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-;;;;„ . mm .i-— -. ' %. ( ■ e IT jj THE NAVY HYMN Eternal Father, strong to save, Whose arm hath bound the restless wave, Who bidd ' st the mighty ocean deep Its own appointed limits keep; Oh, hear us when we cry to Thee, For those in peril on the sea! » . Tl Tl ■ THE LUCKY BAG 1983 Presented By The Class Of 1983 To THE UNITED STATES NAVAL ACADEMY William C. Stacia, Jr. Editor-in-Chief TABLE OF CONTENTS t OPENING I i CHAIN OF COMMAND HISTORY THE YEAR g SPORTS I EXTRA-CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES I THE BRIGADE K THE CLASS OF ' 83 1 18 I 30 I 96 176 g 302 386 470 ADVERTISEMENTS 776 „ Sign On, Young Man, And Sail With Me. The Stature Of Our Homeland Is No More Than The Measure Of Ourselves. Our Job Is To Keep Her Free. Our Will Is To Keep The Torch of Freedom Burning For All. To This Solemn Purpose We Call On The Young, The Brave And The Strong, And The Free. Heed My Call. Come To The Sea. Come Sail With Me. - John Paul Jones I Opening 5 They That Go Down To The Sea In Ships, And Occupy Their Business In Great Waters; These Men See The Works Of The Lord, And His Wonders In The Deep. - Psalm 107 6 Opening I HP r :i::0 ' %x. ' Ifer ' Opening 7 :v Discipline is willing obedience to attain the greatest good by the greatest number. It means laying aside, for the time being, of ordinary everyday go-as-you-please and do-what-you-like. It rfieans one for all and all for one - teamwork. It means a . machine - not of inert metal, but one of living men - an integrated human machine in which each does his part and contributes his full share. —Fleet Admir al Ernest J. King 7 it m Let every nation know, whether it wishes us well or ill, that we shall pay any price, bear any burden, meet any hardship, support any friend, oppose any foe, to assure the survival and success of liberty. — President John F. Kennedy Opening 1 1 stand Navy Down The Field, Sails Set To The Sky, Well Never Change Our Course So Army You Steer Shy. Roll Up The Score Navy, Anchors Aweigh! Sail Navy Down The Field And Sink The Army, Sink The Army Gray! 12 OfX ' ning Opening 13 ' . 13 ' 1; 4 ■ill- ! . i KT M " Pu 1 ' j ' H r The Colors must never be struck. — Lieutenant W.W. Burrows, Jr. USN While dying aboard his ship USS Enterprise, during the ac- tion in which she took HMS Boxer, 5 September 1813. Opening 15 It Cannot Be Too Often Repeated That In Modern War, And Especially In Modern Naval War, The Chief Factor In Achieving Triumph Is What Has Been Done In The Way Of Thorough Preparation And Training Before The Beginning Of War. - Theodore Roosevelt HOLD THE TRADITIONS mm WHICH YE HAVE BEEN TAUGHT. 2 Thessalonians, 2, 15 S a:jfc.: l K. 1 .. ; vi 1 H . liT ! President Of The United States RONALD W. REAGAN 20 Cham Of Command Secretary Of Defense HONORABLE CASPAR W. WEINBERGER Chain Of Command 21 Secretary Of The Navy HONORABLE JOHN F. LEHMAN 22 Chain Of Command Chief Of Naval Operations ADMIRAL JAMES T. WATKINS Chain Of Command 23 Commandant Of The Marine Corps GENERAL ROBERT H. BARROW 24 Ch.3in Of Command Superintendant VICE ADMIRAL EDWARD C. WALLER III Cham Of Command 25 Commandant Of Midshipmen COMMODORE LEON A. EDNEY 26 Cham Of Command OFFICE OF THE COMMANDANT MAJ Lasher Executive Assistant to the Commandant Cham Of Command ?7 CHAPLAIN STAFF CDR FitzGerald CAPT Witting Senior Ctiaplair 28 Cham Of Command LCDR Poch Administration LCDR Ledvina Legal LCDR Donovan Midn lj Hall Conduct ENS Harris Personnel CDR Neeb Food Serv LT Salcedo Asst FD LT Decker Financial lT Mower Disbursing Serv Adv CAPT Erickson Supply LCDR Herbert Midstore LT Love Uniforms Ctiain Of Command 29 w 111 •ih.- S fe:fyMi., .A ' .■- : WM n ■ r . r - r ■ I fai, k Vrt♦l,w , HISTOR U.S.N.A. HISTORY The United States Naval Academy has undergone many changes since Secretary of the Navy George Ban- croft visited Fort Severn and estab- iished the Academy there on 15 Au- gust 1845. Commander Franldin Bu- chanan, Superintendent U. S. Navai Academy, declared the school open on 10 October 1845 with the admis- sion of two classes: the oldsters, the classes of 1840 and 41 who were so called because of their six years ex- perience in the Fleet, and the young- sters, the class of 1845. Discipline at the Academy was strict. Original regulations stated that during assigned study times be- fore classes midshipmen were not permitted to lounge or promenade around the grounds, but had to study in their rooms. No midshipman was permitted to leave the Yard without prior permission from the Superin- tendent or the Offlcer-in-Charge. Class accountability was very simple: professors were not allowed to ex- cuse students for tardiness or ab- sences, and anyone late or tardy for class was to be reported to the Super- intendent. Books for these manda- tory classes were provided at the mid- shipmen ' s expense, as were bedding and uniforms, when worn. Surpris- ingly, uniforms were not required, no military training was planned and musters, formations, and drill were non-existent. Looking toward Strawberry Hill (Hospital Point) from the top of the " new building " (whert toWsiocaW), i The Yard, 1927 " «Halla: The Yard, 1940 ' s. 1845-1920 It is very easy to see changes in the appearance of the Yard over the years. Notice how the shoreline of Hospital Point has been retained. The addition of Hubbard Hall in 1927 did not affect the shoreline of the creek, as can be seen in a comparison of these pictures. The Hospi- tal was built in 1907. Norman Scott Nata- torium was dedicated on 10 April 1924, Macdonough Hall (originally a boat house) was completed 7 March 1903. The first dance held in Macdonough Hall was on 22 February 1908. when the boat house was converted to a gymnasium. It was a formal card affair and no spectators were allowed to attend this evening clothes required event. Norman Scott Natatorium. Macdonough Hall. Luce Hall, USNA Laundry. Hospital Point. 1940s. History. 33 Unfortunately, in 1848 Professor Lockwood, a graduate of West Point, introduced drill to the Academy at the recommendation of the Academic Board. Even then the midshipmen refused to march in a military manner saying they were sail- ors, not soldiers. ir m m I H I Midshipman at inspection. 1893 .v - Department of Chemistrji ' and Physics. l? bAV it History 35 Sick quarters inebrpejilidshipmen, 1879. Battalion of midshipmen at the U. S. Naval Academy in Newport, Rhode Island, 1863. The Tripoli Monument was re- moved from Washington, D.C. in 1860 and placed in the Yard. This monument commemorates six American officers who were killed in action during the war with Tripoli. Another major event took place in 1860. Lieutenant Christopher R. P. Rodgers. USN, Commandant of the Naval Academy, decided that a sharp destinction should be made between the four classes of midshipmen at the Academy. Since this time first class have always reigned supreme in the Academy ' s midshipmen power struc- ture. On 27 April 1861 the Naval Acade- my was moved to Newport, Rhode Is- land because of the eruption of the Civil War. Maryland took a southern stand and some of its citizens even planned an attack on the Naval Acad- emy, so to avoid the destruction of the Academy which had progressed since 1845, then superintendent George S. Blake, Captain, USN, decid- ed to move the midshipmen aboard the Constitutution to Fort Adams. On 27 April the steamer Baltic transport- ed the officers, instructors, their families, the library and academic aparati. On 13 May Lieutenant Rod- gers convened classes for the newly relocated Academy, which had ar- rived on 9 May. • f : Bancroft Hall and the Naval Academy Chapel were designed by Ernest Flagg. The first wings of the Hall, the third and fourth, were completed in 1905. The Chapel was dedicated in 1908, and an extension was added in 1940. 38 History i I : ' I Luckily for the Academy, which was severely overcrowded in Newport, Congress passed an act permitting the Naval Acade- my to return to Annapolis by Oc- tober 1865. The Academy grounds had been inhabited by the Army, which abused it se- verely. The pictures on the fol- lowing pages show the progress the Administrations have made in developing the grounds into the beautiful historic landmark which it is today. But even though the grounds have progressed and changed, the midshipmen have not. They still drag their girls in the Yard, participate in sports, go to class, and of course, get in trouble with the conduct system. The following pages show an over- view of midshipmen life throughout the Academy ' s exis- tence, as well as the buildings, monuments, bridges and play- ing fields. 1920-1929 Smoking was not always permitted at the Academy. On 2 December 1875 the Superintendent, C R.P. Rodgers. Rear Ad- miral, USN, realized he could not enforce the no smoking regulation so he appoint- ed a board to determine if smoking was as detrimental to midshipmen performance as believed by those in authority. He wrote: The Regulations of the Naval Acade- my prohibit the use of tobacco by the cadets, as a sanitary precaution, and as calculated to lessen their capacity for study. I am having much difficulty in enforcing this regulation, and if it be unnecessary I should be glad to know it. (Special Collection, Nimitz Library) Therefore, we can imagine why these midshipmen are smiling. The Academic Group, Sampson, Maury and Mahan Halls, was completed in 1907. Mahan was originally used as a library and an auditorium, today it is used as an audi- torium only. Maury used to be the home of the " Liberal Arts " classes, but today it is used for Electrical Engineering and Na- val Engineering classes while Sampson is the building which houses the English and History Divisions. Both Dahlgren Hall and Macdon- ough Hall were completed on 7 March 1903. Dahlgren was originally used as an armory, but recent ren- ovations have added the ice rink and the Drydock snack area. Today it is the home of the famous " Disco Dahlgren " informal dances, the Ring Dance, and numerous other social functions. and tactics, 1920. Isherwood Hall, behind the Academic Group, 1935 The Academic Group. Memorial Hall (notice the basketball courts on top of the wardroom). This is Bancroft Hall before the ad- dition of seventh and eighth wings. Notice Smoke Park, the absence of Mitscher Hall, the boat house on the edge of Farragut Field and the condi- tion of Farragut Field. Where Chau- venet and Michelson Halls now stand were water and tennis courts. Observe how close Santee Basin comes to the third wing terrace. The basketball courts above the ward- room are more visible in this picture. The Japanese Bell was added to the Yard ' s ornaments in 1858 when Commodore Matthew Perry ' s wid- ow donated the bell given to Com- modore Perry by the regent of the Ryukyu Islands during his expedition to Japan. he Japanese Bell, 1935. The Yard in the 1930 ' s. apan, 14 August 1945. The Circle, 1945. A midshipman displays his locker, 1940. i History 49 -a- ' A " m§»Z- :.s T ' f " jj-f--y»; - r .-» f ' ii-A ' ' , The 2200 member Brigade of Midshipmen dining irl§ " i I ' lW liti " ?- 54 History : " ' . Midshipmen studying, 1940 ' s. The ritual of burying Math and Skinny used to occur after each class completed their mathematics, chemistry, physics, and electricity courses. The science courses re- ceived the name " skinny " back in 1859 when Professor A.W. Smith, a very skinny man, was appointed Head of the Department of Physics and Chemistry. Throughout many of the Lucky Bags of old are references to skinny and the midshipmen ' s ha- tred of this course or courses. Aerial view of the Yard. 1945 The Burial of Math and Skinny. 1940 ' s. r m» The 1950 ' s saw midshipmen participating in a variety of activities. The Brigade, as a unit, traveled more in those days. Not only was the Army game a mass movement, the Brigade also went to New York City to watch Navy battle Columbia on the gridiron. George Welsh, later Navy Head Coach, was selected All-American quarterback during those years. Liberty was scarce in the 50 ' s. Presidential Inaugural Parades took the Brigade to Washington to march in the grand processions. As soon as the ceremony was over, however, the busses would be loaded and the mids driven back to Annapolis. The Hall was a different environment for the mid but a plebe ' s life was difficult as always. Dreaded garters had to be worn with their socks. Each morning before sunrise, they had to close the firstclass windows to make it comfortable for them when they awoke. Since hazing was permitted, come-arounds were often physical as well as mental exer- cises. All classes followed a general engineering curriculum, but foreign language requirements were fulfilled by one ' s own preference. Hands- on training in naval weaponry consumed a large amount of time, and for first class, aviation indoctrination occurred regularly in seaplanes on the Chespeake Bay. Fortunately, for the firsties. three weekends a semes- ter were granted for recovery from the routine! As each year ended, graduation ceremonies were completed in Dahl- gren Hall. As soon as the caps were tossed in the air. the plebes raced to Herndon and scaled it in their Service Dress Whites . . . and so it began all over again. tVlidshipmen staff paces through another formation 1950-1959 Tennis courts flanked Bancroft Hall in 1957. The courts of competition were later replaced by academically oriented Michelson and Chauvenet Halls. 58 History — • Plebes flash mixed emotions as eyes roam ■out of the boat " Plebe Summer 1957 History 59 1960-1969 The decade of the 60 ' s brought many changes to the Yard. The Brigade expand- ed from twenty-four companies to thirty- six when the seventh and eighth wings were completed. Bancroft Hall was en- tirely renovated. Work on Michelson and Chauvenet Halls was also begun, replac- ing the tennis courts that had flanked Stribling Walk. New YP ' s were bought for seamanship classes, and the battery of naval guns began to disappear from the seawall. The gravity of Vietnam circulated through the halls of Bancroft. Daily, MIA and KIA notices were read at the Anchor in remembrance of those who had re- cently filled the ranks of the Brigade. The fast paced lifestyle did not slow, however, and June Week came and passed for many classes. Plebes began climbing Herndon before Graduation and first class took the first dip in the now filled-in Re- flection Pool. By the end of the decade, the classes were graduating at the Navy- Marine Corps Memorial Stadium. f . V • H j. 1970-1979 The 1970 ' s saw change in the Yard ' s appearance and in the very core of the Brigade. New construction included the erection of both the Nimitz Library and Rickover Hall, which replaced the demolished laundry and power plant. Both Nimitz and Rickover Hall, con- trary to popular belief, did not begin yearly sinkage into the mud of the Sev- ern, but merely settled slightly after completion of construction. Academics took a tremendous step forward when the Majors Program was accredited at the Academy. Stress was put on academics, and the push has been instrumental in Brigade lifestyle ever since. The introduction of women in 1976 also played a key role in Academy tran- sition. Life in the Hall changed tempo as traditional plebe indoctrination methods changed direction. Midship- men activities in Company areas were also refined. This influx combined with the push for superior academic achievement was truly a sign of the Academy ' s modernization. Mid ' s minds grasp knowledge. Mahan served as library in early seventies. Drag sports popular style of the decade while second classman models traditional look k Plebes and new-found acquaintances discover one an- other at an original TEA Fight, iiiiiiiiiiriilimillllll ! iitz Hearing completion, Oct. 71 Firstie selects choice from thousands of volumes. :C " ? M llllllljiimj " IHllllllllliiii,,, flmi ■■■■■■ The final stages are nearly completed- a great memorial to our Navy ' s finest Aug. 72 =s " yA iF History 67 Construction, once again, highlights the initial years of the 1980 ' s. Old Thompson Field, past home of Navy football, was excavated in 1979 to make way for Navy ' s new natatorium, Lejeune Hall. The abandoned engineer- ing complex, Isherwood Hall, was torn down, followed by the demolition of the unsound College Creek bridge. Within the Hall, the environment had changed just a bit since the late seven- ties. A reversal in the seemingly lax standards of the previous years brought tighter regulation to the Bri- gade, but amidst gripes and grumbles, the pace continued. Though the build- ings and grounds in the Yard may change, life in the Brigade just seems to maintain a fairly straight course. With the passing of years, though, this too changes. General Barrow and Vice Admiral Wall 68 History Firstie gathers courage and takes final jump for Navy, Barricaded bridge supports only occasional pedestrians i wammt THROUGH THE YEARS, NOT ALL TRAINING TOOK PLACE WITHIN THE WALLS OF THE YARD, FOR ONLY THE SEA CAN FULLY TEACH ONE. THUS, THE SUMMER CRUISE EVOLVED . . . Though academics and professional instruction at the Academy play a major role in midshipman naval indoctrina- tion, summer cruise has always added that something extra. Without time in the Fleet, all the diagrams, notes, and lectures in class would never really sink in. Since the founding of the Naval Academy, midshipmen have taken to the seas to practice these essentials. During the 19th century, this consisted of months aboard huge sailing ships. Cutlasses and pistols were carried to ward off imaginary boarders, while the cannons were primed and fired. This sailing warfare was the key training component of that era. With the inception of steam power in the Navy, midshipmen began deploying on the large battleships of the early 1900 ' s. At the end of the academic year, large ships like the U.S.S. Missouri would steam up the Bay and anchor off the Academy. Entire classes in white works would board liberty boats proceed out to the ships and report aboard, beginning a sixty day adventure. Though there were watches to stand, and work to be done, the cruises often took them all over the world, making it very worthwhile. Liberty was at its finest, and some mids were able to cross the equator, taking on " shellback " status. As the years passed, cruises changed. Instead of ships coming to Annapolis, classes were flown all over the world to meet their hosts. Additionally, the duration of cruise shortened to its present day 4-6 week length. The shorter time on board, though, was offset by fewer mids per ship. With fewer numbers, the trainees often got greater individual attention. Better training, coupled with a tremendous variety of ship assignment opportunities, made the summer cruise a beneficial and challenging phase of midshipman training. I?J ' ' .y . r,.€ 17 History imamm 1890-1919 Mids make cutlasses and rifles ready for the ■■enemy. " 1890 Midshipmen gun crew fires a broad side. 1889 Trainees " exemplify hard-working nature. 1902 Onloading gear proves to be a major task. Steam sailing ship awaits mid- shipmen. 1911 History 75 Holystoning the wooden weatherdecks smoothes surface. Mids provide the strong . 1920 as U.S.S Kansas moves through Panama Canal locks 1930-1949 Youngsters stand haircut inspec- tion. Note tiow enlisted are antici- pating the results! U.SS. Wisconsin 1942 UliSiI|1 till liiiL.»JJLt. ' - ' - .m; ■ Htg HiJ i- «. i p i Sailor reviews rotors and motors. 1947 ■)3 : M ' ds mark spirit with the help of holystone 1948 Army cadet sights in 40mm with the help of Navy man. 1952 84 History History 85 History 8 " History 89 i History 91 Weapons instruction never ends. Many thanks to Jack Sweetman and his publication " A Place Called the Yard. " U.S. Naval Institute, Nimitz Library Special Collections, Public Works, and the Photo Lab for all their help. i • NORTV Fiiej IS i I 1 w ' N ' K -r- : ■ ■jmm ftR PLEBE SUMMER ' 86 n ItttlO ' Plebes warm-up for AC year. Fresh haircuts adorn ne w arrivals. Plebe battles boxes of new gear H ,l " |f;| Li " V ' J FIrsties face newcomers Plebes learn the basl( Natural marchers display agilit PLEBES ON PARADE }Mi f Manual of Arms. Officer ' s center. xi Color Company Admiral Rickover addresses the Brigade The Forrestal lecture series was designed to expose the midshipmen to leaders in both the civilian and military commu- nities. This year the Brigade was fortunate to have three out- standing speakers, Admiral Rickover, General Barrow, and Mr. H. Ross Perot. While Admiral Rickover and General Barrow were able to speak about their careers and military life, Mr. Perot told of an exciting escape from Iran which he himself organized. All were uniquely different, and yet they all spoke of leadership and the responsibility we, as midshipmen, have as future leaders. Mr. H. Ross Perot tells an exerting tale of an escap-J from Iran FORRESTAL LECTURERS Come-arounds are a great way to start the day 104 The Year THE YARD The Chapel lies amidst changing trees. Homecoming fills the air. m- WA D AIXTHOSt QTMtK ; i ,V. r Beauty lies before the rage of Winter. Flower beds take on a golden cover. IN FALL r JM THE YARD IN FALL ADMINISTRATION CAPT R. Louis Reasonover. USN - Mathematics and Science DIRECTORS 110 The Year DIRECTORS The Year 111 John E Allen, Assistant Professor M S A E , Crandeld Institute of Tecfinology William J Bagana, Assistant Professor Ph , Michigan State Uniuersity: P E Richard W Campbell, Ma or. USf C M S , Naual Postgraduate School Bernard H Carson, Professor Ph , Pennsylvania State University; P E Richard A Everett. Lieutenant Commander, USN I Postgraduate School Andrew A Pouring, Pr D Eng , Yale Univer David F Rogers, Pi ■ Polyt Maido Saarlas, Professor Ph D . University of Cincinnati Vadym V Ulgoff. Associate Prof essor Eng , fi assachusetts Institute of Technology AEROSPACE ENGINEERING CDR David L, Luck. USN, Chairman Reuben E, Alley. Jr.. Professor Ph D . Princeton Unrversity Barry M, Amos. Lieutenant Commander. USNR M S E E , Michigan State University Rodney J Barntiart. Visiting Professor li« S E E . University of Pennsylvania William E Bennett, Associate Professor Ph D . IVIississippi State University Stephen H Burns, Professor Ph D . Harvard University Steven C Carpenter, Captain, USIVIC M S E E , Naval Postgraduate School Robert S Chapman, Lieutenant, USN B.S , U S Naval Academy Gerald L Daniel, Lieutenant Commander, USN B S , North Carolina State University J R Y DeBlois, Lieutenant Commander, Canadian M S , Naval Postgraduate School Thomas L. Dempsey. Captain, USMC MS E S , Naval Postgraduate School Francis J Eberhardt, Professor Ph.D . Catholic University of America Richard A Flanigan, Lieutenant Commander, USN M S A E , Naval Postgraduate School Samuel E Giuoco, Lieutenant Commander, USNR (Associate Professor) Ed D , Oklahoma State University Ph D . University of Massachusetts Susan E Hauser. Assistant Professor Ph D , University of Wyoming Edward A Isajewicz, Jr , Captain, USMC MS E E , Naval Postgraduate School Wesley K Kay, Associate Professor MS E E , University of Kentucky Glenn E Leydort, Professor MS E E,, University of Maryland Tian S Lim, Associate Professor D Sc . George Washington University Glen C Long. Captain USA M S E E , Ohio State University Ph D , Univ sity of Maryland, P E stadt. Associate Professor ins Hopkins University Chan inmg. Raymond Wasta, Associate Professor Ph D Pennsylvania State University Roderick E White, Major, USMC M S E E , Naval Postgraduate School Charles H Wilson, Lieutenant Commander, M S E E , Naval Postgraduate School ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING ACADEMICS Robert A Grange Ph D . University ol Maryland Associate y of Maryland, P E John C Inghs, Captain. USAF M S , Columbia University Paul f Jacobs. Lieutenant Commander. CEC, USN M S., Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, P E Joyce, Associate Professor Sc D . Massachusetts Institute of Technology Eugene L Keating. Associate Professor Ph D . Drexel University Harry H Keilh. Jr . Associate Professor Sc D . Massachusetts Institute of Technology Edward W Kelly, Lieutenant Commander, USN M S M E . Naval Postgraduate School William M Lee, Associate Professor MS M E,, University of Pittsburgh; P E Vincent J. Lopardo. Professor Ph D , Catholic University of America; P E YehPei Lu, Visiting Prolessor Ph D , University of Houston Thomas N McKnight, Jr . Captain. USAF M S A E , Air Force Institute of Technology Myron H Miller, Assistant Professor Ph D . University of Maryland Kenneth F Read. Assistant Professor M.M.E.. Catholic University of America; P E George C. Slusher. Ma)or, USAF MachEngr. Massachusetts Institute ot Technology Russell A Smith, Professor Ph D . Catholic University of America John P Uldnck, Professor Ph D . University ot Florida, P E MECHANICAL ENGINEERING NAVAL SYSTEMS ENGINEERING The Year 115 ACADEMICS Professor Charles F. Olsen, Chairman Gene P. Bender. Lieutenant Commander, USN MS. Air Force Institute of Tectinology William E B eyatte, Lieutenant Commander, USN M S , Naval Postgraduate Sctiool Charles G Brockus, Associate Professor PhD . Michigan State University Leslie R Carter. Lieutenant Commander, USN MS . Naval Postgraduate School Rodger B. Carter, Lieutenant Commander, USN M S Naval Postgraduate School Richard W Dawson, Lieutenant Commander, USN MS, Naval Postgraduate School Robert DeMoyer, Jr , Associate Professor Ph D . Polytechnic Institute of Brooklyn. P E. David R Frieden. Lieutenant Commander, USN B S , U S Naval Academy Maurice A Gauthier, Lieutenant Commander, USN M S , Naval Postgraduate School Richard V Houska, Assistant Professor Ph D , University of Minnesota Kenneth A Knov«les, Jr , Associate Professor Ph D , University of Virginia Joseph S Krajnik, Lieutenant Commander, USN M S , Naval Postgraduate School Richard P Krulis, Commander, USN M S , Naval Postgraduate School Charles J Leidig, Lieutenant, USN B S , U S Naval Academy John H McKim, Lieutenant Commander. USN M S , Troy State University E Eugene Mitchell, Jr , Associate Professor Ph D , Clemson University Allen W Moored, Lieutenant Commander, USN B S , U S Naval Academy Roger L Nesslage, Major, USMC M S , Naval Postgraduate School Anthony Raniszewski, Ma)or, USMC M S , Naval Postgraduate School Olaf N Rask, Associate Professor Ph D , The Johns Hopkins University George E Schall, Lieutenant Commander, USN M S , Michigan State University Gary L Smith, Lieutenant Commander, USN M S , Naval Postgraduate School Jerry W Watts, Assistant Professor Ph D , University of California at Irvine John C Wiles, Lieutenant Colonel, USAF M S , Air Force Institute of Technology MAJ Raniszewski. USMC WEAPONS AND SYSTEMS ENGINEERING 116 The Year ENGLISH Robert Shenk, Co Ph D . University of Kan sley. Associate iistant Professor Ph D , University o( Wyoming ivid A White, Assistant Professor Ph D , Indiana University Assis 1 D , Un f Pennsylvania MA.. Yale University John Wooten. Assistant Professor Ph D . Vanderbilt University ACADEMICS Philip R Marshall, Associ Ph D , University of Pennsylvania Daniel M Masterson. Assistant Professor Ph , Michigan State University Monte Gene Montgomery, Captain. USMC M A , Eastern New Mexico University Brendan P Ryan, Captain. USMC j.Mc. w.dutenani Commander, USNR M A . Calilornia State University Jack Sweetman, Assistant Profess Ph D , Emory University Craig L Symonds, Associate Protessor ,„,,, , ,. . Associate Ph D . The Johns Hopkins Uni Larry V Thompson. Professor Ph D , University of Wisc_ _ Mary M Torbik. Ensign. USNR M A , University of Maryland James W Williams, Lieutenant Commander, USNR (Assistant Professor) i.versity : Commander. USNR HISTORY 18 The Year Postgraduate School Robert S Kilcourse. Assocrate Professor Ed . Florida State University W Charles Myiander I Professor Ph D , Stanford University Anthony F Norcio, Assistant Professor Ph D , Catholic Charles A Perkins, Lieutenant Commander, SC, USN 1 S , Naval Postgraduate School Ralph C Rosacker. Major, USMC 1 B A , University of Texas Frederick A Skove. Assistant Pn M S Rutgers University Randall r. Spoeri, Associa Ph D , Texas A M I Robert E Steed, Assistant Pr C A S E , The Johns Hopkin Hugh J Stephei Commander, USN MBA, Florida Institute of Technology Robert J Young, Lieutenant. USN M S , Naval Postgraduate School COMPUTER SCIENCE ACADEMICS CDR William H. Rivera. USNR. Chairman Graham T Cheek. Assistant Professor . r Ph D . University ol Georgia Lx i Roland R Corey. Jr , Professor r . ■ Ph D . University of California at Davis y Robert J Coughlin. lvla|or, USA 1 M.S.. Tulane University Mark J. Elert, Assistant Professor 4 Ph D . University of California at Berkeley M.S.. Purdue University Frank J. Gomba. Associate Professor A.M.. Montclair State (New Jersey) Ralph D Haddock. Captain, USMC David L Lieutenant Commander, USN MS . University of Washington PhD University f Nebraska Owen L Jones, Associate Professor Francis Von Terse h. Lieutenant, MSC, USNR Ph D . West Virginia University MS. Jniversity o Georgia Tappey H Jones. Assistant Professor Boyd A Waite, Assis ant Professor Ph D . University of North Carolina PhD University f California at Berkeley Taylor B Jones. Assistant Professor Edward D Walton. A ssistant Professor Ph.D , University of Texas at Austin PhD University f Maryland Joseph F King. Captain. USA Ronald Watras. Maior. USAF MS . Yale University Edward Koubek, Professor DA. niversity of Northern Colorado David L Weingartne . Assistant Professor Ph D,. Brown University PhD Michigan S ate Unive sity Fred J, Mallgrave. Lieutenant Commander, USh M.S.. Naval Postgraduate School Sandra B March. Lieutenant (j g ). USNR MS . Pennsylvania State University Samuel P Massie. Professor Ph . Iowa State College Oaryl K Melton. Lieutenant Commander. USN MS. 1 F Price. Assis 1 D , University I Professor V Rollins. Professor Ph D , Georgetown University Charles F Powell. Professor Ph D . Oregon State University Ronald J Scholefield, Lieutenant Commander. USNR MS. IHtnois Institute of Technology Ph D . Brown University Joyce E Shade. Assistant Professor Ph D , University of Louisville Don G Sheets. Professor Ph , University of Michigan William M Smedley. Professor M S . Northwestern University William J Ver ino. Jr . Commander. USNR Ph D . Colorado State University CHEMISTRY 120 The Year Professor Smedley Professor Kaplan James C Abbott, Professor PhD University of Notre Dame Peter P Andre, Associate Professor PhD Yale University Craig K Bailey, Assistant Professor PhD Michigan State University Theodore J Benac, Professor PhD Yale University Ebon E Betz, Professor PhD University of Pennsylvania James Buchanan, Assistant Prote PhD University of Delaware Ralph Steven Butcher, Assistant Pro PhD University of Kansas Gary L Kirk, Lieutenant Commander, USN MS. Maval Postgraduate School Philip C Koch, Associate Professor PhD Larry C Kreiger. Lieutenant. USNR MA, ' ortland State University Rebecca A Lee, Assistant Professor PhD University of California at Riverside BaoT erner. Assistant Professor PhD George Washington University Richard J Linhart, Major, USMC MS, Naval Postgraduate School Freddie L Lynn, Lieutenant Commander. USN M S , Naval Postgraduate School Robert Manicke. Assistant Professor PhO University of Maryland i assell. Assistant Professor PhD City University of New York MS. Maval Postgraduate School Peter A McCoy. Associate Professor PhD University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee Marl D Meyerson. Associate Professor PhD Stanford University Courtney H Moen. Assistant Professor PhD University of Chicago C Ed a rd Moore. Associate Professor PhD University of Maryland Edward J Moulis, Assistant Professor PhD University of Delaware Howard L Penn. Associate Prolessor Cal T Swanson. Lk M S , University of V.rgin.a Bruce E Truog. Lieutenant Commander. USNR M A . College of St Joseph the Provider Tsao, Assistant Professor Ph D . University of Michigan S Tuns PhD . The Johns Hopkins Un C Turner. Associate Professor Ph D . Princeton University Wayne M Wanamaker. Lieutenant. USNR if South Florida Assistant Professor of California at Los Peter J Welcher, Assistant Professor Ph D , Massachusetts Institute of Technology Yancey, Assistant Professor iity of Maryland Karen E. Zak. Assistant Professor Ph.D.. University of Massachusetts MATHEMATICS __— ACADEMICS Rutherford PhD-. Catholic University Carol E Albert. Assistant Professor Ph . University of Chicago Donald W Brill, Professor Ph D , Catholic University of America James R Buckmelter, M3|or. USAF Ph D , Rutgers University Patricia E Burt. Assistant Professor Ph D , Catholic University of America Gerald P Calame. Professor PhD . Harvard University Frank J Camelio, Lieutenant. USNR M Ed.. Tufts University Francis D Correll. Assistant Professor Ph D . The Johns Hopkins University David A DeBruyne, Captain. USMC M S . Air Force Institute of Technology Samuel A Elder. Professor William E Fasnacht. Associate Professor Ph D . The Catholic University of America John J Fontanella. Associate Professor Ph D . Case Institute ol Technology Barry A Gastrock, Captain. USN Ae E . Naval Postgraduate School Billie J Graham. Professor Ph D . Catholic University ol America Graham D Gutsche. Professor Ph D . Catholic University of America Edgar D Hall. Associate Professor MS . Catholic University of America Joseph F Hollywood. Jr . Assistant Professor B A . St John ' s College Thomas J Humanic. Assistant Professor Ph D . University ol Pittsburgh Robert L Jennette. Research Professor Ph D , New York University Richard L Johnston, Professor Ph D . Catholic University of America fvlurray S Korman. Assistant Professor Ensigi USN )kins University late Professor MS E . The Johi Bruce H Morgan. J D . The George Washington University David A Nordling, Associate Professor MS , Catholic University of America Frank P Pursel. Ensign. USN B S . U S Naval Academy Charles W Rector. Professor Ph D , The Johns Hopkins University Carl S Schneider, Professor Ph D . Massachusetts Institute of Technology Leslie R Schwei er, Associate Professor PHYSICS M S . Virginia Polytechni Robert N Shelby, Jon S Tandy. Lieutenant. USN M S.E . Catholic University of America Tankersley. Associate Professor Ph D . Stanford University Donald J Treacy. Pi Ph D , Princeton University [ Professor I Professor Sussex (England) Ben J Cagle. Visiting Professor M S . California Institute of Technology Robert L Clark. Lieutenant. USN Postgraduate School Commander, USN M S . Naval Postgraduate School Douglas W Edsall, Associate Professor Ph D . Columbia University John W Foerste Ph D , University of Connecticut John F Hoflmann, Professor Ph D , The Johns Hopkins University. P E Commander. USN Postgraduate School William D Morris, Lieutenant Commander. USN M S , Naval Postgraduate School USN Postgraduate School Paul F Quinn, Lieutenant Commander, USN M S . Naval Postgraduate School Wayne R Sand. Visiting Research Professor Ph D , University ot Wyoming Warren T Spaeth. Jr . Lieutenant Commander. USN Postgraduate School Jerome Williams. Professor M A . The Johns Hopkins University Fred C Zeile. Lieutenant Commander, USN M S . Naval Postgraduate School OCEANOGRAPHY ACADEMICS Vinfned H Battke, Commander, Feder German Naval Academy Brent, Assistant Professor Ph.D.. Pennsylvania State University Sharon G Dahlgren, Assistant Professor PhD . Columbia University I C Halbig, Associate Professor ' University rnandez. Lieutenant (j.g Mexican Navy Mexican Naval Academy Daniel T Y LLB-. Soochow Univeri! Gladys Rivera-La Scala. Assistant Professor Ph.D., University ot Pennsylvania Edward J Satferthwaite, Associate Professor ' California at Berkeley ' ladimir S. Tolstoy, Assistant Professor M.S.. Georgetown University t Commander. French Navy French Naval Academy LANGUAGE STUDIES r :«iS tOuiP fifStSKED fOfI US ' c Harry W Benter, Captain. USN M S , George Washington University Gerald C Berg. Visiting Instructor M A . University of Maryland William R Bovi man. Associate Professor Ph D.. University of fVIaryland John Eric Fredland. Associate Professor Ph D . University of Michigan Arthur Gibb. Jr , Associate Professor Ph D , University of Michigan Rae Jean Goodman. Associate Professor Ph D . Washington University F Reed Johnson. Associate Professor Ph . SUNY at Stony Brook C Duncan MacRae. Visiting Professor Ph D . Cambridge University Edward P McLyman, Captain. USMC M S , Pepperdine University Clair E Morns, Professor Ph D . University of Wisconsin at Mai Robert L Pirog. Visiting Assistant Prof( Ph D . Columbia University Stephen P Swierczek, Lieutenant, US MBA, Loyola University (Chicago) Thomas A Zak, Assistant Professor Professor Morris ECONOMICS ACADEMICS L POLITICAL SCIENCE 126 The Year CDR Julius B Dell. Jr., USN. Chairman James E Bartlelt. III. Lieutenant Commander JAGC. USN J D . Albany Law Sctiool Union University Alan L Bergstrom. Lieutenant Commander. Ed. Gene J Conm. Lieutenant. USN B S G . Villanova University Walter L Easton. Lieutenant. USN B S . U S Naval Academy Edmond D Eaton. Captain. USMC B S . U S- Naval Academy John C Fowler, Lieutenant. IVISC. USN Pti D . US International University °-- -- ' ■ ■■ MSC. USN 1 D . Tula ison. Associate Pro sity of Tennessee Maior. USMC MSC, USNR Ttiomas H Hutct Dennis A Kelly. I Pti D . Otiio Sti Gregory J Mann. Professor Ed D . University of Maryland Karel Montor. Associate Professor, Pfi D : University of Maryland David H Myers. Lieutenant, JAGC USN J D . Valparaiso University Stephen A OBnen. Lieutenant. USN M A . Central Michigan University Gary D Patton. Lieutenant Commander USN M S . University of Arkansas Kenneth P Pisel. Lieutenant. USN B S . U S Naval Academy Edward M Salemi. Lieutenant Commander USN B S , Towson State College Raymond N Sampson, Lieutenant Commander MSC, USN Ph D Charles Ph D , Rosalind 1 D , Univ Slate Commander, MSC, USN iglon State University e. Lieutenant, USN b-S,, Indiana University Clyde J Villemez, Jr.. Lieutenant Commander. Commander. USN LEADERSHIP AND LAW ACADEMICS CDR Michael E. Moffat, USN, Chairman Chris L Alberg. Lieutenant, USN Academy eutenant Commander, Alan T Baker. Lieutenant, USN B,S , U S Naval Academy James S Bane, III, Lieutenant. USN S-S , U S Naval Academy James L Bardolf-Smith, Lieutenant Commander, RN Britannia Royal Naval College Frederick T Brink, Lieutenant, USN B S , U S Naval Academy Mictiael S Campagna, Lieutenant, USN Craig H Cov»en, Lieutenant, USN B S , US Naval Academy Peter S Craig, Lieutenant, USN B S , U S Naval Academy James R Cranf ord, Lieutenant, USN B S , US Naval Academy Leo D Cullen, Lieutenant, USN B.A , Mansfield State Thomas J Cutler, L USN B.A , Towson State University Jack F Dalrymple, Jr., Lieutenant, USN B A , University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Stephen G Demeranville, Lieutenant, USN B.S., U S Naval Academy Martin A Drake, Lieutenant, USN B.S-, U S Naval Academy William T Driscoll, Lieutenant, USN B.S , U S Naval Academy David L Fischer, Lieutenant, USN B.S,, U S Naval Academy Gregory A Foster, Lieutenant, USN B S , U S Naval Academy Richard F Frank, Lieutenant, USN B S , U S Naval Academy Jeffrey D Garmon, Lieutenant, USN B S , U S Naval Academy Robert B Guild, Lieutenant, USN B S , U S Naval Academy leffrey L Holloway, Lieutenant, USN B S , U S Naval Academy , Hueseman, Lieutenant. USN B S , U S Naval Academy Richard E Johnson, Lieutenant, USN B S , U S Naval Academy Ida, Lieutenant, JMSDF Japan Defense Academy Latonick, Lieutenant, USN B S , U S Naval Academy Dennis M Lunghofer, Lieutenant Commander, USN B S , U S Naval Academy " homas F McElwee. Lieuten; B S , U S Naval Academy imothy M McLaughlin Commander, USN B S , University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Stephen D McWilliams. Lieutenant, USN B.S,. US Naval Academy Altineu P Miguens, Lieutenant Commander, Donald P Mori, USN B S , University of Nebrasksa Allan R Nadolski, Lieutenant. USN B S . U S Naval Academy Robert F Nichols, Jr . Lieutenant, USN B S , U S Naval Academy Remy J Pattyn, Lieutenant, USN B A , Western Michigan University Robert J Prodoehl, Lieutenant, USN B S , US. Naval Academy John A Read, Lieutenant, USN B S , US Naval Academy Francesco Ricci, Commander, IN Italian Naval Academy Dennis J Ringle, Lieutenant, USN M A., Central Michigan University Dee A Rudd, Lieutenant, USN B.S , California State University of Northridge Howard B Sidman, Lieutenant Commander. USN B S , US. Naval Academy Michael S. Skopal, Lieutenant, RAN Royal Australian Naval College Peter W Stromann. Lieutenant, USN B S , US Naval Academy Timothy J Supko, Lieutenant Commander, USN B S , US Naval Academy Reginald Thompson, Lieutenant, USN B S , US Naval Academy David C Wagner, Lieutenant. USN B S , U S Naval Academy John H Walters, Lieutenant, USN B S , U S Naval Academy Douglas E. Wertz. Lieutenant. USN B S . The Citadel Gehrig M Wiles. Lieutenant Commander, USN B S , U S Naval Academy Bert C Wylds , Director of Sailing USCG Master Pilot and Master Sailing USN B S , Brazilian Naval Academy SEAMANSHIP AND NAVIGATION Joseph C DuH. Associate Professor M S . Mankato State College David E Church. Commander. USN B S . West Virginia University B,S , U S Naval Academy Robert H Dyer, Instructor Stephen Buinovszky Deputy Physical Education Officer B S , University of Vermont M S , Riding Master Academy, Hungary James M Gehrdes, Associate Professor Scott R Eckert. Lieutenant. USN Paul T Boudreau e S , Pennsylvania State University B S , U S Naval Academy B A,. Boston College Scheduling Officer John F Fifzpatrick, Instructor Joseph B Diange Heinz W Lenz. Associate Professor B S , Bowling Green State University B S., Pennsylvania State University M S , Columbia University John Havlik. Instructor Kenneth B Dreyfuss Director, Sports Information B A . West Virginia University M Ed , University of Pennsylvania Thomas F Bates Debra K Helle, Lieutenant, USN Steven Dunlap B B A , University of Notre Dame B S , Southern Connecticut State College B,S,. West Virginia University Physical Education Staft John H Higgins, Associate Professor Paul C Evans Edward L Abner, Lieutenant. USN B S , Ohio State University M Ed , St Lawrence University B S . U S Naval Academy Peter M Kormann, Instructor Gerald E Franks Steven J Ahlberg. Lieutenant Commander. B S , Southern Connecticut State College MEd . George Washington University USN Henry J Ku2ma. Lieutenant, USN William J Haushalter B S . Oregon State University B S , U S Naval Academy M Ed , Indiana University of Pennsylvania Michael S Allison. Instructor David R Laton, Instructor Peter F Herrmann B S . Roanoke College M Ed , University of Maryland B,S , State University of New York Lee W Lawrence, Assistant Professor (Geneseo) USN 1 S , Springfield College Damon R Hostetter B S . U S Naval Academy Barbara A Lawson, Assistant Professor B S , U S Naval Academy Robert E Bayliss. Associate Professor M S , University of Illinois Terrance R Lewis Robert L Lawson, Assistant Professor B,S , Southern University Stephen N Belichick, Associate Professor M S , Oregon State University Robert Morrison MA . Western Reserve University Brian L fvlathews. Assistant Professor ME. Bowling Green State University William J Bircher, Instructor B A , Washington College Larry R Ringer M Ed . Louisiana State University Lawrence G tulyers. Assistant Professor B S , Murray State University David A Brown. Assistant Professor Ed D , West Virginia University Nicholas L Saban B S . Slippery Rock State College Robert D Papek, Captain, USrvIC M Ed , Kent State University Albert A Cantello. Associate Professor B S , U S Naval Academy Thomas R Spann MA. Bowie State College Edwin C Peery, Associate Professor M Ed.. Bowling Green State University Alan R Clever. Lieutenant. USN B S , University of Pittsburgh Gary F Tranquill B S . U S Naval Academy William A Savering, Assistant Professor MA,. Wittenburg University Rex W Clothier. Associate Professor M Ed , Pennsylvania State University Michael J Waters M S . University of Washington Cynthia J Schendel, Lieutenant, USNR B S . US Naval Academy Jack M Cloud. Associate Professor M S , Arizona State University Assistant Director of Athletics B S . College of W.lliam and Mary Michael Schoefield, Instructor James W Slanchard. Jr . Captain. USN David E Coggan. Lieutenant, USN B S , University of Pittsburgh (Ret) B S , U S Naval Academy Emerson P Smith, Associate Professor Jan B Dainard, Instructor M Ed , Bowie State College Assistant Director of Athletics for MS , State University of New York Joseph Suriano. Assistant Professor Admissions Coordination Andre R Deladrier, Associate Professor M A , Eastern Michigan University David P. Smalley M A . Columbia University Ehiah A Turner, Lieutenant, USN B.S.. US Naval Academy Donald L Dembrow. Instructor B S . US, Naval Academy 8 S . Southern Connecticut State College Reginald P Wicks, Assistant Professor Department Coach Tranquil PHYSICAL EDUCATION FOOTBALL SEASON D B drums out beat for Brigade Marchover. Friendship warms pre-game formation. 8TH WING PLAYERS The Eighth-Wing Players are composed of the six companies in the sixth Battalion. On Thursday nights before home football games, and occasionally just for the heck of it, one company in the battalion will put on a half hour show. With mids hanging out of windows, and gathered in the parking lot below, the stage is set for the entrance of the Pink Panther. The time away from studying is well spent when one can watch some of the best satire on Academy life there is to be found. I TWO FOR SEVEN NIGHT Two-for-seven night celebrates the night that the second class de- cide to remain at the Academy for two more years and in the Navy for seven more. While this is always a difficult decision, it is a great time to enjoy good food and drink with classmates, and to fantasize about what is in store after graduation. » The Year 135 f I FALL PARADES Halloween is probably one of the nnore eagerly awaited events at USNA. It is a night were everyone goes a little bit crazy. First, is the pumpkin carving contest which all compan- ies can enter. After that comes the dinner at which time the wardroom is at its most colorful. Everyone comes to dinner in costume and it is quite an experience to walk around looking at the costumes. After dinner is over it is back to the company areas where upperclass go trick-or-treating to all the plebe rooms. It is a great time for all that allows a healthy release of creativity and spirit. Best of friends! There ' s always a general or two. HALLOWEEN 138 The Year Mids come from just about everywher FALL PLAY The military and the gentry. Talking to the postman. L THE YARD IN WINTER i The Secretary of the Navy Distin- guished Midshipmen Graduates Program was established to honor those United States Naval Academy and Naval Reserve Officers Training Corps midshipmen who meet the highest standards of leadership, academic, and military performance. The graduates honored include twenty USNA midshipmen and one midshipman from each of the NROTC units. In selecting indi- vidual midshipmen for this program, con- sideration is given to their demonstrated leadership, academic, and military attri- butes. This program provides an opportu- nity for these outstanding midshipmen to meet with the senior leadership of the Navy and be recognized for their superior accomplishments as midshipmen. under Secretary of the Navy Mr. James F. Goodrich addresses the distinguished graduates. DISTINGUISHED 1983 MIDSHIPMEN GRADUATES 144 The Year The Distinguished Midshipmen Graduates at the Awards Banquet. •f i -5 ' irj ' r » t » ' t ' , as i 3 i • 4 f E : r ' = : M ■: s i ' Dinner in Memorial Hall follows a day at the Pentagon. W ■ " kJ»- 1 . ► i The Year 145 CHRISTMAS DINNER 1982 146 The Year SERVICE SELECTION ,ji ' ;»|t. 148 The Year Navy Air. Waiting to choose. Talking with the detailers. 4,- y THE YARD THE YARD IN SPRING The Yard from across the Severn. The center of the Yard. ir i The Year 153 CRABTOWN 154 The Year NAVY LOSS STUNNING! ST. JOHN ' S BATTERS USNA IN DEADLY DUEL DIS Navy ' s faithful fans give support 156 The Year DISCO DAHLGREN SPRING MUSICAL Mids turned actors " A FUNNY THING HAPPENED ON THE WAY TO THE FORUM M The show continues. The Year 159 WMi 84 SPRING PARADES " AND DRILL jr j f Brigade Staff 2L ■1 jj ' V ri_J M. - ' ' » ' ' I • f " Fourth Battalion Brigade Attention Con ning on to Worden Field. j|Q i||:Sp ■ «j . Il V M BiC ' ! fe2MM .. im 1 ] •r ' HUNDRED ' S NIGHT Midn 4 C Oravec? f. _ «Sf Encircling Herndon. Building the second tier. a. ' . m ftr- " (( " .:, Y - Taking the plunge after the Color Parade The Dedication Parade » I fp 166 The Year uy) 7 4 CLASS HISTORY Plebe year brought a great many changes to the lives of most of the people in the class. Few had any military background. Short haircuts and formal inspections were the norm Plebe Summer. Recon Raids became the thing to do. Plebe year saw Navy whip Army at JFK sta- dium for the last time. Final- ly the year came to an end when the cover came off of Herndon. Youngster year doesn ' t have quite the ex- citement of Plebe year. Most youngsters are content to go to class and try to main- tain good grades while hav- ing a good time. CLASS HISTORY Second class year saw more ex- citement come into our lives. We started the year with a party to cele- brate our commitment. Leadership Mess Night was a time to remember, with all the interesting speakers and officials. That year the Army-Navy game was played in bitter cold and a heavily favored Navy team could do little to overcome an inspired Army team and the game wound up in a tie. At the end of the year we all got the coveted Ring which signifies our bond to the Navy and the Academy. First class year brought all the free- doms and responsibilities we all waited for. We got to look at plebe summer from the other side. There was Service Selection Night to make the cold winter days seem shorter. From there it was a coast to gradu- ation. Color Parade marked the end of our drill. One day later we tossed our caps and ended one phase of our careers and started a new one. Leadership Mess Night The Ring Dance SPORTS i NAVY TOPS VIRGINIA, WELSH The first week of the season found Navy going against former head coach George Welsh and the Virginia Cavaliers. The defense proved to be the difference holding Virginia to two field goals when they had the ball inside the ten yard line. In the end navy prevailed 20-16. The next week Navy went up against perennial powerhouse Arkansas. The team put up a good fight, falling 29-17 to the Razorbacks.Navy was led by quarterback Marco Pagnanelli who completed 19 of 30 passes for 274 yards and 2 TD ' s. ..vklY f Napoleon McCallum rushes against Virginia. Pagnanelli taking the snap from center Pagnanelli running around end. 178 Sports ■1 HHHHE BpS " K n jMumtBS Kicking tor three. Lining up tor ttie snap. i Navy Surprises Unbeaten Duke, 27-21 Following the trip to Arkansas, Navy re- turned home to face Boston College. BC quar- terback Doug Flutie led a potent offense that racked up 31 points in a convincing shutout of the Midshipmen. The next week, Navy put to- gether perhaps their finest performance of the season in a 27-21 upset of the Duke Blue Dev- ils. The Mids rode to a 27-0 lead early in the third quarter, largely on the strength of the long right arm of quarterback Marco Pagnanelli and the running of Napoleon McCallum. Pag- nanelli, who completed 1 5 of 1 7 tosses for 171 yards and two touchdowns, set a new Navy record for single game completion percentage. McCallum rushed for a season-high 211 yards on 36 carries, and shared AP National Player of the Week honors with Pagnanelli. ??!bS 180 Sports Navy Wins, Loses, Evens Mark 3-3 Navy lollowinS Springs to Academy early i " t strong in it ' 4 182 Sports Navy went back out on the road the following week, traveling to Colorado Springs to face a bowl-bound Air Force Academy squad. After falling behind early in the game, the Mids came back strong in the second half, tying the game at 21-21. Air Force would not be denied the victory, however; a Falcon field goal with one second remaining made the final tally 24-21, Air Force. The Midshipmen overwhelmed an outmanned William and Mary team at home, 39-3, in their next contest. It was a fine show for fans of the wide open offense designed by new head coach Gary Tranquill, as Navy racked up 559 yards, the best since a school- record 653 yards in 1970. if FOOTBALL IMPRESSIVE IN HOMECOMING VICTORY S T n A crowd of 30,000 showed up for the Homecoming match versus the Citadel. Navy didn ' t disappoint the large crowd as the mids rolled up a 28-3 victory over the Bulldogs. The victory was a costly one, though, with both Marco Pagnanelli and Weiler being lost for the season to injuries and Eric Wallace was lost for four weeks. The next week the Mids travelled to the Meadowlands for the yearly match with Notre Dame. Navy played well but lost to the Irish 27-10. Tackling the quarterback. Napoleon McCallum returns a kickoff. ,»- Mids Run By Syracuse, Fall To Gamecocks The Midshipmen took their 5-4 re- cord back out on the road the next week, traveling to South Carolina. The game saw Navy lose a second starting quarterback to injury; senior Tom Tarquinio fell in the third quar- ter. Though his replacement, sopho- more Ricky Williamson, was able to lead Navy on a long TD drive in the third quarter, the Gamecocks proved to be too much for the Mids to han- dle, winning 17-14. Jj Navy If the amui vice ac3 warm 6 provided coverage fymble 0 ' I I I St srr4f«t kJ Advancing the ball against a tough Cadet defense. Return of the exchange students. 188 Sports NAVY RUNS OVER ARMY, 24-7 Navy met Army in Philadelphia for the annual clash between the ser- vice academies in unseasonably warm weather. The special teams provided an early break as the punt coverage unit came up with an Army fumble of Mark Colby ' s first punt. The Mids got the ball on the 8 yard line and three plays later were ahead 7-0. At halftime Navy led 10-7 as the Cadets proved to be tough to move the ball on. The Navy defense held Army rushers to only 58 yards while McCallum and Clouse com- bined for 1 52 yards. Late in the third quarter Navy scored again as sopho- more quarterback Ricky Williamson hit Cebak for a touchdown. Navy went on to win the game for the third time in the last four years, 24- 7. Napoleon McCallum cuts back to avoid a tackle. The tough Navy defensive line. NAVY UNDEFEATED, 5-0. Navy ' s cross country team registered its third unbeaten dual meet season in the last five years, captured the Lehigh Invitational, and fin- ished third in the Heptagonals Games Associ- ation Championships at Van Cortland Park in New York City. Junior Sean Roskey was the top Navy performer at the Heps with a sixth place standing, followed by another second class- man, Mark Patterson, who finished 11th and senior captain Willie McCool who was 12th. A Navy runner holds a slim lead against St. Joe ' s. ' ' i Senior Mike Kohrs takes the early lead against St. Joseph ' s. The start of the St. Josephs meet. NAVY 7TH IN DISTRICT CHAMPIONSHIPS The Mids finished seventh in the NCAA Dis- trict II Championships, as youngster Dwight Woodruff (37th) and Patterson (38th) led all Navy Finishers. The Mids defeated Army for the ninth straight year in the sport. Blanking the Cadets, 15-50 en route to coach Al Cantel- lo ' s 13th straight winning season A lone Navy runner makes his way through the woods Three Navy run- ners lead the way against St. Jo- seph ' s. 150 ' s Drop Opener, Win Final Four With a 4-1 record, Navy ' s 150- pound football team fell one victory short of the Eastern Lightweight Foot- ball League championship. After los- ing their opener to Cornell, 12-10, the 150 ' s reeeled off four straight victo- ries, including a 27-7 domination of Army. Against Army, senior fullback Chris Butler and sophomore running back Joe Mines combined for 173 yards rushing and four touchdowns. Butler, the Mids ' rushing leader, closed out his career with 298 yards rushing on 39 carries and four touchdowns in a 31-7 romp over Rutgers. His total for the season of 649 yards rushing led the ELFL. Butler and senior middle guard Sean O ' Connor netted All-ELFL first team honors for the third consecutive year, while junior defensive tackle Rob McGarrity was named to that team for the second straight year. Other Mids receiveing All-ELFL hon- ors were Dale Weaver, Steve Fiedler, Jim McGregor, and Vince McAneney. t f I ' I I. ' ' 1 I " . ' n ' ' .1 Butler, Mines Key 27-7 Romp Over Army Sports 197 MIDS POST WINNING SEASON Navy finished 8-6-3 to record its 29th non-losing season in the past 30 years. The Mids en- joyed a six-game unbeaten skein at mid-season which in- cluded capturing the Old Do- minion Harbor Front Classic with a 2-0 victory over then 17th ranked Fairleigh-Dickin- son in that tournament ' s championship tilt. Navy also stopped highly-touted James Madison 2-1 on the Dukes home turf. The unbeaten string was snapped when visiting James Madison, ranked 11th in the nation, shutout the Mids, 1- 0. Getting by a defender from Galludet. On defense in a match against Galludet. nfT, SOCCER SINKS IN OVERTIME Disappointing moments included an early season overtime loss to St. John ' s University on Dewey Field and a 2-1 overtime loss to service academy rival Army in the season finale at West Point. In all, six of Navy ' s 17 contests went into extra periods of play with the Mids managing to win only one of them (a 3-1 home triumph over Swarthmore). Leading scorers for the Mids were junior forward Tab Bruner and freshman wing Mike Donigan, each with five goals and one assist for 11 points. Losing the ball to an oponent Clearing the ball upfield. Clearing the ball past a defender. fm Sports 201 ■ —■1— " itp VOLLEYBALL 2ND IN STATE TOURNAMENT 202 Sports Set up to return the serve. Punching the ball over the block. iW WOMEN ' S VOLLEYBALL (24-15-1) Navy recorded its best finish since the 1978 season and finished second in the Maryland State Tournament, losing to champion Western Maryland in the championship match, 4-15, 13-15. The highlight of the season occurred when sophomore Caroline Gauike served eight decisive points in the fifth and final set to spark the Mids to a thrilling 15-17, 15-11, 10-15, 15-10, 15-3 come-from-behind triumph over Army before a frenzied crowd of 1,000 Navy supporters. That victory, the Mids ' first ever over the Cadets in the sport, ignit- ed the momentum which carried Navy on a six-game winning streak at the season ' s end which was finally halted in the State Championship game. Over- all, the Midshipmen won 1 1 of their last 14 outings and never lost more than two. matches consecutively during the season. Senior captain Cheryl Dolyniuk turned in another superb campaign and was named to the first Women ' s Volleyball College Division Academic All-America first team by the College Sports Information Directors of Amer- ica. Sports 203 WATERPOLO 3RD AT EASTERNS Shooting from In close « In its first season with varsity sta- tus since 1950 Waterpolo was quite impressive, compiling a 19-4 mark. The team finished third in the NCAA Eastern Regionals defeating Buck- nell 14-13 in the consolation match after a 10-4 loss to Brown in the semi-finals. The team also finished the year ranked fifteenth in the coaches poll. Included in the season were winning streaks of eight and nine games. The team was led by first classman Craig Malloy with 53 goals and 23 assists. Other star per- formers were firstie Andy Griffith, second classman Bob Mohle, and senior goalie Dan Valaik. BASKETBALL BOUNDS TO 9-4 RECORD Navy basketball started out the season on a positive note jumping to a 5-1 record, the only loss coming at the hands of nationally ranked Iowa. The Mids proved to be a tough opponent of the Hawkeyes as they remained close throughout the game, falling 76-65. Next Navy suffered two tough losses in the Krystal Clas- sic. The Mids rebounded from those defeats to post wins in their next four games including a one point victory over Yale and two point wins over Lafayette (in overtime) and Richmond. Junior Rob Romaine shoots from the side of the lane. Coach Evans discusses strategy during a time-out. Sports 2 07 BROOKS, ROMAINE PACE NAVY Senior Dave Brooks and Junior Rob Ro- maine combined to provide Navy with a powerful scoring threat and backcourt. Brooks set a Navy record by playing in 105 games for his career and finished third on the all-time scoring list with 1389 career points. As a team Navy scored the most points in its history (2072) and had the best points per game average (71.4) since the 1959-60 squad. Going to the boards. Sports 209 •A : ' BASKETBALL STUFFS ARMY 4 There were several other bright spots for the midshipman including freshman forward Vernon Butler, Second classman Cliff Maurer, and senior Jim Kuzma. Butler re- corded 296 rebounds, the most ever by a plebe, which ranked him in the top 25 in the country. Despite being slowed by a knee in- jury for most of the season the 6 foot 11 inch Maurer had a conference leading 68 blocked shots, another all-time record for Navy. Kuzma was one of only two firsties on the squad but his consistency and leader- ship set a good example for everyone. Led by these performances Navy was able to beat Army in front of a capacity crowd in Halsey Field House. Cliff Maurer at the Line. Gary Price shoots over a straining Cadet. Rob Romaine comes in for a lay-up. m " . . ♦ r- ' 3d Trying to come up with the loose ball Passing to the top of the key. -I ' - Tt. Navy bench ■ ■ ! u ' f " ! Senior captain Dave Brooks directs traffic The Navy bencfi. 7.4 Gymnasts Post Best Mark Since 1960-61 4 Navy gymnasts enjoyed their best record since 1960-61, posting a mark of 11-1 under first year coach Peter Kormann. In addition to posting the highest score ever by a Navy gymnas- tics team, 264.5 against Springfield and Low ell, eleven wins was the most ever by a Mid team. Navy placed second at the Eastern Intercollegiate Gymnastics League meet and was second in EIGL compe- tition, the best since another second- place finish in 1973. Senior Peter DiTullio was the team ' s standout performer. A consis- tent leader in all-around all season, DiTullio finished second at the EIGL meet in all-around, and finished sec- ond, sixth, and sixth at Easterns in the parallel bars, vaulting, and still rings, respectively. Other top performers included sophomore Ralph DiVito, a fourth place finisher on the pommel horse, sophomore Jeff Hamman and senior Dave Sneddon. ( -l ) I i i Team Sets Navy Meet Record, Finishes Second In EIGL FOUR GYMNASTS PLACE AT EASTERNS GYMNASTICS CJ i-i — first year under coach Peter Kormann. Mids had most wins ever in histo- ry of this sport at the Naval Academy and best record since going unbeaten in 1960-61 (7-0). Team posted highest score ever by a Mid gym- nastics team, 264.45 against Springfield and Low- ell. In Eastern Intercollegiate Gymnastics League meet, Navy placed second in meet and was sec- ond in EIGL league competition, its highest finish since also finishing second in 1973. Senior Peter DiTullio was a consistent leader in all-around dur- ing the year and finished second in the EIGL meet in all-around with a 54.6. DiTullio at the Easterns also placed 6th in floor exercise, 6th on still rings, 6th in vaulting and 2nd on parallel bars. Freshman Paul Sneddon was tied with teammate Jeff Ham- man, a sophomore, for 6th on the pommel horse and Sneddon was 5th on the parallel bars. Sopho- more Ralph DiVito was fourth on pommel horse. 4 Z. L wm A 6 J. Sports Roundup. I BASKETBALL BOUNDS TO BEST RECORD i " -x H IKf y S4 WOMEN ' S BASKETBALL (18-9) For second year in a row team finished with 18 wins, the most ever in this sport at Navy. Team started out slowly and was 2-4 at start of season. Later on it put together an eight game win streak, which matched the highest ever in the sport, and continued on in this stretch by winning 12 of 13 games. It won 13 of its last 15 games, and was selected for an EAIAW Regional in which it split, losing to Siena (69-59) and defeated Lock Haven State (72-67). Senior Angela Smith was top scorer for the year with a 12.1 average and topped in rebounding too with a 10.6 mark. Smith set two school rebounding records — most rebounds in a career, 776 and most rebounds in a season, 286 in 1982-83. Senior Nancy Schiavetta, the second leading scorer for the year with an 11.6 average, ended up fourth in career scoring with 847 points while Smith is fifth in career scoring with 828 points. Smith was named to the All-Tournament team at the Indiana of Pennsylvania Tournament and Schiavetta was on the all-tournament team for the EAIAW Regional. Junior guard Becky Lewis moved into second place in career assists with 225 now. including 137 in 1982-83. i Cagers Cap Season With Win Over Army rmy ¥ 1 i SQUASH Returning with a backhand. Reaching low for the forehand. 226 Sports 9 ! -oking a forehand. I(|eparing to return the serve Squash finished the regular season in seventh place in the nine man team standings. The team then went on to place ninth in the National Inter- collegiates. The brightest spot for the team was the play of third classman Tim Tinney, who re- ceived second team All-America honors with an 8- 8 mark at number one. Navy was an underdog as it went up against Army but the team surprised the cadets with a 6-3 victory, the seventh straight year that Navy has won that match and the 13th time in the last 14 meetings. i Five Seniors Lead Team To Best Finish Since 1968-69 228 Sports M mSk Sports 229 WRESTLING FINISHES WITHOUT A FALL Navy recorded its first ur beaten season, 18-0-2, since the 1968-69 ' ' ' ° ' l ' . ' . mids fell short in their attempt to defend the EIWA title, finishing second behind Lehigh ? ' f ,. 1° ... ufone of the greatest eras in Navy wrestling history as five seniors who had been solid contributors for four years concluded thir careers. The squad was led by John Reich at 167, Mark Phillips at 177 and Geo f « ! f Heavyweight Reich won his third EIWA title in four years. He departs the Academy with an 86-7-1 mark, an Academy record, including a record 53 pins and a 22-1 mark this season. I Sports 231 NAVY PLACES EIGHT IN EIWA ' S, TWO IN NCAA ' S Firstie Frank Shaffer was a one- time EIWA champion at Navy while finishing with the second most career victories with a 78- 10-4 mark. George Fears finished third with a 71-15-2 mark while Phillips was fourth in career victo- ries (58-17-1). Mike Rodgers fin- ished sixth on the all-time victory list with a 54-13-3 mark. Navy paced in eight weight classes at the EIWA Championships with John Reich and Mark Phillips tak- ing first place in their weight classes. Two Navy grapplers in the NCAA tournament, John Reich taking second place at 167 pounds and George Fears placing seventh in the unlimited weight class, earned All-American status. 5— «-| U ' i 4 Manuevering for the advantage. Trying to manuever for the pin. i TRACK LEAPS TO VICTORY Navy track finished with a 5-1 dual meet record as well as placing third in the Hepta- gonal Games and ninth in the IC4A Indoor Meet. The brightest spot for the team was the high jump where three members cleared 7-0.. Leo Williams won the high jump at the Heptagonals for the fourth straight year and placed second at the NCAA Indoor Track Championships with a personal and School record jump of 7 ' -6 " . Junior Joe Konicki joined Leo in the seven foot club with a jump of 7-01 4 at the Heps. Freshman Dan Wil- liams set a freshman record with a leap of 7- 2 3 4. Other bright spots were a second by Dallas Roper in the 1500 at the Heps and a third by senior Mike Kohrs in the 3000 with an Academy record time of 8:07.0. 234 Sports TRACK SPRINTS TO WINNING RECORD In only its second year as a varsity sport Women ' s Indoor Track posted a winning re- cord of 6-3 in dual meet competition. Top performers for the squad were Stefani Green in the 800 and 1000 yards and Sue Honan in the 400 meter dash. Green, a sophomore, holds the school record in the 600 meters and the 800 meters. Laura Hink- ley, a senior, came through with a couple of school records in the distance events starting one of the distance races Rounding the last turn Crossing the finish line. Swimming the backstroke. A close race in the breastroke ;ap»,v 9 I -4 wm SWIMMING 6TH AT EASTERNS Navy swimming finished with a 9-4 re- cord and finished sixth in the Eastern Sea- boards which were held in Lejuene Hall. It was the highest Navy finish since a fifth place in 1977. Five mids were named to the 1983 All-ECAC team for their placing at Easterns. They were Murphy, Kough, Smith, Etkins, and senior Andy Griffith. The team has some bright spots for the future in two plebe divers, Bill McCormick and Art Conley as well as plebe breas- troker Larry Kough. Sports 239 f T - T T. i WOMEN ' S SWIMMING HAS 6 ALL AMERICANS WOMEN ' S SWIMMING (4-6)—S x Navy competitors achieved All- America status by their placings in the NCAA Division II Women ' s cham- pionships, Navy ' s first year in that event after competing in the AIAW m the past. Sophomore Laurie Musiek was 7th in the 100-yard butterfly and was an All-American for the sec- ond straight year; Senior Cheryl Do- lyniuk was 10th in the 100-yard IM and was an All-America for the fourth straight year; Junior Laurie Grammer was 9th in the 50-yard freestyle and was an All-American for the second time (she missed as a sophomore); freshman Bonnie Wal- ter was 10th in the three meter div- ing and 12th in the one meter diving and made All-American; sophomore Dace Judy was 10th in the one me- ter dive and All-American for the second straight year; freshman Anne Groves was 8th in the 50-yard backstroke and also an All-Ameri- can. Navy finished 23rd in the team standings at the NCAA Division II championshi ps Sports 243 FENCING FOILED AT EASTERNS Navy fencing finished under the .500 mark with a 3-5 record, with one match snowed out. The team placed eighth in the IFA (Easterns) with senior Eric Reuter finishing seventh in the individual sabre. Reuter had a regular season record of 18-6 in sabre while sopho- more Tom George was 15-7 in foil and junior Mike Pease was 10-11 in epee. All three were selected to compete in the NCAA Division I Championships. Warding off the opponent. Lunging for the point 244 Sports y On the offensive. Dueling it out. FENCING POSTS WINNING MARK With no returning ietterman wom- en ' s fencing was still able to post a winning season with a 6-5 record. Sophomore Nancy Heckman set a school record with 32 wins against only 9 defeats. Other top marks were 25-18 by Joanne Schmitz and 30-14 by Liz Young. The tools of the trade Sports 247 Rifle Grabs Sixth At NCAA Meet Ledbysw Navy finishe ' Led by senior Jim Hudson, a second team Ail-American selection in air rifle, Navy finished sixth in the .22-calibre competition at the NCAA champion- ships. Hudson ' s selection to an All- America team made him the first shooter in Naval Academy history to receive this recognition four straight years. Sports 249 Pistol Takes Aim, Wins Two Titles After two early setbacks, the Navy pistol team bounced back to win six straight and post a final mark of 6-2. At the National Collegiate Pistol cham- pionships, the Mids took two national titles, winning in both the free pistol competition and the standard course of fire. The Navy victory in free pistol was the third straight for a Navy team, and the team ' s score of 2095 set a new national collegiate record. Three midshipman shooters were named to the 1983 National Collegiate Pistol All-America team. Junior Jim Wil- helm, the first-place finisher at the Na- tional Intercollegiates in the air pistol competition, garnered All-America honors in both air and free pistol for the second straight year. Senior Mike Boehle was named All-America in both the free pistol and standard pistol cate- gories for the third straight year, and junior Paul Menninger was selected for All-America recognition for the second time. i LAX MISSES NCAA ' S Navy Lacrosse had a rough go of it in 1983 finishing with a 5-6 record and out of the NCAA tournament for the first time in its thirteen year history. It was a grow- ing year under first year head coach Bry- an Matthews. Navy started the year off slow but the team jelled towards mid sea- son and pulled off a couple of surprises. Controlling the ball against Air Force. On Defense against Air Force. 252 Sports Trying to win the face-off. Defending the goal against the Falcons. LACROSSE CHECKS ARMY I Shooting from in close. Trying to get by the defense Coming in with a 3-4 mark the Midship- men were impressive in defeating the tournament bound cadets 10-9 in front of a cold but noisy crowd at Navy-Marine Corps Stadium. The win gave the team confidence they seemed to be lacking earlier in the season as well as kept alive the prospects for a bid to the post-season tournament. Sports 255 LAX NIPS MARYLAND IMPROVES TO 5-4 Coming out of the locker room Tough defense against the Terrapins. a-r ■fir rr V ;• " ' ---w iaiwi i ' g v- w ? LAX FALLS TO VIRGINIA, HOPKINS Larry McAllister plays tough defense. Team meeting during a break in the action. • 1 I J fntjwcoac i«r. S! ' ' v r HHHP Mp 8fj SAILING ON RIGHT TACK Patriot captain Evan Edwards. I This spring the Midshipmen claimed an unprecedented seventh straight national collegiate sailing championship. In obtain- ing the Leonard M. Fowie Trophy, an award presented annually to the school displaying the best combined perfor- mance in the five Intercollegiate Yacht Association of North America champion- ships, Navy was second in the ICYRA Sin- glehanded Championships; first in the Sloop Championships; first in the Wom- en ' s Championships; third in the Dinghy Championships; and fifth in the Team Racing Championships. Four team mem- bers were All-America first team select- ees — second classmen Robbie Brown and Hal Gilreaph, and youngsters Brian Ledbetter and Rick Merriman. Senior Pam Corwin was an honorable mention Ail-American. Practicing on the Severn. 264 Sports T r I yit i %% Manuevering in a crowd Trying to maintain the lead - -•■S Sports 267 268 Sports CREW SECOND IN IRA ' S Straining for victory. Varsity four with coxswain. Sports 273 i WOMEN ' S CREW STROKES TO 10 AND 1 MARK Under first year coach LCDR Walt Donovan women ' s crew posted a 10-1 record. The biggest win of the season was at the President ' s Cup Regatta in Poughkeepsie, NY when the team de- feated Coast Guard, Skidmore, Rhode Island, St. John ' s Lowell and New York Maritime. In the Dad Vail Regatta, the varsity eight made it to the finals but was disqualified when it drifted from its lane and interfered with another boat. I- 274 Sports 4, - 1 n i ir m WOMEN ' S CREW (10-1) Superb year under first year coach LCDR Walt Donovan. Team ' s big win was in the Women ' s Varsity Race at the President ' s Cup Regatta in Poughkeepsie, NY when it defeated Coast Guard, Skidmore, Rhode Island, St. John ' s Lowell and New York Mari- time. At the Dad Vail Regatta, the varsity eight qualified for the finals with a win in a semi- final heat but was disqualified in the Grand Finals race when it strayed out of its lane and interfered with another boat. Sports 277 i BASEBALL WINS MOST GAMES EVER Baseball had the most wins ever by a Navy team with 31. However, the team finished sec- ond in the EIBL after a 10-1 loss to Harvard in a make-up game of a 3-3 tie earlier in the season. Navy won the EIBL in 1982 and has been first or second five of the last six years. Center- fielder Andy Loferski was a third team All- America choice and was named to the NCAA All East Regional All-Star team. Loferski led the team in hitting (.430), RBI ' s (48), doubles (11), triples (5), home runs (7), stolen bases (20 of 21), hits (71). and runs scored (47). The team will lose much of its strength up the middle with the graduation of catcher Bob Baldocchi, pitcher Craig Gibson, second baseman Tony Rodgers, as well as Loferski. Bright spots for the future are outfielder Andy Ponsiego, pitch- ers Craig Michael, Drew Tanner, John Eustace, Scott Vogel, and Scott Wild. Pitching in a close game. Sll. % Sports 279 i I I i • I ■ 1 ¥ • ' Sports 281 The view from behind the plate. A Turning over the double play. I d . ,1 i FUTURE LOOKS GOOD FOR TENNIS A smashing backhand. 284 Sports " r Reaching for the backhand. A forehand lob. Sports 285 TENNIS ACES ARMY FOR FOURTEENTH YEAR IN A ROW stepping to the backhand Serving for the ace. TENNIS SERVES UP 14-6 MARK Navy was victorious over Army for the fourteenth consecutive year as the Mids edged the Cadets 5-4 at West Point. Coach Bobby Bayliss ' s unit started impres- sively w inning eight of its first nine matches before suffering three straight EITL losses (Harvard, Brown, Yale). Although Navy finished the season with three Eastern League triumphs (Columbia, Army, Cornell) in a row, the Mids could only manage a sub-par 4-5 EITL showing. The squad ' s top two singles players second classman Bayly Taff (8-11) and senior John Dace (8- 10) lacked consistency. Other singles ' records includ- ed first classman Bill Mountford (12-8 at number three), third classmen Mike Dashiell (15-5 at number four) and Franz Wagner (14-6 at number six), and plebe David Jones (15-4) at number five. The Mids ' usual dominance of doubles play was not as apparent with Wagner and firstie Mark Alevizos (12-6) the team ' s top combination. Senior John Dace 288 Sports ' % »«. «5W? . -- . In py : vf A Stroking a backhand. Returning a serve during match play. Navy defeated Army for the fourteenth year in a row, this time by a 5-4 margin. Top records for the 1983 season were Freshman David Jones 15-4 at number five: sopho- more Mike Dashiell, 15-5 at no. 4; sophomore Franz Wag- ner, 14-6 at number six; firstie Bill Mountford, 12-8 at number three; Bayly Taff 8-11 at number two; GOLF DRIVES TO 3-0 MARK IN SHORTENED SEASON Golf finished the season with a 3-0 record after rain wiped out nearly the entire dual-triangular sea- son. The team defeated Army for the second straight year. The match was tied for the five-man teams after 18 holes and after the first sudden death hole. A sixth man was used and Navy ' s Brian Bickford recorded a par to Army ' s bogey for the victory. The team qualified for The NCAA ' s for the first time since 1967 when it placed second. Indivi- duals selected for the NCAA ' s were junior Scott Spooner, senior David Kelley, junior Chip Lindsay, and junior Eric Meyer. Hitting an iron on the fairway. TRACK UNDEFEATED IN DUAL MEETS Men ' s track posted a 4-0 mark in dual meet competi- tion including a 103-60 victory over Army. The big names for Navy were Leo Williams in the high jump and Perry Pucetti in the javelin. Williams won the high jump in the Penn Relays for the first time with a meet record jump of 7-5. He also won his fourth straight Heptagon- als title with a jump of 7-3. Pucetti set a school record in the javelin with a toss of 262 feet, 9 inches. He won the Heps with a throw of 243 and the IC4A ' s with a throw 254-3. Leo Williams clears the bar Sports 293 Passing the baton in a relay race. 294 Sports BRIGADE BOXING Getting in close to work the body Clinching up. « Looking for an opening. A right to the head 298 Sports . -• ' ♦ BRIGADE BOXING Sports 299 Sports 301 -» mm ICE HOCKEY w yc3 y ;y« g : ' wxx y y .y ' ' w Ky ' 02 tfwl ' 1 ■ • tl tt ■ : « ' I It A moment of quiet before the fury. The Navy Hockey team finished the 1982-83 season with a 16-3-2 record, despite facing their toughest schedule ever. With almost every game against an NCAA Division II or Division III opponent, tremendous effort and dedication were needed for the club to complete its finest season in its thirteen year history. The year was highlighted by two fan- tastic weekends of hockey against new rivals Hawthorne College and Trinity College. Navy also brought the Crabpot Tournament trophy home where it belongs by soundly defeating defending champion Penn State. This year ' s team was led by a group of five talented and closely knit seniors: Team Captain Jim Gul- liano. Assistant Captain Dennis Carr, Dave Phaeuf, Mark Dowd, and Matt Stapleton. Along with a solid core of juniors and sophomores. Navy ' s six freshmen were more than able to offset the loss of departing gradu- ates. The result was a versatile and talented team. Superior physical conditioning and an aggressive, offensive style of play continued to be Navy Hockey ' s trademark; moreover, big improve- ments in defensive play proved that the team has developed a classy game that hockey fans love. - i t t2 A m 1 ' " ' 1 ■ f jd {!i K H- M £3 vh. s r w w w w w s-mym A Front row: Rich Nowak, Andy Laing, Mark Dowd, Dennis Carr, Capt. Scott Moore, Coach Steve Gordon, Capt. Chris laquinto, Jim Guiliano, Matt Stapleton, Dave Phaneuf, Greg Brown, trainer Pat Dunn. Back Row: Mgr. Pat Jarusewski, Maurice Fairley, Steve Powers, Dan LaChance, Andy Cyr, Jim Donnelly, Steve Bowen, Dan White, Peter Bishop, Steve Debonis, Doug Conkey, Bill Deroche, Mike McGill, Dave Benson John Riley Dan Holzrichter, Joe Zamboni. Captain Jim Guiliano, Assistant Captain DennI Carr. " P te ! ycxxycycxxy cy :x cx xy«y yf rik y { The Rugby Club posted one of its most impressive records in club history this fall. Navy entered the Potomac Rugby Union ' s fall tourn ament with an undefeat- ed division record. The team reached the semi-finals of the Eastern Collegiate Championship tournament in April of 1982, with the hopes of returning to that same tournament is in 1983. Guided by the coaching of LCDR Kehoe (officer Representative), Capt. Fox and Capt. " Vince Lombardi " Wolfe, Navy amassed 219 points against their oppo- nents in the first seven fall matches. Na- vy ' s opponents managed to score 43 points in those seven contests. RUGBY MAGAZINE cited Navy Rugby as " one of the teams to watch in 1983. " Time proved this prediction as Navy finished first in the 1983 Eastern Collegiate Cham- pionship and moved on to a third place national finish. With this type of perfor- mance and dedication, Navy continues to be a viable and explosive rugby power- house sure to capture a National Cham- pionship in the near future. y, , y xxxK x y xxKyycy .0 m m r p ' w : w w y y « KARATE JUD ,VM The USNA Karate Club is one of the few ECAs that meets six days a week here at the Academy. All members begin at the white belt level and progress as time and skill per- mits through the gold, green, blue, purple, brown, and hopefully black belt levels. Their training consists of Kata, or pre-set form to improve coordination and technique, self- defense against both empty-handed and weaponed opponents, applied Judo and free-fighting against one and or several op- ponents. A majority of this training is con- ducted by midshipmen instructors. The club also has two fifth-degree black belts who serve as instructors at least once per week. Aside from that type of training, the club competes in Intercollegiate and invitational tournaments year round. Even with all of this activity, members still have to partici- pate in a sports program, thus participation in the club requires a huge committment. Karate team watches In suspense ■ip I JUDO i POWERLIFTING xv AX ?? " : ' : . In its five years of existence, the Powerlifting Club has grown from being a small organization to becoming a Na- tional Collegiate competitor. The club consists of an unlimited number of members who are interested in lifting; however, through selection twenty-two of these members qualify to complete and represent the Naval Academy at powerlifting meets. This year the club competed at the Virginia and Maryland state Champion- ships. Also members competed at the National Collegiate Championships. The club has been a top ten national team for the last two years, and proved to be a national contender in 1983. VOLLEYBALL The United States Naval Academy Volleyball Club boast- ed one of its best seasons ever, climaxed by an exciting victory over Army at West Point. Guid- ed by the leadership and set- ting of Captain Ward Stevens, the volleyball team achieved a collegiate record of 49-5 and an overall record of 102-36. They finished the season as both state and regional cham- pions. Ward had the solid sup- port of outside hitters Ned Dennin, John Gelinne, and Ross Holcomb. Combined with strong outside hitting was the powerful middle hitting and blocking of Ray Biers, Kent Mann, and Kyle Watson. Under the experienced direction of coach Harvey Bryant, a former member of the USA Men ' s Na- tional Team, the men ' s volley- ball team achieved one of its most successful seasons ever. The team looks forward to an equally impressive season next year. Upcoming talent looks promising and only one start- ing letterman will be graduat- ing. ito ; K xx XXXXKX , -N m K « P SCUBA CLUB S0SS The USNA Scuba Club promotes scu- ba diving witlnin the Brigade of Midship- men. Diving is a recreation that gradu- ates can enjoy throughout their lives; furthermore, because of the many na- val ports abroad, they can actively pur- sue diving in some of the best waters of the world. The club ' s primary goal is to teach Basic Scuba and to give each member an opportunity for an Openwater quali- fication. Successful completion of the course earns a scuba certification sanctioned by the Professional Associ- ation of Diving Instructors. In addition, the club also serves the qualified diver. Divers are welcomed on any dive, may borrow club owned scu- ba gear, obtain free air, and purchase equipment at discount prices through the club store in Bancroft Hall. The club also offers advanced courses to allow midshipmen to improve their div- ing skills and eventually qualify as an instructor. Each semester the Basic Scuba course qualifies approximately one hundred eighty mids. During spring break, the club also organizes the big- gest dive of the year. The warm waters of Key Largo, Florida, offer novice divers a chance to qualify in the ulti- mate conditions. Experienced divers take advantage of reduced dive costs. Beautiful reefs, beautiful girls, and a fun filled week are more than anyone could ask for! P " " P ' ' ' SOFTBALL |W September brings the start of an- other academic year, another parade season, an another football season. It also means that the fall season for the Women ' s Softball Club has gotten un- derway. This season the team was coached by CDR Rivera and LT Meyers. Midshipman second class Christine Phifer, however, was respon- sible for most of the administrative and organizational duties. She was also at the core of the team ' s spirit. Although the fall season was quite short, it was an excellent time for all the players to get to know one another and to try their skills at several different posi- tions. Learning to play as a team was the main objective as the season openned with a five game tournament. Even though the fall record did not re- flect a winning season, the team con- tinually improved with each game. In fact, the Navy Wo men ' s Softball Team lost their last game to Mary Washing- ton by a score of only three to two. At the present time, the team is quite small, but everyone is confident that the spring season will generate greater interest. Both CDR Rivera and LT Meyers see a great potential on the team, which they hope to develop in the Winter and Spring. Consequently, this Spring season the Club can expect harder practices, work with the batting machine, and a lot of " checks " in the win column. y y y ' yg y Ky y y K ftv ' CROSS COUNTRY This year ' s Women ' s Cross Country team completed its season undefeated. They were victorious over all five opponents scheduled. The opponents ranged from divi- sion I to III teams. The team also finished second at the Essex Invitational and placed fourth among the region ' s toughest varsity squads at the West Virginia Invitational. Team Captain Laura Hinkley was Navy ' s top finisher in 4 of 5 meets. Following close at her heels was third class Stefani Green, who together with Laura, broke the Navy course record. Second class Virginia Forehand and Gin- ger Bressler were strong performers all sesaon, who along with third class Kathleen O ' Neil and Nancy Honan contributed to the team ' s winning streak with consistent efforts at all of the meets. Opponent Score Essex Invitational Second Towson Ctate University 15-50 William and Mary 23-36 Mary Washington 18-41 West Virginia Invitational Fourth Radford University 20-42 Johns Hopkins University 15-50 Record: 5-0 ■ J WOMEN ' S TENNIS Service aces, passing shots, lobs, and heated rallies are all part of Women ' s Tennis, one of the newer clubs here at the Academy. Al- though they are participating in a newly organized sport, the team members compete with the enthusi- asm and skill of a team with greater experience. It was these qualities that helped lead them to an unde- feated first season. It also led the team to a fourth place finish in the Catholic-Trinity Invitational Tourna- ment. With such skill, pride and com- petitive spirit. Women ' s Tennis is sure to be one of the many sports earring on the Navy winning tradi- tion in future seasons. BICYCLE TEAM SJi v ggg ' ' g K K PKy y Just who are those helmeted speedsters decked out in blue and gold suits one finds sprinting around Farragut each afternoon? They are Team Navy - a 10 member team comprised of men and women training for the world ' s second most popular sport - bi- cycle racing. Locally, the public has recently been ex- posed to the rigors of the bicycle race; the annual Baltimore Pro Race as well as the recent Tour of the Americas have brought cycling to new light. There are three types of races in which Team Navy participates: the Criterium, the road race and the time trial. Criteriums involve multiple high speed laps on a closed circut whereas road races in- volve a route over varied terrain on the open road. The time trial differs from both as it is a race against the clock; a single rider starts on a designated 10 or 25 mile course and rides as fast as possible. The speeds in a bicycle race can approach and exceed 40 miles per hour in a sprint but usually are maintained at about 30 to 35 in a good race. Team Navy ' s season consists of United Cycling Federation Races in both the spring and fall where licensed riders compete for prises. During the winter months, training involves weights, the bicycle ergometer as well as indoor roller riding which develops endurance, strength and bike handling abili- ty. Spring is Team Navy ' s intercollegiate season and team members train 30 to 40 miles daily in order to participate in Eastern Collegiate Cycling Federation races. In inter- collegiate competition Navy meets teams such as Princeton, Rutgers, Cornell, the Un- versity of Virginia, Penn State and Army - usually placing in the top 5 in overall team competition. Team Navy is always glad to accept new members interested in joining the sport - so come out and ride with us. Muscles strain to push onward. HIGH POWER RIFLE . . yKKXXyp KKXXXX XXX y S J ■ ■ : :. ' ( The US Naval Academy High Power Rifle Team is the only ser- vice academy NROTC High Power Team in existence. The team trains In the Spring and members help coach second and first class midshipmen as they shoot the M14 service rifle in the SECNAV rifle matches. During the summer the team competes against active and re- serve military teams and civilian teams in the Interservlce Match- es. Quantico, Virginia, before shooting at the National High Power Championships held in Camp Perry, Ohio. The High Power Rifle Team has produced competant shoot- ers who compete against the best military and civilian shoot- ers In the country Front Andy Fuller, Alan Mangllcmot, Mike Rennle. GMGC Mac Farland. CPO, USN Back: Jeff Weis, Russ Vranlcar, Eldon Bingham. M, Fordham Mjr. USA , i SKEET AND TRAP TEAMS Skeet Team, Captain Mark Hagerott Competition, excitement, fun; that is what the USNA Skeet and Trap team is all about. Though necessarily a small group, ap- proximately 14 members, the team has cast a big shadow. In its short history, the club has com- peted in a multitude of local shoots, eastern regionals, and at one time, nationals. Beyond the function of representing Navy, the Trap and Skeet team provide members of the brigade the op- portunity to shoot and smash clay, sharpen the eye. and perfect the trigger finger. The next time you are on the Severn or golfing at the Naval Station, listen care- fully, the echo of gunfire that fills the air will most likely be either one of the teams taking aim for another shot at Army. Trap Team. Captain Craig McDonald »r SEMPER FIDELIS W i Wffi-w ? p m mv(v- :xwy y The Semper Fi society exists to give midshipmen an insight into the activities of the Marine Corps. Particular emphasis is given to prepare future young officers so that they can face the responsibilities and challenges of the Marine Corps. The primary emphasis of the club is to introduce midhsipmen to the ready fellowship of Marine Officers and the unique camaraderie that it breeds. Some of the club ' s activities for this year included rappelling in the field house, rappelling out of CH-53 ' s. live M-60 ma- chine gun fires and a trip to 8th and I to watch the sunset parade. We also had numerous lectures on all aspects of the Marine air and ground team. IS ORIi AIRBORNE TRAINING UNIT [ClU DEATH FROM ABOVE GERONIMO! - the famous battlecry of the Air- borne Training Unit paratroopers. This elite group of midshipmen takes pride in their favorite activ- ity, military parachuting. The Unit conducts train- ing in various military parachuting endeavors, in- cluding qualifying parachute riggers. When a mid- shipman paratrooper exits an aircraft and puts his knees in the breeze, he is assured he ' ll be looking under the " prettiest sky he ever savi . " The Airborne Training Unit conducts Airborne op- erations on a monthy basis out of several types of military aircraft. The Airborne Training Unit sponsored a par- achuting and repelling day followed by a picnic. It showed some " gung ho " flicks such as A Bridge Too Far. In March, the Unit ran a Pre-Airborne Training week in order to give some dirty, scruffy legs (future master blasters), a feel for what their three weeks of jump school will be like. In addition to sending approximately one hundred midship- men to jump school, the Airborne Training Unit distributed billets to other Army specialty schools; such as Jumpmaster, Rigger, HALO, Air Assault, and Ranger Training. The Unit has also trained its members in rubber boating, reconnais- sance, repelling, grenade throwing, and the use of bayonets. The Airborne Training Unit definitely improved its members ' abilities to " Land Softly and Kill Quietly! " SPORT PARACHUTE The USNA Sport Parachute Club continues to be one of the Academy ' s most exciting and popu- lar EGAs. It offers members the chance to partici- pate in a internationally recognized sport, as well as pick up a valuable military skill. Many members hope to use their experience later in the special warfare, USMC, or aviation related fields. The club ' s main goals are saftey promotion and, of course, good times for all. In addition to bringing new jumpers into the sport, the club also fields a competition team composed of the most exper- ienced members. This team represents Navy in the skies at the Tri-service Academy Parachute Meet, the West Point Invitational Parachute Meet and the National Collegiate Parachute Champion- ships. The team has previously thrilled crowds at local festivals and sporting events as well. Wheth- er turning student jumpers into " Sky Gods " or just relieving the pains of midshipmen adrenalin addicts, the club continues to offer fun, excite- ment, and real comraderie to its members. It seeks the opportunity to answer the age old ques- tion, " Why do you jump out of perfectly good airplanes? " ■i¥ ORIENTEERING SPORTSMAN ' S CLUBS jod upitr n hill?. er is not an easy task. I utaoors, and a couple ot strong legs inee of this snort drove the small, 24 memCi DlJpw lBgiaul ait l iany local event as ll ayjifCiJ)kPres %4s ' e hips, the U.S. Intercollegiate Championships, and, for » firstlme, the U.S.I ationai Qiaropjonshlps. Led by Pat lers ofth%£lub at i el i PwBinampiQnshJps, the club faired well in both team ..... s. With many ubm H| rs ' « ™ng Tor the 1983-84 season, the Orient ring lub appears to gaining in popularity and in experigp«e. ' , . . - " •»•- " - f« 9» • f a one foot 3. a love of. cAv,iiement and » er during 1982- nia State Champion- ..Tiaropionships. Led by Pat --II - -f !J-- ■M- .mi m. BAND, PUBLIC RELATIONS COMMITTEE Who are those characters in funny hats? There, the ones with all the musical instruments. You ' ll see them at pep ral- lies, football games, and most of the bas- ketball and lacrosse games too. This crowd is the Pep Band, and they are found at many of Navy ' s home sporting contests, sometimes two in one day; a cross-country meet followed by a football game is a typical Saturday for many a Pep Band member. Members of the band travel to most of Navy ' s away football games, and an occasional weekend bas- ketball game to stir up spirit and provide time-out entertainment. The Pep Band is open to all classes, and the name of the game is fun and excite- ment. Although no great musical talent is required of any member, the band puts together a good sound. The repertoire in- cludes many popular songs of recent years, along with the full range of Navy fight songs. Working with the cheer- leaders and Mr. Pep, the Pep Band is an important facet of the Brigade spirit orga- nization. N-A-V-Y Gooooooo NAVY- FIGHT! The Public Relations Committee is an EGA that supports the brigade. It assists the Naval Academy Athletic Association and the Public Affairs Officer in promoting and publicizing activities at the Naval Academy. During the football season, the club operates the press box at home games, taking statistics and spotting for radio and TV. The club provides similiar services at some other Navy sporting events and travels to some away games. PRC also provides announcers for football marchons, basketball and lacrosse games. CANNONEERS . %. . %. . .% No Navy football game is complete without the pres- ence of the Navy Cannon- eers. From atop the hill the thunder roars from the 1863 Dahlgreen howitzer, signify- ing another Navy score. Each member of the Can- noneers expediates the task of loading the cannon, while anticipating another score. The Cannoneers are com- posed of two midshipmen from each class who are se- lected for their ability to handle the brass monster (and to stomach box lunches.) BRIGADE ACTIVITIES COMMITTEE Spirit! That is what the Brigade Activities Commit- tee (B.A.C.) is ail about. Anything and everything which has to do with support of the Naval Academy athletic teams and other related activities in the name of spirit comes through the B.A.C. and its members. The committee is made up of representa- tives of the spirit groups at the Academy: Cheerleaders Ig Hokaj (03) Pep Band Harry Dorman (29) Mr. Pep Jim Coles (29) WUBA gang Mark Carlson (10) Juice Gang Graham Rossano (22) WRNV John Lovering (05) The B.A.C. is headed up by the Seond Regimental Sub commander, Kevin McCarthy (25). This year ' s major activities included Pep rallies, Army week (with better than ever T-shirts and hats), Football pre-game activities, and secret " missions " to the Pentagon to roust up more spirit for Navy against Air Force and Army. B.A.C- fHf spirit headquarters for the U.S. Naval Academy. Mid applys finishing touches. Team departs on a wave of spirit ip EE ► ' ' V ' V ' Mr. Pep leads a cheer. NAVY SPIRIT 2, Part of the success of Navy ' s ath letic teams can be attributed to fai support, and the Navy cheerleaders Mr. Pep, and the WUBA GANG help boost that spirit at sporting contests and pep rallies. The cheerleaders practice hard in order to put on a classy performance at games throughout the year. Mr. Pep ' s an- tics at Navy football games inspire and amuse the crowd, and thus help to raise the vocal support that often makes an impact on crucial plays. The pre-football game skits by the WUBA GANG provide a sarcastic look at life at the Naval Academy and also a slightly distorted version of the true athletic contests about to take place on the field. Overall, the spirit rousers are a guiding force behind the all-essential crowd sup- port at Navy sporting events. Pep rallies are a focal point for Navys spirit 4 ii 1 Mixing with squads from other schools, such as Boston College, is a standard halftime event for the Navy cheerleaders DRUM AND BUGLE CORPS The United States Naval Academy Drum and Bugle Corps serves two major functions: support of the brigade of Midshipmen and support of the United States Naval Academy as a public relations emissary. The Drum and Bugle Corps also provides any services as directed by the Superintendent of the Naval Academy or by the Commandant of Midshipmen. In support of the Brigade, the Drum and Bugle Corps provides music for formations, march-overs, and parades. In support of the U. S. Naval Acade- my, the Drum and Bugle Corps performs throughout the nation in concerts, field shows, and parades, helping to increase good will between the general public and the U. S, Naval Academy. This year, the Drum and Bugle Corps provided halftime entertainment for seven of Navy ' s football games, performing a show written and directed by the Midshipman staff. The Corps also played exhibition field shows in Richmond, Virginia and Arnold, Maryland. The annual competition between The Air Force Academy Drum and Bugle Corps and The Naval Academy Drum and Bugle Corps was held in Colorado this year. For seven days during Christmas break, the Corps made a west coast appearance playing two concerts a day m California high schools. In the spring, the Corps participated in the Serenade in Brass, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania; the Dixie Stinger, Baltimore. Maryland; and the Apple Blossom Festival. Winchester. Virginia . " e A x xxxy xxyxyxy«xxK gg» g« « gggg« « « vxx c;y KKyc yeo xy xy pi,XyOCKXKKKKWrS ; ► i ' K . ' v v ? MASQUERADERS ___ In true bureaucratic fashion! As sturdy a seat as they ' ll ever find. ff THE GOVERNMENT INSPECTOR 7? x;x;x ,;,, KKXKKx;W. . l s y w w m w w wy MEN ' S GLEE CLUB " Ladies and Gentlemen, may I present to you the United States Naval Academy Glee Club. " With these words countless Americans have enjoyed the thrilling concerts performed by the Mens ' Glee Club. Excellence of performance demonstrated by these midshipmen under the leadership of John Barry Talley, reflects the high standards ex- pected at the Naval Academy. The Glee Club is by far the most visible of all organizations at the Academy In the past, the club has performed on many nationally televised program ' s such as NBC ' s Today Show, President Reagan ' s Inaugural Gala, and at the Kennedy Center ' s Tribute to Henry Fonda. This year ' s plans include tours of North and South Carolina, Pennsyl- vania and Southern California, with performances as part of the Rose Bowl festivities. In addition, the Glee Club will perform for the Navy in the National Cathedral, as well as performing the Ninth Symphony with the Annapolis Symphony Orchestra. These are but a few of the highlights planned for the upcoming year. Firsties fill risers. ■ 5 !i k! V Lyrics boom from the stage. i CATHOLIC CHOIR Each Sunday morning during the academic year the Catholic Choir of- fers a variety of chapel music at the 0900 mass in the main chapel. To- gether with other volunteers who act as servers, lectors, ushers, and eucharistic ministers, the choir helps make up a support group which is composed entirely of mid- shipmen. Under the direction of Mr. James Dale the choir performs a wide range of selections which run from Negro spirituals to Mozart. The choir also represents the Naval Academy at the annual " Navy Day " celebra- tion at the Mother Seton Shrine in Emmitsburg. Maryland. This feast commemorates the canonization of the first American born saint whose two sons served as midshipmen in the United States Navy. Annually the choir travels to New York City and has one performance at St. Patrick ' s Cathedral. Every two years the group makes appearances at local parishes in the New Orleans areas over the Easter holday. Voices provide inspiration at services PROTESTANT CHOIR w t m ' 1 lAH K-J m Worship through music. Men ' s Chapel Choir adds to Sunday morning ser- vice. ■■ NEWMAN CLUB li A .1 i ' I A i i i 1 iCj ' ?. 1 - .stN- -W P m L L ' CHAIM CLUB 999 99 ???????; •s . ; » A j J||gi M||Mgeg|iteious group . . JW )|VnBQHp nHB) nbers, the ' HV KSPTjIii . »ge«WrwftK tHgr midshipmen of the jflt l f |k blems, seek assistance or simply go out 0 m ae fawi e unlt igi aoes oner an excellent opportunity and place for nen to pray. In addition, the club sponsors guest year, holds social events and plans a picnic eve];y s best asset, ho ' ' - ed away from the rigors of acader FCA NAVIGATORS The Fellowship of Christian Ai letes encourages fellowship with other Christians and stresses indi- vidual participation in weekly gather- ings by having a maximum amount of midshipmen participation. At these meetings, Christians have a good opportunity to meet and have fellowship with other Christians. Whether we are athletes or not, we should use our bodies for God ' s glory! The Fellowship of Christian Athletes is a group of dedicated Christians who love the Lord, love talking about him, and love to feel him working through us in our var- ious athletic events. Eternal life membership. The Navigators is an interdenomi- national Christian organization whose purpose is to develop Chris- tian character and leadership in mid- shipmen by means of small group Bible studies and personalized train- ing. Several Bible study groups are underway in each battalion; the fo- cus of these groups is personal study of the Biblical principles of character and leadership with prac- tical application of these principles to daily life as a midshipman. Admiral Alfred Thayer Mahan wrote toward the end of his life that for the past thirty years he had ex- perienced in his life the power of God and his own personal weakness. He aspired to a " life conformed to the words and example of Jesus Christ. " Helping midshipmen devel- op such a life is the goal of the Navi- gators. The club emphasizes the in- dividual and his needs. As midship- men learn the principles of living as Christians and grow in their faith, they in turn reach out to others. OFFICER ' S CHRISTIAN FELLOWSHIP Highlights of the year for the Officer ' s Christian Fellow- ship were the Labor Day and Easter weekend confer- ences conducted at White Sulphur Springs, Pa., the annu al autunnn picnic and hayride held at Fort Meade and the USNA Dairy Farnn, the dating-courtship-marriage semi- nars, and the leadership workshop weekends. Weekly activities for the OCF included Tuesday night meetings, scripture memory lessons, a read through the bible program, and discipleship groups. All of these activi- ties provided the midshipmen with the opportunity to sing, worship, and share their faith, and also taught them about many areas of Christian living. OFFICERS • CHRISTIAN FELLOWSHIP Fellowship make cook-outs special. Ciii Bible studies help one to grow in his faith. REEF POINTS TRIDENT CALENDAR LAB 2 Reef Points, the handbook of the Brigade of Mid- shipmen, is revised and amended annually by the Reef Points Stan. Often referred to as the " Plebe ' s Bible, " Reef points is one of the most hated objects of Plebe Summer. Few midshipmen look at Reef Points aiter Parent ' s Weekend their Plebe Year. Yet this publication contains much important informa- tion about the Naval Academy and the Navy. In addition to being a Plebe indoctrinaton tool, the book provides an insider ' s view of the Naval Acade- my for parents and friends of midshipmen. Reef Points contains the history of the Academy as well as information about sports extracurricular acti- vltes, and other areas of Academy life. The Trident Calendar is the brigade ' s own. It is planned, produced, and distributed every year to its customers in the brigade, nationwide and overseas. The staff of the Trident Calendar is composed of about 15 volunteers. These midshipmen work year round collecting pictures, quotes, and cartoons which are solicited from the brigade. Together they put together a fine desk top calendar which is a familiar item to all midshipmen. Plus all profits from this enterprise are contributed to the Midshipmen Welfare Fund. AR LABRYNTH pm mymy ;y9 ' ?;y9sy y The Labrynthis the Naval Academy ' s literary magazine. All midshipmen may submit poetry and short stories for publication, and it is edit- ed and typeset by midshipmen. Sponsored by the Churchill Society, the Labrynth has a staff of approximately six midshipmen of all classes and two faculty advisors. The staff accepts submissions until March, at that time the publi- cation process begins. It is printed in April or May, and the Churchill Society has a reading for those poets and authors with works in the finished edition. The magazine itself is distrib- uted throughout the Brigade to Company Offi- cers and in company wardrooms, and all mid- shipmen may obtain copies through the Eng- lish Department or from the Labrynth staff. PHOTO CLUB g w ws " r .y -y , :y :x xxxxxycxycxy The Photo Club teaches interest- ed midshipmen about the art of pho- tography and darkroom techniques. Through the use of darkroom facili- ties in the seventh wing basement of Bancroft Hall, club members have ample opportunity to refine their abilities. The club displays its finer work on a bulletin board near main office and thus rewards those who have mastered the craft. In addition, the club periodically sponsors a pho- tography contest for the members of the brigade who want to try their hand at being a shutterbug. THE LOG Another year came and went as per tradition, the LOG was there to capture the " humor ' in midshipmen life. The " 83 LOG, " no easy job in being the funny, masterful creation it is, thanks to the heavy hand (pen?) of the censor. LOG landmarks? The magazine came out ten times this year, aver- aging over 50 pages an issue, includ- ing a special April Fool ' s issue. Along with the normal assortment of gags and dirt some notable special fea- tures were Darior, " The Girl ' s of . . . " series and the " Real Mids Eat Ham Francisco " series. SOOKMOE B ' . -«P y ' y GEEKERS (PHOTO GREYS) MORE BARS THAN CUMULATIVE DATES WITH REAL WOMEN ' SPOILS OF SUMMERS WELL SPENT 1 AIR ASSAULT 2 GOLD JUMP WINGS ' 3. SUBMARINE QUAL PIN 4 A REAL MID BY ANY OTHER NAME IS STILL A REAL MID 5 PATROL PIN-, FLANKED BY COLOR COMPANY -E AND TRIDENT SCHOLAR (SEE NECK I 6 JUMP WINGS 7 DIVING PIN- TRIPLE CROWN CONTENTS OF LEFT BREAST POCKET: ID CARD USNA CHARGE PLATE CALCULATOR BY H I DESIGNER CASE BY GUCCI REAL MID STATIONARY LIFE TIME MEMBER IGHLITED BRIGADE BULLETIN LATE LIGHTS (SINCE PLEBE SUMMERl HIGH RESOLUTION. FOR WORK AT DISTANCES OF THREE INCHES OR LESS WEARS LEATHERS TO GREASE " FORMALS lANDON WES) LUCKY BAG The Lucky Bag is the largest self-supporting extra-curricular activity at the Naval Academy with a budget of approximately $150000. Six thousand copies of the book are published each year and sent all over the world. Publish- ing a volume of 800 pages requires quite a few people. The staff puts in hundreds of hours, trying to make the Lucky Bag not only a nice souvenire, but a concise memory book that will bring its owners pleasure for many years in the future. The many people that contribute to the book are proud of this quality, and expend a large amount of effort to make It so. Though the staff does have seasoned yearbook mid- shipmen on roll, there is always time spent in developing new talent that is interested in pro- ducing the United States Naval Academy ' s most prized publication- The Lucky Bag. Plans for pages are finalized. Layout and Editor formulate policy. r i " k 1 g« «ycy ycxyc«ye cccAcf Sa Photo processing is one challenging aspect. LUCKY BAG Pages form from piles of materials s y Ky ' ???? ' ?? V Grad finds determination is a must to finish tfiis project by deadline! BIG BROTHERS-BIG SISTERS I BR " CH[ BRIDGE CLUB ! What is a slam? Is it an insult? No, it is one of many terms in the card game bridge. On any Tuesday night one might hear terms such as slam, double, trump, and pass as the cards are dealt and played. This dedi- cated group of midshipmen, the Bridge Club, meets at least once a week in steer- age to relax and learn the subtleties of Bridge. Bridge isn ' t just any game of cards; it requires thoughtful insight which can take a lifetime to master, so we are constant- ly learning. All of their learn- ing and practice of funda- mentals culminates in the Bridge Club ' s annual Dead Week Tournament. y ? ?: ?: ?? CHESS CLUB The Chess Club provides a means for all interested mid- shipmen to play competitive chess. Additionally, intercol- legiate play is also available. Weekly meetings are sched- uled for both recreation and promotion of skills. CHRISTMAS CARD COMMITTEE The Christmas Card Com- mittee is responsible for chosing the annual Nava Academy Christmas card. Though the finished product is in the midshipmen ' s hands only long enough to be mailed, the staff spends many hours interviewing dif- ferent companies, poring over their bids, and actually designing the card. With its completion, all those at the Academy have the opportu- nity to send that specia ' greeting on more than just a store-bought card. be y i jUou nawcmath ouam( RING AND CREST COMMITTEE A Ring and Crest Commit- tee is formed each year to serve the entering class at the Academy. Though the main task is to aid in the se- lection of the class ' s ring and crest design and manu- facturer, the committee stays active throughout its four years. T-shirt and shorts sales involve the committee in addition to its responsibility to the Ring Dance Committee. The work done by this committee is a cherished part of all mid- shipmen and is something taken with them wherever they may go. BSAC The Brigade Social Affairs Committee is responsible for the planning, coordinating, and supervising of all dances at the Naval Academy. Whether it ' s an informal or Disco Dahlgren. or the Christmas Ball, the BSAC puts many hours into making sure that all who attend have a pleasant time. Most no- ticeable of its members are the Hop Reps, w ho continuously monitor the events. They ' re constant attention helps all the functions at USNA to be great times. ll i ' i 5 MODERN MUSIC At many Naval Academy dances, groups from Modern Music will perform. Several dif- ferent bands exist that allov midshipmen to entertain at a variety of functions, from pep rallies to class parties. The bands put in many hours of rehersal to polish their skills and are proud to share those talents with their shipmates and classmates. WRNV RADIO WRNV - who? In the past midshipmen have been lucky to receive WRNV in 1st regi- ment, although it only broadcasts from 8th wing. This year steps were taken to improve that. Newly remodeled studios and offices were the changes one could see, but it was the unseen ones that were important. The station was granted extra power from a new transmitter and a new frequency, 90.3 FM, by the FCC. WRNV is now heard miles away instead of just across the yard. With all these new listeners WRNV had to prove itself. This year V-90 was a top 40 album rock station, commercial free, of course. The station still had room for late night albums, feature artists and weekend specials. WRNV was also the leader in Navy sports. Besides talk shows and daily sports reports, V-90 brought the brigade live Navy sports action. This year included 1 50 lb foot- ball, hockey, lacrosse, and baseball. The movement up in class this year was due to station manager 1 c John Levering and programming director 1 c Tim Jewell. 1 c John Peterson was the man in charge of keeping together the difficult engineering aspect. It took many different talented peo- ple to keep WRNV on the air and to provide the brigade with great service. With the new equipment, power, frequency and new lis- teners WRNV was working to provide a ser- vice to the people of Annapolis too. WMID The WMID television club is the midshipmen-operated internal com- munications organization of the Na- val Academy. Having gained extra- curricular status in October of 1982, WMID began producing " Brigade Line " , a weekly news and informa- tion program aired on the Naval Academy ' s closed-circuit television system. The club is directed by its midship- men officers under the supervision of Officer Representative LT Mark Van Dyke. The club also receives technical support and guidance from the Educational Resources Center and Public Affairs Office. WMID is a mass communications medium for the brigade as well as a valuable learning experience in mass media and public speaking for those involved. Highlights of the 1982-83 broadcast season include interviews with the Superintendent, Comman- dant, Academic Dean, and Forrestal lecturer Congressman Jack Kemp. WMID hopes to continue expanding its coverage and programming ef- forts in the years ahead to further improve the information service provided to the brigade. BLACK STUDIES The Black Studies Club is an organization established to aid minority students in adjusting to the rigorous routine of life at the Naval Academy, and to enhance the under- standing throughout the Brigade of the Black experience. Through the combined efforts of both the club members and dedicated officer representatives and faculty mem- bers, the Black Studies Club has sponsored several events aimed at promoting a positive working atmo- sphere and improved relations within the Brigade and with the surrounding community. Most notably, the Black Studies Club sponsored Black History Month here at the Academy, highlighted by the guest appearances of the Howard University Jazz Ensemble, the Georgetown Gos- pel Choir and distinguished politician, the Hon. Andrew Young. The programs supported by the Black Studies Club are open to all who wish to gain a greater under- standing of the black community and are a proven source of positive public relations. MILITARY STUDIES ASSOCIATION « « « y « « « y g m 1 1 N The Military Studies Association is an ECA dedicated to ex- amining all facets of warfare, past present and future. This is achieved through recreating battles with miniature figures and boardgames. Whether it is victorious legions marching throughout the Roman Empire, steady British infantry battling the French at Waterloo, or near-future NATO and Warsaw Pact troops fighting in Europe, the MSA offers something for every wargaming taste. Members gather to pit their armies and skill against each other on weekends and at NAVCON, the annual wargaming seminar sponsored by the MSA. NAVCON is held every spring in an effort to bring together serious wargamers from the surrounding area. NAVCON ' 83 also hosted a contingent of cadets from West Point. A major new activity of the MSA involves wargaming as done at the Naval War College. In spring 1982 members assisted detachment 206 of CINCLANTFLT in holding wargames for naval reserve officers in Washington D.C. As a result of that participation, DET 206 decided to hold a version of the game at the Naval Academy. In the coming years, the MSA will continue to host NAVCON to further interaction with other wargamers, and looks forward to gaining tactical wargaming experience through cooperation with DET 206. fii 3B19-91 .. ORANCE AtR DRILL TEAM The U.S.N.A. Drill Team is a pro- fessional ECA made up of midship- men who are dedicated to excel- lence in drill. Team members are proficient in both basic and exhibi- tion drill, and are constantly striving for perfection. Practices are held daily and culminate in performances and competitions. The team per- formed in Tecumseh Court for the Commandant in November, 1982, and, despite adverse conditions, put on an impressive performance. Dur- ing the winter, the team practiced regularly in Dahigren Hall in prepara- tion for the Villanova University Invi- tational Drill Meet which was held in February, 1983. Spring brought ex- hibitions during Annapolis Week and Honor guard functions at the Inter- national Ball. Despite being a relatively new ECA, the Drill Team has compiled an impressive record. The team has placed first in platoon exhibition drill in three out of five showings at the Villanova Meet, and served as an honor guard for the Commandant of the Marine Corps. This year ' s com- mander was Steven Oda, ' 83, and returning members look forward to another rewarding season under the leadership of ' 84. The Drill Team performs in T-Court x tys Mind over matter. VTNA S SSSSSSSS2 VTNA the Naval Academy Flight Training Squadron, is a professional activity under the guidance of the director of sIi Dnal developrnent. lts%urpose is to familiarize midshipmen with the flight experience and to allow those interested in a flying career to get an early start on the training process. . . .u ■ r.r Involvement in h! squadron is limited to first class midshipmen, and a test taken during the spring of second class vea Tetermines eligibility. Each midshipman is given a total of ten lessons in the cockpit, each lasting pp im tefyTe and nfhalf ' hours. The training classes are usually g- " ,d--gj;-,P--,f .. - " ' endTe The VTNA aircraft operate out of BWI Airport and fly over the academy and in the vicinity of the Bay Bndge If after the ten lessons are completed, the midshipman ' s instructor decides that he is capable of flying the p ane by hin self! the f " rs?ie may take the plane on a solo flight. This flight is typically followed by the traditional tie-cutting ceremony at the Officers and Faculty Club. CIVIL AIR PATROL director 3 those second I lasting he week. Bridge, llie plane 6 :iitting Civil Air Patrol is a nationwide organization which serves as the USAF Auxiliary. Its squadrons are found throughout the country and provide search and rescue services, as well as leadership and aerospace education training for its members. The Naval Academy Civil Air Patrol squadron was formed several years ago, though due to the time constraints placed on the brigade extensive search and rescue and emergency services are limited. On the other hand, the professional knowledge gained by midshipmen in their course of study at the Academy provides an outstanding resource available for training CAP cadets from nearby squadrons on such subjects as leadership, drill, military customs, aviation science and military flight operations. In addition, members have access to a flight simulator and various other aerospace related training aids avalible at the Academy. Through the Civil Air Patrol, many young men and women throughout the country are provided with the education and training need for a better under- standing of the areospace world and greater appreciation for the importance of air power. NAFAC ' 83 The twenty-third annual Naval Academy Foreign Affairs Conference, under the Direc- torship of Randy Wood culminated a year ' s planning and prepartion to become the most successful conference ever. With such nation- al figures as Secretary of the Navy John Leh- man, former Deputy Director of the Central Intelligence Agency, Admiral B.R. Inman, and U.S. Ambassador to the Soviet Union and for- mer Deputy Secretary of State Dr. Walter Strossel in attendance, NAFAC ' 83 continued the conference ' s reputation as the foremost conference of its kind anywhere in the United States. Over two hundred student delegates from the finest colleges and universities in Amer- ica, Europe and South America including thir- ty midshipmen delegates participated in the four day affair, April 19-22. The conference provides a forum for confronting the world today. This year ' s theme revolved upon " The Western Alliance in Transition " and included such topics as " Defense Policy, " " East-West Relations, " and " Common Interests Outside the Alliance. " NAFAC continues to contribute to the midshipman curriculum and aids the future military and political leaders of our country by assisting them in the understand- ing of current domestic and international is- sues facing our nation today. The Honorable Walter J. Stoessel, Jr., former Deputy Secretary of State, Ambassador to the Sovie Union, and Ambassador to the Federal Republic of China. Sfess ss ' V ' wVffi .y ' y ' ; ' ; NAFAC ' 83 y xy ; ys;yy y t.xy ycxxxy x 99.;x;y.y XKKyO I. Midshipmen Director Randy Wood and faculty chairman Dr. Michael Halbig at the close of NAFAC. i x ycy«x x «y «Kyc AXX Minister Counselor Ji Chaozhu of the People ' s Re- public of China. ASME Mechanical Engineering s a broad field of study encompassing almost every aspect of modern living. The American Society of Mechanical En- gineers is a technical group which strives to maintain the high stan- dards of the mechanical engineering discipline. The student section of ASME is responsible for informing its members of how mechanical engi- neering affects their lives and ca- reers. Guest lecturers speak on sub- jects ranging from valve fittings to satellites. These lectures keep mid- shipmen informed of the latest de- velopments in various areas of re- search and highlight the benefits of a Mechanical Engineering Degree. MARINE TECHNOLOGY SOCIETY The Marine Technology Society is an academic ECA sponsored by the Oceanography Department. Our ob- jective is to provide a means for stu- dents to gain a better understanding of the ocean environment, and prob- lems of interest and importance to the Navy. We try to meet this goal through our Noon Lecture Series, where guest speakers are invited to speak on topics of interest. The club also offers the opportunity to see the marine environment up close through field trips, such as the Na- tional Aquarium and Assateague Is- land. The club takes on the responsi- bility of feeding the fish which are kept in the tanks in the Oceanogra- phy Lab. Some monthly meetings are combined with the showing of films on topics of interest to the club members. Each year is started and ended with a " Crab Feast, " where club members can get together with the faculty in the Oceanography De- partment in an informal atmo- sphere. While meeting our goal of enhancing our knowledge of the ma- rine environment, we also allow a chance to actively participate in the continually changing field of ocean- ography. SNAME I TAI SOCIETY OF NAVAL ARCHITECTS AND MARINE ANGINEERS (SNAME) The USNA Student Section of the Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers was es- tablished as an authorized extracurricular ac- tivity last year. SNAME is a national profession- al engineering society serving those involved with engineering in the maritime industry. The Student Section is made up of interested mid- shipmen majoring in marine engineering, naval architecture, or ocean engineering. As stated in its bylaws, the objectives of this ECA are to foster professionalism among its members, to enhance professional communication with members of the marine industry, and to en- courage student participation in the technical proceedings of SNAME at both the local and national levels. Principle activities of the USNA Student Sec- tion of SNAME in 1982-83 consist of presenta- tions by professional engineers from the out- side as well as from within the Yard. Topics are quite varied and consist of such interesting subjects as surface effects ships, British design of warships, naval engineering in the USCG, and the deep submergence rescue vehicle (DSRV). Other presentations describe naval surface combatant ship design, comparative naval architecture, and the use of aluminum structures in ship design. In addition to these necessarily brief expo- sures to particular aspects of maritime engi- neering, members may pursue more in-depth study in conjunction with research projects and design courses as part of their major re- quirements or on their own. A lucky few may even get to present papers and projects to SNAME at the national level. As an academically-oriented ECA, the USNA Student Section of SNAME is not for all mid- shipmen. But for those who are interested and eligible, it provides an outstanding opportunity to put some real-life dimension into those oth- erwise-flat academics. THE SOCIETY OF NAVAL ARCHITECTS AND MARINE ENGINEERS THE U. S. NAVAL ACADEMY STUDENT SECTIO : OF THE SOCIETY OF NAVAL ARCHITECTS AND MARINE ENGINEERS SHIPS ARE AA HAT THE IMAVY IS I ALL. ABOUT I TAU BETA PI g;y y y : oo ' ;yKKy fc ' - . 1982-83 was the year the Naval Academy finally established a local chapter of Tau Beta Pi, the national orginization for the recognition of outstanding engineering students. The Engi- neering Honor Society has existed for three years as a forerunner of the THfT chapter by providing the brigade with such services as guest speakers and a tutor program. By virtue of the outstanding students and facilities at the Academy, the EHS was granted membership to the national orginization. The future looks bright for USNA ' s chapter as we continue to support the tradition of engineering excel- lence. PHI KAPPA PHI OAE p ' " ' Phi Kappa Phi is a nation-wide honor society consisting of members not just from one or two specialized fields, but from all dis ciplines at the Naval Acade- my. By bringing together representa- tives from many different interests, it is the goal of Phi Kappa Phi to broaden the democratic base of all education and to assure stronger support for scholarship. The society ' s motto, PHI- LOSOPHIA KRATEITO PHOTON, which is freely translated, " Let the love of learning rule mankind, " well expresses this goal. In its seventh year at the Academy, the Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society se- lects its members from the top five percent of each junior and senior class. Those accepted attend a special induc- tion banquet and ceremony at the end of their second or first class years in commendation of their achievements, and then become eligible for scholar- ships offered on a national level by Phi Kappa Phi. The Greek letters OAE designate the Economics Honor Society. This year the club is starting an investment group to get hands on experience in the money making world. OAE also sponsored a trip to New York to tour the financial district, and presented a series of noon and evening lectures by members of the cabinet and leaders of business. All in all, OAE offers a means for any midshipman to enter the une- quely satisfying realm of economics. PI TAU SIGMA SIGMA IOTA EPSILON ASNE The Naval Academy ' s student chapter of the American Society of Naval Engineers serves as a liaison between prospective engineers and those engineers actively serving in the Fleet. Every engineering major is accepted into the society. There are four lectures planned for the 1982-83 academic year. There will be several distin- guished speakers this year, Rear Admiral R.S. Lucas, USCG, Rear Admiral Lisanby, USN, CAPT Jim Kehoe, USN, and CDR J. Baskerville, USN. Lecture topics will include marine engineering, ocean engineering, naval architecture and their effects on naval ship design such as the new DDG 51. The Society is continuing the trend set several years ago of increasing our membership by acquiring interesting and dynamic speakers. The Naval Academy ' s Delta Psi chapter of Pi Tau Sigma seeks to both honor the most talented me- chanical engineering students and to, through our membership in Pi Tau Sigma, associate our program with mechanical engi- neering programs throughout the country. In keeping with Pi Tau Sigma ' s committment to more thoroughly integrate engineers into the complexity of the future, the Delta Psi chapter will hear lec- tures not only from the engineer- ing community but also from areas of both the civiliain and the military sectors. This includes dis- cussions on the relationships be- tween engineering and areas such as economics and politics. Our chapter also aids in the major briefings of the fourth class to give them some inside informa- tion about mechanical engineer- ing. Sigma lota Epsilon is a profes- sional management fraternity de- signed for Applied Science ma- jors. The purpose of the Society is to stimulate interest and achieve- ment In the field of management; to stimulate scholarship and re- search in management through the development of the scientific approach to the solution of man- agement problems; to gain recog- nition in business of the value and contribution of scholastic achievement to business manage- ment; to facilitate contacts be- tween students and businessmen; and, through honorary member- ship, to recognize persons who have made contributions to the field of management. The Sigma Lambda Chapter at the Naval Academy under the direction of David Fox, president, has made a major step forward by conducting the first initiation of members into the fraternity since 1976. Other planned activities for the fraterni- ty are trips to the office of Man- agement and Business in Wash- ington, D.C. and to see the New York Stock Exchange. The frater- nity meets monthly to gain insight from guest speakers lecturing on their specialty in management. m ' if J } " m s. s -: I • iK. ♦ i t t 1 lis I « Sl THE BRIGADE -u -1 . BRIGADE STAFF FIRST SET B IMJ " " ■■• Commander, Mark Gorenflo; Deputy Commander, Kerry Ingalls; Operations, Carolyn Bowling; Adjutant, Derek Rob- erts; Administrative, Thomas Crompton; Supply, Jonathan Houser; First Lieutenant, John McPherson SECOND SET I Commander, Frazier Frantz; Deputy Commander, Christopher Rice; Operations, Mark Hagerott; Adjutant, Michael Boehle; Administrative, Mark Hellstern; Supply, Michael Silva; First Lieutenant, Robert Herzog 388 The Brigade - FIRST REGIMENTAL STAFF FIRST SET Commander, Eric Kaniut; Sub-Commander, Gilbert Mayo; Operations, Joseph Baehr; Adjutant. John Coughlii Administrative, David Snyder; Supply, Kim Williams SECOND SET Commander, Cheryl Dolyniuk; Sub-Commander. John Segura; Operations, Robert Gambrill; Adjutant. Keith Menz; Administrative. Thomas Hodgson; Supply. Christopher Ballister The Brigade 389 SECOND REGIMENTAL STAFF FIRST SET Commander, William Stacia; Sub-Commander, Kevin McCarthy: Operations, Darwin Webster; Adjutant, Erica Ryder; Administrative, Daniel Valaik; Supply, Joseph Bergen SECOND SET f Commander, Stephen Recca; Sub-Commander. Thomas Nicholas: Operations, Eric Borowicz: Adjutant, Laura Hink- ley: Administrative. Rick Paisley; Supply, Virginia Welch 390 The Brigade FIRST BATTALION Lt. Col. LeCornu p BIL M 1 E I HHBa ' 1 s FIRST SET Commander, William Lietzau; Sub-Commander. John Stagliano: Operations, John Guthrie; Adju- tant, Timothy Jewell; Supply. Herbert Hundley SECOND SET Commander, Joseph Tofalo; Sub-Commander, Joseph Schoppy; Operations, Gregory Olson; Ad- jutant, Robert Piroumian; Administrat ive, Timo- thy Rexrode; Supply, Juan Llarena The Brigade 391 SECOND BATTALION FIRST SET Commander, Jerry Anderson; Sub-Commander, James Evans; Operations, Paul Rockswold; Adju- tant, Carlos Rivera; Administrative, Daniel Schroeder; Supply, Jeffrey Weaver SECOND SET Commander, Scott Larson; Sub-Commander, Brian Watson; Operations, Mark Powell; Adju- tant, Richard Rusnak; Administrative, John Hol- land; Supply, Ralph Williams 392 The Brigade THIRD BATTALION FIRST SET Commander. Alan Smith; Sub-Commander, Mi- chael Redman; Operations, William Larson; Adju- tant, Jeremy Gillespie; Administrative, Craig Walker; Supply, Peter Clark 1 rT nq 1 f t SECOND SET Commander, Craig Williams; Sub-Commander, Daniel Clague; Operations, William McCool; Adju- tant, Claude Galiuzzo; Administrative, Michael Byman; Supply, William McHugh The Brigade 393 FOURTH BATTALION FIRST SET Commander, Donald Holcomb; Sub-Command- er, Scott Brooks; Operations, Scott Bell; Adju- tant, Brian Belcher; Administrative, Mark Alevi- 2os; Supply, Brian Antonio SECOND SET Commander, James Hunter; Sub-Commander, Mark Ploof; Operations, Randolf Wood; Adjutant, Christopher Ratliff; Administrative, Tomoko Ishikawa; Supply, M. Catherine Gaul 1 1 1 fl II s bh J ' J ■■ ' ■ %i«! 1 ' . • ' " 394 The Brigade FIFTH BATTALION FIRST SET Commander. Enrique Miranda; Sub-Command er, Craig Malloy; Operations, James Yates; Adju- tant, Christopher Henkel; Administrative. Alex- ander Tanski, Supply, Gary Reeves SECOND SET Commander, Thomas Connally; Sub-Command- er, Ward Stevens; Operations, Steven Culpepper; Adjutant, Andrew Small; Administrative, Douglas Sellers; Supply, Angela Smith The Brigade 395 SIXTH BATTALION Capt. Karcher L FIRST SET Commander, Stephen Zotti; Sub-Commander, James Ricketts; Operations, Bernice German; Adjutant, Henry Smith; Administrative, Nancy Thompson; Supply, Owen Honors SECOND SET Commander, Scott Hiester; Sub-Commander, Brian Fletcher; Operations, Mark Kalmbach; Ad- jutant, James Bors; Administrative, Stanley Sim- pliciano; Supply, Timothy Healey Ciwmander, Eri Da(idWaugh:A(i 396 The Brigade DRUM AND BUGLE CORPS STAFF FIRST SET SECOND SET Commander, Eric Dyson; Sub-Commander, Thomas Locke; Operations, David Waugh; Administrative, Eric Moss; Supply First Lieutenant, Thom- as Cunningham Commander, James Nail; Sub-Commander, Cameron Sen; Operations, Thomas Looke; Administrative, Cynthia Killmeyer BRIGADE HONOR COMMITTEE Chairman, Harry Smith; Vice-Chairman, Sean Freeman; Deputy Vice-Chairman. Stephen Trainor; Deputy Vice-Chairman, David Magness; Secretary, Richard Rivera; Coordinator, Ruth Voor The Brigade 39: ' OH OAC 398 The Brigade fnaJ B f i ' fit :t f :t t i CLASS OF 1984: Front Row: C- Berfolett, R. Johnson, D Selas. L, Carr, M, McGivney. K. Hart. C Chen, S, Bibeau, L Beese, C, Kizzee Mid die row: S, Noreika, G. Romero, A, Hoi lingsworth, J. Hamm, C. Karnbach, P Buckley, L. Holtkamp, M. Mueller, C. Fish Back row: N. Larson, M. McDowell, J. Kon icki, B, RatcliM, J. Cable, K. Burke, A. Gal lotta, J. Vann t t f r t-i: 4 ft V V- " S ■■ ' ' ■■ -v - 4 CLASS OF 1985: Front row: R. Tilghman, D. Hahn. J. Sims, S. Stevenson, J. Marr, A. Maraoui, M, Dun- ning, J. Daniel, C. Holte, J. Duran Middle row: E. Fain, J. Shevis, A. Bartosik, M. McDonough, A. Hinckley, B. Coblentz, J. Henry, A. Coetzee, M. Bryant Back row: T. Salza, R. Raid, J. Evans, K. Cozad, E. Krebs, J. Lennox, E. Digges, E. Beckler, A. Sterrett, J. Beadles, T. Owen 1 iff ff ? ttf f t f t t f t V t CLASS OF 1986: Front row: M. Niemiera, J. Thames, O. Coddington, L. Le, S. Ordich, R. Wolfe, A. Raines, S. Daniels, D. Redmond, D. Burque Middle row: E. Farrell, R. Bader. G, Miller, B. Delbarba, A. Altera, A. Lirette, T Ladau- ceur, F. Barone, A. Wells, J. Bellistn, D. Weir, E. Bruner, J. Dicampli, J. Hatala. W. Lawton Back row: P. Meyer, J. Adkins, T. Kramer, J. Hamel, P. Owen, P. Hoffman, B. Riley, L. Walker, D. Dimicelli, P, Tuzzolo. T, Adams The Brigade 399 1. J. Hults 2. M. Parra 3. S. Herrmann 4. D. Casmey 5. R. Piroumian 6. M. Sin rrions 7. J.E. otz 8. C. Kiergan S A SHve la M. A Herdon 12. J. Covell, 13. A. Lenz 14. J. Croce 15. B. Espe 16. J. Dace 17. D. Haas 18. G. WaUer 19. E. " f s 20 A. Schlaepfer 2r A Ga D. Jensen 23. G. Whitbeck 24. N, Davidson 25. J. Mokris 26. M. Vermillion 28. F, Walker 29. W. Molaro 30. J.D. Streit 31 . D. Fisher 32. M. Quinlan. I I CLASS OF 1984: Front row: K. Andersen, T. Goff, M. De sens, G. DInicolo, C Swift, J. Amerine, S Woessner, J. Weigold Middle row: L. Schu macher, G. Lancaster, A. Thomas, M. Yu, B. Jones, J. Brennan Back row: S. Borden, J. Wharton, D. Stender, H. Hoffman. D, Eldredge, D. Schmidt, P. Brannlgan f .IL: ifiJL-ijn •t t Vt f ft t f I I %-Jh 32M?u 3 CLASS OF 1985: Front row: G. Olson, J. Puglisl, P. Jenkins. G Gex. H Prudenclo. D. Bailey, D. O ' Neil. D. Weiss. R. Portnoy Middle row: A. Orlan- do. D. Randle. B. Broberg. J, Heida. T. George. A. Butterfield, G Lange. W. Schultz, J. Mllncsek, B. Altman Back row: G. Kent. S. Duma. R. Hartman. J. Valen- tine, C. Lowery. S. Wilson. T. SzymanskI, C. Bryan. J. Stem CLASS OF 1986: Front row: J. McDonald. C. Muench. A. Stancil, A. Jordan, R. Barbon, A. Vander- pyl, E. Martinozzi, L. Wood, S. Deeming Middle row: A. Sanches, M. Dolan, J. Bal- dino, E. Johnson. E. Cowan. J. Ball, H. McFadden, J. Kadowari, S. Carwin Back row: M. Killion. G. Perkins. C. Ciccolella, D. Allen. R. Moore. P. Scheufele, E. Boyer. W. Flinter. D. Sciortino, S. Frick ! nL? ji -ft If I t «:f ' ::f The Brigade 401 Maj. Storey-3rd Company Officer Spring Set- M LT McKinley, M LTJG Stanton, M ENS Vonier. 1. F. Frantz 2. D. Molthen 3. M. Arnold 4, D. Jenkins 5. M. Wilson 6. D. Lakins 7. G. Olson 8. L. Thompson 9. J. Farrell 10. P. Hunt 11. B. Kiddoo 12. J. Heavner 13. A. Furtner 14. F. Halliwell 15. P. Allinger 16. D. Radi 17. B. Lietzau 18. J. Reich 19. J.G. Hokaj 20. J. McKinley 21. P. Henkel 22. J. Scruggs 23. C. Shipper 24. B. Mysinger 25. B. Grant 26. E. Powell 27. M. Schaeffer 28. L. Von- ier 29. B. Graham 30. B. Traub 31. J. Pandya. 402 The Brigade V ■ V ' ■» ' " ■. Vlr , « i|| J!= r. =-.lS CLASS OF 1984: Front row; M. Pease, T. Mosher. P. Walsh. A Casimes, D Forney, D. Smith, M. Fair- ley, R Beach, T, Gehan, M. Hile Middle row: F Turner, G. Watson. G. Pease, J Nowell, P Rabun, M Murphy, B Bond, J Stamos, D Marango Back row: G. Schultz, R. McBnde, M. Wilson. C Donnelly. B, Mui- lenberg. R. Clark. J. Fusto. C. Richmond. R. Ulloa. P. Olivier if m CLASS OF 1985: Front row: E. Mendoza, M. Fuzzio. S. De bonis. J, Williams, A. Cheney, F. Novak, M Giiday, D. Siganthaler, M. McEnroe, D Holzrichter Middle row: J. Baquer, D Horan, C. Mills, P. Phelps, A. Bellos, C Heckey Back row: J. VanCleave, R. Wile- man, F. Devine, S, Cade. B. Thompson, M Poindexter, R. Puliatti, R. Merriman, M Waterman IJLi » I » t t f f I. X . ' u - ' jAj j m-i CLASS OF 1986: Front row: T. Miller. R. Wilcome. N. Mann. R. Shaw, L. Gabion. D. Taylor. R. Round. T, Sutherlin. L. Hosack. R. Tokoro Middle row: D. Ballister, C. Sizemore. M. Diverde. N. Prout. J. Ward. T. Yamamoto. N. Dyk- hoff Back row: R. Stevenson. D. Roach. E. Bass. J Fournier. R Kruse. J. Mansoeti. J. Dahl. J. Ryan. M. Pilon The Brigade 4C? LT Holman-4th Company Officer Fall Set- M LT Currer. M LTUG Sullivan. Spring Set- M LT Voightsberger. M LTJG M ENS Boggs. Zumbar, M ENS Wells. 1. B Grambrill 2 J. Baehr 3. D. Hop- kins 4. G. Manly 5, R. Rivera 6. R. Boggs 7. D. Lestor 8. J. Murray 9. L. Pyie 10. G. Wells 11. S. Olevnik 12. S. Trainor 13. J. Currer 14. K. Honeker 15. C. Voightsberger 16. K. Zumbar 17. D. Davidson 18. J. Schoppy 19. V. Tis- dale 20. E. Peterson 21. F. Morneau 22 J Canny 23 A. Bai. I 404 The Brigade A erger, M ITJG .If f- t t t I ♦ f::|;:f;t:i t r V i ! ' iir r ' 9 1.M CLASS OF 1984: Front row : J. Fellowes, B Baker. M. Flaggs, J. Dorbin, S. Oh. J, Conklin. P. Futcher, S Pfeiffer. R Ch istopherson. L. Hiponia Middle row: K Holdereid, J. Thompson , J. Mooney C Eppers. T. Ran- som. D. Schmode, M. Thompson. T. Stubbs. D Zevotek, F Sy ring. T Ouielev Back row: D. Mitchell V. Wall. J Wester- 1 beke, M. Eves. G Debode B. Murphy. R. Rabuse, S Griffin. K. Blun- . T Mortenson Li CLASS OF 1985: Front row: E. Dean, D. Sun. J. Kowalewski J. Loeblein, G. Ballard, D, Cuthbert. R. Ca meron. T. Stout. D. Rhodes. J. Hanson Middle row: D. Dibono. J. Grill. M. Hau man. L. Switzer. G. Beygo. S. Grenier. W Spear. J, Preddy. M. Phillips. L. Gomez Back row: D. Pimple. S. Mata. S. Kintzel. R. Selvy. M. Klooster, J. Kyser, R. Hoppa, T Bourbeau, M. Berger CLASS OF 1986: Front row: C. Ramos, P. Butler. M, Boyd A. Vangeh. K. Whitaker. R. Dansey, N Cruz. M. Brilleslyper. J. Campbell, M Lunde Middle row: E. Stechmann, W. Mo res, S Szymanski. G- Fernandez. D, Moyn Ihan. G. Wright. J. Galambos. M. Powers N. Kledzik Back row: J. Wilson. S. Bowen G. Lecarl, R. Tabb, S. Mixson. E. McQueen D. Eyres. J. Tranchini. J. Tatera. G. Fen- ton. F, Herreros The Brigade 405 I 5+K CO. U5NA Lcdr Reese-5th Company Officer Fall Set- M LT Dammeier. M LTJG Mercado, M ENS Philbrook. Spring Set- M LT Ellis. M LTJG Riegel. M ENS Miller, ;G3fto,W s!jti(r,LCe( Jo 0, Baker fnfi, 0, Price 1. B. Laroche 2. B. Dammeier 3. J. Mill- er 4. M. Philbrook 5. H. Wolfangel 6. S. DuPont 7. T. Jewell 8. P. Ellis 9. V. Mer- cado 10. D. Anderson 11. J. Riegel 12. J. Cooney 13. J. Frye 14. J. harding 15. D. Pellette 16. D Scott 17. J. Lovering 18. B. Hinkley 19. J. Doyle 20. J. Cera- soulo 21. R. Martin 22. T. Rexrode. 406 Ttie Brigade ' II CLASS OF 1984: Front row; S Berninger, J. Herron. R Speer, S Kushino, A, Graziano, R King, J Bishop, B, Gehnnger, R Gonzalez, J Ab bot Middle row; J Glaeser. R Silva. J Cook, C Coucoules, T, Huff, P McDevitt D. Cassidy. C Saunders, D Neely Back row: D. Harris, P. Dallman, D Goins, T. Marnane, D, Klehl, A. Abramson, M Mohr, D. Dugan ▲l i i 1 f fj ft frf.fl t t f t t t:t t -r; CLASS OF 1986: Front row; K Nibbelink, D. Byman, E. Bur- gess, C. Merrill, R. Elly, C. Montemayor, L. Hook, R. Garcia, K Jackson, V Caldwell Middle row: G. Hansen, J. Heard, M, Duffy R. Romaine, K. Brown, L Cassidy, B. Pear son, S. Donofrio, G. Gerson. J. Evancevicfi A. Stewart, R. Pressly, J. Miller, K. Baugh man, C. Brewer Back row: T Falkner. K Hanson, J Foley, T. Forney, B. Porter, R OIko, S. Everly. S. Winfrey, B. Barnett. R Brooks, D Collins, 8. McGinnis The Brigade iC Fall Set- M LT Macyko. M LTJG Linton, Spring Set- M LT St. George. M LTJG Sax. M ENS Thompson. M ENS Anderson. 1. J. Stagliano 2. A. Macyko 3. B. Hind 4, J, Benner 5. E. Sax 6. J. Hille 7. P Anderson 8. M. Koval 9. M. Seaver 10 C. Piersall 11. C. Sink 12. J. Drake 13 W. Omberg 14. J. Krepps 15. C. St George 16. R. Page 17. C. Killmeyer 18, B. Collins 19. R. Gilbeau 20. J. To- falo 21. D. Kelley 22. D. Krall 23. D Montgomery 24. A. Ross 25. E. Reuter 26. D. Forney 27. F. Ressel 28. P. Man ibo 29. W. Smith 30. T. Thompson 31 E. Roane 32. D. Linton 33. F. Gallo. gt l " : V. -i»,--.-«;--x B £g| IPP! M E §. y 408 The Brigade t f tf 1,1-1: f- ' »- - CUSS OF 1984: Front row: D. Adamus. S. Brawley. C. Gar belotti. M. Devin, K Powell. T. Lutton, A Daverede, T Goaley, T Mesora, K McGann Middle row: E. Wills, J O ' Sullivan R. Nixon, M, Marron, D. Boucher, J, Jor genson, G. Carpenter, P Mayer, S Hil ferty, D. Burg Back row: R. Gustafson, G English, S. Randolph, M. Martinez, B, Poynter, J. Thien, D. Dacruz, T. Mclntyre, M. Massee, T. Miller CUSS OF 1985: Front row: J. Matic, J. Smith, T. Mohr, J. Payoyo, J, Wade, D. Martins, J. Norton, M. Maddox, C. Studevan, C. Lyter Middle row: B. Davis, D. Morris, J. Ireland, M. Brownell, P. Matthews, D. Schweizer, M. Fletcher, B. Williamson, D. Adamiak, R. Ra- coosin Back row: J. Schmit, J. Punelli, P. Hee, T. Costello, E. Pogue, R. Cobb, K. Mosher, R. Lumsden, R. Legenza, P. Doug- las ♦ » t » t. .»-t.,t:t rjH- -i,- if- - ' — - -,- -V - { . I CUSS OF 1986: Front row: N. Pelosi, A. Parker, C. Carlixle K. Davison, D. Edson, T. Smith, D. Villar real, P. Reeves, S. Korol Middle row: M Reddick, R. McSaveny. M. McGill, B Pa gel, R. Lamb, R. McClanahan, K. Doremus C. Lucas, R. Powers, S. Fowler, R Bodziak Back row: G, Miller, S. Donaldson, M. Hoi comb, J. Dubinok, D. MacNeil, G Ayers, W Wallin, C. Benden, M. Parkyn, I. Dampier G Hodge, K. Gentry 1 The Brigade 409 S ff f LCDR Rudd 7th Company Officer Spring Set- M LT Vicini. M LTJG Armstrong, M ENS Savery. L L. Bryla 2. D. Schroeder 3. W. Lyon 4. M. Neff 5. S. Brummett 6. J. Wooley 7. J. Armstrong 8. S. Savery 9. G. McCarthy 10. T. Callaghan 11. M Gubenski 12. B. Corcoran 13. L. Koeller 14. E. Vicini 15. C. Weber 16. D. Magness 17. M. Krechel 18. D. Karson 19. C. Rivera 20. J. Gogue 21. J. Rupp 22. P. Savage 23. D. Dixon 24. M. Hinton 25. V. Genco 26. J. Greenway 27. H. Tillman 28. S. Messer 29. J. Andreano 30. M. Powell 31. R. Fields 32. R. Aronson. ■■■ ' kWV Irfif ' flTiiVV 410 The Brigade i ' «J3oi«t ' t » f l t % Iff f:t:|.l|:t.ir ' ' CLASS OF 1984: Front row: R, Beagle, M. Forehand. A Webster. R. Wix. B, Flock. J. Schofield. D, Kumangai. M. Rawhouser, M. Murray. T. Horn Middle row: B. Comstock. R. Krause. J. McCormick. C. Manning. L, Nesta. D. Wuestenberg. G Murptiy. C Clint Back row: J. Weber. G, Butler, J Augustine. G Gurbach. S. Chesson. E Conan. W, Tillman. A. Litton. T, Walton. R. Brown, W. Biel :i CLASS OF 1985: Front row: M. Pleasant, D. Marquis. T Olt, D. Brooks, J. Petrilla, A, Ctiase, T. Howell, R, Underwood, R, McArthur Middle row: L. Alexander, A. Delgado, E- Culpepper, W. Norris, D. Price, W Peck. C. Buehler Back row: M. Johnson. D. Tuten. M. Fletcher, P. Sutton. T. Kerber. D. Becker. A. Mearig, B. Armes CLASS OF 1986: Front row: T. Allen. P. Nicodemus. M Turner. J. MacMillan. S. Kahler, W, Jones, E, Potente. T. Warden. J- Hudgens, R. Maus Middle row: S Castro, C. Walden, S. McPhillips, J Heathenngton. F. Dodds. R. Andreas. R Dennehy. D. Hale. S. Wizotzki. B. Dean Back row: D. English. M. Althouse. B Onnalley, J. Boener, Z. Clyde, T, Ovens. A. Laboa, C. Edwards, J. FItzpatrick. J. Denuto, R. Shreckengost The Brigade 411 8 FallSet- M LT Dacey. M LTJG Woodruff, Spring Set- M LT Weis. M LTJG Guseman, M ENS Bartee. M ENS Cart. 1. M. Breen2. T. Sfiindelar 3. R. Guseman 4, J Loper 5. S. Thoresen 6 M Cart 7, L. Bartee 8 A Scissum 9 T D.irey 10 S. Oda 11 H Schurman 12. J. Weis 13 D Wadsworth 14 A. Skehan 15 G Woodruff 16. D Clause 17 C. OBrien 18. M. Zap 19 M Phillips 20. K Williams 21. G. Lester 22. K. Owins 23. P Shankland 24. N. Ingerson 25. L. Brown 26. J. Holland 27. M. Chavez 28. K. Lui 29. J. Wilson. 412 The Brigade ' , CLASS OF 1984: Front row: P. LIuy, - Smith A. Farrell, M, Newman, S. Bovington W. Guerrero, A. Lopez, M. Chimicak S Eash. J. Gelinne | Middle row: S. Kirschner .A. Ponturiero J Pagano, T. Dua, B. Kruege r, T. Ivan, D Myre, M. Waldschmidt t. Renda Back | row: D Benson, C, VIelcher R. Olsen R. Babicz T. Green, S. Smith tf.MJLM ■1 1 » » t f 1- CLASS OF 1985 " Front row: M. Torbit, B, Wiseman. K, Brun- ini, W. Schmidt, M. Hajosy, D. Miller, S Mahlum, D. Hume Middle row: J. Jensen C, Thebaud, G. Dayoub, M. Miller, B. Led better, R. Johnson, C Lutz Back row: K Jenkins, T. Lerch, H, Barr, D. Volgenau, K Yamashita, M. Meloro, K, Heme, C, Weiler CLASS OF 1986: Front row: R. Williams, K. Prusso, D. Burke, C. Wansley, D. White, E. Wolski, S. Jones, M. Amedick, J. Carroll, D. Grutal Middle row: T. Istvan, M. Miller, C. Matson, M. Swatling, R. Tolomeo, P. Grandelli, B. Feinstein, G. Meigs, P. Lynch. J. Seman- cik, L. Loepke, T. Marbois. R. Raus Back row: J. Ramos, E. Webster, S. Goodwin, J. Crouse, M. Nahoopii, E. Sauerbrey, E. Kyle, M. Koleber, S. Conners, S. Zike, W. Dunstan, A. Cyr II m BilkrAlDii f t ft f II ft f ; f ft t:f::f; f f -f The Brigade 413 LCDR Leib - 9th Company Officer H V m -J • • 1 Fall Set- M LT Lukenbil M ENS Ostrom. M LTJG Boddiford. 1, B. Eikenberg 2 M. Keating 3. E. Feege 4. J. Weaver 5. B. J. Bigger 6. J.C. Harding 7. T,S. Smith 8. C. Montross 9. H. Hundley 10 J. P. Wilkinson 11. C, Husa 12. C. Colon 13. J. Boddiford 14. D. Eguchi 15. P.B. Yujica 16. J.L. Marana 17. K. Hymers 18. B.S. Watson 19. R. Williams 20. W. Hart 21. P. Ga- merdinger 22. T. Crompton 23. C. Lukenbill 24. J. Rivas 25. C. Ballister 26. J.L. Johnson 27. M. Hape- man 29. CAPT. Flight 30. MRS. Flight. I ' : ' ' % smn Spring Set- M LT Lukenb dinger, M ENS Rivas 414 The Brigade s )th ! cer ! CLASS OF 1984: Front row: L, Naeyaert, B Paulk. M. Nev- ins, A Samora, G. Waters. B. Everist. Mid die row: D Hudson. M Sakawiwa. L Quinn. G. Haberlm. M. Quigley. B Ham mett Back row: D. Sheppard. D. Roper. R Farrell. M, Strano CLASS OF 1985: Back Row: P. Lerke. R. Hyer, D. Harrison, J. Bruce. V. Bowhers. G Locher. P. Reitf. A. Bota Middle row: B, Thone. J. Fordham. J. Nagle. W. Fitzgerald. S Harrison. J. Clapp, T. Smith. R. Palladino. K. Leeds Front row: G. Watka. J. Godeaux. B. Hoffer. C. Yi, E. Wallace. B. Stegall. A. As- sel, B. Poor, J. Winkler, R. Divito f n ' JHF fifif .$; f I f It _ II f CLASS OF 1986: Back row: M, Rivandeneira. E Harris S Wilson. F Rende . J. Vahsen . B, Hall. M. Cockey. M. Miller Middle row: F, Cardinalli, | C. Long K Mas tropaolo. W Trovell. Black. T Roberts D. Greico. G. Winter J McNair Front row: P. Rodn te. T Stan- | dard. B. Foy. S- Skrabalz. J Gosney B Sturken K Berl n. B Merz J Luntz J. O ' Connell The Brigade -: : 16 The Brigade f 1 i --; ' pf, f. f I ■■ - ■ ' », CLASS OF 1984: Front row: M. Cedrun. G. Peoples. S. Szy- manski. M Ehlers. J. Fijalkowski. N. Free- man. M. Parsons, G, Marvil Middle row: W. Lee. J, Zwirner, J Dunson. J Escobar. S Ceraolo, M. Plaisance, S. Chachula Back row: H. Overle. M. Guyll. B. McMasters. J Mongan. J. Pasternak i CLASS OF 1985: Front row: J. Goodwin, D. Shroyer. L Dun bar. L. Blaise. J. Uhl. R. Dorrell. R. Nelson B. Snight Middle row: W. Jones. D. Rich ardson. M. Trujillo. J. Shippey. T. Tees. S Price Back row: V, Richardson. S. Speith G. Floyd, C. Lindsay, R. Coombs, W. Thom as. L. Jaenichen. G. Waidelich CLASS OF 1986: Front row: S. Franklin. C. Campion, L Kough, S. Graustein, P. Costello, A Shaffer, J. Wallis, H. Dunbrack, G. Norris Middle row: S. Grimm, J. Kim, B, Sheedy T. MCGarvey, D, Baggett, C. Jimenez, J Kern, M. Donigan, M. Jordan, B, Kopchick Back row: P, Sneddon, T. Donoghue, K. Zingheim, R. Richey, M. Dorko, J. McAnan- ly, F. Beverly, K. Kasprzak, B, Reap Hedlund The Brigade 4r Fall Set- M LT G Faller. M LTJG M. Rafter, Spring Set- M LT G. McGovern, M LTJG M LTJG J. Battle. DC. Renner, M ENS J. Rose. 1. E. Takesuye, 2. K.C. Fitzpatrick 3. K. Wilson 4. C. McDonald 5. D.C. Renner 6. C. Faller 7 T. Mathews 8. L, Hayward 9. B Wehner 10. J. Raynolds 11. J. Lett 12. J. Battle 13 J. Hudson 14. M. Radice 15. D. Barland 16. J Anderson 17. R. Schott 18. J. Johannesen 19. K. Kelly 20. D. Needham 21. J. McGovern 22. J. Rose 23. P. Webb 24. P. Becker 25. T. Van Gunten 26 M. Rohrback 27. M. Rafter. I C« OF 1981 MrwJSt : ' ■ 8 Snar, R 418 Ttie Brigade i w CLASS OF 1984: Front row: G Bressler. P. Higgins, M. Por- ter, B. Lewis, F. Petrosino, T Hastings, A, Monoz, J, Albergo, M. Matteo, D. Holloway Middle row: D. Karabin, B. Castaneda, T. Williamson, G. Crabtree, J, GIron Back row: J, Sylvester, C Gromek, T. Bowman, D. Aumuller, T. Ploeger, J. Ziemian, D Ste- vens. T Collins ■I : t t t t ♦• ff t f ' t n t- . — ■. l MLM t-lf ft t f f :,.f :f f t f f f:,t; t t t •_ . - CLASS OF 1985: Front row: K. Brooks, R. Morgan, T. Mu- lichi, J. Stemple, D. Bixby. R. Fry, S. Munsch, S. Mooradian, B. Donohue. D. Pa- cious Middle row: S. Cramer, C. Crowe, M. Perdomo, S. Racine, F. Mitzel, B, Heaphy, C. Hull, F. Simie, B. Perry Back row: B. Byron, B. Fahy. T. Winter, j. Olmsted, J. Edwards, R. Hugenroth, H. Murphy, B Genoble, S. Powers CLASS OF 1986: Front row: J. Schell, J. Hennessey, M. Asti ley, R. Knar, R. Choi, R. Richardson, M Kenney. M. McMahan Middle row: R Acosta, B. Doy, W. Keith, M. Pletke, J. Waite, T. Moses, D. Kaye, D. Spaceman Back row: D. Petersen, W. Harkin, M. Or zell, R. Gibbons, J. Fleming. P. Patton. H Mutfdiver t f t f rt f The Brigade 419 Lt Lorentz-12th Company Officer 1 S. Lynch 2. W. O ' Brien 3. D. Pass 4. C. Bresnahan 5. G. Hester 6. J. Shoe- make 7. W. Dobbratz 8. T. Edwards 9. M. Kellogg 10. W. Oxx 11. P. Coronado 12. M. Coyan 13. B. Marin 14. D. Sny- der 15. R. Torres 16. M. Oravec 17. M. Gideon 18. J. Monahan 19. S. Oldham 20. B. Budai 21 . B. Holmes 22. S. Dean- gelis 23. R. Crigger 24. S. Flatley 25. D. Beemer 26. P McKenney 27. S. Larsen 28. Tarquinio 29. J. Emery 30. J. White- sides 31. J. Evans 32. J. Duran 33. M. Barbour 34. D. Hinderliter 35. J. Miller. 420 The Brigade CLASS OF 1984 Front row: E Baker. S Gravini. R Gradel. | J Funk, C Cusumano. C. Hobaugh, K. Koehler, J Hasbrouck. D Conkey, E Niel- sen Middle row: P. Barr T SchaeHer, S Skinner. D Ruedi. G. Vandenberg. E Dunn | Back row: D Sileo, C, K irschten, F Car- others, H. Summerfield. R. Oakenell CLASS OF 1985: Front row: M. Montesanti, J. Williams, M Stepaniak, E. Harman. W. Clark. D. Peck E. Gilstad, G. Olsen, M. Rose. D. Harter Middle row: F. Fries. W. Young. K. Diedei ich. M. Gannon. J. Merritt. R. Dalton. J. Geier. L. Smith, E. Evans, M. Dashiell, E. Bush Back row: G. Brown, B. Burke, J Edwards. V. Debban. K. Menke, E. Strong. P. Wilkens, S. Vahsen, D. Fisher, B. Min zenmayer, B. Wright, J. McNeilly. V. Meyer ' f,fftM fit ft i - ' ' • tf I V 5»= |! i: niL BLri : ' :f.||ff:|.,f ;:r| t f t t f ; t ;t;:f f;; CLASS OF 1986: Front row: J. Welch, B. Kim. M. Jones. S Harrison. J. Wilczynski. J. Lautrup. A De- vino. C. Corish, P. Allison. C. Miller Midle row: E. Irwin. G. Minogue. K. O ' Malley. J, Digiandomenico. J. Layton. M. Henry, J. Pelkey. J. Calandra. T. Monks. P, Weig- man. D. Ulsh Back row: B. Babcock. D Merzke. J, Schmitz. E. Fudge. C Wilson. M. ZIomke. S. Mitchell, P. Vance, C. Hughes. T. Millman ' The Brigade 421 Maj Noto - 13th Company Officer W- -- ' i 3 4 km ' M I« Fall Set- M LT Hooks. M LTJG Needleman, Spring Set- M LT Yoper. M LTJG Boyle. M ENS O ' Connor. M ENS Young. ysBBj 1. D. Snyer2. J. Wiltenmuth 3. P. Holland 4 D. Phaneuf 5 R Lago 6. M Treadwell 7 T Evans 8 C Dolyniuk 9 T Suerman 10 J Hooks 11 C Galuzzo 12. L. Boyle 13. J. Finley 14. M. Barclift 15. M. McMahon 16. D. Weimer 17. E Pyne 18 L. Young 19 A Smith 20. J. Ward 21. M. Needleman 22. G. Rusch 23. T. Bennte 24. L. O ' Connor 25. J. Eberhart 26. B. Weinert 27. M. Feely 28. D. Yoder. 422 The Brigade I K JBiif ' ' 1 VVl t I I if:!: t :t i f ! ft t f:f;;t f : t ;f ir r jL " y " " ' v -ir ' -j " ' v. " ' ' • CLASS OF 1984: Front row: S Scannell. S Spooner, M Deppe, P Nardi, F Sutton, 1 Busmire, E. Brady, D. Bunker, J, Laughhr . M Pagnan- elh Middle row: K Howard, D. Etkins, P. Johnson, H Lasell M Murray , C Hatcher, J. Giangiuh, M. Brodowicz, M. Fallot, C. Noah Back row: J Martinez B. Matts, K. Olsen, J. Ringel. J. McCreary B. Martin. P. Lawver. J Taylor, T, Williams, 1, Guibas H| Ai t ratw LA n |l : ' .t t f ' t f tt::t I CLASS OF 1985: Front row: M. O ' Brien, R, Camalho, D. Lar- son, D. Samples, C. Collins, B. Mimms, P. Rabbit, B. Espe. R. Roland, T. Pedersen Midle row: B. Olds, G. Ellis, M. Long, D. Moeller, M. Fitzpatrick, E. Hernandez, D. Kim , F. Thola Back row: J. Matza, T. Ston- er, Y. Prosperi, B. Ridings, J. Lombardi, T. Evans, E. Petruncio, M. Lysaght, A. Jones J, Ward 21. M CUSS OF 1986: Front row: S. Kawamoto, M. Cernicek, G. Morin, G. Williams, J. Nobles, M. Wilier. S. Jennings, L. Feuchtbaum, P. Lyons. B. Donovan Middle row: R. Perron, A. Swe- dean, B. Glover, B. Beil, A. Wierzbicki. C. Atwell. K. Ulisnik, P. Mansfield, K. Fuji- shege, R. Wohid, N Peterson Back row: J. Snider, W. Sivertsen, M. Pruebstle, D. Parker, D. Wata, W. Carr, C. Lvtikainen, L. Shuttleworth, M. Kelly. D. Butterbrodt 1 FfonI ro«. Lyons, J. H f, Eficksor B Ffoncillo Co . P. M Dtorak CoulW. J, Marl. Capt. laquinto 14th Company Officer Spring Set- M LT Kraft, M LTJG Yuen. M ENS Sink. 1. T. Dalpini 2 D Simmons 3, T. Vindich 4. M. Hopgood 5. J O ' Leary 6. R Ecder 7 J. McGIII 8. K Papp 9. A. Pollard 10. W. Larson U.S. Noroel 12. R. Jentoft 13, J. Smith 14. C. Sink 15. C. Williams 16. R. Wise 17. F. Blundetto 18, J. Guhano 19. C. Murch 20. M. Pearl 21. T. Kraft 22 K Watters 23. J Soto 24 J. Spruill 25, G. Zuschlag 26. J. Yuen 27. P Soares 28. J. Crockett CWSofl98i f ' onlWG. 8!ta,«. Jacks eata(l,pp Uonroy.fL ' » " sii,S,Giar( } iBack,| ' « ' i,H.Mc 424 Tfie Brigade CLASS OF 1984: Front row: A. Coomber, T. Campbell, M Lyons, J. Hemmen, R. Miranda. M. Galon P. Erickson, B. Drummond, A. Bierbauer R. Froncillo Middle row: M. McCracken. J Cordle. P, Povlock, T. Dalton, G. Dimitro M. Dvorak. R. Laufer, 8. Murtha, S Coulter, K. Dixon. C. Tettelbach Back row J. Fluhar t. M. Smith. R. Bower, M. Open- Shaw, P. Beaumont. J. Murray. J. Willson A. Quintong, M. Allman CLASS OF 1985: Front row: C, Adams, L. Caputo. E. Smith S Kelly, S Melton, R. Brown, J. McCord R. Ing, J, Beel Middle row: D. Whalen, L Falkenbach, F. Wagner, R. Hale, P, Bishop S. Sobka. K. Weist. J. Carey Back row: R Cissel. K, Clinch. M. Gregory. S. Grace. S Callahan, M. Ottinger, D. Mellecker, L Clay CLASS of 1986: Front row: G. Landkamer. W. Thurlow, D Baca, A. Jackson, J. Jackson, S. Shaw, N Weakland, P. Petri, C. Dodges Middle row S. Conroy, E, Little, E, Knapp, T. Judge. T Tonan. S. Giarrizzo. M. Green. J. Davis. E Adams Back row: S. Varani. J. Chatelain T. Olsen. M Morrissey. W. Craig. M. Crane R. Lloyd, A. Hutchinson, S. Wade, T. Jack son ' A «e3Ai 1 1 f t , i, t t » » 1 1 , 1 , , , The Brigade 42 M LTJG Stewart. Spring Set- M LT Jones. M LTJG Hicks. M ENS Taylor. P Albert, M Hemtl.R.J wOJei Wers,r.l M Colby, Ho(tjes,K, 1 K Parton 2. L. Ruggiero 3. S Hubeli 4. M Coughhn 5. B, Jacobi 6. R. Haskins 7. J. Stewart 8, B. Conrad 9. Y, Williams 10. D. Jones U.K. Podolak 12. E. Jackson 13. H,B, Smith 14. B. Tyree 15. M, Molkenbuhr 16. D. Hicks 17, C. Smith 18. T. Bailey 19. M. Woods 20, B. McHugh 21. R. Taylor 22. P. Clark 23. P. Mahosky. 4?6 The Brigade L ILJI M M tV f ff f » ft I t-t.f t V -Sr- • Vt CLASS OF 1984 Front row: D. Terwilliger. J. Schmitt. P Dobbs, R. Knapper, D Nedry, J Proko- piak, J So. T. Kymn. N Miller Middle row R Budicin. J Bates. R Clark. N Quick. F Koprucu. S McGinty. T Wise. J Schmitz. R Cassetta. P Springer Back row J La- made. C Sternberg. G Murray. R Cze- chowski, S Bowman, L. Grammer, L. Seutter. A. Gomez, T. Pickerlll, R. Wach CLASS OF Front row: J. Overton, P. Dietrich, C McGee, J. Hassenfeldt, E, Nixon, R Burg- er, T. Kersey, B. Velasquez, G. Campbell P. Kwoka Middle row: R, Warnock. A. San nicolas, B. Roper, E. Short, L Zimmer man, S. Urbina, M. Lalli, G. Lawrence. G Slook. C. Makuch. J. Bennett. R Ewing Back row: R, Carriedo. M. Dalgetty. J Maf fei. M. Blumenberg. M. Napolitano. R Dean. M. Mally, R. Starsman. R. Price. J Barron The Brigade 427 I f Lt. Arellano - 16th Company Officer Fall Set- M Lt McCrary, M LTJG Stuber, Spring Set- M LT Murphy, M LTJG McKenna, M ENS Sherrard. M ENS Greer. 1. S. Boracchia 2. E, Ferris 3. P. Mc Kenna 4, T Murphy 5. J. Sherrard 6. P Sawyer 1 M. Salvato 8. D Dober 9. C Johnson 10. B. Robinson 11. D. Clague 12. J. Stuber 13 G Stenstrom 14 M Claps 15. C. Alexander 16 C. Bevilac qua 17. G. Harrington 18. T. Frakes 19 T Carey 20 B Greer 21 R Festa 22 M. Redman 23. J. Depp 24. M. Labra dor 25. D. Dickenson 26. B. Fauara. 128 The Brigade Class of 1984: Front row J Hartman, D. Baker. S. Neal. R McDonald, M Chase. D. Osen. A. Smith. M Edwards Middle row; M, Patterson. T. Smyers. H Matlosz. J Aquilino. A. Sharp. W Mazanel. A. Meurer. M. Johns Back row: J. Doyle, S Rosky. C. Perkins. J. Fos- ter. 8. Jenkins. B. Stephens, S, Lanier Class of 1985: Front row: L. Ramirez, S. Benvenuttt. G, Rosen. B, Smith, J. Anderson, M, Libonati, D. Fields, C. Taylor, R. Villar, M. Graham Middle row: J. Hull, A. Paul, F. Isaminger, Stone, J. Franke, B, Groover, S. Bugai, C. Drenter, B. Wooten, P. Soltesz, J, Ber- nardi. T. Logan, K. Adams, B. Conway Back row: T, Daniels, D. Harris, H, Mayer, Dill, J. Yancigay, T, Alexander, B. Mel- , A. Gibb, P. Redmon, S. Mack, J. Rist. Misiaszek 1 Class of 1986: Front row: G, Janvier, L Turner, C, Atkin- son, J. Fietz, C. Simpson, K. Freeman, B. Calkins, M. Vermeulen. M. Testen. J. Zio- bro Middle row: M. Pereira, C. Freise, T. Kelly, J. Russ, A. Hale, S. Craig, D, Koc- zela, R. Baczuk, R. Boho, H. Stallings, P. Luebbe, J, Paganelli, D. Dienst Back row: A, Broch, B. Gately, T. Holley, R. Malc- zynski, P, Salit, R. Kuzy, J. Wilson. T. Turn- er. K. Meenaghan. R. Proano. D. Reiber J .-i I 1. K. Menz2, B Flaskerud 3. R. Mahr 4. M. Johnston 5. M. Crosby 6, C. Loria 7. F. Shaffer 8. J. Fletcher 9. D. Roberts 10. B. Matthews IL B. Riegel 12. C. Piefras 13. D. Nameroff 14. S. Jackson 15. S. O ' Con- nor 16. J. Mathers 17. D. Rydholm 18. S. Steeves 19. J. Clark 20. C. Walker 21. D. Ellsworth 22. M. Hagerott 23 E Baldwin 24. B. Koivu 25. S. Bubier 26. T. Kieth 27 J McKeon 28. R. Chapleski 29. G. Haines (missing: E. Becker, J. Esper. W. McCool, R. Baldochi, and R. Cambell.) Fall Set- M LT Chapleski. M LTJG Ellsworth, M ENS Rydholm Spring Set- M LT Becker, M LTJG Haines. M ENS Clark. 430 The Bng.ide I From row: s,R Uary « row:j,N ° C ' al)0»sky | , " " ' »■ D, u » . G. 0, 1 J Class of 1986: Front row: S. Rewald, M Cintron, Q. Ra- mil, P. Leary, B. Solo, M. Mitchell, M. Black, M. Alegre, B. Pellegrin, B. Moore | Middle row: J. Newton, J. Reich, J. Brown, 1 P. Grabowsky, M. Feffer D. Noltka mper, 1 R. Testyon. B. Barnes, B. Hoffman, D. Rit- 1 miller, M. Tegina Back row: B. Dyson, D. | Pimpo, D. Kneger, R Laemmie, J. Duecker, G. Dragan, L Daugherty, C, Brown, M. Woods t f t t t t t-f;;t 1. E. Reintjes 2, M. Resnick 3. G. San- tos 4 S. Wickerson 5. B. Moran 6. G. Kessler 7, R, Woodfork 8. M. Byman 9. D, McCall 10 G Miksch 11. S. Gabris- zeski 12. L. Gill 13 G Mayo 14. A. Goehrig 15. M Dellatto 16. M. Shippee 17 R Convento 18. G. Brandquist 19. K James 20 M. Olson 21 D. Roach 22. M. Kohrs 23. A. Laney 24, J. Gilles- die 25. R. Waye 26. M. Tammen 27 D. Drehoff 28. W. Galinis 29 J. Blake (Not pictured R. Hennelly.) 432 The Brigade I u uM l : ' • .-i- - iHAiit M Class of 1984: Front row: D Cooper, A Tolg. R A(ken. K Kilday, S Talamantes, P Cochran, R. Lee D Brumley Middle row: L, Clark, R Rich ardson, H Merk, M. Chipkevich, E Wilson K Darden, K Winenng, D Caldwell, D Doster Back row: R Sexton. S Orren. R Sheldahl, K Tirman, M. Sheperd, G Kar pick, T Downing, S. Hedges Class of 1985: Front row: T. Olson, G. Smith, S. Hlllman, A. Solgere. T. f alick, B. Saxman. J. Walk- er, R. Nowak, G. McGlffney, J, Geis Middle row: B. More, L. Hickey, G. Milowicki, W, Johnson, G. Habel, D. Morris, C. Smith, B. Nolan, M. MCNamara, F. Gunsallus Back row: S. Boerigter, B. Higgins, J. Brightwell, D. Wood, M. Yniguez, T. Marshall. J. Miley, A. Andow, D. Deist, M. Huggins I f t t| % »:.»,;» -til f t t f t f:t: f; t:t Class of 1986: Front row: J Neal, P. Albata, J, Relnhart. A Arredondo, G. McMichael. J. Horneff, T. Lawrence. F. Peterson. D. Perez. A. Jaru- sewski Middle row: J. Ryder. J. Whelan. C. Dougherty. N. Connally. J Rucker. T. Mal- liet. E. Mehalko. R. Collins. T, Forey. G. Vincent. K. hams. S. Sutherland. J, Ohman Back row: J, Gephart, D. Driftmeyer, T. Kitchen, D. Hanlon, J. Coe. M. Bellinger. J. Koehr. J. Current. S. Cannon. B. Spray- berry. P, Sita. E, Tillman The Brigade 433 19 Fall Set- M LT Ramsey, M LTJG Formey, Spring Set- M LT McGee. M LTJG Zahr M ENS Mahoney. M Ens Alcala. 1. K. KornchukZ. T. Corcoran 3 L Zahm 4. A Hofley 5 M Melillo 6. T. Cheamitru 7. P. Siegrist 8. A. Wilding 9. C. Sitarski 10. M. Poirier 11 Butler 12 W. Powell 13 L Comerford 14. D Saba 15 J Amy 16 F Forney 17. B. Belcher 18. 8. McGee 19. G. Miller 20. B. Gahn 434 The Brigade I T dffiiry i Class of 1984: Front row: P, Gawryzewski, S, Vogelsang. M. Wallace. C, Hamner, S. MacArthur. L. Price, G. Navin. J, Brown. M Stolarski. M. Jacobson Middle row: S, Atkin. M Granier. P. Arenos, T, Onorati. T. Mauro. D Hall. K. Bradquist, L. Ellis. D Gellene, W. Blue. W. Elliot. G. Williams Back row: R. Sawyer, S. Rasphcka. D. Vanderschoot. D. Burns, M. Purcell, J. Quint. R. Hollenbeck, S Wil- liams, A. Hale. N. Enriquez 1 1 1 1 1 1 Class of 1985: Front row: B. Williams. A, Gross. S. Wells. S. Simpson, A. Yetman, R. Busfi. B. Clark. K. Anderson. L. Bever, C. Betton Middle row: T. Hanson. S- Reicfiard. W. Burchell, S. Pimpo. D. Barham Back row: S. Piatt. C. Denman, J. Syverten, J. Budway, D. Bur- ton, J. Sheldrup. T. Sylvester. S. Carlson. W. Bell. S. Bongardt. M. Gradwohl. G. Gar- besi Class of 1986: Front row: T, Quesada. J. Malloy, S. Out law, J. Guy, M. Glavy, G. Glards, E. Wentz S- Helmers. J, Delia Middle row: R. Salvan era. P. Needham, K, Tempus. W- Whaley M. Ware. N, Sawyer. U. Maleda, K. Da lamer. D. Houser. A. Shuma Back row: J Emerick. B. Bickford. J. Flores. J- O ' Don nell. J. Miranda, G. Procak, J. Martinellt, A Schneider, M. Sullivan Spring Set- M LTWirsching, M LTJG Benson. M ENS Foley. , LT. Sloane 2. C. Deltoro 3. J. Benson 4. J. Mulligan 5 D. Diorio 6. D. Hol- comb 7. L. Hinkley 8. P. Ditullio 9. N, Schiavetta 10. C.Gaul 11. R. Hayes 12. R. Fuchs 13. K. Levins 14. J. Garrava 15. M. Foley 16, L. Thomas 17. S. Koye 18. R. Jordan 19. M. Kanakis 20. S. WIrsching 21. M. Skidmore 22. S. Mur- phy 23. T. Fernan 24. J. Hunter 25. R. Guest. 436 ThG Brigade Class of 1984: Front row: W. Hosch. E. McCarthy, G Shore. R Cox, R. Espinosa, M. Lopez, B, Wiegert, T. Rogers, C. Frederick Middle row: S. Ripley. A. Bell, S. Heyward, J, Han non, D, Ratte, W, Belt, K. Peckenpaugh, M Avila Back row: A. Grosskurth. C, Bagwell T. Dietz. T. Meadows. D. Booth. K. Scott T. Cuff. G. Heruth. T Wing. M. Garcia I Ck " f f , tilt f :f-f .:t ' - — . - r ' . i — ' ■ . -I - .il -7 ' TV m n • 1 » 1 1 f.t t f -W ' -¥ U - ta Class of 1985: Front row: J. Skufca. H. Castillo. R. Snow, T. Polinchock, T, Park, F. Sheehan, E Maufield, v. Zaccardi. S. Dueker. J. Thorn as Middle row: A. Castillo. 8. Muxlow. R Walzer. J. Polo. E. Doyle. M, Haumer. T, Landefeld. D. Oliver. C Wilson. M. Dahlin, M Siewertsen Back row: P Harris. J Hoyle. P. Criswell. J. Biggs. K. Gue. T Bates. D. Cooksey. D. Island. T. Moore. B Dejole i Class of 1986: Front row: T, Burket, S. Moore. T Luscher. R, Fresquez. T Wagner. J Smith. D. Caballero. S. Davidson, L. Vazquez Mid- die row: T. Simoes, B. Allen, E. Roberts, S. Gureck, D. BaczkowskI, S. Alman, T. Col- lins, T. Metzger, J. Sommer, T. Brown Back row: A. Mayeaux, C Green, F. Bijak, J. Hornberger, P McLaughlin, D Land- wehr. C. Dunn. D. Ball. K. Williams l| Mili mn : ■ : .b ■ IMEBgHHfeMHHF- The Brigade 437 Maj. Berle - 21st Company Officer 21 Fall Set- lum, M M LT Blankemeyer, M LTJG McCol- i Spring Set- M LT McCollum. M LTJG Wilcox. ENS Ishikawa. M ENS Shatynski. 1. B. Sheppard 2, L, McCollum 3. T. Ishikawa 4. E Ryder 5 J Mullen 6 T Batzler 7 B Mattingly 8. E. Lester 9 P Fanta 10. B. Murphy 11. D. Gaston 12 J. Nolan 13 R. Voor 14. J Nielsen 15. M. Gallagher 16. J. Wilcox 17. F. Calle 18. S. Shatynski 19. B Gott 20. F Blan- kemeyer 21. M. PRice 22 G. Ellard 23 S Brooks 24 T Burt. 438 The Brigade 1 iyOif i r n Iff ; f: f-Mff f f » t t t,f ;t-f.;f,|.|- r V -i Class of 1985: Front row: L. Henigan, K. Patton, D. Gross- mann, T. Callaghan, S. Siletsky, R. Quin- ton. A. Klefer, J. Peters, M. Flowers Middle row: G. Hess, T. Olson, D. Pflieger, M. Hasty, S. Kennedy. M. Coonrod, S. Mier- nlcki, E. Campbell, A. Zdanowicz, J. Con- nors, T. Parham, K. Freitas. M. Livingston Back row: D. Williams, C. Springer, J. Mar- shall, J. Moraytis, J. McDonald. T. Tinney. M. Licholai. E. Mullen. E. Whitehouse, E. Mogelgaard m ' iffi: Class of 1984: Front row: C. Martini. B Koctier, J Ste- fanko, W Mergen, A. Menendez, R Col- lazo, J Clark, J. Tajiri, K Wagoner Middle row: D Adams, J. Lazevnick, J Hartman, H Morrison. F Fegan. E Armistead. S Turner. M Vermaat. N Palmiotto. J Ro- quebert. J. Deal. D. Kowalick Back row: R. Ernst, S Spearing, D. Suriano, T. Luke, J Montgomery, D. Griffin, M. Jelepis, S Newman, S Gordon. C. Lynch -f 1 1 frtfi tt rfV f t::t r f :t;» ; ■ Vf, J ' . i I I t f f f f t: f t 1 - _ I . :se- n- k.. Class of 1986: Front row: B Davis Y Isaza. M Lornn. P. Munaco M. Quinn L Simonian, D. Sel- | berg, K Chernoch, M. Lowman J. Herlihy Middle ow: T Dempsey. G Estrada. R. | Bazan. . , Manser. J Clopeck. J Bailey. G. Maiden, L. Noguess K Colton. F Acosta. P. Kohl P Morocco Back row P Obsit- nik. D Metzbower. L. Harris. G Miles. S. Masi, R Vork. J Drew. F Arata. J Master- son The Brigade 439 Fall Set- M LT Switzer, M LTJG Black, Spring Set- M LT Lemay. M LTJG Ball M ENS Nicholas. M ENS Brzostek. 1. K. Miller 2 M Manzelll 3. J FortI 4. E Logue 5. F, McNeil 6 M. Lemay 7 K, Smith 8. J. Hallin 9 J. Sweeney 10, T, Nicholas 11, R, Wood 12, B, Antonio 13. A, Sanchez 14 J Beatty 15 K Switzer 16 K, Beatty 17 D. Ball 18, G Rossano 19 J, Nail 20, K Spafford 21 J, Ruiz 22 D Hintze 23 D Fuhrmann 24, J. Houser 25, R, Black (Missing: C, Walborn. P,M, McCool, MS, Bart kowski. B, Cianella, K, Hancock, W Ryon. J, Brzostek. K Wilson, T Vaughan.) ficer Class of 1984: Front row J Riley K Kircher ,M Qumn,E. Flores. E Rice, S. Blau, S. Honan, D Har- | dm Middle row: E. Barrish, B Mcllvaine, J. 1 Wilcox. S Soleng K, Farnett, Fortune Back row P. Willette, K Eve rill S Camp- bell, T, Leach, D. Tel.aw. J. Judy. J Sawitsky I !.« ■f.lt: t f t Class of 1985: Front row: G Beyke, S. Pohl. J. Grippo. R. Poitras. L Roberts. T. Krueger. J. Fi- guerres. M. Hawkins. M. Lester Middle row: S. Field. R. Johnson. M. Borrosh, M. Midgley. P. Salgado. G. Anderson. R. Price. M- Smith. C. Giles. C. Reynolds Back row: P. Richmond. T. Schoenborn. M. Randolph. D. Bertchtold. J. Nixon. J. Royal, J. Wilcox. D. Lynn. R. Young f Lf Jtm. ' A f f f tf tf . t f t fvf t f f: fit Class of 1986: Front row: T. Kolongowski. W. McLeod. D. Baugh. D. Conaway. E. Olenick. M. Magee. J. Murphy. C. Hickey. G. Cruz. T. Howard Middle row: B. Jemison. J. Addison. P. Mornssey. E. Fenton. W. Crouch. W. Finn D. Long. P. Simonsen. C. Bruske. T, McEl roy. D. Ray, C. McLelland Back row: W. Balch. D Hagan, C. Orwoll. D Stopkey. J, Donnelly. T Bachmann. D. Opatz. J Reed, J, Wynn. D. Hostetler. A. Allen The Brigade •141 23 H SlliJ Fall Set- M LT Huffman, M LTJG Hans, Spring Set- M LT Newmeyer, M LTJG Sundt. M ENS Worley. M ENS Stacia. 1 . L, Petrone 2. T. Bonnett 3. C. Ray 4. J Hoch 5. K, Kammerer 6. T. Rebhorn 7. W Farach 8. R. Hans 9. K. Talbert 10. P. Boyne 11, R, Herb 12. M. Huff- man 13 B Stacia 14. R. Giles 15. T Spriesterbach 16 S Miller 17 K New meyer 18, J Scanlan 19. S. Sundt 20 B. Lewis 21 A. Mangan 22. M, Ploof 23. M. Silva 24. M. Worley 25. M. Watson 26. B. Corolla 27. Percy the Wildman. 442 The Brigade Class of 1984: Front row: R, Sichau. D, Wallace, J, Lean- hart, M, Baker, B, Newton, P. Esch, J. Col- lins, H, Gilreath, B. Allman, E, Elkin Middle row: G. Quist, L. Dion, J. Goff, G, Hook, J. Cunningham, G. Carradini, M. McCann, J- Sauer, K, Astrup. P, McCabe Back row: W. Wilson, D Sanchez, S. Ridder, R. Dohoda, F. Crespo. G. Frey, J. Bishop, M. Miller, J, Lamontagne .t I t: f:: " t f f If t If, Class of 1985: Front row: G, Sladcik, S Osborne, J, Orr D. Commons, K. Bianchi. G. Miller, D Loesch. J. Kindschuh, P. Slyh Middle row S. Knauer, S. Nelson, S. Rauch, L. Lescari D. McDuffie, J. Ulbricht, B, Johnson, K Reimer Back row: B, Paige, D. Yurovich, S Callahan, C. Perreca, E. Francis, F. Proc tor Class 1986: Front K Collins. J. Ihlan, M Reilly, M. Van- Durick, J. Jaquet, J, Smith G. Partney. B Marlett T. Losciuto, R. Dalton Middle row D, Smith, B. Walter, B. Bryant, R, McGuirt C. Laporte, J. Tavares, T. Greenlee, J Kresge, R. Lorentzen, R. Gomez, A, Go mez, J, Casares Back row: E. Cavallaro, B Beverly S. Chapman, B. Parks, P. Rob erts, V Peoples, K, Clark A. Walther, T Hall, K, Cart, G. Mazenko, G. Thompkins J » ft fvt: iht t t The Brigade 443 ID Evans 2 M, Stapleton 3, K, Hale 4. V. Villanueva 5. A, Maraoui 6, D. Smith 7, V. McAneney 8. B. Kulick 9 M. Quar- tiere 10 M Alevizos 11 A Readen 12. R. Herzog 13 M Lavoie 14. J Nelson 15. D. Ogram 16. W. Weir 17. L. Wil- liams 18. R Gross 19. D Barnhurst 20 R. Bianchi 21. S Buck 22 T Bostock 23. W Fairchild 24. C SEN 25. E. Schendell 26 T. Criger 27 R Woods 28. J. Rubin 29. S. Smola. Lt. Luti - 24th Company Officer 24 H A ]nrH % )Ci 1 ' - aSi ■ N SI . J Hi MSinilh,O.C Fall Set- M LT Kulick. M LTJG Woods, Spring Set- M LT Bostock. M LTJG Rubin. M ENS Lavoie. M ENS Quartiere. M 444 The Brigade I I It kli ' t f ft .1 f :t::t « ' • ' t ft f f ;t ' ,-t;;f | Class of 1984: Front row; N Smith. J Pendola. G Crab- tree, A Saccavino. J Daniel. B Lipphardt. L Ryan. J Lyon. M Heaphy, R Lawrence Middle row: G David. D Petitt, J Graham. C Schwenker. T Manley, M McCutcheon. R, Kametz, J. Coogan. P. Desjardins. S Allen. L. Gaines Back row: D, Abell. M, Ha- gan. K. Canady. G. Stahl. S Peters. B Doyle. G Herlong, W Wright, B, Wrzeszcz, C. Brown 1 ' Class of 1985: Front row: K. tVlyers. J, Huey. J. Villan- ueva, R. Croce, D. Cooper, M. Kessler. C. Johnson. K. McElroy, S. Smith Middle row: N. Slater, J. Hudson, D. Hudson, L. Phillip, M. Smith, D. Carson, M. Beattie, R. Hook- er. P. Mooney. S. Edmlston. M. Little Back row: M. Denno. D. Buckta. D. Hasson, S. Logan, D. Haack, L. Wright. J. Beach, M. Stevens, D. Morgan. J. Ellis, M. Mudd ' ria MWL: jr!iiiJI ft t ft t f :f: Ji P -, -J ' ' I MtVt tM-f ti t_ ' i " ii " a ■ i " ' ' ' Class of 1986: Front row: R. Gilmer. L. Cariello. J. Puzan. C. O ' Neill, W. Wostbrock. T. Mylhearn. J. Winebrenner. R Baerga. P. Moan Middle row: M. Menninger, F. Williamson. R Plant. G. Hall. S. Meloche. J Fritts, A Freedlund. J. Lindgren. M, Eakes. D. Brammer, N. Az- zarita Back row: M Angil. J. Griffin, A. Kirk- patrick. B. Wakefield, J Sanchez. E. Kee- shan. J, Pasichuke. D, Saffold, J. Johnson. M. Bayly. E. Brown, R. Poinsette The Brigade 445 Fall Set- M LT Hahne, M LTJG Davis, M ENS Spring Set- M LT Pearson. M LTJG Molloy. Molloy. M ENS Dunn. 1. W. Stevens 2. P Protacio 3 D. Rubin 4 W. Hicks 5. S. Wu 6. M, Beall 7. J. Sieberl 8. M. Davis 9 D. Pearson 10 D Hahne 1 1 K. Jones 12, K. McCarhty 13. D. Barhtolo mew 14. T Carrigan 15 J. Giessner 16, K. Brown 17 M. Eddy 18 L. Molloy 19. 8 Voigt20K. Heimerl21. M. Edmondson 22. K. Rowland 23 G Reeves 24 D. Brooks 25. D, Smith 26, J. King 27. J. Butler 28. K Peterson 29. C. South 30. C Kelly 31. D. Walter 32. J. Miller 33. J. Ebert 34. A. Dunn 446 The Brigade ijtMm ' - t« ♦ ft t »ti Class of 1984: Front row: S Nelson, R. MIze. K. Belland. B. Stolley. L, Dahl, J Wilhelm, V, Pratt, M Fillis, G Pregel Middle row: D. Landess, E Rosen, B, Hawley, T. Stubblefield, B. Goo- drow, R Muldoon, P, Bollinger, W, Hudak. P. Bernard, M Gerhardt Back row: J. An- drews, P, Joseph. R, Sfowe. N. Rich, B. Wittick, B, Butler, J, Weires, G. Thomas m Class of 1985: Front row: V. Otero, P. Gonda, J. Bonomo D. Ballard, D, McNamara, A. Lewis. J, No- lan, G. Holmes, D. McDonnell Middle row R. Dezelon, T, Smith. J. Trettin. D, Koch P. Butler, D. Lesser, J. Ward, T. Urban, K Kettel Back row: P, Piercey, S, Newton, T Holt, T. Taylor, C. Reese. G. Morrow, C Pierce. J. Devers Class of 1986: Front row: E. Phillips B. Hoppes. E. Mar- tinez. B. Quiones, J. Dumlao. S. Fink. P. Petersor . K. Huntley D. Redmond Middle row: J. Lee. B. Huguenin. T. Bruce. J- Wil- | liamson. R. Calton. F Rife, G. Pointon, J. Eustace. M. Leeney. R. Magee, B. Apple- white. R Goodwin. B, Berryman Back row: F. Davis J. Lobb. D Jones, W. Mills. R. Tysinger C. Kensingt on. S. Fay. J- Kozan. D. Loeke . K. Hwietniah, T, Hushey. L Ha- | good 1 E Jones 2 T. Mitchell 3. G Cerezo 4 J McPerson 5, D, O ' Hara 6. F, Martin 7. A. McKee 8. D. Kuhlmann 9. D. Yeatman 10. J Pascti 11 R Rodriguez 12 A Vazquez 13, C. Jones 14. G. Zingler 15. T. Connally 16. J. Montgomery 17. J. McQuade 18. R. Bingham 19. B Jones 20. J. Yates 21 M Theberge 22. J Reilly 23 L. Smith 24 M Mundt 25 B Bell 26 K. Mulvaney 27 M Gregorich 28. L. Giannotti 29. M. Mauro I 26{h Class of 1984: Front row: R Curbeam, N. Crump, J Graves , J. Hamann. C, Dickerson, D John son. J Stewart K Stevick, J Oleson, J Bournes Middle row: L. Marshall, J. Gra barek. C, Sonderman. K, Braithwaite. G Brand Back row E Byrne, G. Douglas, W Doyle, M Ogar 3. T. Quinn, D. Sousa, J Hirst, J. Waugh M, Flynn 1 M riff f: :!,:, :f I .f I f t « ft .i f ' f l LTJG Zingler Class of 1985 Front row: J. Hurley T Ruiz. K Buss, B. Creager, P. Menzies, S Williams K Smith. 0. Johnson, J Bizza 0. B McG nn Middle row: A. Lawerance. F , Carlson, A Kerr. P. Schuhlein. M. Camp T. Dunkel B Makri- dis. N. Honan A. VanOrden, G Becht. B. Barton Back ow: A. Curtis, G Adams. J. Delcamp, L. Brown C. Cox, F Butter- worth.!. Low y.D. Woodruff. T. Fasanello. G. McKenney J. Ruttenberg Class of 1986: Front row D. Shannon. J. Danda K. Ryan, B Dibble. S.Kirby. R Urbano. K. Wolfe. M. Taylor. J. Durand. C Malone Middle row: | M.Walls. B. Semple. M.Tharp. S Langley. J. Shaffer P. Stith, T, Furlong D Bou- chard, E. Chase, J Grandfield P. Hall Back row: 1. Pierce. A . Ellison, B. Johnson, J.Kuhn.D Eves. K. Wettschreck M. Riley. M. Williams. E. Goodman. C. Aller . D. Coo- per 1 J[|4f ;]Bii- - Ij f t f t ft t ft t »| f f f t t l-|::t :|;f|- |. " t " - = ll = lii .. l- v -1 The Brigade 449 A. McCoy 2. C Mallox 3. M. Blasik 4 M. Belton 5. S. Mills 6 E. Solar 7. C Gibson 8 D Hailing 9 R. Zapata 10 R Paisley IIP. Adams 12. S. Young 13 S. Kramer 14. M. Schoonmaker 15. R. Woodson 16. J Edgerly 17. M. Chro- mazak 18 W. Schuiz 19 G. Anderson 20. E. McNamara 21 D. Reis 22. R. Dabbs 23. R. Hartman 24. D. Heillen 25. D. Sellers 26. W. Bissenks 27 Seitz 28. P. Raimondo 29 D. McGuine 30. D Waugh 31 H. Atienza 32. J Ken- ney. 450 The BriRade 1 iklB i if 1 - I t f f ft t I •f: f- I. t .fjt ' - - 27th Class of 1984; Front row M. Helinski, J Taverna. M. Young. K Malloy. C. Ph.le . J Lochner H Carrington. B Karditzas Middle row S Walton. B Gass. H Murdock. L. Moore K Monahan M- Ohihaver, J. Fogerty. J K ing Back row M. Sullivan. D Moore, T 3a- seler. J, Arnoso. A, Nichols. M, Nichols E Fippinger J Rodriguez TiiJHL Ji Class of 1985: Front row: D. Moore. C. Nelra. W. Hirsch C. Rush. M. Mighori. S. Bishop, M. Lewis. F Taboada. D. Chen. F. Knehans Middle row K. Chrlsman, P. Rosmilso. D. Asjes. J Moosmann. M. Kolp, J. Stewart, J. Sigler C. Griffith, D. Germane Back row: T, MoX ' ness, N. McCallum, R. James, T. Decelle T. Malpartida, S. Ploof, B. Castleton, J Pietkiewicz fM t t t f I t I . f r t t ' f f .rV ' « ' y y i ' " ' ' £ ' ' £. Class of 1986: Front row: B Cabana, G. Jessen, K Linn, J. McNutt, P. Powell, G. StaHord, H. Hughes, K. Smith. K, Kranker. T. Doran Middle row: T. Lester. C, Lopez. Y. Yarger. T. Frizzell. D. Gleason. B. Skimmons. J. Singel. P. McFadden. H. Banda Back row: M. Wharton. Z, McNeal. C. Kowald. L. Lundstrum. P. Marquis. M, McVay. M. Flo- res. A. Palaganas. J Judith. A. Kovach The Brigade 451 Capt. Christman - 28th Company Officer Fall Set- WI LT Nobles, M LTJG Carter, Spring Set- M LT Griffith, M LTJG Moller M ENS Smith, M ENS Blackwell IS. Burt 2 C, Carter 3 R Whelan 4 J. Wood 5. J. Davis 6 D Emerson 7, J. Hall 8. E. Harkcom 9. A. Griffith 10, K, Hauer 11. F Henderson 12 C Bowling 13. K. Johnson 14 W Liston 15. J. Blackwell 17, M, Donner 18 D, Nobles 19, B, Loyola 20, H, Frank 21, K, Bedell 22 J. Recor 23 M Gubojh 24. R, Wile- man 25, C Rice 26 G. Moller 27, A Smith 28 A. Gray 29, C, Canby 30, C Henkel 452 Thr Brigade ■28th ,fl% f rrfpf - - " JM j Class of 1984: Front row; J. Ennls. T. Johnson G. Ster- ling. T. Callahan. D. Marcum. M Mullen. C | Fncker, W, Stephens Middle row: T, Bruner. R Eason. D. Depman. J Schlegel. M Clark T. Wertz. A. Pulham. D Marr. A. Galsgaa d. J, Wasko Back row: J Howard. A, McLean. M. Ceb Lilski. T Andrews, M | Rahn, R Garland. J Intinfolo Class of 1985: Front row: B. Bolivar. C. Gaulke. J De- bauge, K, Perrone. J, Vanbrabant, S. Kowalkoski. G. Sears. K. O ' Neill. L Bugg. G. Neumann Middle row: M. Henderson. A. Lawhead. D. Mitchell. J. Blakely. J, Bal- dyga, S. Macolino, S. Bamonte. L. Olson. K. Richcreek. R. Getty, C. Kirkbride Back row: M. Schatzle. E. Olson. B. Goddard. B, Reed. J. Johnson. J. Rosati. L. Gage. G, Lastra. M. McKay. T. Kane. K. Reeds. J. Robertson 1 , t f t t t t f: t f r • Vfi - Class of 1986: Front row: K, Milliken. C. McCarthy, E Burke, B. Klosowski. G- Salvato. J. Dm gess. S. Murphy. S. Kibbey. C, Chun. D Braswell Middle row: R. Rupp. J. McMullin M, Johnson, S. Schrader. S. Borsch. E Totty. M, Lupton. J, Pitts. J. Brockett. K Windbigler, B, Quinlan Back row: M Daghir. A. Ospina. M. Marnotti, G, Kearns K. Arneson. A. Brookins. J, Davila. L, Pe tersen. C. Soler, T, Shumaker. N, Swanson The Brigade 453 Spring Set- M LT Hoffner. M LTJG Moran. M ENS Dowd, 1. E. Bressler 2, T Looke 3, C. Youngb lood 4. R. Moran 5. H. Dorman 6. N, Yang 7. A. Plewniak 8. C. MUeller 9, N, Doerry 10, P, Corwin 11. J. Stephen- son 12, J, Hughes 13, B, Larson 14, T Vegel 15, S, Culpepper 16, L, Dibler 17 M. Lafreniere 18 C Bumbaca 19, Y Hoffner 20, C Banewicz 21, W, Freitag 22, J, Coles 23, C LUcas 24, W Smith 25 M, Hamilton 26, J, Leary 27, M, Dowd 28 H. Miranda 29 D, Braswell 30 R, Bartlett 31. B. Obo 32, W, Pain 33 C Rane. ClJssoll98( fiO(i|row;G ' «h. R Mi rn,C, «».M, Parke ' D,Mjcf Sli)s,C,l 454 Thf Brip,-i 4 1 Class of 1984: Front row: J. Alber J. Parlllo, G. Zamka J. Churbuck. R. Wllheln- , R. Go ins, T. Sum- | mers. V. Martinez Middle row M. Stys, M Groody. E Meyer T. Nolen. W. Orton J. Scholl. T. Ray Back row: C Deleon, W. Paulson, 7 . Miller G Price, J. Miller J. Morrow J5 1 f t t t t : , wsfSw mm !!■ tA ' ilMd ' i Class of 1985: Front row: P. Schnorr, P. Hanlon, K. Mollis, J. Clifton, M, Alexander, E. Oliver, T. Gates, S Speed, E. Bowers Middle row: V. Kreeger, G. Watts, B, Doud, T. Loeblein. M. Pecaut, V. Leung, T. Johnson, R. Weath- ers, S. Bai, G. Losee, J, Day. B, Buswell, J. Roberts, J. Carver, R. Arcaro Back row: A. Dickerson, C. Williams, G. McKinney, T. Williamson, J, Moulton, J. Kehlenbach, T. Varallo, P. McKinnon, T. Jones, J. Alas, L. Datilo, T. Delaserna, P. Ryan Class of 1986: Front row: G. Arthur, R. Casslllas, C Wag- ner, E. Rupp, P. Lawrence, D. Dufresne, K. Mauch, R. Malski, N. Russell, L. Okamoto Middle row: D. Ward, A. Sandor, R. Beyers, L. Wilborn, C, Bencal, J. Leonard, R. Lind- say, M. Parker, D. Rhodes, C. Hebert Back row: D. MacFarlane, T. Curry, D. Dixon, L. Reynolds, C. Lombardi. L. Maye. A. Groves ■ _o. v - - • ■ • V V -iiir • t ♦ 1 The Brigade 455 1 M urtp .i V M Klorig 3. J Dee 4 J Yourkowski 5 F Eissler 6 A Tanski 7 C Simkins 8 P Pritchard 9 T McKavitt 10 P Puccetti 11 R StJohn 12 R Musico 13 T Thomas 14 M Hull 15 S Philrott 16 L Yustak 17 L Cowden 18 M Bowers 19 R Hoffmann 20 IVI Murphy 21 K Wetterskog 22 E Borowicz 23 D Valaik 24 T. Luffy 25 T Bond 26 A Small 27 W Crozier 28 J 456 The Brigndr- Class of 1984 Front row B Caraveo, J Long, A Slaw- son, W Deroche. N Vmzon, T Beck, F Adams, T Jones Middle row: C Hollings- worth, J Przbyszewski. R Broadston, 8 Scidh, M Burgess. S Mohs, D Schleicher, G. Alberto, K Woltersdorf, D Denneny Back row: T Birdsong, R. Olds, I White, A Lamsom, D Hoover, S Wright, R Inman, M Barranco, J Lara Class of 1985: Front row: J Edwards. M Shigley, J Lega spi, P. Zarate, G Wolski, B Goehler, P Mathews, P. Turner. P. Brown, R. Rut kowski (Middle row: K, Kaneshiro, K. Col lum, W. Bachmann, E, Waigand, D. Taylor A. Bruno. J. Baratta. C. Shelden. M. Petou hoff. D Barron Back row: D. Cuyno. B Arnold. S. Cassidy, T. Schlll. T. Watson, K Fitzgerald, S Smith, S. Devore, G. Lang- ford, J. Dorn HaliL JS t t t rti I H, 1. J .MiW . A. . mTlf t-» I f rf f.::|;f »-A UH • i «S : ■ Class of 1986: Front rov : R. Garay. T. Allman J Taylor, B. Chase S. Smith. C, Laws. P. Secrist. P. Reitan. N Schley Middle row: S Jones. B. Haste. W Rauscher. M. Jones . E. Wahl- stedt, T. Steffy, C. Kenyon. B, Brown. P. Walsh, S. Burton. A, Patterson K. Johan- son Back row: F, Sulhvan. J Hopkins. J 1 English. C Edwards. G. Nikitenko. C Ains- | worth. J. Collins, S. Evertson. A, Schweick- hardt. R. Schmitt 1 D Roth 2 R Barhite 3 S Laverentz 4 E Rahme 5. F Lastar 6. S, Lewia 7. B Taylor 8 S Pollack 9. T Stuart 10. 8. Berman 11. L. Sawyer 12. T. Lom- bardo 13 R. Schieke 14. S. Ockerman 15. C Russak 16 A Cassity 17. S Fi- scher 18. T. Davis 19. E. Ricketts 20. M. Thompson 21. M. Vormbrocke 22. J Bors 23 R. Gross 24. M. Brown 25. D. Diorio 26 C. Lee 27 R. Sauer. Spring Set- M LT Vormbrocke. M LTJG Ock- erman M ENS R. Barhite. 1 SJ t f t t t-f ' tv • ••«» = € ■ A -; : 31st Class of 1984 Front row: M, Bo ulden, D Ditton. J Reape, T. Mologne, D Jung, S- Thatcher. 1 T. Calabrese. L. Gacusan, C ilburn Mid die row: J. Carroll. M . Michaud E Clayton G Krueger. L Lewis T, Drape , J Wiggins D. Yablonowsky, D. Shupinski Back row: T Forrestal, P Hogan, J. Steckel M Potoch niak. J Lenda. P, Le ngyel. R. Peterson. J Gufford. W Butler f t f r f t t ft % ' Class of 1985: Front row: M, Flagg. R. Fullerton. M. Cor tesio. N. Peters. R. Hall. J, l anzano. E Gunning, G. Torres, W. Harrington. J. Ga Vina Middle row: R. Ransier, S. Card. B. Mai, G. Clark. D. Porter. A. Thompson. D, Alberto. J. Canvin. J. Luther, A. Cardon. M. Merren. C. Sims Back row: P. Martino. D Hamby. J. Reeves. K. Ross. C. Schott. A Fremuth, J. Milligan, J. Peters. P. Severs, M. Walker. S. Krowtow. M. Christman. R Webster Class of 1986: Front row: C. North. M. Stratton, J. Bell. K Barnes. R. Ceres. P, Vantassel. D, Bate son, B. Wise, J. Bamonte Middle row: P Head, J, Durand, G, Stachelski, M, Blair. J Dorey. M. Smith. P McCarthy. C. Price, M, Spears Back row: M. Giauque. D. Sted ham. J. Meier. B, Batchelor. J. Crouse. S Brady. V. Butler. J. Krege. K. Reiman. F Bulico. P. VIoedman The Brigade 459 LCDR McMunn - 32nd Company Officer Class 0119 Fronl ' « ■ «cC3 8r3 «,( D,» D Woods, K. Spring Set- M LT Growers. M LTJG McGeorge, M ENS Ramirez. 1 T Deluca 2. J Murphy 3. E Kirkley. 4. T, Cunningham 5. H. Keith 6, E. Wheeler 7. D Nagle 8. S. McCormidk 9. F. Ramirez 10 J. Laufer 11. R. Growers 12. J. Knud- sen 13. J. Wright 14. K. McClusky 15. J. Fisher 16. J Toyooka 17 S Butts 18. M. Boehle 19 B. Ricketts 20 B. Tolbert 21. P Alexander 22. K Ingalls 23. G. Fears uassoflJSj: From row: J, a J(lensufe,Bf, ' SmillOKj.i " CSchiiiJm, rtM. Jamil 460 The Brigade 32nd icer Class of 1984: Front row C McKenna D Thomas P, McCawley B Degroff. J. Davis W Camp- 1 bell. W, Sympson. A. St, Hierr e. L Fr ee man. B. B adiey Middle row; R. Russell Petersen. C Stephens. M. Becker. M Storto. D. Wright, L Campbel Back row: P. Hullinge r.W. Watson. C Kerr . S. Porter. | D Woods. K King. M. Kahsh, H Gibson W. Cebak, S. McGann ifj iJfliL.f 3£ ' • ' « - • :;- X 0 ' _ " S " " «i r t%- ,:, ' tr Class of 1985: Front row: D. Flint. R. Hadley. M. Schaeffler. D. Lawton. C. Ryan. R. Earle, R. Duncan. G. Whitfield. G. Witt. R. Alfaro Middle Row: P, Stamps. C, Pfeiffer. J. Hem. J. Deranian. R. Vaughn. S. Nichol- son, J, Denardo, J, Bucayan, E. Brzezinsk Back row: R Etkins, D. Wray. 8. Wain. M Skelly. W. Fitzgerald. D. Matzke. M, Shiha- deh, J. Borneman, C, Steigers, S. Panico C. Burke. S. McAllister Class of 1986: Front row: J. Ruth. D. Moses, J. Johnson. K. Enriquez, T. Cann. J. Adams, J. Wie- mann, J, Young. D. Pedro. A. Boyd Middle row: J, Mosher. P. Shelton. D. Clark. C. O ' Keefe. E Merrill, L, Partida. G, Hubbard. J. Censure, B, Flashbart Back row: I. Jerk, T. Smallow, T. O ' Keefe. T. Rivers, G. Oli- ver, G. Schildmeyer. G. Pfeifer. T. Hirsh. L. Hoyt. M. Jarrell. D, Jordan lifUB ffi JL JM 1 » » « » » , ♦ f » 1 ft f i t t t » :»it »! The Brigade 461 LT Sarao-33rci Company Officer f Spring Set- M LT Mackay, M LTJG Thomp- son, M ENS Kelln 1. K. Carr, 2. R. Kamay 3. D. Kelln, $. B. Fletcher, 5, P, Haynes 6, P. Stitt 7. H. Smith 8. T. Snyder. 9. T Hauge 10 R Hayes US. Carroll 12. M. Thompson 13 M Isabelh 14. A. Muna 15. T. Boussom 16 P Morrison 17. Luifhiy 18. L. Mackay 19 G Soderstrom 20. T. Sedlack 21 W Mountford 22. W. Cusack 23. K. Enrique 24 D Carr I V ' ' it Class of 1984: Front row: L Haynes, S. Rasbury. J. Vau- tier. J Johnson, K. McCallum, G. Hoy Mid- dle row: V Donlan. N. Buck. C Cooper. C Haugen. S. Lott. M Pitpit Back row: J Hinen, W. OConnell. A. Alabata The Brigade 463 Fall Set- M LT Bowman, M LTJG Freeman. Spring Set- M LT Papadakis. M LTJG Hall. M ENS Donegan. M ENS Hobson. 1- J, Nangle2, W Ryan 3. T. Twomey 4. W. Murray 5- M, Russ 6. J. Cortes. 7. G Hall 8, R. Reichel 9. D. Werner 10. A Bowman 11 J Boyenga 12 C Biow 13 J Wood 14. G. Hobson 15, P. Men ninger 16. M. Rodgers 17. T. Picchini 18 M, Reed 19, D. Aviles 20. J. Kalb 21 G. Brunetti 22. S, Simpliciano 23. R Freeman 24. B Donegan 25 Hon- ors 26. R. Papadakis 27. B. Ditzler. 464 The Brigade I H •: t;t :f; ft % H f f f I- ft f f-r. Class of 1984: Front row: L Crow. M Kasprzak. L Law. M. Stevens, K Storey L. Stovall. M. Col- lins, M Gwin Middle row: K. Hays. M. Kirby. T. Fisher. H, VU ard, D. Collins, A Embestro, S. McGaugh. R Tillery Back | row: C, Lindsay. V, DA ndrea. N Duffy, D Campell. W, Harms. J. Rees. M. Sprudlin. D, Steindl. J. Derdall Class of 1985: Front row: R. Duzan. S- Nasson. K, White. T, Ellegood. D. Brodeur. A. Otero. C. Rauch, R, McLean. S. Boone. S. Pettit Mid- dle row: G. Mangente. R. Luman. A. Trotta. S. Cull. R. Burgard. R. Clark. D. Schroeder. B, McDonald, J. Liton|va Back row: J, Mon- aghan. K. Watson. S, Chambers, W Wheatley. S. Belair. D. Herrington, G. Pe- ters tt 1 1 tti »., t • ' » k Class of 1986: Front row: A. Metroka. P. Pall. R- Coffel. R, Stryker. C. Hager. T. Conlon. J. Worman. J, Baker. R. McMullen. T. Crook Middle row: H. Silva. H. Papa. S. Foster. J. Howo. S. Cronquist. J, Dwyer. J. Novack. W. McCormick, T. Smith. P, Gibson. S, Cook. A. Farina Back row: H. Nicolay, K. Casey. J. Surma. W. Rohm, R. James, C, Cooley. J. Mailloux. B. Skillman. T. Rigolo. R. Prior. J. Lagasca. M. Taylor The Brigade 465 1. B. Hardesty 2 W. Hall, 3. G. Ferris 4. E. Halpin 5. T. Healey 6. R. Lantz 7 G. Welch 8 M Smith 9 A Laferski 10. J. Booruiy 11. 8 McKibben 12. S. Zotti 13. M. Kubiniec 14. J. Hugglns 15. P. Ramicone 16. J. Sheehan 17 B. Daitch 18. G. Abltante 19 K Boice 20. J. Sny- der 21. F. Vernet 22. B. Wllllston 23 J. McCormick. te of 1986 ' ' t w: R •= ' », e. El t(i,K,ScWe|t llOllllll||| WHRam «.J,Pool now: G.I i lassi, P 5 466 The Brigade T— 1 1 In 35th ficer Class of 1984: Front row: A Levit, C. Amiaga, D. Chase, M. Moran, S. Miller, M. Edson, C Kramer, W. Knudson Middle row: A. Vagnoni, R. Beasley, S. Poindexter. C. Flood. P Howe, J. Baldwin, L. Hamilton Back row: D. Schmieley, D. Bomberger, M. Cannice, S. Starling, C. Crisp, B. Kumangai, J. Jordan ' m SB ■ Class of 1985: Front row: M. Kessler, K. Vogt. J. Miceli. L. Gonzalez, R. Rhoe, T. Kwon, D. Ormond Middle row: C. Dierkes, R. McClary. B. Hale, D. Donovan, E. Kenyon, D. Kyto, A. Thompson Back row: R. Wellborne, T. Bechter, W. Ward, M. NIes, T Dougherty, M. Rubino, J. O ' NIel, D. Lafave, M. Morns, W. Whitbeck Class of 1986: Front row: K. Fallon, R. Rodriguez, B. | Loveless, B. Edmonds. K. Bogdan, T. For tin, K. Schletter, M. Larabee. J. Kilby. T Califano Middle row: J. Swanson, D. Livin good, H. Rainone, K Boska, J. Dibble, R Killlan, J. Pool, B. Moore, V. Gordy, L. Ko vanik. M. Sakaguchi. M. Thibodeau Back row: G. Malley. P. Demers. J. Keels, E. Hassi, P. Gardne , M. Pietkiewicz. M. Cadwell, R. Morin. J Blastos. J. Young HI I t f .1 I I t fj « The Brigade 467 1. A. Sayer 2. W. Flannery 3 T. May- J Rixey 5. J Puiris 6 R. Deiro sano 7, R, Byrne 8 D. Morgan 9 M Thompson 10. A. Manglicmot Thompson 12. W. Wilkins 13 K. Herzog 14. C. Morgan 15. S Recca 16 A. Rouska 17 M Stone 18. C Anderson 19 C Kiser 20. D. Hendricks 2 Bergen 22 T. Modly 23. S Hiester 24 K Wilson 25. R Haberstick 26. C Raines 27. M. Sagerholm J. McHugh. 468 ThP Brip.irlP ■« 1 ' f f ' « t » ttt f ■ ,1 f t !■; f f f t « Class of 1984 Front row: S Todd C Frasse J Bart- koski, D Stoddard. G Keller, D Nicoson, H Nepf. B Mohle. A Menzel Middle row: | R Baker, A Kim, T. Aguiiar, B Martin, T. Capasso, M Kelly, B Armstrong T Good- lett Back row: P, Finn ey, T Owens, C Zub- | he, J Weistroffer, G Peters, T. Evans, D Brown, S Jones f f , ■■ f- 1 f I ---1 1-4 Class of 1986: Front row: M. FInley. J. Avery, T. Osborn. S. Lopez. G Broussard, J. Hiike, A. Lynch. G Hale, M Wells, N Zaffiris Middle row: K. Grochow. S. Orourke. 8. Hudson. M. Mi- shik. J. Barnes, S. Rumph, P. Kuplinski, D. Young, S, Sepanski, M. Tuneff, K. Paro, L. Aguilar. Back row: G. Kobler, W. Kiestler. J. Anderson. K. Krause. J. Mayberry. G. Blanchard. S Quinlan. D Grennon. L Rat- chffe, H. Lowe. D Sheridan The Brigade 469 1S ■■.. . » ■ IN MEMORIAM 472 Memor TO LIVE IN THE HEARTS AND MINDS OF THOSE WE LEAVE BEHIND IS NOT TO DIE. Memonam 473 David W. Acton Dublin California Ocean Engineering Nuclear Power Submarines Dave Dave came to the Naval Academy a Her first ser-ving t wo years s an enlistee nuke Claiming IMS appointment was a ■permanent re ease from the holds of nuk »dom.- he aspired of being a P-3 p.lot However, after two years of spreading an -nuke propaganda, th e 2 C summer revelation struck Hard work and lots of money was w belonged Best known lor fiis ability to be m tf e rack by eleven e very week night and stil also tiad an uncanny ability of finding navy good deals ruise coord nator youngster and first class year, and watch co-ore inator youngster and secon d class year He even volun teered for a submarine cruise over spr USNAbuy ng ended up with two days in the Bahamas, five days in Ft Lauderdale, and only tw days on the sub Perhaps Dave s biggest conquest ol the Navy system occurred t the manda ory-attendence Plebe mixer There. Dave ended up meeting Patricia whom he has dated e ver since Even though he tended to lose count o see enough ol her They became engaged during his first class summer, with wedding ringing in May We can only wish prosperity to Dave and his submarine career which will probably t Dennis G. Bevington College Park Maryland Naval Architecture Nuclear Power Bev Bev grew up in faraway and College Park and Bev, fed up v NAPS After coasting through Plebe year and doing I- was time to loosen up a littl e Always a frustra ' stroke one night The only problem was that it v time with The Dude " for a year. Bev felt i I swimmer, he felt the need to practice hi; 30 degrees outside and he was wearing hi; %e. there was Hood- Hood and Dennis always got along well There was the me on the steps of coblentz, being found by the Judge m full Hawann garb, somehow forgetting who it actually was he went to see up at Hood. and. of course, Mmdi Bev helped out m the monumental task of breaking in Tony the Zoomie He was always the life of any party with his raspy renditions of AC-DC and his rather queer blue sneakers Fast 1 2 would have been nothing without Dennis although a combination of the Rat and the snowb- lowers almost got him one night First Class summer found Dennis on his way to the West-Pac Plebe detail was quite a change from Subic Bay The glory of submarines appealed to Bev in the end Whatever he does for the rest ol his life, we all wish him the best of luck He came to the Academy as a model Plebe and left as a model Firstie at least as far as all of his friends are concerned Seperately they came, together they left Always one of the boys Brian T Costello Terry L. Board Louisville Kentucky Political Science Naval Flight Officer The Count IS close friends as. The Count " , came to Annapolis from the ucky Because of his hillbilly educational background, Terry enlisted tor 20 attending the boost program in San Diego so he could gam acceptance to USNA A hick y sense of the word, he can be quite difficult to communicate with at times, especially I weekends one ca ; the ladies alone, He spends many Robert Joseph Chastanet liever that We should ne ver have stopped Patton and his TR7 at one of the local girls colleges Not one to a file of pretty women h has known, knows, or hopes to favorite pastime, chasing Chicken of the Sea ■ He always return to Kentucky to be come better acquainted with the e He always returned Iron -1 leave with a new one to replace e first place Best wishes o him and his time in the fleet Robert S. Breuil Fort Pierce Florida Electrical Engineering Naval Aviator Bubba Bob came to the cold cruel north from beautiful Florida where people are friendlier girls are cuter, cars are faster, and most importantly, its warmer Bob made two mistakes that first year he loined crew an picked EE as a major He quit the first mistake when he decided that exemplified every time 1- the second mistake would cost him more sleep Second Class year than crew would have in f 3ur years Ah yes. Second Clas year After soaring to academic heights and living a pretty normal Midshipman life (except or the first two years two things hit Bob EE and Fred EE hi Bob every four weeks, but fred hi him all the time When it looked as though bob would surv ve ■Plot ' Rim. The Shark, and compression by swelling head Li7 dropped him right befo e ring dance and D C started ca ing him -Mr Breuil- again Oh well, firstie year would have to be better, right? 1 mean Bob had a Corvette, a new Company otiicer. and t nere are lots of college girls ,n Maryland— even il they are yankees ' Oops! You me»n lis nc t ten hours from Clemson to USNA Thanks FredM Goodbye to six ok-em " but never one to stay down (or awake) long. Bob quickly made up for lost time by helping to form the fast crowd with Jerome. Brian and John T A Mcloughlin Now that Bob ' s found out how much fun he can have ashore, he ' s decided on P-3 ' s as a career choice Subs are designed for Japanese - si ed people, you know I ' m sure Bob is well on his way to happiness in the skies over Keflavik!!! Kcntwih Iktda •fdjoMITOM WllMllOMIl firla, taEtigineen " • " •oiltnta ' 474 1st Company Brian T. Costello Pompton Plains New Jersey Operations Analysis Navy Air Brian Candidate Guidance had to do a With visions ot football stardom ; When Brian discovered all of the time A good time was never far fr to convince this Jersey boy that U S N,A, w as a good deal J heavy partying, Brian showed up ready tor college life itnctions. he gave up his dreams of stardom for a better I this gin drinking don )uan After rooming with the " Oude " 1 genaral Being a chart First Class year Brian felt that his hula contests and Newport summers with Bruce Spnngstet groupies, and his losing battles with the Mighty Rat were getting him nowhere, so he engaged t New Jersey flower, Rosie. and hopes to God he gets P-3 ' s in order to keep an eye on her at all those wild aviation parties Shell be a welcome addition to F AS ST I hope Rose has a got looking pair of paiamas or she won ' t be able to help Brian convince the Annapolis Police that I Eric S. Disher Fairfax Virginia Ocean Engineering Navy Air Dish Dish came from sunny I mark at the Academy, his family thought it would be safer to keep a closer eye on him and so moved twice, both times closer to Annapolis After laughing his way through Plebe summer, the easy going Dish settled down to Academics His settling down lasted about 15 minutes-the length of his attention span Deciding to face the challenges of Ocean Eng and full membership in Pismoe. Eric learned that even the EM8C would not mean stellar grades Although he did lose his reserved mid-store parking place Eric tried his hands at 150 football for two years before making his contributions to intramurals As a member of the Company football team and Battle semester, donning his Topsiders to work on his tan while sailing the Navy ' s finest fighting vessel. the Astral Never one to stay back and study. Dish joined the First Company Glee Club and earned his gold Dock Club card, not to mention his Rat Quals with fast He ' ll leave this place with good memories from weekends including the Stones, Easters, and Cape Cod His nomadic and free-wheeling nature stretched from a summer in Hawaii to Spring break in Antigua By good non-study habits. Dish managed to keep his eyes for air and avoid the Glow Navy Once he pins those wings on. Dish will be able to keep the high speeds to the air Eric ' s going to miss his apartment ; ' Severn While r nends at USNA, We wish him the t 1 the future One of the boys, Robert J. Chastanet Wayne New Jersey Chemistry Medical Corps Chaz New Jersey produced yet another one Chaz comes from the northern part of the state oM exit 1 538 of the parkway When he arrived in Annapolis he had many doubts about USNA AHer some initial ad)ustments. it turned out he liked the adventuous lite of a mtd He was rarely seen throughout the day with involvement m D B. and after evening meat he lived tn the library returning only for taps or hts calculator stud from the start He continued to perform well younster year avoiding the syndrome and then went to West Point during second class year on exchange He sur battle scar over his his left eye to prove it As a chemistry ma|or he was highly sought after by Hymie. but with Dean he avoided the Nukes Bob is destined to attend medical school adding another 7 years to his present 5 year commitment. Oh well, good luck with everythingOOC! quest ended at Jerome A. Clark Stillwater Oklahoma Math Computer Track USMC Sometime in July of 1979. Jerome " ■Smiley " " Clark left Oklahoma in search of haircut, women to abuse, women who abuse, and a chance to get in debt Annapolis which, during the next four years, would provide the answers to all his Plebe year brought him 2-d " cool breuil " Jerome was horrified to discover that II are fun to abuse Gwen proved that Jeromes charm was not all-powerful, although resist smoothing out his gig-lme occasionally (down big boy) — but she still woul Youngster year gave him a chance Saturday nights, and then waiting unt did It for formals pity the girl that bougtit the new are Girls aren ' t everything, especially since we couldn ' t go cards, roommate-wrestling, and making pup-tents for the Soon we were Firsties Corvettes. Plebettes, Youngsteretl over in front of Goucher dorms, Sunday night dinners, grot all-nighters, bikini underwear, sloe-gm. fast car club, sloveni curlies. tight squeezes, marathons (and I don ' t mean runmn about it. snaking, yawning in technicolor, champagne letter; yours, you get yours " philosophy — - which extended into i —dreaming about that (15th) body, the 3-0 barbers, and la here complete Now Jerome will be sorely missed by both I luck stud ' ! Youngsterettes became I »s. Star Trek, Hood, gettn fsque over-development, c ] loves, fteldball. " l got R.SB 1st Company 475 I you couldn ' t t until he took c Brian P. Dunleavy Springfield Pennsylvania Political Science Marine Air Levy Brian came to USNA an ex-jarhead from the city of Brotherly Love We v speak, but we knew he could grunt left and right in some unintelligible he Brian was a Marine by looking at him. all you had to immediately knew that his feet had been m some smelly trench for quite some time Talk about chemical warfare ' Brians feet are the latest and foulest USMC nerve gas development-Ihey gag you to death Brian quickly got settled m at USNA He got fried for being UA and for drinkmg something a little stronger than Kaydet Crush in the hall during his Third Class year Then, somehow, a stop sign, pole and all, (ound its way into Brians closet one dark, dark Saturday night Brian also found himself trying to destroy Georgetown U with the rest of the wrecking crew Brian grew and matured by Second Class year He displayed his patience and maturity by outstanding member o( F A S T I II Brian really out did himself as Rat Master for the ski trip He wiped out Smitty and almost got mattress skimg into the 1984 Olympics Brian was a proud charter member of the First Co Dock Club He was often a leader of the First Company Boys Choir First Class cruise earned Brian to his paradise on earth, the Phillipines Brian really enjoyed his cruise, but he came back with one souvenier that he didn ' t bargain for But he sure shopped around tor it First Class year. Drill Officer Dunleavy led Fun One to an outstanding drill season ' First Class year also found Brian m a brand new pair of paiamas m Fran O ' Briens Brian had no qualms about the girls he met We often wondered it he had any scruples at all. but Brian would always comeback to us smiling, " a kill is a kill " Brian will always be affectionately One of the boys pkh James J. Fiores New York City New York Political Science Surface Jim Jim came to us from the Big Apple after a year at Columbia through the Naval Academy as a semi-philosopher He has alway: the most thought provoking experience ever If you ever wanted be counted on giving if you asked As an athlete, Jim was a man of all sports However, he guard that led fon one to several victories Jim also est; beginning as early as Plebe year Not one to boast. Jim ' s around him First Class summer Jim almost succumbed Jims easygoing style wi Robert P, Girrier Huntington New York Political Science Naval Aviation Big Bob Big Bob came to the Naval Academy from the great state of Long Island The Class of 1983 is fortunate to still have Bob Girrier as a member He specialty requested to become Class of ' 82, but it was disapproved, although it did go through his Company officer As it was. Bob managed to complete his major, Political Science, in three years Since he felt bad being seen so often around the Academy in civillian clothes during Second Class year, he decided to do something about it-he spent most of First Class year at American university There he pursued an advanced degree, among other things In less scholarly activities. Bob proved his ability to stand up under heavy discipline by becoming a Naval Academy dinghy sailor He was considered the fastest finn sailor on the team Bob was known for upholding the high standards of the Brigade He once found a rack so unsat he trashed it. out the window, into T-court. his room-mate s rack There were many other outstanding achievements Supes list, participation in NAFAC. Company mug Seafofd New York ()K3fiogfaphy NavyNFO came to Jinn hurling, crab immilations, having one bar ot soap (large) last an entire semester, and. ot course. a new love every v»eekend Bob ha made many lifelong friends since he has been here and process 11 Bob had the choice to do it all over again, there s no doubt that he would do it the same After graduation Bob hopes to |Oin the elite corp of Navy men who wear wings ot gold Jeffrey D Gordon Hatboro Pennsylvania Mechanical Engineering Nuclear Power-Subs Jeff J arrived in Crabtown from t e bustling metropolis of Hatboro, Pa Always one lor Iha unpredictable, he resigned himselt become one of Hymans boys Although he began his lour years as a Soccer star h,s diversified athletic talents surfaced in fun ones sports Not one to leave his sKills on the field. Jeff became a member of the Hall Ball gang and a charter member of those snowshoe skiing fanatics kno everyone amused Who will ever forget his charades in Chicken Ruths, coschs backyard or the dog pen. his initiation into the E M B C or his weekend escapades with his sidekick Ernie As his career as a member of the Silent Service unfolds, youll find Jetl s«iling his boat under the seas bo» of prel els from home One of the boys U» militia te A. Hicks •oodtwiy Owgia itstory lifflt Corps Srel " »Wlto,oi»gi 4 76 Isl Compnny Paul Karl Heim Seaford New York Oceanography Navy NFO Paulie I language place immediately ai year Paul made the from a little green m 1 his hand, bound Youngster lis from Seafud. Long Gisland. with a licate the letter " R " from the Englisi had no qualms about expressing his pleasu Sity Lax team and learned to respect nature, and to keep it in his pants Second Class year was not a happy period for Paul First, he was cut from the Lax team, but to make up for this, he followed in the footsteps of Frenchy by coaching the J V s Next Paul lost Daaugnna, who of course was a pissa This led to the forming of a cult known as " Paulies Angels " , which later retired to Schaefer city, but now who knows. T M ?! Through these troubled times. Paul never forgot the virtue of sharing, even it it did lead to an occational strange kiss Paul was instrumental in having the boys adopted by the Molz ' s and " The Coach " As well as being the Company keg master, Paul was also active in the Dock Club, First Co Boys Choir, and the Geototramid Wrecking Crew, but he would never hesitate to throw the sweat pumps on line A cronic snorer, we wish Paul the best of luck in Pensicola. One of the BPD Bret A. Hicks Woodbury Georgia History Marine Corps Bret When th,s young nan appeared c n the sc ne at Canoe U from rur 1 Dixieland (does a place yone knew it Whether it was his voice sounding off with a loud southern drawl Plebe Year, his oud laughter in the hallways (why she always smiling ' ), his constant singing in t he hallways of n lother B will somebody teach that guy how to sing!), or his loud hollering during Plebe detail, ev eryone k new It when Bret was around Bret was also known for his vocal support of his favorites ports teams, and especially his sup port for Hana f andlikova (he was accused of being a Communist bee ause of his support for t his Czech tennis player) However, the thing Bret was most fa mousto was his undying devotion to the Lord Jesus Christ His love for his God s evident in both his wor dsand his actions This is one thing that is sur e to remain the same as Bret heads oH for a Acts 20 24 stint in the Corps. after which he plan to return to Annapolis his new adopted home Mark L Gorendo Herndon Virginia English Nuclear Power Higgie-Baby The Academy saved Mark from a certain future of destitute and aimless wandering on 6 July 1979. when he reluctantly accepted the title of officer and gentleman Since then. Mark has risen to the pinnacle of success as a Midshipman But. alas, the road to the top was a rough one full of many setbacks how could Mark forget his first two- Smitly and Mosely II was (heir enlightenment that brought out the hidden side of Mark Elvis Coslello To keep Elvis (ronn slipping back into his alter ego- Mark -he was required to carry Elvis ' picture and glasses at all times If the f irsties didn ' t give him enough trouble, his roommates did Will he ever forget Bob ' s penchant for neatness. Dempsey ' s unique aroma. Kirk ' s passion lor frostbite, or Jerome ' s humility when he repeatedly beat Mark in Backgammon For thai mailer, who will forget Marks cool, level-headed, crisis-management approach to deleal tap-dancing on a Backgammon set combination cover, or hurling a loaded Samsonite into his locker alter registration Alter overcoming Plebe Year. Mark handled school like a 3 94 academic stud He still played, but never in one of those slow Friday night card games The Condo was lun to play in. except when It came to blondes with broken arms (no curlew ' ) The shower was also fun who could forget his whistling rendition of " The Marine Corps Hymn " or " Anchors Aweigh " — interupled by an occasional " bngaaaaade attentioooon! " " (Mark was destined lor six stripes- and he knew It) First Class Year bore the sweet Iruits ol his labor Brigade Commander. Tndenl scholar, and Rhodes scholar Mark is one ol the rare few who fit the mold ol the perlect Midshipman— per- fectly Were proud ol him — as the fleet will also be. RSB John W. Guthrie Camp Lejeune North Carolina Mechanical Engineering Marine Air Arlo ler ol 28 years ol Marine service, lived in the ' glorious town ol Quantico. ' here Arlo will be heading alter graduation In fact, the only time that will looked at home during ur four year adventure was when he was cleaning his rifle at Quantico Alter what the rest ol us ailed Plebe summer (Will had a Plebe day-who was Sampson anyway ' ) Will had a real " buddy " r a roommate, hes still trying to get the PKP out of his clothes Will knew how to keep his nose lean, though While his two youngster roommates were getting tried lor selling off fireworks, e was busy giving academic aid to a classmate Will had his first " F " at four weeks that year but C " and earn his stars Being a nice guy Will second Ocean Engineer tor a roomate Second Class year There were some rough I got I 1 chip struggle lb ii 1st Company 477 Brian F. Hodges Boca Raton Florida Ocean Engineering USMC Fred Brian came to the Academy as the all-american boy, wide-eyed and innocent, ready experience and learn about the world What belter place to learn than USNA? Besides, wasr James Bond a Naval officer? Four years later, Bn Living a pretty quiet I ' IS goals 1 high school. Brian was all But for over a year and a half, he couldn ' t break out saboteur ' the Dawg " But during Youngster year Bna to earn that Varsity letter and go to R women John. Jerome, and 1 Bob i igby (thanks Demps) This gave I r treat their JSt two years trying to re I But Brian insists that he eady Actually, we all think educate Fred, with little success Even Dave has tned t doesnt need help He ' ll leave the G B V C when he s , he ' s pretty ready now (look to the skies, Kerry) If nothing else. Brian has weight-litting When you believe that strength can solve everything you spend a lot of hours m the weight room Unfortunately, the only thing that really grew during his (our years here was h.s head (don t hold it agamst him. he does drive a " vette and now a least there ' s one part of him that ' s proportional to his nb-cage) Brian is definitely physical, his trail of destruction includes Baker ' s knee, Ernie ' s tooth. Bobs eye. Bob ' s back. Ken ' s headph Brian will join his Corvette club buddies. Jerome and Bob (followed by T A McLoughIm) down in P-cola We all wish him the best Thomas H, Hodgson Newark Delaware Marine Engineering Nuclear Submarines Ernie Tom came to Annapolis just after finding his roots and returning to his home statt Delaware This was convienent as it made home within reach of his high performance dart 1 made a habit of bringing halt his house back to Bancroft each weekend After all who car floors without the mini moke, or survive without a space heater A charter member of the F Company Choir. FAST, and the ' 83 t silgating diehards. Tom managed to get little studying done cid moments jumping out of perfectly good ( ' ) airplanes, scuba diving, playing lightweights, Batt lacrosse (baw, baw " ). Batt tennis, and Company soccer Toms biggest mistake at USNA was losing his glasses during the first week of Piebe summer and allowing Pauhe to see him in his geekers Post graduation plans include a legal change of name and a dog named Tramp to replace Fritz After commissioning, Tom heads for the submarine fleet Two submarine cruises didn ' t dim the glow around him If he can ' t get an apartment with some of the Boys from Fun One the back seat of his Dodge will do Tom leaves the Academy four years of his prime ( ?), one front tooth, and years of reruns Ernie will always be remembered as TH John R Houfek Sheboygan Wisconsin Economics Navy NFO JR. JR came to USNA fro the world) and set out t put It on ttie map but tiis attiletics are |ust as good Plebe Yea ttie lloor was too mucti 1 r tiim. so he made star ever since Over ttie years, John has pi (the bratwurst capital of ropoiis of Sheboygan. lA Not only has John proved he is an academic whtz. r found him on the Swimming team, but sleeping on the switch to Company sports, where he has been .i i piled up some impressive beer drmking statistics, and IS one of the few Mids who can claim to have slept on the Company officer ' s otiice floor JoMr has busied himself at the Academy by participating in various ECA s He has been a member c the Dockclub since early plebe year and participated m F A S T 2 as a Second class JR - ultimate triumph was in being king of the wrecking crew on Georgetown tramid youngster year While trying desperately to avoid the campus police. JR. KC. and Levy did everything from breaking into a closet to attending formal dances to trying to blow the place up The memory of JR beating up a bed will live with us and the Georgetown students forever Second Class year, John was Class President and mellowed out quite a bit He really didn t let go until Army, where he received an indoctrination into the evils o( gram alcohol punch Though he has never taken a back seat to anyone, John is looking at a career as a Navy NFO Always in the mood for some fun, we all look forward to seeing JR when the wrecking crew reunites in the years to com« Good luck Johnny! One o( the boys KCP Ifetory Nav Abator 3onJuan Kirk Hymes Altoona Pennsylvania Physical Science Marines Home-body Kirk comes from the Iriendly town ol Altoona. Pennsylvania So Ihmgj could only get livilicr While most Plebes connpiain about the loss ol socal lil». Kirk was acstalic Excilenwnl began in the room Kirks biggest love wa sleep and his roommates had a love lor (ate night rumbles Eail all patience and enter the Corair the shoes Mew What an freshman year ended and wi h his new lound Ireedom, Kirk moved on to bigger and belter " HfiRs Hello Hollyi Ugh Can have my arm back? Sorry about the c umberbund Mark Kirks 1 ..• lile at Goucher may not ha ve been much, but it allowed his roo .11. lesol abuse Who would s ave Kirk ' His roommates? Heck no were having loo much ' i i 111 course as always the Lt comes through and cancels Kirk s reduced to disco dogpen m,,ny Mids have met their lutur brides in dogpen and being a strong t leliever in tradition. Kirk soon became engaged with this :alilornia dream The change was dras c ' What happened lo all that tree spirit? Kirk became kn own as the home body his Senior year Those dreaded bells approach Good luck to you bo h We love you En|oy Marine lie 478 1st Company rW|iHBtoK riltolwjoff iKonllisJIl Juan P, Llarena Miami Florida History Naval Aviator Don Juan Juan came to the U.S. olA. from Cuba as an infant fleeing from communism, but not without a tug on Castro ' s beard and a warning, " watch it buddy. I ' ll be back " . The beanhead will always be remembered for his B S . his raincoat, his B.S . his nose, his B.S . his flatulence, and most of all. his B S (It ' s no surprise that this History ma|or is getting an " A " in Philosophy ) The Bean Head was at all times a man of frugality, buying a $350 car - well, actually $500 after it broke down on his first trip But heck, it gets 8 miles to the gallon and it has a real nice car stereo He is also a man of romance, meeting women from the tar corners of Spain to the laundromats of Florida Juan swears it ' s that stylish raincoat that gets them everytime He can really show a girl a good time, with his roommate ' s car and money- but he really hates to borrow stuff He can really court a girl too. like sending her a tape of the songs they heard together-too bad he never heard from her again 1 $400 of his funny money roommate to immategetsh after reading this IS a little per: )ay off his Spam debt be It $20 or $500 (r lus) The Pinga man IS abo know what type of persot like persuading t TweCf " " John McLoughlln Virginia Beach Virginia Physical Science Aviation Mac John came to the Academy with the belief that alt a man needed was a fast car, a fast plane, fast women, and very fast feet Welt, that ' s atl changed now The only fast things John is capable of now are produced on the track and in his dreams Being a prankster at heart, John has an unmatched capability of arousing a persons anger What better way to start Monday morning off than with John playing alarm clock by banging your head against the wall John also has a fear of losing his throwing arm For his friends thai resulted in a growing immunity to a pam you ladies will never know Johns only outstanding achievement freshman year was keeping up with a woman who had as much drive as him and making it thru Monday track practices Sophomore year came and John dropped his Sandy " ways From there it was on to Exit 29 to quench his thirst Goucher was exhuberant until it became obvious that many girls were meeting this same wonderful red-headed man who was great m When It came to women. John ' s standards were always the highest Oh-oh. then who ' s that red-headed " lovely ' That ' s OK . though, the summer nights up at Ocean City were quite cold. it meant seeing that wonderful roommate of hers Exit Red and enter Stac Look Brian I can ' t believe it either, Jerome, John ' s two running buddies were devastated to see their fellow stud reduced to playing kissy-kissy and smooch-smooch. Take off that stupid gnn Kirk, we won ' t lose him to your kind. The future means good times, Jets and a losing battle with his receding hair- Kenneth M. Ikeda Colma California Economics Nuclear Power Monk July 6. 1979. a day that will live in infamy It marks the start of a four year hermitage for the Monk The Monk was once an undersized gloid from California, named Ken Upon arriving at USNA. his consciousness was expanded by many the Oiddter. Arlo. Beanhead. 2-D Bob. and the Head His funmeter became uncontrolably pegged when he learned that it would be three years before he would have to wear civies again, and dating another woman would l e impossible lor the first year {Ken would later explode in ecstasy when he found out that by taking duty lor everyone he could avoid leaving the bowels ol Bancroft indetinitely-except for leave, m which case he could bee-line it to Veronica ' s house) Life inside the walls, however, did not prove to be total euphoria Ken found out how much lun len wearing a 6 ' 4 " football player s raincoat on his 5 ' 5 " Rooming with ' the head " was trying-trying to survive ' But ( pulled through Exc ept, ol course, when it came to hts -Linda as listening, or when returning to the launch site of his " Class-A ' firework show At least he came out with really good excuses for staying m the hall First class year was the toughest No more room tours to serve, duty became a less appealing alternative and leaving was soooo easy In the face of temptation, he turned to coaching sports After going 1 7 in b-ball and 0-8 in Itwt football, he turned to the outside world (worse than Han 1 went off the deep end and went march-ons could be-especially Japanese body Enter " ! with the help ol ' Dawg " Blair " outburst while the Then, alter adding 3 JV bball player- I folding. We hope you keep c ng free and James M. Kuzma Steubenville Ohio Mechanical Engineering Nuclear Submarines Kuz Kuz rolled m here from the tough town ol Steubenville, Ohio, the third i basketball brothers, and just about had this place figured out from day o put his big feet into anyone else ' s footsteps, though, he quickly made buddy Dick), Always t 1 a line of Boat school le Finding it tough to lelor himself both on or for just plain hell raising (usually with his Surviving on pam pills, athletic give up his affectation for large orange balls, no matter what the dds, and terrorized the courts for four years without regard for life or limb (what joints ' ) Between basketball and weekends, he even found time to study a httle, though never too much to interfere with a good hall-ball game, where once again his maniacal tendencies urtaced Kuz ' s second best natural talent was his uncanny knack for finding a femate compan- Dn anytime, anywhere, and for any occasion (and we all thought he had a face only a mother ould love " ) Kuz pulled one last surprise on us when he decided to make his commitment a deep ind silent one We all wish Kuz the best m the future and know he ' ll do great wherever he goes One of the boys 1st Company 479 Keith C Phillips Depere Wisconsin Marine Engineering Nuclear Power K.C Being the innocent lad he was Irom Depere Wise (notice the past tense) KC really didn ' t know what he was in for Early during n.s plebe year he set h,s s.ght on Hymans program and, after a slow start, soared to academic heights When he wasn ' t working out (which was usually done tro m his rack), you could find him doing lust about anything A member in good standing of the Georgetown Wrecking Crew, KG stood ready to bail himsell, L eavy, and JR out of lail Also a te rorist on F A S T 2 and 3, KC spent the days literally blazing down the slopes with a haH-mustached ell One summer evening he was even spotted swimming in th Annapolis Harbor behind the afterdeck in his summer white s But who can forget when he teamed up with JO to paint a hotel room with feathers and gram punch ' An avid Packer and Brewe f fan, KC acquired the taste of victory in the form of Tequila grain, G l s, and chocolate donu s Also known as ' Queel ■ and the Turtle ' . KC established a reputation as one of the nicest guys around, who could always lind time 10 help someone ou OH to glow with Hyman ' s best, h will be remembered as a good buddy to all who knew him One of the boys JRH Lewis R Powell Scottsbluff Nebraska Systems Engineering United States Marine Corps Lew Obliged to serve. Lew cam to the Academy from the plains of western Nebraska Prone to making short stories long, pie be summer scverly restricted his reedom of expression; but was not severe enough to preven such profound statements as, " w e play Virginia at home ■, a fact which tun one 83 will long remember Lew occupied himself a the Academy by pursuing his hobby. Systems Engineering, and also managing the profits an i losses of computerized base- ball 1 C year Lew traded in phone bills lor gas bills when his high school sweetheart turned liancee transferred to Towso n state University As he leaves the Academy. he will travel on to marriage, the t. arines, and all of life under the guidance and direction of the Lord Jesus Christ, Gordon Smith Mobile Alabama Applied Science Naval Flight Officei Smitty Annapolis definitely ust iigher ground. figured t n, Smitty decided ti Id be as good as the other oMicers he had seen. fter laughing his way through Plebe summer, good pleber (or Plebe year The year was spent working hard, going out with nd listening to Berts attempts to smg Youngster year saw Smitty becoming one hings haven ' t been the same since Highlights of the year were becoming a Dock Club, the First Company Choir, and the Geototramid Wrecking Crew After brother Ernie, he learned how to get around Newark as if it were home Second iaw Smitty teaming up with Paulie for road trips to Long Island every weekend that summer with extra baggage around the middle the result Second the year Hard work and hard play w Smitty becoming a member of FAST The spring found Smitty keeping )r the J V Lacrosse team coached by Coaches SchuHheis and Heim Smitty hopes to Navy NFO if his allergies will let him Smitty was just one of The Boys I 1st Company 481 Michael S. Astleford San Diego California General Engineer Naval Flight Officer Mike On July 6, 1979. the nightly sooner than the San Diego l« mark him for the next four y on laundry bags in a closed c challenged everything from at a strange figure weanng a cowboy hat, I docksiders was headed toward USNA on a skateboard No came a Plebe than he had a major medical trauma that would Z-burger overdose The Rack " started his career by sleeping during Plebe summer He soon qualed for " Varsity Rack " and -US-alls (o Plebe Chemistry In his waking moments. ' 360 ' had time to become a Hubbard trained man which forever s€ his disposition toward Plebes As a member of the " Fearsome Foursome " . Mike hosted many sessions ot " guess-and-go-down " Late night sessions of D and D. along with an insatiable desir for weekend female companionship, met head on and defeated a USNA drive for Naval arch tects First class year found Rack hopelessly m love with " real cars ' and a " parrot " Driving th " Z ■ IS |ust like what " Whether terrorizing Plebes, breaking his nose tor the lightweights, or sacrificing his fingers to sailing, Rackstar ■ always supported the Boat school Good luck in your quest (or NFC wing len in doubt, sleep on it " AAAAEEE. 360 " . Danny L. Casmey Monmouth Oregon Physical Science United States Marine Corps " Danny " Dan came to us from the Marine Corps after a year of vacation at NAPS and lost no time m letting everyone know that it was the Marine Corps to which he would return; and the sooner the better Plebe year Dan did a disappearing act by running cross country and track and it wasn ' t until youngster year that everyone realized he was a member of Second Company By that time. Dan had already changed majors more times than we could count and, realizing he wouldn ' t be Youngster year, a certain young lady entered Dans life and for the next two years he spent his weekends up m Pennsylvania, that is, when he could escape the books Dans tour year battle with academics and the PCR brought many frustrations but. due primarily to his hard work and dedication, he was able to succeed with them as well as with anything else he attempted Summers found Dan spending his free time earning his jump wings engaged t (Ta 0 in Pennsylvania but with little f s then that Dans true talents em« ? ot Second Company Graduation that?) First Class y cap ades during rged and he beca Javier M. Covelli Winter Springs Florida Ocean Engineering Navy Air Jeff Javier came to Annapolis from sunny Florida being able to bench 290 lbs., but yet lound himself unable to push a 27oz broom Everyone thought that it would only be a matter of tinrie. but we. and the Academy underestimated him! So began a career of opposites, which saw such amazing things as a mellow easygoing guy become a regular member of the infamous EMBC. and a stocky kid who hates to run. r. greased lightning on a " certain " November night Never having lost his sunny smile, and aquinng an RX-7 to drive it around in, Jett was n« a loss for women, or shall I say girls for a guy with only two arms he could juggle like t ten! The naughty nine " and the rest of us will tv the future, but a fnend in Jeff is a fnend for lif wing, flying the fast ones out of Pensacoia John D, Croce Paulsboro New Jersey Mechanical Engineering Nuclear Submarines Chow Call John came to USNA a card-carrying member ot the Etton John Fan Club from the bustling Philadelphia suburb of Paulsboro. N J A natural leader. " Chow Call " assumed (he weekly ntural of announcing " stations have been changed " Following the example of his favorite upperclass, he spent his afternoons on the bay with a chart in one hand and a stadimeler in the other But his most remembered spectical of Plebe year was the annual " dining in " , as John acquired a taste and then an aftertaste for the infamous " Buffalo Brew " Youngster year brought the celebrated dance lessons and the late night hours ot a real mafor Rocket continued that tradition secondclass year, thougt John spent many an hour eiiamining the " sun " in search ol the ultimate in cars Settling for a loaded Grand Prm. he spent a leisurely summer in Hawaii and was convinced thai Nuclear Power was the only way to go Senior year with the " boys " has proved an adventure bul soon John will be dnving down to Orlando with (he T (op down, Dylan on the radio and gr.indmoms home cookin ' on his mind Owl Nict Sar Diego ' tt ' ii Science 482 ?nd Company reputation during Evan R. Edwards Rensselaer Indiana Managennent Navy Air Chief Evan came to the Academy a these past four years. Not one Sailing team for a safe harbor. Youngster summer, Evan went to the western Pacific Quickly learning about the opportuni- ties which awaited him in these distant lands, Evan was very rarely seen aboard ship But knowing him, we feel sure that his intentions were good Second class summer was a wild time for the -Words " First class year brought a lot of excitement for " Words " , starting with the summer, as he took charge of his very own YP A lot of money came with this job. though It ' s amazing how so much can be spent so fast Along with being Captain of the Sailing Team, Evan also became Editor of the Trident Calendar This, along with the hardships involved in being a Management ma)or. makes it hard to believe Evan still kept his socializing up to his regularly high ; Evan plans to go Navy Air, and if he goes at it with his usi becoming an outstanding pilot. Good luck to ya. buddy TAH Benedict D. Espe San Diego California Applied Science Nuclear Submarines Beeean II probably leave a s during Plebe Summer lassmates as first " Fool I that one One memorable an " during an inspection ar •greater strides with Malapropi gots 3 Regin rawny kid fron sunny San Diego, and and even more confused kid Always i flopping down the halls m oversized nd later just plain " Foo ' Ben always ■d a female Firsty on regimental staff )me-around Later on at Canoe U he nickname when he greeted the Supe Tiing prowess, he earned the title of " 5-Star Rock " on the Varsity sub-squad A great lover of study and hall social life, Ben surprised us all by getting smashed on two beers every two months or so Ben had a " mid-course guidance change " during his youngster year After struggling through 8 weeks. Ben saw the light and changed his major from EE to Computer Science According to the Dean, he couldn ' t change his ma)or just because he wanted out of Nuke Power Despite all this, Ben ' s QRP rocketed and he secured a permanent place by the computer at Ward Hall Ben will put his major into good use m the nuclear power program, driving subma- rines, despite what the admiral thinks about computers Ben also participated in the Catholic Choir, rising to the post of Secretary, and spent a couple of semesters as a " Greyhound of the Severn " when he couldn t find a sport California grown and California spun, look for Ben to spread some California sun in some dark control room deep m the blue Pacific John D, Dace Gainesville Florida Management USMC Air Chicken Strips JOHN DAVID DACE left sunny Gainesville, Florida to attend NAPS, and ultimately ended up in Annapolis that unforgetful 6th of July as another one of " THE BOYS ' of Second Company John hid from the company his whole Plebe year, and could usually be found on the tennis courts playing varsity tennis He missed being a Plebe on a squad table by staying on tea tables year round and eating his steerage favonte-CHICKEN STRIPS This culinary delight also became his nickname Youngster year brought John into the company scene, but " THE BOYS " were usually at the Army-Navy Club, or Charlie ' s, or under the bridge with their friend Jack Second dass year was not a good tennis year, but this didn ' t stop John though as he became one of the party organizers of the company Who could forget the JBCR RE with the fire extinguishers and boxer shorts, or the Blowout on the Bay with Purple Passions, or those trips in the Vette with the Bandana Boys to modern day KWAI CHANG) JBCRi D C The end of second class year brought John (the party at Indy and a summer of school, YPs again (he never Well now. first class year is underway and John is still striving t class or two We know he will graduate without taking a PE TEST o Remember John, you will always be a great friend to us att. bi O ' REILLY, and " THE BOYS SOUTHERN CONTINGENT " wouldn ' CDK Neal W, Davidson Alexandria Louisiana Political Science Navy Air Nealo Neal has been bouncing off IS yet sure of exactly what his I Academy walls now for almost four years and not one of us IS A true son of the South, Suh. Nealo charged north from intage of all the tree food he could eat Nealo made many itisfied with the common, everyday names of most of them, he proceeded ) practically everyone m the Company As a Political Science major. Nealo was never one to be over enthused by academic pursuits, thus earning the self-mflicted nickname of " 2 0 " As an original member of the ' Boys ' " . Nealo contributed to the delinquency of Mids at the ' JBCR + RE " . the Liberty Bowl, the Marnot, the ' Blow out on the Bay " . Fran ' s and miscellaneous parties A master of " the Gator ' , 2 was always ready to roll on any dance floor Neals ways have somewhat changed in the last year though, since he started commuting in to his Poly-Sci courses from marvelous Gaithersburg, Md . and his priorities have had to be I altered Still undecided about his service selection, Nealo definitely has his heart set de to do. Nealo, we all wish you the best of luck, and 2nd Company 483 David A. Fisher Arnold Maryland English Nuclear Submarines Dave Good morning. Admiral, your Honor, the Board will plainly show the Middle that f before you was caught red handed studying English; studying English of a most Dave thought that he would fool everyone by sneaking into the Nuclear Navy as . major The thing is. this Maryland native and currant Arnold resident managed to pull a hop and a skip from Crabtown. Dave came to USNA with high hopes and pleasant m civilian college life Managing to survive the hostile environment of plebe summer. ( , English oft Just lories of English t class year brought c I Youngster year brought much needed relie Id semester he saw the light and changed from Marine Engineering (HGR ' S favorite) t 1 pleasent change Second class : ; Kennedy Dave soon found that conduct work took up more time than homework None the less. Fish managed to survive the onslaught of Company.conduct cases Ion; to finish those lab reports and English papers the night before they were due Now that become one of Rickovers boys " I wish him the best of luck — and may he survive e Study hard. Scu ' " FKW Anthony R. Gallop Coeur d ' Alene Idaho Systems Engineering Naval Flight Officer Andy Andy comes from a wild place west of the Mississippi where the trees are green, i good, men are men. and the livestock live in fear During his first months here, he ea nickname of White Works by becoming a plank owner on the excused squad Youngster year found Andy busy enjoying Systems Engineering and wasting away t . (precious few) becoming a double ace mouser and arguing gun control wit Schle- The ing second class summer gave Rop a chance to relax between the weekly the nickname Two Beer Gallop attempting to fly around the Marriot after ond class year will be remembered for the many road trips north m search r something; Andy still doesn ' t know what he ' s looking for up there as a carrier for Andy, and he divided his time on cruise between living a jet e of first class year. Andy has alternately pursued and been pursued by lystery romance Rop has mastered everything he has attempted here with ng a half page letter in an hour or less, and all he lacks are those ' Wings of go Andy, be it to answer the call of the wilderness, the wild blue yonder, or stationwagon - Godspeed and the best of luck. Donald J. Haas. Jr. Peru Illinois Computer Science USMC Air Haaser Donnie came to Annapolis from the cultural mecca of Peru. Illinois where crowds have been known to flock to see a band called " the Jerks " , and then bop ' tit they drop This all happens r $ 50 oldstyles at a place called " The Pub " Ptebe year Haaser excelled academically to the ! he was also faced with a choice between the Gridiron or graduation ar ing " youngster cruise to the uh. er Virgin member in good standing of the Dock Club found at the Club in almost any weather A some things you just couldn ' t learn in Peru As a third year man Don channeled his effi near legend m Foxy ' s " 68 Galaxy Countless t 3 AC Board eluctantly chose t enlighten- el and with boundless energy became a ; Vouz " . Georgetown, and even a 3 day s co-pttot ' s seat, keeping the crew ng the crowd Don also gave much time and effort to introduce Tony the Navy way of lite As a firstie. Don became our Vice-President and finally decided wasn ' t so bad after all Where ever Don goes after graduation, we ' re sure he ' ll Timothy A. Herndon New Orleans Louisiana Marine Air Herndog The military was nothing new to Timothy Alfred Herndon Plebe summer was a party tor him after four long ones at M M A Midn 4 C Herndon could not only swim like a fish, he could drink like one too Practice makes perfect! New Orleans was our first encounter with Tim tn the stick When he said that we were going to fly high, we flew high And the ride didn ' t stop once w« Protramid brought out a tew of Tim ' s better traits For instance. Stroh ' s (or breakfast, lunch and dinner Leave found Herndon spending time in North Carolina with some kisstn ' cousins Here he found his favorite food. Beaverl Mech " E " Herndog. in anticipation of long and exciting weekends first class year, bought a new ' 82 Firebird. SE Plans were altered by a couple swell guys, the Rocket and Wild Bill Graduation sees Herndog on his way to the land of hairlessness Pensacola follows this unhairy experience in hopes of the F-18. The sky is the limit (or Tim Best o( luch. Wt love Ya HwJeisey Wianical Engii toms Corps wW!le|)linia. tWnMUBlhiJ KlwWHmoyoll (•Miaimaiiiii ■ " ' Jicviiimli 1 5topherKieri I ' Wipolis I " stfaiicalEngii, a ' ' " X ' ll ' iUilk fnw»i (,i 484 2nd Company Andrew F. Jensen. Ill Marlton New Jersey Mechanical Engineering Marine Corps Drew Drew arrived at USNA from the metrop pencils and Mech E notes Having establls and successfully passing through the pains ; for battle and entrench himselt in Mech E up housekeeping z many " late nights . faded away Rep tour FKW t happens to us all seemed to h the library, plow ing through e id red-eyed mornings ' only to IS discovered that you don ' t tplebeyea . he was ready to a m himself long as Fred 5 logistics and CO mmunica. :he world n to Drew a s well Soon he was known as arcti Of gouge Drew found him elf setting s pads of e gineering paper an denioying ver that hi dreams of a high QPR slowly ally great having you n ' t have to be a bull major to go Surface or Corps, e was a unan imous selection for Company Honor chocolate chip cookies to whatever branch he lere. roomie Take care. God bless, and smooth WililoilW Christopher Kiergan Indianapolis Indiana Mechanical Engineering Navy Air Elf Chris Ktergan alias the Elfman, came to the Academy from the thriving metropolis of Indiana- polis, Indiana where the most tun they have all year is the 500 Chris has been groomed as a Midshipmen since his conception in 1961 He is one of three Kiergan ' s that have walked the halls of Bancroft In fact, if it was not tor the Academy his family would only have half of a During Chris unassuming, with a devoted girltnend z average in Mech E. playing in Co mtramurals. and running with a celebration and ended up with seven years plus thirty d could be found m the wardroom, the Jacuzzi at the Marnot. re a party with the boys or chasing Woops As for what is in stor really sure, but my guess is he will be Florida bound Well, c friend, and our Academy days will be sorely missed Good I jre. nobody is : he IS a good nd the Boys Steven R. Herrmann Centralia Illinois Economics Navy Air Mellow Straight from suburgiaville, Annapolis (rom fabulous, fun- ' bosom of the Americ to sweethearts Plebe Steve was off and ru year came hours sp the Temple o( Nim entat United States to make parking Bay Myrtle Beach, and indianapo- se Chinese eyes and Herrmann s Centraha. Illinois On arrival at USNA. Steve was shocked to ite than Cardinal baseball, 3 hours of tennis a day. and small town brought about the conception of the " Born to Run ' squad and )(ebe year and Charlies, not to mention the library With youngster ? Docks and. for Steve, the continuation of his highly pilgrimage to r one to worry about grades " Mr Concerned " soon began his e world of Economics vn for his zany, devil-may-care approach to life ( " Come on you guys, somebody it ' ). Mellow " opened a second chapter m his life story over second dass Jimmy Buffet as background music, and as a charter member of the O C I C and Timer experience, Steve pillaged i Bavaria to explore new pa I extremes) and The Boys ' ' to all " 48 le Penn Center. Memphis, Rosensheir St class year brought out the charn me the talk of Fran O ' s and many a John R. Hults Memphis Tennessee Oceanography Surface Line Hultsy y arrived at the Academy for plebe summer ie infamous " Born to Run " squad Never la, Ooh was. however, the master at being ileak the situation appeared By youngster year, " The Boys " had become a close kmt group and Hultsy began to show his true party colors Weekends found him in DC at the Army - Navy Club, or out on the city docks with the rest of ■The Boys ■ Hot on the tail of youngster year came second class summer, and Hultsy was part of the " 3-C summer experience " that ravaged the entire eastern seaboard Second class year came and road trips to Myrtle Beach, Indianapolis and Ocean City replaced D C and the Docks for weekend social outings While most of us bought sports cars with our loans, Hultsy tooled up from Memphis (home of the Liberty Bowl) m a baby blue ' 54 Caddy to begin first class year Always the innovator, Hultsy initiated the Saturday morning " Fellowship Breakfast " during football season that year A little pre-Army fun that year found Hultsy earning his " Black N " along with the rest of the " Naughty Nine ' — the crowning act of his four years by the Bay An Oceanography major, and a true lover of the deep blue. John will surely find his niche m Surface Line Good luck, partner, well all miss you 1 boy from the word go, nough to get by. 2nd Company 485 Alan W. Lenz Annapolis Maryland Surface Line Alan Alan was born on the crest of a wave, proclaimed a Surlace Liner from birtfi Adiu Naval Academy life was not difficult for Alan, tfie son of Navy ' s supreme atfiletic mas coach Pep ' After four weeks of Mech " E " and a zero on his statics test, he settled docile world of Oceanography Time at USNA for Alan is lUst time away from the sea " I i down to the sea again, to the lonely sea and the sky. " " and all I need is a tall ship, and i steer her by " Fair winds and following seas May God bless you always. Joseph A. Mokris Franklin Lakes New Jersey History United States Marine Corps Joe Walter T. Molano Flushing New York Political Science Navy Air Walter-Tee After 4 years at Molioy. Rudy and Nelly packed Wally off to Annapolis During his four years at Navy, he established himself as the resident liberal of the First Wing Known for his pioneering m the testing of the Admin Conduct System. Wally found the Cookbook interesting as he managed to dodge all the fries possible Perhaps that is why he took all those law courses Wally did a short trial period with a local kid named Joni. but he finally met up with Mary Beth. HIS GAG from Centralia Navy accomodated Wally well, he hopped to Europe 4 times free, spending little time waiting in airports but having more time in the Beerhalls of Munich and Cafes of Pans As a Preppy some of Europe back with him. establishing the finest Deli in Mother B ' Despite a 3 year devotion to Navy Air. Wally tried out for Nuke Power to pay oH his Visa bill None the less, he was sorrowfully let down and will fly anyway With afterburns on and flaps up. Wally will make the big connection with M B after graduation GOOD LUCK AND FLY NAVY Amado M Parra Ocala Florida Political Science Cryptology Sex Dog l(e« ork WW Sew Wed Slates I DftK r«i(ni|ill9 iTOiit nherecei l- ltjflhiuCi 3 Annapolis from t He carried University of Florida sports so far just to stick the needle in the old Sex Dog anything in the path of the mail box on the day ) »asni about to l«l ar y of us forget it " the boys " became " Gator haters " oris buff. Se«y trampled anyone or . weekly Sporting News arrived From his extensive readings on the subject of sports. Mike acquired an incredible t that nauseated most of the rest of " the boys " By Second Class year, however. Sexy had struck an acceptable compromise between sports and an occassional ' social ' outing with " the boys " spring with an ama ing display of endurance, as a lour man contingent of " the boys ' steamrolled Myrtle Beach— SuuueeeyM There was no holding him back at this point-weekend road trips took a back seat only to Monday Night Football on his personal table of prionlies Unlortunalely for Sexy. PCR ranked rather low on that same list and Mike found himself twittering his professional knowledge on the Greyhounds of the Severn lor a lew weekends first class year Take in the bow line Sexy! Seeking adventure in an otherwise dull and boring Army Week. Mike and eight other loyal members of " the boys " set out for a little ' spirit related ' fun in the Yard What followed will no doubt go down in the history of this illustrious institution as the ' Great Jimmy Legs Caper ' Mike and the rest of the Naughty Nine ' received Black N ' s. while the Brigade lauded them as heroes much to the dismay of the administration Thirty days restriction was a small price to pay lor the kind of notoriety that gives a spot in the conduct Hall ol Fame Sexy will leave us lor either the Supply Corps or Cryptology Good luck bro. stay out ol trouble and keep in touch SH 486 ?nfi Compa Andrew H. Schlaepfer Ithaca New York Political Science United States Marine Corps Drew In the spring ot 1979 Andrew was minding his own business as a (rosh at Pnncipia College in Illinois when he received an emergency telegram from USNA It seems that Adm Lawrence was putting together a Company full ot total party animals Drew immediately made his reservation at the Hotel Bancroft Nobody could pronounce his name, therefore it was logical that Drew would be the first one of the " Boys " from 2 to get a nickname He made it easy tor us by saying " Navy Crew Sirl " Thus, Crew Drew was born With Drew as their Captam. the plebe Lightweight Crew team won the Eastern sprints for only the second time m Navy history The only thing anybody remembers Crew doing youngster year was putting down Hubbard Hall as his leave address tor spring break (the place gets locked up over Christmas) Second class year, however, the true Schleprock emerged His duties second class year included class Secretary, Squad Leader and Officer-ln-Charge of nightly push-up parties m the barn on 3-3 Drew set his sights on a llaming plebe summer as a Platoon leader ( ' How do you spell my name, mister ' " ) and then led " The Boys " as Company Commander Not a bad record tor a kid from Ithaca. New York, and the best is yet to come Alan D, Silver Spruce Pine North Carolina Physics Nuclear Submarines Aldo Cetia " Disco Al. the Teachers Pal " Midshipman Coming from a " himself at the local watering holes Life in the fast contact with his hometown sweeties He always i Cadre While on youngster cruise. Midn Silver lea friendly skies Second class summer gave many interesting i e at Navy did not cause Aldo to lose the most interesting mail from his three is never a crowd Fly them teams He had many out! Al received his own plate Second Company ' s dancir e of him He was at the Center Stage of the Academic Arena and -eekends A wmk ot the eye and a spin of the bottle and Al was an integral part of the Company basketball and Lt Wt ftball St class year but still found time to excel athletically and socially line decided to join the Nuclear Power program Nuc school will I him luck m surviving those extended tours away from wine and Robert M. Piroumian La Crescenta California Physical Science Navy Air Piro summer ol 79 ' tn the party animals of Second Company in trie wasn 1 long before Piro distinguished himsell as Wuba Commander (Parents Weekend) He was honored with that title for his four years here Piro was also recognised as a fine athlete earning two varsity letters in 150 lb Football He IS truly a unique individual With the conclusion of his youngster year Piro decided to conclude his military career Civilian life was the only one for him Piro left in fine fashion by clearing a local dance floor to the song Take This Job And Shove If and a final skinny dip in the Michelson-Chauvenet fountain Navy had Piro hooked for good though Before the begir ing of Second Class year Piro had once again cut his hair and joined the Boys Since then hes created many weekend adventures Most we ' ll always remember Some wed like to forget Second class year brought many a Marriott weekend With Piros help, the Boys successfully turned Abbeys into a parking lot on numerous occasions The most memorable was probably the Tinsel-Head, tension breaker weekend Ot course no one could forget the first annual JBCR RE at Army that year (the Penn Center Inn wont) Many can only barely remember Spring break took a few ol the Boys to challenge the New Hampshire slopes Manchester NH was not ready for Piro and the Boys that week Beowolf s m D C was not prepared to deal with Piro s dancing on the awning outside the second story window either That will teach them to expand the dance floor We ' re all looking forward to reuniting with Piro in Pensacola after graduation to tear up the south. Michael J. Quinlan Plymouth Massachusetts Aerospace Engineer Naval Flight Officer Looza It all started in Plymouth. Massachusetts in Syracuse University as a freshman Engineer ! heard " you Looza " echo through t stay His favorite phrase stuck with h USNAl halls of Bancri iim called " Mr Concern " and " Mom " Unfortunately for the stri[ few weekend excursions with " The Boys and became a leader among party animals rather than men Truly a memorable evening as Looza was elected for being caught by the newspapers !ss JBCR RE. wrestling in the snow, etc Although Mike was !he party on the weekends. Mr Concern came to life every grading period as Aerospace Engineering and maintained better than a 3 GPA Looza was the winner A member of Navy ' s Cross Country to tram himself to be one of the best marathoners in school For always t Team as a plebe. MiV Tvice selectic because Annapolis v ment ot insanity and thought he wanted to go Ni ihe sky as a Navy NFO I hope P-cola is ready f Good luck Looza. stay a winner But 2nd Company 487 4 Michael T. Simmons Daytona Beach Florida Mechanical Engineering Nuclear Submarines Turtle II was in the summer ot 79 that a skinny, sun tanned kid from Daytona Beach sauntered in thru the gates ot U S N A Coming from a rock-and-roll background. " Turtle " was an instant hit at his youngster ' s come-arounds ior his consistent ability to stop the music ' Having had enough Flortda sunshine lor 18 years. Mike opted tor a 73 day luxury vacation somewhere under the atlantic ocean (or youngster cruise With his eyes glowing and and his chest shining trom two sub pins. Mike dove into his 3 c masochistic Engineering courses with zeal that would make Rickover jealous Starting as an innocent plebe. " Turtle " was soon corrupted and could be seen finishing oH kegs at tailgaters or looking for his head at Franny-0 ' s Initially timid with the ladies, Mike solved that problem mathematically by discovering the inverse relationship between shyness and alcohol consumption Academics always agreed with him and after a semester as 2 c Company Commander, he landed the ultimate 1 c skate )ob a non-marching 3 striper billet on Brigade staft (Asst Ops ) No one really knows if it is was the call of the silent service or his Visa bill dancin fool ' to go the way ot $6000 and three month periods ot all male companic know however, that he ' ll be a great success. GSW John 0. Streit Virginia Beach Virginia Oceanography Navy Air Doug ■ ' Those who trust in the Li As the mountains surround Jerusalem, so the Lord surrounds his people from this time fourth and forever ' Everyone puts his faith in someone, or something, during his lifetime Our lives are controlled by what we believe, whether our beliefs are valid or not While he was at the Naval Academy. Doug decided to let the Lord be the one to control his life He learned to put his faith in Jesus ' Unless the Lord builds the house, they labor m vain who build it; Unless the Lord guards the city, the watchman keeps awake m vam It is vain for you to rise up early, to retire late, to eat the bread ot painful labor, for He gives to His children even in their sleep ' But thanks be to God, who gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ Therefore, my dear bretheren, be steadfast, let nothing move you, always give yourselves fully to the work of the Lord, tor you know that your labor in the Lord is not in vain ' PSALM 125:1. 2 PSALM 127:1. 2 I CORINTHIANS 15:57. 58 Tyrone M. Thames Fayetteville North Carolina Mathematics Nuclear Power Ty I Tyrone le Land of the Ladies but few of us e under the Carolina Sunshine for land on a sunny day in June and was captured by a spir weather sailing The result was a transporting from the Plebes Tyrone left North Carolina in search of education and yearning (or knowledge He a bit more Despite all else he has still managed to do well here His quest for wtsdor him to yet another world The underworld of Nuclear Knowledge I wish him luck Tyrone remember as you ' ve always thought " You want to integrate me mto your because it is my right you think to be like you I want your right to be I would additionally like to say hello to Tony and Shellarnetta an older brother and a sister of Tyrone ' s Thanks to his Mom and Dad As well I would like to say Good luck an Joey who is a younger brother and member ol USNA ' 86 " May God Bless You All ' Michael R, Vermillion D years He ventured c nising great adventure of Sunshine to the La ■ yourself Mechanical Engineering Nuclear Submarines like came to us from the midwestern I Choosing the treacherous path ot h February of youngster year when he met h i ivedthe Rocket f most practical thing with t George S. Whitbeck Clearwater Florida Computer Science United States Marine Corps General That fateful day in July of 1979 (which is a blur to most of us) was the fulfillment of a lifelong ambition for George The path he took to USNA was somewhat unique. Born in Syracuse. New York and living in Saudia Arabia for several years before settling in sunny Florida. George decided to put off entering Annapolis until he earned his party quals at the " North American Party School " George marched through gate 1 intent on marching out four years later with an Aerospace Eng Degree and an F-14 ticket to P-cola In most respects he was a model plebe He could memorize an issue of " proceedings " in one hour, was a veritable marching machine, and knew more pro-knowledge than most Company officers In the fall of youngster year. George had to resort to a flip of a com to decide between changing majors or seeing his latest sweetheart It was later reveiled he used a two headed com that Cathy supplied The General ' was really busy 2 c year He got ' married " twice, once to the Navy and once to the girl who made USNA lose one Aero major Whatever his M S , the Marines can be assured that they are getting one gungy human m the General ' Get used to that nickname. George, because everybody will probably call you that someday MS James E. Yotz Enumclaw Washington Political Science Navy Air Polly Erie began applymg to the Naval Academy with hopes of some day becoming an outstanding nuclear power candidate. He would constantly read in dimly lighted rooms in hope of getting one of those really nifty glasses you get from medical Then, one day. it happened All the wme, women and song got to him and he became a new man He entered the Academy as a newly born flower-child The barbers had a field day getting him ready tor his new career Although he tried to avoid getting into mischief, he somehow managed to be the center of attention, and often by the wrong crowd His antics range from sweeping " nuns " off their teet to doing the same to our Jimmy-legs Lucky tor him he had a natural ability to talk his way out of, and In any case, he now has the background to leave the Academy and enter the elite group of Navy fighter pilots Eric. Ill see you in Pensacola Meantime, good-luck, stay out of trouble and remember to save a tew MIGS for me Floyd K. Walker. Jr Waldron Arkansas English Surface Line Keith Keith saw the Naval Academy for the t McDonald ' s he was heard walkmg through the f- very interesting Between ; gasolene powered M 16, things w Floyder found youngster year , Physics Department and a smusoi I Second Company field! Firs year had great potential v Through the good ; pleasure rooming wi does Day when he arrived from the small town e summer went well, althou i saying. " Tick tock. I am a clock ' Floyd ' s Plebe year wm the " baddest " second classmen m the company, and a always lively t smoother with the exception of Flash Gordon of the love (ife Keith established himself as one of the highest history, where he was affectionately known as Pmky ith unlimited weekends and the Stango m the parking lot. for him and things wer« delayed for a couple of months ith kept working, takmg Ihmgs as they came It was a him happiness in the Surface Navy and everthing else he George J. Walter Sudbury Massachusetts Operations Analysis Navy Air Chip Hailing from Sudbury, Massachusetts. George C Walter (known by the aliases of " Chip " and " Chub " ) arrived at this institution with lacrosse on his mind Before he could get on the field though, he had to survive plebe summer with the famous " Sausage Lmks " and all the trouble that came with him Chips plebe year was spent working hard on lacrosse, with the exception of many trips to Charlies with the " Under the Bridge. Boys " and their friend " Jack " Memories of youngster year center around the famous trips to D C with stops at Benny ' s and the Army-Navy Club The party at the Army Navy Club is when the boys really became close, but the pictures of Chip getting close are just too kinky for anyone to see Second class year brought the end of Chip ' s lacrosse career Without a sport to play. Chip I company ii a mean pair Amy) First class year brought with it Wardroom Presidency, trips with the party animals, and a lot of extra weight around the middle As the year draws to a close. Chip will head toward Florida to learn to fly. but he will always be remembered as a true friend to us all Our days at the Academy will be sorely missed, but all of us will be together in Florida, so see you there. Good luck to you Chip, from all of the boys 2nd Company 489 W K liiPl " ' f ' 4 LOOSE DEUCE 4qn : ' .i.i ( nmp. im Connecticut by way of Rhode Island After spending sonne 1 year at NAPS preparing for his eventual success at USNA 3 Basile. somehow managed to get a OPR over 4 and finish at the Naval Academy was difficult This was illustrated by his ignople t B ' s. though h J to the marathon as an outlet for his ■ Penn relays G W Birthday, and New is an integral part of the Company and change c Anthony R. Basile Newton Connecticut Electrical Engineering Nuclear Power Mama Basile Tony came to the Boat scho time in the real Navy, Tony sp While at NAPS. Tony ' s alias Mama Basile. so academic and physical collapse Tony sufferec didn ' t receive any durmg his stay Tony didn ' t do his Lacking the speed in the shorter races. Tony turni energies, putting in some notable performances at tt York City Marathons Personal triumphs aside. Tony willing to help anyone who asked Second class year, Tony decided he needed a break from USNA so he wer Guard Academy for a semester While there, he managed to enroll in an Italian College (90% women) To top things off. 1st class summer he went on a foreign e to where else Italy Tony set a record for changing service selections 5 times in one week The winner in the end was Nuclear Power, but Tony will be hard-pressed to find a sub big enough Kenneth W. Rancher Altus Oklahoma Physical Science USMC Air " Fanch " Ken came to USNA from good ole Altus, Oklahoma He was a firm believer m working hard, but always liked to play just as hard Ken and two of his football buddies were members of an elite group, the only mids ever to be caught red-handed by the Dant scaling the wall Kens greatest contributions were to the Navy football team Winner of the Admiral Mac Award youngster year, he went on to earn three varsity letters playing linebacker for the middies Ken achieved many of the goals he set tor himself in academics and athletics With service selection rapidly approaching, he still hasn ' t decided whether he ' ll be wearing green or blue in P-Cola Pamela J Allinger Wilmington Delaware Physical Science Supply Corps Pam Growing up with Pam at Navy t change too much — outwardly at I innocent, but her close friends am definately been amusing— We hav She V ates know her beyond that Daily life with Pam has .een anyone brush their teeth as long as Pam do«s We swear she wont have any teeth left by the time she ' s 25 ' Who could forget the revolving door that Santa gave Room 1132 tor Christmas Plebe year? Popcorn wars during the easy going days of Youngster year were always tun. especially when Alvin cleaned up ' That was also the year Pam became an " enlightened engineer " As we progressed into a long Second Class year. Pam brought along an extra friend, and Bell telephone will never be the same First Class year began with a 45 day adventure in which Pam realised that Surface Ime was not for her, and that she could sleep the majority of the day Liberty in Toulon included Fawn. exotic pig roasts, and " No problem il you like " . which Pam didn ' t Once Ac year began. Pam assumed the duties of AcO and developed a dislike for green markers and ' SHP ' s ' Having deserted gymnastics after 3 brutal semesters. First Class year found Pam in her second year on the Crew Team, where she excelled, and instigated the ptll-up club, always encouraging and motivating her teammates Pam. we wish you the best of luck, and may no one ever see you without your hair curled artd combed AMF, LAT Michael J. Arnold San Jose California Applied Science Supply Corps Judd One of the Dynamic Duo from Northern California Plebe year was the Platapus and many hou ighltghted by a run-i ours on the wrestling mat With youngster year came 150 ' s, the " 11 o ' clock buzi " . and " the next company function " Second semester brought the Dynamic Duo together along with the Redhead This led to domestic tranquility and revealing study hours They say second class year is the toughest and Mike did everything he could to make that statement true Another lightweight season brought an N-star But, Army week ended m a bang and left the Duo ' s future hazy When the smoke cleared Mike and his partner in crime brushed off quite a bit, and then entered first class year as second class while the final third of the room was contemplating how six stripes would look. First class year brought another N-star and a quest to revitalize Third Company tailgaters. Judd has left his mark here at the Academy, but it has been a two-way street Mikes advice to those we leave behind is ■ remember they can get harder, but they cant get any longer DJM 3rd Company 491 John M. Farrell Severna Park Maryland Applied Science Navy Pilot John John came to Navy from a little town up river called Severna Park He lived so close to the Academy that he left home a half an hour before his reporting time with a copy of reef points and yard gouge already under his belt A distance runner at heart. John thought the three mile run was the best part of [ ep He spent four years on the Cross Country team, but due to a hrgh school injury, never ran a race Instead, he turned his talents to managing and road racing When John wasnt running, you could be sure to find him m Severna Park (but not at his house) John came to the Naval Academy with a single goal m mind, to earn a set of golden wings He constantly had this objective in mind and never let anything come between his eyes and flight A lifetime east coaster. John fell in love with San Diego on youngster cruise Three weeks o( carrier flight OPS were a dream come true for this shuttlebug Johns second class year accomplishments numbered two 1 ) applying his accounting knowledge by auditing his midship- men ' s budget records, and 2) getting back his piebe summer girlfriend John took oft in May for a 7 week vacation in Denmark and left Kathy and his 280-ZX at home Every Friday aboard the Danish ships, you could be sure to find John on the quarterdeck awaiting liberty call Those Danish beaches, castles and nightclubs were a welcome sight alter John returned to his car m July and brought back something special for Kathy After a chapel wedding in the fall. John and Kathy will be oft to Pensacola and a good life together God bless Frazier W. Frantz Sicklerville New Jersey Applied Science Supply Corps Friz Friz came to the Academy from the shores of southern New Jersey regulation P E shorts and sporting a fashionable " high and tight " With thi from mom and dad. Friz sweated through Plebe year with tlying colors. As an assumed the role of the " God of 4 0 and began to show signs of relaxa removed his uniform during study hour To make himself teel more at homi girlfriend. Stephanie, to the University of Maryland As a Second Class and as a Firstie. he spent most of his time wearing 85 occasionally asking directions to the Nimitz library Things would not ha without the camradene and friendship of both his teammates shouldering a lot of gold on Brigade staff during the spring, his m " Frantz Connection " as a squad leader on Plebe detail By leaving his Lord, Friz approaches lite with a smile on his face and a sparkle m Ann M. Furtner Arlington Texas Political Science Surface Warfare Ann was always a spirited Company and then some One for good Regimental and Brigade being shut up by i im Arlington. Texas ready for anything that they could give her She idual and her " Go Navy, Sir! ' could be heard anywhere m Bravo - e final formal inspection of the year After Plebe summer squad leader for asking too many questions. Ann eventually Dund a reason for everything under the sun But the thing is The middle two years had Ann trying different sports and boyfriends as she furthered her tudies in Political Science Her huge chow packages were always well received, much more so han her inverted sleeping and study times She continued her lack of sleep (which her state- oom-mates gladly made up) through Ic Cruise, where she had an unyielding fascination tor inreps. and an even greater desire (or vert-reppers During First Class year she moved to the front of the Brigade to cheer for the lootbait team Mh the Third Company rah-rahs Good luck Ann as you join the finest fleet m the world, Robert G, Graham Bowling Green Kentucky English Surface Line Bob After the shock of plebe summer. Bob soon adapted several EGAs including the Navigators, Drum Bugle Corps, and French ( year, youngster cruise was a welcome relief and 3 c year posed no real Second class year saw Bob leaving DAB and becoming more involved w he sought not only to develop himself prolessionly but also to strengthen hi mi Engineei S Corps Sob ( 1 1 He Here Maryland life at Canoe U . and t problems for Bob 1 c cruise. Bob had i guess nothing else can be said except " Fair winds soon be " haze gray and underway " ■ Pacific (3 V 49? 3rd Company Robert F. Harris Waterville Maine General Engineering Supply Corps Bob c 1 from the Great White North wearing his tuk. and bringing his subtle You I e antics reached a peak in Bob ' s third class year witl Bob checked out a number of sports before ! earn He fit right in with the physically punishin Ne thought V ring Bob ' s se Iks like Bob ' . Bob t . NPQcommu lat deal of ten Jeffery W. Heavner Baltimore Maryland Management Intelligence Heavs Some people ' s nicknames seem t (,( «l» ' ds Nimitz or Halsey. Heavs CO the exception of his bodily th The Dundalk kid never let s live It up in the restricted I ; seen daily resting up for a roadtnp in sions. Heavs was always a " load " of )f us get down and I will always regard Ve made it Bud! William H Grant. Jr Pleasant Grove Alabama Marine Engineering Nuclear Power Buck If there IS one thing Buck di accomplished almost every i southern personality, but doi going, but at only one speed- by the man-child His youthful good looks match a warm ry to rush this good ole boy Buck always gets where he is The times when Buck did go last included a two year stmt as ew. and two years as a varsity offshore sailor Sailing parties Francis E Halliwell Staten Island New York General Engineering United States Marine Corps Frank of staten Island After surviving plebe summer with be a 2 5 history major History proved to be a little 55 It took Frank a little longer than most to identify certain items in Bancroft Hall He caught on to his room fairly soon, but it took him nearly half way through youngster year to properly locate the head One night, his rack mysteriously moved to the Eastport docks as Frank cruised the piers looking for Ripper and the " Modester " First class year, after his second plebe summer as a squad leader. Frank got the billet he always wanted- Company Drill Nothing like an early morning brief with the Major ' Luckily, the - proud The t I luck to you 3rd Company 493 Paul G. Henkel Lake Shawnee New Jersey Oceanography NFO Ranks Paul came to the academy from a small secluded town m north Jersey, but he was far from secluded Paul was a quiet guy Plebe summer His quietness dtdn 1 last long though The real Renkel surfaced the first weekend o( academic year It didn t take long for the dirty half dozen to form and Paul was a charter member Do you remember the women ' s bathroom m the circle theatre or the Beach Boys concert, Paul ' I didnt thmk you would Guess that AA meeting with ■J " didn ' t help Pauls partying didnt end Plebe year though Youngster year added the was one that Paul wishes he had never taken Through the year Renks has somehow managed to stay out of trouble He has witnessed more " Class As " than anyone I know I hope the good atured humor and light Paul has been a good tnend and hearted attjtude have been an ins( need Also the patching up when i Remind me not to let you do any !r the years His good natured humo ation to me Thanks for the help and guidance in times of cessary Keep it up. and keep in touch. Go Navy Air! PS. reative bodywork on my car Ignatius Hokaj Bethel Park Pennsylvania Ocean Engineering Navy Air IG ugh, and ready tamborines and doors everywhere I surfaced youngster year when he gavi that " Hok-Charm ■ made the scene ai i tor singing and dancing That wa irl that laid eyes on Tom (Have yo introduce an IG m a loud bar ' ) fell m love with him The girl that he finally picked he went in search ot the girls ot the Navy Times got tough so he eventually ust close to the best of the pack, making his way to head cheerleader and loving evei He always had a tacmation with barbers, starting with his haircut Plebe year become a barbershopper m the third company tradition and acted out the part Pete Hunt Dayton Ohio Nuclear Submarines Huntstein Pete, known throughout Bancroft as ' Huntstein " . came to the Academy solely tor one reason to get a tree education While validating Plebe Summer, he came real close to l eing the 1st Plebe casualty when he took a strain at Regimental come-around When Academic year started. Huntstein (being a true Econ ma|Or) quickly saw that the opportunity cost ot sailing was come-arounds. P-rades. company tables, and plebe year So he went tor it Huntstein immedi- ately tell in with the third co undesirables and the Dirth ' i Dozen Partying, rumbles recon raids, throwing fruit at cars in the midstore parking lot, and douching tirsties were his strong Political Science lbr«C»ps " rack and pinion Pete passed right on up the ranks making trips to Maryland to see revitalized, white spray painted 75 Vega with the Porsche engine. steering " , and broken hatch Pete was always one to speak his mind This got him into trouble a tew times over the years How about the Awards Assembly at that fancy yacht club ' In the fall of firstie year. Pete defied the law of isotopes and proved to everyone that yes, Econ Majors can go Nuke The best of luck to a great guy and don t forget the 3 magic words DIVE. DIVE. DIVE! CS Dwight Jenkins Plattsburgh New York Economics NFO Prankster A funny thing happened to me on the way to the Naval Academy- I met Dw way of dealing with life was his trademark As a proletariat. Dwighfs first flaming tirsties was a little tongue and cheek action with Prissy Cnssy After ' Jwiiertiinp " iteloiwisi " iisical Science row rather than walk to the Weems Creek watering f high and in Syracuse he attained his goal- a silver rr As Dwtght looks toward the air that is in his future. I t team After all. it made more sensi As in everything he does. Dwight am I in the National Rowing Championvi Ibc ' -M ' killiilhM 494 3rd Company William K. Lietzau Sudbury Massachusetts Political Science Marine Corps Bill Bill came to Navy from the quaint New England town of Sudbury. Mass. A class act from 1-d. Bill ' s career at USNA was marked by success and achievement Against all sound advice, sold himself short by 4 0-ing in Poli-Sci, but not before laboring through three years of " I Vlad " and a summer m Germany stranded on the way to Moscow A lion among men. bu mouse among women. Maddog never found the time tor those emotional entanglements a has yet to see the Hood College campus Respected as a peer leader by all, his lifestyle is b( characterized by one-liners such as " commitment to excellence " , ' " no compromise " , and " s discipline As company honor rep , however, his integrity was not so rigid as to preciL bending a little m order to dip into the chow packages of his classmates Nothing escaped 1 sticky fingers of the every-hungry Leetz After some polishing up by his roommate second cli year. Bill assumed the conn of first batt and began the thankless job of playing scapegoat to A down to earth striper. Bill will be remembered mo t for his unwaivering commitment to God The cross on Bills ring is no meaningless emblem but s admittedly the symbol of everything he lives for A super guy in all respects. Bills dedication a nd hghthearted style will carry him a long way Best of luck Leetz! See you in the Senate! MBS James E. McKinley, Jr. Bradenton Florida Physical Science Marine Air Mac 1 met Jim on a ship, or should 1 say in a crew shell? We both spent many hours getting familiar with the Severn River, The Hour ot Power, the shell, th e catch, and maybe even a bit too familiar with the seat and the oars It was during crew seas on that we found we had a few things in common We both liked women and drinking, and we ure didn ' t see much of either on the crew team Besides, rowing was literally a pain m the a- - So after two years of rowing we were persuaded to get into a new sport (how much persua on did we really need ? ) Cheerleading was the perfect sport lor Jim, he always wanted to have n audience Plus what other sport allows excessive drinking in season? As tor the women, Jim could flirt with all the girls on the team as well as all the opposing team s girls The best part o being on the squad though was the road trips How about those road trips ' Oh yeahi ' Of co urse. there was the Boston College game where Jim got Commode hugging drunk or more rec ently, the Arkansas game comes to mind How about that bath tub? There ' s no problem though Jim drinks, he gets drunk, and falls down No problem Yet in the past two years 1 still dont kno N What Jim likes most about cheerleading One thing IS for sure-he ' s got a permanent grin that runs from ear to ear Oh well, you know what they say, he who grins, sins ' " Jims obviously getting more than his share 1 can ' t really abuse Jim too much about cheerleading because I ' m descri 3ing myself to a tee. We get enough abuse from everyone else anyway 1 would like to say that people like Jim are what thi college A close friend who you know will always be in touch. Thanks for all the good times Jim ; father ' s footsteps. Bruce E Kiddoo Northridge California Computer Science Navy Air Kid Bruce joined us here at the Severn River Boat School following i computers jock, he trudged through academics with the gouge and around a 3 You might say that he s just a chip off the old taco His curly hair, much shorter than the alro which he wore during his time in the San Fernendo Valley, always had that " just cut last night ' look Kid was not very at home with the women, so he spent most of Youngster year carousing with the Modesters Then he met Corny and we thought that we would never see him again on the weekends That flame died and a fire started at home during second class Christmas, only to be doused by a Maryland girl in the spring After 3 years of saying that he was going to be a west coast sailor. Kid finally saw the light and with his good insight wiH be joining the ranks of those who roam the open skies We. from the Thirsty Third, wish him well as oft he goes, into the wild blue yonder Darryl D Lakins Pleasantville New Jersey General Engineering Surface Line Lakes :ame to USNA fr ngste NAPS It only took him a lew weeks to added an interesting dimension to Plebe e " to Third Company and Darryl was a " morgue " shared quite a few fascinating Four years of Engir 3rd Company 495 i Daniel J. Molthen Hillsborough California Physical Science Navy Air Molth One of the dynamic duo Irom Northern California, He came to USNA alter a year stmt at Naps After cruising through a typical plebe year. Dan found youngster year a challenge as to were and when to go over the wall and how not to get caught You could say he enjoyed Itrst class as a youngster, since he would not see his first class year until February ' 83 Youngster year also joined the second half of the dynamic duo and F 2 together with Dan m the same room, which was almost the beginning of the end Second class year hit Dan in the face like a ton of bricks At four weekers with a whopping 8 qpr and a 4000 offense, it seemed all over for our happy go lucky Mid Twelve weekers brought better grades and a class A ' Smoke and army dont mix. do they Dan ' Needless to say. the dynamic duo spent much time together m the ensuing months, becoming regulars at the Early Morning Breakfast Club ' and learned every ones name and face At graduation " 82, room 1032 produced two second class and a brigade commander Physical science was good to Dan m his somewhat first class year His grades skyrocked. tailgators flourished, strange parties emerged, and third co fieldball awed opponents under Dans coaching Even though, at times. Dan seemed to be out of control and off the wall, he could be heard wandering around the halls of Bancroft saying, Tve got everything under control " William R. Mysinger Green Forest Arkansas General Engineering Navy Air Chicken George No one ever really knew where BpII came from Rumor has it he was from Arkansas, but we knew he was just from somewhere out there tn " Chicken-land " Bill eventually made it through Plebe PEP " despite numerous bodity ailments around 0545 every morning Youngster year found George out m town ripping down and re-building houses for the Wy ' s and not just on weekends, either But the money was good, topping the Navy ' s 100 per. so Bill Second Class year. Chicken iech-E courses The combina scapades proved George to I deep into Systems Engmeem lation of entrophy, the Rankine cycle, ar ) be the ultimate thermo veggie So, Bili his mark in the Emporium parking lot-at hought he might be a submariner tor a red Pinto r-backing First Class year, the OPS BOSS oc that the fiancee hadn ' t escaped He were perfected almost to the point of being believable G ' true chicken wmgs, hopefully at Pensacola with his ham ; MGS Silopanna Road every Gregory P. Olson Urbandale Iowa Aerospace Engineering Naval Flight Officer Greg Greg IS a truly remarkable person Where would you expect to find an Aero major v cum during study hour ' Either in some hole m the library or at least hard at work in I right ' Wrong! Greg used study hours to roam from room to room and engage in one less conversation after another Thus, the phrase ' Olsontzing " was coined and becami throughout the Brigade " Has your room been olsonized yet ' " was a common questn study hour Though Greg ' s face was not always a welcome sight to the classmate who v study, when someone was lost on a problem, he ran to Greg The kind of guy who can I appendix tor an exam but still ;ice it by deriving the formulas. Greg never hesitated t work aside and help his less fortunate, non-genius classmates Yes, Greg was a sharp or didn ' t make it through USNA on brilliance alone Greg was a worker, highly r us He was the kind of guy who would do a good job just for the sake of ' doing it r spent his afternoons wrestling other Mids and many a night wrestling the Aero-I, remarkable mid. He could never really relax long enough to be a mid Greg ' s hard-no; will carry him far Good luck Greg See you on the Space Shuttle WKL Jay T, Pandya Needham Massachusetts Ocean Engineering Navy Air Jackal Most of Jay ' s problems centered around studying and sleeping He never was truly comfor ■ able at the Naval Academy with regard to these daily compulsions Nevertheless, he s.« motivated to take advantage of the many opportunities within reach including instructor qu.ii cation at Marine Mountain Warfare school, airborne wings, scuba qualification, ground school and VTNA flight training Coming to the Academy as a respectable AAU swimmer, he became disillusioned with swim ming after plebe year in favor of more exciting waterpolo and fencing Stars were not too difficult for Jay to earn plebe year but academics really began to challenge him as an upperclass man First Class year saw Jay determined to make it through Ocean Engineering He put miles on his new Turbo Spider 2000 and enjoyed his favorite pastimes, windsurfing, rochclimbing. skiing, traveling and meeting as many pretty girls as possible Perhaps, someday he will find the right one What more can we say ' Jay will definitely sleep better now that it is finally over Good Jfsicai Science Marine Corps { NetMemco 496 3rd Company A. Edward V Powell II Miami Florida Applied Science Navy Air Edward Edward came to Mother 6 " (rem Miami, Florida, representing the purest form of the All- American boy He originally thought he was going to Pensacda, but his orders got fouled up and he was assigned temporary duty at USNA He applied his managerial skills early as Asststant Procurement Oflicer in charge ol doing cost benefit analysis on the mattresses at USNA Edward could be found studying late tnto the night, for during study hour he was maxtmiztng the benefits of his billet Edward always seemed to be busy with some sort of duties during study 120 20 were there and Edward was sort of there Ed had to make sure limited his reading to one chapter a week But even tn his busy schedule he found lime to stay m training Youngster year found him bicycling through town daily Second class year came and all he needed was running shoes Good thing he had a car first class year-Lanham is a long walk When the weekends came he was ready with his Tony Llama boots and Stetson hats, ready to me monze even the youngest of babes First class year also brought VT-NA which was his real bread and butter Then again, anything that had to do with flymg was his bread and butter Yes. Navy Air rs his true love and come 1983. the Navy will be signing on a fine addition to any ready David A Radi Huntingdon Pennsylvania Political Science Naval Intelligence Rods Rods came (o USNA from heard from Dave plebe yeai ngdon. PA, via the " City of Champions ' Nothing much ept tales of being on the football meat " squad A T ot him one night in Ocean City when he fell asleep on i stool with a lit cigar magnet Speaking ot! Noreico ' Rods took li le Rods like iron shavings to a ie girl from Marymount needed to borrow your IS on how to appreciate real rock roll and how to conduct oneself at rgotten that a parking lot is not the proper place to relieve oneself All seriousness aside. Dave s life centered around scoring on tests, the football field, and with people in higher places His professional attitude, high integrity, and philosophy on life were a big influence on everyone around him His natural role model personality led him to the billet of company commander As far as women were concerned, the Rods had one on his mind at all times, Kris " Radi ■ Looking forward to visiting you at the White House to discuss Soviet foreign John P. Reich Levittown Pennsylvania Physical Science Marine Corps John rolled into the Naval Academy from Levittown, PA Although he was a recruited wrestler, we were unprepared for the career which developed before our eyes Johns wrestling career was highlighted by three Eastern Championships, tour trips to the National Tournament and placing 4th. 3rd. and 2nd in the nation John did much more than wrestle during his four years Any weeknight John could be found hard at work to complete his physical science major On the weekend John was never seen John maintained a dual identity during his four years On weekdays he was a mid. but when the weekend rolled round John became a Penn State resident After 3 3 4 years at the Academy John succombed We all wish John and Tracie the best of Luck The Marine Corps will be lucky to have John and Mark G. Schaefer Albuquerque New Mexico Mechanical Engineering Nuclear Power Schaefdog From the wasteland of Albuquerque. New Mexico. Mark came to the East coast for the first time on July 5th In outstanding shape, (an 8:05 miler). he breezed through pep all summer On the first day of class. Schaet was so professional that he earned around his MHP all mornmg to grade problems so he was happy with a 2 95 A member of the pep band. Mark wore his leather mexican hat while cheering on the Big Blue Skating through plebe and youngster year he stayed mostly out of trouble, but you won ' t see him arguing with a McDonalds manager, chewing out a company officer, or driving a Mercury Comet anymore Originally an aero major and future NFO. Mark bagged out to mech e Opting for an underwater cruise first class year, he found that he liked McKee ' s Navy, and consequently chose nuke power as his servic the future. Mark, and always remember. Run Silent. Run Deep FEH . Best ot luck I 3rd Company 497 John T. Scruggs Seattle Washington Economics Surface Line Scruffy Fighting off Mount St Hele ns and the am ol the Pacific Northwest John left Seattle or the Navy and USNA The team of ScfuHy. D J , and Fanch proved to be t 00 much lor the class of ' 80 to handle on l-Oay, and the room was d sbanded starling of) 4 ye ars of USNA e.perie nee Scruffy was originally a Systems Engine er. but when he became m erested in graduate work in foreign affairs, he switched to Econ After statics. Econ was a ned to wargaming and racking Hew as an exper in both fields Hewaspres dent of the Military Studies Association and also received the Depart Tient of Energy Conservati 3n award four years unning for never needing the overhead lights John had great influence on all his roommates Their primary duty was to shake his arn n twice a weeK in order to keep his selfwinding watch running Seriously. though, most of his room- mates are doing quite well at other universities It seems that only the Supe appr ciated Prof Scruggs talents After a bout with th e admiral. Scruffy settled on Surface Line and a return to his beloved west coast Vt future holds, may the be St of luck come your way MGS Chuck Shipper Warminster Pennsylvania NFO Ripper Chuck started out his career at USNA with a bang. The first time out. parent ' s weekend, he came back to the hall with a pair of mirror sunglasses in quite the overbearing stale of mind He was accused ol being a drug addict II was all uphill from there Chuck didn ' t take much lime to show all ol us his love tor the easy life Yes. when Chuck got drinking he transformed his 5 foot 8 inch frame into thai of a professional wrestler He would lake on any or all comers with or without their consent and without any relative conception of their size or strength There was never a dull moment plebe year How many pieces of fruit are still stuck to firsties ' s cars? Better yet. how many upperclass regret going to Nimitz because they got nailed with a bucket of water on the way back Weekends quickly became a steady flow of liquid carbohydrates, whether it was practicing the tower lump after taps Saturday night, or just making casual visits to the porcelain God. the dirty right Chuck ' Don ' t worry though, the captain never Yes. Chuck IS definitely an example of leadership by a bar Bancroft Hall has seen its share ol empty beer willing, the Navy will have one hot back sealer The b PH lOt turning radius Plenty ol room. Iity Anyone would follow him into nd if the bars in Pensacola are as ck to you Chuck, and Godspeed l ichael B Stanton Brockton Massachusetts Mechanical Engineering Surface Warfare Mike It anyone best characterizes the charisma and vitality of Boston, it is Mike Stanton This Insh- Catholic prep came to USNA from the land ol boxers and brought with him the competitiveness and enthusiasm that were characteristic ol his efforts at Navy Whether in the classroom, in Nimilz. in Bancroft or on Dewey, hard work was a way ol lile with Mike Son of Bond, brother ol Marvin, and lather of Gouge. Stats was the Mech E wizard that was always ready to help out the opinion. Mike could always be counted on to tell you ird to describe Mike, that word is " intense " No matter max Whether the Surface Navy will be belter or worse be hearing about you Lisa A Thompson Tunkhannock Pennsylvania General Engineering Navy Air Lisa Who IS faster than a speeding bullet, more powerlul than 3 locomotive, and only 60 inches tall ' Lisa Thompson, the supermunchkin ol third company They recruited her for basketball but she was too short to even sit on the bench ' Plebe year. Lisa was involved in many extra- curricular activities now who was that person that kept you so busy ' It looked like wedding bells lor a while but second class summer look care ol that Lisa always did have a weak spot lor fly boy LT S -actually, any type of Lt How about youngster cruise Second class summer really brought out the best in Lisa dancing on tables at Quanlico breaking up lights at the Mar Bar. and surviving the pool party at Oceana Yes. we did have some tun several limes Second class year Lisa practiced her driving skills in the Buick Regal Her parents have no idea how many road trips that car has seen First class summer was the road trip to beat all road trips, to L A and back The punk glasses really added something Lisa linally got her RX-7 and the roads will never be safe again We ' ve all made it to lirst class year and we ' ve all grown up. bul Lisa still buys her clothes m the children ' s department She has always been great with short )okes Lisa ' s tall enough to fly and that ' s all that matters She s headed to P Cola and nothing will hold her back Lisa, you ve been the lriet d we ' ve always needed Thanks Love. Barb and Spike CRB. BAB I I HecnaniGlEngir k.Vii Flight Olfic 498 3rd Company ■ ' " K ' jta Michael C. Wallace Versailles Kentucky Mechanical Engineering Naval Flight Officer Mike To the guys. The friendships we ' ve built and the great t have made it all worthwhile Take care and Mark A. Wilson Seymour Connecticut Political Science Cryptology Moon Mark, better known to his friends as Moon, arrived at USNA on more nervous than he ' d ever been m his life and wondering what h; down a scholarship to USC It didn ' t take him very long to sett establish a charter membership in the thirsty third " morgue " During his four year stay. Mark surpassed academic standari earning the description as a " walking TV Guide " He did have a run youngster year which kept the Moon behind the clouds for a whil. soon had the dogs howling in the cemetery and the graintields A f ship permanently satisfied his craving tor Mexican food, and he w£ he would never complain about the US Navy again Mark is leaving years of faithful courtship) and high hopes of future happiness 1 Dad, Thanks for your 1 heard to promis DDL j in two Ihtngs ' ig and partying Which one were you vhen he taught our plebe summer e really saw what Willy was made of was receiving temperance lectures William F. Traub Vineland New Jersey Marine Engineering Submarines Willy Willy came to the Academy well ver recruited tor anyway His skill in sailing became ev instructor how it was done, but it wasn ' t until ac-year He (ell tn with the wrong crowd and after only three from J " with the rest of the dirty half do en In an effort lo clean up his act. Willy look to becoming familiar with the MHP on Sunday morntngswish he would have cleaned that up though He also helped his roommates out by unclogging the sink with a shoe horn after a Saturday night binge As an upperclass Travoob seemed to learn his lesson and became fairly successful hiding his partying Well then again he didnt do such a great job at Army youngster year That anything lest you have control o( yourself Enough of the dirt though, since Willys sailing prowess deserves equal time He came here with more trophies than you can shake a stick at and IS stilt setting them as a skipper of the class " A " yacht Over the years Willy has been a great friend and has supported everybody in their limes of need After two and a half years as roommates I know this more Ihan anyone Having already made his service selection m October. Willy is looking forward lo plenty of time under water rather than surface. Better have those kids before i Lawrence W. Vonier Kailua Hawaii General Engineer Surface Warfare Larry Larry was a quiet boy fron By youngster year an amazing ' was all our doing or if the fact that way, Larry-Brah ' s days of quietn fter a year at NAPS He didnt really in all the possible pictures and done n group of funloving drinkers came ripate m our drunken conversations surprising since he habitually turns stormation began taking place We haven ' t decided if it less were over The pendulum was swinging the other way ; with the moon monsters or passing out with his eyes open boy had changed Changed yes. but not in every way He still urpassed only by a turtle m slowness Take, for example, the getting his loan 3rd Company 499 THIRSTY THIRD 500 3rrl Company M h rifei Richard A Boggs Fayetteville North Carolina Physical Science Surface Line The Bogg Richard Boggs, The Boss, was an Army t Navy It was either that or he decided to relatively low profile while he has been at rack It wasn ' t until second class that Ric constant companion, Tigger Tigger is a bi lights )go undergoing b . Rich I- Jd at least a little class to his life Rich has kept a ? Academy, spending most of his time mated to his ant by " Thanks for the gift " Then there is Rich ' s if a tomboy-she loves to play football and baseball youngster yeai (much to the i found time to be a track gimp for three years and holds the record manager He was also a member of the D R during plebe and get " extra " weekends away from Mother B). a member of the MSA tf several DMs), and even attempted to play bridge {we pity his I Rich spent his last summer at USNA in Hawaii (by luck) on cruise and also terrorized es during detail Rich has also found time to be a good friend and roommate We will T even though he could use some taste in his choice of music Rich leaves the Academy surface liner Good luck and fair swimming ' .! John T, Canny Issaquah Washington General Engineering Navy Air Geddy Lee John Canny was born to a poor weightlifting family in Washington Raised on powdered protein and raw meat, John came to the Academy to play football Leaving the varsity team, do a little head butting and huckmg on jastime However, many an evening he little Rush or Black Sabbath ■ powder became known Road tripping ?nd the Bogg. John li sics was by far his ta ; room mellowing ol ar that Geddy s real I place in Flori where they say Joseph S. Baehr Centerville Ohio Systems Engineering Nuclear Power Joebaehr Joe Baehr, our man from Centerville. will be known forever to the boys in the 4th as the most contused man ever to walk through the gates of USNA. To this day he can ' t tell the ditference between celery tonic and beer He could never figure out why celery tonic blurred his vision For awhile, he thought that his eyeglass prescription was wrong and believing that Bancroft Medical Eye Clinic was located m Sanlee Basin, he often dropped off his glasses for repair Each tall. Jose ' Beer would treat the boys in Four to the frutts of hts annual pilgrimage back to his Ohio pumpkin patch. (We never knew they made Pumpkin Piz2a to confused into beliving that Submarine life was the best, so well see him tn thi 0-0-0-G-H-A. A-A-H-0-O-O-G-H-A!! An M. Bai St. Louis Missouri Oceanography Geophysics Airhead July 1979 He Mew in from St i taste of acid Rolling Stones, Second class year brought trouble with the thing next door The t First class year will definitely be a year to remember for An His br goes Art. to his little Hoodcyde I heard him talking u Hoodcycle yum " Hoodsville sure must have its used his share of unlimited weekends ' He will go unlimited weekends and that includes duty! Mr Bai is an ■An " of all trades From Hoodsville t you F-14 " ! Hey An. its MILLER TIME! RAfVl 1 and there 3 one night. " Hoodcycle yum sweets Ever wonder whether An history as the only mid to have ; year without duty Good luck m 4th Company 501 oin the naval service He also t , whtch he proved by passing up the big six-stnper 3uld serve the company t. one time in Colorado, he drank Scotch til Dawn ;a isn ' t a good substitute for ice in Scotch) The Jeffrey S. Currer Des Plaines Illinois Systems Engineering Nuclear Power Cobra Jeftrey S is the third of three brothers to ] sense of duty and responsibility to his men position and taking just three so that he C ' (And then he tried to drink Dawn!) (VodI question IS ARE THE GIRLS SAFE ' " Though most people dont know this. Jet guy we ever knew who could do a (orwai gymnastic career ended on the sottball lie Trading in perfect vision for $6,000 and ar his dreams of (light (or the ultimate deep ( Good luck in subs. Bubble, bubble Richard K. Davidson Virginia Beach Virginia Physical Science Marine Corps Dick Dick came to the Naval Academy (rom sunny Virginia Beach w as many people as possible Needless to say. he was quite successful in this pursuit D known throughout the hall for his pleasant personality and delightful demeanor, from discouraging word could always be heard For three years Rich was a omm-present f basketball court, only to abandon round ball his senior year and Batts Black Badness For four years Dick has taken care of the Bird, acting as mentor, maid, and generally being a real mother ' When one pictures Dick as he existed at good ole USNA one sees him forever dribbling that ball, racking intensely, or raging out of control, but rarely at the books If there was a way to make the workload easier, quicker or to avoid it altogether, Dick night Dick sat me down and taught me all he knew As I recollect, it » purpose of abusing r of the F sayings were ' The one thing Dick loved the most, more than rac other people, from which his nickname was derived you dont have as long to stay " and " not only no. but said something nice, but he quickly corrected himself and took it back Yes. h without Dicks ' daily dose of demeaning dialogue? The Marine Corps will never t JGS as insulting ) back when slipped and Frank Free III Elizabeth New Jersey Mathematics USMC Air Okie Okie Free came to USNA with just two simple goals m mind to attend more Navy bask games than his childhood hero. Chesty Puller, and to be named President o( the NAAAA (P Academy Athletic Apathy Association) Remember, you cant tell the players without a prog Frank Free was to fourth company what Oscar Madison was to the odd couple, which r him the leading candidate for company First Lieutenant His affinity for clean living was evi for the Marine Corps Marathon on two packs of cigarettes a day and three bottles of scol Fighting the typical r 1 often be found cruising the Jerse. Robert A. Gambril! Ill Wichita Kansas Chemistry Surface Bobby G. On (hat memorable day m July. Bob left the " Land ol Ahs " , Kansas that is. ar»d came li USNA He quickly showed himself to be a very motivated and professional pleber. so much si that his name became synonymous with Gunge " and " Stellar " Bob survived life wilh J n Sterrett, and come arounds with BertoJ He took out his frustralions from long days m t chem lab mixing up who knows what, on the poor unsuspecting defenses of other lieldtM teams, and in running the 0-course year round trying to break two mmules Bob never sang .. the shower, but his voice filled the chapel every Sunday Hood College even had the opportumt to hear Bob ' s voice on one memorable weekend And he It never forget Easter weekend in Ne« Orleans with Paul or the woolying of unsuspecting souls Bob never was at a loss for food will the weekly golfball boxes he received, and how could he gel by on S W? hours of sleep a day ■ beyond me Little did anyone know that Bob would aspire to (he heights of Ben Casey and try to med school Those long nights at Nimit are sure to pay oH in Bob ' s future in more ways Ih.ti one ' Best o( luck. Zoom I !• Jersey f al Engines, " ivyHir 502 4th Company David M. Hopkins Salinas California English USMC Hop Dave Grandpa " Hopkins, the grand old man of Phoamin ' Phour since 2 C year, wandered into USNA from Salinas, California via ttie fleet Plebe year, Darth Rader and Jasbo tiad no eHect on Dave ' s veneer of California mellow Dave even took time out to serve at Cfiarlie ' s, Througfiout plebe and youngster year Dave found new ways to break regs, win friends, and influence people m higfier places Unfortunately, Hops efforts were not nearly so successful witti Actramids buddy. Captain K Davee karchergram was good lor at least 15 days of ttie early morning breakfast club, musters and inspection But. he can proudly boast that he has not yet been encarcerated for jay-walking or genocide But that ' s about it Dave was, how do we say, as faithful as old Ben. You could set your watch by Dave ' s sliding through the door at taps safe Studies what are they? Papers ,. lots ,,, all done the night before In short, the Hopper had a good time- to none that was Dave until - - - - Terry, months the wildman was D M E S T 1 C functions with one lady Submarines opportunities of wearing green Dave and his lovely bride enter the el two of the luckiest people in the world RR damn a5 ' 2 " b ATED he grades, one more roundi " Swor rown-eyed brunette native Florida Beer bashes and wild women gave ths at sea were replaced by the wafare branch of the corps The b n to fun loyal Herbert A, Hundley Trenton New Jersey General Engineering Navy Air After a brief stop in Rhode Island, Herb arrived at Cam oar in the other Soon Herb found crew to much for h Before long he was an honorary member of Seventh Co problem for his best friends, but good times were h forgotten ) A platoon commander even during his own piebe summer. Herb worked his alion staff position by first class year But everyone always ccess at the Academy an Id traded it for the factory )n the mountain was a small Sab-A-Roo (That wont be Matthew E. Green Phoenix Arizona Mathematics Marine Corps Matt Matt IS fourth company ' s " only " man He ' s the only r man to go to " disco " Dahlgren during his first class ye Park High School 1982 Senior Prom, and the only m Citi ens Christmas Ball Additionally, he is the only man ne only man to attend the Severna I attend the Annapolis Area Senior 1 Fourth Company claiming to have Matt Green ' s childhood dream was to grow up to be a short Mexican like his roommate From a long line of aviators, everyone always thought that Matt would end up a pilot especially since he and his copilot Ron Ness were often on Saturday nights, taking off and flying, without a plane but with ' 20-20 " vision Matt IS choosing the Marines as his service selection because Twenty-Nine Palms reminds him iget ' I cactus I Kenneth S Honeker Brookside New Jersey General Engineering Nuclear Power Hawk or Hock (in Jerseyan) One of the Turnpike boys. Hock brought could provide Who could forget those imn Tonyi ' But this treatment was received custom designed sheets, mm he sent fruit baskets to his neighbors Ken always worked hard at his engi ring Department failed to notice I study in the field of " Pocket Rockets ' that touch of class that on ly New Jersey ords uttered youngster year. Gel bent foes alone Hawk ' s lortunate roomates ion. and " Agent Orange " plant care while 4th Company 503 4 Gary J. Manley Maiden Massachusetts Oceanography Marine Corps High Maiden Drifter Gary Manley. the High Maiden Drifter, deeply considered his brother ' s career at USAFA the Air Force and promptly decided to come to Navy As a plebe. Gary was the envy ol company as he perfected the Manley disappearing act — climaxed by Gary ' s being questio by one of our firsties as to whether he was actually in 4th Company This wouldn ' ' ' bad. if It wasn ' t that Mr Craig had only lived . the hall i Rackman I year and i borrow the newspaper Another one of the ' 80 grads who knew Gary intimately was Frosty McDaniel. who awoke one cold morning to face Gary, his bucket of snow and his cohorts. Hop and the Spic Gary also proved to be too illusive for the Admin Conduct System Youngster academics didn ' t phase Gary When in need of a formula or an answer utilized his own brand of PFM. Manley Math, to fabricate new equations and answers air that were always good for at least half credit He amazed his roommates with hi after bouts with the pad-monster, his love for his woman-machine — his ' 73 Torino and his unbelievable luck at any card game Through 3 c and 2 c years. Gary was the guardian of the " other " member of the Wolfpack. Oscar Homolka. until Oscar ' s demise during the summer ol ' 82 Yes. the same mind that allowed Oscar to die while he had fun m Hawaii also stuck his dog with the name of Stupid First Class year brings Gary into the world of Hoodtramid Whether or not his victim ' s roommates are present — NOTHING stands m the way of tt- leaves USNA to cruise m tanks m the Corps— GOOD LUCK! RR . exploits Gary Richard A Moore Orlando Florida Mathematics Surface Hulk-ll basketball, women, and lifting weights Rich excelled in the first passion with great pr The latter two lent to his philosophy on life " Don ' t go out with a girl you can ' t lift class During a session of a non-dead ritual, rumbling, he saved his roommate by upperclass qualify for VTNA without a plane How ' s your back Hank ' Really ' Step Another interesting thing about Rich was the number and variance of chit This was nearly equalled by his similar taste m women If she was old enough she was old enough to Rich will also be remembered for his " cadance " fi never did To this day he still thinks a column left is a political movement something you do to make taps We wish him the best of luck as he figures out a way to squeeze out of the argei. upper- Francis A. Morneau Las Vegas Nevada Oceanography Special Operations Frank Frank came to the Naval Academy after escaping from a prep school in Nogale S ( saw Frank go from company commander to letter winner in one felled swoop (black As the pack mellowed youngster year. Frank could usually be found at Pinchoft maku with a bottle of whiskey and his friends Second class year Frank invested in a piece of fiberglass complete with a state Blaupunkt playing his favorite music by Barry White. The Go-Gos. or Bach Frank , much of his spare time touring a certain part of New York he look a fancy to Frank r feelings toward the things he held dear-his family, his friends, and first batt football Hi any of them down Good luck Frank! TfP John T Murray Moore Oklahoma General Engineering USMC Air JT Tommy came to USNA from the land where the waving wheat c»n sure snnell swe«t when the wind comes right behind the ram When we think of J T we think ol • man ol great luck In juil one semester, he got the greatest gouge prols (Wild Bill and the Rocket), a sun-rool installed free of charge in his convertible a highly sought alter position in the great Bancroll Medical |a«r- breaking experiment, and plenty of non chargeable weekends during which he couk) spend all ot his accumulated cribbage winnings John owes his high CUM lo his hard work and studying And he used his time etiicienlty loo ' Who else can study and snore at the same time ' John was always so conlident ol his grades that ho spent all of most finals weeks catching up on the classics (everything Itom Shogun lo Done ol the Dune) John will probably be best remembered as the lounder ol the Fourth Company Forensic Society and the coiner of its motto. You ' re wrong! I don ' t care what you say ' Don I contuse me LSfJEPyle fffOa ••titllloritej • «tal«, " »» ' ! I " iiOaiii, I luck in F-18 ' s Be I 504 4th Company wW " " " Thomas E Peterson Largo Florida History USMC Air Pete ' The graduation o 1 T Elliot Peterson p oves that ou can get through the Academy and still maintain an overly optismis ic at itude oward life. Leaving his fa nily and friends in Florida. Elliott packec up h s frisbee and came to Annapolis Never one to 1 t academics interfere with his overall e ucat on. Pete qui kly be came a hi story maior Pete ' released his physical tensions by p« rfect ,31 g ace of two fisting ■.huckingFriz. sailing with the Captain and his all.girl ere w, or working out hi ripped up knee Miotfs constan search for adventure and his casual de nean 3r will ser e hin nwell n Pensacola after graduati on. or after a short stmt at Loyd E- Pyle Inverness Florida Economics Navy Air Zilla Lloyd E s story began when he drove through the academy gates in his white Eldorado with the Longhorns on the hood (complete with Citrus County plates ) Loyd always was a big hit with his girl Shan (eh, . or Sherry) probably because he was nearly as well equiped as his longtime friend and associate. Jimmy Grimnace Zilla, as he was known on the Gridiron, paced fourth company ' s football teams during his four year tenure But football was not his forte: ask anyone on the massive slopes of Stmktoot and they ' ll agree ' he ' s the best we ' ve seen in these parts since Claudette Longet " Loyd, an outdoorsman and environmentalist since childhood, barely edged out Dewey to win the fourth company ' s Clean Air Act petition signing contest, otherwise known as the " fight tor life ' A one time nuclear power candidate, Loyd saw the light (which happened to be in a cccpit instead of a reactor) See you in Pensacola ' (Don ' t you have relatives from that area?) Duane E Nestor Belte Fourche South Dakota Math Navy Air " Dewey " Undoubtedly, Dewey would make nearly everyone ' s list of top 10 favorite people Can ' t recall many an en|oyable evening sharing a chew with Dew. or just plain Poochin wil President ' )-gettef. How else c 1 of Wardroom Club lor fresh air and the great outdoors. Dewey will forever be known as the crown(ed) prince of air pollution, a somewhat dubious distinction which has destroyed more ozone than Naval Academy Buses! (This guy voted for " Mexican Meal " for tailgators) One of the gungiest mids ever, Dewey frequented " Semper Ei " meetings m fresh first wmg haircuts, munching box lunches at the lectures, and saluting pictures oi Chesty Puller Roll them tanks. Duane ' Stephen R. Olevnik Philadelphia Pennsylvania Physical Science Navy Air Steve When Steve ' s parents wo where the grass was kept s lew that the next four years would at the Annapolis ' Vacht Club with ? enough, when he wasn ' t busy not $ ground in the corner o the room woke him up during the dark hours at 0700 on 1-Day 1 t so nice (the Naval Academy) he knew that the next be a struggle Steve ' s philosophy to get through four y sanity intact became " lay low and don ' t get caught! " And getting caught, he was laying low — about two feet abovi called the Rack Steve s parents stopped answering the phone with hello while he was at the Academy-they ' d iust say " yes, we accept the charges " That and going home every weekend was Steve ' s secret formula for graduation, as he settled into life as a scientist after teasing the AC boards for the first two years and never letting them get him The ever present spector ot grades, conduct, and some " terrific leadership " kept Steve at the Academy on Thanksgiving his second class year and the chance meeting of a very special person (beat Army!) changed his ways as he found out just what more free time could mean. Of course, some of that " free time " he had to create on his own with studying on a not to Steve ' s looking forward to seeing life from a different viewpoint in the future — the view from a cockpit of a fast plane in an endless blue sky! ETP 4th Company 505 Gerald A Rivas Pueblo Colorado Physical Science Supply Corps -Salty " Ih his take green card, in (he trunk of a ' 64 Chebby. hoping t I the Severn But. he couldn ' t read the signs, walked past th wandered into Bancroft Hall finding himself part of the Pleb ng enough to attest to that fa Dort was when he accidentally contused the Offic Id yelled to him. Hey Gringo, Smtynine Tacos ' . favorite Second Class PERSONS, Jerry hopes t MEEB Fight ' (Can you imagine Rivas Loaf I Richard C. Rivera Ft Washington Maryland Political Science Nuclear Surface Spic The Spic still had his 41 ived. ing traumatically ■ dege nerate mids Never one to just sit around, Roids ' has participated i musicals, and the Glee Club His musical experience led him to man ding serenading the Maj and living it up m New York, New Orleans Spaz had his moments fetching snow, never understanding a good j Catholic College One December. Joseph G Schoppy Gibstown New Jersey Mechanical Engineering Nuclear Submarines Bird Even though Joe began life at a disadvantage, in South Jersey, he never lost hope of a t etter lifethe Naval Academy Going the Naps route as so many have before. Bird learned the principles that guide him today His philosophy includes. " It s only my third shower today and " Let the maid do it, " and the ever popular. " Hey Rich, turn off the lights on your way out " Between Rack afternoons and Shoopy sauna ' s. Bird found time to participate on 7 brigade championship teams, with two more expected this year When he wasn ' t requesting long weekends as a youngster or dining out with Julia. Bird found time to deal with his classmates help, like the time helped me get fried for swearing at the AOOW His favorite response to any query was. " Whadda ya " kiddin me " " Any brilliant revela- tion of the painfully obvious was greated equally by. " Youve got a good point there, on top of your head ' " Joe always gave something of himself, usually for me to clean up After 3 12 years together. I ' m getting time off for good behavior because the Bird is being kicked upstairs (from 3-3 to 3-0) to become our fearless Baft Subcommander His only concern now is who is going to clean up after him Never one to let a good thing pass without grabbing it (providing it was within reach). Joe has committed (a very good choice of words) himself to the silent service that glows-nuke subs So. $2,400 richer and with his Julia by his side. Joe bubbleheads into the RKD . good luck and good riddance Edward T Sullivan Silver Spring Maryland Applied Science Navy Air Ted had already been accepted to Duke when he (ound out that his umbilical cord would only reach as far as Annapolis Next to John Neeb. no one has fed as many fourth company mids as Mrs Sullivan, and The Hotel Sullivan was the staging ground for many a fourth company movement order Ted was a terrific guy and a friend to alt He was such a nice guy that even he took advantage ol himself and he spent many a weekend standing his own duty Ted was such an understanding guy too. he was always able to see all six sides of the situation accounting experience Ted is one of few midshipmen to have r to graduation from H4R Block because he fits into their personnel profiles SlefhenCTii Hwiumei taVork follicalSciwii HavyAii iHptienC. iiMtmioU ! ' »[«cli)iw i ii«tast. t» fesE.Voi| E I proudly led Fourth Company oi queery. " Hey. did this guy have I Good luck in F 14 ' s ' (Do they mal f he fits into the lo the parade field where many a P-rade ludge » s pre-com today or what? " • square cockpits ) CaUoinia ftDflOmiK ' ' ¥,1)10 So Nci«, 506 4th Company Stephen C. Trainor Herkimer New York Political Science Navy Air Stephen C. Steve came lo USNA from the thriving Justice, and the American Way, and bending buildings in Herkimer) I mean this guy was s-o-c Steve was always a real ■one girl " man-{one for Friday, for a brother-in-law-(Ya ' gotta watch who you bring hon Steve (fi cTramor) wouldn ' t want this to get around, i USNA was because Ara Parsiegian retired Although we dc Stephen C . he never could help South Bend-ing the truth New York, wielding Truth, ands {They don ' t have tall ven his alligators squeaked for Saturday, red That ' s wh Go get em, you Irish Tomcat, you! Charles E. Voigtsberger Ventura California Economics Navy Air HEIGHT Negligible WEIGHT About right for height SEX Occasionally HIPS Negligible WAIST Negligible CHEST None TURN-ONS: Protramid, plebe indotnnation system, wine and cheese hot tub parties, roller skating in Venice. California, academic summery sheets. Proposition 13. Valley girls, avocado salad, pita bread, Jane Fonda TURN-OFFS Uptight people. Republicans, proposition 13 (he ' s ambiguous on this issue), war, peace (he ' s ambiguous on this issue, too) FAVORITE BOOKS Malibu Beach on Fourteen Dollars a Day, I HP, A Message To Garcia HOBBIES Surfing, do-it yourself lobotomies, volleyball, lighting bonfires, putting out bonfires (guess what ) FAVORITE MOVIES Annapolis-The First Year. CNO Sitrep Series, Fast Times At Buena High. Old Spice Commercials GOALS IN LIFE To be father of the solar powered Navy { " Like it burns clean, man " ) to have a private audience with Cindy E eating pudding, to model midshipman uniforms for G Q Michael W. Thurman Centerville Ohio Mathematics Special Warfare Mickey Mike came to Ihe Naval Academy with all the enthusiasm of a fixed cat His life was in shambles until he met up with his first riendThe Bogg They became as one. and together they loined the YP Squadron in hopes ol co mmand at se Alter running aground, their visions ol YP Commodore guickly faded Mike me several new Iriends w.lh hi purchase ol a new Sony Trinitron But. he ate them Between Pepsi and Haagen Daaz. Mike stayed healthy enough to row Varsity Crew and squeeze in an occasional trip to Akron Best of luck always with the SEAL team, wherever your duties may take you Vance S Tisdale Pensacola Florida Mathematics Nuclear Submarines Tiz straight from the Cougar Bar in dc wntown P-cola, our boy Tiz raded m his Tomcat lor a Sturgeon and a valuable career in the nuclear Nav y But It wasn 1 all a bed of roses for V nee Tisdale. e long weekends catching up on homework and pumping iron ■ Additionally. he added responsibility of spending all that hard earned 3-striper, -P-rape judge ' liberty really put the strain on his grades If not for the great sacrifice of time Tiz put in as head |udge. to day he might b a Rhodes scholar Regardless of how strapped for time he really was some time lor relaxing The oldest e manent floating " - = " ' criugaineiri Da.i...u.. w... be legend for years to come And he liked to drink beer. too. on special occasions (like his birthday) Just ask F M Watts ankle Lots of luck to you and Kori Glub. glub . 4th Company 50 Frank M. Watt. Ill Bethesda Maryland Math Supply Corps •■Who " idicate thai one Frank w.th the class o( 1983. bul no other substantiating played Navy Football, but PHOAMIN ' PHOAR Bud Edney as a Midshipman? 4th Company 509 Darren L. Anderson Salina Kansas Marine Engineering Nuclear Submarines Darren The summer prior lo his entrance to U S N A found Darren Anderson in southern Canada and northern Minnesota leading eager boy scouts on canoe trips into the wilderness He would often travel alt day. by foot or canoe, through all weather, only stopping to eat occasionally His hair grew long and his beard ragged- a true modern mountainman A strange transition began on 6 July 1979, one that was not completed until service selection This man who craved the outdoors, open fires, fresh air, and privacy chose nuclear submarines This decision did not take those of us in Fighting Five by total surprise We first began to suspect something when this experienced trailguide. who slept for months in the open air. could not sleep with the window open By and large, his company-mates were baffled as lo why Darren chose to deny the open fields of the U S M C and the open seas ol the surface fleet to relish m the neutrons of 20,000 Leagues under the Sea On the serious side, we will all miss Darren ' s pipe (cough), his gouge, and his ability to figure out fluids problems that boggled us all But most of ail. we will miss Darren Good luck. God David M. Bllesner Bellingham Washington Chemistry Marine Corps Grunts He came to us in an indirect route, via Tulane and then Western Washington University Dav. IS a man who will settle for nothing less than what he wants and he wanted USNA, His wide am varied background, from university student, to construction worker, to midshipman often led li deep and unique insights as a tirstie, upon which many of us came to depend This expenenci also placed Dave m the special role of father figure (of course his gray hair may have been ; factor) The same determination that brought Dave to USNA, despite the rr instilled in him the deepest possible convictions and ideas, combined with an impecc integrity Daves Idealism was often challenged, and we could always find him at the heart o latest company controversy- all those calculators adrift just did not " add " up But to those can earn a B and receive a D) If this " Luck " does not overcome Dave, we expect to hear c resounding exploits m his beloved Marine Corps Artillery DA John F, Cerasuolo Massapequa New York Political Science Economics Nuclear Surface JC, Johnny, the Snoz. Cerasuolo. affectionately known as J C . relatively in Mother B through youngster year, burst into the limelight with his stellar steam studies wires wizardry Not too shabby for an Econ and Poly Sci QPR high double major Johnny with a much more sedate crowd third class year and was never fried for being duicmoc After being beaten with a drumstick at the Hall and Gates concert by a wild band ol Damies 2 c year, Johnny was determined to dominate woman Debbie and Jennifer wei at his will He IS now known to frequent the Pleasure Chest The 2 c cruise proved J C taojiaptiy Kavyte His last two years here are best remembered for road trips to JMU, attempted road trips back from Notre Dame in a four man Fiat, skiing trips to Pennsylvania, Lax broadcasts in the wind and ram (care for a beer ' Dant?), broken collar bones, and scuba diving m the Keys 1 c year brought us out to San Francisco, North Lake Tahoe, and Yosemite but Johnny s checkbook brought him back to Massapequa (where?) First class year should prove to t e even more exciting once J C gets his nuclear power bonus Favorite saying " That ' s a max mega bulu being fried ASAP OBSTCR by the BOOW for dragging your grease hose through First Regimental Side Smoke hall at 19 15 CMDT midnins ' t regs niner tack. Charlie BEH Bob Clyborne MInnetonka Minnesota Math Nuclear Power Rac A firm believer in the Vikings and the North Stars. Rac left Gods gift to mankind, tf « boundary waters, to educate the rest of the world This gentle Yak herdsman from the land of the towheads made a great impression on his plebe summer squad leader who never grew tired o( calling his name With academics taking up about an hour each semester Rip Van Clyborne was able to maintain his position as captain of the Varsity Rack team When awake, however, Rac was a bundle of fun as his flaming curls burnt a place m the hearts of many a young lady, with a little help from the infamous lowbird, ol course Now Ihat his future IS linked with Ihat ol excited atoms, his Iriends will best remember him by his exploits at the Naval Station Enough said DS = ' 8eDoPon|,, ■aftt " ssactiysetts Sllry " i ' le Corps i»3 510 6th Company James W. Doyle Chelmsford Massachusetts Oceanography Navy Air P-head It would take volumes tc country in Massachusetts i years, olten spending one 1 all of the adventures of Jim Doyle sinci ) Annapolis Jim studied hard throughoi rs a week on homework One of the Pinheads favorite seen strolling B-0 in Marine Corps green, keeping the boys in line As Its of Marymount or on a D + D trip into Fran ODoyles. Jim was never vn He was christened " P-Head " by a confused Italian woman who k his head for a tropical truit at Army Navy 81 would always make the most of any situation P-Head and the rest of the six often en|oyed livities at Checkpoint Charlie, where the Tuborg Light never seemed to go out and the had to go out on Fridays When Smoke Hall needed a new leader. P-head was highly I by a " loyal classmate. " his company officer, and even the Commandant of assume this position After a successful three year tour in 32. Jim was so well liked that it was felt that another company should also benefit from his fine example Fifth Company became Jims new home and soon things were back to normal again Above all. Jim was a man you could count on at all costs No doubt he will recover from those knife wounds in JEF George DuPont. Chicopee Massachusetts History Marine Corps Skip GO Joseph M. Cooney Hayward California Political Science Surface Line Joe Joe started his lite at USNA as a hard worker with a strong determination to become a U S Naval Officer He struggled through plebe year academics and like so many of us managed to just keep his head above water It was at the beginning of youngster year that Joe realized his decision to come to Canoe U was a good one For at this time Joe met the girl of his dreams at Disco Dahlgren It must have been true love or else Joe wouldn ' t have put up with Bob. Tnsh. Mother Crabit . Grandma, Aunt Gertrude, Aynur, or the host of characters in Joe and Michelle ' s life which make rooming with Joes (avonte ECA has been counseling classmates who either couldn ' t jump off towers or jump out of sinking relationships Were all proud of Joe and we know he ' ll make a fine SWO aru) that he ' ll be happy living wherever Michelle tells him to Bruce F. Dammeier Tacoma Washington Ocean Engineering Civil Engineering Corps Fuhrm I thts " revolving c eight w» K many times can a tinge of bad taste j eye surgery allowed h I 5th Company 51 1 Patrick E. Ellis Jacksonville Florida General Engineering Navy Air Pat Pat IS a very unique person. He is very roommate, not very squared as an academi respected throughout the FiMh Company a; leader, and company commander i makes the smk brown from his tobacco habit Academically. Pat loves the gouge and would them Women are Pafs real problem though He very own I ' m sure he will one day though One other quality sets Pat apart trom the rest d away as a leader, squared away as a and apparently a square to women! He is nber of the Bram Trust, as a good squad His favorite sayings are " Get a job " and about the night at the ballgame By the way, did you ever get member the football game against Patches? Those were the ve lived up to its name Pat made sure ol that- Sean M. Freeman St. Joseph Illinois English Marine Corps Sean Jeffrey L. Frye Elizabethtown Kentucky Resourse Management Surface Warfare Jean Claude Jeft wandered to USNA from Elizabethtown. Ky and the academy has never been the same Whether or not he was navigating the banks of the Severn or navigating the slopes o( Wildcat in New Hampshire, JeM was always the first to admit that he was lost Jeff could never decide if he was really academically inclined or not Occasionalty he would get a strange light in his eyes and disappear for several months Then he would show up the night before finals and want to play D D When not occupying himself with the former pursuits. JeH uid dynamics. His paper on fluid flow from a bottle is still studied tn the gas mileage and David J. W. Gwilliam East Hartford Connecticut Political Science Surface Gwills Well, what cjn be sjid about one of the most wild ruckusing partierson the East Coast ' Dave came to USNA from Connecticut with a sense of duly lo God. Country, and Jim Morrison Dave IS a die hard tan of the f« anila Folders, and speaking of baseball. Dave sure loves those dugouts Remember youngster year at Army or do you? One thing that stands out in his career at Navy is his relationship with Tnsh Dave and Trish have been inseparable since youngster year Don ' t get the wrong impression though because Dave IS not tied down ti Jacques Cousleau i always be remembered through his memorial study desk at savage " behavior The Mid store will also miss Dave as their t be the same without him Gwills. we all wish you good luck in (he sends his regards wwpwsylhi Tffl«if)ed3r« Brian LLaRo Enfield Connecticut Political $cief Navy Air to DJialJar Timothy A. Jewell Rockville Maryland Management Navy Air TJ TJ hails from West Point. N despite his being an Army continuing crusade to reforrr Oscar was nnoved York, and si at Upon his ne Brigade ' s Tor i field. Dniy do minimal damage to the ; shocking personal cleanliness ;a colleges during free time or t to volunteer to watch th( ;d out or company as a Firstie company ' s room inspection average Famous for mo Carlton was often found gainfully employed at some weekends Generous by nature, Carlton would always and keep away the undesirables at Sorority parties Tim owned a red Oldsmobile which served him faithfully for his four years as a Midshipman Tim ' s Taxi was famous throughout the Brigade, parts of Philadelphia (mostly sidewalks), a still a favorite topic of conversation at a MacDonalds in College Park Although there ' several eye-witnesses, Oldsmobile still claims that their cars can ' t do that TJ will be rolling into the fleet, pursued by the bees and several of his fans from Hood he; for a jet somewhere We wish him luck and know that wherever he may end up, things will n be the same again Good luck, Tim, Brian L, LaRoche Enfield Connecticut Political Science Navy Air Roach Brian was commonly referred to as " Roach " or Chef arriving at the Boat School aft inspiring, if alcoholic year at NAPS Unfortunately, it wasn ' t 1933 and he wasn ' t graduating the German Naval Academy Nevertheless, he preached Mem Kampf ' — ' ' -- ' made Adolf Hitler the inspecting officer during many a study ' ' " ' - ' " " t 2 year T Engir md changed majors Tings including an ir 5 though, he saw luickly MQF ladequate- ig, his belong in Dahlgren-(Chester you Drunk DJs at 2 am were not cutting islike of plebes. and an amnity for why 16 year old girls r P-cola. that ' s Roach Check your six for Afomen- ' just grab them by the ears and Joseph C, Harding. Jr. Lemoore Caltfornia History Nuclear Power Mikes Roommate Joe descended to USNA from the small Ca Summer, he quickly won himself a place in the h sayings as Vic, weren ' t you supposed to bring t i not get the t During piebe iarts of hts classmates with such famous naval ie muster board this time ' " ' Undaunted. Jo«. back to meet the challenge of Academic Year r end of the resulting collision as M took some -dom after sporting a 1 26 QPR at the 1 2-weeK settled into a nice, cozy history major Although his grades are not outstanding now by any stretch of the imagination, they were apparently good enough for Admiral McKee and upon graduation, (knock wood) he will be attending Nuke school vice Pensacola as was originally planned Always the one tor lively dinner conversation, Joe will be welcome m almost any wardroom Pride runs deepM Brian E. Hinkley Conyers Georgia Resources Management Naval Flight Officer Hinks Brian E Hinkley came to us from the thriving megalopolis of Conyers. Ga , " Home of the Chinese Restaurant, Lucas ' Ranchhouse and a part of the past that lives today ' A man of limited experience when he arrived, and shy by nature, Hinks quickly learned the ways of his norlhern counterparts Snow angels in the yard and beach balls i his new friends Hinks was quick to display his artistic talents afte the sheet posters he created never made it off his bed Hmks was also noted for knowing a menu at all times-even if it was the same one Brian settled down youngster year and worked at developing the true Savannah Banana image Although a management major he concentrated his studies m Far East relations Countries of particular interest were Korea, India, Japan, and the Philhpines Extra curncular interests included attempted land speed records m small foreign cars A ma)or setback occured 2 c year, namely a brick wall (Happy anniversary Mr and Mrs Hinkley) And who could ever forget 2 c Army Navy (except tor Hinks and his friend Lt J Daniels) Hinks got a lot out of Actramid Protramid (especially New London, right Joe ' ) Brian also proved himself an avid ski fan The weekend would have been perfect if Denise hadn ' t lost the keys and Becky and his folks didn ' t call 1 c year holds great potential for Midn Hinkley A Navy Air candidate, surface line was ruled out fc ■wreck of the Philo T McGiftin " which scarred his surface record Good luck. Hmks JFC f drinks Unfortunately. 5th Company 513 John L. Lovenng. Jr. Centerville Massachusetts Marine Engineering Nuclear Power Meph John came to USNA from the cozy stiores of Cape Cod with the desire to become the next Hyman Rickover Having been an athletic stud in his high school years. Waddly attempted to continue this same course of action at USNA However, it didn ' t take him long to realize his best spotted early in his career by his plebe summer squad leader, to have acute acting ability It was Naval Academy Musical critic Because ol his outstanding achievements as a critic, John was awarded the black ' N " by the Commadant Menochem was not only a lover of the arts, but also a shrewd businessman It seemed he was continually collecting WRNV dues By the way. John, how could you afford that RX-7 ' Its not surprising that he bought a two seater, seeing as he seems to do some of his best work in pairs, perhaps that ' s why he decided to leave his two roomates in a Hood College parking lot m the middle of January I ' ve always heard threes a crowd or was it four With thoughtful expoits likes this it ' s no wonder John was in the market ' for a roomate first class year 11 only took one quick look " around the campus " for John to find the " Ace " " TS TS-TS-TS Someday some woman will tame John, (if it hasnt happened already), but until that time he will be married to the Navy as one of McKees finest TAJ Robert C. Martin Jacksonville Florida Operations Analysis USMC Juice The Naval Academy will never forget the four years that Robert ' Juice " Martin spent terroriz- ing the campus. During plebe year, he was fried for bothering a wardroom attendant in King Hall which turned out to be the first of his attempts to receive a black " N " sweater Juice captured the award, however, during 2 c year when he accidentally happened to leave two shoes, an SDB jacket, an overcoat, and a pair of pants under his sheets during a bedcheck Obviously, he was in athletic ability c company sports throughout his USNA ca . for his " O.J Simpson " dashes helped make taps; for he had to run f West Street to toother B in world record times. On one occasion when both gone and Juice felt a little hungry he asked the wardroom for a late night was know n for a unique outlook on life in the hall: that is. when he decided to stay around brought u s back souvenirs from Wespac Thanks, but no thanks Juice MIDN Martin also ed us by c onstantly having a bruise on his neck, and he did not get it by playing football ce IS a ma n of friendship, he even displays a friendship mark on his arm Juice stole the s ol Sheen a and Niecy but was always able to escape the whip In closing. Juice goes down annals o Naval Academy history as being " Too cool for the tool ' Charles S. McDavid Flatwoods Kentucky Physical Science Surface Warfare " Goober " When Goober came from the booming metropolis of Flatwoods to the small monastery on the Severn, he was taken aback by the lack of hospitality on the upperclassmens part " It just goes to show you can ' t beat good ole southern hospitality! " " Goobs proved to be nobodys fool and ! Supe i 1 Baltin • survived that debacle to . and sinker Goobs is a ; DD Good luck as AStW Victorino G Mercado Oxnard California Math computers Surface Vic People knew him as Vic. Ron. Woonie or Mr A-Oor ABIe ■ He left his family (Hi Unci . Auntie. Helen. Elsie. Erwin, and Kristml!!) and friends of Oxnard, California and came to USNA tor one maior reason-he ' s driving it! Yes. now he has a brand new $24.(XX) (X) 1982 Corvette Now all he has to do is graduate to keep it Little did he know graduation was no easy task He began plebe summer like a lost Filipino refugee and remained bracedup until hell froz over (Later he seeked revenge, sorry 84. 85. and especially 86 ) Once the academic year started, he found that trying to slay awake while studying was another obstacle, thus he studied only when absolutely necessary and crammed all 4 weeks in one " long " night before exams Another thing he never got used to were those rigid hair standards I guess the light trims were regulation enough to GQ Magazine ' " Dress to impress " " was his motto, and if it wasn " t for plastic money, how else could he afford nothing but designer clothing or a pair of (170 00 sunglasses ? Word is he has Mafia connections to pay for all of this Anyways, with all his bills, its no wonder hes always in search ol change in order to buy a mejsely old 35 cent Pepsi Another sacrifice and one which affected him the most, as well as other girls on the east coast, was his " distant " , " everlasting ' " , and ' " only " relationship with his dear girlfriend Sue Were glad you two held on all the way We just hope you take really good PM 514 5th Company llitt ieH. Pellet ■Ktemos »t«taco « pcs Joey A Miller Dundalk Maryland System Engineering Navy Air Miller Arriving at the Naval Academy after a years layover at Hargrave Military Academy. Joey Alan Miller was Dundalk, Maryland ' s answer to the AM-American boy When he wasn ' t protecting his sister (rom some would-be gigolo. Joey was sharing his tree time with his alter-ego Crawrford. enjoying crabs, beer, and The Birds ' In fact. Joey is such an avid Baltimore Oriole ' s fan that he often claims that every1hing % related to baseball Considering that to him a bad grading period IS anything below a 3 5. a person has to stop and think that just maybe he is right ' At times an intensely private person. Joey is the simplest and the best of friends Destined to be the liest pilot the Navy has ever produced. Joey will m the end find his clean, well-lighted place DMB John B. Newell Mitchell South Dakota Physical Science Surface J.B. likes of the original I Suzuki GT750. and jne fast bike Never mw to ride, and shi Michael Ott Marietta Georgia English USMC Air Mott Commander Mott. ISN (Imperial Space Navy), meandered into USNA from Marietta, lusting equally after women and airplanes, desperately throwing himself at either While here, he accomplished great things, most notably being the only Glee Clubber who. over the course of three years and two vasectomies, increased his vocal range by at least an octave His exploits in the never-ending search tor the perfect female led to some strange encounters m such exotic places as Hood College. Memphis, and of course. Annapolis The Founding. Floudering Father of the Boats Executive Committee perfected the art of FItrtin ' with Disaster during his time here Of course, not every disaster can be avoided, as evidenced by Motts second class conduct record (enough Form 2s to paper his room) Many a BOOW was forced to trek up to 3-4 to check on Motts room touring proficiency But. under his outward obsreoerousness. Motf showed what it was to be a truly loyal friend Although at times he seemed to be a case that only St Jude could handle. Mott showed time and again that under his very unruly veneer was one of the warmest people that anyone could have the good luck to know He leaves USNA to attack the clouds Buena Suerte. Amigo Denise H. Pellette Los Alamos New Mexico Oceanography Geophysics Sauce Oenise came to th e Fightin ' Five rom the Ian d where cactus flourish and covered wagons traverse, yes- Los A amos. New M exico I ' ll never forget ou r first day together and hose prokeds.and owered skir Who else bu my roomie! We ' ve survive four years of each other ' s pet peeves (Who said it couldn ' t be done ) Good luck. Denise. and 1 hope you keep in touch and remember- af er four year of eachothe r-who could forget the fun we ' ve had! Love always. H idi— Second class sumr ner. Denise lea ned lots in c onspicuous c ubs and in stanky hoods. ' 1 feel fine " -but not so fine after a spin in t he Cessna, a nd at Quantic D. Denise was an angel, or s oshe 30 pure to find un in some b ase baudy hu mor In efforts to satisfy he rglut for the giggles. Denise sought a frien d with slant d eyes and tv isted thought While laughing at ludeness. she is not without mora principles- one in particular. " Love Thy Neighbor " An altruist. Denise does her part in energy conservation— Never expends too much! 5th Company 515 r ichael R. Philbrook Glendale Arizona Applied Science Surface Line Mike Mike came to the Fighting Five from Phoemi. Arizona Phil Philbrook from Phoenix? Your mother must have planned that one! Oh well, Mike had a slow plebe year, academically speaking, but his girttnend had big plans (or the future (she had names lor the kids) This was too much so she was dropped for another found love Yes. Mike became romantically involved with someone else — He spends many a night with her and even obtained permission from the C O to be with her way past the bewithcmg hour of 2400 Mike fell m love with none other then a loop " . Mike, can you help me with a program " , " Mike. Mike, Mike " have become the com- pany s and those involved with computers favonte lines Also, here at Navy Mike has been involved with back stage He has been stage manager tor several shows as well as designing a couple Besides the stage in Mahan Hall, Mike was the Midshipmen in charge of the Bob Hope Now Mike IS looking forward to possibly a career m data processing with the Marines ' Oh, Mike, how could you? Mike was fortunate during his time here not only to adopt a sponsor, but also an entire family- " the son Mom never had!! " Wett Mike, you ' ve been an excellent friend, brother, bank, classmate and instructor (jump!!!) and I wish you the best in your career in the service which-ever one it is. and the pursuit of your computer career Keep in touch and remember someday - " Someone ' s life and career may be in the palm of your hand Timothy R. Rexrode Long Island New York Political Science Navy Air locker storage, not to mention hand-to-hand training for his roommate Rex s agile mind quickly came up with a solution for the Iranian crisis by refusing to make up his rack till the hostages came home and the Shah was reinstated Rex always enjoyed the theater so we knew he wouldn ' t miss Fiddler on the Roof for anything As Andy Warhol said ' We ' ll all be famous for 5 Second class year brought new meaning to Rex ' s life as he pursued a revitalized professional interest in the plebes (especially the female ones) However, a major obstacle stood in the way of this professional interest in the form of a Icdr So he was forced to find a new source of interest at U M 8 C Don ' t worry Rex. you ' ll stop bleeding one of these days Rex sort of spread himself too thin, and during the black week in Febuary. it all fell on his head (including his prepubescent love from Up-State) Rex re-cooped from these losses during the Bob Hope special when he tried to pick up on the female officers in charge (they don ' t call him sexy Rexy for nothing) Speaking of sexy Rexy, there was always the sex education lecturers for jowls Don ' t worry Rex. you gave it your best shot Finally there ' s first class year and the crow You always did impress the girls by having ail those strips and the bird. Well, Rex is flying now He ' s the one with the Starburst wrappers flying James D. Riegel Shoemakersville Pennsyh Marine Engineering Corps 1 Riegel Being t naturally to this highly professional f Shoey, Pa ; guys I Iding, a station wagon and 2 5 kids As a plebe. Jim was a 1 30 pound weakling with the idea of going Marine Air After pumping iron Id adding 35 pounds he found out that real-Marines keep their feet m the mud Probably his ;st feature is the way he wears his hair It usually looks like it is at attention ' Even though Jim is lown for his water ability, he decided against being a Navy frogman when he was told he had to vim through the water instead of walk under it Jim has always amazed everyone with the way » handles his finances Since he sends his paychecks home to his wife-to-be and then asks lor 1 allowance. and leadership just i • IS probably the only person ever to at USNA has followed a pretty with thoughts of gradu i I when they leave, . always a privilege to say r i one ot your I David H. Scott Kingston Jamaica Physical Sceince Foreign National Beef When Dave The Beef Scott first stepped off of the boat to America, he was |ust a hide bewildered All of the donkeyless carts, multi-stoned huts, and structures that weren ' t made out of grass realty seemed strange— not to mention the fact that everyone spoke sorrie denvat-o " of Palwa called " English " Soon, however, he found a niche for himself at the good old USNA where he was happy (but always plagued by people trying (o get him to eat) At the Boat School, Beef, although heavily involved in sports, still found time to settle into tho rigorous academic discipline of a Phi-Sci major He also found time to join the " VDT " . and to concoct a brew or two as the UMBC " Witch Doctor " Between brews, Beef managed to spend a little time in the hall. Lucky for him. or else he might have missed out on meeting his true love (and fellow countryman) — the Jamaican J O first class year finds them still together alol Rumor has it that J J O and he have often been seen driving lo Rastafanan Conventions in his family ' s " tlintstone-mobile " Let ' s |ust hope thai his new flame. Marina, doesn ' t spoil a beautiful relationship I think Beet hopes so loo Well, good luck in the real world, Beel (let ' s just hope that your favorite classmate and mine doesn ' t go civilian line too. or Beef may be put up for some H s) All of us m Five hope you are succesful both in establishing the Jamaican connection and in chasing your namesakv RAC 516 5th Company Rich Wehman Stony Brook New York Applied Science Navy Air Dickie I came lo the shores of Annapolis after a rough year at prep school My tour years at the ■Boat School " have been tough but tun During those years I have made some close Iriends who 1 will never lorget It was these guys who. when the chips were down, were always there to help me pick them up Among these guys are Hinks, Johnny. Juice. Skal, Goobs, Bruce. Eddie. Julio, and who can lorget John John was always there when I Needed him But the people who I owe the most to are my parents They are the mam reason why I hung m there when things were the worst They always had a way of getting me up oH the door when I felt like staying down and throwing in the towel I could never thank them enough for the guidance they have given me m life As I leave the Naval Academy I take with me many fond memories However, the most [ thing I take away from here is the understanding of what true friendship is about Heidi N. Wolfangel Spring Lake Park Minnesota English Protocol. 1100 Wolf Heidi came to the banks of the Severn River irom the land otherwise known as the land of 10,000 lakes For those in the comp Her plebe year held nothing but m ny who can appreciate th 5 land of frost, it is also known as any many c hallenges (grac es, chemistry, and pe) She was able to overcome all of these obstac es, literally speaking How ever, her youngster year set the tone lor the rest of her life Heidi ret the man of her drear s What started as an innocent attempt to gam support of the volleyball team of which she was a member, and the orange escapades. Jim asked Heidi for her hand m ma Heidi took on duties during the s ummer tha ' gave her the position of squad leader for the class of 86 She is working hard to complete ft- keep smiling As Jim sails under the water. Held will be scoping out her possibilities as an 1 100 officer Good luck and much happiness in your future as Ens gn Gerding !!!!! ' FIGHTIN ' FIVE 5th Company 51 Kurk P. Anderson Fort Atkinson Wisconsin Physics Marine Corps P ' E Kurk left the town o( Fort Atkinson. Wisconsin to honor us with his presence He gave up the Packers, the Badgers, and the Brewers, but not the brews Kurk (eit it his patriotic duty to prevent Milwaukee breweries from going bankrupt tn domg this he has put a ( through college He learned quite a bit m his four years at this institution how r stations there are in the Washington-Baltimore area, an ounce of gourge is ' Plebe year Kurk could be found ndmg the grey ladies o( the Severn Youngster cruise found Slim heroically earning the Humanitarian Service Award for being on ship which pulled Cubans out of the water Youngster year Kurk made an about (ace by leaving the YPs to Billy-0 and Halloween and thought high pig fashion required class transportation as a 1969. black Cadillac became the Pigmobite Once the Pig nickname caught on, he felt he had to live up to the image and proceeded to gam 50 pounds Now he doesn ' t have to wear a pillow under his pig suit Pig became a Gungy Gyrene first class year and went on Marine Option Cruise There he rappelled out of a helicopter only to land on and flatten a Marine Pig is following in the footsteps of his father by wearing green after graduation. James J. Benner New Carlisle Ohio Aerospace Engineering Navy Air Jay Jay stumbled mto Canoe U from a small farm in New Carlisle. Ohio, ready to fly jets After a quiet plebe year when only his roommates knew he existed, he entered the limelight at one of the first of many get togethers at the " Home for Wayward Mids ' Having downed a few brews, he decided to chow down tor a while and headed for the chips Spying a large bowl of " orange juice " , he proceeded to munch out and guzzle the |upce Shortly afterwards he was found with his face buried in the chip dip After this splashing entrance into the social life of 6th Company, Jay became a regular at all the company parties Life wasn ' t all parties though As an Aero major Jay came to love ■ " NAISS " as only a Mid really can. spending most ot 2nd class year as close companions. As a firstie, Jay joined that select group of Mids who regularly faced the dangers of " Red Warnings " with eager anticipation On long weekends, there was no need to look around Maryland for Jay because as soon as he was Jay, many in the company wonder. " Is a June week wedding in the future? " Good luck and hope 518 6th Company ) be a pilot, ya gotta Brian J. Collins Yorktown Heights New York Applied Science Navy Air BC " BC " -Brian Collins was a mild mannered jock from a New York suburb who went south in search of fairer pastures and more pleasurable pastimes He found the weather warmer, the woman more intriguing and his rack more companionable In spite ot the training. BC stiH lettered (Black N) his youngster year after tailing to invite the COW to a party in his first wing penthouse As a man who programmed best due would find Brian typing into 1 alternative. Be a pilot and fly )ets learn to drink like one-Pizza Molson, Burgers Molson, Molson Molson! Brian had as much trouble leaving food m the wardroom as he did leaving beer in a bottle Senior year found his true talents as he coached the First Batt football team to five shutouts and a brigade champion- ship But there were problems, le. too many girls Never at a loss for a date or an excuse to write a letter during study hour. BC broke many hearts in his four years here Although Brian found the mentality here depressing, he smiled and kept on thinking free We will miss BC as he returns to getting high-in an airplane FCR James F, Drake Coopersville Michigan Electrical Engin eering Nuclear Power Dog Jim came to USNA via the fleet as one ol Uncle Hymies boys Plebe summer wasn ' t even before he decided that he liked pain and selt-destruclion Subsequently, he proceeded to r up the ol knee wrestling and then shattered his ankle on his lirst trip through the O coi After several operations and a lot of time in a drug-induced state. Jim finally made youngster year when he put on his WUBA lor the first time He spent youngster year rea westerns and science fiction because ' Ef wasn ' t quite as interesting However, as second year came into lull swing and the first grades came out. Jim realized that this ' EE major wa fooling around Many a weekend was spent in Mother -8 this year fighting tor dear life agains the few times he did get out though, he wasn ' t going to waste timi instance was a Company get-together. (Gilbeau Tramid). where Jim great hors d ' oeuvres. especially with mustard You coutd always c f the party Just ask Jim what his favorite card game is and the ansi I that dog food him to be the k) be. Euchre I fun flying under those • Jim Better you than a pilot puteMtinlBi ' ! ' l ll,l«ll» ««! Corps in Bob l « " ««%, Robert J. Gilbeau Fremont California Resources Management Supply Corps Beau Rob left the excitement of his Fremont, California high school and entered the hell of plebe summer from a brochure he had read. It is rumored that Beau was really a civilian who graduated after a temporary stay at the Academy Plebe year found our wild stud in his wrestling prime, scaring his company CDR and grinding his knee Bob once said, " If you can ' t take California outa the girl, take the girl outa California " So that he did and he reached into his vast plunder of wealth and moved his very lovely fiancee Jennine to Maryland Bob (or B W to his friends) soon transformed from a Midn to a taxi driver, hotel clerk, party host, and home for wayward mids {maybe he was forced into a management major), Youngster year. Bob cultivated his own family of dust balls which have followed him from room-to-room to this day At this time. Bob decided to hit the academic " coast " button, as ed books His vacant desk usually indicated that he was out I his incredible barrage of " Can you top this " stones i the guy who wouldn ' t let anything come before his friends {his outa 20 rules), and will make a damn fine Supply Corps Officer upon g fun times Bob Bon Voyage with the Navy and with Jennine EJR James R. Hille Austin Texas General Engineering Marine Corps Jim Bob Jimmy Ray Billy Joe Bob I BAMF ' s so he could begin h Thanks for the 1 (Austin. Texas) and ; , long , several weeks of obscurity during plebe summer. Little Jimbo awed all of us with his " Home of the Whopper " underwear From that day on we ail knew that behind that quiet exterior there lurked one great big and burly stud Truly, few have left behind such a noteworthy legacy From Black " N ' s ' for drinking in Halsey to blackouts after a night at the docks, he did it all plebe year As a youngster, James Robert became notorious for his country music, two-step. Oahlgren ( peculiar aroma of the " hot dog " toots that afflicted him every Sunday class year . p- Second! :ame Texs academic woes, as he skillfully commanded the Com- .emester he changed his major, and suddenly, his interest changed s " left unattended at Goucher and Notre Dame Concurrently, he accrued an notches on his Saturday Night Special " ' Quantico and the wild women of Mary Washington, several questions remain I was that mysterious man that would always sneak into the middle of the night and barf in our sink ' And tell me, which Texas pastime was , pepper on the meat, or Nancy buffing the Bishop ' Finally, what really made those lell that way? Yo boy, III catch you in the Marine Corps A M F ! Daniel P. Forney Kaohsiung Taiwan Marine Engineering Nuclear Submarines Forn Dan came to us from the US. Army and an ancestry of soldiers Being no stranger to the ways of the military, this savvy lads, home is where you hang your hat ' attitude, allowed him to easily handle the initial Academy rigors and lay a sound academic base Although Dans wonder parents, the General and Lady Di. have settled tn Miami Shores. Florida, coming to the Boat School brought Forn back to the stomping grounds of his early years Included in this homecoming was a reunion with his high school sweetheart. Debbie. To the amazement of the boys, this precious chma doll was the only person with whip enough to tame the overbearing Sgt Airborne, and bring out his affable nature Forndogs crazy dreaming habits and night time wall climbing tendencies caused him to miss the youngster cocktail party and subsequent restriction musters, but he was ready to go for Spring Break in Datona Beach Second class year Dr Btatto battled Rocket Read, but he still found time to leave his mark on PROTRAMID lll-C, the Wednesday afternoon Riorden ' s club. Route 50 west to Georgetown, and his roommate s neighbor s front porch That next summer the house boy earned his silver dolphins and found his calling The beginning of first class year had that certain ring to it. which included a binge to the Virgin Islands in classic overboard Forney style We ' ll all miss the noisemaker and hell surely be an asset to the submarine Navy Thanx for everything Dannyman-see ya in Orlando Frank M. Gallo Ludlow Massachusetts Aero Engineering Nuclear Submarines Crank Frank hails from the town of Ludlow, Mass F a pretty good sponser, a Lt from 3-1. who visiti Frank He still keeps to the plebe system of in b you such things as a baseball player ' s batting i pretty good at trivia Frank made a good contribution to company sports Youngster cruise took f Castro land aboard the Navy ' s earner Independence This left him m the hole for lots Of fun GQ ' s He was not persuaded toward Navy Air. because his eyes limited him One day during youngster year Frank got tied up in a laundry bag Third class year found Frank ' s chow packages still came at their weekly rate Well, it seems that Mom had time to cook since all the kids had left the nest Second class summer came and so did New London Frank had found his calling So Frank, like all the future nukes, went on a sub for first class cruise, to penetrate the depths of Neptune ' s reign As a Mid Frank is no longer a polywog, being visited by Neptune on his crossing the Equator on the other side of the world He got off cruise m one of Navy ' s more exciting ports- Diego Garcia WFO ried plebe year He got »Bay. 6th Company 519 David F. Kelley Fairfax Virginia Mechanical Engineering Surface Line Woody Dave arrived at the shores of Kelley Woody left F with him Plebe sum use the buddy-syste ' hero baffled as hi s room KelDad th ;he-y3rd sponsor. ' as forced to leave his wardroom early and took one step forward and one step bacl [ fatally chose Mechanical Eng as a major ' n, Dave took on the Honorable Gee. Killer lis diversions included the Dave-Slam-Darrell Radio Show, calculator shot putting, and mina- e golf It was rumored that Dave was elected golf team captain because he was the only iror until the rumor was verified His golf O rep really loves Dave ' s choice of toilet paper Back at Mother B our young beer gu?rling buck became a platoon CDR in F-Troop early on, still stuck out M E while others bagged out around him Woody also endured the McCombs ler torture and Kratis endless body slams )ave has become everyone ' s best friend m the company and kept the place in stitches with great sarcastic wit Givem hell Dave, keep off the front lawns, and keep your fro packed, cuJ Cindy Killmeyer Pittsburgh Pennsylvania Ocean Engineer Civil Engineering Corps Killer Cindy, a native Pittsburghian, arrived at the Naval Academy with pom-poms in one hand and a Softball glove in the other Little did she know that these would be put aside to collect four years of dust, while a D B mellophone would take their place Cindy always obeyed the Golden ' 6th Company " Rule Work Hard, Play Hard She spent many hours pursuing an academic major in Ocean Engineering and eventually earned a CUM of over a 3 00 Killer somehow found the time to join several ECA ' s including Society of Women Engineers, Oceanography Club, and Big Brothers Big Sisters, eventually becoming an officer m two of those organizations Because my first copy of your biography was eaten by my friend the computer, I am having a hard time remembering all the wonderful things I had said about you Here are a few things we will remember our " Killer " by golden December tans. Cindy do you want sunscreen for your eyes?, one of the boys, can drink a fish under the table, her baby-blue Firebird " Gemini " ; weekends at " Action ' s " And Cindy, please don ' t forget Zeke, Joe, Ftem, Gary; BC. Dan; Spike; and most importantly - me. your roomie! One more thing A friend has a patient ear to listen to my troubles a strong shoulder for me to cry on a loving heart that soothes my fears You were always there to lift my spirits and brighten my day Thank you for being that friend to me Good Luck. Cindy! And I only hope that CEC will be as good for you as you will be ' " MOM " Michael J, Koval Wilkes-Barre Pennsylvania Management Marine Air " Koves " Mike came to USNA leadership skills, which garbage cans). Mike st Pennsylvai Using I f the great wilderness i d assimilated as an Eagle Scout (for example how to knock down out Plebe Year determined to excel He got involved in several 1 as Crew and the Catholic Folk Choir However, when Youngster Year came. Mike directed his energies more toward Dahlgren Hall on Saturday nights and studying the peculiar social habits of a certain girl from the University of Maryland Second Class Summer found Mike taking the standard tour of the eastern seaboard from Dam Neck to New London, but the big event that summer occured right here in ol ' Crabtown Seems Mike found that one and only at Frannie O ' s and despite a rough start has been cruising with her ever since The last two years have gone fast tor Mike The high points seem to be his loyal attendance to " F Troop " Second Class Year and the upkeep of his Cadilac this year We all wish him good luck wherever he goes and hope he remembers to make a reg rack We hear they ' re tough at TBS Daniel J, Krall Pittsburgh Pennsylvania Math Ma Air Bulldog The initial part of our story finds Dan in a small greasy pari ol Pittsburgh (ol course, that could be almost anywhere around the Iron City) with no real future plans in mind Then came the startling news that he had been accepted at NAPS, even though he hadn ' t applied tWhen he was informed he would get paid to go to school, Dan figures that was the place lor him Alter this year ol preparation, he was ready to tackle plebe year Aided by wrestling buddies and many Nimit shuffles to G ' s. Dan survived his first year without many emotional scars For most, this year ' s study hours included Chem, Calc and History For Dan. the Pittsburgh Press StMler Weekly and the Hornblower Series were the topics ol the day Then came youngster year when Dan first learned the value ol Jl 50 A great deal ol his time was spent on road trips to various colleges, and on the project he undertook of rationalizing the regs to a point where they could easily be followed When spring rolled around. Dan could be found in the Green Beach or narrowly escaping th« watchful eye of the O D . that is. when he wasn ' t at wrestling practice or practicing wrestling on some unsuspecting classmate During second class year Dan made a great effort at improving hii professionalism This was made easier when someone finally showed him Ihe location ol Ihe press shop and how to us a broom Throughout the year Dan bulked up by " pumping iron " which resulted in his third N With lirst class year came added responsibilities Among these were taking care ol his drunken roommate, managing his decaying Imancial empire and deciding whether he was going to fly with or without his hair Whenever any of us think ol Oan, we will remember a guy who was willing to drop everything in search ol a good time Alto, a guy who had a better grasp on what he wanted out of life than he did on the rollbar of a pickup DFK ■■- ' TMac) Wen City tojn Engineer Hjiyte llM ■• " Will " Ike, JWiHoiwBef " fitailslB ■mjiuteylrii •SfJManibo f ' moni ■J ofni8 luJfion Mall wWartate Pete WlW.dwinj ' ' !»« " ta 111,1, ' " •ttUilos, ll, .- 520 6th Company ler south than ever before when Andy came t nt he brought from Garden City confused us all Pronouncing h jader His quiet and sincere nature prompted us to elect him ; he held for four years Plebe year his grades came out well s :ngineer. a decision he later sometimes questioned ike up in the morning, he managed to complete those 0430 pri It out for crew ( " Drew Sinks barges " ) but later switched over 1 as such a good Company Commander youngster year that f- four more times including first semester first class year Andrew T. Macyko Garden City New York Ocean Engineer Navy Air Mace The limits of " Drew ' s World Annapolis The Long Island aco Company Honor Rep, an office Andy set out to be an Ocean Ihe Company to second p JUSS Carl Vinson was ju ep working even when 1 Peter J. Manibo Fremont California Graduation Math Q.A. Surface Warfare Little Pete Peter Jeffrey Caraan Manibo (whew), otherwise known as " Little Pete " , left a cozy home, good food, close friends, and. of course, long hair in sunny California to attend the Naval Academy Prep School and thus dedicate himself to success at that fine institution by the Severn This 24 hour, 365 day student, inspired by Tecumsah and guided by the " the Gouge " strived for one thing and one thing only- that elusive 2 00 After finally attaining that goal of goals. Pete turned to the finer things m life Fancy clothes-designer only, please, fast cars- no less than a $20,000 Porsche 944. and of course, a fine young lady from the University of Maryland But still, it wasn ' t enough There were mountains to conquer (sknng mountains that is) and oceans to swim The latter proved to be the greater of the obstacles for our little adventurer Though scuba qualified, Pete somehow managed to fail every swimming test given at the academy Through the aid of a Mark Spitz nose plug, however, our aqua-rock quickly turned the tide on the Academy swimming program Besides ' the plug. " Pete possessed other advantages which most of us would ' ve died for While most of us were getting $320 00 a month. Pete seemed to be getting $420 00 Also, bills just seemed to disappear The hole dug by the dreaded " Visa ' card was quickly filled in by good Die Emelyn. his younger ' sister Must be nice well Pete, you ' ve come a long way baby Now you ' re an Officer and a gentleman (might even be married) Wherever you are and m whatever you do, may God be with you always The Academy may be losing you but the whole world ' s gaining you Take care Oh, by the way. Pete asked me to deliver a very special message; " Kuya. this is for you! " VGM John A. Krepps York Pennsylvania General Engineering Nuclear Power Pretty Boy Having conquered all the girls in York. Pennsylvania. John came to the Naval Academy looking for new challenges Recruited as a running back for Navy football. John decided the next spnng that powerlifttng would better preserve his trim, muscular physique Always true to his motto (and the girl he happened to be with). John did " everything for sport " . including hunting for that special girl Youngster year found John going to class between weekends as he made sure schoolwork never interfered with his weekends Each Sunday night came complete with the latest adven- ture story with the girl that was always " sooo nice ' Sone he found that the biggest lurn-ons for babes were pipesmoking and (he first ten notes of " Stairway to Heaven " played on the guitar John IS still the only guy who completely covered a different blotter each year with photos of hn summer encounters Every Friday afternoon saw John scrambling to change clothes, grab his hairspray. and start cruising the country m his Grand Prix Intending to graduate with the tew and Ihe proud, John saw the light second class summer and converted to Nuclear Power With his ability and desire, John should have no problems as NPS in Orlando and his great sense of humor will be missed by graduation Best of luck, John! RDP David A. Linton Tuscon Arizona General Engineering Naval Flight Officer Dave Dave dashed into USNA f through the superburger ra I the Rocket City of Huntsvilte. Alabama and kept on driving outine of plebe summer with strong determination Dave was noted for a hearty chuckle and a willingness to help lighten another ' s load After plebe summer he set his sights on Army He coordinated the Co Army Project " The Incredible Hulk " . but he never went to the game A broken leg forced him to remain in the halt and watch Navy Always ready to serve the Lord, Dave was active with the Navigators and m Bible study groups He tried |ust about anything that came his way which included sailing, canoeing, sknng. sport parachuting, scuba diving, and marathon road racing He conquered his first USMC marathon in 3 hours and 26 mm but bettered his time the next year m 3 hours and 14 mm Dave was a Big Brother to Lawrence and John for three years They appreciated his cadences of " EHt ote Elft ' As a true Sixer, Dave was fall set Co Sub Cdr and helped keep his roommate going. Though the years have passed swiftly, how will we ever forget the curly haired kid from " Bama? " Whether it was his smile, good nature, laugh, or love of good clean fun that is a moot point He IS a special guy that has touched the lives of each and everyone of us who has lived on the Fourth Deck in these past few years. God bless him and lots of prayers to our NFO who is flying high on that " higher plane of life " . ATM 6th Company 521 Lawrence K. McCombs Felton Delaware Political Science Marine Corps Big Lar Larry escaped from the farm hie of rural south Delaware so that he could fulfill his destiny c one day becoming Commandant of the Corps in 5 years Consequently, he attacked th Academy with the intensity of a grunt taking a hill His massive build made it hard for anyone t believe that this man could have anything upstairs, but he soon dispelled the " all brawn, n brain " idea Larry did have more than his share of academic woes however, considering h played hopscotch with the majors program EE totally fused him out, so he )umped out of th proverbial frying pan and into M E He then refused to join Grangers Rangers and so forced hi way into Poll Sci where he came to know and love easy As and youngster afternoons On th weekends Big Mac was known to cut loose and fill many a mug and abuse many a woman Hi plebe year was highlighted by an attack by a wild Charlie ' s woman who proceeded to help h.r wear hts drink As a youngster he could either be found at Dahlgren yelling such things as Y winch, wanna get lucky, " or on the ice cold docks slamming ice cold brew-has Second das year Lawrence finally found someone to pull his wild hair Now the question is, will he have to choose between Kellee Green and Marine Green? In an case we all know what he will decide Or do we ' This lean mean Manne machine may have to b content with sleeping with Owlsby for the while No matter which way you look at it though. Mi Abrasive IS one guy you ' re glad to have on your side and more than glad to have as your fnenc Good luck Lawrence m all of your undoubtedly prosperous endeavors, and t hope that you fin all that you seek JRH Darrell B. Montgomery Crocket Texas History United States Marine Corps Gumby Gumby came to USNA one step ahead memorized reet points prior to plebe sumr places ranging from Lawrence Field to the t rates well and took to academics If only ht Second class year saw Gumby ' s days filled with baseball. WRNV as a DJ, and hobbling around on crutches I never saw a more realistic fake cast Good |0b Darrein ' Despite his injury. Monty still managed ' to get a letter on the baseball team Gumpus finally hit his goal mid term first semester 1 C year when he got a 4 Then he made copies of his grade card and used them as Christmas cards Also, first class year he saw the light and decided to go Marines At least in Okinawa he can work on his tan without worrying about getting caught by the O D, on Green All in all. Darrell is a true and dependable friend who has made going to USNA a hell of a good time Good luck in your future in the Corps and wherever else life leads you Ooh Rah! ' MJK everyone else Being prepared is OK but he Plebe year took Darrell to many interesting mtial showers of Viet Nam Monty learned his d learned to wear his hat straight incident Bill picked William F. Omberg Virginia Beach Virginia Physical Science Surface Line Billy 0. He came, he saw. he conquered (The YP Squadron, that is) That ' s the story of Bill ' s four years here on the shore of the Severn Bills plebe summer was highlighted by his - ' ' fish mayonnaise, his Kamikazee rack, and of course the great tittle up the nickname ' Fleet Admiral " for his plebe summer performance The beginning of AC-year signalled the return of the Greyhounds of the Severn and Bill found his true calling Right from the start he set his sights on hts ultimate goal-Squadron Commodore He wasted no time in establishing himself as the sell-proclaimed " best damn throtlleman »n Academics gave Bill a good fight but he managed to survive with the only damage betng to his scalp Despite many grueling battles with papers, grammar, and misplaced modifiers. Bill managed to survive the hardships of English and Leadership, to achieve two of his goals- qualifying as a YP C O and making the log ( " Well Billy O here ' s another line mess " ) Bill hopes to continue honing his YP shiphandling skills m the Surface Navy when he joms his fellow FMG Robert D, Page Decatur Georgia Electrical Engineering Nuclear Power Pagey Darrell left Decatur. Georgia an 79 The Electrical Engineering Department then took charge of molding h at the Academy He was handed a circuit analysis book and Idd never T V . or take a weekend Indeed, we were all lucky to have Darrell aroi class year when he helped us through cables and wires Darren ' s ho swimming, playing with hts HP. working on his design project, and bemi the Blondie Fan Club This easy going guy found his true love, however, a out wedding bells for Darrell and hts beautiful belle Irom Georgia Darrell v the Nuclear Navy and all of us in Sixth Co wish him the best JAK jse his rack, watch . especially secorxl I June will be ringing 52? 6th Comp.iny Erik J Reuter Colorado Springs Colorado Civil Engineering Corps Root-Boy I USNA as i ty, he decided to slick it out for 4 years The " Root " , as he soon was to be known, made only one big mistake his initial year at Annapolis This occured one snow afternoon in February when he pushed the buttons ■E-M-E " after the computer asked that fatal question Thus began the Root-Boys torturous journey through the world of the Rocket Wild Bill and the Q-Tip Youngster year saw our hero attempting to use his maior In one series of experiments he tested the strength of the walls of Bancroft Hall as a function of stereo volume setting This resulted in hearing loss in many on youngster alley This year also saw the Root learning the value of his fencing skills and of the extra five minutes after professsors asked tor exams As a second class the Root-Boy ' s desire to help his fellow man was extensive Ranging from " how to " lectures in his fields of expertise (which he soon informed us were limitless), to becoming a wrestling dummy in order to help a friend practice Then came the long awaited final chapter in our man ' s story at USNA When he wasn ' t trying to find his ring with a metal detector, the Root could be found with his favorite stewardess, in DC. in search of a " Bogie " , or carving up his opponents on the strip All told, the Root could always be counted on for the " Gooouuuge! ' " or a hilarious story when you needed one most Good luck with whatever service has the good fortune to obtain you. DFK Elmer W. Roane, Jr. Mt. Royal New Jersey Resources Management Navy Air Counch This native South Jerseyan enjoys the better things in life A baby blue Cu football seasons, the purple and gold. All-American status, 150 Army ' 81 Spunky and Frurti. 38 LBS ' I bet you cant ' . shoulder operation, first semester B1. Dads advice. Academy Motel, blood tests. Dad ' s connections. " No, it not " push " , A C ' 82, Uncle ' s loans, Pocono Downs ' 81, fieldball. spring break ' 82, Cadillac. Steph ' s grey roommate. Casper, the Georgia Shore. Howard campus. Hood College BSU. Seventh Batt shootouts. La Paz, Peanutbutter. the look alike Onyx ring, pear shaped diamonds, HPC. April love, big brown eyes and Oct 24 enough said ' He gives many special thanks to Brother Steve. Mother Sis. Pops-better known as Dad before he gets mad. Uncle Maj, Aunt Jean {always remembered). Mom Mom, Aunt Toot and Daddy Boop and family, Dwight and family, Tuggie and Nana, Aunt Shirley, Long, Kev, Cool Bill. Art, John C , Eddie 0. the Bowmans. the Wilsons, Mrs Harris and Auntie. Rhonda. Carla. Lil Thank you and God bless! e coolest roommate, pretty boy, dust fights, water tights, cold . deeper than it appears " , Clmt ' KP, purple and gold till were old, fire it up " , Drow: " The Miestro. how ya doing there Woody ' " ; Eugene " of noble birth, the Sisters Dejournette, the Philly New Years with the Cats ' ' , Terry. Scoob. DJ, Juice. Boogie, Skalbo. Gar, Dog, Mundo, Pig, Seavs, Mace, Dave, Bulldog, Kell Daddy. Beau, Hawaiian Punch (TRS). Barry Lynn. Pete, Pat, Rich, and all the rest o( the Sixth Co Boys! NOW THAT ITS OVER He knew his goal, but not the means, At first it was tor fun! He picked a fight. De,o. ith Pete " The LB, frit , Tos r Sub-Commander ' Charles H. Piersall. Ml Newport Maryland Marine Engineering Submarine Nuclear Power Charlie P, Charlie P came riding into USNA one fine July day, a country boy with an easy, rural sense ot humor He laughed at and through plebe summer and even at Chapman Ptebe year was rough on Chuck - though more througfi Round Robins with Kurk than academics Youngster year found " love em and leave em ' Homer recovering from his nurse in Charleston and more Of the same, (Kurk, Mike, and the Coke machine). tiH one ratny night he escaped to the gutter Academics were hard too, nding the rocket for fluids and one of the back row for old as death Barr Laplalas gift to the world tore into comp any soccer (though with mono appendicitis the mold had a tew defects) and had fun in aniiphonal choir (how about that New Orleans trip?) Then there was the black 4 white housepaint station wagon with the glaring yellow fur only to be replaced with the Tony mobile first class year Despite missing first class cruise. Charlie still managed to have som ask you what plebe will ever forget the rough, " take-charge " plebe surr C P ' s21st was a memorable (and almost lethal) run m with Margaritas a our Marine Engineer is on to be a nuclear, steely-eyed killer-of-the-deep We wish him luck Take er down. Chuck WDS Frederick C. Resset Orchard Park New York Marine Engineering Nuclear Power Chip Frederick, better known to his associates as Chip, came to us from the Buffalo suburb of iced he ' d earned a four year fellowship at the nations only (vasn ' t too far off On any given afternoon. Chip could be found he Chesapeake ast majority of Chip ' s free time (a certain young lady at R l T managed to become a four year veteran of the 6th Company field ball team His contribution to Company drill was much less significant The closest Chip got to Worden Field was sailing backdrop tor P-rades ' As far as lite on the shores of the Severn goes. Chip chose to enroll m Hyman Rickover s pre- nuclear program (otherwise known as the Marine Engineering major), but the good Admiral chose to retire before the class ot ' 83 arrived m the hallowed halls of the Naval Reactors building Let the records show that F C Ressel was indeed the first USNA Midshipman interviewed and subsequently accepted to the Navy ' s Nuclear Power program under the new regime headed by Admiral McKee Chip Ressels low key personality and sly sense of humor helped make the 6th Company and the Naval Academy a more en|oyable place to be lor BJC Orchard Park, New Yc publicly financed yacht Although sailing occl can certainly testify to EWR 6th Company 523 Alan N Ross Scranton Pennsylvania Aerospace Engineering Navy Air The -ItaLan Stallion ' . better known in some circles » M C IS a na ive of the thriving metropolis ol Scranton. Pa II you ever happen to pass thru this crossr oad ol cul ure and modern civilization, the home ol America ' future prediden of NASA can eas ly be founc Simply ask lor directions to One Way Street and hen look for a full-scale model of an F-14 in he front year You cant miss it Al has always had a hunger lor adventure and because ol this he decided to )Oin the Navy aHer high school instead of getting a real lOb He wound op in Orlando, destined to a life of pinging- darkness and deep-running pride Salvati n came howeve . and he was accepted to NAPS and 3 good or USNA Originally Al pursued EE as a major, bu soon realized t at Bode plots an d superhe erodyne amps would do him little good at 20.000 (eel with a Russ anMIGat 180 so he opted or Aero Now he happily pulls all-mghters to finish up his labs only find out the ne xt day that the prof lion The rest of his Academy activities ha around Friday night Parcheezsi tournan ents. ch w packages, an most importan of all the Rack He says that one day he plans on s jpplementing this with da y workouts of ru nning. weight lifting and racquelball Sure All weekends when he can spend some time w th his girif end Cia and escape from the rigors ol M other -B ' They also give im a chance to smooth ove J20 00 phone disputes concerning hunt ng, fishing and the King of Sweden Al and C a make a w onderful couple and 1 wish them the best of luck in the future A be ler friend and a iner person than Al would be hard to find 1 m glad have h d the chance to share the Academy expene nee with him See you in P-cola. Boss F y Navy TST Ernest W. Sax Salt Lake City Utah General Engineering Naval Flight Officer Saxwell Ernest Ward Sax. more commonly referred 1 Mountains to serve the sentence required for N as Saxwell. climbed down from the Rocky ' y Air The task wasn ' t grueling enough so he ugh, the studies robbed his 20 20 vision and lie during plebe summer threate ? oH Pert temper wouldn ' t permit i lebe summer As the ye. rolled on his hardened with that His plebe year experience also included a roommate who yelled ' court every night at 2300 sharp, and another who nagged him to the poi Ernwardos major kept him in on many weekends In tact, he can be remembered " H I had to do it again, I wouldn ' t do it as an Aero-major " There was an Aero convention ii room 6 nights a week It was like Grand Central Station Erme has given the past tour years and the 35 first class who shared the same company of laughs, support, and good memories May good luck and the grace of God follow you throughout your Naval career and Ernie what do you think is the world geometric? StG Company commandei ; saying, Gary C- Schmidt Niles Illinois Political Science Marine Air Gar Gary came to the " boys " via Chi-town where he (eft many broken hearts He was a man of many talents, some of which no one has ever heard until now Of course, he was a stud as far as the women were concerned There was Whalen Willie. Linda ' s Junior. Poddle Head m Jersey. and let us not forget Sneaken Sally through the alley His golden tongue not only helped him with of the infamous book of Scitah which held the humerous accounts of the boys wild and crazy experiences Gary also mastered the art of power drinking Many a Saturday were spent al 1624 forget old Gar ' s Black N He and the boys shouldn ' t have been partying in Mother B while Corey B Decker was on duty Gary was an expert of numerous languages besides English He spoke Russisn fluently, not to mention Brewski. a language he spoke to all the girls m every bar he went into Another talent which Gar possessed was his nack for falling sleep on the porcelain God, not once but twice Lucky for Gar, people like him or he would stiH be asleep today Gary ' s outstanding atheletic abilities enabled him to lead six Company in soccer, tieldball and PJS Michael A. Seaver Gaithersburg Maryland General Engineering USMC Air Seavdaddy Se.wdaddy is known and has always been known as the most efficten ' miltt.iry ge.u but then, what does it take to heap everything into one Se.ivd.iddy is .ilso an airborne-daddy Seav recieved his lead wings early but his Kold S.irgent ' Airborne ran many sticks during his pre-airborne days manjged to get their gold before the good Sarg ' Maybe Seav just didn ' t like the idea of having wing pounded into his beautiful chest Seavlover managed to acquire a hoodie which kept him warm and dry on lonely nights (an mornings and afternoons and ) Nothing serious Simply physical! Seavdad studied at different hours than most He just wasn ' t happy unless he could study from 0100 to 0700 Everyone thought he studied alot but. no one knows lor sure tt couldn ' t have been much because he used to be an Aero Seav did sleep during class, at noon, after class. and. of course, during study hour Strange things always happened when Seavdad slept Once D his locker only to awake later and ash what had gone Wallace D,S Palatine Illinois Aerospace i Naval Right Dean - ' shnfl.Stag ietfScie( Stag person at stowing t look years to get his sleep Seav was always interesting, usually carrying on a conversation with some riving that 67 and flying high Good luch No one from 6 will forget you Always S?4 6th Company i Wallace D. Smith. Jr. Palatine Illinois Aerospace Engineering Naval Flight Officer Dean Wallace Dean Smith came to the Academy c was immediately apparent that WD. loved to plebe summer Dean joined the Chapel choir career Deans second love was the sea so h le bay from the midwest town of PalatJr ig. as he sang songs while he marched I Glee Club plebe year, starting a long r ling t on the tamilygram and b run on the Brandywine that learned as much trc rudder orders, sailor? Wino finally found the i night. My only questior if Dean was man or machine It took that youngster cruise It was in Naples or Rome, or maybe Sicily that he earned tl the bottle both 3rd class and 2nd class years so he could wo name, for the boat Wino ended up navigating Returning tro tail position of Platoon Commander He was the one 1st da ling the ED squad as the plebes did How about those tim( dreams first class year She kept his hands warm many a cc sn ' t 4 dollars a little cheap. Dean? " Dean will always Ig up in the Clouds! John A. Stagliano Longwood Florida Applied Science Naval Flight Officer Stag When John reported with the rest of us on 6 July. 1979. USNA was already a family institution And if Frank and Eric weren ' t enough, he brought along his girlfriend, Cathy, and best friend, Jeff Still. Stag sweated through the summer and Plebe Year, gaming a nickname {Berkebiles Stagliano Salad) and an activity (Bunker ' s Light Crew), as the macho Italian romanced onward, lly make you irresistabte ' ) Ho. year began John ' s iipman Air Force brought a change of pace, new efforts, short one returned with a broken leg and ielanie 1 c year found a FOREX continuing the ' " (But what IS a Blubaugh ' ) I his 3 stripes and sword, perhaps a little zealously ;ntal units made Stag a local boy " as the coast fill John ' s future See ya in P-cola! I exchange i radically (did t: long career as a professior initials (FTAFA C4C), and new friends Fo purple punk rock sunglasses to USNA a exchange career as Stag went down ui Like all good Stagliano ' s, John requisiti with the latter A change of pace by the button loomed nearby Hopes for NFO ' c WDS Carol G. Sink Philadelphia Pennsylvania Mathematics 1100 Sinker four year Development Program Input Carol " Sinker ' Sink For X - 79 to 83 step 1 year Let X - Plebe year DataBoom-boom, full moon rays. I fell m a pnckery bush " , dead mice, emergen- cy leave, cat displays. Thumper, musical roommates. Twerp, illegal tape recorders, hot pots. . church yard and playground parties. Zeke. suntans m January, pel pigeons and seagulls, goat court and orange throwing contests, slingshot extraordinaires, Chi. bathroom ladders, recon raids, war with computer commences, covert all-nighters Next X Let X - ' Youngster ' Year Data- Youngster Alteny. cocktail parties. Fleet Reserve Club, softball )OCk is born, legal ail-nighters. Pinch and WUJ. styxball, UA during commissioning week, pumpkin seeds, would you like a toasted cheese sandwich ' or maybe some freshly baked cookies ' " , youngster board, introduc ing the mouse. ' Sinker, I can ' t see " , " snow " blind, " meet my neighbors, the boys " . the war with the computer gets bloody. " I can ' t drink rum anymore " Next X Let X - Second Class Year Data-Private Beach, establishment of Sinker ' s bar and grill. " I ' m gomg running. I have sign-in ' . your boy, weapons stories. Dear Playgirl. the tool from the computer war rises exponentially, Mary-Jane jokes, the rum ladies Next X Let X - First Class Year Data ' We had drill this morning ' " , room tours, poison control, our friend the mouse returns, Curtis and the Pig. 214 and one wake-up. " from the Hall of Montezuma " . give us a car and who are you ' , health lectures, do-it-yourselt refrigerator, computer war takes a positive turn, the never-endmg duties of a squad leader. Magnum P I , omelets and french toast. Sinkers and Killer ' s bar and grill lives Phillip J. Skalniak, Jr. Dundalk Maryland Physical Science USMC Air Skalbo Skalbo descended upon USNA 2 fter ane xtended vacation at NAPS Hailing rem Dundalk. Skal was glad to be back in the old stomping groun ds And so were we He be came our Cruise Director " plebe year and proceeded to ar ange many fun-filled weekends (or us l a and Pa Skal i provid d us VI ith great food, much drink. and a new frontier lor the 6th Company skirt chaser s ClubH ole in he wall and the barn becam e our local haunts It was at these and other bars th at we sa u the r nasteratwork Skal lever c eased to amaze us with his ability to pick up the nic St babe in th place Back m the h all, Skalbo entertained us With the opening ot the youngste r wardro om, evenings with Truman and Wh tefang, and im.ta- tions ol bodily functions Phil w 1 be be t remembered for his thr ling St jries and amusing e bawdy tales 1 NAPS the Fatman the longest man. Cousin Walt Ocean City and best ol all his end ess pa rabies about women Undecided between tlying blue or green Skal will be a welcome add tion to either service The great white gouge hunter will fore nshrin ed as a 6th Company legend From his exploits on the Lax field to his self-procia imed 3- tripar libs, this IS one sere w head who was his own re Sk al will head for the a Itar wi h Sue ( shes the one " ) in August and, considering he knuc lehea ds who will be there. herew 1 most likely be no 6th Company S?5 Christopher J St George Cincinnati Ohio General Engineering Marine Air St. Dude. St.G. Midn Si George reporting lor duty, sir! " Just like Dude, most ol us were looking lor a hole to hide in. and he was entering the reviered gates ol Canoe U " with his guns a blazin ' Dude wrestled his way to fame in Cincinnati and continued to wrestle his way to lame and glory without ever returning to the mat here at USNA There were no tourney ' s to win his fame, so Chris had to look lor other means by which to establish himsell he designed and built the 6th CO wardroom and he accepted other proiects such as Christmas card representative and the trying task of second class company commander Not enough ' He also decided to attend a three week summer camp youngster summer. Some place called Fort Benning airborne Sgt Stillborne ' Still not enough rolling in the dirt ' Dude decided he wanted to waltz with the marines in K-8ay. Hawaii A real grunt he is He cracks me up " Lile was not always a bowl lull ol cherries lor SI G in fact, he spent many days in the pits Two problem areas which existed for the gent who looks like he walked oH ol the cover of " GQ " are academics and women The two can be likened to a marathon race Chris was always running from the shadow of the dreaded AC-board, " Nevertheless, he always managed to win. place, or show On the other hand. St GQ could not run last enough to escape the hoards of women who were running after him A girl called " Jo " managed to claim the prize early m this race, and Chris was forced to beat the others oft with a stick tough lour years, pal ' Thank you lor sharing the good times and being there during the bad times We wish you the best ol luck in all that you do Until we meet again, may God be with you always Beat Army Marine Air forever Timothy S Thomson Morgan Hill Political Science Tim Thomson. , ' - Sixth Company ' s number c aturally the only ma)0r 1 5 country — now c 1 physical educatic Virginia Tech. rendezvous a I School Whatever , P-cola and diving in the Keys Joseph E. Tofalo Whitesboro New York Applied Science, Computer Science Track Submarines Afada Mundo School, was an Eagle Scout. , Plebe year Joe earned the t ■ what , Here he went to Catholic idding me ' Flem and the Boys. Plebe year Joe earned the name Stanley B . but then he lell in with Flem and the Boys, and those days were long gone Youngster year Joe loosened up and was reportedly seen in Daytona Beach wearing a Michelob bucket on his head He discovered Dahlgren. Hood, the Docks, a Black N. and Computer Science Second class summer was a blur ol bus rides and beer; sky high. Dam Neck (who ' s room is this anyway ' ), and Yang Food Joe never skipped a beat as he embarked on the academic year. 2 lor 7. the Stones, the V I . a 4 with Riordans every Wednesday. U N C F . and tacit resistance Joe discovered a veritable horde ol women lusting lor him He had girls in Utica. Georgetown, all over the Far East, and an Angel in Delaware The years were long, but went by all large place in our ..ca. . .v Thanks Joe. see ya in Orlando a blaze ol beer, girls, and most of all Iriendshii place lor everything and everything in its place " There i It always be i Joe. whether he ' s under water or lace down on Devreau : 626 6lh Company J James M. Andreano Maple Shade New Jersey Resources Management Navy Supply Corps Jim Jim began his Navy " adventure ' after a bnet stop at MMA He immediately impressed every- abihty to weasel out of trouble Jimbo quickly became C B and Bnd ' s boy and earned him lame on fieldball and batt football fields Ever mindful of his physical appearance Jim would go on weighthfting sprees (or 8 straight weeks in order to get into top physical shape but would the I away Always in avid collector ol souvenirs. Jim would stop at almost nothing to get one Like ly fade out of the limelight He did. however sh ow everyone how much of a wonderful reck- less skier he was Jimbo gamed much noteriety by being the first and only person ever to fall asleep on a ski lift When Yeknom had to much energy from his marathon sleeping sessions he the ■rip-lip " The fight would inevitably with our hero being soundly humiliat- ed Cool daddy took full advantage of First class year Not to many people took advantage of the " Andreano libs " clause in the MHP Jim even prepared (or a possible marine career by mak ing many amphibious landings at the seawall What more can be said? It there ever was a way to have fun Jim would be sure to find it. What- Jeffrey H. Armstrong Shelbyville Kentucky Marine Engineering Surface Stretch After being a pretty straight guy during ptebe year. Stretch came to his senses and acted hke a typical bnar (rom Kentucky should From the ■67 Chevi came to Annapolis in 1979 and he has shot (or the Navy rifle team for four years even though he had better luck shooting for girls around here He was adequate m theis area From a Door mouse to a Kentucky filly to a little bird I Robir I Baltimore the boy i always been busy Howe m from more important t USNA with the full mten DC service selection ' Jeff had plans ing through the undersea world but else didn ' t Oh well Sooner or later Robert A. Aronson Lakeland Florida Math Nuclear Power Scamps Waste wad ' What more c king of the TY people Bob thes poor pepper picker Bob s folks were so happy to Florida without telling him Bob came to USNA all set to be a EE major Then he saw the light and became a Math major so that he could watch John Wayne movies during study hour when he became a firstie As a young low life plebe, Bob decided to become one of the few. the proud, the YP jocks Scamps, as he affec- tionately became known, set his sights on com- mand of one of those awesome grey hounds of the Severn Through hard work and the use of his purple and orange knee pads. Scamps was able to gam the throne and become king of the YP people Bob ' s future looks quite promising By the time he ' s 35 he ' ll be bald and have strange looking children One things for sure. when Bob gets deployed to the Caribbean he won ' t need any Coppertone. GS II. you missed Scott L. Brummett Austin Texas Math Air Force Scummett It ' s not often an Okinawan grow real live cowboy, but Scumr that (his dad being in the Air Force helped) Living in Texas, which he now calls home, most cowboy From having driving a red pickem ' Academy. Scott lived up to jillos i Scott good points which made up for his being fron Texas His aunts farm m Ocean City led ti some of the biggest adventures and to somi wild partying, golfing in a cornfield, spaget ' fights, and zoom-schwartz-profighano A bette tail-gater organizer cannot be found in the bn gade, and for social events on Friday night Monopoly, Uno, and television were the order o the day and night His ideas of fun included little gray wagon and the only room with a rac ing car set Scott has now set his eyes on thi skys I Ohic ! and no studying 7th Company 527 Lawrence A. Bryla Ft. Walton Beach Florida English Navy Air Larry Larry came to Annapolis on a ■goat " (Pontiac type) from the beaches of Florida accepting a briel pause in Newport He came wi h dreams, a guitar over one shoulder, and a trun k of albums A student ol Nietzsche. Larry unde went a diffi- cult selection of study to develop h mself into a true whole man Always a per on to build himsell and his beliefs with as muc T knowledge as was obtainable, Larry taught h mself more than the professors possibly could The enure time at USNA was spent behind a g uitar playing the intricate tunes ol the master Jimi Other less devoted moments were spent norizontal or reading philosophy The latter c used a few grey hairs lor his roomate with th Wowi Can you believe this ' ■ Weekends gave him blessed relief when he s rapped him self into the cockpit of the all-powerful 400 From there the destination was uncertain, but no one ever got there in a shcrte time From point A to point B there was no one better, with horse Per sephone is hear , but tell me Larry , who cares The true individualist who believe d in diverse ideas tended to maKe Larry uniqu • among the long blue line However, anyone wi h a problem could always approach Larry to be supplyed with a novel, yet effective solution As the men- tor wondered, so shall lab Will it b urn me il 1 touch the sun, so big, so round ■ Pensacola will be richer when Larry and his machine roll home Soon the machine will get m ore powerful II Trace L. Callaghan Applied Science Naval Flight Officer I T Race ye speak of? Over tpelds lined v. the disconcerted safety- Brian J. Corcoran Orono Maine Systems Engineering Navy Air Brian Corcoran, former ' man witl tooth " , comes from a family m W sons have used every method to a of the brothers, and thus had no cl attend USNA At the Academy, he e )tball t paper Brian swallowed his systems courses like you He regained his car privileges early by working closely with the company officer during his time as company sub-commander We wish Brian much luck as he takes to the air as a Navy me, he becar Daniel N. Dixon Silver Spring Maryland Physics Navy Air Dan Dan IS one of the few mids whose sleeping habits actually resembled those of a normal hu man being Often in bed before study hour even started, he forced himself to stay up til 1000 when pressed with an assignment that was due in two weeks Much lo the frustration of his insomnious rooommates. his QPR seemed to be inversely proportional to his hours spent enough r cutting h somewhere around 12 7 due to all the courses he taught to his less scholastically inclined gym nasties mates That brings us to his prowess as a varsity Navy gymnast His hard work and dedi cation earned him team captain honors And with all that to keep him busy he still had time to get himself engaged He took it upon himself to save the post oflice and Ma Bell from bankrupt cy by writing a letter every day to his high school sweetheart and then calling her up to tell her what was in it Dan ' s idea of taking his girl home after a date was driving 1 500 miles to St most out of the weekend, though, he got la y and |ust bought her a plane ticket Dan was .i hearty contingent of the rumbles circuit and the Pink Panther defense force, specialtzmg in man datory showers and pinK bellies He ts the co holder of the world record for consecutive heads of a nerf soccer ball with 1.133 Who will ever forget the awesome meals and flowing Molsens at the Dixon abode ? Dan really did lake good care of us and for his friendship and loyal ty he scores a straight 10 AR 528 th Company Robert J Fields Toms River h New Jersey « Electrical Engineering Surface 4 IP Bob— alias IP— came to USNA from the cer shores ol New Jersey to find his place in life (wherever that is) Always in search ol a party i Heal oil (even when he wasn ' t invited), and arrived on the scene in his jacket (not washed since plebe year) and standing in his lamous T-square prowess. Bob was the lone surviving EE (alter 0 . many all nighters and writing down magic incan- tations) Bob provided that ' oh so simple " an- «fem,M , Robino was a well-intentioned hardworking, and a good Iriend. and we thank him lor always bringing up the rear Good luck in the nuclear Nicholas A. Filippone Little Falls New Jersey Aerospace Engineering Naval Flight Officer Nick Nick came to Annapolis from New Joysey. and though you ' d never have guessed it. he brought with him a touch ol class but tust a touch Nick tried to fool us all into thinking that he was always quiet and reserved, not that he never was, just that he was not so qmel when out with the boys, and couldn ' t always be de- scribed as reserved While canny sense of dignity, for ; usually possible to pry Nick for a party or two As early as plebe year. Nick could have been found explaining to a watch officer why he couldn ' t spell his own name late on a Saturday night- not that he wasn t scholar- ly, only that certain ' things ' would get m the way of reporting oneself to the powers that be ' ■ Nicks wit was always close at hand Perhaps Nick will be most remembered for his eight seasons with the N AD S The memo- ries here are rich and the Inends he has made Witt be life-long Sailing at close quarters for so long with . formed a bond t 3ig Nic vays out whether it be the Porsche he ( pie good taste for the finer seems, though, that he has tw his car ts taking the back seat Nick ' s interest since l-day I aviation and there ' s a tailhook waiting for him the fleet. There is no doubt m anyone ' s mii that Nick will be very successful m the Navy f the simple reason that he is a good man , always been Victor M. Genco Tobyhanna Pennsylvania Political Science USMC NFO Captain Captain Vic, as he w progressed, Vic tried to convince us he stud by combing his hair neatly and dnv- g his car in a very obnoxious manner He dn ' t fool any of us He always managed to get Jessy C, Gogue Ordot Guam Applied Science Marine Corp Jess Jessy came to USNA after a quick stop in He port He still hasn ' t adjusted to the states- pla ing Christmas carols in October and eating b nanas by the bunch Plebe and Youngster yeai found Jessy sailing on constellation by day ar through Applied Science by night Coming back from spring break Second clai year - he started asking some strange questiof -but that ' s ok- Elame is great and Guam is st where America ' s day begins The entire cor pany will always remember the Guamaman warm hearted generosity 7th Company 529 John P. Greenway Sarasota Florida Oceanography Air Force Pilot PhH Back pn 79 vwe got mlroduced to a cntter that even Rondians didnt know lived dov n near the everglades swampland — most people call him Shme Dog Now you have to figure that anybody that can get tagged with a name tike Slime has got to be a unique type ot person This guy earns his name every day of his Me. but when you cross beer with a Slime Dog. that ' s when true slimeli- ness IS defined Like the time at Army plebe have a room on the 21st floor of the Sheraton How about that Holiday Inn Fiasco when back at the hall the Slime Dog played crazy puppy, then a nervous little puppy, then one unconscious puppy Now. not everybody can say that they ' ve seen Shme streaking through their sponsors back yard! The Shme Dog tikes Ocean City I don t thmk that OC can say the same thing about Shme— especially the nice people who run the castle at Old Pro Golf That nervous puppy syndrome can strike anywhere How 1 OC V I that rachute landing fall from the second lloor ' Now Iha everyone gets the idea o( what true slinneliness IS like, lets t Ik about his women Lets face ■ Slime, youve picked some real los- you. you decided that It wasn ' t a )ad Idea at all If you could name an average s me woman t would probably be something like Stonelace When s the wedding Shme ' Living w. h Slime isn ' t 1 30 bad— as long as he keeps his ocker door sh t- Doesn t everybody keep their shoes in the r conlocker? Easyo- graphy ha n t been too rough on shme-be. sides, maybe now he can get a |0b when he goes back to Inr mokalee Hey rumor tha Shme grows , the front seats of Air Force lets Fly high. Pai an!! Scamps Matthew J. Gubenski Philadelphia Pennsylvania Operations Analysis Navy Air Bear This stellar midshipman arrived delphia the night before Iday He i ;c:5nce ' . ' iwpois Omar was one person who got his mo. . :.« worth ot uniforms issued After the first » -- plebe summer Kilatso knew what he wanler ' - ' i» become - a cheerleader He failed so he seinea -Mi to be Navy ' s premier 351b weight thrower i,«-,fiW " Thing about Matso- yes 1 know there aren ' t many - was his ability to double as Jimbo ar d ' .J, .■,: -. If! catch all the ? ' . » for him ' Matty could not be outdone when It came to eating kielbasi. or any- thing else for that matter Youngster year saw the Bear go into hibernation He even slept as his two nerdmales tried to burn down fifth wing Matt did wake up enough to have a few good times He invaded one Maryland trat but left his shoes m the bathroom-don t ask me why he took his shoes off m the bathroom Second class year came and Matt took out his ir..;- tions by teaching his roommates a ne» ■■.■ thng lesson every Thursday night He wjs -■:{ engaged in serious competition with his r. -j hj mate to see who could sleep the most r..., , during the day Mr Hugebenski took to the .-. ' " i ' ii ' i« slopes at Christmas and everyone else got oft; .r r-nm this was only normal because most people S,c!D««i« ' ' teared for their lives when they saw him expert- „«t«»i« ly making his way down the slopes on his back- , ,««w side Finally First class year arrived and the first Kr:»srtl»sq lieutenant went wild Few will not forget the c v.BMteto classic Tarzan imitation on the rope swing at vr«Mit««t Oebby ' s party Matt will always be remembered « « g!P»«B as the biggest friend anyone could have ,iii a»le. Mark J. Hellstern Brecksvtile Ohio Marine Engineering Nuclear Surface Stymie Stymie came to the Academy fresh out thereabouts (If anything at I Cleveland is fresh 1 dedic always had plenty of time for El We all re- member a pleber during our Youngster year kept telling us that the Lt asked him to help her Seriously though, his room has been a ha- I engineer for days and Michael D. Hinton Champaign Illinois Applied Science Marine Air The Doctor His hero ' s have always been cowboys, but Mike was dropped on his head one too many times as a child and decided to go to boat school After a brief stop at Newport, this illmi- Doctor. tor his ; and the opera- females, enjoying married life at Carols of Second and First class year (you cou your watch to him on Sunday afternoons came back at 625 every weekend) Whe not over there, he ' s at the training office chat ting with her or else on the phone at nig hours and hours (Guess who?) His pull i the Surface nukes . (hopefully) grad schc long before we can s Best of luck always tor. for his smoothness off the court his profs completely ignored the C shot and charm and he grappled with onecum- seh every year A one time zero company com- mander. Mike became a strong force in elevat- ing the attic to its professional void It didn ' t take the Doctor long to realize the recuperative powers ot a long-neck bud Whether he was salting his hand at beef-out barfies. eating whole boxes ot bisghetti or getting awesome m a cowfteld with Bluto. Michael always found a way to drown his sorrows in fact, when a bar I build his rait. )r laugh at ACC see the doctor Ding his operating from a cock r the trail leads its sure to mc Duntry music, and Ed Justus 530 th Compa 3ft took 001 hBf y j ' David S. Karson Mankato Minnesota Physical Science Strategic Weapons Dave It was obviously going to be a long four years tor Dave when tie burst into a fit of laughter at the first sight of Uncle Ritchie Though the up perclass noticed Dave for his league-leading de merit tally, we all looked for him when a gutsy himself to " Wildman " Admiral Rickovers clone, Conrad ' s right hand man And who will ever lorget the classic question asked during that infamous plebe summer brief, Ac year came along and Dave proved to be quite the scholar That lasted until the memora- ble day when he fell in love with the Wallstreet Journal To say Dave is a competitor, though, hardly does his justice He refused to sail in less than hurricane winds, having no less than half because of his midnight trots to parole when he started taking change for the Bridge and his passport with him, we beg. worry You ' d think that would tire him out his marathons were just a warm-up tor the tie royales " that took place upon his re There are stories about intimidating Dave was the most feared plebe pany Jeff Bright and Q-ball won until he ' s locked up somewhere adventure is unmatched as well! Gone flying with Waldo, lately? Or perhaps you ' ve been busy hitch-hiking 1500 miles m your whii Since Dave was such a busy guy, he didn ' t ways find time to take his clothes off bef taking a shower Sometimes he simply stuck head into the sink for a quick shampoo, even was 5 minutes before formals. How about th homemade batches of ice cream? I guess tired of eating 7 pounds of someone else ' s r ipe. All kidding aside. Dave will always be inspiration to us all! t Sleep easy ».- m His sense of (F _W James L. Koeller Linden New Jersey History Naval Flight Officer Scary Conehead This extremely scary individual came to Ca- noe U from the Mmi-Manne Academy in Texas, the breeding ground for concheads The Duke earned his title of " sweat " by spending endless hours on term papers during weekends jusl so he could have them done 2 weeks m advance Living up to his motto ol " no pain, no gam " this don quixote of the 0-course didn ' t run il, he attacked it! Being smart for a History major, he finally found out that it was easier to go over the obstacles, not through them Although Luke thought he had tnends because of his wit and pleasant personality, the only reason he had chip cookies, which were the size of your hand and arrived once a month Luke gave thenn out in a manner that scrooge would be envious. Luke was a major asset to the company, acting as a source of unity, because everyone wanted to kill him He also acted as our backstop during the Softball season and amazed everyone with his base running ability Finally, the man with the bluto arms is wished good luck in the future and may he never be a copilot for the man m Michael M. Krechel Wesley W. Lyon Kunkletown West Ishp, Long Island Pennsylvania New York Math Naval Archetecture Navy Air Nuclear Pov rer Blondle Was Blondie came to Annapolis in the summer of Wes ■Came ' . •Sailed " , and " Graduated " ■79 only after his parents dragged h.m from the From a yacht club on Long Island to Canoe U , boomtown of Kunkletown, Pa His quiet manner the nautical life at USNA was not unfamiliar to and silent disposition made it seem as though Wes, the Son of King Nautalus Wes was one of he was never here Truth is. he never was. Blon- the few aspiring Narcs who met the challenge die spent most ol his time unconscious in bed. Sacraficing evenings in the wardroom watching .1 1. ross the river shooting birdies on the golf TV. and those sailing parties every other week- ,r e Youngster year Gumbanni emerged as end, but all of this paid off He got his Nuc ,. .- ird in the classroom, as well as on the Bonus His presence echoed throughout Ivloth- 1 rketball court These were second loves er B as did his low command voice On a cold iiiough, as ' the Blcnze " spent most of his day winter evening the halls of Mother B remained combing his hair or lifting weights to build up his warm from the heat he alone generated Wes body. Its a good thing he became a-juh-hulk was not around a lot He was usually out on the cause he had to beat the girls off his body water looking for those wind shifts and changing every weekend Second class year Blondie went currents The few people who did know him wild. He became company chauffeur during the knew that he was a good friend to have As he weekends and the getaway driver during " the explores the glowing depths of the Seven Seas infamous night at gate 3 " . All this adventure we wish him well Good luck and Happy Sailing kept Blondie in great shape First class year His weekend |0gs to the stadium to pick up the Sciro cco will long be appreciated by the beef- steak barfies boys First class year brought a drastic change m Blondie When he wasn ' t try- ing to imitate Rip Van Winkle, he was giving the area girls dancing lessons on the weekends. At this writing Blondie is clueless (like the rest of us) about service selection But no matter what he does after graduation, it will surely be top of the line Just like anything else Blondie has done Quit it Blonze. youre killing me 7th Company 531 David A, Magness Tipp City Ohio Mathematics Marine Corps Caveman Alter being discovered as an infant by Ruth Magness behind a stalagmite in a cavern in cen tral Ohio. Dave |Oined the already overpopulai ed Magness clan His high school graduation present consisted of a one-way ticket to Annap ohs. a toothbrush, and the book of Navy songs This ended his dream of an Ohio state career Plebe sumnner was first on the list ot great ad- ventures for the big guy His super performance on the pep field and his cave yells helped to secure Smacknesss position near the top of the platoon After surviving the wrath of Foy and Wilson the rest of plebe year came easy Youngster year found our hero attired in higbee light on. Mags continued i- ,how, much to the c roommates These not go unnoticed, and everybody s overflo. Mr Pep, was rewarded wi efforts and some super efforts by s types, and the Marine Corps will n same But m the words of the t Dave! " Good luck. Caveman! Gary D. McCarthy Crofton Maryland Mathematics Surface G.D. When Gary joined the really leave home, he just came to school oo weekdays Being a local resident, Mac ' s parties soon became an institution Plebe year, we fig- ured Gary would be hearing June week wedding bells, but G soon gave up his chesty ilaltan high school sweetheart tor the wild side of life. Youngster year Mac switched roommates m hopes of listening to John Denver, but instead was bombarded by Willie Nelson and Tom Scott. To get away from the rigors of Academy lite. G.D would stay up till 2 in the morning with hi$ guitar and favorite female vocalist (Academy style) It was no wonder he would wake up so crabby after the company he spent his ntghts with Second class year Gary was stuck with the Briar and Texan once agam, for further refine- ment Finally seeing the light G D had gotten totally out of engineering and settled mto a real major With the help of northeastern bank. Gary finally studded out and traded m his Japanese rickshaw for a real machine Now that he had the proper wheels to impress the ladies, all he needed was enough gas money to make it rol. Coming into his final year, his parents migrated to Colorado, leaving he and his 2-28 to make it on their own During his free time, G D can be found at U of M , Ocean City, or on the slopes. As far as a career goes Dmg-dmg ' Omg-ding! McCarthy arriving Italics l y Submarine Shawn Kelly Messer Nashville Tennesse Physical Science USMC Air Juan Dubed Juan his plebe year, Shawn ca USNA after first attending the University c brother of the illustrious Kappa Alpha Ju Mark D. Neff Santa Rosa California Marine Engineering Nuclear Submarines Mark Mark came to the Academy Calif. L that I One company, Juan was deported jmpany his First class year due beyond his control (via the Juan, an avid patron of Fran O a member of good standing and an of the D D spent his spring r a ladys W ' T ' OntoMI and any Always man. Juan would charm the ladies off t or grab them in a headlock, which med appropriate to him at the time le choosen Annapolis six. Juan was one founders and original inhabitants of oint Charlie where the Tubborg light emed to dim and the laundry besides ings had to go out routinely A real war- true (riend to the end. Shawn will make squaring con year the Glee club acted as escorts for the Miss America Pageant 1 dare you to ask him if Miss Georgia or Miss California are still writing Al- though he enjoys light reading, he says it is important to have an engineering degree But why Marine Engineering? I guess he is serious about going " nuke " afterall On a brighter note. Mark landed the position of producer for this year ' s musical " A tunny thing happened on the way to the forum ' He seemed to do fairly well as coach of the second battalion water polo (seventh company watei polo team that is), with a strong 7-3 record, jusi missing a three way tie for first place They still however, had the best record that second bat talion has had tn over five years Besides being an excellent DA for his con duct case, Mark claims that his most significant accomplishment is his helping to establish .i strong foundation (or a bible study and prayer group within his company Good luck with your girlfriend, new car, and spending your " nuke bonus May God bless you for your faith and contribution 532 7th Company 1 ' ,,,«, Dale W Owen Sanford Florida Mathematics Nuclear Submarines Spaz When we think o( Spaz. t comes to mind is " Goats n " Mown Tea " The he flaming r a 3 8 cum first thing tl dead yet " z quently giv responsible for passing s in Advanced Calculus One of the Spaz ' s goals has always been to be ranked higher in the class than in the company and he almost made it After graduation. Spaz wants to spend all his time at the bottom of the ocean in a metal tube catching neutrons In won ' t leave him alone His| is stupid enough to go out not good enough " We dont thi be good enough for you. Dale o women, the Spaz away but they just ilosophy IS " If a girl Mark L. Powell Frederick Maryland Applied Science Marines Corps. Turk What most people love about Mark is his g tie peaceful nature Usually a sensitive guy. goes by the saying. " Speak loudly and carry : i dedicated professional not-sobig slick ■ He It who reads " Soldier of insists on being ICOR not to mention the duties and respons.blities thereof But who can forget his latest treatise on power Some of his great- est thoughts came to him while sitting on the holiest seal in the company Oh. life ' s simplest pleasures, he says Someone should keep fire out of his hands, though II it wasn ' t Sth wing that got burned it must have been his check- book Yes. Turk IS a mid of many ways James Dean would have found a rival there m the back of that pickup, complete with leather jacket and knife The question is whether they would rival their coolness or smoking habits Even Ration wherever he is. would be proud of the bruleness Carlos Ivan Rivera San Juan Puerto Rico Mechanical Engineering Navy Air Los Carlos ' eccentric personality has earni Puerto Rico a dubious reputation during his to years as her only representative m our cor pany His taste, especially in sports cars, is hig ly respected by his classmates Among I- many peripheral areas of expertise. Carlos is i excellent card player and a very sharp dresse He has constantly amazed his classmates by f- keen level of awareness of his surrounding Years from now. when we think of Carlos, v will remember his favorite quotes; " The ha must not be struck " and " Take it lad. it matcl es your outfit better. " Spaz Anthony C. Rodgers San Francisco California Oceanography Special Ops Tony kicking until 3 am voluntary commonplace in the Rodge ever forget the rescuing ol side an upperclass oow and lighting his way rumble hungr about those plebe trips to the ' glutes and All seriousness aside, company commander Rodgers was befriended by all lor his easy go ing. unselfish and humorous personality We all know his recent successes are only a small por- tion of the great achievements Tony will accom- plish in his future. Best of luck— Meathead! 7th Company 533 John Rupp Hicksvitle New York Applied Science USMC Air Rupper Naval Academy Philip G. Savage Southington Connecticut Mathematics Nuclear Power Bluto Biutes came to (he uncoiiege with some o( his (riends (rom Ct Only knowing songs by the Who. the Stones, and the Beatles Sav had some problems first set bemg ranked ahead ol only one person. Herbie Second set. Lee was able to get Phtl into the program Validating half ot plebe year. Bluto started his track recofd m the academic world and was able to get enough coaches to maintain a 3 9 He became one of u» who have loved and lost while enjoymg his plebt year, but no big loss Youngster year found Va- ben m garbage court for a long year of listenvif to the Doctor and Cave complain From hitch- hiking after a tailgater to bealmg on Butch to playing the air guitar. Youngster year came and Phil restricting lor lirelightmg school, eat.ng spaghetti m Q-town. seeing Petty m t l and swimming in the ocean with sorr..? boys Second class year found Sav con and complaining Living m the attic and i-s-. to Rupper eat, Phil became good Inenos wun his buddy next door All ol these problems led lo Biutes making regular walks into the real world. but not too many walks back. I E beefsteak barfies After waking up from First class cruise. he led the platoon during second set First dass year saw Phil as the company commander ct the boys in the Rotunda and awaiting his future as a bubbiehead Anyone who dared lo venture into his room found out how sharp wntted Bluto can be More than sharp witted. Phil is just plain sharp Good luck. Sav i, di¥ Ir m ' Steve A. Savery Holiywood Florida Math Nuclear Submarines Sam the Naval Academy to get some rest Then after he got well rested at Canoe U . he would go home to get some more sleep at the beach under the Florida sun His house served as the . nipany Hilton, as the entire company seemed t.jke up residence there during the annual it ,ng break exodus to Florida Sam had such a , u ising personality - like a surface to air mis- 1. he would shoot you down everytime leve " was the perfect room mate because he ...v.iys knew what was going on ■ like who ,1 .1 care package Although constantly t heads, Sam always managed to guarantee I sell time off lor parties, his sponsors, anc course, the rack Not only did he excell in Daniel L. Schroeder Wisconsin Rapids Wisconsin Physics Nuclear Power Little Old Man Dan Schroeder, alias The Little Old Man ' . The Mole Man " , shuffled his way to the United States Naval Academy Irom the cranberry bogs of Wisconsin Once he got to his destination, he burrowed in for tour years He exited his burrow occasionally to perfi words, however. il you got him talking ab Toyotas or Physics, he began to sound like I Hutton The only thing different between [ and E F Hutton is that nobody listened to D The Little Old Man always had time to help c er people, but he spoke m parables which w difficult lo decode Dan is used to dealing v abstr, This I willing to ge St and would always be d to help a needy person md a key player in tnsbee football Well best ol luck in the future H you need any in sil-ups or in keeping the girls oil your , just give your old roomie a call Until then. I eat to much ice cream on your sub 1 Physics major with a 4 cum, and ranked nd in the class Well, Dan. we are not going tss you The Surface Nuclear Navy will be same without you 534 7th Company Harry L. Tillman Fredericksburg Virginia Mechanical Engir Surface Nuclear Hank Harry being an NROTC-boy Harr; beer, and people who 3 packing his seabag t 1 and The Boat School on the Severr Hank is from Fredericksburg. VA which any Civil War buH knows is the s !ruggle against r I aggressic ( twenty yards outside his back door steps Edward Victni Freehold New Jersey Resources Management Navy Air Ed Looking back, it almost seems that Ed spent more time at the University of Deleware than at the Naval Academy You see. Ed was a married man the day he arrived. |ust ask Deb Plebe summer went well lor Ed but academic year was a diHerent story It was not his grades but small I the ( [lot which caused Ed to pay big as Rich ' s boy How- ever, this didnt stop several plebe weekends m Deleware How bout those SMA ' s! Youngster year Sweatty Eddie began to study with a towel in the library and spend long hours in the weight room Ed ' s bulk-up earned him respect as a fat youngster, but he gamed con- trol and became known as Physical Ed ' Physi- cals Opel was only a bike ride away and made for many great escapes when it ran Second class year came and went, and no one seems to remember much Who could for- get how Phystcal had everyone fooled as com- and designated color man of Ed I 1 Key Largo i thing by fending oft shark: ■Cool Daddy " for three « Ed began first class year by letting a quartei keg slip through his fingers and onto the trunt Physic ned I and broke his leg No mere cast could T from his memorable performance at 5 house The cast did keep him from IIS new Firebird, though als service selection is a mystery to ; including himself, but whatever it is. it lose to Deb. and hopefully not to far ■ good friends he has made here Carl D. Weber Annapolis Maryland Mechanical Engineering Navy Air Carl Rubes always was a little different - after mind would want to go to the Naval Academy, yet alone come here after a year at NAPS and pick IVIech Eng as a major Rubes always wanted a two man room so. after a few weeks into Academic Year, he talked Murph into quitting Striving to be at the top of his class by getting his best grades ever. Rubes was rewarded by being fourth class company James L. Woolley Geneseo lllinios Physical Science Marine Aviation Wools Leaving Geneseo, III , Jin rfthate Thir Youngster really well for Rubes i I high . n 1 - Second class year something happened to Carl, he finally had to start studying His Mech Eng courses taught him grades were not the most important thing in the world, but someone for- got to tell the Company Officer Being a typical fvlid. Rubes bought a sports car and if it wasn ' t for some stupid driver who stopped in front of him. he would still have it Rubes was always very competitive in Com- pany sports and even let Bluto win in raquetball once in a great while Rubes enjoys sailing with dier Carl was always willing to help anyone, and y all as the Best Man any- EV ed submarine life was not meant for him As a graduate from NAPS. Jim arrived at An napolis determined to undertake the challenge: that the Naval Academy had to offer Immedi ately, the big fat red kid distinguished himself a: a smack. I mean as a f idshipman of unmatchec pride and professionalism Youngster yea found Jim a regular at the conduct office f simple greeting to the oow, " f flama ' s don ' t le your babies grow up to be O D s ' , after a com pany dining in, a leisurely sleep on Worden Fieic only to be picked up by the deputy comman dant: and an early morning swim m the Severr River were only a few of his numerous accom plishments It was experiences such as these coupled with his artistic ability that enabled Jim to produce legendary artwork for The Log Best of luck to you Jim at the basic school You will long be forgotten, 1 mean remembered by HLT 7th Company 535 iSSiiii J ' Wfc w f " 3 Br LUCKY SEVEN 536 7th Company Lacy H Bartee. Jr. Pensacola Florida Mathematics Supply Corp " Take a Knee Lacy came to th Irom the sunny sli ores ol Pensacola. where he grew up as a Nav brat Immediately he began to excel. As he took the honor as the lirst plebe in our company t faint during our first formal personnel inspect on But he managed to sur- Vive the rest ol th e year in good fashion Youngster year bro ught us a transformed Lacy who was much more holy than the one we previously knew He started out by proving he was not the worst drinker in the company, only the Batt Commander with small explosives, but was unsuccessful At the close of youngster year. Lacy starte his reign of terror on the preachers daught er First his sponsors dog. then a townie wh used his car to date other guys and returne It with a broken tail light Then Lacy met wh he thought was the girl of I far. , just a fond ther USNA Lacy IS also known for holdir record, the most number of sponsors held by one Mid during his tour year stay He seemed to come back every weekend with a new sponsor II was great being his roomate during this year because he always kept us supplied tn goodies they would give him and also there was hot coHee and toasted bagels tor breakfast (How did he do that ' ) While at the academy. Lacy ' s family moved to Augusta. Georgia following his father ' s retirement Fortunately, they told him of the move and he was able to join them there when he go the chance It is easy to see why they told him Lacy comes from a lovely family God, a good God. and a hard God You could always trust him to be there when you needed help, and to lend you that helping hand The navy is getting a winner in Lacy God bless you. TF Linda M. Bolan State College Pennsylvania Political Science Navy Pilot Bowls Linda Boland. like uh. t Ya know She ' s like uh. extremely ma ■ ■ - a heck of a lady She spends playing bball as a guard lor IS Basketball team What an athlete ' At times she can be found b-boppmg m perhaps, going out dancing and getting the l.ttie happy feet Yes folks, let ' s not forget about the Believe tt or not. there isn ' t a professional side to this woman Hopefully, she will become ler room or the steerage pretend- I knowledge But then agam there as a lot going for her Her good ■ry her a long way through life and studying i Michael J. Breen Mitchell E. Cart Colw yn Lemoore Pennsylvania California History Physical Science Naval Flight Officer Navy Air Tubby Mitch tvlilton came to the 8th Company from a radi- Mitch came to Annapolis from the world of cal upbringing in Colwyn, Pa His stupendous Navy Air at NAS Lemoore with one goal-to fly physique soon earned him the nickname -Tub- He thought Aero would be a good maior to at- by. " which stuck in spite of his best efforts By tain that goal, but Mitch doesn ' t always think the end of his first Saturday night plebe year. right By the end ol first semester plebe year. Tubby tried swimming on the floor of his room. he saw the light (and his grades) so he eased then in the shower, and finally on Les ' rack Always one to help another. Tubs began to Not known for his hard work. Mitch was a tutor Howard in Sex Ed, kind ol like the blind perfect candidate for the sailing team His plebe leading the blind After his good start. Tubby year roommates pushed him towards another went into youngster year full speed Most Satur- goal- to graduate with as little effort as possible day nights, he would be seen rampaging Most of his time Youngster year was devoted to through the halls or chasing girls ( ' ) We all his R C planes, his stereo, and observing the noticed his need for glasses after seeing his nightly shows of his roommate Second class conquests There were old ladies at the Wharf. year, he found some new pursuits-his car and Buffalo Bartio at the company party, and of skiing, with academics almost forgotten as usu- course Dahlgren will never be the same On the al. While looking for the easiest ways to pass his Booze Cruise during June Week, he even chased after the Ludes girl good grades He liked summer classes so much. Second class year. Tubby slowed down a bit he decided not to go home first class summer by shaving his head (it took awhile to notice. Mitch was forced to alter his plans slightly. though, because there never was much there) but he should do well as an NFO (if his study In Memphis, he took a liking to Swedish girls, he habits don ' t stop him) Good Luck in the years even went so far as to follow one everywhere. ahead, hopefully hard work wont get in the on first class cruise. Tubby found a way to outdo his shaved head As a surprise to everyone. Tubby came into first class year with a bright. Boys shiny tatto (he forgot that ■ ' Officers dont have MEC tatoos " ) With a car. Dahlgren became safe-sor- Tubs was definitely a dynamic member of 8th Company, one who will be missed by all, regard- less of his aHinity to the class of 82 Good Luck as a P-3 NFO and may your future be as inter- esting as your past We came, we partied. we graduated The Boys MEC 8th Company 537 Michael Emerson Chavez Indianapolis Indiana Physical Science Marine Corps Teddy In 1979, the Marine Mental Asylum pre-manne to 8th company ready for ( training Somewhere en route the man worlds first live Teddy Bear Being a world s first. Teddy needed to set some standards to ' all future " Teds " First he established that Te dys could drink, but not very much Next, he decided that Teds once drunk, should relieve their aching stomachs in strange places (i e youngster rooms. Burger King, movie theaters. The third and last standard our Teddy estab lished was that he should be very lovable, espe cially to female profs, younger girls, and uni formed members of the opposite sex How car we forget his grades m Gale, History, and Eng lish plebe year (or how he earned them) ' Ther company youngster year (Gee, thanks Ted) By first class year, Ted was well acquainted with a certain young cheerleader (Sir. you now have 10 minutes till ) Once Ted finished establishing his identity, he began m earnest his USNA professional developement He drank with the Freds and sweated with the Pups On the geek side he was our guide-on bearer and a regular on 8th company ' s semi-annual top ten One ! , always able roll needed him He was everybody ' s friend and will be missed when he no longer " roams " the halls God Bless you, Ted and good luck in the Corps We came We partied We graduated THE BOYS GAL Donald W. Clause Lansdale Pennsylvania Aerospace Engineering Civil Engineering Don Juan Bancroft hrough plebe yea when he was promoted to rted attending B.sh s par- with his " flaming ' secortd class and h.s squad mother to Chick 4 Ruth $.1 4 am on Sundays DC lived up to the oidaddageof awo " -i- - •very company )onno recovered qu.cklyCI though .,- hose problems Iha mesticity went else where Ciausedog ou -■ 10 have an aflm.ly ormed type Oh w ell At least who we ' was number one ' ground, well foot after a bout wr eloped into " ) a srr - • the highest order V »e wont bother to lis ' conquests but let t suftice to say thai --. proud Too-bular ' ii Don remains an aero major {sooner o go general) against all odds, mc f Navy air ' Marines ' ' CEC ' " An ust no subs for this fair haired. all-Amer t rom next door as history dictates m the : ■23 (8th CO . Ed " . ■Rosey ' . Texan roon S-51) un-nicklay dude •Imagination is more important than edge ■■ - Santa is living pfool Thanks I help ' Ronald ■ EE Thomas W. Dacey Hauppauge, Long Island New York Oceanography Navy Air Dace From Long Island. God ' s country(?), Dace came ready to drink beer and go Navy air Real- izing what had priority for the time being, Dace (Oined " the boys " and immediately became one of Its leading partyhogs One of the first things noticeable about Tom was his love of sports, especially rooting tor the Yankees. Rangers. Giants, the Irish, and the Pe ruvian National Softball Team At times he even did more than just cheer for them, just ask the guy in Baltimore with the broken nose Not only a tan but a participant is well, Dace spent a few seasons on the football, lacrosse, and sailing wrestling " at the Hilton However. Dace ' s favor- ite pastimes were beer and blondes, although not particularly in that order Tom ' s taste in beer was unquestionable -he drank the king His taste in girls was also rarely debateable Nobody in eighth company will ever forget Lois, and on (he other hand. Lois ' fiancee will never forget Tom Dace was always quite silver tongued with the ladies, as a certain Missouri girl will attest to One of Tom ' s highest honors came at the end of youngster year when he herame squadron leader of the Bar Angels, a th.inks to Mike and Vicki for keeping the squad- ron Kying In closing It must be said that Daces, humor ■ind friendship will be missed by many around (he tiall, especially by this writer God bless you, lorn Thank you, John Remember the bridge . the fountain and the lownie We came We par lied and We graduated The Boys Roger P. Guseman It Bremen Ohio Chemistry Nuclear Power Submarines Goose Rodney came to USNA from the backwoods of Rut-Rut Ohio He started out plebe summer on the wrong loot with ' drop foo • Rodney had •The Ballad of the Green Berets He liked this tune so much that he puked all over the |uke Younster year. Rodney discovered Daihgren Hall and young girls How young was young. well. lUst say that the bubble gum that they chewed only stuck to their baby eeth Rodney. being a lightweight in drinking. wanted to e« tend his talents to athletics Eve fall Rodney had to lose ten pounds |ust to play football with the little kids Second class year. Rodney was too busy time for fun He did find the tirr e to sleep at a Charlie Daniels concert and w estle a co.isl guard cadet Rodney not only e xcelled m aca demies and athletics but most mportantly. in friendship f dolphins and glow with the worms We came. we played, we John A. Holland Bexley Ohio Physical Science Marine Air John came to Annapolis ( one of those small obscure most midshipmen seem to oi tion here that seemed to hav impression on John was ' hit ' ing his " youngster afternoo guy who made i through high track Chen book Not wanting to shov up Physical Science as . Nancy Lynn Ingerson Elbridge New York Oceanography Marine Corps Nance Nancy came to the Naval Academy from the thriving metropolis of Elbridge, New York We all knew her soon as that little girl that laughs all the time " Nancy definitely made life here more her rifle (on her .t looked like a 106mm tzer) Nance may have fooled many people her ultra-professional attitude, but she ' did know how to have fun (Youngster tail-gaters, company dimngs-m. and any ■ opportunity that arose) As Nancy went Though her I dealings with mem- lere a bit shaky, she was right tor her a ye with (Mr and Mrs )ked on Nance as our 1 more than that She ! Good luck and Godspeed Gregory A. Lester Sikeston Missouri Economics Surface Growwwk Greg came to us from the swamplands of southeast Missouri, with a Confederate flag un- der one arm and a picture of Kathy Owens un- didnt lose the war we ' re waiting for supplies ' . Greg was always able to humor us Statements such as " I ' m getting up at three to study " . " Your pants wouldn ' t fit either if you were thirty pounds underweight on 1-Day " , and the always popular -There is no such thing as an ugly den- tal hygienist " became legend After Greg ' s fian- cee decided she had better things to do than wait around for him. Greg decided to study ani- mal husbandry His efforts finally paid off when he and his prize winning toad were immortalized in the Log Greg never understood Yankees, especially New Jersey girls One should have been a San Fransisco girl, and the other almost made his first June Week a truly unforgettable experience Greg ' s biggest surprise however came at Youngster Year Army when he learned that sometimes you really do sleep m motel rooms Second class year saw Greg become a Bar Angel Many hours were spent at the local Hilton practicing our maneuvers A special thanks goes here to Mike and Vicky tor the required logistical support Greg added spice to the same without him God bless you Greg and good luck in the fleet Remember the bridge, the townie. and the fountain WE CAME WE PARTIED WE GRADUATED THE BOYS James H. Loper III El Paso Texas Applied Science Marine Air Lopez Jim came to the " Big City " of Annapolis from a dairy farm outside of El Paso He quickly proved he was not a loudmouth cowboy, but only a soft-spoken teet squeezer At first. Jim spent his time looking for " wet-backs " to come in and clean his room cheap Coming up empty he knew this wouldnt be like home and he would have to work He soon had the system problem keeping right . : quickly i Angels, a high performance drinking team, who put on many a show at the Hilton Special thanks to Mike and Vicky for keeping the squad ron flying Jim also proved you can take the boy out of the farm, but not the farm out of the boy Many a night Jim thought he was home and favorite times of the year is the fun we have after the Army-Navy game These will prove as some of Jim ' s fondest memories We will always remember Jim by the little idiosyncracy he pos- sesses It seems Jim always had to be chewing the farm when he was home, and saved up enough to buy himself an " 82 280-2X But Jim ught ii light ! day after car. It lay dead m Baltimore, the city we hav grown to hate But on the serious side, Jim is morally strong individual and a true fnend m th strictest meaning of the word The Corps is get ting one of the good men they are looking for i Jrm God Bless you. and good luck in your cc reer Remember the bridge the fountain and the townie WE CAME WE PARTIEO AND WE GRADUATED THE BOYS 8th Company 539 Kevin M. Lui Kailua Hawaii Physical Science Naval Flight Officer Lui-San Navy expecting Charles F. O ' Brien Waltham Massachusetts General Engineering Navy Air Charlie Charles F O ' Brien, more commonly known as Charlie. O B and One Beer ventured to USNA via NAPS. Irom the wa-nee-nee waves oi . Mass As a plebe Charlie was very outgr . strived to excel He did an the gooc ■ smack should do and finished plet e yi- 1- (lying colors In order to celebrate his v loion to Youngster. Charlie decided one ' .■■— end to otter the CDC a drink Sixty da 5 .■.•■ pyma Led Science Charl .ad aga.ns g career ended so he moved on to other sports (namely girls) His favorite sport was derived from Youngster box- ing. II was chasing Donna s bo friends around St John s yelling he ' d rearrange their faces His conduct trouble over and his girt probtems solved (by the arrival of Sandy to RM 5328) Charlie loined the boys at the beginning of Sec- ond class year on the CDB movement order m high spirits But woe fell once again on Conduct Chuck He became the first mid to be appre- hended by the O D for WWI that s nght. wall- ing while intoxicated U 8 on the breathalyser) dad sa cop I FBI after yoi ) this, he ' l itude didn t became Charlies favorite hangout First class year Charhe relied on (reudian psy- chology to pick his new idol His ID idol (Its all Tim ' s fault) and superego idol (my dads a cop) litf ifestfteiiinai « », afds and 3 1 Steven C. Oda Kathleen M. Owens Honolulu Delran Hawaii New Jersey Naval Architecture English Nuclear Submarines Naval Intelligence Pup Kathy from Delran. New Jersey She ma Steve game up a quiet (?) existence in Hono- jored in English and crew for (our years. Afte dropping her soaked crew clothes in a come distinguished himself early m plebe summer as shed run to glee club or Catholic Choir She ' being very professional (he perspired a lot) looking forward to a career in Naval Intelligenc Who can forget his waxing the floor at 0230 with starting in Sigonella. Sicily a pocket flashlight as he quietly sang the Laws of the Navy to the tune of ' My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean " We continued to wonder what kind rifle with a fixed bayonet and practicing stab- bing and garroting his roomate Obviously a Ma- sion for marching {destined to become Brigade Drill Officer and Drill Team Commander), a ca- moflaged blanket, 3 complete sets ot camies, a collection of Soldier of Fortune maga2ines. his own copy of FIVI22-5. |ungle boots, and his be- loved copy of the poem ' Infantry the Queen of Battle " Though Steve loved the green the only Cori gained a fine offi marine Co rps, who just Though Steve has always iis professional attitude, he would hair (what little there was) to be boys (will he ever forget, or re- ny 81 ' ) As Steve heads down to t TA (TA-6 6, WS-6. 4 wheel - %m Mark D. Phillips Parma Ohio Applied Science Surface Fester Mark came to the Academy from Pa: Ohio via the NAPS detour Blonde hair and eyes together with a wrestlers frame gave f didn ' t take him long to show us lust how n mer Mark already had first Wuba. a habit which he would continue well into his senior years When Mark wanted some- thing he knew just what he had to do to get it, even if it meant crying a little Mark had the enviable ability to meet and tall in love with a girl with Janet or in MacDonough practicing his Mark lettered in wrestling every year four years His ability to face adversity with a his passage through this instil ing stuck in the while your clothes are in handled by any Holbrook J. Schurman Chevy Chase Maryland Ocean Engineering Marine Corps Brook Brook hails from Chevy Chase. Maryland helped because Brook breezed th ough the fir yearw h no serious mishaps He usually was 1 away friendly guy who you couldn t fir :h - well almost There wa s the time broke his foot on the 3 foot ram on the course Yes. he did pass, but he still spazze out Wh lie were on the subject of athletics, ho about hose bouts you refereed during 2 year A man with the reputation of letting tl lighter slug It out Charlie for su hat deal Well, If Its blood and guts tha you like. If Marine Corps IS for you They wi be getting 1 may God be with you Adolph C. Scissum Huntsville Alabama Mathematics (Operation Analysis) Marine Corp. Dolph Adolph ' s early Naval career was molded by how to dog and rap with the ladies Many nights Paul D. Shankland Jamestown North Carolina Mathematics Surface Paul Paul came into the arms of Mother ' B " after deciding It was better to come to USNA and tly than to go to USAFA and walk Upon arriving at the Academy he immediately found a way out of Plebe summer — crutches Once Academic Year came around Paul needed a vacation so he checked in Room 5317, USNA s answer to t- • Hanoi Hilton (I ' m sure Kevin and Joe feel ti- • same way, Paul) While there Paul learned lo volunteer his mothi she showed Chns ; . Paul V :ided to teach the I lumbia, you could f ! Chris don Unfortunately his answer was everybody else ' s question Eventually. Shanks did a " 180 " and has since been doing much better in the world of girls Right, Lynn, Kathy, Kim, Anne, and Kay ' (Sorry Harold) After his intra brigade affair, Paul mamly concerned himself with two rescue operations, namely, his grades 1 going i everyone I Paul already Chris or " Roller " as his friends called hirr was definetly a ladies man, You can ask any c the wardroom girls and they will speak highly c Chris Every three mounths you could hear c Chris and his new lady But being Chns " ace means Shanks but especially b found their girls developed a cc Good luck out II : Reg.r w. Hopefully I will learn what good judgmer will definitely be missed by a! all those boyfriends who hav leaving them for Paul and hav mptex trying to find out wh; 1 the fleet, Paul, even if you d and cowboy hat or 1 a good family a T S V P Thank you I 8th Company 541 Timothy V. Shindelar McAllen Texas Physical Science USMC The Shindo The Shindo. a legend in his own mind Shindo. didn ' t want to come here straight out of High o Oregon to play lumber living instead ( Figuring NAPS wouldnt pre pare him enough tor the rigorous academics jt the Academy, he went to another prep school lirst Upon arriving at USNA, Shindo was so im pressed by the black-trame study glasses and the briefcases that the Trident Scholars car ned. that he decided he was going to be a Tn dent Scholar Shmdo spent every spare mo ment he could studying, even while the rest ot USNA, every summer, studying hard His spe cial interest areas included EE and Calculus Youngster year Shmdo found the car of his dreams, a Pinto He especially loved the hood ornament, namely Donna Shindo was quite the playboy, his most famous aquisition being the ness. Shmdo proved on more than one occasion that no window could get the better of him " As for his professional attitude, Shindo loved m spections He used to go down to Mam Office six times a day. 7 days a week to get inspected A very economical person, Shindo wore the same tie all four years and only changed his linen once a year, thus saving the Navy millions on costly and unneeded laundry service Ever won der who REALLY threw the Anchor Bell in the Santee " Dragging anchor and disappointed with Nuke Power. Shmdo decided to go into the Marines to be a lean, mean, green flymg ma chine " Am I crazy, Jeff? ' " , " Quick! Help me, the shoes are attacking, AHHHHH! " . ' Let ' s go ge ' FUBARed ' " " , -LATER!!!!! " " WE CAMF WE PLAYED, WE GRADUATED THE BOYS L eyS.« Andrew G. Skehan Freehold New Jersey Apphed Science Surface The Bird Andy came here oH ol exit 8 ol the N.:-, _.j ' sey turnpike and verities ttie tact ttiat people growing up in tt at state try to leave it as soon m possible ' While here. Andy survived via tti« medical chit I think he saw Or Aronen mora I leit eating, sleeping, snoring, and talking t the phone He also liked " the great c becuase he always talked about mov r ckr«ll lUSNA Kathy I year ' (i elongschoc - , d arrived, the beer rching Daihgren and ev«n had dates to Andy WW » ;ved more mail from npany got the entir r Bird. t give your little red a bone don ' t stop you car at night to look at tha engine, and joioba won ' t save your hair Good luck in the Marine Corps, and may God htip jciv.iM»J " W Stephen J Thoresen York Pennsylnania Mechanical Engineering Nuclear Submarines Thorax Steve arrived in Annapolis with his kitchen, and Speedo goggles m ham okworm His grades became good enough to Celestial Nav He had three stars himself. m a constellation (Thorax), and quite well the theory about how them Steve also held some records vy swimmers in the breaststroke (he learned that there were three things you don ' t do to Steve Wake him up. take his food, or steal his bread board Steve also helped make the CDB movement order a success, however, we didn ' t let him bang his head against the wall or a gas pump We came, we played, we graduated!! The Boys R PG II Douglas J. Wadswortf- San Juan Capistrano California English Marine Air Dougga servative Californians. Doug worked hard whatever he did Unfortunately the law of minishing returns caught up with this you 1 during his second class year and orts a new identity as an LI M Not o nything get him down for long. Doug h o pencil drawing and solving pu7?les gel I lor ■ of Doug ' s other accomplishments, ude a good ' ol Youngster love?-affair nior fling, one totalled car. the reading " Conan " novels and never missing his daily dose of Jackson Browne (for sanity preservation). This die-hard Marine aviator brother- may our Lord ' s blessing be w ith you m the years ahead- G R W 54? 8ih Company to Jeffrey S. Weis Milwaukee Wisonsin Chemistry Marine Infantry Weiss ing capital ot Am After a short stop at the North American Party School, he arrived at Gate Eight ready to go Always one tor a challenge. Jetf learned the true meaning of the word by havmg to live with Sum- merdog and THE SHINDO Jetls two mam goals at the Academy were majonng m Chemistry and seeing that his less than cerebral roommate graduated Jetf not only earned two diplomas. but had an overall GPA of 5 0, 3 for Jeff and 2.0 for THE SHINDO Not only was Jeff the squared-away midshipman, but he was also the kind of guy who always had the time to help you reer at USNA, JeM decided to opt Marine thus saving the Corps millions of dollars on unneed- ed haircuts since he was going bald anyway Jeff will be a welcome addition to the Marines, so on that note I release a -CLASS-A ' guy Best of luck, and don ' t forget the pretzels!! As only I could know you, your roommate SLOBBEN!! ' ' TIIVIE. IT S ALL IN YOUR HEAD ' " ' HEY SHINDO. WANT TO GO UP TO 13th ' " - WE CAME. WE PLAYED. WE GRADUATED THE BOYS TVS Kim E Williams Longwood Florida Political Science Naval Intelligence Midget Little Red " came to lions (o play volleyball, I Gymnastics w busy plebe year, a particular 1 c with the same name kept her occupied With Youngster year came the arrival of the " red bomb " and many trips to Georgetown via Aunt Ruthie s Hecht ' s parking lot. a broken muffler and on to Florida with Will, Jeft and M Will you ever be able to forget that fateful nighl wandering the streets of Orlando— or will you ever be able to remember what really ■ at least Dad Williams does still ) were late for dinner cu Debbie told us that short cut thru Tampa A nice girl. I ' m sure The trip ended along with Will, but m came the star of your hte your first date in SDB ' s and then you found out he asked you out on a bet 2 c year began your tirst of many separations when your flyboy left for P-cola, but still you managed to have a good time some how — don ' t worry, I wont tell 1 c cruise was on the stump and what an exciting cruise we had in drydock We kept moving even if the ship never did And wasn t It nice of " BJ " to give you a 62 " for your good efforts! " Bird neck auto " -what a night and what a nde we had on the captain s horse A Texas weekend and a diamond ring made Enc your only As you begin your new life. never forget the precious moments and friends you made here And Kim. always r •gr« Joe D. Wilson. Jr. Atlanta Georgia Mechanical Engineering Nuclear Surface Dr. Slim On July 6, 1979, Joe Wilson, Jr reported to the U S Naval Academy with the attitude that ii nobody bothers him. he won ' t bother them, and everything would be cool! Well, by the end ol plebe summer this tall, skinny kid from HuntS ' Glenn R. Woodruff Poway California Political Science Navy Air Zener Glenn-Bob drifted to Annapolis shift at Sony Corp , a short tim€ Diego, and a three-year enlistment m the sub- marine Navy What everyone is still trying to figure out (himself included) is why a long- haired dope who spent more time at the beach than in high school (where he majored m horti- Through plebe year Joe was s upper class asked him any type c he learned to hide his disgust a trouble Since Youngster year J( has been Adolph, an acquamtar Third class ' beautiful young lady league When Second class year ca was buried in Mechanical Engi . sleeping c for Christ- Kimberley Little This obviously out of Joe ' s e important things to do, ing study hour, writing let- »rs to his girlfriend, and long weekends in At- inta Also Second class year Joe went out for rigade boxing and lost in the semi-finals May- C San California to the Naval Academy Once here, though, in keeping with his laid-back, casual ap- proach to life Glenn took the ' Poli-Sci, QPR- high ■ route to graduation (for a short time he considered becoming an engineer, but heard that all-nighters were bad for a fighter pilot ' s eyes) Glenn ' s great energy and motivation to perform both physically and mentally innspired us all (just ask him about all the books he brought home over chnstmas leave) Glenn seemed to be under control until this year when he was suddenly hit by a serious case ot the " sponsors ' daughter syndrome (How does the song go ' — " Jenny I ' ve got your number ) olis I A D After graduation, we will nonetheless see Glenn later in Pensacola May the Lord bless him throughout the future D J W ' ed for Joe D Wilson, Jr During the summer be bought a car which he could hardly afford In between cruise and plebe detail, he finally got engaged to Kim- berley When the academic year began Joe found himself struggling as a Mechanical Engi- neer and his grades too low to get an early luck maybe Joe will get that Nuclear Surface Good luck to Joe and Kimberley! Dr Slim Came! Dr Slim was here! Dr Slim graduated! ' !!! ' ! •• Alpha Phi Alpha •• Spring ' 82 8th Company 543 SKATE EIGHT 544 8th Company Chris M. Ballister Rochester New York Oceanography Naval Flight Officer Chris Chris tumbled his way into the uncollege on the Severn from Rochester. New York He start- ed his plebe year off on what can only be called a " classic " ' start After passing through the doors to Halsey Field house, Chns came down with a case of the flu. (He was sick of school even before it startedi) Since his roommate spent most of plebe year finding out what he this? what IS this thing for ' " Once AC-year started Chns spent all of his free time over at the Gymnasium He made the vansity gymnas- tic team and managed to letter three years and pick up an ■N " star along the way While Chns was being good to Navy sports they managed to ii gav. ■ autographed by all the medical staff Chris did f ' manage to learn that there is more to life than : i mnastics, (chopping fire wood, raking leaves. pis roommates care packages and wine in I6-02 (tumblers ' ) Upon graduation Chris hopes to go HfO but first a little tad at USNA as a gymnas- ijood luck at P-cola, check six ' e had long Bryan W Bigger Houston Texas Mechanical Eng Physics Marine Corps Bigs Daddy There were two fiascoes in 1961 The Bay of Pigs in Cuba, and Bryan " Bigs Daddy " Bigger ' s birth in Houston, Texas Eight years later, while participating in a third grade recon raid on girls lunchboxes. he was hit on the head by a Scooby-Doo lunch pail, jamming his volume control on loud Ten years later he hit the deck plates of Mother B. fulfilling pursued Bigs came with shoulders, even though i| held no hatr Bryan validated many hours which he used up marching E (EWE-RAH ' ) He chose a double major, and wasted his summers at a mynad of Marine Corps amusement parks. 1 e , Airborne. Mountain Warfare, Force Recon. and S E R E Second class year had its ups and downs On the upside A 70 Yellow vette, and a Naval Academy Ring On the downside A blue Dodge truck that looked as if it had been pulled from a swamp, and only a five year commitment First class year arrived, and Bryan was still (miraculously) a double major This didni stop him from enjoying a few illegal weeknight jaunts out of the yard His vette could be seen screaming out of the yard at 3 06 (excuse me Bryan — 1506) on Friday afternoons on his way to the Goucher Country Club Despite the fact that he always made his presence known. Bigs was always there to give down UUUUUUURRAAAAHH- Joseph S. Boddiford III Marion C. Brown Glen Arm Tekoa Maryland Washington Mathematics English Supply Navy Air Bodds Brownie Joseph " Bodds- Bodditord III came to the Marion Brown woke up one morning yearning boat school after an illustrious four year career for adventure, hungover (as usual), and looking for a chance to get ahead in the world So. he school He arrived on 1-day with memories of joined the Marines! Some people will do any- Ocean City sunsets, football championships. thing to get out ot rural Washington After work- and nights out in Towson An ambition to be a ing his way up to lance corporal, our baby-blue Navy lacrosse player and obtain passable marine was offered the chance to go to NAPS grades helped Bodds to survive plebe year He His reply " NAPS ' What s a NAPS ' " Newport was lucky enough to be able to take his frustra- agreed with Brownie sand, surf, sunny skies. tions out on his roomatethat pool little ole kid rich girls, and gay bars Plebeyear was good to from Cecil Dining out Chits with Mom. Dad. and Lance (Woody decided he needed some name Kate were the saving graces for this local besides Marion), as he was on a first name basis pleber It didnt take long tor Joe to realize Rt 2 with half of the class of 80 But Brownie took -f Rt 100 -f Rt 3 - 1 695 = freedom ' With care o( his friends, and his friends took care of plebe year over Bodds dove head first into being him After a hard night drinking with the rugby an upperclassman During his youngster year team, he left alittle surprise in Lt Hansen ' s car. and a buddy carried him up to 5-3 with the morean (Loyola high school) who would be- BOOW close behind (He ain ' t heavy, he s my come famous as the ■ Rhino ' ' Now a Math ma- roommate ) And our happy-go-lucky jarhead |or Joe found Zs more attainable, while using geek juice to combat unwanted Zs long and tiring romance with Becky youngster RCC. whimper sessions, the God of Geek, year, he was dropped in the dirt and all that was Buddah, rm 5461. and the love squad are a few of Joe s favorite topics Summers at Annapolis self But Brownie found true love first class included pig outs at Chick N ' Ruths. GTs at the year, and the fact that she was engaged : chart house, and. of course, trips to and tro B- more Bodds ' three dreams, to drive his own made the most ol those long weekends and his ' Vette to the sounds of his hero. James Bond sponsor ' s boat And those three-stnper libs (which almost caused his roommate to go in- sure came in handy, even for a platoon com- sane), get a USNA school ring, and graduate mander (Hi Lynn ' Is my laundry ready ' from the Naval Academy have all come true He Where ' s the beer ' ) Since the gods at Naval IS leaning towards becoming a pilot and is often Reactors laughed m his face Brownie will be caught daydreaming about P-cola and his first returning to the Corps Whether it ' s Marine solo Whatever community Joe finds himself in Corps or Supply Corps remains to be seen. we all wish him the best of luck! His sharp sense since all the pressure ol life here at Canoe U of humor will be appreciated wherever he goes gave our boy an ulcer But Brownie will surely We are all looking forward to seeing him in the muddle through life the same way he muddled future-knowing that laughs will be shared and his way through the Naval Academy, in the good times brought back to lite! rack Aint English a goodly major ' Good luck. JLJ. Jr. buddy See you at the wedding rep 9th Company 545 Christopher S. Colon Houston Texas Oceanography AMDO ■Rican The Rican started out his ( foot by being plebe summer bald-headed PA system named Brggs Dad- dy " Actually, things worked out pretty well be- cause they had so much in common {I E -being from Houston) Being at USNA actually u pealed to Chris After changing to the Condor for a roommate, life got back to normal ' ■: - Chris Endowed with a unique sense of humor. the Rican could always be counted on for a laugh His talents included wrapping his jowls around his head, losing his temper and walking through garage doors, and putting his best side forward for pictures (the side he usually sat on) After a couple of years of desperately search- ing for (he love of his life (he even considered going G Q to meet more prospects), he met the woman of his dreams - the girl known as " Heiia cious Elena " Ever since this turning point in his , Chri rted 1 the racer bug for a family-sized Monte Carlo i We all know that the Rican will succeed m anything he tries tand wish him and Elena the best of everything, P S Hammers, bricks, and condors don ' t Thomas R. Crompton. Jr. Miami Florida Political Science Naval Intelligence Duke of Miami In order to attend USNA. Tom followed 1 example of most Americans and (eft Miami Hit being a second-generation Academy man had both Its good and its bad points He was deter- mined to do well and was a frequent member ol All-Star team ■. y»t. I le 59 ' er iar Tom would carry on family traditions Old Goats ' were disappointed to find that he approached the Academy m a professional manner, obeyed the regs. and remained unmar- ried Seeing politics as the driving force n al things " . Tom majored m Politi cal Science aryj could be found reading volumes of booki ana writing scores of term papers He worked hat6 and, often times, played even harder In fad. a memorial erected m his honor should some li5f be found m yard gouge The pinnacle of hil professional career was serving as the Brigade Administrative officer where he excelled m the generation of useless paperwork After under- going several miraculous transformations down jT Bancroft medical, Tom hopes to jom the ■ - ' eihgence community and serve m the invisible ■ ' ••ne of defense " Godspeed Fpotu ;;.,«„ogeith David S. Eguchi Torrance California Physical Science Naval Flight Officer Gooch Gooch came to USNA an aspiring prior enlist- ed nuke who wanted to major m Electrical Engi- neering and go nuke power Dave spent r nd true love while at USNA in wi Zl-R After being a member are club during Second class of the ultimate : service selectior cycle racer " as an opt Bruce R. Eikenberg Kingsville Maryland Physical Science Marine Corps Hailing from Belair. Maryland, Bruce turned order to attend USNA Despite the fact that he was educated under the Baltimore public school system. Bruce received an appointment from congressman Bob Bauman whose judgement we still question to this day He chose to major in Physical Science because he considered engineering trivial as evident in the Displaying an unselfish attitude. Bruce made great efforts in preparing his many roommates to be responsible citizens in the civilian world and went out of his way to make others look good in order to groom them for big stripes His success at the Academy can be attributed to his uncanny ability to accumulate the gouge as well as finding time to devote total concentration towards academic endeavorzzzz Bruce ' s mdis putable laughter, combined with his " baw lamer " accent made him a favorite with ninth company Seeking a challenging career m the Marine Corps, despite what the inside of his ring says. Bruce ' s cheerful disposition and easy character should make him a welcome addition everywhere Uh-rah T R.C Edward H. Feege. Jr. Hellertown Pennsylvania Political Science Naval Flight Officer Feeg A one-legged man hopping through a mine- field - that describes the Feeg during the past four years Coming (rom suburbania eastern Pennsylvania. Ed had one and only one dream in life ■ to fly an A-6 single-handed under the Bay Bridge and nuking the hell out ot it But after losing his eyes by rubbmg them in his Advanced Calculus course to get the tears out. he opted to go poly SCI and NFO Not that Feeg is all work and no play Just ask him about the Gobbler during plebe year and about Ami second class year (nice haircut) And it he wasn ' t going new and Talking Heads, he can of Copenhagen and Ry Cooder The Condor has always been an adventurer though hang gliding, (lying, camping But he always seems to end up in trouble, like getting fried for kissing his girlfriend m the Reception Room, apprehended in a top secret area by security police, or rolling a certain female gate guard with his car second class year Like, the trouble is Anyway. I ' m sure Feeg will finally turn out good in the fleet, just as long as he doesn ' t get fried in the meantime. SlC EM. BUCKO! J.C.H. Michael H. Hapeman Seattle Washington Applied Science Nuclear Submarines Mike It seems only millemums ago that IVIike Hape- man left the enlisted nuclear program, boarded the wrong plane and found himself withm the cloister of the uncollege Being a native of Seat- tle. Washington. IVIike found life here a bit differ- ent from the West Coast and his old alma mat- er, the UW However. Mike soon adapted by sleeping at every opportunity, a strategy that he has not yet abandoned During plebe year this ocassionally brought Mike special attention from upperclass and special mandatory cold showers (In sleeping gear, no less!) -- Just what the GOD ordered ■Hapes " had the dis- plebes to grace the hallowed hall He was known for his unique way of greeting upperclass with such gems as " Top 0 ' the morning to you. sir! " Mike joined the sailing team plebe year and as he capsized many times and lost 2 5 pairs of glasses and a watch He later moved to the " big Jon C. Harding Franklin West Virginia General Engineering AMDO J.C. brought with himself a strange ki and some stranger eating habits abuse, he immediately signed up Rugby Not finding these to his liki tually went General and went to The only strong points he has ar cars (warwagons in particular) ar Upon Graduation J C intends to divic time between raising pigs and working o planes. He may marry one of the former Then again, he might also run for governor of West Vigima. If Jay Rockefeller can do it. then so car a crazy kude-ass. You won ' t find a better one anywhere. Eat " em up. boy- Peter M. Gamerdinger Deep River Connecticut Ocean Engineering Navy Air Alley Cat Peter Martin Gamerdmeer {alias Dmeer. Gabba " jabba ' (thanks to Coach Lenz). Jammer. I. last but not least. Alley Cat) aval Academy from the booming ) of Deep River. Conn Pete brought with htm a wide range of tastes His musical taste ranges from Ted Nugget to Van Halen and his taste in beer ranges from Bud- ( OOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWVWMf says fhe Alley Cat ) Pete excelled m many things but his fortes were certainly not conduct or the ippiied struggle (Part I) Pete became well known throughout th Company (the Brigade (or that matter) as one who loves to parly and have J good time by over indulging m the (to quote Cpt J W Fl(ght) " beverage of his choice ( OOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWW! " ! ' •. says the Alley Cat. again ) What a way to go huh. Pete? Pete left his mark throughout the town of Annapolis and its surrounding area during his stay at the Severn Insitute Did you ever notice the new frame on the front door of Buzzy s II ' Ask Pete, hell tell you all about it Where did the " Handicapped Parking Only " sign go that was m the fifth wing parking lot? Ask Pete, he might have a clue Eventhough Pete was not the greatest on the pull-up bar. he could still out run any O-G Duty Officer at the Army-Navy Game when he really needed to Pete enchanted many females during his four years at Annap- olis. Ask Rhona-Bona, The Bone Chief I. or Big A (didnt she date another mid before you Pete ' ) about what a ladies man he is Anyhow. Pete has a very casual outlook on life and few things ever really bother him He could rarely make his bed properly, but he was tough on sweeping the floor and cleaning the mtrros (He at least learned something) Petes presence will be missed in Mother-B. but the cry of the Alley Cat will linger on for many Years to come ( " 0000000000000000 OOOOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW !!!M ' ) See you around Jammer! (is the Z-car still ring Fir year moved into the realm of legend during Second class year as he co-sponsored several Friday evening " Bancroft Hall cocktail hours " . Having Bob Ward as a sponsor during plebe year, it was no accident that Mike would be involved in an " alcohol, introducing into Bancroft Hall " of- lEpit ■ This four years here having ser ' Early Morning rack never for- lligence and witty sayings, such j IS well tested, " will always be i at future cocktail parties. 9th Company 547 William J. Hart Scranton Pennsylvania Mechanical Engineering Naval Flight Officer Mr, Bill Billy Hart IS a nalural born preppy (rom : Ions oops, Scranton, Pa begeh " Recr to Canoe U to play baseball, he earned his vars ty letter his plebe year, m rack Throughout hi Naval academy career, he worked hard at thi talent of his and has recently published " Farr ous Naval Rack Sayings " , which is nc second edition But Billy ' s many and Genesees (his favorite) which almos always led to a cheese-steak rage (especially m Scranton) Being from a rather small town in Pa, and ot irish descent, Billy tended to be on he conser- vativeside This was demonstrated 1 y the many PB Js he ate due to his limcki ess at the dinner table (he likes shark though, begeh! ' ) Bill the goat has never had a staunc h and loyal supporter as Billy He showed this support to ■86 even while Bill was exercising his Bodily functions The Goat Rules ' t in migration powers Bebebebebebebegeh " It s amazing how many times one could fall m ove in one semester. Billy Hart ' Billy IS a prime example of the hometown boy hitting the world and making It big Although Mech E gave him a h ardtime he got through It From the small stree s of Scran- ton (he IS an excellent parallel parker), to the Joseph L, Johnson, Jr. Towson Maryland Physical Science Surface Jumpin ' It was July 6, 1979 when jumpm ' Joe Johnson arrived at the Severn institute He had just com pleted (our illustrious years at a Jesuit Boys camp in good ole ' Bawlmer ' , Loyola high school Joe impressed all )get( Plebe year (or Joe things (duty, trouble, etc meant a dose relationship with a c Or I The first o( many love aHairsf at the end of plebe year She was an Anne Arun- del county girl (his first) who was commonly referred to as The South River Rocket Youngster year went smoothly except for some trouble with systems engineering and his towme girl Second class year brought with it more liberty, more studying, more sleep, more weight. RCC, geek juice, God of stupidity room 5461 , and more women! Out of control times were rampant that year for Jumpm ' Joe wheth- er in Baltimore, Annapolis, D C . or Long Island Once Joe attained the rank of First class he began to settle down You could always spot him on the Baltimore Beltway driving to Rose- dale in the Rocket ' . his white RX-7, to see that special girl he finally fell for Joe s favorite ex- pression IS haze gray and underway , and he really means it He began to get ready for the fleet First class year by eating every meal he could Joe ' s good sense of humor, mild man nered disposition, and dynamic personality will Craig S Husa Spokane Washington Systems Engineering Nuclear Submarines Hoser Craig Husa arrived on a btg jet i the wilds of Washington smgmg ant ing himself. Big Al tcM the Sun GOD that he envies . been real for you. cause i know B had four good years here, and ore Good luck, and Happy Skt- ( r;g t Officer KWetMiygotHis ByruciynmarKlei additior I greal guy i • missed 548 9th Company Eric G Kaniut Birmingham Michigan Political Science Naval Flight Officer Captain K ■ned and groomed a " ng the tall NAPS ( tablished his untarnrshable halo Plebe year passed fairly easy and good grades became a habit Closets became good hiding places for chow calls and hop rep saved him (rem CMOD inspections with some o( the more colorful football player tends to make good wrestling practice Youngster cruise provided plenty of ) go lun " BlKhilft- ••b»ll,| l() ugh I r t Youngster year passed by with more good » j grades and plenty of striper boards (when they i I could find him!) Second class year was spent t I training crazy Joe and holding the swim team k I together The Second class car loan came along i I and Knute finally got his Z ' first class year Francis C. Lukenbill John L Marana, Jr Jorden Vallejo New York California Systems Engineering Physical Science Naval Flight Officer Surface Luke Piranha July 6. 1979 was probably the worst day in John Piranha Maran a came to Canoe U the li ves of most members of the class of 1983. from the obscure town of Valleio. California but not for Luke He reported from the small Being prior enlisted as a n ET3, John stepped town of Jorden. New York with a smile on his into the EE maior, only to md limited weekends face and a highlighted copy ot reef points ' in and late-nighters Phy-Sc finally got him in the his pocket, when the last note of navy blue and end. but now John is at ease and enjoys his gold was sung, which Luke had already mas- weekends John can alwa ys be seen setting off tered on his trombone Luke was ready for hie for another Navy adven ure ■ in that Piranha- at the Severn institute Plebe summer was a mobile His experience m changing tires at odd hours of the morning (Wh J can forget returning himself as the best brace up man m the bri- from the Army game Youngster year ) comes gade, and an overall great guy to dump on. even in handy on these roadtrip s, the seemingly end- by his own classmates Making friends was a less quest for the right la natural for Luke, and was soon given a new adventures pass into the realm of legend nickname by his close buddies who couldn t Between baft boxing, ba ft handball, and com- handle that overwhelming smell Stinky soon pany Softball. John has ke pt pretty busy, and is became an academic stud and also became next mime for Mr Pep W h graduation in sight. known as Mr Whammo down at the tables. John IS ready for haze gr smashing anything from footlong franks, to cho- calate eclairs, to Boston cream pies all over his face With Youngster year came a brand new pair of shiny horns for Luke With a few Buds in him. he became a real ladies man The Masher must have collected more phone numbers than Ma Bell herself, but where are they now ' Any- way, we all still remember the likes of the crack of dawn. Whons. the Love Ma- chine. ' bone chi ef 1 and II. ' and of course. Suzie and her Playgirl Palace How about this irmiess cartwheels. anyone ' s backS ' Michael J Keating Fairfax Virginia Management Navy Pilot Keats A man born 15 yrs too late The college stu- dents of the 60 ' s would have gladly accepted this man as their leader To trace this mans existence through the Naval Academy is in- credible, so a mere outline is necessary Values peace, love. Beatles, Hair, Beach Boys. Bud Blatz, 67 convertible Stangs, dizzy blondes, beach Hawaii, vuarnets tnsbees, surdng, road trips and pure unadulterated hedonism Made famous Thank ya bud. Hi there, Hola Norka. f rappin Fred Flanigan. midn deceased return to sender, cold shoulder Burke Lake bonlires. Breakfast club, tapeball, and Old Rags Ml mght climbing Accomplishments black N winner, member of Smtul Seven magic bus navigator, member Naval Academy Power Drinking Team, and winning the halloween road rally Will be remembered for longest hair m the brigade. luckiest man alive (90 what ' ), never studying. Mr Rock N Roll trivia. Uncle Sams. Va Te- The Fairfax Fluff is a i 9th Company 549 Lawrence J. McAllister. Jr. Millersville Maryland Naval Architecture Navy Air Mac Mac, betng an ex-Napster, found no problems wpth plebe summer; except a roommate! First he Irved with " the Batman " , then Clmt {who later transferred to 36). then Lake Boddtford moved in for the remainder of the summer Mac was captured by that love trap early And with love came the dming out chits, every week end for the entire plebe year But " Smokie " fell out of love |ust as qutckly St Valentine ' s Day found " Smokie on the hunt again Mac ' s house soon became the crash pad for about two dozen mids and ex-Napsters Since he lived so close We ' ll all remember the famous toga, rat juicer, and pajama parties he took his enhs town Maybe th Presto ' s and lus of Maryland Cam Mary Washington hat one young lass lis heart and bells i pea-c Larry, we n never forget your red beard at the end of each summer break, accompanied by the Dunlop tire around your mid-section Lax and the " fatman " helped you run the tire down each fall and spring Mac will spend a short tour of duty across the river at the Research Labs Then it ' s on to Pen- sacola Wherever he goes, there will be a party Christopher E. Montross San Joaquin Valley California General Engineering Navy Air Tro The Treaux Dude hitched to USNA on a hot summer day and has hated this place ever since The truth is that nobody knows to this day why or how he did it. but he always man- aged to get into trouble He was a mild-man- nered. Clark Kent-type boy wt en he got here, but during Youngster summer he started dewl- opmg redneck characteristics He started do- ping, drinking and driving, and wrecking foreign cars He bought a real truck, a real bike and a real debt His taste m women was as simple as hands or legs, she was K with Tro " (bouyancy. you know) Trow was famous for setting and pursuing high goals, then ignoring them, and finally dropping them The list «• eludes swimming, water polo M E . Spanish. and God knows what else Although he is pretty flexible on goals, there are some things that wM never change with htm hke wanting a farm in irv« San Joaquin Valley, being best Iner c . " Grif. thinking that Neil Young is the c- . cian in the world, and being a Coot-As-. though the Mutter was usually pretty me went through some pretty interesting cnang s when the demon alcohol got into him (jusi a k the girls with the purple eyeleashes) As a Sec- ond class, he got so wild at Army that he even tried to give a dog a bath To be fair though, he did stay in control enough to help out a poor, defenseless, incoherent J G he found m the hallway Although there are a lot of things to axljjilBlpU " truck ' - I ' ve got to get stationed at Brian S. Ostrom Walnut Creek California Oceanography Navy Air ..Q.. Brian, " B S " , Ostrom arrived at the Naval Academy with a few years of higher education already under his belt After a year at Long Beach in sunny California, he decided to trade m his freedom for a short tour of Newport, R I - ' -PS).. illustri ■■■r learning U graced ninth company tiis presence freshman year as little as pos- .. nd vowed never to sit on company tables cvcfi il it resorted to being the wrestling team manager But a favorite second class friend of his decided that even without company tables, Brian would still have a plebe year. Youngster year brought in his stay on 5-3 once again under the assumption, " out of sight, out of mind. " and in some ways he became popular Second class year brought out his true form " B S " became known second semester as " MR FINANCE ' with hts loan interested m mopeds or who had rich parents to hy their cars Senior year saw a marked change fj . one wilt ever forget ' O " He always had a ' omment for everything that went on. r.tructive criticism, " he called it II is well .vri that " O " IS ready to get on with his Itfe. ' . ' ■t the Woodhouse-Smitty torture sessions. I i)rple silent running gimmick, and of course Hiopt ability to some how. some way. get out .inything he didn ' t want to do from the P E. st to a form 2 with his injuries or B.S. O " , we will alt miss you, but a lucky lew will ? graced with your presence down at Pensaco- Good Luck " MAC Jaime A. Rivas Lima Peru Mechanical Engineer Foreign National Jaimo Jaime Antonio Rivas Mauleon ventured to the US Naval Academy from Lima. Peru for his second plebe year with little experience in speaking english He was 17, slim, and trim, but as his experience in speaking english grew, so did his gut Jaime en)oyed drinking " till he died ' ■ He established himself academically and soon became highly respected m the company As a Mechanical Engineer and a member of Pi Tau Sigma and Pi Kappa Phi. there was little Jaime excel academically and alcoholically. but he was also a performer physically He played on the plebe soccer team, and also lettered in three out of four years on the varsity sub squad team (pull-up division) Jaime was paid by two governments and with so many liquid assets soon found establishments in town to back his liquid interests: Fran ' s, dockside. and Donatel out whether or not you were pulling his leg. and would not waste time letting you know He was welt trained by those Southern Hemisphenans well mannered, very proper, and liked by all Ask the police that walk the beat in Philly Jaime was a successful midshipman and will be a suc- cessful officer His intelligence and common sense, coupled with his ability to deal with peo- and loved by those that knew him Adios lo the sailor from the South Keep in touch Wipe 550 9th Company Paul B, Vujica Morton Grove. Illonois General Engrneering Surface Bruno PAUL BRUNO VUJICA Bruno. " Bo " . BOHICA Chicago, Annapolis Illinois. Maryland Bears. Cubs. Hawks NAVY soccer, handball bicycle racing photography. Nikon, darkroom Photo Club Lucky Bag. Associate Editor Aerospace. Bethesda. General San Oiego. Pensacola in two here today, gone tomorrow . . always remembered Why does God hate the Chicago Cubs? Brian S. Watson Jeffrey A. Weaver Tampa Birdsboro Florida Pennsylvania Chemistry Physics Nuclear Submarines Surface Polyester Weaves Scott came to USNA with the goal of doing Jeff entered the world ready for action. A 4-9- well and finding a little fun While most people 2 wrestling season at Good or Boone high con- didnt know what was in store lor them on 1-day. vinced him that the odds were against a pro Scott didnt mind— all he needed was his ten- career He knew being a gigilo was out too One speed, address book and horn Plebe summer shot does not make a lover, especially when the brought the D-l-B. plebe indoctrination, and score came in the end zone of a football field m watch inspections Three watch inspections La Junta. Colorado The boy scouts would have meant three " shavings " of the peach luzz. even been shocked So Jeff came to USNA A physics if It wasn ' t needed While some of us didnt major. Jeff stnved long and hard to become one worry about postage stamps, mail was no prob of Hyman Gs He saw the light however, and lem for Scott His secret bet your high school after spending an exciting summer aboard the honey a steak dinner if she sends you fifty let- USS never die in Cuba, decided he did not want ters-even If they were cut outs that didnt spell to be agio boy JeH is quite the gentleman Who anything Academic year brought the brigade else would drive lour hours to see a girl who said and classes, but after the sponsors were " 1 hope you weren ' t expecting anything roman- found. the uniform was never worn again on tic " and not deck her Jeff found another A weekends ( " Thafs what the bikes for " ) What firstie year and he is worrking hard Tracy happened that first Christmas ' It seems that Weaver? Only if she is dumber than she looks, 1 Lynn won the steak dinner, the heart of the mid. and soon the wedding band and the name If he did 1 hope he has gotten to the last live Youngster summer brought the boomer tour. hundred miles Remember buddy, ' tis the wise but still no whiskers With Chemistry as a major. man who ducks before the camel spits and the D-fB was dropped for more time but the there are three things in life a man cannot hide: bike was still put to use New sponsors were love, smoke, and a man on a camel Jeff has found for spot and the SDBs were in the closet been a real friend Who else has introduced his Second class year began at the Air Force, where roommate to birch beer, shoe fly pie. chicken they tought Scott to )ump out of planes, , tought them to jump 1 turning to Mother B ' . ; barbecue? Good luck i ; cheerleaders Re the weekends with either his Air hier or his coast guard brother Now, History watches his First class year. Scott is squad leader terror preparing for Orlando ' s Power school The Navy gest a good ficer. Lynne gets the man she wanted, and incroft ends the story But just remember ommates always know more than they tell. 9th Company 551 Paul Wilkinson Arlington Virginia Computer Science NFO Stoner Through no fault of hrs own Paul started life as a Navy brat He spent part of his youth m the Far East while his Pop was stationed at YoKo- boy scout expedition up Mt Fuji where he was surprised to find so many cinders Paul moved to Arlington when Pop left the Navy to join the Beltway Bandits Paul graduated from high engineering school Rensselaer Polytechnic in Troy, New York There he learned all about F- tests, teen age alcoholism and N R T C Paul got tired of this pretty quickly, as you might of guessed, and left to find adventure He found it He found It all right here at the uncollege Paul was somewhat nervous plebe year, so Rod Rivera taught him all about the C-words confi- dence, composure cool, and calm He learned this lesson well and remained calm when his hands were tied, |ust ask Chris or Kevin He almost forgot youngster year at Army after get- ting a speeding ticket on the way up, and then blowing out a tire on the way back at 0500 Getting out of systems and into applied science IIS cool however, when that stupid plebe pulled i bayonet on him during plebe detail Rod never ixplained crazy Good night Paul Mark T, Woodhouse Virginia Beach Virginia Physical Science USMC Woody Mark arrived at Squid State U fresh f outstanding high school athletic careei Beach Mark appeared to be following th calling as brother Bill ( ' 81) except for on It was George calling, not the naval : Woody came to play football, and play both on and off the field The House perfect image of a Navy football player, gest set of white works ever made, and o Ralph B Williams Ft Myers Florida Mechanical Engineering Nuclear Submarines Puppy Dog Ralph Puppy Dog, Williams came to th« boat school hardly knowing how to spell Annap- i of fun having Rod The Rod and Dan Streak for Puppy Dog managed to keep the grades mlacl. He didn t tell anyone he knew all the calc and chem beforehand, but you don t tell Mom to ditch the apple pte cause you stopped at Mac ' s Ralph thought the hectic plebe year was ov«f with Herndon, but the love boat cruise he rud that July almost overloaded his capacity for professional development he survived, how- ever, and after much speculation concerrwif teaching mathematics someday m high school. decided that mech would more likely make him fat dumb and happy Thus with a blade m ha bigger) he entered youngster year to slruggK the Indomitable Dynes The highlight of th« mit. low year had to be the 6 foot Christmas card - • • he ' s a great envelope maker — just ask artd htl fix you right up Ralph also got religion thai yMr (I guess he thought he d need it for 2, c year) — It went to make a good guy better if ask you me Second class year was something else Ralph FBaer J! CHI en I " plying the rhythmic (have you ever tried to spe , ,,»!rtp rhythmic ' )— 16-20 hours daily — breathing Mestyle Christmas that year Ralph became a man. ! Chris will give you the scoop on that one After , :.:, ' .Wl«ei«.l ing lazz, Ralph was first class material He man- aged a little better cruise this time around but ■Gitmo IS Gilmo and at Gitmo they usual- | p. ■■«»«)(. ly don t Ralph and 1 and the rocket are happily united again and let me tell you. any honey who s reading this, hell make a great Mtle ' homemaker someday BSW , r ' - " " " nly split ■ foolbaK PLAY PEN TEN Woody developed into one o players coaches dream about Every weekend in the tall he could be seen tearing apart oppos mg defenses (or the Navy Blue and guys like me A true leader both on and oH the tield, ( only hope that the Marine Corps and that special girl (rom Pasedena reali e the true champton they re getting May we alt never (orget, swim never ended m search of ron ing the neighborhood, beating Woody gave ever) Shindo irlhday 552 10th Company p " Scott F Baer Hokendauqua Pennsylvania Ocean Engineering Nuclear Power Yogi The pride and |oy of Hokendauqua, hey, Scolty laid down his case ol Schmiddys at the creek just long enough to set sail for USNA He had a |ump on his classmates already, courtesy ol his ' plebe year " at Whitehall High But Scotty never quite lived up to his press clippings on the baseball diamond, as Coach DuH couldn ' t meet his salary demands But he finally »am How bout them Ban- Yogi was tearing it up m the classroom and was well on h swaytoihe Con- Ird Hall ol Shame All loo a customed to good Ole ' Hokey Park. hey. his foreign relations course m Subic Bay lell him with a bad taste m his mouth Scotty as always bounced back and wasted no time in sharing h s experiences with others Being the romantic 1 ype. The Bear-man often caught the submarine acesoutatTndent Light, making sure to dodge theVBFs As Rex, the baby Moondog. he otter took It upon him- sell to prove the old proverb that. The bigger they are, the harder they hit ■ Alter reluctantly hanging up his baseball glo ve, Scott took up beach volleyball They re sti talking about the ostrich shot he performed o the sands ol Flor- Ida Not one to limit himsell Scotty challenged G-lownUslrat Re« went do «n lor the count on this one, but was saved when Spot threw in the rubber sheet Hymie, you got out while he gettin was still good, but rest assured your ubs will be in good hands with the Bear-man at he helm We know ; best of luck I Stephen E. Bondura Baltimore Maryland History Nuclear Power Sven Sven, born o Stephen, came to this Universi- ty o( the U S Navy from Baldtmore, with a nose Without ■ piwot ■ eyes, early on he decided to go Nuke power and promptly decided on bemg a History ma(or to strengthen his background Determined to be m the best physical shape ever before he boarded his cigar, he worked out constantly, only to become the sickest man alive Comatose his 2nd class year, we awaited his extinction on the ' deathbed, but he recov- ered with a new goal m Me to extinguish all roaches in area rooms For his actions he was greatly appreciated withm the company About this time, he was also appreciated by the battalion oWicers when he told them some of hts thoughts on USNA at a striper board He was demoted from four stripes to Co drill ofti- many a beating to I sympathy for you ' 5 saying many a tim. start worn on papers due the next day His two watts per channel stereo got us the tunes and his four-wheel drive truck turned out to be a Berlinetta- sure, he was going to get a truck all He came to us with one Moskunas and is leaving with another But. most importantly, he IS leaving as a good friend deep m the hearts of all DJG Peter J. Bouffard Berkeley Heights New Jersey Aerospace Engineering Naval Flight Officer Bouf Jeffrey P. Boyle Satellite Beach Florida Applied Science Surface Warfare Jeff igoir loft. iling ( ■tage . Youngster year saw his activities reduced to two sailing yawls and disposing of roommates Sasquatch. P-Wad, (and Marcial makes three ) Oops, sorry Marcial, but I always heard bad things come m threes Even with his many weekends on restriction, {thanks, Tim) he did manage to tmd time tor a girl now and then Rumor has it one flmg ended on 1-Day, 1981 Local girts are handy, but one deck up is trou- i year brought ; ngs. youngster year Pete (inally i summer 82 with three stripes and a Regimental Staff Billet Not bad for a late bloomer, eh Cap- And so we ship our friend oH to Pensacola ises to be an outstanding career as an NFC Watch out. Navy, here he comes! splash at USNA after he decorated T-court dui mg a plebe summer breakfast formation Je survived this event, as well as first class wh would make Joe McCarthy look liberal He cam back from youngster cruise a new man, he soo acquired the nickname ' Chief Boyle for som of his habits (the nickname didn ' t last long) Second class year brought the blooming c the eve match his pro knowledge First class year brought more changes in JeH including a new car, agirltriend, and a definite partiality tor stay- ing away from USNA as much as possible We have to hand it to you. Jeff, even your 50 demo jott for taking an " extended leave " at Christmas plebe year didn ' t rum your attitude, you still Jeff has taken awhile to find out what he another he has considered going into all of the warfare specialties (yes, even Gy-Rene) He has now settled on Surface Line where Im sure he ' ll be a big success Congratulations! You will soon finish four years of bad profs, monster comput- er programs, sub-squad, and torm-2 leadership Good luck to you {and Mary) m the future See you at the 20 year reunion, you lifer dog 10th Company 553 Anderson C. Caldwell Fairfax Virginia Physical Science Marine Air " Ange " I can see by your outfit you ' re a cowboy Hailing from Faiiiax, Virginia, this Connecticui native decided that havtng a good time at the Boat School would be better than having a gooc time somewhere else Quantico during second class summer did Ange right He ' s famous for amphibious assaults Ask any girt m George Actually, between " quaffing brews ' and Hey dude, can you hit me up for a few bucks ' " . Andy IS just like any other mid Of course, he is J Only f mester first class year did Ace accidentally by studying too much But what does he study ' USNA doesnt have a course in drawing motor- donned m a white T-shirt, boxer shorts, cowboy Taking all things intc ually I of Andys list He loves hi music Ahge loves hi music so mjch that unle ss you have engineer ingqualson his stereo yo u cart play his music them are his, they belong to his brothers Andy loves to play albums He played " Wild-Eyed Southern Boys ' til the grooves screamed with pain and fell off the vmyl (Ace gave that one As starting " Kamaka i " on the Bat Lax team. Company soccer, and Company fieldball team, Ange was incredible (Again. )ust ask him ) Seriously, though, there isn ' t anyone who de than Andy You ' ll make a great treadhead, Ange Awesome and amazing, simply incredible ' Timothy F. Casey. Jr. Fort Salonga New York Electrical Engineering Navy Air Case career off rather well, highlighted when he ran for, and won a seat on the Board of Adjudants This paved the way for his ascension to the top After finally earning I it he kept pushing on richly deserved Black " N sweater, he reached his dream Who can ever forget the day when the immortal P-Wad personally handed down the throne to the Crow Club Presidency Case performed his duties well, leaving reminders of himself all over Penn- Always the complete person. Case was a four year starter at point guard for the Brigade Championship Company Basketball team, and Joseph D. Creed Eagle Idaho Mathematics Nuclear Surface Line You can t always get it at all Just because there ' s space in your I To spend your time why don ' t you v the call (Just gotta gel used to it) We all get it in the end (Just gotta get used to it) We go down and we get up again (Just gotta get used to it) ndogs His ry.ng t uft Case was a little disappointed with his j ' lies, though He figured after four years and 000 miles of trudging the halls during the ' • hours of the morning, he should have got- 1 the Trident Scholarship he rightly deserved v.iys one to take advantage of his spare time. picked up a job as a lifeguard at the only iiel in Long Island with hourly rates This en !»■(] htm to buy the car of his dreams and end , days as the Rudy ' s Nomad, right buddy! We all know Case will tear ' em up whether it ' s the skies or on the water and we wish him the St of luck for whatever the future holds This Don ' t push the hands )ust hang You can dance while your Another tricky day. another gently nagging What the papers say just seems to bring The world seems in a spiral, life seems such i Mark R. Carlson Elk Grove Village Illinois Political Science Navy Air Soy He IS of the cow Rolling m from Chicago • ' a bottle of Lienies and a picture of Chnstie. those hapless Cubs and his bimdmg speed on the 0-coursc Squad leader Matts took special notice and a cherished friendship soon devel- oped Deciding he wanted to teave his marfc here, he (and Babson) buned it out at the stadi- um one n.ght and later set an overland speed record in the dash back from Paul s party (Thanks Nicky ' ) Good relations with the upper- class continued thanks to Gay dub and those Damn Yankees (Hello Kalhy O ) Next year found him couped up with Bouffw and Squatch till the latter got the tainted pack- age and had to move on Mark was so upset he wouldn t leave the hall during Thanksgiving H« started staying up late, teaching his philosophy- LIVE TO EAT While " fiddling around m Iht musical he founded the 16 (Little Of e. Wa. Gurk, G D ) and taught a bagel seller how to sfci This was followed by a very memorable perfor- mance m Texas where the meaning of parsley was revealed After second class summer, fee - ing the WATER was CLEAR enough of Old flames to start up another senous hason. Soy wan- dered down the hall and found a girl who had i simihar wardrobe So each mght we of tt e Zoo would watch him depart, only to return a littit later with a gay little Hello ' In short, he is one of the most well-rounded guys I know NOBLE (I can carry that keg), UN- DERSTANDING (Friend of the Week). OPEN- MINDED (Just like dogs), and a champion shoe golfer He sparked Tally parties (These Dreams). WUBA Gang skits (Hail Oumpmasler) and Skivs songs His ' demand ' of the language and stance on El Salvador made him a great poli-sci major Most of all he is my brother and I can ' t wait to open another Econo-Buy with htm and Rip Look out P-Cola. there s a hot fUer coming down in a white RX-7. and I ' as he slips the surly bonds ol Earth ■■ But break out and start a fi It ' s all here on the vinyl (Just gotta gel used to il) Gotta get used to waiting (Just gotta get used to (I) You know how the ice is (Just gotta get used to it) - Pete Townthend bb4 10th Coni(j..ny 1 Gary M. Dalley j San Jose California I Chemistry : Surface Line Tubes ; He IS o( the cow Gary cai either a four year visitor at USNA or as the [ ultimate challenge to protessional develop- ment. Gary coined the phrase. " Its not enough ' |ust to pass, but to |ust pass " Of course, this j philosophy didn ' t apply to his Chemistry which his conduct Gary ' s love for chemistry even spilled over into his room, which with a little help from Lee. turned bright purple one after- noon Although the " Leaders " (Wedges) here never gave Gary good grades in performance, it IS Gary ' s many outstanding performances in ev- ery conceivable environment that we re- member him by Who can forget " Tubes " at Army sophomore year, or his study of the effect of plebes on upperclass the following year Actually, girls have always been a problem for Gary That biker from Maine who needed a place to stay earned Gary his Black " N " sweat- er And Gary, what ever happened to that red- head at the beach? I guess she fell by the way- side along with all the other broken hearts-the " Townie " , the girl from Dental, the girl down the hall, the Cat at the Halloween Party, and all the I back from Thanksgiving freshman year?) Actu- ally, the only time Gary ever had trouble finding a date was for the Ring Dance. Of course, he only started looking 6 hours before the dance Apparently he got dumped by his steady that day Why didn ' t you just order her to go ' By the beginning of senior year, Gary had perfected the art of girlfriend lugglmg Of course. Gary ' s adventures were by no means limited to women Being an active member of the Friday Club, Gary used to enjoy a good swim Where else would you get an entire bar from, or Tubes ' At any rate. Gary ' s love for adventure was infectous and we thank you for the fun Stephen H. Fielder fylcLean Virginia Applied Science Navy Air Fiddler Marcial B Dumlao Bohemia New York Operations Analysis Supply GQ Thts young quiet, and humble man f York came to the Academy dressed i ars at Canoe U ears were different The kid met s who decided to take him shop- consisted of all tl test fashions At times you would fmd h front of the mirror modeling his Clothes he put on his fashion show, hts radio wou tuned to the hottest soul-funk stations n DC-Baltimore area the weekends. GQ would hop int Cond-One mobih Why?? Because i or one more NPQ . Good luck m your GQ Navy, and ig m your Cond-One mobile, MA- William J. Flannery Pottsville Pennsylvania Applied Science USMC Air Wilbur Pottsville preaching the gospel of Dick Yuen- glingandMrs Ts pierogies Add to that some of Mrs L ' s hot chilli, and you can imagion what the " Shaft " went through on Sunday nights Flann Dog suffered through some tough semesters m his freshman and sophomore years His grades brushing 2 and football according to George was not for him He came through in the clutch his junior year with an impressive overall perfor- mance but the label of project 21 had already Senior year found Wilbur wandering over in the other side of the world, a homeless, desti- tute soul Suddenly, inexplicably, his favorite color wasn ' t grunt green anymore (but he found solice in a warm spirit from lUP) Through all of these trials, Billy still found time to enjoy himself on weekends His daring feats of danc- ing on tables, falling out of chairs and off bar stools became common place occurrences But Billys fiasco at Notre Dame is a classic in the Shaft ' s membership But one gift that all the Shaft will forever be grateful for is the Pottsville Shuffle Senior year seemed to be one road trip after another but the ultimate road trip will be after graduation out to the condo in San Diego But always to John V and Capt and Mrs L SWJ 10th Company 555 George T. Garcia Tucson Arizona General Engineering Navy Air " Tommy " 556 10th Company 1 Brian V. Hooper East Greenwich Rhode Island Ocean Engineering Surface Nuclear Power Hoops Rhode Island came to the Academy to watch 40 hours ot tv a week ' Vesler ' s mam goal plebe year was to find a sponsor with plenty ot beer, a color tv, HBO MTV and of course, the movie channel He latched onto Captain Jockei s fam- ily, qu ' Ckly pushing his way past 4 children and 5 epeatedly t uccesstuMy handle He t ,ted . irably to wear white on his wedding day Brians lite cheered up considerably when the Jockei family moved to 3 Porter Rd, where he could escape girls, books, and his incredibly friendly, under- standing roommate first class year, all that TV radiation paid ott. with Brian joining McKees Pukes Hooper led quite a successful Squid career a 3 3 average through minimal study, a fair number of girls through weak efforts and even less skill, and a knowledge of every movie or tv show ever made He also cultivated the ability to order any drink that resembled a dessert The only way to shot glass with cherries, oranges, umbrellas, Joseph A. Jockei III Annapolis Maryland Political Science Surface Navy Everyone thought Joe was from Annapolis, but really he grew up m a San Francisco com- plebe year when the etiects ot high school nights finally wore oM Winning an Oscar for best leading man at an Academic Board Joe quickly changed his ways to become 4 Joe Joe spent much of his spare time occasionally doing things with his Glee Club family He found the tours very satisfying, especially the trip to Tex- as Phoenix would have been fun had he not Joe fooled everyone by i 3 Porter Road ■inally. Joes Saturday eight hour Library iiversity Graduate School Were Steven W. Johnson Red Lion Pennsylvania Oceanography Surface Line Johnse He IS of the cow The All- . PA in 1979 womanizing, partying fool (I E I- of the Boys of the Shaft) Little t Steve Johnson faded into a me ern Californ ' initely will not There were nd the spring fling and all ! floating back to us There Ida and the girls of South- Steve has gone through his four years with relative ease, spending many hours watching the tube and snoozing away But no matter how crazy Steve has gotten, he ' ll always be the aver- age Ail-Amencan boy to us We all wish Steve good luck m Surface Line and life at the sunny shores of Southern California Thanks to Capt and Mrs L Mark E. Kamyszek Grand Rapids Michigan Oceanography Marine Corps Mark Back in 78, Adan Kamyszek decided that he fixing jets in Texas was not for this Michigan boy After a brief tour at Naps. Mark busted onto the scene in Annapolis to find that lite by the Bay was nothing like home in Grand Rapids " Doc Savage survived plebe summer by carry- ing a guideon wherever he went Sometime dur- ing the summer we found that riding down the Severn backwards with seven other giants, big paddles in hand, was |ust the sort of recreation that could keep our 6 ' 2, 215 pounder out of marching as well as evening meal formation for four years -Navy Crew ' Ah, what a life! (No- body had to tell Killer that Crew comes before grades alphabetically ) Hours of Power, " Er- gos " . 10 mile runs to McDonalds on Rte 50 and back for fun all were part of that four letter word meaning galley slave and Mark loved it Hard work, determination, a touch of insanity (he quit the team once) and nine pairs of running letters and enough pnze rowing shirts from beaten foes of the shell to cover the Boathouse Mark has come up a winner at Hubbard Hall So. his grades aren ' t the greatest. Kameesh is sweetest farmer ' s daughter you ' d ever want to meet in Donna (not in that order, necessarily) After living with the mad Texan for four years straight. We wish you the best of luck in ever- ything. Good luck Mark and Donna. •(Hey Mark, isn ' t 3-striper libs as a youngster great?) MLM 10th Company 557 JB Charles R. Landrum Charleston South Carolina Oceanography Surface Chuck reo " , walking m on a romantic candlelight ( ner at which he was not a guest, and even m ing dates at Burger King Charles has been in- volved in several hobbies war-gammg. new wave music, his girl tnend. and the stars, not necessarily m that order His girlfriend obvious- ly loves htm because who else would eat quiche that he had prepared ustng a butter cookie crumb crust, or put up with Charles ' blondie Speech class taught Charles the importance of visual aids He applied this knowledge to his weapons project lecture. The only problem was that its tacky to cut oneselt on a sonabuoy and then bleed all over the hand-outs and transpar- qualitied m pistols and knockabouts. " As a re- sull. he spent the summer m Guantanamo Bay on a ship that was as old as he Charles will always remain m our hearts as he tlys the Navy Richard B Linnekin. Jr. Maryland General Engineer . ' - ' •» USMC Air -.15 ol r Bab " ..,,Pa» ssiwl He IS ot the Cow R B Lmnek.n lOurneyed al • ' ■:;Xi the way trom the outskirts ot Annapolis to come (Uii:- ' ' " ™ to Good Times Ten Mrs parents soon adopted ■ ' ■ " " XZ The Shalt and 505 Epp.ng Forest Rd became the regular hotel and restaurant lor the boys li ly as the number one escape artist in Ten with gs numerous wall climbing excursions out to the Cap Center tor concerts These activities soon £;S Richs best friends through his years here was the inlamous Jack Daniels, who was always seen beside him at parlies or m his vest pocket. We II all remember his classic chowder durii the Magic Cow 1 Don ' t worry Rich, we all know Its because ol the one shot ol Seagrams and it ,„6t.W«U had nothing to do with the gallons ol J D you »»W.IJI» drank Then there is the Potlsville. Pa bedroom HVtlin mt chowder (maybe Mrs Flans was right alter ad) 4,lP«il.lKta and ol course the lirst Florida trip where wt y, tgiieiM ,awimll5 said cars need oil anyway? Rich has always B--V !!% »( rag been lamous lor his Richard Petty imitations. »»■ " ■ " «« Did you say 99 oHicer?. That cant be My ,r,«.„t lMd license. Sir? Well, you see. that ' s another prob- jniBertmw lem iri « " »» ' « ' ' We all wish Richie good luck and we all know ■((W»»K» he ' ll get in the air somehow, whether the blu IhTwCamiKiM and gold or the big green, he ' ll be the best korrtrvl Michael L, Mahan Odessa Texas Physical Science Navy Air Mad Texan He IS of the Cow and of to us short and thick from and ZZ top Raised on Me quite as easy at the Boat school as he had it high school So, he looked for a short c through freshman year to avoid being dump on Mike didn ' t have to look long; the Espar; Dump Mike came land of armadillos n food. Lone Star, slowed our little aviator down (•-if not 8th g. then Riordans) If course, the grades took a beating Early Mike lost his hopes for Aero and dropped{ ? ) ) Mech E By the end of sophomore year, the it was on again The Thick One had to con- V. Michael Makovitch Westminster Maryland Electrical Engineering Naval Flight Officer Mac induction day Thinking it would t Jgos ; quickly found c f Phy Sci They plug. Its all th us all that he really could fly He flew every- where he could in his little 65 Chevy We must admit though, Mike was always good tor a story- the studio, the M M mobile, the outfield - just ask him Mike once tried an exchange program between USNA and Mary Mount He d do al- ciosi anything short of a handstand " to enter- f port in the storm ' Right ' re a real friendly guy, and v into reality but in the end Mike became a mas- ter of how to get around the system By first class year the Naval Academy turned out to be Macs personal country club Spend- ing as little time as possible studying, he could usually be found playing tennis or squash, or windsurfing on the Chesapeake Free room and board with all the ■conveniences ' of home pro- vided Mike with a place to stay between week- end excursions to his C beachhouse During leave. Mike graciously took advantage ot free military travel and spent most of his time skiing in the Swiss Alps and backpacking through Eur- ope While Mac somehow managed to maintain a 3,8 QPR ' " EEE. his days of ambition are over and he is opting for the easy life of a P-3 NFO Probably not career material. Mike will most likely be found taking a few years off traveling around the world when he gets out ot the Navy 568 10th Company i " mam !, Paul G. Marshall Ludlow Massachusetts Oceanography Nuclear Power Rudeman He is ol the Cow Bon I poor Portuguese irpose ot converting Busch He was thought to be the rudest ol all men when he arrived (reshman year, but by senior year he proved to all that one can always heights ol rudeness. It all started Ireshman year when Paul managed to rude-out his sponso in less than three weeks. 01 course. he couldn ' have done it without help Irom one o! Nicky ' s patented bedroom chowders human being on this Earth But he felt alright c his 20th birthday Flying into jukeboxes whi trying to play Pac-Man and chowdenng at t the r Yort 10 points! But Paul, the Giants are the favorites " . . the wonderful wardrobe. " Paul, it ' s only 2 nights, you don ' t need 15 shirts ' the magic beetchu string, the magic book, the journals, ruded-out in Tatlahasse but most of all Pauls got the beat (yeah!) And always remember the Shafts a state of mind and although Paul may be slightly out of his mind, that makes it all the more enjoyable to be around him Good Luck Paul Thanks Capt and Mrs Linnekin, from the Rudeman himself Gregory D. Murray Staten Island New York History Naval Flight Officer Murr He IS of the Cow Greg came to us (rom Stat- en Island With him he brought an air of cra i- ness, a new vocabulary (beeah and pt22er.} and also brought with him a true love — sleep Gregg lives to sleep, and his sleep was seldom inter- rupted by academics, athletics, or military evo- lutions Greg has a personality for every place ind a character (or every situation Some of his more famous imitations were. B Taylor, Jean Claude. Nunzio. Earl. Heinz Lenz. and Sammy Plebe year witnessed three days of silence Irom the child, but he recovered m time to lead the I C D to a winning season During youngster year, he moved into the suite, freebirded his way to fame, played keyboards for Air. spent a memorable spring break in Florida, and wrote the most famous of his last mmute term papers (this IS the beauty of history That winter he loined Gay Club, and learned to smg, act. and ski Hell never lorget the 15 (WA. Cath)(2. Mark.) or beautiful Biloxi, Miss 2 C class year found Greg as one of the animals in the zoo The Wuba Gang and the Dump offered new releases for Murrs antics, as did Pirates and more Gay Club Conn. (1 already Las Vegas (econo-buy) the night a keg I boyfriend, j He topped oft 2 C year with his controversial affair with a lady m black Beautiful San Diego, and the MBM led to the village and 1 C year That Fall brought a new RX-7. a new girlfnend- Corrine, the pro. and a pair of glasses which unfortunately makes his service selection un- certain at this time His mom thinks he has the face of an admiral Well, he ' s already been C O of the Quad, and I truly believe the sky ' s the limit for my best friend He came insane, we leH insane Godspeed Murr!!! MRC W. Mark Nicholson Syracuse New York Economics Surface Line Nick Heisof thestaft . the bea Mark Nicholson- the name sti hearts ot Maryland motorists . Annapolis from the bar ; in Syracuse, waving ar rooting tor those Orangei i of Onondoga irange pennant !n But he soon I was blessed with a beautiful j one day his squad leader de ;r the table and congratulate John T. Peterson AncJover Massachusetts Systems Engineer Naval Flight Officer JP John came to the Naval Academy from the fleet as a floor tech buHer In just four short years he has successfully aquired the title of the great unknown Plebe year he quietly aced all of the Varsity Dmgy Team After communicating to Mars on a daily basis, during youngster year JP decided to let WRNV benefit from his exper roommate ' s new heights J I guess the eally good at cleaning floors Sophomore ] ound Nick hanging out at the dock with boys, watching Casey pour his beer into we were drafted, it would be a sad day for the Corps (DOH-Rah) Junior year found Nick driv- ing a golden T-Bird, and it has survived fairly well (except for the hit-and-run and the stolen hubcaps!) He spent that whole year trying to wake me up and teach me celestial, for which I will always be grateful Nick was also known for m-we survived countless offer Oh well, you too can be good friends, an never cared for Swedish women anyway S ond class year the boisterous and obstrepero very closet While the systems Engineer kept I QPR always above a 3.0, he managed to set those wonderful dog pen extravaganzas as t: Brigade Social Affairs Committee Vice Cha e knowing that wh )lue, JP IS flying t ng my aft have a great number ol graduates and moves ( ( ' less underway time ' (who am I trying to kid! company wish him the e sent out laundry, it was a ice we caught Boggsy trying good year- a year of which I ' es out onto a minesweeper Thanks ) Capt I the boys of tenth f luck Fair winds hat, 8.11 Sn.ght! 10(h Company 559 Brian W. Posey Chicago Illinois Political Science Surface Jesse never clapmed strictly (or humanitarian purposes o war. Brian came here because it w only time the Academy ever had Brian was when it disrupted either or his sex lite Plebe summer was tirst time m his adult despite his involunta To £ Brians locke ing For sumi d. he was not Marine Corp bound towards anything remotely athie- white works were Navy pajamas, als were some torm of graffiti left the chalk boards Tie Brian ever picked up anything I bag, Press shop the following Fall For 3 years, Brian was condemned to the infamous -Curse ■ As a result of the ■Curse, ' Brian received 10 times more abuse from the women of Annapolis than from the midshipman the same Though he received abuse from many sources, he still stood by his roommates through their worst times and gave them sup- port when they needed it most Richard J. Rusnak Tomah Wisconsin Systems Engineering Nuclear Power RJ After a brilliant high school career as a t notch runner and scholar. RJ arrived at Can hustle-bustle of plebe year was a little diMert from the farmlands of Wisconsin, but with 1 help of T-tables. RJ survived Academics mained his forte as he made Supes list w QPR to spare Lee W. Schonenberg Setauket Long Island Oceanography Navy Air Schoney explaining i that a wildc built by Gri really a WWII fight) 1 Our " screen " p RJ ( the I through part of youngster year, but then decid- ed that something else had a higher priority That something else was made up of the only and the souls of men Thus, RJ began investing his life m getting to know the God of the uni- verse, as revealed in the Bible, and helping oth- er guys do the same Second class summer convinced RJ that bubblehead was best, and Admiral McKee agreed By the grace of God. RJ s squad leader to the limits of J saved all of us a lot of gnef it • 2 years to surpass his de- ment level OH to such a good start, he was then tasked with the responsibility of keeping n beings I though he was the o knew where the mop v Paul D Rockswold Stuart Florida Chemistry Medical Corps The Rock f years constantly j Where s the 2.4-Dioitrophenyihydra7tf e ' . thanks for breaking the curve Rock ' Sec- md class summer, he had ail the Gouge but " one ■■ Off to C Springs on a mission of God ai ) Rock How His return led to weekends ; Meeting girls was no problem to did he do it ' The gnn. maybe, or just that un- fathomable logic OK, 50 his Ring Dance date was a little clumsy on the dance floor First class cruise led this professional ex- change mid to Japan with three stnpes to wei- tton Now Doc Rock IS off to Are you sure you wanted Through It all Rock c( " genuine concern for all Wi him for so religiously breaking cause Paul showed us somethir God bless, Paul i B3»siW«caie«fli ir-««tii andflfyo rrw 10 keep yw f ft-jrSUifnyM,T ( 10th Company Lee had the uncanny ability to remain a 2 00 With his study habits, even E couldn ' t have passed Engine Math But I 1 any 1 ither tout that he was quite a lady killer, but we all know he was slam by Maryann long ago However, in the time alloted to him to date other girls, he managed to pick up everything ranging in age from M to 31, his favorite parting comment being. " I ' m taking my toothbrush " When the Maryann transformation is complete, and he trades in his infamous " Wuba Gang " truck for a But given his supernatual al disaster, such a Iransformat ome by Lee is perfectly suit fighter pilot-constantly se gets " and very difficult lo he singes his wings at timi through and has a good I 560 10th Company «ataglheciw i " Jesus.lh«m Gregg K. Smith Lumberton North Carolina Applied Science Naval Flight Officer Smitty Smitty came to us from Lumberton, N C ready to speak his mind and teach us all a new way to say " Wednesday ' Gregg has done this and much more Freshman year found Gregg quick- ly developing the habits he was to refine and perfect as time progressed Gregg soon found that sleeping, TV, and socializrng were much more agreeable with him than studying As these qualities developed sophomore year it be- came apparent that Gregg was destined to in- herit the Bible from Randy Deck and carry on he was the driving force behind the Rockford ningh ■lably 1 id many Smitty. hell every 4, 8, 12, and It sleepless nights It has bei " there is a time to study and a time to sleep; Smitty does neither ' Actually, Gregg knows when to work; he worked hard tor the Wub ' a Gang in planning every skit, and he was a true leader at the Dump, earning the titles of Vice- Dumpmaster and Dumpmaster Alumnus Despite these habits Gregg should have no problems becoming an NFO What might slow him down some though is his social life Being never got himself killed Of course, the same melancholy Gregg that had that little chat with us IS also the same one who wooed all over the East, coast Who can ever lorget Rene? (by the way Gregg, did you ever call her back?) or Kim, whom he left high and dry on several occasions, as well as Linda and Angie? Whatever his little idiosyncrasies are, Smitty, you ' re one of the Remember to keep you face toward the sun- shine and the shadows will tall behind I wish you fair seas my friend Thanks Capt and Mrs LT Louis J. Traglia Endwell New York Electrical Engineering Submarines Beast He IS of the Cow Lou came well and got a quick start o animal reputation v a turtle plebesumn- He also got a quick start on his one-man cam- paign to lower the acceptable age limits for fe- male companions He ' ll always remember that first Thanksgiving, as will one young darling. During his 4 year stay Lou continued to add a on developing his Jisguised himself as aring 83 name tags Blake Welling Rockville Maryland Mechanical Engineering Nuclear Power Blaker Blake rolled into the Naval Academy from Rockville. MD with dreams of fast cars, good grades, and going Nuclear Power As of Chnsi mas first class year, Blake had his red Trans Am with visions of NFO. but m the end the inevitable happened, and he gladly accepted his $3,000 While many thought that Blake spent all of his time studying (he did spend most of it study- ing), Blake found time to come away with his Danny Struble Glean New York Naval Architecture Surface Line Strubes The hub ot Ihe universe, the c y that all roads lead to ■ Olean. New York ■ sen t Its most inla. mous product to Annapolis tilled with blind ann- bition Danny ' s ambition was to become noth- ing short ol President ol the Un ited States He made sure everybody knew it. too However. dedication was never one ot his trong points so he developed his own success formula - talk. eat. sleep, work out. and if there was time ■ do a little homework, as long as it didn 1 take too much effort Besides, there were always better 1 things to do Being a beach bu m. waterskiing. sky-diving - that is what lile i all about Dan was lucky enough to be Mike 5 mommy for three years Living with the human hurri- cane was a challenge whethe It was orange i lUice fights, running, or any other contest. Mike | always came out on top It s a good thing the room had all the conveniences Dt home or else Dan never would have survived Strubes always took oH for Europe during summer vacation and met lots ol people and had some great times But on o ne trip to Pans the sweet talkin ' Yankee ' met an even sweet- er Texas Belle Simply put. he became a new man Karen captured his mind his heart, his ambitions and even his wallet (t ose phone bills hurt) Danny will be going to a Surface ship m San Diego — as long as she is close by Ope brought back again had all the girls s it USNA Blake didni t outing, Blake once ving habits, and he showed great insight by purchasing that beat up ' 65 Chevy His pen- for blowing up things made him a great to the " Wuba " Gang But. Lou is always Where ever lite may take him. you ii be sure I find him streaking around m his fast car or OD- N C ■ you all right? Thanks The Nukes picked a good one. Take good luck But, remember Lou, on a re ' s no back door! ' -Thanks Capt and Mrs Linnekm GKS 10th Company 561 TIGERS 562 11th Company Jerry R. Anderson ' Lynn Haven [ Florida I Physics I Nuclear Submarines I Randy Bug hails from the snake infested backwaters j of Lynn Haven, somewhere near Panama- no he isn ' t Panamanian After high school Jug opted I for the Navy and enlisted, however he soon I longed tor command and came to the Acade- my Plebe year was a major adjustment for company ' s designated CMOD, from day two when they locked up all his Buddy Holly albums, from day three when Gramps; Irom (irsl semester when Don Meyers made him a flag hoist, and from second semes ter when he chased down the CDO m the buH the entire year represented a set back tor the companies old sage However, youngster year, Anderrot came into his own as the foremost lady killer in the area Early on Jero was placed in the designated for stripes category He filled the bill by command- ing two Bafts A fitness nut, old Baldy has be- I (Coach Smith plans to rename McOonough Hall I climbing high, chasing Buffalo, eating Craig ' s I cookies, throwing hats, poaching trout, and picking up chicks Part Indian and part Crazy. Jerry is a person to trust and respect- a true David E, Barlantj North Highlands California Aerospace Engineering Naval Aviator Bar-Rot Cool California Dave came to Annapolis from the cool Calfiornia Central Valley Dave has all the mandatory cool equipment reflector sung- lasses, red convertible, and orange OP swim- needed to use those things to best advantage Dave hopes to apply this common sense to even better advantage as he joins those magni- ficent men in their flying machines in Florida John C. Battle Knoxville Tennessee Oceanography Naval Flight Officer JC JC started off plebe summer with a squad leader who was offended by his pronunciation of her name, even though he tried to explain that It was his east Tennessee accent He was glad when AC year started, so he could get a roommate who could tell which toothbrush be- longed to him. since Paul couldn ' t However, plebe year brought other challenges, such as a certain prior enlisted Marine Sargeant with a heavy lamacian accent, named Pat Bailey JC and his roommates, JD " Garden and " Barof . spent a lot of time advoidmg P B and trying to understand what he was saying when confron- tation was inevitable Youngster year found JC rooming with JO and Chico. who was notorious for his extravagant appetite, clothes, stereo, and " ' unusual " CQPR With no one counting weekends too closely and a frequently bor- rowed red firebird, it was a fine year Second class year brought some changes They includ- ed three all nighters per week, a serious caf- feine dependency, and some miserable plebes who strove to attain the battle ideal Both JC and his plebes survived the year He assumed the job of Company Adjutant first class It was a busy year with his time divided between figuring out where everyone really was during forma- tion, fencing, and making sure he stayed in the running tor graduation He also spent a little time with Coach Higgins receiving extra mstruc- ably had a lot to do with his determination to back seat land based P-3 s Paul B. Becker Deer Park New York Political Science Intelligence ' Woody ' Paul, Woody I Deer Park. Long Island Joel trivia imaginable youngster year Driving back from i Carolina countryside LucJ- Studying totally replaced tal Adminis plebe year wanted to ir brought thr Boston that i matter of f tall a ' Paul roomed Political th Dave Two- irage his im- weight Paul 1 that Corn- hopes to get a 4 his I Commander Keel-Haul wi pany Officer ' s list for June week A leader of the Buds ' for tour years, and one of Colonel Clarke ' s bad boys forever, we hope Paul will have a successful career in the Navy 11th Company 563 Craig S. Faller Fryburg Pennsylvania Systems Engineering Nuclear Surface Fryburg. PA? Well. .now or will admit the) s Craig Faller At any rate, as could probably imagine Craig v Academy in July ' 79 One c roommates plebe year, he so Academics was one ot fiis strong points, how- gence that he had his own special place re- served in Nimitz Library Rumor has it that this will be dedicated to him upon graduation Prob- ably the only thing Craig liked better than study- ing was Fishing, and this was truly his torte Actually, he is quite an outdoorsman. but never Kenneth C. Fitzpatrick Littleton Colorado Aerospace Engineering Naval Flight Officer K.C Eitz came to the Naval Academy from tti« aged to survive his Plebe Summer roommatt. Fish He quickly lound his role-model as a m,d «i y, B jam his second set detail squad leader. Sup Stanmi ' LomibliC with the St Louis connection, FiU maiored «i I " ' , ling I catch One ■ say I whether he s in his baggy shorts c ball court, earnestly studyii ■ Geekers ' on, or concentrating c ■big one " . he ' s a Inend and leac Commander is a hard billet to fill. 1 Craig might IS out to do The only i IS maintaining his un- ?ht- ifs a little hard in • ' H hS . ' . vl V m i y BB X W ' rS fmlt " w Aerospace Engineering and snonng dufmg h« (our years at the Boat School Room 3147 was proud of Bunny Ears . and could always thank him for giving PAi-BA a rea- son to come tnto the four-man suite and uy. Who got da late- ' te ch.t ' Youngster throi Senior year brought life m the pit Sarnun Stickman could always be counted on to break- up the study-hour monotony with several spon- taneous bouts with Habib n company When he wasn ' t flashing others with his raincoat, he was flashing himsetf with pyrotechnics (bang) And when he wasn ' t thmkmg of his high school days (or even grade school days), he was re-enactmf those days through several (or more) of r dates Fifteen will get you twenty, he lucked out The Navy and NFO community will have bev) lucky to receive one of the individuals of the class of 83 els take him. people may not always know how I . but they will --— - «CfJ Lester R. Hayward, Jr. Waterbury Connecticut Electrical Engineering Nuclear Powered Submarines L.R. The first summer here at the Boat School i best remembered as a period when there neve seems to be an end to all of the sweating an shock, L R simply took it all in stride We all thought that he would eventually yawn in Barb ' s face and tell her that she appeared to be much perfectly laid back NFO, but eventually the dol- lar signs popped into his eyes and the Nuclear Navy had him hooked His roommates hoped that his easy going attitude would falter but his perpetual luck foiled them Would L R end up married ' Through plebe year swim parties and youngster road trips Les sampled the social James W.L. Hudson Wilmington Political Science Naval Aviator found out what finds Patti, little brunette from his lis ring at ring dance and immer Maybe he always : through the summer, Jim proved i .econd semester proved that he had the Admirals advice tor improve that he not become a charter member T next two years followed with the major of Sci€ tist-Political Scientist that is, and he remain relatively unscathed and with relatively U weekends also The more mem were spent at Hood, and of coi live in infamy started out in a squad car, to progress to asking to see the officer ' s pistol and ultimately visiting Troop 6 of Wilmington, Dela- ware Jim ' s like for weapons showed then as well as through his stay at the Chesapeake Uni- versity of Naval Technology as he won his N- ight t Star, picked up f iSta good IS going to happen soon Les walked into Gilley ' s and the band played " Stones " One stroke of bad luck did befall our hero Yes. L R broke his leg playing rugby )ust before first class bars of Rifle Team Captain Professionalism even followed Jim on the weekend road trips, as he approached and maintained stationing speed during the art of underway replenishment in his trusty 2X All in all. Jim lived for the good times and rellneys, and plans to pursue his twenty as a Naval Avi ator to complement the gold wings he already 564 nth Company fficjr fl! John R. Johannesen Port Republic Maryland II History Navy Pilot Jonner Jonner was born on Hospital Point and both 1 his father and grandfathers graduated from ' • USNA It seems he was destined to attend the I Naval Academy His dad said the class of ' 60 I had the last real plebe year, but In reality. Yo ; and the class of ' 83 went through the last real ' plebe year He was glad when it was over and , finally became a youngster Youngster year was I typical for John as he used his three weekends ; per semester to go home to Calvert County I (where?). Maryland Second class year brought ' frequent trips to the local colleges (Hood. . Goucher, and Notre Dame) and Atlantic City I After a summer spent on the French Riviera and I in Ocean City. Jonner was ready to begin first I class year More trips to AC , Hood, and the I track became possible as he took advantage of I the unlimited weekends Yo plans on becoming ' a Navy Pilot Kevin F. Kelly Trenton New Jersey Mechanical Engineering Subnnannes Tygerr Intensify of purpose, performance and pride are but a few of the traits which consistently put Kevin m that elite grouping known as a class act ■■ Tygerr, as he is more affectionately known, didn ' t let all this professionalism hinder his enjoyment of life He always managed to fit m some dining and dancing in between shining his shoes and brassomg his belt buckle Kevin and do It disgus ngly well Maybe there IS on weakness, that b eing goll It has been said tha at goll, he looks much like on of the famou tlying Walendas- -the one that fell Kev is als very talented mi sically He car play si« instr them well, ai d IS even v.c president of the Glee Club, a po sition which ha traditionally bee held by merr bers who hav no singing ability at all His maior aspi alion and goa IS to become Submarine Office r He spent th ee years enlis ed in the silent service only to be thrown in the academy H ving to start he climb up a over again Now he s off to lea rn how to driv subs Just remember to keep at flag hoiste high Admiral Rickover would b e proud of yo ■Take her down and softly glide " ■through the deep blue un erneath the Jefferson J. Lett Cleburne Texas Systems Engineering Naval Flight Officer " Tex " J, J, hails from the booming metropolis of Cle- burne. Texas, Arriving at Canoe U,, Jeff prideful- ly sported his shiny new cowboy boots and a thick Southern drawl Alas, both were destined I by Through " Boys from Bethesda " even more determined to show us what a good or Southern boy could do Some blamed the nurses for for the inevitable loss of Texas drawl, but the true reasons stem from the holidays in Connecticut and a Yankee roommate The An- tephonal Choir suffered an immeasurable loss when J.J, rediscovered the muscles below his neck. Off to Halsey he went to join the Power- lifters, Jeff soon had his own spot in the land of sweat and talc This year we see the Nationals in his eyes and uniforms that once again fit snugly " Upperclass fever " hit early secundo year and a 73 Pontiac named Mabel graced the Yard. From the 5th Wing parking lot, many trips to DC. Hood, and Baltimore were made. Yes, " the road trip " truly became a familiar phrase There was always time to spare as we sprinted past Mam (0) With First Class year at hand, JeH found time to discover all of the " down-home " Country and Western dancehalls The locals were always dazzled by his fancy two-step coun- try combos. Now. each Friday night, Mabel is warmed-up. boots donned, and a-Honky-Ton- As Service Selection draws near, Jeffs eyes have begun to look towards the broad blue sky Can we launch his hulk-like frame from a carrier deck? Will his shoulders fit into a Tomcat? A fighter he wants and an RIO hell be Were sure that Mabel will take him safely to P-cola and the Honky-Tonks will suit his discriminating taste Good luck, buddy and fair winds, LRH Timothy P. Matthews New Orleans Louisiana Mechanical Engineering Nuclear Power Tim Tim began his 4 years in Annapolis in trouble and leaves the same way The " New Orleans Boy " set high standards for himself m the areas of academics and athletics, maintaining a 3 in Mechanical Engineering (he ' ll miss the Rock- crew Tim IS best known by classmates for his modern and fashionable uniform styles He will long remember plebe year with his buddy " the Mike and Stu, overcame all odds together Par- ties at the Coloneiss with the " Buds ' " were the social highlight of the weekend, becoming the downfall of many a mid Tim. always aware of his proper military bearing, never failed to de- light the company officer with his tine haircuts First class year also brought with it a great branch ot the service he liked most, or better yet, which one he disliked the least He came to U.S.N. A. with grand illusions of marriage and leaves with thoughts of remaining a bachelor (At least for a few months) Tim will be extreme- ly successful no matter what path he chooses in life due to his outstanding personality and de- MR 11th Company 565 Craig S. McDonald Los Angeles California General Engineering United States Marine Corps Mac-Ba Mac came to Annapolis from the " best coast state of California His five loves in life were Coors beer, the Colorado River, Marine Corps Aviation, fast cars and faster women, not neces- sarily in that order Using these things as crite- ria one can say that his time spent at the Boat School was a total waste Since on the least ' coast he has not been able to afford Coors beer. 20 20 vision youngster year, crashed the only fast car he ever drove a fast ; Colonel and Mom) who p ever repay And what ab dnnktramid (Gorden. Chuck. Psycho and the others). PCR sub-squads, all the trips to New Jersey to see Karen, sknng m New Jersey. Penn- sylvania and West Virginia and just living with the likes of DC , Pete. Skitz, Woody, Fish and Shooter Ted Nugent Rock N ' Roll, will always be there i .f ' James J. McGovern ' Z Sanford 5,t,jree.Ccrp Florida U Marine Engineering Navy Air : :X George JJ »««; • ' « " ' i:f.! B«ing from Florida iai was unaccustomed to s lf •x»i " " " ! winter approached he learned that even with • »:»«™T, long-iohns you could never be too warm Jay " :!r rarely griped about the unpleasantnes that hap- i ,m mi pened amidst him Instead, he takes everything 1 i l in stride George is not a quitter il something «™.»s. p. ' p " ' lor him i • W " «« A sell-proclaimed woman-worshipped male. MCafiHO ' Jays most distinct and impressive characteris- ' » ,m « tic IS his personality For hours on end. we ' ll sit . .rmflillcl and listen to his stories lor every word « ,w(m«m Webster ' s. George has a story some true. ,,r.«t.« some not - - - but all entertaining When everyone else chose sporty foreign j „HlioM lm» two-seaters Jay opted lor a two sealed Ford !fV van His van soon became known as ' Control ' T«l.Mte Central " lor many a lailgater and road trip ,:«-«. «.l Work always lascinated Jay He could sit and ' . nUWOW ' s watch It tor hours but he never ever did any .»r« »«lb) himself Despite this, he became a Marine Engi- ( imwsKW tei» neer Jay surprised everyone when he chos« ; km Naval Aviation over the Nuclear Navy We all wish George fair winds and following jet streams tir(!!»in»« e Donald M, Needham Chicago Illinois Management Naval Flight Officer Donno Don comes from the " Windy City " , and proud of those Chicago Bears, no matter badly they lose! We call him " Donno " or sc times " Needrot " , but most folks lust call Wing Outpost " coverir mates who lived on th Youngster year Don ( his class- -yet i nat he had ' 86 quaking m their ProKeds belort e even showed up " First class year found Dor 1 the lofty rank of Platoon Commander, ant oncentrating on more important things— na One thing which has kept Don sane at USNA v us Connecticut girl whom he has known smci IIS pre academy days In fact, ere well-spent between Connecticut and ripping wtth the rest of (he guys With a Mark R. Radice Lawrenceville New Jersey Management Navy Pilot Disco Mark came to the Chesapeake University of Naval Technology from the supnsingly average town of Lawrenceville, New Jersey He strug- gled through bags plebe summer program quickly earning the nickname Disco Once into AC year and after an impromptu meeting with the Brigade Commander, Disco settled into the task at hand, graduating with minimal effort After meeting Mimi, his fiancee to-be during Christmas, he picked up tennis as a carry on sport Coasting into youngster year with a new set of shoes and a new roommate Weeny, Disco was adopted by Mikey and the Big Dog These fanatical firsties showed Disco and Weeny ex actly how much they could get away withal- most, and left more than their appliances when they graduated Disco barely navigated through second class academics and approached first class year with one roommate and a better outlook to always be out looking tor a better time We will always Wanted to fly The friendly skies the unexpected f up many a dim 1 has brighten ( Don have se continue his navigational prowes I in his Naval career 566 1 1th Company Michael Rafter Succasunna New Jersey Ocean Engineering Civil Engineer Corps Mike leader, was assigned ; his plebe year His ex. duty lead to t Company Sub-Commander year Mike had a busy plebt and Ocean Engineering, bi e long spnng-BREAK pent most o( Young- le developed a devo- :ramural sports that The times Mike will best be remembe for being head referee at the Maryland N game and at the Colonel s get-togethers also be remembered b anonymous accomplice i Nobody expects anything but success a happiness to follow Mike through the years TM Jackson M. Raynolds West Springfield Massachusetts Systems Engineering Nuclear Power Jack The first in his family in the service m a long time, Jack came to USNA from a small New England town He set a company record for the iidn t happen i : for gymnastics as ; on J V s quickly cor lever ran in high sc Late in youngster year he was called by so ine with higher authority than our own He was an ■enigma " to his oinc over sec lass summer As a result, he acquired a uni irst class cruise, an SSBN patrol, proved h Donald C, Renner Easton Pennsylvania Computer Science United States Marine Corps D.C. The Pennsylvania Dutchman came to us from the enlisted ranks, a Data Systems Computer Technician, DS2 Not t Don ! California before being lucky enough to get ac cepted to NAPS He graduated NAPS wher most of his high school classmates were gradu ating from real colleges In academics he tried his hand at System; Engineering but soon found he would be more comfortable with his old l{ the Computer Science n Mark D. Rohrbach Cherry Hill New Jersey Ocean Engineering Nuclear Submarines Rorhs Mark Muhammad " Rohrbach hails from Cherry HiN. New Jersey In the tour years thai he has been here he has earned the reputatio of both a fighter and lover extraordinare Mark fighting career started early plebe year, whe he gave his roommate a black eye His ne Personal ( there was nothing better to do. Don ways dig up a good excuse to put m request chit or two, some even g. Everyone could count on D C for h advice, no matter what the problem, had an objective way of looking at i Selection will be a surprise The only numerous aouncers at Maudes, ndHabib Asa lover. Mar dated such gorgeous girls as Twig- d, and Alexan- dria Mark ha also provide d a vane y o( entertain- ment Ther e was his roo mmates birthday party e the cigar a d drank Amorietta, the oyster and case party. he tasty steak kabobs. and the annual pre-arm Marks nly maior p have centered around Woodys phone credit ghost of St u Kiehne, bu Mark got even by hid- mg Woody s Yankee iac ceiling tor the semester Seriously no one per on has more determi- nation than Mark Howe se do yc u explain play- . had ( ' ing) short days during youngster cruise aboard LST1183 in San Diego Whether he gets P-3 NFO or goes Marine Corps to stay ashore, we played lacrosse before coming here, playing 150 lbs football when weighing 200 lbs m high school, and just surviving tour years here Good luck Mark in all you do 1 1th Company 567 James J. Rose Hampton Virginia Ocean Engineering Nuclear Surface Rosey Rosey came to the Academy thinking that hi5 parents were sending hinn to summer camp A they put him on the bus to Canoe U they reas sured him that he would be back home m time to repack his bags and head to the only college he ever wanted to attend, the University ot Vir ginia Now. 4 years later, he can be (ound wan denng aimlessly around the halls wearing one oi his many UVA tshirts. wondering what wen wrong Rosey s heart is at UVA, his body a USNA And what a body ' Some call him Cona the Barbarian m awe of the massive trame tha he developed during his two weight hftmg se? sions as a first class! Others refer to him a Sebastian Coe. the great distance runner, i recognition of Roseys great mile run records best sub-squad runner the Academy ' s eve Rosey s interests include gambling at Atlanti City, road tripping to the global corners, an. charting the stock market In between his cne of Seven ■ at the craps tables, jam it Ralph at UVA basketball games, and " buy, buy. buy degree in Ocean Engineering, write a monthly | high rank of squad leader ' Rosey was a first round pick by Admir, McKee, coach of the Nuclear Navy He signed 5 year, no cut, guaranteed underway contrac to Orlando for Rosey. with a Wall Street Journ, in one hand, and a set of dice in the other Goo luck Rosey keep throwing those sevens, an nber, you re an Academy grad nov Mother B proud! ■ Richard A. Schott Political Science I Schott, or Schooter ng the last tour years He t xageration and the cover off of GO lor 3 years, and during his senior year he _ , could not help his love life, ||rtr »M - J What would you expect from a guy » I 2 years that made him dii out a jlfrirW " ' During Rich s sophomore year he became a |I|pi(«ilf ts l dtsctple of Dogger and Mikey The famous say- lliNtbcirt ] s:(STRUCT10Nco p.ggie ; I the Cols in SOB Billy Joel ' to re- ||tfM is)FORDa . ing Mikes Inends from gaii m Carolina. Rich . at the Academy were the !■ idoriisoej: got away jlir ' ' - from here as much as possible Rich says the ll|Bf •« ai the At you get away and John T. Segura Aurora Colorado Political Science Naval Flight Officer •Tribble " John Tribble ' Segura " beamed aboard " the U S Naval Academy from the Rocky Mountains of Colorado on July 6, 1979 John discovered not |ust a job but an adventure as the class of 1983 experienced piebe summer It didn ' t take long for John to learn what the wrath of a wom- an meant with BAG his plebe summer female Sq leader After cruising through plebe sum- mer, John entered ACyear full of enthusiasm He joined Catholic Choir, selected Poli-Sci as his major, and became the fourth class watch orga- nizer (known as the " Ad)utant ' ) All of John ' s classmates gave him so much grief about watch that he volunteered for the job during young- ster year Now that s gungyl Entering second class year as a true " upper- classman " . John was determined to make the plebes aware of the power of his " force " John soon became known as " Sonar " as he actively patrolled for error-prone plebes in his sector of Bancroft John ' s activities included tearing up the highways with his escort service, gomg to movies and Hood, dressing " preppie " , and liv ing in the Company wardroom John did the latter so often that he was unanimously de dared the first class wardroom C ar First class year began with John enjoying the position of Sq leader during second set plebe detail Although John couldn ' t look any of his Big John ■ John continued this trend during A( year with 4 c Skip " being a prime candr Edward L. Takesuye Scottsdale Arizona Electrical Engineering Nuclear Power Fuye EdC ' Fuye " ) hails to us fron- ademy on 6 July 1979 ; s Emperor ' We " , plebes Vc-year ■ began Being a I Japanese descent, wl tguy . uatly he I S Navy — b ' go r 24 t ! plebe After John completed h Russian Club President. majored in graduation ' Following graduation. John can either be seen m his Camaro (which he hasn t bought yet) or flying high as a Naval Fttght Officer John will always be i soundly knowing that he has been held down here every December 7th since he reported to USNA Well. Ed started out first class year on a moti- vated toot by BEING volunteered for first set plebe detail, and his reputation began to grow by leaps and bounds At first, he was remem bered by his plebes as the Oriental-looking squad leader, this was followed by ' Kenny s locker monster ' and Hurricane Takesuye as he raped plebe rooms The O-Club became Ed s regular Friday night ' hangout ' (which inevita biy led to hangover ) and a rough time for his roommates who would TRY to get a big guy like him to bed quietly Speaking about bed. first class academics took their toll as Ed came to be called " Rack-a-Fuye " — even by the Company Officer who always found Ed working driiRpntiy for his varsity rack award Except for the tact that Ed sno ' . enough to wake John Paul Jones ( ' " ' would do anything for a friend Scru , could never ask for a belter friend than I uyi ' class year Ed was accepted mio the wer Program There is no doubt m nind that Ed will succeed m Nuke Power as he has succeeded m everything so far After all. any person who has a meal named after him — Beet Takesuye — MUST be a re markable guy! JS During fi 568 11th Company frmPgKto " soe-sjjws. Todd A VanGunten Findlay Ohio Applied Science j Surface Line [Van Todd came to the Academy (rom a small town in Otiio Everyone has heard of Findlay. Ohio. I home o( Marathon Oil. Cooper Tire. Findlay I Ford, and a branch ol every other ma|0r corpo- j ration in the country It is not surprising that j Todd did well as a management maior He was a I major investor in a very large company. An- Busch On evenings when Todd supplied his friends with m I stock, he f good laughs He and was bt-lingual. Spanish-Engli: Academy, Todd had an a aMinity ings and bulletin boards and wa for an oysters and beer party Wl llth Company ' s dining-in If oni Van and f ac were working tor R H VanGunten Sons DESTRUCTION company As for driving in the yard, at least when Todd did it the truck he drove was a FORD and the beer in the back was BUDWEISER IS great to be around Here is a toast to the greatest mid at the Academy, even though THEY dont think so We wish you the best ol luck! Peter K Webb Satellite Beach Florida Physical Science Surface Whiskey Peter comes from the middle 0( • lin« 0( Webbs who reside in the s nshin. Stat Of Flor- Ida With extreme professionalism and single- ness of purpose Peter cam e from NAPS to pur- sue his goals Little did he know mat he was domed from the start Nonetheiess. Peter strived for excellence in all that was military and athletic He carried the Company guidon, at- tended airborne, air assault and summer Buds schools, and faithfully work ed out everyday Pe- ter was so devoted he even had the nerve to ask his roommate to work out an Saturday morning All this, however, is not me ant to lead the read- er astray Peter ' s deriliction was always present but only in writing five times a d only seen again by anyone twice Peter drank with the worst of us in Eleventh Company and was one of the origi- nal Buds Peter s story does not get really interesting until senior yea when he discovered there were other ways t 3 become physically aroused than by jumping out of airplanes He discovered the true purpose for women, bought Peier IS obviously ready for th« fleet. un)e»» someone expects him to use his Electrical Engi- neering knowledge In tact. Peter is so ready or the Heel you can always hear him say " I can hardly wait to get into SuHace Navy so I can transfer into a real warfare speciality ' CSM Bruce D. Wehner Towson Maryland Management Navy Air Weeny Bruce came to Annapolis from the nearby and lacrosse After surviving a tough plebe sum- mer, thanks to Sup. and an even tougher par- ents weekend, thanks to Disco, he realized that in order to stay at good ole USNA During plebe year he managed to study . Kevin J. Wilson St. Francis Kansas Applied Science Naval Aviation Kevin for the past tour years th !To youngster year ' Bruc itact ' mother B Coming to the Boat School ; wheatlands of northwest Kansas. Ke- ly stuck out as being proficient in west- is, cow milking, and working on what neath a car hood This showed from the toe and two close friends Al and Mikey Disco and Bruce soon became disciples of Al and Mikey and learned to do things the easy way Al and Bruce were often known for their burger runs to Henrys m the red " pup mobile Also with the aid of Mikey. Disco and Bruce were able to aquire many " free ' weekends Second class year brought Bruce ' s lacrosse career to a halt as he was squashed by the tat man " First class year, however, he regained his lax title under a new head coach Bruce was also starting out the year with only one roomate. Disco On top of all this he also had a new car. a high speed yellow azz gt This car was capable ot speeds in excess of 130 mph although Disco will disagree and tell you only 105 Bruce will to come to m time of need He leaves USNA with the thought that " the Naval Academy is a good place to be from " ' Right Disco? MRR oots Thinking of many i J the " Land of Oz " , Kevin I comfort t lings c four year experience, all he says is " l ve been a long time leaving, but I ' ll be a long time gone " Kevin has made a name for himself among his friends and company mates in his adventures Breaking out of his western shyness that he possessed all of plebe year, he showed up youngster year with a silver mane, a smile, and and could always be found dreaming of four wheeling in his Brat, snow skimg. Fritter the good times in Cheyenne, and his Princess back would say their tavonte meal at was three day old burntos ' He ' ll always t Its toll on many an area college girl, an subtle way of saying, " Have I ever dor wrong! " when out partying and the worn making the next days responsibilities wer jickly Uth Company 569 DIRTY DOZEN 570 12th Company Mark S. Barbour Pittsford Mark has been well known tn 12th Company lor his radar-like ears, his cute cammy shorts, and his propenstty for the horizontal position While at the Naval Academy, he has known the )oy of being a free spint, scoring numerous vic- tives of that well respected institute o( learning. Hood college The few times he did leave his rack, he demonstrated an awesome prowess as a fieldball defensive player I am sure that his collection of Ahstair Maclean books will come m handy for him during those long night CIC watches on the air-pollutmg, smoke emitting surface ship he will choose Whatever the future may have m store for him, we want to wish him I the I SD David A. Beemer Swartz Creek Michigan Mathematics Supply Corps Laser Dave came here out of high school ready to set the world on fire, only to find that his plebe summer tirsties had the same idea, only they wanted to start with him Never losing his love of the Simpler things in hte. like hayndes, nurses and blowing oft study hours, he managed to stay on top of things (or underneath them, as appropriate) He started out with every inten- tion of flying, but he finally saw the light and the worth of the Supply Corps via a unique exper- ience on his Bethesda III second class cruise. First class cruise saw him in Japan, and nobody could have been more psyched for a profes- Charles Bresnahan Annapolis Maryland Physical Science Navy Supply Corps Brezna Chuck wanted to go to a ing distance of his home s Johns or USNA Since he ■ emy seemed the best choi free and how can you buy a 13.000 dollar BMW if you have to worry about paying for college Hey Chuck, Let me see your scars Football really took its toll on poor old Chuck After 3 shoulder and 2 knee operations, it was Supply Corps for big Chuck One pork chop, two pork chops, three pork chops not bad Chuck We all loved eating at your house our entire plebe year and we were sad to see your parents leave Thanks alot and good luck in your 5 year Navy career WKD y Patrick A. Coronado Irving Texas Oceanography USMC Air P.C. P C came to Canoe-U w.th the .d eas that he would lead Navy soccer to four Nat onal titles. d enioy the sunny lite of Annapolis as he did m Texas Con- trary to popular belief. R R mean rules and regulations, not rest and relaxation. so Pat had to modify a few things He did end up playing four years minus five games of tutbo and along with the rest of the team, learned h w to move goals and wear shin pads When It came to relaxing, the mus c of James Marshall Hendrix. the Red Headed S of course, the boys, helped P C t enjoy the long nights and drive others crazy Recreation was also found in other forms, and Pat always managed to find them Many warm days and butt-cold nights were spent on his t and maybe now Pat will find othe reaching high velocities and buzzing around To USNA. he leaves his deep thanks f r good ex- periences. good balconies, and good friends 12th Company 571 Michael T. Coyan Gretna Nebraska Oceanography Navy Air Slouch The east coast must n ly enough his eyesight was spared by the r Robert A Cngger Colorado Springs Colorado General Engineering Navy Air Serious Bob It anybody in the c lass of 1983 i pression on good old Canoe U it w Bob Bob started this task as ea naleE Sebastian P. De Angells Philadelphia Pennsylvania Political Science Oil-Burning Surface Line Loaf be some kind c ■There There ' s too much cond and I can ' t get no reliei -Bob Dylan. " All It took him tour years ly found his way out gained populari rn in the backwoods and blut inspiration to all Big Man as he gamed stripes, both to- ,e Though his love lite started d Wing basement. Bob ioon 1 throb 0l every high school Bob also became very w»«- jrigade lor his artistic taienij. his plebe year and eventually CaxCit) 1.; Science (fiignt Officer jSgiSJithJ " " ! his stuH out of his ro stuff to Pensacoia coming a Navy ace V Iking ol him Good I felt long atltr om Bob will b h« h«s 1 liam K.S, Dobbratz Maryland Physical Science Smitty pretty girls that his dismay, all the pretty ones were t; their plebe summer squad leaders But t alright because he was able to find a ci t always made you embered along i Monty. Shoe, Brez. and Stump If the other four were close by Lik son. Smitty will soon be swinging v Good luck and stay out ol trouble 572 12th Company every f i... P ' tte year aft) ( _, Jimmy Duran I Dade City ! Florida I Phycial Science I Naval Flight Officer i J.D. After winning the Brigade Championship in boxing. Jim had a hard time finding sparring partners, much to the dismay of the plebes who professional ' and a few other things, depending on which class you asked The old man was known to put red-hot and fiery, on everything he ate On we ' s. he would disappear to Bob ' s, his home away from home, m Glen Burnie Sun- days at 1800. although arm sore from the 12 02. curls. J D still wore the gnn from the late night movies on HBO (XXX ) When back at the Boat school from leave, he always sported quite a tan, ripened by the Fla sun (although his back seemed to receive the majority) J D put many thoughts of I " truely proud of his h future, amigo May t and often! ut for studies, and held . Mexican Rose Jim was ritage Best of luck in the s flight pay serve you well Thomas M, Edwards Farmington Hills Michigan Mathematics Nuclear Power Tommy Tom came to the Naval Acaden mtdwest and if he had his way h heading straight back there He n« to have much trouble with grades v suffer through the agony of frequer but he was lonely for a little whil late-niters GOD Standing in his doc in hi6 physical conditioi eventually do 9 pullups ii company football Platoon leader during plebe summer detail very seriously He put m long hours and even a few him well for that because Tommy never ne- glected fun either Despite his professionalism. Tom never seemed the Nuclear Power type, Tom left an impression with 12th Company He : bubble head James M. Emery James A. Evans Tacoma Whitehall Washington Pennsylvania Computer Science Operations Analysis Nuclear Power Marine Air Jim Jim Jim came to USNA from Tacoma. Washing- Coming to USNA all the way from Whitehall ton He always tried to enjoy tiimself Jim tiad a Pa . Jim had his head in the clouds from the good time playing football except when his start After a stmt with glasses second class smile was forever altered by Smitty He picked a Computer Science ma|or so he could spend off to Pensacola »ia TBS First class year most of his free time in the rack or out drinking worked out well for Jim. with three striper libs. Wanting to be a pilot, he was forced to go nuke and no classes after Friday 3rd he could be by too many nights m front of a three inch TV found on his way home almost every weekend screen For Jim. it will be a good career in subs to be with Lisa, The Marines are looking for a as long as he keeps getting those nuke bonuses few good men, and in Jim they ' ve found some- JE one with " the right stuH " . 12th Company 573 James H. Flatley. IV San Diego California Physical Science Navy Air Stump Seamus came to Annapolis from |ust abou everywhere with a dream of becoming Navy ' t punter Two years later his dream had not comt true so Seamus packed his gear and jomed th 150 ilChai Playing football wasn ' t enough, Seamus c be (ound carousing on the yawls and yai trying to further his USNA experience P year and the academics found Seamus in a hill climb But wait, his dad is an Admiral Youngster cruise took Seamus to the I where he enjoyed the comforts of his fat stateroom aboard SARATOGA during those nights when he should have been somewhe else Boy. life was tough that summer, tlymg the backseat of an F-4 with his dad As our hard working Class President first clas year, Seamus spent more time m the Dant ' office than he did on the books Being third generation on both sides family to attend the Boat school, we kno Gina L. Hester San Diego California Mathematics General Warfare Gina Thanks. Becky ( ' Z ' -Queen). Ginger (A»- borne). and Yotanda (Three Strike) fof tht friendship and good times Good luck to al those left behind in mighty twelve, its not so far away 30 thank you tor the beautiful fnend- tennis, you re Ace • Again. Gmger Becky. have fun With C 4 (W Squared) Thank you moil of all. Mom and Dad. because with you all tfus was possible I made it with mellow days, easy fc jMcW IcSioinj Donald C Hinderliter Scott G. Larsen Rochelle Doylestown Illinois Pennsylvania Physics Physical Science Submarines Surface Line HIndo Scott Don left his home in Rochelle. Illinois to travel Scott came to us from NAPS, making plebe east and ended up spending tour years at Boat year that much more tun After a good lime at U When he found out that that USNA had more Bethesda. losing a little of himself m the conse- to offer than Judo and free food Hindo tried quence, he has come a long way At Canoe U every trick in the book to get out Plebe year his hobbies were checking out the local spots saw Hindo try to drink his way out. but all that until one Suzie Q befriended him one day, being got him was headaches and better grades So the stereo review rat of the hall, buddymg up to Hindo next turned to forms 2 during his young- mirrors, and keeping clearasil in biz A Z-rack ster year He tried lending albums to plebes. hound to be beat, a ■greaf Asst Boxing taking bread from the wardroom galley, and Coach, and an honorary member of the Hor even the infamous PDA But all of his efforts were futile Somewhere between his youngster De Corps ' of the skimmer Navy!!!! The best of and second class years Don realized that no luck to you Scotty. smooth sailing always, and lots of fun in foreign ports!!!! Your bud always - and not go back to the Midwest He then went - JO to the other extreme and during his second class year almost became a real mid! Fortunate- ly, first class year came around just in time Now Hindo spends too much time fixing his MG to worry about being a mid However. Dons participation in Judo has earned him the title of Club President for the past two years The final blow was dealt just recently as he was accepted tor Nuke power So Don. despite your best efforts, you have obviously developed into a fine midshipman and a good friend. 1 am sure everyone in New London will be proud to call you a fellow Bubblehead Good luck. Hindo. 574 12th Company i Peter J. McKenney Norwell Massachusets Chemistry Nuclear Power McSklnny Just where the hell is Norwell. anyway ' Wher- ever it IS. that IS where Pete came trom He could not drive from there to here because a " model A " will not make it that tar Our illustri- ous Company three-striper was doing one of three things most ot the time- crewing up and down the Severn, trying to get a car that won t break down every time that Coyan gets into it. Pete had I I chem lab Not I luck with members ot the 0( iside. anybody who chooses ! all bad Good luck in all you tope It all comes as easily as James B Miller Allentown Georgia Physical Science USMC J B — the good ole boy from Georgia came to the Academy atter spending a year with the tew. the proud " and then a year at Naps Bruce made it through plebe year with much ease and had visions ot Electrical Engineering going into his sophomore year — that is until he blew too many fuses and decided to jom the elite group t Physic J B ha I his junior year when he met a certain etheart who lived close by and swept hrm lis teet Bruce will be flymg helos lor the ps and he ' ll be a good one too Hell always emembered as a determined individual, but ;t ot all a good tnend Lois o( luck to you out John P. Monahan. Jr. Fairfax Virginia Oceanography United States Marine Corps Monty the cradle of the deep Bui being on Hospital only made Monty seasick So John was destined to return to the Academy to follow his Pops into the Marine Corps where the ground is solid Monty ' s bout with the bottle cut short his foot- Michael J. Oravec Peckvjile Pennsylvania Mechanical Engineering Nuclear Power Orv pitch Softball i water irdle for Mor early yea wisdom a lonty finally realized that he must 3 make the grades to graduate Well, he Best of luck from the few and the proud (Smitty. Shoe. Wheels, Stump and Brez ) t on Hyman by picking Mechanical Engineering as his major and spend- ing most of hrs weekends with his head buried in other half Mikey soaked up knowledge with his eyes closed Youngster year we learned ot Mikes passion for wrestling at the company picnic Second class year OraFix showed us his leadership ability as 2 c Company Commander •D " in fluids Mikey relaxed a little during 1 c year after Rickover retired However, anxiety were all relieved when Mikes dream came true Good Luck in Nuc school!! and grow some hair! ' I2th Company 575 William A. Oxx San Diego California General Engineering Navy Air and go to Navy Flight School Will got h s pile license before bothermg to get a driver s hcen . - learning to (ly in the smoggy. congested skie. of Smell-A The hte stagnating gnp o( Bancrc " Hall hte was too much (or him. and drove Will to far greater depths of madness as he roamed the yard in search of adventure ■ finding none of course Too broke and bored of tlymg small planes - which would not go fast enough, some- back in the last lane ' , punching clouds at over skydives. Will can always be found jumping out of airplanes out m Ridgely, Md . or listening to Pink Floyd albums c When that all gets b jumping off skyscraper buildings. High radio an- tennas. Cliffs in Yosemite, or high spanning bridges - low ones too! (would you believe the Bay Bridge here in Annapolis ' believe it, I ' ve seen the pictures ' ) If this isn ' t madness enough, Will en)oys climbing BIG granite cliffs m Yosem- i can be found overhang and everything Well, he scrapes up them with his crazy friends, taking several days since they ' re thou- sands of feet tall ■ and sleeps hanging in his ropes I wonder how you go to the bathroom up there ' Anyway, once reaching the summit. Will . and jumps off!! Doug Pass Fayetteville Georgia Aerospace Engineering NFO Bounce Pass Doug flew up to USNA from FayetteviNe. Georgia He brought with himself a distir ctly southern accent and a lot of daylight ■ mostly between his knees How he could ever run so many miles like that we witi never know Zero- us serenely and sanely slept that good oie t oy was out there putting m mileage preparing for another M arine Corp Marathon R ' RiRi Not thai Doug s going Corf s no indeed ' His place 8 reserved m The sky wj h Navy Air Doug always was and always will be one to set his goals h, ,: As a midsh pman, he e .empiiiied the end pfO uct 01 the Mission ol the Naval Academy Hci as a tine a tough maior and am e.cellent thiete But above all, Doug realuM If -ii hewa 5 merely a c eated being and thMM reator desired a relationship with h,m. OoMa| re pursuit .as growing in ths iM ihGod Th, would have all bMnfl possible h d Jesus Ch ist not died oniheeHl and rose t hree days la ter Good deal! • -Ehr Doug base a his hie solid convictions and to call him my best Iriend JOSHU 24 15 Jeffrey D. Shoemaker Lewisville Texas Physical Science USMC Shoe T Dallas. Texas to show people up eally play football He showed us Drtunately, during his junior year in one easy lesson But. when they flew him to the hospital in the CNOs pri- vate jet, we knew they ' d take good care of our stricken hero Well always remember his happy go lucky name basis with all the big wigs at the Academy or playing racquetball with the Dant at lunch- time He knew everyone and everyone knew Shoe Whatever he decides to do in the future, hp ' ll do it well while putting smiles on the faces ■ t " Everyone around The Academy will miss David A. Snyder Philadelphia Pennsylvania Oceanography Navy Air Duke David A Snyder-from Philadelphia Pa . the wardroom rat who knows more old movie tnvia than Wingnut knows 50 ' s songs Our memories of Dave from plebe year are blurred because he was not seen much He took (Doctors ' orders) When he returned he wjs behind in class but procrastinated until four pj pers were overdue in English Third class year brought regained freedom and chances to see his only love. Skippy Dave and Skippy are a couple like no other For Valen tine ' s Dance, Skippy brought 8 girls and Dave fixed them up with his " fnends ' Dave almost lost many friends that night but the beer flowed freely and even Bruce had a good time When Skippy wasn ' t here Dave was home observing some holiday Dave spent as much time .it home as T J spent working in the company Duke used second class year to improve hib procrastination ability and to get some sleep T V was available every night and his grades were improving with a minimum of work indicat ing that he neared his goal TJ felt that Snydes may someday make a good leader it he didn t put it off too long The last year we found Snyde a pl.itd. ' n i.-,ni himself with a desire to get a " C " m (i ,. i i grueling training schedule of a lew puliup-, .nui ., short run every few days He bettered uiiu-( b, pointing out uniform violations Itke. too much makeup, diamond earings, and long hair Living with an engineer did not change his habits He often procrastinated to the point ol working after the engineer went to sleep Dave s service selection will probably be Navy Air. which goes well with an Oceanography ma )0f, but GOOD LUCK, GOOD FLYING, and GET SOME SLEEP ' !! MJO 576 12th Company WeriBj !raieilli» «-.i.| Ownoiildloof! !8le. ■(at in Thomas M. Tarquinio Beaver Pennsylvania Physical Science Navy Air Dork Thomas M. Tarquinio better known as the black and decker power tool of twelfth company will long be remembered as a conscientious, determined, and studious individual In other words he was a megasweat Tom has always time he has had an opportunity to practice his trade I remember an occasion once, where Tom was exercising his charm on an area coed He found out through intelligence channels that his mate had, Thats right, you guessed it. Berpes, Needless to say he flew More widely known than his magnetic charm is his accom- plishments on the Gridiron Small as quarter- backs go and not blessed with blinding speed Tom again took to the air Tarqs accurate passes {ducks) sustained many a navy drive Tom should merge smoothly with the fleet since they ' re looking (or a tew real mids Good luck Wheels Ruben Torres Romulus Michigan Math Navy Air Toe • Rez Ruben Torres ' Was he Always a man to ma.nta n a low prodle. Ruben dattheboathouse. or behrnd a desk grappling with a diHicult math course He found succes doing both as he won a Varsity letter in crew, and maintained grades good enough to ensure a Navy Air billet Ruben Will leave this institution with alot of good ( ' ) memories, an LBFM on rst class cruise, a se- mester with the Laser, a nd an icy bridge after Thanksgiving Good luck we II be watching the skies, waiting for a char ce 10 go out drinking with a good pilot. James F. Whitesides Cincinnatti Ohio Systems Engineering Nuclear Submarines Birdman Casual tin grin Jim came, wi as soon as he left his room, which was papered with notes saying ■ ' nametag-nametag-name- tag ■■ After picking up a b-ball letter the rebound found Jim in the more challenging realm of batt One of three engineering pretenders in aca- demic twelve. Jim never managed to qualify for membership m the wardrooms prodigious Phys- On the weekends he flew out in his Vette ready to skrog only to be shot down by calls of " hey look at the quiche-eater! ' , or by catching rems throughout the Philly Stones concert Its been great, good luck Jim- your going to 12th Company 577 578 12th Company Lawrence M, Boyle Melrose Massachusetts General Engineering Navy Air Winchester Larry Boyle migrated south with a head full ot idealism, innocence (among other things). None of the above have survived his four yeai at the boat school Who says the Academy doesn ' t prepare you for the fleet: Larrys real education began m Philadelphia at Army-Navy I Thirty minute! ' Golden ' led to three very disappointed young ladies and one destroyed bathroc never stopped though, and during a spring break road trip his quick thinking ar saved him a lot of time and money (not to mention a lot of room tours) With plebe year behind him. Larry came out ot his shell A captain ' s daughter freedom soon had him realizing that there was life outside Bancroft, particulai Franny ' s, and at the Liberty Bowl (what was her name?) While putting the final double ma)or (Aeronautical General Engineering), life took on a new perspecti ter With one arm around his academics, Larry slipped his other arm around his Nancy, who managed to trek from College Park every weekend to keep Larry in line Needless to say, Larry ' s last year at USNA was spent m relative comtor using as httle energy as possible All kidding aside. Larrys quick wit and easy going nature have earned t friendships. He takes to the skies with all best wishes, and the day he earns hi be " a momentus equation ' Cheryl A. Dolyniuk Glendale Arizona Systems Engineering Navy Air Charlie Cheryl IS probably best knt since the beginning is really n ments To this day. Cheryl do I at Dahlgren, can almost always be found with her I, systems major, she spends hour aftei ee varsity letters every year eeze at — but few people realize her real accomplish how to rig her FDBs due to the tact that she ' s worn t she ate on squad tables during plebe year As a plebe filled with competition and homework, and a " week- fight " for Navy When not engaged in sports, Cheryl t love — the computer, of course As a truly motivated jr working with Herbie and Nats Despite this growing traveling, the power tens, the singing, or the dreaded leaping chairs and rug drills As the long awaited day m May approaches and service selection looms m the not too distant future, Cheryl has her heart set on flying So you want to be a blue angeP People have said that Cheryl can do anything that she really wants to Cheryl has always tried to be the best she can in everything she does, and pleasing her parents is important to her A combination of five stripes, a possible 12 varsity letters, a 3 5 CQPR. and intentions of being a pilot would certainly be enough to make any parents proud! Michael R. Barchft Rantoul General Engineering Surface Line Bruce Mike came to us from the great midwester metropolis of Rantoul. Ill nois Not many people call him MiKe besides his lamily because to most of us he 5 better k nown as Bruce Bruce en he became cocaplain of the Dahlgren Hall Abuse Team " As a second class tie becam e more mobile and sprea d his talents to many neigtibofing all lemale learning institutions wtiere tie spent most ot his time anyway Bruce ' s ability to babble when under the influence made him the hie of many " Bruce Parties " Who co uld forget such lines as " 1- nrallyin Ain ' t there yet " , " Ku Fu Ray " , and " let me tall down so can puke " , A veteran of our Bruce parties Mll« claims a hotel room hasn ' t been made that he can ' t handle Even whc n not on liberty Bruce does his best to excel In his lour years here B uce has developed into on the brigade, none ot it at night though He w as also one of the founding fathers of the " Jose Cuervo Club " (gold) This club however was disbanded soon after it w as formed however all members were given complimentary black N s for their trouble A card carrying videoholic he can be found in front of the tube catching up on his Star Trek credits or whatever is on around the clock (in full uniform of course) Although he IS a great natural athlet he gave up his oars to dedicate himself to more satisfying pursuits Bruce has had many mem orable moments, most r forget After graduatio him. his 69 Mustang convertible, and all our best wishes will go wit him to his mecca Pearl H rbour where his frigate Tony A, Bennett Richmond Virginia Phystcial Science Surface Tony Tony known to his companymates as Bud mates on the football team, and Keg-It due t remembered as an easy going guy Tony rein Fran ' s, and with the Bruces in the company, i The decks of Bancroft will never quite b certain ability to cope with his favorite " Led As for the future, it looks like Tony will fulfill carrier he ' s trying to change his white cover for ZOOMIE IS born If Tony ' s transfer is turned do the MARINES Well whatever he does. Tony will Hope to see you on the space shuttle on of Lex, Stoney by his team- ond class summer will easily be From drinking with Bram at ;ot in trouble with the roving t flying But. instead of flymg oft a :ap That ' s right. It looks like anew his best to PARTY. PARTY. PARTY! 13th Company 579 IP Matthew S. Feely Dedham Massachusetts English Supply " Feels " Malthew Feely Feels. Matty, I from Dedham. Massachusetts wel man Matt ' s Irish looks, Boston ace immediately won htm many friends r knocklehead is truly one in a million Matt came to us jred for ■■|-Day " and the ensuing years as a midship- d belief that a paper bag was all he needed for luggage ' 83 anc , Note little I Stooges " ta boxing He r ; you but get intage 60s music and a hard core " Three athlete, Matt could always be found in Dahlgren skating or m MacDonough lisplayed the dedication to be a success at anything he decides to do. whether It ' s academics, athletics. Black N ' s (oops), or just having a good time Feels always enjoyed a good time Very few people besides Mati could actually like being bounced around the North have kept him happy The daily grog rations didn t hurt either It is this same happy outlook on life that has ensnared the countless number of dames he never had any trouble meeting Matt will always be a true Bruce to the first order, and were going to miss thts man ' s humor, companionship and 1934 pick-up truck Whatever Matfs service selection, we know it will include strong winds, heavy seas and a defiant growl. To quote one of Matfs famous naval sayings, " Oh Bloody Hell ' Good luck matey! Julian G Finley Homewood Alabama Math Marine Corps Julio Julian G (great ) Fmley an NBA, born-lhat-way ' from the only state in the union that begtns with a B ' . Bama Since 83 made its appearance at USNA, Ju has become well known for being unknown, incomprehendtble. illogically logical and shrewd He can always be counted on for a Some of Fins favorite pass times are swimming, eattng oranges, grinning, and driving people cra y, which have kept him more than busy for the past few years His most successful effort driving people crazy is seen in the behavior of his not-so-conventional Puerto Rican roomate But, Julio has a method to his madness Who knows just what it is ' He s genuine, yes he really is insane, but that doesn ' t make him dishonorable He always told the truth about what he ' s up to Its a pitly nobody ever beletved him he would have been fried out of USNA He never made it a habit to spend much time here anyway He took weekends and even weekdays whenever he could (which was about always) Liberty to Julio meant Zak ' s. Btg Bros, T , M M Ame, Alpha, and tutoring (talk about the blind leading the blind ' ) His distinct character also means that Julio is singularly special With a warm, gigantic heart, he ' s one of the mean 13 who is always ready to give a hand (right Dave E ) -or both it you ' re really hurting Good luck R W L Jean M. Eberhardt Annapolis Maryland Physical Science Cryptology Mean MEAN JEAN readily recognized as that red streak terrorizing the courts wide tor the best place to enhance her skills and braved the long journey Napolis, Merlin to spend the next lour years m her own backyard She came complete houses for the company one tor guitar-piaying and one for the Bruces Close as she n 1 had r people For Jean the Navy, a Stump The motion of the Lounge could usually cure a 1 Fleet was not just ; ive all those Big Mac attacks Learning her best jokes at HRC meetings Mean could people guessing as to the most ettictent route for circuit tramtng m a given evening e for a year and there went the neighborhood But nte m aad- loved those two anchor libs and the exclusive showing of Young year Jean decided to set up camp m 7-0 s iront shaft, it bnngs back Tiemones of the whole sunrise ' and the stuffed shepherd Firstciass year brought a car which sears the same number as the B-Baii captam s jersey Jean always did keep things simpJe- ncluding her solution to cold football games Identified by her hearty laugh subtle sarcasm. aversion to academics, athletic enthusiasm, and supportive spirit. Mean Jean Eberhardt has ' ightfutly earned the wellbemg and best wishes trom all who kr ow her For her Todd D. Evans Milton Wisconsin Political Science Marine Corps Chick Calm, cool, dnlty Chick Evans came the Academy trom the da.rylands of Wisconsin i tier a detour through NAPS Oreo the last rue believers that i he Pack was really back and that ■the Brev« Crew- was really the 27 Ya nkees reincarnated Todd could often be found i alking trivia instead of studying His ove of spo rts carried Todd thro ugh a stellar intramural caree rlhat ended with his first victory as a coach and the lightweight S first victory in our four years at USNA Despite his long neck and his Saturday night study sessions, Todd was never a curve buster T D always claimed t hat his gre atest academic succ ess was that he managed to avoid Todd t Throughout it all though, Todd gained strength f f the Navigators, Todd became a leading membe usy to help those with a problem - spiritual or oti f Matthew 9 36-38 " When he saw the crowds, he had compassion foi tere harassed and helpless, like sheep without a shepherd Then he saic arvest IS plentiful, but the laborers are few. pray therefore the Lord of th iborers into his harvest " ' We wish Todd success i 580 13th Company Claude V Galluzzo Liverpool New York Ocean Engineering Nuclear Submarines Like the Bealles. Claude originally hailed from the small town o( Liverpool Only lor Claude i1 was Liverpool. New York After spending a year at the University of Colorado, he left the mountains and arrived on the more suitable banks of the muddy Severn to begin his career as a Naval Officer The skiing |u5t wasn t the same, but Claude managed to stay for the duration Al the Naval Academy, he excelled professionally as well as academically As an Ocean Engineer this academic encellence was not easy and meant many long hours spent in the dungeons of Rtckover Hall Claude also enjoyed many sports at the Academy, most notably soccer He was always instrumental in maintaining the proud record of the 1 3th company soccer team Howev- er, the nastier bruises came from the hockey team (b) The approach of senior year meant many changes for Claude He quickly became invisible on weekends as he drove off in his RX-7. headed for one of the many local girls colleges He was also great to have around the company becauseof his willingness to lend a hand or run a quick errand He will have a glowing future as he heads on to Orlando and a career m the Nuclear Submarine community Claude ' s four years at the Naval Academy can best be described as successful, a success which he attributes mainly to his parents who provided him with constant support and many haircuts DLTBGVD Peter Joseph Holland Burke Virginia History Marine Corps Shorty Who could forget Pete Holland, the only r for the Softball t ' Brigade Champic Pete was also i lid stand up and play catcher I player He played on three ccer team to a near perfect Petes 3 year enjoying college life a his diminutive frame He decided after a and became a History major Pete ' s ability to spin a yarn or tell an er entertainment Pete provided, but had t( many late nights as the books were I considered every branch of the Naval service, ev • Corps how to adopt to his way of doing things. lining story was the cause of many i joint His engineering type roomatf ider al times if he wasn t the caus. 1 letting Mckee have James D. Hooks Gainesville Florida Applied Science Marine Corps ■Hooker " Jim entered the hallowed halls of Bancroft with a love of the sea that was limited to surfboards and near naked beach bunn es The loss of his board, his afro, and his God-given right to the pursuit of happiness, i e wo Tien, soon made him realize that things were about to change The initial shock didn t slow him down for long though, and he greeted the returning brigade with a full head of steam Alter a near fatal collision with the engineering dept . Jim barely got in under the wire and chose a real major That tak en care ol. he proceeded to command the summer color company. I3th company, earn two N stars, and break a lot of hearts (not necessarily in that order) Playing 150 football wa s tough on the Hooker, but he always seemed to thrive on full contact sports, ignoring the pain II someone wasn ' t trying to knock his head oH. he was constantly getting terrible rug ' burns As lor the future Jimisgo ng to the Marines, and they are gaining an outstanding man Some say It is lUSt because he likes the uniform, or that the crew-cut will hide his premature grey What ever his reasons, he should excel, leading his fellow marines on search and destroy missions to f WC We re sure all the gi s have seen his poster If not. he probably has a lew copies he can autograph lor them A true southern gentlema . scholar, and best triend. we wish him what he deserves - the best Roberto W. Lago San Juan Puerto Rico, USA Physical Science NFO Bob Bob began his Academy career on the right foot and lead his classmates on the left foot singing the goat IS old and any ' Going into plebe year Bob was all legs but he didn ' t let that keep him down-soon he wa flying high and earned his Navy-I arine Corps gold jump wings Youngster cruise was a bias t (one ol the lew mids that could see his house but couldn t go home ) Third class year we t by trivially as he continuously studied lor his demandm major With the coming ol Second class year came a roll back m time (the Iresh green ol the late 50 si Also the chasing of nu ses (and vice versa) became quite a sport (and Bob didn 1 have to get sick) Second semester » as a new life (living in the ghetto and a double maior) By the end ol Freddie s houseM His plebe summer detail gave him a lot of experience (decide delegate, and disappear with 3 srtiper libs ) As the 1st semester came by. Bob saw himseit moving up m the company to the 1 3th co penthouse But as the saymg goes once m the ghetto, always m the ghello Bob and his roomies had to move back to the ghetto (even though Sweetmes didnt like to be tar Irom B b) Once again Bob distinguished himself as the most eHective squad leader (ask N Myeryes like the army ROTC from Nat I Lampoon s Animal House ) He also got the special attention of the little crusader m the hall or during marchovers Bob also characterized himself by the way he dressed on weekends (how about those issued dungarees for working or words) His leadership style was different and will always be (10 9 James ' ) Good luck m the fleet! JGF I3th Company 581 Lawrence J ' . Connor Alexandria Virginia Applied Science Naval Flight Officer Larry Life around the 13th company just wouldn ' t have been the same without laid back Larry O ' Connor A firm believer in the saying -I never let school interfere with my education " Larry could always be counted on to ftnd the simplest solution to the most difficult problems For example, hating to walk to class, Larry chose Applied Science because it had the most classes of any maior in nearby Chauvenet Hall With that kind of reasoning, who could get upset with a guy that hated formal room inspections because he didn ' t want to mess up 16 weeks ot well placed dust ' Though Mr Mellow in the hall. Larry was a wild man everywhere else and he spent much of his time trying to avoid those crazy killer mailboxes while roadtnppmg it to green alerts Ingenuity was Larry ' s strong point Why wear a tie at Army when a sock will do? How about those disco shoes Larry ' Far and away though, his greatest feats always occurred right in good old Annapolis Youngster year found Larry practicing for the 200 yard swim by taking a few laps around Annapolis Harbor one Saturday night The following year Larry decided to bring his good buddy, Jose Cuervo, back to the hall with him Needless to say. Larry had a path beaten from his door to mam (0) by first class summer A baseball player when he first arrived, Larry quickly saw the light and for the next few years anchored the company basketball, fieldball and sottball teams Plebes shuddered in Larry O ' s presence and somebody said they once heard him ask a rate-but that ' s only a rumor Larry ' s optimistic outlook on life is guaranteed to bnng him as many good times and as much success in the fleet as it brought him here in stalag 13 Good luck Larry, You ' re the greatest ■ David J, Phaneuf Middleton Massachusetts Mechanical Engineering Nuclear Submarines Neffer which he commonly refers to as God ' s country Here his primary interests were hockey and girls, not necessarily in that order As destiny landed Dave on the qutet banks of the Severn river, he began to make his mark on the Naval Academy Dahlgren hall became his home as he went out to prove htmself on the Navy hockey team He quickly became known as one of the most talented players of the team, which he played on during his four years at the Academy Dave was known at Dahlgren Hall for his fast moving and hard hitting style, but no one was sure if this referred to his skating on Saturday afternoon or hts behavior at Oisco Dahlgren on Saturday nights Hearing that only a fool would undertake the rigorous Mechanical Engineering ma|or at the Academy, Dave thought he ' d give it a try He was able to prove himself academical ly, at the expense of a lot of late nights and a years supply of No-Do , as he became a 3 student As first class year approached, a drastic change was seen in his lifestyle He was no longer seen closing down the bars of Annapolis on Saturday night He was now most commonly seen accompanying a cute little blonde " KG ' to one of the social events in the yard or studying It also became common to see him driving around in a shiny maroon 260-ZX His new conservative lifestyle gave him a fairly quiet existence first class year (excepi for an unaulhor i ed beef bornto and big gulp here and there) Admiral Rickovers retirement didnt stop Dave from joining the silent service, and Dave ' s future m submarines will surely be .i success C VG Martin G- McMahon Elmhurst Illinois Physical Science Surface Line Bruce rty showed up on the doorstep here at USNA f le headstart program in Newport With nothing . Chicago. buggers, the ortgmal Bruce hit plet e summer with all of the Irack man, Bruce heard it from the sky that physically abusing hi$ not his calling and he devoted his full energies to what he does iSault trooper So with the gouge from Ann Landers m hand he set about for the next two and a half years to make history Trained by the t est m the hallowed proving grounds o) Dahlgren Hall. Bruces name soon became legend at places like Catholic U. Hubbard Hall (sasss ). the Army-Navy club the Holiday Inn of Annapohs (what do you mean $360 surcharge!), Penn Center, and the list goes on for days Bruce doesn t need a reason to party, he needs a reason not to Around the hall he is the undisputed rack king, tube king founder of Bruce of the Week ' . varsity power eating team, and the first 1 3th company reality rep After graduation, Marty, Robin, a jewel he picked up on one of his social excursions and had the good sense to hold on to, and the Ford Econolme Tomato ' are off to that pot of gold at the end ot the rainbow, a minesweeper out of Norfolk Good luck buddy ' K F R Matthew J. Needleman Bowie Maryland Applied Science Navy Air Needle Although only 20 miles from hom finding his way to USNA Arriving jusi 1 in the brigade After playing p wondering how he managed tc tour through NAPS before finally lal. Malt began a long year as the ? baseball for his good buddy Stiff, I, soccer and football Obviously a 1 a 6 29 mile eight semesters m a row The same drive and desire that made Matt a success on the field must have had some influence on his choice of a major because he never let us forget just how tough his majOf (management) really was If Matt IS to be remembered tor anything it will be his weekend escapades A lover of wiW turkey. Malt ' s " turkey goggles ' introduced him to many different " kinds of women m his career cGel out of here ' Tell him to get out " ) Who will ever forget Matt ' s passion for squeaky For 3 years. Needle enjoyed hiding m the middle of the company but First class year found Matt goose-stepping us around worden field Having always looked one way-air-Matt decided that any future marching was definitely not for him So the future holds Pensacola, Florida sunshine, and a set of gold wings for Matt. 582 13th Compan , Tina R. Sherman Daytona Florida Political Science Marine Corps T. way through thoughts of punching out were swifti charge of the karate club, fencing te the Spanish language led Tina to sc Cruises ranged from E-boat YP to th Warfare qualification Even though Ti improve her tan. she also managed ting messages), a per leant new sponsors I theBHRC, Tinas fri( oungster year consi own belt Tina took Her proficiency m to Rico and Spam Hawaii By comb guit -playing I at the Pen grateful dead Sherm survived tl Tina actually en)oys doing Polit Bancroft hall Now. during this last year wt assignments, it can be seen that she has adopted a mellower version of her intense lifestyle She has grown both physically and spiritually stronger every year " I can do everything through Him who gives me strength " Philippians 4 13 Alan B. Smith St. Simons Island Georgia Applied Science Nuclear Power Smitty Alan Bartow (Bartow, as m general Francis Bartow, confederate states Army Did I ever tell you about my great great great uncle the blockade runner ? ) Smith came to the Academy from the golden isles of Southern Georgia In his tour year stay, the Academy has not been able to change his love for flashy clothes, fast cars, and southern women Al has exceled in all facets of academy life from varsity athletics to the classroom where he made the sups list Als leadership ability has been felt m a number of different situations, whether planning road trips, attacks on local girls schools or bemg the Third Battalion Commander Scrunch " has the passenger seat was never empty Remember the pmk champagne and Mr Bubble loose boxers at army No t-arry. you ' re the greatest " H C and of course Als long time Smitty has broken a lot of hearts up here, but kept a special place in his, for the girl back home He has decided on Navy Air Or is it Marine Corps? (What day is this?) Actually, the wheel of fate eventually stopped on Nuclear Subs Nuc Power ' !!? Not the typical submariner, we are sure our " renegade nuc " will teach those bubbleheads how to enjoy life to its fullest The best that money can buy. we wish him all the luck in the world (He ' s going to need it in Orlando!) Edward C Pyne Milton Massachusettes Mathematics Operations Analysis Concentration Surface Bruce In a long search lor a fraternity worth joining, Eddy decided thai the one called the brigade of midshipmen was worth trying Of course, nothing could compare favorably with Eds beloved Tau Kappa Epsilon at the University of Lowell in Massachusettes Fortunately lor us, he decided to stick with the more mundane lite of the Academy Ed IS a difficult guy to figure out His romances with women are impossible to envision for anyone who does not know him well The ring dance story is a classic I wonder how mar y midshipmen in the history of the ring dance have so abruptly cancelled and appropriated dales for the big event No one will ever understand why he insists on studying m front of a stereo speaker while it is throwing out enough juice to sf Bostonia » the bulkheads For s The kid from Milton decided that since he was an engineer at a " real college " , he could be one here The Electrical Engineering departm nt believed m another theory, however, and to correct the situation, Ed decided to spend every minute out of the classroom on the Cheasa- peake Bay as a varsity sailor Actually Pyneso corrected the situation b y becoming a math major Advanced Calculus must be his forte, or at least another one of life ' s experiences Experience is the magic word Ed has an experience tor every one that anyone ha Well never know exactly how many factories Eddy worked, but we do know that he will be a ribute to whatever branch of the Navy he selects Greg S. Rusch St. James New York Mechanical Engineering Surface Line Headrush In 1 979, Smithtown and the rest of Long Island provided too little excitement for Greg to stick around, so he donned his dungaree jacket, jumped into his 68 Firebird, and floored it down 95- at-95 just to raise his right hand and say, " So help me God " God has helped Head, for these four years have proved fruitful Very few Mech E majors manage a respectable QPR, but Header did It by walking through the halls during study hour, and spending as long as possible m the wardroom staring into the depths of their jet black coffee The engineering discipline is Heads forte ' , but the humanities held him captive for longer than he would have liked Lets ' face it. we all have our weaknesses Head is no english major His Long Island colloquilisms appeared more often on his plebe English papers than did passing grades His " mastery ' ' of the english language is well illustrated by his " off the cuff " remarks Header would never tell his ring dance date that he thought they should get into line for a picture Instead, he ' d say " Ois line ain ' t gettin no shorter " Greg ' s personality makes him a pal Anyone from a family of 9 and who lives in a wood stove heated garage has to be easy to get along with This trait, among others, makes him highly desired by the surface nuke community, which he ' ll step aboard upon leaving the banks of the Severn As Greg goes away from Crabtown we ask who will water Worden field Worden will miss Greg ' s sneezes at drill, our wardroom will miss Greg ' s mate ability to fix anything, and well just miss Greg 13th Company 583 m Jane A. Ward Michigan Economics Navy Pilot Jane Jane arrived at the Academy as a quiet, seventeen-year old girl from a small hometown in Michigan The ngors ot plebe year were a shock " An F-4 is what? " How could they blame me for depriving our entire fourth class of their racks? " However she managed to survive the hardships, including celebrating her 18th birthday earning her scuba quals " The year ended with the joyous sound o( a redhead duel singing " Happy Herndon to You ' " Smce then. Jane has expanded her tastes and interests to keep herself entertained She enjoyed running, and she and her teammates explored many ways to make running fun After much hard work, and many good times, Jane earned her letter m track But, her good times also allowed her to earn opening of the Baltimore aquanum, Jane decided to create a small aquatic environment for display in her locker Some of Janes more useful endeavors include providing transportation m her abused but faithful Volare, supplying the box lor social functions, and representing the female midshipmen on " Bruce " excursions and Hoodtramids Thus, after lour years ol memora- e IS now prepared to head out and seek future lun in the fleet William E Weinert El Paso Texas Mechanical Engineering Nuclear Submarines Sweinert Why BrII came to USNA has never really been known An Army brat lor a good portior olhis lile Bill could often be (ound pulling Ihe (inishing touches on his newest tank model, whil many a plebe had to endure Bills famous ' history ol the Gern nan army " come arounds This is say thai Bill would not go all out lor good old Navy For e ample, a somewhat demented student. Bill once holed up m hn room lor an entire weekend wi h the blinds down and only bana nas lor (ood, in an atlempl to raise his grades To his Inends Bill was a great practical ,oker to his enemies. Bill was a devious soul (Remember that squad leader youngster year who coulc never get her locker open because the lock was super glued shut ' ) talk about Texas women, real Ic otball. how last his RX J could go through the desert, and how Maryland is really part ol New England Texas loss is the submarine lorce s gain as Bill heads ut to sea to lullill one ol his lile great dreams ol serving on a u boat May he always have lai winds and smooth seas a nd let shope as we ve had David E Snyder Delaware Ohio Electrical Engineering Nuclear Submarines Snydes company area lo department and 3 65 QPR Conti belief Dave - state. Dave immediately impressed us as a man ol 10 state shorts black socks, and docksiders around the jre if anyone laughed Who else considered 4 hours of snydes A certified geek, Dave tackled the famous EC quick mind his super last mechanical pencil and his ■ ot spend all his time studying An active Dave switched h.s allegiance to the glee dub year and claimed more road trips than anyone in the company (Did you go to New Vegas, The White House ' ) A sly one while piaymg on 4 brigade champ»onship »ars. Dave would often appear on the handball court with his geek glasses, his pro s shorts pulled up around his chest and then proceed to beat some poor sucker joubt, Dave was the hardest worker that many ol us have ever met and we were as was upon his selection to the nuclear power program First class year also tKougl t j bugle c success lor years ' Michael 1. Treadwell San Diego California Political Science Surface Treads From lotus land to USNA you can br ng a horse to water b Jtyoucan 1 make him dnnk Isn t this Berkley? The tour-year Olympic rack a-thon H e came lor he social 1 e Mike has never let the Naval Academy interlere with his per sonal hlestyle This w as parlicula ly true when it c am« to women, but it was his women m th e yard t -lat earned him the ti also lamous lor his academics, Mike should pi ce within he top 90% ol his das with his exemplary conduct and perlormance record he should ea Ily place w hinthelop99% Yet a lew images stand out to make it a all worthwh ile-Sarah long ha r Kilo com pany communists Kelly Jane Cheqi ita Ell abeth AC boards Enciniias resh Iruits lor rotting vegetables Robs schc olollunk black N move tc lucky thirteen LI Brown Bermuda Susan bagging inma.ra s Zen and the art restriction Lisa catwoman later days and tubula r waves Anne dangero us do they have encounter groups at Quantico ? Ily h gh An ie cloud above lotus- loo 584 13th Company n Lee S. Young Canandiagua New York Marine Engineering Nuclear Submarines Lee Dog Alter 12 months aboard th esubm rine Scamp. Lee got the br ght idea that it is be Iter to give orders than to receive them So Lee came to USNA to maior in sleeping, eating, sa ling and, in h,s spare t,me, Mar.ne Eng neering From the St art. Lee was the company ' s gre atest chow hound He was the only man ntheb igade who co uld detect a c -low package anywhere within a 10 room radius Knowing h s passi n lor lood and his unathletic appearance. Le e prepared himsell lor the mile run and the applied struggle b y loining the sailing team Thus. or the next lour years, Lee Dog sailed to almost everywhere F rom England. to Germany, to Bermuda, while somehow managing to pass all his thietic tests Never one to take things t serio sly. Leecoul always be co unted on to see the lighter side ern Th s was never so obvious as during First class yea when even the Dants ' Good morning Navy ' co jid not make Lee lorget tha t he had a 280ZX, a nurse in Baltimore - and th t the Dant had to st y another year As Lee continues his interr upted ca lehead. we ' ll never lorget his happy go-lucky attitude towards lite, his sm ing lace his desire to helpalriend or his eternal question. " Can 1 John P Wiltenmuth. tit Baton Roug e Louisiana Mechianicat Engineering Surface Teke II It hadn t been lor a certain Pittsburg Pirate pitcher during the 79 world series and resemblance to one John P Wtltenmuth (don ' t lorget the III), the most lamoui ol all ' company s nicknames would never have been discovered Dubbed -Teke ' by lirsties Drove that the only word that adequately describes hirr classmates i John « lings II ) much about Y house Anyone with a tiling system lor his cookies didn ' t need to wc appearance Bestdes being so neat, Wdty was also a pack rat and ii chits, earplugs, a copy ol letters from the Dant s desk, live kinds ot tape, mouse traps or assorted other junk. Wilty had it One would think that Teke ' s type would love the regimented hie ol USNA. but being volunteered ' lor the garden state bowl, Orlando detail, and (luids with the rocket only reaffirmed Teke s beliel that the Navy was out to get him A physical negate when he got oH the (ram. Wilty ended his career at USNA as the mile run instructor for the sub squad Obviously, the lact that he got more chow packages as a lirstie than the rest of us got as plebes did not hurt him Possessing one ol the quickest wits around. John was always good lor a laugh or two And although he claimed that he was an eternal pessimist, we saw Teke smile too often to believe him As John lakes his lavonte saying. ' Veni, vidi, eveni laete " (I came, I saw. t left gladly) To the Surface Navy, we wish him the best ol luck throughout his life David J. Yoder Carlisle Pennsylvania Oceanograptiy Naval Flight Officer Yodes While searching for some of the lost sheep Irom his larm in Carlisle. Dave stumbled upon nately lor us he did Right Irom the start. Dave decided that he was going to give a new meaning to the word " thrillseeker ' Our own Yoda joined the Canoe club, the " B " team hockey club the inteenng club, and he even sailed to Europe for youngster .e the rest of us 11 that wasn ' t enough, Dave braved the dangerous world ot battle-lax, tieldball and he coached the inlamous company lightweight lootball team (Does 53-0 at halftime ring a bell ' ) All this excitement can tire a guy out and we usually knew where to find Dave during study hour ■ in the rack When Dave actually studied has been one of the great mysteries of our time, but he still managed to struggle by m Oceanogra- phy with a 3 30 Throughout it all though. Dave remained the lovable farm boy from Pennsylvania Flannel shirts, blue jeans and work boots were Dav e ' s true uniform First class year and it would have been out ol character lor Dave to drive anything but a blue pickup An NFO since he said the words. ' So help me God. " we ' re sure that the Navy will appreciate Dave ' s desire to excell. his good natured exuberance, and his love of life, as much as we all did 13th Company 585 Jerry M. Crockett Richmond Virginia Political Science Supply Jerry Jerry came to Annapolis straight trom the fleet The reason that he was able to get sailor of the month twice became readily apparent Even during plebe summer, he showed through the crowd as a natural leader While the rest of us were struggling to know our rates. Jerry wrote the company theme song Plebe year was pretty easy for him He did not make any waves, thus, no one bothered him On his way back from dead week leave, he tell on his head, and sustained a bratn infection But, after three exciting weeks in Bethesda. he was ready to go on youngster 3nd his buddy, Don. move out of Bancroft ! went to Docksides together I knew that aitresses, piano player, and half of the 3S to be about the neatest person that I have ever met Our opinions on roor clashed at times, but we were able to peacefully coexist He actually folds his laundr -s as well He usually wears through at least two whisk brooms a semester Dressed a le looks like something straight out of " GQ " IS will be losing an institution once graduation rolls around I wish you the best of luc Thomas B Dalpini Memphis Tennessee Computer Science Supply Corps Tom Thomas Bryan Oalpini was the model midshipman He ate hot dogs and apple pie. lovi baseball and of course drove a Chevrolet He was what Navy is all about: morally, mentally, ai physically Tom |oined the elite group in 14 all the way from Memphis. Tennessee He w always working, dnd if he w,)sn t studying he would square away his uniform, clean the room, i ad the bible He was the perfect mid. he even lived up to tl Danfs standards He ' those guys that i may God be with you 586 14th Company Felix Unger and his roommate was Oscar Madison As a Ike he will be the perfect Naval Otticer of the future Tom got we can say is you ' re on the right course Tom Good luck and Francis R Blundetto Jr. Fairfield New Jersey Physical Science Marine Air Frank Frank hails from up north of the garden ! on academics and have lun with major J determined to prove himself Plebe year w rclass Each j recognized as the mam tuna superpower The CMOD when 2300 cam. lights oM- e off of exit 1 6W After a year a e came to Canoe U thirsting for I quickly for Frank, between throwing the javeitn for and Joe (I M ask the questions here) Catoe All of a 3y brought another letter with frogs on it from his et his experience up at the Syracuse football game year brought many thrills for Frank He was quickly year, and the end of 82, the big guys united into a 3 man shaft feared Frank and " the mauler ' which snapped oommates as Boxcar Willy " , fear shuddered through the V it was only a matter of time till Frank bellowed " Yo mate, )owwww or when a certain segundo was told to get m the and the proud for Frank Good luck to him and Denise m ntico and Pensacola and wherever else the corps may lead them And rememt er Detto. tet plumber fix your shower FB-DB-DC Don t lose your banky ' Troy E. Brannon Little Rock Arkansas Economics Surface Line Te-roi Troy came to USNA Little Rock and It ceria gladia ittle Rock There was very little Naval ' en still, Troy was a survivor He always seemed to enjoy this place dispite itself For 4 years Troy v s trom 1 2 to 5 Never fear, Troy cause the gladia f Rick, Clint. Gary, Norns " TC " Cannon, Kevin fleet. Troy mom and dad. and a special thanks to Veronic I oiorgia 1 11 to " ' « », Gill II Mark R. Hopgood Pittsburgh Pennsylvania Political Science Navy Air Mark Mark blew into the Academy from the steel city of Pittsburgh. Pennsylvania with tire in his eyes, ideas m his head, and air in his lungs Never one to keep his opinions to himself, the Wind V his views whether they wanted them or not, which lead to violence, confu- I {toll booth-shhhhhh ' Christmas lights-ahhhhhh! ' ) After all, this was THE Mark renter of many road trips to various colleges over the years (I know someone who goes there ) the crusader proclaimed to know someone at almost every college m the country, and almost proved that he did He also became the company leader in returning from leave late for three straight years How could that happen with a parking space right in your own backyard?! (I ' ll never tell!) A bull major at heart. Hop had more liberty and sleep in one week than the rest of us got in a month, but he still managed to keep busy in all company activities From company soccer (brigade champs ' 81 ), to parade )udge (bagger), to the head ot the urban assault vehicle (you gravy sucking pigs ' ). Mark found himself involved in almost every event that went on around here Plagued by the phantom and the tragic loss of Dobbers. Mark managed to sttck it out and even found a new roommate (Well, a tew roommates anyway) Having stepped up in class from a spitfire to his real love, a BM-er, Mark need not worry about his car dying in front of the deputy dant ' s house (In broad daylight ' ) any longer The only person who may be able to control Mark (besides M H R ) is Judy, and she should be able to keep him under wraps until they tie the knot or he runs out of wind In so many ways, Mark has been a real tnend to all of us and ha s had a profound effect on all of our lives (Whether we like it or not!) Best of luck Mark and continued success in your future endeavors Richard R. Jentott Tucker Georgia Ocean Eng neering Navy Air Dick From Tucker Ga to Annapolis c ame Richa d Randall Jentof , better kn wn to all of us as Dick Plebe year lor Dick was rathe uneventfu for he had little d Iticulty slipping into the routine ot being a midshipman Dick was thanks to Witt D and peanutbutter to cause little havoc in th wardroom It was also during this time that Dick became a p rt of the Scrooge, squirrel and Dick riad on 7-3 One year and lots o good times later. e took thir d class year by st rm-well not really Afterall. he did have his (M r Nice Guy) reputa on to cons der As a second class Dick sp ent a great deal ot time participat ng on the bowling earn and a a starter on the varsity rack squad This could his laundr , clean the room ck, ect First class year (and a car) brought ma y new adventures for Dick h ot the least of these were the hood roadtrips in the years to come Dick will be remembe ed for many things new wave music( ' ), wake up calls (Dick Dick get u 3 Dick! ' ! " " )t ansitory hobbies, his (lack of) neatness, and. the ever present tr unk and bo xes But most importantly (an d seriously) Dicks indelible sense ce. and con versational wit wi be among c ur fondest memo- nes at USNA nd, although Dick s going Na vy Air, his feet WI always be on the ground Richard L. Elder Arkon Ohio Computer Science Navy Air Elder-Dick Hailing from Akron. Ohio, Rich touched down at USNA for 1-day Not likmg what he saw. h« quickly went back into orbit (He was the only mid to use his 2 c car loan to buy a personal space ship) But really folks. Rich fit right into the system; just ask him about his plebe year squad leader He was always ready to head a cheer in the wardroom, especially when provoked by a high-pitched female voice His voice will forever ring in our ears Later Rich showed what he was made ot academically, dynamically moving from systems engineering to computer science Later, he showed us some real smarts by avoiding the parade field with a passion, which is more than he gave Becky (What ever came of that letter on the B-board ' ) In his last two years he has showed us how multi-faceted he is with his sknng and outdoorsman prowess But really folks. Rich will best be remembered for his unique and great sense of humor Rich is a joy to be around, always ready with a witty remark We all wish him the best, as he heads to Pensacola and the great blue skies James F. Guiliano Longmeadow Massachusetts Economics Supply Corps " Jewels " Jim left his mother ' s comfort in New Canaan, Connecticut and entered the outstretched arms ot " mother B " Due to his keen sight, he soon found that " eye ' day was more than he art but he found his loyal roommates watting for someone to nd Jim soon showed them how to take care of their racks nning, life at the Academy was easy for Jim with his photographic memory It t his lens was shattered on youngster cruise, but he saw the light m his 3 c year I burning) " Jewels " really missed the comforts of home, so he had his mom m She sent more " care packages ' than the Peace Corps estling with the rack or hypnotized by the tube, he was displaying his talents on ick in his hand, Jim became the " Mr Hyde ' of the hockey team He carried the ly victories- along with carrying them away from many parties lemia was not for Jim, he had enough troubles being the captain of the hockey g an underclass parking lot withm the two mile limit Jim was a end ( , Zu ' ' Senior year soon arrived and so did Jims car (In the yard that is ' ) He broke out the atlas anc became a regular Christopher Columbus, or was it Don Juan ' He survived the four long year; and we ' ll always remember how the " Mole " beat the boat school and selected the corps — th« supply corps R.F W. W J L, 14th Company 587 Timothy P Kraft Lakeville Minnesota Political Science Marine Corps Timmie-0 11 the class o( 1980 couia sec T.mm.e Onow hose guys we e wrong thinking T mothy was 1 Harley Skidmore jun.or Tim doesn shave h eat the load However he still loves those Semper F Types not as much sMommie-0 though 1 Following the maior , T,m s real major was a.rb jrne tha IS it he finished his LTM training Tim came to the east coast Irom the great wh.te no rtn along with his Irienc s Sven and Sally L pin Minn«. soda they do things diHerently Tim a a die-hard NBA man Back at home it he s n ot lighting oft the Indians he s cat hunting It look TPK a long t me to get out 01 the cowboy scene but now he doesn 1 yippee tyeeyeo " or hoo eee doo e e into bed Frills don t thrill Ti ■nmie-0 The Dude loves to sleep on the lloor a nd hang upside down but heaven torbid having clean laundry Right now Tim s probably out r unning a ound in his loir cloth eating chilK beans) out ol his line chinette and plastic silverware and bury ing his money in the backyard T mmie-Osb goal il the recon learn doesn t suit him s to be a ke Ted Nugent He s already got a manager, a private secretary (it she I leave ih physics dept and the groupies I nedup Even though Timothy Paul dresses in some wild outli 5 and gets int 3 Astrology he s no space cne William J Larson Sunnyvale California Applied Science Jeremy J. McGill New York New York General Engineering Navy Pilot JJ Where do you start with a misfit like Jerry ' He came to Canoe U a stray Yankee tan from NYC and never let anyone forget it JJ started his USNA career by neatly sidestepping plebe year and toining the sailing team He stayed with the team the full four years, ending his first class year as I., I After spending youngster year waiting tor second class year and second cla the ideal parking space m lown (and mcidently finding it), JJ was rewarded wr class year Once first class year arrived, Jerry lost all control and interest m th being one for responsibility. J J will be remembered as the only person willing t i year looking (or tot a TOMCAT Goodli Christopher H. Murch St. Louis Missouri Managment Marine Corps Munk Chris IS from St Louis. Missouri His father and brother, ci to come here After a year in Newport he joined the mo principle in lite is to have a good time on weekends as well a little but managed to keep a " S " average Neatness is about i can get II he had his way (as he did 1 c year) his room wou habit he couldn ' t controt-he had to get his quota ol 9 hours ol steep a day maybe this alertness allowed his sense ol humor to be unmatched and so ttmely In sports he always tried to play something diMereni each intramural sport set and managed to tackle 9 very competitively He has a great deal of initiative organizing exciting weekends for a group of friends like the Annapolis raft race, the urban assault vehicle weekend at Army, and camping He will go lar as a Marine Corps officer and I expect htm to be wealthy someday il he ever leaves the corps 42 and 73 inspired Chris I class of 83 Chris ' 1 he week He studied very 1 opposite of Chris as you 588 14th Company Stephen D. Nordel Sonoma California Aerospace Engineering NFO Steve Steve came to the East on a tattwtnd as a mild mannered Calrlorman from Sonoma I ve been there and I still don ' t know where it is He )Oined the Navy to see the world At least it worked out the tirst two summers Europe and Japan weren ' t bad But alas, the Red Gods stopped smiling and King Neptune called Seventy days without rays. EGAO " Definitely a wrong turn on the way to NASA Steve was NAVY AIR all the way He lumped on AERO and has been hanging on ever since It you needed the " Aero Gouge ' . his room was the place lo go (Just ask Mtkey or Johnny ) Steve aspired to a N ' letter He came close in pistol, but the Administration had a diMerent idea They gave him a black one with a tree tour of Smoke Hall {sn times a day ' ) It was a good thing. I would have gone crazy in the penthouse suite serving time alone A true bud to the end If his ma)Or was Aero, he definitely minored m tetter writing What in the world could be m West Virginia ' Well. Steve found il I don ' t know how Tracey did it. but she even managed to get him out of his rack (NO SMALL FEAT " ) It s been a long four years, he came with hair that was strawberry blond but his love of " Red Beach ' turned it a sandy brown Well Steve. I ' ll see you in another five Steve joined the ultimate in service selection, FAO and Navy Air ' 20 20 or not. look out cause Steve is coming at you All of your friends wish you well Good Luck. Steve ' RF W t Awk ' ' 1 Keve K. Papp Washington, DC. Political Science Marine Corps Kev Nobody knows exactly were Ke ve came Irom and when he trie d to explain no one understood Everyt.me he got ,n tro ubie his a ccent grew thicker and the ti sties thought he was a |a nitor Asforg.rls well he ranged Ir om ' spoiled r ch girls " and " p nk rockers " to psychotics Yup. quite a ladies man that eve ' iOn weekend ' M Dubonet " coulc be found riding down 1-95 in his dinner dress and white scart (Remember mid n 3 C highway to hell " ) Keve loved drill so m ch that h e was always rying to lind a way out and calling those who had lazy baggers ' 1 When he w asn t marching Keve was har i at work in the fencing 1 Dtt or pondering the worlds p 3litical problems in Poll Sci And now tht t his four years at Canoe J are finished ou ■social butt rfly " o(7 4 will venture off to Quantico 1 n an attempt to bring the • social graces ' and etiquette t 3 his lar-h eads Keve is an excellent guy nd a good friend. 1 wish hi Tithe Mark A. Pearl Sadsburyville Pennsylvania Mathematics Nuclear Power Kid Mark came to USNA f He would have had no c sold his would t John F O ' Leary Camillus New York Aerospace Engineering Marine Corps John came to Canoe U from Camillus. N Y . whipped by the girl back home, and 4 years I. both have the rings they always wanted John got off to a running start and high hopes with : that I log incid A of whom taught here when J P Jones was a plebe Academia ; John keeping his marginal lead thanks to plebe x-country ellar conduct was marred only by his encounter with " l om " and her I N(O) cond t All other stray torm-2 s were quickly filed in the company ' s circular file, nevei m again you know what they say about the " Winds of Bancroft ' " " , John was a great guy. if not being the " p a 1 o r b u d d y " of his plebes, he adop ee fans as new roommates who in turn lead him to a life of bootlegging and he " penthouse " H J F 0 " L was not sweating finals, he was in class taking thi and pencil in one hand, suticase and overcoat in the other with a taxi already waii n to BWM ate who would always s Iby y i sprawling metropolis syear t NAPS 1 for the r at USNA we )a3 6cumasaMathma|0i I at $25, the only problem get gas between 7th hea ndo Mark will always le years I Sadsburyville. Pa via ; summer, especially ve Lisa couldnt have taught him tc even though he was in the playoffs a trips tailgaters (Courtesy of Ma anc construction company, or |ust plair d us into avid marchers Too bad he we were always wondering how he 14th Company 589 ) through D C Breton H. Scales Vienna Vtrginia Physical Science Supply Bret Bo just took a short tri he was a Navy brat, he should have known better th wouldn 1 break a three generation tradition He ms inlramurals and soccer He played goalie and was seh summer Once AC year started, though, his knees s soccer he had to rely on glee club to keep out of ti much pain Youngster year was the big ' un though He made up tor his fryless plebe year by being dumb enough to Ct Youngster year, Bo also had his knees c , ot breaking more opponent ' s ribs enrout id class year. Bo finally saw the light and switched from Mech E to a more useful, less time-consuming major like Phy Sci With a lot more time on his hands, he decided a set of wheels could waste some time His black beauty brought him many hours of fun and frustration trying to repair various parts First class year it turned out the " Q " liked Bo ' s yellow sweater so much, he decided to make him conduct officer Because of his knees. Bo found out thai Unrestricted Line was closed to him Here ' s hoping he enjoys supply To a great friend and a great guy, best of luck ER David Simmons Pueblo Colorado General Engineer USMC Air Dave ' Admiral Sn put his black t ; beginning of si rom Vienna. Virginia Considering that ) come to Canoe U. but he figured he [ through plebe summer by living tor , effectively endu brigade champio iUSNA V Ibum m his hand ready to play for a . they shaved his head and decreed that they could deprogram him The " Force " was with Dave and Lady Luck smiled by rewarding him with ' CJ ' , who exposed him to Eddie and David Lee Plebe yeat and pneumonia were tough on Dave and somehow he broke the pull of CSU He figured if he was going Navy, he was going NAVY AIR Youngster year he survived the ' Cool Wars " and a dose of ba d moo juice He earned the right to become the protector of the " Mellow Cool Cube " Dave started oft 2 c year runnm ' with the " Devil " and spewing forth on the Debate team He drove his surrogate car (Navy Grey) to fame and misfortune The Dant got to know him and he was rewarded with a free stay in Mother " B " ' -not quite the same as the Thrift Inn His fame grew even greater and he was invited to place a guest appearance (an offer he couldn ' t refuse) with the Academic Department heads and the Supe It was 4-4 in the bottom of the ninth, a hard fast ball ■ - but ttie Force saved the day-Thermo is always better the second time around anyway ' Dave became the only mid to sleep through two plebe summers and four ac years The fourth and final year (hopefully) was meant to be the year of his comeback to the Music World but his roommate had other ideasi think pulling the plug would have been jusi as effective When hunger struck, Dave was the man to see (thanks to the Tuna Alliance) We stopped by any time, except Monday Concert Night (kind of like football at the Captains- music at the Cap Center) or Saturday nite (The Sandbar) Well, well miss you Dave, a man for all seasons Bob Screaming Wheels. THE Guitar. Megawati Stereophonic Ecstasy Through The Total Raw Power of 590 5pi " ' ually Inspired Pure Rock .inu A Magic Number A Mao With A PURPOSf ' H w A. I V Allen V. Pollard Bethesda Maryland Resources Management Navy Air Al battles he It simply say. Ill ask the questi night Annapolis, and EB-DB-DO, as he ro academic stud he is, had plenty of time for I travels he doesn ' t get " ripped off " ' Throui was just given green tokens that could be mellow attitude disappeared He became v I Academy by NAPS Always wanting to be a pilot, h And prove himself he did ' The warrior in Al came out awls of plebe year If you ask Al how he tared m these ons here Ptebe year supplied Al with flipper, good .eked his buniy into youngster year Al, bemg the [he famous Syracuse football game road trip When Ai ghout 3rd and 2nd class years Al never got paid, he put toward Hawaiian ' trips As a second class Al " s ery serious about training both 85 and " 82 And who the night ft everyones app impulsively giv McSnapm ' As i :old water in 7426, r dusted " people lor wers anytime day o. ps So with the help of Oetto. enough. Al needed more, so h capability As the mother hen of 7401, After 4 years Ole-Piston Pollardo will be F RB 10 reason ' Better yet he would ight ' By ftrst class year Al needed le Mauler and the Sailer ruled Ash ed more, so he coordinated an alliance with a third h help of his roomies Al broke new ground m luna . study habits spread as rapidly as Pauls q • iding down to Florida ' s Pensacola with his beautiful lation Good luck to Val and Al ' Michael H. Ray Towson Maryland Aerospace Engineering Navy Air Mikey Mike, known only to his Sister as Mikey prior to his arrival at USNA. came to the boat school ready to play soccer and lacrosse tor Navy, but found that dual N s are tough to come by with Navy coaches like the Falman and the DH After a brief stmt with soccer plebe year (undoubted ly for fall T-tables ' ) Mike decided that lax was his true calling and proceeded to spend three years collecting N ' s-maybe another star this year Mikey ' -master of the one-worder. Mike ' s extensive verbalizing abilities underwhelmed us all, but we must say that with one word, Mike usually said it all Varsity racker for lour years. Mike spent his last two years designing his Aero Project — the flying tunafish sandwich A lifetime member of the ' 83 winning tradition, Mike led the team in all its outings against the other classes Two of Mike ' s redeeming qualities are his Mom and Stepdad— thanks for looking over us Mom and Dad — and here ' s to the memories to the urban assault vehicle, the ledge lounge, the cheese, Lisa ' s. Ann s. raft trips, the stone ask for more Truly Michael, its has been a real pleasure having you around here lor lour years — at least most of the time The best of luck to you Mikey — and may the wind be with you Paul A. Scares Wilmington Delaware Resources Management Surface " The Ever-present " s we know that they drink esianum Paul became roor al height, 460 of total weigt " ■big guy sound production; Soares quickly learned the l from Wilmington, Del . or was it Chester. Pa ? Well wherever it beer there The big guy learned quickly that this place wasn ' t lates with another big guy, Eddie The combination of 13 feet of t. and 160 watts per channel of total stereo led to the tormation as well as live Skynrd concerts in Bancroft The Ever-Present magic that could be worked with medical and medical chits, and so most ot Paul ' s classes became history player His fnends will never forgei over Washington At 6 ft 4 m , 256 I The thought of boxcars from his roomate Boxcar Wil a Captain America himself with it came to whipping Navy ' s star defensive tackle Paul was an , outstanding play m Navy ' s nationally televised Paul was scared of nothing except " the te Boxcar Willie made Paul cringe Paul of tuna But he was moi ■The Nocturnal Analyst of Lite " . Paul needed to chill out with some cool roc d to the same guys that slammed everyone else in their biographies The ng abuse fairly and evenly, they didn ' t discriminate Tim luck since he ' ll need when flying through the ; Joseph W. Soto Hershey Pennsylvania Political Science Marine Corps Jose ' Joe came to us in July 1979 from " Chocolatetown. USA. " (Hershey. Pa) at the npe age c weekend He made it through plebe year with a 2 0, but it was rough sailing for the next 3 yean He )ust didn ' t like to study more than 3 hours a week He was always smiling He even smiled his first " AC " board Maybe he knew something that we didn ' t know What Joe didn ' t know wa how to get above a 20, but if anyone wanted to know where to wine and dine or how to pick u women, they could always come to Joe His biggest thnll was going to Fran O ' Brien ' s with n money and getting older women to buy his drinks The Thnft Inn made a fortune while Joe was i town His activities at the Academy included the Glee club and the winter musicals which is ho ' he earned his nickname. ' Happy Feet " He also became an " L T M " After having som difficulties with wires Rumor has it that Joe made a deal with his Marine Company officer to g into the corps if he could escape the AC " boards. Well, look out Quantico. here he comes! Carl J. Sink. Jr. Winston-Salem North Carolina Electrical Engineering Surface Line C J C J knew he was m trouble when the first person he met on 1-day made fun of his last name But as it to prove the sea was his fnend. he literally sailed through plebe year Every chance he got he was out of those collars that were always too tight (especially during chow calls) and on the water After plebe year and a Westpac cruise, though, youngster year promised to be bonng So Carl figured EE would be just the thing to keep him occupied It was, most of the time, but now and then you could find him down in the radio room, " hamming " it up and jamming our stereos with dots and dashes ( " You |ust have a cheap tape deck " ) But we were always quick to forgive whenever word got out that he had gotten a package from Grandma or some ' Bonme cake " He laughed at the firsties and segundos who tried to warn him ot the evil in EE till March of second class year when suddenly Phi Sci started looking real inviting But instead he gave up everything but his circuits (and one other thing) for what reason, no one knows Maybe they ' ll let him have an Apple II on his cruiser. Good luck and green flashes forever Joseph G. Smith Severna Park Maryland Mathematics Marine Corps Joe The mere mention of the name Joe Smith ' in the company area was met with cnes of Joe who ' -oh, yeah the guy with the 4 Yes, Joe had good grades No friends, but good grades This IS not to say, however that Joe went unheard Many a worthy adversary attempted to spur a conversation only to be met with a series of barbed comments from an ever solemn face Of course, Joe also had his private life-we thmk It has been heard, although never confirmed, that front of the mirror chanting, brigade attention ' While not geeking. which wasn ' t often. Joe was bitten by the running bug Having conquered the Marine Corps marathon, twice the sight of Joe in running shoes and sweat gear became quite common The biggest change m Joe over his four years at USNA was m his service selection Originally determined to be one of Uncle Hymans nukes, a cruise on a sub changed him into a hard charging marine " In all seriousness, though. Joe IS a good friend to the people m the company and is respected by all and is a truly worthy member of the best class to ever graduate from the Naval Academy Best of luck wherever the future leads you I.e. I4th Company 591 Keith B. Wauters Medford New Jersey Physical Science USMC Air I fly tor the Corps Good I Craig B. Williams Athens Georgia Math (Computer Science) Navy Air CW The Big Guy spent lour years busting his rump ai " N " sweater (BEAT ARMY!) But to all of I " The Ama er " Its hard to find such hone American Golden Boy Even in his dark mi 3f the ideal mid Had it not been for his frani irch of that elusive golden star 1 golden star himselt He was in everyone keeps calling you »rd to see in WillOad anything of this instituti Joseph L. Spruill New Bern North Carolina Political Science Supply Corps Joe came to USNA straight from the thri to get used to, but aside form having to year was not our finest hour, but after ou one hundred percent Rooming together together for more than ten weeks someoi tng metropolis of New Ben were able to understand h nemesis, whit lost his fou n 7 3 was a real blast If y k ahead Si» hours during fm His drawl took us a whde m the li ' st day of pi«b« 1 most Of the time Piebe stripes things improved lake too many Carolina blue Pm ilptured bondo on the front fen four years The Supply Corps i J foremost I Trace B, Vindich Grantville Pennsylvania Political Science Supply Corps Trace The following is a compiled list of things I wish to remember from my experience at USNA ■ camaraderie of the Class of 1983 m Fourteenth Company- may , Richard Seiler, my piebe year squad leader my last swimming ;rs of the Classless Class of 1982. whose example demonstrated )ray I never become, Capt I . a level-headed C O among a peer nen. Ft Benning (now I know why we say " Beat Army ' " ), my ' de- vho insisted that green was red and vice-versa - it was literally a experience. June Weeks, tailgaters, all of the great times I ve had with my classmates id liberty and even m the hall i e poker nights the Ledge Lounge assorted holiday d VCR. the Winnebago Army trip (I wish I could remember ' ) and especially my 1 Day The one mental image which I shall always recall when t m in need of cheenng up will be the one which brought me the most joy m my tour years here that of USNA rapidly diminishing in size as seen m a rear-view mirror on my way OUTA HERE! " to me everything I group ot not-so-lev nuking " by Bancro Graduatic fusal to wear kneepads, those striper boards would have slapped 6 big ones on would ' ve defied the law of physics The 14th Company will never forgive the coaching staff for suppressing one of the truly outstanding talents on the varsity football team ' hey didnt call you " Tatum " for nothing We were all rootin ' for ya out there. Craig, it was just a ough break Craig had a knack for making everything look easy, it not fun, and he was a great source of inspiration to all of us, especially during piebe year Pensacota will never be the same after C W He will undoubtably set new standards of excellence and then say. " Well. I was just doing what they told me. I mean, hem haw . " a paragon of modesty I just hope there ' s here to protect good ol ' " C " from the swarming hordes of babes eagerly awaiting »rnval of this epitome ol an officer and a gentleman Knock ' em dead. Big Guy No matter lies ahead for Craig, I ' m sure the sun will always shine around him regardless of weather litfons A truer friend would be hard to find See you in the wild blue AGZ 592 14th Company k Geoffrey R. Zuschlag Palos Hills Illinois Economics Zu Hello M.dsh.pman Zusciilag! f ' stime get out f the rack: The four-year bad drea m is over How could they have dared tc cramp your social fe like that ' Now you can hit th€ fleet and straighten out t IS Mickey Mo use Navy eh? Were glad to see you made it through all those financial crises. e -whatopti jns should 1 order on my new280ZX ' Shall 1 buy Polo or Izod ' ■ Ahh, to be ablet 3 atlord such dilemmas on $200 a n lonth- what classi On the list ol priorities, academics b arely mad It onto the bottom ' It a 20 vasn ' t the minimum. Id be having a be ter time here! • Classes were subordinated to more mportant pursuits such as leisure, hedonism (gre at poster) his GQ Playboy image, and of c ourse. the rack Dont ever say he didn ' take a strain when t came to upgrading the status mage ol a Midshipman He e was a man with an er the game ollileatUSNA All ot us should have hiss ense of duty! If you ever begin to teel sentime ntal about this place, just remember ' sec ond class halt! " Hey. how bo t that foxy B annigan Dabe! (soo to be another Zu) Must be nice to have a woman who car fly out to se a whim an then pay tor all the fun when s ne arrives (Meanwhile the urnmg ' b ue thank 5 alot. classmate ' ) Whatever you end up doing that nat ural ability find the easiest (and therefore the best) way to connive hrough life wi serve yo u well Good luck always to a true Iriend! Bra voZu(Lu)! Robert F Wise Williamsport Pennsylvania Political Science Nuclear Power " Bobber " Bob came to USNA from the hislonc town of Williamsport. Pa At first, we thought Bob was going to be history, but tt was not to be There was no way The Academy was gomg to let a man with the unmatched physical prowess like " Mr Ultima " go without a fight Lucky for us that he survived that first summer because soon everyone was coming to Gouge Wise for the answers He was a regular walking bulletin board who almost smglehandedly pulled half the company through wires, boats and steam Classmate pressures were too much for him though and by second class year we had chased him down to Mitscher by study hour That year was a lough one for Bob He could never quite get used to the tact that he wasn ' t a first class yet. and when to his horror The Academy revoked his 1 C car privileges (thanx Dave), he immediately began working to correct the administration ' s gross error (How else could he get from the Thrift Inn to docksides ' ) The Academy never had a chance! Bob left it flow so well on his request that he should have validated his Poll Sci major Of course it didnt really matter as Bob owned a car that earned half of its mileage behind a tow truck In his real 1 c year. " Admin Bob was rewarded for hts many talents by being placed m the statt room and it was all down hill from there The pressure really got to him and before we knew it. he was a " Nuke " A man always ready to test the limi the good times Bob, because you ' re not going 1 Jonathan A, Yuen San Francisco California Economics Navy Supply Corps Jon Life IS a complex series of interactions between individuals who are on many divergent paths Often they are forcred through necessity to give of themselves for the benefit of the group Jon was a man who unselfishly gave a part of himself to us alt and asked for nothing m return On a mission with God he sailed into Annapolis with visions of a beautiful girl and Marine green m his eyes Always known as the happy plebe, he made it through the first year with plenty of mail and response experiments with a hungry Minnesodan Second class year found him with a shaved head surrounded by dress gray, stilt smilmg After a tour of duty in plebe summer, firstte status revealed him deaf and blind and destined to ply his economic wisdom in the Navy Supply Corps Through thick and thin Jon was a man we could all count on He lived the traits of true friendship as a rule, not an exception As we split onto our many divergent paths, those who knew Jon will take a part of him with them Closest fnend. I wish you the best of luck in life TPK TOMCATS 14tfi Company 593 594 15th Company Peter B. Clark Kailua Hawaii Oceanography Surface Line Pete Pete arrived from Kailua, Hawaii, back in the summer surfing attire Loved by all that summer, particularly t THAT LOOK ' -which people often offered to smack oH Ac-Year, he soon became distinguished for his fine roon even stop by every Sunday night to gaze at it in awe Pete transcended into Third and Second Class ye fgold ist. feasting c He also set le first class, Pete became known for his face. Winning a bet by making it to appearance Certain upperclass would tch- ask Ruggs But he could just as s lats and terrorizing the neighbor- e beefed up on Samoan Leaky Poie •World Cheese Nad Face Stuffing " I Rat hood Pete was also known to tram chow packages and shot-gunned I record- 65 (without mustard) Petes confused personality continued through his European tour when he talked with Ameri- can girls and slept with French men " Pat get the knife! " First Class year saw Pete in the Batt-cave just so he would not take abuse for the green olive But the olive was probably good for Pete- and Val, and Kathy, and Susan, etc, It ' s too bad the olive spent more time on the rack than Pete- and Val, and Kathy, and Susan Don ' t let Petes easygoing nature fool you This psychopathic whirlwind is only m a dormant stage In time he ' ll make his mark m the fleet as a hopeful Surface Diver " Bloop. Bloop Bark like a dog! ' We just can ' t decide it Pete will be famous ... or notorious. Hey Pete, I want to party with you. cowboy ' William D. Conrad San Antonio Texas Oceanograp hy Nuclear Power Bill When " Killer " Conrad left San Antonio, Texas in the summer of ' 78, he had visions of travel, excitement, and a girl in every port. His year at NAPS will always remain a dark secret of his past but he made it through to arrive at USNA with money in his pocket and brasso on his belt Plebe summer was easy for Bill and he cruised on into plebe year full of confidence Then the brigade arrived, and with them was midn 1 c mullen, the nemesis ot 1 5th co Bill finally recovered from his mullen induced shell shock sometime during youngster year How he survived his youngster experience m room 5138 with no dements will never be known Second class year he managed to escape from Forti, Cahill, Woodhouse, and the other animals by moving to Cubeville with the Woodman After remaining completely anonymous for a whole year. Bill went off for a summer him his reputation as " Killer " With a whole new attitude and outlook on life in the Navy, Bill will I distinguished t . young boy. and r lightly ( up Thomas saw one Kung Fu movie too many, and And the stars proved to be nghi, as Thomas rolled iurnament, and a brown belt Once more he looked Thomas W. Bailey Salem Oregon History Nuclear Power " Oregon - Gun " Thomas came to us in the summer ( older, naive young man Thomas drs successfully sleep through two cons As a second class. Tom ' s life began to pic decided that judo lay somewhere in his sta his way to a 2nd place finish m the state t skyward, and this time the gods told Tom that scuba diving was (or him He wasted no lime, and started the patented Bailey training program, consisting o( sitting up in bed once a day. a rigid diet of Pepsi and Coffee Nips, and stretching as he yawned To everyone ' s dismay, Thomas earned a billet (or Dive School His li(e was still incomplete, at least in our eyes Where ' s the girl Thomas surprised all when a petite, young, and very pretty package arrived at BWI This was Laura, who kept him busy all June Week (and even a little bit now) A(ter a rather successful summer onboard the Snook. Thomas came home to us boasting o( nuclear power. Dive school, Europe, and the Bailey escapades a la Salem Being a first class agreed with him, staying out til the wee hours o( the night, running tailgaters (for which football was invented), and becoming the man-about-town In one of these manly moods, with a little help from Pete (and the sweater), he met another sweet. Rosy girl. Liz Thomas showed us that It IS possible to relax and enjoy one ' s stay at USNA Tom. we wish you the best of luck. Always! PBC Patrick D. Cahill Burke Virginia Naval Architecture Nuclear Submarines Pat Pat arrived at the Academy from the monopoly constructed town of Burke, Va with just one change of underwear and a few special ' " thoughts " to tide him over (or the summer ahead Well, he made it through the summer okay, and all went well AC year began and the 5138 team was united (for better or tor worse, depending on whose view you take, ours or USNA) Pat was the master ot the five minute chow call uniform race Needless to say. all masters learn by getting caught a tew times Frying was not always, but sometimes even the masters get a little E D It ' s too bad we never did get to see the electrocution alarm clock Good idea USNA No one would ever sl eep through class, but they might never make it either Speaking o( making it. some people almost didn ' t (Thanks Pat, 1 did ) And a tew didn ' t (Riz and Grodro) The afternoon o( the bayonet charge was one o( those almost didn ' t mghts, the night of Army 2 was one of those " did " nights (ha, ha) There were some good times and bad Green death Fridays, the Sunday morning kitchen cleanups, and ot course, the Boob But one thing to remember. Pat came to USNA to be a Naval Arch . and that he will do, but a " Physics ' major he will always be Good luck Pat I hope someday the sailboat sails. 15th Company 595 John M Coughlin Seattle Washington Ocean Engineering Navy Air Mike M.ke, a native ol northern Virginia reported to Annapolis via the Naval Academy Prep school A shy and reserved person dunng the day. Mike ' s notorious habit was sleeping at any possible time with his eyes open Despite being a narcoleptic, Mike maintained encellent grades, while sleeping through every class This great need for rest was a direct result ol Mike s weekend antics A star on the rugby team, many ot Mike s weekends were titled with road tnps to such places as StouHers m Washington. D C Pensacoia, Florida and Biacksburg Virginia where he participated in many rugby tournaments and, of course, the parties that (oMowed It was during the parties that the reserved Mike would transform mto a wild and out-ot-controi party boy no wonder he played many games the victim ol a brown bottle liu enternaily whipped, the remainder of his Iree time was spent with his long time steady, Julie, much to the dismay of h.s classmates He was the lite ol the party and was greatly missed when he wasn t around Mike, a member ol the world lamous road trip gang, hopes to join forces with Navy Aif alter graduation Robert N. Haskins Alexandria Virginia General Engineering Navy Air Baby Whale Picture il you will, blonde hair, blue eyes, the perfect arian - except lor the beak A very shy individual, Rob had great difficulty meeting women - so they would usually Hock over to meet him The list goes on and on- Sandie, The Fox Sue and Jolie, the entire lemale population ol Wheeling, West Virginia rrellpp me Living in nearby Alexandria. Bob spent much ol his time in the area pursuing a personal hobby gardening He could constantly be lound m Old Town, checking out the shrubbery Submitted lor your approval the tale of The Bronze God. a for 4 years, his physique ranged from Baby Whale to refugee Bob was really quite a physical specimen, though He lettered m varsity soccer for 4 straight years, serving as a tn-captam his first class year No challenge was too tough (or Bob (No thanks to all his helpful friends ' over m the Mech E departmeni)-Engineering gave him a run for his money, but countless hours of uninterrupted study paid off A friend to all. we look forward to seeing Bob enter the Heet as a David M Hicks Littlerock Arkansas Aerospace Engineering Navy Pilot Dave David Mansfi€ Id Hicks, one ol t efewl ue, good old boys Iromd own south, wander ed up to U S N A Irorr L ttlerock, Arkansas for one reason, to fly would ever think that son eone as calm and undis uld possibly fly (or d ive) with almost reckless abandon at or near the speed 3f sound Anyone who has ridden with h attest Dave has had seve ral loves dunng his Stella r Academy career The to p live are probably (l)his car (2) crew (3) hi car. (4) several lucky gi Is and (5) his car. not nee essarily in th t order For wo years, -Bouy " lightweight boat and he ■von several aces at tha spot When Dave reached puberty, arounc Second class year, he began an anerr ic, w Iking s ick bug, staying at 125 lbs He shifted gears Irom var sports and went into the company sports mode, starring in soc wt lootball. and soltball Academically. Dave has managed to skate through what normally be a (ough Aerospace Engineering program, again with one pur professionally, il be known about airplanes, he knows it II you could catch him in the room and not in thi you could ask him and Imd that out He was also good at logs, ol the hog type, or course S( the southern charm could catch any girl he thought worthy ol the effort More than on returned from a night on the town in complete control of his pickled body, with sto beautiful girls and phone numbers for proof Physically, only one B ever m P E and a letter in crew speak for themselves And finally, personaly. Dave is one fine friend any mar Steven S. Hubeli St. Louis Missouri Oceanography Navy Air Hugebelt Steve, a product of a middle class St Louis family gave up a promising autoracing career to come to Crabtown. Hubes. one of the seif-proclaimed top S drivers in the country (top 3 when he ' s been drinking), has never failed to humor us one way or another Not one to make a horses ass out of himself while drunk, Steve still maintains that he wasn ' t thirsty while downing 17 glasses of wine at the Supes reception second class year Sorry 1 ripped your heel off while you were lalling-oops. 1 mean walking, down the Supes stairs What looked to be a dry career at the Academy as far as women were concerned turned out to be just that Just kidding Actually Hugebeh made waves al the Ocean City trip, only due to the fact that she had a figure like a waterballoon-once again, I kid Honestly though, women started to Hock to Hubes unexpectedly, why no one knew Not even Steve could put the magic ' finger on it Light it off Steve, BZZZZZZ2 Hubes. the genius he is, waltzed thru his ma|or and also helped his roommate achieve equally good grades What a guy! Anyway, once Steve completes training in Pensacoia ho II have Cathy RN 596 15th Company William D Jones Odessa Texas Mechanical Engineering Marine Corps Doughead Doug " Doughead " Jones, a native of Odessa. Texas, is known for his pointed nose and quaint sayings Reptilian by nature. Doug has had a few serpentine experiences tn his day We all recall that weekend at O C and who could forget the U of M roadtnp ' (Would you really have slapped your roomate ' ) Doug is never one to pass up a chance to meet a pretty girl, and he ' s not prejudiced either The schtud has acquainted himself with numerous Yankee lasses Yankee, what a word Yankee describes any person living outside the sovereign nation ot Texas Dough- ead IS never one to take the backseat, and often takes the initiative One such incident was our (ourth class Army project He accepted sole responsibility tor the design and building of our tank The brigade rewarded his fine effort with a bonfire While we re on the subject of Army, how could he ever forget his first Army-Navy game He never knew what hit him until he found out that was 151. not 51 on the bottle A pamful mistake to say the least The hardest lessons are always the best learned No doubt the Marine Corps is gaming a good man m Doug Jones Loyal, hard-working, conscientious, and humble are all accurate descriptions of Doug Well. maybe not humble, but then again, how many Texans are ' Best wishes Paul R. Mahosky Irwin Pennsylvania Ocean Engineering Nuclear Power Moe Ma-hos geeeek ' This cry was heard throughout the passageways of the company Pav moskyi This cry was heard throughout the halls of Shippensburg How could he become so popular after bemg a hermit his entire Plebe year ' Paul spent t youngster year Paul shed some o( hi Dahlgren seeking companionship and er his mysterious disappearance Not He was found sleeping self-imposed Dahlgren restriction there can It was on to second class year as Paul bit ol odd couple- Klem and the Sheriff Somehow i Seeking relief from the boys. Paul journeyed r Miss Cindy First class year started early for Paul as he more than he could chew by r Charge i Dead K. Thad a ■ narrowly escaping ; on Plebe Det; jer Paul threatened the Major tp home, he stumbled back to )Out with the books Paul relumed with his sights to Orlando From all the men at work. Paul- Good Eric K, Jackson GramblJng Lousiana Physical Science Marine Corps Eric I enjoyed I graduated! Brian T. Jacobi Pensacola Florida Oceanography Navy Air Jake 1 Pensacola. Florida. I oceanography tor ■ Rurr , overly forw Somehow though, he wor would a normal person with two good eyes and a sol such beauties as The Neanderthal, The Jewish-Amen never-ending search for excitement (and women), ti beginning his career in the front seat of a navy jet S S H 15th Company 597 Kem L- Parton Tempe Arizona Physical Science Surface Grammareater Katie A Podolak Bristol Connecticut Applied Science-Operations Analysis Surface Line Spaz Katie Podolak (An L T W al heart) cam age 7 she was a natural lor the Navy Kat some extracurricular activity She can b woodchops for midacts or participating in she does all three things at once ' Usually. Katie spends her time coaching women ' ? ably spending time with her future seab( young lady who loves the challenges of t Good luck Katie! to the Academy via NAPS Wearing a uniform since IS an individual who always seems to be involved in ound busily negotiating ads tor the log, organizing Dme type of Big Brother-Sister activity Sometimes, len she ' s not too involved with these three activiies. att tennis, traveling around the country, or prefer- . J R Katie IS a very strongwilled and determined I Navy and will have no problem succeeding in the William T. McHugh Tallahasee Florida History Surface Willy The above pictured human is the product of a New York birth, a Talahasee childhood, and 4 years of historical miniaturization at USNA Sports violent Co Basketball, a term of J V soccer. Killer Racquetball ruthless Boxing, and abusing all those women who chase him Collateral Duties Enemy of Man. Potato Head. XO of Whiskey Lima club (GET the pet human) Accomplish- ments chalk up 2 for Whiskey Lima (remember girls play B-BatI too!) Thrift Inn weekends afMj ■getting ahead with the Beast " Kissing ' Bahamian scar tissue on firsty cruise while the rest Of the Ship had morning quarters formation Smaaaacki Studying NL with Stew. Chicky. and the gang " 36 Delta. arriving! " Stand and Deliver " Sparring with Kaptain Kaos on football pads, ultimate PDA in an alley behind Mainstreet (4 c year ' i ' ) Stogies out on the porch " painting " bulletin boards m J T s Co area, nice Cranium. J T ' Adventures to D C with Chicky Kaptain Kaos in " fr abt " Bridge " watch and Fun with NOVO (good evening sir), more fun with Billy s Kids Late night workouts • with Poopers (HOW many Chiquita slickers!!! " ) THIS and more, without ever taking a serious fry! ' Yo. Midshipmen ' Surface Warfare will NEVER be the same! RAT Michael S. Molkenbuhr Novate California Operations Analysis Navy Air Molk Mike came t 3 the Naval Academy because he heard that the " grass " was greener on the east coast Hevalic ated plebe summer and the demanding ( ' ) year that followed Even though the (irsties weren as mellow as Mike was, he still made the best of the year After issuing an eviction notice to the infamous Moe youngster year, we find our hero either in the rack or fun " in one of the pools Michael wasn t impressed with either of the first two years, but 1 ow ed him two dollars over the summer and there was no way he was going to leave before he got his " loot " 1 fortunately payed him two days after classes started second class s stuck Molk s bad luck with the ladies soon changed alter second class year started as he ' went steady " with a girl for the first time, and therefore ending the rumors about his sexual prel erence (he is from the San Francisco area) As a firstie. Mike decided to start his career as an a k but too b d about the broken right wing Having room ed with Mike for the last four years. 1 have never seen someone put forth so litll effort and atta in so many results Youll go far " Chewy " Fair winds d buddy ' HC 598 15th Company Larry Rugglero Scotia New York Mechanical Engineering Navy Air Ruggs Ljrry c.ime lo USNA luck m the Navy, Larry Harry B. Smith III Rogers Arkansas Physics Nuclear Power Scotia. New He chose Navy i .I ind Toil " brought about the culmination ol a great event in H B s lite 16 Naval Academy H B , being older and wiser than the rest of hi j by all that didn ' t know him Plebe Summer Having spent two years ti classmates, wa person What better way to accomplish this task but become Brigade Honor Chairman plebe year, and every year to follow Plebe year brought about hard times for H B . as well as for those time " Thanks to the gentle tutorship of Pete an Steve to name a few. I got to know a side of the " hose Bag " that had either been hiding, or lost somewhere back m Arkansas Second class year raused H B to continue losing his hair at an alarming rate Being a physics major, and rooming with the famous Klem L Partman and I. brought about many hours of study away from the room Being the only man in the Brigade that had to be forced into taking a weekend, H B s workaholic ways caused him to become the Social Negat " we all knew and loved second class year First class year, however, brought about ma|Or changes in the honor sheriffs ways A lighter academic load, four stripes, and no Partman in sight allowed him to take part m the many niceties of life at USNA Thanks to the Admiral, H B s nuclear dream came true, and six years ol Good Luck old " Boomer " , run silent. Leonard Smith. Jr Dover Delaware Compu far Science USAF Len Leonar came to Canoe U from he bustling to wn of Dover. Delaware He soon realized that he should have went to U ol D bu he decided out At least he did n Dt accept his members hip card to the country cl b in Colorado Spnngs ' For Len. plebe year was like one long nightmar and he was content |us to wake-up ir May of 1980 Youngster year brought out a whole new side of Len ' s personality He relaxed a little wh n he discovered that it was possible to have a social hie even if he did at end the world s largest monastery He made ni merousroad trips to th e infamous Hood college ithGQ ' Palmer and he met the love ol his 1 e (Well, for a year and hall anyway) there It w s during this me that Leonard lound that he possessed an incredible knack lor being able lo a nd then watch with satisfaction 3S they came back for n -lore abuse This talent wa s quite an ego booster or the lady killer from Delaware The only time Lens ego really took a hit was when he v «as snake d by a certain stud ' in he company At the en ol second class year. The Kid ' bough the car ol his dreams- a 2-28 L eonard must have ligur ed il his style ol dress did nt attract the ladies th en his car would Len. 1 don ' t know il the car he Iped you. but 1 had a good time using it after the ring dance ' Now that F St class year IS here Le onard can see the light at he end of the unnel Judging from Lens activi es so tar this year (gre n alerts, trips to Fran s. Trinity. Maryland, etc It appears that he has his priorities straight- arty hardy and studies b 1 Len- )u St dont kill yourself thi you still have five years of being ha e grey and un der way Just remember to look me up If you ever get tationed out near Gods country (Mar n county) Good luck!!! James C. Stewart Franklin Tennessee Mathematics Marine Corps Stew Heck yea! How bout that Stewie? Stewie came to us from hootin ' holler. Tennessee, other- wise known as Franklin Its here up in the hills that Stew ' s family heritage runs deep smoking corn pipes, making moonshine in the hiHs. as well as runnin ' barefoot Speakin ' ot runnin ' . Stewie wanted to run his plebe summer the down-home way. way down home, almost back in Franklin He quickly picked up 150 demos in 20 whole minutes ' Somethm ' strange and myster- los happened as Jimmy marched off his demos as he put on 75 pounds of twisted and quickly lost 75 points on his I Q test and began shoutm ' ' ooo-rah i From that point on there was no turnin ' back! Stewie had Contracted a terminal rr.ental condition, " mannus extnmus ' Despite Jims crazed mental state, he survived plebe year Now m his Youngster year. Stew took full advantage of the extra rack time and got nice and toasted Second class year, he lived with Will and Chick, learning to indulge m Richie ' s rock, stogageway. on the porch, studying NL with f ac, dealing with W L activities, and partying round town All those years of bootleggm ' through the hills finally paid off as Stewie found himself playing rugby The Rugby club finally revealed all of Stews hidden artistic talents, such as redecorating the mside ot Joes car, serving everyone spaghetti at the same time, and developing his fine choirboy voice Whether he ' s ridin ' in the rugby rodeo, his MG, or in his little green AmTrak, he ' ll always be our Tennessee ' Goodnight Jim-boy T B , M W and P C 1 5th Company 599 Richard A Taylor Grosse Pointe Shores Michigan Systems Engineering Marine Air Chick Richard Andrew Taylor is th Chickihead The Reptil t subculture (I e skanking in 9 30 shadows, pet sto jes in Systems Engineering thanks to his late nig ' found on Wednesday nights blowing smoke ring ' spazing out to Black Flag wit Yo ' Midshipmen ' Can you believ« and " an engaged Captain Chaos William D Tyree, III Norfolk Virginia General Engineering Surface Line $-Bill Bill came to the Naval Academy fi challenges of being a Naval Otiicer After travel in Europe, sailing the light and decided a mere college edi of his friends and commarads who e Because of these friends and the i igh seas, walking with kings and pnnce ation was not enough These feelings w Derienced the fraternal atmosphere of lift that they provided. Bill was able I and surface line as he embarks upon Yolanda V, Williams Union New Jersey Political Science Unrestricted Line Yo Yo-bean, Yolegs. Chocolate Child or simply Yo, she lelt the nest of Thelma and Rosy, at I young 4 naive age of 17 Little did she know what was in store for her Finding shelter on I Women ' s basketball team, high praise from her girder-standing coach, she developed into a fi young wen er, uh, woman Her summers wouldn ' t be complete with out tours on the lo YP, dodging ticks in Quantico and last but not least a pleasure cruise on the USS Pig ' , fi class summer The highlight of Yo s four years here came during basketball season when s was rapped lightly on the nose by a teammate Claiming it was broken she insisted on weanni dancefloor with It She s some kind ol gal Dividing her time between E R and E T . friends li Mocha and Vanilla child and struggling with peaches ' and " roaches ' lor profs, Yo has excell as a political scientist Yo will explore the ranks of the unknown when she graduates ■ a heck o Mark W Woods Arlington Virginia Ec onomics Navy Air Woodman Marcus came to us from Colgate Umv where his DEKE brothers called hm soon came to know him as gungy While everyone else was trying to survive Pie Woodman was entolling the benefits of the Academy, classmate unity, and the tl U Tomcat at mach 2 Never one to let two years of college get in his way, through academics with the rest of us Mark was careful not to surprise any ol his classmates when entering their r classmate " became known to all The Woodman kept us all laughing with sto Moody, the Orangutang, and the surfboard Marcus spent his youngster summer engaged in such activities as traveling to Europe and attending the Marshall Tucker concert All this, and more, before heading into Academic year enrolled in the toughest maior offered economics The summer found Mark at Fort Benning, even a separated shoulder could not stop him Irom earning his wings Second class year and Mark was busy with Baft T shirts, trips to Capital ' s games, and a certain plebe named Novo Spring Break found Mark on his way North with Tom and Dave lor a week of skiing Making a brief over night pit stop at Smith College who can forget that classic Woodman line. Darken ship ' ' Marcus did you really give her a report card Mark was given his pust reward lor three years of hardwork being appointed Company Commander Showing his true leadership 15 achieved its highest color point standing in our Mark you re as good ol a Inend as anyone could ask lor Good Luck in the years to come Shakes . about Dirk, 600 15th Company ■-n FIFTEEN 15th Company 601 1 Stephen J. Boracchia Long island City New York Electrical Engineering Marine Air Rocky I ' gh ! least . 69 Camaro Electrical Engineering at USNA did not ( Barney Miller kept him busy otherwise Stevie admits that his mild-mannered nature causes his anger to rage rarely, only while boxing muscle-heads or when wrestling with the Lizard Steve ' s frugality comes to light when he is found buying parts for his car. having aquired a steel plated Visa The dream m Rocky ' s mind is to to be independently nch beyond all hope, driving turbo- charged Ferraris which he converted from VW beetles, and be a naval officer also He may follow m his fathers footsteps and " dwess in gween instead " Rocky was always willing to step forward and help out his classmates Good luck to a fighting man ' s fighter, in the Navy JES Timothy F. Carey Bellaire Ohio Physical Science Surface Line Tim tnsh distilled in him Despite his retirement from football, he still managed to earn his black N by starting for the U A team youngster year Tim quickly proved his leadership abilities among his was promoted to the honored rank of Strohs commander Taking charge, he s troops into the battlefields of Goucher. Hood, W Va , Philadelphia, and just about any place a party can be found Hts toughest battle came at Trinity, however, when he MtionofCapt RA Ahab Moving to the penthouse 2 c year. Tim caused some frightful happenings-namely the night when all that could be found was his teeth Thus began the " scarey " manhunt A traii of wir finally revealed his whereabouts and he returned to us safely Even as Tim has his good limes he can always be counted on to be around when times are lough A friend in the true spirit he wtll be missed greatly by hts classmates upon graduation, and I ' m sure he will be the one we all look forward to seeing on our reunions As graduation nears. Tim IS looktng forward to a lifetime with his hometown honey Missy, as he spends it as a surface liner Whether or not that ' s for a lifetime is highly questionable Whatever the future holds for Tim. it ' s sure to be a promising one (With a few parlies probably thrown in) Good luck and godspeed ' Catherine D Alexander Williamsburg Virginia Political Science Supply Corps Cath-I Four years al USNA as WIRES and surgery ridden as they may have been have ne ver dimmed the quick smile on Cathy s lace nor quieted t he song on her lips Cathy has been a c countless Inends, a levoted Christian and the best roommate known to man The Christian community at Navy will never lind a more dedicated leader and will always he r her voice praising God to the accompaniment of her guitar Above all m Cathy it is those three most important words o( =lebe Summer which s and out Sense of Humor 1 quess it w as that very sense that had such a strange impact on vi ilors to our room 1 don t know what wrong with ■Watchadoin pruin ' ■■ maybeitwasiusta ba a a d |Oke do ewe agree Cath ' Plebe year saw Cathy sleeping l hrough water attacks a d hurricanes, but youngster year she aw ttje light and turned the med cine cabinet into a drug stash - Take, a pill ' ' Youngster year year she discovered her truly black thumb with plants and she soon barred any ving foliage from the room lor it own safely It was second class year that Cathy began a new hobby She became a collector - of Mountain Dew cans that IS until the S foot slack fell on the headboard on her in bed and th company officer banned the collection ' lor sanitary reason Never (ear though, one full sar tary can remained in defiance Cathy collected other things that year, al the expense ol some one s comfort, but wou d you leave your underwear m the hall ' The small rodents m the room also made her acquaints roommate ' s toot Ifsbeena ' tre nendous • (our years and Cathy has touched many lives, mine p articularty ( wish you Gods bles sing and you always ha ve my love Bonne chance, Caihl Christopher M. Bevilacqua Stevensville Michigan Strategic Weapons Officer Wash sure about him There s no telli ?rsial During his years about 13 e would, the Tinker and gadget IS known as the guy who would always volunteer when nobody else would, the Tinker and gadget inventor, the man who owned everything (but nothing of value), the Bulletin Board Plebe, the company duty and watch hound. WUBA Man the only guy ■ the Brigade who preferred wearing his uniform over civilian clothes), [ent of the God Squad In fact well 1 1 t Chris he ' s got a real devotion to a Go . tor Bevil-Hogwash or Wishy Washy) has found constancy and » with Jesus Christ and his belief m the Bible le who comes to Me. and hears My words, and acts upon them. I will ;,..«,, ,«« t,.. ,,- e IS like a man building a house, who dug deep and laid a foundation upon the Roch. " le flood rose, the torrent burst against that house and could not shake it, because it j ,u, ..nsl. Luke 6 47. 48 Clearly. Chns ' Foundation is and always wilt be the Lord Jesus Chn 60? 1 6th Company James E. Depp Fairfield California General Engineering Surface Jimi Jingt 1 that the admis known about I always I sions onice had put him into the wrong company on 1-day Little is er in 26, but the rumors abound (Is it true they called you " Lance " id a way with women, even it she was the wrong one Oh well, was a bar tender 01 course, you had a few close calls, too Who can forget 1 Kelley was waiting in Dahlgren while Rebecca was in mam office (Want to lessons. Lance ' ) But have no fear as Mr L Q Romance is here and ■ the scene (the silver-tongued devil strikes again) Also, never let it be said that you don ' t have guts, too Who else would go before an AC-board just to see what it was like ? Who else would sign up for Prof Lee-s Machine Design class as a G E elective? That ' s going above and beyond the call of duty, Aquarock, but you ' re tough and you ' ve beaten anything they could throw at you. so hang tight and well see you in the fleet Dennis R. Dickenson Gulfport Mississippi History Marine Corps Denny Being a Navy BRAT. Dennis Di nore commonly known in sweet sixteen as " Dick- has lived all over the USA This accounts for his northern speech and southern palate If n (or lack of a drawl) and big vocabulary stood him in good d as a member of the debate team Going on trips every other weekend also got him out ot a )f noon formals However, neither his northern or southern charms have done him much d with the ladies Either they wanted to be friends, which is ok. but not quite what a blue nis IS a " terminal bachelor " His other favorite passtime is playing war games You name and he ' s played it at least once The trouble is. it ' s hard for him to find people to play with You see. he never loses! ' Russia beware when General Dickenson hits the fleet!! ' Daniel G, Clague Butte Montana History Supply Corps Dan chew tobacco correctly A native of Butte. Montana, he was one of the lew people ever to make It through USNA without even making it through high school Dan (Clagula) (orgot everything he learned at Boost by 3 c year, but taught us all about how fun sleep can be After a football game youngster year, Dan met the girl of his dreams and has yet to be seen in Bancroft Hall on a weekend Dan did stick around during the week though, and was never one to resident Having been a wrestler m high school, Dan did not hesitate to display hi$ talents on the hall floor, wardroom, football field, etc . even though a shoulder operation during plebe year slowed him down a bit Dan. a hard worker when it came to academics, was a History major by choice and spent endless hours writing bull papers and about two weeks in Chinese class Now a (tuent Spanish linguist who can recite the Spanish alphabet - sometime, but usually when he has had loo much to drink ■ hardly ever; his academy record already outshines his high school performance A 1 c company commander during plebe summer. Dan was promised more stripes during academic year, and will definitely see many of them during his career in the Navy Dan will be joining the marriage ranks a few days after graduition when he and Suzanne finally get the chance to spend the rest of their life together, and Dan will be starting his career as a Supply Corps Officer and will finish up where ever his eyes choose to take him. Good luck in all Michael S. Claps Fort Washington Maryland Phyiscal Science Navy Pilot Clappers If you don ' t see Steve going down the hall in his flight suit, on his way to 8th wing players, he ' s probably throwing his books against the wall after stanng at the mysterious symbols inside them Academics never came easy to Steve (He ' d rather do something important, like sleep), but he still managed to keep his QPR high enough to seriously look at a pilot billet (Is Navy Air ready for him?) Steve will be most remembered for his plebe year antics which were always unexpected and humorous to everyone except the upperclass (Who else could get football players mad at him ' ) Steve spent many a come-around outside of Jim Grant s room in a never- ending brace for a purpose that even Steve forgot about at times And how can we ever forget when the door closed (literally) on your ' automatic ' stereo system If it had suceeded. you might have been inspired to go double-E Instead, Steve took to the ever-demanding Physci curriculum so he could spend time with the pm-stickers m MacOounough Hall and the honor reps in the steerage Now with all that m the past, he ' s looking for apartments in P-cola and season tickets to the 8th wing players for after graduation Gook luck Steve and r (O m : JM 16th Company 603 V : ' Wilham E. Ferns Silver Springs Maryland Physical Science Marine Air Rusty Affectionately known as Rusty. Ed didn ' t have to travel far to become a member of the brigade, which was tortun ate for him because the N otre Dame rent a cops had five tickets waiting for his signature Dont run him over Ed he ' s got your plate number ' Ed strove for academic e xcellence throughout his four years here and it ' s still true that If 2 00 wasn ' t good enough it wouldn ' t be the minimum Ed has left behind him s 3me pretty remarkable tales, even for the penthouse, bi t wh could tequila and became a conte stant in our version of beat-the-clock We all misguessed the tim but the outcome was a giv en Edddddieeeeeeee, who vas very fond of marching, t ight ul still didn ' t learn to " drill ' unti later Second only to his lo ve for drilling came Eddie ' s music What Tr ' m ' n " " " " ' " ' ' ° " ' ' ' Stones. OCR. Allman Brothers ( " My Sweet (Belinda ' ) or Skynyrd Eds hard work earned inn an early promotion into the revered penthouse youngster year What would the penthouse be without the telltale ear o ear grin when somebody sked " Okay David M Dober Seneca Falls New York Physics Navy Air Dobes Oobes (oined sweet 16 commg from upstate New York Though it was a long drive down, Dobes always had the knack d making trips lly by It didn t take long lor htm to recognirt the necessity ot starting the Joggmg club whose membership later included most ol the peni- Plebe year wasn t very hard tor Oobes but when youngster year came he had to spend many hours counseling his plebe Youngster cruise had Dave wmmng at spades signals never hurt ' As Dave will tell anyone the number 36 has always been a smooth one On the 36th day ot plebe year. Dave met a young lass from Cockeysviiie at the plebe mner She dominated most ol his weekends until second class year she headed tor Ralph s country m Virginia Second class year had Oobes dating other girls Bemg the gentleman he is Oave occasionally Having the captain and Annie wasn t enough lor Oobes he needed the captam s oldest daughter We hear wedding belts lor M 8 and Dobes down the road Graduation sees him heading lor P cola Dave will surely entertain us with many llymg stones at reunions m future Bernard W Favara Morris Conneticut Systems Engineering Surface Line Bernie As our only member with the Conneticut connection ' . Berme lelt Morns (the town) and came to the UN-college while on his way to Pensacola Iday put a lour-year delay m his plans, though, so he enrolled as a systems major to justify his verbal discontent with this glorious institution and jomed the Glee club lor the adventure part of this job As for adventure Berme desk still has the dents m it) and a lour day romp in Phoenix and Las Vegas (she loHowed himj that will probably keep his ears burning for years (It s no wonder why he walked like a gunslmger after that) Women made up much ol Berme s adventures and he usually integrated them with the sport of lishing by telling ol the one that got away However, that wasn t always the case t Mary V iington college armed v ■tai detector though And I m sure that as long as he stuHed garfield doesnt get jealous) But come women. H or high water, he ' s looking lo flan a mig someday, So look out Admiral Gorshkov. Favara s in the fleet. Good luck. Berme. and. hey. lay oH the Peppermint Schnapps with J D chasers Ed IS making plans to fly but hell be doing it without much hatr Go big green, oooorah Ed ' s leaving alot of good friends behind but we are all sure that when the penthouse gets together for our reunion, Ed ' ll be there ready and waiting for the first T-break Good luck from the boys Ed Robert M. Festa Endv ell New York Systems Engineering Nuclear Power Babs Babs came to us from upstate New York Although it took him three days to find USNA on the map. he came well prepared to take on " systems " This was evidenced by the stars he wore his first two years here — then he went west Perhaps it was the hot sun or long hours driving but second class year was rough for Bob-only managing lo eek out a 3 7 in the last days of the semester Our resident GQ not only excelled academically but athletically as well He managed to win a " free knee surgery contest " plebe year but came back strong to lead the co soccer team to respectful seasons the next three years The television people liked the way he tanned (without lotion) and that physique so they decided to do sportscar commercials with his car. Spunky Spunky, a veteran of the western trip and countless late night runs to and from Notre Dame, will at long last get a rest as Babs has chosen to go nuke rather than battle the " Ingid ' weather down in Newport news Always ready with his trusty AE-1 Babs has digusted many a Kodak developer A friend of many. Bob will be truly missed come graduation but we ' re sure he ' ll be successful tn all he pursues Good luck to you Bob! M S ly . 604 I6th Company Richard B Greer La Jolla California Political Science Navy Air Briand Bnand (note the preppie " D " ) surfed to us from the Beach Boys state — Calttornia. never really sure if he had long blonde hair because he was trom California, or the 0l around, but his oft-repeated Rapunzel imitation earnei :ially alter leave per Youngster year Br and must have studied a were absent Studying? 1 him a lot of unwanted i library a lot for he was nevi the statement ' Don ' t woi always trust Briand to smooth and following waves (to surf, of c , to start F-14S Gerald R. Harrington Lancaster California Physics Nuclear Submarines Phace Jerry came to the Naval Academy from i California Both nearby Edwards Air Force I neighboring Palmdale influenced Jerry io asp feeble-eyed, however, and Jerry ' s eyes went decided on a sub standard — literally — of his o and the B-1 Bomber production plant in ' become a Navy pilot Flying is not tor the I youngster year Undaunted. Jerry i Sights on nuclear submarines al McKee was impressed by Jerry ' as an official Nuke ' during the tall semester of his first class y personality, but now he ' s really going to glow Aspirations to be a Naval officer and pilot weren ' t the only things Jerry brought with him fr California Less than a year before 1-day Jerry became a Christian The most important thmj brought to USNA was his relationship with Jesus Christ, for in the Bible it says " Since then it is by faith that we are justified, let us grasp the fact that we have peace v God through our Lord Jesus Christ Through Him we have confidently entered into this i relationship of grace, and here we take our stand, m happy certainty of the glorious things has tor us in the future ' — Romans 5 1-2 — Jerry ' s excited about bemg a Christian, and his committment to God has aftected oth around him Some would say that his beliefs and actions are foolish, but a wise old man o 1 gatn what he cannot lose. " Ted W Frakes Titusville Florida Oceanography rot 83 At 6 6 . 1 55 lbs the epttome " ot body building when afirstie singled out his girlfriend . country and track season as a plebe but on parent s weekend Teddy enjoyed a opted for the good life " of mtramurals in his latter 3 years A memtwr of the twice " almosl " Brigade champion basketball team. Teddy could be seen mtssmg three toot jumpers in MacOon- ough regularly Academically Teddy could handle valence electrons and hydrocarbons but all that either effected something and our favorite Chem major looked to deeper waters and an oceanography degree Teddy, always a favorite around spring break (Remember he ' s from now tha Teddy s favorite hobby was • rackdiv ng " un il one bus ed tape dec ond das year Ted met the girl o hiTdrTar r night s ands (nei her would h, somewhere in Severna Park now. we II have ask the nest time h s Graduation will see Teddy back t own to Florida and Pc Ola where ie ' llgiveP-3 ' Good lu ck and clear skies to our favorite graduate of astronaut high Alan W Grace Holbrook Arizona General Engineering Navy Air Amazin ' In July ol 1979. Alan entered the Naval Academy from the landlocked state of Arizona to become a pilot, how s that for making sense ' Alan was inspired by those gold wings to keep striving, to keep reaching, but most of ail to keep trying Lord knows how he ' s tried What can you say about your best friend but. Al. you tfff amazin ' ' You wouldn ' t believe how he got that nick name ' Don ' t worry. Al. I wont tell anyone Alan, well brother of mine. I have spent 4 years with you doing a host of strange and unusual blue bowling balls. Joe and the rollaway bed. Toyota Celica GTS. road trip to Las Vegas, road trip to Wisconison. on the road again, this time to USNA. Pirates. Frederick Maybelle. Leah. Amanda. F-18 ' s. E T . and dragon tenors Alan Grace. Naval Aviator. Fly Soy You ' re older now than I ' ll be when I graduate ' " 20 Jul 79 Recipient of the 4 year ' liiiinnnnnnnntact " award May your dreams be fulfilled, may you wear your wings with pride, and glide with the best of them To me you are a brother as t have never had. and for that you will always be remembered To sum what you have done for me and those whose lives you have touched. I can only say you God t 16th Company 605 Alison S. McCrary Bettendorf Iowa English 1100 All like the food, it Youngster yea: les ot state fairs and hawkeye football games During plebe with most ol the basics except one. eating! Not that she didn ' t ;ver reached her mouth Her astute squad leader remedied the 3 problems Thank you for those big serving utensils CDR Food ' that racking As second class cruise rolled around As we all know YP ' s give you hords of experience and when Alison and f of big eyes ' and some sound-powered phones, no mid in a kapoc was s eyes Alison had been destined for stripes since 1-day and first set hai commander However, the powers above heard rumor she was frequenting " The Penthouse " and she was forever destined to remain in sweet 16 But there was no use gettin ' in a U22 about that As company commander first semester she has done a fine job Breaking in the new CO was dttlicult but blowing him oft was easier Giving adequate time for her to chase after her favorite two striper " Skins " has also obtained experience in dealing with those " interesting " " guys that seem to flock to her room asking her out to have fun ( ? ) After its happened, all you can say is " chalk it up to deia vu " " . that strange sensation that Through four " short " " years Ah has done much She ' s learned the fine sport of walking her bike on those scenic highways of Maryland Shes learned that alarm clocks aren " t really lor waking up by but for turning off From president of the Glee club to fall and spring musicals " our gtrl " has shown us what friendship is all about Much is owed to that guidance counselor who sent Ah our way A beer to you. sir and our love to you All You ' re the best friend, sister roommate, and partner a person could ever hope to have We won ' t say goodbye )ust good luck! Philip J. McKenna. Jr. Norristown Pennsylvania Applied Science Nuclear Submarines Varsity Hailing from Norristown. Pennsylvania. Phil sauntered into USNA with absolutely no idea of many areas In lour short years. Phil was able to play 150 lb football, the " corner " in soltball, was a starter m numerous penny, tennis ball, and orange wars, plus quarters games, and as a 2 c had quatro stripes until he pulled a " McKenna " and got caught wearing unreg liberty attire Phil was never one to miss out on a good road trip whether to WVU. Captain Ms. or CDR Strohs As a first team penthouse pick. Phil was always in the thick of the houses many professional enhancing activities He was always that silent force behind its many events Academically. Phil did quite well due to a bit of talent and much more hard work Now as he looks south to Orlando and deep waters. Phtl must be looking tor another time and place where he can continue on as the " World ' s Best Straight-Man " To a friend lor life, good luck in all you do " Here ' s to brother Phil, so DGC Carl J. Johnson North Dartmouth Massachusetts Political Science USMC Air C.J. CJ arrived on the sandy shores o( Annapolis from the rocky coast such enthusiasm that he soon became our class company i energy, just redirecting it to more important areas. Carl soon became famous tor his athletic prowess on the intramurat basketball, sottball. and fieldball teams, not to mention sidelining as a Saturday night boxing official lor his roommates Yes. it was always sports that got C J s attentton Even on the night of his 21st birthday. Bones couldn ' t resist the chance to practice a Itttle tower jumping and wrestling Carl also took up a new sport his 2nd class year, called telephone pole climbing The spoils of his many victories still hang around his room When C J was in prime form he became one of two people. The Master of Disaster or one of George Thoroughgood s destroyers Academics were also a near disaster for Bones Starting out in Systems Eng , C J soon realized that this was interfering with weekends, T V . and the rack Bemg farsighled, Carl switched to Poly Sci This suited Carl much better especially when classes (and whiteworks) became optional 1 st class year Wherever Carl goes he always adds life to the party which IS why he is so well liked by all his classmates Carl intends to go Navy Air Whether it is lets or props we wish CJ the best of luck See ya ' RF Mar F. Labrador St. Louis Missouri Naval Architecture Nuclear Power MarBaby .1 a year in Newport, just i Sign (Naval Architecture) Mar managed to en|oy hi Academy lite His n- Although he had a hi Mar Baby " Always enjoyed meeting new people especially when the rides ended up on foreign cargo i fabulous view ot the Chesaepeake that he had from them It looked better with the lights out Mar played for the squash team his first year at kept him out ot the sport the next year He continue time to take on the rtgors it the Boat School, of courv ■spirited " ' weekends and weei • Academy Unfortunately a knee mjury i well-mannered personality and hard working way ha greer m the nuclear navy Success will surely be you 606 16th Company Ronald B. Robinson Haddonfield New Jersey Mathematics Naval Flight Officer Brad Brad arrived at USNA froi Academy We heard o( how MMA was but Brad kept close t years Plebe year was no great challenge tor Brad and r Youngster year found Brad and his roomati o serve Restriction only temporarily halted tt J years stay at Marine t Labor day oad trip to find the ost roomma e Brad ended a BM party by trying to catch lies with his mouth 2 c year Brad d emonstratec his leadership a ility by winning Walts number cruncher game The company soccer team was lucky to be led by Brad and he always t- ad a hot bat lor the great slow pitch sot ball team D uringsenior year h got every midsdream- -stripes However. 1 le stripes weren ' t c n his uniforr n, but someone els es Our SIX tile hero was a varsity black N win ner and of course a member of i he penthouse The Robinson family themse veswere always the e for a great party most espe lally known for the ir BMs and irish coffee Robs IS known to 1 e a good friend an especially helpful his roomate Good luck Brad either as a n NFC or a H,M m agnet. Michael J. Salvato Ringwood New Jerey English Naval Flight Officer Salvi The swamplands of N J gave us Bruce Springsteen, Southside Johnny, and Salvi Salvi came to USNA ready to go back home, but through a stroke of indecision he stayed and became a member of the penthouse Salvi brought with him a beer mug. a directional wit radar, and a keg of stories Who could forget the tower jump from 7 2 ' his legs crossed, arms on his shoulders, and a will leaving his Visa to Mimi Or the night the bottle of vodka insulted him so he killed it and himself And then there s the night Salvi became friends with the 15th co CDO and earned his to take the PCR three times! It ' s a real mid who II spend Saturday mornings on the YP after drinking all Friday night Salvi was always one for a good time and a night out with him always proved to be an experience one wouldn ' t forget If he lived. Salvi brought to the Academy a personality that is too often lacking here, and we all realize it Salvi may go nuke or NFO, nobody knows, but where ever he ends up he ' ll take his Camaro. Bruce, a beer, and a style all his own PGS Thomas J Murphy Austin Minnesota General Engineering Navy Air Murph Tom affectionately know as MURPH " , entered the Academy with his goals set a Navy pilot In coming to the Academy. Tom had the slight advantage ol having three years ol fleet experience behind htm. which made plebe year hassels seem trivial As the years past. academics continually haunted Murph. even though he studyed till two every night, whether he needed to or not Murph managed to hang in with the boys of 16 for one year, being a fine member of the squad, then enter one beautiful women From the time he met Paula hi» life changed Soon Murph lived for the weekend spending every second of his free time with Paula Even with the guiding hand of Paula however. Murph continued to carry on m some of his fleet ways Like his habitual coffee drinking He even pondered upon the feasibility of installing a coffee machine in his room Four years at the Academy did many things to Tom One thing i1 did not do was teach him to spell If Phonics 005 had been offered, he ' d surely have been enrolled at least twice during his four years stay at Canoe U If everything clicks. Murph and Paula will b« off to P-cola. and the Air community will benefit by getting a truely fine Navy couple Michael S Redman Rochester New York Mechanical Engineering Civil Engineer Corps Reddogger Mike, also known as the " Reddog " or just " Doggei first saw Dogger in Halsey during 1-day and i (Rocket Reed terminology) that here was a 16 Many an upperclassman was aroused frorr may add) to the Dogger ' s mega-decibel chow- Shut up and shove he perfect example of a real mid We le most casual of observers ned for greatness Mike was without a h to the chagrin of our lirsties in sweet often greeted him with an equally loud, .t of us (although 3 of rtheless. he survived plebe year with ft- his roommates didn ' t) and went home on youngster leave with civvies if he ever wore them though) and stars on his collars During the sun another native of Rochester and. upon his return to USNA. was as good as gone from the life of a single man Predictably, his grades dropped (but not before making the geek sheet again 2nd semester) and he even managed to quit studying on Saturday nights (He finally learned that the word liberty didn ' t just give him the freedom to vote) He even managed to get drunk a few times His 21st B-day was mostly spent in the head and he probably set a record for the longest- lasting hangover He finally settled out after that and went back to work at his favorite pastttme, mopping up his own sweat He didn t make too much of a fuss when they didn ' t give him the 6 1 (Although V 16th Company 607 Gregory Stenstrom Stroughton Massachusetts Physical Science Surface Line Captain Kaos Captain Kaos came (o USNA from Stroughton. Massachusetts. He joined sweet sixteen with a year to go and quickly fit tn. Plebe year found him with a frustrated brigade commander and more dements than a company combined He had to be shown where Burger King was after he finished restricting June week Taking ■2 0 ' seriously, Greg and Wheels (Mom) could be seen at finals rolling quarters for tecumseh and mainlining coffee Among the ' Classics ' were invisible snowballs, flying through taxi-cab windshields, racing MP ' s through a golf course, drinking with Ed and the " Screamer " , renting a penthouse at Army Navy and sleeping in the elevator. 4 wheeling through Philly with the boys (driver needs a beer " ), pulling an unsuccessful 180 with Denny and Mike, skanking m unappropriate civilian attire " in D C with Chicki and the enemy of man. the deadly shipmate { ' where ' s the alidade?! ' ). the Bancroft tapes, youngster " room mates ' , infatuation with the laundry folder, and a four time member of the Whiskey Lima Society Although Greg was a trackman, sailor, and avid weight litter, his true calling was the ring-forever boxing and working with Billy on the bags a nd football pads Kaos was a true believer m making things happen himself, this was especially true with his liberty-his imagination was only exceeded by his initiative, and his ability to get in and out of jams was unparalleled His sense of humor remained intact and even after four years of visiting smoke hall only improved Music soothes the beast and after Chris ' guitar lessons, Murphs country. Richies punk, and Amazin ' s own space odyssey you will forever by off-key Waah! Yo, midshipman, stand and deliver, we made it! Fair winds and folliwmg seas to the Captain and Lauren m the Surface Navy ' Ed Wheeler John E, Stuber Novate California Electrical Engineering Navy Air Stubes John ' s fleet experience helped him realize that one important part of USNA is to get away from It as often as you can By the time Second class year rolled around, Johnnie had discovered his one and only, which was why it never took more than a five minute sprint from class on Friday for him to be on his way, ' Going to see Angie, John? ' John ' s unique intuition in Electrical Engineering inspired him to work hard and be come a rock squad academecian Having endured several bouts with the Li ard, Stubes was also a faithful believer in the procurement of ' the Gouge " Fully attentive to everything going on about him. Johnnie was always ready to answer up to every inquisitors whim However. Stubes had another side, though it was only seen by a chosen few And as a good " yachtman " . he was always willing to help out on the drive home A regular member of the penthouse. John always pulled through m the clutch and was a constant source of help to his classmates Good luck to a future in the Navy, and always SJB 608 16th Company Phillip G. Sawyer Phoenix Arizona Systems Engineering Nuclear Power Dawg player :h Oawg couido t ogram leading i Academically f enng oasis. Phoenix. Arizona Who was this long-hatred. ' asked ourselves on that memorable first day We soon l-baii team to two regimental championships 3 in the much feared very respected, Systems Engineering Maior F hit was not without his peculiarities though He iiked to practice for plebe boning on his roommates He faded his driving test youngster year on a technicality He ran mto eighth »King ' Deep selected for the penthouse second class year Dawg soon rose to the position of Kmg of Crash We rarely saw him in those last two years, sometimes catching a glimpse of him alone at the table eating ham francisco Phil s favorite television show by far was Saturday Night Live, but we feel he went to far re-enacting the Samarai Skit late one Saturday night after a rough session of T- breaks After looking around and getting his feets wet. Phil has opted for nuke school A shrewd card player (Right Terry ' ) he s sure to emerge from those watery depths with more than one pay check Phil leaves USNA to jOin his lovely Lisa and while we ll regret the loss We dont hear her complaining Good luck. Phil James L Sherrard. Jr. Austin Texas Mechanical Engineering Navy Air Jamie never let us forget it His silly, often witty, Texai out. Jamie turned to sailing and made an e ventlu (Uhh 1 think 1 m going to be l.ck ) tnp Sermuda Youngster year Jamie met his df eamgi Attababy Things were going great until got tnsky and trie d to KISS her (Oh well. there always other ) oungster year also saw Jamie wearing stars until h e decided to change his major to Mech E decided to coast home from there ( ' ) amies least favor e animal ' The snake. 01 course Getting bitten at the ring dance i$ a hard swailow- even lor him Having e.perien cedha d luck with civilian types. Jamie turned to her B lor lemale companionship, and hortly discovered that women are the same ryv»here— even y oung ones Jamie really i easy live with too— just ask his roomates ones that are stil here anyway Jamie lost his firs roomie youngster year but replaced him Ta look-alike almo dillo Alter the second o e departed the Jamie Curse was leared by an far Ive survived a nd will make it to May c f 83 « ith only a fat lip or lour years Jam e seemed to always be n the dirt and caught a lot ol good-humored 1 lor It However, his easy going, always c eerlul and Iriendly personality made him one ol best liked Te«ans and people) m the company F lends with everyone, rarely was he heard ing negatively of thers Jamie s good sen s toward others » III carry him a long way in lile P-cola Jamie see y u ther SWEET SIXTEEN 16th Company 609 Edward N Becker III Orlando Florida Chemistry Nuclear Power Cheeks According to a recent article in central Florida scene (circulation over 10,000 doctors offices and barbershops). Edward N. Becker III is a typical midstiipman. He is a Chemistry major with a 3 3 cumulative grade point average, and is the type of mid that writes his mother every week This may all be true but there is more to Ed than just what was told Some of the things the article failed to point out were such things as his criminal tendencies (Ed jUst couldn ' t help but kidnap his roomates teddy bear at least once a week), or his penny-pinching attitude (The war of the century almost errupted over who ' s turn it was to buy toothpaste once) Another thing the article failed to point out was Ed ' s bad luck on both youngster and first class cruise On both cruises he ended up getting sick (One from a taxi ride through the mountains after a wild sangria night in Spain, and one from running from typhoons in the West Pacific) Ed has done quite well at the Academy though he started out slowly with an inferiority complex about his singing His roommates sang quite well but poor Ed was a graduate of the Gerry Esper school of singing for the tone deaf (Summa cum loud, of course). Ed was also one of the first in the company to become engaged He was also one of the first ones to see the errors Even after all his difficulties, Ed was always one of the top performers in the company With his day-glo red ' 65 Mustang and his nuclear power check in his pocket. Ed is ready to go home to Orlando and start nuclear power school — Flask Scott L. Bubier Redlands California General Engineering Air Force Boobs Scott comes to the Academy from an Air Force family He has lived in many places including England. Maine, Indiana and California His favorite and present home is So Cal , where he spends many a day in the hot tub While at home he also likes to spend his time four -wheeling or just laying in the sun Here at the Academy this laid back spirit shows, and he is generally an easy going guy At first he did not do too well with the rates but his future roommate Bob took most of the flack during the summer, so he made it through Once the academics started he struggled through the Aero Matrix till second class iear. he slid into general (As they say sooner or later you will go His favorite hobby before coming to USNA was flying which he did with the Royal Air Force This led to his interest in planes which his knowledge of landed him a job as second class training Some people get lucky. Scott is one of these For example he did not get his choice of ships tor either 3rd. or 1st class cruise but he did get an early cruise to the Portland Rose Festival both times If his luck holds out he will be wearing silver wings on a blue bus drivers uniform Robert L. Baldocchi San Francisco California Oceanography Navy Air Doc Doc was a senior in college Edward D Baldwin Shreveport Louisiana Physical Science Surface Line Edward myself comparing wit ages that are dead, a thought sinks drowne hedge that excludes so large a part of the d gaze, my thought conceives interminable ces. and profoundest calm; whereat my tieart nd blustering through these branches. I find ince, and then t call to mind eternity, and the d the noise of it And so in this immensity my — Translation from Leopardi 610 17th Company Jeffrey J, Clark Springfield Illinois Mathematics Nuclear Submarines JJ. Jeff Clark — alias Superman — cz wasn ' t from Springfield anymore JeM wanted to come here so bad from Springfield. Illinois A year later, though, he rom even he didn ' t know w off his senior year in high school, just so he could Plebe summer was a great experience Our old sqi get rid of him Have you gotten your reservations at a civilian school are you going to get your bus tickets home, Mr Clark? " But J J- managed to muddle through Plebe year came and went wi hockey. Who can forget seeing him waddling down the hall in his tweedl huge bag of equ ipment slung over his shoulder, and his hockey stic 1 hockey uniform, , Then there ; game J returned slightly under the influence Clunk, he staggered into t bag slung (sort of) over his shoulder Plunk, he dropped it on the d over that bag mto the desk Crash, he staggered into the locker :k, where he crashed and burned until the next morning, when all wing beer bottles at signs somewhere around Baltimore Pittsburgh, Orlando, Houston, Springfield, and New Orleans, eady 75 mph, without blinking an eyelash ; seeks his fortune in the silent service Just remember thrs. Michael A. Crosby Oklahoma City Oklahoma Applied Science NFC Gramps Cramps hailed to wonderful USNA from Oklafioma City as a b ight inspiring old plebe Fr there he started a short live football career This was followe d by a sailing care er that ended before its time due to t he old mans sense of d sagreemen with any type of a uthority all-American at the restriction nationals, Gramps didn t let that get his spirits ' dow In fact was always spirited m the hal Aside from all that. M s Crosbys green alert parties d fun enjoying their fir Gra mps will be m but Im sure Mike will gladly be advancing his Navy career Good lu :k always Robert M Campbell Concord Massachusetts Physics Moral perfection is not to be judged by mystic commandments to practice the impossible. »nd moral stature is not to be judged by matters not open to choice Moral perfection is rather an unbreached rationality - not the degree o( one ' s intelligence, but the full and relentless use of the mind, not the extent of one ' s knowledge, but the acceptance of reason as an absolute An error made on ones own is safer than ten truths accepted on (aith, the first leaves one with the means to correct it. but the second destroys the capacity to distinguish truth from error ' ■| fear for your future. Kira. " said Victor " You r far with those ideas of yours " " That. " she said. Robert C. Chapleski Allentown Pennsylvania Computer Science Navy Air Ski Bob arrived at the Academ y after his New England tour (v a NAPS) Wine, w : men. and song were always his top priority. occasionally finding time to be a hard-working m d From golden gloves to muddy cleats to cru ches. the happy Pollock soon switched the emph SIS to academic endeavors He chose Compu er Science as his major, and oved every -bit " He will be long remembered for his glorious nvention. the bucket brigade . which should go over well at the ■0 ■club at Pensacola These could never have taken place without the help o a certain Karen R from Arnold. Md Our wish or his future?-Th3l Bob doesn ' go through lets a fast as Vettes ' (He could be in the training command for ever ) Finally. » e hope that Bob s life during his Academy days can be remem bered by his license plate on ' ette 2 -l-Cruz ' Fly Navy. Bob 17th Company 61 Brent J. Flaskerud Pheonix Arizona Systems Engineering Nuclear Power Flask from our very own Brent Flaskerud A product ol Minnesota, Brent came to the boat scho After he sweated through plebe year. Brent contracted a terminal case of youngstentis He proved his class loyalty by sleeping through 83% of his afternoons Brent, more affection; known as B J , (that ' s right), had a short and dull career as a Navy discus thrower It ended v the coach found out that B J preferred to play racquetball rather than go to practice A life member of the bucket brigade. B J s overwhelming lack of tact manifested itself one drunken evening when he outlined his emotional and physical desires to a more than queenie He has had his good days too They were Sep 2, and March 23 One ramy day v walking back to mother 8. B J was picked up by a lass m a Camaro who felt sorry for him been nding around with Charlene ever since To Brent we wish the very best, you ' ll be misse those 90 day patrols Jeffrey E. Fletcher Seattle Washington Mechanical Engineering Marine Corps Flex Jeff Fletcher, known as " Flex " , " Mobile " , or " Fletch ' has had many experiences since joining the illustrious i habit of losing his heels on the stairs while chopping Jel he missed our record setting climb of Herndon Over the summer. Mobile was " forced ' to spend a mom rom Seattle, Washington Jefl ' 83 Plebe year, Fletch had a t through plebe year-although with another hardship to face youngster cruise in Hawaii Youngster year brought many sessions of instruction with the rack r treak trip to Florida for scuba diving and for Disney World Fletch , ' world ot the Mechanical Engineer, struggling to survive dynamics, strengths, and no After two years of living with D D E and D P R . Jeff roomed with the only man who J chop down trees while he sleeps, with his bu 7saw snore Second class year also found vith a letter for powerlitting, for which he acquired the nickname " Flex " 2 C year took him 1 south to Alabama with Dover for spring break ' 82 First class summer took Jeff to Hawaii more, where he met Trudy First class year found him having his best experience with i fantastic Mech E profs- " The Rocket Lives " -which he hopes to survive Now that Jeff has wn wheels, he has been seen all around the state, seeking out all ot those wild women that panted over his body Memorable quotes from Mobiles I C year were " Is that diamond " . " Class average was an 85, and I got a 30 " ; " Lemme tell ya about my friend Hump Thei i Flex in t iited States Ma iroughoul the four yoari Dirk D Ellsworth West Linn Oregon Aerospace Engineering NFO Jerk Elsewhere From across the rockies he came, an Oregon backwoodsman, complete with scfutty chm aruJ axe How could he know that he would soon trade that axe m on his new. life-long fr»end-his calculator ' He easily gamed acceptance into the boat school to help balance the load ol engineers and real people, and despised the latter ' By the way. isn t Aerospace something between the ears ' Well, anyway, the all night Aero tabs and cable tests took heavy casualties. but this guy held on. thanks to a tittle beauty from Virginia named Liddy We all would have paid dearly to hear his Nuc Power interview with the Admiral — Come on. Dirk, you dont really want to gel on a ship that is supposed to sink We wouldn ' t want you to short out any instruments when you continue to sweat the load As if he ever had to worry ' At least with graduation welt m hand he has begun to relax, and can even be found laughing once m waysk laughing, andw Actually h old friends Good luck and good sailing in all you do! RCC Gerald A. Esper Sterling Hts. Michigan Alchemist Nuclear Submarines Jerry thumbed his nose at MIT and left Sterling Hts , Michigan to become a naval officer He quickly became popular tor his fine spirit in trying to sing marching songs Considering the ■ Maryland summer unduly cool, he slyly wore his combo cover over his ears for warmth M plebe summer was soft for Jerry, academic year was more cheesecake Under the tutelage of the Batt Oflicer, his knowledge of the MHP was so great that the upperclass frequently consulted him on his interpretation ot the regulations After sliding through plebe year, he left for the Phillipines with his role-model. Uncle Bill Except lor the 15 point rise and fall of his stocks, his trip was a great success Jerry returned completely satisfied that he had found his calling Youngster year was a good one for Jerry, from what he can remember The following summer he went to quasi-airborne school ON the streets of Michigan He learned that it is much easier to fall vertically and land m dirt, than to fly horizontally and land on a windshield - - ■ anything to miss Protramid Second class year ottered Jerry a study hour alternative to sleep the ward- lines, laugh about them, and go back to bed In spite of this severe case ot Narcolepsy. Jerry did very well as a chemistry major with a minor m Star Trek His efforts allowed him to be selected for bubble head duty We really weren ' t sure that Jerry liked to sleep a lot until lirst class year when he said he got a longer matress so that he could sleep longer Finally. Jerry tell in love with the girls back home and became the envy of us all His life will surely be a successful one rf he can (ust stay awake long enough to enjoy it I 612 17th Company Stephen M. Jackson Lawnside New Jersey Mathematics Nuclear Power Ajax Steves arrival at USNA caused everyone he met great appretiension At first it was thougtit h was a Soviet spy. but evidence from a Lawnside source disproved ttiat ttieory Eacti year, ne guesses were made about Ajaxs true identity Some thought him an NIS ' agent, others a R Van Winkle impersonator Through gallant research it was finally determined that he too. w; just a senior m college Mark K. Johnston Tacoma Washington Physics Nuclear Power When Mark left Salt Lake City for Annapotts were already preparing to move They left no Mark R Hagerott Kent Washington History Nuke Service Hags Some people say that Mark left his common sense at home in Kent. Washington Why else would a poet select Nuclear Power ' No Mark I ' m Imally convinced, history is the best major here-nice joke Plebe year there was Gerry and his Inends to make life interesting and youngster year brought life with Chris Living with a book worm narcoleptic, I guess there wasnt anything else to do but study For sport Mark managed to squeeze m long hours (minutes ' ) on the skeet range Hence came the nicknames of Geek-A-Lot and Bag-A-Lot I think they ' re kind of catchy Well after two short years of fun at USNA Mark packed his bags lor West Point What was that about common sense ' It seems that Mark can be happy almost anywhere, as long as he can read the financial page Returning Irom New York with tall tales and his sense of humor intact Mark prepared for a summer cruise in Europe with the Dutch Navy Some people really have it rough Old you really run the whole ship and have to put the captain m his place Mark ' The first three years weren t so bad and as a nuke you ' ll pick up some real education You really are alright Mark. Im sure that Ann would agree Even if you dont get the Rhodes Scholarship life hasn ' t been too bad here When you retire to that old wheat farm m North Dakota, think back on your glory days as a geek sweat stnper at USNA JEF Gordon P. Haines Kearney Nebraska Mechanical Engineering Nuclear Power The man with the big nose I remember the day I met Gordon, he came into my room the first day of plebe summer, and I ■ He must t thought 1 was Gor{ ledication But next semester. I don ' t care what his Gordon IS a devious individual, a real ladies man f nas leave, G P went to the ski slopes to lounge aroi )air of big sad puppy dog eyes just begging for affection I was heartbroken to fmd out Gordon was N P Q for the Marine Corps mow how much he wanted to be a Marine, but I guess .lots He ' s (ust got to keep thinking, " I ' m not going ste realized this right at the beginning of parents ardon. people went out of their way to be kind ■ And with knee surgery. G P was able to stay important, parking in those V I P spaces that j that the attention wore off with the absence field and did it to his other knee Now that ' s I his excuse is, he ' s sleeping on the top rack I those Nuc Power alongdis class schedule all t ( calls Plebe year he ot need to took back becaus ng address but Mark finally f one He had already spent a eceives a thank you note fro everyone by his inability to r :ing the calculate 1 many of us admired 17th Company 613 Christopher J Loria Belmont Massachusetts General Engineering Surface Line C.J. C J started plebe year wit 2 c ) youngster year Xing, tiowever the lengtri of his beak c le sailing team He seemed to tit in w and a permanent membership into a fresh crewcut, and jumpwmgs to r Jbyr ughes, lined to clean up h.s act This determination lasted well into the hard charger was temporarily sidelined with a cast ol the Bethesda blues The spring of second class year brought on a new twist as CJ )Oined with both roommates in the destruction of " Dueces wild " and skipper " Bronson " Although 1 c year arrived with hts honey tar from home, CJ broke out of his depression the first night back with a quiet evening and )oy ride with charms McKee Yes the early morning breakfast clubs hero was back with his comrades once again Despite all adversity. CJ never let the big things get him down: always landing on his feet His total dedication and friendly personality will enable him to be successful in whatever he does. CJ will be sorely missed by his close friends SEO A F PS Randolph L. Mahr East Brunswick New Jersey Systems Engineering NFO Randy Following Rosanna Rosannadanna ' s advice " Yo into Canoe U from one of the few nice parts ot peaceful Camaros He has always worked hard -. Engineer he put in more than his share of hours, bi he had so many other things to do Membership ii ula New Jersey. ' Randy cruised here wild school buses graze on , during the week As a systems 1 Randy rarely studied since e Canoe, Scuba, and Orienteering clubs as well as the Unofficial Wednesday Afternoon club at Riordans and the " I could walerski forever " clubs kept Gandalf busy inhaling fresh air (among other things) on most weekends Consequent ly. Mondays were usually bad days for Randy As an athlete Randy tried both crew and swimming, but after an uneventful semester turned to company sports for recreation As .1 plebe Randy was a top performer in the platoon until he ruined his sqaud leaders guitar in a watertight, a week before grease was due Randy ' s poor luck as a plebe ts second only to his outstanding ability lo meet up with the wrong girls But when Randy wanted something he would let nothing stand in his way Consider the blonde that he ' attacked ' " at Timmy ' s, wont on to lake to a formal the next year, or the one from Pa who wouldn t say goodbye no matter how crude he got Randy was also one of the few ftrst class to validate four years of swimming, but still go to 6 1 c swimming lessons As an officer Randy tends toward surface I NFO are not out of the question (only out of focus with his eyesight) can be sure it will include large quantities of beer, rock music and women Good luck, fair por Terry W. Keith Pontiac Illinois Aerospace Engineering Marine Air Rughead Close your eyes, take a deep I combinations as pickles and ic Philharmonic " - all the while Ihmt What name suddenly bursts into ) the gentle giant, the founding fa reath. open your mind, then try to imagine such oft the wall J cream, green and pink, or the B-52s and the Boston ing of the one person best described by such diametrical duos our brain ' Why of course ' Terry William Keith, the Rughead. " Iher of the famous uurrah lounge ) would ever expect a stocky. 1 r heard of a pri artist, or forth r gets uptight • Marine Corps who c could get along and actually converse with normal 1 Academy majonng m something other than Phisci, that when asked about his service selection would rather fly F-18s than roll around m the mud and play grunt Yes. the " Rughead " is very certainly a unique person A sucker to the ploys of women (Aren ' t we all ' ). Terry goes through at least one true love " per semester, always ending up being dumped flat on his face Question ' What ' s so unique about that ' " Answer " Terry ' s women all wear uniforms ' In fact, open his wallet and you ' ll find more uniformed profiles than Hugh Hefner has credit cards Terry ' s uniqueness, however, is certainly not something to be looked down upon like the plague or herpes In fact, his individuality has been very much a contribution to the personaitty that seperates the Academy from other universities, adding that little touch of humor, that spice of reality that makes Banana-U all worth while m the end WC McC Bruce A. Koivu Orlando Florida Mathematics Aviator Bruce Bruce drifted in from radiant Orlando, exchanging a lite of biking, skimg. and general ingenious mischief tor one of intimate moments with the honey well too often (When not biking or skimg or ) Along the way, he discovered unusual new uses tor cauliflower m the pursuit of young french-Canadiennes (le cnou-fleur, nest-pas ' ), and spring beer on even younger Washmgton- lans Spring breaks meant initiating future nukes to the fine art ot Orlando life, including those who can leap a g-stnng m a single bound A logical man. )ust one sub cruise convinced him to start his career at Pensacola here ' s to the future fulfillment of his dream sleeping on a moonlit earner and landing on tropical beaches (Or is that the other way around?) 614 I 7th Company to William C. Mc Cool Lusby Maryland Computer Science Navy Air ling from the ide open spaces of Texas. Willie car to accept the challenge ■ ' morally, me lo problems at all A natural athlete. V ;r. dominated his time Participating ii itally, and physically " Me llie excelled at every spor cross country and both ii am crazy When got bore I computers He ' s the or Aero major, Willie decided to pick something he really t know who bought a wnst watch specifically because it had space invaders on it He ' s done so well here that he ' s planning on getting his masters degree in computers before going to flight school Though it sounds as it Willie was busy all the time, he still had enough spare time to teach himself to play the guitar and to speak French (This really irritates G P and T K the other members of the urraah lounge } He was m bed by 10 30 every night because he needed " at least 8 hrs a night ■■ The mora challenge was Willies only problem area Wha s a guy to do when he s got a baby lace that br ngs out the ' loving ' quality in women ' He ma Je a valiant effort at being a gallant knight but hes only human Willie also had a couple scrapes with the conduct system Who would have expected a gate guard to stop cars ooking for 2nd class drivers And how about that running Wit out a t shirt in 98 degree weather Willie proved to us all that scholar-atheletes are real people 00 Willie will accomplish any goat e sets and t e Navy is getting one hell of a pilot Good luck V Villie!!! GPH James B McKeon Portland Maine History Surface Line Duke From the planet Maine he came. Portland. M sine to be ex acKOr was It Oregon ' ) His biggest goal in lite IS to drive boats tor Navy: A little odo considering his natural aquatic abilities (or lack thereof Maybe he should be a ground pounde instead ' We knew Jim was special the first day he arrived: r 0. It IS not the tact that he has to sp endtwohou s a day behind a razor, it is because Jim IS a are It be said ' A liberal! James is s liberal that f he won the Irish Sweepstakes. He would give he money away because he woulc feel guilty Seriously we admire Jim lor his ideals and w hair on his head and every tooth m his mouth im will probably stay in the Navy Ic r life, and he will be a fine Naval OHicer He has shown us th at he can accomplish anything whe 1 he sets his mind to It After all he was a History major Thin k of all the independent research Jim as don at historic sites like The King of he was half rish and half Italian given his calm. ed disposition and temper Jim co Id always be counted on to give a quiet, rational response to frustrating situations, as long as you gave h m twenty-lour hours lor his blood pressure an d his senses to return to normal Leggs. like the old Irish toast says " May you be in heaven for an hour before the devil knows your dead ' Good luck always, and Jim. dont ever give up your independent research Albert J, Mathers Marysville Michigan Marine Engineering Nuclear Power Beaver Marling (rom Marysville, Michigan, the " Beaver " came to USNA with his mind already set on nuke power Although that much hasn ' t changed, plenty of other things have happened m the ;d like he was heading (or the top ot the class I all that work turning into more more (un. we ve witnessed a slight but steady decline in QPR Youngster year also brought the shortest lone call of his life where he dumped one. and for the next year went through plenty of others ways coming on strong, he seemed to always get bored by the second date but that was just • than once got him into trouble which eventually left him t of stead with the C O Finally, he appears to have been landed by M J coming home and PDA m the midstore. appears here to stay There must the relationship, if VISA and phone bills are any sort of indicator (Oh Well. there goes part of his nuke bonus ) Using his adjutant status to the futtest. Beaver is approaching the record tor the fastest increase in odometer readings in his silver honda. which must have the road between Crabtown and Alexandria memorized His ability to get good grades without studying has impressed us all. and the sight of him in his rack during study hour constantly reading science fiction is one well never forget If those nuk e interviewers only knew, but it doesn ' t matter now Beaver s luck seems endless and we hope it stays that way Henry B Mathews II Dothan Alabama History Marine Air Benny Ben arrived at Canoe-U. on the shore s of the Sever n straigh from Dothan. Alabama Sine that day. in July f ' 79. we have all earn d tores pecta d yet be a little bit scared ol Benny Be became a ' Chit- man " rather early at USNA Du ring pi be summer he managed to sleep m th hospital while the rest of us took a strain (Thank again. Ben) Wl- lie Ben managed the rest ol th year with only m nor violations of alcoh lie natu re (by heway ve appreciated the yellow tiles he soon lost all control and zipped on his real foul Marine head A Marine from Alabama, the next best thing to wearing Alabama P E gear all year Ben ' s taste in clothing is definitely not paralleled by his taste in cars, the only 3 c to have a brand new Datsun 280ZX They say when it rams it pours and that ' s about as often as the car gets washed Must be nice Well, enough of the serious stuff on old Benny, just be glad you weren ' t in the class of 1986 last summer for our resident foxtrot Hammer to rack you in After graduation you will be lucky to catch Ben Mathews as he will be screaming along at Mach 2 in his F-I8 Hornet for the United States Marine Corps The Marines definitely got the best of that deal and all we can say is that we will miss his dedication and friendship. The best to you in all you do Good luck D D E ,7th Company 615 Sean E O ' Connor Rumson New Jersey Applied Science Surface Sonny Plebe summer earned Sean the nickn sme of Sonny with his tender years, wi ecracks, and exuberance ol youth He would have mad e Ac year a breeze if he hadn ' t almost di membered a certain 2 c who was merely performing his duties Oh well Plebe year saw nu merous spirit related carry-outs and blanket parties which lelt him with a lew skinned knuckles but a much better state of mind That and beating ou t his squad leader for noseguard on the 50 football team lelt him with a Cakewalk plebe year Youngster year was a real turning point or Sonny 01 lll-C, he was only a lew scars lelt, mostly a lasting nightmare of a garbage truck a most running him over at dawn on Dam-Neck beach F rst class year saw Sonny ' s early warning system ' s go into ellect Alter three years ol prowling he had many unlnendlies alter his buns; a tailgatershis buddies could be seen calling out azim ths ol incoming bogies which would s nd our hero scurrying in the opposite direction But for all his lun and games he has done well at Navy. starting at noseguard on the ISO ' s and it aking all-league many times, ending up as co-captain We wish Sonny luck in all that he does and that none of his many lovelies gets heir claws on him Sonny, take care and keep the bee rs cold until we get there f PS C JL Chris Pietras Long Island New York Marine Engineering Navy r Chris as the smart mouth, lair skinned blond haired kid Irom Long Island Though the smalles plebe. by graduation, he was 5 inches and 30 pounds bigger In those four years and eight mile runs. Chris earned several nicknames ar d a notorious While Chris didnt stand n the top ol his class, he was actually a latent genius At Navy, three evit (orces combined to restrain his lazy but immense intellect a cnbbage board, sci fi books, and the rack His Iriends and class mates stood helplessly by as Woodstock played hundreds ol cnbbage games wtth his partners Irom Baltimore and Oregon In lact. the partner with the bum knee later lell victtm to Ac boards as a result ol the long-running game series— which Chris won When not playing games, he could read up to three books a week; il an English or History ma|or. he would have easily become the department chairman Finally, it anything got the best ol Chris. it was his narcolepsy, he was once admitted (o Bancroft medical for 3rd degree back burns Chris loved books, cnbbage. and the rack, but his greatest affection was for the mile run In fact, Chris ran the mile a multitude of times and even stayed alter classes on Fridays |ust to take advantage ol Heinz Lenz ' s expert instruction Where ever " Woodstock " . Chris (or whatever) will find himself in the luture, he will be one ol the best He was always ready to lend a helping hand, or do a (avor In the class o( " 83 there are lew others who got along so well, with so many, so much of the time as Chris, the " Cribbage King " Your gray i M RH Keith B. Menz Milwaukee Wisconsin Political Science Naval Intelligence Rat Keith hails from the beer capital of US —Milwaukee. Wisconsin He enlisted m ttie Navy after high school and was advanced to petty officer 3 c before being accepted to the Naval Academy Prep school While at NAPS. " Mouse ' was an outstanding soccer goalie However, the coaches at USNA thought he was too small to play the nets so Keith turned his efforts to kicking for 150 11 waysi ately (or the girls, us will ever forget the good nes, the year the Brewers 1 ways NPQ, Keith hopes tc ; Navy will begainin Good luck always " srker. Keith rarely Slept when his studies needed attention Mm as his grades were seldom below 3 4 Whenever not eith could be always found at a party He has a lailgater , Mouse will be there He discovered Hood college 2 c year rr Since The girls m every dorm at Hood know of " The ne particular hoodite has had his attention lor some time imes and few will forget what a pam he was dunng the " 82 almost won " We will all miss Keith ' s hotheadedness and enter the intelligence community upon graduation When Dave Nameroff Akron Ohio Nuclear Power Marine Engineering Dave Since Dave ' s family already had a history of being involved with nuclear power (his dad works (or Babcock Wilcox, you know, the people responsible lor TMI). he decided to visit Canoe U and join the ranks of the U S nuclear navy (and, ol course, il you go nuke, you have to go subs) Dave started acting like a midshipman in Crabtown belore most ol his classmates When he came out for Orientation Day, he managed to gel himsell so pickled that he was lost when he was standing right in front ol his hotel But that wasn t good enough for Dave, he decided that he had to do better than that So one line Saturday alternoon during ptebe year he got so drunk that he slept through his alarm and evening formation Since Dave likes to be active, he joined a few clubs here at the Boat School In one ol these clubs he ran through the woods to see how long it would take htm to get lost In another one he had to assume all of these strange positions and do a lot of grunting For a varsity sports He ran a lot of stadium stairs ani before deciding that it just wasn ' t worth giving Dave had dreams from the very beginning ol Academy Thanks to his advisor they have rem opportunity to do graduate work right after as Im sure his advisor would say jate work dunng his last year at t itouched dreams Dave may get I ng though " Better late 616 1 7th Compriny • n Derek P. Rydholm Fort Collins Colorado Physical Science Navy Air Ryders Derek came to muggy Crabtown from the sparkling waters of Fort Collins. Colorado, ski country During hiis first year Derek became a hit with the firsties when he was carried from formation one Saturday afternoon after enjoying a little too much spring water However, during the winter months he became very flexible This was exibited while on the varsity gymnastics team and finally on the batt football team that ended with a perfect record After meeting Nancy Ryders has made a lasting impression on us all He was a perfect example to follow but never getting the chance not all of us saw his true potential Ryders, good luck in the fleet we know you will stand head and shoulders above the rest. Good luck always Frank P. Shaffer Indiana Pennsylvania Aerospace Engineering Navy Air Fat Rat ■Fat Rat " Shatter rolled down fi with puppy dog eyes ablaze and a day regimine Frank slid through realized they had a potential F-1 Starting oH Youngster year on a road sodas, impressing a certain r steeple chase back to Sunday evi The high point of Youngster yeai slopes of New Hampshire (You knc -yeah thats right Pennsylvania to Canoe U e quickly adapted to the paltry three meal c loticed except by the wrestling staff, whc completely unscathed le one long distance road trip to the sk state) The dangerous three kept warn ip off the slopes and replacing his man ' !0S and his dads new car Despite it all id his waist line The IMC parties ant ed membership to the Frank ' s first of many hich remained no one on the company? ling did htlle to improve his stellar attit e levels Although enthusiastic about sail though he never missed a party, or a t by Frank roll back into Annapolis with the ho •28 With fond memories of June week w )ve into academic year labs, the rack, and the v ern wrestling crown and then flying high with Navy Air. Hi I make Frank an excellant officer and probably the Na ie missed by all with fond memories We are looking for Bryan V, Riegel Spokane Washington Political Science USMC NFO Beagle Wtnging I I Spokane. Washington. Beagle " was pretty wet b«hind the ears when he t USNA He made it through plebe year generally unnoticed, mamly because he always to be at the boathouse It wasn ' t without its ' tough limes, however, since Bryan and d extra duty pulling the toad for one who didn ' t make tl Al least Youngster year was led in proper fashion, with an afternoon spent on the beltway and a run through the mud to make formation Not too good tn summer whites but all four cohorts m crime emerged unscathed It was a good year for Beagle when everything seemed to fall into place Then came the big change, with a blind date, that started in the Rotunda and has no end in sight II was tough to find him before when he just had crew, but with two diversions Bryan is even a rarer sight He should be allowed to commute to school since that would probably make things easier The past two years have certainly been filled with alot of different experiences From all Ihe stares directed toward the mid with the wife and the kid, Eric.» leaving her mark on the nose of the Dants wife, sweet-talking the Maryland Stale Police and a record time between Ft Meade and USNA. it has been an exciting lifestyle Some things haven ' t changed though, Bryan ' s quick smile and easy going manner are things we wont forget We wish him luck on the way lo his dream of flying and in meeting the challenges which he ahead. Derek G. Roberts Honolulu Hawaii Mechanical Engineering Surface Derek left San Diego . iickname of " Blow it Cc vay through two years v arrived at Ihe United States Naval Academy with a high school but rooming with General Pretty during plebe summer helped lively speaking) After coughing, limping, typing, and brushing his C W and E B he had several other nicknames During youngster 3ved to Hawaii so that Bo squidly would not have time to become romantically involved, but he still managed to find a island girl in the Navy junior pool Back at the boat school he tallied up the Dants. as well as the deputy ' s daughters: Ihe siblings of high- ranked ring knockers must perpetuate the species Derek chose to major m Mechanical Engieer- ing so that he could calculate the yield stress of Ihe bolts remaining after reassembling his Capn ' s engine His efforts paid off with a reward he wished he had never been awarded- four about Derek spent his leave time in V minister ' s daughters to commuting graduation, Surface Nuclear Power, a success and happiness ' , ways: from going to dr for cruise Finally he rt ost importantly, many c 17th Company 617 Scott A SteevGs Schenectady New York Systems Engineering Surface Line Scotty Scotty ha.is from beautiful upstate New York. Schenectady to be specific, wrhere he the cold and warm climates satisfactory to his Aplme and water skiing habits An eager gave up a normal coll lor abuse, he followed in the footsteps become a squtd at Canoe U 17 Scott also saw the light quitting th turned his attention to battling the si s brother. Sean. plebe who managed to survive ti aters and blowers saying D ( IS engineering major of which Scotty became an important member of the company slow-pitch softball team, not tor hi$ athletic skills, but for the cookies and brownies his lovely companion, Amanda, would bring to the games It was said if you ever wanted to find Scotty. you need only look m three places- Ward . the residence of Amanda " Haze gray and underway ' is the V he IS bound for success Best of luck, always Craig A. Walker Mishawaka Indiana Mechanical Engineering Surface Nuclear Mishawaka Living only a footballs throw from Notre Dame, Craig arrived from Mi edge of Michigan beaches and his uncles sea stones unde routine of every normal Midshipman, Craig occassionally selt Quickly falling into the onaiiy honored the sub-squad with h« back home, and deftly avoided the titles ■ Geek ' and Sweat " After deciding that Mechanical Engineering was the only real r Glee Club and Chapel Choir with his voice and spent many of hi good friends John and Jack After providing the theory that new stereo speakers can improve your grades Craig ' s profes- sionalism shone through when he reluctantly turned down a first class cruise at sea and instead chose recruit training at Great Lakes He felt he could get a more meaningful eaperience working with the young enlisted people and returned very much satisfied with his summer activities Craig ' s dedication was not unnoticed because he returned with a position on Battalion Staff, no morning quarters, and 3-stnper libs Always keeping in touch with reality, Craig was often a stabilizing influence when the rigors of academy life became heavy He was always available to offer constructive criticism and lend a helping hand After authorizing an interview with Admiral Mckee. Craig chose what many feel the real navy is all about The wind in his hair, beautiful sunsets, port calls, and no unreps with oilers We wish Craig the best of luck with his future and know that wherever he travels he will always find lite as sweet as honey DGR STALAG SEVENTEEN 618 1 7lh Comp.iny 4 James A Blake Springfield Massachusetts General Engineering Supply Deac " He should have gone to Broadway instead! " " Geoffrey R Brandquist Annapolis Maryland Management Surface Geoff Geoffrey Roland Brandquist comes from a long line of proud swedes Although the continental quiff got off to a slow start plebe summer (Since he was Capt 8randquist " s son, sir ). it didn ' t stop him from making such cheers as From East to West, " " or " From Atlantic to Pacific " famous Plebe year took its toll with the long hours sleeping in the te As Youngster year rolled around, Geoff finally met someone besides Henry Dicker to keep him happy, her name was Margie He called her my favorite nurse " In sports he rallied both the heavy weight football tean and Co basketball team to two losing seasons, as quarterback and guard respectively As Second class year ca ne upon him. Rip Van Brandquist found it hard to stay awake at least one-third of the day to go on steerage runs, call Margie, and play lead cowbell for the smack. During First class year. he chicken wing lover was able to keep his grades sat and would frequently recruit people drive to BuHalo with, where his bride to be lived Also Firsl-class year the square-head was ble to take wires again, and coach his no-practice basketball team to a 2-7 season Brandquist " increased financial capabilities were evident by his frequent stereo and book sales to finance his debt Hopefully GeoH, who is choosing Surface Line as a service selection, and Margie will enioy life together as much as weve enjoyed him Geoff " s been a good friend to everyone and fu 1 to be with Good luck Geoff Michael W. Byman Virginia Beach Virginia Mechanical Engineering Nuclear Submarines Mike After leaving his home in Ohio. Florida, c Mike arrived at Navy and breezed through year soon pulled him up short and he disc very lov profile Slaying generally neutral i pugs and mud shark, year Mike continued ife simply isn ' t worth living. Mike frequently h After practicing with his " flipper sub " Mike is nany memories of good friends and great tinr (depending on which day you asked him). imer However the cold, hard reality of Ac at the secret to happiness plebe year is a ke layed claim to a desk at Nimitz and hit the books hard Youngster look out tor pugs, and always dragged htm out ot the rack about two that without Jesus Christ as Lc IIS priorities with this m mi school He will leave Navy v Reynold J Convento Duncanville Texas Applied Science Surface Line Rey NAPS, inte It on participa huge amily Ih the Filipino connection in the war room, but soon found ou not th e purpose of this he plowed through plebe summ r. shi ing as the week 5 pro- gressed, despite spending half time dressing -lis now detune company mate (HPD) Of the hardest profs and classes at USNA Three Tl-55s and a nervous breakdown later. Rey abilities surfaced during the next few years as a result of a heavy influence from his youngster roommates. Lennon and McCartney, and from a deeper inspiration from his true love. Sabnna (Veronica was such a tease) He emerged as the company photographer automechanic. and shoo-pow (and other sweet asian foods) distributor Despite all these attributes, it still took a Rey managed to advance above and beyond his classmates socially He could always be counted on to be the life of the party, with such original antics as lampshade-hat wearing, and immediately informing the crowd of his state upon accomplishing a buzz " Roy " the Japanese guy recently had been adopted by Geoff and Margie They will surely take care of him till he can make his decision as to whether to go Surface Line or Surface Line. Bronze and Chaz 18th Company 619 Stanley D. Gabriszesk Glen Burnie Maryland Marine Engineering Nuclear Submarines Gabber Stan happened by chance upon the N hat Canoe U even existed, despite the act that ie had lived ust do» n the roa i in Glen Bur me lor the previous eighteen years One ol his many accompli hments c uring plebe ummer included being a mem ber ol the " Dress me cause Im Harry Dorman ' p t crew Stan urvived plebe sum mer. and the Glen burn- out in him was (inally purged from his system Stan managed to make tf e plebe squad His love or the team extended mutually to his classmates as Stan was well known lor his Ic ve and support ol 18th company To escape the pressures of the next ew years. St n lounc peace in cranking disc 5 music on his prized ■Close-andPlay " Fortunately tor him hi tastes have gone to better and stranger Lite was not all Diet Pepsi- and Sale m Lights lor Stan a problems did mount t rough the years But even with cysts, stubborness dear. Stan still re named dedic led to loin the nuc power team, sure to give the best 30 years o( his life to Uncle Sam Stan Go Mr Navy Nuc em till they glow Chaz and Caesar William J. Galinis Delray Beach Florida Electrical Engineering Surface Line Joe Head and a determined, bu Annapolis Bill made it of chocolate cakes and making midnight i Plebe year brought a new Youngster J G eager attitu ugh plebe s ' atti I give up Florida er by feeding hi? lass in a slightly modified ude, a double E ma|or. anc which fascinated the company with her interesting chow packages ai addresses Never one for the complex life. Bill found much freetime en|oyment playir and going out with hts buddies Jim. Jack, Hank, and Merle, but he was disappointed found out you couldn ' t deep sea fish on the Chesapeake With many late nights ol couni and double E, Billy Joe would let loose by gotng out Moe and Joe style " to the Sati moutains of western Maryland, or. il enough time allowed, straight south like a Itghtnmj narrowly missed the job of brigade commander (you had my vote guy) two stripes and the titles of " the most ummpersonatable man " , " Billy I sub commander " , and " the most dedicated student " Quiel a wild son of dixie by night. Bill proved to everyone what a timely ftne person Navy takes him above, below, or on lop of (he water. |ust listen for the soun and country music and you ' ll find Bill Best of luck and God speed, my frie tM JO 620 18th Company duly and hing pole Michael C Dellatto Brooklyn New York Management Marine Air Dellatts Mike Dellatto came to USNA trc plebe year because being a good the streets ol Brooklyn New York He had a tough iim« han he constantly needed to shave Because of this he knames Bluebeard " and Sasquatch His musical tastes (disco) Ihe top contender for the John Travolta look alike contest Mike ete of himself, he pumped weights and stared m such macho sports )ll But he seemed to forget about his legs, because of this his legs Legs throughout 18th company Mike an excellent student and a I to enter psychotic states when a test came around (mostly the management experience to financial endeavors whtle at the Acade- money and invest it while others wasted theirs on stupid things kke .eer and fun Mike was also the only plebe to return triumphantly from Herndon with his pro eds, socks, and tee shirt Mike s only desire while at the Academy was to go home and see his teady Patncia or Pumpkin as he called her Mike hopes to become an NFO m any senrice hat will allow him the most ground time After plebe year Mikes comic ability became evident by his imitation of nearly every on in he company, no one was immune The company Christmas party was his best medium iof lh« alent. where he kept everyone in stiches Whatever the Brooklyn Cujeen " does or wherever le goes we know that Mike will do well We will miss his ceaseless humor and friendship Take and appearence r at batt rugby and run) Mike appli€ G 6 Donald G. Drehoff Baltimore Maryland Economics Surface Don Smile everybody, and welcome to Fantasy Island! Today we will take you through the surreal and imaginative academy hfe of Don Drehoff " The disciple- Always under devme inspiration. Don did his best to spread the word of the Lord among his peers at the famous company bible studies (What better way to spend 0530 to 0600 ' ) Don let it be known that he was born again, again and again However, his applications were progressive, by cranking the tunes of Larry Norman and the Dyl-man The movie star- Dons greatest triumph was as Mr Hollywood himself, writing, acting, produc- ing, and directing such memorable features as " The Chow Package. " The Newlymid Game. " Family Feud, " " The Interns (released at HoUoween). and the still to be released Star ol Annapolis ' The musician After being influenced for years by the likes of Lennon. Dylan. Costello. Young. and Gates. Don (along with Mick Gabber), organized " The Smack " , one of the most i (! bands ol Ihe 80 ' 5 1 Don 5 Lawrence L Gill Lake Havasu Arizona Mathematics Nuclear Submarines Lee Lawrence Lee Gill arrived after the life in his luxurious Florida resort Tiring o» the fun and sun on the tieach, Lee deciced to apply himself to the Corps (Marine), (he Squadron (Y P ), and the major (Math) Fairly quickly he learned he travetled north for nought Classmates found Lee spending time browsing cataloges and junk shops for gadgets Irons, coffee-pots, and popcorn poppers were the beginning, but he didnt stop there No he also had Christmas lights, an ironing board, a shower massage, and a 24K gold toothbrush ' Plebe year began and with it came " E tables " , cope chow calls and many love letters Spring break found Lee and the boys on the beach reltving those old days ' Lee found that his romanced lopped even his love for baseball As president of the Eastport Vette club he found Teds lounge, and himself getting engaged a la shotgun Youngster year past as even more flames igni ted and smothered Second class year brought out the best m Lee Giving up on his roommates, he put on the disco (heavy sail mnlluence), rearranged, and cleaned the room weeklyi It kept his roomates on their toes and the ptebers m awe His musical trumpet Carrying around that mean looking chicken ' in his front pocket has been a heavy ' year had baby t i eyes, a shapely body, f( ; could do to keep her in i son Lee is going to glow n the years to come Jeremy W. Gillespie Cincinnati Ohio English Navy Air Dizzy " In the absolute order of : try What biography of Jeremy would be complete without this quintesseni of philosophy ' Life ith Jerry will never be dull for anyone withm earshot as long as they have a friendly ear and an ppreciation tor the finer nuances of life Jeremy is the one man always ready to proofread a nidnight paper, make a steerage run. loan out his car, catch some " quick rack. ' discuss some lull. and pull an all-nighter in the same night as well as m the same breath verything for the past four years With the muses of the poets and J P Jones ' recommended raits, no one can dispute Jerry ' s qualifications as a gentleman and an officer In all of Jeremy ' s :cess and new experiences will be found wherever he is, Angela J, Goehrig North Miami Florida Oceanography Geo Physics Tiny Angle hails from North Miami, Florida An Oceanographer by trade, but a I chaser by choice Angie bounced from crew, to the musicals, finally settling down ti Hall to study and escape the clutches of the Ac-board Always complaining about h maybe 101 pounds dripping wet. Angie was constantly on a diet This tmy. skinny gir Best of luck i ' ■ of It all, Decatu Robert J. Hennelly Decatur Illinois Resource Management Surface Bob That teeming midwestern metropolis e duced few individuals possessed of a sensibility, wit. and predilection to contrariness equal to that of Bob Hennelly Bob began his quest for higher learning at the Naval Academy by pursuing the Dragon of Aerospace Engineering Fortunately, halfway through Youngster year and prior to any mortal combat with the Dragon, the muses came to him in a vision and he saw the error of his ways A bull-major at heart. Bob opted for practicality and became a Management major instead Second class year found Bob suffering from the sports car mentality brought on by dreams of his RX-7 extension, with symptoms compounded by his feigning that he never did any real work Ailing as he was. Bob still managed to earn a varsity letter for fencing sabre Durmg first class summer, the Decatur caterpillar felt that he could best professionally develop himself by sojourning in the Mediterranean, and so he did Assigned to ; ; MMC( , Mallorca being not t ntice. sex, and Panorama Given the t iail Coordinator), Bob found it difficult to squeeze that sleeping, eating, and reading placed on him le could experience Europe m ways only a literate -dipping at 3 a m in the serene blue water off the of these Through the years Bob has earned the ense of humor and athletic ability (racquetball I, for one, am deeply appreciative both of his willing to give To you Bob — best of luck, 18th Company 621 A Michael G Kohrs Madison Wisconsin History Navy Air Mike Mike gave u p the good dnnkinga.the U ot W - Ma the slower women) At go participation n the track ) USNA i last ( . fast fast ; gave up t n for a slow truck slow women, and faster drinking (to help catch d Canoe U . Mikes ma)or contribution to the boat school was his 1 where he and teammate George Abitante singlehandedly drove Friday night carbohydrate loading (beer), and their extra Saturday night training runs while being chased by the Jimmy Legs Despite being a )0Ck. Mike remained a stellar performer in the classroom Double majoring in weekends and wardroom T V trivia, Mike redefined the term scholar athlete Even with his heavy class load, Mike still managed to help his friends when they needed help with their homework Everyone who went to Mike for help improved in cnbbage 100% DC, McC- Angus M. Laney Miami Florida Marine Engineering Surface Gus With a room oH campus in mmd. Gus arrived from sunny Florida in humid Maryland His only problem was whenever he asked lor directions to the dean of housing, he only got yelled at ( " Why are these guys so bent out of shape, anyway? " ) Gus found a way to survive plebe year by hiding m the crew house, watching TV until dinner was half over When he realized that he had an easy squad second i 1 ; Kenneth A. James Bronx New York Oceanography Surface Line Zoot Kenneth James, the man who hails by the i years at the Academy and has established a r member of the Gladiators he then pursued a t only a few This individual, possessing one of th of Zoot. has blazed many traits m his tour along more than one of them A one time r in the 0-6 Club an organization known to it known laughs of the century used it often iing He ( d well loved institution He loved football games along w ) the Academy without the skill of a fish, but he left as I direction) Parting words to those he left behind Ha-i Youngster year. Gus cademic disaster He al IS views on the plebe system Tsk. tsk Second class year Gus found himself flirting t ng argentine f ster His loan payments ■ Gus decided to return to academic disaster, proving that since " Ignorance is bliss. I ' m one happy sob ' " Gus also gained a perspec tive on the structure of the Bay bridge from the top of a car Remember, act like luggage First class year found Gus still a Marine Engineer, despite the fact that he n himself with studies ( " Homework, what ' s that ' ' ) He may have been a low-track MechE. b sure knew his EN 100 by the end of first class year A short lived rugby career entitled Gu ' charter membership on the excused squad Do you know how hard it is to get a guy with ; on to roll over so you can get some sleep, too Gus, always remember The silver dollar, that unbe,ilabte qu.vters team, nightly happy sturdy luggage racks, the Maryland lacrosse Ramo .mri the Iohr walk b.n-k .jflprw.trd .in Gene E. Kessler Lakeland Florida General Engineering Strategic Weapons Officer Bean Gene brought with him I . changed i Florida very different set of values These differences t over the four years they have brought much ndicule at the Academy His goals and directions have not been Lord providing, Gene will be with us and the Navy To a true friend, good li 622 18th Company George D. Miksch College Point New York Mechanical Engineering Navy Air Mixer There it is! Brandt S Moran Baltimore Maryland Marine Engineering Nuclear Submarines Coming from Baltimore. Brandt took a wrong turn on Richie hwy. missed Anne Arundel Comm College and came through gate 8 instead No o e had the heart to break the news to him until First c of five Knowing that ass year, when they told h m that he wou d have to stand duty one weekend out you cant push a rope, Br andt loined th€ sailing team This primed him for the out-of-bngade tnper billet th t he would fill the ne»t t nree years The needs ol the Navy and oms bett r ludgement prevailed third class summer, when his cruise got slash ed from a mec 3 to a yip pie cruise Youngster year brought on the character Albo Skogglema dvocate) Ibo harrassed corporate VPS with such problems as melting of MMS in your hand and incons stancies in the number of licks it takes to get to the center ol a Too sie pop Youngster year a ISO saw the fir St courses in fvlarine Eng. long days at Rickover. long ights asleep a la the ever present ' Mor an on sailing rvl " sign on the door A firstie romn nmate Second class year dded such pr vileges as Friday night libs and civvies An easy first s emester lulled Brandt in a false sen e of academic security But second semester he w s blasted into reality by he rocket First class ye ar was |us( no un because everything he had done to this point was now legal. well almost eve rything ; Another sem ocket almost prevented n ke school, but he bulled his way out of It (or was that 1 to It) He got c jmmand of Connie-, his rst deep draft vessel f aybe too deep i Where did that nickname-muc come fror n anyway? To a good fr end wholl be successful where ever he goes May your rum bottle and your Gilbert W Mayo. Jr. Gary North Garolina Oceanography Marine Gorps Major Straight from the heart ot dixie. Gil arrived at USNA with hts hiking boots on. a backpack over his shoulder, and a bottle ol Jim in his back pocket Plebe year. Gil began to exercise his skills tn more constructive projects like building tents out ot newspaper and bombs out of shaving cream and chose the Mechanical Engineering major When Gil wasn ' t studying, sleeping through comearounds. or making permanent the arrangement ot his roommates medicine chest, he w»$ to be lound over at the crew house When Gil found out that he couldn ' t go camping and b a Mechanical Engineer, he decided to pursue oceanography His favorite past times were preach- ing about the holy trilogy (the Ma|0r, Bama, and the Bear)« adminng his physique m the mirror, and playing b-ball in the hallway with a wad of red man in one cheek and hts tongue hanging out of the other (without that tongue his layups were worthless ) During second class year Gd found more time to get out and about Weekends found Gil leaving m uniform with his backpack on his back and his boots slung over his shoulder, headed for the mountains of western Maryland If he couldn ' t make it to the mountains ' Moe ' and ' " Joe " " hit the Sail Inn. cheap beer, a country sound, and a little Jack allowed Gil to show off his dancing skills with himself or the cutest forty- year old he could find Despite his good ole boy " attitude, " the man who could do no wrong " was awarded 3 stripes over plebe summer and 4 stnpes First class year. Everyone is sure Gil is going corps, except Gil. but whatever he does, he ' ll do it with style, pride, and a taste of dwe Good luck buddy and God bless Dennis C, McCall Washington Iowa Mechanical Engineering Nuclear Submarines Dennis We were all lucky that July day when Denms wandered into Annapolis from the corn fields of Iowa Everyone who knows him has gamed from his helpfulness, good nature, and Mama McCalls cookies Dennis quickly put the energy previously used to educate long haired hippie weirdo freaks into being a star football player and Mechanical Engineer Denms ' dedication m both athletics and academics was an inspiration for us all Only a few days after his knee operation he was fighting winter snows and his injury to become a member ot the Wednesday afternoon rem squad A spongineer in the truest sense, nothing could come between Denms and his books, except Star Trek, fulagnum P I , and his rack When not playing football or hunting gouge, he could be found at Rudy ' s (where life makes sense) delving into mankinds deepest problems Though normally quiet, Dennis was very vocal when the need arose, as shown by his handling ot the cheering section at Hammerjack ' s, and the John Hopkins football players at Goucher Dennis was always looking out for others Once during Youngster year he tried to run down the gate watch so that the second class he was driving back from Hood wouldn t get m Good luck always! PS R spinnaker always be full Good I 18th Gompany 623 Michael D. Resnick Philadelphia Pennsylvania Political Science Marine Corps Res See you at the Casbah . Patrick S, Roach Riverhead New York Naval Architecture Nuclear Submarines Roacher The Clip came down from Riverhead N Y one line summer morning in 79 and found himsell in our nice environment where mtds are mids and they ' re a great bunch of guys He got right into the spirit by posing for the centerfold of the parents weekend program Pat established himself as a prankster one Sunday night by putftng an ice block in Geoff ' s pillowcase; sorry about the wel term paper Pal Youngster year Pat showed that he could be helpful at times It sure was nice of him to take Stan ' s uniform to the press shop-to bad it was his fresh pressed one all ready for formals And how about giving information to that big bruiser at Joes organic bar-MGK really appreciated it But buckshot ' s Second class year was monumental He broke into the ranks of the slob squad There was the time he was left at Goucher and nearly had to walk back bowlegged Patch was the only one who didn ' t think il was funny when he forgot to shave for formals The Clip was at his finest when pi7 a face gave him a 1 G for his room, lowest in the history of the company But what IS a slob squad member if he can ' t gel a rem star for Wednesday afternoons Pat even went back as a lirstie to coach a new batch ol segundos And in between all those steerage runs he even had the chance to earn the name Ralph P Roach Mark did ask " What good is a clean van anyway? " Nuke power is waiting, will it ever be the same? Mark J Olson Owatonna Minnesota Oceanography Nuclear Power Mark On a bet of a case ol beer that he couldn ' t last until Christmas at Canoe U . Mark transferred here from trie Owatonna school of reform on July. 1979 When he found out that the law here could get him into trouble, he decided to tiecome a real mid and take 18th company seriously With Jezabell. his base guitar, as the key to five weekends, he made it through ptebe year successfully, managing to kill Bill the goat only once Youngster year brought on new challenges, new girtlnends. and a ' 79 Chevy Van. but he didn ' t let any ol these get m the way of academics (much to the pleasure and surprise of the folks back home) His hard work earned him a prized set ol gold stars, an accomplishrrient he never tost for the i off Second class year other girlfriend Who was the fool that parked the lawn of D C high school as a getaway path ' At the end of Second class year. Mark achieved a remarkable accomplishment Irom derelict to to trident scholar in three short years This reward, along with another new girlfriend kept him busy throughout First class year Never one for ha e gray and underway " Mark headed south to Chile lor lirst class cruise There he enjoyed sampling the lood. dnnk. and local wildlile very much (too much) Upon graduation. Mark plans to get a job as a gloworm with the submarine jocks This will give time to pursue his hobbies, and acquire more trophies like the ones that hung from his closet door for so long. To a fine scholar and a great Inend. we wish you all the luck in the world, wherever your dolphins may take you! W J G E E R, Eric Reintjes Shelton Washington History Nuclear Submarines Reintch Eric tiew to the east coast from the metropolis ol Shelton (or was it Sherman?) Washington. where men are lumberjacks and women are in Seattle Voted the ugliest shave-headed plebe during the summer. Eric proceeded into academic year set on following m his fathers lootsteps of Chemistry When it was learned (hat you would have to study (God forbid) as an SCH major. Eric re-routed his interests to the complex world of History (the majority ol which he already knew) Plebe year found Eric busy with the pistol team. Glee club, and trying to avoid homework in order to build models Near the end he finally got the ultimate model to work on m the lor m ol a giant, blue and chrome ' 56 Sherman tank Enc could be seen cruismg the town, playing ■Reintch Music " and getting stares Irom everyone, or cursing and groaning over a never ending listof repa sontha beast Economic to the end. Er cdisc overed that all i look was about $500 in repairs and a cou le of clitt dive to drive Irom Md to the west coast As Erie eventually got his car in work ( ' ) he began re-focusing his at entior on models and lines with he Glee lub in order 1 add another state to f IS -bag- II En was old and rich, he would be e ccentric but since he s young and not- o-rich he s |ust a nu With his nuke bonus and pay fo rroreca repairs and n rtodels, Eric shoul find a good home in t he Navy Hisgive-you- 624 18th Company Matthew T. Tammen Monterey California Physics Navy Air Tarns Matls trip from Catitornia i I old " nefly i 1-day was only , 3 player. Matt sp can at the busy v nselt Youngster year romance ism The USNA physics community stood quietly in awe as the wizard of Monterey began t weave his spells ot ' F M " , heat sound and light, and tensors A path was beaten from his doc to all corners of the brigade by seekers of the gouge The motivation mid continued to exci throughout all the gungy phases of bustramid, but Matt really mellowed and matured Second class year a year with the " Bean " has sobered the best of us First class year I and grinds of life not withstanding Matt will always lea [ary excursions on land which included tailgaters and i slways It there was ever an ideal mid. Matt Tammen r still treading water. I Fair winds and clear Reginald Waye Bronx New York Physical Science Surface Line Reg " Well, the beat goes ( Geraldine W. Santos Hollywood Florida Systems Engineering Civil Engineering Corps Gerrie Geraldine Wendie Santos, Gerrie or Ger to her tnends. sleeping beauty to her professors Gerne is of Puerto Rican descent. Spanish is her second language, naturally she found her way into a Spanish class I thought they didn t teach basketweaving at Navy Transplanted from Florida, she had a hard time weathering the cold Maryland winters, her sharp mmd quickly solved this problem, she simply found herself a fiance in twelfth company. Tom Pax Easy fof her. she didn ' t have to explain to Admiral Rickover why grades go down when one spends more time studying in Nimit2 library ' Gerne wasn ' t busy enough as a Systems Engineering major She filled her free t-me m the D i B for a while, until she decided that having to listen to people who were such negates that they could only get stripes in D B was not her thing Gerne was also a member of the Spanish club, concert committee, and the Society of Women Engineers, of which she became president , and subsquad, which she decided to quit She was m other clubs, but Gerne hopes to be m the Civil Engineering Corps when she graduates Who ever said there was no such thing as a free lunch ' But there will be tough times ahead for Gerne She and Tom plan on getting married a couple of days after graduation In July she starts school in Caltforma while Tom will be in New York They will be separated almost a year No one said the Navy was an easy way of life Good luck, Gerne Michael J. Shippee Lafayette Indiana Engineering Management Navy Air Mike Michael John Shippee came to the Academy f corn in his drawers Plebe year Mike stirred the v plebe crew and being comstigator of F T P ( because we found him leaving for spring break comfort on th ) play a 1 hoosier-land with Navy Air in his eyes and ;r both in and out of the company by rowing rations Apparently this didn ' t effect him ivies Youngster year. Mike s yankee room cold friday nights Occasionally, we found f development People felt M ng around both professionally hats on his walls and get be€ class year Mike showed up Capt Connolly ' s company carry over to the William an. was naturally lucky, but thos ;ht in his back pocket Secon academically He seemed t Indiana and holding down a steady job This di done as he found plenty of time to arrange th ilgaters Possibly the largest noticable change came fir; gung-ho spirit [Marine Air ' ] probably as a result of bem just too bad this spmt did nc Mary football game Continuing to be active in the company, Mik as commander of the second platoon To a great roommate an 18th Company 625 Stephen F. Wickerson Physics No one here gets out alive " Richard F, Woodford Philadelphia Pennsylvania English Navy Air Woody A true bull-ma|or, an English r his work seriously Woody will be than anyone took of things: His two escapades m nhancement and a fondly by many f orne training, once as leg, once as sargent-atrb he Army project, plebe development, spirit, pn id woog The only literate among the abuse brothers, Rich gave to their praticai ' nanigans a sense o( sophistication and subtlety Rich used to say that the nowing a certain piece ot information, but rather knowing ■liable intellectual powderkeg when it came to knowing the ,uch as. " Old Moms plants die (or the same reason ' ' He i on such puzzlers as. what really happened the night Rey urvived such diverse characters as Gilty, Pee, and Tams, and ! Bag (with whom he cavorted m the infamous bullpen), one wonders whether or not (he rest lis life must necessarily savour of anticlimax I think not Woody is an incorrigible romantic i while he lives, the collective actions of the world to the contrary, chivalry and free-thmkmg Tianitartanism will not die. Here ' s to Rich, who was never wooged as he himself wooged. may forever remain strac and fith as those of us who are his friends shall always r ing lived w ► f SERENE EIGHTEEN 626 18th Company Jh 18th Company 627 Brian K. Belcher Texas City Texas Marine Engineering Nuclear Power Belch A Plebe ' s Plebe and a Nuke ' s Nuke Need I say more ' To put it simply, if Belch hadn ' t spent the lour pnmest years of his life here at the Academy, he would have been a chiropractor The real Mid updated MHP, form 96 in cover as firstie, Wuba lovers, cleans navel regularly v ith Q tip, drinks m Marine Engin ; Army Officers ' Gu that the only thing Belch ' s degree tnspde of his eyelic ito Be lcher h 4 0, but his great philosophy on lif jon ' t study " That saying will definitely be carved into which should be built here at the Academy in around 2024 We were pleased to teach Belch how to party Plebe year The turning point in career was when he tell in love He dropped the load In sports. Belch was ; swimmer, having lettered four years in high school and validating everything while at the academy In fieldball. he was a, well he , well, in soccer, he was pretty, uh. kind of . , okay, but in Softball he was good at, uh well , boy was he a ( Scott W. Bell Pittsburgh Pennsylvania Marine Engineering Nuclear Submarines E-Factor Plabloom!! " ! Varsity letter It was black! Let s forget ab grades would skyrocket and ; be real ' ! " ! Let s fori The n ane month! Not bad. for an Ohioaniteoid, only problem was that [ Plebe year. K Scott ' I mean who would have known your I would end up with a WUBA ' , temporarily To err is human but about the ' WUBA ' , O K Scott ' , foot P The I precision, expensive, high class French machine ever built! ' Let ' s forget about the Peugeot. O K Scott? Oh well, bimwah isn t that bad Fieldball Need I say more ' By the way. if you need a spare leg. say to run the ocourse or do situps or something, maybe you can find one down there at the bottom of the pool Let ' s forget about P £ . O K Scott ' How bout them brewers ' ' The AL Alt Stars, best record in the major league Let ' s forget about the world series, K Scott ' Majoring in Marine Engineering and aspiring toward a career tn Nuclear Power, Scott realty proved to be an example for the rest of us by constantly improving his grades and professional )Sm His Battalion striper position was well earned and well executed Between road trips to Goucher and Hood on the weekends and academics during the week, Scott couldnt ' afford to use his three striper libs But Bose. the god of sound, kept him happy in his humble 40 abode Now. here arc some things not to forget about. O K Scott ' " Trash " . the rocket. 4 0. Ashley. Ellen, transparent H20, Pam, The Jersey Boys, but! courses, Hollywood, one L, Army parly ' 81 . Army ' 80 (hee. hee, hee). Pearl Harbor, Ralph. Ho Cht Minh. and Goat court Live by chance. Robert W. Alcala Los Angeles California Physical Science Naval Flight Officer Al-Bob Who IS this man ' Robert M Alcala— No. that is not his middle tmtiai ?d At any rate, Robert W Alcala, alias Ai-Bob, was . weet home, west L A . with its temperate weather He t iBob ii ] Maryland weather to speaking of wai . were Bob s favorite Plebe year and Youngster year He is now a ible room wars Remember the night he took on the Barracks ' ego, Darth Vader. was the embodiment of Bob s black clouds demic dark ages had settled m. out would come the unfinished F- • over his unparalleled works of art-his room looked like the hangar deck o an Always wanting to expand his horizons. Al-Bob studied the works of Toikten and ehgious zeal Deep philosophical discussions were not too much either for this Then little l( John V Amy, Jr. Phoenix Maryland Electrical Engi leering Surface Johann Oneshouldn t ma ke the mistake of wondering whether John was ready for the Academy. iMjt rather, whether the Academy was ready for Johann ' " One of the ha dest work men ever to come out of Phoenix, Maryland (No, 1 haven t heard of it either) John gave everything a one-hu ndred percent effort It didn t matter that some of hi endeavor were shall we say, questionab e in the eyes of our infallible administration, it only mattered could accomplish the tasks that most would never have dared release from thei lantasties Playing cards m the shower, dueling with foils m the hall or drinking cc ffee with h s nose these were the tale Its tha. John honed to a fine cutting edge Equally re adytolend some of his academic genius to a poor soul hopelessly lost in a maze of circuit diagr ms as he was to lu nge at them for a few quick falls on his rack (male or female a threat to h s insanity was a threat nonetheless ) John sent many a Mid away wondering what happened ' Intact at his writing. he had sent two roc a third A V arsity sailor for 3 years, John k ew when to retreat from his mortal enemies at Prov Dev So in his senior. when they came w th their sailing team P (J S books John was ready a nd not wai ng Proles- sionahsm was neve John ' s middle name but what could you expect from someone who sent his cover out in his whi e net laundry bag We wish him well but we hope he ' ll have pity on those who lust don ' t understa nd. remember, you can ' t |udge a Mid by his cover bye 1 by ( 628 19th Company David S Bogdan Edison New Jersey Mechanical Engineering Nuclear Power Bogs " Bogs " hails Irom the wide-open spaces ol New Jersey Sliding through plebe year without a fry, " Bogs " also es student (although it is rumored he never cracks a book) As an upperclassman. " Bogs took his lumps as a Brigade t physical stud A pilot ol the airwaves, " Bogs " and his roomate on WRNV during Third Class yea I last c last V t food, Dave ' s trips over spring break Class year Good luck. Bogs! BBHIhjUota. " «»«l»ilatH !»T risfWie inwsmoifii sxralil ji rdlYmtyan Sc.«l iWl» itraWgPrfc Christopher L, Butler Tinton Falls New Jersey Systems Engineering Nuclear Power Buddy Born in New York City, presently living in Tinton Falls N J , Chris arrived at Annapolis with many friends made after a year at Naps During Plebe summer, his infectuous sense of humor won his companies respect and help keep the class of 83 in 19th Company very tight indeed He started the academic year oM right by rooming m the Sarracks-where he was always ready to raise hell when it was time to party or when called upon for one of the mighlly rumbles er with the 1501b football I ays be remembered for his 305 yard game w 4 T le charge during Nap s detail gave him tl ; Chris worked hard he remembered hoi ark ' Nobody will forget his long mailing li ihigh Plebe year i were filled v I WestPac Thomas N Cheamitru Woonsocket Rhode Island Management Surface Line Chim Tom started his naval career as an NROTC student at . After leaving his mark there, Tom came to USNA, mostly because he heard there was good fishing m the area Chim displayed a mild insanity during plebe summer when he wore a white athletic sock as an improvised uniform It didn t take long for him to realize that you haven t done anything wrong unless you got caught After a few Saturday nights on the town Tom started hiding on the backstreets with Laurie (and hasn t stopped since ' } Chim will never forget Raz ' s lessons on How to Kill a Gook because he always played the part ol the victim Along with Youngster year came a black N Tom will also miss his conversations with Major Mayer (Tom, I ' m concerned Bite the bullet on this one I only have so many silver bullets behind the power curve ) Second Class year brought the Dynamic Duo together again as roommates. The Wild Romanian and Psycho The late nights became later and crazier Then came spring break in Florida with Goobs, Doc Chief Gals, Larry Mr and Mrs Kim and Jose Cuervo (the moon IS made ol cheese ' How many things did you have ' ) Chim always hang around the halls, catching bullets, etc (Weenie, the halls are getting shorter ' ) Take Best ( HOOTEE-HOC Lawrence W Comerford Pensacola Florida Mechanical Engineering Nuclear Submarines farr Annapolis of aviation Alter settling m he and his Pie VICIOUS bat, both contracted a sleeping sickness ai Unfortunately Larry chose the Mechanical Engmeen class When he was not in a horizontal state of unconi The Gouge Often becoming tired of his surrounc concerning his service selection He must have been he IS going back for more Imagine a nuke from Pen charger of the deep on patrol Good luck, Larry 19th Company 629 Thomas S. Corcoran Newark New Jersey Naval Architecture Nuclear Surface Corky , here at USNA I I Gods country. Newark. NJ Along with him. Corky tsco music, his " troback " habits, and his never ending list of one-bners Tom found ■ year, and with his new image came his $100 per month bar-hoppmg hab t (on a Despite his weekend ntuais Tom only had to be earned m once, over the shoulders 01 a future 6-striper On Youngster cruise Corky got to see the real " Navy on one of our finer ships, the Piedmont (need I say more ' ) Youngster year Tom returned ready to attack (w Rocket Reed). Corky found ways to unwind with Doc and was soon tabbed the Bourbon King He could always cheer you up either with one of his crummy jokes or with his personal supply of Russian potato juice Second Class year Tom returned m full form expanding hts bar which soon became a popular meeting place m second wmg The highlight of Tom s year was that infamous road-tnp to the Liberty Bowl with Chuck Chief, and Meli (Memph.s will never be the same) Tom survived Second Class academics and went international making himself a legend with the women of Europe and the Med if you ever want to hear a good story ask Cork h ow he lost his dockstders in Patma (you re the best I ' ve ever had) Durmg First Class year. after a brief stay m a Jersey jail, Tom could be found either driving hrs Ghia north or at Franny O s with Sammy " hold the fruit salad Medile More seriously though. Tom has been a great roommate and an even better fnend The nukes got themselves a great one when they nabbed you. Corky None of us here in 19 will ever forget you and your mammoth-sued heart. Corky, Who loves you. baby you re beautifulM ' MM David C. Cullison Pickens South Carolina Physics Nuclear Power Subs Cully David Cullison, Dave. Culty, Baby Husy. whatever .... hails from many diverse places: England, Japan, Colorado, Fairfax, and his " home " Pickens. S.C. He is third generation Navy and I dare say there will be a fourth even though Dave says he hates kids As the company ' s lone expert on physics, Dave finds his major alternately rewarding and paged physics descertations The subject matter m which he is so conversant is so far above us that he sounds like a PhD when asked what he is studying Dave has many other interests here at USNA including several Christian ECAs. rugby (a nasty habit he picked up in England), country music, and cute girls The last of these is mainly directed at his " wife " Shelley, whom he still says better watch out, ■It ' s not over until I say I do " " Dave became one of the elite sixteen (not counting Sam) when he selected nuclear power He was to gumgy as to select the first class at nuke school so he could apply all that physics he has Gratiams UectianicalEr Dennis Deberry San Diego California Applied Science Marine Corps " D " When " Sweet D " left hrs sunny San Diego and ei surprised to discover that a a large bron2e statue in h Court Dodging pennies and swim test over 8 semesters, Ds positive attitude and perseverence always helped to carry himself and his classmates through the rough times Disco ' D ' reigned as the Master O " at Dahlgren on Saturday nights Alter lour Irustrating years ol " Ain ' t no mo. " Sweet " Ds " romantic pursuits ol the " Wardroom Mama ' s " have twcome legendary When not taking swim test lor God, country. Navy, and Scar-Belly, " D " entered the ring and smashed noses lor the Fourth Batt Boxing team Alter a Hawiian First-Class Cruise and a memorable experience with Julie, " D " became a conlirmed Jar-Head Always a dependable friend. " D ' s " good-natured wit, courage, and sincerely will always carry him in good stead wherever he goes GHM Fredric D. Forney, Jr Glenndale Maryland Mechanical Engineering Nuclear Submarines Fred On July 6. 1979. Fred packed up his belongings, said larewell to his lamily and his beautilul girllriend. and began the long journey from Glenndale to Annapolis, twenty miles in all He became a member ol the notorious group known as the Kilo Company Communists Under the able leadership ol Cdr J C Glutting, this group brought new meaning to the word competition and tilled their pockets to the brim with quarters in the process Fred spent his lour studious years at USNA rooming with such outstanding 19 Co personalities as Dave. Larry. Eric. Mike, and Dennis The lirst year was tough but Fred found enjoyment late at night in such Plebian activities as dropping Pepsi cans out ol windows in Goat Court and tieing up overbearing upperclass As a Mechanical Engineering student. Fred learned lirst hand what the word sweat meant As other Mids left on their weekends. Fred could be seen leaving with his Awol bag packed with clothes and his B-4 bag stulled lull ol textbooks to study His idea of a fun date was taking his girllnend, Cindy, to the computer terminals to show her some computer graphics and then to King Hall lor a hot meal Fred swears that he had the toughest prols at USNA (maybe that ' s why he got a lew B ' s) Nevertheless, his diligence paid oil Out ol his struggles came the " unique character " which it takes to choose nuclear power over flying In all seriousness, there are lew people like Fred He is always willing to lend a helpinj obstacles lo stand in his way. His compassion lor other peo| Fr d. our prayers are always with you 630 19th Company Brian T. Gahn Mamou Louisiana Mechanical Engineering Navy Air Gonzo Brian reported to USNA as our resident cajun having already spent two years at school back in Louisiana. This proved to be his key to success since he was never bothered wrth trivialities like studying Instead, he was always available to help out a classmate with any problem, and few ever left his room without receiving his genuine support during E I During Plebe year and Youngster year, no one could really figure Brian out since he played as many sports as he possibly could and was usually caught sleeping during his tree periods Brians speed on the O- Course is a testament to his abilities, but when he discovered sailing, he said good-bye to most of his weekends In this, too. Brian excelled markedly becoming a cockpit captain quicker than most people learn to trim sheets During Second Class year, the girls discovered Brian, and he was literally besieged by them with letters and calls Without much effort, he managed well in the face of this and he will probably always be seen with a different young lady in his passenger ' s seat going down route 50 Brian must learn that drinking excessively during Plebe year does not help ones chances tor stripes, but it does help one ' s chances for form-2s ' Despite the fact that he could have been commissioned two years before the rest of us, none of the Boys from Nineteen would have wanted Brian any other way than the loyal classmate he was EBM Christopher P. Gallagher Grahamsville New York Mechanical Engineering NFO Gal Chris came to USNA from the boonies of upstate New ' ask where he ' s stationed ) Yet, we were all able to lear would not know that it is actually Paul Revere buried m th al example, and showed us how to get through a semes having to visit the press shop or barber shop Gal was anything normal like mice or goldfish, but hermit crabs ork, (The rednecks in Grahamsville still 1 from Chris It it were not tor Gal, we e chapel Chris was a prime protession- er ' s worth ot inspections without ever also the Company zoo keeper — not chameleons and venus flytraps Chris car This IS not to say that he was Andrew M. Hofley II Birmingham Michigan Physical Science Marine Corps Psycho Psycho: the wild kid from the motor city A true legend in his own time. He Academy an individual and left the same way An outstanding athlete and ; Takes no back-talk as a 2nd Lt at the pistol range can attest Dangerous with a lacrosse stick on goat court Drift-busting with Chief in T-Court Resident ot room 241 1 80 SS Co-founder of the Ribaldos A wildman in the halls Chris Mulry, a true legend The Captain ' s chair The Ledge Rack wrestling Eye gouges Birdland Christmas in Newark, Delaware The Torch Food fights Match fights Long hair at 3 C Army- " Andy, good God! when " Short hair 2 C Halloween Numerous late night assaults in the Yard With Goobs in SDB ' s on Tecumseh Member of the be nice to little people organization Discovered the roof with TNG m RTA Cigars The launcher Studying with geekers at the Brary One-on-one commando training with Mac One-on-one urban terrorist training with Goobs in the library Forbes Out of control 2 C Army 1 , C cruise grease interesting for Drew and Meli " you know Tom, the sad thing is 90% ' USMC please With a special thanks to mom and dad; Father Condon; Christopher John Mulry: Major Mayer USMC: roommate. Goobs. Meli, Butane Wayne Harman. Mike Kessler TNC Thomas J. Kalfas New York City New York Aerospace Engineering Navy Air Tom Tom. being from a typical Greek family, left home because he didn ' t like the way he was being reared(!) Tom came to USNA with one goal in mind: to become the greatest Navy fighter pilot of all time. Tom believes he was born to fly His second choice for service selection was death As an Aero major, Tom always complained about all the work he had to do- never did any. just complained about it Tom spent all his spare time m the rack He was one of those nocturnal Mids who would sleep all day and cram all night Tom didn ' t do this by choice, however He once put otf an assignment and had to stay up late to finish it He was tired the next day. so he racked That night he had to stay up late again to do his homework, so the following day he had to rack again Tom found himself caught m a viscious circle that continued for four years Between rack sessions, Tom played hockey at 0630. sat on the Company soccer bench, rescued his toy airplane from the 33 degree Severn, drooled over Lon Rampp. listened to the Beatles, saved a hermit crab from a crazed agressor, tormented chameleons, was constantly especially AY Good luck at Pensacola, Tom Tear up the skies! 19th Company 631 Timothy Mahony Hopewell New Jersey Oceanography Navy Air Tim Tim came to the Naval Academy to try somettimg ditterent aft pledging TKE ' . and wrestling at a normal ' college No one seems tie IS lacing graduation from USNA m 83 After a stiakey sta year of playing t ctive in ttie Naval Academy Judo Club He actiieved tiis brown bel Maryland State Judo Ctiampionstiips wtiile a Second-Class, and t- sident as a FirstClass ng someone around on a mat. Tim can be found in one of tiis o Being fourtti in a family of seve iroblem child Tim IS also a Lay Eucharistic Mii .y keeping his moral as well as his tedication, Tim shall be a great e Catholic Church and contir Id academic standards high among the nation ' s finest Stephen G, Marr Longmeadow Massachusetts Nuclear Power The Big Kid The Big Kid came to us from th« beautiful state of Massachusetts on that memorable day in because he ' s the biggest and the youngest of the boys ol 19 He ' Barracks Plebe year, and held the uncontested heavyweight wrestling crown there even with such stiff competition As the only true member of the D E Inn you could always find the Big Kid and a half a dozen certified looneys there partaking m a tew cold ones on the weekends As an upperclass Sieve set his priorities nght away He had to get his 38% (not even close to 40, though) every day There were very few mornings when you could walk into the room and not find the sports and comics strewn about the door Dr Horizontals altimeter stuck at six feet, and the size elevens hanging a fool and a half off the end of his roost If he wasn i comatose you could find him on the soccer field helping 19 lake home the Brigades watching TV but rarely at his desk The Big Kid also had his little smorgasborg of women (and I use that term loosely ) Ifhe wasn t al home robbing the cradle you could find stiky campaigning at Goucher Rumor has it that Ihe silk even got lucky tn turope (o bad she couldn ' t speak English You d think that as often as he had been to Baltimore he could find his way back but ihe Big Kid and some of the Boys spent eight days figuring out how to get to Philadelphia On the weekends he and George (a rolling depository of empties) were always up tor a road Inp I don t think we re ever going to forget the Boston College bloody mary bash or Ihe Margate masterpiece Yes. Ihe Big Kid is a true friend and will leave some fond memories m all ol us when he departs for the silent deep Oh gwad. will he RLS Michael P Kendus. Jr Unicorn Maryland Systems Engineering Navy Air Mike came out of a small ari fun. deuce during Plebe year I the can Perhaps wedding , hell The Old Man s ? had his hands f two Third Class, huh Second Class year was a culture shock and although some reason. Mike chose Systems Engineering The counting, and the work load was very heavy His grades couidn t drop or Hardly any weekend was a good weekend Welcome to USNA First Class year is even worse, but Mike s priorities are properly set It ; in between The 2 30 late nights and signs of aging are showing - the trips aren t varied, to the same place Poor boy. hang m there You I JWE tor one reason - P-Coia The Tiake the most of it mmate that spells frog UDT and ts almost five and through the year a closer brother ' I good Bricking a dassmate ts one thing but ?r On top of that, throw a 75 42 goodbye Army with the Old Man but it was pure stadium and Mom didn l count i an overnighter Pretty rough lor formal introduction to USNA For d son%eor e was Cola would drop Goober Karl W Kornchuk Rio Linda California Oceanography US Air Force Karlchuk After a brief summer camp wi h the Marines. Karl roamed the streets ol Rio Linda California. and attended the local college n his spare time Hea ded nowhere, he was crushed when his mother threw him out of the ouse and told him t go find a servi e academy He chose Colorado Springs, but took the wrong turn ,n Nevac a and somehow wound up in good old he Idea ot being a Plebe since he was co nstantly seen riding Ihe vator in civilian clothes to all he concerts He didn t even realize he was m the Navy until Youngster cruise, when he was under the water tor 3 months No one n 19 could understand why Ihe future airdale maiored n oceanography unti they found out hat he could study it in the horizontal position with his Sal He did vent ure out ol the rack long enough to coach the 4th Batt cr oss country team to a successful seasor Karl s professionalism was admired by all. he was neve r caught out on town berly without an extra pair of Wuba His humanitarian ettorls were wilho ut par, as he tried to b ingapoor deadn nousebackiohlewitha 220 V AC and a spiHy The halls of Bancroft will neve be the same without his future warrio of the skies Good luck lfc)ia«lR.H Berkley Heigl Ne»Je«! Operalions ! UaniieCofps 632 19th Company 3rt,Ht chose Brian E McGee Piano Texas Electrical Engineering Naval Flight Officer Goober The Goober came to us fror slept hts way to a 3 3EE, cept 1 iim to till 57 catalogs Plebe year, he was a resident ol the Barracks and he came out o( his shell and into the bars His lavonte being 4 £s Tavern Youngster year started the 19th company road trippers ot which he was an avid participant Me made it his goal to always tmish the keg This led to such physical endeavors such as running a in the pouring ram and dying, pitcher in hand m St Pete Second class year the Goober tried to find himsell and shaved his head This hurl his already dying chances with the women Road trips escalated and peaked out when the Palm Pla?a Six hit the beaches ol Ft Lauderdale All drunk and disorderly (a bum rap ' ) Ot course, he got out of it without getting punished The Goobs personal records and contributions never been fried, brought country music and dominoes to 19. never had a girllnend while at USNA, six unusual dreams white on sub cruise (now he ' s going NFO). never tried or yelled at anyone, could sleep anywhere, anytime through anything, and was just about the Inendliest guy here If you re ever passing through Pensacola and see a dumpy trailer with a simple guy settm ' out front on his cooler, old yeller , beer m hand. a mouth full of chaw, pettin ' a hound dawg and cteanin his shotgun, stop and say hello to the happiest guy in the world the Goobs DWS Michael R. Melillo Berkley Heights New Jersey Operations Analysis Marine Corps Meli Mike came to us from a lovmg family and the great state of New Jersey after a last fling at the Shore. Mike was ready to tackle Plebe summer (just ask Muls about it some time) As a Plebe, Mike had a great quest lor knowledge, a desire which extended to things such as exploding hydrogen balloons His first experience in the fleet ' came aboard the Barney Boat, port ol call St Croixs This cruise impressed Meli So. he came back a devoted Marine With Youngster Year, came a new experience, the road tnp " After getting over a two year f)tng( 3. the " L " club), his lamous excursions to Hood and Goucher made him a legend with all the girls With age. Pits also expanded his values Irom pure New Jersey boy to a Tequila pounding amigo with a ear for Jimmy Bullet (thanks Shoe " ' ) Second Class year started early with an excursion to Texas with Goobs where he left his mark on Adairs (M R M ) But who could ever lorget Memphis and the Liberty Bowl with Cork, Chief, and Chuck (die hard Navy men, with the bar tab to prove it) Mike can now be seen with Cork at Fran O ' Briens drinking a lamous Sammy gin and tonic Seriously Michael, God blessed this person and this company when He brought you to us The Corps IS getting the best USNA has to oHer and never forget that None o( us will ever forget this party animal from Jersey " Who loves " you, baby we do! " TSC th Gregory H. Miller General Engineering Surface Line Killer Leaving his hometown of Berea. Ohio. Greg came to the Naval Academy and became an instant hit during his debute in the Plebe Summer talent show as Elvis In addition, his daring exploits in the boxing ring during Plebe and Youngster year earned him the colorful nickname " Killer " However, when the toll on his nose became to great. Greg hung up the gloves and tried his hand as a disc )Ockey where, along with his roommate he was responsible for the revival of the Golden Oldies show " A full time resident of Nimitz library. Greg managed to breeze by as a starman until Second Class year, when he made the fatal mistake of switching his major from management to General Greg had a close call near the end of Second Class year Seems he enjoyed himself so much as an exchange student up at West Point, that he decided to drop the Navy Blue and become a permanent member of the Long Gray Line As it turned out though, the administration just couldn ' t picture Greg yelling ' Beat Navy " and decided to can the whole idea Downtown Annapolis just isn ' t going to be the same without Gregs 56 " Caddie " hogging up Eric B. Moss Charleston South Carolina History Nuclear Power E.B. Eric came from Charlestc officer Unlike the majority c he already knew the intrica . South Carolina to Annapolis eager to begin his ca his classmates. Plebe Summer was relatively easy !■ es of military life A musician before reposing her d joined the Drum and Bugle Corps The D B took r Youngster year. Eric returned fi were done m stealth t Army he lead Ptebes began smurf ops and always sneaking out to the green beach in search ol " the During Second Class summer the love of the sea m; becoming a Marine He returned to USNA to devote h duties Many girls tried to drag Eric away from the hall, end of the year. Eric had a reputation as a professional f which wasMardiGr studies and professional I have none of this By the I strong drink. The newest ! Second Class year. Erie will drive Amen 19th Company 633 Walter A. Powell Harrisonburg Virginia Electrical Engineering Nuclear Power Andy Andy, also known as Wally or on the occasion 80-Knot Powell, entered the Naval Academy from Mt Solon, Va during his eighteenth year He quickly established himself as a Geek and a sweat in his attempt to become an Electrical Engineer, In the latter half of his stay here his weekends stopped being rest days, time not taken up with sailing, chapel choir, destroying his room, and such was used for studying and on the rare occasion, sleep Andy always had a thing for money, running the company change business and eventually selling his body to Admiral McKee and glowing for Navy DC, William B, Ramsey McLean Virginia Systems Engineering Navy Air Ram Ram IS third generation Academy stock We knew Blake was destined to become an Admiral as his father, uncle, and both grandfathers achieved that lofty designation before him To ensure his induction to (lag rank however. Blake picked out the most eligible Admirals daughter So what if the Admiral was the Superintendent, and the daughter was only 1 7! (Hurry up Ram!) Hailing from Virginia Beach, Blake ma)ored in Systems Engineering His academic prowess was unmatched until he redefined his priorities senior year (right Chnssy?) filake starred in company sports, providing everybody he played with the type of role model books on sports- manship are written about The two brigade championship teams he played on (field ball, Plebe year, soccer, 2 C year) dearly appreciated the contributions that he made Afler his folks moved to nearby McLean, Virginia, the Ramsey residence became home away from home (or many of us (Lets go Blake, hurry up!) When he was rejected from Nuclear Power Ram decided 10 settle for second best - Navy Air But that ' s okay ■ somebody has to fly those missileswith wings (Let ' s go Blake ' ) As company commander of the Cloud, Blake was oulslanding in neutralizing Sam And, taking full advantage of the accompanying 3-striper libs, he finally achieved his lifelong ambition of catching the Who in concert Good thing he bought Robert G. Papp Commack New York History Cryptology Rob From Long Island t( Youngster Spanish Second Class Annapolis round Michel T. Poirier Fairfax Virginia Electrical Engineering Nuclear Submarines In the beginning there were the drunken PCR First Class I reggae Georgetown u part- ie USSR the door opens and the 3-wa Randy ' s card on the drive p4eb« parent s weekend and Linda AC-year racks and night wars mega-awesome and drinking and chief ' s bottle caps Army renge rats skellar GMU Sandy skimg with th« URI with Cheamie 4 and the dark ages ee ,. Mike and Cheamie June week and a USC visitor sleeping in subways Frank and Tokyo magic jekends afternoon circuit analysis major mayer , Dalgren, tailgaiters Army, the flask and 6 (X) AM ada TKE thermo crew Mary Wash Ocean City Strubes and Hoops VA Beach and M the Weaves F F , and D m seminar. Notre Oame Halloween in Baltimore, rolls with Lance, Rox at Marymount, Huddleson Library, Buddy Radford and tows Porsche turbo crew and cremating Rutgers and Columbia, heatache at Harvard E E sucks Eastern sprints the VA Beach roll Ring Dance with Kelly New Zealand 1$ beautiful Pukaki skiing southern Alps Skyhawk bombing runs the good, the bad and the ugly, Australian models and New Zealand spies Chnstchurch the stags domesticat- ed Randy 1 Cyear rebuild giving Mako crap head of the Charles, tailgaiter and fnre squad cars rolls, when it rams it pours squad daddy Laurie Rhodes the nuke six , , weekends and great classmates crew Rutgers comeback Mary out of control - . . Graduation!!! MP ing. knapp Kapok and Goat c summer leave golf, drii Japanese beer and small restaurants shows Cheamie and late nights UVA game. Bill and familiar faces chugging contests Christmas m ( Sampson Actramid and Annapolis Michaels ' s Kelly and Magnolia Girl periscopes, a weekend in R I the V Bectfical Nu(JearSi ' Goose " ,aillf»» " l WW.Sa Reston frglM Ocean Enfii »a»y f Doc Mt!(,cr«(| M(aiilir» MUKflaiidh •!)! nlglis»( r you ve got the right s 634 19th Company 1 Robert M. Russell Miami Florida Electrical Engineering Nuclear Submarines " Goose " Bob came to good ole USNA (rom Miami, Florida with his mmd on sailing Although he spen many weekends away on trips and many aMernoons freezing on the Severn, they paid oft in ; varsity letter all four years When it came to sailing, Bob was always oH to a corner looking foi the Bob Hope puM, and he usually managed to come out in good shape We remember many ; road trip to regattas (were not sure if Bob does) that just wouldn ' t have been the same withou that partying spirit that hovered around him The infamous Russell partymobile was always on the scene of a celebration The party inside was usually so hot that smoke poured out of t cracks in the doors (put there by his hellacious sound system!) Bob was one to find a good time as possible, as his conduct record shows (was that a maroon van with Fla plates in the yard last weekend ' ) An electrical engineer. Bob spent many late nights studying His hard work paid off, and Bob the Maryland winters he hated so much Bob was not only a fine engineer but was able to hold late-night highly theoretical conversations with his political-science roomate on those nights when the work should have been getting done His favorite activity other than sailing and partying was sleeping, hibernation in the winter! Although we ' ll miss him when he leaves, we know that when we get back together, well be making up tor lost time. We wish Bob the best of luck m the submarine force and long live the Nads parties!!! ( 9 acorn!) David W. Saba Reston Virginia Ocean Engineering Navy Air Doc A nutsy. crazy guy if there ever was one, Doc was a true member of the Boys throughout his four year stay A member of the Barracks Plebe year, we all knew Doc was alright when his favorite hangouts became D E ' s Bar and Grill, the Wharf and the Buzzard Along with our dear, departed Mul ' s, Doc terrorized every " respectable " honky-tonk inside and outside the 7 mile limit Doc also became probably the only Plebe ever to wear Docksiders with Mess Dress during June Week-(4th wing basement will never be cleaner) During Youngster summer. Doc attempt- ed to become a ' real ' Mid and had a brief encounter with a girl with a four digit phone number, but luckily found his senses and left her high and dry m a Newport bar Doc continued his " sober ways during his Youngster year as his home m Reston, Virginia (became a haven for the rest of the Boys in 19) During Second Class year Doc began to collect more " girlfriends ' than he could ever keep track of His affinity for large Florida women got the better of him Spring Break and quickly earned him a reputation of losing his standards during prolonged partying A great organizer. Doc spent a great deal of time First Class year organizing tremendous tailgaters with Meli. outrageous road trips to Madison and UVA, and a second annual trip to the Palm Plaza Motel in Ft. Lauderdale in search of bigger game With tremendous parents who always went out of their way to make sure no one ever felt homesick, Doc was a great asset to 19 and a perfect roommate for our four stay on the Severn. BEM Paul W. Siegrist Fairfax Virginia Political Science Nuclear Submarines Grist Paul came out of high school m Fairfax, Virginia with thoughts of becoming an Oceanography major Somewhere along the line here at USNA. he was sidetracked and majored in Political Science Paul never took his studies lightly He could, however, occasionally be found at his desk, coffee cup near and book in hand, eyes closed is a very good imitation of sleep Paul participated in the Drum and Bugle Corps his Plebe year, but left to play company and battalion sports He was on the fieldball team each year and sailed for the battalion in the Spring Paul enjoyed )oking around, such as the time he " wild-manned " Butane Wayne the night before the Army game Plebe year One of the favorite sayings in the room was. " Well, if they cant take a joke. Besides his books, Paul ' s only love during his four years here at USNA was Beth, who he will marry shortly after graduation. We will miss Paul after we all leave -Mother-B " , and wish him Charles J. Sitarski Philadelphia Pennsylvania Political Science Navy Air Chuck Chuck came from Philadelphia and is a typical wild, give em hett Eagle, Phillie. and Sixer fan We never had to worry much about Army parties. Between Chuck and Pops there was always plenty of Schmidt ' s and meatballs to go around Due to his " Class A - Kmght m Shmmg Armour " performance on his Third Class YP Cruise, Chuck spent most of Youngster year laying low and staying out of trouble at Dick and Elfies Second Class year, Chuck came back to USNA ready to have a good time On Friday nights Chuck, Shoe, and Chief entertained a few of their friends with darts, steaks, and Tequilla This came to an unfortunate end when Sam got wmd of the darts and created Cell Block 2436 That Christmas Chuck left his mark m the South as one the tour that made the infamous Memphis Liberty Bowl roadtrip and he is planning his upcoming Christmas leave around Navy ' s bowl possibilities Chuck has spent much of the last tour years on the water, rowing for Navy Crew His dedication, hard work, and sacrifice didnt go unnoticed and Chuck was named captain ot the lightweights his First Class year An Eastern Shore Waterman at heart. Chuck ' s favorite hangouts weren ' t Fran ' s or Riordan s. but the honky-tonks on the other side of the Bay Bridge, Droter ' s, with it ' s great country juke I Chuck ' s favorite and he so Burt ' s Chuck ' s post-graduation plans include pilot wings Goobs Chuck, we " ginned and beered it " for four years. diamond of a friend. rite of Cass . ; good again and you r 19th Company 635 David E Weaver Grand Island Nebraska Applied Science Nuclear Surface The Weaves Grand Island Nebraska to Crabtown. USA July 6. 1979— Happy Birthday 2na squad 19th Platoon Kilo Connpany Easteriing. Butane Wayne Paul and Tim. Ringside Flashlights and razors Colors-Communists Glutting and Mat Lumpy Larry, Fred Eric No socKs early pipe- down Al and Army Red T bird The City of Brotherly Love Er.c Troy and Baxtertate nites 3 1980Tornado (Founding mem Romantics The Luce Ju 150 s Muls vs Irwin The Boss July 4 1981 Beach Boys Hey Baby Soutl- Rick James Cutch Fred Squadleader Blue buick Captain H and no prayer breakfast Spring break N C no heat am t h you have ever seen ' Lyston and Stick Keith Green Raleigh Weabs Pig Week P rade Pass out and eat grass Capt M vs Capl O Ring Dance Club) Jimbo Eric Brad and DC The FCA lS0s(20) Coach Man Army iry Kentucky RRFJ 76 mph in snow Francisco Sacrar cember 18 1982) The HB house 3 0) LjnceLi Eoise m [ieclfical 1 " •!illj«l»« " »dKl«™ll eM-i . Anthony J. Wilding Columbia Maryland Mechanical Engineering Surface Line Biltmore Tony came to us from the apple orchards of Columbia. Maryland home of the fighting scorps He soon established his routine of hard academic work with plenty of Joe during the week and total release on the weekends mostly at Marinas and the Fleet Reserve Ctub Youngster year Chief began his M E career and more importantly his road tripping career with a Rocky trip to P S U and all too IrequenI doctor visits to U VA After spending most of 2nd class summer playing darts at The Wharf, Tony decided to become a 1 3 partner of the 2436 Bar Grill The Friday night special included dart tournaments, steaks Jimmy BuHet and some Pasaic sun- shine (sorry no grenadine) Unfortunately Chiefs bartending days were short lived as the Bar Grill was put out of business After paying his debt to society. Chief bounced back and was ready to |Oin the Memphis Four during Christmas leave After violating some state laws in Nashville. Biltmore. his partners and a case of hoody were on the road to Memphis again " Hook em. goats ' " ! Chief spent spring break enjoying Mr Rogers happy hour and palm pla a plasterers in Ft Lauderdale along with some midnight hfesavmg on ihe beach After his first class cruise m San Diego, Tony returned to USNA ready to wage time war of accountability He spent first class year in search of eastern shore crab feasts making a few good road trips and hoping for a return bowl visit Tony goes on to Newport or Pensacola upon graduation You have been a good roommate and a great friend, A J And I hope that our paths will cross soon and often in the future Friendships like yours made the whole thing worth it CJS James A. E Wood. Jr. Moorestown New Jersey Oceanography Naval Flight Officer Jimbo " The Greatest " descended upon the Nineteenth Company f favorite state. New Jersey Jim has always exhibited a deep cc standards by his involvement in the Big Brothers program and the Fellowship Athletes " Number One " is most recognized throughout the Brigade as the P-rade s who sounds as if he is having such a good ol time at such a mundane event He enjoys thi exposure Jim has been a reporter on the Brigade news program " Channel Check " , and is nov the founder and president of the TV club. " WMID ' Jim IS going to follow his first love-flying-and become a fighter no Maybe, once he gets t( Pensacola he will invest in a real tie. and buy his own towels for a change (an aviator does no wn way of doing things His solution to how to tune up his gold 71 ' or a gold ' 82 Scirrocco Jim is the only Mid known who survivet a twelve o ' clock lights out policy-as if he didn ' t get enough sleep ii Fluid Physics, or with the rack monster during free periods-his second love Good thing aviator ' are required to get enough sleep May lair winds and blue skies follow him always TPM Jesse E. Wrice, Jr Scirrocco v Physical Science 636 19th Company 1 Lance L. Zahm Boise Idaho Electrical Engineering Nuclear Submarine EAGLE ' S NEST 19th Company 637 Carlos Deltov New York City New York Electrical Engineering Surface Los Confused and disoriented I came to this pleasure palace with hopes of tun andEE What?? The summer was tough bur T C made it so much better I now know window sills weren ' t made for sitting and mustard doesn ' t go well with whiteworks Right, Mr Guest 1. the fun was soon over with a fresh shave for Fols and a new can of edge for Jeff The next 4 years were long but I survived with Army 79 ' . don ' t do it Dave. Rumbles In the hall. Scuba, a drive home with Rossi, a long herndon, the start of EE. Randy ' s greenmoble, a change at a gas station and I know locker, Fols in N Y , St Thomas and strawberry daquines, Mike and El Paso, a blind date to remember, a road trip to hood, do you party Randy " , Protramid, Actramid, a growing relation- ship, those IEEE meetings, X-mas m Florida, the slow death of my QPR, a ring dance to remember, my new Honda $1001 club. Spam 82 ' , the King, July 23. a weekend at Fols ' , go back to bed or we ' ll kill you. exit Bergman, enter Marti, Skids, rooming with Rick, the apple. I want quiet ' . Hey Bird, Dec 23, the Beginning of a beautiful life with a beautiful lady, the final stretch. Ken and J P m N Y , the Chesapeake, EE at last, Thanks Rick for all your support God bless you all, 20th company Firsties. Los will be pulling tor you and wishing all ot you the best of David Diorio Pittsfield Massachusetts Oceanography Nuclear Power Officer Dave The Italian Stallion " hails from the small northern town of Pittstield. Mass. Dave feels right at home in the heart of the Berkshires, for this mettow. nature-lovmg. cold weather camping hobbyist trutey enjoys trekking into the snowy wilderness, armed only with a tent, a sleeping bag. a bottle of wine, two glasses, and his special friend to share the exciting, stimulating experience the wilderness lustfully produces Dave defines the term ' romantic " Despite this fault, Dave upholds some " REAL MID " traditions After switching from Mec E to Oceanography. Dave achieved stardom as a top man to his ma)or This two striper ' s attitude during Plebe detail was inspiration to all concerned, Assoc Prof Diorto helped many ot his buddies with his cram gouge session during AC eyar Unprofessionally, Dave will be remembered as the guy saying, ' I swear. I ' m not going to Nuclear Power! " Dave is the only guy who can study fluids by drinking them The Nuclear-Air Candidate will recall in years to come; the homecoming at the cabin and his special friend. Armies in Philty (which hotel was he in?), teaching Murph which way the moon shined, telling Chris that captains wear civies loo. giving Joey some while hair to cover his baldspots. assuring Rich that Florida still existed, teasing Skids about western skiing, and traveling to hood college with bashfull Brooksey. Hungryman Hunter, and Barnyard Burt Dave will undoubtfully continue his romantic antics in Orlando, unless a special girl intercept ' s him He will make a great Nuke Good luck in subland Dave, we ' ll always remember your lust for weekends and your smiling, friendly face. SB Jeffrey L. Benson Baltimore Maryland Systems Nuclear Submarines Bens. Ensign. J.B.. Benso JeH s one of those local boys who never had a Ptebe year. It was during that first yeat that he discovered two things One was that Bmore is only a quick jaunt down the road The other was that sailing is the best way to coast through this institution of higher yearning The sailing attitude continued until 1 C year when he no longer needed nas to skate out of his duties Besides, why waste unlimited weekends The wife may have had something to do with that decision 1 C year was also the year we Jetf s eyes glow with dollar signs Even though big bucks and plush duty were his real reasons tor going Puke Power, the admiral was more than happy to get hold of this sweat Being JeH s roomte did have some redeeming qualities — his parents Juty 6. 1979 they thought they were kicking their ktd out of the house They ended up adoplmg a whole company Who knows how they were able to take it all these years What s a gater without the Bensons {I ' m talking about Mr and Mrs , not you JB) Its been a great four years. Bens Don ' t worry, I ' ll get you to that alter June 4 After all, I wouldn ' t wani RPJ Christopher J. Bush Pocono Lake Pennsylvania Physical Science Navy Air Pick Em Busher 2-3 or bust . . Plet e heaven . . Boy that ' s a mean one . . Hi (TC) Don ' t make me kill you . . It ' s my hanky. I like it that way , . If y the problems It was not Vinnie ' s fault . Stiff . I have to take a fwayr ho JOS 1 miss your face Hey Bunny I hate Alan Parsons Excu ' you tell me where Whaaat?! The dynasty and slow Pitch Cmdy Y ET MOl) (Bun-nie) and Jackie The boys go on Hey skids, let s Midininski LTMS never die, they just learn skills Dan Fogelberg how ' s it goin ' The annualtolstnp Seymore Stoanepatch 45 ' mr bush na nana nice choice CSW, L fat slob, and the sea nyn Love those mile runs Hey Ron, best rocket left on the pad, wouldn ' t ill tale a shakey A ' What are those " PPPenn State ( 1 ) pants! I " n Tina, 1 can ' t keep waiting Personal services and the midstore, Ann, I v K, could I talk to you, today tomorrow Joey and Java Skids Hu Swunter Holsom Bee-Bobsh Smironoff Brooksie (We ' ll be ther Hanno . SSSandy The Nimitz Librarians Polo, and of court Toomeys and Mr Nobody It s been great busho, 106 Those sh( Herbert. I ' ll buy black socks 106 , Be there in Sept of 83 ' from the Peter C Applied 3u have any questions on e Football tailgaters at ie rT e Caption but could and Peggy Michelle (YO go get pi22a Mislef TZUP " Not much. Gollir ou say ' Solid B ' , but goingtoiabonniecul ant the ring urn, Mary- Dba Loscar Daego . . MnPensacola) Ripptes e Doppler Seuss The rts Dont worry LCDR )ort side tor 8 straight . PaulT.fer texaideria W Eieclncal Ei Surface Lidi HOfnlijiUli fritcUiSyB : 638 20th Company 1 ' I r- Peter C. DiTullio Milton Massachusetts Applied Science Marine Corps Aviation Ditto Welcome to the United States Gymnastics Academy Have a beer Waivor, have an thanks coach 2 way to go Have a cookie, now some water, sleep with it. baby pisto house on the left and a basket full ol emptys, that ' s too big DiTullio, Mr Staplers house, sorry Benson, I ' ll always out rank you wrong Dom Parent ' s weekend. Doug apt , brownie great Mike, Silver Spring, Bill ' s house, happy birthday Mike, no Army-Navy lor me. 1 70 le USGA, parties, civies spring break?. Bill ' s house, easterns. 6th pipe, N l, party No Jun( 2 17 , , Don ' s . racktramid, summer • captains house, no Army-Navy again, zoomies tower d school, easterns, record, N 2, 2 05. no June week for r Jeanne M was nice, I think I remember where home is, study more, marchovers? ' ? What are weekends, no Army-Navy lor me. Merry Christmas. 1 41 Thank you admiral I ' ll try harder, party, we made it Nancy, thanks coach and captain, study hour?, Fwane, OTW, record, eas- terns, 3rd, 5th, 5th, N», on the docks. Ocean City, Jane, 2 16 No June Week lor me, cruise, leave, summer school 3, III make it yet. 2 08 = 2stripes. I ' m sat. weekends, road trip. I linally made it to Army-Navy. 4wk 2 63-co oflicers list, N " . Nissen NCAA ' s. I should linally make it to a June week, oh tor the stories we can tell BMW 528e Keep a positive attitude, get sign in. OTW three times a week or more, only go to Army-Navy and June week you ' re 1 c year and yes, I actually wouldn ' t trade it for anything in the world Paul T. Fernan Alexanderia VA Electrical Engineering Surface Line Zgg Plebe year How about Foley ' s crew cut Rooming with Mustela Frenata for a year Does Noodles have any photos ot Dave. J P and the roller skating queen. Dit ' s jigsaw and the missing piece Beat Army cake and Skent Wonder Pup Randy and the one man formal. Youngster year: Rooming with Aquaman and Randy Where ' s my s no license The Chevy ' s paint |0b Jesse and the party at HoJo ' s Hearts during finals for Winston ' s The inner lear of Hood The rack thief and Randy ' s night m the wardroom Second class year: Did they ever find the ball I lost on hospital point 26 Oct ? The magpie moose call showers The cook out with a toaster oven Redecorating Warren ' s room with hots Friday night lax games the end of Seymour. The 280Z motel B and E in Belgium First class year: Rooming with Ken and his cheesey dogs Is the supermarket open? The r bonus and burned Trashing the grease. The agony ol tall parades Army duty v parking lot on West St gas ventriloquism at the stadium ' Scuba with 1 Per Diem. The Michael J. Foley Enfield New Hampshire Physics Marine Corps Fols The Michael The J. The Fols I came here planning to fly with hopes ol becoming an astronaut But as luck would have it, my eyes were bad before I came here and I found that out Second class year We did have some memorable times Beer cans, slimey gun barrels and baby pistols Plebe summer A birthday " shave " , illegal music, m November, hookers on roller skates at Army Plebe year. {Razor blades m the morning) the start ot the yearly ski trip to the Foley hotel and ski lodge, fairwell to ' Chief " Matthaie Youngster year The Potters sponsor garage and hotel, the party rust bucket, first taste ot power as squad leader, J and his mouth wired shut and a bottle ol mouthwash a day Second class year Special thanks to my mom and dad. and to my sposors. LCDR and Mrs Dion and Mr and Mrs Potter, also to J O , Randy, Carlos and Tom lor smoothing out the bumps To everybody else, hey I did my best, if it is not good enough, too bad! As for the future. I ' ll be hanging in there as always Thanks lor helping me through Lord Randall L. Fuchs Gatesville Texas Systems Engineering Navat Flight Officer Randy Looking back From Plebe summer and " The Halsey-Taylor Memorial Sir " to Army Plebe year — " I ' ve got just the guy for you to meet Hurry up Dave. I want to get some sleep OH. come on lets get some Zah Can I call my boyfriend? You take that picture and III break your face Smack — Get out ' It was funny last night, but " And there was the Orange lights and the great tall Irom JROTC The trips m the Old green bomb — " Hi ' Do you get high " Where ' s Carlos ' He was here just a second ago WATCH OUT RANDY, there ' s the turn ' Turtle neck shirts with ties, the competition with the GeeeekSweatMo, and saying good-bye to the gill-man Second class year — the barn and living with the " grilled burgers and playing tenms with a F-16 model Then THE DYNASTY " ' and " Ohh, don ' t make me ere ' s the organ grinder ? At times it ' s actually t ; stories we could tell. 20th Company 639 Richard P. Guest III Satellite Beach Florida Resources Management Surface Rikk It started for me in Kingston Pa . Lou. Billy. Btll. Jessica. Dinacola ' s Igloo, chopping wood in Eaglesmere. fnsbee on Thompson with Paul (the hippee). code of conduct. Mr Guest 2, dial a demo, the rest is a blurr. the J B concert (hell of a job), the class ot 80. Piedmont, Matt. Mayport, huge pig. Skids, Los, the 20th Co , the team, the Buteras, the moneys (my other mother), the Burt ' s, the C ' s, 1 love them all they are so beautiful, all those bormg classes, weight gaming, the Bogue turf, good fight, the keg at the pond in Conn . sleeping m late at Va , expired license plates, T R and the regs (ask PS), the power of Van Zant I ' m with you, Lou you just got to believe, the round up BR M S , Atlantic City, nugget-nuggef, 41 East, 95 South, 81 North, power eating club, C K what a dude, Jose stop right there I got to know right now, the Vinson, once again the perfect cruise, steak, cheap rum, oft early (bummer), lots of leave at home all 4 years, there was nothing gamed from the love that I lost J L E , some ot its magic and some of its tragic but Ive had a good life all the way It has been a five year effort that I am still uncertain about I thank God. my mother, father. Debbie. Amy. Lon, Judy, Gram, Mr T nd my lev d ones who have always been the re for the past 23 years 1 have not always been t he Ideal fan ily mer nber yet they are th greatest 1 pray that my direction is right and gives m e peace ot mind R P.G III Richard J. Hayes Denvllle New Jersey Applied Science Surface Dicky lOG Boy that ' s a mean one . TC and v«ha s for lunch stiff and wh en 1 played Army and 1 . . It wasn ' t my fault . . . Clifton, ou boy. It ' s my hanky and 1 like it that way llo ve It here Ma and Harry, tailgators and Ho J •s (hey bunny) Fwayne Cmd Sab and Rocky Terollie ' 500 huh. What was the ot er one?. Combine J ' Oh oh Mam ma no renegade fun things odo w h PCR Michelle, Jackie Peggie G forever 4 years with the same guy ( do you think people wonder) help 106 106 106 please, one semester at a time the boys J3 jnd never movin oveth at medical department IJLTFOOTP CWTGTFOOH h said something about the 1 brary 106 Mrs Felter home oming there wa s never a doubt A very special note to Mom. Dad. Di and Jim, i sure h s been a tight, but we n adeit thanks A great years Dicliy 1 ' 1 be there nAugo f 83 from the sta board side for 8 .Iraight. CJ.B. HiaMti Florida I,i3ihem3ti 0C James F Garrova Temple City California Aerospace Engineering Naval Fhgfit Officer Jim opover in Newport. Rl) Even with the late n iisses with end of semester meetings with the Thank you for coming May 25 ' i ' the sunny skies of Southern California (after a late nights the meetings with the Lt and the :an honestly say that it was all » Mary C Gaul Winter Springs Florida English General Warfare Cathy Cathy came to us from warm, sunny Florida Energetic and cheerful. Cathy has been involved in cheerleading. sailing. Glee club, tennis, and church activities Her proficiency in German won her an intriguing trip to West Germany Cathy wilt always have fond memories of the exciting times she shared with her fellow rah-rahs. Emmi Patl Sandee Gary Terry and Janet She has excelled m Academics and, as a result served as president of the English Honor Society Sigma Tau Delta But Cathy still managed to devote much time to having fun with her elite group of Bieike in Fiddler on the Roof ' and a dancing fair maiden m The Pirates ot Penzance Little trips, spring break 81 , and her excursions to Thompson s And of course her sweetheart Mark A child in her own heart, she spent time camping tree climbing, picnicking, and flying kites The fleet should be looking forward to receiving this prospective general warfare officer who can handle anything thrown at her Cathy has been a true friend and little Sis " to all ■YEAH ' " 640 20th Company Laura A Hinkley Hialeah Florida Mathematics USMC HInks Bliss IS when ' La Machine " decided at 0300 to run and the rest of Ih roorr sleep in This is even after she stops studying at 0100 Depression is watching her eat and eat and at and eat and never gam an ounce In fact, on one early morning run, the Annapolis Chapter ol the Audubon Society got all e cited thinking that they had identified a new specie of crain They were most disappointed t 3 find that the •Bird ■ Legs " they spotted belonged to Hinks Ah yes! Saturday nights are all impo tant toh er She developed a tradition Plebe year hat she continued well into First class year - slaying in and studying And what a buddy offering |unK food to her riends who had weight problems. ■Give Ihema chance to build character when they r efuseil " She would say She never seemer tone ice that they always took it She would never - ever s nare her green (vl Ms though Donald A. Holcomb Seattle Washington Physics Navy Pilot Don Don ther Navy brat who wound up coming to USNA with great aspir abundance of confidence. Plebe year offered Holes a wide range of new i iickname by his little green room Bruce Springsteen could really wail a tune Only Don c boy for the second semester Youngster year brought f class, Don took , wanted no pa stripes Don had always said he wouldn ' t get Navy. " but after knowing Jenny for a whole two r You ' re a lucky girl. Jenny, and I ' ve b James F. Hunter Beaumont Texas Political Science Navy Air Jim Jim tries to convince everyone that he ' s not so smart, however consistently high grades contradict him but then, he is a bull major Some people go crazy if they study too much, but not Jim Hunts could be found in the hallowed halls of the Hunter memorial wing of Nimitz library any evening during Plebe and Youngster years (including Saturdays) Of course, he had to leave the library in time for Plebe taps but thank God he had late lights to get one more hour of work done Lat lights on a Satur day night may be d, but Jimdidn tmind a Geek ,s a Geek T le sweat didn ' t s op rolling ,n the classroom, th Dugh, and Jim •arned the honor ol being Woodys protege All 3f his hard work p aid off in his s« west po. It exchange program Second class year ivated the dor past an 1 buried the Geek and he sweat forever How about thos women a d we thought h estudie among the rows of be oks in the library Army weekend a s a Woop was a swinging time- -keep ft ose women smiling, li e when you proved that civilian schools are more fun when you went to J T for two spring bre aks Jim started understand Ih value of wee ends Second class yea , especially when his roommate(s) drc ve him nuts S( will always s hudder (wome 1 will qu mention f their first set ummer compan commander s name It s a good th ng Jim was Ronald P. Jordan Universal City Texas Oceanography Nuclear Submarines Jordy Ron came from the far away state of Texas Being from an Air Force family. Texas (ust happened to be home for most of his stay here at UNSA Ron was not alone when he came here. His brother just happened to be a firstie when Ron was a Plebe Bob visited Jordache often to keep him out of trouble Ron was a good little boy except when it came to loud alarm clocks and unwanted roommates Of four roomies only one. myself, could put up with him. He drove one roommate out ot the Academy completely One roommate was driven out of his mind The other roommate was that way already so Ron simply got nd of him Jordy ' s favorite past-time, when not horizontal, was playmg defensive back for the extra tight heavyweight FB team He always thought he did a great job. we didn ' t want to hurt his feelings told Ron that he " lacked intelligence, lacked motivation, and put forth no effort. " Believe it or not (we don ' t), Jordy will glow anyway In all due respect Jordo, your a good r excellent tnend and you had better get me to the altar on time P S How about that Oamneck 0-club!!!! 20th Company 64] Kenneth C. Levins Blenhejn New Jersey Mechanjcal Engineering Surface Ken Physical Stud club (better known as NAPS) I was a e all Plebes. parents weekend Christmas were I couldn ' t have made it w o the Wonder Pup- I skeptical ot this place come 1-day highlights ot the year (I skipped I Tipper, who carried who " ' Youngster year brought part I ot " Fwayne meets the Boyz, " the expansion ot the Haye Levins tailgating Co , and JP! How ' bout them Douglass girls! Just the beginning of some grea friendships, a beautiful relationship, and some fantastic parties Segundo year part II- Seymore VS the Boyz " Ahh yes, all those weekends I didn ' t ge ' (106) The little things that kept us going- bat ftball. more choice ' gaters. our tall blond spellin champ- hey Bopshun- was that C S H " Still speaking of ' little things, what ' s our co son( Another One Bites the Oust ' See what you started Murph Dec 18, 1981 Joey Java made official (rings strings) SAT grades (It ' s amazing the incentive a little bet can bring ' ), road trip to Douglass. class rings (hello $1000 club) Firstie year wasn ' t the breeze I thought it would be, but who can argue w a Co that cancel tailgaters has f arty parties ' instead ' Counting the days w some special thoughts . dreams black shoe Navy- here I come. May 25th; June 1 1th. Mom Dad- 1 love you! Boyz- 1 " miss ya ' ! USNA- We shall return! KCL James 0. Mulligan Fords New Jersey Math (Computer Sci) Navy air JO. (J IS an average mid proud to all E. 1 10, New Jersey, " home " , he thinks of USNA as NAPS postgraduate school, and drives a sports car To him, the academic months have always been a time-out period between his JIO international trips ) Starting in Newport. Rhode Island, with a »4S0 Oldsmobile Cutlass and J300 a mo nth, 1 progressed to Plebe summer, shoe leather, and $50 a month Getting locked outside at 3 30 am with a black net sock bag over my head after reconning 4-0 with shaving cream bomb was indicative of my luck 1 couldn ' t have picked more " interesting " room-mates myself (3 ti nes) ' and I ' ll always mind my helm ' on good-deal (thanks. Rat) V P trips Having 007 as a partner in crime made (getting caught) riding the Valor Piebe year (thanks. Spock) memorable! Im tempted to nail those guys myself " Hi Rog After 22 consecutive seasons, 1 finally ended my track career That coincided with gelling braces (on my teeth, not my legs!) which led to the toys of blender cooking " All you guys who made fun of my mouth being wired shut deserved e very whift of halitosis 1 could summon ' I ' ve seen some of the best looking girls n the world, having been throughout Europe (esp love those danes), to Hawaii, and into Austra la (and without the Marines ' ) Unfortunately, Caroline never did accept a June-week invitation After changing my home address to Ward Hall, 1 was able to spend lots of time with everyone s nemesis, the Honeywell 6060, and, despite it all, my victories are still (very) few Living with he Fols has been more fun than a barrel of monkeys; Randy may never need a Maryland drive s license, but Id rather have the hair, and Tom ' s been back when you were lumping 70 and win ningalAC and Monk, you ' re really inspiring Above all. thanks love to Mom and Dad for all Ih long years of support Navy Air, here 1 come ' AIEEEE ' JOM Mark R Kanakis Jopiin Missouri Applied Science Navy Air Aka Tippy Mark Twain once wrote, all a frog ever wanted wj my way to Crablown from the Show-Me Stale is a stor) recollections from this mid s four-year climb to the bottom ol me heap Frank and Jim making the Post Plebe of the Week. ' Month R R n Belhesda Thanksgiving m the Hall, catering Dave s Army parly, birth of the Cutlass the Moore Wars living through Herndon ngaknee ■ Boari Toibert ving lor jn of the ? c Year — an endless summer with the 1-C Bonus Boys, the TexMex r end of the Welsh era. Thanksgiving at Denny s, living with Cowboy i Hood with McCall, returning to Bancroft with a stale trooper death ; Cutlass l c Year— a minesweeper cruiseC), Pistol Detail hiltm BB s off both wings, the Pal Roach Memorial Chair , assassination atlempts on the Cutlass the Tranquil! Regime, living alone with Ken Wood. Marty Parlies. Thanksgiving al the Ford s forced retirement at Christmas. How boul them Hogs m Houston, the Fourth Wmg Furriers Yes. those are memories that make me a wealthy soul I especially thank God Mom and Dad. i vast array ot roommates, the men of Navy Football and Jell- » 16 in our programs » 1 in our Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition Susan M Koye Highland Park New Jersey Political Science Supply Corps Sue Susan Mane Koye came to the prepared with two years at Rutger helped her adjust to Bancroft lite country, indoor track, gymnastics ■suit, she was given the I member ol Phi Sigma among them Catholic tennis Unfortunately njury, so she spent mosl of her time studying Political Scienc ■are opportunity 10 work as an intern at the Pentagaon and n Mpha, the Poll Sci Honor Society She participated m many :hoir, musical productions. Glee club, NAFAC. Spanish club and the flying squadron In her ipare lime. Sue could be lound running in a 10 K, going to Washington theatres or gallavaniing around Georgetown Susie will never forget Paul and the cats (or the pink rabbit) Katie, spring areak " 81, and first class cruise on the luxury liner the USS Cape Cod But probably her most Tiemorable moment was on 27 August 1982. her birthday when she became Mrs Mike Boehle- lo-be She ' ll undoubtedly be a huge success m whatever she atlempts Always ready to have . Sue [jjlish iu iiis il j«irP»« " " Nancy J- S WW NVork PdiiicalScieni 1100 UK, Stimuli iiitoii» ' r» p»inlo(iKi»c ■i«ii lipH(»! 642 20th Company • I Src: e Naval Academy whilt . sleep or liberty This ii Stephen J. Murphy Webster Groves Missouri English Navy Pilot Murph Murph has managed to slide through t mere academics to interfere with either h three easy lessons, one before each " X ' Second class summer brought Murph before graduation Luckily, Jeanine has Nuclear Power and withdrawing them, he has nar Special OPS, Surface Line, and Jag Corp Whatever i due to his extraordinary ability to get along with ( Perhaps what we ' ll all remember Murph for is h Nancy J. Schiavetta Bethpage New York Political Science 1100 Skivetee Nancy Schiavetta graduating!! ? They said it couldn ' t majoring in academic difficulty and who suffered fror t this English major allowed Well, only Salty Sam listed V Jul probata w tmeMrsM eBoe WnjS ' eaJiiofw ; who seemed to be a Plebe ' Two I good friends ■ service selection One company officer asked her about her grade goals, to keep my weekends " Nancy thought He then asked her about her goals and objectives at the academy This inquiry caused much thought, self - searching and a reply of " to play basketball, sir " the company officer gave up " counseling " Basketball ' l Four years, four varsity letters She proved to be a controlled and reliable player Once in a while her on court language caught the refs attention - nuff said Beyond b ball, weekends, holidays, and leave periods were the be - all and end - all of Nancy ' s academy life tn fact, Nancy actively supported one age old academy tradition, the middle of the Her social life, though private, always seemed full Even first class cruise saw her weekends full of fun When asked why she didnt date midshipmen, she simply laughed and launched into a series of buba jokes By the way, Nancy, who was that LT(JG) Brady who kept those long ■ Mark L. Skidmore Reno Nevada Math-OA NFO Skids July 6. 1979, 1-day. looking at the cameras, running into the hall, not saluting Irwm V D D meek. Kathy Walsh Standing next to Guest m formation Mr Guest you have smiles m your cover No excuse, sir You lose Living on 2-3 Thomas Boguenanas Plebe heaven Francis (Howard) Hughes, Tom Rossiyo 11 sheet posters Plebe year co CDR Buiietine board fire Missing 1st period Plebe English Nelson and donuts Waiting at BWI Heading into that sunset again buddy Go for it. Skids! The Michael the J the Foley LHA-3 USS Belleauwood Bert and dad andeattng at the crabclaw in St Michaels Foley. Matthiae. mint julip Venetian blmds Well hey there Frank Bottle rockets Summer school-law Failing probs and stats Don t try that one again until you ' re a Youngster Hey Chris wanna go get a pizza ' June 14. 1981 Pete + Lisa=l 67 Hospital for gall stones First class cruise in Hawaii. USS Badger FF1071. Pete McKenney and David Kelln Becky Taunt Choice NS300 first class summer XO. summer school again-survey of American History and Uncle Shylock said Tom Dacey Count it, UN. TS. SUL. Hannun Sulward, Rippo ' 69, Hubba Bubba. Sweaeaeat It ' s all Boguenanas, whaaaaat ' " The only time that seems too short is the time that we get to play ' These have been the hardest and sometimes loneliest, but sometimes best years of my life No. I would never do it again, but then again I would never give away the experiences that I have had since I ' ve been here f would never have made it with out my moms love and my dads discipline, and certainly without Gods help " Its like a feeling of anger tied with a knot of pride ' And to all those who helped me make it through here Thank you . I wear the ring Lynn A. Thomas Utica Michigan Ocean Engineering Naval Flight Officer Lynn Weird ' No, but definitely different Lynn must have salt water m her vems. because even the fresh water lakes of Michigan couldn t keep her away from the Crabtown Boat school That salt water started out chlorinated After two years of swimming for Navy. Lynn crawled " out of the pool and lettered in track (managing her roommate s team) and Softball In her spare time she got involved m the Catholic choir, Pep band YP squadron. Women s Glee dub and Hop heiress, considering all the books and magazines she reads Heaven knows how much has falling Lynn Thom, ' riety unexpected of must be a new one Maybe III I nimal One teddy bear is enough ; you glad I wrote 1 one gives away 3 Os here Lynn hj more importantly with | eople We ve crc after all these years. I (md Lynn a sens imate and friend (highlight the brigade I 20th Company 643 644 20th Company id a reluge from the tedium of plebe t of us in more ways than one With a Applied Science field that spring of Timothy A. Batzler Baltimore Maryland Applied Science Surface Line Tim Tim came to the Academy with a deal that anyone home. Batz had no problem getting a home cooked me strong background in computers, Tim punched onto plebe year, and he never looked back Tim was an original member of the 4-3 youngster wardroom, supplying the JD and a ptace to hide the 19 " Sanyo television Youngster year kept Tim deep tn the bowels of Ward Hall We all thought he had found a cute secretary or computer tech , but we were wrong, it was a keyboard This affair turned into profit for Tim his second and first class years Batz entered his MIS billet (and the three stripes that went along with it) and still managed to convince the Company Officer into three more stripes for lie Company Commander It might have been that he deserved the praise, or tt might have been that he was trying to outshine a gloomy Army-Navy game plebe year First class year Tim continued his good deal with the three striper libs, as the MIS billet again fell to the most qualified Timber also found he had ample time for members of the opposite gender, and he continuously visited the local colleges in search of the ellusive prey In fact. Tim was able to burn the candle at both ends and the middle and still come away with his hide Between Mary Washington. Hood, Goucher. and a company mates sister. Tim was never without a plan fo r a good time Never one to turn down an invitation to a party. Tim developed a social lifestyle true to the Midshipman image The ship that grabs him will be the luckiest in the Fleet, and the lady that stops his wandering will be the envy of her Francis J. Blankemeyer. Jr. Broomall Pennsylvania Political Science Marine Corps Frank Frank ' wires " Blankemeyer came to the Chesapeake Umversi from the United States Marine Corps and Broomall. Pa He met alot of " good di. Academy-but good dudes are good dudes and I do not have enough room to menti He entertained his roommate many times with his late night German lessons Frank would tell us that " I happened upon Hood College this weekend " , but would never t got kicked out by the security guard Tell us Frank, are Hood girls good girls ' F friends wondered why he did so well on the swim tests Was it the five fish in 21. being Company Commander for almost a complete semester, thanks to having t friends, like the Major Burly With all kidding aside, Frank is an outstanding friend and dude who will more than survive the Marine Corps Hey, face it. anyone who can pass can do anything in this world I Technology straight Robert S. Brooks Richmond Virginia Oceanography Navy Air Brooksie R Scott Brooks (the R s man ■ Upon starting his stroyed his Naval Aviatio j Youngste ibyl Condos As Scotf; proved to be the be " Ripper " proved ti dreams, or at least Irom Annapolis High to the I- :iatly the little c Scott ; muffin of f , Romeo. " I still got i ition grew with the local female popul ;nds. except where girls were involved ( ■ I again that Brooks ' corollary. " Every good-l tently remained true Second class year, as Scotties e moved onward and outward to local colleges where he Bast that night ' s dreams We will always remember the tarzan demo at the boat party that year, fortunately Scott never will Since Scott missed the ring dance he felt compelled to uphold Navy tradition by dipping his nng into Seven Seas of the Orient Following this exhausting first class cruise. Scott returned to the Academy for first set Plebe detail Brooksie always ate his wheaties so he could keep his plebe fit by day. and himself fit by night By the way Scott, have you cleared six feet yet? First class year found this professional guy stars and a three striper MIR billet, yet no one can recall him ever studying The most surprising change in his life style was his dedication to an outstanding young woman Nightly libs made this relation- With his antics being what they are, this southern " gentleman " will have no problem carrying on the tradiation of Navy )et )ocks Good luck Brooksie, let us know if anyone ever arrests your gear TM B Terry M. Burt Oklahoma City Oklahoma Mathematics Navy Air Heebs Hailing from Oklahoma City. " Bassett, " seldom known as Terry, completed a fun lovin ' year of ■ ' real college " before metnculatmg to the boat school Plebe year was a real shocker for this adventurous young lad. the ' Bassman ' could frequently be found " floating " throughout the jdebedebe ' Youngster year found Terry longing for home and 3l college, ' many doubted seeing him again after our Second plebe year The lure for Navy coerced ' Heebs " back to Canoe U, however, and the rest is evident Second class year wed Terry that studying at the Severn Institute for Seamen diffe red from anything he had lously encountered Upon this realization, the Bassett quickly switched from Systems to h and discovered a ' weekend " Firstie year found Terry a new supra compliments of the s Willie Nelson lovm ' clown could frequently be found stalking the Always will - rately z class year wit r his last from Oklahoma State Penitentiary Terry will as the guy who keeps tempo with the oil derricks, and as the Fall Guy second the car pnvvies - " What, this car ' " Remember University of Maryland and waking up on the floor Remember Goucher and waking up on the floor Rememt er Hood and Hunter waking up on the floor Remember Maryland and Bill waking up on the floor with a doll Remember all the great road trips and drinking binges Your buddies will always remember your smiling face and great tailgators. ya blonde hound! Good luck at Pensacola. Heebs. and keep a SIX of cold Coors for a buddy RSB 21st Company 645 Peter J Fanta Manitowoc Wisconsin Political Science Surface Line Pete Pete came to the Severn River sailing institute from the great white north of Manitowoc. Wisconsin We didn ' t see much of Pete during Plebe year, as he was constantly away on a sailing movement order to some yachting party After his famous watch during his room s dark ages baby caper, Pete decided to avoid making more headlines Plebe year Pete was a Naval Architecture ma|or until two academic boards convinced him to change, and prolong his naval career at Canoe U After much soul-searching. Pete decided to major in Navy Varsity OHshore Sailing, with a minor in Political Science Pete was often found wandering the halls on honor business, as he gave up his free time to Pete s GT G made him one of the most mobile mids during the ensuing years, taking him on many road trips to places unknown Petes weekend exploits have brightened the lives of many a young lady at such colleges as Mary Washington, and a very special young lady at Marymount College m Virginia amous wine glasses, Pete was always a Mark A Gallagher Gibbstown New Jersey Mathematics Navy Air Mark e Army game, tncludtng e home ot the oldeit log cabin in the U S . Gibbslown, N J A graduate iilitary Academy, Mark had no trouble with academics white at the il nati, he spent many a night in ward hall Mark s yearly schedule with hibernation or racktime tilling most of his days Irom September I loyal supporter ot Navy, especially go Navy, beat Army " cheers, a and was the only member of the Skinner Bell Ringing club Mark was iseball team Plebe and Youngster years, until he received an injury m ronic duffer disease First class year, Mark made many new friends at Febi 0. Calle Fort Ritchie Maryland Oceanography Pilot Ocampo Febi Ocampo Calle the mlercultural member ol the 2l5t company prides himself in having come to us, at USNA, Irom Ft Ritchie via every type ot neighborhood in America Originally from stud and graduating in the top live from high school Ocampo mastered Ptebe summer Febi started and ended his stay here playing lor the varsity 150 lootball team his Plebe (meat squad) and lirst-class years During the interim Febi Ocampo was a crucial member to the company s lightweight lootball team and iirst singles lor 4th battalion tennis Never or e to worry about academics, Ocampo was maintaining a 3 by the end ol his third year and as many No stranger to the ladies, Ocampo has charmed lemale hearts form DaMgen to Hawaii while at USNA with his dancing abilities and good looks Ocampos most noted quality was his ability to get along with people The thing he gained the most at USNA was Inends and his lavonte activity was giving hiiriMM to others Febi Ocampo will fly a long way m Naval Aviation JEW George W. Ellard Pleasanton California Political Science Surface T,H. George- is he just a casual guy. or Service Selection " So t can get some they re comir Sleep Seizures i deck missing a few cards? speakers, of course Admiral McKee " denero now that I ' m not going nuke power Wait a r plug and chug " ship driving tecniques ' I ' m there D3 ' ryl Gas ippiied Soef Na«y i ' warn A. Go! Iilftril Ohio PtiyiiCS NudeafPowe M . space IS everywhere ■ I Quotes Space is here, space i raquetball during a forrestal lecture? " Living on the Edge Here, have a stick olgum " " Anybody out in Georgia? " Who really knows about George except that he ' s surely l here We definitely enjoyed having him around though, and appreciated t was able to view life, even without the aid of mind-altenng drugs SJS 646 21st Company Darryl Gaston Chicago Illinois Applied Science Navy Air Darryl William A. Gott Mllford Ohio Physics Nuclear Power Bill Bill came to the Academy via a Navy tamily and NAPS Havm Great Lakes, he knows about all the ideal Naval Bases Being a I forward to being stationed on an Ohio class sub out ol Oiego Garc ot studying Every night he could be found wandering the halls or sayings include Turn the other chin " . Ohi Buddy . " Sadda Dur of other babies bottoms , and Hofta Outts ' Bill developed a k 22nd Company to Hood College While m search lor the perfect v butt bitting By 1st class year he had qualified for the national c CRUD in San Diego Bill will take his sunburned knees to nuclear ( many whales along the way he should be m Admiral McKee ' s si M.S.P. I stay at Annapolis lived in Guam. Bill could nevi Tomoko Ishikawa San Jose California Chemistry uoo Tom fighting , t UCLA Soon s lat a life " ling Dr Ishikai , so when she heard about USNA. she dit iigh heels, a purple skirt, and a suitcase I e was singing I believe " and screaming r Tom chose to maj learned to sleep with the lights on and the coffee brewing, chemistry Since this wasn ' t enough to keep her busy. To found her home in a crew shell, yelling at her teammates If Tomoko had quit studying lor a minute she would have she received as 3 c company commander. 2 c Brigade i ir in Chemistry Needless to say. I thanks to Prof Elert and Inorganic 1 tried her hand at gymnastics but liscovered a way out of all the work Jmin. and 1 c CAO She definitely lations Tomii Sern : lots ( noodles or oriental rice ane day. 1 get a pencil en a good roommate Tomoko and i l iss Ishikawa Edward J Lester Grapeview Washington Electrical Engineering Surface Line Lester, Edward J Age 22 Podunk Grapev Height Aahh Wieght Oohh Build Hmmm A He came he rowed he left ' When Mc ank you. RAV ew. Wash Major Crew Sex As often a K A Easyed. Mo; Edmo; Hey you - a was a plebe he decided he would do EE ■EEi avea Plebe year nay never get I men the blackshoes ' 21st Company 647 William F. Mattingly Arlington Virginia Systems Engineering Nuclear Submarines Bill native, came 1 the Academy with high aspirations Bill was a W L crew slud with plans lo com nue this endea or while maioring had h,s hie planned and expected a glorious care er as an astronaut via Navy air While Plebes sounded on Go Navy, s.f Bill s voice could be heard above the est — Go Navy Air Then the systems curriculum to k charge e«e lively eliminating c rew and much o( his Social lile Bill s fear ol low grades lustitie d to him the constant burning ol he midnight oil However. through It all. he maintained good grades With the encouragement ol his riends. Bill ma de his way to MWC There he met Ann Mane Smith and lound new purpose in h slife Bills eye s exhibited a certain sparkle which was surely what realty changed your mmd. Bill ' ) fondly We wish our good friend luck m all that h« Luke M. McCollum Stephenville Texas Political Science Navy Air Luke Luke l cCollum hailed Iron 1 the small own of stephenville in the Lone Star St beginning. Lukes southern Jrawl and c ongeniality marked him as a true Tex Tex arrived to " Crabtown pint (The Firsties mule cannot be loped! " ) Lu les strong eHort during Plebe summer earned hir being our first company commander Luke gave much of his time to academy activities and E C his academics However his leterminati }n prevailed over an y academic difficult excelled o the 150s gridiron leading Navy to twc Luke s strong moral character served as a guiding light to the company and friends He was an active participant in the Big Brothers. FCA, and BSU When things got rough. Lukes genuine concern and inspiration were always available The " Sorus " arrived at Annapolis whipped and never seriously strayed During his first years. Luke ' s social life was sometimes confined to and centered on his high school sweetheart Irom Texas However, he later created more regional interests but nothing serious ever developed. Then he met his Texas ' senonta ' In combating any long separation. Luke would always remember what " my daddy said We wish Luke the best of luck m his Naval career His many fnends throughout the Brigade will always cherish his warm friendship and helping hand May Gods spirit, grace, and blessing continue to be with you Luke, until the very end Amen! rnnnecticot 3v3lFligfll Massapequal Long Island, f Hatory Surface lyepretationsby John T. Mullen Rapid City South Dakota Electrical Engineering Navy Air Meeps Maryland, finally claiming as home the frozen wilderness of Minnesota Affectionately called " Meeps " (due to his computer-like genius), John fulfilled his destiny by becoming an EE major Being a creature of the late night, he was often found keeping the company wardroom safe into the wee hours of the morning Knowing everything about everything. John managed to put himself and several classmates through the academy Despite these tendencies. John proved himself a stud by breaking through to the brigade championship on the Batt tennis team after years of agonizing frustration He surprised many of us by successfully resisting the nuclear power " force. " Foiling all attempts to lead him astray. John kept his sights on Navy Air Good luck to you John, and may God bless you in your every endeavor, Bradley T Murphy Vienna Virginia Political Science Navy Air Murph The well-traveled Brad Murphy came to the Naval Academy after completing high school in Jakarta, Indonesia Readjusting to the American way. Brad was forced to conform to the fast paced lifestyle at Annapolis He now claims Vienna, Virginia as home but his destiny is to travel study was Political Science Like the tru e politician, Brad used his resources help Mom!) He en)oyed three years of active participation in the Naval 3 excelled in the study of the Chinese language After his stars finally sparkled when he met an old acquaint studied diligently during the week but on i to see this special blond Surfer Murphy i well (Thanks Academy Foreign Affairs Conterenci " sweating " through celestial navigati ance from afar Since that time Brad has been roadtnppmg it to " the Wa; circulation but happy as can be Upon graduation, it is Brad ' s ambition to bi begin a career in the Foreign Service rema surely be a sucess Brad has been a super fr lend we wilt alway have encouraged us all Warm wishes Navy Air! Whether f success In all your John E. Nielsen Stratford Connecticut Computer Science Naval Flight Officer Buba Hailing (rom Connecticut, a true manner at heart. John has USNA to thank for helping him to " see the light " of the computer and to dump those viscous Itttle electrons. Before freeing himself from EEE. John amused himself by setting intake records at Army. Youngster year (those who saw still cant believe) and by seeking sympathy for that " little scratch " on his knee After his liberation, John awoke to the " delights " of Hood, Goucher. and Mary Washington, and was eventually certified an official " stud " by his classmates ' unanimous consensus (despite the " AT " ) John has also seen the light in the sky and has decided thafs where he wants to be — NFO or bust! But we will all remember John best for his exceptionally good nature and his ever high spirits, always there to remind us that lite is OK Happy landings Buba Joseph F. Nolan Massapequa Park Long Island. New York History Surface Joe Chalk another one up for NAPS. Even though it meant a cut in pay, which must have broken Joe ' s heart, he took the oath like the rest of us that summer of 79. This History major sailed through Plebe year adding to the draft of a Navy yawl During the dark ages that year, the Nolan Day school and nursery opened for business, and. was just quickly closed by the ood; forcing Joe ' s 6 month old brother to hit the streets Youngster year Joe found better things to do He became the proud owner of a fine automobile with the shrewd purchase of a 1966 Triumph TR4- tance Joe and the Calculus Dept did not see eye to eye that year for he (ailed the course Of kept him out of his room and his roommate in Having enough of brigade amor. Joe found another roommate the next year He got his mathematical skills moving that year which is more than we could say for his car As Joe ' s grades inflated, so did his spare tire, this of course did not keep him from having a good time out at Franme O ' s Joe ' s love life blossomed and wilted on a number of occasions that year, proving a red-headed irishman can be loved by other than his mother First class year finally brought a steady girl, but still no car He furthered his knack for foreign relations by serving in the office of the Naval advisor in Berlin. Germany Joe improved his athletic ability that year during his early morning runs ' ( ' I have to do what Major? " ) Good luck Joe, the Surface Navy will be getting a good man. Michael S. Price Middletown New Jersey Management Navy Air Mike Mike, the ' Southern Boy " from North Jersey (7A), came to the Naval Academy r high school Having been recruited to play baseball, he was one of Duffs boys for a half To Mike. Plebe Summer wasn ' t too bad if only he had gotten to sit und hot water on, or if his company officer could understand why he liked to hand Youngster year Mike decided to move up socially and live m the ' Swarr room even more he also decided to water the floor m the middle of the nigh every weekend possible to visit his girlfriend Cindy at Hood College Second c brought more weekends and more trips to Hood Now his car can drive Although It will not be a June week wedding. Mike will graduate, get marnt flight school in Pensacola Chris Ratliff Greatlakes Illinois Mechanical Engineering Nuclear Power Ratman Drive fast and die young. Ratma open so that you 3 keep your eyes wide 21st Company 649 Erica L Ryder Sanford Florida Math Marine Corps Erk. Gidget irk arrived d( the Academy with both feet planted firmly on xt e ound She was Qmle sure c what she wanted and how she was gomg to get it She wanted to go nuke and she was gomg ti court to get It ' She wanted to be a double major and she was gomg to study a lot and sleep un to do -t Well t wasn t long belore Enca reaii ed what hie was really all about She was havtni too much lun rowing crew and vis-tmg with the boys to waste t me Studying As eipected th. absolute value d her grades rose as the variable ol work approached zero and G ' dget louni hersetl on Regimental staH her 1 C year Her gldgetl lng brought personality to the normall MilicaiSM jef . Pa Grandpa upon herself to organise such ev ways o( the world in only a few s her thoughtlulness. kindness an As lar as nuke power goes well i Zit, Tom, and Oonny 3 teaching Juntc ver forget Piebe year Army lighting man Kathy Smith Bunny. NWC unic Steve Shatynski Downey California Resources Management Surface The Shatman Steve s motto accurately summarizes hts past four years here " Surface Lme mighty hang- over At least his priorities are right since Steve has never lei school get m the way of his education This human wrecking machine has left quite a legacy Is there nothing he cant break ' If Steve isn t rolling down muddy hills m whites he s driving home from DC at 4 a m Between those mysterious dates and sneezmg lits this man has successluliy driven his room- Steve and dont get in the way ol fair winds and following seas because you may gel wet And dont call him Shirley !! GE D Sheppard Kalamazoo Michigan General Engineering Supply Corps Shep Sweet, innocent Shep came to us from the frozen north Ka for this young swimming protecy " Shep " lived and breathe River, developing the tendency to enjoy other fish rather than i As Brian degressed from Naval Architecture to General Engineering he progressed with his His Youngster year was exciting having garnered the responsibility of maintaining the Young- ster and an academic cripple) Not to be ones to do things half way the 19 inch color T V has yet to be equaled, along with the refreshments and 4-3 barber shop laciltties the wardroom was complete Second Class year brought the downfall of many of Brians goals After two N-stars. a set of uncooperative shoulders brought his swim carrer to a halt We were all sure that Shep woul d use this opportunity to gam experience at the local colleges We were wrong He persisted m trying to develope gills instead of social skills His excuse squad chit started the lail of Second Class year and kept Shep from enjoying the experiences of First and Second class year (i e formations, 1 c Cruise, sports, P E tests, and Service Selection), but this did not stop Shep from doing the more important things in life The " Corps ' " will be getting a good man IB Ruth A. Voor Louisville Kentucky Political Science Supply Corps Ruthie Ruthie came from an all-girls school in Louisville (Loou(r)-vil? ?) ready to play B-ball for USNA Athletics were no problem for this jock who set a new " W " course record during Plebe summer " Carrol top " spent most of Plebe year at the gym (or somewhere but not in company) until she came back one day with a splint on her right knee Ruthie ' s B-ball career as a player came to an abrupt end then; after three knee operations, and three years on crutches and in white works, she finally gave up (not realty) trying to play again She put her energy into political science, the Honor system, and managing B-ball As a lirst class, " Gimp " found herself with THREE stripes and a phone that wouldn ' t quit ringing to go along with her Brigade Honor staff job Ruthie (your hairs still on fire!) you will always be remembered lor your grits. Win, Jim. the Coast Guard cadet. Rudy ' s to Fiddlers, and Naturals ' Seriously. Ruthie ' s unselfish and friendly personality will bring smiles to those she encounters m the Fleet Good luck in the CORPS ' I ' ll 650 21st Company Jeffrey P Wilcox Lake Villa Illinois Political Science Surface Line Jeff JeH Wilcox, a high school PLAYBOY CLUB 21st Company 651 Brian K. Antonio Bowie Maryland Naval Architecture Surface Brian Brian travelled long and lar lo attend the Naval Academy (all of twelve miles) How he managed to eat wardroom food after getting good old home cooking every weekend well never know Brian had a rough Plebe year like the rest of us. but his problems were more with girls than with rates Have to keep those priorities straight, huh. Brian ' Being a go-getter, we all thought Brian would choose a challenging major, but even though we tried to change his mind, he decided to breeze through as a Naval Architect Oh well, we can t all have real majors! Brian t elieved m the theory ol studying hard and getting into the rack by 2300 every night (whenever possible) It must have worked because Brian and his 3 CQPR were swept out o( company and on to battalion staff We thought Brian might forget about his friends in 22 while down on 4-0. but we weren ' t that fortunate! Just kidding ' From day one. Brian has claimed to t e a devoted boat driver So even though his grades make him appear intelligent, we have to wonder Mayt e It ' s because of all those Brian cells you killed out at the Happy Buzzard plebe year Whatever the reason. I guess someone has to drive around those big. gray things, right Brian ' Seriously, we all Ttson NudearSi Big Bales IJB remember those inspiring words spoken late one night plebe year Daniel J. Ball Grapeview Washington Mathematics Naval Flight Officer ■■Q " ■Q-Ball " , a Washington state native, left the beautiful, serene atmosphere of his home on the edge of a lake for the fast-paced, always hectic life at USNA and a scenic view of " T -Court " Needless to say, Dan put his Eagle Scout skills to work and easily survived Plebe summer as a 4 C scholar Dan ' s marks were average, but we all know he could have done better it he didn ' t have to keep getting up m the middle of the night to turn off his alarm Of course, the problem id Dan quickly found himselt doing well enough to go for a nuclear power especially impressive to those of us who know that Dan never saw the other It trying to please a riend not too tar away We have no doubt that OBall ' s combmatic gence, athletic ability, and popularity will ;rvice selection night Mechanical I Randy f jiar fw Biao mgiJanfflwlKfe Michael S. Bartkowski Fallston Maryland Res. Management Navy Air Bart!! Bart came to us Iriom nearby Baltimore, but since finding a certain nice gorgeous blonde, home IS almost as far as he ever goes on weekends. His NAPS experience helped us all during the fun days ot Plebe summer Most of Bart ' s lime was spent with his three favorite pastimes, other than academics!, playing varsity lacrosse, women, or straining beers through his ' stache Not even a severe shoulder operation could keep him from having his fun It must have been all those twelve-ounce curls we did together Bart Scott would always come up smiling and with his sense ot humor intact The green machine and a little(?) friend(?) between 14 and 16 didn ' t even scratch the surface Bart was always the one to look for when there were long lines in Iront of our favorite watering holes He knew all the doormen well ' That man had his priorities set right Navy Air gets another good man. and here some words ot wisdom Bart Remember, midway is the key objective, and always watchout for the arrows See you at your wedding Bud! Love Ya Pal-Bates James C- Beatty WiHtamstown West Virginia Physical Science NFO Bates Bates left West Virginia an All-State football player and came to the Academy to spend most ot his attileiic efforts trying to get out ol taking gymnastics He was a great athlete if you consider the body God gave htm. and what he did with it One thtng he could do is float He aced all of his swimming quadlications (I remember one time he floated to the surface of the Atlantic Ocean with a lobster in his hand ) Athletics are not Bates only strong suits His social life as a midshipman is unmatched in recent history Parttes, mess nights, green alerts, and the bath- room sink all seem to go together for Jim Academically. Bates had trouble at first, but knew the system by junior year, and transformed into a 3 student Underneath Jim lies a true teddy bear He d do anything for you. tf he was awake at the time He maintained a sense ot humor throughout his years at USNA even though he roomed with a geek and a slob You cant help but to love him. he s so cuddibic At least that ' s what Vicky says I just wonder if he ' ll get his ring back from you know who (oh well it was a good investment ) Take M easy, best buddy Love KL S RL W 652 22nd Company company name lor him. because or 6 7 he brigade, Both in 83, both in 22 Picking one of spent many a weekmght studying through the wanting to break his sleeping habits. Keith would the all night movies, however, he usually made r i happy V Keith N. Beatty Tucson Arizona Electrical Engineering Nuclear Submarines Big Bates Keith came to the boat school Irom the desert city ol Tucson, Arizona " Tall Beatty " was a he taller of the only two Beattys m the ougher majors. Electrical Engineering, he hours of the morning On weekends, not d most of his time after midnight watching IS rack before dawn With many late nights 3 natural position for him to get during first class year in for ■Bates " because his one weekend love was " Pac-Man. " MS quarters Having a 5000 mile round trip to go home on leave, couldn ' t do it the normal way by flying, but had to do it the hard way by taking nonstop country car trips home and back Surpassing even himself at the end of first class cruise. Tiade a solo cross-country drive from San Diego to Annapolis including a 5 hour stop over ie in )ust 68 hours Well. " Big Bates " will not be seen by most of us after commissioning will be banging his head on tht Randal D. Black Haysville Kansas Mechanical Engineering Navy Air Randy He wanted to graduate with a degree in Mechanical Engineering and then enter the fast life of a navy pilot. Life was tough as a plebe Who could forget the Saturday night watches, Army duty, and the man who knew it all Youngster year brought more watches, army duty again, and the guitar man Blacker finally found his calling during second class year He defined the word " sweat " with his Saturday morning library tours and late-night forays into the worlds of Bernoulli, Brayton and all others so loved by the engineer Second class year also brought the ring dance where Randy showed the academy what a midwest girl is really like. Off he flew to first class cruise and the ngors of navy life aboard the Ike However, his love of Academy life overwelmed him. so back he came to partake in the strenuous life of a plebe summer squad leader and AC-year company striper R.T,. above all, don ' t forget the good times waterskung rumbles the Seca the snowbowl . . , lightweight football . . , turtle wrestling , , bright blue the lady tow-truck driver . . . tastykakes ... but most of all don ' t ever forget Evel James F. Brzostek Havertown Pennsylvania Applied Science-Computers Strategic Weapons Dusty Dusty (the condition of his uniform most of the time) arrived at the Academy after a fun-filled two years in the enlisted fleet. He enlisted in May of 1977 under the nuclear power program He went to boot camp and machinist ' s mate school after which he was promoted to petty officer third class On his way to nuclear power school he was selected for the Naval Academy Prep School Plebe year found Dusty on the crew team, the Y P Squadron and finally found his niche on the sailing team He spent all youngster year on the team and half of second class year trimming the mam, as cockpit captain and finally as helmsman First class summer Dusty had command of NA-U Swift tor a cruise to Bermuda and Florida After the summer Dusty came back to fulfill his dream, to be a Nuclear Power Officer Unfortunately. Naval Reactors did not see it the same way He is now going marine air, and will just have to suffer through flymg On New Years Eve Dusty jomed the ranks of engaged mids He met Jan while giving blood on 20 Another good incentive to contribute to the I on the road to Quantico next summer J F B Brian Cianella McLean Virginia Physical Science USMC Air Brian will always be remembered a 22nd Company 653 Jeffrey N. Hallin Hacienda Heights California Applied Science-Computers Marine Air Mad-dog JeH, hailing from sunny Southern California, came to USNA by way of a year detour at USC. after deciding that there are better things in lite than wine, women and tuition After en)oying computers at USC and being the person who everyone ran to when they had problems in Plebe computers, he knew exactly what to pick as his major. Poly Sci That later seemed to be an Illogical choice, so in youngster year he changed to (believe it or not) Applied Science, track Jeff, trying to lind a remedy toi mile limit imposed on youngster; from gate I Moving his car to cross-country trip in his Vega wit Fori s really his choice This having his car on the wrong side of the Rockies and the seven found his cure in a young lady who lived less than 5 minutes ie east side of the Rockies second class year, he made the I 3 massive cylinders of power Later ' Mad-dog " decided that kept his stock broker busy investing his car loan 1 the carrier Midway It was then that he decided that aviation s service selection to aviation. Navy or Marines Although 5 family footsteps of Marine green, all who know him wish 1 both TBS and P-Cola Kyle F. Hancock Richmond Virginia Applied Science-Computers Navy Air Sievecock Kyle made it to the Academy via a two hour transit up 1-95 Plebe year was pretty e to swimming and T-tables Those swim team parties were great, but don ' t ask him leftover brewskies ended up Yes. beer had a strange effect on Kyle, like the time h the middle of the night to use the head, but made a wrong turn somewhere, and mind Youngster year came and Kyle found a new sport, playing goalie for Navy wati the name Sievecock When it came to academics, the only book Kyle needed to open Guide Each year we could find Kyle with a different girl Were still waiting to see ' next one will be After graduation Kyle will be heading into the skies as a Navy pilot Corps in that boy!) W« with liim the best of luck John G Forti Newton Massachusetts Physical Science Marine Corps El Destructo EIDestri ■ Forti could r Plebe ! i year Forti s Bar tiled a typical mid but rather unKjue He survived nly minimal weight loss and hit the gridiron fully psyched Unlortunately alous with academics and professionalism With the help of The Monster " the axe boards but room 5138 remained a prime target for the " Guir . tf e Shaft and other assorted flamers throughout Plebe year and into Youngster year P Acid aundry Rumble, No Stuff, Rm Ins were the obstacles The word spread and the room t ecame he well known eatery, and the home of the Physics Gouge file S nd Grill had to be moved down the hall, and with the arrival of Riz things went into full sv lidnt last long though The Boob, the Cube and several other modern day Napoleans lo he Ginsu One room couldn t handle four bose so the Monster went down the shaft, Ri v and Forti found a new home with Surfm Smurf in 22 But John will always be a graduation day will show the Boob and Boy Scout what a lean green fighting m eally is Thanks Mom Dad 143 forever Brenda 12 23 78 POC David J, Fuhrmann Anfioch California Applied Science-Computers Naval Flight Officer Dave Dave came to USNA from Antioch, C. Nuclear Sduinii f , and spent his 1 8th birthday getting inducted into this Id the admin conduct system his entire 4 years not to Just ask the Sandy Point State Park Police Plebe year, r or at the Happy Buzzard He began actively persuing a ' Chugging water-polo where he was bestowed the dubious honor of The Enlorc- er " ■ This well-deserved title instilled fear into his opponents Daves first, steady girlfriend, Karen, was very thoughtfully ( His mind was always on water-polo or Karen but never on academics The Heeb always got money when he sold his books back Thai just-like-new condition was carefully 654 22nd Company Douglas E, Hintze Waldorf Maryland Mathematics Nuclear Submarines Squintz Doug made the long tirp up from Waldorf Maryland (almost 40 miles) to dona his time to our great institution He was a proud advocate o( the minimum study philosophy As a varsity goiter for almost four years, his appearance at evening meal was almost cause for an investigation His grades never suffered though, since I- finished a semester below 3 7 Doug thoroughly enjoyed his time at the Naval Acade people asked him, " How ' s it going ' " , his usual reply was. Any better and I )ust couldr here ■ Doug stood out among his classmates both on the athletic lield and in the classi nuclear navy can add a plus to their column of assets when he joins up Good Luc Jonathan P, Houser Windham Summit Pennsylvania Mechanical Engineering Nuclear Submarines Hous Hous had spent most of his time in the outdoors of Pennsylv. munks He left " The Barn " and came to USNA, Leaving behind Ma Athony. and Tiger One thing House hates ts a tame squirrel, and v for a warm 22 But not only is he a hunter, Hous is a well-round either his left or right hand He is also the quickest white man on U shooting in The Barn paid off) He also turned ar around, and made them a real contender Not only did he have a nfle arm, but he could stay the pocket or scramble, just like Roger Staubach But Pmser was more than an athlete, he v an academian as well Since he did not spell well on paper, Jon picked Mechanical Engineer for a major His brain seemed to be designed for statics and fluids problems But when 1 problems got too hard, rackser would sleep (Yep, he loved that " dadburn " rack) But acade ics and athletics do not make the man Hous had a way of making everyone happy I wholesome wit and small town logic brought smiles to everyone ' s faces He always saw I brighter side of life We all wish you the best of luck, Subser Love, the boys from 22 , hunting ■ I 22nd Co Ltwt f Malcolm B. Lemay Corvallis Oregon Political Science Marine NFO Male Male came to USNA from the booming metropolis of Corvallts. Oregon After breezing through plebe year despite the demands of heavyweight crew, he decided that Poll Sci was the way to go His decision was rationalized by his statement that " engineers make good naval officers but Poll Sci jocks make great naval officers " Youngster year introduced him to the world of rugby and the rack A survivor of the dreaded t-shirt war but loser of the female contest, Male skated through his second year at Canoe U Second class year he decided to come out of the closet and show the world just how much of a stud he really was Attending Buds ' that summer and playing " A " side rugby, Male managed to slip in a 4 and stars but found himself with a multitude of women but no time to spend with them It would seem that Male had everything a mid would want, yet he was not satisfied because his roommate had something he desired but could not have Despite this, Male grabbed for the gusto in typical Lemay fashion First class year was his year to kickback He started the year with a four week Hawaiian vacation with Uncle Sam and the USMC picking up the tab After that he put a postive impression on ' 86 with his exceptional leadership while on plebe detail Male is NFO bound tor either the Navy or the Corps Good luck m which ever path you choose — you deserve it Later. Male. Buddy! Edward A. Logue Lakeland Florida General Engineering USMC Air Good luek in the Fleet Ed. We all wish you the best 22nd Company 655 Franklin N McNeil, Jr Memphis Tennessee Political Science USMC Frank Frank was the first mid. in t ie history of the Naval Academy, to spend four full years at USNA His academic performance m ade us wonder if he went to high school back in the big m-town of Christian faith, his loving anc supportive family, and friends (Bill. Bill. Et Al), and the Baptist Student Union have been the re to support him the whole way As a great man once told him. You are a survivor You wil succeed ' Aside from his academic wizzardry. Frank has other Hamburgers Inc , a batt fencing team member tour tour years and coach of the brigade champions 1 c year, with a varsity letter to follow, hopefully Plus he has the largest synapse known to the medical world He was a poly-sci major with a minor in bilging and fine-lookmg women none of which have snagged him yet He acquired a few nicknames, among the printable ones are MC-Bilge, Smack-Neil. McDrag, Brooster. and Grace (for i preppynes (which was exemplified by his taking most of them ovei the tennis court and his 280-ZX There was only one service selection for Frank matter of time before he got to select the finest. Oorah, Semper Fi. be prepared Ntghi Frank ' Good Night Frank! GOOD NIGHT FRANK! Gods continued blessings the sheep and the goats Buds forever!!! Kevin Miller Denver Colorado Aerospace Engineering Marine Air Disco t the t oat school after a journey down from the nendly smile and a cheerful attitude, Kev ler A graceful tumbler on the gymnastics rs second class year His study motto of ity of Denver and Broncomania Wit ived the hardships of 80 and plebe ' . acelled in academics as well, weann ryihmg there ' S (o know and don t make any mistakes. " and a sweat-filled browf through aero Second only to )ets. women, all women — tail, short, large, and thin- known to turn Kev s head Mis life long search for the perfect dernere and the proper femme IS a continuing saga Professionally, Kev was a leader by example and his performance during detail was CKceptional His creativeness was untque, who else would have thought of giving a written drill test to the company A veteran of many interroom rumbles and survivor of countless rack and t-shirt wars. Kev remains a true tnend and ts respected by all despite his poor taste m music —funk —and his strange personal belongings— a rubber duck ' Aviation and a cockpit are m the future as Kev will be the pilot you would want as your wingman Good luck to you Bud see you m the wild blue yonder Just stay away from Ihf Marc A. Manzelli Watertown Mass Ocean Engineering Navy Air Zell Zell took to leadership early Leading the hell squad through Plebe summer with. " We have met the streussel, and it is ours — We have not yet begun to eat He also took his roomate. I do not want to go to Liberty. Missouri, and of course, taking it to a bullet. I really did pin Grevey ' s shot Hey does anybody know how much it costs to call Finland for 40 minutes ' Later on, Zell found out the hard way that crutches and bball dont mix But there were some highlights out there. 1 can t believe that dude blocked my shot " And floating around Florida with C - The American Sportsman, Heeyyy Wubetty. the great lobster connection. Zell is probably one of the tew ever to go UA by going back to the Academy, rackaloo. deja vu in Newport, and on your face move Ocean engineering was a goal accomplished, and so was divmg for those deep ocean sponges with Jacques and Phillipe What a classic ' After cat shots on Mo and Pace s desk. slamming YPs into the pier. Hijacking canoes, and VA Beach (How m the world did a date with 3 motorcycle police chase ? ). Zell is r r Pensacola Pius that blond f KS Patrick M. McCool Milwaukee Wisconsin Physical Science Supply Mac ! Bud 1 1 the Academy to play football. ) much class. I can ' t figure t 1 small So. he tried to become i you ' re not that good, i got any more sense tl irmy. Pork Dork. Coach Markos. " McCool. You can ' t read that pla 1 J V in the country can read that play! " . " Balls! We ' ve got lots of balls! ' your head. I am humungi ' . Give me a redneck girl. Levi Garett. Don ' t yoi m to call at 1 1 00. Down by the river, t ary Mount rage. The Ohm party series. Throwing chili on the dog. Apple Jack. An overcoat racing oft into the darkness. Saturday night at the library. Saturday morning YPs. Crust elimination showers. Mac. what did we do last night. I ' ll go Corps if Carl does. Applehead. Fires behind the school. White lavilins on West Street. " Get him. kill him!. " Blue prints. Miller. JD. Molson. Rockin ' . The Blues Brothers. Love that shotgun, 4 wheeling (on my hood). Boots, leans, and hats, Happy Yon Kipper. You got great taste in women, we got the only two of them left in the world. Purple helmets That ' s lust a few of the good times but just remember one thing my heroes have always been cowboys, take i o»it»™ " « ' ' rtl»iw«lt« ' -I ' riasC.Nit Eutiei Pennsylvaraa Physics Nd IjUaKiWl -tsllsdyftfel 656 2?nd Company James A. Nail Liberty Missouri English Submarines Dear Jim Jim arrived at USNA from t .iberty, Mis visions ot nuclear power in his (uture The only major problem Jim had was with girls His John " letters were famous throughout Bancroft Hall With the help of his English major Jim didnt have much trouble with academic guy I know that could study with his eyes closed or sleep through Chem labs standing i. those trips with the D B must have been too much for him Speaking of the D B. Jim ' s lifesaver Jim never found out what a real noon inspection is actually like ( himself in a tight spot, he could count on his good buddy Paul to bail him out literally blew his way to four stripes Throughout our years at USNA various roor tried to change Jims way of lite He ' s always been too nice tor his own good Success was finally acheived second class year under my guidance Now, Jim is just another obnoxious midship- man We will all remember the Saturday night that our little Jimmy didn ' t come home to Mother " B " Now that Jim has been accepted into the Nuc power program, his worries are over The coast button is within reach In May. Jim will leave USNA with his Dungeons and Dragons books and his horrid collection of mellow music, destined for a life beneath the waves Thomas C. Nicholas Butler Pennsylvania Physics Civil Engineering Corp Nick Tom came to USNA from Pitt country during study hour was too much for his first fe high strung personality: something that has b occasionally Nick did get a lot out of his stay h htm traveling quite a bit He also took a vacat class cruise underwater, and most recently w quite a knack for the books the deafening silen ew roommates. He quickly became known for I seen subdued for the most part, but still surfac here He was involved in Glee club, etc . which i ?mester at USAFA He spent his th d plebe detail First class summer f playir potential of hi At this point midshipmen. nt here at the Academy. Nick wasn ' t the luckiest man alive Usually j in town on Saturday nights, which is working at a disadvantage for ; found quite what he is looking for. but if an emergency situation up with something One thing he hasn ' t learned to use yet is the )ugh the Corps (as in supplyo) will gret him a dying breed colorblind Graham W. Rossano Wellesley Hills Massachusetts Mechanical Engineering Surface This innocent young man ente ed USNA directly from his high school in Wellesley, Mass He survived plebe summer along w th the rest of his classmates, not much worse for the wear Once Ac year started, his real pu pose became apparent— he served as one of the varsity filters in the company, taking much ol t ne heat for the whole year His one escape was crew He rowed the whole year, racing m every r year followed after an exciting ( ' ?) cruise aboard the Navy s only training carrier This year passed quickly with a 3 in sight but out of reach , and no more rowing backwards up the Severn River Second class year marked the start of his career m the Navy His choice of major (M E ) caused him some difticulty as he fought for a 2 the whole year through The end of this year saw him in the hospital, a good time he will never forget as is clearly evident on his neck A month on board a submarine as a firstie convinced him that he wanted to go Nuke Power for service selection, but a rejection letter from Washington said no He will offer himself and his Diving Officer Of the Watch qua fication once more and if still not wanted will be seen in the surface fleet Wherever he goes i will be in the North, as all of his roommates (especially Dusty- Jeddy M. Ruiz Pensacola Florida Physical Science Marine Corps Jed Wayne Jed Wayne hails from the sugar v tanned lassies roam Plebe year and Jed didn ' t stop achieving Second class year even though his attempt to qualify for the Bud ' s trammg summer program was unsuccessful Finally, Jed set the pace " for the class of 86 as a second set squad leader during Plebe summer 1982 On the weekends and on leave. Jed made his moves on the night club circuit If you ' re m the local area, look for Jed at Bojangles, Big Apple. Franme Os, or even at the Camelot (occasionally) If you ' re m Virginia beach. Jed will certainly be at the 4400 club or at Peabodys Now. if you ' re at his home turf (Pensacola) he ' ll be at Seville (Quarter. 2001 . Machine Guns, or any other place that has a special The list can go on and on ot the hotspots where Jed has left his mark The night club circuit wasn ' t nearly enough for him, so he could occasionally be found at the area colleges such as the University of Maryland, Goucher. or Mary Mount wrecking havoc in the girls ' dorm, constantly falling m love (or lust), and breaking hearts Jed has a real neat philosophy about marriage immediately after graduation there are too many fine women who haven ' t met him yet, so why cant they fight . get 1 little I lock I daughters and sisters Europe ' s finest will have their chance Jed came to USNA a beach boy and southern rock tan, but hasn ' t been corrupted by the northern ways He is still a typical, Florida beach bum who is disguised as a midshipman Jed ' s ultimate goals m life to watch Bear Bryant lose the championship game agamst the US C Trojans, and to become a Pensacola beach life guard in 1988 The Trojans ' biggest fan will be missed by his classmates and friends but our loss IS the Navy or Marine Corps ' gam Good luck Jed!!! boom!!!! gotcha ' M ' 22nd Company 657 P.i,tic3i; LisMCNI Walter G. Ryon lit Bethlehem Pennsylvania Mechanical Engineering Navy Air Doctor Organization On Waif s diploma one can read the words ■Mechanical Engir ends On his transcripts, you might find a more detailed. Walter G Ryon You will never, ever, though, find a piece of paper which He lives in Bethlehem, Pa., but his home is Beach Haver Mech Engineering, but he studies ■surfer " and ■ " rolling stor polishes his serve and his pass catching He digests " ' fluids t, studying takes u walked the face t f Waif; ispir a degre. ! difficulty, s up most Anthony J. Sanchez Orlando Florida General Engineering Marine Corps Chez Chez came to Mother ' B ' from the s year Tony did well plebe year and prov( youngster year Chez took a hit from th class year, but then it just goes to sho Tony expanding his horizons on good I And remember, it tt amt taint and it aint Mi«pp3y General Ef Switz shutir Dunr =• P and had to relinquish his grasp on Aero, but ' Chez and cars didnt get along so well second ?re ' s always a in a crowd First class year saw who can complain about tenth in platoon drill len It amt Good luck Chez, the Corps needs you. Kevin L. Smith San Pedro California English Marine Air Smitty for the " Saw-off Saturday night e f sunny San Pedro. Ca. Smitty h; i kept us laughing wr he Happy Buzzard I r brought on an en to a final warning by the Dant The realization thai Earth, along with the guidance of a certain dark-l- Smitty down to a point Booze, cigarettes, dip. anc new image But all this has not changed the Smith ; the Jack Daniel ' s Club has swayed the rugby super her to the sun and waves of Pensacola a fantastic come a long way Plebe year was a breeze I Saturday morning jumps over ledges and t the way, what number cover are you on to this happy-go-lucky lifestyle Missing ;d beauty from Elhcott City has settlec en coffee are no longer part of Smitty ' s It Not even the threat of expulsion fron- ■ from his chosen ways Rosa takes with Kenneth R. Spafford Prospect Park Pennsylvania Mechanical Engineering Surface Ferd Spaf. Spafooooomatic. Incrediferd; Horrendaferd. Fatferd, Blindateferd: Hoodferd; Joyce- ferd: Engagedferd: Whippedferd: Rockferd: Ringferd; Hookedferd; Rackferd. Nameferd: Zzzzzferd; Snoreferd. Lip-smackferd. Mountainhipferd; Talkferd; Reformedferd; Awakeferd; Joy- ceferd. Hangarferd; Modelferd. Only-10-ferd: Joyceferd; Academicferd. Geniusferd, Blow-it-off- ferd: 2 O-ferd: More-modelsferd, Finalferd, Geekferd, Joyceferd; Pt ferd, O-courseferd. Puke- ferd; Milerunferd. Pukeferd, Struggleferd. Puketerd, Passferd, Swimferd. Diveferd. Awesome- ferd; Boxferd; Ko ' d-ferd, Joyceferd: Hoodferd. Everyweekendferd; Clothesferd; Sweaterferd; Brokeferd, Joyceferd; Service-selection-ferd, Flyferd. Blueferd. Navy or corps-ferd. Joyceferd; Graduationferd: Weddmgferd; Joyceferd; Slimferd; 190-ferd: alrightferd; Joyceferd. God ' s blessings, remember the sheep and the goats , . , Buds forever!!!! The Hangar (Barn). Ed. Jim. Frank), 658 22nd Company 1 James R. Sweeney Indianapolis Indiana Political Science USMC NFO Sweatney declared war on sleep and He won the (irst being • shores of the Severn w le only person we know to r studied, at least not unttt I through 2 c summer when he 62 CHRIS-craft proceeded t age And in rumbles. I Columbia Then ( ime Natallie and Zoner Will Georgetown ev( Jim was always trying to get into better shape, evei (Schmultzney). yet he always tound time to help any a humor and a smile to every situation, lifting everyone Remember the Sheep and the Goats and hopefully t boat will pay off Paul Davis??? BUDS forever!!!! FRA Kendall S. Switzer Bozeman Montana General Engineering Marine Air Switz A large proportion of the population of Bozemi and only. Lisa, departed for the shores of the Sev Academy and chose the obvious sport, boxing went on to win the brigade championship both h le won the Eastern Collegial e gave in to Nancy I. followed by models Signaled a quick retreat and turned his ine which saw action at Army, yet is ' gave away less than 25 in boxing, ' ELLLAAHUU, he was AWESOME (right 1 continuing with his boating endeavors. 2 3. and the BARN along the way. 3use and single-handedly support steer- n he got 100s on alt his PE tests ith their academic and PE pitfalls nportantly, he coutd always bring I as was so often needed , effort, and money put into that SI. ED — THE HANGAR (BARN) losing in the semi-fmals his plebe year ungster and Second class year Also in I Xing Championship and brought down t nngh ? academy For example this vton IS the essence of life as we know it today 3 charter member and co-founder of the Spc ) assume that Pinhead was not of this world I ngly endless ability to forget who, where, etc, d mstances His strong sense of what is right will Ty C. Vaughan Ordinary Virginia General Engineer Navy Air Too Mean Ty came to us from Ordinary, and soon proved to us that his life as a midshipman was going to be anything but ordinary While some of us withered under the watchful eye of Kevin Curne and ■The Nose " . Ty took plebe year in stride We knew he had the system beat when he spewed milk alt over our dear squad leader After youngster cruise Ty ' the Animal " Vaughan seriously dedicated himself to his favorite hobby, collecting girlfriends It was smooth sailing until Dun- geons and Dragons took control A furious semester of maiming and killing was spent dodging form 2 ' s and the company commander Youngster year came to a fitting end with Arte. Fu)i, and Lonquest of the female sex was a world famous model, but not even she could swindle him into marriage Now as first class year rolls by. Ty is still undecided about service selection He could go up. or he could go down, from what I hear he prefers the latter, but the men in green will never get this man When asked about going Marine Air, by his company officer, he gave us a quote that will long be remembered, " If the wings don ' t swing, there ' s no sense m flying it ' " , right Applehead ' ! " We ' ll always remember him, driving off into the sunset, his hands firmly gripping the wheel of the abuse mobile, with his black jacke t and black book, with us all wondering who will it be this weekend Go for it Ty and good luck! Geoffrey L. Walborn Clifton Springs New York General Engineer Navy Air Nosko Geoff came to the Academy with high hopes of becoming a nuke or a manne, but after lour years of closely monitoring these two service options. Geoff finally deceided to fly. right big brother! Greatest thanks to Mr and Mrs W who sent us Dr Red. and their loving dedication that te person, and helped him make it through GeoM is one of a kind; la don ' t let your babies grow up to be cowboys, right Mrs W ' res to the memories we ' ll ne er forget Rainbow woman-Camp Dittmar, I ' ll be at the er for the last call. Good Morning Fitz-don t let me bother you. Sunday mght stnps. Don ' t n the library, Saturday night wino s, Mac, we ve got 5 minutes to get back ' . I ' m runnm " . i mountains-red animals-Meredith, remember that Buffet concert ' . I don ' t. Come one step ;r and III slit your throat!. Haul that keg, Gutterborn. I triumph. 2 tylenol, Shrrmp Feast ' 82. made Geoff such ; I beer. Stella and Scooter. Morning Geoff, care for a dip ' . You piss me off .Geoff. ' Love on a loading dock. Nelson Funkborn. Wags. I know yi Wilhe Nelson!. Mac. We ' ve got 2 more hours of rockm to do!. It ' s cool Mac it ' s cool. Rockm " at the Biyou. Chmk-tood. The Blues Brothers. Johnny Walker Red. or was that a Scotch on the rocks?, Don ' t worry Geoff. I ' m )ust backin " up!. I am humungi!!!. Party at Ohm ' s, guess we ' ll have plenty of beer next weekend too. right Stemborn!. Joey, who left that crap on the floor at The Buzzard?. I love that 30-30!, We love you Jack. AC DC. San Antonio Rose, tad here we come ' . TFC. shave YHK " . I can ' t recall them all, but just remember. If you ain ' t country, you ain ' t nothin ' (j€an jackets) Don ' t ever forget Geoff, real friends never die. so you better get with the program " We can ' t forget Pete and Sharon either ' Mac (P.S- We love apple heads!) 22nd Company 659 4 Kenneth W. Wilson San Diego California Mathematics-Computers Navy Air Ken Ken came to USNA from San Diego, following in his fathers footsteps P pretty much of a skate If he wasn ' t rumbling or high jumping, you could f youngsters gathered around his desk gawking at a picture of " B T " (Ot Academically. Ken started off behind the times, but later showed he h when he picked math as a major Youngster year rolled in and Ken found tl was the place to go He was a lucky one though, he actually found someont hear those wedding bells now If just so happened that Gary ' s school was those bndge-to-bridge signals on first class cruise (Go Gitmo) For service selection, it was a tough pick between Navy Air and Navy Air an F-14 better than he does remote control planes. Good luck Ken! DJF Randolph L. Wood Alexandria Virginia Management Naval Flight Officer Woody Nearby Alexandra. Virginia brought to USNA one amazing thing is that he ' s a normal guy and not a geek We all had him pegged from the married life but once again he crossed us up As anoth- member of the Happy Buzzard Brigade, when he was a plebe he always looked forward Saturday night and a little illegal dragging Amazingly, he never got caught I guess a lit " common sense " goes a long way. We ' ll never forget Army-Navy during plebe year Woody spent the later hours of the eveni crawling on hands and knees, searching for the great white telephone The pool proved to be Woody ' s biggest weakness. Swimming near the bottom was his b( stroke In fact, it was his only stroke. Spring time found Woody horizontal in his favorite habitat— Red Beach. The Sun God led t brigade with the darkest tan for tour years running. His Marine option cruise during first ct; summer was little different as Woody was the first MID to qualify in tactical tanning on t Hawaiian Beaches The MO cruise also showed Woody the light as he quickly applied i Nuclear Power upon returning to the Boat School In the end though, the nukes lost out a Woody will be decked out in a flight suit upon graduation. M - ' redF m» m »w Marine Air Ferd u rtiw !,„-.,»« d a clan of C f- gTls) telligence » « f ' ;»W) 5 from his S«o«cl» talk about ? " r Wd.W ! ' „.IM L t incredible persons we have ever KSi Why CI Holyoke tosMcliysei Oceanograpl WearSuti MltBJiM.mi MlrilwWl ■ TWENTY TWO 660 22nd Company Manfred F. Arnold Mountain Home Idaho History Marine Air Ferd Manfred anved at USNA from th. Severn, except of course for his initia first semester plebe year, he joined c became a run-a-holic Plebe summei gotten at the insistance of some mi Academically. Ferd was always a le on the good side of his superiors H ' (Bottom Ten Ctub) When he first car to long and neither did any of the Second class year Ferd found his true calling; Marine Air anc green seeing as he is a true red hater This came to light first c the wall No less a wall than the one in Berlin for our Baby Ostri horde earned his restriction and our resp ect Good tuck. Witdm, one of coach Lenz ' s sub-squad instructors ff wastes of Idaho He adapted well to life on 1 ty to run After capturing the sub-squad triple cro enz ' s varsity squad He saw the error of his ways a rned the name " Baby Ostrich " for his cute hairc of -80 the wildmen Unfortunately he just never could si I founding and nearly constant member of the 8 le boat school. Ferd had a girlfriend She didn ' t I, he was considering the He ought to do great in Timothy C. Bonnett Holyoke Massachusetts Oceanography Nuclear Submarines Bone Fonebone A bluntly exprei that we have met class battery acid, morning faces; a comeback). We i the Tank, the girls m the loft, ■Please get me s party, ■■ A httle aHection " , the girls of Trintl search of real life variations; legs, " I finally got i special sunshine into Bones smile and granted summed to 1 Studying the ocean and going r experience is an arch wherethrough gleams th; and forever as we move You ' ve made your i bachelor (hopefully)! We wont forget you, Boi A.FM vith Sullivans; Lola. Stoned Harbor and party; the Roach Motel; Pummel horse ; protramid; Fonebone, Karbunkle and me Alka Seltzer (AFM) " . a 2 c forum army ; who ' s ' getting better looking every day ' ' . In y truck!!! " , A young lady named Lisa who put a urn 3-striper libs all year when his total stripes Ike - definitely a thalassic midshipman Yet all untravelled world whose margin fades forever ark and earned your name and you ' re still a 3 Keep smiling. Paul A. Boyne Chicago Illinois Math (OPS analysis) Nuclear Submarines PB " Paul loined our ranks from i Chicago IS like Annapolis in t it always spells trouble (isn ' t though he has criss-crossed Paul we ' re warning you, All n know Paul and sure enough y iyea • down someday As he says , Paul • word " glow Now he ' s going to be Ivans problem!?! ' ! ' ! Even tiantic over and under he never did catch that mermaid! But aids are blue-eyed blondes T-R-0-U-B-L-E " ! But we le off to the Pacific to try his luck there Paul, good luck and j black and decker ' s cord doesn ' t extend past the seven mile Robert Corolla Port Jefferson New York Resources Management Navy Air Bobby C Bob arrived that Memorable Day in June fresh from Ward Melville high He was so attached, he became a three year veteran of the Senior Prom Well, at least hell never run out of champagne glasses, or dates, come to think of it Rooming with Rich (Univensty of the Red- woods) Emmons during the summer taught Bob some of the finer points of life, but cutting hair wasn ' t one of them (Face it. the razor was just too sharp) As it turned out. Bobby had a problem 0, but nobody caught it until Second class year Actually, without his inability I driveway, club 3000 would be nonexistent and wed have never came to io well Thanks roommate Despite his temporary misdirection. Bob has shown us what perseverance is all about He stuck with lax and put up with the Fat Man ' when Natural Light ' , (he was awesome too, huh Ploofer ' ) And lining up on the other end became something to look forward too because of him Just like beating heavies every year it II be hard to forget those road trips m the Lude with the Moody Blues and Lil ' Oscar ndmg shotgun, or the fragrant good mornings ' you and the Hulk provided us (Toot) In all honesty though, we owe Mr and Mrs C a great deal of thanks If they hadn t guided Bob so well, we never would have ! huge chow packages, had any lax tailgaters (wear beer holsters), or given of him Leigh, and please, make htm get nd of those Aide CellaM Roll right, flood right, on two. ready, break T.B.R ) yard gouge alsi ell steps from a w Smoke Hall 23rd Company 661 m E.HOC Richard F. Hans, Jr. North Merrick New York Political Science Nuclear Submarines Spaz A Long Island native. Rich arrived at USNA t call the only Midshipman who and who had problems keepii Rich started out plebe year the class of 80 during plebe summer Ever since that day c objective in lite to find a wife Nobody can say for sure lines on some lucky lady " Are you Catholic? Do you want t dance ' " Rumor has it that not only doesn ' t he have a date of company spaz What else can you , unnanalysis at the precom physical upright position? 2 of the first Dear John [ of infamy. Rich has livec t to have four kids? Do yt but we all hope and pray Rich fir We all had the utmost respect f( often after we graduate and go ( Raymond L. Herb Jacksonville Alabama Aeronautical Engineer Nuclear Submarines Herb Mere words cannot express th him Bringing with him from that 1 and equally intelligent Kimra We; a guy like Ray We all know wha library of novels in the company digest Shogun in a tew study hoi Ray, the first place you inquired It on in the right quantities). Rich spen ! Pentagon Nobody has been able to fi 3 Pentagon or the girls of Georgefowt ' ties as he climbed the charts to be ranked a I only to Funky Winkerbean) Dhibian will be on a Nuclear-Powered subm; ■ separate ways what that funny taste in my mout We will always remember Ray as him and a top knotch person all around To him i th.il you both have a rewarding and exciting life ict and admiration Ray received from all the i ore difficult for Ray was leaving behind the Jer how such a nice girl like Kimra is going to f eally like ' ' ay, he did it by reading and accumulating t the brigade He was the only guy we knew that could ou s plus one or two youngster afternoons It you ever needed id was his rack You could usually found him there with a book in , no one will ever forget the Sunday afternoon during plebe year Kevin (Glen) Comer decided to accept an invitation to a class of nmate especially will not forget the surprise Ray left him on the the night All Ray could say in the morning was. " I was wondering T when you needed Wadi N. Farach Tegucigalpa Honduras Mechanical Engineering Honduran Navy Wads Jlrorr off the boat " at USNA Communicating was difi English as we did pronouncing his hometown parallel with his knowledge ot the answer to the question (Menu tor noon me understand ' ) But he caught on quickly, and soon became a leader among us Wh Farach-onward uprising against the attacking tirsties during plebe summer ' Wt Mech E for his major and racking for his ECA, we knew that he ' d be general m a 4 Os kept on coming When he wasn ' t comatose, the Fnto Bangeeko could t frantically to fellow Mech E rooms, begging for the answer to a question — and It for them Holding a 3 Infinity was hard work for Wads, so he learned to enioy I always be found at Fran ' s, the Chinese Disco, or making his t£ nt, usually 1 forget his Rof Nudes ' P " i,»leJKl " Dukes ' floats in Eastport t Roy W, Giles Lemoore California Physics Nuclear Submarines Fraglles Pamela A, Hi FairaeKHeij Chemistry Marine taps . but now It ' s fast cars and fi Toot Ithef Big Blue Binder . That is until you answered the wrong qi irong person grading: Tass y ' all!!!! Well now you ' ve wised up I, first class vacation in the )ungle of subic is just a memory a y though you won ' t have to run the mile on a sub I bubble! 662 23rd Company John E, Hoch III Jacksonville Florida Oceanography Nuclear Power Captain Decibel " Hochenstein " came int Besides sharing his lather ' s igot 1 a strong naval heritage ings Then blindness set Jack, known for his spending sprees on stereo highest fidelity he had to have the highest volume, too! Nothing beat 200 watts channel i music from those 4 wildmen from L A Van Halen He still cant figure out why Valerie marrie Eddie (Good with his fingers. I tell you!) It ' s too bad we never did get to see the second encor of Van Halens Tuesday night concert during Actramid Of course, this way we ' ve still got oi CQPR ' s. our hearing, and an A ' m conduct! Jack IS also a certified, bordering on lifetime, member of the 99% club {i e dealing in fema trade-ins) with females 2A. 6. and 7 Number 6 did manage to last 2 5 years, but Jack final Jack IS also well kn own tor h aving b etier luck tempting late than your average guy He ' s the one we always aske If we w n accurate weather report; he also " had a feeling " about night we met ou r Waterloo on a yacht in the Annapolis harbor ' Then we all knew he had good lu e surv ved first class year living in the " voodoo r oom " — with the he company — nd sleeping in the voodoo ' rack ' Talk a out tough! All in all he ' s been a good fr end an d the fleet has gained something from his presence (Don ' t ask me what, it |ust sounded good! Lance Corporal Sequoia befriending kit !! RWG Pamela A. Horine Falrview Heights Illinois Chemistry Marine Corps Pam came from linoisfno not Chicago) and traded in an all expense paid t p to Germany to a four year hitch on the beau iful sh ores of the Severn She soon found that ca mp Annapolis wa ad)ustmen even though she was rooming with an angel An Italian was enough of an d from the midwest but a singing cheerleader at 6am (G-0-O-O-M-O-R-N I- too much! By Christmas, Pam only had to cope with a civilian-minded )m an all girls Catholic high school Pam made il through plebe year I and into youngster year witthout succombing to organic chem or the l-don ' t-care- second-year syndrome College selection mght rolled around and USNA won out Second class year started out a little shakey-chemical engineers start at 28,5O0 ' !-and the plebes paid the price Celestial Nav, Biblical Chemistry (I can tell you where it isn ' t but I don ' t know where it is!!) And wires made for long days and even longer nights Academics and fencing occupied most of her time but Pam sIiH managed to hike the canyon and ski Killington First class cruise was great- they said it couldn ' t be done-but nothing could change the green heart ot a future marine Well. Pammer. four years hasn ' t been long enough to get me to wear a spiffy. shine my leathers like Frams or march in step but some things just won ' t change! » ou still don ' t understand Italian!) Anyway-take care of yourself and knock em dead Go Corps! Ciao Michael R. Huffman Hildebran North Carolina Mechanical Engineering Civil Engineering Huff Mile stormed into USNA from the hills of North Carolina; the lar and narrow views Growing up without shoes prepared him for the rugged life, and he met the challenge of plebe summer with ease His transition to civilized society did have its traumatic moments, like his first assault on navy-issue linen (just because you lie on your rack doesn ' t mean you can make it ) Always the aggressor on the athletic field. Mike quickly proved his ability In plebe boxing, he fought with the grace of a wounded buffalo trapped tn a box canyon, but the end justified the means {messy-messy ' ) His competitive drive continued though Hand vs Gland when he de- lighted us by tying his opponent into knots and dropping him on his head {how does the world look from down there, Worls ' ) the rocket ' s class, three stripes, and second place to spnester in the hairy wildman contest Mike wilt also be remembered for his argumentive ability and opinionated expressions He has never conceded an argument, but how can you lose when you have the ability to ignore the Our leader wants t light up his life ' in the Surface Nuclear Navy after graduation, and those ho have followed im hope that he gets his wish They don ' t march on ships, do they ' t will never be the same Will eyes right " ever be the same for 23 ' Enjoy e to the fullest out here, we wish you the best Don ' t worry, the sharks can t see you either! Kurt J, Kammerer Willingboro New Jersey Naval Architecture Nuclear Submarines Jammer Kurt, a go-nuker to the core, came to us from Exit 5 off the Jersey turnpike A tru Kurt always seemed to be fighting against one thing or another Who can forget hi! membership in the club 3000 and his being one of the original fearsome fivesome anc Damned " Who ' s wearing civies ' you don ' t see this you ' re dreaming! w Don ' t worry Kurt, well always be around to drive you out of the stadium Well always his " big fig " and the buMett and black parties. " One more time ' . his weekends in N insane army and Thrift Inn parties, and his much deserved captaincy of the sailing i found being a narc wasnt all that challenging The challenging part was staying awa true rackhound. perfected the arts of osmosis and sleep-debate to heights heretolor Kurt earned his duckmaster nickname in a manner unmentionable here Rodney Dangertield in Caddyshack who stepped on a duck " ' " It never did seerr him as much as it did those around him Thanks. Kurt, tor your adventurous, fighting sense of humor, and. of course, your balding crown They have kept us going in the t times Good luck and fair sailing ' oughest of 23rd Company 663 Scott D, Miller Delray Beach Florida Economics Naval Flight Officer Killer Scott came to ttie Naval Academy from sunny Flo the wing of " BMF " He quickly djstinguished himsel tiarbinger of til winds, and sampler of spirited bevera Scott ' s academic performance simmered to a st magnon man, Scott epitomized the strong, macfio, wasn ' t Scott established himself as a " guba " by I tiome for two straight Chnstmases on crutches volleyball Sweating grades, acting in councils, anc During first set plebe detail. Killers old torch w; empty shower, layers of blankets, and those alligat( and Bubbles fair winds and following seas The Barn ood times light The bi Kevin P. New meyer Montgomery Alabama Mathematics Surface Kevs Kevin came to the Academy from the deep south Even through people from that part of the country have a funny accent, he seemed to have adapted well to the lifestyle of the " Damn Yankees " Like the good old clean cut American boy that gets accepted to the Naval Academy, he was an excellent student in high school, a fine soccer player, and had kept his high school sweetheart He eventually learned how to be a plebe (and remember his rates) Youngster year was one of emotional surprises He started out by rooming with the Spic and Captain Decibel This year was full of road trips to Quinnipiac College made innumerable road trips to QC Second class year was the time tor Kevin to improve his grades weekends, including one weekend in D C where he lost his glasses, mir the ring dance and as expected, Kevin got engaged After enjoying Japan on cruise, Kevin returned for first class year ai :ided to glow Best Kathy keep an eye William P Lewis Alexandri Kentucky Marine Engineering Nuclear S ubmarines Wild Bill Twenty-th. d company ' s own Campbell County c amel came to the Academy from the Kentucky Plebe summer saw the start of a ne whte style for " Wild Bill , including his first shoes, inside plumbing, andcit -style vittles l-ron his first night of a cut foot and " sque bed springs. Bill began his lov e mi tary He quickly saw that the rack was going fob = a ve rygoodfrienc . pro viding his required hours a day Dt sleep Arising o caisionally du DwI a the rest of the ba spent plebe ear engrossed in motorcycles. and thought of K Youngster year saw Bill and Kimmy becon e se lously attached ar d her acceptance out that aching le ave back. Bill Captain St to second class yea r with new de signe leans and lockey Wasting no me returning to the rack afte leave. Bill spent the ear in thoughts o motorcycles, and cars, not to mention councils The barn will never forget the smashed toe, shoulder pads. I present " signal bridge " . We wish Bill, Kim, Bubba. Duke. Bron others the very best and good luck m the future Dive! dive! , Raoul. Mandmgo, Chang, and Alan F. Mangan Bethlehem Pennsylvania Ocean Engineering Marine Corps Mangs Known to his friends by various nicknames like Mangs, Crazy Mangs. Karbunkle and Nick. Alan was one of the wildest wildmen of 23 Coming from the University of Florida and Chi Phi, Alan won the hearts of his classmates, but had a tendency to rouse his roommates Remember room purges with Stace, Bobby C and Bone? Yours was the first Alan ' s puppy-dog eyes were killers You vowed never to live with Bone again after plebe year, but like Oscar and Felix, he found you on his doorstep, 2 c year, with a foxtail in hand and agreed to let you clean the room for a year Remember weekends in the loft AP Alan has habits which are well known to alt Six am nose blows, " warning signal bridge " , sink on mach 10, the list goes on and on Time for a study break AI? See you tomorrow morning Mangs had a good outlook on academics If he couldn ' t solve the problem he slept on it " Why do you persecute me so. Bone ' " Alan was always easy to spot in a crowd He was the one with a tracy haircut and geekers on You do have class Alan Alan devoted three years to the Navy crew team but found his true love on the rugby field No one had as many girtsfnends as Mangs in the four years at USNA " Variety is the spice of life, eh ' " Alan you really are loved by all of us in 23 One of us will miss you more than everyone else and you know who that is You taught me a lot Alan I learned what having class meant by living and week-ending with you How many roomies went off together ever like us? Good luck to you Mangs Dont be surprised if someday when you ' re walking t of Hong Kong you hear a certain voice cry out Maaannnngaaannn! M3fkB.P Ctiaska 664 23rd Company Linda A, Petrone Bowie Maryland English General Warfare Lin Linda comes to us from Bowie. Md with the advantage ( or at least some of the ways U Dahlgren Hall wasn ' t so da more help both as a roommate and classmate plebe summer As it dous help by preventing me (rom literally killing the cheerleader Having the ' all-girls-Cathohc-schoor ' background presented somewhat of a problem though She really didnt know what to do with roommates who returned from Saturday night liberty under the influence Her first solution was to hide the aspirin, set the alarm early Sunday morning and talk ewtremely loud when roommates awake and are hungover Being Italian wasn ' t such a bad deal She can cook fantastic lasagne and really knows her pizza Cruises were always a good time Naturally youngster cruise was on one of those Greyhounds of the Severn The underway time wasn ' t that great but the ports were unbeatable Second class summer proved taken so long to get to Aunt Roses Fortunately you had those marvelous personal defense classes and were able to handle the purse thieves m the bus station From there we move moved to the USNA Oceana Welcome back to the fry trap and welcome to the world of dirty old men Dam neck existed along with LCDR Mann From there we move to Quartico At least now Linda knows why she doesn ' t want to be a Marine As we know nothing lasts for ever (we really get to leave this place after 4 years ) Here ' s wishing you the best in the future Thanks (or alt the laughs and good times. Mark R. Ploof Chaska Minnesota Mechanical Engineering Nuclear Power Ploofer This young wildman came to us from the frozen wastes of Minnesota, where he left behir lot of snow and a fair blonde maiden Four years later, the snow still hasn ' t melted and met has the love of the young maiden, at least the return address on all of those letters he ( hasn ' t changed (I love you!) However, much has happened in that time Ploofer began tenure at the Naval Academy by reminding us all that " plebes are the only thing lower t whale crap " However. Mark has certainly risen above all that In (act. he probably reached highest point in his Naval Academy career on the wall right behind the chapel (the nt s grades were never anything to look down upon either It was his hearing we w wo ned about Of ourse not all of Mar s time w Ihr ee to unding me Tibers of ttie buffet and black rr Iho sew er type parties within theconlin a Rn,t, ant contr bution to company sports pie ultimate trisbee To trnd ttiis out all you ttir OUgtl tall. Mark s laid back manner an d helpful a he ot a friend to h ave around So go nu MTW ! (And then Minnesota gas ; Charles Ray III Augusta Georgia Aerospace Engineering Navy Air C.Ray ■ from Georgi i (NMN) c whole company knew it C Ray made sure le Falcons. Hawks, and of course the streaking Atlanta Braves He out any team m any sport Accused of being unimaginative by a iliated by putting toothpaste in between the guys oreo cookies ed that he wanted to room with Charles since he seemed like the Youngster year C Ray set up three classmates with his pretty and V ■ Two- timing at the start of thi lat she was a psychic and e thought she put a hex on hin He battled all year- ' Th class A veteran o( two Thrift Inn parties, he " Everyone should experience a 3000 series " managed to spend a grand (underway (or four over plebe summer He ' ll use his Aero major di navy pilot Godspeed to you C Ray Timothy B. Rebhorn Philadelphia Pennsylvania Resources Management Nuclear Submarines Rebs ettygir I fort CRay would never get c Scanlan in unfollowed f right direction In only 15 days Rebs single- ha ndedry jidnt have a real major) i that Rebs was « Rebs couldn ' t By the time you right for a week. wardroom rat from the beginning, " Dallas " and " Dynasty " Rebs IS definitely one of the pure-breed w ildmen He will go d Lengyel. Gchrke. and WeNsley Wherever he goes (nuke air?)t of 23 By the way. where is the orange prelude, the world I not be forgotten by the boys 23rd Company 665 David E. Sneddon Colorado Springs Colorado Oceanography Marine Corps Sneddy Bear Sneddy bear appeared at the gates of t responsibilities of student life at the Uni Dave quickly fell under the influence of th During his plebe year the seeds were pi, unyielding male chauvanism, an affinity U spirit and a desire for bold action at the " Black N Sally " and the spring f. ) escape the ; youngster, ver grateful ring I youngster year ■ way?), and unauthorized overnight guests in Hotel Bancroft Academics presented no pr to Dave because after all, he was a jock and they ' re allowed to have lower grades ' Havi the gauntlet of service community picnics during protramid. Dave felt his personality be; the Marines, and his psychological disorder was confirmed first class summer with a vol three week vacation at airborne school We hope Dave finds the excitement he ' s looking for in the Marine Corps, but if not. we ' i Good luck to a true wildman Thomas P. Spriesterbach Mi Wuk California Aerospace Navy Air Spriester If someone once said, life is but a tage and « e are merely players. " Iher Spnesistheguyin the back working the lights All |okes aside ' the human eyebrow has added a little something extra to |ust about everyone Take fo giving El to the classes of 80. ' 81. and 82 ' in addition to countless others in our o wn 83 Besides who could possibly breaks both arms falling backwards o ut of a parked car additionally, his dec ication to duty was inspiring Single-handedly, the each d rank some fifty-odd " beat army crush " sodas to support the Brigades worst army pro|ect Th s spirit wa s also noted in his athletic endeavors He was probably the only varsity ( ? ) sailor wit h the capability to calculate streamline sand potential flow around the boat while maintaining a s ailing gas f actor in the negative numbers l aybe it is time to change the subject! Lets talk about Arbutu , f aryland and that lovely strawberry-blonde Alice, who has immobilized this young man for the past few years and will do so for many more to come Never before has mankind witnesse relationship Professionally speaking, Alice is definitely th i such a level of control hat we see in this commanding officer, but we can ' t hold that against him No. when all has been said and d one. the grinch who has b een terrorizing the Whoville of Bancroft Hail for the past four years IS the greatest We all wish you the very best Fair winds and following seas! John M, Scanlan Stoutsville Ohio Mechanical Engineering Marine Corps Fireplug Coming from Scanlan s mountain vi Ohio state and NAPS. John came to 23rd company to be our very own ' Fireplug- How could we ever forget such antics as death chow skits, tackling the company commander, and getting caught trying to steal the company staHs swords ' How about tha big batt stink John ' John ' s unique domestic life was fil -he never quit moving! V Vhen he wasn t awaiting mail or listening to Springsteen. he was playing rugby He was never kno wn to waste me doing anything and holds the Bancroft hall record tor the fastest head call 14 seconds ' His worst fear was in having to go to sleep at ight John couldn ' t even take a nap intheafterno on because the rack was the only place where he couldn ' t " warp out " Johns fine aste in automobiles was a source of great speculation n the company as we constantly tried t guess what was going to break down next Forever t he lad.es man. John could always be cc unted on to ring " interesting " dates to the dances but you really action to app -i and the royal high master of the supreme high council. John ' s warped but creative mind wa always put to William C Bithmon ' VitjnB NaialAfi Nuclear ! Slace good use 23rd company was a much livelier place because of him - who could ever forget John " s i and a laugh that penetrated walls ? The members of the barn wish John the best of luck ii corps and with future female encounters After all John, time is running out! Take care! The Barn Michael F. Silva Hermosa Beach California Political Science Naval Flight Officer Here we have another wildman fro m that golden state of California During plebe year M made quite an impression with his fir St class when he amazed those on detail with his " bar ability to defend his room from rec ns (naked on top of a desk with a bayonet) Mike a impressed his firstie s with his ingen ity to disguise himself during a " birthday party " with black net sock bag However, he managed to leave behind his cup that he used to soak t lirstie Not to worry though. It only had his name and alpha on it Mike didn t spend all of time with Recons In fact, most of hi entire four years at the Academy was spent cleaning room A stickler lor neatness, the su rest way to get Mike upset at you was to disarrange blotter and other art cleson his desk Of course Spriesterbach often took advantage ot this a usually received a h ead lock for his rouble Mike was always he most popular guy during National Hispanic week, despite his morn quarters announcerr ents reminding us of his ancestoral origins During his last years at t Academy. Mikes trL e loves were his bear (exit 9 off the Jersey turnpike) and his RX-7 A hard worker. Ml e was a valuable riend to have around when things needed to get done things considered. W lassmate We all wish him luck for the future, and III s you down in Pensacola Scott M.S Fortdtkiiii Bisconsin PtiyacsISc Surface Lin Scrote MraiililoM IhinisolJ H i 666 23r(j Company William C. Stacia. Jr. Richmond Virginia Naval Architecture Nuclear Submarines Stace quickly distinguished himself as a plebe destined (or stripes bj ually sweating the load, and his penchant for wearing " geeker eHect throughout his years at USNA and was attectionately I by his frustrated roommates Bills physical endeavors can only be described as a lesson in masochistic patn Starting with judo and (inally embracing rugby as the prime sport (or pain, Bill smashed in judo and rugby or those sprained toes (rom ' rando-mg ' too much Stacy ' s driving passion throughout his years at USNA was his beautitui fiancee Donna In (act, Bubba Duke was the only mid to have his own home away from home when the rigors of 6 stripes got too much Bill will be remembered by us as a man ot high talent, cool intellect, and a warm heart Spnes . Virginia ncan Boy " and Scrote w good buddy, S,S T S J Donna the t 1 the future and on the ' Scott M. Sundt Fort Atkinson Wisconsin Physical Science Surface Line Scrote Twenty-third company ' s " missing link " surfaced from the fleet to spend a year at NAPS before arriving at USNA After laughing his way through plebe summer, Scott ' s colorful plebe year included the football meat squad, various drunken stupors, and a pistol shoot that resulted in 1 10 demerits Did you ever find that uniform, Scott ' Another highlight of plebe year included a football movement order to Pittsburgh where he met his future wife Diane, whom he thur- oughly impressed during June week with a class " A " offence for driving in the yard The year ended with a much sought after and well deserved cruise on a YP love boat Old age soon settled, atterwhich youngster year saw Scott forsake the football for a diet of sodas and his all- time favorite— manicotti Never one to waste water, Scott continued through Third and Second class year with a certain " air about him and a pile of clothes that multiplied His engagement to Di brought on a craving tor blocks to give his ten Neandrathite children As a member of the barn, Scott was a mainstay m council meetings, and late night philosophizing, where the mellow throngs of Judas Priest and Ted were not uncommon Scott will always be remembered tor his stellar physique and an affinity to rip underwear off his roommates The barn wishes Scott and Di the best of luck in their future together Kevin B. Talbert Tiffin Ohio Political Science Naval Flight Officer Tab Until he appeared one day at USNA. Kevii known as ' America " Tab wanted the Nav hibernating bears His knockout June week c was ready for the big time- living on 2-0 with didn ' t rate being there Having your own gr And who can forget Lizardman or the Tribunal ' At years to become a truckdnver, the other to be a California summer was a good time as the adventures of Sammy i class year hit with full force- wires especially- but Kevin w little extra time for the good things in lite- girls, coun semester saw Thrift Inn parties, a heavyweight football cf school ot acrobatics, and the Florida Keys driving trip wi went back to NAPS for detail Too bad about those O ' s! y graduation to become a fine NFO Best of luck to you. Mark T. Watson Cupertino California Aerospace Engineering Naval Flight Officer Wats Straight from the beautiful be. the way of being as laid-back was an inhabitant of TiHin. Ohio, r Academy so bad that he gtadiy spent a year at 5be year was the sport for him Unfortunately, he his miseries quickly ' Voungster year Tab I 2-0 was like mid heaven- even OBI-WAN hop. etc what more could one ask for? rs end Kevins roommates both left- one bum Fortunately for Tab. 2 c ; began to unfold Then Second rt- as a Poly Sci major, he had a SIC, and a lot of beer Second -ishrp aided by the Kevm Talbert Over first class summer. Kevm iM be headed to Pensacola after f Calif I never let being a midshipman stand in possible Contrary to popular belief, his nickname, Wats i (God-forbid) nothing to do with his love of double-e and Ue did not almost flunk his pre-com due to permanent rack burns Mark ' s love of academia is typified by his favorite study position (horizontal) No true wildman will ever forget his four consecutive years of HBO {in various homes), his co-founding of buffet and black parties, or his late night walks " By the way, Wats, which way is the anchor tending? (By Marks late night calculations bancroft hall has not drifted in 137 years ) Always ready for a party. Wats was an " anytime, anywhere " type ot guy, and it is fortunate that the times and places were restricted knowledge The majority of Marks time was spent sailing to one place or another First class year he sailed across the Atlantic ure to check that an Chor Mark will b e londly ememb by all the wildmen of 23 It will lucky -14 p lot who Wats in hi at You e a n NFO for now but keep your Tief ir and in the meantime keep the commies your SIX 23rd Company 667 WILD MEN 668 23rd Company Mark J. Alevizos Minneapolis Minnesota Political Science Nuclear Power Vice Mark hailed to USNA (rom evening meal formation or i Known as the Greek God t I the f i bright white ( What kind ot mid do you think Mark was? A real (bull) mid, of course How else could Vrcc. a poll SCI major who spent 1 c cruise in civies and docksides m Europe, go Nuke Especially when four years ago the only sub the Minneapolis Apollo knew was for lunch Mark we ' ll be laughing with you all the way to the bank — us with our tans and you wrth the submariners tan — shades ot white At least you ' ll be warm mstde — glow baby, glow It all comes out in the wash though 20 years from now Take Care and Good Luck. Vezos ' Douglas F. Barnhurst Walltngford Pennsylvania Systems Engineering Naval Flight Officer Doug Bonton came to the school for lazy systems engineers from a small home in Wallingford, PA He left behind a small family of six and an easy life at Villanova in order to excel and get away from girls Doug, you see, is a perfect example of why all male children should have at least 1 hfother and fewer than 4 sisters Plebe year was pretty uneventful for Bug He did learn the U VA, fight song, but that perfor- mance didn ' t go over very well He got along well with Jeery. Youngster year was almost as exciting as a sharp stick in the eye for our young Mr Barndog He participated with group Alpha, but missed out on Bravo It was also about this time that Deuce discovered his drinking prowess and his rivalry with Lee Majors Mdn 2 C Barnhurst really came into his own when he joined " the room with everything " My what a fun filled year they had! Mere words cannot express the sheer zanmess of these guys or their madcap antics All good things must come to an end, but so did 2 C year Cammie and Tony moved into the ECA presidents " room and our hero joined the Bob Doug room ( ' Ow ' s it goin ' eh?) Could he survive the mental stress created by rooming with Bonk? Well, Tony was always next door, and two short knocks followed by one long would send the elf scampering over there for a brief repose champions of Stall 2 Whom do you think wrote this anyway? Robert T, Bianchi Maplewood New Jersey Management Navy Air Biancs Bert, the itahan guy from New Jersey, came here with no teeth and a steel wheel, but ready to play lax just the same B-foul made it through his early years at the Academy because ot his unique brand of military bearing acquired under the wing of J-foul and company He ' d have the chance to return the favor when K-foul (the foulest yet) came to town Biancs has the uncanny talent ot talking his way out of -or into - anything that might come up Its a good thing too, because he had to use his talent a lot The man with the silver tongue could often be found talking his way out of trouble at school and into trouble with girls off campus Hacksaw Reynolds can take a lot of credit (or blame) for helping Bert along Biancs really owes you. Bob All those greatfully remembered Bobby must have known he was going to be elected lax captain as a senior because he started his three striper libs second semester- sophmore year This 3 year starter was very quick with his stick, hence the name quickdraw Laid back off the field, but intense on the field, Bert was a great leader by example Fortunately the plebes didnf see his room Felix Unger he ain ' t ' But the ice box " could always rely on clean mirrors (is there a mirror on the visor of an F-14 ' Is there a visor ' ) The temperature m Pennsicola will probably drop a bit. but I think they ' re ready for him Well miss you. Bert, but the Bianchi dynasty will not die There ' s two down and two to go TodcJ W. Bostock Windber Pennsylvania Political Science Naval Flight Officer Bo Todd grew up in the hicktown of Wmdber. Pennsylvania, He is known lor hts quick wit and philosophical questions as; Does the Mafia really exist? Should a person be allowed to write on another ' s banana? And, how do you get a date to go to Army? Speaking of Army Bo. how is Kay doing? You may as well ask her to Army agam, seeing that you really want to go by yourself anyway We still don ' t know which took up most of your time second class year, studying the alphabet or studying wires One of Todd ' s great responsibilities as second class company commander was the Navy Goat Towel Rep He was charged with the duty of selling 35 towels and somehow ■misplaced " 20 Have another buck. Bo! The mam reason why Todd doesn t have any friends is that he never lets anyone borrow his rowboat We really enjoyed the past four years together, even though you were quick to anger, we formed a friendship that will last forever Rest m peace J R K. B K and M Q 24th Company 669 Daniel J. Evans Danbury Connecticut Recources Management Naval Supply Corp Danny strke of luck because he is color blind Evs was never really sure if this was the place for him He hooked up with the 150-lb football team and this gave him a purpose for being here Still, if it weren ' t tor John, this kid would have been history before Herndon But then again, there isn ' t enough space in this whole book to describe what J V has done for so many guys who were no different from myself The spring of Second class year will be remembered as the time that he met Bob. or alias Mr Rage Many times were had with that man and the words allowed to be printed here couldn ' t describe half of them! Thanks for the good times Mr R Danny went through a lot of roommates here, mainly because he ' s so easy to live with But if it weren ' t for Bert and Stapes, he ' d still be looking tor a place to live 1 need to thank you two guys for just putting up with me The ice box will live forever We went through a lot together and I know I wouldn ' t mave made it without your help Lastly, of course, there are two people I need to thank most of all Thanks Mom and Dad, for the phone bills, the gas money, and alt the rest o( the material things But most of all thanks for all the support you gave me over the last four years. And Tommy, thanks for giving me such a good example to follow! D J.E R. Wayne Fairchild Atlanta Georgia Computer Science Navy Air Wayno ■ ' Wayno " . a nickname known well throughout the brigade Too bad the administration could never figure that one out for good ole Ralph Mellow in attitude and nature, but intimidating as — ! In looks, Wayno commanded and got the respect of many throughout his stay at our great could attain a 2 8 CQPR We can attribute that to his being a varsity N-winner crew )Dck— he was able to improve upon his osmosis study habits after each day of practice Ralph saw the light in his last year and became one of 24 ' s rookies Remember 24s p-rade wins only came when Wayno was amongst us on Warden field Wayno. alias midshipman yoohoo to all his fellow partiers, always justified his relentless chugging of that " action dnnk " on the athletic field; be that field grass, water, snow Wayno was always 100 0 0 You could say Wayno had an uncanny ability to analyze our problems and give us the exact solution or reasoning that we needed And if it weren ' t for his fantastic building skills, how would we have ever been able to watch Furillo and Davenport in a wardroom transformed out of a ghetto How about 24 ' s greatest crip and that navy air Billet! Wayno definitely earned that spot on the Navy ' s team of show boys Everyone keep an eye on Wayno out in the fleet-he will be one ol, it not the best, naval aviator to come out of Pensacola m a long time Wayno was special to all of us. but to one who hopes to be hts squadron mate, he was a brother When the going gets tough. Wayno gets going or says " oh well " SSB Sean S. Buck Dallas Texas Oceanography Navy Air Sean Sean is from Dallas now but he spent his high school days in Indianapolis. Indiana Boy. those were the days He went with some the most beautiful girls and he brought his habit with him to the Academy Now he ' s got one tor keeps, or she ' s got him. its hard to tell about those things sometimes And how he does it will forever remain a mystery The girls love him even if he does wear a Size 14 shoe and talk in his sleep, and sometimes when he gets going He develops an aura about himself so thick you can see it, (They dont call his room the locker roo m for nothing) Us okay though, you just have to watch what he eats But Sean ' s as good a friend as you could ever need Hes very easy going and he ' ll do anything in the world for you He s fairly easy to predict because he always does his best and the results are seldon less than great He supports the Naval Academy and the 24th company whole heartedly but he ' s not the kind of guy that goes around telling everybody about it He works hard enough to get what he wants, the problem was deciding what he wanted He s finally decided on the only real career Navy Atr Watch out P-cole An N-Star winner in tennis and a good all around athlete. Sean is an asset in everything he endeavers Look out fleet, Here comes a good one Thomas R. Criger Simi Valley Resources Management Navy Pilot Chicago lljinois Political S Surviving plebe year, despite the t f beaches of Southern Calif, looking for the " Mellow r pig. Cubes ungster syndrome 3rd class year found Tom involved wil 3y 2nd class year. Cuber had already punchei ?s never reflected it Actramid brought into question Tom ' s n d up as part of the Severn At the close of 2nd class year. Tom {afast car and a good woman, vice-versa?)- Cubes has hissigt- after graduation Go rack-beat USNA! USNA I times button for graduation although his 670 24th Company Robert L, Gross. Jr. Scotch Plains New Jersey Mechanical Engineering Navy Air! Bonk longer II hardly seems like that s a menially well-adjusted mdividu Plebe yea was 4 years at the Academy which was : was something that had been brewing t advance condition as Bobbys could ha ■ the space of only 4 years But i( nothing else. USNA iel( m the attachment o( " Ziggy " a small stuHed Ziggy Mened Ziggys existance ased This may have been due to natural causes or Youngster year the symstoms perhaps they made Bobby sleep in the reactor room on his sub once too often It was about this time we noticed Bobby having trouble with the English language, and tor the lirst time consid- ered the possibility that English might be his second language None o( us had a clue as to what his (irst might be But he cries o( What the Christ ' " kept us all guessing since early childhood, yes, " Bonkers Exploits and zany antics has earned him tame tew people can honestly say they have shot themselves m the head But Bonk had other claims to lame as well He did lead the Co Lightweight football team to 2 winning seasons, one in the playolls He did survive Rocket Reeds Heat Transler class, even without the gouge He made one hell ol a two striper Thais cut and dry And as First Lt he ran a taut ship-tnsuring everyone striped their racks came laundry day We ' re all going to miss Old Bonk, but its lime for him to take his place in the fleet, soaring amoung the clouds. Its about time, his head has been floating up there since Kevin T, Hale Chicago Illinois Political Science Supply Corps Nicknames to numerous to mention. The man with a million names arrived at USNA still wet beh lakefroni metropolis ot Chicago Any innocence however was c Flea, and Embryo head who took to heart Their sacred mission guy (And he is still exhibiting his appreciation to those three i midshipman hood by staying far away Irom them) After a plebe year, made substantially easi by the blessing of T-tables. K T came back to Canoe U Ready to give his all to Navy track only end up light weight crew and then back on track m a series of moves that had the marking ottic battled Meanwhile back on the ranch K T s semi-studly academic performance second da year kept him off the weekend list for some time, inevitably though he would land on his feel , first class year got oft to a rousing start K T began on the right foot by garnering a black causing him to spend many a restricting night pondering the mysteries of wires and taps boarc but as long as the light at the end of the lunnel isn ' t another freight tram hope springs eternal ickly snuffed out by Pinhead. making li ' l ole K T in a tough amples of studly " real man ' " Robert B. Herzog Dover Delaware Chemistry Nuclear Power Rob Rob. Bob, Zog (never did get his name right!) arrived to Canoe U from the great state ol Delaware ' Oaklahoma? Washington? (Oh well never did gel his stale right either) Rob was an ' academic stud " , he geeked out plebe year and took a break the remaining three years Rack. couldn ' t function His famous magis words, " Oh I don ' t have a date for the dance never failed to be disproven Youngster year, Rob kept busy between " A and B ' group, the green bucket, yes of course, the remodeling of Dahlgren Hall ' s Bnck wallM! Talk about a stud, nobody could out do Rob, whether it was swimming in whites in the Chesapeak Bay or zooming through the Marine Corps marathon (you ' re welcome tor the gloves) yes, he did it all Robs love for schooling intensilied diring his youngster and Second class year You could say he became a two school student, and Academy on the weekdays and trinity on the weekends Mr Generous " was Robs nickname, well at least to Ma Bell He always seemed to contribute huge sums of , Rob, iCity I a days falling in love with " the bib apple " 1 cruise This IS where Rob became a lady killer With the start of first class academic year. Rob forgot his old interest m search for new ones Let ' s just say he didn t have to go far The biggest joke for Rob during the year was becoming academic officer This actually gave him something to do study hour Rob has been a great friend He ' s always ready to help anybody at anytime He will be missed by everyone and Rickover ' s Navy is I Brian Kulick Edwardsville Pennsylvania Mathematics Nuclear Power Kuho tables , Pa , Bri fighter : City ; blackjack )wn to his classmates as the s 3t USNA with the hopes ot being i t wear glasses Deciding plebe year was pretty l are enjoyable than plebe rates The next year J his weekends, including Fridays Road trips to the Casino city were not uncom- mon to Brian and his friends whether or not they were on a weekend These trips truley made home He even managed to tell the GOD that studying could not increase a 4 First class year brought nuclear roots, plebe detail, the twin, and company commander He mastered the p- rade sequence the first time out. but, it took three times, or 120 minutes, before Dan E Forth survived the 40 minute drown Brian plans to jom the ranks of Adm Rrckover and LCDR caii-me- Bob, and after his first successful tour on subs, who knows where this gambling tool will go We wish Brian the best of luck because we have a feeling that he will need it 24th Company 671 Vincent J. McAneney Cherry Hill New Jersey Physical Science Marine Air Vince Vince came to the Academy from exit 4, New Jersey, otherwise known as Cherry Hill He was a highly recruited football player out of high school, but a certain defensive back coach had different ideas He found a home on the 150-lb team, even if his mom did hate to see him so skinny Always ready for a challenge. Vince then settled down to the task of academics He made through the hardest year - Second class year - with a little help from his friends Thanks, Leo, Matt. Bo, Danny,, etc , etc , Vince will be remembered most for his checkered jacket with his punk haircut and ray ban sunglasses Vinnie was always a great time when we went out - just dont talk about St Louis, and hes fine Another one of the boys who raged with Hacksaw Reynolds, Vmce had many good times on the boat and at Frannie O ' s - if only he could ISp.k was absolute Seriously. He would rarely be ir boys can ' t ttiank you i mood, always John W, Nelson Gloucester Massachusetts Physical Science Nuclear Power Nellie Amazing! This man from a small fishing town in Mass came t water in the Severn Never one to bother learning his plebe polishing his marching skills He did however learn at least tf way Not the hairiest man around, one of Jaw htm at watch inspection tor not being freshly A certain blind date youngster year causes hi go anyplace else " Always proud to be a " scientist " , Jawn neve, spell, and to this day he can ' t spell his roommates name Nellii one of " the world ' s two slowest humans " John professional! result, became a " two stnpah " A very friendly chap. Nellie pistachios, a biting wit, and a horrible singing voice Joh when he enters the silent force " I may be a Buddah, biggest I D this day to say " Wendy th an accent as thick as the Nellie spent many an hour I law of the Navy, the hard came when the OOD fried forever be remembered a always be counted on fc »e a valuable ass happy Buddah! " I before that t Mark A. Lavoie East Hartford Connecticut Oceanography Strategic Weapons Mark Mark came to us from NAPS. Well, he was from Connecti anyone up there who will admit it Plebe year. Mark majored in backgammon and skate guarding and rooted for the Bosox Being the manager for the hockey team earned him great respect and, more importantly, and wore it proudly whenever he got a chance to go uncovered Youngster year was more of the same Mark moved on to bigger and better( ' ) things Thanks for organizing the group Alpha and bravo " excursions ' Good times to be had by all ' He was very Junior year (sorry, 2 c) found Mark occupied with M A S H and Star Trek (and Dahlgren of how he came up with a wife and a bunch of kids during this time job proved once and (or all he should have gone to Conn Seriously, though, we had good times with Mark and he (almost) always took the ribbing in good humor We send him oft to put his finger on the button after tad at Dahlgren Hall Best of luck. Mark Andre Maraoui West Orange New Jersey Physical Science Surface Line S.F. Andre dragged himsei started off his USNA ca : Orange N J at the end of his high ;s down by his plebe summer squad Andre gave up a Second class year s when he ' s in the map ' there. Saturday nights ering and his girlfriend for hours on says that he does his best thinking r that there really are other colleges in Maryland than making frequent road trips to uphold the fine reputa- d to spend his upcoming illustrious Naval career as a ! fair winds and following seas ■r - W 672 24th Company Donald T. Ogram. Jr. Bel Air Maryland Mathematics Nuclear Power Ogie After spending one tun-fttled year of constant partying and all-around good trmes as a Bio Chem ma|or at Johns Hopkins. Don threw his head back, belched and saw the light (actually, it was a reflection from hts father ' s USNA " 56 ring ) He made it through plebe sumnner despite wearing the weirdest eyeglasses ever constructed by human hands Ogie didn ' t think it lair that the plebe class not be allowed to drag or drive or wear civies. so whenever he got the chance, he would |ump into a girl ' s car. change, and speed into the night After a run-in with a certain mech- e prof ( ' D " IS tor DynesI), Don switched over to the math-0 A side ot the house He almost didn ' t make it through youngster year, and if not lor his scrawny roommate and a rather sweet- smelling taKicab. would still be wandering aimlessly near West street Never one to forget a lavor. D T compensated his buddy tor the hernia and the cab tare by snaking him for the future Mrs Ogie 2nd class year, Don could be found either in the barber shop getting his head shaved after losing bets with plebes. or m medical dying of appendicitis, which, for some strange reason, milk ot magnesia did not cure Following graduation. Don will join the silent force, a fitting place tor one of ' The World ' s Two Slowest Humans " It ' s been tun. Don Fair winds and following seas, godspeed, and all that other Mark A. Quartiere New York City New York Electrical Engineering Nuclear Submarines Quartz Wow! Look at what Queens f 3 give his all to stop. Beli€ him Quartiere definitely sounds lit restaurant named the. Pizza Bow don ' t have any bowling alleys in practical joker; but his best joke of cooking steaks, and watching Dall fuzzbuster goes off He also beli need; his need Even with all tht the world He ' ll need it on futu B.K. T.B. " fast pitch super star " Mark is the only one c t he gave the first digit of his thumb and the joi t hands claims to be an Italian We don ' t belie pizza, and secondly, they uartz has always been a I chimney for Christmas, Ti 90 to 55 MPH after the a passing lane in times ot half hours and brake, smoothly. — ' Alton F. Readen Fort Washington Maryland Political Science Submarines Tony T gave up c = versa? For Alton had his own system. : Theory Find Out what the minimum is ne a pioneer m the realm of minimum m He appeared to be an outstanding )n Alton. I Tich he labored until he had it perfect t your sights Two notches below that Alton becam J began his long, hard climb to the boTtorr performer and a promising officer during plebe summer, but, then again, we all were different that first summer During AC-year Alton discovered some loopholes and exploited Them He found that an S I R Chit could prevent the room from ever being inspected and that everyone was ToleranT of a person sleeping 22 hours per day if they thought he had mono Youngster year same Rack Readen now really made a name for himself Unfortunately, this name was Awl- tun ■ Between Thursday-Tuesday debate weekends and his O A his rack). Rip Van Readen was seen up and about only from 0100 to 0400 This was also The year ot the infamous Indiana road trip Moral Nice guys really do finish lasT Next came 2 C year and The room with everything (See Sen, Cammy, and Barnhurst, Douggie) IC year the heavy metal king went new wave Playing more bow wow wow Than AC DC must have been a shock for the stereo.but his roommates moderating influence helped save its transistors, and Buddy Rich played on and on and on and on But this was the year of the car (and what a car ' ) Everyone is still dying to see if the first snow will force Tony to leave The T-top on Even if it does, at least the radio finally Josh L, Rubin Cherry Hill New Jersey Physical Science Navy Air Fred Josh " Fred " Rubin came to us from Cherry Hill. New Jersey (exit 4) He was already ; always laughing at his squad leader This meant noi Josh did have a habit of getting into trouble, but I- were numerous recons and chases by Jimmylegs Josh that he became a good runner while here, ott restricting Once plebe year started ance centered around sailing If he other country, earning money teac (0709 1 1 3000) There was also a s to believe The truth finally came ol The beautiful blond m the passengef NAPS Thi; IS could stop laughing either 1 getting away with it There h was a midshipman It is lucky for ! would have spent many weekends V much ol Josh agam Rumors o( his disappear- ing his letter, he was winning medals m some s how to sail, or conducting Rubm enterprises lad become a geek, but that is still to incredible iS year when he drove up m his new Trans Am ring on her finger and a ring through his nose. ling Josh seems to have gotten alot out o( his years here, but he gave alot also His friendship and sense of humor will be things we all miss We wish you luck m Navy Air Josh, |ust let us get out of the way before you start tlymg under bridges- Yabaadabbaadooo! 24th Company 673 4 Dixon R. Smith Lake Oswego Oregon Physical Science Surface Dix Uncle Dixon comes t( the only plebe on first c breaks found Dixon on ) us from Connecticut Oregon, Dix soon learned the ropes anc ass rates, so he thought! A true nad who always believed anythi ' s only fear of USNA was the barber shops, so he opened his ow the slopes where Hosezilda took him to and fro and kept him i true love was sailing whether it be Dinghy ' s or offshore, f champion and friend, good luck, thanks for the trim Susan M. Smola Anchorage Alaska Physics Unrestricted Line " Sweet Sue " " Smoley " always wanti jtob 1 astronaut; i she entered the Naval Academy and became r Force brat, she came to mother ' B ' with tapeworms in her stomach and dirt in her mouth Her appetite could put football players to shame, but she still looks like a toothpick No wonder she never passed the mile until her Youngster year The winds from the Chesapeake kept holding her back (the drafts in the field house are incredible!) However, she realized her " Snickers " and ' Gummy bears ' were over he ' target " One thing Sue never ate but should have was ' Smoley " considered herself worldly That ' s why on her 1 c lingering touch on the knee made her grow up fast Sticky situation Not for ' Sweet Sue " ! She tells the guy he can ' t do that Tm a midshipman! " Some of us could benefit from such professionalism Sue could always be seen correcting mids ' papers or dragging sleepy flips out of the rack at the 10 minute chow calls Well be thinking of you when we gaze up at the stars If the tower )ump cross your legs, arms at your Earl A. Schendell Shelby North Carolina Political Science NFO The Pearl Earl found his way to Canoe U through all the backroads North Carolina had to otter The Pearl delved mto plebe summer with all the gusto of half a Rocky Marcano His boxmg prowess despite all his extra marching practice with the dawn patrol. Earl never could seem to master aM from the words " study time, ' The Pearl disproved the old saying. Poll Sci, QPR high Rather than study, E A would Earl about. ' going unnoticed for hours, only to reappear when the call Never one to hide his anger. The Pearl ' s footprint could be found on many a locker door Earl was a courteous young fellow, as evidenced by a letter of apology t tragic adventure upon which he and his hairy roommate The Pearl could always be counted on to lend aid where needed, and is a good fnend never to be forgotten You just can ' t get nd of it Cameron A Sen Chester New Jersey Aerospace Engineering Navy Air Cam Cameron A Sen came to us with little more than a swamp tape and a year s supply of Baklava m fact, eventually become him (without glasses, thank God) He excelled as a plebe, thanks m large part to the mother-like leadership of Jeery Cams temporary lack ol confidence in Navy was quickly remedied and his musical background enhanced (we come from uva ) Later. this phrase would take on new meaning for group bravo This year was also the beginning of lun with coat hangers " and numerous engmeer-hke contraptions that included blank mecha- nisms ' . rocket launchers, a scrub brush safety device for ' the Fng ' . and many door contrap- earringto Rhode Isl2 Political Si Supply Co Valerie T. IJyezonCit Oceanogra; Surface Lini Youngster year was no different The Ini s one (don ' t forget the horse) Second class summe e inspected by the now famous 2ndLT Myers That irately m effect), waiting patiently m the dark for plebe laps, or matching soap c Midn 1 c Sen had it all together, especially m Georgetown ( good luck w finally got the brass duck and squeaky pig lor which he had long been stnv rooms should be spared nothing We send Cam oft to be a one-eyed Fl en oys F-2s We wont forget you or your dougie AF R " abandon r I this I .T.G.N 674 24th Company t Matthew G. Stapleton Barrington Rhode Island Political Science Supply Corps Whitey I small country ot Rhode the Peddie School . Stapes came to us Irom t While at Peddle. Matt and the Goomba from t Once at the University of Navy he occupied a After a few unsuccessful Hings, he turned hi hockey However, as hockey is a physical sport, Stapes had one nagging injury that cut down on his ice time-his grades Yet Matt never let his academic progress cloud his witty and neverend- ing sarcasm His uncanny ability to find humor in the most depressing moments was an inspiration to us all As it turned out, Matt got the last laugh and will be chuckling all the way to Athens where hell be flying his LWD Good luck Matt, the rest of the ICEBOX will miss you DE RB Valerie T. Villanueva Quezon City. Philippines Oceanography Surface Line " Villawuba " been a source of inspiration to many people and can be seen ' shooting the breeze ' with anyone at any time of the day or night You name it and Valerie has done it- - -changing majors (a smart move since she can ' t spell), gymnastics, karate, jumping out of airplanes, scuba diving, com- voHeyball, tennis, and the list goes on and on She finally got her chance to be marched in one of the squadleader slots during p-rades Even though Val would get lost in a group of midgets, she makes up for it in her quickness She ' s been known to her room at the ten minute chow-call tor a " quickie " (shower) and still make it to formation on time At times some of us wish that her mmd would work just as fast (or maybe we ' re lucky that It doesn ' t)! Val came to mother " B " so naive that she needed a mit to catch everything that went over her head Once, when a mate classmate entered her room before knocking, she stood behind a plant thinking that it would cover her vital parts According to him it covered everything that she had When asked out for dates on a Saturday night, she was always doing her laundry? ' ? ' Val sees the Surface Navy m her future but gets seasick at the thought of getting underway We will miss her and her antics very much Hard core wishes her the best of the seven seas. S.M.S. pany fastpit r year pit Wayne K. Weir Lakelan(j Florida Aerospace Engineering Nuclear Submarines Wayne Wayne came to the U S Dri basked Michigan, after a fateful ( to speak his mind resulted m an inordinate a way But, Wayne pulled through with few pen Life became a tad more interesting Youngste ment ganged up on our hero with dynes, s busters, however, Wayne remained an " Aer brought about the ubiquitous Susan and a N star as gymnastics manager After a fun-filled summer m the tropic mountains of Hawaii for a Marine option and three weeks of the urban pleasure dome of Columbus, Ga for airborne. Wayne was more than ready for Annapolis, where he could get back to more pressing matters, such as hts next Aero project. and at last sighting he was beating on the computer and baying at the moon Leo W. Williams I Muncie stnal College from beautiful sun- litary Academy Wayne ' s proclivity rsties attention being focused his s he coasted off a 3 4 plebe year Math-Operations Analysis Civil Engineering Corps Astro From NAPS 1979. plebe summt Japanese torpedos. Bo ' s wake-up calls, ' ing; ' ish ( regin MHP-webster, d, plebe year, 4355, Flea. Embryo, canvas back-dewey-tree trunk- weeknight cook-ins, 3 on 1 get togethers, football pep-rally vtrars, Colvin ' s hideout, streaking. Army, last JFK, Vince taking Kathi home. Christmas, TV, what shall we watch tonight ' , Naval Architecture, Detroit, Cobo Hall, All-Amencan, quarters update on Porters graduation, Ms rainy relays, Herndon, IC4A ' s-7 ' 3 " , ' 80 graduation Eugene. Olympic trials 12th, cruise, Charleston, U S S Garcia, 28 days, youngster year. Math-Operations Analy- sis. 4350. tree trunk and Willie Wonka, 1st Atlantic City, Chuck ' s on time nde, resorts, 1 c CDO greeting. Army, Vet, Batt Jam, Ted ' s hole-m-the-wall, poached eggs. 1st Stones beating- 7 ' 3 ■, world leading Eastman-Kodak jump-7 ' 4 ' ■» " . Puma, 4364, Vmce Me. 2 mch sign. J s Irish AC luck, Mindys breakfast, win at Westpomt. Detroit record leap-7 5 AC, BB delusion, ' row talks " . penn cold fold, steak and eggs, ' 81 graduation. Baton Rouge win. actramid-|ump summer, Sacramento visit, U S National team, Lenmngrad, Helsinki, Bucarest. " Astro " , sing-a-gram. Syracuse. London, Budapest, London, fashion show-dance Pearl, Pisa. London, RebirthW ' .. Gothenburg. Varnamo, Malmo, Herzogenaurach Puma. 2 c year. 4366, voice of Navy X-country, October L A visit. Dallas Afton- updose and personal, Dan Mindy ' s place, whole wheat pizza, Ryan ' s cheeses, Laun and life, mysterious Christmas guest, 516 nuthouse, parent test, full approval. Toronto, world record H H • Skeets got the cot. New York diamond. Army loss but 75 ' wm, Silverdome record 75 4 " , Leo and Dixon ' s barber shop, Texas loan service, llyyyoooid, Ms Cherry Hill treat, hot penn told, Monty gets slapped, wires gift, 3-diamond ring, car loan. " 82 graduation, BY U -7 ' 6 ' " 4th, U of T -7 ' 4 ' j ' 5th. 1 c cruise, U S S flint. California connection, homestate )ump. Dads first college meet, another Owight win, Helsinki, Gothenburg. Malmo, London, Pearl, Eurorail, Bern, Magglmgen. Herzogenaurach, London, Dwight ' s missing night, cologne, ftrstie year, dreary beginnings, lost friends, more AC, David card shark ' poker, Audi 4000, youes guy ' s hamburgs A R ' , W R V " 83 graduation!!!, to ' 84 Olympics! 24th Company 675 Robert B. Woods Arlington Virginia Political Science Navy Air Ratey Bob Ratey " Wood cam e to us after t «o years of college at Tufts university so he was already smarter ttian a that a great guy Bob w thougti at times tie spo ■ able to tell him as His nickname. ' Ratey.- stemmed from Bobs habit of being a sweat. kehis mind A good e ample of this wa plebe year when he quite verbally his squad that t about his grease Bob never let Lpperclass stand in ti s way plebe year as e was quite the recon artist In the span of one a youngster s room with a sha ing cream bomb and to dump a bucket of water on on of th e larger ' first class while she w s asleep By the end of plebe year Bob had distinguished ell in many ways thgra member of the c ew team. Bob was also one of the that he decided to tak des and perfor nance In fact, he ce When Bob lass we finally persuaded him that a Chevette was not a fitting car lor a mid. so much to his f ather ' s dismay he bought a TR-7 Bob ' s elegibility for an out so he d cided to come o jt of his shell " and be an elegible s con- pany sub-com mander for the irst semester Those two stripes looked good along wi hhis buds and airbo ne pins that he had earned over the previous two HARDCORE TWENTY-FOUR 676 24th Company David J- Bartholomew. Jr Medfield Massachusetts Mathematics Nuclear Submarines Bart Class Year During his First Class Year. Dave was the drug and alci experience gained at Rudy ' s Dave has had many girlfriends during his stay at Annapolis, but he has (leld, Dave was never known to be short of enthusiasm In fact. Bart left many Bart although at tirr the brigade w; When Dave f St came to the academy he wanted to be a jet jockey, but when Juc bonus would come in handy when he finally bought that new 1 though, he stuck it out First Class Year with a Marine roomate Catherine R. Brown Wadsworth Ohio Ocean Engineering Aircraft Maintenance Duty Officer Spike 1 Ohio and all Her Chen y met Cathy r good front bu nils Cathy tni . year Cath Michael Beall Houston Texas Mathematics Marine Corps Red spending most of his nights eil make a fine general someday- that head at a Forrestal lectui David A. Brooks Lawrenceville Illinois Oceanography Navy Air people realize how physically tit Mi man, he always had plenty of mor ied everyone by maintaining a high n the rack In all senousnes D keep his helmet on. If we ci QPR while ;. Mike will »n pick out Lizard ' ingr ; quickly settled into an always caught in the shower usual (three days late) sporting a silly grin Dubbed Eluding the Glute was a major goal: it wasn ' t easy when hi Youngster year brought more basketball and more to Tena referee for the Gaff and the Troll Second Class Year brought m the Wingwang. whose amazing rack abilities soon rubbed off or Dave Inspiration from the 151 Club led to a fine Second Class Year, both on and off the floor Especially to be remembered were the round trips to Ocean City and Florida First Class year led to more fine road trips, especially to Air Force, where Brooksie lost his cookies Graduation will lead to a June wedding and tf en on to P-cola and the fun of Navy air Brooksie will always carry with him the best wishes of the boys of the 151 club and of 6224 Never forget Sigma Mu Delta forever! The Gaff MD 25th Company 677 John C. Butler Carmel California History Navy Air Johnny B I Academy without much real effort. He spent the heard well into the a m But John always found weekend, ot course he saved on postage because f the History Department tilled his willing bram with r keys could often be ren or so girls every ptams Row Although California Master CI Timothy J. Carrigan Bowie Maryland Physical Science Navy Air Gooner Tim IS a local boy who stayed close to home for the obvious reason, that he couldn ' t find another girl anywhere else who was tall enough. After a year of civilian college Tim never took life at the uncollege too seriously which made for some interesting problems during his stay here He probably had more dates during plebe year than the firsties, Tim studied hard and was a great asset to the 25th Co and the brigade We will always remember Tim for his car. his friendship and his nose Without a doubt Tim is the model aviator and he will be a great success at everything he does Jane F. Daane Sugar Grove Illinois Ocean Engineering Navy Air Jane came to E-Z 25 from the 18th Company giving h company for three of her tour academy years That ' s not s attained Since was quickly introduced to Capt discipline " - by the way, what is hours soaking wet But rowing is fun, right Of course Eaton s definition of " conduct prejudicial to good ordei Marine Corps cuddling ' Surface line may be mighty fine, but Jane has her sights set high on Navy Air. so it away as a Rotorhead No biggie, her head has always been in the clouds anyway She hates Mondays and almost lost Jellybean to the infamous USNA laundry, t succeed because she knows she can Naval Aviation may never be the same, but tl will we. Thanks for three great years and the horse they rode in on C8 — ' g Mark E Davis Warminster Pennsylvania Electrical Engineering Nuclear Power. Submarines Gaff The Gafi " came to us Itom Warmii company officer Moondust, John Frye, year, which found the Gaff trying to reco found him in the company of giants on ti Capt R helped to make Gaff an integr, wriststrong. Gaffer would not allow E F to interfere with his t weekends Second Class year led to 6224 and the Li ard and V prepared him and his liver for the massive abuse it would re roadtrips!) Sub-Commander Gaff enters the silent but deadly the boys ot E Z 25 Always remember Sigma Mu Delta for obscurity youngster nee of the Ll ard and the Troll, it also t and on the rugby field The wrath of EMBC Refusing to : Class Yea 678 25th Company ■Strom I 4 « w», Archibald S, Dunn Mission Viejo California Economics Nuclear Power Master Chief unny haven in CA , and as one would expect, he was never a regulation r But he was the king of humor Almost everyone who has met him was the funniest man they have ever met His ability to make people iing As the master ol the tongue-in-cheek humor. Arch could torment ! ruler of sick, perverted humor, he could stun, astound or sicken you As tor his women, only God knows them all (certair woods, the boat OPS at the marina, car PIUIS and vai As a Mid, Mr Bemho was quite involved in extracurru the Rockford, S M and S M F C Clubs He sure v Wags and Navy ball I ' m quite sure he will be an asset to the ' forget the special OPS in the Eastport J Nuclear Navy- when h Michael J. Edmondson Euclid Ohio Political Science Marine Corps Mike Wonder Mike came from Baltirr i the practical joker ; through t ompany Joseph G. Ebert Abington Pennsylvania Operations Analysts Navy Air Jober A man of many tastes, good an at Canoe U to D B He has mad« average as he was no stranger exceded by his luck with women blamed his drinking habits DnnV way back dedicated most of his time ult This IS evident m his grade point Joes academic prowess was only naginable lady problem, to which he } talk a hietics He played JV tennis for 2 years, and v the fieldball star and coach But Joe always sweat come mile and struggle time His many EC included the Rockford Club and the Archie Bunker Club Everyone always knew where to f Joe late at mght-in the Wardroom But Joe will be best remembered for his moral contnbutior the 25th. As his quick wit and sick humor were never lacking TC Michael J. Eddy Aerospace Engineering Naval Flight Officer . he always could I ' rom (he bar town of Beloit Now to s really what I mean You see Mike impossible happened as he shed 67 weight loss IS probably not exercise. ickiiy Mike recieved numerous chow J known throughout the company company ofl 1 one AERO engin 25th Company 679 i Daniel C. Hahne Coronado California Physical Science USMC Air Dan After living in nearly every Navy town in t bringing with him a charismatic personality v , Dan recognized ' id smartly joined the PHI-SCI fraternity After c iitecture would t . Dan Hahne stormed t cted nearly everyone h a great obstacle on the te Naval Academy. ; met Academical- ' oad to graduation f sailing by taking md started playing Ont int secretaries, or high endurance I always seemed to b d the company both Company Commander. . rep warmth, sincerity, enthusiasm and h about at Navy So. as he leaves o everyone ' s best wishes with him DTP Karlheinz Heimerl Point Pleasant Beach New Jersey Mechanical Engineering Nuclear Surface Warfare Karl the Academy i jte of New Jersey He came to tl " i satutatonan and was an eagle s ? steadily down eve This f roomates during Plebe year Sunday evening when he thought he could do belter on an e: progressed through the academy his part slowly shifted from the side to the dismay of our Marine Company Officer Remembering about the fluids the exam really helped Karl keep up that impressive QPR The tirsties are quite pleased with the progress they have made on our I boys from 25 would like to wish the best of luck to that great pair Mary a they ' ll do great ounted on one hand But low and p engaged He has kept many a lour everynight The organizer of hard and often Especially one 1 the morning Jack B. Giessner Cherry Hill New Jersey Physics Nuclear Power Hooks Chief Giessner, lay to the quarterdeck! S M.F C you workers! Who could forget the words of (he Professor ' Jack spent most of his time at USNA helping others pass and still kept on pulling a 4 This still makes the sweathorse quite jealous to be sure When Hooks was not doing a woody torque or breaking jaws in Dahlgren Hall he could usually be found m his physics lab showing the tank what he was doing wrong! Although Jack understood the Unified Field Theory (would you like that in Greek or Arabic ?), he was more than just the top scholar After all. he did try to throw Wingnut out the window at Dam Neck? Biologists refer to his breed as Ponfera Jacks favorite song for driving was The Trees ' by The Police ' (From New Jersey, right?) He also was fond of the talking heads of lettuce, swine and COQ While most of us were drowning m the sea of Academia. Jack was firmly tashed to a barstool advocating " timely drinking to Jackson was as active in the brigade as he was m the campus Hooks was a knight of the Rockford. a member of the E AC. and played a pretty shrill solo on his sax. Those human Dagwoods ' We all knew the Professor was a nukey, we did not know if he could gel through his interviews without calling someone illiterate Above all else though. Jack was an honest and good fnend to all of us Anyone with a favor to ask knew that they could count on the Hooks to lend a hand, if it was not around a beer or a book of advanced physics theory No one will forget the NASAP kid for quite a long time ' ! Good luck to you Jack, and remember- S M F C.!! As do I. It will be ready m a minute, boys! he in I- Math Naval Fill Warren T. Hicks Portsmouth Rhode Island Oceanography Surface Line Hickbo to The Academy this man with four names Warren, Hickbo, Terry, or Bo Which one do we call him. does anybody know ' This man was big, yet quick .ind agile He came to The Academy with aspirations of being a star He was intelligent and outgoing indeed that ' s a fact But only I knew the weird things he said and did when asleep i Bui to everyone else, he will always be Chocolate Thunder ' Costa Me. Caiifofna Marine [r NycbF i 680 ?5lh Comp.iny Kevin L. Jones Elgin Illinois Math Naval Flight Officer Old fVlan We still don ' t know why Kevin came to ttie Naval Academy but ttie boys from 25 are certainly glad tie did He had a quiet aura about him and sometimes you wouldn ' t realize he was around if It were not lor the shinny dome on his head (it is rumored that the only reason Kevin did not go Marine Corps is because he would lose what little hair he had left) As a math major Kevin did quite well, which is still a puzzle to most of us Kevin was notorious for starting things he never completed (i e karate. 1 50 ' s, scuba club, and going to the head) but when Kevin put his mind to something he was unstoppable He was an enthusiastic athlete despite his injuries and helped lead the ?5th company tieldball team to a brigade championship title He even succeeded in being one of the rare breed of Midshipmen to hold on to the same girlfriend through 4 years at the academy budgeting his time between partying and deciding what he could do to get out of marching the experience in California proves (Why would Brad want to claim to be you anyway) As a roomate Kevin J. McCarthy Costa Mesa California Marine Engineering Nuclear Power, Submarines Kev Kevin came running from Costa Mesa to Canoe U from the land of beige beaches southern California women (we wonder why) This astounding Mid settled right i level headed attitude that made cruising at high speed, through academics look every day a Marine ' E ' major comes back to his room saying. " I got nuked " then pi a 95 on t r 2 years of not-much-fun working for Rickover. Kev met Nancy Finally Kev figured that n ' t need the 4 0. still get good grades, have a great weekend and continue to hit the rack pm weeknites Oh boyi After 1 c summer. Kev was asked. " Mac. did you give away any No. |ust a promise ring " " Promise ring? What ' s that? " " An l-promise-to-get-you-a- nng. ring " " Amazing " " But what was really amazing was how this knock kneed, sway 1, bowlegged Mid could run Especially for the four year 5th batt x-country dynasty After iccepted to the order ol the bubble heads, we wish Kev and Nancy the smoothest of seas Christopher J , Kelly Willingboro New Jersey Systems Engineering Nuclear Power ; Naval Academy for s ' in EZ-25 Chris ' house in Jersey is a regular s Chris, being a true Irishn- an. has nev er been drunk as long as he could hold onto one blade ol grass and kee p from falling ofl the face of the earth But don t star thinking Chris IS all play and no work Chri IS a System Engineer a nd works very hard when it s absolutely necessary Chris originally wan ted to fly. b t Second Class year they gave him a Visa Card and he ended up having to go nuke so he c ould pay h 5 bill On the spo ts field Chris was an inte rmuraljock He was known as the " Hying bones " on the soccer field, a nd he still he Ids a recor d lor being thrown out ol m ore fieldball games than any Mid in history Chris was a Tiember of =lebe detail and helped fix a mistake on the Dahlgren Hall clock He was also one of t he details famous fourteen " " Remember guys, they can ' t fry all ol us All in all It- been great having Chris with us. and we all look forward to seeing him again in the Nuclear Navy DTW Joseph F. King Jr. Hampton Virginia Oceanography Navy Air Kinko Joe came tc us from Hampton. Virgi la While at the Academy he excelled in company sports. karate, and modesty Kinko is the leac singer of the " Walking Hea ds, " and co-president of the 151 club With all of these ctivities. e might think it hard to have time lor anything else This e with Joe He always d for Blondie . but mostly " Blondie " Joe became tired ol the r ame Kinko and was considering the nan le " Mr Frank " It IS still up in the air as to which one he prefers We wish him the best ol luck in this decision One thing K nko IS set on s Navy Air 25lh company sends their b est wishes to Pensacola with 25th Company 681 cided to go away to school He packed up his USNA with about ten friends and relatives m hopping into a car at 1211, only to reappear found out early how good a deal that really Lawrence P. Molloy Baltimore Maryland Computers Navy Air Chip Chip was one of two guys in the company v bags on July 6th 1979 and drove the 45 mini tow For the next 40 weekends Chip could bi magically at 2359, with at most 10 seconds program here at the Academy Wei Sponsors ' Mr and Mrs Sullivan Qualifications? One good looking daughter, who now wears a diamond on her finger and is scheduled to be one of 83s first June week brides Way to go Wendy! Chip wrestled on the varsity squad for his first 2 years at the Academy, but didn ' t receive his jntil he switched to Navy ' s 1501b football team where his talents were finally ecognized Being a computer major. Chip had alot of free time on his hands but never fear, he d use None of us are sure how he managed to pull through here with above a 3 Maybe wasn ' t often when Chip went out with the guys instead of Wendy but it was always, to say least, interesting when he did We were all very impressed by his ' solution ' to the problem ot at the local bar He also found out that " Uncle Visa ' makes a good get out of )ail ast until the bill comes Inspite of the fact that this man has " done time ' , we all oved having him in the company and wouldn ' t have wanted him anywhere else David T. Pearson Bass River Massachusetts Economics Surface Line Eli Dave came to Annapolis from Cape Cod. Massachusetts and brought with him the concept of new liberalism. It took a while to figure out what he was saying because he has a strange way of pronouncing words like car and chowder Dave soon made many friends, however, because of his endless good spirit and desire to have fun, he picked up the name " Eli the ISCE man " . Always , Dave and his unusual laugh wilt be remembered always D and we wish him good luck in all that he does. by the fellow member; Kevin Peterson Lewistown Illinois Physical Science Marine Corps Pete burns can oHen be seen covering Pete ' s body which clearly illustrates his stance on studying Despite Pete ' s natural attraction to the rack, he has maintained a respectable QPR at USNA Well rested, well tested seems to work well lor Pete When Pete isn ' t sleeping he has proved to be an unlading source ot the dirt II Pele doesn ' t know about it. then either the dirt isn ' t true Of it isn ' t worth knowing about Our grim reaper can often be seen slinking through the halls ol Bancrolt anxious to recieve and diseminaie the diri You ' ll find plenty ot dirt in the Marine Corps and Pete aims to spread his hatred and discontent by Hying (or the USMC David P Oceancf. Nideai f Nirricane ' Ullit, 682 25th Company Patrick F. Protacio Woodbridge Virginia Math Navy Air Patrick, the invisible man from Woodbridge. Va.. the only man who could sleep between t sheets without causing wrinkles, weathered the Plebe year trials of rooming with Kirwad a Epstein After the early departure Patrick found himself living with the " Stomper " , an expi lence he will never forget Youngster year found Patrick running at the back of the pack Patri managed to rack his way through Second Class Year, yet still led 6224 with an inspirational 2 t The Gaff and the Lizard appreciated and benefitted from the fine example Pat set. especia concerning the times when Pat " bought the Buick " in his rack and in the sixth wing parking li First Class Year chow packages led to increased popularity Road trips and skiing won ' t forgotten. Gary R Reeves Colorado Springs Colorado Electrical Engineering Navy Air Pllot Hank academics yet very seldom Heads ■, the ' ISl Club " , anc r weekend excursions 1 Colorado i the ranks of 25th Company Hank excelled m ced a weekend tor studies Being a member of the " Walking Ducks " kept him busy during the week but left him plenty of I be a long time before Hank forgets about Diana or Kelly, two harming young ladies that he met- Yes. Gary will always hold these memories along with those ;ained m Ocean City Who could ever forget that experience? Certainly not the owner of the Spinaker " Hanks future plans involve Navy Air. where he will be very successful He already has a leadstart. being one of the few people to enter Pensacola wearing " Wings ' Best wishes go out Hank from the 25th Company where he will never be forgotten. John K. Rowland Crowley Louisiana Management Surface Line Stumper This ragin " cajun came to the boat school via Crowley. Louisiana A most cheerful c me ■ It IS alleged those long nights m Nimitz during Plebe year d Company his last year, the awesome responsibility of organizing tailgaters was given to him He rose to the occasion and they were all successful If nothing else, he will be remembered for the The Navy is getting a good man in the Stumper Hell do very well or " someboys goin to da hospital ■ Give ' em hell Stumper, David P. Rubin Philadelptiila Pennsylvania Oceanography Nuclear Power Hurricane The Rubes, as he is of USNAfrom Philadelphia glorious days of p-rades en called, is kno fter two years ci n as ' the little guy ' in 25th Company He came to ilian college where he did nothing except long for the nd room tormals Rubes is one of those who holds nothing back, being blun hat " haTcaused ' t ech Unfortunately, in speaking this way. the Rubes he little guy quite a bit of difficulty during his stay in ■ess to good ole high school dating and the accompanying games The little guys ' fun comes from racquetball, tennis, wrestling, Philadelphia sports teams, the lack of study or |ust simply " blowing it off " His biggest thrill is fighting tall people, as pre by his brigade boxing championship Plebe year The Rubes will join f cKees ' machinery i graduation, and his stature should prove harmonious with the " real Navy " . TS 25th Company 683 4 Timothy F. Selbert Winston-Salem North Carolina Marine Engineering Nuclear Power, Submarines Torpedo cademy from the ne adiustment qui kly and joined the rugby club unli He now leads a d cile life as wrestling team manager ard to graduation, r narriage, and returning to " the real t Tycson W0I18 Brad Booiuft AijNWiW David A. Smith St. Louis Missouri Aerospace Engineering Naval Flight Officer Smitty Annapolis from St 51 Club, Smitty was an expert at verbal abuse too, Dave was the author of the ' Saga " ginecr, Smitty lived for the weekends and will be rem company sports teams and the times he was out of control e goes to Pensacola to tool through the Jerry C. South III Hampton Virginia Political Science Surface J.C. Curt South came to tradition. J.C. did his be 1 the surgeon) Curt , Good luck Curt and I Ward E. Stevens San Marcos California Math Nuclear Submarines In me year 1979 Ward Stevens left the sun sand ol Southern Calitornia lor the niuggy heal o, Annapolis- Plebe summer Leaving me " " voTe%an helped second semester when he managed to gel a teammate lor a j ' " ' ' ' " , ' ' Except in volleyball. Wes never worked harder than he had to Youngster year he adopted, wen rested, well tested lor his motto and has never been awake past « ' •;« " ° " ' ; " ' ' " ' ;; „ Owing to the fact that he was part of the color company, Wes started 2 c year as a membo. the color guard Understandably this called lor taking a strain but B C and Wendy prov,d.-.i .imple compensation Just before 1 c year Wes cruised habits lor the sporting lile, key words here wine and » and Gunilla, vodka ! racy Nuke power claimed him upon r s return to 2141 2 " Ensignship s great pre 684 2bth Company !j| ' ii.l j ki 25th Company 685 . i Barbara A. Bell Traverse City Michigan Systems Engineering Naval Flight Officer Barb From " Barbell " , she became Free Weights " . " Oing-a-Ling " . and " I means a dumb bell Barb has always had outstanding grades here wit keep her humble As our 4 c Company Commander. Barb created a " halo " ettect. which she had tarnished by the end ol youngster year We didn ' t see much ot Barb youngster year- she discovered a social lite She really got around while she was at the Naval Academy- Blue Ridge Mts , London. Aspen, Florida. Hawaii, and California . not to mention Skip. Vmce. Hubs, Slum. Brian. Todd Barb also made many trips to Colorado Springs- to see her brothers? ? ? Picked up a bad case of jasina fever out there? And the search for real men goes on . and on Don ' t J marks lUSt I Iget r ried ' . (birthday Talk about uninhibited! I ' t worry we won ' t let you forget hurt so good as you could Too bad that didn ' t apply to your kn memories from the track team and the team parties There will always be a special place in our hearts for you. ' We v faraway places that you go. If it rams or it snows, may you be safe old. And if you need someone, you know that we will always be tl I you good spaces i Thomas J. Connally San Diego California Gerneral Engineering Marine Corps The Hobbit Thomas John, or more affectionately known as The Hobbit, came to the boat school from Navy ' s own San Diego, (following in the wake of two of his older brothers) Finishing plebe summer under the fine leadership and demotivation of Danny N.. Tom was left with on e question on his mind; " When does the hard stuff start? " The library and the wrestling loft were Tom ' s hideouts for the rest of plebe year. Summer finnally arrived and TJ headed back to S D for " professionalism " He left wrestling after a guy Not one to be held down for long, Tom soon found himself recruited for the powerlifting team after they noticed him doing 500 dips one day. What better sport for a guy who is wider than he is tall ' Blindly thinking he could live on Japanese clams for the rest ot his life. Tom i Christmas, not listening to the wise advice c lifting weights, dreaming of clams, and woni Second class year found Tom grunting hare ruining hjs beauty sleep while his Japanese ti Soon the francise collapsed, leaving Tom with a 40 pt rock and a heartach happened after he won the Maryland State Championships in powerlifting! renewed his love ot clams, this time American Soon Tom was dreaming about a national championship But in typical Navy form, Tom was forced to study that weekend instead of lift because ot his stellar grades. Not wanting to be slammed again. Tom, with the help of The Rocket, decided to can M E for G.E Plebe detail found Tom rode tripping to Fairfax every weekend to see the young one Tom 1 Texas and having has many stripes as he over lis studly ro( )r the Corps I francise r ng Halloween TJ h the 83 nationals i finitely got t ■ finest! Give 1 Hell Conns and always Roger p. Bingham Pitman New Jersey Political Science Surface Line Bing Bing came to the boat school in the summer of ' 79 following brief engagements in Harligen. Texas as a marine and Pitman, New Jersey as a civilian Rog kept us rolling plebe summer as half ot the Rocky and Bulwinkle team There was never a more easy going guy and this helped calm us more anxious types Academics never came easy for Woogy, a proud LTM Why do poly sci majors have to be engineers too ' The night before a big test, and they all seemed big. it was not hard to find Rog All you had to do was check in the company zero ' s office or the closet Those late nighters, and all mghters were tough But Rog kept things m perspective When the weekends rolled around he traded in his wuba and books for some of the most GQ clothes m Annapolis And oh that hair!! That took almost as much preparation as classes By first class year his Mercedes 4-80 SL had turned into a Turbo 280ZX By the way Bing, where did you say your car was parked ' Rog kept us all gomg, kept us all loose There wasn ' t another I c who was more liked than Woogy Everyone was his friend Looking to the future there is a ship out there m San Diego with his name on it III never forget the boys from 26 but you and Denny are special. It ' s been a long road but we ran the race well. Take care and keep the faith, son DM0 Gregory E Cerezo Milpitas California Operations Analysis Surface Cerez Cerez CerezDaddy DaddyO Greg got lost on the way to USNA and would up at NAPS lor a year As tar as Greg was concerned though, NAPS stood for Naval Academy Photography School As early as l-day we knew Cerez had the " gouge " when we found out that he had the same alpha code as his class Df 79 brother Press shop, Midstore, Supe s Stewards, Wardroom workers you name it: Cerez had connections with the right people You never had to hold up a tray for seconds at his table Greg worked hard the four years he was at Navy but the going was still rough at times He mus t have found the east coast climate agreeable because this Californian summered in Annapolis 1 Dr these years Although he ' ll tell you hes )ust a " shy guy " . Greg met more than his share of lo al girls: through his telephoto lens that is When he did talk to them you would likely hear a Cer 20 classic " a burger, fries, and a nice big smile " This closet disco fan knew how to play th e guitar too. There wasn ' t a song that he couldn ' t play the beginning or end of on his guitar, but le ' ll never forget some of the songs about the special times, special talks, " and the left hook he caught in Monty ' s room First class year brought with reo and one of those little foreign cars that gets more miles per gallon than miles per hour The night life at U ot M didn ' t bother Greg In fact, he had no trouble sleeping through a party at a girls dorm. If you run across this dog (pronounced " dawg •) in your travels you can be sur s that this laid-back pilot will take time to share the gouge 26th Company 687 Mildred M. Gregor ch Calumet Michigan Political Science Marine Corps Millie When she told us she vas Millie rom Calumet, we told her you ' ve go to be kidd ng We still want to know what a " U P er ■ IS and does Heikki Lunta really make t he snow c Dme down ' Borrow me a quarter, eh ' Shall we he. the gi who plebe summer could eat anyon under the table and still lose weight Thoughts of Gary ke 1 you going when things got tough How bout those lessons in controlling facial muscles by squad dad. history ei with the Stanl. . Nookie-Noohie at Army, camping in the Blue Ridge Mt with your favorite roomies, our lirs June wee and your first Mid love ' Then it was 3ff to the h gh seas and the never ending saga o youngster cruise, the Italian Lt, need we say more ' Youngster year. Kami aze antic and a one point landing off the unev ns Jeff w s3 cArmy and by this time it was X ary who? Two dozen roses, one spring break. and a diary later It was over 2 c summer could the Navy nandle the clone sisters ' Your back in|ury and t e orgasma- tron Bob. the soon o be pilo who flew out of your life as quickly as he flew in By l c summer Millie was on the rebound Cruise on a spruance in Newport N ws shipyard, then the excitement of 1 c year roomp arties with the boys. Georgetown an mini-skirt 5. den mom and the adm. and graduation with the realization of our goals The lularine Corps will be getting a fine oflicer and a great fr end Ifsb en 4 long years and where would we be without each other ! greatest people Christopher D. Jones Knoxville Tennessee Mathematics (Computer Track) Surface Line CD, Oris came to USNA from California via Tennessee (and various ol home IS where the heart is, Oris hails from Severna Park, the home o the world, " his sponsors One of the biggest things Cns has done for sometimes extended parties Many memorable weekends were spent there by all of us who ar members of the " order of the Hess. " To be sure, the biggest part of C D s heart reaches out to Joyce who has already discovere the challenge of the real Navy Yes. theirs is a happiness born of Bancroft and we wish thei Cris ' s second )oy is either that rusting International Scout or the great white north album the other hand, everybody ' s greatest tear is his Scout -at least when Cns is behind the whee even out the dents? Cris is not an academic achiever either, but he has always strived for th highest ideals of a math major-to be indisputably confusing and always confused as well as I catch up on sleep whenever possible. Whether you end up glowing or " taking off at P-cola ( even nding the waves, from one beerhunter to another, like good luck and good day. eh? Lawrence M. Giannotti Woburn Massachusetts Mechanical Engineering Nuclear Power Gig Larry, alias Gtg or Gio hails from Woburn. Mass . pronounced Woobin. considered by Larry to be the hub of the universe Two things always got Gig in trouble, his accent and his diehard loyalty to The Who The only man to pull over a 3 by literally studying in his rack, that ' s ' bed ' Larry, without falling asleep How his profs understood his hieroglyphics is a modern mystery The only lime he wore his Navy issue geek glasses was to his nuke interview The only thing he ever talked about was his " 70 ' Challenger, using impressive stats that no one understood True Larry, that car passes everything, everything but a gas stat ion At least he was able to pass the mile with It the thett proof drivers door was the real reason he bought it Besides driving Larry loved lifting weights It almost got him raped at Maryland one night He kept that hometown sweetheart for four years How ' By saymg. " No, I tust came here to drink " , when a Dahlgren girl asked him to dance No plebe bulletin board was safe after one of these nights One thing about Gig. he ' s a real connoisseur of clothes, jeans and flannel shirts Larry went out m town so much he needed directions to get to mam street, after we convinced him there was such a place The only guy to have his own stall at the girls dorm at Maryland Elkton Hall That Mech E degree will do him well m 6 years Keep m touch Gtg Eugene W Jones •:-;fT Dumfries » (toy Virginia M Management «« »IEnj Nuclear Power mh, Gene Ike, Eugene IS a multilalented individual with many good qualities, or so I ' ve been lold. ai »•■»:■.;■ mentioned on one occasion or another by one of his many, many, women Gene is handsome. intellegenl. honest, and always a gentleman ■ He sure has them fooled ' Gene is someone who can be depended upon and is always willing to lend a helping hand for the cause The cause is usually partying and Gene endeavors to do his best to gel off He invariably succeeds Gene came to us with his blue bandit " Betsy " and the Marine Corps on his mind A tew hard years ol academic struggles and a few thousand dollars later and now he has a BMW 320 1 and Nuke Power on his mind Congratulations and good luck my Bra (that ' s spelled brshorta) Gene will always be remembered lor his love of line Redbone " women with healthy upper bod.es But he by no means limited himself lo one calagory of women, they were all lair game and Gene w.iv Remembered always will be, those Saturday excursions into the city to party, endm Sunday morning with breakfast at Mother ' B ■; Stouffers killer game, winking and dm champagne and canei. the summer ol 80 ' , fun in the sun with one-ftvecne. scraggily ha- ' parties up Fredrick way. with that Maryland U connection a tree place to stay, with that v RX 7 It must have been heaven On a moments notice ready to " swing " , the only thought I of the fun it will bring The many Army jams, the New York trips, the Bait jams, the excursions, the good times and the memories go on and on All nail it has been a ' li li Gene Jones. I am glad to have met you! ' 26th Company « -,hI Francis B. Jones Lemoore California English NFO Brad Michael T. Mauro Albany New York General Engineering USMC Air Mikey 1 many things s would then study ! Academy He eai f the t ng his First and Second Class years Mike becan IS Squad Leader and 26 Company Commander ti ,e led the company to one o( its best marching • I in pulling the company together as a unit roughout the brigade there was probably no one pas Mikes None were ever less than perfect Thir rned both his gold jump wings plebe cross country and track an excellent boxer He was a semester As Company Com- Dietrich H. Kuhlmann III San Jose California General Engineering Nuclear Power. Submarines Deter Better known as Greg Zingler ' s roommate, Deter had great diHtculty visionmg what his luture held as a Naval Officer Not until futile attempts with contacs and geek glasses confirmed that he was blind did Dietrich choose a career m which light is not a factor dive, dive, dive When a plebe. Dietrich was awarded the 26th Company Banana He successfully managed to stay out of trouble throughout his four year stay, however, his little tnnket was not the only reason for achieving such a feat His novels and all-mghters provided enough work to keep any Mid out of trouble Deter was gifted with an enviable intelligence, however, his motivation toward applying such a talent was devoted more to R and R He strongly believed m getting his beauty sleep and not until many hours ot horizontal workouts did Deter prove that rack time During his Second Class year he achieved a N-star in 1501b football which earned him the rights to his Grandmother ' s station wagon He finally had a car. but something was missing Needless to say. Deters beauty rest came m handy that Christmas and : holiday he has kept the station wagon in hts future plans Dietrich you are Super Thank you tor all you have done and may God ' s GBZ Fred W. Martin Fremont California Resources Management Navy Air Freddy Fast Freddy ( ry. Through s ' many plebe summer Fredv right I the rink, youngster Fred could be found doing the same up in the balcony ■ ' Pete ' , as he came to be called by T-Head, developed a taste for the local women Con Wednesday night, Fred began his weekend plan-makmg telethon that lasted until Friday afte noon Fred wasn ' t much on variety, he always went to the same place, ■out ' To keep up wi the fast women, he needed a fast car-a red Firebird Formula You can ' t drive too fast though, Fred will tell you, or you won ' t be able to " scope " As a second class, his car and other maj expense- hair conditioner, left him short of cash First class year Fred cruised his way through school . Pensacola and a motorcycle (what else?) m the future, tl one question that remains ■red JLM 26th Company 689 i Andrew M. McKee Stamford Connecticut Mechanical Engineering Navy Air Andy Andy drifted down from New England (God ' s country?) with his guitar, lacrosse stick, and several Gratelul Dead records, ready to settle down and devote himsell to some serious studying Over the course of the next four years, he spent less time studying than anyone else in the company, yet he still managed to keep his CQPfi around a 3 as as M E study hour would always tmd him out running, roaming the halls, or |ust platn " socializing. anything but studying ' Plebe and youngster years passed rather quietly, with the sailing leam finally catching him al the end o youngster year By the end o( the spring he could always be found with the rest of the ■ destroy ' crew, on the little green boat, or taking Wednesday afternoon hbs Monday afternoon libs, Tuesday night libs Second class summer was spent with the boys ol group 3C and their notorious beer parties Andy and Malcolm " managed to spend more time at Norfolk NAS during surface protramid than they did at Dam Neck, although they did get in a lot of body-surfing during the humcane After surviving second-class academics. Drew became the skipper of an academy sailboat. though fortunately tor him and the Academy, this was a short-lived experience Newport the Bermuda Race, and Bayhead with " Sonny " and ■Mona " will stand out as highlights First class year finds Andy sailing with Malcolm " ' , Dix, and the rest of the Bad Boys ' , destined for a summer of sailing and then flight school If he survives first class year after four years of living with Brad, though, he can probably handle just about anything A Cast Of Thousands John L. McPherson Bradley Beach New Jersey Naval Architecture Nuclear Power Johnny Mac Johnny Mac came to USN quickly showed certainly not w.i mall, sleepy beach town on the Jersey Shore If s a good jse he spent the next tour years pulling all-nighters John ■ of by establishing himself as the Felix half of the odd that ( frog-like classmate in the long line of help- ; attachment t f humor, as he demonstrated the middle of the night armed with a cream pie Youngster year it was easy to find John All you had to do seeking guys in front of his desk Second class year John displayed h only Mid with no free periods It wa thought It was a real library), tasted his first beer, and met a certain fast-moving young lady After flaming all plebe detail, John was ready to cool off Arriving for his final year in a red hot Z-28 (with a t-top even), his sleeves covered with brigade stripes, and an mir attitude, John found himself being thrown out ot bars with Rodney and picking fights with bouncers in Ocean City John was able to keep us laughing with his quick, dry a favorite Company Officer es. this airborne Mid decided to follow T-Head into the world of ' tough things get for John, he got enough California in him during first class cruise to know when to blow it off FM Joseph G. McQuade East Rockaway New York Electrical Engineering Nuclear Surface Joey Joey-the-Fug arrived in Annapolis with fast feet and high hopes. After entering cool school (taught by two very cool professors) he left the world of stnpes and Dants lists and began a new life in the fridge The Fug went from Chris to Virginian drill sergeants and covered all breeds from own for discovering hope on trams to Hoboken, slipping behind the Iron nigh beams on the run, and being generally fugnacious Always seeking area. Dr Ohm will next attempt to fugify Nuke School- - -but will the nukes appreciate reverse polarity ' Joey ' s collecting of states was his most prized hobby besides his strenuous marathon work- outs in the hypotenuse The Fug has proven to be a trustworthy car borrower, true hog-man, and faithful follower of Wiesbaden and double E We ' ll never forget his unprecedented fall in performance and we wish him luck with all those beautiful classy women Fug. we love you immensely Troy M. Mitchell Battle Creek Michigan Physical Science Marine Corps Breeze Known as ' Bree e ' to all the ladie most suave to ever walk through tt f nsylvi, 690 26th Company I 1 Joseph W. Montgomery Philadelphia Pennsylvania Oceanography Navy Air Monty Joe. Monty, Grodenan, Carbon Joe. came to Annapolis sleighl ol build and slick with After a tew Nick ' s, roast beefs and six packs ol Schmidts, he grew into a bulk modulus company prade )udge. Monty ' s appearance was never brought into question Joey re many calls from Phil via the bonophone second class year but still managed to escape 2 Monty belled himself each morning with gamma-rays to bring himsell to lace guar Diamond Jim ' s platoon Monty ' s cruise experience started small with the greyhounds ol the Severn but ended b the FID out ol Florida During the good lite in the beer halls ol Germany and mountains ol Switzerland, but being a Philly-l I class summer Monty v I Germany and mountains ol S the core he always returned to the Jersey Shore and Frankloi his winged career, always seeking that right stuH we all kni JMcQ 1 Monty great luck t Daniel M. O ' Hara Pittsburgh Pennsylvania Navy Air Dannyo Dano. the all-American boy. v as born with Navy wings and came to the Academy determin to fly An aero mapr. " 0 " nev er had much trouble with his books, but was always willing spend his study time helping a nother engineer with his problems He was very disciplined a had an uncanny ability to concentrate through any disturbance, while always looking at t practical side of things He was the company ' s most natural athlete and he showed his abilit on the field, court, and dance floor at Mr Pips " . his 1 c weekend home Boomer and his great family tasting shades in the world He II be remembered as a leader, the original night logger, and a good friend to all Danny deserv es wings more than any one. and we all wish him the very best luck as he llies his prized prelude to Pensacola to take to the air Karen E. Mulvaney Warwick Rhode Island Mathematics Surface Muffins Karen that amazing Orthodox Catholic Irom Rl (an acre ol land she calls a state) for 4 years we ' ve been trying to teach her to talk right, still she continues to resist a good education Karen considered enlisting in the Navy, but when she lound out that only oMicers can make CNO. she came to the boat school, with 12 cotton bras in one hand and a baseball glove m the Plebe year her 2 ccouldn latter We knew she was prolessional. even though she couldn ' t stop smiling Who else would spend Xmas break working n her plebe pro-notebook instead ol having a good time— or maybe she was ' She did have a good time at her first Army, well CO did anyway Karen sure surprised Mom Mulvaney ov r spring break when she brought her " tv " home, but Karens mom would be even more surpri ed it she ever lound out about her skinny-dippmg on youngster Karen " caught " mono 3 year How BG didn ' t gel it. 16th Co will never know When we lirst r drive The lirst was easy to cure The second well we got a lew gray hairs out of that one She got everything she ever went alter, except she never got Colon lor Christmas. First class year brought th " realization ol many dreams Karen is no longer sailing dinghys. she IS now sailing ships Fair wi ds and lollowmg seas BAB MG Michael R. Mundt BuHalo New York Ocean Engineer Nuclear Power Mich Mike, allectionately know n as " The Sweat " , had his own private room in Nimitz Hall His grades rellected his hard w ork and resulted in Mike graduating in the top one-hundred ol the r a 3 0. and usually closer to a 4 Due to his great success in academics. Mike was one o the chosen lew ol the Naval Academy Engineering Honor Society Grades were not the only acet ol Mike s life He was a member ol the plebe-JV X-C team and n During his plebe year. Mike was very rarely m his rack He was in on the action Mike accomplished other ama mg feats suc