICIA A. REEVES Normal. Illinois Tricia came to 6th by way of ttie Twin-Cities and she ' ll be sneokinj out of here (if they ever clear tie SBlii) The kind of girl both men one boys send flowers to from Char lie P to Uncle Jetty, even buz needs his T R Fix! D B was restrict ing for this flog-twirler plebe yec yet rewarding with a sword an Flagline Copt as a firstie NASS pre vided her with some good stone (almost as good as P P or Yip pee cruise ) We ' ll all remembc " There ' s no such thing as a Dum Blond " Good Luck and Godspeet Trie , From your not-so-blond-roc mies D -I- C ' 376 • CLASS OF 1986 Litia SEVENTH COMPANY ' CTieij-:; WILLIAM V. WALLIN Philadelphia. Pennsylvania BUK. the epitome of dry humor, came to us after a short stay in Newport and immediately began to fight the realm of seriousness He was the only man to hove his Com- pany Officer ' s picture m his cover. ' Remember ' ' Do-Do. Bonzo. Happy, sleeping in the tram station in Eu- rope, bedtime stories with plebes. chasing jugs, politeness officer, Tanqueroy, borrowing Hop ' s Marine books, xmos lights in your car. going from Corps to surface line ' ' Look it up in the dictionary one more time, win yo AMF-Huey. Chiang and SED TIMOTHY C. ALLEN L umber f on. Texas Tim came to us after mistaking USNA for St John ' s and is still a little confused about the difference Never without a smile, a guitar, and a burning desire to find the ultimate redhead. Chen kept us all wonder- ing why he didn ' t transfer to Berke- ley, Whether he was writing anoth- er verse for his " Wednesday Evening Hot for the Mote Blues " or a First Lieutenant Newsletter, Salty ' s pencil never stayed still for long Af- ter 21 years of chasing reds. Tim made the one logical choice for service selection combating the ■■Red Wave " with the Big Green Grunt Machine. He ' s ready for it. we just hope it ' s ready for him, - Catspaw MICHAEL S. ALTHOUSE Ypsilanti, Michigan Mike came to the Tool Shed preaching the Gospel of Bo. and left in cool kicks Being a Saint him- self, the C C ' s gospel led to a B-ball Regimental Championship, albeit a Hooded victory Meeting people at Steeplechase colorfully tested his intestinal fortitude A Serious math major. Mike could always be found studying the TV in the wardroom. Mike made his career choice (Navy Air) after extended tours at Trader Jon ' s and Rosie O ' Grady ' s in P-cola. Always polite arKl respectful. Mike graced many opposmg basketball teams with his charm and charis- ma— " We beg to differ " Who cares rf his wardrobe consisted OF Michigan T-shirts? GO BLUE! DME JFM 7TH COMPANY • 377 7 " mmrw SEVF " ' H COMPANY ' Vy, , ROGER T. ANDREAS Moorestown. New Jersey Carrollton, Texas With a sense of purpose instilled by tils upbringing and tempered by his education at MMA, Roger came to USNA a step ahead of most others After hurdling the ax-board plebe year, his future looked promising It took two more years of moral ero- sion for Roger to join the elite in Smoke Hall, but he finally made it his first class year The Dant recog- nized onion-head ' s accomplish- ment with an all expenses paid stay at USNA Xmas and Springbreak He survived, exhibiting the traits that will make him on outstanding naval officer. Good luck Rog, To the Gib- sons, Bob D , and Dan H., I will al- ways remember you — THANKS JOSEPH H. BOENER Plymouth, Indiana Joe came to the Boat School from the backwoods town of Plymouth Known by his friends as " Bones. " he immediately felt the shock of city life when a group of Firsties yelled in his face He then quickly settled into the routine around USNA by decid- ing that the best way to stay out of trouble was to not be around Thus evolved the " unseen Middy " of 7th CO. alias the running machine Youngster year brought a change of majors from Systems to Ocean- ography. This decision allowed him ample time to party hard on the weekends Bones, you ' re a heck-, ava guy and I wish you the best as you fly through the skies above EPP STEPHEN J. CASTRO Potomac. Maryland Talk about a guy who has it all a fiancee who worships the ground he walks on. a great family, and a hell of a roommate, Steve made it to the Boat School after a year at NAPS with a few weeks of " special attention " from the Firsties thrown in for good measure He has had the full Navy experience in that he changed his major, got engaged at the Ring Dance, and wore 3 stripes the whole year. In the end he surprised everyone by selecting Marine Air, though the plebes didn ' t get his hair (when you least expect it, expect it). You ' ve been a good roomie. Give ' em hell. Marine! SDK JOHN V. DE NUTO III Roclielle Park. New Jersey Schnozzer is the hardest and mo ' efficient worker I ' ve ever met. H doesn ' t waste a minute of the da (of course, by no means is racking waste). But, come Friday ofte noon, it ' s Miller Time (Rene, that is God forbid John buy Miller w he Black Label is only $5 a case doubt that John will ever forget tt bad influence he and Jeff had c their roommates, those of us the left behind, or the wet sneeze c the Commodore ' s shoes. Best wis es to John forever, and to Rene she is the one to share his futur MHM .T NHHS% ij» .» • » FRANKLIN B. DODDS Aberdeen. Mississippi Franklin Bond Dodds came to us straight from that great southern I state. Mississippi Far from being a hick, Frank possessed an uncanny instinct for having fun As a stalwart member of the Rock and Roll room. Frank was a regular recipient of " Boys. Boys, Boys " speeches Spring j Break in Lauderdale. Frank awed us all by doing more damage (to him- I self, that IS) than was thought hu- manly possible Frank should fit in well as an NFO. since he ' s already i too cool for school Besides, who con forget his flawless navigation in I California ' ' Fly high, Frank, wish i ' could be with ya ' - T L OAVID M. ENGLISH Brook field, Ohio Big Dave (and we mean big) came to Navy with dreams of hoops in his head Well, he had to settle for a Company Regimental Champion- ship firstie year The four years weren ' t a total loss though — George did get to sightsee at a few of the local museums He should have been an Architecture major — he sure knows his facades ' After dreams of Aerospace and Navy Pilot fell by the wayside, he went general (sooner or later ) and green (a surprise to us all) We ' ll all miss Dave, but LT Byng will be relieved — the food budget can now be cut drastically GO BUCKSi MSA JFM JOHN P. HEATHERINGTON Raleigh. North Carolina When we thought of the Wild Man of the bunch, it was JP The week- end was crazy as long as he was around No matter what we did or how drunk we got. JP always end- ed up with a woman He said it was his sense of humor, but we all knew what it really was. Youngster year he was in his prime, in the rock and roll room, and in Pasadena JP be- came a 2 c in rank, but like the rest of us he never grew up He was having too much fun. although most of the time he never knew it 1 c year brought extra duties and on extra night of scrumpin ' The lat- ter took most of his time Party Up and take it hard Johnny JEFFREY T. HUDGENS Tafi. California " Smudgens " didn ' t have a good time his four years at the Academy His life was filled with one disaster after another 4 c year he was an honorary member of the Square Root Club 3 c year he played " Payton Place " with his room- mates 2 c year was another strug- gle to get decent grades, but he somehow managed to get the best looking date for the Ring Dance 1 c year all of his room- mates either got kicked out or put up and then he barely managed to get his choice at Service Selection. He saw He conquered He come. ' lUIAM A. JONES oraonia. New York ' iibur entered the academy as a ' ' Stiess young man from NY 3 ' s leaving the same way Bill ' s ■ve for his school was shown 3 C )ar when he smglehandedly re- rote the watch system Captain monger had an infatuation with b Dylan. The Beatles. The Grate- Dead, and Gumby that will long remembered If it hadn ' t been his " guitar and his pen. " how 5uid we ever have survived Fn- •ly nights 2 C year ' ' Sometimes I nk Wilbs never would have made I vithout his guitar and Kit Remem- I r Delaware. CA " ? Well it ' s off to ' 5 Corps now Bill don ' t take the Nrines too seriously, no one else ( es Good Luck Wilbur STEWART 0. KAHLER De Soto. Texas This former NAPS striper came to Canoe U with much experience (in sight-seeing, that is) to find out his leadership experience was not ap- preciated by his flaming 2 c Stew had the full Navy experience Though his Prussian life style and " no gray area " way of thinking have made his days at USNA interesting, he has always wound up right-JUST ASK HIMi On the playing field his red hair truly came out and as a Marine pilot I ' m sure that he will put just as much fury and inspiration into his work Good luck. Stew USMC look out. here he comes OFRi SJC ANTHONY S. LABOA Leesville. Louisiana Tony was discarded at USNA by his parents (who left no forwarding ad- dress) after spending time in various ports of the world But we knew that he was just a good ol ' southern boy - maybe TOO good His meta- morphosis began when he learned to satisfy his thirst (for life) in his own room The final tally of such actions included impersonating " a sea- bag with lips " and slam-dancing in California But he could always be depended upon to care for his true love (music) more than his girl- friends Don ' t burn ' em, blow ' em upi Thanks for being the ideal roommate and friend (even though you always were " too cool for school " ) JACK F. MACMILLAN, JR. Hickory, North Carolina Jack came to Navy from the so- called " Basketball Belt " in North Carolina We knew Smock had mis- placed loyalties when he squared his first corner with " Go to Hell. Car- olina " instead of " Beat Army ' He then spent the next four years complaining about Navy hoops, and making everyone who would listen sick of Duke basketball. Any- way. Jack ' s one of the " few good men " the Marines are looking for — but only if they can keep him from leading an assault on Chapel Hill! GO DEVILS! MSA 7TH COMPANY • 379 ROBERT A. MAUS Valhalla, New York Bob rode out of Valhalla, NY. on a two whieeler and he insisted it was the only way to travel Even a se- mester as company commander failed to make Bob conform to Ca- noe U ' s ideas. Bob, aliases Mau- shead and Refus, managed to stay one of the few, the proud, the Aero majors, even though not green Af- ter flings of fancy into most of the service selections, Rufus decided on the SEALS who cringed but tool him anyway. We are all sure that Bob will still be able to find some- thing to laugh at during BUDS Seri- ously, good luck to a good friend JHB- F • • STEVE J. McPHILLIPS Elkhorn. Nebraska Steve is an avid Nebraska Corn- husker fan it ' s always " Big Red " this and " Big Red " that He even went so far as to get the Chickenpox just so he could really " wear " red. He was a devoted acodemist He had on HP-41C before he came to the Academy and a guaranteed Mas- ters degree when he left. He gradu- ated in the top 20 of his class His studies left him little time for party- ing and hell-raising, which he wasn ' t interested in anyway, but he man- aged to have a good time and good grades. BRIAN J. O ' MALLEY Aurora, Illinois Hailing from a military high school, this academy stuff was nothing new to Brian. He arrived with springs in his feet and his talented l egs soon proved on Invaluable asset to the track team After tearing up the long jump pit for three years, no one was more qualified to assume the role of team captain. Never one for glory, Brian is a quiet achiever and meets with success in all fields of endeavor Although a consummate practical joker, one couldn ' t ask for a better roommate or friend than B J. He ' ll undoubtedly make a superb naval aviator, even if he does turn out to be o P-3 pilot EUGENE P. POTENTE San Diego. California Eugene came to us from the city of sunny Son Diego Known by his peers as " HUGE, " he knew he would have difficulty coping with the freezing weather of USNA so he became very attached to his long- johns Huge was an embodiment of the phrase " gouge hound " If any gouge existed, you ' d bet this " re- con major " would find it! Huge was also known for his taste in good loo- kin oriental ladies, his tilipino ward- room contacts, and his noncompli- ance to rigid USNA hair regs Huge, you ' re gonna be a big hit as a " SWO Daddy " ! Oh, one last thing. Huge asked me to deliver this very special message " Pap, Mama. Kuya, Betsy this is for youli " JHB RONALD T. SCHRECKENGOST South San Francisco, California " DANTE " came to the Boat School via the Worth American Party Sbhool and the land of fruits and nuts. His was a 5 year journey with- out a dull moment: Plebe and Youngster years were constantly filled with fear of the Axe Board Second Class year saw 7 girlfriends and Roxonne! First Class year saw an engagement ring and a HO, HO, HO. Good luck to you Ron, nobody ever fought it or wanted it more than V ijr friends will never forger nil the " Corps " isgettir j-unt. Good Luck to You ano ;;oxGr.ne. " The Road Is Long So Always Keep Plenty Of Beers On Hand. " (S S.F. H.S. 1980) RODNEY D. SGRIGNOLI t echanicsburg, Pennsylvania The newest member of Seven, Sgrigs hails from the booming me- tropolis of Mechanicsburg by way of the Med. Two years of making the long trip downstairs from 15 convinced Rod to move in with us A natural genius. Rod spent a year suntanning off the coast of Mar- seille with the Rest and Relaxation program, then promptly took over as Seven ' s salty subcommander. Sgrigs majored in EE and extensive Roadtrips to see the future Mrs. Sgrigs, USMC, a former Seven Sea- dog herself. Rod can sing, dance, and act (talents which will make him a great Presidential Aide some- day), and has written his own musi- cal. -Chen MITCHELL K.R. TURNER Vernon, New Jersey The most important change in Mitch ' s life happened plebe year — coming to know Jesus Christ In- stead of studying, Mitch spent his time putting together movement orders for the Officers ' Christian Fel- lowship. He found friends, fun, and his fiance ' in OCF. Known by his classmates as a " Wolf, " Mitch free- ly admitted that his 2 goals at USNA were to find a female mid and have a June-week wedding He was successful at both! Another feat was Mitch ' s success in tearing out the mast of his knockabout in the first Intramural collision-at-sea Mitch can ' t say what his job will in- volve, since he went Crypto. CLEON A. WALDEN Cedar Hill, Texas When one thinks of Cleon, the fir; thing that comes to mind is an m credible stereo system Most of l are satisfied by sound that fills thi room, but Cleon was not happy ur til his 750 watt per channel syster could be heard on the Michelsor Chauvenet terrace Cleon was a ways seen snacking on somethinc He loved sunflower seeds and lice rice, and he always had a coupl pounds of Gummy Bears on suppi ' To Cleon ' s future acquaintances give this advice don ' t cross pat ' with him until he has been awal for at least an hour. 380 • CLASS OF 1986 .iUl .H THOMAS J. WALSH Milton. Massachusetts Massachusetts did not realize what a wild-man they shipped off to An- napolis, but it did not take us long to find out After a spring break m Ft. L. (looking at me now ' ' ), run-rr with an Iranian cabdriver. and a; sorted upperclass. Tom found hir self moving from thirteenth to se. enth CO Tom played baseba plebe year but found his true calling on the rugby field Never one to let ocodemics interfere with entertain- Tient. Tom could be counted on to produce good movies for study nour (thanks L.S), The Marine Corps IS getting a good man Best of luck Tom To my family and friends back home- thanks for the suppor i: EPHEN C. WISOTZKI ' I ' son Park, Pennsylvania eve came to Canoe U out of 3h school ready to set the world ' fire only to find out that his firsties Id ttie same idea, only they want- 3 to stort with him otter Steve :ode the comment to one of ■em that they do not rate " snow- ■Jiimg " the plebe rooms Through s years. Steve has earned the re- ect of his ckassmates not only fc nse of hunrtor and othletic ability ■ for his common sense as well 3ve is ttie one man always ready prooft ' ead a paper, make a ' ?erage run. catch some quick I :k. arxj pull an all-nighter all in the :Tie night as well as in thie same I Kith Good luck Steve on the ' ly to meeting all challenges " «ch ie ahead EIGHTH COMPANY 1 MICHAEL D. AMEOICK Pennsauken, New Jersey Plebe- Early to bed. reads his Bible, he always knows his rotes. Ame- dick, also known as " I. " Yells out the window. " I love it here sirl " Young- ster-still reads his BiWe-goes to bed knter-after talking with classmates Some token studying. It ' s not that he does not study much, the EE ma- jor studies constontly. Is known to wake from a dead sleep to finish homework All 4 years consistently reads Bible and is as consistent at writing to Amy of that unique rela- tionship. Michael Andretti acquired a Chevette to get to his first ship- Good sailing Mike DAVID J. BURKE Prescott, Arizona Arriving from Arizona shy and kJeol- istic, Dave became the most prac- tical of us all He let his pants out halfway through his last year to al- low for the weight he would gain on his sub To Dove, however, there is much more than his pants. As a football manager, he made his un- derworld connections and became a reliable source of everything from tape to turfs. If Dave couldn ' t get you something, no one could, Dave, the dedicated scientist. proved to us all that grades are proportional to the amount of sleep one gets To us Dave will always be a great guitarist and good friend. Good Luck, ESW 8TH COMPANY • 381 iVswan EIGHTH COMPANY JOHN W. CASrr OLL, III Houston. Texas Jake, out of Houston, originally re- cruited for water polo, opted for football and to groove. Known as the man with a chit for every evolu- tion. Jake and his silver tongue made it with limited work (knock on wood). Jake was the definition of mill with such accomplishments as the ADM Mack Award, straight up gouge, and the best of Jerry ' s kids He not only managed to taunt op- posing players, but stadiums full of fans as well Brey. Clouse. S. and Jake established themselves as civs in uni, Nug. Bu-Bu, Holly, Philly. Irb CO . I ' ll rap Jake will be remem- bered as the notorious 5 " G " man, Navyl There ' s woodwork to be done SEAN M. CONNORS Bowie. Maryland Sean came to us a hearty and ro- bust 250 lbs Bound for the football team, plebe year took its toll, as his 250 lbs of bulk had dwindled to a slim 200 After Sean left his high school sweatheart, he soon be- came a lady ' s man known through- out the academy. Sean ' s adven- tures led him to the Bahama ' s, there, Sean learned the perils of older women. College has been great to Sean, but Thurs night was the wrong night to party. His friends will never forget him. as he is one of the best. Take Care and God Bless ERK JAY B. GROUSE, III Palatka. Florida J B arrived at USNA with a Rebel flag under one arm and a Marine Corps flag under the other He planned to be a Systems Engineer, complete with stars. Well, one out of two ain ' t bad Over the years he rose to command USNA ' s Silent Drill Team Second Class year Joy met Robin and soon became interested in another ring besides his class ring, JB had a way with plebes-they were always willing to " bend over backwards " tor him J B is Marine Corps bound, of course, where he should hove a bright future Good luck and Godspeed CEW ANDREW A. CYR Winslow. Maine Well, Mongo of the Dahlgren c Palace has finally made it. From tri Snail night at NAPS to the Dohlgre girls at the disco, cheap beer is si beer Maine has never been th same since the Mameiac left The again Navy Hockey will never b the same either Medical shou give out more neck braces Rigl Luce? Yet what more could French Canadian lumberjack wai than a few weekends, a car th ' runs, and a degree ' ' 382 • CLASS OF 1986 1 " ' »S S% % %.M 9 ■c i car , , ' i eatrgri.-j; E. FLEETWOOD DUNSTAN III Charlottesville. Virginia Woody ' s father had one piece of advice on 1-Day ' 82 " Remember, Woody. " he said, " ask lots of ques- tions " Enough said Woody attend- ed Exeter, and from this he was able to Introduce the Academy to txjwties and plaid. He majored in I history while minoring in Chem. and lEE, spending remedial time In each, ' met Woody In plebe crew, he ;--oked the first boat Many of us . now his girlfriend, Gussie, who played no minor role in his acade- my days. Woody ' s first billet is aboard the battleship New Jersey, q fitting ship for a surface warrior See you in the Fleet, Dunstan, and good luck. CAB BRETT M. FEINSTEIN Bolingbrook. Illinois Brett arrived at Navy from the heart of America not really knowing what to expect Needless to say, he suf- fered from culture shock for most of Plebe Summer He handled it well though, usually by laughing at co- mearounds or at meal This brought him much praise for much of the summer and into ac year He man- aged to survive the initial attent ion and went on to be a Mech E Al- though fluids was not a favorite of Brett ' s, he demonstrated all he learned to the fireplace at the Ram ' s Head The IROC he got 1 c year got him out of the halls After 3 years of rooming together, I have to wish Brett the best of luck RT SCOTT GOODWIN Ct)ester. New Jersey Goody came to the Naval Acade- my from Chester, New Jersey Goody was unique in the fact that he was the only member of the company to re-enroll in USNA dur- ing his junior year He revolutionized studying youngster year by proving you can do anything in the rack Including mo-boards and Nov charts. Youngster year also brought the " Hotel " and the axe handle vendetta It was always economi- cal to go to G-town with Goody because he would buy the drinks and guarantee you his own person- al parking spot. Thanks for great times and the Princeton road trips Have fun in Mayport and Good Luck in the NAV MM PATRICK D.R. GRANDELLI Cicero. New York Pat ' s trek from Cicero to the Naval Academy was unique In that he knew what he wanted. To be a Sur- face Warrior was his desire He sailed lasers for 4 years on the din- ghy team, earning his letter through perseverance rather than talent. Pat was also a hardworking ocean engineer whose late nights proved fatal In staying awake In class De- spite some opposition. Pat stuck to his Ideals even If it was not a popu- lar move Pat chose the sun and surf of San Diego to start his Surface Navy life. We won ' t miss Pat ' s loud voice and smelly wetsult but we will miss his peppy, cheerful manner. Best of luck. Pa ECW Htfi I.NIEL I. GRUTA . T Dtego, California Vio ' s the man who knows he can ' ' Cn " Groots " Gruta, that ' s who 6 n in the Philippines. Dan traveled tithe US and became an Ameri- c -1 citizen to fulfill his dream of be- c ' Tiing a Navy Pilot Dan ' s first stop cthe rood to Navy Air was NAPS, •■Newport. Rt His four years here vre spent singing in the Catholic ODir and for Eighth Company i3n his incredible voice was re- cssted by the upperclass Later. C 1 spent his summer back in the P ppines with the Philippine Navy FOREX cruise It was great to b homel Dan will now fulfill his d ams of flying at Pensacola into tt wid blue yonder ANTHONY F. ISTVAN Colorado Springs. Colorado Tony Introduced himself to USNA as the dude from the Springs with the ever-faithfui girlfriend and a passion for sweethouse bass licks. The com- pany ' s Miami-Vice swinger, one babe wasn ' t enough for Tony So he embarked on a rampage of parties. Porsches, and pretty girls Only one community fit Tony ' s outa ' control lifestyle, so he ' s taking off to be a jet jocky, after he leaves his mark at UM (Like the blue paint on some guy ' s bumper) We know that you ' re one dude we ' ll never forget May the Force be with you and " the Man Who Knows He Can " never your wingman Best of luck. ESW. JDS STEVEN P. JONES Glen Burnie, Maryland Steve wants to be remembered for one thing, or rather, one person Donna. " Spones " and Donna be- came known for their PDA in front of the Chapel over Plebe Summer. Through frequent parties, Steve has kindly shared his nearby Glen Burnie home with his company mates. " Jonesy " roughed it in EE for three weeks before switching to Math Now he gets his sleep Steve kept a good attitude and grinned or slept his way through hard times. Steve was known for considering every possible service selection, including Air Force Surprisingly he chose the Marines Good luck to you and Donna In the Crops. Steve. EFD III ERIC R. KYLE Colorado Springs. Colorado Whenever Eric wasn ' t racking his brain on the computer, staying up late or making noises, he was busy earning himself numerous nick- names such as EK. SNAP. OK. CRO- QUET, LEFT FULL, and many others Known as the merchant, you could always " bank " on EK making more than his share of poor sales deci- sions OK ' s escapades took him to the Bahamas with young girls, Balti- more with huge hulks, the Vous with not much sense, and Smoke Hall with his best uniforms Spending 4 years In Bowie, Eric is moving on to be a Warrior In So Cat Eric, you ' ll always be one of the family The best of luck I 8TH COMPANY . 383 LANCE O. LOEPKE Sumner. Vjoshington Amidst heavy metal rock ' n roll and nonstop partying. Lance emerged from a small town in Wash. A quiet and laid-back person. Lance made many friends quickly during his initia- tion into Navy From under the bridge to the parking garage to a box of wine. Lucky was always ready for a good time. Then he met Lane and his life calmed down. Seeing Lance was rare and his times with the boys were few, with good reason During the quiet years. Lance excelled in Poly-Sci with his efforts earning him a trip to Spain. Lance, ol buddy, we have had four great years together and you hove been a good friend Good luck to you and Lane SZ PETER S. LYNCH Thousand Oaks. California Pete originally came to the Acade- my with visions of the big green ma- chine dancing in his head or, rather his eyes Four years of Navy was enough to convince Pete that five in the Corp wasn ' t for him Looking for an alternative, he decided to keep with his interest in engineering and said " Hello " to CEC Ever the outspoken and easy going Califor man, Pete has left his mark up oni down the East Coast with o few families, a number of bars, a certain Ford dealer, and too many women to recall He ' s now more than ready to return to sunny LA for his first tour, and we all wish him the best of luck JDS EIGHTH COMPANY THOMAS A. MARBOIS Tampa. Florida Tom is a friend who shows up when you most need him, even when you don ' t realize your need, he re- moves the Dark from the " Dork Ages " and lives the prophet ' s edict. " And let your best be for your friend. If he must know the ebb of your tide, let him know its flood also. For what is your friend that you seek him with hours to kill? Seek him with hours to live When you part from your friend grieve not, for what you iove most in him may be clearer fro ' - the plain. " He is " A fel- low of infi- . ' e ,est; excellent fancy I knew hin- ' well " God be with you always. Tom WGD CARL A. MATSON Wyalusing, Pennsylvania Carl comes from a little hick town that had never heard of the Naval Academy before he came here, and, for that matter, neither hod he! As a Plebe, Carl could be found roaming the streets on weekends, visiting all of the local bars Once he got so bad, that he lost his cover It happened to turn up in someone ' s garage after that person caught a Mid and his girl enjoying their priva- cy, Carl says that he wasn ' t the one, but we know better In more recent years, he just sits back and watches the world go by, waiting for Graduation. 384 . CLASS OF 1986 HH ' ' KM m. i GUY R. MEIGS Danville, New Hampshire Guy " Ernie " Meigs came to USNA from the thriving metropolis of Dan- ville N H He always had a smile on his face even when everything was caving in around him He ' ll never forget the Pennsylvania 5000. end of semester leave in smoke Hall, Swedish models in Boston, the Polish Cherry, Jerry ' s kids. C- ' 141 ' s, the Pats in Superbowl XX. or the D B MO ' s which were the high and low Doints of our 4 years! His aspirations ot Comp Sci quickly changed to Moth Approaching graduation, his .vallet wonted Nuke power, but he .vonted USfvIC To a best friend, I .v ' Sh the best of luck Keep smilin ' ' I MAHHEW N. MILLER Shelbyville, Indiana Norm came to USNA from the great Midwest with an undying love for everything Hoosier, especially I. U. basketball, Bobby Knight, John Cougar and Larry Bird Equipped with a great sense of humor and a quick wit. he swiftly established him- self as a premier storyteller Always ready for a good time. Norm has provided us with some classic per- formances, most notobly 2 for 7 night Along with his prized posses- sion, the green Monte, he was the driving force behind many a road trip. Long a dedicated surface liner. Norm opted to take his distinctive lifestyle to sunny Southern Cal Good Luck I RPf? MICHAEL K. NAHOOPII Honolulu. Hawaii Mike, known famously throughout the brigade as " pineapple. " came to Annapolis from Honolulu, Hawaii. He spent most of his spare time with the D B, and enjoys playing the cymbals. He has always found it dif- ficult to find a clear space to sit, due to the vast recreational ware- house he keeps in his room. His toys include a surf board, snow board, skate board, and a supply of stereo equipment courtesy of Adm, McKee As one of the founders of " Team Xerox. " he amazed every- one by graduating as an Electrical Engineer, which cost him to have less weekends than the plebes do He will now be joining the Silent Ser- vice and we wish him the best of luck KEVIN J. PRUSSO Warrington, Pennsylvania From the first, he was tough There was the plebe summer boxing smoker when Kevin ' s gutsy win got us our first taste of carry-on There was youngster sailing cruise-even the officers were sick but Kevin was still smiling Kevin approaches ev- erything he does with an infectious good spirit and total commitment His commitment to God and to helping other people have left marks on guys that will be with them forever If Kevin flys jets like he drives cars. Navy air is getting one great pilot They ' re definitely get- ting one great guy God be with you, Kevin !AYMOND P. RAUS • uauDon Pennsylvania Vhen RP had to pick his major at he Academy, he opted for ME be- ause It was the closest thing Navy iffered to automechamcs That ' s jst the way Ray is Give him a Mus- ang with a good tape deck, a ase of Rolling Rock, and a free and at MacDonaids. and he ' s in eaven if anyone ever wondered j ' here he got it. his parents ' tail- aters provided the answer as |00d food, good talk, and cheap ieer abounded Luckily for Ray. his petabolism and natural athletic ]bility more than matched his op- |etites Unswayed by the nuc bo- |js, RP chose surface line and puthern Cal where we all wish him ' le best of luck jDS ERICH W. SAUERBREY Eastman, Georgia Brey came to USNA from the hick- town of Eastman. GA. Throughout his 4 years here, if he devoted as much time to studying as he did to devising regression, he would have a 4 3 c year, he became notori- ous throughout Annapolis with the " car stereo " caper, the Princeton Party, and dart games in the pub 2 c year himself. Joke, and Clouse- brain turned into mid Lieut ' s at dusk, with such escapades as Clarke ' s Superbowl Party, Kenny ' s party, tell me you want it . SMACK, and breakfast at FT L P D Brey will leave this place with not only good memories for himself, but for many, many other people JEFFREY O. SEMANCIK Merrimack, New Hampshire Like the rest of us simple folk, Jeff hit the Academy dazed and at least a little confused It didn ' t take long for Jeff to start taking off. and soon we all knew that he was going to take this place by storm, Skate-8 fit Jeff ' s leadership and lifestyle per- fectly as it has the rest of us From New London to Pensacola and nu- merous pubs in between, Jeff ' s loved his cold ones and enjoyed his music. Finishing tops in our class with overloads, restriction and Trident was no easy feat, but Jeff has nev- er been satisfied with anything less than excellence Thanks tor the laughs, the beers and the blind dates PSL MARK A. SWATLING Waterford. New York Mark brought his cool, unassuming personality from upstate New ' Vork to USNA with the intention of finding out what the military was all about He found the boys of 8th company Plebe year was spent successfully keeping out of trouble Youngster year found Mark on blind dates and with his illustrious sponsors And who could forget his " date " with Brooke Shields? Second class year began the 52.000 pushups in a year cam- paign First class year - volleyball captain, trips to see Jenni, and the service selection decision Subs won out over NFO and the Nucs ore lucky for it. Good Luck, Marki 8TH COMPANY • 385 RAYMOND TOLOMEO Hawthorne. New Jersey Ray " Tough Guy " Tolomeo bringing with him that natural Northern NJ charm " Calm, Cool, and Collect- ed " Ray was at home with the Navy uniform which matched his all black civilian wardrobe Eventually he traded those Navy uniforms for the Marine Green, but Ray ' s high grades and long hair made him on unusual Marine Ray did not waste any time studying, he was too busy driving to Debbie ' s house He did a lot of driving here too, since the yel- low Comoro was in Annapolis since youngster year Ray also spent time in the Chemistry labs, especially 1 C year working on his project Ray. Good Luck in the Marine Corps, and as an NFC CHARLES E. WANSLEY Decatur, r ississippi Coming from a small town in Missis- sippi, the Wans brought to Annapo- lis a smooth southern drawl and his own distinct sense of humor Two not quite " 2,0 ' n ' Go " semesters gained him entrance to the broth- erhood of Phi-Sci, But Wans made up for this with his meteoric rise to responsibility among the Grey- hounds of the Severn, Youngster Year there were the Van Halen concert and the Hotel It was there that Wans relived his audition for the Texas Ctiainsaw Massacre- As a 2 c, Wans has awarded for his wa- ter-balloon crowd control, much to the shock of a wet LT Always, the Wans was a great roommate and friend Good Luck Mr SWO SKI EDWARD C. WEBSTER Olympia. Washington Ed came proudly from Washington to USNA with a stop at NAPS He came for many reasons, but school wasn ' t really one of them Rather than be a Marine Eng,. he ' d rather row or see Vicki, one of the local girls Well, that ' s what the Supe thought, though Ed ' s love of day- time naps influenced choosing his 2nd major Still. 2 O ' s were never certain Web spent four spring- breaks rowing from Severn Beach, the last two as a lightweight, de- spite his famous appetite. Though he almost went Marines, he ' ll get his tan in sunny San Diego as a Surface Officer Good luck with everything, Web, PDRG DANIEL H. WHITE Falmouth. Massachusetts Dubs skated into USNA from Cape Cod The only thing he brought be- sides his ice hockey skills was an ob- noxious Boston accent During his 3 c year. Dubs ' voice could be heard throughout the Halls yelling Fry Mel Also, Princeton and the FT L escapades led to his notoriety. 2 c year brought alot of self-abuse, IE, the Superbowl Party DON ' Ti in F,0 B ' s 1 c year Dubs became a Devo fan with such tunes as Let It Whip Dubs also had a high CUM of a7,0, 3,0 for himself 2 for Brey and Joke I ' ll remember him as the best friend roommate a guy could have and I ' m sure our mentor would agree EWS ROBERT WILLIAMS Mobile. Alabama " Chuckle " or " Preacher " was born and raised in L A. (Lower Alabama) He came to the school on the bay by way of NAPS and was elected into Skate Eight, which became his second home. In Skate Eight he caught a rare disease. Profesious Midionidous. However, it became a blessing in disguise After hard work, Robert became a squad daddy and later reached the pinnacle of his midshipman career as 2ND Baft Sub-Daddy Upon graduation. Rob- ert will join the Marine Corps, where he hopes tc; pursue a career in Data Systems, One day I too will join him in the Corps Best of lucklH Trent EDWARD S. WOLSKI Reedville. Virginia " Ski " was a born leader who many times gave proof of his abilities at USNA, As a plebe, he was a key member of the Eastport Bridge Chapter of Alcoholics Anonymous. Youngster year saw Ed as one of the owners of the 5315 Rock ' n Roll Lounge, complete with bar and light show He also was the manag- er of the infamous Hotel and propri- etor of the Gordo Beer home brew- ery. Unfortunately, envy set in one semester when his roommates. Wans and Midn Y, were members of the EMBC Not to be outdone, Ed became a two time member of this elite group Now he ' s a flyboy and we all wish him the best in P ' cola, CEW STEPHEN B. ZIKE Louisville. Kentucky 8th CO will remember Steve as its greatest intramural athlete of all time. He led our sports teams to more color points than anyone else in history Steve had little trouble mastering the tough Systems ma- jor, as he was very dedicated to his studies-provided there wasn ' t any- thing good on tv Steve also like to play hard as was evidenced by his exploits at Hotel Wolski and his pic- nics under Eastport Bridge But alas, Steve stabilized when he fell for Goil-a hometown sweetheart. At any rate, Steve will be remem- bered most of all for being one heckuvo good friend. Good luck flying Navy jets. Steve — LDL 386 • CLASS OF 1986 NINTH COMPANY ' :.f KEVIN R. BERLIN Dayton. Ohio Rudy V or Scooter came from the Buckeye State and hiad a rougher 1st year than most (which squad?, karate on walls, hull ' s, and bur- dens at home), but he came out better for it Armed with a new ste- reo, Kev was in for a surprise from his new roomy. God settled the problems and they began to grow YP ' s and ' puters took up alot of time, but Kev found time for these memories Rez or Shadowfax, late night talks, Sci-Fi books. Hud, clock printouts, clean teeth. Cedar Hill, HP41CX, 2 spots on Geek row for less than $1000, and a car loa n for a class ring and stereo. God bless you at SWOS and don ' t forget to set your alarm. Col, 3 17 EDH EUGENE H. BLACK Juneau, Alaska A well traveled navy man upon ar- rival, Cap ' n. Black ' s Boat School Odyssey was distinguished. One to enjoy life ' s cream (toasts to C. navy soccer, Springsteen. Mother Nature, Super Beetles, tow tanks, paper airplanes, and SM005 origi- nals), Herbert tracked the " real " scientist (political) course between navigable hazards (Coach M., " re- quired " courses and 2-3 c year bullets) and welcome weekends (the Lawn, the Admiralty, , , , ) to well deserved stars and command. Special thanks to ProDev, the ES- TEEM, and the Chilean navy. We ' re proud to be your " people " and above all. your friends. Your calling awaits fair winds and following seas. FRANCIS CARDINALLI Carson City. Nevada Hailing from Carson City, Fran gave up her calling as a show girl to trav- el East to USNA for a couple of years Two years are now four and many memories later, Fran is on her way to Sigonella with CEC. Fran s family proved to be one of her claims to fame. Not many mids can compete with a father who ' s a bird watcher from a lounger-recliner. Grandma Siggies famous orange fudge, and a nun-aunt lovingly called the " hungry nun. " In the years to come, if ever a tale is told of a woman who travels cross country stopping only at aerobics clubs, and consuming only oat- meal- realize you know her too- it ' s a FranimallMI CHRISTOPHER WALTER CASTELLI Oxen Hill. Maryland Kit-kat, alias Rodan, arrived at Navy via Naps, where he unfortunately terminated his lacrosse career Al- though most people will remember him as a true gentleman, Rodan will always be remembered for his ad- mirable gridiron play for Navy, the Japan Bowl, and the Lightweight Bowling Team However, some of us will also remember him for " mixing " in California, Tecon 51 ' s, charity egg rolls, the ' Vous, ond, of course, his actions should anyone dare to get a fingerprint on Christine. The Marine Corps never found a more loyal, dedicated recruit than Stell: we wish you all the best life has to offer You deserve it. We ' ll see you on the dark side of the moon . . . 9TH COMPANY • 387 TTT mrm MICHAEL K. COCKEY 5r • -jcnuesetts . lor Luntzball could s . nservative upbring- ing — so ne started out well at USNA Youngster year Mike stacked beer cans at ttie Ttirift and partook of annual tvlojo. His profes- sionalism saw him crowned " Honor- able 2 c Brigade C ommander " (ttie ' Dant wouldn ' t quite make it official), 1 c year Mike was Com- pany Commander (Cuber ' s mis- take), and his classmates might have voted him in for another term (no offense, Herbie). Honestly, though, the only big head Mike ' s ever had was from a tough day as Baft, Offensive Lineman Good luck with Teri. I ' ll be proud to serve with you in subs — SDS AGNES L. CONNELLY Warren. Michigan THE AG PHILOSOPHY OF LIFE I used to jog, but the ice kept fall- ing out of my glass, " YOU CAN NEVER , take too many P.E, tests. " , , hove enough available credit " talk, smoke, or complain enough " " All civilized people ' do brunch ' " " The summation of buns equals 0 " " A good Navy deal never is. " " La- dies who lunch need proper stem- wore, " " Only in 9th Co can you get live, or be locked, boop. bitter or beal " W. SCOTT OUBOV Lawton. Oklahoma Slo came to NAVY to play golf or any other gome, anything not to study He managed to pick up a degree in gouge finding with a mi- nor in Aero Time spent not study- ing: Jim ' s House . , Mexican Booze Cruise . Morning Quarters . AC, north Captain of the Debating Team-Sword Drown The Shaft , , Toe Locksmith , BF Basketball , Ivan the Shooting Machine , Let ' s go running , Drill El from Cuber Nerf Pong , SLOBOV , , The Tape , , Tow Tank , - T,J.-CoCo Club , , , Mr Competa- tive , , , MAU Co-founder . Once a night Check -in AC south " Thanks. Jeff " - 2 for 7 Heavies , NFO , best for last , Debbie Time spent studying ' ' ' ' • ' ' BARBARA E. DUNN ■ ' Falls Church. Virginia Barb faced the long years at USNA relying on her sense of humor, spirit. m and love of coffee to make it ' - ., through the rougher times When ., ' not sipping Java on 5-4. Bodybuild- ing Barb could be found in the weight room pumping iron and scoping on men. But it paid off I Barb is the owner of a powerlifting N-sweater. several bodybuilding trophies, and Steve When battling academics became too depress- ing. Barb used her creativity to spl- een up life. With her roommate as o cohort in crime. Barb stole under- wear during Army week and lured victims under mistletoe. These 4 years Barb has been there to make us laugh, offer dieting tips, and give advice to the lovelorn Good luck Barb I BRIAN T. FOY Belle vue. Washington BT literally tripped into Crabtown First it was the Plebe summer track meet and then his numerous inci- dents during X-country runs BT managed an NV but rea lly. Brian. 25 58 Too bad your knees went out and you had to SETTLE for row- ing backwards in a canoe Lech was another surprise Although I ' ll never understand why her letters went unopened. Then came Mr Pep " 86 " Navy hoops will never forget the FOGHORN and TONGUE cheers Never forget midnight am- bushes of insu ' ts from Marine Intel Thanx for Do g. the tanks, cookies and all the Mt Dews Best of luck and keep charg.ng Remember Nuke school won ' t ins ' forever See you in Pearl. JAMES E. GOSNEY Danville. Virginia Jim left his childhood identity (Ja- mie) in the woods of southern Va to come of age here at Navy Plebe year left Jim struggling with perennial foe. academia 3 c year Jim developed an identity as " MORT " and spent frantic hours highlighting brigade bulletins and throwing burning trash cans off 5-4 2 c year Jim ' s dream came true as he met the Admiral for a chat about academics. " Son. what do you do for fun ' ' " As a 1 c Jim capi- talized on his conversational skills, ranging far into collegiate Va to practice them I ' m sure he will range (even) further with the corps . , Marine or Medical? God Bless and good luck always EHB DANIEL C. GRIECO Arnold, Maryland Danno came to USNA from Adm Farragut Academy via the five year plan to get to P-Colo We be- came roommates outto necessity: no one else wanted us We took the hint, for all four years All he talked about was the Duster, since replaced with the GT-S His first love was the water, a true sailor before he arrived, he ' ll be that and more after grad The fun and battles will be remembered engineer or scien- tist, " flights " back from " Network " tastes in tunes, " look at that cutie " " What ' s Myrtle Beach anyway? ' " Close the ' ' windows! " We ' ll file for " divorce " in May Greek - fly high and free, keep the GT-S under 55. and success - foreveri CAL WILLIAM GREGORY HALL Torrance. California It was at the age of four when Lee Chill first read about the " Pa( Me-Habana, " Jimmy V will be t ever grateful for these talents, r he wishes you could have be around to pull out that last ca Summertime will find Chill battle : the wolf and sprinkling " Cajun Sp kle " on dehydrated hot dogs in town , HAGO, Don ' t go dc there with that FIIGMAG attitui try to excell Maybe you can stt that Surface Action Novtag grO in the Hawk Good luck Chill, d don ' t worry about losing that gd spot on Geek Row, they he? good parking spots in Q-town a Keep your sword razor sharp. 388 • CLASS OF 1986 SHS - EDDIE D. HARRIS - " .•.---1 ' exas -■ " ling, fiis med the Cowboy .■.__■. - - - cs took Ed by surpfise ne was ine 1st official in- ductee into tfiat elite group of en- gineers, the Generals 3 c year Sod decided to commisston the Holy head up in Mem. Hall with Ed as a plonk owner Hall rat. WOG-9. Hud. tons of tunes, rumbles, and snow football ore the menxxies left oehind You have left an indelible mpfession on all of us Brother, may your motto always be " Adonai is Semper Fi " Coi 3 16 KRB NINTH COMPANY CHRISTOPHER A. LONG Ccver. Scu ' n Carolina From the moment Chris arrived at Canoe U.. destiny placed him to be different Though temp suppressed during Ploobe summer, by mid 4 c year, the raging royol bouff ant was in ful bloom and would remain so fof the next 4 unless placed tempo- rarily in " pro " mode Known tor his diverse musical enjoyments. 3 c year brought the ultimate stereo to USNA and Chills hearing loss " Chns wfiere did our window go? " What time Shiong didn ' t spend battling the ME Dept and the lor g green table, he gave to the D B. finally achieving that wen deserved solo. It ' s been great roomy. Take core of yourself your bears, shy guy too! Easy on women and da ' stang. ehl ' I ' he good times shall not be forgot- •en. All my hopes and wishes to the Dest ' ingineer. my good tnend DCG AMABA M. ISAZA yujrr-a C ' y. Panama prrxara came to Canoe U from the ooicai paradise of Panama— here anything bekDw 75 degrees FROSTY! How did you survive ese four yeors of Marylarid win- ■fs ' And wfxj con forget the good ■nes?i West Pointers, popcorn ' ges. woitir g for phone calls, arxj 3ientir ' s Day flowers ' Seriously. oms, I wish you all the best in " lotever you do Id say civilian 0% with no obigatkDn was the , ' st service selection deal Too , d ai of those billets were gone ien my number came up Never ■ get yoLT buds Take an life gives •|U. and God bless. LCV -i;- JAMES ROBERT MCNEAL Saiitorma -s from sunny So Cal ef stay at NAPS. Bo- rr.oc .-r.sce .1 Annapots debut in 27th CO But alas, there was no kjve kDst between him and his CO After rigorous " screerung " process. Bomac was appointed to the Academy ' s crock " project two- one " strike force, where his first orKi only mission was the infiltration of his present company Jim has spent his entire stay at Navy on a continuous quest for the cheapest bars and the best babes (or vice-verso), but we ' ll remember Jim as a man who had the guts to choSenge authority ond get burned almost every time Good luck in the ' Corps (Supply, that is)i HFM 9TH COMPANY • 38Q WILLIAM R. MERZ San Diego. Ca ' " ■ j Breeze Mertr •• came to us from La Jolla wiir( a peeling nose and Huarache sandals. He hit the deck plates running , . " you rate what you get away with, " " appointment chair one " . Creative parking " my bumpers in the white " Creative sleeping hands high, " I didn ' t know I was going to be a rocket " Voted least likely to be a bubble- head Bill, Where ' s your ring ' ' Sports: Crew (be casual), golf, grand pnx driving . . ECA ' s Dela- ware sportsman. 2BT commando, iow Tank quals, reading stories, dip drinking, MAU club, Numbdans, Fri- day night skid marks at Marty ' s, de- cheezing, helping Tony beat up go- rillas , , Denise, Kim, Marty . . . the best came last , , SLO JEFFREY D. O ' CONNELL Oak Brook. Illinois Jeff came to USNA looking for a good time, but decided to stay anyway We did have some good times: SWOCONELL , , O ' BALL FAD , GERBIL , OTTER . J D Space Mountain Morty Mid . G T EGE , Most Improved Mid BF Basket- ball Mexican , , Hamster Joke . . Spider-hang . . UVA: Probate. .. " I ' ll meet you there . . What took you so long ' ' " Numbdins . . , Feeding the gulls , Private Dancer . . . PI , . Bermuda " Hey, Irving " . . Tow Tank Arlington ' s Mailman , . " BREAD! " MAU " Whatchama- callit " Tailgaters PJO " Let ' s go, Fheads! " . 3rd Edition . City Docks - Clearwater Liquordale Perth Zip Gun , ZBT Door Jamb , AC F ' s Crush EMBC The Tape Comforter After all. pretty good times SLO SCOTT D. RICHARDSON Bremerton, Washington Scott arrived with the ambition of becoming a nuclear power officer, but on how to get there, and through here, he didn ' t have a clue Sometime during our plebe year he realized academics were the key, and to relieving him of this delusion I dedicated myself. Progress was made after he returned from Air Force, and since then the number of conquests he has made over the opposite sex con only be described as remarkable The great times we ' ve hod, the problems we solved, and the goals we reached together make for what is truly a life-long friendship Best wishes SILVIA M. RIVADENEIRA Miami Beach. Florida Miss Rio de Janiero wandered into USNA even further south than from this Brazilian city Born in Argentina, she has always been a stabilizing force for nine, hence her second nickname-St. Monica Throughout the years various characters have come to her for advice or maybe just a little Spanish gouge Howev- er, Miss Monique is not without scandals. Only her roommates and now everyone who reads this know about her after taps-before quar- ters road trips such as Ocean City Her latest vendetta is to try and make it back to the homeland dur- ing this time frame Cloud nine won ' t be the some without her P- Colo SBi ANTHONY P. ROBERTS Mishawaka. Indiana Tony came from Mishawaka. IN, so he had little insight into the Navy, being inspired only by Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea He soon be- came affectionately known as Ira, Fifi. The Emperor, or Little Fella Tony quickly established with the upper- class— " Don ' t call me sir, Tony " Youngster year Tony really began to cut loose— " Skole " - crash ' " She ' s not too bad " , " She ' s looking at me, " . . . Time for a beat- ing , , shaved legs Tow tank quals . . , Study break i Gimme- dat . . . Whe-i:. ' eat Its broke Rip-Van-Robe ' ' J Funshine Bear . , See. so eosy ' J ' J can do in sleep — like Robert; Numdin ' s 1 06 Nuke . . Time for another beatingi PETER M. RODNITE Clearwater. Florida Pete arrived at USNA. parked his hog and traded in his Outlaws jack- et for SDBs Things were cool until he chose Comp Sci . but he picked the major Miscellaneous mangling SloPete Little Petey " Hey Willie, I ' m from the dark side of the Bronx " " Ibba Day Abba Day, Buy the Buy, Gotta Catch the Bus " " Hey, Ir- vingi " Tijuana Squatmonster Paulo P-Cola Pig , Veronica Sheebo " What ' s on top of a house ' ' " Morning Quarters Booze Cruise Penalty Periods VIP special 3rd Edition UVA Romeo AC-sleepmg behind the vending machines Spiderman The Lawn Numbdan ' s Navy Air . Skidmarking Diet Pepsi for breakfast in my shower STEVEN D. SKRABACZ Cicero. Illinois Steve arrived here from Cicero and began his 4 year episode of " in Search Of " Plebe year he searched to relate the theory of relativity to chow calls His comput- erized chow call list did just this 3 c yedr became " In Search Of " fe- male companionship He found lim- ited success on the Metro, with an elf ' s sister and at a retreat They all desired marriage to someone else 2 c year it was the perfection of the all night thermo lob ■l c cruise he sought dry land and on English-speaking friend The Mech E Dept provided why " worm die " and ultimate truth Excitement was found with the Glee Club Knowl- edge will lead him to truth and Red October MKC TODD R. STANDARD Fes t us. Missouri Todd I ' ' The first thing that comes t mind IS his legendary prowess dealings with the opposite sex, I o ten wonder how the man ' s pan stay up after all the notches he he carved in his belt It ' s o good thir Todd got that letter in karate W knows when an unsuspected, ove ly possessive boyfriend might tu up in some dark alley Good time I ' m sure Todd will never forget tt thoroughly enjoyable " vacation he spent at airborne and while vis ing the Royal Marine Commandoc But then I ' ve heard most Marin get a kick out of eating bugs ai walking around with five pounds dirt coked on themselves Best luck and go for the gold (wings] 390 • CLASS OF 1986 iNSHS tji-T BREH A. STURKEN San Jose. California He ' s known as Billy Dee Sturken. the female heartbreaker The first words I heard him speak were " highly illogical that these 1 c con be so beal " Then four months later the man could be found face down reeking of mo jo Brett was always bothered by Damier, Mr Veeser. cjnd Major Imp This soon to be legal officer will find himself somewhat packed and locked by NL400 Door Coses and the like, but as long as he immediately hooks-up to that Mr Coffee dialysis filter machine, buys a ride (hitch-hiking with wife and crumbs looks real weak), and gets his boys at Prudential Bache to get him a real J. he should do just fine LINING JAW WASDE S. TROXELL Marc e.i kc " « For Q yea ' and a hoif he said noth- ing, too bad he hasn ' t stopped talking since Never forget your quotes. Hey Baby. Biscuit T ' s. Ski Puppies. Go Ugly Early, your roles. Mr Loud. Bruce. MAU COR., Tow- tank Rep . Your antics, spirit-mon- ster creator, ambusher. upholstery stainer. football KO, KTN. skidmark- ing. your attempts. Lab Rat, Be- linda. Three-Dog Night, your goals, USMC Armor, or your friends Too bad you only lived with your N- sweater, but never got to wear it. Say hello to the Russian spy. Gorsky Finally Gungeman. never forget Anne, the South won ' t always be so distant NINTH COMPANY U wto ATRICIA E. TRUDELL w Valley. California nji resident Vol was destined for •jccess With such talents as con- DCting drinks, remembering words i) okd TV Jingles, and brewing java, •e Blendermaster became com- ixiy sub-commander with collat- 01 duties as Dirt and Bleeding sorts O ' , plus PAO duties of inter- eting the life-style and eotmg Jbits of her roomie, the Green ocer Soon T also grew floppy ors ond buck teeth, collecting DMRATS from Wendy ' s salads :id giving new meaning to intra- .jrois at Body by Steve ' s All this as 3 Hoiry One pined away in Japan. Siting for his CEC babe to force • to climb Mt Fuji again Home is lere the heort is and port of me is ■ ' r g to Japan with Trish BED LISA C. VOEGELS Newport News. Virginia After a life of travel all over the world with Pops and the Air Force. Lisa decided to settle down at USNA to become a helo pilot Plebe year proved to be rather tough with her blond hair and green eyes attracting more attention than she would have liked, but Mom helped out with huge chow packages big enough to feed an army or its equivalent of seven hungry girl ' s Her keen wit and sparkling laugh made her a favorite with those needing a little boost A love of dancing, fun. and o determination to keep the fashion designers in business are at the core of her spirit Hey Chick I Good luck in Pensocolai IT % 4- TENTH COMPANY JESSE A. WILSON California. Maryland Bead ' s journey through Navy hasn ' t been easy he only got 3 ot his 4 roonnmates booted. When he went wrestling with Ball and Durl and al- most got G ' s cold steel, we thought he was thru. His greatest trial was the loss of Cuber, his idol Remem- ber our trek thru the Superbowl frosf Mangling ' ' Beads was the fastest sword at Navy, Now that he ' s getting live (a k a underway) in the fleet, we all hope he raps something (anything!) Really, he may be the only one of us who had his game together -STURK h « ' .J 392 • CLASS OF 1986 DANIEL K. BAGGETT Garden Grove. California Dan Baggett is a great person You just have to spend some time with him to figure out how he thinks So what if he is a pure math major, he loves it. Every question everyone else has is quite obvious to him. Since he had a clue everyone knew who to go for the gouge. He loves singing and dancing, reollyi As time went on, he became bold and tried out for one Masqueroders production and ttiree musicalsi He had the time of his life doing what he likes doing best, singing and dancing his life away He may ap- pear a little strange, but aren ' t we all ' ' Hey Dan, surface line mighty fine! CEJ J. FREDERICK BEVERLY Jacksonville. Florida Fred, oka Mr B S 86, a native fror Jax, lived on The Dead and Buffe when not cavorting during stuc hour " I ' ll never go out with a Nice try, Fred When not gettr the latest gossip, he was four drinking Iced Teas with the boy Where did our shoulder boards go for 7 nighf The hose room. Youm star year, a divorce, a reconcili ' tion, and Firstie year togethe Good Times! Avid bassmaste coffee drinker, and writer. I dreaded Engineering Moth Ocean, he has heard your call as our plane-guard and scree CLC HSD WJK AMF! 1X 1 |SH iaV» mm m -i -A CHRISTOPHER L. CAMPION Saint Paul. Minnesota Chris, the literary king of 10, started as diver Aero major, but found the " malt woods " Rams Head more fun He diverted his attention to blondes, novels, jets, cleaning his " in box " using his MG as on acro- ibotic, off-road vehicle A Red Cor- |vette, more blondes, Marine Air Iwere Chris ' s ambitions he at- tained all 3 (despite chronic blind- ness) at the expense of his hair [Keep the rubber on the road, your ihead m the clouds, your F-18 jcleoner than your room Check six oali JFB HSD WJK ABS J(?R CSF AMP PAUL M. COSTELLO Millbrae. California Arriving tan and eager from Calif , Paul has been and will be a IVIan of the World Always on the move, he visited 10 countries on a " diplomat- ic " 1st Class cruise He is also a IVIan of Action Meaning, no job is too difficult, and no rule too stiff to bend to complete it During his four years he has served on the Brigade Honor Committee, DJ ' ed the only likable show on WRNV, given his shoulder to NAVY RUGBY, added a second major, and never dated a brick The future holds a new San Diego-bosed destroyer, a life of dedicated bachelorhood, and a career of Naval service AMFi TJM DAVID P. DEWAELE St Paul. Minnesota Gramps came to Annapolis via the fleet and NAPS. Dave started at the top and was respected by all. 3 C year found him on a first name basis with every bartender and waitress in town. During 2 C year he dug into his major, history. He played Guadalcanal with HAL Gramps also became known as the company mechanic On weekends he could be found fixing a certain someone ' s car out in town or wrecking a friend ' s car on a road trip 1 C year never found Dave, he showed up late on Service Se- lection night to pick Marine Air With the support of his co-pilot, Belinda, his future looks motivating AMF MKD, JKK, LSG, JJK MICHAEL K. DONIGAN Hamilton Square. New Jersey Mike showed up at the Academy ready to play soccer, but he was soon informed that he had to go through plebe year From day one. Mike was an aspiring Navy soccer star He always found time to study and party with the boys Mike was a firm believer in the Admin-Con- duct system and was constantly testing its limits This hobby helped Mike master the Smoke Hall Shuffle. Because of his major, math, he fre- quently worked with large numbers (i e 4000 5000) The boys wish Mike the best of luck in the future with everything he does AMF JKK. LSG. JJK. DPD IICHEAL A. DORKO naheinn. California ' lis shy southern California boy had tie idea of what lay before him on i first trip eastward But Mike ought with him from the west a Diden touch which helped him JSily tackle most every challenge quickly bloomed into on all- ound performer and conscien- )us leader Mike will be remem- ,Ked for his long hours logged in e rack, but will always be onked for his wise counsel and Hingness to share his time with lers Mike ' s life is a wonderful re- ction of his strong faith and relo- nship with God through Jesus ' inst. Thonks for your prayers and ' w our best wishes for fair skies HAROLD S. DUNBRACK Sfrafliam. New Hampshire Biker, Juicer. Ayuh, Anduron- short stumpy man with (hic) My 3-yr. look alike roomie from the great white north who established his po- sition as M ADM Harry ' s wrestling ended with a bad ankle, 3 deg burns, and the oc-inquisifion 3 c year The dusk to dawn eng club and the room that never sleeps damped Mr Hypo ' s day life as we sow his ability to sleep-anytime, anywherei Despite the Malt Woods and not running in the mud, Harry was catapulted into the C C. posi- tion 1 c yr Thanks for being a true friend, and may hanging bananas bring you eternal success Life is too short to dance with fat girls! BK II, CLC. AMF! C. SCOTT FRANKLIN Lakeland. Florida Scott came to us from Lakeland, via the prestigious Lakeland Yacht Club, where southern gentlemen are refined We traveled to Anti- gua, Nassau, Bajo, San Diego, and binged in Lauderdale Always the tease, from tossed cookie pictures, wild boat rides chasing Benji. to div- ing for dollars at J L ' s pool. A sin- cere friend, it wouldn ' t have been the same without him How about the mutual friend in Rota? Jack says eat sushi and don ' t pay. Remem- ber, " Don ' t Let Your Dreamboat Turn Out to be a Footnote. " See you in the Banana Republics in 30 years or else AMF JFW QCA DANIEL C. GLEASON Kalamazoo. Mictiigan Hawk rolled into the Academy with the worst study habits of any In bed by 9 up at 4 Dan ' s always in great shape Maybe that ' s why he is a " Physical " scientist His passion for carrots apples was evident by the 1 or 2 bags always on hand. A remark overheard by a Nov Prof re- sulted in a 2 yr TAD to 10TH Co. Remember the good times: 3 c Springbreak. geekers at Ring Dance. Foodfight on 100 ' s night. Skiing in BF. WVa with the guys the " golden ' ' goose hunt Dan ' s a down fo earfhi guy. well liked by all. Always at home in the woods, he ' ll be a Great GRUNT VAIII!! NLGFOOH! " JTS THE BOYS " 10TH COMPANY • 393 ky . 3n W18R! L. SCOTT GRIMM Fort Lauderaale. Florida Bruiser sailed up from Lauderdale His harsh plebe year consisted of continuous T-tables and weekend trips. 3 c year came and Scott re- vealed his secret to survival, his sponsors Many week nights, the jog was made. 2 c year came and several sightings of a 280Z were made (USNA 86). 1 c year he quit sailing to intensify his studies in the Society Scott had the knack for finding, starting, and finishing par- ties. He traded in his Datsun for a cooler on wheels Service Selection night, Scott picked Navy Air There ' s no doubt he ' ll be top notch Good luck in the future AMFi JKK, JJK, MKD JOEL A. HEDLUND Forked River, New Jersey Joel has grown and taken much " on board " since his first days of Plebe Summer If " all the world is a stage, " Joel has certainly played very different roles during the two plebe summers in which he partici- pated His first one was tentative and lacked confidence, howe ver, in his second one he displayed a strong confidence, if not arro- gance, and an unerring propensity for " re-organizing " fourth class rooms, Frankie-style During his lat- est excursion to the Fatherland, Joel " had " some new experiences Joel certainly exemplifies " the hon- orable midshipman " image as he tells " the truth " despite its occa- sionally jolting impact on others TJM CARLOS E. JIMENEZ Fort Wortt). Texas Carlos IS on easygoing, freewheel- ing kind of guy When he come to the Academy, he put his musical skills to work by joining the D B and eventually becoming a staff mem- ber. When he wasn ' t on wild D B trips, Carlos ' Latin blood kept him busy, soaking up suds and social life in Philly, DC. and Georgetown, or at Hood and Goucher Colleges During youngster year, Carlos trad- ed the abstract, theoretical world of the " mathematician " for the concrete, down-to-earth world of the " scientist " Upon graduation, Carlos will finally reach his long-time goal of becoming a naval aviator and potential bearer of " The Right Stuff " J. KENNY KASPRZAK Brooklyn. New York Kenny come from the streets oi New York headed for NAPS one then on to the Academy He add-i ed " spark " to the Navy Basketbal ' team, however, after several inci- dents on the court he found a lego, way to practice his hobby, in the boxing ring Kenny ' s talents also ex-, tended to the classroom where he earned a BS in Political Science Kenny ' s misunderstood politenes; during plebe summer helped pcvei the road to Smoke Hall for the res- et us Kenny is on All-Americcr friend, always the first to lend c hand Kenny chose to be a surface warrior. May you have the best o luck in the future MKD, LSG, JJK DPD, DCG. AMF JAMES J. KERN Canonsburg. Pennsylvania Strongman hailed from the steel mines of Pittsburgh Jim came ready to play football but after an injury decided to become a party animal instead Aero was not nec- essary for flight school so to ac- commodate his lifestyle he be- came member of society-General Engineering. Jim, never one to be short on friends, realized just how many he had when he brought his car back youngster year. Along with Ryan. he n-iOMCiged to organize many good wc fi;- - nht road trips. On Ser- vice Selec ' : [Might, Jim chose to be a naval uv ai ci and we are sure he ' ll be one of ihe best. Good Luck LSG. JKK, MKD, DPD, HONG C. KIM Aurora. Colorado " Mr Kim " hailed from Aurora. CO via NAPS, entered the Academy ready to defend his country and his way of life among other things Plebe year kept Jimmy busy, but he always managed to keep a smile on his face So for. he has tiptoed thru the conduct system un- scathed, unlike many of his peers Jim seldom turned down a chance to drink with " the boys. " Also, his high performance mobile and driv- ing skills will never be forgotten by his riders. Service Selection was a coin flip ... fly friendly skies or chose girls in San Diego, CA, We knew he ' d come to his senses (chase girls). Good luck and keep on smil- ing NGTFOOH WILLIAM J. KOPCHICK II Sewickley. Pennsylvania Willie, never to be mistaken for his roomie, wanted Cornell from day 1 but the molt woods. Rams Head, late night card gomes in CIC mode in The Room That Never Sleeps, rid him of college apps Mr Sun-in at- tacked 150 ' s for 2 yrs. but the dusk to dawn eng club, off road MG tests, an N-stor. and a bik T A turned him into a careless 1 c De- spite selling his soul to subs for S. heiro ' s. and excessive coffee and tobacco. Wilhelm still earned Bott Cdr. Thanks tor the inspiration Bill. We wish you shadow zones, ther- mal layers, and critical stability. May you never exceed the tensile strength of HY-80. HSD CLC AMF! LAWRENCE DEREK KOUGH Arvada. Colorado | Diiing. Stroke, zzzzzzz. munch, z; stroke. " I ' m sooo tired. " munci " Why can ' t I get just one " ui Now. who might this ambiguo] string of sounds be describing ' ' ; other than Lawrence, the swimmtj the polo player, the WU-woman kj er. future Naval Aviator Lowrenc has dedicated himself to aquoticl rack-antics, leaving some, but litt time for academics He has r mained an enigma to most " Mother B, " however, those w know him understand what lui behind his deceptively unassumir demeanor. Those who are for note enough to call him " frien comprehend his self-less dedicate to frienship which will last a lifetirr 394 . THE CLASS OF 1986 10TH COMPANY It ' ii !! 1 f " iL t — ill ti i.i JAMES F. McANANLY Bnagewater. New Jersey Jim never needed to say much, mostly because he could simply let his performance speak for himself. A very gifted individual. Jim looked for, and eagerly accepted chal- lenges Jim proved to be an excel- lent leader, calmly handling prob- lem situations and always being conscientious of others Always will- ing to give, Jim gave his life to Jesus Christ after piebe year and has since continually grown in his walk with God As Jim moves on to dwell in the remotest parts of the sea, his friendship with those who knew him will be highly cherished, and God ' s presence will continually be with him TIMOTHY JAMES MCGARVEY San Jose. California Tim entered USNA from sunny Cali- fornia as quite a knowledgeable wonder The academy, and its En- glish Major, refined his already stylish yet traditional views into those of one of the best young officers it could produce Tim matured into a gentleman as well, and never let fashion or new music be of anything t u major concern And if it was not enough to be a Regimental Striper, he actually possessed one of the most refreshing attitudes that the ocodemy has ever enjoyed. Those who were fortunate enough to be touched by it will always remember .... Not much sun under all of that water, however, hope that at least the neutrons will do you. LDK , - SOX ■■■ re ««• ' •- ' •J J3 ...jo-flCW ' ' ' y- JOHN R. RODRIGUEZ San Jose. California J(? came to us from the city by the bay hoping to carry on his high school athletic success. Although he tried them all, sports here just weren ' t the same, so he bought a board and hit the waves John studied hard, but never let it get in the way of lifting, watching movies, or sleeping Somewhere between surviving weekdays and disappear- ing on the weekends. JR decided China was the place to be. The NUC ' s had It in for John, but he de- cided he couldn ' t get any rays at •1200 ft under, so he chose NFO and IS headed for Tomcats. " So, Dude, ya goin ' ? " ABS AMF ALAN B. SHAFFER San Jose. California Compufers When Ai arrived that fateful day in July, sporting long hair, LEVIS 501 jeans, and an OP T-shirt, it was hard to believe that he truly was a can- didate, and not a lead-guitahst kxjking for work For years. Alan re- mained a mystery He played ISO ' s football, had his own radio show; and kept pictures of Sandra all over his desk He even did Plebe Sum- meri C ' mon AI, you can ' t fool us. Just look at his clothes, listen to the music he blasts, and hear the songs he sings This is where we found Alan whith his hand on the volume, his heart with Sandrd. and his eye on being the best F-14 RIO. JRR. " So. Dude, ya goin ' ' " AMF 10TH COMPANY . 395 WILLIAM M. SHEEDY Peekskiil, ew York Bill came to USNA from Peekskiil, NY via the Rochester Institute of Tech- notogv. He left his ' real ' college ca- reer, including his fraternity (APO) to join the Navy. What a differ- ence. During Plebe year. Bill found his new passion-crew. At 5 ' 4 " , he chose a career as coxswain. Be- sides, riding was more fun! 3 c year. Bill found his ' better half and spent free weekends climbing and camping 2 c year found Bill as a Naval Architect, rowing in a victori- ous coxswain four and baptizing his diamond and emerald creation at his second ring dance I missed your 1 c year but best of luck in the Civil Engineering Corps ENS jg PAUL S. SNEDDON Colorado Springs, Colorado ■Death rides a pale horse ' Traveling the plains of life ' cross the mounts and voles The endless quest for those that welcome his release He smiles in the depths of despair greets with warmth the lost love The strong succumb to the power he sells Drown closer to the eternal end He rides the bonds of friend- ship masked but close to touch, dis- solving chains of trust Face him as you turn around and race forward A monkey ' s paw tied to your soul crying nevermore He holds out his hand to the dark corner, laughs, and rides on JOSEPH F. WALLIS Pensacola. Florida Joe, alias Poncho, Minimus, Free Lunch, and foremost Stump, was al- ways a rambler while at USNA, with numerous trips to Paradise including Antigua (get Benji-fied, Calypso Joel). Nassau Cat Cay on Copt Dale ' s " Prestige " (toss those cook- ies!). Coconut Grove, Lauderdale, San Diego, and of course, J L ' s Hotel. Always bent on stretching himself thin. Stump is noted for max output at minimum effort. A sincere and dependable friend, he will no doubt find his niche in the Corps Always remf.- ' oer Ponch, " Roll with the punch as. make comes your .. _ Banana Republics iri 3i AMF your hunch- whatever you in the years. CSF KARL J. ZINGHEIM Escondido. Cdlifornia Karl come to Annapolis from Escon- dido after the infamous NJROTC He majored in History— the history of the USS San Francisco— end min- ored in racking. ECA ' s included Res- trictus Rex and chief of the WUBA Gang He frequently prowled the halls in his " bear " feet, going " where no man has gone before " Karl and his best friend, HAL. usually spent weekends slamming down cold questionnaires He chose a shiny new LSD soon to be based in his home of Son Diego and does not believe that Naval Intelligence is a contradiction in terms. Good Luck DPD 396 • CLASS OF 1986 %J9LM 1 » . ROBERT G. ACOSTA Pico Rivera. California Robbie IS one of those good guys who never really gets credit Com- ing up through NAPS, he has made his family very proud. The Marines ore lucky to get him ill always re- member him in his bright yellow Mustang with no speedometer or dash lights He was always involved in some hairbrained scheme rang- ing from throwing stars to Connis- sour Magazine (just because it ooked interesting) or some new devious way to kill off Matfs D D character But most of all. I remem- cer a true friend who could be ••jsted and depended upon no after what Good luck. Rob. it ' s reen great S M MATTHEW C. ASHLEY Ventura. California Matt ' s time at the Academy has been marked by continual enthusi- asm. During plebe summer he was known for leading cheers and en- couraging class mates, A voracious reader and frequent war-gamer. Matt still found time to breeze through the Aerospace major with a 3,5 and do writing for the plebe professional program A native of sunny California. Matt delighted passersby with a wide and very un- usual array of music (The Beach Boys and Blue Oyster Cult in one sitting?) Matt also found time on the side to do a little acting in the plays. Despite this. Matt will be con- demned to the life of a glowing sur- face skimmer JERRY A. CARPENTER Southern Pines. North Carolina Jerry came to USNA a nopster. hail- ing from Norlina via Groton, Being a Navy brat helped, so he was all squared away for plebe year. Youngster year proved tough with a Dear John in the fall Fortunately, he survived and has been going full speed ever since Jerry chose Aero as a major and has gotten many sleepless nights in return Luckily, his Z-car and Lady are there to com- fort him He also picked Marine Air (talk about a masochist) and is counting the days until Graduation and marriage Many trips to the weightroom has added bulk to his physique so he now rumbles like a pro Aarooggahl! Z,P Jr, RODNEY M. CHOI Hilo. Hawaii Frustrated at his efforts to remain awake through 8 semesters of edu- cation. Rodney applied his saved- up energy towards other endeav- ors at USNA Whether it was jumping from aircraft during sum- mer leave, going on midnight swims across the Severn, or rumbling with 88 ' s finest ( " Gotch " -a). Rodney has shown what an SCS major does with all of his spare time (he certain- ly didn ' t take weekends) But. like all good things, your academic ca- reer must end. Continue to lead by example and may you always lead your men from the front. Good luck my friend -Boner M kyHfc ENT R. COLLINS ■jT-.ie ' , Soutn Caroi ' na nee a member of the 23rd com- 3ny, Kent joined the ranks of the 1th Company Tigers in the begin- ng of second class year For a ne Kent was a member of both e Glee Club and the Masquerad- s. but the Masqueraders finally tri- nphed when Kent became the esident But president was not lOugh for Kent, he also choreo- aphed and wrote most of the jsic for the 1985-86 Masquerqd- s Pfoduction of The Birds His tal- it on the stage was superceded iiy by his professionalism in the unpony A great leader and a od friend, what was 23rd com- iny ' s loss was 11th company ' s BARRY J. FITZPATRICK Richmond. Virginia Brewmeister He-Brew BMOC (The Supplier) Mutant Tan, Red Carpe- t Ronco Fish-sealer Look, there is an injured one Use this side of the map, we ' ve already been there! N.C. militia-2nd in command. New York Sock Exchange Survivability of roommates, Econo and Qual ity, Driving God, Homo Brothers Don ' t touch me! Winston ' s Slide-for-life. Lone Ranger-Prickly Heat Shuffle Schmooheads Majugee Tonto ' s JAMES R. FLEMING Waunakee, Wisconsin GO NAVY! RODERICK J. GIBBONS Salt Lake City. Utah " Gibboner " , " Roddy Bear " , " Bon- er " Can you remember returning from those nights on the town with a renewed boldness, calling out your battle cry: " RUMBLE (in- sert name)i " ? You could have driv- en for Greyhound after getting your bus driving quals youngster year You ' re one of the few to go to Florida for spring break only to try to pick up a mid Your " Das Boat " sweater and nuke glasses had us all confused come service selection, even the Dant I knew all along you were an airdale at heart Your untir- ing spirit has and always will be an inspiration dmp 11TH COMPANY • 397 ' .i. wm JONATHAN L. HARNDEN Virginia Beach. Virginia BEAT ARMYi ADAM STONE HICKS Flowery Branch, Georgia Adam came to us from Backwoods Georgia determined to organize the Navy to tiis liking He began plebe summer with an attempted coup " I ' m in command " indeed ' When that failed, he turned to his roomates " No Tim. Do it my way ' " Somehow he survived plebe year only to discover GIRLS! So long Mis- ty, hello Mary. Jamie. Tracy. Susan I ' ll miss the " Ghia " . road trips, good times with Charlie. Lisa and Karl ' s, and our N Y Y C cruise with " Home Again " " But Rich, I forgot to tell them you were I " Fair winds and following seas " Bro ' i " DAVID J. KAYE Park Ridge. Illinois Four years sure went by fast huh Dave ' ' Must have been all that rack time you got trying to avoid that nightmare of a major you had Someone must have played a cruel joke on you and told you Computer Science was a big word tor video games But you managed to make it through with flying colors You let- tered every year in water polo, you led the team in scoring both in and out of the water, and were made team captain first class year You even managed to get three stripes both first and third class years You ' ll make a great NFO as you ' ve made a good friend Good Lucki JCS WHITNEY S. KEITH Ft Lauderdale. Florida Whitney entered Plebe Summer with fire in his eyes and proceeded to engage the firsties in a one- man-war His madcap antics infuri- ated the firsties and made the sum- mer a little more bearable for his classmates Whit possesses an insa- tiable curiosity and never passes up an opportunity to try his hand of new things It ' s this fascination that has led him to emerge as the 11th CO ' s International Lover As a per- son. Whit IS extremely tidy and well organized and his contagious laughter and easy going attitude makes him very popular with every- one You would be proud to have him at your side, except at scary flicks ' f ,. ! STEVE W. KIM Potomic. Maryland Steve inherited the nickname, " Duke " , early in his Academy ca- reer for his incredible boxing ability, he bilged many a classmate in Plebe Boxing Besides Duke ' s infa- mous " holy " line Duke had an innate ability for evading conduct trouble Somehow, Duke ' s Form ll ' s always got lost Unfortunately, his luck ran out at the Ring Dance when his " California Girl " kept him from making morning quarters On the ser.ouf side Steve has excelled both at ' ' ;e ' ically and academically here at the jSNA. He will make a great " bubb.ehead ' and a fine admiral. TIMOTHY E. LUIKART New Hope. Minnesota Tim came to USNA from No Hope. Mn, in search of a Nuke bonus, a Mac. and a EE degree Many ob- stacles stood in his way Plebe sum- mer roommates that tried to kill him. 2 year roommates that tried to change him. and a 1 c roommate that tried to derange him We thought he had lost his way and in Philly he did Tim survived many en- counters like the much bricked Charlotte to finally find his true love, the " rice burner " 1 c year saw his dreams come true with a working EE project designed on his bonus- bought Mac Good luck in subs Tim RGW ASH DANIEL R. MASUR Pittsburg. Pennsylvania Schaeffermungus-just walk away The First-Watuna Matusa Tequila Hairdresser, Admiral Haige Cutie Dan Benidorm Czar Masur BBQ Park in Long Island Quantico Stami- na Course G I Rent-a-car. New York Sock Exchange Survivability of roommates Philly Exposure Mu- tant Swamp Monster Back-drag- ging at Trinity Waterballoons (They ' re like cattle) Dead Soldier- bury that man! HAYS w. Mccormick mi Edmonds. Wdshmgton " Skip " . as he is known throughou the Brigade, has been a very imogt native and creative individual dui ing his four tedious years at th ' Academy He has blessed the D with his lips, given his lungs to th ' Trident Brass, and ravaged his fiar cee with his hands Yes, Dahlgre Hall was very profitable for Skip du ing his 3 C year Now in his old age he has attained the company po; tion of computer wizard What off er illustrious titles he will attain cc only be found in the future . . or the Twilight Zone, Good Luck saiic ROB. 398 • CLASS OF 1986 .Ibl.1 ELEVENTH COMPANY MARK A McMAHAN as Vegas, Nevada aws of gravity from 4-4 Battle ' s tudy tiour favorite, Pyrotectinic En- jineer Cheesemon and ttie 4 P ' s. •s OK. we think he ' s alive now. Bot- omless window well at UVA 2nd lalf at the Rose Bowl ' ' The Brewer. Run tvlark, run ' " Disco Strangler. ' obert Ludlam and Blade Runner. Voter Balloons Russian Army He- ,-ian Rumors Here, try my key I )ve you guys! HOTHY E. MOSES :-nfer. South Carolina Vieels. fvir Threshhold. Spirit of Tim P ' sical Science. TV FW BB. Ciucher Let ' s wing on over to Lon- C1 Cobra Brown Sugor. Duk ' s f-jphone pole 8 squod cars 1 ciine patrol Spend a night, not a ffune Wild Turkey and water. fk listening You see my cry This C2y thing MICHAEL S. ORZELL Bristol. Connecticut Blade I don ' t know what got into Martha That ' s not the jewelry she ' s talkin ' ' bout, it really don ' t cost that much. Tide Rash on Blood Beach. Rocky. Deadhead Cromagnon Seagull Hunting Oh what are you? Mr Mature " Mr Sensitive ' ' Time out for tequila! Chow Packages $21.50 on hour. + 50 lbs. since plebe year. PHILIP LEE PATTON Atlanta. Georgia Phil began his career at USNA by showing us " cluelessness " personi- fied, when he modeled " white works Patton " and " grody neck hairs " before the platoon. But the General performed a quick 180 de- gree turn-around. His accomplish- ments have been many. He ranked first in our class 2nd class year and graduated with distinction He re- wrote the Plebe pro-book and kept us all awake at Forrestal lectures. The Stork has been a great friend and roommate Good luck— you will doubtless be a great success as a submarine officer But " who is John Golf " JFS 11TH COMPANY • 399 i hrmim ■ ' . ' A DAVID M. PETERSEN Okemos. Michigan Ah Petey. what memories 1 could write about From the gallons of sweat (and shaving cream) during Plebe Summer to your first night of libs. The rumbles with Sloth, your parents ' tailgaters, and the Blue Angels. Your hard work paid oft (3 stripes and a S OOO check) Al- though you played Service Selec- tion roulette during your first two years (why did you want to be a marine?), you were destined to be a Nuke. Your technical skills, leader- ship ability, sense of humor, and faith in God all light your path to success Fair winds and following seas my friend. — Boner MICHAEL R. PLETKE Alta Loma. California Mike came from CA bearing gifts an everlasting cup of change, fifty lbs of salted almonds, and a 32- piece Do It-Yourself pipe-wrench set. Here is one harp seal who knows the best end of a pipe After three long years ' n four semesters of grape-juice for breakfast, Mike tried to be a squad-daddy both plebe summer and 1st semester, only to find his true calling at last and assume his duties as Co Jani- tor. What better way to use four years of practice chilling plebe hot water over Army Week and break- ing in to con-lockers ' ' We ' ll miss Mike as he glows off to Surf Nuc, but will remember him warmly, fondly when the sweet smell of Pledge hits the air ZACK POWERS JR. Atmore, Alabama lack the lady ' s man He came to the Academy leaving a trail of bro- ken hearts behind When he ' d go home on leave they ' d be waiting for him He had to return to the Academy for rest Now that has all changed He now has one special lady in his life She had to be special to tame the dog in him Now that you have selected the Corps as your way of life, Zock, I hope you can remember the Marine Corps Hymn, remember Plebe year " From the hills of Monta Juma " All in all Zack these past four years have been a true challenge Good luck and smooth seas in whatever you do -JAC DAVID A. SAMUELS Newton Corner, Massachusetts Dave came to USNA from the seo rity of New England to brave plet year and found refuge with fneni in Timmys ' to compensate for rough time Sailing was fun b Dave left it 4 Pep Bnd followir Football Found wme women b that was not enough, so on can- MrPEP BBoll NCAAs. c summ; Los Alamos + subs, Charlestc Ftbl-AN. Sports Info for Basketb and to NCAAs again Dave will i remembered for his high spirits ai his unfailing friendship Good luck • a Surface Warrior and with Kal Ceaser ' s Cohort still lives ' -TPM Sp cial thanx to KH KB AB JM JY. ' • -I- JW JA MK SM TG + CAPKo ' WILD 1 (DS) JOHN F. SCHELL Lake Oswego. Oregon John prides himself on being the only plebe to make it through the year without smiling once " Mr Emotion ' s " technical prowess and witty intellect quickly earned him a reputation as the " answer man " and made him a frequent wearer of stars, John can often be found studying into the early morning hours rocking to the latest heavy metal tunes with a pencil in one hand and o piece of cheese in the other. And who could forget the " GLS rodent ' s " drinking exploits which included the consumption of " Guiness S ' cu ' " No doubt, John has been a superb mid and will make a marked contribution to the submarine force PLP MICHAEL STRATTON Newport. Rhode Island Go Navyi Beat Army! JOSEPH C. SULLIVAN Alexandria. Virginia Joe had two great loves during his stay at the academy women and his Jeep. He got plenty of both Joe minored in anatomy, studying sub- jects from California to Pensacolo It seemed like every Xerox, uh, I mean Physics major stopped by to get " help " from Joe Using his aca- demic prowess and leadership abili- ties Joe took charge of his very own battalion 1 c year With his gold airborne wings, boxing suc- cess, and marine option cruise it was only natural that Joe would choose Nuke Surface He ' s been a fine leader, a real inspiration and a GREAT friend. Good luck, buddy. DJK, JEFFREY L. WAITE Lowville. New York A Midshipman " He ' s elevated s high as Flamsteed, in his own c - ceit, and is often times showing - a sample of his ingenuity He ' prove the purser a rogue by G ter ' s scale, and compose a bov. ' punch by the rules of trigonome ' He ' s one that sometimes pass under the discipline of the 0006 ' fist, that is when he is guilty of 1 1 great sin of omission of giving firry notice of the captain ' s going fr " or coming into the ship " - Exce ' ' from The Wooden World, publistd by Edward Ward in 1707. 400 • CLASS OF 1986 .Vi .« ' « ' " ' 3 arcV NCAAi,i cj„ ' " ? + Sis. CtKKs iCotatstiivesi.w TWELFTH COMPANY RICHARD G. WHARTON JR. Boston. Massachusetts Rich came to us via NAPS He quick- ly acclimated to a life of little study and a lot of sailing other people s boats Dinghys weren ' t enough tor Rich, so he joined the offshore team. He felt he looked better driv- ing a yacht than a Laser This change led to 2 varsity letters and 3 stripes c year, which enabled him to take his Jag to the garage at any time After every leave. Rich had a new love Good-bye Tom Chris, hello Miss McLean, Boston Philly. Norway We ' ve had a great four years together, thanks for everything you taught us ASH TEL b- cus " ni £» niimMil .,fc S ' » f ' ' ' (Cjeorfl- ' • ' :v " « ' " - - " m. ce«i tt«- MICHAEL A. ALLEN Williamsville. New York Mike arrived at USNA from Williams- ville via NAPS, He started Plebe year strong, setting the example for those both above and below him. Mike excelled at athletics first on the basketball team and later on the track team Mike was extreme- ly popular throughout the brigade This, with his professionalism earned him a position on brigade staff. Mike ' s major problem was most men ' s dream He attracted more women than his natural charm could handle. It ' s to USNA ' s benefit that he ' s remaining here an extra semester before fulfilling his dream of becoming a marine. Semper Fi PEB AJD PETER S. ALLISON Hosmer. South Dakato Peter hails to us from the wilderness wilds of South Dakota. While he protests that he only lived there a few months, having spent most of his time on the west coast, that hardly fits his quiet, low profile im- age When he wasn ' t tracing those little green men around circuits or assisting others do the same, he could be seen running on the far reaches of Hospital Point, But of all his activities the one of chief impor- tance is the service of his Lord and Redeemer whose death has made possible forgiveness of sins and eternal life 12TH COMPANY • 401 TWELFTH COMPANY PAUL E. BROCHARD Eureka. California Paul entered the Naval Academy about as civilian as they come. The Eureka, Californian underwent a challenging plebe year striving to keep his eyes in the boat He blevi his v ay through plebe year in the D B In his upperclass years it was apparent that sailing was his sec- ond love, which took a back seat only to Kelly, his hometown sweet- heart Between her and Paul ' s fam- ily. Paul remained happy and healthy from chow packages, Weegie, his east coast mom, pro- vided him with a unique social life in Annapolis as well as D C Paul will make a fine surface warrior MAA JOSEPH P. CALANDRA Buffalo. New York Joes transformation here at USNA has been nothing short of amazing He was an innocent at induction, but he graduates as a worldly cos- mopolitan Joe ' s five door codilloc is the envy of oil who see it He con- fidently enters the Marine Corps as a seasoned veteran Joe will make an excellent tanker since he has so much experience with them, cw ' .. CHRISTOHPER J. CORISH Clinton. New Jersey Hailing from " West " Jersey, Chris came to USNA with the distinction of being one of the youngest mem- bers of the Class of 86 Although Chris was not " legal " he found oth- er ways to blow off steam with the D B and certain young ladies He decided that rock roll was his true calling and eventually became the WRNV Program Director, Unfo rtu- nately, Chris sometimes replaced his studying with being a DJ, First Class year sow Navy Air and Friday night O-Club dancing Chris will al- ways be remembered for his sense of humor and the friendship he pro- vided to others Good luck at Pen- sacolal TPM ANTHONY J. DEVINO Hauppauge. New York The Naval Academy received Ton from Hauppauge (Hop Hog), N i via NAPS He quickly estoblishe himself as a good organizer on, planner by leading recon roc plebe summer After a relativei smooth plebe year, Tony wc ready to assume a leadership roif A man of impeccable integrity an uncompromising standards, he bs came known throughout th Academy During his time at NAV Tony designed and built 3 Bot Army projects In his 3 c year, h found Alex, the girl of his dream who would become the major infk ence in his life Tony will make a fin marine officer and pilot Semper f PES MAA ;1 ' " NSHS ' i ' .iJL,m « Ti •% JOSEPH F. DIGIANDOMENICO Lorain, Ohio You may have seen Joe before: on or inside GQ, DC. USCGA, Wake Forest. Japan ' s bothhouses, nursing a sick car or tnend, walking with Heidi-anywhere except USNA. He loved beer, pretzels, ice cream, TV, and to cook-all thanks to the Mecks (Beware of shark and tropi- cal islands!) He ' s wise to the world now, ready to take it on New York may not be the same, his styles may change our ways P-Cola beckons Joe. I think he ' ll do well in •he rear knowing there ' s a screen for him to watch No matter the future. Joe will excel NP-VM-EFn ERIC D. FUDGE Pnoenix. Arizona Once upon a time . out of the darkness emerged a bright light. This unlimited energy was trans- formed into Eric E left his back- woods towing service in Go. and came here with o football frame. an endless bank of insight, and an affinity for friends These were the best of times ... at the onset of his first college FB practice. E found himself bound at the hip with anoth- er plebe. Their friendship was a brotherhood, E climaxed his 4 letter career by being elected def. capt . showing the respect and od- miration of his peers. E always found time to work even if it meant ploy time. It ' s off to P-Cola for 44 Many will miss him. esp. me Bunch SCOTT T. HARRISON O ' Fallon. Missouri Scott spent four years at USNA hit- ting the town, the rack, and the gouge, in the last year, his girlfriend kept him out of the town, his roo- mate kept him out of the rack, but nothing could keep him from the gouge Good luck at Nuc School and beyond- The Aruban princess should keep you on the straight and narrow CvV MATTHEW J. HENRY Los Gatos. California By First Closs Year Matt finally ad- mitted thot he could stand the East Coast and its pathetic weather (all those drives in the endzone must hove gone to his head) Being a member of the " Brotherhood " . " Mr. Dirt " would research narcolepsy by day and distribute the " latest " by night. Sobriety by attrition is his mot- to. The PI Mardi Gras, Goucher etc. con oil testify to that Matt had a close encounter with the Angel of Death but managed to come out on top . . repeatedly The 4 con- stants in life and MIDNREGS were his only religion Simply put, he ' s a nice guy Good luck. Chop )IC S, IRWIN ■ arren. Ohio eel Town. Miller Beer, Bowling, ' Dck n ' Roli, Un-employment, Pool ,3iis. Welfare, Foreign Exchange, ' achiyo. Bock in the USA, Hole in ,ne. Local Boy Done Good. USNA. |Orifusk5n, Wipe Down. Masocist, rew, DC Star, Mr Mom. Chicago. Porodise. Silent Service, Jane and onica. Mardi Gras Massacre. ?ads War Truce!. " No one ses " , Afterdeck, New London ive In, Party til " Dawn " , Drunken KDmies Roomie, The Button ' s Star, ■ve Boat. Frat on the Fantail. Euro- son Excursion, Crowd Pleoser .-reek Ferry). Hooked Up. Glow orm. Nuke Briber. Depression, High nbition. Good Luck . MJB WILLIAM J. JAMES Detroit. Michigan Bill come to USNA from Dee-troit ready to become a submarine offi- cer Good thing his attitudes quickly changed and he decided to be- come one of the few, the proud, the SWO Doddys To Bill ' s superiors he was a model midshipman Of course, we knew him better than that During the week Bill would burn the candle on both ends trying to keep up with two majors (we still don ' t know why he did it) On weekends Bill could be seen cruis- ing the area in the " blue bomb " or partaking in drink in the bars Soon to be a Surface Warrior, Bill will bring new adventure to the high seas Best of luck, SWO Daddy! JGW MARIUS B. JONES Wayne. Pennsylvania Air Force, Navy, Marine, but wait! No Army! The Navy was too much for his stomach. His knee surgery was a sight Mario loved changing his stinky socks and tying his shoes. The sparks really flew second class year with rates and close order drill. Ask the Plebes of 88 Terrorism was the motto over Plebe Detail, but first class year brought in the love birds Once again he picked on 88. What a life baseball, rack, beer and pale women BENJAMIN C. H. KIM Towson. Maryland Made in Korea, Seoul Brother, Ellis Island, Jetsons, Language Barriers. Citizenship, High Society, appoint- ment, phone bills, expense ac- counts. Ben-wa-spheres, Sales, Supply but Little Demand, Baton Rouge Blackout. Korean Gigolo. Jenifer ' s Psycho Mom, Goober- sama, Baltimore Jet Set, Guess Jeans, IBM Compatible, Beneficial Externolity, Porsche Glasses. OC Rendezvous. Benbo Schwarznager. BMW ' s. Southern Comfort. Detail. Carnot Human, Fieldball Stud, eels- kin. Champogne Baths. SWO Dad- dy. Goucher Connection. Ear Tweeking. Seal Trainer, San Diego, California Dowry, All the Best . MJH 12TH COMPANY • 403 JOEL W. LAUTRUP Jackson Hole. Wyoming Yahoo ' This hootin, chewin. done Ing, singin. psycho on skis was our group cowboy Preferring jeons and boots to a uniform he was at home anywhere Joel never saw a girl he didn ' t want to kiss or a guv he didn ' t want to fight and wos plenty lucky at both. The screamm firechicken could be heard in Ver- mont on Spring Break or Villonova dodging trucks in the wrong lane Joel set the record for longest hair and most tours-as his black N proves There ' s nothing he wouldn t try once, twice if it was fun and 3 times if it nearly killed him. As a Ma- rine pilot we will follow the man in the yellow Corvette, Good lucki JJJJKFIDIB TWELFTH COMPANY JEFFREY S. LAYTON Brea, California From 2 yrs enlisted in San Diego, F Hefe came shooting for nuke subs But first he had to find a church He did. being the oldest, naturally led the rest of us to Cedar Hill The Old Goat is the guru of common sense practical experience He always gave honest advice could put things in perspective We finally made if can now fondly recall memories like Team Xerox. wog-9. Bino Bob. EEEI (diodesi). boat stones, " don ' t even think about tickling me " " dbx ' ' " . being lost in DC and " I love you. broth- er. " I don ' t know where we ' d be without you, Jeff God bless you on your sub- take good care of that beautiful wog EDH JEFFREY P. MARTINEZ Concord. California Spicman came to the Academy an All-Amencan kid Fortunately for him. we wasted no time converting him from an inexperienced child to a connoisseur of beer, women and life Pressures of being a Mech E never cramped his style as he spent Q lot of time becoming a freak in the weight room. His ambition-to be a Marine Corps pilot-will provide him with ample opportunity to jet- i off to a number of girlfriends, from California to Vermont " Mushball " to the women, he ' s hard as nails with everyone else Good luck Jeff, we enjoyed our time together JJJ JKM DTB DANIEL J. MERZKE Rochester. New York Dan came to USNA from the sub marine force, after a short stop c NAPS We all thought he would re turn to the undersea world, but Da chose the skies Don worked har at USNA. of course he neve showed it We would always fm Don either in the wardroom or in th rock All the sleep paid off and Da became our brigade commonde Most of Don ' s spare time first clQ year was spent away from th academy, if he was here he was c duty We will all miss Dan ' s laug sense of humor, and Hallowee costumes. Good luck in everythir Don. you will be missed -Who v clean my room ' ' GAM 404 • CLASS OF 1986 4 S - CHRISTOPHER A. MILLER Albuquerque. New Mexico Fishbait Milleri Geek came here a young naive boy He was tutored in the social graces by his roommates and their relatives Was she really 14 ' ' Nevertheless, he progressed to higher levels of moral and mental development quickly He even spoke a new language on 2 for 7 ' Night During his sojourn here, he befriended a Zoomie and intro- duced him to the ranks of Black N winners and the prestigious Early Morning Breakfast Club But alas, young Chris fell victim to Cupid, not once but twice more. The latests wears Navy blue, (a certain KD from ND) Perhaps the CEC will straighten you out PTJW THOMAS M. MILLMAN Wilmington. Delowore Tom was Q napster. recruited for baseball. After youngster year, Tom tried 150 ' s 2nd class year, he tried rugby, which ended with a broken nose Tom was a lady ' s man, always playing the field. His taste in music (AC-DC to the Who), led Tom to such places as Charlies (remember plebe year), the Bijou, which he had to be phoned to go Tom started with Marine Engineer- ing, but switched to Oceanogra- phy youngster year Tom came to USNA to become a Nuclear Sur- face Warrior, So Tom finds himself on the US.S. Longbeach (CGN-9) out of San Diego SKI GREGORY A. MINOGUE Milton. New Jersey Greg started out plebe year meek and unsure Now he ' s confident and still unsure He kept everybody guessing for service selection, final- ly picking NFO Rooming with Greg was like living with three people. He brought Mario Lanza and HAL 9000 into our lives. Mario was a great ICOI? and HAL never made a mess, although he was noisy, Greg ' s ma- jor drawback was that we could never keep him quiet If he wasn ' t telling a joke he was telling us about his investments Greg will make a fine addition to the fleet Remember Greg. " He who controls the database controls the world " SCOTT G. MITCHELL Springfield. Vermont Scott came from deep in the back- woods of Vermont with visions of flying and no idea what " Battleship Grey " was He claims his success here was due to: 1 being a Physics major (they get the gouge) and 2 being constantly in debt ( " kept me on my toes " ). Managing to keep busy by being in more ECA ' s than his GPA. we wondered how he kept both of them above 2 0. And of course, there was the highschool sweetheart leave time was oh so preciousi He ' s hooked now-on her and flying It will be P-cola and TMM soon enough. Bonjour mon ami! And may you fly on the wings of angels TMGS HOMAS O. MONKS ' ortti Belmore. New York om-Got a Buck. Who ' s Gonna 3ke my Duty. Do Some Beers (pick ' ie)-Monks Skoombotch to some. .3ad Warrior to others, we sure iissed ol Connonhead senior year 11S oceanography gouge hound as a natural at wrestling, lacrosse, gby and boxing (he scored a lockout) but never quite made it ' er the steeplechase pit Chome- on Tom logged more rock hours " id borrowed more money than iy mid in history Uncle Tom would .3 anything for his friends and was if great protector After SWO- XDDY school this good natured ng Island boy will terrorize ships on e high seas, but who ' s ' ' Good ;k Thomas, we ' ll miss you. — JJJ OKMB KEVIN O. O ' MALLEY San Bernardino. Calitornia Kevin came to us a wild kid from San Bernardino and it seems that four years of strict regiment has not tamed his spirit, Kevin gamed the reputation as a collector of female aquaintances both inside and out- side the hall He managed to stay a step in front of trouble until he real- ized that a car can take him through the gate rather than over the wall He was always a charac- ter with his juggling, fnsbee and the infamous ledge-doo I ' m sure that Kevin will give the surface Navy a bit of his unique character that we hove come to know We ' ll miss him. Best of Luck MZ JACK D. PELKEY Sheldon. Vermont I ' M FROM VERMONT GIVE ME A BEERi Slack Jack the dancing bear killed us with his sailor dance, table surfing and air guitar The once curly haired Vermont boy lost his mild rural manner to become the OLD MAN of 12 A model mid. he earned 2 black Ns. a PHYSIC de- gree and a 3J survival team oward To Vermont women and ski slopes he was Gin Drinking Pelkey-Demi- god Sunglass laiden. arms and legs akimbo and no regard for personal damage JD bruised those slopes with snowman grace With an ear to ear smile he gave his all for ev- eryone and saved our behinds mu- cho Thanks. Copt Jock, the Ma- rines are getting one of the few great men. JJJ JKM DTB JAMES P. SCHMITZ Matiopac. New York A continuing enigma, native New Yorker, sniper get down, heavy metal, endomorph into ectomorph. footsteps of SIS to Canoe U, Is that guy in our Co ' ' Silence (except toes), Schimtzoid, Jimbogoober wetback hanging around at Mardi Gras. sorry about the sleeping bag Eric, Aero stud, victim of ancient Jewish ritual, playing doctor at Goucher. originator of offensive driving, non-carnot human, NFO (Not Fully Operational), penny saved IS a penny earned, unnatural lights, WRNV ' s biggest fan. good guy, going far, good luck ' CLASS OF 1986 • 405 DONALD A. ULSH Vicksburg. Michigan Chesty, fierce competitor, skoom- botch, friend oli describe Don If you were on idiot hie ' d tell you Truth os we called him was the first to get a 20k car loan, avoid opening text books 4 years (got good resale on them) and never started a bar fight even though he was in fifty of them Don is a natural at everything but specializes in kill basketball and cheesing Openly we raked him but inside we admired him The compa- ny feared him but the entire Va Beach family he dated knew him as Lambchop As a Marine pilot Don will be as tough in a jet as he is face to face Godspeed from your friends JJJ JJT BKM PHILIP W. VANCE Philadelphia. Pennsylvania Phil came to USNA with visions of being a jet jock, but then he heard the phrase. " Surface Warrior. " so now he ' s hooked, Phil has always been a rock n ' roll animal. He liked it so much he became a DJ on WRNV He was on the drill team and an Oceanography major His aca- demics hove improved dramatical- ly since Plebe year about which he claims " I didn ' t know who I was " Phil liked to do several things includ- ing washing his car at midnight, eating melted butter and making impromptu calls to me before out- ings. For Service Selection Phil se- lected the USS Mobile Bay (CG53) out of Moyport. Fla JAMES G. WELCH Wellington. Ohio Nobody knows why Jim came to the Naval Academy - not even Jim He may have come to moke up for the fact that he never quite made Eagle Scout When Jim arrived tor Plebe Summer he did not even know that " Plebes hod to memo- rize things and run dround scream- ing " Happily Jim is a quick learn- er and he excelled once he caught on. As a midshipman Jim learned to appreciate good company and good beer (though he never could handle red wine, or the elevators in Philadelphia) Good luck in the Sur- face Navy Jimi PAUL T.J. WIEGMAN Rochester. New Hampshire Wiegsi Once upon a time, the Old World family Wiegman come from Holland to a new land of freedom and farmers with funny accents. New Hampsha ' When their new world son. Paul Thomas Jeroen. came of age. he ventured forth much wisened by the experiences of his elder siblings He joined the military and landed at USNA He sailed forth to discover the sea. but instead he journeyed up Constella- tion ' s mast, rappelling lesson 1, USNA must have affected him be- cause all he ever did was build model airplanes and say clever things like " Ayupi " and " Eh?! " , Even so. Paul would do anything to help a friend Semper Fii CAM CHARLES E. WILSON Charleston. West Virginia How did a backwoods West Virgin- ian come to join the Navy? Charles says it ' s because he was " unem- ployed and broke " Charles came to USNA as a salty veteran of the high seas with many a toll tale for us " young lads " At first. Charles hod " trouble remembering things. " but he Cdught on quick Charles was a master of social graces, and had no trouble finding women-he just had trouble losing themi Charles took a cut in pay by coming to USNA. but that never stopped his spending. Hopefully, submarine pay will keep his head above water Good Luck. Chuckiei JGW MARK G. ZLOMKE Encinitas. California He ' s a natural Coming from South- ern California. Mark was introduced to the crew team plebe year and soon became a fine oarsman Let- tering twice in crew, he decided to play an easier, less demanding sport Rugby Mark excelled the first year he went out. making the start- ing team Topnotch on the water or on the pitch, at least with rugby he spent the weekends on the slopes Scoombotch ' ' He denies he knows what it means — but we ' ve got picturesi Mark chose a career as on NFO. but he still holds a deep respect for the Marine Corps, Ooh r?ahi Good Luck. Z-mon, we ' ll miss you K O, 406 • CLASS OF 1986 iLt» II « « m Ti • woidoiireeii ' WW the,-, V: THIRTEENTH COMPANY CHRISTOPHER A. ATWELL Annapolis. Maryland Feb 17. 1962 Chris is the perfect example of the phrase. " You can ' t keep a good man down : Chris ar- rived at Squid City via AACC and NAPS. He was well prepared for plebe year and it proved to be no problem Chipping paint on the California effectively cancelled dreams of surface line and nuke power. Aero was the road to suc- cess until 2 c year when his innards gave him some trouble. Chris fought the good fight and went from being NPQ for graduation to have a chance to fly from the front seat Thank you for the friendship and good luck to you and Patti EGE ' s forever BRADLEY G. BEIL Clive. Iowa Brad come to us from the thriving metropolis of Dekalb. IL. He original- ly come to USNA with the intentions of going surface line but 2 weeks into plebe summer decided he wanted to be a " Mean Mah-reen. " Youngster cruise confirmed his no- tion that surface line was not his cup of tea. or more appropriately his cup of coffee Brad spent most of his first 2 years here in the pool. After lettering he realized that there wos more to life than walls and water and retired from swim- ming, or joined reality depending on how you look at it. We wish Brad good luck in the Corps, we know he will do well, SJK WILLIAM J. CARR Leesburg. Florida Bill came up North to Marylond from the orange groves of Florida, com- plete with his Jimmy Buffet tapes. Gator paraphernalia, bad knees, and Redneck outlook on life - " Well, I ' ll be a suck-egg mule, " Bill spent his four years here gathering " gouge " , sailing, with a little party- ing thrown in Most afternoons Bill could be found out on seventh- wing perfecting his football skills, and during the nights, he could be found around a table perfecting his card skills Wherever life takes him. you can be sure Bill will make the best of it and be successful Best of luck and thanks for the many good times, MHW KIPP A. COLLINS Middleburgh Heights. Ohio The Kipper The unsung hero The original Zulu The man in the trench- es The fastest frenchbreod pizza and Z-burger eater this side of Mother B The wild man from the mistake-on-the-lake (We knew your heart was in Pitt-How ' bout them Steelers) Kipper could be found one of two places, either pursuing his Mech-E degree or a more amorphorous state out at Riordan ' s (All my friends ore bar- tenders) Remember these ' ' I have some friends, boy that girl can Be- bop. Let ' s drop off the trash and get the hell outa Dodge. IC Light and peanufshells. razor stubble on the chin Give ' em hell in the Corps, buddy MJP 13TH COMPANY • 407 v mim WILLIAM H. DONOVAN Nunda. New York Bill emerged from deep in the bad woods of NW N Y His 1st claim to fame was looking like Howdy- Doody and ttie poster child to a certain clinic. The firsties loved him - thank God he could wrestle, but he doesn ' t take a karate kick too well It ' s amazing he stayed out of trou- ble, his roommates attracted it, but Bill didn ' t get away unplucked I hope you don ' t throw a burning dummy onto the deck of a ship! For all his hard work Bill could party He was the tap-master P year and had many bashes at T K ' s follow- ing Keep up that professional atti- tude Good luck in P-cola and be- yond ' RPG LOUIS P. FEUCHTBAUM Spring Valley. New York Lou came to us via NAPS, Although his middle initial stands for Peter, according to his birth certificate, what it really stands for is procrasti- nation His natural habitat was the wardroom where he became an expert on the effects of TV on your QPR Seriously, Lou was a dedicat- ed individual who spent more time helping others than helping himself Despite his non existent study hab- its, Lou was an academic whiz He spent more time teaching others calc, chem. and EE than he did teaching himself his own subjects Lou, you will be an asset to the nu- clear Navy Good luck in subs SJK KEITH K. FUJISHIGE Mililanitown, Hawaii Arriving at USNA from the Hawaiian islands and rather unaccustomed to civilized society, Fuji ' s major ob- stacles were getting people to pronounce his name correctly and learning to use modern plumbing and electrical appliances. The company ' s El expert, Fuji is best known for collecting things he ' ll never need and loaning them out all the time. It has taken Fuji four years to learn that there is more to life than surfing and pretty girls, like skiing Despite his mystenousness. Fuji has never been able to keep his desire to be a Marine secret We will always wish him the very best ROBERT P. GLOVER McLean. Virginia Being reared in CA, VA. and Turkey as a Navy brat. Glove became a worldly man His travels sparked re- lationships with many women of all sizes and colors His radical dressing habits relate to his drinking habits In fact. Bob won the bottle toss, 7-0 shower, and passout competition As Bob matured, he advanced to break dancing in the front shaft and dummy constructing " Where ' s Cornhead ' ' " Bob earned the high- est youngster year ranking Thanks Ted As Glove ' s final days ap- proach, only wild parties and the rack can stop his total success We wish him the best WHD JODY L. JENNINGS Reedville. Virginia Animal skipped up to Crobtown from a wee fish town on the Chesa- peake Little did her classmates re- alize that within that small town girl lurked another who loved to hove fun And fun she had as she breezed from Bancroft Hall to Pen- sacolo to Key West to Virginia Beach to Jamaica leaving a trail of broken hearts The only thing Jody seemed to lack was sleep She managed to survive two civilian bound roommotes and will soon be on her way to Pensacola where the PCR will no longer threaten her hap- piness We all wish her (and the pi- lots flying near her -n the sky) luck in her dream to fly Keep smiling Ani- mal RAP SCOTT J. KAWAMOTO San Jose. California Scott wanted his closest and most intimate friend to do this, but since his rack cant write, I volunteered Scott come to us from the warm laid back atmosphere of California to the cold, military lifestyle of NAPS and USNA. but was able to adjust well After plebe and youngster years took a toll, Scott took a short vacation at West Point We wel- comed him (and his ghost stories) back with open arms, regaining a true lover of good times Scott has been inspirational to the worshipers of rack -time, spade-playing, and partying There ore more good times ahead (P-cola), and we wish him all the best MHW MICHAEL A. KELLY Wood River. Illinois Mike came to us from Wood River via Iowa State and Nuke School m Fla Kell-dog was the first champion of early AM sports-greyhound rac- ing Looking at the past 4 years, our 1 lllini has had many good times here Kel passed time at Goucher, the dead end saloon, Dahlgren as a youngster, Ski-fest, 7-4 (10 mm), onboard das Boat, and rugby par- ties With Kel ' s looks, he never once missed a gold opportunity to pick up his share of women As a First Class, he had to jockey time be- tween EE and CO CDR Once he leaves USNA behind, he will be- come a pilot in the Corps He ' ll serve his country well, I ' m sure. Mike, I wish you the best CRL JOHN F. LOMBARDI, JR. Criarlotte. Nortti Carolina " Vince " was a prior enlisted nuke before joining lucky 13 He is the only mid in the brigade that know: the medical and ortho staff by firs ' name Most people believe tho ' John ' s ' rehabed " knees helped hirr escape a commitment marked b ' l a gold band Although Vince wa never found up past 2230, ht helped maintain upper class pres ence on the weekends Turninc down Marine Air for SWO, sorry Ma jor Lanzer, John will be hitting th( deck plates running in May Gooc Luck I 408 • CLASS OF 1986 i i m %nii P- THIRTEENTH COMPANY PATRICK E. LYONS Arvada. Colorado Pat has survived almost everything ttiis place can ttirow at you My roommate first-class year. Pat and I did almost everything together, in- cluding earning our black ' N ' s. ' Captain of the 150 lb football teom. he led his team to a 33-14 victory over Army, but lost a surpris- ing bottle to Coast Guard Now. fi- nally seeing the light after 33 days of viewing past Commandants. Pat anxiously awaits Pensacoia and Florida ' s golden girls Missing a close call at the alter. Pot ' s hitting the street like ' a big dog, ' Pat ' s the only guy I know who wears plastic pants in a souno Good Luck with the P-3 s and Continental Airlines PEGGY W. MANSFIELD New Alexandria. Pennsylvania Having no idea what lay ahead. Peg cut the first thread on the apron strings, packed her back- pack and trudged off to Annapolis, Peg struggled through Plebe year with spirit and determination Those blue and gold oars called her to the Severn, and she was a devoted oorswoman, until Key West beck- oned Youngster year Peg (with the leip of a derelict roommate) met PARTY, and it was love at first sight. Soon she will be flying the blue skies, ■ eg ' s friendship has been one of the most valuable treasures I have found over the past four fun filled years May you reach your dreams on wings of gold r?AP :arl r. lytikainen 5 ' iVer spring, Maryland .he son of a Navy Coptom. Carl •:ame destined for success He had ■] sk3w start because of his slight " np and Sid ' s special interest m him. ■lut Con maintained with good spir- s After his pitching career, his out- tanding athletic abilities went to ompony heavies 0-3 in Brigades ;mokEi Carl had good times and . ' OrtiesinFt Louderddie. Sandy Pt. ' ki-Fest and Wellwood Ct His creen potential declined rapidly fter 3 C year and his outstanding .erfofmance shone through Carl se to the occasion many times, specially Plebe detail and first set s Sub-CDR. but kept his VITH A fine ■Oder and oil around good guy Bmper Fi. PPFN MAK i I GREGORY S. MORIN Gilford. New hampsmre Greg joined our happy little fomily a smalltown boy from Gilford. New Hampshire Under the guidance and friendship of his second class. Terry Busmire. it soon became obvi- ous that this young man was going places. Through the years here Rim- mer matured and pdrtook of nu- merous activities such as the Ike Club and Greenpeace Society Visiting such faraway places as Colorado (Hi Steph) and Goucher . . got a single room he broke many a heart, Greg leaves us now to become an NFO. missing his true colling as a surface warrior, but filled with many fond memories of USNA. PS. ' go away " 13TH COMPANY • 409 IT fi¥ ' .9 JAMES S. NOBLE Annapolis. Maryland One morning Jim got lost walking around his Annapolis home and soon his head was shaved and he was a member of the Brigade, Slicl and Wilbur were his roommates. His home has endured football parties and hot tub swims He had dreams of lax fame but never quite suc- ceeded All he got was a low QPR and a spot on the J,V, He so amazed his Chemistry profs that they invited him back to a summer session. His Physics got the same re- action. Such were his merits that a board chose him to be a member of the Scientist community He met his fiancee ' , Susan, at Army Navy in Pasadena We ' ll miss the hot tub swims Good luck in oil. DEREK W. PARKER Sterling Park. Virginia Derek came to USNA as an " old salt " with wisdom and experience from being in the enlisted fleet Even though he hod been a nuke in his more foolish and youthful days, with the onset of Plebe year and a more matured wisdom. Derek found his eye to the sky as he dreamed of becoming an airdale. Lucky for his dreams. As an Electri- cal Engineer they would often be all the company he would be al- lowed as he spent his weekends without weekends, studying so that he could master his superior logic and get through the EE program Always a friend and ready to help out, the sky is the limit for Derek, LPF RUTH A. PERRON Mount Holly. New Jersey Ruth left Rutgers University and somehow landed at USNA, She rowed crew her first year, but then retired her oars for a beer mug Ma- joring in English and minoring in sleep, Rosie finished her ever- changing athletic career by riding for the Bike Team Second class Year Ruth became the proud own- er of a beautiful blue ' 73 Novo (Bul- let) With these wheels, Rosie set out in search of a good time while trying to break all speed and mile- age records Her most incredible achievement was to become pres- ident of the Russian Club having never been known to speak a word of Russian Good luck and hove a great time in Pensocolo PWM NICK L. PETERSON East Peoria. Illinois I never got into trouble until I met Nick Our first night out as room- mates sent us to 4-1 for eleven weeks, Nick was a member of the D B for four years and finished his career with a victory over Air Force, Although most people think he is a geek, I never met anyone else who could get a 3,8 while racking 12 hours a day and taking all his weekends Nick refuses my advice and will be taking a trip to the alter with Peggy Suffering from migraines, (HAI), Nick was brutally forced to go C EC Good Luck with Peg PS I owe you a beerll PEL MICHAEL J. PROEBSTLE Massillon. Otiio The Prober, The man who laughed at life. The man who used to have everything He came to ploy boll, but traded in his glove for vocal chords and spent his Glee Club days waffling and carousing with the infamous Uzzi and the Molest- ers, Mike never spent weekends at USNA, and when he had to he usu- ally wasn ' t here anyway We ' ll nev- er forget his undying support for his Indians and D, Letterman, This guy kept Swiss Miss in business. A ward- room fixture, he only came out for Georgetown and O-beach, Winner of the coveted Terri Busmier Night Owl Award, P-cola bound. Good Luck in Navy Air, 000-RAH! KAC LAWRENCE R. SHUTTLEWORTH Brick town. New Jersey Upon arrival Shutts immediately im- pressed us with his inverted milk glass tricks. His goal was to run ev- ery possible company function, Mr tailgator. video club, and Maryland flag bearer, could not run fast enough however, to avoid a red haired Robin who came bobbing along Larry ' s ability to get things done earned him the task of Co CDR, After four years of rooming with Larry it is easy to see why he will succeed in all he does. His per- sonality and character will make him a great pilot and to anyone lucky enough to know him an ex- cellent friend. Thanks for all the help buddy. I would never have made it without you, CAS WILLIAM E. SIVERSTEN Joppa. Maryland After a year of prep school in sunny CA " Wilbur " finally mode it to USNA seeking lax tame, Plebe summer saw him crowned the joker of Zulu squad. But during Ac Year he lost the 7-0 Heavyweight boxing title Youngster year Will earned 2 varsi- ty letters One for lax and one for midnight yawl sailing, 2 c year saw him inducted into the Flying Lluendo club and reach academic excel- lence with his 3 1 c cruise saw him give up his love boat for a friend in need (Robin I thank you) and wind-up wind surfing in Gitmo, Now its off to Seattle and his MSO, Thanks for a lot of laughs Don ' t for- get about our $50 bet LRS JAMES S. SNIDER Memptiis. Tennessee Jay came all the way from the Vol- unteer state to be a Mid All plebe year he wanted to know if this wo; the place you come to become c Federal Express Lear pilot Young ster year brought him into Aerc nightmares and the 2 AM lab repori club, 2 c year gave Jay re-birtt into the EGE fraternity , the gooc lifel (Team Xerox) As a firstie. and c Batt Staffer, Jay developed hi; leadership , DELEGATEi His week ends always lasted until 11:59 Sun day night, making the most o those weekends! Jay ' s easygoing Southern back porch nature make him a solid, reliable member of ■!- ' and 86, Thanks for the laughs one friendship. Jay, Godspeed , , Goc bless 410 • CLASS OF 1986 l ' VNHViSV .«_, » " )c:;cfo:.. CRAIG A. SNYDER Harrington Park. New Jersey Snydes Craig came to USNA from beautiful N Jersey, although he claims N Y , to play baseball Plebe year remembers Logo ' s golden rules and arguments with Parks Af- ter o session at summer school, youngster year came with a new roomy, Kel, and a fettish for sleep- ing with mice Another round of summer school brings 2 c year and the Coastie Craig was able to dodge an Ac Board but not the " L " and finolly earned that varsity let- ' er 1 c year come and went and now he ' s off to EOOW school, but only after being my best man We nod some great times Best of luck with Leigh, your DDG, and all else you do LRS ALISON E. SWEDEAN Nevis. Minnesota Coming from the snow covered lakes of Minnesota, Alison (with one L ' ) came to the Academy not knowing what to expect, but then, who does ' ' Still, Alison proved true that happiness is where you least expect it. as a certain percussionist stole her heart (and oil her week- ends ' ) Al ' s friendly and open way touched many - and we all thank her for her constant coring ana concern We ' ve shared a lot, and our lives ho ' e just begun Best of luck, dear friend KDU REN D. ULISNIK umbuii. Connecticut ' reading her time between crew, iJck. aerobics, NAFAC, academ- ' ., and Brigade staff, Karen still al- :3ys hod time to dance and party ' jfe. funny, intelligent, athletic, I ' Qzy!). lovable pick any one and 3t is Karen Blessed with her good Dks and perfect figure, she ■ arms most every male she I Jets Her bubbly personality and :orkling smile keep everyone ' Ound her happy My best friend (d ckisest sister. Karen will always ' ve o large part of my heart. I ' • e you Spy Navy! MB DAVID V. WATTS Houston. Texas Over the years. Dave has proved to be a steady friend to mony-ol- ways there when you need, a good sense of humor, and some- one willing to split a bar tab Whot more could you wanf During his four years here, he has faithfully ful- filled the three goals of USNA-mor- ally (except when wearing his pat- ented beer goggles), mentally (what ' s in a QPR anyway ' ' ), and physically (all those workouts). Slick Is a man of many talents-world class wrestler, super spy. a flying lluenda. oceanographer extraor- dinaire-but most of all. a real friend Dave. I wish you all the best and see you in P-cola MHW THIRTEENTH COMPANY . v: ' - ' - ' i -V " II I ifriifNV FOURTEENTH COMPANY MARTIN H. WELLER Charles town. West Virginia Martin was a true rebel without a cause and unfortunately because of censorshiip this biography can ' t express the causes of his rebellious- ness fv ly first attempts at summing up his experiences at USNA were censored because it was felt that he would find them embarrassing in later life but I beg to differ He would have looked back at this and said to himself " Self, 1 was mel- low back then, " For Martin is sub- ject to the Weller Wine Law It be- ing said that wine gets better with age, so it is with Martin ' s partying We wish him luck in Pensocola and hope that he will always stay in " CONTOTAL TPOL, " SJK MELODY WHEELER Iron ton, Ohio There were good times, horrible times, great friends, unforgettable experiences, weeks that lasted for- ever and days that ended all too soon, friends made it all worthwhile and that ' s the end of this GREGG B. K. WILLIAMS Brooklyn, New York Gregg came to Annapolis not real- izing that life existed outside of New York City and that there were even states north of Manhattan, His big- gest difficulties in adjusting to Navy life were having to wear white, learning to jog the bottom of the pool, and learning to drive his new T A, However. Gregg will attest to the fact that he was able to keep one of the neatest lockers around. Now that he has signed his life away to the Corps. Gregg has a lot to look forward to, just so long as he remembers the three rules and the three D ' s, We wish him the best of luck. 412 • CLASS OF 1986 ■L tNHHS ' ERIK ADAMS " -7 fornia " the Golden Gate, : ■ rding what he didn ' t rate As a p.ebe his voice echoed the hall. UA very early showed can- nonballs. The man was a leader, that we knew. Had great charisma, personality, too Once in a while, he left our sight. Running outside, into the night. It was a moment of free- dom he bought. Zipping back in before being caught Evenings of study, he wanted not. Daring too much, finally was caught. And he was sentenced to many a muster. But saw Tiny, to often adjust her. So he sat before many men ' s lips. Ev- eryone told him of burgers to flip. Not giving in he refused to run. They must admit he ' d get ' he .ob done DAVID G. BACA Boo ' ae- Ccc-odo Dave Carre ' o uSNA after spending a year at NAPS Majoring in Ocean- ography, he maintained a 3 CQPR, and had a good time doing It, He earned a varsity letter In 150 lb, football and although a knee In- jury kept him from playing his final season, it gave him extra time to devote to his duties as Co. Cdr , a job which he spent most of his time keeping his classmates out of trou- ble. As king of the fat. dumb, happy room he had several nick- names such as Chewy . Sleepy Dave. Most of all he was known to his classmates as friend, right Hon- kus ' ' Good ' uck ■- ' Orlando God Bless I CHRISTOPHER DEENE CASADOS Albuquerque. New Mexico Chris came to Canoe U. with three goals In mind, to avoid the axe. to avoid summer school, and to grad- uate on time Subjecting himself to such torturous activities as crew and academics early on In his Academy career, Chris soon learned to enjoy the more pleasur- able aspects of life (possibly the in- fluence of having roomed with Billy T.). Yes. there were good times and there were some not so good times, and there was summertime (even in the winter), but now It ' s on to bigger and better things. See you in the Fleet NGB PS. Good luck to all 14th Co ' 86. and thanks to the Shadow for sticking with me through all this CDC SHAWN F. CONROY Fountain Valley. California Shown came to the Academy out of the Boost program. His mission was to Boost his credit rating, so he became the proud owner of every available credit card. No help to his finonclal situation were Hechts and the drcade Being the lady killer that he is. Shawn couldn ' t pass up the opportunity to date one of his classmates A native of Cal. Shawn found the mornings cold, but al- ways managed to sound reveille in ' the shower. (Where ' s my pen guys ). In all. its been great living In the 7-4 hotel, (Kevin, Jim, tofu) Good luck In P ' cola, Remember, ducks drip dry best! FLY NAVY!!!!! sv, jj J ILUAM D, CRAIG CURT W. DODGES SALVATORE J. GIARRIZZO MARK A, GREEN es ' fieia. New Jersey Sparta. New Jersey Johnstown. New York Chatswortti. Georgia came to The Institution rinht frnm Nnthinn ;tnrtort for Purt until hf? ; -ii hnH tho m ii, i c.ct v. it nt tho Mnrk rnmo tn I KNJA i,n MADC A ILUAM D, CRAIG ss ' fieia. New Jersey came to The institution right from Garden State H S Squash rac- et in hand. Bill showed that sbes deserve respect also He mpieted his college competitive reer with a pair of varsity honors f f one for strict regimentation. Bill IS determined to retain his civ, " osphere while at USNA (2 c va- ■ privileges. Bill ' ' ) During 2 c yr Bill k a vacation from the courts C3 sent his QPR high with Med -lod deep m his thoughts. As Bill ' s ' ■ mmate I thank him for putting - with me tor 3 yrs and attempting ' sducote me in the ways of fash- Best of luck to my Sub-Cdr TJM I CURT W. DODGES Sparta. New Jersey Nothing started for Curt until he reached first class. Oh sure, he was a wrestler before then, and had managed to avoid the ax while four roommates went their merry way, but as a first class he met the great equalizer and the only other man not to keep a roommate Curt was the only man capable of stay- ing close to Erik ' s restriction exploits, but In the end came up short You could always count on Curt to come up with something when both of you had better things to do A steady wardroom rat, rackheod and procrastinator, I can only wish one thing tor him: TERMINATION and d large SUPPLY of . . SALVATORE J. GIARRIZZO Jotmstown. New York Sal had the quickest wit at the Academy. When he was not mak- ing up new lyrics or rhymes, he ar- gued with people and won even when he was wrong Sal was into getting cheap laughs at almost anybody ' s expense. Who could for- get the hilorious Mornssey-Shaw- Glorrlzzo wrestling bouts, or how about that classic appearance of cornhead dt a football pep rally-oh the humanity! Sal was also an In- tense sportsman He lettered m Rugby m two years. He was also a great hunter. Good Luck to both Sal and Tina, Navy will never be the same after such a macho dude S,S, MARK A, GREEN Ctiatswortti. Georgia Mark came to USNA via NAPS, A quick tempered country boy from the great outdoors he never took to being a plebe or sweating This made him compatible to room with a beach bum from N.J, Mark taught his roomy about fishin ' , huntin ' and Hank Jr. Mark enjoyed roughousin ' with the 150 lb football team and was one of the first m the comp to earn a letter After Injuries sidelined him, he spent his time keeping in shape for the girls After ' 85 with the Hap, Mork spent ' 86 with family, friends, and his truck The part own- er of J and G ' s bar happily joined the construction business (CEC) which suited him and his truck nice- ly Good luck tothe only guy I ' d let wear my Jacket 14TH COMPANY •413 Kt FOURTEENTH COMPANY ALFRED R. JACKSON III Burlington. Wisconsin " Action " Jackson (w Kung Fu Grip) arrived at USNA as a plebe JG Miss- ing the luxuries ot tiome and nature, tie invented tiis own luxuries ttie " stiower-batti " and imitation snow- flakes (tiow sweetl) A true plebe at hieart, his life would not be com- plete without plebe detail, he found it rewarding, for he received personal satisfaction as well as a fiancee ' In nanoseconds, he lost his " Rung Fu Grip " on First Class Year, for the enjoyment of the finer things in life became his aim He conduct- ed his own " solo-flights " in his F-18 " Toyota Celico GT " to Mindy ' s house Best wishes to you and Mindyi Fly high for The Morine Corps! Until next time — Nanu Nanui SAW THOMAS J. JUDGE Brick Town. New Jersey T J, came from Brick Town in hopes of becoming a college football player Hompered with injuries, he finally lettered 2 C year. During the ' King Pens ' stay here he was a proud partner of J G ' s Friday night youngster bar which later be- came the J G weekend suite. His musical tastes were enriched with the addition of country-may Hank Jr live forever Good times like adding Timmy J, to our co for the A N game won ' t be forgotten Ser- vice Selection was a tough choice until Tommie gazed at the pilot ' s leather jacket and noticed their un- usually long hair Best of luck to you as a Jet Jock and remember to put the cap on the toothpaste MAG JAYSON L. JACKSON Florence. Alabama Jay brought his southern accent to Canoe U from Alabama, Traveling with the Glee Club too much for his own good, he really did join the Navy and see the world A firm be- liever that bull majors are people too, he spent his evenings visiting the Brigade Jay ' s most valuable lesson learned while at USNA was during his tour as a Plebe Summer squad leader After Echo Company slept through PEP ( " the bells didn ' t go off, Honest!), Coach Lenz philos- ophized, " Gentlemen, if the GQ alarm on your ship does not go off, don ' t worry about ifi " Jay will prob- ably pipe his favorite Christian mu- sic into his NFO headphones Goo- ber soys Heyi EDWARD S. KNAPP Palm Harbor. Florida Ed came to us from sunny FL after brief stmt in the EF Corps Plebe C of an apathetic Class, Ed was ne er around to take the heat Unfc tunately his roommate was, 4 year began his track career t only as a 3 c did Ed discover tl benefits of modern chemistry Ac demies weren ' t easy but he s vived as a Physics Oceanogi phy Phy Sci major A man of t( words and even fewer girlfriend Ed pidyed the field in his love life finally found his true love though his ' 78 Vette Ed ' ll be back in FL ' P-Cola Best Wishes to the only c ' who could put up with me for 4-i and the neat half of the room H ' " CKJOii " 6 ' j(CPeC-.- i ' fCleiyrr-:-. ERIC S. LITTLE Mechanicsville. Virginia Eric (Bubby shroom) Little ' s hardest time wtiile at the Academy was plebe year. " Sir, you have an IP on your back " 3 c year saw Eric in a new uniform shorts, white T-shirt and walkman Erie soon established himself as an academic stud, earn- ing three 4 00 semesters 2 c year brought out his sense of duty as company academic officer, " Sign the log or read about it " First class cruise convinced Eric that down there is where the fun is and after ending his stay at USNA as a regi- mental striper, he joined the dolphin community Admiral McKee couldn ' t ha e chosen anyone finer nor anyone more dedicated to na- val service DANIEL V. MACINNIS AI ron. Ohio As Gl Dan. the RECON MAN, Dan hurdled through plebe year If he wasn ' t in the pool, Dan was in the library enroute to the highest QPI? in the company 3 c year saw Gl in- volved in swimming, judo, karate and his ever-present model air- planes. Many a seagull barely es- caped his plane ' s wrath 2 c year saw Dan almost finishing his major, into the VGEP program, and 4 big stripes for 1 c year. After a semes- ter in brigade striper-land, he casu- ally went to U. Md for fun and a masters Since Dan was so good at engineering and not a master of colors, he naturally went ED in spite of his gunginess Quite a future is in store for Gl TIMOTHY J. MACKENZIE Brownsburg. Indiana Tim came to Navy with jeans on his hips, a flannel shirt on his back, and flying on his mind. From plebe year to his last. Tim proved himself on the 150-lber ' s gridiron. As a hard hitting DE. he broke more fingers than he blocked passes, but he earned ' 1st team honors With 1 c year came civies and serv select. I suggested he invest in a pink button-down and a pair of penny loafers paying them off with a nuke bonus He didn ' t take my advice, but I forgive him b c he made me sub-cdr. As co-cdr. he took a hold of the reins and drove us safely home to grad Tim left Navy with a bike under his hips, green on his back, and flying as his future WDC ANTHONY MCKINNEY Newport. Rhode Islond The Newport native adapted well to the life here. Although plebe year didn ' t pass without its share of setbacks. Anthony survived and even made a name for himself. So much so that the ' Dant Supe is- sued special invitations to spend three summers here as a resilient scholar. Narrowly missing the Supe ' s list one semester after another didn ' t dispirit Anthony. Taking his athletic prowess to the squash courts earned him four letters proved his value to the team With those hardeorned grades in hand, he was cautious about Navy Air After getting the billet, he let loose It ' s been great. Here ' s to you and your future. Anthony. MFM J (HIPP CHAEL F. MORRISSEY :■ •; :onomowoc. Wisconsin .—■,: " . " IS " the faces of Plebe Summer ' ' ,, : ' ::-: ■ ned into the friends and person- ' . ' :s ' - ' . ' ' ®s of Ac Yr . Mike ' s visage be- ' , ...,;••-■-■ ' ' i s a gregarious one around the ■-; ' --:■; impany His three years of brutal ..,■■;:■■ ' - workouts, weight-cutting. ■-■ 3 abstinence from typical Spring bak mischief finally seemed rthwhile upon election to the fsition of Team Captain, with ; • .: .-r tse letters under his belt. (Plebes ;■._:■ CTf letter in Crew) Perplexed c;r the decision between NFC c a Nuke, the Physicist realized he s in love with the atom, and V nted to " sea " it work in the anti- platforms of Uncle Sam. Smart c lice. Mike, you ' re a credit to the ,-;•■?;- S marine Community. AM DAVID A. PETRI Waterloo. Illinois Dave never believed the adminis- tration when they said, " you don ' t have to major in Aerospace Engi- neering to flyl " Nevertheless, his QPR was up there with the best of them Although he insisted he never studied that hard, there had to be some reason his eyes went bad The back seat won ' t be so terrible. When Dave wasn ' t putting away the Busch on weekends, he was out on his motorcycle (Oops, they weren ' t supposed to knowl). But Dave is most proud of his USNA Snoring Award This guy sounds like a lawn mower that backfires. Overall, Dave ' s just a really fun guy Just ask " Piggy " if you don ' t be- lieve me Hey to Gooberi MICHAEL LEE SCHEIERN Huffman, Texds Mike comes from the BIG state of Texas. And with him he brought a lot of BIG stories about good friends and good times He was proud of where he came from and where he was going- MARINE CORPS, Baby! It was just getting from one place to the other that was the problem. Electric circuits and differential equations didn ' t interest him much, but jumping from on airplane and a future career did. Mike is a true pa- triot who would do anything for his country and his friends Godspeed and Semper Fil STEPHEN M. SHAW Tulsd. Oklahoma Steve came to the Academy from Tulsa Oklahoma planning to fly but eventually chose the Marine Corps Where else can you get paid to spend time in the woods? Steve did well academically and chose powerlifting as his athletic pursuit All Steve needs is his Bronco. Amoco credit card, and a little Dead The open road is fine for him Steve has covered a lot of ground in the great outdoors, including some prime upstate N.Y. territory, and is destined to cover much more By the way, the white rat ' s name was Barbachew, or some- thing like that. Good luck Steve, SJG 14TH COMPANY • 415 TT f smm THOMAS L. TONAN Downey. Caiiforma Tom came to USNA from southern CA via Northwestern Prep, (with fond memories of oatmeal and Mr Hoiby) Piebe summer with Yuen and Blundetto went by quick for Tom. However. Piebe year with his good friend 2 c Lyons did not go by quick enough. Tom eventually overcame difficulties with Piebe year and settled into academics Though Tom struggled through on AC Board and those many late- nights with Pro Courses during his first three years, he survived to make it to l c vea ° graduate with an English major Now it ' s on to the Corps ' ' Good luck and best of wishes to you and Karen in the future. FIFTEENTH COMPANY STEPHEN J. VARANI Staten Island. New York Steve left his humble home in Stat- en Island to be a Navy pilot, but had to settle tor the backseat. He left behind the love of his life, Joan, and found the new love of his life, Diane, and then Kim, and then Julie, and then Everyone got along well with Steve once they got used to him " bustin ' their chops " , and his late night karate sessions with Spence " You got it Johnny " Steve was also great at studying all night long, especially when it came to the per? Who says it only comes once a year ' And who can forget sleeping through all those forma- tions Good luck Steve, hope you find your pen in Pensacola SFC SPENCE A. WADE Memphis. Tennessee Spence, having spent a year at NAPS, was no stranger to discipline and hard work when he entered USNA A native of Dallas, he was a devout Cowboy fan And his re- ceptions during the 1985 Brigade Ltwt football championship season would have mode Drew Pearson proud. Although his hard work paid oft in the classroom, his mam em- phasis was on his friends and on the less tangible things such as profes- sionalism and leadership Spence was definite Corps material all the way, but it took a letter from the Nuke Power selection board to convince him Just a note to the girl who finally hooks him - What, is the girl crazy!?! Semper Fi! See yo in the FMF, bud. 416 • CLASS OF 1986 NORMAN WEAKLAND Detroit. Mictiigan I did not want to room with this man , . , A native of Detroit, he was known for his mellow leadership style, and quiet compassion. We were the masters of roommate roulette, and the confrontation seemed too great During the year we ' ve become good friends, spending much time together ter- minating, blowing off academics, and the usual B S. " See what I ' m saying ' ' " In the process. Norm gave up his aero major, and his week- ends. Somehow, Norm found time for romance, and he gave away his freedom for a babe, and a ring Norm will become a Navy pilot I wish him luck, and a big family CWD » II ll JOSEPH F. BARRON IV Philadelphia. Pennsylvania Joe came to the Academy from the City of Brotherly Love by way ot Orlando and NAPS Plebe year would have been cake for Joe if he could have kept his eyes in the Qoat He planned to " sail " through the Academy and pick up an EE degree along the way, but ron into ough weather second class year 3nd opted to join the brotherhood irst class year found Joe almost iinglehandedly financing the Visa 3nd Mastercard corporations. After 3 losing battle with Admiral M., Joe Jecided on Surface Line Good jck buddy and I wish you all the jest in the fleet and in the future JEFFREY K. BENNETT Woodlake. California If man learns from his mistakes, then Smudge is a most learned man Thru Marine SL ' s (sit HERE Bennett) Dahlgren (leave me alone, I ' m tired), the sinusoidal mood curve hos endured His thirst for knowl- edge (among other things) about math (34 ' 2), athletics (jock straps), geography (swilling spots), and anatomy (noses), has proven his determination Despite the FBI, box- ing roommates, and yellow ice, he met a clean-livmg girl with a power- ful Hoover taste in fashion boxers Good luck Jeff If Calif falls into the sea, we ' ll know why CFM MICHAEL A. BLUMENBERG Milwaukee. Wisconsin Bloom came to us in July ' 82 after the Wis tundra thawed enough for travel, Mike took advantage of all the Academy had to offer and with hard work, dedicated study, and a myriad of sit-ups, he walked away with a coveted Ocean Eng. de- gree and larger handles. Star mem- ber of the scuba club brought Mike his dive pin and the perfect billet for a guy that should have webbed feet Weekend trips to the aquari- ums found him with his face pressed against the glass of a fish tank and an occasional date with a crab. Thank God for Gidget, without her Mike may have gotten stars. Best of luck Mikei - - PH ' .V - - ROBERT J. BURGER Ames. Iowa Originally from S. Africa, Booby shared with us some of his eccentric tastes and some we could even stomach (rusks). His hand-eye coor- dination, manual dexterity, and overall athletic prowess earned him the nickname baby brahma bull. He personifies what this place is all obout leadership Boobs has perfected the complicated art of mixing leadership by contrast with leadership by intimidation. He also managed to study his way to a 2. 1 in OE and a SWO billet. We can ' t wait to hear about all that probably never happened to you in Japan! Good luck. Bob. ilta il fe (ENN E. CAMPBELL atontown. New Jersey J)nn came to USNA from o small aiurb of exit 8 on the Jersey Turn- ae Since he liked punching type- Jter keys better than calculator j tons, he majored in History. Dur- fifst class year, Glenn pushed fjoer for half the Brigade as ' Men- t Admin, ' and then encored by d;hing some more as Company flnin His weeks were spent be- t|9en Sampson Hall and the rack, cj j his weekends on the road be- t sen USNA and a certain small sjool in western Virginia Ignoring t| bribes of the Nukes, Glenn went 5 in the hopes of joining his dfher in the P-3 microwave busi- r s Fly Navy! RUBEN CARRIEDO Palos Hills, Illinois " The Bear " came to us from Illinois by way of NAPS with a positively perky personality Ruben ' s primary goal at USNA was never in doubt, though he suffered through several drought periods By " lifting weights in ever-increasing ratios to build his already massive bod. " he hoped to lure that perfect woman into his life ( " Baby, you got beautiful eyes " ) Car . Carri Lopez got more than his share of " good Navy deals " but always managed to pull through Ruben sets high goals for himself and will someday achieve them all. May you always have a spring in your step, Ruben, and thanks for cleaning the room MMM MICHAEL P. DALGETTY Devils Elbow. Missouri Mike came to us from Devils Elbow with hay in his hair thinking that the grass was greener in Maryland The joys of USNA convinced him to give up his sordid lifestyle and take a tour through academic majors. 2 c year saw Mike forego the pleasures of Mech E to pursue the finer art of Pre-med oceanography. This di- verse background prepared him to change his mind once more as Mike went Navy air Whatever " Touch- down " Dalgetty attempted, he could always be counted on to give his best. Good luck Buddy - - - don ' t flashback in the cockpit. MMM RICHARD W. DEAN Crownsville. Maryland Ricky came to us knowing a bit more than we about what was awaiting ' 86 His spirit, strength, and smarts helped him get by. Ac-year brought a raging ' 84, and the brethren got him through to O.C. Enter Pammy. and youngster year was spent in pursuit Someone found his trunk, so he had to get dressed up for a few days Second class year brought the flames and the bonuses, but any good they did made it bearable As Company Commander he developed a good signature Homebody happiness set in. and he and Pom have already bought the furniture God bless them and make our paths cross always IOQ1 16TH COMPANY • 417 ERNEST E. DELL III Redding. California Ted came to us from Redding. Ca Who would have known that in four years he would exchange his bag- gies and sandals for a pair of Cami ' s and boots? After trying several sports, Ted finally found his home in the Karate Club, which was great until he began practicing his moves on us, Ted had a great advantage over the rest of us in that his girl- friend lived just down the hall until she graduated The hardest part for Ted may be leaving. He has col- lected so much junk, that he needs a truck to go along with his station wagon just to move out Good luck, Ted, in fulfilling your lifelong ambition to fly GHS PETER T. DIETRICH Little Rock. Arkansas The metal, the worm, Oscar, the nuke tan just might hide the scars if not, the SS will. We ' ve shared a of things besides a room here of the factory We discovered a of swill- ing spots in Annapolis thanks to the old grandfather clause but we were never empty-handed It be- gan Parent ' s Weekend and is planned well into the future (N.F.C,)- too bad a few of his wom- en won ' t get in. About mistakes, he ' s rri : ' --.v- extended trips to the ic iissing trees the hard .■, . misaimed shots and a fev, ;::y every once in a while. Arkansos, you ' ve got one comin bock at ya - - - NAP 418 • CLASS OF 1986 FIFTEENTH COMPANY -4 ROBERT S. EWING Riclimond. Virginia Rob came to USNA from Jackson- y ville only to discover that he was chasing the grandfather clause. ( Lucky for Rob, he had enrolled in t two colleges — USNA and Goucher, Js enabling him to find some enter- tainment (bubble kisses) on the weekends Rob casually wrecked many women ' s lives on his forays and it wasn ' t until the Bundewitz that he settled down for more than a month. Every weekend, roadtrip, and teleportation with Rob was an experience to remember, even if he didn ' t I ' ll be seeing you and George down the rood — thanks for " keeping me out of trouble (Club 602) and may your body always get you to the beer MMM PERKINS . i JOSEPH J. HASSENFELDT Naugatuck. Connecticut Joey arrived at USNA with greal ambitions, straight from the cav- erns of Naugy During Plebe year Joey delved into every aspect oi USNA life, majoring in Oceanogra- phy, beer drinking, and keeping brethren squared away. During third class year, he discovered girl; and added a new dimension to hi; life. Barely escaping a Condud Board, he made it to second das; year where he helped skim the scum. Finally, Anne got him and he skated through first class year on i stripes, perfecting the art of squcn dering US tax dollars Despite all this Joey is a super person and we ex- pect him to meet with nothing bu ' success v " 1 SHS . ,».l.:m » « »H TIM M. KERSEY Bethel. Mane " AT. " Tim Kersey is the man re- sponsible for 90% of the rumors about D B We both ran the Penn- I sylvania 5000 at Harnsburg in ' 85 We both lost While serving those i20DR (I got 30). he stood two MOOW watches as D B Subcom- monder So in one 4-day stretch, he jstood in restriction muster on the 1st jand 3rd days, and inspected the I muster on the 2nd and 4th days I Away from Navy and D B flags. jTim made an occasional trip to iHood College, looking for another [ " Domestic " weekend He ' s sur- ivived all of this and is going to fly for jNovy Let ' s just hope that the alter- pator light in his P-3 doesn ' t stay on ■GRM PAUL JOHN CHARLES KWOKA Sacramento. California Pauli came straight from high school to USNA He would Q e surfed, but the plane was cheaper ' 83 and ' 84 dubbed him a favorite early on. but he didn ' t let it kill him Herndon came none too soon, and brought a quiet youngster year Second class year brought La Tierra del Fuego. bonuses, and hard work Fun was always just a " few " pho- tons away Paul cruised as a Firstie. in the P I and here His motto was " Two in the hand, or a quart in the bush. " Pray. Brethern. that long- term high-risk investments can and will pay high dividends ' ' 143 ' GREGORY W. LAWRENCE LaPorte. Colorado The Psychotic Pineapple achieved self-actualization in Colorado and set out on a pilgrimage to USNA where he made the transition from peacenik to warrior Mr. Gullible made up for his lack of common sense by breezing through the worst the Systems Engineering Dept could ofter Greg also set company standards in fine clothes, automobiles, and women (She- lobi). The Brigade S IVI rep had his problems at Goucher (it was beer, wasn ' t if) but was always ready to party Good luck at NASA and be- yond. Greg— hope you make it to Mars (if you haven ' t made it yet) MMM DAVID A. LEMEK Davenport. Iowa Despite being well into his third de- cade of life upon arrival here at the Academy, the Old Man never ceased to amaze us with his energy and determination Whether it was rowing crew, boxing, or strivin g for academic excellence. Lem gave everything 100% And through it all, he served as an example of maturi- ty, flexibility, and levelheadedness to the rest of us Armed with a nev- er-ending supply of Rolaids and his unique mildmannered approach to life, there is little doubt that Dove will excel in life, whether flying jets, working for the Peace Corps, or selling shoes for Kinney »t.F£lIII ,j taw j(e,™io« " - drtW ' nwi; 3HN M. MAFFEI ie Bronx. New York :Uff has been an interminable .urce of entertainment with his ,3ntlemanly manners ( " and this is .Dnson Rd I? " ), eloquence and ,)od looks He showed us the I ' artland of America-The S. Bronx! ter Hunts Pt we understand his .ste in women John had 3 good ars in " The Cove, " where no sekend passed w o the guide ' s ;id chains, tight Jordache jeans, ' ns Am and his ' stache Then John I cided to change his major (nice ;)rs). his name (thanx for telling t,) and finally project College Park fake my keg Bud!) Hope your S)und crew is as thorough as you (. pe down John!), Best of Luck-RJB CHESTER F. MAKUCH Wilkes-Barre. Pennsylvania Chet came to us from the scenic coal country We got used to his unique hairline, and he let us in on a few things-his method of revenge, for instance Why else would he leave topes in his roommate ' s lock- er for formals plebe year ' ' Chet had a real tough time picking at service selection, but decided on surface. He ' ll probably have the whole pa- cific fleet playing Global Thermonu- clear War if he goes near a com- puter, but he will probably still be having formals on Saturday morn- ings Call me sometime and we ' ll split a bottle of Tango JKB MATTHEW M. MALLOY Norfolk. Virginia Matt came to the USNA via most any Navy town Despite concerns of possible Anorexia. Matt survived plebe summer Being the casual academican. he selected the Poli- Sci major, and established himself as the King of Current Affairs Matt ' s love life was less illustrious, as he was often torn between getting a sure thing or an Army thing With the Voluntary Go Easy Program, this " horizontal civilian " shirked all mili- tary and academic responsibility Ultimately, the security (i.e. cosh) of becoming a Surface Nuke led Matt to the sea Mr Poll-Sci-VGEP-NATO- Sword-Nuke. I wish you smooth sail- ing and a prosperous career. DAVID M. MCGEE Winctiester. Mass. Scooter, one of the more mature individuals to attend the Academy, He took to this place like Cubans to cigars Active member of the Edwin Diamond Fan Club, inventor of the " Moment of Christmas, " and two years rowing for the crew team didn ' t deter him from achieving several 4.0 semesters He taught us the real man ' s way of treating women, and if we listened to him the world would be less populated Good Luck as a surface warrior and an EDO. Does that stand for exten- sive days onboard, or extra days off? 15TH COMPANY • 419 RNi MICHAEL K. NAPOLITANO Commack. New York Nap floated in from diversified Long Island in a lead balloon and went over just about like that botti on and off ttie track. Hung over ' ' Nev- er better!! His affinity tor orientals never died- just ctianged mediums The only reason for NFO was the big pockets for Buds and the fact that his hands would be free to drink ' em VOUZ GOOIM! Roadies with Craig and Chuck and then . . . LAU- DERDALE!! ' ■ How many were there? 3 or 4? If you count the big ones it ' s probably 5 or 6! Common all!! I never will forgive you for the first one! Living with a redneck ' ' Whooo Pig!! I PTD RICHARD H. PRICE Sicklerville. New Jersey (vionday. is it the weekend yet? What did I do last WE, I can ' t re- member it was only yesterday. Hey guys, I ' ve found her, she ' s the one- really, at least I think so. You ' ve just met Rich- a true rep of the group three BDHS ' s. He has a condition classified as pilotitis for his pilot-ess A true fly-boy from the beginning. Rich chose to learn how to build planes before he flew and walked out of USNA with a degree in Aero- space Eng, JEEP! cant forget the Jeep-soccer fields and moving houses, it goes anywhere except . . Best of luck, you ' re safer in a plane than behind a wheel. Watch your six. RHW BARTON B. ROPER Orange. Califronia Bart came to this school in the east from sunny So Cal via Pitt , Pa With plenty of experience with the beautiful California girls, Bart is nev- er without a girl or two . or three . or four After o tough plebe year, Bart continued to mature through the next 3 years to become our illustrious 15th Co, Cdr It hasn ' t been an easy battle but he reoched his goal to fly for the Navy as an NFO Bart was active in hock- ey his first 2 years and now is an aspiring triathlete He is slowly but surely becoming an iron man. Let ' s see the ripples in your stomach Bart! Bart will be a fine flight officer (if he doesn ' t get airsick first) and will make the Academy proud Good Luck Bart! ANTHONY J. A. SANNICOLAS Santa Rita. Guam ' Following a year of partying one learning English at NAPS, Ton showed up of USNA with a smile that always kept his upperclos wondering what he knew that thev didn ' t. Despite his playing of Major Roulette and his claim that " I don ' have the time, " the Chomorro Kic still managed to get out and mee the local talent on weekends, Ser vice Selection brought a minor mir acle as the Fiesta Squad Dadd ' landed the only billet on a ship ho meported in Guam Somehow it hard picturing him hard at work wit! the beach so close. Look for Tony ii the future - he ' s aiming for the gov ernorship of Guam. GEORGE H. SLOOK Moorestown. New Jersey George came to us from the wilds of New Jersey with a slight advan- tage — his girlfriend came along tool After abusing himself as a Sys- tems Major for a year a half, George decided to prove to the world that a Math Major really is tough. As a second generation member of the Edwin Diamond fan club. George excelled at sleeping past the 5 minute chow call. His ac- complishments as a sailor are un- paralleled, lust ask him! Being team captain " leant a lot to him. a lot more stripes than he would have gotten otherwise! Remember George, just fly em like Chuck would and you ' ll be a dude! Good Luck and watch your six! EED R. SCOTT STARSMAN McLean. Virginia Namrats came to USNA from the distant town of McLean eager to begin his illustrious naval career Scott breezed through academics on the strength of his all-night study policy An experience with a burn- ing bush youngster year changed his life forever as Scott was the first to buy the marriage farm Sordid weekend experiences were re- placed by furniture sales and shop- ping for the family car Since cer- tain local females challenged his ability to command a submarine against a " horde of Russians, " Scott decided to join the skimmer navy Goodbye for now Friend — see you and the woman in Califor- nia MMM STEVEN M. URBINA Elk Grove. Illinois " Bean-head " arrived at USNA. af- ter a brief glimpse of the real Navy. Following an uneventful plebe year, he excelled in gymnastics On the rings, he gave onlookers an appre- ciation for his strength and grace, which set the standard for others Brown flannel pj ' s, tigerclaw feet, overwhelming gases and heat, and the phrase " Have you prayed about it? " will long remain in our memories of him His faith is the mo- tivating factor in his life, and he ra- diates a peace and strength that is not his own He will continue to glori- fy the Lord as he accepts his dual commission, and joins the ranks of those who bring honor to the Corps JOHN M. WALLS Byrom. New Jersey John came from the fabled land c Jersey after a year with the wron service down in Williomsburc Though culturally deprived by th walls of Bancroft, he managed t find solace by keeping a permc nent tab in a certain imported bet establishment Mr Curious hod the unique way of walking and talkin that always made him look good- not just because he had ugly roor mates. Wallsy. being the compar socialite, always had connectior for the weekend John kept th Marine Corps tradition alive in 15 ' company — Auf Wiederseh ' n Johi and may your life be one long 0( toberfest, MMM 420 • CLASS OF 1986 ' •S NNlcouj ONARD A. ZIMMERMANN III entervilie. Ohio ;nny arrived in Annapolis from the eathtaking state of Ohio After a ;ugh piebe year (Ac-Boards), Zip- ■ ' found his nnain goal graduating im this place If someone ever anted to find him, all they had to ' was check Nimitz or the Varsity ccer field. What he lacked in Ac- ■lemic Ability. Len made up with irslstance. His mild-mannered at- Jde was known throughout the ■mpany and loved by all the I bes On Service Selection Night, I I chose Surface Line. Whatever ' ) future holds for Len, we ' re sure I vili be a bright one He will take finy friends and memories with f 1 when he leaves. I can only ' 3e you have the best of luck in r " folk and wish both you and your l y-friend. Stacey, the best BBR SIXTEENTH COMPANY ROBERT H. WARNOCK Elma. New York Rob graduates (hopefullyi) as a proud member of the scientific brotherhood Thus he lived on the 2.0 edge, and defined studying as consecutive all-nighters before fin- als Thank God for coffee, nicotine, and (oh yesi) No Doze Still, Rob had to convince the Supe ( " How did you get into this hole ' ' " ) to let him stay another semester- twice. That was easy The real challenge, and his life ambition, is charming ev- ery female within range of his sweet talking snake ' s tongue Now, Rob has to B S his way off the high seas and into the air Best of luck , Rob ' - - - MAB . . X y J U J ' ' 3 1 ! ' " . - i CRAIG A. ATKINSON Savannah. Georgia Craig Atkinson (Ack) came to the Naval Academy after chillin ' for a year at Naps An All American run- ning back in 150 ' s. earning two let- ters, he also excelled in other activ- ities " Where ' s the party? " Yo Ack, remember Or Sally, those were the days And Cuz, remember those Friday nights playing b-ball and mixing records, thank God for 2 You ' ll always be one of the fel- os (gentlemen out n about with all the clout). REBECCA L. BACZUK Salt Lake City. Utah I: Adios God ' s Country granola. crew, the barn Saturdays hang; 10. coffee I threw my math book at Debbie ' s head I can ' t help it! everything ' s a mess ' II Crew Jake, Nan saunasagas Chick ' n Ruth ' s Quigley idolatry penthouse. Ag- nes f ike if I knew the way . . . Di, hang: 16, the organic bun. Seattle, III Beth, crew Lynne Jake ' n El- wood. FATBOYI Fran. JT Agnes, hang 18. Bob Poor Kahlua. IF YOU DON ' T HAVE GOOD DREAMS, BA- GEL gum and creamer. Rebel Yelli smokestack Mr MC VISA IV: Fear and Loathing in LV, Agne- s HAT silver bullets red piranha, hey 1 nothing ' s easy thaw ' d god FATBOYII. THE DINER crew talking horse torpor Fran ' s midrat. long, strange trip . 16TH COMPANY • 421 RUDY R. BOJO Virginia Beach. VA BOJ came to us form VA BCH with high expectations, settling on a rack major— comp sci minor After a viking cruise to Bermudo he chilled in the Quota Crib with the brothers, 2 c year brought Rudy under the core of 7260 with his af- finity for dairy products and the rek- nowned Force-sub-BOJ legs During these years the Rabbit met the Terp, Rudy hit the deck plates run- ning 1 c year with a record-setting .38 QPR due to excessive study ses- sions at UM (who was Ac Ofcr any- way ' ' ) Major Motion will soon be re- placed by FFG-2 in San Diego with his lady, bringing the NAV another fi Se surface warrior See you in 31 ALFRED M. BROCH JR. Alameda, California Nice ears! Al was a little naive I think the first time he crossed the street alone was 1-Day I helped him with everything from cuff links to cumberbunds What he lacked in experience he made up for with enthusiasm. First was Lynne. a cun- ning girl who lead Al around like a puppy Once she ran him so fast he wound up with a S250 speeding ticket Next was Chris, a giant leap down in class Ask him about their weekend in " Hotel Bancroft, " Movement orders to Boston are awesome Vive la Crew! Good luck my friend BRETT W. CALKINS San Diego. California ODE TO COr?KER His name is young Corker, he came from S D,-His nose is quite large from fighting with glee Many a bimbi Corker has had-And sometimes he ' s had them on other folks pod If folks should find out. young Corker could die-He doesn ' t core as on- lookers spy With his Visa card he ' s paid quite a price-For the ward- robe he got from Miami Vice Being a history major must be very nice- But courses with numbers equals summer school twice Young Corker, young Corker, singing the blues- He ' s often been known to gamble and lose, AMEN STUART B. CRAIG Rye. New Hampshire Stuuu, Ooo. Stubaier Gletscher bahn Laundry stud Ram ' s Rod , BOQ Wknds G-Town Damn Van , kee New Hampshinte Argentinr Connection, Nurse Corps Cdr Flor ' encia Sandra Kelly Cindy Karen 7- Happy Hour , , Amateur moratfi oner How ' bout a race next week Bloxlox IP ' s Sooner or later you go EGE USNA endless summer , Peanutb utter lettuce , Flooi space a AU w AI a 3am Negatr You ' re all worthless weak Star ing Artist Professional Tourist Salt Sam? , Sloabs Bimmers Pa ,, bock sucks! ' mon back! Hod ' dc ) Block party It ' s 2am Where ' s Stu jl He ' s on the phone She calle again. Thanks, family friends, fa your support the whole way W made it! KAREN E. FREEMAN Horseheads. New York Freebird comes from the country if there is such a thing in NY To her the first year at USNA was similar if not more daring than the typical college But problems orose-even her 2 c and 3 c elements fell in love Dieting, sunbathing, watching t,v,, chasing males, shoping, and just simply having fun ore her goals Funny times- one restriction muster, drill exempt, spring break Fl, young- ster cruise (swimming w the seals), penthouse parties Destination = California w the perfect CEC job If she can rrioke Annapolis wild and successful the ' es no telling what she ' ll do in Cal The perfect roo- mate. buddies we are, and fun times we ' ve had CLARK B. FREISE Racine, Wisconsin CB sailed into Crab Town from that great arm of the sea- Wisconsin, funny geography it you ask me Clark came to USNA to sail and study oceanography He did well on the second and is still working to find himself on the first Oh well it got Clark out of drill and thots the important thing Among CB ' s great accomplishments here have been Trident Scholar Brigade nose boxing champion and the title of Toast as a DB at football CB is also one of the partiers, he is the only one I know who can have a wild night out and still be in by twelve Hey CB, that girl from Maryland was proba- bly only joking about a boyfriend Love Donna and Cheech BERNARD M. GATELV Kansas City, fylissoun ODE TO BERNIE Bernie showed up from K C M O With biting sarcasm and sharp wit in tow-Herry and Craig, Cheech and Chet Roomotes that Bernie will nev- er forget-During plebe summer the oath he did shout-Drowning the rest of our voices right out Not a big drinker of lagers and ale-But a lover of sports, especially Bird and McHale Triple B must have thought we were jestm-When he saw the blood board, designed by Mike Testen He stuck with his physics, the victories the spoils-God Bless him for loving the K City Royals To 16th company a welcome od- dition-How could you hate the ' family ' morticion,-Amen ARTHUR H. HALE Emmaus. Pennsylvania Art come to NAVY dreaming ab(t flying jets Plebe year Art learrf) MURPHYS LAWS the hard wf Youngster year he got into is swimming routine (early to ro ■ early to rise) Besides swimming ' s conquests included girls from Mo to Florida and across the seoo Sweden Gotta watch out for the drunks making U-turns from the nit lane 4 years of chow packages in his locker All his hard work wasM in vain as he finally got his 3 striss l cyear MechE lost out quick! Poli-Z ' s Thanks for a great 2 y(fS up in the penthouse Ho-sale. G ' luck in those jets! -VERM 422 • CLASS OF 1986 SIXTEENTH COMPANY TIMOTHY R. HOLLEY Camden. Arkansas ODE TO UMBO Timbo the Bimbo came from Cam- den A R the place he wrecked his 14 grond car Young Bimbo. young Bimbo, he ' s so slow in the morning- especially when Peele comes in without warning On Sesa- me Street, he watches Bert and Er- nie, I ' m not suprised that he lived with Bulletin Board Bernie, The Bimbo, the girls he goes out with all Arkonsos sweeties- I ' m suprised he can concentrate while eating his wheaties The Bimbo, a master with current and wires- a tube, o wave the fridge with just pliers AMEN E. KEITH JACKSON Tampa. Florida " Cheech " joined us in 16 halfway through our course from dirty 30 He seemed to have had a " failure to communicate " with a few of 30 ' s more illustrious members Keith didn ' t have such communication problems in 16, but did get to revisit that era in medical for a short while All in all, Keith ' s time was mostly di- vided between teaching us poor uninformed about the finer points of football, and looking forward to happy hour at ' dillos Not a bad guy for someone who keeps trying to deny Mississippi as his home state. GEORGE JANVIER, IV New Orleans. Louisiana Fresh out of Cajun-Country, Wee- ble come to USNA with a quiet strength all his own Making sure to eat all of his brocoli Plebe Summer, George grew stronger, going on to become a two-time All-American powerhfter Acodemically. George ' s attempts at Systems En- gineering met with outstanding re- sults A self -proclaimed Bachelor till the Rapture, he met the future with cool-headed confidence-until he met Terri on an almost blind date to the Ring Dance, ending up en- gaged six months later As George reaches out to chart the heavens, he will leave us with treasured memories of o servant whose strength is in the Lord (IS 41-10), KENNETH P. KMIEC Runnemede. New Jersey Ode To Kilo Kilo the Doctor, hater of rhyme. Told us he ' d kill us, if we wasted our time Amen 16TH COMPANY • 423 DIANE M. KOCZELA Adams. Massachusetts When Lady 0: came to USNA the population of Adams decreased by 20%, But hey. It didn ' t take Di long to adjust to metropolitan Annapo- lis, M M Fridays, K ' nF ' s, her car, the CARS, bears. Bear and his CRUNCH ' n MUNCH, and The Limited provid- ed temporary relief. Living in a 2- man room stuffed with Becki. James Dean and the FERN added to the academic struggle end thousands of laps around Halsey It just doesn ' t get easier, right Di? Hope there ' s a DUNKIN DONUTS in Bermuda for ya. Keep dreamin ' Di — may they all come true , , . thanks the FATMAN, I can ' t help it , . . everything ' s a messi just who is queen snail around here ' ' HEY! we are fine wines RICHARD D. MALCZYNSKI Chicago. Illinois ODE TO DICK fyir Dick is one we dll love and know. Always attached to a cold Nati boh Tons of cash and money, he ' s filthy rich, stacks of sierra, life ' s such a he really liked to stay with Mr Nick and Ms Char, and you could never keep him from Ma Ferndale ' s bar He lived with Rob Kuzy our beloved lost pal, on Tylenol-3 they upped their moral, A fourth of July with nothing to do, another few cases of Red White dnd Blue, He finally met Sally, a King and a Queen, enough to forget Donna, Michele, and Gina Sitting around with nothing to do, Mr Dick lets loose, thanks, no thank you Amen KEVIN G. MEENAGHAN Ashland. Oregon Meenie, Meetus, Kev, Long John Block Parties, 7-2 Happy Hour, The Carrot, Rack, Electric Blanket, Pul- sar (Johnson), Sunday morning roa- droces. The Ram ' s Rod, Headband fettish. If only the IRS knew, 7-0, What would you do without Mario, Hormone, Squeeeeel, " All I had was one rum coke! " Party all the time The Deep End, Army-Pavlov ' s Dog- Professional Dev , " Classes ' ' What classes? " The Annapolis High con- nection " You guys piss me offi " I hate computersMi Thanks to all my friends and family for your support Couldn ' t have done it without you ' JOHN E. PAGANELLI Virginia Beach. Virginia Pags left Va Bch knowing all the " Lows of the Navy " , trying to vali- date plebe summer Luce became his domain, as he slept more there than his own rack 3 c summer found Mr Chit w xtra leave in Brazil (Hmm ' ' ) 2 c year in 7260, the Mouse used the waist-trimmer exercise-weel religiously (I ' m get- ting huge, guys) 1 c year, Pags de- signed nu-trac moth-eng major and he became Nikki whipped. Af- ter being 3 g Nov, success is sure to follow at grad flight school , , , and beyond Best of Luck, Pags! ■. MARIO L. PEREIRA Clayton. California Peoria Pariah . Mari-ohhh, A devoted Raider fan, even if they don ' t play in Oakland , , The many West Coast connections. They ' re all just real good friends, A letter a day keeps you from doing home- work , , Smartest person ever to graduate with a 2 4 , Battle of the stereos. You paid $420 for a turntable that doesn ' t even put the needle on the record! Just because we hove four houses doesn ' t mean we ' re rich . . , Roommates ward- room clean-up crew . . , You look mohvelous. You ' re all gonna miss my laugh Early morning calls to the land down under Who knows ' ' ROBERT J. PROANO Tahoe City. California Pro descended from his resort home in the Calif, Mountains to em- brace life as a midn While this tran- sition was accompanied by a re- sounding wail of anguish. Pro was able to overcome his affinity for Navy life He was not, however, able to overcome the overpower- ing urge to relieve himself within earshot of officers monitoring tail- gate activities Emerging mostly un- scathed from this escapade. Pro took his talents to Goucher, Gtown and other scenic vistas where his talents were better appreciated Narrowly escaping nuclear holo- caust. Pro leaves the Naval Asylum for adventures in Pensacola, DEANNA LYN REIBER Valencia, California Deonno left the sun and fun of southern California to take a gam- ble on still trying to do it all at USNA It took 3 years to finally earn her track letter, and just a year longer to grow out of being Dave ' s " baby Aero " Her ' 69 Camaro was anoth- er lengthy project-probably still missing those hubcaps ' It was cool to be treated as one of the guys, no matter how much they harassed Rrreiberrl! She can hove fun any- where she can use her many " toys " or play her music She loves to talk to anyone, anytime, anywhere , may there always be an attentive ear to listen. Fly Navy! JOHN E. RUSS III Harrisburg. Pennsylvania John came to us from Harrisburg, F with high ideals — that first form was an emotional experience, b he graduated anyway " Winnif (and company mates) enjoys many a care package from hon (let ' s see — what company is this Not one to bag it. John majored poli-slide and eventually earn( himself a spot in Georgetown 1 year That ' s the school, not t bars, but John didn ' t seem to knc the difference If Elwood ' s 1 cQv tion cruise was any indication, should hove a long and illustnc career as a pilot and film critic, Bi of luck John! Boj 424 • CLASS OF 1986 ilS tN PAUL W. SALIT Liverpool. New York ODE TO PAULY Three years of V Lax, filled with bum breaks. So he finally told coa- ch to go cook his steaks The Fri- day night Gin Club was Pauly ' s brainstorm. Till they said no more " card games " within our dorm, Mr, Pauley the mellow, his blood pressure low, but woke him while sleeping - look out below Dumb Debbie. Dumb Debbie, of Bimbos she ' s queen. Now he goes with young Sheila, a girl we ' ve never seen. When cheering for Navy, he took some abuse. " Cause we knew he was pulling tor ' Cuse The Military style just wasn ' t for Paul. How he stuck with Navy baffles us all Amen CHRISTI-LYNN SIMPSON 5 Petersburg. Florida The athletic daughter of a retired Marine Corps Lt Col. Christi come to USNA to ploy basketball. Knee sur- gery after her 3rd gome did not discourage Christi I still remember her standing on the sink in full length cast cleaning the mirror! Great tail- gaters. removing shoulderboords. 2 c comeorounds. Scorey Carey, a missing roommate, late to PCU, and sailing all characterize plebe year Things calmed down for the remaining 3 years and she concen- trated on athletics, academics and boyfriends A definite preference for blondes and team captains, tennis emerges as her favorite sport A patient roommate and faithful fnend-the Supply Corps and Dove Jones are lucky to t Q je you. SIXTEENTH COMPANY HERRY STALLINGS JR. Scot en Plans. New Jersey ,Chiy " H " came to us from Hillside, NJ expecting a normal four year college life He was rudely awak- ened by 0530 reveille, pep, and no ' iberty Thank God for the weekend orew parties at Mac ' s He quickly adjusted to the academy system arid went on to become the only Diock systems major in the class of 1986 Herry is the first one of the DOys to tie the nuptial knot, but ■hen Sherri is an exceptional young ady You ' ll always be one of the eikas (Gentlemen out-n-about with ii the ckxit ) INGRIO M. TURNER Bowie. Maryland " Grid " ignored her family ' s Army tradition and joined the Navy be- cause she thought she ' d " like the water " She sailed into Sweet Six- teen after a roaring fun time in 2-1 the first half of her Plebe year, she fit right in otter she remembered how to relax Although she wasn ' t a jock in her classes, she excelled in many sports If she was sometimes dizzy, she was always happy and outgo- ing, but if she hod any luck with the fellas, she didn ' t let anyone know It took her until service selection to leave her parents behind - way be- hind Best of luck always, Pjr? and DLR THOMAS S. TURNER Maryville. Mssoun Unsatisfied with a yr, of intense par- tying womanizing at a real col- lege, T-man opted for the plebe experience here at OOSNAH Re- cruited heavily tor crew (What ' s crew, anyway ' ) Tom wasn ' t disap- pointed. Tom tried his hand at MECH-E but an AC board slapped it away, T-man spent many hrs in the wt. rm trying to achieve his self- proclaimed MONGER status (we ' re still waiting). Just when he con- vinced himself that surface line wasn ' t oil that bad, T-man snagged one of the lost " right stuff " billets. Tough luck, but that ' s life — suck it up MICHAEL P. VERMEUIEN Bloomington, Minnesota Mike came to the unCollege by way of Newport. RL, and the Navy Prep School Affectionately known OS the " Old Man, " a nickname that sprang partly from his posture, and partly from his interest in music that one had to carbon-date in order to determine its recording year, Mike fit right into Sweet Sixteen Adher- ing rigidly to his priorities, Mike rarely placed academics ahead of a good time or a prolonged rack ses- sion A Prep school wrestler when he came to Annapolis, Mike gradu- ated from the wrestling mats to the wardroom carpet, where he grap- pled with other enthusiastic class- mates during commercial breaks of M ' A ' S ' H AHH SEVENTEENTH COMPANY JOHN C. WILSON Alexandria. Virginia ODE TO WILLY Willy resided in Alex VA-a weekend of normal an hour away Bock from Timmys and too yakked to talk-he relied on the wall just so he could walk He thought for certain that he would die-after popping big Z-man right in the eye, A mel- lower man nobody would think- team him with Killer and he ' s in the clink. Navy lacrosse had no better ton-til Willy was nabbed with a bud in his hand. He delighted us all with his rear end -Mr Willy the famous, the master of wind The party at Army was quite a relief where Willy was proudly parading the beef. Amen. 426 • CLASS OF 1986 1 l . tjl. M » MARIO H. ALEGRE Laguna Niguei. California Mar Gator Mano showed up ot Navy still wet behind the ears Young and naive he was known as the plebe m 5th wing who called home a lot, got a weekly chow package and flew home whenever possible 3 C year came and Mario was selected into Club Tropicana, he was the one who took notes during the late night bull sessions During 2 C PROTRAMID Mario found NAVY AIR, (How ' d you do on your swim test Mar ' ' ), but he lost his 20 20 1 C year After days of deep thought he chose surface ine. (I wanna be close to home) Hey Mar, do you remember your 21st birthday ' ' How bout the snow- boll you threw at me at Goucher ' ' ff ' s times like these we ' ll never for- get Thanks for everything Mar Good luck in the future and may God bless QRR STEPHEN T. AMES BRADFORD M. BARNES South Hadiey. Massachusetts Dallas. Texas Steve, a native of Hodley (So Had- Brad came to us from Big D , Texas ley. that is). Mass , came to the His sister Bippy sure impressed us. - Academy with his sights set on avi- All mids have cute sisters, eh??- ation Despite persistant eye exer- Service Selection " Gonna fly Tom- cises. his sights blurred with time cats " 3 c cruise: Lots of money to and in the end Steve saw every- spend, plus you met your best thing writter, in dollar signs It didn ' t fnend, - - John 1514 take Steve long to establish himself Back in the yard you ' re a as a varsity gymnast and scholar youngster all-star as comp ' ny com- He also wasted no time m getting mender and gen ' ral professional aquointed with the females in the stud A semester at USAFA class From pinning airborne wings 4,0 Back at Navy has Brad on mice to being bitten by sharks, changed ' ' " He ' s still at Air Force, " Steve ' s greatest challenge is still Karen explained . Firstie at last simple humility Nuc school does Service selection- Arine Kore Air, wonders, though Seriously. Steve You cut your hairi A sudden switch, will accomplish everything he sets now Navy Air ' ' i. (Nice hair) Keep out to do Jesus Christ Lord of your life CURTIS A. BROWN ?os5, California Curt stood out as a worker on plebe crew He was light, yet he made the boat I got to know Curt better in the late night world of summer school Chem He thrived living on the edge, and kept others wondering if he ' d make the grade (literally) Hard working m all he does. Curtis somehow survived two tough Academic Boards, Rumor has it he was granted a weekend 1 C year When he is not living out of his S300 00 cor. Curt returns to Mann, a place obout which he talks entirely too much. Curt joins the Novy a " SWO Daddy " with a knowledge of people that will serve him well Good luck in the fleet. Brown EFD III JAMES f. BROWN - " JDolis. Maryland " e travelled oil the way across ■rie Severn to become a mid From I the stort. the Browns unknowingly I sponsored most of the company loryl treoted us well But the mis- ichievous son wasn ' t content until ' he had led his roommates to Georgetown and Block N ' s He won o bfigode championship m football, ' itoterated Moth, but loved his rock Ithe most Although he denied it till |the end. Jamie was the first to fall jApporently Kote won the argu- ment From USNA. Jamie ' s off to i ee the world through o periscope |3est wishes. Brownie LRD MCF ORP. RJT MIGUEL J. CINTRON Santo Domingo. Dominican Republic What prestigious Americon institu- tion do oil Foreign Notionols want to attend ' ' The Novol Academy, of course Tron come to USNA to en- joy the good American woy of life He was a multi-talented person with a special knack for woomg the young Americon girls With his owe- some singing abilities (yes, we con heor you, Migs), one wonders why he didn ' t give Julio Igiesias some competition He was the only plebe who could give o chow-coll in 3 different languages We ore all go- ing to miss you. Miguel Good luck LAWRENCE R. DAUGHERTY West Palm Beach. Florida Uncle Lorry came to USNA as the Voledictorion of his high school, and OS a devout academician chose the best-kept secret as his major — Math Never one to lose any sleep over studying. Larry glided through Canoe U m grand style. He lived the equation wine + women + song = happiness He will forever be remembered as the organizer of the 2 C Spring Break Blowout A man of high principles, the Nuke bo- nus won his loyalty for the Silent Ser- vice The Navy con count on five years of exceptional duty from Un- cle Lore RJT W. GEORGE DRAGAN Whitehouse Station. New Jersey Not marble, nor the gilded monu- ments of princes, shall outlive this pow ' rful rhyme. But you shall shine more bright in these contents Than unswept stone besmeor ' d with slut- tish time When wostetui war shall statues overturn. And broils root out the work of masonry. Nor Mors his sword nor war ' s quick fire shall burn The living record of your memory. ' Gainst death and all-oblivious en- mity Shall you pace forth, your proise shall still find room Even in tfie eyes of oil posterity That wear this worid out to_the ending doom So. till the judgment thot yourself arise. You live In this, and dwell in my eyes T AM. 17TH COMPANY • 427 SEVENTEENTH COMPANY Jtfy riSllllK u ttAcr l) JONATHAN A. DUECKER Whitefish Bay, Wisconsin Jonathan came to us from some- where west of Pennsylvonio Up near Montana or someth ing Dwecks, as he is affectionately known, always knew how to have fun in G-town with the women. Ask Feff or Brownie By the time he got off restriction, youngster year came (so did the high-and-tight) This future Marine was every plebe ' s nightmare and every local college girl ' s dream Well, two of them anyway Those Milwaukee winters hardened Jon, The only thing colder than his room was his heart (or his roommate) Keep a sharp lookout for Jon on his way to Soweto in his F- ' I4 or his " family car " As Dwecks always said, " Semper Fi. but go Navy at the last minute " J. BARRY DYSON Vienna. Virginia Now you can call him Barry, or you can call him Bear, or JBD, Dyson, Axle, Cyborg. Terminator. Psycho, or Sir, but don ' t call him John A man of a thousand faces who only shows one. Barry will be remem- bered best as the one who gave 1 10% in everything he did His activ- ities included Glee Club. Antiphonal Choir, and Glee Club He liked the Glee Club. He also like Brigade In- tramural Championships, which he helped earn in battalion swimming, battalion soccer, and company soccer When you talk about Psy- cho, don ' t talk too loud . , he can hear you 7 8 of the way down the hain s » i?v ,, o ik. mit.rtmm- MARK C. FEFFER Bay side. New York Mark came to USNA from Queens This " hard working New Yorker " wasted no time in taking his civilian clothes priviledges and bilging two of his classmates Youngster year Mark concentrated on yard mail and 4-digit extensions to ease the stress This disease was hard to cure until 1 C year Mark ' s expertise in computers enabled him to earn three stripes and a phone Both of these priviledges he managed to abuse. As his 8th grade teacher once said. " If Mark spent as much time doing things as he does trying to get out of things he ' d be a lot better off " We know he ' ll end up better off DRP, JFB, LRD GREGORY M. HALE Pasadena. Maryland Greg wasted no time making h mark at the academy He mar aged to sleep through four years c classes using his osmosis methods c studying as well as being the bei barber the Academy has evf seen Some highlights of the yea include trips to The Network. Per State and the N H deal he nev( did come through on. It could hov satisfied that graduation require ment too The Lejeune Hall rende vous didn ' t cut it. Greg has been great friend through the years or never hesitated offering me moi to drink I ' ll get you back for th Avanti, I ' ll see you in CA but only don ' t have to hear more of yo " great " Jokes I ' l ' S DOUGLAS A. KRIEGER joiiet. Illinois Knegs spent piebe year living for the weekends. He finally found the bookstore youngster year and learned that he was really in school. He also met Jenny that year Since then he has done well enough to study in France Hopefully it will not ruin our diplomatic relations, just some beer mugs. He was set on Marine Corps, much to his mom ' s disappointment. However, her chow packages and housekeeping when she visited our room changed his mind He was also one of the original Ernie ' s gang Tear them up at Nuke School and watch out Or- kxido. Hope to see you under my knife some day DFN BRIAN KELSEY MOORE Annandale. Virginia BK, you ' ve got some incredible luck! Nobody can screw up so many times and get away with it, like 2nd class parking at St. John ' s. Or, get a position in the company without working for it Right, Com- pany Commander ' The blue mag- net had a very strong attraction for you Or is it vice versa? How about those races from formation to rack position ' ' Done in less than five sec- onds. 1 C year da wahine came into his life. She is perfect Buddy, we ' re gonna miss you a lot. Hope you find happiness with da wahine I ' m sure that f lech E degree will help in your choice as NFO. Visit me when you ' re in paradise. Aloha, broi MO PATRICK K. LEARY Anchorage. Alaska From the great northernmost state. Pot arrived (one day early) to USNA with bright-eyed anticipation and feverish determination to succeed. Blessed with the gift of organiza- tion, he lived by a system where " there Is a place for everything and everything is in its place. " Pat was always involved in many clubs but SAG was the most rewarding of them all. The only thing that satis- fied him more than SAG was his fire engine-red Porsche. Though it was displayed in more repair shops than the Yard his final year, it left its blurred " ICE HOT " image behind when it passed Good luck in Hawaii as a SWO JBD DANIEL F. NOLTKAMPER Fort Worth. Texas Danny left Ft. Worth to quickly be- come one of the most popular plebes during plebe summer, at least to the firsties Once Ac year began, he discovered his salvation, the weekend Dan never let his school work adversely affect his so- cial life, seldom being caught on a weekend without either a beer or a girl He wound up breaking more hearts than glassware in Chem lab, which was quite a bit. Thinking 4 years of drudgery were enough, Dan opted to spend a few years enpying the sun and sand in Gal- veston and attending Medical School when he can get away from the beach Best O ' Luck, Dr Dan, Take Core, DAK . BLH |JBH ' W . - : mm yUHALi lYAN J. PELLEGRIN xma. Louisiana Cajun to the bone, Bryan came Annapolis with the famous words Mox Seal ingrained in his mind, " A ' nner never quits and a quitter ' ver wins. " Bryan was the EPITOME ' ■ a TRUE midshipman in all his en- ■■ avors He went out for crew I ' jbe year hoping that his 110 lb rne would moke him the star ■ " irsman of the heavyweights 3ll. Bryan was elected captain of ♦5 teom, as a coxswain, because (■-IIS hard work and dedication. Al- ■ lugh Bryan had a very serious at- ♦ ide towards USNA, he did have f lighter moments . driving 1300 r ' 3s for weekend hunting trips, ski- ll ' in the Poconos, and hot roddin ' f " Jalapeno Red ' 85 Mustang C-und. AAAYY HAAA, PSSSSSST. V DKYDK!! - BAS DAVID R. PIMPO Strongsville. Ohio Dave was born in a small town somewhere in Ohio, and spent most of his Academy days majoring in football Lettering 3 years on the gridiron his teammates dubbed him " The Baby Seal " Never at a loss for words. Dave developed friendships throughout the Brigade, especially in Medical Even though he played Varsity Fooball, the Navy, in its infi- nite wisdom, found Dove NPQ so its off to Supply School Seriously, we gave Dave a lot of hard times in 4 years, but he is a great friend If you don ' t believe it, just ask him. MCF, JFB QUINTIN R. RAMIL, III San Diego. California " My name is Quintin. but my nick- name is Ram. " With a nickname like that, you know that this is no ordi- nary mid Arriving at the Boat School via NAPS, Ram got the gouge and made it through Plebe year. After getting that coveted stripe. Ram ' s " You only live once " attitude took over He became a Hood regular Second Class year also brought about Eddie Murphy movies and the infamous laugh in 17th Company which could be none other than— Ram ' s. This last year gave Ram the finer things in life, like his beautiful BMW 3181 and his obsession for Madonna KRA Z4U was his license plate, but for who? Ram claims he wont feel the tug of matrimony for about 5 years — we ' ll see! Good luck Ram! 17TH COMPANY • 429 ■•• ' - ' ' v- ' -i ' . MKunm MODESTO C. REGINA Ewa Beach Hawaii Mo came to USNA from the islands by way of NAPS Not what you ' d call the perfect military type, he brought with him a wide smile and a hang loose attitude Well, over the last four years of san-chin medita- tion, dogpiles, SSIP briefs, knee sur- gery, and multiple majors. Mo nev- er lost his smile or his good nature He was always there to type your term paper (for a small fee) or get you any item known to man with his " supply " wizardry If he con make it through Quantico on Hawaiian time, Mo ' s bound to moke a name for himself as one of Chesty ' s finest Shako bra ' BK STEPHEN P. REHWALD San Bernardino. California Steve was one of the few plebes to enter the Academy not wanting to be a seal or fly jets Upon being asked by his firsty. " why do you want to be here ' ' " He paused, then replied " Sir. I like ships " Good enough Steve spent his time as a dedicated head manager for the crew team. Driving the motor launches caused him to return to the hall smelling of gasoline Beyond crew, he was active in Officers ' Christian Fellowship in which he was a company leader Steve followed his faith in all he did He majored in math and will leave the Academy to report to the USS GARY. FFG 51. upon which he will be a surface worrior-what else ' ' JAMES M. REICH Lev it town, Pennsylvania Jim knew early the value of the ex- cuse squad chit He seemed to have one for every drill season It ' s amazing how someone near crip- pled in the hall, and NPQ can be the wrestling captain, Jim was one of " da Boyz " and spent time play- ing mother hen to many " con- fused " friends The Clarke ' s won ' t forget him, nor will we forget his elo- quent announcements and ward- room rule Much determination and even more gouge kept him above water in his classes It ' s been a privi- lege (?) to have him as my roomie for 4 years Good Luck. RJT BRIAN A. SOLO Ambler. Pennsylvania Brian started out with the silly idea that he was going to do every- thing Well, he didn ' t just do it all. he excelled m it all Unrecruited for any sport, he won varsity letters in wres- tling and 150 football, gaming all- league honors and team MVP in football He majored in Mech E. fin- ished Navy ' s toughest degree in S ' i years, and went on to start his mas- ter ' s degree When Brian met Mi- chel, everyone thought he would I have to give up something No wayi He got engaged of the be- ginning of 1st class year, his grades I kept getting higher, and he had his | best football season ever Brian was ! disappointed when he had to choose one service selection He wanted to have them all BJP RICHARD J. TESTYON Glen Ellyn. Illinois Ricky ' s lite ambition was finally real- ized that one strange July day Lit- tle did he know that he was dream- ing of some other utopia Kegger started off in grand style, leaving Em in the dust m their first contest, but Rick could never manage that 6 30 race the first time around. His studies never challenged him enough as did the PE routine or the daily TV guide. Rick ' s home was anywhere his eyes closed, be it in class. cT- ' le beach, or on the can It host ::] pleasure and on experii stuck ' with you since aa , ,• -. ' . j ho HO. JMR J. MICHAEL WOODS Norcross. Georgia Woodsey come to us from the backwoods of Georgia when he decided to trade in the pooper scooper at his Dad ' s vet clinic for an HP and a set of white works, Woodsey was one of the Ernie ' s boys who spent their little available free time wisely, by drinking heavily After he met his future fiancee, Tri- cio, he could always be counted on for weekend plans. At least af- ter that he didn ' t need to worry about what to do with his car or his money. Best o ' luck Woodman, both in Nuke school and on the oth- er side (married life) We hope to trip over you in a bar some day. Remember anything worth doing is worth doing to excess, RJ DK 430 • CLASS OF 1986 uni EIGHTEENTH COMPANY ALFREDO ARREDONOO Pharr. Texas Fred came to us from the south of Texas, with intermediate stops at Nuclear Power School, Prototype, and NAPS Quickly exhibiting his en- listed savvy and unconventional vocabulary. " Speedy " became re- nowned for such words and phrases as " yo mugs, " " c ' mon back " and " gnarly wenches " . Fred will be leaving Mother " B " to fall into the waiting arms of Mary, his longtime South Texas princess. We wish Fred and Mary the best in life. Happy trails. Buck GLV MATTHEW F. BELLINGER Brookfield. Illinois Matt entered the Naval Academy as a cold, heartless, unemotional track recruit. After surviving his first roommate, Raybo, Matt formed the third, crooked leg, of the terri- ble trio Matt moved his loundry from 1 bag to another when he could find time to crawl out of his hamster home. After carrying JJ through Notre Dame, Matt came perilously close to staining a yet un- blemished record. Matt joined the brotherhood of jarheads, in which he plans to reside until he gets to put that Poli-Sci degree to work BEST OF LUCK IN THE CORPS. JJK JSN. LLTW SEAN C. CANNON Gainesville. Florida Arriving at Navy with his quintessen- tials, a dip, a ftball, his hats, surf mags, and everything HWJ ever re- corded, Sean quickly realized he hod missed his stop at Fla. State After surviving P Y. by knowing ev- eryone who was someone, his Y.Y. brought induction into the Slob Squad, white works, stereo alarms, and a " wicked " experience As a segundo, Sean worked on his ma- jor, eye exercises for NAME Firstie ear flew, as did his jeep to Dela- ware, and Hood C, added " God " to his other aliases of Wooly, Tut, ond Cannonball. G.L. and God ' s peed Wooly. Rebel roommates ond flying forever. Quinque et ex ' L, KMI JAMES S. COE San Antonio. Texas Tearing himself away from his be- loved roots in San Antonio, Jim came to Annapolis determined to show the world that the old " work hard - ploy hard " philosophy was a way of life Many think he took the " work hard " side to the extremes of self-torture, with his dedication to crew and to electrical engineer- ing. However, they saved his credit card All those hard hours of work near the source of the Severn led to his selection as varsity crew cap- tain Although few understood him. no one stopped Jim from having a good time, or making sure every- one else had fun Where ever he winds up, he ' ll enjoy himself Good luck Jim. Redline! 18TH COMPANY • 431 NICHOLAS CONNOLLY III Camp Hill. Pennsylvania Nick joined to see the world and seen it tie tias, from ttie NYC sub- way platform to thie witcticroft of NM, from any bar in Rl to ttie sicken- ing tieigtits of ttie T-2 and ttie spraining lows of Quantico ' s Yellow Brick Road. Nick has a knack of turning routine acts like interrogat- ing the Dant and walking in fancy Phily hotels into graceful public per- formances Nick will be remem- bered for his quick wit, constant procrastinations, diverse opinions, and unquestionable trivia prowess and philosophical insight, I know Nick IS just itching to be a " they " Remember, Nick ' s your buddy Thanks JHR, QUINQUE ET EX. MARK F. CRUMBLISH Monroe. New York Crumb came to USNA with his two favorite possessions, track spikes and a sweat towel Plebe summer left him dazed and confused, but he soon overcame that. After learning who was in his squad (two months into the year), the rest was a piece of cake Doc found his niche on the track with the BOYS As a 3 season runner, he was rarely seen, (You ' re not in this company are you ' ' ) If he wasn ' t with the BOYS, he was with the wife Senior year took its toll on him A car that lived in the body shop, confronta- tions with Al. service selection fright night, and a wild roommate. It ' s off to P-Colo and a walk down the aisle. (I warned you) Best of luck to you and Sue Keep up with the run- ning. GO NAVY CHARLES A. DOUGHERTY Vernon. Connecticut Chuck Dougherty had two goals when he came to Annapolis. He wanted to graduate from the Na- val Academy and become a Ma- rine. Chuck ' s family also shared his ambitions and paved his way with CARE packages twice a month from plebe summer until gradua- tion. Chuck began in Mechanical Engineering, but he switched to Physical Science with its stringent weekend curriculum He supple- mented his studies with a Chevy Van, making him an instant hit on field trips to Fort Lauderdale Upon graduation. Chuck shrewdly put his four year education to good use crawling in the mud with other Ma- rine Infantry Officers Semper Fi Chuck DAVID K. DRIFTMIER Jackson, Mississippi David arrived for Plebe Summer and did fine despite encourage- ment from his roommate, " Well. David, if you think you should quit then I think that ' s what you should do. " Dave ' s involvement in OOF . and Varsity Baseball made it all , more bearable Never one to take the game too seriously. Drift man- aged to find the time to become the Easter-beer-findin ' -chicken- bone-smokin ' champion of Wil- mington DE, and to help me cele- brate my birthday with a couple of , Cape Cod shooters. Drift heads for| Mayport after graduation Best wishes to Drift, and much love from yours truly and the rest of the 18th company gang rise .a -rt MlrtiMl THOMAS M. FUREY New City. New York ..and you still got a 790 math ' ' I After that meeting on l-Day the rest was history Plebe year brought sail- ing team and drunk-fests every weekend. You had one up on me (blue eyes) until " b h " came down and I played cousin. When the plebe games ended the rest of the regs were there for the taking The Friday Night Party Club was fun for a while but the weekends were the be; ' Pemember road sodas, runnin.; t_is and drive fast music Dhone call with the eci r ' of the week- end was Qiwayi interesting, too. Well, T, we got what we wanted out of this place . now re al life starts. Quinque et ex! -Neff DOUGLAS D. HANLON Marlton. New Jersey Doug, from Exit 4 off THE turnpike, came here for more abuse otter one year at MMA It took us awhile to get to know him, but as the origi- nator of the Wing, he pulled all of us together and made us close friends. Doug has had to struggle through the Academy Being the holder of a record 6 sets of summer school in 3 summers, he has been able to call this place home It ' s been fun sharing your home and I hope you remember that gradua- tion does not end friendships, it only raises the phone bill Good luck on your River TBM LLTW It ' s a town full of losers, I ' m pulling out of here to win THE BOSS JEFFREY C. HORNEFF Somerdale. New Jersey Neff came from South Jersey with a broken wrist and a broken Mus- tang Probably the only person from N.J. who didn ' t know " what exit " , he had dreams of flying Remember the good times, buddy - beer, girls, Fla, pssschtl, cycles, " The Kid " , the standard, bedroom eyes, skiing, sailing (tanning), Rudy ' s MBPD, tan (lines), the Pentagon, bimbettes The wrist healed, but the cor did not. Hoyoyoy, rood trip! J. Buffett is god. " " ing is great! Play greed don ' t study 7 7 T (7325) Neff- head, we survived being slayed, re- vielle. and arms too short to fly, but we will party again in P-Cola! DDFF! Quinque et ex — T AARON K. HORNEY Newark. Delaware Read this or I ' ll kill ya ' 4 yrs ago AK brought his lone wolf travelin sho from the hinterlands of DE merr smellin roses and disployin a ri markable insousionce for ocaderr demands. Beak is unique, for wt else has a 2 7 goin on 13, ge dressed bottom up, has quit dip K times (but did stop smokin) c( read through his chest, sleeps dances in jocks, camps in mote and digresses so thoroughly often on the evils of sodas wor en (even those in uniform) . . B from JD shooters to Dewey beoi to Philly. there ' s love Howl on, hoi on remember as we all c there ' s greener grass on the oth side of this wall SC 432 • CLASS OF 1986 :k •tS ' - KEVIN M. MAMS New Orleans, Louisiana My friend The only nrild to pull 20Gs at treetop in Pcoio, Homeric tales of lost love dazzlin conquest len- dr transcendent qualities to prosa- ic Sves Big-nosed old men. leather pants, bug DD, Fa loves Pa, craw- doddys, Darth, popcorn tins, bed- rifles, skint rat. midnite calls to tow for weight loss Lord in Heaven cant BELIEVE its in the tani I ' mem- :er SA, GM, GL a mormon a cou- :..e who didn have names yet ;ee: True love in your hand (one cf Couroge, Beouty, not afraid to •andin up). Trodin stock in the Sys- em for nonreductive life Hold out i. know that even the darkest phts won ' t last forever L. SCC EIGHTEENTH COMPANY JOHN J. KOEHR Long Beach. Mississippi John, originally from Virginia Beach, now hails from ever-looking-back- wards Mississippi We of the wing hove watched J J develop from a sweat Brossoing screws to a good oie country boy, complete with bjck knife, boots, belt, and o gui- •ar Once a flamer-always a flamer, ,ohn has been both an originator and a camp counselor. The terrible ♦no mode it through two and a half .ears, but Matt hod to find a quiet •oommate so he could get those necessary hours of rock. John should put aerospace to good use as CO of his very own U-boat BEST OF LUCK. J.J. LLTW ILLIAM A. KITCHEN ' ' -njOQi f. en ' uOK y ny Kitchen did r ot migrate from Ickjcah to Annapolis to enroll in ' «ege He went because the fm- ' ■ Novoi Officers started their co- ' jrs there Tony left behind a pos- f music career with his rock ' rxl. Bucky and the Tweeds His ' t k3ve was drumming, however f coukd pck up nearly any instru- r nt and produce mellifluous mu- s Tony put his talents to good use • he Drum Bugle Corps where he tcome Corps Sub-Commander 1 ly also kDved sports cars, dem- c itroted by the MGA and Triumph - tfire he owned Tony elected to t:ome a Surface Worfare Officer vsre his many talents were best I. zed. THOMAS B. MAILLET SnrewsOury. Massachuse ' s The last of the Bostomans. (pahk the coh and go to the pohty). but considering he ' s from Ma and he ' s a diehard, staunch, nghtwing Con- servative, I think we can forgive him During his term as CoCdr, he and his staff earned the respect and admiration of the entire com- pany because of their dedication to pride and professionalism. On the social level he and his girlfriend (Heather) earned themselves the Conservative Couple of the Yeor Award. Tom fof being a Quaker and Heather for being his Quaker- ess, Tom, known presently as " Spike " , always has Heather m hand and he is a member in good standings of the Wing DDH LLTW 18TH COMPANY • 433 ' ' -fj jfj ' jrrif GREGORY MCMICHAEL Brooklyn. V = n ork This short black man, stocky, set the fashion pace with dog collars. socks, cowboy hats, and jock- straps Bullet may have his roots in Brooklyn but his acorns are strewn across the PI. Plebe year. Greg hit on the winning combo Scotch. Hoyas b-boll. and " sexual healing " Youngster year saw DRINKTRAMID 84 and a head on collision with Am- azon Amy. pickled pigs feet, and a dozen rednecks in a Honky Tonk 2 c year. Greg beat the AC board end became a demolition man on the roads, in the gym. and in Ow- en ' s mind After 4 years at the bot- tom of the pool and top of the chain of command. Greg is taking his act high above the clouds Hi Rufus ERIC R. MEHALKO Albuquerque. New Mexico Eric, a transferee from the Wm F Buckley School of Pretentious Non- communication, came equipped with his matriarchal 9 x 1 1 of Nancy Reagan and his meretricious New Mexico flag But just where is NM, and how did he get here without o passport After breezing through plebe year perspicaciously. he re- taliated in kind 2 c year Eric en- tered 1 c year with o perfervid new outlook. He proceeded to dis- tinguish himself obloquially at Army but recovered decorously and slid into second semester with his Craftsman tools and EE degree in sight Here ' s wishing Eric the best of luck in finding that glorious conver- gence zone of life JRO JHR SAWB SLOD LLTW EIGHTEENTH COMPANY JOHN S. NEAL Charles Town. West Virginia No one Knows where John comes from He stands 5 foot 10. weighs 151 He ' s narrow at the shoulder and narrow at the hip. and every 2 c knows you don ' t give no lip. to big John Some say he ' s from Auschwitz or Israeli origin, but all will agree he ' s not from Charleston He drives a Volvo with a baby seat in bock instead of o pick-up truck ' • ' ■ ' ' gun rack If you need - see Rucker instead ' - - - 2200 Johnny ' s in t t wits none can ' Of a cute little 9 " ■■ ■ -ood luck in the future Qi «.e y auty station. Mom and Dad are glad you didn ' t ruin your education. LLIW JJK. JAMES R. OHMAN Babylon. LI. New York Arriving via Pluto. Jim endured the initial horrors of USNA and. unlike Maschke. weathered Tammen ' s torments Avoiding plebe academ- ic martyrdom, the new scientist rip- ened in the Aryan room and fer- mented during Drink tramid 84 2 c year spotlighted his massive Nordic embellishments, and he fostered a hate of deer as a happy counselor at Summer Camp 89 Despite a Eu- ropean tour with JR. his academic posture waned with E 1 c year, yet his reign as Spirit Czar was viva- cious But where ore the panties ' ' After wising up to SWO. Jim sails with best wishes on his quest to bring the economical microchip to the Fleet Happy Trails JHR ERM SAWB SLOD LLTW 434 . CLASS OF 1986 ' I ' ' tSHH i DIONYSIS W. PEREZ Pensacola, Florida Big D, quiet, magnetic, penetrat- ing, elusive, ethereal, like a tine ctiompagne: not to be understood by just anyone To the casual ob- server, Dennis portrays the stigma ot o mild mannered midshipman, but the chosen few privileged to truly know him recognize the hard working surface warrior that lurks within Never a man of many words, Dennis will yet be remembered for his timely warning of " Jibe ho, Tay- lor " as well as his quote of quotes, " I hate whining wenches " Good luck driving boots, Dennis, and I wish you all the luck in future endeavors and aspirations It has truly been MFB JAMES H. REINHART Easton. Maryland Twinkle landed from Maryland ' s eastern shore 4 years ago Be- tween going home every weekend plebe year to visit his " sister " , long weekends at Hood and those late nights at the U of M computers, this part time midshipman may be the first man to complete USNA in ab- sentia Jim finally found his niche as a nuke, the victim of the NAMI wee- dout Some will remember Jim for his pure body and single digit class rank, but I remember him most for conquering more than just torrid rapids in West Virginia, for the one he left hanging in the tree, and his fondness for Arby ' s Roast Beef Thanks for your help, NC QUINQUE ET EX JEFF H. RUCKER Marietta. Georgia Jeff hit USNA hot off a high expo- sure tour as a Solid Gold Dancer and teen-idol pop-singer. He found respite in plebe year playing with Q Lee after sliding into shoulder prob- lems As a 3 c he launched his cru- sade for Father Tech with a guest appearance on RNV but found in- ner peace via library weekends This perversion cluminated in light- less showers and isolated, vocifer- ous slumber, yet spawned a 4,0 Despite Weatheralert, Jonny Reb proved to be a hazy forecaster With calves to make Popeye jeal- ous, he flexed his witty imagination to add mirth to any problem set Jeff, good luck serving with a win- ner Don ' t mess it up JRO ERM SAWB SLOD LLTW PAUL SITA Staten Island, New York Paul remained relaxed from the start, either freezing on the PEP field, singing to Rich Lee in the shower, making Mr Cannon laugh, eating Skull ' s chow packages or la- boring over a no-wax shine, he al- ways managed to ride the curve, A member of the track team. Melba Toast Diet Plan. Toucan Room. Re- medial Mile Squad. Paul lived •hrough foot fungus, nose jokes, Al, Opus, and car thefts. From Lowen- braus at Lil Campus. Va Beach Go- Gos. sands of Colonial Beach, the tables at AC. quarter dogs at Rudy ' s. Mougles at Bristol. Buds at Gators and Big L in Del, he never forgot that taps went at 200 Good Luck and Take Core Roomie, Mac 1 AROLO B. SPRAYBERRY :rmngtiam. Alabama bud from Day 1 there ' s been ' ws Big Brother. Philips grads. Flu- ' s. Walkin Dog CDRs. CC zeros ad 3useum even Phil Elliot let the air ut of his ball Highs too a true lend history talk, perceptive reali- ' ■, upperbodyless snakes, " not only ; he X but Y " . more oxymoronic .snvolusions of logic, and what ength COLOR too plateglass, 9d Jam, HC Keepers. Judd Smith. 1 Day Tshirts. Amstd nose dollars. " an I keep the fuses " Bumbleberry the helm, French Mafia, pickup « Sara ' s roses To Tomorrow jgs in yards. Blues men in Confed- late Groy, Karen Allen, newly npty Dickel bottles. Rain on Tin [lOfs. and Midnites in Mobile Ij ' member. " I got a right to be ;ong. " , , L. sec E. Mcdowell tillman Painted Post. New York Not able to get a record contract Mac opted to paint sheet posters at Navy With plebe year behind, skull gone, and Talamantes in the fleet the Captain was able to " move in " to youngster year Too bad the rooms weren ' t any bigger With golf clubs, synthesizers, com- puters, civies, skies. -2 a stereo, and a toucan, E had no room in his lock- up for uniforms (but who needs those) Second class year brought one less roommate and more room for his stuff. In the home stretch with the keys to the 944. it was off to the Hood Herd every wkd. Too bod about Navy Air, and best of luck in the Corps Roommates from the beginning PS. GILBERT L. VINCENT Oak Harbor. Washington He came to the Boot School from Oak Harbor with one purpose in mind: Getting his commission. After tour long years of being a Math Ma- jor, shooting on the Rifle Team, and going on strange cruises, his goal will be met on May 21. 1986 Gil ' s most renowned comment while at USNA was uttered the 1st week of Plebe Summer " Drill me sir! " The Jap ' s second best quote was. " Sir. could we please move, the mos- quitos are homing in on our C02, " Well Gil. It ' s been great but not fan- tastic Good Luck in your A6 and remember: Reach for the Stars. Success IS always around the cor- ner PS How ' bout that huge Valen- tine A A JEFFREY P. WHELAN Camillus. New vorx " Whales " come from Camillus complete with 8 flannel shirts, a case of Schmidts and a vocabulary all his own Jeff was a success as a Political Scientist in addition to such pursuits as boxing and mtramurals, It ' s no wonder to those who know Dick and Doris that their son is the Brigade ' s friendliest Mid. Except for 5th and 6th periods. Jeff liked ev- erything and everybody, even the EMBC was bearable with Jeff, after a little UA at the Y ' s People were like beers to Jeff-he never met one he didn ' t like As Jeff takes to the skies and I take to the seas. I ' ll w atch for sailboats and hope he watches for Cessna ' s Clear skies and Godspeed-DKD 18TH COMPANY • 435 DWIGHT M. WOODRUFF Gloversville. New ' • ork Application of tie motto " 80% of track is racl " rnade Woody one of Navy ' s all-time best runners. He ran slept his way to 12 N ' s 9 stars, helped XC to a superb 7th at NCAAs and blazed a 4 04 mile (Re- markable for a man who did the bulk of his training in the confines of a horizontal 7x4 ' rectangle) Studying was limited to R D on beersliding, inspecting fable under- sides at THE BOYS ' parties, Smakup techniques on crum ' s OAO ( ev- eryone else ' s), dreaming-up ways to pay Holme ' s nation-sized deficit. Zest for Zs got Tilehead " the high-4 ' 2 " in an isothermal ' burg ' ro- mance. Still, during conscious mo- ments. Woodman was a blast Navy(esp DOC) will miss him sorely Best of luck THE BOYS luv ya BEAT ARMYii_MFC NINETEENTH COMPANY RAYMOND P. COLLINS West Palm Beach. Florida Roy came to the Naval Academy from near Ft Lauderdale, and went home to where everyone else went to have fun. As a newcomer to 19, it took Ray a while to settle in, but he found his niche Aside fromi his enthusiasm and outgoing de- meanor, Ray distinguished himself with the women Who can say he wore the wrong insignia to his first Ring Dance and had the chance to fix it the following year ' ' Best of luck to you and yours, hope Navy ' s good to you KEVIN J. DELAMER Hauppauge. New York Kevin came to Canoe U fro " aahh " Long Island From the ol set, Kevin ' s outlook had a defim positive slant He was a good roor mate because he was so skim that he hardly used any hot wot Through his mid life, he distinguish himself as a DJ, a Naval Arch, one junk food addict Perhaps his grec est achievement was being recc nized as chief armchair statistici ' for Monday Night Football But, K vin joined the Navy to fly, and t skies could not be in better han ATQ JJM MRW 436 • CLASS OF 1986 ' 1 SHN ' JERALD T. DELIA Pitman. New Jersey DO-GOODER went the wrong way on the T-pike and landed at NAPS Partook of D E ' s Tavern with the old gang Swivel Head saw but rarely conquered Learned some new tricks from an old dog Drank brews but preferred VT ' s. causing ' irreparable damage to the plastic Gave up wrestling for Systems, a leading cause of late nights Found- ing father of the ROOM Perfected the art of throwing alarm clocks Superstar on the Softball team, but misses routine popflies and drops everything thrown his way in foot- boll Never let the system get him, except for now when we can ' t write more about this super guy JEFFERY DUNN FLORES Westminster. California Jeff came to USNA after he spent 3 years at MMA establishing a force- ful military presence. Jeff ' s pres- ence, contained in " XL " clothes, grew by lifting weights often as he dreamed of the day he would be called MARINE U-RAHi Jeff, dedicat- ed fly-boy and Aero major often made tapes from his huge album collection for friends, Jeff, Haus, road-tripped 3 c year to Florida with Lys and Joey 1 c yedr Ro, Moe and others joined them at Va Beach to escort for the Miss Phil-Am Contest, Annapolis provided mem- ories at Timmy ' s, Rams Head and Riordan ' s where Jeff put away more than most in food and beer Friend and brother God bless you in the Corps and ever PBJN GREGORY GLAROS Betliteliem. Pennsylvania Greg hailed from Bethlehem, PA and arrived at USNA wanting to fly Becom ing the bagpiper for the class of 86, he could be heard sere- nading the Brigade from the roof of Mother B He was a highly motivat- ed plebe who could never seem to stop cheering As an upperclass, Greg ' s name struck fear in the hearts of plebes throughout the Bri- gade Plebes knew him as the De- mon or Evil It was a tough, dirty job, but someone had to do it He went on to be 19th Co CDR. and was captured by a German princess He ' s been a great friend for these four years Good luck in P-Cola and all you do in the Navy MATTHEW G. GLAVY Buffalo. New York Leaving chicken wings and the Irish bars (Mulligans, etc ) of South Buf- falo behind. Gloves arrived in a stu- por at USNA Mr Intensity managed to get through Systems and finally was rewarded with Company Commander A founding father of THE ROOM, Gloves enjoyed a grilled cheese habit that was even- tually terminated by Grote Col- lege hoops and sports trivia were his specialty, next to brewing with the boys A great fighter. Gloves managed to take on Anne Arundel County singlehandedly After 3 years of excuses, he finally made it down to Ft Lauderdale To a great guy, good luck with Marine Air, a choice we ' ll never understand. JWG JTD ' MES W. GUY III . ' nmond. Virginia ' igsy. as he is called by everyone. I lading his Grandma, was a wel- tme addition to THE ROOM He (me with a super head for sports ' la and a brewing ability which rjtched only his romancing skills edless to say, the human credit cd, not worrying about quality, c ted his shore of babes The 1 1 7 lb vesting machine that walked in t doors of Bancroft left as a 175 It iini " fridge " Mugs was always a f ' orite in company whether it was h Jim Morrison impersonations or h itories of surfing and shark hunf- Novy Air will now be a port of " Gee legacy Good luck Jim, t ' Iks for the laughs, JD, MG SCOTT W. HELMERS Saratoga California " Doc " has had plenty of success at USNA Topping all was his appoint- ment to Director of Dream Re- search Labs This, combined with his huge QPR, chemistry major, and Tri- dent Project in cancer research, has guaranteed him a medical school position after Graduation (how many years is thaf) Scott loves to race his bicycle, but says crashing is no fun (stitches again ' ' i) He was President of the bicycle club this year because he worked hard, rode fast, and always dressed in the height of cycling fashion He ' s also been Co andBott Honor Rep, Platoon Cdr , Reg Adjutant, and Phi Kappa Phi member. Good Luck! ULYSSES V. MACEOA Bremerton. Washington Lys come to USNA with only one thing on his mind. Graduation! He knew he had trouble when he got kicked out of his major before Plebe year even began But Lys fought back, quickly becoming the gouge king If Lys had the gouge, that was reason enough to take the course Lys left his mark with his unforgetta- ble Log cartoons Lys overcame a few more obstacles to graduation like PCR, Chem and Wires twice, and a brief fling When Lys finally turned legal, he was out-of-controM After all his hard work, the end was near when he got his oiler out of his hometown Lys, you are a great friend, take care and God Bless Ro JAMES J. MALLOY Silver Spring, fylaryland Jim came to the Academy after a harsh year of partying at Villanova He come for the tradition, the fine food and lovely rooms Jim came to become a Surface Warrior But most of all, he came to be closer to home Jim worked hard at every- thing, but, he was never too busy for a friend in need Some of us needed his insight and support, and of course the late night bull sessions and guitar Jim gave the " room " a certain something, and we gave that something back Fair winds and following seas. Jim and Bronwyn 19TH COMPANY • 437 : -;V rrr , JOHN K. MARTINEUI Alexandria. Virginia Jack Kennedy-alias Gizmo, follow- ing dad ' s footsteps, entered Ca- noe U, with the goal of being ttie best that he could be His grease underwear earned him a highly visi- ble position on Brigade Staff He then became a Georgetown Hoya in his last semester, although Thurs- days were for Trinity! He always had a perpetual girlfriend-only the names would change He spent four years without frying or being fried, even though he broke more regs than most His good sense of humor and ability to work with oth- ers will serve him well Jack you ' re a good friend Take care. Go Navy Air ' JJW UVM [?S BRIAN R. MCGINNIS Lima. Ohio 5th Co THE FIRST TWO YEARS Brian arrived at USNA from the field cow- boy hat in hand, hay in his hair, and sawdust in his boots The boots and hat were traded in along with the hair, but " WINGNUT " set his course for Nuke Subs. Good luck and smooth sailing BP 19th Co THE BEST YEARS Brian survived the motoma- tic. " V=IR " Ted his lab partner and EE. He was a PLT CDR in the D -I- B beating A.F in the competition Nuke Power was earned thru many late hours aided by trademark m 19 was a stained and cracked coffee mug May God bless you at NPS and ever with KIM PBN JAMES F. MIRANDA Cinnammson. New Jersey Jimbo entered this hallowed ground from Cinnaminson. N J via NAPS. Following an amusing fresh- men summer, he quickly achieved the academic level that he is fam- ous for. " If 2 wasn ' t good enough. it wouldn ' t be the minimum " Jimbo excelled m bosebaii. lacrosse, and football, before finding a home at 150 ' s He managed to keep smiling through the dreary weekendless era with activities like the Cougar show end the Nimitz rooftop affair My fcvori ' e Squad Daddy is now heading fo- ' j3S Peoria Good Luck buddy. I hope he crew is ready when the " frustrated Marine " shows up " looking nke Arnold " PHILIP BYRON JOHN NEEDHAM Maaison Heights. Michigan From the state which is famed for its Wolverines, one time World Series champs. Tigers, and the hopeless Lions, comes a great roommate and friend Here are a few to re- member Timmy ' s with MTV and pitchers of beer. Riordans with crab vegetable soup and mugs of beer Ram ' s Head with Kulmmotors. dark beer, and coolers, and finally. Grandmas goodies and cookies Well, we finally made it thus far Re- member to keep the faith and be strong in God always I wish you the best of luck on the Spruance and in the Fleet in your many years to come Your roommate and friend brother J D.F NINETEENTH COMPANY 438 • CLASS OF 1986 9 NiS nS ' JOHN M. O-DONNELL Ff Lauderdale. Florida The O ' D saga is easily one of the strangest at USNA After forgetting to go to high school, John left his boat in the Bahamas, instead sailing through NAPS Once at Navy, he was a top performer. O ' D also •arred on the off-shore sailing •earn, earning a command as a 2 c He couldn ' t quite decide on a major, finally ending in the Brother- hood Out of the hall. John ' s adven- tures were classics, and the retell- ing even better, if you had an hour to listen to him From Key West to Nova Scotia, there was a girl to meet and a story to tell Good luck in the Surface Navy John, and don ' t give up the ship GP. CR SCOTT F. OUTLAW Lancdster. South Carolina Scott entered these hallowed halls from the sleepy village of Lancas- ter, somehow bypassing Clemson U This would prove traumatic at times Scott amazed us all wtih his intellectual development. He be- gan to read voraciously. G W Recruiting. SI, and the IPTAY Report were just a few of his classics. Street Smith and Max Emfinger being his favorite authors Aca- demics never posed a problem Just another necessary evil dealt with by massive amounts of sleep The Fleet will receive the best when Scott leaves USNA to fulfill his Sur- face Warrior ambitions To a great guy and a true friend Fair winds and following seas NKS GEORGE J. PROCAK East Greenville. Pennsylvania Big George entered this fine institu- tion from the farms of East Green- ville, Pa He quickly learned that be- ing an Historical Engineer left him plenty of time to explore all facets of the Conduct System This extra- curricular activity did not deter him from finding fame in the Rugby Club. Many a beer con found its way into the Rust-bucket after a victory Big George always looked at USNA from a different perspec- tive than most , from the rear view mirror. The Corps found itself a reason to call themselves the few. the proud, the Marines, when it landed Big George Knock ' em dead buddy ANTHONY M. QUESADA El Paso, Texas Tony came to USNA by way of the Bronx. NY and El Paso. Texas He arrived as the youngest member of the class, but never let his youth interfere with achieving excel- lence. An outstanding athlete (ex- cept in the pool) and scholar. Tony kept his sanity m spite of being cor- rupted by Mat. living with engineers and a detour to West Point Plebe detail. The Room, road trips and teaching highlighted firstie year. Live by chance. Love by choice, SINK by profession. The Nukes got a good man and a better friend KJD MRW j 1 |lRISTOPHER M. REEGER cago. Illinois I ' lS. alias Geisler, hails from the idy City which explains how he t ezed through NAPS, only to find I " self in the wrong company at I- ■JA Geisler, undaunted and C ' e resourceful, went oil the way t jet into Cloud 19 His weekend a ivities in Crabtown involved ide investments with brokers like Fijiny O ' s and Riordans Second c|s year brought new adventures ih iding the great break in the S -hine State and Pro-Tons refng- ©Ted rolling dressing room First ciji year had Geis as Co Sub Cdr Wset and part time restnctee » )nd set due to the Sine Wave Be of luck as a Navy Pilot to a true • ' i-. O ' D ROLAND SALVANERA Streamwood. Illinois Ro came to Navy U with two things on his mind- fast cars and faster women, Ro took plebe year with ease by forgetting his troubles through dozens of paperback nov- els and quality rack Not before long, Ro grew more grey hairs as he entered his major, lost an old flame and then patronized Disco Dahl- gren. Ro then quickly shifted into fifth gear, leaned back and coast- ed by going General and leaving his women behind With a black sports car named " J D " , a power- lifting " N " sweater, baft stripes and an AMDO billet with sweet orders to Jacksonville, what else can go wrong " ? You are a great friend, take core and God Bless LYS 19TH COMPANY • 439 NEIL K. SAWYER Rome. Georgia Neil came to USNA from the city whiere all roads lead, Rome Though his heart was with a little Southern Belle at Georgia Tech, Neil still man- aged to get stars and two stripes Always the adventurous type, Neil spent his first two years on the look- out for daring things to do Ho Chi Minh. gutter wars, and galley runs Air Mobile ' Infamous Group 8 at P- Cola, hey, where did Verm go ' ' Second class academics proved tough for Neil, I think I ' ll sleep in to- day Senior year, Neil enjoyed weekends to their max Thanks Del- ta Since the eyes failed, Neil ' s oft to be an NFO To a great guy and a great friend Good luck and God bless SFO ANDREW A. SCHNEIDER Columbus. Ohio It ' s hard to tell you much about Nads ' first 3 years here, since all of his former roommates during that time have gone to greener pas- tures Nads was then made a full- fledged member of THE ROOM, to which he brought oldies music, a Pee Wee Herman Fan Club Mem- bership (I know you are, but what am P), and unnecessary late nights geeking for Econ As 4 year presi- dent of the " V " Club, Nads always had a stock of gals, all good friends. Bright but lazy, Nads finally got his dream boat, a minesweeper in Panama City, where he also hopes to get the BIG BOAT Stop by P- Colo, where there ' s plenty o ' time to see the bottom of Coral Bay (the rum, of course) ANDREW E. SHUMA III Shokan. New York " Mau " sailed through Plebe Sum- mer and the remainder of his 4 years here, both literally and figura- tively As head manager of the Varsity Sailing Team since Plebe year, Andy hasn ' t enjoyed much free time or weekends, but when he does, he can be found resting those precious eyes for Navy Air, This IS not to say that our Andy isn ' t a hard worker, he sports himself in o very elite group Math English dou- ble major. Although his diligent ef forts are not just limited to acade mia - Andy has been one of this year ' s best company stripers I ' m sure this is only the tip of the iceburg of great things to come from Andy Doc KEITH C. TEMPLE Slidell. Louisiana The stump came to good or USNA from the swamps of the bayou Liv- ing close to New Orleans, he brought with him the laid back Mar- di Gras party attitude During the week Keith was a sleeper, but on the weekends he suddenly be- came a southern rebel Second doss year was very exciting for Keith The summer was filled with parties and an illegal attempted use of Mr Visa, while on Army party brought a metomorphic change Acquiring a new touch of class. Stump tried to quietly and calmly finish out Navy Good luck on the LUCE, We know you ' ll do well be- cause the " chief " look is in and the stock market is up MATHEW R. WARE Wick ford. Rhode Island Mat " Under " Ware came to USNA with a single creed, " first names only please " Undoubtedly, his greatest talent was to make peo- ple laugh, becouse he never took himself too seriously Still, one must not overlook the fact that he was very successful in one of the most difficult majors. Naval Arch Mot may have had a lot of girlfriends, but more importantly, he had a lot of friends A complex guy with a simple style Mot. take care EDWARD A. WENTZ Hanover. Pennsylvania Eddie came up through the ranks wanting to fly To get there he in- sisted on on Aero degree, despite hearing " You don ' t need Aero to fly " So to be safe he took a sec- ond major-music Becoming a D B character brought many fringe benefits such as few weekends, sliding QPR. trips during leave, and of course conveniently missing most mandatory meetings He al- ways kept his slate clean, even be- coming D B CDR. but behind closed doors his antics and degen- erated humor always brought a good laugh without ever getting hit except once Despite 4 yrs togeth- er Ed always remained a great friend and a good bunkie Good luck Willie JOHN J. WILCZYNSKI III Susanville. California Pari I- 12th John was quici dubbed " Willy " Plebe year i learned the manual of arms witn crutch, and Army week he endc gered his family lineage Youngsjj year he fell in love at a Co foottj game Now John and Darlene ha a date at the chapel JJ prov too wild tor Tim-Tim. who mov;i him to 19 Thanks for the go times PTJW JWL Pan II- 19th. came to 19 for reasons still known to anyone We were ea to accept him He was clwl quick to laugh or have tun. rem ber Hood ' ' ! Goucher ' ' i Well, not John chose Navy Pilot Evg ; one here wishes John and Dcrlp " happiness and prosperity JKM f 440 • CLASS OF 1986 ii m. % % ' -«« » II TWENTIETH COMPANY ' g V ■-- ■o» -or,- =., : " e a y ■ ■c.ifinneoioa, ' ' O ' " OS t i 31; j :3T)Ii» SilCffi ' m ' JIp ■ Q ' " ■ " ' ' ' ' J f TitT ' - ' BRIAN D. ALLEN lVe5A o e, California The " Bead " , who for his last three and a half years at Navy has striven for and become the model mid- shipman pictured in the USN A catalog a four-striped Brigade Ad- jutant The key is he means it, lives it. feels it He will undoubtedly drive his 78 VW Bus right into the parking spot reserved for 1986 ' s first Admi- ral, if he ever gets it working again Brian ' s devotion and faith to God and to his friends and being the best person he can be will always stand him in great stead with every life he touches He has touched all of ours SHARON R. ALMAN Trumoull. Connecticut Sharon never experienced the typi- cal plebe shock Back in CT she went through James Bond torture conditioning. Fourth class year brought pre-print views of Salty Sam, freezing in the Disney world parking lot and a lost then found again roommate (but did she ever learn to play roquetball ' ' ) Young- ster year gave a new meaning to the word steam and a bond formed which was cemented (or should I say plastered) over 2nd class summer. First closs year brought thoughts of chiming bells and the decision to go " corpsi " See you in Go Shar, EEP DANIEL K. BACZKOWSKI Acton, Massachusetts " Motivate me, Mr Baczkowski, " once said a Captain, and that ' s what he has done and will continue to do Dan left his mark on the Academy (Batt Comm.) as well as in the woods at Deep Creek Lake Dan always got his work done on time, sometimes, and then it was always bedtime The only thing more important than sleep, was deep sleep Not bad philosophy Baz Good luck Sunshine, and don ' t lose the lint. DONALD M. BALL JR, Spring Lake, . ert jersey Donball, we never learned his last name, once told everyone he was from the Garden State but we knew he was really from N J. During plebe year Don set three goals: to go to flight school, to be skipper of his own boat and to graduate with a degree in Mech E. Somehow I ' m not surprised he accomplished all three goals We had a lot of fun with Don: Remember- The South- bound Train, Naivetramid, The Rocket and every girl that was " The Right One " . One day you ' ll find a girl anda neck. Seriously, we know Don will be successful at whatever he does because of the spirit and energy he puts into ev- erything. En Ami RTM 20TH COMPANY • 441 ■MhH««M FRANCIS A. BIJAK Parma. Ohio Motocross to Football, then D-line to O-line. Should I stoy or should I go? John Emerick, coach Lewis. Rogers. Stewart, and Matsko. 2 Varsity Letters-talks night before the games. Vs over Pitt. 2 USC, 20 UVa, and ARMY! 2nd Class Summer (B J.. Horse. Rat. JYD). no- torius group 8. U Penn, run from subway to Navy Yard Actramid Riverside, smith ' s pool, Jim R . July 4th, (I am Hooked Horsey!). Ft Lau- derdale. The Button- Best Danceri. PIA Award- spring ball. Starting Left OT -85 NFO, Surface, or Corps?. 1st class PCR make-up. A life long friend and part of the Family 1 Brothers! PJH THOMAS E. BROWN Orange Park. Florida No one in 86 will ever forget Steve Murphy especially Saaaaaoaaaaaalty As befits re- ceiving this great gift Tom gave us his own words of wisdom ' cuse me. ' cuse me. ' cuse me. Through the years at Bancroft, Salty has left his impression on us. Our drilling days and his Severn River lines His self control in not planting a green shoot in St Johns And most of all, Tom continued the Lima Bravo mys- tique in Savannah, In the end, Tom achieved more at Canoe U than most He graduated as a Mechani- cal Eng. under heavy pressure, blasted his last A-S, and got a free ear tuck. So Tom enjoy that 125 F heat of the Mighty Fine. KRW TOD D. BURKERT Boardman. Ohio Tod has come a long way since the days when he thought that " star- board " was an ex-Navy quarter- back Actually, he claims that they do know what the navy is in Ohio Reading the sports page and talk- ing to his fiance, Lori, have con- sumed a large chunk of Tod ' s ca- reer Tod does more than just read sports though — A 4-year letterman In Light weight Football, he could always be counted on to throw a ball around or play hoops Whatev- er Tod does, whether athletic, aca- demic, or just fun, he is an example of a man simply living to please God His light will continue to shine out in the fleet GEORGE A. BUSTAMANTE Shaker Heights. Ohio When George was 3 yrs old, he built his first A D converter And the rest is history No one knows what drove him to a life of military fanotacism. but out of the depths of a Toco Bell there arose a Patton Jr with a love for iCs and a desperate need for glove alterations Face it, George is bound for military glory At age 7 he owned the entire Jane ' s collection At 19 he developed a new kind of napalm He only needs to learn golf : (he gave it up for diving) and to steer while changing radio stations. Other than that, the kid is set Don ' t throw away that snorkel yet.- bubba You ' ll be there SANDRA L. DAVIDSON Walden. New York Sandra, do you remember: road trips home to West Point, the little white RX7 Spring Break- Shooters b-ball " my god Trish, he drives a truck!! " the robot that talks how much you loved swimming Baft Sub-Cdr: no roomies? That ' s a laugh!! Slumber Parties!! Can I bor- row an outfit? Tim-Army Navy Crab Feasts at the Taylor ' s Solo- mon ' s Island-a great discovery Yel- lowstone EDO PR LAS Thru good times and bod you were and al- ways wiil be there A True Friend!!! CRAIG B. DUNN Northeast. Maryland arcing wallsockets. Sumos. Ho Chi Minh, dolls on Mohan, bucks- norting, Mickey ' s Big Mouths on the docks, in the alleys, and at the con- dos. the funnelotor, Timmy ' s, Mad Dog breath, boxing in Dahlgren, ice capades restriction. Kimbo. tetas. Dunnisms. I can ' t list them all One paragraph is simply not enough to do justice to the four year experi- ence at this place. Just remember the good times, for your recollec- tion of them will be more amusing than if I attempt to list them here. Thanks for a lot of good times and a lot of memories, guys. RICARDO L. FRESQUEZ Miami. Florida This young Mexican cannot claim one state as his Home of Record He has been on both coasts thanks to being a Marine brat If there is one thing he is famous for that is his eat- ing abilities during Mexican Meal. This led to the nickname of " The Bean " Rick must not have been too obnoxious, he had the same two roommates (Wags Busty) for 3 years The Small Boys always seemed to get into the most trou- ble. This was the time that Rick met the love of his life. Tracy. They should have a good future since they spent so much time together Good Luck to my best friends, the SEAL and the EOOW (Diver hope- ful). RLF. COLLIN P. GREEN Bowie. Maryland The man, the myth, the monster. A life of valleys and peaks, so let ' s talk peoksM, Wags, I gotta move mv car. Matt, scoot over. Squash courts and Ruggers U of M, Lauder dole. Buddy! I 4 long years and we are finally roommates. Block brothers, and hollboll-qualed Being the odd-man out. only we know Study hour and Nerf. Bol-ing, one what ' s the word for Too bad won ' t be in Pcola w you but you I do the jukes right. Jr, What ' s th€ deaP. making it through and doinc it in style For all of us left at sec level, do a barrel roll. grin, and re member that it was a long haul bu all the pain and problems were worth it in the end Gotta love it even nowH JLH 442 • CLASS OF 1986 TWENTIETH COMPANY WILLIAM S. GURECK Springfield. Virginia Scott ended Plebe Summer In a ro- ITiantic turmoil that took all of Plebe Yeor to settle That ' s how it is with Scott He gets what he wants After oloying musical majors for a semes- ler, he finally settled tor a low input- iigh output mode of study English .Tiajors are on important fleet asset, 1 be sure, and I know one submori- ,ier who ' s well rested and ready to oe tested in Orlando Scott will vork hard at Nuke school He has juite an exomple to follow Take jood care of him Frieda, I did TWL kTTHEW C. HELLMAN icoma. Washington iithing ' s gonna get in the way of s 5 ft. 8 in senior from Tacomo ashington If there ' s a job to be ' ' ne, Matt ' s just the guy (to talk u Out of it and into the rack) Ijtt will long be remembered for I ' racking-leathers " and his sofe- ' O ' nned geekers When he wasn ' t ' idying or sleeping (was there a iterence ' ' ). he could be found r iximizing his court time or just tting big The two biggest things f itt learned as an Econ major •re to maximize profits and mim ' :e the sweat on his palms at the r intion of profits The navy can ' t wrong with this Supply Corps se- I ' tee Good luck. Hellman DKB JEFFREY L. HORNBERGER Wilmington. Illinois Jeff IS from a tiny midwestern town in Illinois, with an athletic career and a troll of lovelies wishing he had gone to U of I At least that ' s what he tells us No, really, the man has made his mark on ladies of all ages in the D C area He now has settled quite contently into the wifer mode Kathleen must be special. Wife or no wife, Jeff ' s the kind of guy you ' re glad ended up at USNA, Everready to do more important things during study hour like Nerf. runs to the B-C area, or the hall boll qualsi Buddy! I we know what it is to play any sport, be odd man out. We shouldo been roomies earlier. LCC20-5-MBA-SS Block Brothers from here on out DAVID J. LANDWEHR . ong Island. New York ; ' avid (Billy, CS. Eingee, Phil) Land- .vehr. although a cheap-shot artist, was a great asset to the Academy and toy companies, Dave ' s great- est gift was his left arm-no not for playing little yellow basketballs off ( " lan ' s head, but for hurling Baseball ame to be so pervasive in Dave ' s te that his chain-of-commond se- ' nor year was from Stiff to Bo Good jck diving Dave— I think that ' s Ahot you ended up with? Oh yah, nice laugh (all nine of them). 20TH COMPANY • 443 I THOMAS W. LLTSCHER Youngstown, New York Tom is living proof that man cannot live by racl alone- he needs sail- boats too! During his four year membership with the Naval Acade- my Yacht Club. Tom brought home so many trophies and cups that he hardly l new where to put them ail Tom, I agree, you should have been given cruise credit for your races to Bermuda and Novo Scotia during the summers- Studying may not have been a favorite pastime for Tom, but he still managed to learn oiot of amazing things, such as new and creative ways of hiding his hair You ' re a great guy. Tom. and thanks for everything, especially for being a friend W.S G W " P " KJ 1 « m m a. • RUSSELL TODD MORGAN Kannapolis. North Carolina (Morg-uh-zuh) Russell is a difficult character to define. He is one of the most relaxed people on 2-2 . . . unless it is test weel He is a very agreeable, alert kind of guy , after ten AM His dry Southern wit lightens up both the wardroom and the classroom Someday, Russell, you might learn to play the piano, for now though, you will hove to make do with the greens in Orlando and the slopes in Idaho Todd will surely find time to work in the midst of leisure. He brings a rare mixture of both fun and excellence to what- ever he does B.D.A. PHILIP G. MCLAUGHLIN Mesa, Arizona Phil hails from Pheonix, AZ He ' s on electrical engineer and a nuclear submarine officer He likes jazz. golf, and plugging his heed into 1 15 VAC outlets Okay. Phil, for $15,000 name a small sea creature , , . " shrimp cocktail " To become friends for life with Phil, merely sit on his chest and say. " Hi, I ' m drunk " Phillisms I ' m going home, so what the a 3% are all these spiders do- ing here? Why isn ' t anyone spozz- ing out? Okay, big boy Phil loves to " darken shop " and " rig for silent running, " especially during his free periods A good friend to everyone In TA-WENTY Look out, silent ser- vice, he ' s reodyi THOMAS D. METZGER Napa. California Q. from way out West in California came with a desire to be a SUB DB. hence on inquisitvie yet assertive person was he Not that Wolly ever became aggressive or anything-he was one of Jerry ' s kids Sportsman- like always. Tom supported Joke in their quest to clean up the game Somewhat square. Q squared Copt Gouge himself Early, he be- came head General in his major Grooving with him was almost as much fun as driving around in the VW Deothmobile First Class year, Q slowly became the Phantom as he spent all his time spinning his " Wheels, " Q ganned, busted and baked with the backrow boys until he sold on Whit Athens for CEC Good luck, the Boys MATTHEW S. MUCKELBAUER Crownsville. Maryland Matt- Ox. Ape. Bronze God. Lead- ership- Too tall (file cords). Chuck. Ed. Willie at the some time Boxing- Made it to the semi ' s. Clarkes for the finals Army-Navy- Blenders, lane changes Ft Lauderdale- Oh my. Elbow room, whiskey guns, sys- tem shutdown Firstie- CC. NL 500. the hardened and bitter man Ma- rines- I didn ' t really wont to fly any- how. Maybe Medical Corps ' ' I ' D RATHER DIE " Springsteen- God him- self, say no more Navy- Has ships. See my poinf Best of Luck Buddy!!! TLW ELLEN E. ROBERTS Falls Ctiurcti, Virginia Ellen came to the Naval Academy from Great Falls. VA (both times!) Plebe year had its ups and downs from chemistry to English and the parking lot in Disney World Young- ster year led to romance on the way to Pasadena That " hot-then- cold " romance continued through second class year as did her week- ends that never ran out (well, she was adjutant righf?) Now it ' s first class year, we ' re still roommates, and will be ' till next March, and we both know that " WE " ore all we ' ll really remember of this place. Bye, SRA NATHAN S. MOORE Anns ton, Alabama Scott come to us from the back woods of Alabama Well. Anniston IS the county seat He brought to the Academy a unique blend of tastes such as had never been seen On any night the sounds of rock to opera to light jazz and country could be heard What are you doing tonight Scott? The opera or a RUSH concert ' ' Of course there were Georhead Moore ' s other pas- sions, like gadgets Cars, ionizers, digital, , Most of us benefitted from his many talents Good luck DB 91 B- 5 ' f ' .•■ « v 1 ±im • 9 » i JUSTIN M. SMITH Key West, Florida " To my best friend. Pop For all yoi do, this one is for you Love, Justir U S N A 1986 " -June 20th, 1982 M undying thanks to Lorry and thf " Bead " for always being there ti help me through the rough time: Best in life to Chad, Bill, Kais, Hectc and Raj we ' ll always be wing men -Juice 444 • CLASS OF 1986 JOHN TIETJENS SOMMER Hagerstown, Maryland " The lowly-touted sometimes be- come ttie gifted . . out of bosket- ball-nch Goretti, Somner expected summer camp, just ask Wags-Yeah right, Dad-when B-ball didn ' t work out switched to 150 ' s Carolina Blue Heaven The human being is un- believable The more you ask the more you get , Worthy-Tappey- Woody D the ACC-OU-Dayton NCAA St Pafs Day ' SS-The Mount ' 86 Durham ' 86-LGTS-on the hill, you me Reality only hit when away from blue Layla And we kept asking for more , , When you going to realize it was just that the time was wrong ' ' -Comes alive at Tour- ney time . . . That ' s the difference between the good, the great and the also-rans " LARRY L. VAZQUEZ Miami, Florida The ultimate Latin Lover Buy me a drink? Thanks, Babe I ' m hurting big time for money-wanna go to Ivlag- gie ' s? How ' bout a ride in my Hot PORSCHE?! Leather seats, Europe- an seats, European summers and tvlaking Waves The cynic ' s big cyn- ic The ' Heads and ' Furs (Da. DA. DA ), Peavey Power Springsteen takes one in the neck I ' m out here on the balcony Abstract Algebra ' ' Saaal-ty. K-Karma. Busty 8( Wags. Budha-Belly and Big-Jim H.C. Sur- vived three semesters of the Juice Would you light the next one? A late bloomer of the " Right Stuft, " El Tiburon has rolled his dice for Pensa- cola and a perennial state of bach- elorhood You have made it all real. Squeeze JMS ODD L. WAGNER rand Junction, Colorado JRST HALF Sweat, brush, I ' ll find out, Irunk, fried, Ed (where ' s my cruise ox). Chuck, Chuck and more ;huck, a cheesecake injection, I ' m luittin. drunk, the Everglades, a ca- oe and we ' re not going to Dis- eyworld, SECOND HALF drunk, ommitted, drunk, nude photos, no lore Chuck, no go NFO (the battle ©gins) NL500 and what are we try- •Q to do here, the hardened, bitter ian, it ' s looking mighty green but le good doctor loses and the ime duck syndrome FINAL SCORE ags 3 stripes. 1 black N. 1 cruise ox and 6 racks Navy; one moti- 3ted SEAL Sure are special feel- gs. It ' s been great, bud, MSlvl KENNETH R. WILLIAMS Rock Hill. South Carolina Kenny! Kenny! Kenny! Yes. Kenny came to Navy from the pure white woods of South Carolina However, he was destined to a life of change He will never forget those morning battles in front of the mirror with that chainsaw. That manly beard would later earn him the ti- tles of Chinny, Shavey and the Goat. A goat that would become old and gnarly through his experi- ences in PI and Philly We ' ll never forget how Navy licked Army first class year! Fly Navy! Die Commiei Go get ' em Ackl TEB TWENTIETH COMPANY v XJM- fk TWENTY-FIRST COMPANY -mK " ' M 30 FRANK A. ARATA San Francisco. Calitornia Frankie hails from the liberated country town of San Francisco With his outstanding looks, charm, and tact, not to mention his views on politics and religion, he has wooed many an East Coast girl. Al- though he hasn ' t found that per- fect girl yet, he knows she ' s out there His luck on the pony and elsewhere is incredible, but when if failed, the meathooks were ready Fortunately, Frank was able to avoid the pencil neck navy and is destined to become the best sur- face warrior since JPJ Fair winds and following seas. Bud! DGS-JMM JONATHAN B. BAILEY Bristol. Connecticut On 7-7-82 (a day which will live ir infamy), J B entered Navy, eagerly awaiting the adventure ahead He soon, however, woke up. as Spear; et al queried him with trivia Follow ing a thrilling YP cruise, Jon relaxec thru 3 c year, actually becoming so subdued that he went to clcs on 8-22-84 (another day of infamy thinking, " Well, it only gets better. ' That fall, though, the god-like D.S began probing his anatomy, con tinuing through May Finally, durin(i " the best of his 4 years at thn Academy, " J.B was robbed of hi Aero major, and chose bubble head as an 1826-day hobby ROBERT S. BAZAN Amsterdam. New York Coming from Amsterdam. Bob was a legend in his own mind This veter- an of Woodstock participated in many ECA ' s. including D 8i B. the 5000 club. Panama studies group, and the Glen Burnie Youth Council. Due to his strong desire to tour. Bob became a ve teran and expert of the Dahlgren beer sprint Bob, in his post as Rumor Control, was a great source of knowledge to all- " l only deal in facts " As a SWOskateer, nothing but success awaits Bob in the Navy and in life after We ' ll all miss Bob ' s friendship, humor, and, especially, his invaluable quotes. Hey Bob, get in the pic P KATHERINE D. CHERNOCH Scotia. New York Kate was just a farm girl from u state New York Plebe year was h librarian phase, with big glasses or short hair Youngster year broug longer locks, uncluttered eyes, ai the start of her continuing bat with the mile. Happiness found I " second class year with the man her dreams living just across the he Kate thanks all those who befrier ed her and helped her throuc Paige, Mo, Bobbi, Joe. and, most all, TED, BRADFORD C. DAVIS Kennet Square. Pennsylvania Brad came to us from the infamous Mushroom Capital of the World, none other than Kennet Square He survived plebe summer, barely Be- ing born on Fri the 13th didn ' t help, neither did those rough drill sessions He could always be found running, at least out to his classy Mustang Second class year left Brad xnocked out after a rough game of Murderball, but everything Vi orked out all right and he ended up going with Pudd ' s Froncie to the Ring Oonce Well never forget the great parties up at Brad ' s house Defore Army Remember, SWO is •he only way to goi R S B T. EDWARD DEMPSEY Coeur D ' Alene. Idaho Ed come to USNA from every- where, but most recently from Ida- ho, He started with a bang plebe year as CC This quickly changed youngster year when an attempt to live with Fearless Freddie back- fired Ed then tried some extra cur- ricular activities that got him an un- reg letter sweater The 5000 Club was thus formed with Ed and his roommates presiding Second class year Ed changed his attention to a company mate across the hall, re- sulting in a break-up of the club Ed ' s two main ambitions in life are to juggle while riding a unicycle and fly Navy Air Good Luck Ed, you silly Rabbit J D H GLENN J. ESTRADA Norfolk. Virginia Well, it all began with the barking of dogs, at least hounds, that is. If there was gouge, the hound was on the trail Yes. the name stuck With youngster year, came ' 150 ftbl and the realization that everyone wasn ' t 150 lbs. Time for a new sport and how lucky can one be. It is not everyday that an Ail-American powerlifter is born. He never dreamed benching twice his weight would be so easy. And of course, there was Tes Yes world, another man taken, quickly. So much for bachelor life, hello joint bank account 1 c year. Take core Glenn. Hopefully there will be a weight set on your P-3 LINZELL L. HARRIS Lexington Park. Maryland Linzell came to this fine institution hoping to become a Naval Pilot. But. due to his fine athletic ability and with the pull of a few strings, he was able to hook up with that elite group— " THE CHOPPERS. " ■ ' LAX, " Mr. Pro himself, was able to miss drill and ovoid 98% of all watches and almost as many classes because of injuries and pain (need Motrin??). If you want to find LAX on the week- ends, you can either take a trip to Rhonda ' s or you can wait ' til 0100 when he will come strolling in for taps Lots of luck Lenny. Hopefully no one will mistake you for a janitor in the fleet |0.CHB«I« " 3SEPH 0. HERLIHY tiiilicothe. Ohio ■ ey brought to USNA, from the ispth of a Herlihy moving and stor- je truck, a bead of sweat, a pair kneepads. and a plan for finan- 31 security Plebe year was Ike (he was a Rotman trained 3be) except for a couple of run- ■ with the resident sow He immitted his 1st conduct oftense C year when, otter the ring ince, he introduced Suzie to •Mher B He skated the fry by brib- ) the CMOD Joe was the only ly I know to hove female room- 3tes 2 C and 1 C year " Pipe ' wn the watch " read the mes- ge from the plebette and the ungsterette Take care Joe. ' d keep your head in the clouds . ED PAIGE E. KOHLI Del Mar, California Paige didn ' t allow the Naval Acad- emy to cramp her California style in the least Rules were sacrificed for an occasional evening outing or shopping spree throughout her stay. By first class year, incognito traveling was swapped for a bat- tleship grey Porsche which was passed over for a hull number at refit. Paige was the first to nd herself of mates head by winning a letter in a smashing season of tennis Her zest for the good life kept her up with everything from the newest funky tunes to the latest shoes. For the resident engineer, I hope that all systems are go in CEC land Hey, don ' t say I never told you sol MFQ MARK J. LORRIN Savannah, Georgia Mark joined the Goon Platoon on 7 JUL 82 He survived Groede Laing as well as roomies Fearless Bails A personnel hazard, M earned injury the Airborne Award He chose Physics applied it to spacetime dilation ( e rack) M ' s talents got him permanent spots doing plebe bulletin boards 8c then Co logos, all his racey logos being banned. 2 c yr transformed M into a scoundrel. The death of his TR7 at Annapolis 500 didn ' t deter M from partying Bitter over losing his 20 20, M avenged himself on cruise, nearly downing on F-14 with a glorified Es- tes. M ' s Viking zeal eventually led him to go Corps Godspeed Mark Beach Party, Aloha! . . . JRM MARK D. LOWMAN Nashville. Tennessee If your room smells like roses you know shug ' s been around Whether its sailing, camping, rock climbing or drinking lemonade this smiling southerner always did it his way An honorary stuntman who managed to survive Wabbit weeks, mailbox races, grape cleanings, and minor dismemberment. Captain Invincible always made taps an adventure After I ' i years on the terminally smitten list, the monger returned with a venegeance. and women from 7-4 to Kansas were subjected to his never accept " no " ap- proach Alas. Mark, there are no skirts underwater and the girls will miss you almost as much as we will. 2 1ST COMPANY . 447 OUY MAIDEN Hollow Rock. Tennessee After an enlisted stint, " CDR " con- sented to attend USNA Diognosed a leader in his class, he answered the coll of the SOW A good ole boy with a JFK haircut and a golf ball always under his lip, he sparked a flame in many a Dahlgren heart A propensity for beer and a " she ' s big, but she ' s cute, and I love her " were the tools of his trade 1 c year, while busy losing his heart to Bes, CDR lost his pilot vision and opt- ed for Nuke power With only three hours sleep a night, he toughed out a challenging P S major Good luck to the CDR (and Orlondoi) DGS JOHN R. MANSER Hudson. Ohio J came to USNA set on Aero NFO Thus began his late-mghters A post-taps laundry bag E M ex- periment caused a Vet ' s Day flame session for J. Phil. Andy Cruising to the PI, J found Mojo, exotic women magic stereo gear Weekends at Duke girls schools kept him sane After a year of Bails Aero. J un- wound in a T-2 with a Dakota nurse at Pcolo J of ten relived his adventures in his sleep Spring Breaks saw him partying scubo- diving in Fl Ring on hand RX-7 parked. J air-cruised to topless beaches in the Med followed by detail Mono Propulsion couldn ' t stop him. Have fun at NASA Pcola See ya at the beach party, (MJL) TWENTY-FIRST COMPANY STEPHEN MASI Milford. Connecticut Steve, the mentor of the man with chapped face, came to us with dreams of Carrier landings, em- barked on a pre-general major, le Systems, and by the end of 2 c year, offer large pools of drool and 15 minutes of awareness in each class. Steve realized his dreams be- came a General and went Surface On the social front Elizabeth will never forget his 21sf birthday We ' ll never forget the man of the per- petuo; diet and jocks left in the win- dow oil made more than tolerable by an enaless flow of one liners and bizzare rivia We love you for what you are Stephen, Good luck in the big world. JEFFREY M. MASTERSON Spring Lake Park. Minnesota Jeff Masterson, that Wally Cleaver type of guy, hails from the seafaring state of Minnesooota. Milos sub- dued manner, subtle charm, and sense of professionalism has earned him many close friends in the Bri- gade, especially the boys on 4- 1 . Al and Steve Through hard work and perseverance he earned a letter at Navy for his equestrian skills Al- though an outstanding pony rider, he suffered two near-fatal falls Only visits by a local D J got him through those months of convales- cence Jeff, you have been on out- standing friend and will moke an excellent addition to the submarine community, FAA DGS 448 • CLASS OF 1986 n 1X1 PATRICK J. MOROCCO West Trenton. New Jersey Pat came from Trenton leaving a big family and twin bro behind. Mom ' s wisdom and care pocks were always welcomed ttiot first year 3 c year brought happiness from rock ' s class and promises for a lifetime Boxing season, honor rep, expert rifle and 45 quals kept him busy Favorite times were Dad ' s sur- prise visits w pretzeis in hand, pic- nics on rocks, mom ' s Italian dinners and iced tea, and WE ' s in good company. A dual command, San Diego cruise, Plebe Detail, NJ shore and WV farm filled the summers 1 c year as a 4-striper on 4-1 (5 steps to go) A Nuc career and o future with his Buddy by his side (the best part of all!) ILY-PS PHILIP A. MUNACO Hampton Bays. New York Phil came to USNA forsaking a per- petual party at Clorkson, possibly the source of his phantom attitude problem. Schwontz embarked on a major of carpentry, painting, and caligraphy, while also dabbling in History. Never letting homework re- place a good book. Surface Phil was kind enough to incessantly abuse his roommates with WHFS. Also known for his consistency with women, he never worried about re- ceiving the brick Our half-deaf, fashion trendsetter, flirted with pork chops, yet through no eftort of his own. managed an intelligent ca- reer. Have fun as always, Phil ' SM. PAUL E. OBSITNIK Stamford. Connecticut Paul came down to us from Stam- ford as the Third Obsitnik at the Na- val Academy. Although very par- ticular about shaving (including his neck over plebe summer), he start- ed off plebe year with a lot of liquid courage Squash helped him skate through and carry him into young- ster year and the 5000 Club. Com- mitment night left Paul without the girl next door and with another sweater. E.E kept him busy, but he still managed to 3.6 in 86. First class year also found him in front of the company — those leadership talks sure paid off. We ' ll always remem- ber Paul for all the good times and good fun. GO FOR IT! R.S B MAURA F. QUINN New Qocneiie. New York One year at Villanovo was enough to convince Mo that only at Navy could she recover the naivete she had so carefully cultivated during seven years of catholic schools Four years later, she emerged quite the sophisticate — braces, finger- nails, and a DA. did her in. Surviving on a diet of chocolate, white bread and lettuce, she managed three dedicated years of track and cross-country First class year and the demand for a command voice took Mo off the track and onto the parade field leading the company (provided she was still standing). Pensacola will help you reach that cloud with the chocolate lining. Maurai PEK ANA L. SELBERG ,sk Texas jffinhead came from Texas and II hasn ' t lost her accent Plebe immer we learned of Diana ' s en- iigement and her plans of not I3king it to graduation Ac year Di i rned to appreciate her Dad and SR-71 Tennis became her lite d she eventually became the 3rn captain 3 c year brought " r s credit cards With 2 c year. • ed how to drive her Berlin- ■ie bribe. " in the snow. A ; cohol series snuck in there ■ c year brought the RCA .deo center wtih a seat for i wOD friends Di will do great as it Tianpower analyst within the ■ ' 0 community but her heart will : .■. ' h Marine Air. Good luck and : ' ■: ess. LAS LUCY A. SIMONIAN Ctieimsford. Massachusetts Juice came from being the princi- pals daughter to one of Froede ' s last Plebe year zoomed by with a lamanated dining out chit, 3 c year Lucy decided she wasn ' t in- volved in many EGAs and wanted to join the EMBC Army Navy gave the perfect excuse She swam Var- sity for 2 years before realizing subs- quod instructors tested the football boys. 2 c year was normal-boring. It did inspire new pastimes, like gaz- ing Cruising with Frosty ' s and Kah- lua took care of ■l c summer, Ac year brought a research project on whaf The effects of chocolate? I suppose your lab is in the " O " Club. When things go wrong remember that Famous Line— screw that! DLS DAVID G. STUMHOFER Reading. Pennsylvania Out of nowhere came a sudden burst of energy, and " Stu " showed up at USNA after spending a year (and the last of his savings) at civs- chool. Stu strolled through armed with a bog of popcorn and his backgammon board After 3 c year. Stu fired his first boss and hired a second 2 c year saw the Rocket and a Godsent " D " 1 c year. Dave got in the trusty Chevette. discovered weekends, and made a fiancee out of a fine lady from VA. A jet jock in the wings. Stu will make o fine one Thanks for the laughs, good luck, and Godspeed! GM RICHARD S. VORK Lynctiburg. Virginia Richie earned his nickname. Bad Luck Schleprock. because of his rid- ing mishaps on the famed pony He came to us from Lynchburg. VA via the confederate state of Ohio and hit the deck plates running. Al- though he sweated profusely throughout plebe year he never lost his bright and sunny outlook on life Youngster summer at home he met his true love and has been shuttling back and forth between USNA and Lynchburg ever since Second class year he decided he wanted to be a warrior of the deep and. surprisingly enough, is on his way to nuke power school Good luck to you in both of your careers, submarines and marriage 2 1ST COMPANY • 449 THOMAS C. WARDWELL T . ' xJavy as a radical re- .ear was long and hara, .vri:,e ; oungster year brought double trouble (Tom Tom). T C soon became known ttiroughiout 7th Co, as the " WAD, " and spent more weekends restricted at Navy than he did anywhere else. After being promoted to " derelict " by Tommy Taylor. WAD moved to the 21st Co After meeting Steph dur- ing 2 c summer, he reformed and stayed out of trouble (or at least didn ' t get caught). The WAD soon became engaged and later bought the WAD-MOBILE, First class year was a blast but the week ends were too short Best of luck to Steph you. Enjoy Supply RTS TWENTY-SECOND COMPANY 460«CLASS OF 1986 JAMES R. ADDISON Scotia, New York Portrait of the artist as a young mid- a man of intellectual Intensity, Jim Introduced the idea that there Is such a thing as a stupid question. He took plebe detail to prove this beyond doubt While his red ink proof reading surpassed anything the Eng dept could muster, he chose to blaze a trail in polisci An advocate of the whole mid. Jirr dedicated himself to Co, sports- sacrificing his nose (really Jim, its still crooked)-and was always the gen- tleman-one of the few mids frisked and cuffed by Jimmy legs Ever one ' to act on impulse. Jim took marine option to prove subs were for him. ' Wit and wisdom, the Renaissance mid. LUCK in England, PTM THOMAS D. BACHMANN San Pablo, California Tom came to Crabtown from or other city by the bay. San Franci; CO Plebe year saw Z over at tn fencing loft, picking up an epee ' the first time. After three years skill and determination, he earne three stripes as varsity team cai tain. Despite a few sleepless nig i devoted to labs. Tom. quite the e ' gineer, easily mastered aero A t too tall for a P-3 NFO and too she tor CEC, Tom heads to Orlanc where he ' ll use his nuke bonus just another excuse to spend mc money. Above all, Tom was a trv and caring friend, who always he a smile on his face and a kind wo tor everyone. For Z. success is Ine itoble, MTM WALTER J. BALCH Cheshire. Connecticut We were never sure if Wally left Cheshire, or the town came with him Family friends seemed to al- ways be here, Army-Navy was just the sideshow for the CHS class re- jnion Wally ' s career was a fun filled one with project 21, C Dog- Den days, a Screamin ' 1 c cruise, and most of all, a lot of sleep We could never figure out where he got that stupid smile plebe summer, ♦hen, we met his family The grinch soent the rest of his time chasing girls and doing what Irishmen do oest His life IS just one big Bamboo- zie, always in the middle of the por- ' ty. He will always be remembered ■OS a great friend. DKL, JSD, JDR DOUGLAS J. BAUGH Clinton. Iowa Doug is an lowan turned So. Cal As a matter of fact, he ' s an lowan turned all over. From his initial love of jets to his new found love of money (Nuke Surface), or his insa- tiable lust of life to his unfound de- sire to rock, Doug has changed in many ways I guess the only ways he hasn ' t changed is with his love for stereos, broken cars, and inter- esting relationships Doug ' s devo- tion and love of song (Men ' s Glee Club 4 yrs ) were only surpassed by his devotion and love of pain inflict- ed by the Comp. Sci. Dept, Yet he remains unscathed by life but there ' s still Nuke school Good luck and remember if it swells, nde it GRC DAVID K. CONAWAY Tempe. Arizona After 18 years of desert, Dave heard the call of the ocean and came to Mother B. Surviving a diffi- cult summer and a wall-punching plebe year, he took a well earned Youngster nap. Waking up as a 2 C poli-sci major, Dave managed to write every single paper on PATCO, and always the night be- fore FPS was THE major for the staunchest Republican in the Com- pany. C ' mon, who are you kidding? An incredible temper was chan- neled into athletic prowess in ten- nis, lites, and soft ball. Having rede- fined entropy in his closet, Dave is sure to do well in Nuke school. GOOD LUCK and GODSPEED JRA STEVEN W. CROUCH Pikes Peak. Indiana Some of us were squared away — but Wendell was cubed away. Able to complete six subjects of homework in one night and still have time to work out and write to his girlfriend, he never ceased to amaze us After 3-2 years of super- human professionalism and organi- zation, he became 22nd company commander and continued to ex- cel Unable to snag flight pay due to eyesight, he took the nuclear bribe to be a steely-eyed killer of the deep Good luck in the fleet, Wendell, you ' re sure to go far ' I jlCHMlNH iEGORY R. CRUZ JO Nuys. California . ' oroduct of SO CAL , Cruzer was ot k3id back when he got here ' jr weeks in bed with mono plebe ' or seemed like a good way to kep from getting yelled at. Then. I teod of a real cruise, he sailed to fmuda Youngster year found I I more into things like going both Mys for the lites and giving his c ssmotes a tour of LA Greg de- c ed to transfer to Hood second ( ss year and was strictly a com- r ter mid after that First class year t ' ught what Greg came for. a t -et to Pensocolo and wings of 6 d Greg was a great friend to all c js and we wish him the best in all h does. P.S. The horse is dead DJB JAMES S. DONNELLY Hudson, Ohio It took Jimbo at least 3 years to admit he came from Ohio instead of Boston Hockey and girls occu- pied much of his life hence, his con- stant struggle with grades and be- coming a member of the EGE fraternity. Armed with a car and a Visa bill the size that approached the national debt, he soon found out about UCSB, Hood, Trinity, Mary Washington, Georgetown and Shipp. Homecoming, fountain hop- ping. P-cola, Kent, Philly, Ft Liquor- dale. San Fran . toilgoters, all had their interesting stories with Jimbo He will always be remembered as a true friend J D I?, W J.B., DKL ERIC J. FENTON North Canton. Ohio Eric came to this venerable institu- tion with a clear head and high as- pirations. However, his friends soon straightened him out and had him dreaming of Timmy ' s, Dchlgren. and plebettes. The upper class years saw E J. bar hopping and memorizing plebettes ' alpha codes. Physical exercise was al- ways on E.J ' s mind, on his mind in the form of dreams while his rack was begging for relief Eric was al- ways a nuke submariner, which is why he went surface From Captain Cubscout and the 21 club to the 4.0 ' s In EE and Regimental Staff, E J, did it differently Long live the Fen- ton Fan Club, Good Luck, and Thanks, WENDELL WILLIAM E. FINN McLean, Virginia Bill came to USNA with dreams of F- 14 ' s and four stars, dreams he kept all the way up to the fateful Pre- com His focus then changed to two things: attaining his beloved Mechanical Engineering degree and having a great time in the pro- cess Mick did both with a style of his own Max made it easy to put Crabtown in the rear view mirror and the girls took care of the rest I always thought he was from Virgin- ia, but I found out it depended on which young lady you asked A great friend who will be a fine offi- cer In the CEC, may you always have your " two man " room!! EJO 22ND COMPANY«451 CHRISTOPHEC M HICKEY Bidde ' r NAPS :.vyenng 5 am Plebe bun c eiN and Jeddy-Ho- prep w Wolly-Drinking w Hagan at The Happy Buzzard-Walking and sleeping Army ' 82- " lt ' s my room ldean " -Gitmo-Rosy Roads-Va Beach-Happy Hour-the 6 on Kalme ' s test- " Here ' s Johnny " Army ' 83-Spring break at Jax-Track w Bob and Al-Guides ' Parking Man- ager-Bye Marine eng. Hello Gener- al-161 Welcome to the Brother- hood-track w Steve and Al and Mac-Goat Rodeo Ring Dance- Cruise w Capt Queeg-Bug Conv- Burned twice never burned agoin- Midn Rongitsch-Wafched Army ' 85 live w replays-Weps Final Pe(o)- 930- LST1180- Thanks for the me- morie GuysWon ' t be able to forget everllMHM DAVID L. HOSTETLER Fairchance. Pennsylvania When Hoss arrived at USNA we all knew that we had met an intense individual. Sweotstetler was the only one not laughing at Kongo during plebe summer. Soon we dis- covered his love for sports, and he was awarded o seat in the front row , , " Great seats, eh buddy, " Excitement is sitting by Hoss at a sports event. In fact, the wardroom overflowed with Browns fans when he watched the Steelers A scien- tist from Day 1, Dave stumbled through chemistry, the Struggle, and gymspastics. His dedication to the Corps somehow evolved to Surface Line, and his hopes to get TAD as Head football Coach were dashed. So it ' s back to PA,, but there ' s no place like home. Good Luck in Philly, and keep your hands to yourself, JSD TRACY L. HOWARD Tupelo. Mississippi Tracy come to the Naval Academy immediately following high school. He dreamed of being a submariner like his older brother His dream came true on Service Selection Night During Plebe Year he won the Brigade Boxing Championship at 1 18 lbs. He then became the first plebe to compete in boxing out- side of the Yard. He won the East- ern championship that year at 1 12 lbs. Youngster year he won the Easterns again and the National Championship held at U,C Berke- ley, Tracy was chosen as Company Commander for first semester With John Wynn as XO, they were the shortest company staff in the Bri- gade Both are 5 ' 6 " GOOD LUCKi HOSS WILLIAM G. JEMISON Pinole. California Bill " Billybrew " Jemison came to u from San Francisco Co, with a suit case in one hand and a beer in thi other While at the Academy wi were not sure what he workei more, his brain or his liver. Bill knev how to mix business with pleasure Being an articulate one " Th. Dude " never uttered a line w o ir eluding a liberal dose of 4 lett€ words, unless around parent where he spoke as a gentlema would Recapping Bill ' s years as mid wouldn ' t be complete w mentioning NYC plebe year, Ferre Face, lizzard man, 26 Fleet St , be bottoms, the $10 you still owe ms and Peruvian delight. Stay aliv budi JJM THOMAS E. KOLONGOWSKI Riverside. New Jersey With a motto " Why do today what can be put off till tomorrow, " Tom, alios Kongo and Ski. never let a good time sleep away Living by the gouge and perpetual SIR and whiteworks chits, Tom also mas- tered the art of studying with his eyes closed, A friend to all, Tom ' s 2- grilled cheeses were famous not unlike his piranha, the opel, and rah- rahing with MK, Obsessed with disci- pline, Tom joined the Corps-the Suppi. ri-ns Coming from MMA this , i ' lge in alliegance Sea agree with his love iiiK ui III- MornachI DWM DAVID K. LONG Tampa. Florida Dove came from Tampa, Fla to ploy football. He gave them two chances before bringing his athletic prowess elsewhere Starting as an intramural all-american, he worked his way up to a rugby natural. Youngster year found him in Dahl- gren. beer in hand and primal scream in his pocket Army held ex- citing new adventures for Dave, and 1 c cruise found him in interest- ing ports and positions Originator of the " hit list, " Dave liked few of his classmates. But he himself is a unique person recognized by the gap, his deep, dark ton. his feet and his own litle tortuga. he will be remembered as a true friend WJB. JSD, JDR, MARK T. MAGEE Sterling. Virginia After Mark was convinced that Navy Crew was in need of a 4-Star coxswain, he packed his bags and hit 1-Day with the 1 shell and 4 Gold Stars in his sights Mark saw both cruises in the Med As a firstie, though, the NFO in him flew Mark off the Nimitz strapped inside a Prowler But even more dear to his heart was taking his prized BMW to see his favorite Mary Washingto- nian Mark ' s perseverance got him that Varsity Letter, the 1 shell, and his Supe ' s stars. It ' s just a matter of time now before Mark gets his NFO Wings of Gold and his Admiral ' s stars Tail winds and smooth waters my good friend May our paths meet again and again, TDB CHARLES B. MCCLELLAND Lewisville. Texas Chip came to Camp Annapt from Lewisville. Texas Being a hie ly inquisitive individual, he w dubbed " Midshipman Fourth Cic Problem Child " by our plebe sui mer squad leader However, thf ' years later he returned to his se ond plebe summer as regimen commander (What an exciting c ample of the opportunities for c vancement in the Naval Servict A computer hobbyist and physi fitness enthusiast. Chip has alwc been a fun and fascinating type guy It ' s been great knowing y Chip, Good luck in the Fleet Mar ' Force! 452,CLASS OF 1986 imn • ' «•» TERRY S. MCELROY Widefieia. Colorado MAC. TERR-MAN. and T-MACKEL were nicknames Terry was often coled by his many friends Mac come to USNA from the Zoomie loden mountains of Colorado. He came for two things graduation Ofxj Navy pilot After a cake Plebe summer, Mac soon found his only faijlt- " TH£ BOOKSii- 4 c year and chemistry took its toll He wel- comed 3 c year and the freedoms • offered 2 c year brought EE and an Ac-BoardiN 1 c year passed af- •er a tot of geekingi After 8 nigh - -riores called semesters, this surv vor left with 3 things, graduation Marine pikst (F-18s), and his eternal iLOVE for MAMnill! God Bless and Good Luck CHECK SIX! I WRIGHT MCLEOD ■ gusto. Georgia ' Clod, the strong willed fun loving :,jthern boy came to Navy from i9 home of the Masters He txjght with him 2 piece white r at. dirty rice, iced tea. S2 93-the f ongies tradition Wrights dedi- • ' On to endless hours of running : 3 earnng his Gold Jump Wings • s surpassed only by endless free c ' Ods of sleep and soliciting cook- ' from every girl that walked by f wifKksw Along with Z. jumping ' ) cars and bus loads of girls, he C us a« fTKjny blind dates, some f 3. rrvDst worse In the end Wright 5 o Southern Gentleman who ' ' " ' Of flying $50 YES? TEK TWENTY-SECOND COMPANY PATRICK T. MORRISSEY Parsippany. New Jersey Arriving from Parsippany (in the " which exit " state). Pot displayed a well developed passion for ' t7th Cent French architecture and cheap Maryland wine Known for his life-saving rations of fudge. Pat was well liked in the " Color Co " Even with infrequent jaunts to Rick- over and many a 0300 study night (as a History Major? ' ' ). Pat did well academically. After managing crew for 3 years, he decided to play the more genteel sport of fieldball and ended up one of the " wolking wounded of 22 " Al- though he tainted his honor by go- ing Nuke, he remained a Surface Warrior to the end We wish him much luck. Go Subs - CD O i 1 fiifTrtMVtit JEFFREY J. MURPHY AuDurn. r ev. York Murph Auburn to Dahlgren We used to say while-alert However, G-town became a better hunting ground 1 c year First semester plebe year left something to be de- sired between flame sessions Sys- tems was great, but forget the Mech E courses In between run- ning, swimming, and lifting he was seduced by the dark side of the Nukes A good dose of summer school resulted in man y trips to Va, Beoch After an amazing trip to Eu- rope, he came back to discover snow, skiing, and an 8 " bruise Let ' s r ot forget the all-girls school circuit even though Randy groduated from the woop school, his parents insist on roofing for Army WGJ 22ND COMPANY»453 EDWIN J. OLENICK San Antonio. Texas Ed came to us from that small country down south Texas He promptly learned the need for a set of wheels. I didn ' t know you could go In reverse on Key Bridge. His yel- low bomb became the Blue Texas alias the " Motel on Wheels. " How many notches are on your horns? Always good with tools (non- USNA), he could fix anything If he could not fix it, it wasn ' t brolcen His one goal In lite to play the guitar with Willie or command a sub. whichever comes first Need help using your bonus? Good luck in the " real " Navy! You ore a good friend I guess the Navy has finally found the crowbar!! WEF DAVID J. OPATZ South St Paul. Minnesota Dave ' s story that he was hit on the head with a baseball bat as a child wasn ' t too credible, but It did ex- plain a tew things. Leaving the snow of Minnesota. Op come to USNA to prove how easy extend arm was Overcoming the pres- sure ' s of a mid ' s life by banging his head against a wall or rumbling his classmates 5 at a time. Op had one plebe headache that even Tylenol couldn ' t get rid of. Sleeping with his Teddies, and beating up enlisted. Op emerged from USNA with the goal of leading Marines into com- bat as a Surface Warfare officer. With his talents and wit, there ' s little that will stand in his way and sur- vive PTM CHRISTOPHER D. ORWOLL Downey. California Chris, the white-skinned Callfornian. came to USNA singing the praises of his state and his Linda 4 yrs hasn ' t changed much Along the way Chris discovered fire " But sir, what do you mean by horseplay ' ' " said Chris after setting off the alarms with a flaming aerosol can Pyro sur- vived the fry and a 75% NARC attri- tion, but Chris is a unique mid Not every mid calls his mom after a few too many at Dohlgren Command- ing Hotel and greeting the down with lab write ups. Chris gave up the surface navy for a sinking boat His major, his service selection, and his conduct record prove that Chris never takes the easy road PTM DANIEL T. RAY Mason City, Iowa Danny-boy was labeled as a stu| pig-formin ' wrestler when he first ported to USNA This ID was sc changed by Don ' s quick wit an keen memory. The wrestling lobi was also dropped when Don optec for company sports and vorsit rock Dan still managed to maintoii his physical abilities to a that would even make Rocky blusH Dan ' s mental facilities corned hlr| through Mech Eng with flying co| ors If you ask him. Dan will soy hi had outside help, namely. Jesi Christ Dan ' s love for God was pri sent in everything he did Dan| faith and dedication to a job w( done will carry him far in the CB Dan 2 20-23. the Banana Man JAMES DUDLEY REED II Houston. Texas James is just o good guy, " I sup- pose, could be. could be " The mumbler from Houston arrived with a model brace up Everybody ' s idol, he obtained the rank of Mld- n Adm, 22nd co. stud (Our bust)i James left with what he came withi Dudley breezed through his Naval Academy career Youngster year was typified by 0300 lights out and time spent reading every comic book and local newspaper within reach - ' - ' grades followed him to first ' Y but he always seerr- ■ out ot semester ' s close h ■ . ' . always be remem- bered as a true friend. JSD, WJB. DKL W. PAUL SIMONSEN Honokala. Hawaii Paul abandoned his Polynesian par- adise to come East and get a job 1st he fried the Army, then the USMC, and finally settled on being a mid Paul stated this year that he hod " given up women " -maybe a man his age has no choice Ever the advocate for women in uni- form. Paul ' s extra-curricular activi- ties included watching crew and becoming Baft crew coach to get a closer view His brush pointings, teapot, and taste for Chinese food classified him as a serious orientalist, but how con you take someone who goes to bed of ten seriously (You ' re giving the major a bod name) A born Marine, good luck in the Corps PTM DOUGLAS W. STOPKEY New Orleans, Louisiana Doug come to USNA with mega metric goals and left as an 0-1 The " Rozz " was rough but the " Fort " was on oasis Visits home were al- ways a big t(h)reat-the blind date was sharp eyed ' The proud Am blue tonk-yours ' ' or mine?i (2 C yr) Smoke parties, sweat bro, little buddies, scientist club, parade judge, color guard. 3-striper (s s ). sweat belt jump rope. SWO mess night- all good memories After cruises to the PI and sunny Florida, you decided that the best is in the West- California bound with the Aegis!! Hugs to Albert and Bernie The Navy has never been so lucky ' Go get ' em Admiral Stopkey! Opy the wife JOHN E. WYNN Newport News. Virginia Little John came to us from t| hamster school His two years of p or service really paid off when validated 1st semester closs ' John soon joined the great gri = fleet for the challenge that he a 10 sired So sad. too bad rutorij -t! " . soon became a hobby for the ) guy with a sharp mind He even c- ed a few would-be scientis John ' s favorite sport was rock) true varsity man Little John w never awake after the bewifchj hour One flow- in oil his infinite v- dom. John was the first one to tt hitched He actually hod to st? drinking soda for a week to poyf her ring! Good luck little rich md 454«CLASS OF 1986 I X l HHN TWENTY-THIRD COMPANY ■MAN K. BEVERLY Churubusco. Indiana Although the thought of becoming a cowboy never left his mind, Brian wos destined to become a surface warrior all the way (although he still dressed up as a cowboy on Hallow- een) Brian ' s 2nd love (after the rack) was " Mech, E. " in the hands- on form Able to totally strip and rebuild any engine, he was the EN 100 gouge Believing that every- one should learn a 2nd language. Brian sometimes used English as his His disdain for English perfection was matched only by his disdain for computers (except for his good old HP), After graduation, Brian will be headed for Orlando to learn how to glow on top of the water. Fair winds and following seas to you in the real Navy, friend D E S ; I BRADLEY V. BRYANT Florence. Alabama From somewhere deep in the bock-woods of Alabama come an innocent and smiling pilot-hopeful that we all knew as " The Bear " Psycho was not worried about grades because they came natu- rally. Unfortunately nature some- times struggles to obtom the 2 0. After going General, he almost be- came a bonafide geek but they still wouldn ' t let him escape from the 30 ' s club. With his roommate, he learned to like the area ' s hot spots even if it meant racing back on Rt. 50 at insane speeds. Ponyhead. I will always remember you as Mr. Nice Guy because it ' s true. Good Lucki %-c s ' ' ' KEVIN J. CART Crowley. Louisiana Kevin emerged from the Cojun world of crawfish etoufee ' and French cuisine As a storting mem- ber of the EE teom. he was quick to tackle heat, light and sound but missed, and found himself hopeless- ly pinned by the big blue monster. After being traded to the Calculus Clubbers, he began to spend his af- ternoons pumping iron and sucking wind in Holsey His new found strength proved great enough to slay the monster, but it required nu- trients He ate large quantities of potatoes We ore what we eot. and Kevin planted many roots in the wardroom As a glowing sur- face warrior, he ' ll take the fleet by storm Good Luck! JOSE M. CASARES Hughson. California Upon arriving at the US Naval Academy, East Coast, Jose real- ized his goal To go west to the Promised Land West Coast 23RD COMPANY»455 D. SCOTT CHAPMAN Alexandria. Virgin a Women, golf and oh yes aca- demics, they were also important to this budding USMC officer upon arrival at USNA, Priorities must be narrowed so the var golf team dropped by the wayside after 3 c year. 2 c summer and the reign of the Toe opened his eyes to Grunt- dom (OHRAH! It just did not hove the right ring to it). Then there was that TERRIBLE steam class and those AGONIZING El sessions But Scott you will hove to give us engineers some credit, after all if it hadn ' t been for carnot cycles it might have been years before you met Mrs Right, From MIR to Batt supply l c year was impressive. You done good SWO DADDY. Semper Fi - BEAKS RUSTIN L. DALTON Anderson. Missouri Rusty came to the Boat School from deep within the Ozarks We still don ' t know how he found his way He quickly established himself as a ladys ' man and pursued many He also quickly learned how to talk his way out of a deuce Between chasing and avoiding. Rusty could be found in the rack or the ward- room which he was President How did this guy graduate? If it had not been for one girl, we don ' t think he would have graduated. Thank-you Jill You probably saved one of the Corps best RICHARD M. GOMEZ Flagstaff. Arizona A true surface warrior from day 1 Rich hiked into Annapolis in love with the sea. But alas, he got in the wrong line on 23 Jan came out flying! Plebe year was frustrating for Rich, as shown by many knuckle- prints in the walls of 4023, But he graduated from shoe-closet chow calls, becoming Catholic Midn Club Pres the best Subcdr roomie a guy could ask for. As Phi Sci. Rich resisted the pull of " The Brother- hood " took on the Comp Sci track. Rich spent an enviable Spring Break in Rome, leaving an elated Pope an autographed pic of Rich shaking his hand My hat ' s off to you. Bud— see ya in PCOLA! -JWI VICKI L. GORDY Salisbury. Maryland Flex, the destroyer spent her time protecting the company from the onslaught of invasion — the Gummi bear invasion that is. Vicki selfishly consumed every bear that dare confront her Our fiery little drill ser- geant promptly refused to wear green when the corps failed to put its request for a few good women in poster form (Go Marine whaf). Needless to soy Mrs Gordy-Stith ex- changed her MRE ' s for sea rations, and turned her energies to collect- ing flowers and fans. Whoever thought that Marian would bring so much joy into all our lives?! See ' ya in the fleet SWO Mama! Good luck GT TODD B. HALL Annapolis. Maryland Todd Hall, 4 CQPR, Trident Schol- ar, Rhodes Scholar, Brigade Com- mander, 4 Varsity letters whoops, wrong biography Well at least he did have 4 varsity letters in squash His intensity on the court however, did not transfer to other areas of life at USNA. especially ac- ademics His idea of hard work dur- ing study hour was to get up to change the channel on the TV Of course he always worked hard enough to keep his weekends so he could expand his knowledge of the fairer sex Todd will be a tre- mendous asset to the Surface War- fare Community too bad he ' ll be leaving it ASAP to go Navy Air Good luck!!! JOSEPH W. IHLAN Bellingham. Washington Coming east with a flight jacket in one hand and a picture of " The Girl of My Dreams " in the other, Joe was set on Navy Air, Crew and the halo effect propelled him easily through Plebe year The girl of his dreams changed face youngster summer, at which time Joe was a single man for a week Then he met the " Real One " , Sue. Despite weekends spent with Systems. Joe freed himself for time with friends Destined for greatness, he re- ceived the Airborne Iron Mike and found himself commanding 23. signing his paperwork. " Always, Joe " Joe, to you and Sue, best of luckii See ya in Pcola! " ALWAYS, " RMG JAMES R. JAQUET III Wilmington. Delaware Jamie was the nice kid from next door til Spring Break ' 84 when he was told that he was big A monster was born Any taunt could end in a squashing After MK was exorcised. Jacket went upstairs with Jr and Erac and the Zoo was born While upstairs he named the Spelcher and learned not to be afraid of the dork He turned his hostilities to un- suspecting enemy Ruggers Jamie was a vital, if weird, part of GNHN (i e " I ' ve got your tongue in my mouth now " ) After a stmt as a po- tential Marine. Jacket decided on a Navy NFO billet He spent his lost USNA days designing a space ga- rage Xerox ergo sum! -JES JAMES K. KRESGE Pittsfield. Massachusetts Jim came to the Novo! Acodemv after three and one half years as or enlisted Reactor Operator in the submarine force His goal was tc obtain a degree with as little effor as possible Although an electricc engineer, he mode no concession when it came to his sleep or his lib erty time, Jim was a member of the varsity soiling team and earned hi letter before shifting his talents tt the civilian sector His close frienc and confidant, Hawkeye, is persu ing a career in aviation while Jir returns to the submarine force. 456»CLASS OF 1986 TWENTY-THIRD COMPANY CHARLES G. LAPORTE Camp Hill, Pennsylvania Where do you start witti thie Chiess King ad from the " Burg " ' ' The man with eyes for only one woman and she waited the full four years for her mid Glad you had better uck catching Neets than you did a football A lightweight huh ' ' No nore ' 4 yrs. buddy always re- Tiember " its hell over there " We ' ll lever forget the familyman of 23rd 3o. nor your sporty, practical Srand Arfi, We wish you the best at luke School, Bold Eagle, hope ou ' ve got time to listen to your loyd discs Hey, you better start oacking-Orlando ' s o lot further nan Camp Hill RICHARD B. LORENTZEN Ewa Beach, Hawaii Rich grew up in Hawaii, spending most of his time growing his hair and surfing When that got old, he de- cided to come to USNA He imme- diately attacked his books, aver- aging 3 hours of sleep a night until first class year At the end of the road was Pensacola The surface community pulled for Rich to get aviation all the way after he chewed Oscar up in the screws of his YP during o man overboard drill Seriously though. Rich is one of the friendliest people around, and he puts his heart into everything he does Thanks. Rich, for tolerating me for these 4 years Best Wishes! ' OMAS J. LOSCIUTO nrwell. Massachusetts Ti come to the Academy with- ct any R ' s in his vocabulary. That VIS O.K. because he stopped say- I ) caaa and started saying f ' sche after second class year Ijnks to his " Aero " company r ites who carried him through the f gram, Tom graduated with an ' ■ospace Degree Who ' ll ever •get the many weekends the ' OS played hall rat and the Profs vo asked " Why are you majoring If aerospace, Mr LoSciuto ' ' " Well, n V that he is Aero he can fly , , c 1 fly he Willi Good luck in P-Colo! S il you in the fleet! ROBERT L. MARLETT Riva. Maryland Bob chalked up three years experi- ence in the fleet as a BT before coming to the Academy Now he ' s probably the only BT that has ever graduated from USNA Bob was a History major even though he lived in the " Aero lounge " Bob not only was the Brigade Social Affairs Com- mittee Chairman, but he also earned his " N " sweater as the Pistol Team Manager, After service se- lection he put away his drool buck- et and prepared for the secret life of a Cryptologist Seal you in California! wmimmm GREGORY J. MAZENKO Monroeviiie, Pennsylvania Greg hopped off the bus from the Steel City. PA, Bittersweet Rd -des- tined to be a Marine. With calcula- tor in hond. he led the charge into Nimitz The library was densely fur- nished, but Greg selflessiy thrust himself at the enemy When the smoke settled 3 C yr, it was time to move. The next objective-Dahl- gren. He battled the felines and their cubs bravely but was wound- ed and relieved 2 C yr. C yr saw victories at Army and Hood It was time for Georgetown, The battle will continue, despite the wooden legs I know you Greg Your wit and determination will win you many battles Good luck bud! BRYAN K. PARKS Alexandria. Virginia Beaks, Toe ' s boy, UGM II, you name It-it ' s Bryan Bryan came to us from the colonial sea port of Alex, Va ready to run, meet women (please!), study and do anything it took to be a great (not good, but great) Midn One problem there, he couldn ' t swim, never could, which definitely posed a problem Living up to his own belief that, " If it ' s not worth your best effort, it ' s not worth doing, " Bryan soon became o strong swimmer (sort of), a member of the Var Ltwt Crew first boat, plebe summer Reg Adjutant, Bat- talion Cdr and the company ' s No 1 fisherman (using a cigarette butt for bait!) You ' ve come a long way Beaksi-SWO DADDY GREGORY E. PARTNEY Webster Groves. Missouri Greg came to USNA from the thriv- ing metropolis of Webster Groves. After a brief stint as an English ma- jor, he found his true calling in Poll Sci where he devoted his time to studying obscure Latin American states. After a plebe year aca- demic nightmare he mastered class selection skills and spent his time in other pursuits, like the 3 B ' s. 2 c year found Jr. as cofounder of the Zoo and GNHN and gave the first view of his sanitary prefer- ences. 23 was further shocked with the advent of the Relaxer Creed, where he set new apathy records. Greg will be terrorizing Pensocola next year. What next? -JES MICHAEL S. REILLY Farmington l-lills, Michigan Mike came to the country club fresh out of High School leaving be- hind the folks for Mama Petrone and a new copy of Reefpoints. He soon found out that it really wasn ' t a country club and spent many late nights sweating in the " Aero Lounge " with the " Moke " and " Squito " . We did our best to nurse him through Hall and Allen (hehehe) and keep his head above water Mike made it to BUDS We hope He can keep afloat after months of training and " 0302! " TWENTY-THIRD COMPANY 468»CLASS OF 1986 i DANIEL E. SMITH Bellevue. Nebraska To Dan, Fly Navy was more than something to sound off with, it was a way of life. Always striving to do things right, he even picked a brand new major, computer sci- ence, so he wouldn ' t be tempted to use old gouge His blotter shifted from 30 high school girls plebe year to one luscious lady after the ring dance Best wishes Dan was never one to turn down a good discus- sion, and he was always ready with a pun Despite the efforts of two company officers, his destiny re- mained in the sky There is a Hornet with your name on it. Good luck, my friend B K B J. ERIC SMITH Frogmore. South Carolina Eric came to USNA riding off a fine high school education. Realizing his potential, however, he went into overdrive 2nd set plebe summer After moving in with Junior he found what a real roommate was Eric soon set new standards of room cleanliness and hygiene His social apogee came one June Week un- der a local bridge, on event never to be topped The Zoo was found- ed when the Grand Imperial Tno moved to 4-1 and Eric took the role of head havoc wrecker An e xpert in the field of leadership by con- trast, Eric astounded millions with his progressive band GNHN Go Supply Corpsl -GEP JEFFREY L. TAVARES Modesto. California The Hef arrived for plebe summer as unprepared as the rest of us but twice as sweaty. By the time Co, Ltwt football rolled around in the fall, the Hef was well adjusted and in control As QB, he led the team to the playoffs every year but due to Fran Tarkenton ' s disease, never took Brigades. Not without his prob- lems. Hef redefined the word " aqua-rock. " never once exceed- ing the min for any swim test. Reali- ty struck with C cruise. " You mean minesweepers don ' t have Millertime at 1600 everyday? For- get this I ' m going Corpsl " So it was that Hef traded conning com- mands for commies Knock ' em dead. Hef! Semper Fi - BEAKS. »ESELLE D. THOMPKINS Jew Orleans. Louisiana jeselle, the " psychiatrist " , will long ' 8 remembered for her late-night lounseling sessions and for turning er room into a very dork confer- •nce room Were the blinds really roken or did you just enjoy living (6 moles ' ' We ' ll never forget how " le Marine Corps only lacked one ling— a poster with womeni Even jod the Copt been able to come p with such, he could not catch ;3r owake long enough to give it b her (Except maybe on Friday ■ut then she was gone on week- ndl) And Geselle, who was that lystery man who sent you all those ises ' ' Good luck m the fleet. We ' ll iiss you. Go Supply Corpsl MICHAEL G. VAN DURICK Waverly. Pennsylvania Mike drifted in like most of the fresh meat just from high school. As an Oceanography major, he soon found that weekends were for re- creation and weekdays for recov- ery Jim and Tom shamed him into studying occasionally, but he hardly missed a hunting season for school Despite truckloads of food from home, his occupied rack was often believed to be empty His biggest problem was getting served, 3 ID ' S and character references required A close encounter with a tree fin- ished his first car and resulted in a new RX-7. Mike now moves onto SWO and the girls of California Special thonx to Bom and Pop- LATERi ALLEN D. WALTHER North Bellmore. New York Al came to USNA from North Bell- more via NAPS His five year Navy education has left no permanent scars. Al struggled at times but nev- er let that keep him from his chosen entertainment Partying with the boys, Al was a rare figure in the Hall 1 c year as constant roadtrips in his Trans Am kept him busy. He had a tough time with room-mates, three of them ended up at Ac Boards or on Baft Staff. Despite these prob- lems, he established many strong friendships and was a welcome part of any parties or plans After a few scares from medical he got his NPQ and went into the real Corps, Go Athens! How bout them dawgs? JES 23RD COMPANY«459 TWENTY-FOURTH COMPANY MARK J. ANGIL Baltimore. Maryland When the " Ideal Curley Man " came to the Academy he set his sights on a EE degree, playing la- crosse (or was that wrestling ' ' ), and finding a wife Many things influ- enced his decision to come to the Academy but the most important appears to have been giving Rox- ann a direct connection for Mid- store souvenirs Mark could hove lettered in almost any sport but he chose to play lacrosse instead Se- nior year he left the lacrosse team to concentrate on more important things such as the pop assassin, buying a cor, and what to do about Delta We wish TREE-FIFE-NIN- ER only the best of luck in the future NICHOLAS J. AZZARITA Niceville, Florida Azzie hails from the Boggy Bayou, home of the world famous mullet festival An all-stater in football, Az- zie came to the Academy with hopes of scoring TDs, Problem was Coach didn ' t think so 150 ' s be- came his new home Pop Warner couldn ' t be more proud of all the game balls he won, which he proudly displayed in the room Nick ' s love for fast women and fast cars left him little free time. Blondes and Vettes all the way He was chapped when he didn ' t get NFO, but an LKA and Long Beach should satisfy his lust for machines and maidens MIR back to back was the way to go Wherever the seas take you, remember, " thot ' s what she said " RUBEN D. BAERGA New York. New York Ruben, the Cuban, come to us as our favorite foreigner from Puerto Rico via New York An excellent athlete, the Boomerang ' s love af- fair with Big Al mode him the best four year non-lettermon on the Navy Track team. When it come to women. Macho was just that His flair for the best and most expen- sive always prevailed, and his love for the younger generation and their toys was certainly peculiar. When his underground connections got him an awesome car, it proved to be far from perfect A classy person, Reuben ' s talk and self im- age are what got him this far and will Jet him into clear skies in the future. Good luck and God ' s Speed M H.B MARK H. BAYLY Jacksonville. Florida From Navy Brat to SEMI-MID, sen meaning that he played 4 yrs c NAVY Baseball, Beets did on ou ' standing job overcoming his appa ent need to be righteous in all h did Old WING NUT hod his shore c experiences I ' ve lost count of th number of women he dated sine his impromptu SEP from little Ms I LU A SHOE SALESMAN As far as roorr mates go he ' s an Ace Not banged up car nor a bod remoi about his illustrious sponsor affecte our friendship Mark will graduate general as well as an ensign and he hits Pcola w the same swing f " used both on and off the field he bound to succeed The best of luc to you — remember QUE DIGS QUIERE. ' taunt " ■JrJDj:-. ■« WT .- ■K r -f " - DEAN D. BRAMMER Jonawanaa. New York From the outskirts of the frozen tun- dra of Buffalo. Dino Bombino layed nis New Wave philosophy on us He tried to culture us with his progres- sive music It never did qurte go over too well, but who was to ar- gue, it was his stereo Dean has al- ways been the quiet type, until you pumped o few of favorite fine Ca- rxxiian brew in him His treks into Georgetown on weekends to get ahokj of the latest in L L Bean wardrobe will always be remem- bered Deaner chose the sunny virtTite beaches of P-cola, Fl to be a NFO on a P-3 after his bout with the ' Nukes left a bod taste in his mouth. We wish him luck tracking those big sewer pipes EDWARD W. BROWN Glen Head. New York " Fast Eddie. " The Smooth Cookie, hails to us from Oyster Bay Long Is- land via a rock bond from Villon- ova. He ' s the undisputed authority on parties, haircuts, and GQ fash- ion. Ed lived like " Bruce " with a chit for everything and the modern USNA record for classes missed The only thing slow about Ed wos his cor as the " immobile vette " achieved maximum use of its parking decal, Ed had visions of aviation but the man with the hook-ups opted for the settled life with Lisa and the USS Newport. Good luck Ed. we know you ' ll do well By the way. where ' s the ice machine ' ' LOUIS V. CARIELLO Mt Laurel. New Jersey Lou come to Canoe U from Jersey (Exit 4) full of big ambitions. He has retained his firmly motivated char- acter and will surely do big things in CEC if he can get up for formations His undying humor and willingness to help out a friend mode 24 a better place to hang out His penchant for pulling all-nighters and getting his Mech work done early(?) always kept his many friends loose Even as he survived Moldy ' s cookies. Chris- tine, knee op. Guido jokes, the room, and road trips he kept every- one laughing. Good luck to Lou in Port Hueneme and fairworning to the babes and waves of S California MARK W. EAKES San Antonio. Texas Mark headed north from Texas and discovered the Ndvy After starting plebe year with a 17 at the first grading period, he went on to achieve the highest standing of anyone in the company His most impressive attribute is not his knowl- edge, however, but his concern for the welfare of others He is the first person to volunteer his assistance should someone have a problem Mark discovered skiing Youngster year, and during the Dork Ages, he usually had the next ski trip planned by the time he returned from the last one. Good luck, Mark, as you embark on a career in the under- sea Navy LA N E. FREEOLUND •gm. mnois . eeds come to us from the Windy ity During hiis four years here, he ' ruggled through the fading hopes |f tt e Sox and the disaster of the ubbies but finally rejoiced In the umph of the Bears This proud Mid- estem Poly Sci was an unmade 3d with a most hearty appetite iittxxigh he often times missed the vget) He could always be found I the weightroom working out for ew. track, or to assuage his ob- •ssion for a healthy, strong body 3 Al is a unique individual. His uppy Dog " looks never fooled . though He has a great serise of •nor and is a great friend Fly high the ivkjvy and Good Luck. JEFFREY A. FRITTS Chicago. Illinois Jeffrey " I ' ll find out " Fritts . . . We ' re still not sure where he ' s from, but we ' re glad he showed up Merely an apprentice to the Mopeds of Soul, Sidney hod a slow start, but soon became ELP man and master mechanic of a car that still won ' t run . but his noils ore lookin ' good He acted as resident philosopher end 24th Co music critic (even on music he ' d never heard before) Often underestimated. Joe Worm ' s hidden brilliance lead him to his goal of becoming a nuke Jeff has a tal- ent for dealing with change without losing sight of his roots ' Nin choag while you torque or you ' ll cop double cog . . ROBERT E. GILMER Memphis. Tennessee A true lover of the South. Rob came to USNA with visions of gold pilots wings and blue skies However, his plans changed over the years to include the Silent Service, fast cars, and the Mean Green. Rob was al- ways one to do the right thing be- cause it was the right thing to do. He made it through acodemia de- spite Sonar and " iffy " astronomy He also survived the endless " Rock Wars " , and arguments with 1 c concerned with the Lucky Bog. His obstinancy and dedication to his job should moke him one of the Navy ' s finest officers Good luck, Ole Buddy! You ' re definrtely a Class A roommate. Keep jommin ' . hav- ing ' fun. and stay Kool RMP. PS: Good job on the LB JOHN P. GRIFFIN Gallatin. Tennessee " Grif " come to us from the hills of Tenn After his short engineering career (ending with an F in Graph- ics) John introduced us to the For- mula and many of the finer things that go along with college life John strived to show us that he could moke it through here with 4 meals, 10 hours of sleep o day and 2 Col- lege Pork formols a week Also no- table were his plaguing encounters with " Jin " He did have great cruises 2 c and 3 c yr and we can oil applaud for Grif and his perfor- mance in the PI Grit ' s been a great roomrTKite and we wish him the best of kjck flying ttie friendly skies 24TH COMPANY»461 MkMHh 11 JAY B. JOHNSON Fairburn, Georgia Jay Johnson - eight feet and 125 pounds of pure charisma. One of the youngest members of ' 86, Jay- bird came to the Academy as a mature, dedicated young man (he actually knew all twenty seven Laws of the Navy plebe summer). and it has taken four years of steady regression to turn him into a Navy flier Perhaps his biggest con- tribution to the spirit of ' 86 in 24th Company is his objective, easy go- ing attitude. What would we be without Dink? We would laugh a lit- tle less and take ourselves a little too seriously . Never put oft til tomorrow what you can go ahead and blow off today EDWIN M. KEESHAN Montauk. New York There are many people who grad- uate with me on this day. I ' d like to thank a few of them Classmates and friends, I wish you only the best Jim, the quiet one, I hope you find your own best destiny My family, more than anyone else, you made this day possible You are my inspi- ration, you know my soul Neither time nor distance will ever separate us from one another ANDREW J. KIRKPATRICK Bryn Mawr. Pennsylvania After leaving " Castle Kirkpatrick " in Bryn Mawr, Andy arrived at USNA in quest of a financially successful fu- ture. He worked almost as hard at getting good grades as he did chasing blondes Being well-round- ed, Andy excels at almost any sport Skiing, swimming 8t sailing ore his specialities and he managed to teach his roommates to ski We hope he stays single for a while, but he seems well prepared for married life with his Blue Chip stocks, Kip- plinger Letter, and 4-door Beemer (baby seat included) Right A J We know Andy will do well and wish him the very best in 5 year submarine career SCOTT A. MELOCHE Ypsilanti. Michigan Scott, otherwise known to us as ' BIVIF. Bollard Head, and Prairie Dog, came to us from the outskirts of the college town of Ann Arbor, where the timid Wolverines roam. His ex- ploits are too varied to mention, however, his run-in with DC-Di has ' to be the most prominent Scott ' s love for basketball and golf was ev- ident He had more trash shots than DR J, and more shirts with alligators than anyone, FCR.D, how bout that new tranny and carbi Upon graduation he is heading south to P-cola to learn to fly Tomcats We wish him the best of luck and hope the stern of the ENTERPRISE will nev- ' er read just " ENTER " Hey, can I have some foodi THOMAS J. MULHEARN West Hartford. Connecticut Our favorite lumberjack came to us from West Hartford, Ct by way of NAPS and the local beer distributor An academic genius, Tom opted for cross enrollment at U of M in his second class year In his spare time, the human paradox even man- aged to become an animal lover Who could ever forget his shotgun trained squirrel! An equally effec- tive lady killer. Tom will never forget his elevator ride in full costume some of his harem gave him Going cross-country to Co.? Just ask Moldy, He knows the way! Good luck in PensacoiQ Tom. They ' re go- ing to need it May your body and your plane never run out of fuel! CHARLES F. O ' NEILL East Petersburg. Pennsylvania From a mediocre future husband to an international playboy. Fred has made definite progress since plebe year. Everyone benefited from his parents generosity, and due to mom ' s weekly chow pack, he has developed into a physical stud Fred led his batt soccer team to first in the brigades. Like others. Fred enjoyed his beer Unlike others, he knew his limit He even locked himself in a cat once to refrain from the next beer. On road trips. Fred ' s sense of humor and elf-like grin have been known to turn a few ladies ' heads. Fast and flashy like his Fiat. Fred is a natural diver. JAMES M. PASICHUKE Littleton. New Hampshire Chuke, always a grunt at heart, came to us from the snow-filled mountains of N.H. A veteran of " real college " life, he had the un- canny ability to say anything about nothing Also a victim of near fatal narcolepsy, James was known to have slept through lectures, books , and apples He soon joined the yuppie world of BlvlW ' s, golf, skiing, and travel which could only be sat- isfied by the " real green " the Nukes had to offer We wish nothing but the best for you James, so remem- ber . . you won ' t get wise with the sleep in your eyes, no matter what your dreams might be RANDALL A. PLANT East Greenville, Ohio The all amencan country kid sacr; ficed coon hunting and Winkles fc his tenure at the academy Rand " take-a-knee " Plant breeze through plebe summer and wc quickly taken under wing pleb year He soon learned there wc more in life than cowboy boots ari ' tobacco The obstacle course Christmas cruises, and twenty fourth company have all earned lyric in your country song. To ca off his career at the acodem ' coach " digger " Plant led the corr pony basketball team to a first tim brigade championship Weed, yoi countless sacrifices and undying v. cannot be compared to Goc luck in lite, live it well 462»CLASS OF 1986 « ■» •• AVMONO M. POINSETTE indover. Maryland 3int. the DC suburbanite came to SNA with his mind set on one thing e Corps He proved his valor as a arrior and a conqueror In aco- smic and social endeavors. On leekends he mingled w ith the lo- jjs of his hometown in Hogates. 9x, Chapter III, and the Club Uto- 3 (hmmi) During his last year he prked on his dress and his steps, th a little help from o little room- pte. and delighted the ladies of ,ashington, much to his pleasure I well Ray. if you put as much Into 3 Corps as you do into dancing, I ive no doubt that you will be a e leader of the President ' s finest! G TWENTY-FOURTH COMPANY MES J. PUZAN 1 -300 Rapias. Michigan f. ' , on original member of the Sughter House Five, come to the val Academy with high expec- t.ions. These would eventually be f ' liled by a Corvette in the shop c;l Nuke bonuses In his bank oc- cjnt. Jim (Morse Code) Puzan, V s looked up to by his peers, both ca fashion consultant and dance irructor We wish him happiness in ' I land under the sea and luck In ri uilding the harem he left behind. JOSEPH V. SANCHEZ San Bruno. California Ships that pass in the night, and speak each other in passing. Only a signal shown and a distent voice in the darkness. So on the ocean of life we pass and speak one another. Only a look and a voice, then darkness again and a silence -Henry Wadsworth Longfellow Dear Mom, Dad, Abe, Jeff, Dan J„ Sam, Laura. Dave M., John H., Hel- en, Chris. Robert, Kathy. Joe, Tony, Dave D., Dan B., Alell, Amle. Alex, Cynthia, Albert, Bette, Richard, Christy, Melonie, Teddy, Rene, Tim, Pat, Kirk, James, John P., Mike; thank you for believing in me BRYCE E. WAKEFIELD Memphis, Tennessee Bryce came to USNA from the Big M via NAPS. Not nautically Inclined, he soon found out early In Plebe Year that he had much to learn Despite the pressures Imposed by 83 and 84 he maintained his unique individual- ty and became an anomaly among Plebes. He continued to do things the " Wakefield Way " throughout his USNA career, and was always an optimist in his fight for good grades and In his loss of beloved Bree Very soon he will graduate and hopefully spend many happy years on Navy ' s " big ships and little ships " REG •4 24TH COMPANY«463 vW- 5?TW TWENTY-FIFTH COMPANY FRANK D. WILLIAMSON Titus ville, Florida A harder working, more sincere person than Frank will be hard to find. Coming from sunny Florida, he quickly set himself apart plebe sum- mer with his incredible memory feats and zany wit. His easy-going monner and level outlook helped put seemingly major problems in perspective. He definitely mode life in 24 more interesting His ability to survive Navy as a history major and a nontypist is memorable Many nights were spent in combat with his TRS-80 (It usually won). Good luck Frank, the surface fleet is get- ting a fine warrior JEFFREY WINEBRENNER Frost burg, t aryland One of Frostburg ' s finest found him- self enrolled in Dr Mentor ' s special class early in plebe year After fighting through that, Jeff learned that the best study time to be found was on the weekends If the study lamp wasn ' t burning on the weekend, Jeff must hove needed some emergency relief He was the only known bat to sleep under rocks. His avid literary interest was always a source for inspiration, Jeff ' s insurance with AETNA wos cancelled abruptly plebe year. Jogging and biking were Jeff ' s only means of relaxation. They will all be tough on a sub, so bring your brief- case. Good luck I WILLIAM W. WOSTBROCK JR. Seminole. Florida A true Floridion, Bill has been a con- stant source of entertainment tc all Plebe year was especially dis- tressful for him- with football and team tables, no one ever saw him What happened at Philly that yeor " During youngster year Dahlgren and Bill never missed each other on the weekend Bill hod a reserved table there every week Hardwork- ing and studious. Bill never let sleep stand in the way of homework or classes. Thanks tor the road trips and being my drinking partner Your orderliness and precision will be a fine gain for the sub force but a loss for all the women. Good luck mag- ic fingers! 464.CLASS OF 1986 X N J WILLIAM C. APPLEWHITE Bullhead City. Arizona " Apples " hails from the nation ' s hottest spot. Bullhead After leaving his desert homeland. Bill headed for a life of luxury on the Severn shore His moth major was put to good use eoch month when his bills arrived as he quickly discovered iron in the words " finance charge " Always one to get out end party. Bill ' s phi- losophy on drinking was " they ' re not for drinking, they ' re for drop- ping. " When NAMI threatened him with surface line. Bill replied. " I reck- on not. surface line ' s worth, maybe, one donkey " All his friends wish him the best m P-cola and with Navy Air RJC BAH BRIAN K. BERRYMAN Cleveland. Oklahoma Brian came from the humble town of Cleveland. OK Yes. he was a real Okie from Muskogee Plebe year he tried wrestling, but injuries got the best of him Youngster year he tried leaving his mark on the Academy, but the tree got the best of him 2 c year Brian tried to have a good time at Army, but a firsties ' ring got the best of him 1 c year Brian wanted to go Corps, but the Nukes got the best of him It will be difficult to forget Orv. his chow, his women. Timmys. the Vous. Pen- sacolo. and the waterfall on Leens Good luck in Orlando Brian RDG. KWH. FCD THOMAS O. BRUCE Augusta, Georgia This Army brat joined the Navy be- lieving his true calling was the big blue Leaning over the side of o rocking MSO he realized the Marine Corps might be a better option At 5 ' -6 5 " Thom was a little short, short on money, short on patience, but never short on spirit Never one to turn down a challenge, Thom felt that Rugby, marathons, and iron man competitions were always better than well, maybe not that good Not one for a slow ride. jets should suit his fancy in the Corps. Coffee, tea. or me JT, LB, EP KENNETH J. CALTON Greensboro. North Carolina A " normal " EE major may sound like a contradiction of terms, but Ren- nie was the exception to the rule. And even though he put in a few late nights pondering V=IR, he is now " Reaping the Harvest. " When it came to evading the long arm of the deuce, well. " Watch him Abe. I seen him do some things! " Rennie was a well-liked Southern Boy from Greensboro, N C and if you ever needed a favor, you only had to ask the Suffering B His lifestyle is very appropriate for his new ca- reer fast cars, fast women, and fast Navy jets. I ' ll be prouder than a game rooster to fly with him WCA BAH lEORICK C. DAVIS mael. New Jersey d was a member of the Jersey ntingent Always one to take a 3in. Fred went Phi-Sci and found t iself with more hours off than he f}a classes Actually. Fred was dedicated to one thing — vy Crew Those early Sunday irnings. spring break practices. c|3 how many missed weekends ' ' ds doily routine consisted of fmg. rocking, eating, rowing. c|l rocking Fred tried to hyber- e through 1 c year but unfortu- ely his roommate had to study d will always be remembered as of the Cheer ' s gang, the Bj-iper Sticker Bandit, and Freddy CjGood luck in P-cola and God • jur pilots RDG. KWH. BKB JEAN T. DUMLAO Bohemia. New York Blowing sand in the back ranks wasn ' t exactly JT ' s idea of a good time so she set her sights high and came out with 3 stripes as the cap- tain of the Women ' s V-ball Team and the " best setter in Navy histo- ry " Victory wasn ' t all she lead her team to (play hard, party hard). Unlike most Mech-E ' s. JT became a permanent fixture in the ' droom and didn ' t realize Momma B. was her weekend home She loved cruising in her Fiero. on a yacht, or into CEC, Like her 22 " jump. JT will rise to the top JT is considered one of the guys but she ' s a lady in our eyes RAM. STF, GDP. lb. JSK JOHN R. EUSTACE Mat a wan. New Jersey A Jersey native. Johnny was reluc- tant to come to USNA but his first two years he didn ' t show it. He pitched varsity baseball and hit the books hard 2 C year, graduation couldn ' t come too soon " U-boat " hated paperwork. Wham and weekdays. The perfect weekend was his pickup, a case of Molsens. Bruce, and a certain " Jersey Girl " As a C. Friday youngsters and Marybeth kept him sane USNA might not be dear to him but the memories of the good times will be; Gators, jocuzzies. SB ' s, at OG ' s, PEP on a hangover. Fran ' s and Stock- ton- Mom. Where ' s my cover? TB STEPHEN T. FAY Las Vegas, Nevada Originally an Air Force brat. Steve sow the light and rolled out of Ve- gas to chance it at USNA, After be- ing rescued from his first roomote. Steve finally decided on Systems and accelerated unscathed through the academics, only to lose his gold wings to those late nights Luckily, his good grades paid off in a big nuclear way. Between skiing, chasing " sweet thongs " and financing some good 25 parties, Steve has invested his Nuke bonus well The Navy bought itself a good man Best of luck, Steve, you ' ll be missed RT JL 25TH COMPANY. 465 « " SUSAN D. FINK Rancho Palos Verdes, California California-transplant Sue ' s parents moved Plebe Year, leaving no for- warding address, USNA became the longest she ' s ever spent in one place, no wonder she loved it so much she hod to try everything Af- ter 3 ' J years in sunglasses as a var- sity dinghy Jock, Sue yearned for bright lights, debuting C year as a Greek goddess and a Grecian urn. This followed several seasons spent designing show posters and programs, drawing for the Log and Pro Book, and for extra credit in En- glish Sue found Stars and Stripes (8 of them), but shocked everyone at Service Selection, forsaking USS Iowa to fly Navy Blue skies JDS KEITH W. HUNTLEY Olympia. Washington Keith came to us from Olympia. WA— appropriate since he never met a beer he did not like Keith had strange preferences in roo- mates (Zippy, Beav. Fred O, Orv) and he unwillingly participated in many late-night wrestling matches All Keith ever wanted was to be a Navy pilot, he struggled as a bull major and saved his eyes by going to bed at ten All Keith needs now are the wings and a 2-seater with him in front. We will miss having Keith around and the good times he gave us, Orv wishes you the best of luck, so make him proud BKB FCD, RDG ROBERT 0. GOODWIN Pennsauken, New Jersey Bob was another Jersey transplant He made friends easily, his room was the social center, he got many chow packages, A participant in late-night wrestling matches. Bob and his tag-team partner Ned still were no match for ORV the Terri- ble Bob always had the sharper im- age he was 5 ' 9 " — 5 ' 10 " with the perm, he wasn ' t GQ. he was GP. Orv drove his sports car more than he did The Cheer ' s gang, the Backyard Baseball team, the EMBC. nerf-ball. hackysack. hall-ball, who had time to study ' ' Haze grey and underway, I will miss my shadow. Good luck in Hawaii (not Orlando like you said) BKB BRETT A. HOPPES Liberty. Indiana Coming from a small Hoosier town. Brett mode friends easily though he had a special relationship with his Big Blue Buddy As a true scientist, Brett also knew how to set his priori- ties: movies all night and the Blue Monster all day Sguandering his finely-tuned flying skills (Mach 3. Time Pilot). Hops chose the surface warrior role, heading for Norfolk on FFG 5 USS Richard L Page A lifer from the beginning, he was always there to reassure his roomates when the precommitment doubts arose After four long years. Brett con now know the wisdom of " En- deavor to Persevere " WCA RJC BLAKE D. HUGUENIN Gallon, Ot)io Duke-Duck-Huge came to Annap- I olis married to a woman and left 1 married to the sea Needless to say, ( Blake grew up at USNA His lifestyle | changed from one of timid exis- tence to that of fast women and fast cars But like most transitions, the process was often violent Bro- ken ceilings and busted lockers give credence to this struggle with Navy But he emerged the clear winner and a better man for it. Blake will be remembered for BFTs. open arms, corvettes, pennies jennies. Good luck Duck When you come back as a company officer, show them how to do it right DFR FMR TED W. L. HUSKEY Hinesviile. Georgia From that amazing night when Ted outwitted a certain firstie hockey player plebe summer, we all knew he would make it His skinny body and sharp mind could take him only so far , then he became a lifting and academic stud, backing up his large, yet funny mouth From then on it has been all downhill for him — French women outside of Dalghren, curious girls but only 5 minutes ' til formation, and countless hours (and dollars) on the phone with his better half, Ted come to USNA with one goal in mind — to fly. Good luck and like you told ' em that night " Thanks. Ted, " DGJ DAVID G. JONES Little Rock. Arkansas The Academy never realized the worth of this native of Arkansas, Straight from Catholic High.Jonesy brought every bit of the razorbock with him save the hog ' s head hat Swhateveri Jones survived plebe summer under the core of a future Seal then spent the next few look- ing for the proverbial snapping tur- tle for his loggerhead Probably the best tennis player Navy will ever see, Jones took the country out of country club and brought it back to the hall. After two bod semesters and on ac board. Jones turned him- self around and set his color blind eyes on the corps Thanks to a little green friend he did go- supply corps! To a guy who knew when to wake up and live all the best JONATHAN S. KOZAN Sierra Vista. Arizona For Jon. Canoe U seemed to be : breeze after Wheaton College K zan " the Librarian " will always t remembered as that rooming er, ty of the halls of Mother B ■ achiever in physics, choir, astron, my, and the YP Squadron, we c ■ picture Jon next to the react plant, humming as he stares off ir space, calculating the problems depleoted uranium Jon alwc i had an aura about him. and his f i sub tour should ensure this " glo But, Jon, this place would ha been strange without you Best luck — may your pressure hull ways hold ERM RAM 466«CLASS OF 1986 m m k ' " " a twon Q. ■•fls often v ,t. W twtedij, ' ®«tt!tf(istrug l ' KisnsdKwediaj Ti, ca.ete, perns TWENTY-FIFTH COMPANY AWN MOWN If.QfteiWlwi ' o ' f .eUKOfur " ' " ' KENNETH G. KWIETNIAK Cranbury, New Jersey Ken joined 25 from the ranks of the New Jersey Nopsters. A truly " fun guy, " Queetneock never got a nickname, since he was born with one. Ken nevertheless made his way through USNA digitizing every- thing from his major to his music l c year Ken was bribed into the silent service, yet he never gave up his flight suit A porty-er to the core, youngster year he abstained; it wasn ' t terminal (never forget Army tailgaters). All In all. Ken will be fondly remembered as one of the many " spirits " in 6203, always will- ing to help out a friend. I? E J MICHAEL F. LEENEY Madison. New Jersey When Leens entered the acade- my, he was heard asking the gate guard, " Is this the Naval Acade- my? " As a plebe Mike was upset because he had to come back to the hall to make evening meal for- mations on Saturdays. Yep, Leens had more library time than most periodicals. But Leens was more than just on academic stud, he was the true scholar-athlete After tak- ing Orioles ' Dennis Martinez down- town for a gome-winning RBI, they named Leens baseball captain. Then came three stripes, pub night at Trinity, and of course, the babes After hue school, Leens is off to Son Diego. There you go. Ern r Fl JOHN E. LOBB Magnolia. Kentucky John, a multisport superstor, came to USNA to find that a country boy can survive despite little green men and ocean engr After many foot- ball weekends he found that as his QPf? went down his pass catches went up. 2 C year found John studying hard, but never losing a good night ' s sleep Our hero 84 easily met many young ladies while giving Academy tours of little known areas Handy with a mop or broom, he impressed his roomates with his " old salt " military bearing. John will be a " garnteed " success after graduation and will be missed by all. RT SF RICHARD A. MAGEE Virden. Illinois " Main-gee " as he was referred to, moved from Nimitz Hall to Bancroft Hall. R.A. Ebenezer Scrooge Magee was a faithful " ha, ha " contributor to CFC and other worthy causes. He experienced a major change at the Academy (not just in attitude) and became a member of the Brotherhood. Schizophrenic Rick took 4 nuke cruises before his Ma- rine personality resurfaced Scuba diving and going Airborne ensured he hod his shore of ups and downs. Rich, follow the yellow brick rood and you ' ll be home raising corn and kids before you know it. LB, JTD JSK 25TH COMPANY.467 ■■M - ELISA R. MARTINEZ Camahllo. California Plebe year Ernn survived armed with a cast and a computer. Youngster cruise w as so great (including TMW), she joined YPs and found she really was a Surface warrior at heart (USS Hector AR-7). Erm loved ALPAT-Coast Guard l c summer even though the food didn ' t like her. She computerized the Adju- tant ' s job and found her computer more interesting than her classes Her parents must have thought she wasn ' t fed ' cause they sent enough food to feed us all. For us. she IS a unique, true friend JT JK WILLIAM E. MILLS Sever na Park, Maryland Bill Mills left the seedy world of pro- fessional music to join us here at USNA The dream to fly jet aircraft Fast ones Bill ' s path has been a long one. lonely all-night treks to Ward Hall, quick trips to Wheaton to feed the Strat. and happier, much more frequent jaunts to find lovely Linda Bill stayed at Navy for one reason: UA. the band that be- gan as Slipkid. never wanted to be Critical Mass. and wound up play- ing the pep rallies it vowed it would never do Bill ' s lead vocals are a special footnote to rock history Maybe that ' s why he played ledd guitar Fly. boy JDS PATRICIA M. PETERSON Massapequa. Long Island, New York Of her " fun-filled " years at the Academy. Patty (P-squared) will remember most the support and love her family gave her. Their en- couragement, especially welcome during the summer days with " India Company, sirl. " saw Patty through to finishing l C year with Stars, three stripes as Track Captain. 5 varsity letters, and many good friends, especially her roomies. Barb and Sue She ' ll also remember the good times she had driving her new Prelude and visiting her favorite En- sign Patty will be headed tor more fun and adventure when she joins VF-101 in Oceana BJQ. SDF Love to Mom Dad. Patty I WILLIAM E. PHILIPS Denton, Texas This Good or Cowboy from Tx came to us with more energy thar he knew what to do with Ern hoc no time for himself, so he blew of Marine E 2 c year and started en joying WE ' s Although not the big gest Texan we ' d seen, he was cer- tainly the best Ern didn ' t sink toe many putts for Navy, but we mo all know he ' s saving them for th€ PGA, Horn wasn ' t much of a fisher man but there was a certair Stream to which he took o fancy We and he thought he wo hooked, but he broke the line b ' forward deploying to Japan to raf w Gen. Giap, Ern. someday we ' have time for ourselves and Ol ' J.B Leens, GEORGE D. POINTON Trenton, New Jersey With a one year layover at NAPS GDP came to us knowing every- thing, A natural athlete, he did it all. but his first love was soccer. His years here cannot be described briefly, just ask him— and you ' ll find out Always trying to get people to " Join That Party Tram. " GDP seemed to leave his mark every- where, but Marine option finally left its mark on him The Marine Corps truly found one of the proud He was a good friend: never too busy or too full of himself to help, " The eyes of Texas are about you. George , you gofta love it and you do " JTD JDB BARBARA J. QUINONES Ketctium, idatto " Why did you come here ' ' " was never asked with more genuine cu- riosity than to Barb, the Yale grad As if two " college " experiences weren ' t enough, she zoomed off to USAFA for a semester, then decid- ed to odd Georgetown to her list for a grad degree (at iasti) But no place but USNA could give her good friends like Patty. Elisa and Sue. or fill her summers with a sail to Bermuda and flight ops on the En- terprise, And. even though Barb ' s first year in Annapolis wasn ' t as much fun as New Haven, it did bring her Pat. we all wish these fellow 2- 5ers a happy life together -SDF Thanks to Mom Dad and Mr, Mrs P.. Love Barb DANIEL F. REDMOND Arlington, Virginia From those first words. " This is Ddn Redmond Speoking. " 41-knot Red- mond began establishing his repu- tation as the original surface war- rior. After surviving a cruise to Bah- ,a ' ' S!-rain. Bones began to concentrate on important things- history. Hood and long weekends, Dan thought about applying for commuter student status, but Mother B wasn ' t ready to cut him that much slack However, he did keep 2 stripes ALL 1 c year. At one point. Dan thought about NCD. but with a twirl of his finger and a Giz- like screech, he was forward de- ployed to Japan Good Luck and we hope that you get that fast ship BDH FMR WEP FRED M. RIFE, JR. Lamar, Colorado Fred ' s claim to fame was survivir the AC Board and being the 1st a chorman Promising to return thi summer he began establishing tt reputation that we all respect culminated by retaining 3 striper lii 1 c year Undoubtedly his gre- vice was indecision. It began wi his major- Polysci- Physci- Math- P lysci. His greatest struggle was s€ vice selection which ranged fro Nuke subs to Marine infantry, V know by his hair that the whe landed on Marine air. When I chose his wife however there w no question, Jen will make a go wife and Ferd the 3rd a fine sc Good luck and don ' t forget c cabinet posts. 468«CLASS OF 1986 TWENTY-SIXTH COMPANY RUSSELL G. TYSINGER Pittsburgh. Pennsylvania I?uss, a steel-fown boy. came to USNA to swim and study Elec Engr He immediately took a liking to dis- cipline with a shout of " Go Navy Sir, and I can ' t wait to get out of here and be a real personi " After letter- ing plebe year. Russ found that by mixing water and electricity you get burned An avid partyer. he fi- irxily settled down 1 c year blast - ing to Pitt In his ECM laden Mustang to visit Wendy while maximizing his three striper libs. Always the flyboy, Russ signed up with the Marines wearing gold wings to make it back to P-coia Best of luck, Russ, you will be missed JL SF lAY WILLIAMSON vtoce. Oklahoma his Okie came to us with high lopes of leading the rich, clean life rom " Little Buddy " to " LB " to that leovy weight " Pound. " Jay decid- Kl he didn ' t want to waste his keen n fX3 and sharp wit on academics •o, he searched for a sport I50s ook him and handed him an N-star his other sport handed him a Diock " one Living m the fast lane irid sometimes no lane at all. " LB ' ind friends have done some m :redibie feats Yet he never los- ght of that special someone i jklohomo We have no doubt tha- " lose gokien Navy wings will carr , S to great heights " Watch ' er- vbe " JTD DONALD M. BOUCHARD Clinton, Maryland Donnie came to USNA aptly sup- plied with merit badges and skill awards, only to find out it wasn ' t a summer camp Realizing this, he quickly joined the sailing team, sail- ing far into the sunset. But then came his GT and o new Dawn and first class year saw the end of Don- nie ' s sailing career Donnie ' s axiom for academic excellence, " well rested well rested " , was suffi- cient enough to gam him a shot at Navy wings Good Luck, Donnie, and may the cat never be cold. ETC ERIC T. CHASE Great Falls. Montana As a plebe, Eric ' s biggest flaw was his incredible resemblance to E T , which attracted ample attention from the 1 c During his 3rd 2nd class years, his claim to fame was his receding hair line. It was 1 c year that Chaser really enjoyed himself With a new car and a newer girlfriend, he only came back to classes to rest up from the weekend By far, his greatest ambi- tion has been to succeed as a Ma- rine Pilot, and being the hard work- er he IS, he will have no problems His goal in life, to drive his mother totally crazy JMK 26TH COMPANY.469 . I - TWENTY-SIXTH COMPANY NORMAN L. COOLING Bay town. Texas After two years of monastery life at the Boat Sctiool. Norm came to tiis senses and decided to taste col- lege life Alttiough tie was never a real partier, tie has been known to have a drink for each hand Norm was very famous for his uniforms They always looked stellar, even if his girlfriends ' didn ' t During First Class year Norm had two firsts a car and a 4 00 He still can ' t tell the difference between a sparkplug and a spare time, but boy is he smart I ' m just glad to hove been able to support him on some of our wild weekend adventures Good luck. Commandant, SAL DOU6LAS W. COOPER Shippensburg. Pennsylvania Our first company commander, Doug knew what he wanted He worked hard dt the Acddemy to become a success Weighing 150 pounds Plebe Summer, he gaineO 50 pounds and becdme a great javelin thrower Coop, Mixer, Doug, was a little hard to understand som- times, but he was always out to have a good time Women found him cute and a gentleman Friends knew he was crazy and a lot of fun His coach always told him to " Hate Somebody, " because it made him throw better It was dangerous to be his enemy He was always o good friend, and loved to entertain people His future holds a career in the Marine Corps and hopes for the, Olympics I JAMES S. DANDA Leawood. Kansas Jim never passed up the fine expe- riences here at Navy From 150 ' s T- tables, weight squad to 2nd class Cinderella libs and EMBC With grades before 150 ' s, racking and running became exercise, but stayed a stud Living by " 2 and go " and " let ' s get so drunk, we can ' t stand up " , he lived on the edge, with a high TV to CPQR RA- TIO Four years together was made possible by many new roommates With hot and cold lockers for long nights, the last two years were great Thanks to a little ECA help from 85, with trips for food and drink, the trend was set With wings for a goal, you got em, so do it up. Thanks for four P W H, BARTLEV M. DIBBLE West field. New York " Twe-e-et Cheese Dibble ' " wc the command which often pierce a dull night of studies when tr guys, bored of books, would jurr from their rooms, rush Bart, and pi on top of him He was, you ecu say. the " Big Cheese " At USN Bart participated in biking, boxin BSU, OCF, and the Navigators, e thusiastically doing all that he d (e g in doss he was known as " Be the Boy Physicist " ) He receive Christ as savior plebe year and ti ' since then vigorously pursued his r lationship with God Its been exc ing to know Bart and to see his d votion to Christ We trust that G( will use him greatly for His glory TIMOTHY D. DUNCAN Fort Myers. Florida Can you Imagine Dunk with a li- cense to operote a scalpel?!! In- deed. Timmy D is living proof that the Academy can change any- one Starting out a fun-loving sailor avoiding firsties like the plague. Oinker found the Lord and a pur- pose in life 2nd Class year From that point on. the books have had first priority and you will find Dunk a Navy Dr in a few more years of " good Navy deal " schooling Of course, this fun-m-the-sun Florida boy doesn ' t miss looking for love, but IS he looking in the right places? Hood ' ' Texas ' ' We wish Tim good luck on golf courses around the world I NLC SAL JAMES F. DURAND Lakewood. Colorado From the Mile High City, Jim came to Navy every bit the all-American boy. Fair-haired and slight of build, he found a home in The Shaft As a ME Hacker, he failed to grasp fluids (non-specific lab results), despite the efforts of Prof Pete Yet Jim was best known for his part in com- edy hour, a full depth chart, and the sleeping habits of a comatose sloth A training routine of grease quotas and horizontal workouts helped him to earn the title of Chief But alas, Jim liked 2nd Lt. bet- ter and the Corps may never be the same Best of luck always The Shaft AARON S. ELLISON Sacramento. California Coming to USNA via NAPS, Aaron was the only guy from the Golden State who didn ' t own a surf board. He cooly handled the pressures of plebe year and also found time to pull for Navy. 3 c year, Aaron re- tired his oars. With the extra time, he pursued qualifications as a member of the Drunken Master Crew. 2 c year found Aaron in true flaming form. An eye scare during pre-coms nearly led him to a Vita- min A overdose 1 c year. Outlaw was cruising the coolest ride to all the clubs With an air billet in hand, Aaron is P-cola bound. Good luck in Flight school and with your career ICP MAW DANIEL M. EVES Cleveland. New York Hailing from upstate NY. Dan com- pleted the Eves trilogy at the Naval Academy To help Dan through school, the Eves watch was creat- ed. Though he fell in love weekly, compliments of Mrs. K , there was but one girl, nay love, in his life his mom. Generally speaking, aca- demics were not his forte! Yet what he lacked in the classroom, he more than made up for on the wa- ter, supplementing his training with long walks through Baltimore At service selection. Dan chose the shortest distance between two points and will command his Hobie- Cat in San Diego Dan. your ami- able manner will take you far. We love you The Shaft HOMAS J. FURLONG belvedere. California om says he ' s from Belvedere, but ' veryone knows that he lives in San rohsisco He wanted to come to le Naval Academy because it vas the only school he knew that ad a yacht club Even though he osn ' t hod a date in these four ears, I ' m still working on it There ' s ope though Furshort finally got his idy-killing Trans Am after waiting X months for it to get here from etfoit But don ' t think Tom ' s a ushover You can ' t walk on him, ven though you can paint on him ' metimes Its been a blast. Tom ood luck SAL ERIC G. GOODMAN Williston. North Dakota Gunner-G came to U.SN A as proof of intelligent life forms in N D Gunner was the silent type as a plebe, but youngster year a more social Gunner appeared That year saw jump wings and toy tanks In concurrence with the Aero Major Gunner did many late nights 2 c year As a firstie Benny spent his time doing 180 ' s in his Bronco on the Severn River Bridge at 4 a m After four years of over priced plane tick- ets, and noisy neighbors, Egg will be sporting Marine Greens and yelling " oorah " for a living Good luck Gunner-G LGD JAMES L. GRANDFIELD Weymouth. Massachusetts Granny, aptly named for his athletic prowess, came to Navy from a quaint fishing village in Massachu- setts There, he teamed up with The Chief to form a comedy team unique in its diversity Forsaking many a study hour to prepare for nightly shows in The Shaft, Jim won top honors at the Supe ' s Winter Awards Banquet A Rocket advis- ee. Granny was selected as Rush Chairman of the Hacker Academic Frot He was also a 3 time winner in the USMC Marathon (light heavy- weight division) But alas, the smell of brine and the gentle sea breezes of summers past call Jim back to the sea Forewell JFD PATRICK W. HALL Snow Shoe. Pennsylvania Pat enjoyed almost every experi- ence here at this fine institution, from football T-fables to EMBC Never one to become intimidated he earned the respect of many roommates who later became par- ty partners Pat always took ad- vantage of opportunities to excel! earning the nickname 12-pack and attempting the 15 meter jump His locker ran hot and cold during the years Throughout the years Pat lived the motto work hard, play hard, experiencing the Bronco ho- tel, hard floors, many trips to Mc D ' s and Popeyes, never forgetting his primary goal- USMC. Have fun with your tanks, but not in the stadium parking lot l.S.D. 26TH COMPANY.471 ■.-%) . mmm T!;wm I. BRADLEY R. JOHNSON West Allis. Wisconsin " Oh. Gee, Gosh, " right from the start we knew there was something different about Brad Brad was blessed to have come from a con- servative port of the country and this combined with his Christian up- bringing allowed him to adjust quickly to academy life Brad has participated in the Navigators, OCF, Pep Bond and crew during his time at USNA Brad was so diligent at class that one day. in his efforts to stay awake he did a balancing act on his chair, despite this he fell asleep and fell to the floori Jesus Christ has been the center of Brad ' s life at USNA and we are sure He has big things in store for Brad SAMUEL A. KIRBV Duluth, Minnesota Sam arrived at USNA from snowy Duluth, Minn, never imagining that in four short years he would be- come a Marine NFC Plebe year found Sam making pencils out of his roommates Marine Corps flags and trying to find out why a certain 1 C wanted to knock his head off An avid Marine biologist, Sam spent Saturday nights youngster year talking to fish in College Creek As a 2 C, Sam lived in the infamous side shaft where he learned to balance his check book, watched the A- Team. and ran in the Marine Corps Marathon A dedicated and excel- lent student. Sam will be remem- bered for his sense of humor and friendship to all B.S JAMES M. KUHN Gaithersburg. Maryland Jake ' s biggest ambition in life is to star in a movie entitled " An Officer and a Redneck " Before Rambo, there was Jim ' Sgt Fury ' Kuhn. out to preserve peace, justice and happy hour at Pete ' s, Yet beneath these mercenary tendencies lay a hard working, high aspiring young man Fencing dominated 3rd and 2nd class year, but couldn ' t confine Jim during 1st class year Reading glasses and eye exercizes helped Jim earn the chance to be what he has always wanted to be: a Navy fighter pilot Look out Libya! Good Luck. Jake! ETC SCOTT A. LANGLEY Huntington. West Virginia Reigning from the thriving metropo- lis of Huntington. West " by God. smile when you say it " Va . Scotster came to the Boat School a back- woods. Copenhagen dipping, country boy and will leave none the worse for wear Never one to allow academics to threaten his education. " Yuk. Yuk " earned his wardroom rat quals early and al- ways kept in practice Of course, the last three years have also found our company mechanic making up tor the social life he missed while in Plebedom The big question was " Who is it this month. Clutch?!i Scott ' s friendship is valued by all. and his talents by Navy Air! NLC IVAN C. PIERCE, III Saginaw. Michigan The ' real ' navy and NAPS sent forth Pops Pierce It took " I " a while to get used to calling ' kids ' sir " I " is every ones big brother He is always watching out to moke sure we nev- er would get in too much trouble But you aren ' t a saint either ' Your presence at the ' house ' parties is known all to well You also did con- tribute to the " Save the Sony 3 in campaign. " You can ' t fool us Mckee lost a good one, but pick up the ball and run DAWGH Take care T, we will see you out the West Coast Way ASE DWC MILES V. RILEY Houston. Texas Miles entered the Academy, like all others, with high hopes and new ideas His life here was made up of four parts Academics. Music. Women, and Sleep (not necessarily in that order) Miles ' battle with ac- ademics came to a climax with a narrow escape from the ox His ob- session with a certain girl nearly caused insanity However, relief was always present with help from his big blue buddy He was varsity Rack letter winner every semester As keyboard player of ' UA ' . his in- credible talent made him the heart of the band ' This goes back to our PEP RALLY DAYS GO NAVY " Good luck and see you on stage WEM BRYAN S. SEMPLE Kensington. Maryland Raised in Kensington. MD. Bryan as- sures everyone he is a lifetime Flori- da native (of the Palm Beach Sem- ples) He graduated from an all mole military prep school, seeking a radical change in lifestyle at USNA Developing shrewd financial prac- tices as a latch key child and through Dunlop investments, nucle- ar bonuses made Bryan realize his lifelong ambition was submarines Second class year found Bryan in water fights, cheesing and watch- ing the A Team As company com- mander, the company rallied be- hind his reveille policy His hobbies included systems engineering. Johnny Cash. Tchaikovsky and Pop- eye ' s, Good luck! Turn the valves correctly i • - " ... J. DANIEL SHAFFER Canton. Pennsylvania Dan came to USNA with the hopi of graduating with an MR degrei but eventually settled for English. A a youngster. Dan got into his fir; WUB " D. " having spent most c plebe year in white works Unds the guidance of guru White. Do achieved academic Nirvana Wh else could get a 3 8 studying th inside of his eyelids all day ' ' Dan ols found time between studying (ha to front UA on their 85-86 Worl Tour, First class year brought stripes. Delaware weekends, an an enlightened hairdo. Don wante to be a Navy pilot but decided the dating one was the next best thine Good luk in the world of Aegi Tomahawks. VLS. 472»CLASS OF 1986 TWENTY-SIXTH COMPANY 7i DANIEL T. SHANNON Dendron, Virginia What can one write about Danno. the guy that went from air guitar to lead guitor Most appropriately, that he did things his way Or at least until he found himself living in six-one While there, the juice boy developed quite a familanzation with Aaron and Mike ' s shoes, along with adding new meaning to an old phrase, " sleep softly or get beaten with a big sticl " As graduation come into sight, the little grey duck opted to exchange grey for green and left Mother B for a future in the Marine Corps Good luck We ' ll be seeing you in the fleet EGG PATRICK BOWMAN STITH Knightdale. North Carolina The president of the Men ' s Glee Club with Superintendent ' s stars and several roles on the academy stage, what more need be soid of this English majoring southern gen- tleman from the Tar Heel state Bo was never too busy for his 23rd Co sweetheart He and the blonde so- prano began o duet during young- ster year and haven ' t stopped since " Mr Gordy " was the first to fall and will be the first one to the altar after graduation Bo and the Mrs plan to infiltrate the surface warrior community Look out Third Fleet, you ' re in for one heck of a team Good luck to you both NLC MICHAEL W. TAYLOR ' warthmore. Pennsylvania , ike. alias Beaver, kept a low pro- ,le his first 4 years in 26th He spent IS first 2 years sailing on the high 3as. until a misplaced buoy ended IS nautical career Unphased by lis and other similar mishaps. Bea- er displayed his academic prow- ss with his 3 8 4 semesters owever. Mike set his priorities nev- r let academics get in the way of 9ep A polisci major. Beaver did his Jhior thesis on the Delaware crimi- 31 justice system Mike, your care- ss outlook and unmatched desire III thrust you to unbounded heights herever you fly RMU MICHAEL D. THARP Odessa. New York " Tharp " was definitely a plebe who acquired the Firsties ' attention However, he bounced back to be- come a well-rounded midshipman Although. " Meat " traversed great distances, such as the mile-run to become a Navy Pilot, he never let his personality lose it ' s unique humor or love of sports As the nose-guard for the batt football team, nothing came up the middle His forcefull ness in sports was matched only by his social graces of intriguing wom en with his frankness of how to hove a good time Consequently. Meo became the life of any social gath ering. men enjoyed his conversa fion while women were left in awe m m RODNEY M. URBANO Orange Park. Florida After sweating out Plebe Summer. Rod moved to ttie front of thie class whiere tiis hard work earned tiim good grades and ttie co top dog position Football was very, very good to Rod, rewarding him with 3 letters. 3 stripes, team co-captom and a brief Spring stmt with the big boys 2 c year. Rod received spe- cial honors for always going that extra step (or page) Inspite of a mishap on the bridge. Rod cheerily found his niche at sea Rod ' s reli- gous devotion to his Thursday night E.I. sessions became his academic downfall Rod. you ' re the best of friends, I hope that our flight paths will cross many times over in the years to come MWT MICHAEL D. WALLS Bowie. Maryland Mike came to the Boat School from far away non-specificolly 20 ' from formation Formerly Pres of the Rail Society, he later became Co Metamorphosis Rep Following in brother Ken ' s boots, Mike excelled in the Yellow Card Club 4 in the program and 1 in our hearts, he ended a rewarding 4 year career as non-revenue spokesman or capt His aggressive social style kept many hearts in two but he too found love in Rosalinda Mike, your home has been and always will be our home away from home Your strong will shall take you to the out- er envelope of all your endeavors Fair winds and following seas The Shaft KEITH R. WETTSCHRECK Bemidji. Minnesota Coming from the Northwoods, the Bemidji Kid soon carved his niche in Two-Six Although quiet most of the time, he used his towering size as leverage when arguments were pending or beers were flowing. Never known for his academic prowess. Dr. Hoover signed on with ' Team XEROX to ease those EE blues Yet when his grades began to decay exponentially. Wheats left the labs and headed for the beach He often hit the bricks as early as February with only a turtle- neck for warmth Clark Kent woi replaced by Jocko the Beach Bum Easy going, big hearted, and confi- dent, your wings will take you any- where. Wheats MICHAEL A. WILLIAMS Queens. New York Mike came to Navy from the tost paced life of the ' City. ' After a short stay in Newport, plebe year began Mike spent most of his time chill ' in hard and perfecting his social drinking skills. When I met up with him youngster year we found we hod a lot in common Who else would listen to T La Rock? Saturday night ' house ' parties were com- mon, nothing like the comforts of homel Soon he will be on his way to Long Beach, faster than Annapolis but slower than City life. One thing to remember Drunkmaster. at least in a Cutlass there is room to live Good luck man. it has been a great 3 years. Say ' hi ' to officer Economy for me, ASE KURT A. WOLFE Helena. Montana Kurt came to the Boat School fn Big Sky Country where men men and , , Formerly Life Suppi Systems Consultant for the BA ' Club, he began Midshipmanhoi with a full head of hair and a b j full of trix that kept his skates shaj When trouble seemed inevitabi Kurt could always keep his hej above the brown quagmire | years passed and his rapport vA women improved, he come ) know his only love Rosalinda Kuf candor and loyalty as a friend haf left a mark on all whom he tf touched, Kurt, your will to soar H bring you higher and farther wh " ever you may fly. Fair winds c) following seas The Shaft 474.CLASS OF 1986 TWENTY-SEVENTH COMPANY :•, Air: »::-•::«::•: e:wm m. ,€r. m J g. i j : rmbTm «r: sac -«!!% mill I iiiimi laiiiii n m m tmmiB BRIAN K. CABANA Biddeford. Maine Copa, unlike most, had to make the transition from the backwoods of Biddeford to the bowels of Ban- croft He came with visions of fight- ers dancing in his head, but, alas, he had to change his focus from outer space to Inner space Yes, on that fateful November day, Brian chose to become one of the Killers of the Deep With half of a Systems de- gree in one hand and an HP In the other, the folks at Reactors didn ' t even raise an eyebrow After the many hours Brian has spent making oil slicks out of cruisers in Luce Hall, he should do well In the Silent Ser- vice, Good luck and good hunting PJM THOMAS J. DORAN Henaerson, Nevada A Marine from the start, Tom came to USNA from Nevada, suffering through a " hot " summer and even hotter year with Wild Bill Tom walked Into second class year en- gaged, but got himself out of that one quick First class year was his best After falling for a Hoodlum chicken he was in Frederick every weekend Nearly always the first fir- stle gone, Tom would pock up Thursday to ensure speedy Friday getaways in his new Mustang After two years with the Rugby club and four fleldball seasons, Tom probably can ' t wait to get to Quantico, Hang in there " Mang " , you ' ve been a super roommate and great friend You ' ll be missed CLJ MARK W. FLORES Stratford. Connecticut Flo halls from the greatC) state of Connecticut A grunt in the truest sense of the word, he took USNA by storm with a voice and wit equal to Attila the Hun. A fan of anything preceeded by fast or feisty, he be- came the owner of a Mustang GT, an enviable collection of women and Goober A History major, Mark never got the concepts of EE or typing Don ' t worry Mark, Marines don ' t do that stuff He happily leaves USNA to Join the Corps, I ' m sure he ' ll excel. Thanks for all you have done for us, good luck and, for God ' s sake, COVER ROGERi PJMcF THOMAS K. FRIZZELL Little Rock, Arkansas Coming to this institution via a 2nd graders dream. Friz was ready to continue his Sgt York impression which was so liked at NAPS Howev- er, the copious amounts of sweat which shot from his brow flowed to and nutured a hidden seed This hard Corps type was soon writing poetry and singing for the choir A liberal was born The right wing backward Arkansas hick fell away. In a matter of time he convinced a young Yankee to be his (class) mate. Their mission Is to make CNO, and to have 6 little Frizzes all in a row With such an expensive ambi- tion maybe it ' s best that you ' ve seen the glow. Be safe Tom JTM 27TH COMPANY»475 --►-.• J ■ :i.A ?M! TWENTY-SEVENTH COMPANY . - tV- ' VrA- •v Vi :.f«. t„«»T tf ,: k r ;L.|IB --- L . .. imW l« I f ' ! ' b : - i 1 -• »i- ' ;4 " 1 ;. H ' H I h ■ HARRY N. HUGHES Ridgefield. Connecticut H. the adopted son from the family below came to The Boat School from CT. a state populated entirely by his family Following in the foot- steps of big bro ' . he mastered the arts of hair reduction and conduct deception H was Chairman of The Board of the Strain Face Commit- tee, and began Midhood with a PhD from EZU. Frequently o guest lecturer in the shaft, he expounded on a sundry of topics His comical sarcasm has kept many an ego on guard. His smooth demeanor has melted many cold hearts, but he too found love with Rosalinda H. if there is a way to turn bad times in to good you ' ll find it Fairway winds end following She ' s-THE SHAFT CRAIG L. JESSEN Albuquerque, New Mexico Hailing from the Great Southwest. " George " proved to be a cut above- especially in giving grief to Wild Bill, His dedication to practicing boxing on Roo turned into two bri- gade championships The promise he showed soon disappeared as he was introduced to life on Stud Street, Hockey and hocky sack, and who could forget those days on the porch ' ' (Not to mention the late night trips to Dental) In spite of it all, George did manage a cushy striper job as Brigade meter maid even if he didn ' t save me a spot Navy Air (and the chickens of Flori, do) hove got a live one Good luct in Pensacola roommate, one thanks for everything! TJD jl(.« ; ! UHM(1 JOSEPH A. JUDITH Bridgewater. New Jersey " Roo " came to us from the Garden State prepared for plebe sum- mer—he even brought his own flag chart. Rotes came easy for Joe. however, keeping his eyes " in the boot " did not Nevertheless, his fa- vorite firsties. Schoons and Beeker, soon taught him how to " rotate and radiate. " As roommates both plebe and 1 C year, Joe and I shared many memorable times. Re- member Koubek ' s chem class, Cali- fornia cruisin ' : Ring Dance; spring break ' 86; and the other rowdy road trips. You ' ve been a great friend and roommate. Don ' t drive your submarine into too many whales. Good luck, fair winds and following seas, my friend, TTL CHRIS R. KOWALD Winter Park, Florida He was a coureur de bois, one wl " runs in the woods, and where I " came from, no one knew Cti come to Annapolis from Wint Park. FL, where, luckily, there a no Maryland hogs After managir to survive the academic boa plebe year, his motto " 2,0 row or go " managed to carry him graduation Chris spent his ofte noons, and spring breaks busting butt on the Severn river along w his lightweight crew teammates academics weren ' t his high pon his Ring Dance ddte certainly wi The AMDO community should cc sider itself lucky to have an offic- an oarsman, and yes, a coureun it ' s ranks KIRT D. KRANKER Louisville. Colorado irt, Nert. The Krank, by any name he ' s the same, the goose hunter knows how to throw a party but not the lows of MD To win w a stay g 12 in AC he must know something ■TD will never like his thoughts of Dal- ies, TX The Vous helped him cnsten -95, and he road from Vega to •ocket hit Vette He can bang a croquet boll headboard or beach nob but not those grades for a WE OPcorn IS fun but CC looms near to chase the E bunny away but not the stammers m SC or your HC date. 3ood Luck, we are all going to miss oui BS CJ JS KS TIMOTHY T. LESTER Menomonee Falls. Wisconsin " Lurch " arrived here from Ameri- ca ' s Dairyland the day before I- Day, the only time he ' s ever been early for anything. Tim ' s pals. Mor- rie, John, and Dave, mode sure he had a plebe year full of character- building Always abusing New Jer- sey, he ends up on BB62 for his youngster cruise Never forget such escapades as California cruising. Army ' 84, Valentine Dance ' 85, Ring Dance, road trips. Spring Break ' 86, etc Navy Air is getting one heck of a unemployed VT-NA Air Boss for a pilot. You ' ve been a great roommate and a true friend, and I wish you and Jan all the best in years ahead God bless you and keep flying high. JAJ JOSEPH H. LUDLAM Moron. Georgia Joe is a different kind of animal at Navy Although he looks like a post- er Marine and harbors a secret de- sire to go nuke, he signed on with the Playboys of Pensacola, Navy Air. Who knows, maybe Joe will be the first astronaut to eat Welder ' s Dynamic Weight Gam from a tube We do know that he was the only firstie to send out two mother ' s day cards this year Anyway. Joe. if you are ever in Orlando, drop off your plebes and we ' ll have a beer at Frannie ' s P.J M MARK LUNOSTROM Millbrae. California Lucky hails from the thriving me- tropolis of Millbrae, CA. While not part of his original plans, he decid- ed to become a blackshoe des- troyerman. which is good because black shoes don ' t have alpha codes on them. Yes. when Lucky was a plebe, he was so squared away that he hod to remind the upperclass of their rates, like read- ing the newspaper, etc But, over the last three years Lucky man- aged to magically mold a Systems degree out of thin air. Good luck and I ' ll see you in my crosshairs. PJM , n ' - ■ Ti J ' )E LUNTZ )s Alamitos. California •■e hoppe d m from sunny southern •alifornia with his Ethiopean arti- cts and gas box Tow cheese . ie lock Gummi bears BF jsketball , Laughing boy . .iving range . Butch . Bloody irf . Parking lot ... St John ' s . . ■■e stamp , Wrestling with turtle- ■icid . . , Mort beatings $300 i»r ny . , Space mountain accom- ' ce Hometown Army-Navy Jrty . Eva . Airborne Buds lagels , . City dock golfing ■ ack Attitude checker . ower meditation EMBC . . ' w many steps to restriction mus- ' ' ' . . The tape , Hee, hee, hee " This man should ref in the ploy- ' s " Gail Chapel PETER J. MARQUIS South Weymouth. Massachusetts Pete entered these hallowed halls direct from South Weymouth and his accent immediately drew the attention of everyone, including the guys of ' 83 He came here look- ing to be a jarhead but common sense prevailed and he went sub- marines Pete will stand out as one of the few killers of the deep with jump wings and experience calling in air strikes which ore examples of summers well spent. If he ever finish- es his Robot Chess Master he will graduate a systems engineer I will be looking for you under the ice caps. Good luck and hope you get attack boats BKC PATRICK J. McFADDEN Monroe. Louisiana Pat or PJ hails from the bustling me- tropolis of Funroe. population 5, He come to USNA with visions of being a Naval A-vi-a-tor, but despite his outstanding academic, conduct, and performance efforts he still managed to get an air billet. He also brought a propensity for hurling things like peanuts, candy, and co- coa, much to his roomie ' s delight What he didn ' t bring was an alarm clock and nothing short of a bomb or snow on the stomach could compel him to relinquish the green monster Good luck my friend, get jets. Hop in the Beast and come to Stratford for a sandwich and you can type a paper or two, Adios BACF — - MWF JEFFREY T. MCNUTT Austin. Texas Jeff, a socialite from the sticks of longhorn country, strode into Moth- er-B. Raybands and all. ready for an exciting 4 years of flight school His new roomates were overjoyed with their good fortune 2nd class year was difficult in that Jeff had to decide which young lady was to be his copilot. The hectic flight line calmed once the new year dawned Don ' t fret the eyechart, you had it memorized Its not your fault they changed it for precoms. The Corps have gained a good man One with his own Rambo knife and a badly needed compass Pound the ground with pride. Sky is the limit. TKF 27TH COMPANY •477 •T!!wm MARK P. McVAV Simsbury. Connecticut Mark hails from the great Northeast and came to the Academy to ex- cel. At what, he had no idea, as he undertook an action-packed plebe year of rowing crew and D B beating. McDuck realized there were much better things in life and decided to become a systems groupie and an offshore sailing stud This seems to be habit-forming for now he fantasizes about robot arms and marinas ' And under that innocent exterior we know the par- tier exists Road trips to PC , Bolt , and DC were popular Mark leaves these gates in his flashy RX to pursue a career in the nuc. sur- face world Best of luck to a true peacemaker! M.J. PAUL H. POWELL Towson. Maryland Paul come to Canoe U, from a town not too far away from the infamous city of Bawmer Towson. Paul ' s initial calling was to the Astro- turf, but his natural affinity for the sea soon drew him to the Severn River Ironically, Paul ' s incredible sleep habits rocketed him to the top of the class where he obtained the status of VGEP-table extraor- dinaire His academic achieve- ments, however, did not suppress his activity with FCA and Officer ' s Christian Fellowship Paul, your re- markable patience and willingness to listen will carry you far across the many seas of success HNH MDW JOHN T. SINGEL Little Rock. Arkansas John arrived at the Naval Acade- my in jeans and flannel and after tour years still did not understand why he had not been contacted by GQ His country lifestyle led him to believe that rugby would be as tun as chasing greased pigs, and after two years of it John recog- nized that there truly was pleasure in pom, thus he decided to get en- gaged As if this were not punish- ment enough, he decided to fill Tex Cobb ' s shoes in the boxing ring, but otter one fight he hung up his gloves in order to enjoy his lost Navy semester. Somewhere in the blue yonder he ' ll say, " Go Navyi " GTS BRIAN E. SKIMMONS Surf City. New Jersey Brian comes to us from the Jersey shore where he was weened on clams, sand. beer, bikinis and Springsteen music The popcorn conspiracy and diving in the keys broke the monotony of youngster year (thanks ogam for that fine homecoming blind dote Bri) He then learned what a western New Years Eve is like and that the moon ■ does shine on the Potomac of night Brian put the Academy in a state of shock with his own type of service selection. Nuclear Marine He spent much of first class year horizontal or out shooting links Bri ' s • a good kid that we ' re all going to miss a lot Go--; ' .rr ,-. h Subsl KEITH G. SMITH Tucson. Arizona Keith came from the wild west where life consists of drinking beer and shooting fuzzy easter bunnies He never became accustomed to the backward Eastern lifestyle and the only thing he likes about the East IS the Redskins. Keith couldn ' t stop thinking about home and he spent many study hours thinking about the Arizona landscape and camping at Flagstaff with the old gang. The true Marine in him was finally let out first class summer in the back seat of an F-4 Good luck in Quantico. Pensocola, and the Corps. Big Guy. Keep the dreams and determination alive, they got you this far already JFS. KDK. BES GLEN T. STAFFORD Haddon Heigfits. New Jersey Staff came to the Naval Academy and tamed it rather than let it tame him He had a cooler method of dealing with room tours than most did. He always found time for his music, whether it be plebe year or youngster year when the Colonel said he couldn ' t have his stereo His true fame rests on the fact that he earned four letters while at Navy, all of them black Only his creative genius could earn that many He has since survived the Dant and seen the light by going Corps- Sup- ply Corps Good luck to you and Stephanie through the years JTS JAMES F. STRUSE Middletown. Rhode Island He came to fly jets, but soon real- ized he would do little flying the next four years, Jim then turned his energy to 150 football where he became the leading tailback And when he wasn ' t running tor Navy. Jim could be found running for his good Buddy-weiser which he gen- erously shared with his comrades at Quantico. Jim wasn ' t all work He found time for simple pleasures such OS mowing John ' s lawn and spending time with Madeline Good luck at Pensocola Jim. and try to remember where you put your keys KGS. KDK. BES MERRICK J. VAN DONGEN Swansea. Massachusetts Merrick come to USNA from Swan sea Mass. or Holland, no one is ex actly sure which His fluent Dutc got him a FOREX cruise in odditio to the attention of many of th fairer sex When not geeking o Marine E . you could find Merric out on his sailboard The advent c the ' 73 Buick Le Sabre 2 c yec gave him new mobility and Mernc was often seen headed for the he spots of DC. Hart wick, or especiol PC He will head into the silent se vice after graduation, where i " cool head and affable manner or sure to take him for We wish hii the best in all he does MPM 478 • CLASS OF 1986 JAMES M. WHARTON Saratoga, California The Tone ' s passion at Navy has been the eight-oored racing shell It hos been on the Severn River that he has spent a majority of his free time, including long weekends and ifour Spring Breaks When not out rowing boats. Whartonian could be found with an aero book in one hand and a pint of Storm Brothers in the other Following in the footsteps of his father and grandfather, the Tone will start his career at Pensa- colo Remember, safety is of para- mount importance See you at the starting line. Mon Ami •HER 0. YARGER OS Vegas. New Mexico ogi came to the Academy as one f the slowest, most calm people ■new Nothing ever phased him luring our fast-paced plebe year Ve always worried that he ' d be ite for everything, but he always lade It on time Fortunately he 3ed up, but he stayed calm Peter ' OS probably most famous for his snse of humor He always had the Jht comment to make us laugh or ut someone in his place First class sat saw Peter taking off in his 3rsche for Philadelphia on most eekends to see his girl We hope le liked ice cream cones Best of ck to you in engineering duty TWENTY-EIGHTH COMPANY r H KENNETH V. ARNESON Cleveland. Ohio Plebe year saw Ken experience Psycho. D B with SIR king, and a BZ Herndon celebration During anti- Daghir maneuvers we became 3 c roomies Corruption ensued with my Heavy Metal and physical fit- ness and his Classical and academ- ic prowess. As 2 c we saw the Scorps, his own heart stolen by Judy after a 5 year blow-off, and the 4- door family car of his dreams 1 c year Ken put on Co Adj bars, got domesticated by Judy, dueced for an early Spring Break, and unNPQ ' d out of CEC. All my best to you and the Mrs. Thanx for the memories AMF— Nels STUART J. BORSCH Princeton. New Jersey Stuart Borsch came to us from Princeton. N J but quickly he tried to convince us he was from Berke- ley, California He thought he was liberal minded and so did we, as we affectionately gave him the name psycho He proved his psychotic nature by giving " words of the day, " daily expressions that sound- ed Important and true but were in fact misleading and absurd Stuart has given us a new way to look of leadership He has influenced us to think freely and we hope he will continue to be the free spirit he has been at the academy. 28TH COMPANY • 479 DONALD HODGES BOWMAN BRASWELL Pampa, Texas Transplanted from Pampa via Tex- as Tech to this, his natural habitat We ' re not sure if Mr " Brace-well " was made for USNA or it for him Serious, talented and determined Don focused on EE the first two years and on becoming one of the boys the second two Always a striver. Don earned his plebe year vator pass on his first trip at the " O " course A classroom sleeper and finals proctologist Don made the rounds, visiting BRNC, Max on 6-0, the Rhodes boards, and Doug on 6- 3 before squeaking by NAMI on the way to the cockpit. Take care, EPK JAMES R. BROCKETT Arvada. Colorado Jimbo came to us fr om the Snake- infested-desert city of Denver The JuJ left the snow bunnies and 4- wheeling to find a wife and make a million dollars. It took him 3 ' years but he found the wife The million may take a little longer. Jim be- came know as the " Guru " to all who needed the mystical insights of computers He met both of his aca- demic goals at USNA— to do VGEP to be in the rock by 2300 every night From snowball fights to touch football fights, from cowbells and WAC ' s in Dahlgren to walking on cars in Annapolis, Jim was always an entertaining fellow. Best of luck in the air (don ' t get Lord Garf as your pilot) H H j HHP I A. HENRY BROOKINS Mobile. Alabama Henry Brookins arrived from Mobile, Alabama, determined to get the most out of this place. Youngster year he spent " checking out " the majors when he sw itched from Na- val Architecture to Oceanography to Political Science and then back to Oceanography But once set- tled into his major he strove to get the most out of academics while keeping active with his social life - he had the mailbox that was never dusty. He is truly a people person - the best kind for the Navy. You will go far Henry no matter what you do. Keep your faith and continue to be the role model you are EUGENE E. BURKE Mountaintop. Pennsylvania " Mean " Gene came to USNA from the great city of Mountaintop, His first day in Bancroft proved to be a most interesting one as Gene walked into the women ' s head af- ter losing his head to a first class But those days of fear quickly vanished as Gene grew into a complete Mid Gene spent most of his upperclass weekends with his best side Joan either hidden in Annapolis or at Washington College Gene will be remembered at USNA for his love for baseball but above all for his caring and dedication to his friends and loved ones. Gene is an integral part of us all and will be missed. J.D.D. (B.H.) TWENTY-EIGHTH COMPANY jjUUCC 480 • CLASS OF 1986 : it. K 1 ONRAD C. CHUN ' leasonton, California he Dude is a (28) legacy and has ever lost a single cutdown session his life Piebe year memories fought bush drinking and water- illoons thrown off 6-4 Also. S60 aychecks and S120 bills at the ort House just don ' t add upi " Its nly money! " , he would say Later ' ots included weekend excursions It Georgetown and eating the liescal worm many times in the 311 Breakdancing. pool. Rams ad. midnight golf. Redskin Cheer- aders, cooking on 6-4. Mercedes 50SL. gold cards. Beta Sigma Del- I, were trademarks as well as .OOKING GOODi " He ' s off to Ha- cii now and probably causing Dubie there too ' DK MARK G. DAGHIR Downingtown Pennsylvania Mark came to USNA from a cushy life in PA In meeting the challenges of life at the Academy. Mark devel- oped the principles of Daghinsm Daghirism says 1) never use a for- mula you can ' t derive and 2) never use words with fewer than 3 sylla- bles In between snoring, sock fights, arousing dreams and deriv- ing the meaning of life. Mark played his trombone for USNA musi- cals and rowed coached batt crew, all while conquering aero- nautical engineering Mark is now off to Pensacola to fulfill an ancient prophecy and lifelong dream by flying his jet through space to be- come Lord Garf, Master of the Universe JEFFREY D. DAVILA Richmond. Virginia Jeff came to Navy from Naps and so had Plebe year under control from the start Despite the fact that he flunked every room inspection during Plebe year, he got a reputa- tion as a good maid Jeff was al- ways around trouble as several beer-drinking lacrosse fans found out at the football stadium Jeff was always hard working and dedi- cated and was made captain of the squash team and a platoon commander in his senior year He was also a dedicated friend who could always be counted on when- ever he was needed What a B H ' JACKIE E. DINGESS Logan. West Virginia In a company of missfits. Jack really stood out - he was the only normal kid. He left the hillbillies, potholes, and coal of WV to confront Electri- cal Engineering and to lead 28th company at USNA Through spring break. Ring Dance and other festiv- ities. Jack alone somehow es- coped cruel company criticism. EE took its toll, but who cares, the Nuke bonus is in hand. We ' re not sure where they money went, per- haps for car repairs It seems that his ex-200SX tried some fancy foot- work and break dancing on wind- ing roads of WV. The JuJ is now jamming toward a career in subs - Best of Luck |.RK W. JOHNSON nivv ood. Florida nbrought a bronze tan and mem- c !s of a blonde girl, but he ' ll leave via yellow Aero banana, a red c memories of Leo ' s Lion, and a c am of deep space. You see. rk has always reached for the sI ' s. and stripes From Janes Clam Qjwder to Georgetown parties 1 from 2 AM study surges we ' t forget you " Jawnson " Good in the glowing force, and may C 3 keep you always at His side le stars. EDWARD P. KEARNS Walnut Creek. California What could be more natural than nuts berries and Ed Ed ' s still-water character runs deeper than the depths he will be prowling in the near future, A renaissance man of the 80 ' s Ed is an athlete, oceanog- rapher, pilot, leader and gentle- man At first we thought that Ed was just visiting this planet When he left for the Colorado Springs Hil- ton we thought we ' d seen the last of him. but when he came gliding back down out of the Rockies, we knew he was here to stay Ed ' s achievements include the maxi- mum descent rate determination for a Piper Warrior and lasting four years by the Bay with on open mind and a kind smile for everyone everyday STEPHEN D. KIBBEY Portland. Tennessee Doug came to USNA with that good old southern lifestyle We en- joyed his introduction to 4-wheeling at the UVA game and at the swamp. Did Doug stay out of trou- ble ' ' Doug was always very athletic and he proved that when he showed us that he could throw a water balloon four stories down, I hod the fine opportunity of spend- ing time down in Smoke Hall with Doug, I think there ' s a plaque dedi- cated to him down there, Doug, were going to miss you. I wouldn ' t trade the times we ' ve had for any- thing in the world. Since dad ' s al- ready " Doing what he does best. " maybe I ' ll see you " Flying the Friendly Skies! " ID. BERNARD S. KLOSOWSKI JR. Milton, Florida Bernie came to us from the boom- ing metropolis of Milton. His plebe year he had to endure the hardship of being subservient to two of the more premier members of the Ugly Club He progressed into youngster year to become one of the kings of Dahlgren Hall. Second class year found him plugging along with aca- demics and becoming involved in the geriatic community. First class year found him sweating out ser- vice selection. Bernie ' s going home to learn how to be a NFO. but with his grades m navigation I wouldn ' t want him in my backseat. By the way. he still owes me o new blotter The Boys will miss him! JEP 28TH COMPANY • 481 »• w- r» TWENTY-EIGHTH COMPANY MICHAEL F. LUPTON San Diego. California " The Bov. " as Mike Is known, is a character Good clothes, good babes but not good grades ex- plains Mike ' s time at USNA, Words like " launch, " " paper " , " dish, " and the big one " Dave, " will always be remembered. Since I like you Mike, I won ' t mention the " Poodle, " but there ' s one thing I must say, you ' ve always been successful with the girls, and I hope your luck continues when you become a member ot the FMF, We ' re going to miss you Mike The times we ' ve had were too short, but the memories will last a lifetime Good luck in all you do and always remember whenever opportunity knocks, LAUNCHi " ID - MITCHELL K. MARIOTTI Lombard. Illinois With fresh grease under his finger- nails and an auto manual under his arm, " Chief " left the windy city for USNA. During his first year Chief be- came famous (and feared) for the DEATH HANKIE and was busily em- ployed as the 6-4 pharmacist As an upperclass (and true gearhead) he spent little time with such trivial matters as steam or wires, and could usually be found curled up with an issue of Hot Rod This of course, while he wasn ' t at the pool - his second love. Chief ' s philosophy on working out was to never over- train and accomplished this with a daily regimen of afternoon rack- time. Oh to be a phys, scientist. Good luck Chief- 482 • CLASS OF 1986 JEFFREY MICHAEL MCMULLIN Bellingham. Washington Norman come to USNA via Belling- ham. WA. after a sidetnp to Wa- zoo He went through plebe year os a football jock, but decided to re- tire to the more sedate life of intra- murols and chasing girls and pitch- ers in Dahlgren As youngster year drew to a close. Jeff ' s fame was growing larger One night the love triangle blossomed, then died, as a fourth party entered the scene No, not Susan, ice cream broke up the i triangle His lost two years at USNA were spent convincing Susan to marry him, which he finally did. ADAM J. MEINROD Lima. Otiio ' Boomer, the big athletic quarter back from Ohio, beca me tamou plebe summer by recycling his T shirts when they returned dirty fror the laundry When he wasn ' t read ing Muscle Fitness or writing let ters to Annette, he was off terronz ing his classmates with wedgies c late nite wrestling Maybe Boomc should hove read Hot ?od since It spent most of his money on h Honda (which never made it t O.C.) or his Pulsar which he almoi lost to the Severn when it tried t float away during a heavy rain. Bi it doesn ' t matter to Adam becaus he is going to make a million as a Ol anyway Good luck in P-COL Chief KEVIN R. MILLIKEN Hundred. West Virginia BooBoo came to us from the tillls of 1 West Va A true mountaineer at heart ■IN-STATER, " Kev arrived at USNA equiped with Rambo knives and 5 lb dumbells When not study- ing, BooBoo terrorized the halls in his i cammies and gringo shirt armed with a disk gun Kev proved his manhood as a plebe surviving Army-week in the Red Room, But 2 c yr Army-week caused Kev to imiss Philly because of a " close shave " So Kev took on a new oc- cupation as the 6th Wing balloon bombadeer With the coming of the Subaru and La-machine Kevs love life blossomed that spring Fare winds and following seas Kev. we will miss you Thanks, love Fred SHAWN P. MURPHY Defiance, Ohio Smurf carried on a family tradition by attending USNA but broke It by staying Hailed from Defiance, OH, a name which describes his person- ality perfectly, Shawn eagerly left the flatlands to serve his country Plebe summer curbed his enthusi- asm somewhat, but his stubborn at- titude prevailed He was a great athlete before and after coming to USNA, displaying his talents by leap- ing over 10 ft walls, cheering wildly with a cold one in hand, and easily crushing opponents in batt football Now he IS off to the submarine force where he will most definitely find adventures in the deep ALEX OSPINA Miami. Florida What can you say about a guy who hails from (vliami. loves the Dal- las Cowboys, lives in Greensboro, moves to Ft Lauderdale, and plans to be stationed m San Diego Worldly ' ' Experienced ' ' You obvi- ously don ' t know Alex Seriously, Alex has always been known to give everthing he had in order to help someone out In fact, he did so twice Records of his heroics have found a permanent home in Bancroft fv ledical Though his knees may never be the same, he can always rest assured that the friends he has made here will always be there to help him out. Good luck Alex; were going to miss you. (The Boy and The Dude) LYNN J. PETERSEN Toledo. Ohio If one can learn anything from Pe- tey. it would have to be determina- tion. From the start. Lynn was de- termined to graduate from USNA. a goal inspired by his father, but the road was not to be an easy one. Problems like computers and hav- ing to stay in on weekends often attacked him However. Pete was often down but he was never out. Then from out of the blue, he would mutter a catchy phrase such as " I ' m going straight to the ' Dant. " God Bless you Lynni JAMES E. PITTS Hilton. Floridd ielieve it or not, Pittsy arrived at JSNA as almost pure innocence imce 82 though, this good old tvlil- on boy found out that rumbles, la- :rosse games and having alleyway efreshments with Boo Boo were nore fun than our high school prom X, so Jimbo killed a few plants in abtown, he still doesn ' t think larking a couple or a dozen cars ■n a lawn is a big deal Who needs Donsors anyway ' ' For the future, is ' ok for officers to give headbutts ' ' nd now that Pittsy is nuke bound, ow is he going to survive without ie other poster children ' ' Take are Jimmy BRIAN P. QUINLAN Bowie. Maryland After Brian left the basketball team at the end of plebe year he turned his energy towards Mech E and supporting Navy sports, in a big way How about that fVlaryland- Navy lacrosse tailgater ' In his later years. Brian adopted quieter activi- ties such as hanging out with the boys at Ocean City, lifting with Boomer, and of course, visiting vari- ous Md police stations When you ask Brian what he remembered most about USNA, he won ' t tell you the parties after the Army-Navy games Thanks for the good times Q, but most of all. thanks for your friendship Remember, it ' s no BD. -B H ROBERT RUPP Hicksville. New York Fred followed his big brother here from Hicksville. Long Island with a lacrosse stick in his hand and BTW on his mind Right away Fred im- pressed us on the field with his four- calved physique and ability to miss an open shot on goal But his athlet- ic prowess did not surpass his aca- demic talent and spelling mostery. If anyone needed to know how to spell a word, they just went to Fred and " axed ' em " Whenever Fred wasn ' t shaving a woop ' s legs, he was busy romancing Patti We ' ll all miss his humor when he goes into intelligence but we ' re sure he ' ll ex- cell as a spy Good luck in the fu- ture. KRI;4 GREGORY SALVATO Terryville. New York Sluggo IS a prior enlisted man with lots of experience, including Rota and Tijuana , He is the original JuJ and entertained the company with his continuous Wild Animal Calls — a ritual he learned while camping in the woods of West Virginia. No one IS sure, but we think that Greg is allergic to women and physical ex- ertion He had his own fitness pro- gram Body by Steerage Being the " old man " of the company. Greg was always a good friend and a reliable PITA He achieved his goal of 2 and go. but is still looking for his hot babe and cold beer Good luck driving ships Babe ' JuuuuuuuuuuuJI ' 28TH COf PANY • 483 THOMAS A. SHUMAKER New Castle. Pennyslvama Shu brought two new concepts to USNA First was the concept of Shu- rock, a combination ot George Thorogood. and of course. Bob Dy- lan Secondly was the concept of the Pennsylvania redneck, a man who drinks Iron City beer and likes it. a man who sleeps in a flannel shirt indoors, and most of all. a man who staunchly believes that Joe Pa- terno runs the cleanest football program in the country Shu will be remembered as a good friend and a man who cares about people Good luck in the Marine Corps B H CHRISTOPHER SOLER Randolph. Massachusetts Chris brought his Boston accent and Celtic ' s passion to USNA. Box- head ' s NAPS experience proved helpful, but he soon learned that NAPS doesn ' t mean much around here Box was a runner, but soon tired of this and turned his attention to the most popular sport at the Academy, sailing He fell in love with the sport and has worked hard on the sailing team ever since Box ' s quick wit enabled him to dish out the slams He took his fair share of abuse (as was the norm in the company), until the night of Dr Jeckyll and Mr Boxhead He mel- lowed for a spell, but is now back in true form Thanks for everything Good luck Q WILLIAM T. SOLOMON Jacksonville. Florida Soli came from the Bolles School in Jox After ' validating " plebe year (a football player) he began to party with the boys as a 3 c, We enjoyed many good times togeth- er when he wasn ' t seeing his terra- pin Soli showed his football prowess by kicking field goals and making expert tackles (well, almost) His most glamorous moment in the News came plebe year when his best side was splattered across the sports page of the Post Soli thought he could be an engineer and still play boll (Psychi) Rocks for Jocks. Baby I Good luck to you and your babe. D H you ' ve been a great friend Take care and fly Navyi ET NELS H. SWANSON Victor. New York Nels was dumped here by Naps and though the summer posed no problems first semester showed him how dangerous popcorn poppers can be Through a shared disinter- est in Daghinstic Philosophy, we be- came roommates youngster year. What a guy; he wore lifting gloves. muscle T ' s. used styling mousse and listened to heavy metal He had more clothes than locker space, several girlfriends and a car that he used to keep the mechanic in busi- ness He did a fine job as Co Sub . flirted with the USMC and chose NFC Take care Nels. and best of luck in all you do EARL TOTTY, JR. Lima, Ohio Earl, better kown as " the shelf " to the boys, came to the Academy a very quiet person But when col- lege guys get together, it couldn ' t last long We all remember the N C, game 2 c year, or do we ' ' Earl ' s Glee Club time was short, but he kept singing. Memories of " Ebony and Ivory " and " My Girl " will long remain a part of us. Working hard and playing harder brought us all closer to you Always a friend in times of need. Earl touched every- body in his own special way Earl. you will be missed To you my friend. Smooth sailing and Good Luck WTS (DH) KEVIN WINDBIGLER Corpus Christ I. Texas Hans came to us here at Navy frorri the Lone-Star State His four yeof ' term got off to a shakey start as one of his major endeavors Plebe; Year was to write a Pro-Peport o ' Xovier Hollander ' s " Letter of the. Month " Hans ' s mam course o1 study has been history. This certain-: ly was a good choice as he alwoys has more than enough " bull " for u all to keep us going Having beer Hans ' s roommate for three semes ters, I still can ' t figure out how he managed to maintain a better than 3,1 CQPI? as he spent more hours watching Cosby than study ing his history assignments. It sure has been a great four years Hans ' 484 . CLASS OF 1986 TWENTY-NINTH COMPANY c ' off loo ' " ■ ' ' OS to ' ■ ' ■ ' . ' atcl ' ■. ' .. GEORGE T. ARTHUR Panama City, Florida George swooped out of the skies of sunny Florida into the permafrost of Maryland in Mid- 1982 After a se- mester of guiding Byrnesy ttirough plebe year (unsuccessfully), he re- tired to a life of vagrancy and sen- sory deprivation with the gang from 29, His USNA life wos split between studies in the true science and praying to the god of 20-20 Vision (Yeager) while trying to find out what it would be like to live in Smoke Hall I look forward to the day when I see you turn your head in that F-14 and scream " crapi Where the --- are we!! " Best wishes to you and M J HotspitookiesI Gar- goyle, more beerii CHRISTOPHER J. BENGAL Peabody. Massachusetts Bencs amazingly found his way to USNA via Boston What he brought to 29 were great times and never a dull moment The man who ' s known for his 2 2 second shotgun and the introducer to snorters and da-gi- gas. Bencs left his mark on Lauder- dale. By far the leader of the Va- grant Elite Force, Nino Is never excluded from a party, where there is Chris there is a good time. Not setting any records academi- cally. Chris still chose Navy Air. Way to goM! Bencs. you ' ve been my best friend, my brother. The rotten thing about graduating is separat- ing. I Love Ya. I ' ll miss yo but I ' ll nev- er say good-bye Your Bro- TC RAYMOND L. BYERS Santa Barbara. Calitornia He came, he saw. they saw. they fried. It didn ' t stick Teflon was born Before-the beaches of SB. Naval ' ' Only on girls Plebe-Vball W Beruit skidrow JBench (RIP) 3000psi a 0300, JR-vert rack. 3 c 2 c some thing Everybody hates usi TJohnson Mr, T. BFew (the scream), just fry us all First class, at last Try living with a guy for 4 yrs and write ■18 lines If I ' m on a beach and I see an F-14 chasing CGU-11 ' s I ' ll know you ' re there Good luck, Ray and thanx for everything It went so fast and there ' s so much more Buy an- other dictionary Darn Ducks! TIMOTHY M. CURRY Pine Hill. New Jersey Tim bulldogged his way info USNA from some Pine Hill in New Jersey When not punishing opponents on the wrestling mats, Tim adds life to parties A qualified member of the Vagrant Elite Force, named Dino for his bulbous head he has done as many crazy things as any of us Tim remember riding the bull, shotgun races, Lauderdale, hot tubs, Jersey Shore, and Bruce Not always on fop of the academic hill Tim has done his best to excel at 2 Crazy choice of Marine Air. good as long as he and I don ' t crash in the skies. Even if we did it would be great to go with your best friend Remember " We Were Born To Run " CJB 1 ' 29TH COMPANY • 485 DERRICK L. DIXON Ossining. New York By the time anyone reads thils, our 4 year track star will be morried and flying off In tils P-3, He is known as ttie man wtio never loses tiis temper or at least never shows it He hos outlasted many of his opponents and 5 roommates who have de- parted for different reasons I ' m still here All he needs is the sky, his plane, and Renee He has remained a friend even though he is the ADJ Good luck and remember I ' m on the ground Don ' t misfire DANIEL F. DUFRESNE New Bedford. Mossdchusetts Dan came to Navy with every hope and dream of becoming a bubblehead but instead became one of the few and the proud After finishing at the top after plebe year when every one else was going in the opposite direction he decided to take on the challenge of being a Mech E He will always be remem- bered for being the last one in our class to drink, for beerball. 3 c por- traits, the dock, and the hill He tried being a Coastie for a semester and returned to take command as Co Cdr Thanks for all the memories and for being there when needed Good luck In the Corps and God Bless You -Jake- R. GORDON FOGG fiichmond. Virginia " Fogg. Gordon SLOB. Only gets haircuts when ordered. Shaves when caught Room not much bet- ter He IS at college, not USNA Aca- demically strong, but could be bet- ter Rugby player, party mentality Seems to be a natural leader but has lost considerable respect from peers due to lack of usage of that ability, " J,C Orzalli, 29th Co Offi- cer, Yep, you guessed ifi Gordon is a favorite with our fine leaders He should have gone to the Confeder- ate Naval Academy He ' s either in trouble with the " boys " , or on a road trip in the " Vagrant Mobile " (remember Lauderdale), See ya m Pensocola. Fogger , , , and Good Luck ' i ' ANNE F. GROVES Charleston. South Carolina Anne swam up to Annapolis from Charleston. SC on l-doy (Remem- J ber that green skirt with those sexy tube socks. Anne ' ' ) Ignoring advice to bring only the essentials. Anne was a veritable Rite-Aid. arriving •■ ' ' with boxes full of various toiletries : ■ ' ' !• ' ■ Dividing her time between LeJeune ■• ' and the rack, " Mean Anne Groves " made it her goal to prove the axiom " well rested is well test- • ed " - the greatest triumph being - passing the c PCQ without crock- ■■ " ing a book All that sleep paid off though, as Anne earned All-Amen- can honors plebe year and was. named swim team captain 1 c yr, ' - ' •■ Good luck with the surfers of the ' ' i West Coast SK. LO, CL :-.:i ' . WILLIAM C. JAMES King of Prussia. Pennsylvania Willie come to the Academy with athletics on his mind He was a crew stud in high school, and rowed his first two Years at Navy After earn- ing one Varsity letter, he had trou- ble with academics and a back in- jury, and decided to find other things to keep him off the streets Once a crew jock always a crew jock -he still rows a single scull and bicycles and runs alot Willie ' s kind of a loner, but he still parties with the Vagrants from 29 He s seen the good and the bad of USNA, and is ready to move on He (and most of the Vagrants) will go to Pensacola for flight training and some fun sun on the beach ALAN J. JARUSEWSKI Carlisle. Pennsylvania After spending two years In " mean " 18, Ai came to 29 a bona- flde refugee Formerly demeritless, all of our ways started to rub off on him, much to the dismay of the guys on 4-1 AI passed up a poten- tially successful career on Wall Street as an investment consultant, but since he ' s going nuke, his life will still revolve around the world of high finance If that doesn ' t work out, he can always open up Al ' s Driving School (look out for those phone polesi) Anyway, good luck with b- boll and keeping the oceans safe for Democracy Don ' t forget to take your " Spew gouge " to Nuke School you ' ll need if GA STEPHANIE E. KISK Washington. Pennsylvania Steph escaped from the booming metropolis of Washington, PA, set- ting her sights on studying aero and becoming an astronaut A " D " in her first majors course and a disap- pointing eye exam, later found Steph an English major and 1 100 bound She was one of the few mids of our era to volunteer for swimming sub squad and, alas, she passed her lost swim for Navy on the first try Of all the girls, Steph enjoyed provoking the vagrants the most She fought back with feminist cartoons and Calvin Klein adds- a rep for the USNA chapter of NOW Go forth Stephonie-Good luck in CA-Thanks for being a good friend LR. CL. LO PAUL D. LAWRENCE Little Rock, Arkansas After attending a year at Univ c Arkansas, Paul came to USNA lool ing for love He finally found it senn year at present arms m the armor Throughout his career Paul he found a way to stay out of trouD by being a nice boy and starting t sentences with a hearty " Bi suhhii " Paul will remember sorr classic times like Lauderdale 84-8 saluting the Captain and being friend to Ron in the room, and course the streak of white acre the Eastport bridge Good luck Navy Air Paul, we have some gre memories but a lot more to mak 486 • CLASS OF 1986 l,U«BlCi JOSEPH J. LEONARD ' otowa. New Jersey _oe comes from the thriving me- TopoiiS of Totowa, New Jersey Jake came to Navy with dreams of ploying basketball He was side- tracked and lettered m volleyball ihis last two years Joe not known ifor being an academic stud, joined •he Brotherhood of Scientist eOrly -e also learned that when you are 3 7 " you can usually get what you rant Joe is either in the rack, con- itroling his " mild " temper, or giving anybody in sight grief The Gang om " 29 wishes Jake Good Luck wt en he goes Uaie gray and jndeway Remember to duck RUSSELL M. LINOSEY St. Louis. Missouri Roz came to the boat school via Purdue He was quickly shortcircuit- ed in EE and chose Systems Study- ing was hampered by weekend jogs from the Afterdeck as a Plebe Not one to give up the Umv. life, Roz gave Duke lessons on a shotgun. His 2 for 7 commitment was overshad- owed by a greater commitment- having a good time. Senior year, Roz led the soccer team to an un- defeated season Roz, who was known for never getting angry, held It in , BMW (Philly) As Co Sub Cdr Roz led the Co. in stellar fash- ion. Setting the example Super Sun- day after the party. Roz, Best of luck to you in the future and thanks for being o friend Dave HRISTINE E. LOMBARDI ?tteo. New York i-ie other half of the " Stalin Sisters, " hns (I ' m from Lon Giland, New 3wk) Lombardi, was a varsity bas- ;tball stud for 2 yrs before discov- ing the joys of intramural sports I ' e worry about Chns- a 4 stu- 3nt who never sleeps in class, Ikes rvDtes with a ruler and stays 3 til 3 yet still finds time to assist e people who knock at her door okrg for help if only she could 3y off her VISA bill Her hard work 3id off- 3 stripes, 3- striper libs, her vn phone What more could a 1 wonf Good luck, Chris, and anks fof all your unselfish help- xj ' ve been a true friend Happi- ss and health always. LR, SK, LO DIRK N. MACFARLANE San Diego. California Dirk came to us from San Diego, but he stopped off at NAPS first Upon arriving at uSNA he immediately found benefits from playing football and was never one to hold back on them They were well earned though as Dirk worked harder than any guy I knew If he could howe moved the weight room into our room youngster year (God. what a year) I think he would have His achievements academically earned him his oceanography bil- let Hey Bud, remember youngster cruise, you in the Jacuzzi and me on the 18 hole Oh. how my golf games improved You have a heart of gold Pal. let ' s not lose touch Your friend forever T C TWENTY-NINTH COMPANY ■.• : - RAYMONO P. MALSKIS Ridge, New York Ray has come to USNA from some pseudo island m NY He started out as a possible engineer but ended up tiis senior year as a scientist, like all good vagrants should Roy. you have had olot of wild times since you have been here; the time you died and Lauderdale 85. But who would have guessed that you would come here looking for wom- en ' ' Remember the sailboat cruise ' ' And of course senior yeari Good luck on your ship as I fly overhead but remember, once a Mal-ski. al- ways a Mal-ski KEVIN R. MAUCH Aracadia. California Kevin surfed to and now through USNA, With a hometown in South- ern Col what else could be expect- ed. Eon IS his Vagrant Elite Title and Lauderdale will never be the same. Perfect attendance record for all USNA parties with shotgun as his middle name Kev remember 2 c summer. " Burning down the house " , the Umble Family, Ocean City, the nose and P-cola. and the nearYP tragedy etc etc What a summerMJi Also remember Lauder- dale. Airborne. Jersey Shore, and Sandy Point Nobody could ever do what we did Kev good luck in navy Air but don ' t worry I ' ll be on your left wing NINO LARRY MAYE Roc ties ter. New York Larry strolled in from Rochester to USNA via NAPS He laughed his way through Plebe Summer and has barely stopped since He did stop for a while so the ax-board could laugh Larry walked into the board with a Computer Science log but. the ax-board chopped his log in half and left him with Science Come service selection he had only one choice. Marine Corps He once had a vision of air but. 3 c cruise in Bahrain made him allergic to ships GOOD LUCK AND BE GOOD TO JOAN LYNN S. OKAMOTO Torrance. California Your typical California volley-girl. Lynn " the short one " Okamoto studied more than the rest of 29th Co, combined- although that isn ' t saying much Lynn could be count- ed on to have whatever anyone might need from a hotpot, to scis- sors, to change, etc (and all in one desk drawer) In order to solve the mystery of what makes Lynn tick. she bravely offered her brain to Be- 1 thesda for research purposes but now they wont release this info : to the public Are we to assume i that nothing is there ' ' Tune in next I week when Lynn will say, " Huh?: Whof " Good luck in Georgia andi in the Supply Corps Thanks for ev-. erythingi CL, LR, SK MICHAEL J. PARKER Milfora. Connecticut Mike came to USNA because he loved the homey atmosphere Spike survived on Storm Brothers ' ice cream, opples. and running Quite an unusual combination Mike is one of the few people who actu- ally enjoys running Mike was a founding member of the Brother- hood after on outstanding plebe year He also liked the PCR so much he took it seven times Mike was so busy during the day, it took him three years to realize you could sleep during a youngster Spike ' s eyes went bod so he missed his pilot billet but got the next best thing, on LHA with plenty of room to run Good luck and remember the PT- 73. LORETTA E. REYNOLDS Baltimore. Maryland Between trips home to Baltimore. Lori- armed with a basketball in one hand and an unsheathed mame- luke in the other- became known as one of the ' Stalin Sisters. " put- ting the fear of God into the Plebes of ' 87 Lori mode it thru her own plebe year relatively unscathed, except for the minor loss of a knee- cap She wasn ' t drunk (she claims) she just managed, with consum- mate grace, to trip up the steps We do not believe it. do you ' ' Copt of the basketball team and our honor rep for 4 years. Lori has proven herself both an outstanding friend and midshipman One of the two. the proud God bless and " Semper Fi babyi " SK. LO. CL DAVID L. RHODES Westtiampton New York Dave arrived at USNA destined to have 4 stripes and a 3 2. but he roomed with KRM and RLB and both goals were lost Dave sweated the Plebe System until " Beer Ball " and 10 DR ' s he finally started to mellow out and enjoy himself Plebe year his room had a stereo. West Beirut, and skid row. which was o warning of things to come As a 3 c he went on numerous World Tours from the confines of his room 2 c year was only a blurring continuation of the previous year which saw Dave befriend yet another plebe class Finally 1 c year Plebe detail wasn ' t even over when Dove hit the coast button, and set his eyes on the USMC and marriage NANETTE A. RUSSELL Lincoln. Nebraska How can I describe this dynamo such few words Nan the cho terbox. the thoughtful one. th math major, the triple crown w« ner, the girl scout never-turnec bad, the shell answer girl, the philo opher. an impressive woman to i she meets, the fire boll N afraid to -look a five star in the ev -tell you what she thinks of you wake you of 0300 just to chat -li a little -show you that she cores stand up for someone or somethir -express her feelings -give you h opinion -be a little different -be tf best friend ever ' 488 • CLASS OF 1986 OAVID J. WARD Derwooa. Maryland ' Jell Baker Boy It took Dave less man an hour to drive to USNA to find out he had to spend the sum- mer with the Egg as a roommo ' e But he had a bigger problem to ac lust to - leaving " Q " back home fc the summer and plebe yedr Neve- one to turn down o party or a cha enge. Dove would often combine •he two into friendly contests and once took on Duke U and won The -iighlighf of Daves career at USNA Mos senior year as Brigade Soccer Champions Being o fan of Late Nite ji ith David Lettermon hurt Dave ' s grades but he still managed to go Nuc and will make quite an impres- SKDh on the Elite Force Good luc» Dave tICHARD W. WEATHERS • ' usfang. OKiahoma • ' ich came to us from the thriving fietropoiis of Mustang. Oklahoma vith a saddle in one hand a- J d took of " debate " notes m ,e : -- ir He soon shed those trapc - g; ■md found himself with a MiIwqu- ee ' s Best m one hand and an emp- y sorKlwich wrapper in the othe ' our basic tools of Vagrancy A ctonately dubbed " The Funk X) one seems to remember why- tot information probably disap- eared with Pete or Andor). Rich is te official Company Ninp Warrior ou ' l soon find Rich m Pensacoic ' ith the rest of " the boys " , with a sat reserved in the back of George ' s F-ld I wonder if he ' ll eve ' Xl C B Jr ' Ch Well, maybe Sondy- 3by w4 know!! TWENTY-NINTH COMPANY m !5Tm M JOHN M. WILBOURN Wailuku. Hawaii The Frying Hawaiian. Maui Wowi. The Portyboy. or just plain Johnny, he has been known as many things since he got here from a remote island in the Pacific But the one thing he has been known for is be- ing silly Since Herndon night, to sieighriding. to colling upperclass things other than sir, to winning his " Black N " . to practicing his mile with the gateguard keeping time. Johnny hds defmoteiy been d silly boy. a scientist and of course a proud vagrant Good luck in those blue skies Johnny We ' ll be looking for you Y: . l IBf VI it- .?• n t 29TH COMPANY • 489 THIRTIETH COMPANY CHRISTOPHER J. AINSWORTH Belle vue. Washington DATELINE Seattle. Wa Jul 82 After descending from lofty tieigtits, Chris Ameswood come to bless us of Dirty Ttiirty with his presence He ar- rived with ambitions of Naval Avia- tion and the Management Major. but management was cancelled and his hometown NFO couldn ' t wait to launch. The weight room couldn ' t wait either, but that is okay. He didn ' t need it anyway On the academic side. C J chose the major closest to management. Mech El Things went great anyway Along with dodging the Rocket. Ains graduated in the top 100 His ambitions paid off Maybe in the sunshine of P-Cola he will find Miss Perfect Is Farrah available yef We wish him luck! TODD R. ALLMAN Everett. Pennsylvania TODD aka TA came to 30 via God ' s country Todd gave up c wrestling career to pursue Easyo- graphy How ' bout those profs ' " SHUT UPi " Known as a man of few words, his intensity level often flared. Or so I found out around test time or maybe it was the BRACE UP notes I always found 1 c year ' ' School was a minor part of TA ' s stay at USNA as his 240 topes or countless trips to D-WARE show, also Trie Music Man. never knew you could sing AND dance I ' d love to mention John Taylor ' s party and the stolen white shoes- but no room Give my love to Ebby, Family. Dl We ' ll miss ya , ROG BRIAN B. BROWN Patuxent River. Maryland was our 1 plebe and 1 firstie as Co Cdr 2nd semester As a plebe he knew all the Lows of the Navy, had a shaved head, wore his dog- togs, had the best sponsors ever, was the best pinger in the Brigade, and handed out X-mas presents and Les Bologna, 3 c yr brought sleeveless T-shirts, guitars more abuse to roommates 2 c yr meant rooming during cruise with little Ver- non B. a 4.0 and the 6204 players. As a 1 c. BB jammed on his guitars, drum machine keyboard much to our delight. He enjoys slam dunking (Nerfhoop). dancing on tables. Greystoke (UH). tutoring EE Easies on alphabet tests Breakfast Yo- gurt I ' ll miss you Kickstand Good luck, JC BRIAN S. CHASE Newtown. Pennsylvania Brian come to us from Newtow Pa,, with his Mom ' s permission, v Perkiomen Prep He aspired to be Mech E. o varsity wrestler, and bachelor So much for aspiratior Instead, he became an EGE (but did not have to), he gave up wre tling for bodybuilding (sort of), or is one of the few who successfu ventured to Dahlgren and four the " sure thing " Upon groductic and a couple of weeks at the stic with his psychic. SWO lost a got man to Navy Air I guess Brian spend the rest of his 5-year core defending America from the against Communism. Thonx Mom Dad. Peg + Frank. D, R. C, L. JOHN A. COLLINS Dartmouth. Massachusetts JC came to fly Shortly after tie left Barb and Bill. John found the Con- cept of Duty and modeled life by it An aspiring EOE. he heard the coll and sooner or later he went Gener- al JC. like a native Celtic, took charge of the 30th Co Bball team and led them to a 2-6 record A natural talent, he was o first round draft choice for the PSU Power I team Gtown will never forget his boxing out with Al I couldn ' t hove asked for a better roommate Here ' s to the memories we shore John, you did it and I know that the Navy will never find a finer pilot Good luck. I ' ll miss you KICKSTAND AKA BE DOUGLAS T. EDWARDS Cincinnati, Ohio It wasn ' t always easy or didn ' t seem fair, but Doug always gave 100% The endless hours at his desk (was that studying ' ' or sleep- ing ' ' ) finally paid off when he tossed that cap in the air and donned his 2nd Lf bars We all knew Dougie " D " would be a Marine because he was just plain badi He was often found on the dance floor of area nightclubs or sporting his new Z for the ladies (once he got the hang of the stick) Doug couldn ' t have made it without the love and sup- port of his parents His hardworking attitude was an inspiration to many Good Lucki DJE DONALD J. ENGLISH 5 Williamsport. Pennsylvania DJ was the invisible man plebe year As Donald became Joe, a real character developed Joe also developed a nice trend in grades Lombardi-like as a football and Softball coach He could dance like an official and block the kick?? ' ' DJ had an investment in a ZX, left a deposit in a stang See you on Wall St , lunch hour at the Nautilus, w ma ' Who ' s the B dujour ' ' Is the ten- nis score in your favor or is it paid for? Remember all the road trips- PSU. et al DJ brought the power I east from Dayton sank in fluids Good Lucki$S I wish you the life of Sam Malone ACH SCOTT R. EVERTSON Virginia Beach. Virginia Escondido, California ' s contribution to Navy spent most of his free time out-of-company pushing Navy mu- sic programs Understanding that the general public wasn ' t ready for his singing voice, Esco made a ca- reer in the D B Flag Line He also proved himself a climber in the Glee Club ' s musicals, starting as a lowly ticket rep youngster year and achieving the coveted billet of Pro- ducer Lower Half as a firstie Scott epitomized the concerned room- mate, always looking out for the health and well-being of his room- mates, while providing a strong pa- ternal influence in the room The Navy has gamed a tough surface warrior OGER A. GARAY Vest Co Vina. California ihey said I ' d hate it They said it ' Quid be tough Well, they were ght I ' m glad it ' s over I ' m glad I lade it I owe a lot of people a lot f thanks To mention a few Mo , Chris TA for living with me, Brian ,)r being my big bro, JT for his sup- ort, Wally for his POSITIVE ATTI- JDE. PMS for sharing his diploma ' ith me, BBB for his verification of lY emotional depth, JC for his .OD. Fran for the hook, the Cheese )r on example of what never to e. and my family for EVERYTHING ood Luck and thanks to all PS- 3e ya in the USMC BIG MIKE ' PPS 1 : VE YOU MOMiiiiii BRUCE A. HASTIE Phoenix. Arizona Aero IS a demanding major, and the Glee Club a time-consuming ECA To participate in both seems sheer folly, but the Aggressor has taken these, as well as Protestant Chapel Choir, Scuba Club and AIAA, on in fine style these past four years Although generally quiet. Bruiser gamed his reputation young- ster year when it was noticed that he had more civilian former-room- mates than anyone else in the company The strength of Bruce ' s moral backbone gives him a super- lative concept of integrity, but his practical outlook let everyone else breathe a little easier when he be- come academic officer Good Luck in the CEC, Bruiser ' KURT P. JOHANSON Sever na Park. Marylana Kurt left his SP coterie and started Plebe Summer with his first and only real haircut (Even R Admirals have commented on his hair). After laughing his way thru the summer, he began a noted 4 year Navy soccer career (An athlete par ex- cellence, he could have lettered in two other sports had he not been such a geek) When soccer ended, keeping in shape meant buying an exercise mot (But not with a Visa). He reached his professional goal in his last semester -MIR. though his love for the Navy means career Remember good times- B-ball, Day- ton, G-town and NY with your Bros. Good luck in everything. Lift some weights or schwhatever. ACH MORGAN B. JONES Keiser. Arkansas Morgan hails from a small town in Arkansas that specializes in pigs, babies and weddings. Upon arrival at USNA Mojo had three things a girl, desire to join the hairy chested men, and an accent. Well, he still has an accent Morgan has also aquired a small arsenal over the post four years used to enforce his dating habits. To work out his agressions, MBJ participated in sports. First there was crew, foot- ball, then weightlifting (or was it body building ' ' ). This combined with the intense academic require- ments of Phi Sci gave him the smarts to pull up his britches and choose Navy Air over USMC. Thanks to all. 30TH COMPANY • 491 LOUIS J. JONSKE JR. Joppa. Maryland Mike Dickey, you guys started all this. Thanks. I guess. A Joppa lax player would be lost in Crabtown, they said, but I found my way the 21st. Navy Lax ' 86, this is our year Our fans ore the greatest we never lost a tailgater Thanks Bob ' To my family inlaws- I could not have done it w o you Thanks I love you all. To my buds from here- Congrats! To those who left- I miss ya Kuze. To the home buds- Thanks for sticking with me J J J But I ded- icate this to my babe You put up with more than I How Wonderful Life Is When Voure In The World Wonderful Tonight Love you tooi Our future, that ' s why I did it Kath 30 THIRTIETH COMPANY CAMERON M. KENYON Claremonl. Calitornia Cameron come to USNA from Fc " Lane HS Cameron gove his all tc the Navy by mojoring in Political Sci- ence He joined the gymnastics team plebe year, but then decided it would be easier to teach gym- nastics than to perform it Even though Com was a true iiberol at heart from the country of Costa l?ice he decided to attend USMA tor a semester. He then realized that the military was not for him. and he decided to attend a real college, " American University " Cam was very respected and well lil ed by everyone in the 30th Com- pany, and I would like to wish him the best of luck. WAR 492 • CLASS OF 1986 SUSAN T. KOROL Lancaster. Pennsylvania If it ' s more blessed to give than re- ceive, then Sue is a very blessed person. She was always willing to listen to and give support to any- one at any time She had a bubble- gum machine in her room which the; entire brigade used ' Also, the Log. the Oceanography club, the As- tronomy club, tne Catholic choir, and church school program, and the conditioning squad benefitted ' from her selflessness The Academy has taught Sue to assert herself ' She ' s ready for command Go get: ' em in Hawaii, but don ' t forget your: days of sunbathing on green beach: and making sand sculptures ot USNA on Virginia Beachi -- KID CHERYL L. LAWS Scnenectaay. New York Cheryl reported to USNA dete ' mined to be a pilot After sweatinc her eye test for four years stii breezed through the dreadei NAMI Physical Plebe summer wouk never have been so much fun or si " easy " if she ' d not been right b my side I kept her hair at ottentior anyway I reminded her that leov ' IS for fun, not ploying Navy Did 1 so getting engaged ' ' Was it a T-2 or T-2 pilot that stole my roomie ' ' A ways remember Smitty and Oav. as " Frick and Frack " -A mere frien will agree with you, but a real frien will argue and there is no bette friend than Cheryl She will alwa be close to my heart. Smitty STEPHEN E. NIMS Camilius. New York never thought I ' d be writing my Diography, but I ' m finally going to graduate I ' ve had a great time playing lax and I hope this will be a tDtg year The fans who follow the team are great and " we ' ve never :ost a taiigater " I ' ve made many great friendships and I hope they ast forever I can ' t say enough atxjut how much Bob Reynolds has " elped me and I hope to repay him " . the future My parents helped me get through here with their overall support and understanding I never thought I ' d get married right after a aduotion. but I didn ' t plan on -eeting anyone as wonderful as .iissy WILLIAM ANDREW RAUSCHER Murrysviile. Pennsylvania Bill came to Annapolis from Pitts- burgh, which he good-naturedly defended as the number one city in America. Bill was fun-lovmg, consid- erate, disciplined, and added im- mensely to 30th Co His friendliness won him many friends here. Among his talents was swimming After three years of hard work in the pool and a USNA record to his name. Bill wisely gave up swimming to spend weekends with his bride-to-be. Bill was on oceanographer, jokingly re- ferred to as the " fishing for credit " major Bill ' s tremendous personality and intelligence make his future in Naval Aviation and beyond look very bright CMK PAULA J. REITAN Decor ah, low a Paulo came to USNA from the Mid- west with little or no knowledge about the " real world " She quickly found out that life was more com- plicated than Iowa had depicted it to be. Academically, she took no time to adjust She excelled in the field of Computer Science and earned a VGEP scholarship She found that USNA took her through many changes, if it wasn ' t a hasty decision for a new hair style, it was a decision not to be as hardcore As USNA grew on Paulo, she also grew, not only into a naval officer, but a friendly and sensible human being Good Luck Always IMT NATHANIEL W. SCHLEY Frederick. Maryland Thirtieth Company who ore we ' ' We are the dirty Thirty Clod in a variety of torso garments. Nate the Mate could be found studying in Steerage First Class year Nate sac- rificed grades and class rank to be- come iog editor and with his trusty pipe he turned out USNA ' s best iogs since Plebe year Nate is a phi- losopher at heart and will listen to anyone ' s problems He may not hove an answer, but that is not al- ways obvious by his responses He is blessed with a voluminous vocabu- lary of grondious proportions and utilized it to make brief, clear and concise formation announcements. Good luck to you Suzy. Schley- Aye AN J. SCHWEICKHARDT ?0toro. New jersey leobte Al. Treasurer VOA. the tje every mother wanted their (■ughters to date I won ' t soy it ' .ived from Medford ' s Shawnee HS ■ first player to dunk at that siool. but Navy Hoops career «ded after Piebe year Sent to in- t muols and led team to a GRIM r ord in Sr year Gramps, do you r -lember . nights in G-town, the f ver " I " , PSU Road Trip Team, The C I B Dance, Boxing Out at the Big Viiiy, Sixers-Celts Classics, the 3st STTKashing the ACC, your con- c 3t of Duty (r unning in snow), giv- •■ 100% then drawing the line (he fvt no choice). DJ and Ralph in the s ■ g. Spring Break ' 86 w JT. DJ. h bfos. Gramps, we had fun. G xd kjck in ol KPJ PEGGY SECRIST West Union. West Virginia From Triangle VA (where ' ' ). Peg was already familiar with the crab town Experience from the WV hills aided her shooting success in pistol and rifle. With Mom ' s goodies and WE visits. Plebe year was bearable After a Yippee cruise and jumping out of perfectly good airplanes, 3 c year started on a brighter note when she met someone in rocks class Happiness was sure to last a lifetime. Rowing ended to make time for the farm, Treriton (0 Dio) and NJ shore An exotic oceano cruise led to ■l c year as a striper on 4- 1 with 5 steps to go After Grad its South to the pole and a reunion in Calif Buddy, we made it always will. ILYP SYBIL D. SMITH Fayetteviiie. Tennessee " Fedville.s " swimmer, hoop-player turned fencer 4th-wing ' s only li- censed cutter We did everything together — spring break burns. YP656. Eurail-Europe-even EMBC Is not getting caught the same os staying out of trouble ' ' Side-shaft- out of sight -out of mind-off the highway Was it a two-man or three-man room. Muffy ' ' Mom ' s in- novative chow, guardian angel let- ters, home appliance center and plenty of laughing it off. We stuck it out together for four frustrating, fun years Couldn ' t have made it with- out you. I want my friend to miss me as long as I miss tier. XO-CLAWS TODD A. STEFFY Epnrata. Pennsylvania Todd came to us from Ephroto, Pa., via Shippensburg State A year of f- boil was enough to send him on SAILTRAMID where he proved no sailboat was Mid Proof if 20 ft seas crash over the stern Chemistry couldn ' t keep Todd down No mat- ter how much work he had you coukl olways get Todd to crawl to Dahlgren for a Sat night of lip walk- ing Coaching became his next ac- complishment when his 5th Bn f-bail defense allowed only 2 TD in 2 yrs The Col realized he had his man to fill the top IM billet on the Stoneage Staff in Todd as Bn Ops Rememtser NMMMBSMEM 30TH COMPANY . 493 f. syjer FRANCIS T. SULLIVAN Stamford. Connecticut Well, it ' s all over now and I can hon- estly say I ' m glad about that. Like a friend of mine once said, I didn ' t always enjoy it, but no one can take what I ' ve done away from me. All the stories about this party or tha t road trip will soon be forgot- ten, but what needs to be said here is the most important I wont to thank all the people here and at home who were always there when I needed them. However. I could not hove done anything without the love, support, and en- couragement from my sisters, Mau- reen and Mdrgoret, and, of course, my mother and fdther. I owe it all to them Thanks JOHN R. TAYLOR Millersville, Maryland J T IS one of few who can tell his children that he walked to school Rumor has it John was a narcolep- tic I don ' t know why anyone would start such a vicious rumor, since he was never awoke to hear it The only time he was sure to be awoke was at sunrise when he awakened himself with his rooster imitations Tuk-tuk-tuk-iti The only time his rooster foiled him was the morning after Ping Dance when he almost missed 1 c cruise He didn ' t re- member this either, but it wasn ' t because he was asleep John defi- nitely graduated well rested Hope- fully P-cold has reclining E-seat for those no NO-DOZ days THIRTY-FIRST COMPANY ERIC C. WAHLSTEDT LOKe Quivira. Kansas Wolly ' s service selection may not have been obvious from the books, posters, shirts, and flight suit but he was Navy Air from the start An avi- ation expert who seldom argued about airplanes, Wally was able to earn an Aero Degree through hard work, near all nighters, and 72 hours of studying a week His love for up with people and positive dttitude were always present Wally knew regordless of his situation that he could always count on JC tor ad- vice anc Rog for emotional depth Despite nis syrup-like hot cocoa eraseoble pen. Wally was the very best of friends and will become the Navy ' s best test pilot. PMS PATRICK M. WALSH Lake wood. Colorado Pat (PMS) arrived here from Denver with o unique combination of tal- ents. He ' s a superb skier a golf N winner, but well better remember his navigating steam tunnels, con- ning Ernie, scrounging flicks, escap- ing ac-boords, sleeping forever, devouring food, snoring like a grizzly and enduring Wally We abused him ruthlessly for everything from his multitudes of women to our love for NAVAIR, but in the end 86 will re- member him as a friend to all. an enemy of none a great pilot Per- sonally I ' ll remember him as the best friend I ' ve ever hdd WALLY 494 - CLASS OF 1986 l nCTSKT JOHN D. BAMONTE Long Island. New York John came to the Naval Academy avith three things in mind gradua- rion. Gen, and Navy Air Graduation f as no problem (although Wild Bill ronvmced him that he would rather e digging up mud and clams from he Chesapeake than doing engi- leering). Gen and he survived four ears apart with no visible strains, ut two months with the Italian govy in the Med on First Class bruise muddled John ' s mind and his Javy Air ambitions flew out the win- low OS the boy went nuke John, ou smoked the Academy and I ' m ure you ' ll smoke the real world too ' ou ' re a great friend whom we ' ll liwcys look forward to seeing out here DAMON W. BATESON Keyset. West Virginia Downtown Damon DeJesus Bate- son joined us at Canoe U from Keyser, WV. the land of polyester double-knits and toughskins Pumer never drank before he got to the Academy but made a conscious effort to catch up with the boys during tailgate season Youngster year, Damon met Joy, his beloved wife to be Joy stole Damon ' s heart so fast that even his roommates got jealous First class year he took so many road trips to Nikep that his Accord could make the trip while Bates caught some Z, which he did He was a constant screen for " the boys " . He has only one last beef. Who has my 1 14 dollars ' ' God Bless Bates, we will miss you PVT TFM JOHN C. BELL Chula Vista. California It would take a place such as southern Californio to claim some- one like John. John was always proud of his Californio heritage — despite his ten-gallon hat and his preference for southern rock As early as plebe year, John proved he could be a wildman underneath a geekish exterior — food throwing as well OS partying We ' ll never for- get St, Pat ' s day. the green beer, and the shower Academics weren ' t much of an obstacle — John survived both the Rocket and Wild Bill en route to an Ocean Engi- neering degree There was only one choice for a career — Nuclear Submarines — and Admiral McKee will be proud of his choice CEN MARY E. BLAIR Stephenson. Michigan Mary was not only an Inspirational midshipman and outstanding ath- lete (like Dad!) but also a precious friend This heartbreaker, who is as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside, means more to me than words can express. May our Kahlua never empty, our dancing never stop, and our laughter never die Hold fast to your dreams I wish you all the happiness that you de- serve You will remain in my heart forever -KDU (Mary ' s favorites: run- ning, oerobicizing. being with fnends. and spending unforgetta- ble time with her sweetheart Ver- non Richard Butler. EVEN MICHAEL BRADY --.,.-. eM jerse ice Upon A Time . . . the pride d py of Oaklyn came to Navy K) in JAMS and high top turfs. 3ve was determined to set the ( lodemy on fire with his " do it all " fitude, and that ' s exactly what did These Were The Best Of " es Bunch thrilled us all for 4 ars while on the football field 5se Bowl T D pick. Army ' 85 stick) Those feats were nvaled only his other weekend antics ' At the t football practice Bunch found other end of the " embilical d " 44 and 45 became m- : xirabie. " the Boys " and the oth- 5 of " Les Boys " will surely miss 3 ' ve end his vivacious personality. ) will always be close no matter Jat the distance is between us 1? best IS yet to come. — E and •d VERNON R. BUTLER Beltsville. Maryland Vern-non Butler came bee-bop- ping to US from High Point High School in Beltsville. Md A native Maryland boy at heart-the only contradiction being Vernon ' s pas- sion for a round ball instead of a lax stick. He leaves Navy with the all- time sconng and rebounding titles to his credit. Non was also noted for setting records in the tailor and cobbler shops Being 6 ' 7 " and wearing a size ' 15 shoe, he spent most of plebe summer in different uniform combinations A throwback to the 50 ' s end Elvis Presley, Vern ' s pastimes include-tons of food, fine taste for music, and the best of times spent with Mary Elizabeth Blair ROBERT L. CERES JR. Naples. Italy The Mighty Martian One. Watch out or he just might beam you up. by mistake! And if that doesn ' t get you. watch out for the stereo with the ship to shore cables as speaker wire Howard Jones at 150dB is enough to deafen anybody. But what crystal highs, stunning lows . . . " Hey Pete, is it safe to go out yet? " Those women always seemed just a bit overactive. Watch out. some- times they bite! Just remember three things. Rob. " There is only one thing that matters, " you ' ll find you ' re Princess somewhere, and good things happen to those who wait J. COOPER CROUSE Brimingham, Alabama You can call me Cooper or you can call me Coop or you can call me J Coop but you don ' t have to call me Jay Once everybody mas- tered Cooper ' s name (except Leann) it was obvious that he was the all-American boy who claimed he was from the South but did a helluva Northerner impersonation. Never at a loss for words or fine clothes Cooper aspired to the call of leadership and he was always willing to drag his friends along It seemed U of M needed his pres- ence more than we did one stormy Army week night Remember- Batch-Xmas trees-Eat Da Food- Eboat-Va Tech-Cancun hitchhik- ers-baby put-signs-Long Beach the " boys " Keep m touch, buddy. your ex-roommate Madmnn 3 1ST COMPANY • 495 JOHN M. DOREY Auburn. Massachusetts My roommate, the YP Commo- dore Too bad I ' m not writing tor thie Log, I ' ve lived withi hiim for five se- mesters now and I still haven ' t fig- ured out two things how he sleeps so much and which Mary is he dat- ing now? It ' s been easy living witt him First Class year, as he ' s always asleep or out taking three striper liberties. Luckily. I didn ' t kill him with the stereo (to the others, my apol- ogies ) For JD, the very traditional end well used seems the most ap- propriate Fair winds and following seas to you (you ' ll need them on that little frigatei) PLC PATRICIA L. MCCARTHY Liverpool. New York Patty came from a typical, middle- class, suburban family from central New York The Lord, in His grace, saw fit to let her become a plebe in the class of 1986 Patty discovered the meaning of stress plebe year and the answer to stress youngster year when she met Jesus At USNA. she saw the Lord working for good as she worked through Aero. PE. and sleepwalking. She is looking for- ward to being on EDO on land (The Norton Sound would be relieved) She was greatly encourged by her Christian family, esp the OCF and her loving roommates all four years In 31, she has grown from every- one, esp. seeing the friendship among the " boys " God bless. JEFFREY MICHAEL OURAND Portland. Maine This Caribouian came to Navy des- tined for fame Branded insolent early in his career (Nice Halt. sir). Jeff gamed the alios " Madman " Among the boys though, he was always LW Whether in Blacksburg. Long Beach or E Lansing. Jeff broke hearts and downed brews Jeff sometimes came out of his bed in the spring to play Baft Lax Keff Hur- gan. loved living with you for 3 5 I ' ll see you when you surface Next sign pleasei Good luck and Long Live " The Boys " JCC MICHAEL S. GIAUQUE Brush. Colorado G. Little G anything else that be- gins with a G He came from Hawaii, then he was the Pagin Brown Dirt Cowboy when his family moved to Colorado How could one guy have so much ' ' The company held him in awe when he parted the Red Sea So did the boysi That little smokie is always up for a party, or some chuck for that matter He sailed for a while, but with no WE ' s he checked that From here its off to Pensacola to follow in Poppy ' s foot- steps I couldn ' t ask for a better roomie, or a better friend STEIN iHl H y l THOMAS F. McGOVERN Philddelphia. Pennsylvania McGov mode a life of being dis- crete, the mystery man Everyone asked his roommates what he was like because they were afraid to talk to him Between his obsession with Navy crew and being shot down 18 times in Conn, " Don ' t want to dance do you ' ' I did not think so " Tom wasn ' t easy to figure out. just ask Bates about that life- threatening headlock To top all that off he left a trail of broken hearts and pleading women He wore nice clothes too. just ask Sev- ers, Tom decided that the sky ' s the limit. Fly Navy Fly straight, we ' ll miss you It ' s been a fun four with " the boys " . PVT DWB JOHN F. MEIER Export. Pennsylvania Stein. I don ' t remember him ever saying a word during plebe summer other than. " I ' ll find out Sirl " but he always had the most mail We end- ed up rooming together tor four years and became the best of friends The first year he showed us how to party at the football ban- quet, and then he lost it with Na- palm Youngster year, after the Fi- Fi ' s. he started his juggling act, which he continued for the rest of his stay here He also spent time in the slam when I parted the Red Sea When his grades dropped he realized his true calling was Navy Air not Nuke Never one to go slow. John will be hit ' n it hard in P-cola, See you there, G, MICHAEL F. KENNY Ogden. Utah Chocolate Pie Sponky Smacker. Choirman-HMWHG S Club, MOT; (Grand Master of Tact ) Double. Black " N " Winner Special Envoy with 11th Company Do you like! me, Mr Luikorf Goat Court Pyro-! technics Engineer The Cheesemor and the 4 P ' s St Thomas Scars Zeppelin Women LB 8t BFM ' s 2nc half at the Rose BowP The thing; you can learn from your little broth- eri Service Selection Coin Toss JUSTIN I. MILLER Laguna Beach. California Justin came to 31 after a tour in " regiment, switching after realizir where the Good Navy Deals reo were A true politicon and Reput can, he always had a way of ge ting what he wanted, somehow ( ways within the regs Justin was ( economics major who really kne the value of the dollar, and if does not finish his book about tt economy by graduation, I am su he will do It on WESTPAC on his ne AEGIS cruiser Good Luck in ti years ahead, Justin, and welcor to the real winners circle (PHV) 496 • CLASS OF 1986 ft V, l ARK D. MILLER olorado Springs. Colorado z. Turtle, etcetra Tick arrived at 3VV via MMA with varsity football i his goal After coasting through ebe year, the Tic was tripped up J engineering and finally saw the ,ht: Phy Sci. Graduation then be- ijme his a 1 goal, but football was Iclose second From there, it ' s his- |ry Number 59 started at guard i senior year, and also managed I keep his head above water in |e classroom Now the Tickster will a flying member of the GUN luB. Always the last to finish eat- b. Tick never went hungry (or lirsty-July 4-Tequila) Good Luck, ' ■•ster. we ' re all proud of you. CARL E. NORTH Lima. Ohio Carl, after spending a year at NAPS, left his native Lima. Ohio to join the canoe club Plebe year found him assigned to everyone ' s favorite second class, but Carl found his revenge on K-day During Spring break Carl proved his drink- ing ability against some of the best in the country in the sun of Ft Lau- derdale, Lauderdale also proved to be the origin of his unique nick- name. " Wad man " EE owned Wad man ' s weekend time as a young- ster and a second class Then came first class year, a new RX-7. and yes — weekends Miraculously his eyes survived as he opted for pilot. We wish Wadmon best of luck and safe landings CERYL L. PRICE S Clar Shores. Michigan Tl most important thing in Cheryl ' s " i is her relationship with Jesus Qist She found a new family and o escape from the Hall in the rr nbers and activities of the Offi- c,; ' Christian Fellowship Then, to l surprise, she found her fiancee ' in,X;F. too ' Cheryl also spent a )d deal of time playing the flute in ie winter musicals, and second t e on the Womens ' Softball Club " hie Spring Following her June- w?k wedding, she ' ll settle down w Mitch in DC. where she ' ll test tt " usefulness of her computer sci- e e " education " in her first job KENNETH A. REIMAN Culpeper. Virginia Having come to USNA as an Air Force brat. Ken had little trouble coping with the military way of life, Plebe year passed quickly and third class year found him a budding en- gineer As time passed, first class year saw Ken as squad leader and admin officer You never saw Ken around on weekends as he was ei- ther at UVA or home (more the for- mer than the latter). And that 4,0 1 C year proved you can have fun ond still be an academic stud But Ken ' s biggest achievement was getting his commission in the Air Force Their motto is " Aim High " , Now look to the stars and may the success you ' ve had so far continue Good luck PHV THIRTY-FIRST COMPANY i GERALDINE S. STACHELSKI Cheektowaga, New York Some take Plebe year seriously, not Gen. whose carefree easygoing manner earned her the name of Stoneface Stachelski Youngster year brought a smile and fun times with home town friends (future Bri- gade tst Lt) But nothing could compare to those squad trips to Atlantic City and one special new friend From then on. gymnastics had stiff competition Not wanting to be outdone. Gen got 3 stripes of her own 1 c year Who could ever forget the " 1st time I ' ve ever done something against the regs " (Ar- my Navy ' 85) After graduation Gen will be fulfilling two dreams- shortening her last name and be- coming an Intell Officer L D S DON EARL STEDHAM Fairfax. Virginia Once Upon A Time from a proud family in Fairfax. Va came a young man with his sights set to the stars Don arrived with his " be the best " attitude and determined to take on the world, and over the years he has done just that These Were The Best Of Times " The Boys " quickly took Don under their wing as a partner in crime and he later emerged as one half of " Les Boys ' i The friendships that we formed will continue to grow and the times we shared will never be forgotten by any of us We ' ll all keep in close contact when he ' s above sea lev- el, but I ' ll miss the special times I hod with one of the best guys I ' ve ever met However, the heated battle continues as we both improve with age ' Bunch PETER B. VAN TASSEL West Chester, Pennsylvania Once upon a time, there come t Navy a boy named Peter He camj, to be a doctor, but after Freshnno chemistry decided that physicJ science was more worthwhile More importantly, VT came t| Navy to learn how to be a man to develop the necessary tools tl excel. He discovered that one musl survive before he can excel os til tactfully dodged the acadenm. board one semester at a time learned that family and the bo, make all the difference, for the sc or fnend of a lion is also a lion he got no regrets Pete ' s latest pursi. is for the only flame in town, bij that ' s a whole different story Thari ' j you friends, especially Mom anil Dad I iki PETER H. VLOEOMAN East Patchogue, New York From the shores of LI,. NY Pete came to USNA with two goals Nuke Subs and Graduationi He didn ' t know about the fun times and " good deals " that lay ahead as he pursued ECA ' s like D B and weekends at Loyola And gung ho ' ' Pete was always gung ho, even if he didn ' t go marine helos and the closest he got was Marine E No- body on plebe detail will forget his hard work, especially those who got the dreaded " double sweats " Nor will they forget his Princess, " Goodnight, where ever you are ' " A friend to all and one who always did his best and what was right, here ' s wishing you the best of luck through the years KAR RLC (M,M,) BRETT D. WISE New Orleans. Lousiana Brett, born and raised in Louisio ' i came to USNA with the drearr - being an aviator, but after th- and a half years of a Pepsi befc nine, minimal study hours, and fr- z. mum wardroom time, he decoi to take the nuke bribe and c- come a bubble head Brett ' ■ been a mystery to many people i playing the quiet, innocent pars: But on certain ocassions his feme has been known to flare One t ' ; it resulted in a brutal and compie- ' dust-mopping of his plebe e roommates ' Wub uniform while ; roommate was still in it We all w Brett good luck on his travJ aboard the steely-eyed killers ' the deep Take care buddy. 498 • CLASS OF 1986 " ■wtodtiy, vr ' WcttenecH ' -eiscoveieo-- THIRTY-SECOND COMPANY .5 31 OVfflW, Hi ' " ' rprd Study ' " . Dutl f 1 -ii?!«p«? ' i ' . ALAN D. BOYD Chicago. Illinois Alan come here from a suburb of the Windy City, After having roomed with this future submariner for 4 years, I can honestly say that he probably contributed more to USNA than many others Not only was he a member of the Rugby team but he also excelled in aca- demics, being a Trident scholar dur- ing his Senior year Yes, ole Al was the brain in this room, but I benefit- ted from it. After all. how many Mids have a phone in their room? The future holds a lot more for Alan He definitely deserves the best To my roommate, good luck in the sub- marine fleet. See you there, JRY THOMAS P. CANN Crofton. Maryland Tom is a hot-tempered, straightfor- ward, and valuable friend who came to Canoe U, after a year at Mercersburg, Tom went into plebe year fired up and raring to go and literally came out cooked from all the fries He was named Captain of the ED squad (TPED), Tom cooled down as the stripes increased upon his shoulders. And now as a 1 c, the pinnacle of a naval career, he has the " laid back " outlook that will carry him to Pensacola Tom is an oceanography major who will al- ways tell you that gravy is for sweats It just doesn ' t matter be- cause he IS a 13901 DARWIN L. CLARK San Diego, California What can you soy about a man named Thumper ' ' Darwin came to us from San Diego via West Point, a most unique route indeed! He dem- onstrated his bravery early on by riding forth like a man possessed to do battle with the dreaded Smurf and he won When he wasn ' t de- veloping his plebes he could be found instructing us as to how one could be so manly yet have the biggest toy collection in the com- pany He was also a member of the Panther Club and the Blackheads When you partied with Darwin you knew you were partying with The Best Good luck and keep taking names. KURT J. ENRIQUEZ Huntington Beacti. California Dubbed " squez " his plebe year. Kurt came to USNA from NAPS, Youngster year, when he met Deb- bie, we could hear the wedding bells ring and our first drinking part- ner fell by the way side However, the boys off to P-cola hove gamed home cooked meals at the Enn- quez house Nobody enjoys mexi- can meal more than Kurt, and he was never afraid to show us why. During first class cruise. Kurt went into the low profession from the dark side as a UIP participant Off to Pensacola with a new wife and a seasoned car. Kurt will succeed in all his endeavors 32ND COMPANY • 499 BRIAN M. FLACHSBART 5 Louis. ' iiSsouri Flash came from St. Louis planning on soiling, flying, and not studying. His most interesting sailing days were witti Louie aboard Onnabar- 2 c year-you tiad to wait till dinner every nigtit to see if Fiasti was still on ttie team 2 c year also marked a major transition for Flesh. A self- avowed hacker up through his 5th semester, he turned into a true geek for his lost 3 semesters-every- one was amazed 1 c year Flash regularly kicked his roomate out at night so that he could have a Mech E pow-wow with Kip and the rest of his Mech E buddies Flash was a great roomie and I hope he be- comes a great pilot, and always continues to seek God THEVENIN JOHN R. GENSURE Huntington. Connecticut John came to USNA with a brief- case, calculator, and a hunger for knowledge At first the shock of plebedom confused the little Gench. and many wondered if he would survive all the restriction and tours, he did, in fact he excelled ' With the tutoring of his roommates (Waft and the Wetback) he went from plebe sweat to dirtboll (my God we created a monster!) De- spite succumbing to many tempta- tions (such as little girls and week- ends of drunken debauchery) he persevered and got his own VGEP parking space Thanks for the gen- erous giving of yourself that only comes from the closest friends. Lit- tle guy Friend LANCE M. HOYT Mtn. Home, Idatio Ah Idaho! Land of potatoes, sheep and red rain - at least while Lance was there. Since shotguns ore a big port of his life, it ' s no wonder he joined the skeet team Too bad his dad doesn ' t own a gun shop It al- most got him out of drill Yes, that ' s right, an angle on everything Re- member people over desks. Max over guppies, net bogs over heads and ET orbiting over everything ' ' And then there ' s Beth Anni What a body - lean, powerful, all muscle If she ' s his second love, his first is fly- ing, even with short hair You ' ll look good in Marine blues, wear them well, fly better. Good luck and Godspeed. GARRET H. HUBBARD Anctiorage. Alaska To describe Hubs as mild mannered would be a fatal anachronism Af- terall. calm is not how one de- scribes one who runs down the hall sans shorts, abuses SW with a scal- pel, or fantasizes about ridding the world of vermin with a Spas- 12 This did not keep him from being lov- ■ able though The little girl shooter will testify to that She turned the hunter into a man who ate happy meals and watched Yogi and Boo- boo every weekend. Unfortunate- ' ly, she never taught him to clean. In parting, may you " Party Arty " and ' whatever you do, do it like a Ma-i rine, even if its watching Yogi SD MAURICE E. JARRELL Mt. Airy. North Carolina Maury came to us from Tarheel country but it was a few weeks into plebe summer before we even knew he was here Quiet and easy- going, for the most part, but he has to admit that a little of his room- mate ' s fiery tongue rubbed off on him and served him well. Super Plebe, youngster, Segundo and a two striper were the positions Mo held during his career at USNA Let ' s not forget his first true love, the " Z " . Mountain rood-Z will never be the some Remember Max and the guppies ' ' Hope you get your Cot and remember to shoot straight Take care Bud D. GUY JORDAN Higtipoint. North Carolina Guy ' s law: Win at all costs. An NC native, his notable firsts are the Scalpel contest and a Bancroft ro- mance. Weekends would find our hero winding the bockroads with USNA86 preparing for P-colo The landings, at times, were hard (d- wheel fence climbing) Guy be- came very unhappy upon learning " They ' re both the some thing " , but he recovered Studying at Luce was not too boring, so he man- aged to come along just right Guy, along with his friend SD, will be re- membered for Desk Top Flashes, Valentine surprises, and bringing his book to class Good luck in the Tough Team ERIC G. MERRILL Bangor. Maine Life at USNA for Vector consisted of sifting and updating the dozens of girls on his blotter until one ddy there was one. From Tijuana to Bahrain, Rick left a port of him wher- ever he traveled Somewhere Rick earned the name " Entropy Man " , although we ' re not sure how. Per- haps it was his major, or maybe his penchant for neatness. We ' ll never forget our perennial company commander, though as he and An- gle head south to start their nuclear family. He will always be the man with magnitude and direction, the Vector, DANIEL C. MOSES San Diego. California Snake comes from sunny SoCal. H« has always been a winner until ht met his match in Pasadena wearinc white silk boxer shorts Don is alwo. quick with a kind word, " Hey, alit ' t too much cherry crisp? " What wt remember most about Dan is hi light sleeping, he woke us up durinc finals screaming something abou shutting-up Dan sailed through flu ids on an 8-in yacht This must hav stirred his passion for the sea, be cause he then joined the Canoe L Yacht Club The true reason mo have been to get out of drill. Doi has always wanted to soar with thi eagles, now he has his chance Good Luck at P-cola 500 • CLASS OF 1986 JEFFREY K. MOSHER -e-c-one. Massachusetts ' ia .. s Mom + Dad! McKown ' s ' Al- ways remember Jack + Hershel! Afterdeck w Gordo Pittsburg, ski- ing Soutti America A N in CA Her- shel ' s house w Sctiildy! 2 for 7 disas- •er. 9oDR Saved by Rugby ' England 85 Finally done Hawaii 85 w Gordo -I- The Major Position Meni Beware of the BAI?N crew Scalpel that thong ' Summer ' 85 w Pot at Cope Cod! Summer School, The Boss Chevy ' s ' Thanks Kelly + ' Judy for fall of ' 85, BLT ' s The Block Beast, Army a Tuscon 8- 3 A N in Hospital, Service Selection Drunkard Go Baby Mo ' Friday Nite at Gander ' s, Drink one, wear one CGN The Rap Off to score for the Corps The Man. The Myth. The THIRTY-SECOND COMPANY THOMAS J. O ' KEEFE Fairfax. Virginia Opie come to USNA all the way from Fairfax. VA, Like all true Irish- men, his favorite holiday isn ' t Christ- mas or his birthday, it ' s St. Patricks Day, He ' s always easy to get along with except when he ' s sleeping- his snoring ability is only exceeded by his ability to stay asleep during the most violent barrages He survived the Rocket (I never sow anyone so happy to get a D), found the girl he was searching for. and he ' s ready to head to Orlando to become one of the Steely-eyed Killers of the Deep Good luck to a good friend, R W CORNELIUS F. O ' KEEFE, JR. ' an Diego. California ■eil came to the Academy witn e goal in mind to become a sue :river His Marine Engineering major • as sort of a 4-year nuke schoci ' ep course, and armed with ream.s ■f engineering paper and his pre- ous comics, he chased his goal leil did get a iittie sidetracked dur- ' 9 his time here, but while o •- r jke bribe money ran thrc j- - igers. why not on engagerrie - ig foo ' ' Ever since that game ot low FB. Trinity was Neil ' s secona ame Good luck m Orlando. Neii, nd watch out for floods and tire 3ns. Thanks for manning the door ach morning at reveille — The •ench GORDON R. OLIVER II oraopoiis. P nrtsyivania He loved weekends with Mom and Dad Time spent with Vicki. Bill. Alex: Cherished Beat the conduct sys- •em with the Luck of Gordo MON- STER! Oh You ' A N m CA ' Vodka, Schildy. Fire don ' t mix Sandee? Spring Break ' HIRSCH ' 4 m Barn! Scal- pel ' SCROTO ' Toaster Oven PORSCHE914 ' With MOSH in Hawaii! Position Men ' Shower ' Audience? No Football ' JPC Mosh ' s! Chevy ' s ' Party with Kelly and Judy ' Advice from " FATHER " Schildy! Boss, get o tickef Wheel on HP ' Tailgater! Good food. Mom ' Tombstones ' Wearing Beer ' 1390! Phone calls home ' HELP ' Love to Dad. Mom. Sher. friends ' Work Hard. Ploy Hard! I am ready ' Off to Pensocola ' High. Hard. Fast ' 32ND COMPANY • 501 LOINS P. PARTIOA Yoitxi Linda. California Aerospace h; .r ■;-enng. Navy Air C-r ■ ■ " to USNA to sc rd. chase high scTi . y . „ ifcvB,-. never study He vk ' os successful in all these, espe- cially sailing (a natural wetback). 2 c year Louie made skipper and armed with his awesome but thirsty crew, credit cards, and beer belly, gamed notoriety around the boy, SAILING ON THE HAIRY EDGE Louie ' s creativity knew no bounds, as seen by his 8th wing players brainstorm. which proved they can indeed FRY US ALL " I Love Little Girls " was a popular song in his heyday, but April, his hometown sweetheart soon had SCRUFFY singing a new tune, " Here Comes The Bndei " - Flash, Gench, and Mr Spike THIRTY-SECOND COMPANY DANIEL G. PEDRO Hollywood. Florida Dan came north to us from Holly- wood, just down the road from the fabled city of Fort Lauderdale He brought with him his impeccable taste in clothes, ranging from tweed to palms and parrots When not defending the Dolphins over beer and pizza, Dan could be seen behind the wheel of his unique Ce- lica Convertible A dedicated Sur- face Warrior. Dan will take his pro- fessionalism (and his Panther Club Uniform) out to the beaches of San Diego and the world. ■ . A GERALD K. PFEIFER West Des Moines. Iowa In the summer of ' 82, Jerry came to USNA from Iowa with no more in- sight than a USNA catalog could supply A Firstie quickly recognized him as a leader . . the " Ringlead- er " of 32 Jerry always worked wholeheartedly and put forth his best effort His fortitude helped him to become a quality company commander Yet he considered himself as a servant as did his best friend Jesus Christ. " For even the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give His life OS a ransom for many " (Mark 10 45) Jerry ' s life challenges us he runs the face that is set before him, fixing his eyes upon Jesus Keep shining His light ' . ::; JOHN J. RAMOS Pittsburgh Pennsylvania John was a surprise to us as we re- turned from Second Class Summer sort of like the babe on the door- step Whatever his origins, he soor established himself as the comic czar of 32 Firstie year finally came, and with it the blue ' stang, calls from Mr Dunstan, letters from Northeastern and Shirley ' s vacation home on the East Coast (John your ship is in Long Beact}t) John has helped many a rock make the grade, and eventually made them himself He has certainly earned the gold Fair winds and following seas out west, John 1 . • ' ' ▼- 502 • CLASS OF 1986 THANE D. RIVERS Los Angeles. California Damian came to us from that land of individualism. LA He brought with him a voracious appetite, the company ' s first HP-4 ' t and a magi- cal shower cleaning concoction Through the years Thane held the posts of Company Ironman. Pos- sessed Man and President of the " Under Ground " (Should we make it on ECA ' ' ) Despite the romantic ( ' ) experience of Youngster Cruise, Thane allowed his California Greed to sway him at Service Selection Really Thane, jump wings on a Poopy Suif Oh well, the coffee and popcorn machines will miss you. and we know you will never be silent in the service JEFFERY S. RUTH San Diego. California Jeff IS another of our lads from San Diego, from which he brought his preoccupations skiing, aerospace, and Julie He did well in each re- spect, until Squaw Valley Jeff was a straightforward and valuable friend, and a man always ready to head for the slopes or on a lobster diving trip, no matter the cost. Af- ter a few adventurous months as a bachelor with the boys, this mem- ber of the Panther Club and the Blackheads will cast himself head- long into matrimony, and do quite well for himself Jeff is going Navy NFO. and we all expect big things from the man from North Tiajuana GREGORY P. SCHILDMEYER Cincinnati. Ohio ' Schildy ' , 1 Scared First call home- Kathy 24 days Still scared Foot- ball? Yes lfs all over Spoin, 2: N- Star Hirsch gone Systems or math ' s Football! Powereatmg- Flonda Stay or go ' ' 3 Fall flat on face Home 8060 Blue Goose No gas No more Kathy 4: 1 foot ot UVA. ND 17-7 Franklin St. Judy- Mosh Jack ' s last party Banque- t USMC Next? In all, God has been good to me, I am fortunate The one constant these four years has been the love and support from 7281 You ' ve lifted me up and knocked me down, all in good tim- ing Thanks USNA. goodbye 32. may the luck of Gordo be with you PAUL A. SHELTON Louisville. Kentucky Our first memories of Paul are how he wore his PE gear, our later ones are how he wore his uniform- proudly, Paul has the knack of bringing out the best in people or the worst in them (Is Joe ' s name- tag enough proof of that? IFOS) Then there ' s firstie year: dinner at home, his beloved car in the yard, (or IS that in the shop ' s) and ever shorter hair Shakespeare wrote " to thine own self be true " Paul lives it Stay true to yourself, Paul, The Corps is lucky to have you, and so were we y, HEODORE N. SMALLOW ' ' noia. Maryland ed came to USNA because he I ' Qnted to go away to school On I- ay, Ted left home for the 5 mm de to USNA knowing he wouldn ' t e seeing his parents for at least a ' oek Ted amazed everyone lebe year by getting straight A ' s nd deciding to major in EE EE soon 50k it ' s toll, however, dropping 3d ' s CQPR to a meager 3 34. but 3t before Ted earned the nick- arrie " Thevenm " The biggest lange in the life of Ted came tien he met Jesus, and the Navi- 3tors From that moment on all his lare time was spent with God and e Navigators Ted is looking for- ord to Surface Line FLASH STEPHEN M. WAUGH Irvine. California The speculation is that Steve was born in combat boots. An eager, enthusiastic, and ambitious grad of MMA, Waff was involved in more activities than was possible for the average plebe Luck is not a strong point (he ' s wrecked almost every vehicle he ' s operated), and al- though this applies to his social life (he has been punted, dropped and snaked out of several relationships). Waff remains undaunted, having recently contracted " Latin Fever " Academically, his luck fairs better and despite a few close bouts he remains an Aero He has been the best of friends and roomates. and I hope he will indeed reach the stars LPP ' 86 JOHN MARC WIEMANN Silver Spring, Maryland John Marc came to the academy from far off and exotic Silver Spring. MD He will be remembered as a lis- tener, a skilled athlete, and 6th Batt Ops But if you ' ve spent a little time around J M you know that the most enduring and visible part of his life IS o living relationship with Jesus Christ, a hope that he shares with all he meets He has lived out Colos- sians ■! 28 which says. " " So. we pro- claim Christ We warn everyone we meet, and we teach everyone we can, all that we know about Him, so that we may bring every man up to his full maturity in Christ " John More, may the Lord continue to bless you as you share His love with others JAMES R. YOUNG fvlemphis. Tennessee Jim, better known as Angus, stormed Into the Naval Academy with an accent thick enough to at- tract the women and a notion that one doesn ' t need to study to make it through here Well I ' ve finally bro- ken most of the accent but he only studied during 3 c and 2 c years, Angus IS a thoroughbred SWO, It he doesn ' t become CO of the USS NJ, (boom-boom), his mission in life will be unfulfilled This terror to plebes will always continue to remain a simple southern boy who is " Fixin " ' to do something What ever it is, he IS sure to succeed ADB 32ND COMPANY • 503 ' JfJ THIRTY-THIRD COMPANY MARK S. BARTH Lisbon, Ohio After the easiest plebe year on re- cord, Mark began alternating Ctiristmas in Acapuico with Spring Break in Florida until First Class year brought Company Commander, 3- striper libs, and pub night Mark led us in marchovers before the games and beer-bongs after and from the motor home to the Chart House, he set the party standard despite a weakness for always being the first to fall asleep After pumping out his last set of pullups for Navy, Mark chose Subs and headed for Orlan- do Mark will succeed at whatever he does, not just by his capability to achieve, but by his determination to have a good time DANIEL L. BELOY IV Kings Park. New York Aaayi Herman (Hoiman) come tc Squidville from the Island, listeninc to the Boss PurplePrince exclu sively. the radio tuner was neve still His travel took him to exotu lands and beautiful bobes-Hawa (Claire) NC (Renee) UofMD (Sapp sters) RIO (Carlo) and countless lo cals until he was introduced to lu- by the " Spammer " Roadtnps wers cool- UGA, LA, NYC (losf), OC (party in Rm333). hop to Hawaii (if cheap) 2 c summer started th( nonstop party til GRADUATIOr (Pubnite, Boozecruise, G-town. 8 4) Midstdndout-certified gector; stars, brigade supply (Freddy foui wgt lifting (Rambobody) SerSel SwoBelly-KeyWest-easymoney f easychics for free Beginning, love great -DREW- ROBERT C. BLACK Whippany. New Jersey In July of 1982 Bob packed up his Conon magazine collection and went to the Ndval Academy Bob cruised plebe year, with a steady supply of mountain dew and pizza, and a clear path to Bob Ward ' s Youngster year brought Bob face- to-face with the Phillipines and the infamous flying monkey Second- class year brought him Fred (cor). Diane (future dependent), and glasses Come Service Selection. Bob realized people like Crash Jake would soon be driving ships, so he joined the Air Force Well. Bob. at least I know ten will get offi Aim High. Buddy SNAKE ALAN T. ESAKI Pearl City. Hawaii Al come to USNA from the beachi of paradise Al was so happy to t here he broke a plate over his hec and earned several stiches Plat year was a shock to Al as he had put up with all us hooles But t soon introduced us to " local " foo Al didn ' t go looking for girls, he he no need, as he already had i sweetheart CAREN Al found tough, he never slept and kept i roommates up all night-morning ' ways challenging himself he w destined to become a warrior the deep We ' ll al miss Al ' s philos phies on Life, etc , and his fame sayings- Hogus Bogus Bogus B gialities Good luck ' We go gru some saimin brah! KURT D. GOESER Chicago Illinois Kurt came to USNA for the educa- tion and discipline He monaged to get thie education, but somehow he missed the discipline He be- came the " Booze " during plebe year through Saturday atternoons at the Buzzard It was there that he and the Rat became our Co EMBC reps. Through the years, we have seen him at his finest. Tijuana, the briefcase bar. the Goeser Diet Health Plan. Bike week. Club 6-3. boxing on 14th Street, and sleeping on Lincoln ' s front porch More good times to ya ' in Athens and beyond and always remember, wherever you go Kurt " BE GRATEFUL " Pendy. WUB DAVID S. GREENE Camden. New York From out of the Great White North, alias Cromden. came David Scott the Astronaut Dave was a model squid during Plebe Summer but transformed quickly to the Form-2 collection depot during the remain- ing 8 semesters This sent Dave in search of an aggressive outlet which he found in Rugby Dave never confused his priorities, with academics running a cool last place. The DC Beltway won ' t tor- get the " often seen, never caught " red Bemer. WOOFi Big. really huuuge Dave always was a flyer to the Corps and proved it on selection night Good luck and best wishes to you always. Greeno JEFFREY H. HOLYFIELD Los Angeles California After earning an N-Star as o 4 c. Hunt was injured only to come back l c year and help Navy XC with Its best season ever Who is this man that not only has all original issue skivvies, but also all his laundry chits from plebe year ' ' A 3 AC board man. Jeff (aka HEAD), has been quoted as saying. " There are two things that no one else (not even James Webb) can love-AI Cantello and USNA " And where can you find this Buscaglia reader when he ' s not in love ' ' You can ' t, but you can see him " " ON STAGE " . I LOVE YOU RUBY gooOOO BQi BRYAN D. HUBBARD New York City. New York Known as Bo Diddly, this bright city type out of NAPS found the econ major just enough work to keep him tired TEN-HUTi when it came to varsity drill for Bo though, being one of USNA ' s silent drill studs Besides econ. he also studied the latest garb in GQ and always looked the part. Away from USNA. Bo might be seen rolling by in his slick, rock gray, beloved Scirroco, probably on his way clubbing Out at night, if he wasn ' t charming the ladies with his suave rap, he was just dancing his step. What makes Bo different?-Be- ing different! Mont Florence Dave Sr Jr Deviko Deva JoAnn Phil Men- dez GooOOO HE AD! Ml i PS I h ' r i i GARDNER H. JACKSON Sealora. Delaware (Pause) Who are you? Until this year few knew Fewer knew the YPer could count to 58 except 1-58 ' 84 saw the Rod. VGEP. and shyness leave, but we all found a friend from the gouge state ' 84 also sow rising problems with MS and Mellons He can always motorboat through and he did m Dayton with a friend Blidee Biodee ' The Snail forgot to return his hand from SC to give to the COL but he settled it on a physi- cal basis instead ' 85 introduced Spozomatic to the Clique, a well worn path to Pub Night, and the Bagel lady, but no stars Watch out for those wheel chairs, stay out of laundry carts, and hit the rack Jack ' AKK DAVID L. JACOBSON Haines City, Fionaa Emerging from plebe summer, Dave was ready to take on the Bri- gade Surviving plebe year with the rest of us, he entered youngster year with gusto ' Heading to the Rose Bowl, he had Brasso and Win- dex in hand While watching him wax his floors was always good for a lough, nothing could beat his abil- ity to walk without moving his up- perbody to save his tuck 2 cars later, as a second class, he began to change Corrupted by both Rat and Beast, our Dave soon discov- ered the joys of wine, women and Copenhagen I ' m sure these joys will follow him into the blue skies as an NFO, Fly high and free Snake! (ROB) KYLE B. KING Irmo. South Carolina Gaze upon the Beast and tremble with horror The mighty J.B,. too much of Frau Heller; the soothsayer. (How many burritos?), the dental tech, the social worker with a hun- tin ' license, the bitter war historian (Lincoln was the Anti-Christ). Kyle you have a lot to be proud of, will you graduate with the elusive 3,0? You developed taste in women, I ' m sure you ' ll remember the blissful minutes with Fatty and Slammy Beast you partied with the Best, slept like a narcoleptic, became dangerous on Rock guitar and were a good friend as long as no one wanted anything of value. Take care of the MOD-2, smile safely, take care, eep The Booze ANDERS C. KINSEY Newport Beach. California Here lies a Kinsey Anders, alias Chris, alias Kinsman, rocked in from California on the crest of a wave. A surfer turned Midshipman. Chris ' trademark never was superior aca- demic achievment. nor unfailing at- tention to military reg and rule. However, this Mid was known to keep frequent appointments re- quiring unusually precarious plan- ning and excessively speedy trans- portation. Rocky will never forget Rt, 270, Yes, long live Hood College, pickup basketball. The Beach Boys, and saddle shoes. Hail to the Chief, the Order of the Sleepless Knights will now assume the throne. Good luck to ya Chris, and never let it be said all Californians are bad 33RD COMPANY • 505 •• ,ipJ?JH I PATRICK R. KLANSEK Willingboro vc ' .i- Jersey Pat was an exceptional mid from the start Like his brother he chose Mech E, and Nuke Power Before his appointment as OCF Pres, Pat ' s life style wasn ' t so heavenly-those wild times in Hawaii, the Rose Festival, and passing up the BC cheerlead- er. Also, his Navy Spirit led him to test his head in the shower before the GAME in Pasadena As a Mech E., he avoided the Rocket and Wild Bill thus the Supe Starsi Pat ' s con- servative, friendly attitude, and strict convictions failed to win him stripes but he ' ll get them in the fleet! Take care of Mindyl Keep that reactor steaming , Aloha - KKK WILLIAM M. KOSTRUB Trenton. New Jersey " Bill the Goat " come from NAPS and started plebedom on solid footing with a " hurdle-do " ca- dence and " Ralphing " on a M CAPT Bill maintained that his 50 ' s music. LL Bean clothes, and old woman were " gouge " , , as was Gordon Liddy. his deceased Bron- co, and any collateral duty that al- lowed a phone in-room, " Goat " defined ruggedness with his nce- burner. NRA support, and rigged cover a SWO at heart, a paper- marine no more. Bill is a sure bet for success in the Corps Mom Dad Kostrub clan — thanks ' RMTC. there is definitely another Gunner in the future ' " A " " A " , Dad, I made the Green Team " ANDREW K. KRUMEL Charlotte. Nortti Carolina It was a difficult task, but AKK left his mark in 33. Despite time spent road tripping to UNC to see CL. being a NARC, and rocking, some things stand out 82 83 sow Andy punch bulletin boards and cheer the Car- diac Pack 84 was the year when AKK found the back shaft He then hit Dayton, where he cheered got knee-walkin ' Then there was the time he hijacked a UD bus The Italian Navy welcomed AK in 85. and recognized his talent by calling him the " sleeping man " His other achievements include hosting hel- lacious parties and passing chits by Lt Sarao Good luck. AK. our loss is Caroline ' s gam ' DANIEL L. LACHANCE Red Lake Falls. Minnesota Danny ' s decision to come to USNA was a big step from his small, small town in northern Minn, especially since the brigade was 2 2 times the population of his hometown He was disappointed early with only a 60-yd dash. 5 swings and 3 ground- ers, then he tried out and made the varsity hockey team as a plebe Besides his skates. Don brought his own unique pastimes — head and foot and making caramel from a can of milk He did well in his eco- nomic major, became a member of ODE and was selected for Nucle- ar Power He also did well enough to be recruited for plebe summer detail and battalion supply We sure missed you buddy -ATE KURTIS E. LANG Stevens Point. Wisconsin Clubber mode his way here from the land of milk and cheese From day one Kurt stood out from the rest of the herd, not just because of his bovine features or his neon head of hair; he just had that Ail-Amen- can look that babes loved Kurt quickly adjusted to the rigors of academy life. Physically he was without equal, mentally he was a genius, morally , , uh. did I mention physically already? Kurt did have his moments. Who can forget the time he lost his jump wings, his dental floss dexterity, the significance of the number 39. and the big red stop sign Kurt, wherever life takes you, always remember we love ya. KIMO K. K. LEE Waimanalo. Hawaii Kimo came to USNA from the small Hawaiian village of Waimanalo With his experiences from the Ka- mehomeho HS elite JROTC unit un- der his belt. USNA didn ' t stand a chance, and I guess the flamers knew it ' cause Mo wasn ' t asked a question until 3 C year Since then Mo has changed majors, cars, and women. He finally got the best of all 3 ' Kimo ' s lady Nokhui will definitely appreciate his great floor waxing abilities, also his superior Poc-Mon skill thanks to many quarters and 2 C summer, Kimo sure brought a touch of that laid-back Hawaii to the Mainland, We pray you reach the sky in all you do. Shako Brah- Fly Navy MARK S. MELTSER Ptiiladelptiia. Pennsylvania Mark, who hails from the City of Brotherly Love (more or less) came to us with a desire to be great To this end. he accomplished many wondrous feats living in the heav- ens of 8-4 He was the only Plebe to recite all 27 Laws of Navy in 30 sec- onds (is that possible ' ' ) As a conse- quence, he was a natural choice for Grod School His service selec- tion of subs was obvious early on due to his shadowy (pale) appear- ance After surviving 4 years at the Boat School, he may have trouble adjusting to 12 hour semesters, no uniforms and incredible ' Don ' t Forget. Nuke School in ' 87, RICHARD L. OLSON JR. Lorain. Ohio " Decadent Dick " arrived at USNA via NAPS to carry on the Olson tra- dition of football . academic prowess He confused us with which green turf he liked better — the gridiron or the Dont ' s conf table , we were also confused with his concept of a score (cannons do sound when you break the plane- no flags on the ploy ) A Riordons regular, often baiting women with " understanding ears " No thanks for the invite to the " mistoke-on- the-lake. " but only when we need a nap A great roommate (that ' s my towel ' ) and better friend, he conquered the USNA with a style attitude few could match But re- member, you need to eat to win! - MCR- 506 • CLASS OF 1986 WILLIAM S. PENOERGRASS Daytona Beach, Florida We learned a lot from " Ne ci Stan, " a k a Stosh, our MMA-Omgo Boingo entry from Harley Dovidson- vilie. FLA " Bill. " a Ph D in NASAP TRISARF. taught us the evils of the Happy Buzzard. 600 North, stealing gate-house bulbs to love ani- mals. I e " Fred. " Joyne. and Bird- Lady the beauty of dip. music C). and the mile run He gave us culture vi ith Benny Hill. Bike Week. Hefner, the Chinese, and his oran- ge white blue glasses We omv hope the " Firey Fiero " gets you to 3WOS Remember, big brother is watching you. so why be normaP - RLO- 5 score : -;--, ■r.v ' - ■■.:T ' ' ■• ' ' _ , ISO :; ' ■- ' " ■ URK S. POPECK anaer. Wyoming ' ' 82 a cloud of dust blew into An- opolis from Cheyenne way Mark idn ' t have silver bullets but the 3y-horse was ready to party Mark ■3d done boot camp, so plebe sar was cake, even with Soap- lan ond toothbrush Snydes after ' ■n Mark ' s USNA career blossomed " I Summer cruise, and when he as soiling and scuba divmg There ere some minor hurdles, like a Batt ■ticer who thought he was too ag- essive for Batt football and of 5urse academics Mark was born ■ fly ond. to our surprise, wear een. He got the best of both 3rtds as a Marine pilot Fly low, St. proud, and mean my friend! ' mper Fidelis ' SNAKE THIRTY-THIRD COMPANY JIMMY P. REXROAD Las Vegas. Nevada When Rexy arrived here from the great city of Las Vegas, he was ready to take Plebe year by storm After surviving one or two gales, he completed Plebe year by starting service selection early and diving for cover Youngster year brought rack burn during the week and weekends ending at 1829. and, of course. Maree. Rexy was never one to hang around the hall when there was any place else to be Thoroughly familiar with MIDNREGS following 2 c year, his 1 c year was uneventful Having survived EE, 8-4, and me. Nuke School should be a welcome change with Maree as a roommate and enough money to pay the bills ' ,r V. ' Hfc . MARK C. ROECKELL Huntington Station. New York Rock: " the commandah " of no re- spect, the " spunk pappy, " and soon to be proto-type of his brother Jacky— the lusti Tell us you weren ' t hungry for abuse , . ex- plain Acapuico (you Octopus), lay- ing pipe at Pub Night (?), Pasadena nights with the Raisin. the conve- nience of the family Honda Post Colleen the fat girl that wouldn ' t leave and a Benny Hill look-alike. Showering in SDB ' s after a few was bright especially ' cause you screwed up your laundry six straight weeks ECA the Nuclear Triad " ya know " you ' re a great friend to us all. all you asked in return was more abuse. P-cola got the best in Rock! -RLO- 33RD COMPANY • 507 « ' f I MICHAEL J. SHELLHAMMER Lincoln Park, Michigan In the beginning, there was WUB, and he was pure and good On the first day Wub created the rack and It was good, it was very good On the second day. He created the wardroom and it was olso good And on the third day He created Math and it was not good at all When Wub saw what He had cre- ated was good. He racked tor the remainder of the week, and that was great Mike came from a sub- urb of Detroit to USNA to become the Defender of Justice for 33 Hey Sledge remember Tiny, brownies, Mrs S in 31, " Where do they really come from? " . Turtle, and Early Times Good luck in the fleet. Coach (Saint), and I didn ' t see the ending Gerry (Bags) p3 i H - r " m _. J 1 WILLIAM B. SHERER Jacksonville. Florida Willy ' s past decided his future as he became a fourth-generation mid Plebe year was marked by a brief stint at academic stardom, fol- lowed by a steady decline to an eventual meeting with the Board l c year As Capt Karcher put it. Bill gave a couple of us " a loaded gun " and it fired us over the wall and eventually into the Deputy ' s office Bill didn ' t keep wrestling, but continues to tram with Drew for an eventual comeback His academy years have allowed his hair and wardrobe to go through a meta- morphosis that delivers him numer- ous babes Hold on to that Saab. Bill, you ' ll need the Snow Car in Newport GERALD A. SHERMAN Holly Qidge. North Carolina Bags came to USNA with a song in his heart, it was " Put some boogie in — your butt " by the Flaming IP ' s. His hope was to meet the girl of his dreams and live happily ever after in the Valley of the Bears Alas. Tip discovered that he was functionally illiterate (on F m HH101), B T over- came this to become a responsible adult with more debts than 7th Batt friends Gerry became an expert on Euthanasia, boat women, silent torture (3Daysi). story telling, room- mate relations, and food gather- ing. Oh mighty clueless one. may your hair never be mussed, your bank account never be VOID Hop- py domestication, I have your hi- rise trou BOOZE HARVEY A. WINTERS Ripley. West Virginia H cruised info USNA but his trip thru was as bumpy as a VJ Va moon- shine run. B.V (before VISA) pleber H wagered sections of his body Too bad. H was only lucky in love. H loved girls w o regard to race, size or religion Randi (TSU: 6 command- ments. Oogey). Mo, Jo, Teresa, etc. H, alias Dr Jekyll and Mr Heine- ken didn ' t mix with women Marines, MO ' s, Doytono P.O., WUB, or Tijua- na King of EMBC, H always did his time (178 long days) H loved G- town. Champions, Moosehead, and the library when Randi was the librarian, Dewey Field, was it Co- penhagen or was it ■ ' Ask Dicky r?at. SWO-belly. anti-clique liason, soon to be ENG DDG-23. GOOD LUCK, BEAST RICHARD H. WHEAT Maple wood. New Jersey The man proud to be from exit 14 NJ Turnpike He came with dreams of being a var athlete, naval offi- cer U-Boat commander He joined OCF and will remember all he be- friended He was a MECH E surviving Wild Bill, IVocket Reed On the gym- nastics team he was called Buck. His activities inspired the Buck Wheat Award Due to injury he went on to coach the Womens ' Gymnastics team Shirley we worked well together. Thanks To my girls, continue to strive onward I shall return to see regionals My best to Bob ' n ' Diane in the USAF Pat and Mindy may our paths cross again. Run Silent. Run Deep ADO- NAI IS SEMPER Fl 608 • CLASS OF 1986 JOHN A. TANNER JR. Douglas. Georgid Drew was one of JOHN ' S and • great friend Destined for bosebd fame, the modern ' Georgia Peac loved his roots-GO DOGS, SICK ' ENj His 86 nametags and curveba soon led our Olympic hopeful to j life of wine, women and morj women Plebe Army (panties) Hq wan (Gimme 3 Steps) JULROD (NJ Time!) Beemer (= babes) PUBnigl] (Darling Nikki) UGA (Bang!). Wtl can forget the quotes on late nigK tusssles (If your feelin ' Eroggj JUMP), exams (Beat Army on ttj Bull Questions), and rack (This is B ter than Sex) The ultimate in G went jets for the ( Easy. Ea Chicks For FREE ' ) , They ' re getti the very best! God bless. I luv y and hey. the party ' s just begu THANKS , Herm ' --Mir-] - " ' Kcame m ei % ' ),st(iiytefcg, wens, ond (oo i» (k!es ' ' «w be ini :cMfievebe THIRTY-FOURTH COMPANY JOHN O. BAKER Hilton. New York We met John in the summer of 82 but little was heard from him that first year We did not know where he spent that time In hiding We guess his loyalty to his hometown sweetheart (Brenda) and his devo- tion in the study of the ways of the Ninja occupied his time But the hours he kept were the strangest of all Up all night studying his systems in the wardroom with an occasional TV show in between, left little time for sleep at night tor the " Bakes " The Marines are looking for a few good men and we know they found one Hove fun at camp QuanticoMi KEVIN T. CASEY Baltimore. Maryland Kevin, a native of Baltimore, came to USNA from an enjoyable year at NAPS, He played tennis and squash 4 c and 3 c year — he met Tere- sa, his wife-to-be, and decided the latter was more important When he was SAT Kevin spent his week- ends as far away from Annapolis as possible Kevin had some bad times and many good times here at USNA, Yes, it was worth it Good luck with Surface Line, THOMAS M. CONLON Toronto, Otiio If there was anyone who was proud of the Navy, it was Tom. Similar to the men in green who grunt end- lessly, Tom was one of the few and proud who lived and believed in the mighty fine line An individual who has much to offer, he com- mands success in his endeavors However, behind every successful man there is a woman, and Brenda will surely be there, A friend and brother to the man of the Club, we all wish you smooth sailing MEM; Deano, the good old days, those trying days in Smoke . . . T.S. SPRAGUE C. COOK Yountville. California Sprague was an individualistic man. who spent his time thinking, caring, and doing. Uniquely international, he come to us fresh from South Afri- ca and left on his way bock over- seas. He loved far away places and high ideals, but he was always near enough to give warm compassion or defend a friend When he wore socks with flip-flops and the time he said, " I always meditate with me eyes open, " made us all laugh once in a while, and he laughed with us in good humor 34TH COMPANY • 509 JOHN A. CROOK P : I ' oiifornia n the East Coast full c; w. . - . . T i sure he had written It down in nis notebook, since he writes down everything he plans to do. These plans included being one of the few Naval Architects and serving as a skipper on the Soiling Team He proudly wore his N sweat- er to attest to many long hours on the high seas and as many at the Annapolis Yacht Club Everyone loved seeing Norma Jean and Verle and John mode them proud with his performance We remem- ber Fort Lauderdale and the squirt- gun arsenal and the II?OC Z-28 with ALL the options As John moves on to Subs we wish him well in fulfilling another one of his dreams JAMES F. DWYER Tinley Park, Illinois When I took over from Crusader Cronquist as Jimbo ' s roommate Steve told me to remember Jim ' s true motto. " What ' s mine is mine and what ' s your ' s is mine " The years showed me other sides of the big guy whose broken bones and tears epitomized the everything he put into Navy football Vet. he had the softest of hearts as long as no risk was involved He partied like a crazed animal, and rocked with the best, but often lay awoke to talk about children and family He ' s a friend I ' ll miss ANTHONY J FARINA Ledyard. Connecticut Tones What con we soy " guys " Mischievous, devious, lady killer- but without a doubt a warm hearted fellow He was the gouge hound of 34. but in no way did this detroct from his goal of obtaining an EE de- gree His shining example as the Safe Driving Rep awakened us all to the dangers of the devils ' brew Al- ways remember 12 hrs. bottle to throttle Tony was an avid weight- lifter, be it 12oz curls or dead lifting of sugar cookies Though he was too good for Rickovers ' Navy, we think he ' ll make an excellent sub- sonic NFO Best of luck from your comrades in the real CLUB STEVEN R. FOSTER Scotcti Plains. New Jersey Steve came from N J, (exit 1 1) four years ago with aspirations of an en- gineering degree and a big fat NUC bonus He got his degree and his bonus, and Paul and I got a few slices of pizza What he didn ' t ex- pect was an additional bonus, a lovely bride named Lisa She stole his heart, lots of his study time, and about half of his NUC bonus, yet, Steve couldn ' t be happier They are both looking forward to a long and successful naval career! HJN PAUL S. GIBSON Rochester. New York Paul took the scenic route to the Naval Academy via college. Nuke school, and NAPS One of the old- est members of the class, he imme- diately stood out OS one of the leaders, eventually becoming the class president. In addition, Paul kept himself very busy being a member of the wrestling team, cannoneers, and Big Brothers After four long years, he is ready to hop in his convertible, flip the top down, and head to Pensacola with the Academy in the rear view mirror. Good luck! SRF CARL A. HAGER Litchfield. Illinois One who will always remember the club and its original members in their grandest form The literature can be censored, but not the memories Farewell USNA. (AMF) JN. MD. DC . RC. SO JAMES F.S. HOWO Del Mar. California From the town " Where the Surf meets the Turf " . Jim impressed the hall, by single-handedly breaking up a rumble the floor and his head may never be the same An expert chow-caller, plebe year, Jim re- mained, throughout his duration, as one who was never without ice cream in the freezer Among his other passions in life, including jazz music and make or model of car imaginable His vintage choice took the form of a VW Beetle- well it has a Porsche engine anyway. Right Jim ' ' As for his service- crew cuts ore always good tor hiding that premature graying anyway. Good luck from the Club. ROBERT V. JAMES II Farmngville, New York Believe it or not Bob came to USN to become a Naval Officer Hov ever, after joining the CLUB his mt fives turned elsewhere Bob live up to the CLUB ' S qualities by b coming a manioc rumbler. Lax stu and party animal A history stu Bob went insane 3 c year or chose f lech E to try and mastf After four years he finally co quered Mech E but still hasn ' t four the Right Woman — Although he tried — (Laurie, Jomie, Barber Robin. Dino. Nancy)ii Bob now fli around in his flashy Loser spendir his Nuke Bonus and living life to tl fullest His friendship wil be som thing to last a lifetime and he surely succeed in anything he tri( MT 510 • CLASS OF 1986 JASON J. LAGASCA Pensacoia. Florida Taco, Pancho, Chip. Plebe. Timmy ' s. wobbling formations, hard rock, crew ' ' sacrificial lamp, Duron, OC and the Spitfire, speedo, ghost. Bowman, Freeman. OP. cubby hole, Sharon-why so fat, rental, plebe quarters, can ' t fry us all. Navy Air, youngster, sailtramid, flowers and pillars, Dohlgren, Rugby end the mall. Georgetown. Brian, New Wove, maxed out. Navy Air. Second class, scramble 87 again, new CO, Where ' s the Squirt, Im not your buddy, we can go places- how about OC. Rugby party, woit- vroom. night pilot, pistol, Smegmo- clese. Navy Air, Firsties, center, Jim, no more Rugby, flat top. Vette. Beach Party, no I ' s, green team. I love you Smacky. finally made it Chubs THIRTY-FOURTH COMPANY JAMES L. MAILLOUX Yardley. Pennsylvania After arriving at USNA from duck- infested Yardley. May-you became confused Instead of 2 and go, he tried to double it Armed with gray hairs, a cheap calculator, and a pil- low, he tackled the EE major After 4 years of swearing that Led Zep- pelin still lives. 2000 black pens, and close to a million mentally taxing sci-fi adventures, he has tackled it along with our sanity Now it ' s on to Pensacoia and the dare of flight, another challenge, another quest for perfection Will Jim find perfec- tion in a world filled with fast wom- en, sunny beaches, and all the rest? No, but nothing is perfect See ya ' WILLIAM A. MCCORMICK Sevema Park. Maryland Chubs, who ' s that? Why he ' s only the best diver Navy Swimming has ever had l had the pleasure of rooming with him for the lost three years and I ' m sure no two people were ever more compatible The experiences we had in Ocean City, Georgetown, or just her in " Crab- town " more than likely ended up getting us put on restriction. Oh well, " too bad if they can ' t take a )Okel " A stroke of bod luck has de- layed his ambition to pursue o ca- reer with the SEALS. I still can ' t be- lieve we finally made it through this place. Take it light and write me, even if you can ' t spell. Ponch RICHARD A. MCMULLEN III Stella. Nebraska One who will remember the Club and its original members in their grandest form The literature can be censored but not the memories Farewell USNA. (AMF) JN, MD, SC DC. RC ANDREW F. METROKA Union Springs. New York God ' s country in upstate New York yielded Andy to us here in Annopo- lis in 1982, He left behind his beloved outdoorsman sense and traded it in for his EE books and sonify Andy was an expert pistol shot attaining All American status and team cap- tain To help him in his dietary habits after graduation Andy is marrying his sweetheart Patty - we are sure you must be getting tired of the PBJ diet For the future, Los Alamos, New Mexico will be looking forward to utilizing Andys sharp technical mind and then its on to the nuclear navy Club 34 wishes you the best in all your endeavors. HERBERT J. NICOLAY Rochester. New York Herb came to USNA, studied Oceanography relentlessly, and now plans to head to the Sunshine State to poke holes in the sky He won ' t be traveling alone however, because he broke down and be- came engaged to Gale Bledsoe, A Washington police officer (what some guys won ' t do to keep out of trouble) Ask Herb how many tick- ets she ' s gotten him out of I figure that if flying a jet is anything like playing computer video games. Herb is well prepared for flight train- ing Herb contributed to the Acad- emy cause as a WRNV jock. Ring Dance business manager, and 34th Co CAO It has been fun ' See you in Florida acei PSG PHILLIP K. PALL Ocean County. New Jersey Phil had some good times at USNA He worked out a lot and crammed for tests with such friends as Henry, Bobby, " Bawb " and Jay, He ' ll al- ways remember those fun experi- ences such as liberty, leave and summer cruise with a smile Mech E was not easy but nothing that is worthwhile ever is The future holds a lot of exciting challenges such as SWOS and Dive School but Phil will be ready. The most important thing to Phil IS a sense of comradery among his shipmates and a sense of humor in the worst of moments Best of luck to Phil in his training, his career and the adventure which he hopes his life will be. HENRY W. PAPA Mobile. Alabama Honk IS certainly a southern boy at heart, you should hear his version of " Sweet Home Alabama " He start- ed out playing soccer, but left that for the civilized anarchy of Rugby, Rugby is important to " Pops " , it is his second favorite past time. He ' s leaving us to reach his goal, wings of gold Who knows, he may even join his dad in the friendly skies Re- member Duels with Dean. P-Cola (beach house). Blondes and Porsches. NAPS ' 81 8c ' 85. " The Frig " . (JB) THIRTY-FOURTH COMPANY S5 ii ' ; " ( .: 512 • CLASS OF 1986 X ' T ROBERT T. PRIOR Madison. Georgia A southern boy to ttie bone. Bob came to us from ttie thriving me- tropolis of Madison, Georgia Many an afternoon the sounds of Lynyrd Skynyrd and a jump rope could be leard from his room A Mechanical Engineer. Bob survived second class year with a ride from the " Rocket. " =irst class year brought with it the ■esponsibility of leading the Club as lompany commander. Under Bob ' s ecdership. Club 34 convincingly took first place in drill The clincher for the Corps, however, came when he decided not to take the ucrative bus ride to Washington the Club wishes Bob and his chorm- ng bride-to-be Mary Ann the best! THOMAS A. RIGOLO Seminole. Florida Rigs showed up bronzed by the sun and wearing his shades The high school dropout wanted to fly Navy jets for the thrill of it Tom took things in stride here by just not do- ing them On the road to Pensaco- la. " Gigolo " left a few nameless broken hearts behind, made a memorable area tour through 7th Wing, and set various land speed records Putting in those long hours of study as a Narc. Rigs became adept at mentally transporting him- self to Florida Now he doesn ' t have to threaten anymore about pack- ing up and becoming a beach . comber, he will be the next best thing WILLIAM D. ROHM Kalamazoo. Michigan You really couldn ' t help taking o lik- ing to Bill Maybe it stemmed from being on a leash as a youth so he wouldn ' t attack the neighborhood kids or his uncanny method of Porsche sculpture. Bill was a success at the Boat School. After a near- miss by an unfortunate swing of the axe. Bill wore his sweat well, be- came Captain of the Swim Team, and later became a leader among the hairy-chested legends of 34 We ' ll never forget how Bill failed his eye exam inches away from the eye chart or how we used to listen to stories he told us while he slept. Bill will always be remembered as a friend, brother, and the " one- swipe-and-go kid " to the men of Club 34 HENRY R. SILVA Falls City, Nebraska Nobody had ever heard of Falls City until Henry arrived. As luck would have it " moon " was his roommate Henry will never forget Ed Alberts iron or the 007 martinis. Hank will make a great pilot, Henry never neglected his physical train- ing and always was busy lifting, run- ning or eating It was a vicious cy- cle ' I will truly miss mi amigo Enrique. Thanks for letting me have the Spec Ops billet Good luck at Pensocola, OHN B. SKILLMAN ' aint Pans. Ohio rod rolled in off his farm in Ohio with ,1 basketball in one hand and track hoes in the other To him, life cen- jered around B-ball And his four I ears certainly had their ups and jlowns Youngster year, his dream |if being an engineer was shat- sred after the loss of his high chool love Brad survived the next ear with his love for cars and leeting his one and only After los- ig o year m the pursuit of better irades, he was able to go subs He akes with a lough that will not be ,Don forgotten by us all. THOMAS M. SMITH Topeka. Kansas Smitty was everybody ' s D,J,, " Rid- gee " , a flawless authority on sound A fussy dresser by style, he chose his ladies with care and was distant to all but an honored few We came in time to know him as the most loyal brother and friend a man could ask for We learned that the doo-rag that wrapped his precious hair so tightly never constricted his heart We could count on his firm hand- shake His clear eyes sparkled with a special laughter we can ' t forget RICHARD N. STRYKER Philadelphia. Pennsylvania " STRYK " came to USNA from the city of Brotherly Love During plebe year he played JV baseball but re- alizing that the Phillies wouldn ' t wait for him and that there was no future in that sport " out in the fleet " ne concentrated his physical efforts " for the needs of the Navy. " Aca- demics were full of mountains and valleys so later he went general Rich ' s relationship with his wife to be Lorraine, was never so rocky. It was smooth sailing from day one. She ' ll take him in sickness and health but not in fatness so watch out for the SWO belly If his mom ' s chow pack- ages didn ' t do it now I guess he ' ll be OK, JOHN J. SURINA, JR. Cinnaminson, New Jersey Jay arrived at the Academy fresh from Cinnaminson. New Jersey in- tent on taking his father ' s profession as an electrical engineer. Highly successful in this endeavor. Jay also found time to run cross country plebe year, proving to all of us he was the best runner in the compa- ny. First class year brought with it the responsibility of Co Sub-Cdr which Jay undertook with calm os- suronce He was not as successful with automobiles however, as Hen- ry Silvo found out. The bus trip to DC paid off in a check and a dote to Nuclear Power School, The sub community has o good one in Jay We all wish him the best! 34TH COMPANY • 513 MICHAEL W. TAYLOR Wiriches e ' v ' ginia Called Jetnro to Tennis Ball Head Mike CO " e from DCF Winchester to study sharks ot USNA He joined ttie CLUB ;oving rumbles and ripping wears! Football and Wrestlnng took all riis time so he cancelled all study- ing to sleep and watch TV-We ' ll al- ways remember Momaw from Ap- ple Pie Ridge, From Mike ' s membership in two companies (34- 36), Combat Town, E-boat, E-pla- toon, rugby matches, Hawaii-MC cruise, Moses-Frigate dome, and his seasickness he settled down to Golf. Susan, and Sharks! Mike has been my most trusted friend and companion since day one and I wish him the best of luck in the fu- ture. Get Sharks!! RVJ JOHN G. WORMAN Brookings. South Dakota Johnny Da-Wormps, skull, marine head. Aw tbirds, I musfve spaced it off! Although John was a comput- er science major, his interests were very diverse, including women John met one particularly, lovely. lady and secured a permanent weekend residence on Maryland Ave. Steve and Phil are credited with devising the combo locker alarm system— a rude awakening for John If all else failed, this inge- nious device was sure to send him flying from the rack. A die-hard Ma- rine. John ' s booming voice could be heard throughout the halls of Bancroft John was an inspiring friend to many in, as well as out of. the " club 3esi of luck in Marine aviation. Wee- " erii THIRTY-FIFTH COMPANY 514 • CLASS OF 1986 JAMES M. L. BLASTOS Melrose. Massactiuttes Go Army. sir. Beat Navy - Jim ' s first challenge was cake almost Benching refrigerators, eating Chi- nese food and cruising in his GTl were some of his favorites Donning his Ho Chi ' s. Jim was always ready to get us out of trouble with his dip- lomatic skills You call a pizza m o dorm room a dinner dote ' ' Ah. but we had fun Best of luck Jim Re- member us bugs KAB. TPF KENNETH A. BOGDAN Edison. New Jersey A civilian at heart. Ken started an ' finished his career at the Acodem m his letter sweater and N comf blanket Impressing tourists with h studious looks and often empt brief case. Ken fooled many int thinking he was the model midship man Baft Comm ' ' Ken eve fooled the officers After being trie too many times for being in th wrong place at the wrong time Ken found it safest to be in the reel Bogdan Gators, the Beaver on the summer house kept us all hap py Best of luck to you Ken. remerr ber us bugs. JB TF KATHLEEN R. BOSKA Alexandria. Virginia You might say " Robbie Bosko " stood out among us plebe yeor- with the knowledge gamed from a year at NAPS and a height ot 5 ' 10 " she was heads above us and a prime choice for the women ' s B-Ball team Always on the run. Kat could be found In VA Beach enjoying life or at USNA repenting with room tours Kathy, never far from laugh- ter, could usually be found engag- ing others with her well re-hearsed " Lenny to oisle 3 " and various " go- ing-off " antics Cocoa Beach. Philly. Bnjce ' s song, and White Russians at Afterdeck Kat has a weakness for green, but chose Navy blue and will impart her wisdom upon the Space Surveillance Center in Dahlgren. VA CADWELL, MICHAEL 6. Littleton. Colorado Michael left his life with Dad in the gold mine to come to Navy and become a number one swashbuck- ler on the fencing team Loved by all the Dahlgren girls (he says so) and hospitable to zoomies too. he ' s off to be with all his buddies in the Corps. Maybe next year he ' ll get his letter sweateri Hope your ' stang makes it to Quantico Don ' t even think about making it to Colorado Good luck and be casual ANTHONY F. CALIFANO Flustiing. New York Our boy Guide, from Flushing quick- ly established himself as company commander plebe year and con- tinued as the leader of the bond in all rugby and social occasions. On the field he was known for his light- ening speed almost as well as he was known for his neatness in his room. Restriction at home was fol- lowed by restriction abroad as he toured the world as a limitless vat of trivia and wittiness. As Tony heads to Pensacola there is only one thing left to say, " Look out Wilbur here comes Pizza Boy " When ' s the de- but on Lettermon? Sorry Bubba, maybe in Vegasll! MARK J. DECLUE Cocoa Beact}. Florida As a computer science major. Pup usually aimed for excellence in all subjects here, but he was content with only getting 5 stripes this year. Pup occupied himself here lettering in football, keeping Spud out of trouble or taking care of his cars Pup selected the nuclear-powered USS Texas out of San Diego for his first tour A great host for spring break, we ' ll never forget the good times we had Good luck in the fu- ture pal. and sorry about the rug. But don ' t worry it vyon ' t happen again PAUL R. DEMERS i ' VoonsocKer. i?node island We ' re not sure whether Paul was txoin damaged or not before com- ing to NAVY, but we know those crew work outs and that devotion to Ocean E did the trick A growing boy ain ' t s ' posed to spend his weekends in the ' brary learning about barnacles and rust Anway. when not immersed in fluids, Paul found hoppiness in his tools, his beast, ond his alpha He liked his cars like he learned to like his wom- en-not in running conditiion But he loved to spend his time working on •hem. He made it to firstie year oved by his piebes. and became fhe company boss As he goes to fhe kand of jarheads. he takes all yj fKjpes Good Luck B PA JEFFREY D. DIBBLE Acwortn. Georgia Arriving at USNA from Ga.. Jeff im- mediately became everyone ' s friend Always ' putting on a show ' as superman, a piz za boy in the buff, and imitating your favorite farm animal. Jeff was a true char- acter Endowed with great athletic talents, he excelled m all he did and even earned a spot on the Rugby team These talents were marred by his week nights out with Los but he still had fun Pee Wee ' s moments are St T ' s. cornfield runs. Army. Jeff was probably the fastest guy around but he was also the SLOW- ESTi Thanks for the good times. Nappy-Head, and good luck in all Hunker Down Jeff and rutilizethat NFO seati MAT, JWK BRIAN P. EDMONDS tvloDiie. Aiaoama Brian came north by way of Roan- oake assuring all he was American by birth and Southern by grace of God, He quickly found the corner- stone brick on which to build his No- va! career at the Pig Push Brian chose Nuke to work on his Red Beach tan and see the worid (Earle, NJ), He shunned his military upbring- ing as Hotel night replaced early ris- ing and Biscuits replaced hard tack (thanks. Dad), A Lettermon faithful, Brian spent study hour proving soc- cer players have Nerf-hoop touch, also. Thanks for sharing four years of friends, family and fun times (he ' d fight for forty cents) " Some kinda roommate you turned out to be " BFL KAREN FALLON Tarry town. New York Born in Nigeria, raised in New York, with one year at Tufts completed. Karen found it hard to get into the swing of Academy life By 1 c year though, the civilian way of life seemed to be making a come- back. Karen was involved in Wom- en ' s Tennis and became president of PRC. There are many things Ka- ren will be remembered for includ- ing her fun-loving personality, her incredible (fashionable) wardrobe and her uncanny knack for telling cliches Knowing how Karen is with credit cards, we wish the Supply Corps luck in letting her spend the Navy ' s money Take care, we ' ll miss you and remember " Life is like a duck " DM.L. 35TH COMPANY • 515 THIRTY-FIFTH COMPANY THOMAS P. FORTIN Worcester . Massachusetts Tom came to us via a three-year stint in San Diego as o corpsman examining runny noses. Already an old man of the sec by virture of his age. Tom impressed us with his nau- tical know-how He was never seen standing in a bight. Later years saw his refusal to become a wardroom rat and an eerie fondness for cof- fee and doughnuts. Tom is best known for his ebullient wit. His room was regularly buffeted by gales of laughter Tom ' s sense of humor helped the four years to go by fast- er for all of us. Fair winds and follow- ing seas, Tom. on whatever heav- ing decks lay in your future PAUL A. GARDNER Anctiorage, Alaska P. A came to Navy to be close to one of the best basketball schools. St John ' s Bubble burst ed. he fo- cused his sights to more important endeovers compsci. sleep and women Never one to study. PA could always be found watching Casablanca or reading Tarzan, On the weekend he could be found in Dahlgren imbibing spirits or at his girlfriend ' s doing spotchecks Our il- lustrious Co Cdr also perfected rev- eille, Jose Cuervos intakes, the air guitar and 54 As the mod Alas- kan headed for grod and the plunge. PA reversed polarity and looked to starlit nites in Pcolo Best of luck to a super guy and a great friend BM CARLOS S. GUEVARRA e-.sjco a. Florida Af ' e ' ears. Los emerges from be- hina his desk and choir He is known as o man of few words; " weak. " " eggs. " " Homes. " and " Shove off. you ' re down " Los ' s athletic abilities on the intramural football field were only over-shadowed by his Bruce Lee imitations and dancing in the room When not studying Los ' s imi- tations and singing kept us enter- tained Only Dahlgren and Mag- gie ' s could compare with Los ' s feverish desire for the rack Did he ever change those sheets ' ' Nuke Power should be no problem for Los— Good luck KB. TF. JB EDWARD O. HASSI Pieasantvilie. New York Man, myth, legend. Ted embe lished them all This New York free spirit baffled USNA for four year and shows no signs of slowing as c Navy buzzboy Never one to waste a weekend studying our honoror ' 3-striper valiantly lead his Charlie Brigade across Worden Field alone an epic journey of excess. St Thomas, HHI, and a certain Canodi an wardroom hove all fallen prey tc the Budman. Lighting himself on fire sleeping on a tOth floor Army-Nov windowsill, driving a relic VW, c transplanting Rododendron v.- never questioned his psyche or ni larious philosophy I ' ll remember Ee as the best of buds and the great est of friends MJP JOEL S. KEELS Monroe. North Carolina Joel came from " duh souf " to be on engineer but was quickly hum- bled by the most notorious Mech. E. profs. Saved by the General, he went on to discover weekends and liberty Of course the local female population was stricken with grief and retired their Dahlgren passes when he met Kimberly We got really tired of asking him where we was going for the weekend and he soon had a rubber stamp mode to sign the list Somehow Mr Mellow always got into trouble with us bugs A lover of pajamas. L L Bean, Volvos and geekers, off he goes to the CEC Good luck buddy JAMES W. KILBY Pound Ridge. New York Hailing from the backwoods of NY. otter came fo USNA with high goals Jim will enter into the mighty fine surface force after grad with hopes of becoming a navy diver later, A great swimmer and story- teller (due to an enormous vocab and his father ' s letters). Krebee was his own man. Seen best in Paul Bun- yan attire and in his blue-kmght. Jim ' s a northern boy but he likes the sting and comfort of the south ' Some action: cornfield runs. St Thomas, antics with Arab utensils Jim ' s serious yet amiable nature made him a good sqd Idr, Min of Ed, and my true friend Thanks for ev- erything Jim, and good luck in all of your future endeavorsi M AT. RICHARD V. KILLIAN Luther. Michigan Rich came to USNA from Luther, or Baldwin: we ' re not quite sure which, A small town boy. Rich was enam- ored by Georgetown and could of- ten be heard saying " G ' town. Holmes " That is. if it didn ' t intere- fere with his rack time. In fact, only one thing came between Rich and his rack, and that was hoops, nerf or otherwise, so. who finally ended up with the free world? Some ac- tion: coupons. Houdini during Let- terman. Virgin Islands and two tank parties Rich ' s cruise on the USS Pig (you asked for it. Kilbs) turned him oft suilace line, so he ' s got the right stuff now C) Best of luck in P ' cola. Rich, we ' ll never forget you BPE BFL LESLIE A. KOVANIC Pittsburgh. Pennsylvania Leslie came to the Academy hop- ing to earn a spot on the Equestrian team. Much to her dissillusionment the team had been replaced with something called PEP, Gallantly re- covering from this mortal blow she directed her attentions to her mu- sic, church involvement, and aca- demics She will always be remem- bered as one of the " M ' s " while being pursued by an Italian swim- mer and a second class shrub. Since she began at the Academy. Leslie has seen Spring Break in Flori- da, a weekend in Vermont, sum- mersporting lakeside in Rhode Is- land. San Diego. San Francisco and Jamaica Best of luck Les as a backseat driver and remember once a " POOP-HEAD " always a " POOP-HEAD " KF and DML MARK D. LARABEE Pendleton. Oregon ■ For four years we were terrified by this madman gallivanting around the yard as the Mikado or Don Qui- xote A walking comedy show, any time was the right time for im- promptu skits about salty dogs, bucket heads, or any other unsus- pecting victim Fueled by Nugs. c year was yet another big joke ever-after " Mack " got wisked oft to the Ops Shack, and we just kept Oh laughing Nauseated by engi- neering texts and Rocket horror stories. Mark actually enjoyed po- etry and boring books. Finally com- ing to his senses, the poet heads for Nuke School to be a CHENG, Good luck old friend Slack Four DEBRA M. LIVINGOOD San Jose. California Deb. a native Colifornian. came to Annapolis fo find herself completely surrounded by EastCoasters She quickly proved herself and became an honorary lud and rowdy North- erner, Debbie did excellently at the academy, always believing. " Don ' t ask and they can ' t say No! " Cock- tails anyone? She was fun from Ocean City to dancing on bars in NY fo the beaches of Martinque After Debbie earned her varsity let- ter in B-Ball her youngster year she directed her energy towards great weekends and civ men (oopsi all but one) Debbie will be remem- bered for her slurred stories, her fun laugh and a great smile Have a Wale of a time Deb (I couldn ' t re- sist) KF BRUCE F. LOVELESS Chattanoogd. Tennessee From Tenn . " Luther " was a true re- bel. Yeehawwl in true Volunteer form, the " Juice " excelled in com- pany football. This athletic prowess carried over into Nerf-Hoop and sports trivia. A " Britches " man. Bruce could always get a date, usually a Karen Bruce got a lot out of the Academy (a free European vac), but he also left a lot behind (3 c Mess Nite) Bruce didn ' t waste much rack time watching TV. but he was a dedicated " Letterhead " Some action: Biker Week ' 85, stadi- um uniform races, and midnite foot- ball games. Best of luck in Intelli- gence (there is always a first time), friend You made this a much bet- ter place BPE GREGG P. MALLEY Mciedn. Virginia Gregg came to USNA a southerner, though he won ' t admit it (Pans, isn ' t It), from Va He figured he did his time in Dixie at prep school, the first step toward his dream of being an aviator You got it in the form of a green machine, even after slips of the tongue, ask Wade, axe scare, and many trips to UVA, 2 c year was filled with stankin ' eggs, clus- ters. Where did you go Spring Break ' ' 1 c yr brought trips, some never completed, to MN while your car was elsewhere. CRUNCH! Keep in touch with us Navy guys, still see ya in P-Cola nonetheless, JD 35TH COMPANY .517 BRIAN M. MOORE V ■ f Go Navy ' around a j aroma of fried okra ' b ' :r,i, rriendly boards running Those quad-pitcher nightshifts at Dahlgren rarely slowed him down, ot least from getting his bunkie into a ' bind ' Between letters from a certain SC belle, B would keep you on your toes Who invented liq- uid soap and why ' ' Hey-wanna bis- quif Questions beyond the normal mind A nerfsportsman and a rack potato, B ' s stargazer kept him in beach form while uncle Vox tight- ened his tush LER handled the rest Often Through the years, the mer- maids, and the love or okers, ' B ' , was always the best Good luck buddy PA, ROGER J. MORIN Nashua. New Hampshire Raj came to us from the NAPS pro- gram and was stellar The highlight of his Plebe Year was liberty with a ballerina We know he ' s going to make it big someday, since he passed the strict scrutiny ot Brigade Boards. His only problem is that Genghis Khan didn ' t have a South- ern accent, but neither does he. Let ' s hope he keeps the mission in mind when he says " Bonjour Dar- ling " He ' s tall dark and has some kind of hands, a guy that can jump when he ' s struggling We ' ll never forget our Batt GDI? ' s advice that you ' ve got to know which bridges to cross and which to burn. Good luck grunting with a rebel yell. Vic and Scott say thanks MICHAEL J. PIETKIEWICZ Norwich. Vermont The reddog brought forth from the Green Mountains a free-spirited, si- lent James Dean look-alike full of fresh perspectives and yankee wis- dom Football, golf, hoops, whiffle and skiing, Mike mastered them all Applying his mech-e knowledge he explained to us flow in a crowd and the virtues of a nuclear farm Draw- ing energy from his spastic brain- trust of JP. Tom and the seniorita from way south. Peek meshed non- chalance with Navy routine to fit his own style In spring the sun-god made constant trips to HHI in search of the perfect tan Best of luck to the greatest of friends as you live beneath the waves EDH HENRY M. RAINONE Huntington. New York Hank hails from the great state of New York— specifically Huntington, BKA home of the heavy weight Gerry Cooney or if you ore Italian — " The Rainone Mafioso " Just kid- ding Seriously though, the one at- tribute that sets Hank apart from the rest of the mids is that he actu- ally enjoys studying at least until a certain Susan came into his life. Henry is going Nuke (what did you expecf) and more than likely will finish in the top 10% Besides his goal ot being an outstanding officer, Henry also desires to be a saint I don ' t know if that ' s for sure, but he is a true friend and Christian Go get ' em Henry and Smooth soiling ROBERT S. RODRIGUEZ Buffalo. Wyoming Bob, more affectionately known as Spud to his friend, came to USNA from Wyoming where the sheep ore sheep and the men are too Throwing up on JT ' s guitar showed his interest in music and he man- aged to gam the devotion of most plebes (as he claimed " they love me " ) with moving phrases like, " T ' ust me you fool " Diet was an : ■■ r I part of his weekend rou- ; . consisting of Cocoa and a six of Diet -Pepsi ,• lorthodox mid he once T-iouse using Gummy Thonk goodness he is ' i.jck whenever - don ' t give up, have a few ct-« ' s Then try it again MARK T. SAKAGUCHI Cinnaminson. New Jersey Guchi came to USNA armed with a pair of chopsticks and the aquatic ability ot a parkbench Yet he sur- vived Flaming firsties and anorexic ex-es proved minor setbacks as Yams continued his quest for com- puter guru-ism and on allergy shot with no reaction The tun really started with Guchi ' s first beer at Dahlgren A new door was open for him-one filled with naked runs thru the corn and wild wheelchair rides But Guchi still attained the guru sta- tus, a wizard behind his ' puter A quiet leader adored by his plebes he somehow survived to firstie year and on to the Sheet He ' s given us a lot of good times Aloha buddy, B PA MARIE M. SCHANZ Scottsdale. Arizona Mane come to USNA from the West via NAPS " Maurice " often led the class sojourns as exhibited during her youngster year fixation of hail- ing strange vehicles tor our trans- port (dumptrucks) Always involved in sports. Mane participated in vol- leyball, track, and was V P of the aerobics club Mane ' s good nature and attitude towards USNA helped to solidify 35th Co into a unique fellowship of lifelong friends Some outstanding occurences D C " no- nuke " rally ' 83, Forest fires in NY, Sandy Pt , and going toe to toe with special guest Bo Jackson Philly ' 85 Good Luck in the Supply Corp, ' M " , we know you ' ve got what it takes. Thanks -LJWK SCOTT A. SEGESDY Bethlehem. Pennsylvania This grappler took the slow tram t USNA via Kiski After giving th plumbers E D during Plebe Summe he quickly established himself c " King Ping " After " getting oft Plebe Year, his academics got c OS he worked hard in classes an played hard in Dahlgren, keepin Sallie in the picture of course. Tc ented, he could play " King of th Road " on his wash boards Thani for keeping Roj and Vic in line, bi Vic is gone and God bless Soil stayed, and after marrying ft Corps, he plans to take her alon Good luck Scotty and ILLIGETIMl NGN TATUM CARBORUNDUM 518 • CLASS OF 1986 " ' I JOHN L. SWANSON Mechanicsburg. Pennsylvania The iron man canne to Canoe U. a legacy, and soon etched out a new legend all his own A financial wizard, Econ was the natural major. and he may have even cracked a ' " ftigri " i -_ book once during his Navy years « ' i«cr. ;;- Now, probably not In any case, by firstie year he was doing time at GW down the way, looking odor able in reg civies His true claim to fame come on liberty, Swanee was the premier party-animai Drunk- ■ ■:.-..-- ards can ' t get more obnoxious wsttron - Even cornfield jaunts ' au natural ' »« " _ :i ' . . foil to quell the spirit of this trooper, raised with cowboys and beoch- Dums Headed for nukedom, he ' ll skate thru, novel in hand Good Luck buddy P A THIRTY-FIFTH COMPANY MARC A. THIBODEAU Coronado. California Tibs came to us like a prophet, a tall bohemian surfer from the sun-iit beaches of Coronado Mr Pibs suf- fered through many hardships (fail- ing eyesight, ligaments in mutant leg) to achieve his Mecca-Navy NFO Tibs has often been suspect of narcolepsy (Rudi ' s-Andrews in sum- mer wts ) probably due to on ad- diction to " Letterhead " No slave to fashion Tibs set his own mark in clothing styles, at times by shunning these he set standards in humdn behavior Actions Cornfield sprints, Philly, Swim in St T. Forest fire in NY Tib ' s serious attitude ' and great sense of humor will insure success Thanks for everything, best friends- Good Luck JWK DANIEL J. WILLIAMS JR. Bellwood. Illinois I would like to thank all the people who have helped me through the four " haigest " years in my life, es- pecially KDV (W) —where would I be w o your love and support, you are beautiful. Mom Dad. you in- stilled in me the drive to succeed and be someone LCDR Mrs Dai- gle. thanks for all, how can I ever repay you ' ' Capt Robinson, w o you those first two years this might not have been possible Henry R you are a true friend and Christian, Finally, but most importantly to Je- sus Christ who enabled me to han- dle the rough sees and storms I love you oil To those behind— re- member have faith, work hard. and pray You will do it, just believe. JOHN T. YOUNG Towson Maryland It all storted plebe year when J.T. won the youngster j g award with- out even trying J T is equally at home on the rugby pitch as well as any tavern, as many rugby parties and nights out on 2 continents and 4 islands will attest If J T. could only have studied as hard as he slept he no doubt would have graduated « 1 Nothing less than a some boom will ever wake him up God Bless Dennis the Menace will no doubt burn the skies over P-cola Just re- member anything you want is yours, just put your mind to it. Uncle Wilber would be proud as you re- mained a part of the ■10% ond the brotherhood Fly Navy. Sorry. GRIDS! 35TH COMPANY • 519 THIRTY-SIXTH COMPANY n» iki W rfH LEONARD J. AGUILAR Chesapeake City. Maryland Squiggs came to the Academy from up the Chesapeake a-ways Freestyle Lenny gave an early indi- cation of his career plans when he snuffed out the life of a poor mouse sleeping in his shoe With his foot. He retired early junior year to spend more time with his love Blondes And his true love His car Oh the stories A blind date with some girl named Bacardi The night he danced rings around Jose Cuervo Now he is off to be one of the few and the proud To shoot more than just pictures Buena suerte mi amigo JAMES D. BARNES Fremont. California A man who is proud of where he came, a man who worked hard at his job, a man who cared, these are some of the characteristics that describe JB He hod a warped sense of humor and was always a man of few words He would de- scribe his stay here as, " He come He saw He payed the rent He graduated " The future looks busy for Jimbo Soon after he throws his hat in the air he will wait at the altai for an Eostporter From one institu- tion to another After that, he wil report to Nuke Power School ' Whatever he is doing he will do hi; best I PI ■ Hi 0eA E r l u KARL T. BECKETT Okemos. Mictiigan Karl has two talents: nicknames and dust Okemos ' second most famous citizen, Karl aka Sgt Schultz, the Dancing Bear, G D , Bucket, is the only man to call cadence and be out of step Terminally good na- tured, Karl ' s unquenchable opti- mism gave needed relief from many manic depressive swings An armor lover. Karl once drove a new ARC at the Dahlgren proving grounds. (She was not that big. protested Karl unsuccessfully ) Karl ' s singles days ended when he met his prof ' s niece (I earned the B. pro- tested Karl unsuccessfully ) Fair winds and following seas. Karl and Joan Hit the deckplates running snugglebunny MICHAEL J. FINLEY West Ctiester. Pennsylvania Fins made two mistakes relating the Academy — leaving and cor ing back Our first impression of tt man came at the end of plot summer, when he arrived at tt door of our room with one should board on He made it throu( plebe year without killing his roor mates, although he was tempte He slept through youngster yee 2 c year he found out that he he to study every now and then, Fi class year Fins earned the reput tion as a womanizer. In all, Mik attitude towards Navy can t summed up in his quote " My life i; shambles and my ring is a fak€ Good luck Mike-you ' ll need it. JOHN W. GILMAN Frammgham. Massachusetts Let me tell you about . Game 6 of the 1975 World Series , the Celt- ics 30T between the Celtics and Suns . . the Celtics , JFK . the Celtics - . . the Killer Mexican Sheep the Celtics the Ram ' s Head , the Celtics the Japanese Mon- ument the Celtics the real Cheers ... the Celtics Wednes- day . the Celtics . . the Main Gate the Celtics Team Banzai . . the Celtics . the Vine- yord . the Celtics the proletar- iat the Celtics . . Mike and i running interference . . the Celtics the Fiero . the Celtics Lauderdale the Celtics the money, power, and women the Celtics . hopefully Majorca and Morocco the Red Sox DONALD B. GRENNON Trumbull. Connecticut Grizwald Happiness lies m conquer- ing one ' s enemies, in driving them in front of oneself, m taking their prop- erty, in savoring their despair, m outraging their wives and daugh- ters Truly a model midshipman ' MATTHEW J. HICKEY Bay Stiore. New York Matt hod fun here at Camp Good- times 1styear-f?owing CT took charge, both of which lost In the end, Partyl, BS? PI. Eurol: 2nd UofM RT ' s, Last of good grades: 3rd- Eboat CO, Grp12, Euroll. Mt Schlong. BRICK, Partyii. (Honda 500). DS (penpals, RmgD) The LAST year Pres VGA, What ' s a WE ' ' 852311 ' BSll Somelikes-Family Pols. Rowing p). L A Babes, Beer, Sweaters, Baseball, Hotdog Apple- Pie, Chevrolet, Owing no credit, TOUGH relationships. Beaches, Par- ties Marathons, Pictures, Firels. S G, Tim ' s place. Trips, Motorcycles, Memories. T ' s. " classy " cars Matt surprised us w SS SEALS Best of Luck, you deserve the BEST. A great guy, a great friend Never for- get U, Buddies for life ' P JOEL BRET HILKE Pans. Kentucky From his plebe summer chow calls one could easily identify this Ken- tuckian: " Sir. ya now have ten min- utes to noon meal fermation. " In time. Joel lost most of his accent, but as one of his many roomates told him. he never changed his in- ward values. Joel get involved in the Glee Club. Choir, honor con- cept, and various Christian groups, yet he still managed to get good grades. Whatever J.B. does, he will work hard, and trust in God Prov- erbs 3 5-6 BRUCE R. HUDSON Lancaster, Pennsylvania Bruce came to us from the Amish Heartland of Lancaster, PA , drawn by the familiar block wardrobe and restrictive lifestyle Military life failed to cure him of his narcolepsy and of his dangerous delusion of being Mario Andretti Hudson Hardly terri- fied of heights, not even 5 meters. Bruce decided on EE We couldn ' t figure it out. since all he wanted were languages, travel, and for- eign women He was quite the en- trepreneur, so to speak, with thou- sands of untried ideas After the hope of NPQ dissapeared, Bruce gave m to the $6000 trap, consid- ering it venture capital He was, needless to soy. a model midship- man in both word and deed WILLIAM C. KIESTLER Puyallup. Washington Bill was the Horatio Alger of the Na- val Academy He had the quickest of wits, the sharpest of minds, and the calmest of manners. His only fear was that he might be allergic to blondes and then he met The Fluff R D. GEORGE P. KOBLER Huntsville. Alabama George brought with him a cast of characters that would be the envy of any psychoanalyst A man of few words (he knew only three). Feedback was never wi thout a Camel and a new addition to his wardrobe The 36th Co. Fashion rep was infamous for the Chocolate Donut Fiasco of ' 84. sleeping in the shower, clearing out Bamberger ' s. Porta-Cooters. lawn jockeys, the Mao Tsetung invitational, and drooling on MTV With a list of con- quests OS long as his big toe, the nameless, faceless many were the breeding ground of this young hel- lion Just ask Stains. Snake. Monkey Wright, Shemp Samboni. or any of the others about him. and they ' ll all tell you the same: " George wtio? " MGM KERRY S. KRAUSE Austin, Texas Schlomo came to USNA from Aus- tin. TX by way of a Rand McNoliy and several UTurns. When asked about his 2 yrs at U T.. naturally the conversation would turn to com- puters. His only love was eating, un- til 180 hrs. after meeting what ' s her name 1st class summer After a ka- makazi attack by o flying mouse. Kerry realized that the only adven- ture he wanted was what the corps could Supply Buena suerte. Shako Bro. 36TH COMPANY • 521 ANDREW M. LYNCH Mfflhburg. Pennsylvania Soon after Andy ' s arrival, he began his reign of terror Among the hum- bled are " P " and " Q " During the last week of plebe year, Andy de- cided to teach Rumphy and Q one last lesson The Avanti will never be the same. On that note, neither will Beck ' s belly. All through the Acade- my, though, he has been a great friend and is always willing to intro- duce you to women out in town This IS a practice that he has cut down on drastically in the past year being somewhat tied down. Lucky lady. Lucky guy too It now looks rather dubious as to whether he will meet that final graduation requirement JAMES S. MAYBERRY Alexandria, Virginia Highlights of Moybs ' career self- promotion to youngster J.G., trips home, squad parties, the 924, the living towel, the long green table, weekends! class privileges, Sandy, a 2 cum (at lost). Sandy, detoil, cake cruises, Sandy, USMC USS Iowa, (you coll it), anchor quest, the Olympics, Quontico taxi (did you tip her), and finally-Sandy Are you two engaged yet? Jim. a gouge hound of almost inhuman capabilities, managed to earn a college degree without getting an education If there was an easier way to do it. Jim would find it We wish Jim and Sandy well. Remem- ber: If it wasn ' t good enough. It wouldn ' t be the minimum MICHAEL G. MISHIK Red Bank, New Jersey His name was Mike, but everyone coiled him " Mike " He was born in the back woods of Brooklyn with a severe handicap, no hips His par- ents forced him to come to the Academy so he could find some tough kids to be his friends Nice, but tough During his sentence, he met a bevy of fiancees Verna. Kothy. Liz, Maria, and a cast of a handful His favorite pastimes were in Volvos, escorting blind relatives, and whaling When down South, about to taste his first deer pizza, he is known to utter the words, " UH- OH! " " Debris Man, " " Stains, " " Lint, " - call him what you will, he still won ' t leave GPK STEPHEN C. O ' ROURKE Trumbull. Connecticut SCO arrived here because of a lost bet, coming from the social center of the universe with Grizwold on the buddy plan, the blind leading the lost Glum, so branded by Kiki. nev- er lost his passion for soap and his dangerous habit of lending which turned his car into the 86 of 36 frot house Despite losing his shoulder in a devastating squash match he failed to get NPQ and got what he got " We ' re doomed. " did I soy thaf Sco was. of course, a model midshipman both in word and deed THOMAS E. OSBORN Alexandria. Virginia From the first day of plebe summer Oz thought he hod this place wired, that was until he fell head over rates for our squad leader. From then on it was smooth sailing with the off-shore team until 1 c year when the call of pure Rocky Moun- tain spring water and a certain " towny " lured him to endless round trips to Univ, of Del , Our friendship, though sometimes disguised as pa- rental guidance, has survived 4 years as roomates and the 3 and half we spent arguing, I still love ya Oz, Good luck to you and your " Olympic " dote, P,S, I won ' t miss your " noisey " wind In the morning KENT A. PARO Downers Grove. Illinois P Loves-babes, bars, basketball, beer-bongs. Britches, burritos, fire in the hole, football, girls, lifting, Mas- tercard, roodtrips, Visa women, Disloves -none, Plebe (football) Year Thanksgiving ' 82 with Linda. 4 C party (fly off balcony) 3 C Year bye Rat, Army Navy 8t C.F,. thrashing with Uncle. Bobs party (fist through wall), bye Gory, 2 C Year; E boat. Europe (Mt Schlong), soft- ball champs, combat town, E pit., LB, scream. Ft Laud, party mocy- cle crash (we owe Him), 1 C Year DDG 8 (Mexico, joy), Maura (Mrs Righf), CO QB (brigade champs), K,, Thu-eves, P. D would be proud- 1 am, love you, will nev- er forget our years. Go kick some butt with Nuke, Pencilneck, MJH SCOTT M. QUINLAN Fairfax. Virginia Go Novyl Beat Army! SCOTT C. RUMPH Danville. California Scrumph come here with a limited set of goals to drink as much beer as humanly possible in four years, have constant female companion- ship, and get maximum credit for minimal efforts The only thing he couldn ' t figure out was why he hod to wear uniforms and coll all these idiots " sir " Some standout mo- ments include Clark ' s trips, 48 for 80, heavies champs, and the Dahl- gren girl he kept Rumphy is one of those guys who keeps you laughing so you ' ll buy him another beer HI call you in Orlando so we can ar- gue some more Go get em Mutt ' 522 • CLASS OF 1986 Ji scon J. SEPANSKI North Tonawanda, New York Plebe year Skibone put his efforts into studying during the week and dumpster stealth on Saturday night Youngster year found Skibone a lazy math major with a permanent pkDce in the Dahlgren beer line As o 2 c, Ski and Aves pined the EMBC for on extended engage- ment but kept his sanity through continued hop worship 1 c year gave Ski his big 2-1 day but cost hrn S20 (The stories were worth it!). With a greater tolerance for beer txjt less for matrimony Ski soon found himself committed to a sweet hometown girl. Good luck you big Surface Warrior, the Navy wii need it SCR DAVID J. SHERIDAN Doytestown, Pennsylvania Dave came to USNA from Doyles- town. Pa , via Texas He expected a challenge but found little other than from a Chevy Malibu young- ster year, and a couple blondes He finally unloaded the car on his brother and the blondes are any- one ' s guess. His capabilities were fi- nally recognized first closs year and he was made brigade adjutant That ' s what happens when you tell the Sup that the accountability system needs work Dave earned a medal during service selection for keeping. 1Adm. 2Capts. 1Lcdr, 2Lts. and 100 mids confused for nearly a month Best of luck, you ' ll go for whatever you do WARBEN STERLING STEWART III Cuiimon. AiaDoma I Combread Those in authority find it ntolerabie to hove a subordinate wtvD has a mind of his own Truly a rrxxJel midshipman! THIRTY-SIXTH COMPANY MARK S. TUNEFF Bnagetown, Maryiana A backwards farmboy from the Eastern Shore. Mark always coiis them as he sees them Rarely at a loss for words, he draws many a hearty chuckle with his earthy hu- mor Mark sacrificed many week- ends to the mechanical deities to overcome his mobility to draw straight lines and be an engineer He spends his spare time tinkering with engines and girls He can make an engine purr Girls ore another story At least engines don ' t talk back Jilted by marines and blinded by geeking. Mark has opted for ab- sorbing radiation in big boots His diligence, stubbornness, and com- mon sense will undoubtably lead him to success. ll ■ li -Tj itf " -- -m:. -uk M. jfiA-; FAIR WINDS FOLLOWING SEAS MIKE S. WELLS Alamogordo, New Mexico Mike came to the academy from the state of nuclear testing He got off to o greet start when one of his plebe year roommates became neurotic. In the years that followed Mike ' s girls were like his roommates He always had one, but always a different one. He seemed to t ave a sixth sense for picking up women until Julie came along and ended that. Mike chose the computer route and will be plodding the briny blue on a big gray one with the rest of us hackers. Best of luck in the fleet, you ' ve got what it takes. Roommates beginning and end, friends forever NICHOLAS J. ZAFFIRIS Northport, New York Kiki Vondegwhe-You didn ' t wake up this morning because you didn ' t go to bed, you were watching the whites of your eyes turn red ' Just another chance in which to excel Truly a model midshipman! 524 • THE CLASS OF 1986 THOSE WE LEFT BEHIND ' ■cr .1 J Frederick L. I, Acosta Jeffrey Dereck Adams David P. Adiard Scott A, Akers Phil Cecil Ozoa Alabata John Alberstadt John C. Allman John Bruce Anderson Andrew M. Armstrong Paul A, Arnone John Francis Avery Gory Robert Ayers Blair Andrew Babcock Hector Randolph Banda Kenneth Marion Barnes Frank Joseph Barone Thomas P, Barry Bretton Batchelor Kenneth R Beck Brian Donald Bickford Lawrence Bigler Mark Christopher Black Gregory Scott Blanchard John H. Bogan Juan C, Bolivar Daniel Bourgeois Edward Vincent Bradley Charles Austin Brewer Michael Brilleslyper Gregory Rene Broussard Chad Matthew Bruske Cynthia Ann Bunce Shaun Joseph Burke Craig P, Burow Jackie Lee Burton Daniel T, Butterbrodt David Andrew Byrnes Denise Grace Caballero Danny Glen Callahan David B. Callahan vVilliam Calvert Elisabethe Marie Cambre .)avid M. Campbell ' icardo Antonio Contu Michael D, Carruthers ;enzo Casillas rrnest Rocco Cavallaro Albert Cowley •lory Beth Cernicek ohn Thomas Chatelain Todd R, Chytraus elly Ann Clark John Anthony Clopeck Robert Paul Coffel Raymond Coleman ;aren Mary Colton Arthur H, Conley , Jean Cooley ' ic William Coulter •lartin Randall Crone jovid A. Crawford teven Donald Cronquist ■nan P. Crowley Gerard Paul Current lichaet Edward Cutts ' avid Owen Dalton onathan Mike Davis tephen Charles Deguire obert Emmet Dennehy ose Dan Diaz leboroh Kaethe Dienst aniel Matthew Dimicelli athleen Mary Donelan homas Andrew Donoghue 3hn Stuart Dooley atrick Dennis Doyle hristine Ann Draper 3hn Bernard Drew Douglas Floyd Duffee Rodger W Duncan Michael Paul Duron John D. Elmore John George Emerick Tamara Jean Estes John Evancevich Glenn F. Exiine Thomas R, Falkner Allen Farrington George G. Fernandez Janet Lynne Fietz John Thomas Fitzpatrick Wayne Matthew Flood Stephen Wallace Fowler Elaine C. Friel David Alex Garcia Stephen Gardello John Michael Gephart Robert Dongwhan Ghim Anthony Max Gomez Joseph S, Grabill Paul Leon Grabowsky Scott Archie Graustein Thomas John Greenlee Keith John Grochow Matthew Glenn Grosz Jeffrey James Haan Jon Willard Haas David Gerard Hagan Laurence Nelson Hagood Daniel Mark Hole Lavinia A. Hales Glenn William Hall Anthony L. Hammel William J. Harkin Glenn E. Harms Shawnnesy G, Hart Dennis Harvey Carrie Jane Hebert James Paul Hennessey Michael Ramon Herring Kris W. Hillstrand Eric Christian Hince Thomas James Hirsch James Dewitt Hopkins David Lawrence Houseal John David Howay E, M, Hrnicek Christin Anthony Hughes Albert Lee Hutchison John Paul Iselin Kyle Andre Jackson Peter Charles Jackson Terrance Sheldon Jackson Joseph Wade Johnson Sarah Kazuko Jones Matthew E Jordan Matthew James Jordan Thomas John Kelly Timothy Kennedy Alan D. Kenny Christopher Lee Kensington Patrick Joseph Kerrigan Eugene Wallace King Nicholas G Kledzik Richard Alan Knar Michael Alan Koleber Andrew James Kovach John Henry Krege David Paul Krishfield Paul Anthony Kuplinski Robert John Kuzy Robert Helmut Laemmie Michael Peter Lalli Allen W Lalor Gregg Tracy Landkamer David J. Lane Leonard Michael Lawrence Taylor Walton Lawrence James Chan Lee Thomas R. Leithauser Dwight D. Lewis Joseph E. Ligos Jan Erik Lindgren Kendall Lee Linn Roger Edmund Lloyd Cesar Hugo Lopez Steven Ray Lopez Harry Daniel Lowe Clifton F. Lucas Paul William Luebbe Paul James Luehr Dean Fitzgerald Lueke Daniel J, Maestas Carl Ortiz Malone Robert Mangino Scott E. Marzluf George W, Maschke Kenneth Louis Mastropaolo John A, Matelski Lorry B, Mayberry Taylor Britt McCall Christopher Sean McCarthy Michael Patrick McCarthy Richard Scott McClonohan Christopher J McCrea Howard Dale McFadden Michael Patrick McGill Robert J. McGuire Robert Milton McGuire Timothy James McKenzie James Jeffreys McNair Mary Lucille McNeill Michael Herbert Menninger David Francis Metzbower Michael W Meyer Edwin Ross Miller Harmon C. Miller Gary Wayne Minter Edwin Jude Miranda Patrick Cass Moan Carlo Alfred Montemayor Richard V, Morris Cynthia Ann Murray Nelson M. Navarro Craig Neill David Howard Nelsen Jeffrey Joy Newton Perry Lee Nicodemus George Nikitensko Edward Joseph Nixon Levi Benedict Noguess George Robert Norris Jeffrey Anthony Novock Richard J O ' Hara Douglas L. Okey Thomas Willard Olsen Thomas Fitz Henry Ovens John Patrick Overton Arthur Ferrer Polaganas Amy Marie Parker Sarah S, Pease William Richard Pell Nancy Diana Pelosi Valerie Suzanne Peoples Victor Allen Perez Forrest Dean Petersen Dana James Pitt Paul E. Pittman John Mark Pool Brian Robert Porter Ronald E. Prass John R Pribble Richard Renshaw Radcliffe Paul Gregory Ramey F. O. Ramirez Laurence C. Ratcliffe Robert Reap Matthew Lewis Reddick Ronald D, Redwing Frank Wyatt Render Clyde W, Reynolds Ralph Daniel Richardson Ryan Gibson Richey David John Ritmiller Francisco Rivera Patricia Marie Roberts Karl M, Robinson Robert Matthew Rosingana Lynne Marie Rossman Eric Paul Rupp Kenneth Michael Ryan Peter Ryan James Eugene Ryder David Johnston Saffold Anna Mario Solas Andrew John Sondor Mogdolena Santos Kurt Walter Schletter Robert Totten Schmitt Shawn Michael Schroder Ronald D. Sharp Edward Charles Short Charles William Sieg Thomas Francis Simoes Michael Sinaco re Craig Steven Smith Mark Anderson Smith Tonya Rene Smith Mark Alan Spears Andrew P. Spencer Kelly D. Steele E. Stoffregen Michael Lee Sullivan Scott A, Sutherland Thomas Jeffrey Sutherlin Larry A. Switzer Robert Wolfgang Tabb Michael Taggort Derek Scott Taylor Michael Allen Testen William Gerard Thurlow A. J, Tiahnybok Arthur D, Toler Joseph Vintent Tranchini Seomus T. Tuohy Tracy Elayne Turner James John Vahsen Ronald James Vauk Billy Joseph Velasquez Desiree Marie Villorreal Reed Stuart Vomhot Charles Lynn Wagner Bonnie Merritt Walter Steven Weast William Whealon Ronald A White Anne Marie Wierzbicki Rick Charles Wilcome Mark Charles Witte Mark A Woyna Susan Ann Wymon C S Young David Scott Young Joseph Alan Ziobro THOSE WE LEFT BEHIND • 525 FIRST COMPANY A snappy salute to Ensign Eric J, Bruner and On© Co Pride and love. Turney. David, Mother and Dad Congratulation and best wisties Fun One The family of James DiCompli, 1st Company SECOND COMPANY Congratulations and best wishes to Bill and the Class of ' 86, You ' re the Greatest! From all the Fllnters. FOURTH COMPANY Congratulations to the Fourth Co, Class of 86 and good luck to all the members of the Navy Hockey team We hove enjoyed your games 8t will be look- ing forward to your visit to Boston The Bowen family Congratulation and best wishes to the Class of 86 from the family of Christopher C Ramos 04th Co We love you Chris! From Eve, Joy, Mom and Dad ' Congratulations and best wishes to the Class of 86 from the family of Rick Dansey, 4th Co, We love you Rick, From Cheri, Scott, Aubrey, Ryan, Brenton, Mom and Dadi FIFTH COMPANY Gene, a dream come true! May all your dreams become a reality and we pray that happiness, love and success be always with you We ore very proud of you and the Class of 86 To the 5th Co, wherever you go, whatever you do, remember you always hove a port in the storm! Love Mom, Dad, Burgess 8( Uncle Bob Congratulations Class of 86! 5th Co 8c Ron OIko in particular USMC got the best! Love. Dad and Mom After three sons graduating from the Naval Acade- my we can truly say we love you all and will miss you especially Co 5 and the Class of 86, Best wishes from the Donofrios, Congratulations Ensign Bory Gerson We love you Mom, Dad, and Erik, SIXTH COMPANY Congratulations Class of 86 and Patricia Anne Reeves, 6th Co, Your high standards and determi- nation ore your best gift to yourself and us. You ore our pride and joy. We love you, Tricia! Dad, Mom Gevan Congratulations and best wishes to the Class of 86, especially to all members of 6th Company and Copt Dillord, USMC for the professional acheive- ment in winning the honor of " Color " Co From the family of Rick (Tuti) Bodziak, 6th Co, We love you Rick From Marty Lois, Don 8i Bobs, Cheri Bren- dan, Tom, Mom 8( Dad, Brent, Matt, Trov 8c Scott, Slock Six " The Best Mix " We love you all, but espe- cially our " Royal " Congratulations from Mom, Papa, Nicole, and Cloudine Congratulation and best wishes to the Class of 86 Our heartfelt gratitude to the 6th Co friends of Croig McSovoney and to their parents. Love, Mom, Dad and Janet, Congratuotions to Louis and Class of 86 and 6th Co God Bless You always, from Mom, Daddy and Eruin SEVENTH COMPANY Congratulations to the Class of 86 from the family of William A Jones 7th Co, We love you " Wilbur " from Mom, Dad, Barbara, and Grandma, Congratulations Ens John Denuto Were so very proud of your accomplishments Way to go ' Mom Dad, EIGHTH COMPANY Congratulations to the Class of 86 from the Gruto family Danny, we ore proud of you Love, Mom, Dad, Gabe Cristino, Mike and Grandma! Congratulations Ens Lance Loepke Class of 86 the 8th Co, We ore very proud and love you. Lance ' Your fan club and family. Mom, Dick, and Wikoll Congratulations Class of 86 Best wishes to 8th Co " Happy Tailgoting " from Frank and Pot Rous and family. Love you, Ray! Congrats to Tony Istvon 8c the 8th Co Fly high ' Love, Mom, Tom, Jenny Congratulations 8th Co from the Jones ' Best wish- es Steven, Mom 8c Dad NINETH COMPANY Well done Jim and ' 86 ' The McNeals TENTH COMPANY Congratulation and best wishes to the Class of 86 " Good Times " 10th Co and Christopher Lawrence Campion We love you Mom, Dad, Lisa, Colin, 8c Jenny, Congratulations graduates of " Good Times Ten " Good luck in your careers. The Costello ' s, The family of Joseph F Wollis 10th Co, wishes the best for the Class of 86, Love you, Pancho From Mama, Papa, Deb and Carmen ELEVENTH COMPANY Congratulations to Class of 86, We love you. Lt Robert G Acosto From Mom. Fino. Margie. Ron. Richie. Lolie TWELFTH COMPANY Congratulation and best wishes to the Class of 86 from the parents of Anthony Devino 12th Co, Sem- per Fi, Tony Congratulations and best wishes to the Class of 86 from the family of Greg Minogue. 12th Co Greg, we ore so very proud of you We knew you could do it! May God bless you always Love ya tons. Mom. Da. Donna, THIRTEENTH COMPANY To 2nd Lt KIpp A, Collins. USMC. one of the few. the proud. May God bless you always. Kip, Our best wishes to 13th Co, and Class of 86, Semper Fi, Dad. Mom. and Ted Congratulations to the Class of 86 and best wishes to Thirteenth Co from the family of Jay Snider, We love you. Joy From Sherri, John, Mom, and Dad- Go for the best! Congrats to the 13th " Hot Tubbers " You will always be welcome at our home. Thanks for memories of four proud years The Nobles Congratulations to the Class of 86 and best wishes to Thirteenth Co from the family of Joy Snider We love you. Joy From Sherri, John, Mom and Dad- Go for the best ' FOURTEENTH COMPANY Congratulations and best wishes to the class of 86 from the family of Stephen Voroni, 14th Co We love you, Stephen, and God Bless You from Mom, Dad, Peter, and Moxie Congratulations 14th Co and the Class of 86 from the family of Steve Show, Solly Mom, and Dad, : FIFTEENTH COMPANY : Best of luck and success Class of 86 at the start of a new career From the family of Chester Mokuch, A special congratulation to the 15th Co We love you all Mom, Dad, Tommy and Lisa The Bronx salutes the 15th Co Good luck We ' ll remember you always, all us Mattel ' s are proud of you Thank you John, we love you From Dad, Mom, Nicky 8c Liz Glenn- May the Lord continue to watch over you, Tony, and other graduates of 15th Co We love you. Mom, Dad, and Sandy To our son, Richard H Price, and the outstanding ' young men of 15th Co, We send our love one warmest wishes We ' ll always remember our ful ' house and fantastic moments on Army Novy weekends Mom 8c Bill Best wishes to Class of 86 Good luck to George, Cc 15 and sailing team Love, Mom. Dad, 8c brothers I With love and pride we congratulate you Davie McGee and the 15th Co Crew Thanks for the won ' derful memories God bless you all Mom, Dad, one the whole McGee clan SIXTEENTH COMPANY I May each new experience drive you to higher aspi rations, may you never lose compassion in ocheiv ' ing your goals We love you, Becki from the Baczul Bunch Allright John ' To you and all of 16th Co We lovi you. Mom 8c Dad Russ SEVENTEENTH COMPANY Sharing fun and home with 17th and friends was th greatest. Buddy! Congratulations, Company Corr mander Brian K Moore-Ensign-Novigotor, Our lov and God ' s blessing always Mom, Laura. Ama (. ' , Dad in absentia) Way to go Class of 86! Mark Fork has come a Ion way We are so proud of you. Love. Mom. Dad. on all your family To the Class of 86. 17 Co 8c Curtis Brown, Your something else Dad Congratulations and best of luck to the Class of t from the family of Jeff Whelon. Co 18, We ' re proL of you. Jeff From Mom, Dad. Erin. Sherri. Tim. or Deb NINETEENTH COMPANY Ensign Kevin Delomer. with love and pride we salu you. Dad. Mom. Brian, and Michael Northern California Kudo ' s to USNA 1986 graduot. from the family of 19th Co John Wilczynski: Parent John and Rita. sister-Julie. fiance-Dorlene! Jol you ' re 1! Congrats on your dreom-Pansacolo flying Congratulations Class of 86 Thumbs up to Schlie Gooder. Geez. Mugsy Gloves. Chief, and Scott 19th Co, From the Schneider family Congratulations! Best wishes and good luck to ti Class of 86 19th Co, We love you Jeff from Mo 526 • PATRONS ADS Pops, Jean, Grandma and Relatives Congratulations Ulysses 19th Co Class of 86 Love, Mom. Dad, Cindy Maceda Congratulations to Ed Wentz and the Class of 86 especially the IPth Co and the D B We love you Ed. From Mom. Dad. and Missy, For our special son. Scott Helmets Thanks to every- one at the Naval Academy who recognized your talent and helped you become a Trident Scholar and winner of the Alumni Association award We love you dearly, your favorite parents , TWENTIETH COMPANY Good luck! God bless the 20th Co Best wishes. Mott ' s mom Muckelbauer Congratulations Lt Nathan Scott Moorei You ' re a Marine now ' We ' re very proud of you God bless you, always Good job Class of 86. We love you, Dod. Rita, and Jason, TWENTY-FIRST COMPANY Congratulations Lucy Simonian and 21st Co Our pride, love and prayers are with you always Mom, Dad, Kirk and Elisa Rob Bazan. we love you for everything you are God bless you, 21st and the Class of 86 Dad and Mom Godspeed David Stumhoffer Love from Mom. Dad. Mary. Matt. Tim. PP TWENTY-SECOND COMPANY Our best to the 22nd Co and the Class of 86 from the proud family of Walt Belch REmember us when your travels bring you to Conn, Congratulations to the Class of 86 from the family of James D Reed. II Congratulations Eric Fenton and the 22nd Co We ' re proud of you the excellent lod you ' ve done We love you Mom. Dad. Rosy 8i Don We love you Chip McC. Mom Stew, Congratulations to the Class of 86 and especially to ■hsign Tracy Howard We love you and are very Droud of your accomplishments! Best of luck from -Oyne. Lauren. Pam. Debbie. Ginger. Mom and Dad TWENTY-THIRD COMPANY .Congratulations 86 the 23rd Co from the Jaquet amily We are so proud. Jamie! Love from all of us, TWENTY-FOURTH COMPANY hanks to all the sponsors, especially Joe and Peggy itts, from the other parents. Way to go boys from lemphis Yo ' ll done good, especially Robert Gilmer rem his family: Mom. Dad. Cary and Alan, he best of the best to the Class of 86 from the amily of Raymond Poinsette 24th Co, Love to you ' oy from Mom, Pop. Cheryl. Kenny. Antie Grandmother. -ongratulations and continued success to the 24th o. 86 Class from the family of Fred O ' Neill. Love, ■lorn. Dad. Brenda. and Dave Congratulations and good luck to the Class of 86 om the family of Ruben Baerga (Macho) 24th Co ' O track team! We love you all From Mom. Pops, ' enise Lincoln. WENTY-FIFTH COMPANY With pride and love we salute our potty " Pete " and 25th Co Keep reaching for rainbows always Mom, Dad, Mary Helen. Al, Tom. Jeanne, Karen, and Chrissy Peterson. Best wishes and fair sailing to 25th Company ' s Class of 86, We miss you all. Fondly, the Redmonds Soupy said it. we second it Congratulations and full speed ahead to the Class of 86 From the family of Ken Kwietniak 25th Co Our very best wishes. Congratulations and best wishes to Michael Leeney. the 25th Company, and the baseball team. We knew you could do it. Michael, you are one in a million We ' re proud of you and your out- standing achievements, both academic and ath- letic With pride and love always. Mom and Dad. Chris, Kay, Mario, Linda, Michael, and all of your friends and relativesi TWENTY-EIGHTH COMPANY Way to go 28th Company! Hope to see you all again Good luck from your favorite sponsors- the whole Quintan Gang- Mike, Carol, Kevin, Sean, Col- leen, and Neil. Bear hugs 28 Co Luv all the Rupps A toast to 28th Co, Class of 86, especially to Ens Gene Burke, USN-the best there ever was- from Joan. Kevin. Emmet. Mary Pat. Lt Tom, Mom. and Dad Happy Landings! To Battalion Commander Don Braswell 28th Co 86- " If I take the wings of the morning and dwell in the uttermost ports of the sea. Even there your hand will Lead me and your right hand hold me fast " Psalm 139: 8 8t 9 Love. Mom. Dad. Paul. Neal. Roy II. Kelly, . Trey Congratulations to the Class of 86 from the family of Chris Soler 28 Ensign Michael J Parker- We and the Rehorns never said " If " just " When. " Ya dun good Mikey! Love best of luck. Mom. Dad. and Grama TWENTY-NINETH COMPANY Congratulations Ray and the Class of 86 and the 29th Co from the family of Ray Malskis We love you all Congratulation to Ens Russell Lindsey and the GREAT 29th CO, Love Mom Congratulations and love to the Class of 86 and especially the 29 Co from the Richard Mauch family We all new you could do it Kevini We are proud of you From the fomily of Alan Jaru- sewski 29th Co THIRTIETH COMPANY We are so proud! Congratulations Pat Walsh and 30th Company! We love you, Ann. Mom and Dad Aloha. Sue Korol and 30th Company You did it Much love from your proud family Susan! God Bless Congratulations and best wishes to the Class Of 86 from the family of Joe English, 30th Co, May all your missions be peaceful We ' re proud of you, Joe! Suc- cess in Nuke Power, Love from Lisa. Mom. Dad THIRTY-FIRST COMPANY Congratulations to the Class of 86 from the proud family of John Bamonte 31st Co We love you John from Mom, Dad, and Paul Best wishes to Don Stedham Co 31 and Tau Beat Lesboys Fair winds and following seas for you and your classmates. We love you Dad, Coomie Lee, and Danny Donny Bubba!! We ' re so proud of you and the boys! Martha, Shawn, Patrick and " Barney, " Congratulations Don and Co 31 Love Ina. Mike, Glen, Katie and Keith, Good luck to our submariner. Ens Peter VIoedman, and the Class of 86, Grandma and Grandpa Landahl, Congratulations to the Class of 86 from the family of Peter VIoedman. 31st Company, We love you Peter 8i wish you fair winds and calms seas in your chosen career. Go with God. Congratulations " Schultz " 8i Class of 86 with much love and pride in your accomplishments. From the family of Peter VIoedman- Mom, Dad and Mark Landahl. THIRTY-SECOND COMPANY To the Mid who wanted to " Walk on water fly without wings " Congratulations Ensign Louis Partida on a job well done BS in Aerospace Engineering 8t varsity offshore sailing award winner! With love and pride. Mom Dad Congratulations ond fair weather sailing to Class of 86; the Brian Flachsbart family Bless you, Brian, THIRTY-THIRD COMPANY Best wishes to the Class of 1986, From the family of Kyle King, 33rd Co We love you. Kyle. From Stacy. Mom. and Dad God be with you always Class of 86 from the family of Dan Beldy 33rd Co. Karen. Steven. Ellen. Mom Dad Hots oft to the Class of 86. 33rd Co and " Our Mid " Richard Wheat. Love. Mom and Dad, THIRTY-FOURTH COMPANY Congratulations to the Class of 86 from the family of John Baker 34th Co, We love you, John and we are very proud of you Mau God ' s peace go before you. From Mom and Dad, Congratulations and best wishes to the Class of 86 from Bill Rohm ' s family. Semper Fidelis, Club 34, Congratulations to the Class of 86 from Bill McCor- mick ' s mom. THIRTY-SIXTH COMPANY Congratulations and best wishes to the Class of 86 and the 36th Company from the family of George Kobler We are proud of you, George Jon. Mom. and Dad- Super job ' 86. best of luck to all from the family of David Sheridan. 36th Co. Mom, Dad, Dan- Go Navy! Congratulations Ens Bruce Hudson and all the fine men of the 36 Co That wave provided us with so many fond memories- from tailgaters to parties at the camper- We say thank you and Godspeed Lots of love. Mom. Dad. Cheryl. Jeff 8c Brad Congratulations and best wishes to Scott and the " Good Times " 36th Co from Mom. Dad Rumph and Uncle Bud Love you! You ' re the greatest! PATRON ADS • 527 jfj jfyrrirt ' ' , ECA ' S 1 AMATEUR RADIO The amateur radio club (W3ADO) provided interested midst ipmen, offi- cers, and faculty the facilities and in- struction to increase their knowledge of radio communications and elec- tronics. The club operated an amateur radio station for member use, and co- operates with amateur radio organiza- tions in handling routine and emergen- cy messages. The American Institute of Aeronau- tics and Astronautics is a professional society which serves to expose under- graduate students to the world of aerospace engineering and the aero- space engineer. The society spon- sored numerous lectures, field trips, and competitions throughout the year. American Institute Of Aeronautics V .l ASME American Society Of Mechanical Engineers An organization of sixty midshipmen represented the Naval Academy ' s branch of the undergraduate student section of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers. This group pro- vided a forum for mechanical engi- neers at the Academy to react to pressing problems in the engineering field. The Club supplied technical infor- mation to members, promoting high standards of education and ethics. Additionally, this organization gave students a place to vt ork on projects, both collective and individual. ASNE is the American Society of Na- val Engineers, the group which repre- sents the Naval Science majors at the Academy. As every year, ASNE held noontime lectures, and an annual ban- quet at the O-Club. Lectures included inviduals v ho spoke on Naval topics combined with many sea stories American S ociety Of Naval Engineers ASNE EGAS • 531 v., I This organization works as a liason at the Naval Academy with special oper- ations throughout the armed services. The Airborne Training Unit provides Midshipmen opportunities to attend various warfare schools ranging from Airborne to Jungle Warfare school. During the academic year, this group provided continuing military training for members by organizing parachute jumps, rappels, and road marches. Although it hod a main member core of seventy, the group gained literally hundreds of potential Midshipmen members in March. Competetive bil- lets were opened to the Brigade to attend the prestigious Airborne school at Fort Benning. Georgia. In order to gain a spot, potential parachutists pushed themselves through a week of physical and mentally taxing training, competing for one of the few spots. When the " Hell Week " was over, the school slots were filled with the best candidates. In addition to Airborne, the Unit coor- dinated the selection of Mids to other schools, including jungle warfare, northern warfare, and Ranger school. AIRBORNE TRAINING ..A Bj H i " (hi A fetf k. R l . N . . i ' ' ■ Reifiv HI t • ' ' Jf: i J iww L.I ' ■ " ffS? ' ■ " r W ' 1 , M |Sj P ' 3Kk M HJV Ik? »; „: J mk 1 ' ' ,. idi j M B H K s wiu S SS3SflBnffi «SS B5! EGAS • 533 .rrjrfj ' . The Antiphonal Choir takes part in religious services at the Academy. Dur- ing the year this choir pertormed with other musical groups at Navy, espe- cially the " Messiah " during first semes- ter final exam week. ANTIPHONAL CHOIR 534 . EGAS ASTRONOMY CLUB The Astronomy Club is devoted in furthering the Brigade ' s interest in the Heavens. The Club owns equipment and instuments to observe the night sky, utilizing the observatory on the roof of Michelson Hall. This year, the club ' s greatest interest-generator was the return of Holley ' s Comet. Although its display was not as spectacular as hoped, many members of the Brigade were able to catch a glimpse of this celestial visitor during observatory viewing times sponsored by the As- tronomy Club. EGAS • 535 The Big Brothers and Big Sisters pro- gram at the Naval Academy provides a role model triend for single parent children to look up to. Midshipmen i n- volved in the group became compan- ions v ho guided and related to the children. This year ' s group activities in- cluded a trip to the Smithsonian in Washington, D. C. and a Bov lothon in Annapolis. BIG BROTHERS AND SISTERS 536 • EGAS On several high spirited nights during the year, anyone with an exclusive " ' Goat Court " window knows that the open area is quite a combat zone. There must be many individuals who have a sense ot guilt and curiosity while tossing a bucket or trash can of water into the arena. They might ask themselves, " What is it that lurks be- neath that dingy court in third wing? " Any member of the Bowling Club might ask " Who are all those people up there ' kidding ' around? " Though tucked away in an unsus- pecting place, the Bancroft lanes pro- vided weekly recreation for the fifty members of the Bowling Club. Inter- Academy bowling was held for the members on Monday and Friday nights. The Club also fielded a travel- ling team, which competed with other colleges in the Eastern Pennsylvania- Maryland Intercollegiate Bowling Con- ference. And as in all other Brigade sports, the Bowling Club challenged West Point and Colorado Springs this spring. EGAS • 537 V.I A small group with a big duty, the Naval Academy Cheerleading squad continued to pumped up the Brigade this year, one ot Navy ' s best in a long time. With a squad of only four mem- bers per class, for a total sixteen, the Cheerleaders follov ed wherever or whenever Navy competed. And al- though they don ' t play in sports, their presence is the boost that the athletes need to attain another great Navy victory. Nowhere were they more ef- fective than in Philadelphia when they psyched the Brigade up, contributing to the upset victory over the Black Knights. 538 • EGAS CHEERLEADERS EGAS • 539 ZummKw.f K ' v - jo. ' a ' gt,T « B.S.A.C. 540 • EGAS tyjaJgoliig. rsmade, 5 Odd..-,. -, lefeot of , nfodtiol 0- ' BOOOOOOOM!!! The thunderous pocket of sound envelopes Navy-Ma- rine Corps Memorial Stadium as the Mids score another touchdown. It ' s the result of the dependable Brigade Can- noneers, who properly engaged an 1865 Dalgren Boat Howitzer for each Navy score during home football games. Since 1967, this devoted group of eight has signalled each touchdown, field goal and point after conversion- the starting blast for the plebe push-up fiascos. On May 16th, the men of the Canoneers helped the Class of ' 89 celebrate the climbing of the Herndon monument. Port of this exclusive club are their 1860 ' s style midshipmen uniforms, worn while manning the gun. The Cannon- eers, lead by Commander Fitzgerald, have two members from each class, who stay with this organization their entire Academy career. CANNONEERS CATHOLIC CHAPEL CHOIR 542 • EGAS CATHOLIC MIDN CLUB The Catholic Midshipmen Club is a social group which promotes the Catholic community at the Academy. The Club sponsord religious activities such as Rosary services, retreats, breakfasts, and lectures about the Ro- man Catholic Church. The CMC scheduled many events outside the academy, including trips to historic sites like Gettysburg, gatherings with other colleges, and a Spring picnic. i I CHEMISTRY CLUB The Chemistry Club provided inter- esting and informative lectures about areas of nev chemistry. Guest speak- ers were brought from the chemical industry and academic world to pro- vide these informative lectures. Among this year ' s lectures was a pre- sentation by Kodak on new color pho- tography technology. This organization provided members of the Brigade with an opportunity to gain appreciation of the Arts. The Churchill Society brought several guest speakers to the to the Academy to lecture, including Tom Clancy, the au- thor of the hit novel " The Hunt for Red October, " CHURCHILL SOCIETY 544 • ECAS CHAPEL PROGRAMS • The Command Chapel Program reached out to every midshipman at the Naval Academy. The impressive services at the Chapel proved to be on important part of many midship- men ' s lives. The Command Chapel program also served the community of Annapolis. Midshipmen interacted with civilians in the fellowship of their com- mon religions. Midshipmen were also recruited to teach Sunday School classes. :fl -hi K T ' i ' " 1 " ' ' ■ ■ ' i ' f ' - r ' m [,i.. .k. EGAS • 545 CLASS OF 1986 After a year of thorough flaming on plebes, the Class of 1987 was ready to take charge of the Brigade. Surviving Two-for-Seven night, the second class looked forward to their big night in May, the Ring Dance. As true upper- class, ' 87 looked forward to the re- sponsibilities and decisions ahead in their final and most important year. i Their last year at the Academy, th Class of t986 was anxious and read to leave Mother B and get out into th real world. The closer graduatio came, the greater the class came tc gether before their final day togethf on May 21, 1986. Once again a legac of tradition departed the Academ carrying its spirit to the corners of th world. CLASS OF 1987 CLASS OF 1988 »2 XiOJ sore: - ]o;- ■ After their first " real " year at ttie r:- ! Academy, the Class of 1988 showed V itheir unity and spirit. They sposored a Brigade Talent show in the fall, a good time was had due to the great plan- ning and efforts by all involved. The only bad thing that ' 88 had to face was a small summer of leave during ocadmics and cruises during the summer. The first year at the Academy for the Class of 1989 proved to be a growing team spirited experience. Af- ter about nine months of harsh aca- demics and professional develop- ment, the Plebe class survived and showed their ability when Herndon was climbed in under one and a half hours. Being new to Annapolis, ' 89 showed its class unity on many things, from shirts to jewelry. CLASS OF 1989 EGAS • 547 D Picture this, a thousand young men and wonnen standing in perfect ranl s in Tecumseh court, a sight that hun- dreds of tourists see each day in the fall or spring at 12:10 P.M. The figures suddenly come to life as the music of the U.S. Naval Academy ' s Drum and Bugle Corps sounds off the familiar tunes of the Navy. It is this music that expresses the prideful mission of the Academy to the visiting and viewing public. As one of the largest extra curricular activities, the eighty member D B Corps repre- sented the Academy across the na- tion in competitions as well as presen- tations for marching band lovers around the country. At the Naval Academy, the D . B Corps, of course played at outside for- mations, all parades, and sporting events. The largest sporting events of the year for the group were the home Navy football games, at which they performed at holftime on the field. And of course, outdoor pep rallies were not complete without the D B Corps. Events at which the Drum and Bugle Corps played include the last Presiden- tial Inauguration Parade, the Martin Lu- ther King, Jr. parade in Atlanta, the Cherry Blossom parade in Washington, D.C., the Mardi Gras, Walt Disney World in Florida, and many NFL football halftimes. Activities also included the musical support for the teams during Army-Navy weekend, the Grand Prix in Wayne, NJ, and the Serenade in Brass in Horrisburg. Throughout the year the members of the Drum and Bugle Corps spent most of their non-academic time together in the effort to become the best sounding Corps. Evidence of their abili- ties was shown in their placing first in the Commander-in-Chief ' s competi- tion versus the Air Force and Military academies. The D B were benefitted by the presence of the U.S. Navy band, with enlisted members who as- sist the Corps. 548 • EGAS DRUM AND BUGLE CORPS ECAS • 549 , DRUM AND BUGLE CORPS 550 • EGAS EGAS • 551 CROQUET ; Once again this year, tine Croquet Club fielded a team of deft and skilled Mids to take on the best that St. John ' s College had to offer. The festivities started before the match this year. Midshipmen going to moss on the morning of the meet were greeted by a Tecumseh who had been " Wild- manned " with orange and black, the colors of the Academy ' s friendly neighboring college. Many came ou to support Navy Croquet; the team even had air support: on A-7 Corsair II buzzed the game with a wing-dip sa- lute. After a long and gallant effort, Navy fell short in a close 2-1 match. P ' ■I: The U.S. Naval Academy silent drill team represents the Academy through innovative rifle drill and preci- sion marching routines conducted without verbal commands. The team performed at sporting events and in local parades as well as regional and notional competitions. In the past year, the team placed first overall in two of three regional competitions. The drill team was composed of mem- bers from all classes, and was com- manded by M Lt(j.g.) Jay Crouse of the 8th company. Captain P. A. Whi- tenack. United States Marine Corps, was the silent drill team ' s officer representative. DRILL TEAM EGAS • 553 Performing in eighty concerts a year, the U.S. Naval Academy ' s Men ' s Glee Club comprises some of the best male vocal talent that Annapolis has. The eighty members travel to many places, including regional high schools, area concert halls such as the Meyer- hoff in Baltimore, and various locations across the nation. Working extensively with the Men ' s Glee Club, the Women ' s Glee Club performs for many audiences during the year, ranging from churchgoers to the President of the United States. The Women ' s Glee Club performed this year for the Chaplain Corps, sang Han- del ' s " Messiah " , and assisted in the performance of " The Music Man. " GLEE CLUB 554 ' EGAS GLEE CLUB MUSICAL The seventy-five midshipmen in- volved in this year ' s Glee Club Musical put on a very succesful performance of " The Music Man. " After months of tryouts, practices, and preparations, the show was performed to capacity crowds in Mohan Hall during three weekends in February. The audiences of Annapolis residents and midshipmen were enthralled by the efforts of the Glee Club musical under the direction of Dr. John Talley. EGAS • 555 FCA Fellowship Of Christian Athletes ■ On the playing field, every tearr needs spirit and enthusiasm to moti- vate it to win. The Fellowship of Chris- tian Athletes is an organization devot ed to spirit, not surrounding the spor but their belief in religion. The twenty five athletes who make up the FC- meet on Thursday evenings in Mitsche Hall to discuss their mutual interests ■ sports and in religion. Weekly specie activities include speakers and filrri about other Christians in the athletic community. 556 • EGAS feAthletllnslTtute Of Electrical And Electronic Engineers IEEE tigfiec i The purpose for the Institute for Elec- trical and Electronics Engineers is to moke midshipmen aware of electrical engineering applications in the Navy and in general civilian industry. Com- prised of fourty members who have a great interest in " Double ' E ' " , the group also aids students needing help in electrical engineering courses. This year ' s activities included speakers, and a picnic which closes the year and helps fourth class electrical engineer- ing major selectees to get to know the professors and officer instructors in the department. The purpose of this club is to provide midshipmen interested in oceanogra- phy opportunities to learn more in this field. Several lectures during the year, including distinguished speakers such as Dr. Robert Ballard, head of the famed Titanic expedition, provided a forum for oceanogrophic applications in the environment and the Navy. The club also held many get togethers, in- cluding a crab feast, a picnic, and a dining-in which allowed students and faculty in the oceanogrophic major to become better aquainted. The Marine Technology Club also used the best learning experience, getting first hand looks at aspects of oceanography by taking trips to the Smithsonian, the Cal- vert Cliffs Nuclear Power Plant, and the National Aquarium in Baltimore. MARINE TECHNOLOGY EGAS • 557 INTERNATIONAL CLUB The International Club is the summation of four individual or- ganizations which have interest in foreign nations These four in- clude the German, Spanish, Chi- nese, and Korean clubs. Each one of these groups holds several banquets each year. Speakers at these occasions inform Midship- men about these nations and how these nations perceive the United States. As a whole, the International Club ' s major event was the the International Ball and Dinner held in Spring. The club invited foreign college-age men and women from the Washington, D. C. area. This event gave guests and Mid- shipmen a better perspective of the many cultures in the world. Providing spiritual support for Jewish Midshipmen is the job of the Academy ' s Jewish ECA, L ' Chaim. Services every Friday night in Mitscher Hall provide a weekly opportunity for Jewish Midshipmen to come together to celebrate their faith. This year L ' Chaim held a Passover dinner in April, L ' CHAIM i Comprised of dedicated members of the Brigade, the Lucky Bag staff de- signs and creates the yearly class memory book. Staff members work on their own sections, and the overall pro- duction is guided by the Editor-in-Chief and his assistants. Together they pro- duce the world ' s largest all-color yearbook. Sg 560 • EGAS LUCKY BAG 1986 LUCKY BAG STAFF EDITOR IN CHIEF Robert Gilmer ' 86 ASSOCIATE EDITOR Ted Anderson ' 87 BUSINESS MANAGER Russ Smith ' 87 PHOTO EDITOR Dave Quint ' 87 Dave Hott ' 88 OPENING Ted Anderson ' 87 THE YEAR Sandra Hill ' 88 THE BRIGADE Roni Plautz ' 89 CLASS OF 86 Rose McCain ' 87 ECA ' s Jane Collins ' 88 SPORTS Robert Gilmer ' 86 Steve Ballister ' 87 FACULTY STAFF Lisa Rathjen ' 87 DAILY ROUTINE Lisa Rathjen ' 87 EGAS • 561 Tl-,c LOG m VaL7S,Na.« NfenMnr. PMCK t1 JS in BMKMit 81 J6 a tum aawcToW The only frequent Brigade publico tion, the Log, served again this year c the campus magazine and quos school newspaper, since none exists c the Academy. The Log ' s main literar mission is to " lampoon " any absurdity which should make its presence know] in The Yard. This past year saw anothe great column of juicy gossip from SoIt Sam, and lots of great articles indue ing the serialized accounts of the ur dercover force in Bancroft, the MN(C VICE. =9 562 • EGAS The sixty member corps of midship- men who hove made up the Masquer- oders work hard for months eoch fall to present a full-college-level-dramatic- play. Members engage in the entire range of production duties: lighting, set work, costumes, makeup, and act- ing. Performances in past years have ranged from Shakespeare to Gogol to Aristophanes, author of ' " The Birds " — this year ' s Naval Academy-ized pro- duction. Overall this dedicated group works hard, as Masquerader president Kent Collins states, " to increase Bri- gade morale and relieve the pressure of this somewhat inane lifestyle. " MASQUERADERS EGAS • 563 ROCOMPUTER CLUB The computer club helped Midship- men and members of the Naval Acad- emy Community to better understand their microcomputers. A resource open to all, the computer club served to answer any questions about pur- chasing new computers, or how to use those already owned. Even those who did not own systems found benefit from the club ' s monthly meetings. i As the wargoming group at the Academy, the Military Studies Associa- tion provides a forum for midshipmen to ploy strategic gaming. Each week- end this year, this club met for gaming sessions. And during the year the club held an annual wargoming conven- tion, " NAVCON, " Military Studies Association i ISA 564 . EGAS B MID-ACT m Midshipmen Action Organization The Midshipmen Action Organization provides Mids with the chance to work with the local volunteer organizations In Annapolis and Anne Arundel County, The highlight this year was the Special Olympics held at the Naval Academy. EGAS • 565 DOLPHIN CLUB ? Midshipmen come to the Acade- my on Induction day as equals, wip- ing clean the slate of high school accomplishments. This is true with the exception of those who made the title of Eagle Scout. The fifty members of the Brigade who this year made up the new USNA branch of the National Eagle Scout Association helped area scouting programs in many ways. Providing knowledge about the sub- marine community is the purpose of the USNA Dolphin Club. Monthly meet- ings brought guest speakers, usually submarine commanding officers, who discussed topics such as Arctic subma- rine operations, British supmarine oper- ations, and the SSN 721 program. In addition to regular meetings, the club sponsored several social occasions for officers in the submarine force and the one hundred fifty midshipmen mem- bers of the Dolphin Club. National Eagle Scout Association f 566 • EGAS NAVIGATORS The one hundred fifty members of the Navigators came together to help each other in moral growth, develop- ing in Christian character and leader- ship. The club promoted individual training with Bible studies, prayer, teaching, and counseling. Events this year included social gatherings in Mitscher Hall on Saturday evenings, several conferences, and many get- away retreats on weekend and leave periods. EGAS • 567 C-.F Creating a comfortable atmosphere together to gain a greater knowledge of self and Christ is one of the principle purposes and accomplishments of the OCF, the Officers Christian Fellowship. Throughout the year, the OCF holds retreats, among other activities, for about two hundred twenty-five members. Regular activities include weekly gatherings with special guest speak- ers, normally officers who speak to midshipmen about their spiritual ideas and experiences. Other events during the year include picnics, christian con- certs, and hayrides at the Naval Acad- emy Dairy Farm in Gambrills, Maryland. Officers ' Christian Fellowship 568 • ECA-S NAVTAG The Navy Tactical Wargame (NAV- TAG) is a training system which en- ables the early exposure of Midship- men to state-of-the-art wargaming as well as familiarizing them with the terms and definitions of tactically oriented situations. The main purpose of this up- perclass program is professional de- velpment. but NAVTAG also exists as a competition for Color Company points. Usage of the system for this pur- pose exceeds sixty hours a week, cer- tainly a very involved training. At the year ' s end, an award is also given to the top graduating NAVTAG tactician. Omega Rho is an internationa l man- agement society with eight honor members at the Academy, This year Omega Rho encouraged operations research and management science, and related disciplines. OMEGA RHO EGAS • 569 OMICRON DELTA EPSILON As the economics honor society at the Naval Academy, Omicron Delta Epsilon sponsored many activities dur- ing the year. This year the society had two semester banquets, O-Club lun- cheons every four weeks, a picnic, and a trip to Wall Street in New York for the First Class members. Members Matthew Bledsoe Michael Cadwell Miguel Cintron Gerald Hodge Daniel Lachance Adam Meinrod Justin Miller Dennis Moynihan Andrew Schneider Sybil Smith John Swanson Todd Wagner Douglas Mines Edward Holland Scott McFarlene Gary Schabert This EGA represents the twenty five midshipmen who have interest in the hobby of orienteering. On a competi- tive level, orienteering is a race through terrain, with only a map and a compass to navigate. The one clue to success for the orienteer are the con- trol flags at certain points along the correct path. The orienteers at USNA competed in local meets at Quontico, Greenbelt, and West Point. ORIENTEERING CLUB 570 • ECAS ON PHI ALPHA THETA o-ocge KSrtth Swonsxi )os es ICnOlorx] Members Glenn E, Campbell Norman L, Cooling Roderick Gibbons Eric Martinuzzi Patrick Morrissey Henry Rainone Dennis Redmond John Swonson Kevin Windbigler Theodore Anderson Mark Gardner Curt Hartman Michael Horrisberger Joseph Stillwagon Siegfried Wolff Phi Alpha Theta is an international honor society for History, second only to Phi Beta Kappa on a national level. The chapter at the Academy, Omega Kappa, requires that mem- bers have a 3.0 grade average overall and a 3. 1 in 12 credit hours of history. iiiDOinaiini. .is ■i ll " The purpose of Pi Sigma Alpha is to Dromote awareness and discussion of Dublic affairs on our campus. This or- ganization is also an honor society with twenty two members. Sched- uled events included a banquet and induction ceremony at the year ' s end. Members James R. Addison Mathew Bellinger Sprague Cook Donald F. Eyres Levino Garcia, Jr. Gardner Jackson Cameron M. Kenyon Douglas Krieger Cheryl L. Laws Mathew M. Malloy John Martinelli Craig F. Merrill Michael G. Mishik Brian D. Pearson John E. Russ III John Eric Smith Michael W. Taylor Karen D. Ulisnik Alan C. Vanderpyl Richard S. Vork Randall Joe Wolf PI SIGMA ALPHA EGAS • 571 P» KAPPA PHI a Members James R, Addison Stuart J. Borsch) Donald Braswell Jotin Denuto III Matthiew B. Dolan Gregory J. Fenton Kelly J. Hanson Scott W. Helmers Joel Bret Hike Mark D. Larabee James L. Mailloux Steve McPhillips Mark S. Meltser Craig F. Merrill Jotin Stuart Neal John Paganelli James H. Reinhiart Jeffrey Semancik Jay D. Shaffer Peter D. Yarger Phi Kappa Phi is an honor society composed of individuals vjho rank in the top two percent of their class. Currently, the society is composed entirely of members of the Class of 1986. In April of this year the Class of 1987 became eligible for mem- bership. The Delta Psi chapter of Pi Tau Sig- ma, the Mechanical Engineering Hon- or Society, actively participated in serving the mechanical engineering department and students in the me- chanical engineering major. Delta Psi was involved with the majors selec- tion program, where members helped to recruit fourth class into the ME major. Members were also avail- able to render tutoring services to mechanical engineering students upon request. r ki Members p C. Ainsworth Wfiii Kenneth A. Bogdan Michael K. Cocksey Bradley Johnson Patrick Klansek C.B. McClelland C.A. Miller VfJ Bryan K. Parks Bryan Pellegrin Paul H. Powell )A Thomas Shumaker Brian A. Solo Mark A. Swatling Lawrence E. Wood PI TAU SIGMA PHOTOGRAPHY CLUB Developing the photographer in talented midshipmen shutterbugs is the intent of the Photo Club Each year, classes are held to teach mem- bers techniques in developing, pro- cessing, and picture taking. Again this year, the club held a photo con- test during Homecoming. jioTg serraj i Public Relations Committee Comprised of fifty members, the Public Relations Club served the Acad- emy in Varsity sports and Public Affairs, In the fall, members worked in the press box each home football game. In add- tion to Navy football, the PRC worked with sports reporters on other Navy sports, including J.V. Football, La- crosse, 150 ' s football, and Basketball, The other group of the PRC worked with the public affairs office, assisting with VIP tours and all aspects of the news media-newspapers, magazines, radio, and television. PRC EGAS • 573 ring and crest cjmmittee Creating the immortal design of a class crest is not an easy task. This duty is one that is faced each year by the new fourth class. This year. representatives from the Class of ' 89 successfully chose the symbol to rep- resent the tradition of the most re- cent addition to the Academy. 574 • EGAS EGAS • 575 The Protestant Chapel Choir is a sing at other parishes, including a ven- group of talented Mids who sing at ture to Tampa Bay. The Choir also par- weekly Protestant services on Sun- ticipated in the Christmas presentation days. The group took several trips to of Handel ' s " Messiah. " m PROTESTANT CHAPEL CHOIR REEF POINTS Although defined as " pieces of small stuff used to trim the sail " , the more tangible of Reef Points is as the small text known as the " Plebe Bible. " One of the first issued items to newly report- ed Plebes, Reef Points serves as a source of all the knowledge needed to survive Plebe Summer. Although it becomes obsolete with the Fourth Class academi c year, many upper- class refer back to it often for its valu- able bits of Navy info. H tJI I Ll -• - m 0 » " - - ' 4 i f m)(| - 5 One of the largest and most popular groups at the Academy, the Semper Fidelis Society is the organization which gives members and interested Mid- shipmen a chance to see and be a part of the mission, motivation, and tradition of the United States Marine Corps. Various lectures throughout the year demonstrated to members the opportunities and challenges as a Ma- rine Corps Officer. Other events during the year included a series of field exer- cises, a 10K run in April, and the admin- istration of the PT tests after service selection. SEMPER FIDELIS EGAS • 577 One of the largest organizations in the Brigade, the SCUBA club offers the chance to learn basic diving skills. The program, taught by about 50 midship- men, enables 400 Mids to qualify as " open water divers " . Training includes one v eekly lesson and one session in Lejeune ' s Olympic- sized pools. But the real challenge to students is making two successful qual- ifying dives in open water. Members travelled to quarries in Pennslyvania, and locations off the coasts of Dela- ware and New Jersey. The largest trip of the year, during Spring Break, took the club to Key Largo in Florida for a week of the best diving waters in the United States. Soctel ■ r lltei " I iti SCUBA CLUB 578 . EGAS SAE Society Of Automotive Engineers ENCiNEERINC 133-3 HONORABLE GWth SECRETARY OF i B.F. ISHERWODD ENDJNt REAR ADMIRAL D. D. guperintendEi THIS BUILDING OCCUPl The USNA branch of the Society of Automotive Engineers brought to its members this year information con- cerning all aspects of transportation. The SAE kept members informed with the transportation engineering fields with guest speakers at noontime lectures. The representative of the Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engi- neers, this two hundred fifty member organization hosted evening lectures of interest for the Brigade. This year ' s topics included advanced naval tech- nology, the DDG-51 class, surface ef- fect ships, and hydrofoils. Society Of Naval Architects And Marine Engineers SNAME SWE The Society of Women Engineers ex- ists to provide an informative support group for v omen engineers at the Na- val Academy. During the year, this or- ganization attended regional SWE conferences and invited guest lectur- ers to speak at the Academy. In addi- tion, the SWE attended and sponsored career seminars, meeting with other sections of the Society of Women En- gineers, both professional and from other engineering universities. Promotion of the Surface Warfare community at the Naval Academy is the goal of SAG, the Surface Action Group. This organization acheived this purpose by sponsoring guest lectures on various surface warfare topics, re- ceptions for visiting ships, and an annu- al mess night for First Class SWO select- ees. Representing one of the major service selection communities, the SAG was active in preparing and run- ning service selection night. Surface Action Group Society Of Women Engineers iS; TABLE TENNIS Several talented players of the Bri- gade made up the Academy club " Ping Pong " team. A constantly grow- ing group, the Table Tennis Team club promoted the sport at the Academy and represented USNA at intercolle- giate play, such as the Princeton tour- nament in February. The twenty member Trident Calen- dar staff takes annual submissions of photographs and compiles them into a weel ly planning calendar. The publi- cation is sold to the Brigade, the facul- ty, moil-orderers, and the general at- tendance at Navy home football and basketball games. Profits from soles of over 10,000 calendars each year go to the Midshipmen Welfare fund to support Brigade activities. TRIDENT CALENDAR EGAS • 581 SIGMA PI SIGMA » t Sigma Pi Sigma is a national physics honor society with over 350 chapters It is dedicated to provide recognition to students w r o have excelled scho- lastically in the study of physics. By means of lectures and field trips open to all midshipman, the USNA chapter of Sigma Pi Sigma vjorked to promote and stimulate interest in physics and physics-related subjects. Members Charles Bingham Charles Ferguson John Censure Mark Meltser Thane Rivers Twenty talented horn players made up this year ' s version of the USNA jazz group, the Trident Brass. As a specialty instrumental group outside the Drum and Bugle Corps, the Brass played at several functions; the Annapolis Spring festival, June Week, and a series of concerts at Mitscher Hall. TRIDENT BRASS 582 • EGAS WRNV Lurking in tite depths of 8th wing is the music source for USNA, the twenty- ■our hour progressive and rock radio station, WRNV-FM, The station is run by Tiidshipmen who have interest in radio Droadcasting and communication. Participating in WRNV affords its one hundred members experience in " Disc Jockeying " and radio engineering. There is one more special benefit, as one fourth class explains, " Working for the station is a great deal for Plebes. " EGAS • 583 VTNA Since 1970, VT-NA (the flight training squadron- U.S. Naval Academy) has existed as a professional organization to allow midshipmen to gain solo civil- ian flight qualification. The tvk o phase program consisted of classroom in- struction on flight basics and safety. Once competent on the ground, stu- dents took to the air, and by the tenth flight flew solo. VT-NA was open to all, requardless of service selection; how- ever, it was designed as an introduc- tion to Naval aviation. S 584 . EGAS fwjggggi The center of Navoi professionalism at the Naval Academy exists in the group which comprises the YP Squad- ron. Midshipmen of all classes and lev- els of seamanship, navigation, and shiphondling participate in this doily post-class ECA. Weekday afternoons and weekends during the Fall and Spring finds the four vessels of the Squadron on the Chesapeake and lo- cal Bay cities. Ships are commanded by First and Second class Midshipmen who have met Personal Qualification Standards (PQS) for boat positions. YP SQUADRON ECAS • 585 ' w turn : r. . j J jj jfyry t ., 3 : SPORTS f . 1985 RECORD: 4W 7L COACH ASSISTANT COACHES: Gary Tranquill J. Franks J. Hartman B, Haushalter J. Matsko B. Morrison J, Oliver K. Rogers T. Sponn Napoleon McCallum Eric Fudge Maj J. Weber Midn 1 C David Burke VARSITY FOOTBALL ill ■m A ' The 1985 Varsity Football season began with a last- second loss to North Carolina (21-19) in the very first night game played in Navy-Marine Corps Memorial Stadium. Tvk o more losses to Delaware and Indiana by three points each virtually closed the damper on an otherwise- thought winning season, due to the return of 33 letter- men including Heisman Trophy candidate Napoleon McCallum, quarterback Bill Byrne, and Eric Fudge, Steve Brady, and Marc Firlie on defense. However, a 17-13 victory over 20th-ranked Virginia in Charlottesville for the first time since 1982 rekindled the Navy spirit and drove the team and the Brigade to a 17-7 win over Army in Philadelphia. FOOTBALL • 589 i 590 • SPORTS FOOTBALL • 591 592 • SPORTS l ' " ' ! FOOTBALL • 593 594 . SPORTS 1985 RECORD: 6W 1L COACH: ASSISTANT COACHES: OFFICER REPRESENTATIVE MANAGER: CDR Phil Bassi, USN CDR D- Church. USN Maj, L. Messick. USMC H, Lentz, LCDR R Kuppers, USN LT B, Wilcox. USN LT B Moore, CEC. USN 2 LT P. Redmon, USMC Ens J Boquer, SC. USN Ens E Rutherford. USN SKCM (SS) T, Bolloch. USN Rodney Urbano Patrick Lyons CDR T Cruser, USN Tony Tolle 150 FOOTBALL Navy ' s Lightweight Football team began its preseason with a 55-0 shutout over Penn. then opened their Eastern Lightweight Football League season with another win over Penn (44-6) in which Navy ran up 38 unanswered points before allowing the Quackers to score. Shutouts over Cornell (26-0) and Rutgers (3-0) followed, as well as an avenging 24-7 win over Princeton, who gave the Mids their only preseason loss. Navy went on to defeat Army 33-14 at West Point, clinching the ELFL Championship 595 % e, « 596 • SPORTS ■ VfliJU J 150 FOOTBALL • 597 598 • SPORTS 1985 RECORD: 7W 7L 1T COACH: Greg Meyers ASSISTANT COACH LT Tom Shelley Doug Orr CAPTAIN: Mike Walls OFFICER REPRESENTATIVE: Capt Straight MANAGER: Ray Art Roy Benedict SOCCER ' ■i k Rounding out on even .500 season for the Mids was a 2-0 avenging win over Army on Dewey Field. Junior Tony Fernandes scored the first goal of that game late in the first period. Then freshman Ted Holt converted a pass from junior Jeff Jocober after on indirect kicl early in the second half to seal the Navy victory. Leading scorers for the year were senior Mike Donigan with five, and fresh- man Chris Clay with four. SOCCER • 599 1 ' T A «» — W " ■ M ' % • « t • ' " wB ' W • • ». • (J ilW pilF SOCCER •.601 j ' -»-.orjf ' ' ' i SPORTS • 602 1985 RECORD: 11W 0L COACH Al Cantello ASSISTANT COACH: Steve Cooksey CAPTAIN; jjm Foley OFFICER REPRESENTATIVE LCOL Anthony Pesovento. USMC MANAGER Midn 1 c Mike Stratton ? ' ri CROSS COUNTRY Coach Cantello ' s Cross Country team more than dou- bled its early four straight victories by defeating North Carolina State (26-31), Syracuse (19-45), Goergetown (18-41), Canisius (15-49), and Rutgers (15-50) at New York City ' s Van Cortlandt Park in one afternoon to push their record to 9-0. A week later junior Ron Harris set a new Naval Academy five-mile course record of 23:50.8 to lead the Mids to victory over 4th-ranked Auburn. Their last meet of the season against Army was again won by Harris with a time of 24:52.9 at West Point, giving the Mids a perfect 1 1-0 record- the most victories in a single sea- son since the teams formation in 1924. Harris went on to place 22nd overall in the NCAA ' s, winning All-American honors. CROSS COUNTRY • 603 1985 RECORD: 6W 1L COACH; ASSISTANT COACHES: CAPTAIN: OFFICER REPRESENTATIVE: MANAGER: Dave Smalley Nancy Schiavetta, USN, Chrissy Reese Erica Sohler Capt Thomas Watson, USN Nancy Prout WOMENS CROSS COUNTRY The Women ' s Cross Country team ran up five straight victories before being defeated by Liber- ty 24-31 The Lady Mids went on to improve their 1984 score of 228 points at the Heptagonals Championships in New York City to 251 points, but came in 9th place for the second year in a row. Later at the ECAC Division II Championships junior Erica Sahler led the Lady Mids to a fifth place finish. 606 t ,i ,. t-i ■4S. K, ' - 606 • SPORTS m a ' HP " IT " ' 1985 RECORD: 22W 7L COACH Mike Schofield CAPTAIN, Dave Kaye OFFICER REPRESENTATIVE LT Randy Roach. USN MANAGER Roger Harris WATER POLO S ' r Pit 9 ?WJ m ' »» « Coach Lawrence ' s water polo team achieved nation- al ranking this season, reaching a high of 13th. Highlight- ing the season were victories over Air Force (14-5) and Arnny (19-6) before a disappointing loss to nineth-ranked Brown (9-6). A last-minute goal by Bucknell upset Navy 11-10 in the Mid-Atlantic Conference Championships, and a week later at the Eastern Championships at Brown Bucknell again upset Navy 5-3 to take away Navy ' s hope for a second consecutive NCAA invitation, howev- er, first classman Lawrence Kough received All- American honorable mention honors. WATER POLO • 607 608 • SPORTS 1985-86 RECORD: 19W 1L COACH Maj Robert Wolf, USMC ASSISTANT COACH: Capt Kevin O ' Keefe, USMC CAPTAIN Tony Califono OFFICER REPRESENTATIVE Maj Robert Wolf, USMC RUGBY The Rugby Team continued its long streak of winning seasons this year by racking up an impressive 19 wins. This record gave them the 1 ranking in the East, The Rug- gers also won the Potomac Rugby Union, Middle Atlantic (Region II) and the Interservice Academy Championships- RUGBY • 609 610 • SPORTS RUGBY •611 612 • Sports 1985 RECORD: 37W 11L COACH Jan Dainard ASSISTANT COACH George Carey CAPTAIN: Jean Dumlao OFFICER REPRESENTATIVE Lt Elaine Winegard, USN MANAGER: Midn 2 c Joyce Brackett WOMEN ' S VOLLEYBALL 1 x W f The best season in the nine-year history of the Varsity Wonn- en ' s Volleyball team really took off when the Mids won their first tournament of the year by defeating Delaware in the finals of the Towson State University tournament 15-8, 15-10. Prior to the fall of 1984, the Mids had gone six years without winning a single tournamemt. As the season progressed, the Mids won the Loyola, the Liberty University, and the USNA Forrestal Classic volleyball tournaments, ending their regular season with an impressive 37-10 record. Post-season action included an invitation to the ECAC Division II Championships. I V Women ' s Volleyball • 613 » r n m cJk S r ' 1985-86 RECORD: 30W 5L fy J COACH Paul Evans ASSISTANT COACHES Pete Herrmon John Fitzpatrick Dave Loton Al Moraz CAPTAIN. Vernon Butler OFFICER REPRESENTATIVE: Copt Albert H USN MANAGER: Ian Cassidy BASKETBALL 11 The Men ' s Basketball team began its season ranked 19th in the nation by the Associated Press. In their second game junior center David Robinson became the tenth player in Navy history to score 1000 points. Against Dela- ware senior Vernon Butler broke the all-time scoring re- cord at Navy with 1695 points, and also became the first 1000 point 1000 rebound player in Navy history against American. Senior Kylor Whitaker, against Lafayette, be- came the eleventh 1000-point scorer in Navy history. At the end of their regular season Navy routed Army 55-52 in overtime, the seventh straight victory in that rivalry. Ranked 18 by the Associated Press, the Mids defeated Tulsa (87-68), Syracuse (97-85), and Cleveland State (7 1-70) in the NCAA ' s before losing to Duke (50-7 1) in the semi-finals, and acheiving a final ranking of 8th nationally. BASKETBALL • 615 I 616 • SPORTS BASKETBALL ' 617 618 • SPORTS BASKETBALL • .619 - " » » 4Ji 1-0 " ' 620 • SPOP ■ 1985-86 RECORD: 13W 2L S, COACH: ASSISTANT COACHES: CAPTAIN: OFFICER REPRESENTATIVE: Lee Lawrence Joe Suriano. Ed Denny. Brian McLaughlin Bill Rohm Col John Ripley. USMC MEN ' S SWIMMING A ten-meet winning streak helped the Men ' s Swimming team tie the Navy record for the most wins in a season in this sport- 13. Outstanding performers this year included freshman Tim Galloudet who set Naval Academy records in the 500-yard freestyle (4:30.75). the 800-meter freestyle (8:09.93). the 400-meter freestyle (3:57 59). and the 1650- yard freestyle (15:30.71). and senior Bill McCormick who placed 14th on the one-meter board at the NCAA Division I Championships and earned honorable-mention All-America honors MEN ' S SWIMMING • 621 622 • SPORTS 4i " . 2 - l«l » ' ' ' ■ ' ■ ' « ' ' ' ■ " - • ■ %y i i i i n : i-yi ■ — - -v- ' ♦- ' V i ijiijijiy i .U,iJi.444 MEN ' S SWIMMING • 623 624 . SPORTS i ' jk i 1985-86 RECORD: 14W 1L COACH: Barbara Lawson ASSISTANT COACH: Mary Bodie CAPTAIN: Patty Peterson OFFICER REPRESENTATIVE: Lt Brown. USN MANAGER: M. Laurenzano WOMEN ' S INDOOR TRACK t Coach Lawson ' s team had an outstanding year, im- proving over last year ' s record of 13-3. Highlighting this season ' s team were freshman Gretchen Otto who set Naval Academy records in the 55-meter hurdles (:08.58), and 200-meters (:26.34), the 300-meters (:41.7). and 400-meters (;58.0), and the 440-yard dash (:58.2), and freshman Carol Womack who set Naval Academy re- cords in the 500-meters (1:16,71), and the 800-meter run (2:09.49). At the Indoor Heptagonal championships Navy placed 9th, and later placed 3rd in the ECAC Division II championships. WOMEN ' S INDOOR TRACK • 625 1 626 • SPORTS JT 1985-86 RECORD: 7W 6L COACH: Shirly Tranqulll ASSISTANT COACH; Midn l c Rich Wheat CAPTAIN: Melody Wheeler OFFICER REPRESENTATIVE- Lt Jones. USN MANAGER Karen Wilson WOMEN ' S GYMNASTICS In its first season as a varsity sport, the Women ' s Gymnastics team produced an impressive 7-6 re- cord, and qualified three members for participation in the ECAC Division II Championships: junior Susanne Clautice, freshman Pegy Bosnic, and senior Melody Wheeler. Clautice won 15th place and went on to the NCAA Division II Championships at Air Force where she achieved 16th place overall with a score of 34.20, and set Naval Academy records in overall scoring and in performance on the beams. WOMEN ' S GYMNASTICS • 627 Sf ' Ji wogEf 628 • SPORTS I 1985-86 RECORD 14W 4L Coach: Dave Brown Assistant Coacties Ted Berger. Phil Ryan, Dave Barclay, John Officer Captain Jeff Davlla Ofticer Representative LCDR Kevin McMohon, USN Manager Rob Harrington SQUASH Led by team captain Jeff Davila, junior Tim Slough, and 1985 second-team All-America pick Spencer Wall, the Navy Squash team recorded an outstanding ten shut- outs this year, and an 8- 1 victory over Army at West Point (the tenth straight win over the Cadets). Their impressive season earned the Mids a 5th place national ranking, and in post-season action they placed fifth in the Nation- al Intercollegiate Squash championships. Sophomore John Sprenger was named a 1st team All- American, while Davila and Wall were named 2nd team All- Americans. SQUASH • 629 - ' y.»jj xjfjr 1985-86 RECORD: 10W 15L COACH: ASSISTANT COACHES: CAPTAIN: OFFICER REPRESENTATIVE MANAGER: Dave Smalley Lt(jg) Nancy Schiavetfa. USN Chrissy Reese Lori Reynolds Capt Watson, USN Nancy Prout WOMEN ' S BASKETBALL After losing their first two games the Women ' s Basket- boll team appeared to come bock as their record ran to 4-3 and as good as 7-5, but problems arose, primarily in shooting, and the Mids were never able to recapture a winning season after dropping below the .500 mark. A 66-53 loss to Army ended this disappointing season. How- ever, senior Christi Simpson finished fourth in career assists (206). and senior Lori Reynolds ended up fifth in career rebounding (495). WOMEN ' S BASKETBALL • 631 632 • SPORTS 1985-86 RECORD: 13W 6L COACH: Kent Douglas CAPTAIN: Jimmy Donnelly CO-CAPTAIN: Andy Cyr OFFICER REPRESENTATIVE LCDR Brown, USN MANAGER Bryan Sears HOCKEY This year ' s Ice Hockey team compiled a .700 record- much better than the previous season. Close losses pre- vented the team from achieving a higher winning per- centage, but with most of the team returning next year, their record should improve even more. Highlighting this year ' s team was a victory at the first annual Blue Hen Invitational at the University of Delaware. i HOCKEY • 633 1985-86 RECORD: 9W 7L COACH Andre Deladner ASSISTANT COACH: Frank Paul CAPTAIN Dawn Smith OFFICER REPRESENTATIVE LCDR ML Lechleitner, USN MANAGER Mary Green WOMEN ' S FENCING Team captain Dawn Smith led her team from an 0-2 open- ing to a winning 9-7 season, the eighth winning season out of the nine that the team has been at varsity status. At the 58th annual National Intercollegiate Women ' s Fencing Association Championships at Hunter College Smith placed sixth, and the Mids came in fourth overall. Women ' s Fencing • 635 M W MJ Xfff 1986 RECORD: 16W 14L COACH: Jan Dainard ASSISTANT COACH; Pat Nicholas CAPTAIN: Mark Swatling OFFICER REPRESENTATIVE Copt John T Kennard. USN MANAGER: Midn 3 c Kathleen Kubiske VOLLEYBALL First year coach Jan Dainard and the Men ' s Volleyball team, in its second year as a varsity sport, began their season ranked 19 in the nation and held on to that position for most of the year. In the Eastern Intercollegiate Volleyball Association tour- nament at West Point the Mids advanced to the quarterfinals before being defeated by George Mason, and in the Patriot Invitations ' tournament they fought to the semi-finals. A sea- son-ending loss to Rutgers In five sets prevented the Mids from qualifying for the NCAA Regionals. Volleyball • 637 638 • SPORTS 1985-86 RECORD: 5W 7L 1T COACH Dick Purdy ASSISTANT COACH: Joe Suriano CAPTAIN Anna Groves OFFICER REPRESENTATIVE: Capt Karl Klein, USN MANAGER: Paula Reitan WOMEN ' S SWIMMING A third consecutive defeat by Blomsburg in the open- ing meet of the season set the pattern for a disappoint- ing year for the Women ' s Swimming team. A season- ending loss to Army was also incurred, but junior Laurie Musiek and sophomore Theresa Michal qualified for the NCAA Division II championships, and senior Anne Groves set Naval Academy records in the 100-meter backstroke (1:09.00) and in the 200-meter backstroke (2:28.02). WOMEN ' S SWIMMING • 639 d p Mv vmHw iShBHII Ah 640 • SPORTS 1986-86 RECORD ■ 7W 0L Coach: Al Cantello Assistant Coaches: Steve Cooksey. Lt Jim McMillen, USN. Tom Virgets Captain Jeff Wolstenholme Ofticer Representative: Capt William Garrett, USN Manager Jim Schreiber INDOOR TRACK This year the Men ' s Indoor Track team ran up a perfect record and set a number of Naval Academy records. Sophomore superstar Mike Greene set records in the 400-meter (:47,36), and 500-meter (1:01,35, just .30 sec- onds away from the American record). Junior Ron Harris set a record in the 3000-meter run (8:00.00). At the In- door Heptogonai championships Greene was named the Outstanding Male Athlete, and he later went on to run the 500-meter in the NCAA ' s with teammate Harris in the 3000-meter run. INDOOR TRACK • 641 642 • SPORTS 1985-86 RECORD: 2W 0L CAPTAIN: Gilbert Vincent CO-CAPTAIN: jotin Gaspenno OFFICER REPRESENTATIVE CAPT Gary Magnuson, USMC HIGH- POWER RIFLE A new official EGA for 1985-86, the High Power Rifle Team provided coaches, instructors, and other support for the SECNAV matches, as well as participating in American Legion Rifle Tournaments in Bridgeville, Dela- ware Other matches were scheduled for an eight man team through the summer months to include the Virginia Regional Championships, the 25th-Annual Interservice Matches, and the National matches in Camp Perry, Ohio. HIGH-POWER RIFLE • 643 jf j r f i 644 • SPORTS 1985-86 RECORD: 11W 10L COACH Ed Peery ASSISTANT COACHES: Reg Wicks Wayne Hicks Lt Dan Glenn CAPTAIN Jinn Reich OFFICER REPRESENTATIVE Copt Jim Minderiein, USN MANAGER Carlos Suarez WRESTLING The Navy Wrestling team had a good seoson this year, thariks to the return of nine lettermen including junior Craig Dellorso and senior Paul Gibson. The Mids capped their season with a stinging win over Army (29-2), and then won the Eastern Intercollegiate Wrestling Associa- tion championships over second place Lehigh (119.75) and third place Syracuse (102.00) with 12125 points. Seniors Tim Curry and Jim Reich, junior Craig Dellorso, sophomores Matt Treaster and Tim Tierney, and fresh- man Paul Radomski later went on to participate in the NCAA Division I championships. WRESTLING • 645 WRESTLING • 647 coso L i 1985-86 RECORD: 9W 2L COACH: Peter Korrmann ASSISTANT COACH: Ron Llevendag CAPTAIN Stephan Ames OFFICER REPRESENTATIVE Mo) Francis Lanzer, USMC MANAGER: Steve Waugti GYMNASTICS This was a strong year for the Men ' s Gymnastics team. Led by senior Steve Ames, the Mids placed fourth of seven in the Metro Gymnastics Invitational before their regular season with 252 3 points, and third in the James Madison tournament with 244,45 points. Victories over East Stroudsburg (261.45 - 259.70) and Army (26195 - 257.95) ended the regular season, and the Mids placed third in the Eastern Intercollegiate Gymnastics League championships with 264.30 points (and an additional win over Army). Junior Bill Hablet was selected to participate in the NCAA ' s, the first service academy athlete to be so selected since 1983. GYMNASTICS • 649 650 • SPORTS GYMNASTICS • 651 9jjfxy 652 • SPORTS tl 1985-86 RECORD: 6W 6L COACH Andre Deladrier ASSISTANT COACHES: Col Frank Zirrxjlzak. USMC Richard Deladrier CAPTAIN: Tom Bachmann OFFCER REPRESENTATIVE CDR J T Rorick. Jr. USN MANAGER: James Bennett j FENCING 1 ' Jl. ' The Men ' s Fencing team got off to a strong start by gaining victories over Princeton (14-13), M.I.T. (15-12), and William Mary (23-4) before losing their first contest to UNC-Chapel Hill (1 1-16). The Mids went on to take sixth place in the Intercollegiate Fencing Association Champi- onships (Easterns) at Army, and participated in the NCAA ' s. Outstanding performers for the year included sophomore David Hitchcock (22-8 in epee), sophomore Dan Hass in sabre, and junior Sheldon Jo (13-12 in epee). FENCING 653 654 . SPORTS 1 COACH Tom Virgets ASSISTANT COACH Charlie Holloway 1 CAPTAIN Mike Killion 1 OFFICER REPRESENTATIVE Capt Kruse, USMC 1 MANAGER John Goode BOXING The 1985-86 Navy Boxing season began with the Downtown Athletic Club Invitational in which team cap- tain Mike Killion won the Outstanding Boxer award. At the Regional NCBA Boxing Tournament Navy qualified eight midshipmen to participate in the nationals at the Air Force Academy. There, Rob Rodriguez, Bret Calkins, and Mike Parillo placed 3rd in the class, Daryl Smith and Ken Kasprzak placed 2nd, and Steve Fernandez, Roger Stan- ton, and Dick Hoffman won national championships. Hoff- man was also awarded the Outstanding Boxer Award. Overall Navy placed second in the nation, their best performance ever in the NCBA. BOXING • 655 656 • SPORTS TH J CAPTAIN Charlie Sizemore CO-CAPTAIN George Janvier OFFICER REPRESENTATIVE: MAJ Herdering. USMC POWERUFTING i 1 kr .-•i3l ' { POWERUFTING • 657 658 • SPORTS CAPTAIN Scott Helmers OFFICER REPRESENTATIVE; CAPT Lyncti, USMC BICYCLE RACING During the spring of 1986 the Bicycle Racing Team earned top honors at a Naval Academy-sponsored in- tercollegiate race, and also participated in nine other intercollegiate races. Strong individual showings by the team members were recorded at the Naval Academy (1st, 2nd, 5th, and 6th places), RPI (2nd place). University of Virginia (2nd place; 3rd overall). Drew (10th, 15th, 18th, and 18th places), Maryland (2nd, and 3rd places), and the Eastern Collegiate Cycling Federation Road Championships (10th). BICYCLE RACING • 659 660 • SPORTS i 1985-86 RECORD: 11W 4L COACH Albert Bartlinski CAPTAIN Anthony Bradley CO-CAPTAIN Shawn Scharf OFFICER REPRESENTATIVE MAJ Debruyne, USMC MANAGER Anthony Bradley KARATE During the past year the Karate Club held instruction periods daily supervised by a sixth-degree black belt karate expert. As a team the Karate Club participated in nine intercollegiate competitions, and scored wins over Army and Air Force in the final meet of their season. KARATE • 661 662 • SPORTS • i y 1986 RECORD: 8W 4L COACH: Bryan Matthews ASSISTANT COACH Carv O ' Shanick RitctiiG Meade Mlctiael Burnett CAPTAIN Glen Miles OFFICER REPRESENTATIVE Copt Donnelly MANAGER: Jotin Kasudo Chins Sctiaier Jeff Tengonciang LACROSSE I. P The Navy Lacrosse team opened its season with eight consecutive v» ins, including a 12 - 4 victory over Army. Despite losing its last three regular season matches, they retained a 6th-place national ranking and earned a spot in the NCAA playofts. There they advanced to the quar- tertinals and were eliminated by third-ranked Virginia 12 - 9, Senior Glen Miles was selected a first team Ail-Ameri- can, and was the recipient of the 1986 Donald McLaugh- lin Award as the nation ' s outstanding midfielder. Sopho- mores Nick Amatuccio and Joe Donnelly were named honorable mention Ail-Americans, and coach Bryan Mat- thews was voted Division I Coach of the Year. LACROSSE • 663 . -- •- ' ■S3 ' .- ' mPhar m LACROSSE • 665 666 • SPORTS 1985 RECORD: 18W 21L COACH Gary Bodie ASSISTANT COACH Doug Clark CAPTAIN George Slock OFFICER REPRESENTATIVE Maj Scott Leitch MANAGER: Andy Shumo SAILING Despite a disappointing record this year, ttie 1985 Fall Sailing team won nnost of the trophy and league races that it participated in, including the Anderson, Pine and Shields Trophies, and the MAISA Sloop and MAISA Single- handed races SAILING • 667 m immmm» mmmi att 668 • SPORTS ym 9mi0M w- — f 7 ' ttttK « ■rtk ■ L .•- . f » w f Ji TV H rA i CINNABAR SAILING • 669 670 • SPORTS SAILING • 671 f 672 • SPORTS 1986 RECORD: 4W 2L COACH Vol Ferme CAPTAiN: Mike Morissey OFFICER REPRESENTATIVE: Capt Arthur Athens. USMC f LIGHTWEIGHT CREW •.-w ;-t; A strong Lightweight Crew team stroked its way to a win- ning season which included a victory over Penn in the Callow Cup Regatta. This morked the sixth consecutive year that the Midshipmen had won this race. In the Eastern Sprints the varsity eight placed sixth in the Grand Finals, and both the second varsity eight and the freshmen eight placed fifth in the Grand Finals. Lightweight Crew • 673 .f t • - 674 • Sports » « 1986 RECORD: 4W 1L 1T COACH Rick Clothier ASSISTANT COACH LT John Cotton CAPTAIN: Jim Coe OFFICER REPRESENTATIVE: CDR Mosberg MANAGER: Steve Rehwald HEAVYWEIGHT CREW r The Navy Heavyweight Crew team opened its season with a seven second win over Princeton in the Navy-Princeton Rowing Cup. making their record in this race 8-0 over the last eight years At the San Diego Crew Classic the varsity eight rowed to a third place finish in the Copley Cup race. Navy also won the Goes Trophy over Sy racuse and Cornell, but lost the Adams Cup Regatta to Penn In the eastern Sprints the varsity eight placed sixth, and the freshman eight placed third in the Grand Finals. At the Intercollegiate Rowing Association cham- pionships the Mids, seeded third behind Wisconsin and Brown, placed fourth with the varsity eight, sixth with the second varsity eight, and second with the freshman eight. Heavyweight Crew • 675 676 • Sports ♦- - c.- . r 1986 RECORD 2W 3L COACH: Ted Shields ASSISTANT COACH: LCDR Gallagher CAPTAIN: Becky Baczuk OFFICER REPRESENTATIVE: LT Sanford MANAGER: Tim Allen WOMEN ' S CREW Navy Women ' s Crew lost their first race of the season by .1 seconds to Virginis, but rebounded the next week by sweep- ing Willianns College In two races. In an added race to their regular schedule, the MIds rowed across the finish line fifteen seconds ahead of George Washington University. At the Dad Vail Regatta the varsity eight placed first in the Petit (consola- tion) Finals, having placed fifth in their semi-final heat, the novice eight, however, placed fifth in the Grand Finals. Women ' s Crew • 677 .-V •« 678 • Sports ' r ri 1986 RECORD: 30W 10L COACH: Joe Duff ASSISTANT COACH Bill Bircher CAPTAIN Mike Leeney OFFICER REPRESENTATIVE CDR Moore, USN MANAGER: Dave Dnftmier BASEBALL 4 The 1986 Navy Baseball team, under 25-year head coach Joe Duff, ran up the second-most number of victories in the team ' s history. In addition the team v on the Eastern Intercollegiate Baseball League championship for the sixth time under Coach Duff, and earned a spot in the NCAA tournament. Seniors Drev Tanner, David Landwehr, and Mike Schultz were named to the All-NCAA Northeast Regional All-Star team. Senior Mike Leeney was voted to the second Academic All-America team. Tanner was additionally selected for the second team All-America and the US team for competition in the 1986 World Championships Baseball • 679 .X n 1 (;l ]HH|HH rf k - BASEBALL • 681 t H 682 • Sports l«l 1986 RECORD: 16W 10L COACH: John Officer ASSISTANT COACH Dennis Quigley, Dave Brown 1 CAPTAIN: David Jones 1 OFFICER REPRESENTATIVE Capt Jock Dell, USN MANAGER: Tom Graves n • TENNIS The Men ' s Tennis team chalked up an impressive thirteen shutouts this year, the final one being a 9-0 victory over Army, This marked the 17th consecutive defeat of the Cadets by the Midshipmen, and the overall record of the rivalry shows the Naval Academy leading 35-15. The top indivdual performer for the year v as Junior Miks Spanos with a record of 21-5 in singles competition who was also selected to the All-Eastern Intercollegiate Tennis Association Team. 684 • SPORi- 1986 RECORD .- 6W 1L COACH: Al Cantello ASSISTANT COACH: Steve Cooksey, LT Jim McMillan CAPTAIN: Brian O ' Malley OFFICER REPRESENTATIVE LCDR Richard Keifer MANAGER: Mike Stratton OUTDOOR TRACK f f f ji i f f I f 1 The 1986 Men ' s Outdoor Track arid Field team opened their season with easy wins over Cornell, Rhode Island, and Lasalle before being handed their only loss of the season by Penn State, 82-58. However. Navy rallied against their remaining teams, defeating Maryland, Syra- cuse, and edging out Army, 83.5-79.5. Navy later placed 2nd in the Heptagonal Championships, but had a difficult time at the IC4A Championships, finishing in fifteenth place OUTDOOR TRACK • ( 686 • Sports HI 1986 RECORD: 3W 4L COACH Larry Ringer CAPTAIN: Dennis Moynihan OFFCER REPRESENTATIVE: LT Craig Majowskl. US GOLF Wk I h hHh h — — — i H l r 1 ' -t m m Navy ' s Golf team was composed of mainly young, relatively inexperienced players this year, but in spite of that, the team performed rather well. In the Camp Lejeune Invitational the Mids placed twelfth out of a field of fifteen, with freshman Peter Reig finishing 27th of 90 competitors. The Mids did better in the Navy Spring Invitational, coming in seventh out of twen- ty-seven teams. Other tournaments included the James Madi- son Invitational (13th of 20), the CAA championships (6th of 8), and the Eastern Intercollegiate Golf Association District II Invi- tationals (9th of 12). 688 • SPORi " $ k 1986 RECORD: 3W 3L COACH: Barbara Lawson ASSISTANT COACH Mary Bodie CAPTAIN Patty Pearson OFFICER REPRESENTATIVE: Moj Steve Hanson, USMC MANAGER: Mictielle Laurezano WOMEN ' S TRACK The Women ' s Track and Field team had a difficult time winning meets this year, but managed to record an even .500 season. Freshman Carol Womack was the outstand- ing team member this year, winning the 800-meter run several times during the regular season, and later placing second in that event at the Heptagonal championships and third at the NCAA Division II championships, the latter acheivement earning her All-America status. As a team Navy placed 9th at the Heptagonal championships, 5th out of 12 at the EC AC Division II championships, and 25th out of 54 teams at the NCAA Division II championships. WOMEN ' S TRACK • 689 690 • Sports 1985-86 RECORD: 6W 3L COACH CAPTAIN: CO-CAPTAIN OFFICER REPRESENTATIVE LT Brad Bellis Diane Selberg Kathy Buckley LT Brad Bellis WOMEN ' S TENNIS The 1985-86 Women ' s Tennis chalked up its first winning season since the club ' s formation in 1982. Wins over varsi- ty teams in the Colonial Athletic Association such as How- ard University, Hood College, Catholic, and Goucher Col- lege contributed to the team ' s fine overall performance. Women ' s Tennis • 691 INTRAMURAK fOi SPORTS FALL INTRAMURALS 1985 FALL CHAMPIONS COMPANY BASKETBALL 24th CO COMPANY SOCCER 29th CO BATT FRISBEE 1st BATT BATT CREW: 5th BATT BATT CROSS COUNTRY: 6th BATT BATT FOOTBALL 5th BATT BATT SQUASH 3rd BATT BATT TENNIS 2nd BATT BATT POWERLIFTING: 5th BATT BATT BOXING 2nd BATT BATT SAILING: 2nd BATT BATT FENCING: 6th BATT BATT WATER POLO: 3rd BATT COMPANY BASKETBALL - LEAGUE A TEAM WIN LOSS TIE PLACE 7 7 1 2 1 7 1 4 16 6 2 6 2 5 3 9 8 3 5 12 13 3 5 12 10 2 6 17 14 2 6 16 4 1 7 20 COMPANY SOCCER LEAGUE A TEAM WIN LOSS TIE PLACE 16 6 1 1 4 13 5 2 1 5 4 5 3 10 7 5 3 9 10 4 3 1 14 2 4 4 15 1 3 5 18 8 2 6 21 14 8 24 COMPANY BASKETBALL - LEAGUE B TEAM WIN LOSS TIE PLAC 6 8 3 9 6 1 7 5 5 3 7 12 5 2 10 3 4 4 11 11 3 5 13 17 4 3 14 18 1 7 18 15 8 22 COMPANY SOCCER - LEAGUE B 17 7 1 2 15 6 1 1 5 9 5 2 2 8 6 2 3 3 12 12 2 4 2 16 5 3 5 16 18 3 5 17 3 2 5 1 20 11 1 6 1 23 BA TTAUON FRISBEE TEAM 1 WIN 9 LOSS 1 TIE PLACE 1 3 7 3 2 5 7 3 3 2 4 6 4 6 3 7 5 4 8 6 TEAM 5 4 2 6 3 1 BA TTAUON CREW WIN 4 4 2 1 1 LOSS 1 1 3 3 4 PLACE 1 2 3 4 5 6 BA TALION TENNIS TEAM Nn LOSS TIE PLACE 2 8 1 1 1 1 6 4 2 5 6 4 3 6 4 5 4 3 10 5 4 2 5 1 6 BA TTAUON POWERLIFTING TEAM WIN LOSS TIE PLACE 5 5 1 2 4 1 2 4 2 2 1 3 1 2 3 4 6 1 3 5 3 3 1 6 B 4 TTAUON BOXING TEAM WIN LOSS TIE PLACE 2 4 1 1 1 4 2 3 4 3 4 4 4 5 4 5 6 3 1 6 694 . SPORTS COMPANY BASKETBALL - tMGtyf c TEAM WIN LOSS TIE PLACE 31 8 3 28 7 1 4 25 5 3 8 26 5 3 8 34 4 4 10 32 3 5 13 20 2 6 15 19 1 7 19 22 1 7 19 COMPANY BASKETBALL - LEAGUE D TEAM WIN LOSS TIE PLACE 24 8 1 29 6 2 5 33 6 2 5 36 5 3 9 35 4 4 10 21 3 5 13 27 2 6 16 30 2 6 16 23 8 21 COMPANY SOCCER LEAGUE C TEAM WIN LOSS TIE PLACE 19 8 3 26 6 2 5 32 5 3 8 20 4 4 11 22 3 4 15 28 3 5 19 31 3 5 18 34 3 5 18 25 2 6 22 COMPANY SOCCER LEAGUE D TEAM WIN LOSS TIE PLACE 29 8 1 23 6 2 6 24 6 2 7 33 4 4 13 35 4 4 13 30 3 5 16 21 2 6 20 36 2 6 20 27 1 7 23 BA TTALION CROSS COUNTRY TEAM WIN LOSS TIE =LACE 6 10 1 2 7 2 2 4 4 3 3 3 1 2 6 2 4 5 2 8 5 3 2 7 6 6 TTALION FOOTBALL TEAM WIN LOSS TIE PLACE 5 5 1 4 3 1 1 2 2 3 2 3 3 2 2 1 4 6 1 4 5 1 5 6 BA TTALION SQUASH TEAM WIN LOSS TIE PLACE 3 10 1 1 8 2 2 2 4 6 3 4 4 6 4 5 2 8 5 6 2 8 6 BATTALION SAILING TEAM WIN LOSS TIE PLACE 2 5 1 5 4 1 2 6 3 2 3 1 2 3 4 4 1 4 5 3 5 6 BATTALION FENCING TEAM WIN LOSS TIE PLACE 6 9 1 1 1 7 3 2 4 5 5 3 5 4 6 4 2 3 7 5 3 2 8 6 BATTALION WATER POLO TEAM WIN LOSS TIE PLACE 3 5 1 6 4 1 2 5 3 2 3 4 1 4 4 1 4 1 5 2 1 2 1 6 FALL INTRAMURALS • 695 »1 t f %rtf f £ 1 696 • SPORTS BATTALION CROSS- COUNTRY J FALL INTRAMURALS • 697 BATTALION FOOTBALL ■ S . w w fy . Wi ki-f ' ■ my lV W r Ik ■■•• -- ■ -.. : Fall In ' rar jral; 700 • Sc- COMPANY SOCCER ' I ' Ji 4! 11 Fall Intramurals • 701 WINTER INTRAMURALS 1985-86 WINTER CHAMPIONS COMPANY FIELDBALL 25th CO COMPANY LTWT TCH FOOTBALL 13th CO COMPANY HVWT TCH FOOTBALL: 36th CO BATT SQUASH: 4th BATT BATT TEAM HANDBALL 1st BATT BATT COED SOCCER 6th BATT BATT COED BASKETBALL 3rd BATT COMPANY FAST PITCH SOFTBALL LEAGUE A TEAM WIN LOSS TIE PLACE 11 7 1 2 13 7 1 4 7 6 2 6 2 4 4 10 8 4 4 10 17 4 4 10 1 3 5 13 5 2 6 16 14 8 20 COMPANY FAST PITCH SOFTBALL LEAGUE B TEAM WIN LOSS TIE PLACE 10 7 1 3 12 6 1 1 5 18 5 2 1 7 6 4 2 2 8 16 4 3 1 9 15 3 5 11 9 2 5 1 14 3 2 6 16 4 1 7 19 COMPANY SLOW PITCH SOFTBALL LEAGUE A TEAM WIN LOSS TIE PLACE 2 8 3 14 7 1 5 1 6 2 8 17 5 3 11 8 4 3 1 13 7 3 5 15 5 1 7 20 11 1 7 20 13 1 7 20 COMPANY SLOW PITCH SOFTBALL LEAGUE B TEAM WIN LOSS TIE PLACE 4 8 2 3 5 2 1 6 9 5 3 10 15 5 3 10 6 4 3 1 14 18 4 3 1 14 16 3 4 1 16 12 1 7 19 10 8 21 BA TTALION BASKETBALL TEAM WIN LOSS TIE PLACE 6 8 2 1 3 8 2 2 2 4 6 3 4 3 6 1 4 5 4 4 1 5 1 4 5 6 BATTALION LACROSSE TEAM WIN LOSS TIE PLACE 3 8 1 1 1 1 7 2 1 2 5 6 4 3 4 5 4 1 4 6 1 6 3 5 2 6 3 6 BATTALION TENNIS TEAM WIN LOSS TIE PLACE 6 6 3 1 1 3 5 3 2 2 1 4 4 2 3 5 3 5 2 4 2 5 3 1 5 4 2 4 3 6 BATTALION TRACK TEAM WIN LOSS TIE PLACE 1 5 1 2 3 1 1 2 3 2 2 1 3 5 2 2 1 4 4 1 4 5 6 4 1 6 702 • SPORTS COMPANY FAST PITCH SOFTBALL .MGL f C TEAM WIN LOSS TIE PLACE 26 7 1 3 20 6 1 1 5 35 6 2 6 19 5 3 8 25 4 3 1 9 29 2 5 1 12 32 2 6 15 31 1 6 1 17 23 1 6 21 COMPANY FAST PITCH SOFTBALL LEAGUE D TEAM WIN LOSS TIE PLACE 28 7 1 1 21 5 3 6 33 5 3 6 24 4 4 9 36 4 4 9 22 3 5 13 27 3 5 13 34 3 5 13 30 2 6 18 COMPANY SLOW PITCH SOFTBALL LEAGUE C TEAM WIN LOSS TIE PLACE 31 7 1 4 25 7 1 5 19 5 3 9 29 4 3 1 12 26 4 4 14 23 3 4 17 35 3 4 17 32 1 7 19 20 8 21 COMPANY SLOW PITCH SOFTBALL LEAGUE D TEAM WIN LOSS TIE PLACE 24 8 1 28 6 2 7 30 6 2 7 21 4 4 14 33 4 4 14 34 3 5 16 36 4 4 14 27 2 6 18 22 8 21 BATTALION RUGBY TEAM WIN LOSS TIE PLACE 1 3 2 1 3 3 1 1 2 5 3 1 1 3 2 2 3 4 6 1 4 5 4 1 2 6 fl TTALION SQUASH TEAM WIN LOSS TIE PLACE 3 9 1 1 1 9 1 2 4 6 3 3 6 3 6 1 4 2 3 7 5 5 9 1 6 BA TTALION KNOCKABOUT SAILING TEAM WIN LOSS TIE PLACE 2 6 1 6 5 2 5 4 3 1 3 4 3 2 5 4 2 6 BA TTALION VOLLEYBALL TEAM WIN LOSS TIE PLACE 5 9 1 1 3 7 2 1 2 1 5 4 1 3 4 4 6 4 2 3 6 1 5 6 2 6 2 6 S TTALION SWIMMING TEAM WIN LOSS TIE PLACE 3 5 1 5 4 1 2 1 2 3 3 2 2 3 4 4 1 4 5 6 1 4 6 BATTALION WRESTLING TEAM WIN LOSS TIE PLACE 6 5 1 5 4 1 2 3 3 2 3 1 2 3 4 2 1 4 5 4 1 4 6 WINTER INTRAMURALS • 703 Jt r 1 . V -JK " ' Ki M r COMPANY FIELDBALL Winter Intramurals • 705 SPRING INTRAMURALS 1986 SPRING CHAMPIONS COMPANY FAST PITCH SOFTBALL 28th CO COMPANY SLOW PITCH SOFTBALL: 24th CO BATT BASKETBALL 6th BATT BATT LACROSSE: 3rd BATT BATT RUGBY 1st BATT BATT SQUASH: 3rd BATT BATT TENNIS 6th BATT BATT TRACK 1st BATT BATT VOLLEYBALL 5th BATT BATT SWIMMING: 3rd BATT COMPANY FIELDBALL LEAGUE A TEAM WIN LOSS TIE PLACE 1 8 2 6 7 1 3 18 6 2 4 13 4 4 7 2 3 5 10 8 3 5 10 7 2 6 14 12 2 6 14 14 1 7 16 COMPANY FIELDBALL - LEAGUE 8 10 8 2 11 7 1 4 3 6 2 8 15 4 4 8 17 4 4 11 16 3 5 13 4 3 4 15 5 1 7 17 9 8 COMPANY LTWT TCH FOOTBALL LEAGUE A TEAM WIN LOSS TIE PLACE 13 8 1 14 7 1 4 8 6 2 5 18 5 3 8 2 4 4 11 7 2 5 1 15 12 2 6 17 6 1 7 20 1 8 22 COMPANY L TWT TCH FOOTBALL LEAGUE B 2 4 5 10 13 13 18 18 21 COMPANY HVWT TCH FOOTBALL LEAGUE A TEAM WIN LOSS TIE PLACE 13 8 2 7 6 2 5 8 6 2 5 14 4 4 8 18 4 4 8 12 3 5 10 2 2 6 12 6 2 6 12 1 1 7 14 COMPANY HVWT TCH FOOTBALL LEAGUE B BATTALION SQUASH TEAM WIN LOSS TIE PLACE 4 10 1 1 7 2 2 6 5 4 3 3 3 7 4 2 2 8 5 5 2 8 6 BA TT ALIGN TEAM HANDBALL TEAM 1 2 4 6 5 3 WIN 9 8 6 5 2 TIE PLACE 1 2 3 4 5 6 706 • SPORTS COMPANY FIELDBALL LEAGUE C TEAM WIN LOSS TIE PLACE 25 8 1 20 7 1 4 19 5 3 6 24 4 4 9 31 4 4 9 32 3 5 12 30 2 6 15 36 2 6 15 26 1 7 17 COMPANY FIELDBALL LEAGUE D TEAM WIN LOSS TIE PLACE 33 8 2 35 7 1 4 21 5 3 7 23 5 3 7 28 4 4 10 34 4 4 10 22 2 6 13 29 1 7 16 27 8 18 If fwa 2 COMPANY L TWT TCH FOOTBALL .MGCf C TEAM WIN LOSS TIE PLACE 24 8 2 25 7 1 4 32 5 3 7 36 4 4 10 19 3 5 13 30 3 5 13 26 2 5 1 17 31 2 6 1 17 20 7 21 COMPANY LTWT TCH FOOTBALL iMGUf D TEAM WIN LOSS TIE PLACE 28 8 2 23 7 1 3 22 5 2 1 6 35 4 3 1 9 34 3 4 1 12 21 3 4 14 33 2 6 1 16 27 2 6 19 29 8 22 COMPANY HVWT TCH FOOTBALL LEAGUE C TEAM WIN LOSS TIE PLACE 36 8 1 31 7 1 4 30 6 2 6 24 4 4 8 26 4 4 8 19 2 6 11 25 2 6 11 32 2 6 11 20 1 7 14 COMPANY HVWT TCH FOOTBALL LEAGUE D TEAM WIN LOSS TIE PLACE 21 8 3 22 7 1 4 23 5 3 7 28 5 3 7 27 4 4 9 34 4 4 9 33 2 6 11 35 1 7 13 29 8 15 B TTALION COED SOCCER TEAM WIN LOSS TIE PLACE 6 8 2 1 3 7 2 1 2 5 5 4 1 3 2 5 5 4 4 3 7 5 1 10 6 e TTALION COED BASKETBALL TEAM WIN LOSS TIE PLACE 3 8 2 1 4 8 2 2 1 6 4 3 6 6 4 4 2 2 7 5 5 10 6 SPRING INTRAMURALS • 707 COMPANY SLOW-PITCH SOFTBALL Spring Intramurlas • 709 % ™ I L, BATTALION LACROSSE Spring Intramurals •711 jfy fyj BM STAFF AND FACULTY ' m - " •f f sipi ■ 1 1 STAFF FACULTY ' J t 1 I Captain James Meinderlein Lieutenant Commander Henry J. Sanford r Executive Assistant to the Superintendent Flag Secretary Lieutenant Susan S. Jordan Flag Lieutenant .; TuiunJa Y. Williams Superintendent ' s Protocol Officer Captain Albert H. Konetzni Deputy Commandant Lieutenant Commander John T. Doherty Executive Assistant to the Commandant pnant Commander John T. Carty n| Advisor to the Commanrtnnt Major Robert C. Funk Performance Officer Captain T.P. Hewitt Conduct Officer Lieutenant Rjchord P. GiltKDy Administrative Officer Ensign S.G. Roden Personnel Officer Lieutenant John E. Cramer HoTKDr Officer LieuterKant Mark C. Ashley First Lieutenont Lieutenant Jesse Adams Fifxanciol Advisor LieuterKnt Craig J. Ma| owski Disbursing Officer Gunnery Sergeant Joseph J. Frank Brigade Enlisted Advisor Ms. Nancy Parsons Commander Richard S. Murroy Operations Officer Lieutenant Commander Charles Floyd Assistant Operations Officer Lieutenant Rod D. Raymor Movement Officer Lieutenant Gray Schedules Officer f Lieutenant Christopher D. Bentley Midshipiman Activities Officer Mrs. Carol Baysinger Social Affairs Director Captain Holtzmon Senior Medical officer Captain A.B. Holderby Senior Chaplain wm I Captain John J. Glynn Chopkan Commander John L. Fitzgerald Chopkari Lieutenant Commander George W. PucciarelS Chapkain Lieutenant Commartder I Chaplain Lieuterxyit Commander Douglas Peart N dshipmen Food Services Officer I i i Lieutenant Commander Ron L. Oteen Officer-in-Charge. MkJshipmen Store Lieutefxant Mary E. Bartio fficer Inspector of Unifofms Captain John O. Coppedge Director Naval Academy Athletic Association ; •.■4iv. j.t. .w 1 : • ; ; M 1 i k on ineering And Weapons Division Director: Captain KM. Klein, USN Executive Assistant: Commander R.N. Christianson, USN Tc : Major Ware (Electrical Engineering) gives extra instruction to a midshipman. Middle: LCDR Stanfield, LCD!? Cummlngs, and LCDR Drew (Weapons and Sys- tems Engineering) discuss scheduling. Bottom: Assoc. Prof. Metcalf and Prof. Wiggins (Naval Systems Engi- neering) argue over a technical subject. Below: Cap- tain Klein. i Aerospace Engineering Department Chairman: Commander W.L. McCracken, USN LCDR D. Adcock Asst. Prof. J.E. Allen Asst. Prof. W.J. Bagario Lieutenant B. Campbell, USN Professor B.H. Carson Assoc. Prof. G.F. Hall LCDR J.D. Humphrey, USN LCDR T.E. Kleiser, USN Asst. Prof. M.D.A. Mackney Major R.L. Meng, USMC Professor D.F. Rogers Professor M. Saarlas Visiting Prof. Steve Paddock Visiting Prof. Dr. G. Peiper I ' Top Left: Asst. Prof. J.E. Allen Right: LCDR J.D. Humphrey l 4iddle Asst. Prof. M.D.A. Mackney Bottom: Assoc. Prof. W.J. Bagaria. Electrica Engineering Department Chairman: J Colonel G. Peterson, USAF Professor R. Alley Captain W. Averill, USMC Asst. Prof. B. Bennett LCDR W. Bloss, USN LCDR D. Brown, CF LCDR W. Brown, USN Professor S. Burns Asst. Prof. P. Burt Asst. Prof. B. Chimiak LCDR R. Corey, USN Visiting Prof. G. Curtis i Professor J. Eberhardt Visiting Prof. D. Fessenden Asst. Prof. D. Harding ander D. Hogan, USN LCDR J. Jenkins, USN LCDR E. Katzwinkel, USN Assoc. Prof. W. Kay Major F. Lanzer, USMC LCDR B. Lenhardt, USN Professor G. Leydorf Assoc. Prof. T. Llm LCDR J. Logan, USN Professor R. Martin Captain D. Mueke, USA Assoc. Prof. H. Neustadt LCDR J. Rood, USN Asst. Prof. B. Rynone Professor R. Sontoro Professor T. Sarkady LCDR D. Thompson, USN Major J. Ware, USMC Assoc. Prof. R. Wasta Prof. W. Kay right: LCDR R. Corey. USN Middle: Assoc. Prof. 7.- LCDR J. Jenkins. USN. Top; Asst. Prof. R. D. Jamison Middle: LCDR E. J. Gibson, USN Bottom R. A. Dietrich. USN Right: Professor A. M. Alwon. rofessor J. A. Adams Assoc. Prof. H. H. Keith Professor A. M. Alwon Assoc. Prof. W. M. Lee Professor E. G. Bloomfield Major S. Lindberg, USA Professor T. W. Butler Professor V. J. Lopordo Commander A. L. Cipriani, USN LCDR R. A. Olsen, USN Assoc. Prof. H. C. DeMart I LCDR R. A. Deitrich, USN Assoc. Prof. E. E. Dodson I Lieutenant A. N. Eckert, USN I Asst. Prof. J. M. Fine I Asst. Prof. S. T. Fleischmann Professor J. O. Geremia LCDR E. J. Gibson, USN I Assoc. Prof. J. D. Gillerlain, Jr. Professor R. A. Granger Professor D. F. Hasson Asst. Prof. R. D. Jamison Assoc. Prof. J. A. Joyce Vlechanicd Engineering Department LCDR R. S. Owendoff, USN Asst. Prof. K. F. Reed Lietenant M. H. Rolfes, USN LCDR K. R. Shonkle, USN Professor R. A. Smith Captain P. B. Stumbo, USAF Professor J. P. Uldrick LCDR T. D. Walker, USN Professor C. Wu Chairman: Assoc. Prof. J. H. Smith n MkiOe: Asst. Prof. M. L. Nuckds Bottom Left: ■WH Rigtit: Commander J. E, Panzigrou. USN. ,USN Assoc. Prof. W. A. Borr — LCDR D. A. Blank, USN Prof. Emeritus A. E. Bock Lieutenant J. R. Bollinger, USN Professor R. H. Compton Professor T. H. Dawson Lieutenant M. T. Dimercurio, USN Lieutenant W. D. Doner, USN Commander T. E. fahy, USN LCDR H. M. Holland, USN Professor B. Johnson Lieutenant M. D. Johnson, USN LCDR R. H. Kuppers, USN Assoc. Prof. T. J. Langan Asst. Prof. K. W. Lindler Lietenant G. R. Long, USN LCDR J. T. Manvei, USN Asst. Prof. R. H. Mayer Professor M. E. McCormick Assoc. Prof. J. T. Metcalf LCDR R. H. IVIorrison, USN Assoc. Prof. B. C. Nehrling Professor M. E. Nelson Asst. Prof. M. L. Nuckols Commander J. E. Panzigrou, USN Lieutenant A. J. Quotroche, USN Assoc. Prof. C. C. Richard LCDR A. J. Sarich, USN Asst. Prof. W. H. Shulden LCDR D. R. Scott, USN Asst. Prof. K. L. Tuttle LCDR W. G. Washnock, USN Asst. Prof. G. J. White Professor P. F. Wiggins Chairman: Professor R. Bhattacharyya Naval Systems Engineering Department Weapons And Systems Engineering Department Chairman: Professor C. F. Olsen Assoc. Prof. C. G. Brockus Commander R. N. Christiansen, USN LCDR P. F. Coste, USN LCDR H. H. Cummings, USN Assoc Prof. R. Demoyer LCDR D. O. Drew, USN LCDR D. R. Hamon, USN LCDR D. J. Hogen, USN Assoc. Prof. K. A. Knowles LCDR M. J. Leghart, USN Captain G. J. Magnuson, USMC Captain M. K. McCianahan, USMC LCDR J. H. McKim, USN LCDR G. M. McKinley, USN Professor E. E. Mitchell LCDR J. F. Moron, USN LCDR J. D. Ouellette, USN Assoc. Prof. O. N. Rask Captain D. Simons, USMC LCDR W. C. Stanfield, USN Lieutenant M. Tempestilli, USN LCDR T. R. Watt, USN Assoc. Prof. J. W. Watts LCDR C. E. Wick, USN LT Colonel J. C. Wiles, USAF Top ie LCDR J. D. Ouellette. USN RightlCDfi D. R. Homon. UN Mddle:lCDR T. R. Watt, USN Bottom: LCDR G. M. McKinley. USN ion Of lematics And Science Division Director: Captain R.L. Reasonover, USN Executive Assistant: Commander W.F. Jenkins, USN Top.Capt Andrews (Chemistry) gives extra instruction to two midshipmen. Middle: Assoc. Prof Chi (Computer Science) gives extra Instruction to a midshipman. Bot- tom: LCDR Lynn (Mathematics). Below: Capt. Reasonover. lir % mM •.% S» B Pi K_ K S H W Km • • ' H Bu K m . " .iHffNK. A B ■iPSfT ' ismM _ Computer Science Department Chairman: Commander L.J. Giannotti. USN Acting Chairman: Assoc. Prof. F.A. Skove Captain A.J. Athens, USMC LCDR W.G. Borries, USN Assoc. Prof. F.L.K. Chi Asst. Prof. C.A. Dane Instructor R.S. Demeo Major G.A. Ham, USMC Assoc. Prof. P.R. Harrison LCDR J.L. Johnson, USN LCDR M.L. Lechleitner, USN Assoc. Prof. R.G. Marshall LCDR N.P. Martino, USN Lieutenant M.L. Moron, USN Lieutenant M.G. Mort, USN LCDR G.F. Rowland, Jr., USN Vs. Prof. P.M. Ryan Assoc. Prof. R.E. Steed Captain J.C. White, USMC Above Maj. Ham. Top Left: Assoc. Prof. Harrison. Middle: LCDR Rowkand. Bottom: LCDR Lechleitner. Mathematics Department ■ Assoc. Prof. P.O. Koch I K Professor Asst. Prof. R.A. Lee Assoc. Prof. B.T. Lerner l lf Professor J.C. Abbott LCDR F.L. Lynn, USN 1 Assoc. Prof. P.P. Andre Asst. Prof. T.J. Mahar K, Asst. Prof. O.K. Asst. Prof. R.L. Manicl e I H, Professor Captain R.F. Maruszewski, USNR P Professor Betz Asst. Prof. P.B. Massel Assoc. Prof. J.L. Buchanan Professor P. A. McCoy ■ ' CDR J.D. Buttinger, USN Assoc. Prof. M.D. Meyer son 1 Captain J.M. Byzewski, USMC Asst. Prof C. Moen ■ LCDR J.J. Cartin, Jr., USN Professor C.E. Moore Big; ; Assoc. Prof. M.W. Chamberlain LCDR J.A. Morzinski, USN Hl ft ' • ■ - Cochrane. USN Assoc. Prof. E.J. Moulis, Jr. ■ K Asst. Prof. C.G. Cra A4ord Professor W.C. Mylander H H Professor J.M. D ' Archangelo Asst. Prof. G. Nakos ■ B Lieutenant K.P. Dopart, USN LCDR J.A. Olson, USN ■ B: Asst. Prof. D.G. Duffy CDR L. Parsons, USNR ■ B Lieutenant N.B. Dupuy, USN LCDR R.F. Patterson, USN ■ K Lieutenant, T.D. Epiee, USNR Assoc. Prof. H.L. Penn H B Asst. Prof. G.O. Fowler Asst. Prof. G.L. Price ■ K LCDR M.D. Frost, USN Asst. Prof. B. Richter B Assoc. Prof. A Gaglione LCDR D.A. Rippel, Usn B Asst. Prof. M.J. Gotoy Professor T.J. Sandoz, USN B Assoc. Prof. C.C. Honna Instructor S.M. Stolarski H Major S.D. Hanson, USMC Assoc. Prof. J.M. Stormes B Assoc. Prof. R.A. IHerrmann LCDR B.E. Truog, USNR B Captain J.B. Hill, USMC Assoc. Prof. J.S. Turisco ■■P Asst. Prof. M.E. Hoffman Assoc. Prof. J.C. Turner . . - LCDR S.R. Ingram, USN Asoc. Prof. W.P. Wardlow lllllJjjj H B Assoc. Prof. J.S. Kolme Assoc. Prof. P.J. Welcher B Asst. Prof. G.A. Kaplan Asst. Prof. W.D. Withers ■ Professor H.M Kaplan Assoc. Prof. C.S. Wolfe Kc. Prof. A.A. Asst. Prof. W.E. Yancey ■|DC Prof. Asst. Prof. K.E. Zak BBo nger. ToplTightiAssl. Prof. Manicke. Middle.Ma]. Hanson. ■7 I K ■.V .. ,.... . ... « i I Zu Ji Left: Copt. Beknap. Mbtote. LCDR Curry. Bottom: CDR Simpson. Professor Smedley. Captain R.M, Andrews, USMC Captain G.P. Belknap, USA Assoc. Prof. T.E. Bitterwoif Lieutenant M.L. Campbell, USNR Asst. Prof. G.T. Cheek Professor R.R. Corey, Jr. LCDR K.W. Curry, USN Asst. Prof. E.R. Davis Asst. Prof. G.F. De La Fuente Assoc. Prof. M.L. Elert Asst. Prof. A.B. Frost Assoc. Prof. F.J. Gomba Assoc. Prof. O.L. Jones Asst. Prof. T.B. Jones Professor J.F. Kelley, Jr. Professor E. Koubek Lieutenant Nathan Lacy, USNR Captain R.J. Lengyel, USN Professor S.P. Massie LCDR R.L. Moon, USN Asst. Prof. K.R. Osterhout Instructor I.L. Pigman LtCd W.M. Raymond, USA Asst. Prof. D. M Schmit Professor J.W. Schultz Asst. Prof. J.E. Shade CDR H.N. Simpson, USNR Professor W.M. Smedley Captain W.J. Vaiko, USAF Major R.L. Vaughn, USAF CDR D.L. VonMinden, USN Asst. Prof. B.A. Waite Asst. Prof. E.D. Walton Assoc. Prof. D.L. Weingartner Chairman C.F. Rowell, USN Chemistry Department t -- jfr. A«ste«e.LCDR Nelson. Bottom.lt Kinney. Setoiv.LCDR LCDR M.E. Alcorn, USN ■enant E.J. Coolbaugh, USN Professor D.W. Edsall Assoc. Prof. J.W. Foerster LCDR J.P. Gleason, USN Vs. Prof. E.E. Hindmon Professor J.F. Hoffman Lieutenant S.D. Kinney, USN Vs. Prof. P.M. Moughan LCDR J.A. Morzinsl i, USN LCDR C.A. Nelson, USN Lieutenant R.M Runge, USN LCDR K.M. Scarbro, USN LCDR G.W. Schwenke, USN LCDR P.T. Welsh, USN Chairman: Jommander K.H. Hunt, USN Acting Chairman: Professor J. Williams Oceanography Department m Physics Department Chairman: Professor F.L. Miller Professor R.H. Adkins Asst. Prof. C.E Albert Lieutenant D.A. Beam Professor D.W. Brill LCDR C.L. Burmaster, USN Professor G.P. Calame Lieutenant M.J.Connolly, USN Assoc. Prof. F.D. Correll Major D.A. Debruyne. USMC LCDR J.J. Donnelly, USN Professor S.A. Elder Assoc. Prof.l.M. Engle Asst. Prof. J.P. Ertel Assoc. Prof. W.E. Fasnacht Professor J.J. Fontanella Vs. Prof. G. Garr ett Professor G.D. Gutsche Assoc. Prof. E.D. Hall CDR T.L. Houck. USN Assoc. Prof. J.R. Huddle Professor R.L. Johnston Asst. Prof. M.S. Korman Assoc. Prof. B.H. Morgan Assoc. Prof. D.A. Nordling Vs. Prof. D.J. O ' Keeffe Captain P.H. Ostdiek, USAF Professor E.R. Pinkston Professor C.W. Rector LCDR D.A. Sadler, USN Professor C.S. Schneider Assoc. Prof. L.R. Schweizer Professor R.N. Shelby Lieutenant M.K. Smith, USN Professor J.R. Smithson Assoc. Prof. L.L. Tankersley LCDR R.D. Timm, USN Professor D.J. Treacy LCDR M.H. Trent, USN Asst. Prof. M. Wintersgill Left: Asst. Prof. Ertel. Mkkie: Assoc. Prof. Morgan. Top Left: Professor Sheby. Above: Lt Beam. f i Division Of United States nd International Studies Division Director; Captain W.B. Garrett, USN Executive Assistant: Major R.L. Wolf, USMC r ■[♦j- Pi-KniKuwrtiwiTi rTT-iyj sTi x;. KfOT. wnrraKer gives ion to a midshipman. Bottom: Assoc. Prof. Lee (Lon- s). Above: Capt. Garrett. r Ir: ie y.Asst. Prof. Corredor. Middle: Asioc. Prof. Sotterwoite. Bottom Prof. Dahlgren. Below: Professor Holbig. Asst. Prof E.L. Corredor Assoc. Prof. S.G. Dahlgren Asst. Prof. W.H. Fletcher CDR J. Hendes, FGN ENS J.A. Kendall, USNR Assoc. Prof. D.T.Y. Lee Asst. Prof. E. Morquez Assoc. Prof. G. Rivero-LaScala Assoc. Prof. V.S. Tolstoy Professor J.D. Yarbro Professor J.A. Hutchins Professor G.T. Riccio Assoc. Prof. E.J. Sotterwoite Chairman: Professor M.C. Holbig Language Studies Department - Middle: Copt Paulovich. Bottom Right: Maj Leitch. p b Political Science Department Chairman: Professor R.L. Rau CDR A. Baggs, USNR Vs. Asst. Prof. R.L. Beckman Assoc. Prof. R.A. Bender Assoc. Prof. T. Boyajy Professor C.L. Cochran Professor J.A. Fitzgerald Assoc. Prof. S.E. Frantzich LCDR T.P. Gallagher, III, USN Mr. M. Henderson, FSO Captain J.E. Kruse, USMC Asst. Prof. G.A. Mattox Captain K.P. O ' Keefe, USMC Assoc. Prof H.E. Purkitt Assoc. Prof. A.R. Rochwold CDR R.C Schaeffer, USN Professor R.G. Tomlinson LCDR L.A. Turrentine, USN Professor G.P. Watkins Left: Assoc. Prof, Boyajy. MdcXe: Copt Kruse. Top Left: Professor Fitzgerald. Above: Professor Rau. r J English nd History Division Director: Colonel J.W. Ripley, USMC Executive Assistant: Major R.F. Saikowski, USMC t: Asst. Prof. Cogar (History). Middle: ' " Harrod (History). Opposite Page: Dry). Middle: Cap Oliver (English). y). Top Right: Assoc. Prof. Good (English). m Assoc. Prof. J. A. Arnold Major C. Beck, USAF Lieutenant A. Benson, USNR Assoc. Prof. H.F. Bergman Assoc. Prof. N Berman Assoc. Prof. M.C. Browne Instructor C. Burke Lieutenant T.J. Dekornfeld, USNR Asst. Prof. L. Evans Professor F.M. Fetrow I Lieutenant J.G. Garzone, USNR r Assoc. Prof. J.M. Hill Instructor M. Howland Professor P.K. Jason Professor M. Jasperson Assoc. Prof. E.T. Johnston Professor A.B. Lefcowitz Asst. Prof. R. Madison LCDR K. Maynard, USN CDR S. Myslinski, USNR Assoc. Prof. CM. Nolan Captain K. Oliver, USMC Asst. Prof. T. O ' Brien Assoc. Prof. M.P. Parker Asst. Prof. N.W. Prothro Assoc. Prof. S.M. Ross Lieutenant B. Schebendach, USNR I Captain J. Sidri, USA Assoc. Prof. M.B. Tinsley Asst. Prof. D.A. White Asst. Prof. H.C. Wilcoxon soc. Prof. J.M. Wooten Chairman: " " )r D.O. Tomlinson ' •rrm I ' p T Ww I K. - ' 4. . r ■I History Department Chairman: Professor F.S. Harrod Assoc. Prof. R.P. Abels Assoc. Prof. P.R. Artigiani Asoc. Prof. T. Bogacz Assoc. Prof. T.E. Brennon Asst. Prof. W.B. Cogar Assoc. Prof. P. Culham LCDR T.J. Cutler, USN Lieutenant J. Dejnozka, USNR Asst. Prof. N.W. Ellenberger LCDR K.L. Gallagher, USN Assoc. Prof. K.J. Hagan Professor F.S. Harrod Asst. Prof. M.T. Isenberg LCDR A. Koczon, USNR Assoc. Prof. R.W. Love, Jr. LtCol P.B. Moni, USA Assoc. Prof. D.M. Mosterson Asst. Prof. D.P. Peeler Asst. Prof. A.T. Quartararo Asst. Prof. W.R. Roberts Major R.F. Saikowski, USMC LCDR D.M. Schom, USN LCDR D.T. Sine, USN Assoc. Prof. J. Sweetman Professor C.L. Symonds Assoc. Prof. J.P. Thomas Captain P.T. Underwood, USMC LCDR R.T. Zeimet, USNR Top Left: Asst. Prof. Cogor. Mddle: LCDR Gallogher. Left: Assoc. Prof. Abels. Atx ve: Professor Symonds. Laft: Lt Squire. Matte; Lt Healey. Bottom Left: Lt Edwards. B low: LCDR Leighty. LCDR B. Beckman, USN LCDR R. Borro. USN Asst. Prof. E. Bowman LCDR W. CompbeH, USN CDR P. Crigler, USN Lieutenont B. Dodson, USN Lieutenant A. Dodge, USN Lieutenant J. Edwards, USN CDR C. Gunter, USN Lieutenant P. Healey, USN Major C. Herdering, USMC Major H. Hopson, USMC Lieutenant T. Hutcliinson, USN LCDR C. Large, USN LCDR M. Leighty, USN LCDR L. Lindstrom, USN Lieutenant T. Malone, USN Professor G. Mann LCDR K. McMahon, USN Professor K. Mantor Lieutenant J. Panzik, USN Lieutenant R. Roach, USN Lieutenant C. Sanders, USN Lieutenant M. Schwartz, USN Lieutenant R. Smith, USN Lieutenant L. Squire, USN Lieutenant B. Willcox, USN Lieutenant J. Woodward, USN Chairman: Commander D. Curran, USN Leadership And Law Department t. Price. Bottom Ri t: LCDR Marvin. Below: Lt Jones. i CDR C. Barotti, IN Lieutenant R. Beard, USN Lieutenant B. Bellis, USN LCDR R. Berries, USN LCDR D. Bryce, USN LCDR L. Carvalho, BN Lieutenant E. Dyevre, FN Lieutenant J. Eggleston, USN Lieutenant T. Esquina, USN Lieutenant F. Fenno, USN LCDR D. Filz, USN Lieutenant T. Fleischer, USN Lieutenant R. Harper, USN Lieutenant J. Hill, USN Lieutenant S. Hummer, USN LCDR N. Iguchi, JMSDF Lieutenant J. Johnston, USN Lieutenant G. Jones, USN Lieutenant N. Katsiotis, USN Ueutenant T. Litowinsky, USN Lieutenant S. Lyon, USN Lieutenant W. Macht, USN LCDR G. Marvin, USN Lieutenant C. McNew, USN Lieutenant C. Megorden, USN Lieutenant R. Morabito, USN Lieutenant M. Nicol, RAN Lieutenant G. Nunez, USN Lieutenant A. Portillo, USN Lieutenant D. Ray, USN Lieutenant J. Rennie, USN Lieutenant M. Schwartz, USN Lieutenant H. Semler, USN Lieutenant T. Smith, USN Lieutenant M. Tose, USN Sail Master B. Wylds Lieutenant T. Yavorski, USN LCDR L. Youree, USN Chairman: Commander D. Lee, USN Seamanship And Navigation Department bi Professional Programs Department Chairman: Commonder T. Cojser, USN lieutenant A. Cone, USN LCDR T. Cutler, USN Lieutenant A. Dodge, USN LCDR H. HokJen, USN LCDR D. Johnson, USN Lieutenant W. McComnack, USN Lieutenant S. Morrissey, USN LCDR W. Roberts, USN Top ieff-LtMcCocmock. Mdble. LCDR Johnson, floftom; LCDR Roberts. AboveXi Dodge. Professional Progr ' Head. Physical Education Dept. Deputy Director of Athletics: Commander J.J. Campbell, USN Executive Officer: Commander D.E. Church, USN Deputy Physical Education Officer: Assoc. Prof. J.M. Gehrdes, USN Assoc. Prof. S.N. Belichick Asst. Prof. W.J. Bircher Asst. Prof. D. Brown Assoc. Prof. A. A. Cantelio ' . Assoc. Prof. R. Clothier ! Assoc. Prof. J.M. Cloud Asst. Prof. S.M. Cooksey Lieutenant J. Cotton, USN Asst. Prof. J.B. Dainard Professor A.R. Deladrier ENS E.N. Denny, USN " Lieutenant D.S. Dobbs, USI Assoc. Prof. J. Duff Lieutenant A.C. Edkins, USN ENS J. Fitzpatrick, USNR IWHH— Mirrrr— w " niWL • i Miini.im ii.iii-i » ' ' Lieutenant D.J. Hemmer, USN Assoc. Prof. J. Higgins Captain J. Kerr, USMC Asst. Prof. P.M. Kormnann ENS D.R. Laton, USNR Assoc. Prof. L.W. Lawrence Asst. Prof. B. Lawson Assoc. Prof. H.W. Lenz ENS R.E. Lievendag, USNR Asst. Prof. B. Matthews ENS B. McLaughlin. USNR Lieutenant J.R. McMillan, USN Asst. Prof. R.F. Meade Major L. Messick, USMC Coach J. Mosketti Assoc. Prof. L.G. Myers ENS K.J. O ' Shanick, USNR Asst. Prof. J. Officer Assoc. Prof. E.C. Peery Assoc. Prof. D.W. Purdy, Jr. Lieutenant R. Ravener, USN Professor A.J. Rubino Ueutenant K. Sanford, USN Asst. Prof. W.A. Savering Ueutenant Og) N. Schiovetto. USN ENS M.W. Schofield, USNR Lieutenant E.S. Sheohan, USN Lieutenant T.J. Shelly, USN Asst. Prof. J. Suriono Instructor T. Virgets Lieutenant Og) C. Wagner, USN Assoc. Prof. R.P. Wicks Top Left- Assoc. Prof. Duff. Midcee: Asst. Prof. Dainard. Bottom: Ens. Denny. Below: Asst. Prof. Officer. Opposite Page: Top Left: AKt. Prof. Lawson. Tc Right: Assoc. Prof. Lawrence, tfcfate. Asst. Prof. Sunano. Bottom: Lt. Ravener. fsjsfy f i y » DAILY ROUTINE H 00 r, Bl 1045 MP 1 1 • ; H|| 171? jl 1805 ■ •,, ' • ..■ ■ 1330 ■ ection 1 neal foi ' Hat. i m i » 1 1945 ' C} ' , . ' " n ■■ ' t; V ' ■ " ■■ " ■ ■ 0000 0045 Taps for fourtn class and Tnird class H 0100 out for Fourth C JSS. 1 0100 0115 First Taps Mai vS. Fourth Class , class taps inspection complt ' t 1 Office. !.■ i1 J mmmmst. m. W? imt rjjjFJjryjf fffV ' ij Fl " ' ' i Inf ' ' T ■ . " " ■ ' " l ' M a g s l ■1 Hf l m. ||i|iiM|jir4rHft B rjjxyjyjiYi Yr u k K ' .fJS ' J ' J ' JJfYiTf V I ' - r ' ' •rt 1 Express Offce -I jjs ' jrjTjf riTi fj ' «jrj-Jfr Yr U ' ' JJX3-r3:g iFYi I jfj ' jrjT Vifve -f " A -• n 1 % If i M iir " P L ' t i5v U •t.5 w I IJMS? •ffi ) jj j xj y rvi ' iX 1 ■■■HHHi ' r »l£) [dKJ»iliHia ■ f % 7i ' T- I iV «-v ■A Iff V f U ry V, ■k .« ' Hk lb f- i .7 " ■ ' i JiAL L M IM V (-• Ml- -Vn Hal m n m " " jf TrrtT t , ■ nf vsam 55 113 WELL DONE tLASS OF 1986 The United States Naval Academy Alumni Association is very pleased to welcome your class to our ranks, with 95 ' vr of the class coming aboard as Life members of the Alumni Association. REMEMBER THAT YOUR MEMBERSHIP ENTITLES YOU TO THE FOL- LOWING BENEFITS: • Low-cost group term life insurance • Reduced rate group investment program • Group travel opportunities • Low-cost hospitalization supplement plan • Subscription to Shipmate magazine, which includes Class notes and the Association ' s Annual Report • Eligibility to vote for Officers and Trustees • Receipt of Class newsletters. Homecoming information, etc. • Employment assistance The list of benefits will increase as the needs arise, so stay in touch and let us know if we can be of assis- tance to you in any way. Best wishes for future happiness and success as you join the ranks of alumni who long have rendered distinguished service to our Country, our Navy and our Naval Academy! • WELCOME ABOARD ir THE U.S. NAVAL ACADEMY ALUMNI ASSOCIATION IN DAL TECHNOLOGIES EXPERIENCE AND INNOVATION: Our Trademarks Indal Technologies has proudly supplied heli- copter support systems to the U.S. Navy for over 20 years. Our success in meeting the Navy ' s exacting requirements is reflected in the list of products and services supplied. • 80 recovery assist, securing and travers- ing (RASf) systems selected as a key component of LAMPS MK 111 • 75 telescopic hangars on board FF-1040, FF-1052 and FFG-1 class ships • 110 roller curtain hangar door systems on board FFG-7 class frigates • 39 sliding hangar door systems on board DD-963. DDG-993, and CG-47 class cruisers In addition, Indal Technologies was the first company outside the United States to have its program management systems validated by the U.S. Navy. Our computer-aided design and program management expertise has enabled us to undertake major programs for numerous government agencies, including those of Canada, Japan, Australia, India, Argentina and Spain, as well as the United States. Experience and innovation, the tradetnarks ( Indal Technologies. I INDAL TECHNC llllB TECHNOLOGIES ]NI )AI FFCI INOI OUVS INC . 3570 HjwU-slonr Rojd. MississjUKJ. OnUrio. Canada L5C 2V8 Tel: (4161 275-5300 Tlx: 06-961482 staying Power I For more than three decades, U.S. Navy engineers have depended on ORI. Since 1953, whenever the Navy has need- ed us, we ' ve been there! We ' ve supported critical programs with the knowledge and commitment necessary for success. Our research capabilities have supplied essential infor- mation on time. Our analytical skills have cast light on important decisions. And we have applied technological advances to solve crucial problems. In short, the Navy counts on our people for the long haul. We came to stay. The thinking of The ORI Group has helped shape many of our country ' s na- tional defense programs, ranging from early post-World War II efforts to the most recent programs of the U.S. Navy, U.S. Marine Corps, and U.S. Coast Guard. The ORI Group ' s support to Navy pro- grams currently includes efforts related to all aspects of Naval warfare systems. We are involved in the many phases of developing, testing, and implementing large-scale systems - including systems analysis, simulation, engineering, logistics and training. In each situation, the Navy looks to us for the highest quality work - and we deliver. We ' re an employee-owned corporation. Because we are employee-owned, our 1800-plus employees have a real stake in every project. The creative thinking and dedication of our people are major fac- tors in our success. This dedicated staff has built a solid reputation for quality, in- novation, and consistent customer satisfaction. As we face the challenges of today and tomorrow The ORI Group will continue to use talented, capable individuals with a commitment to quality. That way we can be sure to maintain the quality of our unique contribution to the Navy, and we will effectively serve our nation ' s defense needs in the years ahead. Now that ' s staying power. The ORI Group 1375 Piccard Drive Rockville. MD 20850 -•♦ - :. ' or T- ' -- v ' jai; .u:r-- ' r, MR P »-r» " W tPft r GETTING IT RIGHT THE FIRST TIME You have to collect a lot of data and you have to get it right the first time. You need the reliable performance of Datatape recorders. Datatape Incorporated has a complete line of recorder systems, MIL-SPEC, TEMPEST APPROVED, and laboratory environments. Product capabilities for analog and HDDR. High data rate rotary systems and mass storage digital systems. This kind of experience, coupled with continual state-of-the-art innovation provides your best assurance of dependable quality. Whatever your data acquisition and analysis requirements, let Datatape show you the best way to get it right the first time. DATATAPE 2 INCORPORATED AKODAKCOMPANY ierra Madre Villa, Pasadena, California 91109 (818)796-9381, Telex 67-5415 YES!... A RELIABLE CYALUME PERSONNEL MARKER LIGHT. There are many other reasons to use durable CYALUME® PML ' s. The last one makes it official. No batteries, bull)s or lenses. 100% maintenance- free. Ideal for all water environments. Rugged, waterproof and wind- proof. Attaches securely to life vests. Easily acti- vated in seconds. Lasts eight long hours. Visibility- up to one mile. Now U.Si NAVY APPROVED. 1 - _ 1 From the Commander, Naval Sea Systems Command... effective July 18, 1984... Subj: ACN TO NAVAL SHIP ' S TECHNICAL MANUAL NAVSEA S9086-CL-STM-000, CH-077, LIFE PRESERVER... " 6. Delete section 077-4.26 and replace with the following: ' 077-4.26 CHEMICAL PERSONNEL . personnel marker light is an authorized sut stitutB i for the one cell flashlight at times other than night underway replenishment. Its stock number is NSN CG 6260-01-086-8077. ' " " 7. Delete section 077-4.27 and replace with the following: " 077-4.27 The personnel marker light consists of a plastic tube covered with a light pro- tective black plastic sleeve and attached handle. The tube contains fluorescent compounds and glass Mate of activator compounds. The system is acti- ' by removing the black sleeve, squeezing the nandle which breaks the suspended vials, and shaking to mix the compounds. The mixed com- pounds produce a yellow-green light effective for eight hours and visible for up to one mile on a clear night. The marker can be attached to a life vest or other flotation device by means of the stainless steel pin either before or after the unit is activated. ' " CYALUME® Lightsticks... developed specifically for military needs — especially when survival ' s at stake — they now carry the U.S. Navy ' s official approval. Other sizes and colors of CYALUME® Lightsticks are also available. For more information, write: Chemical Light Department American Cyanamid Company Wayne, New Jersey 07470 CVAMAtl iD WELL AEROSPACE- HONEYWELL AEROSP HONEYWELL AEROSPACE AND PACE AND DEF Were proud of our productivity on tiie Navys Mk46 Torpedo. We ' re just as proud to accept tlieir outstanding achievement award. In fact. Honexwell is the first contractor to receive the Naxys Outstanding Value Engineering Achie ement Award. We recei ed it for contributing cost-reduction tech- niques to the Mk 46 torpedo program which sa ed more than S20 million o er the last three ears. We also increased the torpedo ' s producibility. qualit) ' and reliability. So much so that the final acceptance rate became the highest in history. Hone well is now the prime contractor for the development of the Mk 50. the next generation lightweight torpedo. And the Na y HoncN-well team will continue to do with the Nik 50 w hat We are doing w ith the Mk 4b: produce the highest qualit torpedo in the most efficient, cost- effect i e wa possible. At Honeywell, we wouldn ' t settle for an thing less. And neither would our customers. Honeywell Productivity Together, we can find the answers. Influenc SeaPo UPON HiSTOK First came the influe of sea power upon history. Now comes the influence of technology upon sea power. Admiral Alfred Thayer Mahan (1840- J 914). A brilliant strategist, whose writings first defined the importance of sea power in the modern world. It is a tribute to Mahan that his ideas still live, not only in navy tradition and history, butalsoin the minds of those who will help build tomorrow ' s navies. A t A utonetics Marine Systems Division, we appreciate the importance of seapower. That ' s why we ' re so proud of the technologies we ' re developing for the U.S. Navy Our precision navigation and control systems. Our cost- effective shipboard information management. And our innovative undersea warfare programs. We ' d like to tell you more about our commitment to seapower. Write or call Autonetics Marine Systems Division (DA4J). 3370 Miraloma Avenue, y heim, CA 92803, (714) 762-3327 And be sure to ask for a copy of this " « ia ' commissioned portrait of Admiral Mahan. AUTONETICS MARINE SYSTEMS DIVISION i)i:ii:. si: i:i.i:(:n () ' i(:s oinjiuxnoxs Rockwell international ... where science gets down to business ADA LANGUAGE SYSTEM IN A VY(ALSIN) EMSPIECOS HIGH PRODUCTIVITY OJUWARE TEXT MANIPUI TION CONFIGURATION MANAGEMENT TOOLS New Language For The To reduce the cost of software the Navy is aeveloping a new generation of signal and data ming languages and develop- ment support environments. TRW is helping to create these environments and operating systems. are at work on the Enhanced Modular Signal Processor (EMSP) and Enhanced Com- eisKinwiK. is a RvsUR tntaHt •( • U (MiJoiMPrainilMal. mon Operational Support Soft- ware Methodology (ECOS). ECOS consists of a data flow language and development and runtime support evironment using a Signal Processing Graph Notation (SPGN) which was developed for ECOS with TRWs help. TRW has been the systems engineering and integration con- tractor for the EMSP project In the data processor area, TRW is part of the team developing the Ada® Language System Navy (ALS N). This Navy program supports DoD ' s god to estabUsh a single, DoD-compatible, trans- portable, high-order language and language support environ- ment. TRW has been involved with Ada technology since 1975, when we were part of the review team for the first Ada requirements. High productivity — that ' s the emphasis of these Navy pro- grams. TRWs own software pro- ductivity program, initiated in 1981, has already increased our productivity by more than 40 percent, with even greater payoffs TRW is committed to introduc- ing a new generation of com- puter language systems to help build a stronger Navy. iTwm TRW Defense Systems Gioup Only our name is Eastern Once the name Eastern meant service only in the East. Not any more. Today we spread our wings North to Canada. Westward to the Pacific. And Mexico. Down to the Caribbean. All the way to South America. To over 140 cities in 23 countries. Today only our name is Eastern. Call your Travel Agent or Eastern. EASTERN WE EARN OUR WINGS EVERY DAY ' I T-Shirts Sweatshirts Posters BUDWEISER ' - KING OF BEERS ' • ANHEUSER BUSCH INC • ST LOUIS T-Shirl5, Sweatshirts Posters o) MAN YOUR BOTTLE STATIONS may be ordered by sending check or money order 10 Military Promotions PO Box 27839 St Louis MO Sn ?q?q ' ;Io ? ' i ' u ' ' ,r? ' c ! J ' " " ' ' " ' " 9 Outside MO 1-800-325-9665, Inside MO D ,?£ " ? ? T-Shirts $6 50, Swealshins $12 95, (Stale size S, M, L, XL and color Navy Red, While) • Posters $2 50 (20 " 5-x25-) Includes postage handling The liquor laws of the mdividual states vary as regards to the promotion and merchandising of beers You should be guided accordingly Void where prohibited Allow 4-6 weeks for delivery Budweiser PROVEN PERFORMANCE IN AIR COMBAT TRAINING The F-16N for the U.S. Navy. An advanced adversary fighter with outstanding performance, maneuverability and avionics capability. The F-16N. Tomorrow s standard in teaching Navy fighter pilots new combat tactics against current and potential threats. GENERAL DYNAMIi What do these ships have in common? They ' re all effective ASW platforms with WQRSS - Whitehall ' s Quick Reaction Surveillance System WQRSS is the only complete, modular towed array system which can transform any ship into a submarine detector. WQRSS • Is totally self-contained in two 8 ' x8 ' x20 ' vans and a winch pallet: • Features CRT displays, Lofar gram recorders and FLOATING POINT signal processing; • Is completely transportable in C-130 ' s or a C-141; • Fits on any ship. Only deck space and electrical power are required; • Can detect modern submarines; • Costs far less than any other complete towed array system; • Can be quickly tailored to meet specific threats or to operate in specific waters; • Can be used with carrier and surface action groups, amphibious task grou ps, convoys and for SLOC surveillance; • Has been proven in actual at-sea operations; and • Is available today! WQRSS - the affordable, available tactical surveillance system from Whitehall, the world ' s largest manufacturer of towed array systems. For more information on WORSS, please write or call: ♦♦ WHITEHALL CORPORATION 2659 Nova Drive Dallas, Texas 75229 Telephone: 214-247-8747 Telex: 6829187 Contel Federal Systems turns telecommunications problems into telecommunications systems. Contel Federal Systems handles exceptional data and telecommunications challenges for clients all over the globe, and beyond. At the U.S. Air Force Academy, Contel designed and implemented an information system local area network that ' s one of the largest in America. In the Middle East, Contel is ■ 1 ling communications • " Egypt, designing and installing security systems at the King Abdulaziz Airport in Saudi Arabia, and modernizing communications for the Army of Turkey. In Colorado Springs, Contel is the prime contractor for development and construction of the vital internal and external communications segments for the U.S. Air Force Consolidated Space Operations Center. In space, we ' re owner and operator of the Tracking and Data Relay Satellite System (TDRSS), a sophisticated communications relay system that provides data and voice links between Earth and low-orbit NASA spacecraft. Complex telecommunications projects like these demand innovation in systems integration, design, and project management — skills we demonstrate every day at Contel Federal Systems. For more information, contact the Contel Federal Systems Business Development office at the address below. Contel Federal Systems Vice-President, Business Development 12015 Lee Jackson Highway Fairfax, Virginia 22033-3344 (703) 359-7500 ' i.: 1986, Contel Federal Systems 1 m An aggressive package of power is ready to striice — the SuperCobra! . H-1 ' SuperCobra (formcrK- the AH-lT-r ) — sc cn tons of raw tiir that comes in low . . . and strikes with the highest power-to- weight ratio of an ' attack helicopter. Its predecessor is the AH-IT — the U.S. Marines multimission SeaCobra. Now see how an AH-IW adds up to more firepower, impro ed perfor- mance and e en greater multimission capabiliu ' in the Supe}-Cobra — toda ' s most ersatile attack helicopter. High-powered maneuverability- New tA in General Electric T700-GE-401 engines gi c the SuperCx)bra 65% more power In standard conditions, the SuperCobra can take offon a siuffle nifiine and climb at more than 800 ft. min. . nd on a hot da ; the AH-IW SuperCobra hovers OGE at 3,000 ' feet with hill hiel, eight TOW or eight Hellfire missiles, plus full uirret ammunition and rockets . . . still, w ith power to spare! Firepower to match the mission SuperCobras carr a enomous arsenal — TOW, Sidewinder, Hellfire, ZUNT rockets and more. With that choice of firepower. Marines can tailor the ordnance load to the mission: close air support . . . anti-armor . . . tactical air control . . . landing zone suppression . . . anned escort. And when the missions complete, the Super- Cobras low maintenance requirements mean fast airnaround. Plus, SuperOibras are backed bv the best ser- ice support strucmre in the world. Bell Helicopter Textron Inc., Dept. 893, Box 482, Ft. Worth, Texas 6101, U.SA., (817) 280-2288. Cable: Bell Craft. The future is ours by design. Bell Helicopter [EinHIl Textron InC- 789 j -Se» Newport News Shipbuilding . A Tenneco Company Newport News, Virginia 23607 5 Commitment GKiality. 9 I iQ } i ' i ' vJ s ■ - ' . H " ' -. i( Their commitment to performance is like ours. It ' s based on fundamentals. The traditional hat toss that concludes each Annapolis grad- uation ceremon s mbolizes an end and a beginning. These future leaders have just com- pleted a challenging four- ear program. Now the " rc prepared to pertbnm in toda " s Na A. Their joumeN from plebe to ensign as based on the firm- est of foundations — a solid grounding in fundamentals. At Ra lheon. ue too. appreciate the alue of funda- mentals. Adherence to the basics of sound design, research, manufacturing, and s sterns management helps us to pro- vide the Na A with Sparrow and Sidewinder air-to-air missiles, shipboard missile s s- tems. and fire control and air search radars as well as sonar and electronic warfare s stems. lbda " s and tomorrow " s Annapolis graduates will be able to depend on Ra theon technolog throughout their careers. Because at Ra lheon. quaiitv starts with fundamentals. Ravttieoii H here quality stans withfundcunenials T F-T4D: I ! I I I New, more power- ful engines. More speed. More range. New, more advanced radar, • avionics and weaponry. The new Grumman Tomcat — still the only fighter in the nation ' s defense arsenal with the Phoenix missile. Grumman Corporation, Bethpage, Long Island, NY 11714. TTT T RUMMAN ' SINGER KEARFOTT OPEIUNGIKW RLGs STAR IN SAHRS. Siiiger Keart ' ott (jpened new dimensions ui King Laser Gvtos with a system for the Tri-Ser ice Standard Attitude Heading Reference System (SAHRS) program. The same RLG teclinology will go into the Air Force Systems Command MILST.AR and the U.S. Army ' s High Reliability Inertial Reference programs. SHOOT AND SCOOT WITH RLG MAPS. Our Modular Azimuth Position System (IVL PS) opened new- dimensions for tlie U.S. Army ' s M109A3 howitzer MAPS can quickly align the vehicle to its correct azunuth position, thus permitting it to zero in on its target, fire its weapon, and move on to another location. CAINS II TAKES OFF WITH OUR RLGs. Many future Li.S. Navy carrier based aircraft will be taking off witli Kearfott ' s Ring Liser ( ato inertial na igation systems. CAINS II and other RLCi programs will provide Kearfott widi a production base in the thousands. The Singer Company Kearfoll Division. ll. " )U McBncit- .Ave.. Little Kails. NJ 07424 WM 793 1, " ; 1 1 f ttT Ihe power to maintain its evasive action is what makes the F A-18 better than anything I ' ve ever seen before! " —U.S. Navy Commander The U.S. Navy Marine Corps F A-18A strike fighter. Northrop Corporation principal subcontractor, McDonnell Douglas prime contractor. Northrop Corporation, 1840 Century Park East, Los Angeles, California 90067-2199. ■ 14K6 Northnit)Ci riH " )raiit tftr m ' V l. iiriE: 0233LJDCAL l lSlSlilJ ' J ZERO ZERO JERRfllir RUGGED SPEED- 50 KNOTS 7 55 C V.- COMBAT ASSAULT HONEYWELL HELMET SYSTEMS DIFFERENT UGHT A mission lies ahead shrouded in fog and darkness. A critical mission that won ' t wait. Impossible . . . unless you extend your sensory range beyond human limits, with a Honeywell integrated helmet system. Start with visually-coupled components that cut electronic windows through adverse conditions. Add navigational and tactical situation displays, interactive voice, target screening and lock-on. Incorporate these functional assets with vital crew protection features. The result is a Honeywell integrated helmet system that sharpens operational performance, improves survivability and helps ensure successful missions. We pioneered helmet systems 20 years ago, and we ' ve been advancing the technology ever since. That ' s why our systems are the only ones in volume production today And they ' re flown by U.S., NATO and allied forces worldwide. We ' re ready to equip your command for the impossible. Contact the Military Avionics Division, Honeywell, Inc., 2600 Ridgway Parkway MN17-3347 Minneapolis, MN 55413; 612 378-5949. And start seeing your helmet system needs in a different light. 1-JTI yh Tog thor. wf rain fincl tho answers. Honeywell . Which company explores new technologies for weapon system support? The Integrated Diagnostic Support System termed " IDSS " represents a major techn ilogical achievement for the next generation of test systems. This new concept incorporates methods of collecting knowledge about the weapon system and processes it in a way that resembles human reasoning. Once established, the IDSS knowledge base is used to detect and diagnose weapon systems failures. Hairis is consistently exploring new and innovative ways of improving test technology, and the IDSS is just one example. Harris Coi-poration, Government Support Systems Division 6801 Jericho Turnpike, Svosset, Long Island, NY 11791. 516-677-2000. SI HARRIS For your information, our name is Harris. 798 m n GUARDIAN OF THE GOLD STANDARD. The T4 5 Training System is designed to polish the skills of Naval Aviators as bright as their Wings of Gold. T45TS is a totally integrated training system, combining all the essential training elements including logistics support. It will help maintain the tradition of excellence in Naval Aviation through the 1990s and beyond while reducing the cost of training by almost 50 percent. feti, . ' If you think you ' ve got complex data processing needs. imagine automating an office like this. It ' s more than 1,000 feet long. And as high as a 24-story building. At full strength, its crew numbers more than 6,000. And it generates enough power to light a smart city. The nuclear-powered aircraft carrier USS Carl Vinson is perhaps the most complex and technologically sophisti- cated mobile structure ever built. And it handles its immense data processing, word processing and video requirements with Wang ' S computers, all tied together in an integrated network. The Wang system assists in keeping track of everything from work-in-progress to personnel records. It ' s helping to stan- dardize administrative and management procedures. And it ' s used to monitor planning and control, ship ' s training, system testin " and even maps out the type and number of personnel required to get the ship underway. The USS Carl Vinson may run on nuclear power, but it moves information on Wang computers. To learn how Wang can handle your complex data processing needs, call the Wang Federal Svstems Division at (301) 657-5703. 1 WANG We put people in front of computers. The Future is Here Fpe ' s compact, rack mount military disc drive systems ifer up to 468 megabytes capacity. NTDS compatible. CORPORATION 1770 Walt wnnman Road Melville, NY 11747 . |5161 42CHJ200 • TWX 5ia221 1803 BECAUSE WE COMPEIEYDU MCr welcomes competition. It ' s our lifeblood. And we know that to earn and keep your long distance business we have to be that much better That ' s MCI ' s commitment. Today and tomorrow. MCI COMMUNICATIONS FOR THE NEXT 100 YEARS! s For The Next luu Vcarsisaseruce mjrk ol MlIL v MClC June 1986. l ' KH ' KH)in MBm , M.isiusH nl(,ii. ;B(nvli-s. Ini. )ob ). m(,i-c;;m6 Clicnl: MCI 802 I ' lodiitl: Mul-Allaniic IVogram ■■ - BoeingVERTREE Deck to deck in 30 seconds. CI When seas are up and everything is tied down, vertical replenishment with Boeing H-4(S helicopters is the only way to go. Regardless of wind direction, the H-46 ' s unique tandem rotor design al- lows unmatched handling and hovering. Whether it ' s parts, stores or ammo, two H-46s can transfer 18U tons an hour, day or night. Deck to deck in 30 secondsl And for unmatched mission readiness and maintenance savings. Boeing began delivering the first of 354 kits for the Navy ' s SK M (Safety. Reliability and Main- tainability) program in July. .All kits are Boeing-built and N.ARF-installed. .And they ' ll increase the H-46 ' s mission capabilities through the year 2. (MM) and bevond. The Boeing VERTREP helicopter: the U.S. Navv ' s own special deliverv svstem. Boeing Helicopters, P.O. Box 16858, Philadelphia. P. 19142. 25 Rosemount Inc. has supplied Air Data Instrumentation to the free worlds high performance aircraft since 1956.... Rosemount Aerospace Di vision 7- 300 IlkHcijI Ro.id Burnsville. Minnesota 55337 m wm Humes ' technology of the future finds treasures of the past. Archaeologists no longer ha e to hack through Central American jungles at great expense to find lost Mayan cities, priceless trea- sures of the past. Now the can pinpoint likel sites quickly and easil b ana- hzing pictures pro ided by a Hughes Aircraft Company instrument on a NASA satellite. The Landsat earth resources spacecraft nonnall detects sub- tle differences in certain v a e- lengths of light to help monitor the health of crops and spot geo- logic features that characterize oil and mineral deposits. ' 1986 Hughn ircrafi Compam Mayan sites discovered urh the aid of Hughes technology should yield wall panels similar to this one in Mexico. But in 1983. it disclosed thin jungle o ergro th in certain areas of Mexico ' s Yucatan peninsula. re ealing a pre iously unknou n . Ia an site near the village of Conhuas. Hushes " images also found hat is belie ed to be the cit of Oxpe- mul. discovered in the 1930s and subsequently " lost. " Scientists will soon begin uncovering the ruins. They exf)ect to gain important insights into one of histon, " s great civili- zations-because Hughes had the vision to see the Eanh in a special way from space. Hughes. Creativity America depends on. HUGHES Subsidiary of GM Hughes Eleclronlcs 805 . High Endurance Cutters US COASTGUARD 1964-1971 LCU 1466 CLASS 63 Constructed Huntsville APPOLO REENTRY SHIP 2 Constructed ■ ijLi 1 £ FF 1033 CLASS 4 Constructed -DGCU SS 2 Constructed FF-1 052 CLASS - 27 Constructed T-AO187-T-AO190 COMBATANTS AND AUXILIARY SHIPS ALIKE AVONDALE SHIPYARDS INC. LSD44-LSD48 Avondale Shipyards A SUBSIDIARY OF OGDEN CORPORATION Post Office Box 50280 New Orleans. Louisiana 70150 :is AO-1 77 CLASS - 5 Constructed FF-1037 CLASS 2 Constructed RL24 Conversion FF-1 040 CUVSS 3 Constructed LST1171 CLASS 2 Constructed RED • WHITE YOU Cf tompany ' Coca-Cola ' is a registered Irademaitto(Th Coq -( nia Company ■ ' i j49f ' pe o technolog niiovin ahead with Gould behind it. Nobody knows the ins and outs of producing torpedo systems better than Gould. After all. we ' re the only U.S. contractor to ever design, nnanufacure and support a heavyweight torpedo system from concept through completion. We also operate the only heavyweight torpedo factory in America. And we have the people, the knowledge and the facilities ready to produce tomorrow ' s torpedo systems— today. What it all comes down to is simply this: It ' s a lot easier to get where you ' re going when you ' re already most of the way there. Gould Inc., Defense Systems. Ocean Systems Division, 18901 Euclid Ave., Cleveland, OH 44117 ■. - GOULD ,V ' " Eiectronics i Services and Products for the Fleet of Today and Tomorrow .... Tracor For over twenty-five years, Tracor tias been a proud nnennber of the team that supports the develop- ment and maintenance of naval systems. Tracor looks forward to continued service and to making future contributions to naval readiness in such areas as sensor system development, test and logistic support, naval communications, and birth-to-grave maintenance. To this graduat- ing class Ne extend congrat- v w- „ - - .« ulations and a pledge ' y for continuing excel- lence in serving the — -.■ - Navy and our country. Smooth Soiling for the Gloss of ' 86 J 1601 Research Boulevard • Rockville, Maryland 20850 ' V.. 1-iT . ' . ii ESependabilHy. Pride. ■ite - " J3C -r jndouf V fe ' re In For The Duration Distriot No. 1 Pacific Coast District, IWIEBA of the National Marine Engineers Beneficial Association (AFL-CIO) America ' s military readi- ness at sea is not measured by steel and armament alone. The ability of today ' s technolo- gically-advanced U.S. Naval fleet to meet any threat also depends on the expertise, dependability and pride of an elite corps of highly skilled, seagoing civilians who are in for the duration the licensed deck and engineering officers of District No. 1 Pacific Coast District of the National Marine Engineers Beneficial Association. For more than half a century D1-PCD, MEBA ' s licensed officers have filled this vital need for the U.S. Navy in times of war and peace. Today the tradition con- tinues. D1-PCD, MEBA deck and engineering officers aboard the Military Sealift Command ' s GTS Admiral William M. Callaghan will be field- testing a new, energy efficient Rankine Cycle Energy Recovery System (RACER) for the Navy ' s new Arleigh Burke (DDG- 51) class of guided missile destroyers. The Callaghan is just one of the more than 100 vessels in the Navy ' s Military Sealift Command fleet where D1-PCD, MEBA carries on the tradi- tion of expertise, depend- ability and pride. Photo: Adm. Wm. M. Callaghan 70 AAA North Capitol Street, Suite 800, Washington, D.C. 20001 (202) 347-8585 C.E. DeFries, President; Clyde E. Dodson, Exec. Vice President; Mario C. White, Secretary-Treasurer. Our " All-Risk " Personal Property Insurance for Cadets Midshipmen is 10 WAYS DETTER than other " All-Risk " coverage for Academy Students Here ore just 4 examples LOSS OR THEFT OF JEWELRY, WATCHES, FURS Our policy pays up to S250 per item and, at no added cost, higher limits if you list (schedule) property m these categories with us Other policies normally pay only $250 for loss of any one or more items in the above grouping With other companies, higher limits require a separate policy at added cost Note The method of insuring service academy, university or college graduation rings may differ from insurer to insurer LOSS OR THEFT OF CASH Our policy pays up to $250 With other policies, the limit usually IS only $100 FOR THE WHOLE STORY, WRITE OR CALL, TOLL FREE 1-800-255-6792 TOTAL AMOUNT OF COVERAGE YOU CAN BUY You can buy as much coverage as you want from us. Other unscheduled all-risk " coverage offered to cadets and midshipmen is usually limited to $3,000 LENGTH OF TIME YOU CAN KEEP COVERAGE Our policy not only gives you all-risk " protection for your property while you are a cadet or midshipman, but also throughout your service career Your commissioning does not require you to take any action to continue your coverage Others may require you to take out a new policy, at new rates, at the first policy renewal after graduation. nRITIED FORCES ins FORT LEAVENWORTH, KANSAS 66027 Serving the Military Prolessional Since 1887 W providing computer-based systems solutions for the complex problems of national defense. 810 UG£ We ' re more than plane folks. To most of the world, Boeing is kno Mi only for building the best commercial jetliners. But the mil- itary knows our expertise has a much wider range. We build com- mand, control and com munication systems, like the E-3 AWACS, E-4 Comniaiid Fust and E- 6 Trident sub- marine command link. e ' ve built and are continually upgrading the B- 52 bomber and " C have major roles in the B-IB and future aircraft. Our hydrofoil missile- ships, Chinook and Sea Knight helicopters and cruise and intercontinental missiles are part of the U.S. defense muscle. We supply computer systems and soft- ware, and electronics ranging from large power supplies to microcircuits. We furnish the Defense Depart- ment ' s Inertial Upper Stage and are involved in design of mil- itary space transportation systems, space plat- forms, satel- lites and the tilt-rotor V-22 Osprey. There is no limit to our sights. Our involvement with the military is based on a shared principle: The na- tions defense deserves the very best at the lowest possible cost. It ' s what makes us such good partners. E-G. Communication Station ONE STOP CAR SHOP You know you can pick up the phone and call US. . ' X to get auto insurance. You can take advantage of our vanous discounts and dividends which help you qualify for even lower insurance rates. But did vou know that a phone call to USAA C ARDEAL can also help you buy a car for as little as 1-2% over dealer invoice? Or arrange to finance it, at competitive rates, through the USAA Federal Savings Bank? Quality products, designed with you in mind. Call l-8UU-531-8890and take advantage of your one-stop car shop, USAA. With our insure-it, buy-it, finance-it plan, it ' s as easy as a phone call. USAA 1-800-531-8890 Members caU l-80U-531-8m In Texas 1-800-292-8890 I Officers may establish membership m L ' SA.A by taking out a policy while on active duty, while members of the Reserve or National Guard, or when a retired officer (with or without retirement pay). Cadets of U.S. military academies are also eligible. OCS OTS. Advanced ROTC. and basic schol- arship ROTC students may also apply as well as former officers. •Banking Services not available in Pennsyivarua. fTracor Salutes the 1986 graduates of the U.S. Naval Academy On line for your future missions. Mk4l Avital new system to protect the fleet. Much of the continued security of our nation will depend on the skills and combat readiness of professionally trained officers in our Nav It also requires combat systems that are technically superior, and buUt to function when needed without failure. FMC is committed to the suppon of your efforts by producing the newest armament for surface combatants, the Mk4l Vertical Launching System. The new Mk4l VLS holds the promise of pro- viding the best method of missile defense for CG47 and DDG51 class cruisers. It is now in produaion at FMC Northern Ordnance Division. FMC has long operated the world ' s leading facility for design, development and produaion of naval armament. The main gun batteries on most U.S. cruisers, destroyers and frigates, and most of the current missile launching systems have been produced by FMC. An experienced source. Dedicated people. Ahead of schedule on the Mk4l VLS. All because we understand the NavT combat role. We ' re working hard to support you with the most effective, affordable combat systems. FMC Corporation, Northern Ordnance Division, 4800 E. River Road, Minneapolis, iMN 55421. I BWkM Defense rlwl Systems iUin THE ENGINEERING RESOURCE DEVOTED TO IMPROVING ENGINE PERFORMANCE . . . ON THE GROUND AND IN THE AIR 3479 West Vickery Blvd. • Ft. Worth, TX 76107 • 817-336-7411 Telex 758233 CONGRATULATIONS MIDSHIPMEN FROM THE NAVY FOOTBALL NETWORK WNAV — Annapolis, MD WRC — Washington, DC WCPK — Chesapeake,VA WCEI — Easton, MD WTRI — Brunswick, MD WCBM — Baltimore, MD Brought to you by your friends at: TEXACO, INC. ROCKWELL INTERNATIONAL RICHARD T FRICK, INC. I I li-.l ra: :I « N.= p In Sah dieg ' o, dA A NEW DIMENSION " The MPS program represents a significant new dimension In mobility, readiness enhancement, and global response. " All three MPS ships converted by NASSCO for Waterman Steamship Company, are now on charter to the Nlilitary Sealift Command within the original schedule and budgeted cost. The new dimension of proven major conversion capability has now been added to NASSCO ' s already impressive credentials and has positioned NASSCO as one of the finest, full service new construction, conversion and repair shipyards in the United States. General P.X. Kelley, Commandant of the U.S. Marine Corps WHATEVER IT TAKES NATIONAL STEEL AND SHIPBUILDING COMPANY — — a wholly-owned subsidiary of Momson-Knudxn (Uimpany CONTACTS: 1725 KStreet,N.W., Washington, D.C. 20006 202 785-9036 28th at Harbor Drive, San Diego, CA 92138 •619 696-7000 r The U.S. Navy The American Merchant Marine: A Working Partnership " This role of our civilian mariners is not new. In World War II, virtually every serviceman who saw action against the enemy was transported overseas by ship. In Vietnam, more than 90 percent of the war material utilized in that conflict went by sea. Our brave merchant seamen took their place alongside the fighting men of our armed services in combat against a determined enemy. " — President Reagan National Maritime Day May 22, 1985 District 2 Marine Engineers Beneficial Association Associated Maritime Officers Affiliated With The AFL-CIO Maritime nades Department 650 Fourth Avenue Brooklyn, New York 11232 (718)965-6700 Raymond T. McKay President John F. Brady Executive Vice President optertowed magnetic-acoustic mine countermeasure systems. . . ASW sonar systems, as well as for navigation and mine location . . . Advanced, positive Ejection Release Units (ERUs) for high-performance aircraft. . . EDO GOVERNMENT SYSTEMS CORPORATia M Dfvisiorj 14-04 lllth Street, College Point, NY 11356-1434 • 718 445-6000 ship VorldWa, Ntthe Sf .more i ' con leir place combat itiitieDay P B " VA UtflDlilCT S JP ' ' io ' ' lisbi i ' txjilt into every F ' A-l 8 r v " lO n wlMllI E I makes the Hornet the first ready for action. Many Hornet systems, including the radar and engine, have far fewer parts than their predecessors. Fewer parts mean less maintenance. That ' s why the F A-18 is setting new standards for availability. McDonnell Douglas prime contractor, Northrop principal subcontractor. The F A-18 Hornet. It ' s leading the fleet. nRsrup. THE WORLD ' S MOST VERSATILE SHIPBUILDER Quality ships being built for military and commercial customers throughout the world. We cordially invite your inquiries for ships in aluminum steel wood. Bt TEL. (♦!♦) 7 3-5577 TELEX 26-3433 S X dmctt RCA Aerospace and Defense ... is a world leader in de- signing, developing, manag- ing and integrating complex communications and elec- tronics systems for defense and space. From TRIDENT submarines to AEGIS guided missile cruisers to the Space Shuttle, we ' ve applied advanced technol- ogy to create integrated, cost-effective systems that meet our customers ' needs. Right now, we ' re addressing new sys- tems challenges ranging from Space Station to Strategic Defense Initiative. Our major business operations include: Government Communications Systems (Camden, NJ) — Communication and Information Systems Division — Government Volume Production Astro-Electronics Division (East Windsor, NJ) Automated Systems Division (Burlington, Mass.) Missile Surface Radar Division (Moorestown, NJ) Advanced Technology Laboratories (Moorestown, NJ) Microelectronics Center (Somerville, NJ) For information, contact: Vice President, Marketing RCA Aerospace and Defense Cherry Hill, NJ 08358 ■BfM V Aerospace HmV0 l and Defense m iiag- complex d elec- st-effective ' efs ' needs, ' g new sys- ' fom Space i initiative. )is include: ons Congratulations ' 86 Grads! Aviators Attention: If you fly general aviation rented, borrowed, or flying club aircraft, or if you own your own aircraft; ONE PHONE CALL can give you a money saving quote on the aviation insurance you need. VEMCO INSURANCE COMPANY 1-800-638-8440 ' raductiofi ivision oratories Advancing technology from the depths of the oceans to the reaches of space... pace ...continuing our century-long tradition of service to America ' s national defense. ABCOCK WILCOX. a McDermott company 1010 Common Street New Orleans. LA 70112 i T - ' ' world comes i k i I " for energy solutions. BURGER KING ' SALUTES T NO GREAT AMERICAN TRADITIONS . . . the U.S. Naval Academy and the Whopper Sandwich. The " Whopper- " sandwich is a registered trademark of Burger King Corporation. BURGER KING 820 S ' . pepsr. TH€ CHOICG OF A NEW GENERATION Pepsi. Pepsi-Cola, and The Choice of a New Generation are traaemafKS o! PepsiCo. Inc. 821 JlJr • ' € ' % ' i J CLOSING CL09NG • 823 ' Each man must do all In his power for his country. " — Captain Isaac Hull U.S.S. Constitution, 1813. r OATH OF OFFICE OF A MIDSHIPMAN " I, , having been appointed a Midsiiipman in the United States Navy, do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter; So help Me God. " m QUALIFICATIONS OF A NAVAL OFFICER It is by no means enough that on officer of the Navy be a capable mariner. He must be that, of course, but also a great deal more. He should be as well a gentleman of liberal education, refined manners, punctilious courtesy, and the nicest sense of personal honor. ' • -T He should be the soul of toot, patience, justice, firmness, and charity. No meritorious act of a subordinate should escape his attention or be left to pass without Its reward, even If the reward is only a word of approval. Conversely, he should not be blind to a single fault In any subordinate, though, at the some time, he should be quick and unfailing to distinguish error from malice, thoughtlessness from incompetency, and well meant shortcoming from heedless or stupid blunder. — Based on letters of John Paul Jones ' •ilfuil ' i r l i I I I I i it ' ll flilH tr T III Ui f i3£ » f f!:-. . ias • Howlong have ybulDeen Hfhe ' l avy ' ' Al me bloomin ' life, sir! Me nnother was a mermaid, nne fath was King Neptune. was bom on Itie crest of a wave and rocl ed in the cradle of the deep. Seaweed and barnacles are me cbthes. Every tooth in me head is a mariinspike; the hair on me head is hemp. Every bone in me body is a spar, and when I spits, I spits tor! I ' se hard. I fe, am, I afel ,- . Jf M - " There is a tradition in the sea-going profession, a tradition of ttie sea that is older than the traditions of our great country. It is a tradition that is as weH founded as the customs of law and justice wNch have been ttie pillars of modem civilization. The tradition of vy tiich I speak is the tradition of moral accountability. At sea men face the elements as equals before the lows of nature. The sea -- has taught men for centuries that in limes of peril there Is no place to Nde. A shp is only as stout as the stout-hearted men A ho man her, and in times of danger every last man aboard is ' held to ultimate account for Ns part In brirging the sNp through - storm and seige. -_ f men A ho must meet ttie challenge of the s, Philosophy inherited by the United States from those who have raved the seas to find fi-eedom and4 toent, and It met be ' philosophy as America nstf vocigr nS iserve the ' ' )oses of free men on e ■» J I " In athletics, just like life, youVe got to accept the fact that things don ' t always go your way. The main thing is to work hard at improving yourself. That way, when your opportunity does come-ond it will-you1l be ready. " Roger Staubach mM- Now, college men from sec to sea smm. May sing of colors true. But who has better right than we To hoist a symbol hue? ■s; .«_•■• 1 r-»-TliTi,-i For sailor men in battle fair Since fighting days of old Have proved the sailor ' s right to wear The Navy Blue and Gold. . ■ I Tr. UJ - iidl- ' l m ? ; : Ji Almighty Father, whose way is in the sea, whose path are in the great waters, whose connmand is over all, and whose love never talleth: Let me be aware of Thy presence and obedient to Thy will. Keep me true to my best self, guarding me against dishonesty in purpose and in deed, and helping me so to live that I can stand unashamed and unafraid before my shipmates, my loved ones, and Thee. Protect those in whose love I live. Give me the will to do my very best and to accept my share of responsibilities with a strong heart and a cheerful mind. TiT ,v ' -Kif at ,. - Ti Make me considerate of those entrusted to my leadership and faithful to the duties my country has entrusted to me. Let my uniform remind me daily of the traditions of the Service of which I am a part. If I am inclined to doubt, steady my faith; if I am tempted, make me strong to resist; if I should miss the mark, give me the courage to try again. Guide me with the light of truth and keep before me the life of Him by whose example and help I trust to obtain the answer to my prayer, Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen. « THE NAVY HYMN Eternal Father, , 1 strong to save, , Whose arm hath bound ' » ' the restless wave, Who ' bidd ' stthemghty ocean deep Its own appointed I limits keep. Oh, hear us when we cry to Thee, For those in peri on the sea! •■i - ii . -■ i Ji ftr% ' m ' jrjj . Jl. . 3L-A ' 1 T " " % - a " These are the times that try men ' s souls. The summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will, in this crisis, shrink from the service of their country; but he that stands it now deserves the love and thanks of man and woman ... we have this consolation with us, that the harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph. " Thomas Paine, December 1776 s ' -iH H W .-H llTfe " J. ' SSSimv?;:;,:lfXv. : Classmates, Families, Patrons and Friends, 1 ■ • _A " 1 . ! " , % ; ,. ' V VjbVV ' ' i .h- - : ' As I look around the Lucky Bag Office and see all that remains of on intense summer of picture-finding and copy- writing, I find myself thinking about all of the time and effort that the staff and I have put into this book over the last year, and I hove to sit back, heave a sigh of relief, and smile. For, though at times it did not appear that the book would ever be produced according to our original design, things always seemed to work out- one way or another. Now that the final pages of the book have been sent off to Jostens and the staff of the 1987 Lucky Bog have begun preparing the designs for their book, it is time for me to box the left-over pictures, clean out my desk, and get ready to move on to another task. However, before I end this letter and officially close the book, I would like to thank some special people without whose help I may never hove finished: Ted Anderson: My right-hand man throughout the year, he helped keep the staff members going, and took over a lot of my work when things got rough. Lisa Rothjen: Without her help and expertise in layout design, the book would not hove been nearly as fantastic as it is. She also did a marvelous job on the Daily Routine section- a late addition to the format of the book. John Beach: Our representative from Jostens, John could always be counted on to come down from Glen Burnie when- ever his phone rang. His guidance and assistance, along with his personal desire to see us succeed, helped us overcome many obstacles during the year. Finally, I would like to thank Commander Barry and Lieuten- ant Winsor for helping me stay " on target, " Lieutenant Byng and Sherry Hopkins for keeping money straight, Walter Moore ■• ii Hnf LH fcj ■iiiiiiiiM iKVM] rcr i[9iic money, the entire 1986 Lucky Bag staff for all of the time and effort that each of you put into this book, Jim Logue and the folks at Yearbook Associates for all of the help with the pic- tures, my roommate Ray Poinsette for his support, and my parents for believing in me. I hope that everyone will cherish the memories that this book sought to capture as much as I will. Fair winds and following seas to OIL W. Robert E. Gilmer Editor-in-Chief 1986 Lucky Bag .A : ' ' .- ;:Js ,. - ■- -. w: ACOSTA. Robert G, 11 397 ADAMS, Timothy A. 1. 348 ADAMS, Erik. 14, 413 ADDISON, James R, 22. 450 ADKINS, James N, 1, 348 AGUILAR, Leonard J. 36, 520 AINSWORTH. 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Kenneth A. 35. 514 BOJO. Rudy R. 16. 422 BORSCH. Stuart J, 28, 479 BOSKA, Kothleen R, 35. 515 BOUCHARD. Donald M. 26. 469 BOWEN. Stephen G. 4. 364 BOYD. Michael D. 4. 364 BOYD, Alan D, 32, 499 BOYER, Eric B, 2, 354 BRADY, Steven M, 31 495 BRAMMER. Dean D, 24, 461 BRASWELL, Donald H, 28. 480 BROCH. Alfred M. 16. 422 BROCHARD. Paul E, 12. 402 BROCKETT. James R. 28. 480 BROOKINS. Adolph H. 28. 480 BROOKS. Robert E. 5. 369 BROWN. Kevin J. 5. 369 BROWN. Curtis A. 17, 427 BROWN, James F, 17, 427 BROWN, Thomas E, 20, 442 BROWN. Edward W. 24. 461 BROWN. Brian B, 30, 490 BRUCE, Thomas D, 25, 465 BRUNER, Eric J, 1 349 BRYANT, Bradley V, 23, 455 BURGER, Robery J. 15. 417 BURGESS, Eugene R. 5. 369 BURKE, David J, 8, 381 BURKE, Eugene E, 28, 480 BURKERT, Tod D. 20. 442 BURQUE, Daniel J, 1 349 BUSTAMANTE, George A. 20, 442 BUTLER, Peter J, 4. 364 BUTLER, Vernon R, 31 495 BYERS. 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Jeffrey A. 24. 461 FRIZZELL, Thomas H, 27. 475 FUDGE. Eric D. 12. 403 FUJISHIGE. Keith K. 13, 408 FUREY, Thomas M. 18, 432 FURLONG. Thomas J. 26, 471 GABION, Leonard B, 3, 359 GALAMBROS, James P. 4. 365 GARAY. Roger A. 30, 491 GARCIA, Levirio R, 5, 371 GARDNER, Paul A, 35, 516 GATELY. Bernard M, 16, 422 GENSURE. John R. 32. 500 GENTRY. Keil R. 6. 374 GERSON, Gory I. 5. 371 GIARRIZZO, Salvatore J, 14, 413 GIAUQUE, Michael b, 31 496 GIBBONS, Roderick J. 11, 397 GIBSON, Paul S, 34, 510 OILMAN, John W, 36, 521 GILMER, Robert E, 24, 461 GLAROS, Gregory E, 19, 437 GLAVY, Matthew G, 19, 437 GLEASON, Daniel C, 10, 393 GLOVER, Robert P, 13, 408 GOESER, Kurt D. 33, 505 GOMEZ, Richard M, 23, 456 GOODMAN, Eric G, 26, 471 GOODWIN, Scott D, 8, 383 GOODWIN, Robert D, 25, 466 GORDY, Vicki L, 23, 456 GOSNEY, James E, 9, 388 GRANDELLI, Patrick D, 8, 383 GRANDFIELD, James L, 26, 471 GRAY, Robert L, 3, 359 GREEN. Mark A. 14. 413 GREEN. Collin P. 20. 442 GREENE. David S. 33. 505 GRENNON. Donald B. 36. 521 GRIECO. Daniel C. 9. 388 GRIFFIN. John P. 24. 461 GRIMM. Laurence S. 10. 394 GROVES. Anne F. 29. 486 GRUTA. Daniel I. 8. 383 846«iNDEX IJi GUEVARRA. Carlos S, 35. 516 if . GURECK, William S, 20. 443 GUY, James W, 19. 437 HAGER. Carl A, 34. 610 HALE, Arthur H. 16. 422 HALE. Gregory M. 17. 428 HALL, William G, 9, 388 HALL, Todd B, 23, 456 HALL, Parfick W, 26, 471 , HANEL, James K, 1, 350 HANLON, Douglas D, 18, 432 ;, HANSEN, Glen K, 5, 371 [Lj HANSON, Kelly J, 5. 371 " ARNDEN. Jonatrian L. 11. 398 HARRIS. Eddie D. 9. 389 HARRIS. Linzell L. 21. 447 HARRISON. Scott T. 12. 403 HASSENFELDT. Joseph J. 15, 418 HASSI. Edward D. 35. 516 HASTIE. Bruce A. 30. 491 HATALA. James R. 1. 350 HEARD, James A, 5, 371 HEATHERINGTON, John P, 7, 379 HEDLUND, Joel A, 10, 394 HELLMAN, Matthew C, 20, 443 HELMERS. Scott W. 19. 437 HENRY. Matthew J. 12. 403 HERLIHY. Joseph D. 21. 447 HERREROS. Francisco J. 4. 365 HICKEY. Christopher M. 22, 452 MICKEY, Matthew J. 36, 521 HICKS. 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Michael P. 16. 426 VLOEDMAN, Peter H, 31 498 VOEGELS, Lisa C, 9, 391 VORK, Richard S, 21 450 WADE, Spencer A, 14, 416 WAGNER, Todd L, 20, 445 WAHLSTEDT. Eric C, 30, 494 WAITE, Jeffrey L, 11, 400 WAKEFIELD, Bryce E. 24. 463 WALDEN. Cleon A, 7. 380 WALKER, Larry S, 1. 353 WALLIN, William V, 6, 377 WALLIS, Joseph F, 10, 396 WALLS. John M. 15. 420 WALLS, Michael D, 26, 474 WALSH, Thomas J, 7, 381 WALSH. Patrick M, 30, 494 WALTHER, Allen D, 23, 459 WANSLEY, Charles E, 8, 386 WARD, Jay L. 3. 362 WARD, David J, 29, 489 WARDWELL, Thomas C, 21 450 WARE, Mathew R. 19, 440 WARNOCK, Robert H, 15, 421 WATTS, David V, 13, 411 WAUGH, Stephen M, 32, 503 WEAKLAND, Norman E, 14, 416 WEATHERS, Richard W, 29, 489 WEBSTER, Edward C, 8. 386 WEIR, David C, 1 353 WELCH, James G, 12, 406 WELLER. Martin H, 13, 412 WELLS, Royce A, 1, 353 WELLS, Michael S, 36, 524 WENTZ. Edward A, 19, 440 WETTSCHRECK, Keith R, 26. 474 WHARTON, Richard G. 11 401 WHARTON, James M, 27, 479 WHEAT, Richard H, 33, 508 WHEELER, Melody A, 13, 412 WHELAN, Jeffrey P, 18, 435 WHITAKER, Kylor E, 4, 367 WHITE, Daniel H, 8, 386 WIEGMAN, Paul T, 12, 406 WIEMANN, John M, 32, 503 WILBOURN, John M, 29, 489 WILCZYNSKI, John J, 19, 440 WILLIAMS, Robert, 8. 386 WILLIAMS, Gregg B, 13, 412 WILLIAMS, Kenneth, 20, 445 WILLIAMS, Michael A, 26, 474 WILLIAMS, Daniel J, 35, 519 WILLIAMSON, Frank D, 24, 464 WILLIAMSON, Jay A. 25, 469 WILSON, James R, 4, 368 WILSON, Jesse A. 9, 392 WILSON, Charles E, 12. 406 WILSON. John C. 16, 426 WINDBIGLER, Kevin J, 28, 484 WINEBRENNER, Jeffrey, 24, 464 WINFREY, Scott A, 5, 372 WINTERS, Harvey A, 33, 508 WISE, Brett D, 31 498 WISOTZKI. Stephen C, 7. 381 WOLF, Randall J. 1 353 WOLFE, Kurtis A, 26, 474 WOLSKI, Edward S, 8, 386 WOLSTENHOLME, Jeffrey S, 1 353 WOOD, Lawrence E, 2, 358 WOODRUFF. Dwight M, 18. 435 WOODS, James M, 17, 430 WORMAN. John G, 34, 514 WOSTBROCK, William, 24, 464 WRIGHT, Grover L, 4, 368 WYNN, John E, 22, 454 YAMAMOTO, Takashi R, 3, 363 YARGER, Peter D, 27, 479 YOUNG, James R, 32, 503 YOUNG, John T, 35, 519 ZAFFIRIS, Nicholas J, 36, 524 ZIKE, Stephen B, 8, 386 ZIMMERMANN, Leonard A, 15, 421 ZINGHEIM, Karl J, 10, 396 ZLOMKE, Mark G, 12, 406 i ' a i % m. v r

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