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The LuchY Bag 19S5 Presented By The Class Of 1985 To The United States Naval Academy Nancy Lynne Heckman Editor-in-Chief The Class of 1985 K J-M , v: Table Of Contents opening 5 The Chain-of-Command 17 Instructors 30 Class History 49 The Year 97 Sports 145 Extra Curricular Activities The Class of 1985 The Brigade of Midshipman Closing Advertisements Index 273 345 625 790 801 945 ■ip ' ; K -i, - ' 4L ' ' ' 1 Ik if H ■ SHAPING TOMORROW ' S LEADERS Opening Opening STRENGTH iS GAINED PHYSICALLY AND 6 Openi ing 10 MORALLY THROUGHOUT THE YEARS Opening i DISCIPLINE IS TAUGHT consic as the vital part of a ship at war. " — Captain Thomas Truxton Opening opening PROFESSIONAL TRAINING IS CONDUCTED CONSTANTLY " rsTD ' 9- 1 . ) r. ' 1 " In no other profession are the penalties for employing untrained personnel so appalling or irrevocable as the military. " — General Douglas McArthur LEADERS OF MEN 16 Opening n QftKin OF c0rnni?iHD - Ronald W. Reagan Commander In Chief Chain of Command 17 1 Caspar W. Weinberger Secretary Of Defense 18 Chain of Command John F. Lehman Secretary Of The Navy Chain of Command 19 1 Admiral James D. Watkins Chief Of Naval Operations 20 Chain of Command [ins General Paul X. Kelley Commandant Of The Marine Corps Chain of Command 21 22 Rear Admiral Charles R. Larson Superintendent Of The Naval Academy Chain of Command 4 Captain James I. Maslowski Executive Assistant to the Superintendant Lieutenant Commander Henry J. Sanford Flag Secretary Lieutenant Susan S. Jordan Flag Lieutenant R. Ensign Yolanda Y. Williams Superintendant ' s Protocoi Officer eiiif .i Cfiain of Command 23 I 24 Commodore Leslie N Palmer Commandant Of Midshipmen Chain of Command Captain Stephen K. Chadwick Commandant Of Midshipmen Chain of Command 25 ■■■■■I MMfll Captain Thomas L. Taylor Deputy Commandant Lieutenant Commander TInomas A. TInompson Executive Assistant to the Commandant I Captain " B " F. Taylor Head, Branch Dental Clinic Captain William Jackman Senior Medical Officer 26 Captain Roger C. Erickson Spnior Supply Corps Officer Gunnery Sergeant Joseph J. Frank Brigade Enlisted Advisor to the Commandant rf Captain John F. Collins Director, Engineering and Weapons Departnnent Captain John 0. Coppedge Director, Naval Academy Athletic Association Captain William B. Garrett Director, United States and International Studies Captain R. Lewis Reasonover Director, Mathamatics and Science Department .t Colonel John W. Ripley Director, English and History Department Captain Frank R. Whalen Director, Professional Development Department 27 I Lieutenant Richard P. Gilboy Administrative Officer Comnnander Richard S. Murray Operations Officer SenwCfi Lieutenant Commander John T. Carty Legal Advisor to the Commandant Major Joe F. Weber Performance Officer Lieutenant Commander Charles Floyd Assistant Operations Officer Lieutenant Gary D. Black Movement Officer Lieutenant Donald O. Hoodenpyle First Lieutenent Lieutenant Elinor A. Ulissey Conduct Officer Lieutenant Siegfried P.E. Gates Schedules Officer Lieutenant James D. Estrada Ivlidshipman Activities Officer 28 Chain of Command 1 Captain John J. Glynn Senior CInaplain Commander Larry H. Ellis Chaplain Lieutenant Commander Peart Officer-in-Charge, Wardroom Lieutenant Jesse Adams Midshipman Financial Advisor jmDBlacii Commander John L. FitzGerald Chaplain Lieutenant Commander Charles T. Brown Chaplain Lieutenant Commander Ron L. Olsen Officer-in-Charge, tvlidshipman Store Lieutenant Mary E. Bartio Officer Inspector of Uniforms Lieutenant Commander George W. Pucciarelli Chaplain Lieutenant Commander Edward D. Stanfield Chaplain tvlrs. Carol R. Baysinger Midshipman Social Director Lieutenant Craig L. Ivlajkowski Disbursing Officer Cham of Command 29 riM John E. Allen. Assistant Professor William J, Bagaria. Associate Professor Bernard H Carson. Professor Arnold Goldberg. Professor Gerald F. Hall. Associate Professor Theodore E. Klelser. Lieutenant Commander. USN Ronald L. Meng. Major. USMC Michael D. A. Mackney. Assistant Professor David F. Rogers, Professor Maido Saarlas. Professor 30 Chairman William L. McCracken, Commander, USN mil Bernard H. Carson. Professor Michael D. A. Mackney, Assistant Professor Aerospace Engineering { Maido Saarlas. Professor I V U£ , ' ' Electrical Engineering Reuben E. Alley, Jr., Professor Warren P. Averill, Captain, USMC William E. Bennett, Associate Professor M. BIythie Broughton, Professor Robert E- Bruninga, Commander, USN Stephen H, Burns, Professor Patricia E- Burt, Assistant Professor Yvon DeBlois, Lieutenant Commander, Canadian Navy Thomas L. Dempsey, Captain, USMC Francis J, Eberhardt, Professor James B. Gallemore, Lieutenant Commander. USN Nicholas A. Haines, Lieutenant Commander, Royal Navy David S. Harding, Assistant Professor Daniel T. Hogan, Commander, USN Ernest J. Katzwinkel, Lieutenant Commander. CEC, USN Wesley K. Kay, Associate Professor Francis P. Lanzer. tvlajor, USMC Bruce G, Lenhardt, Lieutenant Commander, USN Glenn E. Leydorf, Professor Tian-Siu Lim, Associate Professor John M. Logan, Lieutenant Commander, USN Richard L Martin, Professor William D. Muecke, Captain, USA Herbert M. Neustadt, Associate Professor (Ret.) Homer J. Rood, Lieutenant Commander, USN William Rynone, Jr., Assistant Professor Ralph R. Santoro, Professor Antal A. Sarkady, Professor David B. Thomson, Lieutenant Commander, USN Charles M. Vining. Lieutenant, USN Raymond Wasta, Associate Professor Ernest J. Katzvi inkel, Lieutenant Commander, CEC, USN Richard L. Martin, Professor Chairman George D. Peterson, Lieutenant Colonel, USAF Instructors v I ■ I James A. Adams, Professor A. Mohsen Alwan. Professor Thomas W. Butler. Professor Alfred L. Cipriani, Commander. USN Herbert C. DeMart, Associate Professor Rolf A. Dietrich. Lieutenant Commander USN Elliott E. Dodson. Associate Professor Joseph E. Faltisco. Lieutenant Commander. USN Shirley T. Fleischmann. Assistant Professor William P. Fogarty. Lieutenant Commander. CEC. USN John O. Geremla. Professor Ethan Gibson, Lieutenant Commander USN Joseph D. Gillerlain, Jr., Associate Professor Robert A. Granger. II, Professor Dennis F. Hasson, Professor John C. Inglis. Captain. USAF Russell D. Jamison. Assistant Professor John E. Jaynes, Lieutenant. USN James A. Joyce. Associate Professor Eugene L. Keating. Associate Professor Harry H. Keith, Jr., Associate Professor William f . Lee. Associate Professor Steven R. Lindberg. Captain, USA Vincent J. Lopardo, Professor Dennis F. McCahill, Assistant Professor Douglas J. McVicar, Lieutenant, CEC, USN Richard Olsen, Lieutenant Commander, USN Robert S. Owendoff, Lieutenant Commander, USN Kenneth F. Read, Assistant Professor Russell A. Smith, Professor Laura D. Stubbs, Lieutenant, USNR John P. Uldrick, Professor Thomas D. Walker, Lieutenant Commander, USN Chih Wu, Professor m Robert A, Granger. II, Professor Dennis F. Hasson. Professor Vincent J Lopardo, Professor fftomas H, [ John C. Inglis. Captain. USAF Chairman Jack H. Smith, Associate Professor O Instructors Mechanical Engineering Naval Systems Engineering William A. Barr, Associate Professor David Blank, Lieutenant Commander, USN Arthur E. Bock, Professor Paul D. Cfiamberlin, Lieutenant Commander, CEC, USN Howard A. Chatterton, Associate Professor Neil J. Collins, Commander, USN Roger H. Compton, Professor Thiomas H. Dawson, Associate Professor Willard Demo, Lieutenant Commander, USN William D. Doner, Lieutenant, USN Donald F. Fortik, Lieutenant Commander, USN James Graham, Lieutenant Commander, USN Howard M. Holland, Lieutenant Commander, USN Bruce Johnson, Professor John R. Jolicoeur, Lieutenant Commander, USN Thomas J. Langan, Associate Professor Kieth W. Lindler, Assistant Professor Mark Lipsey, Lieutenant Commander, USN Robert H. Mayer, Jr., Assistant Professor Michael E. McCormick, Professor John T. Metcalf, Associate Professor Bruce C. Nehrling, Associate Professor Martin E. Nelson, Associate Professor Marshall L. Nuckols, Assistant Professor Jerome E, Panzigrau, Lieutenant Commander, USN Anthony J. Quatroche, Lieutenant, USN Clyde C. Richard, Jr., Associate Professor David J. Richardson, Lieutenant, USN Ace J. Sarich, Lieutenant Commander, USN William H. Schulden, Assistant Professor Michael K. Smith, Lieutenant, USN Patrick J. Thomas, Captain, USAF Kenneth L. Tuttle, Assistant Professor Martin R. Valenstein, Lieutenant, USN Gregory J. White, Assistant Professor Peter F. Wiggins, Professor Yasufumi Yamanouchi, Professor Bruce C, Nehrling, Associate Professor Anthony J. Quatroche, Lieutenant, USN Chairman Rameswar Bhattacharyya, Professor Instructors «50 « Gene P. Bender, Commander, USN Charles G. Brockus. Associate Professor Michael B. Candalor. Lieutenant Commander, USN Leslie Carter, Lieutenant Commander, USN Robert N. Christiansen, Commander, USN Peter Coste, Lieutenant Commander, USN Harold H. Cummings. Lieutenant Commander. USN Hugh Dawson, Lieutenant Commander. USN Robert DeMoyer. Jr., Associate Professor David O. Drew. Lieutenant Commander, USN Dale R Hamon. Lieutenant Commander. USN David Hogen. Lieutenant Commander, USN Richard V. Houska, Associate Professor Kenneth Knowles, Associate Professor Gary J. Magnuson. Captain. USMC Michael K, McClanahan. Captain. USMC John H. McKim, Lieutenant Commander, USN E. Eugene Mitchell, Associate Professor Allen Moored, Lieutenant Commander, USN Olaf N. Rask, Associate Professor Gary L- Smith, Lieutenant Commander, USN John A. VanDevender, Commander, USN George Vrable, Lieutenant Commander, USN Jerry W. Watts, Associate Professor Carl E. Wick, Lieutenant Commander, USN John C. Wiles, Lieutenant Colonel, USAF I9 George Vrable. Lieutenant Commander. USN Gene P, Bender. Commander. USN Chairman Charles F. Olsen, Professor 34 Weapons And Systems Engineering English Allan B Lt-luDWiiZ, Frutebbui -USN i y ' L± L Mary D Howland, Instructor James A. Arnold. Associate Professor Harriet F. Bergmann, Associate Professor Neil Berman. Associate Professor Marlene C. Browne, Assistant Professor Carol M. Burl e. Instructor Richiard H. Campbell, Lieutenant Colonel, USAF Lois E. Evans, Assistant Professor Fred M. Fetrow, Professor Bruce A. Gandy, Captain, USfViC Jill C. Garzone, Lieutenant, USNR Charles H, Gilliland, Jr., Lieutenant Commander, USNR Wilson L. Heflin, Professor John M. Hill, Associate Professor Mary D. Howland, Instructor Philip K. Jason, Professor Michael Jasperson. Professor Betsy R. Jenl ins, Lieutenant, USNR Eileen T- Johnston, Assistant Professor Allan B. Lefcowitz, Professor Robert D, Madison, Assistant Professor Charles J. Nolan, Associate Professor Timothy D. O ' Brian, Assistant Professor Patricia M. Pallas, Lieutenant Commander, USN Michael P. Parker, Associate Professor Nancy P, Prothro, Assistant Professor Stephen M. Ross, Associate Professor Barbara E. Schebendach, Ensign, USNR Robert E. Shenk, Commander, USNR Jenny Sidri, Captain, USA Molly B. Tinsley, Associate Professor David A. White, Assistant Professor Nancy R. Wicker, Assistant Professor Hardy C. Wilcoxon. Assistant Professor John Wooten, Associate Professor Suzanne Wooten, Instrustor Bruce A. Gandy, Captain, USMC Michael Jasperson, Professor Chairman David O. Tomlinson, Professor 11 ■I Richard P. Abels. Assistant Professor Don W. Alexander. Captain. USA Philip R. Artigiani. Associate Professor Theodore W. Bogacz. Assistant Professor Thomas E. Brennan. Assistant Professor William L. Calderhead. Professor William B. Cogar. Assistant Professor Paolo E. Coletta, Professor Phyllis Culham. Associate Professor Noel A. Daigle. Lieutenant Commander, USN Nancy W Ellenberger, Assistant Professor Kathleen L. Gallagher. Lieutenant Commander. USN Jane E. Good. Associate Professor James D. Goodyear. Assistant Professor Kenneth J. Hagan. Associate Professor John W. Huston. Professor Michael T. Isenberg. Assistant Professor David E. Johnson. Professor Neville T Kirk. Professor Emeritus Andrevkf Koczon, Lieutenant Commander. USNR Robert W. Love. Jr.. Associate Professor Philip R. Ivlarshall. Professor Daniel M. fvlasterson. Associate Professor David P. Peeler, Assistant Professor Elmer B. Potter. Professor Emeritus Anne T. Ouartararo, Assistant Professor William R. Roberts, Assistant Professor Robert F. Saikowski, Major, USMC David M. Schorn. Lieutenant Commander. USN Don T. Sine. Lieutenant Commander, USNR Jack Sweetman. Assistant Professor Craig L. Symonds. Associate Professor James P. Thomas. Jr.. Associate Professor Larry V. Thompson, Professor Peter T. Underw ood. Captain. USMC Philip W. Warken, Professor Roger T. Zeimet, Lieutenant Commander, USNR m Larry V, Thompson, Professor Paolo E. Coletta, Professor Chairman Frederick S. Harrod, Associate Professor History 36 Instructors International Studies ■ Mi m n fj f " . ri Kts " ' - li k ' 1 mM n. Sharon G. Dahlgren, Assistant Professor Comianie!. ■:«so f V Winfred A. Battke, Commander, German Federal Navy Eva L. Corredor, Assistant Professor Sharon G. Dahlgren, Assistant Professor William H. Fletcher, Assistant Professor Hector G. Jimenez-Hernandaz, Lieutenant, Mexican Navy Daniel T.Y. Lee, Associate Professor Julie A. Kendall, Ensign, USNR Gladys Rivera-La Scala, Associate Professor Edward J. Satterhwaite, Associate Professor Vladimir S. Tolstoy, Assistant Professor John D. Yarbro, Professor Eva L. Corredor, Assistant Professor Chairman Michael C. Halbig, Associate Professor Instructors w 11 icoi Kevin P O ' Keefe, Captain, USMC Charles L Cochran, Professor George P. Atkins, Professor Andrew H Baggs, Commander, USNR Robert L. Beckman, Assistant Professor Robert A. Bender, Associate Professor Thomas Bayajy, Associate Professor Charles L. Cochran, Professor John A. Fitzgerald. Professor Stephen E. Frantzich, Associate Professor Thomas P. Gallagher, Lieutenant Commander, USN Gale A. IVIattox, Assistant Professor Kevin P. O ' Keefe, Captain, USMC Philip J. Paul, IVIaior, USMC Helen E. Perkitt, Associate Professor Arthur R. Rachvi ald, Associate Professor Robert C, Schaeffer, Commander, USN Rodney G. Tomlinson, Professor Luanne A. Turrentine, Lieutenant Commander. USN Thomas Bayajy, Associate Professor Andrew H Baggs. Commander, USNR I Arthur R, Rachwald, Associate Professor Chairman Robert L. Rau, Professor Political Science 38 Economics Hsu H Scott E. Leitch, Major, USMC Albert N. Balzano, Lieutenant Commander, SC, USN William R. Bowman, Associate Professor Arthur Gibb, Jr., Associate Professor Rae Jean B. Goodman, Associate Professor F. Reed Johnson, Associate Professor Scott E. Leitch, Major, USMC Roger D. Little, Professor Robert B. Moore, Commander, USN Clair E. Morris, Jr., Professor Michael J. Paulovlch, Captain, USMC A. Royall Whitaker, Associate Professor Robert L. Wolf, Major, USMC Thomas A. Zak, Assistant Professor Chairman John E. Fredland, Professor A Royall Whitaker, Associate Professor Michael J, Paulovich, Captain, USMC Robert M. Andrews. Captain, USMC Thomas E Bitterwolf, Assistant Professor Mark L. Campbell, Lieutenant, USNR Graham T. Cheek, Assistant Professor Roland R. Corey, Jr., Professor Robert J. Coughlin, Major, USA Edward R. Davis. Assistant Professor Mark L. Elert, Associate Professor Ann B. Frost, Assistant Professor Frank J. Gomba, Associate Professor O. Lloyd Jones, Associate Professor Tappy H. Jones, Assistant Professor Taylor B. Jones, Assistant Professor Joseph F. King, Major. USA Edward Koubek. Professor Nathan O. Lacy. Lieutenant. USNR Robert J. Lengyel. Major. USA Samuel P. Massie. Jr.. Professor Raymond L. Moon. Lieutenant Commander. USN Patrick T. Noonan. Lieutenant. USNR William H. Rivera. Commander. USNR Orville W. Rollins. Professor John W. Schultz. Associate Professor Joyce E, Shade. Assistant Professor Harold N. Simpson. Commander. USNR William M. Smedley. Professor William J, Vaiko, First Lieutenant, USAF David L. Von Minden, Commander, USN Boyd A. Waite, Assistant Professor Edward D Walton, Assistant Professor David L. Weingartner. Associate Professor 40 Chairman Charles F. Rowell, Professor Instructors Chemistry Physics n David A. DeBruyne, Major, USMC i Rutherford H. Adkins, Professor Carol E. Albert, Assistant Professor Donald W. Brill, Professor J. Buckmelter, Lieutenant Colonel, USAF C. Burmaster, Lieutenant Commander, USN Gerald P. Calame, Professor James B. Cook, Commander, USN Francis D. Correll, Assistant Professor David A. DeBruyne, Major, USMC John Donnelly, Lieutenant Commander, USN Samuel A. Elder, Professor Irene M. Engle, Associate Professor John P. Ertel, Assistant Professor William E. Fasnacht, Associate Professor John J. Fontanella, Professor Graham D. Gutsche, Professor Edgar D. Hall, Associate Professor Richard W. Havel, Commander, USN Joseph F. Hollywood, Assistant Professor Richard L. Johnston, Professor Houston Jones. Lieutenant Commander, USN Murray S. Korman, Assistant Professor James D. Lesikar. Captain, USAF Bruce H. Morgan, Associate Professor David A. Nordling, Associate Professor Paul H. Ostdiek, Captain, USAF E.R. Pinkston, Professor Emeritus Charles W. Rector, Professor David Sadler, Lieutenant Commander, USN Carl S, Schneider, Professor Leslie R. Schw eizer, Associate Professor Robert N. Shelby, Professor J. R. Smithson, Professor Emeritus Law rence Tankersley, Associate Professor Donald J. Treacy, Professor Michael Trent, Lieutenant Commander, USN R. Williams, Lieutenant Commander, USN Mary C. Wintersgill, Assistant Professor Chairman Frank L. Miller, Professor Leslie R. Schw eizer, Associate Professor John Donnelly, Lieutenant Commander, USN Instructors 41 Marion E. Alcorn. Lieutenant Commander. USN Eric J. Coolbaugh, Lieutenant. USN Douglas W. Edsall. Professor John W. Foerster. Associate Professor John P Gleason, Lieutenant, USN Edward W. Hindman. Professor John F. Hoffman. Professor Steven D. Kinney. Lieutenant. USN Paul M. Maughan. Professor Cynthia A. Nelson. Lieutenant Commander. USN Kurt M. Scarbro. Lieutengnt Commander. USN George W. Schwenke. Lieutenant Commander. USN John P. Simpson. Commander. USN Patrick T, Welsh. Lieutenant Commander, USN Jerome Williams, Professor Chairman Kenneth H. Hunt, Commander, USN 4 Instructors Eric J. Coolbaugh. Lieutenant. USN Oceanography Edward W, Hindman. Professor na Mathematics WWHJOg ' James C. Abbott, Professor Peter P. Andre. Associate Professor Craig K. Bailey, Assistant Professor Theodore J. Benac, Professor Ebon E. Betz, Professor James L. Bucfianan, Associate Professor James D. Buttlnger, Commander USN James Carlin, Lieutenant Commander, USN Michael Chamberlain, Associate Professor Carol C. Crawford, Assistant Professor James M. D ' Archangelo, Professor Kevin P. Dopart, Lieutenant, USN Dean G. Duffy, Assistant Professor Terry D. Epiee, Lieutenant, USNR Gary O. Fowler, Assistant Professor Mark D. Frost, Lieutenant Commander, USN Anthony M. Gagllone, Associate Professor Mark J. Gotay, Assistant Professor Charles C. Hanna, Associate Professor Steve Hanson, Major, USMC Robert A. Herrmann, Associate Professor Michael E. Hoffman, Assistant Professor Steven Ingram, Lieutenant Commander, USN John Johnson, Lieutenant Commander, USN John S. Kalme, Associate Professor Gall A. Kaplan, Assistant Professor Harold M. Kaplan, Professor Arthur A. Karwath, Associate Professor Mark E. KIdwell, Assistant Professor Philip O. Koch, Associate Professor Larry C. Krleger, Lieutenant, USNR Rebecca A. Lee, Assistant Professor Bao Ting Lerner, Associate Professor Richard J. Linhart, Major, USMC Freddie Lynn, Lieutenant Commander, USN Thomas J. Mahar, Assistant Professor Reza Malek-Madani, Assistant Professor Robert L. Manicke, Assistant Professor Deborah J. Marcotte, Lieutenant, USNR Paul B. Massell, Assistant Professor Peter A. McCoy, Professor Mark D. Meyerson, Associate Professor Courtney H. Moen, Assistant Professor Charles E. Moore, Professor W. Charles Mylander, III, Professor James Olson, Lieutenant Commander, USN R. Patterson, Lieutenant Commander, USN Howard L. Penn, Associate Professor Geoffrey L. Price, Assistant Professor David RIppel, Lieutenant Commander, USN Thomas J. Sanders, Professor Allen J. Schwenk, Associate Professor Robert M. Scott, Commander, USN Ricky Shook, Lieutenant Commander, USN K. Smith, Lieutenant Commander, USN Randall K. Spoeri, Associate Professor Harold K. Sohl, Professor Shirley M, StolarskI, Instructor James M. Stormes, Assistant Professor Bruce Truog, Lieutenant Commander, USNR JoAnn A. Turlsco. Assistant Professor John C. Turner, Associate Professor Wayne M, Wanamaker, Lieutenant, USN William P. Wardlaw, Associate Professor Peter J. Welcher, Associate Professor William D. Withers, Assistant Professor Carvel S, Wolfe, Associate Professor William E. Yancey. Assistant Professor Karen E. Zak, Assistant Professor Chairman Frederic I. Davis, Professor Steve Hanson. Maior, USMC Theodore J, Benac, Professor 43 liii !i Cleve B, Pillifant, Ma|or. USMC Richard L. Kiefer, Lieutenant Commander, USN Arthur J. Athens, Captain, USMC Frank L.K. Chi, Associate Professor Richard S. Demeo, Instructor James F. Duffy. Commander, USN William E. Eager, Lieutenant Commander, USNR William J, Haffey, Major, USMC Patrick R. Harrison, Associate Professor Harry W. Johnson, Lieutenant Commander, USN Richard L. Kiefer, Lieutenant Commander, USN Robert S. Kilcourse, Associate Professor Nathan P. Martino, Lieutenant Commander, USN Charles A, Perkins, Commander, SC, USN Cleve B. Pillifant, Major, USMC George F. Rowland, Lieutenant Commander. USN Frederick A. Skove. Assistant Professor Robert E, Steed. Assistant Professor Lisa E. Weber. Lieutenant Junior Grade, USN Jonathan C. White, Captain, USMC i 1 r - SNT ?« ' % M £r ipnfl ti fi I William J. Haffey, Major, USMC r-. r George F. Rowland, Lieutenant Commander, USN Harry W. Johnson, Lieutenant Commander, USN Chairman Louis J. Giannotti, Commander, USN Computer Science 44 Instructors I Leadership And Law nnaioe, [ Mellnda J Leighty. Lieutenant Commander USN A I Clarence E- Gunter, Jr., Lieutenant Commander, USN Patricia W. Crigler, Commander, USN Thomas H, Hutchinson, Lieutenant, USN „ ••r ' arK ' Charles W. Arnold, Major, USMC Barbara L. Aten, Lieutenant, USNR Christopher D. Bentley, Lieutenant, USN Eric D. Bowman, Assistant Professor Ronald J. Borro, Lieutenant Commander, JAGC, USN William W. Campbell, Lieutenant Commander, USN Patricia W. Crigler, Commander, USN Douglas S. Derrer, Lieutenant Commander, USNR Jonathan P. Edwards, Lieutenant, USN Robert R. Grider, Major, USMC Clarence E. Gunter, Jr., Lieutenant Commander, USN Peter J. Healey, Lieutenant, USN Harvey A. Hopson, Major, USMC Thomas H. Hutchinson, Lieutenant, USN Melinda J, Leighty, Lieutenant Commander, USN Lorel L. Lindstrom, Lieutenant Commander, USN Gregory J. Mann, Professor Kevin P. McMahon, Lieutenant Commander, USN Karel Montor, Professor Randall D. Roach, Lieutenant, USNR Raymond N. Sampson, Lieutenant Commander, MSC, USN Clayton R. Sanders, Lieutenant, USN Lisa B. Squire, Lieutenant, USN David D. West, Lieutenant Commander, USN Jimmy C. Woodard, Lieutenant. USNR Chairman Thomas H. Berns, Commander, USN Douglas S. Derrer, Lieutenant Commander, Jonathan P Edwards, Lieutenant, USN USNR Instructors 45 Cesare O. Barotti, Lieutenant Commander. Italian Navy Ray 0. Beard, Lieutenant. USN Brad A. Bellis. Lieutenant. USN Robert B. Borries. Lieutenant Commander. USN John M. Brown. Lieutenant, USN Leonard J. Brown. Lieutenant. USN Dexter S. Bryce, Lieutenant. USN Herbert S. Colenda. Lieutenant. USN Allen D. Cone. Lieutenant. USN Thomas Cutler, Lieutenant Commander. USN Jack F. Dalrymple. Jr.. Lieutenant, USN Alan R. Dodge. Lieutenant. USN Eric M. Dyevre. Lieutenant. French Navy John J. Ebley. Lieutenant. USN John B. Eggleston. Lieutenant, USN Thomas Esquina. Lieutenant. USN Maureen P. Foley. Lieutenant. USN David J. Frost. Lieutenant, USN Timothy B Fleischer. Lieutenant. USN Gary P. Gambarani. Lieutenant, USN R. Steve Harper, Lieutenant, USN Joseph F. Hill, Lieutenant, USN Nicholas S. Holden, Lieutenant Commander, Royal Navy Scott R. Hummer, Lieutenant, USN Norio O. Iguchi, Lieutenant Commander, Japanese Navy J. P. Johnston, Lieutenant, USN Glenn R. Jones, Lieutenant, USN James O. Joyner, Lieutenant. USN Thomas Litowinski, Lieutenant, USNR Stephen R. Lyon, Lieutenant, USNR William A. Macht, Lieutenant, USN George Ivlarvin, Lieutenant Commander, USN Corby J. Megorden, Lieutenant, USN Michael E, Melo, Lieutenant. USN Robert E. Morabito. Lieutenant. USN Shawn B. Morrissey. Lieutenant. USN Peter J. Murray. Lieutenant. USN Guillermo Nunez. Lieutenant. USNR Michael O ' Donnell. Lieutenant. USN PI m Janes R. Steve Harper, Lieutenant, USN D. J. O ' Meara. Lieutenant Commander. USN Alan E. Portillo. Lieutenant. USN James M. Rennie. Lieutenant. USN Timothy G. Ruck, Lieutenant, USN Michael S, Schwartz, Lieutenant, USN Harry E. Semler, Lieutenant, USN Antonio Cesare M. Sepulveda Lieutenant Commander, Brazillian Navy John B. Eggleston, Lieutenant, USN Thomas G. Smith. Lieutenant. USN Maurice B. Tose, Lieutenant. USN Paul M. Van Cleve. Lieutenant. USN Michael L. Williamson. Lieutenant. USN Robert Winsor. Jr.. Lieutenant. USN Gustav A. Wirth. Lieutenant, USN Linda Youree, Lieutenant Commander, USN Chairman David M. Lee, Commander, USN Seamanship And Navigation m 46 Physical Education Stephen Belichick, Associate Professor William J. Birctier. Assistant Professor D. Blanchard. Second Lieutenant, USMC William J, Brown, Assistant Professor James J. Campbell, Command er, USN Albert A. Cantello, Associate Professor Rex W. Clothier, Associate Professor Jack M. Cloud, Associate Professor Stephen M. Cooksey, Assistant Professor Nancy A. Cox. Lieutenant, USNR Jan B. Dainard, Instructor Ander R. Deladrier, Professor Edward N. Denny, Assistant Coach Harry L, Dietz. Major, USfvIC WI.USN nPl,U5N .MTJ US! ' David S. Dobbs, Lieutenant, USN Joseph C. Duff, Associate Professor Robert H. Dyer, Assistant Professor Scott Eckert, Lieutenant, USN Alan C. Edkins, Lieutenant, USNR John Fitzpatrick, Assistant Coach James M, Gehrdes, Associate Professor David J. Hemmer, Lieutenant, USN John Higgins, Associate Professor Emeritus Peter M. Kormann, Assistant Professor Henry J, Kuzma, Lieutenant, USN David R. Laton, Assistant Coach Lee W. Lawrence, Associate Professor Barbara J. Lawson, Assistant Professor Heinz W. Lenz, Associate Professor Robert Leszczynski, Lieutenant, USN Ronale E. Lievendag, Assistant Coach Daniel K. Lyons, Lieutenant, USN Bryan L. Matthews, Assistant Professor James R. McMillan, Lieutenant, USN Richard F. Meade, Assistant Professor John Merrill, Lieutenant. USN Joseph Mosketti, Coach Lawrence G. Myers, Assistant Professor Kerry J. O ' Shanick, Assistant Coach John C, Officer, Assistant Professor Robert D. Papak, Captain, USMC Edwin C Peery, Associate Professor Dudley Perdy, Jr., Assistant Professor Robert Ravner, Lieutenant, USN Anthony J. Rubino, Professor Emeritus Katherine L, Sanford, Lieutenant, USN William Savering. Assistant Professor Eileen S. Sheahan. Lieutenant. USN Thomas J. Shelly, Lieutenant, USN Emerson P. Smith, Associate Professor Joseph Suriano, Assistant Professor Gary Tranquill, Head Football Coach Carl Wagner, Ensign, USN Reginald P. Wicks, Assistant Professor «i ;r •• e r Bryan L Matthews. Assistant Professor Gary Tranquill, Head Football Coach Chairman David E. Church, Commander, USN «i¥ CL?I§§ BISTORY Tomas Plofchan I p DEPARTMENT OF THE NAVY UNITED STATES NAVAL ACADEMY OFFICE OF THE SUPERINTENDENT ANNAPOLIS, MARYLAND 21402 8 May 1981 Member of the Class of 1985 1985 Anystreet Podunk, USA 21412 Dear Member of the Class of 1985, It is ray pleasure to offer you an appointment to the United States Naval Academy as a member of the class of 1985. You may take justifiable pride in having successfully competed with many outstanding young people in the United States for admission to this unique undergraduate institution. I congratulate you on your fine record of achievement to date and wish you continuing success. Acceptance of this appointment can be your first step toward one of the finest undergraduate educations available and will result in a rewarding and challenging career as a professional naval or Marine Corps officer. You will become part of a tradition that has produced such American leaders as Jimmy Carter, the thirty-ninth president; Admiral Hyman Rickover, the world ' s foremost nuclear propulsion expert; Alan Shepard, the first American in space; World War II leaders Admirals Chester Nimitz and William " Bull " Halsey; and Albert Michelson, the first American scientist to win a Nobel Prize. Before you make your decision, I suggest that you read carefully the enclosed pamphlet entitled " Annapolis — A Message " . After you have made your decision, please return the enclosed acceptance declination certificate as soon as possible. Even if you decline this appointment, please return the certificate so that we can offer this appointment to one of the hundreds of other qualified candidates who are waiting for an opportunity to enter the Naval Academy. The Class of 1985 will be sworn in on 7 July 1981. If you accept this appointment, you will receive a packet with a " Permit to Report to the U.S. Naval Academy " , along with additional instructions and a time to report at the Naval Academy on 7 July. I hope you will accept this challenge. Good luck, and welcome to the Brigade of Midshipmen and the United States Naval Academy. Sincerely , WILLIAM P. LATOENCE Vice Admiral, U. S. Navy Superintendent ii II III III ■MM. i. 11 li» " jM|!ilL ,— I ' Ni ! i n M ! I i ( . n!-:MY " OATI-I OF OFFICE i CEREMONY a T( ■■- I 11 L. CLAbS OF 11 J II , ' .ECHDCanPAN g UELcanes •n PARENTS MCK Illlllllllll iiFriP |l I i 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 f I 322 Sii ' iPS ' lE JJl 1 ' illliiiifillllilll I iiiii|||lillfiii| ml L NAVY-MARINE CORPS MEMORIAL STADIUM ANNAPOLIS, MARYLAND BOB HOPE 79th Birthday Special SAL, MAY 22, 1982-12 - " ■ " Aa HANDS ON DECK FOR BOB Hoprs AUt STAR BIRTHDAY PARTY AT ANNAPOLIS A USO. SALUTE Jowi Bob s b rthd«v iplaih of iluts it ALL-NEW 2-HOUR SPEOAU if SpoKMrad in pwt by pyl 40.4 8:00PM I ' t: T ' ' 1 1 IIIIIIIIIIBIIB I nil i i 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 lliillil lllllllllllllllllllii i 3, " T lilllllll iiilllllllliil III! ii iMfwf f fk mill MMM n iiiiii ■ ' ■1 i i ' o I I iinjllniiim liHi usflQ L NA J L Ml I! Ililllii iflillli ' r Iliiiiiiiliiillpipiil 9m k§% ?•§• • MilMi 1 ai .y: i t- 53 C oP P ' u C " D J IIM i 1 1 1 1 iillNihiimi K . H II I ' Mife I. n y I m illl r 1303 11 mill ' ■■Ha .v H iPii|iiii|iiil|i " 1 J i Iiiiiiiiiii||||||iii i TBE YEHR 1.1 Jane M. Collins i 1984 THE YEAR 1985 JULY 1984 S M T W T F S 12 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 OCTOBER 1984 S M T W T F S 12 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 JANUARY 1985 S M T W T F S 12 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 APRIL 1985 S M T W T F S 12 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 AUGUST 1984 S M T W T F S 12 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 NOVEMBER 1984 S M T W T F S 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 FEBRUARY 1985 s M T W T F S 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 MAY 1985 S M T W T F S 12 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 (22) 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 SEPTEMBER 1984 S M T W T F S 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 DECEMBER 1984 1 S M T W T F S 2 3 1 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 I 30 31 1 MARCH 1985 S M T W T F S 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 JUNE 1985 1 s M T W T F S 1 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 The Year 97 JULY SUNDAY MONDAY TUESDAY WEDNESDAY THURSDAY FRIDAY SATURDAY __i_fOd.Octi Ofi 8 10 11 12 13 Mad — ' jO ( ji l{j yT} y y tiJ 14 15 16 1 18 19 20 ? :HV 21 ■ 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 ■ 29 30 31 MEMOS: IW«n ' »»;t.C3g2 he Srd of July was a day of end- ings and beginnings. It marked the end of civilian life, long hair, (touching your ears), sleeping late, all weekend parties. The beginnings included challenges, obstacles, frustrations, triumphs, highs, lows, defeats and victories. Yet it is the first step of these beginnings that is most important; to create an officer from these i ifef; AUGUST SUNDAY MONDAY TUESDAY WEDNESDAY THURSDAY FRIDAY SATURDAY MEMOS: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 Of eo -4 oose. 18 19 183 20 call Hi 21 ' PdraAe. I500 " iDdioti call 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 Meet ' i « ) c. H ten Ma |9I5 1 31 he Class of ' 88 finished their Plebe Summer and said goodbye to their parents until Christmas. The bri- gade returned about the same time that Second Set Detail got out of hack for playing a certain Bing Crosby tune over the T-court P. A. system. Academic year got under way and the First class began to enjoy longer weekends, every weekend- at least until the Four-week grades came out. The Plebes enjoyed meeting new upper- class. The Youngsters also got to meet new upper- class, and new classmates and roommates. The Second Class were introduced to a seven year commitment and celebrated their prospects for the future with a wild and crazy 2-for-7 NIGHT Mma ■am FALL AFPTEMBER SUNDAY MONDAY TUESDAY WEDNESDAY THURSDAY FRIDAY SATURDAY 10 ip»rOi ' Tro tct e g tLtr c )8: 3r«aK.TasX. 11 J 5 12 £c»u a 13(0e.apooi 14 - 8 15 WORTH 16 17 18 19 £SHoo Mu 20 21 3c »l - leMS 22 (rto nc} ■ " 24 25 oup 1715 [cccp ioio 26 •for £SM0O 27 28 29 all brightened the mids days with F changing leaves, football games and pep rallies. They needed it as academics took their toll. The sec- ond class also brightened the days . . . with flames. Second class academics, first class lead- ership styles and the ever present hopeless plebe only added to the brilliance. As mids always seem to do, they adjusted to these seasonal CHANGES I ' i ost Mids had to cope with the fact m m that they would be spending nnost of m m the next four years of their lives with- mMmm in he " confines " of " Mother ' B ' . " m W m Besides being the largest dormitory in the world, Bancroft Hall is unique in several other ways. What other dormitory provides a personal wakeup system (chow calls)? By the time a Midshipman graduates, he she will have been prepared for over 2500 formations. Now 7a ' s routine. Hall life had its minor excitements, however. Midshipman amused themselves by holding informal rumbles, racing laundry carts, and having water fights. Good ole MA ' B ' HALL LIFE m OCTOBER SUNDAY MONDAY TUESDAY WEDNESDAY THURSDAY FRIDAY SATURDAY ■ CXeOO 3 " 0 Coorie. Forte (fl.oauJ U(T) bo 8 10 ' SJ? J ockv " Baa rOioT£(t.rn 5o6 6 McF 12 13 14 15 16 ■|7 frros loTten T ' -aci. ' ce. 18 I3ooto C»np T. ' nt. 19 ■3 IZ f- ' U )1S 20 21 22 23 0800 24 25 26 27 Lvx-kv liaa f tcT ' .o 0900 28 29 30 31 £(ja Chi " ' T a in iCi. i MEMOS: t ' ifiOAY ctober is best known for Hallow- een: a chance for nnidshipnnen to put on silly, ridiculous costumes, after taking off the silly, ridiculous unifornns they usually wear. The upperclass went around to plebe rooms with cries of " Trick-or- Deuce! " Halloween was a frightening holiday, es- pecially for the plebe who forgot to buy candy, but the thing that everyone feared was mid-terms. The best thing that could happen at mid-terms was to raise four-week grades high enough for a weekend. The worst thing that could happen was to lose what little gravy you had. When grades come out. Company Officers can be pretty SCARY veryone looks forward to parades in some way or another. The pub- lic is entertained by the grand spectacle of 4,000 midshipmen marching from Bancroft to Wor- den Field and back. The midship- men by the grand spectacle of 5,000 tourists jumping a mile during the gun salute. Parades always create tension in the Yard. After the parade, Company Offices await the results, during the parade. Hospital Corpsmen await the results of the weekly Bancroft Medical heat stroke lottery, and before the parade, every midshipmen waits with the same question: Will it start raining by the end of sixth period? Will they cancel DRILL? PARADE NOVEMBER SUNDAY MONDAY TUESDAY WEDNESDAY THURSDAY FRIDAY SATURDAY 1 ?P3«2(d 2 £MJfi7 3 4 5 £: os 6 7 £HHSO 8 9 10 11 Vftttra vij 12 13 14 15 16 17 6eiotV( Carol ,4d 18 19 20 21 22 " TVjdMksaivirte. 23 NTo classes 24 25 26 27 28 Torreiia 1 29 30 WHIW I W IW W ;, i j»w ». ' W PVWB- " - -- £ fifrnn f 1 T ep rallies were a welcome excuse to put aside textbooks and engage in spirited fun in T-court. Pep rallies were just a warnn-up for the football gannes. Mr. Pep kept both spirit and noise level high at all times. The cheerleaders built pyramids and tried not to break their necks. The plebes did multi- tudes of push-ups under the guise of good ole ' Navy spirit. The upperclass watched the game and laughed at the plebes. The Spirited-OBSTCR companies cheered their lungs out and never sat down. Roger Staubach may not know the proper way to spell relief, but Mrs. V. spells it N-A-V-Y, NAVY! Now that ' s SPIRIT .N i ) WINTER I w 3S HB anLx V J i f EkS H i 1 4 91 1 v ' v i H V nf • g d M " t Pi . % " T m ' w ' IH— •Kfu -• -- ' 1 :::. " r?afeg« i!ffw - ' ---° DECEMRER SUNDAY MONDAY TUESDAY WEDNESDAYTHURSDAY FRIDAY SATURDAY MEM OS: Arrnuk ' ' -ScAtcTioiO 5 6 Co. ' ' ' Autr Co. cyisW Classes 8 10 07S5 11 12 1315 J 13 1315 14 15 16 17 18 ' ' s 19 20 21 22 -Iw reezing cold, snowstorms, class F cancellations, for once, the Mids didn ' t get any of this. The winter of ' 85 was unseasonably warm. Win- ter provides an opportunity to go home. For most of the Mids, it is the first chance to go home since the summer and see how things have changed. Some Mids return home to find their room taken over by a younger sibling. Others find that their parents have had their room demolished so the garage could be widened. Still other Mids return home to find that their home has moved without their knowledge and are left out in the COLD hristmas is the time wlien you de- bate on whetlier you should spend your December paycheck on pre- sents or a plane ticket home. Christmas dinner is when the food services officer shows off what he could do if he had the money. Christmas dinner is the wardroom ' s way of saying " I ' m sorry for all the times you had to have Oriental Stew for dinner and tuna fish sandwiches for lunch. " It ' s also the only time of year that every smoke alarm in the hall is shut down. Speaking of shut downs, Christmas skits provide the underclass with an opportunity to let go at the upperclass. What a happy HOLIDAY CHRISTMAS fi JANUARY SUNDAY MONDAY TUESDAY WEDNESDAY THURSDAY FRIDAY SATURDAY 1 2 3 4 5 6 IQSo 7 JAada 8 9 10 11 o?IOO 12 13 14 15 16 Torrest J 17 18 19 20 I jai- ' Qorjft ' o 21 22 ervi ex Seiec+1 ' 0,0 23 24 £ " T7.tWt. £AM5oH-,«l 2X 25 26 27 28 29 -tj£d2aa tx 30 iois 31 rt«j-»k " Dot MEMOS: I he Dark Ages began with a chilly 7 farewell parade for the late Com- modore Palmer and lasted until Spring Break. Time dragged by and the Mids saw Midterm leave as the light at the end of a long, dark tunnel, and hoped it wasn ' t an oncoming train. Actually, more First Class re- ceived the billets that they wanted this year than in any other year (unless they wanted to be an NFO, that is). Slightly over 200 Firsties qualified for pilot this year; the last pilot billet went to number 999. Marine Corps billets ran out at about the same TIME FEBRUAR SUNDAY MONDAY TUESDAY WEDNESDAYTHURSDAY FRIDAY SATURDAY MEMOS: 1 ■Hf22Z Mul 2 3 4 5 ( i [e. RorO 6 7 £AMSo 8 9 10 11 lOOs 12 13 14 15 18 17 18 o ClaiS ' Pack;- a CaV lu El 19 C6i k I9IS 20 C WUs £l 1530 -t «U . 21 2? 23 24 IMoo-ltaOO 25 ££i3S. rnio- XTtr TOJrn 26 27 28 £AMSo «OAY undreds Night! The yelling, screaming, bracing up, sweating, and agony all adds up to revenge! This happened when Firsties and Plebes switched places for an evening of crazy fun. Plebes bor- rowed as many stripes as they could manage, made some they couldn ' t, and screamed at their Firsties. Firsties wore stripeless SDB ' s and acted as foolish as they, could. For the Plebes, Hundreds Night was over too quickly. But it gave them something to look forward to: their First Class year. To the Firsties, it brought back the memories of ... as they said, when ivewere H ■I pring: the trees turn green, the flowers bloonn, the pollen count skyrockets, and the tourists return in their plaid Bermuda shorts with cameras around their necks. The Academy lives for tourists and this spring saw tourists coming to " Navy World " in record numbers. The tourists feel cheated when they don ' t get to see an outside noon meal formation. It ' s like cancelling feeding time for the monkeys at the zoo. Speaking of zoos, most Ivlids elected to escape this one and visit the one in Ft. Liquordale over Spring Break. Those Mids not arrested spent their time soaking up too much sun and booze. Then again, sunburn and a hangover did compare favorably to Midterms, so no one complained about Spring BREAK SPRING SHANES SUNDAY MONDAY TUESDAY WEDNESDAY THURSDAY FRIDAY SATURDAY MEMOS: Ht-222 3 IMS 3 1 i8S?r 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Leave. 6 l83o 11 O -der- 12 13 14 A;r:B -: .f 15 16 17 18 I«?1S 0|d aM 19 20 21 22 23 24 " :y .;:?31 25 " P atoo l r.ll 26 I9IS C 2I(« 27 28 To rrf fXs 29 30 _i««fiSffiC2 BK? s- J g EI JSSE TJROAY I orrestal ' s are more than just a lec- Fture series, they are a state of mind. Dedicated to a former Sec- retary of Defense, James Forres- tal. The series is designed to give us a closer look at the leaders of our country. Alexander Haig, a former whoop, came to The Academy first and gave a repeat performance that was almost on par with his Bob Hope Show monologue performed here 2 1 12 years ago. Mickey Rooney also came to Halsey Fieldhouse to recourse about his Army days. Finally, Frank Borman, former astronaut, let us know that he is still earning his wings . . . every day as President of Eastern Airlines. The Bore-us- all ' s weren ' t BORING ---i. APRIL SUNDAY MONDAY TUESDAY WEDNESDAY THURSDAY FRIDAY SATURDAY 1 ££35d 2 £U -i oa. 3 4 1930 5 H£C22. 12 A 8 7 £(isfe.r- 8 hsTo 9 10 11 12 13 CU7 14 15 16 17 18 1 l tv ' ttiJ 19 l7oO 20 £|T 07I5 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 07SS 30 1315 MEMOS: r ROAY he biggest advantage spring pa- rades have over fall parades is that they have more of a chance of getting rained out. Their disadvan- tage is the addition of platoon drill. Platoon drill can be fun; if you ' re a platoon leader, that is. Extend march, close march, right flanks, left flanks, obliques, open ranks march, close ranks march . . . it ' s entertaining to rinanipulate a platoon of rifle- toting mids. It ' s also a unique opportunity for a platoon leader to win a sword if his her " slinky " performs well. If it doesn ' t, it provides a unique opportunity for the platoon leader to place in the hundreds. What would mids do if they didn ' t have MARCH? 0 . MAY SUNDAY MONDAY TUESDAY WEDNESDAY THURSDAY FRIDAY SATURDAY MEMOS: OJSS 3 8 10 11 12 13 14 15 1 I3o9-l oa ' dmil Arr ' .vtS (CaMct. J) iktiO 18 Tool- 19 l03o 20 ° I3oo Sail » iSoo SC ' c ftuJjti 21 ■ 0900 23 24 25 h; 26 27 28 29 30 31 ' ifwi ver 300 years old, the p03t of An- napolis got its start by trading in tobacco and slaves. Now Annap- olis ' major industries are sailing and tourism. But when summer ' s over and the tourists leave, down- town Crabtown depends, in large part, on weekly invasions of midshipmen who spend their measly paychecks at a few selected mid hangouts and watering holes. What would Bur- ger King, Timmie ' s, and Eastport theaters do with- out a weekly invasion of mids with no better place to go? Annapolis may not have been exactly like your own town, but to many mids, Crabtown be- came a second HOME FRIDAY cannon shot signals a crazed rush of over a thousand slightly de- ranged plebes from T-court to the Herndon tvlonument. The Plebes wipe the grease off of the monu- ment and then form a pyramid around the base of this granite obelisk. Other classmates cheer them on as they make a mad dash for the top and the end of their Plebe-dom. The other classes cheer as well; they don ' t get liberty until the Plebes are finished re- placing the plebe dixie cup with a combination cover marking their change in status to full-fledged Fourth Class Mids. The poor souls at the bottom have to eridure hundreds of pounds and smelly feet on their shoulders as would-be admirals claw their way to the TOP! SATURDAY I he Ring Dance is the social event rin a midshipman ' s lite. Even watchstanders and restrictees are excused to attend this event. Fol- lowing dinner in King Hall, the mid- shipman ' s drag dips his class ring " " " in a large binnacle which contains the waters of the world ' s oceans. Severn River wa- ter is added in very small amounts since it has a tendency to give the ring a different finish from the one it entered with. After dipping the ring in the binnacle, midshipmen and their drags enter a large replica of the class ring. The drag places the ring on the mid ' s hand, they kiss,, and then they start to have some serious FUN SUNDAY n Sunday the midshipman ' s schedule is swamped. There is the Baccalaureate Mass in the morn- ing, giving parents and friends the chance to see the Chapel. Some parents have the opportunity to see the chapel again if their mid- shipman plans to exchange one prison for another after graduation. This is also a chance for the mid- shipman to pray . . . that their Service Dress Whites still fit. The Superintendent hosts a garden party with treats galore; the reception line, the band, good food, and a chance to meet the Blue Angels. That evening the athletes and their guests con- verge on Hubbard Hall to dance on the water under the lights and the stars and enjoy an extra hour of . LIBERTY S MONDAY i " -| he Drum and Bugle Corps was in rfine form for thieir Commissioning Week performance. Lively music and precision marching made it their usual outstanding show. They are truely an example of mid- ■ shipman " doing the Academy proud " . In a spectacular display of color, the sailing teams glided up and down the Severn River parad- ing more colors than an autumn sunset. From Class A ' s to windsurfers, the sailors proudly exhibited their CRAFT I - TUESDAY uesday ... the Color Parade and the Blue Angels. After the unusual occurance of the Dedication Pa- rade being rained out, the Color Parade was the midshipman ' s chance to show parents what these things called P-rades actu- ally are. At the same time, the 22nd Company received their congratulations for triumph over some worthy and not so worthy opponents in the annual color competition. The Blue Angels . . .a shutter bug ' s paradise. From loops to formation flying, to passes both right side up and upside down, to turns, the Navy ' s team once again puts on a show that was pure EXCELLENCE -The Year I ' V) WEDNESDAY ednesday, four years of hard work, sweat, laughter, anger, tears, frustration and satisfaction finally are at an end. Parents, friends and the brigade assemble to watch the class file in. The Commander-in-Chief, First Lady, and other important guests arrive and graduation begins. Speeches, words of advice, and best wish- es are given. Finally what every midshipman waits for-parading across the stage. After congratulating the top 100 graduates the President raises the sta- dium as he shakes everyone ' s hand. Through a high five and a kiss the Commander-in-Chief and most importatnly all the graduates have their mo- ment of ... GLORY. t-t ■1 -i iiliai|WH 1Wt fit,ii y K,Uf. ' . 5l - " •: ♦-: ' - :- ' i- K HH 1 L ' - ' H ■ Bk H 1 B—Sl 5? ' l l r B r H i ■ ' 1985 Swfta.iOTi ' afv.„ ' n«»i« y -» A II u ?w. ' ' » ' iJ ' iJ ' .i - ' .O .WrSfcjip -.W J v V5 ♦• e ' ' ' ' ' KM:ffl •.i III " idj P. " .! • Eih ' ta rr l»i j - cJit - ' . » ! « ' ? ' F ■ ' Vvr .E» P.- w -B « , iv ?: : ' - « ' r FOREVER Jfc ! SPORTS Ted Anderson r w In an exciting season opener, the football team upset a powerful Nortfi Carolina team. Tfie midship- man defense was able to contain the Tarheels ' threat (upper right middle picture,) while Napoleon fvlcCal- lum ran for 117 yards (near upper right.) However, in the first home game of the year, Bill Byrne ' s passing (far upper right,) John Berner ' s running (below,) and Chris Castelli ' s tackles (far right middle) were not enough keep the Cavaliers from soundly defeating Navy. The team was held deep within their own terri- tory through much of the game (lower right.) 146 McCallum Injured; Sits Season Out When Napoleon McCallum was carried off the field. Navy ' s season outlook suddenly changed. The team ' s offen- sive attack had been centered around the Ail- American tailback. McCallum had been considered one of the top candidates in the nation for the Heisman Trophy, but his chances were shattered along with his ankle during the last quarter of the Virginia game. Throughout the season, rumors of McCal- lum ' s returning to the game abounded. Many fans hoped that he would be able to play in either the Army-Navy game or the post-season Hula Bowl. The injury proved to be too serious, and McCallum was forced to watch the rest of the season from the sidelines. In January he announced that he would become the first Navy football player to redshirt, extending his eligibilty into the 1985 season. This decision was very popular within the brigade, although it drew some critcism from the public. Fall Sports Football Team Off To Good Start, But Then . . . Navy ' s football team began their 1984 season on a high note, with a 33-30 upset victory over the North Carolina Tarheels. The game demon- strated that the team had great poten- tial on both offense and defense. Unfortunately, it did not attain this po- tential the following week in the home opener against Virginia, the season ' s only loss in Navy-Marine Corps Me- morial Stadium. Navy lost the game 21-9, and tailback Napoleon McCal- lum ' s season came to an abrupt end when his ankle was fractured in the final minutes of the game. (See inset at left.) The first two games set the tone for the remainder of Navy ' s sea- son: exciting victories and heartbreak- ing losses. Fall Sports 147 Navy Loses Two Heartbreakers To Flexbone Teams Arkansas and Air Force were both very disappointing losses to the Navy team, because both games saw the midshipmen hold, then lose the lead during the second half. Head Coach Gary Tranquil said after the Arkansas game that the team ' s biggest problem was cosistency. It was a problem he was to complain of all season long. The Razorback of- fense exploded in the second half and left Navy in the dust with a final score of 33-10. The following weekend, the mids traveled to Colorado to face a rival service academy. Although Air Force was highly favored. Navy played even- ly, and actually held a 22-21 lead with only minutes to go. The defense was unable to pre vent an Air Force touch- down, and the cadets took the game 29-22, giving them three consecutive victories over Navy. These two losses were also signifi- cant because they pointed out the dif- ficulty the defense had in dealing with the flexbone offense. Navy lost to all four of its opponents who used the flexbone formation. i k First Classman Eric Wallace has accomplished a feat which will probably not be duplicated for quite some time. He is the first Navy player ever to have run back kick-offs for touchdowns against both of the ser- vice academy rivals, Army and Air Force. His 96-yard runback against Army in the Rosebowl in 1983 began a Navy scoring spree that put them up 21-0 less than four minutes into the game. He broke his own school record with a 97-yard return against Air Force. After this accomplishment, he led the NCAA in kickoff return aver- age. Wallace ended the season with an average kickoff return of 37 yards. Navy ' s offense (below) was unable to score in the second half of the Arkansas game, but had better luck against Air Force, Rich Clouse (be- low left) turned In an outstanding performance, running 140 yards and catching four passes. When Navy took the lead, hundreds of mids rushed onto the field (above left) to show the " zoomies " how to do pushups. But the cele- bration ended when the defense was unable to catch Bart Weiss (left). Air Force ' s flexbone quarterback. .1 Fall Sports 149 Navy Wins Two At Home The football team managed to snap its three game losing streak with two extremely impressive vic- tories at home. Navy beat Lehigh 31- 14, then came back the following week and demolished Princeton 41-3. Both games were rather one-sided, as the mids began to get their game to- gether. The victories saw outstanding personal performances from all of Navy ' s key players, as well as an ex- cellent team effort. The wins also pro- vided the team with the confidence it needed for the remainder of the its tough schedule. In addition, the home victories were a great boost to the mo- rale within the brigade. 150 Fall Sports Greg Schildmeyer (farthest left) and the rest of the defense had more time than usual to con- sult with coaches during the Princeton and Le- high games, because the Navy offense had the ball most of the time. Rich Clouse (23), John Berner (38). Mike Smith (26), and Bill Byrne (15) all put great deals of mileage under their shoes during these games. Fall Sports 151 Navy Ties Pitt; Loses To Luci( iristi 152 Fall Sports Navy provided the world of foot- ball with a couple of last second thrillers, but unfortunately didn ' t come out on top in either of them. After two victories at home, the team was anx- ious to win on the road, but failed to win three road games in a row to Pitt, Trailing 14-28 with just 3:29 left in the game, Navy ' s offense ripped off two quick touchdowns and the game end- ed at a 28-28 tie. The next week the team travelled to Meadowlands Stadi- um in New Jersey to face the Fighting Irish of Notre Dame. Navy watched helplessly as their 17-7 lead disap- peared in the last quarter. A last-sec- ond controversial field goal put the Irish ahead 18-17. jgs.rxi ' .- Ouch! Navy Players Hurt By Larger Irish It was a season of injuries for Navy. Althougfi the most familiar injury of the year was Napoleon McCallum ' s fractured ankle. But the rest of the team also received more than its share of injuries too. forced to sit out for the remainder of his otherwise excellent season when his ankle was sprained by a Notre Dame defender. At the time, he was in the process of breaking all of Roger Staubach ' s passing records. Left tackle Bob Plantz was also hurt in the Notre Dame game, and had to be helped off the field. Mark Colby, Navy ' s punter was hit by a Notre Dame lineman while punting, and sat out the rest of the season with a broken ankle. Rich Clouse was hurt while trying to gain some yards, but he returned the next week. Also injured this season were Eric Wallace, who sat out with a pulled hamsting, and Ken Heine, who re- quired surgery on his broken arm. Bill Byrne (15) passed for 340 yards against Pitt, Nine of tils 22 completions were to Cfiris Weiler (33). Mike Smith (26) led the ground attack in the 28-28 tie with Pitt. Unfortunately. Byrne was not as lucky the next week, and Bob fvlisch (18) took over as quarterback. Football 153 ds - " . l i 154 Fall Sports Although unable to stop the Orangemen ' s run- ning game (far left). Navy ' s defense kept South Carolina out of the end zone for the first half (below) Meanwhile a superb offense, powered by Bob MIsch (left) and Mike Smith (below), racked up 38 points. Mids Beat ' Cocks In Major Upset Navy ' s surprising domination of second-ranked and undefeated South Carolina was the brightest mo- ment of the year for most Navy fans. Most people didn ' t even give the mids a chance of scoring against the Gamecocks, especially after their poor performance at Syracuse the week before, a 29-0 loss. The team played well, capitalizing on every mis- take made by the South Carolina squad. Though severely outsized, the Navy team started out playing hard and didn ' t let up until the game was over. Fall sports 155 For Some, Army-Navy Not The End For some Navy players, the foot- ball season didn ' t end with a loss to Army. Eric Rutherford and Todd Stevens, co-captains of the football team, were named to the Hula Bowl team, and traveled to Ha- waii during Christmas leave to play in that game. Head coach Gary Tran- quil also was selected to participate in the Hula Bowl as an assistant coa- ch. Stevens also traveled to Japan to play in the Japan Bowl. Rutherford and Stevens were also named to the Associated Press All-East team, along with Greg Sears, Chris Weiler, Todd Solomon, and Mark Long. i 156 Fall Sports A. Navy ' s only touchdown came on a pass from Misch to Weiler (left). Unfortunately, most of Navy ' s posessions ended witfi Mark Colby ' s punts (far left). Tfie defense could not come up with a way to stop the flexbone, led by quarter- back Nate Sassaman (below). The disappoint- ment of an entire season is clearly evident in the face of Chris Castelli (below left). " Beat Army? " - Maybe Next Year This year ' s Army-Navy game was a major disappointment for the Navy football team and its fans. The mids were expected to play evenly with the cadets, especially since they were coming off a great victory over second-ranked South Carolina. However, Navy proved to be no match for Army ' s flexbone offense led by quarterback Nate Sassaman. The mIds were unable to stop the West Pointers from consistently gaining a few yards on every carry. When Navy did get the ball, they were unable to make the big conversion plays neces- sary to keep the ball and score. Al- though the mIds ' passing game was much better than Army ' s, they only managed to connect for one touchdown. Fall sports 157 Mike Schofield coached Navy ' s water polo team to Its best season ever (lower right cor- ner) The team was led In goals by Lawrence Kough (below right), David Kaye (center), and Tom Temple (immediate right). Temple and Brian Bell (far right) are two of the outstanding plebes who should help make the NCAA tour- nament an annual event tor the mids. Water Polo Team Goes To NCAA Championships . 158 Fall Sports Earning a spot at the NCAA cham- pionships in California was the high point of an outstanding season for Navy ' s water polo team. The team qualified for the national championships by placing a close second at the Eastern Champion- ships. Brown beat the mids for that title in an overtime game. Navy won its share of titles by taking its third con- secutive Mid-Atlantic Conference championship and beating Army three times. Leading the mids in their 23-2 sea- son was team captain Paul Jenkins. David Kaye and Lawrence Kough, both second class, were named all- Americans and should lead the team to even greater accomplishments next year. ■WWP riik w ' " E ■ yet U Y»W Fall Sports 159 V i fe i «dl s ill Rugby is becoming one of the most popular sports at the Academy, although many people still do not understand such plays as the scrum (lower left corner). However, many of the ba- sics are the same as American football. At far right. Navy ' s A-side tries to steal the ball from a Maryland opponent, fvtark Dillard (center) and Gary Holmes (at right) run with the ball to try for a goal. Above right, Tim Decelle and Major Wolf, the club ' s head coach, watch the action intently. 160 Fall Sports d . Navy Rugby Has An Outstanding Season The Naval Academy Rugby Foot- ball Club, as the Navy rugby team is formally known, had a spec- tacular fall season. The highlight of the season was a 13-0 shutout victory over Army, which secured the Com- mandant ' s Trophy for Navy, since the team had previously beaten Air Force in a 18-12 comeback. The Rugby Club, with nearly 100 members was able to field four sides (teams). The A-side (varsity) was nearly undefeated in its fall season, with the only loss being a closely fought game against the University of Maryland. Many of the games were blowouts, including a 64-0 trouncing of the Georgetown Hoyas and a 57-0 victory over Mount Saint Mary ' s, in fact, the closest game was against a team made up of Naval Academy alumni. Fall Sports 161 R It ?y ' u 4 ir 162 Fall Sports Whatever Major Wolf said to the A-side during halftime at Colorado Springs worked (far left center). The mids came back from a 0-12 defi- cit to defeat Air Force 18-12, due in part to good playing by Tim Decelle (lower left) and Norm Fitzpatrick (left). Unfortunately, against Maryland even Burke Wellborne (below) wasn ' t able to escape the defense often enough to stage a similar comeback. The sea- son ' s only loss left the A-side exhausted and disappointed (upper left). Fall Sports 163 JaL 164 Fall Sports lite IWI Leading the pack in a very close home meet against Georgetown, North Carolina State, and Syracuse is team captain Bill Stone (be- ow). Later in the race, standout Ron Harris took over the lead (far left), while Stone (left) also had a good race. Lance Davidson (center) leans on his teammates to catch his breath after the five-mile race. Below left, Mark Crumblish over takes a N.C. State runner. Navy Harriers Take 18th In Nation For the first time since 1975, Navy ' s cross country teann went to the NCAA national channpionships. The Harriers placed 18th, led by youngster Ron Harris, who was 45th individually. As usual the mids soundly defeated the cadets, scoring their third consec- utive grand slam against Army. The team also won the ECAC South championship easily, with five Navy runners in the top ten. Harris placed first in six of the ten regular season races. The mids ended up 8-2, with both of their losses com- ing out of a four-way meet in which Georgetown squeaked by Navy 27- 29, and North Carolina State won 27- 28. Most of Navy ' s victories were not so close, they included 15-50 " grand slams " over American University, Richmond, Rhode Island, and Army. Fall Sports 165 Fall Sports Leading the women ' s cross country team to its irst undefeated season was Stefani Green (left). Providing tfie team with) its deptfn was a strong group of youngsters including Erica Safiler (far left) and Robin Young (center). Be- low, the team relaxes after the Heptagonals. Women ' s Team Is Undefeated The women ' s cross country team had an incredible 8-0 season in its second year as a varsity sport at the Academy. First class Stefani Green, Kathleen O ' Neill, and Nancy Honan led the team which included an extremely strong youngster class: Eri- ca Sahler, Janet Walters, Amy Dono- van, Michelle LaForge, and Mary Balch. The Harriers placed a respectable eighth out of 22 teams at the NCAA Division II Regionals, but were unable to qualify for the National Champion- ships, next year ' s goal. Fall Sports 167 1 - ' SHI Soccer Team Successful h Navy ' s soccer team posted an im- pressive 9-4-3 record against an extremely tough schedule. Rob Cissel, the team ' s captain was named to the all-ECAC squad for his seven-goal season. Classmate John Moraytis scored 1 1 times. The team was even more impressive defensively. With the outstanding goaltending of youngster Dave Postoll, the mids racked up nine shutouts, and only had a total of 1 1 goals scored against them in the other four games. Perhaps the most disappointing of those goals was scored by Army, as the cadets defeated Navy 1-0 in the season ' s final game. Fall Sports 169 Navy soccer went international in April, when the mids played an exhibition game against a team from the Brazilian Navy. The South American midshipmen were from the training ship Custudio de Mello. At far right, midfielder Tony Fernandez guards his Brazilian oppo- nent. Below, youngster Pat Stauch and plebe Jed Smith are two of the excellent group of younger players that Navy fans should see a lot of over the next few years. t ' ' -T- Fall Sports M Fall Sports ightweights Tie For Title 172 Fall Sports Although not as well-known as the varsity football squad, the lightweight and junior varsity squads are an integral part of the overall foot- ball program at the Academy. This year the 150s were co-champions of the Eastern Lightweight Football League and had a 6-2 record. They beat Army 17-0 in the regular season, but then lost 52-0 in an exhibition Army-Navy game. The junior varsity team is mostly composed of plebes and youngsters who are striving to eventually move into starting positions on the varsity lineup. The JVs play a few games each year, primarily against smaller schools and academies. This provides an excellent chance for many players to get some intercollegiate playing time under their belts. Richard Rodriguez (below) finds a hole in the Princeton defense during a 7-6 Navy victory over the Tigers. At left, six Navy defenders pile up on a Princeton runner. Far left, junior varsity quarterback Mike Morse looks downfield and sees that Joe Phillips is open. Fall Sports Qurterback Nick Azzanta surveys the offensive line (below left) before taking tfie snap from center Billy Fenton and passing downfield (far left). Below, Tony Sindoni attempts to escape a Tiger tackier. Fall Sports 175 w Mids Place Well In Tourneys The women ' s volleyball team played well in most ot the tourna- ments it entered, placing first in the Loyola Tournament, second in the Tri- dent Invitational, and third in the For- restal Classic. The season had its low points too. For example the mids lost to both of the other service academies in straight games. Team captain Jennifer Henry did an outstanding job as setter, and fellow firsties Caroline Gauike, Melanie Camp, and Julia Spinelli formed a strong base for the team. Despite some good hits by Christina Green and Caroline Gauike, Navy lost to the Air Force Academy 7-15, 3-15, 4-15. The following weekend they came back to post victories over Loyola, LaSalle, Howard, and Delaware on the way to winning the Loyola tournament. I Fall Sports 177 Cagers Have Best Year Ever When Paul Evans took over Navy basketball in 1980, his team went 9-16. Every year ' s record has improved: 12-14, 18-11, and 24- 8. Few people thought that mark could be improved. But it was. This year the mids had an unbelievable 26- 6 season which led them to the NCAA tournament. The season ' s climax came when Navy surprised the nation by destroy- ing Louisiana State 78-55, treating the highly ranked team the same way they ' d been treating their ECAC op- ponents all season. The next day the season ended in a disappointing loss to Maryland. Next year the mids could improve their record again, as no starters grad- uated. Team captain Vernon Butler, a second class, had an outstanding season with 590 points and 292 re- bounds. However, his performance was overshadowed by that of young- ster standout Dave Robinson. His 756 points and 370 rebounds brought him into the national spotlight, as Sports Illustrated and CBS did features on him. Kylor Whittaker, Doug Wojcik, and Cliff Rees rounded out the strong and well-balanced starting line-up. Carl Liebert did an outstanding job as the sixth man. ■ik Under the leadership of Coach Paul Evans (be- low) Dave Robinson (far left) Vernon Butler (center) and Kylor Whitaker (immediate left) became the nucleus of the strongest Navy basketball team ever. Robinson has seven team records and should break a few more in the next two seasons. His eight 30-point names and 128 blocked shots show his offen- sive and defensive strengths. Butler and Whi- taker both averaged in double figures to give the mids balanced front line. Winter Sports 179 180 Winter Sports At left, the midshipmen demonstrate the tough defense that kept most of their opponents from even staying close to Navy ' s scoring at- tack. This year ' s team enjoyed more support from the brigade and other fans than Navy basketball ever has before. The large crowds left Halsey Fieldhouse satisfied, since the mids lost only one of their 13 home games. Winter Sports 181 Winter Sports mat 1 After a 24-8 season in 1984, the midshipnnen hoped to be invit- ed to the NCAA tournament, but were not. This year they proved they be- longed there by toppling 19th ranked Louisiana State University 78-55. It was the first tournannent appearance for the mids since 1960, and they made up for the last 25 years when they opened the second half with elev- en straight points. After Doug Wojcik scored eight points in a row, the score was 71-46, and the Tigers were defi- nitely out of the game. Navy very nearly repeated the per- formance against Maryland in the next game of the tournament. The mids had a 45-34 lead, but the Terrapins refused to stop fighting, and ended up on top 64-59. 184 Winter Sports - Winter Sports Women ' s Basketball 15-10 Although this was supposed to be building year for the wom- en ' s basketball team, one would nev- er guess it from the respectable 15-10 regular season record. Since the team ' s only firstie, team captain Emily Harman sat out most of the season with an injury, the team was led by second class Christi Simpson and Lori Reynolds, who both averaged in dou- ble figures. Other key players included Margire Trott, who led the team with 126 assists, and Shelley Laurilla. They almost upset the strong West Point team in the season finale, but lost a close 54-52 decision. 186 Winter Sports ■1 Winter Sports 188 Winter Sports The women ' s basketball team was undefeated on their home court in the multi-purpose gym, an impressive feat for a team supposedly in a rebuilding season. Youngsters Shelley Laurilla (far left) and fvlary fvliles (right) helped round out the young team led by Christ! Simpson and Lori Reynolds, Winter Sport: 189 Navy Swimmers Have Good Season The men ' s swimming team posted its sixth straight winning season with a 10-5 record. After a slow 1-3 start, the team came to life and won a streak of eight straight dual meets. The low point of the season was a blowout 73-40 loss to Army at West Point. The most consistent performer for the team was diver Bill McCormick, who won both the three-meter and one-meter dives in ten meets of the team ' s fifteen meets this year. Anoth- er standout was Al Greenwood, a plebe distance freestyler. 190 winter Sports k 1 Winter Sports Ja. 192 Winter Sports Mt i ' % On the first length of an individual medley, Jean-Marie Prideaux (below) stretches to get full extension on her butterfly stroke. Theresa Michal (far left) consistently won her one-me- ter event. Karen Freeman (center) cuts through the water during the 100-yard back- stroke. At left Suni Pandya woks to catch her opponent. Army Sinks Female Tankers It was a season of ups and downs 1 I for the wonnen ' s swimming team. After dropping their first four meets, the mids went 6-1 and were perform- ing well. Then they got swamped by Army 90-50. Although the team end- ed up 6-6 and had a non-losing sea- son for the first time in three years, it was also the first time in four that they lost to Army. Plebe Theresa Michal replaced ail- American firstie Lynn Casity as the number one diver. Michal was fifth in the NCAA Division II National Cha- mionships on the one-meter board. Also placing in those championships for Navy was Laurie Musiek, who placed 9th in both the 200-yard indi- vidual medley and the 100-yard butterfly. Winter Sports 193 Kevin Nibbelink and Bill Stone (far right) lead a strong pack of Navy distance runners. Troy Saunders (right) v ias a welcome addition to the high jumping squad. The team ' s star this year was plebe Mike Green (below right) who went to the nationals in the 500 meters. Below. Phil Horrisberger strains to cross the line ahead of a Virginia runner. Greene Bums Up Track In 500M 194 Sprinter Mike Greene, a plebe, was the standout trackster for Navy this winter. He qualified for the NCAA national championships in the 500 meter run by winning that event at the IC4A Championships and the Heptagonal Games, Although he did not place at nationals, he was the fast- est freshman in the field. The distance runners were led by youngster Ron Harris, who was not able to compete in the NCAA Cham- pionships because of an injury. The team won their first five games and came within less than a tenth of a second from an undefeated season, losing the season finale to Army 70.3- 65.7, in an exciting meet which wasn ' t decided until the last event. Winter Sports ■ ' , ' yi as Winter Sports 195 r A 13-3 Season Best Ever For Women Team captain Stefani Green led the women ' s indoor track team to a record 13 victories. Although the team excelled in dual meets, it did not do as well as expected in post-season tournaments, finishing ninth at the Heptagonal Games and fourth in the ECAC Division II Championships. Besides Green, who now holds sev- en school records, outstanding per- sonal performances were registered by Janet Walters, Varanda Williams, and Matice Wright. Despite the loss of Green, who was named the outstand- ing female athlete of the year, the team should have another strong sea- son next year. 196 Winter Sports Demonstrating the team effort that earned the mids a 13-3 record. Patty Peterson (far left) and Cheryl Beddick attempt to jump as long and as high as they can. Mary Blair (below left) leads the field around the curve in the 400 meter race. Youngster Joanie Rangitsch (left and below) shows her versa- tility by competing in both hurdles and a sprint relay. Winter Sports 197 Both J.D. Cook (far left) and Kevin Biancfii (below left) seem to have little trouble staying on top of their opponents, while Richard Cobb (left) is struggling to bring his down. Captain Minderlein (below), the team ' s officer repre- sentative, watches a match intently. Grapplers Can ' t Hold EIWA Title Although posting an impressive 13-4-1 record, the wrestling team had a disappointing season. The single tie was a 16-16 tie with Army, a match which the mids were expected to win fairly easily. Another big let- down was the Eastern Intercollegiate Wrestling Association Champion- ships, Navy, the reigning champion, hoped to hold on to the title, but fin- ished a diappointing fifth. Kevin Brooks, Jim Peters, Dave Marquis, and Tim Szymanski, all first class, qualified for the NCAA national championships. Winter Sports 199 Below. Andy Lynch attempts to get his North Carolina opponent onto his back, while Scott Manning (right) appears more interested in in- flicting a little pain on a cadet, Richard Cobb (far right) is happy when declared the victor. Winter Sports Winter Sports Three pieces of equipment that are used only in men ' s gymnastics are the rings, the parallel bars and the pommel horse. Steve Urbina (far right) demonstrates his specialty on the rings. Two of many talented youngsters on the team this year, Bill Hamblet (right) and Brian Ma- loney (below) will be expected to lead the team to even better seasons in the future. Gymnasts 4th At Easterns After an initial five game winning streak, injuries plagued the men ' s gymnastics team, but the mids still managed an impressive 9-4 sea- son. The season climaxed with a thrill- ing 267.4 - 266.0 victory over Army. Team captain Jeff Hamman became the first person in the fifty year history of Navy gymnastics to win four N- stars. At the Eastern Intercollegiate Gym- nastics League Championship Cham- pionships, the mids placed fourth. An even better finish is anticipated for next year, since the team lost only two gymnasts to graduation. 202 Winter Sports ft- mmii NAVY m 204 Winter Sports " Melody Wheeler (below) adds the flair to her routine as she does the splits. Another mem- ber of the team (far left) flys over the vault as Stacey Headley (middle) prepares to do her next maneuver on the balance beam. n The Women ' s Gymnastics Team had a very tough season almost as if to commerate their newly won varsity status. Susanne Clautice and Jan Bizarro were very consistent per- formers throughout the season, yet this was offset by the fact that Melody Wheeler and Stacey Headley were in- jured tor part of the season. The team did post an outstanding victory over Army on the Cadet ' s own mats. With only losing two lettermen, the team looks forward to a successful 1986 sesason. Winter Sports 205 . The women ' s gymnastics team (below) lines up to be introduced to the crowd. Jan Bizarro (right) concentrates hard on her uneven bars routine. Preparing to dismount the balance beam, Melody Wheeler (center) keeps her eye on the beam. Susanne Clautice (tar right) de- mostrates her style on the vault horse. Each gymnast, while specializing in one or two events, is capable of competing on any apparatus. Winter Sports 207 . 1 I Ice Hockey has a .500 Season The Naval Academy ' s Ice Hockey team had an unusually trying sea- son. They finished up the season at .500. This was due in part to the fact that it was considered a building year 208 and also to the fact that they moved up a level and the toughness of their competitors had increased. Next year j: certainly promises the chance to re- l) turn favors to their competition. k Winter Sports { ' % C— : Dan Holzrichter (far left) faces off witfi his op- ponent, waiting for the referee to drop the puck. Below, a Navy player is checked into the boards in a fight for control of the puck. Chased by a defender, Pat Murray makes a fast break with the puck. Winter Sports 209 •mi Coach Andre Deladrier (below), who has coached fencing at Navy since 1948, watches intently as Joe Canvin (right) and Tom George demonstrate the foil techniques which earned each of them a placing at the national champi- onships. Byron Williams (below right) lunges at his opponent with his epee. 210 Winter Sports Navy Fencing Improving The men ' s fencing team had a winning season for the first time in four years and ended up 15th in the NCAA National Championships. The top fencers in each category were Emil Petruncio in epee, Joe Can- vin and team captain Tom George in foil, and Daniel Haas in sabre. They placed 16th, 24th, 20th, and 26th re- spectively. The emergence of Haas, a plebe, as a good sabre man was espe- cially welcome, since the other three national finalists were all firsties. With new talent coming in. Coach Andre Deladrier hopes to bring Navy fencing back to national prominence. Winter Sports 211 Team captain Nancy Hecknnan (below and be- low right) set an Academy record of 102 ca- reer victories and was again the top performer on the squad. Classmate Andrea Webb (right) shows alarm at being struck by an opponent. Youngster Clare Amy (far right) watches intently. 212 Winter Sports Itt Disappointing Year For Women rhe Navy women ' s fencing team had a disappointing year. With a 6-9 record, the team was the only Navy varsity squad with a losing re- cord in the winter season. It was also the team ' s first losing season ever. Despite the team ' s difficulties, team captain Nancy Heckman had a suc- cessful season with 31 victories and only 7 losses. Over her four seasons she racked up a Navy record 102 victories. Dawn Smith, a second class, also managed a winning record of 28-23 ¥ V Squash - As Strong As Ever Under Coach Dave Brown, the teann once again equaled the previous year ' s record by achieving a 14-3 season. Captained by Tim Tin- ney and supported by six additional lettermen; Jeff Dalila, Collin Green, Todd Hall, Anthony McKinney, Tim Slough, and Spencer Wall, the mid- shipman shut out eight teams, includ- ing the cadets of West Point. This year the team lost a slot on the 1st Team Ail-American, yet placed three teammates in the 2nd Team Ail- American. These were Tim Tinney, Spencer Wall and John Sprenger. Once again they tied for 3rd in the 9 man rankings and also placed 6th in the 6 man rankings. 214 Winter Sports ■ ' W Winter Sports 215 Winter Sports Men ' s Volleyball finishes 12-12 Navy ' s new men ' s volleyball team finished its first year as a varsity sport with a 12-12 record against a schedule that included tough teams such as George Mason and Ball State. The mids beat Army 15-2 15-10 at the West Point Invitational. New head coach Commander Yvon DeBlois was assisted by former head coach Har- vey Bryant. The team was led by team captain Joe Flynn and classmate Kale Watson. The Academy ' s newest varsity sport started its career by hosting the first Trident Invitational, an exhibition tournament including some of the best teams in the East. Winter Sports 217 r Brigade Boxing Team The Brigade Boxing Team began its season in Novennber. With an original roster o over 65 names, the team consisted o 55 boxers at the commencement of the preliminary bouts for the Brigade Championships. The Brigade Boxing semi-finals were held in Halsey Field House in Febru- ary. Forty-four boxers participated and twenty-two advanced to the fin- als. In the finals eleven boxers were victorious. Five boxers continued on to compete in the Eastern Collegiate Boxing Tournament. Four of them won their weight class and one was runner-up. Those four who were East- ern Champions went on to compete in the NCBA National Championships. Midn. 3 C Dick Hofman became the NCBA Champion in his 165 lb. weight class. Tracy Howard (below) watches his opponent intently from the on guard position. Plebe Kirk Bryan (center) relaxes while waiting to box in his first brigade finals. (Below left) One boxer (blue) throws a left hook, and another (above left) winds up for a killing right cross. Winter Sports 219 .Mt 220 Winter Sports Kenny Kasprzak (below in blue) boxes his way to the brigade title. At left, Rob Rodriguez (in gold) boxes Rich Barbon. Jim Clody (opposite page in gold) lands a solid punch on Mike Peril- lo ' s head. . Winter Sports 221 Rifle Team Gives It A Shot After losing two of their standard shooters and having four of the top five teams in the nation looking at them for revenge, the rifle team had its work cut out for them. With the three returning lettermen and five recruited plebes the team managed to break even with five wins and an equal num- ber of losses. This included a hard loss by only one point to Air Force. Next year the same team will return and with competition experience under their belts, a winning season will be in their sights. 222 Winter Sports .. ' I Winter Sports 223 . " W Attacker John Hawley (right), Navy ' s leading scorer, charges toward the goal with the ball. Glen Miles (below), the team ' s other outstand- ing attackman, keeps his eyes on the action dunng the Army-Navy game, which the cadets won 10-6. Far right, Joe Papetti defends an Army attacker. Ed Alberts (above right) out runs a Johns Hopkins midfielder. 224 Navy Lax Has 5-6 Season The high point of the Navy la- crosse season came in a 7-5 up- set victory over the University of Maryland, the sixth-ranked team in the nation at the time. Unfortunately, most of the team ' s games went the other way, as the midshipmen did no better than a 5-6 record. It was a rebuilding year for Navy, as Coach Bryan Matthews lost most of his attack strength from the year be- fore. That gap was filled by plebe sen- sation John Hawley, who was the teams leading scorer with 27, and by moving all-American Glen Miles from midfield to attack. Miles was second in scoring with 19 goals. The team hopes to finally have a winning season next year, and to avenge its 10-6 loss to Army. Spring Sports « WU spring Sports 225 ii Spring Sports 227 .Jik The team ' s leader in hits and RBIs, Mike Leeney (below) keeps his eye on a pitch from a Baltimore Orioles pitcher (right). The mids beat the Orioles in an exhibition game. The game ' s winning pitcher, Scott Wild (above right), is congratulated by his teammates. Be- low right, John VanBrabant watches his hit. Farthest right. Dave Landwehr demonstrates the style which brought him seven victories. kv I i vm 228 spring Sports Navy Baseball Team Wins 25 Games Compiling a 25-7-1 record and 1 finishing third in the highly com- petitive Eastern Intercollegiate Base- ball League, the Navy baseball team had another successful year. The team had a nine-game w inning streak early in the season, and finished the season with a six-game streak that in- cluded a doubleheader swept from Army. Leading the team were second class shortstop Mike Leeney with 42 hits and 36 runs batted in and out- fielder Marius Jones with five home runs and a .385 batting average. The team ' s outstanding pitcher was Drew Tanner who scored nine wins and no losses. Dave Landwehr, Steve Wie- man, and Scott Wild also helped the mids from the mound. Spring Sports 229 Mk Spring Sports Drew Tanner (below) was Navy ' s top pitcher this season and promises to be even better next year. Above left, shortstop Mike Leeney watches his throw to first base for a double play after forcing a runner out. Craig Snyder tries to pickoff a Princeton player at first. Spring Sports 231 1 . i I One of the team ' s top batters, Ingrid Turner (right) cautiously rounds the base after a hit. As her teammates look on, Jennifer Henry (be- low) connects solidly with the ball. In the field, Cheryl Price (below right) and Irish Thompson (opposite page) intently watch the batter. - » i sg ' « .g»- -.- .,a:«v«ifa m.»Ji»i «mw. Women ' s Softball Rounds Home 232 Spring Sports rhe woinen ' s softball club en- joyed a very competitive sea- son this spring. Led by firstie Jan Ednniston, the team improved im- mensely and continued its quest for varsity status. Plebe Leslie Hill and youngster Kim Russ surprised several teams with their pitching ability, a tal- ent the team has lacked for the last few seasons. The consistent hitting of second class Cheryl Price and Ingrid Turner added to the Navy attack. Kris- ten Bakkegard, a plebe, was also a welcome addition to the team. Jan Edmiston, Jennifer Henry, Lauren Blaise, and Kathleen Weist were the only players lo st to graduation, so the team is anticipating its most success- ful season yet next year. M {O0 I 4 , 234 spring Sports 11 BIB 1 Youngster standout Ron Harris (far left) leads the pack in the 5,000 meter race. Harris won the race, along with his fifth N- star in two years. Brian O ' Malley (center) was a triple winner against Army, claiming first in the long |ump, triple |ump, and high |ump. Kevin Nibbelink (left) won the stee- plechase. Below, Derrick Coston and Dea- drick Baker were two of the plebes who gave the team some needed depth in the sprints. Men ' s Track Undefeated Again Navy ' s men ' s track team claimed its third consecutive undefeated season this year with a 5-0 record, with victories over LaSalle, George- town, Syracuse, and Army. The 97-66 victory over Army was the fourth in a row, and was especially meaningful since the cadets had edged out the indoor track team this winter. Stand- outs on the team this year were dis- tance runner Ron Harris, quartermiler Mike Green, and jumper Brian O ' Mal- ley. The midshipmen were sixth at the Heptagonal Games, where Ron Harris won the championship in the 5,000 meter race, and Mike Green placed second in the 400 meters. Navy won the ECAC South Championship meet. Spring Sports 235 236 spring Sports Navy track had its third consecutive undefeat- ed season and its fourth straight victory over Army. The team had both individual standouts, and a considerable amount of depth. Greg Blanchard, Troy Saunders, and Derrick Dixon provided some of that depth. Spring Sports 237 Women ' s Track Sprints To Victory Again Gaining a win over their 1984 sea- son, the nnids were 5 and 1 in 1985. Captained by Stefani Green, a three-time All-American, the team definately had an outstanding season. Stefani achieved her 3rd 400 meter hurdle title at the Heptagonal Champi- onships. Seniors Charlotte Monk, Su- san Weaver and Angle Bartosik combined with five others to give Navy excellent strength in the shot put and javelin. The team was also strong in sprints and the jumps due to two returning letter winners and two freshmen. 238 Spring Sports ■ " Shri ' Drake (far upper left) gives her throws everything she has. Joanie Rangifsch and Pat- ty Peterson (far lower left) glide over the hur- dles against Liberty Baptist while Eric Sahler (lower middle) walks away from her opponent. Mary Balch (upper middle) strains for that ex- tra distance and Varanda Williams (left) pours It on during the relay. Joanie Rangitsch and Matice Wright (below) dash for the finish line as Erin Martin (lower right) breezes through it- Spring Sports 239 tfii Tennis Smashes Its Way To A i _ Winning Season Men ' s Varsity Tennis posted an outstanding season with 21 wins and only 5 losses, greatly ex- ceeding last year ' s marks of 14 and 8. These wins included 10 smashing shutouts and an 8 to 1 victory over the West Point Cadets. After losing their 1 member at the end of the 1984 season, the team still retained eight lettermen and tremendously boosted their previous performance. 240 Spring Sports 1 John Chandler (far left) intently watches an incoming volley while Graham Rogers (middle) stretches to reach a difficult backhand. David Jones and Mike Spanos cover each other to reach an elusive shot down the center. Spring Sports 241 Sailing a Laser is Rick Merriman (left), one of three Navy sailors named as ail-Americans. Peggy Menzies and Sue Fink (opposite page) sailed ttie top boat for the women ' s team. The intercollegiate sailing team practices every day from August to December and from February to June, regardless of weather conditions. Navy Sailors 3rd In Nation; 3 Aii- Americans Few teams would be disappoint- ed at tying for tinird in the na- tion. But for the Navy sailing team, it was the worst finish in nine years. The mids had kept the Leonard Fowie tro- phy for seven years, until they were edged out for the national title in 1984. They had hoped to reclaim their dynasty this year, but were beat by Boston University and Southern Cali- fornia. Navy took fourth nationally in dinghies and team racing, fifth in sloops, and seventh in singlehanded racing. Rob Poitras placed fourth in the national windsurfing champion- ships. The team had three ali-Americans, firsties Rick Merriman and Bryan Led- better, and youngster Rob Hallawell. George Siook and Scott Harrison were honorable mention ail- Americans. Spring Sports 243 244 spring Sports ?;, U ' 3 ' - - -5 - K The offshore sailing team practices daily in the Chesapeake Bay, and spends the summer rac- ing throughout the Atlantic. With spinnakers hoisted, Cinnabar and Vengeance (far left) head out to practice. At left, the crew of Shen- andoah waits to sail backdrop for a parade on Worden Field. Spring Sports , ■r MC spring Sports 247 ■P Crew Teams Pull Hard 248 With seven returning lettermen from the 1984 heavyweight team and eight returning lettermen from the lightweight team, both teams started the season strong. The heavyweight team led by John Spring Sports Walters didn ' t do quite as well as last year only obtaining a record of 5 and 1, this included capturing first in all three catagories (Varsity, Junior Varsi- ty, and Plebe) in two races. The lightweight team captained by Brian Minzenmayer improved over last year ' s record by completing the sea- son at 2 and 2, and capturing first in all three catagories in one race and all three second places in two more. Spring Sports ■ Spring Sports " W spring Sports The women ' s crew team normally sends three eight man shells into a race: The varsity (oppo- site page below), the second varsity (right) and the novice (opposite page above) Women ' s Crew Misses A Stroke 252 he women ' s crew team was hoping for a repeat of 1984 ' s 7- 1 campaign since a majority of the letterwinners from that team were re- turning. But these hopes were dashed when the oarswomen lost their first four races to Georgetown, Ithaca, Vir- ginia and Williams. The seaon ' s only varsity victory was over Washington College. The main event of the season, the Dad Vail Championships, was also a disappointment for the mids, as the varsity eight failed to even qualify for the semifinal race. The junior varsity made it all the way to its finals, where it placed fifth. Spring Sports Mk. ' gp ring Sports 293 Every Mid Is An Athlete Ithough almost every college has some type of intramurals, nowhere do sports play a bigger role than at Navy. All midshipmen not par- ticipating in a varsity sport play intra- mural sports. There is a wide selection of sports, including many which are not found at an intramural level else- where, such as crew and fencing. This year, football and softball continued to be the two most popular sports, each company had two team for those sports; lightweight and heavy- weight football teams, and fast-pitch and slow-pitch softball teams. Intramurals mean different things to different people. For many the daily practices help to release frustration and to stay in shape. Intramurals w jm i j ff - F • ■ ■ Intramurals Mb. - ns - ' - ' i -- ' illiWiJIMIW HJli Intramurals Intramurals Intramurals IttU ■, ' i ■•- •» -fct . Intramurals Ata Iti . Bi y Roll Of Champions Fall Basketball - 25th Co. Boxing - 1st Batt. Crew - 2nd Batt. Cross Country - 6th Batt. Fencing - 1st Batt. Football - 5th Batt. Sailing - 1st Batt. Soccer - 17th Co. Squash - 1st Batt. Tennis - 2nd Batt. Ultimate - 6th Batt. Water Polo - 4th Batt. Wrestling - 3rd Batt. Winter Basketball - 1st Batt. Fleldball - 6th Co. Football (HWT) - 27th Co. Football (LWT) - 14th Co. Soccer - 4th Batt. Squash - 4th Batt. Team Handball - 2nd Batt. Spring Basketball - 5th Batt. Lacrosse - 4th Batt. Rugby - 5th Batt. Softball - 6th Co. Sailing - 1st Batt. Swimming - 4th Batt. Tennis - 3rd Batt. Track - 5th Batt. Volleyball - 5th Batt. Intramurals Cycling Club avy ' s highly competitive bicy- , cling club kept busy this year competing in and hosting bike races. The club president, Kathy McCar- tan, was also the captain of the wom- en ' s team. The men ' s " A " team captain was Shawn Grenier. Co-cap- tains of the " B " team were Greg Morin and Randy Ferguson. The other members of the " A " team were Dave Lynn, Bern Altman, Scott Helmers, and Lou Gregus. The " B " team consisted of fvlorin, Fergu- son, Chris Arias, Jamie Henderson, Brian Haley, Rob Goodbody, and Dave Hallisey. Besides McCartan, the other women on the team were Susan Wells and Kim Martin. Club Sports i ■ Hi Club Sports h nr k w f Croquet Team Meets St. John ' s he Croquet Club is a collection of ready-for-action midshipman who pride themselves on their prow- ess in athletic competition. President Shaun Callahan and vice-president Bob Poor strenuously prepared their men to fight the annual " Annapolis Week " battle against arch-rival St. John ' s. Just as the 1984 team recov- ered from its 1983 loss by losing again, the revamped 1985 team car- ried on this proud tradition. The club, affectionately known around the world as " America ' s croquet team, " is in its third year of existance as a twin-purposed organization: it shows the public the lighter size of Academy life, and fulfills the midshipmen ' s de- sire to excell at everything they do. Club Sports Skeet And Trap Club 985 was the year for the skeet and trap team ' s comeback. After not having competed for four years, the team was loaded and ready for spring competition. Captained by first class Nancy Heckman, the team had fall practice meets against Air Force and Army. Presently the team is a recreational EGA, but will be shooting for sport Club Sports EGA status in order to be more com- petitive. The team practices from spring break until the end of April, with competitions on the weekends. The team ' s enthusiasm is amazing - the midshipmen will shoot in any weather and until last light. In addition to scheduled meets, the team hosted a skeet and trap competition for the midshipmen and faculty. Club Sports . M Judo Club he Judo Club completed an outstanding season once again winning the E.G. J. A. Championships. Other notches under their belts were winning the Beltsville Invitational and throwing the Merchant Marine Academy. Out of nine competitions, they achieved elev- en first places, ten second places and twelve third places. Club Sports Powerlifting Club his season for the powerlifting squad was a most fruitful time for this new intercollegiate sports club. At the National Collegiate Powerlifting Championships at Texas A M, Mid- shipmen David Island, George Jan- vier, Geraldine McKinney, and Charles Sizemore placed first in the nation in their respective weight classes. Com- petition is based on total weight lifted in three events: bench press, full squat, and dead lift. Other members of the squad were Todd Buechs, Jeff Crymes, Mike Din- ardo. Barb Dunn, Glenn Estrada, Wil- liam Grammer, Mike Lucci, Brian McKane, Greg McMichael, Tim Peder- son, Scott Quinn, Noel Salvanera, Walter Sechriest, Steve Shaw, Guy Simmons, and Blake Sprayberry. ' ' wis . ■llh V ' 1 Sports index Football Water Polo Rugby Cross Country Soccer 150 lb JV Football Women ' s Volleyball Basketball Swimming Indoor Track Wrestling Gymnastics Hockey Fencing Men ' s Volleyball Squash Brigade Boxing Pistol Rifle Lacrosse Baseball Softball Track Tennis Sailing Crew 146 158 160 164 168 172 176 178 190 194 198 202 208 210 214 216 218 222 223 224 228 232 234 240 242 248 E sports iL. 146 153 160 164 168 172 176 178 190 194 198 202 208 210 214 216 218 222 223 224 ACTIVITIES Lisa A. Rathjen I m 1 K !f " , Si; ; f 1 Extra Curricular Activities 273 The Brigade Activities Commit- tee worked hard to increase spirit while having a lot of fun. Under the directin of M LCDR Chuck Shar- key and the supervision of LT. Jim Es- trada, the BAC introduced a new gnarly midshipman goat and kept high the flow of T-shirts, buttons, bumper stickers, frisbees, flags, noise makers, and even " GO NAVY " panties and boxers. The catalyst behind all spirit activities as Mr. Pep, Shaun Callahan. Shaun ' s ideas, energy, and showman- ship served to insure the success of all pep rallies and sideline activities. The Brigade Activities Committee ' s motto was a commitment to excellence. Ex- cellence was achieved. One part of the BAC, the Art and Print Club, supported the Brigade through spirit-related posters and the painting of Tecumseh, which was adorned for all of the home football games, the Army-Navy game, and the Commissioning Week. The Club, made up mostly from members of the Ninth Company, got most of its ideas for posters and Tecumsah from the BRIGADE ACTIVITIES COMMITTEE 274 Extra Curricular Activities suggestions of midshipmen and visi- tors in the yard. Hard working and, dedicated, the Art and Print Club triec to make life at Navy a little more pleasant by adding a bit of color. The Navy cheerleading squad con- sisted of sixteen midshipmen from all four classes throughout the Brigade Their season began a week before the Brigade returned with a week long camp and continued throughout the academic year. Not only did the cheerleaders promote spirit within the Brigade for the Navy football team, but encouraged enthusiastic support for all Navy athletics during the year. The Navy cheerleaders are a dedicat- ed group of individuals, who although might not be the ones to actively de- feat an opponent, are there in spirit every step of the way. The Pep Band contributed to the Brigade Activities Committee by pro- viding music for pep rallies, cheerlead- ing, and spirit at various sporting events, including Navy football games. Their most exciting event was playing at the Pentagon Pep Rally in Washington, D.C. during Army week, but the entire year was packed with fun-filled activity. J Extra Curricular Activities 275 CHEERLEADERS kWt CANNONEERS The Cannoneers were a very select group at the Academy, Dressed in their 1870 ' s era Midshipmen uniforms and firing the actual 1863 Dahlgren boat howit- zer, they were seen at home football games as well as various Army-Navy activities and the Plebe Recognition Ceremony. There were two representatives from each class, hand chosen their Plebe year to take part in the revelry. BAND Extra Curricular Activities 277 A • DRUM AND BUGLE CORPS 278 The United States Naval Acad- emy Brigade of Midshipman Drum and Bugle Corps is tasked with providing musical support to the Bri- gade. The Corps performs daily at military formations, formal Parades, sporting events, spirit activities, and, w hen called upon, numerous civic activities in the Annapolis, Maryland area. In addition, the corps represents the Naval Academy and the U.S. Navy by performing around the Unit- ed States in both marching shows and concerts. This year the Corps performed at all Navy football games, with the exception of North Carolina, as well as for the New York Jets-Miami Dolphins and the St. Lou- is Cardinals-Dallas Cowboys games. During Christmas leave, the Corps toured the Southeastern United States including Disneyworld and Epcot Centers, and later in the year performed at the " Serenade in Brass " in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. The Corps competed this year in the Interservice Academy Drum and Bugle Corps Competition against the U.S. Air Force Academy coinciding with the Navy-Air Force Football Game. The Corps directs its own shows without fulltime professional assis- tance during the very limited free time available to midshipmen at the Naval Academy. All midshipmen in the Drum and Bugle Corps must meet the same stiff academic and military requirements imposed upon all midshipmen at the Academy. Valuable musical instruction is re- ceived from enlisted musical instruc- tors from the U.S. Navy Band in Annapolis, Maryland. 280 Extra Cumcular Aclivit r FALL STAFF: COMMANDER: M LCDR MARK BOEHLE (15 CO) SUB COMMANDER: M LT RALPH ARCARO (29 CO) OPERATIONS: M LTJG ERIC GARDNER (5 CO) ADMINISTRATION: M LTJG KIMBERLY ANDERSON (19 CO) SUPPLY: M LTJG THOMAS WILLIAMSON (29 CO) SPRING STAFF: COMMANDER: M LCDR CHRISTOPHER WILLIAMS (29 CO) SUB COMMANDER: M LT RICHARD VON WOHLD (13 CO) OPERATIONS: M LTJG EDWIN BRZEZINSKI (32 CO) ADMINISTRATION: M LTJG ERNEST HERNANDEZ (13 CO) SUPPLY: M LTJG LESTER OLSON (28 CO) Extra Curricular Activities jTST ' : . Jf rw IllH !); uL ' %H ■ J ' l J r IV 282 Extra Curricular Activities Extra Curricular Activities 283 284 Extra CuSicular Actijdies Extra Curricular Activities 285 r ' 1. 1 ' DRILL TEAM The U. S. Naval Academy Drill team, commanded by Midship- man First Class Jeff Smith, gained in- stant popularity this year after its outstanding performance at the Princeton Homecoming game for a crowd of 31,000 people. The mem- bers carried M- 1 rifles fixed with bayo- nets and executed all their routines without any verbal commands. The Drill team had an active year, includ- ing performances during First Class Parents Weekend, the Navy vs. Rich- mond basketball game, the " Brass of the Bay " show at Navy-Marine Corps Memorial Stadium. The team also met with other drill teams in competition at Villanova University, University of Maryland, and Rutgers University Invi- tational Drill Meets. 286 Extra Curricular Activities 1 BRIGADE SOCIAL AFFAIRS COMMITTEE The Juice Gang, another part of BSAC, provided power and lighting for the dances in Dahigren hall. As a collateral duty they also ran spotlights at pep rallies and the N-Star sign for the homecoming and Army-Navy football games. This year ' s members included Ke- vin Leeds (Chief Electrician), John Mafic (Secretary), Harold Dun- brack (Asst. Electrician), Tom Wagner (Treasurer), Rich Hernan- dez, Bill Macchione, Bill Plott, Steve Sobski, and Jim Zito. Extra Curricular Activities 287 4Al PUBLIC RELATIONS During 1984-85, the Public Relations Committee worked closely in conjunction with the Naval Acade- my ' s Public Affairs Office and the Naval Academy Athletic Association to publicize various activities sponsored by and participated in the Brigade of Midshipmen, Midshipmen who worked with the committee were trained in a variety of media related activities from arrang- ing interviews to escorting members of the press and nu- merous VIPs who visit the Academy annually. Some of the activities the PRC midshipmen were in- volved with included the many sporting events held during the spring and fall semester and all Commissioning Week festivities. This highly motivated group of young men and women played an important role in projecting the Naval Academy in a positive manner to local and national media. RING DANCE John Worman and his staff worked hard to ensure that every member of the class of ' 86 had " A Night to Remember " on May 18, 1985. The great amount of time and effort that the ' 86 Ring Dance Committee put into the planning and preparation of the Ring Dance was evi- denced by the success of the evening and truly appreciat- ed by all members of the class of 1986. 288 Extra Curricular Activities HOP COMMITTEE The Hop Committee, provided the Brigade with the chance to get away from the rigors of Academy life and relax a bit. The BSAC was responsible for the weekly dances, semi-formals, and formals held in Dahlgren Hall. This year saw the exciting addition of a new $12,000 video sound system in the " M-Club. " The Hop Committee sponsored the Halloween Costume Dance, all the Commissioning Week dances, and provided bands for post-footall game semi-for- mals, but their biggest and most successful projects were the Army Navy Informal and the unforgettable Ring Dance. Extra Curricular Activities 289 TRIDENT CALENDAR The Trident Calendar staff publishes the annual Trident Calendar that is found on almost every mids desk. The pub- lication includes pictures, cartoons and quotes for every week of the year. Also to be found are dates near and dear to all midshipman ' s heart; leave dates, holidays and football games. This coming year the club plans to sell the calendars at all home football games. REEF POINTS The Reef Points is better known and " The Plebe ' s Bible. " It has the history the the Navy, the Academies, Yard Gouge, important weapons platforms and weapons among numerous other important information. Being one of the first things issued to a plebe, it remains with them throughout the entire summer, plebe year and is often used as an upperclassman. 290 Extra Curricular Activities WRNV is the Academy ' s rock on the Bay. The radio station was run this year entirely by the midshipmen with the support ot an officer representa- tive, it was operated on the frequency of 89.7 FM in full stereo. The staff of ap- proximately 70 midshipmen produced and " DJ-ed " their own shows as well as recorded taped shows to provide 24 hours of broadcasting. The station broadcasted Navy sports including away meets of 150 lb. football, lacrosse, rug- by, and wrestling. A news staff reported local school events along with world news. Also provided by the station was a PA system that was used by the Brigade Activities Committee at home football games and by other activities desiring its use. The engineering staff had the re- sponsibility of repairing and maintaining the station ' s $80,000 worth of equip- ment. This year ' s staff included Anthony Landauer (Station Manager), Herb Nico- lay (Asst. Manager), Dean Sun (Chief Engineer), Floyd Devine (DJ Program Di- rector), and Mike Borrosh (Music Pro- gramming Director). WRNV 291 The LOG magazine serves as the primary creative outlet for the Brigade. For the last 74 years the LOG has allowed midshipmen to poke fun at them- selves, their officers, the world in general, and adminis- tration in particular. Always looking for a few " sacred cows " (Y.P. ' s, P-rades, people from New Jersey) to butcher, the 1984-85 staff included Thorn Parham (Edi- tor), Rich Getty (Executive Editor), Bob Poor (Managing Editor), and Dave Lesser (Features Editor). - ' ' St h r HO KISSING OK HOLDING- HA.NDS TU6LlC " ...VAIArARE YOU bECOMlMG? AN OFFICER Of K PKIEST ? • DIAL-A-DRAG When the uniform isn ' t enough. THE The 292 Extra Currlcular Activities BAD GOUGE t ■ C|n) 05) (NL) ( p 5 J One step behind and « one step to the left V = -i AuxiHary Dipping sonar, sonohuoys, and Magnetic Anomaly Detection (MAD) gear Green Visited and searched, captured jS THE HAND OF GOD STEPPED IN: The Poor Memoirs 1984 SiALTY ..m»L ' Extra Curricular Activities 293 294 LUCKY BAG The lucky bag aboard a ship is the area for the collection of items, and thus the LUCKY BAG has become a collection of memories. The 848 pages contain an opening section, the Chain- of-Command, a special section, the companies, the First Class and their bi- ographies, the history of the Class of 1985 from 1-Day to Graduation, a high- light of the year ' s varsity sports and in- tramurals, the ECA ' s, the faculty, the parents ' congratulations wishes to the members of ' 85, a closing section, and the ads. Being 848 pages and all color makes it the largest all color yearbook in the world - in a class by itself. The staff is composed of midshipmen who handle all aspects from contracts, to design, to layout, to business - every- thing including the spending of the $300,000 used in producing the LUCKY BAG. They work hard for unique awards. They don ' t get scholarships like most other schools, but things that only a mid- shipman would understand and appreciate. The most important aspect is that which happens after graduation. There are only three things a class leaves be- hind at the Academy after Graduation Day. First is the class gift, second is the names of various class members on the numerous planks around the yard, and third is the LUCKY BAG. Extra Curricular Activities Extra Curricular Activities 295 The Photography Club offers midship- men the opportunity to learn the art of photography providing both black white and color darkroom facilities. All a midshipman needs to join is a camera and the desire to learn. Experienced club mem- bers instruct new members in photography styles and darkroom techniques. Occa- sional guest speakers also provide tips for improvement. The cub, once barely recog- nized, is gaining popularity. The highlights of this year ' s activities were the second annual Homecoming Pho- tographic Contest, sponsored by the Cre- ative Arts Committee; and a spring excursion to the National Geographic Soci- ety. This year the club also became more involved with the brigade by sending mem- bers to take pictures at various activities and sporting events for other clubs and in- tramural sports teams. PHOTO CLUB 1 296 Extra Curricularl ( H Extra Curricular Activities i BIG BROTHERS BIG SISTERS The Big Brothers and Big Sis- ters Club is a service organi- zation in which nnidshipmen sponsor a child from the Annapolis area whose life would be enriched by having an older, positive role nnodel in his life. This year the Club sponsored many activities which gave the midshipmen a chance to have fun with their little brothers and sisters, such as attending Navy home football games, Halloween and Christmas parties, and several picnics. They also held a skating party in Dahlgren hall and a bowl-a- thon during second semester. The Big Brothers and Big Sisters organi- zation has long been recognized as a vibrant and thriving EGA at the Naval Academy. Extra Curricular Activities 299 VTNA i TNA is the Naval Academy ' s ' ' Aviation Training Program which instructs interested first and second class midshipman in the ba- sics of flight. The goal of the pro- gram IS to motivate midshipman toward careers in Naval Aviation. Ground School instruction is pro- vided prior to the first flight by Na- val Aviators stationed at USNA. Upon succesful completion of the VTNA Ground School test, mid- shipman begin a ten flight syllabus, their goal being solo flight. Flight in- struction is provided by FAA ap- proved instructors in the Cherokee Warrior II, a single-engine, fixed- gear monoplane. Midshipman must provide their own transportation to Tipton Army Airfield at Fort Meade, Maryland. VTNA provides midshipman with the opportunity to fly at no cost to the individual. Data from Naval Avi- ation Schools Command at Pensa- cola has determined that flight school candidates with VTNA ex- perience had only ' .2 the attrition rate of other Academy graduate candidates. Midshipman who are undecided as to their service selec- tion will find this program useful in making a career decision. 300 Extra Currlcular Activities ifa Extra Curricular Activities 301 ASTRONOMY CLUB This year, the Astronomy Club provided its members with a view of the growing field of astronomy. Each individual was given the op- portunity to further his own interests in the field by utilizing the facilities provided to the Club, including the Naval Academy observatory which houses a 16-inch reflector telescope to allow observations of the heavens. The Luce Hall Planetarium enhanced members ' knowledge of the heavens by exploring different ways to apply that knowledge for practical use, such celestial navigation. MODEL RAILROAD CLUB The fvlodel Railroad Club has just the niche for all model builders. From layout design to diarama construction, its two hundred square foot layout offered endless possibilities for all model train enthusiasts this year. The spaces, located in Dahlgren Hall, provided a warm ref- uge, during the winter months for fun and fellow- ship. Besides working in the clubs layout, they also made trips to area shows. These shows provided them with new ideas and creations to integrate into their own layout. 302 Extra Curricular Activities i . BLACK STUDIES CLUB The Black Studies Club was designed to help increase the knowledge of its mem- bers in the areas of Black history and Black heritage. It served as an ear to the rest of the world bringing to the members of the club cur- rent events concerning Blacks around the world. The Black Studies Club also served to help the Black midshipman to adjust to the social change which the Academy brings about. One of our major events this year was Black History Month. We brought in notable Black Americans who have contributed to the effort of making all Americans more aware of the contri- butions Blacks have made to this country. NESA The National Eagle Scout Association, U. S. Naval Academy chapter was estab- lished in 1983 with the purpose of allowing eagle scouts at the Academy to remain active in boy scouting, it has over 175 active members, mak- ing it one of the largest ECA ' s currently orga- nized. Various club activities include helping local boy scout and cub scout groups with their training and program requirements. This year, NESA sent some of its members to the Philmont Scout Ranch in Cimarron, New Mexico, to participate in leadership training, fol- lowed by a week in the field actually spent lead- ing a troop of boy scouts. One of the club ' s members was also invited to serve on the head- quarters staff of the 30,000 scout strong Nation- al Scout Jamboree during the summer. The club hopes to remain as active in the next few years, and grow as large as approximately 10% of the brigade. For that many midshipmen are eagle scouts, as well as the superintendant. Extra Curricular Activities 303 .Jk 304 Extra Curricular Activities SCUBA CLUB The Scuba Club ' s main goal is to pro- mote sport diving throughout the Bri- gade. As a result of scuba diving ' s tremendous popularity, the club is the larg- est ECA at the Academy. The Club has four functions: organize the Basic Open Water Scuba Class, organize advanced scuba classes, sponsor recreational dives, and promote individual diving. The first of these functions is by far the most participated in, a third of the Brigade is qualified as a Basic Open Water Scuba Diver. The completion of the basic course, which includes an open water qualification dive, earns the student a scuba qualifica- tion sanctioned by the Professional Associ- ation of Diving Instructors (PADI), an internationally recognized organization. The Club owes its thanks to John Kiser, John Vorndick, the midshipmen instruc- tors, and the Officers at the Academy who made this extensive qualification process possible. Through the efforts of the Executive Committee of the club, experienced divers are encouraged to go on to dive in the Chesapeake Bay for oysters, to dive off the New Jersy Coast for lobster, to dive in the local flooded rock quarries for further expe- rience, and to trek down to Key Largo ' s John Penekamp National Underwater State Park for fun. Extra Curricular Activities 305 SPORTSMAN The Sportsman ' s Club provided opportunities for members of the brigade to participate in a variety of outdoor sports, including camping, skiing, mountain climbing, and white vk ater rafting. One excursion w as planned for each semester, but occa- sionally a member gathered a group for informal camping trips. The club also regularly lent out camping and climbing equipment to the brigade to use. The officers for 1984-85 were Col Buckmelter, USAF (Officer Rep.), Midn Dale Newhart (President), and Midn Erik Adams (First Lieutenant). ORIENTEERING The 1984-85 Orienteering Club is by far the larg- est and most competitive one in the history of Naval Academy Orienteering. Although the club has existed for only four years, interest and participation has steadily increased. The current team enjoys a membership of close to forty midshipmen, both male and female. The Navy team usually makes Sunday afternoon trips to Quantico to participate in this interesting and fun sport which is a hybrid between cross country running and land navigation. Using a topographical map and a lensatic compass, orienteers race across fields and through woods in search of specific " con- trol points " marked on their maps. Although the sport is physically and mentally challenging orienteering courses vary in length and difficulty, making this sport enjoyable to athletes of all ages and abilities. Although most meets are sponsored by the Quan- tico Orienteering Club, the Naval Academy orienteers sometimes travel to Virginia. Pennsylvania, and New York for two day " national level " meets. In the past, Navy has enjoyed success at these meets, usually placing midshipmen among the top finishers. Nation- al level meets this year included the National Relay in Quantico, the West Point Invitational, and the Virginia State Championships. i 306 Extra Curricular Activities m HI i AIRBORNE TRAINING UNIT Each summer the Airborne Training Unit offers midshipmen the oppor- tunity to qualify as a basic parachutist at the Army Airborne School in Fort Ben- nlng, GA. While in a jump status at the Academy, midshipmen continue opera- tions with the ATU and may even earn their Navy-Marine Corps Expert gold wings. The ATU also provides billets to such schools as Parachute Rigger School and the most prestigious Jump- master School. With these qualifications midshipmen pack and inspect all para- chutes and direct aircraft procedures, thus making the Airborne Training Unit the only EGA in which midshipmen are directly responsible for the lives of other men. ____ .- ' - « . r ■ -, ' r-» ' K - W " SEMPER Fl As interest in the United States Marine Corps grows at the Naval Academy, so has the Semper Fidelis So- ciety. Expanding to well over four hundred members from all classes, the Semper Fi club continues to indoctrinate Mid- shipmen on some of the lead- ership and traditions of the Corps. Club members made the annual trip to Marine Bar- racks, Washington, D.C. for the final evening sunset pa- rade in early September. Al- ways an outstanding per- formance, the parade provid- ed a chance to see the world ' s elite drill team. Some of the highlights of the guest speaker series were astronaut Lt. Col. Bolden, class of ' 68; Colonel Whitehead of the British Royal Marines, who commanded a battalion of marines during the Falklands campaign; and a Drill Instructor from Parris Is- land, S.C. recruit depot. These individuals brought their wis- dom and experiences to the forefront and will indeed have an impact on the Academy ' s future Marine officers. The " hands on " portion of the program included a helo repel jump in the spring, a trip to the Naval Test Center at Patuxent River, and of course, a field meet and picnic at the close of the year. The Semper Fidelis Society has been con- tinuing to grow and prosper and, with no doubt, help to erase the stigma of the Marine Corps here at Annapolis. The club would like to thank all the Marine officers and GySgt Frank here at the Academy for all of their support, as well as the Marines at Marine Bar- racks, Annapolis. Extra Curricular Activities 309 YP SQUADRON P The YP Squadron is the most professionally en- hancing activity at the Naval Adademy. Members from all four classes had the opportunity to develop seamanship, navigation, and shiphandling skills while the squadron conducted operations on the Chesapeake Bay during the tall and spring. They also took severa l w eekend trips to such places as Baltimore, Phil- delphia, Solomon Island and Ha- vre de Grace, Maryland. The squadron consists of four YP ' s, commanded by a first or second class midshipman, and members v ho have met PQS standards to qualify for positions on their boats. 310 Extra Curricular Activities m NAVTAG Navy Tactical Wargame (NAVTAG) has been incorporated into the Na- val Academy routine through its us- age in color competition as well as initial tactical training. This sytem enables the early exposure of midshipmen to state-of- the-art wargaming as well as Initial familiar- ity with terms, definitions and tactically-oriented situations. NAVTAG di- rectly supports tactical training given to midshipmen through Profesional develop- ment courses such as Introduction to Naval Warfare (NS 1 1 ) and Tactics and Shiphan- dling {N S252). The actual programming, probabilities and platform performance fig- ures are classified but the simulation achieved utilizing these classified parame- ters is incorporated and utilized by the NAVTAG system. NAVTAG allows mid- shipmen the opportunity to develop a " sense of tactics " , and gives the opportuni- ty to develop new tactics for fleet use. In the area of color comoetition alone, NAVTAG system usage exceeds sixty hours per week and utilizes a variety of sce- narios to challenge the midshipmen to as- pire to even greater levels of achievement. Currently, all thirty-six companies have teams averaging six midshipmen third-, second-, or first-class competing for color points awarded the last week of April. Sep- arate awards for the Outstanding Company and the Outstanding NAVTAG Tactician are given as well. Extra Curricular Activities 311 SURFACE ACTION GROUP The Surface Action Group (SAG) became a new EGA this year, and its purpose was to increase knowledge of, interest in, and respect for. Surface Warfare operations and nnissions. The Sur- face Action Group became one of the biggest, fastest growing, and active extra-curricular activities at the Academy. The SAG Hosted a popular guest lecture series which included Com- modore John F. Shaw (DDG-51 Project Manager) and Commodore William Fogarty (recommissioning CO of the Battleship New Jersey). The SAG also sponsored a highly successful ship visit program, which included receptions for the USS South Carolina (CGN-37), and the hydrofoil Taurus (PHM). This EGA traveled to the Pentagon, the Aegis Test Site, and the Dahlgren Ord- nance Center. The highlight of the year was a successful fvless Night in March, through which the first class Surface Warfare Selectees were of- ficially welcomed into the communi- ty by Vice Admiral Metcalf and the Surface Warfare Officers in the yard. DOLPHIN CLUB The Dolphin Club is an EGA for Submariners, run by Subma- riners, and all about the Elite Force. Club meetings consisted of lectures about the latest in Submarine Tech- nology and social gatherings be- tween midshipmen and Officers. Tours of the David Taylor Research Center were the newest activity, and were greatly enjoyed by all. Midshipmen of all classes partici- pated in the Club, learning all they can about being a member of the Elite Force as a Submarine officer. 312 Extra Curricular Activities T J - ♦ - ■ MIDSHIPMAN ACTION ORGANIZATION Midshipmen Action Organization ' ' pro- vides midshipmen the opportunity to become involved in the Annapolis and Anne Arundel County area through volun- teer work. The Special Olympics is the or- ganizations annual highlight. 314 Extra Curricular Activities NAVAL ACADEMY FO M m FOREIGN AFFAIRS CONFERENCE The 25th annual Naval Academy Foreign Affairs Conference brought over 150 delegates from across the United States and Europe to the Naval Academy in April. The topic of this year ' s conference was " The Diffusion of Power: The United States in a New Era of international Relations. " The conference serves as a unique forum for the discussion of pertinent global issues for college stu- dents and with its cast of distin- guished speakers provides an unparalleled educational experience for midshipmen and visiting delegates alike. The chairman of the conference was Dr. A. R. Rachwald and the mid- shipman director was Stephen Pimpo. Through many hours of hard work by the midshipman staff and faculty committee, the conference was a tre- mendous success and will prove a memorable experience for all those who attended. Extra Curricular Activities 315 .tiii Extra Curricular Activities Extra Curricular Activities 317 ji iTv mm V ' ' s: ' CHURCHILL SOCIETY The Churchill Society, which includes the Masqueraders, the Labyrinth Magazine, and the Cultural Affairs Progrann, exists to provide a means of learning more about cultural trends and events. In the past, this has consisted mainly of sponsoring noon lectures by local artists and writ- ers. This year, though, the club heard from ADM James Stockdale on personal ethics; Derek Jacobi and Sinead Cusack of the Royal Shakespeare Company told the club about their work; and mem- bers of the Brigade also took part in one of the best years ever for the Cultural Affairs Program. HISTORY CLUB The History Club is devoted to furthering the awareness of history among the Brigade. The club is open to midshipmen of all majors and sponsors a weekly movie series and monthly guest speakers. This year the club sponsored a trip to Baltimore which featured the U.S.S. Constellation and the Walters Art Museum. A trip to Washington, D.C. included the White House and the Mall. The year was capped off by a formal banquet held in Hub- bard hall in April. The International Club is a group of nnidshipnnen with interests in foreign languages, customs, and cultures. It is the umbrella organization of the Chinese, German, Spanish, French, and Kore- an Clubs, the club ' s main joint effort is the International Ball which is a dinner dance held every spring. The club invites foreign col- lege-age men and women from the Washington area metropolitan area. The ball is a spectacular event, beginning with dinner in King Hall and ending with a formal dance in Memorial Hall. Midshipmen are the hosts, and for many of the guests, it is their only view of the Naval Academy and our way of life. Each club also has its own individual events. Each club holds two banquets each semester. These banquets feature a guest speaker who delivers a speech in the language of the club. These banquets provide a medium for the midshipmen to use their lan- guage skills in a social environment. Other activities include field trips, lectures, and films. The International Club provides a valu- able educational opportunity for midshipmen to learn vital infor- mation about foreign cultures and how these nations perceive the United States ' role in the international theater. INTERNATIONAL CLUB . ' ) TAU BETA PI The year was a busy one for the Tau Beta Pi chapter at the Academy. Pre- viously the Naval Academy Engineering Honors Society, this was the first full year as the Maryland Gamma Chapter of the national organization and consequently the chapter ' s attention was aimed at establish- ing its presence. Major projects included notifying those alumni eligible for member- ship and purchasing a bronze monument to be placed in front of Rickover Hall. Tau Beta Pi is a national honor society which recognizes exceptional scholarship and character. X 320 Extra Curricular Activities ASME The American Society of Mechanical Engineers is an educational and technical society dedicated to the in-depth coverage of M.E. technology and its inter- pretation to the general public. Student sections promote professional affiliation early in the engineering career. The USNA student section accomplished this objec- tive by informing midshipmen of recent technological developments, both Naval and non-military, through lectures and ASME publications, as well as interaction with other student sections. Active partici- pation provided the member with opportu- nities not otherwise available. 1 984- 1 985 was a good year for the Soci- ety of Automotive Engineers. Member par- ticipation was greatly enhanced thanks to the efforts of Professor R. Smith and LCDR Faltisco (Faculty Representative and Offi- cer Representative) and other faculty mem- bers in the Mechanical Engineering Department. Activities for the past year included the completion of SAE ' s all-terrain vehicle and the Super-Flow Dynamic Workshop. Pre- sentations and speakers included Mr, James Rorke of Hughes Helicopter, speak- ing about the AH-64 Apache; Mr. Elliot Green, 1985 National SAE President and Mr. Chuck Colyer of Lubrizoil, INC. ASNE This year, the American Society of Naval Engineers sponsored a series of noon-time lectures and an annual ban- quet held at the O ' Club. Lectures were giv- en several times a semester when guest speakers were invited to share their sea stories as well as their technical expertise on many subjects, all of which were Navy related. Recent lectures covered experi- ences from sea trials and first missions of a deep submergence vehicle used for under- water salvage to the mobilization of the Royal Navy in the battle over the Falklands. The officers during the 1984-85 year were Holly Graf (President), Ellen Coyne (Vice- President), Mike Mitchell (Secretary), and CDR Collins, USN (Officer Representative). Extra Curncular Activities 321 CHEMISTRY CLUB The Chemistry Club is designed to provide infor- mation to midshipmen on various topics relat- ing to chemistry. The 1984-1985 seminar series included four informative lectures on interesting appli- cations of chemistry. Topics covered include extend- ed research at the Naval Research Labs in Washington D.C., symmetry in chemistry, the chemis- try of color photography, and the chemistry of comets. SIGMA IOTA EPSILON Sigma lota Epsilon is the Honorary Management Fraternity. Sigma Lamda (U.S. Naval Academy chapter) is one of the most active chapters of SIE in the Northeast. Highlighting this last year of SIE at USNA were two formal induction banquets (due to the dropping of the management major) in which for- ty-five new members were inducted, a two-part semi- nar providing the Brigade with information on personal finance, a spring social, and noon meetings featuring speakers who are prominent in the business community. Sigma Lambda was also called upon to perform the induction of a new SIE chapter at the University of Baltimore. (Opposite Page) OMEGA RHO Omega Rho is the international honor society for operations analysis. It was open to math and computer science majors who desire a greater under- standing of operations analysis. This year this was accomplished through guest speakers who lectured on a wide variety of topics concerning the OR student. PHI ALPHA THETA Phi Alpha Theta is international honors society for students of history. At the Naval Academy, the Omega Kappa chapter encouraged its members to participate in regional conferences and to ex- change ideas about their historical research. On a more informal level, Phi Alpha Theta members gath- ered periodically away from the Academy to share their views on contemporary issues. SIGMA PI SIGMA Sigma Pi Sigma, the physics honor society is a growing organization in conjuction with the so- ciety of physics students. Activities included general lectur es open to the public, luncheon meetings with guest speakers, and field trips to the Naval Research Laboratory and the Naval Observatory in Washington D.C. Ti OMICRON DELTA EPSILON O micron Delta Epsilon is the honor society for economics majors. It provides an opportuni- ty for members to further their understanding of economics in both military and civilian society. This year ' s activities included numerous luncheons, two banquets, and a trip to New York Stock Exchange. ODE also invited a number of individuals to speak on topics of interest in the study of economics. Lecturers this year ranged from stock brokers and corporate executives to military economic analysts. Curricular Activities 323 ANS The American Nuclear Society is a national or- ganization concerned with the promotion of awareness of matters affecting the military and ci- vilian nuclear communities. Membership in the stu- dent chapter of ANS is mainly composed of midshipmen taking nuclear-related courses, but ail interested midshipmen are welcome. The student chapter was advised this year by LCDR James Graham and Dr. Martin Nelson, both of the Naval Systems Department. The student branch promoted awareness by sponsoring lectures and occasional field trips. In fvlarch. Commissioner Lando W. Zech of the U.S. Regulatory Commission lectured, and ANS also sponsored a field trip to Three Mile Island. AIAA The Naval Academy chapter of the AIAA is a student branch of the America institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics. The purpose of the institute is to stimulate and report research and advancements in the fields of aeronautical and as- tronautical engineering. Highlights of the 84-85 year included a trip to Oceana Naval Air Station, guest speakers from NASA and major aerospace corporations, and a trip to the Kennedy Space Center. SNAME 324 Extra Curricular Activities i1 PI TAU SIGMA The Naval Academy ' s chapter of Pi Tau Sig- ma, the national honor society of mechani- cal engineers, remained involved this year. Seventeen first classmen were active throughout the 1984-85 academic year. Events included hosting a reception for the parents of Class of 1984 mechanical engineering students and working with local high schools to aid them in starting Junior Engineering Technical Societies. At the end of the year, about 15 new members from the Classes of 1985 and 1986 were induct- ed into the society at a special dinner ceremony. The group was advised by CAPT Inglis, USAF, and faculty advisor Professor Lee. Extra Curricular Activities 325 . k The Institute for Electrical and Electroni cs Engineers (IEEE) at the Academy is a student branch of one of the nnost active engineering organizations in the world. The members of our club share an interest in electrical or elec- tronic devices. The club gives members a chance to en- hance their experience and stimulate their interest by having meetings, seminars and field trips. Sharing a com- mon interest with the Microcomputer Interest Group (MIG), IEEE shares a small club room in Muary Hall in which club activities take place. IEEE traditionally spon- sors the faculty-firstie Softball game and a social for the underclass to meet their future professors. PI SIGMA ALPHA Pi Sigma Alpha is the national political science hon- or society. The aim of Pi Sigma Alpha is to promote worthwhile extracurricular activities related to public af- fairs. Since 1980, the U.S. Naval Academy ' s local chap- ter, Kappa Episilon has been active in promoting a variety of on-campus activities designed to stimulate discussion of public affairs. Midshipmen must meet a rigorous national standard of academic excellence to qualify for membership in this organization. During the academic year 1984-85, 28 midshipmen in the class of 1985 were inducted. 326 Extra Curricular Activities utwc N BlJHt u PRESE -,D -: THE GRAW«lM(5»«5i»»wi« « i» r FOR THE COURSE H D£SCi»Ti«(X««Tir.»»b!Bl56S ACADEMIC AWARDS The American Bureau of Shipping presented a prize to Jeffery W. Hoyle for having the highest average of grades of the graduating class for all courses completed in engineering among those who complete a Naval Ar- chitecture major. The Class of 1924, United States Naval Academy, present- ed a prize to James M. Polo for achieving the highest average of grades for all courses complete in engineering, oceanography, and acoustics among those who complete an Ocean Engineering major. The United Daughters of the Confederacy presented a prize to Edwin J. Brzezinski in honor of Commodore Matthew Fontaine Maury for being the outstanding student of physics in the gradu- ating class. The Detroit Women ' s Council of the Navy League presented a prize to Joseph S. Flynn for being the outstanding student of chem- istry in the graduating class. Extra Curricular Activities 327 328 Extra Curricular Activities ■r The Masqueraders, the old- est EGA at the Naval Acad- emy, continued its tradition of entertaining the Brigade this year by presenting the East coast pre- miere of Thornton Wilder ' s THE ALCESTIAD. The high point of the run was the attendance and pre-performance speech given by Isabel Wilder, the sister of Thornton Wilder. This production and the visit by the Wilder family capped off another successful season for the group. MASQUERADERS Extra Curricular Activities 329 ■ THE ALCESTIAD " Extra Curricular Activities 331 M GLEE CLUB The Naval Academy Glee Club is an 80 member singing group that performed on more than 75 occasions this year. Many of these shows took place on the Glee Club ' s two annual week-long tours. This year the Glee Club performed for the President, made numerous appearances on na- tional TV, and sang at the 50th Presi- dential Inaugural Gala. The Glee Club also performed in the Annapolis area with two Commissioning Week con- certs, the annual presentation of Han- del ' s " Messiah " , and various concerts at the Academy throughout the year. 332 Extra Curricular Activities i PROTESTANT CHAPEL CHOIR The Protestant Chapel Choir is a select group of voices that provides sacred music for the Chapel services. This year, in addition to supporting the Main Chapel on Sunday morn- ings the choir provided music for special ser- vices such as the Martin Luther King, Jr. service and the Good Friday service. The group also participated in the annual presentation of the " Messiah. " The choir not only provides music at the Academy but shares its music with congre- gations all along the East Coast. This year was highlighted with trips to Virginia Beach, Wash- ington, Baltimore, and New York City. Extra Curricular Activities 333 .idii CATHOLIC CHOIR The Catholic Choir provided music for the Main Chapel on Sunday mornings. Under the direc- tion of Mr. Jim Dale, the choir also performed at St. Patrick ' s Cathedral in New York, the Basilica in Balti- more, Mother Seaton Shrine in Emmitsburg, Mary- land, and in New Orleans during Easter break. The Choir took part in the Christmas portion of Handel ' s Messiah and went Christmas caroling in the yard. The Choir was also led by Midshipman First Class Michael Stephaniak, president; Midshipman First Class Steve Kelly, vice president; and Midshipman Second Class Rob Garcia, secretary; and Commander Duffy, officer representative. ANTIPHONAL CHOIR The Antiphonal Choir takes part in the religious services of the Naval Academy Chapel and participates in programs and activities that both promote music and represent the Naval Academy. Extra Curricular Activities 335 . 336 TRIDENT BRASS Trident Brass is the Brigade ' s jazz ensemble. ' The band is organized around the big swing bands which originated in the large dance halls of the 30 ' s and 40 ' s. There are four groups of instru- mentation in Trident Brass, including saxophone, trombone, trumpet, and rhythm sections. This year, the competition was strong for mem- bership in the group, which met twice a week throughout the year. The band performed several times including their own concert in Mitscher hall and in the city of Annapolis during the Springfest. The Band was directed by a Naval Academy Band member, P01 Gary Seitz and run by mid- shipmen Doug McKennan (President) and Phil McLaughlin (Vice-President). Though a young or- ganization, the Trident Brass entertains and gains respect from all who come and support jazz music. iQlei ' i muM wr- -: :: : :rm [ l i il H i« i p,::B A ! J, H 1 J? ff£LZg .Q 91 BAPTIST STUDENT UNION A Baptist-sponsored fellowship for all stu- dents, the Baptist Student Union started the year with its annual back-to-school picnic. Regular Tuesday night meetings provided spiritual growth to midshipnnen and other members. Football season saw the use of the new BSD center for aftergame fellowship as well as many other activities. The successful Army-Navy Banquet and the dedication of a new church finished out the fall semester. Af- ter Christmas, the BSD sponsored a Midwin- ter Retreat, an Evangelism Seminar, and the fun-filled Talent Untalent Banquet to raise money for Baptist summer missions. UCHAIM L ' Chaim, a group of Jewish midshipmen, accomplished their goal of having an ac- tive year interacting with the Jewish commu- nity of Annapolis. All three synagogue congregations either attended Sabbath ser- vices at the academy or hosted the midship- men. L ' Chaim hosted the Jewish War Veterans of Baltimore, the Goucher Jewish Student Association, and the Annapolis Jew- ish Singles club for Sabbath services. L ' Chaim also hosted disabled Israeli war vet- erans who toured the United States. It was a good opportunity for the midshipmen to con- trast their military training with that of the Is- raelis ' and learn about their experiences. Both the midshipmen and the congregants gained much from meeting each other and worship- ping together. Throughout the year, L ' Chaim provided an appreciation of heritage and helped prepare the midshipmen for lay leadership in the fleet. 338 Extra Curricular Activities H Extra Curricular Activities 339 OFFICERS ' CHRISTIAN FELLOWSHIP v ti m wmmmsf OCF was quite an active EGA this year, drawing over 200 members from all four classes and parts of the Brigade. Activities be- gan during the summer when Colo- nel and Mrs. Paul Roush ran mini-retreats every weekend at their chalet at Lake-in-the-Woods in Virginia, directed mainly for mid- shipmen spending their first week- end at Quantico during PRO- TRAMID. These weekends were highlighted by studies in the book of Titus. The annual Labor Day retreat was held at White Sulfur Springs to start off first semester ' s activities. This was followed in September by a square dance held at Evangelical Presbyterian Church in Annapolis. In October OCF had a picnic at Fort Meade followed by a hayride at the Academy dairy farm. That eve- ning ' s campfire gave about one hundred people an opportunity to hear the gospel. Following the Army-Navy football game in Phila- delphia, Brigadier General Howard Graves spoke at the annual ban- quet which brought midshipmen and cadets together to learn about each other and see how God was working in their respective academies. The Roushes continued " Open House " at Maranatha Mansion on Saturday nights, offering " build- your-own-sundaes " , Christmas fa- ces, desert nights, and even " build-your-own-hero-sand- wiches " , along with the opportunity to meet with other Christians in a relaxed atmosphere. During second semester OCF held two retreats, Washington ' s Birthday and Easter weekends and a Commissioning Week picnic to bring midshipmen together to fel- lowship and to know Christ. The fellowship that OCF provid- ed, in conjunction with other Chris- tian groups, created many friendships that are sure to last as our members continue their careers in the fleet. oisF nFR.9 TnuRI OFFICERS » CHRISTIAN FELLOWSHIP 342 Extra Curricular Activities NAVIGATORS The Navigators is an international, evangelical Chris- tian organization. Jesus Christ gave his followers the Great Commision to go and make disciples (Mat- thew 28:19). The aim of the Navigators is to help fulfill that commision by multiplying laboring Christians in all the world. At the Naval Academy, this task is accom- plished through Bible studies, seminars, and personal help for Christians who desire to grow in their relation- ship with Christ, and to increase in their ability to serve. CCD Extra Curricular Activities 343 APOSTOLIC FELLOWSHIP The Apostolic Pentecostal Fellowship and Service provides lively music, vo- cal praise, and all the Biblical nnodes of spirited worship. During its weekly services, the APF S also ministered to the spiritual needs of the Apostolic or Pentecostal mid- shipmen. Biblical doctrines on prayer, the attainment and use of the supernatural Spiritual gifts, and all Christian concepts as expressed specifically in the Bible and practiced by the Apostles were studied this year. NEWMAN CLUB The Newman Club is an organization of Catholic students that provides an op- portunity to grow in an understanding of their Faith and its relationship to their advance- ment in Secular Sciences, and to the new re- sponsibilities of their professional careers. The Newman Club here at the Academy has a four fold program: Growth in Knowl- edge. Growth Spiritually, Social Ivlinistry, and being Part of a National Program. 344 Extra Currlcular Activities FIRST CL?I§§ m i First Company Angela A. Bartosik Bart Anaheim. California Oceanography General Unrestricted Line A ffrving al USNA wearing Mickey Mouse ears ' • and carrying 12 reg cotton bras. Angela brought her bfighi cheery smrle into our hearts A solid friend and fearsome enemy Ang has taught us all to respect Me liberty and the pursuit o( choco- late How can we ever lorget that God created CA on the 7th day or thai Navy Womens Crew was the grealesf Only a few were privileged enough to see Ang ' s production of Murder by Necklte. a play which she wrote and starred m herself All of us stand tn sympalhy of her measley 3 3 qpr. ihe resull of absolutely failing so many lesls 3 c year was uneventful, excepi for a trip to Europe as official beer taster for the USA 2 c year brought more exciting times as Ang finally convinced the Dant lo hold the Army Navy Game m CA . upon her rec- ommendation (hat we seek a warmer climate 1 c yr finally brought smiles back to the lace of this CCSHCJ mid Deciding to try something exotic An- gie tried studying her 1st semester of l c yr A 3 8 brought her those long awaited stars Her most fam- ous quote-l ' ll never drtnk again has proved that words are to be listened to and not believed ' .-Ve appreciate your being her with us Like it was Ihe greatest, like we ' ll miss you SMW AND JSH Joseph W. Beadles, ill Joe. Longwood. Florida Oceanography Naval Aviation oe " The Conqueror " Beadles has left his ' - ' mark on our beloved institution in all areas He arrived from Florida, with a gleam m his eye and destiny in his hands The whole world was at his beckoning and Joe proceeded to tame it Plebe year saw Joe " Sommex ' Beadles hilling Ihe rack instead of the books, but he ended up on lop- usually Youngster year, Joe " Guiness " Bea- dles began his record-setting achievements m the fields of imbibery and debauchery Second class year lound Joe " Valentino ' " Beadles with an open eye for Ihe ladies, as he began to break hearts Many a lass felt his arms around her. all eight of them, and whispers of sweet nothings in her ear As a side note. Joe " Beadlestem " also sel some finan- cial landmarks by always seeming to spend the least on every occasion First class year Joe began " leaching old doggies new Incks " and loving life. His new car led him to many virgin territories need- ing exploration Joe " Ya gotta love me " Beadles is a unique person with unique tastes and always a true Inend He will be the best aviator lo come from his beloved " P-co!a " or fall asleep trying Tench Eric M, Beckler Bo Palatka. Florida Marine Engineering Navy Aviation A ' ' ' ' " ' ' ' somewhere on ' » his person, Bo rolled into Annapolis to start his plebe year Bo was never understood at first, mainly because he spoke a language other than English But when his mama sent down a copy of the ' Palatka Dictionary " , we soon understood that " fokickoass " mean t please and " steady boy " meant watch out With this semantics problem out of Ihe way. Bo tackled (or should I say wrestled) with life m Bancroft Although slowed down some by a bad knee. Bo took up " marathons ' and soon was setting records that would have made Alberto Salazar proud Bui sometimes the pressure got to Bo You could always tell if he had had a bad day by the number of picket fences knocked down or the number of bruises on Randy ' s body or Rich ' s (ace Eric did bring his passion for huntin ' big game to USNA and bagged some beauties, too Bo " Buy American " Beckler was always a man with wheels Thanks to his daddy. Bo went through more cars than Richard Petty on a bad day Despite every- one ' s efforts, it (inally took Adm McKee lo con- vince Bo Ihat Marine Eng was a difficult ma)or at USNA Bo undoubtedl y sel some gastronomical re- cords in his years here He was the first person ever oflered a McDonalds credit card and then sur- passed his credit limit Bo ' s steady element m his volatile life is his high-school now college sweet- heart and soon to be bride. Sandy Eric has always been a true bud and always willing to help, whether you wanted a dip or some Iree advice He was a true friend lo all who stayed on his good side and a holy terror to those who crossed Ihe line Good luck Bo and see you in Pensacola DOC 346 First Company Michael E. Bryant Mike Radcliff, Kentucky Physical Science U.S- Marine Corps KA ike came to us from Radcliff Ky. a " suburb " ' ' ' of Ft Knox, having observed enough of army life he aspired to fly jets for the Navy Plebe year found Mike a married man, ihat is, until Rhonda decided lo persue other interests Mike used to enjoy wrestling and pillow fighting until Al introduced him to the low blow Being the friendly sort, Mike wasted no time in spooning the (irsties and Derwood at Ihe company dinmg m He began his two year flirtation with football which brought his four year love affair with Ihe rack Youngster year Mike occupied his time teaching pholo dub classes, having his heels chopped up, and sewing his roommate into his rack The gods of engineering decreed thai Mike ' s catling was to be a scientist. After a summer vacation in Annapolis with the his- tory Dept , Mike slid into second class year reach- ing lor new academic heighls There was a new grey presence m the room that semester, Steve, the Woop Soup When he wasn ' t m the pool with Ihe scuba club or Georgetown with Kyle he was " mid- ifying " Ihe Woop That Army week will never be forgotten as the room was ihe woopster HQ For every recon raid the brigade ran Mike and the Woop ran two Second semester Mike taught Jim and Randy wires but always seemed to do worse on the lesls On First Class cruise Shellback Mike (ound out that the rumors about Australia weren ' t true-much to his dissappomtment Plebe summer found Mike annoying the plebes and Jim breaking all his toys Mike, the firslie, ventured mlo the skies in pursuit of his pilot ' s license, and to Goucher in pursuit of Jen Mike plans a green future hopefully in Ihe right seat of an A-6 Semper Fi JLE William L. Coblentz Wild Bill. Clinton. Maryland Electrical Engineering Navy Aviation anoe U. seized ET2 Goby from ihe dutches - of Nuke power jusi in the nrck ot time and made him a much supenor being-a plebe Plebe summer we all learned something about Bill that would always be remembered. Goby defined the word classmate No lavor was to big for Bill Young- ster year the girls liked him so much they made him an honorary female midshipman {later he got a While doorplale) Women in uniform were not the only worshippers of young William, for at Tnnity College in D C . Bill would once again make 1st Co. history Too much wine, lustful women, and song set Ihe stage for Bill ' s next romantic encounter. Bill ' s skill at record setting wet kisses with a certain young pretty at Trinity earned him the title of " Wild Bill " . Shortly after the Trinity episode. Wild Bill soon managed to earn his junior fireman ' s badge, thanks to some history notes and the stnke of a match. Although the mini Bon fire was a success, (the roasted marshmetlows were great ' }, the GOD didn ' t seem to teel the same way and showed our young hero another way to make heat, through member- ship in the EMBC Realizing that crime does not pay. Bill turned to his former success — women Thus, second class year began with his attempt to win the heart of his lover to be-Sandy Because of his record and Wild Bill reputation. Sandy became the first name on the bottom ot the ' " Wild Bill-Man- child Dogged Fund " Tired of his tribulations with the ladies and his life of crime. Wild Bill took up skiing as a reform, but there was no snow Thus the second class ski trip turned into ' the guests who would not leave " weekend at Bill ' s house. Hunting for |ust one success. Bill tried Adm McKee ' s Nuc Pwr interview — and now he ' s one c the " Natty Bo " drinking aviators enroute to P-cola. Bill, you talk too much!! JLE RKR Althea H. Coetzee Altie (-Oop) Richmond. Virginia History Supply Corps A Hie came to us Irom Richmond, VA ever the ' ■ proper southern belle She and Annie laughed their way through plebe summer with good ' ole M Ens Weber Then the Brigade came back and Allie managed to disappear from the scene with her newly-acquired sailing buddies Unfortu- nately they were a little too close and the BOOW presented her with a 4K for spending time with them with the door shut So Allie became the first plebe in Fun One to serve room tours Plebe year passed and Allie started youngster year anew and surprised everyone with Batt stripes. Her new roommates weren ' t impressed, however, but she got along well with them — so well that she ended up in Bethesda for two weeks. Second class year rolled around and Allie found her mche as the com- pany girl scout cookie distributor Anyone in the company who felt the slighest hunger pang came running to her room for a Somoa or two (or twenty). With Andy oft to flight school, AIhe felt it safe to announce their year old engagement Having vast amounts of exptenence with the PCR, she also be- came the PCR gouge queen It seemed everyone but herself benefitted and so she was cordially invit- ed to an all expense paid trip to Annapolis the next summer for two weeks Then Allie zoomed into fir- stiedom in her turbo Z (thanks. Andy!) The year passed by with a minimum amount of study and a maximum amount of fun It takes a real strain to be a 15-hour. MIR. History major But in all serious- ness. Altheas generosity and selflessness ranked her as Ihe best of friends There was nothing she wouldn ' t do for you We all wish her the best of luck as a Pork Chop and m her marriage with Andy We ' ll all miss her dearly Kyle J. Cozad Gonad Las Vegas, Nevada Oceanography Navy Aviation yie arrived at the Naval Academy from Las r Vegas without any idea of what Ihe military was all about; it took him over a week to figure out what a Reef Points was Kyle stumbled through the rest of plebe summer except tor drill, where he never could gel the turn in the right direction. Kyle played basketball for a year, |ust long enough to get through plebe year on training tables As a youngster, Kyle felt that free weekends and road- tnps were more important Almost every weekend found Kyle changing in the back of grandma H ' s after a successful trip Second-ctass summer re- affirmed Kyle ' s desire to fly. or at least be stationed in Pensacola long enough to en)Oy the " sights ' " . Kyle majored m Oceanography, but spent more time reading a map and planning the next week- end ' s excursion First-class summer saw Kyle adopt the motto, " it you ' re breathin ' and you am ' drinkin ' . you am ' i nothin ' " However, as a self-pro claimed bachelor. Kyle finally tell his senior yeai and had to calm his wild ways Kyle brought a lot o laughs to Fun One. and his humor will not be forgot ten Graduation finds Kyle heading for Pensacola and a P-3, but wedding bells are not out of the picture. Good Luck Kyle, and always fly high. . ta 4 flStf l H 1 f I 1 l% P i lyi B Jeffrey A. Daniel J.D- Lima. Ohio Physical Science Supply Corps Jeffrey came to the Academy via a short stop at itTe prep school Being a recruited athlete, he had high aspirations in what he could contribute both academically and athletically. After not meet- ing his bare minimum standards as a j v football player, he turned to track - where he was an imme- diate sensation After placing first and second in the Army-Navy track meet and qualifying (or East- erns and still not receiving a varsity letter, Jetf gave up track and set his dreams soley on academics and football. His dreams fell short after breaking his leg and putting himself m a Non-Physically Quali- fied status But Jeff never gave up hope Although in the hospital because of his leg tor 19 days - merely 20 days before his first exam started, he was forced to take all but one of his exams on time, and he failed all but one of them Needless to say. that was the beginning of the end-the end of Jeff ' s enthusiasum! Going to two sessions of summer school right after failing finals still did not discour- age Jeff For those 8 months of crutches and white works. Jeff became known as the " White Works King. " Enthusiasm was low, but motivation was high - high probably due to a very special girl in his tife, " Buckey " It was love at first spill! Renee helped Jetf to keep faith m himself and he showed his faith and love for her by asking her to marry him on 18 May 1984 Of course she accepted! His mother, father, and entire family - as well as Ren- ee ' s family stuck behind Jeff throughout all of his turmoil You made it Jeff! ' ! Now it was not all that bad was it? (Smile!) No one deserves it more than you I love you and respect you for ail that you have gone through and survived! You will be the best m whatever you endeavor God Bless! - Love Me- P S. Goodluck to Tony and Joey - thanks. First Company 347 Edward D. Digges Digger Vienna. Virginia Applied Science Surface Warfare red travelled tar Uom Vienna to be with us for these beloved college yeafs {Virginia, not Austfta) Piebe summer should be called a vacation for Ted, who spent hail the time playmg football m an All-Star game He lost two roommates dunng the year - bless those lucky guys - and saw a lot of hts old buddies (nobody lold Ted U S N A wasn ' t a community college) Youngster year Ted discov- ered new uses to his favorite beer - as a shampoo tor upperclass (the alias Gern Bianslon) and as a door wax Irom the top racK The next year lound Ted on crutches, much to the demise of the pro scouts Not to be daunted, he redirected his ener- gies toward a certain baseball fan and the Sigma lota Epsilon Summer cruise " Digger the Dog " |0ur- neyed to the South Pacifac to show Ihem Aussies some good or Amencain partying This year also saw some land speed records set by our hero re- turning (fom liberty Ahh. a marSagement major at heart. Ted used every second of his liberty time Lee lacocca would be proud This lasi year has found Ted m rare form From Acquiring great study habits to hts many Springer concerts, Ted kepi his nose to the grindstone and beer mug full Ted and the Boss were constant companions over the years, so " Poor man want to be rich, rich man want to be king, and a king atnt satisfied till he rules everything " Well Ted ' s got everything it takes lo be successful m life His friendship will forever be with us all go get ' em Gern Jim. Rtch Maria Z- Dunning Zoe Whttefish Bay, Wisconson Physical Science Supply Corps Zoe lett Wisconsin but not her Wisconsin ac- cent when she came to USNA Plebe year was a breeze for Ihe ever-smilmg redhead who both played and managed basketball Never having to study in high school, il took Zoe awhile to catch on here — (our semesters m fact, until the Ac Board convinced her lo try the sludious approach to mak- ing It through in four years Eighty five and a hall? Never! Now that Zoe gets nearly all A ' s, the challenge is over, right " ? Wrong — she still has trouble with math — with balancing her budget, thai is Oh well, nobody ' s perfect Always the clown, Zoe has cheered many a de- pressed soul and brought laughter into the lives of all her friends She has a knack for always being there when we need her Well always remember the poison controls, CDR Cooler ' s parties before tennis matches (is that why you played so well?), YP faniails, sunburning on the Pensacola beaches (thanks, Smitty), Peabody ' s and Governor ' s Island, Unoand frisbee, cheering and scorekeepmg at vol- leyball tournaments (it wasn ' t m the job descrip- tion). Hague and waygon, and of course strawberry dacquines and kahlua milkshakes Your lime here has not been wasted Zoe; you ' ve made lasting friendships and learned valuable les- sons It may be hard lo leave your job as caplam of Ihe tennis learn (and not so hard to leave your job as company adjutant), but once you ' re away from Ihe halls of Mother B the adventure of your life will just begin It may carry you far from your friends, but not from your friendships We love you, Zoe, and wish you the best Thanks for being you John M, Duran Mex Lakewood. Colorado Applied Science U,S, Marine Corps-Aviation ohn came to the Academy wearing his flannel shirts and cowboy boots and suddenly found himself clad m black to match the color of his hair John made lots of (nends plebe summer lipping covers and giving " flal tires " Academic year roiled around and Johns life took a new direction, he found a trusting relationship wiih the Lord and gave himself to Him The Lord taught John many things plebe year and gave him a promise he claimed for Ihe rest of the year, James 1 12 " Blessed is the man who perseveres under trial, because when he has stood ihe test, he will receive the crown of life that God has promised lo those who love him, " Mex has been growing ever since and continues lo Irust God for guidance, claiming Psalm 23 for his life Academics were never a high priority to John. he always put helping others above himself In do- ing this, he has paved the way for a successful career as a flymg ' Jarhead " John will have com- pany though, as he ties-lhe-knot m June with Lenae Together they will press on in iheir service lo God and country John, I treasure ihe closeness of our friendship and how God has brought us together as brothers in Chrisl I encourage you brother, to press on to- ward Ihe goal to win the prize lor which God has called you Heavenward m Chrisi Jesus (Rom 3 14) May God bless you and keep you close to His side always! Love in Christ. Al P S See you in the " Band of Brothers " 348 First Company James L. Evans Auschwitz Harrisburg, Pennsylvania Applied Science US Marine Corps - Aviation LJ aving enjoyed knob year at the Citadel Jim ' ' found himelf on the Academy ' s steps plebe year His awesome physique caused Ihe coming of his nickname " Auschwitz " The end of plebe sum- mer saw Jim give up smoking m order to get a roommate From that point on it was " just a pmch between your cheek and gum " Jim devoted his musical talents to Ihe B for three years, giving him four weekends at home plebe year The effects of El Old were evident to Ihe entire company, espe- cially one 2 c who several times found Jim wearing nothing more than Hanes and a set of bagpipes Youngster summer found Jim on cruise off Beruil. battling none other than the ships boilers and A- 6 ' s He fought two other major battles once young- ster year had begun One battle was a long hard fought victory over computers But defeat was on Ihe horizon as Jim battled Jimbo and his dreaded drink Youngster year ended with letters from girls he ' d never met, getting sewn m the rack, and hung by his tie Jim returned from second class summer wilh a five foot model boat and a date for the Ring Dance He had returned to room m the barn, more affectionately known as Ihe " Toolshed " Army week was unusual since roommate " woop soup " was a well sought target Second semester saw Jim involved with scuba Fun one lost Auschwitz at the end of the year as he mduidged m a rock for his lady and set a date for the wedding First class summer, he was the first Mid lo drive the Iowa in 30 years During plebe summer il was surface line migh ' fine, but when his eyes finally passed the lest, it wis USMC Air He spent his Iree time flymg, and his W E s with Claudette Hit Ihe allerburners as you head for your wedding, Ouanlico, and P-cola Good luck wilh your future MEB Ellen E. Fain Double E Winston-Salem. North Carolina History U.S. Marine Corps Ellen has dedicated her (our years to hard work and hard play Ellen is one of the lew people who majored m hislory and subjecled her- self to high-track physics and cables It was always obvious when the " light " academic load got lighter; her stack of Pepsi light cans would touch the ceil- ing It has not always been academics that sne has " run into " since plebe year, however. She is the resistable lorce meeting the immov- able object She doesn ' t run the o-course, she runs into it Every semester there ate a few more scars on Ellen and a few more on the o-course. She did mtramurals, track, and sailing beioie she gave her full dedication {and her fingernails) to crew All ol Ellen ' s endeavors have not been limited to the yard She is the only mid I know to have carved her Initials in the Atlantic with a sub tender ' s wake Her youthful exterior has caused her to be carded every place she has gone Nobody will believe that she IS 21 until she is at least 38 But that doesn ' t stop her — where there ' s a will, there ' s a way {or a drink) Ellen brought her car back 2nd class year in preparation lor many road trips You could always tell the length of her tnps by the number of cans in the back seat Even without the car. she never lacked for rides. She dated many owners of sports cars Ellen js leaving the Academy to join the few and the proud She will do very well if she approaches it the way that she approaches everything else, full steam ahead and no ' wall " will stop her now Good luck to you and to the Corps I hope you go where you want and get what you want m the fu- ture, Whatever you do you ' ll be sure to succeed You may even be Commandant of the Marine Corps (God help the Corps). DJC David J. Hahn Dave Tampa. Florida Mechanical Engineering Nuclear Power - Submarines Dave entered the good old USNA after a four year stmt at a Jesuit High School where all he learned was that " His head hurt, his feet slmk. and that he didn ' t love Jesus . ' He did however, meet Nancy before coming to " Camp Bancroft " and she stood by him all four years and blessed him by becoming his fiance ' during Christmas leave his 2 c year If we could all be as lucky as you, Dave, m finding a lady who is lust half as beautiful and intelli- gent as Nancy is The First Class, Plebe year, never did realize that they were dealing with an individual of superior intelligence and ' attitude ' It didn ' t take long however, for Dave ' s classmates to learn that Dave brought from Florida a carefree zest for life and a flare for adventure He could always be counted on to find a good time, whether it meant crashing a wedding reception or waking up Lt. ' C at 4 AM After losing the bout with the Bull Plebe year, gelling lost in Tijuana youngster year, hitchik- ing across state lines and sleeping under stair wells second class year, and domg beer hunters with Naty Bohs at Ocean City first class year, one could say that Dave accomplished much and reached great heights of perfection! In reality Dave ' s achievements were tremendous No matter what the Mechanical Engineers threw at him. the ' Rock- et ' , ' Wild Bill ' and yes even Carl Holte. Dave always managed to come through with some staggering grades, including a 4 second class year Dave was also a member and an officer of all sorts of Greek, Roman or whatever honor societies Athleti- cally, Dave was a force to be dealt with on and off the field If Dave wasn ' t playing in a match he was preparing for it mentally m the rack Dave will al- ways be remembered for his happy feet, his Jimmy Buffett wardrobe and his unrelenttess desire to have fun Jennifer S. Henry Jen Arnold. Maryland Oceanography Surface Warfare Hailing from the distant hamlet of Arnold MD Jennifer reported to USNA ready to " hit the deck plates running " hen of course noone would have guessed how far or how often If I had to describe Jen in one word it would be exercise She did. however manage to fit m lots of hard work and wild fun between her twice daily runs around the perimeter of good old USNA The real story started five years ago at NAPS where Jen fine tuned her skills at academics, pizza eating, alcohol tolerance. and dating a certain Rugby player, turned fiancee All this hard work and dedication paid off when she joined the Fun One on 7 July 81 After spending plebe summer waxing floors in the dark at 3am she was ready to move on to more serious exploits Plebe years endless hours were spent not studying, and proving that you can square corners and sound after 1 ' ' ' 2 pitchers Youngster year was spent on nightly trips to Luce Hall armed with Diet Pepsi and trying to make her roommates experience the thrill ol 3 mile runs through waist high snow at 6am It was also the first and last time she pinned stars on her lapels (only because she never lost them) How she managed to go to bed before 1 1 and still have a 3 4 IS one of her many secrets Maybe the origina- tor of 1-4-3 will tell After spending the summer basking on Hawaiian beaches she returned to face a round of tough academics First class summer saw yet another trip to Luau land She returned with bronze cheeks and a llammg tongue ready to lead Alpha 1 As Ac Year began she traded her 2 stripes tor 3 as she assumed command ol the Volleyball team What spare time she had was spent planning how to spend her favorite Nucs bonus She finally decided on an engagement ring and a trip to En- gland Well Jen its been a " different 4 years. Good luck m the real world Alan W, Hinckley Big Al Geneseo. New York Ocean Engineering U.S. Marine Corps eig Al came to us from beautiful upstate New York where he was an excellent athlete and a hard working student Al came to the Naval Acad- emy for the challenge and prestige but when he leaves the most important thing that he will take with him IS his eternal salvation See, Big Al hum- bled hismelf before God and turned his life over to Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior Since that time Al ' s life has been founded on the scriptures, espe- cially Psalm 37 3-6 " Trust in the Lord and do good. dwell in the land and enjoy safe pasture. Delight yourself m the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart. Commit your way to the Lord: Trust in him and He will do this He will make your righteous- ness shine like the dawn, the justice of your cause like the noonday sun " As God promised in Isaiah 40:31 Al remained strong and was able to excel m academics, athletics, and effectively minister to other midshipmen through Ihe Navigators. Al- though the varsity letter Al earned and his Ocean Engineering degree were both important to him. At never allowed these to interfere with his number one priority, serving God Al, I have benefited greatly from our shared walk and the friendship that is ours from God I pray that the Lord would continue to challenge you and pun- ty you through His personal touch Grace and peace go with you brother and may God continue to bless you The world needs more people with dedication and God ' s vision Big Al, and you fulfill both criteria Carry with you the spirit behind 1 Thessalomans 5 16-18 and allow Gods Spmt to work Its full ministry m your life First Company 349 Carl T. Holte Gerbil Savage, Maryland Mechanical Engineering U.S. Marine Corps M ell. as the saying goes- then there ' s Cart, the ' ' proverbial one ot a kind His military career started oil with a Inp to Parns Island -the USMC By the time he reached Naps, three years later, he had become a corporal, no mean teat for a grunt m •motof-T " He was a smart marine and didn ' t have to walk everywhere Naps is where l drsl met Carl and Irom then on we ' ve had nothing but wild times, like Bo Jangles and spring break After Naps, he ended up in the fun company where his classmates really appreci- ated his experience They even sang a song about him. It was something like " Holte ' s old and gnarly ■■ Bui nevertheless. Carl had a great time piebe year, he was always relaxed and in control For example, when the rest of us were chopping around braced up, Carl could be seen amblmg along m a track suit bottoms, flip flops, a loo light " T " shirt, and carrying a cup of coffee To top it oft. if an upper class might stare, you could always hear. " How y ' aii doing today Sir? " One of the things Carl can do well is carry a guide-on He was so good plebe summer, that he even called column movements for the first class I guess he could read old Zendle ' s mind Seriously though, one bunch that will be very lost on gradua- tion day IS the gymnastics team Never was there such an excellent manager, you name it and he ' d already done it Well Carl, good luck in the Corp ' s. i hcpe you finally quit smoking and manage lo keep a room- mate, and don ' t forget about HoHe ' s heroes. You ' re a damn good friend and " that ' s what I ' m talking about Jack! " Blimey Eric M. Krebs Klubber Duluth. Minnesota Systems Engineering Naval Flight Officers Erie came to First Company from the Great While North, where he had his own " sowna " m Duluth Klubber ' s love for the spice of life and beer allowed him to meet interesting people like Peter Hartman and frequent classy places such as youngster park and Colonel Brook ' s Tavern (Let ' s here It for Kyle ' s green beer, hey Enc ' ' ) This strange love also afforded him many memorable experi- ences such as restriping fit 450 and his (mal Army- Navy (Welcome to Miller time ' M ' s all yours) Eric was also known by all (or his decisive nature One week. Erie would be going to buy a Honda and be intent on being a Marine — the next it was Chevy and nuke subs Encs personal El sessions, given most gracious- ly to anyone who wandered through his doors with food, gave his roommates a little heartache (Ahhhhh, systems ' ) They were, however, eager to tap his brain when they needed help During his three underclass years, a majority of Eric ' s time was spent planning outrageous summer trips — only one of which was a reality but Cana- da will never be the same, eh? He will always re- member how cold that Canadian water really is and how hard It IS to figure just how much gas. in Ameri- can gallons he was getting for his recently ex- changed Canadian money Eric ' s fun loving and helpful altitude will be missed by alt when he departs for the golden beaches of Pensacola soon to be known as the Worlds ' Greatest P-3 NFO! God bless and good luck in your new life with Karlin James M. Lennox Lone-wolf Kalamazoo, Michigan Physical Science Surface Warfare im came from the ' " zoo " way up north to our - ' dear school with a suitcase full ot civilian clothes and a taste lor the liquor and the ladies The next day the suitcase was gone, but his special lasles weren ' t. Plebe year was a special time for Jim, full ot attention from upperclass, even being dragged back from a parly by them-vowmg never to touch a drop again, ot Jack Daniel ' s that is Every other brand ol liquor was (air game, as well as every other brand o( women St Johnnies wre among the fa- vored brands of the lasses one might say Youngster year was one o( continued excellence in almost all areas, including Jim ' s pursuit o( happi- ness Jim ' s motto was " If you sleep tor 12 hours a day while you ' re here, you ' re only here (or 2 years " With this idea in mind, he honed his nocturnal activ- ities to a (me edge Never without a lady friend, Jim ' s " little black book " was well worn by second class year Ring Dance was an inierestmg altair. leaving our hero with two dates until the last sec- ond First Class year found Jim at various women ' s colleges, making ' Lonewolt ' a household word in some dorms Through it all, Jim has been a great (nend and will be successful as always where ever his energy boots take him .Go get " em. Hulk Ted, Tench 350 First Company Anne-Marie Maraoui Annie West Orange. New Jersey Political Science Supply Corps nne-Mane came to us from Lebanon via ' » New Jersey (exit 15W to be exact) destined to be an " other " on every form on die Her unspel- lable and certainly unpronounceable last name — " Midn Ma " gave everyone trouble! Annie was a model plebe, but then how could she be otherwise with her big brother library escort However, Anne-Mane showed her truer nature as an upperclassman the ill-fated Spaghetti a la Car- bonera with Jerry and Elva, and dales with Chester (you know, Chester Nimitz!) By the way. who parked your car on Route 507? She achieved academic excellence (even saw stars!) which earned her a glorious semester with First Bait ' s Southern Belle But she is best known as a world traveller. Europe became Annie ' s spring and summer home away Irom home as P-cubed (or at least one member of the trio) look the Meditter- anean by storm Anme ' s long distance affairs weren ' t limited to European soil but extended west- ward 10 include the USA-FA Transcontinental broken hearts aside, A M set- tled down to Academy business first class year, especially business two decks up, AM AN " The Cal- ifornia boxer knocked Annie off her (eel and into his hooptie (Bad, Bad Boy) Her weekend disappear- ing acl was remarkable — camping? dancing? Sure, Anne-Mane Christmas in Ca was sunny. ' 85 looks bright We ' ll see The Supply Corps is lucky to get our A.M. — warm, talented, a true friend Love, B,. T., and L. Jerome T. Marr Jer Huntington Beach, California Aerospace Engineering Nuclear Power - Submarines lA o ' s your buddy ' ' V V forever echo throughout c iV -- The sounds of Jer shall hallowed halls Right Irom the start, after a bout with pneumonia plebe sunnmer, everyone knew that Jer would be spending more time m the rack than anyone else Boy were we wrong ' He became quite a sportsman, involved in cross country, rock climbmg, track, and goll I don ' t think anyone will ever lorget the outings at the golf course. Ot course most people play in the daytime but Jer always was a different " Third World type of guy " , especially after getting a " Par Four " out of the sand trap Napoleon once again ' made First Company history when his rock climbmg reached a pinnacle wiih his conquering of ighty crevice. Third class cruise ended Jer ' s I sports career when he turned his interests to aquir- ing. through dubious methods, his bride to be He was never the same again The right side ot room 3034 was turned into a " shrine " honoring the blessed virgin, otherwise known as Sharon. Not that he had a lot of picture s, but Kodak started sending him Christmas cards Junior year found Jer " Wilbur and Orville " Marr tangling with aero profs and Bo when he stepped out ot line (steady boy!) Jerome ended the year by pondenng his fortunes on his to 60 in 2 3 seconds machine First class year began with Jer reliving the lite of his idol, Cap- tain Nemo, when he spent 75 days under the polar icecaps When Jer finally surfaced from his sub cruise, we found him running " Jerome and Shar- on ' s home tor wayward First Company first class " More Saturday mornmg first class formations were run at his apartment than m Bancroft Hall. I don ' t think we wilt ever meet anyone else like him Jer, who ' s your Buddy? R.K.R Mark W, McDonough Mark Highlands. North Carolina Applied Science U.S. Marine Corps A I rk came to USNA from the backhills of ' ' North Carolina, bringing with him his friendli- ness and his academic prowess The academic prowess bit the dust early on m his career, as did any aspirations of being a bubblehead Seeing quickly that there was more than one way to skin a cat, Mark turned on the professionalism and nearly retired the job ot Company Commander, monopo- lizing the position 5 of 8 semesters Mark sweated through his plebe year, gaming reknown for his re- fusals to carry on despite the generous offerings of his squad leader. Mark proved to be immune to " Youngster Syndrome, " but he tell easy prey to the infamous rack monster As life went on and a sec- ond year dawned, Mark found his two callings in lifetlammg and groundpoundmg Mark also took the plunge and got engaged to the love of his life, Leith. His Corps mentality permeated everything he did. as his hair began growing inward and he began to put his shoes on before his pants, thus getting his money ' s worth out of both the Barber Shop and the Repair Tailor Shop as he went through pant hems like Kleenex Come First Class year Mark tortured even more plebes as Alpha Company Commander, and then was rewarded with the helm of Fun One second semester He still found the time to com- pete with Auschwitz for the company ' s rack record, although he came in an exhausted second Seri- ously, Mark has been a best friend to all of us, with no favor to big for him to handle A future General without a doubt, take care of your self and Leith and be the best that you can be (and already are ' ) Always remember from whom all good ihmgs emm- ale and keep God first in your life, " for thme is the Kingdom, and the power, and the glory, forever and Teresa C. Owen Traci Wilmington, North Carolina Mathematics Engineering Duty Officer rraci decided in the eighth grade that she would become an officer She was m JROTC for four years, and was all prepared for the professional atmosphere of the Naval Academy She was m tor quite a shock Her Plebe year. Fun One had quite a reputation, but it seemed that steely professional- ism had nothing to do with it Yet Traci persevered. because the Navy was a tradition with her grandfa- ther, father, brother and sister, and because the Piedmont flight to Wilmington is either inconvenient or non-existent Now that first-class year has arrived. Traci has taken advantage of the two great benefits of being a midshipman, the car loan and the opportunity to travel to all sorts of interesting places (like Wales) She has a justly desen ed reputation tor academic ability and adds to it through her equally famous tendency to hit the rack by 2 1 30 every night She is a coxswain for women ' s crew, and never having set any running records, she is quite happy never to have actually tailed the mile test In short. Tract has done pretty well at this distin- guished institution- despite having a professional attitude and very unprofessional r Randall K. Reid Manchild Gainesville. Florida General Engineering Naval Aviation 1 ho ' s your buddy? " - The sounds of the Man- ' • child shall forever echo throughout our hal- lowed halls Know what I mean, man? Not much can be said about Randy ' s Plebe year because nobody knew who he was. however, he did display his financial wizardry by saving an entire semester ' s pay- m his locker Youngster year brought a differ- ent Randy, complete with )ump wings The first m a series of Spring breaks was taken and Natty Bo became the ofticial drmking water ot First Co. Ran- dy " Pyro " Reid even managed to earn his |unior fireman ' s badge, thanks lo a stack of History pa- pers. Unfortunately the OOD didn ' t think the mmi- bontire was appropriate to celebrate the end of the semester with The first day of Second Class year, Randy decided to sleep out on Hospital Point rather than go to formation. The Manchild had arrived. Randy could always be depended upon to get someone else a date, especially if she was already his And, everyone knew Randy wasn ' t geltin ' none. Infact, Randy got snaked so many times. I ' m surprised he didn ' t want to become a eunich. The first day of Firstie year taught Randy that girl watch- ing can cause accidents Just ask the Lt m the BMW in front of him Randy could always be found doing one of four things, studying, writing up ac- board applications, getting dogged, and wrestling with Bo The " Big Match " finally put an end to Bancroft ' s own " Wrestling from the Olympic " And, who can forget the dog-fund " ? What can be said about Randy " Mr Vegas " Reid " ? Ask anyone who bet on him- when the cards are all down, Ran- dy has that extra Ace up his sleeve Yeah Randy, we knew you could do it We knew you could gradu- ate too And, by the way - Who ' s your buddy? First Company 351 ■ k Theresa E. Salza Tree Mesa. Arizona Political Science General Unrestricted Line rree came lo us trom ihe deserts ot Arizona and somehow managed lo survive her Plebe year Youngster year was tilled with many " thirst quench- tng " expeditions, especially over youngster cruise Tree was Ihe assistant social director for her YP Tree and fver shadow always found the parties, or if there were none around, they made them We ' ll r evef forget her encounter with the Italian Stallion, Of the mornings after Franny-Os, (Nobody light a matchi) Being the only female on the Varsity Pistol Team, Tree always came back from trips with wild and crazy stories, (What really happened at Camp Per- ry?) Glee Club and choir were Theresa ' s loves She had an excellent voice and was never embarrased to get up in front of an audience and belt out a tune. She could always be found on Saturday nights sing- ir sole at Harry Brown ' s or the Skipper ' s Pub A mid was also Theresa ' s love Second class cruise was great for Tree Now that she had the perfect gentlemen and flowers every week, Quaniico was actually fun Partying was great at P-cola, Theresa had a permanent dance partner, (Are you sure you won ' t lei me cut in?) After cruise, Theresa needed a break from partying in the USA so she took oH wilh two friends and had wild exiravaganzes m Eu- rope Theresa learned a lot about the world on that trip, especially during rier pep-talk in Cambridge. England Theresa ' s first class year cor sisted of Green Alerts, Green Alerts, and more Green Alerts She managed to gel away for a lew long distance trips to Connecticut and Jersey Now that she had a brand new car there was no limit lo her adventures Good luck in your future adventures and all of your aspirations, Tree We ' ll always be anxious )o hear about them P S Das ts Goot. no? L.R.B and A.M.M. 352 First Company John V. Sims J.V. Richmond. Virginia Mechanical Enginering Nuclear Power - Submarines John arrived at USNA from the deep south - - - Richmond, VA Smoothie " was recruited for squash even though he had never played a game in his lite Needless to say J V ' s inherent adaptability led him lo a varsity letter m his youngster year Yet this challenge wasn ' t enough for ol ' J V he decided to become a Mechanical Engineer After countless hours of study across the desk from this wile ' of 4 years, and bitter struggles with the ' Rocket ' and Wild Bill, ' John, m his usual fashion, succeeded with flying colors He graduated with a 3 and the undying gratitude and respect ol his roommate Too bad John couldn ' t Imd time for the ladies (HA ' ) Susan, Becky, Alison (2), Rita, Melame. Su- zie. Caroline and Beth - ■ - to name a few Despite Ihe unusual circumstances surrounding most of these encounters John came through again When Tripod Man " couldn ' t find the ladies he went out with the boys O C . Hawaii, Newport and Lauder- dale provided plenty of Naly Bohs and good times, Even with all ol the hard work and debauchery J V managed to find time to become the best company commander in Fun Ones history His success has to be attributed to his natural abilities, his undying search lor excellence and the tremendous support he received from a fantastic couple — his parents. Hey best man. " Thanks lor a labulous four years and keep being what other people can only dream of becoming " Arthur M. Sterrett. Jr. Art Minneapolis. Minnesota Oceanography Naval Flight Officer Four years ago the sell -proclaimed " Calilor- nta Kid " appeared on the Naval Academy scene via that sub-arctic city of Minneapolis, Mn Coming from a diversified past and on Ihe advice ot his loving parents. Art made the decision to be- come a naval officer Because of his past. Art ar- rived with a big asset, wisdomi Because of this trait Art was what we ail hoped to become, a leader! Coupled with an excellent sense of humor. Art beared that " load " ol leadership and helped us through some pretty rough times As the year progressed. Art became that bottle ol line wine that never seemed to get taken from Ihe wine rack in the cellar But when the second semes- ter ol second-class year finally rolled around, the Lord finally let Ihe sun shine in as II to say, " Good things come to those who wait on the Lord " ' Art found himself on the second-class regimental staff, and when plebe summer came he proudly led the starboard battalion In the fall of 84 another area of Art ' s life was touched by the hand ol God The love thai he longed lor came in a package who ' s out- ward appearance was only surpassed by its inner beauty Art soon lound himsell digging a tunnel between the Academy and Quarters 354. Ouan- tico. Va , finding himsell competing with a colonel lor Jeanne " s affections. The winter o( 85 brought five stripes his way and service seleclion brought an all expense paid tnp to Pensacola. Fla Theres no question that Art will be a success m the fleet He will continue to right the wrong and strive lor excellence m all areas ot his lile Art. may the Lord continue to bless you and show his lace through the spirit that he has instilled m your lile Steven N. Stevenson P.B. Olathe. Colorado Mechanical Engineering Civil Engineer Corps Steve claims he came to Annapolis Irom Ola- the, CO ■ • - but everyone is suspicious be- cause no one has ever heard ol Olathe Being from such a small town Steve was somewhat ignorant ot the ways of the big city His roommates wasted no time introducing him lo the Imer points ol lile - - - Budweiser, The Bull, Naty Bohs and complex divi- sion With all this excellent instruction P B . the valedictorian and biggesi waster ol time I have ever seen, began his academic career with a 2 1 1 De- spite this miserable start Steve became a Mechani- cal Engineer and after several battles with the " Rocket ' and Wild Bill " he graduated with a 2 8. Seeing no future m basketball Steve undertook an- other sport - — Ihe rack with coaches like Ihe Ox and J his prowess soon emerged The Bumble made several trips lo the hospital - - one for the schnoz and one for the knee The knee dashed Sieve ' s Navy Air hopes and provided him with the opportunity to go CEC With his Mech E back- ground and Los Alamos experience there is nothing to slop him The Lord willing, the future holds a lot for Steve - - his intelligence, common sense and his affinity for Mexican food will lake him places no man has gone before Steve proved to be a pal through thick and Ihm and I cant wail lo lind him on some tropical island with his Seabee buddies and a dark tan (HA HA) 1 Ray B. Stewart Tucker Dog Severna Park. Maryland Economics Surface Warfare CD y came to the Naval Academy vra a short ' ' delay in Newport It was at the prep school that he acquired the name " Tuckless " I called him the " Tuckless Wonder " ' because of his quasi Ma- rine Corps tuck or lack of one In fact, he even took on the name of h is family dog, Tucker Dog " , be- cause Ray claims that Tucker Dog was his source of inspiration and hope during the tough times. Sure. Ray. Well, he took his tun and parties from NAPS down to Annapolis Only living a tew miles from home while attending the Academy, he knew where to go for tun! He sometimes even combined his weekend drinking with his beloved churchgoing sessions on Saturday nights. He was a tennis slud who was frustrated because of never making it to Wimbledon. He made up for his hopes of playing in Wimbledon by setting high academic standards for himself and meeting them He had everything going for himself at S S perfect eyes to fly -which many in " 85 would kill tor, the grades to go nuke -which less people would kill tor. Plus a body which would pass any strmgenl physical standards He consid- ered being a pilot for a couple of years, a nuke for a couple of weeks, and a Marine tor a couple ot nano- seconds. But Ray ' s real love was for driving ships!? Not nuke ships but the old conventional tm cans Ray will always be an old salt at heari Ray, with all of his qualifications was able to achieve whatever he wished, while maintaining his laidback disposition. You will go as tar as you want to in life. Good Luck! Take care and God Bless J.D. Richard N. Tilghman Tench Kailua, Hawaii Applied Science Surface Warfare next day he was to a one track i another great i Tiighman, not !■ Halsey " Tilghm; Although ; i at USNA with a suitcase of civilian 3ne hand and an open mind. The without the suitcase and was down mind Thus began the saga of yet military Tilghman. that of Tench be confused with " Admiral Bull jn and " Admiral Dewey " Tilg hman, ling took up most ot his time plebe year. " Flipper " had the good fortune to link up with a buddy who was to lead htm down the road to righteousness (of course there were a few detours). The next thing we knew the hottest line in Annapo- lis was " Hi, my name is Rich. I ' m from Hawaii. " More surprising was that i! usually worked ' Always a success with the ladies, " Valentino " Tilghman found that a six-pack of Natty-bos, a bag of Dort- tos, and a trip to the golt course was the quickest way to a woman ' s " heart " . Soon after, " Hana Hou " became a word used frequently by all of Rich ' s women. After an ill-fated romance with Ocean Engineering, Rich " Statics S!ud " Tiighman came back home to papa and became the last of a dying breed, a management major. With the bur- den of studying lifted from his shoulders. " Mr. GO ' " turned his attentions to pursuing an easier way of life, one filled with tun. frolic, frequent battles with the rack monster and an unyielding attempt to sup- plement his income by playing the lotto Through it all. Mr Lotto has been a true buddy, always there with a pleasant ' " howzil brah " and a smile. No mat- ter what he does after graduation (Yes Rich you do have to do something), his five year career will be the best and only one he ' ll ever have First Company 353 Second Company David A. Bailey Arnie Harwinton. Connecticut Aerospace Engineering Nuclear Power - Submarines you would Ihink thai ahet lour years at USNA Dave would mature and learn lo accept re- sponsibility Yet. he seems to have retained his youthlui. carefree attitude and is the only person I know who still gets toys lor Ct rlslmas Dave ' s lilelong dream to soar with the eagles came to an abrupt end due to his pre-com physical and hrs color blindness of the green-money variety He demonstrated his potential with his ability to acquire a high QPR despite hts tough aerospace er g neering major and an arduous two-year stmt in the D B Yet, as with any genius, he displayed a touch ol insanity with his mad obsession of creating poems, which probably accounted for his unique perception of reality But. I imagine hts greatest satisfaction would arise from his compteiion (if ever) of a balsa wood airplane he started m dead week o( piebe year He would have probatjiy finished the plane, rt it wasn ' t tor various female distractions and a lemon of a 1970 Camaro It was hard to impress his girl- friends il they had to constantly help push his car down the highway With the onset of 1 C year, Dave was able to tackle his greatest problem • that of anonymity After winning the varsity tetter in Rugby and being the wardroom president, he thought his problem was cured Alas, his company officer and many of his company-mates never did find out who he really GOL Brian M. Broberg Bro Whittier. California General Engineering U.S. Marine Corps O ro arrived here at good ole OSNA from sun- " ny California after a quick lour at NAPS where he learned what a " real " winter was The mild mannered Broman managed plebe year easily and quite frankly, without saying a whole lot It was youngster year thai most of us in " tight-Two " real- ized he even existed Youngster year was a time of changing and growing tor Brian He was fortunate to have special friends who were there to help in his walk with God It was our action-packed second class summer that Bro found the Mean Green Fighting Machine I cannot figure out what they did to him, but Bro was MOTIVATED I imagine it had something to due with the fact that his BIG little brother was a Recon Marine- and a good one Yes the Marine Corp in Bro ' s words IS basically bad " (California lingo " ?) Since then many a night have been spend talking about anything and everything The Army-Navy game brought 7 of us out to the Sroberg ' s house where Mrs B instantly adopted us, a time never to be forgotten- what food Bro returned from Christ- mas a new man How many people get THAT much mail from )ust a friend? Bro IS highly respected by all who know him His strong faith and devotion to God reflects m every- thing he does He is conscientious, thoughtful and especially caring of his fellow man. He has touched the lives ot many, Bro. thanks lor being the one friend I can really talk to May God be with you in all your endeavors Andrew A, Butterfield B - Man Annapolis. Maryland Political Science Naval Aviation From faraway Captain ' s Row, the B-Man traveled to the Naval Academy haling mids, thinking an engineer only drove trams, and in love with several 0-6s daughters Plebe year activi- ties included shouting " Go Navy Cake ' " at every squared corner We all thought he ran with Alt at plebe quarters, but he usually was found sawing logs in 3rd wing basement Drew actually got his exercise by insulting Crab ' s family, leading to night- ly wrestling matches in the 3354 arena Youngster year better suited Andy, alfecfionaie- ly known as " the Permanent Youngster " He could wear his sunglasses to quarters, skip shaving for weeks (unnoticed!), and chase the fairer sex with- out having to dodge upperclass This year An dy logged some lime at Franny O ' s. using his patented opener " Howdy, howdy, howdy I ' m a cowboy " Other Butterfield ongmals include " Where ' s the party " ? " and " I ' m in love, guys " Drew ' s second youngster year brought him to the lorelront ol the Bancroft social calendar With the aid of some high school cronies, he paired lone- ly mids with eligible ' area college girls! It was also second class year that Andy discovered the sheer excitement of getting away with Class A ' s Some notables included the 7-il ' Beef-n-Bean Recon ' . his very own parking space at Gate 8 (midstore lot only when real late), and racing the T-court rotary expressway. Senior year " Gumby " continued his work to- wards his EE minor ( " Got a D on my 48-weeker " ) and co-hosted JBCRRE3 al A-N, an event not soon forgotten Lots of trips to College Park, and who could forget the legendary weekly ' weekend room cyclones ' " Who ' s the guy on the floor ' ' " Drew also earned his coveted N in rugby that (all This Po- liSci whiz was also the only Iwo-Iime recipient ot ' the Brand ' He ' s been a great Inend and room- mate Only hope you find an alarm that can wake you up Fly like an eagle and good luck, dude! Thomas P. George T High Bribge. New Jersey Applied Science Naval Flight Officer rom came to sunny Annapolis from the thriving city of High Bridge NJ with high hopes of hav- ing the stick ol an F-i4 in his hand 2 c pre-coms helped him realize the importance ol the naval flight officer to the survival of the fleet, thus his selection of NFO Tom did many things at Navy, one of his favorite pastimes was to fence Tom was the frrsi plebe to letter m a long time He continued to work hard at lencmg, getting letters for the next three years His last year at Navy, Tom had worked his way up to the team captain As the team captain he did a lot for the team, working hard and setting the example, since we are talking about his example, I think the team should know about the day you were loo sick to practice, but decided to use your three striper libs and go out that same nighl On top of that, you were still lo sick to practice the next day, (sorry I had to let everyone in on that buddy ) Tom ' s biography would not be complete without some mention of his " ring ol distinction " His halo of gray had some poor plebe standing at attention in his skivvies To anyone who was not there, he did look a lot like an 0-6 He is also known for his ability to spend money As a youngster, he went out and gol a new 12 string guitar, and then as a firslie he just had to have that computer! He did save on his car when he got his dad ' s " old faithful " Tom, we will always remember you With all of your care for others, and dedication to the high standards that we have all faced You have been an inspiration to me. and the others around you I can not wait to run into you oul m the fleet Take care Tom. and God bless you JDH Jop. Maiyi Maitaaics i T Richard M. Hartman Rip Joppa, Maryland Mathematics Engineering Duty Officer rpich, Of Rip as we all know him. came lo good fl old USNA (rom nearby Joppatowne. First, however, a quick trip to Newport was m store Needless lo say he had a nice vacation and finally, after a year ot being footloose and free, he decided to come to Canoe U and try his hand at some real academics. Plebe year was good to Rich except when he tried to escape being caught with Elisa. Weil, the year t!ew by quickly and with Herndon came more liberty and Rich icxik full advantage We will always remember Rich for nis phone messages from Elisa during Youngster year. As a metier of fact, you can still hear Pugs yelling, " Rich, I love you, call me ASAP " Youngster year was also memorable be- cause ol Cack. Rich, and Paul all living together for a second year Junior year saw Rich moving away from Jack (Why?) and his engagement to EHsa. Also, that same year we lived across the hall from two beauti- ful babes Don ' t you remember his backrubs from the " Shoe " ? Rich can also be credited with being one of the " four " fathers of " hunkenng-down " The beginning ot our senior year was lonely with- out Rich Since he served a short tour with Brigade Staff, However, he returned eager to finish up and grace the company with his " Brigade Staff experi- ence, " We wish Rich the best m the Engineering CXjty Community and hope he continues on with his success Again, best of luck to you and Elisa and keep those high hopes since we know you will achieve all of them Good luck and enjoy yourself. J.J.M. Jeffrey D. Heida Jeff Aberdeen. South Dakota General Engineering Intelligence eff came to Annapolis following in his little brother ' s footsteps from the nautical city of Aberdeen. South Dakota Known for his high stat- ure, he immediately became best fnends with Midn 1 c Ken Perry during plebe summer and faced the first senous challenge of his lite Upon completing this monumental achievement, Jeff entered plebe year full ot vigor and spirit, ready to challenge all obstacles He breezed through plebe year m high fashion, setting a record for falling in love at first sight more times than I can count. Youngster year found Jeff catching up on ail the sleep he lost the previous year Brian and I both set forth to publish Jeffs 1 novel " How to Sleep Your Way to a 3.00 " Seriously, though. Jeff had the smarts to study when necessary, usually during mid terms and finals. Second class year was a big turning point for Jetf He met the love of his life at a retreat at White Sulphur Springs one weekend and set another re- cord by being engaged only 3 months after the ftrst date- Wow , I ' ve heard ot love at first sight, but Jeff added another meaning to the definition, Jeff also became highly motivated towards plebe indoctrina- tion as he was voted by the plebes as being the 1 flamer in the company first semester. First class year saw Jeff continue in his pursuits towards graduation and marriage, counting down the days endlessly Jeff ' s walk with God and his relationship with Sharon have given me a great model to follow, and I wish both of you the greatest happiness in your life together Jeff, you ' ve been the greatest roomie these past four years, and I sure hope to run into you someday onboard a earn- er God bless you m all you do and achieve in your Paul C. Jenkins Banana Dog Chicago, Illinois English Supply Corps T " ime present and time past ' Are both perhaps present m time future And time future contained in time past. If all time is eternally present All time IS unredeemable. What might have been is an abstraction Remaining a perpetual possibility Only in a world of speculation What might have been and what has been Point to one end. which is always present. Footfalls echo in the memory Down the passage which we did not take Towards the door we never opened Into the rose garden My words echo Thus, in your mind Shawn K. Jenkins Jenks Charleston. South Carolina General Engineering Naval Aviation Shawn has the dubious distinction of being a Citadel knob before shipping up here to Un- cle Sam ' s Small Boat and Barge School four short years ago, can ' t see paying to be abused, but it did land him amongst us. and we wouldn ' t have it any other way. would we? OK. okay! Next question Plebe year? He didn ' t have one, While we were pinging around in reg PE gear, he had the run of the company with the RADIO on at all hours of the night and weekends, not to forget him wearing that flight- suit! Once youngster year rolled around, though, he finally hooked up with a female companion for those lonely weekends at Canoe U, They burned bright tor awhile, it looked bad tor his bachelorship, but you know all about what happens to girls when they go to college Oh well! Redheads weren ' t made for each other anyway (See Lucky Bag ' 84, pg- 788!) Then came junior year, but the grades went, and Shawn lost his near 3 average Strike two! Now add one totalled car out on West Street I don ' t want to know how he escaped restriction on that one! Now comes the best part; Act IV, Senior Year! How have we survived without his leadership or he without his black Firebird? Here is an idea man worth his weight in Special Request chits! Senior year drew a reluctant admission of rarely a Satur- day or Friday night spent in the Hall lor long and an intimate knowledge of the regs He even turned two summer school sessions into a vacation! You might have seen his winsome proportions gracing the An- napolis GAP store or Clarke ' s on Thursday and Sunday nights. Too bad we all can ' t go out to rake in $350 alter summer evening musters! I wish everyone could know your friendship and winning ways Don ' t break too many hearts in Pen- sacola or Chns ' neck! (Humor ) Love. later Second Company 355 Gary R. Kent. Jr. Garo Springvale. Maine Applied Science Surface Warfare ary Richard Keni. the man with three first J names, came lo the Boat School from sunny Maine knowing just what he wanted - even jn his high school yearbook porlait he ' s standing in Iront o( a Bath Iron Works ship Garo was. contrary to popular belief, m lad already Huent in English when he got here It only took him about a year to lose thai charming accent. Sometimes suspected of using a " Mr, Micro- phone " (from Ronco) to amplify his low, quiet votce. the extremely shy Foghorn Kenlhorn was nonetfwiess always the one to be heard in a crowd. Captain Happy was always impressed with Garo ' s unique command of the language Garo. a natural athlete, was also a tremendous asset m any athletic contest that he could keep himself from getting thrown out of Lax was his specialty, and his 30- loot corner )umper won many a game of hoops. The Cavewoman earned Garo his fair share of " Bozo Buttons " plebe year He got Andy a " B " in computers, got a " C " himself, and then decided to ma or tr the crazy things! The food fights, last min- ute returns from Charlie ' s, and jelly on the ceiling are all legendary Youngster year saw the birth of the garden club, and then things reallygoi crazy, so much so thai by second class summer he was a certified beer bong instfuctof Garo also aced " Jumpslartmg 8-Man ' s Car in Broad Daylight in Officer ' s Housing 101 ' early youngster year Garo, probably the Dan B ' s biggest fan, was also the creator of the famous " Hamo Awards ' and kept busy first class year as full-time operator of " The Game Room " Looking back. It really becomes one big blur of tough weeks and great weekends (thanks lo Mr Visa) and lots of trips to College Park JBCRRE 3? Still paying for those cups! We never straightened All out, Garo. but it ' s been fun irymg Best of luck. bud. George O. Lange Max ' em Virginia Beach. Virginia History Surface Warfare George came to Second Company from either Japan or Germany, (nobody ' s sure which) and proceeded to fit right In with the routine, well not quite He did get a lot of attention plebe year and plebe summer though Academics lust made the problem worse " It ' s tough when you fail a course every other semester, did you know that I ' ve been to every summer school? " Yes George we know No George I don ' t think we ' ll ever put that YP in T-Court but It was a good idea Plebe year George gave his all to the drill team and second class year got his N sweater as the brigade boxing manager He had his RX-7 since high school so his second class car loan went toward a kayak (we talked him out of the Ultra-light) and $3000 worth o( silver options (Mr Lange. there ' s a guy from the FBI who wants to talk to you) George became " Max ' em Lange ' first class year as the most active conduct officer since Hitler He also doubled as James Bond one weekend on the black diamond slope at Jack Frost Mountain, The pool at Lejeune was never George ' s fnend He did the first known high dive belly flop, couldn ' t tie a knot in his khaki pants, and did the third act of this play. " HELP-l ' m drowning " m the 40-year swim. We ' re still not sure how George got into USNA but he ' s made the grade (anchor man?-go lor it George) and we ' re all glad that he was with us these (our years Good luck with your kayak, saxophone, $3000 stereo system. Olivia Newton-John, and especially Karen Witler, Christopher M. Lowery Chris Horseheads. New York Applied Science Nuclear Power - Surface 7 here is very little info on Cbns from plebe year I guess thai case of mono kept him quiet for a while At the start of second semester plebe year he moved into the plebe barn with Greg, Pugs, Scoot- er, and Gramps Wild times were to be had there Next came youngster year After a couple of weeks Joey and I evicted Vin-dog and we picked up Chris because we thought he was a quite guy Boy. was I wrong. I can ' t recall how many times limes he put his foot in his mouth Chns loves to argue Not realty for the sake of wmnmg, but to " stick to his guns " and make you at least appreciate his views I think we learned many things from each other Such as. how to delegate and get people to work tor you, how to miss formations ■ legally ?, and how to get first class privileges as a third class Second class year changed the schedule a little, including the amount of time m the wardroom and the finals schedule (basketball, sleeping, eating - repeat) The following summer went quickly with time spent at Keuka Lake and around-the-clock partying Se- nior year brought the departure of Joey to room with " Cack " The humor continued, grades went up as studying went down, and our reign as the wardroom kings began Chris is very amiable and I will remember him most for his warm and sincere conversations with myself, our friends, and our fam- ilies. He has an interesting and unique philosophy towards life, school, women, partying, friends, and the Navy- One could only appreciate it if they had the opportunity to sit and talk with him as I was fortunate enough to do many times Without getting overly sentimental; after living with a guy lor three years you become " semi-brothers " . Best of luck In all you do. ps Don ' t blow smoke - Nice lake, Leroy 356 Second Company i John J. Mlincsek J.J. East Chatham. New York Marine Engineering Naval Flight Officer ohns story. I ' m afraid, will have to be lold by me since a majority of his other roommates have been kicked out due to academics, (i e Purdy. Duma, and Tnpletl) Luckily, his story will not be as lengthy as it should be since many of his escapades, like at James Madison, are belter left unsaid There is one Army story, however, that every 85 member of 02 Co must remember That is the lime J J, had to relieve himself Or should I say the time when J J, was unable to relieve himself That CHiPs officers just couldn ' t believe his eyes, It all ended up okay though when John got to Pizza Hul and can you believe it. A record three minutes straight!? No wonder why he was in such pain To this day John parlies it up a lot, however, his stories have calmed down a bit The reason for that is obviously due to his engagement to Tracey Smith in February ol our second class year I ' ll never for- get how J J used lo come in and tell me how seri- ous he was getting with " this girl " The next thing I knew he paid a little visit to Gold Oust and asked me to be his Best Man I ' m |ust glad his pick in a wife IS lar better than his pick in a best man. First class year came as a big surprise to J.J, since I went over to 4-1 lor a semester leaving him to room with none other than Ralph Portnoy It ' s a wonder John was humble enough to forgive me for putting him through a fate worse than death. Well, I guess that is it lor this little tale Thanks a lot John lor saving me Irom Jenkins and Stem and lor becoming one of my belter friends at good old USNA Best of luck to you and Tracey R.M.H. •W ' ! twills !«. ' .r. A Gregg P. Olson Oly Westlake Village, California History U.S. Marine Corps n every class at the Academy there are a Jew ' guys who come in and take charge. Bepng from sunny, laid-back California, Gregg did just that with all the style and ease characteristic ol the Valley Plebe Summer rolled right oft his back as he im- pressed anyone ' s toughest critics, his classmates Plebe Year saw Oly at the boathouse. where he learned the hard way that Annapolis does experi- ence winter. The second semester of that unique time we spent in a five man barn, dodging pennies. scraping ice off the inside of the window and set- tling arguments between Pugs and Chris Those days (and Scooter) may be gone, but the memory of the Man with No Face will haunt the taps taker and I forever Once calculus was out of the way. the most common marks on grade cards tor Gregg were A ' s, tiut that ' s the way it is tor all History ma)ors. right? Whatever it was, grades or his spot- less integrity, Gregg spent his last semester here commanding the Regiment No one deserved the honor more. Gregg epitomised the military leader here There isn ' t a better place tor his talents than The Corps. It has been a privilege to know him welt these lour years, I ' m sure that ten years down the road we ' ll all be proud to say " Olson? I was m his company, " Best of everything to you, Gregg Sem- per Fi. WJS David P. O ' Neil Pic Picayune. Mississippi Naval Archtecture U.S. Marine Corps Dave " Pic " O ' Neil came to us from the bus- tling city of Picayune. Miss, Yes, he talked about his great city as it it were the metropolis ol the south (sorry Dave we ' re not convinced). Dave easily smiled and talked (on the phone that is) through plebe year. It seemed that Pic had a south- ern belle back home waiting for him. and he wasn ' t going to let the 1500 miles between them interfere with their relationship. As a result, Dave is well known for his $200 phone bills (on roommates credits cards). PfC was known tor his ability to talk. He was especially gifted when it came to heavy duty BS- ing. Nothing compared to Mississippi, Picayune, Naval Architecture. The Dallas Cowboys and 280Z ' s, He was the only person capable of entering the wardroom, and after opening his mouth, recieve a barrage of pillows. The football games in the wardroom were especially interesting: it was Dave against everyone else. Dave always had a smile on his face, which often made you wonder what was on his mind (you know that type ol grin). Among other things. Pic was the epitome of a boy scout He was also amazing when it came to girls. We still can ' t figure out how he managed to be engaged to two different girls within a 4 month period, Dave was extremely friendly and kind to every- one. He was the one guy you could count on tor anything. Although we will miss Dave and his friendship, we realize that he will be well taken care of by his newest love. Louise. GO MARINE CORPS! OOOHRAH! MST Anthony R. Orlando Tony Toms River. New Jersey Physics U.S. Marine Corps rony came to USNA from the Jersey shore town of Toms River. Plebe year was a challenge since he had to balance his academics, duties as a plebe and active membership in the D B. Young- ster summer Tony travelled to USAFA for some survival training with the zoomies He quickly set- tled into youngster year In the fall he met Karen who would become very important to him two years later. Second class year was a leadership experi- ence. First class summer brought Tony to Calitornia to play with the Marines lor a month The academic year came, and he and Karen got back together She was a great mlluence on him and helped to make him a better person As the year progressed, grades went well, and his dream ot going Marine Corps continued First class year brought about his much wanted Trans Am, graduation, and the deci- sion (or Karen and him lo be married a year after graduation May he always reach the goals that he sets for himself- Semper Fi! Ralph I. Portnoy Yontrop Potomac Maryland Aerospace Engineering Naval Aviation M e all knew that this 6 ' 2 " six year old from » ' Potomac, Md. would be trouble the day he told our plebe summer squad leader thai there was a 6 2 million square miles of floor space in Bancroft Hall He could recite the entire script to Star Wars and handle a light sabre like a true Jedi Ralph started as a mama ' s boy, but with role models like Conan the Barbarian and He-Man he has grown to be the Zeus who came down from the mountain to make the Vorvon howl Ralph spent his first two years diligently studying tor his (well picked) Aero- space Engineering major and racking up stnper points. This work got second semester company commander Second semester second class year Ralph really came out to play and has been his usual SIX year old self since Ralph has been an intramural man lor lour years with his strength in squash and fieldbail As coach of ball squash he won a brigade championship Being a Navy pilot is hts goal and no one doubts that he ' ll be the best. A lew quotes lo remember " Dealth to R H " " I ' m taking the hypotenuse route " " No Ireebies Arn " " The CDO ' s shack " " Get in the bag Bill " " Bill ' s a space werewolf he ' s a Vorvon " Good luck Ralph we ' ll all miss you And don ' t you dare grow up! DB Second Connpany 357 John D. Pugltsi Pug Dix Hills, New York Mechanical Engineering Naval Aviation A o one has ever introduced the Naval Acade- ' ' my to the culture ol Long Island in quite the manner Pugs has John sailed through plebe sum- mer, giving us all a taste of his caustic wit, No matter how bad the Firslles tried to be, Pug always saw the humor ot the situation and kept us going The consummate sportsman, Pug always put all he had out on the field From plebe soccer to company ball his intensity was perfect Always well-versed in the finer points of the contest, Pug has never been afraid to assist the " stripe " on a lough call. Some may say that the Intramural basketball program never had a better ret than John himself Although the Mechanical Engineering department seemed to be after Pu g with a vengence, the same hard charg- ing qualities he showed on the field have carried him to that coveted " BSIwIE " . Pug arrived in t961 with green blood m his veins and Ouantico in his eyes, but had such a great time m Pearl Harbor that we were sure to see him on a frigate after gradua- tion Well we weren ' t loo far off We will see him out there, only bringing down his whirlybird on the flight deck Good luck in Pensacola to a great room- mate and true competitor. May you always be cleared tor take-off. Humilde S, Prudencio. Jr. Jun Salinas, California Mathematics Surface Warfare jn Pfudencto Aspiring young naval officer or ' - ' double agent lor the Philippine government The world may never know the real, inner secreis of Jun ' s life, but the outer person that he revealed to us will always occupy a warm spot m our hearts Jun was a Christian who iruly cared about everyone he met He could always find time to help people with homework, photography, table lenms. invent- ing new vocabulary words (unchronologolized ' ). personal matters, or teaching me to drive a stick shitl (on George Lange ' s car) Table lenms was Jun ' s mam hobby at USNA (besides resimg his eyes), and he excelled al it. bringing several trophies into our room and taking 5lh place at Nationals first class year He founded the USNA Table Tennis Club, and much of his spare itme was spent batting a little while ball at a piece of green table on ihe other side of the net There are many things Ihal I will never forget about Jun. and a few quotes sum up many memo- ries " ll ' s okay, ifs George ' s car. he won ' i mind us lakmg it to Harlem " " It you think about it in a logical, malftematical fashion " " Ifs m my file " Jun, we ' ll all miss you Good luck in Ihe fleet on Ihai big gray target of yours. " Let yoo» light so shme before men. that Ihey may see your good works, and glorify your father which IS in Heaven " DJR David J. Randle Dave Pine Knoll Shores. North Carolina Applied Science Aviation Maintenance Duty Officer M hat comes to your mind when you hear the » ' name Dave Randle? Big, massive, bulky-or at least he will be in the near future Dave came to the Naval Academy from the world renowned city of Montville, NJ (yes. New Jersey ) His aspira- tton for the corps was revealed by )umping out of perfectly good airplanes and playing with little toy soldiers " f ililary studies association " Dave called it; and consequenlly wrenched the position of V P, for the MSA. in an awesome play of power politics Second class year found Dave to be a new man - a " Wetder " man. In ihis action packed year his hopes for the Marine Corps were deflated, along with his lungs Dave spent his spring break In the hospital with a Doctor Pender, (alias Humllde sales Prudencio Sr ) He also thought it would be interest- ing to lest the fire alarms in Ihe wires lab by blowing several (10) fuses all m ihe same lab, " V = IR " with no r. there is a lot of i Alter ihe memorable trip to Pasadena, Dave ' s search for companionship led him to a future piebette. (She didn ' t make it) First class year had Dave all ready tor his desk in Ihe fleet, all he had to do was graduate. The stress and strain of sleeping his way through Ihe first se- mester caused him to take over 20 " Joe " vitamins a day. II still did not help, he was always in Ihe rack anyway The continued abuse of these pills caused Dave to confuse WUBA with SDB uniforms (It is intuitively obvious to the most casual observer but the name escapes mel) Dave, the years we have spent together have been great With your commitment lo the Lord, we shall stand by your side. It has been such a joy in our lives to see you grow. God bless you, and may the Lord be with you always. 358 Second Company William J. Schuiz Jr, Old Timer Honolulu. Hawaii Oceanography Surface Warfare eill came lo the Naval Academy from the Na- val Academy Born on Hospital Pomi, Bill fulfilled his desiiny by showing up back at Annapo- lis tor higher education in I98i Being a Navy ju- nior. Bill had almost as hard a time telling people where he was from as he did lellmg people what his major was Alter breezing through Plebe Summer and Plebe year with the best rankings. Bill won Ihe Triple Crown by having three majors in one week. After deciding that feeding fish was his academic calling, Bill settled down and quit crew to live a normal life Second class year was to be Bill ' s downfall as he was determined to be the oldest organism in Ihe universe. Many other revelations (too numerous lo mention) about Bill were laler found and the sound of howling was something his neighbors had to live with As second class year drew to a close. Bill had everything in the world lo look forward 10 including his second Plebe Sum- mer, company sub-commander m the fall and his first stmt on a real gas turbine ship for cruise As it turned out, cruise stunk, Plebe Summer was too hot and sub-commander was different Somehow Bill managed to get stars in the fall of first class year His Success was not surprising and will not be surprising in Ihe future As long as he is having a good time. Bill is a good bet for command some- where down Ihe line Good luck with fair winds and following seas n i ■ f ick came to the Academy (rom the quiet ' ' New England town ol Cumberland Foreside. Maine Before making this move. Rick experiment- ed tor a few years as being a Navy enlisted type Rick then came to the " U S Naval University " in search of a more challenging career (academics!?). Rick experienced an average plebe summer and quickly learned to dislike coacn Leniz and his early morning PEP (physical elimination program). After all, Rick was not a young, active kid fresh out of high school. Once Rick received enough freedom, he quickly identified himelf as a night person that enjoys the rack by day (often times well beyond the 10 minute chow call). These same late-night ses- sions made Rick infamous with his roommate that insisted on a minimum ot eight hours of sleep each nighl Rick ' s smooth sailing was interrupted when he ran into rough seas towards the end of 2 c year, A small misunderstanding with the company com- mander (known for his ability of finding the perfect scapegoat) caused Rick to be transferred from the 20lh company Rick handled it like a true " Snow- man " would ' ve calm and cool The entire company missed you during this last year . . especially me Take care and keep in touch. JSB P-S. I would like to add my own special thanks to the guys in 2nd company for mak ing my senior year very memorable. I would also like to thank my par- ents and brothers and sisters and especially Mi- chele for all the love and support you have given Jack L. Stem Steminer Fairfax, Virginia Political Science Supply Corps Jack leH the nest in Fairfax to follow in Dad ' s footsteps and become the second graduate from the Stem family. Jack had to take the scenic route through Harry ' s m Newport, but arrived with the rest of the class for the July 7ih induction. It took Jack less than a week to decide that he had had enough of plebe rates and promply started to formulate a plan to collect a dollar from every class- mate and hire a falconer to tratn his bird to drop a cover on the chapel dome. The middle years of Jack ' s tenure revealed a carefree, good natured lad who was always willing to help a lady in distress. Unfortunately Steve Wils on is no longer with us for verification, but there was a homely gtrl sitting at a table at the Aflerdeck with whom Steve certainly didn ' t want to talk. But who sensed her loneliness? . . . Jack, of course. And when Steve pleaded with Jack not to bring this ' babe ' where anybody would see her, who asked this girl to partake in her first Disco de Dahlgren? , , who else? Not only is Jack an unselfish gentleman, but he can look forward to unquestioned success in the business world, if his experience here is any indication. Chairman of the Board would be most appropriate. Name any Board available to a Mid at the Academy and Jack has appeared betore it Now any Chairman of the Board needs a certain amount of bravado. Well. Jack was faced with a weekend of restriction during Homecoming ' 84 and that. Jack thought, was en- tirely unacceptable. So after the football game Jack introduced himself to the Hon, John F. Leh- man and got a note excusing him from restriction. Despite this temporary reprieve, Jack has served 60 days restnction, 65 room tours, loss of Chnst- mas Leave, and loss of class rates until graduation in this, his fun filled senior year Look for Jack ' s memoirs in his upcoming book. How to Have a ' First Class Year Daniel P. Stout Trout East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania Oceanography Nuclear Power - Submarines r an came to us from the bustling town of East - ' Stroudsburg, fresh from the woods and looking forward to a career as a Navy wrestler . . . after Plebe Summer. Dan found out that Navy wres- tling was only one of the challenges he would face. Dan spent the first two years looking tonward to becoming a nittany lion and telling others they would be Company Commander, After he was de- serted by nearly all his roommates, (Trip, Willy, Louis, and Geoff left for a lite m the civilian world, perhaps convinced by Dan) Dan was forced lo find a new room ' mate ' and make some serious choices. Fortunately for the Navy, Dan stayed on for 2 c summer. He went into the summer thinking green {the closest thing to Forest Ranger available in the military) but came out convinced that he would be a nuke. No doubt it was the lure of the tee cream machine, rather than the bnny deep, that changed his mind. 2 c year saw Dan get a well-deserved letter for wrestling, and some odd looks tor his inter- pretation of the phrase " three man room, " Firstie year started with a sub cruise on the only undersea luxury liner ever built for the USN. and a tour aboard USNA as a Squad Daddy for detail (his one attempt at being a Flamer) Once school began. Dan took on the position of Company Commander. which came as no surprise to hts friends, and went on to make a name for himself on the judo team. Dan will be remembered for his healthy outlook on the " system " , his sense ot humor, and his uncanny ability to seek out and consume the nearest gallon of chocolate chip mint ice cream Dan is one of those rare people who is always happy to help, or give encouragement when it is most needed. He will be missed, and we wish him the best in whatever he does. LC and GPO Timothy G.J. Szymanski Ski Wilmington. Delaware Applied Science Surface Warfare Oki-Clint-The Master came to USNA via a short visit at Newport, R.I It was a fairly uneventful year except for a few clashes and just about a s many flat tires with his now intended. Marcelia The Polish Hammer went on to win the plebe summer boxing championship and breeze through plebe year with a quick side step of the ac board. Youngster year brought the departure of Vin-dog and the start of some truly incredible magazine wars. First semester slid by quietly for Ski except for a not brief enough encounter with the early morning breakfast club as a result of some over zealous wall climbing activities To whomever it may concern, I once heard him say it was worth it. Spring brought Ski his first varsity letter as an exceptional wrestler and led mto the first of two " I love Norfolk VA. " cruises. Second class year ar- rived and so did trips lo Patton ' s, our first two man room, orange smashing at finals and an all impor- tant engagement, about which he never recieved enough flak. Second class summer memories .... Pensacola, enough said With just a tad extra pro- fessional competency review and an all too short a stay at Keuka Lake. Ski became a first class From then on it has been history, archives, he ' s out of here He actually flirted with a 3 first semester. A change ot jobs brought a change of rooms but certainly not a change m our friendship I wish you and Marci the best of luck Your horizons are boundless " When someone you love says goodbye, with them they take a part of you " and we are all taking a part. CML Second Company 359 Michael S. Tranchina Moike Glassboro. New Jersey Aerospace Engineering Aviation Maintenance Duty Officer Dear classmates, as we all know. " Moike " came to Ihe Academy from a relatively small town He was recruited tor soccer and although friends and family wondered if it was really for him. he came determined to do his besi His plebe year wasn ' t too bad (or him. but like the rest of us, he took his share of abuse (maybe a little more than others, but that can be attributed to his strong self will and personality thai refused to be broken) All Ih ough his Academy career, he has been known lor his good sense of humor (what a spaz!) Also, to his credit is his most honest disposition Now guys. ( realize that sometimes Mike said things in ways thai might not be epitomized as tactful, but Irulhtully, he nevei said anything m a derogatory way Mike was afways willing to give his opinion (whether we want- ed It Of r ot). but he always did because of his true desire to help those whom he called his friends Mike, as a roommate, you have been extremely helpful and unselfish Even when times got rough ' or me. you were always there lo help in any way you could Vou could always tell when something was up Hey, I appreciate the lale night discussions we have had. because I am sure they strengthened our friendship I ' ve learned a lot from you if their is anything about you that stands out the most, its your ability to understand people, their actions, and how they think This quality will serve you well as an officer and in any other capacity May God truly bless you wUh his most perfect will for you, your career, and your relationship with him Sincerely, your classmate. Bro. 360 Second Company Joseph F. Valentine Joey V. Cranberry Lake. New York Political Science Nuclear Power - Submarines Joe originally from Cranberry Lake. New York, transferred from the strict discipline of Cornell to our fun loving, girl Infested party school after one year Here, Joe has acquired an appreciation of liberty unattainable al one of the so called civilian schools Of course, with all of the partying and girls comes the hard work and sweat of a political sci- ence maior. Joe has always been able to keep his ultimate goal of becoming a nuclear engineer m view, (even through the D in EE) He was even able to convince Admiral McKee of his desire to become a nuclear submarine officer! This is a rather impres- sive ambition for a person who. after our plebe year, wanted to return to Ihe structured discipline of Cornell Fortunately, for the Navy. Joe was able to overcome his masochistic tendencies and remain here at the Bancroft Frat What would we do with- out Joe ' s motorcycle stunts, his coming back with rust all over his whites and his impressive perfor- mances over some of the Marriol weekends. Who can forget his ability to both make and drop hoa- gies oft Ihe top of the DC Marnot Perhaps we should dedicate a plaque to him. Hopefully, nuc- schoot won ' t be too easy to him. Well, ready or not, here he comes Navy, the famous political nuclear scientist. Jumping Joe Vaienlme. David Adam Weiss Dave Burbank. California Applied Science U.S. Marine Corps Dave came (o the College of Undergraduate Naval Technology from sunny Burbank, Cal- ifornia He really belongs with the guys m ' 84 but because of a botched medical file he was denied admission . Yea BUMED! He finally got his ap- pointment 1 month before 1-Day, He promptly pro- ceeded to have a less than spectular Plebe year, probably because his firsties didn ' t realize that Dave knew more than they did . they still probably don ' t realize this His academics were even less spectacular as he made the jump from systems to ops analysis His first summer was spent obtaining as many pins as he possibly could (he liked pins). He went on a sailing cruise, volunteered for a four week sub- marine cruise (what a loser) and then went on to Fort Benning lor Airborne (oh boy!) Youngster year was marked by similar God-like performance, the highlight of which was leaving Crabtown to spend Christmas In Europe. It was during 2nd class summer that Dave ac- quired his real nickname the greatest living white man on the face of the earth. Just ask him; he ' ll tell you why. Dave went for the ' Gusto ' that summer as escapades in P-cola and sailboats In Annapolis moorings lifted his ego. 2 c year brought with it even greater academic success. Accompanied by many diversions Dave was personally responsible for the demolition of 26 rent-a-cars in LA as he was in charge of many logistics In LA for the A-N game: a couple of which were the rent-a-car and Amusement Park packages Dave also masterminded the hanging of a ' Go Navy ' sign over the Hollywood sign in LA, perhaps the most significant PR event during the A-N week in California. In addition, he was responsible (or the Huey-lewis-.38 Special Concert- Even though he is active, Dave still doesn ' t have a car Mozel-Tov, bud. We finally made it Macko ■■i : ' I Third Company Jeffrey R. Baquer Hadji Jacksonville, North Carolina Physical Science Supply Corps _7ad)i halted (fom J ' ville. land o1 the Few and ' the Proud Everyone thought he was Corps, they were nght all along Plebe Summer saw room- mate Skippy. pool time, bumper knockabouts. morse code via leg tap. and the Ime-You should have asked me first! Ac-year hit Calc and chem- yuck. ISO ' s meat squad and living with Hick and Mr. Clean {Copenhagen city) Knav and Hadji, out the gale w Notre Dame bait X-mas was heart- break city Summer meant Airborne. YP ' s, and NYC Youngster year with Knav and Gils, a trio to be reckoned with! The Baquer Interception and the Balloon Women, oh no Spring Break was Florida Warmth and Mustang Freeze Summer found Hick, Digger, and Flame-on bar hopping and practicing to challenge Jack Nicklaus Second class year brought a move with Hick and Wlngnut and the PhySci brothers were born Finally became a ISO ' s starter and so came knee operation 1, Then the move to end all moves, rooming with Seigs The DMZ was quickly initiated Summer meant Nag ' s Head, Caribbean Cruise, the Hadji-Mobile. and Cruising with the Nebraskan-HillbiHy. First Class year patented: Pass tests and lose weight. Made All-League ISO ' s, had another blown knee, and renewed a friendship with the Cornell Connection. Thanksgiving warnings went unheeded as he visit- ed the Blond Doll Lightnmg struck and the Honda was the casualty Thanks guys tor all the friendship and good times We ' re all different but we ' re the same. Andrew J. Bellus Smokey Omaha. Nebraska Systems Engineering U.S. Marine Corps A ndy woke up one morning to find out to his ' ■ surprise that he was at USNA. This inslitu- tuon of " higher learning. " belter known to us as Canoe U . welcomed Andy from his hometown of Omaha After having many discussions about the existance of intelligent life in Nebraska, it was de- termined that Andy was a fluke. Plebe year was quite the experience. After getting a free member- ship with the " God Squad, " with Fat Freddie and Bobby " Billy " Graham, it seemed as if Plebe year would never end. To make matters even worse. Andy seemed to really enjoy working with imagi- nary numbers, which would only mean that he was born a Systems Engineer During his Youngster Cruise, Andy became convinced that punching holes in the Pacific or any other body of water with a sub that had a warped hull just didn ' t cut it The same year. Andy and " The Boys ' look a trip up to the Big Apple After being approached by some druggies, Andy fell that it was time to leave NY ASAP. A retaliatory nuclear strike on NY. would have set his mmd at ease but he decided to never set foot in the Big Rotten Apple again The midnight oil was burnt many a night at NaTS First Class year at the low security prison allowed Andy to pursue other interests To this day he is still putting his mom ' s matchmaking skills to the ultimate test Hey. Mrs. Bellus. Jennifer Seals will do the trick. Timothy L. Berg Tim Bloomington, Minnisota Electrical Engineering Naval Aviation From never having heard of the Naval Acade- my, this fine young man now finds himself graduating from it several years later pursuing aspi- rations of being an aviator. Indeed we have all learned a lot during our short stay at Annapolis, in fact, some more than others Tim learned to " bor- row " people ' s things, that a " pop " Is really a soda, how to tie a tie early m his junior year and began to learn how to live with an Italian fuzzy bear from S.F. Despite all of this, here is a man who backs Jim M- in saying, " The West is the best " Bloomington, being west of the Mighty Miss is of course a famous place In fact, a few from Mass have rumored that the Jacksons played in Tim ' s junior hockey league for a few years I ' m not sure if this crucial issue has yet been resolved Radar and Beanhead are still skeptical One thing is for sure- it hasn ' t been all bad Although time spent on leave and at Pete ' s have definitely ranked high on the scale The good limes at the Academy are behind us now, but surely better ones are to come Good Luck and God Bless Steven C. Cade Skip Cincinnati. Ohio General Engineering Surface Warfare Steve rolled in from Cincy ' s Moeller High fig- uring that going to the Academy might be a step in the right direction to getting his barley, malt, and hops connoisseurship approved by Anheuser- Busch He passed up being a Buckeye and a Fight- ing Irish for the grand opportunity. Since then, this gentle giant, always referred to as " Skip " , has real- ized that USNA IS more than just a party school, and being here for four years is more than just a party Academically. Skip survived. After three and a half years of being plagued, punished, and perse- cuted by the Mechanical Engineering dept., he ad- mechamcal, but what a great battle he waged. Skip did his best work outside the classroom. He paralleled the Bad News Bears story when he coached the football team — decades of losmg tra- ditions were forgotten m a smgle season. He was nominated tor a Golden Glove after living with Steve D He frequently taxied various assemblages ol animals to G-town and the Vous for all night festivities and always returned them alive. Coma- lose maybe, but alive Skip claims to have been detected on the Richter scale It wasn ' t his accident or the time he fell out of the top rack younster year, but rather because he snores in Dolby stereo it has been said that Ban- croft Hall was mice and termite infested before Steve Slept there His roommates still occasionally shake at night. Second class year found Steve with a new diver- sion in bright-eyed Leigh-Anne. Franny O ' s. Mum ' s. Clark ' s, etc rarely found one without the other, and together Ihey shared numerous road trips to places near and far With a wonderful wife and his cheerful outlook, Skip has a bright future ahead. We wish them the best. Third Company 361 George A. Cheney Drew Wilton. Conneicut Naval Architecture Nuclear Power - Surface A ndrew followed his older brother to good ' ol r USNA. and spent as much time plebe year living with the Jirsties ot 6th Co as he did with 3rd Co The Flying Circus did find lime, however, to teach Andrew how to eat pie His overaboundance ot energy kept him m perpetual motion as he ex- celled in academics m the early years, validating most ot plebe year and earning a 4 youngster year By second class year, though, he had straightened out his priorities, as sailing, girls and magazines provided (lawless excuses to put off siudmg Only Andrew would find a girl who would spend 6 months in England and then spend the next year at school m, of all places — IOWA! He soon became an expert at monopolizing the Co Officers ' phone for hours at a time and then not passing out when his phone bill arrived He also became an expert at devouring enormous quanti- ties of cookies, etc . from his roommates chow packages It was only fitting that he room with Ho. however, smce only a guy from Iowa could sleep through Drew ' s nightly pig imitations. Also excelling at terrorizing Europe, the trip w John and Kerry was spent reading tram schedules as the scenery passed by and hunting desserts to make up for pounds lost to his diet A Midn. exchange to France ? c year prompted him to spend l c cruise with the Frogs, leaving a trail ot broken hearts across Europe Maynard 3 managed to survive both post- graduation parlies at Buckys-but ]usi barely! i c yoar found him spending time trying to find things wrong with the Saab and above all else windsurfing Sailing tnps w Rob (Dan tagged along tor unknown reasons) to St Mary ' s provided awesome times, as the girls down South kept the parly animals busy Andrew, not one to make hasty decisions, waited until 10 minute before the deadline to choose sur- face nuke Both the surface and the nuke boys are fortunate to be getting the services of such a super guy Good Luck and God Bless DJH Steven A. DeBonis Steve Wilbraham. Massachusetts Mechanical Engineering Naval Flight Officer Steve stormed the Academy ' s walls in his usual tashion on (be sunny afternoon before l-Oay It would be the last time for the next four years that Steve would arrive early for anythmg- " cept liberty Annapolis was his last stop on a plea- sure cruise from Mass to the Severn via NAPS. Steve can basically be categorized as a " sharp person " , His car is sharp, his clothes are sharp and of course his scissors are even sharp Plebe Summer found Steve m a stale of contusion. In following his mentor, Kmghter. Steve dodged many pletw summer events while perfecting his donation to Navy Hockey. Steve started his trend with luck by losing his first of many raffles, to wm a garnished love boat cruise This is where he met his mermaids of the Severn. Steve became well known youngster year among area women in using the infamous De- Boms bite His romanctng took a Dackseal to a new priority namely restriction musters. But Steve used these hours well in perfecting his skills as an ama- teur boxer. Second Class year brought out new frontiers in Steve while living in the suburbs We saw the end of his hockey career era and continued romancing but with a new twist, the appearance of the worshiped Blue Demon Steve started his first class year with a struggle, the Rocket, and other assorted EME obstacles. This was to be followed by more bad luck with a heartbreaking blow to his idol m Phil Among all ot this, Steve showed his tremen- dous self fortitude by being the only person to turn down nuclear power after being accepted We all know Sieve ' s luck is lust out h ere waiting for him. But he won ' t need luck, his opponents will, because there will be one hot NFO on their tail. -GOOD LUCK- Floyd L. Devine Devo Irving. Texas English Naval Flight Officer fulfilling his mothers ' fondest desire for him to get out of the house. Floyd left Irving (his hometown not his lover) and came to spend a four year vacation at beautiful Camp Yoosnay on the Severn He was always full of surprises as was prov- en at the end ot pfebe summer when he changed from the rigid, frightened plebe with the tunny march, to the laid back youngster J.G. with the funny stroll, the tall tales (Texas style), and the plastic golf balls for use on the l-l driving range. Early on. through his association with WRNV. Floyd began one of the largest dance music collections in recent history. This asset gained him invitations to many parties, which he gladly attended. His con- stant grin and twisted sense of humor found him many friends everywhere he went, even without his tape cases. Devo ' s first love was the many old junkers that he managed to drive, push, or tow into his lite His sponsor ' s )ust happened lo live a convenient seven miles away His Midmobiles brought a lot of road trips lo those far off colleges with all those long haired members of the fairer gender, which drove him to find his second love, alcohol His goat skins were always there with his favorite alcoholic bever- age of the week. His third love, in that order, wom- en, were much the same, always there but a different one everytime. He finally settled on Vodka as his favorite drink, and maybe some day some girl will get lucky and deserve a similar fate Devo could always be counted on to be there when you needed cheering up Friends like him are often avoided, but always welcome Someday he ' ll settle down and lake life seriously but ski jackets will be a hot item m Hades first, A good life is ahead for Floyd, and whether he flies P-3 ' s or paper air- planes off the bridge of a carrier without a doubt he ' ll always be happy, wherever he goes 362 Third Company Michael E. Fazzio Faz Belmont, California General Engineering Surface Warfare Faz hit third with a cerlain attitude that is found only in a select group of people. He soon found that altitude mirrored in the olher in- habitants of Pete ' s place. He could be found there. Bud m hand, viewing his favorite team, the 49ers he grew up with Paisan Fazzio ' s search tor new hori- zons led to the acquisition of a four-wheel dnve Bronco, so he could drive to them and fish there. Road trips were multiple, including " THE TREK " , a 5000 mite coast lo coast adventure which almost ended m Utah ' s mud Hats Faz also led an interest- ing life inside ol Mother B The Third Company wardroom Golden Gloves champs and a founding member of the Varsity Wardroom Rats, Faz per- tered wall staring to studying His musical tastes ran from country to rock, depending on which room- mate was present. 2 decks, 600 walls channel, and 6 speakers between them led lo high ambient sound levels, that is when anyone was there, which wasn ' t often We wish Faz good luck, happy trails, and big fish forever BRT RAG . B«i Michael M. Gilday Mike Lowell. Massachusetts Applied Science Surface Warfare k: i Michael Marlin, Crash, and Squire ' Mike. Mike came from a tine Irish Catholic family of five located m Lowell. Massachusetts He spent a bonng year chasing girls and partying with Henry Murphy and assorted olher suicidal maniacs at Northfield Mi Hermon Prep School before he got on track and came to USNA It has been said that Mike is a man of great talent and action. Although he frequently amazed every- one with boundless talent. ti undoubtedly has been his dauntless actions which brought him fame. The following IS a list of his most noteworthy actions during his years at the Academy drinking ten-thou- sand cups of coffee, dipping a thousand cans of Copenhagen, sleeping three months in the chair behind his desk, dual majoring in management and statics, metamorphosing into a " Taste Bud " three limes, living through an Ac-board and all four com- pany dmmg outs, tearing his mess dress while tack- ling a shrubbery, destroying a Buick Regai in Los Angeles, dislocating numerous hand dryers and soap dispensers and flattening one bathroom stall in Annapolis, disabling a phone at Goucher and setting off a burglar alarm at Hood, getting another three stripes as regimental adjutant and a set of stars for second semester, associating with the bal- loon women for live months (plus ). preventing a catastrophic fire at Bucknell U . passing Graphics, dropping his high school sweetheart 85 times, get- ting dropped by his high school sweetheart 85 times, not letting the Oriental cat out of the bag. sleeping through quarters once, and leaving his room a little messy twice, Robert A. Goodman Goody Warren. Ohio Physical Science Surface Warfare Spontoniety his motlo. the Boss his idle, his family and friends his pride, football and the team his life, beer drinking his tame, is the the best way I can describe GOODY. " Hey Mark . , . wanna go to WVU. " Hey Mark , . . Maz. Frank and Preston are crazy. " Goody knew how to have a good time. He earned quite a reputation around campus Nev- er plan, just act. It just had to happen-it did. " Goody, it ' s afternoon, we can ' t skinny-dip in her pool. " -we did. " Goody; don ' t jump off the Eastport bridge " -He did. " How could a human being write such words " Goody ' s explanation o1 the Boss His music and good times were a pair ' Road trip " " where lo7 " , " who cares! " " Stop at Popeyes, I will get the beer, you get the gas. " Goody ' s family and friends were always in his stories. We didn ' t mind. We were looped anyway and wanted to tell our own. but we listened to Goody, He loved his family and friends. He loved football, he hated to study. Goody was more to the team then another line- man. He became a part of the team. Injuries slowed him down. Any other person would have quit. Not Goody To play was spontaneous, the music was there, his family and friends cared, and he couldn ' t take back what he gave to us. Goody, when my eyes water as I write it ' s special and I write this (or all of us that know you. You ' re goir g to be missed, but we ' ll see each other again. It will be spontaneous It wil) have to be Mark Stevens PS May God Bless the greatest friends a person can have Mark S , Ron Z, Rut. Dirk. Nap, Maz, Frank, June. Belt, and Dave L And to my family. Cathy. Jeff little Eric, and most of all Mom Thanks. I couldn ' t have done anything without you all Christopher N. Hickey Hick Titusville. Florida Ocean Engineering Surface Warfare t started on I Day Eve. when Chris showed up at John V ' s with his long hair and mile long list of upperclass . Then it came, I Day, and at the start it became quickly evident that Chris had two speeds neutral and reverse Chris found lockers as great laundry bags, only so did Dimar, " Hickeyi open the locked side of your locker! " When the brigade returned it was like a Titusvitle reunion and a Family party. During the year Chris became the company racoon with his wrestling accident. Spring Break finally arrived and Chris went diving with 6 firsties In Key Largo- Youngster year was dormant (grades) until! Army came around and H.C. met the Italian Stallion, After Christmas it ' s back to dor- macy (grades again) until Wingnut moved in with Nerf Hoops, As Spring Break arrived the Stang came out, and the fearsome foursome headed to Datona to challenge the bikers The Slang stopped heating and made for a chilly experience. Second Class Summer sent Hick. Digger, and the Mexican exploding bars Second class year brought the Mexican in with Hick and Wmgnut, and a fear some foursome cruise to Penn State The Stang had an- other CASREP and is banned from other road trips Back to dormacy (yes, grades again) Chris didn ' t come out this time until his swashbuckling date tor Ring Dance First Class Cruise sent him to Alaska because of his love of cold weather During the year he finally came out of dormancy and got hooked by the dizzy Redhead I couldn ' t have made it without my parents. John V. Jeff, Rick, and the rest of 85 ' s Flying Circus. Thanks to all but most of all Thanks Lord lor mak- ing it possible. Daniel J. Holzrichter Ho Sioux City, Iowa Political Science U.S. Marine Corps - Officer Naval Flight A tier Santa told Hoser that elves couldn ' t be- ' • come firemen. Ho set his sights on the even bigger toys thai Uncle Sam lets Mids play with. During his first summer at " Home by the sea " Ho showed a special affinity for Deuces. Contending with Geno ( " I got a comearound. BYE! " ). Dan managed to tiecome " SSs first POW during a recon on 16 Having Knighter lor his hockey team captain assurred Radar quick adoption by The Circus, though he almost blew it when Bobby J ' s skate- board disappeared Alter almost killing Stig, May- nard 1 traded him tor 3 (kept Flo ' ) for 3 c year. Older wiser after WEST-PAC; Halloween, Beach and later Punk Parties took priority. As Youngsters, annoying visitors had their shorts handed to them, Christmas was the first of many Iowa road trips as Jennifer headed east to provide weekend escape from school. Ho ' s jaw dropped a bit when he found out that his Timonium Teen Queen would soon be calling him " Sir " Atter a post-grad party that couldn ' t be beat Ho saw the Navy and then saw the world with Bucky Buck got a crash -and burn- course in the Holz Alcohol Awareness Program (Toasted Almonds " Kaze Shooters) before they took off for the women of Sweden (Frankfort to Stockholm via Switzerland? oh well) As 2 c we lost Flo ' but gained numerous voracious mice After a semester of pitched battle the score stood USA 14. Mice After another post-grad bash that couldn ' t be beat (or remembered) Ho spent his 1 c summer playing in the mud at Pendleton and terrorizing " 88 Life with Ho IS full of surprises, yet through il all there were numerous givens: afternoon naps, rum- bles with everyone, weekly chow packages from The Cookie Lady, and always, lots of women — Hoser ' s apparent solution to the choice between quality and quantity So the President of the 27 Over Club retains his post, for now. Though PolySci did not make QPR high, this Marine will probably find his way into the textbooks before too long, GAC Third Company 363 b Dale E. Horan Bucket Timonium. Maryland Mechanical Engineer Naval Aviation M " ' ' ® ' ' " ' ® " Big-Headed Boy. " Mr. r » Mrs " H ■ took Iheir son (or a Sunday a1- temoon dnve (rom Timomum lo Annapolis Dale being his usual inquisitive seH became interested m Navy From that day on. Dale devoted his lite to- ward becoming THE BRIGADE COMMANDER at Navy And boy oh boy, did he have us all tooted for a couple of years After breezing through plebe year with stars, and youngster year with (lying col- ors, the road toward the BIG SIX stnpes seemed irwvitable (or Dale Then all of a sudden he got blind sided by " Long Island Ice Teas. " enormous quanti- I es of girls, GO clothes, and a taste ot the good lite Alter a tough 2nd class year as a mechanical engi- neer and realizing bemg " BMOC " was not so im- ponant, Dale settled for only 3 Stripes as Third Company ' s CDR This was (he high-light of a far from disastrous career for Bucket al Navy " Buck- ets Horan " can be described as the " Jack of all trades " Alter trying his hands at lacrosse, rugby, karate, boxmg, and field bait (The man believes m contact) he |usl decided lo keep his hands Speak- ing ot the ' Horan Clan. " let us {the class of 85) not (orgel Mom and Pop Horan whose hospitality and ts ' lgaters will never be forgotten There was always an extra rack al the Horan Hotel, and the lucky guest could always count on some good home cooking Thanks Dale, for so unselfishly sharing your mom and dad with us all Navy Air will no doubt be proud to have such an otiicer and gentle- man, and of course, a now big " Big-Headed Boy " Good luck to you and Sandy and God bless to a great friend and one hell of a roommate. CHM III.DH Martin P. McEnroe Easy Peona, Illinois Electrical Engineering Surface Warfare i arly came to the Academy to become rich ' » ' and buy a Ferrari He quickly realized the sure path was to sell his soul to EE When not studying, which was most of the time, he spent his time alternately romancing and tormenting college girls (OK, high school girls) Marty always made a distinct impression on peo- ple — like the 150 mids he infected with chicken pox Or those lovely young things from Goucher They were so impressed they wrote to the Oani " At SAM five drunk men led by 2 c McEnroe rived at Goucher banging on doors and demanding 10 be let in Seeing a girl in her pajamas Mr McEn roe kicked a window in and tried to enter Another ravmg beauty joined his fan club when she also wrote to the Dani ■ ' After the ' 63 Army-Navy game I was approached by Midn McEnroe m a plebe West Point uniform Since l was in my 2 c Dress Grey I was horrified when Ihis grinning " 4 c " grabbed my hands and said, " Hey Baby, do you want to go dancing tonight? " It was only Marty ' s stellar performance record that helped him denounce these misguided and un- grateful waifs He was even appointed COMS- LEAZGRUONE in recognition ol his fine leadership example Back m the hall Marty did his best to redefine study hour, spending most of his time sleeping or enjoying " Ripper libs. " In the midst of finals he could be found at 4AM in the Midstore lot with his Firebird jacked up and an oscilliscope to keep him happy Marty did things his way II was only too bad the Academy didn ' t because his was a lot more fun Marty left a lasting impression upon all those who knew him He leaves behind the little girls, the bro- ken hearts, the broken rules, and a better dressed roommate. Who could have asked for more ' ' FLD. CSG1, PHOF. Eugenio R. Mendoza Max Morrow, Georgia Chemistry Surface Warfare Gene Mendoza. better known as " Max the Egyptian Cobra, " came to the Academy from Spam He knew that he wanted to be a doctor sometime and he knew that he wanted to be orga- nized It was not long into plebe year betore we knew thai Gene was a machine, expending tremen- dous amounts of energy m every direction He tried out for the soccer team but didn ' t make it and almost left the Academy for good He soon got his act together under the leadership o( squad leader Al Davitt, who didn ' t even know who he was During youngster cruise his ship almost sank itself with a torpedo and when second class year rolled around he knew it would be a tough one He still wanted to play soccer, and that year he was the only player not recruited to make the team Halfway through the season a bad sprain and impending academics put an end to his career, but he was still organized We both had a tough semester and went to from some R. and RASA P. It was there that Gene decided his beautiful senoritas across the sea were too distant and he needed a girlfriend All that was necessary was (or him to turn on his Spanish Charm and display his macho, hairy chest and he soon snagged a steamy romance The beginning ol first class year saw Gene and Natalie as glue- heads, and his lame as the master of sound effects had spread That (irst semester the Snake was al- most snaked, but the attempt (ailed miserably Gene, no matter what your service selection- NFC. subs, or one-man sound stage, you ' re sure to do well. Thanks a lot of four years of listening to me, friendship, guitar lessons, and using up my toothpaste 364 Third Company Richard W, Merriman Budaayy St. Petersburg. Florida Physical Science Naval Aviation picks first impression of USNA was when he •• came up to visit one summer. He exclaimed " Smart people must go there. 1 could never be that smart " Little did he know that m 3 years he would be one of those smart people He came to third Co from NAPS Because of NAPS plebe summer was easy (or him Both o( his squad leaders said he was having to much (un Plebe summer was also a little wet because he roomed with Buckelhead During the academic year he had more weekends than halt o( the (irsties. most o( the weekends were all over the nation sail- ing Rick joined up with his twin, Brian, to have many forgetful weekends Rick was also known to be walking around the co with a sweatshirt on (even though it was hot) so he could listen to his Walkman Youngster year brought all-american status (with the help of RJ) to Rick after competing m four differ- ent national championships " ' You can ' t always ex- cel in everything ' Rick once said, so grades took the hit This is when he switched from Oceanogra- phy to the house of Phi Second class year was bad in every way except for living with Dr Dip, The Mexican and making all-american again The BMW came into his life at the beginning of first class summer So did Chicago. Bermuda, California. Florida etc With the beginning o( first class year he was elected sailing team captain and he took full advantage ol the stripes Nothing like coming in at 7:00 AM Christmas brought Italy (RJ) and a great time Then Graduation! Rtck finally admitted that he was going to make it He could never have made it without Chris. Jeff, Dale. Chuck, Brain. Erica. Ron. Ronda and his Parents T Charlie H Mills III Chuck Houston, Texas Mathematics U.S. Marine Corps Aviation LJ ailing (rom Houston wilh a Napster back- ' ' ground. Chuck came to the Naval Academy and the trials of plebe summer with the intention ot having fun Much to the dismay ot his tirslies. he did exactly that. There were moments when ' 82 got under Chuck ' s skin but he spent most of the sum- mer laughing. Academic year showed a different side ot Chippy as he proved to everyone Ihat he could be professional He even said he wanted to be Company Cdr as a 1 c Grades were never a strong point but as a plebe a 2 5 was important because he need his daily naps. We have all be- come very familiar with the " green lump " In the spring ot youngster year at the Thrift Inn we taught Chuck the time-honored art of getting wasted He is now a seasoned vetern especially after l c sum- mer m Hawaii at KMCAS where one tive day binge forced him to walk out on a Lt Col, Chippy ' s amo- rous escapades have become Flying Circus leg- ends. There was the girl he stayed with on youngster cruise, who was waiting for him when he returned Christmas 1 c year How ' bout that swim- ming pool? Goucher will surely never forget him and the girls of Hawaii are stili wondering what hit them One night he was so confident that he rented a room before meeting a woman- and of course fore- sight paid off. One girl told him she would follow him back to the mainland, and Bancroft Medical will never be the same after his 1 c affair Why is there a blanket in the back ot your car. Chuck? There have been few Mids that were as good as Mills was at doing bad boy things and not getting caught There are few 5000s that Chippy did not commit He started off early when he drove Donny ' s car in the yard plebe year Chuck finished his illustrious career at Navy |ust as he had hoped: he was Third Company ' s Commander following in Dale ' s foot- steps (what a comical pair). Chuck will be an irre- placeable asset to the Marine Corps and he will rise to the top in whatever he chooses to do. Good Luck, Chuck, and thanks DEH Francis G. Novak Frank Park Ridge, Illinois Mechanical Engineering Surface Warfare Francis G Novak-He is the man. the legend, the title of a blockbuster paperback release and an upcoming ma|or motion film Frank is a Jack of All Trades and Master of None and is known for his Mech E wizardry, sell-authorized weekmght libs. as tailgaler master-of-ceremomes. and of course. for his companionship with the Leprechaun from the Northeast, Frank casually strolled thr ough the gales ot Navy via an obscure plot of real estate in Illinois known as Park Ridge. Park Ridge is famous for two things, the first is tor being directly in front of the east landing strip of O ' Hare International, the second is Frank Most people can be categorized by their living standards, but Frank is unlike most other people He spends his weekdays rambling about the halls of Rickover, but on the weekends he is most likely found in Georgetown, a brew in one hand and Nicole in the other, Plebe year found Frank serving as Al Davitt ' s protege and Tracy ' s voodoo doll. The dynamic duo was born that year when he linked up with the Leprechaun with whom he laughed, drank, and pranked for the next 3 years. 3 c year saw the first inaugural Taste Bud ' s scam, the Connection ' s zany Florida caper, and festivities at Hood it was during 2 c year, however, that Frank traded m his TI-30 for a pair of contact lenses and transformed mto a ladiesman Innocent babes like Sheila. Hetdi. Valerie and Anne were hypnotized by his chilvary as were other girls ala Penn State. Bucknell, Lauderdale. Georgetown. Hood and The Voo. 1 c year brought with it mixed emotions as Frank reached a pinnacle m leadership during plebe detail, but set a new low when he was ousted from the pnsttgious 27 Over Club I wish Frank the best of luck as he departs from Thirsty Third and embarks a fresh future with Nicole and the adventures ot Surface Warfare Peter M. Phelps Digger Baltinnore, Maryland Systems Engineering U.S. Marine Corps - Naval Flight Officer Oete ' s laid-back attitude is only surpassed by ' his slowness No one could ever accuse Pete of being anywhere early Even plebe summer Pete could be seen running down the hallways to the echoing shouts of " Digger! " Pete also survived most of the summer as the Troll, with one set of while works With the start of youngster year, Pete began his romance with Smokey and Ashly Whipit as Systems Engineers. However, Pete even molded systems to suit his style, managing 5 youngsters 4 semesters in a row. it was also around this time that GO magazines began to appear in his room and Pete started killing women and brain cells on week- ends- Second class year Pete played tag-team with his roommate at comearounds during the week and spending his weekends at the local girls ' colleges First class summer Pete went out to Hawaii to play Marine. Although the women in Hawaii were not over joyed by their presence, Pete fell m love with kamikazes and hurricanes and managed to gam the interest of a Chammade babe For the last two weeks Pete could not be found after quiting time. Pete liked the Pacific so much he returned over Christmas, this time to PI P I stands for " Person- al interests " in the mind of Digger Phelps, because thats exactly what he pursued Who could forget the tales from Mardi Gras. or the nights spent with Bert and Chuck arguing over who was Masste and Kassie or who was Abee and Cudda Brown It was so close who knew ' ' POW, I ' ll check ya We spent lour years waiting on Digger and never regretted a second minute OK the hours. Mark A. Poindexter Jack Rockville, Maryland Ocean Engineering Surface Warfare ( i M ho or what is a Pomdextftr? Oh. a Navy brat ' ' Wipe down " Mark made his way up to USNA from Pensacola. FLA It was perhaps there Ihat Mark garnered his characteristic style of pleas- antry, he had a lot of friends including a very inter- esting run in with some sea life. I believe it was a whale. Then came plebe year, a fresh start at life and what did it lead to " ' First of all there were the rack wars with Bruce and Hughte Who ' s Hugh you ask, well let me tell you Hugh was a person that Mark had such a profound affect on that he left the Academy, got a purple mohawk and joined a punk band Once that turmoil ended tl was off lo bigger and better things like the start of a life long relation- ship with the Ripper They met over a bottle of whiskey at Army and the rest is history Youngster year found Mark spending most of his time with either the little woman or worrying about scratching his turntable, and they said we wouldn ' t last two weeks. Second class year found Mark living at the little woman ' s house and laying his hands on the treasured TR6 Lois ot good things happened that first semester like EE and that memorable visit to your house. Mark will make a great Naval officer but I hope he doesn ' t return to USNA as a Nav Prof. when he tried his hand at tutoring his only pupil failed So much for Celestial First class year came around and Mark found his way to the XO ' s shack and long hard days ot Sigmund influence. You ' ve had It up to where with who? Not only did he show his excellent form wrihm the company in everything he did but he ' s a helluva mechanic too. The Blue Bomber If there was ever one thing that really bothered him though, other than the turntable scratches, it was. don ' t touch the pictures, well our time has come and we fooled them all. Good luck in your Surface endeavors, there ' s a very lucky CO out there and he doesn ' t even know it, -SAD- Third Company 365 Rene A. Puliatti Pull Syracuse. New York Economics Naval Flight Officer Oene came to us Ifom Syracuse via Hershey, ' ' PA However, we have always suspected that he was Europe ' s relaliation (or the " Ugly American " He had high ambitions to be a Chem major bul was forced lo settle for a major m ECA ' s with a mmof m Economics No one can understand why he went Ifom one prison to another Nonethe- less, he became the Thirsty Thirds cultural influ- ence, (or belter or worse, with his suave European mannerisms and his ticket sales for " one buck " His attempts lo culturally indoctrinate his crude ptebe roommates. Skip and Knave, were unsuc- cesslul and he moved on His next roommate, the Watermam. remembers the Penny-tights. M M Ihrowing during finals, and all-star wrestling with the Minnesota Madman Bul, alas, thai atfair ended also and our hero was again forced among the heathens This time, the victims were Ashley and Smokey. two ESE ' s who enjoyed semi-normal study and sleep cycles Their inheritance included many visitors, a German midshipman, showers at 0330. and Gregorian chants Our heroic engineers have endured his assault on their uncultured bliss. though, and found him to be an excellent room- male and friend To his Dad: Good graduation gifts are MAACO gift certificates and stock m USAA To Navy Air Watch out if he becomes a CO Night OPS will become SOP. A.J.B. Paul A. Rosmtlso SIoz Wappingers Falls. New York Electrical Engineering Surface Warfare Paul was not an original member ot Thirsly- Third. but certainly a welcome addition, hav- ing gone there after 3 tun years with 27 Paul came to us straight from high school somehwere in New York Wanting to be a varsity athlete, but not relat- ed to Jack Nicklaus or Roger Slaubach, Roz did the next best thing; he became a manager (or the Var- sity Football team Always ambitious, he struggled through Double E and First-Class year became Se- nior Manager Always in the limelight, Paul put the WUB ' A ' gang ' s pre-game show to shame with his expert shagging of field goals and punts He was so good at this that his classmates named a dance. " Go. Go Rosmilso, ' after him Paul was known to have a dnnk occasionaly. hence the nickname " SIoz ' Paul was really a great (rjend. He will be fondly remembered by us all GOOD LUCK Paul (rom Two-Seven and Thirsty-Third, Daniel M. Seigenthaler Pup Long Beach. California General Engineering Surface Warfare ' O eigs " came appointed (rom Nashville, when " the (irst word he uttered was BITCHEN, we became skepitcal A California boy from the start, most people (including himself) wonder why he ever left Sailing and a size t got Dan through plebe year Youngster year brought more sailing, a new JAP girlfriend with hurtin friends {Thanks a lot Dan). Chicken Pox, D ' s F ' s and another slam Dan ' s major desire was to be an Engineer The Mech-E Dept welcomed him wilh open arms, then chewed him up and spat him out. Junior year brought new surprises, the girl next door, the unplanned roommate that weighed twice as much as him and never showered {Thanks Chuck. I will return the (avor). and the GPA that qualified for AC-BOARDS and gave him the privi- lege to meet an Admiral and become a general. After that. Dan moved up in li(e and in with the MEXICAN They immediately became famous (or their trivial arguments that often led to armed conflict First class year brought the red. JEEP, more sail- ing. 30 people home for ARMY-NAVY {Thanks son), and blind love (This one does coast to coast weekends) For service selection Dan got a Gator out of his own home port, and the chance to go back to CALIFORNIA 366 Third Company Bruce R. Thompson Hunter Orinda. California Oceanography Supply Corps eruce came to USNA with the combined ex- periences of one who has seen too much. His (irst concert, the WHO GRATEFUL DEAD at 13, the Berkley years o1 High School, and the infa- mous NAPS incident with the Newport P D Not only did Bruce see, he did If you can imagine it. it has been done, or at least Ined. twice i( it ' s (un The " Fish " of Navy Crew did it in ' 82 in a way none of us will ever (orgei Bruce ' s crew experiences contin- ued to multiply, divide and fester until he achieved the nirvana that only a hobbling, aching crew )Ock with a locker full o( other team ' s shirts can know All who have known Bruce have come away changed or at least schizophrenic Musical tastes-Psychotic tendencies are easily Iranstered and were Funk. Punk, or The Ride o( the Valkerles, just so it ' s loud- 200 watts per channel and a Nakamichi deck, there IS no substitute Who else would set up a slot car track in Mum ' s, and play till closing or go to the Afterdeck Friday on Parent ' s weekend, without his parenis or to the Bu((er Zone, a land inhabited only by drunk psuedo-Marines or use the Boat-House shower with " friends " after a trip off the cli(( rope- swing of Two-mile creek The saga goes on and on and on Under the bridge, Charlies, the Happy Buz- zard, and Annie ' s, always hitting lOOO. it has al- ways been FULL THROTTLE, WIN OR WIPE, 0-60 under 5 sec, tSOmph. the tiger is (un. so is EE. it ' s worth taking twice You can ' t win if you don ' t play so why not play a lot You don ' t need to study, just graduate, and i( you can read this, he did All the mice have spacesuits and they know what ' s going on Drive on. it just doesn ' t matter. xOxOxERB KAP— The picture Is of Bruce ' s first road trip John A. Van Cleave Ashley Whipit Kurtistown. Hawaii Systems Engineering Nuclear Power - Submarines ohn escaped the terrible lite as an enlisted sub- manner with an aparlment, a Fiat Xl 9. and 900 dollars per month to join up at this institute of higher learning How he got in with his math, taking a paycut from $900 to $60 per month, is still a mystery Nonetheless, John found his niche in the company as the math, science, and EE whiz kid Most of the engineers in the comapny owe him for surviving cables Youngster year, John once again put his logic (?) to work, if not his electronics knowl- edge, and became a Systems Engineer. He has spent three years kicking himself for not gotng EE. Getting John out on liberty and leave has been difficult as he saves money to join United Airlines 100,000 mile club In one of his more famous trips out, he went home for a week with the Wildman, delighting hIS mother as she cooked meals for six to feed three. Trips home are to visit Snert. Entropy. Enthalpy (pets), and the car and glrl(s?) no one know about Whether it ' s devising new tortures for animals, leaping for frisbees in ■■Ultimate " working a prob- lem, or just eating. John is intensity defined Though, he sold his soul to the Nukes, his room- mate can never repay him for getting him through as an ESE Good luck, John; may your future wife be a gourmet cook and your Hawaii farm fertile. A.J.B. Mark R. Waterman Opie San Diego. Califonia Electrical Engineering Nuclear Power - Submarines O imply put. Mark is a Boolean masochist. He only understands one type ot logic, and that IS circuit logic. Not only is his major EE. not only is his OPR 3.8, he ' s even going NUKEM Plebe year was greati At ARMY, Mark showed his true mettle when he nearly tested (from a hotel window) the law of physics tor totally inebriated mids Shortly thereafter he tested the watertight fittings of his portable commode cover. What a night. Youngster year Mark experienced EE Morning Sickness. brought on by long nights with CMOS and TTL chips Its most apparent symptom was MORNING GRUMPINESS Besides waking up as if being elec- trocuted, his grumpiness had an RC time constant inversely proportional to the microdecibeis of ' ■Me- dieval Gregorian chants ' needed to arouse him. (So I like taking " late " showers!) 2 c year Mark ' s QPR impressed Sigmund, and he found himself moving up the striper ranks 1 c year found Mark " working " ?! " with a " honey-pie Southern belie " named Andrea At least he did his " best " to pro- tect her from the Marty ' s of ' 88, and don ' t forget about the near explosive homemade optics laser Mark Opie Watermam will be a truly unique contri- bution to Rickover ' s family of mutants Just don ' t develop any sub-launched atr-nukes, please Good luck and " Machs gut " Robert T. White. Jr. O.D. Neptune Beach. Florida History Surface Warfare C ob came to the Naval Academy " one deck " ' ahead of the rest. Armed with all the experi- ence that one can get in Neptune Beach, Florida, Rob has been a man in control of his destiny. Sometimes that destiny has taken him into bridges and bouys, but more often he has steered along the straight and narrow (Ha!) As in-boat leader of the FISH, Rob ' s grating voice will always be remem- bered by his galley-slaves: CONCENTRATE. MIKE YOU ' RE LATE, KEVIN KEEP YOUR HEAD UP, and MARTY SHUT-UP! ' were among the gems that were born of never-ending practices Rob has his lite in historical perspective during the past four years, and has been both a decorated war game veteran and a NAVTAG |Ock, From toasts to future glory at " Charley ' s, " to remini- cience of past accomplishments and time spent in the " Butter Zone. " Rob has been an integral mem- ber of the social FiSH Good Luck O D . wherever you may end up in this big. bad Navy ot ours. Remember, never look back; those preppy faggots may be gaining — KWP Robin T. Wileman Wild man Louisville, Kentucky Oceanography Naval Aviation rfri lob arrived at Canoe U from Louisville with dreams of swimming, swimming, . . and swimming Yes. he and the now extinct baby Huey made quite the pair plebe summer Their room was the one coated by snow that smelted ot ' Johnson Johnson ' Rob went on plebe year to star m swim- ming, and could always be found with his faithful companion, Bat an Rob was also a star m the death squad, consisting of Smiley, Grumpy, and Weasy Unfortunately, Rob violated Grumpy regs. by spending an inordinate amount ot time with his team at team tables. However, Rob was granted a stay of execution by the administration. Rob ' s morning workouts will never be forgotten by his roommates as they were awakened every mornmg at 0530 to the sound of Rob ' s exit with the loud slam of a door Youngster year saw an end to Rob ' s swimming career, but Rob continued his swimming. this time in the blue waters of his rack Rob ' s last named was spelled Wild man to the plebes second class year as he and his roommate played tagteam comearound Later that year, during spring break. Rob and Ashley had the ' pleasure ' of ndmg to Lou- isville in the ' Sleaze-mobile ' Once there, they pro- ceeded to eat Mom out of house and home Rob thoroughly enioyed the pleasures of the Orient that summer on first class cruise, and returned to reek havoc and destruction on the defenseless plebes First class year saw Rob earn another varsity letter, this one a Z In his waking moments, Rob travelled the area women ' s colleges. He made many a fnend. and though he claims no attachment, he was al- ways happy to cater to their desires Rob flirted with the Marine Corps, but his heart was always with Navy Air. which won out in the end Good luck, Rob, and please thank Grandma for the chow packages ' PMP Third Company 367 I John B, Williams, J-B- Forl Worth. Texas Physics Naval Aviation John Benedict Williams, arrived at USNA tiom Fort Worth. Texas, with pomty and smashable hair and speaking good English spiced with a slight Texan acceni Since day one, John has Deen a professional He was one of the unique individuals who slaried reading Ships and Aircraft on Induction Day and who practically memorized the US War Machmeby the end of Plebe Year John spenr quite a lew study hours spit shining his leathers — once with potato chips included As a plebe. John was accused ol having a trightenmg. " I want lo kill you. " look During youngster summer, he earned his air- borne jump wings and became a lavonte ot one second class Stanton Johns golden dream was to become an aviator and m all sincerity he is a pilot by nature, fortuned with eagle eyes and an index linger — well exercised dunng his strenuous, varsity rifle workouts — with which he could press the trigger button of his F A-18 |0y stick Academics have been a tough challenge for John, but he has han- dled the horrors ot the physics major very well Calculus and a logical and analytical bram gave him the power to derive all formulas, many of which after 3 hours ol Irustration and marvelous work were not too necessary (or the problem at hand. After quantum physics John was prepared to de- rive life Optics days with his all time favorite. " Breeze Head. ' " and Marty were fun for John John will always be remembered for admiring Clint Eastwood. Von Schlielfen. and Darlh Vader; for his uttimale hand shape, " the Claw; " and tor being a great classmate and a fantastic friend. ERM 368 Third Company GMofl W Bi to him, Ne» Naval Aichflej SirtaceWaifa ■ " ' " ' JO, ._ ■H Fourth Company Michael J. Berger Mike La Mesa, California Physical Science Naval Aviation One day while Hying wilh his private pilot ' s license, Mike Berger gained an intimate un- derstanding ot the lack ol suitability of the Pacific Ocean as a runway. To put it simpiy, he crash- landed off the California coast He paddled back to shore while his plane did an excellent (mpression of the Titanic As he swam, heihoughj, " I would really love to land on the water for a living, " Thus, he decided to come to USNA so he could graduate to a life of crash-landing planes on earner decks- Michael J. had an eventful plebe year under the able leadership ot M £HS Brown, a man he deeply respected and admired (well, maybe not so deep- ly). He earned " expert " ribbons in pistol and rifle that year while shooting for the rifle team. With second class year came Mike ' s two biggest passions-his 260z and Suzelte Between the Z and the woman, Bergs always had something to do or talk about (including trying to convince everyone to buy one- a Datsun. not a girl) When Suzette and the 260 weren ' t allowed on weekdays. Berge ' (pro- nounced Burzha ' ) pursued another of his passions- racking Despite his claims to the contrary, he well-known for his ability to achieve a REM state of sleep with only 15 minutes before his next class The Naval Aviation community will benefit from Mike ' s contribution Thomas F. Bourbeau Tommy Joe Santa Barbara, California Mechanical Engineering Naval Flight Officer I pon arrival at the Academy Tommy Joe im- - mediately showed his surf punk mentality by laughing in his squad leaders face all through plebe summer At this time he was provided with the op- portunity to display his awesome singing (or lack of)-probably because he listens to U2 and Joe Jackson. In his youngster year Tommy Joe became one of the founding members of the Hotel California and developed a tendency to turn his stereo up louder than the COW agreed was necessary Nonetheless Tommy Joe proved his military competency and became second class company commander Prior to his SEC Tommy Joe was known as a serious drinker. At one time he attempted to take on a bar full of hicks in Florida. On one particular excursion to Hood College, he placed himself in infamy by becoming the first formal brick winner in Fourth Co. During this adventure he managed to miss his ride back and was lucky enough to be picked up while hMch-hiking by a couple of repre- sentatives of the Fredrick police department, who were kind enough to give him a tour of their station. Tommy Joe ' s frustrations were relieved by his SEO first class year After which he became quite the ladies ' man Tommy Joe was the last firstie m his company to buy a car He went out to buy a 240-Z but came back with what he calls a GTI- what the rest of the world calls a Volkswagen Rabbit All this time Tommy Joe has shown his academic sludliness by maintaining one of the highests CPR ' s in the company- he even survived the Rocket He also won a varsity letter California lost a surf punk but the Navy gained a great NFO Lick ' em dead Tom DMP MDP Gordon W. Ballard Flash Madison. New Jersey Naval Architecture Surface Warfare D fck, (Oops Gordon), left the chemical dumps ' • of Jersey and his weekly Hummy Dummies to follow the footsteps of his fore-fathers to the gates of USNA, foresaking a bright career in tooth- paste commercials. Gordon was slow in making the transition from boyhood to manhood it wasn ' t until 2 c year that Gordon discovered that you could change the blades in your razor Gordon shocked all during plebe year by shedding his nice guy im- age to become a member ol the Apple Dumpling Gang Gordon quickly established himself as one of the neatest mids at the Academy and became de- termined to convert one of the messiest mids. something that cost him four years of rooming with myself and no signs of success in the near future. Academics not being one of Gordon ' s strong points, he proceeded to choose one ol the most demanding majors-Naval Architecture A decision that cost him many weekends. A fact that Janet could attest to. Gordon showed his preference for Mech E courses by intentionally failing Thermo so he could take it a second time Gordon also showed his prowess m EE by lecturing his class on the art ot tossing chalk. Gordon foresake the glamorous life ol a pilot and the rich life of a nuke by letting the Navy predetermine his service selection. We all feel confident that Gordon will be successful m all his endeavors as long as he sticks with his personal proverb " A pint of problems isn ' t worth a sea of sweat " Best of luck to a great roommate and an even better friend RFC Richard F. Cameron Rick Lake Placid. Florida Mechanical Engineering Naval Aviation r ick, or IS It Gordon, packed away his water ' • skis, pulled out his spittoon, and headed north to Camp Tecumseh He laughed his way through plebe summer and right on into academic year. Just so he could have more tun and free time he left the Political Scientists and joined the ranks of the Mech E ' s hallway through youngster year. He even found time to play varsity rack m which he earned All-Amencan honors all four years. His in- ability to Z while others breathed, however, cost him the national title Actually, Tricky displayed his athletic abilities by playing company basketball, battalion football and coaching the company foot- ball and Softball teams during spring break he opened Hotel Cameron for ' the boys ' of foamin ' four and got away from the sub-60 weather and snow that he had only read about before coming to Annapolis When he learned you could ski on snow too. it wasn ' t long before he was on the northern slopes. Even after three years of rooming with a Yankee he returned for first class year in a Ford truck, keeping true to his redneck ways They im- mediately showered his shoulder boards with gold as he earned the reigns of fourth company He established himself as a hard worker, a fierce com- petitor, and most of all, a good fnend The air com- munity can be proud to have Rick up there with them " This Bud ' s tor you, " GWB Fourth Company 369 b Douglas L Cuthbert Runt Cleveland Heights. Ohio Naval Architecture Naval Aviation Doug came lo us here al U S N A from NAPS He decided lo take a year ofl after high school to mature, wrestle, and save some money Well, he did wrestle his 1st two years here but he ' s slill stone broke and al 5 ' 5 " he has to special order his uniforms Irom a local Sea Seoul unit Doug and his two roommales often like to discuss their childhood accomplishments His roommales leli of their activilies as Eagle Scouts while Doug discusses his experience al siphoning gas from cars What do you expect Irom a guy who grew up on Ihe streets of Cleveland Truthfully. Doug has done well here at the Academy He has over a 3 COPR m one of the hardest maiors here at USNA, Naval Archileclure, you know, those •■pseudo-Engineers " Doug has always talked about fast cars and fast women, however, his 1st thfee years here he drove a Dodge Van and dated a steady girl He has changed all that though, now ne drives a Porsche Afler wrestling Doug joined the Judo leam In his firsl tournament he took the East- ern American Championship What a stud! Doug contends that prejudice was involved m stnper se- lection because positions were filled by height ana not ability Doug ' s somewhat " carefree " altitude has been a definite asset for his roommates When- ever they seem to be down m the dumps. Doug seems to make lighi of the situation and pick up the spirits Navy Air is lucky to get a man like Doug He has truly been a great Iriend for both his roommales ' ! JTL Edwin D. Dean III Sonny Crownsville. Maryland Mechanical Engineering Nuclear Power - Surface 5onny came to USNA via NAPS and ludging by his academic performance, he must have wanted the five-year plan in order to lighten his course load and increase his partying A star ath- lete m high school, he excelled m baseball until Dull became loo much and then shifted to 150 ' s Son- ny ' s athletic ability was apparent when he (tossed) the cap on Herndon A rebel without a cause as a young lad. he langled with the pavemnt by Nimitz. the walls, and his roommates Youngsler year After the epitome of a backstab, Sonny realized Ihe path of least resistance! the only EE he understood) and he began to mellow, but not too much. 2 c year brought Sonny back to earth (EE helped) after two 4 Os Then Ihe Rocket almost got him but to no avail as Sonny pulled it out in the end Then there were the women Mana caused many a bruised hand, the black widows (Futch and Jeanne) caused many a bruised ego. Finally, Karen has caused a bruised back from the whips It would be remiss to not mention Sonny ' s partying ways His house was always open and his family was always willing to put up with numerous mids m varying slates of drunkenness The parties at his house were fre- quent and memorable and the bittersweet taste ot NATL BO is remembered by all who partied with Sonny Sonny chose Surface Nuke because he liked the sunshine and Ihe money (not necessarily in that order) We wish him good luck in the Navy and beyond NATL BO FOREVER Daniel L. DiBono. Jr. Dan Philadelphia. Pennsylvania Oceanography Naval Aviation Dan came to USNA from Vtllanowhere. look- ing for bigger and belter things, but contrary lo his aspirations he found things were not actually better but quite different than he had expected Something was still missing in his life, his hair Dan had an easy time of plebe year The only difliculties he faced first semester was with his roommate Dave, m which Dan became an expert debater Second semester provided more of a challenge to Dan but not without its PiTtalls Dan provided the USNA ' s rugby team with an added dimension. Even though Dan was an excellent hooker, he moved his talents to the football field the following year As a third class. Dan will be most remem- bered for his big bash after the clash at Army-Navy Dan ' s parlying did not stop there Right before Chrislmas break, Dan was in an uncontrollable spin like the Tasmanian Devil which resulted m the de- mise of Ralph ' s Christmas tree Dans second class year was somewhat of a disappointment lor him Before Dan fell to a serious knee injury, he was a starter tor the 150 lb team Perseverance was Dan ' s greatest virtue during these trying times be- cause he eventually went on to letter and get his N- star One disability that resulted from Dan ' s injury was his inability lo bend over lo shine his shoes, though his company officer could not understand this It will be a morose day when Dan and t go our separate ways My friendship with Dan will always be a special part of my lile I wish him the best of luck as he palrols ihe skies in his A-6 Dan was meant tor the Navy 370 Fourth Company Louis A. GorTiez Shiou San Bernardino. California Physical Science Surface Warfare LOUIS came to us from Sunny San Bernardino with a confused look on his face claiming to be looking for Ihe ultimate beach Well, he wasn ' t to- tally disappointed. He spent plenty of lime on Red Beach, only with a rifle m his hands instead of a surfboard Who could forget waking up to, " E D goes tor all those on the Form- 1. and Gomez ' " How many pairs of shoes did you wear out, Louis? Louis was rather quiet during Plebe year, never quite losing ihat dazed look on his light bulb head When Youngster year rolled around, however, we found out he wasn ' t the mild mannered Mexican we Ihought he was Don ' t worry Lou We would have flipped Ihat table on those girls, too ' They should have danced with you We always knew Louis liked to swim, but in Philadelphia in Ihe middle of Novem- ber ' ' Way 10 go Lalin Loveri Even though Louis struggled Ihrough academics, he did gam much wisdom and experience in other matters (wink, wink). Frannie O ' s will be a perma- nent part of his memory Louis rolled into first class year with a new set of wheels, Allison, and a new, FREE, outlook on life This new outlook lasted all of three months Philly just hasn ' t been good to you, Lou Well, even the best of bachelors must someday tall Lou, we ' re all going lo miss you A fair wind and following seas TJS JPP P S You still have ihal dazed look! Shawn R. Grenier Grenwa Placentia. California Aerospace Engineering Naval Aviation A Ithough ihere are many institutions that ' ' Shawn could have attended, he narrowed it down 10 two Napa State or the Naval Academy He chose the Uncollege because he liked the new wave haircuts and GO clothes He packed up his wayfarers, slipped on his sandals, turned up the collar on his flowered shirt, and headed " east " When he got to Annapolis he tned to make friends with everyone in his squad — including his squad leader After surviving Ihe challenge ot plebe year he decided that he needed another challenge — he lettered in water polo while playing with aero class- es When THAT started to bore him be bought a racing bike, a good pair ot running shoes, and be- gan training for his newest challenge tnathlons. Many say that it is no coincidence that he started competing in tnathlons and shooting for a SEAL billet soon after receiving a normally lethal dose of radiation poisoning during sub cruise Although the nukes convinced him to go SEAL, something good DID come out of ii all while in Hawaii he met Lmda, a new wave valley girl (which just goes to show ya there IS a perfect match for everybody!) He drove his kit car ( " Isn ' t thai a Ferrari? " ) back from California al the beginning of the LAST year and has spent almost as much time putting the cover on and off as he has driving it On Saturday nights he could often be found at the Bayou or the Sandbar, staring at Alana ( " We belong together " ), and fantasizing about what it would be like to date a rock singer Whether he fhes. whenever there ' s a challenge involved we know that he won ' t refuse. The only easy day was yesterday. MDP Jeffrey J. Grill The Griller Memphis. Tennessee General Engineering Surface Warfare eft came to us from way down under Well J almost down under. Memphis that is. His first summer here was a fun one for Jeff He became the star at those mstuctional periods. The summer end- ed with Parent ' s Weekend and our boy Jeff decided to celebrate by getting behind the wheel while in the yard Too bad you had to wait three years to do that again With academic year came academic troubles, and after one hard struggle with Ihe books, the once aero major became the first general eng ma- jor That ' s OK Jeff, Ihe Admiral made the right choice for you After a few fun filled weeks on the super K. he entered an uneventful 3 c year, except for stealing his roommate ' s girlfriend. Second class summer was confusing for Jeff. He was on one of those cruises with women He had a time trying to decide whether to pick one up. He didn ' t As he entered the school year, he became known as the Gnller His room excelled in attacking plebes and playing with fire. Second semester he and D D made a good showing ot themselves, es- pecially the Condo, at least he took her to the ring dance What happened after is still a mystery to most (even the parents) First class cruise came and went as Jeff spent most of It at sea He did get to see a tew hours of Japan The first semester was good for Jeff Be- sides classes, he spent his weekends playing with his Poniiac Too bad he had to leave it at home over Christmas due to snow The last semester. Jeff ex- celled as our Admin officer The 3X5 card turnover wasn ' t good enough, right Jeff He finally drove the Pontiac back What a relief to get rid ot thai Alas- kian temporary Good luck m the fleet Go for the Admiral spot and keep m touch Joel L. Hanson Troll Virginia Beach. Virginia Mechanical Engineering Nuclear Power - Submarines oel came to Annapolis directly from Va Beach all ready endowed about Navy life, but it did lake a little doing to nd him of his part in Ihe middle, beach-boy image, but over time it was REB-ed out. An expert in tnvia, if he didn ' t know it. no one did. A scholar of son, Joel believed in spending only the minimal amount of time m the books, but a LOT m Ihe wardroom, and did manage to survive both Ihe Rocket and Wild Bill in a single semester A natural runner wilh unlimited ability, he was bounded only by his desire for the rack Joel also kept up his boxing lessons in Ihe ring, at the stadi- um. Bergers ' room, football field, Goucher, etc. He was known by everyone, especially at Goucher. where he even managed to room m a closet, and has fond memories of a van and a porch in Gaines- ville Joel was never one to turn down a party, even though a few lurned him mside out Now Joel IS off to the Nuclear Surface force where he will be a mainstay for a time to come Rememtjer how I educated you in music, the fra- grance of Ihe room, jokes, wrestling, 21st birthday, foul-less games of basketball, tailgalers. it ' s your turn, and I ' ll kick your , it has been a hard but good four years Best of luck m the years to come, you will be one of the best Mark H. Hauman Hoss Toledo. Ohio Economics Nuclear Power - Submarines «y ark came to USNA trom Ihe wonderful city v7of Toledo He was instantly disillusioned when he found out that there was something worse m life than living in Toledo which was being a plebe. He soon came out of his daze and proceeded to corrupt his naive farm boy roommate Mark soon found out that he created a monster that went be- yond any of his own personal talents Mark was never noted for his quickness, punctuality, bril- liance, or looks, but he did know how to liven even Ihe dullest ot moments Poor B.S and G K will never be the same, not to mention Ihe plants under all those terraces Mark made it into Nuke school to the amazement of many He maintains that bull majors control the world so it was his destiny When Mark did get out on Ihe weekends he wasted no time in getting reaquamted with his old friends Ralph, Roger, and Joe His only difficulty was that his good buddy Fred didn ' t have very good taste m women Mark worked hard and will always uphold his high personal standards ot excellence m what ever he does Good luck and don ' i forget all those great road trips Fourth Company 371 Robert V. Hoppa Hop Dundalk, Maryland Applied Science Naval Aviation LJ op came to USNA via Ihe scenic route o( ' ' Cherry Point and NAPS When he finally lound a place (o stay lor a (ew years, he set about making ii a better place to party. He redefined Ihe word liberty by setting the land speed record from Dundalk (28 mm) Hop never took plebe year too sertous. but the system saw (it to give him stripes anyway, not that Hop cared since his time was divided between beer and purple hair A star lax player as a young lad. he gave three years of his life to Coach Matthews, before devoting himself to the good life of coaching Always one to parly he found out in L t that, unlike Dandy Don, he was no tea lover You always heard Hop before you saw him (Yo Wang whuss up) Second class year saw Hop tangled m Ihe black web of the Bizarre One Before long, his senses returned and he was back partying wilh the boys Then Hop calmed down, The boys miss him, but I think Kathy domesticated him Nev- er one to stay up laie. Hop siitl managed to get the grades every lime out and once he figured out the mysteries ol the AQT-FAR, he was set to become one of the elite m NAVY Air Never forget " Don ' t make me get up, , " , the hotel at VA Beach, wres- tling in the room. Bacardi 151 for my b-day. loud music and late hours. Army our Plebe Year (sorry I ruined your fun), taiigalers 1 c. B-ball games, working out. and all Ihe other fun we had Ihat can ' t be listed Good luck in the air and I belter not pull you out of Ihe water You ' ve been a helluva roommate JLH Stephen J. Kintzel Kintz Andover. New Jersey Systems Engineering Nuclear Power - Submarines inti came to us alter taking a wrong turn off f the NJ Turnpike, Steve was a real gunge plebe summer and left impressions everywhere he went bulkheads, lenms room doors, and King Hall glassware will never be the same Who can forget his unique interpretation of Extend Arms? Thanks Steve came here with a girlfnend, but how do you keep a girl who doesn ' t even recognize you when you come home with no hair and 30 lbs lighter? After rowing crew plebe year Steve made the transition thai many an opposing mid wished he hadn ' t intramural sports Whether playing 1st Bait football or CO heavies, no one took Steve lightly Steve became a permanent fixture on spring break inps to Florida, although many of the fixtures there are no longer permanent thanks to his presence Speaking of which. Kintz was known for his gen- erous nature lor aquatic Itle. be II marlin or whale. Go Greenpeace, Steve was also probably the only mid in modern history to lock himself out ot his car while Ihe motor was still running Kintz survived lour years of Systems Engineering, but at the great expense of his social life Don ' t ask him what a weekend is, he ' d just tell you it was a time to catch up on studying First class year came and Steve ' s rowdy rock fell by the wayside as he made a switch to mellow Christian music, although the plebes considered htm anything but mellow. Can you say 2nd set squad leader ' ' I thought you could. Now Nuc Subs have called Steve Good luck in all your future endeavors and may your depth al- ways be less than crush. Michael C. Kloosler Kloo Phoenix, Arizona Applied Science Nuclear Power - Surface K ' oo (no one knew his real first name) came to Ihe Academy as a recruited basketball play- er with " little talent but lots of hustle " Kloo started plebe year as a seemingly hardcore grunt, but somewhere along the line he got his bearings con- fused and ended up as a nuke The only sanity m his decision was to stay on top of the water Kloo quickly became an authority in his comput- er science major Kloo ' s academic endeavors were only surpassed by his encounters with the opposite sex. He wasted no time youngster year picking a fine specimen from the selection at Disco Dahlgren. He still hasn ' t hocked the rock he bought for her He went through girls his first and second class years like most people go through sneakers A cou- ple of those girls even got him the acclaimed Brick Award. Then he found a Jeanme with tight brown hair, but she didn ' t come from a lamp, but rather from Mother " B " Kloo ' s hard-headed determination and dedica- tion led him to success in almost everything he did. He was respected both m the Hall and on ihe courl for his serious yet laid back, lead by example style of leadership Kloo will always be remembered in fourth company every time anybody walks m the wardroom and sees the Bnck Award with his name 372 Fourth Company Joseph A. Kowalewski Joe Baltimore. Maryland Mathematics Surface Warfare Joe was born a poor, Polish child, he left USNA the same way During plebe summer. Joe kept a tow profile, his name was too hard for the firsties to pronounce The only way he could be identified was by the cast on his wrist 1 guess that ' s why he got it m Ihe first place First semester plebe year proved a trying one lor Joe The upperclass at Joe ' s table were all but pleasant Joe then slid safely through second se- mester by warming up pitchers and his bad wnsl. in the bullpen ot Navy ' s baseball team Youngster year was a transitional one for Joe. after the inevitable run-m with Coach Duff, the ex- ballplayer concentrated 100% on academics Also during thai time. Joe ' s true talent appeared; Rod- ney Dangerfield imitations, and " Bustm ' on yur mama, " became favorite pastimes of his Joe ' s proficiency at this earned him Ihe title, " The King of Cuts " He was good, just ask Rip Van Sun, the Sultan, or Noser, they ' ll tell you Trashing rooms became Joe ' s second pastime His daily (un began about two in Ihe morning This hobby was brought to an abrupt halt when on one night, while fleeing Ihe seen of the crime, he put his hand through a glass door Needless to say. he ' s all together now Joe saw the light in his last semester, his service preference went from SWO to FO His most impor- tant discovery was that rack time is the key to good grades The past three years have been the great- est, except for your obnoxious snoonng You ' ll work hard where ever you go. Your quote " I get no respect, " is false, you ' ve gol mine OLO James G. Kyser IV Giles Dumfries. Virginia History U.S. Marine Corps rhree years rooming with a grunt, tiow ' d we do It Jim? Living n constant fear that the next moment might bnng another gunge lecture on such critical topics as MOS selection, jusl the kind ot thing Navy pilots submariners need to know Af- ter Giles spent a year squaring away MMA (ask him about It if you have plenty of time) he arrived al USNA and proceeded to show his stufi and impress a lot ot people with his natural military ability Then came academics, OuchM! Giles had a hard lime. but by no fault of his own, how can you do well with professors that meet weekly to determine how to tail you. or that assign papers only the ntghi before they ' re due Who has time for school when there ' s airborne training. Semper Fi. theGazzette, Leather neck, choir, and glee club (Duke couldn ' t disap- point the girls), but Grunt pulled through. They told him he could be battalion CDR and his grades near- ly doubled, and command he did That ' s what he does better than anyone I know Plebe summer saw Giles again on the drill field as Co Cdr Imagine having a Baptist minister as a drill instructor, that ' s Giles. After plebe summer he set out in his black Fiero (Visa card in hand) with a battle plan tor wine, women, and song But alas, there was a slight change in the battle order A lovely young lady named Chris came and swept Giles off his teet. What she sees in that shoM haired grunt we ' ll never know, but the wedding bells will be ringing after TBS, Best ol luck thanks tor everything Giles Just remember this, by land. sea. or air we golem cov- ered It you ever need air support just give me a call, if things get real bad we ' ll let Jim handle it SEMPER FI James T. Loeblein Lerbs Salisbury. North Carolina Applied Science U.S. Marine Corps im came to us from N.C a soulherner from the word go, and " get gone " he did. His easy go- ing attitude and natural way with people soon had us all feeling right fine Jim was inspiring also, quot- able quotes m a slow southern drawl seemed to roll oft Jim ' s tongue regularly, perhaps the most fam- ous being " To hell with chemistry and history, gimme the conn. " Jim had a natural ability for the stage and he and his twin brother became bookend fixtures all across the U S. and on numerous nation- al TV shows with the Glee Club. Jim and his twin brother taecame experts at creating an identity cri- sis, so expert that they saw fit to dazzle the plebes while on detail with tag team uniform races Second class summer saw Jim lead a fast life, A new Porsche, and a new service selection choice each week of protramid were totally uncharacteristic for someone who probably has the most bonng blotter in the Brigade He slowed back down and finally settled on Nuc subs and as our 2nd set company commander enjoys dialogues wtih our Carofinian Company Officer which in typical southern fashion may take days to complete Not to worry though, I ' m sure that Jim will have us all in line and doing his favorite rendition of the " bird dance " trom Purple Ram before you can say " Y ' ali come on back here. " All we can say Jim is our confidence in you as a roommate, academician, professional, and spiritual leader is well founded, and we who know him are belter because of it Silvester G. Mata Sly Phoenix, Arizona Applied Science Surface Warfare Oly came to USNA from sunny Phoenix via the NAPS route to play basketball tor Navy. Not only did basketball make him almost invisible plebe year but also gave him many memorable road trips. The hills of Iowa and lampshades of William and Mary will never be the same Sly made Varsity plebe year and earned a letter Unfortunately he didn ' t excell in the classroom as he did on the basketball courl He Jell victim to the dreaded computers as did most management majors did youngster year. Second class year brought Sly ' s dream, the credit card. And with the credit card came shoes, shirts, pants and more clothes (these look good don ' t they Joe) and just about anything else you could buy now and pay (or later At the end of second class year our very own Eddie Monster got a car (how long did it take you to make up your mind Sly?). With a credit card m his hand and a set of wheels. Sly rolled into first class year with road trips to Ocean City, North Carolina, and numerous weekends at the Fish Market (here he had a brief encounter with a bad disease but was quickly cured) For the last three years Sly had been tooting telephone bills to Phoenix {but not to home) and first class year brought more ot the same " Oh Joe. what are we gunna do " . Mounds, Taco Bell, Purple Ram. Frederick. Philly, The Library. Clarkes. 1 sure wish I knew Spanish so I could tell what he is saying m his sleep. Thanks for putting up a geeker Sly and Good Luck in everything Michael D. Phillips Mike Concord. California Systems Engineering Naval Aviation A j ike (most people just call him Dick) hailed ' ■ ' ' from Northern California with a cowboy hat on his head and running shoes on his feet He didn ' t stop running until his feet got tired at which point he traded m his running shoes for leather restraints (on his feel) Mike then fervishly stroked for Navy crew until his departure to the promised land (Pensaco- la). How about those laid back, warm spring breaks on the Severn! How Mike managed to excel aca- demically with his heavy doses of " crew sleep " we may never know Youngster summer found Mike with a shaved head and jump wings Besides striv- ing towards Biomassism. Mike managed to take some systems classes and graduate with a " real " degree Being from Northern California, Mike was the es- sential rocker Strains of Bob Seger or the Scorpi- ons could often be heard oozmg out from between his head and headphones First semester 1 C year Mike took over as Bait OPS and occasionally used his 3-striper libs to further his musical education. Mike could be frequently found rocking at the Sandbar or the Bayou seducmg the women with his overdeveloped belt buckle Besides the rocker women. Mike managed to see his fair share of re- spectable girls both here and at home Being an original co-founder ot the " Hotel Calitorma " . Mike could often be found horizontal and dreaming of California girls Mike will be sorely missed by all, and especially the plebes who always looked up to him as a " fnend " Good luck with Navy Air Mike and " Check Six " ! ST.F.B. Fourth Company 373 David M. Pimple Pimp Sierra Vista. Arizona Polttical Science US. Marine Corps - Aviation Dave, the Pimp. Pimple came lo the UnivefSi- ly ol ihe Water via Sierra Vista, Arizona, on the back ol a giant gila monsler Dave strode ihrough his lirsi three years on the track and cross country teams With youngster year came some spare time which was tilled with such activities as shaving Billy ' s leddy bear and boisterously stag- gering around Ihe halls alter long and (cam lilled Salufday nights Even with his running talents, how- ever, he still was not fast enough to evade being roped by Tern, who duly whipped him into submis- sion Dave made admirable attempts at appearing non- whipped, such as numerous road trips to those beautiful beer guzzling tavern wenches at Goucher and Hood colleges But no, it was a Crazy Glue relationship, and Tern would nol let Dave ' s sporad- ic attempts at freedom pull them apart Dave, m line bull maior style, could often be lound writing papers in the wardroom late at mghl with one eye on the paper and one on David Letter- man or Benny Hill These late night ettorts seemed to pay off as shown by the shiny stars on his collar 1 C year Dave was shocked by the death of his gila " Bailey " ' No one told him he wasn ' t supposed lo ■fun " him Dave ' s service selection choice ol Ma- rine Air came about only after careful consideration ol all career and personal factors as well as numer- ous National Boh ' s Were all waiting to see the change Irom " drug induced haircut " to " high and tight " But took at Ihe bright side Dave, you don ' t even have to use shampoo ' I ' m sure the Marine Corp will make good use of Dave ' s many talents Good luck Dave S.T.F.B. Joseph P. Preddy Wang Cassville. Missouri Applied Science Surface Warfare rhe Wang came to the USNA from some infa- mous town known as the Fescue Capital of the world. Cassville, Missouri I found myself staring at some guy our squad leader called. " Preddy, you hyper $%c ' ' This was Wang ' s only tough Ac year Younster year, Wang was taken under the wings ol BG and there was a quick turnaround m his grades This is the year Joe earned his nickname, " Wang " . Irom another buddy. Hop. due to his ex- cellence m SI304 (My lavonle course ) Second class year Wang found new adventures in Disco Dahlgren where he could usually be lound around midnight with a pitcher ol beer and wearing his beer goggles Joe earned another nickname, Geeker, because of his excellence m the class- room First class year started off with a blast when the Wang went on his first WESTPAC That consist- ed ol a few stories itself which the Wang can tell about himself The fun continued with the start of Ac year This included trips to Ocean City, Hood College (Wang ' s lucky day). North Carolina, and weekend drives up to Georgetown, Let ' s not forget Wang ' s 21st birthday Well Wang, it ' s been fun but now t want to wish you good luck in San Diego or on lop of that 20 story building you were telling me about, whichever you choose Last of all, I would like to say thanks for putting up with my bad practices and games Wang I won ' t forget about the help you gave me to make It through this place Wang ' s favorite hobbies con- sisted ol Music No sleeping on the barstool Sports Hurdling pebbles at Ocean Cily Dances: The Bird Collecting boxers The Lucky Ones Galvan Douglas T. Rhodes Dusty Duncansville, Pennsylvania Oceanography US. Marine Corps - Aviation From out of Ihe woods of Pennsylvania came the Duster to the academy, with a fishmg pole in one hand and a gun m the other Dusty came as a recruited football player, and alter two years ol hard work, became one of those offensive lineman responsible for springing Napdean for all those yards Outside of football. Dusty was Ihe par- ty animal. Give him filteen or sixteen beers and he thought he was Nap I have a dent on the hood of my car to prove il, a five yard touchdown dive Never give him beer around a ping pong table ei- ther, or he ' ll dive on that too Dusty is country lo the bone, having qualilied in all categories — music, guns and a truck to lour wheel with He is one of the only guys I know who came m with a girlfriend and will probably graduate with the same girlfriend We won ' t talk about the two and a hall years in be- tween, though Everybody liked Doug m the hall, even the plebes since he was so dedicated to the professional de- velopment program ' ' ' ' ? I remember the three come-arounds we had youngster year Who taught 4hose plebes how to play darts anyway? Dusty was and will always be a true friend to me His dedication to whatever he does will make him one of the best heto pilots in the Marines. DTR 374 Fourth Company Ronald A. Seivy Clone Sierra Vista, Arizona Aerospace Engineering U.S. Marine Corps - Aviation rnon came from Sierra Vista, AZ, with his Tl- l 58c firmly attached to his belt ready, willing and able( ) to attack his major ol AERO First. Ronald had to memorize a few simple things in plebe summer He did quite well answering rates, all except one-aircraft speeds He thought this was trivial because it was not written any where stating thai Plebes had to memorize it, so he blew-ii-ofi This did not upset his squad leader too much, it just made poor Ron Ihe center ol attention lor awhile During Plebe Year, Ron had a Second Class whom he looked at as a " Big Bro ' " In the immortal words ol Rich Moore. " Sho ' did I know thai you drawed- up lirst Mr SeIvy " Yes. Ron had committed the omnipotent wrong ol drawing food before his up- perclass I ' m sure Ron will never lorget protocol again Ron could always be lound racing down Mam- street in his pseudo-Porshe Everyone knew thai Ron wanted to buy a sports car When Ron came back off a weekend he lold me he had bought a car I asked what model of Porshe He said it was not a Porshe so I knew it must be either a Triumph or M G He said it was a Prelude " WHAAAT ' ?!! " Nice family car Ron 0-60 in 5 minutes We will never forget our last Army-Navy Game, but I ' m sure Ron would like to lorget one THANG! After the game Ron became slightly inebriated (along with 10,000 other people) and the rest is history He earned the most-complimentary award known as " The Bnck " Over the years, Ron has exibited to all a good quality that I admire and that is doing what ' s right regardless of what people think I wish Ihe best of luck to him and his brother Don (who won the " Ron SeIvy Look-alike Contest " ). P.S I hope Ron agrees to tell his lltght Inslr that he will learn aircraft speeds MJB fl William H. Spear Billy Leesville, Louisiana Marine Engineering Surface Warfare Dilly came lo Canoe U from the backwoods - of Leesville. Louisiana greener than the pme trees of his native Cajun homeland He had a rough time adiusting to the ngors of plebe summer, espe- cially shaving Daily, one could here the cry " Spear did you shave today ' ' " echoing through the halls ol Mother B Especially memorable during plebe sum- mer was Billy ' s first tango lesson Once academic year started plebe year, it didn ' t take Billy long to make the transition from high school academic geek to Academy rack hound Occasionally, though, he could be found throwing soda cans out his window or squabbling with his roommates over his leddy bear. Youngster year found Billy keeping a low profile both academically and socially and surviving on a diet of candy bars, preferably " Snickers " , Billy blossomed second class year, however, becoming a plank owner of the " tool shed " and twice being voted " Flamer of the Month " Second class year also saw Billy ' s love of candy bars surpassed by an even greater love called " Beth " First Class year was a year of change for Billy as he went from Nuke Subs to Surface Lme and from single to engaged He also became a ghost around Mother B on weekends, spending all of his time with " Queen Elizabeth " Among Billys accomplishments at USNA are lasting four years without falling prey to beer gog- gles and a four star varsity rack status. Good luck and much happiness to Billy and Beth in the future S-J-K. Theodore J. Stout Nanook of the North Fosston. Minnisota Mathematics U.S. Marine Corps red came to us from Fosston, Mn in love with a pair of eyes from his high school days Where is " Faucet. " Ted ' ' Plebe year he excelled in aca- demics, among other things, but by youngster year he realized that he ' d better start resting up for Quantico and not waste time with trivial things like studying The Rack, sci-fi romances and the ward- room became his passions He, of course, excelled at these also Ted always had a unique way of expressing his feelings on any given subject, i.e . hurling books. blotters, hats, shoes, anything within reach, and anybody that got in the way If it wasn ' t in Farmer ' s Almanac it wasn ' t worth discussing Most of his displays were a result of his prof ' s inadequate teaching abilities But Ted. you can ' t learn Boats by watching The Love Boat! He always pulled it out in the end though Firslie year Ted could always be seen with his long red underwear, blue leans jacket, cowboy boots, silk looking blue dress shirt, and the two Items that were permanent fixtures of his body, the Copenhagen can and the Minnesota Twins ball cap How many times have you quit Tedl About this time a certain farm girl, from way up there al the world ' s edge, caught his attention He (igured any girl that would carry his beer had to be worth that rabbit fur jacket He said he wasn ' t in love Love must be when she carries the beer and the Wild Turkey Ted will be ready for Quantico now that he ' s rested for three years The Marine Corps will be impressed with his Norwegian accent and back- wood ways Good luck We wish you well Dean T. Sun D.T. Anchorage. Alaska Electrical Engineering Surface Warfare r ean Sun arrived at Annapolis. Maryland via ' - Newport, Rhode Island where he spent a year studying (HA!) and getting payed big bucks for it This soon changed when Fuji blessed us with his presence at THE Academy Number One Sun. as he soon became known thanks to M LT McKenzie, was the center of atten- tion for most of his plebe year His unsatisfiable desire to be last in every uniform race earned Dean many CCC ' s. Youngster year found Chmg-Chang in his favorite place, the RACK His love for the Blue Magnet was so great that not even his exams could pull him out Rip Van Sun. as he was affectionately referred lo by his roommates, became the master of optimum horizontal time During his segundo year, Skemo, continued his favorite endeavor One secret that he never di- vulged was the name of the woman in black that occupied his time during summer cruise During second class year Dean was added to the best dressed list when he was found one night weanng a laundry bag Hey Dean, who really set off that fire alarm ' ' First class year came as we all expected but someone had to wake Dean up so he wouldn ' t miss it. T won the National Rack Title by defeating Rick Cameron m a very close battle Dean docu mented over 85 sleeping positions and clinched the title on his ability to sleep through most anything, even alarm clocks D T . we ' re all gomg To miss you and you ' re infinite knowledge You ' re the greatest JJG Larry W. Switzer Whitey Hawthorne, Pennsylvania Oceanography Nuclear Power - Submarines L: born and raised m a very small ■ country town He came to the Naval Acade- my as a backwoods couniryboy However, once within the confines of THE Academy and the " bad influences of countless forms. " he quickly was forced into adapting to (enjoying) the corruption of the big-ciiy life of Baltimore and Washington, DC Through his first two years at The Academy, when he was not involved in football or powerlifting. he polished his newly discovered social talents Once Aldebaron entered his life m mid junior year, trans- portation to area social spots became much easier as well as fun in his new white convertible After a summer cruise to Australia whence he became a shellback, he settled into a relaxed senior year fea- turing a year-long project of original research m oceanography The future holds nuclear power school in Orlando, Fla , memorable weekends starting on Wednesdays, and more " corrupt " big- city living for Larry " Bigtime " Switzer Fourth Company 375 Fifth Company , 1 fifrar K. . H . J pr. J . ) vr •( •• Thomas L. Adams III Flash Camden. South Carolina Political Science Naval Aviation TTom came lo the Naval Academy as an Army ' Brat determined to enhance Ittth company with his inherited gunginess As a plebe he quickly established himseit as a future jar-head by redefin- ing the coocepi of " high and tight " He wasn ' t satisfied with his haircut until the barber drew blood Tom ' s promising track career came lo a slashing hall when he almost lost his leg in a skating acci- dent But Ihrs wasni enough to stop our hero from playing ISO ' S and receiving his wings ol gold from airtxjrne Not only did they teach Tom how to jump from perfectly good airplanes, but Ihey also taught him how to jump through the sunroof of a tumbling RX 7 Tom also became known in filth conpany as Mr International by taking full advantage of his Span- ish Via International Balls he has left a string of broken hearts throughout the South American con- tinent Me (ulhcr expanded his horizons during his lirst class FOREX cruise to Peru However, back at home. Tom ' s dreams and nightmares were tilted with thoughts of T R R (alias Minme Mouse) Lemonte A. Adkins Monty Country Club Hills. Illinois Economics Surface Warfare eMonte. Monty, or P-Boy graced USNA after attending NAPS This is the Academy ' s Prep School, but It didn ' t quite do its job in short, he came, he saw, it kicked his behind On 22 JAN 85, Monte was ' bout last in tine Although his success was limited, academically, this 6 ' 2 " hulk had nu- merous victories, socially He sends " deep " re- gards to J Bardliving. S. Williams and D. Washington These and many other obligations kept him busy, which explains the study problems A certain " CoCo " whipped him into shape, and he has stood tall since On a more relaxed note. L A A was a rambunctious presence in the company area He often chifled-out after a hearty Mexican meal Fortunately, he and I will descend on Pensacola as two of the very lew that will have this opportunity The women and instructors best be ready ' cause the A A boys are coming if LeMonte can keep hts side of the room clean. Jeffrey A. Belt Grode Charleston, West Virginia Aerospace Engineering Naval Aviation JeM Belt came to the Naval Academy for only one reason, to be an aero engineer and to fly Navy jets Jeff even showed up with his own tele- phone book to sit on so he could see the top row of instruments m the F-14 Jeff had a great deal ot talent as a drummer which is why he blew oft the poor quality of the D B and joined the prestigious PEP band instead While at Canoe U Jeff was an example to all ot us when it came to girls Jetl broke up with his first girlfriend because of his high stan- dards It seemed Rene didn ' l like the excitement of falling out ot cars, so Jeff moved on to someone with a greater sense of adventure While in Califor- nia Jeff found just the girl (a chiropractors recep- lionesi named Jodey) Jeff ' s abilities in sports also held us m awe His thunderous foot got Jeff on the company football team. While Jeff never tried out for boxing he still managed 3 KQ ' s in sottball and football, due to these experiences. Jeff became the company coma rep Jeff also worked as a test pilot for Ford and has shown that the new mustang can do 0-100 in 7 sec (or so he said) Jeff also pulled such manuvers as the middle ot the bridge spin and the 10 passenger mustang road rally Jeff was al- ways the life of the party with his demonstration ol the recycled green beer party and he won fame with his imitation of a dead cockroach at WVU aid stations Jeff even went out ol the way to entertain the families of his Inends. While visiting Alabama old faithful erupted once agian sending one of the Grodes flying Being a contientious driver Jeff paced hts return home so it only took him two days to make the 10 hour trip Jeff will now move on to Navy air and make his mark by being the first to make an F-14 do mach 10 (or so he ' ll say). Good luck, the Grodes 376 Fifth Connpany Louis J. Cedrone The Sloth York. Pennsylvania Systems Engineering Nuclear Power - Surface ou ' s tirsi experience at the Naval Academy was Lamonte peeling him off the ceiling when the bells went oil at 0600 Time flew (literally) as his famous alarm often became airborne The sloth was often lound hanging from beds and helped his roomates ' self-confidence by " letting " them thrash him at wrestling Youngster year, " Mr Systems " found that sleeping was a good way to pass the time m or out ot class and the habit continues to- day The 8000 stupid toys he brought in always livened up the room until we broke them And then rhere was stereo equipment, bigger, better, stron- ger and those stupid Italian cookies that only Joe ' s socks could eat Second class year was spent ZORKing with the blob (B T G) and trying to put out the lire m his car. In Pasadena, Lou found the joys of a younger woman (can you say 2 3 my age ' ' ) and also became a conaisseur ol fine dog shampoo (which he has been known to consume in vast quantities ) First class year Lou opened up a video game parlor in his room and hasn ' t studied since Good luck, fuzzy, and don ' t gel too close to the reactor core. JSF CHP I James R. Cochrane COCH Bay Shore. New York Political Science Naval Flight Officer ames R Cochrane, better known as " Wme - and Wonien Coch, ' is a man of many talents. Lacking " political pull ' Coch was forced to endure the NAPS expereince Nevertheless, upon reaching USNA. he made it to the top " Look Dad ' deja vu " ' Jim ' s first legacy to USNA was his Famous Naval Saying, " Request permission to wipe down, Sir? " James has fallen in and out of love so often thai he has t)ecome quite proficient at it Although he has tailed to collect his class crest from one of his initial conquests and has run up a healthy auto premium over another one, It appears that J R. has finally figured il out In tact he has taken to " juggling " to maintain his new found ability, " One. two, three, or even four at a time " Undecided about becoming an aviator or a nuke. Jim took a great deal of time (about a week on a Nuke power cruise) before opting to be an adventurous tool rather than a wealthy tool Welt Coch. we wish you the best of all things, but it for some reason a wish is not enough, we know that your persistence and dedication will suffice LATER. YANK L.C. Garey L. Cozad COZ Wheatland, Wyoming Applied Science U.S. Marine Corps COZ came to Navy from the wide open spaces of Wheatland, Wyoming. No one quite knew what to make of his eternally calm atti- tude until his first class year Then he became our subcommander (or is it XO?), Surprise, Surprise. Surprise! He played the " everybody ' s-best-buddy " position along with Dave (who took the credit) and left no doubts about his ability to spnnkle joy and happiness upon the multitudes The Lieutenant took great delight in " beating dead horses " in Car- ey ' s presence More " dead horses " for him meant less for us Truly the Don Juan of Fifth Company, Garey is still getting letters from the maidens he has left stranded m such exotic places as Cartagena. Norway, Nova Scotia and Venezuela — not bad for a guy from a hometown with a smaller population than the Academy Still Garey proved to be truly American when his life ' s ambition (and life ' s sav- ings) turned lo the restoration of his 1967 Toron- ado We can still picture Garey speeding off into the sunset in SOOOlbs ot classically savage machine. Garey took a long time deciding just what service selection he wanted to pursue. He finaly decided on the Marine Corps He ' s our only Marine, but will be worth as much to the Corps as several from any other company He brought some true American values to the Academy and helped us all be a little better than we were before we met him We know thai hts enthusiastic determination will get him far He ' ll either be a general or a corporation president (it ' s still a toss up) We shared some great limes and some not so great times, and managed to over- come all the obstacles m good spirit We made it. Thanks. Garey. tor being a part of it all. William E. Fenton Buckethead Scituate, Massachusetts Naval Architecture Special Ops 70 prepare midshipmen morally, mentally, and physically to be professional officers in the Na- val Service. " That ' s the mission The stage was set. The Naval Academy took on a unique kid from Scituate Mass in its toughet challenge yet Bill ' s development morally was one thing thai the Acade- my could be proud of. Penthouse would be. Billy Graham he ' s not — )ust ask the girls from Goucher, King Fenton of Winslow House he came, he saw, and he conquered (not necessarily in that order). All his women had one thing in common — they all had boyfriends. Girls also helped Bill to adjust, as he found a surefire cure for homesickness in P. and C. Mentally the academy did all it could. He never did learn to speak, but he did get his degree in Naval Architecture. One day he walked into the Hydrostatic Lab and saw all the neat little boats and the expensive equipment, and he knew he had found his place. Four years later, Bill stil! thinks Naval Architecture is simply a matter ot sticking a 250 HP Evinrude on the back of a Boston Whaler — the better the design, the louder the engine. Well rested, well tested was Bill ' s motto, and he started studying for tests four weeks m advance, in class as well as in the rack Physically there wasn ' t much left to develop. A state champ wrestler, winner of the NAPS Most Outstanding Athlete Award, Bill rolled into the academy ready to tear up Navy wrestling and win himself a national championship After three gruel- ing years giving his all to Navy wrestling. Bill finally won his varsity letter — in 150 lb football Not everyone can be a national champ He ' s one jammin ' good guy and a great friend- If any of Bill ' s future fellow officers are reading this — Do you know where your wife is? Joseph S. Flynn II Spaz San Diego. California Chemistry Nuclear Power - Surface Joe came to the Naval Academy from Calif and has spent the last four years trying to convince us and the MD slate tax system he ' s really from there Joe had an interesting career starling with piebe year when he appeared unclothed before the Dant (attention on deck-pant s go lo ankles). Joe was the only man who could get m trouble for miss- ing a chow call even though he tell down a (tight of stairs trying to get there Joe! What do I need to get through today ' Youngster Year Joe delved into chemistry as his major and always came to the room with that familiar " smell my hands! " He tried out for and actually made Navy Volleyball and it has now replaced women as his second love (Navy first Guys). Second class year Joe came out with livelier Naval sayings (Which we can ' t pnnt) and even liveli- er dreams (which noone can pnnt) Who is Maria anyway? Joe claims he doesn ' t dnnk, but mess night after drinking every one else ' s dnnk he lead a sing along in Annapolis and snuck us all past the gate watch (We made it Joe ) Army Navy was a lot of fu n that year in Joe ' s home state (got $50 for a cab from San Diego to LA) First class year Volley- ball went varsity and they gave Joe three stripes He joined Cannoneers as head cannoneer and left the Naval Academy m Jan for U of M and was never heard from again except he came back tor bowling and the biscuits Nuke power ' s got him now and with the way he does things he ' ll be in charge, in a tew years (little Rickover ) Good luck Hoser. CHP LJC Fifth Company 377 Thomas M. Fritz Fritzie Minneapolis. Minnesota Chemistry Nuclear Power - Submarines rom hails from Minneapolis, thai refrigerator up Norlh Apparenity the girls are warm there be- cause he keeps coming back (rem break with a big smile and new pictures Tom is an average guy at first glance (6 -7 " , 250lbs) and he approaches ev- erything in lite as one world expect a person as small as he is to When asked by his plebe summer squad leader why he came to USNA " Fntzie " re- plied simply, " I wani to drive ships, sir. " and every- body believed him Bui now alter 4 years of avoiding the football and crew coaches ' lures he will spend his career bending over m submarines Tom has a tun lovmg nature Or is it just that tun loves him " Anyway, while not being able to avoid a challenge, he became a chemistry major and proved he could get good grades and still have more fun than anyone else His friends love to go out wtih him When at crowded pub he )usl reaches Over the people at the bar to get drinks And when you ' re wilh Tom you don ' t have to worry about getting picked on Bui most of all he can always be counted on to do one of his many outrageous im- pressions at any time or place There ' s nothing like a " Tarzan Yell " to liven up an otherwise exciting party But Tom spent many hours working hard at these impressions (Mostly while he, not to mention his roommates, were fending oft the " God of 2 ' ) Truly no descnptton of Tom would be complete without mentioning his MGB Is Tom confused ' A car IS for driving not for wearing At any rate. Tom, the horizons o( whose talents no one really knows. will not be forgotten by even the briefest of aquam- tances He has brightened many of our days, and we will hear from him again coz Eric W, Gardner Grodner Morgantown, West Virginia Ocean Engineering Naval Flight Officer Grodner came to us as a prep from West Va Univ where he was known as a party anirr and an operator, and so far he hasn ' t done much Canoe U to harm his reputation Enc continued his residency m Morganhoie along with the rest d the grodes during Mountaineer football weekends ond and first class year Just ask Mr Grodner how many ol the guys he induced to pray to the Porce- lain God As the operator, Enc sure was effective impressing that War Eagle m B ' ham with his sofi voice and clever talk, so soft he couldn ' t call home Enc took a week vacation m Germany and learned much of the German language-Zwie beir please speaking of beer, that has been Enc ' s one true love ever since we met him. but as ot late he has cumbed to the more subordinate urges of a i and Regma has put his operator status in jeapardy Enc. a self-proclaimed stuntman, actually death or four wheels, has been known to push traclor-ti lors down the highway at speeds m excess eOmph at a distance ot 3 ft Enc blew his car loan on a sporty red Rabbit conv The only thing he forgot was that tt needs four inflated tires, Along with his dnvin ' Enc was the tinesi automobile navi- gator to graduate from USNA-Remember those 40mph swerves midway thru intersections in Georgetown Enc had a sweet and sour 1 c year First semester he paraded around as D B Ops officer, which entailed duties such as nightly TV and 3-slriper drinking sprees, only to return to the shocking horrors ot Fifth Co Now Eric will take his many gift and talents to Pensacola, where I ' m sure he will set the world of NFOs on fire We ' ll always remember Enc as the best dressed ot the Grodes, but who could ever forget those Grodner lay-ups Go Mountaineers Later dude Stefani Green Stef Big Sandy. Montana English Intelligence Stef, Step, Sgreen. NMN, Green came to us from the thriving metropolis of Big Sandy, Montana She arrived with only her running shoes in hand, and over the tour years, they served her well Her shoes carried her across the tmish line, m first place, on countless occasions during her cross country, indoor and outdoor track meets. Pictures of her effortlessly winning could be found all over the Academy (Personally, I think she traded kisses for photos with her groupie, the photographer ) To quote the Navy Football program, (which inciden- tally a so included her famous face) " Stetani Green IS Navy Women ' s Track " Need I say more ' ' With all her time devoted to running, she had little time remaining for other important activities — drinking, dating, etc Not that she didn ' t have countless offers No, no no! But somehow, most of them were lacking a certain something she de- manded in her men (a camera? red hair " ?) Finally, at the end ol 2 c year, she met Mr Right and " came out of the closet ' so to speak She and Rex have continued to grow closer with the relationship having culminated with a series of nightly pit raids Her last year here, naturally the best, has been a series of highs and lows Although it began poorly (bum de bum de bum) the apartments, a and b. certainly made things easier Senior pictures were taken at the F-4 (or was it the A-4 ' ' ) and the count- down began In these last few weeks, Pip and Squeak will undoubtedly keep each other compa- ny Thanks Green ' But you haven ' t seen the last ol me (Chronic dysmenorrhea — whaf?) And none of this " three ' s company " stuff either! 378 Fifth Company Michael D, Greenwood L.C. Meriden, Connecticut History Nuclear Power - Submarines Sir, Midshipman Candidate Greenwood, Men- den. Connecticut Sir, 1 have a Question Not long after entenng NAPS, L C became noticeable. intimidating, and eloquent Unfortunately, playing " Kick the Cop " at Burger King is a bit too notice- able LC had to wait until he became a Mid to earn a striper position After four years al USNA, L C still maintains those qualities that made him famous at NAPS, but here have been many changes Whatever happened to Buckwheat, the dedicat- ed Manne " ? The staggering Plebe " ? The lusty Youngster ' ' How many Mids get sponsors under thirty " ? How many Mids marry their sponsor " ? En- gagement The transition Nuke power selectee, regimental stnper, an engaged man Well, L C , you are still an mtimidafor (those poor unsuspecting upperclass). and a crestless individual You have made a lasting mark at the Naval Academy The History Club, Class Vice-Pres. the Boxing Club, and Blood Drives will all miss your leadership Take if light. L C and don ' t forget to look out those " win- dows " for Karla Best of luck in the fleet YANK COCH 1 John G. Hannink Johnny Modesto. California Aerospace Engineering Naval Aviation ohnny came to USNA (rom Modesto, CaMor- ma. home of Ernest and Julio Gallo, via Calvin College m Michigan He quickly gained the respect or the upperclass and his classmates with his knowledge ot current affairs and history So he chose to major in Aerospace Engineering In fact, with his Aero grades going for him it looked like nothing could slop Johnny, until thai Saturday af- ternoon youngster year when he was caught in civil- ian clothes by Midn 1 c MHP A BYOB party in his honor eased the pam ot weeks of restriction Sec- ond-class year found Johnny at USAFA, but he rcjOined the grodes second semester for their con- tinuing assaults on WVU tt has been a pleasure to room with you. Johnny You are well-liked and very much respected by ev- eryone who knows you. Good tuck in Navy Air The F-18 was built tor you The sky is yours EWG Thanks to my friends Billy, the most squared away Eric, the best party animal Jeft, Tommy, and Lisa, true friends Watts, you here? Thanks to my family For the greatly appreciated support and encouragement For the values that have seen me through USNA and also go with me into the future David would have been proud Thanks to God For guiding me through the past years For all the challenges and opporluniiies-Cal- vin. Jump School, SERE School. USAFA, 5th pla- toon 1st squad. Aero My dream has come true To God Ije the glory Thonnas W. Huffstutler lit Huck Birmingham. Alabama General Engineering Naval Aviation uly 7. 1 98 1 a madman was created. Tom Huck Huffstutler changed from a mild mannered boy from B ' ham to a raving lunatic midn It took one year tor Tom to discover the not so simple plea- sures in life and the expensive ones. During his first summer cruise in Hawaii Tom bought his first $250 bottle of wine for his tnend. too bad you didn ' t get your money ' s worth. Youngster year Tom was a excited member of the Wed night dining club That spring break Huck had a rough time m Lauderdale While he couldn ' t get a girl on the dance floor, his luck completely changed with a couple of offers from a truck and a Ferrari Second class year was a great one for Huck He finally got himself a girl- friend. She was an exciting one and left Tommy at a loss for words, OK fine Always moving ahead, Tom found another girl for the Ring Dance She could set the dance floor on fire, but trusting Tom left her with his Uncle Jeffy and Aunt Jody while he rested for his cruise m Mother B Tom always had girls on his mind and sometimes their clothes on his body You really shined in Val ' s swimsuit. but get a real body Tom, corvettes may be expensive, but BMW ' s sure use a lot of oil Tommy came to us an innocent kid This ectomorphic youth has grown in potential to be considered a threat to not only Naval Aviation, but also to the female population ol Pensacola Good-bye and good luck to one of the Grodes Later dude TMPGIK ATL JAB .Jk Robert J. Ivey. Jr. Biver North Mrytle Beach. South C arolina Political Science Surface Warfare Dob " BZ Biver " will never go hungry He comes from a family that l elreves m well fed people and Bob ' s repeated attempts to become skinny were failed by those inevitable chow pack- ages from home Bob is one of those few people who IS gifted with vision That is in a figurative sense Bob is very senous about so many o( the things that midshipmen are supposed to be senous about He has a lot of guts and takes a great deal of pride in living up to the high standards he has set for himself which would give most of us ulcers He is an individual who knows where he is going m life and he will undoubtedly arrive there. But he may not know when he ' s there twcause of his vision That is in a literal sense Bob ' s favorite animal is a bat because he can see better than one — maybe Anyway, maybe thai is part of the aura that sur- rounds Bob that has made him the brunt of so much humor But he has survived it like a true Eagle Scout while at the same time sharing m our laugh- ter As Bob goes oft to be a member of the " Black- shoe " Navy and do the work of 3 men it is difficult to put a finger on what it is that makes him so special to us But one thing is for sure, without him it |ust wouldn ' t have been the same And we we will remember him fondly as he is one of a kind. By the way. has anyone seen Bob ' s glasses ' ' coz Vonnie W. Joy Vinnie Hope, Arkansas Applied Science Surface Warfare 1 onnie ventured our way four years ago from » infamous Hope, Arkansas: no those aren ' t typos, it really is Vonnie and there realty is a Hope. There probably has never been a guy as well liked and easy going as Von or one who answers to as many names: Vin, Vmme. Von, Country Boy. Huck. Armidillo Head, etc . etc Vonnie. never one to abide by rules, started early with his Plebe Roommate. Scott, in search of wom- en in Annapolis This of course is a ma|0r " NONO " for lowly Plebes. but nonetheless the hunt was on. Von ' s first aquamtance was a fine girl, one with good moral values . Hum. maybe that ' s why she wasn ' t around long For the next year or so Vin corralled many more Vonnie ' s final chapter at USNA started with his inaugural meeting with Edie This relationship was tor them made m Hog Heaven and one that will hopfulty last a lifetime as they will soon be married Well Vonnie, as your confidant, roommate, and good friend for tour years I wish you the best of luck and happiness forever Scooter Fifth Company 379 Anthony T. Landauer Lucky Grosse Pointe. Michigan Mathematics Surface Warfare rony came to Canoe U wplh a skinhead and a tan so dark Grea eman would mpslake him for an IP His memory is incredible One week as room- males and he siili couldn ' t remember my name He almost failed Screws by lorgetlmg to take his mid- term. One would thmk thai after 3 years he could renr ember what time Quarters went Tony is most famous for being one who loves to indulge With the wisdom learned from Piebe Summer sailing, " rate what you get away wilh. " he soon earned his nick- name. Lucky Who can forget the Hole and dmmg on ihe veranda It was Ihis night thai Tony ex- plained his purpose in Irfe to bring happiness to other people Tony enjoyed corrupting people to his meaning ot lun, and Lord knows he succeeded wrih me Dming-m was frequent with Tony who is also the founder of the Wed Fn night dmmg club Beefsteaks will never be the same) How about WRNV I remember something about an intercom And ol course there are your Sailing team buddies It ' s good to be skipper ' One summer you had us all scared atler your financial wizardry on a corvette How were you going lo support a family? Good Ihing rabbils have long lifes Remember B ' ham " ? Too bad the bartender didn ' t like the new broken glass decor What did Jell do to save you from the cop " How about the dawn of Mr Indestructable ' ■ ' Nothing can hurt me! " Not even al 60 MPH ' ' The Grodes would never have been the same without you in Lauderdale " Low Profile guys, low profile " Surface line will inherit you for a brief time, but we know the Corps is waiting ) fear the day l have to punch out only to fmd myself holding a share of HBL enterprises and no chute FWAFS. - - - Huck Nancy J. Laurenzano Nance Romance Bowie. Maryland Mathematics Cryptoiogy s a graduate of Bowie High. Nance Ro- ' imance was very familiar with Dahlgren Hall and Midshipmen antics well before 1-Day During the first days of fourth class year, we were all amazed by Ihe numerous sixth company upper- classmen who came to visil Miss Romance Some- how, she survived Plebe year without being tried for frat. this was probably because her blood alcohol level was so high on the weekends, it kept her safe all through the week Deslmed to be number one. little Nance slugged one of our male classmates on her way to the lop of Herndon As a youngster, Nancy established a firey leadership style which prepared her for later Plebe Summer action Whether running a mile in high heels to make taps following a toga party or playing quarters in a Hal- loween costume. Nance always found plenty ot fun and games There IS little hope for change in ihis maniac pro- duced by the Fighting Five Wherever her career may lead her, Nance Romance will remain a tasi driving, gigglmg, schnapps drinking, ice skating life of the parly Her tough exterior will continue to hide a heart of gold (or muslard " ' ?) Who knows ' ' Per- haps someday men will lose their hearts to Nance as easily as they ' ve lost their gloves. Luck and Love always Kat Kathleen M. McCartan Mangier Clarence, New York Political Science Naval Flight Officer at came to the Boat School Irom the boom- » mg metropolis ot Clarence. NY Being the daughter of " 3 Fathers " made il a challenge for Kai 10 make her mk Plebe yr Kaihy transformed fm a smilinglace to a trained killer, or so her 2 c thought she should be Known fm that pt on as the man- gier, she did do destructive things, mostly-almosi all to her brain cells If there ' s one thing that hasn ' t chngd it ' s her abilily to run w the big dog while most others sal on Ihe porch May 82 ' rolled around and so did end of sem leave O C brought her O A O of 3 yrs As a struggling aero maj youngster yr. Mangier mellowed out on the W E to gind lime for her then VA. connection Lean, mean, green-but not Marine 2 c yr w southern comfort was mteresting-Mr T was now a member of the G- team Long disl made it hard-may be some relief came when the forbidden 4th was on bd -kept se- cret tm even me Kat was desimed to reach high goals as a cyclist She was bold and went where neither Rom nor Mangier had ever gone before- loially off the wagon for a sem I had lost a good croney to the art of cycling Nonetheless spring came and so did her remdoc Raps on the b-door, mad dash to the bowl, and w m mm it was over-lo quote this famous athelete. it ' s healthy while your in framing Sr summer the rendezvous was H-burg Beer, ZEct, apes, monkeys, and choke This is the last one K down and dirty Last seen Kat was somewhere m Ihe vicinity of Ihe Foxborough Inn- was If legal or not? Whether she cont lo aftraci Afr men. down Molsons or travel lo the D-land, she ' ll be a super individual-and a good tnend. God willmg a excellent NFO Ciao M. Amore 380 Fifth Company Lucinda A. McKinney Luc Oxford. Ohio English Intelligence Everyone knew Lucmda Or was it Piper She was the girl with Ihe hair — the long hair- When everyone else was getting his locks trimmed for inspections. Lucmda was curling hers under And she was always iusl reg in tact, she never got tried (popcorn poppers don ' t count) Somehow this navy child managed to skate through her four years at USNA, only falling once (How did she break that ankle plebe year " ? Must have slipped ) Her halo eltecl pursued her wherever she went — especially into the classroom An academic " goody two shoes, " so to speak, this scholar composed exten- sive coloring books of notes, and more than a lew lucky midshipmen benefitted from her color-coded outlines Always willing to share her knowledge, Lucmda remained partial to one sailor (her Secret Love) m particular Enough said there Just stay away from B and K And work on that sashay of yours When Lucinda leaves here, she will gratefully bid adieu to cleplomamacs, stolen mops and stolen underwear, bum rie bum de bums, missed move- ment orders lor YP cruises, women ' s lennis at USNA. noisy pil raids, secretarial jobs, Ihe position ol perpetual academics oMicer. and haircut inspec- tions But I ' m noi told " good-bye " quite so easily, so I will see you soon, SNMNG Scott C. Oisen Scooter Annapolis. Maryland Applied Science Surface Warfare Scoll travelled a whole 3 miles to go to school here in Annapolis, and went 3 miles away every weekend plebe year Scott picked up his first college sweetje in a nearby tavern. A while later her boss introduced Scotl and his friends. Pete and Dave, to a drinking game called " Aces " " Does " ! want a new drug, one that won ' t make me sick " ring a bell Scotl? Nexl time you ' re headed for New York on the highway and have to stick your head out the door lo relieve yourself don ' t forget to buck- le up. And next time you ' re on the highway headed for Ft. Lauderdale, " What did you say Scott? " Wrong again! Scoll had an exciting 2lz summer in Pensacola. Did they at least give you a pillow when they made you sleep on the porch " ? And don ' t worry, we ' ll never tell Dan either Senior year, Scott finally found, alter years ot using and abusing, the lovable little Miss Hubbard. No bare cupboards here ' She was also by far the most special girl to Scott while also being one-third ot the boff crew, Hairyet. Marybreast, and his own Lezlie Special thanks go to the landlords of the Olsen Inn They supplied much needed love and encour- agement while Scott supplied Bakes and Pete a friend lor life. Good luck m your future Scooter! Curtis H, Pearson Curtis Chester. Maryland General Engineering Surface Warfare urtis Pearson will always be known to the - modern, tree world as the only midshipman 10 change from a bull ma|Or lo engineering Life with the King of Crud was never dull From early morning sock Reveille to taps in the closet, his life was as magnificent as the dramatic seat covers in the infamous Plymouth Duster The man had only a few strange quirks his occult worship for Kate Bush, the physical phenomenon of his recurring four-week flu. and his uncanny ability to consume mass quantities ot chicken Curtis " mom kept us supplied with a tremendous slock of food- so much in fact, that we lost track of it once or twice One morning youngster year Curtis opened the sink door lo hear the toxic apple cider, finally fermented after several months, ask his socks to quit crawl- ing around the room spreading human misery Ouo- lables " ' Where ?it my glasses ' ? " . " Did you really fry me (or being Pep Band President? " , " Have you seen my glasses ' ? " , " I ' m going to Cindy ' s house " , " Did you take my glasses? " , " No Ma|or, they are NOT forcing me to sleep here in the closet " , " Who put my glasses on my desk? " iv ' elly came to the Naval Academy Irom the fA heart of Silicon Valley to begin ; vice rivalry in her family Her sister Tammy went to USAFA. class of ' 84 Kelly, never domg things the easy way chose to maior in Mechanical Engineering and stuck with it for four years despi te Rocket Reed, Wild Bill and Major Bumgouge During her tour years at the Academy, Kelly got involved in many ECA ' s including Catholic Choir, Women ' s Glee Club, French Club, Cheerleading, Astronomy Club, American Society of Mechanical Engineers, Softball Club and Society of Women Engineers. She also earned a letter playing on the Women ' s Softball Team During 1 C summer, she worked with Civil Engineer Corps officers and was selected in the fall to be commissioned m the Civil Engineer Corps, . i r- ' ' t »•« ■- " ' SNtf David R. Price Nitro Kid San Jose, California Physical Science Naval Aviation ■T-he " Nitro Kid " came lo us from the racetracks of San Jose, Ca His fatherly influence was most apparent in the advice thai he willingly provid- ed as the semesters quickly passed This oldest member of fifth company often told his tales of hot- roddmg around the streets ot his California home to entertain his otherwise studious (?) roommates. While at USNA Dave went through a variety of cars following a central iheme Practicality not being a factor, ' Uncle Henry " simply loved tun Boy, did we have fun pushing the Dune Buggy His 63 Willys Jeep was known for its paint jOb and luxurious inte- rior. Our sponsor really loved these first two. While she a ivays spoke highly ot these fine automobiles, it ' s funny that she came the Ford Bronc can always drive ov ladder. Dave is a rr drink. Accept on rai domly and for which friends i Missing these c look at life m a dillerent way So none were ever missed Dave took Plebe detail vowmg that no wimps would make it through ' 88 can thank him lor that Dave also led us through our seventh and finest semester as company commander He was glad when this burden was lifted and he could let down his hair {A recurring fantasy of his) A fighter pilot he will become and a leader he will continue to be as he lives life as an adventure With that infec- tious smile, Dave will always be one of our very favorites COZ and KI2 = never seen m o q Finally II you c n ' t drive taster, you this on ' s equipped with a of prin ciple so he doesn ' t occasio s which occur ran- friends must be prepared. s meant missing a chance to Fifth Company 381 Susanne Saalau Sue San Jose. Costa Rica Chemistry Grad School-chemistry hank you all lor your help and lor making me ' leel welcome Youf country has become a sec ond home to me special thanks to my family and to Artie, lor then love and encouragement God Bless Andrea L. Webb Dri Loudon. Tennesee History Supply Corps A ndrea ' s association with the Naval Academy ' • began long before plebe summer, for her original recruiting trip was a formal hop Being from Tenn . she was one of iwo foreigners m the compa- ny whose full time )Ob was to learn to speak English Mastering ints art. she stormed up the ladder of success: 2 C Reg Cdr . 1 C Bait Cdr . and ulti- mately the voice o( the official 5lh Co answering machine Not one to shy away trom a tough job. her (lam- ing days started on a 6 ' 2 " 235lb football player She did such a great job with the 4 C thai they where always taking her to private " goat court " parties Andrea answers the question " What kind of woman reads Playboy " ? " Even though she ' s a 4 student, cheerleader, and Rhodes " flunkie " she showed some questionable judgement in choosing her magazine subscriptions A stickler tor uniform regs , she spent untold hours with her make-up. submitted chits to miss formations for hair-cuts. and rounded out her SDB ' s with a flaming red slip Bowing to belter judgement, she began dating a classmate rather than a graduate and so began some optical encounters of the third kind P. S How about that Christmas present from Rich Lou? Patricia A. Rouble Pattie Dearborn. Michigan English Surface Warfare D eiieve m yourself and m your dream though impossible things may seem someday, somehow you ' ll get through to the goal you have m view mountains fall and seas divide before Ihe one who m his stride takes a hard road day by day. sweeping obstacles away beleve m yourself and in your plan. say not - I cannot - but. i can tbe prizes ot Irfe we tail to win because we doubt the power withm Author Unknown 382 Fifth Connpany Michael C. Yankovich Yank Williamsburg. Virginia Physical Science Naval Aviation C " or Iwo and a half years, Yank lived a ' charmed life at the Naval Academy LCDR Reese would believe anything he said " I wasn ' t lighting. Sir. I fell into a bushi " Driving in ihe Yard. Sir " ? Well, I was helping my classmates " " A warn- ing, sir ' ' Is that not a bit harsh? " Terrorizing Annap- olis before Christmas Plebe year, his Volkswagen that knew no parking limits, and the Christmas Ball incident all went unnoticed. Yank didn ' t quit foot- ball because of his eyes or knees, il was the ban- quets he feared What do you call some one so seemingly reckless? A Navy Pilot, ot course I wonder what possessed the OOW to visit the parking tot? I wonder what ever happened to those big nasty teeth ' ' I wonder what this all has to do wtth flying sophis- ticated jel aircraft? L C can tell you. but you have lo live with Yank to really know Yank ' s second hero after his father is some German who got shot down in some coun- try where they don ' t speak English or Virginian Yank enjoys taking his friends flying and daring them to control their bodily functions. Yank knows the manufacturer of Ihe wingnut that connects the wingbone to Ihe fuselage bone in every aircraft in Ihe US Some people don ' t understand Yank be- cause they cannot comprehend pure devotion, Yank, you will be the best, any tnidious Iwit can see that Check six. Yank. Fate is the Hunter Thanks for being a great friend L.C. COCH teiB, Has 9831 Engines Staneto Mb Sixth Company Mark J. Brownell Ace Honesdale. Pennsylvania Oceanography Nuclear Power - Surface Sometimes during his junior year at Hones- dale, psycho received a strange notion to attend USNA This was a big step tor Mark, He will be living someplace actually on a map During plebe year Mark roomed with Smith. Pogue and Lumsden In a war this would have earned him a medal ot honor On 3 c cruise Mark discovered alcohol, he has never been the same since The alcohol and being allowed m Dahlgren on Sat mtes would produce some interesting events for Mark and the Brigade Such was the ifme when Mark. Blitzed out of his mind, desided to dance with a Female Marl eagerly set out for his ACE quels By 2 c year, his grade were fine Mark decided he was not getting enough attention, solution- shatter one ' s ankle in a CO football game Mark was soon on his way to his German ACE quals because of this imtamous event Mc year saw Mark getting his car, going to the horse races and pushing his r ' = to the altar, well almost l c year also s demise of Psycho INC 2nd semester Mark got ; squad and his mouth wired shut-the squad happy ' Mark is a founding member of the DSDC Richard M Cobb Cobber Shillington. Pennsylvania Applied Science Naval Aviation Cobber came to us from the town of Shilling- ton in (he good old wrestling state of Penn- sylvania. And a wrestler he was, Cobb would wrestle with just about anything that moved: guys around the Academy, girls, as much alchohol as you could throw at him m one night, and. most Importantly, the top-ranked heavyweight wrestlers in the country It was never out of the ordinary to see Cobbmonster (6 ' 4 " , 240 lbs) on the mat with an opponent that out-weighed him by 100 lbs or more Rick always seemed to set these obstacles aside and go after the man like he was a 200 pounder We ' ll never forgel the time RicK pinned the 320 lb heavyweight from i3th ranked N C State with 4 sees lett to clinch the win for Navy Although Rick likes hunting, fishing, and dressing up like a redneck while drmking beer all weekend, he IS also one of the nicest guys you would ever want to meet. He has a good ear and a knack tor solving problems with his good advice He always made you feel better He had his charm, too, for when he put his eyebrows into action there v girl who could resist him S S missed a great one Rick ' s character will make him one of the Navy ' s best aviators We ' ll always i Champ " Timothy P, Costello Coz Redwing, Minnesota General Engineering Surface Warfare thought about being mce to Coz, but he ' s ' probably writing nastier Ihmgs about me The best thing that I ' ve got going for me is Coz ' s incred- ible spelling ability Who else would need help writ- ing a letter to his friends? People wonder why I room with Coz I know it ' s not because of his neat ness Actually, I roomed with Coz for several rea- sons. For one thing, he ' s the only one I know who can eat, sleep, and study with the stereo on. He ' s also the only one who plays chess. Risk and or reads a lousy book until 3 am and then starts studying He ' s also one of the few {that I know of) who has a l.v in the room That ' s right Capt, we had a television Youngster year I started in a five- man room with Coz. Our other three roommates had a hard lime adiustmg to Coz ' s habits like keep- ing his normal mess, turning on the lights while they slept and throwing Curt ' s jock out the window into T-court. By the end of the semester, our three roommates moved out. The next couple of years fell into a rut Every weekend we ' d see a few cheap R-rated movies and gel a taco ' fix For some reason we ' d always spend more than we ' d get paid Even as a firsty, when we were paid more, all it mean ' t was that we ' d spend more it must be because of Coz ' s habit of buying useless gimmicks and his philosophy of " the more it costs, the better it must be. " I ' m also sure that his compulsive gambling in Atlantic City never helped either One thing ' s tor he ' ll make any bet as long as the odds are good enough Many other exciting things hap- pened during our four years, like being arrested for speeding m N Carolina and jumping bail, but I ' m out of space so I ' ll )ust say this Coz, good luck in finding the one thing that ' ll redeem every lousy weekend you ' ve had Sixth Company 383 James P. Douglas Pat Summer ville. South Carolina Applied Science Naval Aviation P at was abducted by a roving band o1 Lithua- ' mans, wlio quickly grew weary of his stones of how the South should have won the Civil War, and deposited him on the snowy shores of Annapo- lis With all the grace and agility of a pelican divmg tor fish. Pat swept into academics and quickly was shot out of the saddle. Recovering nicely, he managed to pull out and has had little trouble ever smce Aspiring to be a naval aviator, Pat has never had anything else on his mind, save for women, beer, women, women. beer, and cars He even went so far as to commit himself into debt by purchasing an orange piece o( plastic with enough horsepower to pull a tram Pats career has been a varied one. from a mon- ster fieidball player to a rearranger ot side view mirrors on innocent cars in parking lots He has provided the rest ot us with more laughter than should be legal Just say " piano stool " to him and see what happens Pat was always one with a good-natured gnn and a slap on the back. As Pat heads tor his golden wings, he leaves many fond memories behind Best of luck sport, and watch your six, because you |ust might find some idiot like me in your back seat some day Matthew D. Fletcher Joe Romeo. Michigan Oceanography U. S. Marine Corps DhATTACHARJEE Y0U!!! ' ®!?? " " GET - ' 0VER HERE! " Yes. Joe in all his patience has really put a " l ark " on USNA RAHRAH He arrived in Annapo- lis with a deer hunim gun in one hand and Navy flag rank in the other only to end up a grunt (But that don " ! mean he ain ' t gonna make General.) Patient Joe killed 4 roommates. 26 professors and a girlfriend but rightfully so - this squared away guy deserves only the best! Youngster year brought a real change in Joe ' s life - yes that ' s right ■ he moved in with Jettey. Schphinker, and Johnnie I This proved that he can truly make it through POW training When Jeffey atomized Joe ' s favorite Oreo clock - Joe was still loving When Dave continually expelled gas - Joe choked only to himself When Johnnie exploded shaving cream - Joe was slill smiling. Joe ' s most important decision at USNA did not involve service selection, roommates, or his con- stant hold of stripes ■ He decided to sell his life to Jesus. Matt has been a continual inspiration to all. He is a tough yet sensitive Marine. He has accepted his commission from God and will serve him forever. To all of us he is a man of steel and velvet Matthew, my friend, wherever you go and whatever you do ■ Trust in Him You will not fail! PGFWABF 85 HAS ARRIVED!! JCH Barry L. Davis Big Ox Williamsport. Maryland Applied Science Naval Fight Officer Stg Ox. a high school sports legend and the heart break kid o( Williamsport, Md came to us with one thing on his mind, girls, and they ' ve been on his mmd ever smce Early aspirations of Electrical Engineering soon gave way to computers and a social life Bad taste m women found him living in the El Cortez youngster summer, but Tracy soon became a thing of the past Never one to let a bad experience get him down, the Ox was soon back in the ball game During youngster and sec ond class year. Big Ox lived in Ward Hall, but week ends (ound him outside the yard pursuing his rea hobbies After the summer of ' 84, Charleston. Myr He Beach. Newport, and of course the Indian Reser vation m Eastpori. Maine will never be the same First class year Big Ox experienced money troubles which turned him mio a financial wizard as he at- tempted to pay for the Ox-Mobile and support his hobbies at the same time Never forget Jenny, Tri- sha. Cristy, Beauford ' s fnend in L A , your new years gift. Melame, the ice cream girl in Newport, Danielle ($50). Courtney. Tina, the pills, Elmer ' s Jack, the alleys of Annapolis, the bucket under the sink, the poster on the door. Brad ' s (you can ' t for- get what you can ' t remember), Hugo and Harriet, buck for a beer for a buck in Maine. Ramsey ' s Guest House in USVI. and Ft Lauderdale The best of luck to you Big Ox. and I hope to see you m P ' cola PWM 384 Sixth Company Paul J. Hee Yo Yang Honolulu, Hawaii Electrical Engineering U.S. Marine Corps oming from Hawaii Paul had some quick ad- [ustments to make when he first arrived on (he Academy grounds wearing flip-flops, flowered shirt, and bermuda shorts Instead of being disap- pointed by the Academy ' s obvious lack of style. Paul promptly went about trying to make improve- ments. It ' s loo bad his special request chit to move the Academy to Hawaii never went through the dark ages would have never been the same When not writing special request chits. Paul could be found taking validation tests so as to start on his EE maior while the rest of us were trying lo prove we graduated from high school This might lead you to believe he stayed up late and studied a lot Oh well. one out ol two isn ' t that bad In between chess. Risk, cards, wargames, darts, dice, A C , TV, Trivial Pursuit, and anything else there was to do besides studying, Paul realized that too much work was bad for the spirits and went to Florida to relax, drink Blue Hawaiian ' s, and engaged in stimulating con- versation with Jeff ' s parents It was on such road trips that we all learned about Yang ' s uncanny abili- ty to drive in the dark and for such mcredably long periods of time Paul could also be counted on to bring back pictures ol luscious Hawaiian Jlon. along with a multitude ot strange oriental snacks, like the dried seaweed everyone liked sooo much! With such a picture of Paul it was tough to realize he was going to go Corps until plebe detail The " fryin ha- waiian " terrorized the enemy in true Marine Corps form But it is always important to remember your origins, so when your TBS drill instructor tells you 10. " scratch it Mr Hee, scratch it! " , think of us, tellrey C.Hon: feffy im. RofiiJa Supply Cofps ' WfiewniioBer ' ' SiQuesioiaiyiyt tr Jeffrey C, Morton Jeffy Miami. Florida Political Science Supply Corps I et) rolled into USNA via a small prep school m Maryland He chose the Navy because he liked the unitorms His intatuation didn ' t last long be- cause he went to Benmng and came back grunting (I thought he had a chest cold). He made it through 3 c cruise and even entertained the corpmen dur- ing a question and ansvi er session During 3 c and 2 c years he had many ups and downs with Eliza- beth and Adrienne and finally just said " to hell with the both of them ' ' He then concentrated his efforts in searching the eight wings for a ring dance date Gel Nav brought Jeff much fame but littie fortune (II was my duty) Always the type that would rather talk than study (after all. he was President of the Rumor Control Group) he decided life was dull so he purposely let his grades tall so he could experi- ence an axe board Grades were never a problem after that Jeft intended to be a hard-assed squad leader during plebe detail but he apparently didn ' t express his terror enough because he earned the nickname of " Mother Horion " Chop, Chop, Chop He then led NASP formations for his Capt. friend m Battalion office and got his June Week stripes. Jetf did such a good JOB that he got two more stripes on Battalion staff Not bad for a prep. A man with a good sense of humor, a socialite without equal m the Brigade and a person (once you get used to his aftershave) you can ' t help but like Jeff, whether you go for the gold or get mto politics you will come out on top Good luck at being a porkchop and remember me when I need parts for my ship Thanks, DDS John K. F. Ireland Johnny I Gaithersburg. Maryland General Engineering Surface Warfare Submitted tor your approval — One seemingly innocent, blond-haired, blue-eyed " mick " destined to wander the misty realm between un- conciousness and comatose The dark world under a size 7 cap known as " The Twilight Zone " Case-in-point The scene A small but intimate group ol friends leaning against the railings, gath- ered atop the Empire Stale Buitdmg Johnny 1, al- ways quick to pick up the obvious, asks THE QUESTION - - - " So anyway, where ' s Manhattan ' " Mere flightiness ' ' Or is it a diabolical plot to un- dermine the sanity of his fnends- Who but Pig would smear peanut butter over his face; save his mouth and eyes, mimicking Al Joelson? Who but Pig would take 2 hours to drive for ice cream — 2 blocks away Who but Pig would be left homeless when his parents moved without letting him know where Reality It does not exist tor John, not in the nor- mal, human sense With only four years in the Navy (plus one for NAPS), Johnny I has attained the dubious honor for the first member of the Class of 1985 to reach flag rank— Fleet Admiral of the Space Cadets Although some may argue that John ' s elevator does not reach the top floor, his heart reached out to touch each and everyone of us, his classmates, his companymates. his friends. John, remember, you never walk the beach atone MIGHTY FINE ' Raymond J, Legenza. Jr, Legs Omaha, Nebraska Systems Engineering Naval Flight Officer Having had enough of Omaha for a while. Legs decided that he needed a challenge some adventure, so he packed up moved to An- napolis. Plebe summer tiew by, and as AC year began he became bored and decided to break the monotony of plebe life by terrorizing Goat Court with late night soda can artillery bombardments As soon as the bombing slopped Legs would mellow out. lie in bed, and crank the clock radio Sure enough, our little Insh pal soon found out and fried the entire room. Restriction was a blast Youngster cruise was very exciting (or Legs, and he learned a lot, especially that he didn ' t tike submarines. His Sights then became locked on becoming a daring pilot until he went blind They even didn ' t want to give him NFO because of his stubby little arms. Youngster year sailed along very smoothly until one rowdy night when he decided to stagger loudly across Worden Field beating signs and screaming along the way We all got a good laugh out of that one. Many thanks Legs Second class year was fun filled with pro room wrestling matches shaving cream fights. When Legs found himself prepared to leave his beloved mtramurals, he signed on to the ISO ' s team, and rose quickly to earn his N star in cheerleadmg Leg ' s pride and joy was his classnng What a sparkling beauty it was He got to enjoy it about a week before he lost it Legs, remember all of the good limes the ski trips in the blue bomb, the cornhusker steak parties, the European expedition. and the years of being roommates. You will always be m mine and 6th company ' s thoughts and pray- ers Good luck m P-Cola and give me some air support Go Ships.! Curt E. Lyter Waah Millerstown, Pennsylvania Systems Engineering Naval Flight Officer S Naval Academy Annapolis. Md 21412 You ' re Delta 4 Victor. Midshipman. You ' ll be getting a $120,000 education, a commis- sion in the Navy, and the experience needed to be a true leader The Navy, it ' s not jut a job, it ' s . This add attracted young Curt to leave the farm and enter the academy m ' 81 Coming from a me- tropolis ot 40 people, the 4500 member bngade was quite a change His plebe summer roommates were impressed by " Eagle Scout " Lyter, and under Curfs guidance, tried to sinp their floor with Brasso A systems major in glee club and a P.E, stud. Curt breezed through plebe year Youngster year saw more fun for the Pa. potato farm boy. The insanity ot a 5 man room led to his habit ot flexing in the mirror and walking down the hall on his hands. Setting otf fire alarms and the phrase. " I ' ve only had 2 beers and I can ' t feel my teeth " were ob- served when drinking As a second class. Curt was always complaining about his major, glee dub. height, hair (or lack ot) and his social life. But first class year, He became Mr Sociality Now owning a car, which is bigger than a breadbox and has 3 squirrel power, he hit all the area colleges A future NFO. all the best luck, oh roommate of 4 years. See, I didn ' t mention anything about the Rmg Dance Sven Blanston alias J,M. Sixth Connpany 385 Delano P. Martins If Del Green Brook, New Jersey General Engineering Naval Aviation Del let the wind unroll a broken cassette out ihe car window He said he ' d be able to see where he ' s been Thai tape has stretched around the world a cou- ple of times and has tangled around a lot ol people Some kid once told me, " Walk slow and never break a widow ' s web " I just bummed him (or a Lucky Strike and moved on (a tad bit slower and wiser, too). I never said thanks tor the cigarette. Del John R. Matic Auto Kingsburg, California Electrical Engineering Naval Aviation I ohn Matic evolved in the backwater U ty of Kingsburg, CA, where his primary forms of fun consisted of giving smokeshows in his Toron- ado and bucking the high school system John was m trouble as soon as he got to the Academy, since he maiored m EE, lomed the D B, and roomed with Curt He successfully negotiated the rigorous physical requirements despite his perpetual S I R status and his hulking 129 frame Highlights of John ' s slay at the Academy include the discovery of alcohol and being told by a female doctor in medical that they " must slop meeting like this " John ' s career aspirations include piloting an E-6a for a while, and then trying 707 ' s with TWA tor a stmt Auto ' s interests include cars, dressing as the Hall Ranger, powersleeping. and ot course, cars John ' s favorite saying is " Rack hard. Rack fast. Rack often! " , which aptly demonstrates his entire philosophy towards lite He is also a founding mem- ber of OS. DC. in good standing. Good luck in breaking the 1 30 barrier and succeed in whatever you do Mario R. Maddox Captain Black Atlanta. Georgia Applied Science Surface Warfare Mario started out wilh his good buddy and roommate Tom Malick at Naps Mario en- tered the Academy with a slack attitude which be- came serious over time He was even a flamer second class year He joined up with Jett Smith youngster year after piebe year with Big Ox, Pete and Mosh Mano and Jefl were the most arrogant playboys m the company Mario ' s women ranged between eights lens He had many in love with him. however, he only loved two Ai one point he had Six, and kept seeking more His extra curncular activities included Cat. Ursu la. Debbie. Zina, Margo, Helga. Lmda, Tracy, So nya. Sheryi, Rosalyn, Tern. Lmda, Clela, Shirley, Kalrina. Fay, Jameela, Twanda, Maria, Andrea, Phyltis, Roxanne, Cheryl, Suzun. The Drill Team, Ihe Judo Club, the Black Studies Club, and the Brigade Social Affairs Committee Now he seriously wants to become the President o( the U S in 2008. a billionaire, and eventually the first ruler of Ihe world, he intend to accomplish this through fwaceful means He bought himself a world map to remind him daily of his supreme goal Finally. Mario thinks his top qualities are his ver- satility and his ability lo figure people out 386 Sixth Company Peter W. Matthews Lil " Ox Midlothian. Virginia Mechanical Engineering Naval Flight Officer Pete arrived here from Richmond, Virginia, talking about Pensacola and F-14 ' s from day one Plebe summer and ac year v ere a cinch for Pete, and he never missed the Saturday feslivi- iies at Timmy ' s dnnkmg wilh Ihe boys. Always wild crazy at night, he was also the first to nse on Sunday with a book m one hand and Butfenn m Ihe other Youngsler summer saw Pete do anything to prevent him from spending summer in his new dry hometown. Grove Cily, PA So, he ended up sailing Ihe Atlantic, USNA yaw) style, and earning his wings m Bennmg Pete wa s psyched for Youngsler year, and soon made his first appearance al Hood where he met his steady It seems she couldn ' t stay away from Ihe chow line, so Pete decided he still wanted to fly leis and not blimps Ac year was cake, and it looked like Peley boy was going to be Ihe first of the boys to graduate with honors Bui that all ended when he met the likes of Wild Bill and Ihe Rocket D ' s were a welcome sight, bul the extra geeking brought on 20 50 vision and talk changed from F-l4 ' stoP-3s USNA wasn ' t so bad, though Ihe Riverside caused some doubts Never forget midnight on Herndon What ' s running down my leg Saturday night picnic with the Annapolis cops Swimming with the Annapolis cops My ear and MacDonald ' s V 1 , the Ritz, and the pig We take the long way around Muff y and Crazy Zack Well. I belter go to bed now Laughing m the median strip Lummy. Ihe defender of freedom and last but nol least, the infamous BIG ox Take care and hope to see you in P-cola. BLD Daniel S. Morris, Jr. Handsome Dan Hopeweli. Virginia Ocean Engineering Surface Warfare Kevin L. Mosher Mosh Chelmsford. Massachusetts Applied Science Supply Corps Ayf osh arrived at USNA from Chelmsford Mass. ' ' ' with aspirations ol becoming a great football star Two knee operations later, " Husky Eyes " was forced to put his talents to other uses He charitably donated his Greek god-hhe body to the women of the world, and soon discovered that he en|oyed breaking hearts more than knees Women, he quickly learned, were merely a tiller between week- ends with the boys, and he and his sidekick were known to outdrink most of the civilized world. To- gether they spent numerous good times which will easily provide enough memories tot a lifetime Things didn ' t always go Kevin ' s way Who could ever forget his favorite army maior ' ? Or his home- town sweetheart or his battle with other forms of society " ? But, then again, how many of the boys have ever been Company Commander ' ' We know you ' re going to be the best damn ollicer that the Corps (Supply) has ever had. Good luck with life. Its soda, not soder. Bottoms up. Thomas C. Mohr Tom San Francisco, California General Engineering Surface Warfare C ir. you now have tttttten - START OVER, Mt Mohr! Yes. that ' s old Tom - 6 pack ' s Profes- sional Geek and what a guy! Tom slipped into Annapolis via NAPS from total- ly bitchen California to join his brother in First Batt - and what a dose, close pair they made Tom decid- ed to seek close friendship with his beloved plebe year roommates, Jelfey and Schphmker by taking the initiative to clean the room, make his rack, and participate in bulletin board workshops which caused him to blow-oft academics Tom survived plebe year and the wrath of Dave with flying colors. His award for doing this came from the Baby Doco- tor ■ and how appropriate a membership to the Fruit of the Month Club Is (o a boy from San Francisco. Tom was asked to live with Dave A youngster year and managed to drive him to become the true Maniac. Second Class year brought Tom a whole new perspective on lite and Mech E He did learn that its not good (or your health to change clothes in an open convertible in broad daylight right outside gate 3. Some ole snotly Captam trom CEC wrote good old Tom a love note on a Form-2 - situation corrected First class year was something else - Tom discov- ered the true American way - Champagne. BMW ' s. Debutante Balls and Joy Schaefer {Schaeter Beer nonetheless) Despite Tom ' s perfections he is a kind thoughtful sensitive guy with a Heart of Gold Remember. Tom - when you ask God for bread - He won ' t give you a stone " 85 HAS ARRIVED!! JCH James V. Punelli Jim Des Moines, Iowa Ocean Engineering U.S. Marine Corps Kj ever one to lake the easy way out. Jim came ' V 10 Goatland via Bullis and NAPS in a Firebird paid lor with his own money - a teat which he let no one forget Already an old salt, Pundawg coasted through Plebe Year while the rest of us sweated He soon became a thriving member of the Condo and a Friday Night Football Star Youngster Year the Dr. retired to the notorious Friday Night Barrio Club. How ' bout ' Mer and his jmglmg camera bag! Jim emerged as a cool-headed and dependable buddy as he helped spare several souls from raw deal H.O. ' s The Summer of 83 took Guido to sunny Arkansas where he learned to ski in 20 easy les- sons, Jim recovered from Dixie beer and the Pensa- Rocket and the Mech E DepI After almost meeting his maker in the Bermuda storm on Saillramid 84, Jim survived and returned to face 86 for 2nd set Plebe Detail Our final AC Year rolled around and Jim remained a source of sanity tor his graduation hungry peers, particularly yours truly Remember the Firebird " ? Well, Guido got an olfer he couldn ' t refuse from some guy who owned a dry cleaning business and bought a fancy sports car made by Ronco or some other Italian Co And somewhere m the confusion, Jim switched from Nuke Subs to Nuke Surface to Marine Corps It ' s amazing what a blonde dressed m green can do to the senses of a naive young man- but the Corps is lucky to gel him. Fair winds and lollowing seas, ambnago! JCW Sixth Company 387 Robert W. Racoosin Taco Alamogordo. New Mexico History Naval Flight Officer raco crossed ihe desert, leaving the nuclear wasieland he called home, arriving at the Academy sweating like a pig At lirst, everyone thought Taco was a shy recluse, but soon Ihe time bomb of wit and sarcasm exploded as we became third class After moving in with Brad and Pal he soon learned the value of pumping iron and pound- ing brew, and of disassociating himself from his books for the longest lime possible The arrival of our new company officer, Capt Makuta, provided Taco with a new subject for his abrasive candor He has finally found a girl thai meets his standards and now leaves his roommates m peace every weekend while subjecting some poor family in Baltimore to his presence Taco has been a good friend and roommate and we wish him the best o( luck m P-cola and life. I John J. Schmit Schmitty Elgin. Illinois Oceanography Surface Warfare I i hen John graduated from Elgin High School r r m 1980. he said to himself that he was going to attend the academy and become a big success Never one to do things the easy way, John began his journey by first attending Wyoming Seminary Prep School m the excitmg town of Kingston. Pa. Upon finally arriving at his desired destination. John decided that since he had never been an academic stud, he would major m oceanography and leave his mark on the world via sports Plebe year found him wrestling and left him with two torn-up knees. Realizing that his walking ability was threatened for life. John wisely chose a far safer sport youngster year battalion football But the fates were against John ' s success m sports, for although 1st batt look Ihe brigade championships during his 3 c year, 2 c year left him with two bad ankles to go with his bad knees Again realizing that he was about to become several feet shorter than his stately 5 ft. 10 inches, John finally gave up sports and took his rightful place as caplam of (he crutch squad But John ' s desire to be known as a success continued. so he went after good-looking girls and fancy for- legn cars Here John was semi-successfuI Sue is gorgeous, but his car is a Renault During 1 c year John spent most ot his time chasmg Sue and avoid- ing two things: injuries and The Captam The future for John is bright as he goes forth to defend his country as a Surface Warfare Officer and (if I ' m right) to make Sue his f rs Good-luck Schmitty. mviie me to the wedding, and remember — D3V will always be a prisoner of war to us — Psycho ' 85 David D. Schweizer Schphinker Vienna, Virginia Physical Science Surface Warfare Dave came to USNA Rah Rah from the great halls ot Bullis along with Jeffy and Jimbo only to discover that Annapolis was going to be a dermatological experience He demonstrated his fine capabilities as a steiier plebe so well that he was continually asked to perlorm in front of Port Batt Staff He was always heard cheering " Go Army . . ooops! " or convincing the Admiral that he was a true Navy Junior He also demonstrated the pinmcle of gentlemanlmess when he expelled gas in the Annapolis Drug store shattenng most ot the windows. Dave managed not to kill TTTTTOM Youngster year brought Dave the insight to change his major and set out for his never attained 4 Dave ' s idiot roommate pushed him to get good grades and he did! But the idioi roommate was the one who went to the AC board. Second class year what a blast! McGoo gave Dave his ultimate command — he was crowned Bravo Company Commander ( ' 82 will never believe it) The Schphinker decided to defy all women libbers by dismissing the back row ot the company to square oft the group Bravo did the best it ever had Never the less Dave was made for command and he will have it. He ' s surface line and mighty fine and off to make Admiral Remember Dave, give God the Glory! You ' re the best (the ship parts are yours) ' 85 has arrived 388 Sixth Company Jeffrey T. Smith Jeff Milton, Florida Applied Science Naval Aviation JeH took the Naval Academy by storm, eager to begin his Naval career. What he got v as a lot ol yelling and verbal abuse. He immedialely dem- onstrated his expertise m drill and eventually be- came a member of the Naval Academy Drill Team He perservered through the ridicule ot his class- mates calling it varsity E D and tirst class year he became the Drill Team Commander Jetl and his roommate Mario v ere supposed to be Ihe big lady- killers in the company and were often teased about It The fact did remain, however, that just about every weekend they had dates when everyone else didn ' t Jeff hails from a little town called Ivlilton. Florida Milton ' ? ' " Where m the hell is Milton, Flori- da? Jeff ' s reply. Ask all the aviators you moron! " He will be going home to live with Ma Pa while Ihe Navy teaches him how to fly. Let ' s hear it lor 20 20 vision Smooth flying, Jeff!! c c.sw SM !«lil|n,Nei toeiai iv «i iuj« l»l»SMOl|Kl ' »¥»©■ Ci " sfwCjiii «L Colin C. Studevan Stud Brooklyn, New York General Engineering Naval Aviation 1 1 hile riding on Ihe subway, Colin got oH at the VV wrong slop and landed al Aviation High scnool in Queens Belore coming to his senses. Stud had graduated and was oil to the Naval Acad- emy lor louf amusing years of sailing. Hying, and lumping out ot perlectly good airplanes Along the way he managed to solo and earn his gold wings Youngster year, Colin lomed Ihe " sooner or later you ' ll go general " club and coasted through the remainder ol academia Stud later loined the proud ranks ol new Gamaro owners, only to tall asleep at the wheel, do a tew 360 ' s. and customize his back end Alter a thorough lOb ot indoctrinating the Class ol 88, Colin became the XO and was shocked to know that he would actually have to earn his keep for a semester However, he recovered and adapted quickly, turning in a helluva performance, even il he did say so himsell A regular tyrant on the football field. Stud led a talent-laden lightweight team to a near perfect season And in December, he finally licensed his rebuilt car and put a lew hundred miles on it Colin also emerged as a lead- ing authority on eye exercises. Alter practicing what he what he preached lor several months, he convinced Bancroft Medical that they could trust him in an F- 18 A good roomateanda better friend, the Navy ' s lucky to have you Good luck. Stud! JCW John C. Wade Johnny Wad Pine Bluff, Arkansas tulathematics Nuclear Povi er - Submarines ohnny Wad began his Naval career speaking with a Southern drawl which no one north ol the Mason-Dixon line could understand However, roommates from PA, NJ, and NY taught him to speak intelligibly John joined the Condo and our troubles were only beginning! Remember the 7-day shower? 3 c year we recovered at our Friday Late Night Barrio Parties, thanks to ' Mer and his spa- cious camera bag This ritual was occasionally pre- empted by John and Del wrestling boxing smokers AMer he and fellow clone Pat helped Boyzball win Brigades, Johnny got bored and adopted the chicken pox and pneumonia lor five funfilled weeks John did a lot of travelling while on leave- Va Beach, Boston, Hong Kong, Ft Lauder- dale (where he misplaced 12 hours of his life), and the big one — Mardi Gras in New Orleans, where he inducted yet another member into his dumb blonde hall ol lame First class car loans linally came and Johnny Wad got his new BMW, which he promptly wrecked Maybe Ihe insurance company believed the parking brake was on, but . . After earning his Dolphins on 1 c cruise. John took on the class of 88 for 1st Set Plebe Detail Our final Ac Year came and went in a blur as John hung around ' til noon on Fridays to play Co Cdr He signed himself away to the submarine force and is oil to tollow m the illustri- ous lootsteps ol such renowned men as Leo Moss, John Judge, Eric Larson, Frank Gallo, Charlie Pier- sall. and Matt Marron One of the few to ever claim to have no afternoon classes as a lirstie, John should be well rested lot the Seven Seas Good luck, John! JVP Brad Williamson Barney Rubble Levittown. Pennsylvania General Engineering Naval Aviation erad was kicked out ot his house at age 18. a sad story of massive over development. His daily poses m front of the mirror proved to be too much (or his parents, and he was banished to the Naval Academy Always one with a keen eye tor money. Brad quickly realized that bubbleheads make more mon- ey, and he aspired to go nuke Unfortunately, wres- tling and marine engineering had other pians for him. He shifted his priorities from study to sleep. and alter three hard-fought years, made it into gen- eral engineering A late night fiend. Brad could recite verbatim every David Letterman show ever shown A wres- tling maniac. Brad was nonetheless mistaken on several occasions to be a pregnant man Both mother and baby are doing fine, thank you Amaz ing, huh " ? Brad will get his wmgs. which is good (or him, Since he will need some war stones to bore people with when he opens his Clmt Eastwood me- morial bar and gn " Brad will have fun in the sky, if he manages to fit into the cockpit. He and his cockeyed grin should be more than a match tor anything natural or other- wise that has the misfortune to cross bis path. Any- one who knows him will attest to that. Sixth Company 389 Seventh Company Delwayne P. Becker Buckethead Tioga, North Dakota Mechanical Engineering Surface Warfare Del rs a momma ' s boy Ihal came 1-Day all the way (rom Tioga, North Dakota Annapolis wasn ' t too hot toi Del ■ ' lis the humidity, " Del ex- plained to the plebe summer firsiies Del made it through plebe year with a pre-Mech E megaCOPR despite the burning ot his F-14 model and the wrath of Uncle Marsh Youngster year Del went on a campaign to educate the company on North Dakota A list ot famous Beckers included Black and Becker and Leave it to Becker was post- ed outside his room Highlights from the Tioga Tri- bune with photos o( new rest stops, tiretrucks. Gramps lields. and Uncle Pete ' s pickup could be found on the Third Class board weekly Second Class year will best be remembered as the year Del became Buckethead It was also the year that brought the Prelude, pass to weekend fun. and just m time for a Spring Break adventure First Class year began with the near fatal news that Del would en|0y Heat Transfer with the Rocket But he was soon resurrected when he met the girl of his dreams m the beer line at Hood College When Del wasn ' t with Debbie or cramming for a test with his Mech E buddies, he was planning a Christmas skiing Ifip Del majored in Mech E. tnvia, complaining, changing the channel, and buying albums. Surface Line will surety be liner when they get Del. Fair winds and following seas, Buckethead. TAK Bobby D. Armes, Jr. Coco Virginia Beach, Virginia Political Science Surface Warfare Coco halts from Virginia Beach. He would have been quite happy lusl being a surf bum (because chicks dig it), but he wound up at the Academy Bobby is stiH not sure how or why he came to be a midshipman but somehow he man- aged to survive four years at this fine institution Bobby ' s mam ambition at the academy was to get a letter sweater He played varsity soccer and 150 lb football but never managed to letter First class year he fmal ' y earned a letter, the only problem was that It was a black N. he siH) doesn ' t know how to get back from the Vou Taking roadtnps with Bob- by was quite an experience He earned the nick- name Road Soda because of his antics, one ot which was passing out on the beach m Fort Lauder- dale Bobby had such a way with women, they either liked him a lot or hated his guts, one of the latter was named Tondu When he became a Fir- slie. Bobby managed to buy a little sports car that turned out to be a Fiat X-1 -LEMON As it turned out Bobby didn ' t gel to drive much first class year any- way Bobby spent many ot his weekends at the USNA Eastpori annex better known as the Romper Zone There he did do a bit of hobbelmg around The Zone never will be the same without the boys of 85 Bobby did do a few things m the hall, one of which was not studying Maybe some day Coco can nde his surfboard into the welwell of the am- phtb he gels siafioned on Dennis f . Brooks Brooksie Birmingham. Alabama Physics Naval Aviation A nother 7th Co Navy brat, Brooksie had r ' idea where his real home ) help getting him into Canoe U , as he proudly announced to us all Plebe Summer He ) the (irst to pass the U S N A Bar exam. which resulted in an Attorney at Sea sign on his door Ac Year saw the formation ot the original Goon squad and the tragic end to his crew career Four week grades took their toll, but with sponsors like the Dant it doesn ' t really matter Mark ensured his spot in USNA ' s Hall ot Fame with the world ' s greatest wild man on Halloween Second semester " The Boys " were formed and we found out that Mark was always right (after all, he wouldn ' t say it ) The mere sight of Brooksie made Marshall Rice tremble and Slam Dunk jump (or joy Never one to miss a good time, he drove " the bus " at JP ' s party Formats were pretty tough because the SquidSlore never stocked elbow grease Youngster Year ar- rived, and so did his family with Southern hospitality we never would have made it without Stereo wars. high school yearbooks, the passing of the Bear, and frequent boasts that " hair don ' t grow on steel " highlighted the year Brooksie ' s torgettulness ( " I was rushed " ) led to taking a forced weekend with Chuck Mom Dad Brooks came through with a teary Ring Dance party, and Brooksie came thru with a couple of Southern belles that still has TC m the clouds A Hawaiian vacation Becky ' s bikini provided distractions before The Boys reunited on detail Brooksie ' s flare for finding the right women peaked l c year with a poised, intelligent UVA coed A first semester vacation in Bethesda forced us all to inierperet mumble His destiny was never in doubt- born (or wings of gold CC was his reward for hard work and great leadership, but well re- member him most for being a helluva Inend Sierra Hotel, buddy Lets keep m touch Pat Tom Christopher L. Buehter Beacon Head Jacksonville. Florida Political Science U.S. Marine Corps ' hns came to USNA from parts unkown He is the product of a Navy family that brought him to distant parts of the world He came to the Academy with delusions of being a pilot, but his 20 15 vision underwent rapid deterioration as ser- vice selection approached He didn ' t give up easy though He tried a nything including buying a book " Better Eyesight " Now Chns can be seen running around m a green uniform with a high and tight Major Abdul ' s tough Plebe Year taught him how to manipulate the system For example he had a ' D ' average in in Ens March ' s plebe chem class, but she inexplicably gave him a ' B ' m the course We don ' t know that the ' B ' was tor but it wasn ' t for his ence m chemistry Plebe year he was a wolf but he quickly outgrew this Youngster year when the ' 67 Ambassador (the Black Bomb) discovered Goucher Goucher soon became the weekend hangout (or Chris He was known there under several aliases including Bunny, Big Red and Giggles Youngster year saw Chns taking Spanish with Lt Jimenez, Prot sponsor- savings and loan, and began a tradition ot QPR boosters Chns started his Spanish dictionary of Naval Terms second class year No one knew why. He couldn ' t spell English yet. We have always suspected comrade Buehlev of being a pmko-commie We have never been able to prove this, but spending 2 ' -j years in Iran, sleeping with Roddy (the Dish ' s stuffed monkey), and speaking m foreign languages lo shady characters are only some o( his subversive activities Chns has acquired a laste for high fashion, and rightly so Nothing but the best tor this guy. Good luck in the Corps Marquisowitz ■■rsatr: Andrew D. Chase Andy Great Falls. Montana History U.S. Marine Corps - Aviation A ndy was the first conlacr with Montana that ' » most ot us had ever had He started off his stay here at the Boat School with a Black Sunday pertormance that is legend today His 85 % rule still applies Though he ■■sheep " ishly endured thou- sands ot jokes about Montana and his Mohair paja- mas, his aggressiveness and volatility stood out He ran the Newman Club for two years, and he made liis mark on Father Gomulka A running madman, a real speedster, Andy gave the lightweight crew- jock lifestyle a try but decided to settle tor mara- thons Andy ' s wrestling match with Kiffy and his Captain Alcohol costume made us bust a gut Don ' t forget getting " lost in the yard " on your blind date — we won ' t When he wasn ' t munching on Oreo cookies, Andy found time to study History (and to make history by being one of three brothers here at USNA at the same time) Andy, do not forget SEARCH With Susan at your side you should go far, ' Drew Go get ' em! AED p Thomas M. Clyborne Buzzy Westmont. New Jersey Applied Science U.S. Marine Corps T ' om. along with half the brigade, came to us ' from New Jersey (which exit ' ' ) He first gained popularity from Dickie and the boys of Fun One as they Overlooked our formation. Items that caught our attention were a permanent starboard list, con- cave knees, and last bur not least, an uncanny resemblance to a certain Bloom County pengum As Plebe Summer drew to a close. Tom and Kiffy drew closer to each other ' s throats During AC Year, Tommy shitted his aggression towards Steve, but the " screaming line drives " always kept sanity within reach Second semester saw the formation of " The Boys " room, hoops after lunch, and Varsity Rack meets The peak of his swimming career was shaving down for the Army-Navy meet. Being a connoisseur of fine, plam, cheese pizza. T C was a frequent visitor to Steerage. An active member of the Karate Club, Tommy No-belt felt obligated to teach us the finer points of self-defense, like apply- ing 12 pounds of pressure to the kneecap 5006 became the battleground for many stereo wars and many memorable nights under the desk Bemg the last of a dying breed, a management major. Tommy made sure things ran like a tine piece of machinery - - -well lubricated both inside and out Mr Mrs C. always made sure " Club Cly " was open tor busi- ness with mounds of Spaghetti and Chugboat Buzzy rarely lost a date because we were always right behind him After finding out that he was un- able to drive a motorcycle m Pa , Old Redeye got his nickname after a fateful nite of Quarters Plebe Detail got " The Boys " back together (too bad for ' 88) A wild trip to HI convinced Buzz to go green Tom. you ' ve been a helluva tnend for 4 years, and, we know whatever you do, you ' ll be the best It ' s been a blast T C Lyborne. good luck buddy Dominic V. Cuyno Cujo Oceanside. California Applied Science US. Marine Corps AI ' ' shades. OP shorts and beachcombers in ' ' hand Dominic ' s Hawaii bound plane got lost in the Jetstream and landed at USNA Somehow he knew that it wasn ' t the climatic wonderland that he was use to m California No waves and no beach, nothing but trees, trees, and more trees Plebe year academics cancelled NFO, 1 C cruise ended SUR- FACE and he wasn ' t eggheaded enough to go NUKE So Marine Corps it was. a second genera- tion Devil-dog Youngster year was decent to him and so was Came, what a beauty He soon earned the reputation as a dancing machine and proved it by winning a T-shirt and lift ticket on the ski trip Three years worth of midnight oil burned as he and his San Diego roommate Joey, an EE, studied day and night. But those days were balanced with radi- cal times like, Ger ' s party, the ski MO, spring break at Sped ' s. W E ' s at Woiski ' s Woods, 2 C summer with Shig, on tour in Spain with Watman, and just one more time to Dillos and Franny Q ' s with Brownie Domimc had a propensity for fun It must have been the California air But this all came to an abrupt halt as this crazy kid was bemg trans- ferred out of CELL-BLOCK 30 He can rightfully claim to being the only mid m the elusive 30-7lh company Buehlev(r), the russkie, took him in and 1 C year turned to politics, laughter, fashion, Goucher and Trish. not mentioning remedial En- glish. To the Flynn ' s, Hoffman ' s, Woiski ' s, Hold- stem ' s. (Dom. you and Chris made it. congrats), Bruno ' s, Waigand ' s, Watson ' s, Baralta ' s, and his beautiful mom, MUCH LOVE AND THANKS May God be with you always and good luck m the Corps Keep on dancing and say " Hi " to Rot out there in California Anthony E. Delgado Ton ' East Lansing, Michigan Political Science Surface Warfare rony came to Canoe U from East Lansing to begin his unforgettable 4-year career at the Academy Although he ' d probably rather be re- membered for his many achievements and the friendships he built, Tony provided many other mo- ments that we will never forget, although he proba- bly wishes we would Looking at Tony now. it ' s hard 10 believe that he ' s the same guy who kept saying he was going to quit during Plebe Summer Always willing to help out. Tony was even kind enough to let Mr Henry know when he had a " tuft " of hair out of place. During the year he was a pretty gungy plebe and always loved to go on recon raids- even if he did drop out after getting sick on his fntos Sec- ond semester he got two new roommates thus starting a memorable trio When youngster year rolled around it was a never-ending search for a good time, and when we didn ' t find it, we made il. Our occasional obsession for disappointment was easily filled by the Towson nightlife at places like Fooligan ' s The following summer included a week at O C It was a great time for all of us and probably even better for Tony on one particular Ttiursday night (what was her name ' ' ) Second class year Tony also tound some time to meet some girls, even if It meant getting the bnck We all knew he was a romantic as proven Plebe year when he won the beautiful hand ot Kathleen ' s sister Tony finally found a convenient girl during 2 c year, one that would even answer to her last name However when the Ring Dance came around he wised up and made the best choice All in all, Tony never lost his social determination- especially at Maxwells- after all he knows what it ' s like to be lonely There was no better way to end his 4 years than as Batt Cdr 2nd semester Tony has been a great roommate and an even better friend. Good luck and knock ' em dead dude-man Mark D. Fletcher Woody Romeo. Michigan Physical Science Special Operations A oo 3y afnveO ' n Annapolis after a defouf m ' ' SD 10 atlend BOOST He ' s ongtnally from the land of ihe BIG BLUE the baton iwirier Fietch had a twin brother who made piebe lite a lot more fun for us, bur a lol more contusing (or the tirslies XMas plebe year saw the birth ot a tradition when he came back w a new girilnend Ac year when Fietch wasn ' t up laie w his calculator talking to Marshall Rice, he was refereetng tights between Tom Steve Never at a loss tor words he coined many uselul phrases such as. You know what burns my butt A flame about this high ' Oo you play away games? Just stopped by lo say Yo, etc Physical prowess was never a problem as he trained tor crew, SEALS, rumbles, and being Mr Wondertul ' s tag team partner The end ot plebe year saw pas- sage into manhood by downing a Marine pizza Woody reared his ugly head dancing during the youngster year Army Navy party Service selection was r ever a problem for Fletchs roommates since most of them never made it that far Second class year marked the end of his NARC career, when he finally saw the light became a Scientist The lines were shorter, quality better, the price was nghl at Fielch ' s 5lh Wmg Barber Shop Unfortunately. str ce none of us could cut hair. Woody was forced to go to the real Barber Shop became known as Zippy the Pmhead We ' ve ail enjoyed Mark ' s guitar playing, but his singmg has brought tears lo many eyes. cotton to many ears His dedication to the Navy is only surpassed by his religious dedication No matter how tough the situation. Fietch never got down could always be counted on for a smite a pat on the back Surface Line is only a temporary stop on his way to becoming a Navy Oiver Best of luck we know you can do anything you want to PAS TMC Terrance I. Howell Beanhead Barwick. Georgia Applied Science Surface Warfare t was on July 7, 1981 that USNA indoctrinated • this wild-eyed southern boy from Georgia Many of us soon learned that Terry was a deter- mined person, but It still surprised us when he sounded off as " Midn -Admiral " for the tirsl time Terry came to Annapolis with an intense southern accent and an equally intense passion tor his south- ern belle Although he eventually lost faith (I mean interest) m the relationship, he has kept his accent and his favorite nickname- beanhead- all 4 years Second semester he was lucky enough to move m with 2 new super roommates for the tirsi ol four semesters We soon learned more about the real Terry We discovered his obsession tor doing dis- gusting things to pigs and telling everyone all about it This was only equalled by his $15 obsession tor magazines during his going away party before youngster cruise Youngster year Terry began many new relationships The first was a long love affair with NATS as he became the company com- puter jock He also managed to pick up a steward- ess once by tellmg her alt about his pants Terry even practiced his skills by dancing m front of the mirror when his roommates weren ' t looking (or so he thought) When second class year started Terry was the terror ot the company, and the rest of us just did all we could to keep up We now realize that his tlammg sessions were really just caffeine tits H you couldn ' t hear him yelling down the hall, then you would certainly hear the melodious sound ol slurping as he drank his cottee First class year Terry resumed project LAG with such vigor that he began dating Young-er girls Terry will always be a great friend and a special part of the Academy Best of luck and we hope that some day you and Oscar can both nde a motorcycle in Pa. C T. 392 Seventh Company Thomas A. Kerber Burrhead Fayette. Ohio Systems Engineering Nuclear Power - Submarines eemg from a small town m Ohio. Tom was understandably a little nervous about com- ing to the big city of Annapolis but when he found out that the Naval Academy had a computer, the transition was a breeze Tom survived the rigors of Plebe summer and Plebe year while spending most of his time in the computer terminal room He did spend enough time away from the computer to earn many a nickname Soon it was no longer ■Tom " but " Bennskt " . " Tap " , " Patch " . " Sluggo " . " Twitch " or some other equally endearing name. While all ot his nicknames had their hey-days, the one that seemed to suit " the man with a thousand names " the best was " Burrhead " . and so the leg- end began Burrhead often burned Ihe midnight oil while studying until three or lour in the morning but when he finally did go to sleep it was great to watch Burrhead was a prodigious sleeper People would often come from as tar as second regiment to see the " famous twitching leg " or to see the way he smacked his lips Most famous of all was his flaming O-Tip dance It was even rumored that he could eat whole packets of sugar while he slept Burrhead awake was almost as good as Burrhead asleep He was always fond of a good joke and could often be heard to say. " Ta-Ha. ihal ' a good one " Sluggo demonstrated his good sense ot humor by purchas- ing a Fuego his first class year, a choice that often found him bumming rides from friends He was al- ways up tor a good time and where he couldn ' t find one, he made one Burrhead had a magnetic per- sonality that torced him to carry a stick to beat the girls off with For the rest of the story, you ' ll just have to read the annals of USNA history or talk to Tom himself You ' ll find him leading the submarine force to excellence Good luck m all you do, Tom lake care JDP David D. Marquis Marquisomitz Nashua. New Hampshire Physical Science Naval Aviation Dave came to the Naval Academy from that imfamous wrestling town of Nashua, N H Since then. Varsity wrestling has taken him to many places with unlorgetabie experiences Dave scared me and his father by expressing interest m the Ma- rine Corps but luckily he swung over lo Navy Air with the guidance of Major Chuckles I really thought that he had flipped when he bought a truck with 33 inch tires, especially after giving me so much griet tor being from the south Never one to let regs stand m the way of a good time, Dave mastered at staying jusi out of the reach of the long arm of Ihe Admm Conduct system He seldom got caught at anything including weight lift- ing in Baltimore, the hostest with the mostest, and changing in a Fiat at the stadium Dave and us boys ot 85 have many memories to ponder upon. The roadtrip to MD and Goucher in a van. Capt ' s row. the parties at the zone (USNA ' s Easlporl annex), and many more Dave always did like working on cars, but the Maj objected to the filing cabinet with a complete engine m it and to half of Armezs car in our room Maybe Dave will let the real mechanics work on his plane Hopefully Dave will forgive me for introducing him to the lady who thinks she has him chained Luckily Dave IS great with a hacksaw Let ' s hope Dave survives temdu at Annapolis with Block. Lewis and Brookstein so that we can have many more good times in Pensacola Brian ■I hi Robert C. McArthur Bomac Tucson. Arizona Applied Science U.S. Marine Corps - Aviation eob crossed the Rockies and mighly Missis- sippi to arrive here on 1-Day. Tucson will al- ways be his home, not Albuquerque, Tucson, and don ' l you lorget tt Bomac laid low Plebe Summer but didn ' t go unnoticed by the first class They saw leadership written all over his face. Bob would go on to lead mighty 7 through hell and high water as company commander Plebe year found Cromwell deciding between history, aero, and management. Apparently the tatter was the right choice- Bob excelled academically Bob ' s physical abilities al- lowed him to validate, with ease, every swimming test the Academy threw at him. His swim workouts in highschool paid oft But instead of breaking re- cords on Navy ' s team Bob chose mtramurals. Wa- ter sports were his forte ' but lightweight football was the most challenging Without fail Bob would have to lose 15 lbs to piay. He always made it but he never completed a season Early injuries cut every season short So much for eating in modera- tion. Second Class year saw Bob doing the service selection juggling act After passing, failing, then passing the eye exam, air looked good. The Corps was his first choice but summer school at Camp Pendleton had Bob looking at Navy Air and subs Finally he chose Marine Air (Because chicks dig it). Bob will be remembered (or a few specific abilities he had He wins the prize for the most warped mentality- Mom and Dad, your surprised? Bob had an uncanny ability to pin nicknames on his pals Some include Kiffy. Berenski, Philby, and T.C Ly- borne. We won ' t forget his short but very harrassed love affair as a 3 striper We don ' t know which had it worse, Bob ' s knuckles or the punching bag. He had to report sleeping in class to the Maior, Hoo- Yah for the Corps I ' ll enjoy going from friend to brother as we join Ihe best kept secret. KIF Aaron A. Mearig Kiffy Petersburg, Alaska Physical Science U.S. Marine Corps - Aviation Petersburg. Alaska ' Who would have thought that an Eskimo fishing village could produce as fine a person as Aaron? Although he came from a somewhat sheltered past. Cave Jr proved that he was ready and willing to learn about the Real World His first lesson was during Plebe Summer when he found that real men couldn ' t smg Captain Jack in a three octave range Oh well, the glee club was a great bunch of guys too Plebe Year laught Aaron that not everyone could be a Mech E or mathema- tician, He finally " picked " his major youngster year and settled in as a scientist How about that cruise in San Diego ' ' Lots of things to learn about in the big city, right? The transition from slow ships to fast cars was final, and Kiffy ended up going thru two sports cars while the rest of us were trying to get out of debt for our first. Second Class year was the end of a good thing when rumors of a June Week blind date brought Minam on the next flight from Alaska (Congrats on the engagement and good luck with the girl of your dreams) Too bad you had to give up the RX-7 for a family van Aaron culmi- nated his intramural career first year by coaching the B-ball team and OBing the lightweights. No- body knew what he did with his free time since it was all spent with the wife Those cross country road trips will take a little longer with the family. Throughout all four years Aaron was always a great example of what a leader should be Those close to him learned a lot about personal values and integri- ty. His spiritual leadership and always present good cheer will long be remembered I look forward to making the transition from fnend to brother as we (oin the tew and proud Thanks for everything and God bless Warren 0. Norris Jr Brian Augusta. Georgia History Naval Aviation Qrian came to the academy from the thriving fc- ' metropolis of Grovetown, famous for the Grovetown shuftel He adjusted quite well to the fast paced lite of Annaplois Plebe year Brian and Sal did thier share of partying in Annapolis. They even managed to get caught driving in the yard as plebes That didn ' t daunt Brians spirits though be- cause youngster year he brought his " Z " up here and we did our share of roadtnpping. With second class year came bigger and better things as Brian brought his daddy ' s van to Annapolis. Many people have fond memories of that van. Brian contributed his share to the academy. As 7lh company ward- room president he provided us with many great dining-ins and tail-gaters As a CO and member of the YP squadron, Brian tried to change the reputa- tion of the " YP jocks " He almost succeeded. I ' m sure he shocked a few people by choosing Navy Air at service selection Maybe some day Brian will make it back to PI where he had such a good time on first class cruise There are still a few pictures floating around that he hopes get burnt. Some day Brian will probably be making millions in real estate if he doesn ' t go to jail first Meanwhile he will be living with me m P-cola, that should be quite an expierience for him I have Brian to thank for intro- ducing me to my future wite. He got his in the end though and it looks like there could be a double wedding after Pensacola Dave John E. Oleson Big-0 Winter Park, Florida General Engineering Nuclear Power - Submarines ohn liked the Naval Academy so much, he came to it twice once from Winter Park, but we got him via San Diego and the Jolly J. He was then awarded the distinction of being Ted ' s room- male for a semester He didn ' t take long to get back in Ihe swing of things, he pulled in a major fry the first week he was back. Soon it was like he was here all along Over First Class Summer, John went to Europe and discovered that there was life with- out " the Bean " . He came back, dropped the Bean " , and started along list of broken hearts: Cathy, Ginger, Michaela (actually she dumped him . . . twice), Caroline, Carrie, Jeanne, Jackie. Karen, and Jennifer He became the company UVA rep, culminating in a fun-filled evening that started on Ihe Naval Station practice putting green You also can ' t forget Maj Devo, who was always there when you needed him (7?) With all of these distractions, you get the impression that his grades suffered. Nothing could be further from the truth. In lime John saw his true calling and stopped by Adm, McKee ' s for a chat In no time at all. he was accept- ed to be a Nuclear Submarine Officer. Being a nuke didn ' t slow John down, though, At the Army-Navy game, he stayed with 3 girls at the same time. He still doesn ' t know how they got him back at 8 o ' clock Sunday morning. I am sure that John ' s fun- loving days are not over yet, but I am also sure that he will succeed in his chosen field Good luck, John, and don ' t let ' em get your goat, Larry Theodore F. Olt Ted Davenport. Iowa Political Science Naval Flight Officer T ' ed made his Academy appearance from Dav- ' enpofi. Iowa, via NAPS - a tact he seldom lei us forge? He was ihe lirsi person I met Plebe Sum- mer Since he was my roommate, I guess that makes sense He became known quickly since one ol the Firslies was Irom his hometown P-King was definitely a summer highlighi Remember helping a lost Georgia boy survive Ihe first lew days, I remember some " raley " plebe al- ways reading ihe front page during morning fallout Who was mat Ted " ' Ted had a Coke can attached to his arm Plebe year, and always a half a can of dip in his drawer Ted ' s story is only halt complete wilhoul Rose- mary He always knew what he wanted, and went after it A 4 marked his Academy career- a rare occurrence around here Ted did let his guard down sorhe Remember Army " 84 " - what were you drinking anyway " Graduation is )ust your first big day my trtend Best of luck up there in the " Big Blue " and down here with Rosemary Hey. has anyone seen Ted ' s pictures? Beaner William L. Peck Larry Mesa. Arizona Electrical Engineering Naval Flight Officer arry claims California as his home although he ' s really from Arizona (California sounds better) Actually, neither stale wanted him, so they seni him to USNA to be rehabilitated with the rest ot the mental defectives An Air Force brat by trade, no one understands why Larry chose Annap- olis unless he ' s some kind of masochtst (Ihe theory of choice) Plebe year Larry quickly established himself as a person who enjoys his sleep although he did man- age some study time m his " horizontal blue office " Aside from having his clothes systematically pil- fered by Beaconhead and sucking down post Sat- urday night lour brews at Jimmy ' s, plebe year went pretty smoothly Youngster year had ils ups and downs Philadel- phia and Cathy were a bust After recovering from the hangover, Larry got a new lease on lite when he met Maureen (Mo, more commonly Laverne) while cruising Church Circle with Beaconhead Second Class year Larry slept slill more — Ihe rack burns were getting severe (so were the grades, severely high — McKee would have given his left glowing for him) On weekends he could be found lurking in the shadows at Notre Dame He never did figure out where to relieve himself on those ovemighlers to Meletia (Hey. it wasn ' t in Ihe hobbledogaga i andbooki) At the beginning of first class year Larry kissed his bachelor days away with a trip lo Gold Dust Good luck Laverne — you ' ll need it Seriously, best of luck to both ol you as you " hobble " through life together (not m front of the kids please!) Watch your SIX Larry. It ' s been real and it ' s been great, but not 394 Seventh Company J, Stephen Perry. Jr. Vinnie Honolulu. Hawaii Marine Engineering Nuclear Power - Submarines ike most Navy brats, Vinnie was confused as to his real home, but one year in Hawaii was enough to make him a native His never-endmg tidbits of Hawaiian tnvia. especially during Mag- num, P I . resulted m the frequently heard " Gee whiz. Steve! " It took Vmnie about a week before he figured out the best way lo survive here is to try and find ways lo beat the system, so he tried to avenge Ihe tirsties by pledging the floor for a formal inspec- tion Slip sliding away? ' ' He pushed the Honor Code to lis limits with his daily reassurances to his squad leader that he was learning all 27 laws of the Navy A fairly uneventful Plebe year was nonethe- less highlighted by 15 rounders with Tommy C, laps around Luce, and one push-up workouts Cea- seless admiration for his father, brother, and Puna- hou. especially Punahou. were usual topics ot conversation Youngster year he became Mr Stock Bonds, but posed no threat to Merrill Lynch (right, Del ' ' ) By spending 9 months of the year m Ihe rack, he became affectionally known as Placen- ta Man, and began serious work cultivating his mid- section Vince gets the most improved award for going Irom Project 21 to 2 c CC m one semester, bui he didni write many checks Ihat semester ei- ther Always looking out for his buddies, Vmme did us up at Ring Dance, m Ft Lauderdale with Uncle Bill and Aunt Sue, and the bathroom at Mums Always up for ski trips, m Utah. Vmme became one of two charter members of the Early Morning Ugly Club A Forex cruise to Europe, he returned with more pictures and hair than was thought humanly possible Determined to defy the Nuke image, he bought an RX-7 and determined to defy the own- er ' s manual he hasn ' l changed the oil m 11,000 miles The best friend for four years. II just won ' t be Ihe same without you RALPH James D. Petrilta. Jr. Skew New Britain. Pennsylvania Mathematics Naval Flight Officer ] y hat can be said about Jim that he hasn ' t already told you himself Arriving m Annapo- lis from New Britain, PA, (just north of Philly) Jim immediately assumed a leadership position plebe summer Being the tallest pletje. he was placed at the from of ihe platoon The blind leading the blind Surviving plebe year with few problems, Jim was ready for youngster year and the " Quest for Fun " Youngster year was also the year ihat Jim decided he ' didn ' t really want lo be a systems engineer " and thus promptly switched to math with a little help from his pal Dean Kelly Second Class year broughl skiing. LA. rubgy. Lauderdale, the ever present Motrin and Ihe contin- uation of the " Quest " First Class year saw Jim excel on the rugby field and in the rack since he was carrying the often dreamed of 15 hours The Skewbird also obtained his first command and was loved by the men and women of his platoon. Jim will always be remembered for many things the famous ten minute nap. destroying toothbrush- es, never be r 2 salislied, extreme flatulence, giving Chuck El. those funny little notebooks he always writes in, torturing Ihe Burr while he slept, the halt an hour shower, and for being a true friend Good luck in P-Cola, Jimbo The Fleet will never be Ihe KW David L. Price DLynn Monroe, Michigan Applied Science Surface Warfare M ith !he abundance of Davids, he became » ' simply - DL He showed up like Ihe majority of us fresh from a brilliant high school career From Monroe, Michigan, he was one of the " Michigan Boys " He was established right oft as a hurdling track stud Running was second nature to him on and off the track But DL had a different track to run soon enough . . the computer track of his major. And hurdle those academic obstacles he did, with only a few minor setbacks (If you can call being a LTM - a Leydorf Trained Man - a setback ), Who would have believed that " quiet DL " was in fact, on those long nights of the Dark Ages, a Led Zeppelin fanatic ? A lover of the outdoors, we will know where to find him in ten years if surface line is not so mighty fine . . )ust head north, lo the backwoods of Michi- gan ' s Upper Peninsula, where he will be loving his God ' s Country May God walk quietly with you all the way. DL -Your Friends. Patrick A. Sutton Ralph St, Louis. Missouri Economics Naval Aviation Ike a hurricane Pat blew in from St Louis {sor- — ry Ralph) He arrived with a case of Mono which caused him to miss a few days, but our recol- lections run as high as a tew years. The next thing we knew we had a Pear shaped boy m the back of Ihe platoon Everyone knew that we were in for four years of entertainment after the first of many Bruce imitations Plebe year was the start of the union of the 2 deviants, Pat and Eddie, which was highlited by the episodes of streaking Second semester ar- rived and with It the formation of " The Boys " . Pat was decorated many times for valor in the Paradise room wars The end of Plebe year saw Ihe begin- ning of his Marine stage as he frequently enjoyed mud wrestling with himself. By the way did you enjoy Chemistry class? Youngster year saw the continuation of his hijinx such as measuring con- tests, modeling women ' s underwear, and fun with white-out. Texture painting at Army was one of his specialties, and, although he was off-target. Opera- tion Toothpaste was a big C) success After Youngster year. The Boys split up so others could enjoy his snonng In Pensacola Pat went tor his first jet ride and Ralph came out in two bags, but one week later Ralph lost his shorts and his stripes in Ouantico Second class year was filled by cocktail hour with Ed, the trip to Hood to visit Sherm, ven- cose veins at Pre-Coms (Did Anna know about this?), a trip to Lauderdale to meet Corky, and a pant splitting floor show at Fntzbee ' s First class cruise he met a wild Cafif chick that would change Brooksie ' s phone bill forever First class year saw his deep sea dating habits continue and his election to the Early Mormng Ugly Club These last (our years wouldn ' t have been as tun without you. we ' re all gonna mtss your sense of humor and endless High School stones, good luck up in the air and stay in touch Mark Tom David D. Tuten Toots Belvedere. South Carolina Oceanography Surface Warfare Oave showed up at USNA with his South Car- - olina accent and a healthy supply of opti- mism and ambition Four years here on the Severn have not been able to dimmish any of these attri- butes, and Dave has made his mark on the Acade- my Lightweight Crew gave Dave a chance to show his aggressiveness, and it also put him in the hospi- tal once with hypothermia Dave showed us some unusual habits while he was here (a possible side effect of his brain-chillmg hypothermia experi- ence?) He played football with no shoes when it was cold. He v. ore a green bandana on his head at times He could frequently be found dancing around the room to the " Footloose " tape or mouth- ing the lyrics of a song to his roommates Dave also showed us about responsibility and commitment early on through his involvement in the Baptist Stu- dent Union, and his strong faith was admired by all As Dave rides off into the sunset in his Pulsar, we will always look toward to seeing one ot his frequent smiles the next time we meet His interest m Ihe ocean leads Dave into Surface Line, and we all wish Dave the very best of luck. SLMF AED Robert R. Underwood Odie South Haven, Michigan Physical Science U.S. Marine Corps-Aviation 0 die ' s Academy days started in Newport at Navy Prep and. yes. I was noddingly ac- quainted with him then I even thought I knew his face until a certain plebe summer squad leader asked me who Terry Howell was, 1 responded, " Bob Underwood, South Haven. Mich " Terry got over it Bob went on to become our company Honor Rep and spiritual leader This came naturally for a guy who has so devoted his life to the Lord (and women). Perhaps some wouldn ' t call Odie a " womaniz- er " , but when a guy goes to the hospital for an operation (on a hernia that probably came from lifting too many grocery-filled chow packages) and then starts getting letters from a certain Navy nurse, he ' s a womanizer Bob gets along with the guys too. I know because I was " Bob Underwood ' s roommate " for a semester (and so was a certain Batt Commander). Many a study hour, guys (and occasional gals) would come to the room and. if he wasn ' t there (91 6% of the time he wasn ' t), they would ask where Bob could be found. If he was there. Bob would slmg bull for a while and some- times he ' d pull out the old guitar and lay down a few tunes Yes, Bob was a crooner, He even made a tape of his songs (which he made a few hundred copies of and gave as chnslmas gifts). It could be because he ' s the oldest guy in the company, or it could be because he ' s just a nice guy. but Bob has earned our respect and admira- tion. I might have been kidding around before, but I ' m not when I wish Bob the best of luck Fair winds and following seas, buddy Keep the Lord shining in your life, and keep reaching tor Ihe stars LBA and LEW Gordon C. Williams Gordo Towson. Maryland Systems Engineering Nuclear Power - Submarines Gordo arrived at USNA Irom sunny California, and ihe " Valley " He was a package deal Due to business, with him came Mom, Dad. And Sis — 07th Company ' s duty family We will never for- gel I hem. On the first day Gordo seemed all " Boxed " in, but that didn ' t last long as he and Burrhead punched out the answer to plebe summer on their calculators First semester found Burrhead and Chris back together again and raging war on a group of youngsterettes Remember the banana trick ' ' Second semester saw a tradition begin as Gordo picked up a pair of real classy roomies. We ' ll always remember " Beach Ball " . " Long Time " , dreaming of steroes, Ihe goodbye party, and your admiration of a certain movie poster Chris rode into Youngster year with his 280-Z and lugglmg girls First he was drunk on Sherry, but lemonade finally did him m Still we found lime to enjoy Maxwell ' s, Ft Lauderdale, and watching Gordo search for his clothes at West Point Chris, desptle his flare for having fun, was Ihe room ' s hardest worker His hard work paid off tor him with a degree in Systems and 2nd set D B Commander Good luck in the underwater world Forget the " Gnarly " moments, and look lor the " Spiffy-Waah ' ones Best of luck to you and Helen, she IS a real winner, like you T T 396 Seventh Company Eighth Company i . WELCOME HAROLD KA Harold E. Barr Harry Middletown. Indiana Marine Engineering Nuclear Power - Submarines w: hat does one say about a guy who starts dating a girl and is engaged two months later I ' ve always wondered what he considered the highlight of his academy stay-his fiancee Kay, or living With the woUman and Mike Miller at the same time. He ' s probably the only one to ever go through that experience and live But I guess I should men- tion more about Kay In our two years m the same room, I can ' t remember him staying around a single weekend I remember, back in the good ol ' days, when he would even participate in the Friday night social gatherings But. as all good things must come to an end. his sight to the future, and his checkbook, soon ended his participation He has endured his share of abuse, though. Being the first one in the class to be engaged was enough reason for most people. Especially seeing as how he barely lasted through the first month of youngster year before getting engaged, which should be enough punishment in itself I ' m sure everyone will agree, though, that Harry livened up the Christmas roast many a time. Betng one of the only two engineering rooms in the company has made lite different One of us always had to stay up until at least 2 AM, on alternating nights of course And the horror stones from Rickover hall-I ' m sure I could write a book there Enough said about Rickover Well, what else can you say about a guy who grows up m Middle- lown, Ind (where " ?), joins the Navy for three years, goes to the Academy, gets engaged, then goes on subs for fun? I wish you and Kay the best of luck m life, and I hope to be friends always Barry J. Benzing Zinger Baltimore, Maryland Applied Science Surface Warfare Zinger arrived at the famed halls of USNA with a LAX stick in one hand and the Ideal Cufley Man handbook m the other. Following in the footsteps of his brother, Zinger enjoyed a decisive edge over his fellow plebeians, which he never relin- quished m four years Youngster year began with high hopes of free- dom and individuality, but it ended m almost near tragedy Zinger endured more pain and suffering in that year than most people receive in a lifetime It was only his courage, faith and strength of convic- tions that enabled him to defeat the dreaded dis- ease Zinger. now affectionately referred to as 1 or the nut wonder has been seen in many a bar m Baltimore asking the women if they want to see Second class year fond Zinger enduring the pain- ful and impractical methods of B M of Navy Lax Zmger ' s enormous talents and skills on the playing field will only be remembered by his close fnends and family Even this obstacle neglected to slow Zinger down, he just drank more and slung more women Zmger ' s humor and wit as well as his good nature has made my time spent with him, present, past and future a delight Barry, it ' s basic man, eat them _ 1 % A. w n i . ji. . - Keith A. Brunini Keitfi Bayport, New York History Naval Flight Officer f I had to choose one person who would be most likely to succeed it would be Keith. Keith has a knack for organization and money manage- ment that will undoubtedly make him financiaNv in- dependent while the rest of us are still trying lopay oft our car loans. It ' s too bad Keith didn ' l charge interest on the loans he made to his classmates, he probably could have bought his way out of this place Heralding from that island Paradise just east of the Big Apple, Keith left his buddies and the beach to fly with the best and hopefully convince the Navy of his astronaut potential. Unfortunately, like most of our classmates, Keith ' s eyes went bad and he had to settle for back seat The Navy will be hard pressed to find a better NFO There are a few memories that Keith and I shared that stand out as among the best The trip to Lauderdale via Atlanta during spring break has got to be one such memo- ry Keith had a close encounter with a goregeous blonde m a black BMW and I ' m sure that Pmk Floyd will never sound quite the same Then Ihere ' s the weekend in the Appalacians where Keith mistook a raccoon for a bear, I guess a fifth of Jack Darnels can play strange tricks on the mind The memories, some good, some bad, will be a part of our lives only as long as we can recall them but the friend- ship and camaraderie will remain with us until we die- Good luck Keith and remember what the " Boss " said, " we make a promise we swore we would always remember, no retreat baby, no sur- render " Be casual Bryan P Caisse Space Athol. Massachusetts Malhennatics Nuclear Power - Submarines Space was beamed down to the steps of Ban- croft from Athol, Mass. He decided plebe summer wasn ' t for him and spent half of it drinking with the medics at Bethesda Rejoining the boys at the midway point of the summer, he showed us how to remember him Alhol as in alcohol, Caisse as in ti Qf . He lived up to it Rooming with Mr. Hat and Dmo plebe year led to many excursions, including the pit stop at the M-C fountain, a midnight chase by the MOOW. and inti- macy with the roving patrol every Saturday night Bryan ' s love lite was one of great (an support. sometimes with as many as a half million people as the audience. WUBA dabbling third class year, and friends ' wives were also included From the Orient to Europe, souvenirs and gifts were collected and passed, even to Jello ' s Inends at Cornell No wom- an was saved by Boston charm. Here his military prowess also showed, com- manding 2 YPs with 3 days leave 2 C summer, and head restnctee for months, setting the example for all underclass Changing of Co Officers, and a steady girl-fnend gave the impression of a squared away mid. but those who knew him. knew better Miss Jennifer Golden now occupies most of Space ' s time, and is sure to be Mrs Caisse in about ten years (less if he can ' t keep the rabbit off the lite support system) From head restnctee and performance boards to Company Sub-Commander and Nuclear Power, let ' s say you can fool some of the people We all wish you best of luck in whatever you do. THR William R. Costantini Wilbur Freeville. New York Mechanical Engineering U.S. Marine Corps n ihe beginning there were visions ol a Spar- tan, lour-year existence culminating in the re- birth ol Chesty Time and the moral-eroding Rick and Dino show were soon to take their toll, howev- er, as the real Wilbur emerged. Attired in the elegani Italian Dmner jacket, with a slight bulge m one cheek and a can ol Red. White and Blue m hand. Wilbur would set forth in quest of what he had so little lime tor Lack of invitation notwithstanding, he began (o realize the monstrous opportunities that lay spread before him at Ihe local ladies " colleges. It wasn ' t long before he was a regular at the Hood Chew-Your-Arm-Off Brunch Qub Firsl-ciass year brought little, if any, improve- ments m Wilbur ' s standards Lampshades became an integral part of the formalwear and fun party games like lag were enjoyed Wilbur did suffer a ma)or setback when he was cast off the Green- Alert Befreshmeni Committee for knowing all too well how :o spot a bargain As the end draws near, though, the real Wilbur is starting once again to yield to the pull of the Green Machine We wish you luck m the Corps. Will, and, who knows, maybe you ' ll even be the first Marine Commandant of the Brigade of Midshipman Gretchen M. Dayoub Gretch Louisville. Kentucky Oceanography Naval Aviation relchen arrived from Kentucky with her run- V- ning shoes and four suitcases full of inno- cence and naivety (that lasted about 6 hrs into l-day) She laughed her way through plebe summer and hasn ' t stopped since The rigors of plebe sum- mer behind her, Gretchen assumed youngster year included weeknighi liberty in local taverns m civilian clothes After her initiation into the EMBC that year. she came back regularly for guest appearances Some of her more spectacular antics included foun- tain swimming, water bombadier. and mess night entertainment beyond description Gretchen ran track (or two years and played bas- ketball before deciding to give her ailing legs a rest. But rest wasn ' t to be had, as she hit the party circuit m full stride, and made All-East in her first season Second class year brought Gretchen a special roommate from CG Academy Instead of calming her down as many had hoped, Val (Blue Buns) only encouraged her to pursue even higher levels of entertainment. The thought of a grey ship never appealed to Gretchen as she somehow managed pleasure cruises both summers-first, sailing and then doing " oceanography research " on a cruise imer After rounding out Ihe summer with 2 weeks of PCR and plebe detail (getting back from town as the plebes went out to PEP ' ), she began her final year with only graduation on her mind. Along the way she found time to spend with Dmo and Mr Hat (the guys next door) ai Mike ' s. CJ ' s, Poseurs and was a great lime even if she brought almost every personal belonging for even the shortest trips She always knew how to find a humorous side to even the dreariest situlations and could be counted on to help us get through She will always be a tremendous and wonderful friend and we thank her for all the great limes and hope there will be many 398 Eighth Company Jonathan A. Fulton Sternwheeler Hingham, Massachusetts Mechanical Engineering Nuclear Power - Submarines rhere IS a very small town, somewhere m Mass (not Massachusetts mind you, but Mass ), called Hingham; from this town came a person who seems to be destined for greatness, This person is Jon Fulton Jon spent most of his plebe year being very slu- deous over books set upon his Kim splattered blot- drov roommates up the wall However he did lake a lew breaks, such as listening to Chim ' s ( ' 84) great Ger- man incantations Jon ' s youngster year here proved very interest- ing as he roomed with Ihe two Chris ' s, needless to say his grades improved The nexi two semesters lound Jon with his fiflh roommate and Kim at Goucher, he siill managed to rather sucessfully conquer the Mech E major First semester ol first class year saw Jon go to Ball Ad) and Kim go to Africa (sorry Jon) But Jon changed He now has girl problems, has opened up immensely, and has proved to be a most interesting person Jon is now back m company area with Terr Alter graduating a Mech E he will be headed be- low Ihe waves Good luck Jon May all your sinkins end in a surlace and may God always be looking after you B.W.W. Phil. 4:13 Terrence J. Garbuzinski Garbo Memphis, Tennessee Economics Nuclear Power - Submarines T " he Memphis suburb of Bartlett (really) provid- ' ed eighth company with one of its most inter- esting members Plebe year made us all realize that Terry, to put it nicely, was a real character He drove his roommates and close friends crazy with his beating on the desk, conducting his orchestas, and practicing his sword manual When he wasn ' t reading Lucky Bags, idolizing JFK, or writing sym- phonies (inside joke), he was telling us about Keith Lee and Memphis St basketball {they never did go all the way) Never one to study, he always man- aged to get good grades, but I could too if I was a single E Even though we were never olfictally roommates (I need a Mech E), no one could tell. He was always around to eat my food or keep me from doing my homework. Getting Terry drunk was another thing. I remember watching him (ish his cover out ol the nver and laler getting sick m my sink What a character Then there ' s Terry ' s girllnend second class year. We all knew her, but he knew her much better. When will those trips to Boston end? First Class year lound Ter wilhoul Big Doug V for Ihe lirsi time, so Keith and Thorn stepped in It would have been alright except lor all those weird noises at night Thinking of Sue. eh Ter? Then he found himself with Jon and his room has never been cleaner smce, although Ish and Space were helping him out Thanks for all the good times and the laughs Ter It wouldn ' t have been the same without you. Good luck in the submarine lorce and otherwise And hey Ter you ' re alright JER Michael F. Hajosy Potatohead II York. Maine Systems Engineering Nuclear Power - Subnnarines From the farlhesl cofner of the United Stales, Mike came to the Academy destined for a June Week wedding, but alas, can a sweet home- town girl compete with Georgetown miniskirts! ' " Mike easily stroked his way through plebe year with an occasional whimper brought on by hjs disap- pointing 3.7 OPR In other words, Mike was a sweat. Bui unlike the other members of the Mr Potatohead Club, Mike would occassionally wipe the sweat from his brow to take part m normal social overindulgences Mike was known to leave many a bartender dazed and confused with his re- quests tor exotic drinks, but no bartender could ever mix Mike ' s " high alltitude heaver. " A dnnk that goes down like drano and comes up in technicolor But Mike ' s primary source of motivation comes not from his girlfriend, scholastics, or even his ca- reer ambitions Mike is on the lowest wrung of Mas- low ' s needs hierarchy Ask Mikey, he ' ll eat anything Exotic drinks imply exotic foods, and Mike once again shocks the critics His tastes in food would take the big out of Big Yellow and the jiggle out of Jello When It came time for service selection, certain religious factors influenced Mike Good luck, my friend, Fair winds and following seas Shalom o submariner Donald K, Hume Barney Chula Vista, California Aerospace Engineering Naval Flight Officer Don came to the Navy following his father ' s footsteps After a bnet stop m Newport and NAPS, where his California blood was initiated to the harshness of a real winter, he arrived at the Academy filled with the enthusiasm to excell as an Aerospace Engineer and fly lets. Though his eyes failed him. the aspirations to be an engineer lasted into the early morning hours and despite the chal- lenges of professors Joyce. Butler, and Saarlas. As most engineers. Don often wished disaster for Rickover Hall, but with the combined efforts of Stan and the Wizzard, the trio hung on to meet the chal- lenge Weekends provided a chance for rest and relaxation, except those which included a Glee Club trip and the first thing he saw upon returning was the rack Still other weekends were invaluable, filled with the companionship and support of Jenny, Nicki, Teresa. Carolyn, Michele. and Eileen, hope- fully the last Unquestionable was his loyalty to sports and San Diego Never an opening day passed when the Chargers or Padres weren ' t assured to be league champions or at least playoff bound Though the hopes didn ' t always become reality, they could al- ways be counted onto stir up heated wardroom competition The same competitive spirit followed him and 8th company to the football and soflball fields, where the Brigade championship eluded him Don came to the Academy, worked hard, played hard, and achelved much, a performance your fa- ther would have been proud of . Kevin C, Jenkins Frank Las Vegas, Nevada Physical Science U.S. Marine Corps Oteady hands, nerves of steel, poker face, martyr in gambling and m love, and a future devotee of the B-52 ' s. Who else could this be but Frank The MAN, the LEGEND, the NARCOLEPTIC Frank came from Las Vegas but gambled like he came from Nebraska He never counted his money while Sitting al the table, he never had any to count. Frank did, however, consistently score the most points at the committee ' s nightly meetings Too bad low score wins in this game of hearts As for the other, even when heaven smiles and sends Frank. the committee ' s potential secretary of the interior, he committed political suicide by refusing to take a firm stand on S + T activities On this particular evening Frank was so distraught by this loss that he went wandering aimlessly into the night, only to return the next morning with no shoes, different pants, and a lampshade. When Frank isn ' t setting his sights on some lovely lady, he ' s setting his front bumper on some de- fenseless deer Frank could minimize fatalities by keeping the heat on high and his hands on the wheel We know one thing for certain though, Frank will always have his love with the Corps and a hand on his tin Good luck Kevin Semper Fi!!!M Mr. Hat Riverside. Connecticut Physical Science U.S. Marine Corps A y r Hat came out of hibernation from Con- ' ' ' neclicut to begin a remarkable and some- times unbelievable journey through the " Naval House of Horrors " Early into plebe year, Jim kepi a low profile until he began a series of Sat night escapades through the halls wearing very little of his uniform (how about none!) His illustrious gym- nastics career at Navy ended after plebe year, so he decided to lake his talents on the road to try falling down at other colleges on the weekends. A Switch from Chemistry to Physical Science gave him more time in his search for short girls, of which he found many - and many found him. The Army Navy games were always a chance for Jim to demonstrate his unending talents, where he either ended up with the wrong girl or in the wrong room (like the drunk tank youngster year ) Being " a man of the sea " (or at least the beach), Mr Hat was at his peak in Ft Lauderdale where he entertained 30.000 college students for a week. free of charge Senior year, reunited with plebe roommate. Dino, proved to be a dangerous combination for trips in either the Blue Whale or Land Crab Their third accomplice. Gretchen. often joined in forays to Po- seurs. Mike ' s. CJ ' s and various other hang-outs Jim arrived at Airborne School with several rolls of quarters looking for the beer machines and was disappointed We hope he has better luck at Ouan- lico and in everything he does We wish you the best and happiness always BL and GD Richard E. Johnson Rich Miami. Florida General Engineering Surface Wafare Dich arrived m CraDtown ready to go He ' ' came from well tl you wani lo know you can ask him yourseK. but be ready (or a long talk involving some five states and at least one foreign country It does not matter wfiere he came from or why (|usi (or info, he came here to Fly) The most important thing is that he came here with a lot of goals He has managed to keep only one of them, and thai is graduation Rich has shown some im- pressive qualities m the past four years, the major one being lolerartion of his roommates That first year with the hip guy from California taught him the more liberal ways of life Younster year with the Blues Brothers. Rich was able to put up with all their singing and music Second Cass year he was forced lo live with the illegal alien, and First Class year he really lucked out and got the first prize, namely the old man. Rich showed an amazing ca- pacity to go without sleep for long periods of lime, sleep in the rack that is, because he never counted all the time that he slept while sitting at his desk or in Luce Hall Women have always been important to him, too Or should that be Woman, better known as Laura Afterall the only competition she ever had was his mother Rich was a very loyal Mech E until all those sleeping sessions in class finally showed on his grade card, at which pomi he became a very loyal General E This really paid off with those long weekends, although a few times he had to beg his way through the Toll booths m order 10 get back Rich has decided to use his talents in the Surface Force, but only after a long hard fought battle With the Optometrist With his special talents and abilities io make the best of a bad situation and his willingness lo help others. Rich is assured of success May the road rise to meet you and the wind be at your back 400 Eighth Connpany Gerald J. Jordan Jer El Paso. Texas Mechanical Engineering Surface Warfare erry proceeded to theAcademy m the wake of U his two older brothers leading some of us to tselieve he would have a jump over us on the routine here at Annapolis However, surprise is on e of Jer- ry ' s trademarks, yep, Jerry immediately surprised us all by being even more due ' ess than most plebes During his plebe summer Jerry felt sorry for the first class as he stated " I ' ll bet they teei bad after they yell at us " Unfortunately, Jerry thought that professors also felt bad when tailing someone which gave him the courage to try Mech E Just when he thought he had seen the worst after 2nd class academics, Jerry was lucky enough to draw the " dynamic duo " firsi semester, 1st class year. But, again, Jerry surprised us all, after his intimate relationship with Wild Bill and The Rocket, he is still a Mech E (though this semster has found him doing a little RE-Heat Transfer) I ' d write about Jerry ' s love life, but there ' s not much to say It ' s not that Jerry hasn ' t met any females while m Annapolis, it ' s just they all seem to think of him as a brother That is all but Cmdy Jacobs, but we won ' t talk about her Jerry ' s lack of dating while at the academy is probably due to one reason. Cmdy (a diHerent Cindy that lives m Texas) Yes, rumor has it that Jerry was contemplating Ma- rine Corps to gel a MOS in communications, that way he could keep in touch with his " babe " even from the field, at least he wouldn ' t amass such a huge Sprint bill Actually. Jerry is a surface man at heart and will report to a CGN off the west coast To Gerald I wish the best of luck and thank him for a good year as his roommate ZEB -•■ Brian R. Ledbetter Dino San Diego. California Physical Science Surface Warfare D rian sailed into Annapolis from California not knowing what to expect, but hoping to con- tinue the glamorous lifestyle that he was used to living. After recovering from Ihe shock that the Sail- ing Center was without a Bar and Gnll, Dmo decid- ed to use his sailing talents to get away from the Academy as much as possible. With plebe Chemis- try behind him, (barely). Brian left on Youngster cruise, but was not as adept at fooling Va Beach bouncers as he was with his teachers Rooming with E Z in his second year provided Dmo with another reason lor staying away from the hall, and pushed him towards the first of his three All-Amen- can Sailor years A semester-long membership to the EMBC also added to his academic prowess Second class year was noted for Brian ' s collision with the EE Dept who refused his request tor a double major with the Chem. Dept . so he found a happy medium as a Physical Scientist Brian raged mto first class year, " always stoked tor a rad blowout ' , and after reacquiring Mr Hat as a roommate, Ihe circus began, HELL YEAH " The year began with Dmo doing lime at Ohio Stale and other schools ensuring himsell that normal college life still existed There were also many voyages with Jim and Grelchen (the girl next door), to Ei Tontos, CJ ' s, Mike ' s, Poseur ' s, and skiing, (new way to spend money when not sailing), which was almost enough to keep Brian entertained Brian hopes to keep sailing white m the Navy ( ' 88) and avoid any deployments that go beyond sight of the local Yacht Club Whatever he does and wherever he goes, we know Brian will do it with a smile on his face, You have been a wonderful tnend and we thank you for all Ihe good times and laughter you ' ve brought to us JJ and GD Thomas J. Lerch Thorn Amarillo, Texas Political Science Naval Aviation f o arrived at the Naval Academy in a round- about way with one year of college and one of prior service Perhaps this provided him with his vast professional Knowledge and strong opinions. A little too confident as a plebe he had a few prob- lems his lirst year, but his strong desire to attend the Naval Academy didn ' t leave him then and still hasn ' t now Not much for studying, Thom did what he had to, but he did enjoy EE312 so much he took It again At first Thom devoted himself to demand- ing sports such as Navy crew and rugby, but sec- ond class year he decided his spare time could be better spent away from the Academy After a variety of love aftairs that he always filled his tnends m on, Thom finally (and conveniently) settled down Tired of long distance relationships Thom now had one ot the most ideal situations at the Naval Academy While others might have thought he was hard at work running, lifting at the weight room or holed up in the library studying, his close tnends knew he was kicking back at Tina ' s drinking a couple of beers With Tma ' s apartment less than lOO feet from Ihe Academy it ' s amazing how short those " long-distance " runs became Life ' s rough, eh Thom? A big decision was Thom ' s purchase of a sports car With the advice of a few tnends the idea of a fuel-saving CRX was qutckly replaced with a " man- ly " Z28 Now It seems Thom is ready to advance from the ground to the air and lly Navy jets. Graduation will mark the end ot a major goal m Thom ' s life and I wish him the best ot luck m achiev- ing the many future goals he has set before him. Good luck in Pensacola and remember- Ihe word is " casual. " ■l: Chris M. Lutz MegaLutz Wading River, New York General Engineering Supply Corps hris came to ihe Academy from the land his " " roommate would like to nuke. Long Island For the (irst three years of school, Lutzy was a wiid man A person who couldn ' t hold his liquor, Chns would be drawn to the Whiskeys and indulge him- self Ask Meg and Big Yellow Chris was a well- known customer at the laundry. Forever trying to put conquests under his belt, with little success. Chris tried academics First an Aero, Chns kamika- zied As they say. " Sooner or later, you ' ll go Gener- al. " Chris could never stay in one place- For service selection, he tirst wanted nuke subs, then nuke sur- face, then supply, then EDO, then CEC , . Finally he chosed supply. Chris ' s downfall occurred in segundo year. He met Marybeth From then, the blinders came on. Wherever Chns went, the sound of a cracking whip could be heard Every weekend his roommate could be assured of a day-by-day itinerary of Mary ' s life Luckily, his roommate was understand- ing and did not kill him The only consistent thing about Chns was his mouth His quick wit was well known in the compa- ny His weight lotteries were as popular as G D Well Chns, this is it Happy sailings forever for you and Mary Hopefully, we ' ll cross each other ' s paths m later years Good luck MCTZ Williann E. Lyons Jeilo Hopewell Junction. New York Mathematics Nuclear Power - Submarines affectionately Dill, or Jello. as he known to tnends. hatis from Ihe not-so-bus- tlmg metropolis of Hopewell Jet, NY which has cer- tainly prepared him well for his favorite pasttime at the Academy-sleeping Bill brought with him cer- tain attributes that were to set him apart (often- times literally) from the crowd- Lack ol enzymes notwithstanding, he somehow managed to embroil htmselt in several fidelity di ' emnas Jello IS a true gamesman m every sense of the word whether it be playing hearts (or with them), basketball, ndmg horses or trapping the THK for a clueless roommate One might wonder when Bill found the time to hit the books m his busy schedule He siudied-lhree to live hours-nghi. Adm McKee? Even so. Bill managed to get the grades to afford him the choice of service selection Semper Fi ruled out the Marine Corps but the submarines guaran- teed him four meals a day We wish Bill all the luck m our nuclear Navy He has no need to worry about those he leaves behind during deployments - the little green men from the Committee teel it is their duty to ensure all of his obligations are met during those lonely months. Sandra K. Mahlum Sandy Mondovi, Wisconsin Political Science General Unrestricted Line Forsaking a career in Ullra-Bnte commer- cials, Sandy Mahlum came to the USNA in search ol tall basketball players and a prestigious position on the Navy Cheerleadmg squad Both dreams were soon fullilled due m large part to her all-Amencan looks The end of plebe summer saw Sandy begin to drool in anticipation of a bachelor sponsor Fortunately for her, she got something even better The Mecks were Sandy ' s family away from home She soon became a permanent fixture m their house on the weekends where she would often sleep on ihe floor instead of the sofa- Third class summer brought more Navy adven- ture: summer school, YP cruise (LAND-HC). and best of all, Steve The (wo could often by found subsisting on a diet of " pop " and cookies, supple- mented by an occasional beer- Sometimes, it ' s hard to swat those flies away after a few drinks, huh Sandy " ? Despite her attachment, Sandy still found time to party with her friends Sandy had such a good time before Army third class year, she had to be coerced into attending the game NL mess night, the Ring Dance and the Batt dinmg-m were also occasions tor celebration Sandy ' s frankness was always demonstrated at these events as she described a certain Marine major or explained what to say to some guy ' s date Lest it be misconstrued, she did not confine herself to only formal occasions She could also be found partying in such exotic loca- tions as Guantanamo Bay or a dit ch in Norfolk- Fighiing her way back from an AC Board appear- ance, Sandy went on lo achieve academic stardom as an out-ot-company striper You ' ll be a great offi- cer You ' ve always been a super friend Until our paths cross again, drink one for me DAS Mark W. Meloro The Shark Hanover Township. New Jersey Physical Science U.S. Marine Corps Laugh and Ihe world laughs with you. " Yes. Ihe Shark insisted on having a good time at any cost A firm believer m his own doctrine, " Life is too short to take seriously. " Shark ' s partying was final- ly curtailed when, after four years of three striper libs, he ran into a particular female who ruined his nightly excursions over the wall Shrugging off re- striction with an expected comment, " You can ' t win if you don ' t play " . Shark became more involved in his music- which was unfortunate lor us Plebe summer came and cut down on the Shark ' s romantic style, but the mirrors throughoul Bancroft kepi his sanity Then, when academic year started. Nimitz became Shark ' s home away from home However, as an upperclassman, free time away from the hall belonged to Ihe Shark He loved his women Whether it be a dancer from Balti- more, a bikmi that passed his life guard stand, or the usual bar room pick up, he was the first to admit he was in love- again But, as a competitor, he was never satisfied with the one he was with, so he scoped every bar from N.J to Florida- However, we still think he ' s holding out for his Boston beauty Then again there were those behind closed doors If the lights were out. Shark found beauty m just about anyone Never losing professionalism, " Ish. trash can ASAP " , Shark often saw no limits finding himself on stages winning prizes or exhibiting a bounce back theory at Trinity Yet, best known was his inability to ward oft eager VCU women Penthouse isn ' t always B S , eh Shark ' ' Disillusioned there was no rock star billet at ser- vice selection. Shark settled lor Marine air Overall. he cruised into USNA, checked himself in the mir- ror, and graduated Best of friends. Shark could be counted on when the chips were down Good luck in the Corps Buddy Deborah K. Miller Debbie Del Norte. Colorado Political Science General Unrestricted Line THE ROAD NOT TAKEN by Robefi Ffost Two roads diverged m a yellow wood. And softy t could not Iravel both And be one travelef, long I stood And looked down one as lar as I could To wt ete tt beni tn the undergrowth. Then took Ihe other, as |usl as fair. And having perhaps the better claim. Because it was grassy and wanted wear; though as (or that the passing (here Had worn them really about Ihe same. And both that morning equally lay In leaves no step had trodden black. Oh. I kept Ihe first tor another day! Yet knowing how way leads on to way. I doubted if I should ever come back. I shall be leilmg thts with a sigh Somewhere ages and ages hence Two road diverged m a wood, and I — I took the one less traveled by. And that has made all the difference Timothy H. Risberg Ish Wantagh. New York Economics U.S. Marine Corps ish arrived here from Long Island the long way, ' via NAPS His lacrosse career ended l year short ot graduation when he chose early retirement instead of Bnan Matthews ' clique another year He looks back positively on his letter sweater, (no hat chit) however Tim ' s mollo " too many women, too tittle time " ' gave the opportunity to provide what he felt he was being used tor Stooping to new lows, throwing cats off balconies, the Penn Center stairwell 3 C year. Hop ' s basement bathroom, and l eg ' s lottery at 1 C Army No low was unapproachable, However, Mary of ODU proved that yes. Tim can dale a girl not 3 but 4 weeks in a row, before ending al Chnstmas leave tshberg ' s ability to avoid trouble was al times uncanny Remember the Nav exam ' ' Gouge is gouge, but enough is enough Or " excessive " ex- posure at Fell ' s Point. Ganders, and the 4400 Club ' ' ' ' ' ' ? But most of all. we know Ish as being a little tight at times Aiteslable from those who lived with him and knew him best from L I to Maryland, including Jimmy and Joey there to Space and Shark here. surely we will witness the lighting of the menorah for years lo come We all wish him luck m the Marines, and in finding the one woman he is looking lor BPC 402 Eighth Company Wade H. Schmidt The Old Man Riverside. California General Engineering Nuclear Power - Submarines M ade hails from Southern California, the state I ' " he insists has Ihe world ' s greatest lootball team (L A Raiders) and Ihe most beautiful girls- both of which he is an avid fan ot Prior enlisted, Wade arrived at the Naval Academy with a lot o1 conlidence in himself and an attitude that al times could be considered overbearing and opinionated, but there was never a situation when he wouldn ' t take lime out to help someone Wade always seemed to know a hlUe bit about everything and he always fell this qua lified him as an expert Some- how his line of b s. ended up working out right about 90% of the time His quiel voice and unas- suming and humble air allowed anyone who wasn ' t deaf to know where he was and what he was thinking, Wade has had a variety of girlfriends, some from far away California and others |ust a few doors away (I guess you can ' t always expect girls in a Trans Am to stop and pick you up, eh Wade?) Wade has gone through a variety of experiences while at USNA varying from aggressive pursuits such as Airborne school and Survival Training to Ihe slightly less aggressive such as cheerleadmg (Who ' s that bald guy down there?) and the famed YP Squadron Presently his greatest loves are his black Trans Am and spending money Some peo pie may consider Wade moody, but after rooming with him and passing psychology we would deli- nitely classify him as a manic depressive An avid fan of the Marine Corps lor four years. Wade will undoubtedly enjoy life on a submarine and the money that goes with it (Wade, you ' re finally going lo have lo study ' ) Best of luck below the seas and don ' t forget that Brett still owes you that case ot beer — thanks to Rose KAB and REJ Cynthia Thebaud Cindy Greenwich. Connecticut Chemistry Surface Warfare T " he Bod came (o us from the winter wonderland of New England No one has yet figured out why she blessed us with her presence, least of all Cindy, herself Perhaps it was her intense desire to sail the mighty oceans, which has kepi The Bod at sea tor four years, so far Nobody has complained yet - except the coaches The first two years. Cindy could not be dragged away from the books Her work paid oft with the reward of being an exchange student at the Air Force Academy Something happened at that place (was it the Zoomies ' ' the liberal USAFA ideas ' ' or just the Colorado lifestyle " ' ) ' cause our little Cindy came back a changed person Her grades came down following her return Though her altitude relaxed a little, the Administration failed to notice and she got her three stripes anyway Cindy claims to have majored m Chemistry, bul to hear lell, she and her cohorts majored m misery instead Come on Cindy, you can ' t expect us to believe the profs are that bad - then you would have kicked them instead of the walls Bul, what else do you expect (rom a girl who drives around at two in the morning with the top on her car down and it ' s forty degrees outside Her conservative New En- gland ways will never be the same after living wiih Elaine and Grelchen Cindy managed to learn a fair amount about leadership, but now she ' s just got to learn not to apply those lessons on the dance floor Cindy ' s biggest problem left is what to do after graduation She claims lo have her heart set on surface warfare, bul it ' s rumored Ihe marines are starting to catch her eye Whatever she choses. she ' s guaranteed to succeed Good Luck!! W.H.S.. B.W.W. M Michael C. Torbit Tid Bit Mascoutah. Illinois Systems Engineering Nuclear Power - Submarines hA ike left the wild lite ot an Illinois sheep farmer ' ' ' to become a Midshipman some four years ago. Before Mike even arrived, he knev his desimy »fas Nuke Subs What puzzled me was the way he ent about the attainment of this goal There are a lot of things you can say about Mike, but studi- ous, hardworking, industrious, or serious tor that matter would not be one of them Mike, claiming to be a practicing Buddhist, had his own way of ap- proaching things He counted on the fme art ot winging il, blowing it off, taking the hit, and if all else failed, hitting the rack I suppose it wasn ' t a bad system after all. because he ' s systems and I ' m a Christopher J. Weiler C.J. Annandale, Virginia Political Science Nuclear Power - Surface hns arrived in Annapolis from Annandale, - Virginia, spinning a football on his fingertips ready to make his mark m naval history He began to do this as soon as he returned from his ten day sabbatical m Blacksburg, via George Once C J. was firmly in place back in Crablowne, he often amused us by dancing to the National Anthem at comearounds and set the new standard in ward- room cuisine by mixing mustard, mayo, ketchup and tabasco sauce for use as an ice cream sweetener During the fall, Chris was found starling at wide- out for Navy ' s football team, working his way into the record books m at least three categories Always being a very resourceful guy, Chns al- ways found the proper use for his assets Among these assets were his personality and his hands. When It came to the ladies C J would clearly use his personality to attract them and who, except a select few, know what he did with his hands to keep them But keep them he did. whether it be a beauty queen from UVA or )usl some girl that liked to hang around in closets Chns ' ability to drink anyone under any table with shots ot anything and everything is only rivaled by his discipline and hard working attitude when the time calls for it It ' s this attitude that will surely give him success in the Nuclear Navy My prayers are with you buddy — go lor it!! general. Don ' t take nr ot things very s HILL STREET. ■ 3 wrong though, Mike did take alot jfiously MASH, MAGNUM PI. and ere just a few of the programs Ihat Mike vigilantly kept up with Mike was, as the Bud- dhist say, our sacred Wardroom Cow. He also took his reading seriously Our room always had every possible magazine, from TIME to the unmention- able, yet Mike never subscribed to a one And we can ' t leave out eating Finally, t wouldn ' t be doing Mike justice if I didn ' t mention his heroic feats at the bar. Mike could hold his liquor, he just couldn ' t dnnk it But one Ihmg that Mike never lost, was his resilient " go for i t " attitude that he will always be remembered for Best of luck m the future Mike It you can survive a year rooming with me you can do anything, CML Brett W Wiseman The Sweat Ironton, Ohio Chemistry Nuclear Power - Submarines B : tt came to Annapolis for one reason only, lly After his eyesighi went bad Plebe Year, he decided to go into Subs and has not looked back since Most of us thought Subs was his first and only choice Brett managed to keep him- self pretty busy the entire time he was here The Sweat managed to pull off playing on the Varsity Baseball team, being the company commander, taking seven classes, and a girl all in one semester. He did not do so hot with the first three, and as tof the fourth, only she knows tor sure. Brett has shown everyone that it is very possible to always work and never play He does relax occasionally, about once every ten years or so. Girls were a sore subject with Brett. To quote one of his favorite sayings, " Wom- en are just a bunch of conniving tittle witches. " His whole opinion on that subject changed though after be met Kim Now it is just a lot of fun watching htm go off the deep end The Sweat was a rare breed After ail, (ust how many First Class do you know Ihat do not own cars Even though he says that they have not made a car hot enough for him, he man- aged to impress the world by stalling a TransAm twice In all seriousness. Brett is a truly great friend He was always there to lend an ear to your troubles He never failed to help, and Brett had a great knack of talking a person into doing (ust what they wanted to do all along He will even go through a lot of pain for a friend (such as Rosie) Brett is gomg to go far if he can learn from all the problems he has helped ev- eryone with All the Sweat needs to do is learn how to have fun, but he will probably have more fun than he can handle after 22 May (right Brett?). Good Luck and Keep on smiling WHS Eugene Wozniak Woz Newton, New Jersey Aerospace Engineering U.S. Marine Corps Spirited from Northern New Jersey, a place called the Lodge to be precise, came a Uk- ranian with a Bible in one hand and a M-16 in the other woz Disappointed at first that USNA proved a poor substitute tor a Russian Orthodox Monastery, Woz nevertheless casted his pearls of nocturnal wisdom to the swine who would stay up late enough to listen Those who heeded not his sagacious words ran the nsk on invoking the dread- ed Morality Lecture Indeed, semi-officially ac- claimed elder polar bear by virtue ot his receding hairline, Woz was always there to offer advice or to ward off those man-eating coyotes Yet, |ust as there must be a Ym for every Yang, there was a Woz for the weekend Laying his Bible and M-16 aside for a brief moment he would chmb aboard Bambi-Slayer 11 (formerly a Nissan 4X4) With a can of dip in one hand, and his pal Jack in the other, neither lack of sleep nor field sobriety tests could prevent him from making his appointed rounds - that is rounds of the weed and the rounds ot the green death There IS truly only one service selection for this good friend and em bodiment of Semper Fi We wish him the best of luck and do hope he is suc- cessful in popularizing those non-spectalor sports. Kenneth J. Yannashita Yama Pittsburgh. Pennsylvania Applied Science U.S. Marine Corps Gf inning from ear to ear came one oi ihe most likeable characlers the Naval Academy has ever seen " Solid as a Rock " was his song and for obvious reasons il became the Yams image Ex- tremely easy going and easy to gel along with, a few tifst.es tried to impinge upon the Yam ' s lite style during plebe summer. After a quick stmt with the remedial rate squad coupled with his ability to stand out well above his classmates n Ihe sum- mer ' s athletics, even the firsties couldn ' t help likmg the Yams A serious shoulder injury that plebe year Slowed Kenny ' s progress slightly, but not nearly enough to keep ihis stud from starting the following three years on the wrestling team However, some- lin es wrestling took its loll Losing excess amounts ot weight, well never forget the time Kenny was T K Od at noon (ormation- a good 24 hours before his match Fortunately, when it came to partying the Yams never went down tor Ihe count Trolling during June week as a plebe. setting his own liberty standards during summer sessions, and roof hop- ping at Notre Dame were some of the things Yam ' s was famous for- not to mention the many nights at Goucher, the Beach, and G-town Additionally, countless memories ot the Florida wrestling esca- pades also added to the Yam ' s many conquests We never thought our Yam ' s partying days would Sk w down- that ts until he became a one woman man his last two semesters A true fnend to anyone who knew him. I wish Kenny the best of luck. The Corps couldn ' t have gotten anyone finer MWM Timothy E. Zebell Zeebs St, Joseph. Michigan Oceanography Naval Flight Officer rim. the All-Amencan kid from St. Joe. came to USNA with an open mind and a lonely heart. and he still has both of them He quickly adapted to Navy tile by developing his now-famous ability to sweat the load Plebe year found him in a room with Brett the Sweat and a good supply of Pledge. Fan- tastic, and Stress Tabs under the sink Next year found him with Mike and Jello His stereo kept his mind ott Tidbit and lots ot burning mcense kept his mind oft Jello Academically. Tim gave Mech E a try only to be Slushed out into the Oceanography ma- jor The only thing ME gave him was a lifetime fnend named Matt Waldschmidt (Mall ' s only friend) Tim ' s love lile was never one of his strong points though It dtd provide lots ot laughs for the resi ot us There was his two hundred dollar woman who was a lesson to us all Of course, let ' s not forget the friendly Pensacola girls either Look out Florida, the All-Amencan kid has grown up The Navy lost a good pilot when Tim ' s eyes be- came less than perfect but look out. Commies, guess who ' s wearing the geekers m the back seat Thanks for all the good times, Tim. and the best ot luck in the Navy and otherwise JER 404 Eighth Company i %J,As«e Ha S«i(aceWart ' f. Ninth Company Allan J. Asset. Jr. Alvin New Orleans, Louisiana Applied Science Surface Warfare A llan (s a mce guy Ninth ' s favorite caiun leH ' » the land of Mardi Gras on his way to Tulane University in the summer of 1981 Fortunately a big- eared kid named Stegalt used his " strange magnet- ic ray " and steered Allan to Navy. He began his career studying statics and searching for his room- mate. Neither of which he did well, so Alvm gave up Architecture to become a manager and later on to say goodbye to Bill and Hi to Kev Just as Al was starting to talk lo himself and to others about the Indy 500. he found a new roommate, a match made in heaven It ' s a wonder thai the Cuber lei this get by . . . The Beef and wh — man together at last! They later adopted a wayward Texan and became known as the " cave dwellers " with the infamous BLOB, their all consuming pet Al broke heart after heart, semester after semester, until one night dur- ing plebe detail when Dale entered hts life lo change both his outlook and reputation. We ' ll re- member him tor the Kenny Rogers Album, his sto- len trophy, the endless pitcher at Charlie ' s, and making Saturday night plebe taps by seconds ev- ery time. He leaves us with a Wiedies in one hand, a crawgator-taiigatof in the other A leader m the truest sense of the word, Allan will be successful m whatever he strives for through his dedication, in- tegrity, and strong will I wish him the best ol luck in life. Shalom white works man. Thanks for your friendship Peace be with you my son GOW Vincent C. Bowhers, Jr. Vic Weston. Massachusetts Oceanography Naval Aviation I mce IS a nice guy He arrived at the Naval V Academy after a glorious track career and a brief layover at NAPS (Naval Academy Party School) After putting up with Al C for as long as possible his track career was limited to those last minute sprints from Charlies on Sat. night. {Which he usually won unless he stopped to beat up on street lights or brick walls) Then 2 C year we grad- uated from room partys to Flight Lite Nites where Vic was usually the 2 c rep I always had this sneaky suspicion that Vic was in fact Weidamanns Ambassador to USNA When Vince was around so was Weidies. Vic was always the life of the party whether we were in Vidor. Boston, New Orleans. Pasadena or Philly However 2 c year it finally hap- pened, everyone ' s favorite party animal became everyone ' s favorite domesticated animal. Vince met cute little Wendy and that was ail she wrote. Now we ' ve all got a date for June 29 tn Warren, Pa. What more can I say about my roommate for the past 3 ' ' 2 years {an Academy record), the guy who taught me to dnnk and make my bed How anyo ne can room together for 3 ' i years is beyond me. ii must have been those boxing matches we had each semester. Well as usual we ' re running out of time and space so I ' ll have to dose by wishing you and Wendy the BESTof luck m everything ya ' ll do and thanks for the memories You will always be remembered as the man with the perpetual white works chit TEX William A. Fitzgerald Fitz Warrington, Pennsylvania Aerospace Engineering Naval Aviation Dill He was a nice guy Before coming to - Navy, Bill spent a year at NAPS where he learned about the first of many destruction of gov ' t property violations, and his rights as an Amer citi- zen Bill arrived with visions of becoming the Pele of Navy soccer, an Aero majOr, and the great Santini Since he had to wait 4 years tor the F-4, and failed to get along with Coach l eyers. Bill barely slid into the Aero majOf Bill quickly regrouped and set his priorities straight which led to many nights at Pete ' s, Timmy ' s, and the bushes in front of Char- he ' s. Being a quick learner, under the expert in- structions of his roommate, Bill soon earned a spot m the Ninja Warriors, known for their knife and star throwing expertise Through a miscalculation of a fellow warrior, Bill encountered his second destruc- tions of gov ' t property violation, which jeopardized his spring break 3 C year stunted Bill musically Since his wacky roommate (God love him) sold all of his Satanic records 3 C year Bill also discov- ered the filtle black book and quickly embarked on a knowledge seeking mission (Yvette Corvette, and Karen to name a couple) Second-class year. Bill found the sacrament of skimg, and with a new Fire- bird. Ski ' 84 was well underway When he wasn ' t skiing. Bill was trying to see his dream girl Kathy. First class year started oft well-enough with the Springsteen concert in D C and a sister-source of knowledge We lost Bill as our roommate 2nd sem , as he scored a [Ob as Batt Ops Bill He was a nice guy We wish him the best of luck as he treks towards P-cola in search ot the last F-4 billet With him he takes our sincere thanks for friendship and good times God bless DEH-RHH Joseph P, Fordham Joberman Clinton, Iowa Aerospace Engineering Naval Flight Officer Joe came to USNA thinking he was in the Ma- rines or something. His first haircut was a buzz, but he soon grew it in typical Navy Air style Soon after plebe year began he came under the care ot one second class P Bruno Vu|ica, also known as " Bohica " , who squared Joe away Joe will always remember Bo with warm feelings During plebe year he was chosen our class honor representative, he picked aerospace engineering, and he learned to drink hurricanes. Who carried him back and cleaned him up that night anyway ' ' Was that the night he wore two overcoats back to 5-4? The story of Joe ' s first class year is one of success He got his white " rotary rocket " Rx-7 He joined us as a squad leader on plebe detail for second set and Flight Lite Nights Those Trivial Pursuit nights there made PEP that much more of a challenge, didn ' t they Joe ' ' He survived all those " aero parties " with Fitz. Paul, and Scott He never did talk his room- mate Rich into voting despite bemg the company voting rep {the H loved that ' ) When I run. you ' ll always be there fvlemones of all the good and some of the bad times make it all worth while- Good luck and happy landings Joe! WBT Charles F. Giles. HI C ' beau New London. New Hampshire Political Science Naval Aviation Charlie, what can l say ' ' Hard to belreve we made . although being around you tor (our years makes one realize anyihmg is possible Dur- ing second class year. Charlie made Academy his- tory, becoming the tirsi Mid to receive the Navy Achievement Medal and the Black " N " in the same week First semester, one always knew where to (ind him tl he wasni m the rack, he was m Smoke Hall. 27 tiles from the right After much hard work and determination, he was promoted to head res- triclee. an oflice he held until nearly the end ot second semester They almost retired a hie in his honor When he left the ranks of EMBC, he contin- ued 10 live up to his favorite lamous Naval saying ■ ' Drink hard, drink fast, dnnk oHen " All was not ducky, however The Cubscoui decided that Char- lie ' s professionalism should be spread around the Brigade, and we lost him to Ninth company in the first round ot USNA tree agent draft Things haven ' t been the same smce At least while I wnte this. I am happy and relieved to know that in his 5-4 bat cave amidst piles of fermenimg sweatsocks. etc . he hasn ' t changed much The 22nd company would like to thank Mrs Holton for all the great June Week parlies We would also like to thank Charlie tor being a part of our company- things wouldn ' t have been the same without his sense of humor. You have been a great fnend and I ' m sure you will knock em dead when you hit the fleet Ladies, watch oui. he ' ll be released soon for good Take care and keep m touch, and remember " We ' re only here for the beer " RAJ Aaron J. Godeaux Tex Vidor. Texas Oceanography U,S, Marine Corps I erome is a nice guy The pride of Vidor Tex- U as and the star ot the Vidor Pirates football team His claim to fame is thai he has never dropped a pass Come to think of it. no one ever threw him one He came to the Naval Academy an innocent young man, sober and m good physical shape Then he became one of the boys and learned the evil ways of the world. His education began at Charlie ' s, where he would rarely miss a good Saturday night of Rock n ' Roll partying As time went by Charlie ' s dosed, our pay got better, and Tex ventured into some of the finer establish- ments of the area Beefsteak Charlie ' s didn ' t have music but It had free beer, Soon the cost of educa- tion rose too high for Jerome so by second class year he switched to private tutoring at the Flight Lite Institute His education included road trips to Virginia. Texas. California, Massachusetts, Indiana. Louisiana, and Pennsylvania He finished his edu- cation with a research project m wme bottle fluid content and leaves the Academy as a beer drink- ing, poker playing Texan with the beginnings of what he calls a beer belly Truely a man ready for a )Ob in the Navy Two things about Tex never changed with his education. He remained a good friend and a nice guy and he is still a Cowboy ' s fan We would have been roommates for four years if I wasn ' t sent OOC but I know Tex will always be a good friend See ya down the road Vince 406 Ninth Company Daniel E. Harrison Riff Monterey. California Oceanography Surface Warfare Dano He was a nice guy. Dan came to USNA riding the crest of the California subculture wave His quiet, laid-back demeanor quickly earned him the nickname " the quiet one " , but he hoped thai Naval Aviation and life m the fast lane was where his future lay The cards, however, dealt Riff another late, that of his blackshoe father Dano also tried lo continue his baseball career at USNA, but after a short stmt with the JV learn, the Ninja Warriors, and ledge parties, Dan ' s grades took a hit. Re-evaluatmg his priorities, youngster year brought more frequent trips to Pete ' s and Charlie ' s and an increase in women carousing We ' ll never forget the road-inps to Army, the interesting girls we met there, $200 and the trip to Florida, and Penrod And then there was the Marble Bar Second class year brought the only commitment Dan will probably ever agree to, " I ' m not getting married ' " He also found a renewed love for skimg and the Boss Ptebe detail brought Dan the girl of his dreams, ' She dnnks. skis, and likes Spring- steen ■■. but Maryland State Law prohibits child molestation We can never forget Springsteen at the Cap Center (on Sunday night). Ski ' 84- ' 85 {well, maybe not ' ). Little Wing at Cousin ' s on New Year ' s Eve and a mynad of wenches, including some sisters As his roommates, we wish him " fair winds and following seas " We hope our paths cross again soon, but for the time being, we wish him all the luck m the world and thanks lor all the friendship and good memories that wilt stay with us forever RHH-WAF Scott F, Harrison Scotty Yorktown Heights, New York Aerospace Engineering Nuclear Power - Submarines Scott IS a NICE GUY ' ! Scotty made his way to USNA via a dingy— riding a cool North- Easterly breeze down the Hudson River His only concern was that soon-to-be elusive Fowie Trophy Sailing seemed to be the rule Once sailing season started, Scotty left the normal 7 day week for a much more attractive 5 dayer with a 2 day road tnp to various regattas Although he was rarely to be found on weekends, there were those few. yet very noteworthy extra vagandas Beer Fest 5-4 and Timmy ' s Mexican dice topped the list As Scotly ' s Naval career continued along a structured course, new events entered his life that only made his pro- fessional development even more questionable How could we forget that permanent green alert chit or those much needed Flight-Lite mghts. What ever he did, it was done right — From spring break trips to the Bahamas or Christmas m Coconut Grove A tense life style was sure to evolve m Scot- ty ' s life- But When? Proper decorum prohibits fur- ther discussion of certain events that will always be remembered " warmly " Scotty was born and bred to be a Bubble-head and a fine one he will make. May Gods blessings be with you where ever life takes you Keep the memories ativell Robert H. Hoffer, Jr. Boff Virginia Beach, Virginia Oceanograplny Naval Aviation B • Ob He was a nice guy After a year of in- lense partyirig at NAPS, Bob entered USNA full of great expectations Becoming 4 C co cdr , Bob took the challenge head-on, setting the exam- ple for his peers at Timmy ' s, (endless pitchers). ledge-parties, and who will ever forget Troll ' s birth- day party at Charlie ' s (slurp ' ) In his travels as a Navy brat, Bob acquired an exceptional ability of knife-thfowing. which of course, he shared with oth- ; forming the Nmja Warriors and almost losing Spring Break Youngster year brought on a more serious and professional attitude as Bob toned his musical interests in such artists as. Jimi Hendrtx, Led Zeppelin, and the Sex Pistols. Bob also learned rhe meaning of financial responsibility as he and Ritf took ofl for Ft Lauderdale with a mere $200 tor spring break But ail else tell by the wayside as he found the girl of his dreams. Sheryl Sheryl deeded that another year was too long to wait for Bob to go to P-cola to gel his wrngs So, first-class summer she dumped Bob for a real naval aviator This only served to confirm his life-long desire to become a Navy jel ' iock figuring that he to could steal a young ladyC) so easily Second-class year. Bob lost his parents who moved overseas (hinp) You ' re right. Bob, the new address must be in the mail X-mas li first-class year Bob finally tracked down his parents 1 Sicily Not wanting to waste time with his family, Bob stayed, and stayed, and stayed, only making evening-meal formation as our new co cdr with 3 I to spare Bob He was a nice guy We wish our old roommate the absolute best of luck as he treks down to P-cola Aim high, Bob, and we ' re sure we ' ll be seeing you in some airshow m a blue I and gold A-4. God bless WAF-DEH Randall N- Hyer Randy Los Alamos, New Mexico Chenaistry Medical Corps Q andy He was a nice guy. Randy came to I Canoe U from the sunny state of New Mexi- co Aside from the stifling humidity plebe summer. Randy felt right at home, as well he should, since he brought most of it with him, including his own per- sonal library. Randy wasted no time m getting off to a good academic start As a Ghem. major, he spent many a night burning the midnight oil while finishing his labs Randy may have worked hard during the week, but when the weekend came. Randy dropped everything and partied even harder When he wasn ' t up in Georgetown or College Park, he liked to spend his lime in the air pretending that he was the great Santmi First-class year was when Randy ' s hard work and diligence finally paid off. Along with being accepted into the Medical Corps, Randy was an RON away from receiving a Rhodes Scholarship Randy wasn ' t too depressed about this small oversight, since as a Trident Scholar he bad ample 3-striper tibs and his beloved TR-6 (when It worked) to take him away from all this misery Randy selection into the medical corps will serve the Navy well and I am sure that someday he will be a great flight suregon I wish this good tnend the best of luck in his career Fair winds and follow- ing seas P S I swear that your cousin was at least 13, and I ' m still waiting RHH Jonathan H. Kalz Katman Alexandria, Virginia Aerospace Engineering, Surface Warfare M hen Katman joined the Navy, he was in for a y real change of pace At NAPS, indoctrina- tion came by way of traditional sally carousing and drinking, not to mention the right way to conduct recons Life got spicier as he entered the halls of Bancroft For Katman, it wasn ' t the quantity thai mattered anymore, but rather the quality Jon chal- lenged himself in academics as an Aero ma)0r by working those lale lights as often as the owls do In sports, mere was no greater joy than feeling the cold steel blade of ihe foil as it struck opponent after opponent But Jon ' s first true love had to be music As a co-founder of that award-winnmg band " SEABREEZE " , he played his saxaphone into just about every function there was at USNA And let ' s not forget that memorable trip to Europe! Speaking of travel, how ' bout that extended summer cruise! One will never forget the Katman ' s warm personal- ity and subtle humor His experiences are too var- ied to tell m or e lifetime, but we could never deny his one strong attribute as one who never gave up till the finish Smooth sailing and fair winds always ' Kevin J. Leeds Ludes Indianapolis, Indiana Physics Nuclear Power - Submarines r irect from the tndy 500 Speedway, he made ' - It home for all (our. came " hoosier-speakin " K J Kevin is certainly a remarkable addition to USNA, and soon after arriving he went out of his way to be noticed Especially Plebe Year Kevin had the fantastic opportunity to live with one of our former classmates Plebe Year and be witness to some of the most intense " characterbuilding " ef- forts ever One of Kevin ' s most remarkable traits is his abili- ty to not let anything phase him, not even the verbal attacks from one ot his more " popular " nicknames or the fact that he drives a bright, and I mean bright. orange Cehca Well Kevin took Ihe easy way out and chose the Physics major But it was easy for Kevin Youngster Year when Kevm crawled into bed at 1030, he made it clear that I was not to wake him when I stayed up past 3 30 studying Chemistry Senior Year brought K J. the busy job ot sub- commanding 2nd Battalion (with Stud at the helm what could be harder ' ' ), and his choice of nuclear submarines m spite of a close call with porkchops due to a funny thyroid Kevin sure made an impression on USNA and the Brigade I wish him the best of luck m the future. I jusi don ' t know how he is going to get to Indy from 500 feet under and no land in sight But I ' m sure he ' ll find a way RNH Paul W. Lerke Perky Philadelphia. Pennsylvania Aerospace Engineering Nuclear Power - Submarines n early July 1981. Paul Waller left Pniladelphia - bul only ader ensuring that his room was clean and his clothes were folded - and set out on a (our year mission lo become the perfect midship- man Unlorlunalely. he encountered a few obsta- cles along the way Like learning ihe hard way that there are 55.000 reasons not to break a window with a Chinese- throwing star and a roommate who was somelimes lacking in one pan of the mission of irve Naval Academy In his pursu;! o( becoming the pertecl mid. Paul filled all of Ihe appropriate requirements - stars and slrtpes Paul ' s classmates even gave him, " sup- porf during his perfect mid trip ro D C and his subsequent acceptance into the elusive Rickover Federal ton Despife his best efforts, Paul had a few imperfect moments ■ such as a memorable ' ? trip back from Notre Dame when he proved Ihe addage " you are what you eat " All things considered. Paul came as close as any- one in his dream of becoming the ideal mid Now ai the end of his slmt at USNA. Paul ts determined to begin a career as ihe perfect sub-MARiNEr - but only after maktr g sure his dolhes are properly fold- ed m his seabag Good luck. God Bless, aod thanks for everything over the past four years. TLS Oliver G. Locher Pooler Hotlywood. Florida Oceanography Surface Warfare Gregg is a nice guy He showed up as a plebe with his own idea of what the future held First he ' d ace school, then be a Navy swimmer, and finally become a pilot and fly like a hawke But the weather in Annapolis was too cold He spent too much time m quesl of the perfect power booster for his electric blanket Gregg loved the water, but found the swimming pool too confining, and the tow lank too risky He preferred the open ocean, so he started sailing This led him to the Bahamas each spring on wild drug runs He was never caught, though, due to his thousands of experiences as a Ninja warrtor and a bottler of fine brandywines Gregg has so much going (or him. He has the neatest sister m the world who makes the best cookies in the world And even though he would shake like a rattlesnake anywhere near the ledge. Gregg always had room up on Ihe roof — even in the morning light Gregg has done so well that many have tried to (oHow m his footsteps. He ' s a tough act to follow 408 Ninth Connpany Richard G. Palladino Rich Montvale. New Jersey History Nuclear Power - Submarines would just like to thank my family and friends ' for helping me endure four years at Ihe Naval Academy. Robert W. Poor Mr. Happy Bensenville. Illinois English Intelligence ' ve been sitting here trying to figure out how best to describe these last four years of my life. When I was m high school, I had a tendency to look on the dreary. West Point gray side of things. For example, if I found a $10 bill. I would probably be depressed that it wasn ' t a twenty Now. if I gel m trouble and have to do lO days of restriction, I ' m glad It isn ' t twenty So I guess, to sum up my Navel career to this point, I ' ve learned to enjoy and look forward to the little things in life I ' ve also learned the importance of friends. There are so many people (or whom I ' d like to buy the alcoholic beverage of their choice most of all. my roommates. Jim. Phil, Rick. Greg, Bill, and AI Half o( you made it I also want to thank my family, the Reiff ' s. the Dowd ' s. Cully, my producer, and God. Let ' s see. oh yes, and Shaun, Ag, Jim, Susan, Slef. Dave, and those young Catholic girls who walk around Annapolis m their little, plaid skirts and knee socks Hmmm Who else Well, everyone who ' s ever laughed while reading one of my arhcies or seen me m uniform and not laughed The Academy has been an odd and interesting experience and, although, I don ' t particularly want to do It again. I ' m glad I did i! once. If if didn ' t make me a better person, it probably didn ' t hurt me loo much either. 1 B- 1 !Hkm£b H Charles A. Rush Chuck Horse Shoe. North Carolina Naval Architecture Naval Aviation Chuck was not a nice guy Mr Mellow spent a year al the Univ of Michigan. M go Blue. prior to coming to navy Why he gave up a R O T C scholarship at a real school we ' ll never know. His plebe year roommate C C. Pipes told tilm " Chuck it you were any more iaidback you wouldn ' t be breathing " Mellow never had trouble plebe year, in fact he wrote my grease He and his drinking bud- dy. Mike Lewis ((rom West by God Virginia) were seen running out for liberty and in for taps many a night How did that beer taste on the third time? Friday night poker saw many two fingers and pay- checks change hands. ' When Bro Lew decided there was a better life on the outside, a decision that Navy helped with. Chuckles was bored. He tagged along with FJT and headed to Hood where he found some new drinking buddies who were bet- ter looking than Bro Lew. As the same Navy was helping Bro out, they thought Chuck might prefer a new place to live SO upon return from summer leave he began first class year in 09Ih co He fol- lowed the lead of another refugee from 27th co.. the man with the thickest active conduct folder in the brigade His sole job 1 c year was to contain this man, well you can ' t do everything right Chuck was a sailor and as such he really loved those AY C. free cocktail parties Also the races to Ox- ford and St Michael ' s, and if the launch stopped running before he stopped partying no problem. The Navy taught him to swim right? Take care of your wheels and fly well; you ' ll be protecting us surface boys Good Luck and try to relax some, eh! Troy L. Smith Tee-Roy Knob Noster. Missouri Political Science U.S. Marine Corps ■ roy came to the Academy from the thriving ' metropolis of Knob Noster, Missouri Plebe year proved to be relatively uneventful tor Troy with the exception of the results of Troy ' s correspon- dance with Soldier of Fortune Upon choosing a major he sought a course of study which would literate him from his calculator and decided upon Political Science During his youngster year Troy discovered that being a " party animal " could lead to credits at the University of Arizona as well as trips to the Naval Station As second class year rolled around Troy truety distinguished himself by displaying his potential as a leader and a future member of the Corps. Troy ' s proudest possession is undoubtedly the " Troy- truck " which IS particularly noted for surviving some of Troy ' s colorful trips to Baltimore. During first class year Troy distinguished himself from the other 35 company commanders by forget- ting his lessons from the past and making his sec- ond trip across the river to earn his " master ' s degree " after an act of desperation during the Bat- talion Mess Night which undoubtedly resulted m immense relief Throughout his four years here Troy has been a friend to us all and the stories of some his quests have kept his classmates smiling With the " Duke " as his inspiration and Troy ' s own dedication he is certain to be successful m ail his endeavors and a credit to the Marine Corps We thank him for every- thing over the last tour years and wish him the best now and always God Bless PWL Oregon. Ohio History Surface Warfare a ill ' s notion that he was going to have a lot of fun was destroyed in Plebe " ear by the Ranger with his supporting cast of Donny, Diz, and J C After a great Christmas, he graduated to the God Squad and spent a semester in relative peace under Doug ' s helm Youngster and Segundo Years saw continued ha rd work in school for Sill, although his grades did not reflect his work ethic. Bill then joined the exclusive Plebe Detail Trivial Pursuit Club, splitting time between the mungheads of ' 88. playing " " trivial " at the Flights ' , and approaching brain death Thonan took USNA seriously for a longer time than most Mtds. but he degenerated eventually, thanks in part to roommates like Phil. Bob, Paul, and Troy He saw his share of Flight Lite Nites and missed being part of the Dirty Half-Dozen through no fault of his own (twenty feet away from thirty day ' s restriction and NASAP) He was also a great philosopher, expounding on the meaning of life to anyone in earshot and always trying to " figure peo- ple out " Still, he managed to keep everything in perspective and remained a nice guy and good friend through four strange years I ' m losing a great joggtng partner, but the Navy is gaming a (me offi- cer. God Bless. JPF Alexander R. Van Gorden Admiral Allentown. Pennsylvania Physical Science Surface Warfare Al had a real plebe year His closest (nend. Maury, liked him so much that he helped Al gel another one Al liked it here more than most twcause there were more rules to break than jus! about anyplace he knew, except home, of course, Al ' s first three years rushed by and so did the no of roomies, P-boards. companies, and women that he kept. Having plenty of gravy for " senior " year, he set out to cure his eternal thirst for " the perfect nighl-time companion " First it was Ape, then Ali, then Deb (the one who almost ended his reign of terror), then Missy, Elly. and " , what ' s your name again? " Lettering In Soccer. Af worked very hard on his form . . by doing 8 oz curls in H, House, Sure it was fiers. we believe ya, really, trust me. He was so athletic minded that Al would jump " The Wall " to listen to music, see a girl, or just cause " it was there. " Where is your hatr and glasses now? In spare time Al would go drinking with Jim E. Leggs. That is until he got caught trying to qualify for Indy in his ZX just around the corner from one of these super cops. Next to the statues, no one has spent more time in Smoke Hall. So they finally retired your tile? When you ' re hot, you are really hot! Oh well, " that s — t happens " " I didn ' t. Cpt Connelly. Al did. " We love ya Al and wish you the best in lite and love(s} Which one of you is in the picture? Is it Al No. 3 or No. 5? MOOSE Eric K, Wallace E Hampton, Virginia Mathematics U.S. Marine Corps Aviation M eii E-Z " E " lis been a good one The feiias » ' and I will find il lough to make ii w oul you around here We ' ve all been through a loi logelher II wasni long ago when you, Nuggel. mysel ' imed up to begin spring " ' Haig " You proved to be an inspiration, at the same time you managed to raise more sons than I ' ve launched dirls You were under- standably bitter last season your injuries proved costly Bui you and I both know that it was rawer ' than that But the crow has got his coming We kept your sptnis up because that ' s what were here lor ' You always played it, everything from your role lo your ftde Malcom even gave you some pub in his songs, coming you with B-B-B-Brown Brown Bfown-Veer-Brown-Veer ' You deserve it cause its what you were about Very lew times were you in Situations where you didn ' t get what you wanted, but some of us have il like that, Wherever you end up going we know you ' ll do your best because you ' re square, a little lender, you ' re the boy You ' ve HAGOed so tar we know you ' ll continue to m the Corps Were gonna miss you, but wherev- er you are we ' ll check you you ' ll be imped! One thing will never change you ' ll always be our ' little buddy " ' - - I ' d tike to send my most special love to Mom. Oad. Jay. Damon, Niia and all ol my family . I couldn ' t have made it w o your endless support, encouragement. love ' To all the boys slick to- gether, bust, gel live. remember " LINING- 4WEAKMU ' s " ' BFB. what can I say ' ' I could never repay you Wake your lazy but u p Hiemlich, Dynas- ty lonightt Thanks aS$$ to the Fords, the Williams ' . Pop. Hank Gio. Yo. iri buddy, D-boy. KKK anybody I forgot Thank God thai its finally over Gregory O- Watka Troll Bourne. Massachusetts Physical Science US Marine Corps Greg IS a nice guy He came lo USNA as a Pillsberry Dough Boy. but soon he )Oined the elite vigillante group commonly known as the Nmja Nine Warriors Hrs plebe summer room was the meeting place for 9-i and many glorious " cookie parties " were held there Even though Greg is a nice guy. his roommate completion rate is only at 33 % The loss ot Ralph and Angus saddened Greg but he was cheered up by the frequent female visi- tors to his newest roommate, Bob Poor Greg had such a hard time controlling his manly desires he decided to change roommates — and that ' s how Alvin and Troll came to live together, What a pair they made Who could ever forget the infamous Sinking car, the raging bull, and the numerous Flight Light Nights, While Greg always seemed to be well- liked by his classmates, his teachers usually took out their frustrations on him. Second semester 2 c year Greg tried a new study approach — he stopped studying and started sleeping whenever possible His grades shot up and Greg became an institution on the Company Officer ' s List I won ' t say the good times outweighed the bad because Ihey didn ' t At least after June 8th you won ' t have to leave Annapolis for Boston on a regular week- end (Best wishes from your best man (o you and Jeannette ) But let ' s never forget the Great t we ' ve experienced at Mardi Gras. Pasadena, and Philly Greg we ' ve all enjoyed having you with us. You are an exceptional leader and you greatest asset IS caring about people Your honesty, dili- gence, and courage will make you an asset to the Corps — even it the laundry service always cuts your drawstrings Greg is a nice guy Take care, keep in touch AJA 410 Ninth Company Chong M. Yi Chong " man " Baltimore. Maryland Electrical Engineering Naval Flight Officer mported from Korea, this naturalized Ameri- can made the decision thai the U S Naval Academy was closest to home, Balto Little did C M Yi know that living one hour from home didn ' t mean that he would be living at home on the week- ends Until, of course, first-class year Chong decided that he would take the easy out and chose " EE " as his major Youngster Year came and Chong found out that " EE " ' meant ' " no weekends " Well, he weathered the storm and went on to become the only surviving " EE " ma|0r in 9th Company I think Chong enjoyed Navy and the Academy did a lot tor him At least it forced him to speak English 90% of the time (He dreams in Korean tor the 10% ) I guess the lermtnology in " EE " " is universal. We all en|oyed Chong ' s personality and his own Korean flavor to handling matters. It was tun to be your roommate, I will miss you, Chongman, I wish you the best ot luck in your P-3 career. RNH P S Say hello to that girl in Texas tor me. I James P. Winkler Winks St. Louis. Missouri General Engineering Naval Aviation Jim is a nice guy He came to Navy with visions ot becoming a scholar, varsity soccer player. brigade Cdr etc After plebe year and a semester with Enc the professional he had to get new goals Partying was it 4 years experience saw Charlie ' s. Magic Bus, Wiedies. Numerous Champagne flights, and Army on videotape Other accomplishments include a luily equipped kilchen on 5-4, second sei detail without a torm-2 and countless full Beer Cans leaving the car He was also the original General Engineer As he heads lor Pensacola, his goals will remain the same Party Party Party Eric To Alvin. Tex Vick. Greg you know what Ground- stars theme song was. Wally, thanks lor showing me the light Slim and Yuk only Anheuser Busch products Chuckles and Rick more lun in flight school ■ • l«l«», f. i Tenth Company Richard J. Coombs Cokeman Miami Lakes. Florida Applied Science Surface Warfare CD ich came to USNA Irom the sunny shores ol ' ' south Florida Rpch ' s grades were fairly good plebe year Thai all lasted until the cookie dght nghi t e(ore the com- puter final His grades were never the same after that Rich liked to blame his grades on football He was an Oulland Trophy candidate until he started his firsi game junior year He was supposed to start as a sophomore, but reported to training camp at 205 lbs Where the weight was lost is still a mystery Coaches said il was a " summer illness " but rumor has it that he was chasing a mujer Imda around the Yuctan Pennisula To say something about Rich in one word is easy- perlormer He was so impressed by surface line during 2 c summer that he took two YP cruises to Norfolk Loving every minute of it. he also took summer school leaving him with only 8 days of leave He used those days at home to study for the PCR First class year found Rich with a 280ZX Well he got it along with the insurance rates Bui drive it he did. right through NC at 90 mph. There he learned what a Southern gentleman in a smokey bear hat is Lauren R. Blaise Lou Monsey. New York Applied Science US Maine Corps yhat cute blonde ptebe. who no one could un- ' dersiand for 6 months, kepi saymg " Slop busting my chops ' " She had a thick " New Yawk " accent Lauren met many obstacles and frustrating situations, but most importantly men. men. men! Not from USNA of course, but from every other service academy le WP. MMA. AFA One could never say she was biased Her self-proclaimed " Bofing " social life always seemed to consist ol 5 dates in a single weekend (all with different men ) Throughout the many trials and tribulations at I he Academy. Lauren still maintained her sense of hu- mor and always managed to Imd some fun Young- ster cruise was filled with men. dance, dnnk, dance. men and men ' Spring break of that year, Lauren began r r (ournies to various parts of Ihe world and became familiar with Ihe cultures of other people. " Oas IS Goot? " Second class summer she returned to Europe with 2 companions from fun one. She earr ed her prestigious acceptance into Ihe ' P- CUBED " Lauren also learned some Bnlish slang. ( " Hey I Love Your Box " ) Her undertaking into ex- otic foods consisted ol pizza wine in Italy, as well as " Dos Equls " and Sangna in Spam, During her lirsl class year. Lauren was faced with increased responsibility and freedom With civilian clothes, a car and unlimited weekends. Lauren found true k)ve No not a mid nor a cadet, but an actual civilian (and what a cutie ) Good Luck (n the future TES AMM Russell E. Dorrell Russ Aurora. Colorado Mathematics Nuclear Power - Submarines Ouss came to USNA Irom the mile high city ' • with the goal of becoming a submariner and a Navy Football player Navy Football ended in a short career plebe year because of his size and speed, so Russ setted for battalion football The rest of the year was spent rooming with the " Midg- et " and the " mad Texan " Youngester year found him busy with Navigators and WRNV Of course like any other 3 C, he went to Dahlgren, but not to drink or pick-up girls. The girls would pick him up! This lead to the " Crazy Australian " thai wouldn ' t leave him alone These girls. Russ didn ' t worry about since he had a sweet thing waiting for him at home The girls continued to pick Russ up at Dahl- gren 2 C year Foi example, one night a cule girl came over to the table and asked if she could kiss him Russ started his 1 C year with a busy summer of sailing to Bermuda, summer school, and as a four striper on First Set Plebe Detail It was this summer that changed Russ from the quiet guy to a party animal It all started with Georgetown and the girls from Southern Maryland during Plebe Detail First semester, during the week Russ could be found in the wardroom walchmg a movie, claiming the title of " Wardroom Rat " Then on the weekends at the Oclub being picked-up by women, to Ihe point he had so many after him, he was beating them off wilh a stick Even when he went to D C the girls wouldn ' t leave him alone These LaSalle girls he met in D C made lor an interesting Army at Phiiiy Second semester. Russ was an unknown man at Ihe Academy, but could be found at Ihe University of Maryland Was he really studying Nu- clear Engineering or was he jusi enjoying lite like a normal college student al Ihe Vouz Well roomie. you were a great inspiration and good luck at U of M and m Nuke Power RTN Laura A. Dunbar Mad Harriette Mantoloking, New Jersey English General Unrestricted Line Dunbaf ? We didni even know she was m 10th company until her senior year She took to the seas for the varsity sailing leam until she lost her heart Everyone loved Laura- she was a bubba to go out with to dance, get nd of the USNA blues. Who cares if she wore her unilorm til t c Christ- mas, she was a partying animal anyway If Mom only knew Laura had promised her she wouldn ' t. but she did Oh well TV shows at 9 Acorn, meeting her fiance when he slammed her hand m Hosilda (the ultimate auto), secret ski trips, the great bliz- zard exlravaganza, Baseball Fans in the other team ' s bleachers (beer m her hair). Mo, Bones and Grandpa all laughing to tears. Thanksgiving at Dun- bar ' s Inn. the longest road trip with Madigan steer- ing, Indian Head, Deb ' s wedding tun. I love you written in Ihe sand of P-cola beaches Airline stubs m her hand, Teddy by her side, she showed us her engagement ring in Bancroft alter 2 c spring break A Riverside buzz helped her and me and the Marines through the Huey Lewis concerl It was a party-packed 4 years, but the best was the last one Litlle car made u back from P-cola alter a summer o( sun. Lex flight decks, and patio barbe- cues Bruce Springsteen had her dancmg in the Hampton Coliseum Yes Bubba, we did have a lot ot good times Dancing at the O-Club and George- town It was great to linally have a roommate my first class year With you being a varsity sailor, I thought I was destined to have the room all for myself Then you left the team and I finally realized how lonely il was without you Wherever you and Mike get stationed, I know you ' ll be happy Just remember things always have a way of working out, " So don ' t worry! " B st of luck Bubba (How did you gel that name anyway?) Roomie LRB Glenn A, Floyd Pink Leiand, North Carolina Political Science Surface Warfare g: lenn arrived at USNA a product of NAPS He s head and shoulders above the rest of us when It came to all the military B S we had to experience plebe summer Glenn was not your av- i erage red neck even though he sounded and I looked like it Unlike most people from N C he had some brains, but for some reason he never used them Really, he always got a lot better grades than myself, but I always used the excuse that his major Glenn and I started rooming together second se- mester plebe year and tor some unknown reason we stuck out the remainder of our sentence at the N.A. together. There were some benefits to that. For one we never had to worry about exchanging clothes because his clothes would only fit half of me Plebe year ended uneventful. Glenn managed to keep his grades up through all the cookie and shav- ing cream lights we had. while I failed all of my final exams Third class year began with Glenn having a bad case of youngster syndrome Glenn lived for the weekends when his beloved Susan came up from N.C to comfort him. When second class year started he began to play his silly civil war games every Friday mghi 01 course, he always took the Confederate side and tost Finally we made it to our senior year and our hero was no where to be found As we all found out later his wife to be had moved into an apartment 20 feet outside of gate 3 A clos- er walk for him than any of the academic buildings That was the last we heard from him Glenn. I ' m glad we roomed together I wish you and Susan the best of luck and all the happiness in the world God be with you ' Your buddy always Joanne Goodwin Jo Whittier, California Naval Architecture Engineering Duty Officer 5259 J. Goodwin ' 85 10th Company the uni- form for afternoon class is WUBA wear reefers and grey gloves elevator company com- mander good times ten wardroom the company officer is-will return at-fire extinguisher go Navy beat Army pull to sound alarm men ' s head week- end list USS New Jersey BB62 Exit Peps II Co Color competition standings mail blood donors are lifesavers the mission of the United States Naval Academy recreation hall is closed lo visitors restrooms pull tor Navy push for Navy friends don ' t lei tnends drive drunk do not use these doors wom- en ' s head fallout shelter King Hall the Bauer room lor fire open then pull W M Sheedy ' 86 Big Bill battalion conference room for aluminum cans only sign list before Taps BOOW the perfect ten Jam- tor ' s room leadership essay contest win $1500 basketball schedule 1984-1985 miscellaneous gouge candy shop exact change only loading zone no parking USMC MOS night for the class of 1985 chemistry laboratones corridor D utility tunnel ter- minals are not to be moved room secured fire Bill gentlemen oceanography the major physics de- partment mini-demos stairway US Naval Academy Honor Societies hazardous noise may cause hear- ing loss electrical engineering EE 332 Rrckover Hail lab deck hybrid computer facility feeding time is Wednesday computer is up no smoking sub critical reactor lab American Bureau of Shipping prize do not use m case of fire caution radiation US is photo ERC library charge-a-call smoking permitted in smoking lounge only visitors please report to refer- ence desk Rickover Hall not open tor general visit- ing Division of Engineering and Weapons aegis shield of the fleet threat tor tomorrow Naval archi- tecture its all about going places on the water please leave this room unlocked R 123 tektronics shop - - - like so many other things nobody reads all the biographies anyway!!! RJC Edward Lee Jaenichen Lee Brandenburg, Kentucky Physical Science Surface Warfare Lee IS the 2nd member of his family to attend USNA His brother was a l C our plebe year and his father is a retired LtCol from that other school Coming from such a dubious military back- ground, we all expected him to be squared away. Imagine our surprise plebe summer when we heard him yell " Go Tango Company. Sir " during a drill period Lee was never one to let the rigid schedules of life at a military school rush htm into anything At times. It seemed that the cliche of the slow moving, laid back Southern boy was invented tor him Lee is also a nocturnal person He has never been able to do any serious studying before midnight and plebe year not betore his one o ' clock showers He always seems to find ways of spending study hour doing anything but studying, mainly writing letters and other non-constructive activities Talking of letters. Lee has one of the few mailboxes that is never empty, not with a girl back home that writes iust about every day Many of us could see the writing on the wall back in youngster year and warned him that if he did not change his ways he would be engaged before graduation For two years, he laughed it off claiming that his bachelorhood would last well after becoming an Ens But it did not last beyond 1 C summer He returned to start his final year with a large debt to a jeweler back home Oh well. Lee. we warned you Now after 4 years and 4 changes of majors, he is finally ready to get to work His dream of being a pilot was dashed by an eye chart but he still hopes to go on to work with NASA I know that regardless of what you do or where you go in the future, you will do just fine. I wish you and Steph much happiness and all the best You have added more lo my life than you know. Thank you for everything and Good Luck, MGT Warren R. Jones, Jr. Waldo Plainfield, New Jersey Physical Science Naval Aviation M aldo came to the boat school a boy genius ■ ' ■ from the country ' s biggest Academy sup- porting state He was the youngest person m the company yet his big ideas and incredible analogies helped a lot of us through the first summer ' s strug- gle and then on to graduation Warren also arrived with a steady relationship which for some odd rea- son hasn ' t helped his writing ability. Her name is Marcia Hampstead yet because Warren had bigger plans for her he referred to his " wife " as Hampy J. He lost the urge to pick up new and exciting women because of his ever increasing attachment to the C P Telephone Co. Even at Dahlgren Hall Warren would only want to dance with the unwanted girls so that he would not be tempted Because of his commitment, many of the girls from Ten opened up communication links with him. For awhile, our room situated next lo all our class females became like a counseling office. Fortunately, he remained faithful through this slight ordeal. Waldo, follows alter his idle and look alike Oliver Wendell Jones from Bloom County He owns a computer probably equal in size to IBM ' s largest personal computer This Xerox computer contains an itemized listing of all his letters to the wife as well as notes from his counseling sessions to be entered in his memoirs at a later date Warren is off to the high seas He is looking for a gas turbine ship which I ' m sure he ' ll get I hear he has put in for TAD as CO of the USS Ticonderoga lo see what it is like Anyways, thanks for all your positive support throughout the years as a good friend and roommate Take care and good luck. JMU Steve T. Knauer Knave San Antonio. Texas General Engineering Surface Warfare Oleve was born to be a manne but with a intle education overcame his plight only to end up as a blackshoe What a letdown — especially after being told by his Blue and Gold Officer that he could get a waivef (or his eyes and be a Navy pilot The first year was an inlroduclion to paper push- ing — all those pretty multicolored forms to (ill out Steve lost hts roommate after first semester plebe year (1 of 2) and picked up his first class " A ' m offense m the process Third class year brought the O and a couple of despicable incidents that made Steve quite popular at the EMBC Gammg entrance to this club was easily achieved by our young hero, (he elevator wars at Army helped and some horse race fans and a juvenile delinqumt roommate got him in again at the year ' s end which kepi him there throughout Ihe summer Second class sum- mer, the Knave was set to take command ot the summer company, but (hat was )usi a rumor Funny how rumors spread — his name even appeared on the orders {thanks Leaky). Second class year was another one of pure fun for our young hero After being thrown mio the Pacific m Pasadena his room- male nearly killed him with a beaner in a low nder Ai least he got lo see Gold ' s Gym This was also Ihe year Steve made the move to General, met ' Guido the Killer BOOW " and jomed the NASAP brother- hood As first class we saw the end of — and Steve Q ' s parting shot was to send Sieve lo lOth Co At Army the Knave returned lo 23 and lived up to his nickname by picking up a " young lady " ' who did more Ihan jusi son his mail! He soon sobered up and moved on to belter and more civil(ian) things — like Mary (complete with house and dog) Well big guy. ifs sure been fun (almost) If we ' re lucky I ' ll see you m Pensacola — if not it ' ll be " haze grey and underway " Either way. best of luck! GSS 23 414 Tenth Coinpany Curtis 8. Lindsay Curt Wallingford. Connecticut Mechanical Engineering Naval Flight Officer 7 he Academy was a very different life than Curl was used to m scenic downtown Wallingford but he managed lo make Ihe transition better than most of us In order lo alleviate the pressure of plebe year he applied himself to his studies and excelled by achieving a OPR o( over 3 00 Granted It took many hundreds of dollars to pay off the oh, I wasn ' t supposed to say that Anyway, he dtd well If he wasn ' t sludymg he was out on the river sailing tor the offshore team I Ihink he lomed for the chances to dnnk at illegal limes but he says he was there for the professional experience His dedica- tion to the team went far enough to get his letter then he decided he had had enough So much for the professional experience Curt was a changed man at graduation than he was at l-day He was a miid mannered New England high school student to start and was changed to a babbling alcoholic Some say Ihe change is for the better Seriously folks Curl is a good fnend with a sense of humor ihai is as dry as the martim he drinks He never lets things get 10 him and has a very patient temper Be careful, though, for it you get on his bad side his is liable io lip over a desk on you or something Curt, take it easy m Pensacola. don ' i fly those jets ihe same way that you drive or you ' ll never make it. and remember, never leave home without your Courageous Cat freeze gun VJR Robert T Bobby Yokosuka, Japan Political Science Naval Aviation eobby was probably the Ivfidshipman to come the (arihesi distance to receive the training that he lived through II all started wiih his dedication during Plebe Summer, especially to be the last one to be able lo lell his left from his right, that got this delermmed. proud, and short person through the lough times here al the Academy. Of course, before he got here he was influenced to join the guys that are all that they can be. but he got wise and settled (or the adventure instead Times have not always been easy for this midget We will never understand how somebody as wise as he is could jump oul o( a perfectly good airplane and always be Ihe last to hit the ground Fo ' somebody that studied as much as he did. you would think that he could teach here, but it is never that easy, as we can all remember K Ihere is an award for most hours studied, this man definitely should re- ceive It Another aspect of this man that few got to see was his outstanding and imaginative pranks that he created for every Army-Navy conflict, he had a sense of humor that was somelimes mystify- ing Something else this liiHe guy did thai seemed a little masochistic was Crew, but it was not all it was cracked up lo be Surely he will be able to apply all of that time on the water to his service selection, he wilt be sure to look out tor the little guys Speaking about that, he never will gel over not being able lo measure up (or the grunis or Ihe tlyboys, bul ihe surface community is gomg to gel one of the best and most impressionable little leaders that they have ever seen Best of luck in the future, and keep searching the stars for your dreams You have been an eternal influence on me and my life I sure will miss you RED 111 Stuart L. Price Stu Knoxville. Tennessee General Engineering Surface Warfare Oome people have left leaving a lasting im- pression on the Academy, however Slu left having the Academy leave a lasting impression on him Slu was a one woman, hard charging, All- Amencan boy when he came to USNA and was transformed into a beet slugging, girl chasing de- generate No. seriously Slu has changed a greal deal during his (our years here but all tor the belter He has considered it an " experience " From the stomach twisting experiences of Plebe Summer, the recon raids to the Stadium youngster year, the Ac Boards of Second Class year, all the way to the car crashing experiences of First Class year Slu developed his obessive. compulsive personality Slu once told me plebe summer that Utopia was slurping a coke lloal in a bean bag chair while watching Cilligan ' s Island He actually slept with a picture of hts high school sweety plebe year Now Spewy would rather have a foot on the accelerator and a beer in hand The movie Risky Business is his saga Yes. Spewy cashed m his bible for a seal at the bar Stu was the wit of the class He was able to make you laugh al the situation at hand. But then again he would always admit, " laughs are cheap when you ' re at the Academy! " And there are other great Sluisms " Good evemg ocilur, " ' Give il a break, " " Don ' t stop now you ' re on a roll! " He was a roving peanut gallery Stu, I hope you find out what you are looking for, Don ' l make ' em laugh loo hard Stu. don ' t worry she ' s out Ihere somewhere THT Daniel J. Richardson D.J. Honolulu, Hawaii General Engineering Naval Aviation r an. trying to follow his father, somehow got - into NAPS for an extra year of instruction which turned out to be a paid vacation After mak- ing his debut at the Naval Academy the real work began and he was seldom seen m the Hall but instead lived m the bowels of Nimitz Library buried under books and feasting on chow packages. Third Class cruise saw him on an attack subma- rine out ot Norfolk which was pretty close to his firs! choice of a boomer out ot Holy Lock Dan got his first real roommates after his previous three were either separated or shipped to other companies. With them came nightly brawls which letl splattered apple and Mountain Dew stams on the walls, matresses strewn about, and luckily a relief from the daily tensions of Academy life After an exciting Third Class year Dan went off to earn his jump wings and return from Second Class cruise ready to try once again to juggle the aca- demic load with the potential at the area girl ' s schools. Spring Break lound him diving in Key Lar- go and having a good time in Ft Lauderdale After turning down a Marine option cruise to Ha- waii he finally got that boomer cruise out ot Holy Loch and earned his Silver Dolphins to add to his collection Seventy days underwater must have taken their toll because Dan came into First Class year still confused about service selection . . he had tried everything once An F-14 hop over Christ- mas finally " enlightened " him to Navy Air Good luck Dan See you in Pensacola JMU Victor J. Richardson Jim Alexandria. Virginia Ocean Engineering Nuclear Power - Submarines aving a lather and a brother who graduated 11 from the Naval Academy. Jim was well pre- pared for life here at USNA What Jim could never figure out though was where the lannmg equipment and air conditioners which were supposed to be m everybody ' s rooms went to Guess you were given some " Bum Gouge " there Jimbo, but no matter, Jim was quickly able to adjust and after tenth com- pany bartered for him from twelfth, he became a member m good standing Jim was a believer that personal property reflects personality, so it is no surprise that he purchased a vintage ' 65 Corvair Hey Jim, if you ever see Ralph Nader hitchhiking . . pick him up Jim was always full ot surprises and one could never help wondering how he was able to academically accomplish what he did Jim, by the way. did you ever find those holes in your eyelids that you kept saying you were looking for? One ot the biggest surprises for us all and Jim tor that matter came during second class year when he got an " A " on the PCR " Bilge Ho " there buddy Seri- ously though, Jim was a hard worker and proved himself m many areas Artistically inclined. Jrm of- ten kept himself busy drawing company logos and the like Athletically Jim also proved himself by be- ing a member ot the crew team his first two and a half years here As a nuclear power student. Jim is bound to distinguish himself and press on to be- come an excellent naval officer Good luck. Jim and remember the ides ol November MJS Deborah A. Shroyer Deb Big Spring. Texas Applied Science Surface Warfare A music major from Texas Tech. Deb came to ' •USNA after being captivated by Navy La- crosse on ESPN Repeating, " All is for the best m the best of all possible worlds, " Deb accepted USNA Solemn m the hall plebe year, m the room her personality awakened We well remember your brawl with the locker tn the G D Memorial Room alter a quiz plebe year And Deb- What were the limes in the fng tor? Youngster year Deb ' s Olds was found and so. consequently, was Smoke Hall This setback didn ' t slop our heroine, she only became more ingenious. (Omitting an excursion to Taco Betl and a run in with a Mexican lady ) Friday evening jogs always provided excitement " Just dropping off a few things, including myself and this car " Deb ' s refined taste in bars took her to Rudy ' s, Fiddler ' s Green and Weem ' s Creek Tavern second class year. For- tunately her taste in men was preserved as " Walt " waltzed into her hie Ever true to her drinking friends, Deb saved time for Tequila. Cape Cod shots, Sunday mornmg champagne, and Stop- lights Wanting, perhaps, to erase her Ring Dance, inevitably blurred visions ot toasts to Charles, noo- dles and dates performing with the band appear Cruise gave Debbie an ■ ' X " tr " 0 " dinary time and ' 84 an Army experience of lire extinguishers It was your fault wasn ' t it? You ' re gonna be missed Deb Together no more will we fumble for " W " juice change on Saturday mornings, suffer the Sinutab complex or evaluate men A man in green once said. " Never trust a redhead, " but he neglected to add that they change when they drink " Why did I do that " ? " Deb repeals after a long night terrorizing the halls No regrets Debbie, for it you are much loved! Ride the waves but always keep a close rein on the Sauce, Texas. Gig em ' Aggies SMS William L. Snight Bill Clinton. Maryland Economics U.S. Marine Corps Dill was one ot the few and the proud who — ' were too stupid to gel m to this fine institu- tion on his first try so he attended NAPS with the rest of the elite He immediately established himsell as an academician by acheivmg a whopping 2.02 grade point average Not to be set back by such things, Bill continued tn his academic success here at the Academy You may think Ihat with such a stunning performance in the classroom ihat he was not any fun to be with, such is not the case Bill was an outstanding athelete and coach and proved it with his near perfect record of 1 1 losses and 1 win as the battalion and company lightweight football coach. But above all. Bill was never one to let mon- ey get in the way of getting what he wanted When It came time for car loans. Bill bought a 1979 Cor- vette, kept it for a year and replaced it with a 1984 Firebird Rest assured it was not due to his shrewd manipula tion ot investments that gave him this money but rather it was an accident of birth The government kepi sending him checks for thou- sands of dollars a year for being an Indian Life ' s rough tor you native Americans, huh Bill. Oh well. I guess It ' s small compensation (or selling all your land for a bunch of junk jewelry Bill has been a great friend to everyone m this company when he was not busy verbally abusing them Take it easy Bill, and remember, it is good thai warriors such as we meet in struggle of life and death, it shall be life VJR Mrchael J. Sodeur Mike Endwell. New York Mathematics Surface Warfare il y ike )Oined Tenih Company and, (or that mal- ' " ' ' ter, ihe class of 85, m the fall of 1983 We have nol been the same smce The music that he listened lo and his taste m graphic art made a visi- tor in his room look around to see if Rod Serlmg was going to siep out of the background to explain the situation Always searching for the secret o1 life, Mike read on subjects that would baffle the ordi- nary human being More ollen that nol he baffled himself as well but would never admit as much In spite of all ihis. the Academy actually lei him have a gun He paid them back for their vote of confidence and became one of the best shooters on the Pistol team He was, however, down lo earth in many ways Always a good fnend, he could be counted on in a time of need to act like an ordinary person On top of all this, he bought a ' 65 Mercury Comet with his car loan and for weeks afterward went af;xjnd singing how he was " crazy bout his Mercu- ry " The only thing more important lo him than his Mercury was Julie The three of them were always together from that point on This magical ino skipped from weekend lo weekend through first class year m a headlong tumble straight through to graduation with minimum stops for school Good luck m the fleet Mike, and don ' t be a stranger. Susan M. Spteth Sue Spartanburg. South Carolina English Naval Aviation Fl Ihe hub of the universe, the modern day Rome to which all roads lead, Spartanburg, South Carolina. Susan Monique Spieih, one of Spartanburg ' s most loyal citizens, set forih to expe- rience the temperate climate of Annapolis Follow- ing in a family tradition of military service, Susan scorned Ihe party atmosphere of the University of Virginia, choosing instead the slnct discipline and outstanding educational experience of the USNA Never regretting her decision for a mmute. she soon recovered from the shock of plebe indoctrination and began lo party with the best of them From Army plebe year lo the Ring Dance second class year, Susans naval career could best be described as an " endless blur " She could always be found with a drink in her hand and with Rachel Ward ' s friends and various and assorted men at her side It IS rumored that on one memorable occasion, Susan managed to patronize every bar in Annapolis in a Single afternoon Third class year, Susan found slaying in on Fri- day night a bit stifling, and she was soon seen haunting numerable dives in nearby CrownsviHe Despite her tendency towards non-compliance with regulations. Susan was always able to stay out ot trouble wiih a combination of an angelic face, in- credible good luck and an innate ability to talk her way out of anything Susan also managed to set several USNA prece- dents, one of which was finding dates in every USNA class from ' 82 to ' 87 Lusted over by many. possessed by none, Susan will no doubl continue to break many hearts m the future May you have Ihe best of luck and gel P S or R B as a flight instructor You will always be re- membered Fly the friendly skies, baby doll DAS 416 Tenth Company Wilbert E. Thomas Bert Kingston. Pennsylvania Aerospace Engineering US. Marine Corps-Naval Flight Officer M ill came to the USNA after a year layover at " ' NAPS It was there that he learned the true definition of the word party and was eager lo school his new classmates on the subject During the week. Will could always be found with his books, but on the weekends he would exit Gate 1 lo the nearest bar After much consideration, he ended his baseball career at NAPS and became a lOlh Co living legend on the intramural field Once 2nd class year arrived his tenacious thirst was replaced with something much more exciting, as well as re- warding. Wiirs search for excitement did not elimi- nate the police Whether running from them in the East or being road-blocked m the West, Will man- aged to keep a good rapport First Class year found Will ready " WARM FOR MY FORM BABY " are usually the words that worked besi Fn nights would start at the " 0 " -Club, where you could really slretch a $1 11 drinks and a ' pitcher usually wasn ' t a bad start You might find Will fighting in the streets of Annapolis to enforce USNA regulations somebody has lo do it. On warm WE ' s Will and friends could be found floating down the Delaware with a few cold cases of beer Will finished his illus- trious career as a MIDN at the helm of the lOlh Co The Co could not have a liner leader Ben will always be remembered as a dedicated hardwork- ing MIDN. with his belief " The Service is Ihe Great- est " he will make a fine Marine Friends always GMW Timothy H, Tees Big Texas Austin. Texas Mechanical Engineering Nuclear Power - Submarines yim " Big as Texas " Tees arrived at USNA a ' rompin ' stompin. rootin ' toolin ' hell raiser from the A M Corps of Cadets, where men are men and sheep are nervous Despife being a seasoned veteran of service academy life. Tim lacked the common sense to keep himself out of trouble. Be- ginning plebe summer he would disappear for hours and report later that he had been " detained " by a firstie for various and sundry stupid reasons. Later that year, this Don Juan of " 85 took a ward- room worker lo Ihe movie in Ihe yard and could not understand why he had been fried What was Ihe draw anyway. Tim? Drinking on watch, indecent exposure and many other related incidents led up to his acquiring over one hundred days of restric- iion during his tenure here at the USNA His con- duct file comes m three hand tooled leather bound volumes from Time Life Books for only $39 95 Seriously. Tim was a good triend Ihal could be counted on to do you a favor no matter what the sacrifice His exemplary tenure as president o( the scuba club brought that club from obscurity to one of the most productive dubs at the Academy, pro- viding diving services for all qualified mids. He looks out for his buddies at great personal risk and his slapstick sense ot humor can make even the most despondent situations funny His academic perfor- mance heralds great things to come in Nuke school The submarine force is (ortunate to get such a hard charger Remember Tim, after you push the button, it ' s Miller time VJR SLP Mario G. Trujillo Mario Wallingford, Connecticut General Engineering Surface Warfare Ay ario leM home bound tor USNA. the only ' » ' college he ever wanted lo attend Plebe year transformed him from a quiet, timid civilian into a conddeni military man This was mainly due to his roommate " Guppy ' s " guidance and prior experi- ence. That year saw Mario excel m the triple S ' s {Studies, Sleep, and Stupor) His good grades al- lowed him to hit the rack early, an idea which later became only a dream Throughout the year, he maintained his sense ot humor, even through the belt buckle prank After they turned him loose on weekends, Annapolis has never been the same. From his chow call in the Happy Buzzard, to trying to lind the door to that theatre in Philly, and waking up at Fred Flintstone ' s in N.J Youngster year saw Guppy lost to an ax board, and Mario deep in the studies of EE. Second class summer gave our hero a crack at his dream of Flying in Pensacola, yet he never let an opportunity pass without imbibing in the proper spirits. Academic year saw Mario change his major to General, and drowning his sor- rows became an occasional pastime Who else but us would douse the goat after a few halt-yards at the Treaty of Pans He became a member of the Wuba Gang, and had many fond memories of the " Dump " He coined his classic phrase, " WHAT! " during that Spring Break trip when a group of the boys tried to determine exactly how many empties the trunk of a rental car would hold First class year saw Mano as sub commander, and accademics taking up most of his time He did manage to make a lew green alerts, and came to realize Southern Discomfort Mario has been the greatest roommate one could have He was someone you could trust and count on Our friendship has meant a lot to me over the past four years. Good luck m life, and God Bless. See you at my wedding!!!! ELJ Jonathan M. Uhl Tucker Rantoul. Illinois Applied Science U.S. Air Force on Uhl, the green bean from Rantoul, began J his short lived Naval adventure as an Air Force brat lost m the bowels of fifth wing. Often clueless to the world, his major concern was saving his own lite from the wrath of Joan Curry But m short time, he had the world under control You think younsters are wild, well you must have known Jon During the day he was a mild mannored computer scientist, but at night he was the TOOL OF VENGENCE More powerful than a flying can of mountain dew, swifter than an apple splattering against the w all, no man did more to secure room 5247. Jon was involved m many extra-curricular activi- ties. For a long while it looked as it Jon would be the last Mid ever to win a chess game at the Academy again. Jon was in the Ping Pong Club, VTNA, he was class rep . honor rep . Jon did it all. Jon generally had no problems dealing with the rigors of USNA, but for a while during second class year, it looked as Jon might be a beaten man. Stricken by a genetic spelling disorder, for months, the genes contfolling the heredity of his children were spelled DeNA Months later, having beaten the disease. Jon was again the pnde and joy of the company For awhile, Jon was m turmoil deciding whether he should jom the Blue Sutlers or stay with the Navy Blue and Gold That turmoil ended as soon as the Air Force decided to take him What more can be saide to a Zoomie than smooth tlying and calm winds Good Luck! Jon. I wish you well «! George M. Waidelich Jr. Waids Clark, New Jersey Applied Science Nuclear Power - Surface I 4 aids came to USNA with his sights set on a ' ' soccer career, but a Plebe Summer injury ended this and set him on a road to glory in compa- ny sports Although his gams at USNA have been numerous, he has also suffered some losses, most notabty being his hair and eyes His once flourishing locks have diminished into something Kojak would be proud of Always an advocate of " Work Hard. Play Hard " , George is not one to turn down a good time and. thus used the trip to Pasadena to better acquaint himself with the L.A P.D. The local An- napolis gendarme also got to see George in action, once in retreat and once in battle, and Phillys finest were not spared Waids ' fleelness of foot. 1st class year really showcased George His 3.6 GPA and strong sense of duty made him the perfect choice for Company Commander, and after a few show- ings on the drill field it was made known that ■•Marching 10 " was here to stay 1st class year saw his 0-club membership card being used as regularly as his VISA Happy Hr was made for George, he made sure he got his 3 hours worth in his few min- utes there Unfortunately, the bathroom became his 2nd preferred habitat, next to the bar George has considerably stifled his polished art of lady- chastng At one point during youngster year he was on top of the charts with 6 phillies on the line, but now he can be found bobbing down the Deleware, with the cold ones m low. along with his Jersey lovely His dedication and strong will has made George a member of Navy ' s elite force The Sur- face Nukes are getting a great man so Ruskies beware Best ot Luck. Buddies Forever WET James M. Wray Mike Orinda. California Applied Science Naval Aviation A yf ike or " Lefty " as he is affectionately referred ' " ' by many comes to us from the town ot Orinda, California A small suberb outside San Francisco, but worry not as Mike has on every avail- able occassion gone out ot his way lo prove that he IS normal. Correction " straight " is a more appropri- ate word. Mike is to say the least not normal but we will get back to that Mike attended a year of UCLA before resigning himself to the rigors ot plebe year, and everything else that the Academy entails Mike excelled at setting new standards of professionalism during his four year stay, and even found enough time to tram an under classman in his skillful arts. Indeed Mike and will always be remembered as a very skill- ful and cunning individual. Mike will be moving on to bigger and better things as he plans to become a Naval Aviator and take up residence in sunny Pensacola, Florida No one can say how long Mike will grace the Navy with his presence but knowing how Mike feels about the pride and professionalism of the Navy one could only guess that he will be career Seriously, no laughs! Though Mike will be spending a few more years on the east coast {the best coastline this country has) he does have plans to return to the sunny weather and his friends of California. Also a word ot congratulations to Mike ' s parents for en- during these past four years JKH taj, Beit •t.ti. Eleventh Company Kevin J. Best Kevin Angola. Indiana Political Science U,S. Marine Corps evm came lo USNA from the bustling me- • Ifopolis o( Angola Indiana (where?) via NAPS Kevin was a real success at Angola but like many things, including his admission to the Acade- my, this was attributed to plain and simple hard work. Kevin selected Political Science as a major and despite all of the written papers he submitted, cur- rent and world affairs soon became his love We would always kid him about his " eloquence " ' ot speech, but really, could his commission simply be a spring-board to political office??? The Academy experience was something Kevin look very seriously He spent many a late night studying with " just a pinch between his cheek and gum " He always tried to be professional and " do the right thing " which inevitably led to conflict with other Mids 2 C year found Kevin the recipient of a plebe " birthday party " and, " I thought for sure I set the alarm Kevin " NAPS detail ushered in first class year with the Narrangansett platoon swim. His red Pulsar allowed him to escape on many " cruising weekends Kevin will always be thought of as a loyal friend by me I know I coutd count on him in any situation. Five years of hard work; and you ' ve finally made iti!! The fwlarine Corps is fortunate to receive such an officer. Best of luck Kevin, with the Corps so small, we may very well serve together someday JDESAR Kevin S. Brooks Kevin West Chester, Pennsylvania Applied Science U.S. Marine Corps rhe Whiteworks kid came to USNA from West- chester at a robust 205 lb He spent much of the next 4 years losing and gaining weight a! amaz- ing rates as a member ot the wrestling team. Plebe year saw Kevin frequent the parking garage, the Afterdeck, and Franny O ' s He also made an excel- lent impression on his upperclass and company officer At least they never found his stereo. The year culminated with getting to know a new Swed- ish friend he met at the International Ball Third class year brought on a new roommate who quickly became his favorite He also managed to show a recruit what life here was really like. Army was absolutely delightful. After taps card games were a blast Second class year began with a nap that led to restriction m September His mood was quickly im- proved by good times at Mums with the Hillrat Kevin really came out ot his shell second semester. First class summer was truly an exciting one. A Fiat turned into a Carrera three tickets Somehow he ended up with his second MED-1 and became even more worldly A sick leave was spent at the Bottle Cork with the Delaware Destroyers. Aca- demic year brought plenty ot road trips: Notre Dame. Pill, and 5cm in Dewey Beach A clean slate program ended with the dark side of Army A suc- cessful semester led to stars and two stripes Good luck. Kevin, in what is sure to be a bright future See ya m " 05 Robert M. Byron Bob Asheville, North Carolina Physical Science Surface Warfare Sob arrived here at USNA proud to be a Tar- heel from NO even though they lost the war Plebe year posed many challenges for Bob. al- though academics didn ' t seem to be as high on his priority list as his 12 hrs of freedom each Saturday Of even as high as the nightly BS sessions. Most of his liberty time was spent at the parking garage, behind the Hilton, at the Colonel ' s, or marching ED restriction. 3 c year brought new opportunities for excitement and lun beginmg with welcoming one of his new roomies with an El session that turned into a daily habit From there the semester seemed to go from one Friday night ' j gal. card bash game of spades to the next until Army when Bob made his first attempt to add a little decor to JFK Bob also learned 3 c Xmas that NYC is no place to get rich quick 2 c year brought such new memories as the E-3 ' s nose |Ob. free dnnks at Mum ' s, good times at the Zone, JFK " EARL " II. tequila sunrise at S H , along with a little pmk wing- ing, a teat unmatched by the rest. After a summer that included the Hawaiian experience. 1 c year saw Bob leaving his rabbit m NO tor a mustang and a new " Hood " ornament. After a Xmas ot Bond- age. Bob returned for his last semester deciding to end his in|ury-nddled baseball career leaving him free to travel with the boys to Lauderdale for his only Spnng break- We will always look back at the great times and memories shared with Bob as one of the boys. Good luck buddy, see you m ' 05 Scott F, Cramer Scott Eau Claire. Wisconsin Mechanical Engineering Naval Aviation A rriving from God ' s country (Wisconsin) Scott ' ' has oft pondered returning there perma- nently In tact, he has a framed copy of resignation papers gracing his wall at home. This of course ended with 2 for 7 and Scott found his niche in the promotion of communication much to the joy ot ATT and the US Postal Service During plebe year wedding bells seemed to be tolling in the distance but since youngster cruise he has been m the per- petual search for the perfect young lady {From his tales he has already met a number of them). One of Scott ' s other pastimes is that strange exotic sport known as fastpilch softball Fortunately for Scott it was an intramural sport since he was good tor little else (just kidding) Actually Scott led 11th Co. to great success as the pitcher He also took a session of summer school to be able to play tor a local team. Schoolwork was never Scott ' s favorite activi- ty and a weekend at Bob and Hope ' s was just the medicine to cure a heavy work load Fortunately he managed to miss most of the Mech, Eng big guns but a tew kindly instructors were more than willing to extract their share ot blood Don ' t forget those pleasant roommate chats with Troll and sub)ecting Maggot to Engineer ' s hours Remember the con- cert road trip to California, trips to Frederick, and the girls of Arnold always. Good luck and go for the gold wings in Pensacola, Craig A. Crowe Crow-Man Fort Lauderdale, Florida Chemistry Surface Warfare Craig made his way to the Naval Academy after spending a year in college His great personality and personal demenor soon won him many Iriends and the respect of his peers Craig tackled a difficult major in taking Chemistry, but he showed his persistance and character by sticking to it and coming out on top Rooming together during 2 C year provided Craig with hours of head- aches Ifom Lucky Bag paperwork and meddling 1 C. " What are they mad abouf " Always one to be mischievous. Craig soon came to enjoy the plea- sure of " Power Stereo " playing before noon meal (ormation Events like these soon led to decorating the room with 8 sets o( lights and 30 feet ol tinsel before Christmas leave Craig met his true love at the Naval Academy during 3 C year and often appreciated her living just a few hallways away He and Kelly soon be- came inseparable as well as a common fixture m steerage Craig will never be forgotten for his warm caring altitude toward others His devotion and personal example are difficult footsteps to follow His profes- sional mannerism and leadership abilities will carry him 10 achieve any goal he desires fl! miss our friendship always for good tnends like you are a rare and special kind Best wishes in your folure m all that you do BIX Robert P. Donohue Bob Staten Island, New York Economics Surface Warfare Puke " as he was so affectionately called, was so nicknamed for his tremendous physical stature Puke came from a liiHe corner of Gods earth called Staten Island He lefl Ihere with dreams of glory and prestige His goal was to graduate from " the Naval Academy " Bob began his illustrious career as a midshipman m his own world as he spiritedly sounded off " Go Army Beat Navy " Well, the years went by just like his majors and the Puke developed mto a well rounded midshipman His constant diet consisted of no breakfast, no mam course but a lot of dessert Puke will never last without someone cleaning up for him f any unsuc- cessful attempts were made at teaching Bob the fundamentals of working the broom, wiping the sink, and waxing the floor Puke wasn ' t the most talkative person around but put a toothbrush m his mouth and away he went Puke had his share of setbacks beginning with Statics and culminating with his lightweight football team, but he remained undaunted He has now reached his goal and it now looks as though he will be tloalmg around tor a couple of years The Puke will always be remem- bered as the guy with the smile who was continu- ously bubbling over with laughter He also always had a twinkle m his eye for that person who interest- ed him the most for four years. Kim When not at school Bob could usually be found with her in Dela- ware Bob we wish you the best of luck and happi- ness You will be a success in life always. You always give life your best and you deserve the best in return. Take care. 420 Eleventh Company i1 John D. Edwards John Dana Point, California Applied Science U.S. Marine Corps oming from the golden region (So Cal ) - John was so determined to get into USNA that he choose to attend Mr Hoiby ' s " Manual labor for admittance to USNA " Prep School John had quite a bit of confidence plebe summer Being the selfishless person that he is, John was quick to step m with a team spirit and help others From helping memorize menus while chopping to lunch, to El on the ' Laws of the Navy " . CAP served him well, especially at Newport Imagine their thoughts as John ted the platoon mto the murky waters of the Narragansett 2 C year he shared in the reputation of the " tool shed " requir- ing his boys to know the Code of Conduct John sets the pace for us all when it comes to disipline and dedication He incorporates these ideals into all facets of his life From running his first marathon in 3 04 to his unfailing devotion to God John IS always there When a person is down and out, he IS first lo pick him up and put him back on the road Kind, compassionate, and understanding My lite has been touched by this man and I can leel the Lord ' s presence m him All who come in contact with him will also feel his spirit We will miss you sorely. John Hoping our paths wilt cross again KJBSAR Brendan Fahy NMN East Rutherford, New Jersey Applied Science Naval Aviation l hen Brendan came to us from the shadows " ' ' of NYC in Northern N J we knew we had something special His excellent attitude was im- mediately noted by the upper class especially the night there was some ' " doubt in his mmd " The hidden stereo, Hard Days Night smgalongs and BS sessions, dnnkmg m the parking garage and behind the Hilton, shooting pool at Petes, Navy Boxing, parties at the Colonel ' s, and many hours of E D on the 5th Wing Terrace rounded out plebe year Youngster year brought us the always fasionable Grandpa, the Midget of G ' Town. the Boat Trip, NYC ' s shell game and subsequent dependence on fine Scotch, a dud BMW (push starting up and down hills), Friday night high gram card bashes. Cigarette burning tough guy contests, and inva- sions of the area girl ' s colleges Eagerly anticipating 2 c year from an arresting summer m Virginia Beach. Bredan celebrated by getting fried and spending September and October on restriction Thank God for free drinks at Mums, parties at the Zone, and more invasions of those institutions of " higher learning " With his car loan Brendan bought a CRX which curbed its way through the Great Lake state and is good for blowing a stereo or three After living it up m Stoned Harbor tor the summer and a WPadl. Brendan cruised into 1 c year with his pilot billet locked He continued to get huge and have the babes go wild and wild they went especially one cold winter night m room 3 1521 Meeting RJ at Pitt turned out to be a unique experi- ence unparalleled by even Stem We ' ll never forget the memories and the major part Brendan played m them Good Luck to you m your undoubtedly bright future, from all the boys of the C of C! See You in ' 05 ' Ronald N. Fry, Jr. Ron Reading, Pennsylvania History Naval Aviation Qon. hailing from Reading, PA came to the I Academy as a Seabee while we were all jn high school As a Seabee he helped set the Ben Moreell Memorial Seeing the great li(e of a mid, Ronnie decided it was his calling m life. First came a year at NAPS to some Calc and Chem before re- turning to USNA. At NAPS Ron was also " weil known " by his classmates, mainly due to his posi- tion as Battalion Commander Ron ' s piebe year was one of hard study, but also one tilled with Saturdays at Riordans. nights begin- nig with hop watch and lasting until 1 30. I ' m sure everyone remembers Ron as our class president during the Dark Ages of plebe year. Plebe year also saw Ron lose his Newport honey. Third class year was Ron ' s big year of revela- tions First, after an Ac Board Ron switched to His- tory, the best ma)or here Secondly, he found dating three girls (at least) at the same time to be unhealthy And of course 3 C year saw Ron buy the Newport War Wagon. I must admit that it wasn ' t a pretty car. but ii served us both well till he lent it cut once loo often 2 c summer will long be remembered for the good times had in P-Cola, Ouantico and Newport Ron and I had some great hmes. and Babette also entered Ron ' s lite It seems Ron had the hots tor a middelle Remember ihose neck massages Ron? 2 c year went by last, but Wed afternoons at Mum ' s tor beer and oysters helped make wires and weapons more endurable Also, thanx for the the bagels in Ted ' s class Wires and Weapons were hard, but with Len coming by for the gouge we survived on any given night you could smell the Sweet aroma of cigars and soothing country muse coming from the room as they shot the breeze about money and love and his awesome ' 63 Vette 1 C year brought a great NAPS detail and saw Ron finally tied down by a love named Mick Good luck to you and Micky Your buddy. LGM Brett J. Genoble Brett Montville. New Jersey Electrical Engineering Nuclear Power - Submarines erell came to the Academy from the waste- lands of North Jersey He personifies every New Jersey stereotype ever imagined with his loud voice, tell-tale dialect and obnoxious laugh. His loud demeanor is matched by his deafening Toyota Corolla and his taste tor such culinary delights as anchovies, onions and garlic which " Mr. Season- ing " always sees fit to eal. Bred always had a knack for not getting fried although his habit of annoying certain officers could have ended three years without a form-2 Plebe Detail saw Brett reach the height of his obnoxious- ness as few plebes did not hear of him or from him, Plebe Detail also provided great memories with Rob. Rick, Tim and Rudy along with the god of paper Lt Cam First Class year saw Brett reaping the rewards of numerous slnper boards as Company Sub Com- mander and then MIR However his busy electrical engineering schedule did not keep him from making many a road trip to North Carolina to see Krjssy. Pitt and the Meadowlands to root for Navy and his home away from home m Alexandria You ' ve been a great friend and a helluva roommate Good luck preventing meltdowns and flying underwater RCP TPW Randy J. Hugenroth Hugie Pensacola. Florida Electrical Engineering Nuclear Power - Submarines O andy is one of the Class ot ' 85 that didn ' t ' ' have what it takes to get into USNA the first time around (The Right Stuff) After a year at U, of Florida. Randy fooled them all by sneaking in Gate 1 on 1-day and put his name on the ' 85 roster. Since then he ' s proved admissions all wrong moving his academic endeavors to Hopkins during first class year while hanging on to a meaningless regimental billet. But before first class year. Randy met some- one very important to him in his life No, not a girl. but Mr. VISA. He and Mr VISA mingled with the maggotry in the bars of Annapolis while the wife was home changing the kids ' diapers. Of course he was faithful all the time since he had good company to watch over him After second class year. Randy jourmed lo Charleston tor an adventurous first class cruise where he enjoyed himself both off and on the ship. It sppeared that he had his best time on ship though, where his best buddy was PQS Liberty call came and there he was PCS m hand- For the next five years Randy will have to get his tan from a UV lamp since he ' ll never see the light of day from a sub. That won ' t stop his gooty style ot humor and high-pitched laugh that we ' ll all miss. Good luck Admiral, MDR Brian M. Heaphy Hafe-Dog New Milford, Conneciticut General Engineering Special Warfare Though II be broken — Broken again — Still it ' s there. Charles C. Hull Clay Tucson. Arizona Political Science Naval Aviation Clay arrived ai USNA from the hallowed halls ol Choale Prep School where his parents slashed him when they escaped from Conneclicut 10 Arizona Clay is a lovable guy who always has a kind word (or you or a smile if you ' re feeling low and he fits in well and gets along with everybody well, maybe nol One ol my first memories is from a Glee Club inp to Pa on which Clay set a modern- day record by filling 8 beer cans How he did it after only dnnking a 6-pack. I ' ll never know Clay is al- ways very considerate after dnnkmg heavily He always pukes in the toilet or sink or someplace easy to clean, unlike some people Isn ' t that right, Tim? I seem to remember a certain weekend in Huntsville. Alabama, when the 3 of us were attacked by a bunch of 3-lool martinis from Casa Gallardo Why nol? Speaking of H-viHe. Clay thought he had lound the love ol his lile at UAH Unfortunately, alter fol- lowing us down to New Orleans, coming up lor the Ring Dance anda visit over the summer, she decid- ed that the feeling wasn ' t mutual Clay was crushed, but soon his spirits were buoyed by a Korean cutie I ' om Hood They ' ve been quite insep- arable this year with Clay tormenting his 1966 Mus- tang (and his body) by driving to Frederick almost every weekend Lest you think thai Clay ' s only in- terests in tile are booze and women, I leel obligated to inform the world that Ihis Rhodes Scholar appli- cant IS also starting on his master ' s degree at Georgetown while still carrying a heavy load at USNA (hey, bowling ' s not easy, you know!) Clay alsospent (misspent?) 4 years in the Glee Club, the Barbershop Quartet, and the Prot Chapel Choir with 3 appearances in Glee Club musicals To my best friend, I can only say. " Ich liebe dich wie einen Bruder! " K.W.M. Chester M. Kolley C het Harrisburg. Pennsylvania Ocean Engineering Nuclear Power - Surface ailing from the thriving metropolis of Harris- ' ' burg, Chet quickly established two goals for Plebe year academic excellence and finding every watering hole a $60 budget would allow His suc- cesses were evident as he became a member of the " Kehoe ' Vouih " and the power failures began Fre- quent visits to the parking garage, the Alterdeck. and Pete ' s led to a redecorated room and one- sided nocturnal boxing matches Youngster year saw Chet with new roommates and a few new pastimes Spirited card games on Friday nights and wrestling El with Looney-Tunes took up hall time, while the invasion of local girls ' colleges occupied weekends There was also a brief fling with a certain admiral ' s daughter. After starting second class year with a month of restriction with his two roommates, Chet was ready for the Romper Zone, and things were never quite the same Frequent parties and small tabs at Mum ' s kept the good times rolling Wednesday nights were useless thanks to oyster happy hours We ' ll never lorget his escapades in Stone Harbor, and neither will the locals Chet mellowed out a bit first class summer, but it was his Choice This led to high gas bills academic year with 540 mile treks in his 2002 to the Iron City for a little TLC Other fond memories of senior year Dewey Beach and Notre Dame road trips and an awesome Army weekend The C of C will always remember the master daw- dler with the permacold and grades that were just plain too high Good luck to you m your assuredly bright future See you m ' 05! 422 Eleventh Company Robert G. Lunifeid Tunes Penn Hills, Pennsylvania Mechanical Engineering Nuclear Power - Submarines Bob rolled in to Annapolis from Western Pennsylvania with his mind set on graduat- ing with honors . he |ust might have had he not encountered such obstacles as The Rocket, Wild Bill, and myself Academics were not a problem with Bob, but he worked hard at it and was highly successful throughout the lour years A certain Bill back in the hall tried to mess up Bob ' s entire Plebe year, but by the time second semester rolled around he was well on his way to an eventful tour at the Academy Not a weekend stu- dier, a dull moment lor Bob was hard to come by on tour with the Glee Club, forgetting how to walk one night in Northern Wisconsin, visits to Hood and College Park, celebrating his roomie ' s pending res- ignation, dealing with Clay (his poor alarm clock!), Maggott, Troll, Chet, and the rest, the Yes concert. O C , he had no trouble with the ladies, either ' He somehow stayed away from trouble " Tunes " set high standards for himself right away — a true connoisseur of quality stereo, fine music, and smooth imported beers Bob was a shoo-m for Nuke School, without a doubt the elite service is getting an elite man lor the job You ' ve got it made, pal outstanding ability and a super guy Give ' em hell ' SFC P S Thanks a ton, Bob, I couldn ' t have done it without you. Stephen E. Mooradian Moonshot Williamsville. New York Aerospace Engineering Naval Aviation Excuse me Sssteve, but dtd you finish the ssystems lab yet? I rewired the whole analog computer and il ' ss all sscrewed up I ' m ssorry Ssteve What would you do ' ' Oh no ' Not the Ex- police! What are you going to do thiss time ' ' The coathook ' ' The aluminum can recepticle? Break- dancing ' ' More sstones about the dangers of carri- er aviation ' ' Am 1 a beer mug again ' ' Gosh guys, the floors of Rickover are really dirty! " Without this kind of comic relief — all the time — the years at this )Oint would have been more like decades Not to forget the " Sharkey ' s Machine " of HoHo. who couldn ' t lall asleep tor two hours because, as he reported to the jimmy legs, " Two intruders, big guys m civies, came into my room and woke us up! " Mordy was also a social " don Juan " One example of his prowess was when Mary Pat came to MN(0) one weekend to surprise Steve, saw him and spread her arms wide to give him a big hug. Mordy ' s reaction? " Oh, I was expecting somebody else " Then there was the " hot " Boy George girl who had bleached her hair blonde but forgot about her eyebrows Mordy was known to her as a " vil- lain " This isn ' t a novel so I will have to move on. Sieve spent much of his time studying or sleeping — hard to believe! Mordy often could be found in search of the " gouge " A famous Mordy saying — " If It takes two hours to get the gouge or one hour to study, I ' ll get the gouge " And I suppose there was always at least one thing that lingered in the back ol his mind, although he didn ' t talk about it much. Should I say aviation, or F-14 ' s. or just say that Mordy had more pilot sea stories than most pilots But seriously. Steve will cruise through Pen- sacola because the " Big Man " is on his side and he will either be the only peacetime ace m history or be assigned as HoHo ' s wing and have to lace the Rus- sians, alone TKS 1 Charles R. Morgan Rick Charleston. West Virginia Oceanography Surface Warfare Dick came to ihe Academy direct from the ' • coal mines of West Virginia. Well actually Rick IS from Charleston. WVA and a graduate of Stonehead. er I mean Stonewall Jackson High School. But he ain ' l no holler boy and proud of il Rick doesn ' t remember much about Plebe Summer since he was asleep the full duration Plebe year was quite different as we took it upon ourselves to break m our roommate, the future bri- gade commander Rtck has fond memories of pea- nut butter on nametages. rearranging perfect blotters, and Stuart sandwiches. The best memory Rick has of Plebe year was the look on Slu baby ' s (ace when Nature called Rick one morning Probably the most forgettable experience was Ihe day Ihe fifth wing lequilla bar was discovered. The past years have been unique as Rick ' s room- mate-Rudy ' s, Plebe Detail, and pulling you out of the ladies ' room at Lazlo ' s are only a few of the good memories. Good luck in the future, Black Shoe Morgan. TPW Terrance J. Mulich. Jr. TJ Fairfield, California Physical Science U.S. Marine Corps r J came to us from sunny California as a care- free, short tempered individual. His addition to the company (second class year it became a multi- plication) has been noticed by all. His (laming red hair, short (use and the occasional steam coming out of his ears could often be seen at formation when a bad day had passed his way I feel sorry for TJ ' s men when he is a grunt platoon commander. TJ loves to run al odd hours for miles and miles at a rapid pace Just what the Marine Corps ordered, TJ Ihe flaming hot head running machine When TJ isn ' t running he can usually be found at the officers club or at Rudy ' s insulting strange women When that special girl comes along she will come second on his priority list after his CRX. TJ can often t e seen after school just sitting in his car admiring it. Like his dad. TJ has his mind geared toward a military career. Sometime during it he will become Dr T J. f ulich professor of engineering. After re- tirement he will head back to sunny California with Ihe wild women and big waves. I ' ll see you there. Later S Stuart B. Munsch JM Cakes. North Dakota Electrical Engineering Nuclear Power - Submarines How does a guy write about someone who who does everything so welP Rhodes Schol- ar Brigade Commander Nalional Champion in Pis- tol All-Amencan Team Captam President of 2 c Mess Night Vice President of the class. Member of the Antiphonal Choir. Actually folks the answer is simple. Its easy to write about Siu because he is just like everyone else deep down. Stuart strolled mlo the institute that fateful day without claiming any desire but to gra- dule We should have known this proclaimation to be Ihe first Munsch understatement. A little shy as a plebe. he has opened up over time Although, he still keeps a bit of it lucked away to this day Youngster year, we discovered on his desk an index card on which was drawn seven symbols A cross, the outlines of N.D and ihe British Isles, six vertical lines, five circles arranged something like the Olympic symbol, four stars, and someone ' s ini- tials. Well . . faith remained foremost m his life and he is forever tied to his roots. Slu made it to En- gland twice - once on an exchange cruise and twice for Oxford He served as our BC second set The Olympics Not yet but I ' ll be looking for him in the future Of the stars and the initials ■ I ' ll leave that for the reader to figure out One might think that with all he has done he would become caught up in himself. The opposite has happened While remaining confident, Slu has developed a sense of awareness that is rare A real people person, Stuart always has the time to listen. quick to solicit the opinions of others, he consideres those opinions as seriously as his own Modesty and humility are his trademarks. Stu ' s answer ' alright ' lo the question " How ya doin ' can mean everything from acmg a lest to setting a na- tional record He ' s a best friend to many And, when all is said and done. Stuart will be Stuart! Your friend. Steve. Henry L. Murphy Hank Huntington. New York Physical Science Naval Aviation Hank came to the Naval Academy after an arduous year at prep school where he spent much of his time building up his reputation When Hank finally got to the academy he found plebe summer to be more than he bargained for While an excellent runner, he jusi couldn ' t learn lo march. Wild Bill helped to correct Ihe situation Academi- cally Hank remains in the top 95 % of our class and should graduate as a full-fledged scientist To this day he continually changes roommates in his search for the perfect one None of us has yet proved 10 be Ihe savior (not even I) After breezing through his first two years at the academy Murf ran into his first bit of trouble as a second class when he decided to take some late mghi liberty and go on a road trip to Hood II was an adventurous trip that ended with a inp to the Deputy and a black " N " . After he recovered from this he found himself taking more and more challenging inps. Who could forget (or even remember) that trip to Scranton (God ' s country), or the infamous Whitewater canoe trip. Second class spring break became the ultimate challenge Hank kept us all laughing all the lime we were there. Who else could be forced to " swim till I die! " That very same night Murf took his unfortu- nate roomriale swimming. Senior year came and Hank was always looking for more adventures, earning him the nickname " fur, fish and game " . As service selection approaches we know Hank has a pilot billet waiting for him. Good luck Hank in your future Thanks tor all Ihe good times. Take care. RPD Maurice Perdomo Mo Riverside. California Oceanography U.S. Marine Corps Mo came from Ihe other part of Californip with hopes o) being a member of the U S Marine Corps Drum and Bugle Corps upon commission- nmg Well, the teachings ot Compy. Smitty, and Bad Willie during Plebe Summer brought to him the revelation that line members of the Academy don ' t and can ' t do such things Thus, he resigned from Ihe U S Naval Academy Drum and Bugle Corps, but. kept up his musical talents in the Pep Band, plus getting out of every Saturday march-over An attribute is his speechlessness Mo is so quiet that It wasn ' t until youngster year we found out that he really does talk He was barely able to use his speech on one Saturday night m Dahlgren due to his inebriated state Somehow he was able to hold a conversation with a young woman named Susan and since then has held a very steady courtship He must have spoken at least one more time to Susan to utter the words. " Will you marry me ' ' " Their date was 25 May 85 Another fine quality of Mo ' s is his faith in his mother He used his second class loan to acquire an automobile However, he let his lower California mom purchase a red (yuch). automatic (ha ha). CRX Well, one out of three he can live with, Mo will make a line addition to the Corps, So long. B James N. Olmsted Nick Lyme. New Hampshire Systems Engineering Surface Warfare A ick came to us from the thriving metropolis ' V of Lyme NH. population 832 registered vot- ers. He finished all the math thai his school could otter him by 1 1th grade so he spent part of his high school days at Darimouth Nick was a " hardcharger " throughout plebe summer Medical problems disrupted his first aca- demic year with trips to Bethesda. but after having already validated enough hours, the setback was minor and Nick had no problem keeping up When he wasn ' t helping one of us with El m Diffy O ' s or German he was shuffling off to drop in and say hi lo )usl about everyone Always a spirited Navy supporter. Nick did his part on Navy ' s ISO ' s Even when he didn ' t make Ihe Iraveling team for the little Army-Navy game in Pottsvilte. he made sure to ride up and cheer on his learn from the stands with Ron They took a inp together south for spring break, too, When every- one else went to Fort Lauderdale Ron and Nick took a hop to New Orleans for Mardi Gras They had no room and little money, but after crashing on a couple of Tulaners they enjoyed a great week Nick ' s journey ' s look him a bit farther when he joined the German Navy for a FOREX cruise , It was a cruise and paid vacation he ' ll never forget Nick will be one of those last minute supnses when It comes to service selection mghi, but we all know he ' ll be a success and a credit to whatever community gets him Best of luck and times RN.F. 424 Eleventh Company T Hf? KT . • [ H i 1 Robert C Perry Rob Alexandria. Vriginia General Engineering Naval Aviation A Southern boy from Alexandria Va Rob ongi- ' nally came to USNA intent on playing base- ball, but found this pretty hard to do from the helm of an lOR yacht He was a varsity sailor until (irst class year when he found it was quite impractical to skipper both a yacht and a company during pa- rades Regaining his land legs he marched the com- pany to an amazing 9th place overall, a notable mark for the historically cellar (not stellar) dwelling marching 11 Rob started his schooling as an Ocean Engineer, but soon look the common sense (General) route, due mainly to his love for those ever precious week- ends The resulting high marks would allow him lo follow his father ' s and brother ' s footsteps under the sea, however Rob decided that airplanes and fresh air were much more desireable than a sickly pallor. and headed to P-cola and the front seat of an F- 14 The noticeable sag in his lower lip is evidence of Rob ' s favorite hobby, dipping With Rob ' s noxious drool and Brett ' s general overall disgust and bacte- ha laden desk drawer their room was in a constant slate of ferment When not off sailing on the Bay Rob was the best Fieldball goalie the Brigade ever saw and the only Southern boy saddled with a Big Apple Girl and a New Jersey refuse heap for a roommate Perhaps as his roommate tor three years I changed his opinion of New Jersey but cer- tainly not of New Jersians Good luck getting up in the morning at Pensacola and good luck to you always FLY NAVY! BJG TPW Stephen L. Powers Stevie Alexandria. Virginia General Engineering Naval Aviation Sievie came to the Academy with only two things in mind, playing hockey and flying jets To Steve, hockey is the toughest and most physical sport around Ot course, it is played only by the coolest guys We all are glad that Steve did get hrs pilot billet For awhile, the renown Bancroft medical gave us a scare But his " tamily history " ot perfect eyes proved them wrong His wanting lo be a fighter jock was easily seen with his pilot sunglasses, chewing gum, and streamlined car He ' s tough all-nght, even with a 102F fever he still wants the window open in he middle of winter His James Bond type adven- ures probably put Stevie at the top ot the brigade n number of times sneaking out He never com- plained once about Ihe Jimmy Legs just waving him Who ' s gonna know ' ' They won ' t tell " He used jll us confidently For a guy who loved beer, it didn ' t lake much for him lo lose count His (avorite Bud but I think he liked " another large " more an anything else. They could be found at his home away fr om home, Ihe Capital Center, (mainly on weeknighls) Piiza was his tavonle (only) food- even with bologna Women, an interesting area for Steve He had us all guessing and everything was a surprise We guess i1 all added up in the end. be- cause Steve did spend so much time at the Harl- man ' s, with Liz Yes. we are all proud of Steve along with his Zamboni hat, one pair of cords and jeans and his two flannel shirts Steve is a " go-getter " He puts his mind to something and you can be sure it gets accomplished, without any P-faciors thrown in Now that Steve delinitely wilt be going on to Pensacola to become a pilot, we know he ' ll be a certain success, whatever He flies Best of luck in all you do FAS and RPD Stephen A. Racine Steve Cohasset. Massachusetts Applied Science U.S. Marine Corps - Naval Flight Officer M ' ' ditficult task it IS to write about some- ' r one who Over tour years has grown to be such a close friend, and whom you have experi- enced so rnuch with Someone whom you dread parting with at graduation Steve IS especially dilferenl from other people. Sieve IS one who commits himself to an objective and pursues it whole heartedly There were many a long night when Steve unfailingly studied the books instead of sleeping He worked very hard for his success but always had the time to give help to others, Steve believes in the Academy and did his best to make it better He was concerned about people even if it meant giving them " a real plebe year " . Although it seemed impossible. Steve gazed at the granite siructure known as Bancroft and decid- ed to stick it out He quickly learned the menu as he chopped down to formation and survived the laws of the navy He continued to work hard, never slacking the pace Second class year we began to ask some ques- tions about " Mr Clean " such as Why the Nerd haf and " snnirrrreefff " . Fortunately, we asked. " Don ' t you think you ' ll need a car next year? " So Steve went and helped organize the car show and the car loan. That year Steve must have rented a room at Nimitz First class year found Steve as Batt Ops, putting together a first ever bat mess night Second semes- ter he moved back into the " real world " where the day began at 0730 With the influence of the Mage. Marine opt cruise, and friends, Steve made the fight choice — USMC Steve ' s concern for others, openess, high ideals, and warmth will be missed by all who knew him He has made a tasting impression that wilt not soon be forgotten It ' s been a long four years Your future looks great Good Luck, Steve JDE KJB SBM Frank A, Simei Jr. Francois Wiltiamstown. New Jersey Applied Science Nuclear Power - Surface Frank came to the Naval Academy to be- comes it changed weekly Admittedly he had no true direction. Most of us thought he was a mafia hitman Somehow he came up with an almost new 280ZX for almost nothing One never knows . . Franks always made friends easily Because of this, many in his hometown (exit 2) came to know him as JOOW. While at school he didn ' t put too much time info his work and classes (those which he bothered to attend) Despite the fact that he has turned taking short cuts into a science, which he tells us IS a part ol his management major, he main- tains a 3 average At the Academy, Frank has turned into a good swimmer In fact he spent most every free period " swimming " m the big blue pool Frank really knows how to beat the system here, too bad his other " system " didn ' t work in A.C. He ' s just a walking money making machine Money was partly behind his decision to become a nuke He was always a believer in " luxury " and parties He threw some of the best at his house, where the punch was his special (Hawaiian) Always on the prowl for girls. Frank had trouble finding the right girl for the ring dance. With the kind help of his roommate he finally found her and has been with Karia ever since What a big difference she has made in his life They are made for each other Frank now spends alt of his free lime roadtnppmg with the Puke to Delaware Thank goodness for first class year! We would all like to wish Frank the best of luck in all he does We know that what ever he puts his heart into succeeds beautifully RPD and SLR ■fW Cnstopher J. Smith CJ. Indialantic. Florida Mechanical Engineering Nuclear Power - Submarines CJ came to the Naval Academy a tall, lanky surf bum from sunny Florida. Right away, he showed a better than decent ability to swim, man- aging to letter plebe year, and then moving on to become Navy ' s top sprinter over the next couple of years At the same time, he managed to pull some pretty decent grades as a mechanical engineer, burning a lot of midnight (and later) oil to do so But these late nights always caught up to hrm as wit- nessed by a long list of classes slept through (ac- companied by a just as long hst of corresponding conduct offenses) During second-class year. CJ. became a bona fide member of the Black N Club CJ. (who didn ' t have a weekend) let his roommate (who did have a weekend) talk him into going up to Hood College after taps had been taken Needless to say. tlih Company was picked for a bed-check that nighl Oh well, what are roommates for anyhow? Anyway, it looks like C J. is going to make it as a Mech E and graduate (if he doesn ' t sleep through graduation day!) The best of luck to you on those nuke boats, and I realty was sorry about busting your car window! James B. Stemple Troll Albion, Pennsylvania Oceanography U.S. Marine Corps rroll was delivered unto the world from the bus- tling little town of Albion Pennsylvania. From the time he was a little tyke, he knew what he wanted from this life His list of necessities included. hard rock music, monstrous motorcylces, and beer. When old enough to make such decisions he decid- ed on the one place where these needs could be fulfilled, the US Naval Academy It was certainly our lucky day when the Troll passed through the gates to become a member of the class of ' 85 If for nothing else, his fame was quickly assured when his " scent " wafted through- out the halts of Bancroft. Just a couple of beers set off a chemical reaction that was unparralled in the known world, and sent dogs running tor cover. Despite such drawbacks, Jim still manged to at- tract some beauty with his charm and wit One such debutante was so grateful for having Jim. that she gave him a present to lake with him throughout his travels Senior year brought with it the appearance of Jim on a new toy With his leather jacket, black helmet, and monstercyde. he was ready to do some terror- izing. His first victim, a small defenseless dog was lucky enough to escape with his life. I myself felt the wrath of Jim and came up one window short in my car as a result I can only hope that the Marine Corp is ready tor the appearance of a Troll within their ranks. Good luck in the future Jim Patrick M. Sullivan Pat Crystal River, Florida Electrical Engineering Surface Warfare Pal arrived Irom the Sunshine State with a can ot Cope m his pocket and a calculator m his hand The Duke ot Copenhagen had a hard time siaymg olt the rack monster but wilh his ease at academics it wasn ' t hard (or him to surrender Pat ' s perplexing ease in manipulating complex equations and even an occasional term paper leave lor him a br ight lulure. The tittle woman in his lite will have a tough time tearing him away (rom his computer Pat has always been generous in sharing his tal- ents He spent many late nights giving " E I " ses- sions to contused classmates He is well known for his genile spirit and cheerful disposition. He has been a steady friend, always willing to share and discuss his thoughts Goodbye Pal. we ' ll miss you KJB JDE Timothy P. Winter Tim Luverne. Minnesota History U.S. Marine Corps rim entered the Academy through the little known Vietnam War Heroes Program After his jaw healed and his plastic surgery was completed he was assigned to Annapolis Tim. in his never ending quest to achieve manliness, first decided to become a danng, swashbuckling fencer but soon discovered the more manly sport of company tieldball Tim had an easy plebe year, but life ' s ups and downs soon caught up with him Problems such as pouring coffee out of a thermos, charred pencil remains, and the horrible sin of sleeping through quarters, were all taken in stride Tim has become the stimulant king and rarely is seen without a ciga- rette, dip, a soda, or a cup of coffee Tim has a definite aura about him. You may think It IS primarily due to his great sense of humor, mili- tary bearing, leadership style or his personality but ii IS actually a physical aura due to overdoses of caffeine Tim ' s impersonation of a tank. M60. Ml 6. and other weapons are well known, yet few have seen him as a deer There is no one around that lech more then he does II is impossible to watch a TV program without " ' m a machine " being mentioned Tim has been a great friend and I wish him and Lynn all the best m the future. Take it easy buddy and good luck in the Marines 426 Eleventh Company !»., " ' «il St " !., " Twelfth Company Brian T. Burke Burkee Newhall, California Physical Science Naval Aviation ACT I DISCOVERY A I the bfonze door, near the foot of the grey ' 1 mountain, the Man-cubs three search, Dave: Hey. Brian it I could only have . Brian Hey, it only it were . Bill. Hey, Dave. H only I had a Gerber Blade. Bi: But how will those open the door? THE 3 MAN-CUBS LOCK HEADS Br: . . sorry guys, not working Bill Try the knob. Br: The knob? D: The Doorknob! SUDDENLY THE DOOR OPENS EN- TER MAN(?). HANDS DRAGGING ON THE GROUND WEARING " NEED A ROOMATE? " SHIRT. Missing Link Go Navy, Thir! The Central Scrulinizer (narrator} Inside it is dark, dank, and surprisingly warm D Where ' s the a ! lights? ENTER RED HAIRED MAN WITH GASH ON HIS HEAD Red Need a light? BR We coutd use a large candle ' Red (looking up says) Where ' s my can- dle ' ' A CANDLE IS WITHDRAWN Red Thanks se- cret one THE CANDLE IS LIT C S The Man-cubs press on Bi What we need is a guide BR. Shwu. who smells ' ' C S A man appears, wrapped in tow- els and eating bran muffins Muffin eater I ' ll be your guide C S As Brian hands the candle to their ner- vous guide, M E drops the candle into a puddle at their feet C S ME picks up the candle and the journey continues To rny desert princess, a panda. To Mom and Dad, hey I made ill Gregory R. Brown Brownie Waban, Massachusetts History Naval Aviation LJo-dee-doe. Moan ' back Nacho cheese. ' ' Schweenbag Browndog sure left an impres- sion on 12th Company, both in terms of vocabulary and other areas. Julie and Henry " s little redhead was overlooked by the Academy the first tirrre around, so he spent a year at Wash U. in Si. Louis being a Beta brother, minding the nets for the soc- cer team, and marching the Air Force ROTC way The second try was the charm, and it has been Navy Air ever since He was still intimately involved with marching however, because he spent his first 3 years complaining from within the ranks and then he ended up leading the company his senior year. CDR Casual adopted this wayward soul, even though he smells like a hockey goalie (co-captam) and he belches and farts A LOT He developed some custom habits along the way, such as sleep- ing all the time {class included), throwing fruit as a weapon, and using a candle for purposes other than lighting the way His uniform appearance was always impeccable. When this history major makes his final landing and sheds his uniform, he is sure to gravitate to God ' s country. New England, More specifically, to Beantown. where Nellie and Helen await with open paws. How ya ' din? JHE and JCM Edward T. Bush Bush Carpentersville, Illinois General Engineering Naval Aviation Ed. having grown up in the less than desirable parts o( Chicago and having spent a year in the Navy at Great Lakes, arrived at the Naval Acad- emy with a remarkable sense of self -assuredness During his Stay at the Academy this quality of his both pleased and displeased his friends, class- mates, upperclass, and Company Officers to ex- tremes It was often not easy to be around Ed, much less live with him, but it was never dull. Ed ' s quick wit. sense ol humor, amazing imagination. and musical abilities enabled him to make any situ- ation that much more interesting As we all did, Ed experienced many changes during his term at USNA. Some were obvious; some were subtle. Dur- ing plebe year, Ed was convinced to quit the YP squadron and go out for Ltwt. crew. While he did not fall in love with rowing, he did become addicted to fitness. Fitness and his martial arts skills he pur- sued relentlessly. He transformed himself from a shapeless slug into a man to be reckoned with on anyone ' s terms. While this is a credit m itself, it is more an indication ol his intense character and his dedication to those things he believes in Of course there are things about Ed which will never change and things which will never change soon enough. At times Ed ' s career at USNA seemed to be a series of confrontations with walls, doors, roommates, and innocent bystanders As long as he can keep his temper, his hands, and his feet under control, he will be allright Ed. remember what G Thorogood said about us hot-headed men But most impor- tantly. Ed proved to be a very strong and trustwor- thy friend who stood firm and close during all the good times and bad Ed. whomever you are wing- man to will be a lucky man indeed, B.T.W. William W. Clark Woodie Munford. Tennessee Oceanography Naval Aviation tA oodte. or Woody like it says on his choo- ' V choo train shirt, came to the Academy from that far off country known as Memphis Woodie ' s come a long way since our plebe days He had to struggle his way through studying plebe year be- cause we. his roommates, constantly badgered him. He also took a lot of " Banzai " attacks from the upper rack by the little gambler from Las Vegas- Woodie took a lot of abuse from us throughout the years but pulled it out in the last semesters with great academic achievement Who could of thought that Woodie could get stars being the plebe he was Woodie ' s goal is to work with the Space Shuttle program. Up in space, a perfect place for Woodie ' s ultimate backpacking trip. He loves those outdoors and has spent many weekends out on the open trails and the white slopes. Woodie ' s athlete endeavors in high school proved helpful here He led the company ' s sport teams to many victories despite his " other than calm " approach on the playing field Woodie and I had quite a lew memorable limes, like the one. with the two girls who collected mids ' shoulder boards, and laughing our way through many study hours just by looking at each other. Woodie ' s got it made, good grades, high-but- reachable ambitions, a last car. and a sweet girl- friend- Have we left anything out? Oh yeah, the ability to be a good friend. GOOD LUCK WITH NASA. Ronald R. Dalton Ron Deer Park. Texas General Engineering U.S. Marine Corps M hen Ron lirsi arrrved in room 5225 Irltte did ' he realize this random room assignment was actually a four year roommate contract Together we abused a NUMBER ot transient roommates most notedly his BUDDY (a victim ot penny assina- tion) and THE WILDERNESS STOt PER (aka FISTS OF FURY) Both were year long sentence: Annually Ron developed a Fraternal clique ot friends including 1 c Bill " the a nti-human " , the " how high should I jump " 2 c. and linally the 3 c crapper Academically. Ron started well but his Aero career quickly ran aground by Wild Bill The inevitable switch to GE was really a blessing in dis- guise providing ample weekends lor journeys to Marymount and Wilmington to visit the wife Ron met Leanne at the DC Star concert not Disco Qahl- gren (he repeatedly emphasises this discrete differ- ence) These four years have brought two things to light, don ' t ever owe him money and fear Mexican Meal (particulary Burntos) Ron has always been a connoisseur of fine humor His tastes ranged from velvet Jones to Floyd R Turbo, to the Greaseman A rtch comic background provided hours of conver- sation This affection tor humor has even swelled inio his service selection An avowed pilot tor 3 years Ron flirted with Nuke power, but finally opted lor the Glamorous life ol the Marine Corps supply officer Good luck in the future and beware of Rufus JPW Vincent E. Debban Dirt Greeley. Colorado Mathematics Cryptology One day a skinny kid with lots of determina- tion wandered into Annapolis seeking ad- venture Instead he was inducted At 1251b Vmce could handle anyihing the Academy handed him- excepl a 45 Academics came easy to someone who ' d rather study than sleep Vmce raised his CQPR every semester but one, finally getting thai elusive 4 senior year Nobody knows why he nev- er got stripes Summer cruise was an education in Itself In Tijuana he discovered some very expensive under-the-table dnnks. but Vince recouped his losses on first class cruise, an all-expense paid va- cation to New Zealand The Army-Navy game was always unusual After fighting pneumonia plebe year, youngster year found him in a bathtub with Wille, Ralph and a used bottle of rum Senior year brought Mr Spring Junior year Vmce was one of the elife sent to West Point Despite being kidnapped tarred and feathered, Vmce found time for recon- ning the class ring, a 3 99 and Denise (a good way to gel Over Wendy-remember, look betore you leap) Vmce often considered leaping his plebe year but with the help of the Mooreds and, later, some USMA brass, he learned to leap into things instead of out Returning from West Point, he promptly got an F in Wires and D on the PCR West Point wasn ' t so bad after all Then an allergy test and his mis- aligned body NPOed him from everything but Re- stricted Line " Supply Corps-hell no! " Vince took the lone Crypto billet, where he can use his I gend- ary ability to gather dirt More than one c rl has fallen to his charms but as for Janeanne, it ' s her loss, not his (at least not yet) And so, after four years, lOO cases of Mountain Dew and as many all- nighters. Vmce IS taking his bulky 165 lb body and a new set of uniforms to the Fleet But can he slill put both legs behind his head ' ' WWG 428 Twelfth Company Karl T. Diederich Karl Troy, Michigan Systems Engineering Nuclear Power - Submarines i ' arl joined the brigade coming from a large family in the midwest He had to take care of himself This showed up from the very first day as he hitchhiked his way to the academy Karl ' s inde- pendence continued to shine as he was the only plebe to actually confirm his inventory of issued supplies He didn ' t let one sock get away This ability soon had him nicknamed the old miser Karl dealt with roommates who spent so much time wor- rying about how much he had packed away that they didn ' t notice that they needed to get personal- ities for themselves This turned around, however Having tailed fo carry enough water on two backpacking trips plebe year as a result ol trying to conserve weight, he began to learn When the bear came in search of his food, he saw the light From thai summer m the Sierras forward, he adopted a live and let live atti- tude A good-hearted person emerged who really cared about people Returning unscathed from a long trek into the northern Rockies, Karl managed to go astray again If he had known he was going to have to room with the guy who broke his wnst in plebe wrestling, per- haps he would not have moved to 5-0 first class year But the quarters formations were great and Bait Conduct wasn ' t all that bad Still, the academ- ics got him He must have set the record for most all-nighters m a semester By my count he had over 15 The computer seemed to thwart his attempts at Imishing and going lo bed But, with submarine selection behind him, he was able to return to his companymates and enjoy his final semester Karl, we wish you luck in your future under Ihe sea, give the " threat " hell, and God bless you WWC. JAF, JHE. BTB, John H. Edwards Gougeman Norfolk, Virginia Mechanical Engineering Civil Engineer Corps John was still sweating when he arrived here from Norfolk in the Custom Comet — no, his father has nothing to do with the Navy The sweat- ing increased through plebe summer at an expo- nential (of course) rate His sweat polished leather ' s high gloss matched the shme of his expo- nentially increasing forehead John ' s mole-like morning face could be seen groping tor the sink as the ten minute chowcall sounded, the mind behind the face obviously al- ready at full capacity Usually it (that mind) was computing ways to reach the all important goal of CEC His mind had little to do with his colorblind- ness, which was his ticket off the sea and onto the sewer systems of navy bases world wide His class rank (6), his major (mech eng), and his GPA (3 95) cinched his aim No big surprise — any goal once set, marathons, regimentalships. Britamma ex- changeships, ad infinitum John would do a favor for anybody In fact, he even left part (of all) of his dinner m his roommate ' s shoes alter a tough night on the Santa Monica beach John will even do a favor for the Navy (he ' lt be a careerman) as evidenced by the crook in his coffee mug fmger Although his accomplishments are amazing to all. they are commonplace and the rule rather than the exception And just because he IS graduating doesn ' t mean he is all out of surprises He has more Good luck, GRB JCM i m«: Evan G, Evans. Jr. Airborne Corona. California Mechanical Engineering, Naval Flight Officer A fter deciding not to major In botany or mo- ' •lofcycle repair m sunny Southern California, Evan chose Mech E at the Boat School as the next best thing Alter the excitement of Ptebe year wore oft and Evan put his civilian clothes away, he decid- ed to pursue the second best thing in lite - skydiv- ing. If not falling from perfectly good airplanes, he was studying land nav at Ouantico or sinking at Navy Dive School After these accomplishments and rumor of his msecl diet, the men in green thought they had him for sure. But not one to lake the easy way out. Evan saw the light and decided to go Navy Air. Evan also enjoyed the best things in life. If he wasn ' t juggling Patti. Amy, Brenda or Kathryn (he didn ' t try to juggle BECKY), he was out on his SR500. which like all real mids, he kept in the yard, Evan tried to start a " Retire the Rocket " club but no 0-rep could be found. {Still scared guys?) He was later seen to be practicing on the range with a very large bore handgun. Watch out Read! Best of luck and " Get P-3 ' s " " John David T. Fisher Fishman NorthvilJe, Michigan General Engineering Naval Aviation ACT II: MID- JOURNEY ■yhey travel on, noticing the ground is gravelly ' and almost crunchy Bi: (glancmg down, scratches and sniffs the cave wall) Look, chocolate love candies)! C S A slushy voice is heard Voice: Osh osh osh, those are mine, along with this pizza. Side of beef, and large salami C.S : Wild screams are heard from behind and beyond Br Look! Its I B BAD and the Country Ballhog. one chained to the wall and the other one whipped Voice These are my dinner guests D: What is their crime? V: Pencil-necking and cradle-robbing Br. Oh well, bon appelit THE MAN-CUBS CONTINUE. C.S.: Crossing a subterranean river they become lost in the deep dark chasm Bi I think we ' re lost! C.S.: An apparition appears. Bf My God! Look at those cheeks! He slashes at the grotesquely bloated face, C S : Gooh It was bad Face Wait ' I have the gouge, but first a history lesson. D. No thanks, but there ' s a guy at the door who needs some help C S The Man-cubs sally forth away from bloat- face. calling to ihem " Come back, I need a fnend! " Th ey never looked back Suddenly they are al the foot ot a rocky incline Behind the rocks, a short stout maiden listens The three are tired and dirty. but hungry for adventure. The maiden appears Maiden Hi. my name is Adventure The man-cubs share an evil gnn D Bill, start the fire. C S : They continue once again, exhausted and dirty . Br: This story has no Memlt The man-cubs ascend the incline to find a mushroom (orest Tho they fight the vegetation, minutes later Dave trips on a stub and falls on a bush Bush You step on me I kill you Bi Since when do bushes talk " ? Br- All the time Stub. I don ' t think that was the Wnght thing to say The man-cubs three leave a forest m flames. They climb carven stone steps to an ancient basketball court. Franklin P. Fries Jake St. Petersburg. Florida Ocean Engineering Surface Warfare ptank came here with long hair and a cloudy ' bram-now he has a strong liver and many memories, ot the things he can remember, anyway He quickly found a spot on the sailing team and a spot on the bill of the Friday night fights, which took place everyday in his room Luckily he won all the fights and was able to concentrate on more impor- tant things, like drinking sailing. Both usually went together 3 c year brought many famous sayings like " I have no morals " He took his act to Mary Wash, where he was forced to promise the police he ' d never return Back at school he helped open the bar and grill. Next came mess night and those moments on the balcony nobody ever knew about. He also became the only one of the boys to sen e restriction, even if it was just 1 day Another stripe came and the drunkathon summer began. The beer stayed cold in P-cola, but then even the AC froze Then it was up North and the 4th of July croquet match He didn ' t win, but he crawled his way to the finish anyway. More fun followed that fall, even as far as the west coast. He showed his skills while chasing down an escaping criminal and while changing drivers for relief. ' The great food and brew heist came that tall- compliments of our SWO buddies MRT ' s started m the spring and led to many lasting memories, even if we don ' t know how we got back A few too many braincells tell by the wayside and a trip to see Chuck followed He didn ' t mind summer school too much since he got to see his little girl every night. Then he commited the Cuban Crime ot Passion His plea-I ' m having fun! During Army week a chicken exploded Soon Frank will be off to " the Real Navy " I hope it ' s ready lor him! Just remember-You can ' t fall off the floor Michael W. Gannon Blinky Lackawanna, New York History Surface Warfare Mike came to Navy that July morning many years ago intelligent, motivated, spirited and awake This changed quickly There were a couple of lean academic semesters, but somehow he sur- vived-history majors do. Steam was very very good to Mike- the second time. Few can boast going into Finals with F ' s in Chemistry, Physics, and Wires and coming out with C ' s. Project 2 1 was no new subject to Mike as he got quite comfortable as an elite charter member Few knew that he aced the mile every semester or that he did in fact study. But our hero v,- ' as a rock We still wonder why he couldn ' t pass the underwater swim, especially when he was already on the bottom Mike ' s love life gave us all a few laughs. Philadelphia ' 84 had its ups and downs as the real Mike Gannon SPRANG into action After a year and a half fling with Donna-do-you-wanna. he was snubbed by an airborne soldier Although many of us claim to be close friends to Mike, none was closer than his big blue rack. He can fall asleep anytime or anyplace, and this common fetal posi- tion was a detriment to us of studious nature not majoring in Trivial Pursuits His strong leadership qualities, his personal appearance, his dedication. and performance rankings led him to the pinnacle ot all leadership positions during his last semester- squad leader. The Green Team tried to get him. but he still chose surface, or in other words, hts only other choice Mike did well professionally and will make a good SWO, provided he qualifies gradually and doesn ' t blow it oft like he did on his papers. The girl from NJ has been like the Dawn of a new day to Mike in more ways than one. Who will win the bet m 20 years? REM hasn ' t killed him yet. Don ' t turn into a John Valby I LIKE MIKE- a true survivor of ' 85. . . . . . The DIRT John Geier The Kid Whittier. California History U.S. Marine Corps John Geter Manne Uisl Mrdshipman second Although ihis was noi always the case, soon after a certain 82 grad grabbed hold of him (a Manne grad, that is) the role of leatherneck pre- vailed 01 course with jarheadrsm comes the bag-il history major, a subject at twhich John excelled Even though John knew he would be buying lepre- chaun outMs come " 85, to return the favors of his ptebe year roommate (John acquired several bruises from flying shoes at 0200 — his roommate could not stand snoring that brought ceiling tiles down from their perch), he swiped a precious 3 c sub-cruise directly from under hts soon ex-room- mate ' s nose Third Class year piebe and youngster boxing proved our fearless jarhead to be a fisticuffs first fiddle. John leM his skills quite marketable, so he bought a fight with his newest soon-to-be-ex- roommate, causing quite a biuhaha in both the company and the conduct office Don ' l think John always fought with his room- ma!e{s) The truth is. John was always willing to give help to those people less fortunate than him. especially the aqua and history rocks He allowed too little of his sentimental side to show perhaps (Marine syndrome), but it was always there, jusf be- hind those round cheeks and im rails, the latter causing John great pleasure and pam Johns snore will echo in the corridors and attics ol Mother B (and Sampson Hail) for eons, as will his excellent friendship and kindness His trials are cer- tainly not over but It gets easier (rom here. He ' s moving into his natural habitat Good luck big guy Elizabeth A. Gilstad Eli San Antonio, Texas Oceanography Medical Corps Ell came to 12lh company with pnor military experience - one day in 5th company After a string of beaus in black, Eli settled down to seri- ous courtship Plebe year study hour found her perched in the open doorway trying to catch the eye ot 3 C Gee-rard across the hall A late mght glasses run, a Form-2 tor " error in judment. " $400 phone bills, a Porsche (the " family car " ) and three years later, they are ready to tie the knot Originally a physics major, youngster year Eli de- cided she had always wanted to be a doctor and switched to oceanography The " Stars War " be- gan with the arrival ot her brother second class year Eli ' s summers were spent sailing to Florida and Bermuda (This was professional training!) Resisting all attempts to make her a wardroom rat. this S M I R F preferred to play her clarinet. sleep. " Sing like a bird. " listen to classical music and sleep First class year found her on VTNA sub squad After 15 flights she is still looking forward to her first solo Eli juggled her myriad of ECA ' s enough to imd at least halt an hour a night to study This persistence and hard work was rewarded with selection as a Batt sinper first class year Well, Ell. when your patients get sick. jusi pre- scribe a lew green M M ' s (they always worked for you) Good luck Dr EBAR! Everything will fle AW fflghtl GGO 430 Twelfth Company Emily D. Harman Chicken Legs Annandale, Virginia Physical Science Supply Corps From the beginning we knew Emily might have trouble adjusting to the military hie She amused at least herself when she couldn ' t per- form a simple about face at her first reveille, and when she decided it was easier to stay braced up all summer than learn the enlisted rales and ratings, Do you know them yet, Emily? Things got better when she began her torrid romance. However, the Major wasn ' t loo pleased when he walked into her hospital room after her first knee operation and found her and ' ner loved one holding hands and gazing into each others ' eyes over a dozen roses Was It worth It? It must have been at the time, at least, because we found ourselves in civilian clothes trying to parallel park an orange Buick outside Gate 3 so we could help Em set up a nice surprise lor her beau ' s birthday How Romantic! But we guess it wasn ' t meant to be At least she doesn ' t have to be a Marine now Once her knee and her heart healed she bounced back to basketball and guys Where are all the tall men ' ' ? Not m Georgia Her real love in life, though, was and always will be Junk Food! Her stamina was great II look a whole bag of Starburst. Sour Cream and Onion potato chips, and a Moun- tain Dew to linally make the TC tall and roll in agony on the court Great practice. Huh ' ' Did Coach know the real cause of the illness? Unloriunalely, after two great seasons ol B-ball she was set back by another matching knee injury Nice pair of knees, Harman But nothing could hold her back and de- termina tion pulled her through The Captam got to play We know that same determination and good spirits will always pull her through, what ever she does Keep that wonderful smile on your lace We love you! -D D Darlene R. Harter Darlin ' Middletown. New York History General Unrestricted Line Darlene began plebe summer tired up and ready to go Heat stress and being SIR slowed her down a bit but did give her the time to sew together a sheet poster Academic year brought even more physical hardships when she sprained her ankle in gymnastics She was on crutches until she noticed that the clock in the bar said almost midnight She was carried part way back in the strong arms ol a (hunk) football player and then she sprinted down the center of the hall forgetting her ankle It must have been painful! Thank goodness for those trusty crutches the next day But her health soon returned and the song on the radio told the whole story C H requested that WRNV play " Having my Baby " , dedicated to Dar- lene How nice! Both were quite surprised Darlene moved on to bigger and better things Those Span- iards sure can be impulsive Maybe she ' d better not go running with one She didn ' t learn her lesson and got involved with another foreigner This time she got engaged But a month later she came to realize he wasn ' t THE ONE Who is THE ONE ' ' Second class year true love came along m the torm of an underclassman, We hope she didn ' t corrupt him too much There were some lough times but true love always wins First class year we continued to put up with each other ' s different taste m music - Dianna Ross Barbara Streisand Gino Vanelli? - Geez! Hey, by the way. are you pi ssed oft or is that just determination on the way to the shower ' ' Emily didn ' t really mean to mess up your routine But determination is good and Darlene ' s certainly got it. Keep working hard - we know you ' ll prove that marriage and a Navy career can both work Hello. Oregon! Love. E D ifttEi; S, James P. McNeilly Jim Stanhope. New Jersey Systems Engineering Nuclear Power - Submarines im decided to give up a well-planned three month trip to Europe and an IV7 league educa- tion and came to USNA instead Plebe Summer Jim was blessed with LOS and I as roommates and Tommy and Peley as squad leaders . Piebe Sum- mer was no more difficult than Philmont. and ac- year was easier than high school With high grades Isi sem. he took on the Systems Dept. and suc- ceeded with ease. Jim never had trouble in any class and received A ' s m almost all but his elusive ES courses. His high grades guaranteed him a strip- er position so Maj. TJ made him 3 c company commander. Despite his so called " attitude prob- lem " and the tact that 2 c Chip and John did not like the way he walked and passed food, he was appointed 1st Reg Supply for 1st sem 2 c year and as squad leader tor 2nd sem Jim decided that this was enough leadership training lor any mid and decided on no more striper |0bs — he could spend that time on academics Jim also wanted to spend more time with Monique and managed to get a month in Ireland (where else?) and Europe during 1 c summer He also went on a sut) cruise and decided that being a SC6-marine officer was the lite for him (good pay, not much sun. good pay, good crew, and good pay) During his career at the Academy Jim was known for his trendsetling ward- robe. It mainly consisted of flannel shirts, jeans, a down vest, and leather Nikes, In Pasadena he topped it off with his leathers. Don ' t forgel-Gentle- men gouge; ready on the left, Mr Waliy writes my grease; Are you making that word up?; Dick Clark, Slut ' s de Boxcar; serge; the Norgeman; Taunting our roommates; SNL, Monty Python. All in all. the Nukes are getting a good officer who Tm proud to ' have lived with lor 4 years. RRD Kurt W. Menke Smitty Wheatland, Iowa Systems Engineering Nuclear Power - Submarines Kurt was born independently wealthy in the bustling megalopolis of Wheatland Iowa. His good grades, in spite ot his major, allowed him 10 remain active m Glee Club, smg in four musicals with one lead part, and serve as a company honor rep- He even pulled the wool over the administra- tions eyes, being awarded three stripes during de- tail But the historical record must be set straight; there are many sides to Kurt We first discovered Kurt ' s potential youngster year. Poor Barbara, like all of Kurt ' s dates she was such a nice girl! Kurt moved on to other women, meeting Debbie in LA at Army Somehow he spent 3 entire nights out, only to get a kiss She inspired him to learn " I Love You " m four languages Cue Tiermo. I ' ll bet! In attempt to shed his image, he reserved a double bed for ring dance. It ' s too bad his date left soon after seeing it. Glee Club took up most of his time, singing m Bar- bershop quartet and being elected president It also led him astray He helped stain hundreds ot miles of highway from the busses. One New York morning he was ressurected from a dnnking bout and spied an moceni looking glass of OJ Too bad it was last night ' s screwdriver Well, m the interests of brevity I ' ll have to skip some of the interesting stories But Kurt, we won ' t forget your sincere friendship, great sense of humor, and subscription to Forbes " Ich Liebe dich wie emen Bruder! " CCH John S. Merritt Scrogmaster Ravenswood, West Virginia Oceanography Naval Flight Officer John originally comes from the sunny beaches of Southern California. After a two year stmt of building his family ' s log cabin in Wesi-by-God-Vir- ignia. he returned to the sea as a pleber on 3-2 There are two reasons John came to the Naval Academy One was lo sad. the other was to take that really good celestial course he had heard about John sailed here tor three years As soon as he quit he destroyed his leg on the soccer field and ended up in a cast He really does belong on a boat. His lifelong goal is to be sitting on his sailboat under a starry sky m the Marquesas with a bottle of rum in one hand and his girl in the other As for celestial, he got lucky. His prof was nice enough to piece John ' s midterm back together Everyone deserved to spend time in Smoke Hall and John was no exception First he got a 4000 for missing taps when he didn ' t even rate liberty. Then who but John would qo back out and get a 5000 for missing the bed check It was a hot summer, A save the whales no nuke pacifist at heart, who knows why John put in for a sub cruise first class summer He and the nukes got along equally well; by the third day he decided he was going to be a P- 3 NFO so he could blow the little ! ' a$% tsout of the water Although he has wandered oft course more than once, he ' s still with his high school honey Angie ' s quite a gal to have put up with John and his blue- berhes for so long. Fair winds and following seas to the newest crazy Navy flyer. Sail away, Evan Victor A. Meyer Jr. Rip Van Meyer Fredricksburg. Virginia Oceanography Surface Warfare I ic had a choice between two schools. Navy y or USNA-thafs the way dad wanted it He had a rough start though: quoting regs. pledgemg the floor, and being hissed at Plebe year held other challenges, mainly surviving the four man room in- cluding the kid and his dad After he was done playing a prank on the kid, it was off to Amigos for a tew brews. The walks back were always tu n, espe- cially it a pitstop at the F-4 or a Durangodog at the sink, was m order Summer found Vic m California enjoying the enlisted life with Melvin, his partner in crime. An officer would never be arrested for being drunk. Vic returned to USNA to be one ot the founding members of the bar and grill. Vic holds the record for the t-burg to Philly course. Vic " The Road Warrior " Meyer began his almost weekly dra- graces to see his little Bison. 2 c summer Vic made some financial breakthroughs by charging a van- load of beer on Dad ' s gas card Nagshead will nev- er be the same after Vic arrived wtlh table-top pudding wrestling, and setting a world record m sleeping 21 hrs Vic ' s SS Celebrity Fruit Diet made Nat. Enquirer and helped him lose 1 pound. He also set a summer-white outdoor track record by run- ning from the stadium and a smoking chevelle to formation in 3 mm Conan Meyer ' s friends spent more time pushing his car than riding m it, 1 c cruise saw pirate Meyer sailing the Pac, and living his life like a song in the PI Vic " Grand Prix " Meyer got a porsche his 1 c year and learned the true meaning of liberty Mr Vegas was crowned Mr, Philadelphia at Army Vic also received the Eddie Doyle Award for oulslandmg navy lineman, what else could you do with a ceramic football Who ' s your buddy? Wake me up at the chow call! Brian Minzenmayer Minz Houston. Texas Naval Architecture Nuclear Power - Surface Onan, a Ime young man. many an old Inend would profess, had a vision (our long years ago He saw himself attending the finest school in the land, graduating honorable into a world he would somehow someday make better But as is the case with most wishlul thinking, his dream did not come true — Brian was accepted into the Naval Academy II this wasn ' t bad enough, he stayed, some say he even hked it Considered incapable ol leading a normal life by the medical profession. Brian lit in perfectly at the boat school. The admin- istration set him up with a baggii major. Naval Ar- chitecture, and pushed him into the Navy lightweight crew program, where they knew he couldn ' t hurt himself When asked why he rows, Brian simply replies, " It ' s lun " Now that ' s Nuts! Brian, as a senior was chosen as the lightweight learn captain I guess thai was to make sure all the other crazies didn ' t hurl themselves Despite the Academy, Brian made it. and you know he really was a good student, a damn good athlete, and most importantly a hell ot a friend. We ' ll meet Michael W. Montesanti Vinnie Mt. Laurel, New Jersey Physical Science U.S. Marine Corps Ay ike came to USNA via MMA (the Marine ' ' ' School) After a year ' s exposure, he decid- ed that the Marine Corps was not tor him So what ' s he doing lor service selection? Marine Corps, He arrived at this decision after considering NFO, Sur- face Line, and his class rank Vinme was one who usually snatched victory from the jaws of defeat His grades during the semester would linger in the unsal range According to the Deputy Danl. his performance was dismal Then during the end. our hero would ace the finals to amaze his critics. The same would happen in bail, tennis with his partner, me Those aces during the finals were the same aces that helped our ream win the Brigade Champi- onship 4 times Vinnie loved to waste time Sweala- sanii spent more time thinking and worrying about what would have to be done rather than doing it He was popular with the women, too. His shyness even led him to ask a tew of them out He even visited a woman ' s college his first class year ' Seriously, Mike was a good friend that anyone could depend on. He would do anything for anyone except loan them his typewriter Whatever he does m the future, whether it be in the military or the civilian world. Mike will succeed. Take care, buddy. JMW 432 Twelfth Connpany Jon C. Mullican Stubby Oklahoma City. Oklahoma Chemistry Nuclear Power - Surface Stubby came from the flatlands of the South- west to work a little Oklahoma voodoo for the Stiff, and did so well that he ended up being the captain of the baseball team his senior year He was the kind of guy who could be counted on to do anything for anyone, including standing in his hole on Worden Field as a battalion commander (more than one person told him to stand up out there) He survived his share of problems along the way, from the laundry tags dangling Irom his plebe summer neckerchief to the chickenneck roommates he of- ten lived with He was always the stable one, and always had an ear open for other people ' s prob- lems, mclutjing being the ringleader of the circus buddies out m Pasadena Criminy, he even man- aged to hold on to his high school sweetheart Dana, who will eventually be Mrs Stubby Being a chem major, he would experiment with |ust about every- thing test tubes on the window sill, drain cleaning. other people ' s minds, whatever But through it all. he was everyone ' s tavonle Stubby, and we wish him well wherever he ends up. What the freak? Who else deserves better? GRB and JHE Greer G. Olsen Greer Vienna. Virginia Political Science Intelligence • reer graduated from HoUon-Arms, an exclu- J sive girls ' school and came to the U S Naval Academy, an exclusive boys ' school it was an in- teresting transition to make With her natural affini- ty for talking - what better degree could she graduate with than a B S m Political Science? Still, a 4 IS a 4 Plebe year Greer met a very special friend who loved M M ' s and always had a kind word of en- couragement Volleyball (and a certain first class volleyball player) were the main weekend interests for Greer plebe year, but during youngster year, a rich, dashing blond midshipman almost stole her heart - almost Second class year was more serious but knowing what you want counts, and Greer is still unattached The summers were definitely " hardship tours " - first sailing Astral o Florida and the Bahamas and then on to the first class European tour - London. Pans, Heidelberg. Mons, Brussels First class year was the year of the S M I R.F. ' s You can tell them apart because one of them tikes M ' A ' S ' H, Hill Street Blues, St Elsewhere and the Redskins Greer spends the rest of her lime furnish- ing her apartment-to-be, planning her " Love Boat " cruise and sleeping. But all this IS almost behind her now. After years of Ellery Queen and James Bond. Greer is now looking forward to the undercover life ol Intelli- gence. (Remember " The Spy Who Loved Me " ?) 1 wonder it 007 drives a Firebird? Good Luck! Love, Eli M to Debra L. Peck Cruba Severna Park, Maryland General Engineering Civil Engineering Corps Deb was ready tor USNA. She came from a military family witti precisely folded color coded T-shirts Her determination was very evident when she studied her rales at night under the cov- ers with a flashlight When Ac year came there was trouble because her roommates couldn ' t fold their laundry the " right way ' But it wasn ' t all bad There were those nights when we spent all of study hour painting our legs for pep rallies. And speaking of legs what about the 6 ' 6 " 2 c down the hall? Deb overlooked the nose and went for the legs. Deb had her chances What about the two sailors and the company commander? We couldn ' t understand why some people called her Helen Hang Around the Room All Day until we saw those bow legs From then on no more crew so the weekends and holidays were free tor hockey games and who knows what Country music and a certain way of speaking soon became predominant in our room. So much tor lunk music and so much for her love lite. Despite the fact that Deb changed from sys- tems to general engineering she slil! got CEC as a service selection She became the pride and joy of her tamily because she followed m her father ' s and brother ' s footsteps Deb ' s determination is her best characteristic and it will gel her what she wants. Good Luck in life and keeping your hair long Love- E and D. Mark D- Rose Rosie Las Vegas. Nevada Applied Science Naval Flight Officer Ay ark arrived to the Academy from Las Vegas ' " ' for four years of parly and fun. He soon found out, however, that the rigors of plebe summer and academics put a slight damper on some of his social activities Even though he was slightly ham- pered by this he made many friends. One sticks out clearly from the rest, Mr V I can ' t even count the number of times Mr V saved him while he was out in Annapolis bar hopping and mingling with the maggotry Mark faced every challenge with great 2 analysis required a lot of rest and he excelled in this endeavor, rest that is. He also attacked his physical tests with much enthusiasm The mile runs espe- cially did him up so much that he wouldn ' t run another inch without making an offering to the track god. Mark offered many meals to this beast There was never a boring moment with Mark around, for when things started to slow down a bit he was always there to liven up the day with his wit and humor Mark can best be remembered for his " I B BAD " attitude and license plate and his ability to entertain the " young " ladies of Annapolis and Philly The Academy will surely miss Mark but it ' s on to anywhere but the Marine Corps for him. . Ops Lee O. Smith Lee-0 Atlanta. Georgia Physics U.S. Marine Corps A AH is an ugly thing, but not the ugliest of ' ' things, the decayed and degraded state of moral and patriotic feeling which thinks that noth- ing is worth war IS much worse A man who has nothing for which he is willing to fight, nothing he cares about more than his own personal safety, is a miserable creature who has free, unless made and kept s better men than himself. no chance of being D by the -Anonymous For it ' s Tommy this, an ' Tommy that, an ' " Chuck him out. the brute! " But it ' s " Savior of ' is country " when the guns begin to shoot -Kipling From the diaphragm. Lee could expound upon any subject from football to black holes on any given evening in the company wardroom His ' " perior intellect " carried him through the rigors ol the Physics major with only minimal effort on his part The majority of Lee ' s spare time was devoted to experimental studies on the deformatic wardroom upholstery under ectomorphic body stress Lee was always willing to lend a hand wher ever necessary We all wish Lee the best of luck in the Corps. Ooh-Rah Big Fella (did we do tha right?) -GRB, ETB Michael G. Stepaniak Spanky Livonia, Michigan Systems Engineering Nuclear Power - Submarines Spanky came to USNA from the land of strange Mids (KTD. Beemer, and Torres). Afler spending a year at NAPS (Naval Academy PRE-School) he finally made it to USNA where he learned the hard way that you don ' t want to be marching area tours when rooms for ac-year are being selected He never really knew how lucky he was to have roommates who would constantly be demonstrating the finer points ot boxing, judo, wrestling, and hand-to-hand before he had to actu- ally learn then m PE After 2 semesters with KTD. FF. and Blinky, the Spank-man decided new room- mates were in order Youngster year also brought out the Stepaniak Engineering Constant which proved very useful in Statics and Dynes. Mike had no trouble with academics and Systems was a breeze Second class year Mike again got a new roommate by hitching up with the Bollard for a two year tour As a segundo, Mike also found Nancy. the wife In atheletics, Mike excelled to the position of goalie m both LAX and Fieldbalt, mainly because he only had to run about 3 feet m each direction (he didn ' t want to task his inert cardiovas ular system) Untoriunate ' y, the Stepaniak Engineering Constant did not help m the mile run, so Mike became one of Heinz Lenz ' s boys He ran many miles for Navy m order to reach the " miracle mile " Seeing (or rather the threat of not seeing) Nancy on the weekend provided enough motivation to pass For service selection, Mike has chosen Nuke Subs for the chal- lenge and the pay (don ' t forget the food also) Any- way, he will make a fine officer I ' m proud to call my fnend Remember strike three and you ' re out. Diedench (rhymes with Damien), who ' s your bud- dy, FW, Airforce 1983, Fran ' s, and Spring Break 19B4 RRD, MDR. JPM Edwin T. Strong III Elwood State College. Pennsylvania Mechanical Engineering Surface Warfare Since Penn State was all filled up tn ' 81 Ed settled (or the boat school What the hell. It was the right pnce " Elwood " spent most o1 his time studying. " Mr Strong, you should have a 3 0 " . and sailing It was Ptebe yeat thai he adopted the head under thepiHow method " Shut the up " Four people in a Ihree man room didn ' t make things uncomfortable. " Kid. |ust keep him in the box " Whenever Ed had a severe case ot the cramps, he ' d |usi head lor the mountains " Third squad muster " Youngster summer Ed set a precedent-he blew chunks Irom other than alcoholic causes, while sailing to Bermuda Bahrain was hot, but no- where near as hot as Filet a ' la Burnto and ' i pound- ers " How come you guys are having burgers, we had them last week? " , and " go to bed you geeks " Mess night was an alcoholic haze, and 2 c summer was home of the Pensacooler " Turn up the AC Frank, we can ' t gel il all m the tndge " 2 c year was the debut o the war wagon and the big white coffin II gol just about as far as the yacht club every weekend-who could pass up free booz The Blues Brothers made their isl MRT to the Fiddler ' s Green Ed fell down a lot thai year He also lost his memo- ry ' How ' d we gel back from College Park I ' m sure glad you guys drove back ' etc Ed slept around a tot m his 4 years He slept with every trashcan in Ihe company Ed also kindled an old llame that year 1st class year found Ed al Ihe helm of a NASS yachi. and practicing the yachi club crawl " Who made the meos on the sleps Did I do anything wrong last night " He also wrote " How to Have a Good Time m Georgetown On a Limited Budget. " - " It ' s dark outand we ' re wearing sunglasses. Hit It. " Steven S. Vahsen Vahs Annapolis, Maryland Applied Science Naval Flight Officer A Iter high school. Sieve decided he was tired ' ■ of living at home so he packed up his bags and walked down the street to USNA The confines of the Academy plebe year were no problem lor Steve, (or he soon learned how to get off the grounds as (asl as he walked on them " l-Day " Plebe and 3 C years he decided the best way to avoid trouble was to keep a low profile, which our upperclass mistook as an attitude problem Conse- quently he was habitually watched, and he dodged many a form-2 with good B Sing and a lot of Ima- gmiiive thinking But Steve couldn ' t be (ried, lor he never made a mistake Correction, he did make 3 mistakes — he got 3 B ' s, but o( course one wasn ' t his (ault But somehow, Steve managed to survive through all of the upperclass, academics, ski trips. Mexican games, the " cheesmg ' at one of his B-day parties, trunk rides m his Mom ' s car, Ihe BUD Man, many trips to home, and Wendy: and he sM man- aged 10 be ranked 2 in our class How he did It I ' ll never know Bui Steve, what ever you are doing — keep il up. you helped bring a litlle laughter to all o( Ihe insanity, and I know you ' ll go far Knock-em out in the fleet. BM 434 Twelfth Company , Peter L. Wilkens Pete San Jose. California General Engineering Naval Aviation A ow here ' s a guy that had it all going for him; ' V Tall, DARK, handsome. Stale champion Swimmer, wonderlul parents, a resident of kool CalKornia, and the ability to go to any school he wished Instead he decided to follow his dream of becoming a Blue Angel pilot which led him to the NAPSTAR institute of money, women, and a good lime Weil, this didn ' t provide the conlenlment nec- essary to make it through plebe year Instead he engaged m countless episodes of indulging in the spirits Well, the lighter side saw a deep individual who had feelings only few knew of He would never hesitate to help you out or lend you something Though many of them tried, none has succeeded In capturing this wild spirit and tying it down, though one IS very close. Pete also enjoyed his trip to Lauder-Dale with Scott Dave It was a small miracle he made it at all considering Pete tried to set a world ' s record by jumping over a certain wall only to receive a years worth of various awards such as a tull time pass to the EMBC Oh yeah Pete, when a cop passes you al 70 mph. you don ' t have to try and catch him Is Dynamics really that interesting? It must be if you decided to take it again Senior year Remember New Year ' s Eve with Scooter, Christine, and Ka- ren " ' Should we have tried it? Pete has settled down recently going full time with the third leg of the tantalizing triad which included Leslie. Harriet and his very own Marybelh Good Luck in the Angels One more special thanks goes to the landlords of the Olsen Inn, who supplied Pete with plenty o( popcorn while Pete supplied us all a Inend for life Take Care James M. Willianns Grit Helena. Georgia Applied Science U.S. Marine Corps Georgia Sdulhern College was a big school, so alter a year, Jim decided to go to a small, out of slate school where he could gel thai more intimate feeling Congratulations Jimbo! Was it really worth it? As the fried food junkie of twelfth company, he went withoul rival, although I finally managed to get him to eat yogurt during our final year Hood College also saw a lot o( Jim during our final year In fact, Knsly (his Lady) probably saw him more ihan I did Jim also became somewhat of a chameleon while at the Academy by changing from major to major Finally he had to stop because (irst class year came around This unchallenged experience led him into the billet of academics offi- cer for the company Despite his keen athletic abili- ty which helped to lead second battalion to 4 Brigade Championships, he managed to spram not one ankle, but both ankles m the same day He spent the nexi day m a wheelchair; hence the name ' Wheels ' Jim has been a great roommate and friend, always ready to give o( himself and to help others. He ' ll be a tine addition to the Marines Corps, and to Knsty ' s family MWM % ):LtiTie,Conr SMameOx oftawaa MnattHa ' •twill WlKsSm, js (fom his prep school Kent jwhere heaquired his refined manners, punc- tilious couriesty and Ihe mcest sense of personal honor. He came expecting physical tortures thai i would sicken the Nazis Instead he found, much to his dismay, mental tortures not physical Even so he trudged forward Breezing through plebe summer, Ben would come to find that, in the succeeding years, the most challenging aspect of N.A life would not be the difficult Mech. E major he chose, the horrors of crew training, or the restrictions im- I posed by the system, but rather it would be trying 1 to survive his prior enlisted, Chicago bred room- I mate. It was a cultural exchange of unusual sorts I that kept them together for four years. From I Georgetown to Capt ' s row they fought together, played together, argued with each other, and ruled together. Ben ' s years at the Academy were to end on a respectable note as he assumed the position ; 12th Co. commander. Here he ruled with an iron hand and a bullet head. Somewhere along the way he found out that the Marine Corps was looking for a few good men Naturally he figured that his ser- vices were in great demand so he signed up. They could give him what he wanted; challenges, men to lead, and of course, the chance to hold back the Red Hoards The Marine Corps will do well to have him and he will need no wish of luck to succeed " Be cheerful while you are alive " See you in the JCS E.T. William R. Young dog Abington, Massachusetts General Engineering Surface Warfare ACT III The Knife A game, 3 against I is in progress, C S. The ' Budweiser Warwagon team was no match for the deadly eyes of the other (Ifs hard to win a game when wasted by the National Bo team) As the one man team misses a buzz sounds, he says: Jeez I would ' ve made that shot if Ihe lights weren ' t blinking. The weiser Bud-man Hey, ya weinie, the lights ain ' t blinkm, you are. As the man-cubs leave, they are confronted by an oriental Godknowswhal OGKW Excuse me, gentleman, what is your view on non-standard modeling of sub-atomic particles? Bi- What ' s your view on human knife sheaths? Bill wipes his knife clean, discussion terminated. The cubs descend into the Flatlands A man ap- pears on one leg with the other about his head. They cure him of his problem The three come upon the queen of the flatlands Br: Fair Queen, at your service. D: I wonder if she melts? Bi: Where ' s the candle? As the Man-cubs reach their final obstacle. the great gaping precipice, a group of travellers approaches: a man with perfect hair, one of great girth, a tall woman carrying 2 basketballs, an off duty beanpole on a motorcycle, a sparsley furred brain, and Ihe yet unnamed oriental. Tired of Ihe gifted, they turn and cross the tattered rope bridge to the sea The others follow Dave notices a sign blown down by the wind D: It says: Max capacity 6 morons The man-cubs look at each other and yell " We need a roommate " A wolf-like figure escapes from the forest and |Oins Ihe others on the bridge Bi: 12 was not their lucky number As the sun sets, the cubs make camp Another uneventful day The moral ol the story " Ihe best way to up your class rank, kill those above you. " Bill looking into the precipice gasps CREDITS: 4 (or lack of foresight; 2 for lack of interest THE END?? Twelfth Company Thirteenth Company Richard A. Camacho Rick Fairfax. Virginia Mathematics Surface Warfare pick (inally arrived m Annapolis after a one ' ' year detour through scenic Newport. Rhode Island Although NAPS had given Rtck a head- slart in many respects he still made the mistake of declaring a Mech E major plebe year Youngster year witnessed a dubious switch to a math major (good Rick!) as well as hts election as Bachelor Club president He had no trouble attracting the girls but did experience some difliculiies escaping red roses, wedding rings, etc It Lady Luck did help RiCk with the women, she certainly was ol no assistance when it came to drunken or wrmpy lieutenants Unlofiunately, en- counlers wilh such people cost him almost two semesters o( weekends So what if Rick couldn ' t control his explosive temper when dealing with 0 " 3s. be dtd make an admirable eltorj in dealing with Squat, despite Mark ' s eltorts to collect his SGLI Alter rooming with Rick tor four years (no one else could), I leel that one o( his greatest achieve- ments ' S the (act iharhe never pulled an allnighter In lad. he was never awake past midnight unless Magnum P I was on late night TV Rick ' s tofceful and vocal personality (just ask the Duck) brought him a lot of attention and helped make him a prominent member of the l3th compa- ny For his influence and sense of humor we thank him Best of Luck M J F. 436 Richard L. Clouse Psycho Alexandria, Pennsylvania Physical Science Surface Warfare reat job Navy, you turned out a great guy Charles S. Collins Chuckles Livonia. Michigan Economics Intelligence Charlie was the only guy not physically quali- fied to be alive This tact didn ' t stop him from abusing his body in many more ways, such as smoking, dipping, and, on occasion, dnnking. Only his participation in ihe Todd Squad held these evils at bay Charlie had a couple of passions m lile while at USNA Sitting at Timmy ' s, talking over a pizza and a few pitchers of beer was an early pleasure Later, the bar was Pete ' s Charlie could always be counted on as a companion when liberty finally arrived Although he ' s been all over Ihe town of Annapolis and points west, he still doesn ' t know his way around Really Charlie, a Road Atlas doesn ' t cost that much Chuckles loved USNA so much that he rarely spent time here Instead, he seemed to enjoy road trips to Boston. Thank God for three day weekends and 1-95. Within the Acade- my walls, Charlie drank gallons of coffee, kept well advised of Ihe current economics situation, and, when he could tear himself away from his duties as First Lieutenant, he even landed himself a scholar- ship lor graduate work. This will finally let him live out his dream of going to a real school Charlie has been a wonderful fnend to us all and we wish him the best of luck in all he undertakes Steven F, Dupuis Doops Newport News. Virginia Oceanography Naval Flight Officer Steve came to Navy from Hargrave Military Academy After helping us all learn to shine shoes, buckles etc . he became one of the BOYS We all loved lo go out with Steve because after he ' d leave us and get lost, we all wondered if he ' d get back alive this time Although he always managed to get back, it ' s a good thing he went to church because somebody was watching after him Most people have wondered why Steve wore a tie everywhere Well, I ' m here lo say thai it was to hide those terrible " hickies " You can ' t fool us Steve Another trademark of Steve ' s was his car That little red Porsche was like a child of divorced parents He had it on Ihe weekends, and Ihe mechanics got it during ihe week Seriously, though. Steve and I sure did live through some tough limes Not only did we live with Norman Bates for a semester, but we also had to live with Dr Spock and Chesty Puller Finally, we got a room of our own. and Ihal ' s when the real excitement started I ' ll never (orgel the community soap. cups, toothbrush, shoe etc Before I let you graduate. I ' m going to buy you an alc- ' m with a foghorn on it I believe you ' d sleep through general quarters if I weren ' t there to nudge you, One final thing I have lo mention, Sieve Remem- ber going lo bed in Fredericksburg and waking up in New York City? Steve, you were a good friend, lo us all. and especially yours iruly We ' ll all miss you Besi ol luck in the future. P.L.IVI. teilo,Ca Screal Engines ■WS tens UK Thirteenth Company B Kevin L. Ellis Grandpa Sacramento, California General Engineering Naval Aviation rhere are very tew people in this world who can run a mile in under tour minutes, swim ttie En- gljsti Channel, and lift a small truck Grandpa was never one of these However, he was athletic m other ways-he ' s the Jean-Claude Killy ot the com- pany, as well as another Jacques Cousteau Gramps was also a champ in another area-double E The night belore an exam in EE the gouge line outside of Kevin ' s door was longer than the line al Steerage (which was where Kevin was usually at) Gramps was also an accomplished beach tighter- he protected his buddy D J. using the skills he learned in plebe boxing Some people say Grandpa was a complamer However, anyone who had to go to a NARF tour has a right to complain With a smooth voice like Grandpa ' s it ' s hard to notice anyway. Also, his job on burger runs made up for any character flaws Grandpa has become much less noticeable after he got his RX-7 He can usually be found at either l ) Georgetown, or 2) the Pines, (trying to find the bathroom Although Kevin lost his pilot qualifica- tion, he started eatmg carrots until he was able to con the doctors into letting him tiy, A long as the les aren ' t colored. Gramps should be the next with a Bing Crosby voice Benito L. Espe, Jr. Ben San Diego. California Mechanical Engineering Surface Warfare ro say that Ben had the gouge before he came to the Academy is an understatement He had Reef Points down coid before 1-Day and knew all the other rates we would have to memorize as well. As if turns out. Ben is the second of three sons in his family to take on USNA. At any rate, he got ranked second for plebe summer, while his two room- mates, Chuck and I, got the bottom two slots This kind ot performance earned over into young- ster year when he averaged a 3 70 for both semes- ters and still kept his grades high during a tough second-class year Pretty good for a Mech-E, huh? The real revelations came about firsl-class year when Ben finally discovered women Seems like Ben turns into a smooth-talking, fast-moving guy after a couple of beers — something else he discov- ered during first-class year too Ben did not have one girl at the time, not even two, but three! To lighten the load, he finally decided to call it quits with his old lady of three and a half years It was really a bad scene Ever read a letter wrriten on the outside of an envelope " ! Ask Ben about it and the not-so-pleasant messages that were visible for all to read from his brand new X He sure makes an everlasting impression with the ladies Ben didn ' t want to be a Joe-Swo to begin with. The Nukes really screwed up when they didn ' t offer Ben a billet Ben has a no-nonsense appro ach to his responsibilties that makes him a real asset when you need something done The Nukes ' loss will un- doubtedly be Surface Line ' s gam Ben ' s career at USNA can be summed up as follows Ben, the Mouse that roared Good Luck m the fleet roomie Ernie Michael J. Fitzpatrick Fitz Pittsburgh. Pennsylvania Applied Science Naval Aviation Fitz came to us from the Steel City via a short stay at the exclusive boarding school on the Narragansett From the beginning, he was never very excited about military custom and therefore did all he could to be as much ot a civilian as possi- ble in this bastion ot discipline (nice haircut Fitz!) His determination and dedication to the cause was finally rewarded his last semester when he was al- lowed to transfer to the University of Maryland No more commuting to Penn State for this guy Fitz ' s computer-tike bram was not limited to aca- demics however He was also our resident financial wizard One of his best tricks was making a four- digit VISA bill appear in the blink of an eye Too bad tie never learned how to make it disappear Still, we thank him tor the hours of entertainment that he provided On a personal note, I ' d just like to say that my bunky of tour years is really a sweetheart. Shame on those who mistook his congenial manner for arrogance I can honestly say that m those few hours that he was awake, he was one ot the BOYS Good luck. Fitz. and Happy Tailwinds R.A.C. Ernest D. Hernandez Ernie Bronx, New York Political Science Naval Flight Officer rhey say you can lake the boy out of city, but you can ' t take the city out of the boy This holds true m the case of Ernie One word can sum up Ernie ' s stay at the Academy — abuse — and like the city he came from Erme took it in stride and rose above it in his own unique way Maybe it all started during Plebe Year when he said to his squad leader. " Sweating is a bad habit ot mine " From then on Ernie was open game The profs even took a shot at him when he tried to sign up as an aero and Prof Rogers flamed on him. II was a good thing Ernie wised up and went Poly Sci. Everyone had a good time with Ernie, from his roommate commenting on his unique aroma to his classmate making tun ot his lips. But through it all. Ernie kept a slitt upper lip and a loose tower one Ernie always kept cool His coolness really came out in his ability to completely ignore a certain someone in the company during the week and then become slary-eyed attached to this someone on weekend D B trips See Lucky Bag ' 86 for further reference ICJSY!! As a member of the Todd Squad 6 20 Club. Ernie learned that dedication and hard work pay off. He proved this by showing that a simple boy from the Bronx can rise to be the D B announcer and be heard by thousands I wish the best for my roomy. Watch out for screaming Amazons m P -Cola B.E. Andrew L. Jones Drew Acworth. Georgia Marine Engineering U.S. Marine Corps - Naval Flight Officer Drew never goi in much trouble while at USNA. That ' s probably because ot the in- credible low-prolile he maintained Some people in Michigan know particularly well how low profile Drew can be. Mati any letters lately, bud ' ' Drew ' s ongoing passions are antique and contemporary tirearms, mission impossible. Rusty Nails, the Vouz, and. most importantly, the Corps Being a Marine will allow Drew to indulge m one ol his favorite pas- times blowing things up To hts classmates. Drew was a humorous, good natured person who could always be counted on, as long as you didn ' t need a ride from Georgetown He could also be counted to go oul and have a good lime, provided drinking wasn ' t involved Sometimes he would even slay in and have fun. like that warm evening during AC- TRAMID when he took a dip m the Michelson- Chauvenet fountain with some classmates All good times must finally end, and so must all Acade- my experiences Good luck with everything, Drew, you ' ve been a true Inend to us all. 438 Thirteenth Company Dal Ho Kim Kim Providence, Rhode Island Chemistry Nuclear Power - Submarines Dalho came to 13 from the tiny, tiny, ttny state ot Rhode Island Dal wanted to leave his mark on USNA from the start He began by trying to make an impression of his knee on the 5-2 deck as he plummeted from the upper bunk al 0400 on the third day of Plebe summer, It was also at this time that we got our first hint of the love affair twtween Dal and the Bancroft medical which would blossom and grow into one of the largest medical files in naval history. Dalho showed his true navy colors the very first time he boarded MSL. Rumor has it that he spent the entire journy hanging over the rail taking a second look at breakfast With school year came many revelations about the Kim- mer The strangest of these came m the area of academics where it became painst akingly obvious that unlike the rest of us. DH was actually here lo learn something He chose a real maior with hard courses He took electives with strange sounding names {Inorganic Biological Neutromc Chemis- try ' ' ) and best (or worst) of all. he aced them Dalho ' s idea of a gouge course was one which in- cluded a minimum of 3 term papers, 5 projects. 1 7 textbooks enough independent research to keep any mere mortal awake 26 hours a day Although Dalho ' s heritage is Korean, it is firmly believed that there is a little Transylvaman tossed in somewhere for good measure Dalho chose to sleep during most people ' s waking hours, and rise when most people went lo bed We still don ' t know what he did during the wee hours ol the morning all atone in the Batt Cave {or was he alone? Maureen?) But seri- ously, the trio of Kim, Long, Matza lived together for all 4 years starting with plebe summer We shared many fantastic times together As Dalho leaves USNA to pursue a career somewhere under the seven seas (subs don ' t roll), we wish him all the tuck and success the world has to offer Joe Mark Gary D. Klein Skyeeman Marietta, Georgia Aerospace Engineering U.S. Marine Corps - Aviation ary came to the Academy from Marietta, - GA. a spindly kid out ot high school expect- ing a real challenge Plebe year he discovered par- tying in the form of his squad leader ' s homemade beer at Roy and Rita ' s, The parties there usually ended in racing back to 7th wing with Gary ' s head hanging out the window of Roy ' s truck. Later, he spent many weekends at Timmy ' s and other local establishments looking for the " Perfect " girl, He kept finding her but she kept blowing him off Gary managed to survive Youngster and Second Class years ot Dahlgren and local girls schools without catching the " bnck " . However, First Class year caught up with him when he recieved " not only the bnck but the entire wall " He earned the award on a tipsy (no excuse) night at the 0-club with a fellow (female) inhabitant of Mother B, Being the son of a career Marine. Gary made up his mind on service selection early. He was not only a gung-ho mid but a top performer as well. Gary earned his gold jump wings, kept an immaculate military appearance, aced most of the PE tests and maintained a good CQPR throughout his tenure at USNA Sometimes a legend in his own mind, " hum- bly " asking, " I only did 439 pull-ups, how about you ' ' " But while success went much unappreciated by most, his personal growth did get noticed. Gary grew physically (3 " and 30 lbs) and more impor- tantly, matured significantly in his dealings with people. The government made a sound investment in this young man which will pay oft country as a Marine Pilot. Arthur D. Larson Dave Germantown, Tennessee Mechanical Engineering Surface Warfare (Oarty Hearty Arty " didn ' t party too much ' plebe year Keeping a low profile. Dave was content to write his girl back home. When m an exceptionally rowdy mood he would even slip out to the library to listen to some tunes. After a cruise lo San Juan and Freeport, Dave emerged from his shell and decided that a social life could be tun, Dave roomed with Emil and Joey O youngster year. After getting a shot In the eye during a penthouse tennis ball fight he tried to improve his vision with goggles at Dahlgren, and " Party Hearty " was born, Dave started touring with the Glee Club an d discov- ered that there weregitis outside of Memphis After his money " disappeared " during Actramid, Dave made it through 2 c sumemr on a $30 loan and still had a good time . . despite losing another $15 to the Marines in Ouantico for supplies. 2 c year brought with it the Pasadena trip, and Dave left a week early with the Glee Club Doing his best to blend m with the California scene. Dave tried to sing underwater in a }acuzzi, and spent the rest of the night recovering in a cold tub. The Glee Club, Ori- enteering, and the rigors of Mech-E kepi Dave busy, but he was still able to establish himself as a regular at the Ram ' s Head. Dave left his Ring Dance date at midnight to leave for a Med cruise that brought him a ribbon and his " web seat quals " . He then came back for plebe detail and got his hot box quals, 1 c year Dave became President of the Ori- enteering Club and roomed with Arctic There was never much doubt that Dave was born to be a surlace liner despite his 20 20 vision. With his ! of integrity and winning smile, he should be a Bb Mark R. Long Schlong Philipsburg. Pennsylvania Mathematics Naval Aviation Mark was a small town kid who came to us trom the mountains of Central Pa with a knowledge of hunting, fishing, and football few could match Mark was by far the biggest and youngest member of 13 that summer Being unac- customed to the humid Annapolis weather, Mark proceeded to drop nearly 25 pounds m the first 3 weeks, a feat whjch sent the entire medical clmic into a state of advanced pane Mark ' s easy-going nature made him a favonie with everyone Mark surprised everyone when he chose a math major Even his advisor told him that football players couldn ' t do math That issue is still debatable, but one thing is for sure, football players can get the gouge and Mark was an Alt- Star! Youngster year brought about the discovery of the U of M. Mark contemplated switching his major to Vous 100 and Grill 205 Second Class year held another success- ful football season, a wtn over Army, and true love. Mark found Mary Washington. He proved himself to be a true gentleman as he tactfully ignored his best girl for the 3 months following the Ring Dance and then wondered why she lost interest in him. First class year. Mark distinguished himself as a truely great football player winning first team ECAC and All East honors With just 2 weeks left until service selection, Mark remains true to form as he has yet to decide what he will do It really doesn ' t matter though, because we are sure that whatever this gentle giant chooses, he will meet with the greatest success Happy hunting Schtong! Joe and Dalho Mark C. Lysaght Squat North Street. Michigan Physical Science Naval Aviation i ark came to the academy trom " the great IVl white North " of Michigan His first big chal- lenge was his i-day haircut with Mr Tracy He sur- vived although his hair didn ' t recover lor a year (Nice ID picture. Uncle Fester) Plebe summer passed as well as could be expected and Mark spent his first academic year as a member of the unsal room club He saw the light youngster year and changed his major to Phy-sct and by first class year he was an academic stud Around the compa- ny, Squat was known as Mr Rumor Control Not a day passed that Mark hadn ' t " heard " a new rumor. (Emirs engaged! Seriously Mags, we flew to Penn- sylvania this weekend ) or found someone to abuse (Nice brick, Gramps!) Mark was always scoping out a potential date and ended up with some interesting ones There was the high school- er, the Trinity neandrathal woman, the sweatshirt girl, and. of course, the wife in Pensacola to name a few. Most weekends, though. Squat teamed up with me. his roommate for all four years, and terror- ized the area girl ' s colleges, the Vous, or George- town as we showed our acting talents and became a variety of characters such as premed students. Bob and Doug Mckenzie. Abbey and Roads, and as the famed abuse brothers Well pal you were a great roommate (you still have the consecutive re- cord) and you ' re a super friend I, and all your com- pany buddies, know you ' ll do greal down in P-cola and everything else you do in the luture- D.J.M David A Magnoni Mags Lombard, Illinois Systems Engineering Nuclear Power - Submarines y ombard lost a great liquor store employee 4-when Mags came to USNA. We all knew that Dave was not an ordinary plebe from the very be- ginning on 1-Day His squad leaders had fun watch- ing him rant about the most insignificant things. Nobody sweats the details like D A Magnoni, Dave quickly gained the nickname " wheels " younster year when caught driving within the 7-mile limit by his favorite female 5-striper, Dave used his lost weekends to excel in the Systems Engineering ma- jor. It t)ecame apparent to all of us that Dave was the one to see about computer related problems. When talking to Dave about computers, we would often hear, " It ' s real easy, you should have no problem with this. " Right Dave, as we all failed our computer programming classes Although Dave spent a great deal of time studying, he always man- aged to loosen up on the weekends. Remember Notre Dame, Dave? During second class year, Mags was given the new nickname of " Dr. Intensi- ty " by the youngsters He also got his very own computer so that he didn ' t have to waste precious minutes walking over to Ward hall. Dave earned a new nickname first class year While he finally achieved his goals of being a 3-striper and owning his own car, he still managed to become quite fa- miliar with the bus schedules Really Dave. George- town and Mary Washington aren ' t that far away. Thus " trailways " became the company mass trans-portation officer Dave will be a fine addition to the fleet and will always be a true friend Joseph D. Matza Joe Momma Philadelphia. Pennsylvania Applied Science U.S. Marine Corps Joe came lo Canoe U. from the great city of Philadelphia. To hear Joe describe Philly you would think God himself was born and raised on the North-side. Plebe year was pretty much along the norm for Joe, except that we noted his infatuation with a football. He took it almost everywhere with him. including to bed. Besides his love for his foot- ball. Joe ' s next passion was his love of food. His pursuit of food was going well until he came upon a stray roast beef sandwich in the company ward- room ' s frig on 2 for 7 night Because of Joe ' s condi- tion at the time, he didn ' t notice the green hue of the beef on the sandwich This would soon bring him to his knees praying for death. After plebe year Joe began to excel with his academics especially in the field of electrical engineering. He became known to us all as Dr. Ohm. Joe would be willing to offer E.I, in wires to anyone who would darken his doorstep. Bird also had another love besides EE . . . his love of computers. You could find htm at the terminals at ail hours, but sometimes he would just get lazy and seek help from his friends. What a semester that turned out to be, making Joe a re- cord holder for the EMBC! We still have fond mem- ories of waking to the sound of an early morning brush off Joe Momma also became known as one of the leading fashion trend setters for the compa- ny. Weekly trips to the Chess King outfitted Joe from head to toe in black leather with even an ear- ring to match (We ' re sorry we let it go that far Mr, Matza ) Joe will be heading for the Corps after graduation. We, his roommates of four fun and " never a dull moment years " , wish him the best of luck and remember Keep the spirit of the Stooges alive!! ' Mark and Dal ho r Paul L. McElroy Mac Winston Salem. North Carolina Physical Science Surface Warfare Mac hails from our nation ' s southern region referred 10 as " Dixie " His stones about the year at N C State and his Sigma Chi adventures, before he arnved at the Academy, set many of us wondering why he came here at all Paul came lo be known as our resident specialist on General Robert E Lee and various other noble warriors who partook in the imlamous engagement he so readily idenliftes as the " War ol Northern Aggression " Paul ' s second love was football His knowledge of the game sometimes surpassed his academic en- deavors His studies made him eligible for a couple ol special meetings of the upper echelon of officers here al Ihe Academy Pauls numerous visits to the Ac-board began rumors that he was actually a vot- ing member Bui let no one imply Paul didn ' t work Between study sessions he did manage some ex- cursions I even witnessed him hurdle many obsta- cles on his way to and from a certain local women ' s college on the weekends Well, my elderly room- mate made it and that is what is important In the time he spent at the Academy he was one of the boys and the southern gentleman who became a Irtend to us all Patrick D. McPherson Mac Bradley Beach. New Jersey Naval Architecture Nuclear Power - Submarines Pat IS one of Ihe (ewC). the proud( ' ). the elite to come from that greaiC?) slate of New Jer- sey He IS a very unique person and only his closest (nend know what he is all about, or can understand what he is saying Pal is truly is a leader, a leader with many lollowers His only drawback is that he always Ines to lead everyone m the wrong direction He was always available for people lo come lo him with their problems and Ihey could always be sure that il would be kept confidential Stones only spread as fast as he could run And for those week- ends when nobody would confess their less than respectable deeds, Pat could always be counted on lo start the rumors flymg As lor his own nighttile, Pals never had anyone to tie him down Everyone else can ' t control Iheir feelings for women but he seems well in control Yet, we could never figure out those Friday after- noons when the only thing left m the parking lot was a thousand miles worth of tire tread He put more miles on his car in three months than most people put on in a year He did, however, slow down lo 50 mph in order to make it through the tollbooths It must be those sunny Jersey beaches! ' Besides all the rumors, discussions, blackmail, etc . Pat does have other hobbies He loves the Russian dance, watching reruns of Howdy Doody, and admiring photos of Ronald Reagan He loves serious conversations, giving Seamus advice, and waking up Joe in Pensacola Well. Patrick, Good Luck, good riddance, good night, High winds and head seas cause it really doesn ' t matlef. does if Bernard F. Mimms Bernie Richmond. Virginia General Engineering US- Marine Corps eerme " Sharper Image " Mimms has had more ups and downs m his 4( h ) years at the Academy ihan a Marine trying lo srt during a formal parade He went from track star to cancer pattern to company commander to 85 ' ? during his sen- tence But through it all, he always managed lo make everyone feel guilty about noi getting him something to eat al Steerage He had a little help getlmg through here from his " gadgets " A James Bond study-penllght, a George Jelson silver warmup-spacesuit, a Charles Atlas waist slimming energy bell, and 42 parts of tennis shoes (high top. low top, reflective heels, spiked, laced, with velcro. with geiger counters), all with LCD readout- some examples of Ihe devices that gave him his secret strength to overcome Ihe adversities that Prodev, the academic board, and the medical board threw at him The Doc also had a magical way with women (especially if their names are Susanne) He worked hard to maintain a bachelor status by living in Ban- croft Hall year long However, his strategy failed because Richmond {and Lon) are only 3 hours away when you have a smoking Sunbird to get you down 1-95 Yep, old Bernie could complain about almost anything, but deep down we all knew it was )ust an act Somebody who complains about this place yet spends three entire summers (and one extra se- mester) must have some affection lor his alma ma- ter And somebody who complains about his smoking, low energy slate, hoosier roommate yet still lives wilh him tor 3 years must secretly emulate his lifestyle No mailer what happens in the next 20 years one thing IS certain- our Marine Corps -astronaul-dieti- eightlifter-haircut consultant will be al ihe lop ol the heap, David J. Moeller. Jr. Moles Redding. California Mechanical Engineering U.S. Marine Corps 1 jf oles began his Academy career like the rest iVI of us, in a fog, but he soon found his place as Ihe squad Academy tour guide He could tell you the names, dates and safety factor of every building and bridge on Ihe grounds He had to give up his summer job though and became a member of the academic unsat club We had a great time through our lour years partying, all beginning with young- ster year al Army " Isn ' t he kind of young to be the Dant? " " You, in the back of the bus, shut the window ' " As we loured the area colleges, we met many pretty ladies some even m our English class Never admitting we were mids. we came from U of M, Notre Dame and the University of Alaska holding various degrees m physical education, nuclear en- gineering or medical Our greatest feat though was being the clockwise midwest letherball champions After our popularity had outgrown us we changed our identity lo Bob and Doug Mackenzie " Take oft you hoser " " Two turilenecks and a beer m a tree " Even that didn ' i work so we changed ideniies again to Abbey Lysaghl and Roads Moeller First class year brought his 300 ZX and also his first Academy EGA. " The Millersville Cham Gang " Its been a long four years but .they also brought many great memories 1 hope the years after graduation bring you Ihe best Take off hosehead!!!! ' SQUAT 440 Thirteenth Company Seamus M. O ' Brien Seemore Buffalo. New York Physical Science Naval Aviation O eemore is the most remarkable person we ' ve evef met We ' ve known him tor tour years and not one day has gone by without com- plete amazement Between those early wake-ups and his terrific roommates he couldn ' t tell if it was night or day. so he went and asked Charlie. Moop is one of those independent type guys who can always carry on a conversation and is never easily influenced by anyone He makes friends m an instant and his impressions last forever He ' s the only guy capable of talking for ten minutes and then have no idea what he was talking about The only guy capable of getting himself out of trouble by explaining " exacHy " what happened, and then add an extra word, a quick turn here, around the bush. and he was a free man — incredible!! Mortimer is. by far. the nicest guy of thirteenth company He has more friends than ariilacts. and (he more you get to know him, the more tun you have We used to love to see him and fvlajor Noto sit by the window together and walch the Blue Angels, they were a great pair! He always had a thing for otticers and enjoyed talking with them, but he sometimes had trouble getting the words past his shoe ' Shamoop, in his four years here, has grown to love a lot of things. He loves Buffalo, their chicken wings, their O and whatever football team He en- joys amusement parks, Annapolis in the summer, College Park m the winter, and tuna fish in the back of the head. He loves swimming, dancing. Mary Poppins and Ford Motor Company Bui most of all, he loves to go over the wail, we mean he likes to go over the wall but he never did. he lusl knows a lot of guys who did! Great Shame! ' Although 4 years flew by, Seamus will never be forgotten, God Bless his next C O 1 Bradley L. Olds Brad Virginia Beach, Virginia Mathematics Nuclear Power - Surface Brad was the young kid m the company - He just began shaving first class year (once a week only, of course)! But when it came to study- ing, he was an old man - probably because he stayed up all night studying. It paid off in the long run. with Brad getting more stars in four years than we learned m celestial nav I guess if you had to come up with a one word description of Brad and studying, it would be sweat Brad was a real womanizer his first two years, an inspiration to bachelors everywhere He lost his membership m the club second class year and spent more time waiting for phone calls than he did on Double E, Second class year is also the year that Brad decided to become a friend of all of the fourth classmen. The class of ' 87 liked D D so much that they often invited him out to the tennis courts for a late night match How come no one ever brought any rackets? Once he got away from school. Or Intensity became Mr. Smiles - especially aher a little birthday celebrating with some tequilta during first class cruise All things considered. Brad was very friendly and we wish him luck in the Nuclear Navy. Joseph M. Papetti Spaghetti Edgewater, Maryland Applied Science Surface Warfare Joe came to USNA from the great megatropolis of Edgewater. with a football in one hand, a lacrosse stick m the other and a pan of his moms brownies in both Plebe Summer caused Joe to be quiet, nervous, scared, etc. {his roommates never had it so good) and it wasn ' t until one of his room- males almost broke his neck getting out of bed that Joe finally broke a smile (or laughed histencally) and hasn ' t been the same since Joe ' s great sense of humor kept the whole com- pany laughing Not to say he didn ' t get along with everyone, but Joe was responsible for giving most of the guys their nicknames, just ask Ermbabeeba, Huey or Fathead Spaghetti was what you call an over-achiever, whether it was on the sports fields, the dance floor, or the dinner table, if he would just " dance serious- ly " Unlike most jocks. Shlick took academics seri- ously and thus was voted " most likely to wipe down " In addition to all this, he was also a great roommate Always concerned with the neatness of the room, he once helped Seemore wash his books in the shower. To return the favor. Seemore deco- rated seventh wing parking lot with Joe ' s books Thru 4 years of work, fun, pain, and more pam, we leave Joe with a few sincere thoughts about him, rude, obnoxious, offensive, cranky, etc Seri- ously to one helluva guy we wish you and your family all the luck in the future Timothy C. Pedersen Timmy Ridgefield, Connecticut Oceanography Naval Aviation ' D ' 1 you have a room here ' ' " " I ' ll find out. Sir - No excuse. Sir - Third base. Sir " Timmy came to Annapolis multiply cheesy and with stinky feet, and left cheesier and unshaven (Ma). Noto said so, Sir) But seriously, he was neatly groomed at all times and was an inspira- tion to anyone who has ever taken a PCR. Slowwww death - have some more peanut butter, Timmy. Tim taught us how to be cool while under attack by Marines armed with deadly cigarette lighters. But then he earned a secret weapon of his own. a moo-cow horn ( " Pardon me, miss did you know we have a cow under our hood? " ) Qhhh, this always happens to us m Georgetown When Timmy wasn ' t pumping tron and sweating, he was out at Britches making his weekly contribu- tion Good, Tim Do you think you could spend a little more money ' ' At least he has an easy choice for service selection - USMC or Surface Line - If he can learn how to work a whiz wheel (or drive a ship at 20 knots at all times) We have two supplies of peanut butter m our company - one for Timmy, and one for the other 120 people in our company, but Hank should do great wherever he goes as long as he has a room there Fair winds and following seas PHILL 4:13 Emil T. Petruncio E.T. Oaklyn, New Jersey Oceanography Nuclear Power - Submarines mil followed a long hne ol Jersey folks to USNA (he Ihoughi he was in line tor Dead tiCKels) He spenr plebe year with Joey O, Gramps, and a master lock with a mmd of its own He got a )ump on academics, skipping his Chem 4-weeker to shine his shoes Reluming from Christmas leave a bit under the weather, he tried lo pass oft some old skivvies on a 1 c but Buzzy saw the alpha code and clued Em m as to who Ihe nghttui owner was. Em got his till of sun. dolphins, and running aground on Sailtramid 82 3 c year meant a move with and Arty to the Penthouse, where Em could play his album of woll howls for the whole 7ih wing His time was taken up by a struggle to survive Boats with the Walrus, orienteering meets (lured on by the cooler and Swedish girls at the finish), and ice skating with (he likes of Shabby Tabby Em spent Protramid with Yuk and Squat, and still maintains he wanted to check out the local " stuK " in P-cola 2 c year he got recognition in fencing, lettering and being cho- sen 84-85 Epee capt He slill had some weekends to load up the Nova for trips lo the vous {Mark, roll down that back window!) After a Pacific cruise it was time for Plebe Detail and the Hot Box Em was such a terrifying squad leader (a lot!} that his plebes came up with a special song about him CHow ' s that Sir? ' ) 1 c year he was the token Ukrainian on the James Watt Minority Bait Staff and could sleep through formats (revenge tor never having been chosen color man) He always tried to make the best of things, like Ihe time he met a nice blonde while taking duty for Brad He lalked to her so much that C P threatened to confiscate his Nuke bo- nus Emil will always be remembered for his warm friendly manner and his crazy taste in music We wish him luck as a Surface Liner, 442 Thirteenth Cortipany Michael V, Prosper! Yuk-Yuk St. Louis, Missiouri Political Science Naval Flight Officer ttlle Yuk came lo us here bound and deter- — mined to prove that he was, after all, the Kmg Ot Beers. He started his illustrious wrestling career flat on his back at the plebe summer wresting smoker-and even before we could unroll his sheet poster From there, Mookie hung up the wrestling shoes and dedicated his life to the pursuit ol large women and the comsumption of mass quantities of brew His favorite pastime, he once confessed, " slamming Ernie in the mouth " of helpless tir; relatives We can ' t torgel the pretty " littl Dogpen. He slept in the hall after that came second class year and Ihe trips in his baby-his BMW And then there Huey ' s 21st birthday at the Dockside when he - ahem-slipped on some ice coming out of Ihe door (Ha-Lot!) We knew thai we had finally lost our baby Huey ihis last year when we found that he lost sleep searching for the answer to thai able question " Vous or Cellar or maybe the Pines ' " No more Maryland for his car ihough- Sleve wanted to play used car salesman again and just " take her for a test drive " . We will never lose that soft spot in our hearts (or that twinkle m our eyes) for our little Huey. where-ever he (and the Marine Corps-oops) may go. The best, buddy- Bern Jeffrey M, Reese Jeff Brookhaven. Pennsylvania Systems Engineering Engineering Duty Officer f nown to all as " Wingnul, " Jeff jumped into the system feet first. Unforiunaiely, his feel had the wrong socks on at chow calls and Plebe year became a continuous battle with the Bruce Gang. Jeff managed to survive, and even devel- oped a new method of cleaning his feet He discov- ered a quick flush in the toilet of summer white shoes will do the tnck - of course one must be wearing the shoes at Ihe lime Welling his appetite for travel on cruise, Jeff set out to find his roots in Russia, although, as we can attest, Ihe search mighi have been more successful in isreal. If the Boat School offered a major in finance manage- ment, Jeft would have been right at home as he was Ihe only one in Ihe company able to make change (or a penny. Jeff can be persuaded to be generous, at Ihe right interest rate, but he was finally coerced into giving to charity which earned him a new nick- name. Miser. The Navy was a pertecl choice for Jeff since he is so highly organized. His daily To Do lists ensure nothing slips by - now, if he could only find his wallet and comb, especially his comb so he can (luff that ' Iro thai no USNA barber would dare to touch, A sharp dresser, Jeff always stands out in a crowd. He believes being dressed like a neon sign will attract members of Ihe opposite sex, and con- sidering Ihe trail ol broken hearts he has left behind him. maybe he ' s right Jeff ' s success is assured. He can talk his way out ol any situation, he can always manage to gel the gouge and hide it, and no one takes better care of himsell than Jeff, It his weekly paychecks from home continue, he ' s got it made. Jeff, you have been a terrific (nend, roommate, and confidant. EDO or SUBS, whichever you decide, may success and happiness be yours. William V. Ridings Bilbo Powhatan, Virginia Mathematics Surface Warfare em showed up July 7, 198 1 confused and not quite sure of himself: after all, he had been In charge of his metropolitan high school and then, " poof, he was just another bald head He adapted quickly, though, and became nautical enough to be familiar with the more mundane aspects of the Na- val Service like " Ihe 1 1th Law ol the Navy " Young- ster year Bill came out ot seclusion and established several annoying habits. First, he liked to posi Star Trek materia! around the room and watch reruns of it on TV. Next was the radio He dicovered Grease- man and insisted on wasting cassettes on that non- sense. He also loved to listen lo Orioles games on AM during prime listening time — the evening. Final- ly, he had a most displeasing habil ol playing cards with the dregs of the company While doing any of the above he could be seen eating potato chips. When not doing any of the above he could be found in his rack under his electric blanket First class year came with Bill as I3lh Co. Admin. Officer m this capacity he was one of Ihe few people to sweat more than Mags and GM combined It didn ' t get you Company Commander, Bill, but you performed a valuable function for the company . . most ol the lime. There is so much more — his physical prow- ess, high military standards, love of debate, fond- ness of hard rock, friendly personality — Ihat hasn ' t been mentioned. Bill is a giving person {especially on Christmas Eve) and will always be remembered for his smile. ■Ai » Wf«tartrK Roger W. Roland Rog Rio Hondo, Texas History U.S. Marine Corps O oger was by tar the mosr unique individual in ' • 13lh Co. il nol the entire brigade A product ot {he Marine Military Academy. Rog was never shy about expressing his opinions about anything. His love of weapons is best illustrated by the fact that his truck was listed in Jane ' s as an armored person- nel carrier When not hunting illegal immigrants at the Texas border. Roger ' s lavonte pastimes include scuba, airborne training, rappellmg, and dental technicians One nighr, tie swam the Severn for a late night checkup Roger also participated in bri- gade boxing, but was forced to quit because of severe rope burns on his back Academically. Rog was a lirm believer in 2.0 and go, which once lead his CO to say " You must realty be a masochist " His idea of a well-spent study hour consisted of arranging and rearranging the items in his room without using anything However with the support of two ac boards, Roger is on his way to nd the world of Communism and John Lennon albums Michael R. Stahlnnan Mikey Chevy Chase. Maryland Political Science U.S- Marine Corps ike came to USNA after 4 years at the Ma- IVI nne Mental Asylum in Texas This explains why he was so squared away plebe year and nearly drove his roommates crazy with " war stones " . What IS It now? Four hundred and fifty seven Too bad nobody listened. Anyhow, Stalhead quickly got into the lifestyle at school He took the phrase " Well rested, well tested " to heart Rarely did he miss his ten-thiriy bedtime or afternoon nap It later discovered that Mike did most of his studying in the offices of his instructors But seriously, Mike was a faithful person and a good leader - why he once lead 3 people over the Key Bridge in George- town claiming that it was a shortcut to the car! Thanks Mike - remembe r that the Marines only want a few good men Mike follows in the footsteps of his dad and is an accomplished diplomat His silver tongue not only worked on professors and company officers, but also on the women (the under 18 type) Who is it this week? Dawn, Susan. Liz. Terry, Lisa, Sandy. Kitty, Janet, Terese . . ? Perhaps the most memo- rable stunt of Mike ' s lovehfe was his impression of James Bond when he spied on hts girlfriend all night. Unfortunately he got caught - way to go 007. Without doubt, our golden boy has been one of the most colorful characters m 13 We wit) always remember the flex sessions and the " eau de Stahl- man. " What is the Marine Corps ' gam Is the Navy ' s loss - just don ' t try to convince anyone that you fell asleep in the head and missed taps when the rest of us know the true story All kidding aside, you have been a fantastic friend, roommate, and company commander Best wishes. Troy A. Stoner T-roy Hanover, Indiana General Engineering Surface Warfare M aaah-Haaah T-roy A Stoner could proba- ' ' biy be described accurately in two words. country bumpkin. P-ding, T-roy had his own philos- ophy on the way things should be done. P-ding. He proved himself morally, mentally, and physically ca- pable of sleeping (our years straight. P-ding. The turp dog enjoyed spending his waking hours up in the abba skyrack concentrating on classic iltera- ture P-ding He was a Brigade boxer whose work- outs will always inspire those who have known him (look sharp, feel sharp, be sharp). P-dmg. His diet of butts and burritos helped to sharpen and define thai manly physique P-ding He look out a carC) loan and has invested his money in liquid assets so far P-ding, T-roy also had his own philosophy about women, one that helped him pick up multiple gorgeous ptain-janes: " Light my cigarette, b - - - - " . P-ding. From Susan to Maureen to Jane to Jennifer to Bon- nie Mae, T-roy kept himself busy in the phone room for a few hours every night. P-ding. Dr. Stoner man- aged to use his special prescription a few times in tour years P-dmg Even though he didn ' t use his car{?) loan for a car. T-roy did pick up the city-slicker habit of road tripping: although he had the curious habit of throwing full cans of beer out the window whenever he got ' bored ' P-dmg And once he got wherever he was going, T-roy upheld his high standards of personal bearing and demeanor ( " That ain ' t nolhm ' . check this out " ). P-dmg, Now T-roy is headed for San Diego where he can wear his chicken hat and abba-flashdance sweat- shirt nonstop. P-dmg. In the words of T-roy himself " T-roy. if you ' re down by the river, drop m- and if we don ' t see ya afore it rains, peees on ya " (or. Fair winds and Following Seas) Forest D. Thola Arctic Cecil Lake. British Columbia Systems Engineering U.S. Marine Corps - Naval Flight Office ' ' rctic " Thola came to us from the Great ' ■White North where his closest neighbor was 25 miles away by dogsled After adapting to the climate he tried fencing, crew, and basketball before he found his home on the pistol team where he ranked Nationally every year including 3rd place in ' 84 He also won the Marlgi Perkins look alike contest in his pistol gear -40 blizzard conditions almost kept him home after plebe Christmas, but Forest managed to sneak back his stereo so that he could listen to Radio Moscow again. On youngster cruise. Forest got to sunny Hawaii, but he couldn ' t wait to get home for moose season. He offered $100 to anyone who could trade 2 c cruises with him so he could go moose hunting, but he had to miss the ' 84 season for pistol detail. At least he was able to see his Honey that he met at the Internation- al Ball (she was from Md ) Forest was the first to pop the question m 13. but with a three year en- gagement he could be the last to tie the knot. For- est ' s effort as Co Training officer (7 extensive PCR review exams) proved his ability and he soon outdid us all with 4 stripes on Brigade Staff. He was welt known for the hardware store he kept m his closet and his favorite saymg " think PCR " . For some rea- son Forest didn ' t enjoy the heat and ticks at Quan- tico second class summer, but he still went Marine Corps NFC He should make an outstanding offi- cer, we wish him luck. Richard Von Wohid Blinky Longbarn. California English Naval Flight Officer Oick came to ihe Academy from Longbarn fi wilh a rapidly receding hairline and three years as a Corpsman He had Ihe mistoriune of beirvg placed in a room with two teenagers fresh from Ihe halls of high school at the begmntng of plebe summer and managed lo bare with their growing pams lor (our years thereafter As the se- nior member o ' l3 " s class of ' Qb. he religiously devoted his free time lo the D B corps in the tllusirious " mellow " phone section During plebe year, RicK had the (avonte weekend passtime of making the upperclass look like a bunch of adolescents as Ai Smith and Lee Young can attest to One memorable Saturday mghi, Rick was served the hard stuff m clear view ol AI who had )usl been turned down for being too young and Lee asked Rick who the young lady was with him. too bad she iust happened to be Rick ' s sponsor and an otdcer to boot, nice salute Lee Born with a coffee mug in hand, Rick could al- ways find some reason to pull all-nighters He was also the only member of 13 who could wake up his roommates in the morning by blinking, way lo go " blinky " It ' s amazing how Rick never realized why he never got enough sleep as an English major, maybe he should have checked to see it Computers and Engine Math were etectives instead of required courses As far as exlracurncular aclivilies, Rick believed they were all-nighi parlies and necessary for his professional development Those Sunday hang- overs will live long in Rick ' s memory, as well as the long wail for the weekend, is it Friday yet ' For the future, Rick will surely be an asset to the Naval Air Community as an organizer, especially of parties Rick will always be remembered for ihe Army Run of ' 6b. as the author of the Famllygram and for that beautiful 14 year old in Brazil, look out Pensacola 444 Thirteenth Company IISllarfBCo i ' »» i-, Fourteenth Company Peter P. Biship. Jr. Bish Worcester, Massachusetts Oceanography Nuclear Power - Surface eish came to the USNA from the stale of Mas- sachuselles, fortunately we had something in common since I was from the same homeland. Between Worcester and Cape Cod Pete ' s life seemed complete but then he joined the Navy I think he figured it was a way of working on the ocean so he could catch a few waves and maybe " HANG TEN " Pete is Ihe definition of a beach boy with his incredible enthusiasm for surfing, swim- ming or any sport that requires water- he should have come from California instead of New England, Pete ' s activity wasn ' t always on the beach as in our trip to Ft Lauderdale for Snng Break, which has become an annual vacation Bish proved thai he could party with the best of them Remember the Winnebago, what happened to our deposif Being one of the more popular members of the Brigade. Pete left his mark with Navy Hockey His career coninbuled to many memories including the " Roundtabie " Not only was Pete good at hockey but he also seemed to have mastered the academ- ics here as well Since Bish made a drastic change from pilot to Nuke Surface, a two week decision, training in Or- lando will be convenient After Nuke school Bish is headed for San Diego, where else but Ihe beach? Good Luck in the surface navy, you ' ve been a roommate and above all friend Roger N. Brown RNB Rockwall. Texas Physics Surface Warfare A eil came to the Boat School from Ihe stale ' ' where everything is bigger It is not surpris- ing that Ihis leader in his own community had little difficulty with his new life. He is Ihe only person I know who won at a Regimental come around plebe summer. He never ate candy in the hall again. Any- way, Ihe ups and downs of Ihe first year ended and Neil attacked the rest of his academy career in the guise of a Physics major and excelled, despite an ongoing love affair , , . with his rack, A devoted blower of brass inslrumenls. R.N spent much of his free time jamming with the D B or the Pep Band. In fact, his ability as a musician is only surpassed by his devtion to God and the stale of Texas. Some- day, it IS hoped, Ihe devout Texan wilt learn that there are nice girls in the world who live outside the Lone Star State, even if they ' re only ex-Texans He IS improving; his ' 82 Trans Am is a native of Mary- land With graduation. Neil will leave this place lor the fleet There, the Texan is sure to bring law and order to Ihe world In whatever he does, he will succeed, it is his . When the skyline of the Academy receeds T his rear view mirror (or the last t , he conquered All in all. Neil is a good Christian, an outstanding Naval Officer and a great friend Good LucK and see you in the fleet. Christopher C. Adams Whitey Manhasset, New York Physical Science U.S. fvtarine Corps From the beginning on July 7 1981 until grad- uation, Ihe Naval Academy has been a chal- lenge. From life in Bancroft Hall to academics in the classroom il has been anything but easy Somehow I made il I would like to thank the faculty, my classmates, and especially my family These peo- ple were always willing lo help and listen. During this four year struggle, I have developed morally, mentally, and physically, but i have also made some great friendships; people who I will never for- get and always appreciate Graduation from the Naval Academy is more than just Ihe conclusion of a four year education, it is the greatest achievement of my life I leave the Naval Academy with fond memories and a fantastic future . Joseph J. Beel Joe St. Louis. Missouri Mechanical Engineering Naval Aviation Joe came to USNA from St Louis believing that the Cards were the best m baseball, the Steamers were the best in soccer, nothing beats a lighter at mach 2 and that above all, he knew more than anyone else Plebe summer proved Joe to be correct as he easiley conquered PEP. marching and even sailing, one ot Ihe more grueling of plebe summer activities However, later plebe year Joe made the grave error of choosing to be a mechani- cal engineer Thus, youngster year was spent studying and Joe showed em by getting a 3 5, Second class year found Joe on the mellow side {we all wished), as he deeply regretted I4 ' s perfect 8-0 record with Ihe plebe girls As punishment, Joe decided he would not have any fun al the Army- Navy game in Ca Well, so much for that decision. Anyway, Joe returned with a smile and the phone number of Cathy C (Ihe second Cathy) Alter a few letters, phone calls, and a summer m Europe (Mu- nich!) and Hawaii, Joe finally discovered that he had Ihe wrong Calhy Joe then went back to the Gateway Arch and made the former Cathy (Cathy K) the future Cathy B, Hey Joe, you ' re right - she is the right one! You do know more than anyone else; don ' t you? Take care and thanks for a great first class year - RJH Thanks to alt the guys and ihe Kauffmans. ■ Joe Jacquelyn B, Carey JC Florence. South Carolina Chemistry General Unrestricted Line ackie came to good ole USNA from the world ol beach music and sea shells (if you go east to the beach) - Florence, S C Beach music is parly music and partying has been one ol Jackie ' s speci- alities for the last lour years Fortunately, she only got in trouble lor it once - plebe year. Everyone who knows Jackie remembers her lor many things - plebe year Early Morning Breakfast Club, poison ivy on youngster cruise, second class year wearing a diamond ring which is now not there and lirst class year as company commander and discovering the sport ol football { 42 in particular), Jackie IS mostly remembered by all who know her for her warmth, sincerely and good humor She always looked lor the good side ot everyone and everything If there was any way for her to help a friend m trouble, she would do it Jackie, the last lour years have been ternlic I carry with me many tond and cherished memories, as do all of your friends May only the best of every - thing come your way in whatever you endeavor to do May God keep you m His Blessing and may you I be the lind that slice ol happiness m life it k ithout my wacky best Inend i und( ery Christopher S. Chambers Chambro Yorktown Heights. New York Applied Science Naval Aviation Chris arrived at USNA prepared by the rigors of NAPS to blend m with his surroundings Anonymity came easily as be had a talent lor seem- ing amazingly normal, except ol course to the firstie that labeled Chris and his roommates " the Disgust- ing Vermin Three " Academic year introduced him to his one and only love, his matress. they were rarely parted throughout his lour years at Annapo- lis Chris never sweated academics as long as he was the lirst to leave an exam His lew wakmg hours were spent in pursuit ol happiness through tor- menting those around him As a Plebe his activities included mentally and physically torturing his room- male " Hymen Benoit Traiardo " and making his 2 c burst a blood vessel at every come around Chambro amused himself by sending " Forum " se- cret-admirer letters to Sob, and chuckling to him- self, while Scott worried il his virtue was sale Youngster year brought our boy new Ireedom and a new roommate, both ol which he thoroughly abused the pnveledge ol lor the next three years Chambro was our organizer The " Pie Wagon " was a Chambers production and not surprisingly a great success Public showering on the Strip was a pas- time new to most ol our cadre, but Chns demon- strated It to us (and most ol Ft Lauderdale) with great showmanship The next year Chns wowed the crowds with his rendition ol " the Rooster " (how many times did Serge encore you?) With his ready wit and love ol a good time Chns is a natural lor Navy Air Look out Trader Jon ' s! Throughout the years ahead Chambro will always be a brother to me A better friend couldn ' t be found We were quite a team Even the Cretin brothers couldn ' t stop us Good luck and keep screaming with the eagles Chns, LFC Shawn M. Callahan Dirty Harry Ludlow. Massachusetts Applied Science Surface Warfare Dtrty Harry came to USNA from Springfield, MA (a town little larger than Rockville known only for its Almanac), with one major goal m mind - preserve a lifetime hobby starting with birth to be late for everything Harry started out well Plebe Summer becoming one ol the lirsties ' favorites with everyone up to Brigade staff wanting to see him Every formation delayed as the cry " Callahan resounded through the wing Academic year ar- rived and Shawn with it - late, ol course " Young- ster syndrome " was an artlorm to Shawn Getting up to shower al the 5 minute call became his trade- mark Little excited him - except perhaps L C Be- sides bowling and ratting. Shawn spent most of his time taping records with J J 8 Second class sum- mer found him commanding yet another Grey- hound and testing his landnav skills as a seH-appointed one man lireteam (while we waited) But during the year, events conspired against him After taking Fourteen to Brigade Champions, a SnOwBowl injury nearly had Harry considering Swedish surgeons He donated lour teeth to Ban- croft ' s interns and came down with Chickenpox (late) with which he repaid PRODEV for the PCR While spending many late nights getting the drop on EE with other ' s calculators, he determined that computers were eclipsed and drifted to Ops Analy- sis As a firslie. Shawns skill for eloquent arrivals spread to his roommates as did their love ol T V entice him The combined stereo ( " has the fm seen this " ) grew ever larger as he digitahzed and the good times rolled as darts and Nerf hoop re- placed studying Maybe some day he ' ll install front speakers, actually tape his albums, limsh his SCU- BA qual. or arrive on time - but then thai wouldn ' t be Shawn . , . Good luck! Echo 446 Fourteenth Company Lisa tvtarie Caputo Lisa Rockville. fvlaryland Aerospace Engineering Naval Flight Officer From all the way on the other side of the beltway. Lisa came lo USNA and got her 1st introduction to the military way ol Me One of Lisa ' s best traits was discovered at the very beginning It only took her 1 hour to find the way up to her room alter the Oath of Office, with the help ol some Inendly l c tour guides Even to this day, Lisa has retained her incredible sense of direction Lisa also impressed her plebe summer squad with her exper- tise in making her rack Waiting patiently in the hall at present-arms, they were always glad to see her return, announcing that she. too. had completed the task 01 course, everyone knew that Lisa ' s fa- vorite days were the ones when we got shots. While many of her classmates had to go to such unexciting areas as the Med and West Pacific for 3 c cruise, Lisa was lucky enough to get the most elite of the noncombattants-a YP, destined for ad- ventures al the finest ports along the east coast Then she decided it was time to see the rest of the world She took advantage of one of the military ' s good deals, unfortunately. space-A travel didn ' t ex- actly live up to her initial expectations ( " What ' s a troop seat? " ) She eventually learned the system, however, and even managed to spend a week m Hawaii and three weeks m France and Germany With an early interest in flight and aspirations to be an astronaut, Lisa was drawn toward the Aero major 2 c 1 c yr were quite busy-but they also led to many close friendships and fun times " Aschenette " after the Sat night gasdynes final Aero trips, with indications of good things to come 2 c summer was Lisa ' s introduction to Pensaco- )a, and she liked it so much, she returned for 1 c cruise on the Lexington Seems like she ' s gomg back again to get some wings of gold-and then ' ? Lisa, keep flying high and aiming (or the stars! IB l! ? m ' 9y9V(ttij9 -0 Robert C. Cissel Ciss Potomac. Maryland General Engineering I U.S. Marine Corps Rl M ob didn ' t have far to come to join the ranks of the fourteenth company Rob ' s desire was to become a Naval Aviator like his father, but nature had other ideas and his eyes didn ' t hold out [ This setback did riot flinch him at all however, and I he decided to jom the Corps and become one of the not so few, but proud The Felish-man spent most of his time playing I soccer and was captain of the team in his last sea- ' son leading NAVY to its best record m the tour i years that he lettered The rest of his time wasn ' t to i be spent hitting the books either, but rather invent- I ing new devices to make lite easier and more enjoy- [ able around the room I Not wanting his grade point to get too far above ' 2.00. the Ciss-man spent countless hours of study ' time doing everything but study. A few fetishes that { will never be forgotten were the " GO NAVY " thumb J hanger and the ever present homemade trashcan I next to his desk so he wouldn ' t have to walk all the way over to the door to throw away his futile at- tempts at homework Who will ever forget the time that Rob spent star- ing out of the window |ust thinking of new fetishes or making big plans that very rarely ever panned out. Or the bus for the ring dance that never showed up leaving us all stranded at the dance for hours after it was over. How about all of the time spent practicing room basketball on his own home- made hoop ' ' All to no avail because he could never win a game of PIG. No one will ever forget the dreaded rubberband ball Good luck m whatever you do Rob. we all know that you will succeed, no matter how hard you try. DAN Layton F. Clay Lee Severna Park, Maryland Applied Science Naval Aviation Lee traveled great distances to get to the Acad- emy, all the way from Severna Park He got off to a great start by choosing the Texas Chamsaw murderer haircut Plebe Summer he seemed to be the only one actually enjoymg the marching and singing By the time Academic year rolled around and Lee ' s artistic abilities were uncovered he be- came the sheet poster artist, sheet posters are more important than calculus anyway, right? It was also discovered iust hew close Severna Park really is and every Saturday afternoon the Battlewagon could be seen leaving fully laden with hungy plebes destined tor the Clay household. Youngster year Lee was blessed with a new ro ommate who soon found out the true meaning of Ivlexican Meal. Also along with youngster year came weekends which allowed him to demonstrate his driving abilities to his classmates, anywhere in Maryland or D C. By now his hair had grown back and once again his true love, the Spitfire, could be driven topless Spring Breaks Lee was Ft Lauderdale bound either in the Pie Wagon or to Bell ' s Motel where he dem- onstrated the proper use of Beer Goggles Lee could always be counted on to help his classmates, whether it was chumming for his friends while they fished or giving them a nde somewhere The son of a Nuke Sub Captain, he seemed destined to run silent and deep, however his head has always been slightly in the clouds so it was only natural that he would pursue the Wings of Gold Seriously. Lee has been a great friend to all and could always be counted on by his classmates Best of luck in the future You can fly my wing any day. " I don ' t know, we ' ll see " CSC Kevin D. Clinch Kev-Bud Helena, Montana Systems Engineering Nuclear Power - Submarines Kevin came to USNA with a lifetime of stored energy and enthusiasm Looking for a way to expand his energy, he first tried Brigade Boxing. Kevin soon switched to rowing for the lightweight crew team, however, as he didn ' t have to see any- thing and needed much less coordination Kevin loved the long, grueling practices and the early morning workouts, and he did very well. Athletics were not enough, however. For an academic chal- lenge Kevin tried Systems Engineering. In this he excelled as well He loved the late nights studying and the time consuming assignments Kevin wasn ' t selfish either He would help anyone at anytime with anythmg-whether they needed it or not He also attended )ump school and became very involved in the Airborne Training Unit This kept him busy until he met the one and only girl for him After finding Gail, Kevin was never around on weekends He also learned the meaning of phone bills, as Gail ' s num- t er was long distance A die-hard Marine NFC, Kevin applied for the Nuclear Power Program and immediately sold out The corps upon acceptance to the program Kevin carries with him his enthusiasm and desire to work hard and will continue to excell. Lots of luck Kevin We will all miss you Thanks for your positive, hard working, enthusiastic example JWJ Laura A. Falkenbach Flakenchicken Woodbridge. Virginia Political Science U.S. Marine Corps Laura has been everyone ' s favorite recipient of the old line " You ' re a really nice girl. BUT . . " Ahh, the dreaded BUT Yet through them alt she showed us an undying spirit and always a sense of humor As the ideals of plebe year rapidly faded. the " liberties " of youngster year took control, (nice pink sweater!) Our years together have been interesting to say the least. (A special thanks to Magnum and Garfie for watching over us.) The good times shine through and will always be held dear to the heart. Sunday evening entertainment may never be the same though (Nice weekend " You ' ll never believe what happened . ) Our multitalented representa- tive of California, Virginia, or whichever other state IRS eventually links her to, gives one of the best burials at sea we ' ve ever seen (Why can ' t goldfish clean their own bowls?) Through rain, sleet, dark or night, and even the blizzard of ' 84. we ' d love to have a dollar for each of the miles she ' s put on her feet You ' ll never find a stronger will or more drive toward fitness in anyone, Her determination has been somewhat contagious. (Thanks for rubbmg off ) Her future is shadowed by a tint of green and we all know she ' ll be a fine Manne (If she ever gets the OOH-RAH down) Lau- ra fits my definition of a very good friend, and I hope she knows that I ' ll always be there for her Our friendship is something I cherish. Stephen D. Grace Gracemod Sanford, Florida Physical Science Supply Corps rhe Gracemod came lo USNA Irom a town in Central Florida known only tor Amiraks Auto- trams southern terminal His easy-gomg manner kept him out of trouble Plebe Summer as an illustri- ous member ot Ihe Disgusting Vermin Three Steve ' s relaxed attitude cost him when Academic year hit and he needed to actually S-T-U-D-Y Avoiding this (ale, he escaped Ptebe year with B- ball and Mr Walkman Leaving Plebe year behind wilh a 2 0000 QPR. Steve left the court to pursue women and the wanton ways o( Dahigren Only Sieve ' s relentless burning battles with the elusive " blue- monster " overshadowed an inlamous tnp to the Yukon As Youngster year laded. Steve ' s time ai Dahigren paid oil with Miss L Unfortunately, it was not to be and. with much " nursing ' he buckled down to Wires with a unique mterperialion o1 study hour Tecumseh ' s heir cheated the Ax once again Returning to his lormer passion, Steve led Fourteen lo Brigade Champions 01 course, he carefully tem- pered work with pleasure Hoi lubs. wet nights, and warm hearts m Calilorma and an unlorgetable road trip South replete with fates of mangroves, lazy ca- noes on still streams, and high adventure along the Orange Blossom Trail forged an unbreakable Irtendship First class year placed Ihe King " Rat ' across Irom his domain Except for leading the team to Brigades again, washing B . and building an awesome sound system. Steve remained un- changed - listening to delightful native music while perusing the works ol classic literature ' s near greats. The best lo the Truly Amazing Grace The Inert 448 Fourteenth Connpany Michael R. Gregory Greg-sow Winfield. Kansas Economics Nuclear Power - Surface M hen l walked into my room plebe summer. ' ' there stood a farm-boy pulled straight Irom the fields of Kansas At first Mike comes across as corny, ( " shuckey-darns and slop Ihe chickens " ) but once you gel to know him you find just how Sincere he is He spent his first two years starring on the debate team - he could make a Republican believe he was a Democrat One thing I learned was thai he was always right, just ask him Mike eventu- ally gave up debate to pursue more important goals like maximum REM Mike slept more than anyone else, anytime, anywhere We knew he was chronic when he came back from class and jumped in the rack with fifteen minutes before noon meal forma- tion Somewhere along Ihe way Mike began think- ing about his future He decided to go Nuke and his grades jumped tremendously He slilt slept a lot too! Maybe he ' ll have lo give up a little ol his rack time in Orlando His sports claim to fame was being a part of the Brigade Basketball Champs and play- ing first base on ihe softball team Mike also broke his farm-boy ways and became quite a partier de- spite one distraction that came, and went, and is now back again Ask him about the Maryland-Vir- ginia lootball game sometime Thank God lor Hefties ' Mike ' s a terrific friend (my mom even likes him better than me) Thanks lor all the good limes, and good luck m Ihe future JJB RAI Richard J. Hale Halestone Wechanicsburg. Pennsylvania Applied Science Surface Warfare O ' Ch was the entertainer ol our company ' ■ When things got boring you could always count on Rich to be ihere and liven things up, ( " Ha- leslone ' s in the ghetto! " ) He was the object of many cheeses and wedgies, and yet always kepi his sense of humor Plebe year he had his head set on playing Navy football, becoming a pilot, and growing hair, but none of these ever came true The vast wasteland just kept gelling bigger Everyone was aware that Rich had become a conscientious student after leaving the football field, but what they didn ' t know was that all of those weekends m the hall were spent " studying " graphics However, Rich always found time to party with the boys and his friend " Jack in Black " The stones from Fort Lauderdale and elsewhere will always be in every- one ' s memory But Academy life was not without Its setbacks Rich searched for Ihree years without success to try and find love Neither the Stickwo- man nor the " Twilight Zone " m Pasadena could raise his hopes Then came a iitHe help from a classmate and happiness was his Alter Rmgdance. Rich was a changed person. (What was that noise in the shower?) Well not completely changed He still had a phobia for wearing clothes as Laura and Kathleen and those around the elevators could confirm Seriously though, a better guy in the world could not be found If you ever needed help or advice Rich was there His sense of humor, friendliness, and happy-go-lucky attitude will be missed by all I will always cherish his friendship and I wish him all the luck in the world God bless you Rich, Kinnberly J. Horine Kinn f yersville, Maryland Mathematics U.S. Marine Corps im came to Annapolis from Myersville. Mary- land {a town so small that she lives on a dirt road) Although she had lived only two hours from USNA all her life, she had no idea what was m store for her Kim tackled plebe summer and plebe year with her usual cheerfulness and diligence, emerging as one of the most squared away, yet fun, mids in the Brigade Because of her love ol music, she joined Antiphonal Choir and Women ' s Glee Club. visiting cities such as New York, New Orleans, and Chicago On two occasions, she has sung for Ihe President on national television She also enjoyed performing m Pirates Of Pemance and The Mikado In addition to her time-consuming ECA ' s. Kim has managed to mainlam excellent grades, hold high- ranking positions {President ol the Mess for NL303 and Brigade Operations), remam near the top of her class, and still be a fun person The high stan- dards and pride of Ihe Marine Corps has attracted Kim to become a Second Lieutenant upon gradua- tion I have always been flattered lo be her twin (everyone from a lowly plebe to my own brother has mixed us up) I wish her Ihe best of luck ' Love, Tammy ■ anrrj ' Rudolf A. Ing Starfinder San Diego, California Mechanical Engineering Nuclear Power - Submarines Hudy came to ihe Naval Academy from sunny ' ' San Diego with two years of college already under his belt Undaunted. Rudy sped through plebe year and into Youngster year and Ihe world of Mechanical Engineering Youngster year also found Rudy engaged (finally) to Kellie. his girlfriend of four years. First semester, second class year, was spent in Connecticut at the US Coast Guard Academy, of all places Rudy made friends fast, including many of Ihe upperclass woman This was reflected m his outstanding evaluations and a multitude of demer- its. Come on Rudy, everyone knows you have to re- stock the blank ammunition while on watch! First Class year brought Kellie to Annapolts. Rudy still managed to conquer the Theorem of Cas- tigliano. however. He has a fool-proof way to clear a party - what a way with words Rudy was always the master of the late night of studying, but always got the results he wanted Rudy is lucky, too. He never misplaced anything he really needed, but he is still looking for his brietcase. He claims to do everything the hard way, but I think he has done a great )ob at everything he did The Nuclear Navy selected the right person in the Starttnder You have been a great fnend this past year. Rudy, and I wish You and Kellie the best of luck always See you in Orlando! DTN JJB Jeffrey W. Johnston Jeff Martinsville, Virginia General Engineering U.S. Marine Corps eft came to Ihe Naval Academy from Hargrave - ' Military Academy. One would Ihink thai after attending a military high school, Jeff would be one of the more serious midshipmen This was nol the case He gave up a promising career as a slandup comedian and pun master in order to serve his country His departure from showbusiness made room for the rise of Eddie Murphy Jeff, ot course, takes tull credil for Eddie ' s fame and fortune. Jeft has often been likened to a minature Arnold Schwarzenegger {He made me write this) Besides physical fitness, Jeff advocates superior self de- fense capabilities. This is why he works out up to three limes a day only to be abused in the yearly Brigade Boxing Tournament Chuck Norris, Bruce Lee, Jeffrey Wayne Johnston These names go to- gether like peanut butter and sardines. Yes. Jeft is also a karate enthusiast He skips evening meal alt semester only lo become second best in yet anoth- er sport " Academics " You say , " No com- ment " , quickly responds Jeff He is a Marine after all. and Marines don ' t need to be intelligent just fleet of foot Alt jokes aside, Jeft is my best friend. Good luck Jeff in your Marine Corps career and throughout your life M.S.M. Steven A. Kelly Kel Dallas. Texas Applied Science U.S- Marine Corps - Aviation ' ' el ' s a great guy, just ask him One day ' Kel is going to give me carryon. Only one of us is going to leave this place with a stripe on his shoulder. You may be smooth Mr, Kelly, but you ' re not smooth enough " (The Upper Class. Plebe year) Steve came from the big D ready to take on Ihe world. He met the upper class After plebe year Steve again returned ready, now that the upper class had gone, to again take the place by storm. He met Major Bungard, and became a Computer Science major Second class year he came into his own, computers were his thing. First class year finds Kel doing what he does best, computers, and helping those who don ' t do computer best Steve was never too busy to go out of his way for anyone who needed help He could always be counted on to lend a hand Well Kel. Its just about done, the stereo looks none the worse for wear after the settlement Stroud was right, more righ? than he possibly could have expected Neither of you got stripes, you both got bars You were smooth enough, maybe too smooth Bill still needs carryon Speaking of Bill he was right about one thing, you are a great guy, just ask anyone Sandra L. Kirby Sandi Beaumont. Texas Oceanography General Unrestricted Line Sandra arrived at USNA from the fantastic. fabulous, famous state of Texas- just ask her. Plebe year was a challenging one- never a dull moment with Sandra around This was the year that she began her Navy athletic career as a " crewba " and chose to become a NARC Welt, neither crew or NARC lasted through first semester youngster year, and Sandi chose oceanography and dedicat- ed her lite to the USMC Second class year Sandra made an important scientific discovery- how a 5 ' 1 " girl can produce lOOW of audio power and flames six feet high as her contribution to the plebe indoc- trination system As a first class. Sandra earned the title of " squad mama " and ended her athletic ca- reer as a S W. She also came to the realization that the Marines weren ' t ready tor her so she decided on the Navy. There are many memories about Sandra thai I will never forget Texas, coffee, Pepsi fettishes. " You ' re never gonna believe what happened this weekend " . 2 C CDO. a certain ' sailor ' and Marine, wrestling with L.. late night cheeses. 1001 excuses why nol to get up and study; our third roommates, and the many excuses we created why not to go to class, Sandra has been a mom, a sister, a great room- male, and most of all the best friend I could ask for She ' s been patient, understanding, sympathetic, and has even been able lo give me a " slap in the face " when I needed it. She ' s a fnend to all who know her and can put a smile on anyone ' s face. Thanks for everything- 1 couldn ' t have made it with- out you! Best of luck and may God bless you wher- ever you go (But you ' d better be back here in ' 87) Love, John F. X. McCord Fex Urbana. Illinois History Surface Warfare ' f he Fex " came to CraDtown from the bus- ' tling city o( Urbana as Illinois ' only known enpon From 7 July 1981 until 22 May 1985. Fex proved that a diploma could be earned by 100% pure BULL History is not |usl a major, it ' s a way of Itte to this guy Bui on weekends, he ines to see how many more miles he can put on the ' 84 Ca- maro. we call the Fexmobile, before he Imds anoth- er killer pothole As a lirm believer m deficit spending. Fex has ammassed a credit card bill equal to that o( the national debt Fex can be found in many places, anywhere from the bottom of a cheese lo his mysterious mud puddle But he fre- qenlly has lo ask lor directions to Nimitz Library the day before his term papers are due As a member of the elite Pep Band. Fexier jams a mean clarinet equaled only m his ability to maximize rack time anytime anywhere His four years have seen many ups and downs, especially the day his eyes decided to go surface line Fex is an all around great guy and good friend, it ' s too bad we didn ' t room together, be roomed with everybody else it seems Really though, he is a great person and is sure to be an outstanding officer Good luck m the fleet Pass me a loat ol bread ' RNB Had anyone told me m my junior year in high school that I would attend the Navat Academy, I would have told them to have their head examined I have accomplished more than I thought I could, but less than I probably could have Thanks to those who helped me Down with engineering majors! 450 Fourteenth Company Daniel D. Mellecker Dan Boulder, Colorado f athematics Naval Aviation Dan hails from the home of the " Orange Crush " and the Rocky Mountain Oysters Having never been to Annapolis, plebe summer shocked Dan right out o! his pro keds Neverthe- less, once Dan analyzed how to get through this place, it was no problem His four years at USNA were structured around intense determination and hard work- that is, determined to meet those highly sought after Maryland women, and hard work to get results For Mells, numbers was the game. Dan played this game very well- well enough to handle the math major and maintain around a 3 0- all this despite the fact that if study hours per week were concerned. Dan would be President of the square root club Dan ' s not only a contender in academics, but in sports as well Alter leading various company teams to world championships. Dan ' s final goal was to earn a varsity letter, which he did as a receiv- er lor the ISO ' s team The ultimate dream has yet to come lor Dan, but lies just a lew months ahead Being a Navy pilot has been the number one priority lor Dan while at the Academy With this ahead ol you Dan, I wish you Good Luck and safe Hying It has been an experience I will never forget Take care Fulton, my friend RCC Michael S. Melton Scott Lawrencevllle. Georgia Oceanography Surface Warfare ind Considerate. Patient Loving None ol ' » these words describe Scott Oh, he always had a word ol some kind tor everyone that he met He always had some free advice, no matter what the subject, and he gave it no matter where he was — the office ol a superior or a movie theater in East Port, for example Scott believed in being the best, and he definitely thought that he was He was a lirm believer m giving his best effort " Anything worth doing is worth doing right " Scott lollowed his philosophy in many things He was an expert on Science Fiction, a master at sleeping anytime or anywhere, and a connoisseur of line women. Grow- ing up in the Fort Lauderdale area, he supposedly developed vast skills m this last area Personally. I never saw evidence to support this Scott was nev- er one to ignore a pretty girl passing by 01 course. he was inconspicuous, he never stared lor more than an hour And how can we forget about Scott ' s experience in the physical fitness realm Plebe year fencing was lun but it didn ' t provide that " Arnold ' physique His program of " total fitness on a rope " led to special development of a single leg lor sever- al months Then came running jogging — is there a name for that pace ' ' Scott finally found his notch with pushups That sticks with his philosophy of keeping things simple Scott will carry his experi- ences and logical reasoning to the fleet where he will be an outstanding oMicer Thanks for everything and best of luck Scott I will always treasure our times together Dale T. Newhart Newbaunn Highland, New York Mathematics Nuclear Power - Submarines Dale came to the Naval Academy from the apple orchards of Highland, New York He managed to make himself a lot ol fnends during plebe year {mostly First Class), and kept everyone laughing Youngster year came around and Dale was devastated by the loss of his beloved plebe year roommate who decided bigger football oppor- tunities awaited him at U of M Nevertheless, Dale kept on smiling and managed lo slip away to New Jersey and New York on Saturday mornings utiliz- ing various blood sign-ms {and never getting caught) Second Class year was a new experience tor us all with the formation of the infamous " Naked Room " Dale also became famous during this year because of his research and development of new and belter " whaling " techniques All good things must come to an end and the next semester the Naked Room split leaving Dale with such intense phrases as " Hurray " and " What does that mean? " Dale surprised us all when he applied for the Nucle- ar Navy and was accepted After spending his check on important items such as beer and bus trips lo Trinity. Dale still kept his sense ol humor and bought a carC) with the remaining cash Dale should make a fine officer as he is truly one of the most Inendly and generous persons ever to step loot inside Bancroft Hall He has made the last four years bearable tor many of us by keeping us laugh- ing even m the darkest of times Dale showed us the meaning ol the word " Iriend " and would help any- one il he asked Best ol luck m the future, be good (so your Mom doesn ' t get mad), and remember - Walk Tall. Or Baby Don ' t Walk At All 1 Michael J. Ottinger Goat Mobile. Alabama General Engineering Naval Aviation lyl ell gents, three and a half years in the bhnk »» of an eye (right!) Not long till graduation- it hardly seems real yet it has been quite an experi- ence these tew years together The memories you all have provided wilt last a lifetime. Who can forget Dirty Harry, the Fex. Gracemod. Cis. R B (and beet jerky). Whity. Gregsow. Electric Boat. Greg sow. the Sob. Hoodsie, Kellsow. Clutch. Grandma Bishsow. Melsweat, Whales. Chambro. Newbaum IheMeltones. Steak (yes you Jeff). OldEder " , L 0-L-A Lola, that great quarterback Dan Dakota, " BUST " , Oingo Boingo, rolled lacos with extra taco sauce, James Webb, Project Zero, Crab Feast, tuner, " sooner or later you ' ll go general " , the Buddha, Sluggo, Johnny P, Jamckeand the Ream- ers " Table, the last real Black Sunday, Mexican Meal. " . jusi because some watery tart throws a sword at you . " . " somebodies gonna hafta go back and git a ! ' load of dimes " , Scott Melton ' s rope climb. " Hit hard, hit (asl, hit often General Eisenhower {I had to Pete), and " we don ' t want to go with you Brother Bluto, we might get in trouble . " Thanks again guys. I owe so much to all of you. Special thanks to Scott Melton, Mike Gregory. Scott Sobka, Dave Whalen, the Paulsen family, Vicki, and of course my parents and brother Fair winds and all that stuff Smooches, Mike O. Eric B. Smith E.B. Rockville, Maryland History U.S. Marine Corps E.B arrived at USNA straight from Geneva. He later moved to nearby Rockville only to find out It was, m tact, smaller than Springfield Plebe Summer proved to be one of the greatest times of his life, only to be surpassed by SERE school Erie joined the sailing team mainly to avoid marching, but wound up lettering, as he assumed his first command- a BW Among Erie ' s fabulous array ot talents was his ability to remain underwater tor long periods of time, the Scuba club quickly took notice of this unique feat As the year pro- gressed Eric decided a double major was for him. Youngster year found E B- mastering the liner points of Statics and Gale III. it was at this point he chose to concentrate his brilliance on history As paper deadlines approached, Erie took a historic retreat from the academic life One week later he emerged, paper in hand. Wanting to experience all aspects of midn life. Enc volunteered to go to an axe board and into the rotating knives Did you say knives? Erie ' s visit to sunny L A revealed his true nature by his boozmg. wenching and hot tub- bing It up As a firstie Eric discovered his true love, but alas his Jeep Cherokee was purely mechanical. Echo Bravo. Electric Boat, Inend, buddy, pal, four-wheeler, late mght studier of EE, owner of the cracked calculator, monster stereo man, can I bor- row your Magic marker ' ' Run Away ' Beauti- ful Plumage! I hear Patty M might be available, hope you get her someday Good Luck, take it easy and watch out tor those Marines D.H.C. Scott T. Sobka SOB Union. New Jersey General Engineering U.S. Marine Corps - Aviation Scott came to this fine institution expecting to be whipped into better shape Soon to be disappointed, he made it through plebe summer battling with his tiny pets from Harvard. Plebe year brought JV football or " Stand here and let Eddie run over you " Scott made friends fast with the upper class because of his New Jersey speech im- pediment. He even had assassination plans drawn up for his favorite second class Scott also learned of his aversion to apples by blocking a sink be- tween chow calls with a half-digested one. Youngster year found Scott learning Hebrew and his true love — Rugby Whitewater rafting and dirty blankets will not be forgotten, as many Saturday nights at Timmy ' s will not be remembered Scott ' s professionalism began to shine second class year as a major contributor to 14th Compa- ny ' s perfect 8-0 record for women This profession- alism awarded Scott with a squad leader position second semester The Naked Room was a lot of fun, including all of the ' tricks ' The ' Steam Table trick ' and the ' Shaving Cream on Franz trick " are but a tew examples. The best trick of all had to be the ' Princeton (High School) trick ' . Spring Break was a blast with RJH, JO times 3, and the Shrew Moving up to B-side. Scott earned a well-deserved letter in Rugby First class year brought the Rig, Springsteen, He- Man, and such phrases like " Don ' t make me do it ' " and " Oh no. it happened to me agaml " After find- ing himself as Vice-President of everything, Scott telt that Company Commander had a mce ring to it It couldn ' t be all that bad, he did not have a tough act to follow The Corps is getting one fine individual in The Great Sobini Good luck, Scolt, and thanks, your triendship and sense of humor have made the last 4 years bearable Franz K. Wagner Wags Lansdale. Pennsylvania Mechanical Engineering Civil Engineer Corps itr at better it is to dare mighty things, to win ' glorious triumphs, even though checked with failure, than to rank with those poor spirits who neither enjoy much nor suffer much, because they live in the gray twilight that knows not victory nor defeat " Roosevelt David R. Woods Woodsy Robbinsville. New Jersey Economics U.S. Marine Corps A graduate ot the Marine Military Academy in ' • Harlingen. Texas. Dave came to the Naval Academy with high expectations and goals for him- self As ptebe company commander. Dave lound himselt in charge of several operations m which he was coordinator, financier, and prime worker Dave was always ready to help his classmates with every- thing from rates to polishing leathers, just keep him away from the Wmdex As an economics major. Dave found a field in which he could excel and pursue a possible law career in the Marine Corps. Dave always had a keen eye for the finer things in life, as demonstrated by the car he drove, a ' 65 Thunderbird, his stereo, Bose and Technics, and a fine set of photos of various " acquaintances " he ' s managed to meet over the last several years While at MMA, Dave injured himself playing foot- ball and underwent an operation to lix his knee during youngster year Laid up for almost six months m a cast from the thigh down. Dave imme- diately started a training program in the pool to get back into shape and then looked for a sport which could accomodate his condition In his usual " Til try anything once " attitude, Dave gave cheerleading a shot Dave was made captain of the squad this year when grades forced the ex-captam to relinquish command- Dave will go in the Marines to lead men and moti- vate them and himself to be the " Few and the Proud. " Kathleen Weist Weistie Bndgeton. New Jersey Oceanography General Unrestncted Line l athleen came lo Annapolis from good ole »» New Jersey Don ' t bother asking what exit because it (Bndgeton) barely makes it on the map July 7, 1981 IS a day we ' ll never forget Walking around wearing a silly looking dixie cup wondering what the heck we had gotten ourselves into Life as a plebe was one joy after another, but with roommates like Lola and Marcie, how could you go wrong " ? II you ever need instructions on how 10 dean your teeth with a bayonet, |ust ask Kath- leen- she IS somewhat of an expert Once through the summer she ventured into the cruel world of academics For the next four years, she would pull not only herself through but her rock- head roommate as well Kathleen is the son of friend that you only hope to make I am so lucky to have shared very special times with her We will never forget all out running to make taps, baseball fields. Taco Tuesdays, romance, upsidedown patches, donuts and beer, and countless other un- forgetabte times Kathleen has endured some un- fair hardships but she has survived and emerged a stronger person and an inspiration to all who know her We always said thai something very special was down the road lor Kathleen, and she will find it on June 8. 1985 I wish her all the happiness m the world- God will bless her lor the rest of her life lor putting up with the likes ol me We ' ve made u through bud- i will miss you July 7 we ' ll never lorget but May 22. 1985 IS an even more memorable date cuz it ' s gonna be a miracle LAF 452 Fourteenth Company John D. Whalen Dave Needham. Massachusetts Applied Science Naval Right Officer Dave came to us from the suburbs ol Boston, and from day one he made sure that every- body knew that he lived his last 18 years m the best city on earth He kept his Boston accent all four years being careful not to pronounce any r ' s He made bets on the Red Sox, Brums, B C and other Boston reams, and collected a sweet prolit Whales played soccer his plebe year and made his way up to varsity about halfway through the season Bui when springtime rolled around and plebe year restrictions were lessened. Whales de- cided he could make better use of his time if he did not have soccer to tie him down Whales ' extra time was not only enjoyed by himself, but by his friends as well as Dave was always up lor a good time Whatever the occasion Whales could be counted on lo bring along his lavorite 12 to 16 ounce buddies Whales was also a leading lorce m the " Ft, Lau- derdale or Bust Winnibego " package deal On the trip Whales broadened our horizons with phrases like " It ' s gonna be a horrer show " , " Everyone kick in a ten spot " , and " Bilf me a brew " Lets face it. Spring Break was an educational trip With Service Selection Night |ust around the cor- ner. It looks like Dave will get an NFO billet Al- though he IS no longer qualified to be a pilot. Whales can still get into P-3 ' s as an NFQ Well. Dave, you are a good friend Good luck m the future We alt hope you get a good job and base, but whatever the case we hope your future jobs will still allow you to be in bed by 12 - " - Fifteenth Company . Philip S. Albert j Phyzz Jeannette, Pennsylvania Political Science Surface Warfare phi Albert — the man. the myth, the medicine ' cabinet. Where else could an impoverished roommate find Sea Breezettes at 2 am . ot hope to locate a pen with green ink ten minutes belore a Weapons project was due ' ' Ah. Phil, if only the Ramsden Beast couid see you now Many of his classmates will remember Phil ' s willingness to for- give the Beast for rampani, stupidity, just as Ihey will remember his fanatical support of the Redskms Well, maybe not Plebe year showed me that Phil could put up with anything, from the Beast to Colbs and Gungy After he left the D B, he never looked back, deciding instead to become an integral mem- ber of our winning lightweight football and slow- pitch soflball teams These are the areas where he found his true calling, despite occasional breaks for class, Phil could usually be found out on Farragut. tossing some sort of ball with Garce and Bead But it ' s the Phil we saw during Spring Break Second Class year who will stick in everyone ' s mind, espe- cially that poor old woman at the rest stop Young Phihp always found time for women in his life, though. Who can forget his first kiss? I hear thai ■Billy Joel ' s wife still has fond memories of the cute Wile plebe with the cover . Phil, you and I have [i»en through just about all of it together; all the i and. as they used to say back in olllid Mexico ;Dity . . . . SPDLN Mark J. Andreas Pedro Delano. California Physical Science Naval Aviation M hen looking up the word " Beach Boy " m ' ' Webster ' s dictionary one will find a picture of this California native Pedro got his name out of a need for individuality in 15 and from a strong latin- onented cultural influence Mark came to this insti- tution for one sole reason to fly, and fly he did. Mark, don ' t you think that a runway m an F 14 is more appropriate than 1-40 West in a 280ZX? Pe- dro ' s ma|or contribution to humanity was Army in California. The parly was great in the mam part ot the house and we all thank you for that great time. Mark you ' ll be a great pilot in the fine Andreas tradition, I ' ll miss you Mark, we ' ve really grown to- gether Good luck and God Bless, Q David R. Atkinson Dave Boston. Massachusetts Physical Science Surface Warfare first met Dave in the summer of ' 81. I first thought he was just a quiet tennis player from an obscure town in Mass, But the more I got to know him. the more I began to realize thai he was not en ordinary m idshipman but an outstanding Individual. While integrating and differentiating were not his forte. Dave more than made up for it by nothing less than unrelentless determination, un- shakeable resolve, and plenty of hard work. To the best of my knowledge, I can never recall a single instance where Dave gave up or did something less than a hundred percent. This wholeheartedness permeated every aspect of his life. I can still remem- ber the day that Dave started track. Coach had to drag him off the track because he hurt his legs trying to keep up with the studs. Most times the killer workouts were not enough for him because after practice, he would come up to the room, drink some Tang, and then go out to his " office " for another penmeter- It would seem like a man with all this drive would be hard to get along with, but Dave became a master at " leader-member relations. " He applied the same energy to people as he did with every- thing else. I never met a more considerate man in my lite While I sought to learn Philippians 2;4, " Look not every man on his own things but every- man also on the things of others, " Dave lived it. Dave. I hope you do well; I ' m sure you will. I can ' t ever thank you enough for the two years that we ' ve shared as roommates. Take care, and keep smiling! Mark S. Boehle Bales Washington, Illinois Physics Nuclear Power - Submarines A Boehle (that ' s Bailey in English) is quite a ' • rare, and hopefully , soon-to-be-extinct spe- cies. Often referred to as sub-human, Bales was one of the few individuals ever to rise to the position of D B Commander, go to MIT for graduate school, be a Trident Scholar, and (seriously) run a two minute O-course. Mark, who will forget all those road trips in the Fiat station wagon? (Pedro really is sorry for leaving your muffler in N.C. on our way to Charleston.) How about Spring Break in the Party Van! Didn ' t you forget something at Tulane? Oh well, I ' m sure it was nothing to lose your hair about. We ' ve been through a lot together " Barfin " Bales " and I thank you for that. You ' ve always been there when I needed you. Good luck. Be the best! . Dan J. Boelsche Dan Austin. Texas Physical Science Naval Aviation an came lo the Naval Academy wilh one - goal in mmd-becommg a Naval Aviator From the first day we met him. we knew that the sJow Texas drawl that emmated from him was more than just hoi air He earned about him that certain aura, image, and personality ot the born white scarf pilot that loved telling about his victories more than anything else, be it on the football field, the air or the women from leave Women, one of Dans favorite topics-they only get m the way of tsemg a successful fighter pilot Soon was he to realize, though, that they can be more fun than just someone to cause a headache Copenhagen, of course, is the other love of his life If someone wasn ' t in our room to bum a dip, they were there to get the gouge from the files he so accurately kept if it wasn ' t that, it was to talk about how the Longhorn Football team was doing Too bad thai some of his best arguments about Texas were with a Dawg from Missoora-our early depart- ed roomie Through it all, he has been a trustworthy and true fnend and confidant, and a damn good guy to have around at any time We will sorely miss him, al- though I am certain he can be found at TPS or Astronaut school in the near future Best of Luck. Boelsch ' and God Speed! ' CRM JR 454 Fifteetith Company Richard A. Brown Brownie Lowell. Massachusetts Mathematics Surface Warfare erownie found his way to the Naval Academy from Lowell. Massachusetts and has been trying to find his way out ever since Recruited tor track as a sprinter, he felt that the Plebe summer ■ ' All-Comers " Track Meel was enough work for him for four years He hasn ' t seen " Ai " since When he ' s awake. " Turbo Brown " excels on the Light- weight Football Gridiron, a ' a certain DC apart- ment or on the Battlefield of the Annapolis taverns He can usually be found somewhere at the end of the SHAFT smiling, joking or moaning behind a thick cloud of smoke, which will probably remain there for years lo come Who said you never left your mark on the Academy " ' Rich chose Surface Line which has become somewhat of a tradition m his family What hasn ' t, though? The Navy and Erm are getting one heckuva Shoe It ' s been greal Rich, Good Luck Q Michael M. Casey Caseman Alexandria, Virginia English Nuclear Power - Submarines i n 7 July 81, Mike arrived at USNA, as green as the rest of us {and whiter than most), but ready for Navy, Four years later. Mike ' s still white and the Navy has no choice but to get ready (or " Tiny Bubbles " Casey On paper, this Conduct Case(man) ' s career at USNA ended as it had begun tn-colored Between these run-ms with the regs, Mike look three years oh for good behavior During these years, Mike showed himself to be a true professional He had no time for patsies (or Jans either) He asked only for your best, and accepted nothing less This quality so impressed one of Mike ' s plebes, that she credit- ed Mr Casey with being the company ' s biggest " asset " Equally reknowned was his literary genius. Classmates lined up outside our room to borrow Michael ' s mmd He proofread more of our papers, without complaint, than he wrote of his own (as an English major that ' s not easy) Dunng his Academy years. Mike did more educating than did Rickover Hall First semester l c year was spent teaching plebes to speak English (every other semester was spent trying lo leach engineers to do the same) Michael first heard his calling to leach while giving two Chicagoans some pointers about the English life style While doing all this teaching. Mike also devoted time lo learning He spent much time and effort learning Ihe finer points of Backgammon and Acey-Deucy from Bead, and, like the rest ol us. learning all about everything from Plot Mike, teaching or learning, you ' ve been a great roommate and a true friend. Bubblehead or not, the Fleet IS fortunate to be getting you. Fair winds and following seas, my friend God bless you till next our courses meet. Mark D. Colby Colbs Sandusky, Michigan Mathematics Nuclear Power - Surface Colbs came lo the Academy in the summer ol ' 81 with a stereo m one arm and a football m the other Of course, he didn ' t rate a stereo at the lime, but regulations have never stopped him be- fore With the football. Mark was the famous (Oh. no. not Colby) Navy punter for three years He dis- tinguished himself against Syracuse last year by getting his picture on the front page of the Wash- ington Post (Why didn ' t you chase him down) Mark has distinguished himself in other areas as well, such as partying, his car and stereo, his awe- some array of adjectives and building up a solid credit by buying anything in sight. They love him In the stereo shop at the Midslore (But it was for sale!) Also a member of the eliie society, the swillers. Colbs has braved every weather known to man in search of the ever elusive cold one Highly success- ful in these endeavers. along with Hence. Tails and the rest of Ihe glitterariy, four years have passed by as a series of weekends seperated by 5 days o( classes to recover in Senior year found Mark well on his way to be- coming a family man His upcoming wedding with Lynn and his career as a nuke swo offer new chal- lenges and a bnghl future, Kickin ' . huh!? V ' m-i Austin H. Coleman II A.C. Minneapolis. Minnesota Applied Science Nuclear Power - Surface Iyl uslin H Coleman II, beller known ; ' •entered Navy as a starry-eyed, nai i AC ■ boy from the stale of Minnesota During that ndrculous i experience we called plebe summer year (jn which he and the most famous flamer m the company got along entirely too well), he managed to survive both Gungy and Pete With a little help from his boys, A C grew into an outstanding mid as well as quite a manipulator of the ladies (or so he thought) Oh. and could he party! Known to a few of his boys as Morns, AC really showed them what he was made 1 of when he did the bird at the pep rally. A C knew how to play the role yet maintain his (3rd Batt, Track team capt ) AC can be characterized as a goal setting, fun loving, strong willed individual who ■always seemed to be smiling I hope he slays that :Way, seeing he ' s going nuk surface (he ' s trying to a new role) AC has definitely grown into one :of the elite members of 85 As they say " da boy is lAus-um " - Mom and Dad thanks tor your ever loving support Celeste and Laune. you were al- ways there for me L T and Carolyn, thanks for the e meals I ' ll wash dishes next time E W , Chuck, Joe B iE, Ed. and all " da boys " , you made Navy bearable I ' m going to miss you Timothy W. Croy The Boy Kalamazoo, Michigan Systems Engineering Nuclear Power - Submarines r " he guys from l5th company didn ' t kno what to expect when this clean-cut " Boy from K-zoo strutted m on 1-Day Tim was the mos squared-away Mid around He smglehandediy kepi the Spiify Co stock nsing with his one spifty a appetite Tim always looked good in his uni his dirty uniforms looked better than most grease Tim occupied his time with running and lifting His social life didn ' t suffer, however He went from a Redskins cheerleader to a Cherry Blossom Festival Queen That poor Firebird never expected so many miles to Kansas and back As a fifstie, Tim led the guys from 15 as the company commander The entrance of a new Ma- rine company officer led to many sticky situations which Tim was (creed to solve Garce, Gnts, and Tim-Boy had a lot of good times together The experience was great with you, Tim The sub force is getting the cream of the crop in this guy. We will all miss you Good luck out there Gnts PS Just paint those barges grey and deploy H. Daniel Derbes II Derbdog Baton Rouge, Louisiana Oceanography Surface Warfare Danny came to us as a fresh young sprout of about 42 from Ole Miss, where he learned the importance of professionalism, self-respect, and wild, incessant partying What can you say about a man who, during plebe year, tried to get a special request chit to attend the Mardi Gras Ball in DC? Talk about a tned-and-true Coonass . . . During youngster year, though, he encouraged some of us to head south with him, into a part of the country where we all thought indoor plumbing was a rarity What we saw surprised us a huge, friendly family full of good-looking cousins, enough crayfish 10 make us all feel like true bayou types, and Henri who was really m his element. Oh. yes, indoor plumbing too, at no extra charge Second class year saw a change of maior, a continuation of his mystifying sailing career dust because Dad owns a boat, right, Dan?), and yet another Uip south. This one, though, showed thirteen of us how really dedi- cated young Dan-O is to the principle of laissez les bon temps roulez. especially at Mardi Gras None of us will forget Dan ' s succession of women, when he finally tied the knot with a woman in blue, tew of his classmates and admirers were surprised We ' re sure that Aggie and Sandy were just warm-ups to the mam event . . Still, anyone m 15 who ' s talked to Dan knows him as a man of wit. compassion, and style. No matter where he ends up, in the Navy or taking care of business in Baton Rouge, we know he ' ll make his mark Dan, we wish you and Anne the best. Bonne chance! Patrick Dunn Doc Fords, New Jersey Mathematics Surface Warfare f there was a word that could describe Pat, it ' would be " intense " . This little leprechaun comes to us from, of all places, the sunshine state of New Jersey. As long as I have known him, he has done nothing halfway: from posing as a tree at a non-costume party to emulating the priesthood for five years of college. Dunnster has disproved the idea that short people got no reason to live. Dr. Dunn earned his medical degree as the varsi- ty hockey trainer as well as from his unique talent to write (or mix) any known prescription at a given party. Girls have never been a problem for Spanky, with a nickname like Doc. you know he can oper- ate For Pat, life at the Academy has been one struggle after another, but Doc has gotten by with a simple but effective plan of attack which has helped him in such endeavors as dodging wardroom work- ers wearing covers On weekends. Pat just goes to parties, he gets really drunk, and he passes out ■ no problem. Good luck Black Shoe. Q Thanks to Rocky and Mom Love, Pat Gregory A. Garcia Garce Alamogordo. New Mexico Systems Engineering Surface Warfare reg entered the Naval Academy as a veleran of Ihe service, having spent a year of hard labor at the Nava( Academy Pre(p) School. His leadership potential was soon evident, and Ihe fa- miliar cadence " Let, Ri, Let " became a hallmark of sons By the end of plebe summer, though, we ail realized that Greg has innumerable talents, most ot which are non-military related The one that used to come to mind first was his acteptness at lugglmg girlfriends 1 say " was " , be- cause he IS presently a contender for YMS status. Who could forget that second class year, though? Between Colleen I and Colleen II. then Colleen U and Julie, and then |usl Julie, Greg sure had his hands lull, not to mention his weekends There were others, too - the twins, a zoomette. Hawaii, and youngster summer (was it five or six, Greg!) - but they were just passing whims Garce was quite the stellar athlete as well In addition to brief stmts with JV hoops and ISO ' s, he starred on the company basketball and sodball learns He then found his true calling — light- weights Garce quarterbacked the company " var- sity " fooibali team for two years, leading us into playoff contention both times Those " chicken legs " could sure move ' Above all of these accomplishments, though, Greg IS a true fnend He is always smiling and good natured, and would go out of his way to help any one We ' ve had some fun times together, Garce who could ever forget the " Foreign National Room ' with you, me, and Fooj, or those choir trips? The fleet IS surely getting a good man in Garce, and we wish him all of the good luck and success he deserves TPH Tood A. Gardner Todd Duncansville, Pennsylvania Political Science Surface Warfare l omen of the Annapolis area will be able to ' " sleep easier now that Todd no longer inhab- its 5-1 More than a few hearts have been cracked by Bruiser He was an equal opportunity compan- ion and showed no prejudice when it came to girls. His three stripes were the best deal he ever got, more than a tew ot his study hours were occupied with liberty The Third Battalion Football team could have done worse than have Todd as their coach Todd coached the team through a 3-2 sea- son The company ' s heavy-weight team also used his talents as quarterback Todd ' s knees and leg muscles will hopefuli recover now that he is out ot the Boat School but his ships ' sports team will not be a stranger to him Whoever has to live with him will learn how closely his stomach is related to his emotions. Keep him full and you will keep him hap- py Hurry up and find someone to take care of you, you will never be able to lake care of yourself. Good luck Todd, enjoy China 456 Fifteenth Company James M, Grinnson Grits Glenview. Illinois Systems Engineering Naval Aviation Grits IS the classic example of the All-Ameri- can guy. He entered the Academy after ex- celling in high school, and immediately picked up where he left ott He was nearly flawless plebe sum- mer, while the rest of us were having trouble jusf tying our shoes, Jim was busy both helping us and reciting the Laws of the Navy. Needless to say, Grits had few problems with academics, here, despite the efforts of Maury Hall to the contrary. (Will that plane acluaily fly?) He virtually owned the Supe ' s List, the only time he didn ' t wear stars was first semester plebe year, and that was only because they didn ' t give them out tor Jim excelled in sports and music as well. He was a vital part of the ' domination squad ' on the com- pany lightweight " varsity " football team for two years, and played company softbalf as well, Jim was the only person I knew who could sqeeze a workout and racktime into the same afternoon, fvlu- sically speaking. Grits has mastered seemingly all of the harmonies to every Chicago song, and can probably play most of them on his " bone " , too. reminicent of his " Motel 6 " days. Jim did not exclude himself from the social scene, either. Though his lies to a certain Wisco woman temporarily held him down, he eventually saw the light, winning his bet with Garce and Tim, end enjoying his return to the good life. Grits, after four years we ' re finally P-cola bound. It was a long wait, but it will be worth it- Don ' t ever stop being the best My hat ' s off to you. buddy! Jeffrey P. Hamman Pacer Garden City, Kansas Applied Science Naval Flight Officer Jeff, Ham Eggs, emerged from the rough Kansas plains Actually he was a mistake that hindered his parents from retiring when they had planned. His days of delinquency and nights In handcuffs and police stations ended on that fateful day in ' 81 He proved himself well as a gymnast by lettering his plebe year and eventually becoming team captain. His technique for mounting the horse helped break his falls for the ' Greek ' . He still admits nothing happened that night he was snuck in to the Girls ' dorm at ND (who are we to believe?) His antics with the team were also notable. As in the time 30 people crowded into his hotel room and he talked his way out of it. Oh, we mustn ' t forget the wheel he lost Tighten those lugs Jeff!! He never was a cubehead, and the shaft ways took a firm hold on him. Well, we will miss you Jeff, you always had a nice thing to say. I hope your future as an NFO IS prosperous. Thanks for the memories and please return my underwear, PS I know you will join Ihe ' VMS soon . . . AMF (Adios my friend) DJP ■ " Jeffrey A. Henson Jeff Orlando, Florida Political Science Surface Warfare ett, like all ol us. cameio the Academy to get a good education (Poly-Sci Ha!), learn how to lead men {Mardi Gras or bust), and excel in athlet- ics (Navy baseball and heavyweight football). Un- like most of the survivors of our class, " Hence " was successful on all counts. Equally important howev- er. JeH has remained a fine fnend and roommate Over the past four years. Jeff ' s interests have become evident to all who know him. As an avid and boisterous fan of the Cowboys, he hasn ' t pro duced a Super Bowl, but he has nothing but the best of the rest Jeffs wardrobe has turned into more of a hassle than an asset That is, too many people ask to borrow them I ' d like to thank the Big " H " and Mom for that On the weekends. Jeft likes lo dress up, get in his Daytona and . . . what? chase women you ask . no. Jeff is devoted to his lovely girlfriend Karen (That broke a lot of hearts) What a guy . Springsteen, weekends, Budweiser. 70mph tickets, fun in the sun. partying, overland speed records from College Park, dancmg, the " park " . and friendship What else is there? Jeff has learned them all from me Ha! Ha! With graduation impending, Jeff plans on )oining the ranks of the mighty surface warriors. Coffee mug m one hand and belly m the other, just kidding (I ' m one too). The future will find Jeff both success- ful in his career and his life with Karen I wish you the best of luck in both, you deserve it MDC Thomas P, Hobbib Bead f ountainside. New Jersey Systems Engineering Naval Aviation rom came to us from the vast industrial para- dise around Exit 135 on July 7, 1981 Like all varieties of life from areas like Jersey, though, he has baffled modern science by evading classifica- tion. First, there was the Bead we all came to know plebe year, he remained low-key, aside from asking Novo an occasional rate, and chose his major in honor of Simba, his role model Just when we thought we had him pegged as your run-of-the-mill mid, though. Tom realized there was something missing from his life (There was something else missing from his life, too, but he finally left the Ma- donna Fan Club first class year ) Only when Bead discovered the Supe ' s List did he realize his true calling: in fact, he ' s had stars and stripes his entire career here But Tom couldn ' t be classified as a geek, either; his stumpy little physique could always be seen out playing hoops, lightweights or Batt tennis, depend- ing on the season First class year saw Bead reap- ing the rewards of these years of toil; after returning from a Japanese FOREX, he was a Regimental stnprer. a starter on lightweights, and a permanent fixture on the Supe ' s List Then, of course, there was the Bead who ap- peared only on liberty Who could forget those Catholic Choir trips, so full of highly spiritual en- counters? Or that trip to Mardi Gras, when we found out how badly poor old Bumble needed Comforting, Whether in the high society clubs of Chicago or the seamiest bars of New Orleans, Tom always managed to be right at home Whatever he is. though, Tom is bound to be a success out in the Fleet and the World, it ' s said that only the fittest survive in a tough environment. Tom is one of those rare breeds that thrives in one Good luck, old buddy, now and forever MfVlC Christopher J. Hodges Hodge-mo Baldwin, New York Applied Science Surface Warfare t started in July " 81. All he needed was a bed, • blue-rimmed t-shirts. and a chow-call sta- tion — that ' s all And his index cards. That ' s all. This arm-wrestling champion from Long Island came to Annapolis wanting to play football and expecting to flunk out. However, when he found out the football team didn ' t wear magenta socks, his sense of superstition led him to the 3rd Batt team; and. when he found out he wasn ' t going to an ac- board, his personal academic drive led him to the rack. HOOTER! (a forehead slap is heard echoing in the halls) LIZ-ANNE! (no more needs to be said) Chris learned a lot He learned to drink coffee, to gel up in the morning, and to put the fan in the shower. Despite these successes, he was never too proud to rally around the tripod. IBM! Honda Civic! MEMORABILIA FILE! Seriously, it ' s lime for a Change of Pace Chris Is a natural leader. He led Sweetie, Marty, and Stump to Motown and then he led a platoon. How about those two-stnper lib din- ners at Wendy ' s? Always one to set fashion trends, Hodgemo ' s ciwies never were matched {nor worn) first semester first class year as he was loo busy listening to Louie Armstrong and his classical music tapes to change Bound for the Frigate Navy and an East Coast port and the altar in October, Chns leaves behind a legacy of laughs, love, and fond memories The Black Shoe force never got a better soul, (GAG!) Good luck Chris, you ' ll always be in the front row. and THAT ' S ALL! TKP Glen C. Langford Ace Brookfield, Connecticut Aerospace Engineering Surface Warfare V hettis often hunt for solitary ski poles but ' always run In single file teams. An original member of Team Yhetti. Ace was often involved In many an organized debauchery, and more often than not led the way Ace spent some time over in Dirty Thirty and was then picked up for the last two years in the free agent draft by Fifteen, he was a very nice boy - he used to cut the grass The tale is still being told, by 0-6 ' s mostly, of the time Ace and Dozer went to Duke. Ace was not a person to be phased by a note on his desk saying, " SEE CON- DUCT OFFICER ASAP " , Rang-tang-ding-dong I am the Japanese sandman-take eight. They stormed Bermuda, Florida Baltimore, D.C.. Georgetown, and the Vous, and the Vous, and the Vous, punished themselves at Gene ' s and Arman do ' s, but the riddle was solved when the piston shot through the side of the car and the hole that Audry ' s trip doll fell mio was finally discovered. All the mice have spacesuits and know what ' s going on. and Ace always had the gouge. Following a dispute over bennies, probably involving a young lady with a taste for the bizzare. Ace went on to help form Team Damien. and while playing hacky- sack, programmed his units. Quickly tiring of his success. Ace turned his many talents to passing the NAMI eye test (see service selection). Remem- ber, " always avoid TRI-SAD and achieve perma- bliss through obnesion " See you at Pete ' s! Timothy Leary ' s dead ICABOD Gregory T. Maxwell M. Pads Ephrata. Pennsylvania Ocean Engineering Nuclear Power - Surface Greg (M Pads) Maxwell. Ouke oi Ephfata and pnde ol the Maxwell lamily. came lo the Aca(Jemy destined to be a stnper D He was born a navy bfal. traveled worldwide and finally settled down on USNA for his higher education After a semi-lough Plebe year putting up with tobacco spilling Yogi, the next three years were a irme (or Max to excel m performance, athletic, academic, and mosi impoflani of all. girls Having little trouble maintaining a 3 m Ocean E . playing water polo and mechanized death, and maintaining a very squared-away image without scraping his knees or dirtying his nose, Max always finds time to frolic with the girls of the US?na ' ' Second class year, tired of East Coast girls. Max involved himself in a wild romance with a latin loop- tiioo al the Army-Navy Game m Pasadena The events o( the mghi in the partymobile will never be forgotten First class year. Max had everything a girl could want a brand new, red Camaro, Ihree stripes, and a nice fal nuke bonus H took little time (or Max to hook up with a nice Catholic blond who thought that his car was indestruclable I will remind the reader thai there are other sides lo Greg Maxwell, his excellent party-supporting (amily for example, however. I can not write a book. The Nuclear Surface Navy is getting a good invest- ment in liter Max for the next tweniy years And do not worry Max, the girls will still flock to your tuckas even if you lose your hair and glow an amber shade of green Good luck to you and your entire family and God Bless the USS California ' FUJ 458 Fifteenth Company David W, Meeks Dave Fremont. California Ocean Engineering Nuclear Power - Surface Dave came lo Annapolis by way of Northern Cai Actually, what happened was that Dave said good-bye lo his parents and then boarded a bus 10 go to Gal-Berkeley summer school. While he was on the bus enjoying the scenic California coun- try side, he (ell asleep When we woke up. some- thing was rotten in Podunk What was originally scheduled to be a short nde to Berkely, turned out to be a long ride across the U S.A He looked out the window and observed the sign whtch read " An- napolis City Lmits. Naval Academy 2 Miles " Poor Dave got on the wrong bus He had to stay al USNA until he could save enough money to return to the West Coast " If you believe that story. I ' ll tell you another one! " Seriously folks ' Dave came to USNA to pre- pare himself to become an officer in the Navy My being his roommate for the last two years has en- abled me to improve while watching him develop mentally, morally, and physically He performed well academically Whenever I saw his grade card, it was like observing a heat wave " The temperature averaged into the 90 ' s ' The Ocean Engineering department had their hands full Besides academics, his involvement wilh the Navigaiors has been a rewarding experience for both him and the mids he has come m contacl with He has placed Jesus Christ above all; and he has lived his lite acordingly Dave will do well in the Navy. One can see God, duty, honor, country by just looking mio hJs eyes. Charles R. Werntt, Jr. Chuck Liverpool, New York Marine Engineering Nuclear Power - Submarines huck came to us from the up periscope end - o( New York State His lourney brought him through UR and their NROTC, so he started out a year older and wiser than the rest o( us He put that year to good use as he used it to get the tump academically and as a second class, to pile up a heck of a lot of weekends to spend with Debbie. Chuck was a graduate (rom the Scarlace School of Elementary Success- " First you get the power, then you get the money, then the woman, " and he did, m that order A charter member of the YMS, Chuck fell easily But Chuck ' s better half is not all that can be said for him If he wasn ' t with her, he was gone on an- other Glee Club M O Chuck put the B in Bubble- head through the Dolphin Club Woe be the soul who bad mouths ihe Silent Service, and woe be the plebe who doesn ' t know Ihe operational character- istics of the BOO-5. or Ihe PROPER klaxon signal for diving Chuck was a pro when no one else would let him be It ' s been a good four years. Chuck Those of us closest to you know how good Ihe years ahead of you will be. Remember the Dawg, and always re- member that Eleanor Tyler told us big nvers usually turn east Phong Nguyen Fu)i Hayward, California Electrical Engineering Nuclear Power - Surface yhe little one came to this prestigious msilution ' from ' Nam by way of Hayward, California. Dur- ing plebe year he escaped much harassment main- ly because he was so small Ihal nobody noticed him and he spent a lot of time in laundry bags He started out at the Academy as an intelligent, talent- ed, and quiet young man who played an excellent violin. This small musical youth transformed into one studly brigade boxer. His natural athletic ability enabled him to play all spons superbly despite his height disadvantage which prevented him from go- ing into the Corps and reaching the lop shelf of his locker Youngster year, Dr Wu became the Brigade Champ in boxing He also became infamous for his " red-face " and drinking aniics. especially at the Army-Navy game m Phila He was adopted by 15 CO and became its welfare case by wearing every- one ' s clothes and eating their food. Along came Second Class year and Fuj emerged as a red-hot flamer and having a much improved alcohol toler- ance he could handle two brews without getting red-faced Even with the difficulties of academics, the slope managed lo breeze through EE His final year at USNA brought tough battles with VISA. Dsmoke, service selection, and a broken down Spitfire m Tuscon Phong ' s pleasant, care-free and no sweat per- sonality will certainly be missed at a pressure-cook- er like Ihe Academy, but he will never look back al the Boat School He was a great fnend to all. and I ' m sure someday we will find him leading the fight (or his homeland Good luck with everything! la I David J. Peterson Buddha Mesa, Arizona General Engineering U.S. Air Force Conceived at the start of an unbearably long Minnesota winter, Dave, known to his only Inend as " Spaz " , was the final addition to a family searching tor perfection Both parents vowed to stop experimenting after the crushing disappoint- ment of the sixth child Despite their unhappmess, they continued to feed and nourish Dave, only to have him grow m height as well as girth At arrival at the Academy he showed promise as a world-class swimmer {if we are to believe a fraction of his over- exaggerated stones of how good he used to be) Instead he opted rather to begin a downhdl slide from handball to HW football to ultimate tnsbee manager to breathing Many times he showed his high holiday spirit in strange ways One of his favor- ite quotes, " Let ' s go get them " first originated when he attended the Portland Rose Festival during youngster cruise and authorities trying to appre- hend him shouted it after witnessing him in an ex- tremely compromising position His last year at TFS (This Fine School) has been one of classic Peterson style Starling with complete freedom and ending with a three foot leash being placed around his neck (sorry Karen) A word should be said about the poor, well meaning girl who made the mistake of showing kindness tor the first time to Cocoa She has been rewarded for this action by being dragged to the east coast to babysit the company weekend party house and withstand countless stones of what D J did while she wasn ' t around In all seri- ousness, good luck in the Air Farce, Dave They can have you. AMF J.P.H. Thomas K, Plofchan. Bobo Detroit, Michigan English CIVLANT M hen I first met Tom Plofchan on July 7. 1981, ' ' I asked myself, how did this guy get to the Naval Academy " ? What did your Senator do. lose a bet? But Bobo turned out to be gentle as a bear His sleeping habits ( " Kashu, kashu, kashu " ). and the time King Aerobic Platoon Commander stayed the night under a certain tree in the yard provided a line example for the company He was a " shack " dwelling, sledding, Candy Man playing and playing piano man He was wor- shipped by the female plebes and by Jenny M . who " wasn ' t quite his type, " in other words, she didn ' t laugh at his )okes (Tom, by the way, is still single) Tom was a champagne connoisseur, too bad you sprayed it on Case Plot was an Olympic miler. an expert of column rights and lefts, a sports car enthusiast (the mean green Renault Encore ma- chine) and a darn good Democrat Traitor! On the more cereal side. Tom had his idols - Lee I , Navy men. and Eugene O ' Neil (was he a social- ist?) Plot had his bulkificalion jacket to go " often- poHin ' , a strange hot water drinking habit, and a thinking problem " And then I thought about " " Shut up Tom! " I still say we should ' ve gone to Salt Lake via Las Vegas Bobes was an outstanding navigator on the sail- ing team and his skills led him to taking pictures of port-o-poities with his secondhand female friend, with his Inpod. no less! Being completely syrupy, though. Teach, you ' re a top ten-percenter in our hearts If only you had beaten me on that number one - for now, GO METS!, and so is he. at what, I don ' t know It ' s certainly not recorder playing, per- haps lamp physics All the luck and love m the world, Tom. keep on laughing (tone it down a little, though), and change that pace CJH Eric M. Quinn Q Daytona Beach. Florida Mathematics Surface Warfare eeing a Fighting Crab from Seabreeze High Eric should have felt right at home coming to Crabtown. but somehow the Annapolis winter the same as that in Daytona Beach So cruised through school with thoughts of Florida sunshine and sandy beaches to make life at the Academy bearable From the Corps trips of piebe year to the UAV at Army-Navy ' 83. Erie truly was a ty animal In addition to his Annapolis conquests. Old SCAR was truly a man of the world From Sweden to California to the P I , Old Pilot Eyes had a woman in every port or usually found one However Eric always had his closest relationships with the wom- en of the South which is where O ' s heart will always be A southern gentleman m every way. Eric ' s hos- pitality couldn ' t be beaten as he opened his home to the 85 FLEET for spring break You ' ve been a great roommate and my Isest (riend From the Golden State boy to the Sunshine State kid, God Bless You Always Charles M, Smith Charlie Camden, Arkansas Marine Engineering Surface Warfare I pon arival at the corner of Chesapeake and (- Severn. Charlie found a strange new envi- ronment No longer did thoughts of the farm fill his mind. He turned his thoughts toward something completely novel- the world of academia But now It ' s time to depart and Bancroft Hall will greatly miss his loving remarks and off-the-cuff compli- ments Charlie was well known among his company mates especially since he roomed with just about everyone One of Charlie ' s toughest decisions was service selection After he told the Submarine Com- munity he was no longer interested, they were crushed Oh well, their loss Of the more colorful ol his charades include his ability to come up with interesting thumper signs (sniff) Mile 18 of the Ma- rine Corps Marathon was a very sobering expen- for him Good luck Charlie, see you at SWOS Mike G. Taylor Tails Marietta, Georgia Mathematics Nuclear Power - Surface rails ' S one kickm ' dude With his soulhern ac- ceni and relaxed oullook on lile. he breezed through plebe year untazed, despite incredibly lough squad leaders (Taylor, its thai time of day again) and interrogations by the roving patrol Youngster year was the beginning ol Mike ' s ex- tremely successful academic career Mike firmly believed m domg more by studying less Of course, it didn ' t hurt to have incredible ' uck in getting gouge profs (Keep typing in those O ' s) Being a math major. Tails was renouned for his formulation of Taylor ' s constant, which was invalu- able at the Dogpen every Saturday night On the athletic scene. Mike became a brigade boxer, dis- playing such skill that advanced him to the brigade semi-tinats His unyielding devotion to training and titr ess fortunately did not stop Tails from earning his swiller quais m the blizzard of ' 63 Mike wilt always be remembered as one of the party leaders ol I5th company Whether he was at the Annapolis playground, the Spnng Break party van, or down- ing party packs in Pasadena, there was never a boring moiT ent with the King of the " Hairy Red- eyes " around So, what ' s next for our fearless company sub- daddy Well, being a nuke surface jock. Tails witl be heading to do Orlando tor 6 months, New York for 6 months and the like, after which, he will join xtve wardroom on the USS South Carolina Some- where in between schools. Beth wid put the ball and Cham on him 11 has been a pleasure to room with Mike and be his fnend even though he did chip Lynn ' s tooth (GRRR ' " ) Good luck and good riddance, just kid- ding We love you (Ha Ha) 460 Fifteenth Company John R. Walters Ergo Portland. Oregon Aerospace Engineering Surface Warfare ERGO The life and fast times of John Wallers. was one of the close circle of friends that witnessed John ' s horrifying rise and fall This IS his story He started as a nice kid from a nice family in Oregon, but when he entered the Acade- my, he fell in with a bad crowd, some people called them ' The Nuts " or others " The Fools " They re- ferred to themselves as " Crew Jocks " This group ' s influence quickly had an effect on John John sub- mitted to peer pressure and tried a few workouts After two he was hooked He started with small stuff, running and calisthenics, but quickly moved up into the hard stuff Soon he was lifting, rowing ergos. and doing the occasional hill or two By Spring he was fully addicted, and flirting with the idea of the ullimate-RACING Once was enough. and afler the first one he couldn ' t hold back Pretty soon he was doing massive calories, secreting food in his room and sneaking snacks, just to fuel his habit Performance was everything and nothing could deter him As you can expect, this all took its toll and John soon found himself with the gnarliest, hard corps group of the Crew Jocks, the First Boat About this time John found out about Aerospace Engineering and started taking all kinds of Dynes A few years of this kind of punishment and John took the big fall- he was made Captain of the crew team Pathetic isn ' t it? A nice guy turning into a brutal athlete scholar I ' m |ust glad I ' ve been on the pe- nphery of his. shall we say " problem " Imagine how his parents feel- their son a 3-striper team captain with a 3 4 in AERO It happened, I know. I was there, and I know it is a vicious cycle and I know it wont stop Keep it going forever John -BRT Mark E. Weber Webs Cumming. Georgia Mechanical Engineering Surface Warfare 4yfark was a good oie " boy from down South. fwl His prior service before coming to USNA was very productive He always had an excuse to go to Orlando and his parents almost forgot who he was. Webs was known for his uncanny ability to match white works and WUB " A " into an appropri- ate fashion for our nights out on the town No ob- stacle was too great for him as he proved by finally gelling over the wall after months of conditioning. He was a Mech E all the way and along with it became a black shoe in this man ' s Navy If you were ever lonely on a weekend he was there to Keep you company Mark ' s tastes were incredible, no one else would eat Aipo at Judy ' s party Oh yeah, you still owe her a basket for the one you crushed Most of us took a car loan and went con- servative, not Webie-Pooh He splurged for a Trans-Am with an H package only to have it entered in a demolition derby which he definitely losi We will always remember Weber as the ' Granpa ' of our company who never wanted to leave the sanctity of the shaft Will you ever forgive us for throwing you out in the laundry cart that cold dark weeknighf It has been a good four years Mark Thanks for putting up with me and good luck in the Fleet You can have my black socks and gold-rimmed shorts so we will be able to find you easily at our reunions Don ' t give up the ship DJP M Sixteenth Company if Kenneth M, Adams Strips Warwick, Rhode Island Physics Surface Warfare Coming irom the sheltered home waters of the Narraganssell Bay. Ken soon learned how to stand on his own two teet (Not, of course, with- out a little help from Dwayne, Boom-Boom, and the lovely Sarahi) Actually we never really determined i( It was him or his laundry which was standing on two feet Finally, with the trials of plebe year behind him Ken settled down to concentrate on his physics grades and his physique, namely how to decrease one whilst increasing the other Things were made none to easy for our hero during youngster and second class years thanks to a certain nameless Viet Cong This villian did not dampen Ken ' s spirit and we all cruised through many a weekend in the Death Ride {aka the mighty Green Hornet), The Death Ride was eventually replaced by the Sciroc- CO, which looks a shade prettier but was never as dependable. One night. I immediately recognized this modern day Enzo Ferrari driving on the shoul- der of the N.J Turnpike by the distinct abscence of tail lights. A new company officer ended the dark years of lyr rany for Ken. and he finally proved what i always knew about him First class year showed us that he will really be a tine Naval Officer, I know it wasn ' t easy, but thanks for putting up with Jimi, Bob Martey, and S.d Vicious. Now its time for both of us to go grey, start smoking, and achieve the perfect gut! Good Luck! Stay in touch ATP James D. Anderson Jimbo Mt. Laurel, New Jersey Applied Science Surface Warfare M hen Jimbo was born all of the women of the " ' world re)0iced. or so he thought His hairy chest and not so hairy scalp enabled him to charm the fair members of the opposite sex Lately though Jim has tamed down His latest flame could have taught him grade school, but instead he learned from her the benefits of a late night jog. Always one to take advantage of a good opportunity, J D al- most made it through the Academy without ever setting toot on a grey ship As a repeat perfor- mance, he chose to sail his way to Bermuda for first class cruise, but he rode through some heavy storms with the Commander Jimbo was all set tor Navy Air but those last couple of letters seemed a little fuzzy Jim, I hope you don ' t get seasick earn- ing those SWO wings Best of luck, Pete Eugene S. Benvenutti, Jr. Ben Gulf Breeze, Florida Aerospace Engineering U.S. Marine Corps Coming to USNA was probably one of Ben ' s biggest mistakes. Ben had it all. a lull ROTC scholarship at Hokie U , a sweet thang he met there from NOVA and a Porsche What more could a college freshman ask for " ? Ben knew his priorities, he wanted to become a ring knocker, a fraternity bigger than the both of them He and his Porsche that IS. That sweet thang from NOVA will be Mrs. Benvenutti shortly atler graduation. So he went for the five year plan and ran into numerous obstacles. Plebe summer saw him almost drummed for insub- ordination when a morning greeting meant for Hoot was intercepted by his squad leader During P!ebe year he felt the wrath of Dwayne who chewed on his back side day and ntght, from which he has yet to recover He still has no backside His arrival in 16th CO. was of great benefit to all of us His four annual BEN BASHES capped off each one of four memo- rable years And who will ever forget the quote fit for reef points: " Fry me you a ' and his other lovely greetings at morning quarters Yes, Ben was a defiant and sometimes obnoxious cus and has been known to take on a Thnlla twice hi s size, yet we all grew to love him for his unusual disposition. 3 c year saw the start of numerous Tech Treks It was during one of these delayed by a big snow storm, that our Ben started a new trend He got engaged 2 c year started with a night on the head in New London and a mosseltouf in C 1 c year saw us lose our Ben to his two fiances, that sweet thang in NOVA and the USMC, Fair winds and fol- lowing seas, Ben May you find your place with the green elite group as you did with us. Jeffrey T. Bernardi BZ Strongsville. Ohio Mechanical Engineering Naval Flight Officer Jett came to us from Cleveland, which isn ' t surprising to anyone who ' s been there Plebe summer found Jeff battling his roommate as well as the 1 c Watching him and Soltesz remind- ed me of Frazier-Ali " Thhiler in Manila " Whether he was brain-damaged during these bouts and couldn ' t think or whether he didn ' t have his glasses and couldn ' t see we never determined, but Jeff earned his nickname when he ran through the W course wall. BZ was never one to pass up a good time He impressed us at Army plebe year when he spent the night with a goddess, a white porcelain one. and again in O C. Billy Idol was in the crowd and was inspired to write " Dancing With Myself. " Youngster year BZ found a girl that wouldn ' t run from him The Beast came to Annapolis and the days ot the Tech Trek began It was this year that BZ took up the sport ot jumping into moving trucks in civvies by Gate 3 to get back for taps BZ used 2 c summer as a learning experience In P-cola he started BeerTraMid by learning not to forget the twist-tie of an airsickness bag. The next week showed him the bugs of the USMC (they do get m the damndest places ), and New London taught him that money is everything 2 c year found BZ undergoing a major change He became a sweat The Mech E department did it to him and I ' ll never forgive them He has been m state of fear and de- pression ever since, though he did break through that shell 1 c Army Week when he. as the Dept Dant, doused the bonfire Us been a fun 4 years I ' ll dh Robert E. Conway T.D. Catonsville. Maryland Naval Architecture Naval Aviation tti ' m perched here m Eisenhower Hall " ' Throwin Down Throbbage is a unique piece ot human llesh m his own right He emerged from nowhere 2nd Class Year as the company comedi- an, always willin g to take the drst step Leroy was truly a great bird until his rude removal by C J Thrab served as a wardroom worker one night and fit right in since he had bumps The " V was a staple in his listening diet and he jammed to Prince before most white people heard of him " 0-dog " was a known Hasher and accomplice to T W C He always wanted to be a P-3 pilot, and it looks like the former FOTW will do it Known to hang for Star Trek, Thrabby Thrab also became a member of the Supreme Team Three seasons of last pitch sodball were fabulous, and Thrab was often breakin " or poppin ' in center field Kathy Kaih. makin lips, play- ing nerl hoops How about a $50 nite- P O H . is that good? From my tirst impression of Thrab pull- ing down his drawers by the Pepsi machine on 7- 1 to Pensacola. Thrab has been a real treat to know Hey Throb-let ' s have another bash at your crib bet- ter yet. you gotta a taste for the Inner Harbor ' ' God bless you rascal Cheese 462 Sixteenth Company Robert W. Dil Big Bob Kansas City. Missouri Applied Science Supply Corps A product of Park Hill HS, Big Bob came to ' • Navy at a thin 236lbs and soon ballooned to a whopping 280 By grad this May, he will be back down, lor awhile anyway, to his slim figure, but he will also be Big Dilla to us all Big Bob did not waste his ■gift " but enrolled m the Gary T school of death Long snapping for 3 years. Thrilla gave us all good memories with visions ol the Mighty Gut pro- truding from the 74 jersey Thanks for the wms over Army and South Carolina Some ol the better times caught Bob with booze on his breath and women on his mind — and usual- ly mind only He did get to express that toothy gnn at the Goucher College once or twice, but has saved most of himself for Michelle The nights of the Army games were always ones not to be remem- bered as well as those of Fred ' s Bash Never one to turn down a drink. Big Bob made history many times with his good friend. So Co May you always be forced to drink Lite beer A lew things to jog the memory One " hard up " weapons exam, " stick it through the hole " . floating shrimp in the shower, " good morning, Miss Coe " . Dill ' s Chinese laundry service, and mys horse m Rawhide The last four years have been great and I wish that they could go on forever I will never be able to replace you as a Samoan brother or per- haps a chainsaw at night Thanks lor putting up with my cue ball head for so long and call me if you need some Redbone or to get you out ol hot water. Good luck in the lleet and remember Waterhead. Nag. Poiack, Juan, Hoss. Nasly. Ribs, Thrabbage. Cheese. 0-White. Tiny, and all the BOYS Semper Fi. BONE Chris A. Drenter Chris Bettendorf. lov ra Mechanical Engineering Naval Aviation A Iter a typical plebe summer. Ac-year saw ' ' Chris settle into the nice, comfortable, easy major of Mech E. whereupon he disappeared from sight for about a year He did well though, the com- bined OPR ' s of the three m his room added up to more than the rest of our class combined Determined to Ml the void ot romance m his life Chns made his turnaround Spring Break youngster year as he slid behind the wheel of a ' 79 Trans Am with a gas guzzling fire breathing monster o( an engine Cruising the " ones " back home will never be the same again, especially after a little vixen pulls up. " Wanna get drunk? " Cupid had struck and Chns suddenly had to buy a new book of stamps every other week The playboy image grew upon returning, as did the number of girls Chris was seen with Unfortu- nately he couldn ' t keep his hands off the wheel ol his toy, to the point of driving into the yard in uni- form past our company commander Everyone agreed that you should have run over the MOOW harder so you wouldn ' t have been caught Steady girlfriends and roadtnps occupied most of 2 c year, as Chns developed the theory that beer makes a great love potion He did maintain a professional attitude though, especially alter seemg Chuck Yeager in " The Right Stuff, " which got him to start chewing gum so he could be a better pilot As Mech E pulled its final punches even a Rocket exam couldn ' t stop Chns from going over the wall during study hour or participating in extracurricular activities while on a duty weekend Now he IS in full afterburner heading for the sunny shores and clear blue skies ol P-cola Best of luck to you. Bud. you ' ll be a hell ol a pilot, see you out in the real world! David Lee Fields Fieldsie Tonns River. New Jersey Aerospace Engineering Nuclear Power - Surface : 1 there was ever a natural at USNA - a per- son who tit the midshipman image so well that you just couldn ' t see him anywhere else- Field- sie was the person who he was larlhesl Irom Drag- ging him off the Jersey beaches (or Plebe Summer to the land of no Budweiser. no Camaros. no girls, and ESPECIALLY no Bruce was like taking a lish out of water I saw no one. though, adapt more easily than Dave, who I am s comfortable anywhere Hen ler by making quick Iriends with Pete, who had a popular place on Mam Street This was to become a lasting relationship as Dave tries to make the Hall of Fame From friends through youngster year to fellow partiers second class year to roommates the Final year, we saw our best and worst I don ' t think a day went by without some mention of who had the harder major, faster (or better) car, the most luck with girls or anything else we could think ot to " bel- ter " the other Also any mention ol Ft Lauderdale and Spring Break, the beach m general, drinking or cars and you had better be prepared to listen for awhile- Fieldsie always had a story, even if you had heard it a couple ol times before Over the last tour years, it was rare to see Dave down about anything lor long Restriction, cars, and grades had their effect, but he wasn ' t one to moan for long And even as he watched his fighters turn into submarines and then destroyers, he sim- ply didn ' t worry about it. concentrating more on weekends and the Velte Dave will be a hard-party- ing beach bum for a long time, bul he ' ll make a good officer. See ya m the lleet. Fieldsie. - CAD • i Jon A- Franke Juan Midland. Texas Mechanical Engineering Surface Warfare ' uan " rolled into USNA (rom Ihe great plains ' - ' of Midland, Texas He soon traded m his rattlesnake skin boots for a pair ot shiny shiny black corframs and his Texas six shooter for an HP calcu- lator. Juan was a bil ot an unknown to us at first, but it didn ' t take Juan long to figure out that one night al Frannie O ' s was worth two at Nimitz. An occasional dunk-fesi didn ' t stop Juan from becom- ing the satisfaction tor the quest for Mech E gouge in the 1st regiment, the only problem was that Juan had that great gift of doing his best work at 4 am the night before the exam Among Juan ' s many inumphs while at the Acad- emy would have to include his 1st class cruise with the Canadian Navy or more specifically, an array ot Canadian nurses, stewardesses, etc . which he ro- manced under the guise of a cultural exchange. As most of the class of ' 85 trade tn their text books for flighl manuals and M-I6 ' s, Juan contin- ues academia in quest ot a Mech E masters at the University of Maryland After grad school, his desti- nation in the Fleet may still be in question while the Navy tries to remveni a cure (or the common headache Juan ' s days at grad school should be fun while he chases co-eds at the " Vu " and rides around m his convertible Fiai Hopefully, he ' ll have learned by then that red means " stop " and green means " go " Don ' t forget the fellas and always keep cold beer in your (rig you never know when one of us will drop by to take your place Best of luck. Juan Go Terps!! Andrew M. Gibb The Gibber Parker. Colorado Electrical Engineering Nuclear Power - Submarines A ndy Gibb made his smgmg debut during ' ■ plebe summer by leading a stirring rendition o( " The Goat is Old and Gnarly " Its been an uphill struggle to regain face ever since Andy ' s plebe year was highlighted by a spring break drunken interlude to Key Largo, which almost left him walk- ing back Youngster year found Gibber spending many Saturday nights upstairs m Dahtgren with Ja- net It must have been Ihe ritual playing of " The Kid IS Hot Tonight " that did it to him Well, Janel found a mid with a letter sweater, so Andy decided to join the Ball swim team When he saw his coach Laurie in a swimsuit, it was love at first sight Gibber had a great summer m Hawaii, tanning his body by day and evading bouncers by night Well, second class year came and Laurie finally got her nghtfut place on the I6lh Company taps boards Andy struggled through another year of Electrical Engineering, con- firming his suspicion that he should have been a poll sci. After enjoying another ring dance. Andy headed off to WESPAC on a sub where he re- mained " Hopelessly Devoted " He spent the rest ot the summer MACmg around with Laurie in Europe The general mellowness of first class towards plebes didn ' t dampen the wrath ot Gibber Little did Gibber know when he warned Hooter of an im- pending attack that he was the first alternate of the plebes ' " hit list " Since Hoot was remarkably not to be found, Gibber ended up tied to the Supe ' s porch where he met the mam man and his daughter What an impression! Andys dream came true when he was accepted for nuke power, and he has been known as " death from below " " ever since Michael R. Graham Nag Camden, New Jersey Applied Science Surface Warfare A product ot the " streets " . Nag became our ' •urban survival rep during Army Navy m Phila Although from the big city, Nag lived the clean life at U S N A , but even the best stray at times After tipping a lew too many one evening. Nag was convinced that Ihe " Dockside " had mo- bile floors, and who could forget his actions with his blind-date of the evening He explained in detail exactly what her looks would do to a moving tram From this point on Nag tried to abstain from the evils ot females Then came the tnp to N.C with Redbone It is at this point m Nag ' s lite that he learned exactly what a dollar could do m a house of ill repute The big question now is, " Will Nag wed the fair and illiterate Tiwaney upon grad ' ' " The follies of Nagroil continued m the Bahamas where he amazed his race by getting atrociously sunburnt and the peeling It ' s jusi not supposed to happen! Academics were Nag ' s strong suit Especially Ihe course of sleeping at will Nag consistently conven- ed 4-n mornings into 0-n mornings This may ex- plain his candidacy for anchor-man Onto more senous matters. Nag ' s low-key de- meanor provided relief for all ol his classmates when It was needed most Nag made life for his country roommate much more bearable and will be missed by the same very much ' Sorry I had to break up the " crib " Nag but what ' s a white guy to do? Take care Nag and good luck m P-Cola or wherever the Navy takes you William K. Groover II Bin Henderson, Nevada Physical Science Surface Warfare a ill and I came to know one another during second class year Since we thought alike about almost everything, we naturally became best friends in fact, we were considered a single item before Ihe end of the year. During that spring se- mester we sliced our flesh and mixed blood - - - we had become Brothers (Lee found out Ihe hard way that the end product was greater than Ihe sum ot the components) That summer Michelle arrived only to see me get him thrown in prison. Finally, it was off to subs, sun. and Savannah First class year came quickly, and Bill had his fun, even though C J hassled him a lot He admittedly got in relatively little trouble considering all that he had done. All m all, he fared well, but I snil think the lowest thing he did was belting $ 1 00 with me Since he hasn ' t made up his mmd about service selection, there ' s no telling where he will end up. but I know 1 can always count on him to help me kill the Enemy When I think ot Bill. I will always remember UMBO, 44 ' svs 45 ' s, shotguns and high-powered rifles, beer m the basement, magnesium and potas- sium permanganate, rapelling from the window, the chapel dome, weekend jobs, G Gordon Liddy. missing class, freefall, fried rice, hot tea, and infinitum Roger W. Roland Billy T, Harris. Jr. Dwite Kissee Mills. Missouri History Naval Aviation A Roll Call ol memories-piebehood-pumpkin ' • Jay. " Aflams! " , Rubik ' scube. treezebox. FBI, Plebe park, alarm clock, LT Foslec, Taco Bell Eileen a rude letter, YP Squadron, Waddys car. All ngm ttial ' s It, rattling blinds nites on the Hoot 3 C-Hawaii, TV. harshness witti wine in youngster park (and every hall hour the next day). Bubble gum rock. Trip to WDW spring break. 4000 lor gelling nabbed in plebe pack (while on duty), with you Mizo Dogpen, caving wiih Big Joe. " I was sooo blown away " 2 C-summer-C Strips car. Fians Hilchin to Hood (1-270 and toss age). Brew Crew. Mary Wash, Wires w Homer J Rood Plot Moge Lerch Miss Johnson blown up diodes, 3 AM call 10 Stephanie, rm 72il4, the Chewy, Gin Rummy, Wiggles, allinily lor BFM, Screamage ol Forrestals. AN sheet poster, the inquisition ol " E " . sailing with Kris (Garlield) Taler Head 1 C-Dew- ey the Eastern Shore, love lor the jungle beat The Mighty Truck, Sailing with Oz, JO. Capt B, mark, landlish, and ol course running his vessel aground as navigator, Jr nerl hoops with Rubes, visits by Magui Snokey, latent naming (bnelly) Burke Maglin. Caroling at General Johnnys with Figs (subsequent partying in 7244-6 grand ain ' t that bad), two sets ol pull-ups (guipi), lomed the deviant group, sailing vs grades (I know who won), and Nuke subs to Surlace to Navy Ait alter the NAMl scare The past lour years with Dwile as his room- male has been grand, lo say the least He ' s always been the man to count on in the room, and will enjoy lile in P-coia with the Datgie girls. Suzan, the corporal Priscilla, or whatever Hopelully, he will pay the IRS someday, too God bless Cheese Jeffrey D. Hull J. D. Longview, Texas Electrical Engineering Nuclear Power - Submarines ; ell sauntered in Irom Longview on July 7 and nobody knew who he was until youngster year Thai ' s when he became Mr Kung Fu The bells he laid in the hall to dry seemed to change color every couple months The OODs knew Jell earlier With a 46 day stmt on the E M B C, lor protecting his Iriends during summer cruise, and having a good taugh at the expense ol plebes, I ' m sure the plebes would have had the last laugh il they were not all wet Speaking ol youngster year, that was when Jell went home lor Christmas and decided to im- prove his culture by dating Miss Texas Well she would have been He says he learned the meaning ol the term " teacher ' s pet " That year he also met the tough girl Irom UMBC Alter a live month ro- mance, he even went to New Jersey lo visit her lamily, he decided to pick up something better: her roommate Jell and Kathy should be raising crumb crunchers a couple years atter graduation It Jell learned anything Irom plebe detail it was how to handle and tram kids Good Luck Jell and Kaihy, I hope you have a great lile together Have lun in your Fast Attack. Jell, See you in Orlando. TBL 464 Sixteenth Company Eric F. Isaminger Wfieeser C, Cheese Owego, New York History Naval Aviation A Iter home and NAPS, the trad, continued- ' • Doc. Jethro , , 4 c summer " Adams-Woo- len " Jay Coleen, Owayne-almost getting kicked out P yr- 1st wkd in town, a kitchen and a lat lip, FB and the lamp. Old Kate " " ' , she likes lo eat cheese-liz, Jill Our moody r-male who never was, the Angels-Ashley, Allison, B8 Lori, Crulchlield Kralt and Army Week The Worm-Happy B-day MFi the Boys 3 c yr cruise, Gumby and the new attitude. Katie P battle ol the stereo. B Jones crew. Army " You ' re too drunk to drive " " Thai ' s my son. " Ratzi, European sports car. Lib Bell at 3 am. thumbing to York Pa, FB II the big heads, being told to leave a certain house, dice, high stakes w ATP and Throb. S B, ' 83 w Jimi and Maggie, Clapper ' s room 2 c yr Frans belore YP cruise and the day atter. Strip ' s mobile, wild train ride to Bama w Al Yance. white works. 4 c to 18th CO nerl hoops, 2 c Christmas parly. Bum Red. Love them Hogs, late nite visits abroad w Throb the look on the Boms lace. Eva, Cap! Mags, the mighty gut, that slupid USMC briel that cost 6 hrs, entertainment lor man and horse, what P-tade lor 2nd 3rd baits, " E " screaming classes lights, Mitscher door. Inner Harbor, Rooster ' s Bash the leaky rm Rummy, C S at Chic and Ruths, June Week usher 1 c yr-Norlolk cruise, Nancy-Nance, calls to Mog Brig stall. Vanagon. $100 bel alter getting doubly sick w Nance, Su- preme leam-Tarnex, Raheem, Sharnel! The Boys-no more It ' s all Cheese ' s laull, home lo De the twach one alternoon-Navy vs S. Carolina? Gen Johnny, Figs and the 6k on 22DEC84, NAMl scare. EOOW qual, collect call Im Ted, boxcars a romp. HO triple crown 16 will never be the same w O the cheese- Best ol luck w Nance and P- 3SDWITE Mark R Libonate Ribs Picayune, Mississippi Naval Architecture Civil Engineering Corps nibs arrived at USNA m the summer ol 1981. M sporting an Orioles shirt, and a string ol Mar- di Gras beads The lirst class soon mlormed him that he truly was a prisoner ol Ihis line mslitution. and would conlorm to regulations Ribs would have none ol this Using his ability to make Iriends easily. Ribs lound a home in " Little Italy " with Ben and B Z , where he could be lound when he wasn ' t down at medical, or tilling prescriptions lor the boys His 2nd summer Ribs took a little vacation to the " big island " where he coined one ol his best lines: " 30 dollars lor all 4 ol us is my linal oiler " Returning lo USNA Ribs lound lile as an upperclass loo busy, so he cut out Ihose lime-consummg an- noinances such as classes, tormations, and taps. When Ray questioned his record-setting number ol absences. Ribs claimed a bad memory- -then asked il he had 20 cents to loan Ribs ' charm with the ladies spans both the young and old especially the young and old His charm didn ' t win the heart ol his Ring Dance dale, but going to her Senior Prom did Ribs linished at the Academy with a lling (almost a stay) in the Philli- pines. and a decision to go CEC Either in the Navy or out, 1 know Ribs will be a big success at whatever he chooses You ' ve been a great Inend pizon, and I wish you the best ol luck Keep in touch God Bless HOSS Todd B. Logan Ghost Tulsa, Oklahoma Electrical Engineering Nuclear Power - Submarines ■7 " odd came to ihe Academy from (ahem) the ' beautiful town of Tulsa, Oklahoma (only two things come from Oklahoma , ) It may not be the Promised Land, but being a next door neighbor it can ' t be all bad Todd ' s intention was to conquer Plebe Summer In search of a sport Todd joined the fencing team After a few weeks, though, he discov- ered that he was so good that he quit to avoid embarrassing the varsity men (it ' s the honest truth- just ask him) Summer sail cruise brought out the latent crazy man while in Bermuda (just how well do rum and mopeds mix?) For all -that sun though he still couldn ' t get a tan And ot course there was the love ot his life who he intended to marry. She in- tended to marry, too, but unfortunately it was to someone else Not one to let it get him down, he became a Dah lgremte for a short time until that fatal night when he went on a blind date set up by yours truly I know she was nice, Todd, but did you have to wake me up so early Sunday to talk about it? Todd IS a man of convictions, but certainly no saint. There was one historic event which resulted in his swearing oft Southern Comtort. getting ex- pelled from the human race by his sponsor, seeing his life flash before his eyes {and not caring) After being hooked by Ann, Todd settled down, some- what Always quick with a story (50% bull, but entertaining nonetheless) I ' m glad to cail him my friend. Best ot luck with Ann, your boomer, and your megabuck job in Ihe Real World. Scott J, Mack Waterhead Severna Park, Maryland Applied Science U.S. Marine Corps M aterhead stepped out of the woods of Mary- ' ' land into the cozy surroundings of USNA armed only with a bow, flalboitom boat and a can o( chew AHer overcoming a nasty case of " IHTFP " , he gave into the calling to be a Midship- man Waterhead was never one to miss a party, he believed in spreading the wealth and epitomized the phrase " Love em " and Leave em ' " during his tour year weekend at the Academy After boxing lessons Youngster year, our friend was ready to venture into the unknown realm of girl ' s colleges and experiment with his new found skill Not being the selfish type, some of Waterhead ' s spawning trips took him as far upriver as New Jersey. Califor- nia, and Tennessee, even the Bahama Islands weren ' t sacred anymore I never thought that Wa- terhead ever was the religious type, but he must have had some connections up there, the miracle of him becoming Battalion Commander could well have surpassed Moses parting the Red Sea I al- ways knew thai the odd couple would finally have to go on their merry way. I ' ll sure miss seeing your Waterhead around, but not as much as Claudia, Julie, Jayne, Robin, Jill and Sister, Diane, Janet and best friend Sharon. Louise, Sue, Jeanine. Tary, Kathy. Lisa, Cynthia. Parker, Tammy. Susan, Jo- anne. Wendy, Carol, Belinda, Paula, Jutte the Colo- nel ' s daughter, and Diane tor her good service Good Luck m the Corps, NOGROLL Patrick K. Mayer Hoss N. Feffer Kansas City. Missouri General Engineering Naval Flight Officer I I OSS. the youngster of Ihe " fellas " (as he ri liked to call us), stumbled lo USNA from the great sheep-grazing country of Kansas City He came with a quick tongue and the stubborness of a concrete wall Hoss and the Academy style of life didn ' t exactly make the perfect match This could have had something to do with the fact that Hoss ' s idea of a hard night of study included a dnnk or two out in town, a poker game with the guys, and a $1.99 breakfast at Denny ' s. After coming dose to visiting Notre Dame at the end of youngster year, Hoss found an easier lite by smooing out into the ever popular General Engineering field. A moody Irishman. Hoss would probably tit in well with his hero John Wayne back in the Old West. Unlike John Wayne however. Hoss would have had a hard time gambling without his VISA card Hoss, being one to find pleasure in the trivial things in life, was an avid K.C. Royals fan He also had an unending fascination for busses, whether he was driving a porcelain one after someone else ' s birthday parly or just playing between school busses with a friend After finding out that he would be company com- mander first semester 1 c year, Hoss did the only smart thing and found Rosie, whose good friend was the Bati Officer ' s daughter Hoss will always be remembered by his closest friends for bringing us Fred and the many Fred ' s Bashes. Through thick and thin, H ' s and fries, Hoss and I have stuck together, though I still think Notre Dame would have been more fun Well, Hoss, as you travel off to P-cola. may God bless you Keep m touch and be sure to look Masterful Matt up while your on the Coast Barry S. Melvin Bear Elizabethtown. North Carolina Applied Science U.S. Marine Corps eear reigns from a small town in North Caroli- na where he wooed women and hooped his way through high school Unlike most of the boys in 16, who waltzed into this " wonderful " place from nice, comfortable high schools. Bear took the sce- nic route by way of a two year stretch in the enlisted ranks. Upon entering the Academy, Bear felt he was ahead of most of his bosom buddies, the typi- cal man ot the world, but he quickly realized that they were all in the same boat After having a so-so plebe year while enjoying a season with Navy bas- ketball, Bear decided that he should revert back to his old love — women!! In no time at all he became the biggest man on campus to many of the area girls colleges He became so popular that soon legends began to spring up and it became hard to tell whether it was fact or fiction But there were many who knew the real story but names will not be used to protect the innocent Even though there were many in his repertoire over his few years at the Academy, there soon became one very special woman May he and this beautiful lady have a won- derful lite together Fair winds and following seas to the biggest Nasty of them all , Alan P. Misiaszek Pallock Manville, Rhode Island Mechanical Engineering Naval Flight Officer A (elt his long hair and motorcycle behind ' ■wilh Doll and Josh as he ventured mto a whole new world o( fun He chose a challenging major and used one of hts pefsonnal theories. " I ' d rather be lucky than good " , to get by (And how lucl(y he was!) Pallock was the only person I knew that could read eight chapters of Heat Transfer and ■■guess " correctly at the only three problems on the exam His lucky streak was not limited to academ- ics Al mastered the technique o1 unintentionally redesigning the shape of his multi-colored Camaro through various types of impact In his final project, he not only redesigned his car tor the last time but he found out how expensive it would be to pur- chase a traffic signal pole from the state of Mary- land The female ludge m traffic court gave Al the perfect opportunity to try out his ALL-Amencan Boy image and smooth talking ability to get his driving career back on the road His charm always won the girls hearts m the past (even if ihey were a little young) and believe it or not it worked in traffic court too AL I still can ' t understand why I ' m the one getting married first ' Financially Al was the best He could stretch his Visa limil to the max. balance a car loan and bank statements and still have money for an occassional dale or two (Al. I don t think you will need any luck " dying m debt " because your well on your way!) Seriously. Al, you have been a great influence and a great friend over the years You ' ve worked hard and played hard and you deserve nothing less than the best Lots of luck m the future JRY 466 Sixteenth Company Andrew T. Andy Westfield. New Jersey Naval Architecture Surface Warfare A ndy began his illustrious military career on ' somewhat of a downbeat, he went to NAPS He spent most his time there spending his money on booze and loose women but managed to learn enough to make it to USNA His carefree life style was III suited for hfe here at the Academy but he tried his best not to let the WHP get in the way of a good time He was hung with horseshoes, though, as he always managed to escape unscathed He was the type ot guy who always had a girl when he needed one but he always seemed to be about titty bucks short of cash al these same times. True to his nature he bought a TR-6 with his car loan and treat- ed it like It was his firstborn. It was about this time that he also met Barb and I never saw him again On the serious side wait, he doesn ' t have a serious side anyway, he is someone whom you could count on to cut to the root of the matter with his priceless, sarcastic wit It gets him m trouble sometimes but more often than not it is a welcome bit ot humor He defends New Jersey to the death for God knows what reason and has been known to sever limbs ot those poor unfortunates who happen to touch his car in the wrong places Take it easy you clown, have fun in the fleet and keep in touch VJR Patrick L. Redmon Reds Kokomo. Indiana History U.S. Marine Corps Sone came to USNA via MMA. He flew through plebe year known as the king of kap Bone always had the right words to say or a story to tell even if he didn ' t know what he was talking about But. m the middle of his second class year Bone became king kappie when he joined the group of people to date other mids, Redbone was always able to talk his way out of any situation, like when the car broke down in Phlh After telling the brass everything Ihey didn ' t want to hear he was assigned the duties as B.C youngster year, but Since then his duties have slowly decreased to pla- toon commander It could have something to due with a friendly argument with Ned in his second class year Redbone did have a stmt as the 150 lb football team captain, being Fireball ' s right hand man Bone earned many honors in his three year career and he earned all of them through his intense style of play and his strong compelitivness Red- bone came to the Naval Academy knowing he wanted to be a ground pounder Knowing this, Bone also knew he would not need a high OPR or a great major so he picked History After many rides on the midnight express he lasted Not once was there a rough draft tor a paper and many book bindings went unbroken Best ot luck in the Corp Joseph P. Rist Joe East Lansing. Michigan Applied Science Naval Aviation W[ e to the Academy I wasn ' t exactly sure what I was getting myself into Well, its been almost four years and I ' m siili here There ' s been a lot of good times and a tew bad times mixed in. Overall its been an mtersting experience but now I ' m ready to move on Good luck and well see ya ' round Eugene and Nardo 1 taSlto Glenn S. Rosen Herschel Memphis. Tennessee Aerospace Engineering Naval Flight Officer Glenn came to ihe academy in the summer ot ' 81 filled with the ideals and virtues fit for a model midshipman He hit the deck plates running plebe year joining the crew learn and studying al every moment available He thus surprised no one when he gave up part of his summer leave to play airborne with our arch-enemy, the Army Going on the well known fact that " you have to go aero to lly " . Herschel entered his major young- ster year and set out playing with various balsa wood model airplanes. He showed such great skill at this, the Navy sent him on a five month vacation out west his first semester ot second class year Some Pentagon officials clad m blue refer to this place as the Air Force Academy, White his class- mates were struggling through thetr most difficult academic semester to date. Herschel was well on his way to a perfect grade card He was so busy in Colorado, he barely had time for his parachuting, soaring and other activities Also that same year, Glenn discovered the opposite sex. At first, he in- discriminately ravaged the locai bars and colleges However, after maturing, he decided " NJ ' s " were not kosher and set out searching for the ideal girl First class year found Herschel on Batt staff He quickly became known for having the longest " Reeeeport " m Navy history On weekends. Glenn was no stranger to a good party However, his rec- ollection ot such good times is very limited Glenn should be officially recognized for having never gone to a party and not fallen asleep or fallen un- conscious before its conclusion, Glenn will gradu- ate an " ' aero " and be commissioned in the Navy. He hopes to probe the last frontier some day and we all wish him well in his quest for the stars. A.M.G. I Robert J. Smith Smif Avon, Ohio Political Science Naval Aviation O Ob entered Ihe Naval Academy with a Nor- O man Rockwell smile and a stubborn determi- nation to not let the military rum his college life Political science proved a natural as he learned to talk his way out of any regulation or love affair His cross country experience helped him keep his vari- ous fans from surrounding girl ' s schools from catching up to him, until he found Deb, who appar- ently had the endurance to keep up When he wasn ' t chasing girls, working on NAFAG, looking for a bar fight, or lifting weights, he was reorganiz- ing Midshipman Regs When he tinally leaves the boat school he will leave behind him a new four stripper lib policy (two each semester) and a revo- lutionary work-study program Remember these few things Smif The NAFAG secretary, the Goucher gang, Ghostbusting in Georgetown, the company officer ' s desk, early Monday mornings. learning to cook, and " If you have a hair on , , Take care my man, you carry a lifetime of friendship with you to Pensacola. Thumbs up and a cloudless sky, Juan Peter J. Soltesz Hooter Unionville. Pennsylvania Systems Engineering Nuclear Power -Surface LJ ooter comes from one ol the above listed ' ' towns as his bilged classmastes found out Plebe Summer, but we think we ' ve narrowed it to Unionville Fresh out of high school this lad was subject to many new experiences He saw the mov- ie Yellow Rain starring Juan Franke and Thrab Con- way and participated in a knife throwing act performed by Switzer the Magnificent, Hooter has always been a ladies man so suave and debonaire. I recall a midsummer ' s trip to Towson, A brief stay m kindergarten, and the big chill. The list goes on and on. The tears shed are enough to till the " river " . Hoot ' s stay at USN.A, did strange things to his concept ol time. Many a night near 2 or 3 am, he would tell his wearied roommate that he would re- tire in 5 minutes Those minutes turned into hours. Hoot and Ward Hall became very intimate in his endeavor to obtain his own Di|isim Army was fine with his bianual bashes which we ' ll never forget or remember Decisiveness is not a trait of Hooter ' s in major decisions In his search for a career for the next five years he went the full gamut. Nuke one day. NFO the next He ' s still deciding The end of 2nd Class year brought more turmoil . what kind of car? He swore he had made the right choice twenty times Hooter has the tendency to perspire greatly at these times But this sweat was once dried by a warm breeze blowing from his burning house Back to women, Hoot says he has tinally found the right one. Carolyn, but look at the cars and service selection Good luck if you figure out what you ' l! do Wipe down, Where ' s your typewriter? William D. Stone Stoner Holt. Michigan Mechanical Engineering Naval Aviation Dill " Stoner " Stone is best remembered as the guy who ' as always " out running " Ston- er ran his way into the Academy as Ihe Michigan high school mile champion and he didn ' t disappoint anyone with his achievements at USNA Whether Bill was running in the NCAA Cross Country Cham- pionship or taking one ot Wild Bill Lee ' s exams, he always met the challenge. Bill thought of himself as USNA ' s version of Tom Sellick. you would often see him running around the hall with his Tigers hat don- ned in typical Sellick fashion The only thing Bill enjoyed more than running at the Academy was dessert. He was one ot those wardroom vultures who would canvas the leftovers to find that one extra piece of mud pie or scoop of ice cream. Ston- er leaves USNA enroute to P-cola, cold beers. and those coveted wings of gold. Go get ' em Stonehead . oh yeah, watch those wild el- bows ot yours Reuben Villar Reubs Daly City, California Applied Science Surface Warfare Club (Mix) Reubs. known lo his FRIENDS as Raheem, comes to us from the easi side of Daly City (doesn ' t everybody?) Alter a bnel stmt at NAPS w Tucker Dog Mr Stem, he arrived here w 2 turntables a mike, basically 4 c year, after geding oui of a Groove, he fell into his own Groove, despite some Controversy over whether he went moose hunting in Nov He spent most of thai year either wired in his room or at Plebe park w Cheese the Jack 3 c year aclivides moved inside w several private parlies During 2 c summer there were many adventures w iiitle cash money, along w a week on a YP as an E2 (hey you missed a spot) He began the year on the nghl foot (the one tn the fountain-2 for 7j by hitting the books (hah!), but soon was hit by backgammon fever This lever was soon overtaken by mixing fever Word spread in the clubs that 2 new DJ ' s had arrived from Ca (ranked 3rd in the US) but these were only rumours It was the Supreme team their Fn night get to- gelhers thai will go down in history 2 c year ended w i-dols isl trip. Ring dance (maybe) a Fresh trip 10 Frantic City Many lips were made i c year along w some I ' d be p-d il you didnts double secret probation broken to see The Minneapolis Story in all His Glory, watching A N game long distance then topped them all w a holdog at Candlestick WORD is out on your Bro ' w the trick knee When he wasn ' t showing his ability as a OB or mouthing oM about the 49ers. he was open field tackling at gaiors Reubs, whether you end up in Long Beach or Eqypl. Egypt, take care. You ' ve been a real friend. MAY U 2 LIVE 2 SEE THE DAWN. Tarnex Alexander Nevermind 468 Sixteenth Connpany John R. Yancigay Yance West Islip, New York Applied Science Surface Warfare l hen Yance left the beaches of Long Island » ' he gave up his homelife to join the boys ot sixteen In order to make the transition as smooth as possible Vance took along a lew things to re- mind him of those glorious high school days. He brought those gun-boat size Converse high-tops to do a little hoopin ' , that unmistakable Long Island accent, and ol course the " wife " Yes he brought that high school sweetheart and put her as close to the hallowed halls ot Mother B as possible without actually dragging her up to 7-1 in his duflle bag Although he thought about that a lew times Need- less lo say we knew where Yance spent the week- ends and as many days during the week as possible While wilhm the walls ol USNA Johnny hit the books pretty hard Although I ihmk he spent more time figuring out his grades and the lowest grade he could get on the next test and still pass than he did actually studying The other half ot his time was spent trying lo decide whether the port was more important or the type of ship He said he would like 10 go to San Diego because it is a nice place to live Could there be another reason? Lets see tall, brunette. (iust kiddmg Lisa) But Yance don ' l forget, be careful when you feed the squirrels Good Luck Pat, APM 1 Seventeenth Company James Berdeguez Jimbo Daytona Beach, Florida Physical Science Oceanography imbo came to USNAm July, 1981. giving up - ' the sun and sand ot Daytona Beach Tear- fully, on 1-Day, Jtm slepped out of shorts, threw on a shirt for the first time, donning white works in- stead Starting out as an Aero, he got " the Bung " first semester ot Second Class Year, and decided to broaden his horizons, becoming a scieniisl in- stead Youngster Year was an interesting one for James. After breaking oft with a girl of questionable sexual preference, he started spending a lot ot time in Wilmington, Delaware Have you ever read the book. Thy Brother s Wife ' His goa was to have " A girl in every port " He even started lifting weights Then came spring break Going back to Daytona Beach, there he met Liz He totally gave up the " girl in every port " idea, and became a one-woman man. Now that Liz is out of school, Jim will be setting records jusi about every weekend. The day after graduation Jim will be trading the chains of USNA lor the chains ot matrimony Jimbo is one of the few guys to have his " wings " , and yet is not going air We all wish you the best of everything. and look forward to seeing little Jimbos running around soon The Mole Michael G. Brown Lovebucket Seattle, Washington Mechanical Engineering Nuclear Power - Submarines Mikey left his mother ' s arms to come to USNA from Seattle, Washington Fully equipped with a golden flute, he knew how to play it with precision on the parade field as well as in the show- er Plebe year Mikey learned bilges were not just located on ships Mikey gamed the reputation of being the " Seattle Lovebucket " when a local group of hometown teenyboppers attempted to lure him into their grips with pictures of their scantily clad bodies lying in the the sunlight Despite this onslaught, f rs Brown won his love by sending him chow packages and checks at least once a week Youngster year saw a pronounced change for Mikey as he made strong commitment to academic and professional development Mikey also found " Baachus " in the sands of Daytona during Spring Break, and brought his fnend back to USNA. where his influential presence became apparent, especial- ly during company dimng-ms Baachus helped Mi- key find the words to let Lt. Aggie know Mikey didn ' t appreciate diriballs That same night after flooding 7-2, Mikey realized that it is better to sleep in " thy rack rather than in thy shower " First Class sailing cruise made a new acquaint- ance. Lt Intramurals. She would on occasion invite Mikey over for some BLT in return for shooting lessons Mikey later discovered his new love was |ust around the corner, too bad her heart was in P- cola All the best Mikey, Good luck in Nuke school! Tiberius. Cowboy, Figs Scott R, Bryan Raoule Newhebron. Mississippi Oceanography Surface Warfare O aoule mosied on up to Crabtown from the ' ' thriving metropolis of Newhebron, Mississip- pi (where? you say!) Having had enough j D., Southern Belles, and country music during his year at Mississippi State, Scott decided to leave the land of Dixie to become a Naval Officer. Scott distinguished himself from the beginning. Plebe year he was recognized as an expert shot with both the 45 cal pistol and a bucket of water, Scott handled Plebe year relatively well, maintain- ing his position deep in the woodwork while " Hog- pen " and " The General " made 7243 a favorite, and much frequented, spot for the underclass- We who carouse all night with Raoule wonder if he missed his calling and should have become an- other John Denver. But then we sober upf! " The Piano Man " is Scott ' s favonte-so now we all know the words. Scott spent Third class year either re- covering from Georgetown or planning his next sor- tie to George and Syd ' s That year he proved his athletic abilities showing great stamina doing 12oz. curls and painlessly participating in area " Fun " runs. 2 c year found Scott still at war with his liver, Raoule worked as hard as he played, however, and never really had trouble with academics. Scott ' s strange diet of roses and cheezy " stuff " probably speeded his recovery from long, hard weekends at G-town and UVA in time tor study hours on Sundays Scott ' s one and only is named Cindy Lou. Poor guy look a lot for being a one woman man. but then who got the last laugh-eh, buddy! First class year has been a blast in your Camaro and for once you owe me money ' Scott will always be remembered as the blunt, good-natured Southern gentleman by all in 17 Without him some of us would never have made it-Thanks and smooth sailing. Christopher K. Burke Cowboy Des Moines. Iowa General Engineer Nuclear Power - Surface Chris came to USNA from the upper wilder- ness of Iowa, from a place commonly known as " Cowboy ' s Territory " Chris entered plebe year with one goal m mind, to meet plenty of young ladies Well, if this was a requirement lor gradua- tion, then Chris would probably end up as a mem- ber of the class of 1999, Anyway, Chris sailed through plebe year without any major problems, except for an occasional pain from a " small " wound inflicted by a hometown girl whose grip was deadlier than her bite Plebe year also brought to Chris and Jim, Nasty Lips Pierce, whom Chns got along with until one too many renditions in the early morning of " Super Freak " Youngster year Chris developed an ear for good speakers. He loves those Celestions so much that he was willing to lose $150 over them, Chris also developed the need to be set up by A|ax for a " hairy experience " at Howard during March, After this experience, Chris was l 5 times the man he used to be Second Class year Chris got his wires crossed and found himself living the legend " sooner or later, you ' ll go General " Also during this time. Chris ' lady Dawn entered the picture as |ust a friend, but Chris soon learned that " There are tust some things friends cannot do " He then decided to throw away the black book and take on a steady Chris also developed a taste tor adventure, so he went Air- borne, got his SCUBA qual. boxed tor the Brigade, and tried flying in VTNA (Chns, l thought you al- ready earn ed your wings!) Good luck and all the best! Fig. Tiberius. Dr.T Tom G. Gates Scales East Meadow. New York Applied Science Surface Warfare y om " ' Scales " along wrth about one thou- ' sand oihers came lo Annapolis. Maryland IfOfn the liMy first Stale ot the Union, Long Island He arrived as a proud and distinguished graduate of the " Old Schoor His diploma simply said. " And whatsoever ye do. do it heartily and make darn sure you have a good lime doing it ' Consequently Tom was ruthless and relentless m his quest lor fun The " Great Parly Organizer " knew of more methods and of more occasions lo exercise his talent than anyone else The most successful mobile party m the history of mankind. The Magic Bus. stands as his greatest feai Others include numerous Super Bowl Parties. Beer Ball Games. Mr Jack Nig hts and the infamous skiing inps to up-slaie New York Tom was a recruited lacrosse player and sue cesslully captained the J V lacrosse team plebe year A sudden coaching change along with some Circumstances beyond his control cut his lacrosse career short A nagging shoulder injury and a bad ankle coupled with the first of three Black N ' s did not help Tom to impress his new coach As a result Tom retired from lacrosse lo further pursue his aca- demic studies and a more active social life Weil. more so the latter than the former Somehow plan- ning out the weekend, getting a good night ' s sleep and having a few cold ones before bed always took precedence over studies The academic motto, " Do enough to scale through " , always applied Graduation is so dose and of course the Annap- olis social life will feel the loss of Tom Gates But look out World because here he comes Tom, as always " We ' re Having A Parly " and remember lo MRA 470 Seventeenth Company Ellen Coyne Ellie Rochester, New York Mechanical Engineering Aviation Maintanence Officer lA hen she first came to the Naval Academy, y " after spending tour years at an all-girls Cath- olic high school in Rochester. N Y , Ellen received quite a shock Adjusting to the rigors of Plebe Sum- mer, the " dessert woman " lost twenty-five pounds and. by Parents ' Weekend, was transformed into the " French model " Ihat we all know and love Ellen survived Plebe year m one piece although her coffee mug, which she dashed inio the shower alter a close encounter of the worst kind with two second class, was not so fortunate When she wasn ' t throwing mugs in the shower, Ellen was thrashing opponents with a foil as a member of the fencing team Youngster summer she sailed to Bermuda, visited Europe, and came back ready to tackle youngster year as company commander Always willing to help out a classmate, El must have the record lor the most CMOD watches As a Mechani- cal Engineer, Ellen has pulled many late nights of studying Fortunately, she is one of the few people I know who can slay up until three m the morning and have no dark circles under her eyes. She is also one ol the few people I know to attend two Ring Dances) — with the same person no less She and Gary, her Ring Dance beau, were constant com- panions throughout third and second class years, sharing many a daiquiri at our sponsor ' s house First class year brought trials and tribulations — she endured Battalion Operations and " Wild Bill Lee " in the same semester and still managed lo write book-lenglh tetters to Gary El, I wish you the best of luck in the coming years and remember. " Don ' t let the turkeys get you down , TLK Gerald D. Figgins Figs Lebanon Tennessee Marine Engineering U.S. Marine Corps Figs came to Annapolis via NAPS m the scorching summer of ' 8i with a smile on his lace and no hair on his head He was a veritable one-woman man from a one-horse burg called Leb- anon, Tennessee (We luv ya Ernie!) Plebe year saw Figs making his bid for the WBC title m a bout wttti then roommate. Chubby Not a man to let the value of a dollar go unrealized. Figs was well known for his ability to get what he n-e-e-e-e-ded lor his hard earned money at some of the thriftier " markets " of Washington, D C intersections Having a total dis- regard tor the law of diminishing returns, Figs in- dulged frequently in the art ol racking, and discovered the more he slept, the better he liked it Youngster year saw the birth of " Bullethead " Also, being the dominant personality that he is, Figs naturally told Pigman who was going to sleep in the top rack Piggy subsequently presented Fig with a gift from above one night after a Saturday evening boozing session Second class summer Figs used his naturally good looks and his alias as James the Flyer to rock- and-sock unsuspecting babes in P-cola The ensu- ing school year saw Figs making an increased commitment to academics as he was seldom seen without a book in his hands After the Ring Dance. Figs decided he needed to make a different kind of commitment and Figs could be seen Hip-hoppmg to the tone ol wedding bells First class year saw the Mad Tuna heading down the home-stretch with his last laps in LeJeune Fig also found time to discover a new love- the USMC Fare well my friend, it is truly the Nukes ' loss and the Corps ' gain. See you In Green! Cowboy Maureen P. Ford Moe Foe Doraville. Georgia Physical Science Aviation Maintenance Officer Moe came to us as a naive, Irish Catholic lass Irom the deep south Being thus cut from the apron strings, her spiritual upbringing was placed in the hands of veteran derelicts Witness the results in the pictures Moe Impersonated a swimmer with such polished skill Ihat even the coach fell for it and gave her three stripes. This enabled her to pursue a lifestyle virtual- ly free of responsibility and accountability Moe ' s academic pursuits have been long and fruitless However, by the grace of NAAA. she will graduate with the class that she came m with Girls claim thai sailors have a girl in every port, but we know that Moe had a guy in every class, ' 82 to ' 84 (and still has one in ' 85), and like lypical brothers we ' ve disapproved of the lot, including the present As for Moe ' s drinking habits, we don ' t remember much, fortunately, neither does she The one thing we do remember is that she has an affinity (or Te- quilla. a fifth at a shot, now she can ' t even breath the stuff. Moe. we love your high pitched voice, your hairy legs, your free spirit, your party hats, your shuffling walk, but not your boyfriend! The Boys I Ifimiad-C IJliWK » m.«iT it. ' « ' ;% 11«B0|! I Holly A. Graf Mohammad - Oily Simsbury, Connecticut Genera! Engineering Surface Warfare LJoWy emerged from somewhere in Conn - ' ' Simsbury, I Ihink; no one could ever remem- ber. Actually, it really didn ' t matter because you would never lorget her " GO NAVY. SIR ' " and infa- mous " WATT-WATT-WATT " Plebe year, the flame under her (eet v -as a weW remembered FLEX 2 c. His attention to professionalism had his MISS GRAF completely contused I guess it was this state ot confusion that led her to wildman a lemon menn- que pie on a 1 c HoHy had no problem out-running Crutch. Holly was always running, if not to swim practice for three years or to crew practice her senior year. then )ust to have tun, (Her marathon mom can still out-run her.) Plebe year gave way to a memorable 3 c year Her nights of all study and no sleep soon changed this systems engineer to gen ' l Alter a tiring two months of 2 c Navy stufi, the THREE of us took off to Europe Don ' t worry Hoiiy - I didn ' t mind chaperoning, but next time can I bring along my own hte size teddy bear, too? How ' bout that random mood generator? Puerto Rico is unforgettable, so is the sun burn! A car loan bought most people a new car ■ Holly settled for Karman, a tittle, red, " 69 Karman Ghia that loves 1o be pushed around Why should she need a car since her Dan has a rolling video arcade. It ' s been a BLAST! Good luck on mose grey ships; hopefully someday we ' ll once again be roommates in the real Navy (By the way. How are you going to afford to fly from SWOS to Nuke school, every weekend " " ) ROOMIE Robert 0. Hadley. Jr. Madddog Kingsville. Texas Chemistry Surface Warfare pton the day Robert set fool on Academy ' grounds, things have just not been the same. To live with him was to live m the constant danger of being caught in the middle of the cross- fire. Robert never tost his flare tor the new undiscov- ered realm ot Form-2 ' 5 All Youngster Year, he jus! could not seem to figure out a way to make it back on time from leave. Who will ever (orgel his music ' ' Did you say The Dead Kennedys is a group ' ' Quick- ly picking up the nickname. Maddog. Robert lulla- bied the Bngade to his tunes from WRNV, the censored radio station When he wasn ' t on the air He liked to read a lot ot comic books and. especial- ly, study the back of his eyelids He just could not seem to take academics seriously here at USNA He preferred, instead, to make the plebes ' life, shati I say, a little more interesting How about that Li- on ' s Den? E T has probably still not recovered from the shock of seeing Harry ' s two little beady eyes staring at him when he opened the con locker. Harry was fwladdog ' s pet rat How many tours did you get for that one Roberf First Class Year brought a change m Robert, however He decided to make the effort to use some of that potential that we all knew he had. Robert earned Stars! Robert, we love ya Now, Get out ot here! JRD Marcus A, Hitchcock Hitch Salt Lake City, Utah Ocean Engineering Naval Aviation LJ itch . . the final frontier His four-year mis- ' ' sions have been numerous, as follows 1 Women Hitch has boldly dared to go where no man would dare have gone before Melissa, Jean. Kirslen, and Linda have all shared meaningful rela- tionships with Hitch and dumped him 2. Driving. The skills of Hitch behind the wheel will live on in legend and song long after he has left us The people ot Odenton have come to know Hitch as an old fnend, after numerous unintended visits it seems that wherever Hitch starts out, that ' s where he always winds up Either there or some other destination tor which he had no intention, 3 Various and sundry vices Too numerous to list here, for tear ot a worldwide paper shortage that may result Carl T. Hogsten. Jr. Tom Brecksville, Ohio Physical Science Naval Aviation Leaving behind his carefree and funfilied frater- nity days with DKE at the University of Michi- gan. Hoggy arrived completely unaware ot the multitudinous trials which lay before him Tom wel- comed the opportunity to join the sailing team En- joying yacht club parties, eating on team tables, skipping drill and generally viewing sailing as a relief from the strains of plebe life, Tom was soon to find that high winds and heavy seas could be found on 7-2 as well as fhe Bay Hoggy was always looking for an excuse not to study, so the creative juices flowed and so were born I7ih Company brunches, the more notewor- thy mess nights, and countless memories to warm our hearts and color Tom ' s face Always the orga- nizer. 2 c year found Tom as head manager of Navy ' s wrestling team and company honor rep, two more welcome distractions from the ever present threat of an open textbook. The spring ot 2 c year found Tom recovering from the Easterns and per- haps one loo many victory toasts .in Bethesda. This little vacation prompted the Admiral to have a chat with Tom at the green table and persuaded Tom that his real academic interests lay in the physical sciences A boomer patrol and a second go at plebe summer ensured that Tom hit the deck- plates running at the beginning of 1 c year Want- ing to finish up his Academy days in style, Tom can now be found m his red Porsche making emergency calls to the local Brooks Brothers or to the Deke Clubhouse in NYC. Tom ' s service selection has run the full gammit, but we always knew that Tom was a carrier flyboy at heart, and we send our best wishes along with Tom on his road to Pensacola and in the days which follow. „ Timothy E. Hunt Doctor T Lick Creek. Kentucky English Surface Warfare Our acquainlance with Dr T began youngster year loHowmg a plebe year over in Second Regiment which he would definitely like to lorget, Tim immediately gamed noionely within the com- pany lof having such refmed taste m determining who was compatible as a roommate At about the same time the Good Doctor met his Peruvian one and only. Patty, while defending her honor agamst the onslaught ol a drunkenly aggressive zoomie It was love at tirst sight and Tim, always one to take time to make slow, careful decisions, waited a full three months before deciding to get engaged. Tim ' s second love was D He gained fame as the Dragon Master, spending more time m the dun- geon than on his academics Grades took their toll, landing Tim at an advisory board and his cohorts under the Ax The Board convinced Tim to shut the dungeon down and Tim spent his new found hours diligently studying his blue folder when he wasn ' t trying to get the gouge for Screws or Wires During his remaining two years at USNA. " " T " could be found either road-trippmg to St Mary ' s to see Patty, or letting it flow thick and rich into the wee hours of the night working on English papers expounding on everything A walking encyclo- pedia, Tim always wanted you to " Look " at his point of view We will always remember you for your " worldly knowledge " The maxim to remember on this point was " il Jolly doesn ' t know Tim will, and if Jolly ' s brother doesn ' t know it, it doesn ' t exist " Good luck Tim, all the best to you and Patty We ' ll miss • " $«fft(? " wilh you! Tiberius. Figs, Cowboy 472 Seventeenth Company Tannnny L, King Jams Goose Creek. South Carolina Mathematics General Unrestricted Line ammy came to USNA from the " foggiest place in the world. " (Newfoundland. Canada) after spending a year at St Mary ' s College waiting to become old enough to enter To take her mmd off Plebe Year, she rowed on the crew team, and joined the group which was to become her main love — Antiphonal Choir Her singing has taken her to New Orleans. New York City, and California, and has included performances on national television and in front of the President Her love lor singing and performing next led her to audition for the glee club musical second class year Although she lacked experience (except for playing Lucy once in a Peanuts school play) she got one of the leading parts m The Mikado First class year eased her identity crisis with Kim, but several people still couldn ' t tell them apart Tammy visited my family tof the first time Army weekend Plebe year My parents met us at the door, and Tammy never even said " Hello " Her first question was " Where ' s the TV? The game ' s on " My family adopted her any- way and she became the sister I never had Best of luck in your naval career, whether it be five years of thirty Love. K. Kismine M, Martin Kim Claremont, California Applied Science Surface Warfare Kim arrived at the Academy prepared (or the regimentation, but her naivete left her vul- nerable to the realities ol life at USNA Plebe Sum- mer brought several injuries, including putting her hand through a window while doing intervals which earned her three stitches and us the rest of the night oft After catching up on her sleep Parents ' Weekend, Kim moved into Academic Year-losing more sleep between early mornmg crew practice and afternoon sailing, and sweating marathon come-arounds with her squad leader. Wilbur She found time to relax on the weekends We ' re not sure she can remember those days too clearly, but her roommates remember putting her to bed each Saturday night Youngster cruise continued the drinking tradition as she sailed to Bermuda and onto Charleston Youngster year Kim exchanged her oars for Shields sails and could be found on any given weekend racmg on the Bay and then after- wards telling of her victories over celebratory cock- tails. Needless to say. academics were left to themselves and second semester found Kim with a new major Second semester also saw Kim come down with an unlucky case of mono During her two month illness, Kim came to know her corpsman (airly well, so well m fact that Jerry (now a civilian) and Kim are engaged Second class year came and went, with Kim maintaining a highly professional relationship with the plebes, resulting in frequent visits to fountains and mud puddles near seventh wing, compliments of ' 87, First class year saw her with eased standards and drier clothing While her service selection plans are uncertain, we all know Kim will find success m the years ahead We will always remember her for her sincerity but she is not now and will never be a morning person. Karen A. Miller Grandma Edmonds. Washington Oceanography Oceanography i aren came down the road from Bethesda, ' Maryland, wearing a second-class crow on her shoulder, but claiming home as " the other Washington " Upon arrival, she was put m the stan- dard USNA PE shirt, to only look back at the two years of enlisted service with fond memories as she struggled through first semester academics and PE Second semester found the grades better but the PE battle continued- for the next three years Majoring m oceanography, she kept trying to con- vince the Academy she wasn ' t an engineer A first class cruise on an oceanographic ship from Singa- pore to Darwin, Australia finalized the decision to go Geophysics-Oceanography Karen ' s spirit oc- casionally faltered but one could usually gel a smile passing her m the hall as she earned her never- empty cup of coffee A quiet person, she wasn ' t seen around much, it was sometimes questioned whether she was still here or had managed to slip out unnoticed But faithfully, every night before bed, she ' d pull out her Bible, read a chapter or two. and pray for God ' s strength to make it through the next day- one day at a time Karen managed to survive- and even bought the pick-up truck she swore she would when no one could imagine her in It, Yes. Karen finally made it- good luck May the road rise up to meet you, May the wind be always t your back. May the sun shine warm upon your face. The rain fall soft upon your fields. And until we meet again May God hold you m the hollow of His hand. ' u T« Jack S. Noel II Jackson Schaumburg, Illinois Physical Science Surface Warfare Coming soon to your neighborhood, Jack Noel Health Spas featuring nerf basketball and herbal milkshakes Guaranteed to help you drop five imaginary pounds How much would you pay in a club like this? Bui wait, that ' s not all Act now and receive free (amity membership in Jack Noels ' Tours-by-Thumb Lid. The budget way to see the good old U S of A Now how much would you pay? If this isn ' t enough, Jack has prepared to ofler you on a first come, first serve basis tnai member- ship in DDAM, Drunk Drivers against Mothers. You I must have a green Toyota station wagon loaded ' with empties to cash in on this offer. f Don ' t touch that dial yet ' I Special to Jack ' s faithful readers, a free chromo- zome testing kit for that heavy date and guaranteed by Troy Stoner Are you lempled yet? How about a free application to the Jack Noel Internationa! University of interesting courses? Why have a good OPR? Or how about spot at the Jack Noel Culinary Institute of useless cook books? As a tree bonus because you are listening now. Jack is prepared to send you a case of Turtle wax and a Spiegel catalog when you join his Bank of Creative Debt Management What a bargain! Finally, we have in stock now. Jack ' s just re- leased book, " how to pick up engaged women " Now in Harlequin paperback To cash in on this once in a lifetime offer, just write San Diego and say Attn: Jack il - The Boys Sean F. Patton General Springfield, Virginia Political Science Surface Warfare Coming from a Navy background, afte r end- less wanderings through prep school, our refugee finally made it to USNA Plebe year was pretty rough (or the General Despite his reputation as " Mr Clean " , the upperclass did not think too highly of the new shme on the bottom of their shoes, during the formal room inspections This normally biennial affair was turned into a daily event for the boys of Room 7243 Prep school did not help Sean too much first semester of Plebe Year. but, after an Ac-Board, he finally caught on. After Herndon, Sean and his ropmmate took on many varied activities, including him taking a dip in Spa Creek in SDB ' s while Raoule cheered him on from the shore. " Or Moneybags " was not one of Sean ' s many nicknames SEAN. JUST HOW MUCH ARE YOU PAYING IN CHILD SUPPORT?? Young- ster Year saw Sean and Scott spending money and time in Georgetown, with many inebriated walks back to George and Syd ' s During Second Class Year, trips to Georgetown changed to trips to UVA, and many memorable nights spent with " the wenches " The wild parties soon took a serious turn, and our die-hard bachelor is now engaged to Janet, one of the illustrious Wahoo wenches, via a two week sabbatical in Japan First Class Year found Sean spending endless hours studying interi- or decorating, with his repainting of the LT. ' s bath- room He was not alone in this endeavor, however, since many of his classmates helped him worship the porcelain god By second semester. General Patton finally cleaned up his act, as well as the LT ' s bathroom, and was ready to handle the job as Company Commander Looking at three stripes and a 3 0, Sean ' s current thoughts are of commis- sioning and his wedding day. hopefully in that or- der Sean Patton will be a fine addition to the Surface Line, Raoule and the Mole Michael C. Randolph Rudy Rockville, Maryland Applied Science Naval Aviation t was a sad day in Rockville when Chuck ' Yeager got grounded, because he couldn ' t fig- ure out the depth perception test He came to us after a personality conflict with Capt Cubscoui and instantly became Satchmo ' s pet (project) Due to his Ineptitude at connecting bat with ball, he had another personality conflict with Coach Duff, and his baseball career was cut short. From there he went to intramural sports. Where he did a fashion spread tor the Lucky Bag Enough for organized sports Let ' s talk about Ihe real Wuby Rudy is an Equal Oppurtunity Lover Race, creed, national origin, marital status, and personal hygiene were mere variables in rudy ' s sex- ual equation Even military affiliation did not deter him. Witness Hairy Carrie However, mating habits do change Promiscuity has become promise me, as a hometown cutie has captured his heart Rudy ' s had a rough lite One time he had to even buy his own Pepsi which necessitated a call to his father for a raise in his allowance Rudy even has a gold card for the nckelt ' s visitor ' s center which has enabled him to round out his wardrobe with a smashing Naval Academy collection At the time of this writing, no one knows of Rudy ' s true service selection, but we are sure he will make a sound decision within the next week John C. Rosner Jolly Port Jefferson. New York Ocean Engineering Civil Engineering Corps rhe most impressive thing about Jolly Is the long list of celebrities with whom he is intimately familiar Jolly not only knows everybody, he knows everything about anything, documented facts not withstanding. Don ' t bother to ask him, he will gladly share his wealth of knowledge at no charge. All that is required is your infinite patience, understanding, and willingness to abandon the truth Jolly ' s sports expertise first became evident when he tripped over a one foot high wire in a valiant effort to reach Charlie ' s on a Saturday night. This lead to a brief stmt as a coxswain on the crew team, where he spent most ot his afternoon ' s sleep- ing in Hubbard Hall, and most of his evening ' s slgn- mg-in Then he enrolled in windsurfing, but who cares. He didn ' t Thus, began Jolly ' s intramural ca- reer, of which there is a 12 second highlight film available, showing both of his career fieldball goals. None ot this should subtract from his expertise on the ski slopes Being declared NPQ. Jolly gladly took a land job building things he undoubtedly already knows about and will be equally glad to argue with you about. Jolly ' s sex life can be most aptly described as a group effort. Need we say more? When will we see Jolly again, only he knows, so don ' t bother arguing The Boys Richard D. Russell. Jr. Dick DeKalb. Illinois Applied Science Naval Flight Officer Dick came trom his moiher ' s womb He is still in his mother ' s womb Nevertheless, he will always be m hrs mother ' s womb Interestingly enough. Mom has been m OeKalb tor the last four years Some may say thai our " Dear Baby Huey " spent hrs last tour years m bed, you ' ll get no argu- ment Irom us on that point During those rare moments that Dick is not in the rack he is m hoi pursuit of the daily fecal matter that plagues the Brigade Scoop Russell has often been labeled the UPi of USNA Aside from all of the above attributes. Dtck and hts siicky fingered room- mate consiiiule what is atfectionately known as the blackhole Things just seem lo disappear into their room with no trace and no return As a management major. Oick managed to do absolutely nothing and still graduate near the top of his class With the management major comes 51304 with one of those inscrutable (onegn speak- ir g profs, " give a DChi " Dicks inability lo appro- priately write and name programs landed him on the carpet and bought him a from row seat on the restriction squad Dick lakes after his dad Coach, m his method of fluid replacement Except (of the I. V. Dickisunpar- atieid in hrs gusto AH in all. Dick ' s an alright guy but this biography was due tour weeks ago and we ' ve golia close SEE YA The Boys 474 Seventeenth Company Joel W. Strieter The Mole Maumee. Ohio Aerospace Engineering U.S. Marine Corps Aviation oel came lo us from the banks of the Mau- L mee. near Toledo. Ohio He immediately ac- quired the nickname " Popeye " due to his pronounced facial features When asked to lead the 17th Platoon in a song, he was always eager to break into a reusing rendition of " Chesty Puller. " As a former crew jock. Joel earned the new nick- name " Spanky " because o1 his quick stroke Alter plebe year, Joel discovered he had a prob- lem keeping roommates Capl Jack left with mari- tal problems which ended up m divorce and now trying to become a New York cop On the other hand. Rock faced the Ac-Board an unprecedented number of times and went out with a " blow " After a $307 60 bill at the Thrift and a few tears shed, Rock was gone Joel then decided to change his image, so he got a high-n-tight. started a winning streak which once again changed his nickname (this lime to " The Mole " ), and traded in his porn collection for Joe Welder ' s Muscle and Fitness Second class year. Joel lit the burner and as a result some plebes may never sit again Also during second class year. Joel started a relationship with an Italian girl named f ana (with the Kung-Fu grip) I ' m sure Joel will never see sunsets quite as prelty as those from the roof of his sponsor ' s apartment on Perry Circle First class summer Joel opted for a Marine Corps cruise and quickly learned what gas-warfare ts all about On the drill field during plebe summer. Joel realised why plebes memorize chow-calls Entering First Class year. Joel was high man on the totum pole Good |0b buddy, but I fear the Virgin Guns m T-court will blow when you pass by after gradua- tion Really though, all the best Joel, we know you ' ll make it past the " ripe old age " of 30 in the Corps Tiberius Robert M. Vance Pig Daytona Beach, Florida Applied Science Naval Aviation Pig IS short He will always be short Neverthe- less, he has always been short However, he has never been short on words, especially when they are not required Thus, seldom does one have a conversalion with Pig without beginning with the words Shut Up On the subject of maggolry. seldom does the day dawn when one does not hear his her roommate yell from the shower, " Pig ' s got the c$ . $% $ soap shampoo shaving cream razor- loothbrush and or paste Q-Tips most recent is- sue of Playboy assoried clothing remainder of my paycheck last cigarette and or beer or telephone credit card It should be noted that this is only a partial list due to the fact that Pig took Ihe last piece of typing paper Despite ' round the clock maggotry efforts Pig found time to be tough on the rugby team. Of this machismo, he never missed an oppurtunity to re- mind anyone in a 50 mile radius Off the record, Pig is tolerable Furthermore, we have all profited from his company, while has has been asleep Just as he has profited from our wages at Pete ' s To end it all. we would love to give pig a compliment, but he took the last one. The Boys II Tracy J. Wiggs Trace Vienna. Virginia Applied Science Supply Corps rracy came to USNA from the parlies of Vienna al the coaxing of a more than enthusiastic mother She came with dreams o1 a major in aero- space engineering and a career in nuclear subma- rines Her 2 c Whoop quickly set her straight about the subs while EN 100. the second time around, convinced her tfial engineering wasn ' t the only way to go, Tracy saw the light and settled into the dying breed of the Management Fraternity and the excite- ment? of the Supply Corps Then came the endless doctors and hospitals diagnosing her hip as every- thing from appendicitis lo goodness knows what Competing was out ot the question, but there was always managing gymnastics or was she just a mother for 12 girls? Whal can you say about someone who marks half of her laundry with her alpha code and the other half wiih her telephone number? Eveniuafly. though, she adopted a more military way of life i c cruise brought the ultimate change irpm civilian to military I hope she ' s found a permanent " running mate " in David! Tracy, thanks tor being the best roommate any- one could have Life was not only bearable, but even tun We may not have studied much, but those tnps to Peurto Rico, Europe, cruise Those were wild limes, and I ' ll never forget them. Good Luck pork Chop and I ' m sure you " afford those weekly trips to Newport from Georgia! ROOMIE Hl Joseph T. Wright Jumper Holyoke. Masschusetts English Surface Warfare A t the Academy, I plan to contribute in the ' • areas of music, sports, and government to the best ot my ability, and upon Graduation, enter the US Marine Corps " J.T. Wright Plebe Summer 1981 Joe came to the Academy with good intentions, but as they say. " The best laid plans of mice and men, " His academic interests lie in English, which is evident in the vocabulary he uses to confound un- suspecting strangers and impress his worshiping roommate. However, he knew his weaknesses and found time to devote energy to a second semester in Doth chemistry and Boats. Joey was an enter- I tainer at heart, whether it be entertaining the 4 c regiment as the M C of the talent show, a cameo perJormance in Masqueradors or playing his great- est role as a blind man in the Seville Quarter m P- Cola, he was always guaranteed to make someone laugh. As lor Joe ' s good intentions that he started his lite as a midshipman with SWO, Joe did partici- pate in D B during Plebe Summer, took numer- ous shots to the heads in Fieldball and played an acceptable second base m Softball However, we have never heard him sing a musical note, and the closest he ever got to Gov ' t was dnvmg by the Capital on his way to Georgetown with a case of empties in the back seat. We couldn ' t close this without mentioning Joe ' s car deal of the century. His ' 65 fastback Mustang looks great, has $1100 worth of stereo, and is great for cruising out to I Pete ' s as long as a tow truck is in front of it. Maybe I someday Joe will own a car that he controls. Good Luck! The Boys 475 Eighteenth Company Andrew J. Andow A.J. Newark. California Economics Naval Aviation P lebe year brought us a lad from San Francis- ' co ' s Bay Area who lo some seemed pretty pilitui But he soon turned onto the Mike Macro, or IS It Mac Micro. Econ at any rate, path and had good limes with Ernie, Reed, and Ray Jean, Young- ster Year culminated with dabblings into Asian de- lights and bouls with barsiool back on WPAC Second class year he definitely earned the handle Ouatler which G A can attest to Quaff became intamous for his sense of humor, like when Habel oper ed his geokbox at E I only to find a pair of crusties inside Or when Ying and Noles let them- selves get talked into hiding in a closel, only to have A.J lock It First Class Marine Op cruise taught Ouatt to hate the ground and lock onto Nav7 Air Thr further from terra firma the better. First class cruise also taught Andy not lo mess with O-club ladtes Quaff did enjoy lipping at social clubs, like the night he was seen to give a $50 tip. All he got were bnck votes, though A.J. was also obsen ed frequenting Disco Dahlgren a not too few number of times. Must have enjoyed the music Andrew " Ask Me A Question " Andow was otten Queried but could only inform the unwary that it was available at the midstore. But what can you expect from the Shell Answer Man? 1 quess we ' ll miss Quaffs unique sense of humor bul the memories will keep us wondering about him and what happened on nights like the time he wall-hopped with Gieser after local females or events like Williamsburg with Larry Bra and Yak Brightwell. Good luck and FLY NAVY Jeffrey J. Brightwell J.J. Springfield, Missouri Physics Nuclear Power - Submarines etf entered the hallowed walls from " Middle- town, " USA, His accent, and mannerisms proved that primitive Iribes exist even today In the midst of a civilized country. His plebe year was generally uneventful Like many other plebes. Jeff received his baptism of fire. During those days the halls were filled with " Where ' s my sweetpea Brightwell? " J.J. was tasked with finding the names of a second-class pet plant, and Hannibal ' s lead elephant He was offi- cially indoctrinated into 18 with his meager involve- ment In the " Dirty Thirty " - he was too good to strip his own classmate, but photographs were a differ- ent story As a youngster. Jeff became the next besl thing to wallpaper We became fully aware of his mental problems as Jeff furthered his academic career in physics As J,J ' s mind expanded, his room stan- dards decayed The " Grode-Brothers " proved truly inspirational As a segundo, Jeff developed a reputation of being dangerously unpredictable - at one moment he was quiet, and helpful, but he was signing deuces the next However, his plebes survived, and unfortunatly so did he, although he was nearly wiped out at Williamsburg, and became a victim of 2 near-fatal kamikaze attacks in New Orleans, and Annapolis. J.J. has chosen a career below a point where even worms won ' t crawl. Jeff, may your torpedoes fo rever swim straight! David W. Deist Dave New Castle, Delaware Aerospace Engineering U.S. Marine Corps-Naval Flight Officer rhe story of Dave is a tough one to tell. I mean how do you write about an ultra dedicated professional who stops, elevators between floors? I guess It all l egan about 22 years ago when Mr, and Mrs Deisi decided to give the world someihmg to remember them by Well it worked. I ' ll never forget his peculiar morning habit or youngster year out with Angus, were we ever on time for taps? His style of leadership was developing fine until he met Burns and frustration. I ' ll also remember fear as we cruised along at warp-9 in the rocket he calls a car. Just as commuters began to breathe easy he bought a bike with its garage by the Hilton. I guess that led to the Bamf clan, what does it mean any- way? Well mom and dad you did a good job be- cause Dave ' s a true friend, a person who witi go tar. but he ' s still a kid at heart Dave what else should I say? There ' s so much, anyway just remember: ski- ing in N, H. . jams, rappelling down Bancroft, recons, sweeping your side. P-Cola, the Hurricane off Cape May. Tamman and the Bean, Pasadena, and most of all the Boyz. Well Vicki he ' s all yours, good luck, just make sure when he walks down the aisle he doesn ' t have a tuck In his Service Dress Whites. Aw-River Blimey Randall J, Geis RJ Brookville. Indiana General Engineering Naval Aviation O.J. Geis is a man who lives his life on the ' ■ edge. He Is a veteran of more Big Brother ' s self help programs than he cares to remember, in- cluding one particular involuntary eight day sabbat- ical when R.J, almost fell off his edge. He car us a barefoot kid from the cornfields of Brookville. IN, The essence of innocence. Jimmy passed a relatively uneventful plebe year with the Cleavers, and come youngster year, he was ready tor a burst of freedom Next semester brought our hero the mastery of fast women and hard drinking. But alas the evils of alcohol caught up with him and caused him to do battle with a truck He lost NASAP and AA meetings ensued Although never a varsity ath- lete. R.J did manage to earn a letter in his " special " way Despite Jimmy ' s tribulations. ( willing female was never far. In addition to the ' girl back home ' , there was the LA woman and count- less Hood enchantresses. 1 c year brought " The Chill " into the ranks of rock ' n rollers. His rippin " bass lines powered the east coast sensation " The Smack " His alarmingly low Aero to party ratio re- sulted In a nonlinearily in his career. But our man tor all seasons bounced back a pilot qualified general er gineer Jimmy ' s done it all. He ' s been reincar- nated in 1985, He ' s survived the completed acad- emy experience, His sphincter flaps in the R.J. has grown and matured over the years and we all wish you a favorable tailwind as you streak across the heavens in your " super high tech jet fighter " . Remember there ain ' t no pigs at 30000 ' . P. 4 m Frank L. Gunsallus M ' Gonzo |l Easton. Maryland Applied Science Surface Warfare , Frank L. Gunsallus III, barely being of sound ' mind and body, do on this date. May 22, 1985, state my last will and testament at U S N A Yea Buddy!!!!!!!!! To my roommates Greg and Rich I leave the memory of a great relationship Without you I don ' t think I would have made it through this place I ' ll never forget the stones we shared, our cruises to- gether, and the practical jokes we played on each olher To my fnend Enc i leave a thought. " Throughout life there will always be fnends, but there is nothing like a true friend. " You are that true friend. Though we may not see one another for years, the friend- ship we have built will always remain. To my classmates of the l8th company I leave congratulations for succeeding here at the Acade- my and the best of luck in the years ahead We were and always will be a team. To my wife Jamie who led me through the last year at Annapolis I leave a promise. " I promise you my love without any limits. To accept the things you believe m and to always try to understand you To be near you whenever you need my presence To do my best to show you how much I love you, for you have become my world, my heart, and my life . . The future is ours, always. " In conclusion I must say these past four years have been an experience to remember From time to time I ' ll stop and think about them. But for now " It ' s Martini time !! " FLO i. I Gregg T. Habel Habelhead Kinsman. Ohio Political Science U.S. Marine Corps A h, where should I start? Habelhead came ' » to Whatzamatta U from the liberal state of Ohio . yo. dude! Plebe year highlights include bagging out of evening meal comearounds on the Greyhounds ol the Severn and a small room inspec- tion that characterized our nickname " The Grod Brothers " Gregg readily took advantage of his dragging privileges youngster year Those big blue eyes were irresislable Gregg was So polite to the ladies that he let one " kee-yah ' " him to defeat in his only karate match Karate wasn ' t his only specialty, though. I would have never guessed that G T. was such a talented golfer, yet he proved to everyone that he was the Arnold Palmer of the Boat School when he got a hole m one on the 17th green If there is one of G T ' s femmes that sticks out m my mind, it has to be Melissa. At first I just thought she was playing hard to gel, but obviously Gregg was not using the right moves. No one sends their loved one a photo of herself and her 45 pistol. That would have turned me off a little too, Gregg. It was not until second class year that Admiral Habel became General Habel. Boy. what a great time Gregg had with second class academics Wires was his forte, with Steam and Megagraham a close second There ' s nothing a few allnighters can ' t solve though. First class year Gregg could always be found m the Wardroom making " cheeseable " comments The most notable being his great idea for our class picture in a graveyard, (more or less). Gregg will, without a doubt, make a fine green officer and I wish him the best of luck in everything Oh. and Gregg, let ' s take a strain. next semester Laurence M. Hickey LM San Francisco. California Systems Engineering Nuclear Power - Submarines M left San Francisco looking forward to 4 years of normal college life The night before 1-day, Mn(0), someone in a white uniform said " Hickey 18th Co! ' " Everyone else m the office laughed deri- sively. Soon LM understood why Ple be Summer wasn ' t too bad, although a " scratching " incident introduced him to the wrath of Leton. (He still claims it wasn ' t him ) Then Ac year he met Wick. HICKEEE! ' Enough said Youngster year saw LM come into his own His first experience with Sys- tems left him swearing that it had to get better Yeah right! He rejected 12 years ol religious school- ing and announced the " LM DOW JONES DIS- COUNT HOUSE OF WORSHIP " Ah, the almighty $. That summer GA and T introduced him to the evils of alcohol. They say he liked the nickel beer night, he says he liked the taste 2 c year brought more all-nighiers and the realization that Systems created a massive low pressure system Deciding to follow his idol. The King, into R R history, he bought a guitar and The Smack was formed His first gig was to be a pep rally, but his dream ot filling the Silverdome collapsed when they were preempt- ed by D B After selling his soul to rock-n-roll, he reacquired d and sold it to Adm McKee 2nd sem 1 c year, ALS picked him to be sub-cdr, and with it the collateral duty of Sate Driving Rep. What! ' Are you kidding me " ! Also, 1 c year, LM was the cen- tral figure in rumours of proxy fights and corporate mergers Unfortunately, he ts going to have to wait to get all his tickets punched before he mounts his mam assault on Wall St and his ultimate rise to the top Wee LM, we ' ve come a long way m 16 years and I ' m glad to have you as a close fnend Good luck in nuke power, may the $ be strong, the Presi- dent Republican, and the Market bullish. William B. Higgins Boothe West Chiester. Pennsylvania Mechanical Engineering Nuclear Power - Submarines O oothe found his way to USNA from West Chester, a small town on the outskirts of the city ot brotherly love Plebe year proved uneventful in spile ol the best efforts of ' 82 Boothe finally got the chance to strut his slufl during his youngster cruise aboard " Astral " where he excelled in all ar- eas. Youngster year went by without a hitch as Boothe Overloaded both semesters and racked up a grade point average that would give most people a nosebleed Still inundated with free time, he solved the problem by taking up a hobby or two. Radio-controlled models, a ham radio set. and oc- casional visits to Jennifer at Yale helped to fill in the gaps. Second class summer sparked a love for fly- ing but pointed him towards nuclear submarines as his choice for service selection. Overloading with Mech E courses during the first semester of second class year, Boothe still found himself overwhelmed with spare time. He alleviated the situation by mak- ing more frequent trips to Yale, planning and build- ing a radio-controlled blimp as an army project, training for and running the first of bis two mara- thons, and flying on the weekends to earn his pilot ' s license Second semester second class year brought the whole picture into focus. VGEP be- came a reality, Jennifer became his bnde-to-be, L M scored a new car cheap, and Boothe scored a new car not so cheap First semester first class year. Booihe ' s performance was finally recognized as he was charged with the highly visible and weighty responsibility of Brigade First Lieutenant. Somehow, however, he did manage to make use of those 3-striper libs and occasionally sneak away to visit Jennifer G.B. Shaw said that there are some men who see things, and they say, " Why? " but there are still other men who dream of things that never were, and they say, " Why not? " Boothe has shown us all that he is of the latter variety. He has been a good friend to us all and we wish him the best at grad school, in his marriage, and m his career, GVM Simon S, Hillman Blimey Scituate. Massachusetts Political Science Nuclear Power - Submarines Ejected from Bntam tor beating up little kids, Simon came to the U S m search o1 citizen- ship He joined the Navy and volunteered for sub- marine duty He knew that lor the Dig bucks he ' d have to go nuke-so he took the long way USNA Simon ' s dreams were undaunted even though his 1st Academy experience was rooming with a psy- chopathic homo He solved thai problem by otter- ing to hold the window while his roommate look a giani leap for mankind Rugby replaced beating up little kids as Blimey " prop-ed " the team o many a victory He says he played for the thrill of the win, but we know that it was really the mlamous rugby parlies Simon never offended anyone-but only be- cause we couldn ' t understand htm One thing we did understand was his age-25 al graduation Good luck with Gramps and Freddie, Jennifer Always the soul of lacl (BO at Army) your diplomacy was evi- dent when you foolishly agreed to help Mudshark sail his tub through a humcane-bagger sport, huh ' For cruise you bagged out of a " dry " Navy for a very " wet " Danish one Daytimes underway unrep- ping Lowenbrau and nightly parlies completed this five torintghi in a foreign land A social zero. Blime once spent a Sat ntte trying to tunnel into the closed library Another weekend was devoted to freezing his arse off on a bleak mountain m VA Go motor T When we began our stay at USNA Simon was chosen as Co Cdr His ability evident. 1 cyear he got 3 stripes for real Ahhh. the stones we could lell-bul the fat lady is warming up Simon, a belter friend I couldn ' t ask for. a better Naval officer no one could find Jennifer, you have a Une man. Good luck and Godspeed, brother. Andrew G.A. 478 Eighteenth Connpafiy Michael D. Huggins Doc Satellite Beach. Florida Mechanical Engineering Civil Engineering Corps O eared among Marshallese tribesmen on the ' • island of Kwajalem. Mike enlisted in the Navy as an alternative to washing dishes His bnlliani performance at Nuke school and prototype earned him a trip to USNA. on the condition that he " never come near a reactor again " Sadly. Mike spent his plebe year listening to Bobo ' s stories about life m Michigan He did not make his mark until youngster cruise, when he took 2nd place in a hotdog-eating contest Overwhelmed by alcohol and the urge to repro- duce, Mike blossomed into the amorous Doctor Love Armed with lines such as " I want to gel na- ked all over your body. " his conquests numbered well into the single digits Women in uniform and young girls ot all ages found him hard to gel rid of Although less intelligent than he looks, Doc amazed us all with his mastery of the Mech E major His technical abilities have been sharpened by maintenance on his car, renowned as the most expensive ' 67 Triumph on the road today NPQ because ot a broken heart, Doc bravely accepted the permanent shore duty of a CEC officer He has wisely followed his Mama ' s advice to be a simple kind of man. and we will never forget his humanity and dedication JBW William C. Johnson Bill Menio Park, California Oceanography Nuclear Power - Submarines a ill came lo the boat school from the rather exclusive MenIo Park community, a small, n the outskirts of Silicon Valley Plebe year was an enlightening experience for Bill The laid-back California boy quickly (ell into the regi- mentation and discipline of the academy Bill en- loyed a particular gift which none of us seemed to possess God saw fit to bless Mr Johnson with a high decibel Inp device built right into his larynx which works to this day With his voice still mtact, eady to tackle third class year Youngster year went by quickly and quietly for Bill as he seemed to have tittle strength with which to resist the lield emanating from the blue magnet Alter the completion ot youngster year hibernation. Wildcat set out on the [Oys ol second class summer and his life began anew as New London introduced him to the wonderful world of nuclear submarines With a gleam in his eye and a new goal to shoot for, Blow attacked second class year with renewed vigor and managed to stay awake more than 50% of the time Second class year again proved the value of the high decibel trip device as Blow was required to :e on more than one occasion m order to correct a wayward plebe First class summer allowed International to justify his nickname as he drank his way through the beer halls ol Germany courtesy ol Uncle Sam and spent two months " ex- periencing " the more exotic parts of the Philippines like roast dog, San Miguel beer, and lots of nee First class year brought about the fateful and long- ited meeting of Wildcat and Admiral McKee which would bag htm that nuclear power bil let Bill really took nuke power onboard (or was that over- board ) Gotta love that poopy suit ' But seriously. good friend to everybody regardless of creed, sex, or national origm We wish him n the nuclear navy and beyond Thomas Malick Dozer Hornell. New York Chemistry Nuclear Power - Submarines om embarked upon his caHeme powered naval career by validating plebe summer with the only bayonette wound in the regiment His exploits continued with singing vator ndes and vocal out- bursts about Echo Company ' s diet Plebe year in- tensified his neurotic housekeeping habits The plethora of aclivilies Youngster year such as mid- night massages from the girl upstairs as well as double-dating at zero-three and moonlighting as a cardshark on Fridays made up lor the restrictions of plebe year The Duke University lire-fightmg ex- hibition provided Tom with the chance to meet some of the more semor officers at USNA But T, tirefightmg school is in Philly! Duty driver in Virginia Beach gave him the opportunity to make an extra pick-up to relieve his tension headache Tom ' s strongest bonds were lormed m the chemistry lab. where no one dared upset his delicate lechmque lest they experience his explosive wrath Tom ' s good judgement was questioned only when it came 10 the Blue Beast, Spring Break ' 84, L M , and At- lantic City Back from A C with 9(1. T assured us that his wheel of fortune system required only a little tine-tuning Don ' t forget Vodka, the porcelain throne, and Amazon ' s bald cat that highlighted second class Spring Break In the end, we know T will finally win, beat the odds and perhaps love life. Just remember Tom, " know everything " GA ALS ' wBMais 1)1 fc(, fan |g » ' »rs mr ? t I Thomas B, Marshall , Tom McMurray, Pennsylvania Aerospace Engineering 1 Nuclear Power - Surface rom arrived at USNA as a highly inlelligenl and , J gifted ALL-Amencan swimmer from a residen- tial area southwest of Pittsburgh At first percep- tion, Tom seemed like a well-mannered, easy going, ideal midshipman. But doubts soon arose as Tom ' s roommates rapidly departed for the illustri- ous civilian community (both gone by the end of Jan). The " Wrath of Tom " continued youngster year as one more roommate left for Arizona — per- manently. One roommate remained lo tell the un- told story o( Tom Marshall. I am that lucky survivor The truth is, the Acade- my provided Tom with little challenge. He handled 1 1 ! aerospace wilh exlreme ease And after a short I period of discouragement with a certain water ; sport, Tom found a home on the waterpolo team. Having never played waterpolo, Tom quickly ac- cepted the challenge and lettered midway Ihrough 2 c year. Tom would have remained on the team 1 c year had not another " attractive " sport named Lynne gamed his attention ' Tom ' s most outstanding quality was his ability to enjoy life even when times were not so enjoyable Rarely did Tom get upset wilh the numerous " good ' deals " handed down by our fatherlike officers ' Even when his dream of becoming a Navy flyer was (shattered by poor eyesight (remember-aero eng), ;Tom focused his efforts elsewhere The surface nukes are very lucky to have gained Tom as one of their shipmates I am proud to have ad him as such an outstanding friend and wish him uccess in all he does Gregory J. McGiffney Gift East Brunswick. New Jersey Physic s Nuclear Power - Submarines reg arrived at U.S.N. A with his Doors tapes. pictures of the boss (not Bruce Spring- steen), and his weight belt Much to his shock and horror Greg was quickly informed that he would not hear Jim ' s voice that summer Unable lo score an ounce of " Mojo " , he went into withdrawal and dur- ing a drill session became schizoid and stabbed his classmate in the leg with a bayonnette Youngster year was the most comical in Greg ' s lime here He became a pari time employee of F R body paint- ing and also created the tad of tree dancmg at a Frat parly during Army During Second Class year he followed m Nino ' s footsteps by becoming a proud, bold, and bulky man. He not only succeeded in physical condition- ing but also m the field of academics, proving that he was an expert m selling priorities and organiza- tion His number one priority was his love life and in the spring of 1984 he became engaged lo the very lovely Mary Beth Rosta, making him the first lo ask the million dollar question. On First class cruise, his excellent naval training allowed him to successfully describe the eroticism involved during the mating of a bowramp and causeway. Plebe detail showed Greg ' s professionalism as he eagerly stood Iron Maiden watch on 5-4 every night Good luck living under water with the fish But most importantly good luck during life where ever it may take you, Thanks for being a great friend FLG RTN John Miley JM San Francisco, California Applied Science Naval Aviation ohn came to Canoe U. with visions of jet fighl- ers dancing in his eyes. Four years later he ' s leaving, older, wiser, unbraced, and with the same dream intact I guess that ' s called success John hails from San Francisco, the other city by the bay He has certainly taken his share of heat for his " progressive " hometown, a k a. the gay bay And no, San Francisco did not become less gay with John ' s departure This aspiring airedale ' s early choice of a major jusl didn ' t sil well with his " sys- tem " So he turned his attention to the manage- ment of resources It never seemed to take John more than an hour a night to manage his resources. Of course, he was quick to to explain that his aca- demic " efficiency, " which the casual observer might have misread as a proclivity towards " bag- ging It. " was actually pari of his carefully orches- trated maslerplan to preserve his sacred eyes ' Vou see. John didn ' t want to fly He had to fly. Hara-kin was his second choice for service selection De- spite his low investment in study hours, John reaped bountious academic dividends, and chaffed many an engineer in the process During his senior year, while sub-commanding our fair company, John earned stars. Ironically, this was the same semester the Academy lost a pair of stars. They say one man ' s loss is another man ' s gain How irue I ' ve known John since the first grade. I ' ve seen him grow from a small child into a big child Serious- ly Ihough, he is a popular, likeable fellow beneath his veneer of " waah. " His popularity is manifest each Sunday night when he is a perennial contend- er for our beloved brick award. If he ' d only learn lo stay away from Hood, In the final analysis, I ' m proud to have had John as a roommate over ihe last four years and as a friend over the last fifteen They say if you can dream it, you can become it I guess John ' s living proof of thai Fly on proud bird Gene V. fvlilowicki Milo Pittsburgh. Pennsylvania Aerospace Engineering Nuclear Power - Subnnarines AA ilo came to the Academy to work hard To ' ' ' his amazement he found that not everyone wanted lo work as hard As soon as he was sure that it was the toughest major, he opted to take the Aero track despite warnings that " you don ' t need Aero to fly " which became " you can ' t always fly wilh Aero " No pain, no gam ' Youngster summer he aced the Army ' s Airborne school and spent the rest of his lime collecting exotic weapons He always respected Dirty Harry ' s way of handling things. Ac year, it didn ' t take Geno long to realize that Aero was neither fun nor exciting But he pushed on All youngster year he ran ahead of the pack, studied a few hours longer and sacrificed a little more liberty He figured that it musi pay off. Second class year he continued his spartan lifestyle. After his first marathon he immediately began to tram for his next. Once again academics got the better of him For all of his effort Gene developed into an individ- ualist First Class year he even started to have fun His social life moved from reading the feature article in Runner Magazine to bemg shown a good lime by the boys He even had an uncanny interest m wom- en ' s basketball. For all of his misery Gene tared well Despite an ac board he survived Aero Despite Aero he found lime lo train for two marathons Despite his running he found time to have tun and despite that he convinced Adm, McKee thai he could succeed tn nuke power. Gene is the hardest working individual that I have had Ihe pleasure of knowing All of us in Serene Eighteen wish you the best of luck in the fleet Bradley R. More Jr Hyde Park, New York General Engineering Naval Aviation n his early years here. Brad went through a number oi roommaies before settling down with Chuck and Dave Thai tno started at the end of 1st semester youngster year when a large group of classmates gathered to discuss next semester ' s room Situation After much discussion, C de- cided thai our subject had great potential and we were bound and determined to jom forces and bring it to the surface Once or twice we " casually " remarked how the money to do so wasn ' t worth it and to this day he may not know il we were senous (So why kill the suspense now?) Lest you wonder, we ' ve since even dubbed him Jr , to join the Capt and Df From buying his Nighthawk a week alter Dave, to choosing his service selection, have about earned him the reins of the " wagon " Not that his roommates always minded The rope he bought after being shown the joys of repelling off of Mother Bs roof has been useful on a number of occasions and almost brought C D 2 weeks leave and a 4 Women are another of Brad ' s loves His " swavay and deboner " aura (borrowed from " T " oo " Cool) have brought him his share They ' re tough for him to catch after a dnnk or two when he tends to crash though Despite a close encounter with one " not far from home " , I think he ' ll always have a place for A Aside from all these " good " points. Brad has al- ways been sincere and loyal. More importantly, though, he ' s been a true friend. — the Capt. 480 Eighteenth Company David C. Morris DCM Vienna. Virginia English Surface Warfare A Navy brat from all over, David Morris contin- ' • ued the tradition of Naval Academy gradu- ates With his dad a Navy Captain and a High School Salutatorian under his bell, he looked for- ward to a bright future after l-day Pfebe year aca- demics were bearable even though his long nights at the library frequently left him sleeping on his books. His lirst choice of majors. Mech E , at first seemed studly until we realized that his real reason lie in wanting to be the only person in his class to change his major from Mech. E. to English all in one jump His dedication to academics, especially his first class year, permitted him to spend most o1 his study hour in the rack. While not sleeping, his performance on the ath- letic field helped him to attain a memorable impres- sion as a starter in Co lightweight football He also was president of the Baptist Student Union and an active member o( the glee club which sent him all over the states Then there was all of David ' s steady girlfriends whom he kept in constant unrest over whom he would date next. After a rough love life second class year, he joined the BTR ciub and continues to be a faithful member With this devotion to the Lord, David will bring new lite into the surface com- munity and be an encouragement to all christians who sevre with him Good luck buddy and keep the Navy squared away. BWS William J. Nolan Nols Ayer. Massachusetts Mathematics Naval Flight Officer Nols came to the government funded yacht club with a baseball bat m one hand, a swill- er {that ' s beer (or those of you who don ' t come from some obscure little town in Mass. ). in the oth- er, and his high school jacket on his back Adust- ment to the military way of life was not easy for Bill; laundry hated him, the baseball coach told him " Why don ' t you try squash son " , and his squad leaders weren ' t understanding to his problems. Bill quickly learned that " Elephants never forget " and avoided further " Pretty piss poor performances " . Room standards were a problem as Bill became half of " The Grode Brothers " . We helped all our classmates learn about classmate loyally by giving them the opportunity to help rebuild our demol- ished room after tormals. Being something less than a histonan Bill realized he might have to take a real major, but instead he learned about a highly kept secret at the Academy. There is a ma|or called Math that requires an indepth understanding ol the TV. Guide and a minimum of 40 wardroom hours a week. He quickly earned the nickname Billy " kiss me anywhere " Nolan. 2 c year Bill avoided the realities of wires with Softball games at Hood. where he got to use his bat. Always one to uphold traditions. Bill blew off the nng dance and instead dipped his ring in seven different kinds of beer, l c year Bill learned that the Navy goes to sea, for alas, youngster cruise he had gotten a good Navy deal and become one ot the few, the proud, the YP Jocks! Service Selection is still a coin toss, but whatever he does, they ' ll be lucky to get him I couldn ' t ask for a better roommate or friend Good luck Billy-boy and , Geloutahere! Richard T. Nowak Wakker South Burlington, Vermont Aerospace Engineering Naval Flight Officer rpich rolled into Annapolis at a svelte 175 I pounds and planned on leaving two days later- Only Hockey and Chaplain Ross convinced him to stay He started out as a massive fecal ab- sorber, but became the company hero by being the starting goalie and then skated his way through plebe year, Upon returning for youngster year only regs kept him from wearing a mohawk and spiked leather bracelets He put aside his Styx Air Sup- ply albums and replaced them with the Dead Ken- nedys and Black Flag Rich began with 20 20 vision, but his strange study habit of reading m the dark confinements of stall no. 3 in the men ' s head for hours caused his eyes to deteriorate along with his chanc3S for pilot, During 2nd class year Rich surfaced as one of the most outstanding leaders m the brigade. Given 4 stripes along with his busy workdays. Rich said, ' I ' m tired " and employed two secretaries to do his work for him His great leader- ship abilities led him to become plebe summer company commander and Cdr. Mlnderlein ' s " spe- cial project " Rich had a social life beyond belief. Cruising m the Sheba and wearing his fedora hat, two of his 1000 sweaters, lime green pants, Frye boots, and a surplus WWII Army overcoat, he was USNA ' s contribution to G Q. Hanging out m Dahl- gren, his reputation as a lover grew (among other things), and he always felt he had to prove his manhood even if it meant that " faking it " was the answer First class year saw a new Rich A new car, wardrobe, and roommate changed his outlook on life. He convinced himself that he would not jom Air Force ROTC and become a pilot after spending 5 years as a Navy NFO In the thick of it all he put away his desire for Little Smokies, 8 month old fudge and girls named KIM Though Dr Destruction will live forever, Rich is going to make a damn tine officer and NFO. Good Luck FLG GJM 1 i 1 _ -y Todd D. Olson Todd Salem, Ohio Mechanical Engineering Nuclear Power - Surface rodd came to the Academy from a small town in Ohio The same state that is known (or such athletic greats as Johnny Bench, Jim Brown, Pete Rose and Tony Cola, Todd did not fit this mold being more o1 a academic stud than an athletic one. From the first moments of Plebe Summer, I knew that Todd was someone special. When Plebe Sum- mer proved not enough tor him, Todd created his own challenges such as betting a squad leader that he could solve Rubik ' s Cube in a specified se- quence in less than ten minutes It was fine that he wanted the extra challenge, but did he have to involve the rest of the platoon? The rest ot plebe year proved to be routine except for the mistake ot greeting Mr Kessler - 1 mean Mr Stem A faux pas that will surely go down in history. It was not until youngster year that Todd showed me what he was really made of. He laid a great academic foundation by earning two 4.0s while liv- ing, competing and arguing with his " friend " Bobo This accomplishment is even more outstanding m light of the fact that Todd found something at the first Dahlgren which would occupy a lot ot his time time. Todd was not seen around the company area much his last couple ot years. During the week he could be found studying in Luce or the Mech E lab and on the weekends he could be seen heading north to Glen Burnie. First Class summer proved to be a most impor- tant period in Todd ' s life. He met his bride to be and found out that subs weren ' t tor him, much to the pleasure of the surface community It has been a great pleasure, except during the semesterly wrestling matches, having Todd as such a good close friend God bless and God speed -TBM- Brian W. Saxman Saxs Round Rock. Texas Mechanical Engineering Naval Flight Officer Only Suzi called him ' •stud. " but from the mo- ment he volunteered to do the decathlon plebe summer, we all knew Brian was a born ath- lete. Whether he was rowing plebe crew, swimming on the ball team, Of boxing for the brigade, he put his whole heart into it Not challenged enough after validating four years ot swimming, he ran in the Marine Corps Marathon twice and then began training for his first triathlon. Always active, he earned his scuba quais as a youngster, his soanng pin with Todd " Zoom " Raines, and a place on the EP square dancing team Judging from his SAT scores, we concluded that he had come with an academic waiver, so it was no surprise when he chose a baggit major like Mech E. Adopted into a very rich family, Brian spent most of his weekends at the mansion — Maranatha Mansion. His strong dedication to the Lord and his conihbution to OOF will leave a strong impression on the academy A stalwart member of the BTR club for three years, he was excommunicated from this elite organization when Suzi strolled into his life He chased her until she caught him. though she swore she was just after his Porsche 280Z Actually, the first time he asked her out she said. " Brian who? " During most vacations, he could be found on the slopes of Colo- rado. The rest of the lime, he stayed home m the Lone Star state where his girl from home and south- ern belle attended UT, but Simon and I never will forgive him for letting Tern go out with someone from another company during June Week As his roommate and close friend for two and a half years, I know about all his road trips to U of Maryland, why he was late for taps after the Kappa Delta dance. and how often he washed those maroon sweat pants, " See you there or in the air " Charles W. Smith, Jr. Captain B,A.M,F, Lambertvllle, New Jersey Economics U.S. Marine Corps Chuck came to us from No-Where-vil!e (Lam- bertville ' ' ) New Jersey as, what else, a pilot- extrodinaire As with most of us here at good ole ' USNA, his aviation career was cut short with an eye chart and the strike of a pen. Now, other plans have been made and Chuckle is going to be a gruntoid He ' s still determined to be a pilot, no matter how many years it takes In the interim, we expect Chuck to be permanantty wasted away in Margarl- taville We ' re not sure how Chuck ' s fiance to be, Alison, feels about all of this, but no one here is brave enough to ask her. Actually, Charles should fit well into the Marine Corps Brainwashing program As the undisputed master of nocturnal activities, he has already mas- tered the fine art of aquiring various objects of inter- est about the yard, rapelling and sneaking around in general Besides, he looks like a baby-killer any- way, with no hair and fangs to boot We wish Chuck -n- Ai all the best and hope he eventually gets his very own shiny gold aviator wings, as those of us on the ground will be much better off for it. Gregory A. Smith G.A. Ormond Beach. Florida Applied Science Surface Warfare M hen G.A. registered for his fourth semester » ' at U of F, he didn ' t realize there was an Annapolis campus. t-Day saw his sun bleached " fro " tall to the ground as his memories ol Pippi faded like his Ian. The presence of his goregeous siblings on Parents Weekend provided him with more friends than he thought he had Mary Jo ' s microletters brought Florida sunshine and pictures for his countdown calendars The Toad, the Toad. the Toad! What more can we say ' ' It didn ' t take G.A, long to start a J Buffett cult, culminating with a cheeseburger in Paradise Fortunately the lyrics were learned before the tapes were melted or his truck was broken into Always trying to maximize his experiences, G A. accepted a tour at GTMO for 3 c cruise and completed 4 PCS books on 1 c cruise. Majoring in rack and minonng in business, G.A easily compiled more racktime than his two roommates combined. Rackburn ' s only mistake at USNA was betting his roommates that he ' d be the last to get " Mary-ed. " Their relationship pro- gressed smoothly but became questionable when Mrs. " C " discovered Navy issue undergarments In Mary ' s laundry To correct this discrepancy, G.A. became a housepamler. His efforts were successful as he will soon have another tax deduction. We are sure that GA ' s bowed legs and Mary ' s pigeon toes will result In straightlegged kids Wherever G.A. might go, his ready smile and quick wit will endear him to superiors and subordinates alike. Best wishes and good luck. T Cowboy 1 Andrew L. Solgere Cowboy Rancho Palos Verde. California History U.S. Marine Corps A ndrew Louis (L ' Amour) Solgere sought an ' ■ appomlmeni to USNA as a means o obtatn- ing his final meni badge Plebe year brought out many hidden talents This was evidenced by his penchant lor Navy Football (thanks to his idol. T C } and his ability to tmd a place on the sailing team His potential to become a social butterfly was Ihwarled by a night out at Timmy ' s with the Boyz followed by his contributions to the green bucket However, always rough and ready. Cowboy was still able 10 distinguish between blondes and bru- nettes His affinity for biondes was firmly estab- lished when Joan and Rhonda came mto his lite (Cm blushing, are you?) After much debate between Math and EE. Andy settled on History as a ma)or Nevertheless, he did try to triple ma)or by taking 3 semesters of EE and SIX semesters of math John Wayne would have been proud First class year brought skepticism as to his service selection but cub scouts, airborne, and his math background have adequately pre- pared him for the Marine Corps Three stnper liber- ty will give him the opportunity lo go over the wall legitimately and the return of America ' s Cup will afford him the chance to command if Lebanon, El Salvador, or Nicaragua do not His Light-hearted attitude and quick smile that complement his lead- ership ability will one day make him a four-star i( Charlie doesn ' t get him Andy is the living definition of All - Amencan We ' ll miss him but we ' ll all be able to sleep belter knowing that he ' s on patrol Air- borr e May your M-16 never jam T. G.A. 482 Eighteenth Company Jeffrey B. Walker J.B. Spokane, Washington History Nuclear Power - Submarines I effrey floated m on cloud nine from Spokane. ' - ' Wash alter deciding that the Navy was for him. Growing up as an Air Force junior didn ' t thnll Jeff like the idea of Y P cruises down the Severn and 70 day sub cruises Jeff, infamously dubbed " J B " by his class- mates, fought off bad grades and " Bobo " type personalities to endure plebe year He had it so tough that some thought he wouldn ' t make it After a 70 day disappearance during youngster cruise we were worried that J B had bit the big one He had actually bitien off the big one; he decided to make Navy Subs his career choice After a one night stand as a Homecoming gigolo, J B decided that girls were not for him They kept getting in the way He now decided that he had better buckle down on his grades Soon, good grades became boring and J B de- cided that It was time for a change He purchased the muscle car which he always dreamed of Hood College soon became a way ol lite for Jeff and alter his two visits decided that he was bored of that too He decided to go to American Univ and work on a master ' s degree because USNA had run out of things lor him to do He is still there today and we hope he spreads some of his exhuberant personal- ity around there as he did here Fair waves and following currents for we will miss you much AMF!! MDH Dakota L, Wood Dak Claremore. Oklahoma Oceanography U-S- Marine Corps M hy Dak gave up the comfort and security of ' ' barren flaflands. silos, dust, cricket pumps and Karia I ' ll never know Everyone at home knew that he would leave his mark on the Academy, but even he never suspected that he would also leave a white one on a Plebe Summer squad leader Dak changed majors quickly and no wonder. He was constantly pressed (or time, doing pro reports on the army boot and ale and who could forget sailing bag-ouf J J and A J can attest to that especially when room formals came around Youngster cruise and the ensuing school year vividly showed the consistency, or lack thereof, m Daklee ' s love life The sinusoid was surely at maximum amplitude one fall evening at Harry ' s, so much so that " Ft. Meade " still brings a S E grin to his face However. things weren ' t always that rosy Somewhere around 2 c summer Dak acquired a distaste for the game of tenms A definite lowpomt. but being the gentleman thai he is. " The Dude " bounced back and took out his frustrations by nearly bouncing a full frozen O J can off of Yang ' s skull The year also included a Xmas trip lo Europe with Francois and The Locust, Jake, lishhead soup and fun times m Rome and the Alps In the spnng. Dak ' s operatives, working undercover at a hometown bank, brought a new interest into his life Sherri was just what the Dakster ordered His parents were happy too be- cause now Dak had a reason to go home Living with Dak for the past four years has been more than a pleasure it ' s been an mconvience Whether it was a gouge night at Woodland Hills, eating pizza m W Va . sorting out vicious rumors or even study hour there was never a dull moment. Be patient buddy and you ' ll get Sheena, Rachel, the Woman in Red antf your Valley Girl all wrapped up in one Best of luck to you Mark L. Yniguez Ying Yang La Mirada. California Applied Science Surface Warfare kA ark waltzed into Disneyland East from sunny ' ' ' southern Cal with one question on his mind. " Jusi whose idea is this anyway? " Mark ' s chance of hiding during plebe year were laid waste by up- perciass continually trying to pronounce his name. A state of desperation set in and Ying Yang he became Yang ' s early leaning toward systems engineering was washed away by a wave ol rational thought, and behold a management major was born This freed Ying {when he wasn ' t diligently studying aca- demics, of course) to pursue his favorite education- al pastime T V research Yang ' s body impression on the first couch in the wardroom attests to his tireless effort to bring T V research to an art form Yings social escapades began early plebe year. His covert relationship with a certain psychopath netted him 100 dollars in albums, and a close up look at mental disease m the eighties Disillusioned, but not defeated. Yang turned to Hood College during youngster summer and soon gained an ap- preciation (or the looser things in lile Then, a totally unexpected event occured during youngster cruise when Yang met someone more interesting then the third rerun of " Mork and Mindy " Love blossomed, and Teresa replaced T V Yes, it ' s been an interesting tour years for Ying From getting chewed out with T M by Patch and becoming a charter member of Dirty Thirty, to sloshing around the D ' s basement m a stupor with Tim and lighting J J off every night May the Surface Force be with you, Yang, and may Teresa keep the SWO gut away 4 .( ij« a 1 k«i ir fSf m- m ih Nineteenth Company Jane E, R. Bailey Jerb Winter Haven. Florida General Engineering U.S. Marine Corps Our first tond memory of Jane came a few days into plebe summer, when she attempt- ed to sort her laundry Sitting in the center of the room, surrounded by piles of dirty clothing. Jane yelled out, " I don ' t know how to do this, I ' ve never done laundry before! " Beginning with plebe summer, Jane was strlck- ened with mono and proved through her four years that that was |ust the beginning, as Jane managed to catch everything that came trhough the hall. Youngster year is when Jane ' s personality really emerged Her room began to look like a tornado hit. and the threat of academic boards became immi- nent. It was quite often that the company heard Jane complain of an academic board, and quite often that her grades emerged above a 3 Catholicism opened its doors to Jane during sec- ond class year, and she managed to spend more time in the chapel than she did in class It was also the year that Jane increased her worrying about her Marine Corps billet At one point, Jane was con- vinced that there were only going to be two billets, and every girl in the class o1 ' 85 wanted one of them ' Jane was always a good friend Good luck, Jane, in all you do Hit Quantico running, and p easestop wofryingi The world is not nearly as bad as you think it is! Dennis J, Barham The Old Man Knightdale, North Carolina General Engineering U.S. Marine Corps Aviation Dennis Barham, better known as the " " Old Man, " came to USNA via NAPS after serv- ing 3 years in enlisted service as an electrician in the nuclear navy While at NAPS Dennis became fam- ous for his platoon ' s rendition of " Attack from plan- et Salve. " and along with " Little Red " ventured places where others had never gone before, or were not able to because they didn ' t have a car of their own Plebe year he found out that he was older than many of the tirsties, but that didn ' t stop some of them from trying to betriend him (Good thing Chimmey was around). As a 4 c he became Brigade Honor Chairman and thus was the begin- ning of his 4-year reign as the " Grim Reaper " 3 c year Dennis did a " good j ob " and invested money in diamonds. He met " Mumbles " and began a short career as an E.E After a lot of barefoot skiing 2 c summer, he came back and started " ac " year as a keeper of the goat After being disengaged from his previous ideas, he switched from EE to General. He then took " Little Red " on momentous road trips and developed an interest in disbursing and finances. But later that year an mvite for lasa- gne at the house of an old friend superceeded his interest in economics and led to an engagement to a sweet southern belle named Renay Second se- mester 1 c year began with a reuniting of Dennis with his plebe summer roommate A depth percep- tion scare 12 days before service selection almost put a damper on flight school, but a final eye test ended all doubts He is destined to be one of the Marine Corps ' finest pilots, a man who we will al- ways look up to and respect Good Luck and God Bless Kim K. Anderson Kim Birmingham, Alabama Ocean Engineering Civil Engineering Corps A hen Kim arrived on the Academy scene in " the summer of 1981 sporting what seemed to be a perpetual tan, sun-bieached blonde hair and a Rolex watch, we knew she was somebody! Plebe year she took some of us out to dinner with her American Express " GOLD " card We knew then there Kim was going places Plebe and youngster year saw Kim spending most of her weekends with the D B flag line Her leadership and dedication landed her staff posi- tions in the Corps both semesters of first class year Second class year was an especially memorable year for Kim There was also fun to be had 2 c year, and Kim went after it Do the words " Leader- ship Mess Night " mean anything to you, Kim? First class year was definitely Kim ' s year. After the tsunami lab. Kim ' s priorities shifted from aca- demics to recreation Speaking of recreation. I wish I had had a surfboard during that lab! Luckily for Kim, the Professor lived. In any case, certain things were a " must " for Kim Breakfast without Cocoa Crispies was like a day without sunshine Speaking of which, I still think we should have gotten a Hiba- chi for our green beach And as for a Thursday night without Magnum P I and Cheers, well. I shud- der to think ot the consequences. Here ' s to your bright future, Kim! May it be filled with Jimmy Buffett tunes and sunshine. I ' ll miss you. Walter J. Bell Walt Hendersonville. Tennessee General Engineering Surface Warfare Did Walt ever meet anyone who did not li ke him? We ail doubt it. his down home charm and sensitivity was at many times very stabilizing in the unstable, craay world of US.N.A, " We ' re plebes. that ' s why! " was his reply to complaining during the trials ot Plebe Year. Walt also had certain qualities which were undeniably characteristic Who else would go absolutely bananas i( his room- mates were not m the rack right at taps ' ' Although up until graduation Walt only needed to shave at most twice a week, his " concept of duty " Plebe year compelled him to shave once a day (It was rumored that he started his commissioning mus- tache during Plebe Summer Detail-although there was never any evidence to support it!) There were also a few very lucky women in Walt ' s lite. The " older woman " , Peggy, and Donna were all just a few who had fallen tor Walt ' s disarming savoirfaire (Walt, stay away from the youngster woopeltes in New York, huh?!) In addition, Walt was also a very trusting fellow-especially when it came to letting plebes test drive his car and see how many times they could roll it Now his destiny leads him to the surface forces Best of luck, Walt You are a true professional but, best of all, a true Inend who will be sorely missed. May you continue to touch the lives of everyone that you meet as you have touched ours, but beware- there is a distinct possibility that although the odds are astronomically against it, there might, just might, be someone m the world who does not instantaneously like you but after a minute or two???-never!! ' S.A.B. C.R.B. Nineteenth Company 483 Christopher R. Betton Amos New York Cily. New York Physical Science Surface Warfare Chris w as well known ihrough 1 9th Platoon on the very first d8y 0( Ptebe Summer " Whefe ' s Mr Betton " ' " Chns ' deierminalion. quick wit and ingenuity helped him through PleDe Year Necessity IS the mother ol invention, and " Betton L»ghis " and " bird baths " were Chns ' creations Few problems every really bothered him Occasion- ally he would fun out ot " crop duster. " find another fip m his " lofty-lours, ■ or need to lake a shower at the five minute chow call, but his relaxed manner always pulled him through such crises When Youngsier Year came around, so did the stereo, and Chris cultured his roommates with Sievie Won- derful. Michael Jackson, and Bob Marley Young- ster Year also found Chns m the streets of greal Annapolis pedaling ahead of the USNA bicyde club Chns was always very physically active even atter he had given blood On one such occa- sion he lifted weights, cycled lor about an hour, and proceeded to pass out m I8lh Company Foriu- nalety he was saved by the mate who responded to hts weak utterances of " sugar " For these past four years Chns has been looking for a companion: from the secret admirer ' s " center of atteclion to his cycling companion to others We have faith that you will find the perfect woman soon. Chns. For who could ever forget your face? We will be remind- ed of you every time we see a bag of Famous Amos cookies WJB SAB Lynne M. Bever Lynne Orlando, Florida Ocean Engineering Civil Engineering Corps ynne came to USNA via the Fleet and a CT rating and immediately impressed the upper- class with her professionalism Soon thereafter, she realized that there was more to lite at USNA than squaring corners and she re-directed some ot her " gunginess " to Navy Crew Since that time, she has become an expert coxwain and this year is Captain of the women ' s team Good luck with MOOW As tar as academics go, it took Lynne a little longer to see the light. But hallway through youngster year, (atter much consideration and per- suasion from me), she decided that SYSTEMS was not the way to fame and glory and became one of the elite, the Ocean Engineers Ocean E is one of the smallest majors at USNA. but that never both- ered Lynne She has always appreciated the small- er things in life This includes everything from her VW beetle, to her goldfish. Killer, to Michelangelo (Nice poster, Lynne!) I may have brought Lynne into Ocean E.. but 2 c summer brought her into the Civil Engineer Corps From the day she heard their sales pitch, she knew that CEC was for her Since then she has done more recruiting for them than their own officers I know, because I ' m one of her recruits 1 c summer was not as good fO ' Lynne, as she spent the better pari of it off the Coast of Alaska on of all things, a Coast Guard Cutler How- ever, leave was better and she headed directly lo Europe Ever since, she has been in love with Italy and will spend at least one lour ot duty there Lynne, the road has been long and rough, but we ' ve come so far. and it has definately been worthwhile Looking back, we ' ve had one hell of a good lime ' We laughed together, we cried together No friend could ever have been better Thanks for the memories, and here is to Port Heuneme ' Love Kim Steven A. Bongardt Boing Bel Air. Maryland Aerospace Engineering Naval Aviation Steve came to us from Bel Air Maryland, and then returned home every weekend while the rest of us were stuck here at USNA He came here knowing exactly what he wanted and imme- dieateiy sei out to gel it His secret of success is to sweat Steve sweated every detail but we can ' t say It hurt him He constantly worried about how poorly he did on exams Bui we soon learned what poor meant (a 90% at worst) Steve kept a steady social life going He didn parly heavily all the time but when he did (Stevt make sure you have two people handy to carry you back from dining ins)! How he managed to sta ot trouble with women is astonishing He seemed to attract Ihem everywhere he went He was especial ly Skillful at Dahlgren, where he would run ir least three of Kalhy ' s friends Is it that GO look that turns them on, Steve? We threatened to black- mall him with a photo of his collage ot women under his blotter Sieve ' s fondness of music was evident from the beginning Plebe year, when we weren ' t allowed to have stereos, Steve performed constantly in an ef- fort to make up for it When we got stereos, his was constantly on the station that became known as Bongardt- 104 Steve sludded out on everything he did. from being the star quarterback ol Heavies (Have you guys finally scored a point?), to being part ot the brigade stnper organization Steve pushed himself in the past four years and is conse- quently graduating in the top 5 % of our class He is going into flight school after graduation, and I have no doubt that Steve will someday command a space shuttle, his life ambition. We will look for you among the stars. Good Luck! WJB and CRB James E. Budway Butch Brewer. Maine Oceanography US, Marine Corps Outch was our Maine addition to the Key Member club Arriving from the backwoods of Maine via Naps, Butch found much to like and dislike at USNA Never one to really hide his feel- ings, he soon imparted his disdain for Plebe Sum- mer upon his squad leader, much to our amusement Plebe Summer rapidly passed into Plebe year finding Butch embroiled in academics, midnight antics and dust and gotcha-last wars Youngster year we discovered another side of the real Budway at Moxie ' s house as alcoholic inflamed passions got the better of him Beer became the ultimate aphrodisiac tor him as inhibitions and mor- als dropped by the wayside Second class year. Butch returned to the Academy armed with the Manly Handbook and ready to battle another year of nebulous math courses This year was memora- ble in the annals of Budway, as he discovered the Thrift Inn and the real )0ys of logging First class cruise was a torchlight m the dark as far as Service Selection was concerned Maybe there was some- thing in the Marine Corps after all First class year, Butch returned to assume the position of Company Sub-God. Striking fear into lethargic youngsters, highway drag racing, Copenhagen and the Grease- man all became pan of the standard Budway reper- toire. On January 22, Jim got his head reluctantly shaved and became one ot the few and the proud t roomed wilh Jim for 3 ' ? years of nonsensical games, inter-room rivalry in the weight room and other forms of unadulterated fun, but it will be 3 ' ) years that I will long remember Thanks Jim plus the best of luck T.Y,S. MbU TYS Wade C. Burchell, Jr. j W.D. 1 Norwalk, California I Physical Science Naval Aviation I M 3 e arrived at Navy via Naps, where he I ' ' played cornerback on the Varstty Football team. During Plebe summer Wade was undefeated j In boxing and had numerous knockouts to his cred- ' it. Wade also made it known Plebe year that he was . one ot the premier Ritlemen in the country, wmnmg a varsity letter and being ranked in the top dO na- I tionally Youngster summer. Wade went home and I worked construction, returning to USNA with a dev- ■ astating right )ab and left hook. Very tew people I wanted to enter the ring a second time with the tiesty little guy from California. Wade earned anoth- I er varsity letter and recognition in ntle. While dating { and breaking half the hearts m Annapolis, Wade I met a girl named Rebecca and started going I steady. It marked the end of his notorious esca- [ pades around Annapolis, Second class year, Wade [ lost his heart to Rebecca and got engaged The I majority o1 his time was spent with Rebecca at I Goucher from then on Wade did take the time though to win his third varsity letter and national [ ranking First class year saw Wade sit back and ■J enjoy his brand new Z-28, making numerous trips ' to Laurel to see his Lady Love, if Wade has as much f luck in (he fleet as he did here at USNA, he ' ll make I Admiral in twenty years. Good luck buddy, and i take care Scott and I will always be there. Love, Byron and Scott Douglas R. Burton Burt Mansfield. Ohiio Aerospace Engineering Naval Aviation r oug. one of the key members, came lo the ' - Academy from Mansfield Ohio via NAPS Doug had this place wired as a plebe. He had a girlfriend m town, played JV Baseball and got away with throwing a tirstie up against the wall and telling him lo do something anatomically impossible. Doug soon left baseball to apply his talents on the intramural fields, which always went at least to Reg- imentals Doug made at least one lasting impres- sion on i9th Co. by introducing half of the males in our class to the products of The United States To- bacco Co. Doug IS also well known for his exploits with the fairer sex, from attending the N dance plebe year without earning a teller to going over the wall to the Hatis of Montezuma as a firstie Doug has had some difficulties though; from becoming persona non grata at Goucher, his heavenly Ring Dance date, and the Scluggos ot the world Doug has had some problems with mechanical posse- sions. I would really like to hear your stereo before we graduate Your car really doesn ' t need a door on the driver ' s side Heck, it kind of facilitates get- ting in and out of the car. Doug I ' ve had some really great times with you Ohio, Hawaii, California, Mar- di Gras, and Ft. Lauderdale were all radical times Doug you ' ve been a great fnend and roommate these past four years. I could always count on you to get me into and out of fights, find my overcoat and to give me good advice. I ' m glad that you stuck It out with Aero I wish you the best of luck with Navy Air Scott M. Carlson Mr. Clean San Francisco, California Systenns Engineering Surface Warfare Scott came to USNA from San Francisco, a Navy brat with a proud tradition of Naval service Ready to breeze through four years at the country club by the Severn, Scott set himself apart by joing the D B, so he could get drunk in a different city every weekend. Scolt frustrated his classmates plebe year by BSing with Mike Grad- wohl for all ot his waking hours and still getting a 3 2 OPR. Through the years, heredity gave Scott his most distinguishing characteristic, his lack of hair To make up for his baldness. Scott decided to take a real major. Systems Engineering His choice gave him the opportunity to see the sunrise from the wrong side and to find out what the word narcolep- sy means. Second class year was a time ot late nights and long Lab reports for Scott, True to form, however, the seventy of workload never affected Scott ' s ability to procrastinate. The end of second class year introduced Scott to a new black Rabbit GTI and debt By first class year Scott looked at his record and noticed that he had survived three and a hall years without a demerit. He decided to remedy the situation and get his four years worth with one fry. He was successful, and gamed infamy as well in Salty Sam ' s column. On service selection night Scott got the Spruance ol hts dreams, and he made sure everyone in the company knew it Scott will be missed by all the key club. Listening to Mark at OlOO on WHFS. Systems templates, weeks without making your rack, talking for hours when we should have been studying, your pipe and your Union suit Scott IS a great roomate and friend. I won ' t miss the Academy, but I ' ll miss the people, especially you Mr, Carlson will make a fine Naval Officer. I rank him 1 of 1, Sam Elizabeth J. Clark Beth Kutztown. Pennsylvania Mathmatics General Unrestricted Line eeth came to USNA from the thriving metrop- olis of Kuztown. Pa. Having been raised m a corniield, plebe summer was an exciting event for Beth, Between a severe case of mono and her equally wonderful early morning rendezvous during PEP with Ron Bethmann she never knew what would happen next The beginning ot academic year brought a healthy Beth living with a forever injured roommate. I ' m sure she will never forget diving crashes. Ram ' s late night studying, " Drop dead. Bucko " and of course, " Wei! sir. l was dreaming of a white Chnslmas " With her youngster stripe came her firm and lasting relation- ship with John and Bob, We always knew where to find her • in their room or hiding in their shower, talking planes Beth also acquired many talents during youngster year, including explorer extraor- dinare and sailboat master With the loss ol her faithful friend came the inheritance of the canoe and the acceptance of a 5-year obligation Little was seen of Beth during second class year, she spent most of her time with her new found love - a 44 foot sailboat First class year brought the return of the dynamic duo and the never ending cry ot " Why am I here? " quickly followed by " I ' m not going to let them beat met " With service selection tomorrow night. I can ' t help but thmk that we might |usl make it out of here - TOGETHER! As the saying goes, " Fair winds and following seas. " and may your SOSUS always pingi With love. APY Nineteenth Company 485 Charles Culberson Denman III Chip Kaneohe. Hawaii General Engineering Surface Warfare hip roiled into the I9lh company as a key member Irom the sunshine ol Hawan Chances are. it the Mada doesn ' t catch up with him he wilt go places at sea too Being a spendihnli. Chip would nevei go out with a gal unless a 50 50 pre-arranged settlement plan lor expenses ot the evening was in writing and m hand Thus achieved. oH to Burger King lor the Dig night they would go His Hawaiian song become the height ol many long summer marches Chip would do well with deck division aboard his first ship, having vast experi- ence with ground tackle as an anchor man candt- date at school Chip has gamed much experience m a lew areas ol endeavor Among these is a license as skiing instructor in California He is very eMective at teaching people how to get out ol ihe way of " NOVICE skiers They s«mp(y either move out ol the way or get crushed He has also excelled m strip- ping Ireshfy waxed floors alter a night out on the town Vmme will never believe that extravaganze Chip has the utmost respect for animals He was awarded a stuffed toy ral during piebe year for uncommon vator among the fourth class Chip also has adopted several pet mice and treated them with the greatest of care, insuring their proper health, poor Ernesto Chip should really excell m his chosen field of surface warfare Navigating a yawi through a humcane during a race is one experience that Chip will not soon forget The feelings and expressions of all aboard must have been a sight as the boat finally pulled mio Bermuda after the race m which 1 1 boats capsized Chip has been my room- mate for all four years, and the best ol roommates ai that I sure hope you get that destroyer com- mand you ' ve always talked of Best of luck in all you do. true Inends of your caliber are hard to find so take care of yourself. Brothers always, Doug Vinton Gregg Garbesi Vinnie Santa Rosa. California English Surface Warfare I inme is our Northern California representa- ' live m the key club Vmme lound his first semester here at USNA to be very disappointing Floundering upon the shoals of Advanced Chemis- try. Vinnie emerged with a class rank of 1 179 He was forced to retake Chemistry during summer school and amazed everyone, including our Com- pany Officer " And a real supnse addition to Ihe Sup ' s list. Gregg Garbesi " Vinnies academic ex- cellence has ceased to surprise us since then as his order ol meni for service selection was 198 Wicked rumors began to circulate around Ihe company about how Vmme was siphoning off ihe life energy of his roommates as very few of his roommates made it through the rigorous tour years here at USNA Vmme had a lew idiosyncrasies that set him apart from the rest of us His lasle m music clashed violently with his roommates, who had a hard time listening to fviike Oldfield afler a good session of Merle Haggard Vmme also had a predilection to- wards parking buildings, nubile young track runners and gorgeous California girls Vmme ' s sports expe- riences here at USNA began with a two year spot on the junior varsity soccer team, but his hopes for greatness on Ihe soccer team soon dwindled when he lound out ORB could defeat the whole soccer team single handed Smce Ihis iime he has been a great asset to company intramural sports Vmnie ' s last Army will be one he remembers forever Just remember, Vmme. keep your guard up at all times and beware of strange characters on the early morning subway Surface line will find itself very lucky lo receive someone as talented as Vinnie The best of luck to you and Debbie m the lifetime that you will spend together TGH and TYS Allison S, Gross Allison Schwenksville, Pennsylvania General Engineering General Unrestricted Line A llison came to the Naval Academy from ' Wheaton. a small LIBERAL arts college m Massachusetts, where she was accustomed to ris- ing lor reveille at 11.00 A M.. a somewhat more rigorous schedule than that which she experienced at home m Schwenksville Pennsylvania - popula- tion 1,000 human. 10.000 chicken While mamlammg a lirm interest m all her aca- demic studies at the Academy. Allison did not ne- glect the more cultural aspects ot life, and managed to allend Broadway theater such as " O ' Calculta " and lo read such distinguished liter- ary publications as Bndal Magazine and Modern Bnde Perhaps Allison ' s favonie part ol Ihe Academy was the intense physical training she encountered Allison ran the 7 30 mile more ollen than anyone else, except George, who proved lo Allison once and for all thai photographers are not all talk and no action Running ranked second only lo Allison ' s love of arm-hangs, her superiors frequently caught Allison sneaking off lo the gym - to hang herself While at Annapolis, Allison won two awards, the ■ " Changed her major more times than anybody else " award, and the " ' Mosl weekends away " award. While she always looked quite sharp m her military altire, Allison concluded that she did not " love a man m unilorm " . optmg instead for the Civilian Look Thus, George entered Allison ' s hie m her second year at the Academy The two found they had a lot m common the yearbook. George took Ihe photographs and Allison posed for them Admiral John and Lieutenant Phyllis were a bit ad- verse to sharing their favorite deckhand, yet they finally consented lo a July wedding - il only to spend some time with iheir second favorite deck- hand - Sydney • a Wheatie who loved her Middy In relrospecl, Allison ' s greatest achievements during her four years at Annapolis include her abili- ty lo maintain her values, to develop a strong sense of self, and to uphold her commitment to her friends, m lace of a somewhat formidable environment Good luck 10 you Allison, and may Georges birthday be both his. and your, happiest day ever ■ you earned it! L.S H, Timothy Gene Hanson Lungs Clear Lake. Iowa Aerospace Engineering U.S. Marine Corps - Aviation rhe man The legend The HORSEi Tims so- journ at USNA has been a time of learning. His classmates first learned of Timmy when he bel- lowed his first dealening " GO NAVY. SIR! " In fact, this idealistic young boy from Iowa was so caught up m the spirit of the place that there was a period of time where Tim ' s acceptance mto the Key Club was m question Soon. Timmy realized that nice guys really do finish last and they don ' t correct their future company commander ' s table manners. Timmy set out to be the nicest guy around He has succeeded m ihis quite well and, despite his healthy skepticism towards authority, Tim has even ex- celled m the administration ' s eyes They entrusted him with the sacred Goat and now all his non-farm- boy roommates truly under the old phrase " He smells like a goal " m all its feculence Tim is known throughout the company for his perkmess when he IS not in the rack Granted, that is seldom, but he makes up for his perpetual somnolence with his peculiar style of awakening He greels each day. stretching his arms to greet the new dawn I thought It looked like a left hook Tim and his cohort m crime, Moxie. sponsor first class, are infamous with the police force for their porch parties which we all enjoyed almost as much as the fantastic ' gaters that Tim planned The memories associated with Tim are all good He was always willing to help out anyone in any way he could His uncanny knack ol summing up every situation with his own unique vernacular made living with him enioyable Pool at Pete ' s Beer at Rudy ' s Taco Bell on weeknights (we had three stripes between us) More beer at Rudy ' s Country music Beer at Pete ' s Cowboy boots Line cutting at the fling Dance (Debbie loves ya for that } Late night gammon Thanks Timmy, VGG I Richard E. Lumsden, Jr, ! Lummy ' Hanahan. South Carolina I Oceanography ; Surface Warfare I ummy came lo the Academy from a mullilude ol navy towns that he temporarily called home I He soon found out that his grotesque overdevelop- ment couldn ' t suffice on the football field without t great speed Not to be denied universal fame. Lummy easily focused his bulk on developing the i art of Nin)a warfare Pencil necks and devious I women alike often felt the wrath of Lumstem Lummy always had great ambitions One of his t greatest was to become a pooka shell wearing, j surfboard toting beach comber of the Virgin Islands ' who supported his vices by bartending at night. I Mom and dad, however, had grander illustions of a [ naval career for their little slumbucket. Subject of ■ the famous Lumstem Chronicles, Lummy ' s esca- pades included the likes of a midnight swim from the docks clad in his favorite bathing suit Summer whites. Maybe his meeting with " Captain, what ' s your name, anyway " ? " was the means to a Project 21 end. The loss was tough but the memories of a great roommate and friend will always remain Re- member, you can take Lummy from the Six Pack, but you ' ll never take a six pack from Lummy Good luck, and may the God of Beach and Bulk shine on you forever. Stephen J. Pimpo Pimps Strongsville, Ohio Political Science Supply Corps Pimps came to us via NAPS from beautiful Strongsville Ohio, Cleveland ' s finest suburb He was equipped for the challenge of USNA with economy size cans of Endust and Tinactm, just ask the COW ' S " Ooh that stings! " Pimps roomed with the Old Man every Semester except 2; one as a plebe with Amos. Walt and Bonge. and one as Batt Cdr, He had this uncanny ability to find beautiful women-young beautiful women! " Man she looked older, I swear! " or " I thought she was at least 19 " The 14-l6yf olds of Annapolis will be safe when he graduates! April. Little Miss Brazil, Furry, Patty; sor- ry but the Pimps loves ' em and leaves ' em Don Vito IS still looking for him When Pimps wasn ' t meeting young girls, he was impersonating them The Hal- loween wedding dress was a big hit. What a hairy- chested bride! Academics were a breeze for Pimps. His uncanny ability to " manipulate " profs, coupled with the fact that Poly Sci profs are the most easily manipulated {because they know it ' s all BS any- way) rewarded him well Consistent 3 and above performances put him in the 4th Batt Cdr slot 2nd Semester (finally). He had his knee rebuilt 3 c year and spent a semester as an invalid who made the Old Man cater to his every need Thank God the knee healed very well, but not well enough to not make him NPQ-or did it? In any case the Corps is getting a great guy; one who is ambitious enough to probably be driving a Rolls-Royce by the end of his first tour Who could forget the foadtrip to N C and. one monumental roadtrip to Newport. " Oh man i ache! " I say no more Pimps you ' re the greatest and t love you like a brother The times we shared as masters of " " Dirt Central " wilt never be forgotten! Good Luck! Samuel M. Piatt Sam Annandale. Virginia Systems Engineering Surface Warfare Sam made the long trip around the bellway to the Academy from far away Northern Virgin- ia Plebe year found him sitting on the floor in his underwear driving his many roommates crazy — luckily for Sam, he was never around to take any abuse Youngster year brought his two most distin- guishing features to light, his distinctive walk and his ability to dislocate his shoulder in new and inter- esting ways every semester As a Systems Engi- neer, he finally had to settle down with the books and was often up mio the wee hours- or at least until 0104 every morning Second class summer and the city dock was the setting of the famous " Piatt miracle " after which, Sam found the true meaning of the word " exhaustion " Second class year started with the attack of the Killer Bees and life in the " Tenement " , but ad of that fun was quick- ly overshadowed by ES303 and Long John, who made sure Sam had plenty of all nighters m Ward Hall. By the end of second class year, Sam had succeeded m introducing the entire company to two of his favorites, Firesign Theater and Root Boy Slim. Over his First Class summer came his intro- duction to the Surface Navy in the form of an LPH which made him realize how much he really wanted to go Navy Air Also during the summer, came a new engine tor his BMW 2002 and a new computer that seemed to keep half the Key Club from study- ing due to marathon Black)ack and DALEKS ses- sions (right, Timmy Vinnie?) By Service Selection. Sam had decided that his Engineering Degree was more important than his desire to fly so he actually chose Surface Line {Mighty Fine, eh ' ?) Well Sam. it ' s been four long years and we finally got our mugs, but the worst part will be having to leave good friends like you Good luck - SMC J r 1 ■■ ' ' 1 r UL,-:::: Scott R. Reichard Scunt Dayton, Ohio Chemistry Medical Corps Plebe s ummer, Scott arrived m full slnde to get on top of things, and he really stood out on the drill field He even had his own personal drill instructor Off the drill field. Scott did well despite a few mishaps with firsties Academic year rolled around and Scott chose chemistry as his major and worked very hard, thus acquiring the phrase of be- ing " socially inept " trom a classmate with many social graces who is now enjoying the civilian life. I guess he worked so hard that he didn ' t have lime to do anything so the window sufficed Youngster year Scott got two great roommates that have guided him to a happy social life with drunken stoopers Scott was also an integrated part of the Fourth Battalion boxing team that won Brigade champion- ships. Second class year, Scott started out with a fire red Trans-Am that seemed to get him into wei rd predicaments in DC . but not without the calalystic help of a black roommate with a wild linger, bring- ing on an additional eight blacks down on poor Scott, When we first met Scott, we knew he would go places; Byron and I |ust didn ' t know where We do now Byron and I wish to congratulate you on being accepted into the prestigious medical profes- sion. We wish you lots of luck You can always count on us and we ' ll miss you, because we ' re brothers of a different breed " The Academy " Love. Byron and Wade Nineteenth Company 487 Eric R. Rutherford Rul Boulder, Colorado History Surface Warfare Efic came to USNA vta Boulder. Colorado Wtth little regard (or fDihtary regs. he rede- fined Plebe Year Eric ' s exploits ranged Irom lhfeaienir g a lirstie with ptiys ' cal abuse, drmking beer at the Oanl ' s house with Jaime during study hour, to a mid Plebe Summer vacation By the way, Ihanks (or otfenng us some of John ' s buxom cake even though we never saw it When Enc wasn ' t m the cKjlches o( the Blue Monster, he was piaymg defensive tackle tor the football team As a senior, he was named defensive captain and on a cold Saturday in November he devastated the offensive l)r e in leading Navy to a lopsided upset of 2 S Carolina Enc subsequently earned meniion m $l. All-East and Ali-Amencan status, and a Hula Bowl Trtp Oft the gridiron Eric loved lo party Somehow he always wound up wilh a good looking girl (and trten left them to me) Well almost always Just rememt er Rut. I have the picture from Sktta ' s party thai tells the true story! Don ' t worry buddy. I ' ll stili defend your morality story Senior year was truly a year to remember for Enc Three-siriper libs. Ken ' s car. Ken ' s clothes and Lisa (also formerly Ken ' s) almost made USNA bearable He even rose to mili- tary prominence C) as company sub-commander. Seriously Enc, these past few years with you have been the most memorable and enjoyable of my life. You will always be my closest fnend. Remember Army Navy with the Dr E fanclub and Hat ' s Mexi- can impression, the Ring Dance, gram alcohol, John ' s parties. Mrs Rutherford ' s dinners, the Colo- rado trip, my physical threatening of Goody, Z. and G-Man? I ' ll never forget the times we ' ve shared Best wishes for the future California here we cornel Don " ! worry Mr. Mrs R. Ill take care of Enc (as usual). I love ya Rut. SLUGGO James G. Sheldrup Shiep Failbrook. California Mechanical Engineering Naval Aviation Company commander, ShIep. was the origi- nal chartering member of the Key Club Liz- ard-man (Witte), ShIep, and Sluggo were the trio t hat we best remember from plebe summer Plebe summer seemed to have very little impact ... ShIep, as he never abandoned his level-headed approach to life We were soon to find out that he owed Ihis approach to the all encompassing " rule of thumb " While some possessed other physical attributes such as the " horse " . Shiep was blessed with the biggest thumb since Goliath Ot all of us. Shiep received the most names during his residence at USNA He was the " mam man " on the football and fieldball fields, one ot the " lawmen " during young- ster year (named so (or his prodigious girth) and the " changed man " first class year, tor his about-face in life Second class year brought Shiep more than one type of ring and unexpected surprises such as " Cyprus " During the tour years. Shiep was able to cultivate multiple talents, ranging from mastering the pool cue at Pete ' s to mastering the complex- ities ol Mech E (rom the recesses of his rack, to becoming an accomplished barber at Moe ' s Bar- ber Shop (for a Pepsi) When writing Shiep ' s biog- raphy. It IS amazing how many phrases come readily to mind I feel it would be an injustice to the Shiep legend to omit them, so I have included them for ihey belong lo him and ate surely just as much a part of him as his thumb Some of the more choice ones are " War ol the Whales II " , " Aqua Habba " , " Just some dude, " T FC and Riggo! For " Just someone dude, " ShIep was a true friend to us all and we wish Ruthie and htm the best of luck m the coming years. TYS ERR Thomas Y. Sylvester Tom Bethesda, Maryland Political Science Seals rom, a world traveler most recently from Ando- ver H S , reported to the USNA m a semi-ecto- morphic state immersed in the shadow of his brother John, ' 84, a square-legged mesomorph He remained obscure throughout Plebe Summer save for his precision cadences until he and Chip were fried 5000 series for bemg drunk m uniform He excelled in wrestling Plebe year and soon mastered academics Thus, at night you could tind him m the library not studying, but playing gotcha-iast or wrestling with John and Stone on the ground floor Tom spent Youngster year getting his Dahlgren quals, preaching true-love to one thang until she spoke the magic words Placing fourth m the High- land Games and stress-testing the ice on the C O Canal rank high on his list of accomplishments He spent Spring Break out m West B F with John and Stone enjoying the Rodeo, killing coyotes, dipping, and swangin ' O n their near fatal, aborted ascent of Mt. Wrightson, an exasperated Tom flogged a bush into submission to show his displeasure Second Class year, Tom took a semesters leave at the USCGA for a bit of R R Upon his return, he joined the ranks of the Key Member Club and soon became known for his propensity to chase younger women Between blue balls and his Lima Delta es- capade, he did manage to make it through the year only to develop severe wallet leak attributable to a Porsche that John pawned on him After a Norwe- gian exchange cruise with the " Rogue " . Tom cured this ailment by transforming the Porsche into a " banana mobile. " I( it were not (or rowdy Plebes, Tom would have kept his stars despite being Com- pany Commander and the 3-striper libs accompa- nying It It only service selection were as easy as academics Tom has been a great (nend and confi- dant (or 4 years. Good luck always, J.E.B. James M. Syvertsen Sluggo Wading River. New York Naval Architecture Surface Warfare Oluggo came to us from Long Island. New - York, He gave up his wrestling career to. as he says it. concentrate on his Naval architecture major We all know what his pnontes were. Girls, his car. beer and eatmg His beefdnnkmg and the slug- mobile were infamous One memorable night he almost wiped out the Navy ' s offensive and defen- sive lines. Sluggo seems to have girls across the country; Heidi in Calif , Becky in Colo , Liz m Md., and of course Princess Leanne who was out o( this world. Un(oriunately, Goucher is without his se- vices How can anyone be banned (or a lifetime? Yeah. Sluggo touched up many a night, and every party he went to there was a Sluggo story to tell The boys termed a new phrase, the Sluggo tactic He made his mark on every Army and Navy game From the bathtub his Youngster year, to Disneyland as a Secondclassman Sluggo could never hold a grudge or turn down a favor In times of trouble or ditficulty, he was the man to go to. The memories are good The times m Colo . the times in Philly, the times at John V ' s house as well as the times out m town Halt his paycheck was spent on food No one ever knows where he puts it all. but he ' S always invited back The spaghetti dinners at Mrs R ' s house, the shrimp dinner at L ' s house, and simply THE PARTY at A " s house second class summer These times are worth remembering Sluggo, and you get a Medal of Honor for putting up with your whale of a roommate who will always appreciate you Those times were golden and will better with age Take care and good luck ERR Susan K. Wells SK Sheridan. Wyoming Oceanography General Unrestricted Line ■ he most rugged member of the l9th Company, ' class of ' 85, came to Annapolis from the plains of Wyoming. No one has ever heard of Sheridan Wyoming, and to this day, Walt is the only one who knows if tl really exists, but Susan has claimed for lour years that she is from Sheridan, " It ' s about 6 hours from Cheyenne " It was a long time before anyone knew Susan For awhile, she was so quite, we wondered if they taught people lo talk in Wyo- ming. We did find, though, that athletics was a strong point. Susan earned the ntckname " Bulky " from her toughness and athletic ability She was the only gif I who could hold her own in almost any competition, against almost any ol the guys Yet she knew how to win with tact She only beat the guys who de- served to be beat. It only took Susan a coupie o( months to win her first varsity letter for Navy, and by the end of youngster year, she had won a blan- ' ket for three varsity letters, m mdoor and outdoor track The Bike Club became Susan ' s true love dur- ing second class year, so varsity athletics look a back seat. Probably, the most controversial thing I Susan did during her four years in Annapolis was to ' run the Marine Corps marathon Even Susan spent [ several weeks trying to decide if she would be . I proud she ran or embarassed that she put herseK i) through it! Susan was probably one of the smartest mid- shipmen around, tor she knew to take advantage of every opportunity the Navy had to offer. She spent quite a lew mornings working out, many afternoons in the pool with the Scuba Club, and many evenings k I singing with the Antiphonal Choir (no other group can go to Florida for a weekend and sing only once!) Thanks to Navy ' s tendency to please mdi- I viduals. Susan even got to spend Air Force week- [ end in Colorado (thanks Mom!) Summers were . extremely interesting for Susan Can you believe she would actually volunteer to attend the Air Force Academy ' s Sere School ' ' And she traveled! Swit- I Zetland, Hawaii, Australia, Toga Toga, and Subic I Bay, to name just a few. Susan really did join the , Navy to see the world! Good luck, Susan, m everything you do! Enjoy I Pensacola, and if ever you should question it. re- 1 member .the Marines are only looking (or a few good men! ASG Byron A. Williams Stud Washington, D.C. Physical Science Supply Corps eyron Williams was never far from home, be- ing from Washington, D C In fact, his moth- ! to see him during Plebe resulted m his being fried for dragging his mother. Even though Byron was somewhat of a mother ' s boy. he excelled m fencing, earning him the mck- " Fencing Stud extordmatr " Byr( somewhat of an animal lover, and he especially seemed to tike bears and bugs, and to this day. Byron sleeps with his two bears Pooh and Booh Byron was probably one of the nicest guys, but he could never say no to girls. This getting bricked twice I don ' t thmk get youngster homecoming. Byron never drank be- fore the Naval Academy, but his roommates had a way with alcohol and had him into a full time partier by first class year He topped this all off Service Selection Night ' 85 with a parade through company 1 his drawers, proclaiming he knew what the girls wanted What a way to start off a career m the Supply Corps Good luck and God bless you! Wade and I will always be there when you need us Love. Scott and Wade Ashley Page Yetman Ash Annandale, Virginia Mechanical Engineering Civil Engineering Corps jt shiey came to us all the way from Annandale 1 - Boy, I sure wish my mom could come to chapel every Sunday during plebe summer A true Navy brat and Dahlgren Hall veteran (leather pants, anyone ' ' ), Ashley was famous before she even ar- rived. Ash quickly found out this place is a lot differ- ent on the inside. From 1 c asking for dates during plebe summer came more ol the same during plebe year (What?! Get lost. Bucko!!) Then there was Army week when it ' snowed ' in our room. Young- ster year came and Ashley went (or a real major - Mech E. Someone had to do it Even with all those labs pro|ects Ashley somehow managed to get to bed by 1 1 00 every night (I don ' t feel like studying, got anything to read. Beth?) By this time Ashley ; also into cheerleadmg and diving She made close Iriends with the board, thus earning her the nickname " Smashtey " Needless to say. Ash de- cided that diving was not her (one so she opted for cheering and gymnastics instead Second class year saw Ashley deciding she ' d stay and get her commission She even flamed for awhile. Since Ash loved pleve summer so much the first time, she decided to do it again First class year Drought a red MG and many tickets (Officer who?), real ma- jor ' s courses (I need gouge!), long distance calls from P-cola, squad mama, admm (Aagh! Paper- work!), and the end m sight. Ash, the CEC is getting a wonderful person and a heck of a roommate There may be a continent between l out of here but I ' ll never forget you Take care of yourself and good luck in all you do EJC 490 Nineteenth Company Twentieth Company J Troy R. Bates Hands Corpus Chrisli. Texas Political Science U.S. Marine Corps A ' " " ' " ' came to the Academy from " ' Corpus Chnsli, many people had high ex- pectations of htm In tact, it appeared as it he was headed tor a high striper rank when he proved his leadership abilities by teaching his classmates and some tirsties how to drill Plebe Summer. These hopes faded when the Ac-year started and Troy ended up being a screen to stop flak from the up- perclass. Life is hard when you ' re a proud Texan and your squad leader makes you tell him about the activities of the " World Champion (? ' ) Philadelphia Eagles " One nickname the Lead Dog picked up was The Master This name probably resulted due to his mastery of members of the opposrte sex. There were times when Troy ' s Liltle Black Book rivaled the Annapolis telephone book Troy was a Don Juan who frequently could be found at GcKJcher College, U ot Maryland or elsewhere charming women Troy claims his antics of old have ceased and that he is settling down This remains to be seen. Who can forget carousing m Nova Scotra. the spectacle of the Hands m action. 2-2 poker games with Jack, Jondra ' s toes, two bncks in one semester. Lizards that smell like fish, driving in Pas- adena, parties at Roy and Rita ' s, dodging trains in Harper ' s Ferry, Allentown, hazing plebes youngster year. Timmy ' s. Charlie ' s and West Virginia? Much can t e said of those times with Chet, Jodie, Shelly. Slim, Snowman, TJ and Oily and the rest of the gang Oh yeah, be sure to watch the road next time you go up to Charlestown. they can be tricky DM0 Jeffrey S. Biggs C.C. Philadelphia. Pennsylvania Physical Science Naval Aviation ett came to the Naval Academy from Phjiadel- " phia, Pennsylvania Upon arrival, most of his classmates believed that Jeft thought that he was entering a summer camp, and that once plebe sum- mer was complete USNA would become a normal college, with all the associated freedoms Jeff quickly learned that this was not the case, and that it was going to be a long plebe year Jeff overcame al! the normal plebe year hard- ships and discovered the many bentfits of being paid to go to school He proved that he could ac- complish many difficult tasks that few of his class- mates (including myself), were not willing to perform. From the Peruvian connection, to SDC the III. to the darn, Jeff showed that he could take anything m stride and slill keep his sanity Jeff spent his first two years here exploring the many majors that USNA offered, but once settled proved he could get the grades needed to succeed here He worked hard 2nd class year and earned a two stripe billet 1st class year Jeff, I missed being your roommate this year and hope that you enjoyed all the color company beni- fits Hopefully our paths will cross again Good luck flying Navy planes and don ' t let your tail drag RVS Arthur G. Castillo Chooch Chula Vista. California Aerospace Engineering Nuclear Power - Surface Chooch travelled to Annapolis via a pearl boat from San Diego Because of his " expertise " in swimming and cargo holds He decided that the Academy would be a great place to earn bucks. " But the pearl vendor said . " Nevertheless, Chooch found plebe year was easy as long as he had a mop and a towel to wipe up the sweat. Histo- ry was no problem: his roommates reenacted the Civil War for him. Youngster year found him with his first real taste of engineering and no weekend liber- ty- There were moments with a very tall C J. that he ' ll never torget " Hey Awtha, how ' bout a deck of cawds? " or the " yawd " at TO P Chooch also learned what Army was all about after copious amounts of L S P He found " true love " in a thin, sandy-haired goddess By second class year he was throughly confused with his twin third cousin Lando. The Scandanavian brothers were a BHRC nightmare Chooch finally had his dream of a 2-man room come true All he had to do was learn all about powerlifting and who Tnxie was. (Heeaah). After hanging out with the boys during plebe detail (combined with stops at the Voo) he moved into first class year with a position on brigade staff; rifle bearer in the color guard Lando and Chooch put the Marines of 8th and " I " to shame with their awesome maneuvers Art also found out what a real redneck was when he went out with Dopper and felt overdressed in jeans and a button-down shirt For a good professional background he was awarded the title of " MSD. " You do good and they replace your liberty with paperwork, Chooch has always been accused by his redneck friend Dopper of " taking our jobs and eating our food " Well, good luck as a surface puke. Art You came to our school on a pearl boat and now you will depart on a larger one Henry A. Castillo, Jr. Lando Stockton. California Marine Engineering Surface Warfare Lando came here to follow in his father ' s toot- steps After responding to every question as " I ' ll find out. Sir " he quickly became subtly obnox- ious He soon indulged his tale in academics, namely giving nicknames to everyone and imitating them, Plebe year saw him as part of the dynamic duo, " The Amazing Castillo Brothers, " Youngster year had Huck taking SnOO over again at the com- pany chalkboards If he wasn ' t listening to all eight Blondie tapes or reading Hi-Fi magazine, he was bugging Jim, Second semester he was in a 4-man room with Airborne, Iguana, and the Baby Second class year was a whole new experience tor HAC. He bought stock in shoelaces, started dipping. played rugby and became a Lando, learned " quar- ters " the hard way, and went landrovingin BB2. If it wasn ' t for Booty he never would have made it. First class year brought a spot on brigade staff, ritle bearer on the land guard, sheets with 3 forms ot numbering. BUNNY, and unsal grades, again, Lando had many famous Naval sayings, amongst them " blasphemy " , " who ' s thaf " , " cool " , and " Rover, arriving " We swear that the only time he smiled was m this picture with the landmobile Huck ' s sevice selection is Surface Line with Marine Corps option, " How ' bout that USMC tie tack " Good luck-we ' ll miss your bright smiling face Dopper and Airborne Twentieth Company 491 Philip W. Cnswell. Jr. Pee Wee Annandale. Virginia Electrical Engineering Nuclear Power - Submarines Pee Wee came lo us Uom Annandale. Va . arriving m a total state ot shock Piebe sum- mer lor Phil was a innng nightmare. He still can ' t remembef how he ma }e ii through the ordeal He will always be remembered tor his love of comput- ers. EE. and Friday personnel formats Every Friday you could always depend on hearing " I hale this piece. I hate this place, i hate thts place " SumfTWf cruises for Phil were always an adven- ture Your gsier year provided Naples and five glorious days m SUNNY Sigor eila Second class summer ihe Mannes at Quantico gave Phil two sou- verws. an inch long piece of shrapneJ m his leg and a Purple Heart to go with ii First class cruise saw a peaceful 65 kr ot tyteeie power his 44 ft satiboat to Bemiuda Many Friday nights your gster year were spent playing SFB with Pj and Mtkey Slim even slopped by for a lew games Firsi class year he graduated io Load Runrter which sen) his computer to Ihe shop twice PN was part of a duo of moosebusiers He and PJ were always finding new ways to kill Bruce the retndeermoose First class year found Phils week- ends occupted with a wonderful young Lady named Dowlir g, Thai ' s bowimg with a D Her letters en- chanted and titillated the members of the Twentieth company Her pink envelopes and big gold letters always provided a constant mystery as to their true meanir gs Phil will always be a good (nend and I wish him luck in his career in Nuclear Subs A special thanks go to Mom and Dad lor all the Love and Support through the years Michael W. Dahlin Mike Thornton, Illinois Oceanography Surface Warfare _y aving nothing belter to do from Jul 81 to ' ' May 85. Mike decided lo become a Naval Officer (of sorts) Everything went fine until 1-day: then he became confused. First he found out thai he had to room with an iguana and a mutant. Then he was told to add an " e " to his last name so it would be pronounced right After a summer ot fun, he met plebe year academics hitting the deck plates running, loo bad he tripped The year was long, but the reward was great youngster cruise on the LM Love Boat Suddenly it was youngster year and the Engineer became the Fish Feeding Major (complete with word search puzzle) Not content with academics. Mike took to other activities in Pasadena. After playing CDC as a youngster, he found a new hobby lumping out of good planes with a shaven head After this fad ended he found a more permanent spor! m fishmg His biggest catch, Amo. got him through the rigors ot 2 c year with the added benefit of learning cryplology Ihe rest ot segundo year was spent either studying or replac- ing the overhead bulbs Alter a REAL cruise, and numerous trips to the pond during detail, Airborne came back as a senior Good limes continued with the Extra Duty Guard as a Master Chiel Then there were the Vous runs wilh Iggy, barn heat bailies with the other guy, and memorable elevator rides in Mi- chelson All m all. Mike seems lo have learned a lot without leiting academics get in the way. We wish him luck and hope that he has many Utile heat pipes in his lifetime. H.A.C. I ' d like to Ihank all who helped me along, espe- cially Mom. Dad. Shen. Ken. Anne Mane, and Jesus Chnsi Max E, De Gorbitz Linna. Peru Systems Engineering Peruvian Navy A if ax came to the Academy from Lima-Peru ' ' ' He had an interesting Plebe Summer with Jeff and Cooksey His favorite answer to rates was. ■ ' eh? " Max was Ihe only mid to gam 26 lbs over Plebe Summer " Pass the ice cream! " Since he didn ' t know enough English to select a political science or history major. Max had lo choose a bag- git major Systems As academic year came around, Max quickly joined the party tram with Ihe rest of the boys. Chip. Slim, TJ. Oilie, Hands, and Mux. and could be found on weekends with them, pulling down the suds at Charlie ' s or putting BT under at Timmy ' s " Who said Peruvians couldn ' t drink? " As time went on. Max became known as the " Gouge Hunter " His brilliance m academics must have been due to his maliculous organization of books on his bed Moving one would have been considered an act of war Max loved American sports Football was his favorite He could always be found trying to start a game or just throwing the ball around in the wardroom Afler his last soccer season, (he played for (our years and was team captain his last season). Max made his Ball Fool- ball debut He averaged 10 yards per carry m his first game, (our secret Max) Max will always be remembered lor going from the quietest to the loudest person m the company We will always re- member his wit and ability to be sarcastic Max was not poor like the rest of us which gave him many chances to share the wealth We ' ll never forget his imported beer tailgaler " Don ' t touch Slim ' s sister ' ' Max, these lour years have been fun ' Your a great Inend and can serve nexi lo me in any Navy May fair winds and and followmg seas be with you! FTP Bertel J. Dejoie Bert New Orleans. Louisiana Economics U.S. Marine Corps Aviation O ert arrived al USNA via NAPS to begin a ' long four years of avoidance. Plebe year found Bert involved m orange fights with his favonte squad leader Warren (Where ' s my rack?) Rice and a midnight visit from Eric (Where s Ihe bathroom?) Doyle 2-3 brought a relief for Bert ' s easy going personality, and with the help of Scott and Jeff, he easily fell mio the cruise mode Youngster year saw Bert change from Scolt and Jeff to Comm Sweat 4th Bait and a change of majors from Aero to easy going Econ (Ha Ha) Second class year saw the beginning of Ben ' s financial woes (Visa and Mas- tercard) His ability to spend money was only sur- passed by his ability to sleep Spring break brought halt the company lo Bert ' s house for Marti Gras with the boys from Ohio cleaning out the fndge and Ihe sailors passing up a mghi at the club ( " Bert, we can ' t go in there " ) Although Ben never drank, the evils of alcohol didn ' t pass him by A special classmate and the wrong circumstances bought him a pass to the ear- ly morning breakfast club. 1 C year was filled wilh friends, 22 hours, cham- pagne-Michigan, and a passionate love affair with his car To one of the Boyz from all the Boyz. Good Luck Tom PS. A special thanks to Mom Dad for all Ihe love and support ■tt " Wi Thomas M, Dop Doppler Worthington. Ohio Physical Science Surface Warfare rom arrived at USNA with a lacrosse stick in hand and a pinch between his cheek and , gums. We may have seen his redneck potential I then, but we didn ' t know it until we saw Tom m I civilian clothes Tom must be considerd one of GO I magazine ' s all-time slaves to fashion Jim ' s bed- i time stones helped Tom make it through Plebe , Summer as an example for us all Plebe year saw ) Tom, Jim. and Kermit, with Tom refereemg the fight lor 1 Tom ' s easygoing manner and lack of sar- ' casm allowed him to make friends easily Air Force weekend and " Pull over, Dad ' " gave us some in- ( sight into " Brap ' s " future at USNA. Youngster year I was a time for C0MSWEAT4THBATT and a ' . Thanksgiving dinner with Dukes and a Wild Turkey. ' 2nd sem. Tom was stuck in a 4-man room with t Chet, Todd, and Jack A lacrosse injury brought about the immaculate conception ot Lando and the Baby. 2nd class year was a time for room wars and the Iguana at OSU " Tom. I ' ve got a job for you, W- control Officer " The Princeton game. " Where ' s Dopper? " . " What are you doin ' in my car? " The duty room and mess night highlighted second se- mester " Tom, get up and help me dean this mess! " The Maryland Lax game staged a lasting but somewhat sappy relationship First class sum- mer saw Tom match up with Dukes agam on the road trips to O.C. " Would you boys like something to drink? " " kool-aid with nutrasweef " Aca- demic year enabled Tom to prove his leadership ability with the problem child The Jams party gave I Tom an opportunity to show-off his break-dancing skills along with his turtle-legs. Service selection was a blow to Navy Air and luck for the Surface Line. Good luck always to the Baby from all the boyz. We ' ll miss you. Bulky Eric D. Doyle Eric Jamestown, Rhode Island Ocean Engineering Naval Aviation Erie arrived 1-Day the ideal midshipman His short blonde hair and sailer ' s tan created the facade he was able to perpetuate for his four years here, deeply burying any indication of his most ' lib- eral ' education at Northlield He sailed through plebe year with a little help from Charlie, stumbling only once, when he created his own sea for Bert Eric quickly found that he learned the most during REM, a pastime that earned him his first varsity letter Eric was one of the boyz from the start His easygoing personality and ability to party served the boyz well When he wasn ' t sailing on the hottest Navy boat, he was defending his honor with Grits, Bruno and Guido, sending Dicky out tor another one, or heading out lor yet another drunk with the boyz 2 C summer had a rocky beginning for Eric After striking Joe Flogger on Delmarva to a tune ot 30K. he went on to the unsafe driving award at the 1st 20th Co invitational Eric got a head sfan in EE during the summer, with hopes of becoming yet another expert m the field, but JT, SD and an aulowinder put a stop to his study Knowing that his destiny was m a flight suit, Eric chose to sacrifice the books to save his eyes and so the origin of the WP 1 C year found Enc m his nghiful place: Skip- per of Vengence. an MIR, proud owner of a Fiat Spider (however brief) an interesting takeout from Burger King after the Jams party, an official mem- ber in John ' s family and proud owner of BB4 (wel- come to the fleet) Enc has been a great tnend to the boyz and we wish him the best in Pensacola We know there ' s an F-14 waiting for you-we |ust hope It ' s not black -Stay always " UNSAFE AT ANY SPEED. " Scott D. Dueker Dukes Atlanta. Georgia Electrical Engineering Naval Flight Officer A Black " N " Winner; 50D-30DR 45T. Stoly, ' and CO Scott arrived the not so perfect mid His plebe summer roommates quickly put things into perspective Plebe year began with inspec- tions. Big Bob, and cold weather Enter JT,, Bert, 2-3 and Scott ' s gradual decline The 2-3 state of mind. Rice-Cas-Yee, and visits by the GOD pushed Scott through plebe year Scott ' s major mistake was joining J T on a I51-tramid and a lasting ca- reer m assorted alcohol Bermuda, Phliegs, and the moans are but a few memories Uncle Noles and Uncle Yukon figured prominently in Scotts daily routine youngster year. Wild Turkey with Dopper, Yukon fixes by Dicky. Bruno and Guito and a lack of competition 2 c summer introduced Scott to photography, a pig-ptckin, the merits of gin, and the discomforts of facial sleeping Road trips be- came the norm and Scott, J T.. and Tom began to travel to such far away places as Princeton, Penn State, Goucher. Frans, and the Truax ' s 2 c year unfortunately signaled the end of an illustrious ca- reer for Scott Cond squad, sloiy salutes, perfect attendance, and an awesome celebration helped to foster a better memory of a rough time Scott fin- ished the year with the coveted unsafe driver award, despite the 9th hole and an interesting talk with the boss l c year found Scott at his best- apalhelic and uninformed A weekend trip to Atlan- tic city provided some valuable driving tips Worden field is much greener thanks to Scott Finally, let ' s not forget CJ ' s. jams, and standing barrels. Luckily Scott found someone to relate to other than the bottle and she was just what the doctor ordered To the Boyz- Tom. Dopper, Mike, Erie, Jim, Bert. Frank and Wags-it ' s been good. David S. Gilmore Dave Canton. Ohio Marine Engineering Nuclear Power - Submarines For Dave. Geekmg Intensely Liberated Many Ostensibly Restrictive Expectations Here is a true Yankee from the football capitol m Ohmo. a man so embued with the Naval Academy ever since childhood that there was really never any other choice for him I never really knew how much Dave loved the Academy and Annapolis until, returning with him to Crabtown for Plebe Detail. I witnessed a simple, explicit, and moving symbol of his affection thrust out his sunroof as we passed the City Limit sign. Youngster year, Dave found himself deep into " youngster syndrome " with Frank and Gilligan Dave ' s grade-getting ability was soon evident. As fellow Group I ' s, we soon developed a condescend- ing tolerance of the other Groups, to which Dave ' s bone-dry humor added moments of hilarity and ac- ademic encouragement It was this year that we also developed skill to evade roving patrols and ace the mile run in SDB ' s Ah. but the serenity of Rickover Hall was not to be second class year as Dave found out first hand what the Rocket was really like Maybe it was that beer you two shared that earned you a C. who knows? As Academic Officer first semester then Compa- ny Sub-Commander, Dave was able to have some say in our company ' s typically well-admimstered aflairs, Academic pressure was alleviated by Breaking Up Silly Thumbs with Large C-Rmgs Dia- metrically Rounded m Kealmg ' s what? . . heat transfer what? class. With the best ot two service selection worlds tucked under his belt, Dave is off to show the Fleet his new proposal for the salute-hands crossed over tfie chest and one leg over the other {made it through that one too!) Good luck with everything, Dave. You ' ll do well in whatever you endeavor MUX Twentieth Connpany 493 Kevin R. Gue Kev Marietta. Georgia Mathematics Nuclear Power - Submarines CD etore i-day - a long hair with an elecinc gui- lar Alter I-day - a short haired marine Oh the Irartslormation was ' t that quick He ' ll sitli pull down hts amp and jam out onto T-court. but 1 0 summef found him on the i iands m cammies.and Mom even t oi ght him a swagger stick So what grabbed Mr Hard Core ($$$) Actually, it was the smohe from a CDR with a pocket full o( cigars.and now we ' re all glad to see that he ' H be m Orlando The real tale is between the two extremities Ptebe year, says Kev, can best be epitomized by " He canne He saw He was average " As a third class, however, he began to get the CODOB By then, he ' d dropped hts pigpush girl and picked up on a Georgia peach 2 C year yielded an even tighter haircut and a vicious bark Of course the Mad Mexican didn ' t enjoy that too much Bui I guess Kev did loosen up a little bit He even crashed a lew parties for good times dust ask the boyz on 2- 3) Then came the tirsi class year. 4-stnpes. nuke power, the 90 second cnsis. sunset on the mall, and a quaint restaurant in G-iown I ' ll say the thanks for Kevm and save him an acceptance speech Thanks Mom, Dad. the gang on the hill, and especially Sugardad You ' re a great triend Kevin • Fair winds and Following seas -MAMA Paul Harris. Jr PJ- Dayton. Ohio Physical Science U.S. Marine Corps - Aviation PJ wasn ' t like the rest ot us Coming from BOOST and the regular navy, he quickly Showed us the ropes in activities such as marathon sleeping, getting into debt very quickly, and jug- gling many women While sleeping wasn ' t P J ' s favorite activity, he was very good at it anyway, and waking him up was about as fun as walking through a graveyard al midnight PJ handled pressure very well; if a bad situation developed, he merely mus- tered his strength and slept right on through the bad limes When not asleep. P J showed us how to handle money like a master magician, he could make it disappear with the blink of an eye The word " debt " look on a new meaning, and Paul ' s watch- words soon were " Better m the red than dead!! " While Jackie Moore is the woman In his hie now, P J s past exploits would amaze the entire compa- ny. Of course, who lorgol the ever present brown Camaro that look as if it had been through a gang- land war Who can (orget such familiar phrases such as " Hey Guys Formation!! " and " That ' s Boo " and the laugh " Heh Heh " Paul Will long be remembered by his classmates and especially his long standing roommates Mike and Phil, as a good person, expert moose killer, and the party animal of Sigonella, Sicrly Thanks to Mom and Dad lor everything and Jackie for being there the last year and a half Mike A. Haumer Mikey Streamwood. Illinois Systems Engineering Nuclear Power - Submarines A Black N winner, 50-d-30dr-45t and Slohch- ' ' naya Mike came to the academy with vi- sions of being the next Admiral Rickover This changed when he met his Plebe summer roommate heeeeee He still wanted to be a nuke, but only if he could party on a sub Second class year he was pra cticing tor this and was rewarded with the con- gressional sweater of honor Second semester taught Mike how to row and what Eric ' s second wing barber shop was Youngster year was a whole new life for Mike on 2-3 He was thinking about Navy Air, but changed his mind when he crashed and burned into the turtles chest hairs He had a falling out with an old love, but made up for Ihis with Friday night shooting matches He practiced his job as BHRC rep on weekends at Goucher and later playing raquetball in 4th wing Second class year brought room wars and a quasi-reconcilialion of his love life Systems took its toll and caused Mike to limit his love lile to leave periods Second semester was the duly room and endless reslnchon musters If It wasn ' t for Drew, The Turtle, and Galaxian who knows how he would have made it After 45 tours Mike bought a Porsche and got himself engaged During first class year Mike had a Close Encounter of the Inbred Kind After the return of the Nerd ' s al our jams parly Mike really started to sweat out his grades and was rewarded with an acceptance to the nuke sub program Second semester he was rewarded with the job of platoon leader for surviv- ing hts close encounter Good luck to Mike and Marilyn from the Boyz and good luck to Wags, Busty, and Ricky Dopper Jeffery W. Hoyle Jeff Cherryville. North Carolina Naval Architecture Engineering Duty Officer ellery Wayne Hoyle came to the banks of the Severn from the booming metropolis of Cher- ryville. North Carolina After graduating at the top ol his high school class, Jetl managed to do the same al " Das Boot " school Rowing crew took up most of his free time plebe and youngster year. Second class year Jeff took his talents to the grid- iron to become a star player on the Brigade Cham- pionship football team Jeff was the coach of the Bait football team his first class year Although his team did not always play like the Cowboys, it was often said that Jeff looked as dapper as Tom Landry Jeff never allowed academics or his Trident Scholar project to interfere with his womanizing ev- ery weekend Tammie, Linda, Sherri, Susan, and Elizabeth to name a lew It is a good thing JeH is going Nuc because he will need the bucks to r tain his lifestyle and his car Jeff could often be seen during the week walking down stnblmg walk with a cup of coffee m his hand on his way to the drawing labs ol Rickover. where he would " do a lew lines " , JeH will probably never forget the week ol restric- tion he spent for doing " nothing at all " Jeff leaves the Academy to do post graduate work after having left his mark academically. Jeff will always be re- membered lor his warm smile and his easy going nature Good luck and take care always FXS IrMComctcj ' David C. Island Dave Trumbull, Connecticut Aerospace Engineering Naval Flight Officer Dave arrived at the boat school ready to take on anything that had a stick and afterburn- ers. Canoe U. had other plans. Plebe year with ' •do we have to sign this?!? " He was the only plebe to be " spooned " by his squad leader lor his excellent table manners Dave soon found that 150 football got nd oJ tedious plebe activities such as comear- ounds and formals He found lite interesting in both lanes jock by day and geek by night. Youngster was a milestone m Dave ' s life: " The year of the barbell. " From then on " bulky " Dave could fmd nothing better than lo calculate cycles and push black rings around Dave, not being of the profes- sional type, entered second class year with the axi- om: out ot sight, out of mind- the company officers mind, of course. And how can we forget LCDR Everett, the nemesis ot the Aero Dept With all the lab reports and computer runs, it ' s a wonder Dave . ' got to see Tracy at all Finally, Dave stumbled into } first class year He spent most ot his illustnous MIR I status reducing his ara triangle- authority, responsi- I bility and accountability- to a nonexistant point. So ' nonexistant m fact, he decided to set up residence j out in town Pretty soon we may see a white picket ' fence, a dog. some kids and Tracy. Well Dave. j we ' re going to miss that unique laugh ot yours and we hope that you do well in Navy Air I Todd J. Landefeld T.J. Hillsborough. California Mechanical Engineering Naval Aviation " 7 " J came to the Naval Academy from sunny Cati- ' forma Upon receipt ot his Presidential ap- pointment lor meritorious civil service, TJ donated his tile to making the Navy better Upon completion of plebe summer, TJ recieved the Navy Achieve- ment Medal for rewriting the Plebe Indoctrination manual TJ graduated with a 4 grade average He was one ol the Supe " s boys tor eight straight se- mesters, while lettering in football, wrestling, lenms. judo, karate, and boxing TJ served as brigade commander for two consecutive semesters There is a place in his heart tor his easiest profs Wild Bill and Rocket Read TJ validated flight school and was appointed lead solo tor the Navy Blue Angels He later re- cieved the Congressional Medal ot Honor for his heroics in saving a fellow Angel who was strapped in a burning plane He was later accepted lo lest pilot school where he participated m a high level security project TJ was then deep selected to com- mand the I6lh mission ot the space shuttle Colum- bia. Admiral Landefeld was then appointed the 5lst Chief of Naval Operations He was later flung into the public ' s eye when he gallantly threw himseli in front ot a barrage ot tire from a would-be assas- sin and saved the President ' s lite TJ acquired only minor injuries. He later became IBM ' s chairman of the board and served in that capacity until he left to manage a private empire where he made famous the quote. " Yesterdays memories are today ' s idle thoughts " SLIM I sincerely thank two very special people whose love and support made the ditlicull times easier. Mom and Dad Thanks To my lovely wife Kristin, I come to you with open ; hoping you ' ll see what your Love t love you Howard E. Mayfield. Jr. Deputy Orange Park. Florida Applied Science Naval Flight Officer P d got off his P-3 and strolled into USNA with his Bluejackets manual in one hand and his How to Win Friends and Influence People in the other Plebe summer didn ' l give the deputy much trouble, having been a Napster with a tiletime sub- scription to Proceedings Being a Navy brat, who knows where he comes from. but. he calls Orange Park. Florida his home Ed was born with a reg haircut and began learn- ing how to hop at age two He ' s the only guy we know who can snap his lingers and be on a P-3 within minutes. It doesn ' t hurl having an airdale pop with a lot of frie nds No one could deny that Ed put the Animal m the term Party Ammai Just ask anyone who saw him after Army-Navy youngster year {He still claims he was not there) When choosing a TAD assignment, Ed was disappointed when he got turned down for head bouncer at the Vous. When Ed wasn ' t diligently studying andVor figur- ing out ways tor his Group It status to be accepted by the Group I world (don ' t worry I ' ll hire you some- day), he was either at Popeyes or doing PMS on the T-Bird { " You can never check your oil too of- ten " - but for a drive to the 5th wing auto Ieller ' !) I ' m sure Ed will excel in whatever he does His aimiability. generosity and all around good-nature have made him one of the most well liked people to ever wear WUBA I ' ll look lorwad to many more hours of B S ' mg and debauchery at C J ' s Whatev- er it IS you are running lor, I ' ll vote tor you. Michael F. Merritt Mike Flagstaff. Arizona Applied Science U.S. Marine Corps " faking a short respite from the Arizona deserts, ' Mike entered Canoe U via Narraganseit Prep with the stated goals of studying Military Science and seeing how it was done elsewhere in the world. Always his lirst choice (I ' ll never go Corps!) Mike seems bound for Infantry and Armor After surviv- ing the harassment ol a paranoid-schizophenic fir- stie (Mr. Potato Head) and the unique experience of certain company drop-outs as roommates, Mike went on to fill the time until graduation performing with the D B. divmg with the Scuba Club, war- gaming, and planning, building, fixing, kicking and cursing the " Landcratt " , that nasty Blue Monster ot many horses, huge tires, and heavenly luel bills Both mild-mannered and bezerk, Mike could be calmly rational one moment, and crawling through the ceilings on a rampage the next This man is delinitely going places! To my good tnends m 20. especially Ike. Horce. Zak. BT, JB. and MaMa, my best wishes for a ful- filled liie and a successful career Give my truck any more grief and your cars are history! To my folks, thanks for that much needed support and guid- ance. To all. Good Luck! " War IS a matter ot vital importance to the State: ihe province of life or death, the road to survival or ruin. II is mandatory that it be thoroughly studied " Sun Tzu Tvi entieth Company 495 Michael T Mize Ike Marietta. Georgia History U.S. Marine Corps - Aviatior kA ike came to $unny AnrvapoJis and from day one wasted no lime leaving hts mark here We ' ll nevef luroel heanng me hails resound with Mike ' sourKJing-otf. ■dnpping Woody bayonets, sir ' " Ar of course, as mus»c ' uns Oeep m the Mize family. Mfke was rvo exception He olten enter- tained us with tr%e familiar I wish all the Lad es M e was aiwa s as constant as a sme wave At least he was consistent in hrs inconsistency First, thefe were the women Lrsa, then Beth, then Jana, then Jana and Beth, and finally. God blessed him with Cheryl (pronounced, " shuri " ) His indecisive- r ess earned on to service selection Mike entered Plebe sumnwf a future P-3 pilot By the end o( Plebe summer he was hard Corps all the way. PRO- TRAMlD afforded Mike the chance to change his service setectton quite stylishly each week: After all. Nuke subs would be tun Along with Second class summer and Cheryl came the infamous ' Cheryl shnne ' complete with stuffed animals and M-60 shells It ' s a good thing UrKte Junior and the clan liked our ' downhome " boy Mike has been a true Inend tn every since ot the word and a very motivateO leader Piebe detail and Me m gerwral would never have been as much tun without him Good luck and God bless- VJZ BTP A special thanks to Mom and Dad and the rest of the Mize family, without your love and support I would not have made it ' And a special thanks to Cheryl, my very special blessing from God!! 1-4-3 -MTM Thomas E. Moore Gus Des Moines. Iowa Physical Science Surface Warfare T " om came lo USNA vi antmg to be a nuclear engineer, but he soon saw the light and be- came a scientist Plebe year was spent divmg, re- stricting, and having long talks with his squad lead- ef- " You did what m T-Courf " 3 c year saw Tom diving and partying with his pal Ed (you two were so much alike ) He displayed his academic excellence by making a 100 on the Nav final 2 c year ■ and then came those road trips When he wasn ' t party- ing with Cory, Tom was on the road with JT and Scott That year had some classics-Penn State, Goucher ( " I was worried until I saw the car was still here), Mess night, Lake Placid, just missing a Black ' N ' (those away meets do it every time), Absolu- le oreo posters, end ol semester leave Unfor- tunately. 2 c year was not all good times in Tom losing a close friend, John Marshall We all miss him, 1 c year had the jams party, CJ ' s, Air Force (and an RX-7), Patton ' s, and Atlantic Cily- ' Thafs a $250 fine m New Jersey, Mister ' ' l c class year also found Tom diving again only this time he was divmg m the Severn and in the middle of November (Did Armed Forces ever pay you lor your nng and watch?) Tom was always known for his classic lines, but his best one has to be " You pick up the bar tab and I ' ll buy the • " " This bio would not be complete without giving a special thanks to the Truax ' s who were all a spon- sor could ever be, and of course lo the boyz for all their fun and support SDD JAT PS. Jill, I could never forget you - thanks for always being there when I needed you, Robert A. Muxlow Mux Hutchinson, Kansas Mechanical Engineering Naval Aviation Mux arrived at USNA with ; one hand and a six-pack of Bud m the other. Hailing from Kansas, he found that his biggest chal- lenge would be adjusting to the salt air after bemg used to " eu du cow chips " ' Fortunately, the transi- tion was smooth due to his love of Maryland and its people, especially Annapolitans Rates posed little problem for Mux plebe sum- mer When the heat was on, a quick Mad Max impression would clear things up As a youngster Mux was either studying endlessly or playing his bass, complete with all the accompanying gyra- tions. Occasionally, he would get to Dahlgren, only to be brutalized by the sharp tongue of Island ' s latest fling who didn ' t approve of his air guitaring He always had the last laugh, though, and his quick wit and Spock-like logic untangled him from tight spots with even the most Amazonian of women. As a segundo. Mux truly developed his audio- phile tendencies, and his antiseptic care tor his sys- tem was unmatched Living with Eddie Munsier tor a semester further developed his patience and un- derstanding of the animal kingdom. After a San Diego summer. Mux determined that being a bubble-head was out of the question After his stmt as first set Batt Ops, he determined that in the future volunteering was completly out of the question Then, with Mech E locked up. Mux would have the technology to build his own laser- guided weapons and enforce the law in his own way after 5 years of playing sailor Yearning eagerly to make a newborn has always been his dream and I ' m sure he will do so in grandiose fashion Mux ' s good nature and self-restraml are unparal- leled (except for christening Ed ' s T-bird) He is des- tined to do well in P-cola and wherever he goes All of us wish him " Best Bunnies! " David M. Oliver Oily Lakeside, Arizona Mathematics Naval Aviation Dave came to us from the Oakland area of the relaxed Bear Flag Republic He mamls his relaxed attitude and breezed through USNA without noticing the pressure and laughed his way through Plebe Summer His squad leader ' s favorite advice was " Give yourself a red mark, Mr Oliver " After Plebe Summer Oily learned to relieve tension with the Boys at such well-known establishments as Charlie ' s and Timmy ' s Oily loved to pour out his heart, soul and guts in these lovely places Oily could also be found with his Texas roommate at R R ' s quaffing Weideman s and Black Label or merrily sloshing his way toward the Happy Buzzard with Slim Then came 3 c yr living with Snowman and Hands The Dynamic Trio once helped the plebes rearrange their rooms and had the opportu- nity to enjoy their privileges for awhile because of their help Next came the era of air trips — Oily hopped his way around the U S to such exotic places as Hawaii, Texas, Scoit AFB, III , and Calif, On one break with his roommate, he spent 4 of his 6 day leave traveling Other trademarks and epi- sodes abound Mutant, spotty green VW bug Cher- ry, the worm (I ' m just not gonna think about it), mac cheese w guava gram, " asleep " o beach m P-cola, Benny Hilt, the Nielsen ratings, Led Zep, Pink Floyd, Brent ' s Blazer, the Fishmarket. the State Attorney General ' s rug. The Raiders, with Chel and Slim at Masqueraders Semper Fidelis! TRB From Dave: Thanks Mom, Dad, Roy, R ' ta, and to all my roommates (Dave. Jim, Rick, Troy and Mike) and to my other good friends al Canoe U You made the stay great God bless you all and keep n touch DMC DSG I B. Todd Park Coach Salt Lake City, Utah Applied Science Surface Warfare y odd came lo us trom Salt Lake Oily, Utah straight trom Ilie Civil Air Patrol where he was commander-in-chief, or at least appeared to be from all the ribbons he used to wear on his B-robe. Plebe year started out wtth a bang as he became proficieni at catching incoming Hack from the SLFK I which was meant tor someone else . . wrong place, wrong time! Youngster year brought him close to FT and Larry and the need to earn a letter sweater. After I deciding Timmy ' s wasn ' t the place to earn his let- ter, he took up towel-throwing and lettered once second-class year and twice first-class year. Seri- ously. Todd did an outstanding job managing the water polo and swimming teams so good in fact that Coach Lawrence actually learned his name by 1 c year! Even more valuable to him than his sweater, sec- ond-class year brought Christ into Todd ' s life By his living testimony and his work with FCA and OCF. he has been an inspiration to many of us. Rrst-class year started with summer school, but [then came . . . THE CARM! We always figured that il the RX-7 had been a female, he would have married il. After all. it is beautiful, even if it is foreign In alt seriousness, we will really miss B T. He has been a true friend and a great roommate. Best of .luck in your naval career Just remember, keep away from the " Nemesis Runs. " ■Thanks Mom and Dad for your love and under- standing in getting me through here Thank you Ace tor introducing me to your good ifriend and mine. Jesus Christ. — BTP F. Todd Polinchock Slim Whitehall, Pennsylvania Political Science Naval Aviation Slim came to the Academy with two goals, to fly for United and to start his own fraternity- He is on his way to achieving both, Plebe Year, Slim made the Power Eating Team by beating his firstie in a burger-ealmg contest. 16 to 9. He elected to take a challenging major. Political Science, where he redefined the phrase 2,0 and go Slim was al- ways the man to come to if you wanted to know the TV schedule for the night We always knew where to find him. He was either at the weightroom with Chip, in the wardroom watching the Love Boat, or in his rack While in his rack. Slim acquired the nickname of the " Sleeping Chamsaw " He could be heard 3 rooms down the hall. Polly was the Tailgater Rep and Company Social Director (i e Partyman Extraordinaire) People had a nasty habit of getting drunk when he was tending bar. Beer, women, flying, and mellow music (?) were tops on his list. Slim was also known as " Mr Roadtrip. " He and his Singer-powered ' Bird had blessed the Burgs (Shippens and Blooms), Lock Haven. W Va , Hood, U of D, and Long Island many a time. Most of Slim ' s exercise came on these trips He loved to dance, especially to funk (Thanks Turk ) Slim also played Defensive End on the Bri- gade Champ Batt Football Team, where he was known as the " Sackman. " He also coached soft- ball for 3 years and started on the Fieldball Dynas- ty. Slim would like to thank Jack Daniels, steddogs, and the Anheiser-Busch Company for making his stay at USNA more bearable MHS A special thanks to Mom, Pop. and Lisa for all of your love, patience, and support Thanks lo you. I wear the ring! Also, I thank Chip. Mikey, Randall, OIlie, TJ. BT. 2ac. Max. and the rest of The Boysm 20 You ' re a rare breed James M. Polo Jim Long Island, New York Ocean Engineering Naval Aviation No one knew who Jim Polo was plebe year as his only quest was to keep up with his roo- mie as the 1 plebe m the Brigade His time was split between hibernating with his books and catch- ing a couple of brews out at 733 N Riverside Luck- ily Eric and Mike hustled him up to 2-3 for younster year where his sanity was saved (but not his 4 0) Here Jim adopted his casual attitude towards hte and showed his true form as one of the boyz. Rum- bles with the boyz upstairs helped his superb room wrasslin ' techniques to help make up for his lack of girth He and his roommates were ambushed only once " Bruno, Guido-come hither! " Nothing could save the Cambodian in the field ol partying. Though he could always keep up with the best, Jim was found passed out on the odd top shelf or washing his face in the wrong basm after a rousing chorus of " Mary Had a Little Lamb " Jim clued in on where the real action was that year and got his initiation into offshore sailing with the fearless wonder on Flirt. Jim liked nothing better than t eing out on the open seas with nothing on but a smite (except may- be being in port with a beer in hand) Jim discov- ered the opposite sex 2nd class year and with the introduction of BBI, left a trait of broken hearts (even one broken a second time up in Little Jerusa- lem) Since then Jim ' s car tells his life story Road trips to the Keys. New Orleans, skiing (Canada ' ' ), and Buttett (oops! No Jim), up the coast In Con- nie ' s wake. North to Goucher. and south to Va 1st class year brought 3 stripes as Honor Commando and the impossible task of keeping crash out of trouble Jim may seem like the Alt-American mid- but the tx)yz know he just never gets caught Any- ways, if Jim were writing this he ' d have one more thing to say. Thanks for everything John Good luck from the boyz, Doc Thanks for 3 good years Crash VJZ. MTM. FTP :V Francis X. Sheehan Shank College Park. Maryland Political Science Intelligence Francis Xavier Sheehan came to the Naval Academy alter one year of hard partying m his hometown of College Park, having delayed his naval career by attending the University of Mary- land. Frank realized quickly that paying for an edu- cation was not the preferred method, and he decided to follow his brother to USNA, irregardless ol all the broken-hearted coeds he left behind Shank, as he is affectionately known, soon had almost as many friends as he had nicknames. Shank was the predominant choice, although his overbearing physical stature earned him the title. M.S. Not content with only two nicknames. Frank perfected his own style of studying to the point where many began to call him by his favorite label, Rack-Man, When not in the clutches of the big blue monster, M S could always be counted on for un- usual and interesting mstghis to the problem at hand, impossible to make angry. Shank ' s warm, good nature coupled with his amazingly quick wit to make him the best-liked person in the company Everyone wanted to be his friend, and he never hesitated to oblige. The Sheehan homestead in College Park tsecame a second home for the Rack- Man ' s classmates, and his Dad spent the family fortune trying to keep the refrigerator stocked wiih Wiedemann ' s To prevent interference with his study hab its. Frank became a political science ma- jor, and French was his best subject (unless you ask the girls he ' s kissed) Yes. Shank has truly left his mark on USNA. just as its blue bedspreads have left their mark on him Twentieth Connpany 497 Michael H, Siewertsen Sasquatch Bethpage. New York Systems Engineering Nuclear Power - Surface kjl ' ke came lo the Academy after a year at ' » ' Syracuse U He still hasni (igured out why At the Academy, Mike lomed an elite group known as the crew leam. he Decame dose Inends with Hunter, John Sma " Bernes, Ha|oezy, Schnorca, John Langford, YaYa, and Sieve As Plebe team capl his crew went to wm Easterns They deemed him John Big Bulte ' it this didn ' t prove that Mike was a masochist, his choice of ma)or (systems) did Here, along with his Bulkmess and Smax, Mike learned how to stay m on weekends This lasted (or 2 years until he caughi " road tnp (ever " As Red- leader in his red Z-28 (with more dials + gadgets than a 747) and hts black driving gloves. Mike took to the titghway, Escort m hand We will always remember Mike tor hrs amazing sense ot lacl " Todd, she ' s ugly? she ' s got a mustache! " and his unique way ot tooling hello to the c " s girilfiend with his nose Mike ' s hobbies in- cluded seetng how badly beaten up he could return a rentacar, dancing, cruising with the T-rool of in 30deg weather, eating chchcheeez cake, Dak, and Gofp {thanks Mom ' }, supptemenitng his wardrobe, running with Dillon, poetry, and we mustn ' t forget drinking Molsen Golden Ale Mike, never forget. KO ' s aparlmenl . . . Margie (wt o the hell o Margie) your welt (a hickie from Margte and a tesiarneni to his expertise) flaming 1 5 1 {your answer lo doing shots) getting lost in a bar in Bloon sburg and walking mlo the same closet 4 ttmes i e cabin and holdogs by Ortbad . Easterns Team Yeti in vt and Bermuda . . . the boys (Sitm. PJ, PeeWee. Chip. Bert. Xavier. Art and Ihe hall yard |GA Navy) daooyee . Mike, these 4 years have gone fast. You ' re one of the finest I hope our paths cross much m the lleet. FTP (slim Joseph 0. Skufca Mama Springfield, Illinois English Nuclear Power - Submarines Joe began his USNA career by validating a mere 35 hours right out ot high school. His affinity lor learning soon found him leaching upper- classmen the liner pomts ol courses he ' d never had Mama possessed the amazing ability to read something and know it completely lorever Since plebe year was to be a gift academically. Mama chose to occupy himself with traditionally wholesome activities as yoga at 0530, rack burn- ing, and cigar pipe smoking Mama even " camped out " one night jusi lo say he did it Youngster year brought on a wave of mental stability with pursuits such as Irog races, and more yoga, this time m the hall where everyone could see him! He also picked up a local while impersonating an ice cream man Mama really blossomed second class year The mghl belore 2 c stnper boards he swore he ' d quti il he got 6 stripes Well he didn ' t quit that is. Mama ' s antics were |ust beginning as this was to be the year of the sleeping light, goddess fixes (we ' re gonna get married), 5-slriper 4-stfiper back mas- sages (bye y ' all), pigeon traps, and perhaps the most intensive campaign agamst the existence of mice ever known to man (Mousebusters!) First class year brought the responsibility? of 5 stripes and a room on 4-1 His room was the model ot professionalism, I jusl hope no one got hurt after he moved out ril save Mama the trouble by saying thanks to Mom, Dad. the Millers, especially Jenmler, Bob, Enn. and anybody else who had to lolerale him while he was here Famous last quotes " ' They can keep us from gelling good grades, but they can ' t keep us from learning ' " " ' Why do Ihey insist on wasting my lime? ' " ■ ' No. Ihe story ts . GET A CLUE! " You ' re my best friend m Annapolis Kevin James D, Syring Iguana Muncie, Indiana Marine Engineering Nuclear Power - Submarines Plebe year for Iggy was easy If classes were loo tough or " Mutant " was getting to him he would escape to big brother Bob ' s room Second semester was the beginning ol the odd couple plus one: Iggy, Airborne, and Lando Where else could you find three roommates with completely different personalities? Youngster year brought a varsity let- ter in lightweight crew, 8 p m hibernaiion, and the re-birih ol " the great white hope " Jim also found that he could fall asleep while he was talking. Sec- ond class year started with the conception of the Iguana Broomstick and " talking in your sleep " helped J D ' s year go lasler After Ohio St and golt carls at Muirfield, Jim decided to go into business for himself by opening the 2nd wing press and bar- bershop First class year was more fun at USNA Jim-Bob spent plebe detail m Alexandria, Va. with MissS and long w e with Ihe girls from Pete ' s The boys moved into the barn and Jim found his only little " " paradise " " in the back corner " No more blas- phemy! " After going through about 5 girllnends in as many weeks, Jim got lo see his good friend Larry He chose crew instead of C C Good luck as a nuke submariner, hope it doesn ' t hamper your love lile The Boyz will miss ' ya T.M.D. M.W.D. 498 Twentieth Company ¥k I y Jeffery A. Thomas JT Pembroke, Virginia History ■» Surface Warfare . A Black " N " Winner, 50D-30DR-46T. Sloly. ' and CC JeH arrived at USNA via NAPS and Ihe Heel and quickly established himsell as the model mid Alter creating his squared away image, he relied on the halo eltect lo carry him through Plebe year had baseball tips from Rambling Bob and search parties at Great Falls Atler Christmas he moved lo 2-3 v»ith Scott. Bert, and his 1 c guardian Warren " Where ' s my rack! " Rice June Week had a close call with a monk, but George saved him Summer Drunktramid brought Bermu- da, Plliegs, Black Seal, and " On by Quarters, oil by 0630 ' Youngster year JT devoted his time to the corruption ol his roommate Pizza runs to Bob Wards- " You didn ' t think I ' d lorget you? " The Clam Motel, Bruno and Gilo - " Wait, someone ' s bleeding! ' Yukon tixes belore Nav tests never helped, bul with the Ultimate gouge, who cared? 2 c summer had luaus and Newport with Ski and Scott, plus a little tun with action photography Ac year - Have Rabbit, will travel So he, Scolt, and Tom did, 10 Princeton, Penn State, Goucher, Any- where Mess Nile brought the Pint Walk through Annapolis, and a classmate brought him, Scott. Mike, and Wags a Class " A " Let ' s not lorget the Christmas Ball, even if he can ' t remember it 1 c year JT had a very special liancee, and all road trips led to Ferrum She is quite a lady to tame him. bul the Jams party proved he was still the JT The drunken rumble didn ' l help his image, but he still pulled It oil A second attempt on the clock failed, bul he always knows where to shoot it Spring Se- mester he kept the tradition ol Middy Burger runs alive and lorever earned the gratitude ol his room- mates stomach To the Boyz- Dopper, Mike, Tom. Ben, Eric, Jim, Frank, Wags. Buste. and the Mexi- can- it ' s been good SDD toll to II «[lceEngn»n ' , ■ ' " " t m rSW ■ Robert J. Walzer H Spud Grangeville. Idaho Aerospace Engineering Nuclear Power - Subnnarines guess all we really have to say is " Ah, Bub! " But we can always go on to talk of cowboy boots, deermeat sausage, and a blue biiddy-bliddy Bub has undergone a big transformation Piebe year would find Bob studying Frank ' s probook with letlovers from Timmy ' s burgers. But then he started rooming with Mama, and it was all downhill from there. But it wasn ' t until youngstar year that we saw the development of ' Walzerhorse ' . (You ' ll have to ask Karen why we call him ' horse ' ) Bub was a little mellower then {at least he wasn ' t chasing strange women around Philly hotels.) It was then that Bub I perfected his filing techniques (Cmdtref 1923, here ' it Is, under A for antiques.) I guess it was sub-cruise I that made him so good, I Second-class year was lay low for Bub-unti!- Ber- ' muda or bust lirstie cruise (How did you get such a i tan working on a CV, anyway?). After that, it was I on to a new woman and tixing up Peewee Well Bub. ifs been fun and I hope you decide to keep ! the baby, " cause you ' ll never be the same without : it. Good luck. j -Mama- Many thanks to everyone, especially Mom and ' Dad lor being so supportive and making this possi- ble. Good luck to all of my classmates whom I have come to respect Special thanks to my ' second family ' You made life bearable for a homesick country boy in the big city Also lo KMK for making my last year enjoyable -RJW- Chet B. Wilson Chip Charles Town, West Virginia Political Science Naval Aviation Chip came lo the Naval Academy from a Cat- tle Farm m West Virginia. During his Plebe Year, Chip established himself as a partying ma- chine. We took bets to see how long it would take him to kill himself. Then. Jodie came mio his life. She changed the odds. To say that he became domesticated would be wrong. He just slowed his pace down a little Chip could always be found with a smile on his face. He was always joking and it made it impossi- ble to stay mad at him Chip lived for lifting weights. shootin ' the bull with Slim, and liberty. Second class year saw the purchase of his 2-28 and an era of roadtrips. He never could make it a whole night at Ship though (Only 2 pitstops on the way home last time) Kevin ' s party proved interest- ing too. " ! forgot to tell you, she ' s 14! " And don ' t forget getting even with the Bayou by throwing your empties at the door with TJ. Chet was an athlete as well Playing fullback for Batt Football. Fieldball and softball gave him the chances to prove this. Never forget the Love Boat on the Shenandoah, " Slim. It ' s Old English-Wake Up! " , Apple Barrel at Haze ' 5. first one to finish the Jack keeps the bottle. " Only a half of a beer-bong, OK Slim? " , a Sassoon shirt. Socks, TJ ' s fan baseball, Tina Turner. Roy ' s party with DA (Where ' s my barbell?), the camper {Slim ' s apartment), and of course, all of " The Boys " of 20! Chet would like to thank his lovely bride-to-be Jodie, whom he loves dearly He would also like lo thank his family, particularly his mom for her en- couragement and patience throughout the years. I would like to thank Chip for being the best of (nends and for making this place fun when I least expected it to be Chip, this beer ' s for you! Slim Vincent J. Zaccardi Zac Yorktown Heights, New York Aerospace Engineering Naval Aviation Zac joined our happy little " Roaring 20 " fam- ily earning high praise from the start like. " there ' s good, bad, and then there ' s Zaccardi " Little things never stopped Vinny He ambitiously rose through the ranks to achieve the prestigious title of COMNAVZACPAC! Unfortunately, the bat- talion officer did not find the assignment of this billet too amusing Vmce did not earn this austere billet merely by getting 2 6 chow packages per week He ale, drank, and slept academics I think permanent brain damage may have resulted from the Saturday all-nighters (yes, really). In tact, one starry night, the words " let ' s do it m meters . . . " were heard emanating from our hero Of course, this form of entertainment came before the advent of music youngster year, at which time he turned to song and dance . . clap anna snap. etc. etc.. ad nauseum , pi-tugh. But. more than the funny peculiar quirks we all have, Zac will best be remembered tor his intense dedication to his academic pursuits despite efforts from above to squander his endeavors with minis- culius tedius bogasilus jobi! He ususally regained his san ity after throwing his arms up and papers down in disbelief and muttering something about " those Maryland drivers " Vmny has been a true friend offering encouragement and help through our tough times. Dependability, loyality. and a warm personality made rooming with Zac a defi- nitely positive experience Zac will be sorely missed as he marches off to Pensacola with his Gector Box filled with cannolli ' s Pasta Fazul, Paesano -BTP MTM " Thanks mom and dad for your help and guidance Lou. thanks (or always being there when it counted After all you alone are on my wavelength Last but not least, thank you God for everything. VJZ Twentieth Company 499 Twenty-First Company Timothy P Callaghan Supercool Roanoke. Virginia Aerospace Engineering Naval Aviation rimolhy Patrick Callaghan came lo us hom Ro- afxAe. Virginta Doe of Rtchs boys . Tim ihougtit thai the swimming coach could keep him safe fo» ai least a utile while, but then he saw how much vw »k those boys really do Tim found that Navy Aif was going to be his goal and topped it of by going