United States Naval Academy - Lucky Bag Yearbook (Annapolis, MD)

 - Class of 1947

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United States Naval Academy - Lucky Bag Yearbook (Annapolis, MD) online yearbook collection, 1947 Edition, Cover

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F "L.a'-14 'N J. Li s '- -f x . AHF 5-Sf ,gg 55' I N. 24404 ,Ji n F 4? Rl L I L-5 1 1 ll I x we .aff yy is Q ,. I 1 A uhh... .ggi M ifbggf 'M ,. .I 2 :sv ' , X 1 A H iv' 5 l f N Mmm 11 Ili 5 X Q Ni ,Lael in Sf 4 " 4.4 f'XX J an , l XZ, ng I ng' .., X it as L: l . -In ww vfffil Which remains beyond our grasp Because man still pursues his petty jealousies and hatreds this nation and the world must seek secur y 5 f cl gh U il p t lI1t'0al'l11C mi t. n d understanding prevails, th N y it in the l lfll lup 11 A ern of glob K I -H- To SE C URITY x N Xxx 343 4? 4 7 gig fy ,rf .1 W 43 l -5 M W EX , 4 if ffm Q W y ,dxf 45' Q YH: Q9 ' RG .. 26 if f f xf .f gf! A ,W 4 .1 JZ f X , f ' BOLOGUE i f 7-14754117 11 , ' :il y . 1 'W ' - -- -v -,V . a,!LI,,:'f Memo ies ' ' are precious things .-,ex rang I. Q . rig, ' , 1 ...M ' Yes, memories are precious things. VVhen alone, on foreign station, away from friends and those whom one holds dear, they come in a flood to bolster our spirits, This book, one might say, is dedicated to memories. It is dedicated to those three years we spent together by the Bay. We never realized how much those years meant-until they were gone. Three years is not a long time. The sands of the hourglass of life run out swiftly, and in the average life of man We reckon not so much by threes as by tens. Therefore if one should judge by ordinary standards, the time we spent here was not much. Yet the three years we spent together here was a long time. To impatient young men eager to go out into the world, the days passed exasperatingly slowly. Living so close, our knowledge of each other's ways and habits was accelerated. The time it normally took to form friendships, likes and dislikes, thoughts and dreams, was speeded up. We were living an abnormal existence in abnormal times. At our entrance, our beginning, we were not a class. We were a group of individuals. Some of us were from the West, others from the North, and still others from the South. We had many things in conflict, but one thing in common-the desire to be a Naval ofhcer. Some of us were destined to be leaders, some were cut out for heroes, and some were to be failures. For whatever future, we spent three years preparing. This Lucky BAG cannot bring back all the tales of that time now passed. But perhaps in the days ahead, it will, in some measure, add a warm fullness to our fadmg memories. f-rm stag THE FLEET , s can be called a fighting team R OF SHIPS AND MEN - s Q- - Q-- qrt.. -1 .1 - 1 , - - Bremerton and Bayonne, Mare lsland and Newport News, Brooklyn and New Orleans, this country has wit- nessed the growth of the world's most powerful fleet. Lumbering LST's, slugging battleships, and queen-like carriers have streamed from these Navy Yards in a torrent never witnessed before in history. But ships alone are not enough. lVlen,abundantlyendowed with training in Naval matters, prepared in mind and body for a Naval career, must be furnished to guide these ships in the performance of their appointed duties. Familiar to every sailor are the spider-like cranes, the gaping dry- docks, and the teeming workshops 4, J l 'x if . i I ' A fe Il" , i, 'W t of the Navy Yard. The machinists, electricians, Welders, and architects of these yards leave an indelible mark of achievement on each ship. A mark which, through battle or peace, will remain with the ship throughout its lifetime of service. Familiar to every Annapolis man are the grey 'X-'L Nye 'JW buildings, monuments, and tree- -. A 5, , covered walks of the "Yard," ' - in ' Pennies tossed at an icy Tecum- N ' 3 seh in the winter, or P-rades in 'lag-gx' ' the flower-scented mugginess of EX - June will furnish a background of memories to follow the Academy graduate through the years at sea. Many months of planning and research precede the construction ofa warship. Experts are consulted and layouts are drawn up long before the first weld is made. Such plan- Ships and men grow strong together ning has resulted in the Navy whose performance is second to none. The proper design and layout of its course of in- struction has always played an important role at Annapolis. also. Over the period of its history, the Naval Academy has constantly sought to End the V , best possible system of producing .Q , V the best possible Naval officers. X if i lv l fill nj T I me I N rf l , yy X l Not all of these changes have been I successful, not does the Academy ll? 1' -as S ' ' system lack its critics, but no one 4 " has questioned the war-proven re- 'fv sults of an Annapolis education. Iron ore from Minnesota, timber from the West, steel from the mills of Alabama and Pennsylvania and California, pro- ducts from a thousand other areas flow to the Navy Yard. An entire nation plays a role in the production of its Fleet. ln a much similar pattern come the candidates to Annapolis. From every state, territory, and many a Southern neighbor arrive the men who will rise to lead their country's Navy. After the planning stage has f been completed and the mate- 5 rials gathered, the initial step of - ' lx, QL" construction is taken and the keel 1- 5 " ' of the new warship is laid. It is Tx It 9 axiomatic that upon the strength 9-day V E 'yi of the keel depends the strength f of the ship. Similarly upon a ' l 'Q Naval of'Hcer's "Plebe Year" depends much of his achieve- ments in the Fleet. The molding of character, the instilled dis- cipline and loyalty developed during this first year furnishes, not only a wealth of wardroom steric, but a firm founda- tion for the future. Months of labor followed the i laying of a ship's keel, climaxed, VFIQ' at length, by its launching and Vif-'ffgf ' 323' . . f'.g,MX"5j 'ggi a period of outfittmg at the dock- side. Guns must be emplaced, L-'A' 4 7 -l,' . l X: qblnm 'l . Ai AW i' " . i fire-control instruments installed, -IT: :E I di and the warship made ready for i. ,F .: s its duty. At the Naval Academy, plebe year draws to a close, and a new clas is launched to spend its remaining period as underclassmen in preparation for Erst class year. Drills and recitations stretch on for what seems an interminable length, but, as the ship must be out- " '. - ' fitted, so the undergraduate must absorb the required knowledge in order that he, too, may be 3 " ready for duty. 1 ' ll ' -1. rf f , nf . ,Iii F 1--1 55 : Ejrw' , ' V .- Y AQ: Amid ceremony and crowds L X 51, ,kt I' of well-wishers, the completed ':l ' A ship Ls commissioned. Still unready for sea duty, the ship has yet to become a full-fledged and accredited member of the Fleet and with her new crew aboard begins the final period before leaving the yard. Each June, at Annapolis, a new class receives their class rings amid the ceremony of the Ring Dance. This event announces their new rank as lirst class, and the commencement of the last year before joining the Fleet. An invaluable aid in the production of a well-built Naval vessel is its "shake- down cruise." On this cruise, at drill and practice, the ship is jarred, jolted and tested in an effort to leam her faults and strengthen them. To give endurance, agility, and confidence to the Naval officer, athletics is unsurpassed, The ability to appreciate team- ! 4 worlt and to command under g Ere develops to its highest degree in the AC2ClCl'IflY sports pmgfgm. S - ii xg At last the warship receives ' 9 i -2 her orders and steams to join the Fleet-its crew well-drilled, its ' guns well-aligned, and the ship iwelf an evidence of the world's finest Naval workmanship. But no ship was ever prepared with more care and thought to join the Fleet than the graduating midshipman has been prepared over his years at the Academy to commence his career as a Naval officer. The finished ship, however powerful and well-made, is but a part of the entire Fleet. Even so, the graduating class at the Naval Academy is 1 but one of the many classes of 4.1 ,Qi- the past and the last of many asa." uri.-grim --w Z more to come. 5: The Navy Yards have fur- - . '. 5' 'Ni' ..,.,q--,L,,, NY nished the shipsg the Naval "' ' .sai- Academy has furnished a por- tion of the men who guide ' -fir" them. lt is our profound desire that both these products of our nation will remain S0 efficient and so alert that they will never again be Called to defend our country. 'k CONTE The Yard . . Administration . Biographies . . Plebe Year . Youngster Year . First Class Year . Athletics .... First Class Spring . Underclasses . . . lndex of First Class ..... Advertising . . . S 14 28 50 184 310 340 370 404 434 462 457 f il wich ly, lf: W, l fffli "V"T'!?.E' The Mahan Hall clock with its yellow face in an autumn night . . , watching the "kids" fight for Tecumselfs pennies . . . going home from a Worden Field P-rade . . . all form a background of memories incident to the training of Annapolis men. M W Within the shipyard . . . scene of ordered turmoil . . . the thousand sparkles ol' arc welders . . . the lofts, the foundries, the machine shops, the tiered chasm of dry docks . . . all reflected in their offspring of steel, the ship. l"lL9uI4EHL,grm Q X IM ll XV XM X S xv! U FYHI Y S vqgxs' '-'N' -wfwlm, 1,1 X Q v I I L f'- S 1 X 1 1 ' f , mira-.-1'-901002 , I D I 5 L - K f . L- . A Y .. - t SX ' If . k'f'Y'4 " '- ' --'1'--v7- , ' , ,, su Q xn sf -,Ai it Q ,xl ' f Q- ' 'V ii' Lf? L". ?"N ,XT-f 12" ,"" . -fr -.. 'L - 'f Q K- s. -'W '- -'Q r , 1 X' k Q. 1 H ' I ' V 1 FX 9 lv-fi "" 2 si J, ,v ' A ,V , . I '4 5 ' - ' ' ' ' I, . , ' .' ' ' ' "'f'3. 'rx 1 ' It 3- L , - , an 1 l X3 X j ,r M Y -.. I ,' ' 1 V . :' k .'11"T -.Jawa uk- A ' ..-. ...' .Y lm-fn . I J u nykn - I. -N . .- 'Q,'-f-5 ' T f- Q ww- ' " -:251..:q.2 :lv V ' Q: 'm t . 1 '1 4--' . 'L' I ' ,,,,.. . 'AQQ4' xx " 1799 , I 1" . .I ' 5 ' - 1. I 1 ' Hdfxh ' j I X! Nxt i f ' 4 . X Q V 0 If I ,-'ff . I 11' Wai 14 Ji ,, v ' YQ' Ak, gy-5.1 ,Qv '.J . 'E 1 QW, gafftf' ff' ' L-' 4 A E5 ' -.va ,?,N- X y N- Ilfflk, M , .,,.,.q,-, .vw ,hxu ww 1 ,.,,.4--a gw- cs....4w .,,,.. --- -- f. , .. ,. 1 , 1 if 'if' ff- , I V . '- ' v m ., ' 5 ' s 'Q' ' ' .x J.. . I EQL .g ,,, ., . QA v. . X. .5 -. ey.-1, qi' 4: ' ' ' 1- 1- -- u-unbnr -.An ..s-:...l:s. - ID., Q v 1,,'v x ,, ,,'5:,:,Q '- A"wui Y WL, . 51 iid T OTUNDA ANCROFT HALL w X Y I ' " ' -- -. -15,5 Y . -4.59.-.,-N,-Y., , U - .-..v.. - M A-7" af' g'n V H-eq ,tml 'M its Ab -hu. 5 ff' lily. 4 'M :Wy Q 'N in rf! 1 Q .I Q f uf? 'U 5'5- I x 0--B wi ' Q -. -.Tv ' 1.41 I.-Z ,, gr, .. ': , Q if 1'-2.401 , . ., . -. 11113.33 'Mg 1 i- 'wr QL, B8 i QQ' 51-JI Q-, flu.-Elf ffl' W . J 4 V Ili I T' nigga! W W! X ,,- s A - b 715 . -M , 5'AK , Q,f,' 'i 4 ' W 1- i f 1 . is 1 ,I . P- '11 7fZf, .1 .. 7. .f,9,-., I ww 'sd .1795 ' 1 ', . -. ,- f ' J . f 'f':. ' . .ul f .' ' ' ., Y' 1 4, fi,-I . A-. - . ..d , , A,- y, ,, .- ky I . 4 - ' L 'nr ',:.n. ,r -I .'. M-, 1 . l .- ,, --.5 . I ., 1 A :. , , . n . , , M . 'N' " .I ' K 74 . ' ' 'C-If-"' y if . - 4 .J . .n .-3' if .f Jwjgl f4'. Ks MOKE PARK 4' 1-4 Y H- , gin ' "'5'f'-'iff' '-'xx 1. C' -,", 'A , f.' .1 ,I 'ish - 5 Q . .., , 'A F hr' J" - :' . .. r:l"" ' I , 1 I+ ', ,:IfxQ.,'- , - . ir' I - '-l'ff:,7' f - in k "4 ' s"Ae'f,p W 0 Mal A ' ' . .'-In "J 'Q A - X, I -", "-2.v ft- , -.1 V '-19' 1' N 'ip-5 .faux ., , 4 rl -- J Sifff.. .1 2? af.: 1'I"'A'f GJ 1 4.1 , 1 . f- -if g? 1 u ' -- N 4 A N 4'. 'Uf- ,-.. H.: " :' f,""1'i5- wr- - -1. K if 5' Q-a1'.z.i'.plf?-QE: e v '4 -.K N' , ' v ww , 'zo 5 2 45" - ' - 1 J' ' E ' . 'Q 'Q' 'v . 'fp .- fy." 533- . ' ' ' .I -'l . k.-A X 'QQ A .9-, ri . , I .I . 'HY 7,.':f'-gfiiaf '41, -,545 'Av-2. l I EJ 5 -: ., , ,M 'Q X -.v I-, --. 6,,:-:six .n-'Y 'rl . . A th Q. N 7 .N . . U., A ' 1-.'-V Q 11. U jg, ,- 3 5 w slug' ' - 5-- . - lf. Y'-'22 - . . .-ww.: 1 - , , L - 1 , v X 2 5 1 x ' -1, 5 'E 1 ' ff V , O K ,N nl, I V .P 1 x :A . Y, xumantu um ,, M ir ' if-- l - . pg:-i - -.-4-auwv..,g 'Q ,nj ,- .gm ,,,, ' -Q-f --.Q-v-Q-.wer .Jig bf, af' 23" 55:9 X Q in " 1 1 X nik ,. vR1wmvw---w-f'--'- - -Hman .nl , 21'-A. yuh' V iv? 'V '- ,1mHA..LA I Q . q , . h ,wg ':-'AJ AQ'Jgk.g.Y-- .. , r. , X, . , Y. ,f,, , 1, . 1.5 - V.. ' .-.-. A .JK 1 Luth 'U- .. A., .51'gf':fE'f' ARD HALL 'F' , IZ-, V' -Q ". T 'U vilx- FT'?'T'T Q - ..o QQ- 1 J,--.., rs, X Eff' c' , u'B' ' H. nb, . A, 9 Q A -5 A 0.90 .4 ':. . f 1 'Q I "ii .VR 1 9 S. Liang N 6' -"5 !'1:f.' 1 ,1.. , . f' JG' T, , v-.41 " 3,4 5 1 , 4. 'Q ft. 'Q' Q 5 'inf tiff' 'K ,yy Ihr 94 -I I' 1 .f". .. ' 'Q-' it-K, '22 ' -1 ,I ' f' ' .1-. I r H V 'Q is - ,-ce, ' : I l " mf," f ' '-f 9 -' ff" f -' ' -1 M' r1 . ,,- in IA l IHA M A f hh, , v ,Q . If , , 1:,Vf'2" A' fill! . P' f 9369. ,, nw7fF"1fk.P L 4: 'U mf. . -. ll ,I ,Ev l ,fu -:::.4i1'?43 " r ' H I . Q ' - I ' V .ll , -S-30-14, -li ..---5" ' P' ' A mf L' .J ' n, .4 4 '. I 1- ' U' Has, 5.1.1 'I .5 I ,,,,, Q. , -.aff -.,, ff v J' Gy kb 5 I x35 3 ,445 HAPEL DMINISTRATIQN X me QW x Wg The Naval Academy shall be under direct supervision of the Bureau of Personnel . . . The Academic Board determining policy . . . From: Ollice of the Commandant of Midshipmen . . . the Wednesday striper conference . . . these and others plan life at the Academy. This parallels the painstaking work ofthe planners of the ship . . . the designers with their blueprints . . . engineers and researchers conducting tests . . . commanders themselves voicing dcsires and objections . . . For men and ship, the planning must be sound. f ,. I. A04 fyVA X A x N . ,A .I Xwff, dnl U7 1 N 7 L, rf ,- rn' 1 f I Y 'Z-1.1, X ,- '1 ,iv '51, L y,, 5 ungflv ,11 A ' A 7' i3'lf 1 1 I XX Q N 'FN-V 0 . Na 'N g- X4- i QS X -f 'A X! Zf,?'i-,., J: k , . 'Tw --:V '- -' ' A 1 'x ,ff Y xxx I I X V , ' 1 ,gcc ' X N Qx X 1 1 if- , x n 5 '1 X 4 4 , Q 23 X. xr V Af,,,UX 1: X - V K If , f ,Z X ' ' I' J ', K 214 W Q51 gum nf X ,N 4 .','l-33 P ik- 121 'E L Law My 2 ' X 1 ff , at 5 . V' . lniligfiiv-. f6,Q,v-4, X .fr-2J?J12'1J'.GC.f' I A , Q -QAQQE4-wgiyixfl fjiy- ,fr . 'J .QSJLJQW51-lf " 'f mn-.J my A .+ .352 ,xi ink: X . 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'nx ' .'7wf"- cUlIIJY. l:.hlA'L4kNUU u p lunnfr C N Cu Ulla F, .psf ZND BATTALION OFFICERS lnmdr. R. H. Plxnllnpx fXUIllJI',J. D. BAIH' .iii SRD BATTALION OFFICER 38 vi' KVUHIJY. E. H. Bnrlmnu f 0 4 VJ .Inu 4 T I C E R Q imfr. E. K.. ' , ' HBATTALION OFF , , Karl. YY. G. lflwrl Culmfrmj. K , U, xxvlhllll ! gn' STH BATTALION OFFICERS in lnnnlhj. I . luxllr fulmlr. X. 'I. H.llll.lu.ax 6THBATTALlON OFFICERS 59 ......- .-uw' ...a.---- 4-v-r"7"'Tf1'?f'E -..- V " . 1 'ww-14-' f' ' Q' -,,,,..--- Q . .var 'V 'U' ,-vi. , -"'e""f"" wiux A' '- '31 Haw: - V.-. ' I-. 'w f 5 . E' - ' -' 1v.. --,14r"'?' 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KJAK PARK, ll 1 uvois rlrrixinig .it the :ltademv with the colorlyul lucls- ground ol' Cornell College and the Marine Corps hehind him, the Stein got into the swing ol' Navi' lille under the .llale tltndance ol' his hrst elassman, the now llimous Wedge Alter his initial success in luttalion lrootlull, Bally: decided he preferred thc lwridqe talwle and small hc-at sailing more than the gridiron, and .is honorarv president of the Crow K Nest he carried on its tradition hr remain- ing liar lrmn the athletic lields Noted for the large stack ol' mail on lm desk even morning, -lohn made .1 grand slam in exervtliinig he tackled, from lwridge to ,icatlemxrs George Britain Barnett Ni xx' Oki i mis, Lot-ist wa Alan Franklin Barnes SroeK'roN, CALIFORNIA Al starred in seamanship, even before hc was a null shipman His civilian accomplishments includttl sailboat racing and sea-scouting, which proved a prep school for plehe summer activities Unlilt most sailors, he was known for his aquatic talent- His college hackground enabled him to jump ilzt academic bushes, and he was a capable athlete lli only worry was the needless nervousness before .i Bull Final After two cruises and the required it .f ol' sea duty, he is going to let "George" run slit ships Al has decided he'll he among the lim .if '47 to wear the wings ofa Naval pilot i 1 A .537 lt isn t ditheult to understand whx Llcorgq was one ul' the chosen lrgvv U, mmf thc Aqadqmy from the ll s lim Jlv MN Uudlttd his desire U' H'-I -lwav lrom academies to midshipman s fatigue When liherti rated mu would lmd the Relacl outside the walls hitting pinhall machines or having .1 cup ofloc, alth-is ' V i l- - V I . , . - it xx .isn t as Loud .is New Qrleans tolltt Like even' good Irishman, Barney had red hair, .1 glowmg sn, l'l""l slung' mil 'I l"W "l fmllmll UCUUIK WAX a good hoxcr and the tvpe to have around, especialll' X' his xx nes needed someone lor .i lwlmd drag W IHE FIR5 -1 - Paul Frederick Basilius lX1Il,VVAI'KliF, WIISCLHNSIN Thu one word that lncst described tlus Dutchman was cncrgv Basil's lnvc for laasclvall pmmptcd htm tu play nrst base on the companv team In pushlwall, Pvasll could hc Found tearing widt hnlcs in thc opponents llnc When rt came tn studvlng, Basrl varrcd with thc seasons Spring lrcvcr was a Eduard Richards Beane 1 real weakness, but a good cmssfcountry luke wrtlm l ont ol' has many drags was enough for a 4 n wick' ' and Bas1l's nth baritone voice was l-uzard lw all I and enjoyed by thosc few who rcally apprcclatcd 4 good singing Curlv was a swcll classmatc .mtl A vcarnrng lor a l'1.lLlKlCJl lrlru lyurqul Drtls In alaan will do hrs slaarc to make lNl1lwaukcc famous tlnn New Hampslurt's wlntt sltr tralls antl mrrun talns lor thc wlnrt clxalls Just, trcts, antl lausl1csrvlV A Severn Tttlr XY: lvaxlctl tn mnxumtu lnm, lmw T cxcr, tlaat la-mlts arc the snlu ku tu ltnuulctlgc Ht ll tlcllglarctl, ratlacr, ln puuntllng our thc tlasslts -rn a xl planu and prcllurr-:tl lrpsuclt In a sllpstrrlt Wlrrrm Ji' V W J-A nut scttrng lmulax traps lrur lns wxxqs lac ltcpt tlw f ifl il tclcplwnc lxnc lnvt lactw-:cn .-'lnnapr-lrs antl lus l , El' O A O at klmltlur A tlxstrnttlxu lrwc I--r rlmc , K'-ll, ' X X llncr arts antl an uncntlmq supplx nl Nuw l mglantl I 61.16 " I UF ,if lmmur matlt Frame wultunat at am garlxurrmg W , .,V,t V ,VV .i Q i - .:i, sf .rf , X :X C ? 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Managing football was his hobhy, yawl racing his delight, and a wack end sailing trxp his ccstasy, lndcpcndcnt at heart, his love life was varied Few drags could with stand thc charm of the Bromley hrow not compte hand his carclircc micn His personality howcvtr captivatctl more than thc ladies, for few of his classmatcs cscapcd his good humorecl jihes thrown with pseudo-satcasnt at every opportunity, jake X plcasant disposition was cvcr .1 generous contri hutxon to out cozy corner at Bancroft. rx xl 1 by L - :- AU UN JLUIHAL I-ll'-lllffv lrxxtxx Utah, Clxxtlt lixpcrlmlxgctl hcwildtrm-ant thost hrst lbw days of plchc summit 2 - rf - t K . , . , . . , I M In mon 'kLl'm'lu'l lllmxlll 'U 'lk muum- -1lYlWUlllx otcasxonal ahurratmns and vicxssxtutlcs of thc SY5wl matlr htm .x rtxgular on the .xll spawn sport squad extra tlutx A mcmhcr ul! thu Trzduit stall and thc Pulallt ' . T ' 1 - r . .. . . Rtlitwns l ttaxl, H L ini.-xtd xxrxtxmtr sspttiallv to Lonnxc lurk litmus, but his dogged pcrtxnacxtv HUJL Nm A had 'lrlluu Ht All" mi I" 'Wd lklkflfllllll hut tuxthorsksb and took a peculiar lancy to snatthxn- the morning paput lxtlutt his xxixu qtxulrl fum IIN l,mJhnu 61 THE FIRSII Ward Gregory Byington New Youre, New Yomc During his stay here Bingo has hccomc morn: or less known for l-us various "Bingoisrns " He also has the added distinction of heing the onlv midf shipman to gain weight during cruise Youngster Steam threw him for a hit of a loss, hut it takes more than a machinery course to get to Bingo, as was testihcd hy his good work in the other aea, demic hranchcs His ahilities did not stop at academics, for he has shown his athletic prowess not onlv on the har, but in the ring With an eve for Its femmes and Naval aviation, Bingo will let nothing alter his course l e e If ff in X, i p i l ct J l i 'lu A ' we N i , e il L! ..i,,"k ' V X, lrwwff x Y 6 1 Ye, 1 Arthur Dixon Caine Borsa. ln xiio A seahound advertisement ol' the lelalio potato, Art reluctantlv relinquished rolling hills and tlustx spurs to churn the Sex ern with the plchc and varsitx' sailing teams! hest llfeeksends liound him always readv for a vawl race or a dragging trtp, and his luck with hlind drags was phenomenal With diligence and perseverance, Art slsilflullv avoitled academic calamities But the magnetism ol' a haskcthall court and an oltl trumpet dehnitclv dis credited htm as a memhcr ol' rhc Slash Brieatle Breaking regulations was not l11Nl1.llWll, hut ioune ster cruise developed his ahilitv lor pouring Purple Passion Robert Francis Conway l, xeosis, Ni w Hasir-slino Laconiss wonder hm' handsome Bob Conwav, came South from the wilds onli to lind the Acadcmx routine and regulations a severe curh on his usual manner ol' life Nevertheless, he set ahout llmllflll MW WJ X -mf-l v VVJVS of enioving what free time he had here to the maximum Correspondence and WCCls'U1sl Pllnnlns gomeumcs bogged down 1115 lcmjc,-DNS, but the more irons he had in the href the happier Bolw was ln addif UOH he managed to plav j V football, and was a standout on tompanx loothall and hasehall teams A natural athlete and possessed of a driving personalitv, Bill' la Jlwdw WW I" 4" 'I lung W 'll ln 'ml' "I he endeavors BATTALION 65 G John Elder Colloon lil XNKI IN, XNSXLHVNI I Is Iprlnll flak? ltlnll QV' hnlixf IIUXV KUHIKAN Ilals Nf.lUnkll hearted New lmglantler lt is a Luoxxn latt th it hlassatlinsctts men have little troolile with rht pltatlemn' l5epartment, and lohn xx as no estip tion. Iolm was a hard worler, antl he alwais hlt that it was worth while to get tiretl l-etanse it-lr so good In rest 'liliert' is no tlonlvr that lu XVJN Xvfll llhfkl Ill' IHN '.lJNNl11.lffN, .Intl Xxllllill ills Sheila was tlraeeintt it was plain Iii see that rlit women were more than irireresretl Bpealtxne ol xxomeri, lohn's true loxe ws, exen more than his hunlt was a terrain pretti eirl . IL, l Nu that IW.: una laik Edward Leroy Coolc, Jr. Ituuwwtnxx l'r'v-Jun xmx I l lx In-Nr .Ivmmruvu at rln' Naxal xltatltnm wax ol gtttmu on tlmt' unum mlu 4-I tln' Math N luttlt ntl In-4-L, lvut trws, lurm :ly an-l xl .lnr-. In ur wlvrrxttl lum Xlllun not plaxlmg rrumptr, ln xpun num .ll lux tum at Lalt 5-mttx llwtaxryl xxlstrt' lu' lwvuntl a luppx rt' H111 xx .lx t Irl-mrl1ttl.ulx LlxlanlIl1C.'l4.hlU11k Lt..-Ln' Iontl ol -yallumg, null, .xml writing, antl, ll lu' xrnlw rw um out lung tvuvuulw wull uutl--ulwttullx wut .llhl ttll llw tllmmutxxx xtaturt, rt'ttnl1nulw.mlmt. wmllmg lan xxlll long lu' rt'mt'l11lu'rt'tl lw lux mam llltutlwmtlulrttl.llXl1t'lXl.lx .1l.'luatlL'I1N 5 joseph Robert Cross lion: Il llxuh, Num' luesn Happx lclt tlmc tomato latltn santl tluncx ull New lcrxuvm1 an unttrtam courw Hu had wt a lacarmg for thu 'lltrnrf' but lux mlwcrunt scamanS cvc lwatlacd lum on tlwc rutlu Nluwalx ol' Bancroft Hall lug xx.xx.1lu.1xxut1r xrcaduma Urn, llLlltlll'lQl1Nll'IlU xantr patlwx, lux plulmopluo and qommtntx lactonaf mg a lrxtlax mxglat muxt Hn moxt luttcr momcntx Qamt wlmun lux partmr paxwtl on l1lx.mC mttrump optnur l-vc xpcnt lux rurrcatu-n lwurx ID tlac rmu, qlvumg out pltntx ol tr-vulalc wxtla tlmt' lcatlmur Al tln-ugh lw xxull augur lm plum lurcvcr Im: rcatlam l'llN Zllxllll IH 5llPPUl'I lll .l lflfnkl Harry Leroy Curtis, r. linux un 1 vm x, llv www x xv: x Peter Peter Cummins Nlw YORK, NLW YORK Plclw war found us roaming in two groups, Putt, Ru, and Rodgc as onc, and Dusty and lim as tlwt otlwr Wu studlcd separately but spcnt our llbtr true and tim: mms togctlucr Gcncrally, thc topxc ul tlw hull scsstons was our complcx and perhaps our doulwrlrul utanding wlth the womcn Pctc Constnntll cmd, "l ncvcr gut any Flhlllll, Dustv and Ru mol to add ncw girl5 to their littlc black book, luv ont lump ahqad of them, trlcd to choose one from thc Held, and Rodgc, way ahead, rccctvcd two dallv lcttcrs from tl1cO A O in Cleveland Ccoo tmucd undcr ll V DcSantoJ ,gi , . Kd, .-:Zf T- .W -T -WW- lr K v . , N 1 W 1 U UH. WIWNLIN at tlat Nlautt and lwmt tn l luladtlplua, Harm' tradud pug topx and Social ol'vl1g,1t1ons lu' , 1 . Q b ,. xml mm Auhl du 'll'l'l'm lm l""'Xl'nAl Nutlw mtmatc plwramvlogv as bull-clwcad and ladder bcvond lu P.-utr, lm tl-xwctantratttl on thc mom rutlxmcntarx axputtx ol' lqaw and Ixlwcrtv His compctnttvc spmr l "Wm "VM lu lm 'U"'ll Nl l'UUA -1l'lL U' Nmttvltlllx lmtnc tlmrc-1 out ul four lungs Harry further dlstmguxsln lumxcll at an autlumtx un mum lu lux ulwoxut ollxuqla tlawxux ax N4- QUCT In -- and --B M NIJQI1 Blum V - - V - 1. I 'c, c Y Ht lx--po tu I--llmx' ln tlxt loutxpgpx .ll lux NM 11 hum Iunpuc 6+ IHI l lR5' Charles Riggs Darby W.AsrrrNG'roN, D C. "Ah, make the most ol' what we yet may spend, hefore we too into the dust descend " Charlie has laughinglv lived up to thrs quotation which he claims expreses hrs more serious sentiments on the suhyeet He must have been malerng the most of something, for hc went through three years at hreakfneelc speed. Because he was eontinuallv sereaming, "l'm hilging' Let's have alittle quiet "' the norsc in the room was held down to .1 dull roar during study hours. Perhaps Charlie's most cherl ished extra-curricular activity was writing to, and trying to make up his mind about women, ,,v-A 'T iLfr' -'tri' ,. - rl l' , l ,s ' -'ini ,- - f 'fliffff ,fish Q ix A, .L f Ne.. Lynn Anderson Davenport PAWNI I-, ll t INUIS The second of the Davenport hors ro rome to Navy, Dave took evervthrng the rlreadcmv has to offer rn stride -from aeademres to women .Arn easv-going farmer from lllrnors, Omar won the friendship of all with whom he eame rn eontaet Dave has tossed hrs hat rn the rinrg ol' most ol' the sports, and his vrgor and good sportsmanship were alwavs in evidence You never eould tell when Dave would larrng forth one ol' his aneedotes that were enjoved hx' all and that l-tept rrs laurglrrnrg lor three years Hrs marn desire vi as to loin hrs hrother in the mrghtv Trn Can Fleet Ray Elliott Davis 51 xrrrv lsr,wn, Nrw Youre From Staten lsland the land of gods, Knothead lelrt the hors on rlre eorner sdntllot to ,iorn Navi' with hrrgh l'1UPCs talnsonredav steaming bv home Slfrpperinu hrs own ship possessing a wrt humorous to all, a vorte rlrar l-tnoeles "Old hlan River" cold a natural ahrlrtx' for mam' sports, and a lrne that the gals realli rio lor, our hor' sailed through here often remarking Ml thrnlt I will star rn bteam this term lor a ehanrge Rai, knows what he wants, he has the determinatron to get rt, and, as helore, rn hrs happr, eonrgenral, and sueeesslnl W-U2 he will wrn the future BA1TALl V N O 65 1 K John David Davidson Sus lil into, L4 Xl lrortlsn x Quiet, solver, and alwaxs .rt hrs tlesl., Iarlt rs ron stantlr srrrvrnrg lor those estra lwrrs nl ltrrowlerlrge whrth, unlrlte other nrrrlshrpnren, he retains per nranenrlr llarlrne lrom Llalrlorrna, lre'stln'ton1 panv expert on ratllo, and ol eonrse, oranrges :Xl wars lrrgnrrnrg out rntrrtate and ronrplrtatetl nrven trons, "'l'lrev realli' work," he has .rlrearlv plannerl hrs future home, perlrerterl rlre rarnera, and hrarrrhetl our rnto oranrge enlrrrre No lrelrl is roo deep or rnaeeessrhle lrorlrrsll11.1rLll'r.ltlor1 We are .ill r nrrorls to see what he will do ro rlre shrps anrl nraehrnerr ol the Navi' lr rs snlherenr to sax rlor lew men have lelr rlre fleatlerrry with streh rr strong grasp on the information ohrarned here or with more .rlvrhtr to use rt Ks. Q. Cflicoclore Francis Davis ll11ux11:sxl111,N1xx' 3111114 l'11sx1'ss1111g .1 11.111 ul xx,1111lt'r111g leur, .111 1nl1'1r11111s l grin, .intl .Ill 111ixl1.111s11l1lx' xmrx' ol s.1lrx s1'.1 1.1rns q.11nctl ln 111 q11.1r1tr111.1s1er cxlwrieme Ill rhe llter, x'11s.1r1l1 5r111L1 xx',1s slnln ,1 p11pul,1r ll11llYL' .1111o1111 Ins 1lwx111111'- x1r1111l1 tl1'It'r111111td 1l1.1r Dulxlwil .'Xt.1xl1j1111xsl" xxoulrl 11txer13.11n the upper l1.111tl, he Robgrt Wayne DCPCU' ,1ls11 1111111-11srr.1tt1l .111 ,1ll .1r111111tl 11ml1c11'11t'1' 111 rlw xp111r1111g xxmrlil Srrmlx .1 one xx'1w111,1n 111.111, 'lied MMM" FAIUHIN prtlrrrul s111'111l111q lux xxeek ends tlrerimimg nl .1 5l1.ll1l.1fl l.1 lor Qlmrltne Al'l1IN lx11.1x'lc ol .1t'c11111p l1sl11111nr, mllplul xx'1rl1 .1 pl11lmopl11' ul 11lxx'.11s l111.l.1r11g .1l1 'lxxl l'5.1x1s tad, nextr lwtlnnd, spells l1.1pp1ness lor x' Q' "Y1v11l1111lx111g lor Dupvh' Sorrx, l1tllS out .lt Yle.1n's' Yes, l1x' spent ex'er1 week end xxwth lean, hut we ilnl u.1r1l1 Qlllnpsex ul him during the week when l1e xx'.1sn't xx rirmig or telephoning to her For three x'-:Ars Cl1.1u111:t1 eliluplalned Jlmut l11S lil-l'l'1.ll"ldCd luele, .intl it seems hc ,1lxx'ax's did choose the wrong tomp.1n1' sports and dnl get on the worst tables as .1 plclwe l-lls lilrt xxns charmed when it came to the ll11PUl'K.ll1l rhmlgs Alter his two and .1 hall years .ms .1 r.1d111m.xn in the Hutt, the little l'eller's service rilvhixns .111d.1 ds 1n hlrnlter xxtre the enx 1' ol! :ill Allen Frealericlc Dill ll11t11x'1111 Ll1N1111, N1xx' Yi-1:11 W Carlos Dew, r. T1zeN1nN, TENNESSEE Cal lwrought us ,ill the qualities and traditions ol' A regqrvgd Snurhtrn gentleman Herr: at Navy, he tried to reach his many Yankee friends that Gibson County has the Hmostcst .md the bestest" in even' thing, and that the abilitv to take it easy is a great virtue Cal practiced the latter doctrine ferventlv hut still hired surprisingly wcll academically Ont of our most widelv read midshipmen, Cal employs .in extensive vooxbulaty, often, however, muffled to Yankee cars in a slow Southern drawl. A rrnt Soutl1erner,C.1l, willing to light the Civil War .11 the slightest provocation, found a Northern belle his one weakness 5 Y l:!,,, lc Wu,- I K -N Alu- -'-f.v- - ,- xx inttd ro ht .1 Lixil l.m,1rntr, hut ht deserted the 1x'x'-covered halls ol Rensselaer Polytechnic lnstitute U enter rlm purmls ul l3.1ner11lt l-l.1ll 1-Xt rlw close ol' plelwe xeqr hg Jddqd IWQ Uny gm,-5 above his colll .1nel111rs .111d, eon1l11n1ng pleasure xx1th l'LlNll1C55, he xx .15 the l1rst man in the company' to award 51 Shi 1, nm! l lf , 1 . . ,t . . , . 1tr t tllllliilllel to his L A Q Ht ntxtr qtttmpted to xx'1n zxnx' gold lor his bathrobe, but he did prow: hx- xxxwrrh hx stnrrine 111 xl-me ul rlqe wlmylnx- sports Al xx'o11ld prefer Alhnuc dum, Mound NEW York,-glrer .1ll,1t's11nlx'.1 2 cent lore to lrelesxvn Heights 66 THE FIRST S ames Russell Dillman PONCA CITY, OKI mltwm Altar studvrng 1 ycar at O U , Damn lcft thc sacrcrl sml ol'Olclal1uma and cami to Annapolis Qulcltlv .rcclrmaung himself to thc Academy rnutinc, hc madc a grcat numhcr of friends by imparting hrs ICJJV Cl1CCl'l-Llll'1LSS :Ind good l1UI11Dl' I0 0ll'lCl'S C0081 at atatlcmics, hc inv:4ri.1hly had a helping hand for others ul' us who wcrc lcss fortunate Alwavs rcadv to partlcrpatf: rn some sport, he earned an cnvnovahlc month rn thc hosprral hv hrcaking his anlclc, while hclprng the company gvm team wm the champmn, shrp hm is a dcpcndahlc, earnest fallow whnsc plcasant smrlc wrll long he rcmcmhcrcd hv mam' or us a ffilr il , ,X , px J, ,p 5 i 'lf' .Qnx ,Li -nw 'Q F5.f"!i?fTfa' I I qniijilfl N, i rr .M Sf' l ames Vincent DeSanto Mr Er'lmxlru,NrxvVl1usrx lcuntrnuctl lwrrvm ll P Cummrns 1 Altlrurrrglr wc lacltcd .1 Int ul' rgultl un our lutlrnwlwo, wc trunk an actrvc part rn the .rthlctrm prurgrarn Thru umlt part ln thu ll'!ll'.ll11Lll'.1l xprrrts, wlnlu Ru, uxrnutg tht talcnts hc garnttl at thc U nl' Snurh Can-Inna, htltl down a hcrth un the xurrirtv tunnrx tum lun provctl hc was tht Drcxcl llaxh nn tht plchc lvrmrr hall tum Acatlcrnrts atltlctl tu nn nuw laurtlx ru our accnmpllshmcntx, hut ,lung '44 llwuntl ux mum hers olythc wungxrcr tlaxx Un trurw liutlgc usctl hrs cxpcrrcntu an thc Hutt rn lmtl rcmrvtt xputx llxr us to slccp through our turn-tu pcruwtls 1Cont1nuctl under XV XV Rhtutlsl NL Willarcl Charles Doc lllrxrw, Nrxx Iluxn l Vmrclcsx wax nm ul tht' lux pwplr xxhr, ntxrr l xpultc unl.-xx hr' Intl xurlwllllllg In N.ll, .1 r.lrr Lllll .rm whtrt, upcrmrllx' .rt tht N.1x.rl .lr ,rtlr-mr Snnlw wax .rlw nururl lrrr lm xu-ltnr rt.urr-nr ru tht- rn cvrulvlc qrrcxtlmr 'flu' mu Irvhn llmw Ilv rrvvtr lanlutlrurunxttlm.rppvll.rr1ur1wrrlxall tht hurry .rr hrs tummantl, whrrh, wut' hu laxmrru' xp--rr wax XX'l'lNlllllL1, wax rr-11xultr.rlvlt' llrx rpnrlr, tg ----. l naturctl, xrtrrnlu' tr-rrrclmrtlx, rrxrrlv wrt, mtl .Irv NCHNC ul luxrlhvr Wrrt' .1lNu.lxuunt'rvl .rlrrlrwluunl Ku hu mam' lrruntlx ll: lf .rrlruxr.rlx, t.rpt.um Iurrc prulx, nr X .rsxxr rgrrlx, llrllx.rr1lulrrlu1rrrl parm' put hun .IL chu amwlwrc V W - 7 Jack Verner Drago SvrrNr,rl1rru, xllxxrll lu lark Spcnt the Carly wars of hrs hh: ln varroui parm ul' thc South, and camr: rn the .-Xuatltrm' lrrrwm 'Thu Hurt nl' thc Oiarlts H Ha w.1S alwavs happv and wcnt almut :rngrng .1 tune to ht hu rnuml tht thrnr .mtl llw Crlcc Club lmth bgnghttrng lw thrs extra practrcc A Supsr xaloman, hu xtutlr ranrgutl llruru lrl.lt.r1x tu Rat! Pumti HN conqcmal manner and consrulcratrun lynr cvcrxunc wrvn hrm numcrnux lrruntlx Ht tuult acatlcrnrm .15 thcv cams. l-Krvrnyl Unll' JU UfCJ5"""-ll Pmffu Jmlml "nc Wilma Ruwm HH Julnuml mm rlcnqg ,rt Sprlmlfigld Sgmm- Hrgh School, and .1 rcatlx wrt, xparltttl mam .1 Frrtlar nrght hull wwuvn BKAITALIUIN 67 , ,:, -Q2 his hu fs Peter Henry Hill Dunn, r. ll'xsiiirs.i,iuN, ITLI l'rter's nn luame, I nails ul lun, is all that is needed to ptrlrttls ilesfrxlw him rllwavs i1!lll.ll,.llU igath tring is liighltneil lu his nnlnnnerl snppli nl .IITLX XIUIXIN .llikl l.lt'I.ll l'XPI't'NNlUnN IllN klllllls YVIIN Lillie' Ui Vriillialiielir I XVIIIIIL'I11lVI'fllIL.lfIUI1Ul ll1.lr lung au-w and tlliliusl lnrirotteii time, xxlien the lrirlwer iiiisliinlurstinvil l't'!a'r's rerlllest Int a slnirt his naturallx ellerxestent nature and his delight in e praetieal role 'lihese tlualities malee him fveri- lwelus lrienil, a laer ol whith he tan well he pmuel vi an ansxxir In exeri intluiri and a solution rn r rut and sliaxi-.I his head. lailerl to sulwmerige Q- Vernon Meriditla Dupy I'i 1 asasri Ilirnsr, hlleiliii-XN When higger and hetter fish stories are told, they will come lqmm Z Z Z:v::v::leoxvx'itcl1, pride and lov ul' the Dupv lamilv I-Ie entered the Aiaeleiiiv with how legs .ind hair, and lclyt with the legs hut no hair lost in triine to make .1 hid ol! seven in lwridige He even taught his wife the game in order to have .i constant fourth A veri' good organizer, Z Z handled .ill plans Ivor a week-End ul' draigiring plus the idea lor a party alter term exams In spite ull all this he is allergic to am thing that has to do with room-cleaninil, so women take nnte Frank Leonard Elefante Y wiviiuykii I, I"iNNsii x' Wm 5 Harold LeRoy Edwards IVIt1sKEcanN, Nlicnionn To most ol' us graduation meant cmharlcation upon an entirely new and strange lifcg to Hal it meant 3. return to Navy life learned as a dungaree sailor on the "Hornet " Amazing to his classmates is the fact that Bally's mighty 140 pounds survived one vear of warfare :ind three years of football The Gnome's dcheiency in size was more than lwalanecd, however, by a bubbling spirit as famous as his distinguished hairline The corridors ol Bancroft will not soon forget Eddie's fine tenor voice, his contagious laughter, and innumerable sea stories The "Freedom" will miss his sreadi hand at the helm. 1 ' I A Tull Ibm 'll NJ 'llmrml 'IK Illllll ll-WC flllxIT-1Pl"YfllOflLlCliYSC.1l'l13FI a good idea of what .1 Naval ol'l1iH xlmlllrl IW DU'U'Fl Plfldi Ware lranle spent his leisure time reading Natal Lcudersliip and munching his Nl I rl ' N ' V s V , , I um s e nm , trittlx rel, ar first, hats soon realized that some regulations were made to he broken. H1 ,I 1 f . V - . - lil IU It NPIINNIN, tall tales kept mam a study hour lrom hung dull Insisting that academics should nur he taken serinnsli, he ncxer .illpxxetl studies to mterlere with the lighter side ol' life Franl:'s congcnia personaliti' .ind aluliti to malee lrrends xx ill he an isset to his NJVJI -M-,xr - - V e . 63 lllh IIRSI .', 12 .. 5: b Robert Earl Enright ANNAPOLIS, lVlAm'r.ArstD Boh was the only man at the Academy who could eall everv other person in Annapolis his cousin, and his many relations made dragging an easy matter He was usuallv to he found tinkering away with some new Rube Goldberg gadget in his tool-hlled room whieh was stacked with Popular Wleelumies Naturally, sueh activities made Steam a fruit course lor him Anvone seeing his locker full of hne pietures would know instantly that he was A whiz with a camera, Bob could tell tall tales and usuallv haek them up with his photos, manv of which he took for the Trident and Lticitv BAG ur Don Howard Erickson Dt'Bois, Pi Nlslsvt xx-wi x Leaving the tall timhers hehind him, the mighty' mite of llennsvlvanla squeezed through the portals of Bancroft Hall with .1 railroad KK on eaeh shoul- der trel Fi-ielqsmfs Ttmrsl He vert' soon dis- , played his grit on the wrestling team, raking the 1 plehe team in stride and going on to win his plaee on the varsitv He displaied his share ol wit on fi'-wg Y, l Fridav nights and kept pate with the wildest stories Y '4 A lj ' Swede did it the hard wav where hoolss were eon rr 'J , - ' H eerned His ahilitv to hght hardest when the going l , e was toughest was the eharaeteristie whieh those ol f of lv, , bn ig: Y - us, who knew him hest, will alwavs rememher -, 'QLQLQ ' l fi f r I A!l, Y 1 'W , ll ' +W- John Glennon Fmneran XX'nt1sro's: PARK, Niw Youre One need onlv to look at jack to realize that he is Irish lwirthermore, one need onli' to listen Ito hmm to realize that he ig f-rgrn Brooltlvn Xlfe all hrmlv hclieve that he was sent to the Atadtmi lorlt Etutsprtss Purpose of Brooklvmzing the place With the exception ol one dav, the dai' we reeited on the lps1 J'11N'1"'V hc mm-lied to have good reeitations We ean't decide how he did it, and still ss rote those mu U Piss KTUN to glut huh high gurl' 1X1CN3m,-im, luek on Long Island lack gets this Nat v stnll, wut vtinnmg ritnts is his speeialtv, B-XTT-XIIUN 69 XL ames Edward Farley l,UXK'II I, hl xssxtlivsi I is Alter serving with the l'lt'et, xxhere he tontinued his ham interest as a radioman, hm tame to us with his old salt yarns, saving, "Now, when l was on the Augie , , " Nothing was more lwalllmg than liis eomimimeations reteiwr when it arrix ed with a dozen lvuttons and dials on it lim was alwavs amialale and quiet, never laothering amone nor griping aloud lie tonld realli' sleep, some times through two alarm tlotlts, and he seldom spolse helore larealslrast lim tlldllit get this stull too well and had to plug to keep his head ahove water ln athletics, he was a lug eompany sport man. . if Leo Bernard Flaherty,-lr. lzlllkxlllll, kllNNli llklll ,lltvr sptnilmu .1 xear in the flrmi, lam tame to rlie ,. rltatlenii as .lil experieimml lcatler His smiling lflNll l.lLC XNQIW lllllnkl XVllffl'V1'f .I MTUHI3 XVJX Lftlfld tretl lu slr-mr the lwrwzt leo, ilu- Lion, atnluxretl his nirlnamr nm' might ilurmig plrlwe spring when llf XVJN flhlflllll UYLf NIVHTLA lrllfllx PL'Jl'llll llllllifl' lllehe war l eo was running in the It-.nl ul thi' .ross- mntri nam .'lsl1omlr.iri prtsitlent ol the L'ruw's Nest iuunigster itat, he has iusr two steps .iheatl ol his larltlige partrier fllxxaxs im :al .mtl on hantl with a tguitlt lnnuentlo, l Ci1XX'.lN.lII'LIC lrieml ul all l Alan ay Frankel Ntw Youre, New Yonic Though he was usuallv deep in the forests of the , . Steam Department, Al nevertheless lived up to Henry Vlll's statement, 'tHe was a scholar, and a ripe and good one " When not wraelcing his brain over crossword pu::les or detective novels, he was GEOI'gZ Oliver Fgulley, ri usuallv to-he llound holding extra instruction for lour or live classmates, or drawing someone H wirmm, Cai in-mam-i elses hlood with a saher in the fencing loft You won't have to eoax him much to have him admit that he is partial to the fairer sex and that he has thoroughly digested Bob Hope's eornicst gdgii Nor is he averse to using them During plelac vear espeeiallv. rowlhall was noted lor his voluminous volee When he sang, "Cah- lynrma, Here l Come," it could he heard over hall' the mess hall Ol' eoursc, he put extra gusto into thus, his national anthem His lustv last call, live minutes hellure lvre.1ltl'.1st, lmmglmr all the lirsties in the l'th Compani' ull their sacks Georges - , musical alalliti' got him into the N A io, where H f Y he rulalaetl the 1L.ll'tYll-ll'1C man in front oi' him with ' r fl if .1 tromlmne slide For exercise, George took a ' - ' strain on the varsitv sailing team And we mav 1 quote him as saving that Florida oranges just don't fltc rf- ll ,g Y-4VViwii rm N1-1 Rnclaard Leo Gelurmg Mmm wo: ls. lXllNNisoi,i lippi to luitlti in his mapntr,lDitlt, xxhtthtr in hall or in ranlts, went bouncing merrilv on his Wav Hg awaisstiv i f- , , , , ' , ' . P li ir i t J I ut among Ins t assmatts Ht was tht original sandhlower with the huilt-in pogo stick V f LUN Ullll 'IU11 ln Sf' 7 ' ' - ' , ' , - or um 1 m Y yn rl 1 L LV F mil 'mJllll- bllumlnll Out ol phase His lavorite summer pastime was sailing t 4 ' W '- - . - , , Vik 1 IQMLJ X at .1 in l nrt itrn hlinntsota Quite possihlv. the pleasure duivcd dmrdronm lcd him w .LL 1 lt -, fw'f Y ' v f v , , . 4 A L U Ufmb- WUUUQ-ZSEU summer he atquired the name, Pour Bells His friends will alw-W5 rememlaer him as an engine order telegraph operator in the Severn Rn r YP Fl ' - 'e eet, 'O THE IaIRS'l T of Robert Rheem Goldsllorough, Jr. HOT SPRINGS, ARK ANSAS Perhaps Buh's most outstantllng vlrtuc was lm adaptahllrty Vvllthln twu wcclts nl' hrs arrival at thc Acatlcmv hc was wcarmg shots as rl hcls worn them all hrs hlb H15 other JCCOITlPllSl1I'l1CFlIS lnf cludctl wcarmg out two nr thrcc drags at a hop hx yntturlwuggmng, plavmg lacrosse lrlcu a prolrcaswnal wrtlmut trrmg, and managing tu wrntc mnumcr- alwlc letters, rn spltc ul' acadcmrcs Hu sings mv loltcnl As lor hrs rclatmns wrth the other sux, hu was vcrv conscrvatrvc, and rcmamctl llaithlwul to each O A O for weeks at .1 trmc Talented, hut not tcmpcramcntal, and a master of am' pcrsxllagc, l'lC'n.l make anyone a good wife, ,Q V YJ..l ee :itll l!1.s :ll X A'.rf,,Y ' Q iz:-if V, ' 4 ugg' l 1 l George Sargent Grove NrwCxNxxN,CuNmtr1tr'l It would haxc hucn a vam march rrxxntg ru lmtl lyclluwi who tl1tln't llltc Llcnrrgc Hu turrtatimlrx laughter antl alvllltv tu CUIl1lWll'lC a pmt ul' tlngmtx wrth wurtla nl' uttcr nunacnxc matlc Ln grin um nn tht drcarrcst nl' lwlnu hluntlavx llnswxxlrmtg a surmm sltlc ton, Llcurqu was tlccplv lnrcrotctl rn all IH lyurmatlun that wuultl help him lautmnc a lwttcr nlhtcr, antl cnnxctgucntls, hu lYAl11lll.ll'IU' wxth pro luasmnal suhlucts tluwlupcd to an JITLIZIDQ .luqrtt Next rn his varmua mrrcxpunrlcntc rntrllgutx, Cxcurgck mam cnruvmcnt was .lll1lCllE5 Hu ton ccntratcd on soccer and lacrrmc, antl wrrh lm agllm' and spcctl, hc mmm prnxctl lux rnglmtrtn awards rn oath David Louis Hancock Arumuru, UM xrnm x Alxvau the hrst unc to grasp hrs throat antl shout Slash waa Atlas, thc mental grant Hn -vnlx 4-lltnxrw weapon agalnst the Acatlcmrc Dcpartmtnt was a hattcrctl xlrpstrtlc, a rclrt nl' hrx hattlm at 'lycxaw ra CY Nl , currcctttl nl' gmamg lrpr the cxratmq atmmphurrt CUI1LllllUI'l5 Prqxrtlcnt ul thu l'l1-vm Lluh. hu mntlnuallx warilwki fu, A "Queen" w Snhlp lrrxr plug lang Atlas xpcnt the "Dark Ang! Un tht rrllt ramqt hut 'aryl tntlx JlwM,fmmL1h1m wiring Un thc Bly XX'nn1cn' -nu nngk than wax xalu lrum hh qharmx ln llantrnlt ll wat "XYm11cn arc all alrltc, a snarc and r.lclu:1tvn,"hurvn Saturtlav' Atl-IS WAN UNH-llll elf-lilllflll BAYIIXLIUN T1 Louis Henderson Gucrtin l nw :lm-ll lx L xr urnml x XX lu man, l xt' rg-vm lmlr xxln-lt lmrntlv. xxrllmul xrrlnrg mx q1rl'l' llrark all lml xaurl unrul nm lvlcalt tlax 111 llucmlur .I lrunrllt ul lnxrmn arrrxrtl lrulrl Nulmx L .llllurnla an knlrlll xkax llrr rvnttr ul lawn N lllc, lrut Klum' art' utlur llmlrgx that ln xxlll lu' rullrfvlalwrul lnvr lur nxamplc, lwxx uvulrl alll unc l--rrjur that lmrrxlwlt xmtlllmg L-vlnrrrn, -wr that KXCY lll'k'Nk'llf lllrln IILIQJ Ulf, Alf fl1U'wL' IILITLN lll Pllctl up uxrlx Iurlll l Krll with all tlnm' gum marlu nn will ran wax that l -nl mc: lnt mln' rltrlt a mmutt lwlnrr rut-xllu X natural hraxn anrl a lun man wax lavu, curl tlmmllr In wax a llt'plll'lu.ll1 K 0, Richard Gwatlrmey Haney Pour: ANU, lvl-UNI Dirk taint' to us with that rolling gait .itqultetl lrom three vears ol sea tlutv as smpe antlsiiqnalman Versatile, amxahle, .intl sintere, he was alwavs popping with suggestions, even to .1 delinition ul 'Kvrowli' " Suite he lived in .1 ll hole, we never ltnew wliurlier he was trxlnia to heat solitaire, lugurimg out .1 new lllatltwootl svstem, or perusing hlontaiianels Selt-tit-.1 lwsrws l71t'ls never tools sports the easv wav Xllhether in swimming or eross tountrv, three or lout-mile xxorltouts were his minimum Vsihen he wasnt dragging, ljlfls utilr ized the week-ends to captivate potential drags lu' composing amorous tpistles in Reinhardt No G lettering Qs William Ramsey Heerwagen l3,xvi1Ilv1i1,i-, ARit.aNs.as Bill, the Arkansas Traveler, came to Navy with his harem from Phillips-Exeter Aeademv The Wagon left hehmd him his happy, carefree, college davs of wine, women, and song, which he knew were a necessitv in hh: Giving his talents to the Musical Cluh, Masqueraders, and crew, he spent what time was lelt on llhertv Beerwaigen was the mainstai' of the room with his easy-going, devil. mai' tate attitude with anvone with whom he tame in eontaet Never caring what girl was going to get the hreak lor the week-end, Rafe drew slips weekly to see who would he graced with his compani' Daniel Lester Hollis, Jr. Biloxi, lhll55l5SlPPI 3 Bruce Reginald Hoefer Sneiaovc-AN, WISCONSIN Since that first day when the Senator from Yale joined the brigade, he was always pepped up about something, engineering a week-end, eondoning the wrath ol' the Executive Gang, or assuaging the demands of the Academic Department His pas- sion was a blind drag, His pet peeve was hells Nothing gave him greater satisfaction than when hrs: class year he could utter his favorite expostu- lation, "The hell's carly"' and step leisurely into breakfast formation, late Hoelhs affability, love of a good argument, and sardonie wit will make for good company "wherever two or three shall meet." l ,air i' 1 l l 1 i i 1 fa V' e l Sll'ICClDJI1llC.1lUCIO the Naval Aeatlemv he has worked dilieentli' and done well in evervthing he has tackled Howex er, his first love is lor sports and this otherwise easvrgomg Southerner always puts out a few extra ergs on the athletic held He has done his share for football by mklnq an agtiyc part gn rl-ie plebe j V, and Yarsitv teams during his three vear solourn here at Navi' He has also made a name for himself on the rltatleniv rille teani lw ixinnine his numeral and 'N' star He led the team through a successful season -15 eaptain during his hrst class rear Tl THE FIRST FY .. el 111 I Frank Tyler House, r. l.lNcnl N, ll 1 mms Wlmt docs hc rcnllv want in lil-C7 Ax'1.1t1nn .mtl Jtlvcnturc scam llorcmnst, and wtth thu dctutmlna tmn Frank has shown us wc can rest Assured that ll wtll hc just that Commg from the lVl1tlx.llcxx'cst was no lmncllcap as hc took to his first :rum as .1 duck ulccs to water It seems that cxcrvtlnng fnmcx taxx' to Frank, hung Cquallv vcrsxtllc IH studlcs .ln-.l sporti Vvlllking down thu hall lwmdn hum, vnu would hear him hallctl from cvcrx' tlunr hx thc xnrmus mcltnamcs hc has .xcqunrcd Known and liked hx' us all, Frank ls thc lwcst llncntl 1 lltlloxx' wuultl hupc to have al , ,, 4. S: .,-,rm 1 lp, JT l rt YN 'Ln t ' x -, YJ Y Y- f - l l X , ll Y 1 Gifl Robert Edward Howe A1 xl x hlltlm, xv Gut nl tht Armx .-Mr Curpx .111-l .Xhxm L-xlltgf mms llxxlw Huxxr Hu .xctmnx un the Iuxxlttlull mutt xx'1ll hu lung ru1w111l1crctllwx .xll ul ux XX lvtn nut plaxxmg lmxltetlull, llmlxk xxt'ulttl.1x .xltcrn lwrv mx wctc xpcnt plaxxnq wlrtlull lmttxtl nl tlmqglng, Bxxh NPCIIK l1lN lclxllff ll1UlllCnlN xll Illf xxtylt llllxl Haltctl nut, xx'1th ott,N.-n.xl lcttcr xx rxttntg lwtxvten naps, to thc U AU Ht ncxcr tlr.xu,gutl unltxx lrurtctl hx' t1rcumst,xnt'us Huh lmtl ,1 tqultlx tcmptr, hut hc lxcpt lt untltr t-wntml .mtl xx .xx ,xlxx ,xxx xvullmg tn xt: the lulnwn-ux sltlt ul' Jn llhlxlilil Hu t--n tmgmux laughter wuglxt cumfmxnx .mtl xlxttl m.1nx mtltlcnts lrmm lwcmnung Cwntlutt liqmrt m.1turx.xl ames Niclaolasjameson l' xv l,1xllc1uun Klum Allrcctmnatclx lcnmvn tu ,1 hmt ol' lrummmc .xtlnmxruu Ax Jammu Box. 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George Aloysius Kern, r. DLS Muiwhs, lowA "Shu w11u1111n'1 1l.1rc send n1c a C IS. 11115 wcckf and," 1111 v1'11ul11 sav as l1c wallccd into 1115 IOOI11 .1lYICl' .1 511cr1u11us a11crn11nn of r11lz practicc His c1.lucatc11 cvs w11n 111111 .1 place on 111c va1'si1v team during 1115 las1 KVV11 years xlv,l'1Cl'l not on lihcrcy or lmcning 1011111112: records, George could be found cnjuving an :1111:rn1111n 111's.111ingin 11151121111 breezes 111' 11-1c Chesapeake Many' are 1116 section leaders Dean Lumlt Kellogg N1111111 l'1A1 II , NIHRRSKA who were 1'11rccJ 111 call cadence an cxua time for G, A We g1:ncra1lva11r111111c 11115 EO plodding over This 1111111-111.11lu111.111 fr111111l1c region 111' 1111: Plans, IUWJ3 Wm 501115 HC W15 Sinfcm mU3l111l'3nf1 and 1.1111.l 111' 111c 1'11r111111x1ccrx 1111111311 carlv 1n 111C 1.1.11'S 111 Cmlilfnlll- plulw x11111111cr, .1 1r11c sun 111- 1110 XVCBI A 1111111 11111111-n.1111rc11 lazincxs c11nc1alc1l an mrclligcncc 111: 11.11 .111lcr11cxcr1'1sc11nl1' under prusuru 111'111c 51.111- 1111111111 .11a1lc1111u 13u11crc11p, also known as 111c S1111c1111.1nkcr, w.1x1l1c 11n11' man in 111c c11111p:1n1'111 T 11.11 1111111111 IJX 1111 1111 111111 ycars 3K 111c Aca1lcm1' Ax .1 111111, l1c was 111111:c1l 11p 111 and 11.1111121111 111' all S-, 1 Y Ill! 111111 Xvllli 111s c1'crfrca111' s1111l1: .1n1.1 cxulfcranl f f -. ,Y pcrx11n.11111', Dcank xuuucxx ix .1ss11rc11 in am' p1'11. 11'w11111 1 1'1 -T 01 L' " 1' 15 1 N1,,., Elmer Hill Kielal XV,1x111N11111N, D C. 1111 111111 C1111 11 IS 1:11111rK On11 l1n111x n 1111111 1111151 1a111' plclw IH 1111 sccoml 11a11a11o11, 111: 111.11111 1115 11111 1111 151111111 51.1r11ng 111111 111: bc.1111a11sVl11p DCPJIIITICDI 11 11111111 work 111 l1c NVCDK lnaqlc 111 n111 tcarinq 1115 sack 11111 I1 111 1,11 1111111111113 111111141ng a11cr taps, and qcncrallv 111al11n11 1111 l1apP11 fm. thc D Q 'S Fi,-St 131,155 year 1.111 A111111 5 111311151 1.111111 1 1111pr11vu, 1WLll 1115 bridge 11111, his 111.11115 11111111 11,11 up, 11111 111g dqm13r11s didg and VIVBK 1 .1w111nV 11Vn1 g11 11111111 slap, 11111 1:l111cr did 511 11111111 1111115 1'CQ1,,,g low md haw that urC,1,0111 lccl1111g,l111111l11r1i1111u1,111c r1:.111'1a1cl11111 11111-11111-1 glwgk' 7+ THE FIRST QI William Sclmpp Lagen Bl 1 I Evrvu, XVASHINUIUN Having spcnn a grcar Jcal of um-4 wrrlx lux grand' f.1tl1cr's whaling alrnps oil Alaska and Canada, Hunch came to :lm Acadcmv wuln mnrc cxpcrlcncu and knnwlcdgc nl' :hc sea :lun mmm ull us wall ml' lccr for years Hrs curmsrrv and uncannv mcmnrv comlnincd uw make hun a regular ll'1lYUfl'l1.lElUfl ccnrcr lor thc plclncs, wlnlu :har lull'-muon grrn and cynical, but lyricndlv Qomclaaclx xvxsn lum mam' llricndx among luis classmarcs Hrs mrurcsu uw' crcd cvcrvthrng fmrn sanlmg and unkcrlnrg wrrlx tools, ro Shulwcrr, slwuung. and Vaxsar gurls Slmrt,StoClcy.cl1ccrfL1l-f Hunclx lx an luumc xvrtll all ofthcm. 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Edward B. Longmuir, r. TRENTLWN, Niaw JERSEY Easily recognizable is salty Moose Longmuir with his rolling stride Lacking fifteen days of the age limit, Pop lent .1 mature helping hand to many .1 less seawise classmate Always familiar will be hit mournlrul refrain about his illusivc hairline and tht time the Steam Department failed to quiz him on his favorite subject--icc machines Also to be ref membcred is his slashing soccer attack that proved to be the baekbone ofany team Paramount among his extracurricular activities has been sack out drill and mature women We are confident that Moose will continue to be a permanent part ofthe old Navy line 1 les 1,1 so p f X7 fl L 10 ci du sl.. Lupe ntvur did uct Dago verv well, but when it came to using eommon sense in subjects like Math anal Slunnv it w.1s.1d1llcrt11t storv ln athletics Lopc could alvvavs hc found sparking either the company softball, luivtlmll, or socccr team ln the lall term ol plcbe vcar he was the regular goalie on the 1 ith company soccer lf-W1 Wlalfll lvvls ll1C Cl1J111P11111sl11p Plehc vear he did his bit lor the Reception Comnaittee, but as time went UD, -lIl1lCl1w -md other activities had lar more appeal Une ol' his favorite pastimes at thc Academy W-15 hstcnmg to collections oll'CC11rtls,CSPCC1.1llyt1lA Dinah Shgrijl 76 1HE FIRS7 .1 Robert Arthur Marmet OMAPIA, NEBRASKA As Public Address Announcer for the Navy foot- ball games and a memher ofthe Press Detail, Bch was a close follower of Navy sports ln spring he tried his hand at lacrosse, and was on the plehe and junior varsity squads ln the rough play and mud of pushhall, he acquired his nickname, Bruiser However, it was rumored that his ears were an inllueneing factor First class year Bob was asso- ciate advertising manager ofthe Log, and worked as a circulation manager ofthe LUCKY BAG, He was definitely not a Red Mike since he believed that dragging was a permanent institution ,f f f Y ,Q'n4iI TV ' ' A -Lf--.J ,VL : i 2 - i '11 r k f l ' ui, Y SIKA, , -V, Sr:- 4 , xi N . , ,' l if Naf Gt Pierce Yarrell Matthews, r. Asiiivli I i, Nimiii Cxmu iN x We knew him as l' Y, hut he muld have laeen called Methodieal Matt heeause his eelehrated gauges covered not onlv academies hut also his enrrespondenee, and pmspeetlve week end mums and drags Aeademieally vvell within the upper half of his class, he had a llare for language and xv as elected president of the Portuguese Cluh lor hrst elass year However, he was nn memlaer ul' the radiator squad ln addition tn heinq a strung swim mer, he setrred valualale points fur his eumpanv'in wrestling and strceer Xl'ith one nf the linest dis positions in the hrigade he was knmvn in all uf us as a splendid friend ames Frederick McGarry, r. ,-Xiu irsuaiwss, Nl xss xtiirsi i Is We always thought that jim's remarkalale ahihti tu get along with the Bull Department stemmed lrum his Irish aneestrv, but he claimed that it might he hlamed on his helmetl Harvard Whatever the reason, ex erv eve of a Bull exam would hnd him enumerating the tvventv eauses ul' the World War, ur esplaininu frame s position during the Civil War in order to pull sat the hnvs who werent luekv enough tu mme lrism Nlassa- chusetts Even those vveekfends out at Mrs Fuvvlers didn't produce the usual Nlirndav mivrninu fire Tlnriiiglu not athletieallv inehned, Magruder did spend a hrtle time rowing and eanuemg BATTALIUN TT Allison Lyman Maynard lY1irvilNiiinN,Ylltkiiursai Alilinuuli sninemie might tlarm that xllls key in popularity lay in hoses ul' Yerimuir maple sugar, this seeontl euntrihutiun ul the hlainard lamilx tis the Nav .il :Xtademv ei-ultl nur explain his esrellente in sports nr activities that called livr a thi'i'rlul de terimnatiiui tim vvm .'ll's pai'titip.ituui in xaisiri' cross euiintrv .md plehe iuiitlimr tmtk reserved hir him a memhership on the llvmu Stluatlr-ur .mil served him in igimtl stead .is .1 sports rthiirr hu rhi- lng I-hs appearante at hirps with a tlueenli inn siwrt, despite mixed up, lasr minute teleigrams, was a suuree ul perpetual .isrnmsliment tn all hands l in Johnjoseph McGee lhuuuti iN, N1 iv Yum Ing has rntramt in tht' f'lt.1tlr11i1' c.1n1c .11 .1 mort 111ar1u1' aut' than num Constant xvimrrlcx uvvr tht- .1t.1tlc11111's xvcrc llL1l1l'k'I1L'xl hv his siivtuss in Hull Wi11tur.1Ittr11m111s hvilml hu lug u1n4r.issttli11 plug ginig Math nr mvr at thc gym, luvxniig CUIIIC rain nr shunt' thi- xvcclv cntls wurc tlcvntctl tu CIIIIUV 11113 lnmsull with thu hrtlt' ivu111an Cruisc was a C.1NClYlNllYX'lX'.llUl tl1tl1ttt'sr111I1q'I1g's cst1111.1t1vn, and t1v11st'q11c11tli', unc multi t'11unt un hnthng hun 111 imc nl' tht mort mi11l11rtal1lc and sctliltlctl parts ol thu ship tattlunig thc short snm1:c, ul whith hc pcrpctiiallv Iui1r1tll11l11sull in ncrtl .gt , ag-sz Q Paul Ray McMurray Four Scorr, KANSAS 1 Having hccn a star athlete for six years in high school and collcgc, it was only natural that Paul should continue his athletic career at the Naval Acad-:my A capahlc man in football and basket- lull, Mac rcccivcd awards in both sports each year Joseph Francis Mclfenzig at lll1CAC.1dCl11V Quitc thc sailor, Paul will be long rcn1cn1hcrtd hy mam' of us for his participation in 111anv cnjovahli: sailing trips, For additional fun and rclaxation, hc added his mellow baritone to Qi11Nxvuu1u, W1 si' Vimv1N1.fi various singing groups Always kcpt in good spirits by his daily lvzttcr, Paul was onc of the first IH our class to march down thc aislc XY1thl1is uvcr ru.1dvuu11ul1aclt, "l'v1: got mint. and how almut vnu, .locw Mau camc to thc Naval IxC.ln.lCl'l1Y lYY0ll'l thc hills ol' Wcst, hi' Land, Virginia, thu Sxvitz-:tland 11l'.'X111cr1ta, as hc calls it hlaifs hattlcs with thc lixccutivc Dcpartmcnt startcd carlv in his carccr at Cralwtmvn, and tontinucd until thc dai' ht gr.1du.1tctl Tl-1m1gl1 hu fought all thc , - 1 wlnlis, that were Icw xittnncs in thcsc past rhrcc Q wars But how wc toastcd thus-: near misscs A X-. s W 1 lvluc cvctl girl ratctl high on his list, and hc was if Y ' A ' l ncvtr happicr than when stumping the Bull Dc' partmcnr, or plavinu .1 litrlc lvaskctliall for txcrcisc J' ll li ix it Q., Clydejarncs Musholt Q1'wt1,l111N1us Clxtlt tamc xxantlcring in l-THIN Quinn limlqxlm for somc placc tn sqgflg down for ,1 whllq ,md found it in 3 ' - - vt s V. ' . 1 V EX?nT"lI Hill HL Hllllklxll IN-W-Mwl U' Qui himstll tovtrcd with nicl-anamcs, which ran ftnrn thc cxpcilfd 1 uti tn lxuutnv and tht kxtra Dutv lvitl HQ had tn work hard to acquirc thc last, but hc just couldnt lwulitvu that thc lwututiw Dtp.1rt111unt ivuuld "fri him lur a thing like tl1at " And illthc truth bc told hi will NN -N1 l U'lU1!lxUl lust :lass war Thu Bull Dcpartrncnt huadcd his hlaclc list for two vcars, hut that WAS lust lu UYlUl7.lTlNUI1, hctauxt I1q was nuvcr onc to uracc thc Pitadu1111c Dcpartmcnts' sluuhhlcry TS THL lilRS1 M LeRoy Francis Nichalson BM rrmont, lX'lARXl.AND Vrlhen ealleel to the Academy, Nrele was far awar' l rn the Navv Arr Corps, hut hrther he came, lrur after all Annapnlrs was much closer tu hume antl rn Retl Thrs made hrs rlraggrng plche vear easv, youngster rear cnnvcnrcnt, and hrst class year rust g. .rm cu- Harry Williarn O'Bricn, r. 5: lrnws. Nlrssru 1:1 Ont Iulx rl.rr rn '44 a rlaplwr wunrg rrxxlran, en Vul Wllll A rrvlllrlsllrrl Wllsr' ul lrrllllrur, ,rrlrl ur-ll supplretl xxrth mrrrarls ul sn-rrvs ul Irrrrglrrrr rlars .rt N l urns Llrrrvursrrr, urrrrnrl rlrr ,Xnrrltrrrr ,Xu nt'r.rsrrur.1l rgarne ul hrrrlrgr, rr-nrparrr sr-rrer .rnrl .r -In lnfffludf l'ClYU'C Wfdlllnkl l"Cll5 l-CRUX' lull Alfred Byron Nimocks Jr. mrrsrrrnrmg rnrrrrsr rn pr-pular rmrsr. rrrarlr lux lrlr other rntcrcsts and talents, lmwever, the most nntf ' y ,mm ,,mntl,,,l ,l,,,,,m lr-Nm l,,,,,,t Hx In ahle ol' whrch was a elehnrlc l-snack lor acatlenrrcs lr-rnrrsr Crrv, .Wrrrs wsxs rrrrrnrlr artenrlrrl lrnps .rrrr-rrrmrrrrrl I-r hr. lar,-sr alfmfl WWI" 3 mf-Buff Ulr Iloml Wmk -md -1PPl'f-1' l'enr.rlr rnterrst Hrs .rnrrls wrt .rnrl ,rlrrlrrr rr- rarrr tion ln sports he was as at home as am' man was wrth .ll.1Cl'OSSE suck N1Ck.SJlWlllIlCS, perseverance, Crrnrlwrnrnrg a rearlr wrt and wmnrnrg smrle wrth and wrllrngncss to help others made hrm a valuahle hrs Srruthcrn Jrrgnrrr, Al stron garneel mam' lrrruntls asset to his classmates and companv who wrll alwars he rnelehtetl tn hrm Ihr thv mn hrlcnce msprreel hr' hrs grrrvelfnatrrretl lcatlrrshrp anul hclprng hanel AI pnssessetl the .rlulrrv KU put hrs acatlemre stanelmg up rn the cm trrel nunrlaers. whrle srlll hntlrnrg trme lrnr uther actrvrtrrs He lent hrs ' talents tn several tlrllercnr sprrrts anel, hernrg a mn V hrmetl nrrtknlytlrmrk man. spent mam' enruvalale lil, 'fly hrrurs on saxlrnq trrps antl errwss muntrr hrlsus I r s ' Tlrrrrrqlr hrs aehrcvements were ncxer revealetl hr K Y V F ,WP K- hrs unassumrnrg manner, Als ahrlrtrcs antl rqenurne ,r , :ik ., ,, , , , . -L 'g ness xxtrt shmxrr hr hrs mam lrrtnels 1 l fl x ' , ,tl 1 1 f HJ 4 ra Edmund William O'Callagl1an Nrxx rms, hlxssxtrll sr r rs Vfrrh ,lug rgepggr rn H,1rv,1r.,l, Etls lrle was maele enmparatrxels easr' hr a rear at sarel rnslrturron untler hrs halt Muscles was nur huelr' heauulrul lwrg and naturallr' hrs attraetrun Irv the larr ses tuultl nut he untler cstrmaterl Let snmeune mentrnn the lrrsh Hume Rule truesrrnn, anel he xr as ull on rr tlrstussr--rr whirl! Hn on lor hours He prnnounectl Balhtura lrlre a true xeteran, ample prrml ul hrs New knrglanel lutlslfrwlnsl Durrnq the wrnter term, Eel elrtl some tlrxrrre, lynr the xarsrtv, hut he euultl never qurrc get that trrple llrp --ll the low lmard Hrs arhlctre rntcrcst alsu extenrlrtl tu plarmx: N-INN' lrfmla BATTALION 79 U11 .1 rrrrrxers,rtrurr .rlmnr .rlnwsr .rnrrlrrnrg lraxr matle lm!! well lrlserl lw .rll lals rlasslrl.rIt's llalrr has run rvrrrsr.rr1tlrrrr3 rh.rr.rrrr'rrsrrrs! rrrrrrrrrrrrr srnsr .rnrl rwurl rrrtlqmmr, xxlrrtlr xxrll .r-rsnrr Ins Irrrrnr NllLtCXN Sn- Duncan Packer 51xxxlx,XX'ixsxxxNx,xxiN To lxxs tl.xssxx1.xKesl7xxrxt was .x sx nxxxxvxxx lor .xelxx Irv XX'lxi'rlxx'rxx1.x haslterlxxll xgixxxxv, un the tennis xxvnrrs. ur .xr ,x lxxxp, he xv.xs ,xlxvaxs in the ttxxxer ul things He lxvxuxtl xnxxi' ru iln tlx.xr extra hir, lxelpxnxg lxxs tl.xssixx.xtes rlxrxxnxglx .x rixqeul Steam .xssxgixxxx-:ixt, nr r.xLxnx3 the ltxxtl nx extra txxx'rnnl.xr xvx-rlt l'lehes sxmn rt'.xlx:x'il rlx.xr lxxs wxxrxl xv.xs l.xxv, .xxxtl thirst' who x.xixxe nxxxltr lns xnllnentt .lalltl .xxxurtlimglx Wxth the lathes ii xx.xs .x ilxllerentsrxwrx,lmlxexvci'.1sxxvn.xllv lxvtxntl himsell nnr m.xnt'nvered lxv tlxexxx hnl then, xvlxxv lx.xsn't' llx his axtrxitxes. interests, .xntl xnxeterate xlxeerlnlness, he has qaxxxetl the .xtlxxxxra txxxxx ul his tl.xssm.xres si' Q in l f, ,it Johnjoseph Pavelle, Jr. FREMONT, OHIQ When lack runs his ship aground, or dives his plane into the ocean, he won't have to worry about get- ting his feet wet l-lc's one sailor that actually swims Two years on the varsity and one on thc plche swimming team kept lack pretty well oc- Walter Crhurston Pate, Jr. eupiedl during Maryland's pleasant winters The rest ol the time his main sport was women He lxtrtsiw, hlissxssii-vi never settled down to an O A On but hardly il V week-end passed without some sweet young thing coming by his side When academies interrupted his Hauling lrrnm the Crxvssrxtxtls nl' the South, Pete xs social lille. ,lack Hxpped A coin to decide whether .x true Rehel, alwxvs doing his part to uphold tht to study or 510 on libtrly Wh3llS -1 lJUSh JDYW-W7 tratlxtxuns ul' Dixxe Desxrxng to laeexxme .x Naval nllxter, he .mended Nlarxnn lnstxtnte, and prepared lxxrxxsell' hir the Aeatlexxxy :Xltlxxxuglx no Steam s.xvxxxr, Pete lnxxntl lots ul txxxxe to spend on the varsxrv tennis enxxrts Being .x lrrxentl nl Peres is an ,P experience lrrxxm which one never lnllv recovers l His nxltes .xxxel pranlts will lxxllxxw him everx'wlxere, ,Y ,N p N .xntl he xvxll he remembered as a gm' who lxltes life, ' Y - . lixxxglxter .xnd gond wmradeship Wherever he 'T 1 gives, and xvhatexer he dues, lrrxends and llun xvxll xn l ex'xx.xlalx'Vl'xvllxvw ' L, W.. ,x Jkt ir L Clarence Foster Pollock, Jr. XX' xsxxxm- INN D C Um --I those men xx hx- realli' xvnrlttl to lrxxlhll his ,xmhxtn-n ol' getting into the Naval Aeaelerxay, lunie went 'UU' ll""l 9,-f"1P1'1YflW NUWINU Ul 41- JU-xl lrxxllllxr the vxexssitndes nl' that lille vntil he received the go-ahead rv xnxn rlxe Ll.xss ul '4' The tlrxvt' and .xxxxlwitmrx which lxred his elltvrts never diminished, and these traits lxtlpttl lxxlxx In xveatlxer m.xxxx a 1.-tal storm. .lx lairlx' regular merxxlwer ol' the llving Squadron, lunxe Spent ixxam .x xxxtlt entl xxxth .x sxxtll little miss lrnm D C , xvhxeh made him a pretty good candidate for june xvetltlxng hells so IHL IilRSl Robert Helmer Pyllcas HIQTIIL wma PARK, hl1ciina,xN With .1 piano strappctl to his luck .mtl hnrnrlislung his Eagle Scout lutlgu, Boh strotlc thmuigh tht portals of Bancroft to lvcgln his career .xt Navi' Hclrnct, .15 hc was Jllcctionntclv known, contluctctl manv A lwoogicfwoogic session in Smokc Hall, midst thc llmuliar noises of thc billiard tahlcs and .lpplausc ol' his admiring fricnds His x'crs.1tlhtv in piano and voice was rcllcctctl in lVlusrc.il Cluh shows. Glen Club and choir Displming .1 capti- vating grin, hc was L1 l'.1voritv: in the Can-can chorus, and his mn: scnsc of humor and cr.1:v.1ntlcslix'cnv:t.l up any group of which hc was .1 part ,. , , .Ll-4 Y '-1' 'l 1' K A A- "I Y , l ll i ,I rn. ll if A lg.. l - sv William Clark Rae, r. BVI ll lXluNI XNX Thu Wulrus was tl-:cirlctllx 1nrli'pcn.lcnt with his .mn itlcqs .rhout how things shoultl hc tlonu Con ccrnmg this we olltcn hmrtl his "l.ct's not uct paniclu' H A hhvsl hclplrul lrflflltl Sunshine cx pcntlctl no httlu tum assisting his rl.1ssni.rtts up thc l.1tlt.lcr ol' .ltatlcmlc sufccss A ruqgctl h.1tt.1llon t.1cl.lc, hc Also hunt his hmins out .rqxinst .1 push lull Much ol' his rcnuining timu was spun! in attempting ro pcrsurtlc us tlut wiltl lntlmns no longtr rnlmlwit his stats .intl thu thu m.nl was not tlcllvcrctl thcrc lw ponv uxprcss llxll rc.1olrwotvpts ol' litcmtun: litcmturc .ihout Nlontaiu .intl litcm turs not .ilvout hlontnnq Boa sortc, Bill Henry Brownell Rathbone l1RUVllBINLl Rntnu lsr xrsir NVQ .irc conxincctl that the comhmation ul' lihotlc lsl1n.l .intl H.irx.1rtl tim turn out .1 mthcr ultr.i protlurt W'hcn If comcs to uxcclling, Hanls is w.1x .ll1C.h.l, hc it .lt .1c.1tlcr1nts, tlmgtging, or hrttluc But his sptxulrx is lusclull, .lhout which hc ls ruth' to tonxtrsc lontg .intl h.1rr.l .rt .rm tim: Almost ,mx luppi hour vou Min find hun mlulu-,K mu tho sporting ncxxs or rluliantlx tlcllcntling his lux'-writ: trim um though rt usu.1llx cnds up in thc lower lvaclscts H.rnL's x'.1rioust.1lfntsllJXo5 won him J UC-U Pl'FUl-WU' lm N'm""l -'ml l'r.1nl.nusslux'c won him thc cvcrlastnng llriuntlship ul thost' who .HC lllx il.1W11-HHN B,X'llrKlIUN Sl jolnnjoseph Roftery llnosrx, Niw Yom. "l .uit1li.u1tlIln' xxorlrl laurghs with sou," thu snr lu that Misc. l.ul. must h.ixc tht- umxcrsu tgrinnlnrg lrom mr to mr llc xx.ls .zrllol Nunm lwtausv his tw ur sparltlrmg lrrsh cws .lYL' so hrrtglu lriqluung .u.itlcinn's to tht lwll, ht mort' than holtls his own in that rlqxirtlircirz lhs ronmtgrous pcrsomliu .intl rustlrss .ihllru nmlru hun om' ol tht' most pop ul.ir .mtl ulcntvil mcn in his rl.1ss Whcn not plrgur-il with hrolscu lwoncs ,mil x.llAllIx'xl mints, hc cxruls .it lusclnrll .intl lootlmll When I.ul. lwlus soms lorth from slnrmpolrs tht' .'M.ulcuw's Uxklsl' IN surc In slsHut'lsx'l 52 l l ls.- rluc xulwlnmc ljLlI'lI1L1l1l9Il'H'CC was nr the Acndcnuv, Warren Stuart Reinschmidt N14 xl INI, NI xx' Ymux ' 7 X, Unxc xlurlmg plqlw Ic.xr .I lxrxr Il.IxxIII.III .Ixlxul Warrun lm n.IIIIx' .1ml, In mln' I-vI1lIIxIIIn rl1.It I--I lllxxlfkl, lu' Ulxfllnfxl llll' l'Il4kl1.llY1L', klfllful' IQIIN Ll.IwI1I.Irux If-ulll .Ilxxunx ull xx'lIcII W,IrruII xxxn Lllllullg Llllxxlll Illl lI.Ill lyl lHN l'lllL:lllL1 lW.ll'llHl'lf .Iml lrIvI1IxuxlI,I lmlx gm, mu XX'.1rrun Iuulrl nur COHYGCISIGCOI7 Renner, Y- lYL' fL'l'n1LLl .1 Qlllllllx, lxllf lvl' l1.ll'kl Xxllillx l1l' .llXX,1lw l11.ll1JL1L'4l nIxI.II1xl H1 flu upplr p-II'IIuII lvl lux Il.Ixx Wlnlr I1-wr .III -mrxr,IIIxlIIIq .IllIluIx' III .IIII um xpurr lm ncxcrtlwlux xlmmxrrl mlI.IL lm xxuns ,I n.Irur.Il ,Ill .1ruIInIl spurzsur lu r,1lxIIIg lun H1 fl1C x'.IrIIIIIx rum rum xlmrlx XY.IIrx'I1 xx Llulxnlrclx .I KXVILIIU x'u.Ir nun H1 Ilu' llucr s f u I Lnu XI NILI4, NIxx' Youre Vlad. xx'.Ix .I nun ull lcmnrc lrrum wax' luclx lust mu' lIIII1 lux mclx, .I gnod m.1I1.1:Inc Stow, .Ind an nlrl mpc, and muglmr, nur cvcn I1IrlQ, can add ro William Wayne Rluoads BI IIIFIIIIQI D, XVFSI XIJIRGINIA lCIInrImIcd frrom V DcS.1nro J Academic year lluund thc mountalncur fmm W V1 living with Parc, Ru, :Ind Rudgu "Chu: 55" lvccarnc the ccnrcr UlYIl1C lwull scsnuns ol'Sunsl1inc Alley Rodgc was sull lnval ro rlwc Clcvcland gIrl who was des, rmcd rn wear lus rmg Parc and jlm lmd found rhc "Ivnc,'l wlulc Ru was sull plaving thc Held Dusty llvund .1 ncxv lwcarr Inrcnzir, wlmsc currcspondcncv: ,Iddud mnnv more lctrcrs to bc sorted However, ILISI lwclurc Clmsrmas Icavc his crest was changed for sIlvcr wmgs, and Dusty spent lcavc in Phila' dclphxa We cx'cntu.1llv reached the conclusion that women are somcumcs conllusmg lconlinucd undur H P Rodgcrsl :lm I-nlx rrallic 'lack lull XVlll'l women was bv xxuv UlYUXVXllI1Q ,In lixqulrc c.Ilcnd.1r and .1 Powcrls an' tlmlngx' ul mmlulx l-lc l1.n.l drcamcd Ol! Anmpolls mu ll-mg In lu .I nil nr rvm wulm the I-'xcadcrnlc ll l5up.IrIIIIunr upxct llw cnurmc lm xxccrcd lor rlnr , , I , Il1crIxluml wlnmlsxxnn HIK lIcJrtx' laugh, plmtlll lll l I lwllIgcrcIIuI', .Ind ull xuvncx xx'Ill .Ilxx'.II's wm l'rIcndS A ' lnr ll1lNl.1Ll lmm LlIc "lx'.Is5Inn :III ll I V I lf I ll I...- Douglasjames Rol1crts,Jr. l'lxuIIuIaIw, CIINNIL Inr I 'I'lwlL'lI1clxxxExI1'Iff-1llYl?l LAS llc lf!" ffmlnxllnl-I UN lor ll1rccxc.1rx "l IIN l1.lX'CI1ll llwund .1nvtl1InI1l want 'l U' 'lnmkukul 'ln KL 'mil J RJ Milk, Ylllll xxun lm xx .Iv IDU? :lac lmcarts nl lm Cl.l5SlT1.1lCS lu J rclyuml rv 'ct cx'Ilcl vx 'r ,InIIl1 1 . - - - , - , l 9' l L l l mg km u'l'F'fUl -md Xlvml-I11rurcd, ,lun s answer for cx'crvtl1Ing, W-15 'ylfllxc Il xzlsx ll Clmt xx .xx ,I Ylnlmcx 'Jr' - -- . Pl x man .Ind xrmnr hours spnuung, uunorroxx' and mmnrrmx' to l1lS III1.Ipprurx.IrIxc xx'Ixcx A lumglq xx-,,,,,l,.5 Enllmxuxt and A X , ' l'mPllL'HV IN-lfl, lam s onlr .ulmlcuc Inrcrcsr WAS In wcrur .Iml ilu l.lllKU'!l1NlULlIkll1llH lxIQlxInIgrl1u lull .lfwllihl xx'IrlI Tummy TMI ur. S1 THE LIRST rl 93. l 'ZS' v a.. v' . . Robert Francis Roche SALI LAKE C1lx',U1.'x11 Boh lulwt a vcar nl' cngrnccrnng at the Unrvcrsrty nf Manitoba to take up the lrl'-z ol' thc sua vua thc Naval Academy Origmallx' from Utah, hrs prcscnt home IS Fhn Flon, .1 small mmmg town m Canada Hc qtncltlv dcvclupctl .1 stvlu rn grow which won him large numerals plqhc vcar from than nn hc atc, slupt, and druamcd crew, sauna lacing Saturdav aftcrnoon draggxng for wnrlauuts A star man lumsclf, hc was alwavs ruadv tn help somconc clsc oxwzr thu rough spots un acadcmlcs Roclicxfs volcc, ringlng throughout Bancroft, or rising from the choir at daxlv Mass, has hcmmc familiar to all hands . YY .1.r N Harry Paul Rodgers, Jr. Clivll xNn,lJll1n lcontmuctl from W NY lllmatls v ln ,Iunc l43, lun hccamc thc hlyth XK'llYC, and hrnutglxt mt-1 thx' rnnm a Nuxx' lcrsrx' humor that kcpr :lungs Um tmuallv un thu mwvu The pmxr hm' lust hrs hcatl, and has wcclsfcnd auarrqls wrth Baht cndud Ill an cngagcmcnt The mum was tlxcn ttvnxplrtu XY.: llxcd lxlxu rcal lratctnxtv hruthurs Wt lxncxx' cash others strnnglms C0R1lWlI1.lIlUl'l5, and whcru cath i ,:4lLg,Ll jr would lnde his clgarcttcs Alleldllllhllll' and nn thy 1 .l sports held, nur status rcmamcd ahnur thc samc as :, 1 , 1- , ln plchc and youngster vcat Dusty lwcamu truss 1 xx X f - ' Y -W - fi warn ol the crew, whrlc lim Quntlnucd xxwth hunt ' l ' is R hall and lacrnssc rCnnr1nucrl undur R L Satllcr r 1 'TNQ-X K' , i , , Y is Louis Pasqual Rossl Xvisl Nl xx' Yours. Nl xx ll lass x Vvfhcn Lum cntcrcd the Acadcnxx hu dlstnvcrud hc had hucn tlcmnttd lrrum clvllran hrsttlass, hvI11ltlslxIl'Ul.1f1, l ln l t nust ul' lchc vuar csplalnlmg that Xlxlcst Nuxx lurk 1s rt'allx'1n Ntw fourth class Acuuptnng us atc, xc spin I P lcrstx' Although ncxcr .h.ll11llllI'lLZ lt, Lou had nu truulalc xx xth acatlcmlus, cndxnq catlxxtar'.x'ltl1a sallslxllhl avenge A U,,llnmxqwf of tht flngf rlnngs nl hlxt, lilpcc usuallx tallstd alwut tht tlulrtnvus th--xx ar has p-xp s Placc csPuc1allx'htl'nrc thnsc wld Sundax' Hlrlllf NUFPUN -'xlwllx lllllml U' mud' Wm ll nl' lm fldwlulu ' dl v us l-lxs rcnatxtx and ,lhllrtx assurt him tluar sallxmg he ncvcr faxlcd to pun xn lncn Y.1l'l:,L.llUCl BAT T xl ION S5 il, VVilliam Haley Rogers Alu lm. luv, la X Ks Ihr- flrluxgtmx, lrsas lh-nls and latltllu Ku lnst urs lust man xxlxxu llaltx ltlt har llxl-ml un a lilxmlvs Btlxnlarslxlp llrxl-wrtmx.mlx', ln nxnssrtl :hr lmar antl unrlrrl up at Naxx llrn hc has rarluml a rcpntatnxn as an all .mmntl .ulxlx-nr, xsrtllumg ar lmrh lwrnlxgc anrl gm rummx llalvx xx as llvr lxllhl nl Itllnxx xvlnvtmxh rlllnljsxx1slrltlr ,m.l.1lxx.nsh.nl an ur l-wr :hc lxrglncr slxlt ul hh N-wr .1 sax-nr Halcx mxtrtlxrlrss plumgxwl mm has xxwvrl, .md smuxrlxuxx' m.mar1t'tl tu tnxrrgt xwrlwrnnus ln-In Ihr ten wcrlx srrugglrs xx xtlv ata-lcmxrs an alum -vlv xx hsttnmrg tn lnntl, lxlarmtg nxt xxas lns lax-vrnr pasrunc Rufus Earle Sadlerhlr. LAI lNloN, 51111111 Crum: nsax lLqHl1IlI'lllL'tl lroin H l' Rotligersl Hur rears at V l 1 X' the .'Xt.11len1v.1reriowover N1ul!i'i1l Us stoo. ine, or even rennvri'l1'i'losc Kim it Noni' wen ever men iloi1i'rlontl1e."lll .',ll11EYIL.lllllNlN, lWLllXK'Cl1.ltll1UK'Kf ex were-tl these honors XXI .ill .ugruc that lynn .intl l l . . lr.1ppmi-ss.1ri-tht' must iniportant rhingsin l1lL',.1otl Wllllam Thomas Sanders, JY. run il our .11'.1rlei11ir ,intl sports .ittoniplislnnents sllllerutl,wehad111urcIl1.1r1iwL1r share ol't'11lo1111e11t We ilon't expect to he luxe star .1dn1ir.1ls, hut we 1x'on't he igtav h,11rt'd enslgns Alter three rears there .ITE still live ol ns hoinitl together with .1 lritndsliiiv that will 1-iirlast eternitx' tr- Uxi i As, Ti xfxs Sandi' came to the Aeadenw direct from a N R 4 U T C unir From the beginning his desires to hceivnic .1 sailor were made known Plehc vc.1r hc was .1 n1cn1her of the varsity sailing team, and almosr .mv spring or fall wceltfend you could hnd Sandi' either racing or raking an overnight sailing mp on one ol' the yawls On such trips his sailing tinalities were onlv surpassed hv his ahihty to pref pare .1 good meal lt must he admitted that Sandv was .1 dved-in-tlie-wool one-woman man His iliitlilriilness to rlae O A U never once weakened during the entire three years jolm Bruce Schafer Loma ll: un, C,-xi iininslm sa Wilton Turner Sanders, r. NORTPI Cmmotr 1'oN, Mississippi Nohodvs ego could stand up to Sandys ribbing, and none escaped But he gOE along well with evervhody --the numher of his friends eonhrm that lraet Like all good "Suth'n Gennelmenn he never sullered from overworlc although he contributed heavily plehe year to the rifle team and Log circu- lation The urge to sail came early to Water Tight, and week-ends were spent on the Chesapeake think, ing of Virginia hack home He gave her a minia- ture at the Ring Dance, and they began than greatf est of all adventures right after the next June Week l .Y YVYV N W W 1 1 1 l, lf' ll 1 Long john lWC.1I the medical esammers when he entered the Aeadeinv for he is G feet 5 inehes high AS In stature, lic is high in the esteem ol' his elassniates Ellwavs theerlrul, Spot One has an abundant supply' Ul l'm'llHfr 'md 'll lokhx HH 'C-lkl'f1f55 U' Plffh In And help or to plav causes him to he on the move, whether 'I ls lf' -I Unk "V lu' -Y ll-WN nf l'-blsillklll or lwridge He lilies the Jive, .1 lot nl' Tun, most games and his NNW' lflfnsla In Slwfl, Beasts' is .in .illsaround fellow to know, an enioyahle and lilceahle fellow in all respeits 54 IHIL FIRST ns, V, lib' Leonard Frank Schempp, Jr. L05 ANGhl,lnS, C.-xi,ii2nius1iA Sehempp, the dragging fool, arrived at the Naval Acadcmv tn show that YVcstcrn men are seafaring as well as "wnolev," alter being persuaded that Annapolis was hetttr than West Point, anvwav Undaunted hy thc determined, hut fruitless, efforts ol' the Academic Departmenu, hc retained his 4 o smile: and individualistic attitude During tht hlcals afternoons of "The Dark Ages," ht would break awav froin his cxtrafcurricular activities nl' Studving Naval history and playing bridge to mans age the gvm tcam through its successful seasons Lyme! jdf 1 rr , YJ Kd N l l l ANP" gm Y , i447 ,. 'L' 'iii K i X A 'T' 'fls r ,f F-wtf , . V , i Robert Eugene Schenk XVA i tru on, luxv x During the thrcc vears that Rulaert E was here he participated in scvcral sports Rudi' won his numeral in plchc iroothall, and hc plaved on the iuninrfvarsitv and varsitv teams his last two years As a laostr, Bnh wielded a pmverlyul right which was rcadilv felt hv his opponents ln the spring, R E turned tn varsitx' track where he ran tht Sprints and low hurdles Alter winning his handlers qualiheation, he ttmls an active part in vawl races Academies caused him little tmuhle and it was onli' with an ellnrt that he :mild sparc the lrrw minutes from his sack xvhith he spent un his sulajeets Edward Alan Scoles limss xs Ci 1 x, ls XNs vs Eddivfs desire tn see more than a hathtula lnull ol' water at one time called him Imm the wheat heltls ul Kansas to thc Navvls Seaside Trade School Vfhen nut getting his sea legs ahward the "l'reetlmn,'4 madlx writing letters wr testing the patience of his wives with his trnoning, Blondie tuuld he hnund admiring an N gained lw swinging apeflilce from the high har Evert' xveelt-end Ed hrnlte nut the same tulae nl' Sli-H ml Us-U" 'WUVJ him plehe summer and proceeded to captivate the latest blind drag with his winning smile, l1lsrNlsCl1le'.uLls manner, and ineshaustilale Supplv nl! horrible puns BATT 'XLION S5 1,- Arnold Robert Scliulcneclnt Y xism x, XY xsinrsu .iisrsa Shi-r-L thx :ded must ul his time hens een rellini' ul the qallanrri' nl the "Mari land" and rri mtg ri- .hx idi- whv 'kliitlseti lsldsll were admirrrd ur the tradr sthmvl un tht' Sexern I le .ilsu had the naim lhisr Nose atldvd tn his series ul mrknamrs liar rizisuiis .ippareiit tu the rtxider lhs rmrsniiitlimg tinalili and siiievrirx made Blnnrlt xwll liked lu all th.-sr .lrl5llnkl llllll, lyfkdllxf J l7L'fNKlll Llilllxl -llxvrllh l'l' Xllll that he meant xshal he said llisplaxiiiq igrvar pride in his lamilv and lnrpinq lu have one -ll his uwn lwhwre mam mutt wars pass, ht' made his tlwiru plrlae war when he wok the Iatal sit-ii nl getting erigargctl I John Presley Shelton llul xy 'lax Ks l rum tht ltxas ,Mr lwvrru calm' tht most mslsiant lamh hart! IH rlw tmnpam' llxItt'rm1i'loivlt at rlru sxsrtxn .lr Nam, ln' tursul all ilamn vxnlxcts antl l'l'X Yfkl UP tllltllll llll' .1 fllfllfll IU lllf lilllkl All l'l'l'l'l'l.ll xnnslnnt' llt was rut short in tlns .nttmpt lu' rlw 4 William Morris Simpich XXI.-XSIIINGIUN, D C W S1mp's writmg, which was a constant source of cnmmcnt from the Bull Dcpartmcnt and a source - ol' amuscmcnt lor hrs l-rxcnds, had a quality that only Bill, with his cynical humor and satirical outlook, tould give it Slmp was proudest of his srmml ,nm UI ,m Armrgtsrvu D O N W larqtl wrrlr Andyglrx BgnJ'amin Sidgs, Jr. stvcntv-slx lmrurs Hying timc as an elevator boy in tht orrlual ul sptnrlrntg thu rtsr ul lns rrrurh in tht the bcnatc Ofhte Building Four more hours and ' Pllllll NND, MMM I would hav: had thc Air Medal." was his proud Navi, Ilrt Hurst rcsugnrtl lnmstll lu his late .Intl tltnrlt'rl rlrar .lllkf all, Yanlsn' "w1rmutn" wcrc toltralwlt Xl 1th lns nur prcscnt tamcra, ht is ont ol rlrr hw INltlNl1lPI11L'l'IXVlIUll'lX.ll'l.llWll sets l' radvs from tln' rnnsnlt' 4, comment Hrs vast knowledge of current tvcnts cndcarcd him to inlorrnationfsecking plches, and hc was an authority on thc recent war His slow, hut tarclrul reading was an assct at thc Academy "O, how l han: Sundav l'lllll'lIX,'l says Andi' as hc CUl11CNlI'1lYl'UI1'l .1 hig wtrk und olltlragglng Women and studics arc Antlnx two :hurl mtcrcsts hcrc at Navv, and hc cxtcls in lmrh Andi' IS a complttc Ntw England Yanltct tlmrrrmglwlv convinced nl' Nuw kntglantls vast supcrluritx' ovcr thu rcst nl' our country' Hrs two tlncl' Now England thcmcs .irc that .ull truly cducatcd hors .xttcnd Andover and that all Nll1'llll.1l'lV prcparctl girls attend Wclltslry 1 . , s ,Y ,A Antlv is unc nl' thc llricndllcst, lacst-llltcd hovs .around Hc's alwavs rtadv to sxmparlqrgq wlrh jf ry- anwnc, and In partalsc Ol-Kl1Cll' thow Hu is a truly I l hnc pcm-n 3 P ,l r lx lg-1 1 7,,,,,. Luther Boyd Sisson KlX1NlI5XIlll, 'lilxxs ll'-NW-llll Uffl Pffmn who untcrcd Luther! rrmm tame to thanlt him for soma drzud cithcr largc or small. that hc had dont With a plrcnomrnal lausrncss alulrtx, an cvcr hclplul andrtontgcnlal lnaturc Ltithcr alw.1yS strut cd to maltc tasrcr thc tasks ul others hltust ul' us d1dn't sc: the htlnntl-tlmtfstcncs lwusincf ollsailing laul In Lntlxtr, slrpprr ul thc xaxxl, trutlut again was dun lor Cath wull-planncd and cxccutcdrrri Each cvclning, lmm lwtlnnd xnlnminntrx tluutls ol' rhr smultc ol' his cigar cmcrg-gd that suhtlclllorm all uri ha lt' L l'll9 xxixts lmppv and chccrliul A l i 1 K I I: LP Y S6 rn rg rms 1 u Donald Kent Slcinner RlX'hRSlDl', CAI lrorzrxu x The phrase most lY.1lUlll.1l' to Don! ears xx'.1s, "l'lnxx' do you work this prolxlen1"' He never had much drllleulrv solxfmg the most ll'ILIlC.lUZ :lun dmc Aeldemlc Departments could assign, ennscquenrlxy the enure eon1p.1ny came LO hxm for help Don! .1e:1dem1e .xlwilnrv was supplen1cmed l'w Pflillfdl cxperlenee gained wlule Servlng .15 an Jll' meel1 llW0.ll'x.l JT! arreralrr carrier m the South Paeilie prmr no cnrermg the Ae.1demx' Crew .md saulmg were hrs favonre sports, luvrng had expenence in both before le.1x'1ng C.1l1l'orn1.x's blue Pacnnc Early plelre x'e.1r, Don met Berry and nl1ex' decided ilu: ir was the "rc.1l thing " "Wham a lovelv mlmarure you're wearing, Butyl" , 1 .. 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Pvrivix 1 r, Tix vs 1 Randell Bridges hit the Aeademx with a thest lull oli rihlmns and a likeable disposition was horn in Texas and served on the U S S Wasp until she played eateher to some tin tish ull the Suluniuns toolt a hath in ml. afterwards an exam lor the Academy and passed lwth experienees well .-lt the Pitademv he took NlUv,llENll'1 stride and pruliteel Irom his excellence in pulter lmueh to our sorrow! This easx-going Texan, who loolvs more like an llsltiino. really has a way with the women Mhsltiiiiiwm is a great friend and an example of a right qui George Oliver Robert Brungot BlRllN,NlXX'H'KAlP5Il1Kl ln lulv. lQ43 George found himself a new and very hexvildered plche who nex er lfelrore realized him moth ' A l . , , one Could miss the heautilul green woodlands and the snow erested mountains ol lxevv Hampshire His ,ll ar'd axvax 'l ln the meantime, huxxexer, he plehe summer was .1 nightmare, but fall term lroun nm 'Nqu t has acquired the title of 'ithe most oil' the hall plehe ul' V-V ll Tllmc JMX 'lm Wm llmwr' 1'1-'nm' bm' Je he is known by all, has won a plaee in the hear and his squat, scurrying hgure ts of all his elassmates We will nex er Iurget his earelree grin BXTTNLIUN 101 J Dale Calvin Brumlaaugh Suv I li llimu, lN1vi XN X llile is lrom the stan' ol the llruisiers, the liome ul Sriitlelmleer r.irs, .intl rlw liqlitiiirg lrisli Nor satis heel with having the love ol .ill the li-.al talent, he deti-led to join the Nav v and li-UL over .1 lair ul the world Uespite heme Lin-uri .is .i tlratgginig man, llile has heen l.irsii.1liievl emmtgli to keep ilu- lniure in view and has never let rlw rlumglu ul .i yvrelt end interlere with his aeadeinit xvorl. larli in plelw year, he tm-lt up leiiviiie .ind iinproxetl iearlx uniil he heeame known .ix one ol the lvetter sxvortlsineii .it the :lxtatleinx pta' ' lr N A 1,54 , 'fi' -X, ' If ames Adolph Burlce Alfred Carey Carpenter Edson Gardner C055 Ci ,11r1ti11111, lVl1NN1sur .1 A l11ode'st chap, ,lim ilocsn't sav mueh, hut he has that .ilwilirig eon1m1111 to few, oi Hl1lIKII1Lf rlme I1.lll on rlu' In-all " Q.UI1NIlL'l'HI0lIS and iiulirstrioiis, the Killer prowtl lux r11ii11l was quite tapahle ol' m.1s rering our lmilllinig .1t.1de1111t srliediule His strength .intl c11d1ir.1i11e proved .1 X'.llll.llWll' asset on thc 1'.1r'-itv crew His .llallllv lu swim, l1o1vever, was tltlesrioiwtl .1m111all1' lw the I' Al' l7t'P.lI'IINL'I1I like .Ill trexv men, l1c has .1 huge appetite, wlth .1 riuhtlul preierente lor Ins I11UIl1CYl5 tooltics ,lim could .1lw.11'x he looltetl to lor .1 lwright nurloolt on lilifxl1ttlC.1tl1t'rs1t1ex.and,tollsequcntlr, he proved .1 sre.1Ll1'im1 mlluente on his lrlends Donald Ernest Chandler L1't.111osn.1. L1111-orwix Don, f.1111nus as the ll1Il'KCCIlll1lN Super Newt, never learried to 'lnotlt oil l1ount1r11g," .intl never learned to lilte .1 l'lor1d.1 orange He did learn so111c11'l1ere, l1UXNCXL'T, to he .1 d.1rr1ed cn11.113,1r1g person Ax lyatile with .1 slipstielt .rs with the loils nl Ins helovetl p111pusl11r1g, he had the tr.1tl.l1i11g sense of l1LlI11Ul' that goes lar toward 111.1lt1ng lile a great deal ol' lun A tonl1ri11Ctlx.11l1ng addict, his hrst and ahrdxng .-Xc.1de1111' love was the 1.111'l squadron. and sailing was Ins l1c.11'en ll' Quia monga ever gets put on the map, Ch.1n's the one who will do it Sim :sm ivrr-, N!3llI?fXSKA Carp knew that sea water was saltv when we hrst n1et lllIl1, .is that crow nn his tailormades testified Lver willing to lend .1 helping hand, Carp could JlVK'.1V's he depended on for the fullest tooperation Sailing, hiking and iirterhuggintg dominated Ins Iree hours, and he took a luck seat to no one in any UlYIl1CI11 Tl1eplel1es soon learned that Carp wanted them In he req The old saving, l'lj0.lSl5.1V, not Niaomza FALLS, NEW YORK Ed started out plchc year by taking hrst place in rhc annual current events contest, and throughout his three rears hc was a constant source of information lor the learning plchcs Then his bride-to-he came to Marvland. and many were the happy weeltkends they spent together Besides academics and matrif as l do," was appropriate Willing and ahle to meet .1n1'l1od1'. Adnural or hllnd drag. Carp is a weleoine addition to anv crowd 102 rl ,V money, he starred at bridge Many is the tin1e he made thrcc no-trump without the essential two and one-hall' Cases' developed an uncannv knack f1f'miSS1ne lhvl Upapf' but under his carefree man' ner he was a sincere, ambitious fellow. Genial, jovial, hut non-reg' Well-liked bv his classmates. an all-around great guy' Thais our Ed' all HE SECOND ' : Reginald Doyne Clulrln DETl!lil'l, Nl ICIIIGAN Wurlu a ilUllC that li a du-.ungumshnmg gl1ar,rqr,5mUC and a pcrmancnr feature, Rag was alwavs rcadv rn pun IH .1 good word YVltl'1 a l1cJrt as lug as J Srqam rl-YCC,l1C constantly lcnr a lwclpmg lxand Alrrurnnunx lluund lum ln iluc gvm, on ll1c atlalcuc l:l1:ld,ur pull mg .rn oar in crew Evcrv n1glul'oundl11n1 waging Llxc lwarrlc ul' thc rcccdmg l1a1r lmc wxrh lus guarf anrccd Fnrclfs A home lover, cspccnallv wrtla a ccrram lwlnndc, he anuclparcd rhar wlmrc collage as -. .4- Warren Richardson Colman, r. Rnxwxrl,N1wlxllxuu Dcparumg lrrnm rlxc place xxlmcrc rlxu War lwqlnx and thc paxcmunl ands, Bus has pnwcd lux .ll'lllllCN ln arlxluuo ax wull ax rn JfJxlClUllN lx-r lux runrrr lauunn KU :lu pcrlruct rcunrd nl rlw plulw I-v--rlaall team lxc was awardud lux numcralx Hu ruurwd xrmlllar awardg ln wrurllng, rlwc xpnrr rn xxlmlx lic cwnunucd rn cxccl Ax a ruulr ul' Ins mrnral puwcrs, Bus nccupxud a luglm rung un rlw laddcr ul class standing Pmycsscd wulw the dcslru rn wr .1 polw well dunc, Bus, thc lnglx rgcarcd dxnamn, raku wrrh lnm tlnc admlrarmn nl' lux glasx much .N u:ns1gn'S Strlps l'lax'1ng Sccn rhu blnndc, and luvlng nlwcrvcd Ins cunsclcntiuus manncr wc predict Rcg, XVllllIXCClJ.lOl1QllWlWll1lll'lC5 Richard Guy Colqulwun Cllklul l Nl, ll?-Xllll Dick ,imc In thu NJYAI Acldcmy wuh J VJUCU- 01' ,wmv almur ldalm purarmgx and a prnnwunccd Iarrlx r A A . , - . 1, lulncsx tn a swccl, ruung thang lrum luck lmmc Bowling J fllm SWF "l 'Ulf -md J lulllll V' hull Nm' L Baldx waR n wr l mg ln xx mmm, lrrlunds ln Llw cumpxnx l.xlxun1uxLnvlL1N,D1cls duwratcd Llw vxuclxlvNl1rulvlurx r u v Av , . , '5 1 l Bldxllralvilrlluxn luis, laur he alwayx managed to curuc uul un ull' D'W"'mR 'll Luk 'WJ MJ nl' A l H K L t lun xmdu, nm as ln: has :hc Naval .-Xuadurm, lwcamc hc 15 rallnr madc lnr succcw BYIINIIUN '03 Kennetlujolmson Cole Nun llxxsw Kuvwrr run: lylxun lun raml tw rln ,lrarlrxux lu lrrumglvl lm l7-vwr1c.m Yankn wan, rnrmsumg nrnnlr ul ,r lnu lur Mlllllhl .uquxrul un rlu NNN' l r1gl.xl1llrrl.N Hu arrallnmnr Uv ilu xpnrx lgaxmrl lm lun :lu xwllllrw1wr.l puxlllnlr nl Yur knnnu--ll.-rl ul mln llnar Lvlulw Wlmrn xurrzvr .arm and Luqr rnnlrl nu lnmgcr mul, lu' rurmul ru lrnrxng, .rnll N-mn lmaluc .xn uxlwrl Ill ilu' .ur llrr rlnvrr ,ru-l Ulu Lvlula wurc qrarul xvltlr lux ll Ilan, anrl lu pllvurl rn lu' vnu ul lXlr K'-xllx x lwxr Irrxllnlxxnmlx lxrn wrll var: lm Naxal .arur urrlx lhux .x-. lux Nam will Null .1 Llvr11lm1.1rwr1Mumrvr l.ul t , ff- - -K JD G- William ames Cook Richard Tarleton Crane Robert Emery Cummingshlr. lr-ur SMI I lr, Armvxwsu Arl..1nx.1sl1.1s.xll who .nlv.u1r.1qcs nl rhu whulc mun Irv Anil .x liuw more lllkl .ull Conkru Hu lux ilu' surrsrlfs .rr hrs hngcr ups lllll luxnlm' ll1KCI'CNIL'al ID !lIINlWlIIhL ll'I lwvrr Smnh Hlgh Silas-ol .mrl run- rcmrauil un rr lwn' Aluxug with rumlwlrng, hc Lxiullul .li rlurr lhlxllllll, sLr.m4l1tu1lng out lux furlv lurks lu turnulg lurk lllPN0l1 .lNllPPQTl'slL1lx 'I-lllx. lal!l11fU f1K'Vlff lllkl IUU lflllfh Ki, XVUrfl Jlwllllt H1 :ln .xr ,nluuxr lxnr, hut rho l'xrcL1Ilvc l5cp.1rtl1w11t lwpt glow un lux Im-li, mln' rcuwn living XVUINUII Hu nrvcr ruulul smirk In .rll thc rulcs, nu matter hun' hc mul, hut hc usuallv gut lw ames Gillespie Dickson, r. lf -Xl IWYRU, NUR l ll Q1 'xklu IN X l'.11.1ro mmf uv N.rw.1lur.1 vnumg lllc ul xxgxmlcr mg Hu wuruluw lYTlCl'NlNlI1 Haxtl, xnl'LxcrtuR1n-, .H Urmc m Lumlun, .xml Ihmuqlmnr :hrs fnumri Now wc .xrc .rlrlc uv orll Klux ull, slum lclhm nur lrruml, .xml wc Lhv rr prmnllx, lrur hu lux nrnprusfrl Hx xvnh hrs puxuncv, ll1lCllljLU1CC, mnxnlumtlun nl urhcrs, .mn-.l hnc suns: nl' hunwr Hrru .lt Nur, l'.11Ar-wk Lxxorncu dlvursmnx luxc lwccn crux .xml pnlxcr Kun mirror .md ilctcrxnlnml Qllnrr lmvc won hrm nur mmncrx m lwrh cmlc.xx'ors Our smccrc lwpc lNIl1.ll hu willdrawl11s"rm.1l"1nclns g.1mcc-lrlllrc, l'url1cpl.xu1Kxx'cll H 'KY XYARD, C 'KI II KIRNIA Allllxlllgli .Ill .1fs.lCI'll and Jcuvc mcrnlwcr ol' thc Call Irnrnxq lumnr Clrnnlwr ul' Cummcrcc, Dlclx vvas pnllcnr nml Llmlrsrsmndnng wuh hls lcss lrnrtulunc cl.1xxn1.1tcs uvcn Tcxms During Dlulos sojourn .rr thc As,.hlCl1N', wcml actlxltxui, lWfIL.lllC, llCllUl'l, frcw and Jqnlurmwm urulx up lux umc ln than order Hrs .nmlunm purmm, xcununglv ncgluflcd, ncvcrf rhulus mnkul lnm ln the first quartcr ul :hc class. .lllxl hls mural Acuxltlcs gavc him A host ul' l'flfl'lxls Anil lrrum rhc limb ul' lus lnclxcr Jour thu' wcrc hcaurnlul lrrxumls Drckk cnrlwuxmsm, cncrgv, and purwnnlnu' wxll Jlwavs cam :hc respect .md ad, l11ll'.lUUl'l ul'.1ll who work wnh hmm 10-I Gram: Nncx, LUNG lSLAND, NEW YORK 'lack docs nur say much, hut those who hrcak under hrs cover of dngnnv hnd .1 big hear: and :L truc fncnd He had thc Force and thc perseverance that all of us cnvv and respect Ha possesses a wondcr' ful scnsc ul' humor, cnjovs wrestling and baslccthall. hum ic is indccd fortunate for him that vocal abilitv rs nun 1 rcqumnc of .1 Naval olhccr Wrrh two ambnnrns in lxlic to rats longs of gold hrzud and to Color' .1 luppv home, jack has faced this 'Battle of rho Scvcrnm wuh A seriousness and enthusiasm than lus hroughr hxm rccognluun .md admirgxtion THE SECOND 511 - , 1 -, 4. ...K Jarljames Diffenalorfer Coiwwmsvii ti, Wrscowsm jigfjig, .I-sqiurcd, or just plain Dill is A m.1n In lug rcmcmbcrcd by all of us, not onlv for his Cmggv, Wisconsin pmhlc, but for his cqunlly rugggd ,md lirm disposition Academically, as wcll .is .mthf lcticallv, Dill asscrtccl this valuable trait to urn thc rcputntion of being an honest, diligent worker OFF. , V ' William Roy Dillen 1.1 af, 01111 w11.Cx111111xN1x l31llX n1qkn.1111t, Piqklt, whiqh w.1x tlcr11'ttllr11111tl11g Dill in Dillcn, is nm1t.x rcllcttiun unl11xpurxun.1l1tV f it is mort thu tli.1111ctr11' iwppmitu sln untliuxi l .1St11: mcmlitr ul' thu pltlw tr.1clt tc,1m, lliultlc won hix numcr.1ls. running thu tlLl.1l'lCI'IT1llC l-lix xutontl war llnuntl him un thc uxxtcr inxtutl nl' tht tuck As xltippcr ul' the 'iHurnct," Picltlc hrucictl tlirlviiigh Nu tluscriptiun all is cuiuplctc, lwxwvigr, with lrcqucnt races viutorinuxli Wliun hu 11.1xn t Mllllllxl, out including hu quick' Gynugium grmv wuplui Bill tux plying hritligt, ,1n11tlicr ul hu l.1x'11r11r with an imptitlcnt scmc ol' humor, which varictl l"rlf"'mC5 ll Pnklc l'l'xlll'llN Ill' umc 'rllhlrdlilcr m from running the UPPUCIJSS JS J plcbcv and AP! the Hcct that hc lux .xt tht .-Xortluiii, hc will llntl proprmting hu wil'1:'s clmw, to making thc lvourtli th-H ll' 'S 'H '1-,mf "l 'll' N"l'l' class yur ul. '48 and '.iq vcritahlc W.1tcrloos ol' impossihlc quutinns, Robert Emerson Eastman hlrl1t1I1,CMi1nRNIx Alter clasacs Boh coultl usuallv hc llouml in unc ul' two places un tht wr0tll11i,g111.1t or in ln, hunk .mtl in Cithcr :asc hu wb tht on his hack Using .1 scrvitc rillt .15 .1 tttthimg ring .1n1.lh1xl,1thtr .ix .in tmmplt, l nh h.15longh.1tl his mind uct on entering thc Marina Corp Now it scum llul llllx ILIUHNC llm "WW WW W-W L0 ph1'sic.1l limiutitins, .intl thc Suppli' Corps gun .inuthcr good man rllwaw ruth tuuntur 1nti1.1nv lnrm til' wcial sport or pastime, Bch has thc l'Cl1'l.ll'liJl'lC qualiti til winniml lf'Vn'l5 -'ml Ill! llllm-l FUNK U' WCP thcm Hxiiiimx 'UU 'ia Donald Lee Donoliugli Hlllmnsxll1xLlI,K'1111i111N1x 'l'l1r1111igl11-111 hu 1't'.1rx lvi mln- 5t'11'r11 cxtrirviir t.1111c tu ltnuw lliwn lw hu um' gluing 11111 .lr rim., .1111l l11 tl1.1r i1lu,1111 111 lux tim xxl1t'11 ln' tlrt'.11111ul ul lllllk' Wtult with 1l1.1t 1'rrt,11n 11111' .lltl11111i1l1t1111.1qt'tl 111 .1llx11rts 11l.1tt1x1I1t'x,l1c still l111lI1tll11111' 111xt.1r.111tl to pull ,1 luxti' 11.1r hir 1 .1rx1i1' trcw Wlwn t1111::t'1l ,ix 111 thu wtrtt ul lm xinttwx in .1rr.111g111ig l1l111tl 1l,1tcx lor l11s lricnrlx, hu prmitlli ruplittl "I 111111c lmm .1 living lint ul N'l.1x1111x " l11xx.1rtll1' .1 N111 111,1i1, hui 1111t1x.1rtll1 .1 Li.1l1l11r11i,111 lit-'ll 1-r11l1.1hl1 will ht pr.11x11111ll1t' 1x'1111tlt'tx11I ilu- 51111 51.111 urn .xllcr hc lit-t111111'x ,111 ,-ltl11111.1l , , l 5, K WAX ' iv' -VCL N. Hervnanjoseph Estelman Joseph Dennis Evans Di iimii, Mit IIIMAN KBWI NSY!! Ll. OHIO l'lix miviiiirmtcx claimcel rlmr ht' untcrctl thc Acatl rim wtarinig .1 :nur xuit .intl tarrvinig a xurveri'nrK rranxit untlcr lm arm, lwur l-ltrm tlisqlaiimxl any thing mnrc f.lxllt.1l than .1 Ilashv hair cut anti .1 xaltv tap Hi' tlitl Lnnw xiirvcxlriig, tlwuigli, antl wt rt'i11unl1t'r wht-n Hum trittl tu xravc ull .in rmpuntlinig Urtlnantc qui: wirh .i prulnngutl tlix tuwi--ii nl thc tranwitk iixu all tu nu avail Du truiiR wurtt nl pritli' .intl lm wivcslwurcc nl' worry ,intl um' Ltpt pluigigiiiq, limwwr, .intl mir nmxt r--mlurrinig tlwiitglit ix that whtncwr wc we that milii lmmiir tivimml uvur tht lmriznn, wc ran xrantl lu I-vt .1 tguutl film' Reginald Valentine Ferry Huxul til ll, l"l xxx' X11 'Vlit Snutzt tame tu rlir .Ntatltim lrrum l-lnnnlulu .ilttr xtrxing in rlir llctt xintt lltarl l'l.rrlwr Hr lux httn .1 hung rtal cxrarc .itlvurtixcintnt int lux natxxt lantl Yuri Nhnrtlx, .i large numhcr nl lm tlassiiiattx hope tn paw rlirnuigli rlir islantlx anti thctlt nn .1 lux' ul tht xtatcmrntx tliuifvt hctn hear img Due to lux inherent nature, hr Iuuntl liimwll xtiiiarclx in rlit initltllu ul .ill thu antitw that llunclix and Ilh NJN iuniur were tunxtantlx' pulling The primari tunttrn ul lm tuur at the Ar.itit'im hat hun who to tlraig next wtclt untl Now, limvcxcr, ht lx almut tu taltt nn .i pruhlcin .i lirrlc nwrc imimrtant Xl'HAlNl' "Pull the xwitth"' lt's luxt loc tinkering aruuntl with gear in the IILIICC lah again Alter tinkering with Im lwliwuti galripmx, 'Inc tlccltlctl tu go in lint mmctliing higger, sn the Navy was natunxllv next lltpcntlahlc, tunstiuntiuua, and lnatlrtl with igoutl comnmn wnsc, lin: was thc right guy tn have .iruuntl in .1 pinch, whether it was tn help nut un a prnh nr to Ltcp thu YP llrmn parking on thu rcar tcrratc luck light with zoran i.liJn't help lm luttlc with acatlcniirs, hut thcrc were law wht- tniiltl Jn ax well .ix hr tlitl with much .1 mini- mum nl' triirly W le Donald Willet Everett lQlNGSTON, New YORK Floating in from thc wilderness of upstate New York, hc came to us, and after his twenty years will naturally retire there with as much feminine companionship as pussiblc Though never quite a xtar man, hc had grey matter and coulcl use it when he wanted to, though that was seldom , ,.,,. .. 'Wifi V Navi' lvluc and gnltl, he wa5 our living example nl' the winc, women and mng philosophy ol' lil'C Sociahlc and friendly, hi: was always rcatlv to VIOIH ln JI1YIl1lr1g that rcscmhlctl having a fine time and 'mf SU!-ZKCSIIHQ, physical cxcrtiun A truc friend, hi will .ilwais share thi: hcst with the hcst 106 it H F S L ci 0 N D Guy Wallace Ford, Jr. SAYRE, C31-CLAHOMA Oklahoma born and bred, this versatile lad can-ic tu Annapolis alwtcr two years ofcullcgt, and quicklv adaptcd himself to Academy life His savnir-faire lcd him to become noted fur the queens hc was to hc seen with on dragging wack-cnds, and hc bqgamc thc acknowledged senior mcmbcr of the Flying 'XL S., Squadron Other week-cnds would hnd him un the gulf course, rcplcmshing his hnanccs He also sccmcd to hnd plcntv ol' time for sailing during the summer, and xarsity gvmnastics during the winter months Hrs cast-going amiahillty, cnmhincd with his ahihty to learn, should make hum a capahlc olhccr L .- Thomas Winthrop Frazier hllxiviiu, Trwwrwii A scrmua attitutlc with a thccrx xmulu, a pasxum lor an cvcning iam xcxxitwn with his guitar, and a natural JlWlllU' in all things atadcmit matlc 'lanmm popular with cvcrvunc with whiwm hu came in fun tact Pts a result, ht wax cluctud xctrctart ul' hu clan. Hn umtintxng ctmpcratiun and umwcrvimg attcntmn tn dailv matters of dutv haxc lwcn lm tonsimtcnt hallmarlt 'lnurrrtxrus xtraightltwrwartl mctlmdx have marlttd him and have Qivtrr hu shipmatcs axsutancc ul' solid dcpundahilitr When hc was nut writing lm U A O , hu was a tunmx man and an uutxtandxnq hattalnvn lmwlrr ames Ferigle Gallagher Pin tatxtwmlt, l'iNNr.x1x vu x Two years at Carncgic Tech and a year in the hlarxnc Lurps, plug a natural alnhrv in Nlathcmautx and Enginccnng made afadcnucs thc lcaut ul' liinhtfs worries at the Acadcmv His hrlllxant wit and xcnac til humor madu lim an inexhaustxhlu suurcc ul' cntcrtarnmcnt in the mtv hall and carntd lor him a multitude ol' lnqndg qrnlgng hig glggsmatcs A gui' with the courage ul' his tvwn tunvittuvns, lim pmxcd to cvcrvwnc 1-1 l L H Hi and .1lK.li.lCl' nl' mcn, whuthcr it hc in the Nam ur Marine t at ac has what it takes to ma 'c a nt U CCI Corps BXjlTXl ION 107 .au Robert Emmett Fredriclcs rlxmrsuuww, Ntmtul Uxtttn x Whcn thnx tall, tlnict latl lrtvm llalttrta ptnnvtl ut plulw xummcr, hu hail wt tt- wt' lux lxrxt xlnp lt made litilt tllllcrrntr tn him, l--r lltvlw Lncu xxhat he xxantttl antl wtnt alttr it, NltllltllllL1 xxrll up rn thu rlaxx .mtl attaining tlt-xt-rwtl rt'tt-tgnitum lt-r attunq in tht' lNl.m1trt'r.1tltvx' prtvtluttuvm lhx alnliutw alm rxtintlrtl to tht' lultl ul Iuuing In xxhlth hc .lcvt'ltlprtl tt-rmtltralwlt' xltrll llix ltwtl hcatl and lranlt mauncr haw lwun a ig vtvt l mllutntt' nn Cxffvllldk' tllrlillllkl ldllll, illltl If lx il lNfUllxlll1.lIlKXllH tan was lu- Lm-wx him, ltlr In lltllw In lux a irut lri-:ntl lor lilr 0. 1 ws .E Richard Steven Gardiner David Lee Gardner lwXNIlUN.X lslfXLll, IHIIIRIIYX Sl l0l'I5, lxllSSUl'Rl Unk U,xrtlxm'l raxxxu tu Navx' lmxxx l7.1xtun.x lleaelx, x'x,x .'al1rxxxtlxL'xwllcl.1a' xxx Olxxxx Ht .Wxxtixxelx be mul, tlx.xl xx'.xr xxlrexxqxxxeerxxxig xrlxxml rn .xxxxxre .x x.xle, but lexxxxrelx, plclu' x'e.xr Yxxxxxxtgxrer x't'.xr wax largely .x t.xxe .xl xrxxtxgxxexxxxxxi rlxe bttxxxxx .xxxtl llxgxx Depart xxxvnrx lle.xrxx une .xxxtl xpxxt 'cm xxxl l-lxx nxxvxt xxxx pxxrraxxt rxxxxmgxter .xttxvxtv wax pxxrxfwxmr xvl'l'l0r1el.x xxraxxxqrx ru rlxe xuvx-xxtl tletlx lxlinxvr artxvxtxex were xaxlxnq .xml rlablxlxxxxg xxx tlxe lVl.xxlxi.xx ellxaxx pulxtxcx lvl ilxx' llxnxl Qlxxlx llt- xxx.xlxcx .x lxnc xvxle lrxvr .xnxxxne wlxxr lxlrx xgxxaxnx lrllx .xml tlxxexxrr xxxxntl ralxxxxu rlxc xxnxlrxmxx xlxxXK'l1lxrIl1L'I,Hlxxl'xl1xxp everx' weelx Robert McLeod George l3xnxxNxx,.llx1!xxNN laxvlx fame lrrnxx tlxe xantlx .xxxtl rautxxx ol Arizona Lo xxxxn xxx at Hx-tel lhxxcrxwllt llelxxrc turning lxxx flmlllllxrx txr tlxe Nax x, laxvlx earxxetl .x tlxplxvxxxa lrrxwxxx Plxxxrxxxx, rl C , maxxxrxxxq xxx rlxuxxxxeal cxxgxxxecrxrxxg, anxl tlxen wxxrlxt-tl lm .x xe.xr .xx a lxxtlrxxgraplxer Tlxxx ex.lxxt.xtx-rn lxelpetl lxxxxx txx lwemxxxc unc ul' tlxrw: xeleet lexx' nv xpxxrt startx nn lxxx lapel limb .xppuxretl ratlxcr axxxet, but lxxx lrxentlx soon learnerl that xvlxen -1 xxf-Html Ixxl.e xx.xx pl.xx'etl, Blu Lxexxrgc xxyxx txxxxallx xnxxxlxerl Llmlxxxxbtetllx tlxe lixxtxxre will bear xvllt nur txxxxxxetxxxxx tlxat Bula xx rlxe lxttlc man tlxat wxll x1xx.xlxvnxL,lxxI1g xxxxx' Uxxn'r let l5,xx'e'x xi:e tleccivu xoxx Being one ol' tlxe yxxuxxgext .xntl xxxxallext men xxx lxxx class tlnesnlt lxandxcap lxxm, lxdx alwavx rxglxt up there on the top wxrlx tlxe best ol' tlxcxxx Belxxre joining xxx, Dave pmlxterl by tlxree vearx at Amlnver, and xnanv sum- mers ul' xaxlxxxg ull' tlxc xlxurex ol' Maine XVxtlx lxxs exxnxt.xntly elxangxnxg lxeart, Dave! biggest prob' lexxxx were lxxs xgxrlx anel tlxe question LJ wlxielx one to put lxrxr Were xxxru that Gard! cxperxcxxee xn nx.xn,xx1xnxg x .xrxxrr xpxxrt squads will certaxnlx' xtand lxxm in xgxxutl xrcatl wlxexx the time qxxnxcx ru manage rlxc I-leer 108 f ' J" f John Theodore Geary Pxxonrxxxx, ARIZONA Reared midst the sping Cacti and abundant citrus ol Arizona, tlxis beautiful bunk ol' rrxanbood lands much to criticize in tlxc pxzrversity of Maryland wcatber. Time not spent in denouncing the cle' ments, or in admiring food and femininity, was atlrnirably adapted to placing himself well toward the head ollxxs class Three vears ufcrcw well spent to preserve that splendid body and brace lolm practiced tlxc art ul' being serious with the same dilxf gcnce he accorded to scouting up between-meal Cbxvxx' Well always be gratclwul for that trait--il saved bis classmates mam' Executive Department lxcadaclxes and increased our boundless respect liar a swell guy. THE SECOND ,371 , Y Y ,, ,V f 'ZX ' 1- V Muscoe Minor Gibson NORRISTOWN, PtNN51't,v,-xNt,1 Hoot is proof that the hest things come in small packages After plehe year, the rcdfheaded Yanltet next door heeamc mv wife!-and what .1 wtfeu Vary few people can do cvcrything, but Gihgon ig one of the gifted, Without exerting himsqlf in academics, he almost starred, and though handi- 8 capped hy his size, hc turned in good performances in soccer and lacrosse As for friends, he had more than his share A wonderful per5onality, and .1 desire to have C1 good time, made him a must in every partv So wc hequeath to the Navv a prize possession, and .1 potential leader. Hoot Gihson 4- .... N. K ames Walter Griffin lxtrtmxvix 1 I, luntnvx kr Noah Webster Golce III Whtn ut l1t'.1ttlwx11t-utw tell ul 5l1trl11.1r1'1n'tn'.1t Il3l'UlIx1l1 Utorgua, lwlort' lt-rrcxr, xx 1' tt-ultl .1l11.11w lu' xnre Lrrrll11'.1x,1tg.11t1nt1l11xl,11t-rltvtupn Utiuu I1.lllY lrum h,vUvh1l.l 'lk-ull" lvlt th.xt tht' Yanltct' lmturx lint-lu hail tht Num all wr-mu .Xt tum' yniwtl, he l1et.u111' tht' ltatlintg totituntltr lm tht- titlt' ul the ".fXt.1tli'n111N tn-wt rt-tutlvtl h.urllnt' U Ht 11',uut1t'ol rlrt'1x1.11rm.1t-1.-I tht- h.1tt.1ll-in lout yy lull tum tlnrlnq hu inure .ithlrtn 1111-uiutru Wlrun I1Mlsl11wN, Nl 11' Yultk The Naval Atadcmt wax the goal ul Weli from the time hu wax ahle to hntgerprint lux tlatlk up Being .1 Navi' lumor had ru thllitultxex when ht wax asked, A'lYl1ercxuul'ron1, lNl1xtet"' Hr hnallx wttlttl on Hawaii, and went on tu xtrexx it and tu heautv tn numtruux thtmex in plthe llull All nl' NYeh'x timt wan uxetl to rtx hcst ,1tl1.1ntatge, with never .1 minute wastctl Studv huurx lound hum hitting the lmolu Al'ttrnmvt1x he wax eithtt in tht wreitling lolrt or on the tcnnix tuurtx, .intl lrew weclt ands went hx th.1t he waxn't tlrdutgxmg hlltltex Nax 1ltt-mtrtrtrinnttlm thmen held, hut wherexer he gots l1t xxill n1.iltt lm 11:11 Robert Justice Grimsley Llkl LN5nl1Kll, NUR l ll Cfxlllll lY X Bob came to the Naval Academv as .1 fugitive from his mam' Southern ltmale atdt1a1nt.1meN With lm mottos "Thu eam't fry me " and "lust plat' tht lgame cool like me " hc hetame .1 promment memlwtr of both thc gxgguritg rrqfk and crew nquads PIUl1l1l'lY mhctited lrrom Int natixt settnvn ol tht totxntrx, ht was never seenutaking .1 strain unlms thc situatton warranted ir " AC.1elEl1'lliN I'lCXCflWUKl1CfCtll1lH1,WllY1k'lNN1if hotlmfgd with ghgm H15 gggy-going nature, and congenial petsonahtx h.11e won lor htm .1 hmt nl laxtimy friends Vfnth his Naval career just starting, nts lnstt-rx will stand ax .1 tnhutt to poxttrm BAJIT XI ION l 09 ? wlntvr t.1n1c, Knttll .tlwarx ltlt that tht- N.11,1l ,'lt.1tlt'l111' whutxld lw ltmxvtl l.1rtlnr wuth lint ,ix lomg.1xl1c ixnut ttvol.1r r1't11n1t'tlIrul11tln'i'1lu,1lut llC.lHxlIl1C N111 mlllwt-m1tI1t'Iwt'tt ul tt-tnr-, ii' R. 1 Wx" Oliver Sawyer Hallett Leslie Myron Hartmann Edson Keith HartZe1l,Jr. I5111111, N1 w l-1,111111s111111 A 1111ns1'ns11.xl l1'r11 111s111g, .1 lirrlc 'i11x11" 111 rcatl, .1 pxpt 111 s11111l1r, .intl 11111 11111 111111'l1 s11.x111, 1111-x1 1x1'r1'Ll1t'1c11u1s11I US' 11111111110 111 c111111' oncls sell' 11111 .ll N.xx1' 1.11111 s.11lin11 111crc.xst1l tlxc 1111111 1111111 .1111l 111111111111 .Ill 1111rl1't 1111 l"l.ll11'Kli.1ll vigor, .1111l his 111.11111 was 111111111 rulluttutl 111 .1 srrxng 111 lc111'rs,s1.xr111x11 xx 1111 .111 N s1.1rpl1:111'1'c.xr111r v.1rs111' s1x111111111111 His 111.111 11.18 also wall .1l111x'c XKHIICI' 111 1111' .x1'.11lc11111s v1'lx11'l1 x1111l1l111 1111 tlircc vcars 111' 51'x'c11x's 111114, .1111l 1111s was 111,111.11gu1l 11111111111 1111 1l11c -.'x1'1111111 .'1111l11111111s .xn1l1l-.'pcn1l.xl1lc, 111 111111111 111 .lI1Yf11lll11UIl1K31111811111IUlIl'l11K1lC c1111 Eugene Marion Henry S NNI 111 xN11s111, C x1111111N1.'1 11111111111 11111 1l111l1N111 .1 11111111 1111111 cl111cl1l'11ll 111' 1g11r1gt1111s 11'111.xlcs, 1111c 1l11nl1s 111' H.111l1.'s 1'11r A 111111 4111, 111' 14111 .1r1111111l, .ind 1115 111.1111 x1'11rr1' was 1l11111s11x1g 1111 l1111x'11'c.1rurc 1.111 1111: lrxilloxving x1'1:t1.' und 1"l111x'cx'cr, 11111 .ill 111s lirxtntls xxtrc girls 13111114 .1 Hat 111.111, and l1.x1'1ng lxvud xn 1111111 C.1l1l11r111.1 .1111lC11l11r.1d11, 11: s1.1r1u1l11111 xx 1111 plcn1x'11l'l111d1l1cs .intl .xs 111111 xvcnt 1111, 1l1r1111gl1 tl1111r, xarsxtx xvrcst ling 41114 surf 11111111111 11111111 111 his 1111111 11111n11, 1.1f.U' 1x'1ux1111111 11191 and his quxtr, 1111.xllc11cd 111a1111ur, 1111 cxrclc 111' l'r11g111lx 11rr11' grcatcr frxcrids, stars, and drags 1111411 I111 1111.xls, .11111 1114 11.11nc1l 1111111 .1ll XVAIIIA11111, lc1wA "Mr H.xr1111.1n11, uwrx' time 11111 start to speak I 1a11 src 111.11 l11xv.1 rom V1'3X'lI1j,lll1Il'lClWl'CC1'C " Thus sp11l1c onc Sliinni' 111111 111 our 111111 hlilqc But no 1111c is 17111111511 1111113 111' 11ur 1'11rnl111sl1cr, whose quiet and 111111d 111.xn111:r1sms 11.1111 carnutl him many .1 n11'Ln.1111c, not rlit luasr 111' 111111111 is "Tl111ndcr- 1111111 1' H13 l1111n1l amplu 11111l1:1s 1-111 his cncrgxcs 111' 111111111111 Ins horn long and hard 1111 thu N A 111, 111111111111 .1 1xCY position with thc d1vor'di11gcrs, .xtting .xx l1ul1x1s111,x11 lor 1l1c 1o4' Ring Dancc and H1111 C111111111t1cc, and patxng rlxu cxtra dutv squad .xr1111111l 1'.1rr.1g11r P11111 .. 110 BRISTOL, VIRGINIA Keith, wirh his good looks, curly hair, and smart appcarancc, had a dchnitc advantage over his class- mates in "making with thc amour." His offer to "hx you up" constantly reminded us that he was a devil at Dulce, However, regardless of his uxtcnsivc social activities, Harpo still managed to 1 5 star in Bull He also was a constant companx' rcprcscntauvc on cvcrv sports squad Super-Harpds interest in art and politics wcrc coordinated in the crcation oli a poster, winning a football game, hut losing thc clcction Harpo, with his whistle, watcr- folorcd Steam drawings, practical jokes, and lrrxcndlv laugh, will ncvcr hc 1'org11tt1:n, I HL? ShiC'ON'I7 Eric Monroe Hooper BmMiNGHAM, ALABAMA Il' Hoop wasn't around the hole, he was sure to he found either at the boat house or enjoying rhggq meager hours of liberty With an eye toward hig Naval career, Hoop started the academic race at M M l,- His choice of sports was completely in keeping with his choice of career, with crew holdf vb ing a slight edge over sailing These were thc natural causes of his famous appetite, and woe to the plebe who didn't see to it that Hoop got his fair share of chow, Generous, cooperative, and a friend to he proud of, Hoop is out to enjoy life to the utmost, L 4. si Perry Frank Hunter, Ill NllRlilSl'i3NN'N, Pl NNSXI Y,XNl X "lX"hich way did he go, Creorqeln The man laehind that phrase was Frank, even disposmoned, ln'l1ll.1 delphia Nlalnllner The Norristown Chamber ol' Commerce and l'laverford School nex er had a hetter puhlicity agent Quicltfwitted l' le had no trouhle with the academics, standing high in that department As an esample of his versatility he also excelled in athletrcs A knee inliuri presented Frankie from playing varsity hall. nexertheless he was a high-scoring ecmpany haskcrhall player Find .1 bridge game and there was P F , lor he was one-hall' of the famous Tepper-Hunter partnership We all got .1 great l-ciclt watching him share each month No truer friend can hc found Charles Richardsonjeffs, Jr. Lorsrtr Bi-acn, C.fxi,iroRNiA Following in the footsteps of his father, Chuck came to the Academy with the Navy his amlution And ambitious he proved to he Plehe year he spent his esrra hours golhng or swimming, lmth ol which he did very well His lasr two years at thc Academy Chuck conctnmtcsl on will rllrlwugh he dcwtetl relatively little time to giqadgn-rigs Buster has stood consistently high in the class We xx ill rememlaer him hes: hy than 0" ' I - -k ' h' r 'A' h ' h' 'illin attitude, and by his exceptional ahilitx A Navy man at heart, ecasiona crac in is xoite, y ISW 8 Chuck has chosen a career well suited to his personality. B Kill Xl,IUX lll John William Jaliant rllsltursl, Klum lr may haxe laccn In-humls hair or the txxitih in his xoiie that igaxe him the name Silly, hut at am rare, he was a smooth rharaeter l'h'he year Sillti won lame with his mess hall rourmes and his lamons anti Oriental orations lolumy will he rememherell lor his prctli-iniriale charaticristn, lauglung, whuh hc tlitl principally at qultes and Steam' profs :llrlmuigli ontst.mtlinig on :he tha mound, his atlilctit acliicvcments were primarily on the lvasltetlwall tmirt lr will he like losine an tar to part with rlie Sllls, hu! wln-:utr ln goes, his character will insure lor him lrientlslup, arlxmiarion, .mtl sutcess If N r N Lester Fremenjolxnson, r. Richard Standishjones William Bowen Kash Yrxxu, IH xwtxx xx Wx x Wx-.xxrzvxx x r, Mmm Pfxxzxs, KEN'I'LVCKY Iolxnnxc xsxx'x l,x:x', lxx' was IllNl lxxxrn txruxl .xml ncvcr gut rulctl llc raxxxc to Navi' lroxxx Uxcltxxmsxxn Cxxlluqt, .xml lxax xxxntxxxxxul to cxpxxuml lm t'nvx.xblc plxxlxxsxxplxx' xxl lxlx' Hrs uaw xlxxllllxlu tarulrcc man nur taxxxxw tvurxwxxxc xxx lxlw lxxxxx xxxxxxxctlxatclx' l'or xpxvrtx Vlxxlxxxxm' was most xxxtcrututl in swxxnxnxng .xml xmxxt xxxxxxr ul' lxxx txxxxc playing lxxs Lxvorxtc xpxxrx, xvattr polo 5xxcx.xllx', lxc wax xxxxrctl lor lxxx xx xtlc varxcrx -xl tlraxgx, axxxl lxc lxartllx tvcr xxxxxsctl .x hop or .xxxx xxrlxur wxxal lxxmtxoxx llcncatlx lxxx txuxct, xxxxaxxxxxxixxxxg xxx.xnmr, Ixr lx.xx .x xtrxoxxs wxtlc wlxxtlx xx xxxrt x-xxxx.1lxx'lxxxxx .x xixttux xxx xx'lx.xtcvcr lxc tlxxcx Robert Brendon Keating hlxxxxrxxxxx. bl xsxxtxxxwx x xx lltxrwxxxtlxxxxg lxrurarx alaxlxtx, .x rcmltmx In tlrcam, .xml axx lrxxlx xxxxxlt xxxatlt licarx xurx popular Nutr .xl ,x lxxxx lor rlxx L'-xrrctx phrasc, lxuaxxnxlxx lxxxxml lxxxxxxtll cxxxxrxxxxmllx purplcxctl xn rlxu rualxxx xxl lXl.xtlx lltxxxxwxx Ixxr alaxlxtx to xptalx Iltxrnt l'rcmh4'x with a tultxxrctl lloxtxxxx atttxxx, llxxlv wrc.1l,slx.xx'xxf .xxxxonxg tlxc oppxxxxtc wx Nptcd .xml .xgxlxtx xxx lrcmxxxg, xvrutlxng, aml xgxxllr atltl hx lxxx .xccxxxxxplxxlxxxxunxs Wanxxxxg wxxxt Jax to rttxrc .xml wrxtc a book Bula xxlttxx txtlaxxxxx "l raxxltlx, l'm xxorrxml H Wlxctlxcr lxcatx I.-llxxxxs rlxt Nga -xr rlxt pun, lxxx txxmxtlcr.xtxoxx lor .xtlxtrx .xml llxxtxxt alaxlxtx to xxxalxtc lrrxcmlx will lnCXlf.1l7ll lwflllll NllLkfLN'N .lllLl l1.lPplnCNN You fan tcll bv thc acccnt rhat Alorxcgxf was born xn Maine aml wlxoolcd .xt Colbx' College You can tcll by thc txxnc ul' lm trtxmpct rIx.xr hc is .1 musician par cxccllcnt Hrs lrrxcntla .arc so numcrxxus that lic hax not lruuntl txxxxc rn malta a Sxxxglc cnumx' lhxwcsxxrxq .x tlccp low lor xlxxxng .1nx.l catxng, plus a lxnc tawtx: lor lauautxq Dxtlt xx notcd lor having olytcn appcarctl with tlxc lxintl ol' drags that must lxcatls- txx spin A lxxxlc xcrxom work .xlwaxw gains amazing ruxultx lxxr lxxxxx, xxx that hc wxll do wall wlxcrcvcr lac gum lrxxxxx lxrrc 'idk From tht hluc grass of Kentucky and Kentucky Unxvcrsxty cami thc "noble one," William B Kash Born and raised in Bourbon County, he is an authority on bourbon and horse racing, his two lavorxtc subxtcts Although hc was no academic gcnxus, hc excelled in the realm of women and sports His carclrrcc manner has made him well lxkctl bx' all lm classmates and well known by mem' bars olrtlxc Exccutxvc Department. A Firm believer and .1 devoted lrollowcr ol' thc line nrt of dragging. hc was found at almost cvcrv hop, just to lcccp in xlxapc for track 113 THE SECOND Francis Lovell Keith lVl1DD1.151m11o, lVlAssAt11tvsE V15 Tall, darlt, and savvyv-and .1 New Englandgr through and through-Frank was one uf the H,-SK nl' our class to enter, After thar day, hc managed rn star rn academics whlle keeprng conlliqg with the Executive Department to a mrnimum Though nut an athletic or social slash, he still was to he ii lruund un tune of the company sports lrsts, and he attended most of the hops and entertmnmenm Noted for clhcrcney and gcnertxsrry, Fran usually had anv srtuatiun under control, and was a great help to us rn the tune nl' need Whether we were rn need ol' :lean whrte gloves, scrssnrs, crgaretres, ur ln CUCOLIYJQIHLI YNUIJ, he ll-ld an Jn5lfVlff KU CVCYV' thmg Q. .1 Q Ogden D. King,-Ir. A1 l,x11t.1 Alter hearlng hrs name must purple atgreeel L5 D was a httlng rule, altlwugh nther names were heard when he pulled some ul hrs upleal, Nan' yumnr rrleles A perleet pleture ul' U D wnulll he NVllll an address hnnk rn one hand and an emprx' coelttarl glass 1n the rather 111 W.1sl11ngrur1, 1-l course XN'un1en were hrs weakness even tlmuelr he was .1 "9',lh wcaklmg ll Strangely enuurgla, hrs plehv: vear nmtw was Hsleeplng 15 a waste nl tlme M Youngster year he retracted the statement, and hrsr class vear he caused mam' .1 3 11 mum rnspetrmn ehrt for Lll'lflL.lV hed William Edward Knaelael S1 4IusrP11,lN'l1sst11'1t1 Wlld B1ll was unduuhtcdlx the saluest memhcr ul nur etsmpanv lrom the mlnute he asked lgnvgn Watsula. H . an ,, ,. ' , .. blwuld we hrlng our gear when we enme ahtrard at 1400, srr we stntud 1n .xvxe ul hu xast and sululmlll rnhmte store ull knowledge, Wl1lCl1 flfllisl lVfUlT'l Pffllltlhl U-Unmll to ill' hull Mulllulllltt HE Phsul A 4 'l plum Summit' Sllshmg his WM. thmugh thc HHQ range,s1:a1'n.1nSl11p, and even rnlantrx Later, as was natural for one wrth hnuts so sea dustvr he mul. to vawl S-lllml-l Wllll laffn lmcfcgl HB 'bl' g"'nll' mmnu' 'l 'lmkl laugh, and last conaehaelxs made hrm a swell wlllu BATT.-1L1ON 115 K: Stewart Ashley Kingsbury .ANN rlltlmlr, lhlla 1111. 1N Srrxx was lwrrer lt111ww11 lw lns tl.lxslN.llUN .rs Sark lXl1ld lll.llll'lL'fk'xl, stvlt sp1vl.e11, .1111l raw qulllg, lwst tlesrrrhes lns pleasant l'L'l'NUl1.1llll' xvllll .1 guml .1t.1tlem11 mrntl, xtnrlres name e,1s1l1' lor l11111 He plan-rl hrs lwelr-1-url rl.1r1111'1 111 rlw rnlnrlul NA 111 l71xr1n11 spare 11u-rrrenrst ln' also pruxlrletl us wrth lnlls, lMl1lJ111lIll1.ll11 st-ssnnxs l11ll11w111gtl1e11111s1 ral lmes,51111tl.1v1111wr111mg xxuulrl l111tll11m Imllslnmg lns h.1ln rn prep.1r.1r11n1 l1.r srnrgrnrg w1rl1 rhe rlmrr .-X well rmrrldetl .11l1l1'r11 t.1reer was ln-131111 plrlw NK-ll lax' tlrrlllllll 1l11' .lllkllilf lllf lllf lllflll' AYHNN ruuntvx team l5.11t.1l1un srynaslw and tenms and krlllllprllll XX'l'L'Nl'lll1xL xxllll' lllN l.lIK'f NIlCLl.lllllfN C. ames David LaHaye hllll x N ll xx , Wxauxwsxrv l D txxmc txx xxx Irxxxxx tlxx: rlxcuc xt.xtc Wlxsuxxxsxn llclxxrc cntcrxnxg tlxc Aoxtlcxxxx' lxu wcrvctl xxx tlxc lilcrt .xx r.xtl.xrxxx.xn, .xxxtl xxwtl tlnx xxxpcrxxxr Lnxxxvlctlgu xxl r.xtl.xr tlxxrxnig lxrst tl.xss x'c.xr to lxxlxgc xxx .xll llcxnig l'rx'nt'lx, lxi' .xt xxxxtt Ixvxxl4 up tlxc .xrt nl' lltxxtixxg. .xxxtl lvx lx.xrt,l xxuxrlc xutxxruxl lxxxxxwll .x lxcrtlx xxxx tlxt tc.xxxx, .xml lxix N xt.xr Hu xx'.xs .xlxxuxys tlxrtzxtcxxxxxg txx uw rlxu p.xp .luring xxxxxxxxtgxtcr x'x'.1r. lxxxt lxrxt il.xw x'c.xr lxc xultlxxxxx xxxxxxltrutl llxt' .xxxxlxxrxxxn to txxxxxplcttlx lxll xxxxt .x lxxrxxx two VI D xx'xll .xlxxxxxx lu' ruxxxcm lxurctl lxx lxxs xlxxpxxx.xtxw lor lxxx txxxxtlt xvxt .xxxtl Lrillllllkllllltllllh Vllilliam Michael Lavelle Stx:,xNxoN, l'xNNsx'x x'.xNx-x Hcrx: xxxxx Nui: tlxt' Vfxxrrx fW.xrt, or Spook. .xx lxc xxuxx mxxxxxxxxxxnlx .xxllutl lixr tlxrcc lung x'xg.xrx .xll tlx.xt was lxc.xrtl llrxxxxx lxxm xxxxx Srrnmxxn .xntl lc.xx't' llxxrxxxg tlxc tlxruc xc.xr xx'.xr, lxu not xxnlx' xvxxn tlxx: lxxttlc ol lX'l.xtlx. lxut prxwutl lxxx prxxwcxx xxx rcatlxxng tlxc lxn.xlx ul rlxc rttgxxxxtntal lxxxxxng clxaxxxpiixnxlxxpx Spimlt mx Ax prxxlulxlx tlxr xxxxxst popular lrullxxxx' in lxix tom pam. .xrxtl lxxx qxxotl mxiixrctl lxuxxxxxr lxcpt thc com- p.xnx in .xxx uprxur lxxr tlxrcc x'c.xrx kxcrvxxnc xxxxs l.xxxxxlx.xr xx'xtlx lxxx .xntxcx .xnil lxxx lnxorxtc mxxxnxq. ' Wlx.xt'x upw Wlxxgruxcr tlxc Baltcr gnu, people xvxll u.xttlx lxxx .xxr ol' lrxcntlxlxxp and lxxs "Lark do toni-:tlxxng" spxrxt, ik Nathaniel Benjamin Land Lxxvuxxx fx, X'llRx1IN!x l-laxlxxxxg lroxxx Yxrgxxxxa, xvlxcrc tlxu South lxcgxxxs, Nat lx.xtl .x running st.xrt on rlxc sxmrcxxx lnxxxx .x Vuar .xx V l' l A A xgruxt lxwcr xxl' Klxxxxxtxng thx: lxxxll .mtl .x lxrxxx lxclxcxcr xn "s.xclxtilrillx,"N.ltilxtlxxx.xn.1x.1c to rc.xr lxxxxxxull .IXVJY .xml turn xn .1 crctlxulxlc ptr' lxxrixuntc .xx .1 Llfltlt xxn tlxc plclwf tkmrlull tum Ht cuulxl .xlxxxxxw lxc cxxuntctl xxn .xx .x lluurtlx lI1 .1 lxrxtlgt' xq.xmu .xxxtl xx'xxulx.l ulxc xxn .xll cxxnxcrs xn tcnf nxx Hr lx.xtl lxxs trxxulxltx xx'xtlx lN'l.xtlx, lxut lln.xllx' xxxxx .xlxlt uv roll xxxxcr tlxc .xcntlcxxxxtx r.1tlxcr uaxxlv, .xltlxxxxxglx hu xtxll lxntlx D.xgxx .x cxxxxxplutc xxxxwtcrx' txxilxix llclxcl xxxxxxtl x ds 114 lla' Q Charles Reid Larzalere H,-ws, KANSAS With Lx personality as easy-going and gentle as thx: plains ol' Kansas, Lcre made many friends at the Academy. Always .1 good man in 3. bull session, ht ncvcr neglected to advance his opinions strongly. Basketball hszld his main interest in spots cluring thx: long wcclcs ol' the wintcr, and the week-ends t lountl him pursuing the .xrt ol' dragging, although lxc lx.xs vat to tliscnvcr that certain one Lcrc ncvcr was quxtc won over to thc system, for formation hells inx-.1ri.xlxlx' found him still with one foot in tlxc slxoxvcr .xntl .1 shirt still to he rigged llll Sl'C'UXll7 1 4 4. eremiah Edward Lenihan FKESNO, CALIFORNIA Six foot two, lrish, and with just a tinge of rctl in his hair, Lenny comes from the hatllands ol' Cali- fornia Hc made an cnvixhle record in neutldmlgg hut was always ready to help his classmates in their srutlics Scorning drags and hops, hc was usuullv found in thc gvm on wccltfcnds Playing hrst string Wayne Richard Lippert K! Nusll X, XvlsttiNsiN Direct from licnualu High Sulwul, xi.r Cntlinint' Brvan Prep School, manic rhix hluntl h.1ir-.'tl l,itl to help malte up the Clqtx ul- '4' He hruuglrt with him two nutxt,tntliniL ,rl-ihnux, that nl' milling, .intl that ul' getting rhix .lC.l4.lCI11lC stull' Arn' .iltcrntuui ur weclt-entl when Wavne was not rn he lrtmntl, he wh prtiluhly on unc ol' the xniwlx or tht Y.tm.1rit' . 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ARLINGIIIN, VIRGINIA A cosmopolitan lVl.Irinc junior, Mac fought his wav no thc lunks of the Suvcrn, knowing :har was Ihc bcsn way to strilcc for Lhc lirrlc golclcn bars Carsrairs ncvcr lost that lighting spIri:, hc WJ5 always in thcrc pinching for :hc hcsl: sack, hcsr drag, and higgcsn wcclckcnd, Academics came easily, and Emiel Ralph Meisel lX'ltMl'IlI5, TINNI1ssII Being .I sandlalowcr ncvcr clIscoIIr.Igud Mousc An I .Ihlliry to get along with all m.IIlu manv lvricncls lor him lN'lcIscl hacl an U A U hui coulcl .Ilxvavs lIc K counted on no Lake .I flyer on .I hlincl clraq XVlXCl'l Iluc occasion .Irosc AI homc, In the classroom, and on rhc socccr iicld, Muse had liulc dilhciilry In carning l1Is stars and N HI: was ncvcr Loo lausv Io hclp .I M I. A h L , I , th classmate and dup is thu gratiruclu ol' manv lor his 'ac oun I c grcalcsr cnjovmcn In p .wing c I , . ' . Icl In .Icaclcmics Althougla .I slow shavcr, lux lixcr, his mcch.Inic.1l gcnius covcring cvcrvching I- h J L h 1. I J ml HB Ilcsirc In sec things through to .In cncl will slancl run: ' 13 'n manmm Iaac r o J , . Ll K ur 0 L LL P k H him In good stud coinplaccncy and smile won him .I placc as our lacy," and his slogan, "Thurs is :imc lor, and moclf eration in, everything," wlll cnalalc him no kccp .Inv situation wall in lIaIII.l Bergen Stella Merrill, Jr. OLIvI. BIIANHII, lVllSSlS5ll"l'l A lovcr ol' nurdoor cxcurslons and mcrrv occasions, Bcrgcn found dragging JQKYCJI p.IsLYIIIIc, .Ind snarrcil carlv plcbc vcar Wcckfcnds whcn hc clid not drag loncc he rcccivccl six L l 5 chus lwlurc he LQAYC npr, hc could lac found playing .I lab: gamc of tunnis or bridge, or pcrlups cvcn Irving to jittcrlwig .IE .I fca rlglil A natural an Math and alwavs cooperative, Bergen maclc his room .In cxua Insuucuon clcn lor plchus and vounggpqi-5 Hg wofkccl hard on companv sports, and was .In cxccllcnc man on the haualion new Vcc will .llwavs rcmqmhcr :hc chcrry "HI Doc" ofrhis Rebel from Oli: lNlIssIssIppI B ATTA L I 0 N 117 il Donald Esrler Menlc l'l0l DIN, Xvlsl YIILIIINI I Vlifxlllll was thu Ivoril lor Don Hc slIoIvI:Il his pmxvuss 1IrInI.IrIlI III IIIIII, spccI.IlI:IIIg on IIII' par.Illcl lI.Irs .llkl :lic lnvrsc Also on his list xvcr-: socvcr .IIIIl cxrra cIIrrI.IIl.Ir .h'KlX'lllL'N such .Is IlIc Clmcss ClIIlI .Inrl Ihc lNlo.lcl Llulw lr Iv.Is no Ivon clcr IlIcn IlI.II .Is l.Ir lxnlc .Is lIIs Ioiimgslcr Ic.Ir lIc XVIII! lIIs lirsi N.Ivv "N" IIII IlIc v.IrsIII' Igvrn lC.lI1l l5on Iv.Is .I rc.Il "lIv L mil" N'IrI1IIII.III, .I proinl IIIcIII lwcr ol' 5IgIII.I Clll .II WINI VIIIgIIII.I llIIIvcrs1Iy Ivhcrc llc spcnl .I YL'.ll' lwlorv coinimg III Ilw .'lI.I.l I'lIIv Wi' aIv.Ir.l IIIIII .InoIlII'r "N" lor lns IIIIvI Lions klflll, Ihccrlnl sllNPHNlllUIl, .III.l IIIIIII'.IvlvslIIp LlIroIIIglIoIII IlIrI'c I'c.Irs y. P C: Paul George Miller l,111iiwi111,li1N11ie1t1 The l1l1e.1l1le 111.1n with the lug lllldfl, tl1.11's our lN.111l l'm111 plclve d.11s 'till 1l1:1t l.1xt river, his d.11's were lilled with liftllllllrlll 11'oi11en l'erl1i1px it w.1x tl1.1t s1111111tl1 "lie111utl11 Uentle1111111" 111.1nner, 111 lm rkill JK .1 1'.1tl1t1111.111, lWlII 11'l1,1te1er the muse, l' ki xtuutl l11gl1 111 111.111y .1 L1lYllN l1e.1rt But to liix tl.1v111.1tex, P.11il 111e,111t mute tl1.111 tl1.1t A lmrn ltnider, lit' sl1u11'etl c,1rl1' the qimlitiu 111 .1 tl1.1r.1e1er tl1.1t 11ere rlestinetl tu le.11l l11111 tn the mp A quiet ellitiem 111,11111er, .1 deep LUI1NlelIf.lIlA1l1 ol' lriuntlx. .1n 11nr11'.1led per11111.1l 111.1n11et1x111, tliexe .ite the tl1111111 we will re111u111l1t'r ul l'.111l 111 1111 .'xe.lelKlN1 LLIYN VVilliam Arthur Murauskas 511111111 1 1111, N111' 1111114 l-le1r111u111t.1 nutcx .mtl xlmrielu Im111 .1 l111x'11'x pipe l1er.1ldcd Willie 111111 out lvcltitltlled l11lelNl -:.1rl1 plelwe 111111111151 intl 11'ell tl1e1 might, Int xu1'er.1l 1e.1rx nl NJXX lilt in the C.1ril1l1e.111 l1,1tl 1111 en l11111 rllldc ISV Pftllftlkc ll1.1nlI7llltlflng lxllfll lnNfrHn1fnIK XYhen the regular igrintl l1e1g.1n, l11v11'e1'ct, Bill du pl.11e1.l 111.1111 other ulentx 11'l1iel1 Lept l11111 lwusx 111 the weight li-lt, lmxing 111111, and pistul mngc Tn l11111, with .1 xtarring returd in Dann more tl1.1n h.1l1needl11 the lXl.1tl1pr11lw,.1t.1tle1111ex were .1l11'.11x nivnwnw Cnlinncsx .mtl deter111i11,1t11111 111.1de l11111 11111 the final NKI'l11l11lC And rlnxe mme traits xhriuld take l11111 l',1r 11'l1en he nets l'1.1clx to se.1 1 Stanley Tallmadge Moak l41N1,1111111uN, Niw Yom: f'r11111 prevtruis service 111 the lN'l.1rincx, Stan lvruuglu his line l1c.1r1ng .mtl xhining slmes tu the N.11'.1l :'lc,1de1111' A Y.lI1liCC hy l11rtl1, hut .1 S01.1tl1ern qe111le111.1n lw CelUC.1ll0T'l, Stan proved to he one ol the lmrtlext workers in the enmpcinv H11 encrgv p.11'txl divitlendx when the 11145 l'11111l1.1ll 5qu.1d elettetl l11111 111.1n.1ger his lirst class 1'e.1r Because ol hu line 11'11rl1 with the At.1t.le1111' limimtlull te.1111s, Sun l1.1s carried the JAlI'l1ll'JIlUI1 ol' the l'1r1g.1de, as well .11 1vlVl1IN 1111111ed1.1te lrricnds lVl11gn 11'e think 11lSt.111,11'e will tl1111l111l'1xwL1ngste1 cruise, H.1twell, .1 l111elr1e111l,.intl,1111.11111'ltl1.1l1r1ll1.1ntlruture Q 118 1 Kent Brooks Monypeny, r. jncicsoiw, TENNESSEE Dineto emerged from the deep-l repeat, deepi South to grace the Academy with a genuine air of "suthun" gcntrv and Cl dtawl supreme ln spite of his repetitions encounters with the third day on the rifle range, K B developed into a marksman of repute on the rille team, When he could tear him- -- Qi, fell' .11N.i1' lmni his social JH-Jll'S, Kent spent his free time exploring the 1111'mteries of 111ech.1nics lHc enntinu,1ll1' rejoiced About not having to worry llWULlI Steam I Kenfs 1mn1.1cul.1te hearing and dren have .1lXVtl1'S characterized him .15 Z1 true enm- paninn and 1 rom11111.1te to he .1d111ited IHI SINTOYD B XTTXLIUN 110 Delbert Ward Nordlverg QDRLANDO, l:LorrruA Dclhurt Ward Norrlhcrg, rr lug mme for J Lug mm! harls llrrrnr the Grange Statc, and tlocsn'r hqmaw to lct unc know About it Bcrng Fltrrrd4.h,,m and l'lorrr,l,1frcarctl, he makes thc how frrmrn Clhfnmu st.rnd rrp and talk in dclrcnsc of :heir nguw gum Wrth hr5 hurld, he had no trouble rn throwing thc -5 C r.rx'clrn, hrs lravtrrrtrg sport rvthcr than hrrdrgc Thmc warn thc uxtcnt ul' hrs cllrrwrts Altar All, .r hum' man on wucltfcntln cant hc bothered hr' too rrnnv rlrrngs Pluhu rear, Drllrc wrnctrrncs rtrugglcrl Ihr hrs 1 Q, hut lrrrvnr thcrc rt was smooth srrrlrng Vfrwnrlcr rl' wclll soon hc.1r hrm mr' "l"lrrlv Srrrtrlftcw when somctlrrnrz, .xstorrntk hrm 4 ... E Brucejolrn Oliver Lxx X rtrxb, lxlvrxrrx Thru lm-us had Ullrc clrrvw, wrrrrrun .rnrl the West XVhcn .r nun lux mnru tlr.rn unc lrwf, lrt rrsurrllv haw hrx rrmrhlcx, .mtl Bruce wax nu uxrcp rrun Chanrgrnrg hu trrlurs lyrrrnr Ncr,rJ.rK hlrrc .rnrl srlwr rrr Nur' hluc .mtl rgultl, B j trunk tru thr- Navr' .rntl cagcrlv xxgrrtctl lrrr thu tl.rv tr: rrvrn tht' Flcct Wrth .r r'u.rr's cxpurrcnvc .rt Cornell hc cn tcrctl into hrs stutlrtx wrth .r prrvperlr' nrrnrh.rl.rrrt .rrtrturlc l'luwcx'cr, when hc wrrxrrt rrwrv htm wrth r:xrr.r-ttrrrrcular .rutrvrtruy hc tlrrl lrntl wnru trrrrc rn sturly .rntl m.rn.rrgctl tu trvnrc urrr on wp A rrr.rrr ul' fcw xlrortcrmrrnrgs, Brute XKllluLl'l.lll1lV trrmu urrr .rhcatl Leslie Klett Pomeroy, r. Kltrwr rtrr r rr Frrarc-rwsu V Back rn 1941, the Arlt.rm.xs Travclcr teased to tr.rx cl rn rrrtlcr to t,rLc up the lrfc ull rr mrtlxhrprrun lhrrrng , lcnru lrowewr- hc rcpc.rtctllvrcu,1rncr.llrrs rcputrrtrun hr wandcrrml UW' fllf Wufllfl Un U'1-1m,UlJU"UmUN rhnq U A O 3 dUl1,1VC1nl'lUCnCC Although attrxr: 5rrr:r.rllv, Pun xtrll m.rn.rgcrl wrth lrttlr: ullrrrt tru Lctp hrx I W 3 b ' 1 x ' - ,lr ' ll ' nd rn atltlrtron crrnrrrrml to cludc, rrrrh hcttur rhan .rvcr.rr,gc suttuxw, thu TLA .1 OXLI11. lOJl11 JLJ kITllLJ N -1 Q Q' 1 -v W ,Y l lg r h rw hrs ,rttrxc parrrcrpltrrvn rn tumplnr ,rnrl hatralrtrn tr,rtl. Hurt N 3 mtsatngtrs tun N ptr JFS 4 l rl lt l. h l"l.lN hrs sr 'hrs trarnctl rn mrncst rrn thrvsu Nu v xxrngx ul' rirvld. wrshrngtrc hcstol uc ru qyw tv , S A 111 Aloysius Joseph Pic kerthlr. llxr xvrx, Nur' Yrrrux l'rrvrt'xrrrrrg tu thc hrrrur errtl Ihrrr ht xtrrll, ,ll rrr.rrlc rhr' hrrg rrrrrrrr lrrvrr thu 'Marlcrrrr' .rnrl lrrrrxlwrl rrrxrr rhr' lklf kllxllll! tlr.rr1 .l Llfftll klkfll, lxlll' Xll.ll'K' nu klK'lllNlUll Xxrll, lll KXAXXIN IJNKIN lll lllllk-lk, lll4VXll'N, rlllkl llfklltl rmrx .r tlrllurcrrr xprvrr rxrth xrnur-rr, ll? Yllll lllk' lllllnllfl lflllll Lffl-N rtrmrrrlrrv, rlrt cxruprrrvrr,rllr' hrrgh 'rlrrrwrrr r1r'r that r lrrrgh xrh r-rr l rn mp ul rlrr- rlrrxx rt'l,rxr'rl rhr' rw rrrrg lux wrx lrrrr rrrrr llrx rmhrr ,rntl hr' rrr.rrr,rrgt'rl rr- rr.rrlr lhrx xr.rrrrl.rrrlx xxhrrlr hu wr hvr lrrrrrxrll, .rrrrl hrx lmrrrrrrr rrrh'r.rrrrr' rrl utlrcrlx l,rrrlh rkrrrrul llllll .ur rxrrcrlrrrrglr llnr rt'prrt.rrrr-rr E. William Robert Porter Nxwx x .Mlm L Xl xxxvnrvx x This nxausiru nl rlxe tluirmxx was happiest when tixrlttl xrxsxtlu wine tlcluntt railnv warthxmg lor .x rtt.xl.1tr,xnr uvntluixstr llx--xixglx never lxavnxg hung out a shxnxllc IU that tllctt, l' Q was nxvtctl lur quiet, x'alx.xnt survxte, prnlxlcxxxxvxse, In .xnxx-nc lcvtn pnvlsx on .xlxxthxnq Rxqlxt .xixswyrs were essential Uv the lvxxsxncss nx.xn.xgur ul rlxu Lum llu, and, vyrxlv, he xxxuvttl xn xxxysrcrxmxs ways, those .xrxswtrs tx- tlcrxw Whexx not xgrxcxuxp, over tht xxx.xxl sirttxrxun, or ti-ixsnltrxxxtg tht' urls ul' xn laxxrrv, .xntl dtlxxghrs ul .xn xfttasx--n.xl tlraxg, our lXl.xnxvnx was .x rxxasrtr xvlr spnxnaltur runs in xaxxl sailing l'xpt' xxx xxxxvuih, hc xxuxs an xxxtlxspixxxxlxlc lllfllllllfl ul .llll LYIKY John Silas uinn llfxsxxalr-Jx, Cx! llnxxivl X .gln .xhcn In-xxx CalxIAurxxx.x, lulxnnv was laixxxvus xxx two classes lx-r had guitar xxxnsxt .xxxtl quxnl spirits Tlxt Class ul 'a' txwlt Iuhn .xwax limxxx 'ah alter Ins unequal txxixxcst xxxth the Nav llqnxrrxxxcixt -lkllf NlJrllllQ Cllr'-'N PJXN Ullr nsll un N.lY, lwlll KVH xntcllxutntt, xllVXX'l1lel1 hc has pltniv, and nn xixxtxa txvt, ul' xxhxtlx he has entxrelx tm- xxxuth, so john stems lmnxxd tn add xxnwrg starsm Ins ixlxlslms, rl not tu Ins aeatlcnxxt rttord x r 'U Karl Edward Portz Fr uxsxuuivu, li I wins XVhcn li l' tame ti- Navxg he htouglxt with hum an .xpputxiu that has not vtt lxucn satiatcd Having no lear nl the .-katlexxxxt Departments, he spent xxxixsr ul his time un his satlx speculating on am' snluett ar hand, lirmxx women in gcncral to his O A U in particular Each spring, lxnwevcr, hc wxvulxl xxxturrupr Ins sxtstas lung enough to go out Ihr tratlt .xixil uct xix shape lor summer leave "Purl- :icq was ltxxmvix .xs the man ol' xxximtls, ul' which he had two his gmxtl unc and thx: one he was IH hchwru lxre.xLlasr Karl wants In lh' lct's hope xt xsn't lxtll-rf hrcal.I'ast Nfl a x 5 John Lawrence Prelm, r. Lmvtvszwoxwxx, KANSAS Leaving behind the broad plains of Kansas and the Army post atmosphere of Leavenworth, Larry rapxdly adapted himself to lille in Bancroft Hall Developing an early interest xn soccer, he held down the l-:cy position of goalie on an undefeated plebe team With tvpical Prehn determination, he was x cquallv successful plavxng with the junior varsitv and varsity teams the next two seasons That Larrx' would rather argue than cat is dehatahlc, for hc Cmoved doing hoth He was alwavs ready with facts and charts to estoll the murxts of the Repulaf htan Partv, and his room was known as "ThE Third Wing Loyal Republican Club " 130 illll SILIONIP J. Foster Rex ROCHESTER, New YORK Alter IWU VCJIS of -loe College life, Dada lround that the i'Countrv Club" was a misnomer jim nevcr had much troulale with academies, however, and eonsistentlv stood in the upper third of his class When he wasn't running to the window to see an airplane, he was driving his wives into the my. arms of the Academic Board bv drumming on the desk top in time with his beloved swing tunes Dada's social life varied. but never dull, and you alwavs found him dragging on important week- ends A real athlete, IIITIVS sportsmanship and good nature will make his future a happy and successful one Q .L Vernon Dewey Rose, r. lXliNNr.xr'oirs, lYllNNlSUI,X This lug popular hlond, originator and ward rvl Vf: ol' xiao, lrootlaall asprrant, and to author ol' one famous political poster, stands pre eminent in the evcs ul' his classmates for lrleealale lroree, urrxll lovaltv, and determination to some dav wear his wings ol' gold Nor can we lyorger Ins antics ar polcer or his policies concerning the Lxeeutrxe Departments channel or thought over hop lrlatrrv Numhcr two member ol' the opposition partv, l.e possesses a great deal of common sense and an un swerving tenacitv to seele out the inevitable triumph over academics Who among us will ever forget Vern and his wonderlul sareasmv Bernalne Sanchez H MAN x,Ct1ua This proud son ol-our Southern neighbor, Cuba, with his l-riendlv grin. sense olhumor, and lex el head, lound his hahrtat among the canvas and lines ol' the Aeademvs vawls Pancho was ever readv to take the helm, irrespective ol' weather, and we were not surprised ro rind that he ranged from varsitv dinghies ro Rear Com modore of the Boat Club Winter found his interests with the fellows plaving hridge, with time our lu shoor with the rilie team XYhen the lcv winds hegin to hlow, we shall alxvavs rem-:mher Ins hr-isrerous err ol "Havana was never like this " BXTTVXIIUN 111 Loren Hugh Russell lrxrrlr Lili, K xriiolrwix lNlenrion Calilornia .intl rliar lrroarl grin will sprtxirl over liussk lare lllt-or-rl xxrrli the nnr.irim alarlrrv lor .ilwavs doing the right thine, rliis lvl--nil, turlx haired mitlslripman made liimwll known ro all, .mil Ins good sense and good nature wrre sclrlom parted Russ would plvle a iloal, set lrimsrll lor rr, and Ins rleterlriination would overroinr all rvlvst.lrlx'N ran .lfklfnl xllliffx CnIl1UNl.lNf, IKKINN rK'.lll.1L'kl lllN .HHIN when he was tliosen dirretor ol rlir' l'r.w lhlriil, and sports etliror ol the l rw rev llxrr llis sirirerr willingness to laelrrientl otlmvrs, his lweu sense ol humor and serioiisiiess, as rln' orrasioii rlernanrlr-rl will nexer lae lorqorrrri i -l, lf Wi Andrew Ray Sansom John August Sclnomalcer Foster Raymond Schuler ldllNI5NIlIl, lixxs Lux ing Sim Hntmun State ilicathcrs Lblltgt .ind the Huntsville priwn lvcliintl. .diitlv lvruiiglir tn tht N.iv.il Ahitltiiw his ixm qmiiig ch.ir.nrcr, his ptr pttiml smile, .intl his Taxis i.ill ull. Rciumcd Cactus, :lntlv displ.1vt'il his viitrgctit tl1.lf.1t'lCI' c.irh' pltlw vtxir .in thc truss tuunrri rtxim, .ind in tht spring hu wi-ri his lcrrcr in intl N,irur.il ,ihiliti pliietl Andi nur the wp ul' rim tlmss and ltlt him time lur .1 lruw tg.1int's ul wlimirc mth srudx hivur liis will In siitctttl will und-viihrcdli pl.1it his lm-,iil slwiildcrs .ir rhc wp ul cvtri tiitlmivur Eugene Aileen Shaw Lulu: Lim: is, ri imiisx K-uit taiin' Iriim rht other end ul l'lurid.i with ,i luxt hir smling, ,i Il.ish1ng smilc, .ind suhtlt hiimur th,it lxilsntttl his huxiiitss like .iir Putting his gills lu gin-vtl mc xx.is the ,irt th.ir ig.ivu him his sntiil .md prvltssiui1.il tuiiipurciitc Dilxiqtnr dcxutitm KU ldlk ivlflln IHINITKKK Kellllngl XVKWD ldllli SUKYC tariship ul' the Fmt Liluh klhtitnt liandliml nl thi: wh rtwardtd him with tht position nliunuiiiiutiwrc as .1 hrst cl.issm,in His posxtivc clumctcr will turn tht talwlcs un tht wld stun ul h-:ing ingctttd with Nui hlut and Q-'ld Litnc, rather, will ht .1 duh nite imcttwn ti- tht' Nm v' Ti xrsutk, Niw Vlmsrx Tn scc Big lnhn rating down tht corridors was .ilwavs amusing rn his murc sluggish tlassrnatcs Spctd w.is the lscvnnrc olvcvcrv phase ol' his lilvc htrc .lt the Atmtlcriii' luhnnv would dr.1i,1ui1lvgirls with lug hluc cvts that m.1tchi:d his nwn Hailing from "VImscv," hu lmd num' hutcd arguments, vigor' uuslx' clmming that rhcrc arc no mind hugs in thc surf, .md their thc Hacltcnsnck River ducsn't run in suvcn tulors Shir was cxrrcmcli gimd naturcd .ind rarcli' vcntcd his wr.1th un anyonc, nur cvtn on tht' plulws who lahurcd to :inswtr his num qucs, tions 'Le ill JFFFFRSONNHLLIT, lNDlANA With his friendly smilc and pcrsuasivc tongue, Fos is .1 horn polititim Thcsc characteristics, plus his dark handsomcncss, stood him in good stcad with the fairer sts His lofkcr door was covcrcd with pictures ul' thc Qirls with whom he corresponded, nut tu mention those of his sis lYcs, I said six'J I rl charming sisters Foster had his troubles too, such .is his skirmishes with the Acadcinic Dcpartmcnts .md his hcing forced tu cat with his right hand plthi: vcar, when the hrst class lcarncd that hc WAS .1 snuthpaw. For sports. Pos likes wrestling, his lsttlull. and his sctrct tussiun, horscracing. llll XIVUNIP Donald Lee Shield Cm r:xmN, TEXAS A Rqhcl throrrglmrlr, D l. hronghr wirh hrm A srrong inrcrcsr in hisrorv and cconomiue wluch hu acquired ar :hc Univcrsrrv of Texas Thus, gh.: Rah cncoumcrcd lrrrlc ditliculrv wrrh his lravorrrc 9Lll'W-KCI' -Bull Don 5punt his wcclcfcnds dragging. at rnovics, or rcsting from comp.1nvQporrs Though Q hc ofcaslonallv wrorc for rhc Img, hc acquxrcd lrlcrary llamc through hrs alulru' to parm dcvastar mg xcrlaal porrralu ol' orhcr lrcllows' drags lor Uhrrqkrnq parucs H Short ln stature, hu: rall Ill thc uumatlon of thoau who knew hum, Don had a hrm conx lemon rn hu principles and an undurxtand mg ol' hlrc not posrussud lar the avcragc man 4 .4- Clnarles Edward Slonim lll'lu1lr,fXluNNumx l lwlrvxc lll.ll hu hr.-rlwr our 'UW gan hon lm l rnxpnarron plnx wow nmrh' rlolw on llnx hlr .rr V Nam lwranw kllurlr, lrwh mul 4-I hlrih nh mwmv l hax in dom U-lnn1unrl.xlwlx xx'-'ll and rx hulrl rn lnrgh rxrrrun ln ar1r'xu'prmr1,xllx l,xrr1n'rxrrlc-ll rl.rwx1.rrrx Mow ol ux haw ro o rn lrnnrlx arnl haw ro worl. h.rr.l In nrllnurnr an-l rnrprcw orhurx lux ul ox an' hlo' Robert Weslev Sloan Qhurlr who hax Ihr rnxralalr lnarlx ul lwlnrg ahh' 1 I-v.nrlnl1rylrlr1lrlS ullwrllrwlx and olnm .ll'llllX .nhl R mkmv 111 NUM mrrnwrrrfw .ommanrl .nlrnrmn ,nhl rr-.por Nom Sox camc Lo rhu Naxal Acarlurm Iron rI1.nLl.nrL xx rgrarlnalul Ihr .rlrrrlr lvlnr and rg-vlrl Sl-num lannlx hu anollnr r1n.u.1uurul lwrlrlxwnau 1 Lhc plamx m-'ll ol' rho Pramc Starr xxhurc hc dug pm: lrolcx lor hrx larhurx rulrplmonc compam lllhlllxl rhu lug ILIIUP from rhu lllrnorx llar landx Lo .-Xcadumx dxdn L allul Sox, laurauxc hu rhv Naxal had alxx aw had a lrlxlmg lor rhf wa Dlx ldrmg lux rrmr lwrwfrn hax mg lun, and lxliplllgfl oil' ul rho rxrra Sox lound thc .-lcarlumx a good plan to rlw Nam Howuxcr, hndrnq good rn a rhrng on onc ol Boxk natural rl1.rr.xrrurrxr1.x :ln aorlwrrnrux llamrlx man ar hcarr, Sox xxlll hnrl Nun whurucr hc Qucs Charles William Smith Cl1lNx,'l-lXxx duu xr nad, l lcarn alwur uv walrlrug hlldwav, Coral Sca, Guadalcanal thc Nam' xx as old xrutl ro Smrru whun hc ramc huru tu tra-lu Nrlrool Full ol! amhruon Smxru had no trmlhlc acchmaung lamwll' ro nh: wxrcm ol slxps and xllrlc rulw Con scrcnuour. hc worked hard ar Vk'l'1.1LCNCY hc Jul whurlmnr aradunuu arhluurx, or cxrra qnrmnlar arrrxnrux Arhlcucallv hc parucrparcd rn rrack, and as manager hu foddlud rhu xo mmmmg mam rlwroorgh rhrur .lmthrolr suamn: Bcodu Lhc rouunc subjccrs, SIUIKU had a low lor numr and grcarlx conrrlhnryd Uv chu wrrox ol thc Acadcrux' chorr An amlalalc and conmldcratc narurc and a Jury lnxrghr mm rho rrqurrrmrnrx mlrwarv for Success mark Smrru S :haracrcr BX'lTXllO'N 113 X -'fl sf ' s 4, Stuart Spence Smith William Clark Smith Afflwf Gordon Sfmlll' Sxw l lmmlstxx, C-xx xifiwwlrx lxeix his lI'llll.llS 5 5 seem to imlleatc that this lael lrxxm Lalxlxwrnia was tlestlned txx he .x Navy man lruxxx the hfgxnnixxg He was a veteran salt when he arrixetlalthe.'heaelex11x',l1.1x'1l1g served two years xn tht l'leet .xml seen .xctxxxn at Pearl Harhxxr un that mwer tu ht I'-xrgxxtxen Deeenxher T' Smitty was .ilxxnxxw ,x tletermxmd and hard worker in lIl'Cl'Vll1ll1g lxt txmlermol ln the line xxl sports, weeer .xml sail' img nxxtlllalvel top plate He was .1 stellar player nn the xarxm soccer stltxad lor two seasons Spaxxxslx held hxs interests in the .xeatlenxie helxl, and he was .xlwlt Ku hold his own wxtlx any "tah.xllero" ldrom South ol the lnxrtler Ernest Reed Stacey Wmivsxxlc, XVIRMUNI llxroxxgh the twmhlt' xn hrs qw ,intl tht lrlmlnfes ln his heart, lrnxe nxatlx. lrrxemlslxxpx that will never IV-wget Haxinxq unte shaltexx oll his heltxved Ver mont smxxv, he llxxurislxetl .x swilrt xlxtle rule .xml adept lxngtrs on the drawing hxxard to estahlxsh himsell tarlx- xxxth the prixlx Outsxtle the xeqrnxn rm'vxn,l1lslaQrmse stxtlt .xml that weird mask he wore JN ilwalie slxowed lxis talents in the spxxrtixxtg held Un Saturtlaxs .xml Sumlaxs, lirnxe drew lm slxarc ol' hvrlx hrielxs .xml lmmluets, much to the umm ment ol' his inquisxtxve wuts His lrrientlshlp is pm rfgdeuw New England never produced .x liner man or .x truer lriend Los 1ANlilII'S,CAllI'URNl.-'K Smxttv, a whx: lung with the women, whether movie queens, nxudels, or local talcnt, tame from sunnv California. hringxng happiness and chow with lxxm l-le was an expert sailor, qulxhed in all tvpes ol' sailing er.1lt and heing an ardent lover ol' tlxc water, he made trew his regular spurt, stroking his plehe and yxmmr varsity shells Dellglxting in accomplishing the unexpected hc treated .1 rixxt one tlax' lax' tlrawxnq .1 perlrect Xx'lll5OI1 valve lVxn or lose, tennis or academies, Clark alwaxfs had .x eheerlrul smile, aml he will not he lurgxxtten hx' his mam' lrrxends tlmruuqlxout the lxrigatle ' s an 114 'xi H it SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA "Gods country . California . . , home " This expression was A G 's favorite, and it well de- scrihes his thoughts during leisure moments Among his extra-curricular interests were Powers models, Collrcfs short stories, good music, and . . baseball The Ape caught for Navy three years and ,. won a number ol coveted awards Acadenaically, he was no slash, hut managed to hold his own Art had manv hard knocks, and he took them all withf out Hinchmg That ring and stripe were always foremost in his mind He was gifted with a chctrf ful. carefree manner which won him many warm lrriemlships lt was a pleasure, Art SECOND Hilton Leroy Stanley MENDQN, Missotvm This blond lcathcr slingct from oltl hlissouri has a natural gift for boxing Whcncvcr sports circles congregate, his namc is alwavs mentioned in con- ncrtton with the ring, for his marchlcss tcchrnqtu: ltd htm to hc ont: ol' Navy's topnotch boxers His ahilitv to mastur various other sports lcd him to hc 0 much sought altar for -:tuupanv sports, thc mayor unc hctng thc gvm tcam Because ol' lm ttimpatihlt pcrsonahtv, Stan won the high cstccm ol' his flaw- matci ant.l countless l-ttcntls in the ttwmpanv, wht- hclitvc him to hc an outstanding canolitlatc lor sutccms in lwuturc years Q .. I i 1 John Hamilton Stone, r. 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'35 ll -f 1 -,: V P Lf ' X' f' '. . V 412.3 heating the Math antl Skinnv Departments, I 'J - XX aine s greatest aeatlemic pride was raising his Q izs Ioungster Bull marlt 5 uxer plebe vear Nut .1 ennsistciir repeater nn the extra elutv squad, he nexertlicless serxetl his share ul' hours by being repnrtetl lor talking In ranks at least once a term llll SICUXIJ ames VVilliam Weinstein Srsuswvittt, Omo Coming to the Acadcmy after thrcc ycars ul' tnllcgc at Michigan, lim starred out with a hang and cxccllcd during his plebc ycar Steam prnvcd tu be a suurcc of agony for him and many an hour was spcnt gazing at pictures which failed to make an impression. jim plays a scintillating game of 6 tcnnis and did his share to hclp Navy's team During thc wintcr hc was busy playing squash in the gym Always Jolting about our present lille, and ready for a catchy remark, jim will hc rcmcmf bcrtd hy all as unc who is always happy, alcrt, and rcady with an answcr for cvcrything 1- CL .45 5 !- Robert Carlton Wells Rlumtwn, XUIIQUININ Sccmingly unwurritd ahuut the liuturc or rhc past and totally unaware ul' thc prcscnt, the Vlultcr hit thc Naval Acadcrnv with an incxhaustahlc scnsc ul' humorf- much tn thc drsappointmcnt ul' Int tlassmatcs He came tn us from thc I-leur via the Naval Acatlcmv Prcparatorv School in Nnrlull. SINCE his one hclicl' lay in lung. unintcrruptctl slccp, thc joker ncvcr cnnttntratcd mu much on spurts, preferring a varrctv as thc scawns passed and as thc moud struck him Qnlrtcd with an npr: mistic spirit, hc will hnd thc way around rht sys tcm, whether rt hc in suhmaruncs ur hatrltslnps Donald DeFrance Welt lowa C1 1 1, lmv x . 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Richard Lee Bertram Marvin Leo Blaclc St x l'lLl, Xvasrnwrz rms: lil vt I, lXl,t,,,pm During plcbc vcar wc thought that Burt would wnn rctcivc his urtlcrs for thc U S S Uutsitlc as an CY-l11lulNl'1lP!1'l.1!'l in charge ul kccplng up rlw murals ul' thc lyarrcr sux, hut snnaclmw hu alxvavs manailctl to get lw l-lc lyurthcr tlistmguislrctl lumsull pl-:lac vcar lav earning tlulphins IH rlw lntcrftum' pam' knnclcalmut rafts licralrtfl-lralun rarclv spcnt hrs stutlv hnur slqtprng, nut that lmv He uscd his sparc trmc writing what hc talltrl pr-ulrv Lurel Bxmn has nothing tn leaf in thc wav ul pr-un cal Qumpctition A wcltumc antl ,rppruciatvtl mum hcr ul- mam' hull stssmns, Bertram vxas alwaxs an asstr tu the thscussuvn cxttpt lur lns tlcpluralvlc lack nl' titgaruttcs Herbert Jolm Blalm S-xN.Ars1rms:1u,'l'rxxs St'lrxx.xr:n's lavnmc cxprcsswn was, "l'm run vmtml what rlrurc's mv lwztur plarr' ru srnrlx than un tlw satlv " Shortly ,illcr lus mnmlwlinig nl tlns nrignral lnrlu aplmrrsm, rlrsrigmnl nuwsilv .rs an .rs surantc ul its mln.-mn trnrhi rln- xvmrluxv parws xvuulrl lu' rattling in svxrrpxrlmrr vilvraumr xvulr his sttulruus smvrcs llnr sun' may Ku llflllyj lvl: nur nl' lus 'stlpll1usKalc was lu .all It-r .1 lrrurrlr .rl llflxlgf, Xhllllkll llf .llYV.lXN Pllllfxl kvllll flll' UIIHUNI assitlrntv ln split' ul rlrr- Iart that l5l.ulvn"s lm-,I was prrtrx tlarlv llns Iwmt- mxvn l-ring in lllatlrt. 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Ii-:n wlll AIWJVS hc surrounded hv :I host ul' atlrmring frrcnds L B A T ITA I, I U Y ,I w Richard George Brown Gene Irvin Campbell KxNs.xs C1 rv, IN'l1s5u1'rz1 Gund looking, Acatlcmicnllv SLIPQYIAYY, .xtlmlctlcnllv 1 swimmer and 1 lwxcr par cxccllcntc, snemlh' nn .tllfrnuntl gontl Ivclhvw Dudes rurrlllc cncrgv .mtl hnncst cnthusmxm fur .xnvtlnng hc untlcrmlt-A rx ,xrnazmg Hrs .mllhhlc mnnncrrxmx ,mtl uw grrn have won mam' lyrlcndx .mwng the mcnlulk, .mtl thc women do not hntl htm ton Imrtl uw ultc Hu wullrrmrstlcd Iyramc xpcaks cltarlv ol tlrllgtnr cllnrr ln the gvlu, .mtl Ins xxcll xerxctl mrntl wpmkx nm JK clurlv nl' .xpplxcatmn tn xttnlxu Wlwthrr un rhe gun Hour, the tlancc Ilunr, nr the quarter .lcd Brownie trulx qualthex .xx Um ulhtcr .mtl A gentle man " Charles Wesley Causey, r. 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Daniel Clmdwiclc Ntw Y111114, New YURK A streal. nl' l'11.1n1, a huwed hack, or .1 l1and at the wheel were the tlist1n11uisl11ng characteristics ul' Fmg lllll when he engaged in athletic pursuits At other runes he was reet1gn1:al1le hv his amialale grin .mtl rapler repattee Dan'l was .1 Bull savuir and m.1n1' were his verhal tilts with the prt1i13s11rs over 111in11te details This tendenev toward tl1t1rn11tgl111ess I111v1'e1'er, served Dan well in his wnrlt with the Trident Sneietv. C11n1'ers1t111n.1llv e11tl111s1.1st1t1 Dan multi alw.11's he counted un tn keep up .1 xeelninglv endless 11111n11l11gt1e while in ranks Tins tr.11t endeared him tn the Executive l7ep1rr111ent's crew team liur l1e was nlten .1 memf l1er11lthe1rl1a11tl Robert Cuthbert Collier ll-111N1s1'11 1 1, 011111111 1 Fur three 1e.1rs, NN 1tl1 the r11111111g11l the reveille hell, .lNlC1!PY, mutrerinig huure arose like .1 specter I111111 the next hed, ,ind H1111 htrgan .inurher d.11 .11 N111 llelnre taps sounded un his 1111dsl11p111an's career. he spent much time 1111 the 1.111ls, 11l11ntle11n1:,tl1e .-lnn11111l1s hlain When nut sailing. Ricartlo wurlted diliqentlv In maintain 111x111-111111111111 the '.1' r1tl1.1t11r s.111,1tl,111er .1t.1de1111es until cx.1111s, he managed t11 stand well 1111 in the class XX'1tl1lessI1.11r, ,111d11111re sense. lluh llI1lNl1CxlKl1l'Cx eventlrul ,1ntll1.1p111'1e.1rs .ll NJ 1'1' HU Q Earl LeRoy Coen S1 lvlARl.S, W'l'Sl XVIRGINIA ln the annual miliatrv track races Square could alwavs he relied un t11 come in hrst, and the com- mando course in particular was his specialty. We had .1 preview ol' the ahilities of this shv, unas- siuning voung man during plehc summer when he fought his way to second place in the plehc bat- talion hnxing meets, fighting at 125 pounds, ln the little leisure time that he had, if he was not at the 1.1vmnasi11m, he wp in the darkroom printing pictures of his friends for that large scrapbook to which he has devoted so much time A hard, con- scientious worker, he has proved himself capable in an1' situation b: WHL THIRD ay Lum Collins l. xwrttrszcs, KANSAS, The Doctor, after K U and two vears in the Fleet, came here with an outlook on life very much his own Science. pyschology, religion, women, di- plomacy, politics, the system, and the tenth com' pany hrst class were his favorite topics. We disf covered two things' never speak to htm before breakfast and never beat him to a llnslrmgtmi Pnst After plebe football, Doc conhned his talents to what he considered the finer activities, such as pushball and bridge All he wanted in a drag was brains, beauty, and a hgureffrorn his classmates, their troubles Someday we expect to hnd Doc on the wardroom table expounding his theories. Hal 'I4IoIO's lui r ill l l r U ' I wb. L N L Charles Ward Cummings William Charles Curran Puttitnvn tt, C xt ttfimrsu x llfxn,Snt11tt lhrtorr So you'x'e never heard of Portervillc' XYell, we Wiltl Ilill will he rcrncrnlsrrvtl as one ul thi' Iew knew olytt aliter hearing lVartl constantlx praise his men who alwavs livuntl tum' tu rush thi- tsmiirrl one-horse podunlt He tame to the rlearlcim lrum antl still ltccp his tgratlcs ainonig thi top I li- is at Stanlortl. bringing with htm his art equipment and his best in a vain swapping tmitest on tht mort' ahility, Even with some ul' his untoxnpltmrntatr lavuretl suhyetts, .intl his ltmiwlnhgt ul rlw up caricatures, he stands vctv high in pivpulartti The postte ses was attaintil alt-gr estvtisive stnrltes .intl same, however, cannot be said ul' his aeatlemlrs cspctn'm't's tn the hlttltlli' West llt' was very XVhat is amazing, tlrouigh, is how he manauyil rn patrmtii' in his ariguinents on tht- merits nl thi' participate tn what seems hlte hlteen or twenty hltdtlle Western stlim-ls in rlrt hrlil ol sports Ile extra-eurrteular activities, and still get averaqi' always hvunel time to greet evrrrt-iii' tlitrrlully marlts Hts art work, both liumiiruus and serious. antl his nianv lrienils Lnew that rlrrr ir-rrl.l rvlr- rin has brought alot rrl'enrm-inent In the lletguncnt him in any et1reriLt'mv Hal Leon Curry W is ur xtiut. Ti s xs Rabbit Curri came tn Navi' lrrrvin the great soxcreiqn state ol lrsas anil hw ul his mam Irientls urn able ro escape this lact Hal has always maintained that Trsas is supreme along aux' lint, whrrlrer it he women, weather or xx alnuts rl-l1lsn1tiLl1t all hc traced hails tu the ' sweetest tgirl in the world" waiting lin him there Hg showed his prowess in the li-gltl nl sports hx htvltlintg down the hor turner" lor thru' wars nl xarsitx lsaseball He also made a good shi-wing in l-iorhall .intl basltttball With his quirk smile anil generous nature he will go liar in ani ltclcl l'll 'Sew R lx! . I A 4 D . 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Hill l'vans rhcv're tallsing ro His quiet wavs and unlorrunarc initials have earned him rhv nit'lxname "Wild llill H No ladies' man, he is seldom seen ahout town with a wecl: end drag, hut may he lound lVll1Q,1ll1 rhc sun ur playing .1 last game ol' hasltctliall when hc is on his own not heeausc he tlocsift cmov the social side ol lille, it's just that hc isnit sticking his neck out lor puhlieiti ln spite ul' his quietness, his classmates lgni-xv he is the atme ol lcllowslup Paul Francis FitzGeralol CIIICUPFI: .-'KSSACIH 'SEI IS i l'1t: must have had the sea in his blood when he lcit New England for Crahtown Posseving a store ol' knowledge ahout ships, sailing was Pauls nautral sport and pastime He sailed dinghies on the varsity ream in season, and anything he could get his hands on our ol' season Always skvlarking and having lun, Fitz was thc kind ol' fellow you like to have around, whether it was for a game oi hridge or a dragging week-end. He was serious too He always knew what the score was and had no rroulwle with academics. Best ol' all, howcvcr, llf XVJN .I lfllf lVl'iCnkl Vincent Alfred Forlenza Sovxii Oitarsitai, Ni-w YIIRSI-Y Yin inxaded the Nax al .-lcademi lrum South Orange a liaet he won't ler vou lorget l-le is an enthusiastic sports lan and giving the starting luic up ol the Yanlsce team In 'LS is no dilliiculti' lor him His cheerliul smile JflelEJSY'j.fUIl1L1I1l.lllllCl' rate him high in the eyes ol' his classmates Clear thinking and an honest ellrort ll-N C 'U-lvl! lib bvlvllrn on rhe shores ol' the Severn relatively casv Tlirough good lcllowship he has won the admiration and respect of all Ym's good nature and high spirits have made him an unliorgettahle friend and wife 1-I-1 Robert Paulson Fletcher, III Gi rwcoif, lLI,lNOIS From the cnvirons of Chicago came Rip to come pare Naval ordnance with that of the gang Un' like most Midvvesterners, he possessed a hack- ground oi sailing on Lake Michigan that gave him salr cnough to outshine most of us during plchc summer He had a narural mechanical nature which enabled him to step lightly over one of the Academic Departments mos: feared mon- sters, Naval machinery Drags were no problem to Rip, il' rhere was a mishap he merely shrugged his shoulders and picked out another address. His cveryfready, poignant remarks always brought smiles, provided you were not on the receiving end, LIHE THIRD s Thomas Edward Fortson XLKMNNYII 1 r, l'umm x The Lnttle Nlnmr was luttle in size nnlx' Bug m lun, xpmtx, .mel friendliness, we were prnuel to ull lum out lnuelelv Captain Tum lnvetl tlwe w.1ter, wlute mils on lwlue w,1terS,tl1e tlmll nllsnxlnng races Qurte An athlete, the Colwm eqptarnetl the gun team wlule wvintylnag from the l1un:unt.1l lur T E just NV.19l'1ll the lathes' man, but ll w.1xn't lveeause he el1eln't want to lve. He Intl tlxe qualx llC.1llUI'l5,lHUliS, m.1nners,.1ntl ewulel earn' un .1 Qnutl eunversntxun 'VVlll1 mme other fellnxxff lllfl He WJ5 .1 gouelflwunwretl ennslelemte wxlle .mel we know tlmt lx-:'ll lm clue mme to wme sweet S-vutlwern gxrl snmeelmx' Ng ir. William Marlcey Georgen Gr I N llueK,N1wluulx ln june 1q4g, Hull gave up lux ynlv nl ,nxemlvlmq .1ll'il'.llVIUFllC.1ll!'1Nll'LlITlCI'lINl.lVl'll1C prlvllege ul mw IDL: eutrers on tlxe Sexern Since nearlv wmmmg the mee Iynr the must elements tlurxmq plelwe xummer, Pull lux m.1n.nLeel tu keep .1w.1v lrum the lurm IXVKVVN HIS lllflkff klUl!fN XVKYIJ tnnwtantlx .lfl'.lXEel with tlme latest ex,1mplexul'p1n up Art The week enelx when he wb nur tlragglng were tllxnletl Jmune mmres, lux xtamp e-rllertmnr ,mtl xleeprmg, wxtlx A nurkeel prelrerente xlwwn tw the luter l'vxll lux .1 leeen senxe nl' lmmnr .mtl lux nrxer lwen Yvilliam Griffltll Graham XYmlnu1x, llsmm lx: xm- lllrtl llmg .lm tln' lww 1-I ilu' lrnrlu .lul-lull llxll, mlm' tw us Ir-un Y.xlt llaxlmg mm'-ltnlx .xlv wrlml mln gn .--ll.-Q. nn-.r ul xull lumv, In um, .xt lnrt wcuuulutl.1lxtl1.nlv.nltlvx llu wxwunu l lmx evtr, nt xxxlx nut lung lwtlm lu lull .ulymllll lummll ,Hhll1,hlx'l1tlx'.lH'tl lllmwll Ill ilu lun: --l rxtuwxu ,lrutmrl lum lu lux tgwml n.uuutl -,um ul lmm-+I ll.uxmgx.xllttl tlum .L lwl, llxll -.mul lu. ,mu ,x mlm lwr nl xlmt xxtlmlxt' qrmly, flu mul -hxnlwxw, .llnl w.uul1tlh' N.xlllllll1x1lH'w Ill ilu IxlQl1lhlIl,ll l-vrllpn urmn Nutr lngquxng, llnll um. .n 4--xv-.1-.nun .lung ltnuwn nv relyuxe tnp,lrt1e1p.xte In .1 pr.xtt1r.1l yn-Le Qtr HI lvtnntxlul Itumrw. William Joseph Grant Smut xNx,XYxsuc1Nt.11N A nuxter nl' wurelx .mtl wrt Bull ultes .x grut tltul wl plug-,ure n1:lwJl1mg.xntl xxrmng I ,gut mllx, llww. lve emm Applxxml lux ulent tutl1e l'.11r xex, nl wlutlm, lu' prule'-.we-, .1 pr.llr1ux1.l ux1.ltrur.m.l1ng L--xuu1mxx1.g'.'.utt mum: rlunex tlut tluex xlwultl tume tnl1el1lxl1-vrnvretl Jug, earn trwm.l1wrJntNp-rl.nr1t, 1.11am-ulll .xt .rll lor Bull. General lux A qrut prnle hir lm lwme Nure lu-,t .1-llt Emu xsluert tlwx Lgrwxx mln' lu-.r ul tntrltlnxutg Wumen, ,xtlwletex .xpplex XY,nl11ngr-m exeelx 'l he tlmlrlvx Ixulr lellmx uxulx rln tlumylew lm: .1 prtxzulumg persunxlltx'.1nel.1llvxl1ultnmx lum xxlll rtmemlwer lux U-ntgevmul nuurt,xnellvxglv-.p1r1r'f. liXI'lXlIUN H5 il - -- l i L1 FT , ' Au . ' imp - ' I'- , V 1 pi 0 4 ' ff! I ' i 1 ff' i J -iff Oscar Greene, r. Boyce Hemphill Grier lilwsinm. Nun I li Lixiuu IN x Sr-oi l5NVOUD, x'llRUlNIA Ose.ir's easx' going . eonigciiial manner was quick to xvin him mam friends .xml Ins outstanding ath- letic ahihtx' gained the .ldmiratixm ol .ill hands lllossuxning llvrth x ern lntertullegiate was elected taptain uiinusrer rear, he xxwxn the least Wrestling Clianipioiislnp and nl this xcar's varsitx' XYhether it he tlemxmstrating .1 "igr.ipplini1" hold or working .1 calculus proh, "lY'xx'.1s .ilxxxlrs readx and willing tn help .1 tlassmate Wrestling xxuix lm chiel' .ith Ietie interest hut the apple ivl Ins exe which kept lam striving lor the to p xxxls his L5 A LT llsearls personalitx' and gmxtl nature will farrx' him lar and hell he .1 sutecss in xx hatex er field he elmoscs The son ofa minister, joe came out ofthe Virginia hills to studv at Erskine College and the Univcrsitv oli Virginia On the eve of graduation he left his studies to enter the Aeademv As Lucio' BAG cir- culation manager he proved his abilities, Aloe was a hard worker, capable, and the possesor ol' a serious, hut hright, outlook on lile Women were a minor part of his Aeadeiixx' hive, and his onlv dislike was lor those instructors who insisted his name was "Grier " loc will he remcmhered as a sincere friend xx-lm added spirit and color to mam' moments ol' our davs by the Severn Robert Overton Groover, r. ,xt Ksuwvii 1,1-, Fi okitm Like snows ol' xesterxear, llnhis hair is noxx' onlx a lxnid memnrv, hut his shaggx' chest more than eompensatu hir his eranial alxwperia NYith readx innuendo, Rnlxert'U enlivencd mam' a hull session with his neatlv phrased douhle entcndre With tvpieal ellieicnexy Roh insured his return lyrnm post-hop lihertt' lwv 531-1-ying an alarm elotk His easx going Southern lnxekigrotiml Ind him to indulge in such strenuous sports as pistol and sailing Pl-lICI1UYflIY nl snoxxg exidcnccdhvhis naix u delight in pouring xvater on the window ledge and xvateh it lrecze, xxzintd and made him xearn hir ' the land nlrstiiislxine and otean hrcezes " 1-I6 William Elmer Grimes CA I ANNISSA, PENNSYLVANIA After three hard years at Penn State and twenty- eight delightful davs in the Armv, Bill decided a militarv lille was to his liking That was in 1943, Meanwhile, leetongs has left his mark--today his hridge partners are mental wrecks, his athletic op- ponents, invalids, his elasmates, bleeding tributes to .1 wicked slipstiek and a savvy brain, Like most of us, he considered women and song to be ofsceon- dary importance, but he was always able to produce an extraordinarv drag Bill takes with him a host of friends and leaves behind an enviable record, IHE THIR lil KS Donald William Haggerty Ami-51 owN, Ni- xv Yuiuc Good scnsc, a plcasanr disposition, kccn scnsc ol- humor, and a lighting lrish hcarr givcs you rhc compnairc picrurc of thc Hag To Don, srudics wcrc sccondarv ro a crihhagc game or a gala scssirm Ncvcrrhclcss, his natural savvy cnahlcd him ro comix rhrough in rha mp part ol' his class The Blark Beauty was no less a rcrror on rhc football or la, crossc held than he was on the wcck-ends, whcn he could alwavs he found with .1 girl in row How hc kip: so manv on thi: string was a pu::lc, hut thc Black Bcaurvk svstcm ncvcr failed The Hag is rrulv a rnan's man and a loval friend BATTALION Q A .1 ames Farmer Hall Bmsr, lDAllU lim is annrhcr of :lic Navvk pcrhaps um numcrous iuniuri, who once said that .1 man hasn'r grown up until hc duridcs on om: woman lim is still prcttv young Hrs main claims to lramc arc a mum hcrship in rhc sulcrr Tum Back Cluh, and a xinging voicc that wh puwcrlul although sliqhtlv hunt, lWlll perhaps num ol' un will rcmcmhcr him for lux ready laugh and his guod narurcd willingncxs to dn a fricnd a favor His sinccn: and cvidcnr dcsirc ro succccd as a Naval oillccr Qulfliiltxl him to manv a uhe from his lrriundu, hu: wc all xcurcrlv unvicd lux amhrrion and dcrcrminarion Willard Robert Hartman AHHN5, Llruiuaia Q erome William Hannigan Sl MIN lsl XNU. 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Dax x As, Ttx.-xs Bart pcrsonihcs .xcconxplxshmcnt Endowed with .1 wealth of natural Ability, his llxcihc record as .1 lighting Mxrxnc .md his lcss adventurous, hut cquqllx' spucucular Acadcmv cxrccr shows his true worth His forts in athletics was varsity gym- nastics, hut wc'll hcst rcmcmh-:r him as thc ro, nmntxc crooncr of the N.-N10 and Musical Club shows His quiet Jxr, and kccn understanding, made him .xn .xclcnowlcdgcd lcadct among his tlqssnutus Bart spcnt his spare moments dragging Ann, or listening to thu strains of his hxvoritc classi- cal rctordxngs Personal charm and :xmxabxlity will continue to open :ill doors lor his lluturc endeavors . i x IHI. IHIRD f Kaye Rex Kiddoo Sem 151sLUr1, N1 1111 1514 x V-'l1s:nv:x'cr vnu lmard mlnnzunvs wgnmuslx' tlcclnnng that Stotuhlull, Nulwraska. IS P.1r.1d1sc 1t5cll', vnu could hc cc1't,11n that "lg" was nu.1rlw hlnbt nl' l115 t1mc was spent Slavlng as .1t.lvcrt151n11 m.1n.1qcr nn thu Lug stall, on thc rcgnnxcntal hop commutcc, nr 15 thrcctor nl' the lNl.1squcr.1tlcrs, 1n all of wluch hc wa: .1 unless wnrltcr An and fan ol' lx'l.1L0 .mtl Socrates, "R11ghc.1tl" was qu1tc .1n author lXllXl5Cllp, l'11r1115h1nq thc cnurc cnmp.1nv XVlll'l pncms .1l'ln.l songs for happv hours tlur1ng pluhc vent Pos' scsscel ol' an insatulwlc dusnc to run h1s cl.15Qn1.1tcs and A mllliun dnllAr llne of gal' tn gn wlth 1t, Ka-fc nude ccrtam that thcrc was ncvcr A tlull moment here at Navy it HXIIXIIUX A 'll XX, ,,, ' 9-ff' ' I , wx: 'Pl George Griswald Ely Kirk Humphrey Louis Lailncr lNlt11:111x111wN,N1xv llxslx Qui, Buch Lt Q1.x.1uc Cunt Hu111111t, nr just 5'-l.11n Elv, gets nrmnnd hut, Built LlCllll1KNlI1 .wtmn Hu ahh' rnaltcx or muutx uct.1x1n1-1x hut 1x 11111vl1 mutt mntcnt tn 111.1ltc them ll' nnh' tru tn-11ntcrl't11 .1 tmntd phmwm "lust Im Qrmx ' lllulw 1u,1r lm t.1p tamctl tht kllhlillrfdfitl pltlw xnc.trtc,1111 .1n..l playutl v.1rs1tv lacrtuxxt Y1v11m1xtcr 1c.1rl1c wANl1111111rttl11r1 tht all.-X111cr1c4 wtccr tum llllflx xkllllrulh ut cntcd .1 corner xhnt that xturutl tht lnnc xx111n1111g quql .1t1.11nxt tht .31r111x 111 tht 44 43 xt,1x11n Wuh ldnur N3 hw hu crctht hut twn xmrx, llutlt tnn tcrnplatcx ,paul rccltxnq ,1 new B ruhu Keith Gilbert Lalcey l'11141 XYUN1 lr-111 xx x tc.1111, R11111 pr11x11lll1.1I hr hL1-ern 151- xxhtl l'x11111111111w,lXl1w111111 Well k1111w11 .111.l hltll lnr Im I1.111l.11t-X-Y .x111l1.1l111 r1'11111tr.1111r11t lirtl 1x ht-xr 1lt'w111l-tll .1x .111111, .1111 h111-mx, .mtl fL'll.llNlx' IM l.1L111q 11,111 111 tht 1111114 xrrt'n111-11x 1mr.111111r.1l .1rl1l1u1x ,null u1111111111 I--1 h1111-.tll .1 pmlll-111 1111 Ihr ,1ll h.1ll,1l11-11 I11111h.1ll h.1rrl11xtl1tll11tLv.l l11 .1.11111l xxlrh l11w1l1,1r.1111r ht' mul .11.11lt'l1111x ,1111l w11.1l l1I1 111 -Jllth, A111 l111111.l tht' 1lr.1tgg111tg11l ti111'111-. .111 t111--x,1hl1 11-N1-111 lr11111 .11.1tlt11111 1111111111 lT11111111 h1'. 111111 ul .hm Hu1111'h tlt1111111wrr,1u1l lht 1 x11llt'1111 ul 111-v1ltr.1r1-111 .mel thc x.1l11c11l ,1 xxtll r111111tl1tl 'lt.1.lu1111 hh Alw.u5 thccrl'ul.1ntll1.1x'1m1 ,1 l-tlntl xxnrtl hir uxurx11nu,L.1g1 1x ,1111.111wh11'.t1llht xull rt111t'111lwr--l hi ln Cl.lYSI1'l.!lCS Qulcth s11xqcpt1hlt' tw the Jllurt ul 1-wnntg wnmrn ht lux hw 11u11 11lt.1x .1h1111r hw-.t rw -,r,1rt J mm crQ.1t111n. 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With him he brought an exceptional talent in photography, which has been shown by his excellent work on the Log stall and his photo! graphic editorship of the 1947 Trident Calendar. His photographic work left him little time for most of tlIe extracurricular activities enjoyed hy rnidf shipmen, but he always found a little time to keep in good shape in the gym. An industrious and loyal classmate, john is always willing to help his many friends in .Iny manner that he can. X. fl H li ll H l R D Frank Jolxnston Marsden, r. 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Wesley Lee McDonald .'X1z11N11111N, X'111111N1x F111 thli rmngy V1rgin1.1n, thc thrcc 111.115 .11 the Ac.111c111v lux-c hccn l1::1a11111r1p than J c11n11nu.1t111n 111 l1lgl1 sclmol, 17111 thc t11:1:s wcrc ncvcr 11111 llllils tn d.1111pcn 1115 cxuhcrant 5111111 111 111151 1115 x'1111, x'1g11r, .mtl X'lI.1lllV lXl.1ClS unc 1111111150 Pcnplc xx'h11 arc ncxcr 11111 huxy 111 cxtcn1.l .1 chccrv hc1l11 111 .111 wh11111 hc IDCCKS, and hm g1:nu1n1: mtcrcst tn 11th1:rx has nmdc 111111 one ol' the hast liked lrclloxw 1n thc Rcgnmcnt H15 ch1c1' xx'c.1kncs.sl1cs1n1hc111x' 111' h1s 1111, .1 httlc hruncttc xx'1th XNl'l0l1X hc wh Qucn almost cvcrv wcclc-1:n1i Btwv, h11w hc lnxca that xx'1x111,1n ' Q HX: 11 1 1 Joseph William McGrath, r. 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K.-xrsls.-1s C1 1 1, lX'l1ssr111111 Aceivrtling tn "h'l11.111111t1 lvlaill 1111 other midshipr man has had to wurlt su hard and 111'crcu111e such iwlastaelcs tn ael11c1'e so l1ttlc sclisatislactrun whlle at Nan' lor wnrl, hard he dld, always conscien- tious .1l1i111t Ins acadcmie demands, even down to his sertipulivus lueltcr, nut tn 111cnt111n l11s endless tr1als as e11111pan1' represent.1t11'e Not lWCII1j,1 par' ticularlv arl1let1c.1ll1' 111111ded, Mau tliws nut lW1ZllCYC in strenuous exercise 111 a111' l11r111 .-'ls there is .1lwa1's unc 111 e1er1 u1111p.1111', Mads Cl.lKNI11.lICN suon laranded l11111 as the e11111p.1111' practical lulscr Tu h1s classmates, he's a great llelluw nut shun to hc l11r1111ttc11 Q9 Robert Burroughs McNatt CLIN robs, lVl1ss0i1R1 N11 matter when or where you mat Mac, he always gave .1 l'r1cndIy greeting wrth a smulc tl1at1'oucoi1ld not forget He secmcd tu rcrucmlaer e1'ervonc's hrst name and had friends tlmatighnut the Regis ment He met must ol' them plehe year while hc part1c1pated in lluntliall and track Hc lnvfd sports and played h.1rd to win Mae was always willing tn du more tl1an his part of a Joh and would do it well He l1ad initiative and sclffconlidencc in e1'er1'tl11ng lic tried Altl'1t11.igl1 hlac was scrmus, he never failed tn he the leading 111an nl' our hull KC5Nll1n Don Carr McVey Dis hl11xN1,s, luw.-1 Dun nexer worried rim mueh alwut his grades, hut lic did give eonsideralale thought to l11s dragging This was une suhlett 1n which he starred Curl1fheaded hlae alwaxs liwcd a hop, and he had a special Hluwa hnp" nl' his wwn that was reallx igouil Lduri was nn star athlete, hut he was on the luttalion tennis team and on a eha111p1onsl11p CLHITIPJHN' 111111 team .-Xlaout athletics, l111we1'er, he rcmarltcd that whcn hc llelt the urge to exere1se,he w1111ldl1e down until the lutlrng passed Always cl1cerl'ul and willing to lcnd xtsu 4 hglpjml hand Dun was a lrricnd indeed fb- Josepln Francis McPartland Sr ALBANS, New YORK Mae made many friends with his smiling lrish mug and his cheerful "Hello " He was proud of his lwirthplace, Brooklyn, and in many speeches, colored w1th typical accent, hc defended this lancl against all enticism, lVlac's unconccrn for the fair sex pu::led us until youngster -lunc Week when, with the aid ol' his O A Q , he christened two rings He placed a priority nn his academics and limited his athletic activities to company sports. HQ enjoyed entice at the ward mom, but still more, the hull sessinns that hallowed Faith and common sense have given Mac a good perspective of life, a pcr spcctive hc constantly cultivates iii V 156 itll THlRl BAXTIXI sy: Joseph Howard Meleslcy CHARI,l:STOVVN, Sou VH CAROI INA From thc South comcs another favorite son to takc his placc amongst thosc who Follow thc sca loc is a Navy junior and as hlus: and gold as they coma, a Fact which is hclied by his happy-goslucky attitude One ol' the most popular among his classmates, his quick wit and continual antics arc always in do mand at a hull session Although hc ncvcr starred, no onc will dcny that Ski really has a head on his shoulders l7l gl Soccer and lacrossc have claimcd most of loss attention in outdoor sports, but in indoor sports his Held is unlimited. His laughing, wholtsomc personality will livc long in thc memo- rics of his classmatcs ia, 9. Q. I 'l X l Y , , l l l l ' 'Q ll U rl, -ii, Isaac William Metzger CHRISTOB.-XL, CAN,-XI, ZUNL ln thc spring this vounu man's lancv turns to - vou'll nuvcr gucssfluicc' "IM" hlctzgcr, the Canal Zonos bid for lame and glorv at Navi, alwavs tallcs of such things as pcntagrld convcrtcrs and six phasc translrormcrs' But thu 'fliuiccsgangu was not lkc's only activitv Hu proved to hu a good Glcu Cluh man. a hcttcr than avtragi: swim- mcr, and thc posscssor of a rcmarkahlc ahilitv to gtt along without thc liaircr scs' Thu carcs ol' this world rust hghtlv on lktis shouldcrs for his ins lwcttuous smilc and quick scnsc ol' humor will malsc him wclcornc whcrcvcr hc gots Charles Morgan Moore PIIOINIX, IRRIYUNA Edward Boyd Meyer UPP1 ii Uxiun, l'irs1Nsii vrxrsux LlYRkNk Ycs and .1 darn good on-.' tim :lnd .illtcr thruc wats .i hlarinc, who iould rspui .uw thlnig hut .1 smootli cliaracttr and a hard worltcr Frosting and running wcrc two nl his huir pci sports, the othtr two wcrr slccpinig and ilraiguimg Anil lacing unc ul' tht luw nl us who iuulil lioasr ol an O A O whtn hu cuttrctl, wcck ciuls usualli' liound him draigiginu fliadciiiits wcrr not his hosom huddics, hut l rl took rhrm .ill in his stridc, although hc had to shortcn it .i Iuw units llt' will prohahlr hc rcmtmhtrcd lw his rlassmatcs as l'L'llILQ hard at worl. .it his dcsls writing lttlcrs As coloncl ol' his R U T C battalion, Charlcv laid his lll'NICl.1lI1X to Iamc On cnrtrinig :hc .Matltlm lit hcnccliorth was known among his mam' lrricnds as 'fivluncl H Charlcx wasn't thu athlctit tipc lor that involvcd too much work A shclf olicxccllcnt lamwlts and a raclt ol pipcs wcrc mort to his liking alrtr drill Charley oldtcn miscalculatcd his slide rulc liacmts, and as a rcsult spcnt mam' anxious mnmrnts .iltcr tsam wcck yVhCn not ,jmjgmg rhq Aggdgmig Board, "Colonel" was alwais found IFVIHQ to untanglt' rlit snarls ol' his romances with pen and ttlcphonc Hurt comcs a good olhccr Iior thc suh scrvitc I O N 157 l L1 1 'H , l i 1 El qiz 1 , 1 ' . 9- J5? Eff? 1 1 -s ' 1 Ir 21 la' 1' Y . ,4 , 1 1 . L q i ' Wilburn Dale Murphy l, uviu Nkl, Kawsfxs W D, un cnusring rliu Afadunxy, was .xlrcadx an old salr, lxaving spent run ycars in rhu H-:cr Plulw war lnund hun rucmhlinxg .1 lxnl. un rhc anchur man! Llxllll in academics, hut ymxixusrcr .ind lirsr rlass rear saw lxlLIl'Pl1 aqerlcrauml His .xcrivc part and lull rmwpcr.ir11vr1 in spurrs xxuix him many and lasting Irrcnds His gnml lxmlu, mx wlnrlx he spent ixmsr nl his rims. .xnd his acting Jlwlllll' LQJYC him .1 pruixxincni plain nn lNlasqucr.xdcr u.1sr ul' 11345 and 46 We will .xll rui1xcix1lvcr XV D .xs .1 rruu and pally classnxarc alxxxxys lrnund wirh a smile nn Ins lacc and .1 sung in his l1k'.lI'I r tuart Grant Murray SANIA BARBARA, CALIFORNIA Nourishcd undur Calillurniis gnldcn sun, he waxed and grew into manlximd, then cami: in thc Naval Acadciny During plchc year, the esoteric inrricacxcs ul' iixarlxcnxarics wcrc plain K0 him. Calculus hc cnnvycd Bull and Dario were sni1xcwlxar ol! .1 trial, hut the dupe alw.1vs pullcd him through salvclv His cunsranr cmxxpaninn lor hc was .1 rruc connoisseur ol' uvhaccn -was :1 lung: pipe, wichnur which study hour would nuvcr hav-: lwcun conxplcrc Hnncsr and unassunxxng, he was honixrcd with thc vice-prcsxf dcnfi' ol' the conxl'-incd Tridunt sncitrics for his hrsr class year His willingness ro work, consranr fhccrlulnuss, and ready wir make him an cvcrk wclcnixm shipmatc Arthur Dominic Napior D1 :mn 1, lNllei1l1a.:.N "Nappy H vnxxul rhc day hc -:nrcrcd that he would nor drop lw thc wayside, and hy dinr nl' hard wood hc has lyulhllcd rhar vi-w Hu was .xlways .1 familiar hguru almur the hops with a chccrv "hc1"' and a smile for CVCN ls-adv iiC'UUl HCI H1 cwndirlunf' was his lxv wurd as hc hcadcd coward the gyixx lynr a strenuous workout Hrs hrsr low xx'asl1.xsclx.1ll, lrollmvcd hx' snmucr, swmxming and boxing Hrs perscrverano: and sunny outlook will always hc an asscr in rhc grcar carccr he is surc ro have iAlT1l'xlU0llS Jfldl1.1Fd'XK'0l'Lll'ljl, lull ol' high ideals and gnud spurrsrnanslup, he will lulhll ilu: grcarcsr cxpcccatmns ol' his future shipmarcs, Edward James Myerson BROOKLYN, New YORK We prclcrrcd cigarcrres, hun Ed smoked Virginia Rounds, so it is easily seen than there was a reason for his slide rule wielding, gear train ideas, and chess playing with Mahoney. HC read everything from philosophy to engineering handbooks and dis- agreed wirh most of ir When nor doing his Nav no Brahms' First, he could always be found not doing his Ord to R.1chn1.xninoli's Second. A glimpse of his individualism can he gained from the llacr rhnr he always wore gartcrs, and a glimpse ol' versatility from rhc fact than he played pushbzxll and, ar rhc same time, was vice-president of the Chess Cluh -2 xv 158 llli1!llRI7 John Harris Nicholson RENO, Nrvfxrm lt would seem as though thc Nicholsons hit unc ol' thc Rcnvfs reputcd jack pots whcn Nick was horn Onc of thc Wcstcrn surc shots, hc pluggcd a way consistently with hullscycs and near misses on thc rillc :cam ,lack cxccllcd in thrcc ways, with thc woman, academically, and with thc fellows Ht liked all sports and could hold his own in any of them Hs: was not only a lovcr of womcnhvlk, hut loycd by thcm Academically, hc starrcd- no more nccd hc said But whcrc hc cxcnzllcd and whcrc it counts, was with his roommates No hntr llricnd, no trucr companion could cycr have hccn had A W i V r 1 TWIN ' N V ' 1 1 sf LaVern Adolph Nieclfelmlt VlRl3QllA, XVISCUNSIN Rid hailed l-rom thc U S S Ranger, from whcntc hc cam: to surlcr thrcc years of thu sysrcm l'asci' natlng as his sca stunts may hc, his charm is his gnldcn hair As Midwcstcrncrs go, hc pusscsscs an mdtpcndcnt naturc that all lrccl sooncr or latcr Rcd as a student, graduatcd. as an athlctc. couldnt swim, as a lover, was divmc, as a musician, plavcd thc radio, as a wife, could play cards, as a dantcr. was exceptional Now don't hc dccclvcd, for Rud is one ol' thc squarcst and most loyal friends that any ol' us cycr tspcct to must Thomas ames O'Connell SAN Dxroo, CAIIFURNIA Charles Edgar Clark Nimitz lsuz1wllll,'l'lx is NIINIC imprcsscs you with has rnggctl lcatorcs and putgnatious lools Hnwcxcr, ID sparc ul rhust' lwl ligcrcnt Cl1.lI'.lCfCYliIlCN tht slupprr is uv-:r rcailv for a good tunic and hc always cnluys a poltc, whnh cytr cnd ul xt hos un Cl1arll-:K wtcls cntls wurc talccn up with shows and gnll, rather than wxrh hops and wumcn To his notion womcn wurr mcrclv a ncfcssary cyll ln thrcc wars hurt Charln' has applicd hlmscll xlllIgCl'lllV and tunscncntnwusly whcthtr in sports ur aqadumics l'lc's not tht ath lctit typc nor a hrllllant stholar, l'-nr what hc latlts in natural ahllitv, hc malcus up ttnluld in spirit, aggrtssivcncss, and thu will ro win in whatcxcr hu undtrtalccs This Navy junior tame from Southern California and for thrtc yC.1l'NCXP0llI1slKL.llll.lllllNlCl'1CfSIl1C supurnsrlty of his nativc paradise Olccy had always hccn a perfectionist as a studcntl hut U S N A thrcw a wrunth in thc works when it conllrontcd his plodding mcticulous manncr ol' thinking with its igcarcd up acadclnn lil: Howcvcr, hc managed to gcar up hinucllr accordingly and stood lraxrly hugh in his class Tennis occupied .1 malor part ol' his time with sporu Hu was quilt, lltrcndly, and could control his tcrnpcr Wcclc mth gavt' this Red Mil-cc littlc trouhlc as hc ncvcr gave girls a second thought sg i as 1n9 .rllllll ' 1 1 . 1, is , f 1 i ,1- F 1 N I' . , -,. lf' .V .i . 'iff William Maxwell Oller Lrxrvt-xsiiii, ll1NNsi1x'xN14x The ljennsi'lx'ania Dutth xxere respiinsilalu for the campaign that was waged to eonvinte the lirigade that Lancaster is "The Garden Spot ol the World M lew there were who were willing to coneedc the honor uIVslIvQl1 a title, hut this Iailetl to dampen llill's spirit His love nl' the Nair gave him a seriousness eommon to those who plan to malxe a career ol Nair lite Spending little time on ata demies, and Imding time lor lieneing and sailing, as wtll as time lor dragging "that girlw on hop weclt ends, liill tor-lt Aeadenii lilre in Ius stride Jalan Ortutay, r. FLUSIIING, Nirw Yoruc Equipped with a seagning instinct stemming from the waters ol' his native Long lsland Sound, and developed through his years in the Fleet in the South l-Kieilie, Wheels was the eoinpanys leading vaehtsman Tops in the racing Hoek, or as a Y ll crew, the skipper also showed himself to he a writer, par eseulluiict' His deep thinking, often ecnrenng about his O A O and plans for the lille ol' a scalraring vagahond, occupied what little time the Academy did not demand A sincere lacliever in1l'a1r play, and .1 true friend, john earned the respect oi' all Franlc Thornton Owen, r. LU.-XNYII i i, Vinoiwm l'ranle is the man who, when asleed during his first three days how he lilsed it here answered, "ltls just like home, sir 'A binee then his ideas have changed somewhat, hut still that has not lc-:pt him from lacing a verv willing classmate in doing his part to hettcr the hrigade liranl,'s good nature and his alaility to take his share ol' running hai e won him a great numlaer ol' lrricnds during his three vcars here Since his first llall, he has laecn a mainstar in hattalion lroothall where his exen temper and natural ahilitv went llar to help the team Robert Ewing Otto Sr Lotus, AAISSUURI lt was not diliaeult to learn that Bob was from St Louis Also that the best steaks, the but beer, and the best women originate in that fabulous city St Louis could never Find a representative to surpass R E , For, with his distinctive literary ability and an impulsive, friendly manner, he can smoothly put over any argument Always with a background of good cheer and humor, Bob found himself in the midst of tenth company activities Unrtiflled in youngster dragging dilemmas, he was more than equal to any situation His successful combination of seriousness in some things, and a ligl-it-hearted manner in others will carry him far, gr 160 llll IHIRI CL Lewis Frank Ozimelc NEWARK, New JERSEY Alter a year at M l.T. and two years in the Fleet, Ozzie came to us knowing, what was required of him to succeed here at Navy. He achieved success by his conseientiousness and friendliness He was a friend of the plehes as well as of his classmates Devoting his recreational hours to sailing and weight-lifting, he proved the master of all sailboats and could often be seen struggling under any num, ber of weights. You should see those muscles Flex when he moves a finger, His love for classical music and good books helped while away many a week-end afternoon, do .Q Bill-XIIUX QL George Robt. Mackenzie Pearson MERION, PENNSYLVANIA Bob rounded out most of his afternoons on softball, battalion football or military track squads His chief hobby came into full bloom with seeond class rates, for he could once again scareh the ether waves and tinker with his dial-laden radio "Steam is fruit" was a favorite cliche with him, and he liked to say of the Skinny Department, "They can't do that to me"-and proved it by jumping foo numf bers in one term When the right mail came, the mate got a "spoon" and Georges optimism inf creased, A cheery Pennsylvanian, Germs positive outlook was a respite from the unpleasantries ofthe V' Q William Clark Powell, Jr. Ovtiiiorsi, Tixas Bill will probably be best rememhered hy his class mates for his frequent and colorful suggestions lor the proper disposal ol' all Bull courses Store he was a star in the seientilie and teehnieal eourscs, the taslt of reciting on mountain daisies, sl-cvlarLs, and hattles ol' the ancients was exceedingly dull and hard to hear During his tour of duty .inthe Aearl emy, this native ol' Missouri, hut naturalized Texan, was a prominent member of the varsity pistol team. With his outstanding technical ahilitv, his sense ol' fairness, and his ever-present humor, Bill will make a valuable and popular ollicer. system, John Howard Pownall Ts RUNF, PtNNsx'LvaNia Quiet, pensive, and amiable, lohnnv possesses the qualities which enable him to get along well with everyone he meew A ptospeetlve bachelor, he believes that women are a snare and a delusion and that liquor is the salvation ol' mankind Thoughts oi' former days at Penn State, tweeds, sleeping late in the morning, and house parries made it diiiicult for him to aeeustom himself to the midshipmans monastie esisrenee His ability to say something beneficial, or say nothing, his rhouightiulness ul others. CVU'l-Nm! Ulmnfw -mil his quality of being a gentleman will earn the respect of all his lruture associates, 161 ,JA li' l X if , l .T rz:. '- 1 , f' . , I ' . - 0 -. . . ,fb S I, ,ff l ' William Campbell Reeder lx: vim x H11 i s, L xi ixoitwm Handsome Wild Pull left the Land ol' hlox ie Stars .1I1elSL1l1Nl1lI1C to add his hit to the Navy world He hetame a ehampion on the water and ashore Through the poxxcrlyul strokes and competitive spirit displayed in the shells, he made a reputation as a grew man Vileekrends, Billls superior seaman ship and sailing knowledge olten went to work to rate one ol the .-leatlemy vaehts across the lmrsh line, lar ahead l-le extelled in .itademies and in leadership Brllk personaliti and amhition made him .1 prominent figure in eompani and battalion administration He won many friends and gained the respect ol' all who knew him John Leonard Reynolds .AMARII io, Ttxrxs As one ol' the numerous members ol' the traveling Chamber of Commerce from the Lone Star State, an amiable guy named johnny starred his way through the Naval Academy Athletics were his lvavorite dish, and a hathrohe covered with awards attested to the lvaet He sandwiched stall work in the Trudeau lssoerrmori hetween heing a memher of the soccer and swimming teams, and standing high on the golf team The academic Department gave him little trouhle as he kept his standing in two digit figures Weekends meant dragging the latest heart interest, and displaying his knoelcabout seamanship where the Severn meets the Chesapeake Louis Vernon Ritter, r. Nl xrtkttv Trait, iARKANSAS Tex, from Arkansas, crowded into his three rears as much music as was possible, by singing in the ehoir, the Cnlee Club, and other musxeal organizations, and ultimately becoming president ol the combined musical clubs In sports he did his hit on the wrestling mat, and displayed his seamanshrp ability on all elasses ol lmats Lou knew the answers, as his continually high aptitude standing testihed But he also knew the questions, and how to ask them, lor he settled his love lile ahout the middle ol' plehe year by asking one that led to an important appointment with the chaplain John Phoenix Moore Richards, II PAs,xnrNA, CALIFORNIA johnny proved himself a one man Chamber of Commerce for the Rose Bowl City, hut he never forsook his prejudices in favor of the rest of Cali- fornia He spent most ol' his leisurely three years dreaming alwout his true love, annual leave For athletics he turned to the Severn and sailing, chiefly heeause the wind did the work. When the weather- man said. "No sailing," he occasionally got ri workout in the lensing loft lol-in showed an ap- preciation for the Finer things in life: music, leave, and women With his swinging guitar he won A place in our hearts and a steady job with the NA-to Cz 163 IIIL IHIRU Q oe Posey Robertson, r. l:Avt'rTt, At,Ai3.xro,x Military training is not new to joe, since he went to Columbia Military Academy before coming to Navy During his stay here, joe went out for many sports, his principal love lacing boxing Although loc is small, he has a heel: ofa punch His marks amazed all of tw, including himself, since he never studied He claims it's against his principles joe lovcs airplanes, and no doubt when he gets married, his wife will be his second love lt has always been a mystery to us how he finds out so much about planes Needless to say, -loc wants to go into aviaf tion after graduation. ,. .,, ,. liXllXlIUN 1 I a ll I s X -Q lr Q David Gale Rogers Cr,xi,vt,s'ioN, Tixas Coming from the hurrieanesswept island of Gal' veston, Dave Rogers had little trouble with the minor storms ol' Naval Academy lilre He was a lover of the liner things in life such as women, poker and swing records Noted for his blind drags, he faired well by Naval Academy standards, and kept up a lively acquaintance by mail with many of l-ns feminine friends ln the held of sports his main interest lay in golf in which he excelled on the battalion and varsity teams during their respective seasons During the in-between seasons he took on all comets in battalion table tennis Emil Steiger Roth f,5HKU:H, XXHSCONMN l l , ,, Q X N- Louis Anthony Romatowslci, Jr. lltilrrxi o, Ni xv Yoiov Romo joined the juice gang beeause of his interest in electricity and to get out ol' Wednesday ll rades His amiable disposition and abundant supply ol' between meal tidbits converted his room into .i veritable Grand Central Station It did not talte us long to appreciate the wide variety ol llolish rookies the names of whieh we never could pronounte, but which we nevertheless devoured in short order Louls strength and physitlut' stood him in good stead in the forward wall, on the soeeer team and on the dance lloor, when his suetess in the stag or drag line disproved his elaim "l don't have a line " Among the elleec of E S Pud Roth, lately a midshipman at the U S N A , the following may be lr-und 1: unopened testboolrs, a badly mangled innerspring mattress. gogi unanswered letters, mostlv Irom Mrs R numerous strings attached to and from assorted women lgood, bad, and lrom New jerseyi and a debt ol io oi 1 cigarettes owed to various and sundry people Also we discover a cirtle ol' friends that males lilale Carnegie loolt like an Alabama Republican, and an extensive philanthropic organization devoted to the distribution of ra:or blades, cigarettes lin seasonl, and matched sets of faee cards fdealt to l1ll"USCllYl 163 K - r O Henry Douglas Ruppel rl-VVIN l7vium'.ls, lXloNi,xNx Roup is rhe tharaeter who made hlontanals "Grizzly llearl' llamous from one end ol' the mess hall to the other He is the uuv that always had cigarettes, made the luiee eiuinettums, and is still struggling with the women Liieliv' Hall' ol' his wartlrolae is at West llmut Hanlfs diversions xi ere drawing sell-portravetl cartoons lor the lug and luvldimg hourlv evra instruction in his hole so we huelrets could get our 1 is Emlmdied in the lanltx liramr ul' this tall, darlr, 'n' individual are .in unusual personality and a humorous wit that best qualilrv him to give a Republican cam- paign speech at a Democratic convention and rnalee them like it I 7 4 I L Cl l Q.. William Mason Russell Di N i'txN, Trxrxs Out of the land ol' eaetus and beautiful girls came this proud son ol' the Lone Star State Besides his more than slight dash of Texan pride and all the pictures hc eould carry of a 'lil blonde, Russ brought an amiable disposition and a sparkling personality that made him eountles friends and one ofthe best liked men in the Regiment His creed that happi- ness is everything and that suceess ean come only through ellort is a hrm foundation for brilliant hopes ol' the future Sinecrity, loyality, and an inherent consideration lor others will insure him ol' friends wherever he goes and success in whatever he does Charles Martin Sclnoman, r. XY.-xsillNt11oN, D C l'l'lev, fellows, wont someone please hnish this Cl1OXYlU This was Chueles incessant err during our stay at the Aeademx Few ol' us who knew Cliuels will ever llorget his generosity with the huge boxes ol' chow he was forever receiving Although we will alwais remember his good natured generusitv, we will primarilx' remember him lor his heautilrul drags and long periods ol' sleep Since plelwe rear he has been a mainstay ol the bowling team, and has also been active in battalion traek, football, and hoxing His readv adaptability to am' eireumstanee has stood him in good stead in his transformation from civilian to Naval orheer Charles Henry Sclmorr, r. SPIUNGDALE, PENNsvi.vANm Bud came to us from Springdale, a suburb just outside the smoke of Pittsburgh A year of engi- neering at the University of Pittsburgh fortified him for his battle on the shores of the Severn. As time passed, we came to lcnow Bud as a eonseienf rious and hard working student But he is not one to be satished with all work and no play. His sense of humor and appreciation of a well-spent weeleend have earned him the nickname of "Good- time Charlie " Not to be outdone by his younger hrother, a lieutenant in the Army Air Corps, Bud hopes to wear the wings ofthe Naval Air Corps. Q 164 ei ur. ii uiiaia liti Jose Constantino Seijas CARACAS, Vetsttzuttrx Sea Horse Well, that comes closer to the correct pronunciation ol'lose's last name than most people can manae on nrst encountering it Long ago jose gave up the attempt to have people do his name even partial justice But loses troubles have hardly been conhned to "el espanol " Anathema to htm has been our native tongue Cn hrst arriving here his mastery of the English language was limited to textbook knowledge, and when the mate passed a word his exaspcration was complete Now he is a full-Hedged l'Bull Slash " A N-star winner, jose has been an active member ol' the fencing team Xl EVN rn tgp We '. .4 o- 'fi Fernando Sisto, r. Nrw Youre, Ntw Youre All work and no plav never made Fred a dull laol' became he was one ol' the most versatile men in Ins class Coming to the Aeademv from N Y U , he had amassed enough technical knowledge to stand at the head ol' the class His lravorrte pastimes were working problems bevund the scope ol' the Acad' emv's eurriettlum and listening to elassteal must: Freddie, as he was addressed on frequent hlue en veloped mtsstves from the Bronx, was an tnvererate liberty hound and a powerhouse tn hull sessions The Stull that made lrrrentk llotlt around this genial stxfllooter, and kept stars in his lapels, will earrv him lar Frank Boatner Smith GUI rptnti, lNll55I55lPPl Waldo Douglas loan, K r. ls xNsxs Lau, hltsstn nt Doing may have tome Iroln the show me st.ttt', but he did not hate to he shown llrs pleasant and likeable personahtv plus lns stntrre interest in others won htm a host ol' lrtends Hts tapatiti lor hard worlt eomlnned with his tlieerlul manner gave hnn an undisputed place on the reteptton tommtttte Althottelr not a ihampuon tn ant ont' sport ht' de rrved immense delight in prattttpatton in sports and lollowed thvm elostlt ln whatever llouig un-.lertoolt whether letttr wrttintg. hrutlge, or pipe smoking he never lratled to igive rlrt utmost ul his CUKYKICN LJUllLfl'N X-Vllllllllll lllilnllff XVlll Rll.ll'.llllL'f him a sueeesslrul Inture In ltlt Gulfport, the charm spot ol' the deep South. where your ship etvthes tn, sent Smtttv tothe .-leademv Ht was always willing to trv to eonvtnee anyone ol the Southls primaev His lorlttr tltnvr album taught the exe ol Nl l lr h t ',.1l'1t.l mam ol his stndv hours were spent devouring the latest matgagmt' all visitors r ueao is spare tmt novels F B brought from the Gull' a strong interest in sailing, and ht' was an atttse member m mam a A ' d l' 9 h walt nf and Southern atmosphere a wealtness lor Southern laellts, and a erew lon ness or ,out ern ett 'i t, passion lor salty eaps make the personalitv that is bmtttt 165 ii, 5 1 r. ' 1 - r i Um 4 'Zi' -i u Floyd Junior Smith Yul1lt,l1lNNs11x'xNlx l-lailinig lrom the city ol' musclemcn and weight' lilrtcrs Smitti camc to hlariland via the "iNlarvf lantlfl c.irrvim1 his prized set ol' weights His russtl 111th academies mer. early plelae icar Smitty hccame .1 strong atlxwiuate ol wine, women, and xxeiilhts A lranatit in tht iiuldol ,llIliC,5iTllKU'XVlll1 ,i wire, a socket, .1 slipstick, and .1 pencil is at the eminence 1-I liappincss making sparks and solving prohs l-ltarlcd hir suhs to provide ample means lor tht mare hos seeking, hmitti' tould riqhtlx till ani posrrioii rht Navi' has to oller and men ol' the sea will hiitl no lfctter material iindcr which to Nlflrxf I .r i i Winfield Spencer Smith SAN AN lor-tio, Trxfxs Windy is an Army hrat, something extraordinary lior .1 trade school boy on the Severn, who likes to he known as a 'ATi:xas Longhorn," although he has done much traveling During his sojourn at the Academy, Windy was .1 hardkworking, eonscienf tious fellow Like all oi' us he had his trouhles, mostlv academics, with women sprinkled in he' tween, hut such nevcr held a good man down When it came to sports Windy was always in the limelight, receiving awards in lacrosse, soccer, and pistol He guided the pistol team as it's captain tlirougli our last year with igrcat success ll' you ever want your transformer rewound see Wlindv' ames Francis Cfangney Atiizorm, Ntw Yoiuc A conhrmed "Red Mike," 'lim would he content ro live on a desert island one thousand miles from the nearest womaii Coming to the Academy Irwin Naval Axiation, he is primarilv interested in aeronautics A vast store ol' technical kriowledgc has helped him to stand hitfli in his class Alim has never hccn known to get excited He ciunhincs an cxpressionless lace with an ingenious sense ol' humor His practical jokes have .1 Ruhc Cioldherig flavor ln studiinu, his power oi' concentration is apt to gill the hest ol him and hc is known to haxe gone to hed with a slide rule 5 Roloert Sayre Stegman l'lOLLYVVOOD, CALIFORNIA Alter seeing action with the Fleet, Bob entered the Academy from the war :one His heart and soul were with the seag therefore it was only a natural course for him to devote his time to sailing, An allearound athlete, Steg was active in the intra- mural sports of foothall, basketball, track, and pushhall Few weekeends passed that Bob was not dragging nr providing drags for the rest of us. This hronzed Californian was known for his constant wit and good cheer Always with a smile and ready friendship, Boh will he remembered as a true comf panion and desirahle shipmate 166 llll IHlRl 'v Roliert Henry Taylor CVREINSBORO, lvl.-XRYLAND Bob is one ol' thc local hoys, hailing from thc nearby Eastcrn Shore Consequently hc was con- stantly praising and pointing out to the rcst ol' us thc rather obscure good points of his homc stats: or capital city Hc came to thc Academy hy way of thc now famous carricr "Hornet" and hrnught with him a ready supply of sua storics plus a wcll-dc, vclopcd appctitc just before slccping, sailing thc Academy yawls cams First on his list of activities Although he applied himsulf constantly to his acaf dcmics his sack drill was ntzvcr to hc slightcd Boh's natural good-humorcd personality is surc to make him many friends anywhere Ni ll! Neil William Thomson Svoi:.aNr, XV.-.siiirsua row Practically anywhcrc wattr could hi: li-wund arnund thi: Academy, nm: could sct Neil During tht win tcr months hc splashed happily ahuut thc swim ming pool, whcrc hc won thrcc varsity luttcrs in swimming Howcycr. chu lirst days ol' spring, would land Ncil out on thc Scycrn, with spray llx ing and his lcc rail undcr Ycs, sailing was Tom myls main delight, hut hc always sccmcd to cnioi whatcycr hc did The only cloud in his thrcc years at the Academy was his cycr rcccdmg hair linc, which no amount ol' hair rcstnrcr could stop llut Ncil always held that a high lairclicacl shnwud in tclhgcncc, and wc agrccd Ralph McMath Tucker HALl1allll7N, I.llLllSlAN5s l L David Ross Toll lrni xNn, Lin ui: xinr Hcrc s a man that can lu' xanrlinslicd hy only two wcapuns a lr stluarc nr a salnr llntc lic had struqnlcd rhxouigli plclvr Strain, and sn long as ht' staycd awai lrum rhr lclulntg lr-Ir, llayt' I-ill was almost rnvnitihlc Ht had lirrlc .lillnuliy in uit-ll ing in whattyipr litld hr rlmsc, wlitthcr in thc .lass ronm or un tht athltrxt licld llavcs natural un dcncirs wcrc along a liturary urn, hrintginrg lnxn a top Bull niarlt, a pair ul litilt gold stars, and an lmpurtant pnsitum on tht' lug Hc was always husy, hut ncxcr ton lvusi Ku htlp a lricnd and hu had lots ol thtin This Southctn lad lirom the rolling hills of North Louisiana was motlcltd lr-im litlacl traditions " liurlf' wh J 1-,Jppy qiiiyqlsinariiin fha: won thu admiration nl his classmatcs XX htthtr on tht xcnnis inurt or in tht' halls his sportsmanship and chccrliul smilc wcrc always pruscnr llfcspitc thc lair that hc was a typnal land luhhcr hcliorc hc donnud Navy hlut, hc hutamc thc prolitssinnal tdir--r nl rhr I ML! Jnsl -lssllflfssl -H1 -'l'll'lC'-' tion ol' thc many phascs nl' Naval actix ltirs Ralph xxill carry with him thc good wishcs ol his classinatcs lair a lull and succcssliul carccr Good luck, Ronniic - Y 167 ll l i l X l l 4. l X isles i - s ll if 'M i s. 'fd-eg?':,Jl lllfllflili f i l ff- i l l is ll'-fl' 1 it A 2 1 i ,s- -' - john Calvin Cfurnier lnwiiiuuik, Nixv Your lnheriting a pmlyoiind Navi spirit lyrtini his sca- going father, Calvin vmtalwly hit his stride at thc Academy l'tiur years at Admiral Farragut Prcparatiiry did much in teaching him how to heat thc system Athletics are his deliglit and hc hccamc active in almost cveti ltind tillspurt, particularli' in wrcstling Many opponents liave sullrcrcd llrum his ahilitv in the latter. ltwhn's large vuealuilary lluund ample csprcssiiin in his extensive civrrcspondcnte It was tliroiiglw this medium that he has gained such a rcputatiun among the lair scx He aspires tu lly, and his luxe lrur cxcitemcnt should llnd its rcxvard therein t-. Paul Rapelye Van Mater, Jr. Stimviii, New 'liiism' "Happy" is tunsidercd hy many to he one ol' the luekiest men in thc Regiment hecausc thcre are pussihly only a hall' dotcn others, Executive De, partmcnt included, who could ever hope to see the top ol' his cap cuvcr His 6' 4" frame marks him as a natural for crew Almost every afternoon Iinds him nn the river, under the careful super' visitin ul' Bucky Xvalsh at Huhhard Hall or the M O O W at the cutter shed Van is a conf nuisscur ui' true swing classics, can identify a trum- pet cut ol' any ul thc "classics" and converse for liuurs tan the stvlc or arrangements ol' the various artists His congenial spirit and grind nature insure his welcome at any gathering Robert Louis von Gerichten Coi,UMBtls, Gino limerqing lmm the lancl-lucltcd valleys til Ohm, Yon tapped his latent genius for sailing and easily made thc transition lrivm thc ltnueltahuuts ul' plelwe summer tn sailing master nl' the sluop Spindrilvt ln addition tu his sailing actii itics, Yun was manager ul' thc property gang, and was active in company sports He was a wcll-rounded person tu say the least, which pwssilwlv explains his inhcrent distrust ol' Siamese potentatcs. Tlmugli thc sacks ul Bancmlt cannot hc cimmparcd tn leather heds, Bnlfs seemed to hold a soft place in his heart His simplititv and unassuming manner hclied his faculty lor invariably standing high in his class 168 fu Robert Charles Van Osdol TirmN, Gino ll' hard wtmrk is tu have its just reward, then Van should hc wellerewarded Fcw men at the Academy have striven harder in their academic subjects, and few have expected to bilge quite as often. The truth, however, is that Van stands higher than most of us, hecausc of his conscientious application, A chronic fusscr, Van worries over the smallest dc- tails, but ask him for a favor and he will go all-out with assistance Van has the habit of asserting his individualism Having once made up his mind to do a thing, Van acts accordingly and never allows himself to deviate Q. rl ills 'lHIRl Chandler Lee von Schrader O1"rUNlwA, lowa Chan came to thc Atatlcmv straight from collcgc and thc corn hclds ol' Iowa Hc has had little trouble with acadcmics, and has spcnt much ol' his sparc time as advertising manager of thc Lucio Bac. and other extra-curricular activities Not a star athlctc, hc has nevertheless hccn a top ptr' former on rlic B tcams, txcclling in haslccthall antl golf Pouch is quict in an explosive sort of way, always in mischief, but always managing to cvadc thc long arm ol' thc Executive Department Hu is vary friendly, a constant tlraggcr, and a wcll liked man hy all who know him X. lil! l 'xl IUX l Il! 1 Q Theodore Francis Watts, III Ttluu Hwsn, Imax-W x Tutl is lust anothtr lullow lrrom tht "l'loosicr State " Alitct a war .it V M I , this Hmnlitarv stullw was nothing ntw to him, although tu say the ltast, hc stlll docs not thriw on it Hu is not lncllnctl to ovtrtmphasizc -arthur his acatlcmin or his athletic .llWlllU" hc hulicvcs ln lcaxing will enough alonc Un tht othcr sltlc ol' thu pltturc wc havu a rathct sociahlc licllow who hoasts nlVl1.1X'lnLL ncvut turned tlown a "dragging wcclt und " His scnsi: ol' humor is thu lwst antl hc is alwavs out lor a gootl timc, although a small tcprtstntatlon ol' rlir true tharactcr, hc ls an assut to .inxonos social rcgistcr Thomas Carroll Williams Hillll, AlikXN5XN l,-l x joseph Lawrence Williams, r. 'lk Ml's,ll1nulix ,lqlllNl'l1C.ll1 looking lcllow wasnlr muan at all ln latt, it was his cast, sotiahlc naturt rlmar math- him a popular lavoritc among Ins rlassmatts l-luslsi Lawtcntc won his lirst sotrcss whvn hc turnrtl on his hroatl grin antl slow tlrawl to rapiivatt' our Iricntlshlp Later on, whtn wt' hatl romc to Lnow him huttcr, hu hatl atltlctl our rtsput .intl .irlmira tion hv rcpcatctllv proxing lnmsqll to hu ul solitl tharattur .intl high irlr-.ils Wt' Ln-qw l,awrmrt' as a gcntlc licllow who lwulicvtrl in lootlwall, Iisli rlass sail hoats, antl l'loritl.i sunshmi' XXX' will rvmrm htr him as a real guiitlcxiiaii, .i grtat sport, .intl A gallant lricntl The most liltclv platc to lintl Tom am' Jay alter tlassqs was in thc gvm shooting lititlmts, as this was his lraxoritc wav ol' working out l-lailing from Hopt, Arkansas, l1cl1atltl1t'5mitl1ctn gtntlumans rlistrimina tori' tastu lor huautilyul woman, onli moru so as attcstctl to hv tht' latt that rlit pnturt ul his Iiavoritt lorltqr girl was pnhlishcrl in tht Log voungstcr war Alwaxs ttath lor an argnmunt, ani' atgtimunt, l L .oultl l1ClY0l.lI'ltlCXPUl.lI'h.llIUl anithing from tht thcotics ol' tht triplt cspansion ungint to who won tht Qlvil War Knowing Tom has hccn a tcal pluasurc which nonu ol' ns will Iorgtt l69 lf 1 2' in-:PQ 6 A I' '947 f , 5, 5 p E l A 'E-fn. 'X :C Q ,, ? FOURTH BATTALICN Richard David Amme CIIAIUISIUN, Sntrlll CXILUI INA Dieles typically Southern, easy going manner was never shown in the elassroom He is rememheretl lor ll1Cl'vl'llIJlI'lLll'1lSl1lHCI1Il1C always gaye the lwlaelv hoartl Neyer notetl lor his .1lWIlllV as a guiele he' eause ol a step all his own, Genius was one ol' the rear ranl. lmys Music is his lyaxorlte hohlay. a large enlleetion ol popular anel elassleal reeorels attesting to this Riel physical exertions were eonlineel to laattalnsn .intl eompany sports where he eoultl always he eounteel on lor neeeletl places lejftllllllllal toolt a large share ul' his llIYlC,.1I1Ll eaeh leaye lonntl him with a new girl to whom to write ames Donavon Andrews TI VONKA, lowa While waiting to enter the Naval Academy, Andy found time to ohtain his civil engineering degree at lovva State College At the Academy, Andy en- gaged in sueh sports as cross-country, military traek, anel sailing A mental giant in all things mathematical, he breezed through the heavy aeaf tlemies while acting as tutor for the first deck. He Charles Raymond Anderson LUN., B, Mm CA, ,,-URNN also lrountl time to slash on correspondence, and it was a rare day when the O A, O , and a few other girls, tlidn't write. Naturally, Andy's interest lies Coming to us Irrum Cal Tech, Chuelt is one ol' the Wlfll N-Well Cnlllnccflng- and n'-7 JUUM in 3 ffw lwest lileetl In the elass His year at prep school years we will he mooring our ships in his yarels enahletl him to tlo well plehe year, and he has kept Jnsl slUCl'sN up the reeortl Tall lUh yeal1'l, elarle, anel hantlf some, he is a last man on the soeeer held, and is ever ready to play a snappy set ol' tennis or shoot a low store in golf Though generally athletic, he , - r nexer passes up a ehanee to Hake out lrrom his yr Lf 'N jf home in Long heath he brought along, a healthy Y L 1, share ol' Cal1l'orni.1's sunshine lplugl wrappeel up , f , ' in his lrrientlly L.llNPONlIl0l'l With a smile :intl a l ' ' 542 l ' 'F' eheery wortl lor everyone, Andy is always willing tulentlal1elPlngl1.1nel 3 John Richard Arguelles llllosi, lxllSbl5SlPPl laelt spent the greater part ol' plehe year in a futile attempt tu get people to pmnounqg his mme correctly linlmq in this, he tried all younsgsrer year to reatl the wortls on the hlaelahoarel, and spent hrst class year wonelerine where the hlaekhoard was This tall, congenial latl from the deep South, always quiet, reserved. .mtl good natured, was a likeable .mel untlerstaneling elassmate, and a favorite ol' the fairer sex WC'll all rememher his llaslnng hatons at those foothall games, as well as his eheerv smile, and his willingness to help others 'lack will long remain in his lrrrenels' memories of Academy life 173 llll IUURII Brace Richmond Baldwin Pizovuu srowisi, li.LiNo1s Bud's only regrets arc that he :an't have lllinois farni-cooked dinncrs herc, and that hc can't get decp tans on the hcach as he did for two years at U C L A Quite thc accomplished fallow, hc can play "A Rhapsody in Blue" on thc piano, out dance all hands, out run cvtry ollictr in thc Exttuf tive Department, and hreak cven in acadcmits Bud is an advocator of the radiator squad and sack drills, hut also a hard worker who spcnt long hours combating the Steam Department Bud has a lug smile that goes ovcr big with both guys and gals Friends wherever he goes is not just a guess y,..'.. . NS Arthur Howard Faris Barlow CJARDEN Ci iv, LUNG lsr aisao, Nrw Yuiut Quiet and unassuming Tlmse two wurtls hnltl tht key to Artiias sutccss Must til' us will rcmemlacr him as the tall hnv from 4'l.onls lslandu who was always ready to drag, get in a hull session, or adtl his name to the list ol' those prtsent at ani' hop, antl who daily could he secn eavurting in the piml training for the glory of the swimming team Lilre Q Y is not always sunshine hut. some what mav, Art i f" will meet rrouhle with that gnodwnaturcd smile 'Y and give his best, and those rraiu that have hmught 7 ff rl him friends here will hring him new ones rn ht lt added to tht list ol' those he leaves hehind s 9 Thomas Irvm Bell Ciiieatsti, li i xrsuns "Now there l was aboard the Chtzr-gm in the midffliesapcakcw and Tom hcllm Jn-'fllff if-1 WW' xx hm hc left the ship to join the sthuol, Tom sadlv parted with hu helovcd guns and tailor made hlues lnsrtad olrsears and breech plugs. he hecame llamiliar with the slide rule and Btiwditeh While at Navv, Tom mm plied with the axiom 'lnevcr volunteer," hut in a right spot reliable HT l " alwais loaned -1 h1IlF1fUl hand from youngster year on, hardly a weelvcnd went hx' that hc wasn't dragging, mvariahlv a hlonde But l havcn't been in cvtrv port" is his main lint ofdclrcnsc BX! I XLIUN U3 Philip Ellsworth Baylor Ciinx, lu I mins Alter spentlmtg one rear at lsemptr hlilllarv Sili--nl antl another at livwa State L'--lltigt-, kk Immtl lilt' htre on tht Sex'-urn sivmttlung ul .in rsattiiiu ruurint' that he had tu utr used to l-ltvwcwr, it was not nv change his tasi igmmg manntr .'llxx.ix's in a igimtl humor, that is, whtn his sriviuaili w.isi1't im tht' lU1lNK, llhll XVJN Unf nl llll' lfxh' llllAlNl1lpll1t'll hxlllll ditln'th.1x't his ihir rtatlv ru turn nn whtn the piling was a Iirrlt riiiiigli Hu li-vial tlassiral inusit, and his tasrc was uivorl, not ivnlx in miisit, lint also in liemininiti and other linrs if i ez 9 f ' E?-'49 lP,1f 4 'V' f 4 Byron Neaves Bettis OM -xllorvm C1lw,U1t1'tllosm Plenty ol' eraxy on the aeaelemrt sltle lelrt Benny with no womes ahout igratles antl plenty ol time to xx me letters antl worlt crossword pu::les tlllflllll stuelx horns ln the .rlyterrmons l1e could usually he lonntl 111 tl1e gym swinging .1yv.1y ar a punehnne hae and tossing a hasltetlaall around, or out in the Bat on a yacht or yaxvl Oltlal1om.1 was hrs great love antl he was always ready to point out that the sunshme H1 l'lot1tl.1 and California was simply ratllatron Iytom the Sooner State Hrs heart IN rn the sltles, and l11s .l!Ul7lll17I'l noxv 1s to l1eeo111e .1 Nan Bu: hoy s v Thomas Bachelder Brenner lsA1M1Azot1, hlttltio.-xN Quiet 111 eharaeter, untmne, in elliott, thhgent as to tletarl- .1 more hlteahle man has yet to appear H1s s111lle antl words oln wtsdom hehe his age, hut that twmlele ol' I11l3Cl'ilClY ln his eyes has trouhletl more -if .fa . ' .LW 41 Thomas Baldwin Brittain, r. Rreumorsau, KENIUCK1' "ls that a radio or r.1diofpl1onogr:1ph, Mister?" "Yes, snr," cheerfully replied Tomrny Although sueh amazing ainhigurty bathed both the Acadcnaic and Executive Departments, they were soon conf t meeel that the thrrd edition of the Brittain Naval line would wear his share ol' gold Unfortunately lor his wife, his passion for smgmg was undaunted hy threats or heseeehings, hut his intelhgent debates, sp1eetl with subtle hun-tor, more than compenf satetl for Ins lyneal prohsity Possessing a heyy ol JIU'JfllVC ILVUHPICB tlllllef, Fl-0n'll'nY WIS FICVCI WOT' ned hy a surfeit ol' dragless week-ends Wrestling, an oeeasronal hridee game, or .1 lengthy discussion ol' the je1111nejt1l.1le were favorite pastimes than one unsuspeeting girl Satrslying whims and neetls ol' others was a never eeasrng oeeupation A eonhdante to the thshearteneel and a poekcthoolt to the llighty, Tom was the eo111pany's "Mr ,Q 1 ,-lnthony 4' The steaelyune element rn a hoisterous Y W L H ,el t1vo111, hrs Jlxllllk' to tllseern right l'to111 wrong. X 1 ix l eoupletl with a ready Sl11llC antl eternal good nature l 4 l- lla matle him a stanneh skipper ol an lnexperieneed crew 1 oe Alexander Brower Wxlsrt-,x11, No1r111CA1zo11Na Louel have heen the pranses sung to hluseles Brower hy the frrequentees ol' the Math Tree as he straightened them out on some pmhlem in tug or tale However, aeatlemies are strictly a sideline, not to interfere with sailing, XX'CHll1l lrlrtmg, or squashinig Hts is an .xlalllty to grasp "th1s stullw' with a nuntmum of studying and a m.1x1111um ol' letterfxvrltrnq and sleeping Honest rloe ollten manages to he seen on yveelefends dragging some llI1C examples ol' that xvhieh makes .1 m1dsl11p111an's lllrtf worth living Hts genuine good humor, plus sound eileets, have provided three years ol' pleasant lrrieridslnp for ns 17+ 1111 souselll Bryan Bailey Brown, r. Horsrottrerr, Hawrxrr Coming to us from the Unrversiey of Washrngton and Pasadena junior College, "B, B " has often rokrngly declared that hrs ehrcl' amhitrnn rs to lrolf low hrs l'ather's footsteps rnto the Army Arr Corps rl' Dario and Steam did not ground hrm But hrs outstandrng performance on the lroothall held, and hrs manly hahits have shown him to he a permaf nent Navy than When he garns those wrngs, they now wrll he ol' gold Always hrmy hosrng, runnrng hrs laps, or lrlltrng weights, and always rnyarrahly denyrng all rnterest rn women, thrs unassumrng Calrfornran has made many close llrrends durrng, hrs stretch down hr' the Severn Q, Lg' r 'gi U Lorenzo Grady Burton, Jr. NV xrrrrrrrr x, l rorzrrxx Q XV! usually elllvrl larm llull l le mlrglrl lram' lrr'r'rr J lrlxxlllfr, ldlll l1lN ffllf .lllllllllllll XYJN IU lllllllxh rl career as .1 Naval olhter lor ,r our who rlrrlnlr Lnoxx the drllerrnce lautweerr .r nur and .r lrolr, ln' drsplar'etl a snrprrsrnrg .rlwrlrry ro rrrrtr rlrr reqrrrrr' George Humphrey Bryan, Y. ments ol the hlarrne lrrrgrrretrrng l7ep.rr'rrrn'rrr Une ol the marn exenrs ol hrs rlarlx lrlt nas rhar Nrwvorrr Nrws, Vrrzenrsux lengthy phone call lu Waslrrntglon .rlrtr rlrrll llr' Lleorge tame to us drrectlr' from Cahllornra. hut he always elarmed to he a Vrrgrnran, and no one ever douhted rhc lraet that he was a true Southern gentlcf man Hump prohahly ehcateel the Eseeutrve De parrment out ol' more lyraps llor late llormatron than any other graduate ol' the Naval Aeademr l'le was one ol' the ly-ew ol' us who possessed the envralale qualrev ol' herng alale to smrle alter returnrng from .r hrlgrng Steam class Most ol' us were shrpmares wrth Bryan lor onlr three years, hut regardless ul' where the men ol' eg' travel, or thr' years that pass, he wrll he rememhered lor hrs rrnassrxmrnq drsposr :ron and laroael smrle Riclraral Dille Campbell Wxsrrrstrrow, D C A I-mtbud uf Wluv saymgg ,md pgffqaly Amlglml rmpgrsonatrorrs, Soupy would eertarnly make a hrt on the stage He dues a Lronel Barrymore that rs a lrrlu, rs an authorrtr' on horh classreal musre and yrxe, and has Phenomenal power ol' harmonr:rng wrth rust any tune that comes along He has always laecn a marnstax ol' the chapel chorr Cammre rs eharaeterrzed by serupulorrs neatness and tl1orrvuLIl1nCW -1 ITUKFWUC PU' sonalrtv, and a Boh Hope sense ol' humor whreh accounts lor hrs herng one ol the most popular tellows In che hrrgade He rs the best ol' roommates and a superhne morale hurlslvl' I3 'lil ll ION 175 had .1 peerrlrar st'l1st'rrl hrrmor :har was sr-rrrtrrrrrus called pessrmrstrr, hut he was lnsr so sn.rw rh.rr rr IUKVL lllllff flqlln llNll.ll lil llljlst' llllll kllxlllll lllN hrrrghtcr srde '-Q T I 'n i ez Charles Stuart Carlisle Dam INUIUN, lnano Chuck is a true westener hailing from ldaho's beautullul Sun Valley Because ol' this environment he has the distinction OlVl1Clf1g able to ride, rope and shoot with hest His ability as a wrestler, which he lost no time in proving upon reaching the Academy, undoubtedly dates hack to bullfdogging steers on his l'athcr's ranch But destiny had hy no means conhned Chuck to the saddle His interests varied widely, and chiel' among them was the Navy Besides his academic capahility he will prohahlv he best remembered for his quiet, genial personality and his great store ol' common sense le john Courtney Carlson SAN Bi,uN.ARoiNo, CAI lrolzwm VIohn's tour ol' Arniy drudgcry and life at Stanford did nothing to dim his good nature Shadow's humor kept our spirits up during our orientation 5 William Chester Carpenter Boise, IDAHO From the hills of idaho came Bill Carpenter, who claims never to have seen anything afloat except an occasional bar of ivory. Yet he soon acclimated himself to this Navy system, despite the fact that youngster cruise found him in the inevitable heav ing line Born with a mechanical instinct, Bill con tinually amazed us with his ability to repair ani thing from a handykbilly to a brokenedown Steam prof His interests included both company and hattalion sports, that girl back home, and a milder sideline, rabbits Most valuable of all his assets is his friendliness, Bill had nothing but friends at Navy grind and helped us survive many a Bloody Tues' day oi' younrster year His esca ades with the , L , ksecutive Department varied lrom siestas under llourtecn-inch guns to elumhing over the wall to make the late movie on Saturdays Being a gen, crous soul, Spook conducted his amorous allairs on 1 e , ii iii . I l a rather large scope, though he was very partial to , W W, Baltimore, where he migrated on leave This tnsti, ' 1 . Y- 44- f ' yi , , l gator ol hilaritv carried his hndy beautiful program onto the track and soccer fields with customary i SUCCESS ames Earl Carter, r. P1 rims, C-toitom Dufmll Plcbf W-U lmmli' SPCUI J large part of his time learning songs for the first elassmen, but the onli time he raised his voice alter that was to shout, "Brace up"' or "Square that eap"' Studies never bothered -hmmv ln laet. the only times he opened his books were when his classmates desired help on problems This lack oi study did not, however, prevent him from standing in the upper part of his class jirnmy's mlm tion friends will remember him lor his eheerlul disposition and his ability to see the humorous side ofany Sill-13 176 ini IOURI' Earle Morrow Cassidy Pnoemx, ARIZONA To Casey, more than any other classmate, should go the eredit lor the success ol' this hook Ever since youngster Christmas the Little Man has de- voted his afternoons, happy hours, and week-ends to laying out and supervising our LUCKY BAG Aside from this, plehc year he was no mean boxer, and not the least of his feats is the record ol' forty' seven good pushfups on the parallel bars which won a company gym meet youngster year, Prior to he- eoming Edineh of the Lucio' BAG, Earle put his iournalistie talents to good use on the Log Govern- ing Board and in enthusiastically reading and cir- culating ,flrigcniu Highways ,- ,,,,u Q - i i - a 3 , ss, , Y flee Y B 6 Rafael Hipolito Cevallos Qmm. lfeiiatwoiz Anyone who saw "The Bitter Endl' will rememher Senor Cevallus as one ol' the gay calwalleros in "The Three Cs " A look hehind the curtain, however, would reveal a surprisingly quiet and serious young man Ever try to studv thermocly, namics in a foreign language' His generous estra instruction in Spanish, his adept soccer toe, llashine smile and tinl-cling lingers on the piano malte him the hest companion in worlt and play hlay his determination and charm ol personality win him everywhere the respect and popularity that ls his amongst his laeunos companeros. the Class ol' 'aj Peter Colot NlAl XYVAN, Nl YV ll RSll "Exams tomorrow llellows, how about -1 R-Tmf Ol chfsf' PCPY 5 Pl-'W 'f Cowl Jmfullft lm'-INV sll5Pl'5'U'm1 and sharp sense ol' humor were the secrets ol' his no strain eareer at the Naval Academy A Dario sayoir, WVlll'I plenty ofsoeial savoirflraire, Pepy relinquished his alternoon entertainments long enough lor outstand- ing performanees in plebe lloothall and varsitv traelc It will certainly he the Diplomatic Corps' loss il Pete 1-1 l' I s rsatile men in the Academy llepy was iust as mueh at goes into the Air Corps, For e is one o tie mo:t ve home at an embassy hall or a tea light as on the gridiron or track B A T T A L I O N 177 Bw Marwood Ray Clement, Jr. llivroiorui, hlawi Clem descended upon the floitleiiiy with his New lgntgland traits .intl larigon Varsity lacrosse, hal tallon handhall, sailmig, .ind company sports provetl to lac the snhstitures lor his lavorite sport ol sknue Alter a glance at the dai"s lesson, he m.n-ol In his sacls, where he could he lioontl reading hoolts, or under the hlanLets developing pictures llc lre duently converted the room into an .ipothec.iry's shop with his photorgraplm igear He lived in an ticipation ol the day when he would liotl the man to whom the laundry has hceii sending his hand Lerehielrs the past three years Ks john Oliver Coppedge llix ilu vu I it, Aki-tANs.iXs An Arkansas Traveler wandered into Annapolis three years ago, entered the Naval Academy, and proceeded to tackle the long and arduous task of gradiiatlng During his brieli sojourn here, Bo gained a multitude oi' lrriends and associates who remember him best as an athlete ol no mean dis- tinction The big boy gained early recognition his plelwe year by lettering in varsity lroorball and taking runnerrup honors in the heavyweight division of the liasrern lntereollegiate Wrestling Champion, ships His love lor athletics and a good time was surpassed by nothing except his love lor the folks back home 'E if Bentley Baker Crawford ABERDEEN, Misslsslvvl A topknot of blonde hair over a smiling face char- W aeterizes B B , a true son ofthe Solid South if you ever saw one, suh If you think that Lee knew he was surrendering when he offered his sword to Grant, lust let "B, B" get you cornered for five minutes and you'll change your mind, Studies proved to be .1 breeze for him and study hours would usually find him on his sack reading a maga- zine, A varsity crew coxswain and company wrestler, Ben took an active interest in everything going on around him Well liked and well known throughout the hall, "B. B 's" cheerfulness and ever-ready wise cracks made life more pleasant for Calvin Coolidge Cowley Sr Jorma, Aiuzorsm Cal spent the greater part of his leisure time telling unbelievable tales about the glories of Arizona, When he wasn't spinning cowboy and lndian yarns, he could he found in some B-hole playing poker When the right to drag came, with the necessity of keeping his many admirers apart, Cal discovered his troubles had only begun His elaborate schemes all who knew him. for this ur ose were rmuall successful, and he P P , gained the name of The Lover. Cal's many friends will remember him for his easy-going manner, and Y Lui' , l his willingness to help. But the lleud with Donald- ' ,V ' l , " U Y' , , , 1 lg-,,,,,,, V , - son remains unsettled, :ind we still don t know who 1 i, is most "SNAFU" N j i In ,1 'VJ , f Y , 'f -- " ' ,r ,, I , . I I x' f f ' , , F f 4 I N, Charles Burbank Crockett, Jr. ' PIIIL.-XDELPIHA, PENNSYLVAN1.-x Dave took eharge the day he entered the Academy, and was known by all as a person who loved his ratesf whether his or not He is one of those fellows who likes to do .1 little ofthis or a little of that, never taking any activity or study too seriously He did them all with a certain amount ofskill, except japanese, and Wiill little ellort, everything came naturally Davos hrst ambition was submarines, but after a couple ofle.1vCS via air transport and youngster summer Flying he turned his eliorts towards his father's held and decided I0 enter Naval aviation 178 THE FOURTH r Seymour Franklin Crumpler WAX'LAND, KENTtrCKy Hauling from the state where all a man does is to pick his teeth with a ramrod and smack squirrels hetween the eyes at a hundred paces, Sam, or Crump as he is known to all, is an exception to the rule His talent with the slipsticlc has made him a star man for the past two years Crump is the quiet type, but if you draw him out you will land him to he frank and positive in his opinions "Oh' my hack " is one of his favorite expressions and when you hear this you will know that something has shattered his quiet rtserve Wherever he goes and whatever he does, he will land an easy road to success r G i Q -. l rl s , y fl . F il 32.-, 2 - HT Y tt , ,,',,..F., s s 'ii' o s s X X Howard Benjamin Dalton, r. Asirtvna r, Nomar C.-xixoi ma Dirty Dalton, rootinf tootin', shootin', moun- taineer, descended from the Blatk Mountain home nl' his Cherokee ancestors in io4o to Join the Navy Inspired and coached hy the Annapolis-graduate pilot whom he served as plane captain on the York- town and Ranger, he won .1 Secretary ol' Navy appointment to the Academy Not the leisurely, drawling Southerner, he hucked academics with a will Often the academics hueked hack to he stopped only hy Dirty and Fischer. his star man roommate, standing shoulder to shoulder His athletic ahihty was demonstrated hy his outstand- ing performance on the military traele team John Joseph Dempsey Ntw Yom-t, New Ytnut Redheadtd laelt Dem scy has thc somewhat dubious honor ol' sometimes heinu referred to as 'ishort sproekk Crt " His knowlelge ol' New York politics is not he he seen on the hasltethall court, liowever, where speed t , and hallfhandling have labeled him a valuahle asset on any company team Woe unto -1fWl"lCl"C Wh" -l"CW I , ,, .f -- -- f Ad' ldwith know who the president of ireland is For sure now. who AHIOUR M Ji-on Y flmiln'-L 3 'Wlllb' fd 1, 7 kj r el t w r mind the men that here s a lrientl the name of Dempsey as an lrishman who nee s no written wer t -I lifll T.-XLION 179 ll! ames Blaine Davidson Oki -xlnnux City, Om xinmx Not longalltermeetiny1l5ax'yone ilistoyers that he is lrom Oklahoma, the " llower ul' tht- West " l'le's proud ull his home, and it has a right to he proud ul him How he llountl time lror starring, wrestling, sailing. and entering every hull sessnsn was a :nys tery to everyone hloreoyer, he was always willing to tal-te on snmetlnne new, whether it he ieatlnntg the plehes hlinlter or showinu visiting teams arrnnid the yard Outside of passing the swimming rest, Blaine l'onnd Academy lrle Irint antl was always looking lwurwartl tu lea ye, when he roultl sprntl some time with the suurte ul that daily epistle 4 ea iii Neff 'Theodore Dietrich, Jr. Di riuui, lVlieliioAN The "Big Red" came to us from Nleehanieal Detroit, perhaps that Shangrila ol' industry had something to do with his elear comprehension ol Steam and Bull XVar news and military olaieetives in all theaters ol' war hlled his Atlas, while liets on new war operations lilled his notebook Aeademies were never a worry to Nell, as he pieked them up without putting out too many ergs It eould he that a eertain O A U in Ann Arlaor was the reason Nell' was not seen dragging too often Al- though not an outstanding athlete, the ,law worked hard at mam' sports A lrriendly nature and a pleasant smile allrorded him many friends , 4--45' , P i 1 i john Francis Doheny Criicfxoo, lii :Nevis lack will he remembered as a redheaded Irishman in whose aggressive spirit his lyoreiathers might well take pride However, heneath his somewhat hel- ligerent exterior and grull manner has been liound a solrt heart and extreme good-naturedness lack learned to appreciate the lighter things in lilre at Northwestern, where wine, women, and some came to he his favorite pastimes They remained so dur' ing his Academy career, as evidenced hy his un- olheial track reeords estahlished on the Flying Squadron 'laek was a mainstay ol' the howling team, eonstantlv turning out top seores, and lendf ing llavor to the eontests with his especially tricky shots William Robert Dougherty Ai,ixANiaRiA, hliNNisoiA 9. Charles Eugene Donaldson, III BRISTOL, TENNESSEE "Hey, jeep' Can you develop some film for me this week?" Such was the very familiar query to this camera fiend and juice slash ofthe company. ln addition to his active interest in radio and photog' raphy, leep played quarterback on the battalion football team, and was equally active in battalion laerosse No Slouch as .1 Casanova either, leep's locker door, as well as many a weekfend, was filled with various heautiful Southern drags The com' hination ol' a slow Tenntssee drawl with a keen and quiek sense of humor made ,leep one of the hest liked fellows in the company. N mfflji I yi iii? 4, Y, .., J is lresh from hlinnesota and lull ol' light tame Bill to ol' Nvvee Notwithstanding his stature, he was deterf mined to make good in hasehall We douhted his ability to make the plehe team, but through his tenacity and knowledge ol' the game, he did From here on. he acquired the niekname, Aee On the academic from he exeelled in Bull with his long xvordy themes Ate did not go wild over the women, hut this did not pr? l f l he same vent his dragging oeeasionallt With a wind up and a piteh, young Doe heads into t 'ie uture wita t determination with whieh he eame to us 180 'li llli ITU URTF . Walter Matthew Douglass Surtnvvittt, Missotvui Hauling from thc statc when: a man's hast fricnd is his mule, Walt, lured from the soil hy the sca, traded his plow for a tillcr and launchcd his nautical carccr Combining considerable agility on thc hard, wood court with a keen mechanical mind, this Shclhyvillc product put his talcnts to good usc in thc two main phnscs of Acad-:my his Howuvur, his intcrcsts do not cnd hcrc, for hc is equally at home on thc ballroom Hoot whcrc hc has thc rcpuf tation ofcutting a mean rug With a kccn scnsc of lair play coupled with sound judgment, Walt should hc an cissct to his choscn hcld- -thc pcriscopv: pushcrs ames Henry Doyle, Jr. Biuitti is, Car iroiwra A Navy iunior hailing from thc world at largc lim hrotught his smilc and a tcnnis ratltct to the Acad cmv Both havc 'stood him in a good stcatl, his cvcr-prcsunt good word and lyricndlinuss for cvcrx onc haw: won him a host ol' lrriunds, and his thrcc Ns attest to his alulity with the racLct Quict and unassuming in apptarancc wt quick on thc comm Q haclt, hc ncvcr lou J good gag dic Studious and it dctcrmintd, he has l'lCX'Cl'll'IClCS5lUgQ1CLll1lS quota ol' f sack time and lillcd his happv hours with transcon -W X tincntal air mails to "rc sunny California " lvla R turi: and indupcndcnt with a llair lror gctting things N donc, lim gets uudcrwav with all sails sur 3 Kenneth Oscar Elcelund, Jr. Crum CII-XS! Nl xuxi wo ull' thcv'rc that cagcr to hilgc mc thcv can," said Kun whcncvcr hc closcd his Dario hook and pullcd out a shag Thc Big Eh dislil4cdADat1o as much as hc lil-tcd thc Nam' His idca ol' a study hour was that onlx hlytccn ri-iinurgg wqrg for studs' and lrortvfhxc lor morc important things A Nax x hoostur irom wax hack. 1 Ren ugually WM AHC go pcrsuadc us to tcar up our rcsiunations whtncxcr things sccmtd to hc ccttimg the hdtv! ol' Ls, Ek was a calm, dcpcndahlc wilt Hu alwavs had matchts, sltaus, writing paper stamps, what Cvcr you wanted, and his motto for curing all ills was, ' talcc lortv wlnlsi ISXI l XlslOX 181 Y. Thomas Stephen Dunstan, ll lxiX!l1NNI,NlXX' liusli Anvthmu conucutcd with iulautry or martluug was tahoo with thu Dultc liven so, his participation in hasltcthall, haschall, hoxmg, and swummug lwlics tht suspicion that hu was not athlctuallv llhllllttl .3iltl1ough Ncw Vlcrsux' takes thc trudit as lus hirth platc, to hcar him talls vou tau not lwat Ncw Yorl. His CIULIIICCFIIIQ' haclsigroiiiul at Stcvcus and Holy Cross, coupled with his pctuliar ltuatls lor uotuiug tlutails, tnahlcd him to uct lw Stcam without hat timg an -:vc Ncvcr at a loss on a ilraggimg wrvlt cud, hc still has an uw pculul lor thu woman who wont tlo him wrong le: ames Patterson Fellows Ev.-xNslnN, ll I INUIS lt can truly he said that Pat believes thc Academy is here tu stay He is just as much at home under spreading sails as when he sped along in his Pnntiac convertible at Colorado College ln his jacket he is accredited with two terms ol' llight training and one ul' submarine seliool Alter learning the art ol' camnullage plclie year, hc managed to stcer a smnnth course around the lisccutive Department As yet, no particular woman has caught his eye, hut they will always hc trying When caught llving low over first class gate youngster summer, his only comment was, "Burn that Eastputt bridge H lb Q Norman Leston F inch CCILUMIJUS, CJEL7llGlA Hailing from Georgia, Norm was a true South' crner, always doing his hit to berate Sherman's "retreat" through Dixie Although he spent many anxious hours in a keen scrap with the various de- partments, his fighting spirit never failed to bring him out on top He loved to spend his afternoons by the radio, but he usually found time to demon' strate his power in the ring, work out with the gym team, and give the females the wellfltnown broken heart The man from Columbus is hest described as having a song tin his lips, a cheery smile on his lace, and a warm personality John Ellis Fjelsta Nl-xnitifx, hliNNtso1A Ev David Wisner Fischer Donotvitte, WISCONSIN The son of a schoolmaster, Davie came to An- napolis well prepared, hoth hereditarily and en- vironmentally, to he outstanding in academics Capable enough in various intramural sports, he merited intercollegiate standing in his favorite sport ol' wielding the slide rule, He persisted, despite all warnings that unprovoked demonstrations with his pet deciftrig slipstick would likely land him baclc in Annapolis as a Skinny prof Already htst bass in the chapel choir, Dave was drafted into the Academy orchestra because of his ability with the flute and pieeolo, During his spare time he would satisfy his musical appetite at the chapel organ. N Wil ,--- 1 - Leif-, r W W "7 ' 1 i 1 f - 1 ,, a Coming to the Naval Academy alltcr graduating from St Olal'College with a major in accounting,lohnt1Y somctimcs found the Navy way ol' keeping the records, especially the l-rap sheet, not at all to his liking. However, lrmm civilian lile he brought thc art ol' barbering and during his spare moments he has impto thc results ol mam' a more or less wellfmeant Bancroft Hall haircut Searching for pats on the gollic ved ourse was wIohn's main sporting interest, but during the cold winter months when golf was no more, his oLhC1' lavorite pastime, sleeping, received his carcllul consideration, 182 'l HL l0llR'lH he , Gene Coyle Fletcher EAST ORANGE, New jtitsm' Personality-plus, a big lrish gringyep, it's Flctchcr, push-up champion of the 1 5th A master diplomat Fletch has combined Flawless tact and common sense in making everyone his close friend ln addi' tion to skillfully out-maneuvering thc Academic Departments for three years, he has found sufficient time to work on his anatomical structure, with an amazing degree of success A fanatic admirer ofthe body beautiful, his first interest was athletics, but this was soon replaced by dragging, Deelaring that women are here to stay, many of Mac's leisure hours were spent holding down a battle station at No. S Maryland Avenue ames Hyde Forbes, Jr. P.-xto ALTO, CALIFORNIA jim's witty routines, quick humor, and gay songs were ready entertainment for his clasmates, espe- cially while snatching to Dago or Bull, his star subjects Plcbe year, Hyde whiled away the leisure hours with long, passionate letters and cartons of Luckies Youngster year gave this liberty hound ir V Yi plenty of dragging time between wild leaves in 3 Y a ix Boston, Philly, Baltimore. and points West, A ' --2 keen sailor, and wise in the ways ol' the Navy after V Y 'A 2 Wy two years ni' enlisted service, he proved his excel- -1 Lf? -- A lence in practical drills and seamanship During X ', the oFi season from three stellar years of varsity sailing, lim plowed the turl with thc pushballers Wade Hampton Foy, Jr. RicliMoNo, Virioirairx Long interested in the Navy Wade made his interest a reality when he entered in june, 19.33 For the thrfv WMS Since that time with his warm smile, friendly manner, and by his calm, unperturbed attiivude, he his ' ' A V ,. V ' A 'e f nth'trues into t1e-nut1, earned a permanent place as one oi those best liked by his classmates iExtn ly, I up W Y P y he wo ld ' ' n th Cix il War J Interested in lust about cverylhmifli ll' Adi his U'n'CnU'uLd on 5Ml"'l'i' u n t give up 0 e ' . ,j h b maximum results with a minimum oireliort, borne basketball, and track Academically, his to e as CCH out by the stars on his collar and the sag in his sack li .-X el 1 .-X L I O N 183 William Earle Forsthojf liolsim, Niw jinsiy Ullurlr Earle" eanie to the Atadtniy with a burning passnin liar a regular cminnissnin and a track at Naval .iviatnin lanketl with his lpana xnnlt' and his winning personality was an ability tn do well in any activity nr spurt His relynge in the lvall was on the siiecer Iieltl, lmntiiirg the ball .irnuntl with the plrhes and junior varsity, then winning his varsity spot the last year The man who wr-ite the "jersey Bounce" ihdn't know the hall' nl it until he had seen "Fearless lmrstliollu guide his settnin into the home stretch ll' jack lives up tn that ratcy "ily boy" up ol' hrs, the l"lcet's hiss will he Naval aviation's gain. g K Robert Stanley Giles Xlliliiciuo, loxva XVltli a knowledi:,e and love ol' planes, and an initial start in his Naval career at lowa Prelliglit, Bob came to us to study ships Instead ol' planes Applying himself' in his studies to place well in the upper hall' ofthe class, CIlj.1.lj.Zlf1lf in company sports, sailing when he found tune, and oitcn relaxing horizontally in his room, Bob became known hy his lrrank manner and enthusiastic laugh Youngsrer summer with its welcome rates also brought a rav ol' light into his lilre Serious minded, but a readv smile, not too regulation, but upholding discipline, talkative, but also pensive, Bob will complete his work ahead Qs Donald Edward Gilman ,hasty Ciiv, New jtnstv Don came to the Academy alter serving two years with the lcathernccks Receiving his introduction tothe Navy on the Vincennes, and he was awarded the Purple Heart after lacing wounded when she was sunk at Guadalcanal Most of us know him as Pinky, and one has only to mention the fair sex to understand why His greatest passion, excluding the ivlarmes, is for rough sports Although a bit on the quiet side as a rule, he can really loosen up when the convcrsation turns toward the sea-going soldiers After leaving the Academy, Don hopes to get back in the Corps, for as he says, "Once a Marine, Always a Marine " Delbert David Grantham All4UQUlRQl'l, Nrw hlixito Del came to the Naval Academy from the land ol' sicstas and hestas, bringing with him a quick wi 4: Richard Melvin Gladding Btruttrrtm, PENNSYLVANIA 'iThe horse is man's best friend," His First love, a good horse, has not been displaced but only equaled, by that dark eyed gal Being a true horse- man, Dick developed a keen mind and agility oi movement These have enabled him to stand high in his class and to prove a formidable opponent on the golf course and the tennis courts Though his motto was, "Women are .1 snare and a delusion," he managed to drag quite a few queens druing, his uppcrelass years Dick's helpful and understanding nature makes him an excellent wife and a friend to all 1 I " a i N y 2- 1 YV I i V, l ,Q U , V iprrm. Vee, f e, ' Ill V If gag ." ' ,' r, 3 vi In -f.. N i Y' ll f 1".' , 9-.f-. 'A , 4-ff - I 4 f Q ' fa Y , f 1 f' t and sense ol' humor combined with the ability to spin .1 yarn that has livened up many of our countless bull sessions Del excelled in company sporu and could always be found conscientiously working for the g00d ol the company He will probably be best remembered by his goodanatured "running" of his classmates when esplaining the merits of his native Southwest or debating about his favorite subject, the cavalry. H15 greatest asset though is his abihtv to obtain and retain thc friendship and respect ol' his classmates 18-1 THE FOURTH erome Gron ein Bm TE, lVl0NTAN,x Coming from the sunny hills ol' the Golden West, jerry was one of the last mcmhcrs to survive the loc College cra Still clinging to tht basic principles ol the college days, the "King" managed to exist lrum leave to leave and from wccltfcnd to weekf end Often called the biggest midget nn the world, he was a staunch advocate of Ncwton's tenth law ol' motion --that a body at rest on a sack will tend to remain thcrc "Der Gronlw' possessed the rarest of talents for raising morale lowered by daily routine His quick wit coupled with his light pat, ter gave us all many a laugh, and his humorous personality with its carefree attitude was inspirae tional Robert Berwick Hadden Font S1 out tim, T1 xas Bula came tn on .1 wing and a Ltrnglmrn steer which means the Air Corps lost a potential Hut Pilot and Texas scnt another representative to the Naval Academy However, the Air Corps may still gain lame If Bolfs eyes hold out A great part ol' Bulvs time has heen spcnt either swinging .1 racquet lor the varsntv tennis squad or defending the name nl Q Texas, and at hoth he is a master Those of us who have had the privilege ol knowing "dun " N Roberto" well will long rcmemher htm lor his , goodfnaturcd violence in an argument. his Texas X humor, and lynr posessing those qualities that malse , him a good lyricnd and line shipmare Snmoth l sailing, Bob 3 'Thomas Leonard Hartlgan, ll Gtmnatt, CA: :format Given a moment to spare from his mam' activities, Tom would dash ull' a letter lung overdue, nr rl' ant' budyld liemny Sing thc Pmiscs 0f5unnyCJl1f0rnr,t He was alwavs there with a helping hanjjl aeademiepllx, . I V , , . , . . . . ,, , , and his encouragement and enthusiasm on the athlctit htld won mam a K MUN UKUUU In ULU! NHL from glqug in ,xqnomlgg he is at his hest in a bull session XVhtle not exactlv a Red Mike he displayed a , 'V 4 - ' , l'h' Slmnu' Shade ul Pink HIS lbw mndmon of Harrigan, That s Mt' lapoltvgies tts Lrturgt M Lohan! p e e year might account lor rt, hut must prohalall' if WAS hh kccn SUN: ul hmmm 'md than hm Inxh Wm HXIIXIIUN 185 tl William Drew Hall Rtlxwtntl, Xlllu.tNl X Brll was une ul' the Semper l urlelis lmts smuetlttttg we never let hurt loriget, not ltr, us flu .umalwle tlispusttiun and reatlx' anstx er .ilxvavs ltept its on t-in tires wlnle earrxlnig un our little Iuetls Haxnng learned the rutliments nl ttuulrltne in the p.tr.ttltnte KUIUPX, LZVHI nrllllrrlllv XYJN lxllllN Nldllff .llhl llI XVUH his letters plelwe .intl youngster tears "IU" max not have ent too xvnle .t sxvatlt .r..itlenn..rllt, hut their tt ean he said that nu ulwstat le ex er stopped lum His lrientlltnexs and rnrerest lur us xvill .tlwavs he rememlaeretl, and espetiallv rlre latt that ttlnlt alwavs ready with .x sturv, Bill xveut une heuvr .uid XX .15 llXX'.1YN rfrlllll IU ll'wKCl1 In Uni: Donald La Matte Hatlmway Di Nvi ri, for on wo lVhen Don entered the Aeademv, lm dream ol sealing the Alpine pealts ol the Colorado Rockies was shattered, but his energy lyound outlet in loot- hall, basltetball, and traelt He would rather spend Saturday afternoon playing haslcetball than dis- cussing the lighter side of life with a date How- ever, when he hnally took time out to hnd that there was more to dragging than he realized, his social horizon widened rapidly lneomplete would he anv picture of D L that did not mention deep breathing, carrots, head stands, and eye charts Come what may, Don will always retain his sin- eere tom rations and line sense ol' lair play .AA We , xn- Glenn Neil Hawley Omer AND, Car rroiusu.-x Glenn hrst eut his way through the orange groves and log hanlcs ol' Piedmont, California, to throw his weight into the balance, during 1942 He brightened up the dense academic logs with his good-humoretl, easy-going joking and close har- mony lt is said that musie soothes the savage beast Savage beasts are numerous in Crabtown, so, Glenn, with his estensive musical training, was in his native element He concentrated his talents on singing with sueh groups as the chapel choir, the Glen: Club, the Musical Club Show, and impromp- tu quartets With his bouyant spirits and all- around athletic ability he was an ideal roommate and llriend Francis Carl Hartzog, Jr. Lorslta Btaxeii, CALII-okwtx Howard Garfield Heininger, Jr. ArtANrA, Geontsrax Plebe and youngster years Bo was a faithful and hard-working football manager, and no one showed more interest in the Navy team than he, When football season was over, he could usually be found either on the tennis court or in the wrestling loft. The little free time available was spent writing letters to his many Georgia peaches, and after each leave his crop increased, Bo's unusual love allairs became the interest of all his friends, His hobbies included building model railroads, collecting phonograph records, and speaking Russian with a Southern accent. His conscientiousness and friendliness will always be remembered. t Y V V Y V2 l .J N l - ,Y yrr 4 , ,YY , . N , F' ' li I l l ll . y ' 4 - i I ,f N "lil Tigre," seion of Old California, and outspoken proponent of all thats best in the West, was always on hand with the makings lor a good healthy argument, a rip-roaring bull session, or, if he was studying the silence ol' the tomb The Duke belted his Prtssian ancestry by hnding his Dago QGermanj the bam ol his existence, hut he got the word on military pursuits in an astounding manner Not a consistent wolf, he nevertheless managed to turn up with a large number ol' drags of startlingly high quality, Athletieally, he managed to participate in a variety of sports, including crew and soeeer 186 Illl lUllR'l lr ' is Robert Gerard Hirsch NEWARK, New jtnsrv After one bricfcontact with those who cling to the ncther branches in the system, Robbie straightened up and Flew right Academics were no worry to Robbie for he had .1 complete indexed hle system between his ears However, he spent some time on them to keep from sleeping every study period A great proponent ofjazz and "pure, uncommercial- ized swing," Bob spent all his change left from dragging on platters, Always in there pitching and ready to help in any enterprise, this little slave of the system will get places li-are N if D ly Y .H -fs v il, Leo Charles Hofman, r. Lareeri, Micmorxw ln l.eo's presence few people could evcr be gloomy His winning personality, ready smile, and friendly manner always seemed to have the ellcct of making others forget their troubles In his academics, Leo was an extremely conscientious worker This :eal for hard work was in part promulgated by a gen uine love for the service and a sincere desire to do his best, both in his studies and in athletics. Few men will ever be able to match that combination ol' loyalty, love for hard work, and amiability which made Leo such .1 lane classmate and friend Richard Samuel Hollyer Dt tnorr, lx'lICI'lIG-KN Although he cut his teeth on R OT C. manuals, Dick was whisked from the Arn1y's clutches by an opporf tune Annapolis berth He is still an infantryman at heart, but two summers at New London convinced him that subs are here to stay ln gentrdl he C0 mments "Girls are nice " However, plebes holtl a special corner h N f h N s stem roan-is Bancroft Hall, and Hollyer's evening posture in is heart No hner champion o t e -IVY Y Squad is famous Whcn hC'S not Writing poetry and hiding it beneath the dak blotter, he is busy on the . . , - - N 1 fm 'nts LUCKY BAG Photo Schedule Of Reef Points copy or reception committee arrange t is vi 1 .rx It I o s 187 lo Ks Ansel Carey Holland Rai turn, Nonlil Crximi usa-x "Dutch" loved to match wits with the govern ment so, alter .1 year in the Sea llers antl nine months at the Navy prep school. he came to the Aeatlemv to see what they liatl to ollcr lt seems that the Steam Department was rlustinetl to xvagc a three year war against the Sea llri' His tlctcrmi nation and perseverance eonnttl him tlirouiglr the Sea ol' Naval Machinery however, and never tlirl he lose that 4 o sense ol' humor It was a surprised prof who read at the conclusion ol' HX C ls lvoartl Boxscore A C l'lolland, "Swalio", Steam llc partmcnt, '14 o " 45- at Richard Burdette Houghton Yakima, lX'AsillNta1oN Alter a year ol' sweet existence with the S A li 's ol' Xhlasliington State College, Dirk swltehed to the Navi' lilre His alert wit and llare lor comedy gave us all many a lluht moment "l-lootli always toolt pride in maintaining a neat, salty appearance, and his eaps a la l-louilhton provolted numerous re marlts ol' awe from classmates and criticism lyrom the U D 's He enyoied the privileges ol' his class and saw to it that the soeial life allowed him was not neeleetetl ln academies l'loot's trials were many, hut with his eyes lloeused on that diploma and eommission, he never lrailed to stay a rump ahead ol the aeademie relyerees Q. T. R. Howard SAN AN1'uN1o, Ttxws Paradox ol' paradoses, htre's a Texan that isn't a sis liootcr T R picked up the Latin hahit ol' tal-ck me it easy down in Sunny San Antonio, hut he B Charles Benjamin Huggins MCLEANSBORO, lttmois Bcnjy, that stalwart son ol' lVlcLeanshoro Qwhere is it'l, lllinois, salliecl forth from the land ofthe lllini to hnd out how midshipmen earn their living He never did hgure that one out, but after plebe year he ceased to furrow his brow over it Ole Chub- hins will he remembered for his live minutes of solid comfort, from which he always had to be wakened Ben may best he described by that friendly smile. that big right hand, and that fa- miliar expression of h1s, "put 'et there in eternal friendship " His two biggest troubles were keep' ing ahreast ol' his various nicknames and finding enough chow to sustain him in that good old could he a hundle ol' energy at times He showed llhnms fashion this attrilwute when shouting orders as eox'n ol the erew, and in numerous heated hull sessions A year -ry in the Naval R O T C at Texas University made T him savvy in the hooltlearning side ol, the Navy, Wd, -, , lsr 47,7 yi' 1' ,, 'f f--J r while Spanish pielced up in hlesieo made him a Dago savoir supreme Tex possessed, also, those y , l L . Ui l ll fr ,Ai two famous Vvlestern ahilities -handling a gun l .1 f well and spinning tall yarns ' Ralph Rodney Huston, r. AKRUN, Umo Rahlut, as he was so lrontllv ealled lw his elassmates, was a quiet, unassuming fellow who was at diligent worker, and a popular entertainer with his suhtle antics Rahhit was a lover olsports, and, although too Smflll lor varsity athletics, he excelled in intramural sports, proving his boast of hiring 14o pounds of lighting Ohifl wildeat Though quiet at the Aeademv, he was a terror on leave, and he returned eaeh year with morf address hooks He reeeived more mail from more dilllerent females than the rest of the company eomhinedl This eolorlrul eharaeter will enrieh our memory ol Aeademy days 188 'I HI l OUR ll H i Frederick Ford Jewett, II Etmiim, New Yome Fred's lirst contact with the Navy was at St Lawr, ence University where ht: had fullalled his main ambition, to Hy He came to the Academy with the view in mind of acquiring the intensihed train- ing whieh would later enahle htm to obtain his wines in Naval aviation His natural abilities in running and writing have won many awards for him during his sojourn at the Academy With his we Walter Morgan Johnson, r. XVASIIING mist, D C everfpresent skag, Fred could Lsually he found in his room reading or writing just one more chapter ofa novel, or dreaming olvthe day he will get those Always ahout two jumps ahead ol' the Academic Wlnlls Department, although he modestly eonsidered himself otherwise, johnny struggled through the Naval Academy with a dogged perseveranee and the aid ofan alarm clock For him especially, plehe year was a dilemma Ratcy as they enme, he was 45's personal protege and 45's nemesis "Who's iQ ' running whow the youngsters used to complain Paradoxieally, he spent most ol' larst class year try " ' ' ine, to sell Reef Points to the Reserves As husiness -ww - T, l manager he was unexeelled However. in the alter lr 1 nouns, he found ample time for loothall, hasehall, and varsity soeeer john Frinlc jones GRAND ltuslei ioN, Crmtortauo - . ' V ' ' l' ' ru se, and, most im ortant Blcung on the snowseovered mountains ol Colorado, dixoting a PM UH -ln? iz-al U Y P ol' all, remaining ever faithful to that girl hack home were the ehielleoneerns oil F During his plehe year . .' - Y ' Hlitahn' laelt was a mighty threat to the varsity, hut academics had to tome hrst, and leogstquently, Nax ll psi nd 1? V- l - - , ,- rv ' ' " ' qxlfnc J CYSUI1 YC L loothall prospect Alter a lew scrapes with the Exzeutixt DLPMlFlWfr lil- Wan lun' ills Im wnscmnp "Harlem " but then the iron hand left. JDJ Fvfm 2 5 CCWM 'mm 0 3 mmll L L ' Y V tious eilorts will make him able to master anY 51W-mon BXTTXLIOX 189 Addis Thomas ones Ln umm, lil moms lt wasn't so lomg .too that lonrw jmulteil up and lelt the Universirx ul 'lexas lieatlintg lor the Naval Aeatlemi llrlwlaliire in lliintg, piano "l.lX'lllL1, swimming, and tennis, Atlrl nexerilrelcss .nrjinred the reputation ul lweintg .i tonseuentious student l le lirmly lrelretr-tl that the svstein was all wrong, .it least until lirst .lass year When trapped lay rlw D O he, reinemlaerino the luiulainentals ol Cliitauo politrts, would loudly exrlarm, "'l'lu'y tan't Irv me l'xe got pull with the lxetutiw Department l' Alvhe log and l'ressllt't.i1l tg.ive him an opportunity to indulee in his wt.iltin-ss lor ter hositv and eseape the tgalliue Aouleiiir routine Rs- lf-,Z Thomas Reed Joste l'i.AYVVARD, CAI IFURNIA Ptissessiiig the rare talent ol' being ahle to eamouf llage even the simplest melody with mournlinl walls, Tom gained distinction plebe year for his ineomparahle votalizing on "Silent Night" in the mess hall vvlllll the passing nl! plebe year tame .1 new era lor "The Kid " Never one to let a week, end slip by without dragging, he betame a regular member ol' the Flying Squadron Toms weekly routine emphasized getting the Steam dope, play- ing lwaslterlwall, defending the supremacy ol' the Calilyornia orange, and proving to all hands lw his tharaeterisrit good nature that ht will make a suetesslul orhter in the Fleet Qs Mitchell Joseph Karlowicz CIHCAGO, lLLlNOlS A big wind from Chicago ripped Mitch out ol' Weber High and lllinois Tech and blew him through the Main Gate right into Bancroft Hall, and it kept on blowing First, it set him down in the iSrh company Then, because Karlo got hb Dago stuff right well, he landed in the savvy igtli, and hnally, he ended up in thc hybrid 16th, where he completes his hne reeord, Serious, yet always good for a laugh, hard-working, yet always out for a sport, not too regulation, yet not too "pappable," a man ol' many capabilities, and a man ol' many companies- this was Mitch Ralph Henry Kinser, r. lVloNt'rr, lVlissot'ru William Richard Kent SHEBOYGAN, WISCCDNSIN Big Bill Kent came to the Academy fresh from the Wisconsin lake country, and, used to plenty ot freedom, stepped into what might be termed a rugged plebe year Being a very strong-willed per- son, Bill had difhtulty with the system at First, but by youngster year he had admirably adapted him' self to it, An excellent athlete, Bill's previous training helped tremendously as he took many honors in swimming Bill is clehnitely not an ordi- nary person, as his many friends, both male and female, will attest He will always be remembered as a man who tolerated academies, and who more than tolerated dragging mfuljl r LVL -11 W -ii I if y l 1 l gtg u , H A 2 i A t AA'--rf It , k 5 ff , ' Z H. A. ' 7 31,1 ' ,ll' 1 --f - - , - I I h' 1 f ' , ,ff f ' ,ff I If 4 Homefgrowii and eornled, Bud left his college belles for Annapolis and the sea With this selection ol careers, he turned his back on music, his hrst love, Bud is a singer, and sing he doeslwithout warning. HH repertoire of Western ballads has both entertained and confused us since he hrst rendered, "Take Me Back TL Tulsa " Not a savoir, not a slash, Ralph nevertheless got this stuff Always willing, always able, he CN pounded on Steam and Math theory phenomenally Academies did not bother this boy, his greatest WON' lrom week to week was whether that ClS would arrive on Friday or Saturday. 190 int FOURTH i 'Q Peter Charles Kochis Ennis, Ptmnsvtvaram "We have met the enemy and they are ours " Yes, in this corner, weighing 135, hailing from the Gem City, is our indomitable Genghis The winner, as always, Peecee carried oil colors wrestling, playing up forward in the soccer line, commandoing, wield- ing a racquet, or in any of his diverse sports Not only physically dynamic, Pete, always acaclemically sell'-suiheient, was never lost, save maybe during plehe Skinny, or perhaps down old Baltimore way 'iWhere is that boat?" Erie's Firm, silent technique could swoon them all Pithy suhtleties and oft unf expected humor permeated his jahher, transforming many a Monday mood to a Saturday sunshine 53 Franlc John Karla Lotvlsvii tr, Km 1 titicv Frank decided to leave the University of Louisville and give Navy that certain something He has proved himself to he highly prohcient in making the Academic Departments give him that slippery 3 4 Buddy has had his ups and downs with the Athletic Department, hut his grit and detcrnnna ' tion pulled him through every time Say "Tin l t ., iid ' a1A'Ti Can" to him and he would say, "Heaven Be N 'Q i . ' il 'R sides a sweet gal baek home in lsentucky having -g'3 5 r- fl ax his heart. hc also longs for destroyers lsrank's one A Q7 l desire is to he a good Naval ofheer Yr RX' 1 l,,, A . -A sl 3 Q ,ep -V N Edward Francis Kaslca l,HILADELI'lil.-X, l'rNNsw'tv.'xNia Superhcially quiet and unanuming, Ed nevertheless possessc a virile and Powcfful I'C'5"'1-llm' In 'm Ulu ment his forceful logic often compels his intimates to retreat in utter mental confusion The dynamo has 11 lighter side thouqla ind if a happy hour is to he spent, l1e's the one with whom to spend it Whether push- ing a mitr in the ririq nr a pen in Bull class, Edis personality asserts itsell' and leaves its mark on all with whom he Comes in Contact Nor does his popularity he only with his classmates, lor he is as popular with the girls as he is with us BATTALION 191 bl Joseph Kovacs UNioN ie'ii1,Ntwli1tsn lou came to the Naval Atatlemy, with drlnute in terests, from his yoh in a marine engiiieernmg estals lishment Aside lrom his primary interest women in general. the tourst' in Naval lNlailnnery estited loe's attention lliongli he never let studies inter lere with his dragging or his toinpostitions ol hillets dons, he did spend a lew minutes with the hooks Nor totally ottupierl with his main inter ests, however, spring Ioiind lot' emgaeetl in weekly yawl races We will always know Ioe hs his siillltfls "a la Sinatra" and his ettenttir shaving halwir Ile relused to shase lfeiore lwrealtiast in an attempt lu maintain his individuality :E 1 Philip Kwart lxll xml, l'l11ItIl1-X Phil has the l11vl111r11lYl'Elni.111nC ol those men who xerxtd his tountrx in the lleet heh-re he entered the ,-l.atl1'111x During his three vcarx in the Fleet he xx .is .1 l".ll'.ltl1lllU rigger, and p.1rtol'tl1et1111e he was 1111.1t.1rt1vr 'l'l1t'nl1e xvas given tI1t1-pg-ominitvto uvmt' to Nax 1' ljllflllg plelae xear he was on the pleht 111111 te.1111 .mtl won his numerals, hut during xoiiiitgstcr xe.1r he tlixtrtetl his attelitlon to Ientlng .intl ditl .x hue poh .is .1 pin pusher His one amhi tion is In Qtr hath .1lxo.1rdl11s tarr1er,tl11st1me with xvingx Q 1 x-..' ames Curtis Lamles, r. l..l'VVl5YIl,l,l:, AARKANSAS Ouiet, hard-workin 1, and ever cheerful, udfe is t 1. -1, gifted xvith the ahihtv to xvin and keep friends casilx' Getting oll' tu a had start in academics, George Henry Laning Bosrorsi, MASSACHUSETTS George was pleasant and agreeable to all who knexv him Although he devoted plenty of time to ata demics his particular interest was developing friend ships among his classmates W'ith his cheerful per sonality, and desire to participate, he was alwaxs welcome as an addition to any patty, When manx others were spending those last few moments in slumherland, George was getting underway for earlv Mass He thought it a cardinal sin to miss hops, or to report alter liherty with more than ten seconds to spare With his religious faith and dc termination, minor dis:Appointmenr.s are easily dis regarded Truly, George is a "chic type." largely heeause ol' Russian, he soon gained Cl large and sale lead on the Academic Departments With the poise and dignity til' a true judge, this handsome lad! Sundav night advice tothe plehes was, "Never drag hlind " Disregarding a lexv unfortunate blind Illfgffhlx 1 dates, ,linfs masculine tharm has enalaled him to I, L5 'LQ drag some ofthe hest ol' heauties Being athleticallv I Y ' N 1 w 53 U , inclined, lim has alxvavs laeen a lxexman ol the ' ,... .H-fffff' f , ' ' 1 gxm and laasltttlaall teams r l ,H " 1 . ' A -77 ff, V' I N 1' ..i"' I. " I' ' ' , an ,. I - " , f fx 1' ' I I . 1 Howard Newell Larcomlae, jr. Notxmi it, Vikxziisiia B linantiallx, or lust lax' lacing lyriendlv Undgr heavvl iezslsrlllxldlx rmjjlv FU hclp Somconc UM! ludcnucahll got him oll liisvsatk, he xvorlted to he a xvinner -Xll lk' hkphlrtlx- lm' A bpm? Cach Fcrmhbut Once I im W Nm V X W bp 1 I I Y J Q W V -V Y Xl Krtrntm tr his laooming voice, his ready SITH ei I U11 S U if K I1 JYUUIUL an UUWIUUAV and his untannv ahilitx' to xvin those lwets Louis known and appreciated as .1 person xvith whom it is verx' tasx' to live 192 THF FOURTH 7 r Yi Roth Sumner Leddiclc lVloN'rAQUE, lVlICHlG,-XN After congenial Roth Lcddick li:l't Michigan to study at thc Naval Acad-cmy, hc sailcd through three years of dilhcult academics with httlt, il' anv strain, being ont of thc Acadcmy's savoirs His trumpet and boxing provided wcck dai' rccrcation Almost any evening before formation, thc halls around his room would ring with a hot tunc from his horn Although hc kncw llcw girls in thc East, at thc outset of youngster ycar hc took up dragging with a vigor and vcry ably covcrcd thc Held Roth's friends will always think of him as onc ol' thc lwcllows with whom they invariahly had a good time Q , or li . Eugene Royal Lippman Elisa kVjRNNt1l,NIXVllR5lx' Rcgrctlvully turning his hack on thc ivy walls ol' Princcton, Pctc chusc a Navy lllrc A lausy plclac vcar crascd his civilian ways, and youngstcr days llound him morc and more liking a luturc home on thc laounding main Lacnc hoxcd, swam, and sailed on the athlctic sidu, whilc dahhling in art as dircctor ol' the make-up gang for Masqucradcrs and Musical Cluh Shows As managing cditor ol this LUCKY B,-xo, hc helped much in its succcsslvul publication, and wc will lar his work spcak lor irsclli Conscicntious and a lirrlc inclincd to lau serious, Peru niadc a loval lyricnd who was quitk to hclp whcncvur it was nccdcd Daniel Richard Holloway Mahoney Birrioki iw, Ni w Yoiuc D , ld , umm yn wirh a gornv gag, a Latin quotation. or a circuit diagram His knowlcdgu ul' -ln Ck U LYCCK JIU' Sl K radio pushed rhrcc classcs through hrst class luicc and madc him president ol' thc Radio Clula When not 1 1 h lXlvcrson or reading ani thing from Thucvdidcs to Thurlaur, hc could suldom lac sailing, p aying, c icss wit lc l lyk ddin 1 from Working and Thicnpont ahuut his lrccr, hur hu could always found Studying Dan too ' a ot o 'i f-. A l fir a lau 'h " Wu will rcmcmlacr Dan lor his lockcr, lor his trick smile and quip his famous, m'l1il1H K L- kncc, for his Russian, but most of all lAotl1lSlHfCll1llfnff B X"l 'l Xl.lUX 193 G, Joseph Dean Lorenz lkl xiiisoisr, XX iscowsix "Huy, losc, rlou'r lriirgci to vlosr tht' gate," was .i call cricd lrcrliiciirlv ro rlu- .inrhor man ou rhc llving fiqiiadroii Corning in Iriuii ilu' lli-fr, hu' had to travcl hall wav around rlir world lwlorr' hv could rhrow .ixvax Ins li.uiiiiioiL and vvgisrrr .ii llancrolrt llndi lim soon lound iliar .ivarlviirus could lic inlcrcstiug llis draxvuigx xvvrv .i Sicaui prolds dclight, though his lrviivh proiiiiiirniiiniis wcrc a lligo prolds iiiglirmarv Nairiug in liar talion rratk, larrossc, .uid Ioorlwall also lirlpul in makc lilv iurtrcsriug, .iurl xvv an' sun' iliar iliriv wars ul rcikiug carv ol iiinrr ihau Ins sliarr ol drags was not ovcrlv dull it ME Barney Martin SAI I AI, lu INHIS All In the course ufone fateful summer, Barney shed his eoveted Culver buttons to assume the duties of one of Uncle Sams mariners of the Severn. Plclwe year was a hlitz of suetess taken in the quietly eff lieienr Martin manner and "Und B " ended it with xtars on his collars He was not one to hoard his academic ahilitv, for he pulled not une, but two of his less gifted roommates through the three- vear course here at Navy His polite, wellfman- ncred wav has built a foundation of friends who reallv think this thirty-year man has what it ral-tes QL W. Edward Joseph McCormack, jr. SOUTH Bos'roN, MASSACHUSETTS Crop of blond hair and ever-present smile, that's Bula, Never letting studies interfere with pastimes, writing letters and sleeping, Bula still managed to stand high in his class Always pessimistic aca- demically, Mae claimed his name was permanently carved on trees and bushes, but when term grades were posted, Mac always had dailies well above 3 o Possessor ofa pleasant voice, Mac usually was found after chow singing with the boys. A great one with the fair sex, Bub's locket door was always covered with pictures. His pleasant personality and easy-going manner has placed him in the ledger of classmates to be long remembered, Hugh Mac McClellan FULTON, KENTUCKY A loyal, blue grass Kentucltian is easyfgoing, care- free Mae With his sunny smile and witty remarks for any occasion, he was wellklilzed by everyone, His suave Southern manner and pleasant disposi- tion did not go unappreciated by the fairer sex, for there was seldom a week-end that Mac was not dragging. His three favorite themes were wine, women, and song Mae played plebe football and ak Y , W was on the varsity track team all three years, win- gl,Ll, ning his share of N-stars When hitting the books K nl beeame a hir tiresome, Hughie managed to etam I ' gm, in a goodly amount of sack duty, too William McKinley XXVENICE, CALIFORNIA A salt of mam' battles, Boats struggled into our realm after many months of duty aboard his heart's desire, a lighting submarine in the Paeihc. His brightest moments were spent retelling his wanton adventures as a "X'eniee Bruiser," or telling how his torpcdocs had sunk hall' the lap fleet Not bothered by books, B016 elaims that "what you don't know wont hurt you " Standing by until the opportune moment for displaying 1115 5-UC-NIC WH. l1C WAS -llw-HS a midshipman you were glad to see enter your room. The term "a silent lover" was no doubt coined for him, 194 llll: VOURTII ll Walter Murphree Meginniss T.-XLI .-XllASSIQlf, PLORID N Msg, A suunclm dcfcndcr ol' all ilu: .xppcrmxns LU Florida, csxmc tlxrouglx .lgaxn and .xgxxn wxtlx succcss xn Bull Ncvcr A Savoxr, nor an carlx' mxxrnxng Sucker of ,xn CNIIJ lcnllx ol' Il poxnt, hc stxll madc lux way xn llxc l-UFCSIS of Banurolwl wxnlxout olytcn lindmq lxxmscll' up .1 rrcc Hu Seldom drxggcd .xm ol' clxc local Lalcnt lwur nlxowcd lxxmscllcvcr-loyxl ro lm O A O , and dxscaxnlul olcntxcxng lrps wlmlx sought to lurc lxxm .xstrnxf A linux: xnjurx' carlx' xn plclwc yur cllcctxvcly lxalrcd lm work rn cross' country, from Llxis rxmc on hc was lxmxrcd LU cxccl- lcn: work xn companv sports 1 x x l -- r li X ' s X ' fy Q. Austin Blu Middleton, r. Dx x nz Lumix, lNloNx WWA From rlxc slxucp clad Ixxllx ul' lNlonl.xn.x xxmu Ilxxx rcdflxc.xdu.l lwx zxmul Blu xx :hu lullow wrrlx tlxr rcadx' wxr .md tlxc opcn cxgarctxc x.xrl-xnxx wlxow room xi so crowdcd wlxcn Llxx: cxpx-ncnu ul rlrr Cvuldcn XVQSI lxold llorrlm on wcuoxul :num l-lx' rmdud lxlowy wxlh rlxc lwuxr xn chu Auduxxxn Du yurcmcnr and cam: our .xn crm' vrcror Hu lxrxr lovc is lxxs "Old Pnl," lmr rlxc wgxrcr sporu run .1 close xccond Durxmg lxxs rlxrcu xc.xrx lxcru lxc cx rcllud In swxmmxnxg .xnd vxuxmr polo Wclll nuxxr llorgct lux rcd luxr .xnd lrrcclxlu, nor wxll wr Ixvrgcx lux uwxxxpanxrvnxlxxp .xrxd xgoml xxxll Ralph Emerson Moon, r. Cl!-XNN'lllRl75X'll l l, INIH XN X Lcavxng thc clqsixc lxqlla ol' Old Xv.1lW.1Sl1,RJlPl1 untcrcd rlxc Acddcxm xx xrlx no orlxcr Jxwu rlun flux unrlxullxmg plgwrc 0f'jJncg A Hoosrgr smrlf and .xn uncanm .xlxxlxu to lxnd our rlxc .xmvxcrx ro prlxluxxrvndl xiuuuxvnx from rho youngsrgry ol' '49, lxc rcccxvcd tlxc picudxxrxxm XYJIJ.-, .1 lxrunq goxxxplxmum uv lhlplx limqmvn Rcxurnxng from cruxsc wxllx Salt inked on lxxm numlwr l LIYCJW rlwvw W JMU lvl? -NJC 'IW lx-'lx WWW U'Yl'U' '43 ll-,muah the PHO Ag gcnul bmlngv m.1n,1qcr olrllrxc Nlmquuradcrx, lxc llqll mio rlxu good xgnxxu xvl llxn lixccurxv-5 Dcpnrrmcnr and lcdrncd to llxrk oil rlxc Pl-Wdm of WLC! "lm HM cnlumx BXl'l.-'ll,lOX 195 K amos Harlan Millington l'xx xxlxlxxux, lx vnu Ullxxg lied" lxrouqlxl xvxxlx lxmx Imxxx lx.xxxs.xx .x lxlmxxxxrg yWfXlYIl.llllX .xml ,x wxxw ul lxxxxxxor wlxlrlx won xxx.x-lx' lxxm lrnxxxxn.uxhxlxx.1lxxx rl.xwxx.xxu I lx WM .xxx x'.xw xgxxllxg lYllxlxX'x'Nlx'I'lxx'!, lull xxlxrxx ,xrqxx nxrxxu .xrow rrxrxrxzxmg lux xnuc, lm lrlood pxuxxxxn lllx l'L'.lNtAl Ill'l111'nxlUllNll rxlllllvllllll IN Xll ll.lX lull dlll' Alllllk lllflk'N XKllll .ls.lxlx'!1llsN, lll lll.llY,lX:l'Ll ll' fllll ,xqroxxnrl lruqxxxxulx wxrlx llxf lxxrxxlxxr lTx'p.xxx mul: l'lx' lllxud to plxx Ioorlvxll .xnd lxrlrlxgr, lxslrl no wxxxx r'l,xwsxr.xlx, xlxoxx' dmx lx, .xxxrl rlxx.xxxx xxl lr.xx'x l,xxxxL'xxlI'lL1 ,x lxlrglx xlxqxu xvl xlruxxxxxxxnxorx, llxxx cxxxxld lu' 1--unxol on to r.xrrx' out .lm 1.1--lx llnx uxrxxurlxxw, .xml rlxxxxx rxu rlx,xr.xxxrx xxxll ru-wt xllx:x lxlx lxxl xlrx' xlrxxxlxxx 'Sf' Joshua Rutland Morriss, r. Ti xAriicANA, Tixns josh came to us from deep in the heart of Aggie land where lic had just completed one plelie year, lfliey call it fish year at A, and M J Although his patience, among other things, was wearing out, he resolutely set out to endure another year of hlood, sweat, and tears Alwout his history previous lu matriculation at Trade School on the Severn, only one thing need he said, "He is a true son ofthe Lone Star liepulwlic " Magnetic disposition is what they call his outstanding trait His classmates elected him eompany representative plche vcar, and his tenure of ollice has laeen uninterrupted Walter Gladstone Moyle, -Ir. BrztvNxviti.i, Nrw Yom: Strictly a one-woman man -la dilferenr one each week-endl, Tad saw weekdays as necessary evils, merely separating weekends Chevy Chase and Westchester provided the gentleman, the scholar somehow took care of itself-much to our amaze- ment, "But you must he wrong. We can't have Steam this period, l studied Skinny " His love of delure gave him the moniker of the senator With the exception of lacrosse, Tad directed his athletic talents toward the manly arts of howling, billiards, and pingepong Always good for a laugh, Tad will provide a congenial addition to any wardroom Ralph Edward Odgers AAI I.-NDI-NA, CALlFClRNlA iii Daniel Jerome Murphy MONTEREX', CALIFORNIA Monterey, California's contribution to American Naval might is a solid, blue-eyed, sandy-haired fellow whose likeable personality and ready smile make his nickname, Grin, a natural. A versatile athlete, his favorite sports range from boxing to soccer, with a fast game of tennis thrown in when' ever he can get his hands on a couple of fairly de- cent tennis halls Although jerry came to the Academy directly from high school, by serious effort he successfully navigated all academic rivers With the minor waterways behind and the seven seas ahead, jerry's clear logic and sincere enthusiasm will always stand him in good stead. gdi,.l,l'-'hi Li 1 , 1 1 3 Ralph is not likelv to he one ofthe favored few who will score a touchdown OVC, Ai-nqy or stroke the varsity CYCW, but ht may very well he the one whose name will he inscribed in the Academy's Hall of Fame HC is alwavs willing to give the nest fellow a hand and to do it with that type of plcasantness which makes his t issmares fijl that they are granting the fax or For the past three years he has prepared himself through attrnt t ' ' f ' ' , , . t ion o uty, ncatness in surroundings and self, and an orderly manner of thinking in order that he some day may seize the opportunity to place his name among the Navy's great 196 H llilf VULIRT A. Willis Robertson, r. Clyde Roach Roclcwoorl LEXINGTON, VlRL3lNl.A Tatl dccidcd early that crcw was his sport, antl wrth lNrrl XN wrrl ls, lNrul xN N llrrtlsv lrrrrls lrrrrrr rlrr' hlrrlxwsr .rrrrl rrlrrrr prrrvrs flu'-lffcflsui PUSCVUQHCQ and lu-fd Work hc df' Qe lrrrrrscll .r lrrrnrl son rrl lrrrlr.rn.r lrv cxrwrvrrrrrlrrrrg .rll vclopcd rnto a strong. smooth oarsman Thus, to rlru rglr-rrus rrl rlrar rcrgrorr Drrrrnrg rrlvlw war lrr hrs genial manncr, lr: added a massrvc chcst as hc rose to the cnviahlc status of a varsity crcwman rrrrralrr rlrr' rrlrl luwr lrvr :ht rlrvrlrrnrr lmwulrrl swrslr nl rlrr' rrr'wrrr.rrr's rnrrs .rrrrl rlru .rlrrrnrrrrrrs It WAS -1 COrllil'IUCll bJEllC fOr TLINWO E0 Oblalrl A ' lrrrrrrrl lrrrrr vrrllrn ' lrrs wt: 'lrr rrr .r rarsrrv slrcll Y A ennet c ona 0 mson ' L L maxrmram ol lood and sleep, and at thc same trrrrt, Rrrrlt rs .r qrrnrr .rrlrrrr.ru' rrl rlru r-urrlrrrrr lllr', par to hold down that scmhlcrncc ol a sparc trrc l-lc CAR,,,M,,! T,NN,t,,, rrrrrlarlv wlwrr hrrrrrrrrrg rs rrrxr-lrurl llrrrrrg .r Y.rrrl.r-r lrvcd dan crousl in thc acatlcmic worlcl hut ncxcr lru rrrrrrr-rl Irrrrrr rlrr' Irrrrrr wrrr rrrr-v rlrr' lm- lr-, Y I l is l lost any of hrs consideration, practical common Sfmt- -md unflilinrr go'-ld humor Whlfh haw inf Rohrnor Rolalw, rlrc stalwart, qurct, antl raw gornrg dc-Utd him to hls C'1SSf-11165 cornstallt from Tcnncss-cu, was tlrlrrg-:nt rn .rll hrs untlcrtalcings Stutlrcs. though hrs uhrut rrrtcr-pst, gave way to tht customarv pastrmcs ol' mrtlslrrpf men Vfrth hrs practrcal jul-rcs, hc was an integral part of the lrllc at thc Acarlcrny Thcru rs nrr mrs' Y taking thc part of thc country that ht rssucs from, for hrs tlrawl rs that ol a wyalrbloodctl Tcnnusxuan Hrs frrcnrlslrrp, when once won, was thcrrslrrxtl lw Y - l all hrs classmates, anrl Cach strovu to lac Wrrrtlrv ul Y nf l rt All ol' tht attrrhutcs comprrsrng tht xxrrrtl tlass X r l mate hlcntl togcthcr rn Rohm s character 3 Nye Goble Rodes, r. Lurrar-4, Wrsr Vrrzrrwra - - , . - Q l lr ll- ' 't DMU, CMM to thc AudCmyrmn1 tht Mumc Luffy!,1ng,ll'lUPL5lUgr3lW.1LlxlI'llUllflj.f.llI'l ,lrgrr r a trtrt rv acarlcmrcs hrs thrcc years hcrc were charactcrmtrl lw a contrnumrs SIUULXIC l"5fWCCf' NlL"ll'ml "ml fmdlng mags,-lm! during Study hmm Rcugumn hours lyountl hrm rntlustrrouslv pursurng hrs laxrrmc pastrmus, . - Y r ' Contact sports su'h as football and puslrhall illwars wrll1mLIvlNU1 U' -1"l'lm'-ilk Uuulllcsr ULN' ls 'mlm , L - ' ' . , , , , , - l ' tl1'arr, r rrr 'an alwars was one ol thc hast ilrlpcr s rendezvous rn tht torn?-ml Alrlwusla hr 'S J ll 'mm A K K k . ' . A N ' 'r X' rra catch a nostalgrc look rn hrs cycs upon mcntrun ol tht trral mrnts ol XX ut rrgrr Br-X1 dr .r r, r ox 199 ruulnrlltg Xkllll lxxn rlccp 50ull1r'rllt'rs, .rlrrl Nl1L'lll rrrrrsr rvl hrs sparc rrrnu lrrglrrrrrrg rrr lrrrlrl up hrs rrrrl rgcrs .rlrrrrrg wrrlr rwrvrr ral rlrr' Lrvrl XX ar lll .rn rrrsr Qrvrrrrr rralrrrr, llrrr t ames William Pettit, Jr. Pun ii Iwo, Oiuouw "Speed Ball" hest typilies lim, a mainstay ol! the traele and loorlwall teams for the past three years basy going lim lived on the sack as well as on the athletic held Never worried or hurried, he made the system lit him bv having unnumeralale dragging weelt ends, each a "big deal " As the rest ol' us did, lim lived lirom one leave to the next. alternating between New York night eluhs and Oregon llshing streams Although "Uregon's Own" had his little LllllliLllIICS with the llull Department, he always managed to mme out on top With his ability ol' malting lrriends -lim will always be l'uund in a happy circle wherever he may be V sv, 'i . ie. Samuel Andrew Pillar Gam, INDIANA "Back in the good old davs the Navy was never like this " Sam should know, for alter three years ol' "snipe-striking" he swapped his dungarees and steaming shoes for a slide rule and a Steam kit Dragging was too mueh trouble around here, but when leave, liberty, and recreation becleon he is with the rest of the paele Smiling, easyfgoing, and "not believing in all this stull" hes Sam like his old bellehottomed blues Being a typical thirty-year man, although he flatly denies it, is shown by his traditional gripes about the ehow, liberty, pay. and duty But alter three years ashore, sea duty will he .1 welcome relief Arthur Duane Robbins SPRlNoiiti,D, lxlASSALHllil'l is E Louis Tuck Renz MISSOULA, MON1'ANA Long a scourge ofthe Bull profs, Louis will always be remembered by his classmates for his raucous outbursts in the silence of the section room. Those huddles his wives have frequently been seen in are for the purpose of deciphering his extensive vo ealaulary. Louis does not exercise his brain only, for he realizes the importance of athletics in a mid shipman's life Every clay we can find him either playing solitaire or out in the bay swimming bael from a yawl race muttering to himself, "Why didn't they tell me we were coming about?" -HlJf'Y5 l,l,, , 1 f fi il 1,1 ,Az- I -1 L7 a Art s Naval expermenee didn t begin with plebe year, lim' this Cxwwmln from rhg U S S New York eau Tinlxixinx' a tarp allaout his expenenee, lsgfmc wmmg to thc Scwm Country Club Robbie is undoubwjlr t 1' ' ' 'j ' '- -- - V- , . ' U' lui W' P ll'-V -Ummll US JDJ J Robhin s Flush will always remind us of the lact. When lu l v- ' - V - . ' , , vrritlge playing permitted, Art eould be lound engaged either in sailing or volleyball R055 greatest sourtt ul energy was expended in arguing the relative merits ol' the Navy vgrgug K1-,C fy1umnC5- with 3 lusty' MP1-. th'l1e,l'as"'Rl 1' ' W- ,V l . k 'l P L L' 'uhm xl '15 UH to k""l" JM 5 NUUQ-fl-!ll5lI'll115j0x'1al unassuming, and carefree manner 195 ine FOURTH A. Willis Robertson, r. l.Ex1Nt3'roN, VIRGINIA Tad decided early that crew was his sport, and with characteristic perseverance and hard work he de- veloped into a strong, smooth oarsman Thts, to his genial manner, he added a massive chest as he rose to the enviable status of a varsity erewman lt was .1 continual battle for Tuhho to ohtain a maximum ol' food and sleep, and at the same time, to hold down that semblance ol' a spare tire He lived dangerously in the academic world but never lost any of his consideration, practical common sense, and unfailmg good humor which have cnf Canilr-sta, Tirsmlssli Rohin or Rolalay, the stalwart, quiet, and easyfgolng dmrcd him m H15 Cl355nUlC5 cornstallt llrom Tennessee, was diligent in all his undertakings Studies, though his ehiel' Interest, gave way to the customary pastimes ul' nuelship men With his practical jokes, he was an integral - part ol' the life at the Academy There is no mis' i , A , Q V taking the part ol the country that he issues lrom, l for his drawl is that of a royalfblooded Tennessean - F- - His friendship, when once won, was cherished hv 4, W all his classmates, and each strove to he worthy nl W Y it All ol' the attributes comprising the word class mate blend together in Rol'un's character Y O Nye Goble Rodes, r. LllLl,XN, Nxllbl N,lRLllNlrX - , - - 9 l ' ll ' ' I Dusty came to the Academy from the Marine Corps, and hot-ts to All' bslsls UW' lf All-U" lilllill' l JJ 'Fifi " academics, his three years here were characterized lw a continuous slruklk-ilk lumlln SU' Um! 'ln 'U 'nl- maga-ince dum-lg Study hours Recreation hours lound him mdustriouslv purslllmi his 1-is HHN P-Nlmwr contact sports such as llootlsall ans-l Pllbhblll Alw-IW Wlllmil U' lbffn U' -l"'l'll"'-ll 5 m'Ul'l'5' Dmlllrs "mm ' Y , , V V A ' ' alwaxs was ong ul Ll-N5 but gfipgr 5 rendezvoias in the company Although he is a Marine it heart, you tan . f , 1 , . - 5 ' X ' eatch a nostalgic look in his eyes upon mention ol the coal mints ol XX tst lfklml B.-lTl.XllUX' 199 Clyde Roach Rockwood lrsm m xt-on ts, Irwin wx Rorlrv hails Irom the hlnlwrsr anrl olren prrwts gf lnmsell a loyal sun ul lHtll.lIl.l lw cxpmxiitling all the glories ol that regnm llunug plrlwr year ht tauiglu the oltl lexcr lor the rlwtlunn powerlul swlsh ol the rrexs'man's wars and the alternuons Kenneth McDonald Robinson lsuunl him pulling his weight in a varsuv slit-ll Ruth is a great atlvotarr ol the outdoor lile, par tn ularlv when hunting ls ins olx rrl llrung a Yanlrct ht' lumpetl lrom the Iryiug pau into the hrr lu rtnumng with txso deep N-urlirrners, and spent most ol his spare time ligluing Ku In-lil up his end ol the LIYll Xl ar lll an tasi gt gets along with excryo umgn.1lu1t', lim favorite ul' evervone he met No group, hig or Q: ames Douglas Rumble Xvfislilwn- IUN, D C Here he is. lknllcs, the shining Iitght ol' che Navy juniors, the unlv sane persons who can exrul the merits nl' Chevv Chase girls, Puget Sound salmon. and C.llllV0fI'II.l oranges all in the same hreath Shining' l7elimrelv, heeause of Ins perseverance, lw-:th un the lacrosse held and with the Inmks, and heeanse ol Ins unetpialled perlvurmanee In the runs ning hugh lump lthird deelx room dmvn tu terrace. helrivre the late hell rings! Light' XVell, not verv fmnlwinimg a wide grin with .1 elllleli sense ul humor, Dong is one who alxvavs gets the most out ulyhle l'uture in pntlcet, he will soon he lullowing in the hmtsteps ul' his lrather and hruther L. a.. Albert Holly Ruslner BRlNKlkY, .ARKANSAS Al l-lollv's happv, ldrolielcinu ways made him a Q Ralph Sclaeirlenlnelm INDIANAPOLIS, lNDiANA With The Oxford Book of Russian Verse in one hand to read between moves, and one of his collec, tion of pipes in thc other, he determinedly moved pawn to queen four, and another chess hattle began to rage for an hour or so. This was Snoolcy, Hav- ing been both secretary and chairman Ccorrespond, ing to the president of any normal elubj of the Russian Cluh, Shard had quite an interest in the Russkn Tank and all its various idiosyneracies. As company representative ofthe LUCKY BAG, Short- struggle spent no little time on the trail of pro erastinating hiography writers small, that included Al, eould ever he .1 dull one Never one to overlook the importance of memhers ol the opposite sex, Rush wowed various young ladies from nearhv villages with his wit and hilarp itv A foothall and traek ace in high school, Al was a plehe track sprint star, .1 hattalion lroothall seathaelt, and a mainstav on the hattalion traek ,ffgrllf -14 team during third and lirst class vears Sandwiehed ,Y -' Pie -' , ' X3 U ' hetwccn hours ul' RJICIV, Rush had his serious mof ,Y--" 'V " W " 'V f f- N " ments too, usualli stemming from the struggle ldnr ,- YY ff' , that maggie numher, 1 5 A 'ff ' r 1 57- H - N "' f I ff , f " , ' , f ' ' ' , , , ' V If Stanley Jay Schiller Ciiie.-mu, lttiivtwlg Sinner, sedate, hrilha-nt and eager tu exeel in athleties is not .1 verv exaet description of "Sranehiller " When it xvasn t srudxing bteam. he was thinking ahout Lon, and appargmly hc Often dui both at once En route 'l..'l -V X r . , ., , ' U' K HX NUI 1 the TN A land lll'1.lX.1ll.ll'llL.XXL eould aluavs count on dank to supplv an inadequate llux Ol l . ' XX' ' - - - is ' . . , , , . . . NTIUUIN hilt aquaties and plthts were his extra-turrreular activities, Don and behotz. his brothers, EEUU-lllv sneal-ted into lns'eonversatinns, hut sneak thev had to in order to displace Lorv The humorour -Ind Plilflml PCfS0r1.1l1tv ol Stan helped all through some of the hleal-:er days which were irequentlv eneoun tered while at Bancroft 200 fr H E F 0 u R T H 1- Q ames Gardner Snyder Btoomsnuko, l'rNN:sv1,v Arszm With his kingfsizc shouldcrs and swaggcring gait Big jim was recognized as one ol' thc fourth hat- taliun's strongmcn Using this prowess on thc Foot- ball held plchc, youngster. and hrst class years, hc cmcrgcd with nary a scratch Those: many morn! ings on thc commando course and the long scssions in tht wrestling loft prohahly had something to do with this physical immunity, lim had .1 particular Richard Bull Southwell hliom tiuwm, Ni w Young grievance against thosc httlc men of Nippon sincc hc had so much trouhlc assimilating those compli- CMCJ -llfuncgc lxangl- but Mk him to l'-lcmlly "Haw l cvcr told vnu about the timc at Wtsltian .1 plant and he'd give an answcr complete from the Whcnv md Bull lffHUnC5dv1 I'Cil1,wx. duly H P m tht numbfr 0lw5Uur5' rcally mv middle namcul was ull' again Cunvtrsa tion was onc ol' his grcatcst lox us Others wtrc sailing, cribhagc, and puts -csputiallv his Kittv Dick lcarncd early in plchc ytat that campus lilc pl Y and hlrc in tht Yard could hu quits: dillcrtnt Tim i 1 ditlttcnt, hc dctidctl Although nuvcr changing tht f ,lr K ,, .. svsttm, hc mangcd to ltccp stvcral steps ahcatl ol' it sp Sotial hit and sports were Bulls csttafturritular Y' ' A l activitlcs. and hc vcrsatiltlv cumhintd thtm, l Hx rnajorintf in sailing Dlclfs low ol' the sta makes his romantic ambition ol' hcatlicoinhing scum morc lrcasihlc raw ames Albert Strickland FAI Mut' I li, hl Ass-xtllusl I I s Stritlt, with an undving lovc for thc Marine Corps, tame to thc Atadumv alrttr a tour ol' duty as a sta ig-:img Marine Hu took to the water immcdiattly. this time to pull a stmrlkl "lf for flw KWW D""'nh lm flunt Uma, hc could tmaallv he found dragging somc luckx' girl or tltanlml NUI lm dfslk JUWV' AlWi"iIfdX'f'f2t"'fl1k addition to any crowd, Stuck could hc counttd on to 5-UW fvffli Wild' 5"mU,ll'n'l thu Wh T k 'XLT' ' ldrldism " His entry into the lVlarmc Corps once again marks thi: lulhllmcnt ol his grcatust Jin witurnl 1tr. :vcr hc goes and whatcvcr hc docs, his fellow men can onh a1LfCCll1-H J imml l'llUW 'md A wmll I Jnm 'N lim Strickland B YT 'I :Xl ION 303 -, fs Leroy Gordon Stafford, Jr. :Xi I srxrsmui x, l oiusi vs x You can tell lw his von: that ht rcrlss with rlu- South, lw his .ippcat.uu'c that ht tzisilv rould lu' llhltlfml thi: tutusilntllrlmvri1tlu'tl.iss, hx Ins stand ing that ,it.ult'inits wtru mutt ohsnirlrs lwtwccii srt'll1L1'l'lI1Y .ii1tlst'c1m1'l'1i1v, .md lu his lunltl that "whcn in diwulwt s.ltls outu was his I.1x'.rrut .nul most rclltumislv olwstrwd inotrn Anti ilu'rt's .x paratlus, .uid .is usual, tht- plrht-s sulltr lmm it Altlwugh ucntlt luolmiig .ind tixnul, Stall is .is simsttr with plchrs .is hu .ipprars h.irinlrss llim to hrst tltsttiht' his prrsi-nality' 5.ilurt'd in Wash lllgtun on Plclu' Ll1tislm.ls lr'.lvt', llc KKllll1k'xl Il .itldcd wlrlunlt mn " Q, Robert Jackson Siddons Pi an ii, Soiviii Dakota Introducing Sid, the fellow you can't help liking, lor he always greets you with a smile Three years at the Naval Academy haven't changed that smile a hit Having no worries about academics, he was never one Uv permit lessons ro crowd out any ol' his pleasures ln the lrall and winter, football and basketball occupy most oi' his time, and when it came to social lille, Sid was never In the back- ground, lor his address book was an unlimited source olisupply CHlNIflgII1IUIl'lC Naval Academy as a lICCl1NCLl pilot. Ins one big ambition is to trade his cix ilian wings lor Navy Vflngx il: Will Farnham Small SACR.-XM! NIO, CAL IFURNI.-X This smiling Californian arrived here with a strong adherence to his statc's convention of "go forth Robert Studebaker Smith GARY, INDIANA "Smitty" was the "johnny come lately" of ,47- the last man to enter the class. But that didn't mean he was to be anchor man. He missed plebe sum- mer, but lost no time in making up for what he had missed when he did get here, His previous record showed him to be alert and quick to grasp what, ever problem he met, and he upheld that record throughout his stay at the Academy. He was espes cially active in athletics, making an enviable record in boxing and softball. His quick smile and straight-forward manner left little to be desired as a roommate, shipmare, or companion. and preach the gospel " For three years he waxed nostalgic lor his mountain streams and trout Fish- ing Bill not only starred in softball, company football, battalion track, and company basketball, but also held down the haliback position on the varsity soccer team his hrst class year His charm- ! si1g1,iTesi, ing manner and powerful physique made him a rig Q' fl natural in the dragging line, while his aggressive- 'Y ' Tl 'lx ,Q u , ness was shown on the athletic held His willinga Y Q..ffh H ' z T ness to help the other lielloxv was evidenced by his ,,, 'A ' , many friends I v 171 ,,, ' I 'f " "' f ' ' - ,tl 1 ' , " , 4 I . n Thomas Wester Smith P.-xntfcaii, Krwiucitv Smittv always exhibited a smiling face and a pleasant, agreeable disposition Always ready to listen to B good yoke, or tell us all about his leaves, the Newt was to be found in all after su er atherin S especially ileliow was being dispensed Classical music and theoretical natural sciences werepjmoi his eliiefinterests ll he was not at choir practice, or listening to Tschailtoysky or Strauss he was absorbcdgin some advanced test from the library on Nath or Electronics His was thc llfg that bllcndcd an m E d hard work as well as his Kentucltv colleagues blend their justly famous products my Cn an 202 frHii Vounrr eo ames Gardner Snyder BLOUMSBURG, PENNSYLVANIA With his king-sizc shoulders and swaggcring gait Big lim was rccogniztd as one of tht fourth hat- talion's strongmcn Using this prowess on tht foot, ball held plcbc, youngster, and hrst class ycars, he tmcrgcd with nary C1 scratch Those many morn- ings on the commando course and the long susions in the wrestling loft prohahly had something to do with this physical immunity. jim had a particular gricvancc against those little mcn of Nippon smcc hc had so much trouhlt assimilating thosc complif cated 'lapancsc Uliangif' but ask him to identify a plane and he'd givc an answer complctc from thc H P to thc numhcr ofstruts "Hay whcn' Richard Bull outhwell hllnor i,lowN, Nl w Young c l uvcr told you about thc tom .it Wusltyan and Bull l"Honcstly, lrcllows, llhllls really mv middle namunl was oil' again Con vursa tion was one ol' his grcattst lovcs Othcrs wcrc sailing, crilahagc, and pats -tspccrallv his Krttv Drclt lcarntd carly ln plchc ycar that campus lrlrc I Q K fx and lilit in the Yard could hc qultt dlllcrcnt Too 3 1 N , dillcrcnt, ht decided Although ncvcr changing thc if T ,- l 5 systcm, hc mangctl to lcccp scvcral stcps ahtad ol' it 77 l l sl! Sotial lille and sports wcrc Bulls extra turritnlar T TY' activitlcs, and hc vtrsatllcly comhinc-.l thtm, majoring in sailing Drills low ol' the sua maltus his romantic amhrtion ul' hcatlicoinlarriig scum morc lrtasihlc is ames Albert Strickland FAI MOL' I H, lhlrtssntllllsl I ts Strlclc with an undying love l-or the Marine Corps, camc to tht Atadcrnx alrtur a tour olyduty as a sta gonna Nlarinq HC took to thc wattr lmmudmtclr, this time to pull a strong oar for tht truw During his sparc time hc Could tgually be found dragging some lucky girl or tlcanrng out his dcsls drawur Alwaxs a wcltomc Jddmon to am, Crowd Qgyigk Could he tountcd on to give lyorth with something that was called Hbtrrclsf l-mdism " His! entry into thc Marine Corps ontc again marks thc lrullillmcnt ol' his gruatusr amhituon Whur- . . L ' CVC, hc gots and Wlulurn 1-,C dogg Ing tfllow mcn can only aigrcc that a grand lycllow and .1 good lslarlnu IN jim Strickland BXTTAIIOX 103 -, Leroy Cordon Stujjforcl, Jr. :li i X mono x, l oorsi w t You can tall lw his voitt that hc rocks with ilu' South, hx' his appc.ir.iritc that ht' t-.isilv tonlil ht' lntlgctl the tutustlntlclvox'intl1t'tIass,lw his stantl ing that .itatluniits wrrt nitru olvstarl-.'s hctwurn scclng'l'llw.llttlst'L'llhg'l'll1y, .intl lw his lwuiltl that "wlit'n Ill tlonlwt s.itL out" was his lavorrtc .mtl most rclligrouslv olwsurvctl motto :Xml tl1t'rt"s .i pararlox, .intl .is usual, tht pl.-lws sulltr Irom it Altliougli igcntlc looking .intl tnnitl, Nall is .is sinister with plclwcs .is lit appvars lrarnilcss lloo to hust tlcstrilwc his pursonalrtv' Saluttxl in Wash milton on pltlw Lllirislnias ltxiw, ht' rctuinvtl it .itldctl H'l4lianlt you l' GL c- Rolrert Warren Striclcler Cruimrai Pfxrrk, PINNSYIVANIA l'rom Colonial Park came Bob Stricltler with his many lilies The Nair, horses, Jive, good novels and tratlt raltt the lead On many a sunni' alter- noou Strirk could be found out in Thompson Stadium, practicing lor tht loo hir .1 short guy hc surely can travel as his X'.lI'SlIVIl'.lClxPCflY0l'l11.ll'1CCN easily proved Between track and dragging he sumcliow liound time lor those bunk drills Perhaps the one thing we all remember about him is his ability to get along with ewrybody. XVhcthcr on the tindcrs or over a drink, he has the knack ol' bciug a good shipmatc to all C , , William Tunis Sweetman l'ixriustvN, Nrw lrrasix At first glante, Bill looks like .1 fugitive from Charles Atlas His physique served him wall on the flying rings where he won his "N" voungstcr vear A living example ui' a guv with a girl in every port. Sweetie! little black book, compiled during his three rears in the Fleet, was famous throughout the brigade His fondness for singing in the sliowcr kept our deck wall supplied with music While training lor company boxing, Bill spent mam' mornings on thc commando course He was accompanied iw wayward plelwes, and l-cw, ll' any, escaped the pleasures ol' "Sweeties Prcf Rcvcille Commando Course N John Lockhart Thornton hlixiviris, TrNNtssLt Sf Frank Raymond Thienpont Motmt, lttmois Frank can handle a billiard cue as well as he can feather an oar, and these lines were only two ofthe many in which he excelled. A six-footer, he com- bined rugged sports such as crew, wrestling, and pushball with real academic talent, Fr:mk's ability to make friends more than evidenced itself by thc number oi' buddies he has made in all the classes at the Acadcniy Prank is a little older than most of us, and his good common sense was a stabilizing inlluence, not only on his wives, Mahoney and Working, but on many other classmates, L-L, , ffl ii is 'l . U Al f Y, , 1 ry Ti V ep it 6' , ,H ' 17 M "' 7,-. H -.-"N ,,,. . ,I ,. 1, " f x 1' ' , 1 4 Sllmll Wfmlmll l1'Q WM' in UW 50UIl1CI'l1 Style, Radar arrived at the Academy a confirmed Rebel ready I0 light a second Cixil War at am' tune, bringing his experience with radio, which came in mighty handi ll M V' gm our Xl Om UM WLS H15 k-N'201f1g nature and witty comments made dragging easy lor GUS He could alwars be counted on to add vitality to am' partv As it was with moi of us one of B5 favorite pastimes was sack drill Sailing, track of all types, and wrestling managed to drag him away long Cnough lor him to become thc guiding spirit behind the companys teams A A 204 TH! FOURTH S Howard Shimer Ummgst BE1'Hr.EHtM, PENNSYLVANM Three summers ago Ubangi was the scourge of the tailor shop and inoculation parties with his unf pronounceable handle His smile and eversready jokes were lacking only after the weekly meeting of the H R. A club, of which he claimed to he a charter mcmher and chief publicity agent HC def voted his free time to athletics and women, engagf ing the latter in weekly skirmishes The football team missed Ug this past season, but his time was well spent in the wrestling loft, priming himself for the intercollegiates Tublay's tenacity and de- termination, either in a verbal tangle or on the athf letic held, are well known to us all Q 1' '. Q l I :H- Q John Briggs Van Velzer Culcatzu, Ir l,lNt1l5 You can read all ahnut Van in the sports columns, hut to know him well you have to see him perhmrm Any time, any plate, given ten minutes, his peer less sense of humor will have you in stitches But don't get the wrong idea, Van's nu playlmy Hell put his shoulder to the wheel with the rest ul' us, and do one darn swell Joh Major interests are track llntereollegiate Champ, 6ofyard tlash, 1945 lC4A Indoor Meetl, women, drawing, and must anything Academiesl Well, when there's time You'll hear big things oi Vg- we'll het he rates his stars in whatever he tackles Joseph Dunning Weec1,Jr. lAtKsoNvii,x.r, Flriaiiu Giving the he to Shakespeares aphorism, "Great Weeds do grow at-ace," lot still quahhes as a sandhluwer An allahlq Cgngcignugyus Snutherncr he always steals enough time irom his mint yulep and torn pnne Jus' tussmng no mgmmm his gxgqllcnt academic standing Possessrng an inherent faculty for enjoying lile. joe slots not often resort to his "candy is dandy hut liquor is quicker" theory on ice hrealting His delight in , . ' ' , V ' V' A - n' dl' extolling the wonders of Florida S P155 and PYCS'-nl 15 Cqlulcd 'mlll bl lm li? lor bmlgk Almost A l I is afternoon will hnd him answering his partner s two demand with a dbgL1SlL WW UU Bill Xl ION 105 tg. Frederic Harry Evitt Vose lla: iisuuu, lslsusi asm Siune lelluws just naturally have what ll takes UI this no hetter example tsists than Hal l'mh.iras sing the Aeatlemie l'7ep.irtmeuts seems tu he his ehielrsuuree ul' enyuyment, while his spare time um-s tu keeping rlw rest ul the huys sat llarry tlursifr tallt mueh ahour his state hut those whim ltnnw hun realize that he will always he a rlyetl in rhe wnul lvlarylautler A true story ul' rhe hrw wuntler would he migluv rricuruplere without the uientiun ul his ingenuity Tough will he the suuatuui that Hal tan't eraelt and tlus rluahty tmuhinnl with a mar ieluus klhpllililiill and the .ilurexumtuuietl hraiu all un to spell success uv .uw heltl 9 W Howard Allen Weiss C11111x1.11, 111 1N111s l'11sxcss11111 an .11l1111r.1l1lc 111xp11s1t111n, .1 wmning s1111lc, .11111 .rn intcrcst 1n tvtr1'1111c hc 11111, l'l11w1c 111.1111 a 1111st 111' I'r11'1111s in thc Rc111111cnt 3111111111111 .1 star 111,1n 111 111-4 Illlll dcgrcc 111 thc w11r1l, 11c spcnt 1'11111p.1r.1111'cl1' 111111 11111c 1111 1111 lCCl1I1lI.1l suhjccts 111' 1111 .-X1.111c1111', 1lc111t111g 111a111 study l111urs and 111111 11'.111l1cs111 rc.11l11111g 1111111 I11spr11'.11c l111.1r1' and wr1t1nu1111111cr11us stories .1111l 1111c111s Al1'1'.11's c11nf sr1c11r11111s 111 1111111 his 11'11r11 and 111.111, l-1111111 could alwaxs 111 Tbllfxl 11111111 111 hc .11 his l1cst, 11'11ct11cr 111111111,1111l1111g 111s 1.1111 111 c111crt.11111111g 11nc 111' 1111 11r1 11111511 111.1111 1 Q W Howard Rich Weiss SHAKIR l'111o11rs, KUHIO "Huy you guys, it's tcn scconds past lihcrtv call and wc arcn'1 ashorc yet," WccfWcc's lwooming l1.11l1r1111111 haritont rcsoundcd 1h111ug1111L1t thc cor' r1d11rs Rudolph found plcntv of timc to pursuc his lravorirc r11lc 111 lihcrty hound When lihtrty was n111 .1v.1il.1hlc, intcrcsting cncountcrs with thc ljxccutivc Department wcrc cvcr-prcscnt for dis- cussion Scuttlchutt I1.1s it that WccfWcc's successes II1 X'.ll'Sllfv' Cl'USS'COUnfl'1' lnkl thc lW0'lTlllC jllllrlf in sprmg track wcrc largclv duc 111 training rcctivcd lsccprng onc yump .1l1c.1d of the O D Bcsidcs track, Wcc-Wcck cxtra-curricular activities in- cludcd chctrlcading and acting host to as manv 11111crcnt drags as posslhlc Buckner Daniel Williams, r. LA PR1'11R, TPXAS .- . Qi Donald Boone Wlaitmire DECATUR, ALABAMA "Glory of Warrior, Glory of Orator, Glory of Song," Symbolic of life is the Rock. Whit was a gigantic hgurc whosc radiant living cast a. spell over his hundreds of lucky Academy friends. Un- parallclcd on the football held and cqualcd by few in mattcrs of the mind, this muscular midgct rollcd mcrrily through his three: ycars, gathering hosts of admirers in his broad path Three years an all-A1-11cric:1n taclclc, ranking with the greats in Naval Academy gridiron history, added nothing 111 his hatband, but incrcascd his efforts to show 111s fallow mcn that lift was :1 slap on thc hack and .1 booming grccting, 111455 , 1'S2i' , 'I 1 l. l 1 1 2 1 ,Y I If Y, ,', 1 1 lTcs11W1l11111IilQc Tcxan ranchcs, Buck 1111111111 to San Diego Naval Training Station and soon marched ahoixh HLA ' 5 I V t. ANU two WMS hc fell "ul of fllf 5-11W Cnlistcd ranks to launch a profcsional carctl .11 . nnapo is 1 1 11 t11ngu1, .1 quick rcadur, and .1 Dago savoir, Buck lccpt up with hig 513555 Ugly, T111 tr,1d1r111n.1l plchc vtar complctcd, ht danced 1n111 thc gaictv 111' wcck-end social life Though an udvocatc 11 mduwr S'lu'1d5' Suk drills md UUSSYUUHYFY' l1lliCS.Wccls1d.11' afternoons found hin1 active in company SPOT Pr111'cssi11n.1111' ht's a natural, truly an assct to thc scrvicc Ht is a lad of happy ycsmrdwg and conlidcnr l0l'l10l'l'UXVS 206 THF FOURWTI11 rx W Patrick Lincoln Working BERKELEY, CALIFORNIA California can well be proud of this gon, for hg shows clearly what orange juice and Frisco fog will do to make men, Pat was a varsity shot in the winter, a sailor in the summer, and the same good- natured redhead all year 'round It's hard to de- scribe the smile, sense of humor, and personality which have endeared him not only to Thienpont and Mahoney, his wives, but to the entire class. Pat is a boy we'll remember, for we'll think of his wit, of his athletic ability, and of his companion- ship, lf ever a midshipman were loved by his classmates, Pat was, 7 at s, Q, f 21,53 so if To is X -Tli s I3 A fi' if A L I O N 5 4 K Y6 N s Argus 4 K "4 Q Il ri . i. f .q ,Tx my . - i . A l ll ls-'Q Q hgh? N ' i v - ,v :l ' i A - . As 5 i r-U g.. l .. .f:f?l"QV' ' " 'R'- I' If fs n 4. v- - r f K' 1' , Douglas Josephus Yuengling BROOKLYN, New YORK Doug! previous military-scholastic life consisted of equal parts of Army training at Maryland Uni- versity and Navy Veiz at Cornell. During plehe year he became the man we could count on for un- usual, and invariably cynical, responses to the prod- ding of the upper classes. The situation was rc- verscd the next two years, but he was never an optimist since he feels pessimism is safer. The only activities able to overcome the lure of his super- sack were battalion and company football and water polo. Studying was neither an inspiration not a bother to Doug, his leisure moments pro- duced songs without music and motley collections ofsltetches. 207 .-.5 N,-R Q1 "' I I ,2-R li ,s.. Ion, Q-gl i sro, .D is D 1 I lb . . ,.-ll I AA K :L fb .Ply S 1: 1- , 'H+ dal. I? ' '62, f-H .. 945' 5" 11430 i.Qfis. ' .-.Cv IFT zox f 7 1 V-' Q! L '- "?1Hfi4-' L r vi- ?-. ,I ' .1 12,51-.. 3 f-"thx-'Al ' . ', 9432 4 , 'Jig-,J 31.1, ' - 5 -j 4 ,!m5l"? Q-VF ,Q Il" A l .,,'.'51nJ,' Y U 'L1,, '1 2-7y,f'3' f w-"11,5 +- 4..,otf ,'-'lin f A : . 5 . 1, ,- 15 I l. . 9 ' 'L ',",',? 'g - 1 u '-4 415 JV 45'-' , L L Qi 4' 9 , 5 ,A , Frrnlf, ag' 'I wh. .- 711 . f,,17,1 ' . .ql,4-c- , fc. 9,55 Vv"'4xg79 t 'I I ' n 7 J "'3'fQ., f, .ff ' 7744 ' .a"""".Pf3:, 4.13 .,.,f'j,. d5""?,..,l', ,reikfibg , vu 4 ,. - ' j - I.. ' '. 5' ws. " 75.. . A 1 Jr - 1.7 1 -Q aa' cw fu ffl vlw 4- . , -fc.,-sf, , - AJS, in-'g'j .-r.-' ie-x - . ,'-qw , he if s f fgf Fifi s l xc i 9552 l y A fi Alfred Elroy Adams Carl Douglas Alberts Robert L62 Amelrlng Bum lNu1oN, lowa Call him Acc, or Sp.1rlw,lie's still the same lilteahlc gui' to his elassinates fluqording to him, there's no hetttr place under High Heaven than out where the West hcgins, and l1e'll give vnu an argument ahout it any old time Ate hrouight hasltcthall knowledge and engineering skill in equal quantities from the University ol' lowa, and tool. .1 lirm grip on his atademiex with the exception of Dano, where his grip oltcn taiised him to gripe Studies and the court game were all well enough for most days. hut on xxeclt ends Ate steps out hrislcly with .1 nilti' lemme lrom either llvaltimore or XVashini1 ton Jack Floyd Ayers Yoxkmi, Ti X.-is llcdro hails from deep in the heart ol' Texas namely, Yoalum Nleye often wondered how they got the word on the Naval Aeadeini' down thar, hut nevertlieless he mined the ranlts of rht Nan lwlue. and none ol' us who haxc lxnown him will soon forget him "Pedro hm: XK'l1.lllN the ,luite dope," was .ilways met with a faxorahle rcplv, hut that was one of his lesser attainmcnts He tould always keep the hrceze hlowing with sixth tales as "Peter Rahhitf' and he could lllmwlse talte with .1 laugh, or give .i sharp return tu such ref marlts as, "Hey, Ylatlt, has Texas dctlarcd war on the Axis xet"' You are .x good hor, Pedro CIDAR C1 r Y, Nlissoum lf your Math was too tough, or ifrhe 'luiec prohlem wouldn't worlc out, you tool: your trouhle around to Doug l'lc'd sit down and say, "XVell, lct's ste if l can figure this out," and invariably thc correct answer would come l-orth Slugger Al, a good ath- lete. hoxed, played hattalion foothall, and plehe and varsity hasehall Al also spent many week-ends entertaining the gals, an art in which he was quite prollticnt Big Al through three Academy years has hecn one of the foundation laloclts of our class His personality. friendly helpfulness, and many alulinus, assure success in anything for which he may strive Ge - BALUMORE, MARYLAND Eightyfone years after Lee moved north to defend Virginia against the Northern armies of Mcflcllani Ally moved thirty miles south to defend his native Maryland against the cries of new-found class- mates Company sports and dragging left Alix with little time for academics, but the spirit to El win, and a frequent "Thats life," lifted Holi hind foot over the hurdle ln every class Bob would rise and say, "Sir, theres something here l'd lil-r to have you explain," and soon the prof would lu sweating in pcrplexity Fleet experience and -Hi amiable personality made him Z1 friend to plclw and classmate alike, M0 :fur Firrfl prosclvtc to the mysteries of Blackwood His dc' f ' 'X' -if '-if f . X , joseph Baer, r. SE,-x'FrLE, WASHINGTON Gcnial, halding Teddy Baer worricd his wav through Academy routine with a success that was startling when compared with his gloomv prcf dictions Blossoming forth aftcr thc cclilwacv ol' plchc ycar with 21 succession of hcautics, loc dc- votcd many wcclcfcnds to hops and crossscountry V5 walks His contagious dcvotion to all good mimic wcancd cvcn a l-cw jazz disciples from their honkv tonk music Altar a tcmpcstuous apprenticeship in a hypcrcritical bridge circlc, hc soon hccamc .1 L L A- Homer Richard Bivin YiNil'itx, Liu tiiumi x On-,' ul tht slnirtcst iiirn in our ilass, Unk -.mir lu tis .is .i salti torpctlotiiaii lmin .i riilhmg tin ian X kllllkrls XX'll .lllkl .Ill tllllllfl' IU lCll l.lll I.llL4N, klllllllllllkl X with plcnti' ol savxx, stvon tariu-tl him ilu' Irwin ames Arthur Baxter VAN BVRFN, Atumwsixs Barncv Baxter was all sct to lrollow in tht loiitstcps ol- his huro namcsakc ul thc comics, hut thc mctlits dcclarcd othcrwisc Nuvtrtlmclcss. glasscs didn't stop linfs regular alrtctntuin divcrsion ul' ruadimg thc latcst magazincs. that is. il' conditions prc vuntcd sailing "HCV, Barney, wanna go saihnif' was a trv that unlrailinglv scrvcd tu stir this tall, handsomi: Razorhatk from his rctricat Nu lull--w lonkcd lyorward to lunc Vv'ccks morc than lim, lor than onh' could tI1cOAO maku it In Crahtown Oncc thc St-:am Dcpartmcnt tried to makc tronhlu, hut Barney did not gin: sccond chanccs lrrom thcri on hc stcamiid along with case. Blllll ttrmination when studying, and his abandon when tarousing made him a valuablc addition to cvctv phasc ol' Acadcnay hfc, Merson Booth hlltsirstarioi is, Mirsirsistn x Wlatn hlcrs forsook lN'linm:sota, thc land ol his ldorhcars, to cntct tht Acadcmv, hc took up thc rolc ol a salt trigger Salim- with full gugm Tha day seldom passtd that you wouldn't sec Nlarcus racing dinqhics in tht Sqycm or L-,lung th lmnmgs of thc lui' in a yacht or vawl Hu would haw us lwcliuvc that his solc liwc is ' C C ' A for ghnlm 'Isla 1-, h has fomgghing it's cheap anywav A stat man in atadcmics, Scnhivr Ltihiculo cn- g v C C s , , , V COL1nICrcd little rmuhlc oncc plchc war was ovct hlciss ycars ol cxpcricricc hurc, strcniqthcncd hx his quick thinking qi-id luppy Jigpoglugn, givc him an cxccllcnt background lor sufCCSS in s 211 slalla and rvsprtt ol his t l.issiiiatrs l liouilli hr nt xi r lUl'l1.lYk' Ulll' llflll llll' tl YulliLlXNlWI'lllL1lL'TlH In Pllfllk llull, llir lllix it ig-it .itatlciims prrttx wrll .intl xv. alsiiutltst.lmlll1Q in athltlits, working liaiil .is out ul tht grunt 'n' groan hms XVIII rciiiriiilmr him luv all thi tiiirrns hc tlr.n1gtil.iiiillnrlnslwli--i that a small man is lust as giiiul .is A ling tint' V5 Newell Stedman Bowman Hx xi isvu I i, lxlkllll wrsuu This hitter tritxt' ol' lVlarvl.ind's varying weather cntcrutl tht Acatleim' with .1 lirm iaith in iiianlund. hut ht' lost Ins conlitltnte upon discovering that Naxal uniforms do not have .x drape shape or ptggetl iuils, and that the twat and trousers are inf varialilv the same color Spider vigorouslv con' tcntlctl that good Naval oliitcrs are not ol' ncccssitv athletes. .intl heartilv endorsed the radiator squad Altlioiigli the Commaiado Course and Steam were the olayctts ol' his wil thouglits, he tiemonstratctl ii tontinuous lust for dratgging, iam sessions, and e.1rtouning Moody Burt Brown, r. Dum IN, Liioizui x l?rowiiie's prelutlite lor the Sunni' Stsurly umlel .ilwais he NIlVI1t'Ctl lu .in olwstrcptrous tliorus ol "lXl.irtlung llirougli Georgiii, ncvertlieless, he was one ol the most popular lycllows in Ins com pam, prolulvli' due to his warm smile and sincere lm'-'NNI in his tl.w.m.itcs lxluodi learned that tht liasiern girls xxere much dilltrent lrrom the "Llcoriga lsutliesn as manifested iw his .accumulation ol' "C l 5 "thus Altlintigli M B wasnramongtlic savoits, he managed In pull down .i sale, sreatli JWY-Ulu l-loxxtxtr, lliuo and lus Southern accent lust tlitlnit mix He was usuallv lausv, laut alwaxs found time to plav lxisthall or bridge and to umm classical recordings , , i ', I. 1' Y: Rolfert Cochran Brady Ptiizisnititiiii, Niw l'l,fxMPsiiiizt Rohlaic, .1 mcmlacr ol' that roving tril1e of Navy luniors, knowing the liruits ol' peacetime Navy life, dctidcd upon his career at the start At thc Acad, cmv, he stood the test of aeadenucs, although there were times when he was in .1 real death struggle with the Slcinnv Department Following the Navy tradition, Rolalaie loves to play golf And as lar as the gals go well, hes set manv .1 heart ailutter, and left mani' hearts lvrolten But aside l-rom tlus, Roh possesses a keen sense ol' loyaltv, courage, and determination that is unsurpassed He will always lac .i welcome memlaer in any crowd X , is ,, HRXXFY. lx l N i ll l e l i Ralph Brandt HOUSTON, TEXAS This little man with the big voice had his nose in .1 hook even when shining shoes or dressing, hut he protested violently that he studied no more than anyone else A diminutive composite of Sam Houston and Noah Webster, "Rafe the Waiim talked Texas with a nasal quaclc, and chagrinetl Q, his transient female friends with his incompfs hensihle letters With the Gulf of Mexico too dis tant, hc lloatcd .1 dinghy in the Severn, with ni' bronco to bust, he tamed the gymnasium! sidehorw Ralph futilcly tried to become a polyglot by llik painless, and allegedly eilcctive, device ol' attend ing all foreign language movies 113 llll llllll K" -V , ,: li N , J- if ' f if in Yi" x -v t L 'i12-.f fm' Y V Q "f1,fY -- Ri tt , 4- A- ames Walter Brummer DE mort, MICHIGAN Although jim was still wondering what plche yigqr was all about, he dclinitcly took advantagi: til' ytiungstcr dragging privileges Always adapt at fancy lootwork, 'Iimmic transferred his ability from the track licld to the dance Hoot with rclativc case Because hc sailed nonchalantly through scicntihc Arturo Calisto lQUlTOS'Rll"lYlll it tw lliiui The Navv, prtttv girls, and samhas arc Artk rhruc great loves HC docs have others, litiwtvtr, hire most ul, which is soccer, hung an All America player fur thrcc years and captain til' the Navy tram Q hrst class year His mastery ul' our language and customs in so short a time was astnnisliing When not spending his sparc time in sleeping, Art was a subjects, he had nu trouhlc adapting himself to the W'5lU' bfmkl lumlmi Prbldml ull th' CL""l""'5'l Academy routine His academic approach to the subject of women and classical music occupied his spare time Perhaps lim may be best rcmemhercd as a friend in need before a Math Pfworlc His help tn his struggling classmates was a tvpical charf Foreign Language Cluhs, and spent manv evenings giving alltcr-dinncr spccthts in Spanish, Vtirtugucsc or English acteristic of our shipmatc lim Leland Franlc Carpenter Lani t Nwttix, Cuwrstrt titui 'fThUC-S mv wlfc now -r I ubcd to my ,jul-ing voungstcr and hrst class year as Lcc slclllltillv ellsplavcel his talent and showmanship twirhng the baton at thc football tl-WFS md FCP V-llllu H-1I"Pl'li "Y 5m1lfVi lg' ll' was known to his classmates did an tllicitnt Joh as manager ol the varsitv tunnis tcam Nu kidding, Itt s RCI high dailies this term " olr"Son'icd.1v l'll put polish on these shoes," and MQUICL' lmlf 'K ln flif l-'l'ml"" ,. ' V ir l " ' l'N ' " R'lal"l', in 'ry bag, hccamc passwords with Carp during thc lon! J-U3 H dk L nlumu U All k I t X A k and lricndly, this blondehaircel lad was an all-around P-ll U' All Hiiiiiitix 113 Harold Lloyd Carpenter Klliiititit, Unit: lslltixvli tu the plcl-cs as Untlc llc, lhg ll.il's pcreigriinitiutis liavc taltcn limi Irtitn Killlmtl. tn Navv, xia Ulm: State .intl Yah' With his lvatlt grtiuntl .mil mine pltntilul llutlttvt' tlttt'rinin.itiiiii, it is small wimtltr that hc hail httlt' trtvulili' with at'.ttlci1itts, uxtcptiiiig hltnltcr, in whith lit' was a Cl1.lI'lCfIl1Cll1lVt'fUl the twti ptr tent tltilv When it was lmssilvlt' tn rotisc tht Karp lmm slitmlwr nr his maga:int's, lit- prtivutl tti lw qtntt trmilwltsiiiiii- tin the lutitlwall hcltl :llwavs wtirrilng, lim my,-I wotrlttl, the llull'x gtmtl iiattirrtlncss inxitctl .intl thsptllutl mtirc than Im share nl pranks .intl ptikcs. 1 .Q 4 Y Y' 'QFJR "1,!', iv Y .ggi 'xii ' W ff' - , is ,ig .. , X or . 1i' 'ff J' .Ce , is ssss ff X -if 'p X-. e . KK S 2 , X X ., in John Lawrence Carroll ames Haselclen Chapman Afflml' LEW' Child, IH lQ1u1mN1, 011111 F1.t1R1Ntr, Sourll CAROLINA NURVH HOLLYWOOD- CA'-IFORNM With .1 t'r.1ck in his voice .mtl fl smile on his lace, ,lack hnssctl his plcht to111p.xnv through the hrst stu11111cr 5lf1CL'fl1Ul'1, Ins Jhllitlcs l1.1 vc 111.1tle them' sclxu 1r1.1111lest in sports .mtl stutliux Lctturlng in rhrct 111.11or sports, lyimtlull, luskctlull, .mel l.1, imsse, l1e cmwnctl his .1th1c1'c111cnts lu' hcrng elttrttl t.1pr,11n ul' tht h.1skctl1.1ll tram Al11lWllIL1llN .mtl lluliisrrimxs, his tirclcxx cllrurts p.11'ttl the wav fur his .1t.1tler111t .1ucur11pl1sl1111cnts Still, he lA11t1n1.l time to .1ttcr1tl most t1lYIl1C NOCl.1l events, mth time tlragiginig .1 thllercnt girl l'm111 l11s lwvv ul' w11111cn tvcr1cm11s alruosr to .1 l'.1ult, his genial .lttitudc is 1l1.1r.1ctt'r1st1c11l his 1gcr1tlt111.xnl1' w.1v John Wesley Clayton H vi N, ARK ws.-xs l.1tk t.1111t to l'f.1ntr11l't 1'1.1 the U 5 S Tennessee, whtrc hu 11'.1s st,1t11vr1tJ as .1n ClCflHIl.lI1.5 111.1tc sum-r1tl tl.1ss whm the Yl.1ps hit l't.1rl l-l.1rl1or Bu turning CIll.f.lU.Cx,l to his ht11l11111tl swcctlmrrt, Crncc Smilu, tlurinu 1'uu11tgstcr summer lc.11'c, 111.1n1' ol' tht lltcting 11 ctk cntls Ilvtrntl jmck Jfl1.l Grate umm' ing C.lll1 othcrk mr11pv1n1' ,xt the more plc.1s.1nt tlixtrsium nl' lilc on the Severn lack lrnuntl the sistem .1 l11tel1Ilit11lttnc11pu with .1ttl1cl1cg1nn1ng. hut srr.11.l1 1111pro1c111tnt in the .1c.1tlc1111c hclel cn.1l1l1:1.ll11mto hnish in rhc upper l1,1ll'11l'tl1t class Vilclll .1ll l'CINEI1XlWCl' lack lor his congenial n.1turc .mtl smccriu "South Carolina First, then thc U S A was "Belo dc wu's" silent motto XV1tl'1 Q1 hoyhootl in this sunny st.1tc, and thrcc wars .1t U S C ns .1 luekgrtwixnd, he tnultl tight the Civil vvltll' over A hridgc uhlc with the hast thc Yankees could offer Never worrviml much .1l'1o1.1t .1i:.1tl1:111i-Ls, JlITl'S idea of l'lt.11'cn was hor1:ont.1l drill with .1 good 111.1g.1f :inc He had his own philosophv shout women, hut IIIJHJQLCJ to get along with them, or at least most ol'tl'1c111, ln spite ol'1t For two 1'c.1rs, at least, hc ncvcr logged .1 limp But to Cach new and h.1rf raving 1nno1'.1t1on ol' the Executive Department hc smwlcd .Intl muttered. "Life wus ncvcr like this 'lin dc wo Ni. , Ill stands for three rcpartees to your one, Better known as Danny, he was a contributing factor to the success of the 1944-'45 issues of thc Lug One of thc few remaining honest-to-good, ness martyrs, he has devoted the past three years to keeping up the morale ofthe girls on the homefmnt '-and working on his academics in his sparc timc Hc is the fortunate possessor of utter self-conhdenu and A philosophic outlook upon life. Discardinu all setbacks and past mistakes, he never fails tv come up with .1 clean slate and tl1e retort, "Well thats the way it goes ,.,. " M rusrwriu BATIALI if! , Milo George Coerper MILWAUKEE, WiscoN5iN Still innocently muttering to himself, "Ar Ing I'm in the Ac:idemy4l'm going to like it here at Navy"' Milcc came to grips wirli the Executive Department, upperclassmen, plche year and acne tlcmics lt was tough up-hill going, but hard wgrk paid OH' Maybe the shower of pennies rhar Tc' Q cumsch raked off at exam time helped His hrst class year found Mike across thc Severn on rhc golf course at every opportunity Handsome and goodknntured, he bcguilcd rl-ic hearts of the femmes and won the friendship ol' his classmates, X, 1 r P- 3 i is ,155 l. , K, ames Robert Collier Du I As, Ti x an Trmiisplanteel to Navi lrrnm V 1: .xt Snurhcrn hletlmdist, 'lim lr-wunel the clunige urhcr Jhriipt, hut Jtliuitetl himsclli cnnuirh In he in the light for the numhcr one pimtiun Thr liighliiglirx nl plclwu vcar were the reii rights .it Cqrvel, r-:al xnmxg .intl crew The lament 'kquteli unc U A O " wb raised thrcc :lines ax .1 reiult nl' the heclmninirx ul Hollvwuiitl .intl unsucecxxlrul fmnpctitiun with .in ,ur lyurte lieutenant and .1 prratrnnper Dralrrctl lw an imlulent lirst elasxmnn .luring plulwr war ru write lor the Muxic Column ol' the Log, l-l.uisul continued the wisrlr, .ind hucamc the music eelitiir hrsr class rear John Doggett Corse lxtiesurlviii I-, Fi miinx Tlwugh he never prostiturcd his intellect lw inordinate stueliinilr lvlm Cxffllixl In Bull. Daw, .intl hrnligu He delighted in verbal lurrlcs lwclaboring plclwcs and classmates .ililrc with trenehant 5.irc.1sm Nu pcrmiin-:nr Cntfnngling nllmngqg, and gin apparent helicl' that che grass WAS Jlwavs greener in mmeunc else x pnture Cpiwmrled his dragging Pulley F-HKU an Cnlmhtcnmq Cxpcrm,-,L,5 during inungxrcr aummcr, hlinel elriigginig W3S VCrhUten Un leave luhn'S uhjcctlvu was "J very' murrv dancing, drinking, laughing qtulhnig. .intl unthrnking time " ij N 115 W' K ames Byron Copenliaver, r. ll: vi 1 ii i ii, XV: xi Yiiuilrvl x Ci-pe'x.1rrix'.il .ir ilu- N.ix'.il cXi.uli'im xx .ix :hr nxili :,irmn ul .i lilclmiig rlrtziiii llv xxxix rliwrniiiiwil th.ir hr wnixltl .iirlinrc .ill rli.ir mln- Ahitliiiii h.iil in tiller, Jntltln'xr.ii'xlwxv-nr.illi'r1vli'ln'ir',ir pmxnl rh.it With tln' lwiginnimg ul vniiiigxrcr vrxir ln' rlr' Llklfkl fhilf lll' Nlllllllkl llfkllillf lllllff ill lllkl l-lklll'N llmll, Ilicrcliun, wltll il1.lr.hICrlNlu lvllrlviwlxclltwx ln' wt himxrll rn rhu r.ixL ul lwrniiiniiq .mr.nrixx uv rl1t'l.itllcx,.inrl, rutlulrc .i lrw liriliil Xlrlimiigli ln was nur prinmrili' .in ,nlilr-ic, he nximlly m.ni.iqr-rl tn ixirriiipiitc Linpe wiirLul li.n.l .ir rht' nli.xrli'ini .intl nutlt m.ini' lmrmig Irirnilx K I Rolvert Elmer Cowell l'1l isiuvluzii, PiNNs111w1NlA lhg Bob, destined to hrealc every 5XNlIUI!1lIlg1' record he tan lay his hands on, led and eaptaincd the Navi' team with his alwilltv He invariahle spent study hours loolcing at his lioolts wirh his mind on the previous week cnd or last leave, but when he was in the water or out with drags he handled himself like the hest ol' professionals No person tould ever eon1e in llolfs roon1 without being forced to loolt at his "master gouge" ol' women on thi: locker door He never said, "Wh.1t' No mail "' llolfs heritage i1f'Ct1ngcnlalitV and htm eonvicf tions will always be fCl'T1CXTll7CTELl Richard Potter Davis Pm asm, Nifw Yours A gentleman from the lqrigid North, lic likes mint llllUPN but never rclyuscs a shale A good movie, a Saturday afternoon inlyormal, or .1 good hook all go ro make up Strnlsifs c11tcrt,1inn1cnt He had one ol' the largest correspondence lists at thc .AC.k.lEl'l1Y Ten letters a day was his normal quota During plcbi: year his main love was Dago but at the end ofsuch .1nunl'orgettal1lc 1'e.1r,the SI'l.1lxClI1l1il11 won out and dragging became his main liolwbv Stinky starred in plehe crew as well as ln racing against time when slipping into his hlue service Mid " XVhat he wore underneath is still a r11vsterv l 1 rx S. William ames Crowe, r. UKi,,1rioMA Cllr, Ljlil AHUMA This potential candidate for the posture squad, con- vinced that Maryland women had neither enough oil nor dust in their hair, had more than average time to devote to activities Smooth in his ability to convince everyone that l1e was right, he tallied thc Academic Department into starring him, as a Sunday Sthool teacher, he convinced children that the way ol' sin was not lor them, he walked away with debating and oratorv honors, and he seized the quarterdeek presidency Endeavoring to remove the port list from his head, he worked out iaith- fullv and l-CVCl'1Sl1lY, but failed, and will always be remembered by l1is classmates as The Neck. 1 UT! F' i X i g i 4' pkg Douglas Taylor Cummins XVASHINGTON, DC. lt is only natural that Doug, being Z1 walking encyclopedia on the U S, Army and military strategy, should end up at Annapolis to learn everyf thing anew the Navy way, When not studying, Dudley, as he was dubbed plebc year by the First class, told jokes and stories. This is where he starred Q and his equal has never been found On the serious side. Doug will be remembered as the blueeeyed blond towering above the company strutting to classes His humor, congenial nature, and friendly PCFSOHJIKY. together with his ability to talk Or argue with ease on any subject make him a 40 wife and classmate, 115 Illl. llllll Dale Bellows Deatllerage Lorsto BEACH, Catrrormia When D B was a wee lad, someone told him ahout the Academy, putting in his head the idea of leaving his home in Sunny California and jour, neying to the wicked East, When he wasn't telling us how to make a million dollars, he was enlarging on the beauty of Southern California, and he must l V really like it, because he had a hard time returning alter eaeh leave His other attainments included gold, tennis, and a deep conviction that he eould sing like Bing Crosby His friends will remember him ehiclly for his ready smile and ability to get along well with everyone -L .3 7 L 4 -1- Frank Alexander Deaton Sl.-XlYbYIl,ll, Nortiu Cum: :Nm Diseardine, the Hlsaxdetn grey twlwl-l1e Citadel and donning the Navy hlue, Frank hrouglit with him many ol' his lnqh ideals and hright smiles The Navy life looked dark at lirst, hut heliire long he became an outstanding part olthe system Winning top places in traek and erossfeiauntry, and with that smooth Rebel line, he won the hearts nl' even the Yankee girls Taking aeademies in his stride, Frank, with his amiahle ways and his willingness to learn, heeame a credit to the old "Trade Selmnl " John Pendleton Duclcett zhixarsariittfx, Virttzirsnx Path d I M 5 AL had good futon to come to the Naval Academy, and there was no one here CFC ay a ustang, qui t 1 f f , ,, i -s -. - , nl' P s rdea ml a mud time who would not admit that our lile was cheered a hit hi his tier reads sn L ,l 1 is XA d li k d lt nd iports were to he tolerated during the week with saek drill now and ' ri' ' Y t 'ee' V Kh L b mmhwu Cn to W Lf nds I P 'S Q foot s meh litame, hlaek hair, and disarming smile did their Cn, ut w en it tame to wee -e , Y - ' - , A , , . le wa, ha i'st when surrounded hi all work Possessed ol a genuine love lor wine, women, and sung, HL N PP s three 117 Iiillillus Philip Cameron Diem lull iw ini, Ulm, When anyone rnentinns Cam, we'll all think tal that hiig straight razor and leathtr strap whit Ii t ann into play every morning lwlnrt' lvre.iltl.ust ltvrm.iliun llnt .i tlean shaxe .intl .i new dai i .une ext-ry twenty livnr during three years nl vigor and growth l lis. musital talents limnitl outlets in the tlnnr and kilee Cluh, while his .uhh-tit endeavtirs tentereil amnntl tuinpany sports .intl getting into llaiitmlt htltirt hop liherti expired l yen tln-nqli trnrs was a war fltlNN, XX'lll1 llll' kll5llil'n.ll'l' llllll' YKHIYN Iltltlskll llllll three, there was inure than ample time lur k'.iin's Nllltflrf PffNUll.lllIl .llltl UllLll.lNlllll elltvrts KU fllklkfll' lnm to ns all r 9 1 1 'Q Manuel Duplcin, II 1111 1111o111,!1Nlx1z11 .wo ,lll1lN t1gre1g11111s l11lslNl1lPl11.1l1, .lllYCfllUl'lJlClY rclyerrcd ru 111' 111s lr1u11tls .1s Dnp, 1s the pers11n111c.1t11vn ol 111,11 ,1tl.11gt', "11111gl111w1.1Ls 1111111 lllllt amrnx grim' " 11-r tl1111114l1 151111 is s111.1ll 1n stature, tl1crcis.1n at, 11111s1111t'1r ul 111.11,g11.11111111t1' ahuut 111111, and l11Nl117Nl ul lrwntls 1s large Ht ,1ppru.1tl1es .1r.1de1111cs, as 111-11 nllllltllll taslt, 111111 .1 111.11111 zcst, and there 1s 1111 11111e 111 111s 111111311111 lor cr-11re111pl.1t1un ol' rlclrcat 151116 wurte ul encrqv and peerless cheer llllllL'N5 XXJN 11 HYXNUQYY LU He XYJN PCl'l1.lPN the -11111' 1111dsl11p111.111 .1l1lc to jump out ul hed .tt the 11.111111 11.11111 11'1tl1 .1 w111,gn11l11xl1px Robert Merritt Erlnland lil5Llll Nllll, Nl XV XUKHXK :XII 1111rxpn1tc11 oppumnt ulVs1.1sl1es .md nl' rxtcssuc ,11 111111 1111 .1c,1de1111fs was .11111.1l1lc 1frl1 17111111 liotlwster. 111.11 entcrprxslng, .md 11111111 11er.1ld1:d, l1ttlt m11111111111t1 -11,1111 NIJ!! New Xorlt 111111111111 111111 t1e111u11srr.1rct1 extra t11rr1t11l.1r knowledge 1n the cl.1ssr1u1111, 111111 wmlld tntlt l1lNl1CJ1d and strcw I11x lure 111111 .1n 11111111t,111lc .mtl superlatixc expres s11l11 111 tl1srl.1111 111 .1tl1let1rs 11: made .1 rcput.1t1o11, -11 pcrl1.1ps dtl1.1t.1l1le Nplcndnr, in pushlull .md pnlter lirl1 p1u1'cdl11s1nn.1tc Y.l1'1liCC1Kl11 111' ,1l11',11's 1tc1:1111111 111s 11'r.1tl1er ew open for "lug deals " XYl1c11c1 er he slmwctl up 111 .1 11.1tl1ering, he and 111s 141111 xuulltl 1n1 111.11111 l1tcu111e the 11l'c nl' thc partv Q joseph Edward Earl Ntw A1nAN1', lN111ANA l'l.11ling 1111111 the Hoosier State, loc hrought with 111111 .1 cheerlyul d1spositi11n and a ready snulc which have won 111111 .1 111151 ol' llriends El1l'OLlgl1ULlE the P1u,1den11' Never .1 111c11111cr of the radiator squad. 'Inu took .1n acute part in luslcethall and battalion 11n1tl1a1l He spent h1s happy hours carrying on An cnorl11n11s correspondence. Stacking the cards for lllN muhtlx' hridge g.1111c, or planning 111s week' ends 1f1'er1'Sa1nt Patr1ck's Dax' found joe sporting the latest ereatmn 1n green cap covers He cl.11ms he spent his leaves huntlng and hslung, hut that mlm' were too lrew and dldnlt last long Clldllgll QE 7 Wi- 3 YA? tv X-"' "" -Y , xr io", " is iN 1 ' 1 -V- 1 1 1 1 1 1 ,, 1 N Edward James Eisenman KANSAS CITY, MISSOURI Our hrst recollection of Eis is of cm affable, barrel- chcstcd Missourian, bearing the colors of his plebe eo111p.1ny. His natural athletic ability and former academic training stood him in good stead, as he was ahle to participate in three major sports and st111 rank high in his class His spontaneous wit and genuine friendliness made lim a favorite in social clreles and well known among his classmates His mtkv gait and self-assurance are deeply im' hcddcd in tl1e memories of all ol us. Three years at Navy have molded him into a clear-thinking othcet and a thorough gentleman, -ls THh F1l'lH -Q- Donald William Fantozzi OAK PARK, ltuisiois "What a fantastic chow, George"' identified lhig lighting llhnois man Next to queens, The Phan- toms favorite topic of conversation was daily meals. Academics were not the only activities in which Don stood out, for he was alwavs way above the crowd in P-rades lt wasn't hard to pick Vlaelt must have troulale saying "Gootllwe" to his native Buckeye State heeause he always rates lwaelt KG to Bancroft Hall a few minutes before or alter "H" hour The pictures he larmgs haelt prove that his leaves are well spent ln Reef Pupils he deserihes to the new plelaes everv building and monument , , v . In the Yard Along the sport hne laelt has laurned out his Smllmg UCC as hc passed m nzvluv' llouncl up the cinders in traelt and erossfeountrv, hut he ing along on his invisible pogostick Through eon' stant diligence, Don became a top member of the hattalion squash team For his swimming prowess includes sailing as another pastime l-lis high academic standing relleets his serious outlook on hle l'-'lOXVCVCl',.1CJklCl'l1lCN never lower his quota ul he was curiously enough called The Rock Through one 'cum PU qmdv hour great ellort he was able to pass those attempts at mass drowning known as swimming tats Edward Duffy French Hrwti rr, Nrw Youre , .V lh5't di',h'shwwed Although Ed's abilities were more closely connected with tht wrestling mat th-H1 Wil 1 1 S U '-N K ' - , , - r - ' halt' lille a continuous la 'time his classmates that the lack ol previous eolltlii U-'mmg' and dn dum to I L P l al1OulCln't be a handi-ap to anvonc Dullvs knack ol' making lasting friends kept him surrounded hv liamihar , L I Y . - 1 1 ' 1 l la rx was usuallv his due When flies, though Ong wonders what sort ol past hle he led, lor an cmptv n ai r he leaves the Severn this june. his weather eve will bi A Quick wit and strong determination will carry hlm lhY0USl1 toward the submarine service, hut wherever he goes 7 lui ami los -19 pust plain man to man relarionslnps he slnrwt' s- of William Richard Fitzwilson lull lNllllIlLrll, lil NNNXI Y NNI X X' t " N. ' ' ', l aurglfs mam tlallals lu lime are good steel and lit: lhr assi-tiarnori N lieneheual, hetaust' in .n.itlemnrs, arlilents, and in .ilauntlanfe ol gtmtl hlentlnig and proper temptrim M w s ath and hapl v hr urs were his lortrs, .md it ri John Richard Fisher a rough tlav in Steam tu ltetp .i imlotlv Irom his lips He insisted that his lwanLer's hairline was r C01 Ualulis, Umm r-nh' to his hettie thin on the xt-ntxalilt "Queen W e know Puri. will lease 5CX'x'!ll shores rherlsh xestertlaig awake to rotlax, toiilnlriir ul tomr-rn 1. rv together with his sears in the l het, must haw ht tl In Ernest Sullivan Fritz Wlxyuimsiow, U C Thu oltl Navi' miving that Hl.1l'ldlN .1 nicc place tn x'1x1t" aptlx' dcxtrihcw l'rlt:ic'x plnlnxnplw Ht taint' to thu Aixidcmx .xlrttr two and .1 halt wan in tht llcct and his xtav hut xxas marlxcd hx ,in im p.iiicncu In rcturn tn wa With :hit dctur1xn11.xt1mx in mind hu conqnurrtl thc Atzxtlcinit Lnroup with llving .uhm Ax .x xitlu hnc hu thiul' intcrtxt was thc Prcu Dctail with Ira tripx to uuvrr .ill thc lllllllldll L1i1ll1KN lrfllnl A Xlllflll vrfNNlVUX Xyllllc K5llllfl'N inarthttl on thc iicltl lritziuis raw tuinhiixation ol rumxwixtiotxx xvnrlx .intl xlxuul natxirutl lxlddlnq tarnctl him mam' lricntlx and .x l'ountl.xtion lor xuttcss in lnturc xcarx Joseph David Gleclcler Slliurxx-xN, l ix xx Lllcflt, who xxax loruxcr lixin' tn to :lux nr th.xt, .llXX'.'HNl1!.U1.lxLCslKU .xttonxplxxlx xx'h.itcx'cr hu wt out tn do hh-xt oi' ux xx ill rrnxumhtr hinx lor hu lwx img skill, hut wc tannot nxcrlnnlt hh ahilitx' in wcctr Amhitioux and ttnatwns. lux tlxurouilh going xx'.xx hax cnalilttl him tu graxp hu acatltxnitx with littlt dllhtultx .ind stand xxtll up in hu claw Hix thanirtcr ix ,ix xmnntlx .ind llaxvlcax .xx thc man ntr in whiclx hu tlcan stridc carriux hu crctt lngxirc Gtnial and gtntroux, hc ix ,1 truc Sonthcrntr xxho hlcnds an otlitcfx lrorcc with .1 gcntltixx.in'x :aw lu form ,x xvcll rnxindctl man Alton Cason Gallup Viiuawifx B1 fxcii, XXIRUINI.-X As xaltv .is thrcc vcars duty in thc Flcct could males .xnx'hody, Acc Gallup wax charattcrizcd hy thc ll.ll'WllLl.1l ncatncsx nl' a good Sdlllil' Fiqh: year was ovcr hclrxurc hc got tht word and quit vclling, "Hit tht dctlf' cwrv morning Taking casilv to lm xahtr, Acc won lm N votingxtur ycar l'ollnw1ng tht tradltionx ni all good xailnrs, thc Rulwul wax ntvcr wan in tht Acatltnxv on .1 wtcltktnd, hut .xlxxgxxx .xppuarcd ILISI in tlmc lor formation Hu wax nuxrr on good tcrms with acatlcmics, hut lux lxnnxvlctlgu ol' man xx'1ll xtrvc him ln good xrcad ax an nllitur 'tb fix 1,-xr. X i Stanley Platt Gary Nrw YORK, NEW YORK A hig city lad from thc Bronx, Stan came to thc Naval Academy with a determination to get this Stull and gut it hc did A consistent wearer of stars showing his victorics oxfcr thc Academic Depart- mcnt, hc also found time to act as company soh sister "Go sac Stan," was thc phrase that came up when .xnyhody was in trouhlc If there was any wax' things could hc patchcd up, Stan could bc counted on to hnd it. Stan made .1 great host of friends with his easy-going, lwunrloving, amiable per' xonalitv And thcrc is no doubt that hc will malw as mam' fritnds in thc Fleet as hc has made hcrc 110 'IHL Illll -. L is Charles Clan Glisson, r. FALLS CHURCH, VIRGINIA A Navy junior, Cog soon became famous as a chow hound, a sack lover, and the man who inauguratqtl the custom ofthe third section not mustering with the watch squad To him, a good novel or Timo magazine was irresrihle A fencet hy choice, hq came home many nights with his hack bloody hut 1 Robert Franklin Gower L1wmN,UKrmrmt As .lI'lc5lil.1l1Ul11.1I1, Bula was the suluett nl Irequent jolces concerning his aspirations lor .1 nautlcal career But his teatli smile and tliutlt l'lQPllCNl11.lLlK' him an important memher ol' the all two numerous hull sessuvns held in his ronin llulfs motto, "Never drag Blind," was learned the hard way Althnugli not exactly an ac.1den1it star, the varsity tennis team will eyet he indehtetl tn him lair Ins his head unhowed He was saved from lacing a Red Mike only by an occasional hitter battle which hm Support In gpm U! hw 'nmmt In JH mum - Bah was always ready to 'atah forty winks anl loreed him to drag Truly .1 grand guy and swell R . X R X " everfwilling to make a luurth in larnlge ln his roommate, Cog will he remembered by his class- mates as .1 walking Naval information hureau. movie gouge, and a teal friend to everyone more serious moments, however, the Marine Corps and 4!VlJfl0I'l XVCYC UPpl:l'l11UNf In l1lN 111Il1el John Ninian Guild Crttiszwtiun Sviumzs, Cui on wo B12 lwhn .1 regulation and practicalfmmded fellow from Colorado! WCBKCYU Sl1'Pfr W'll lm! bf ""W'l'l'f"fl hr h1S classmates for his amiable personality, honesty, and more than anything else, .1 shoe ihrne and. hraep second to none After floating through .1 term ol academics, Reasonatrout build emsse mtrs Xklll l--llaulous ease Study hgurg wc,-C Spent yv1tl1tl1C Rt1Jxo.ln1t1teur's HaaJImok, weeltfends in the plmtngraplmers darlq room and gln-1055 qvgfy afternoon would find htm pursuing his laynrite sports, swimming, sailing and water polo Alhie, an Army brat, for three years anticipated a tatccr in the Marines HXIIXIIHX 121 William Thomas Griffin Granat XV xslllmyluw, l 5 L' lllulxy was une ul thnst' lellows who tmiltl malty lile enymalvlt' under any tinuu1st.im'cs We saw has happy eo ltultx iuutluivlt rrytxilrtl ui his many oiimoiis lor tht- log and lrvrlrnl l'.Al.-lnlav wlinth l11lfl'Ul'L'll Illl' llllllHll'llllN NIKIK ul lllk' llfll' ,II NJVV l,fl'll.lP'N lllN Llllllkl lllfllffkl kllNl7HNlllUll Llllllkl ll!- tretlltttltnvllielattlhatliewasun1'nltl11'lutnxl1.1lt' ones wlinwas.1l1le In "get this stull " llrsules his suitlitw, oirtmviis, .intl getting his wilt' -ill ru livrma tions nntlli1e,tlie llutls lnuntlenuuglitiliit'to pur sue his interest in languages and his l.iymin' pas time ul qettll1tgl.1ugl1s.iml lun out nl lily viva Edward Carlton Guillot, Jr. N1 w Out I ,xNs, Lotus! iN-x Altliouigli we managed to surtlc the Civil lV.ir amit.ihli' with Curlsv, wc Yankccs could never talk him out nl' voting straiglit Democratic ln spite ul' thc fact that our llavou boi' was new at sailing, the st.irbo.it crcw welcomed him lor his wood xxurkingcxpcricncc As for dragging, voungf stcr icar startcd oil ratlicr prumisinglv, but un- lortunatclv lor American womanliood, Corlti"s interests turned to nth-Jr more substantial pursuits rllmvc cicrithinig lic loved luicc XVC worried when hc started IIIXCNKILQJIIDQI, thu hidden workings ul radios, but nothing disastrous cvcr happened His .iliilitv .lid nut stop with vluice, liowcvcr, lor Lqurlsi' starred consistcntlv William Lawrence Harris, r. K-wsu Ciii,hlissui'ii1 A sparkling produtt lrrum thc li-:art ol' thc nation ,incl the 'Sliow Nc" State, Bill gained carli' in plclw icar .1 reputation lor slmivinig others, and has bttn doing so uvcr sinrc ll' iou were looking lor thi: solution ol' .i knotti Calculus problcm or pus' silili' a quten and lilintl drag lor the next hop, You lllNl dropped around to l1ill's roum he never lailvd to come through A true lyricnd, lrascinator ol' drags, aiiation untliusiasr, cncrgctic trackman, member ul the elite llvinq squadron, connoisseur ul' the arts ul' hlathtmatics and Alllivsics, smiling and lyricndli, Wili um proved his mcttlc in all his untlertaltings x Edgar Guest Hanson Llrcionnv, Sou ru Drxito i A Dont lct the namc lwool you, our "Edgar Ciucstu was definitely not the hrcsidc philosopher type Un the contrarv, Ed was l-ound working hard at varsity lacrosse, junior varsity football, and basketball Add to his athletic prowess .1 toothy Swedish grin, a quick temper, and a star average and vou will have a composite picture nl' Ed Hanson One ofhis nasticr habits was following the Mate around when he was delivering chow The big cxflariiier was liked by all, and il' he goes into the Fleet with thc same determination with which he plays lacrosse and studies hlatli, hc'll really make out E- zzz "1 Y. g f f W 'Qi f , f if 7 5 .fi i i fe - Q lf- ' - , 'Qi' l V rvvr ' l i l l s John Trimble Harris PARIS, KENTUCKY Harris from Paris will be remembered as one ofthe biv uns ol' the Rccc tion Committee, for his ib ls R P ll "panties" on leave, as an engineer by profession, but a liberal artist at heart, who a reciatecl line P music and literature, and as one with a will of his own and thc faith of his convictions. He was is alwavs rcadv for a dragging party or a tca light at Carvcl in spite of the ratfracc created by a bill wcckeend on the Reception Committee, When lic sets his sights for a task you can rest assured it will merit 1 "well done " lllli Ifllitl 'is ' N William George Hearne POPLAR BLUFF, Missouiu "Wire loyal to you, Poplar Bluil We'rc loyal and true Poplar Blulf " Anyone wanting to know the larest about the Bluff, ithc gateway to the beautiful, secnie Ozarks of Missouril sec "Bees-Buddy " Had thc O D not eome around youngster year hc could have shown you at graduation any edition of the kt. home town gazctte since plcbe summer Battlin' Bill eould always be counted on to ask the prof those simple questions, which usually ended up with rhc poor Fellow in knots, reaching for his gouge Few of us will have to think twice before remen-if hering him, as he's had little trouble making lasting friends 'X N- i' 1 .y L L A-. X-4 George Franklin Heclriclc, Jr. Yoiut, Prmrsisri v imma George is one olythe most versatile men in the class The Acaderiiic Department not being mneh ol a stumbling block for him, he has had time to branch out in an cxtrafeurricular wav l'lc held tlown the lead alto sax stand in the NA-io and olytcn gave onefman IT1LlSlIt1lCS for the listening pleasure ol' his classmates A good hurdler on she Penn State track team, George developed into a ehampion under the tutelage ol' Navy! Coach Thompson lt is rumored that he developed those powerful legs dashing for the phone booths Charles Andrew Hertel llsrrsx'liir,l:s1iiiarsA LYlNlalley is the Navy's rear guard expert Being pcrpctudllv UUK Url, SUSFVIICIS thnx U' if scjlmn lmdarls r , , ' i ' ' , ' I Ji UJII ln Ill relations with the Executive Department marthed in the rear rank lrom F' L 1 mmm'-' ' 2' ' I-1 1 her ones being preferred Having studied pre law despite being short, he proved himself in athletics, t c rt ug .it Wabash C ll l ' at his best when in a controversial discussion His favorite diversions are grilling oegc,1eis t V 1 M 'WN I and sailing His principal characteristic is the ability to work tirelessly to rtali-t an ambition T it ax a . . r- r ' Hi ht trainin 1 Alf Corps is his goal, towards which he has already spent two summers in E F- Hxlixllos 213 X. Nathaniel Heller llluuncl iN, Nl xv Yulut Corning to us lrom the lllatk Liang, Nat louinl Acatleinv lllc a l1lI1NlxlUf.llVlC thanuc lrom lllwrty tlays in l'risto He is rcliirmlwrctl lor a willinigm-ss to help, a kiiowletligt' oll ilassnal mush wliuli ton tmnonslv amazetl his lricntls, a growth ol hair on lns than liar cstccilmg that on the top ul his litunl, and, above all, thi' exrr present lug lvlatlt sct'p.1.ir ."llrlioui,Qli auitlciiiles Lupt hun luisv, Nat was rarely in the Yartl during lilverti periods llr was an exponent ol the sails tlrlll, but he provul that he was an outstanding tross country man, anil that he toultl ilu wcll in many other sports. Q- Lawrence Eugene Hess, r. Pun ,ml i rin t, Pi NNNYI v wifi A will to win and determination that dclicel delrcar ch.ir.icteri:cd l,arrv's cllurts on the gridiron His ruigigecl phtsiqu-: ulten supplicd .1 gcncruus eighth ut propelling .1 sh-all up the Sevcrn,.1nd at wrestling drills rhc coach tnxariahlv piclictl him to help ilcmonstrare holds His pundcruus gait promptcd classmates to call him The Tank Strcnuous sports uicuplcd his alrtcrnuuns, hut social activities werc xcrx' much .1 part nl his wcekrcnds He demon srrared .1 cheerlulncss that hccame ll'1lYCCIiUllS This, coupledwltliearucstcness,u'pilicd.1ll his endeavors Arthur William Holfleld, Jr. Iuiwu, NY: si Yiiuvwi t Haxing cnrerctl the saeadcuii alter three rcars ol' l'lcct duty, 'lim continually cmpluxeil this cxpcf ricnce tu thc hcncht ul his classmates A man with an unusual mtcrcsr in sports, hc liecamc sports editor olrrlic Lug His ahiliu ro place hrst in almost ex err race xx as a determining lyacror in the success ol' the cltamplolaslup coiupanr cross country :cam Altliiwiiigli hm prclcrrcd extra curricular activities, lic pmt cd himscll araclcinicallv lw standing in the upper hall' ul' his class jim is known lur his con scicnrious, um xcldinu, clliorts to do well in any task His slupmatcs will rcmcmhcr him lor his plcasanr cnmhination nl. consideration and cungenialiri' Q Paul Nutter Hewett XVI r1sTrR Cnovrs, Nl lssounl The only things that disrurhed this man from Mis- souri wcrc revcillc, not gctting that daily letter, and an electric razor huzzing when rhc radio was playing sweet music After a two-year fucd with the Math Dcparrmenr, Spike hnally had them sec- ing things his way The company found him an csccllcnt assct in running the 440 or crossfcountry meet, hut when lic could, he enjoyed his favorite spurt ulsaihng, lacing one of the sally sct He has that happy halance of seriousness and humor that has carricd him with .1 smile through rhc worst the Academy has ro olicr X 214 IHLIII1 Q x f2Fi', , p 1' VV 'X Arthur James Hodder, Jr. SWISSVALE, PENNSYLVANIA jim came to the Naval Academy after attending Bullis Prep, where in addition to knowledge he gained the nickname of Burlic His friendly smile and manner enabled him to make many friends quickly. Burlie was always happy and carefree in any situation and could always be counted on for N.: a laugh With his nevcr-ending witticisms and good sense of humor he was continually the CYW' sure of any gathering Burlie had a vcry sure Wav with thc fairer scx and few were the hops Eh-if hc missed Hts positive moral character and con- scicntiousncss are certain to insure success in the future ll 1,1 7.1, 1, -g +.. Jack Anton Horst CLINTON, lowA lack l1.11led lrronu thc Hat plains of Iowa, whcrc he l1a1l plenty ol'r1mm to sprout up hkc a corn stalk H15 tall, statclv structure gave him a truc lnlllldfl' appearance wl'11cl1 was backcd hy thrcc ycars 111' rmlitnrv training at Wentworth When jack was not hghting it out with thc Academic Departments, Donald Farrel Houck ltjll mn, C 1111111111111 A true sun 11l'Cal1l'11rn1a, Dun hax n-:1'crl'11ru1g111'1c .1 chant: 111 un11r111:r.11c the wnntlcrs 11I l11s na111'u state Alth1111gl1 l1u xumtl 111 the upper hlrtctn pur tcm 111 lux tlaxx, lrc lrce11.1c11tl1' I1111ntl 111111 l11r .1 short xn1111:u ur a ltttur 111 s11111c 111111113 la-.lv H11 "Has an1'l1111l1' 1,1111 an1'tl111w"' wax alwavx an 1n1l1 t.1t111n thar xtuth h1111r wax 111 er D l' was attrxu 111 athlcucw, antl tw11 l'a1'11r1tt hal11ta1x were the K ll '15 llmnumz with nhl' Wnstlkrs' struggling M U varutx wrcstllng l11lt .mtl the laqrmxu l1cl1l Hn l1'f1"l"' P'1S'1h1ll1"fU""'f1 to LMP lm ll NLS lmm a1lal11l111' and hrs xt111l1c1l w1tt1t1x111x f11nrr1l111tu1l a.1mpl1n1,1 hrs l111n1c-madc thow lack needed a hula mum tu dw lmcmq UI- -mv mllmum Ukumm Lmllnll lor 'lmgglng' but Unit Sunul he lil! J allv, 1.lra111111'11gl1r11l1c the r111111nc 111 wctl11'ntls Ju churmng wake To lbnlluw 1n thc lrtmtstcps ul' hrs youd In Fhul cw two clo11.l-lmpping lwrtsthcrs IS one ol' laclds amf hrtmns Verne H. Jennings, Jr. 511111 F Xl 1 S, S111' 1 II D1111111 1 - - f , . 11 - 1 4 ' l 1 L111-mm. 1mm South Dlkou 1111111311111 Purtlug l,ln11trs1t1. X trr1tl1r1111gl1t 111th h11r1 an tn1,ga111n11 p-,rs11na1 1 and surruugmgg of purpmc wl11chl1a1c 11'11nl11m mam 1l1141 lr11,ntl5 Durxng hu thrtt 1tarx at :ht 1a 11111, '. Y Y , . V - f- 1 -sl'11111l111l11cLur tl1111r w11n11111rg1l1.1n unc 1,1113 111n X ern: h111lt up a m11u11ta1n1111w t11rrup11r11l1.I'1u NWN- V - ' . - "' " ,1' 1 'tlax UN Jfkl Pr01'1Jc11 sturcs ol matcs 1v1rh l11rt1xt t11ttrta1n111tnt Nasxag llw 11111111131 11 1111111111 If 2 , . 1 Y- 1 - . 1 1 t HJVHCJI11111 tl-115 nreknamcn alwa1s had hu ncxt lcavt pla111-1ttl11111n1l1x1n al 1 an11 1131 111, xtrnllux .1 1Lu A , , " ,, " 1, , ' ,an 'ax .1 'a 'r1n 1x lm mc M thc Amdcmv HC Swdmd rum U, ,ld Plmu 1.1 Nrau lr11111t1t 11111111 w t 1 i-'mpzxnv 17111111 the start 77' l 'l Xl lil N --3 John Edward lllingworth ll111Ox11,l111vN 51.1r111l 111 l11l1 111 11141, ll11' lll1111g111111l1 wax 1l1 1ul11111'1l .1111l 1111111111xs111111'1l 111 I11111' 11l 111.111 11111 1 ul 1l11'111111I1.1111' N1111r1N l1111'N l11' N1.11r1'1l 1111 w111111 l1.1xl11'1l1.1ll .1111l l11111l1.1ll 11211111 N1111l111111 1111l11x Krlullx .1111l.1111l11r111111,.1r1'w11r.lx 1lu1111111x1'11l l11111 K11'11111111111, l11xl1.11r111'1'1'1 11111r1 1l1.111 .111 l111l1 l11l11g wax .1 111.1rl1ul 111.111 lr11m 11l1'l11' 1'1.1r, NK'lllll 1.1x11.1ll1 .1xl11c1l wl11'1l11r 11r 11111 l11' xl11111l1l 11r1l1'r lx 11111r1' 111111110 11I l11111xulI l1c11111w, "l 11111gl11 111 w1111' 1111111111 .1r1111111l htru x11111 .1 lrul .'ls1.11r1, lll1', 11t1'1'r1l11'l 1'1l.11 U N11r1'x,1 11l1 1'-s. was 4 U 1111 1l11 1l.1111t' Il1111r l1111l1 .11 H11 lll1.11L111111f1 w11l1 1 x11lcr.1t11111, l11r11111'lll1t l1u.1r111 l'11r11rr Q 1 11.1l11111I l111111111l11 1 XE, Malvern Hill Lash Jester Donald Robert Jex Nr wvull I Nl ws, VIIUEINLVX Two xt'.1rs.1t hl l T . in Yankee lanel, liailcel to alter leer! lore for rht-"UltlSrnitI1".1ntil11shrm1e state Mal tr-nhl ht' tlepeir-leeloi1 to tlelrentl .1nv hopelessly .ilwstratt l1le.iurluste.1iisi:. lor M H L exeelleel in llnll ainl was nexer hetteretl in an .lI'l.1llITlEI1l His inrinse .i11l1ln11t1o11 anel his ii11i11t'nse lilrrarv cnahletl him to solve the most halllinig prol1len1s, antl to exril in the l1x.ntie.ilse1ei1ees .'Xltl1oLn,1l1l1e elaimeel 1.1 l1i1iirsll1sLllllt'lCllt lor Ins stnelles. uni eoulel hnel him on Hollantl lielil anv alytcrnoon tlnowing the l1.n11i11tr He slmxvetl versatihtx in other track txer1ts.1i11l.1lso1nsxxm1i111ni1 Vllalter Franklin Johnson Lum. lar xt ll, C Xl lluimm :X resinne ol XX alt s sunelri athiex ements is hest lllNU1lWJIl,ll'l.1li1t11 lrom xoum1sterlXull,l1x saving that his elipli-n1atit' powers xxure1111tgl1tilx strength enetl hx heating skillful retreats lmm his entang ling alhantes with the lair sex He was .ilxvavs reaelx lor a tlraggrnig neck enel antl it was .1 raritv to attentl .1 Hop antl lintl XValt ahsent With an a1atlen1it nnntl he hatl elear sailing in everxtlnma hut lspanol xxhieh was his nemesis, anel xvhieh .1tuo1n1reellor .1 i11aiorportion ol his stutlx ine time Walt proxnleel ns mam rgootl times through his lox ralrrr antl hrs xvell stoeked little hlaek hook Pom l'liirtoN, lVlicriioAN Doifs wavy reel hair l1as grown from thin to thin' ner througl1 his years at the Academv as he en' elcavored to keep his studies up while participating in the choir, Glee Cluh, Reef Polaris, anel "Suh"- marine squad Pinky, Docs other alias. was well likeel hy his classmates and would hght at the drop ol' a hat, lor lN'liehigan in general, and Port Huron in partieular He disliked losing arguments, hut loveel cross country hikes with fried chicken, pof tato ehips, marshmallows, and gingerale as an appetizer He was a hard working fellow with a 4 o personality He hael a romantic and sincere outlook on life, with his post-graduation plans all eharteel 226 ' ' xf"f" . , 4 gf f" A Q if a s f 4 " , 'Vx' Q 1 5 W X , 1--" I r .Ql Ben Johnson, III SHREVEPOR V, LOUISIANA Benny, with his perpetual smiles, wisecracks, and "Howdy Podncru has always been a constant source of amusement, although he is invariahlv heing kidded about his "Louisiana Lingo " john son's initiative has some through in many at tritieal moment, whether it be on the track, at Il companr l YI meeting, or some other activity Those ol' us who knew him will rememhcr him for his ahility I0 Eff along with the gang and the tenacious detcrrnina tion with which he stuck to anything he undertook His Navv lilre has been xx llar erv from swinging IU the saddle hack home, but his willingness will cartl hmm through to lwuture successes IHE Flfiulll i f 9-iz,-l , N V Y X.,-' , ,gil N X 1' 35" f ,Lf 7, T ' V' 7 it-R , - H ,W Y Y YY X 'ig f ,,f-ff- 'fir' " i ' f f x - 4. L 4. William Manville Johnson, r. Was i PORT, CONNECTICUT Alter Solving thc complcx problems causcd hy rlm Executive Department putting two W M john, mms in thc same company, and scgrcgating his blues from those of his identically named classmarc, Bill scttlcd down for a thrcefycar battle with the Bull Department, Gymnastics and A yawl com, nl Q Charles Turner Joy, r. CIIIYX Cll.u1,lNlxm1xNn Turner wa5 hivrn into the service and came ru the Flcatlcnii' alrcailx' atuuxtunwtl tu thu waw ul thc Naxv Hu cxpcqtatiun ul' an saw three vcarx hcru was shattcrctl when hc tllxuwtrcel that hu hall in suitlx' a little However, hu amhitmn anil trumun .juris capacitv fur wiwrlt xaw him casilv tlm-uglm antl lclr him .1l7LlFls.l.'lf1l time to engage in hix laxwrirc , , astimcw, tlixxng and dragging On thu ilixing mand took most of his free time while thi: rcst was F J .md yn. his PNN .md WH, hsumncc ww J mar i , - - f ' f - - w d'n" with th' - 1 WLM kccplng. up lm MBL km-mspln t- A , L km' ru a realli' i.ll'l'1.llTlli charaltcr 'lurnur s low laircr sax Bill has that rare knack ol making the I, th X mm md umht lmlmmn will HUM . n 1: ,u ' t ', . . , r iv ' ' ' rctarv, Imax It Ufrlli rmmuw' Swiiung Tllun m Lv ' him hartl tu licup tlnwn whcn the quinig igutx muglm an ta 'ing lu a vantage ol cvcrv cmirc moment One suapccns. howcvcr, that his heart is and will always he in the whit: hills ul' New England Lawrence Borges Kidder Lina, Oulu - - A 5 r' lilrc ill' A Sigiua Chi at Darrnaiwuth to lwfnme Lam' did t h o A.lIH'l'Llll to leave thi: happl' JDJ Uflmh ' an ll' U nll Sud lt L el P LS U Amon: seeing him ipcntl lm lcisuru hnixrx in thc .-Maelcxnv paul will 1 C 0 nc c am S pampcrc t Y - - ' , A . , ,. - 1- ' h ., 'az-nel-1"l -HUC: that hc has a natural athnitv lor the water The xxwrtin sttnud ns ht tut out liir im ix ww X u u ut In I . d A dl t- th ht that he wh mnstantlv li-ming hull Scxsinns anil carrvinq un a v 11' ' va css 0 C n f ' V la a 5 goo bmnd mg. ml: r ial Smilu anel lrricntllv attituelc arc charactcrigue ol lm Midwestern narurc C Vx' corrcspon cncv: 15 gm that will add many to his already ahumllnl 5'-'PPll' 0flf1C'1JS , 777 311 'IALIUN " i Stuart Dodds Kearney XVmciix1llz, hlvusaiiiiwi i lx fl williiignum uv help uilwrs will .llwavx lui' asm uaruil with Sith purwnaliiv lllx well Lqvi .intl rxtumivi' nuicx, .intl lux imimial inruiurv Iii-Ipcil mam lllhlL'fx'l.lNNIlh'Il ihrivuigli rlw mngli xpmx nl plulw .mil vuuiagxtcr vuarx Sink lwlirl in pliwiial .ix wull .ix mental luipmwiimii priunpiril lux ilailv wlvrlwuix, tlimugli NNl'Ilsli he ilcvi-l-,pi-.I a plwsiqin' :hai has lwcn cliviul lw maui' In iln- aliurnimnx alter ilrill,whennutiumi'l1Ir.lllmglux uiirluaxi-rx Ill rlit igvmnaxiinn ur un ihi' limlrr iraili, lu' imilil llhlhlllv lll' lllllllkl Lililnll lllfllllllll lllN rlllltlllf ln llll' weigh: lllilllg lull Ile pmwxwtl Yanlwi' intgcliuiiv .mil tinnnn-n Wim in high ilcqrci A Q lu Charles Anthony Kiser 11'l1s11N fllv, lu1'1'A Ll1111l1, 11'1111sc 11111111111 1111111 IN 1111111111 onlv 111' lllx 111111111 1l11111l1lcr1, IN .1 11111111141 111' l1111'.1's 11-:st Hls 111111111111 purs11n.1l111' 111111 1'11111r s1111n c,1rnc1l 111111 111.1111 Ir11'111l1 .1s 11111 .11 .111 ununtling 1l1111' 111' n1tl1 11.111111 .'1111'r 1111111111 .1 VCA! 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His hrst year pmsscd 111111151 1:lc111cri1s and an attempt at the coveted Anchor Man But upon acquiring 21 slash wife during voungstcr year, hc was soon striking for thi medal 111 bc prcscntcd for greatest improvcmtnl over plchc vcar Doity starred on rhe football held .1n111n thc stccragc His most common 1'en1z11'lc WAS, "Now 1 r1:111cml1cr"-and :1ll within hearing 1liS' IJHCC would stop and listcn to the wonders 011115 Dusry Stat: 'IME FIFTH 4 I x. A -, , 'X ,f ff fl Q , , Q F. L Q 4. Eugene Patrick Lawler lVliLwAtvt-QEE, XVISCONSIN Vta thc "U SS Lca" and thc Naval Acadcmv Prep School Pat camc to thc Academy with sclli assurance and a scnsc of knowfhow that qutcklv qaincd the rcspcct and admiration of his clasmatcs His versatility ncvcr ceased to amaze: us Acadqmiqg rcqutrcd no strain from Patrtck, and his spirit com' Richard Gene Layser hli'lltsI0wN, l-,I NNSYK X'-XNI X Latxnncr lyuund that thu nnlv ship hug CI1ULlgl1IUl1Uld his mighty hull: was a suh When the Math Dc partmcnt dtsctvvcrcd that tht only wav hu Qunld add two and two was tn get out hrs head huaril, Q thcv chwscd in, and tht ntxt twu wars were misrc dangerous than a suh patrol The Mighty hlttligrt found his athlcttc ahilttv tn lacmw: an-.l proved to fo' ?'W kgs W ml fl of Ml? lllilf.:fillflflltfnillllilfli Till' ilfilfflf Tha hula gum num, byxpagcd Jn Jmumcm Hb :vcr lecl strnwunri polttmt vnu tn the rilax, and sav :rcs wcrc im thc road ahead, and for htm onlv suc- mg' ,HCM Bulnd ruth 'md uh I-um ln ww J cess awatts at thc cnd olvthat road will 'Gund lmn Neale Edward Leete l.ANst1t:wNE, l,7lNNsYl VAN! X Thu thoughtful cast form-I tcmpctamcnt ol' Prcttv Bm' well httcd has thcxshnard pmwess, and his masterv ul' . 1 - "ln . . such sktlls as billiards and pukcr attcstcd to his hchcl that Y V 1 H' I succuqdqtl I y thc Pr SIL1 n-i gl- the Chess Cluh and thruuqh the machtnatiuns nl an agrarian lriund attamt, t c C tj V- 4 in addttion, thc German Club president A platn hathmlw c A Y I-1' I E VJ I I NPUYIN hut li mx I lhinrs lllxx tth vtsmns of an Army-Nax x' thcss naatth ln atadcmtts 1. a wrt t xmugr - , c ct ,n ct C ' - ' - - . r . . , V - vrammar htcam, was lm- two yqgrg the qtvmpanv s umntstitnt adx tstr tn Lftrman L ltllc is meant tu hc lctsurclx cnlwvcd He naturally xrdcntctl Ncalfs mtrilyivrtunc tn pxflntntt cuntpanv B .x I -I .ell IO axe 119 Robert Earl Lee Sw l7iit.n, C xt :Imam x To the snrprtxu ul rvcryntn' that nircts htm, llnh has nnthtng tn tmiiimni with tht- Old Smith llr carnu lmm C.ililurni.i, thrmigh tht- llvut, tn try lm luck at tht' Nax'v's 'l'r.i.lu Stliiml His lurk was rxrullcnt, .mil lw tlilngvnt cllort hr ni.in.ugctl tn platc himscll tn that small tatnturv lxnuwn .is tht- saviiirs His avril rirrvrusts rmlutlml athlrtits, sail ing, .md the sn.i.iI.nt1xititsi-I tht wcrlt intl Hur ing his iartur, Huh latmiliw nutrtl lur his ahility on thc violin, wlnrh lrrqucntlv It-tl tn ttrvrstitgitmtr as tu tht pusstlwilttv ul un.iixtlmr1:t'tl lulmc .ititiu.ils un tht rlctk Q Q: lslnam Wiseman Linder llori ni R, Cm ulmots Not even Sams love ol thc West nor the lure ol giictlucatioiial eollege joys intcrllcred with his rarccr .it the "University ol' Navy " He had the tnxictl latulty ol heinig ahle to C0IUlWlflC husiness xx ith pleasure in a most satisliying manner NVriting lor the log antl Trident was an accomplished lu-lwlw His wile remains convinced that it was his passion .ilone lor aviutling those lvouthall game halts than lol to his coveted position on the Press Detail Sam dex otctl himselliseriotisly to whatever iasl he uritlertoolt Crew was his sport and he won his Iirsi N tlurmu youngster year George Maragos Si l,oi'1s, hlissotvni .llthoiiigh he hails lrom the Show Me State, it was usiialli' George who did the showing when it came to academics Not one to keep his talents to him stll, he was always more than willing to plax' teathcr to the steady stream ol elassmates that came to his room with the quetv, 'iHow does this work, L'rcorue"' l'xccptwn.illv well versed in all topics ul 1nterest,he was everrreadv to hung his quick wit to play in a lively hull session, which invarlahlv eodetl in .1 delutc on his favorite subject, Russia His straiightlorwardness and genial personality will continue to malse George many friends. Q: Percival Davis Lowell, Jr. Curvy CHASE, lVlA1n't,,xND There arc various and sundry ways of obtaining an appointment to the Naval Academy, but without a douht the hardest way is working your way up from the Fleet That is how Pete got here Pete is a conscientious worker in anything in which he participates We will remember Percy, as his inti- mate friends hail him, for his straightforwardness Pete was always willing ro help his classmates, and usually did more than his share in this respect Pete is an unusually quiet fellow who never let the ups and downs of the Academy turn him from his pacihc ways. 'f r :i Vo s,,fir'r' W vs J f' -,iii Y X- -i Yffff, ,iii YH, if Y T K-f'Yii , , , Vzixyxxfi ji K x X xr Xl ff! I Herbert Marcus Lumlien, r. FALLS CHURCH, VlRG!NlA 'AAnyone want to he lined up with a queen next week-end' 'lust drop around and see Handsome Hubert " He was glad to help anyone out. As long as he heard regularly from the O. A O., and didn't let a weekend go hy without seeing her, he was happy Huhert's massive frame and mightx 1 G muscles proved to he just what the sports program needed To get Herh into an argument one had only to criticize the Southg otherwise, he was thi most easy-going sailor ever to drift through tht Academy. Get things done fast and have plenty 01 time to rest-that was Hubert! 150 acura FIFTH 1 Y Y-1 ,f N. X if s K - f T sq - X ,- V Y 1 -r rr 4. L 4. George Patrick March PQRTLANU, Oneomsr Two years at Oregon State plus an exeellqm mind gave Pat a good head start on the Aeaelenaic De, parrment, and he hasn't yielded an inch A virtual Red Mike. he has divided his time among erew, Russian, and building ci colorful name for himself Trigger, as a nickname, andithe phrase "Pulling Wherever .1 crowd was gathered Vtlllrel he sure to find Larry as the center til- attraction inurating some perstvnage at Navy, or hotly elelAe11t.l1ngl1is lwluvetl K" Baltimore .1g.11nst derogatory remarks hy lrrireigmrs who claimed they had heen there and seen it rim A grind athlete. as well as .1 grind student, L.1rrv pruved il'IVJlllJl"lC un the varsltv sueter team . r - A ' ' ' " " har , ,, V youngster and hrst tlass itat, and .1 putter at .1 Pat March are well known to his mam' lriends Talking Russian in his sleep is hut one ul' mam' aeeomplishments His quick Irish humor and a fur the plehe hasehall team The company was seldom dull, though, heeause Larrv, when nut d F ,b,l, tr his lx NL imitating Vaughn Monroe, the lnlt Sputs, or mlm' ' A 7' ' ' V T U ll, A , CLP 5C"'5g-VF YCSPFUS1 ' 'tl ilu' U 1 P ,.. prnl, worried verhally ahnut hllging ln truth, he assets " 1at is t1c center 0 t1e universe, at - , was readx' tn paelc il he ever gut under jg 4 Portland, Oregon, he ll tell you every time Robert Hanson McDougal S.fwi'1mr1, lVl,x1Nt Far more at home in an apple orehard than in a classroom, juninr hails lAl'Ul'H the hamlet ul Sanlrwwrsl, M-H110 Plehg yn, 3 mu-fy go mumj of plehe etws'n hlclntosh apples, letters lirum French girls, antl a certain hrst , . ,W v li hi' r'at dvision tu ive u trew Classman from Tennessee, lapsed into mort strenuous years as a result 11 s g e ee A V gl P' in YM of fc Ayn and ,jmqging "fl la Baltimore " The appmaeh ul leaxe alvtaxs luun 11111 wurry f o om an 's ll , , - mil, about th Pndlti n wlgth Maine ski runs ur the amount ol QJ5Ul'nC m 'hc lm-'llll Nmuun Wagon Am' , e eo i o t e hitionsl Suhs, .1 wife, and applCS H .1 il il 11 ION 131 it Allen Francis Maxfield lliuunti 1N, Ni 11' Youre Al taint' tn the A1.1tleir11' Irnm ilu- lirerin-111 ul iln "U S 5 l'vrnlge," .intl sunt' their has kept lirremiisr 111 his muitl .1 prvst .rs eiiqiiieeruig nllurr .ilmarrl 1 e' new tlestrtwver Wlnsn 11111 stinlxiuig, :Xl spirit must ul his time either mwiug, ur tguirlimg the ln' ll1I'UllL1l1 .1 suttcsslul war as 11r1ul.1t11u1 i11.1u.1gtr He lwlieverl in ellitietni in everxtliiiig, .iurl ru Lawrence Albert Marousek sidered no uvlwr1u1su1.1Il tnlaetlulit' riiglu Max 111 wrulwalwlv he lwcst rei11t'111lwrt'rl hir his 1111.11 reutli l V , tluns ul well Lliuwii sul1's llis sinrtrilv ul uit ,xi iuuuizi, Ami xrsm L. I puse .intl rlewru-n tu tlutv l1.1xt' lvept l1u11 high 111 Ins tlass .mtl laithlul nw his hlargie 1? Q, i Q Gordon Edward McPadden llll I Mimi, LUNG lsl NND, Nl W YORK Here .ir the Trade School, lVlcDull' was one ofthose Ielhm-s who "guts this stull' " Always the Thcshian, raltine part in thc hlasqueraders and hlusical Club Slwws, and dirtctinu thc class Christmas Card Comiuitiic, hlae still found time to develop a rt-markahle aihnitv for his sack and an ahihtv to plague his wives with i'Ain't dat lror da hmdsv' Lfinnilx stretching his "monthlv insult." and never missing .1 hop, U E ehecrcd the heart of mam' a beautiful voting lemme The lquture holds all, suttcss .ind happiness, Ihr such an optimist and man ol uuhonuded JlWlllU' the Gurdon E Randolph Mitchell, Jr. lsrxi an 1 Il, lNm,xNA Randi, inlrant ol' the eompanv, cut short his care- lrcc college dars at Purdue to make them more so at Nan' Heine a student ul' vlapancsc, hliteh al' most tommltted academic hari karl at the prospect nl a post xx'.1rvl.lp.lnesC igovcrnorsliip As a plche, Nlitth got this stull prettv well, so, early in the rear, he put in hir a qofday- muy nl' July mu- M the hospital l'indmg that dutv well suited to his talents, he applied lor, and received, a go dai' surgical repeat during Young-grey yur A, though still not satishcd, this happv thought rc- malns on his loelser door, "Liles a trap " , . Jeffrey Caswell Metzel, Jr. Ciirvv CZHASI2, MAR1'LAND The bool: shelves saggcd hcncath the weight ol' wleIT's comprehensive library of all the latest in ncws magazines This Navy juniors study hours were punctuated with discriminating contradictions oi' thc hcst editorialists However, his outlook was not broad enough to tolerate Dago, and he would seek rcliei in his world of periodicals, or on the gridiron As the months wore on his face became dangerouslv Flnrid, not so much from dissipation as from his hopelessly undcrsizc collars The tighter the collars became, the more feverish became his witticisms, for which he in time became locally notorious 's -. 'is' , V, 53 l gi gg,r,7sYWlY ' If 777 Y Y ilislfv ,X p rp XR W tu V Y ,- i r f Ralph Hugh Minor EVERETT, WASH!NG1'ON From the peaceful Snohomish River Valley came Hugo, blond, aiiable, and possessing an innocent exterior that hid his non-reg soul. A firm believer in the powers of vitamin pills, he exerted himself in swimming, dabbled in boxing, and filled in the spare hours with a bit oftennis, handball, or sailing ii Hugh is one of the few men to have learned how to sail a vawl from a book He served the Log JS chicf cxpcditer in charge of passing work from uppcrclassmen to plebes A bit of a savoir, Hugh had plcntv of time for dragging, his tastes proving him a true connoisseur. 251 THE FIFTH Arthur William Moesta, Jr. Gkosst Poirsrrt, MICHIGAN Hailing from the Wolverine State, Moe was always fggdy to stand up and laud the merits of the old hometown, whether in regard to weather or women On his B-rohe he sported numerals won hack home His fund of sports lore answered manv JI plehe question, and he participated actively in , Q.. plehe and intramural athletics He contributed hs singing talents to the chapel choir At outside formations Moe wielded his sticks as the leader of the Drum Detail At times the academic hurdles were high, hut the spirit in which Moe surmountcd them increased the admiration we felt for him A- Maurice Oscar Muncie Staimoi I, OKI ailtiaia Mo came to the Naval Academy after .I semester at Oklahoma A et Nl and one year In the Heet Although no Savage hlood runs throutgli his veins, the lndian is often aslccd when he's going haelt to the reservation His ahihtv In comhatant sports such as hoxing and wrestling has caused his arh letic career to he centered .ll'0Lll them Mies friendly method ol' extracting discipline irnnn sula ordinates will make him a eapahle twlheer Previuiix training at submarine school IS rcsponsihle for his preference for the underwater llect, and his deep desire to wear dolphins Kenneth Arthur Murray Barsmt, New Yottic After two years at William and MLIYY. KHP' JCC"-lid W Hide 'll' Gamma wllcfc Jays for Null mc PC5517 , , . , , . I- - 1 'i h hl ' l ' l mtstie about his struggle with academies. he nevertheltss alw-U5 slmk 'Nfl fm WP Hs 5 Pm J l 'R Un V lk I XVI 'L-Us an O D s lace and get away with ll His mln ever to complete the line of "Babes: ' ant ICON . ,. ,V v's rfdl itl,wIv's midnight Cligcoursqg on Foymg women, and the state ol the nation haue tndeart Im o iis e Alwavg in the midhgr of every bull session Kenls knowledge ol' everything from sports to women, and his suhtle humor have made him Friends throughout the hrigasll iXIl'iIltJN 233 L Henry Farnandis Munnilchuysen lull lfslilvktill, lll NNW! V XNI X Out ol the smoke ul l'IttshIIrgh came lltlllls to Inalre his mark .It the Naval ."ltatleIiIv Altlitn-eli his Iirst hive Is .I starhoat, playing his s.IsuplIIIIIe, worltintg with his model raIlrII.Itls, and enlleetintg pictures ol' street ears have .ittouiitrd lor quite a hit ul' his spare time l'erhaps these vaI'IuIIs Inter ests can answer for Henry's heme the protiniilitetl lied Mike that he IN Always lllll'lCl'Klll"lWtl and tinas sIInIIIIg, yet at times more than .I little on the the Iiilied side, l'lank's allahilitv, tueetlicr with his stiuntl lt.lC.lN and rcsourtelulness, have Ilhltlk' his etimpanionslup II1LllICLl .I great pleasure to all -Il us si O l , - If K' 115. F' ' X ' 1 . g -4' TV Frank Robert Nesbitt William Nivison, r. Daniel NOWHH Ilxixws., Niw Your: O.-1Rn1N111, Mamma JACKSON, Wvoixiiws l'r.1nlxlx1oltcdx11'cr thc tollcigiatc :i1d1.xc and cl1.1n1gc1.l his sign l'ri1111tl1cl'x1rtll1.1111 R.1111rorl11: N.11'x'Go.1t All tl.ll long hc would x'x'll to thc I11SlIC'S iluslt to 1ni1111r1'.1h11i1r111.11ld1str1l1x1t1o11, .111i.l111tl1c cxunings, .xlttr l1.lX'llll1 l1.1d his rcgular worlsinit 111 thc grin 11.1s1u1x1, lic xviwiilil hxirv l1ll1lNCllV in piles ol'5ls111n1' xuxpcrs Hr il.11111ul h1111s1:ll .1 sworn h.1cl1clor, hut iuxx' oihcrs 1lr.11.11gcxl with such :ual For cvcrvixnc hi' had .1 111111, .1 grunting, and .1 groan .ihxmt .1c.1 1lt'1111is ,'Madc1111i'x proxtd to hu lull ul snarcs lror l1ll1'l, hut hx hxirninig pr: rcxcillc oil l1c111.1n.xgcdt11 trim thc rxiiiiglicst ol"r11crs" siitccsslrtillx' errv John Nuss I l,1wto1N, Niiiiusic.-1 What l1.111111:ncd' XYh.xr's Nuss dons now' Thar is thy XK.ll it has hun for tlircc wars. .1n unintcr ruptcil scr1csx1l lcrr1'ls antics. uiiprcdictahlc, hut all hcarxrixg thc tl1.1r.1.'tcr1st1c Nuss sr.1111p On: i1l'x11ir saxuirs, lcrrx had .1 rc111.xrls.1hlc 111c111urx' lor liorxxiu las .1111l .111 i1nta1111x' intuition 111 lotating dctimal points Icrrx xx'.1s not onc to shxrl: in cxcrcisimg his r.1rcs To hcigxn with, hc .islscd lor .1 plthc vcar and ructixrd ont As .111 upi'-crcl.1ss111.1n El Niissix placed a stritr 1ntcrprct.xrxivn on thx: HJJNISC, xn- strxitt, .ind .1d111on1sl1'4 clause in regard to thc pltiscs llut who .1111onq us will lY.lll to fflllilhlxljf Ylcrrx' with .1 s1111lt' A transfer from thc Air Corps hrought Bill to thc lmnks olArl1c Scvcrn A good mind for cnginccring, .1 lovc for ri1wmg,.1ntl .1 littlc frcc timc for hridgc paint .1 portrait ol' Bill Big and congenial, Willie n1.1dc no cncmxcs and many strong lricnds, not onlx' among qlassmatcs, but also with thc n1.1nx' girls that hc dragged ox'x:r thc wccltfcnds It was no u11con1111o11 sight to sic Bill lbx'criSl1lx'ttx'in1g to gut hoth .irms into thu same shirt slccvc .ll'1L1Uf onc 11111111tc hclrorc thc hull. and good wind which hc max' havc had lor crcxx' cam: from thc constant sprints tn l'or111.1t1on , , . W I I lsl1 was the signal expert of tht: company-an art hc lcarncd as .1 sign.1ln1.1n aboard thc U S S, Mary- land prior to Academy days lsl1 explained his con- sistcnrlv high grades with, "I'111 just trying to get hy, fullowsf' His sports wcrc boxing and military track "Salute, l-ailurc to render," was lsh's nc- 1 mcsis, in fact, hc so dcspaircd ol' cvcr lcarning thc svstcm that hc tcndcrcd his chit one dreary dav ln voungstcr vcar Ish had a mania for shined brass in his room, his hrilliantly polished lamp stand and waxcd lockcr doors arouscd thi: room inspcctor's .idmiration and his hlccding classmates' crics of pain 334 Illl. llllll ,ef 1 . L L is Robert Joseph O'Sl1ea Vnzom ISLANDS Hcrc you arc, girls, cvcryrhing you have been look' mg lor, and above all, his proud of all rhc lriih rhar's in him, A Marino: junior, a figure in various cscapadcs, and rhc backbone of anv good rimc - rhar was thc life of Bob O'Shca ar Navv. When hu wasn'r singing lrish ballads and rhinking up i 'X Carl Warren Otto Bmsr, limi., Carl hails lymm "wav lwyimrl thu hills nl' lrl.ihu" from whence hc cmsscil rhc Great Divide via ,log sled A dead shot on rhc rillc rcam, his lrrwnwmwn paper crcellrcd such success to slrrmrinrg lrlahn iarlr " rabbirs from a hlmlcl T Fnrrl Near rhu mp ul' his class, rhu mcclianicalli' minelcrl Orin ncwr Lliel ilu fide which was his closes: companion, his rillu, vawl, or slide rulc His lmunillcss lm-c hir sailing, ways ro make hrsr class year more comfortable his Lmd J girl. ummy PM htm JUUXS thc hmxh hm J rhoughcs turned to those of love Allrcr rhrec crying vcars ar Navy lllS rhc rillc range and a loxholc for our boy in the Marine Corps, and nbc smart moncv winner Carlls classmarus will rcmumbur him Iyur his srock phrases, "Whar. no mail "' "Turn ull rhar ra:or"' and "When l was back lmme " says ir is O'Sbca on top all :bc way George Willard Pitcher lvisi URANui,Niwl1izsiY Allhnugh rl-ic Ghoul had alwavs cnrcrraiimcel l-ond bopcs ofl1ccnn11r1i1 a Piper Cub, he rlucirlc-.l rather carlv ui mm the Navi' instead A baskcrballcr and golfcr. our bm' l,l'Ol'l1 New lcrscy discovered yuungsrcr war :har ' ' ' 4 V- W" '.-X5f""-lnl nl' ht Could also mn A mspccmblc -H0 Even rl-muglr Liwrgr s hnrrwledigi nl Ihr Fmt ru xx as exeiur lv y bv rl-in si-L ul' lug gppgrirg he found rims IO cur a mcan rug ro rhnsc ncwlanqlcd songs ar rnnsr ul' rliu luvps - y K V vi The possesion of a numblc wir and a luqlr academic srandinkl WJS lmr and QWYRC W-la known as rlru lmy wirbfall nbc chow and all nbc answers BXIIXIIUN 135 Q Andrew Jackson Peacock, Jr. Uri: nh x, Ili xnxux Llmnnmg lnwm rllalmma, Inu-l nl rlw S-vnrlr, Uri-xx rlaimul he iicwr saw .1 rl.umw.mlru lwl-in mu: img thi' ibailcinr .unrl :har Iii- nurr lnaril .i wing lallul A'lXl.u'rl1ini1 llllruuiglr Lu'ul'l1l.l M llmx-i'u'l', Unf Nlllllllkl NUI llf IIIINIKVL' lil' lllx l'.lNll Nlllllllkfll rlrawl. lwmriw lwlx our nl thu mp :mn in Ihr' rlass kmll' was his l.u'-wriu' spun .mil ln xpcm mam .1 lWlk'.lN.ll1l hunilai alrrrmuin lnmlrnnig .mil slnung his XvJY17Vffll1K KUUTNC l1IN RIYHNIJHI llllllkl l'llllHUf .Uhl KUITIHIKVH NKUNA' Hlrlklll l5l'KXY HHH ul lllL' lVk'NI lllslkl and inns: rcspuurl mm nl lln' winpaiw ln his luturu plans lic inclnrlus an Al.ilw.unapl.1iu.uuvu .inrl lWCJlllllVlllSUllllHL'Tl1lWllL'N 49 lf, l Joseph Edward Pline l.1ri,xNoN, Mrssoiinl UlslLQl'lIl'1ll1l " came to the Academy with two main possessions thc prettiest head of hair in the com- panv, .incl a conservative, outspol-:en attitude on lite il-iv the lwsr of mv knowledge, there have never lween more than ten to the eighth items that loc felt were wrong with the world His temper kept him in constant lear ol' stomach ulcers, hut, somehow, rlie storm clouds alwavs lilcw over lnsomnia will never troulilc him, he could sleep sitting, standing, or kneeling with equal ease ,loc helicves in doing the right thing, rhe right wav and, when you get right down to it, tl1at's good pliilosopliv Riley Sloan Rainwater, r. lxuiomN, ARKANS is What' Dont vou know what a gastrocnemius is' And then vou will find Chief telling vou what it is Chief gave up his pursuit ol' medicine and turned to the organization ofthe lwlue and gold hvl'1CIl1CYl'lC is starring in Calculus, or trilng to get rid Oli a drag someone has gotten lum, Chielralwavs excels Neat Lhis locker is hettcr than .mv plebe'si, tidv, and thorough, Chiel' alxvavs docs his hest His winning smile and liorccllul personalitv will quicklv win vour friendship and respect From microbes to cans is quite a jump, but "El lcfeu will make it di john Edward Pope lweksow, lVllSSlSSlPPl What lepo lacked in hair he made up in spirit Although he was the captain ol' the team which played all its gJl'l1CSll'l Bancroft, he was also active as a swimmer We always said, "leper, vouse is a good boy," and sure enough, 4 o Conduct The lucky guv never was caught He liked shined ohyects, including shoes, decks, doorknohs, and above all, lamp posts He was a true Southern gentleman, and not lwv an act ol' Congress His one desire was to hid and make seven noftrump Considering the threc vears of successful cooperation and friendship with his wives, it looks like he will make his grand slam as everyones llricnd 236 llli- l'll' F ij L 2 is ' A E gig? , ' X x ,A Thomas Gilmore Pownall Moontviite, WEST VlRGlNIA lt's difficult to perceive how a handsome, athletic West Virginian could twice bilge 1 literary romance course in his Naval Academy career, but that was the way Toms luck ran ln spite of such breaks, Poo will always come back for more as he has demonstrated time and again by his undaunted Q9 spirit upon the gridiron Not at all bashful, Tom has a way with the women, and we are sure that, as long as Admirals have wives and claughterir T G will land life well worth living. lll VCC! JHSWEI' K0 Zlny qLlL13liOl'I OH CUl'l'Cl'll LIVCDIS s Albert John Richter NATCHITOCPIES, LOUISIANA With the fast pace that is evident in his walk, Rig has maneuvered through his three years at the Academy. Studies caused him very little exertion and he was always free for a game of tennis Over and above his active participation in soccer and grew, Serious. only when Natchitoches was slanf G dered, his ready smile covered many a trying situa- tion with humor Plebes found him an upftoethe- moment commentator, always ready with the cor' -Q -Q L in George Donald Riley, r. Bai iiraoru, Martin AND Pulling up anchor, the Turk sailed away lmm the hriiglit lights ui Baltimore .intl made last at Cralw rownfon-the Bay lyur a three vear stay l,aemsse hecleoned, and keeping III eontlitiiwn tlidn't hamper the setting oi' a record or two in truss munity run ning, while work on the Ltvtxv Bat. accounted lor his spare time Our lughlvrregarded Don nrgani:etl a date hureau ol' drags for lonely classmates, and the parties thrown in Baltimore alter iuothall games proved his skill as an organizer and the pal of the dateless Uilered an appointment tn West Point his answer was, "The Navy, oiieoiirse "' Whether he chooses the Marines or thc Navy, Ries mental alacrity and tenacity of purpose will insure him a successful career, Frederick Charles Sachse, r. SAN Dxriau, Cixtiiiwrwia , , , , i 7'l w , " lS that a pneumatic trip hammer running amuek upon the third dttlt, IIMXSUWLZU 'Ji-lvl flik D O NU' air H replied his tabulating cohort, i'that's only' Mr SKIN: mklnil J l-CW lm! llflia UU '51r1e,5jne,51rm Klux' mom had that 1iV,3L1.in look with the battered lamp shade, and the desk top marred with l'red's wtielcs Jiltl-iimglq J Navy Junior Fred worked his way into the Academy from the enlisted ranks He distinguished Iumsclf JS 1 Sur forward on L1-1,3 Cpmpariys soccer squad ln the Battle ul l-lelefbhaw and associated sltir- rmgl-,C5 hc WAS Chcwcd bloody, but he emerged to claim the hroad stripe A f r 7 '- Mx-IT,x1iux -5' x Edwin Boyd Robbins KwNwin is, Nimiii xmu N ling, riitgigeil, lrientlli, and at tr ti N ii lxl tame in the Naval Ai t ii llividwli Collette, N C llis ri i i tisy an v manner and tluitlt smile siaui xxiin 1 lriends who are iniigluy prrrui t shipmate l tl xv.xst.1i5igi'tlSar1iuvtlurinig ns simiit ilay in the lleigiinent, aiul mm ht is Lint i other name We miglit ailtl th it Sirnlm ig igiiiitl .iixmiiit ul lniusell mum' t liimn admirers, and Iexv were tht iivps it misstt i way in wlueh Saiiilvu takes li in ii tri in iii a happy luture q I 4 Q K. YJ ,A. H' , - i J' iii' if f - I Y 'E ."' ' f t' ngyfa p N , Y i , ,W 1 v " ' vi, 1, 'N , 1 1 X il Geor e Mor an Sheldon Richard Austin Savage William Lavoise Scurloclc g g W,1s11iNt1mN. D C llut, Ins l1c.1rt with rlic Marina Corps. couldn't lll1tlL'l'NI,ll'l4l how anwuc could be in the Navv and still lac liappv lavnig and Iwatul xvcrc his argu- munts tx-i1tx'r111i1g rlir mcrits ol' the l.c.1tl1cri1tcl4s Ont tonltl Iintl him rlurinig anv "l1.1pp1 hour," .1 raptlnroiis glow on Ins law, lust lntl1flatcstv:d1ti11n 41lVCuH1tV's ur,N.1fin.l.lv I itnxng l'wsl Although not .1n ardcut .ltlXUI.1lE nl' rht lmtlv building cuursc nllcrutl lu this iiisriturum. lic ncxcr lyailctl to nllcr scrxircs nw thu cn111p.1nv spnrrs pn1gr.u11 Llcnial .mtl tltwirnus nl' FlC.lNll1lL, his nnlv uu11pl.1mt was, ":l1v, xvl11 tlnn't vou lull.-ws cvcr plav soi11ctl1ing I lilrc on that r.1tln1"' Leonard Alexander Snead lXlul'Nl xlllu, lXl -11111 xN11 511411-sr pruparrrl lor has N.11.1l .'xs'.klCl11l lilc at llullis llrup ln Ins translrr In rlw Altklillll' his nicltnamc stutlt with llllil, and now lbw puoplc leimw l11111 lu .1111 nthrr nai11u He is ul lrish dc stunt antl, liltc must lrisl1111.1n, apprctiatcs .1 good loltc and 'CHIUXX tclling unc Yct hc took his xvorlc at rhc flqatlmix xcrv scriuuslv Swoosc starrctl in unc sport, sulfur, xvhilc at thc AC.ltlCl11Y For two vcars hu 1v.1s rht sparls plug nl' thc plelwe and X' rc.1111s l"lfNI class war hc was a consxstcnt plavcr on the xarsitx Nlav vnu l1.1vc mam happv land ings in tlw :Xi11pl11l1s, Sxvnnsq Cllltitnsim, KJKLAIIOMA Being l-F0111 Oklahoma not once held Lavoisc back wl1cn hc sct his n1ind on achieving .1 goal NNl1Cll1Cl' it bc academics, cxtrafcurricular activirics nr sports, Lavoisc was always found on top Giving gcncr' ously nl'l11s timc to thc nccds of others, Bill, as hc was known lwv many, undcrtook cvcry task with a sincerity and carncstncss admired by all As com' panv mcdiator, hc scttlcd many pctty arguments and was only contcntcd when those around l1im were in a lrlcndly mood l.avoisc's strength of character and sinccrcncss ol! cndcavor will always bt l'ClTlCITllWCl'CLl bv thosc who had the plcasurc of his acquaintantc as a midshipman 1 238 OLYMPIA, WASHlNGTKlN Say it in Spanish and Gcorgc will be there. Dago was his first lovc, and his proficiency in it was matchcd only by our Latin-American colleagues Thcrc wcrc fcw mcn who delighted in Study hours more than Shcldy When else would he have found time to work out thc daily crossword puzzle? In spite of an apparent disintcrcst in academics Georges class standing attcstcd to his mental prowess, and hc was always ready to help Willl elillicult probs A good, clcanfliving man from th! State of Washington, George was a member ofthl varsity fencing and battalion water polo tcams, IHE Flltlll - xi, wrx 7, -- fun L in Richard Jackson Sowell Btnkettv, CAt,lFonNtA "Did l ever tell you about the time l was in Tsingao, China' " Thus, Dick used to amaze his listeners with his never-ending repcrtoir of ad- venturesome tales of far oil' China Always ready for a joke, Diek's quick wit helped ease the mo, notony ofcverykday life here in the Academy Dick X Peter Clarence Spoolstra lVlxRItN, Nlieiiiu,als Evidently Pete lellt a girl IH lsalamazuo when he Ag- sgy cfme to Navy, for the Eastern "l'emmes" never tnterested htm lnnatelv quiet ol' manner, and not easily tnllueneed, he soon acquired a host ol llrientls due to his amiable quality ol' keeping his mouth I shut and his nose out ol' other peoples business Academically, Pete never had mueh tmnhle twith , the possible exception of Dagol, and tliouigh he was was eertainly never troubled with study weartnas While other midshipmen tore their hatr over acak demies, Dicks intelligent mind enabled him to pore over the new Western Cowlvoy Dicl-Cs lluture in the Navy is assured not only by his inherent Naval background, but also by his keen mind and strong determination not a star man, he was glad to share his Math ability with the needy ln spite ol' his habit ol' ehtp- ping :it the svstem, his love for engineering should prove him well adapted lot his chosen prol'essint1 William Ross St. George Awwamtis, lVlAtu'L,xNr1 Bill'g gmc lov.: W5 Cquippqd with four legs and an inner spring mattress, vvhiehihe fondly ealled his "super sack " How he eould so consistently escel in academies was a continual souree ol wonder to his roommates, - ' , ' - - 1 H 1 ' i b fl ll lor mggg of 11,5 Swdylng Wag done tn 1 eomlortablt state ol repose The Saint saxed his entrgi till .ist aa season rolled around Then he enthuslastlcally played second base on the varsitv team Efltist 'week ends llound Bill engaged in his favorite extraeeurrieular activity Ql vlflillilnil Thf ll'll"l""lfl WLC VNU K 'H Wm! in reminiscences ofthe last drag, and in eager anticipation ol the DKNY I3 ei -t t A 1. t o ,s 239 fr. ackson Thomas Stephens llif xt isvni ii, :lint xisisas llutinrg plebe year 'l'he Llluel lnuntl out that his senator KX'.lNlslsl4llIlt1 wlien lie said that the .'lt.itlttiiv was .1 set ret sntieti' to re estaliltsli the k'ux1letlvr.ny, and l1e's been bitter ever sinte ullter unsuttesslnl attempts to establish a lsn lslus lslan thapter, ln' settletl tloxvn to .1 normal routine and tlistnveretl that some Yankees are tolerable xlltliontgli .1 hor slit-r athlete on alternate 'l'uestlavs, lark loniitl time to heennie permanent ehairmati ol the Weekday Poker Club, and ln the entl ul vnniiyrsrer year was supporting lnur brothers, an unrle and .1 two- headed mule llc is sure to be one ol the most sueeesslul ol '47 a-9 GD Francis Kenneth Stone SM Ulm, SHUI!! Ciuuxl INA Modest .xixtl unassimxing lay nature, the taeitiirn lloek slayetl tlxrough his personal purigatorv ol! plelae .intl ioungster Dario lay remaining silent as ixiuih as possihle When he gets to France he'll prolmli murmur 'lc min .miie lvciiiicnnp with the lxi'stultlxi'i1x,lailt untxl then his Southern drawl will sxillitc l xitlentlx' siillering lvronx a long standing griexanee .xgainst drags, Rock has consistently maintaxnetl his standing as a memlaer ol! the Red hlike Cluli llrixlaahlv these Yankee girls just don't tompare to his South Carolina tutxes On the rare opportimxtics Ii-r unrestricted emoyment he eelef lxrates xx ith the rest ol' LIN lax' taking part xn aearousal. john Lamar Switzer l'iNs xtixi x, l'ioi:m.x Here, ladies and gentlemen, we have the eiglxtlx wonder ol' the world, .x Naxal ax'iator's son who tloesiit aspire to he a llx laox' Iixhn tame from New hlexico hlxlitarv lnstxtute .xnd always thought thc dcrk we liietl on should haw lxeen called a stoop When not plaiing tards with his Fridge Clula, eonf sisting cixtxrcli' ol' plelxes who wrxiildift d.xre eomf plain alaout his plaiing, Vlohn could he liound talking to te exam laudtlies or admiring his collection ol' loo lilo mites To him a smile is aliout the most useless attion ol man, a hearty laugh is mx more Krixulale, so xvhi go only lull' wily' ames Karlton Stuhldreher AAASSILON, Onto To Stooly, home was never like this As an advo' cate of Ohio, his day was never hnished until the home paper brought him the news He held down the wrestling team, did his part trying to kick the soccer halls apart, and outwore all his elothes in the mud ol' the pushhall held Finding enough wcekfends on whieh to drag was his only ditheulty, and he always had his battles getting the telephones to work Ready for excitement at any time, hrst elass year was the neeessary incentive lt was Stooly whenever there were any questions to he asked alwoixt airplanes, for his ambitions lay in the wild lxlue yonder, 6 sg ,NJ-,--YY 3 -gi l ' iixl as Jfpiigggiggif 1 s f'EQg"" , V ' ' 7-7 f V 'VN i s 4 3 ,N y l Y y y r y 7 , sl i John McGrath Sullivan Biwsxne, New YORK Sully surprised himself at the speed and ease with which he managed the academic hurdles at the Academy The nokstudy formula which saw him through Bayside High proved no less effective at Navy. His Irish luck never seemed to desert him With him sleeping was an art, second only to eat- ing Skinny lectures were always his afternoon siestas ln the athletic world the Mokes hrst love was haskethall, hut socecr, golf, and swimming always took plenty ol' his time ,lack was character' ized lay his friendly smile and pleasing personality which brought him many lasting friends. 340 IHE FIFTH llvl 'l -Xl IUX 5,1 L 4 -L- Edward Wallace Thomas YPSILANTI, MICHIGAN Always threatening to resign beeaugg agqdcmgcs were too tough, Teddy managed to maintain a place in the upper hfth of the class His lwondmgss lor sleeping only slightly overshadowed his renown as the "super-brace " An excellent foreign lan- guage student, he Russianized himself by adopting, Altliough serious .intl an amlaitiouslv hard uorlser, Tom could alwavs be lound where there xx as lun and laughter Always in the best spirits, Tom slum Q acquired manv lyrienels Tom and his troll elulws hailed from Wahpeton, North Dakota Despite puttine dilheulties, Tom displayed an espert Mielelle West stile Tennis and basltetball were I, also included in his specialties Aeademies antl the name 'Bobolyub While not noted as a star or letterman, Teddy participated in handball, water polo, and swimming His casual wit and sports kept the women lrrom ULCUPNIIML verv manv ol' his weelaeenels, but Tom is no Reel hlilte, he has one partieular interest laaels home who also likes unprolessed ability in bull sessions made him a dw NAU' Tummlcrs wrxnllt Amd UH-Mr mpc lmpular hd Among hls Cl'lSSnuK5 HIS ununml qualities will assure a sueeessllul luture ability lor coming out with the unexpected has ref lased many tense moments and gained him a repu- tation as a sellistyled humorist Frank Allen Cfhurtell AKHUN, CtiLtiR.x1ui Fat came rg php Aqmjgmy f-rrym the Fleet via Pearl Harbor and the Battle ol the bolomons His .5 o sense ol humor and happy-goflueky nature eouldn't be equaled, and he knew his sailing as well as his Math Aqa- , 4 ' . - V ' l ' ' n't sailin 1 rr lavin com' tlemies never bothered him, and he starred in the draggmil Wlumn X hm lb ll 15 lei P g , - . s i l' 1'l' lavdt win PJDY pushball, he was aiter a berth on the lootball team, and no matter what t at gan t, ie p I ,L 1 rv , . ' , 1 ' ' ' V I ' ' ' ID Offllllf fllllllf, wlll UQ VNH15 .1 He borrowed cigarettes and ran oil with all as ailable tap stretehers a titty UPI' Qvod wife, and shipmate to everyone Z-11 uh i short interlude in prep stlnrol, lhila was taltirie Comrrie to Nat v lrom llelaxvare .'Xr.itleiiii xv 1 tht step wlneh he hail been pl.innuig lor riianv ve. Robert Ward Thompson lhr iii, Nr xv Minus l'l'Ul11 lllk' Nlllntlkll llClklN .llhl LUXX' IlrlNllll'L'N ul UI' stare New Yorls to the Lhem lalis .mtl Neaiii l' works ol the Nasal .Xi.i-leurs proud ro he tpuu i large step loxiiuiv has sravetl xxrth xr .ill tht xvai John Curtis Thompson .intl provetl that the llorl ran hantllt ihtse .ni tlemies in line stvlv l'l see it .ill right su, lint whit Xxlsiwi IUN, Nuurii Dixon x males it xvorllm was one irl his slaritllivs ilur mv .i reeitaziori Histonueriial nature, tgrlr nl eali, .i rtatly smile matle him welt-suit exert xvliert Irs i , , i Il , l Herbert Ivan Tilles Lyman ames Trevitlniclc john Richard Van Sickle Woxxixxxxxci, Nl xx' Yxuuc Pxiiixx ti, Co1,ntz,xnn WALIKEGAN, ILLINOIS With .x lwuxtlrixl nl' I1-ntl lxxemurxex ol lX'xxotlnxere, llutlth cixxlxarltctl on .x more iixxportant voyage 'lax .xrtaln its elxtl, lxt' set up a high xtandartl to which he toixsrxetxtixvixslx' tx-nlxxrixxetl his exerx' cntleaxxxr, .xnil thus graxidatetl xxitlx lxxxnms Bud, .1 man of xxxaxxx' talents, Iuuntl time to try lxis haxxtl in liclds other tlx.xxx .xcatleixxic You often xxxxxiltl find him uixlx-x-ling .x restful moment .xt tlxt piano, his fax orxte pastnxxe, or otlxerxxxse hxxsxxng hxxxxsellr hx' earning his letter in tennis, plaxxno lor the N.-X io, or writ' mtg lor the Ing His lX.lI!CXxCllL'l1l reeortl eleserxv img the lxrxt ol praise ,xxxtl gin-tl xx xslxts Donald Clare Wallace, r. Limit ll: xtxx, L xi xixnwxx Clxaracterxzctl hx the .xlxilitx for xxxalxxng lasting ll'1II'ltlNl1lPNlllltlCY the mxxxt x ,xrietl of eireuxxxstanees, lion xx as an cntlxxxsiasric plupger in athletics, and one ol the lxest reasxnxs xx'lxx' Navx teams are .xlxvaxx .xt the top Wallx, xvxrlx his pack Ul-JSPITII1 .xnd a lxxxttle ol rulxhxixg alcolxol, xx'.xs .xlxx axs readx' and xvxlhniq tu letxtl .x sxmpathetie ear to the xvxies of his mam drag xxwgarx classmates His xxxyn xvecle- end .xetxx ities, along with .x certain train trip, xx ere clothed in serretx Dnnx xvxllingxxess to look a task straight xn the exe, and expend Ins energies in its lxillillixxent, xx'xll .xlxx .xxx place hxixx in i1m,xtlst.xixtl1ng A veteran of seven Paeilie hattles as radar operator on the "Nortlxampton," lim holds personal letters of eommendation from his task force commander .xt Gixadaleanal, and from the skipper of thc "Hon net " With these experiences to draw on, lim was always in the center of a circle of friends, sparking the hull session with a hearty laugh and his Colof radian :est for a good story ln academies lim showed an alert mind hacked by a store of cnthusie asm for getting things done For relaxation he scrapped at all sports Each week-end. jim and .1 light-haired enchantress were one of the more familiar sights. kg Van took in easy stride the transition from the fresh water of Lake Michigan to the salty Atlantic, With an excellent sensc of proportion, he always chose his activities wisely and excelled in all. Cap- tain of the fencing team, he also boxes, and is well informed in lane literature and music. Although out of school for a few years, he has displayed talf cnt, especially in Bull and French ln spite of l"ll5 several interests, he has exploited the uppereldi privilege of dragging to its utmost, His sincere interest and serious sense of responsibility have made him a perfect shipmate, 242 Arthur Vernon Weaver, r. lallaml, FLORIDA Rulmlrs that A V was a hlrcd csplonalac algunt lllr thu Nllallll Cllamhcr of Commerce xvurc conllrnlcd when hc was dlscuvcrcd Stcnclllng "Collar Addcdu nn thc Calllrornla mangas Plchc xlcar hc tangled with .1 blonde alltur .1 foothall gamc and artlvcd at thc boat wlth his nose 30 dcgrccs all ccntcr and a Yr J' Q xturx' about a door Alt-:r that IC was hard to ull wllctllcr hc was H1.lfCl1ll'lll xxllth the scgtltln nr cxcf cutlnu left olallqtlc Wlth tllrcc vcar! xtlltlx' xll' the FIDE Arts lwhlnd l'l1lU, A V waa a lyamlllar lllallru at hops, EYVIDE to get drags tu gm ltlok ar ctchlntgx ln thu uppcr torpcdo rlxllm X' fx .1 -Q ,,,, . 1... Q. Cfllomas Nation WLYINY llllxl lx lll ul kucla llllllllllllxl, K xl ll mt lalllllll: ll- llllN l llllllt lllll lll llll Ilxx llllll llll' mlllll lglll lllllllltglllllll llll lllll llllll lll xllllx' llrrv, ,lllll xxx wxrl' all Nllll lhll llt xxlllllll lll 6- llllt lvl thx' llrxt lll talw llll llllllt lllllllll llllllll lrlll tlatlllll l'lllll'x ,ltlllxlll allllltx' wax lax tllt tau wltlx xxllllh hx lll.l-lltrlll lm. Wu llllxlxttx lllxtr llllllur-lt 1v-1t l llllxx llt llllll llwlll lll ROl72Yt FYGHIC Wenkf rttlrx xarll' cxurx llllglll .llxxaxw Bl xl ll l, XVxxlllNl1llm Xxlllkn Ill! xxlfnlx lfll IIYUNC .lpplfx .ll-IxllXk'fLll'fCllNll1 llarawax' Slgattlc, and thu bull: hlxllxc un thc Lllll vcrxltx calllpllx, thu Naval Flradclllx' llalntd a glllld man, .l xxlllllld lac xttlpur, and a qlllut, llldllwtrlllux llllddlc Sattlrdax' alturnllllnx llltlnd llllh llllr lln the xlarxltx wctcl' and haxulxall lllgldx Handlxall wax anllthcr pct lllxu Draglallllg nlgxmr hlltllurcd lx F lllr hu wax alxxaxx trtlc tu thu llllc laaflx lllllllu Ax xxc xuclx nuxx' and lar-ladur llllrlylllx, .l xtuadl cllllrxt xxlll lwq xtqgrcd hx' tht Wunlt a lllxal and xlnttrl lrlcnd tll all handx Ht wax a popular lgllx wltll plllntx lll hllxx sunxt and xxltlx hls rlllltx Ilrllllx anthllrud A 243 l xl lll tgalll ltllll t l-l tarllx, llr lll plll -.llllll lllll lll llll llllxxlr lll lull Illx' dlllx. xtralllalll' ,llllll lllllxll llllll lll lllx l lll tllx wllll xlanllx llll .l llll lllarllll l lllll llllll A , , "X, l N ll 4- lx l 1 m wh-gif Henry Drewry Whittle, jr. 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Blu.Ck1fN1111JG1, Trix,-xs Bcncarh his quiet, tinassuming nunncr, Vic pos- scssus an atfalwlc personality and .1 winning smile which hzxve won him many l'ricnt.ls Serious and dxztcrmincd hy nature, Vic is a resolute worker wlmsc quiet pcrscvcrantc has won him the rcspcct oi all nl' his Cl.lSSI11.llCS Lilo: all stalwart suns ol' Texas, hc is cx'crfrcat.ly to defend his natixfc statc against all cnmcrs Vic quickly learned the value nl' sticccssfully cuinhining work with play His rccrc, ation time was divided among various cumpany and hattalinn sports, hantllull and track bring his l'.1x'nr1tt5 In addition to sports, sailing has also hucn unc ul' his iavtmritc pastirncs xi IHIDQ SIXJI' .u,. SI ames Halford Barry CEDAR Ramos, low A Altcr a year at lowa State, 1111-1's quick mind funnel little trouble with academics, so hc rurncd tn thc hcld uf sports, namclv. wrcstlxng Hcrc, w1tl1 I-115 hnuntllrss cncrgy and natural aggrcssrvcnuss, l1c soon cxccllcd and became one ol' thc Rcgrmcnts mp matmcn But j1m's vcrsatllrtv 1l1d nut stop htrc as he was .1 hrm lwclicvcr in thc joys ol' drag qmg and in ncvcr missing .1 hop ln all his work hcrc at Navy this man from the tall :urn cn1111trv has shown .1 great dual ol' lI1gCl'1LllIV and Commun acnsc Never dow11l11:art1:1l, 11111 had L1 lug sxmlc lor cvcryhody. 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Happv -l.1v:lQ's sunnv Smilc my llc httamc .i Naval .-lvmtuon liailiounan and disposition wcrc sore tcstcd hy thc palling por- .mnd was ihin tlioscn to ionic to thc Natal Acad tals ol' Bancroft ,Ioclco's higgcst hurdcn was thc tim Nia :hu Naxal AC,lulCIlU'lxl'1iI'5Cl1ilill "Dont .-Xcatltrms inconsidcration in lcccping him from laik up ihi' dust in htrc, l lust not this umlornr swordhslung and roaming lX'l.1Q5JCl1LlSCllS ridgcs lirushtd i-ll," is i-ni ol his lavorxrt saiings He has lackk rcmarkahlc allahilitv and good naturcdncss, , prolwalwli in-rn out mi-ru whisk lirooms than .mv comhincd with aankcc principles ol' fair play, two othtr mcn loin inaltcx lritmlx quifltlv .ind hroiiiglat .1 lot ol' r.i::1ng down on his I-u::y top Althirugli his classmates held him .1 boon buddy, a mr malt rt .x pltasinrc to hw xxith him Hu has not-much-strain on-tlicfstudits kid, sailing partner lwtn .in olutlitnt toorh pastc .mil razor lwladu hor or luttalion sports rlngcr, his wivcs will alwavs rim mg xx ilu lor thlcc wars, and that is a lair lratf rcnwmhur him on his sack with a comcfhithcr look txng.1xtraui1n.ilii Iuauuu XYTIIICII.lll0X'lII'l1lNlA.1CC, wading .llCllCl'lAl'UI1'l a gal Gayle Kenneth Broussard BL,auMoN ir, Tixas Ucltt tht litrlt lrtncliman, tamc to us with thc was ol' Texas upon him His .lcadcmi-3 l'-aclcground at :X h hl and lnsn.mir.1l .xdcptncss led him to taltc lilc lrairlx' cast' hcrc, hut his clas standings wcrc always high Quitc the athlctc, his lavoritc sports wut: soctur and lacrossu, and hc won .1 lcttcr or class numeral almost ex tri tcrnx His wcclt cnds wcru lug lrunctions, hut hc ncvcr got too serious with thu womcn Gaylfs lricntlli snulu niadu hun u'cnonu's lvutltli, his mcmory ol' joltcs madc him alwavs rcadv lor any oucasion, and his ptrsonalitx made him .x favorite among L5 X, Louis M. Brizzolara, r. SAN Fimwcisco, CAI lroiwm. "California, now that is rcally Gods country " Whcn that battli: cry Hnatcd through thc hall, all hands knew that Brizz was off on onc ofhis famous spccchcs Unusually gilltcd in mathcmatical suhf jects, Lou sailed through his academics, and al- though hc claimcd that hc worked too hard, he cstalwlishcd .1 reputation as one of thc hncst boxers in the Academy Far from a Red Mike, hi: rarcly misscd a hop How hc worlozd all ol his activitics in. no om: could discover, but having accomplishcd so much in his sparc time, thcrc is no telling what may happen when hc is outside thosc gray walls. is 250 fur-, ilX'll 5. Q. Robert Evert Buntain l.tata,xNsPOR'r, lNrnAN A Pinky, alias Red, was the guv wc wcnt to when things wcrcn't going wcll, in academics nr with thu femmes Always willing to hrcalt out thc violin while wc sang thc blncs, hc uscd his winning smilc and engaging laugh ro hclp us out when thc going got tough Although the annual ohstaclc ctvutsc and swimming tests mad: him shudder, his drivc un thc soccer held and solthall diamond was the cnvv nf his wcighticr classmates An utcasional game of hridgc, a lcttcr homc, nr a cantccn trip mnnoplizcd his time hctwccn sack drills His ambition was to he rhcrc when thc diplomas wurc passed out, ii. ill I 'ilslUX l 1 t ' 4 YYJ- 1 At L, 11 ' ... X Sumner William Burgess Thomas Joseph Burgoyne Ttmrxivsuwvlt tt, Cmsnsut t lttir SNnrtlt,lNl1xy'h4tmt rl natural llatr lint acadcmics antl a natutalli like Timm was a wrll ltnmxu tturlslnptitut, ln-th in ln-W alalc pcrsonalitv has made this transplantud Cntr trwn ttnnpatti- .intl rlirtvuglnttit llantmlt llall Ilt HCCUELXL l-armcr a mutt than wclcnmc atlditiun tts the Nax'y's Trad: Srlnml What Sum latlts in sizt tu tallt with ativntit' tm anxtlnnig ltum li-it plat.-. hc maltcs up as no m-:an lwxut and a spccdstct un tu the Prusirlunt til the llniitrl Start'-s in mg'- ths: cindcrs Nur thu least til' his attrilmtcs is the 'l'tsm's maui inturtst tlntntg his tattrt al tht Nasal lvact that Burgc has a gtiutl word lair cvtrvnnt antl, :ltatlunw was tlurtritity llt was a lrattl xx-nlitw altlmugh hc's qtitct, hc is a tapahlc mixer in ani' mcmlwt nl tht lnitt' hang lmm tht' lwgitmxmg and crowd Ntudlcss tu say, all hands atc glad whrn was its tlirtrtnr tlitring litst .lass itat Sin.. tht Sum is dragging, fur hc ducsn't stav rn the stag Inuit Klang trunk must til his spatt' turn' ln .hrlnt linc lung enough Hcrcls wishing all tht' lust tu talt part in xarsitr siaturts, lwitt ltc was alixav. will one who dcscrvcs it ing tu help nut in tlit rtnnpam athlttn ptrvigl'.nn John Carr Burlcart lNlnt'NI DURA, l'1tmIlux Iulmm will lsg fghlgly rgmqmlsqyul lsy his tlassmatus lu! his twinlrling csc anrl ttailx stuilt, mit ti- mtliti-in ryy0l1ligC thmplcs Not uxatrly a saxmr, hut nu lautlttt tttlwrl ltvlm managrd tu lttp nn tht lu st sitlt ul tw, Um in japanese Bcing used tn hltvtxnt Dura! warm wuathtt, ltvhnny Lupt tu llanttultk xx atm halls during thc wintcr Cami: sprrng,htvwcxcr,l1u ctiul-.l ht lltmuntl taut lot cttw antl xtvlltwlmrll Nt wt a llttl fslilrt, Inlm plavcd thc hcld, attcnding almost cvutv http Fricntllx, casv tu get along with, twptximstit .intl an .ill at-vnntl good fulltmw arc phrases which hast dcscrxht: lvhnnv 251 was lllt' tullgclalal HPV, alwaxs rtiltlx .intl willlllig l S XXX Q lr 1, - X, Arthur George Butler, Jr. lxRiNe1luN,liiNit'tkx N-nut tall him lliitts, some Silver or Arturo, others iust plain :Xrt We .ill rememher Art lay his litiendf hntss He was never too husv to stop and shoot the hull vxitli the hors He had little trouhle plelac year, lor he kntxv .ill the answers alter hav ing spent two it-.its in the l'leet His policy was take lllif east .intl cniov it The xltatleiuy routine never intcrlcred with his sotial activities As a youngster he uained lame hx his prohtienev vvith the lilre ring .'lrt's rare toiulunation ol' lvrains and personaliti' xx ill ht .i ureat asset .ilu-.irtl his sula xx? l i 1 or-' WV X- E l , ' W i "' - i l 'ja , 'A l- . 'U l , Cs.: , jx ues! l i A l li fi? t ,ji Q' Charles Ingraham Buxton, II Owa IONNA, lxllNNFSUTA From plehe year through hrst class year Chuck was the exponent of knowledge He just naturally got the stull, and he worked harder than most of us, xvhieh proved to he the deadly combination that stood him high in the clam for three straight years Around esam time Chuck pulled many .1 hucket out ol' the academic well, and was a much used source ol' information Chuck liked athletics, haskethall ranking numher one This was followed hy anv company team that needed .1 good man He will long he rcmemlaered lor his early morning vocal relrrains, and his constant ellort to get ahead Ralph Herbert Carnahan hlovrsi l.in.ANoN, l'iNNsvi vANiA Completely tonttarx to all midslupman traditions, Ralph entered the Naval Academy with his heart set on .1 ecttain voting lady, lrollovved the constant straight and narrow path lor three years, and plans to marry that same ii-unit latli alter tgtaduation lust as consistent on the athletic held, Ralph gave his all to football, playing an all out, eraekcriatk game at end Tenacious. reliahle, poxverlrul, level headed, and sincere, he plowed through his academies, made friends easilx' and kept them, wrote his unlailing nightly letter to Bets, and lill a lasting impression ol' good lrelloxvship on the minds ol' all his pals and classmates 252 H2 John Douglass Callaway, r. APALACHICOLA, Ftorutm Although his main interest was leave, liberty and the pursuit ol' happiness, Cab always managed to do better than average in almost everything they threw at him without any starring. His whaleboat feet were well ahlc to support him, but he was hap- piest when horizontal, and had a most cordial contempt for P-rades With his Gulfeoast accent and his eompanionahle manner he made many friends, even among the upperelass when he was a plelae The U S. Navy should be a fine place for Cala to keep up the two-lasted reputation he had as .1 boxer at the Naval Academy lv 'llll 9IsX1H br Norris Wkitwell Carnes Sr PAUL, lVliNNssm A Frutl is unc olythosc fortunate guys who ncvcr fwuncl it much ol' ,in effort to have lots ul' lricntls His line scnsc of humor .md honest dcsirc to help .1 hutlrli' were always lug assets toward this cnel Bud sms not the savvicst fcllow in the company, but vnu had to look long and lurel to linel Jnvonc who put out more crgs of cllnrt to do thc job right, or .xnyonc more conscientious about his .xcatlcnmics liortunmtclv for Bud his biggest pmhlcm was ncvcr women, but rather how to get lcavc tn lwc with the llimily and the green Ford hc rcluctantlv lclit lwchinel vi? l3.ll'l 'Xl ION 41- if-i, 'Qf 1.1 x 1 I 1rL Wi:- l Felix Roman Carr Raymond Edwin Chamberlain, r SAN IUAN, l'i'iuiu Ritn l'r I xswi Rliir.1,Nlltllli.xsA Ruman was .mlyraitl hc wuultln't like thc tnnrinunul Umtctl Starts .intl was non: tim luppv rn lu.ix'c San juan Thu hut dug, hmvuvcr, wnn uvcr tht tanulc Tlwugli hc's pruutl nl' his islintl, hc ntvcr fails tu remind us that it is part nlrthc Umtutl Status His luulry hir :hc two is exactly cqiml Hu cvcn spmlss in Spanish Amcrimn His use ul' thc Amen :Jn idiom h.1s ulunc litth: for rhc Lirmtl Nuiulilmr Polity, lwut it lus given him J plicnrwmciul suttcss with thc girlsfftlicy ncvcr ltnuw tn wlui rlwv .irc sewing vcs His Srunish gcntilirv, I1-mum, pre vents him lynun taking .itlv.1nt.ii1c ul' this Kenneth Sears Coe Clmiziui ii. Niueiii Cxiuu isx Nailing rlm has lwcn ll.iv's iniurrsr rlurinig his vuirs .ii the At.nli'r1w Hu r.um' im-w rho Nui' with .in csfcllcnr lxiiligrmiiitl in the k'ri.ir l .iles stile ul s.nhn,g, .intl li.is r-uiiiinuwl cstiiisxmg his sc.1in.ilisl1lpm1 tht' .'lt.1tlfi1iv mwls lliir ll.xv's lili hcrc .it the :M.itlt'n1v lms nut lucn .ill xxluii' s.uls .intl .x hrisls lvrtc:c llc h.is t'rui-iiiitcruil still ht.ul winrls in thu f'lt.nluinit l3up.irrinmrs wlurh h.rvi lsfvl l1lll1 lnNlklk' Nlllslllng UH NUHIK' Nl IIIUNL' lVL'Nl sailing ,ilrcrliuuiis llur his Mun sense ul xmlurs, luxul hu.itl, .intl quit: xlEh'fl!1ll'1.lllUI1 luvt i.irmrl him tliruugli Vvlill we cur lnrqrl lns "YJ .xx lk.ir :Mini Hului l'luh.1"" Quiet, unassuming lscnncth lures in hc tllletl lscnnv His rhitl ,imlurn-n w.1s ri- rlriu his ll sl U ustrv wcclsecml .mtl lids June wull Ucgisi--nnlli' he rurns lr-un plugsuru ru xxnrls, .is, whtn t.illtrl -in ru rn :rr in Drum class Ncxcr lus mnrt.ilm.1n scan sutl lalwr Nuvcrxlwltss, ht nunugts In hivltl his msn in .u.itlrinit-- A cl1.1rtcrmci'nhur nl' thu '4' sulf squa-,l,l1tl1,ls ulsen up latri-ssu ,intl lmsinig mtrtlx Iwr rht tstru-su N-1 tlt lusiuns ol' grandeur multsr him Hhs .1llXll'1Lj rtliuutiun ul' the .xtligc "inn lust tu ht .i Iiuvrlnill htm tu ut! along with rim lwautilrul girls H All vnu luv: ti- Ju is lw wursull Thais lstnntrh in iwrsun 153 N, tedio us- a v' 5. J V, y 3 Ll ,Q ri it .. ,, , .'lr'u I'-f X... ' F P"I , 2 '-1' 4 llw- L sf: ,y ' XT' 2-A it W joseph Pleasant Cofer, Jr. lllt'li1llrx,lYxs1 Yxrtolxix "l chdn't star rlxxs xc.ir, hut IUNI xxxxit until next xtar " lhcsc words tlcscrxlxc hoth ,loc and his career .xt rhc Atadernx Hrs pcrsonalnx' acruallx' lxts his name, .xltlxoxngh xx'c thought he was kidding xxhcn hc toltl us the initial "l" meant lwlC.lN.1Ill ,loc xx'cnt in lr--r J xarictx' ol' arlxlctrts, hut his great cst tltlrqlwt was .1 gootl lrce lor .ill in sorncone's rx-oxxx Hc has unc .ixsct that xvxll put him on anx' lxotlx K tlcsxrtd list his natural lrxcndlrncss and .xlxilitx to cast' ,1 tcnsc .xtrxxosplxerc xx ith .1 xxittx rc' ixxarlt Tlxxs xx-ill scrvc hxm xvcll when he hcconxcs ,i lvtxzz lxox in the ncnr luturc John Willoughby Crane, r. 0,xknx.xN, Ax ,xlurxi -x Ncar Brrnxrnglnxnx, sir, .x little South ol! jasper-- populatron eight hundred That was WillfOfBee orientrmg thc first class in regards to his home mc- tropohs Nothing could snap him out ol' his study hour srcstax xpartlx' genius, mostlx' Southern inertiaj quite so well as some "tlamnx'ankee" reopening lxostihtxcs lw hclxttlxng the South Wxllo dehnitelv hchcvcxl in .1 xx'cll-balanced hlrc and corrected thc sc.1lcsl'xxrtlxosc draigless plclac xx'ccltfendshx'denx'ini.1 himscll' sleep voungstcr and hrst class xcars and taking in cvcrx' hop lil mrdkwatchcs don't tal-te an carlx' toll on this son ol Morpheus, his only remain- ing xvorrx' will he captains with Yankee accents Robert Edward Creque lil IN I, hl1tiirxrAN .Xltcr thrcc xcars our xlcnxal Mlrxtlxan hlanl' still greets with .x smllc those seeking solutions to Math prolvs, or soxxxconc tratlirxxg .x Sontlax' xx .itch .-an erxtlxtrsxastrc athlete. Bob spent his alternoons galloping around a soccer or lacrossc held, or strcaling down thc lT1llll,lN' traclt course He seldom dragged, not thinking it worth thc rnconxcmencc hut scxeral lerxxmcs xvish he had thought othctxvisx: Un leave Hola JINYJYS went lmmmll 111 Ilwsc lalitlxiqan xvootls, thotixgh wine and xvonxcn captured part Ul-l1lY UIUC lrritatcd, hut never lxoxx cd hx thc Bull .intl lxctiitxxc l5cp.xrtnxents, Bolx xxxxs ,i thccrlul .ind good-naturcd lrrcnd to all in the CUIHI".l!U Jackson Bates Craven, r. Wll,DER, Tnrsmrsset j B, the Tennessee mountainccr, jig Baker, thu commando course kid, just plain jig or the chess lung, he prohahly worked more Math and Skinny prohlcms for other people than any one else in the company, Rough and ready, rugged as the Ten nesscc hills, his feline conquest ol' the rigors of thc commando course astounded everyone He could lrclt his weight in Wildcats and sometimes did A prettx' good xoh with more than his weight in room! mates. ln the end he exfcn licked thc Bull and Dago Departments and, as always, came up the smiling, happvfgo-lueltvjig. S 25-1 'lHll ,SI,X1l1 E Lawrence Joseph Curtin NAUGAHICK, CoNNteTictr1 Adjusting himself to the regimentation of Navy life was easy, for his three years in the Fleet made him a htm heliever in having a time antl place for everything Methodieal, exact, and punctual, Larry had no trouhle living hy the clock Although he was never a savoir, he made the grade through his great determination to succeed Cuntinually par- ticipating in some form of sports, whether it was lloothall, haskethall, or gymnastics, Larry always excelled, li applied ambition, ability, and interest in one's profession mean anything, if loyalty eounts, Larry will reach his goalgto become a Nayal olhecr equal to the best l3.lltl,ll.lON YY 7711 Q - reef T. ti, X- I ,lit 1 -Cla-r .sv r' 7 9 N Richard 'A Dadisman l'lt'ielliNsoisr, Karsssas Daelely maele lille arountl Banernlit a lnt pleasanter with his jovial attituele and manner of taking things easy One enultl not, however, say that he elrtl not have a strong determination Why, hels the kinel who'tl walk three miles lrnr a heer antl then serve 60 tlavs lor tlrrnlting lt' Dielc, hailing lirum the plains ol' Kansas, anel gut his hrst inspiration lor the Navy when he tired ol' running armintl in a Walter Owens Day TWIN l Xl is, livtllu A enntagious laugh, a reatly exe hir nun ree aitlvi tres, antl .1llJIl'CtlUl sulvletts atatlemit mis them together, lalenel with a lteen sense ul suhtle humor, antl you have es semper htlehs Walt llis pritle is a gratelrul ltip on the hnriznntal har hut try tlutlging une ul' Wales hotly rights They mme in, hut sulitl Plehe june Week start-:tl Walt's sutlal hall rnllmtg, whrth in gathering momentum, has pltltetl up a prairie schooner His hrst eraelr at the Naxy was lreautilrul lwlontle with an envuahle immature l7ivn't lyoelteyinga plane arnuntl llur Unele Sam Reputevlly expect to unrlerstantl his wavs in a lvew minutes, a a hor pilot, Datlely elelavetl his llylng career long lull appvetiatmn ul his tliaraeter tomes only with enuugh to come to Annapolis hut plans to gn laaelt the passage ul' time to the air as soon as possihle ames Andrew de Ganalil Biuirexvii 1 i, Ni w Yturue "Tl-my tlon't come much higgerf' applies aptly to the Marqtxis, as he rs respettlully tluhlaetl hy his l rent lr speaking elassmates All 1:0 pivuntls ol' him is man, anel the xsomen ltnrm. it llltlrouglr he has reteivetl lan mail from mam amorouslv rnelineel heauties, the Marquis retains his semi misorgymstit state hlnst ol his time was Jevotetl to lltmthall anel stutly Whenever the intrrtaties ul youngster Math trvnlivuntletl him, the Marquis wuulel pummel his wife to let oll extra steam 'lim proxeel In he one ol Navy's struntgest tailtles He was esentially a lroothall man, hut at Kent School he also won letters in hasehall antl h-veltey 255 v rn I " i , L 9"l K I x, . 1 ,W Y Y .fr -V --1--v 1 4 51 ?' pf 12 if -1, - L 1 'S f 17 f 5 "A .I ,'f.,, Vw- ' Q f 3 11 11 1 1x be-1. 1 ' It , . 5 F- I- , VT 1 1 ii- -' "L,:lY 'Y K . 1 11 N if v 5 n Harry McClure DeLaney 111111111111 N1111111L 111111lN1 1 11111 1.111kx' 1.111 1r11111 Nuke .IIIL1 1111 Nvuth. xx-1r11 1111 1111111, H N1 5 1s1r1111 11111'111't11c11111s1t11n 13111111 111111 111 the R1'1g1111c11r 1'11'11e 1c.1r1'11111111111111 111 .1s11111 11111r1111r1u111sxx1tx XXll11I11C 11111g11t1 Sexern 111.1 1111 111111131111 111.1111 1711r1111.1111111111ster trulxe 111 11,1.1111s .111111 1111111 x1 1111 111xx- 111 er111'.111s.1n11s111.111 t11r11ts11.1111,1'11rxx111111txx.1s11x1'r11t 11.1s I.1r 1111111 11111111111 111r111 11,11 .111111111gt11c 1e.1111'rs111 111s 11.1s11 t11l1.1111r1111 11.111.11111t111'1111'.11r 1Y1t11t11e1.11r sex 111 1.1rr11.111111x1111111s11111't11111 1Wll1l1L'XL'l'.lll11C ex 1'111s1 111 111s 111.1111 1r1e1111x Q. eremiah Andrew Denton, r. 111111111 1, ALAI1 1111.11 XX'11ct11er1t XVJSUJ I'e.1st, .1 f'ml1c,11r 1 I1g11t,"11rt11e pr.1tt1e.11 aspects 111' Ae.111c1111' 11176, jerrv mct them .111 111 1llX stride Drawing 1111111 the rignroixs expe- rrentux 111' 11lN own hrst rear, he succ1:ss1'11111' eehted the L111141' 1311113 plehc sectmn xV11Cl1CX'Cl' .1n 1111pr11111ptu s1111g1'est was 111 sesslun, -1c1'rv's tcnxwr xmtc um 1n there hlcnthng 11' 11111 cxer c.1rc1.1 to 1n1111lQc1n .1 ser11111s .1r1g11111ent, VV11CK1'ICl'0l'1 the C1vi1 Wu nr rc11Q11111, tlcrrv, Xk'll11 11lN FCD1-1f1i.11J1V logical p111111x11p111, was the 111111 to se: In the f11nf1111'in11 1x'.1r111nexs .1ne1 1111411 IYICCQYIU' 111' t111s 1111111116 hoy, thc Ac.111e1111' 111111111 A 1ea11cr, 111s e1.1ss111.1tcs .1 1'r1c1111 Andrew Scales Dowd XY,-1s111N1s111N, 13 C 11111, 1 111.1111 .1 1.11r11 11t'Cfl1I s111rc I11lN ,11'ter111111n,'4 1s .1n 111'tcn 11C.llK1 re111,1rk 1111111 11115 N111 1um11r from 11re111ert1111, 11111111111l11, XK'.1x111111gt11n, I7 Lf ,111111111p111r1tsXYest An 1n1cttr.1te q1111'er,11e11kes n11t111n1111cttur l17.lI1.1 11111111 .1It1r111111111111r11t1111ks. 11r11cxs1t'x t1r.11g1:,1n11 x1r"1'11s11111" ,-Xlxn, 1151 Mm Jnjcm Gmc,-A fm ind s111111 111 111s x1111rs que .1111p11 11r11111 111'111s p1111t111gr.1p111t ,111111t1 xx1lI11 111s 1Dr1cn1111' s11111c .1n11xx'1tt1' remarks, 111 s ,1 xx11111111t .111111t111n 111 .1111 111111 xcssmn, .1n11 111s c1vnst.111t 11111111 11LlI11Uf does .1 111t L11 hrnghtcn the 1.1Jw 111rt1111s: .1r11111111111111 D1111'tt,1kc11l11'1111r I.l1",.:1l'1u1V1 S1.111str11kc1s t1.1n11cr1111s' 156 GY William Kinson Doran Boomg, lowA The fact that the phrase "that's where t11e tnll corn groxvsu 11.15 followed Bill throughout his three rears here at Navv, tells where his thoughts are when he t111nkso1'11o111e B111's keen sense of 11un111r and w1tt1' returts have successfullv quelled most remarks about the corn country, and have esuhr l1s11c1i among 111 who knew hllTl, his reputation 111 being .ln extren1c1vgoodfcllnw Cruise was one 111' thc 11lg111lg1'llS of his Academy 11112, and for that rc.1s11n, he IS looking forward to the much higgcr, and more 1mp11rt,1nt cruise which 113 a11c.111 for .111 1117112 1n the near future .x. tx IH! SIX111 Harold Milton Dryer lvl.-RPI lwuun, Nrw Flfllill l'larrysaysh1s Naval career srarceel on a hen, and we rhmlc rhar it was :hc Navi' that won Alrrer he made the varsity pistol squad during plebe year, Harry eonnenred hxmselll wirh various cnmpam' spnrrs Because he never had two much trouble with aeaelemxes, Drver was a good man L0 see when vnu neelleel help He was always VVlllll'lg EU do what he could ln the hula spare ume rhar was lelr, he hlrell ru read Always wnllmg ro go for a swim, rn rhe Llllll, Ol' I0 BUU1 1ll'Ullnk.l IOYAVH, llc YVJY Cllfffl' CUNY pam anel a swell fellow CL li-Kell Xl.IUN 4g-Q ,la Y T s I I 1 I ' Fl 1 , 4 X Q1 Q. Joseph Norfleet Eagle l,uNme1, :Mus xrvsxs "l'luw much mme haxe l gm ru mala' lnrmarwn' Dul vnu sax ren seuvmlsw flnrl awav hell qu ln a eluuel nl larhcr, I-,uh ruwels, anal wllar humans Yes, llu has rmulwle xxxrh the unlslnng lx-lls ul Ban L'l'UlYl Hall, hut asnle lyrum malsxmg hsrmarums anll nfvfl' Ltfxllnu Cllllllllll L'lll5XV. l1lN Kl'UUl7lL'N llfxlll lA'flll am lrarrher A hearrx laugh anel a lgunn.1llllspl-sumrm Cl'l,ll'.lCIEl'l'.lCel the :lrkansas lirlwl rlxmuglwur Ins suv at the Aeaelemx Hrs aeuxlues rarxagul lmm xarslu ll--vrhall lu rhe lllnauv Clulv Il.-'s lllselam lur uurels anel urelers than alleel the wrlwr mnerx' per een: malle hun a shlnmg luarnn ru all wlwn rhmls ll uanlr he dum Philip Benson Fairman Llrmlf Dxmn lllwssn x vw x Phnl xs as lfesr Lum rallseel sn lung ln was xx har vmglur une ul rhr less ssh fXl1Jwa'. l'h1l s Joseph Stokes Elmer Wxrssn In x, ll l mms lasx gluing lr-r lame uv Nam' lrum Ness ler-av. x ua s armus anel sunrlrx stares, as a Nan gunwr xx luv wlslnxl In lull.-w ln the lrmrsleps nl has latlur lllg anel lgrnuumg, Inc hall grnl aspnrarums unul a .un unuallx uxurrmq knee mlurx sem hun ru rln- snle lines har gmulnnrlmelallnl xuur1egsu'ruar lsnmvn varluuslx as Balm lm ur lals Ir , lu .lu-l.-gurl an .Isl-vnlslumg lulnlwr eapauu rs1wuall', lur he r reall! l'l1s run ms is ull ilu l sl- urlsr l 3el'arum'nl L-vmmanrllvs wen gemrallx 4-vnlumerl rr: mmm slenrmnslars, lm: as an eslurmulll sarlwr, hl was .1l'leuvsraresx'1rh.nullx-vruxxluallupullrrlllxullllg nv ruxxlng in as the liugllnenr s laxnrlle N 'X ru sulrusl l'l-rv.-Aer In Ins '.x'1'.es he was flu um wh., sugh hugh swuml1mg -.xnrlls a xerxralnll xx allslnu ellrrwnara' .X 'is lnmr ul the lvlalll N l'hxl xxell he ealhel a I1-useennsrrueunnlsr ln mailersywrraxnumgr-imlnur regulau-ms He was n lsnus mln slalPls4vlIl1L '.xurl.l's lleets lrnm lapan s -'ld Xxfxlsalalsn' uv the rn xx anll nnulern laxurm' rurearn-nal aeun lr-, xx as sanhmg nn lhe Na-:al :Xlaelexm s iawls l'l1s umlparxmla shlp .mel ermxersalxnnal ahlhu haxe maele hun a lrxen.l lu all uhm Knew him 157 R l L Q .. 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Donald David Farsl1ing,Jr. Su nsniufw, Nor: I ii Cinco: IN-x 'lin lintl llutls laelore stutli hour, one had only to listen lor a elarinet and Irollow his ears to the source Don was no slouth on the Hlitoriee smelt," and his me xx as rsptoalli ueltoimxl during ratlioluss plelae rear liyually IPl'UllAlCI1K on the slipstult, it was up ro ll D to pull his wives sal in lXl.lIl1CX'Cl'l rerm Dulles weelt ends were seldom trowded with lemmts, iusrtatl. lall and spring afternoons llound lum iaelirinig All out lor sailing lrrom the laegin ning ul pleln' rear, llutls littanie a slipper young' sitr summer .-llxxais quul to see the liright side ol rliinus, lie xx ill malt .1 good slupmate i-Y Qi' Verne ames F eeney Witnwooo, Nrw linsrv Chula, as he is called hy his many friends, will he remenahered for his quiet, unassuming manner and good fellowship Not in his native element among hooks and diagrams, this New jersey lad longed for the wide open seas, with a trim craft heneath him He nevertheless applied himself to his hooks with his characteristic perseverance, and slowly, hut steadily, gained in knowledge A good all-around athlete, his specialities were traelc and gym He made the varsity squads in horh of these sports ln his ligluer moods, alter academics were over lor the dar, he was known for his shower-room hari- tone Joseph Patrick Flanagan, r. Xl'iLKis'B.akRi, l7iNNsvu'.-xNiA Ioe ls an lrisli rhorouuhlirrd, the xenturesome and unassuming type At a tender aue he regeeted the calm and tranquil Irie ul the lamili .rhode .intl lared llorth He weathered his prep school rears at Wyoming Seuunari, xxinterutl lor a rear and a hall' at Princeton and eventually drifted within the eonlines of Bancroft Hall His Annapolis saga has laeen enriched lar his wrestling exertions, in which held he won his varsity letter :Xlert mentally, ,loc has lwen a star man throughout the three year academic steepleehase A patron ol the arts, he has amassed a well laalaueetl and stimulating si mphonie collection ollreeortls KL Wilbur Glenn Ferris Au us. LDKLAIIOMA Ever on the lookout for the dope, never passing up an opportunity for a little fun, Wilbur took mid slupman lile in his stride, His likeable manner soon won him many lasting friends, and among the fairer sex, too, as was evidenced every week-end A dragging man from way back, he lilies to give them all a break, but confesses that the true love is haelc in Oklahoma where his cowboy boots are neatly packed away for future reference ln three years on the Severn, Wilbur has proved that he certainly has what it takes to fulfill his many am hitions As his roommate can truthfully say, "The pleasure was all mine " Q 258 THE SIXTH William Lester Foster Ronsaoww, Tx xas Bo, perhaps, has seen as much of the Navy as any of his classmates Leaving, home in 'ao he joined the Navy, and served two and a half years, mostly aboard the "U S S, Tennessee " Nothing pleased Hoss like the thought of being home and going lashing with his dad, but since that was intpossihle. he resorted to the next best thing- -women And it was generally known that he delanttely had his share, even during plehe year Everyone is hoping he will get duty in Southern waters, for noone ever lived who hated the idea of cold water and swim ming more than Bo G4 l3lX'lflAlalUX 7 44 a - 7 ,- t f'fl iq Pl -lf W -Q1 Samuel Edward Froclc Paul Otto Gadrlis UN1oNtowN, l't's1Nsxn v.wn x Vutn Nts, .Nuiftm x Sam is a native l"ennsvlvatuan antl, as any ol' llls elassmates will tell you, he is proutl ul' it His easv amlahlhty and his tonstant tunsteleratxon ul otltvrs have made htm one ofthe popular men ul the tom pany The Atadeuue Uepartments have nexer eausetl him am' undue amount til. worn, and, almve and hevund the eurrteulum, he has tl-me tgootl serx tee as exehange ethtur ol' the Ing 5am's .tthletu proxx ess, while not varsltv, has heeu versatile He has given ereditahle perlrormames in eompam haskethall, wlrthall antl xtvllethall All in all, his reeortl has heen, and will eontlnue to he, one ul sueeess John Drayton Gantt lgARNXVLIL.SUUIIIC.XIttllIF1 x lrum Vhotmx, sta Vhoerux lumo 1 V rttllttt aul Kal leth l'tul taint to 'lnutlmlls t :utr to ass the supertoritv ol th' '-s ' ' t t XXL t llt rtttmrttl t ulx x short time to tsl llaltsh Ins atatlemu ahllltx a. a sl tr slutlenl rlllluulxgll never .1 sttllar atltlxtt, lu tllx ltlttl lus talents al-Iv hetxveen tutttlmttn .mtl ltattaln sports Nut sat tslletltotonlmelus uttvutv- ll1.llH Ihlfllsllldl' lleltl, l'.tttlt.xtx1hlw laalltlletl tlh' tlutlew til IIIAILXLLIIILQ etlltor nl the log, as xxtll as st . tht Cltrtstlttas Kaul Ltunuut ri Img on tu Ltvmlunlm' 4 pleasant wut lth lux elst tyulul mxmur In x ull xv .tl-.x .tvs win Itu n .'l.t.ultlt1x tlx .tw tlultlslu aw lu has tlttm ,tt tht Hit started his tareer tn the Nam Noni-mlaer, loan Ht' httauu' an l lvttrutan s Matt 4 t un the L , Yulean and xx as ehttsen to eume lu the Nav al Xtatltmx x ia the Nav al ,ltatlemv lrep htht . is quiet hlse the talm helore the sturm.l'uttl1c storm: ' NN -ul L utllt lit: itxer hrealss. 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John Joseph O'Neill, Jr. Wesivrnti, Cursrsitiitvi Ni w H xx-rx, Llmssit in I-i Thistall, hlontl, happy gn-lucky Navi' junior taint' lnhn, an Irishman with a In-r ituiptr iamt' ri- in to the Acatlcnw alvtcr four wars at Atlmiral liirra Irwin Ncw l'm1l.mil Ht' was nm' ul ilmsi' ran' in gut Acatlcmv lr was tvitlcnt lirnm thu lwciginnimg tlivnliials who, wirlinurtiiiiin,4iI1rn.ii urir.liltimg,i that hu Knew his wav arnuntl, lmth on tht athletic lwuuk. ciwultl star Ht' is .i lvrain, hut nut .i slash held anel in sivtial :irclcs Perhaps ir was his lranls :Xlwavs a jiiltcr, I I was lamiiiis hir his qui-L wit ncss .mil inulixiuluallti or mavhu it was his casx .mil ruatlv smilc jig was .i simmtli npcrariir uhh going lvricntllintss that stood him in sixth grind hantllctl ilcliutanrcs as wvll as Navi luniurs slrh stcaul Atanyratc,l1cli.is an air olimnlitlvncc ahuut lftits, wcclr cntl hrawls, guuil limlsiiiu wmmri, him which has matlt his carccr hers a succcss, .mul lmnlts .inll mi.isuui.il srutli-im: U'-vls up .I tgriar will surclv help him attain his amhitiun ul' lwcmrii .lual ul Iul1u's rum' at thc Aaiailvxiii 'I lu ri'maiiiili'r ing a "hui: lmj."' in rlic Naval Air Corps ul' tht umm our hun- li-ukrtl lr-r-.xxiril in ilu- rum ln uuultl hair Ins msn sul' Ralph Paul Parker Piiii ,xnitiviu x, PrNNsxiv.x's1x Ralph tamt tu Us as a wtcran ul thc Llnixcrsiu ul' l't'nnsslx.inia Plt-lsr ycar liiuiul him pulling liartl at hrs uar up and iliiwn thc hluu Scxcrn Fln cspcrt at hritlrgc lit' ncxtr lui his partner ilimiix llis lmtsscs anal cmsscil trumps always wurltctl .ilcatkriiits xuiulrl haw ncvcr lwrn a ur-gat vniwrry il ir hailn t lwcn Im munu srcr Steam Curly aruuscul jualuusics when ht mnstantli rtitixctl that lcttcr urn ilay , hui ut li4irtgaxt'l1lln whcn l1cl1an..lctl0ut that ring yuungstcr war first class wtult untls wcru a liar nl lur1,lvutjui1tnl aff us as his dat: hccausc hc was a prumisctl man 7... 5. j l ,-g ' 1 if 'A 71 A A f-l 'v if : ' A f, 1 -f 'H f , ' f ' 'lr1-Tint l 1 ' I , ' I 4- - We Y A are " 1 - '- 1 E 1 Y ,nfl X ,. fr- ! : Q i M -- Robert Joseph Perricli Otto Godfrey Pitz, Jr. li1x111i,f,x11l11l1Nlx Mal NUUN, TIN--KS lit-lik experimxe 111 the Arun Air Cxirpx wrxcel 111 An Armx lirat, Pete was ar first reluctant to xcrxinu tn get him 1-ll tix .1 iguutl xtart pluhe xx'.1r lr xxas Ill rhc Naxw' But as time paxxeel, Putt, xx'1th hix rlurlnxg lilclw war than "B11su1" 111.1elc a 111Chu lor genuine tluurc rn heroine an oHiccr.ca111c tu accept huiixell in the Ax'.1elt'111x Hall ul Fame hx eating the Naxx .l5l1lSCl1UKCn held Himvutstamling char- nx earinxin hallx .xlter eating a rc1.gul.1r meal Later atterixtie ix his ah1l1tx' to get along with tithcrs that war hc J1xt1ngu1xlietl himwll hx' 1111 img ,1 max' This max' have come from having knnxx'r1S11 manx' terlul 111trrpret.1t11in ul ,i pnhte inxpetuvr in the people. ur l1.lX'll1g lived in an n1.1nx'pl.1cex PNCK Xl.1xtl11er.1.lx'rR pmtl11er1111i He 111.11nt.111ix that th1el el1x'crx1x1n was reading gutiel lionky Hn txxlxtimg hu h.11r hclpx h111i rurieuiitratu, hut xxe all L11x1xx'leel11e sili events and places IS astounding Lnxvxx that he nexer Lriurkx it ull cxxept at 1nl.111trx He xwnt 1n hir uxiriipanv xpurts, Joiimq well 1n ,intl tlxaxxing xlipx He h.1x une ,ix'urx1un. he harcx wucr .mel liilllllfi' track Pete is q111ut and ref t--l1.1xerl1epltl1ex t.1llh111i"Thel.1xx' " xerveel. xvhith areuuntx Inr lm c11n11n.1ml111g the ruxpuct ul all William Ogg Rainnie, r. 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R11 exl11l111ctl line thnlte nl the lCINlI'lll1C lnt when he duel escort ln the l'C.llI!1 nl .uhlrtits he .1tt.1mctl estellentt llnr mnst.111t 111e111l1ersh1p11n the r.1tl1.1t11r xt111.1tl 'l'11r111nt1t11 the .lljtlfllllvl ph.1se ul IlllNIl'13Il' 111111111 hr11ugl1t lnm nc.1rtl1et11p Up1111gr.1tlu.1tmn K 1 Carlton Bruce Smith lNl1M11,l:LOR1D.f1 Smitty had .1 new dream one time which Finally came true in 1043 when he entered the "Trade Stluml " Alter capturing the All,Southern High Sclruol 1-Xw.1rd in l'11utb.1ll for two years, Smitty lluund no trnuhlc in getting in thc luckhcld of the hug blue team. there to stu' for his three years at Nam' The At.1tle1111e Departments gave him h1s blggest truubles, but thev were never bm enough he .1d11rnetl the lXl.HlI1L' green krum cruise txpe- lrur ,1 hard wnrker like l'lllTl juice and Math nuele rxtntes ul sr.1s1tk11ess ll 1111s lI1lYKTI'Ctl that l1e shnultl the t.1ndles burn :it bnth ends but exerelse 1g.1vel1i111 nut enter .1nv s1'.1 111111114 unit Wl1.1tcx1'r ll.1111111nd's new x1t.1l1ty l'l1s lueker door 11315 J spot which p11s1t11-11, ll 1x1ll be .1 happy one I1-r tlnvst' 111 surxice lllXllCel num' 11s1t11rs because of the pictures x1'1tl1 l11111 thereon Philip Charles Smith, jr. Ak1mN, 011111 "B111tl11mgs tumu in snull pmtkqgcsu ls .1n11ltq1111t1:tl.1d,114e, but tl1er1:'s n1111111re JCLLIIJKC dcscriptmn ol' Pete bmuth Wnh his winmnig smile andrreserx cd wxt, Bnnttv haunted tl1mugh the section moms .xt .1 pace that HPI Sl-H UNH lllmpinq l,?.1Il.1ll0ll l11uth,1ll tr.1tk, .md lihertv lwt1nd1n13 tumtnxtitctl his principal interests hut when these lWCC.llX'l1i 1111p11ss1l1le, he turned tu his n1.1n1' lvCl11lHlI1C .1d1111rers .mtl tl1ougl1tS ul'O,l11'ho His spare IIIYHJ xx',1s devoted tn t11rr1:sp11ntl111q, and the .1l1und.111ee ul' 111.11l he received ln return ct1nl1r111e1.l the Bull Dcp,1rtn1entsvy11tlgn1unt l'h1l's .llWllllY, Y.1nkee111genu1t1', dcterm1n.1t1on, .xnd ll 1 l 1 N I V N nl .1 v.1lu.1ble olhter .1 r 11 JN assure t IL Aw Q. Jolm Calvin Smith lXflIl,l:5 C1 1'1', Mm-1rANA Quick on the uptake in both .1cade111ics and sports, Smitty has left an indelible impression on his class- mates. Small in stature, but big in heart and spirit, he has proved to us all that 1 good little man is hard to beat, Never considered Il slash, he has man Aged to remain in the upper half of his class sintv plebe year, and during recreational hours has given .1n cxtcllcnt account ol' himself on the wrestling mat, thc cindcr paths, and the obstacle count Adn1ire1.l, rcpetted, and liked by all hands, Smith has been .1 real asset to the Naval Academy. 276 Illlt s1x'fH 41. Robert Holmes Smith, Jr. CANM Zom, PANMIA Any morning hcforc hrcaltlwast, youll lintl Boh bathed in Foamy lathcr, hacking at his lac: with chccrlul unconccrn in thc carnagc hc callctl a shave Any comment upon this spcctaclc would incvitahly cvokn: thc rctort, 'iWcll, at lcast it's my own throat l'm cutting " An M IT hacl-cgrountl cnf ahlctl him to whilc away his stutly hours in slccp, caustic hantcr sessions, or more often, in cngrosctl pcrusals ol' some blacklist novcl. Playing thc num' her one position on thc golf tcam and following his amorous pursuits matic him a busy man ln thc latter occupation, his success was thc wontlcr antl cnvy of his classmates L .-'lll Xl ION .QL 4 V 1 i i M A-f l i r s, 1- fa 1 'L Stanford Sidney Smith T111 Raltwni ls, Xvuaxilrsc. Luck was with all ol' us xxhcn this sintcrc, nnassum ing son ol' Wyoming tlctitlt-tl ro hang up his spurs antl hccomc a sailor Stan was rhc man thc sisrcm lyailcul to standartlizc hc hatl thc alailiry to mam tain an ci tn l-tccl ancl appraisc things at their rrui' valuc Although always mort iiitcrcsrtxl in thc scll' satislyaction of pcrsonal hcttcrmunt than in outsitlc attcntion, wc all lsncw him as onc ol thc toughcst homhrcs on the xxrcstling mat, an aciom plishttl musician, a xxcll xcrsctl rcatltr thc toni manulo coursc thampion ivlVll1c hrigailc an cngi nccring savour, ancl a gtntltnian in tht' hncst scnst' ol' thc wortl Frank G. Sorensen, r. Du los, limo W John Edward Snyder Sl xxiliiieo Q orsusut in iii 'l Qoulictlitut aaiiltu' .intl proutl ul ii, Ii-lmnv tlxxltlcil his trim lu'rwt'ti1 lu-. satlt .intl tht sotttr llflkl Xkllla llllll' K'Xll,l lllllk llll .ll.lklL'llllAN, lllN IHUNI lllllllllllnf Lllklllll lllx XVkll llK'Allf.llKkl lllllslf klllUfN woulil tcslllx Iii his aiuatoiy suit.-sst-s Ihs tinitt, klVlYll'llNXkl lllillllllll' XKJN .IH llllPl'l"sNlXL' liltllll l'l lllN Plkllxllll Vtlfxllllallllx ilxl lllf 'mlllll' llllll' lllN tlllllrl l'llll'l' .lllkl lllllllillltx lll.l4lk' llli tllllllllllv -l Xhlklkllllll .itlrlition to ans garlitrimg lhai ratlxant smilt tomlalnttl with an .igrt'i'alalt' un.issuiUll1i1 uianlnr has won lor him tht itslwtr ol ln-t .las-.malts ,intl ll-IS Allllllllxl lllf lll'w L:fl.ll NKIAACNN Khllll lll'v lllllllkllills latly lritntl-. "Bur llxc only gottcn two lcttcrs this xxtclt 'll :Xsitlc from this siippo-acl wtarilllilliltlllllliultuIrx'sjNIlhltl1tt', Iwtwygy!I3tit.ll1atlltxx uorrics Nutr om to allow atatlcmits lu inrcrltrt with lootliall antl rratlt, rtatling t hc llimoii IIt'mIJ. or a hritlgc game hc list-l his natural ltnoia how autl iommon -.tnst ro lst-ip Sttain antl lulcc at .1 rcspuctahlc 3: Jistancc llucl s laxurllt' cxtra turrit ular attix itx xN.l's'sp1riilllX1iLiil1lclliikx Klhioaris, ,mtl his llorthrightncss antl lxtcrallx laoomiiig scnsc ol humor wut' largtlx rtsiionsilwlc lor his mam lrltntls His lrranltncss was notorious lor honcst tiPll1livI1ul Wm' sl'-111'lY UW' lslff' "'V5"U4l1 277 5 , Lvl. , ,. , -X. -A'- -f -1 - ., 1 , ,f , . ! 'lY'lI - -,1 - !"'7 V? Arthur Simon Stelqg ames Bond Stockdale Alr1mlr'n:n,N1wVI1u5lx ,AliINGDUN, ll LINUIS Sllppur, ilu' l.nl rlmr Mxn Mull num mcn II1 thc 'M,1.lulnx lu' lhuxr hrsl ILIIHCN qulglxlx' lcxrnvd Ilut lm grulwl .wwf wax Im xv-mdrrlul pcrmn.1l1rv ln ,md um ui rnfulwlr muff than .mv plulw nn lux Llny lux grm lux nucr Ich lnm His .lthlcuf prmvux n1.u11lurcJ1uclI nmc .md .lQ.lll'1, whcn nn thu wurw nl .1 war, lsr .nppmrud ln thu rcglnmunul IWUXIIHL U'UYIl.ll!1KIll.IIRINCYX ul un thc x'.1rx1u'sw1m- mxmg .uni rank ruins Wlmcn plum' w.1x .llWUJI'sl, wu wulkl lwt5L1ph.1J l1c.1rJ lmxnl1ux11c, and rlut lux r 1111 m up .rmxklui xxulm .l,xvxn.uu r-:mix ru p.xrr,nM --I lux Iund .1ml.unl1nu.11 guard l1,lUlYKx.lI1IiNN From dw frcrulc plmns of Illinois came :lm sulf- mnlidcnr, rugqcd llulc guy wuh mln: pracclcnl IUIHJ, who cunmlvincd his Uknnw how" wxth his "Lmww whunu rn lwccmnc 1 lmdcr nn L11-4 brigade A nun of um1s1dcr.1lwlc nrhlcuc pmwcss, Stuck! Lhrcc year! hard work on th: gndiron camcd him dau pmusc .md :ndmur.1uon of lus classnuuzs Hn aluluu' to be .x pam' man :xl cvcrv hop, vcr J cunl scxcntmux worker during thc wcck, enabled hxm to xuml hugh, lwnxh .lCJdCl'l1iC.1HV and socially ln NLIIVINJYIUCS Ol' NJYJI .lYl.lfl0n HICVN nOl SUYC Yvhlfhi nr wxll bc .1 luckv man dur tinds lmmclf' on thc China Smuun with Stock. Kermit Roberts Sutlnff Bmxnsz, PLNNSH x'.mN1.x XY.xm mmLurll1u qux'xxl1nL1mxu All thc ll'1lTlL,HC rulu of :hc fA,lX'Ul'lKC plulw xpuru'T.1P5 .1ndRcvc1llc"" Hun xxuuhl xuu llku IU lc.1rn clue wnnlx nv .1 ll1UllN.lllul xmmcal Jxtrlcs' lnmwducc vmmull' to Sup and licrc lx .1 xmrnxxmg, Jud xxlnn um lull hum Url-!.lll1vl nurlnn' rw plclw vu: H Mart the qcnl wlm lucid iiclJ Jax' un xuu1l1x11Lgllt' ll zu-wk uxu xcarx uf flxxllziul pmxlnq lu' 3 1,-I-ULl.ll11N1il1N lvclrorc uld hunk nuw gmc III and slid, HLVQIINII.Nl-UlJr.1p.1xg1rml1mx' ' Hu dnl, he lx lmppl-gr, ,xml l'..1xl1cul1 5.1t.xnJS,1x'x v cx cr xmcc .- George Guild Strott C11 OVER sv1Ll,L, NEW YORK After du-cc years nn the Flccl, George Guild Suou lcfc thc North Carolina for .1 :ry .IE thc life of ,1 mxdshipnun G G did not lind his academic bantlcs .15 advcnrurcsomc as his Pacific battles Hu cvcn sacrificed .1 great deal of dragging timc for slashing KIIUCYCSPCCIJHY the law: live wcckfcnd: lwcforc uxams Hc had a pcculur knack for reading :hc wrong Bull assignmcnts, but managed to slay san An anonymous glfl of the book "Why Bc Shox" was appreciably accepted by 5-foot, 9193 unch "G C: " ln Ins UEICVJIOIU shoes Ar 23, hc snll hopes for sux fact. Q . 278 THF SHUI' it r Jolm David Swenson Hur 'sa ON, TEXAS The lirsr imprussinn most ol' us had ul' Swcdc was of him standing immcdiarcly hchrnrl a rrumpcr from which poured llrrrh horh hun and swcer music for rl-ic NAf1o Youngsrcr year, when lac rurncel his arrcntinns to clasical study, we luarncel rhe price of genius, with the lirsr insrallmcnrs lacing paul ar rcvcillc Einlcnrly subsidized lay rhc Tcsas Chamlacr of Commerce, Swcule nevertheless im' prcsscd is more wirh his consranr galaxy ol' lus- cious drags, rhan wirh his loyal phrases almur rhu Lone Srar Srarc Tlmugh infamous in the sccriun mum for rhc query' "Any more prnhs, slr"' his holc was the Mecca lior buckets scukimg usrra curricular insrrucuon, is B XTTKLION L zu- -i c 1,- . f r i 1 ll 'rrkm -I4 4. 'll I E' . S Lewis Butler Taylor, r. Thomas Rogers Cfeply Cl :XX IKYN, Lllil 'Xlll5Nl X SK lllwl Ill, NIHU XNIX X Burrh, as l,cw was lsnms I1 lw all his lrrumls. was apprumcel ur :hu Naval .-lraelcmx lrrwm rlrc prairie Sratc ul'Cllslal1nln.1 Sinn' he game ru Nam, Luw has laccn .1 lrinrl ul' harel w-rrlsrriu puliruian, lverausu rhcru are lrw acrixruus .ir rlw rkulurirx rhar hu hasn't pun-:el and hcncliucrl in some wav Hrs arhlcriq ahiliri rs keen in hivsinig, srvlrlhall aiul wrcstlrng Whun l.uw graelualcul Lhrrr -.nerr srvmr ul' U5 Yvhll lhlllllllllf llf Nl1Ulllkl ffkrflhk Ullf xllV'll'll1,lN, hucause when thc aeaelcnrus hcuan ur lu' a liuli' ahirsu nur seupc wc rams ru him, aml rliriruigli his cllurrs sugrccilcil in pulling sar Thomas erome Cfiernan Nixxrwaui, lillruu lsr xrslr Hauling lrrrm Nhuylcr, Nrlwraslia, Uiliigiru is ruin ul rlu' rrunpam"s num' pupular xiwmlwrs Quu .uul casi' urung, liigcr is iurrurl lm his ylluuru casi IH ll-lllylllllyl VJYIUUN QUIUPJHK Pflilzfillilh- ,Ally l!1.lll will xiuulrrlial'l'igcrl1.isulu ultllclss'-.'I1L'-I muuls in tlu' Lrunpany anrl hrrwcuu his lugli ran- 4-I im TCNIVUUJCHLC .llhl LUINPJIIV .lll.llfN, lil' 'il.HlxlN Ill llll uppcr llurd nl lus rlass 'I ilgrr srarrrrl lus .irliliru rarvcr .unmg as ervsswain in ilu' plrlw .nu hui wa liuricil in alvaurlrui ll luwausi' nl larlr ul csinrsi Suur than 'liirgrr has iuruul In rlu' Mfung Mr-n s llilwlr rlssru1.il1ul1 sslrcrc lu' has Lliuu' murlx in lrrim' rli.upI1,iseul :raining nr ilu- Iurulrum XVQ will alwavs rci11cr1il'acr'l'um liur his sparlslinu xslt and spunlauuuus syrxsi' ul liumur ll-lux .uirl gr-lrl, 'llrun is rlelinircli a rwcnrv war man Hu rrurl haul in v. harcxcr Ixclel lu' cnrurcil and wc saw :hr Irurls -rl his esrra currreular uul in hrs ulcxazuui lu crlrrrmr ul :he lug hir rhruu iuars :hrs human rapcwurin was rrfsrr suen in ,duet gum- lg hugging su haul hrs! class war :har uscri time his ulla-rw hum lus mrrurh npr-ru-rl We' rgmmilwr T I lur mam !li1ngs,hursxurvnl'. hupc hu ll rcmcnrlwr nur elurw uaxc lurn ihu cricrgr lu qualilr fur axraiurn Happx lanilings, pal 279 S H Y Y , - v, ,E 2 V - 1 ff 1 ' If rr 1 Q 'l V , , l ll ' ',, 4' " ' - .' 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'L llll SIX'lll IN OUR HEARTS ,,,,,,, and fair game, only to have the shado f d lines. Wherever they may be and in h will ever be a place for those of us who fought a hard ws o aca emic troubles or physical disability fall across their goal , w atever game they now play, we will consider them a part of the class of nineteen forty-seven. Adams, john A. Albright, William C. Anderson, Axel Andrychawski, john G. Ayres, Oliver H. Ballard, james E. Barrett, Kenneth W. Bellows, Alexander S. Bishop, Robert C. Bolton, john M., jr. Boucher, Eugene, II Bowllan, Richard Bramlett, Leon C., jr. Callahan, james E., jr. Callahan, William j. Chandler, james T., lll Cohen, Sidney M. Cohen, Theodore E. Coleman, Frank H. Cooley, Raymond L., jr. Corriveau, Neil j. Crawford, Frank D. Cruzen, Nathaniel, G. DeAngelis, Frank j. DeGoede, john DeLany, jack L. DeLargy, john L. Derby, Frank A. Derrick, Robert O. Dodd, Warren S., jr. Doscher, Charles R. Dowty, Kenneth M. Dupree, james W. Durfos, Robert E. Eddy, Charles Louis Eury, jason Witherup Everett, james Richard, jr. Farmer, Gordon H. Farrand, Clair Loring, jr. Feltovic, William Alexander Flaherty, Leo Bernard, jr. Fluss, Richard Merrel Forman, Melvin "M" Foster, Robert Ray Fox, Warren George Franske, Clarence William Gately, john Frederick George, Clarence Darrell Gewin, julian Ghormley, Robert Lee, jr. Gibbs, Wingate Houston, jr. Giles, Donald Theodore, jr. BATTALION Gillin, john Marshall Gilman, john Vaderwerp Goodwin, Hugh Hilton, jr. Gordon, Gerald Vincent Grady, Morris Reed Graham, Roy William M., jr. Grayson, Thomas Boyd Gufiey, Channing Ewing Guibord, Alfred Woodhull Hahn, joseph William Harrison, james Lee, jr. Hebert, William Morrison Henry, Albert Gallitin, jr. Henry, john Carter Hodges. Richard Prentiss Holkko, john Eino Horne, Thomas Lee, jr. Howard, Ross Harold Hurley, joseph Stephen jacobs, Browning Roderick johnson, Ray Anthony Kangas, Edward Andrew Keller, Robert Otto Keyes, Brand Sherman Kiernan, john Thomas Kinchen, Richard Edward King, Frank Leo, jr. Klopfenstein, Hugh Christian Knapp, Francis Marion Krez, Conrad Adolph Lambert, Kenneth joseph Landis, Arthur, jr. LaPenna, Thomas Lee, Robert Lowry, jr. Lemley, William Kerr McCook, john Anson McDonald, Dwille D. Mclnroy, William Harry McLaren, john Robert Mercer, Robert Bordon Mickle, james Andrew, jr. Miller, Bob Alden Montgomery, Darvon Dale Morrison, james Lunsford, jr. Mouton, Francis Frederick Myrick, james Egerton Nolan, Edward Poli Nolen, Dan Richard Oliver, james Clayton, jr. Ouska, john Anthony Palmer, Kenny Craven Parrish David Walker . - lf' Pawlowski, Thomas joseph, jr. Pendell, Carl Albert Petrino, Victor William Pillsbury, Eugene Hundley Pitt, William Ray, lll Plylar, Percy Newton, jr. Poudevigne, Paul Rathbun, Donald Harry Rauch, William Thomas Reeve, William Foster Wilson Remsen, Henry Reynolds, Donald Chalmas Ridenhour, lvy Ritter, Robert Robison, Aubrey, jr. Ross, Donald Scott Rowan, Russel Alger, jr. Ryan, Eugene Fales, jr. Schoheld, jack Hughey Seaward, Loyd Lawrence Settle, Henry Thomas, jr. Shannon, Maurice joseph Shelnutt, james Bicket, lll Shortel, Kenneth james Singletary, john Len Smith, Gordon Ross Seymour Smith, Robert james Sanger, jack Richard Sprinkle, Edward Alexander Stevens, jackson Williams Stevenson, Edward Allen Stryker, Richard Livingston Swift, George Sedgwick Terrell, Benjamin Park, jr Thomas, Phillip Farrington Topp, Robert Graham, jr. Troutt, jack Edwin Van Meter, james Lavern Waltner, Marion Dillon Webster, Kenneth Bruce Weidman, Robert Mitchell, j Wells, Calvin Lowell Wessel, Edward, jr. Wick, john G. Williams, Robert joseph Wills, Thomas jackson, lll Woy, james Warren Yamin, Martin joseph Young, joseph Laurie Zcpp, George Thomas, jr ni' I. -i t r ,tr Leslie, john William Lipschultz, Robert Nathaniel Lochner, Raymond Delmar Londes, james Vincent Lyle, Robert Bruce Manning, Owen George March, john Rudolph Sander, Hugh Allen Sarnataro, Henry Salvatore Schene, Meleo Anthony Schneeman, Charles joseph, jr. Schneider, Richard Dana Schoeberlein, William Alfred, jr Schoepe, Carl joseph -.5 LEBE YEAR , sp, 3' li" XS X Plebe year, our backs are straightened and our ranks made military . . . "l don't mind the discipline, but-" . . . the football trips with a little freedom and much step-counting . . . Sunday climaxed by a happy hour . . . finally, june, '44, and a feeling of pride in lasting it out. On the ways, the strength of the hull begins with its lteel . . . the keel for a back- bone, frames for ribs . . . beams, decks, plating . . . as in all things, the beginning is as important as the end. Jw l . X 1 -A ,xtxxx 5- fN ,Sjikfi f"NJ-L lif, ' ff' xx, if gls.mll-gre. :51,,9M '.igg'jgvvfff " M ,v,i..5.-, I '- 21 ix?-k ' .' ' 'f ' ' V Qagxlwgla- ' I. . 1, Q rl' " xujdxg!Raif.,I, yu :A A -Q N - . V f , " ' ' . , 'IZZ2"g1""' ' , f' - 1 ' , "U A fa Y',.'f5' "J'5N'- fu? 5 -. A., - I ,,. ri' L ., 36' 5 J' liiiii IH v . - V- ' 1 .' 4. 5 L 1l.'ll.l 5 A4 . Il.lllu.l '.l'.l'-'in' 1 1- u il XIII Hill' .1 V ki' Uh, N f I 'lu '4,H'MIw.,4'?, s u vi' 1' -- h M gf, 'Q MZFSQ' Wes CX K j -H .iiflwifzwu r ,gat fem.: 21733 ', B 1: E1,..:.'xk'fsEg -AQ Q da' -"'-'ii?i- 54- 37' ' ik iw Q' . '-1 .',- Leif: 7 iQi'Qf'm' ii.: 'E 1 I' +"fa,x-:fav Y fwmrigg :xg :ale - Wag. za af - x- ' 5 51 B.: - v , . WSE! A.. ff In Nb fa i 5.5g !V vii, : ' . 9 . ' -r .-01, L 53, 3.1. 'WT 'f " nf, gf' l n ilfl l 1' . , 1 gif, L f' r , -A cr-in 5Cl'U ruff, ,f,mf1i:.l f , 3,4 ' ,Q iw, 'X ' uw To us, in the summer of1943, the world was one huge Wagon wheel with Amiapolis at the hub, Each spoke was a railroad track, all air route, a bus line bringing more of our classmates together. APPFOZCMHS the center of our universe, we could not keep from wondering . - - what was plebe year going to be like? . . . is it true that we can't have dates for a whole year? . . . did plebes ever get liberty? . - - and how about classes, are they are rough as they say? . . . 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Caribbean cruise and Chesapeake yippecs . . . the middle ofthe table and new plcbes . . . youngster stripes . . . june Week, our Clam crest and the Academy seal on one ring. For the hull, with flags and champagne-smashing, its launching . . . an impatient jonmey up the river . . . swarms of outiittcrs . . . carloads of equipment . . . turrets, directors . . . cables, paint . . . the hull shows promise of becoming a ship. ffx ,I 'A' ..g'.x' . I f X? gal: fvu w - lflfq: : , fl '- J ills. I!!'5"5 I my-XS ' ls' X S :ii ., wg: f X l'xK "BTW 1. ' 4 a,, xii. . ,gh .. ' "YL 'MA' 'lg -M .2 5!, : ' -1 . ..:af'-f-1 IWH-.2 V . -V' :Lfn .7 -1, x ri 1142. -5 riff!!! I fr' A5 514 f - 7inV45.4' 'Li Q . X 35 --'If '1T"'vs'7'f'L4' f ' 'Q' f.4'-f..'1"- . 5, ',I - mfflinu . I r - s ' 2 il K Isa' I1 ' ll'- nb . ,rl K , . . ."l.w.. . I i ,l f F M v", ."" .f . . , gi 1 7- '- 1 ' si ' Jw: . . 'D----5 V Q , , , .. , ' . is . ' i':.--1-ggi , , '- 'Qi 1 32311 . Hi -A+ L'41ilgT' 5.-, ' F D' , ,Z Lliljiin -' Y ff .-w, M sgfgiglff F5 Q,- Q 1 ,- Mm n 4. l 6 .L K -,l 2 l lm' ll xc is Nth . 1 I mu! ,Y nu ihii - ' anvil H' .ig h,,..ii-v l hm. ni w . .in t I' ' ,. .i...i -- N im ll' . -1 ii A--Y' llnrr null .ilu ,v -Hx lu' uix"et'lium in' lurk . . , Ili. X ulllixlmnl tflll llif ll nllln r ilrmlllrr .rluw Out in the hay waited "Battleship X," our home for the aguf Field, laden with sea hngs and mattresses, we wondered what the next four weeks. As we trudged across Farr destination ofthe "Queen" would he. First port of call was Norfolk-ever to he remembered for the experience gained fighting fires and loading stores, , tO Sapphire waters and burning sun, War security necessitated darkqned Then we proceeded southward to the open sea ship, gunnery condition watches, and censorship, but the ever-present life jacket, while a burden, came in handy as headrest, We were indoctrinated with the rudiments of the A many phases of life at sea. After the hrst hectic stowage of gear the third class was turned to hy the hoatswain's mate, Wg hnlystoned, painted, and polished, During lecture pei-iodg in l3fl9, the intricacies of Naval Machinery were literally sweated into us, At GQ we manned the guns for practice drills, On the signal hridge we learned Flaghoigf and hlinlter, Thr H151 l.111df'.1ll proved SCLIUIICIWLIKC no lw mrruur TI1 ,Yuzv 'blflfli passud ll1r1111gl1 rhu 111111 KIRK Llulf uf' 17,111.1 .md .111cI111ruJ 11117 P1111 111' 511.1111 Lung rc 111c111l1crcJ w1ll bc show fwuw l1l1u1'r1cx 111 11111 nhl 5pa111xI1 www, cl1uc1'1pxu1 Smrl,111d 5.113 11111 hunts IVorc11Q111111ls 1111Jxr thc 111111 la11J5c.1pf 131111151 .111r1+11l11111r111-Q 11-:rx x c1111511111ud the next Iruw wuukx 111115111111 rhu Yum 11f1'kF 1'1:c1pr11c.1I111g u11g111cs xxcrc bflllg lI1g Llb luck to chu L'l1c5,1pcALc l.lf'KlI1jI, acl1111q, luclxx fAr11111 1l1-:r,15k511f11cldJ.11, '-17 nw thc glc.111111f'tl1c L'l1.1p1'lJ11111c .11111 at l.1st oH1c1Jll1 l1uQ11111c m1111gsrc1x XY1tl1 J mlm' 1111111 .llkl C,11'r1l1u.111 uns we c1111' xl . 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For now WC were on the other end of the quesuons and answers game, and we proceeded to enhghten hapless '-IS as to exaetlv where rhey stood, X Nhm ,Un . 1' ull 'Wml Y luunlx ll mu N" r M ll-U lw "H X N ul"l X ghd. , HUM my xx X l llnull dh I JQYA' my. S MMERTIME. 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TRIQQ N VV LI, If I WIT M, SWVIW' 'iw-'U pAmmYr III II' ' I I . , The Trident SOCICII' IS rhc coordlnarlng Ol'gllll1JIlUl1 Iwclmrd the cvcrfgrowmg efforts of rhc Brxgadu Along ful' rural lmcs of arts and Icrrcrs Bcsr known for up I'lII"IlE.1KlUI1 of rlrc Trzdunl m.1g.1:1nc, a qunrrcrly dcdlcarcd ru "prawny mon of pl'OFCSSlOl1I1I knowlcdgc, Iurcrqrv and Arrmsrnc un' dmrvor in rhc Bf1g21CIC,II thc soclcrx' :mlm rs rlrc aurhm' 017.111 CXIHIWIKS, LIISPIZIYS, and Ilrurary panch prumulg.uurI lur :Inu mtcrcst of chu Brlgzxdc , , I I 1 I I I Thu memorandum pad char IIOSIICAI rhc Rug lwuL for :Im mogr prummcnr place on our dub, IIN 1r'zJu1tLrzIumIrzw, found .1 lmsr of Ilrlcnds whcrcvur ll went Thr Crlfwrrfm' had .1 pcrwnnl charm and the Imumur of rhc .':II.1IIC!1HI' Basxcally rr was memorandum pad. lvur rhc il I'-1530 "I Hnc pI1orng1'.1pI1s and cartoons qlcurcrl this IWLLIWIICJIIUII mio bvlllig 41 x'crvcnrurr.1mmg desk PICCC 'r1zlL9EN'I'LA1rNr,mfwsrkm rr- I' Inc wmfrlgvfr QIPN55, :Ii fx BRINMI' I I I U 'fm Imxfgr pnfp,15 rr!! LUN vmznf cull! kv 'I . 5 F Nlmrfr I L ml H Il In II' I , I rkumn I I 'XII v 313 II X1I X I I ' I I I I I I III I I X I 0. 9 5,60 L. V .5 gff, .GMM A D L itrsrwmg Um Ol ' it 5' at 0132335 ML,,,,itifpLlVx ei, x Q, Y' O-era L Hiiwu 'mul' X M., Quia" CHRISTM C A R D C 0 M M I T T E E Source of pride is the Brigade Christmas Card, symbolizing a personal and warm greeting to all from Severn's shores. Each year it is the task of the Christmas Card Committee to design a card, which will meet with the approval of rhrgq thousand men, Their success can only be told in the card itself which at Christmas sold over 15,000 copies. AS -X vt . - LIN 'Y 5, ' 'Y L' sunk' 67-' XV M r C-Kiwi x ri W y tb,- X- ti UV "l.f,I.4-'A' WR N1 V iw' wfw' it N is-l ART L B They were C a loose eolleetion of painters, Cartoonists, and illustrators, whose interpretation of the lighter but not alwavs sane side of academy life brightened every Log, and whose more serious work filled the Trident, and the LUCKY Bao Most prolihe and entertaining cartoonist was Schwartz, whose little dog signature became the familiar tradelmarlt ol' good laughs Nous. , it tt gf,:i:i'if P H O T O C L U B , run' "feel W' 0 lf A' ' vuplexlilfst QQXQ.rr8m,,:1.w "'- l Hidden in Banerol-t's eubby holes is a veritable paradise I ixlkl,Q,,qWv-hx, ,,x. iwv-Um' for the amateur photographer. As a member of the Camera Vx X Club, the midshipman shutter opener has avail modern and wellfequipped dgirkroo these chambers of hv also prodr able three ms. Besides managing ,PO and developer, the Camera Club reed the skilled photographers in demand by the I l.t'cKx' BAG, Log, and Trident, U6 - -Q ,Q-"' ,415 I ev" 5 ri, ' ' 879' I klwwr uIIIrwIJuJ II! Ifzr xn r .IIIx .Iflrr .fm fvkv xpr.,fI R E E F P O I T S The AQ3dcInx"5 cqrllxnlcnt of' rhr HFTESITINJII Bxlflcf' Rccf Pmnts oHAcr5 no rhu plcbc A mm of LIIOWICJRU fhlf would srnggxzr the axwgragu lulwrnrrgm ,-X muy for uxyrx' IH comxng fourth class, Rau! 17IImIf bcrxu Jw an Inwlfll PAW ofplcbc year Inwdoctrrxurmn, 317 Ijl I I xIIIII1IvIxI. xxulllx I I x II I ll NI II.. ..I.II I. I I IIIIIII I II I.. xx I IIIIIII I. IW I xx'.Il... II III NI...I.I.I xx II x. xIrI.Ir,. PI x. lIIIrI.III, IIAI XI wI..Ix'.I-.IIII II NI I...-...I-I I I. Ix...I II I x...I.II....I xx x NI II II ,x IIIIIII II I' I II II ll III.I..IIII II xx I III IIWIIIIIII xx I IIIII, I lx II... II x ll III. I xx IxI.Ir.. II II 1w..I.I.,..I. III.II..I,. x I. I I. .. II IIIII I I fII...II.I.II..I xx Iix..-,.I.. 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To IDSCIH II1 M V LIN IIHN JIIIIIII' chu Bull Department dnllad us IIT rlxc Imam N A ' ILIIIJJIIIQIILAK of thc Lnxgk Engllmh' Ixoxx' to rand, xx'rIu .md xpcalx DlH'll1gOl1Il Jax! cxuumon to k'1Jlll'YVx'C lc.xrIIcIl to Apprcuarc Slxakcapuarc, thc II-:xr day wc med our oxxn lund .Ir QIIIIIIIIISIIIIIII XvCl'IU.ll'll'Ig mm nlxc Hcld of hlsmrx. xxu aqui ax SIIIIJAI quarterbacks, flplDI'.1lSl11g the ECICIIO- of Iuxxl luadcrx from Lcpxrcc no Nldxxuy From rlxcrc xxvc rmccd EIIrIxpc3III rrnublcb smcc Watcrloo Rcnurn HILL no rlxc lmonxc frnnr wc ,xcquircd :I firm b1ckgrouIId III Inurxcxn gnxrx-IIIIIQIII and fnrmgn pnhcy, than xxfc nnglxf m.1Iflx'xx'caI'll'Ic xvlmc Ind glnxu of thc IIIrcrImrIoIIalI5r IWl'I'.'XNI'N1lNl III I-MII IAH. HI5ToI1x, AND QOx'FIzNIx1ENT HIIIII W. I4 rxI IIIIII I I IIIIVII II I sII.f.II Ii Im II.If..,xx' I1 N.-IMI A, IIIIIIIIIINS If IIIII -x I xxIxII.III I I2 IIIIIQI H xI.C.IfIIIIIx,Ix s I'f.Ixf,Ix 5 IxIm.fI,R 5 xxxx- I, x,,,I,.xI,,,I. 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U1p.,, ,tx ,. 11, 1. .-w .eff .-sb or. .Q :Jn ,r ---4k--. y undo: or U Alt wough thc days grcw shortcr, thc "numhur ol' tl.1x's" srrll sccmcd ,ms grunt as cvcr Thu hons had long smcc hcun rcmovctl from thcrr l-rcc:mg Scvcrn Jlrclloragu Thu prc SCl'll7CLl umform hccamt "collars up Jntl hurtonctl " Wt turned to mtloor rctrcatmon to lughrtn thu tlcprcssron of the "dark ages " Concert sums .mtl rugrmcntal hoxmg martlwcs wcrc worth the struggle wrth A how uc, xml .1 Suntlsv tvc mug Could usually hc llYllI1CA.l hx' 1 novel lWI'lClXlllll rmrtx Now that wc, as voungstcrs, could null oursulws ol' thu Smoke Hall privxlcgts, hxllrartls .md pmgfpong hutamc thc aftcrfclinncr sport On Sunday .ll-ICYIIOUII wc lroltlttl up tl charts thcrc and hcltl thc mlwornul, xvxth rccortls About once mlgorm l 0 Gloom S 5 xc lXlLl5lC U, V l A moutl ' ' A , mvi f. xu.lllx lrom 1 tht N.-X-10 tool ovcr tht Img all hantls to dancc nr sxt lI1NX'lKl1 tht luntl or an gxftcrnoon of swung, Al' . ,aa-,L an ,Qff1pJ--1f2f!Uly'j A .,17?ff"'2f'2ww' aff ' 'Ac ... 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No macccr wlmr llmc sport or thc scam, however, wc wlwcru alwlmys ccrum of amwmg compcumon. WE BECAME THE U OFFICIAL SECO D M:1ryl.1ml's unpnulucmlvlc wxntcr was Hnally chased away lwy lVlarvlaml's sull mon: unprcdlctalvlc sprung A ncw rcrm lwcgan nhc jm' ol' Pfmdw once marc' Qccoml class mics' .1 radlu wlrnggung an salllmats ICH morn lUIl1lllCSUlA cxmrung lllvcrty- no Llxnmg our clms lam' Saturday mglits -V rmgs unmng won LllSCLl5SlOl1 of lmw wc would acc as first class--HJI1 mms lll rlwc vv.15rcxulAu11u and lull' ycnrs ro ux Frcd XV.1r1ng and lm gang ZlT!'lX'lILl slums nl' "ilu dark agus" ull'lVCIl awzxv -wlntc caps for Easlcr wlmc umlhrmx lim' clawqs the thought of cxamb cvcr prcxcnl Alwad glmxul .1 hgh: and toward ll wc plucldcd. Ar l.1sr our hqndb wcrc above warcr. ln the distance thc blmrc could lm lw,1ll1ElX'SCCll, and cvcrv stroke lWfOL17l'l 33-l 5 r IE closer. 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Q ' 5 -',..i ' .- B' 'T - I ' nl Q- i-il 'NN AMW W Z r For rwo years wc rlrcarncgl of Youngsrcr lunc Wcuk and thc glamorous momcnrs ir would hold for ux, Our very bar gurls, sunny wcatlacr, and a colorful program l-ormqrl rluc nucleus for rhrs superb wcck ol' szulmg, rlanccs, parucx, and picmcs For us rhc luglaliglar ofa srullar wcuk wa5 thc Rang Dana on Saturday Dcsprtc our fcrvcnr praycra that rlwc wuarlwcr mrglxr rcmam dry, rlac hcavuns opcncrl wulc anal luoxcrl rlaclr waters, Moral for momlas, upon us III chu Carly cw mug lr was thc worst cloudbursn wc youngsrurx had cvcr sccn in Maryland W' d L wa cd to Bancroft and accompauu-:Ll :hc young ladrcb m thc ll1X'.1SlOI1 ol' mnqzuurrruu Yllrhlllllllfb, tlac mcss lull Ducoratlous, xummcr lormals, and rlmncr mumc mndc thc xmng onc wluclw sccrmd our ol' :lux world Wc wcrc mon lurcd ro Nl,lCDOl'lOllgll Hall, lmowuxur. whurc :hc cvunr of cycnu way rakurg plaza Amulsr a maze of Hagx and punuanu san mlm luml awp a muuarurc laartlcslup, playmg wrrlw a lwcaury wu lwlnuxurl ru lac lmpoxsrblc Tlils was our Rurg Damn wlrlw a Null Llcn mart wc rcmcmlwcrcd ur would lac ovcr 111 HN J NW laours NYC turned ro rlac glrl 5l1all wc Janis' N! l -li-Qr F' I . 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At the doclcside the ship is commissioned and completes final outlining . . . organization and station bills . . . aligning and testing-guns, engines, phones . . . the ship makes ready for sea 31: W f . L P 4 'o .nh . 5 1 . Q f . N ' 'gt W ' ' 1 iz 1 i ' V " In H. 'x 1 I, ' Zhi I ...... 'AA TE' I . if I Q--V , ' 'Je 'ff' ,fyf J 0 '- wx sf- N me I s if K .512 X . ,vi ' ,'. ' ' X4 V J.. -Q , 1:3 '93 15" 1 p-,,,-,, gif, ,-1. 6' ,, 11 X' - N, 1? 1 ffl K . I A I s I 2 7? 1 K f ," The stifling heat as we moved slowly down the Cheaspeake, the welcome breeze as we headed out to sea, our classmates' discomfort off the Florida Keys, movies on the focs'le, long tiresome mid-watches in the engine room, the blue Caribbean, the anticipation ol, eating in il cool messhall or the thought ofa cold shower back home-all this was first class cruise. 3-H 1 l 4 I Earlv one morning wc cmlwarkcd from the Rcma Dock and hcadcd for thc four cruiscrs Sdlllililnlll, ,XILl7'I'lClICn1rl, Czncmmzzz, and Rrzlczglr, anchorcd abo ' ur rhrcc mnlcs ull short, hiddcn from VICW hy a lrghr morning l1a:c. Thu IIT sranr thc motor launchcs rcachcd our shnp wc scramlwlcd aboard ovcr thc fantail wrth our sua bags and immcdnarclv lwcgan scowmg our lockcrs. Wu had hccn alaoard laur a lbw mmurcs when chu slnp bcgan to vrlwrarc slrglmrly and thc word came ovcr the loudspeakers, "Scand lw no gcc umlcr way." Thc larsl day was spcnr masrcring thc complncarcd lwuglc calls and LlI'lfJl11llI.1I' rourinc, Soon :hc l'WO.lISN.VJlI1l5 call, "Swccpurs starr your brooms' Clean swccpdown Fore and .1fl"' had cnvclopcd us ln rhc rouunc of shrphoard lnlrc l.lnfortunatcly all chu CYLIISCTS had mural ducks, whrch du' pruvcd us of :hc agcd custom of rcauhmgrhc umlcrqlass rhz ar: of holysnonmg Mom Lllll-OTKLIILIEC srull was rhc taut than rhc sun rosa carly and durrng rhc :wo wuuks ol' navrf garmn wc formed slccprlv on :hc forccasrlc mach mormng rn thc pre-dawn lwlaclcncss no rake scar sxghrs. 'flxgfxl rjnrzrlcrs' llxglxl qmlrlcrs' pr-ujnzn' In rgwlu' mmf plum' ln jmrlw Sl l U l ' Q, v 1- Q,--111' v n 5. ' 2 ' 0 ' 0 ' n n , ' ' a ' A N.. -P X. 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In the next eighteen months, as we continued to live in civilian hliss, our goal, far down on the Severn, was under, going drastic alterations, The course was reduced to three years, second dag, War lacing, completely eliminated, The summer cruises were conhned to short trips in Y. Pfs or ohsolete luulfglnpe operating in the bay or just oHvtl1e coast The dress uniform became only a legend, and the gay weeltfends were curtailed hy the restrictions limiting admittance to authorized per' sons and close friends, Finally lune, 1943, was upon us and we were added tothe muster lists. It was not long before we realized that al' though the Academy had donned her war grey there were some things of the old school which remained very much alive'-plebes were still plehes and Pfrades still formed At the end of two years and as the future lost some of its hlacltness, we could see the gradual trend haclt to peacetime status Cruises hecame longer, the practice ships even venf turing to the Carihhcan At the heginning, of our hrst class year, we witnessed the recstahlishment of the four year plan and the emersion ol the class of 19-IS-A with the two diagonal stripes heretofore unseen by us, Half of us were on cruise and the remainder where hard at worle in Bancroft when the victory news hrolte Our location, however, did not seem to have any visihle elleet on our happiness and thanlcsgiving on the momentous August 14, 1945. TIME ouff 0 V-ty DAY Six days we waited for the uncertain news to settle JUWH and to hear the olhcial word from the Preslslenl Fllhllll' 'Y came, a twofday holiday was declared, and pandemonium hrolse loose Tecumseh Court was the site for the first hours ol the celebration The japanese hell elanged ceaselesslv. and our god of Z 5 even seemed to smile Near the end ol the noisy rejoicing, time was talten lu all, elrllif ll Ill! service in the Chapel or in the rooms ol- Bancroft Hall, ro otler a solemn and earnest thanltsgix ing hlissouri stemmed into To-'tw HM, -ll truck flcu' the flag Ifiiit had fwfr! ter Llie iititnnfs cxipzlal on Detenihev' It litid since flniui Nici I-ltfliu A111-l Soon uoultl rise our TfllU" IIII IIII II I II IIII IXIIIX-JNIIII' 'VIII 'XXII XII I I I I I II III I IIIII I' IIIII IIIII II II I I I I I II I I II ' IIII I I IIIII I II IXIIIIIIIII XX II NIIIIIIIII III I LIIIIII I I IIIII I IK II II III I II I IIII I II I I IXII III Ir I I 'I I III II I' I IIII III IK I I IIIII II XI I N III I I NII I Ir I I II I, I IIIII I IPIIII IIIIIIIIIIIIII KIIIIIIII II II IIIII II IIII II IIIIIIII I I I IIII I NIIIIII I- XX II IIIII IIII IIIII If IIIIII I I I I IIIII III II I IIIII,IIII II A IIIIfIII I I I I III II I I IIIII I I IIIIII II I II KI II III I I II I II III I II X II IIII III III NIIII-III XX "II I'IIIII I IX IIIII IIc.IIII1g IIIImI'xx',1rII IIIU Imrlmur III wm, IE IN IINQI IIIII, II'II .IIII sI1IIIIIII NIIIICT, IIN IIc.1I1NIs Ixus QJIIIIIHLISII' III ' IIN I3uImII'IIINIII III' SQIIIIAIINIIIII .IIIII N.1X'Ig.1lIOII Iud IIN IJIII III' IIIIIIIIIIIIII LIB III IIIII III'm.1n's IIIIIQNI PFUI-CSSIOIIS IIIIII IIN mm: IIIIINIIIIIIIII IIIIINIIN III IIN IILIVIIICI' IVQ pm, ILIIINII IIIIIII IIN II.IIII' IIIIIIIINIIII III su.1m.1nsI1Ip IU IIN IIIQIIII QIIIIIpIN,1II'II IININI III I.NINx We I'uLlIIIII'IOL11'.II1gIc III IIN NJLIIICJI IIm.1II.N, I'LII'I!IICII I.1IWIcx III lll .md ll-I, I'IImpIIII'II IIIxII1INcx .IIIII ELIFIICII IIN IYINQI on .I CCICSIIIII IIIIIIIIIIIJIIII' QIIIIIIIIIIIIIQ IIIII' muy III' III1Im'IcI.Igc wc Iqound IIIII INIIXIIIIIII .IIIII cII.1III'II .I x.1II QIIIIINI' IIIIIIN IIII' IIIIII, IIIII IIIII IIIIIIQI IIIII I I I I-I I .I.. . L u -Q I I 4 , J' I I I I L.. Q -. IIIHIJIIIJIIIIIIII I , Ql1fl1 I Q65 qqflsemfi ws '7 ,, A as vm gf? L 5 ,gf mu 9 nga. .9 5 "2" Q gy " '--4 Q sf vr wr V V W yv ig ff mrs ,Q Q 'SEQ 512-3945? '5 5' - V' V w2Xfx . ,, L -i ,5 . , . . . , , fe-bnxx' jqggwfl N- fi -NP' '1.fl.'N'f'fN '1'-"N.cv- 1-N .132 Qfl-9 M' QQg Q9 :FP-- .' ,, ,,-1 ,vq-J-Fl Ip A 5 2 P t -4 4' - bf ,-15 if-er ,ft s v I I N ' f. . V774 - . s, - 'Y - -' ,.-. ,f re' 1 if i Wi- 17. ' 114-4- , 4 , i N 1' FUI sonic l.i1m11., 1 ',-1'f"f'Vf' It H liao-- ix' EXECUTIVE NOTICE l. If the midshipmcn who reside in cc come an apparently irresistibl rtain outside rooms of Bancroft Hall do not over, e urge to whistle and Woo Woo at young ladies Passing by, it may be necessary to confine them in order that they be provided a and to devise more ...1 mple opportunity to acquire merit by meditation gcntlemanly methods of expressing admiration, S. INGERSOLL Captain, U.S. Navy C'mnmmx-ima! of Midslupnirn Us in iii ith fi J fiom .1..1.f.m. nfmw ilfiis Uiusf uf spa-cm! pr-irzluge Qflng mhjy, MUS ,.l vu' if 11 fin in H! it 'viz K1 it inf: 11 in an ulqzulnri it Mr I tleiitrew t 'W iN? in 1' Hmrxfw 1 M Hess fmll, ltzfqmg .Articles ml mitifx nas rmJisig L1 mwipj ,HIV I r 1 lm vii 1 il 1 i1v.mgwflH.4fl Sxzmiilx fvn1fqf.15lV 331 ZA , L K 1 S. 1 w. , llllxl' CHARGE OF BANCROFT .-X: thc ounscn of plclnc vcar lf was dxlllculr no attach :mv Nlgl1lllCJI1CC to our marc wnnclmcs Graduallv wc assumcd mon: l'CSPOl1SllWlC Jolws xml wnrla chcm :lm Jddud prnvnlcgcs, Youngsrcr Jnll first clas5 cruwcx xmprcbxcd upon us thu lm- portancc of naval watch Sl.1I1xllDg AL tlmcs ilu: proxpcct of .1 watch wab .1 plcasanr one lor nc mcanr rclcasc l-mm .lC,'lulCl11lCS for A day and .1 cluncc rn wmc .1 lwcw lccrurs ur log It llttlc sail: tlmc wlnlc will klllll' .-lll mo lrrcqucnrlv, lmwcvcr. thc watch llcll on .1 wcclc cml wluclm muanl l.1tc Jury S.IIlll'k.l21l' mglu with ,1 lung, llull Llav .1l1c.1d on Sumlav. Wlwllwcr wc wcrc thc marc ol .1 dcclx or rlmc xllulSl1lPlU.1Il Olllccr ol' thc Xllatclu, wc wcrc an xmcgml cog H1 nlmc wluccl wlnulu govcrnul thc ,ldnnnlsrrauon ol' B.Il1Cl'0l-I Hall, Jnll when wc ncglcctcll our Lluucs wc wcrc gxxcn uma: uw tlnnlx uvcr our IUl5l.lliC tlw following wcukfcnll wlulc 5Ul'Yll'lg unnllncmcnr lln' Il.zl1.1lun1 Uffnw 'ff UH unlglz ,lxuplgs .1 m.1Ic'l lui lf.. zmzull Nqmul ynml fnr11lNfH'!lU"l 1 ,,l,f.'."! .. o"' I NAVALACADEMY CELEBRATE-ITl nmvelrSar , . ,I 1 When wc entered as plcbes, we rtaltzed slut alrhoixgfh chi: Class of '45 was the Ctntcnnml class, the taak of shaping the brigade into :A unit which would bt .1 credit to the Ataclcmy during Centennial Week was our responsibility Those who had the honor of lWCfhg.d'30,Skl1 for one of thc period platoons 1843, 1810, and 1900--Xvcrc rcquircd to learn infanrry drill over .igfnn in :ht old ny-lt' of "Squg1dS'Right" :mtl "Right by Squads, " Centennial Wcclc began with A nwmorral servicc in the Chapel Sun- day morning, conducted hy Admiral Thomas and dcdicatccl to thorn: graduates who have givcn their livcs in linc 0fx.l1fU'.- At prccisclv 1051 Wutlncxday, Ocrnhcr lflrh, while rhi: lmgatiu til- nndwhipmcn stood at .ittcntinn in Tecumseh Court with thc period 3 plntouns and honor guard nl' West Point Cadets flanking thc speakers pl.1tform, thc station guns hrnkc thc silcncc, resounding wich thc lirm, majestic roar ol' thc victor, Each nf thc 100 vollicx typihud 11 ycar's progress, and :1 yeark scrvice to our country. Prclrmrgil Fitch opcnud the ccrumony by reading thc .1-zldrcbs clclivcrcrl by nur first supcrintcnclcnt, Comimntlcr Buchzinan, on thc same ground exactly 2 ccnrurv ago, J r--cu i "Jn'l...- I . I . ,JV ' X E - -X. ' l -- .- . ' ' ' ,ffm ' ' I 'll an . V lb. , ' i, Q.-1 'fix . 'A ' - v ' .T viii 4-.il 1.. 1 " . t .lg '9'1"l ..ift-'-1 Q-fa-'Vt3:fL11T1-.r.':+. .-37:31-1-Z-13:7 .43 .- - ' ' '- --LA .'1 A .H , V I... L., ' Tips., -:A--:-1:L-'-'-+1-Q-gg--'-' ' '. .. .f - A?-crxx vc-.-.-2'7..J :'.-":"?-"+ - ..-fifflv'-'1:1:"i-9-:1:':1:-'1?1l:1:l:l:31:1 - ' 4 . ' - - - - , -. h w''-Q-1:1-up-r-g-'i-'t:-t.:-,:.1:-:-:-:-:r ' A ' '4-. ' ,iz , A g 1-'7't:Q:':'"'-'zzrlfl-fii:f:f1!,ig'y4Q:E ' T1 II.31J.JgTf13'3.','t'i-5 ' . n . i 111s'fi f:f5evQ21r - V45 1-141-ii. - . 4 5 Lji-L: V4.r":-'i-. " - 'i J Y. I ' ' I . ' Q. A, .VXI ' T 4 -rt' 0 . 1' 13' .,,g. ' 34,7 Q j.ffI. 4 ' r,i1r.-sri-8.15 '.- .LZJT I! ST-'Rik' RK 5 1 Ji ..f115:g:5:g.-2IgI-Q',2:Q:rE-23235-'51, .':f:i---"SH-5':2:E:'f'-512.5-gi 22:552?Qff11f'2f?fH:,:,ig ,.Q:Q2?22QES -212-2'EQiQQ5 .-C5LEg:25:2:Q:Q:x-31 'FIR 725- ' - - ' 1313.1Zr'ZaxigsQ:r'.1:g-523524?fzgsEi1fgff51:!:!' '.f.I-agxx-5q'5gaf'321-:g12:15.-fffafatt-'f5',iae:s-'rf,.'jW2Q3" -I13Eiw'l.iy7?58ffiQ, F.TfI?li'2!12aZ5i??i?E551.li2.iQfi5iEF?5iI?f2E53l2112'.if??E5ESl5i?iifleilii-l'2iFI1iii'25 ' ' ' 'Ig-5T'l1 E, 353152 rf-QI'-F5-255122735Qfgfiiiififigri?ZQ5Qi5EQEfEf,Elif1f22Eff1?'3EEIEQSQF-gl 'lg ' f ff -2 rgsLCw:1,, 7121254 "'rTl1'f'?V?l"f'l7ffFYF"Q'?'l?E?l'll'f+'f?.3'l?l3?5'Zll554l!ll5fJ5',ii:ll3flfl1kj1?iyiiP'r33'Q:'il1' 'J "Y is-ia ,. ' I ' l :tl-.N wfffbfbf i?S?f?Q'2?Hi1n2F'ifM!55S,riai4egdfi2He2:Amr-me'-'filfii? HPS.. f' '- "u 1' 1 - ' aiziai ofQr1,r,,c1,r6f'?V?Y'1e?'?-'l'?'i?lF3lf?54??'0f3?f ":14s5i11E'35i',f5'iff5f"-l'lE1E5-1 uf "1" Z - -C3 -1 fi ' .' 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"On the strength of one link in the cable, Dependcth the might ol' the chain." ,l lb I cpl M v-Ulf MQW' n. ..N ' ? 1 ' iq: Ol rff' , QQ: gaidnyll Ha n .milf f . . .. .1 - aff x'v I --L L, 4 gn .'. v qx, ul, .S -H . .I I I V - - . 1 1. iq.. K" t . by 'x A 1, E:-1 Ii V :H v ' .5- we ' - U" I, ft. A ' "sf an .uv " 4. ,. . QQ, , L. 4 f m"b ' U" 'V-v.. 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Dun .'xtl.1INS culupllcel the xtatlstxex, FX T. jones supervrscel the newsreel Spotters, wlule Bob Marmet, Ollxe H.1llett, .md Chet Sl1:1dde.1u wwrlseel tlme mremplmunes 'AWl1ere's that goat 'l FUll0XX'lllj.1 .1 tlmnelcrstorm ol' eheer, twu wlute elatl grmtkecpers l-.1lIl'll.LlllY trotted ontu the gI'ltllI'0l1 tu ulllemllx' lwrmg IH l?1ll X' lor caelw Nan' Ulwllllfff LlUfll1yIll1L' M3455 season F41ll's gu.1rtl1.1nstl11s veal were lim Hullus .mtl H.1l Eelwutls, who together lwrouglmt 'WWW Klfl'2l1f U' Il1C spcetaturs tlun perhaps the game ltsell' Dan .mel H.1I traxteleel everxwlxere w1tl1 the team .mel con stleneelx' kept .111 eve on our woullx Texan Dm: llrfllz- llzllttrlll.:ll'tlu.1r'elt r, Q. ,K X! L' ,C 'i . Q . 11 if 4: 1 S 5 ,tl i r'- , as Ili' 4 N ' Cap! Dick Dudcn, c1'cvxhmlx'5 Ui' -'lvuurxc.1n. VARSITY CO.-'KCHES li up ' Clmrkm Pun it Rav 5tx.ir::, Ci-mdr Otrar Haglwrg, "Rip" Mnllrr, kmrh Mlvlrtwqrrlu, .in-I lr. L mlr kiln .ml l:rJul.u: FOOTBALL TEAM Front mu Coppctlgc, Bramlftt, Barrun Smith. C ll . l7ir.im-t Bruwn, lNlilNlurr.iv, Kixcr, lcnltinx, Turnur C,irnalu,xn Fixcnlwili, NVl1irtlu, ilrkiannlvl lhlnak, Wmiagur Nttnml mu' Coach fkcar F Haqlvcrg Larruultunx XV.ilx1ulrk, i .Ulu Hunt, CurrCniC Ernurxntt, LCnll1.tn,Qtunng, Buntihmm, Ruth Alt!-vllixtlx lxhltli llur. von' Marltcl, lxullv, Ingram, Taglucntc, ldiwruirt, lniutr SLU:-tl Ni-ri li L Nliklurv. Suu, C L, H.ll, Ainlwrugi, smart, E N l1..l,,f. M sri-alwlti, ll.,imt.l..t.i,i, Civrahuxxsl-1, Barium, hlinixl, Ri1xxcll,l'lytHi, XVur, lhlthn, Ptirlt, '3lutL1xi,u1, lllxtti-rrli Wallacr, Slnmxlnl, lNluulJtr l l X V Fortyffivc hrought tn thc Naval Academy om: of its greatest gridiron years, resplendent with triumphs over thc n.ition's outstanding teams. The varsity, making its tlchut with playw running from thv "T" formation, worked hard from thr Start, and mnlcr thc watchful eye of Coach Oscar Hagbcrg hrought high hnpcw to .1 hrigadc ul' football-niindcd midshipmcn. Tlwse hopcs were .inswcrcd .is Navv ripped through team aitur team to wcorc seven victoricv, om: tic, and play thcir game of the vcar against Ariny's national CILIIIIPIOIIS. f ,,v,l I ..-.,.f- - , ,x x 159 , 7 It , . tx I ' INITIAL VICTIM Fulfilling even the highest expectations, the J varsity opened the 1945 season trouncing upon l H 'P' Villanova's valiant Wildcats, 49-o. Clyde Scott . , started his spectacular season hy sparking the first touchdown drive with dashes of zz and 27 yards to score just three minutes after the lciclcoll. After each of the seven scores trusty ,lack Currence trot- Clwlc SUM' mm., Q ted in to successfully boot the conversions, The of eiglil Inuclirlniwis ' ' Navyf balqdwagon Wag on H5 Way ' 9' V17 Bob Hunt nukes llie hole, flue Harms fol- ' louis llzrnugli rnrnipling mi ll'1lJcr1ls ' f 3 , R ' Ja Sturm' Siuitllieini entlnxg .1 ten vunl gallop for rvxiiiilwr' four rlgrllnxl l'1llmiui'tl :Ui DURHAM INVADED FOR SECOND WIN Dulce! Bouncing Blue Devils who had scored 136 points alrendv in just two games was the next victim, :I o The Durham Devils got oll to .1 had start hi' walking oil' with 14rlI,X the night helore the game His return hy game time ditl little to vxppease our spirit for Hoernschmeyer, Scott and Kelli' ripped through Duke for two quick hrst period scores .intl the game was in the win column 376 A Ed "Geronimo" Dcraniec, A. 'a slalwart ofthe Nam middle. .HE 1 H Tum' Vmisi, lzero Iuxtliout equal f QW .igtzmst Penn ton! .Vntre Dame ' 33 fy , A, l x I V 'QSFELH .ft I- LJ X Q I 7? 'Pa' ,vi Ni, - t Sn lril -: ' UW 'HN 4 lm, l,:4:...'L.lN 13.1.3 N V l1'u.n11l:5m:-:'., mm! lm lm N mul mn". I :Um .:..:':wq JM. 5-..1!: 'ln' mhxqffluvrlgxfxgx nj Yam , f l 'I14Hl':4'! .NUMlffH4nLv':15,l,y,1L'x4y-U, Kljfx PENN STATE HITS SNAG XX1rl1 A Qpaultx' gmxx Tl nl :zum Hlilllxllllg mam NAM Lllgmmrlus loolmg un, rlwu Nam !lII11.lXEul L1'mu1m1,1l Wwlx w1rl1.1 :S 0 U'lLll11Pl1 mx ur l7CI1I'I5E.lIC LlNlHj.1Ull'Cl1S1X'CVUXYKI only 5P.1l'lI1glY, LNU.1Cl1 H.lQlWCfg xx.1u'l1ul clmc lmvs run up .x I4 puml lcpul ll1 :ln llrxr lull' on mn muclnluxxnx .mll l3ry1n1lcrc's lwlnqlx ul' .1 l,mn kxgl Wlrlm mlm Nnrmnx Ll--mx umlcrlruut wc lumdqll lur tlwc Yclloxx 1.1pLuwl'L9wrg11 Tull YELLOWJACKETS STUNG XvUXX'll'lj.1 rcwngf lm' m.H's LIPNCI .lr :luv lmuxlw ul Llumgnx 'Ifqly rlac xlrxuu' qlullxcxl up Numlwr 4 xxlrlm 1 14-'W fl'lllINPl'l lll B.1lIll11Ul'C lylavnng umlcr Llu' Arcs l1JI11l'KITLl rlmu Blue .md Gold lxulc, ,ls CJPI Dull Uullun rumxcrul .1 lwluqlxchl Duku lxxqlk m mid-.ur .xml mmlwlull uw pax .lm uv NCUYE Nnxvlx llrxr xxx pmncx IIT mlm wmn1,l quqrrur 'lin- rumqlmlcr xx 15 All NJN, Jud xxu ruuxrnull LU .Mwrnzpulxx m thu um lmvurx mul lfur pmukl ul mu luurrlu mumplm 3,1 f-B 6 'Nui ,ul Q---1. wv.,lw,l,1f1. ,L ll H fu 'clnl fl.. If l,l,,,ll. 'f f ,NM f , PENN , SH, CLOSE SHAVES . . Without question the two most exciting games of fl-,C year followed the Georgia Tech win, Facing almost Certain tlcfeat, the Blue and Gold eleven rallied in storybook lhslnnn against the Penn Quakers to walk oil, with 3 14s- victory and leave Franklin Fields 73,000 spectators hrcath, less. Traveling to Cleveland we next locked horns with iimlefeatetl Notre Dame. Fighting desptrately to maintain .1 6-6 tie, Nnvy's line rose up in the last 60 seconds to smother two lrish scoring thrusts from the onefineh line, jim Crlrringlrm .mtl Dick Durlen give their best as Tom' .Viiusr reels 011' 15 umfs against Penn IRI Boblll' JCHki1is, lianipg,-LJ bymjurics,butflll-.-livin :Can in '43-'44 Xlumls gnu! gurl! f fmt szriirtl urlfi Dtriictzrre lrisli qiitzrlerlw ' ulzer' Z, tztlq, sn L ll'llJC7'l 'Nui Ulf' ierrtfillitpile, mit .remiss zlxtzt ltrsl hig stripe X i Bob Ke1l3',Slr.1inr0C'l' punt pweluczr Vmmgcr Num Xlmxfg BUT BIG TEN FELL EASILY Two mpb rw Balumor: um of Nswyk linux vicwrlcs of :hc year. Than was the srorv ol' our cncounrcrx wnrh Mrchxgnn and Wmsconmn, among :hc Bug Tcnk but Emu mg thc Wolverine gnrnc wnrh pros and mdrn rcporrcrx sull XVOI1dC!'lI'lg just how strong Navy could bc, thu bmw showed Lhcrr bcsr and snowed undcr Fm: Cmlcr .md company 33 ' XVC looked w1Ll1 YICEOTIOLIB crux for thc B.1dgcr5 from Wax comm Harms Sparkxng to lnmc lll thc AllCl1Ig.ll'1 g.1l'l1C, .lgllll qrncrud our worrlcs .lbllllll thc 1-Jllllftl of great Bnlwhv jcnkxns' legs EO rccovcr from llljllflkfb The publmc .xddrcxs Harcd forth wlth thc scorn from Franklln Fxcld, :Xrnw 61 Pcnn 0 but with scvcn YICIOTICB m thc hold "W-4 wcrc reads' now " Bnln1lcltcr'u5:L'5 xnlu bfrxjwd tcrrxtrfrx :vxlfr N1m151'5 paw fm' 'N'd1'x"x fzrsf 551.11 .zgnnxbl Xlxflx lg4Ul l3r.xmlr1rrxrg.zrn.z- fu Nnxudrs .1 Urfconwx and .mmnd uxlll Big HU LUP' lndggq gunxr-mg up I+' lIC!F Ifnkr Uwfz -'rxfux .ru ,,ujMJ,.,m..!1L!'..1f 'wwf :July mn nl ffm' "ld" ,,,, ,mm lux l.1,ML funrm-'1 r :ln 1.4.1 nr .L vulrrrrrfg IYUNKUIHI lfruw Snnllx, prldr -mf Ihr pnnmg .lrjnxrlvvrcwxt l7nJgNr-tl, UI Xvrrrrnrlvl rmlu funn Un: Pnml, X'.'u Trwk klzl4.k1Nuu.lfr.' flfllv xllmruuxll I.. llr.nnI.'II, n.1n1u.! mr nnmx- UI Xun'vx..nx lLrlV!Ix 4 - I "1l'l Yury sfnpptu' IM' RldYXilh1VJOVll mlt'u'1tl1v1ugdxv1, bufxcvezlof not Ins lm' Iiartos makcs the T clzck 'UJIIII a 13-yard gaxn bclimd thundering Chuck Kxsefs interference. ,f ,,. f. xr I -fr-VY x xifl. I . d ,f' . ,'-,rg J y, ,Army 2.4 0,4 V1 1- J' ' ,1 Lu,n,, Qr- isqxsv f 1 ' f fr 1- ,- n.. 1 f ' wr ,. f 'Z ' , .V '. y .-..' 1 , , f ,I X 1 ,N J my J! I s, -, W ' 1 , , , ,r ,ny 9 ,J xr VC, , , r r , , w w ,r N X w w V . w ,rr 'y'!.f ' ' 1 'x W I A Y' I , f g lr M r X Une hundred thousand people jatnrned windblown Mu- mcipal Stadium, It was the game ofthe year, we knew it, Army knew rt, and the nation knew it. Out boys went into Phxladelphna 16 POIHI underdogs, but both Brigade and team were eonhdent of a good showing and Navy gave more than that Army whipped OH to a zo point lead before we found that Blanchard and Davls "put their trousers on just as we dtd " From then on it was Navy as thc line from Duden to Bramlctt played their hearts out in ripping 110195 for Bartos, Barron, Scott and the rest of the Navy backhdd- Thls 1945 .-Xrtm'fNavy game was one of which every 1112111 ln the Brigade could be proud. The 32-13 score was Army'S but the thought ofa Joh "well done," beyond even grCLlICSf expectations, was ours. 11,11 .1.1L1w.,.1, 11.1,...1., 51.1.1111 1.11.11 11,.,...,,,f,,L,,,,,,,,,, 1-,km hlmrp, 11W.51.1,.1 11..,..11., 11...,,,,1. L.1..111.1f1 111., ' 1119.111 Nrruux H.m111w1 51sNun,Ln01v11.l1 Bmu11.-K 111111, 1111-ML,1gKI,,k,QQ,,H,,,A DClCTl11II1Cxl 111 rcpc.11 1.151 l'C.1Tl5 cl1.1111p11111xl11p pcrl'11r111 .111cus, 1l1c 11141, cross 5111111111 1-41111. lul lu C1111 VI1111 llrum mar, 11pc11c1l tl1c1r xc.1w11 lu 1r111111f111g rlwu l1.1111u1'x l111111 Dulic U111vcrx1ty11111l1c Naval .M,11.lu1m CULIVNC l'11ll11w111g Klux 1111t1.1l XVIII, Cuaclu T111111111 Tl1111111w111K 1111111u1'x 11111 1l1st.111cud 1111 L'111x'c1x1t1' nl' N'1rg1111.1 x1l11,11l 1N 43 XX'11l1 Lhcxc two x'1c1o1'ic5 thu' sur 11111 111 1lul'c.11 chu I'1X.ll L'11.1x1 Qunnl rXcJ1lu111v .1111l Llcl'c.11 LllClN 1l1u .l11l lu 1.1lx111g .1 clc.111 sweep w11l1 1 l'Cl'lAECl NUWYC ul' IQ 3-1 'l'l1c lL'.1.X :l1.1111p111115l1111x wcrc 11cx1, pxml 1l1c llluu .llkl K,'111l1l ru11111'rx tlmglmr x'.1l1.111tl1' 111 Julwcxt .1 wrong .X11111 x1111.1.l l5LII l1.11l luclc and 1ll lnavrcunc plqgucd N,11'1"x ul1.111uus, ,1111l l1.1d 111 lx' 5Jl1l5llCxl w11l1 sccoml place .1111l 1 IQ :VN mm .1g1.llI15l 1l1u Caduu. Vxclq 51111151111l11111111111.1tm1111 1111111 11ll11,11111.1 111.1111 1 1111511111 11l7.1l1l1g1'..1fl1.ll L.1f11 l1.1l111111 ,11 ' 11 111 II 111 1 1, 11111 Noi. "' lun- v nl Q Q . Tommy Taylor, Navy's excellent soccer coach, openly declared that this 1945 squad was about the finest he has ever had, A record of continuous victories this season ably supports that praise, for Capt. Art Calisto and his men ripped through such teams as the Coast Guard Academy, Muhlenberg, Pennsylvania, Penn State, and johns Hopkins averaging clogg to six goals per game, Tl11'J11111111.1!11'u 1111tu5--f OMC UI me vm 'Q 1 ,SJ C151 C115 1 5'-l'1'f5l' 11.,111111.1111. 1 111111.11 1 'L' t M' H "W" ,701 915111111 11111s111.111.111.1l1x.-111 111111 . 1 1, -7. ., It 11115 1111yl1uJy'5 lull 1111l1.1t l1.1rdffu11gl1L ,drum gums OpCI1lllg h1s 26th season .15 var511vsoc1cr111c111or, T11m111x' Taylor :.1w11o1l1111g blll good proapccu w11h such All-A111ur- 1c.1115 ab A11 C.1l1s1o, Ely link, loc CJ51411111, .md Larry lXl.1l'OLl5ClC grccung h1s pr:1c11cc call, 1-Xdd 111 1h15 1rrJvsuQl1 l'Cl1L1lWlC5 .15 B1ll Grimes, Kun Volk, Elllltl Muml, 1-lrchlc RlggCI'lO and lN"la11Lu:l Bcncm, md wc lwound our5clx'c5 w11l1 1hc ou1s1.111d111g 111111 111 1hc 11g111o11 Ou151a11d111g ll wa, lor 1hc Co.1s1 Guard fcl1 1hc sung, S- 1, johns Hopkmb lull hy 383 flllluf lQcl11uw1'11111111'1', l'11111v1111111l11 Ir1l1lv1'11w1' w1111l1x1111U .1 11111011111 311111111 111!l1 ll111111111r ll'1w1l,1!,111fU ll11lfln11lqN1111l11'11 l1111 U1111111 lldxu, .1111lL11'111111 11111111111 l11 111-1 1111 111g.1111.1 111. 1.1.1111 O ,. 1hc XV.lY5lnlC, ' 1, P11111 5l.llC 11.11, 1r11111pl1'd 4 1, 111 111111111111 l'VLlE .1 lcw Oulv 11 l1.lI'Ll llglllllllg 'Xr111v fill l7I'HLlLLl1I 1l1'l1'.1r 111 our hoys Ill .1 ruqgud 1 11 l1c.111 l1r1.1l11r .lu Llfll' hm Ptrmd IN11111, hlwol hy l,.1d1' l,u1'l1 l11'1'x1'll, 1r.1x1l1'1l h.1ll 1l11: held .md l'11u11d IKX w.1v 111111 1hr Ndxv 111.1l llc-11111 R l 1h1s l111.1l 1941, gamu, 1hc 511151111 wds 1l1'1111u1l hx .1ll 11111' 1hc most 5LlCCCS5lVLll lll 111.1111 .1 yur ol lah Welsh gnu nj iff 1 lxxirs 15111 i 1 I I Veil! 'J 4 ,X , Pt'frx .xX"t'iw:i sfiffnti tl full fiilvidfr from the fuui elreiu .lgtlzwisl Lit'-'urge llitufiingglmx l' One of the most spirited court teams to ever perform in Dahlgren Hall-this 1946 edition of Navy basketball compiled an enviable record of twelve victories against only three defeats. West Virginia, Duke, Pennsylvania, Columbia, and Fordham were but a few ofthe collegiate teams to fall before the swiltness ol Capt. Jack Carroll and his teammates. Ytls-niX It-fr fztzmlw' izgtzm' 1 1 1 l.1glqL.1vmH llmcrwl-n Hall had an ll'1lKllI1gUlwllb line luskcrlmll mlcnt tlwls war wlwn, Ill mrly sawn pracmcc lwclrorc L1l1TINIl11JN lcavc, tlwc casalumcn turnul 1:1 vlcmrxu mu xcvcml Ilml mllcgnlrc lives But w1tl1 Elm rccum cn prlfmgu IH lammrx .xml cmmscclxtlvc YICUWTICS mar Pvuclmull, X'1IlJnm.1, Marx' l.1ml, G-:orgc XY.1slu11grm1, .md llorlllmm, uwrwrwc wl-Il lxncw tlmr flux Navy qumruc, darmng up .lI'ILl lluwn flu' Hour caclm XXulmxllm- ,xml Sarnmlm' ll-EKYHUUII, um vnu lvl' clm lwcsr II1 Lluu muntrv Elglu mmcguuw XYHTN wuru rug mural lwlqoru thc Tuluuglx ul' Norrh Ll.lVUl1I1.l Ulppul rlmu llluc and Gulll lw unc llulll gall RCQJIINIUL lllfll' xmlllq Carroll, Nelson, DxclX,Sl1ug.1rt, Dullcm, Xlfllllrup aml mm pam' went on to mum up lruur mnrc mumplms klrupplng Ulns no onlv lxlLll'IlCl1lWl'Q, gnll :lrnn Tlwc ,mmml umlq .xr Want Pnmt wlrlw tlwu Callcu wax 1 l1!lI'l'l"I'C.1lxKI' lrwr QxU.lCl1 XXvllNOH .md lm xquall lgur ll XYJN .1 mp nmlkruclx murcxc .1ll :Im wny, Nam' lcallmg QQ Q4 .IE lmllumc Two muulw prawn canmwr lw gwcn rlm vmrlx rum llwr ilmv Lllxplaxul .1 llLfl'lC1I1L!, spmr cvcrx' sucuml .llkl l'lQl1IlLlllX llcxnrvu rlwunr rarmg as nm' ul flu: ILIUUI1 s mp lmxlxcrlull uxlmx .ul nhl- 1q46 xcmulw lzwg X l',,1,l1.zl',,l,,N: -1,,,1pU,l ffm Ml fun' 14 mmlh lugla 1 TM ,lllrfkf fflfl ahh llllwu, ilflllm ly.fvw.wI.l!1.. ll L lmm.l,l.llf 1,ll.x.fm.w, Nl.m,w. lvm U5 llll lllfl ll In :R 11111 111l1111I1I1'11f11l111111 1 1. 11111 I11111 1111f1l111111Il 1 11151111111111l 111111111111f11 x1111.11I 1111111111C111111Hf1'1x1111f g11111511111x1If11' " NIc1'fI11111t1111:11 171cl1 131111111 ff7lJ Rcl1111Hc 114111 1 1'1'f11111111l 11'111'lq 11115 f'fc11ul1!14f. 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Oscar Greene, Eastern Intercollegiate Champion, Navy's varsity wrestling team this season extended a four-year-old dual meet win streak to thirtyfone by tossing over such strong teams as Pennsylvania, Kings Point, Muhlenberg, and Penn State, 1.1111 Lyman .xml Hmuuf il N rlxlmwl llusfu14'f1uvlI1cwJ: u,,4.1!n'r 1311111 .mzlwt Agri Llnlgfx Rm Suartq and Capt Osexlr' Qruuuu will: ,X'L1r'x'5 Ftzsluru Ivitwmllegltltc Cfxtzmpzfmslixptmplxx' News Hmm lnlsu t tjuztc mad: up his mimi tllwful wfmt lm Jn uilfz flux Xlufzltmzfurg mlm fmt llzt' lztllu Um'uzt'11fu.Llfv1Lm1un! u 'ml -4 lt? slttlfv time Hcfxrx--the urqstfuf' 5 'li'l'C5lIL'7' xxl .".1xx..xff' fxxxxxfxxfx xx xl x xxxxxlxxxg xxxxxxxxx xx x fqxxxxxxxxx xxx, 'xxxxxz x' xxxxxxxxx x xxxx xx xxx x xxxx x xxx x xxxxlx ,,,,xx,,l,x xx xx x' x xxx Xl xxxx' xx xxfxlxxxxxxxxx x xcxx xxuxuxxxx xxx xpxxrxxx xllxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxx xxxxxx xxxx xxxxxxxx xxx pxxxxxxxxx xx.1x . 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A r X 2.1 390 1 -X I-mul mir I XV l1ll0n,,lr,l I. Paxcllc, Vlr, R E Barnard, C T. lov, lr, N1 XX' Vlili-viusmv 175 N Hallclt, li E Ctmull, XV H OrLl.1nd,l 3 Croslwyjr, I7 ll Klum ll l iXllllLr l: XX' Kj'Q,illJx1l1.ln, h lxl hvlir ,hucuml H114 llcnu llrrlanil Ir , Livmtfv, fl' k.X1rn.-n lx XY l7unu null, l"l H Carrlnxl' i..,. H P ix.a1.w.tt,t. A u.w.upm,1f,i1 A n1rc..l1i.m Vlr,j F Ixus IW XX Nnlrli I lil Qurwt, T l' lfclintr ll N B.lrl.cr, P Licngur, Conidr Lv l Klrxhru llrirrl mu Q XY Smiilyl l'l Bill, f ll, Dwlgl1I,lll.X' H Ntlmlltr jr, XX' .AX hin,1L,ilini lr , C H Rum-ltls, lr, XV li Clilllnnl, If , N Hull I L' Nltrxl lr Il Y Brqwsrcr, lr,liculun,1nr Turrli Limwz.imz't1 Hg Mtn, Ujfzcti litprfspzxztzfzic, I-kim f.VlY'liilIlLl, "nu tinzgfi, .tml llnixrzgu Lifuflcs Null " ' 1 z 1 ,multi .lt tlic Lxlgq fi! 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HIIIII, II' I II 5 lwI.II.I.I II' II If I'.I..m I I: PIQLIIII FXYSf'Sx1CkCV Bob Hill Y powerful lon I Uullzilxlcr ll'irl lllxlwv pulls up mxjulx' g xlttcr The national pascxmc broxxghc many an exciting moment powcr Cap: jay Mulixc .xml lhlxhxr Curry wcrc ilxr oilxvx to Lawrence Field this past season much to thc dclxglxr of strong SIWUINII1 :hc mlxclil Coach Max Bishop. Stronger ac rlxu plate than in many .x ln thu ourur gardcm xi wax i-lmlv l'r.xlxlcr, Dull llmlcix, season thc squad had lxulc trouble xn gunning undurway and Wxrr 'I'lx.xvcr who lcd rlxc wav .xml Iyorxxxcil lox' N.xx'v Behind thc plate worlccd Arc Spalxr and his haucry marc oxxc of thu srroxxgcsr ourliclils xxx hasrcrn ioxxxpcrxrxoxx during most of thc season was Fclloxvffalxlbrnxaxx Ronnie Wood, Wxxxncr, aml lx'l.1flll.l wcru x'cxcx'xul lxclximl Llxi- Burcon. 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Mersun Booth and his merry sailors dominated Eastern dinghy racing from thc choppy Severn to the shores of New London. Ycwllrigucx' Inc XICIIVCFNUII and Lulu Wqlxlu xwru mn-wig clit top pcrfnrmcrs lI'l those trcaclicrous cult Ami Ind flip NJXI xquad to .1 lnghlv succcssfrul M345 sawn .AIIIIOLIQII uhm wcrc no Cadets to prcscnt EVJLIIIIUIIJI r1x',1Irx' III Elm spurt, rhq Blue :md Gold sailors Iwound pIcnu' C'VIACOl1TI'IClIIIUH from chu cuams rcprcacnrmg MIT, Penn, Cmnt Guartl .'Xt'.1tImw, and Srcvcns Immune Thi- Scvuvni xgiwi. ,If Xlgm N I7zf1gI1'. zxilfmw 40? IRST CLASS SPRING Our lust months together before joinin th g e Fleet . . . before using our preference numbers and reading our orders . . . buying uniform . . . selling book . . s . . . thmlnng of our start as a part of the Fleet. The course for the ship is set . . . to the Atlantic, dx P ' - e aulic, through the Canal and around the Cape . . . northward and easterly . . . south and west . . . into the line as a part of the Fleet. I Civ. U .. Io' ' is I o"-mi? F. . 'Q v . r . I 1 0 DAB. , Y .. .Q l I - .5 . 2. I .. . 4-4 :' H' I I I i , I Ax ! I Xlgzx fx! ,Nprm lux' XX'llhl5 ,xml slxxxxx' mx 5U'IlWlWl1I1LQ lxfxllx xx'1rlx .x lux' l.lNI rclucmxxr llurrlu ggxxr xx'.1x' uv xxpxrm Numlxxxxx' Onyx' .xg.xm wc nl0l1CLlULlI'XVl1lEC gxpx, uur xpurxu wuxxuxl uw lnlrc, .xml xxx lxugan mx xxpxllc wxrlx .xxx lll' ul' xnxxpxxrmxmx' 5Cl'.lI'.lIlIl! uw lrrmxx rlxal uxvuncxl xrrupu xwru mxlx lxxx rxxcrs .xml wr nun .xll cxxxxlxxlcvxr :lui clxwu fuulxl lm mxxqxlcxul Ycx,-Qr.xxlL1,xtw1x xxux lmallx' lIlNlglll.lI1LlllXX'.lNI1ULj.lNl Luk In lap -nur xxxuxll un ljlllxllgl Lluxxrml wr CK' xlrxllx Uulxx.x1xLL' ll'lHlHLIL'Ll ru lmum xxx, lxur luppx lxuurx lxul-vm I1.1Xl!,.lI1UI1 hxxul rlxx lxurxlrrx Q, rpm. L nf MW x 111 l 1111 l 11j's Lllcdp at lxdlj H16 fvrlcl lwcanrc lea 1. Q I 1 ul e Q- , Q n 'X 1 lllxn ml llr rnzjn1t1w1llx 11111 0 Tune or Academlcs Such drsrracmons .ls prcfcrcncc slips, sprrng fcvcr, and grnduarron ouchts madc thc road A lrcrlc hardcr, but somcf how wc mnnagcd to kccp grrndrng away, As thc days to lunc Wcck and than onc rmporranc day hccamc fcwcr, wc crowded in thc many rhrngs that had to hc linishcd whrlc strll :rr rhc 1-Xcndcnmy. Orders, forms, and insurancc pohcics had ro bc srgncd and scalcd Packing cruisc boxes, selling our hooks, and pruparing for grnduarron CCYCINOIIICS comf hrncd no makc rhc dlys pass swrlxcly. Those of us who were planning no marry had morc no rhrnli about, but all was cxccutcd rn .1 chccrl-ul manncr, for wall rcalizcd was thc closcncss ol' our goal, Wlrh the PFOXIITIIU' of gr.1du.1uon .1 mayor conmbution, hrsr class spring sccmcd to hold somc of the happiest days of our sc.1y an Navv, " Tlrzrtx J1:lI.11'5 may lx' uxpcctud lmnr zlru mln uf tc.vtIwuks." fhlldslmrprwmcn Budget Pamphlet Tlxxrlyfffvc of 1,15 tflcrmr 5 ,-- K I ll 1, I1 -, l. . . . It took us eighteen months Xvl'1.1InllClllFlllfiilvllidlxf rl11xl,1em lim' rl-UlWCUllfl1' ful, Llmc was .1 lw.1El1Ol'l1lCS3 qucsrmn rlur cuulel not lm an swcrml m thc mme nm' llsrcncr xx'nul.l gnu or ilu celmvr would sp.1rc :Xml so II XX'Jill1.ll no -mu, UEl1Cl'll1.ll1 the mum who qunctlv worlxcd, Lncw wlmr xr mule rn prmluqu rlmu l,l,'CKY Bfxu Bail-c m Dcccrnlvcr IKH4 rlm clccunn ol' cellrwr .mel lum new maxmgcr fnrmallv cxmlwlxslwul tlwc cxmcnuc nl tlmc glam lmuk Tl1rougl1 the bprmg ol' 10-li the mmlcux xull' msc m 3037 or xn Eelltnr C.1S5lslX"N Gllf IUNPII1 mu uelcnx mln .1 plan that XVOLllCl mrrx' thc Lllllilll' .mel Cl1CCI'lVLllllCXx ul' nhl- ,- -. --an clxii mm the LUCKY BAL1 Txmu Jlrrur mmf rcvxxmm xwxx' elnnc, null' I0 lvc Llonc nncc .lgllll lr um nwru rlmu .III nlrcrelmurs .lcrxvlug ll lvccamu .1 -lulw Ihr mx .u mwpururwl, as xntcrusung .lx am' we wlll cxcr elm .IA lillxtwr Itlrlg Lexxfnlx AJ he LLQKY BAG zlxvuuglx All tllc 5lurm5 luxnm Ullvuv !Q.!'-U. yum. 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IM., swf' Frcnch, knrlghr, Johnsen, hkvcrs, Blcvrni, Humimlmn Wrrh mlcm we had rhc gcaxonrrw of Jrrrsfs rum wr ro :N I grvc rhc phono sul? rhc .lddcd :rp nccdri to Ly nr 1 ropfnorch Lrcm B.-us, To handlc chu tcm wr and calm the CJIIOTYS P qualms .1l70Lll1 thc darkroom! .IIWIIIIV Hollycr srcppcd into thc ncwly urmrcd phono m.1n.1gcr post Under rhrs .1 v rrzmgc, mum rlm phono stair produccd mrs PICKLITC5 on xhcdulc, A ilu whrch ,1m.1:cd rhcm .lblNLlCl1.1blEd1dIll1C udlcor, To :aku thc S00 plug hrogmphy porrraru and 1500 orhcr prccurcs .1PI'OfAC55lL7l1Jl photo SILIJIU .ISSISICJ chu phono SUIT In was sull an uphrll Joh for :hc camera hors Study houm unul raps and Sanurdavs untrl thc end of hop hhcrrx' wcru often darkroom hours 13h'z'1v1N uzrfz flu Qrznruxl 'Ll frhlllfhlf 51-fflt. v Ira. lf... wi HL, fi Q ll I I U l l r l -F r l r 1 4 T ,lm W Y fl-',' ' , , A 4 4 v ' v v l l. l 1 1 l x. 1 L E N A. V 'lsr -Y x 11.11 y puts I1 ' . er' lmrml 11l'cr over' ' L l'CVVU7lC V zvrfrks hu! U1 ' r c cllpmlu The slap of waves on the hull, the cool spray on our faces, and whistle of the wind agamsr rhe sails lured us ro rhe blue wafers of the Chesapeake The admiratlon of our drags on week-end mps was just reward for rhe many hours of work and study, necessarv before we could command our own vawl lr was not all pleasure and no work. We spent countless hours l:llllI1g0Llll'-OFHTS, having rhem signed, and disrriburlng them ro the mam' people who needed no know where we were. Bur the reel rape was worth IE week the hav sk l , and ever 'd X "y me was HI ' Sex" H 5 ay of the led wrrh :he white sanls ol' the ern HLKI :wx 'ig T! ., '?'3.Zx V, 'N -- 1. ,-3 ,... ,N---vig? i Nw. ' ' V A Q -- -. 4, . , 1 3,1 , g If ,... . , . "lk-6' tg - 'Ag . . . -1 -. I 1 l . V. . , .asf f,x - Wu ll'm'Jv lflll if I 1 ein 'uelue .mel Hugh vel from the Suu if W e nz, gn-e her .1 umcl .mel she :ull ouzjfmf Lf rgc, 'lueq In luull! 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"-5' m 'v-4 - ' if-'P-Af '50 yn' ' r' .gf V, . ,, - 4 .- mv' KA. ' . 5 I y .' ' I 5 xl. 1 gi' ,t v t N I .I . ...Ari I S 0 :' lv-,.' 1 4' , ,A L ' 1' 1 fl ,-s-N . .. rf' ' if 1. L' . NI. 14 4 1 . ' 4 ' - -v , - . Tip .,' jim I 1r'.. A ', . v ' 'lv' , 'Q-'rw 1 ' 3 n ' 1:3 , ,.1-Yi' I- -,CC k,,'?-,if 313: v' - -'q 5' ,br ,, Y ,A 45.14 -'yi -..:'5'Z,?':w'y V. Ffff 2 A 1- Cm fy ff' if if 1 1 A . b,,, I, V" 1" ,F fl' 4- '. - 'P f-2 u -f ' V' 9' -' 16 H-71 A A F .1 , 1 ' Q, 'x .D -' ' ,If Hip". .- ' - -I .9 - gl. ':, fl "lf . 'G' , '- ' ,-' .1 - ff. . ,N I A mf, Q - , - , ' f 11 1' g '- Q up 5' 5 ' " 'av ' ' x,,. 2 O , , . 4 "f"5' .4 P 52 ' a, 5 1 , I lr-I' is' r N Q yy, - The messhall echoed the cheerful strains of "No More Rivers" that Tuesday evening exams were over, and June Week-OUR june Week, was here. In a way it was old stuff to us but the feeling we experienced every time we passed through Dahlgren and saw that platform was definitely new and very good. "Do a good job men, this time you are building it for us." The second class kept a constant watch on operations circa Memorial Hall as the night ol their Ring Dance drew near. It promised to be a 4.0 affair. And our plebes took 3 new lease on life as their drags started to arrive. Yes, things were looking up, June Week with all its expected joys was here at last. Fz'cry1.4.'l1urc wc want fllC7'C 11. cf: bigger' cmuds. w N if' , 'WLT Q Y xr.. -A ,Y -1 4. . 1' I F ' V .1 4 ' ' 5 1- -4 Il Iuulfllr lln,1lll5l1:1u'llx.'lllllgl -.ll lf gl lx, .l - ,xg . i r V Y L A . Wu .llwlul 51,5 IIN X' 1 ,I ..1.. u.lxfl1. ll-Nr lull. ll'..l,ll,l1. lNlosl l-Jl'lllllC5 .xmxul on Fmln, wlmn rlmc lunu Wccl. ccrumomcs inarrcll ullriqmllv .ill CYCIIIIIQI mc,1l lr-vrm.1rmn thu lcucr msn wurc prcscntul rluclr lcrrcrx nml ilu' num' mcn who lud glvcn rlwlr um-J to cum curr1cul.1r .ICIIYIUCN rcccwud A ccrulicarc ul' rlunlqx lmm rllu l3r1gn.l.' Tlx Cvcmng lwgan wlnlu mlm NO MORE RIVERS curunuvm XVQ wcrc rlnrouglu wlrlw llwu .1C.1klCl1llC Llcp.1rr111unlx .mll .lr lllbf wc could Jukc .1l1ULll flu ulllccrx wlm xx crm our lm mum or VVl1Ol1.1LlPIll'KlCLll.1l' .1EU'llWLlIC5 well lcnuwn no rluu llx'ug.1.lu Qvcr lI'l l-lulwlurd l-l.1llll1c xlmclll XVCl'UlT1UXCxlEl1I1'I.1lxC mum l-or l1l'lCKl'.1x.llIl0l1fLl N Janus S.1LL1rl.l.1x' mormng wc KVlEIlCN5ULl llrlll uuntx lll N.lIlIIl4LI, gunncry, Cl'lglI1CCI'lIll1I, pl1x'51c.1l rr.1xmng, NC.1lU.1HNlllP, Jml !1.1V1g.1llUl1 x,lCNX'lI'l.Q clmsc mm our lbllb ,1 .lunge ul wc .1 llulu ol ull: lllu ul .1 IT1lxl5l'llPINfll1 ,md lux Jpuxluu ll VfJ.Vm1'1Q1l'cm Hm1.1g5.zv1, Q'ul1..m, .lml 13.11-l1.1r.l plu'lr.lx llzp lllq lrlzr.. l7p lpll 1 1 lp 1 1 1 ,ful , W, H, lf ,,, H IJ 41 ,ll I, I f , 'l-lwcxc cvullu xxuu um umlrmllvlv llu rlw lllkl ll.1.-., I-fl m1xx'xx'u XWQITXX.khl1IIlL1.lIlal l14lIlX1lflxlI'.llIllLl 5.1Lur.l.1x' .llrrcrmnwll xxl' ll.u.Ill.l NJN lk.lIIlN Hll ilu Jrlmlum l1ul.ln1 wcur Il-r.1x.ulllurlu lim .xml mln lm HIHLQ lruuml us ll.m.1ng nl rln' Illllkll lvl ilu' NAM ll.lIlnl .ln xxl .xmmlull rlwu llrxr Klux lmlw 5LIIMl.ll' nwrnxug xx.lwuvl.l.1mlxur XX.-m.u.l1l'.l nu flu ram tu ll.1A!.ll.llIfL.lIk 5ux'1llw, .xml 1l.nll,Ll,l mlm xr -.xml-. rlwu l.lNf Limp.-I -,rrxlll rl' xxlnllm up '.xwul.l X.kL.lf ulml gluwuw In um Jlmmr lllx l.1-.I umm um xxllulll XX'L.lI flum- vnlllmllmllx I'.llI1x.1PCN lllmugllrlu -M111-vlxlllxl mlmlu N.N..lll .lcrul luql rlmlllglm Klum' flmx XLIIH lll'-I lmlumg :lr .llll .1-l tml tluvw warx luv lwglrlxllng ,llm mul xx.1-. lXXIlIll .lr.ux'1x1g uv .1 ullw .xml flux' lllrl .lu .1 mlll-,l11pm.1n '.x.n',.1l.l. plmnmg. ' 'X . ' S Cul: xxx 51 xx llwxxll' Nl Ll HND lil Lvlhll N lllll, Syl-All' , lltlsl11pm.m L.vm.lr I ll l'l,iI1,1L1,1l1, Ir lNlndslnpn1.1n Capt. S, Turner Seward mu Nldw Cnmdr R E lVlnun.C A Kiscr, R 1 Beaulwicn Third rout j B Smcksd.1lc,R S l,eddiclc,j A Brower, P G Nlillcr, Spring brought forth stripers who were the best possible. Known as the "grease set," these men had proved themselves through twoeandfa-half years at the Academy. They were the ones who were to lead the Brigade during the June W'eek festivities. We had respect for the Spring Stripers because these men had been picked for their character, leadership, honor, and attention to duty. FIRST REGIMENT.-ll. STAFF lXl1tlxl1ipman Comtlr W XY Barron Nunn! fmt XX l lxrsiitlm XY L' l'.irnwn llmti mu D K iff-url mn U Green, lr, H l, Edwards Tl11vJrrm' E, l. 1lI.1.t lr I7 l ll,irlm.u l' l XXurL1x1g, D I5 Lvr.intl1.1m LjCl'.1lUUL.lI',C li .-Xllendivrlr R N Barker, E lxl HCIIYN' A 1 I l ll-1 l' l ,j, llk ' x imp " I fx 1 1 4 --W Y g 14 -4 - 1 Q ...1, fl N FIRST BATTALION E, XV O'C.1IIagImn I N Iameson D K Skinner R H Pylkas XV C Thu-er SIQONII II.'ITT.ILIKIN U 5 Hallett R I, l?,rrn.xrtI R L Cnlnrmmgx, Ir I L1 I'Iuuwm.xn I5 C BrnmIv.xuqIx THIRD B.'IT'I'ALIUN H R I5ut.Iel1,.Ir I W Blau F B Smuh Xtm Russell T C Wxllmxns During undercIass years We had been observed and marked by the upperclasses. During first class year we were watched b the OIECCTS and aecuratelv raded bv them. Y . 8 . We were not raded on a standard basis but were g I graded in comparison with our classmates. Those who were natural leaders stood out and those who chose to Iet others do the work and follow the crowd had been iven g opportunity. IOL'RTH 1I.'XT'I'.'XLIUN I5 B XYIntxnnrc C I Osterug T II IImt11n,Ir C F IDI-n.1Idwn I D Andrews SIXTH BATT.-ILION HI'TH BrXT'I'cII,lUN XY Ii Rndqcwav .I If CUIIIU I D Qxllmur, Ir, A I Pflfmkr If I. C Mcfvulrc ,I B LUFUUII-'I'1'V-I' I Ll Mdixc P :X llcawn A I C Burlmn I A Thurlcll ,. -I., , Wx- 1 llif' -4 5I1CfIIXIID IlA'I"I'.-ALIGN FIRST BATTALION Cf-mlmm CImmI.I,1.Imw rl T Quan frmlfmnx'p111I1HhI1lJc1'5"'R I: Rochu ,LIL H XX' Maw MII, I H Slum, 4rI1, H Ii, XXTIVTC and, I S UrIv.m If Nh! R W WBC fm lst, b Allwrlglu grd. 'IH I R I D IKATTALIL HN L mzlmwzx L'u1n1w1.Imlmw I1 H Hum cr mrIw,l M H1II, If QcI1.I. F IIIIIHEIK 11rI1, I, N Illrrcr, Ir IQLI1 f'I I ' IN IIIK' itil'-',' xv I' I ' V I ,'?g,f-vlpig I 1 I ':. If. 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I I f l W jack Carroll, capLI.1I'n of -NH.. f 1, In V Y 1 , Navy 5 basketball wizards rzccwcs N awards for his squad from fTdnIiral FIlclI, ANDLRSIIN, L ANDERSON, R T ANDRl:W'S, j D BALIILY, W. H BARRIER, R. N. BARRUN, W W BAII, C L3 , ,IR BLUKIN, B A BILKLR, M j BLRLIMAN, R D BIVIN, H R. BLAIIA, H 1 Bon'III, N1 BIIIIWMAN, F G BOXVDIY, F D BRANDT, R BROVVN, 13 B , ,IR BRIIMMIIRJ W CALIs'Io, A M CARNAII.-xN, R H CARRLII I, I L CUPLNIIAVIII. I B, COIIRILIIIL, O. CURSE, D. III I X COWELL, R F. CURRY, H. I.. DAY, W. O. DENF, Cv M. DHKAMEE, E L , ju DICKSON, CI , ju. DOX'LE,j H, JR DucKET'I,j P. DUDEN, H R , .IR FEENEY, V j FISHER,J R FoR5'I'HuEIf, VJ E FUR FSON, T E FRANKEL, A. j GALLLIP, A. C. CIIIISQN,-I Nl CILLCKLLR, D GIIWLR, R F CJRLLNE, O , ,IR GRIMES, YV. E GRIMSLEY, R .I GRIIOVLR, R O LQRLIVE, CI S. HAQGLRIY, D. W HALLET'l, O S HANCOCK, D L HANSON, E CI HAR'I'A1AN, L Nl. HEDRIcK, Q F , JR HEMMER, E H HI.NRH', E M HKHLLIS, D, L , JR HIIIIPI-R, E N1 HowE, R E -IEFFS, C R 'ILNI-KINS, R T. JOHNSON, R. C. JOHNSON, W. B. JOHNSON, W. M. IONF5, B., JR, lov, C. T., JR. KASH, W. B. KELLER, H. S. KERN, G. A , JR. KIRK, G. G. E KISER, C A. KRSTICI-I, W. LAHAYE,,l D LENIHAN, E. LINDER, I, W. MAROUSEK, L A lvTARSHALL,J F BTARVIN, S. D. NIAW, H W. MAYER, D. R NTCCELLAN, H M RICKIE, Cz MEGINNISS, W. M TVIEISEL, E R TVTENK, D F NTOAK, S T Moss, L NlX'ISON, W , JR CULLIZR, W. M LRTTO, C W. FATE, W T, PATTON, W C PAVELLE, j , JR PETTIT, j W , 'IR PILLAR, S QLIINN, 1 S REILLY, D., JR. REINSCHMIDT, W. REYNOLDS, L. RHOADS, W. W. ROCHE, R. F. RosE, E. R. SADLER, R. E. SCHEMI-P, L. F., JR SEIJAS, C. SMALL, W. F. SMITH, C. B. SMITH, C. W. SMITH, F. SMITH, R. H., IR. SORENSEN, F. Cv , I STACEY, E. R. STRICKLER, R. W. SWEETMAN, W. T TAYLOR, L. B , IR THAYER, W C THOMSON, N. W. TIERNAN, T. TIFFANY, C. TILLEs, H. 1. TURNER, S VANSlCKLE, R. VOLK, K. H WALLACE, D C. WELLINGS, T F., WELLS, D M WELSH, I., WENKE, R F WHITMIRE, D B. WIGGINS, B D. Woons, K WI-IYTE, H, E WINNERS-Class of1947 If nas Illsconsm Ulm ,Yau lu .1 mfs.: ln 111. uma 511:11 rugim' Pa It 'll'l1S10'll'fUr' 11611 LIDO .wllly lmlc lr'v'llu !+k'lLB1! +5 f, - K , . Kash Ind ,Vuzwf tzulcfqnlml lu .lwllff1lLr llplurjl' nur ,lrnlv .LHJ um L1lln1IL' 4f.'l Llllc v ,.,,..- ,. .- A 4..4..........-'F' i , -4. V il --1 -- r - ' -4. 3 ,- 1' ,-,.-,.f'1 017- A , ' -A . v'-A-. . ,,, . NAA, .Hag lclll xlrmv ll 5 11115 xprlwlg L 171 I April 6 April I0 April ll Apnl I7 April 10 April 24 Apnl 27 April 8 May II May I5 May IH May ll May li Mav 29 MW I june 10 April 27 April 4 May ll May I8 May Zi Mav Il .-lpnl 20 ,-lpnl 17 April 29 Apnl I Nlav 4 May II May I5 Mav I8 Nlav ZS Mu' Il Appl I7 Apr.: zo rlpnl Z4 Appl zv Apu: zu .l,...l 4 M... a M...- Q M... 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Lxxxxxxx ,, 1 1, -Q ' Y 6 , , ,. 13 ' 'T ' i ,Q 1 -161 Page Index Adams, A. E. , .. ,,.. .210 Adams, D. B .,., ,,....,.,,.. 5 8 Adams, D. F.. . .. .,134, 306, 374 Ael:1ms,F. M... .. ., .. .248, 401 Adams, R. M. . . .134, 367, 393, 425 Aelelman, j. L. . .. .,..,., ., 58 AiCltl1:n,W.j.,jr,... . .. 96 Alberts, C, D., . 43, 210 394 Albright, j. G. . . . 43. 55 All1:ndorf,C. K... . , . . 96, 301 Allspaw, R. L. .,.. . ..134 Amacker, Cv. A., jr. .,,, 134, 298, 325 Amelung, R. L. ., . ,.. .210 Amme, R. D.. . . ,172 Anderson, C. R. . .,., 172, 331 Anderson, j. L. .,., .,.,.. 1 35 Anderson, R. T .,.. 96 381, 382, 383, 401 Anderson, R. W. ...58, 302 Andrews, j. D . ..172, 321, 403 Ansel, D. D. . 49, 248, 351, 353 Appert, E. P. ... . .59, 334 Aprhorp, G. B, 59, 302, 353 Arguelles, j. R. 172 Atkinson, R. C. ,59 Aulzrey, V. K,, jr, ,. 248, 294, 334 Averill, F. S.. . . ., .96 Avery, A. W, .. 45, 135, 318 Ayers, j. F. . 210, 319 Bacon, F. M.. , 97, 325 Baer,j.,jr. 211 Bagley, XV. H, . 135, 402 Bagnall, R. S 59 Bailey, D, L 49, 248 Baker, R. N. 97, 293 Baldwin, B. R 173 Balfe, M. 60, 401 Ballje, E. j., jr. 60 Bandish, B. j. 97, 346, 352, 360, 387 Barker, R. N 44, 97, 390, 391 Barlow, A. H. F. 47, 173, 297 Barnard, R. E 98, 390, 391 Barnes, A. 15. 42, 43, 60, 419 Barnett, G. B.. 60, 298, 305 Barrell, F. Nl., jr, .45, 135 Barron, W. W. 55, 98, 336, 375 Barry, j. H,, 294 Bmsilius, P. F. 61 B.isk1n,j D., jr. '15, 136, 325, 303 Bart, C. G., jr. . 44, 98, 382, 401 Baxter, j. A. 211 Baylor, P. E 47, 173 Beam, P. E., jr. 136 Beane, E. R. 43, 61 Beauhien, R. 45, 136 Beelt, R. G. 136, 303, 346 Becken, B. A 98, 392 Becker, M, . 137, 367, 393 Bell, T. l. 26, 173 Bellan, j. A , jr. 99, 351 Benekart, W, E. 249 Bergman, R. D. 249, 554, 555, 568, 599 Bernier, R. R. 61, 326 Bertram, R. L. 137 Bettis, B. N, 40,-11, 174 Bilder, l,.. '19, 249, 420 211, 588, 339 Black, Nl. L. 137 B11h1,H.j. 157, 582 Blair, 1. W. 158, 298, 505 Blair, W. P. 41, 138 Blank, C, A. .99 Bimns, W. D. 61, 290, 525, 420, 422 Bloomliclt1,j S. .62 Blythe, W. E. ...,, . Booth, . Bouwman, F. G.. .250 Bowen,T.j .... . .. Bowdey, F. D .,.., . Bowen, j. W. .... . Bowes, j. C ...... 100, Bowling,C1. R., jr ,... ., Bowman, N. S... , Bradley, A. A.. ,. Bradshaw, F. Cr. Brady, R. C... .. Brandt, R., ., . Brassaw, L. L., jr. .. Brayton, j. S., jr. . . . Brenner, T. B.. Bridges, j. R., jr. . Brittain, T. B., jr.. . Brizzolam, L. Nl., jr, .250, Bromley, F. B. Brooke, R, . . . Broussard, G. K. Brower,j. A... . . Brown, B. B., jr. Brown, K. C,. . Brown, Brown, R. G.. . Brumhaugh, D. C. h4.B.,L.U 351, to First Class Photographs Brummer, W.. .38, 213, 295, 397 Brungot, G. O. R. Bryan, G. H., jr, Buntain, R. E. . Burgess, S. W. Burgoyne, T. j. Burkart, j, C.. Burke, j, A,. Burton, H. C. Burton, L. Cr., jr Butler, A. G., jr, Buxton, C. l., ll Byingtnn, W. G, Caine, A. D. Calisto, A. Nl. Callaway, j. D., jr Camphell, G. l. Csmphfil, rt. D Carlisle, C. S, Carlson, C Carnahan, R. H Carnes, N W. Carpenter, A, C. Carpenter, H. L. Carpenter, l.. F., Carpenter, W. C. Carr, F. R. Carroll, j. L. 214, Carter, j E., jr Case, E G. Cauidy, E. M, 177, Causev, C. W., jr Cecil, S. lVl. Cevallos, R. H. Chadwiek, D, -IS, 140, Chamberlain, R. E , jr. Chandler, D. E . . Chapman, j. H Child, A. L., lll Clayron,j W, Clement, M. R.,1f. 47. Cluhh, R. D. Cohean, W. R., jr. Crm, 14. 5. .99,566 582 . ..z11 405 .,41,99.396 .1o0,507,592 298,305 425 .. ..100 552,555 420 . . ...158 . . ..212 .. 42,100 .,101 212.556 212,386,387 .. . .62 ..250,425 174,352,399 . .101,302 47,174,420 289,516,527 . 43,62 , .158 250,401 .,47,174 175,289,375 139 . ,48,212 . 139 101,392 581,585, 101,291,327 .175,547 251,551,568 251,289 251,336 49,251 .102 62,525 175 252 , 252,551 65,295 63 213,382 49,252 45,159 175 .47,176 176 252,575 253,296 .44,102 213,353 213,336,400 47,176 . 253 584,586,401 176 102 419,420,421 159 140 177 298,505,599 253 102, 293 214 214,501,568 214,327 177,526,401 103.368 44,105,589 46,253,401 Coen, E. L ...... Cncrpcr, M. G .... . . Cofcr, j. P., jr. , . Cohoon, j. Cole. K. j. Collier, j. R.. -.45, 215. Collier, R, Collins, I. .. , .... 103, 399, Color, P. . ...., . , Colquhoun, R. G.. . . . . 46, 215, 254, 592. 424, 103, . 63, 569, . 40, 377, Conway, R. F.. . ..,. , . , Cook, E. L., jr ..,. , . .... ., Cook, W. .., .. .44, 104, Copenhaver, j. B., jr ..,..., ., . Coppcdge, j. O. ,. . . 178, 375, Corse,j.D.... Cowell, R. E,,. . Cowley, C. C... Crane, j. W., jr. Crane, R, T. . .,. Craven, j. B., jr.. Crawford, B. B. , . . . Creque, R. E. . Crocker, C. B., jr.. .,. Cross, j. R. , .... .,.. Crowe, W. j., jr. ...46, Crumpler, S. F.. . . . Cummings, C. W. . ., Cummings, R. E,, jr., Cummins, Cummins, Curran, W. D.'I'.. . , P.P. .. C ,... ,,,., Curry, H. L.. . 141, Cunin,L.j. ., ,.46 Curtis, H. L.,jr.. Dadisman, R. A. Dalton, H. Darby, C. Davenport, Davidson, Davidson, Davidson, Davis, R. Davis, R. Davis, T. Day, W. O. Deatherage, Deaton, F. B. R.. L. A. A. N. . . 1.8. . ,179 1.0. E. P. . F. .. 255, D. B.. . . A.5 . . 217, de Ganahl, j. A.. . DcLancy, H. Nl. Dempsey, . Dent, G. Nl. .... . Denton, 1. A.,jf. .. .256, 321, Depew, R, W,. .. Deramee, E. L , jr., . 142, Dew, C., j Dickson, r.. . G., jr, .. Diem, P. C, Dietrich, N. T., jr. D1f1endorfer,j. j. Dill, A. F. Dillen, W. R Dillman, j. R. DiS.1nto, j. V, Doe, W, C. 06666, 1. F, . . 180. Donaldson, C. E., lll , Donaldson, W. l Dnnoltugh, D. L, 44, 105, Doran, W, K.. Doughtery, W, R. . Douglass, W. M. Dowd, A. S. 462 215, 216, 178 216, 141, 104, 216 394, 255, 46, 327, 216, 345 336, 420, 375, 104, 180, .42 324 142 398 256 .40 140 363 351 .63 425 425 140 141 177 336 402 .64 424 215 379 390 390 178 254 104 254 369 254 178 .64 327 179 336 389 336 .64 141 395 369 .64 255 179 .65 65 142 424 65 65 295 .66 387 217 421 255 256 179 142 421 .66 376 , 66 399 217 291 105 66 105 67 67 .67 353 180 302 399 294 180 181 256 Doyle, j. H,, jr.. . ...U...U18L 400 Drago, j. V ........ 42, 43, 67, 298, 305 Dryer, H. Nl.. ,........,... .... 2 S7 Du1:1tett,j. P ..,.. .......... 4 8, 217, 103 Duden, H. R., jf ,... .145, 375, 378, 386, 394 Dunn, P. H. H.. jr ..............,, jg Duristan, T. S., ll .... .... 1 81, 313 Dup1ti1l,Nl., ll.. . ,,,, ,113 I9uvv.Nf-B441 . .,... 68 Eagle, N. .... ...,,,, , 157 Earl, j. E. .,..... .,,,, 4 3' 218 Eastman, R. E. .... ....,, 1 05 Edwards, H. L ..... ...... 6 8, 374 Edwards, R. J.. . ...,,.. 143, 574 Eisenman, E. j ...... ..., 2 18, 375, 394 Ekelund, K. O., jr... ......,,... ..181 Elefanre, F. L .,..,.... 68, 290, 326, 366 Ellis, S. S ...,.... ............... 1 43 Elmer, j. S .... . . .......... 257 Enright, R. E ...,. ...., 6 9, 42,2 Erbland, R. M. .... ,....... 2 18 Erickson, D. H .,,. ....,.,,,, 6 9 Estclman, H. . . . .42, 106,307 Evans, j. D., . . ......,,, ,106 Evans, S. j ..... ........ 1 43 Evans, W. B.. , . .......,, ,144 Everett, D. W. . ...,.,..... 106 Fairman, P, B. , . ..,.. 257, 299, 346 Fantozzi, D. W.. . .....,.... 219 Farley, j. E .... ,. . . .43, 69, 302 Farshing, D. D., jr. . . , .258, 425 Feeney, V. j .... , . . . .258, 387 Fellows, j. P.. ...1S2, 324 Ferris, W, G.. , ,,.,.. 258 Ferry, R. V, . . . .106 Finch, N. L, .,.,. . .182 Finneran, G... . . ..,.. 69 Fischer, D. w., , . . . 47, 182, 298 Fisher, j, R.. .... . . 219. 295, 327 FitzGerald, P. F.. .,..,. 144, 294, 425 Frm-711566, w. R.. .-18, 219, 368, 369, 419 Fjelsta, E .... .. . . .......... .182 Flanagan, j. P., jr. , . 40, 258, 368, 389 Fletcher, G. C. . . ......... .183 Fletcher, R. P., lll ........ 144 Forbes, H., jr.. ..,.,.,.,. 183 Ford, G. W., jr.. . . . . .42, 107, 402 Frolenza, V. A.. . .,..,..,.,.,.. .144 Forstholf, W. E... . 185, 368, 382, 424 Fortson, T. E .... ........ 1 45, 387 Foster, W. L ..,, ,.. . .,,... . .259 Fowler, Cx. O., jr. . .70, 298, 299 Foy, W. H., jr... ....,, , .183 Frankel, A. j ..,, , .. , . .70 Frazier, T. W. . ..,. 107 Frcclriclts, R. E.,, ,.,,.. 107, 392 Frcneh, E. D. . , .... 219, 389 Fritz, E. S.. . . . .220, 336, 374 Froclt. S. E. . , . , , .259, 351, 359, 360 Gaddis, P. O. . 259, 327, 345, 351, 358. 359, 360 Gallagher, F. ,. . .. . . . . ,107 Gsllup, A. C. .... 220, 392 Gantt, j. D. ,...,.. 259 Gardiner, R. S.. . . .1.08, 327 Gardner, D. L. . . . .44, 108 Gardner, j. S. ....... 260 Cary, s. P. . ..,. 220, 336 Gatewood, R, P. .,,.,.., 260, 316 Gay, W. W.. .. . ,260, 399,425 Geary, j. T.. .. .44, 108, 345 . ,70 Gehring, R. L. George, R. M.. . .. . . . . ,108 Gcorgrn, W. M. ,,,145. 302 Garmin, M. H, . ,A,,, 269 Gcrzh, R. S. ,,,, 4A4,. Z 51 Gibson, 1. M. , ..,.,..... ..... I 09 Gibson, M. M., .,... 44, 261, aaz, 101 Giles. R, S. ...., . . . ,,,,, 46, 134 Gilman, D. EM , ..,.. ,.,, , 184 Glzdding, R. M... .,..... ..., , 184 Gltcklcr. D ,..,.. . , 120, 298, 305, 382 Glisson, C. O., Ir. , ......,. 221,392 Gokty, N. W,, III ..,. 109, 291. 368, 400 Goldsborough, R. R., jr. ,,,,, 71 Gower, R. F. ..,.. . ... A ,ZZL 336 Graham, F. A.,1r. .,.. ,,., 2 61 Graham, W. G.. ,..... ,..,, 1 45 Granat, W. T. G. .... 48, 221. 325, 326, 359, 360 Gr:mz,W.j. ,,,,,14S Grantham, D. D... . .... 184, 424 Greene, O., Ir ,.... , 146, 388, 389 Grier, B. H ..,... ., ,.14s,-120,421 Grimn, J. W. . ..., ..... 4 4, 109 Grimcs, W. E .... , MS, 3 382, 383 Grimslcy, R. j., ..... , .... 109 Gronfein, 1. M.. .,.., . . . 184 Groovcr, R. O.,1r ..... , .. .,.. .146 Grove, G. S.. . .,.... 71, 290, 382, 401 Guertin, I.. HH , , , .4Z, 43, 71, 334 Guild, 1. N .,,.. . , ZZI Guillen, E. C., jr. , , ..... .ZZZ Gygax, R.. , . H, ,Z61, zs9 Haddcn, R. B,. . . 47 135, 331 Haggerty, D. W., , ,.. . 147 Haizlip, W., ju.. . ,, .. 262 Hall, 1. F. .... ....,... I 47 Hall, W. D.. ., ..... 185 349, 381 Hallett, O. S.. 110, 308 374, 390 Hancock, D. L, , . 71, 326, 393 Haney, R. G. ,. .72 Hannigan, J. W. ..,. 45, 147 Hanson, E. G. . . . . ZZI, 401 Hnrbarger, W. Bu IL, .49, Z6Z, 316, 351 Harris, T ...... . , .... ZZZ 364, 368 Harris, Wm. Lawrence, Ir. , .,... ZZZ Harsha, I. B... .., .,. 262, 425 Harrigan, T, L ..., ,. .... .185 Hartman, W. R .... , . .147 363, 402 Hartmann, L. M. . . HO, 299, 336 Hcxrrzell, E. K,, Ir.. , , . HO, 402 Hatch, j. C, 143. 366 Hathway, D. L. V 135 Hawley, G. N. , . . 186 Hays, S. T., Ir., V- 162 Hume, W. G, . 223 Hedrick, G. F,, jr, , V ,223 Hccrwagcn, W. R. 72, 298, 300, 401, 419 Hcmmgcr, H. G., jr, , 135 Heller, N. ,, V f f 223 Hammer, E. H. , '45 148. 393 Hgmy' E, M, 44, 110, 321, 368 Hsnzal, C. A. H3 Hcrnck, R. A , H8 Heftel, C. A. , Z?-3 Hartzog, F. C.,1r. 136 Hess, L. E., jr. 224. 399 Hewerr, P. N. 41- ZZ4 Hill, E, C,, . 263-197 Hull, E, R.,1f.. - 263 Hull, j. M., jr. 45- H9 Hill, j. W. 25- 263 Hindnun, W, L. f H9 Page Index to First Class Photographs Hink1c,W.L.., . ..... ...,..149 Hirsch, R. G. .... .... 1 87, 325, 360 Hodder, A, l.. jr. ,,..,, ,,,, 2 24 Hoefcr, B. R.. , . ....... , .72 Hofman. L. C., jr. ., . H187 Holticld, A. W., jf, ,,,.,,,, VUZ2Q Holland, A. C. ................ 187 Hollis, D. L, Jr ....... 71, 371. 397, 395 Hollycr, R. S.. 187, 327, 323, 419, 420. 421, 422 Hooper, E. M. ..... ,,. .lll. 398 399 Horner, R. R., jr... ,. , ,-19, 263 Hon-s:,l. A. ..... ,. M225 Hosking, G. W. .,.. ,. ,149 Houck. D. F. .... , . ,. ZZ5 401 Houghlon, R. B, . ,,,188, 301 368 Housc, F. T., jr. ....... . ,, ,4 M73 Howard, R. P,, jr. ........... .264 Howard, T. R. , 47, 49, ISS, 302 399 Howe, R. E. ,. ., ., .73 397 Huhhs. D. B. ,. ., ,,..73 Hudncr, T. j., jr. . 264 397 401 Huggins, C. B, . 188 Hughcs, T., jr, 150 Hunrcr, P. F., Ill ,. . 111 Houston, R. R., Ir.,, .... H188 lllingworth, j. E. , , 48 ZZS 323 jackson, T. E. . . V , ,264 jacomini, O. I. . , 264 jahanrul. W.. ill 1amcson,I. N. .73 jcffs, C. R., jr. Hi 402 jenkins, R. T. 265, 375 378 1cnning5, V. H., jr. ., ZZ5 399 luster, M. H. L. 48, 226 397 jewurt, F. F., ll 189 302 lux, D. R, . 226. 327 johnson, B., Ill. , ZZ6 336 johnson, L. F., Ir. ,..1lZ johnson, R. C. 265 397 johnson, T. R., jr. 265 306 johnson, W. B, -19, 265 382 -101 johnson, W. F,. . LZ6 johnson, Walter M., jr.. 189 32.7 johnson, William M,, Ir, 26, ZZ7 lnhnsron, j. W. , . ,150 Jones, A. T. A 189, an jones, j. B., jr, , 42, 150 387 jons, j. F.. . 189 jones, R. S. , ill jesse, T. R., V . . 190 joy, C. T,, jf, zzv, 353, 361, 390 391 Ioycc, H. H. j. Z66, 307 Karlowicz, M. l, , . V 190 Kash, W. B 112, 396, 397 Kaska, E. F. ,191 Kearney, S. D ZZ7, 305, 328 Keanng, R. B. ill Kcuh, F. L. 113, 300, 326 Kcllchcr, W, T 74 Keller, H. S. 150 Kellogg, D. L, 74 Kcnr, William Richard 190 Kern. G. A , Ir, 71366, 393 Kxdduzr, L. B. 1-271 351 Kiddou, K. R, 151, 301. 355, 359, 368 Kuchl, E. H 74 Kxng, O D., jr. 113. 333 Kmgsbury, S. A. 113, 198, 305 Kmsu, R. H,, jr 190 Knrk, G. G. E, 151. 332 Kirkpatrick, j 266, 7.89, 351, 395 Knscr, C A, ZZ8, 375, 379 Knaebel, W. E., ,., . .113 Kochis, P. C .... . . 191 Kerb. F.J,, . . , 191 Kovacs. I.. . , .... . .191 Krstich, W. , 128. 352, 399 Kwan, P.. . . . 192 Lagcn, W. S.. . .. . . ,,,75 LaH:nyv:, I. D ..... .... 4 4. IH, 391 Lairncr, H. L, . .151 Lakty, K. G. .... . , . .151 Lampnun, W. K., , ,75 Land, N. BM . 114, 351 Landcs, j. C., jr. . . .. 192, 307 Langford, j. D. . , .ZZ8, 316 Laning, G. H .... . 47, 192 Larcombc, H. N , jr. 191 Larkin, G. M., jr. l26 Lar:.alcrv:. C. R. 11-I Lavtllt, W. Nl. H4, 351, NSU, .366 Lawltr, E. P 116, 306, 327, 336, -119 Laws, R. . 75, 298, 305 Layscr, R. G ..... L29 LcBrcmn, A. L., Ir, 152 Lcddick, R. S. -M, -I6, 103 Lee, R. E. 219 Lccxc, N. E. , 11.9, 302 L:Fcvcr, A. E 152 Lenihan, j. E 115,316,575 Lcwis,j.C.. ,152 Lilly, R. 0.1, .-Ls, vs Lmdtr, I. XV '18, 230, 37-I, .390 Lnpperl, W. R HS, -Ili Lippmum, E. R nw, 101, 361419,-110. 421 Lloyd, R. E.. . 76, 317 Logmn, j. A, ll. 76 Longmunr, E, B., Jr 76 Lopcr, O. j. ,76 Lorcnz, j. D. 101, 36.1 Lowell, P. DW Ir., -IB, L30, JM Lundncn, H. M ,lr 230 Lusk, K, A.. 41,166 Lulkcn, D. C, 115 Lynn, R. Dawson IIS, .lil Lyons, I. T., jr Z66, .551 Mmhunty, D. R, H 46, 193, 302, 3.34, 335 Mmugos, G. 150 March, G. P. Ili, -HW Mmrckcmnn, L. A 151 Mmrmer, R. A 77. 174,411 Mntoustk, L. A 48 131, 114136, 381. 583 Musdcn, F. j., jr 153 Marshall, F, D 45, 153 Marshall, j, F 153 M1run,B -17, N-1,292 Marun, F V. 167, 425 Marvin, S, D. 167, SSI, 191 Malhls, E,T,11 ll6, 36-L 368, 401 Nlnuhcws, H L , jr 267, Z97, 305, 336, .565 Murlxcws, P Y , jr 77 M.uul.x, V G 155 MN, H W 41, 116, ww Mmxheld, A, F 231, 359, 360 Maxon, I B 'F'-167 Nhxson, P. B 19" Mlycr, D R 154 382, ass. wo. 191 Maynard, A L. 77. 550 McClellan, H M. W4 McCorn1.nck, E j , Ir UH, 514, 563 McCormack, D W 155- 'WU 463 McCosluic. D. A. . Mccurley. E. P. McDonald, H. E, McDonald. T. O. McDonald. W. L. McDougal. R. H. Mcfaauy, j. F., jr. McGce, 1, 1. , McG:hcc, E, S.. McGr:lil. A. F., jr. . McC1r.nh, j. W., lr, McGunc, L. C Mclicnzuc, j. F Mcliir. j. G. McKinl:y, WH N1cKlnnty, R. H. NlcL.mghlm, W E ,jr Mclxod, M. M. McMullcxl, F. D , jr McN1uvr.ly. P McNm, R B McNeil, R. D. McNulty, S , jr Mcl'addcn, G, If ll McP:ml.xnd, j. F McVcy, D. C, R. Mcl'.urllmnd, C Mcgmmxs, W, M Mcncl, E. ll, McIcskv,I H -IS 372, 382, -lOl Mcnk, D. E Mcrmg, R D , jr Munir, M P Mcmll, li, S , jr Mct:cl,j C., jr Mcrzgur, I, W N1ryrr,E B Nlnddlclun, A ll Muller, I' U -Il Mnllmgmn,1 H Nllnnr. Il H Nhlclwll. R , jr Mnwmk, S T Munn, A W , lr M-myprny, K I3 , jr Muon, R, F , Mnurc. C M Moors, H I7 Nlurnsx,I 11 , jf M.m,1 L. Mnylc, W 6,11 Muucnc, M O N1unmkhuysrn,H F Mur.lxnSk1x,W A lx1...,-nw, n 1 Murphy, W ll Muruv, D S Niuruy, K A N1uruy.S ll Mushnlm, C ,I Myursnmlx, IE j N.xpmr.l1 D Nnhm, l'. R Nnlu.nIsun,I I' Nuhmnlx-1n,j H Nncdfcldr, l, A Numr:,C C Nnmnks, A U , I' N.v.,..,., xv , jf Nurdlwug, ll W' Nuwlln, D NWN1 1 ls-1, sw, 1, 46. zu 1. 46, us, 4-i, z6s,' 154. , 155. , A fia, mi, ici. 4u, iso, Ars, nu. 71375, ns, z.xz,,xu1 isa ws 111382, lsr, sm, 117 zu nv, wx, :sr na, us sw, mn ns, xra -as us P154 500 IST lm, ww mf., sm ISS 1-ax, us, nm, lax, aw -ll T41 no, ms iw, 41 zu sza, sw, 425 154 296 1.98 365 231 , 7 7 193 168 368 I SS 260 . 78 .N-I .387 l S 5 260 1 SS I 56 386 l 56 300 I l 7 517 160 J l 8 l 56 387 KH 3 H68 , H87 L70 l7ll I IT NU ,SUS H211 105 H63 Ni H60 l 32 Wh Z H V16 BNI X07 270 N6 586 IW1 Z N Z 5 1 I IH 352 X01 LT I Z H Nh 78 WZ SNL Z 'H 'NH N 5 531 I S0 70 W0 l I0 Z H H6 O'Bricn, H, W., jr. . .79 O'Callagl1an, E. W., . .40, 79, 306, 390, 391. O'Conncll, T. j. ., .159 Odgcrs, R. E. . 196, 352 Ogden, S, B., jr ,271 Olivcr, B. j. .,. .119 Ollrr, W. M. 160, 392 O'NciIl, j. j., jr. , .,.. 271 Orturay, j., jr. .45, 160, 425 O'Shca, R, j, , . 235 Osrcrtag, C. j . jr , 47, 197, 289 Otto, C. W 48, 235, 393, 424, 425 Otto, R F., , .160 Owen, F. T., jr ,160 Ozimck, l, F ., 45,161 1'.1r1:cr, D, 43, 80, 400 l'.ir1trr, R I' 272 Parc, W 'I',, jr 80, 400 Patron, W C 47, 197 l'.ivt'llv, j j ,jr 80, 390 1'r:.icor:l., A. j ,jr. 235 1't'.lrsnn, Ll. R Nl 161 Pcnisron, R. C 197 Purriclr, R, j, 271 Peterson, William S . .197, 425 Pcttut, j. W., jr .19B, 375, 397 Piclttrt, A, j , jr ,119 Pillar, S, A 198 l"llcl1tr,G W, ,... 235 Pitz, O. Cr., jr , 272, 296 Plrnc, 1, E. . 216, am, 327 l'trll0Cl1, C. 11 ,jr 43, 80 Fomvroy, L, K ,jr , .119 P-rpu,j 11. . . 236 l'ortrr, W R, 120, 305, 420, 421 Portz, K. E, , . 120 Powull, W C., jr. 161, 393 Powrr, F. j. 272, 298 l'own.ill,j H 161 Pownall, T G 236 l'rclin, l,,, jr - 120 12yl1L.is, R H 81, 298, .105 Q-------,1 S rm, 107, 187 Rac, W, C ,jr , 81 R.x1tcrv,j, j , 43,151,368 Rairrnrc, W. O , jr 272, 351 Rainwatcr, R S , jr 236, 139 Rallrlmnc, H I4 81, 382 Rc.:-ldy, lf j 27'- Rcrd, 1, D 271 Rcu1.lt'r,W' C 162 Rugan, NN 1' 271 Reilly, j D ,jr 271, 351, 392, -125 Rcirrsclrinidr, XV S 41, 82, 397 Rtrincr, C j ,jr 82 Rrnz, l T 47, 198, 301 R.-t, 1 I- 121 Rcytrolt, 11 1 ,jr 274 Rrvimltls, j L 162, 382, 393, 402 Rlroads, W W S2 Ritlurtls, L3 1' , jr 27-1 Richards, j l'. M , 11 162, 209 Rlclitcr, A j 46, 237 382, 199 111-li1w.tv, W' G '19, 274 Rlluy, Li lj , jr 217 416, 327 Rllrvr, 1, V ,jr 45, 162 295, 305 Rolrlmrs, A D 198 Rolrlunx, 1: 11 -IS, 217 Page Index to First Class Photographs Rnhcrrson, A. W., jr. 40 199 Rohcrtson, j. F.. jr. .... 163 Rolrinson, K, M, . , . .40 199 Rorlxc, R. F. 42, 43, 83, 306 399 Rockwood, C. R, ,.,, 199 Rodcs, N. G., jr. 199 363 Rodgers, H. P., jr. ,. .83 Rogers, D, Ca.. . 163 Rogers, W. H. .83 402 Rumarowslti, L A , jr. 163 Rosc, D. j , . 274 Rnsu, E. R, 275 308 Rnsc, V. D,, jr . 121 Rossi, L. 12. 83 290 Roth, E. S. . 163 375 Rumlwlr, D 200, 331, 366 369 401 Ruppul, H. D 164, 325 126 336 Rushcr, A H . 200 Russllll, L, H 44, 121 168 420 Russvll, W N1 164 298, 402 Sachsc, F C , jr . . 237 Spitllcr, R. E , jr 84 400 Sanchez, B.. 44, 121 425 Sandcrs, William T,, jr . . .84 Sanders, Wilton T , jr , 84 393 Sansom, A, R. . . 122 353 Savagc, R A. 238 Schaefer, W, M. .,275 Schafer, j. 8. , . ..42, 84 Schcidcnhclm, R, 200, 302 Schtmpp, L. F., jr , .85 Schenk, R. E. .85 Sclullcr, S. j. 200 Schnorr, C. H , jr. , 164 Schnn1.1lacr,j. A. . ,.. 122 Schuman, C. M., jr, 164, 334, 366 Sthultnccht, A. R 43, 85, 374 Sclrulcr, F. R. , 122 Nliwartz, R. E. 201, 295, 308, 325, 326, 359, 360, 375, 420 Scolcs, E A. ., 85, 387 Scott, R. L. . 201, 352 Sturlo-ik, XV. l,, 238 Scars, K, l'., .,, 275 Scijas, j, C .,..,., .165, 392 Shaddcau, C. H., jr 201, 374 Shaver, D l'. , . 201 Shaw, E. A 122, 425 Shrldon, Cr. M. , 238, 302, 392 Slwlton, 12, 86, 353, 359, 326 Shruld, D. 1,, 123 Slmcy, C M, 275 Srtldons, R j. 202, 401 S-.lr-1, A B , jf sa Simpith, XV Nl 86 Sisson, l, ll '12, 86, 327, -125 Sisro, 1' ,jr - 165 Srrz, R W 49, 276 Skiruicr, D li, 87 Slo.-ri, R W 123 sl.-.---, W D , 1- aes, 31--4 sl-------, C E. 12.1, ,ns s---.-11, w 17 46, 2112, 296, 3:45 Smith, B F., jr S7 Smith, C B 276, 368, 375, 379 Smith, C XX' 123, 390, 391 Smith, 1' B 165, 386 Smith, 1' j 166, 387 Smitlr, G 1' , jr 87 302 S--in-,1.c. ,f 276 Smith, P. C., jr.. -f - 276 Smith, R, H,, jr. 277- 402 Smith, R. S.. . -7 -- 202 Smith, Stanford S. 277. 298- 359 Smith, Stuart S, - 124- 382 Smith, T. W. - - 202 Smith, W. C. - 124- 399 Smith, W. S, , 155. 393 Snead, L, A. 133 Snyder, E, 49- 277 Snyder, j. Cr. . . 203- 328 Sorenson, F, Cr,, jr. .277, 337, 377, 397 Southwell, R. B. . , 203 Sowell, R, j. 239 Spahr, A. G. A 44, 124, 394 Spencer, W. A, .. .87 Spnnlstra, P, C. , . - 239 Stacey, F. R., 124, 392, 401 s-sm--ti, L, Q11-, 203, 292 Stagg, j. B -33 Stanlcy, H, L, 125 Stcgman, R. S. 166 Stclolf, A. S. . . 278 Stcphcns, j. T, . .48, 239 Stcvcns, G. C. .. .,.,, .,.. . 88, 401 Stevens, j. M. .,.43, 88, 325, 327, 365 St, Gcorgc, W. R. , 48, 239, 327 Stockdale, j. B. 278, 327 Stone, F, K, 240, 399 Stone, j. H,, jr.. ,.. 125 Stone, R. S. .. .88 Strickland, j. A. . . . 203 Stricltlcr, R, W, 204, 397 Strott, G. Cr ,,.. .49, 278 Sluhldrehcr, j, K. . ., 240, 316 Sullivan, j. M. 240, 314, 316 Sutliff, K. R. .46, 278 Suttlcs, T. E,, jr, . .89 Sweetman, W. T. .,. 204 Swtnsnn, D 279, 296 Switzer, j. L. .. 240 Talcutt, G. 1' , . 125, 322 Tangncy, j, F. 45, 166, 295, 302 Tate, Cr. S., jr. .. ,.. 125 Taylor, L. 13, jr 279, 290 Taylor, R. H, , . . 167 Tcaslcy, W A ,jr 89, 401 Tr-ly, T. R. . 279 Tcppcr, L A. 126 291 ThayU,VV,C. 89,394,395 Thicnpnnt, F, R 204 Thomas, E YV 48, 241 Thompson, j C , , 241 Thompson, R W 241 316, 320 Thrxmpsirn, W F 43, S9 Th.-----.---, N, W 167 390 Thornton, L, , , , Z0-1 Thurtcll, 1' A, 241 301, 425 Tillman, T j 279, 327, 358 360, 398 Til1any,C C 49, 280 298 305 Trllcs, H 1 . '18 242 360 Toll, D. R 45 167 360 Tomlinson, E B ,jr , 126 T--nh-ll, D, L, -iz 126 Towncs, j, W ,jr M116 Triclnsy, li. N 117 322 Tuckcr, R. M. 167 400 TUPPU- K 5 , lf ,. zso -164 Turnagc, R. E. .., Turner, j. C., Turner, S.. , . . Turnicr, j. C. Umbcl, R. P.. Urrangst, H. S. Updikc, A. j., .-14, Urban. j. S ..... ,...,.... . VanMatcr, P. R., jr .,,.,.. VanOsdnl, R. C. VanSicklc, R. , , . , 345, VanVclzcr, j. B. . . 205, 308, 363 Vinny, 1, . , Volk, K. H.. .. ..,.. 44, von Gerichtcn, R. L, ....,. iid, .40. von Schrader, C. L. ..169, 402, Vosc,F.H.E. .. . ,, Walker, j. W, Wallace, D. C,, jr.,, . .242, Wallcr, T. C., jr. Warliclt, W. P... , Warren, H. L., jr, Watkins, H., jr, , Watts, T. F, Weary, P.. .,, , Wcavet, A. V., jr ....,.... Weber, K. j ..... .,.. 1 28, Wccd, D,, jr., .... ,. Weinstein, j. W., Wuiss, H. A., Weiss, H, R ..... . Wellings, T. F., jr. ,. Wells, D. M. , . . Wells, j. W. , , Wells, R. C, . Welsh, L ,... , . 129 Welt, D. D.. . . W1:nger,D.B, . ., Wcnltc, R. F. . Werner, T, N. . White, B. P .... . . , Whrttgivcr, R, B., 11 Whitmirc, D. B. . Whittle, H. D., jr... Whyte,l'1.E.,. Wiggins, B. D. . Wilder, H, L., . Williams, B. D., jr. Williams, H. A, Williams, j. C. , Williams, j. Cr., jr Williams, j. L,, jr Willian1s, T, C, Wilmoth, P, C Wilson, B., Wilson, j. R, Wilson, Wilson, Winans, L. L Wisc, R. W. Wood, E, Cr.. . Woodru11, 17. E., jr, Woods, K, . . Working, P. L Yates, W. N. Ycatman, R. P. Young, L. R. Yucnglmg, D. j Zcnncr, P., IV R. H. V. M. 327 , 127, 375 , . .ss, 90 . Miss . . . .127 . . . .zos . . . .127 . . Az, so rss, 399 , . . . . isa .242, 392 396, 397 . . . .zso 332, asa isa, soo -izo, 421 . . . ..2os . . . . .90 375, 401 . . . . .izs izs, sos . ..-14, ,....,,-49, ...43-,91, 280 399 ,.,..,,169 ........281 ....z43,291 303,325,326 ....205,420 , ......... 129 ...206,32S,347 U....47,206 .,...9i,4oz ,. ,43,91,399 , .......,.,,.. 91 ..,,........,.1z9 .29s,3os,3z2,4o3 . ,.,.. 129,322 281,420,374 ..z43,339,3sz . .,. ......z43 ,. ,,92,317 .....1ao ...41,zos ,...244,375 .,.43,92,39z .,..13o,394 .....,.zs1 ..2os,3o1 . ,,z44,339 ,.,, .....281 282,296,394 , .,.,,,. 169 ...42,169 . . ,.... zsz . .,...... 49,282 244,419 420,421 , .,.,...... 244 . , 130 358,360 ..,..42,13o ,131,35Z . . .,.151 , . .. 92 ...24s.394 47,207,352 , ,,.. 92 . . ...zsz ,,.245,323 ..47,zo7 ,i31,z99 1947 LUCKY BAG EDITORIAL STAFF E. M. CASSlDY, Editor E. R. LIPPMAN M ' ' . - - , anagmg Editor R. WILSON, Asaocmte Editor R. S. HOLLYER, Photo Aldlltlgff PLEBE YEAR YOUNGSTER YEAR FIRST CLASS YEAR BIOGRAPHY PHOTOGRAPHY l A Denton,'47, Editor D. B. Wenger, '47, Edimr I C. Bowes, '47, Edunr L Bildgy' '47, E,f,,,,,. px E Enright 147 Edna' B. I Conroy, 48-A H. U. Martin, '48-B I C. SnYder. '47 A Frankel, '47 W. D. Blcvinh, l D WW'-L '47 C. W Frcnch, '48-B F W Mcvcrv, '4SfB SPORTS ART COPY ENGRAVING R D Huntington, '48 B L. H. Russell, '47, Editor R, E. Schwartz, '47, Editor T. B. Brittain, '47, R W Bates, '43.B' T N johnson, '49 R. l. Cvornilc, '48fB T. C. Waller, '47 Copy .lviavmgtr ,wmwgg T. P. McGinnis, '49 G. A. Prince, '49 R. S Brunson, '48-B, D A. Cvairing, '49 Office Manager I A4 Dickson' '49 Q W. Wagonheld, '48-B C H Brown, '48-A R. R. Reim, '49 R Nl. Crhormlcy, '49 ADVERTISING C L. von Schrader, '47, Manager W, C. Brewer, '48-A W. S Guthrie, '49 j R. Hickman, '49 I McKenzie, '49 C C Norman, '40 OFFICE W R Dillon, '47 D l. Shield, '47 R Crispin, '48-A CIRCULATION B H Cxrier, '47, Nfartagcr F A Deaton, '47, Brigade circulation R. A Marmel, '47, Outside circulation BUSINESS STAFF W. R. PORTER, Business .Manager P F Bnsilrus, '47, REPRESENTATIVES First Barr ll B Stagg, '47, First Co O A Kam, '47, Second Co ll B Dillman, '47. Third Cn R R Cvoldsborough, '47 Fourr Cn , h H W lVl.xw, '47, Second Barr B A Bcclcon, '47, Fifth Co E T Mathis. '47, Sixth Co W E Kmchcl, '47, Scvcnth Co B l Oliver, '47, Eighth Co, W M. Ollcr, '47, Third Batt D Cv. Rogers, '47, Ninth Co S Cv lVlurr:iv, '47, Tenth Cu C R M Pearson. '47, Eleventh Co R P Fletcher, '47, Twelfth C0 465 l R Morriss, '47, Fourth Batt W H Foy, '47, Thirtccnth Co T S Dunsun, '47, Fnurrccnrh Cu l. Carlson, '47, Frfrccnrh Cu R Schcidcnhclm, '47, Sixrccnrh Cu G D Rrlcv, '47, Fifth Bur l" N Hcwitr, '47, Suvcntccnrh Co I F l3.irl, '47, Frghlucnrlm Cn I C Nluizul. '47, Nmcrccnrh Cu F Cs Hmnwn, '47, Twuntuzrh Cn R D llcrgman, '47, Twcnty fourth Cn Sixth Bn: D W lVlcCorm.xclr, '4'. Twmlv 'TN fl' ll R Hill, '47, Twcnlv Nuronil Co F S McCrchce, '47, Twenty-rhiril Cn our is extended to all those in and outside the Academy who have made this hook. Especial thanks is offered to Vffe Admiral Aubrey F itCl1, SUPUinfendem1 and Rear Admiral Ingersoll, Commandant of Midshipmen, for their spirit of cooperation toward this hook, our Class, and this Academy . . . to our Captain, Harold Hemfng, whose understanding, cooperation, and support as Officer-Representative steaclied our course . . . to Harry Lavelle of the Thomsen-EllisfHutton Company for immeasur- able aid in meeting the practical problems of printing a LUCKY BAG . . . to Peter Gurwif of the jahn and Ollier Engraving Company for his transformation of our ideas into copper and :inc . , , to Max Marin of Merin Studios and Charlie Moulder for their quiet li hi f mnshi . . . no Michael C. Krasner persistence toward maintaining the highest p otograp ic cra tsi p for his determination in directing our advertising program . . . to Mrs. Evelyn Bodine whose talents made our scribbling art . . . to Captain Quackgnbush, former Chief, photographic division, Bureau of Aeronautics, and to the Ofhce of Puhlic Relations, Navy Department, whose photographs gave these pages professional realism . , , to the National Publishing Company for a cover to put our book in . . . to Josgf for his intense personal interest . , , to Republic Steel Corporation Whose photograph of the electric furnace introduces the biographies . . . to the Omcgys the Naval Academy for their willing assistance , . , to the Company Representatives for their invaluable cooperation, perseverance, and industry f... and to the Brigade of MidSilip1nCI1, whose story lives in these pages. 466 TO THE ADVERTISERS WHOSE CONSIDERATION AND CONTRIBUTION TOWARD THE SUCCESS OF THIS BOOK WARRANTS AND RECEIVES OUR MOST SINCERE THANKS 46 The "Ship," an entity of steel and men . . . product of shipyard and "The Yardn . . . fashioned by countless tests, trials, exams, and week-ends . . . proud addition to a great Fleet. TI hc I947 Lucky Bug, .1 unity of mind, material, and purpose. , product of publisher and manufacturer alike . . . developed from .1 welter of ideas, designs and layouts , . . a monument to the ability ol. its tireless stafI and to the craftsmanship of its printer , . . together they made it live . . . .1 hook worthy of the best traditions of thc Academy it portrays. N f Thomsen Ellis Hutton Cu. fridemar 418 WATER STREET AT GAY WOOLWORTH BUILDING BALTIMORE 2, MARYLAND NEW YORK 7 N Y CATALOGS f ADVERTISING LITERATURE f YEARBOOKS Printers of the 1947 Lucky Bag 468 EBI ST IJIUS Spvviuliwtf in Xvurlmulx Plmlugrupln. Prmisling lligln-fl Quality XY0l'klllllllhllilI mul lifliw-in-all S1-:win-v for Nlum 1,llt5tilllllillg S1'IIOUl5ilIl1I tiullvgq-5 X l'ill'lN. Dacia, !9A0f0gra!o em T1 D THIS 1947 lUlfKY BAG Portrait- of all Firfl 1:IllF5lll4'll 'xlllN'ilI'IIlg In thu, I,IllDIl1'lllIUIl Huw BVVII P11111-1l Ull Fill' in tylll' Sllleliow. . ,,. I :mal 4-un lu- Ilnllnlwaltml ul Km Inm- fm' l,1'l'rUll2ll l we-. Write- nr Hull I5 for FllI'lIl4'l' lnfurmuliml. Fi? llllll Chestnut Slime! Philmlulpllial Y, I'unlm 19744 Q57 L uw I L r as N f 0 olllsn ENICR fr ' ' 11 r -X , , wig X: f 1 f ., ' ilJHU7!DPTi'.L'l 4' ,L E g , LLL, ,V Y 'Inna ,fr L wp :Ex fi gp' Ib I' lyme x v ' x Q0 ' J "JAHN S OLLIER GAI " T116 slogan tiiat's lmaclzecl by genuine goodness in quality and service, time result of 413 years successful experience in time yearlioolz fielcl. We fincl real satisfaction in pleasing you, the year- imoolz puimlisiier, as well as your photographer and your printer. JAHN S OLLIER ENGRAVING Makers of Fine Printing Plates for Black or Color Commercial Artists - Photographers 8I7 W. WASHINGTON BLVD., CHICAGO 7, ILL. 470 a :W 'w 'Q P 'J ,f I, .X 1 AM Q2 Fl j f' ,fi X MLA- Q K V N-xx Q s '," i 5'. ' gk- I 1' INER THINGS X fi' flnzxxx A f N V, ., -I r l, fx 4, W '!, , 1' 'I 21!!U'P'f f, r 1,3 A-1' x X. n D Sgj 0 iw' win 6,015 ff V6 wmv ? ' W 4. 7 X gi N M W IJI-'li . . A- w .yjfzii Q 5, ku 'ff xy I . 5' WL A -' ' XV Z :af I fa f N Q' ' fa - Q ' 1 Ri . , I :?' X21 C+" i f : 72 3 Q1 Lf? m .. ' W - 5 p A . ers f V :Q-?l'n5 . 'fn e 'Q KEEP UP G G VY IT I-I 1 1 fi: ,ef F F' r -at nit MOVIES TONIGHT! They'll never forget if! One thing the boys will remember and it's the one thing of which we're most proud-the motion picture industry's free movies over- seas. Every day 1,822,000 service personnel were the guests ofthe film industry at 5,589 separate screenings the world over. More than 38,500 feature Hlm prints were contributed, representing 983 different feature productions, plus 31,500 short subjects. The motion picture industry shared the nati0n's praise for many war activities, but its greatest pride was in this film program, that brought to our loved ones overseas a welcome touch of home. ir Columbia Pictures Corp. ' Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Pictures - Paramount Pictures, Inc. - RKO-Radio Pictures, Inc. Twentieth Century-Fox Film Corp, - United Artists Corp, - Universal Pictures Co., Inc. ' Warner Bros. Pictures, Inc. 472 t1 F l TIFFANY FF Co. JEWFLFRS SILVERSMITHS STATIONERS A THE NA VYYXZJ1' llzaffytqf'f1c'l71l1b11.a ,l?1L1ffe1z0w11 Mr' firm 0,l'UFEf1NY df U2 11111111110 flPl'0QfZLfl'!f 171 M4 llll'lTA1IlllAL1l' CIIYIIZWKPAUZZI fAF,JlIlllL?f MW Jkllllklflll of fNTEGl?lTY1uul 0lMZlTY'M11lF1ln My A011796 fy ' 71115 5213 VIIZ' FIFTH AVENUE sf 57111 STREET NFW YORK 22, NX 473 A PROUD RECORD The men of America's submarine service accounted for more than 507: of all lap ships sunk during World War II. By sinking 1750 ot Iapan's best merchant vessels, U. S. subs, most ot them EBCO-built, cut the lifeline of the Empire, isolated the home islands and hastened Victory. In addition, our submariners supplied and reinforced Philippine guerillas, and rescued 504 Allied aviators shot down in enemy controlled waters. ELCO PTs, lastest combat vessels in the war, thrilled millions with their daring mile a-minute tactics, so successful against lap ships of all types and sizes. ELECTRO DYNAMIC MOTORS pro- vided dependable auxiliary power for many vital operations aboard ships of the U. S. Navy, Coast Guard and Merchant Marine. ELECTRIC BOAT COMPANY 33 Pine Street, New York 5, N. Y. y N 1'-FCTR0 D' N'-NIC WORKS-B '-f-f-C. vw Jmfv 5..1,,...,f.,..-,fNsw ioNDoN snip AND ENGINE WORKS--G Mom: Twp.-du Hmm-IELCO NAVAL DIVlSIONgB.i5annn, New jersey 47-I ilu I pgzg if , If , 51 T Q. f Ad V ' , LQXE , P' J ', 1-1 q Q '5 .- V ze-, , , , A WV? x ff ? -W 'ff - x, : - ' r v 41, 1 ,V 5 .G N N , I Y K ' , 5' ,, V, 7 . , , K' ALWAYS MILDER f BETTER TASTING . COOLER SMOKING MA O ff' All Me Benehks of A1 ., . E .fmoklhy Pleasure NEG' HESTERHELD UQSQNAVAl,lNSTPT l For the Good of the Services AWD ITS PROCEEDI G Mc-iiilwi-siiip Huw, 52.00 pc-r yt-ar which includf' IWUCEEIJINQLS iwsui-tl niunthlyfeacli issuc contains about forty full-pagv illustrations. ,111 i'llfliSlli,lllI1'II rm' eligible for Regular f1IC'lIllIl'fS1lff7. Tlwir Rvlrzlziiws rmrl Friwrirls in Ciziilzimz lift' are Flliglibll' fur 'lXSUl'illff' iwcrfzlierxlzip. U. S. NAVAL INSTITUTE mNxvo1,ls, NIQXHYLXNID TE t 476 his Establishment wishes to thank the 1947 C1455 for their lbatromzge and wishes them Godspeed cm! jewelezfs Fon nm 1947 1:LAss mmas 7947 jfilfliiziuftvza .ifvilzrfs 1945 The original hand-carved steel dies for Class Rings . . . Mini.itui't- Rings . . . and Class Crests . . . of the various Classes of Llic United States N.ix.il Academy f... since their adoption ...i 1 rc on tile in this listnlvlislimcni , . . from which lost Rings and Crests may hc replaced. lnquirics invited, X? HEADQUARTERS FOR INSIGNIA Since 1832 . . . at its original founding . . . this Establishment has he-cn distinguished .is designers and producers of Military and Naval Insignia . . . and has been continuously honored hy the p.irron.igc of the Government of the United States . . . thc Officers of the Service . . . .ind the Ilniiul Status Naval Academy. Al BASilver 'h ewflffs sm" 5 Slari B J Iismhlished H452 oners 4 1218 CHESTNUT STREET PHILADELPHIA 5, PA. tlll il lt For the convenience of the Ofliccrs .ind thcir families, .I spucml 3s'N1sr-IW-Xldll sls'P1fl'Us'HY I V' -"UH "U U' "W 'Wm "K """l' W of gifts suitable for .ill occxsions-jcswls, watches, rlmlss, silier. i.liin.i, glsss, lt-itliir gouils, st iii mil iuiiiliits -177 fvixlfumh III f2l'4'l'y .5l1lrj1'1'l WEB. IEIIK' CULLIIGIJ-WE IIIITTIII QIIII ' Zffh Sdifiau l -4-II In ll1v.iIH0 'Ilul-I11pn1x-nuflI1vIIl'lgz1rIv- :ll tha- lnile-:I Slnlv- Naval X1-mlvrny . . . . . . IN'4'lll1NQ' ll us vmlu-1111-nl. JlCl'lll'LlIl'. mul SFIIIIILIIIY, In-ing 11:1-MI un and 1lI9I'IlIQ1l'lI fmm IIvIx5l1'1w Nm IIIIPIIILIIIIVIIRII IIIL'IlllIlfII'I'- Swrmzfl Ifffzliml. "'I'Iu- SIIIIIAPIIIP XLllIw1'ily.u . . .IN'4'lll1hl' il4Im'III1n'N11II ilu- WlYI'1IrlTlllNI mun- mnnly um-II III xp:-:mk1ug, ll'.llIlII2.f, zmnl WI'lIlIly,. 1.300 Pngvx 110.000 Enlrivs 1.300 llluslrulinns if II'ril1' for frm' 1Il's1'ripIil'l' Inmlflvl Ii. 812 Rl lill ll I ADI l'0Dl PANY Il l4'I',IlICIIKl, N'I'IIIili'I' vi. NI'IlINCFIliI.II. Mxss. 78 O'SULLIVAN'S AMERICA'S No.1 HEEL . . . . and sole 0 O'SULLIVAN RUBBER CORPORATION 0 MAIN TURBIN TEAM VALVES 0 DRAINAGE E CTORS o CONDENSER D DISTILLER AIR EJECTOR 0 HEAT TR ER UIPMENT . FL5w M :Rs D Flow nNmcA 0 LUBE-OI GEAR PU PS QSTRAIN S SCHUTTE S KOERTING CO. M ' gnglhemfi I2th S Thompson Sts. - Philadelphia 22, Pa. 70-Ton. 400 hp.. standard 93099 locomotive lor large steel company. Equipped with two complete Diesel. electric generating units 'hd lou' high-speed heavy. duty auction motors. each dfiviflg C! separate axle ihfouqh enclosed double- reduction gears. Dual con- lfol Permits operation with equal salety and conveni. ence from either side ol cab. Diesel-Electric Locomotives WIDE 0R NARROW GAUGE Used by the Navy and by many well-known industrial organi- zations throughout the United States and other countries, Vul- can Diesel-Electric Locomotives embody every approved fea- ture to assure dependable, economical, operation. Standard sizes range from 14 to 80 tons in weight-the smaller sizes usually having one complete power plant with the cab at the rear and the larger sizes having two complete power plants, with the cab in the center, as shown above. In either case operation is so simplified as to be practically fool-proof-the engineer using only a throttle and reversing lever to control speed and direction oi motion. Write us regarding any industrial haulage requirement. We make all types oi locomotives-Steam, Diesel, Gasoline. Elec- tric or Diesel-Electric-from four to 100 tons in weight, wide or narrow gauge-and our experienced engineers are always ready to cooperate with purchasers in working out any neces- sary special features. vutcsu :son lorut WILKES-BARRE, PEN NA. Other Vulcan products mclucle Marine Engmes, Electric Hotels, Wznc-hor Wmdlasses, Steermg Engines etc, Rotary KllHS, Coolers, Dryers Re-torrzg, etc, Mining Machznery, Brzaueltmg lllaclunerjw Sugar-lultll lvlaililnerjf Steel Castings, Fabricated Steel Procluctz and heavy Special l'wlcr:l'z1nerj.' IIPEN-IIEARTII STEEL CASTINGS Carbon- and Alloy-Stool Castings oi the highest quality, up to approximately 40,000 lbs. in weight. are producnd in our own laundry and machined in our own shops. All castings are made under constant metallurgical control and can he relied upon to moot. accurately. author our own or the purchasers xtpecilications, Illustration above shows a 7lS5-lb. cutter head lor cr large hydraulic dredge. Illustration below shown two cast-steel dredge-pump casmgs, Each comploto casing weighed approximately 26.000 lbs. Both the cullor head and the pump casings were made ol :special alloy stool to resist corrosion and abrasion. Wo have also made many anchor-chain stoppors, rudder-carrier annomblms, and other cast-steel replacement parts lor the U. S, Marl- time Commission. -H9 OCEAN, GULF and cox-xsrwl E TOWAGE 'k M03 Iuhl. limo TOWINC K 'l'RANSPORTA'l'l0N NEW YORK NEW ORLEANS SAN FRANCISCO ? . 5, .1 XX n W si-' k I WI! S s 1. V..-. D-3: 1. . ., XXX ig :TX N X x X xx 4.-5 was , , X 4 x -Q . X3 s. wr?" 9 ZZ, i i- j K ll uringthe waryears,Army-Navy "E" llags flew proudly over out three factories, From them have come prod- ucts which have served the armed forces in a wide range of uses: QU combat telephone wire shot from rifles or paid out from planes at over 100 m.p.h .... UQ "cable" that piped oil from England to France . . . UQ ship-to-shore cables for connecting warships used as floating generating stations to action-damaged shore in- stallations . . . 141 floating cable that activated and discharged magnetic mines electrically at a safe distance from the mine-sweepcrs . . . Q51 ship- board cables serving vessels from water buffalos to giant carriers which used literally thousands of miles of wires. Now that "E" flags are furled, The Okonite Company is introducing ro peacetime and conversion activities many war-developed improvements and applying many war-learned les- sons. This, combined with nearly seven decades of insulation leader- ship rcsults in Okonite's being better equipped than ever to meet new tech' nical requirements of our armed serv- ices, The Okonite Company, Passaic. New jerseyg plants at Passaic and Paterson, N. and Wfilkes-Barre, Pa. 'nfl O K 0 ll I T E x,N:! insulated wires and cables A Report to the Navy... Tlu- W'ar is ova-r...alnl Sun 0il l'mnpany's svn- lhoir home- wah-rs again on lln-ir re-gular runs... but back of llleir anlva-nlnrous war-limv survive is n lll'1'lllll'lllklIlQ rovorll of loyal survive- lo lln' Nation. 111080 S0l'0lltP0ll flllllfl'l'8 - ilu' vnlirv Sunoro flvvl - :wrrml ilu' vnusc nf victory for 16.295 days. Four lI'l'l'l' sunk hy l'lll'lIlu urtion: lrll Sun svunwn lI'l'l'l' leillwl. Svrriny in ull paris ul' ilu' lrorlll. ilu-so Ianlwrs lrurolvll 2.679.128 milvx Qnul illl"llllillfl :ig-:ugging and nut af roursc Illllll0lll'l'l'illfl7 anal maula- 1.15 royuya-x marrying l.'5.2.1 L000 barrels of fargo. fl'-21 -+R gli i? gliiyr ,, riffifnii 5 CH ffffyiii Y 5' t f f i' f 1' it l r 2 g+ilg.:j V 'gg-Azgigsp N1-hop:-. ii-rw-nlly. lln-y may lll'Yl'l' again ln- 1-alla-el upon for similar duly-Inn slmnlil lllal iragc-sly owl-nr. you oi lln- Navy may ra-sl assure-cl lllal wi- oi Snnm-0 will again svrvc- with lllal same- lava- of 1-onntry and cle-volion In elnly. SUN 0lL ITQDMPANY - l'IlII.AlIlil.l'IlIA W 1 , .V 1 lux, 8oezy6awd70i.s:h wuw Qian of ' fhdu-Sww flluited State! Wlaval -.- L, , , 1 Q i7 W 1 1- Z IIBSA ., 1594 .'-. 7: IGI' in L . H J li .7 ' '-' ,Q , .-sa-s ?-?"'-iw? w ' ' KW, Contractors lo the lniled Slain Army. Navy and Cans! Cuarrl and Aircraft Engine Builders 13 WEST 52 cl REET, RK, 6 n ST NEW YO NEW YORK 4 Sacred Place iS iS A19vai,ivEYO NEW urn 9:pwv,4:g,41-s'i-'f if if "Av-ff hifi fi Here is the clean, unimprinieil lily, hlown hy gemle wimlx . ., peaceful again, lm' ii! lm! Here there will be no shaft f5fSlIT!1C,llOlHJl'l7ll' all h . .. no Gettysburg . , , no Flrmalcm Held .. Yet here wne a great helnl of battle . . , where gnllmt men llew .xml foughl, daring clenlla, suffering death .,.l!'lllINPl1lIlg over lla-nih Their victories have made secure this 5ky-nmienl nlinr lil m.m'-, hope, xymbol of hi5 freedom, empire of his future piugrexx Americnm lift their eyes to the xky today . , , ami rr-nmcmbei with simple tlmnkfulnew the courage and saciilicex ol the nirmen who made Il forever free, 'flllllii-WIIGNY HH 1 1 XXL X XV VV,,,, K qfr, 1 -F y ,X X O , K4 ix ARMY 'ii 1 fi A 252 ' Q, ' -, Rock River oolen Mills JANESVILLE. WISCONSIN 'k Manufacfurers of FINE WOOLEN FABRICS Specializing AUTOMOBILE UPHOLSTERY MARINE UNIFORM CLOTH NUW THAT THE GUNS ARE PUT AWAY The smoke of battle has cleared, and America finds herself in a unique position. Unique-because a non-aggressor nnlion has been hrouglit to the summit of world leadership. It was made possible hy unsurpass- nlrle equipment . . . by oceans of gas- oline, fuel oil and fine lubricants . . . by every help from determined American industry. Now lllat the guns are put away. let us hold that position. Tide Avatar Associated stands really-through research, enterprise and the most advanced equipment - to do its full share in keeping the United States on lop. TIDE WATER W1 SASSUCIATED UIL COMPANY irthdag 'ratings tn thu Hang and thu Glass ui 101 O UI' JPPl'CC1tllfl0I'l ISOI' Iliff Joh well done lXl.1y we .ilwars have rhc largest and hast equipped Navy. VVALTLR SCOTT Sl Co., lNu 48-l F lv 7 .. .-. X Q . h l ' sv'-ta:-tr, f N-' A N' -- -.f',Q.K. f . Q, -1 . -- -. V .- in. -uv, - an ,',. ,403 iJ V? Y 1- ." H . .1 ,E A -nig- Sl F-1 W yr V. iw , ' ' if 1.4 . ' ' ' f x . - f -' nm, - - ESU 9""'vm , 'Tall ' F . , , nLt0rn,mnrP .g , 'F Nana , 1 mi. , m .. . I , ' wk nil . I ' , ' ,DJ nn nPUPlnpm,.m A v , At. mm '-4 ,,.. "1 ik Y. ' f ',.y,!2.f-Th t 1 IMIWWJA, . Q' 'J 0 Q lW1gy,uM:Z! -1 ' is W ll ulwfffifdlln, fix' Ayylq gr -Q'-Qlgtri -I """ur,wj ff .lg-ffnlnrlll -Qmulks' 5 ' X So if 4 N-Y -'A-4 q ' "4 '- , - -l .--t gp NL. 'lift '1 ". '-- ' . ff 8 . ll' : H1 . N , 5 i .........., N wmw.,r:--::-u-.m-- , . , . . W.. I , NNY nrvmmnu I , Buwvu or ononmcs X gk .,.........,,.. ., ,, , , s ' 'QM . xo an-cw pu me awww u-f.x.,-N. mn. ' Ku huvmumx in-neu u 4,1 I -P " 'lr 0' mmm.- tncxou-ru U3 cuntxuso . nvu ufuwu mvnqvsn . 'gy oem ww. vqm "dl xx Xa sm pn pngv' Q1 wa cum Q1 uw A man Q! Onxpna ma Quin uw yn in lun ufeww- onwnog. nm Nc-S .n-ma ua uw puma Ln num-.nvm as ,mn -my A mmm naw- to mu Nusa ml an--,gsm ak ww. mmm. X uw mmpnwu-.mn Q1 mn nn, af 'mum ' svx an nunhu w yn for nn: nuwdxng pdarnle. xv. eowaxxw Aw :hu an-.p ,DA uuxngnns ax xv u,,-1 umm.. me S4 nam wx us ua 0. ' no ummm.. hr ummnl www M u-.x -"ii 2 www M-Wynn .va un wx -vw -2- w- 'f'V:.'1:V:"':x uw. hon Q. who uf VvU""' 'A Km W :xr ff:-v: J.. " mnuuxq died .nh pu nmmv- num 1 V .xwmsu nwyrf. 1.,-, mv mn. - I- x , ' 4, , .L 4134 4, My Q. 1. img 1-.1 ,nv-hu. w. I mu! .1 xl phd -1 01'-19" s 1 ' MA m-,nm-. 63601. up X nn-x vw mu. - nnwx. was iv'-df gnu 156 435 , g uf. ,af t if ' is " f with T . ,rf 1 ,, 3. qu -irqx-. K 1 ,, . t, 'Vlf -'M"f' ' tit 'auf QYTN Xilgktiw fwfit fi""""fzi t ,L,ttt,v .Sl i 1 my St ' riff mild' 7? 1-L, . " t t , :t"t1'. Sit Ut-vli,Q xssxvxdikj-'xi',,BxQ.-1l..lt'4, ,Lt ' Mr' . ,-'H "H tt , 1 ltsmwx ,54'R,,,-e-- ff t Wt Z M. t ',l,tt'W',t 'QXA:eN.Ne, M . ' f . .. -' -"'1 'tt 'ill' , Y S153 NW I L t f Mu tt tllww 'k X' X QQ 'tli ,J - 1'-ilk' 'w,ittt'llgttg rift-, , "I x E 1 4 ii ll it ,Aix 5, Q 5 "' O : i fli5'?lll2x. BUY INV S ' I 1 .' ' f 1 A 0' amor" IN .f ,gt W: It ,H UNITED STATES " fs' H1 if T ' 'A 'I he ' ' SAVINGS BONDS SECURITY VT W ,. . -i 5 --4.-. 1 1 - ' ' V - D W ,V I ...X -.IM .- ,, ,. . fe - I - - -ig? " ' , 1 - gfaliif if H" -e '----'-fa ji, '-- -- . .- ' -if 2 'L MA g 3 'If' -he I 1 of 4 ,il Chartered May 1 1, 1829, The Seamen's Bank for Savings was founded to provide banking facilities and promote thrift among those engaged in Naval and Maritime occupations. Its history and tradition have always been closely associated with the sea, and many of its Ofhcers and Trustees have been prominently affiliated with Maritime affairs. 1 AIILOTMENTS ACCl'fl'TEIl iv YOUR SAVlNCS'ACCOllNT INVITED fr BANKING BY NIAIL AMICIKICAN EXPRESS TRAVELERS CIIEQUES if FOREIGN REMITTANCES THE SEAMEN'S BA K FOR SAVINGS Chartered 1829 Main Ofice: 74 WALL STREET - Midlou'11 Ofice: 20 EAST 45th STREET NEW YORK 5, N. Y. NEW YORK 17, N. Y. -k Member Federal Depasil Insurance Corporation A' avy Relief Societ Fleel Atlmiral E. J. KING, President NAYY DEl'All'I'l5ll5N'l' 0 ll00lll 0137 0 ExvIlSllillgl0ll. D. f. Incorporated in the District of lrfolumhia. .lanuary 23. 190-1- i i 'k 'A' The purpose of the Navy Relief Sm-ieli is to aid. insofar as it is ahle. the virions, minor orphans. and dependent mullicrs ul' tleccasetl men of the Naxy and 'Ilarine lforlus nntl In ht-Ip nvlirc serxit'enn'n and their mlelmenclents meet r-iner,Qenr'v, non-recurring expenses which they and their families are unalvle to I-:xy from their min resources. The Society is not a government agency: its funds are derived entirely from voluntary contrilvulions. Fiiiaiicial assistance which the Sorieli is ul-Ie to render lakes the form ol' a loan uithout interest. or rt gill. or a cotnhination of the two. tlepenmlilig in each case upon tht- ability to repay al loan from the resources uxnilal-lv without undue harrlship. During the year I9-1-5. in addition to the assistance to 90.129 persons given in the form of information, counsel. and in other nays not involving financial expenditure. the Society amlvanced in the form of loans without interest. 83.72-1.045 Irv 73.720 persons. and in the form of outright gifts. 51.131908-l lo 22.973 persons. At the end of the year. the Society had outstanding -13.833 loans. averaging 336.33 each. for a total of 31.79863-1, Of the total financial assistance rendered. a large percentage nas in connection with medical eare. surgical and hospital rare. and over 085 ix as to enlisted men and their dependents. Sparc donated, name willwlveltl al requesl ol donor ,ff l , ff, F 4! frswvn X Z Y 1 ff' xN-KVA , :A M 'ATA X- Xl x N X , 4, ., gn , ,- 4 XX '.T'ff'r Uiia 571: Aff' Zfidrff' 'xx asf' 4 s 'fi ' v V 6 5 xx X N J wa nv ovkm I cN"WA f' . 6 -400 an ,.f" XXX ou! r,xAw.s.v I xx ,- 'gnijln .X ,,- 1 Q N. S. ,l0y0l'. ln.-. lmw lll2lllllf2l4'llll'1'4l mlafpc-1u lalJl1-. lllll'2llJlt' Zlll1lllllI'2ll'liYl' lnfig- llizl for uvvr llll'f'l'-1lllilI'l1'l'h of ll 11-nlurx. . , . . . UI5'I1FIQU!5HED fl ' F' X F' I' ,", ' 'XL D. ffl! I 15.51, .!.L! S. Tggjgfiii - Hf.LL1f1f.1f1f ' N E W Y U H if amen - was L-H , -1.3.5 4717 METCALF BROTHERS 8: C0. Rf, i ',. 'IISXDQ ' 1, 'V f 'ga ,P f Q y. X X UNIFORM SERGES and OVERCOATINGS FOR MORE THAN SIXTY YEARS NEW YORK CITY 15 EAST I7TII STREET + Q C,,,g,'f.l..f2.1f.,,,.f fo My CLASS 0F 1947 !i'0Hl T 60171176171 CII L5 of f KARPEN Cnxl.x r.xl xl 4v4-A I FURNITURE I Designers and Manufacfurers Upholsiered Furniiure Maifresses and Box Springs t SEATING FURNITURE FOR SHIPS SCIIIQIICI' RAILROAD TRAINS AND BUSES NIRIIQVIS nf Uixing Ifquiprm-nl mul I.ifr- Rufl. I.ifn- Iivll, Life- Ye-sl Yalu-5 :md a Inu! uf inlpmlunl Xir Ifuntrnl I'rmIuuts 1 Im' II1l'IIlII't'llIO 'Ixirv Xir. CHICAGO NEW YORK LOS ANGELES A. SCHRADERSISON 9 BROOKLYN 17 N Y SAN FRANCISCO D' " n I Scovull Manufacturing C p y I 1 I I 488 Q I s. KARPEN 8. snos. , You - the Air - and Fairchild In the yr-ur: allr-ml, xiaion, rc-sr-L11's'I1 zmfl f'llg.ZIYIt'PI'IY1Q,f Skill IllilIQ'l'ILlIN .nrv nmlalf-:I inln vmnplvx slmpm-N ul .lllllll mill CIl"Il"l'lTlIl1L' "Ir'acIc'1'sI1ip" in IIN- wkiva of IIN' uurlal. -lrr'nglIl uml -liIIi111-NN. TI11-se are IUINILIIIIPIIILIIN. Th--5 un- I-llIliI2ll!lPlllilI lu 'XfI1PI'IK'il, tu You. ax "TIw Nm uml ln I'wLlIl'l'IlII1I. an ""lYIf'II ulrz-mfr--ng1n1-. lll'g3IlIZ2lIIIIIl wI1icI1. Ninvr' 1023. Ina- pmm-f-rf-.I in airr1'11fI 'IIN' Slrulm 1-uluin Inu:-I NlIlll'I'l'IlllIQ1l'I"'XKIIIFII pumnlu clevr-Iupn1r'11l. an-gn-In-xx-I KWUIIIIIIIUIIN in lIu- -uIu-flrnlmplwrn-. Uui uf I"uirm'I1iIfI1 1'f'svurc'I1 mul 4'lUlIIN'l'l'IIlgL Nkillf Imxv 'IiI1m-Rr' mul lllIll'l' I'i.1iu'I1iI1I uvlnn-in-:ru-rxlx Inn-f Iu'I nfl wlnr' Nlll'Il uulammlirli 1IvwIvpll14'1llf gh: .lrHlII'l' NIIll'l'II'Ll-N almmmnnf- in II11' IivI4IN of 2ll'IHIILllIII4 :I -t'll'lII't'N. 'I'I1r' I,i1f'Ixf'I'IlIFI Iliillll' 4Iwngln-'I 5px-r1I1f'uIIy lu r'zu'ry In II1n- Iulurv. xnu1.mvwnluvnn-1.1 Inmk In I'.1m'I1lI1I Im l'ilI'g1P. 'I'I1f- XI-Fin plwm----ullin-In jwvm- 1lIUlHIIllHll lu NIl'l'I. - I . . Iunm' ul IIl'l'I4'NN ro-wzlrrIl. lnvrm- l'Ilp5lIlI'I'lIIlQ .m:I rn mu VIIIIF' I7uranmI1I prom'-N - llmvugln uI1ivIx Inu mIf'nNilx Im-lining skill. 'x H I E N G I N f A N U A I R P I. A N E C U R P 0 R A I I 0 N in Pjfi-HELLEP PLAZA ME-N if-M Z0 H v Swim, Awww DM,-.H Higgs-QW rf P, my -'-f E 9 W . 11 '11 L Io V 7 ' A F' ij, JHJ' lH'J 4 FHIJ 3 I F 5 V 3 I I V Fa,fp.,m PersoMIPIafasDw1sffn ,IJ uf, Im , , -L89 IIN' Rilllg.Il'I"IIll' :mls Nlll!'Ill'Slll lIlXl'l'Il'lI. mlm.-, illl llml "Inu:-In UI lmumurr-m in IIN' plzuu-X UI ImIen, lIlf'I1vl14Il With the Best Wishes of THE MAGNAVUX COMPANY "The 0Idc-sl Name in lhulio" F0llT WAYNE 4. INDIANA Manufurlurers of! RADIO-PHONUGRAPIIS LUUD SPEAKERS souwn SLIIIEEILM ELEIITROLYTIC cAI'AcIToIzs SOLENOIDS EQUIPMENT TIMING AND OTIIEII SPECIAL DEVICES TRANSFORMERS M A R I 0 T I T T E 104th Successful Year Standard fully accredited Junior College olfering the first two years in Arts., Science, Pre-Medical, Pre-Law, COIIIIIICFCC and Engineering. Four-year High School. i Special preparatory aIId college courses for admission to U. S. Military, Naval, and Coast Guard Academies, fully ac- credited by Coverninent Academies. For Catalog address: o I IIIILJ. T. MUHPEE, President M!-IHIIIN, X-IIA. SPRACUE ELECTRIC COMPANY Nlanufacturers of Electrical Capacitors and Resistors 490 u E15 ef!" 2: it A ' ': t I '-' . .' X45-. 'lg K 27213 A ll dv. n' mmm m H, M, King I-.mblagirml 1785 LONDON. W. l. -it om imma Q W-t . . . I Pt IRTSMOUTH Rum Pier Hmf-1 PLYMOUTH an. Klum 1w.it..-1- vmh Hill CHATHAM I3 Xlllitary Rnafl l,lX'Iilil'0OL -lr-. North .Iulin Slrf-Pl SOUTIIMWTHN llaxr-lrwk lilliainlwrx Q...-M. . ima.-.1 WI-ll MOUTH lll ir, Marv Sim-i BATH lf, l'riiirr-N liuiltlinga l.r-urge' 51. EDINBURGH 120 Princes Street GLASGOW Tonline Hotel Cnfeuovk MALTA 55, Ultl Bakery Sl GIBRALTAR ll0XlI2 Main Sm'-Az Nw GIEVES LTD.. vstablislwtl in 1735 as Dut- fitters to tht- Royal Navy art' 4-tlllippt-tl to outfit 0l'Ht'crs of tht- Unitvtl Stalvs Navy wht-n visiting Crvat Britain. Gibraltar or Malta. i' GIEVES LTD., look forward to a visit from their many custonit-rs scrving in tht- Unittwl States Navy. Gitivf-s Ltd.. liavv ovvr 150 years' expm'ie11w of Naval Outfitting. and gllHl'2illlPt' all thvir ll1t'i't'l1a11tlist'. t.lNllTED i G iffve S 1 27,01d Bond street, LONDON. W. 1. l 491 'N V ,, vt if ' I B 1 4 ' I fr J I , Q 5 ,,-,1 1. 1. If A 5113 sf' ' Ai 1, " . 'L 41,11 'W' AI' .1 .1 THE MISSOURI VALLEY BRIDGE 81 IRON CO. LEAVENWORTI-I KANSAS glF,."l xxxxxx . -' ' . Q , . In O X is " Q 11 I wx 113111 n1.11.11f.1..111r11r 111.11 11111111-1 L. 1. 11.1.11 ,..1..11..-1 11111. 1.1-1,11 111111111 111111111I.11114 111111 .11 1lrr111y ....J 1.f1.1,.11f1..11 l'11111'1l 5111111 II1- 11... ... 1. 11111 .....1.1c 111.11 111111I111..1-1.1111 11111 . . by 1. 111,111.11 .111 1. 1.1.11 11..1l..,1 111 111111. 1111 1...,.11..., 11... ........11.11, 11.11.1111 1..-1- 11..111.'...'.11-, 11...-1.11. 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O S E0 GU CVUSH 011 Ml SSH WEN Z 1 . -4 O u -n 'S X AQX E :Oni l 7 1 9' ' '.x?ii , x . rw , f ," ff -4 ,, WftlH.Q', .,ff'C'2'.'.Z'.ZILf If my gh-S1 smuvl 0 Y T- 'li . 6714.44 ifidlfffgaf IN THE NAVY M tg mins. gh-9 f vuwl 0' at 1101 cw D uv Y""Ki -HGH vtcgji 50 GRKPI W A o1Lof-Kia A oil 'O vf- af-1 MN l 15 SM' Here's a cap 'llial can sland as much rough irealmenf as a plebe and come oui iaunfyl as an upper-classman on parade. l'r's crush-proof . . . will slay fresln and new-loolv ing . . . won'f lose ifs shape. Remove flue device, roll down ll'l9 crown and preslo . . . your Bancroff is ready for packing. White Cups 57.50 unlrimmed Slfgmf, higher we Q1 ni. Purim iz ND EXCLUSIVE HANCROFT PAK-CAP FEATURES Aero quality Lumariih band wzihmnag an climafic conditions and pressure of packing . . . PAK-CAP visor relainx shape. will nov peel, craclr of lm ns mme. Aawsabie grommel .mm me ol pfmni .Wm I N 9' f7Hd Write lor tree booklet "How to Care lor Your Bancroll Cap" BANEROFT CAP C0., Boston, Mass, hull link- r'rmll'llnlIr' lnuvli lu lln' Numrllx turnml-uul .llupu-ailziim' ivli Nan lnvli. l"ur xi-me Nun mi-ii him- unrn lxivllivllll quallilx full llnlw nmlvl .iilwi-ir :mil vlmligiilg rlinmlif- i-rnullliunx illlu' lxli-liwnll lumr'i--- ul pluliug ullli al llwnx me-rflan ul gi-runnin' ll lil. urilrl lllallwe ilu, Imvr jimi-lux limi. llrlwl .ni-l xx-'in li-nu:-I X FINE QUALITY ,I liW'l'il.RY For Men. For Ladies Cul? Links Braceleis Tie Holders Brooches Collar Holders Earrings Available wherever fine gewelry is sold, KREMENTZ 81 CO. NEWARK 5, NEW JERSEY 1. I 3- 'mv'- I aff' .n- , .4 I :'l ' ' Wu H 5. 4 s.-vt !! V -Y I . . . . .Q ,N I. ' im? ,T ' ' 1 . ' j , , ,, " r gait. -' - A I' I ' ' an 5 . mimlim. A' 'F ,- - vb 8 2 'if' it fc' ev H' elk' .i Q. ix! THE NC-2-40C This superb new receiver reflects National's intensive receiver research during the war period. Many of the NC-2-4OC's basic design features stem from the NC- QOO, but to them have been added circuit and construction details that set it J ff ' apart as a performer. Full information will be supplied on request. tx ff x if X NATIONAL COMPANY, INC., MALDEN, MASSACHUEQTXTS X 494 TY Y 1 - F I 1 . L 'I-'+1"' TT' 1. 1 Ir- RL Sf -X V' 5' In X- ,Wm Diary of a corporation-owned WWW --- rmnrv DAY ofuvskv -- AIRCRAFT ENGINEERING CORPORATION B In L I N Y W MON. fbwwurbwmdiwmartv LwIwuQrpLr,IQu10I1Iu1,pr1iuIZ'- TUES. ww. 8llIbFpa,.3'PMiiaA11f I "W mfwfxknwgmxqfdxww W H... I SAT. I SUN. it SWfQffZMm'f9E Best of Luck to '4 7 from Peerless Pump Division makers ol PEERLESS cmd DAYTON-DOWD PUMPS Provod in Battle by the Navy ' Reliable lor all Purposes PEERLESS PUMP DIV. - Food Machinery Corp. Fiifltwit - Clintiin 5 Ohm, Quincy, Illinois, L0 Arial-lf-.1 fil Cult! Huflfli 1-in 'iw hw l'l'tv'- r Eu.'.lf1,'o Ar' pl-sl 1 in 'fri tory V+", iwpfnri lor ffw Munn A t111a1i'rc1'twt':1 EL'llflll'i'1VllSL'l'YlLiCiIlSlllli SCl'YlCL' brmws aixstiru .in cxrupti-m.il riiuqmixm- 1'lN.lflNl.ltTlllll .mtl 11-llnlwllirx tw Nnxy iiicii. in nl lm xlXl'II XXli t lllllh IIIXls I'l RNUXXX Ill XIYI N Vlll XIX lll N lll'I'lilliXI-N XNUII XlHlllI.tt0Itx lllf-ll lil XlIlY4-llla in xii time NI-III all-IN!-R IUXX. l'rtv.ltnr A BRANCH NEAR You .ji L t f. , 3 X., - ' SU 'W' ' ' ts. t- Qt r it tx e il, x than wt i. x ,fav p kts... is . ,L . , ,Al lx., 1 -.M ips., ei, :QM t Aw.s.. , A ,. ,,., ,, Chosen forthe Naval Academy Gymnasium AND 5300 OTHERS PHYSICAL EDUCATION instruc- tors who are responsible lor the development of Americas youth. know the many benefits offered by this specially prepared gym floor finish. They know that hands and bodies of pupils can contact a Seal-O-San finished floor with- out danger of infection, because the Seal-O-San finish seals all cracks and crevices that harbor germ-laden dirt. They know that a Seal-O-San floor is a cleaner floor because the penetrating seal covers the floor with a pro- tective armor finish that prevents dirt, moisture or wear from pierc- ing the surface. This beautiful, noneslippery Seal-O'San finish is mop-applied. without the use of skilled labor. lt is easily kept clean by an oc- casional sweeping with a dry mop. Scrubbing is rarely needed. A Seal-O-San finish on your gym floor will make the teach- ing of physical culture safer- easier. Why not write for com- plete inlon-nation today? HUlllIllI3lElll?lzllPllllAlllHlES THE PERFECT GYM FLUUR SEAL AND FINISH l. """' ' 'V' 'F Look ahead tzmh Radar by Sperry ' This year, Sperry Gyroscope Com- all due safety and caution through pany introduces .its new Radar fog. Another important feature: Sperry Radar Features: equipment for marine use. Sperry Radar provides a Cyro-Conv , i Sperry Radar has been conceived pass-controlled image and can he . to function better in this funda- operated by bridge personnel with- q?m,,.,g, U ' A mental service: To enable ships to out extensive technical baekgrmuul. gM,,,5,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,. 30 ,,,i1,.,,, operate on schedule regardless of In design and construction, Sperry uiiuimuui, 100 yur-ls. visibility...through thick fog, heavy Radar reflects this company's many 910-infll lTi"l'lflY UH U If-illfli rain, dense smoke, darkness. years of experience in precision 'f"'f"- , As an aid to navigation it picks manufacture of marine equipment- 0lninKf'F l"'i's'f""':."' """'."' up channel markers and buoysg as- as well as its outstanding achieve- m:lfn:l:"""" H" M "pm" sists in making landfalls with assur- ments in the field of electronics. In , Ciws ap,,,Q,,,,,. ,u,,g,,, ,,.,,,l ance: spots icebergs, floating dere- simplicity and dependability, this from inflmufir im-n-.ul nf cui- licts and other hazards projecting new Radar exem lifies again IIN!-'flffvllls""l'v- above surface. lt also permits vessels 5perry's ability tn :build superior 0 llafkffl IW W0fl'l-ttifll' Hvftifffr to enter harbors and proceed with products for merchant ship senice. SPERRY GYROSCOPE COMPANY, INC. earn urea. n. v. xx i A , 'i'liBR"' Sziliulilblz ffne Weir!! Wofoiakhn Los ANGEisis,?I1':4ERf::gsgl3Y'NSEtlgfalufnv ORLEANS GYROSCOPICS v ELECTRONICS I RADAR I AUTOMATIC COMPUTATION I SERVO-MECHANISMS 497 WILSON LINE Mode m , Passenger All - Stool Transportation Sleame rs by Wate V N 1 WILSIIN LINE, INC. f-L U. ELLIS MILLS, IN E. Gpnyfdfgfgffpnj gnd Monson, Mass. good Zack UNIFORM CLOTHS 1 i' Wurumbo has supplim-fd the Navy with MIDDLESEX EMBERTON quality llIlif0l'IIl falvrivs for over -10 years. KWOOI Dyed, tpiece Dyed, The lmesl ix mme lun guard for lhf- Navy. W Our Ixumlitiunal High quality is famous in W fllhliff I WVWV. Lincoln, Me. ST XYOIKS'l'iiIl UNIIVUICM l".KBIil4IS X sues AGENT J D N 11. H. VHEELANIJ 1, 26: . sm AVENUE 44 MADE IN v'S"' X66 NEW YORK WOQ L F ABP' 498 'T""lES.. Tb: RCA radm allimrlrr .mum that :ht lux: umwipmn ban lynn 11.mt-.1 hrlnrt- If-:nut Jam: In fbi .initial ni 111. Valli t htwuvl. Measuring "a mountain or a mole-hill" . . . 7 miles up! Theradioaltimeter-thatmeasures a plane's exact height above land or sea-is another RCA contribu- tion to aviation. Old-style altimeters gave only the height ofthe plane above sea level-did not warn ofunexpected mountains should the aircraft be off course. This remained a hafliing prob- lem until RCA, using a form of radar. developed an altimeter that tells the pilot exactly how far he is from the ground immediately heneath him. Radio waves are transmitted from the airplane to the earth and are reflected hack. The traveling time of these signals is measured electrically to the millionth ol' a second and is translated in terms of feet. The pilot knows his exact altitude at all times-can "see" through fog, Snow and clouds. This new instrument is another concrete result of RCA's leader- ship in electronic research and de- velopment. Radio Corporation of America. Engineering Products Department. Camden, Nml, vi Yhe RCA high-ullhuda ullimatsrAuxetl .tt lwxuhts up to -lH.UOU feet. Netttnn .it lelt trammttstltt- radar ugnuls. l lie unit, .tt the right, tunes these waves and gtxes the pilot his exatt .tltitntle intent. RCA . . . For 27 Years the Fountainhead of Electronic Research and Engineering GOVERNMENT E OUIPMEN T SECTION RADIO CORPORA TION of AMERICA ENGINEERING Pnonucrs pspanrnslvz cnunnn MJ. 499 429 WEST l7th STREET -ALFRED CIJNHAGEN9 IN - MII:AII1'A BEARINGS, PISTON RINGS AND PUMP VALVES: METALLIC, SEMI METALLIC AND sum' PACIQINGS FOR MAIN ENGINES. AUXILIARIES. AND TELEM01 ORS Facilities for Repair Parts for all Makes of Diesel Engines! NEW' Y0llK l l, N. Y. A SAFE CRUISE AND A HAPPY LANDING IQQQELVLQJ . . LET Us NOT Foseser AY BUT ONCE WE PASS THIS W 1 IF THERE IS ANY GOOD WE CAN DO OUR FELLOW MAN, LET US DO IT NOW 23, I I I KLEIN, IVIULLER 84 HORTON, Inc. T mogdag yewegf-.4 ' Warifime mLfcAe5 2I MAIDEN LANE, NEW YORK 7, N.Y. I FORMERLYJULESKLEINGJOSEPH MULl.ER.lNC. HAYES MANUFACTURING CORPORATION Steel Stampinga 70014 and kim Nutomobile Kodiu I T 500 l 1 1 GEORGE WESTINGHOUSE CE y NTENNIAL-1846-1946 5 X, 1' 16714 ?1?w7P5f 0377? f'l7lf1lY'l"l L I Y 'l'hifyc.n vu-ru-lcln1.1h' lluclllllrlnkrnnxi- milwny 1-lvrlrnlnmlmll .nnl aut.-Insulin' wrxdry nl Ihr? hirlh of u mun thu' xwrl-I hlnvll xngnullng , stflll lung, rlviln-nllni-rfl'u1-luvll,1nl::rl1.1- AN lm imllhuidl ll,d.h,r' In, fnumlml V""'l 5 H' '15 lfme J' In """"M m.my wm1p.nun-- llml wru- lu Iniug W Hmi' U'-LU" 'lf' lmlulml ln'm'hl- In In-uplx' all mvr Ihr' Early in lilo 4,21-nrgv W1--linnglmmr uf-rhl. lhv lug:-Nl llfllln'-1' u- lhu Nlpmcrl m.ul,n-d xnxvnlnu- gl-null XMwl1u1glmnn-v I'.Ic-vllir L1-:pw-1.111-nn, ' , , '7' . ,. , , , , A f w 1 1 W hfn 1-nh -lydr-UI-1.111wnmmxl Hu. ,hwy uf l,..,,,w. yXU5l,,lIuI,,,,hl. l . ' .1 . - Y H 1 '4 4 ' 1 1 1 'lu 'll' 'J "l 'll' '-1'lW'-U JW l'f-'ld 4 lx the xlnry lvl A gum! vlngxluw-r x vm-an 'l"' hh' "l "IWW "l"'l'l""'L'lU"H "'V""' un Ihr grvuwlhnl.1ll:-wll.uIwl1-:lullin tum- lhdl m.nlu'lun1 uw-rlul l.nun-mx, ll., Mull 4,4 A HM, vm H-H xx had Ihr- rngim-1-rung "lu1mx In--xx" ll only.nllxlnllglli-lwll lnu'nIur-l1r.1l-n mul llvlulnm--I , , ,v-1 -'lu-rlnwnlv 1- u-1-ml v nn xmluxlu .mil thv h--mv ,ur mn lul N duwh-p hh illvua lulu pm: In ul, zufrlr- lr.14l4- In-nl-N, ,yvm will hml vqmlmu-nl ul1lwj.,,,,,. .mrl pr.n'Iu'vw Nl:-unmmg lmm Klu- lf--r cxanllmlv. hm' In-mum-al in lhv 5"""""ll"""li"ll"X""l'1l""'N"' dl-l.-lnpnxuvlll uf thu- lip! prdqlil-,ll lf-nllmung an lhx- lnnlxlmu. llu- mvn allvxlnxlulug rlurcnl Ny-lun fur lnngA nl XY:--lnnglu-mv uw lmlnv pimnv---xx dialunrvlralmxmxwllnf:-I--clrnrpuns: :md lmnI1'1'- nn umm lmlnxlniul hvlulw ...lhu -In-um luxlnm- I-vx uw un l.mrl f 1-lcrlriml. lm-cln.uuL'.1l. I-lm lmnw. l Westin house PLANTS IN 25 CIHIS l OVHCES IVEIYWHIIE i f iff i I 501 CI0l1glYlfZl!!lfZb775 fo the Clam of 194 7 N ATIIIN AL PUBLISHING COMPANY I'lliIaal1-lpllizl. I lsylvauia lliakem of the Zucleq Kay Cove:-A 1945-1946-1947 I Il H I T I l'llI 'NII I S I'00I. IYIDIIKS I'0. IIII IIIIUII N IIIVENS Ill N FSI III I Il I 0 O GENERAL MACHINERY CORPORATION II UIILT1 IN. OHIO THE HAMILTON FOUNDRY 8K MACHINE COMPANY ESTABLISHED IBVI LIGHT AND Ill-IDILINI HASTINGS GRAY IRUN AILUYEUIRUN MEEHANITE II '1- I55 L I Avenue HAMILTON OHIO I.'I ON a.D,5 L WSTHQO I Me HERFF-J ONES CO lNl'0lll'0ll.l'l'lill Official Jewelers for the Classes I of 1948-A 73 - '3 . -16 'Q 15791 , XAW -'-fjxix I A ' V. 3,8 Y . I ,1, I I 1 A 11: L , X -n f., ,. f gi f'.",-..'f ' I 41:4 lr? '. N ,Q -.., vip ' 1. I 'N ' 4, 'Swim 411. X . V ,nf 'ffff' ' - ', fF?xiIH greg I I I O' - Y. --fn - and I 948 - B Your Class Ring .... Tolvou an SNIIIIJUI nl' zlvlnivu :nent . . .. To ollzelus' il lIlill'Ix ul' nwril . To ai ring' ol' quznlily In Illillfll ye slznnlnrd ul' nwril und aivllie-x4 ment. A MINIATIIHES FOH TIEIIC I I XSS! S OI 4 If V IMT XXI! I9l8 in ANNAPOLIS . . . the ACADEMY SHOP 64 State Circle- phone Annapolis 5888 EASTERN DIVISION OFFICE IVA CTO R Y 1 14 Park Place 1407- I4-I0 Capitol Av Newark 2. New jersey Indianapolis. Indiana 5 03 MANIIFAII'I'UlilNG .lEWICl,lClIS NND S'I'X'l'IONlCliS us ll i'llllHl'llQ.1'l'...l0 prudlue riscom Q Russell Heat Transfer Apparatus X G, A4 1 I N- , li: 'ta ,kfr DISTILLING PLANTS STAGE HEATERS GENERATOR AIR COOLERS FUEL OIL HEATERS LUBRICATING OIL COOLERS G-R Equipment has been wideiy used in marine and stationary pIant services for 79 years A THE GRISCOM-RUSSELL CO t 285 MADISON AVE. NEW YORK 11, N. Y. 7 ' 'XI I " 'l ' 7' ' I I I I s 5 I " ' I 'I' I wk I Ship Machinery g, . I Il I 9 I- ' 'A KT :K A.. I . Qui .mf ii' Clipper Days I HEAIJIIUARTERS FUR I I ' ' M E N 0 F T H E N A v Y I I Fur almost a Lt'IlILIl'y each new era has looked lo Hyde I I for nl'IllJLIt'l'Ilu mac-Iminery to work its "rnocIerr1" ships. Here at New YorIc's largest Iwotel you are con I While the size of equipment has increased and power venient to Army Base, Navy Yard, all govern- , I ment, naval and military activities. St. George guests enjoy tree: use ot natural salt water swimming pooi, gymnasium, social events. has almost entirely supe1'se1Im-II manual operation, the rmiclliriwy mlesigned and built by Hyde luday is still I the stamlard uf vI'I'Iuiem'y and riepenciability. STEERING CEARS NVINDLASSES HOTEL ST. GEORGE II INCHES CAPSTANS "m'fK"U0U"'5fI"2'- Fox xIxNl'.xL me Iowiin OPERATION CLARK STREET . BROOKLYN' NEW YORK I mn Exilim' 'ms no sizii or rsssm. Clark si. si.. ni. A... mr mam, In Iwi.: I In H ,EW sms a me mc. Mnnnesmsnr I ...III large-Dr H iv D E I HYDE YN INDLASS CO., Balll, Maine DECK MACHINERY 7 Y . ,L I 504 1 ll. ON THE WATERS . . . DfRrmI U S ,V I Tonlfer puffs ufLwg.wl V Seo lo refuel X1 Wm I p ,MJ Www We 757 SINCLAIR REFINI 3 NG COMPAN The Farmers National Bank ANNA l'0I.lS o NIA ll YLANID Four wore years lwforc- ilu- Nuwul Avmlm-nay was fuundc-rl ZIIIUIIIPI' inali- Iuliun uprnerl its floors for Irusim-ss in iinnupulis, Y"lil'lI. lun, has hurl u lung mul proud var:-1-r. Un Se-pl:-rnln-r I7, IHOS, Thr- Farllu-rs Nulionul Bunk r-alurlvrl in Innwilu-ss. urlopling u polivy Ihr' wisdom of wllivh hus 1-llnhli-al il In we-ullu-r Ihr- slrr-ssr-s of six wurr. unrl Ihr- fillilllfilll lrouhlc-is of the- pun! um- llunilrc-rl and forty ye-urs. Today il is slill vigorous and offr-rs you thc- In-nr-lil nf llmm- polivif-s whirl: harva- lwo-n prow-n vurrvvl by ilu- 1-xp:-rin-:lcv nf uvvr four g!'lll'l'illiUllS. XP IIHI5 I9l5 HORSTMANN 'A' QUALITY IINIFUBMS and li Q U I P M lf: N 'r Arn Standard in .Ill Hranvhes of Um Svrrim' 'A' THE HORSTMANN UNIFORM COMPANY PHILADELPHIA .... ANNAPOLIS Intlustrial finishes for shells, bombs, gas masks, expeditionary cunrainers, machine tools, .iirtmfr wiring systems, aircraft plywood, pigincntcii rextile Colors for Carnimuflzlgc' nuts, carnuulinge cluth and other fab- rrts. printing inks, lithoigraphing and rutogruvure inks, coated w.1tcr-prouffnbrics for the armed forces, oilcluth, pigments, titanium dioxide, cnrlwn p xi p e r il n d typewriter rihhiins. INTERCHEMICAL CORPORATION S30 Fifth Avenue, New York 1. N. Y. TIIIH' -'fl llllllll-film ffiliiriir .lmf iirifiri-irlgfil lminibtr nflriler- ifrirfrriuf Cmjmmliiifl ,wif Ili mflirJr.1r'i' .rrfil.rff1f1,1!iif iwfffrillrrii ffiitllrf lfif'rfrrxt'bu1il fbi l'rrlIi.r' 5l,rli,i .rml C.'.1f1tr.f.1 BEN C. GERWICK, INC. bn, dock and Water rant Com traction 506 Qmwffzy, . . I. ., Wh---H Nav -gal---' I- I-I Wllll Mayors U9I'llllCHlE ol Gllamrltfwfs mm "Y 'ml' ""' "' "' ""' Nlllll lllfllllllll l'nxl 1fII'I1:I1II1I'x IIIIII remilliscc-lu-4-s nl' lamcllulrlwr days ol' relax- NIUIVN N"flil'I' Nlnrrx fur III I'r Ili! ,I wars ation al lhis funmus lloslvlrv lwvolm- lln l,. K C. XIAIYUFS Co.. lunv slrrciul- an-I III-ighr :lull quulily . . . Iuul vx- 0l'1l1"'0l' llll' lluy' im-Il in nm' Iligummlla sillw- l9l2. II-lullllg llu' I1I'ixilc-gvmxlllllll rr-Iurn Furl: llujm-Is rlizlmulul . . . I-xquifiic ul' purI'lIu-a- priru- millIin om- ymnr. Slllfllt' is llll llulll l.l'0Ill Slwllll in vulur. ful for ln'illium'a- :null lfirlflllianllllxllml lllkirm' Li: I-Iml ljouhh. with hall' funn 0.00 l Auullfllllv - 'I , . . i- ull rilll : In all al 'III Your 5 Il ff . vrx iw 4 , , tv .. ' .L. 1 1 I . 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Under the water. on the sea. and in the air . . . M4114 55 MARYLAND AVE. ANNAPOLIS AH1Ef1.C3'S Oldest and Foremost Makers ot' Fine 508 GRADUATES 0F 1947 Are Upon You Now our U.S. Navy has become the greatest sea-borne power in the world. Bravo, Navy! Hail. Men of 47. The blessings, prayers and fervent lmlu-s of the entire Nation are with you now. Godspeed-mul Happy l,nmlings.' wf1?.f45dM 1424 CHESTNUT ST. PHILADELPHIA Uniforms to the Nation --- for 122 Year --- Since 1824 509 THE BATH IRON WORKS Corporation . J t 'Swv 'W 4 " A snlrsuunsns :5,,r::.54r,p1f -Q1 -I .,M? V U A and Elmlnfzns ' B A T H , M A I N E T D I S The Arundel-Brooks Arundel Cor oration - P Concrete Corporatlon BALTIMORE 2, MARYLAND 0 4J DREDGING - CONSTRUCTION PRE-MIXED CONCRETE Certfed Qualify from Graded .Materials mul DISTRIBUTORS OF Sand - Gravel - Stone and Commercial Slag 4r Ojite and Plant 921 SOUTH WOLFE STREET BALTIMORE 31, MARYLAND Wolfe 8200 T C f' il YOUR CAR IS NEXT For Flying l'lo1-Aepower. Mcbll Sncouv vuzgq Born of Socony-Vacuum's vasl pelroleum experie -flue world's grealesl cafe ic new driving performance for youl Wills Socony-Vacuum's calalyfic cracking cap fy ai Tull peace-lime oufpul' The sens Mobilgas will deliver "Flying Horsepower" in y ur car. The same super fuel ingredienfs-responsibl for "Flying Horsepower" in The air-bring you flashing new picln-up power on flue roadl "Flying Horsepowe your carl . . , new driving Thrills in sfore for ou al The Si n of The Fl ing Red Horse! ly? cracking pro- gram-"Flying Horsepower," was a deadly war weapon for Uncle Sam. Now, il promises sensafionel , afionel new e Y 9 Y SOCONY-VACUUM OIL COMPANY, INC. ongmin faiiom fr Qmeuoiv nook , BX Mb0Qof00DS lj' TO THE CLASS or uw xfg Ao 9 OF THE UNITED STATES NAVAL ACADEMY efnfk f , Ni! AT ANNAPOLIS X K XJ jllll' 111 an Zjozu' EQTAY g Yf' 'T TA lf? TT TT Xi, 'TODOLE HOUSE -A NATl0N'WlDE IN TDATTWN' 511 COl0llllll lllll Ilmulmlls I lJ?Jtorie T CARVEL HALL in Colonia! Ammpolis intl llvlllll 'K Ulrl .IWW UUMMING MACIII E Wlllill l Builders of DIECIIANICAI. llEv0LllTl0N CUUNTERS for MARINE PURPOSES RANGE QUADRANTS 0 MOUNTS 0 TELESCOPES PRECISION INSTRUMENTS Nl 'I' r l l'hffNa21yk11ow5CarwlHall l ...ilx fulul. , , ilxlrrnlilimzullzuxjtlllzlify . Y, l - um! ilx t',z't'rll1'lll s.'1'r'in'. l X ff C'urr'.'l llull If .lmlufwlif Inav! l 1 E - ,, 1 - x SIIERATON HOTEL- ' l 'L N ' Mmll 1 tx it Q fM,,f,w.j.s....t1.,1u.1...1w 1 3 w IN l 3 I Ll. l l lx0UHl Iv l Xt 41 , l fl Q l I ' "".liT.'.f.' mx mf l l I up-i"""' l l 9-ll Melt-her Street 5,,,,1,1g,hf,1i,, 1381 Boston, Mass rm lying cuwlqf Arm: flppuulf Mm! .ltfullvuy l V' 7 7' ' "' ' ' 7 ' We are proud to be working with the UNITED STATES NAVY if N XTX-lf l'lIUlll'4.'lllHN 'XXX 'XIIII luilvtl Slut:-N Nun ,..Utiylt1:1llx amnulq-tl Ih-f-eml-rl il. lflll. llv-.lxutulml ,lulx Ill. llfllf. l'lt'lvr11.nx fl. ,, ,, ',. - l'll,v..lt1llv.'-U. l ilu. I't'lillIllIj 1. l'JI I. mul l"m'lvt't1:tlt I3. l'll5, 'A' Beatrice Steel Tank Manufacturitlg Company IIE KTRIIIE. NEIIR SEK K uality Merchandise l liusilx' wlef,-lt-cl at your 5llIIJ45 Sertiee Store by consulting E BENNETT IIIIOTHEIIS' BLUE BOOK illustrating tlmu- -amls of ufeful arlicluw. l When lu Nt-u York or Clmimgn you are cordially imiturl tu vt-:I nur alumrmunnx. Sigueml urtlen from your SIIIIJ-S N'l'xu'e Ullleer uill lie gltully lmllm'e1l. BENNETT BROTHERS, INC. Illlzllllnlzflx. frll1'l1'rm uml .91'l1z'r.slnIIf:.x 485 Fifth ,Kvelnne 30 East Adam- Street YEW IORK CHICAGO. ILI.. WAT! HES Ill,-XNIONDS I,EA'l HER GOODS IIQXY I-ILRY I-'URS PIPI-I5 'l'ROI'HII-15 SXIOKI-IHS' ARTILLIES R 'XDI05 CII-"INS OF ALL KINDS .flak your Sflllll-A Ser1'it'c Ojioer 10 51,040,011 gllp BLUE HOOK from liL'N.YIf7'I' BROTHERS ' Send ortlt-14 llxrouglt tour Slxilfs Serxice Store, 51 2 SIPERLINC SILX ER The high-sign of friendliness . . . how to make friends and refresh people Everybody welcomes the genial invitation Have a Coke. It brings a friendly spark of response from all-says Lf-t's get together. Ice-cold Coca-Cola and friendliness just naturally match up . . . turning the pause that refreshes with ice-cold Coke into a happy, sociable occasion. ffig Drink M625 Delicious and Refreshing .N V - -.f .U X . 513 C'ompliment.d of SMITH-MEEHEHE BI EEHI ECU. 125 Barclay Street New Ynrk City F ,fo-ti, 'B QQ! amy? - . .2 9 Ox yw 'Y1g6 WING SHIP vzml. , " LAIURS 5 . N I lu Ivrrllm Ir dfxf' 41, I :VJ .' - H r . I rr v H I I I um I I nr rrr r " ', ' wma stuns Tunsmzs I , .. .rrrrrw r1..r.rr.I hm, rrr rr ,..,r,.r.,f,, .r. v,..,,..m Ir, ru .1 m rn., u rr ' :Q-Ilbfll . ,s ' . X A I , .22 'xv Ar, I4 V A s r I,Lg5Ie.i5" I A4 ,. I HM-f N - -- xr ' wlrm YURBINEJJHIVKN WING MUYDWDRIVEN I , ,I MT'f"5 ., , Blows , , M V, ,MHA W Ir. v ,. ,.r..r rw mr. M., n1III wrlulm Ill' Vu : l L. J. Wing MfQ.Co. l54 W. I-Nh SO., New York Il. N,V,-Fucfories:Newurl1, N. J. HODGE 8: HAMMOND, .Nc Consfrucfion Equipmenf 1162 GRINNELL PLACE NEW YORK. N. Y Phone: Dayfon 9-5300 BARNES MANUFACTURING CO Pumps BUCKEYE TRACTION DITCHER CO Traclrcn Drrchers, Fmegraders, Bulldozers, Spreaders BUDA COMPANY Ecrvh Drrlls EASTMAN MANUFACTURING CO Hr-Pressure Hydraulrc Hose GRUENDLER CRUSHER 6 PULVERIZER CO Pormble Crushers. Screens, Elevators HAISS MANUFACTURING CO Clamshell Buclrels FRANK G HOUGI-I CO Hydraulrc Shovel Loaders C R IAI-IN CO Heavy Duly Trarlers LITTLEEORD BROS, INC Black Top Road Mamvenance Equrpmenv MURPHY DIESEL CO Power Unrls and Generafur Sers NORTHWEST ENGINEERING CO Shovels Cranes, Draglrnes, Pullshovels PAGE ENGINEERING CO Draglrne Buckels RANSOME CONCRETE MACHINERY CO Pavrng and Concreve Mrxers SEAMAN MOTORS PulvrsMrxe-rs TIMKEN ROLLER BEARING CO Derach able Huck Bns WORTHINGTON PUMP CS MACHINERY CORP Compressors, Rock Drrlls GRAHAM A DERSQN PRQBST 84 WHITE Architects Cd Engineers RAILWAYEXCHANGE CHICAGO 4, ILLINOIS 1 .fd .. - ,. t In-...-L.-, ,... - YY 4 xfffw, w ,tm of f,r.lfr,.1yfw.1m .ft,,v. ,mu ff N, .,,,.f,,,,,, .,,ff,,,, V, ..,f,,,, un m,,,,.,,,,,f,1ft t P ...ff,,,f,,,,, xv 1, H x, , 'f ' f If vl 1 tom,,,,nf,.L1.ff,mw ,tum,11,,.,f,,,,f,,,,,v,,,,,,fmw 1 fuf!f,X.1v1. Purueyors to the Academy for More Than 40 Years 'Lil f- fl ,Q W1 -. W' R '41, xy H t ' A S ff , . 1,4 QQ wi 'X1' the kind you om count on, is nothing ncw to Stctxon, Wh' have lml tht QHYQII honor of supplymg Stetson shoes to thc NtlX'.ll Atgdcrny umm flu Niw.41mI1 Wilt. Shocm.1kmg mctl1od5 lmxc tlungcd .tlmost .ts tmulx tn Nlmc styltx nt these four decades, Bur thcrc has nu cr bccn .1 tlmnxgu Ill mlm one hunt wr-hr .xt Stetson . . to be goat! tzmnlqb fin' iff: Nfzzy, tl Jw lm, W1 ff. bt ,ft XWMI tn Sm 'fu TH1 5'l'l'INflN Nun mm 111.1211 xl. And tlmt, gentlemen, IS vary good IHACCLI. STETSON COMPANY, INC., South XXfcymouth 90, BIJSBJLIIUSCIIS TETSON SHOES. .M.mByfhepaf,. ,tmggrheveaf Tice IIIIIISIIIW HAIIIIWAIII 8 IIIII IIIII IIII., Inc. MANUFACTURERS OF IRON SPECIALTIES HARDWARE GREY IRON CASTINGS Machined, PIa+ed, Pain+ed l.l'l"l'I.ES'l'IlWN ' PENNSYLVANIA S H A V nun: ffl'-f Q 4 X. V P E ,V V, X - " FAN.. C-0-TWO CARBON DIOXIDE EQUIPMENT Most Modern-Easiest-Fire Protection V SBU!!!-Ol fe' 'H IP ' 15 Ih Cuban Dmudt , .... .u.. . - Nu Gn,,............ rd by C 0 fwo , 'Q mop snr- mvy B . .,. .... f' 1 ., . F . . 97 .. - cc. . I. U N ll NEW JERSEY orF:cnAL INSIGNIA , Lor fzrserz- omg ,X V' 0 of 02 .r A . 9' 4 Vfppefffes I . . , XI I WNCE X196 x f. L.-ifiv.-Y lk THIS II'.lxICTI12lI'IC has just one IIlL!II1I1IQ'fTIlc' fwlx by the famous, 240-year-old house ol' Crosse 8: Blackwell. Whether on shore or at gen, men ot' lhe Navy can enloy the many good rhmgx to ent concocted from wo1'ILI-renownedCrosse R Blzxckwrll recipes. Wc're proud to serve you! EIJUNTY TRUST IIUMPANY OF MARYLAND ul' I,Il"Ilf'l'HI Deposilory of the 'I'reafu1'er of the Ifnitecl States MEMBER The Femlc-ral Re-serxe System The I'xt'lIl"l'?lI Depmit Insurance llorpuralion 'A' Resources Exceeding 342.000,000.00 CUMPLETE BANKING SERVICE 'A' CROSSE 81 BLACKWELL BAWMORE' MARYLAND ,-IPl'Rl:'Cl4TlI'l:' UF N-IVY BISINESS Fine' Foods Sinn' 1706 . ., . K. . ' lhurc-I1 I.ll'l'Ii" and Iylourr-slel' bl. Xnnapolls, Md 5 iivia fflackay Radio Radiograms to All Parts oi time World and to Ships at Sea Marine Radio Equipmenf - Sales and Service g da,-:f'iiAciinv imimd nun miiiiiiiirn comrnmg qmcg 5fB 4...la A 9 I 1 b .,,. I i " 9, Amwlam C :ble 6 Ruflzo Syilcnz wif' HEAD OFFICE 67 BROAD swan New YORK 4, Ni Y. BOOM, Owen Q moo WASHINGTON, D, C, SAN FPANCWSCO, CALNF, No. 3 Duponi Circie, ADams 9000 22 B-artery Siren:-N Gfxviiil-id HO? Compliments of Q Q O 1 0 American Bearing Corporation: PETER LAMBERTUS, President SATCO BEARINGS ir 517 9, W FY?" ,,., V . , ', Cirjjzg.- 1, ,-an '-f 1 ' '-' ., . lf.. - """+, '- -- Jeff .5 j '- '95-" .L F ., 'f -V-gf, ,af Bethlehem-Built During World War II more than 450 fighting ships-a fleet in itself-swept out of Beth- lehem yards to carry the colors and our naval might to the farthest corners of the globe, These warships included the Aircraft Carrier U.S.S, Lexington KCVIGJ, formidable spearhead of the war against lapan. Her log shows that from her commissioning in 1943 to her triumphant entry into Tokyo Bay, this "tJghting lady" steamed 193,653 miles, destroyed and damaged more than 1,500 planes and a million and a half tons of lapanese frghting and cargo ships, withstood with only "superficial damage" the shocks of an enemy torpedo and Kamikaze plane attack, and "weathered typhoons, the heat of the tropical sun, ice on the flight deck, and long periods at sea without any noticeable adverse effects." But building fighting craft was only part of Bethlehem's wartime task, and from Sep- tember 1939 to the lapanese surrender yards of the company also built about 600 merchant- men and repaired, serviced and converted more than 35,000 ships. lulMiv1y iywzlk QUINCY YARD ......... Quincy, Mau surw ISLAND uno ..... srar.nn,1ana,N. v srrnrenewsunnows Form si-uvvuo, mc. Sparrow, Paine, Ma. SAN FRANCISCO YARD .... San Francixco, Calif, BETHLEHEM-ALAMEDA SHIPYARD, inc, . Alameda, Calif. SAN PEDRO YARD . , Terminal liland, San Pedro, Calif, gzw Qfefalfz fiyauij BOSTON HARBOR . . . NEW YORK HARBOR . BALTIMORE HARBOR ,... SAN FRANCISCO HARBOR SAN PEDRO HARBOR Mn Y l BETHLEHEM STEEL COMPANY B vynwflllwmfy Tivrrlubn General Offices: 25 Broadway, New York City Elr'igr'i"' f B ,-TL-1. , h. . . . Atlantic Simpson Brooklyn 27th St, Brooklyn 56th Sv. Hoboken Steven Ixland , . Baltimore San Francisco Alameda MQW:-rl . Sun Pedro 4 V Q Yard Yard Yard Yard Yard Yard Yard Yard Yard Yard The Waverl Oil orks l Compan 3 l Pillsbiirgli, Peririsylvania 518 uk ir THE KEMP DEHUMIDIFIER '- A AAA AA J L ' ,li A A ' S- ' loarficiloafea exfenaiuegd I ' vi ' in fAe NAVY l9I'0gl'dIl'l, 0 V . I 7, ' ' SHIP PRESEHVATi0N iillillTiiVC Fleetsy l t . 2 1 Q, , '15, ,X -' i A, gat 'Z' . 1, In NI mar n 1. K 4 -T ' lnnmwulny nun '-,..j,i . rulrsulaud :Ir to molar! . ,z a S75.lIlHI.DDU hallleshlp fx ,, ' lrum thu ranges nl mulslule E5 ' -T IXEMP OF BALTIMORE ir Hudson Bay Mininq and Smnllinq lin., Limited Producerx of Copper - Zinc - Cold Silver - Cadmium : "Wherev2f You are' LfffLff"f"y5'y5.,smAI11 TONIC LUCKY T'El5J1ft'elb6ffe'f 'WUI hrair Makes yougtir Theref, ngfhlllf fme look be f0,' hair and scalp. ff?a-iiwgi-5' . "X itktgzjg 'ff f cg 4' - f' - 1 ' Selenium and Te-llurium ,t: l U mul Uelallurgic-al ll I llyllro Elevlria' Pla fix' X I M 1 ig. Kf X' - A IA A-f"" dl FLIN FLON ISLAND FALLS Q Y i r,? MANITOBA SASKATCHEWAN if X! I X ,xdy fxf ff - ff , , X I, XJ L W L, LUCKY 'ruczn Mrc. xANsAs clrv s. mo. 519 "one piece" pipe lines for your ship . . . l. Pleparalion for blazing 2. Tube is healed . . . with WALSEALX VALVES AND FITTINGS It's likely you'lI soon be one of the lucky lads assigned to a vessel whose copper, brass or copper nickel pipe lines are fitted with Silbrazi' joints made with Walseal Fittings or Walseal Valves. If so, we know they'll increase your peace of mind because a Silbrazed system means a 'Lone piece" pipe line with no potential joint failures. Skippers who were shipmates with Silbraz joints during the war will tell you that when hell was poppin' on deck there was no need to worry about the Silbraz system below. Silbraz joints can't creep or part under any temperature, pressure, shock, or vibration condition which the pipe itself can survive. Good luck! KP srei. mud-Reg, U, s. Par, orf. Make il a "one-piece pipe line" with WALSEAL valves and fittings i 60 EAST 42nd STREET, NEW YORK 17, N. Y. 3. Fillingis healed 4. Bolhlubeandmlinghealed onsfnlsurons IN PRINCIPAL czmfns rmwugnour -me wang 0llfL,9AlflfLQl?,t5 0 marinan Pharmaceutical Ea., Inc. Ke! N EW YUHH IH, N. Y. 520 I , I1aIIIcraf'Ie rs I I I , ' I I builders ofthe 0 I I . 1 ' I . ,, , Zwlw ,. I M10 M4 I I . I Spncrausrs in the N I , development and I I manufacture of I high frequency I communications ui ment for radio I , eq P I I hams, short wave listeners and all I E A who wanr superb radio performance. I I . . . I' ' ,-4,-,XIiI Irallrcraflers I Imw??5?a ' I 4, if Q.-X ' H F A F l YIIIIIIFX L- .D V 7 ' ia-E PIIIIIIIN IW J., OV '11 .I .I V! 'av Ld g 4 if Nlf if V LQSKAN -.-,-- N.-.ww .--. ' L '--V- Qjr' 9 .. , I- kr, Q ,, ' .4 -A-fa af' .' Q' I ..-.4 lug- -1. SML! X 1, 5 QI Yu- gof V A ,V v Im' Q-?!L:x -Qs' I . Y - . A Ip. :ggi 'QQ ff. , 9 A A are A I 1 over I0 veus ol' sulruxlnl, f-,nmI.ILmrg cllnrr .level- opcrl zhmr- IIIIIu.IruI,rrc planri whurc Pllll I IPS Dllli IULIS C.IuxIcrl Irnnls are Ivnkcll Dunne rhc war, Plnllxpx conkxng cr.Ilmn.rmIup wnn :Inc Almx -N.Ivx 'L' wnrlu 'lhrcc XYIIII1: Suu Nuw In II.wS ul I'c.Icu IIIIILI IIN l3I'l,Ii'IUIIS Lumcrl inode mll rmlrnnuc In rcllr-LI :Im Mlmr- .fr-,rlnm .Ic- rcrIIIIn.mrIn Ilur cvcry pmrlnu Iw nuur.IInIIIIg ru rIII.IIIIy. purity .Ind lI.Ivur. I , f I cw .. ' 1 I 'I . . X SV IW! ' ibfx 'if XIX lf' r I PHILLIPS PACKING CU., Inc. CAMBRIDGE, MD. P .af. erm.. WA... or w,..II.. MIIIIP. o.I.f.a.,- c......4 rom BUNKER HILL , SMELTER , R. R. Sfafion Locofion BRADLEY. IDAHO KELLOGG. IDAHO owned and opmfea by BUNKER HILL AND SULLIVAN MINING AND CONCENTRATIN6 COMPANY Purchasers of N I Gold, Silver, and Lead Ores "Bunker I-IiII" Brand OI Plq Lead, Pig Anlmwony, Refined I Gold and Sllver, Copper Sulplwale and Anflmonial Lead I I ref Inlormehon Ieqmaang ore rms, .dams BIBH5 8 IILIX, IIIIII. NAVAL AIll'lll'I'I'Il"l'S fr! C93 IWAIIINE l'INlJlNl'Il'IllS I Producers QI , I I I UNE ISIIUKIHN H IND 21 NNICPVI' 5'I'IIICFl'I' BUNKER HILL SMELTER wr mm, ..m.wI Wm I KELLOGG, IDAHO I 521 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 E BUILDERS OF NAI AL AND MILRLHANT VESSELS NEWPORT NEWS SHIPBUILDING AND DRY DOCK COMPANY NEWPURT NEWS. VIRGINIA vets lll6l3,o4o ' R- 909 015 ' V s na' the name ihaifs' OFFICIAL with America A 0. Spalding K Bum. Div. of Spalding Sala Corp X A4 57,12-: - wx -4" yd W Zlhcfi M ' They Please THE HIGH STANDARDS of Navy Men 1 EATON'S FINE LETTER PAPERS F ,1-on ' cb my F, 1 s 5 5 v :L -6.--L Rl Qi""' B8.W MARINE BOILERS-SINCE 1875 THE BABCOCK 8. WllCOX COMPANY :lgwi-J:l:KR:,LEilV I I BUILT ON A BASIS OF Qf I Here's o bor of strong, foundolion melol overloyed wilh o subslonllol sheer of solid horn! gold. ,A The two ore perrnonenlly welded Iogelher under greol heal and prenure, forming o solid compo:-I mon. ll ix noi on electro- pIoIe or o deposll. Finally lliis compesile bnr ix rolled under tremendous pressure, Into snipx of required thickness, which are hard, Hrm, clone- gvoined and durable. Our mililury inxignio ore fashioned from Ihexe xlrips. mi ni Gold rniedi lf ai is merited by law. ,nik I r X ig I CQ X Alu: 'I P el' onderd Junvqly S-T-U-C-K IN THE Mun V- t i L 4 . . but .let Propulsion gets 'em out! Forced down in shallow Ascarate Lake at El Paso, this Martin Mariner seemed to be hopelessly bogged down. But Captain William Gore at- tached four jet-propelled rockets to the fuselage of the plane, two on either side, just behind the wing, and was able to get the huge boat off the shallow puddle before he had crossed half its length. Each of the rockets used devel- oped 300 additional horsepower for12 seconds . . . gives the needed lift to take planes and flying boats out of tight spots. Full information furnished on request. AERUIEI ENGINEERING CllllPllllATl0ll PASADENA, CALIFURNIA AFFILIATE UF THE GENERAL TIRE 8 RUBBER CUMPANY Compliments of AMERICAN TAR COMPANY HRW Milling BIEIUIIIIICS Grinding BIkI1'llIll1's Svrvw RIZIPIIIIICS Mavlliliista' Tools lllIIlt'l'h Zlllfl Hobs Arbors and AIIZIPIPIB Brown sl shaflie Svra-w Mavliim' Tools Mfg. Go. Providence ly R. I' I lava und Pllllllh PCl'IIIZIllf'lll Magnet llllll1'liS Utlia-r Use-ful ELIIIIPIIIPIII CASH! woven NAME! A i I2IlUZ.i32 'I ,I 9 uozuzs 3325522 Posilirvly hlvnlify X Y I X x ' I Youll l,'L0'l'llES. -i EQITIPDIENT. vom IXi1I1 millionx of zirlivlv- jnxl zllilw llwnf- onli ons, x I prolmil wvllr min . , . IIhIl'Ii ll nilll xunl' n III Ivlzf- ffm! mflhmf ie In uxr' BASH'S WUVEN NAMES lor pvr1n:nn'n!. I-1-mnmlinil. Iuoxitlw 1-I--nl1Ilf,1Iiun. Imux In .lllxlvll In -eu' 5 -vu nlllu In-Ill NH-NH f I-mf nl l'73r' .1 lnln-1. O Sulri In Sliilll Flon-N. I'oNl I,x:I1:mg:--, Amd II:-lnsrtln I Sllyly-N.1'y12l'x ulmrr . , IM wfur ffrwfrr nr 11 rllf I C If lyvpllx I If - wal I'II Nunn KIA MAX WfYJGHI ADDRESS' AIIUIFII IIYUIIIIII ,AP llfliikl N X, Q54 I' I-will ' NHLEM I ' I fn:-5 - , -f ' " n " , - am I I I III II I : : : , , l I : I 11. I 1 1 : . , h , 1 s . A- , , .l I 'ff' vi " '-15: 1 up '-'IMI .. ' 4 The BELLEIIE- IIR IFURH H0 'I' II I, I' II I I, .X II IC I. I' II I I rr nf flfiry ni Man rf A jill!!! yi Ill' lay ll nnfflflllf I Ill II UXIII III NH H Nunn :- WMJ FRUM ANNAPULIS T0 THE SEA Here we see two midshipmen inspecting a De Laval turbine driven IMO Oil Pump installed at Annapolis for purposes of in- struction. Later, on sl'1ipl:Joard,+l1ey will renew +l1eir acquaintance with De Laval-IMO Pumps, and also wi+l'1 De Laval centrifugal pumps, turbine driven generating sets, geared +urf bine propulsion units and reduction gears J --M - I ' rx: f'1:::.:::rrnp.:r. . gs.. ' ' f X rx: 14:--r-.x:::: '."'.L'lI'1 Hill:-T DL :-:'r.:r:mv:.4 .., r::::.:1".::.-r::,:::vz:: .... ":f::::'::-' illl NATIONAL 7 Q9 ' 5 ..--f Manufacturers of all grades of cast rollsg iron and alloy iron, steel and alloy steel. Heavy iron and steel castings, and rolling mill equipment. THE NATIONAL ROLL 8 FOUNDRY CO. AVONMORE, PA. ROLLS CASTINGS ff- - - W- - ' 5 l LUDK FUR THE NEW j l com-UPERAIED Puouonnnvu soon T0 APPEAR IN vuun --rnvonnf sms" N sum ru sums vnu amen Music l l X , 7 aL, ,,' il 7,,,,,, , .,- hah' 'ETF' ' i 1, .- - - ' ', YYr19ngor:uLvoAmqs5mfnn.u . .- fiom 'Vgili WEE' it-will i W I K 0, a, -9 u 4 ' LQ' " 4 , M A .we J M " A ".!!,.f.!E.I!'.R.!H.'i.. .'E.!!!!..R" " V in!" Ytfffi 264-6 CHOOSE IT WISELY O Years of unfailing lights are not too much to ask of a Ronson lighter. Ronson combines precision crafts- manship, Flawless materials and the famous patented Ronson one-finger, one-motion action-Press, it's lit! Release, it's out. Increasing quantities of the Ronson Whirlwind, shown above, and other models for pocket and handbag are now going to your dealers. More than 14,000,000 Ronsons have been sold. gszigfggzwr , ' T0 GRACE YOUR TABLES If In rich silver plate, the ever '1 popular, exquisitely fashioned yfx ' Crown Table lighter by Ronson X I P is becominglncreasingly avail- 4 , :I able. Hallmarks of smart and , g-'W 'A" 'W ' X gracious hospitality are the 1 ' o Crown and other distinctive ' 4 Ronson table models for every Q 9, .Y O ' - room in your home. . sl Q I - XX X A ll -ki I I A' ' Zaman' -I .L - ,X . . , f. -- 0 ' has - - " ' J -' Q-uni" ' Individual orders cannot ' " 'inns T be Rlled direct ONSON if OARMENT PRESSINO MACHINES . . . Hoffman pressing machines serve in government-owned as well as the leading privately-owned unllorm factories. Purchased from ships' funds, they're also lound on practically all combatant ships of the Navy. EAUNUNT EQUIPMENT. . . You'll lind Hallman laundry equipment on nearly all types ol liqhtinq ships. Large installations also were made at Navy shore stations. land bases and training camps. Illustration shows laundry at a large training station. V. K V? 'ii' .li m I .341 I ,-. I , ,' , V A I "I 1, U A ' .- , f l I SPEClAl DEVELOPMENTS . . . Look to Hallman also for cooperative participation in the development ol new equipment to meet the special requirements ol the armed services. Here are portable laundry units furnished to the Marine Corps. U s HOFFMAN CORPORATION MANUFACTURERS OF LAUHORY MACHINERY ANO GARMEHT PRESSIHC EOUIPMENT I O GENERAL OFFICES: 105 FOURTH AVE., H. Y. 3, N. Y. 51" A' all" :swiss 'l..1"" Ironing out old-fashioned production wrinkles is a habit ot Lapointe! This 'I5 ton DRV brooch- ing machine with a special tip- up fixture jumped production of flat iron bases a full 30006. Close up ol bases-production 220 complete base plates per hour THE stroke double machine. 0 15 ton 66" ram vertical MACHINE TOOL COMPANY HUDSON M.5S.CA.,5Uvs - U S A THE Vl0lLD'S DLDESI AND LARGESY MANUFACTURERS 0F BIIOICNES IND IROACNING MACHINES The Meaning of 'Allfflll UM ENUINEEIKINU Hr. art nl mln-xeloping proclnvls anrl prndm'I parts lrnm aluminum alloy is fully exempli- llvll in lln' ra-Null. uf Annu' Pllglllverirlg. f First, al the flrafling lroarrl. sinrplificaliun ul' ilvsign. uitlmnl fnnclional change in the casting. oflvn leacls lo important economies in prorluctinn. t Aa-inc melallurgisls slxggvsl Iln- alloy xslmsv prop- rrlivs arc lies! for strenglll anrl zluralvility . . . 'A' -XL-Inv engim-en apply the most modern foundry le:-lnrirprf-s . . . anrl gixe final upprnxal nnfler rigifl rpmlily conlrol, 'A' This ir IIIIIIIIIVIIMIII 1-r1,q1'rr:'rri11g. ll vnalrle- Ame-rirun inflnslry lo make lveller nw of nluminnm's many amlxanlugi-A as a pruflnvl metal. llllllz llnlllillglillimlilllinrlmflq ' cult-ga: mm: ram a Equipment Co ,uso w Mmm.. 51.51 lava, Mm: Pam 4 sqvapmmn cs., ants om: sn AIR-TRACK MANUFACTURING COMPANY A Division or AERQDVNAMIC RESEARCH CORP, 'X -' - i nv . VT? it Y M d lnpmw ming: l ,T emi, me Wm, T Q WLT vane. SPECIALISTS IN ELECTRONIC PRODUCTS 5009 CALVERT ROAD COLLEGE PARK MARYLAND Bailey Boiler Controls 1. Improve Mcmeuvercxbility 2. Prevent Smoke 3. Protect Personnel and Equipment 4. Insure Fuel Economy 5. Carry on alone during emergencies TBAILEY NIETER COMPANY ,N run P uw PUMA U, rn I 528 L. 1 L? 1' ', 5 553' ' Al fa. .1-.- First commercial use of ami-reflection coating was bv Bausch 8 Lomb-in 1959. The Balcone process is now standard on all Bausch R Lomb Binocularsg in greatly increases light transmission and sharpens image contrast. to make these glasses more than ever "The um-Id's lzesl, by llIlj'16Sf.n Bausch lk Lomb Opzical Co.. Rochester 2, N. YI. Bl-fluxserl ef LOMB FU l PAST ll. S. N. lll0-R DAR We me pmlld, lmle-ed ll- llllve llnlned our GCl1lSVElll9l'IlS wllll le- l V 1 ' lllle l llllel rl ll Nxlx l . . . , x' 'L S l ' dlll'lHQ the recent crlsla l PRESENT We me do.llc1-llslmllrlq X,-lll lllllllln' lu l,-lllll flee-r and lll-:1l'll1l-,letllrv lll-.df-lvl gl-llllllllnlcll lllg-ns equlpmenl, so that Navy wlll o.lnlll.lll,- Ill lf--:ll Ill-- world ln pence -:lr wlilr TURB We ulltlclyjllille lllYll1t'l l.l:i.fll,lrllll-5-lll. lll.-lll -xll burelims ol llle l'-lllvv IEUllllfllIll l v'-A l'--null ll' . . .- slgn, d9Vf?lOpIl1lQ'lll cmd rllcllllll-'xellllln . . ll 1-qlllllllll'-Ill eleclromc 01' elerlllc-dl cl'-lllzllv.lnlClxlll ll , l-pf,-l lll--ll-ll ll tesllnq Our slrlcere Ccilrllgll1tlllf1Ill,llll. . 5 lv . .I . l ,Ill ll lx, 5-ersllrlrl-,-l llrlll other wcxr llllle Conlruclf-rziz m'llo:-c- rx-llll'llnl-l,l lr-llwll ll. ,Ll Qllrs the gre-cllesl Navy ln lll-,lrlyy I COVER DUAL SIGNAL SYSTEMS. INC. Dlvlxlon ol ELECTRA VOICE CORPORATION Chicago 40. Illlnals Engineers and Manulocfurers of HIGH PRECISION EQUIPMENT If L4 ll j. . ' f ' I A"l'he irnlispvnsnlzlv- lmnfllnmk uf llw 'l l 5 nmrlvrn Nnrul .-Inlrlv-fury." K e 4 ' -New Yurk 'finu-5 . 'X L - i Y' i Cf .-. WNAPULIS "U" I3-HJ! A X fx 1-,, TQIDAY i-- - fs deSl9"e'5 ny luf.w.4l.l. IIANNINIJ ol-iggnCIIo I h le.-l-ll.-.1ll,-l..,..i5 H. lf..l,..ll1.-f okefs ol I e RlQll1N'l'I.N l.-llwll llllll.-lllml-ll, .lllll l..l..l .lflllllu ...-.. ,lll..l.,u.l,ll.. and m lllllll-ll-mul-lllls 'lfllmn . lll. Ill llfl .. N - .N ll l -lll vlll- lrllllnllln, fllvr- llnll full lll llll- lu zlll- N.ll.ll Xl lllll-lm lr ls lllf- Ill-rll-ll ull: I-lr wlll l.lmllx. lllr yllur lm-lnls, Illr llllmnv- nllll null- lvl knml lllllrl- .lllllul Xnnllprllls .lull xlll- llrls mfllay Illl- lll ll- llllll-lllgllll.-ll. --1 .nw lull- rum ,.-lf. nl x..l.ll 'l.-..ll.-l.ll l.l.- ll....ll..gllll llllll .ll ll. l-mfr!-llnllw lllmll l" Th I ., , .K 0.-lv :mu ,Mgr-., l'f..flll.11y l1l..,lml.l.1. 52.75 ,. TIIE FLEET TUDAY Hy KENIIALL B 4.'VIllNli lu JAD- HFIKFI l- llll- 1-nlnrllll, gl.-ls-lll.llm-ll "lnsllll- -nm" ul ilu- l. N. ll:-1-1 .lllll lllr'4lllA.1'lw .lull llll-u ullll m.lLl- lr gl.-.lr. l.lu-ls. llllllrmal--, l .l N ,l,l, f- -ll -ll .l lls, l- , ll -. I-mlr .4 lull .lllllllf .llI, pllllllllll ll ll-ll- ulll --ll-mlllllu wlll mlm nl klllm .lllmlr Illl- ll hlgllllll :ll fll l lll lllllrlllxl ll :ll lllllx l llllll. rll L llll ull. Illll. Uur Nllll .ll-.l llll.-X ll .ls Mlm- lll rlll- llll--l lllx--rl--ullp, alll- lllllxl lnformalnl- .lnrl ilu- mu-I clllllyllrlf- lll-wks .ln llll- Nan .lllll N.lu mul that ue Ilan- l-x--r -l ll," lllll-xml'-ll. 53 T5 M -, Xl yllllr liy ilu' snnu- uulllm-4-nf-In 52.ln llmlle- url- xxusT PUINT Toon' ' R.-lla-ll ll. ful. ll, r lf. lil... lllll. nl-ll ,.ll..lll H M I gfllplll .l.1.1,-.1 --l all... llulllllly ...l-..l.l ulmlll ll..- II MMl.If xllllllfl l.fl.l.1...l " wr.. lllrl lm.-X lUXll'lNl 0l'R ARMY T1 DD XX hllelllglnful ll-.llllllu . . lllll lllllkf- wllll llw will wur sollllrrf' f -lrnll flrllrllllll lx Nl-ll Yllrk In 529 . u he 4 lurlx . .shlll dcvwt' W il the qulqkflrrqutmfynd many Ol WU Ml you wxll be 5eell:i,llCl'llllns riullrv 11,1 M . ' .. A l ln be usmglo iinmxd SIWYQ lnslwllilllmls, an I C - :lr - i?:hlljl1spR8LIlO Colnlhllgllt-QT New Yllllk ll wwf Und IQWBL x8.N.Y' A COLLINS AuI0I" Head ne l FLORSHEIM w ,f , ' f n I ,, efl?l?fll! 0 1 1001.1 .glam BACK FROM DISTINGUISHEU SERVICE ALL OVER THE WORLD .X RIN X Vx ' if Wfgck ev' , .5392 The Silllll' linu quality that won favor with ofliccrs of liglning shipx lllI'Ullgll0L1l the war nuw yours in Annzlpulis-approved styles. THE FLORSHEIM SHOE COMPANY lil 'I 1 ll J - M ' . . . K l ., , 5 4 Q " X -Q , I ' 5 ,. , r , I 'B ' b I i , - ,L 34 N. . sl , . ng , . . . , .y , V., - 1 x . --. 3 ,- 1 ' ii , .jf .- E . ,f - .il -4. .4 KN .I-' H. N l , ' X-. gf 1 , 4 1 I E . . 1 . Q . ' X .V - if Q ,A-1 7 " ,. fe ff' ' -' - 'R is P91 .3 ' 5 'V' I' . I ' ' ' '0 v "1 . 1 ' lf Slurlcvnnl murine equipment iw installed nn :I majority of U. S. Nzwy Vessels. Phutn shows n turbine-driven Iwo-single blower with mp section of blower housing partly removed tnshnw Iwo-stagenrrnngumcntul rotors. STI ll'l'lCl NYI' lilmu-rx. l'lXllllIlNll'I'i, Ilvulm-rs. :xml S11-:un lllllllllllA'N hun- ml:-xuumlmlc-il for mum yi-are ilu-ir ulnilily tn Nluml up muln-I' Nl'Yl'l'l'Sl Ill2Il'lll1' sm-lwiw lruill lip ll llli'lIlIll'1ll'- Iurvl nllll H6 51-:urs uir l'Il,Qlll1'l'l'lllQj l'XlN'l'll'lll'l'. B. F. STURTEVANT COMPANY Division of Wvslinglzouse Elerlriv "lbu"W"'h"',"1 ' Yzhvfyn Hytlv Park Buslon 36 Hass. -DIN r W Qvonvsnslou PwgfllT35'vpocK, , E urFncllid6N9VQ I for Gommercill AMERICAN , 1 LINEN! COLLARS THE NAVY! . . . lmmaculale, economical LINENE COLLARS are worn by llwousands ol wfml, dresxed Navy omw, Faced on bollu svdcs with ine col- fon cloflu, paper filler, UNENE lels you for-geo laundry expense and homer. ww .1 crisp, comlorlable Lmme collar mf, day-and me loss ,Q .my when soiled. ue, me lm lhan sc each! Agn for llwem by name-UNENE COLLARS. t A' Ana smpx' ummm SEMU, Shops Su-nm REVERSIBLE COLLAR CQ, HI mmm Awe Cdmbndqe Mass 330 Ford Instrument ompa ny. I mf. 31-10 THOMSON lTliNl E Long' Island City. Nvu' York Gun Fire Control Apparatus Scientific, Mathematical and Calculating Instruments COI'lSll1tillg Engineers T 1"r 1 At Your Service llll2lill3l'.'l. El IN '1 1 1.:!::1 yggiw. NEW YORK iEi3:,..i1 'tl 700 ROOMS A l 111 1 ' 11111 A ALL WITH PRIVATE BATH, SHOWER AND RADIO f IIRM1 . ' "UT NEAR ALL THEATRES SHOPS AND I S ,- EVERYTHING OF INTERfST THE PREFERRED HOTEL in New York-il is so 'friendly and comforlable. Midshipmen lrnow lhaf al the Piccadilly they are always assured of personal, inleresfed allenlion- the utmost in service, at reasonable cos'f. Wrile lo me direcl for reservalions ROY MOULTON-MANAGING DIRECTOR HOTEL WEST451l-1. ST. JUST OFF B'WAY T0 KEEP YOUR HAND IN! OLT ACE TARGE AUTOMATIC PISTOL For regular target practise with economy, the Colt Ace Target Automatic Pistol - Caliber .22 Long Rlfle - rs n highly deslrnlmle possession lor xervice men, An exceptionally smooth operating and un- usually accurate arm, at ls built on the same frame as the Government Model 45, n therelurn slmxlnr in weight. grip nnd nppuurnruru, and has the same aalety Ieatures, Hm- rel la super-prernsnrmuvd and the target uctmn hand fin- ished, Ruur sigh! lu of tnrggf-t dcslgn with ndjuxtmeul: for elevatmn und wxndage, COLT'S PATENT FIRE ARMS MFG. Co. mumonn, conuscncur, u. s. A. Congrafzllr1!1'o11.v rum' Bm-f ll 1'.N'!ll'.N' TU 'I'Ill'I N XX XI, Xflllllflll KIIASS Ulf IUIT SANFTIH ll SHIRT 1'03l PANT' Tlflllltf-lIl'lllI'l'I'N QI' Iligll Ursula- Shirls 0-8 ll EST IAHIH KRD STR!-Il'IT Il tI,'I'lll4 lltlz - I. llll. "O i i i i Compliments of SEXAUER 81 LEMKE, Inc. i IH-50 vl'I'llUIl Blvd. LUNG ISLAND CITY. N. Y. 3 E'lIllIllllll'llll'l'l'8 of Twin Mount Gun Shields For Deslroyors GUN l"0lINDATION!'6 'l'UIlI'l'IDO IINNDLING lCQUll'Ml'IN'l' lCS1IU'l'I 'l'Rl'Nlx IIA'I'iIHl'IS kMMliNl'l'l1 PN STU!! Mili TANKS I!lCR'l'l'l SLIDI-IS XNII UTIIICR Sllll' PARTS F1 PR SUHM KICINIQS Congratulations and Best Wishes 7a ww ew aj 1947 COX and STEVENS AIRCRAFT CUBP. MINEOLA, N. Y. MEATS OF QUALITY When .1 mmf product carries thc name of GOILTZES, its superior quality .md fi.1x'o1' .lrc assured. Neither tune nur circumstance gin .ilrcr thu srriur policy which requires rh.lt Goctzbs Mcnts hc dmiccr rhu lmcst ir is possiblc to produce or procure, ALBERT F, GOETZE, Inc. 1mLT1MoRE 1'l'u.1'm:'1'i uf GU:'rQi",1 Cl'0IL't'I' .XIMIJ 532 AIRCRAFT RAIJIU CORPORATION O i X g,RMYf i QE? 1' Designers and Manufacturers of Naval Aircraft Radio Equipment 'A' BOONTON, N. I., U. S. A. i Amon F l BLANKETS 3245 THE ESDIIINII RIILLS I N 1. 0 li I' 0 IK K 'l' I-. ll ESMUND ' NHOIDHISILKNII l L a mul l .1 J r I - J I , an n-11 J Ji w I 1 'I i 1 il 1 J - I 1 l 1 N GUGD SAILING WE SALUTE brilliant victorics on cvcry sca. And 0 I In I lr E we are glad to fccl thai thc lruublc free performance of Kingsbury Bear' P R 0 ll U C -IV S ings contributcd its modcsl sharc lo making possible thc final triumph, Self-Lubricating Bearings HINBSHUHY MACHINE WUHK5 Powdered Metal Parts lN1.0ICI'UIlK'l'Iill I'HllAlll'1l,I'HliK Zl. PK. Cored and Bar Stock 5 KIIQESB Y CHRYSUER CURPURATIUN Q Amplex Division - Detroit lViiCii- I,C2Q1C'QJIZLIZ'211ig',,'L1CILiZ.?1'7.,' I ' 1 1 1 ' I an 1 I nl nu i i 1 V I mejigllgfif alll! WClllM!6l.flLlI'Ql':5 O! ELEIITHUNIII EUUIPMENT L,-fb United States Navy SANBAMU ELEETHIE EUMPANY . sviuwui-'iiin IIIINUIS 531 HIJIIHPULIS THEHTBESS l'ra'xvnting thc' BEST in .Motion Pirtures Ilirm-lion. F. ll. llllrkoe- Ente-rprisc-s Allllalmlis- Maryland -l0llN SDIEAIIDIAN. Rvxidvnl Manng1'l' qi gflj f I 1 fi 1 I T fkft l Q Jim S2 HELP YOU ' AUTOMATIC ELECTRIC Captain's - 9 4nlnmlllllmlllmlx unlvvlx I-num llml lluwv Ivln' lvlmm- Nwlvln- planwl .un xmlumlquul 11.111 In llu' zulixilu-x Ilml lllvllglll xivlmx, 'Naval -I1-:ulllx "Tl-IE illrlwl-lung uw ru lln' xallmm lmlunwln-N uf ilu' Swnx'IebLL:CrCc1V:l?1In thoglckes ind fevmn-: Q rx mm S me wr qucwfy hglulilng wluvv lwllllu-N lu lin-il 4-Iluwmx .xml """"hH 5'f'1f'5 uwliululllx nu Iuluixllllrg mln-I. lvllulalm' I-'ml' S .50 lnllnirulium umlvx .nu :mul .III m-lu'unlml.1lu:'w W.L. 5 Ar. M :V W. L. DDUGLAS SHUE CO.. BRUCKTUN. MISS. STORES IN PRINCIPAL CITIES GOOD DEALERS THROUGHOUT AMERICA SINCE 1876 . , . MAKERS OF AMERICA'S BEST KNOWN SHOES TELEPHONE, COMMUNICATION. AND SIGNALING PRODUCTS Q H133 XY:-sl Yan liurvn Nl. ' llluivngo. lllilmi. We Iourx ix the Hrs! Claw -incv you began your Mid- NIIIIYIIIIIH IIQIIIIIIIQL lu gllllllliilf' inlu u I'4-'ucvtirne I 0 I 4? NN wld. Yuurf ix mm llwlmmn'uf4lwCmni11guflirexw 0 o 0 0 ' I in Ll gn-ul l'e'u1'vlirl1r Nuxy, ymns the prixilvge of 1'm1ll'ilvuIiug1 your girvalvbl f'HvUl'lS Imxarnl maintain- Frllllk ll- vl0ll0ff- IIIP.. xvllsllillglllll. D.l'. ing u Ntmng :mul mighty I-'leer for protection and V for l'vurs'f 111,-M Un Hffmffx Y,p.f1,',yj-1-,mlxlwmfhum u n flmwx, flfrmw, In ra-11qIn,' 3144 wW'7f'Z'f W C 'Cat Camer To Ufficel-A . . . Krmy - Navy - Nlurim-Curpa - Canal Iinurml NIl1'l'l'YQ'l' l1N'1lll'1l SPECIAL FINANCING SEIIVIIZE For I,lll'1'Il1INIllg NIIIIIIIIUIIIIPS I"m' Nluking lllYl'wlllll'Illa For llirc-vt Ilmnna on IIIUIIIIIIN puynn-nl plain NNVIIII no re-striclinn un lIn' lll1lVl'llN'IlI ul' l'1lI'. Iillullrl-QI lIll'0ll:lll lla FEDERAL SERVICES FINANCE IIUIIP. Uflnrlu lQHicu,' 35x ' Y Peace N Au 'n War and G I ERICAN M.-IDF BY 'IIB Jackson Place Washmglnn U II R F mum u UI-'IfI1I'.N 00113510 C. ra, New Y S xx XIIRlN4.'l'0N. ru. um. III-.I1II.l mr. "Hi 4I.r,,.-m.-r Iilnlg. uf.-.... 1.-..-.-r nmu. -ff vu xml I Qzrn, ru. l0IlI'Iw1'III!IN'I'I.'I'IaX Is I Egg , 230 11... r.,..r-I. N.. n.-.ua.I.l,l'.-..a.I-Na......l nm, ' 'PKJXI IIllNUll'll '1' II W , . . . , ,I VISIT GraFIex Information Center:-Al 50 Rockeiellea mm, H MMR, 'NX Plaza. N, Y., and 3045 Wxlshxre Blvd.. Los Angelea. Cal X. ANDERSON BROS. CONSOLIDATED CO'S.. INC, aff' l'0'I"l'0N IEAIIDIENT FAl"I'l'lI IEIIS DIANI' I900-I!Dl.n DANYILLE 0 VIRGINI SEYEIIN Sflllllll. SICYHIINX I'KICIx NMIHIANII 'lr ,4 Country Huurrling Srlwnl for Hays un the Severin Hirvr ru-ur ,lnnupulis 'A' ,4 u ."l'l'I'l'llill'IlS6'l'0lllll1l'j'SFIIUIII Sp4'1'iulizin,u in l'r4'purulion for finnupnlix anal II'l'Nll'1lfIll I0 I6-IUIT 'I'IIIII'I'1-'IIIIIIIINI-,X 1,zll:.lIugm' ROLL KNIT NI. 'l'I-lI'II,. l'rim'ipul .3 3 3 I 1 ANNAPIILIS MEIICIIANTS To these firms who serve the Regiment from day-to-day we respectfully call your attention SLAYTIJN INSURANCE AEENIIY Protect your uniforms and personal properly with 88 Maryland Avenue Our Special Property Floater for servicemen. Annapolis 2036 Planes, Tours, Hotels, etc. Annapolis Travel Service TILGHMAN COMPANY GREEN'S PHARMACY Jewelers Silversmilhs Stationers Rvgialu-rz'1l f014w'Ir'm .flrnvricun Cam Society i' MARYLAND AVENUE " -In Uld Sion' with 11 Nou' Selling" FOUNTAIN SERVICE - "LUNCHEONETTE" Vfhe Best Sandwiches in Townj Telephone -l-311 7 170 Main Street Wm. A. Clark The Rc-xall Drug Store , Prop 'l'lCl,, 3901 The BflHllll8,S Florist 360 AIIIIHPOA5 jgzwer' 36019 LUIS STICXX ART 'I'ttAlJlilt 5tl1'4'1'.x.mr In f. Ll. Slrlturl Unlvr surly f-llloserl 'l'hnrsrluy "'l'RAlJl-l XY l'I'H 'l'RAlll4lR" 68 MARYLAND AVIS.. ANNAPOLIS. MD. Q iii Ll' Uefg Oil? HALLMARK GREETING CARDS I:'l"ER.SH.4Rl' AND SHEA4l"I"IiR PENS .-IND PENCILS JENKINS. INC. 185-7 MAIN STREET ANNAPOLIS, MD. IN GUNNERY il is SPEED und ACCURACY IN ICE lllllihlll supplied by SOUTHERN DAIRIES ll ir- lwaltln-gixixug. hotly-huilrling Nvllilllllllr that change grow ing Midshipmen lu husky Nuxul Ulllm-as nhose elhcienm i- th-tl-rminvcl hy the slule of Ihvir pllysic-ul well-heing. S0l'TllEllN DAIIIIES IFE YIIISADI .N ...Huw ,.1,.mi,.0,.4.f SIiAL'I'EST l.All0llA'l'0llIliS vnoxti was :may CQ AEAUEMY eilower QHUP l.as1'i:R B, Wnsow. Prop, WEDDING BOUQUETS - CUT FLOWERS CORSAGE WORK Flo ztfff rl Delivered by Ihre Dial . . . 3200 139 PRINCE GEORGE STREET See A fllu apolis Telephone Directory Congratulations TO THE CLASS OF '47 EAIILS-IIANIIULPII fll. 5 Nlaryluml Aw-inn' Compliments of EAIILS-BANlIOLPll C0. 1 .Inna Ball ulamnur quwns .lame Enulel drrzssns fur qarrlen pnrlius and all June Wmele UIIERIHIIIIIS 23, EUNNINGHAM-LEE I fleciahy 522055 ,Slap l IU Xl-KRNIAXII XXIfNl'I-' XNN'Xl'UI,IS. NINIIXI' l SA Nl SN Y D IC H Naval and Cl'l'l.Il'flII, Ta ilor Annapolis, Maryland l l l 1 Congratulations.. Class of 19-17 W' A0190 you penzenrger !II,HHIIiHT'S -Xa llw "ll-Xlllll XXI? Rltl URI! slum' llxul ulxszn. NlI'lXP1l In plea-n-. wr uill rmnilulu' lu -vue xfvu if xml will lvl us. ,lust -mul lr yum urmlvr lur r1'r'urfl,x. XVI- will mail llu-m lu x ll a1l1xul1n'l'c'. un luml or wa, TH THUSI-I lilfll-XINING HIQIII-I Wm- extend our imikalinn In xixil lln- I-nlarge-I mocleln Her-:ml aml limliu lJ4'pu1'Ilm'nl aml In Iillu' unlxanluym- ul um' neu l'lmlnglulml1ir llvpurlrlu-nl, I Wv lmpv xml uill ulm fl-.fl fren' lu vunxllll mu Qerxif-r' lleparllnvlll ulmul xnux' mflin prnluln-In-. l Tala' aisluullage ul' tln' l'mll--xiuxlal Svrxir-f' Quail- .llulr tlxrrmgll Xlr. l'Qngc'1w l.. -Xllwriglul. llvr-ngnuin-rl Nmlin lfllgilmvr, Q an . Peerless Uniform Elllllllillly 5 I S mmrlrs nr Illlll :mu H M ' 'f 5 ' : 4 ,I f 4 , .I NIJ M INIC UI-'l"IlIIiRS IIN "UIC S RADIU TELEVISION KPPLI XMI!-15 IIICCURIJS N in U X XR l l07 NIKIN S'l'Iil'II-TI' I 78 Nluryluml Svc-nllv Vllnm- If78I 5 NAVIEATIUN I INSTRUMENTS TEXTS I INSTHUIJTIUNS Congratulations and Best Wishes to the Class of 1947 If. Mn-KEY SMITH T. A. PIIOCTUR IE. H. IIACHSCHMID ANN,-tl'0LlS OFFICE I ' , 147 MARYLAND AVENUE uvww Am sig' "- I hi I .5 w A VVEEIVIS JEFFERWN WANDARD 2 I '91 J' 5" SYSTEMOF IFE INSURANCE COMPANY "4aI-tmgwflix NAVIGATION L I if "'FN'NFP6HS MMVIAND Gln5ENslzoRu. NORTH f:ARoLlNA I'I'IIISUNAI. CAIIIJS I'rinlwI nr Ifngluxvfi I'ru1l1lnlS1'lx1+1' - II.-I.-mmlvl-f I'm'--- Congratulations to the Class of ,47 'III IxIlllINrrI'1'nIl1IH1'Ir'IzlI mul-twin! prinling YYIIITIWIIIIE Printing and Stationery Co. ANNAl,0LlS DAIRY 3 I ' Xnnnpulin, 0000 286 V1-st Str:-vt, NIIIIIIIIUIIS I Ronl CT Co' .II I, KINDK Oli GIFTS A THE IA 0 Congratulations to the Class of '47 I mg Huh, 51, -.I 15 -XnlmImIiN, XIII. N THE MIRROR GRILL AND RESTAURANT I 15,14 MAIN STREET IfNGAGI'MI'NT AND IYIYDDING RINGS I Compliments I Complimcnts of of t JADIES ll. WvILSON I DAVIS STATIONERY l RPIIfP8PHlllIg I 'IIIQTRUPULITAN LIFI-I INSURANCE COMPANY , STM: M HRM: 1 III :Qu -- mis 3315 l1l,u1oNDs REXIOL'N'l'I-Ill num- nl IIN' LI L E A M P Dirunomls - Ilualrlnes - jewelry I Cnr- Iuurwlf I I'rvr1Ir1r1rll.'r1fm II md' Rrlmiring Uur finllwgv Ilrrzmlzlwn' 180 MAIN STREET Annapolis. Nlarylanml Yeuaw - TAX' WRIICE - HENRY B. MEYERS Co. 'Lars Available for 4.7.19 WEST STREET, ANNAPOLIS w"t'fItIlllgS and Funerals Dial 5959 Gifts QQ Electrical Appliances I 538 Academy Flower Shop ...,.,. Acme Aluminum Alloys, lnc .... Aerojet Engineering Corp ,.4.. Aerial Products, lnc. .,...... . . . , Aircraft Radio Corporation ....,...., Air-Track Manufacturing Company '.., Albright's ........., .. . .1 American Bearing Corporation ,... . . American Pharmaceutical Company .,.. . . American Tar Company .,.,., . . . . . Anderson Bros. Consolidated Co's , lnc Annapolis Flower Shop .,...,, ..,, Annapolis Dairy Product Co. . . . . Annapolis Theatres ..,..,......,.,,, Arundel-Brooks Concrete Corporation Arundel Corporation, The ...., . . . Automatic Electric Sales Company. . Babcock GZ Wilcox Company, The . Bailey, Banks 81 Biddle Company. Bailey Meter Company. . . . Bally Manufacturing Company. . Bancroft Cap Company ..,. Bath lron Works Corporation. . . . Bausch 84 Lomb Optical Company . Beatrice Steel Tank Manufacturing Co Bellevue-Stratford, The. . Bennett Brothers, lnc.. . Bethlehem Steel Company BG Corporation, The. . . Brown 82 Sharpe M fg. Company Bunker Hill Smelter. . . Carvel Hall. . . . Cash's ...... . . . . . Chrysler Corporation-Amplex Division Coca-Cola.. . . ... . Collins Radio Company. . . . Colt's Patent Fire Arms Mfg. Company Columbia Jewelry Company. . . Conhagen, Incorporated, Alfred. , C-O-Two Fire Equipment Company. County Trust Company of Maryland, Cover Dual Signal Systems, lnc.. . Cox 61 Stevens Aircraft Corporation Crosse 82 Blackwell ...., Cummings Machine Works Cunningham-Lee. . . . . Curtiss-Wright Corporation Davis Stationery, . . . . . De Laval Steam Turbine Company. Douglas Shoe Company, W. L Earls-Randolph Company Eaton Paper Company. Electric Boat Company. Esmond Mills, lnc , The. .. Fairchild Engine and Airplane Corp Farmers National Bank, The. . Federal Services Finance Corporation Florsheim Shoe Company, The Index to Advertisers PACE 536 528 595 -185 532 528 537 517 520 520 535 536 538 534 510 510 534 523 -177 528 526 493 510 529 512 525 512 518 -182 525 521 512 525 533 513 529 531 538 500 510 510 529 532 510 512 537 483 538 526 53-1 530 522 474 533 -180 506 535 530 P Ford Instrument Company, lnc . , , Funk G1 Wagnalls Company. . . General Machinery Corporation, Geryvick, Inc, Ben C,. . . . . Gibbs GZ Cox, lnc ., Gieves, Ltd. .,.. , Goetze, lnc., A. F . . Graflex, lnc., . . , , , , Graham. Anderson, Probst 82 White Green's Phannacy. . . . Criscom-Russell Company. . . . Grumman Aircraft Engineering Corporation Hallicrafters Company. . . .,... . . . , . Hamilton Foundry Ev Machine Company Hayes Manufacturing Corporation. Herff- J ones Company. . . Hillborn-Hamburger, lnc Hodge 81 Hammond, lnc Hotel Gramercy Park Hotel Piccadilly Hotel St George . . Horstmann Uniform Company. The Hudson Bay Mining ly Smelting Co , Ltd Huntington Laboratories, lnc Hyde Windlass Company, lngalls Shipbuilding Corporation lnterchemical Corporation , jahn U Ollier Engraving Company. . . . jefferson Standard Life Insurance Company Jelleff Frank R, lnc jenkins, lnc, .. , Karpen, S. 8 Bros . Kemp, C M , Mfg Company Kingsbury Machine Works, lnc Klein, Muller ZS! Horton, lnc Krementz B1 Company, . Lapoint Machine Tool Company, The Liggett 81 Myers Tobacco Company Little Campus. . . Littlestown Hardware fy Foundry Company Log, The. . . Lucky Tiger Manufacturing Company Mackay Radio 8 Telegraph Company, lnc Magnavox Company. The Manger Hotels. . , Marion Institute . Mayers, L, C Co Merin Studios .... Merriam Company, G 8 C Metcalf Brothers it Company Meyers, Henry B Company Meyer, lnc , N S. . Mirror Grill and Restaurant Missouri Valley Bridge EY lron Cb , The Moran Towing if! Transportation Motion Picture lndustry Mullins Manufacturing Corporation Nanco, lnc . 539 AGE S31 529 502 506 521 -191 532 535 51-1 536 50-1 405 521 502 500 503 52-1 51-1 507 531 50-1 506 510 400 50-1 -10-1 506 -170 538 53-1 530 -1238 519 533 500 -193 528 -175 538 5 lb -171 510 5 17 -100 5123 -190 507 -160 -1723 -1138 538 -1237 538 -192 -180 -172 492 -196 National Company, lnc, , Q V' National Publishing Company ,... . , , National Roll 82 Foundry Company , , , National Toddle House Corporation. , , , , , Navy Relief Society .... .... .... . , . . Newport News Shipbuilding 81 Dry Dock Cn Okonite Company, The . O'Sul1ivan Rubber Corporation Peerless Pump Division. Peerless Uniform Company Phillips Packing Company, lnc Radio Corporation of America Reeds Sons, jacob. , . . . Reversible Collar Company' Rock River Woolen Mills Ronson Lighters . . Sanford Shirt Company Sangamo Electric Company Schraders Son, A Schutte 8 Koerting Company Scott 81 Company, lnc , Walter Seamans Bank for Sayings, The Severn School Seyauer E: Lemke. lnc Sinclair ReHning Company Slayton Insurance Agency Smith-Meeker Engineering Company Snyder, Sam Soeony-Vacuum Oil Company, lnc Southern Dames Spalding ZS! Bros , A fi Sperry Gyroscope Company, lnc Sprague lilectric Company Stearns Stetson Shoe Company lnc . The Sturtevant Company, B ff Sun Oil Company Tampa Shiphuiltling Company Tide Water Associated Oil Company Tiffany of Company Tilghman Company' Thomsen-Ellis-1 'lutton Company United Services Automobile Association United States Naval Institute U S Hoffman Machinery Corporation Vreeland, D R . Vulcan lron Works Walworth Ckimpany Waverly' Oil Works Company Weems System of Nay igation Westinghouse Electric CS Mfg Company Whitmore Printing 6: Stationery fb Wilson Line, lnc Wilson, james R Wing Manufacturing Company. 1. 1 Worumbo Company Yellow Cab PAGE 49-1 502 526 51 1 480 522 480 -173 -101,1 5 37 52 1 mo 508 and 500 530 -18-1 527 531 533 -GHS -178 -115-1 480 535 532 5115 530 51-1 537 511 530 522 407 -1'-30 538 515 5311 -181 530 -18-1 -173 530 408 402 -1713 525' -198 -170 5111 5lPl 538 501 538 -1091 538 51-1 -198 538 5? l .4 Or , n .l v , Vis' STAND N-h ' VY DOWN -me new sans sn' -ro vue sm, K. , lou. uv rue SCOIQE NN' VY p AN ' CHO'-5 'A ' w'E'G""' ""'L- as-r vu - oem wmr, f4k'VY DECKS CLEARED FOR TMP cuu. SPEED A--H-EAD Mk - VY All-MY H+, BLUE OF THE SE-VEN SEAS, 5351 SUN-V 1 A av se - venue suomz- we L-EARN NA - VY's STEILN cnu.: 'FAITH' I 6 III! sill I I I 4 H '! I ,1 1 1 1 I I QHf"JmJ ff 161531 FF WE IF? if 'Far Far' 9 j M 3 I 3 5 ifliilr FWElf1G5V'l"1fS'fFf':l213qf d455dLfML,d 111 rfiiefk iii? FPFFIFTIF? FDQJE ' , .-.., we'u. uousr nqnc- un- vw awe so an-mv nown YOUR, cneyn-wr-v. I 7- 1 '- 0- Q! i f rum suck Ano GREY mo now nun nom me na-w. nam me nn-vv awe... D . . . I , Q U" 9- - Q if I' - . Y I -HQ ' ' ' li H V, Q' i I , Lev -mess oua., co-Legg 55 nga. nu. or rms- sr: Jose! N- N -mi lj ilA3i5d!1Je4.1IJH4r5fFi djffFWQ1L?'fHnLf'ffEH2f 5 laj1sPW:LFQfaswfHufF fg13i VQTQ' W5'w"i p'fg,1 Ep1'f3" g'+.,i' ?AE jg? pw gxfwfgide me

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