United States Naval Academy - Lucky Bag Yearbook (Annapolis, MD)

 - Class of 1907

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United States Naval Academy - Lucky Bag Yearbook (Annapolis, MD) online yearbook collection, 1907 Edition, Cover

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r 1 . fn' 1 ' PV' I wg. 0 Q 4 . . . 1' H I Q Y : Y 1 N 1... 1 w J' u 1' .1 'FJ' IT' 'v ' x 45 w x .L Q ' . 4 ., 1 ' K - A 4.L L I' A' lf' 1 . 7 I H 'N-,LJ pq' .Fr du, ' .. L .i - r Q, 'fu -,Eff 1- .- , ,m Vf' .2113 Q. ' sep- ' ,, ' I' . A ' '4' 1: -I . 1 ,F -1 . I 1 I- r I h 1. 1 -I , J-1. 'N 0' in J V--, sa., , .-UIOQQ -y.1,. Q-' -'A ffm- -. --un... - Q mumnvvmQQLHIQWIQIMmuwimnglgmwnl A 35233363 132 Yiurkp Eng Y A HISTORY OF THE YEAR 1906-1907 1907 0 H www 'YQQEEW fq vt Q' X I L M: N? .Uma '-1 Jfiif w 'fx Sk. 21- 4 1 S 551355 Abn er 'giifmeei :imma--4 . I' WI WIP imm' f. 1 I I2 -A 3" W ,Q fr: . s - 71" 4 ' O f . ' Ulibe Uklniteh btates jaahal Zlnahemp ANNAPOLIS, MARYLAND, U. S. A. VOLUME XIV f r 1 . fn' 1 ' PV' I wg. 0 Q 4 . . . 1' H I Q Y : Y 1 N 1... 1 w J' u 1' .1 'FJ' IT' 'v ' x 45 w x .L Q ' . 4 ., 1 ' K - A 4.L L I' A' lf' 1 . 7 I H 'N-,LJ pq' .Fr du, ' .. L .i - r Q, 'fu -,Eff 1- .- , ,m Vf' .2113 Q. ' sep- ' ,, ' I' . A ' '4' 1: -I . 1 ,F -1 . I 1 I- r I h 1. 1 -I , J-1. 'N 0' in J 14 , , Y 'H 'G 11 .,,1"' .L , ' 1 1 :' . 3, , - .1 . . ,AU . A 1 .1..,.' ' ,' WTC' .ll my ' 11 13 .- ' .. mi: .' "qi lu 1 .' ' - ,W 411. 1-'T AA' vf, , 'QQ .9 -,,v. - - ,r L A 1.'1, Q ik Y ' . ,fra 'Q . - 'J - , .1,f. , I ,. ,, J N e , 545 -1 ' 43, QC , ' iff.. .1 'Z . ,it ' :"1f 2, J In 'f :jp fl. 'ff f ,Z if -' - ,. . '91 . 4 's J . ' 1 i 1 'j .Q 1 . 1. -, U ." w."-' Law ,, .u A . .FT . A J .- 1 .45 I. U' .43 I. -ff' . LM L1 1.,.f.g:,A-!.,1 1 5 - '., . ,Wy ,V ,f X 1 5' " "" '.f,ii- , ':-P , 1 , . ,, V. 1,.' . 1, ' ,. Huy. ' ' 1' I ' , v , ' Un 1, Q , V ' Q ll! .r 1 .I1 ' A , ' ,414 ., ' 1- '1 K I -,J 1, U ' I 4 . , . ' x . f b J . 'Q n Q ". , , M, . 1 . A W u N s' ,- ,- LA ' V A 1 1 ' 1 , - . .iii f ., K f I, 4. ' I , 1 V" I, U , 1 , v 1 4 1, 1' - . 1, 1 1,1 5 1 L :-J- A " X, 11 . , 1.' ' ' ,J X1 .M ff. , , 1 1 , 1 115,--Q" ., ,, , v 1 - V .. . Q' '1 5x1 1 s . 9-1, . 1 ',1"f . , 4 'N Xb 1,1 I ' .Y , ' .- V13 1 1.1, . . .,,! mil .rw 1-' frm 4' Q . x , L .- 1 L s JA Al . 1 7 .V , N. V .., c 1 1,-1 .4.., ,1-yyi-T -' Ph: , , Q . 1 . ,,1, , , , a, ' 'f4Q'f-X '.721-.-,fl-1 'i1f?1", .'-1.1 "Q .- ' ,', -1172.1-1 .-Lf115:7'- X- 1 gt , '23 1.1551-.. gtk-,'-Q1 - - A'-.' if -1.1 j 115, gf, Q. .gg--.1-,U ,.. ':g':1,,x.,'4 .' -:.,1.-,'--,-mg. xx 11,0414-. ,,-r,x4!'-1x-.- 2 '. 31, -' ,4 -1-,. 45.511-r, ww' ' ',.r-:Ida-1,196.51-rcxr , a'f.r-wi-.11r,.,,x..a. '- .az-1 . '-m-1:12, The Clllass uf 1907 RESPECTFULLY DEDICATE THIS VOLUME OF THE lucky Bag Rrnfessnr william Tllflliuuhhurp Jlaenhrinksnn Tlliniteh btates jaahp AS A TOKEN OF THE HIGH ESTEEM IN WHICH THE CLASS HAVE ALWAYS HELD HIM, AND AS A MARK OF THEIR REGARD, RESPECT AND ADMIRATION, WHICH THE YEARS HAVE SERVED TO DEEPEN .. mt QEWQ X, " efi . ' - G., ,r',.9 K . , At for? MWA. . 4 L if L' .faw.:Q . , ' . Uluast tu QB111' l - H 1 9 o 7 f 2 . .' C O ll? jaahp Girl Na ' DrinlfI1- h if v O er eyes, l RAN X The light on the sea, Her lips, fl i is Its ripple and foam, Q!! X Her heart, ll 1 A' No matter what shore ' P she treads, 3 A rg X lt's true, and a lover's fi ', PP home. K w 'Y 5 t A x Y' ' " f l - i .- ' 402: LZ- REAR-Annnnm, JAMES H. SANDS, U. S. N r 1 . fn' 1 ' PV' I wg. 0 Q 4 . . . 1' H I Q Y : Y 1 N 1... 1 w J' u 1' .1 'FJ' IT' 'v ' x 45 w x .L Q ' . 4 ., 1 ' K - A 4.L L I' A' lf' 1 . 7 I H 'N-,LJ pq' .Fr du, ' .. L .i - r Q, 'fu -,Eff 1- .- , ,m Vf' .2113 Q. ' sep- ' ,, ' I' . A ' '4' 1: -I . 1 ,F -1 . I 1 I- r I h 1. 1 -I , J-1. 'N 0' in J f-'P I., X' ma? W4 , J ...f:.3,,yyv-mf fn, we vm' .Nfl Nffw V5.5 ' , . V Q V . V - V ' V V.V ',"V!V,,fV '.. V 1. .VV .V: . . , .' V . ,-V-,, '. . . . ' ' - - V . . , ex.. ' ? . VV4 QFEVV-.VVV... .. , Fx f - ,, . X . -' :I 5 E . V , .,-.rg Q., Fl I . . ' I ' .1 .. ' , V 1' 'J - ,J ,.1. - 5-. . 1 .T L. "ti ,ff-C f' i V V V mvgs xg ., -.. VV i . !M'Vg-1' .Cf v . .f 4'Wl --.:1' 'N n J' ' ' - ,J '- V V..-15 V , V .Q jew-1: V ,. iff . . '4 . , ,Q .g ' ' ' -, an JL.. f..eMVVE.1V'S ' . 3 -.f"- ' ' NV V V f X if F f ' 'gk . , 'V 1 1 r . . .. 4: ex .QV mf. A . . U w . x , NN .. Q. ,.m,,, . V. , X VM ' V v V V ,VV , .' ,WM 4' A 3' :yr ' , 1-L...-7, A' A NP' , "4-. 5 V - , V, ff., gy: , . if - . ,- f wf fy, i j ,T ' .. ,x ff' .ff , , .,f,Z .Y ' .. 'Q -4 .gziifsm Q ff":,1 QQ. qi! 'Var gf, - lx ski' gl 'Q J. jr. X .J f -1'5" 35.2. - . , 1 , 'W v" ,,,. V - In ,JS A 3 3.1 1 un -f54'ZSS?"Nf ' , ' - rf, V V .. V, :V V. 1' . Captain G. P. CoLvocoREss1zs, TJ. S. N. Commander T. G. DEWEY. U. S. N.. Retired. A V . 5 ,Q fu '-f'- v .' ' 5, ' 5-,wgx , it - ' ' f.,gl- X M - , .- , .. .. 'zffuffi'-9 ' ' 'flitfll-.nj if 1 'A . ,, , X , ,-1 414 . .5 ,. V ., ,,45.,LfgYfg,.5., ., ' q,1+f-if --ww . A ,w,w. xE?i .f A W1 , 9 Y Er., ww if fm' 0 1' f . Q F 4c47"i?3?g3,:fv"N ff'f?': 'X HP:-. ffix ,Y 4 AUM? 1, 'E '1 . ' "EN" " ,ffm- ' 59x :Q Dx I 1 1 1 4 w ' I 3 V M, . , h , ye 3, , ,1 Q' ' ' , L 1 . fy-uf fl' Aff, , ' 'irozw A. A- , V, Y' f-5 Vw ,Q ,'f"Ef',,: , 13315 . H. Siu- V. Qsw n ww. tv' A , N 3, Q . ,, W f A LVL ,.,,.. ,, ,.,-A. i..s...i-,m.-.- W ilurkp Bag Staff 1907 Qfhiturzinzfihief EARL WILLIAM PRITCHARD 1 Business Manager slssr. Business manager XVARREN CASE NIXON 2 BURTON ANDERSON STRAIT 11 Qrt Qibitor NEWTON LORD NICHOLS 4 Qssnniate QEtlitors LAURENCE HAMILTON AUSTIN 5 EARLE FREEMAN JOHNSON 11 SLOAN IJANENHOWER '1 RICHARD TUSON KEIRAN 11 CHARLES GORDON IDAVY 1 WILLIAM HENRX' LEE 13 ARTHUR VVILLIAM FRANK 8 1 HENRH' CLAY MUREIN, JR. 11 ROBERT CARLYLE GIFFEN 1' CHAUNCEX' EZRA PUSH 11 ROBERT FRANK GROSS 1" ARCHIB.AI.D DOUCII,AS r-IRURNBULLI To The Class, 31? sfg j f KQUR student life, ii lts peace and strife With work and play forever rife We now give o'er And pass the door That opens inward never more. hough other men Come marching in, To be to you what we have been, This book perchance Beneath your glance Our memory may still enhance. o each good friend who loves the place And helps to spread its fame, To all the loyal fellows, too, Who reverence its name, Who cripple any foeman bold Who calls its honor lame, To any stranger who, mayhap, Shall turn a page or two, To all, we humbly dedicate And beg you'll read it through. N XX' 'Xu ,N X .QQ1 jf x 352- ' ' 'X V'-ff-R 5"-j '- EW ' E: f'i7"X . ,., Q1 vs f .1 - rvm- -B 1.1214-v, , A - Rt , -Ip I1-r I 4xIqn.,f1 c , If V ' '-d'c! -g . I .Il . I Il . Q' 5 '-I 1 " " 0 'll' I. YI I4 -I I 1 4 1 W rl 'I I I.. nz.. LIIDMI 1- L . IQ MJ t' I' 1- H I L' 2 I I -1- -A Intl ' 3 qu in N i I aj 1 on Q Q- ' V - I' I Ii I I I. . Q g FQ .1 I I " I I ' 5 K' In ? ,..'.I:"-P? Q l IN- 4 -r i Ji? I1-l I' .- -I . JA '- Q i -H I I Q f 'I 5 IV' HJ r If 'Y II II' 'I I I I II. -- I. L fi 4 II I II -1 I I AJ I f- 1 I Q I -I V I .- I ? I Ll 1 -.I 1 I '-I',,,,. - I r... ' - I E I 'III 'Tl' ir-Al:'k .j L. , I" J-"I ".-'ATT I5 '- N ,IJ-I I I..I I rl - ' I A '.I'-,J.M.I ' . LIIIII ' ., . , .' I' N 51- ' '. I l,-'-'Tw ff - F .I-I I LIL:W.!InlT-I 'I54 FF ' I I I rl- FI -,-I, ,Ii-.gd , I 1.1-I II: II If 9, "I 'LI-:I IX- P' 'RTI-,..'y1.LIL,I1I,, ff' I IL I Ir I. - Lf- r- IIf""I 'j ' 1 Q II II-.1 ' 1' "", .-f va' I l I if I LTI.. 'I F-' -L I 4-'I 11,--QM III 4 + 'I "I, " -.J ,, ,III I I 'I L F IJIII' " ' J-'f'1I,.-""'IV.0' I I JI 3 I gw 'gli -I I l I II 1-OG IIIIIII i Y I 'J' "4 I If-I 'I J " IV'I.I'II III! YF" I. ' I 'I Y' 4 - 'I 'I - I I I .I TI' - ,I QL: . If -I .I 4 I f,I I - I 4 V I - - 4 .I--,Q-' 4 ',IJ I ,I .I- .. 'I I 'I '- 'M '4 P I' I' If I 'I an It II I -a I,Iq,f-Ib' I- Y .L f... .' I !fI I ..:I I + I -I -II Fi-II. I 'J-+-, I I I I I I I ELI - - T7 -.T ' " I ' ' I L MIHI I I I LILY I:-If: IIII-Iqll I' 1.-II I- IJ E Ps -.-I: , nl- I I,. I n . -"I .ti-I 4 - J-V Iv- -'F-.--I I In-1 1 I-I . if n -IEI :N . HIZI I 4--I A H 2351: I-I I - ,III -- I' . -I A 1 'AI th.-I 1 1 .I ., 4 . -I I I TJ '-BU LL -,gg7jI -3. Iv 'I 4 n 4- - -I 'II L-4. -I- I ' -I I Z -I - I-II- I IIWU h -I I I I I L- -I QI A '. ' I 1' I ' I - I .Xu I ' I I ' :IP -,. I - I L1 b --' ,:I, "' 'I' I '-'H ,L I." fo. qi Q- . -I I -I QI IQ- I ki I I T ' OI -' ' 'I'l'z. 1. 55,155 f I Ib , 4 III I'.' I 6 ' I I-'I I " ' I-I' ' I I I I , I I Ig- -.I .III-.II..: , Lf- -4-If II E ' -II .IIII .1 L -"TI .I I'1"'I L- I 1 'I 1 ' I II I I .-, wr Af PL Ili 51:51 fy ' I' 1 I- -I- D V I,55I IAISSYI I I :III I. ., A Ilia l .1--'-I ,I I .T 'I III: 1 lg I III 4 5 -l I II I- f-'I I I 4 I -I .I-OH I c n 'Q .I -' I -, - I I' . Q: -SEQ-Z2 II ' ' 'I I 4 I ' .JZI-,EZ I I. 'II4.I'-- 4- .- 84 win- 222 I-II "JI ' U. I I - I ' III e I 'If UI J. , I' 'lg I 9'-If Q II I f- , I- .-I 'LI-'if II: ? C I 9 L M41 , 'W - Q! - L -Q Iii 'Iv Jr If 4 I w , ,, I Il , 'I' I 1 V Y I I I I i I g I I 4 in g ' -If I 0 Q.: 4 L 3 , II I? 4 Fl tp H+- k III, IP, tl?'Il ' I IT ' I Q 0 I I I ' I II '. 'I Ii I ' " v - - I - II I r- I U- qi - IL . I fl' I I a ' E I If I g ga .P I 'I ll ' I LL I i I C It I u I., I I ,I v ' I I1 I: 'Ii Ir I 'Fl I Q -.HI i I 1+ Ii I I 4 'Its' ' 4 'I I II 7. , 'I FII?-Q. .ET 2 Ai if g ' -I gf I 1 I I I , I iw s 4 - I - . I II. 1 gs I I- h IQ.-5"",I I I .I I- ' 1 ' I 1 I 1-f' I, is ui' I V5 M S ,I"' icfii I 1 'Earl I A iw.. .I Luv- Ar. Y A.. , ., 'IJ dr II-'IIQI 'i ' A I 'I' 9 .i I ' I, - I I I L J II L, IL-1 i Aa.. I L 4 'I J., I 'CET 1 I 1.-,jj J M A-4 ,U .E ."f"' F , I ,I L r' ,FJ- ,, ',,!' jg: ,if!, : 'i 4 f A5 f X f-A-----,.,-T,- - 14723, ff: :1:::':::'5ZTi 1 ' fig :SQ 15,-Lfi-2 V, 15,5 :'::L:1:iL ' 1 'ful-4,21 ff !f',,47 ' ff X4--fi 35,:f1fl X f 4 1 if ,-r,.... --ig . J v - Q- I V- Y P :S .N X X , fi 1 W X f, 1":i'V'l , f, ,ff5'f12 ff f 'f-,33?5f,fff rfzef, f 4 2' 1: -qf',ja.::a , . ff! ,K ' ,q i1' W 33j'2:g"igQ1gg:s'f'M 'E'--. A., ffff fiillff' ,M ,- Eff:-mf' A -. .. . ,f 12631, " V - x ES-A ,- 5 " Q- fm" X .Zv'LI2' ' 2 'i29f "'- '-1' -' ' i ' Q' - ' xx. ffaff aff 1-' 5 Y-g,:Q, Q- P - , - ' A ff -S X .M 1'-'rw rf-:N X, sgsqxfrxx 'ij 1 , V 'avi' rcxff-4 -5 1 - 1 N ' XX N I QE" Q, .-YLXQ i ixxxkifw- ' - rg f fli, N ' Q ' ' X 2 va ' -- W' ' - - ' 1" 1..?5-El'-2233-r-Q " N " V K L5 Q f ' " ' 4f'.s:.'i-Sufi x iiES3iI:QSiXx 5 1: M N ? ,- isfff-L A , 4 Q 113- fkf', ".i .- 5 mm, ' il+ gb Y A :A R, -, ,X - 'I-0 --4 1 . X ""l"'UlIulu " LW--H "3-Tl'-m ' Z' f ' '1 X sn' X - ' 5 'if '.' V. 1 ' -- fr-jf -jg I, " 0 ,11 f 4 , 5 1,21 -f 4 Q. ,fskgff-5:51-w,,3g' W ' - 5 S Qf' ' ik? 1 f f " I. ', ' :li-If , A x if-'XX .'f "'3?1' ' S : 'N N' xx ff " ,f ' - - 12' -u 4 4 if fy'-f.. 5 f'-S' SV ! .""' iff-x '. 'V J, ny! "X WC - ALQ75' - 1?'15?"' , f ,L,7"'95 'L f' -xx-. ' 5? -. -- qt: 'l m -, ui A tv Lf"'W'Q,'if 45-R ' ' ' ,bfi Y, ' '11 "-- A-1-figdi-19 'W' ' 'M Q ' 4 - 1 al :'?-3:2525 b - Q N, ' ' ,gfff-5i5fi, ff Wi ' , jig- Y 'K V -' --sffkdh-, ' " " -fam " 33 U "'+f 1-4 .Pi e-'Je ,P v-ff ' ,LQ -- ar f- K XA -- V ' ' r 1-2 -- .. F WI ,'Q'.q?':'-'Ir ' U- X I " ' Q! and 1 ' 1. J .21 ' s wi! H G Z Q - 01 '42 X ff X f 1 r 5 ui Qi s 55 Lt' ' 7 . , Wy fa. . 1 f A f 1' f at. I V kiilb gs J 3: li ,Q On.: f 49 , 1 -4 " ' Q '?i Q 2. S Xa fu f beg sg . fi' ,- M2 df I 'I I, Q f 'UQ' 'Ji ,' 1 'ev . LY x' 9 U .-A s -5 ,wffmuawwl "- aw - - W av- 451 IV" i4 'JH WRU' NEW QUE E4 """"' gm -1.9oZ1s.?,f W X lfuf., MMU, REU A, . .Y . .. . ..l,,...., 'QNEJTT -SNC Q. if - T7 Q'-if-iii, 1'-' ,- of 91-i9iNQ'E, 'iii 3.'lGj'f-'SQXTQCZ-.1'sF'-l:Q.L4 ffl 'SE-:'ff'f Es. QQ, X,-1 -- - - - wi f HARRY JEFFERSON ABBETT COVINGTON, KY. U Jock " 111 it "Ariel the final went to himself has been thai, lil As he rose like a rorket he fell like a stick." -THOMAS PAINE. H ll Buzzard Qzjg Track Team 14, 3, aj, Green f Ji Ng Kodak Fiend Q4, 3, 2, lj, Two Stripes Qlj. li A slender, graceful scion of the blue grass ry belt who should have graduated in September. l-.Q But early in the summer he took to rushing the V l 5.3 can and the result was that he joined the practice -J is . . Sh1PS m August- LN: NA. Jock looks his best in a track suit clearing the high wire on the pole vault, one hand gracefully guiding the pole, while with the other he waves graciously in acknowledgment of the plaudits of the multi- tude. His collection of amateur photographs is without peer. It is said that he got a snap shot of Charlie Cross when that gentlemen was unable to cope with the exigencies of a social situation, and another of the Admiral when than worthy had nothing to say. Jock has almost a feminine dignity-modest, but smiling- which wins him a heart any time. EZRA GRIFFIN ALLEN SCRANTON, PA. "Ezra," " Nuts " as 3' fin?-5 C "Serra and self-contained-anrl solitary as an oyslerf'-HOLMES. illjigivv' ' ' NAM ' Wi 4 lil . Brown Ng Santee, Class Football Team, yy ill Rifle Team Q2, I jg 2nd Cl. P. O. fill. yi A genial son of Pennsylvania, who left fame to enter Uncle Sam's Navy-Learned football F through the International Correspondence School, 217 and was therefore made captain of the Scranton Terriers. A crack shot, who can pick flies off fl the wireless pole with an air rifle-Fusses with fx, ll rare grace, but until First Class leave proved l 4 , . invulnerable-Now, however, it is K I 8 another case of "How are the fi mighty fallen"-and from all ac- . My f counts, a bad case, too. f f . Q My ily ll fill as i ft N-H Ziff-"ff-ff -cigar. ff:.'-se-,fs-'fx W--an -' A N:-g1,.l,li' ' -4-.J-,,,,f,w . .:..--X-V .ery . -.1 .L-A 'a,.,.,g,.. Styli I 7 QQ N wk? Q if! '. , lie 12" f ixff One of Kentucky's belles. Always a good ,illtdf 1 - f."-.1 Y- . ' .f-yzsrhfxffs ' ,U '. ' to get on the right side of a if CAME' v 'nwwmti - OVER ran THE Hvef 'f x' lhilj' ALTAMONT, KY. ss . cc j ' Bill," Ed" y "Let the world slide, let the world go, 'W A A fig for rare and a jig for woef' ill., in-1 J? 4 fi xl' EDMUND DARROW ALMY TQ-1 l 2 E63-9 5 Four Buttons, Santee, Two Stripes QI jg i Fusser 13, 2, Il. ' fellow, but a little off in his upper story at times. Roomed with the president of the Y. M. C. A. for two years, and guided him in the right path lretaining his religion at the same time in spite of itl. A fusser of no little ability, and can give you a little love tap on the back that will make you think you have been rammed by the Santee. Was always a dark horse at exams, but never failed 2.5. Not over-fond of work and would rather believe what the text book says than labor over it. To the surprise of his friends in the wooden section he defeated the machine for two stripes First Class year on a non-split ticket. WILLIAM FAULKNER AMSDEN KANSAS CITY, MO. H Bill," H Billy " "lVlzat ran power gizfe more than food and drink, To lizfe at ease, and not be bound to flzinlef'-DRYDEN. Brown Ng Gym. Team QQ, RiHe Team Q4, 3, 2, I lg Santee Q4, 4, gjg Buzzard QIJ. A dark-haired dreamer from afar-off Kansas, i5p1AkllP .STAND P SRX X we,-X, .V 3 i A 4 and is actually proud of it. I-Ie does not know i -A-we-ff A - fee just why he pocketed Uncle Sam's quarter, unless it was to learn to play "bridge" Loves the green cloth, and four or five congenial friends-in fact, has quite a chipper disposition. Another of our Brown "N"-ites, who used his Thursdays for medal hunting. Grafted four months leave, First Class year, and still he was not satisfied to come back-perhaps he is-but let us say no more. Gifted with a parallel motion equal to Peaucellier, but all his own. Tried to moor in Washingtoii, the night of the Class Supper, but drifted down on a lee shore and grounded. Never known to wear 'reg' clothes or have a 'reg' brace. Rates a half dozen service stripes. A good fellow, but dangerous! A I 3 l Qw- WZ 4 wi all li 'A ' gk 4f6'jlfy Z, W S if EQ X L4 A 7 . 11' .Dv . 'G ll V 8 vi." W G ., V I 1. Q 'lag' ,. v u V. -, M . .- 1 - X. -f-.-'- "M -1'-T"v."-'Ti'l 1. ' 1' wi' 'ip 1 , 1 J .9 1 We ALFRED WALTON ATKINS EAST ORANGE, N. J. H u Tommy icasai:-,-., I 1 ll'ith this ahundauce ofsuperfluous breath."--KING JOHN "I will not budge an inch, I will he heard."-HAMLET. A blue eyed devotee of my Lady Nicotine with a varied past, and a never ceasing wonder at fixillfa .. ..,sY.-.f. .- .. . K.-Se.11siss2-.Qas-,: L--:. A 7:15.1153-.34,jl.'r.'1? Elf lis i 1 xl M as cv, il 11 l-fi :ii 'iii Ml ll' tr' . . if 192 "What rroaker is this same, that deafs our ears, ,ig in lol in First Class P. O. P t VJ 1.-41 ,-5, fx 1 1 4 .7 3, J'-2,1 -' "5 X -Ts." .. 4,'f.,"x'N ie. x ," .,, 1 ii? Cxxisll V ,s4?t1.i?2'11sf1fif-Fzrf, 3-QTTE. 2- ls. . -5 Cf3i2SQS?5 3 :, i L." in anything but an argument, the greatness of New York. Shuns society in general as a delusion and a snare, but fusses very violently whenever fas happens every few monthsl he finds his affinity. Williiig to back Columbia against all comers in everything, with anybody, at any time. Has an eflicient sense of humor and is a charter member of the Sons of Rest, but usually takes a serious view oflife. Can outtalk anyone on rowing and some other pet subjects. Generous where he mercilessly reduces his opponent to a state of somnolence by his confidential manner and coquettish lisp. "I wish you could be in that canoe with me some time when l'm alone." LAWRENCE HAMILTON AUSTIN i .W 1 1 ,F 1 1 A DUBUQUE, IOWA S t H Larry," ' Ghost " "Thou, Trouble, thou has metamorphos'd me, tllade me negleet my studies, lose my time, War with good eounsel, set the world at naught,- 1"' . ,f 1 1,,1q fl it V pl Made wit, with laughter weak, heartsiele with thought."-SHAKESPEARE A- Class Yell Committee, Buzzard, Manager Track Team Qljg ff Lucky Bag" Committee. Manager Fencing and Basket Ball Teams A A light-hearted blonde with a remarkably elastic countenance, a winning way and a million Hifi dollar stroll. When reciting his wrongs, moves fl all to tears, and when he smiles, it's yours for a 1 split side. Though importuned by vaudeville gf managers throughout the country, has stuck to iV1,i the Navy and his "private life." Ever ready to talk politics or automobiles. iii f Norough-house or political meeting complete X without him. Member of the Royal Clan. The life of the ship and the despair of the if first lieutenant. Helps to make life worth , living in this vale o' tears. A jolly ship- mate, loyal friend and all-around good fellow. "Will we stand for 1t? Never! KINRYTPRIYAYE Ll F E lf? in -fflfr' Y "g - '-5 fr , V ' J,--'Q -f 'J in 12rx5L?-i::f.f.fS-5-Lr- X -L Q - '- - 35?e5.----- gv- .Q 5:- ' 47 ruff" rs' . 19 ,sat TE R gf! , grae-f,.e,3 ' 42" Lcrir Prev AH y5T,CATlfl 'r "Yi if , .DRY 4 -T--.e '-- ' - .. . Rh xl I ri' W lf' fl - ' , . I ff i4 f Y . HERBERT STEPHENS BABBITT -gi HOUGHTON, N. Y. QL , "Rim Stabit," "Farmer," "Babeet" : B K X I "The one sensation fha! his form impressed I' - g L, llfas one of awkzvardrzess, dislressedf' ini Buzzard QI lily pk A lad with a good-natured grin, whose honest 1' hands can steer a plow or wield the chiding hickory in the village school. ls always getting it bumped, forgetting things, and giggling like a p h New Hampshire Seminary girl. His chin is like aaeia l'lf"'f5 fair iif i1iff.fsf32ffi.1.11..eQ,,g3 a baseball game-nine on a side-'tis a joyous A ' i sight. The greatest of his pleasures is to ponder W over a chess game, during a field day or a gale. Once he slept on the quarter llyl i deck in a wardroom chair, when he was on duty, and said "Boo" when the horrid ,fl ml., OHSICCI' awoke him. "Don't we git t'git in swimmin' Uday?" . i L "Open ranks! Up Babbitt, back Babbitt, steady Babbitt! March!" "il l. li Va iii if JOSEPH BAER if l PRAIRIE HILL, MISSOURI ggj Ulf so Josh ar SM Til "Not learned at eourt nor versed in evil, WF , J 11,1 'But lozfed by those who knew him best." yep ,.' tr -NAVJARIK: Canto IV. Qu Cyl il il M Buzzard. fl il, if A quiet unassuming type with a ready smile lil 1 . . '," jig f and unlimited good nature. Goes to hops when iff M ,if he thinks no one is looking at him. Was a man oflearning until the lVlechanic's tree began to bud. When asking for information during P. work always makes the fact known that he is from l Missouri. An exponent of the theory that eating is only a bad habit, but, withal a valiant trencher- man. Never known to bluit, and is always ready Z, . with "I don't know, 'Sir H at fs B .5 i ' if?:5.f-fix, SNL. 2 12 1413- its -fp 12ffIf3fll,?Qi?5"ii'i?,-fi-REQQ53 il .V M' hi kill . .i 20 R dgyyi, X. dy 1 1 I c it ff - .T Q ikigvgj-,QSoxN.'s,i. ' .3-3 .15-.xx 'l,',5.N:.-,xx--X -y,s.,jA.1s,-'-,-5,-,xx,r., 1,-.3 X l V V ' i. if ..,. at if X ,l Q A ALBERT ASA BAKER W li X r--X :Ii ANTRIM, N. H. N ' ' il 4 as 4 - n in is Q 'Ai-1, Ah, 'sunny Jim fi "Often the fork-loft is empty in those whom nature I Ji A is A " 1 fl ,L 1 f I. 1 1 1 r i i lv qi A -fi A .if ,L Hath built many stories high."-FULLER. l Santee tgglg Kodak Fiend Q3, QQ. be i' Made his reputation as a disciplinarian Plebe ' summer, and was promoted to First Class P. O. of the non-reg Third. Gave early promise of becoming a famous Divisional Qfiicer. Endured if Davis' violin for two years and failed in hearing li Takes a long time to say anything because gl he talks through his noseg but in spite of the :.,.., R.- ,al N N.. . .-A,-.-, . .N , Wi -.71 M -f '. ' f - M V. -771. ', X :x- p wi' AA X-AAAA A AA A A A A AA AA A handicap of structural eccentricities and voice, fell .- t I 1 C ,lf til '1 I . 'L H fl it flfe ee ' in xy KA' , .. . . , ,.,.-B X , ., 1 sz among the 87 on the final deal. Has a frame like the cross-section of a grasshopper engine and walks with a corresponding amble. Can make four knots with studding sails set. A camera fiend and good natured even to the extent of answering the M. Cfs telephone at critical moments. An athlete so full of Navy spirit that he held down a seat in the QXMUU crew for three years. "Stop yer skifHin' in ranks." "Baker, A.A., Sir." GUY EVANS BAKER LYNCHBURG, VA. H an "The very stars tremble above, as tho' the voice divine, Reoerberated thro' the dread expansef'-GREEN. :f ., One Stripe lliii Star 22 I L .,ttt ifsii-,.5f2'::E1gf:1ee::A:. A sprightly young chicken with a squeaky pi ' fl voice and a laugh that would turn Balaam's faith- ful steed green with envy. His unanimous opinion is that he sings divinely. One of Hack Dial's r disciples and a sure cure for the blues, three years with Cy Osburn having failed to inspire any sign l . of sobriety. Recites heroic poetry with appro- .- . . . V1 priate gestures and is understood to have dramatic if .,, aspirations. Thinks any old job in Baltimore 'r w il V.. better than the Navy, in spite of Louis up Thibault's efforts to show him the error ry! y . ff of his ways. . XRD 3' ll v "You had better get rid of that cold .A'i -- ' J. ' r i,'i 1 before the examinations, Mr. Baker." V, l-ii N l it aff e e e Y- -Y-.-- -xr -Ax-J-- - - -ga B , ..,f: trait' f -.cs-3 . , .fp Y A -Acf fag -c' , , , .f4i.a251e1'i,5,.ag.-f5:ss5s15AsJsf- ,f , E-..-.As .ss . . . . A. - A .f 4? X 21 QQ? N i ff! , 3 5. . .cfizhl . x-, ,if - -1,:,f.,f.., 1,s, g -R, ksfx--V Q, - ,, ,- ,fix .xx -cis, gXgcf?:sJg'siKg4l:E1s lu W ff' i A serious minded youth from the land of yy Nl M GEORGE NATHAN BARKER V :7 iihliff' 3' L1TTLE'roN, MASS. hfisx Q' if is v U --lay x t' Wow y H Buster," U Bow Wow " .. . . gills- U fly soft andfazr as thistle down, l1'insome, fresh and plump with all." -SHELLEY. f Buzzard. lilly wisdom who has never been known to make a lg remark on any subject. "As chubby as a ten Qfl f If pound Cupid." At his best when the meal pen- nant is Hying. A great admirer of the fair sex, if ,'! lk ls where his habitual reserve seems to make him all l. A the more interesting. - if One of "Brick" Holliday's gang and a protege of Jonas Ingram. yi ,. hllz it .., If " By Gosh." U21 J in If . fl. iii JOHN SHERMAN BARLEON i. .1 fax jg. MCARTHUR, OHIO 'Y Lf 'ffl lgiw H Barsalonf' HAunt Huzzy," " Hatty " cu' ry' , . fly, 1 "The man that hluxhes is not quite zz brute." r ff .: 'sf' liywiarseais ifsrffssvg l 1' . M Sy- 5533- XY --'Y h - - --4 s V-xw - Vfbrxlmlj, f Class Baseball Team, Buzzard. ' pil! i 1, '91, I' f, Stands for principles against all comers, rig gil i J A X . fl JI Fl iff i li ff 1 mi ffl 'i no mean ability, who persists in asking why has ' "i. P lt.. fi ., especially when they are his own. l" i Q' :X ll? Belonged to the Salvation Army before will 9. 'Afy .3 ., tv? Y iz., yay i taking a turn at the Academy. A navigator of vi HT A ' i Q. K 1 bfi L a chronometer two hands. ., A good baseball twirler, but is also an adept t at , f Sy' K! rf Vi 47 .iw . if if at deep sea bread tossing, especially on the Denver. ia ffl N A W as BBE 11 .- i ,. s -" 1' 'ZW I 7f"l"! ff X Q X L c li! cl Lived with Mike Joerns for four 1, , alll lil months and thereby has a good chance for the red house. ll 1 X, N, 3 ' u nv 52 J 25 " Hey, fellows, what's the hack.' 7 X Z My f +A - - .li ff"-efeff f'47'7'4T'iN?'Q'4. 1... s "'i'i:'i'?l'?li1i. Af 5 1 - S ,...-,..--.,--.. ,M g5.s,, . . ., .N -is 5-52-ee :i 5' 22 ive? E il 3,1757 kj A 'En -B N , IPX if - '-,if.x'cQ--5--1, x--.,j,-fl,1f- S .-i.,,-- 1, ., :-,- X N. , - -, sf. f. f ff.. 'Q S 4 ' t . X .. . L R A , t fi fv ,il 1 . N 1 :-X-,g -4 1.-V- gf' s. is ' Q :gf-W .i 4 taxi ff x:g-gag-1' -f ----r ,K -. 5 -,, - ,:- . 5 a. ff W5-fegsgg. C.-:y,s:,-L . , 1 Al 1 'l hi CLAUDE OSCAR BASSETT SPOKANE, WASH. "It is for homely features lo keep homey They had their name 1he11ce."-MILTON. Fencing Squad Q4, 3, 2, Il, Duelling Swords l3jg Fencing QN2lg Star Slender and stooped, needing only his glasses to make him strictly Hpreacheresquen in appear- ance. Has an oscillatory walk, a hesitating speech and a rather lost expression, but with the aid ofa well-developed Pete Beck memory Won a place among the eighty six. Lived with Peachy for three years-two souls with but a single thought, and that belonged to Peachy. Found distinction as a fiencer owing to steady Work on the squad as consistent as his boning. CORTLANDT CHESTERFIELD BAUGHMAN PARKERSBURG, W. VA. "Baugh," "Chester," " Bug," "Commodore " "He would take hearts and break lhem, this man."-KIPLING. "A heart whose low is innocent."-BYRON. Buzzard fzlg Choir f4, 3, 2, Il, Fusser Q4, 3, 2, I 5- Chesterfield was well named. His art of fra' QM., .- 'f CL :f?f3f 5i':-if?Fv'ffTi,fT K7'E-'YET-' -'Rl rf ii., .--,C---2,f,-L:-ey.f:fL.fe,f,-J-a.. ..v,-,,,-S. - ,X X f 3 " Bass " lf pleasing does credit to the forethought of those l who christened him. Generally causes a drought Ql of hat ribbons and rating badges on the practice ships. Although no yacht along the Fastern ,QQ ,ix coast is complete without him, he somehow man- lb ages to find a few moments to go ashore and be admired. His name at the Griswold will live long after him. Is willing to play baseball with anyone 'swf whose ancestors came over in the Mayflower. Quiet and dignified, mi and on the Whole the best man the fx, N chaperones have ever found to take sal l their visitors to the hops. E bfi , i t fi, 2 vi? l I N ,sejw Q7 Pls ci , , f' fl , 4 1 , x . .N 'Cn-5"' AUGUSTIN TOUTANT BEAUREGARD 'QAM N , K" ' SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS l I " Toot " lei "His speech, his looks, his zfery air, T All speak so mozzingly in his behalf."-ADDISON. Two Stripes. S 23 Plays the mouth organ in French, the man- dolin in Italian, sings in Spanish, and talks with a triple accent. Has a great grease with the Dago Department, is the commandant's oHicial inter- lil I, preter, and can get a four from any Southern ff ,-aa ,-,, ff instructor for the mere asking. Took care of the .sq V, I, President at inauguration, 1905. Always bright 9, l c,, and happy and possessed of a chivalrous manner that proclaims him a fusser of fi s I lllrl I I 1 I , f ll 'I L, f fl no mean ability. WILLIAM LEWIS BECK " SEDALIA, Mo. ,N "Beck" ,C "The helpless look of blooming infaney, ll He halh eaten me out of house and homef,-SHAKESPEARE. Star Q3, Ijg One Stripe. , The man with the Buflham memory las long yi, , , R5 I s if I , , r. ' as one of Uncle Ben's pap sheetsj-a photo- gg graphic mentality utterly indiferent to character MQ, , ofsubj ect. The class is grateful to Pete for giving if I us that good English word " Pete Beck-to mem- V El' A orize-commas, periods, ink spots and all from lr, A to Z." Pete is the pride of Sedalia, and a devotee of "Magnolia Brand." Loves to read li! the Society Notes. Looks blue with fright and lf hunger while reciting, but lands the marks. "Never fx, ,,-.. gg harms no one," and is a frequent goat of ffl , the spongers and practicaljokers. Some- js times known as the "blushing usher," and assumes a charming red complexion when I fx ,ll the teasing classmates round him swarm. Q llll Q K "No sir, that's on the bottom of yy 5' gg " page 67, opposite figure 33." I so Lttt. A , , I pi, , I - , -L 24 'ff' , w v' 4 rm r r z T igfasistsblqcqq .1'fr:,f::- woo . X: ..-.H 'Q,:-Q3.jj3e1:-- r if I7 , T - el r - Eg WEYMAN POTTER BEEHLER riff lt j? ATHENS GA X. lr' iq, , ' 'll' r --cf-fx "Beeh1er," "Bil1'l 13111 JO O , MAS Qs 0 " Q ' "For all my books are woman's looks, :lg And sludies their rnrhantmentsf' 4, lv 1 A ,i Santee UQ, First Class Buzzard. i H A Teutonic blonde who started life in foreign lands. Rather savey, but the demerits that follow in the Wake of his rough houses have occulted i any astral ambitions he may have had. Talks like an overloaded dynamo engine with a loose .1 friggin V, gg qqi ii X , . gland. One of the constant fussers. Holds the ' record in getting to main gate after dinner and drills. Cornered the violet market several times, and forgot to return from leave y once First Class summer, but says there is no connection. A famous citizen of , Crabtown, idolized with Flossie in the local bazoo. Believes canoes are rather pleasant during brigade athletics, but otherwise has no use for them. PATRICK NEISCN LYNCH BELLINGER CHERAW, S. C. "With the smile that was rlzild-like and bland." -BRET HARTE. Buzzard QQ, lj. With the single exception of "Rats," Pat has the honor of having more names per inch immersion than any man in the class. The Won- der is how he preserves his stability-especially as his metacentric height is not great. ' An open-faced lad from Dixie, with a sunny smile that wins him hearts Qfemininej. Has lived four years with our Georgie and still survives despite the mandolin, though they say he am , , will never be the same. Fusser extraor- ' X dinary to George s Seminaries Never misses a hop, and never fails to make a hit Look a ye e NL. 1 N 1 V I g m . . . ' I h cc I. I" ' 1 I ' i s 9 . 25 g . I A 1 1 lt' V1 - 1! ,, 1-', 1 z '1 1 I, 1 1 A - 1 1 1 ,'1 , 1 1 , .111 ft 1 I1 X 1 J 1 ,1 I I 1 2 1 1 i 11 '1 ri lfeg .sa '- S-'H-F .- '-1-5-' -3 fic- 'faq' 5- I?gf-N 3 111-gf wise- fsf-al J 155.7 N Ng xg -4'X, '- ' ,fx-5 x,,'- ' 'N'-Xgxgq'-Q5 g74:LYJL:- 53234 If X1 , , 11 1"l ' X 1',.x WI 11 HAROLD MEDBERRY BEMIS 14211 oSHKoS1-1, WISCONSIN , 11 1' 1 U Cap an "And when a lady's in the ease, i Q., You know all other things give plate."-GAY. ?l-2 I .P 121 1 lil' '.:'1 Santee Qgjg Exhibition Boxing Comes from Oshkosh Sho zhey Shay, but his wx charming ways overcame the handicap early in his Z1 career. It's hard to determine whether he looks ' 1 fill 1 11 J 1 1 ,S more like the Vikings of old or an animated if W1 camera tripod. His legs are ten inches longer 1 J . . 01 K than standard specifications. Poses as a Red X,-I V11 ,J 11 1 11 ,ip W Mike, but a man with such a smile is perforce a ,yi 1 g ee fusser, and "Cap" quietly makes good. Puts forth his strongest efforts during sundry visits to U Baltimore. Has been a member of Count One Lung's life-guards and a com- patriot of"StubS," now an ex., on little unofiicial trips to Washitigtoii. Fond of boxing, horseback riding, and of smoking good cigars. Has rash views about 1,f-1 Navy Courts-Martial. g 'flfonlv I had that watchman's stick for a Souvenir." ,111 RICHARD FIELD BERNARD gl, ,Q PETERSBURG, VA. .Q " Jumbo " L'HiJ life is gentle, and tlze element! Gm g g W A ,Agn A 4,6 g In A ff' So mixed in lzim that nature might stand up 51 And my to all the world, "This is a manfl 1 ff? ,A-1 Buzzard, lxgotball 13, 2, 11, Fusser Q4, 3, 21. A husky buck who hails from Old Dominion ff' and is prouder of the fact than his rooming with Doc. Lombard. Takes life as it comes, and is a ,yi lf good man to meetafter consulting the monthly l fffy bulletin board. Listens attentively to Dowie'S experiences in New York, but is rather sensitive l ll about an affair of his own, in the same town. ,l l He never fails to delight the bleachers with his N 1' J J snappy football, but can never be convinced that f lk AK he plays a good game. A good athlete, a good A f' p friend and a mighty good fellow, which, of course, ll K accounts for the absence of his class ring. 1 E. 4,91 'fg-3 J, ll 3' 7 1. 1431555535 S Q :ii '1f?ek,Q26 fx? X141-21 4 1 5 sg S-5:1-Qxza, A11 54 13,4 - 1 x:3:s.x?glx?, Qilkfglxivl iQ. 3 rn. rib 55155. 335- :3'ssT:..l,,: A A Z Q 12 1:2 ii M lv' X, 'U ,', vi 1. . 4 ' 4 s r 1 J 1 1'1 1 v P' Q1 ,,f,.1"'H ,.A E, y CHARLES TALLEY BLACKBURN QE, " rffvi ASEE " 5 1 lf'.'i7l . EVANSTON, WYOMING pg 55 n 4 yr ' n an fm "l I Y Black, 'Lad, "Squ1ge, " Bum o fg "Through thirk and thin, both o'er bank I iii- And bush, in hope her io attain."-SPENSER. y A Choir QQ, Ijg Second Class Buzzardg Santee Qetjg Battalion Adjutant He has been packed up ready to leave at every exam, but is still with us. Had a time at V1 l l .1 1r- 1 I 11,1 1 1, "1 K, I 1 Ll, . ljl Rockland, Second Class cruise, and made the hit 1 of his life at Squirrel Island. Stood I in English one month youngster year and Was bumped, the dose having been repeated several times since. ij Succeeded in making the Choir, Second Class I kqtg year after a long struggle and the use of political influence. A ladies' man, though fickle by nature. lf Learned to play the mandolin under a Whaleboat Qi on the Nevada in spite of everyone else on the ship. Has an amiable disposition, LQ, his anger being aroused only when you muss his hair. Perhaps he Won't be 1Qfl lfl troubled With it a few years from now. Spent greater part of his course bumming lk A what he needed-then any thing he saw others with. "Isn't she a peach! H ,ij GEORGE HALL BOWDEY ff ,ll PITTSBURG, PA. "Bill," "Hog-Face," " Bowditch " ffl "He would not with a peremplory lone Assert the nose upon his fare his ownf' 32 Buzzard Qllg Star Q3, 2, ij, Santee Q Was quite a lamb when We first saw him, fill but has since acquired a blustering voice and a tyrannical frown highly useful in terrifying instruc- , f 1',li 41 . . . . i tors. An excited scrutinizer of the bulletin boards when marks are posted and then sings "Soaked 1-,Sl Q1 Again" with much pathos. Spent several sleep- A,,1 ,A less nights youngster year after the temporary loss of a very large and beautiful photograph. Can give forty-four reasons why he didn't get a P. O. lvl 'J t, the first term Second Class year and ,Ci lx 6,.ff"' forty-four more Why he got the '97, black book instead of three stripes, second term. Has developed as a tg? H 'L savoir at a marvelous rate that jig' S fc" IQ has threatened even "Dusty" and XZ V Q "Hannah their places. nSpl1t! 111 f J 'N f V 593 "Tell me Vat I aml 'ii Q, i l l -g.'5'::: Q . i ij E T V : ef"-.1' gffigtifleffggilgiiajffxfE:?'il?fif,'if'a17flffiE?ffffiffii-T5i7f? do f I l 1 - X 27 ,ff xg., f 'N ,VV x A. 1 of A-s N. e.,-g ':Ap.g LL4, , , A pg J .--Lana,--QL , l LT- 'T' 7 i 7 - - A S if-1 3 ilfilii Y N1 1 1 l 1 9 1 1 1 x 1 '1l 1 1, x l V, all WILLIS WINTER BRADLEY, jr. 1 FORMAN, NORTH DAKOTA l "Bil1,n "Brad', lf? "lVaman! thou Iozfeliest gift that here below ff, Mar: can receive, or Proexidenee bestowf' -PRAED. Three Stripes Qizjg Varsity Crew Q4, 3, 252, Captain Crewfzjg Class Footballfeijg Star Q4,3,2,I Brad has become a man of' the world since ki' Q1 1 11 ,, 112 1 ' :1 M211 l 1l if 11 1 V 1, , I 1 X1 N' his sojourn in Crabtown. Has hopes of learning all lil to dress his Company without those picturesque E111 lj, arm gyrations with which he used to shoo the I crows out of the cornfield back on the old farm. l Halts progressively, knees first. A generous free- gg l board and a low metacentre give him a power on the water, his being I 9o7's only Red N Plebe year. ij Engineered a crew Centre party that met with dis- astrous results in the way of' seasickness. Req'ed for a commuter's ticket to Bal- timore First Class summer. rllll LESLIE EMMETT ERATTON ll HASTINGS, NEB. "Chops," "Chu1eta," H Our Leslie," "Dad" "He was the paralyzer ofthe female heart, We used to ea!! him the Bellehugger of Spoonmoref' My 41 Second Class P. O. Qljg Track Squad fab, Class Numeralsg Two Stripes fljg fl Y. M. C. A. QQ, Barbarian QQ, Heathen This is our Leslie, the Harry Lehr of' Crabtown, the idol of Baltimore W. I C., the pride of the girls and the terror of the chaperones. Has a fondness for the silvery moon f .1 '1 we Nf:'tf,,-:QL-:wie 15.24-..f.-.:'?xA-fK'E-T1f:Q+ f? 'W ' lim fl ,. Ulf ll W ll il r--N W1 11, 1. 11 1 . .K .. 5, .f,...,,Esss,- and claims relations with Romeo. Was famed befiore entering the Academy for his long curly hair and his picture in the Hastings Tribune. Belonged to the Y. M. C. A. Plebe year, but was converted by the gang. Has his picture taken I every two months, and worries over whether he is ,ll fat or not. liinvies Hobson but thinks he can beat him in a fiair trial. Believes in love at first sight, second sight and every time he gets a sight of anything feminine. Re- X533 ceives daily books from Somerset, Pa., 4, lip U and answers same without regard to ,1 or morning busts. ,E , E '-Q5 Ike's model ofa finished man. ,ll y 11 "Dadl but lSl'1,t she a peach." AWIQ5- '1 ,. , - ,, E , ll A nie' A -,isa 2. w .--. ge erin. a.-.. 5. 1-, D W ' if 23 Qljfiffl 2. ,ze A , :ff Y-5 'CTX QQ -Q 5.5-3Qg..g35,f,---,-.--.-QQ -.gy-.g,.9 '-iQQi,'u7RTg.l 1 ' ' T-.'SF-1faY.'E-.3I5s.f?1'.f",Xx1- l"ei.E-f 7 . E A., - 'Ji r-. x 1 s xx. s H- + -ex 'f .X ,Q JERE HUTCI-11Ns BROOKS ,334-,i Sf. DETROIT, MICH. f . --Xu ,A-fem! li 5 n 1: 1'-iii? - i Jjs "Skip," 'Jerry in - K s 1 My, A W, fi? "Here's a sigh to those who love me, y y! And a smile to those who hate fmbifcimr :fl And, whatever sky's above me, Q img 95' Here's a heart for every fate." X . Four Buttons Qzzjg Buzzard fly, Midship- , i .. I'l12ll1i7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, lj. M K' fy From far off Detroit this young Wolverine 1 'f answered the call-has since discovered that the a ,ll call was a bluff, and so Jerry wishes he had not . . . to if sat in. Claims that the D. U. R. is fast enough 3 if-we-es4:r.:fp13if::yif:15:f55sf.2ifef:'f,Q for him, though is reputed to be quite an artist in the line of smoke buggies-at any rate, we if l know he does not believe in carriages or wagons. Loves a good cigar, and the tj. I . . . . . . r man who will olier him One. Fusses occasionally, just to keep his hand in. in it Hard to please, but, Once pleased, he is pleased. Would rather bone than do anything-except sleep, or eat, or smoke, or talk about Detroit. The class baby. Grand old man. lil ALFRED VVINSOR BROWN, Jr. CHELSEA, MASS. 5 " Billy," H Buster," " Ted," " Billy Brown from Bawston," H Integral Sign" ig "I am fearfully and wonderfully made."-l39TH PSALM. Ca. One Stripe lzjg Star 14, 3, lj, Interclass W I. Track Meet gf, Elsie from Chelsea. A man with curvilinear . . . U? J build and a languid droop to his countenance. ll fi Started on the road to military glory with the if position as Sergeant-Major of the High School Cadets. Uses the Bawston "A" and cultivates lf artistic disorder in dress. One of Pop BrOwn's stand-bys Plebe year, but still quietly cheerful. 'fl Cl , Q.. A living example of the conservation of energy. yi' if c if Raised the price of powder Plebe summer ii! trying to qualify in small arms. First lufi' of' the spud lockers Q4, 3, 23 but lost yy, his rate lil when that useful article went V 4 out of commission on the land crab cruise. . 3 is 29 ,s i 25 i -X555 X Sb Fri m eil' K 30 "' 'J f s 9,5 'v Y xii' .Vi '1' 1.1 ,XG Of' f A . -, C A , , . s . . . rl: fr.-..3g.f f-V. . C U 3 . Y 1, A - - Y -. . - Y-.g B, V, L Cf:--f,s.'1-,,. J.-A Q ii fi i fr Y BRYsoN BRUCE Tj djfg ' GARDEN GROVE IOWA 1 ' N , N A qlflmf' 47 . 1 ' 54 - ra U as " fl' l 'Cecily' K1 Broosie, By W L N fi "Prinriple is ezfer my motto, I Not expfdienfy.H-DISRAELI. I. Q, Two Stripes. l i -' A y A peaceful looking, but split being, with a cj, iq pink and White complexion and a Wee Voice, who si, 'sf A Jpli is supposed to have fled to the Academy for ggi ffi A shelter from the Qld Woman's Home. Tries if . 1 A A. desperately to be tough when he escapes from the Op A A iiii i -'i" A ' eiee C 3"fgQl tender care of Rosie and Grandma Frellseni has set his heart on the ancestral furniture of' the O. I' C's room and bid high for it Second Class spring, to the dismay of the first " It battalion. Was led astray by Kid the cat killer, and almost became a hazer, but got otl' with two Weeks and no labor. A bored society man who fiusses only to it Q Worry Canuck Clark. BAXTER HUNTER BRUCE H rl., EVART, MICH. ,,f i :W 'r.A '-WJ "Baxter," H Somnoleousf' 'LDozy Dick" ffl "A nolireable man, with large blur eyes."-ANON. , i Buzzard Calg Rifle Squad tal. A light-hearted Scot, always ready for Work if iz" i or play and to bum the "makes," Makes a noise H ,ttl like a babe with the colic when he sees a full sack J. , ip. and smiles irresistibly. ri Walks as if he was on the Way to an lvl , . . . . . 5, +19 Academic Board Meeting, but if stopped Will ask 'X . . . . 'l ' Xi v .4 Fi- M, ou 1f1t's smokin hours. A nice 1, W e64QBBeMw5?fy g . iw , ,i.f.tEEgfff1i:B2i::, sort to have around the house, if A' '. X ii'Q'Q'f A only for his winning smile. 'v i4 lf .-W ,,.. to AnsEvr-rgr If 'V 3 Q ' I. I 'J 1 f'VLx:.'-AQ' ' 7 I '- -i1- '- .LV 1-:1 if: ,,.. f ' I ,Q I - 4' . 9 f, si 'i Ax. 1-vi, -f rf V , Kyiv Rx, Xi ,i V' ,fl A. Q" x 2 A -FSFN ' ' ' ' t HQ-'ferr-. 3,3235-DQR imp- P- T1-3 A X- Qi- 3. '- ' A .. v a - f - will gi , V - Q R jf ROBERT ALLEN BURFORD, Jr. '-X ,lf gk, ' .Fi it A if N 5 MI 1 5 jfi'X,, ' :jg OCALA, FLA, ,gif filly Q . M H I ' A 'l I' I , " Burf," " Dolphin Chaser," Lilliputian " 5 lil! l ' 5 'i nj' l PQ "Speech is silwrn, szlenre IJ golden." X -GERMAN PROVERB. li I r fl Two Stripes Qzjg Green Ng Track Team Q3, 25, i Gym. Team C4, 354 Wrestler, Star Q4, 3, 2, lj. f A square headed savoir with enough absent- if mindedness to supply several geniuses. Never 1. f 1 1 vs known to have the makes. Loses everything, I 5, even stripes, and keeps his neighbors busy telling jj I. him where his room is. Intended to break his 1 y".:j:g1, 5.-:1 '.,,:a 1- r :rg 'f gr, 7- gg j.g::YJ g-fbxf ' 4 ', arm to get sick leave for fussing purposes, but V could never remember to do it. Walks in sidereal time, the equation of time i- being necessary to keep step with him. Has great fun in the engine room, drop- 1 fi ping wrenches on his classmates. Saw his first snow storm Plebe year and required if several practical demonstrations before he understood why people didn't like it Q, down their backs. Thinks he's in love. HARRY CAMPBELL OAKMONT, PA. 5 " Hoot Mon," "Hoots," "Lil," "Whiskers" "W'isely and slow: Ihey stumble that run fast."-SHAKESPEARE. .gi "'g,ff'fLf ifigf ."fj' ' f 1 ' " '1' " ,. Y, Buzzard fab, Function. 1' .-w ' J r A sturdy Scotchman who shaves twice a day T1 -..Y v . l If :if ls. and uses Blanco on the stubble between times. M i The grandfather of the class! An inmate of Doc- Q9 'J .1 1 1, 'il HQ tor Dippie's Retreat C4, 3, 25, where he was treated v a' 1 l' wi my to a course of photography and Fair Harvard. . i l 1 v i 1 Was one of john Doubleve's strongest rivals for V: .1 first honors in conduct. Steady and easy going, ff, but with a big Scotch temper beneath his good 2 ,f nature. As a baseball artist is handicapped ,- ci . . , lx -. by a throw like a girl s. Has been to one Q gpg -1-V' -,yi xr .f - Nx I V li I QX hop and is still ashamed of such unfaith fulness to the Red Mike Clan Ah say Q x ' 1 xl ' T ' 7 ' i , fl ' NF' H ln SW, !!x ' !lf4l.!,i?L' if - iiii-l' iii'll 111- s .Q ' A e f K . , 3' . E- ngill- 5' f . R, ,f . f. R -X A , Y, . , g -f , . 1,1-.T-gtg: 35,32 s,?,:w5,'j-V Y iyxsff af , sr f. . 1 , 1 - ,Q-sg V., , - ,K e ,, as-,A -1-fa., :Y re af, waivyff ,Q -1,-cg?-,.a,-f.xf f-,f 3 ,.1, X r 237 -:,,l La, Q, NN i if GARDNER LEMMON CASKEY y ,yy Q DETROIT, MICH. yy, K, S r "Cask" Xgti feleff-5 D S . li "Knowledge is praud that he Di' X iii - ffl Has learned .vo much."-COWPER. S ,l Buzzard Qzjg Star 114, 3, 2, IQ. in A terrible savoir, Who goes into a recitation R . room with such an eat-,em-up expression that the ii A l'l .J 'i ,l fi 2 ,il ' 1 l 'f lvl i 'i lu xl- H4 ii ,M if ii' L, 'l 1 w i I ,M ,i lr I 9 fl u 'X pr, 1 ,ii Lf fi instructor is cowed into giving him a three-eight. ff Stands one in the class, and endured all the ,L fp remorse of a clean-sleever's life-1909 knows yi, K li Why. His eyes Hash When he talks and his room gi is a hotbed of Kinetic Energy. A walking reg- fl ister and can give any data, from the number of ill Vai demerits you had up to Easter to your street ii, address. The boy Naval Constructor and rather Willing to expostulate on his ability to build "battle-boatsf, Oscillates When he Walks like a Monitor in a sea- fl Way. Continues to get chubbier, and bustles around like a little fat busybody if, night and day. Shocked the supersensitive First Class by clubbing a three ounce ll, starving cat until it parted with its nine lives and with longitudinal and cross- lb section views ofits anatomy. "The Construction Corps for lVline." ll ll RICHARD EDWARD CASSIDY all it, HNORWISH, CDISIN. yi Mike," Cass1d1dy" 'fill "LMI men suxperf your tale znzlrue, Keep probabilily in 'Uiezuf' ,xg ' fy jf: One Stripe. l A slim Irish yank from down Norwich Way. Is content to accept what the gods provide, and rejoice therein. Instigator of rough-houses and reigns of terror. Has a sorry exterior, but can fl lay no claims to the Smithsonian scholarship. ll X Longs for crab cruises so that he can surprise the natives at home with his blue uniform. A top ll notcher of' the old Sixth Company gang that caused Uncle Ben the Worry. Roomed 1, with Dutch Keppler, but was left behind when the savoirs left the fold. A mem- l a s ber of the Funchal glee club and quite an 1 X635 px, Indian. Ml Nj: Af if A , f. 'T was-:sk-51535, ll tnlbrv 'X 'off Writ 32 Xiiiggiiili f24X!X-k K1 RD xc ,fx ,' 'X guru U Q-un fry, qw-ur -4 H4 I N' w' r ren L C L it C C C C it C L 9? liii iii ' ' lJgiQ1E1vZF,35-3fSg.Q3gQ:T.f-J..icxx5v'.", 5' 7,5RQ?jj.ie2SJsEe5Q5f1bbai.:-L5.Q,s:.N2L:la232-ilssg-L -sank... X " qf' D TJ lriv ' Il X Q T ' ,cj ll lui ll! rr 5.3 WARREN GERALD CHILD If fps T lj y itz, VM , I 1-Q FAR WEST, UTAH ,Z ill lt il' , lvl l l A l M "I haw no oiher hut a w0man's reason A vi I lhink him so, herause I think him, so."-ANON. .L Buzzard ." "H - . 1 A bashful, ever-smiling chap of many sum- ,liz tg mers Hom the land of' Brigham Young. Always fl ,iff wears a fussed, please-do-it expression. Talks like a side-tracked switch engine, and often gets 4. vi X . a js rattled. Confidential Way of speaking and asks - lk ll needless questions. Up at 5.30 to splash around Q1 if in his shower bath, and get his room swept out. Q, Takes things as they come and never rhinos. lf? Shakes all over when he laughs. Developed into v quite a poet du ring First Class summer. Was a . .I patron of Hygeia Restaurant in Boston. Has a f much be-pictured locker door. Still, he's something of a mystery, though willing to lend the sponging squad anything he has and be a good fellow. "My name is T AD' Chilts, Sir." "What's a bilch keel?', "Pass the sputs, please." " Squats rite!" 51 f r,f cj. .E , CHARLES ROBERT CLARK lg, PLATTSBURG, NEW YORK I l il, ! it-1 H Canuck," " Frogs," H Dago " "He that hath a beard is more than a youth." if ril l ,ii -MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING. Une Stripe, Star Q4, 35. jg . A man of dark Visage who looks like an 'T Adirondack guide, or the pirate in a troop of barn fi stormers. Carries a twenty-three inch sword and Chews gum at all dress parades. Is very loqua- ,ffl cious on the subject of his fussing. Shaves so ff iq N! K' i many times a day that he keeps his razor in the Q f f 5 .A pg 1' H. L I I. ky water cooler to keep it from losing its temper. M pg Has always been a "Spotless Town" housewife, fl: and truly his broom ever sweeps clean. Was a savior during the days of the old Navy, but now tn, 6 . Canuck is busy furnishing mental Films for his 95 ,ji it 'll photographic memory. Rumor has it that his . J, courteous friends always offer him the is is My dictionary for his chair when he goes out til ,ji to dine Endured Frellsen s singing Pj Caskev s voraciousness, and the responsi b1l1t1es of one stripe and doesn t look a Hifi 5: vear over forty live 'Qs Sf7lfl A ll Yafe 6 S Essay if 1. -1515-sLEiI.3g,j.. ll 1 ef , , . . , V2 w . - il . . . . -Q , pf! A fill' - - ' ,BL 1 :ff ill ll' !f'Wi1'ill" l 5 L-: I I I A E C I J 'Q 1 SireiQLfa:rfffe1esfslzfeeaeeg.tri li VIRGINIUS EVANS CLARK JL UNIONTOWN PENN ll, lk' ff fi! 1 - 1 "jenny" 1 a "Not every age is fit for childish sports."-PLAUTUS. Hustlers Qzjg Yellow N fly, Buzzard An ambitious youth who left the mines of Pennsylvania to seek a career in the Navy. Can keep steps with nobody but himself, and is the inventor of the celebrated Clark accelerated Wob li' r H, ble. Enjoys his evenings on the beach and suc- ceeds in making himself popular in typical sailor- like fashion. '- iQjLjffi " uSHtL1I'Cl21y I1lgl'1tS in CHHHOI1 Park, PCT- haps, you know me, Jinny Clark." l,. EMORY FITCH CLEMENT L K ll' 7 'si L? S22 when calling away a steamer ten minutes ' s X 'C' i fe GN' Q--D49 CANANDAIGUA, NEW YORK " Alphonso," H Goog " "Silenre is the perfect herald ofjoyf'-SHAKESPEARE. Petty Officer Qljg Star fcut plugjg Fiend QI, 2, 3, 4.j. Hails from the land of the Six Nations and has the color of the same. First came into the attention of the authorities by his if? if method of destroying coflin nails and has been V' known to be ragged. Mi, f.i5Q3ii5iQi2'5i 5 'ig e ' 1 J, h A I JV ' ' , . , , fy, With Red Dallas created a sensation by kill- i in ing a dog in Funchal. A member of the Denver's ii li 1. i, lucky twelve. A navigator of schooners and ships of the line. Willing to eat anything and never i I, iyi, gets seasick. Y' 9 . K I Never spoons on the ladies and runs well to . . PM form with the Indians. A terror of the Funchal ,Li natives and caused "Yes, l'll soak them," Tyr' bl 'il 'i lv- many hours of trouble by his easy manner, fi . llyil ill after boattime. fi '1 J, l lf 1 . , 'F ohn Burleons, Mental Deprave Say, who s got de fill ns 1 i .. re JY. . ,-,V 1. s,-,L ,J V -ye exe 4 L U 7 'i .- Qi. J " , , lil X 752 .C i - if ll ' x I . clfl N, ll ff U ,V If qi P gh D ,Y 7i"3lT'-if ,645 ,.-v"'f-f-'G ' L Y llifzfga xx X ,JU v , f i s I' llkzwlgyaiiiiiiaifqlsi--ip: fixxxxis xi-1-Je. ss, i-.Tyr X-5-.E--xx - tYiEuC".,5a'Z-IYFIJ-:ii1'r-1'-f'r:1 Gogiiwoiug X SAMUEL AVERETT CLEMENT XV , sg CALLANDS, VA. p,,aff'QZ, " Sam," H Bar " J ig it "Quail: she 1've heard old cunning siggers 5 Say fools for argumenls use wagers. jj ,4. ,.x ' viii?-.'i?flf' ff7?f 'ff'--'lfi'1i f'5l-18125 ?l': Buzzard A true son of the Old Dominion. Lazy drawl, easy gait and "don't care whether school keeps or not" attitude toward life in general. Has been nearer having his wishes about joining the "Army of the Unemployed" realized than any of us, but thanks to his languishing smile and the pathetic tones of his voice he was saved at the eleventh hour. Loves a good time and can do his share towards making one. A consistent anti-rhino and friend of the under-dogs. WILLIAM FLORENCE COCHRANE, jr. BISMARCK, N. D. H Cockey," H Runt," H Bunny," " The Kid," " Pewee," " Goo Goo Eyes " ,l '. A 1. l "He was not merely a chip of the old block But the old hlork itself." Second Class P. O. fab, First Class P. 0. A sawed-off Indian of the 52 unix style. Hails from the land Where the rivers run north and every Irishman's a Republican. Has his own views of the Way the Academy should be run, and expresses them in true Western style. A terror of the plebes, but a sad finisher among the women. Of great physical development, especially as regards appetite and lungs. Raised on lVlellen's A food, but has changed his diet. Loves all women it equally well and never known to back down when the moon's out. A good Indian who will stand AIX the racquet and never budge. Has all the ol gg X profs. bluffed by his pugnacious jaw and 4, TX square shoulders, but gets called daily. Q X , Tried to reform the Western Club and lx gf thereby broke Oley's heart. wi NELLILUNS Politics, votes for Teddy. "Pretty little girl in pretty little boat." 'H- , 1 fl! wal Gm-iota QASY ' , xl, :oo F R "E l get-Q '35 gas. ii 33.352411-1,:ee--..-e-.:- ' bfi 3' Pmzg wlNNfn! I 'fb Eur-lfnv blovi l F000 Q C i i .. 1 1- 1..,: ' i l o . uv ru-.Row u0EU'5 :S Q "-l's.un can-IG We" 1 I rf! -Je'ffiffsrf"'-fix-T--j' 'V if A -. 13:-f -1: 2, --'xiFVi1:, fx.-1-ff.i::.Y, f- . if --a . - A --,-.1 'Q NU' -fxflx 'ex P- e 'K ' ' PSY- "--"?-1'-Xffsb-S.1,.:olEiS.K1g ?cgq3t figxgbq1i,i5glS:ai .j .j ,I X j f Li i. i is. lr If . ' n il RICHARD BOUSH COFFMAN . ,LL ' ANNAPOLIS, MD. j ,B jljj. if "Dickie," "Kid" j , "But ries and fares and fzfry thought .jjj If'e're acifh his sweet peljfertions raughtf'-ROYDON. l 1 ' 'Vi' 6 i J Une Stripe 12, ij. 'Jw "You just can't help from loving that man." ,lj . . ,, . if' A dapper young fellow who "hit the ship time ,j ji. after time, youngster and plebe year and alitho' the GH path was stony in that direction, followed it often. lfij Always immaculate during the severest rough- jfl rf jj house and delights to join the "Monk" in a big .fi ij j .il . .. jj it banjo, with a cigarette dangling devilishly from the ll 'FF "jubilation." A vision of loveliness, strumming a .Q . jj K cf . I Qi far corner of his face and murmuring that heart- N . . ,, "fi reaching ditty "Peaches and Cream. Has a jj strong taste for pink pajamas and a Woodstock pipe. When arrayed in them, jg: and his pleasant smile, makes Marryat and Cooper cry for help with his terrible lij yarns of the cruise. 5.32 ui, ,fy ALBERT MORRIS COHEN jjj ffjj PHILADELPHIA, PA. "Al," '6O1d Bird," "Katie" "His life was gentle and the elemenis ,lj So niixed in him, lhat nature mighi stand up iff And say I0 all the world, 'This was a man'."-SHAKESPEARE. Buzzard fzj, Two Stripes, Battalion Adj., Five Stripes QU, Baseball ljj 14, 3, 25, White N, Farewell Ball Committee, German Committee, Wearer of yi, . . . . jj jj an N A-exhibition boxing. ji The well bred reserved type of midshipman it . . Ur is Pvvfmcek' P K D who carries many honors with excellent modesty. me jj ,dr Very much in earnest and has great faith in peo- lj H . . . . 'lj 1 ple, but is disappointed when they do not live jj jfj up to his ideals. Works well and just a little inclined towards the Anthony Comstock, thereby jj decimating his adjutant's staff-table repertoire. rl 5 , g Under the stimulus of five stripes cultiva- fl j l. ff? ry . . ll ',. A jj, 1 ted sufficient vocabulary to repeat his em- Q rl 'ff . . . . f ,l Q phatic remarks and supply quallfylng adjec- af f. yifwf' tives for swear words. Shows off well ll through 32 points socially. Really an ex- i lj cellent oHicer, the best friend the brigade lv has, and has achieved the impossible of j ji holding down five stripes and the good will il 5 of all hands at the same time. ffl , di lj' r ll l CD Afg- i . 67 vw 1 '41 ,- 1'- Lf 1 2 ,1 lf. r ,. 1 v M 1 lf 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 A lm lf. 11 Y M1 . La 1 ov"' ,I PN Nou es ' W REQ l , 11 fl A il' 1 7X 5' JNO. HILL CONDITT E 0, Euvivvoon, TENN. Q D ' l ' 'll sc ,, sc . . ,, as ,, ' Q Wooden, C0d1tt1, Happy :Kg y ll HflZL'kfL'1lI'fl, embarrassed, stif, fcillzout the skill Ax ,jf il Of m0z'ing gracefully or standing still."-CHURCHILL. Ii 1 ' ' I wi y Buzzard fly, Hustlers Q3, 2, IQ. i ,ll Possesses a disposition imported fresh from l, Yi Sunny Tennessee. First night in Annapolis was 9 a wild one finishin u b tr in to blow u the N , v 3 P Y Y 3 . P 11, fl ln as works. Never was known to rhino but has ki if g . H. 11 ly 1 usually had plenty of cause, being unsat in some- if thing by the time the Semi-Ans. comes around, 15, 1,1 . . . W 51' and has had several close decisions. En o s the l 1l11 1 1 1.3 . 1 J Y. 11 yt summer cruises when lying at anchor, but IS of L -A l 333 the firm belief that oil should be used more exten- ll ' " If -f ' gA'Q1lll1lf ' ' If 53 this rent sivel in the Nav to calm the tem estuous sea. T ,,1 Y Yv u P b Q, 9,1 ls a ood exam le of the Whitworth uick return 114 1, 5 . P , q P11 when he walks. Has made many friends in the Brigade, deserves them all. 'ff Isl yj 1 6 DAVID GRAHAM COPELAND 1 ,EJ BAMBERG, S. c. ill 1 sc "Copey," "john," ' Chappie," Dave " "Y-?ounding billows reuse your motion, Bear me not so swiftly o'er."-ROBINSON. 1" '11 Buzzard Qzjg Star 13, lj, First Luff of the Spud Locker. ll V12 A condensed roduct of the Sunn South lil fm . P . . Y . , M whose official fierceness is inversely proportional 611' 'A ' ' dw- lil 'f to his volume. Bravel survived the fall from 1w11,i 521' 11 , Y . All Q5-cbvrrvme H zrzvecafisfi lalmostj second lieutenant, U. S. A. to running a ' dago gramophone under forced draft. Has a ten- Q31 . . . . 11 1,f dency towards practical joking, as shown by his agreeing to take care of Hack Dial and then '11 fl 11 . . . . . 5' 12 41 absconding with the available savoir of the combi- A nation. Hit the pap youngster cruise for wearing lp a path in the deck from the spud locker to the Q11 'X rail, but on land ever the picturesque sea dog. A designer of marvelous non-reg whites,which never i fails to excite the admiration of the Carolina 1 natives. Once overheard one of the fair sex PN remark, "Oh, I think that little Mr. I Copeland is too cute" and since then if W gg- has tried every known method of becom- A1 4 ing tough, including a cigarette machine. l 1 l ,y 3-52,2 ,im S ,eggs 1 I I I1 A l7JTf'T gig.-1 ' ' E E I E I I 5 I l E III I 5 sq- ' r .f-'pix -. -.lr 5.- ARIE ALVERDO CORWIN PONTIAC, MICH. "Skow," "Esquimaux," "Buzz," "Alvarado" iii .0 xxx lzl, V A I' ff ,fd . . . 592 3 A 'Suhlzme tohareo, whzeh from Easi to lfest, :Sf Gigi Cheers the tars labour or the middies rest" LYRICS. Santee 135, Pink Sig First Class P. O., Tobacco heart Q4, 3, 2, Ijg Three Stripes Qljg Clean Sleeve, QPlebe Terrorj. .I III I II I I The human smoke pipe, with a face like 'i'1 Gloomy Gus and a spike jaw. Hails from Pon- tiac, where he served many days in the red house. , Had social ambitions, but hit the pap for swinging ig. a brick on the Armory floor and never recovered. list 'fiMifiifiif1155175-Tff' iff Al,l Has a deep regard for all girls who wear dresses li with spangles. When at the right temperature 4. and pressure claims a private cemetery and Mayhower ancestors. Roomed with the King youngster year, and deserted the Y. M. C. A. in order to join the Canadian Club. Three striper of Tommy Hart's awkward I "Now look here, fellows!" LI, l squad. ,Quite an authority on football and candle eating as practised by the Esqui- ll maux. Chief coach of the University of Labrador football team. GEORGE MCCALL COURTS WASHINGTON, D. C. H Kid " "Children learn to ereepe ,ere they mn go."-HEYWOOD. "fl simple rhild, thai lightly draws its breath."-WORDSWGRTH. Track Squad lzjg Buzzard Crabtown being not far from Washington, Georgie thought, one day, he would run down and look at the place. First impressions were 1 'I l U.. af--I Y Q 1--ff -. lar-. -5- .---.f-. f-.I--R-Cf , --- . f ,I ,,.,I ,- win ' Lvl- ,wil Qs- --:gf A-J, ,s . .gage 3.3, - A-as in , ,I II lxs II ff 1 ll I I deceitful, so he decided to stay. Older and wiser I .II I l I now, he does his running in the other direction- whenever opportunity offers and he can persuade lf? . . . I4 IX Bennie to go with him. I The real essence of toughness is our Kid- for him history finds few parallels. Lives with Pat, and both manage to get along with the . . . YQ QQ QQ minimum amount of boning. A fusser of ,III II international reputation, George keeps seven f seminaries always on the string. Plays ,p I. divinely GD on the mandolin, during study Qwf fy,-45 hours, and even sings-sometimes. glfg A' XI fa III II NJN W I li ll f I 'I IX", I A 1' 'A 'A 7 "Q if ' 4 sa I 4. 'Tf.J,iQililIlfI1.i.'iii-ififezffri'-Awifi: ' if I' 1 wa' 'Ili' I "l 6I,I Ie 33 ak' 'N , 1 L x A X 5 f. ..s,.......,B l::::z:.:'.::..s Q s 4, X v H g Q, Joi-IN FRANKLIN Cox f SPENCER, INDIANA "johnny," " Cox," "Liz," H La Trucha" "You dogs of war! Bid them hegone to X A Seour hill and plain: QA' Let Revolution's roar be heard, Throughout the land again." Santee Q4jg Trouble Q4, 3, 2, Il. Down with law, order, subordination, dis- cipline, and government. Slip the leash from anarchy and let red ruin run riot. For here we ii have Johnny Cox. John was one of Stover's devils, but the responsibility of raising the effi- ' A 7 eee' 9 ciency of the brigade by clean sleeve organization proved too much for him. While the hazing restrictions were extant John joined the great majority. Tried to graft city lodging y during leave and next morning subscribed to the municipal government. ls quiet, except when denouncing evil and righting the wrongs of the people. Really, an excellent friend and a good man to go ashore with. "I never busted so bad in all my life." " Now, Cox!" RUSSELL SNYDER CRENSHAW RICHMOND, VA. H Willy," H Little Willy Crenshaw," H Billy " "Blessings ever wait on virtuous deeds And, tho a late, a sure reward succeeds." Fencing Team Q3, QD, Three Stripes. He began life at the Naval Academy in A authority, was put "in charge of room upon I 'I arrival." Did some good work on the fencing -W ffl team and was one of the stars on ,O7 baseball squad. Was the hero of a romantic shipwreck T youngster year. Made all the First Class jealous youngster cruise by frequent leaves to visit his own and Georgie's aunts, uncles, grandmothers, friends etc. A member of the Y. M. C. A. . ' . . ul' and lives up to it, but chiefly famous as the man who kept Reef Points out of politics m Hovey s only rival Was never known to lose his good nature N i i i . gl. lt 'T' E . ' ' . 4 'if X I I . L Vi C I ' li ' 'l ' " xiii-V is 'f 1ii.,3.'..'i-2 ' 'Q ' ' R 'A 'i i .' ' -Lx-, , ili- , , 39 ., - 1 - .g . ,X 1:12- f Cf' -C' N, I W, fn L V V ,nn ,K 70,5 YYVYVWV , K Y ,YE , ,Z--.L ...,,, x -Q3':-f-2:13-Jsi'-"'.'12'A'-Sskirii'--'1':.':xE2ig-Se-Q31S5:sifQ1Tl5?EFgEQ B2f5?5Sta2'9 H., A-A ---,, V 'P Mx "CroSSey," Charlie," "Gyp," ' Fi " T lf .Q "The fora! of his lips, the rose an his rheek L' 11-- , The dimple on his thin."-SHAKESPEARE. "Oh Herwenf were man bIlfC0715fIl71f, he were peffeetf' -SHAKESPEARE. Second Class Buzzard, Hop Committee, ily, Farewell Ball Committee, Three Stripes. lr? Above all a fusser, and rejoices in life because it gives him the opportunity to fuss. Invited a girl to the Hop and forgot to take her. . , . is, Has been Squidge s faithful spouse for four years, 5'5f5f?lf'g, calming and comforting him. There is only one thing that he would rather be doing than rolling 5, 'f 1 is a cigarette, and that is smoking one. Had quite a good voice when he entered its gf. the Academy, but has been losing' it for the last four years, leaving most ofit dis- fijf 1 tributed around through Bancroft Hall. Is very much in love with the service, .Vx L., H, but thinks yachting is pretty hne and is of the opinion that, next to owning a 5' yacht, it is nice to have friends who do. Served a light sentence for taking too Ll deep an interest in the plebes, but is a good fellow for a' of that. lil 1 JAMES THOMAS CRUSE AURORA, NEB. "Jimmy," "jimmy Legs " Gymnasium Team C41 3: Qii Captain izii Three Stripes fill. Buck's pride, the tow-headed boy lieutenant, a firm believer in militarism and the proud pos- sessor of the original army brace which becomes iff harmlessly defiant in the section room. Stood liii l . . . WH fl' one in conduct Qzj and this made his only enemy, ffl I 1 . l 'w Honest John. Took care of f'Rats" Lowell for W P 'ir a year, and rates a 4 in patience for other reasons v too. Our nearest approach to the ideal of Church's gf? Phoenician poet. Quite a traveler for his l.-I years, and loves to spin long yarns of hair- . . , . fl' breadth escapes in foreign lands. Survived with unrufiied temper a summer as three striper ofA Section. " Pipedownf' 61 lil ,lfii--'5.'Y' Y 'T ' 'Y x 'Q 1 S-fi g- 'Til ffiiT'fL?lifT:-i'i'f-If"'fl1fg'-E?1'fw 1, fi., " ' if cr :F ., Y E 40 vvgflji -.Yf ,r 9 st, f Xen, '-TD CHARLES WASHEURN CROSSE j f j di W . E 1 . i X 1 '- STOUGHTON, WISCONSIN .. . 5 l l hu without difficulty on dress parades. Never left ' f.. N 1f:..S-ZxX'-- 'XX "-"QS-Y ':-3.LfEQj',,'lDe-31.3 N. 1. ff i I E 1 yi if Qi il if V in il A A i,-N l N ip 1 ,rx IQ. I K ., i NA 1 ' i fl-2 A 'f H .x .Y'r. . .. ..,-. .-Q-C. ..i -1.1- - r HFYX- F- ' -11425: Lx? '.-'XQ'?,1'g-- '-Jkcg-.5 : I-.ge ,-L4 - 5-. V ff-1 tv N .W iii l-' . Q if JOHN WHITLOW WETHERELL CUMMING 1. - L i 4 PORTSMOUTH, VA. F F ill -I' ii ill, fi Ii H Uncle john," " Honest john " , ! J, Sl., .l. Three Stripes 125. A An ideal disciple of the discipline department 4 who has already memorized the blue testament. " Has not received enough demerits in four years to put him on second grade for a month, and will 'Q submit a statement on hearing the vaguest rumor ' of hitting the pap. Distinguished by a prominent 417 jaw inclined at an angle 4,. A pillar of the Y. M. if C. A., and a deacon of the Softshell Baptist A . .. 1. Church. Plays the piano and reaches high C I 1 1 i cl his room Plebe summer without shaking his locker door three times to be sure it A was closed, but First Class year became so reckless that he almost appeared i in the corridor with his collar unbuttoned. A blushing, eager, giggling listener to anyone's yarns. "Tuck up your shoe strings." DAMON EARHART CUMMINGS BELVIDERE, ILL. H n U as Deac, Damon Hillolher, Moiher, Molher pin a rose on ' Fencing Squad Q3, Qjg First P. O. The Belle of Belvidere. Famous in his 311 home town as "Young Damon, the Naval Cadet." Wrote to a girl Plebe summer without permission from home and hasn't been tough since. Strong if on morning constitutionals, always accompanied by the muster book. Got the necessary 3.12 by ll a graceful use of his glasses. Found himself shepherd of Honest John's flock after the deluge and held down his job to the satisfac- 7 , tion of the sheep. Author of the ff: 'f ,. A famous song, "Should Old Bull Evans , f Be Forgot." ' "Don't look at me that way, Mr. i p 'y Cummings, you frighten me." ill., uflllsi , i ya .p-.gi7S.y,',, . Mx .z X515 Qc 5 ' Fix t Cr- X, . -Q Q 41 41 " ' X' V0 a, ff ' N me."-SONG. cf i "Ur izgxq, W, , Q .fgt-Y" -- l '- Y -Y .ff ,,- , in ' i i :ill Y . . , i V. i. 1 ., L. VW l i f fi 'A i 1 l 2.f,.zT F 1 f X GEORGE MIFFLIN DALLAS if l. NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE X l' 1 " Red," " Brick" ' "All is not Gospel! that he doth speakef' -HEYWOOD. 69 Santee Q4, 3lI, Buzzard In him We have a type of one dear to the hearts of the fair sex, Whose Winning Ways, coy if manners and captivating smile have a marvellous . . l. eH"ect. Has hair the color of the setting sun and yi . 1 i when some one calls him he gets a violent pink. lf will Gained international fame and caused a land- ing force to be manned on the Denver at Funchal, lil iii' y Madeira, by poisoning a dog of' one of the prom- ieli ttok ' i'a'l 2 S'S'f5ifi'feifCl,Q.l inent natives. A navigator, bold and daring, who does his work by the inspection of the Qld lVIan's 1. x vw book. Can beat a Cape Cod sailor at stories. .nw in 1 SLOAN DANENHOWER C L osvvEGo, N. Y. ff C111 "Captain Dan," "Dan," "Dutch," "Pretzel" 'ff "In speech, in gait, in diet, in ajfertions of delight, In military rules, humors of blood, He was the mark and glass, copy and book fi.-I Tharfashioffd ozhers."-SHAKESPEARE. H" L f. 1 1 Class Executive Committeeg Class Supper Committeeg Class Crest Committeeg lm Hop Committeeg Class German Committeeg "Lucky Bagl' Committeeg Captain Rifle Team fljg Buzzard fzyg Three lfhl .fy sr, . S- ...,..f1-s-5. . a-,.- i- ,Y--i -.5 A, . - -3 - Stripes di y -.fr .- Q, ,,-.-:- ,.y-,-ff 4.1, .S -11.9- -amz .-S,-Q ' The Flying Dutchman. Received the foun- dation for his seagoing education off the Oswego 355. Breakwater, and still he floats. Has Worn non- pgs reg. clothes that ranged in color from a blue- jijw serge-red to a deep sea green. One of the spell- f ylpy binders at class indignation meetings and, if he fill closes his eyes when he has the floor, look out for squalls. Any man who Would tap a gasoline fl iffy tank deserves to be accused of hail- r ll 4 if ing from the U. S. S. Florodora. Eli . . Q4 ll A polished connoisseur of all 4 ' 4,6 lil fad and fiashiong a gentleman. A .yi :J little uncertain as to the advantages li of the Navy over cit. life. "Cap- tain Danenhower did not shoot." f jill l ill, V V 7 K ,ln , l sg-aff, -g. 531-fries Q A dw -.if off it .s 510, Z, I" .I 1 A I, L I, A 1 :lf My mf 25:5-4 I If-', , ,fri f MMP' i f A U GUY ERWIN DAVIS ge ,KE TILTON, N. H. 'll " Bull" X ll' ,515 I "O, it is exrellent to have a giant's strength, 1 it But it is tyrannous to use it like a giantf' I A -SHAKESPEARE. I P. Q. lzlg Class Football A dilletante in athletics who aquired strength by avoiding physical Work. Usually tries to bluff and runs up against an occasional snag. Supposed to have been at the bombardment of Fort Sumter, but is remarkably well preserved. Known in Washiiigton as Lieutenant Davis. Reported to have been a boiler-maker and a pugilist of great c renown. Speaks New England dialect and plays a violin minus one string, after taps. Lost his bearings at one of the summer hops, and got in the wrong cloak-room. Tableaul Tried football, but the game was too rough! Tried the crew, but found it work, and the second was too easy. . 4. V' :Ng 4 .mga i lifxslgjfi R e s 1 CHARLES GORDON DAVY SAN JOSE, CALIFORNIA as . ,, as ,, Bungie, Bozo "Blessings be on thee, little man- For by thy song and soul thou winnest many hearts."-DRAKE-TRIP. Buzzard fzjg Christmas Card Committee' "Lucky Bag," Choir Q4, 3, QQ. "Bungie," the big little man from Sunny Cali- fornia. Walks with a touge swagger and can make more bum puns to the minute than any other man in the class. A firm believer in real excitements and eloquent on the subject of the ever present pale-faced Cit. Roomed with Jimmie for over two years and is still an American. A poet and an actor of considerable fame. Played a tender part in the great Comedy youngster New Year's Eve and got things mixed. One of the Calliope Trio and the shining light of The Bozo Brothers. lnstigator of the Bozo yell and of numerous rough-houses. "What's a man to do when he's in love?" 7 .J :A L I I 'gggf -H 14,-'-:1- if 'vis Q 943 I 17, QA -Z.. 2 x . L 4.-.lx ' . 5 N, , , f ww A'-f ,fa :- ,LL L, ,L L., . i A fe -A -at -A A --'- A -R ,gem13,L,-:,1:5eQ5-Q.:s 2sQ.i-ilefifszg f E Q aff" O :RLY-,-N'-71754, A, -V X e Y eE.i.',." . , W . l N. Q ,Crm mx . ,R iv l P fix N-V A' ,Q ix VWNS T ni '-' GRATTON COLLEY DICHMAN any J -v -l X " il 3'jf-j Asif BERNITA, GEORGIA RT H ' n QE ,iq ii L l Dich f ,A ,gr 1, gg ,NIA X lflkgca-Q 1 ,E 3 'fav Hllflzy, then lhe worlff: mine oyster, UT"Q11:qVll ,X lrfhffh 1 aim sword will open." A?ff?4fff1j1fj Af 'DH , -SHAKESPEARE. Q7 . Fencing Team Q4, 3, 25, Captain tal, Fencing llllll f Star QQ, Buzzard tal. fl if f ' 1 yy A lank Southerner with a voice as soft as his 'fn . . . ll legs are long. Has a society manner of reciting ,I ,J Y li which takes with the instructors and makes mere ,J W A' A . l 'iv 1 A, small talk of scientific controversies. A danger- -.za ous man with anything from a broad-sword to a ii hat-pin. Fusses occasionally, bluffs oftener, and smiles sweetly at all times. Wonders Q y whether he will be unsat, but takes things as they come, blase. Delights in long li, chats with the Dagoes and rolls the French "r" with a trill that puts a bosn's pipe to shame. fl CHARLES ALFRED DUNN WALLACE, IDAHO . "Asymptote," "Asym," " String " if "One Dunn, a hungry, lean fared villian, A mere asymptotef' ,3 Three Stripes. Q' 7 According to Willie Walsh the three striper D so 'R is ' R R 'M ' lf 1 G il pf? of the best two striper in the brigade. Savey L... f ty man in the graduating class of the Coeur D Alene High School, also president, secretary, wooden lil l F man and everything else. The hero of numerous A Tl rll' cl . . wt ll 1 hairbreadth escapes from a terrible death on the fl Xi, ' Chesapeake on account of his likeness to the top- sail brace. A bridge Bend and a savoir in streaks. Could never make up his mind to grease, but got 'fi Qi 1 the three stripes he rated, and .li . gli J., steered his company through the J stormy seas of the reformation yi without overloading the conduct Ella , if 1 report. "The testing set always contains a magnetotef' il, f 1 , '3 s.,-ag: ei 531, 1 . Q. as 1. f,3.sg,55ri:.4 -agree' 1. F aa' ,ning 1 ?,Q,,-A 44 fvjifwl QQQ W gvyfxj o X ,..'- 1' C' X, . as' 'Mb i 1 1 l 5 1 :fi 'lhb ll f f 'I QEg.5si4-'-.ex--Q 5- .g.i,--gggfi :ay . 5...-Q., -x.f.,,f,y,g 5Q-QQ ?.f1-.XeQi1..-Q- afgwir-:'i15cx 1wi'i-,LE.TNff'v-'Es-7f'5ri'f:Q:--Q Ia fl ,. 35 ti X 9 HORACE TYLER DYER Q X 1- K f Xff Q? ST. PAUL, MINN. fx , "Rum," " Shorty," "Hawace" 72 "Upon what mea! does this our C1z'sarfeed, as Thar he has grown so great."-SHAKESPEARE. lil, l s- .IE Two Stripes lab. li The class landmark. Has to stoop when If I' r ,fx 'fi , im :A ' . v i ,'.' Q! . i ivllx l .ni ' 1 ,,': A -wry: xxx' K -X fa:-K -f.. - fax- . f 'x 5 HT - Q' - S :if-VLSZY s.fi.f:., '- 7 -.L-5. fdzglif-axglrgt.-ii: ,, gr. " . iq. x i, walking in the rotunda to keep from barking his eyebrows against the electric lights in the dome. Used to look out of the ventilator when he was on fireroom Watch to get his bearings. Tantiliz- ing way ofshrugging his shoulders when he recites. Talks as fast as a runaway gramophone. Cute, dainty step. Can slip in behind his locker at inspection. Roomed with "CL1eenie" but enjoyed the free air afterwards. Has to have an annex on his bed when he takes to cover. r' 1 A , Kind and gentle. Very polite. Comes from St. Pauliapolis, Minnesota, and rj, was the pride of the high school. JOHN BAYLISS EARLE r ,. l J' ' r .15 iv' K Los ANGELES, CAL. il "Count," "Dago" "How sad, how pensizfef Hou' T i- uglyf'-LYON. if ij second Class P. o. A 19-5 One glance at your face, and the editor balks, My the red corpuscle push fails, alone he stands, the egry ,fl last of his kind. The pride of California and the hope of Los Angeles. Swept into his village in fl fl martial array and was consulted on the effects of 3. the Academy. 'Tis rumored he Was to have Q .J joined a bug house, but missed connections and ,l' is here. Has a walk like the Emma Giles in a l'f sea way and a voice like a Victor talking machine. Nearly bilges every year, but still on the market. ,ff A fusser as you go, but a true Castilian. Saveys if A Dago something fine and is booked for the M. L. depart- jI QE' 155 , 3. ,il ment. A royal member of the ,Z f fhywlmw "crowd" given to perambulations W. o C Q ' A 7 ' H ,fl :J W2 and Hspiels from Brutus down. 1 maxgh , na Ai qi 'lil "" -1 2 Q M I ,l I X 45 o L , v 'ivy' Q,.,x . i 1.5 RICHARD STANISLAUS EDWARDS PHILADELPHIA, PA. gQf: I.2' " Dick," " Dickie " 3 , fx 'ji J "QE2'jfy 'll!Z:I' .A , sta I 'y .fSeek5 painted trijfes andfantastif toys, ,l y V Buzzard fab, J A world-Wise old man with a beguiling smile I I 1, I .I L I and a boyish face and manner. Acquired the fussing habit in Philadelphia While yet a child, ii, and developed it to alarming proportions in fi Shelter Island and Crabtown. Specialist in canoe- ' 'I ing,hops,tea-lights and general parasolwork. Has lg, I' 'ff' I if '- an exhaustive vocabulary for expressing disap- proval, but is never rhino. Formed a syndicate to lay a Cinder path across the parade ground for lessening the time from Rogers Row to supper formation. Later the syndicate shifted its plan to an ii attempt to corner the live-cent stamp market. His paths of thought are M fp. I devious and deep, and his bump of facetiousness Well developed. Gnce gave Hannah nervous prostration by getting up a substitute honeymoon party that bore all the earmarks of an elopement. C'Oh, Come on Chile." l I X . I N RAY PHILIP EMRICH ' GALESBURG, ILL. I I, -'I I I, 'I I. I "Dutch," "Heine" All bow to virtue-and then walk away."-DE FINOD. Iyy, 1 I I- 1: fgl:.-iifliik my One stripe fajg Two Stripes CII A dapper and handsome little chap, still fond iff of the Fatherland, who spends his time breaking ns ffl . . III-I y In new pipes to smoke on leave. Plebe year took .LQ . . . . lil Ifxl Q It upon himself to bring up Johnnie Hoover and QI? I . . . If fp, looks back with satisfaction upon the result. The pl possessor ofa few shares of horse sense and man- Iii g ages to slide along with little work IQ ff M Hmxlqy and less worry. Ever ready for a lf' , X . . if Q quiet game and 1S seldom unfor- 131.1 N tunate. Reads all the novels, gets jI'I L MAL H , X . llfl II 4, 8 J K? My a hand on the eats, enjoys true lux- Q9,vfi -V ff l: I ury and never loses the "blushing .jjj ll ....-,Z-:W , H li rose" of youth. l II L li . XA XR I , - . -T -, ,. 'f.' s '.' 'I .' .i:ii'J,ipL't-lgffsiiifiigfiiigw? ill- Q fqjvyj, 46 it I 'Xi Y 1 7. And eagerly pursues imaginary joys." D18 H -4 I f l I I I 1 Il fl l l l 3 ,31w1xb-3-CCSQ-li-IF-QF. r. ws N Iv. X '-x. X0 - 1 ' '4 . I-A 1. I .'fiDf1ipiQU,L,N,i,M.'g'N X A JOSEPH SIMPSON EVANS ,L I TYRONE, PA. K, 'U " Bull" C' wWf5?'.QEl Sh 'ff' "Are you more stubborn-hard than hammer'd iron." 3 JL -SHAKESPEARE. 3 Two Stripes Qzj, Rhino Q4, 3, 2, lj. ji Fven three years with the gentle Harlow 2 failed to tame this wild Bull from Pennsylvania. it Talks with a nasal twang and a fierce manner that K i terrorizes plebes, and gives him the distinction of ' f fi being the only man who could manage Felix b N Gross. Rises every morning at 5.00 to bathe, Q but, instead makes the morning hideous by his if-'fiiili-' iali singing, much to the delectation of the 6. 32 risers. A Claims his taste in music is due to an intimate connection with the Boston Symphony Orchestra. Split! Had his stripes on for Farewell Ball. Growled at his own and every one else's existence. EDGAR ADLAI EVVING CHICAGO, ILLINOIS "Eddie," "Cupid," "Fusser," H Buck " "Cupid if a knaffislz lad, Thus to make poor maidens mad.', -SHAKESPEARE. Chief Petty Officer, Ring Committee, Hop Committee, Farewell Ball Committee, Class German, Choirtz, Il, Santee QD, Hustlers 4, i , t s I I, A pleasing youth with a disposition as sunny V C F i A 4 R as his hair. Always on the lookout for liberty or if a hop. Hates the thought of leaving Annapolis, if G and hopes for a tour of duty here later on. 3171 if T Would rather fuss than eat, and spends his spare if-ii yi w time putting finishing touches on his "Marcel l i Wave," and rendering the latest song hit from that dear Chi. A constant patron of the telephone and Q holds the record from the Main Gate to Bancroft A, is-K, Hall. Walks with a sea-going roll, ,Q Tm , 5.7 and is possessed ofan enormous energy I f Q which he diverted from fussing to , 'L football. " Mr. Ewing, you're wanted ti ' 'il' A at the telephone." "Stung again!" 34, F-1 J. it g gg , 'I K., 1 6 5 E47 ' 9 . WILLIAM SIMS FARBER FRANKFORT IND i' 6' 'lkllii X X A .XL X1 Mel ,,,.. 1. . W it rf ' If 54' 1 i i ff' ' "Wi1lie,i' "Wussy," "Taber," "Sandwich" ll "Then he will talk, good gods, how he will laik."-LEE. First Class Buzzard Qzlg Three Stripes lil. Our fountain of wisdom. Farber knows! lil W ,- I I - x-YNKXYW -- -- V r ,y,.V,., ,V V Y, !,xV .sx,,,.N V4 vf.,. , 1 Ei . 1 nl , Gives you his advice on any subject, at any time. A member of the triumvirate, that have a trust on the Crabtown girls. He is the delight of all chaperones' hearts, preferring them to their charges, but doesn't care, so long as it is feminine. Of' an argumentative turn of mind, and always ready to convince you that you are wrongg but never errs himself! A rough and ready artist at breaking up the furniture, but also a strict disciplinarian. Father of his children, and a sprightly gentleman-from Indiana. il ,ii fb ,l ALLEN SHANNUN FARQUHAR BUCYRUS, OHIO A "Fuzzy," "Runt" "IfVh0 lbiuks foo lilfle and who talks loo mufhf'-DRYDEN. Second Class 19.0.1233 First Class P. U.Q1l. ll A consistent Red lVlike-made one call tal, f ,gx.,y e..e.. because he thought it would help his mechanic's all mark. Brought a large part of his f.ather's drug store hack with him from youngster leave and in cured the ills of all Annex B with his "dope-box." Told Rhinehart to make his blouses "real short" il so that his trouser legs would show. Recently ,QD has lived in turn with Ragged, Asymptote, and Food Pump. A little old man with a drawling voice and a hearty temper, when aroused, that makes him a terror ff e to the plebes. A practical joker W and always ready for a rough-house ,V I -one of the originators of the 4.5 H ' "hot washer stunt." ll W? I g il mi I iii'ii ' "'I' ff'. .iq -21-5 1 51251 7:-5H'Z-':.':-SifigffXF-"li-f'iI'l i. ,. 2 ' S ,iid 4 NJ, Q' ff ,,,,-f X. SQ-Li ,fff G' NB 1 l T I ARTHUR WILLIAM FRANK MOBILE, ALABAMA " Artie," H Doc " "F1'yrlh in her own grease."-HEYWOOD. -f' Five Stripesg Buzzard Qalg Star 14, gjg Hop Committee Q3, 213 Chairman Hop Committee Qajg Chairman Farewell Ball Committeeg "Lucky Bag" Committeeg Advisory Committee Y. M. C. A.g Split His majesty, the five striper of the brigade and fself-enthronedj of society, and everything else. Carries his terrifying power hid beneath a hrlobile smile that has given his face a permanent set. Owns a heavy grease which he keeps at all costs. Never too busy to help a wooden man. Lived with Hannah Lauman for six months with- Dances like the Professor from Baltimore, and has his fussing reduced to a science, using his own modification of the I-never-loved- any-one-but-you system. Keeps his chair in the O. C's room and shapes the policy of the discipline department at midnight spreads with MacNutt. Stands like a Cxsarized Napoleon with a list to starboard. Instituted a Board of Inquiry, self-headed, to adjust the lives of his classmates. Goat for high society! out acquiring Hannah's walk. RAYMOND FOSS FRELLSEN WATERLOO, 1owA H Frels " "None bu! himself can be his parallel."-LOUIS THEOBALD. Buzzard A motherly, sweet-dispositioned old lady who forsook a cozy chimney corner in Chase's home for a chance at the quarter deck. First midshipman up every morning and gets his dust- ing done long before reveille. Makes his bed with a T-square and straight-edge. Vies with the Gross-Evans duo for first honors among the early morning song-birds. A patient and steady First Class P. O.-the first man at every formation. Makes centre-pieces, darns sox and sews buttons like a good'un. Has a wonderful work basket with everything from button hole scissors and marking chalk to corset strings and dress shields. If you need any- y J,,4?JQhN thing, borrow it from Frellsen. ,!'1""'-Wl'o3x L ,':Y iIl,j,'..: g 0 0 4 iiw.?"-, air, 3. jf-. ' w : Q '- 1 A . -L fl!! in -- ' i " if- KB, .' i ,rv ,J sf' .49 -A V-1 1. YF' ' - E cf if ilk Q x i I l .A , , 2--'Fil , , XA. rf R.P-qfiggiglgxggj,,gd--arfqxgbs-.sag ,I ,I 66 . , E I s . I I4 , wg- A yfi fi A fix 'fi f Q, RICHARD SOMERS GALLOWAY WASHINGTON, D. c. it kv ...ILS sub A 1 45 ' H I ii N ' f ' l :' . Dlck . st.: .lflilla or i Jlfllf "flu harmless flaming meleor shone for hair, iii 'lll .flfzfl fell aflozun his shoulders with loose care. " 5 X ? IL: -COWLEY. vl if x, -sod if Second Class P. 0.1253 First Class P. 0. fab, W Three Stripes W f . . ' ,sA Long, languid and lonesome. Wishes life was all leave, but now and then takes a star sight ,fi to help along. Has been known to gaze lovingly at Venus at the most unearthly hours. Out for I a good time, and has developed the happy faculty of listening interestedly to everyone's woes. A fusser of an advanced type, dreamy gaze, blase air Ely and a hearty appetite. The mainstay of the "tea-Fights" and uafter-hops." Has JR a grease in all quarters, including oHicers', and is hoping to get the ensign bill fr. through this time without fail. "Who is that handsome man in the corner with ' ' i7 il the love-sick expression. ll ,I U. 214 HENRY CHALFANT GEARING, Jr. PITTSBURG, PENNSYLVANIA lil H Mol," "Heir1ie" "I lizfe in the crowd ofjollityf'-JOHNSON. Second Class Buzzard Qzjg Santee fail, First 'lf Class P, O. lil, Captain RiHe Team QI The book says that "Mol" is from Pitts- burg, but that is only congressionally speaking- for he changes his residence yearly, and usually li . goes home by way of Texas or lVlontana-any- all thing for traveling expenses. A lean and hungry If VU li youth who loves a crowd, any kind, so it is a IQ, E. 1 merry one. Would rather sit down and spin you I-f. a yarn than eat-almost. Always supposed to have ii l . I a grease, but evidently didn't, for he is a black- booker. Fusses occasionally, but only to give the ladies a treat. One of the Tenth Company's noble squad of revolutionists, Second Class year, but under the weight of y 3 L. his Wife's three stripes, has come to realize the dignity of his years.-"Pardon mel" ' 53132 ii sf? 'T.. 15 2531 'sig72.3.3-f1.f3fgiElQ?.1ix-tif1--fx--.3-Fffrsirirs W es tgzzax so , ,-XT i I V G' .1 'U . 42,1 ROBERT CARLISLE GIFFEN X' f go 'N g " v Mi no 1 Cristobal" ' f ' l" ntl'-:freeze-,flea-1 I " iff . . ll' Gi ' fl horse! a horse! my kzugdom for a horse."-SHAKESPEARE. D s 13 -gage A ' ,f a 0 W N A X... dl' A fly E4 ll all i, ll li 1 i i gs, it "Lucky Bag" Stall' fly, Rifle Squad fir., I jg 1 Cl ivifsf Class P. o. 413. 5 Q, The busiest broncho yet busted. Fresh from hifi x. Qi the plains, with a cyclonic disposition and a vocab- iq l., jf gil ulary composed of guns, ropes, chaps and brands. X. 5-, .... , 1.3. ff Put him on a cayuse with a square mile of desert Zyl 'I 1? , 1 'P . . . H around him and watch the coyotes scatter. Is in ly v 1 I . .4 the habit ofriding several sea miles before breakfast, 'lf' l . .. ol L- L., but lately has been limited to Chaney's best and ll K. X ' ' .vi .ref an occasional "horse's neck." A fusser ofthe wild- '- in ,IU I up eyed type who wins out chiefly by his ability to lil rope the last word. His hot-air has never been known to fail except once when W the iceberg refused to thaw and Alkali was stung for 32.50, we hear. Spends his lf ' leave in Saratoga's shades, where the water is excellent and the ponies plentiful. i . aj ,f .M 'l JA During the long winter of his discontent he receives daily bulletins of huge pro- " l l l 4 ,-5 portions. "Bill, you saved my life." "Small boy, he dive." . .qli li .Jj hs fl CHARLES CLIFFORD GILL X ,l JUNCTION CITY, KANSAS I 1 GS H QQ J. 1 ,.. ll gs . fl "Thus formed by nature, furnished out with art, 4' M.. He glides unfelt into your secret heart." -DRYDEN. ffl .ph M Baseball Team 14, 3, zjg First Class Buzzard. A native of Kansas, that is, 'tis said he once . .,.,5,,0,:LSg, M Q71 - -fa-5:2--l.:P:ze:fsf -' ' hunted prairie chickens there. A little old man it Hy 1 , 1 l l L+ ,fy with a broad smile and a lovable manner that W .lull lr in endears him to the hearts of everybody. Visits i . Washington's ancestors at Solomon's Island, and EQ I -I 1 l I produces a well-stocked card case from the pocket ff V "x i rm l of his working clothes. A leading candidate for l 1 ' l, ,. the vacuum-cap brigade. Fell in C lil ill Ajglisgrace Plebe summer by being I ff V caught trying to French QU, and U hifi ' , ' I - - -' was allowed to think it over on the 4 ' "Santee," QWon fame as "Plebe 'i X A Gill, the Navy shortstopnj. Foot- ,ir I x ik ball, tennis, golf, sailing and swim- ,fl X VW I7 ming, in all of these he specializes I Gp U . Q9 V 1 "with great eclatf' 5 l e a t gg . Y F Y, :if 5 I LINCOLN, NEBRASKA. I W X AR HIke," "A1ka1iLIke,." "Cots," "Hyphen," 'JF D k So fan theyfollow."-SHAKESPEARE. Buzzard tail, First Class Buzzard till, Santee 13 J, Rhino Q4, 3, 2, Il. A man of many states of mind, his moods being as variable as Annapolitan Weather. Is an . electricity expert and a would-be inventor. Has a perpetual grudge against the government and is " l going to wreak his vengeance upon the service by P 1, remaining in it the rest of his life. Nothing has l ever happened that made him completely happy, l , , , e . x. g W . F . . . A although he can pull sick leave on anything from l 1 "tired" eyes to an aching heart. If anyone men- tions Work, he is immediately disgusted with life and all that goes with it-- in the Navy, and takes on an expression that would deceive one into believing that someone had handed him a lemon. Makes his last appearance in society at 'Q every hop, but still remains partial to the gentle sex. Is among those who are l striving to find youth, beauty and millions. lt's the "triple-ke-jinksn Foxy, and only happens once in nine hundred and ninety-nine times. FAULKNER GOLDT HWAIT E HoPK1NsviLLE, KY. " Goldie," " Itty Birty " "The kinder! man: The but ronditiorzerl, and unzcearing ypirit In doing rourteficx.H-SHAKESPEARE. , One Stripe tal, Three Stripes til, Class Executive Committee, Class Supper Committee, Baseball 14, 3, ill, White Nm, Captain Class i Football Team, Yellow 19o7. flu Left the ranks of the "dough-boys" for a . life in Uncle Sam's Navy, and is not sorry. 1 it jgffi f L, '1 , "Goldy" is another Who hopes for a tour of duty l 4. wg: -,. in Crabtown. Beat the St. Johnnies on their . native heath, and was victorious over countless "pale-faces." Enters the arena, be it a tea room or a baseball diamond, with a smile of gl, Ay il. calm repose Cbiects to seeing the World .,,i'l through a porthole, and goes on liberty as often as possible with dne results among the hearts of our feminine friends ff JH I in lil Q 'ig Y i , x ,f - - - - X 54 QQ,-7 gay , 1, I A gf., - - - .K -.Fax f - --..--.fer M- xl Q, ' A fi' Riel' . 52 , 3. ,, Cf, 17' REGINALD EVERETT GILLMOR RED OAK, IOWA 'l6"'v, K " Foxy," "Reggie," 6'Wil1ie Westinghouse " f y"" r ip- H0716 woe doth tread upon tZll0fhl37',5 hfel, X ,.-' 1L ,f yt? J 'xi ,TE -" f - -' ' -. N-, -. - -. x':.r'i-.5 .S.5fx33F-. '--XT T -N. c -Y . . A . V w NT, . X 4 fifhll ii' me ' 'fe-f sz 4 P1-IILLIP ORRIN GRIFFITHS M ii fu A yi i:,,gp,l :ll lil fill! 'w-"il-f..,li Tl STOCKTON,CALHNHUHA pf . .fhhyfgffh l y " Piggief' 'S Woodpi1e," " Pot" Q ill V "Oh, hour of all hours l the mosll1less'al on earthy Blessed hour of our dinners."-MEREDITH. Buzzard Stop, look, and listen! Here We have an eccentricity of genius straight from the vales of distressed California. A closer look reveals a A short little man, with a grasshopper Walk and a rotundity which some day will rival " MatcheW's." Rejoices that he was not present during the earth- gf-ux -rs s . .1 ':-.ec-. -.-.----u:.'f, ' K e"' e ee" quake, because he would have been unable to get anyone to cook his meals. Fasted for two days last year, with the result that our mess-bill was reduced a half, but despite all our endeavors has never been prevailed upon to do so again. Hopes to graduate sometime, so he can get a square meal. Bluffs on a minus foundation with alarming success and, if the editor has not been misinformed, once got out of the Wooden section. FELIX ENGELBERT GROSS BRooKLYN,N.Y. H Felix " "IVhenoe is thy learning? Hath thy loil O'er books ronsunfd the midnight oil?"-GAY. QA 11-SQ. ,f Q I.-Y if,-2115-Q.--'-f.-,seiiilii . 4 Us , , 5 1 One Stripe lab, Star lgl. , A youthful prodigy from the Borough of M Brooklyn. Sings from early morning till taps, with intermission only for Walks in Annapolis. l Always right, and is not ashamed to admit it. Gives the company oflicers comprehensive advice . on how to run the company, and once even spoke . rudely to Uncle Ben in section. Sometimes plays l Us the piano and usually ends his per- S' 6',, ii--ii' 'T formance in solitary possession of - " f 1 . - ' the reading room. One of the liflili 4 riff! 'fs' ' rs ie m Epzgfzfj' V, promising entries in the race for l s ap., n i . y k- .fn i matrimonial honors. Rhino-al- . i Kaz ,,,ii it 1 Ways! "AW, that's not right." QQ fi WQ,fLf'9 'A ii I gf, y 1hfllfifNf,'2 ll' lifgfssefvgssfz-isisass f?'sr5.ra: " rf-,NR - f ,V Ig, I if WL- s- . . .. . , .. ,, . s i ff 5 L ji wifi '-fl 1 .2 Q- V 55 gg -...Q MA.- N 1 fixw THOMPSON GA S Georgia Frank Gross Ffiwff .ig fl rombuzafzou and a arm zrzdred Xl my To gl e tht corld assurance 0 a man fb SHAIK ESPEARE One Stripe, lVlanager Football, Chairman Class Supper Committee, Class lzxecutive Com mittee, Farewell Ball Committee, German Com mittee, Lucky Bag Staff Crrafter 4 3 2 1 Gross is the man whose existence is unique and essential The real power behind the throne who sows for others to ieap fand harvests a little graft, on hand at the psychological moment and off for new worlds to conquer From the class supper, and his fatal punch, to the victorious football team he has been successful-even unto the delicate attentions T at hops and pink teas The Town Topics of the class--with only the latest A A modern revolutionist with historic deeds from race wars to anarchy Ouoted A as much as Ixittel, and saves the situation often by his humor and wit A loung T ing grafter for the life of ease and luxury with his own ideas f Hoist away, Raleigh LOUIS JOSEPH GULLIVER PORTLAND ME Gullie H15 balk is cone than hu bile ' Tv'- -E 'Y 1 'gi' 2521" l-ji ,?":.' L5 TIE lT.T7f51t ' First Class Buzzard, Rhino 4 3 2, 1- r , The radius of his intellectual domain extends 3 w from Ithaca to New Haven, and, after a sojourn , in each of these universities, retrograded to Annap- , T olis, where he has obtained the distinction of Lord T i High Admiral of all Rhinoes Believes nothing T' unless he sees it in the New fork Sun, and asserts 5: with a New England accent that "Fellows should T1 y not study for marks Treats with scorn those who come beneath the palm of his displeasure, T but a staunch friend of the baseball team y Jael and the greatest "fan in the brigade A gl 7 , Thinks like a father, talks like a senator, , , C1 , liyl a L-1 but a problem yet unsolved A poor ,Q 4 L4 - iv Q ,Xi jg mixer, but a good fellow. yy ', it f ,Ji i Q 'fllilcl lim Til cl gl" " V ll xx l gk 3 T , 1' e 'if1fSLff.'?L'FAf?iZ5Q5L'iSl'i3'ii-'L il gas-sagea , f f4 J rg 4 . - 1 V if 65127 ff ' viz If V174 4 ajax 3, Vi' G5 '14 , ,vt of fsfpx I uff .X ff HM' . c..- f S13 2431, C -,1'fi5'13iw2'-, Y 4 ' 'iii ,N , , C 7 , I 4 W l ' li l Q i, T X T , f K l , 5- TF ' N ., 'QT 4' Ti, xy fQ"ll1l X . l .. 'ig W1 , . I 1 T 1 f as . ,, ac ,, as ,, f " i 44 A . . . 1 'F H J V f l X V 1' -' ' I ly ' Hp 'i i ' , T' ' lu U ,:.-'X V, ,L 'T , Z , f . T T og' up ' ' i w, Y. 7 0 . 1 . 'W '. i',j . . . . - C713 . T y U T - ly. ' . cc " . i 'T v K v 2 2 2.16 y , ,T . . . . ,,, ,V H lf ' - iff: f . ri , f :TI V . fi ' 'fffilifeff himselfj. A master of diplomacy, politics, and lp , ' fill , i ' . ' -V 117 . . . ' ' iff! 7 ' . K' ' l" ' U, 1 ' fi! llffi , . gif. ss li' ' " rf? 44 - , ' I, , , ' ' Q! jf K, L Mil-Q: P-arrlsffeff - XP 1.5 X , X X ,JT - Q , , I C2 I l M sf' ill 152: fx, 1 ff, 'Q Ai ffl 12 lil, 'l . . Sill ri' bfi L ill? if VI ri' N 1 lr . ,fl yi if' Til F i ,fy gi lj 73 '1' - 22 X4 .ig lg :TV yi Ai , H . l hi? lfi w ' 'fl l fb li im J! K 5 'TTT-X N, W fl' W A - ll' gf Q 6-' x dp ROBERT FRANK GROSS ' IV me is 613 god did seem to sei Izzy seal L- O tg 5 n i A in ,J f ' ' ' ' ' I ,A X A V4 3-Af..ff,i-.xxx-3-E.. -xrq-lg.: -:PQ x:Qcg-, 1-1-. I .. .211 N l 1, 1 wi rl X FELIX XERXES GYGAX , 4 OSBORNE, KANSAS J , ,P "Gigie," " Squejacksj' " Battle Axe," l '34 gl a " Thumbtacksf' " Swede " E , "And gladly wolrle he lerize, and gladly teehe." A in l My - -CHAUCER. ' Four Buttons Felix Xerxes, the man with the name. A quiet, unassuming Pete Beck artist with a broad Swedish accent and grin, and a happy, unruflied disposition. Takes life seriously and works hard ,B for the numbers. Pulled "Forney" through three years at the "Naval School" and chaperoned "Tubby" in his affair with Miss Bugs First Class Q, aa-a - A ff if-if1'-1f5i'1e'1f1-f f 3 summer. First rose to fame during a Plebe year 'i . in -X. AA. -.e. -4-H -R-.-A-,-.:-- --ff t cutter drill. "Sir, may I speet in the Ocean?" "Herea we see---." "An'suf'uth." "Felix Alexander Xenophon Xerxes Artaxerxes Pericles Themistocles Miltiades Aristides Demosthenes Socrates Hardtacks Thumbtacks Syntax Ajax Squejacks Screwjacks Tobacco-sacks Cusachs Gygax, Sir." PHILIP HUSTON HAMMOND TALEDEGA, ALABAMA H Peter," U Phil" LGHB l When eurling fumes in lazy ecfreatlzes arise, And praying tapers rub their ecinkiizg eyes." One Stripe. A man from the Sunny South and a strong I ii,zg,g .1 s.s. gg,f,,i.g1 ,A advocate of lynching. Reads the morning paper Lg, 1 ,W xl and is disappointed if no murder has been com- .X ,.! 1 va mitted. Spends most of his time dissecting clocks ,Q f and cameras. Has a wonderful mind for inven- ,xi . X., I l 1 tions, and should have gone in business with -l . J Edison. Endured Alphabetical Howard for three px years, but was thrown on the mercy of Howell fy V. l J 4 ' for the summer. Has queer ideas about seaman- ship, and says that you carry lights, but never light them until after collision. Has tried every tobacco ,fl fl on the market, but sticks to Duke's. in 1 gg Made a fine Nav. exam. First Class ffl 2.9.14 summer and worried over it for ll Wx 'L 1' S' ' 'll 1 . four days. " Say, Jimmie, the - 42:5-' l' ' 'H ,fi . A S - - 1 hts re t. Oh h. .1 M 4. g a ou gos ly im X 'F I Y Qflf., 'V ff Si-liif 'EQSIJQS-.iifz-ikilpi-ZLLf,'ji'iilili?fQl'5ffi':,' T ' ' ' - ' i -i.-Zi ' Y 2 V122 nf' '-Q iff W '.', x in - II' J' ff 15 f '?.fI2-4fI- I A RALPH TROWBRIDGE HANSON l TOLEDO OHIO A 'III Queen Queenie Oh zcoman-lonely uoman' She looks a queen. -POPE Buzzard - Three Stripes T2 Star 3 Santee I3 A svveet, high strung young lady, with quiv erinfr nostrils, and a haughty tilt to her pretty head Talks with a shop girls nasal drawl, but uses much more proper language Uncle Ben s pet, and an admirer of' the grand old man, but the terror of the clean-sleever, and the ragged edge conduct usquidger Made inspections M three times a day for improperly marked socks, I and Warned the gallant First Company every noon A coquettish shrug of the shoulders, a hungry eye, but none can say that QICCHIC was not sincere and a perfect lady Ask Baldy ones if "it aint the truf Oh Hawace, can you imagine Pingie in the Servi SCHUYLER FRANKLIN HEIM PLYMOUTH INDIANA Dutch, Himmel I haze no spur To prirk the sides o my intent but only I aulting ambition uhielz 0 erleaps itsel dna' ally on the other. -SHAKESPEARE. Lightweight Wrestling Champion I3 Buz- zard 1 The Flying Dutchman of the Navy round I I .5y,.ffI of face, sturdy of build and -1 rough-houser of note Looks like a ap and can beat all comers I at the art of udo, which ne asserts is more I I I refined than iu itsi, because it is sure death A If I football coach, and would like to have a chance .I 2 I to introduce his get-there-quick methods Broke II away from his classmates for the society of the I fair ones, With Whom he is more or less of a fav- I I orite Dances like an old man on I ANVHE , V AQI3, an icy crossing but gets there just rf, ,I the same A merry, happy-go- I I lucky lad is the Dutchman, but II 9 , ,I.-f, - II, , 7 takes a drop when it comes to con- 55' vincing the profs that he is a I I ,fikffiil ' ' fee second Woolsey. 1 P' I I I- ' ' ' ff"i.'L?f'f2f fl 'Q ffl-Q S QT E S-'ST ifil C r' 1 i W,I no 'B K Jw? JT k IW I 1 1, V 144 . " 56 1,6227 ' xxlfc x 'fl-fly! 1 A fi DMX 4 Of I-E 3,2215::fI1p an , f A TU ,I E y A G .:--:ga 4 "kt, - 'IH II f ' Q I f l , l IX I V. 1 lea 9 I l 44 n U H - . ' , QI 3 -- I . I, I vi is ' ' . Q I . , . . . 5 I'M Il, I L I I A . y - III III D I , 1 if ' ' ' W M I ' If ' I ' I I' ' I T I ' - M I , C Y 7 I 'IH' I III I I,' - 6,1 'Wi 'I lil H III I I n I ' I 'I XII I 1 f fe its 22039 Q-,L ' ,Q EI Il? J n M C C Ce ? 3 1 jp, ,III l,'I IMI, I, A ESI w I I I I 1 fbi - A 3 I 66 ,, H 7, I 'lj I I H I I . f , ' I Y Y fi If? , f 1 1 If if .Q Il? ' I II I I fs- llilw ',I'I i lf' Iii I I IfJr'aMHrrr can M r IW I L i A Y A ii: Il , I IH. hlil 1 I Il l ' J 7 I if I fp J I lf! ' S I I III II, I J I I III . I I I Ip III I I - 'Il Ill I I Ll T I" II III III III I III 'Il I , A fli ' L y I D l x 18 7 If I ' 'If ' fl I ' l I I . I I T Ill f f til lllf , I I I m H Q , fe H ,II I I . III 3 , 1 ii 1 .e Ill I .i Nor cheer of mind, that I was wont lo have." M5 l 2 i , I., f w When this Arkansas traveller sighted Annap- X.-' fi olis, he did not know it was a lee shore, so decided lg J. 1 ,ell to leave. He did not wreck, but says he is quite I pany with small amount of friction, but seems to get along. ' 1 -Rowe. it ," lo, I. ig wig-Wag code. With CL1eenie's help, established I S Wig-Wag communication from the Hartford to the lv 1 N .4 1 f K-'gh , A K . .. . . ., , . - NX Rfi,1i3:31-Q?-QQNQXEYE-if-Lxffl?-.1Q:s3TKS,T-A T:.LxLs.Ngf-Q4 T: . Njv . . lei Ui V f r N big ,Z SAMUEL LENoW HENDERSON Lex ,fy . c .15 if 331. IMBODEN, ARK. gjlffx EE ' ifxf,-le KX ' U Sam " , I :A fi "I have not thai alarrity of spirit ga' f 5 if -SHAKESPEARE. ' 4 5 ,N l Q Farewell Ball Committeeg Track Team QQ 1 f4, 3, 2, Ilg Gymnasium Team fx4DQ Buzzard A is vl Ti fab, One Stripe fajg Three Stripes , wi M . v f fi 1 ready to stand out again to the high seas. A li i steady-going young sailor who has always been if out for anything to help the good work ofthe Navy along-even including fussing. ,r Used to stroll out on liberty days to get some mountain scenery, but has recently Q1 1 1 abandoned this for the close study of medicine. Lived with Georgia until stripes divorced them, and now the happy family is once more united. Sam is thinking Ji of resigning to teach Bridge, for his reputation is international. Runs his com- . HENRY KENT HEWIT1' K HACKENSACK, N. X as ,, cc Ken, Old Cheese " cgijgemgfrg gpm? j up "Is this that haughiy, gallant, gay, young L0thario?" i. jg, i fi f ' f - " - - I. EJ F 1? ffl lf: .---i First Class P. O. 1 Senior member of the great Fusser's Quar- JJ lf! r tette, and originator of the famous sofa pillow el ,il . fl Fort Griswold House and carried on a continuous K L conversation with the shore station. Walks like ,Lf 1 , ffgf' a side-Wheeler in the trough of the Q6 iii? :L 3 . "il fQ?liQQf2f fgfjkg sea and strengthens the nautical ff: if , lg? Ni Eifilify illusion by his high-Water trousers. gif S T lj f' A "fond farewell" artist and mod- ! M T , estly a savoir. . i I i is ff - . I 0 iw IQ tr . ,, .ff5gggg:5g:g151-,1?5 si f 1, gggiefl,-,r,s , , A A 3, if E 3 xii- f T' E X I 'lfv' -7 , D U14 ,f ,Q v ,if ,. I nf K5 , J O 2 D f ff gina. V -M 1? all r i fs- .L , , , L L L fl, ff. L: . . J - - ff T-.if-E5 -e?-1-f:1e?-iiz?:i-?- Ter?-ffirl, , Lzgfk-.::5:.kqqj,j.A - 5, i ,g , -. V j., . . L. gig ,1 -.L 'rr s.:-Vuwlkgf -- . Y.LfQ-:eX7- -fi-avi" :'w'- -2--' D T1 -' " f " ' ' ' 4 Y ,N --.-R V B V 5 N ww , Q fE,saiFeQ , , NSN N w r Tiki i X 5 gif, D - p le i RICHARD HILL ri f A L 5 l' 1 ' FORT DODGE IOWA 'E H Gloomy Gus," " Rosy " f ' "Retiring from the popular noise, I seek, This unfrequented place to find some ea5e." l Four Stripes tal, Crew Squad Qglg Split struggling against the gaudy blushes that render him conspicuous and yielding to the uncouthness oflaughter only when the O. C. cracks a joke at staff table. Beneath this blankly stiff exterior is carefully hidden a normal disposition, saviness and l 2, industry galore, and enough humor and tendency to "rough-house" to break occasionally the cen- . sorship he exercises over himselfand mix it up. Be- , came a fusser Qizj and signalized the change by receiving at a hop, but hasn't been the same since. As four-striper of the Second Battalion, introduced the manual lj of the rilie into the handling ofa sword. CLARENCE NELSON HINKAMP fp MILWAUKEE, vvls. U., 6, "Hinkyvitch," U Heine," "Hink," "Nels," "Dutch" I, 4,1 "Sentin1entaIly I am dixpased to harmony, but X. ,I Organieally I anz inrapable of carrying a tune."-LAMB. i 1 ,i J 1 yy One Stripe Qljg Riiie Squad fpgjg Track lx Squad 14, 3, QQ, Plebe Track Team Q-4.3. ' A jovial German, who, with his familiar .f A L . , ,L , ,ifxffa 1 5 J.,-3 V 1 11,34 3, , xii?-3 K i. jg-iii rkffzgsi-E43 g, '3Ts1wbQxl- f ii " ' ' i ,J Lx., yi if Countryman, "helps to make Milwaukee famous." fi' ,m Y' i' ' il 4,7 Qccasionally bursts into song and always wins the We i JW 1 vi i . ,is bout. An athlete, who in running costume, rivals W l L wi the first messenger boy. Possesses a marvellous energy, and is always ready to give you a hand. "ll gil Very handy around the house. Has survived the Ui 'Y ffl . ll' perils of the Steam Department, and when not ll making toy automobiles for the forty per cent., once in a while goes so far as to ind out "tomor- l' Q. Q row's lesson." A boiler maker and practical ' mechanic of no little note. Dolly's guide through -a-fe-W the trials of Second Class year, for whom he piled bricks faith- ' , il ff X S v lil ,I W, 4 X tret fully each mornlng. , X l N xii' is "Say, Monk, give us a tune." lg 1 f 1,-lp :Uv :L? P,. rlli ll ' Xi. I T T i J l ig lp L fgjigrgqh 55, on ix Ji , 1, , dll lLa3?5lL.ix,fx 58 ,531 ff . ,N , ,A Xa EQ ,Y ,xgiff B VTX, 62,11 JRC? -MILTON. fr'- Q Prim, precise Miss Rosy, sternly, but in vain, lll lr ,r . ' 1 -. 'i 2 it iz in f' i 2 ,1 li Li FRANKLIN PORTEOUS HOLCOMB ff- la is '- l T XT, ,K 9 lljl NEWCASTLE, DELAWARE. 'fl ': cf W I-umm i gf, H 77 U 77 , -2. , Fatty Hole ,wwf I Jil lil i i ' il ll I . , N. u-. ill J X IA ljl L. l, ,g l fy Cai at lil U7 ,A vs l . f 1 . I. ,I. "He mrriex zceiglztl lze runs a rare! " S -JOHN GILPIN. H Buzzard Qzjg Star QQ, Track Team l4,3,2j. A jolly fat boy who tried track athletics for three years to reduce his plumpness, but special- ized too keenly in the training table department. Was unanimously elected caterer of B Section 7,1-H v,-H., 47 mess last summer, and conducted moonlight excursions ashore, fgwith a dinghy's sailing crew of twelvej after milk, ducks and green apples. Has to wait for low tide before he can sight his home port in little Delaware. Talks with the nasal twang of a true Yankee. A fusser, born and bred. "Gimme ten cents for toast." all HERBERT LEEANDER HOLDEN 2' PORTAGE, w1scoNs1N "Eben," "Jonas" " 'Tis good to be merry."-CHAPMAN. " Talking little, thinking murh, V2 Planning good and wirleednessf'-KEATS. Two Stripes, Buzzard Qjzijg Gymnasium Team lzlj. A pink complexioned cavalier of the middle West, who tried to absorb all of this world's wick- i edness on his youngster cruise. But, failing in ,I this, he decided to improve his physical welfare by a heroic course of treatment as prescribed by l Matty Strohm. Was always remembered kindly, g but not handsomely by the authorities, receiving ly a Second Class Buzzard and two doses of Two 2' Stripes each. Reserved, well mannered and difii- iyi 'J ff . dent, as well as interesting looking. Ti ici 'i 431 L had his inclinations led h1m in that lf direction, but, again he chose the l I Yi X X COflSeI'VatlVC Course and Cofltente Kill H himselfwith being just a midshipman V 1 lf, ig. , 3 Tl S? EH .M 'N 1 f Nlfl lx 0 . di lm XX? Ak Q Inn I . . . . . . Nz i . I . W f .1 ,ff Xl tina , x By' Q -QP 1 -' WE: li- 'N .3 1421! 'iff 'ENDS msg He would have been lxonlzed socially ,Q 1 If 1 J.. A31-W. ,A , t Y ,A , is .---X -. . .f.- , if-5, -:je Mix,-t -1.1, YW :Ve-f.,7.:4f-f .zaexfs -Acc,--,ff,:fAvf3 , . O ' ' , x - N ' 1 ' 2 'r "A - - Y f :':,,,:. . . A,-Q . 11 '7-:J ' 'Ai 'x,KE'ii'kb:: iffiix i'T-51-QlI21+2:Y-'Q5i"fQS-Aelif , . A 1 -'N 4' 1,19 SEYMOUR EDWARDS HOLLIDAY y -l 4. "T gr, AUSTIN, TEXAS Hi H Brick," H Red" l. vi "His sunny loelzs hang on his temples like a golden fleece." 'ir , , xlvil J flll J Executive Committee, Foot Ball Num- ry eralsg Hustlers lljg Buzzard -'?ll A good nature is something so seldom seen lilly in these parts that the name "Brick,' has become a synonym for cheerfulness. A charter member of the "mustered and marched to room M" lm . . . WI sl, Society, but a poor companion for him who has 'ffl l,. qi xl ,v lil been soaked. Acts as a safety valve in all gather- all ill, ings where Austin is present, and lends a martyr's if .f,, , ,Z . ,- ., ., ,d.,...-ree. 4-,,s,. ,gy "Aj . by ear to Almy's adventures at the last hop. His nf' unit potential art gallery has become a history of four years, and his gang join in ll-3 extending to her their vote of thanks for the innumerable eats, forwarded to the in red man bi-weekly. A Southerner of the old school, with the character ofa man .fn lft from everywhere, and yet strange as it may seem he hails from Texas. JOHN HOWARD I-IOOVER ff ADEL, MONT. ll "johnny," "Scupper" "And still they gazed, and still the wonder grew, ,figs That one small head eould earry all he kIlE'ZU.,, M 1,- - dll Buzzard l2l Coxswaln Crew 449 Red iszifiilfffsf3'-F5'535551.LZE1?i?'i3.3ET?i2ft2iigfiiili .in Ax., H V - ff- A N. .. 73' cc H 'il --f T N . 41. ll ' A pretty little chap, whose big brown eyes T .l.' 1 ij,,' 'Al dilate with anger when some one sings him "Sweetes' Lil Feliahf' ln the early days, some kind old upper-classman used to come every evening to tuck Johnnie in and kiss him good- night, but now hels a big boy and can even use ill r' .l if l his plebe trousers for bathing trunks. Was the ll? A V" coxswain that steered the Navy shell to many a lvl li . . ll? lv' ,rg victory, but his legs Hnally got so long that lil fill alll he couldn t see Over his knees, and Johnnie lfrl g, lost his job. Converted to fussing First QE, yi. 7, Class summer and, weather permitting, took Ziff PC her sailing or canoeing daily. ' ll e af 3 ll .X x fx . N ,Ji ,6oA . Af-.Li off V ff t T ' fe O' 'fillfni'--grief -- 55 isfsfg -A P I 4 'ffl' , 443. L x Y W H V, fiif, R A f"i"" ' ' " ' ' f' UR .J 1 -A W, v. i K , 'x J, ' ' iii 1 'Xi V' ttf . il! QA, l I 1.4 if Av' f 4 -X r if , . ll i RA tfiaff,-.,-.,ff.5-.5 5 ,g .3f3,7.fg-A jf.y,5,.,p,yQ,-, --,ig,3,f-nge" li QQ- i ilfw af -. '-3'-fr? u.xQfiS-.5-.T ei -gig- . , l IW K 'l .L if i v . -il . if A ,- :L t i J vi J .-'2 - .fi Ui ,fx ' I l S ilf, .1 ,I l, 1 4 , '. 1" ,, I R , - 'xL'fz?f.' -:eff - ff 1 fe-C' T rf--f-5 -T A-51:1-.J -'fiitf' U .ri e rf -,Yi-ry '- V ,, 4. S ,Qflgf ,- 4' Ng2s,-,.-.,',L'Y-- 21.9 Y - . ' 1 profs. stand up and take notice " Jack " v 3 "Thou foster ehild of silenee, And slow time." Buzzard til, Santee QD, Second Crew Q4, gjg N Second. A slow, steady lad from the mountain tops of Colorado. Talks at the same rate of speed that the A. W. 85 B. takes to go to Baltimore. A Red Mike, but fell from grace First Class year, and has since fought hard for a cozy corner in the fair one's heart. Roomed with Strait for awhile and hit the pap and the Santee for letting Ezra kick the panels of his door through. "Why, the poor fool meant to kick them in!" Makes all the when he recites by his leisurely method. A good oarsman and a famous guard on the Fifth Company football team. His chief worry is his hair, which he loses in copious quantities. Never known to get sore except on dire occasions, when he threatens to kill all hands. "Hey, mister, what's your politics?" "fm ez Preshyferizzzz, Sir." CHARLES EMERSON HOVEY J PORTSMOUTH, N. H. U Em n .. . . . And zfzt were zz sm to rover honors, Then am I the most offending soul alive."-SHAKESPEARE. President Y. M. C. A., Santee fgjg Buzzard 4' eff-Qfffeffeffe eee. 'ere A 'V fab, One Stripe . A man who believes that an emulsion can be fi A V -L--H V.-Qg,f,':-.-, 71- A -:Y-Y Y- J- .- V Y.,--Lf! M .WN .1 i i. i ,.l 'v LPH BURROUGHS HORNER 45 DENVER, coL. T RX fi 1 ' r formed by mixing the world, the flesh and the devil, and from the compound naught but good i if .ly 5 .Q be drawn. Started life "even as you and I" but ij.. l finally succeeded as President of the Y. M. C. A. ii ly Often, to give his brain a little exercise after .1 i sporting among such wild flowers as Exterior . . . , . i . Ballistics, Calculus or Prof. Johnson s mechanics, -gg i dips into the phenomena of Psychic Research and ll, A y ,- electrifies man and varied audiences with Qi' ff 1 y Q . " . . . . Q47 f the wit and wisdom of his 'three minute ,Z by 'C C -l ,', .jx talks." Has a most abnormal thirst for gen- ' eral information, and is at home with any ffl if Eifelxhl sort of listener or speaker. fl ,ij QQ' V if lil, .gill ll: A S HO.vE Y gsffvfrfigi-fsiesiff-iii iff -. I 1, , 3 E wie-was ' gf! W7 system iff: . 6 I ,tiff , X I xxx n'! x- N. ff Yxg X , M , r . l 1 ' 1 as A of K Yr i ,WU J ff. to I. VJ l 3 I it U H 17 nl fi if I ,4 ,,, Q., M 1fY if ,Tyr X Y- Y i A ,V Y as Y ,X , , Y, M ,,V, in Y W Y A A Y A XJ, areE33?LQQl.2!EZeL'g-.Zilla'--293 1550- metal E43 n Qlsfx My ,l , L, .lvl ik fl DAVID STEWART Hox1E HOWARD jx pf PALESTINE, TEXAS Gif "Davy,H "Alphabet" to 5? lk H Vx? X 4,5 U I at length debate and heato the hush."-HEYWOOD. j X H For awry why he had a whereforal'-BUTLER. ! l First Class Buzzard tal, Two Stripes tif A good all around man who stands well in all things and with all men, but with no notoriety ll in any one particular branch. Works well but 'T ,Ll not brilliantly, keeping to lee of the 3.00. Fusses Q' occasionally, but not to extremes. At times joins . . . of 5, in the pursuit of f1I1S6lCCl pleasure but never over- does it. Talks much but does not rub it in. ,,,.,5l.-,,.a5.e..s-.pe A little of a sea lover naturally,-he is from Texas. The type of man who enters Without the 5 clamor of sounding brass or tinkling cymbal, and pursues, for four years, the even "P - N4 gf tenor of his way. ir, "i ill ffl ill T2 JAMES BRUEN HOWELL ll ll SAN FRANCISCO, CAL. gig Qt' "Chimmie " Hjim' lf sl 7 'W "Ho rometh unto you with a tale that holrletlz rlzildren from play, at 'ly And old men from the fhimney former."-SIDNEY. 5,2 gli! -,. , , lilll l+1rst Class Buzzardg Class Song Committee, Santee 14.5. 5523 ,J The attractive young Beau Brummel, from E52 the far North, the staid East, the Sunny South, .j, the Golden West-and from the Army, sir, espe- cially from Washington and the Army. Was ,lla 'l . . W ,qi jjj attorney-general, chancellor, social aide, or some- thing of the sort, up in Alaska. Started society A ,l . . . ll' " F9 in Frisco, and then cruelly left the disturbed 400, . -in 5 'jg doffed his frock coat, spats, debutantes and pearl ip ,ij grays, and came 1n the Navy. A good fellow, A ali, A likes fun, has a good appetite and an original idea of humor. "The Jolly Clubman's life for mine." ily Saved the Hartford and all on board by holding K f-T A , , up the top gallant yard for ten min- l Q' Stand IQ, ' , ' . X T, Avtigjfiv utes. In love, and a jeweler by Qy i ' fl at , ' if A" trade. "Look out below, I can t .93 2 l JW at - H 'l A U ., hold It any longer. "What else l 7 4 . , ,, 1, l 9 I ' can a fellow wear in the afternoon? C' , 'I - 1- if tl ' 7 ,J ,fb Tri ily ' .fawiaf 23 Jag, f-.1 S55-5:5..iQf,' at Laffff +1fAQQ-ffeT -'gEv- 'ig "Il f' , -T ! f CM? 6 . M M 2 ia aff' 'Ks , I li I l 1 l 4 l td 917 ' f l .i J i, il i 'im e' , N X-Yi -fi1Q:I5iQ,3,2f'Zcf1s5:af2.'fgxessillrsrilg H! ,-fi' i 1 '75 f gi CHURCHILL HUMPHREY Q is is LOUISVILLE, KY. 'gl , ' . I Uchurchr' l V 9 ,fl U lllan, proud man, drest in a little brief authority, at ll 5532, I ' ' Plays Juelz fantastie trirks before lziglz heaven, llifrfif - A5 make the angels weep."-SHAKESPEARE. jg Class Presidentg Class Supper Co - P S' all mitteeg Farewell Ball Committee, Hazing Com- N12 l1'Kl mittee CQ, Class German Committee QI jg Resolu- .. tion Committee lzjg Split fijg Three Stripes QI The Don Cbiixote of the class. Our Pres- J., ident. Had a career before this-and is trying M for another. Truly a dashing young fighter who vi, ip stood for his fellow man in early years-but now dt X stands on them. Was thwarted handsomely by the Royal Clan, F 1rst Class cruise.. Stands like an I l injured angel and walks with a list to all points. Was a rioter for two years with every Saturday night a memorable one 'till the jf? savoirs left and he got a chance. Came about and went crazy rapidly, getting gif! three stripes by the sure process of first water greasing from " Sir, Sir, Sir, Good Morning, Sir!" to drawing board cross sections of all parts of the ship while cruising. Takes great pleasure in demonstrating his official superiority over ,Qi everyone, including his friends. Up at 4 a. m.-boning French Qelectivej. Affords more amusement and noise than a one ring circus in his stabs at efficiency. " Keep quiet, people, please l " L CLAUDIUS RoscoE HYATT JONESVILLE, VA. in " ke " "Bl 14- ' " it "What care I when I can lie and resijloc yi ac devil Kill time and take life at its very best."-WORDSWORTH. Qf Two Stripes fzjg Four Stripes C155 Manager Crew. L A quiet and docile chap from Old Virginia. Was the superlative of bashfulness when he gg entered but has grown bravely over it, having Hbutted into " society First Class year with a fl? vengeance and no little success. Displayed his ll, ability to handle a steam launch by tearing down the light fixtures of the harbor at drill and thereby . fffbd, gained an enviable grease with the Knight of 16" the Umbrella. Rated every one of his four stripes ,Q 'f and held down the job to the satisfaction of all C. hands, a deed of no little note in these uncertain li' times. Always did his duty but was never obliged If i to increase the size of his cap. "Dresh up!" if "N'a1 pas! " " A Qui." gf . gil l lg is ff 6 FQ? ivtagq ju tis, , X ,-V f7 I , G' Nb DONT INK YOVXE T I wan 'ravi JACOB LAWTON HYDRICK , ORANGEBURG, s. C. uHappy," "Hi Old BO," HHi Hi," HT0ny" "Laugh andthe world laughs with youd, Class Baseball Q4, 3jg Baseball Squad Q2 K fr? 0 fl ll ll M T-:BX vi 7' 'f N 1. R L. 1 Vw 7, fi i ,L k, .J l il V-7. A x if V . fl si ill Fusser 2,1 Q, A typical " Carolina Cavalier " and Southern gentleman. The victim of practical jokes. His lit career has been one of steady development. His Q ' neck like his popularity, has assumed such enor- , mous proportions that he now wears a collar size No. 1, B. W. G. His speech sounds much like a P V Foxy Gusham bilge pump, but it Wins the ladies' g h hearts and today he stands among us, a fusser of t ' - at A the regular meal ticket order. In Annex A, was 3,1 a guest of the Admiral's Soiree, youngster year, Y but when Gelm nabbed him with the goods, was for once in his life, thoroughly l bluflied and beat it. We steal your makes, we borrow your clothes and we make you the goat, but never mind, " Hi Hi, old Bo," you're the happiest, noblest, ll f W heartiest fellow of the lot. L JCNAS HOWARD INGRAM l JEFFERSONVILLE, IND. i "Jonas," "Jonas Jacobs," "The Black Prince" f "Full of strange oaths and bearded like lhe pard."-SHAKESPEARE. 1 y Buzzard f2jg Two Stripes fly, Track Team j fztjg Second Crew QQ, Varsity Crew QQ, IQ, Hustlers Treasurer lVlidshipmen's Athletic . ygls gtiig 1 1.... .jig,,,,i,i., ,.i.: g ,C T Association, Class Football QQ, Team M lilly p Give him room,and stand from under! Can jfs i go through anything short of a stone wall, and woe g betide anyone in his path, A large, very dark, T. heavily bearded youth, who broke rocks in the l Ludcain quarries to such good purpose that he is now a good hand at breaking heads-Vide " Foot- Qi it ball casualties IQO6.H Nearly pulled the first crew ,yy to death last year and then grinned at those who passed away. A fusser of note, when he takes a yi A, hand at it. Worked Mandy Lee for a good W5 ll ll"rlMl" X thin wh n he was a clean sleever but ha "Il l YL' was . g' C ' S ill sp llxjlbjfg since reformed. " Ch he's from the Flor- ida?" " Yes suh, and lse done named , - fy' him Claudius Ingram Jacobs, suh 1" W . if ixf ' -. -I.'s.s'fgiih1'tGfif,sx-as tigtr x 1 Y Nd, V15 A X t f W 64 9 , l N Yi :.-.f-..--,- ,. ,..sN.- ix. .x U px, sf? i I , li i ,s X. i .1 '. Jr, -l ' 1 ,X , . . i .K ,N l 1. A f , i M I 4. ,-1 .fy A A. ,A 'l .-'W il :LZ l -1 4. 6 xi 1 G never has a follower' of the sea showed more "devil-may-care" spirit than that hot young spark dedicated to his country under the illustrious name of Joseph Warren Jewell. This free-lance can smoke a cigarette, promenade the corridor out of uniform and arrive late at a meal or section formation with as much nonchalance as though i he were not enacting a nerve-racking climax. Nearly any day he can be seen in the hallway with blouse unbuttoned and cap on back of his head, and, from the firm easy poise, one could almost believe that he was not playing with a high hand, a reckless game with fate. t -at -,--.ff .-sf f . f- , 5. ,.f,,f-fl.,- - inf... .2 Y.--gag rf , -QXA . ,g 5. , , A V ,P-4-L T-.Cf-'22-"'-ifjg-,-,tfiu-ffgbSi5fY'i-15422 f " -- r f . . -. -X s . , -- V - -WNW.. . i ll-"li i, e. MMD t YWWK., ,. t . i l,M.,A3 I 'C ' 71 L fy' it-515 : RANDALL JACGBS S Eff' fl 1 'YA llrw, A l xii, In ,I F ywlx DANVILLE, PA. G is it " Mose," "John Jacobs " "Really, if zz man won't let us know he's alive, He's dead or should be." Buzzard Prince Consort of Queen Lil Lando. A typical Pennsylvania Dutchman with a ducky waddle and a left-handed crab-wise way of writing. Yet his boardfuls of pot hooks win him savoir's marks and brought him his uniform bill in Sep- tember. Somewhat ofa bridge fiend and fond of sitting in a friendly game with Farmer Claudius, L'Enfant Terrible and the Gyro. Modest, full of humor and good nature, and happy in a practical joke conspiracy or a rough-house. JOSEPH WARREN JEVVELL MANCHESTER, N. H. " Bones " "Al slender youth with staring eyes, And hunger in them too, was he."-HUGO. Since the wild free days of our illustrious f . .--Ne predecessors Captain Kidd and Henry Morgan, l. '1 ya Willie 65 N l ii si Ky! -9' sb .J 4-.,sL..'4f gefaw-lf. - -1- -,,.,g,,.a-LJ, -img Y-,-Var, Ju, -, 1 .if 9 f .- .Y .4 5,-N5,,3,,.Y-T--jjnft-.z.f, C- -,A . -V f .f-. Y L .- -.,,,,-, ,,,117.-1C.xip,.,n- , , but escaped the "pap." "Ya :KM-1-k-H Y-O-e-r-nl" EARLE gre- Louis jj A, r f--:,?"35s:?5i iii? '..'l slrigltiizii :Zi5f:,.Q ilimsil, l GEORGE JOERNS it , fav , V, A aw DULUTH, MINN. tis :T Qc "Mike," "Lumber jack," H Count Cassin," " Mika Yoern" f: X "Nature made the mold--then broke it."-DRYDEN. Buzzard A big Swede from the Upper Minnesota who rivals the Count in his gait. Has no use for the human race at large. Has strong theories and beliefs and expresses the same. Advertising agent for a noted firm and lined the walls with it. Claims that a bucket of salt water, a bum cigar and a news- paper will cure any sore foot a-going. Answered the hail, "Arkansas Sir," and turned out the ship with side boys to receive him in the "Hully Geef, Swung a brick on the Armory floor Plebe year, been all da way from Alberta Lea, lVlinnasota." FREEMAN JOHNSON CHICAGO, ILL. "johnny," " Baldosj' " The Old Man " "His zcorth is u'arrantf0r his zcelronzef'-SHAKESPEARE. N hx ' I Three Stripes fizjg Star Class Secretaryg Class Song and Class Yell Committee, Class Christmas Card Committee, Class Hop Card Committee, f, Graduation Ball Committee, "Lucky Bag" Committee, N ZD Crew 1 Squad 4, 3 jg '1 Choir Q4, 3, 255 Leader fzjg Santee His life is a pendulum between a delicious 9. is -1 rx. VL '1 5- - . ., ' w S- ': T- ,',- i ' V .Fil-,:x,v 'XA l I. fi ii fi l repose and a whirlwind ofexertion. Qriginally from Chicago, but tempered and polished by two years 'A' at Harvard. A most versatile politician who dic- tates the policy of the class on all the finer social points. Carried the distinguishing pennant of the QQ. second crew, and rowed a splendid oar. Possesses a magnetic style and a charm of voice with every perfection of parlor manner that makes him inval- uable to any social function. Never on time, usually appearing .breathless at formation RESIN with Stella, carrying collar .and blouse. ' A crack tennis player. Enjoys feasting and fellowship with a little harmony and T fl the smokes. A true savoir, and spends , J most of his time coaching others. i K f 37 V S-"5 'Q-1'5?f3l5Cfiiii"i ' ' O Mt M' aa ,Q 66 1. supply of Bull, Cube-Cut, paper, matches and J., .hy api IQ 'l E 'fb 3igXxX5si' fl- f -l"- ' . 'ffxfsf'-.' x ' - 'C' -Xx- N N,'-.vip-4"sE-7-. X3-"x7S-"4-'S-'Lf-x'?5u-'Tw "SSC XX. QL "1 fi .. - is . , V, . , . X, 3' Q: ' Z3 HAROLD HALLECK JOHNSTONE ggi R s iff iff I 'jg BUTTE, MONTANA , H.iOhn," UBu1l," "Legs," ULankOid" I I mmrggefwfef wh i 'Hlleagei' were his looks--sharp misery had acorn him Q '. A . Q. to Ihe bones."--SHAKESPEARE. 112 -.3 Q , Buzzard jf? ff A lean, long maverick from the wild foot- ,l ji , hills of' Montana. Knowing the joys oflife are 13, fieeting, he never wavers nor hesitates. Always 'VL ready when there is anything doing, and in con- .-f ,L stant demand for his services. Hit the blazed Q. I trail in Funchal and caused the fighting six much A A Q4 I.-7 trouble by trying to imitate a coil of rope. A greaser of the Denver for which he received IO days and 4O hours extra duty. A man who reeks Qi of salt water and "shivers his timbers" every half hour. Possesses the true quarter 5jf- deck voice and affects a rolling gait that makes you ask for champagne. " Yes, gf A jf yes, da small boy, he dive." CLAUDE ASHTON JONES V WEST VIRGINIA ,jj 'i " Farmer" if 'Q I "His presenfe brings along with it V' An essence of the planted held."-SERAFIN. Buzzard. ff. ..i,.61.315,-5esY.525f.f..'Q . ll Otherwise known as Charlie Jones, the Boy , I I ." ' Q1 il 44 Farmer, Habitually wears an expression of mild , I surprise. Submits patiently to a large variety of 5 practical jokes, but draws the line at being rudely fy awakened by a hot washer. Has an unlimited if W L. l' l lf' pipes-once swore off smoking, limiting him- self' to three fillings of Cube and six cigarettes a day. Talks' in high-pitched, drawling mono- A tone, but his words, though few, are merry and wise beyond the promise of his years. I Like Uptake, believes that a canoe rides best - ill Us in a Seaway bottom up. ,, Q , ,, V , ,gi V V A A V5 5 Vg -,XV V V V VV :ff V lpQr-S1'i-f5.-T?Es1'I' "5?-'?5?iSTSES,ii,fi5- 313- 'l '- ,- Ffa-5-.'5:Jsf-."9 Y-. 1, he ' ,X 67 ,gfig ,Vs -gf .i.'i?.'vf' X C , P,, 'Say, whos got my papes. l- O ' Qillf' ,,,k,yV. -Wifi' i 'P a, ..-X vig 6? f if . f E 1 is gs., ffl 12,711 l .r PQ l A B HERBERT ALOYSIUS JONES DENVER, COL. lil 'i 'LBa1d0S," "Baldy," "om Man" X l f "On his bold zfisage, middle age I ,qfxppy l l s - . ' - 77 lf' fwl gal . axis i Has lzghtly plessed zts szgrzet sage. xaigfll -SCOTT. Class Football g Hustlers Q3, 2, Ill, Buzzard fill, Four Buttons Going, Going, Gone! Too late for Herpicidel i, A grand old man from Colorado and a con- i temporary of Father Time. Took his First Class Q i is V i i l ,lf i, i I, i cruise on the Florida and made himself famous fi by stowing his clothes anywhere and everywhere from in the ventilators to the coal bunkers. if E-if 'ie'iti fflfiif-ff Never was known to be on time for anything except meals, having even been left at the coaling station, New London, because he forgot to come back to the ship. Can blunder ff li into more ways of breaking the regulations than any other man and when he hits the "pap" is easily convinced that he was "soaked," Is always willing to fight his own l battles, his most important one being for a 2.5. Always gets it on the home stretch ,K but seldom aspires to anything beyond La Section du Bois. Was accused of ' swiping Larry's vacuum cap, but results disprove the accusation. Member of the i Royal Clan. " Somebody stow it, it's Baldy's." 1 I i 1 'H HARLOW TRASK KAYS PHOENIX, ARIZONA "Alkali Ike" - - '-f'e121. -T-fe':ie'X-Fei' iff'-T1-' -'--:X '--se : ev - -. -ff "He zs zz proper ma1z's pzeture but who mn converse f ee' ferr: J- e'ee 1 ee- Q , i . with a dumb show."-FABLES. i A A QQ K Buzzard x 1- 9 i. M l ,ii 1 if i l , A quiet, reserved type who is respected by ill! VH 4 all but really known by few, or none. Preserves ,Q . . ji WL ,p always in sunshine and shadow the acme of com- posure and the superlative of unruffled demeanor. jf' Has never been known to show any excitement, ff . . ff 4,5 whether due or undue, on any occasion. Recites W in a way to show his knowledge is conservative QQ but full, and on no occasion unchains a yfi 343 if., superliuous word. Goes to hops, where if' he meets, dances and passes on a presence ll? ,Q gig 'Q . i id i Xfggf5f and a post. Has some firm friends and gy Fx ' no enemies. ig-i 1 l fjiiarp l'-6 ' f+J'15 tg, 1 is 'qi ii i '-T-'C . . ffi' 'FQ' 1. 1: Cfilib. -.I -T -fjf-yf5- -, 4:i-CX.'-c'--1"-.T-'-111-fj , 1 . lx M if ' ' ' ' " ' E' ' ' 'E' ,l if -3 'b--L ,Nil 13,156.61 68 1 r 1 Y Fix 53,1 ' Qs fb ' ,Q , q Q r lg 1,1 FQ it '-- A Xggsxvsemwz-.pp -if:-so. Sw .--Juv. xr,-ewggfisvt.-A-.xS. r:1.ws.x-fri-:s.:.rx1:oLs:-LS, -,L . ' S ff ,Y y RICHARD TUSoN KEIRAN if A or lr ' 0 N A r " , a , ligne A 1 i i , w 1 in 1 i I BOSTON, MASS. P if "So wise, so young-thvy my do ne'er lizfe long." y I+, -SHAKESPEARE. SY? X -'W . . , ' x "Thou lroublert me: I am not nz the wuz. ' UQ 6' O -SHAKESPEARE. A , ij? L'Enfant Terrible and can't get over it. Ll Entered the Academy with a four-column article and a life-size photograph in the Boston Globe. Has a buzz-saw voice and a touge Way about him distressing in one so young. Frequently threatens the brigade with nervous prostration by his stren- uous attempts to play the cornet. Has a great .. Al ixn Nr- - 1 ' - 'Af-.5 xxx' ix' -A -f' . .-vmif ,wx exfxl -.ff-if A 'NTNT T , ,v-'-P'-J 11,-'fr'-.., 1. A - nag- :f,S,s ,La ,Q-L -,J Je- cf 1 fondness for candy and buys the Canteen out of .2 W mmf , "LoWney's Best" early in his cruises. A hero- worshipper, restocking his shrine on an average of every three months. An artist A of some note, found guilty of producing many of the sketches in this Volume. i Unseltish and modest as he is noisy. Fond of a joke, and ever ready to laugh ' at anyone's efforts in that line. ,Ig ii, ,i -l X , 1 CHARLES STANLEY KELLER lofi l 1,3 EASTON, PA. if? " Boscoe " "lily life is one dem'd, horrid grind."-DICKENS. f If J .5 '. 1 Buzzard QI The High Priest of Tammany, Boscoe sighs ' ' ' -fa-..C.1.:-f .-fre -af: -.,?s1--,-- I C x, 5.1, -Li, :Q?3 .."1,.- Sjiikbf- ,:-. 71, J-L5 2-'lryve ui ,pi 'ri for the days that Were, in the "old Navy." Believes in long sleeps, late breakfasts, and the sunny side of life. An old-timer, who has seen all the changes, and knew things as they used to 6 A be. Lives with Johnny Cox, and spends his time it l concocting anarchistic schemes. Never known to be Without the makes and a match, for which We thank him. Went ashore First Class cruise, August Ist, because he felt it his duty. Dearly '- loves to rough-house-someone else. Used to possess an inordinate fondness for the dear old Santee, and holds the record for length of sea service. f f Ju, , R 3 Q-11552.-Ca 5:-1, 10:29 X5-Aff:-.'A..1.'fsg. fa S. I C 9 ii if Mi' 1 ZX ul. I 'i l ' 1' 3 L .ci L K J' T l XX 4g:x?577f ff "ff ik? 69 X53 f 45 . an -- - -.Y L x4Y4H,iYx,YM , skrr f-,M jrwxff rd Vx Y if . . . .- . . f - - Af-f s '- -- , 4:-in J..--'rf - sifxife-'vR.:4w.nf: 1. :xr 5.51 - 1 .- ' L' V '- Y --Y ' - - 7 -' ,fi-EXT' L i iii- ggi - 41.7-r,2:gg.v A l r' S .. 4 A . x 1' l I , o fl ffl? " 2 gf Ls .rgg 3 HENRY RUPERT KELLER J Htl ii SAVANNAH, GEORGIA S l f J H ' li Qs., I Dutch" l l 1 "I would not from my blood one drop of Teuton barter, For all your wealth of Norman Royalty." . Q ,Q '-SHAKESPEARE. V 1 1 l bf 1 f f 1 , 4 1 4 . I x i First Class Buzzard. gil A good natured, obliging Teuton, who will it '-lf: ll gs do anything in the World for anyone except talk. . Elf I .5 i . .4 ll ' 'Y gy., L, N .4 1, i I lr 4. J. S ff-2-2-Sales xfslvxl-fwfr.-:.f:.f 2 f.:1A 2 'X-if-fllllht ' ' i before it has found utterance. Busts in theory lf, and practice no more than the rest of us, but he ll . . . . 5 7 does it as a matter of course and soon forgets about 1t. Don't mind asking an gl, Qi? instructor anything, and is too easy going to bluff Since the place from which Qt he hails is Georgia, many good qualities must be taken for granted, but he pos- ji sesses others that are his own. yi t 1 f lil it ,ry Qi ' GEORGE WILLIAM KENYON C- Y YQ SAN FRANCISCO, CAL. fl ,W ,, 'fl , "A woful hostess brooks not merry guests."-CHURCHILL. itil C-'r "Is there no bright reversion in the slay, fri . . , l For those who greatly thznlz or bravely dze.' -POPE. lj, ,Qf Crew Squad C455 Fencing Squad 141, , lllx A. by The great Stone Face. An emotionless man ll, l to . . . . Q11 if ll with a drawling voice and an unbroken sobriety gf W ff E' f f h W y o ace and manner. 'A per ormer o some note fl yi l.,Q . . . . ' 2.1. 5 Q1 with the kodak, a disciple of Pete Beck in the yy ly of . . li QQ memory line and a great patron of the library ggi during recreation hours. Reads everything from yy W, "Iole" to the Naval Institute. . . . lf. ,. yffffggqfgoyfg Recltes with a manner of list- V Q R . . . ill y . less indifference, but Works consist- If i ' 7' ... . il yi., ' ently, and as a result summered gt Y " 'lf . . . il ll Ghffsf 'X "M and simmered in Crabtown First .l HALFMW ' A y , GUS X. Class year. i i .4.lgi4 'I ii ' Y, i P w Z, 0 , xi . fo BSXEJ 4' V, G! Nb Yet on some occasions when an idea has germi- its nated, taken root and Hourished in the depth of ry his soul, it were as well to crush the great forces is SI i of nature at their birth as to destroy this thought 1 4-N .4 4 l l L 1. 1 1 1 4 1 1 I l u 1 .1 J 1 . if L l l 1 HX, 'X n s A 4 r I, , l s 1 f 1 ' 1 1, -i A 2 fn r'l FAX 'F ,N 'l 'l 'S rl 1 l ii ,LJ faq Af- ., -Y aa-- A -dA- ,aa -- W A -W.. 6,55 'ff .511-g5j-.5-,gri F-Sf-4-H rg-i'.,:-s'Q,'iEs.-' , 5 --N ' mate 1n any way from lending him , - w -za . fig, Ve .1 '44 4 ff 1. fa ff ,Ex ,, ' fIQi.2,'j fi., -', rl Vi X I fi 49 Q , A 'el Q CHESTER HENRY JOHN KEPPLER ' Qi IOWA c1TY IOWA A . i " Dutch " fi Q . l al A K2 gf, "Give me a man 'whose head is square." . if Buzzard. if A happy little Dutchman from Iowa Qpro- nounced Ioowaj who has tried for four years to 'i ,Ai l prove there are street cars in Iowa City. Puz- yi zled all the mathematicians at the Academy in . A their attempt to Find his block coeflicient of lineness. Smokes his pipe through the angle le ' A L . . 1 1 4,, and between puffs holds it by the end of the stem-the bowl is too big for his hand. I, I 1 1 Has the record for the broadest grin in the Navy K and exhibited this prize-winner whenever .limmie's regulars had strawberries for dessert. K' Come on Hick, old boy, get in the game." LUCIEN FRANK KIMBALL BRATTLEBORO, VERMONT "Lucy" " Talk to him of facolfs ladder and he would aslz the number of steps." -ANON. First Class Buzzard. "Aunt Lucy from Battleboroughf' The butt of practical jokes from all hands, includ- ,. ing himself. Lent "Davy Jones" a thermome- ..,g ,ig ter for the taking of his temperature, but " Davy " D i lf rf ,, W,- sent the bucket up again with neither thermom- vw P,- ' 1, 'I eter nor data for the log. Eats wooden cookies, 5-Q1 drinks pepper and salt in his ice water, and with Cl a little coaxing, can't tell the difference between an Aldebaran and an airship. Plods along rain or shine with a persistence that landed him among the 87. Turns aside from the pursuit of lil a 3.12 only to help out a class- 5, a blouse to taking his duty on Hop nights Devoted to moonlight nights, havmg lived with the Admiral XJ l . Q! 19 wif-.J gi Xxx ' 1 0 l,!,X N ll' QQ .4 ll - - fi.: V1 U , ' his 'J ' ' ip lf pl fm ' 2' 1, ' ' ' ' WL' fi' '-QM ' 'hs ull 'fir R, . .in , X lf- ly Q . Q, .X , ,, 4, 1 N -.ex .V ef W . i 77 1 a-va.,., i -- . cc ' ' , Q,,f-gi-11531:if-ai5k?2s5.v5S-iiaiasicazzsL. Lg-ge 'fR5oL-g.1 12.151-2-F-E-3-:z'F1r.'3:2l'-5 gijyegz gg, s JEJ 7 I vat? aff 3 ' A ' A DXXQV avfff J X 'T ,J ' " i Q-"5 -"5 5i.-.Q':- yi, i t ' 1 E-.511 Sfffiigigi FRANK RAGAN KING SCOTTSBORO, ALA "Reagan," "Bats "Blessings on lzim who first inwnled sleep !J -CERVANTES. I sw Buzzard fl Cbiiet as he is, on the face of him, once get Reagan started, and you will find he will argue ily until long after you have fallen asleep in his face. Q An unobtrusive savoir who should have been one of the 87, but wasn't, owing to his fondness for non-reg. things. Loved the plebes, not wisely, but alasl too well. Spent his First Class cruise on E. l l 5. J ii I i i f 1, 1 ii. lui .J ,ii ,f Vi I, '+ u ,V i. 1 i 1 ,,' Pl i pg L the good ship Arkansas, because he did not want yy sss' ,,,' t o go ashore-not for Humphrey's Specific reasons, Z however. Qiit smoking Second Class year, for his health, but has taken it up again, and now has the Bull occasionally. A firm believer in Morpheus at any hour of the day or night. " By Gollyln ., ERNEST GEORGE KITTEL Ea? 1 NEW YoRK, N. Y. fy T " Kit " A "Like light reflerfed from a rapiefs point Flasher! and flashed again his wit."-BYRON. Buzzard, Santee Q4, 35. A navigator of the Great White Way. Lack- ing the electric light and push button we find him df adrift without a compass. Is at his best at I A. M., My New York Meridian mean time, clad in a tuxedo, S if . commanding an ocean going hansom. Has been ll it ' '.'i.ii' 121 lil 1 known on many and varied occasions to barter repartee for demerits with divisional officers. Can l clip the pin feathers of a 2.5 and come through , unscathed. Is more ofa disappointed optimist than pessimist, yet his sayings are quoted far and wide and his opinions upon the viscissitues of military life are regarded as final. Borrows QQ an gtvi anybodyls clothes and is never in ffl uniform but forgets everything for yd If leave and liberty. ' Once tried to if promote conservatism among his fy 1,1 lflfl I' ,if classmates, but the wild mob will y gyai gl reign. " Excuse me for pointing." -Tfw'ff'1'y- g 1' -' . Q' c'4j 'ri , 21 it 4, 'K-SA, 7 2 yliiixgbl X , f Q . Q WV", Steiff: 15571 figs:-: fbias, 52,5 J :li- - 4QA ,., lf' r' I A v :gif e v5s1s':.m4i-T31-exsnzat-.xrs.isxxx-.vs I-LSD-Njp--'--T -A.:-. - , if- .af f., jg ii ll 7:5310 W 9 lf li ' M if JACOB HENRY KLEIN, Jr. r ln CINCINNATI, oH1o .- 1 L: all 5 n as at Qi, ' Jake, H Eva j rpg gi, L W 53+ "How fan 1 resist those ruby lips and pearly teeth." 7 fl ig -COHEN. C A 6 .-w ,f Buzzard Qljg Class Baseball. .,1, Y- i m L, A spoonoid from over the Rhine. Can beat V .gy gf if all hands When it comes to the Lord Chesterfield. Ar v A member of the Triumvirate that rush the B. lf, a quarter in the slot machine when it comes to T ll ' ,. ji. finding his Way over the ivories. Has one of y a-se ' those fascinating, kiss-me-quick looks that para- .f lyzes all comers. Escaped from the red house and 3 -Q took up the life of the Navy. Got left at the post First Class leave and refuses to hold a post-mortem. His favorite play is Uncle Tom's Cabin and little Eva l his favorite actress. A savoir of note, but fails to connect at the proper moment. r A cruise fusser and the owner of an immaculate hair part. I "Oh, jack, don't!" N l FORNEY MOORE KNOX 1 y ANNISTON, ALA. " King Forney of Siam," " Wood," " Forty Knots" ffl if "In mind composed he funky, tlzirk eurling rlouds S Of smoke around his reeking temples play."--DORE. fi . I One Stripe The great Forney. A tall, black-haired gal- 1 - l ft lant, with a Walk like a sewing machine and a .4 bashful chorus girl's voice. Delights to sit and drive out his visitors by smoking black tobacco. .fl Claims that one does not need to be savvy to be happy. Noted for his successful bluffs and lucid y explanations of complex subjects. A noted fusser and Beau Brummel of the South, joined the hod- carriers union and claims the friction of a brick on the Armory floor IS very great Shall I mark you according to h ' gold lace or as to sense? lWr Knox , ., - -f t A ' , t' 1 f xx if , . f- Q ff fl - -f t 6 lf , 5,5 at r 1 , xii :EI il V: it r -2 ' . . . f. Q 4 'i 9 L . i ij ! ,.el A e - e t ve: -- i 1 IJ Q tl' JT 1 l 1 W. College. Can make a Grand Piano feel like 1 - t 1 1 1 1 'I 'I 'I I I I slelli i 'I' ' Q CARL CHRISTIAN KRAKOW ,f y I , Sf DUBUQUE, IOWA 57? LL. X ti " Dutch" "Krackoff" " Crackers" l l " 'Twas Hans across the sea X11 fl! , For a noble, generous, goodly man was he." C i cle' -FLYING DUTCHMAN. , 'lg Buzzard fly, First Class Buzzard A genuine Dutchman who drifted through MI W I IMI from Dubuque floway to the tune of "Ach mein 'I l..1ebe" with variations. His Limburger accent 5.57 .,, and Weber-Fields walk have been features ever yi since. Possesses all the traits of his forefathers jf, II My from the banks of the Rhine. A good wife, a g g g gg good capacity, a good appetite, an ellipsoidal it ci1'ii s's' 'I "'3i' iz'i ' countenance, a Jack o' Lantern grin-and under- M neath all, a good nature as expansive as the face- ls Il, that's Dutch. Always has the makes and the latest fiction for general household use. A weather prophet-with the Dubuque budget as an argument. Always ll I, I, .I I III WAI JI ,X - I f ready with a spiel or debate, himself against the field and you lose. ls expected g to make an international alliance with that fraulein in der Vaterland, but now his I fussing is limited to the VVoman's Page of the Sunday paper. Shook his wooden f shoes First Class year and took rank with the savoirs. "Now, dis iss a boiler-aindt it?" I l WALTER FREDERICK LAFRENZ SPOKANE, WASH. X 'LPeachy," "Square Head," "Laffy" "IVl1o brolee no promise, served no private end, .Tw ,'A.,, ,V.V .igg?3,.g..3ggg-.,. ,L ,L lVl10 gained no title, and lost no friend." I U 1 i ' In Fencing fzjg Buzzard A A good-natured Indian from the Pacific. ls ,fix ,Q sufficientjudge of his own acts and asks favors of . no man. One who is continually unappreciated II and underrated. He never fusses and has been ,lil , the rock of the Red Mikes. Prique lVluller's favorite on the cruise, when he hit the pap for not reading a stadimeter. A bad man in Funchal ggi 3 where .he woke the young Spiggities by his Q31 rendering of"Home, Sweet Home." A navi- . l gator of great ability and savies all about how ri. to run a boat against a sea wall. ls not con- li I 1 lg' I tent to accept things as they are, but insists , XJ on knowing the why and the wherefore. 4, A K " . Q .1 1 A . A . -. -e 1'iiiiwx1"2 sq.-ffm r''fR'2-'-k1Q1'24Z'r-iqx'--:E:'?f5QN-se' l lil 6, 'Q ,474 Qfffy in ,gb 3 ,fl , L -,T-.'-' so .1Zg1-34-:-, '- 5 Q-Q.v+ .xr 'g.5'56-- j'. '--.XE Hx' . 1 3-:sit-eS5X'3.i':. N W lil E fri FRANK WILLIAM LAGERQUIST , 51 : 'iii MINNEAPOLIS, MINN. us. V, f ss ,, sc . ,, l .Alle Q Swede, Schlitz T fp: H7-llt'l't' im't a parallel of latitude but tlzinlzs it would .A , ,Q iv'il 57 .-l 12 tt 1 A ffl f, lf . i . , A: . .'.', , .. ' J 44" .rj xxx, . - -. x L . .. f.JS...,, . :..aA:.- K .gkse 'W-,,s,-E.,-,QCA-9 5 .fvzew . . xl., if have been the equator, if it had lzarl its rights." -MARK TWAIN. Crew squad Qajg Buzzard. A fair-faced, lumberjack from up Minnesota way, A rough house artist who could break the horns off a cow. Has a cheery smile and a happy- go-lucky swing that convinces all the girls that he is the " A number I " of the pack. Runs a neck and neck race with Jack, but claims he can beat the aforesaid, hands down, under wraps. Don't see why the authorities can't recognize his 1. genius, probably due to his mathematical solutions. Was kept in the fold by . Asymptote for three years, but has since slipped under the life lines. l 4 ,4 J A T 1 A 714 -J i f, X K -'l 1.-1 v , .fl r ,i 'A fs wifi J . GEORGE HAYS LAIRD WHEELING, WEST VIRGINIA " Bluebeard " "A romely old manf'-LYLY. "I am elerlined into the vale of years."-OTHELLO. Hustlers Q4, QDQ Class Football Teamg N. 2d. 1 A dark, distinguished looking cavalier who came from West Virginia to join his fortunes with that of the United States Navy. An admirer of frivolity and a Worshiper ofsociety. At constant attendance on all hops and has never been known to miss an opportunity to link the ancient and honorable name of Laird with others of the socially elite-for in union, you know, there is strength. Wears an N and for effective work when class football was in vogue. Has a fierce black. beard and a terrible laugh. Eats '. heartily at all times. Tried his society card against the Royal Clan in a New London way and lost Never down and never knows it 'Q Q 'ff 5 ' I u all li ' .U t 1 ., A s N W .ff yQfT I "- .Elia T:-14- 3- fc, , . ,, l. l fi O I- I W I gg u n .. if K ne! f Hllmlisorru 3' Q, ' . Ajyxqv 6' 'fb .,..0-h X--. -,.,.,z, ,.. .,,.,. . Qfi-,-,..,11iLl.e,,-a , . K' s , ge'-K X - 1 ' H -, 1 D ' -as on -fsszexs. sq F11 .1 1 1 l', ,1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 l 111 'll .1, 1 3 1 V '1 1 1 .f 1 11 I 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 '1 f 1 , 1 f A ' 1 1 ,111 "1 1 1 ,Q.,,, ,-.K-,W A N. 3 Xxf- . f,v,A E32 ,ffif A u, 'W x ,, A, . 1 1 Ed 112 ff hy' 1 '1 -111, 11 1 A 1 1 1 J 1111 112' I. 1 , W Nl -T1 19 1,1 1 ,1 Af' Mk . ' 1115 ELLIS LANDO 11 Quill? 'ill i I I il LL X x 'M gf, Queen Lil," F1atfoot," Patent Reversible " ,if X 1 pg? ti i I "E.weedi11g fair she 20115, and yet fair beauty - . llyl 1-1, gli fast her rzotfzirzgf-CHAPMAN. ,L 111 Jef -4 Buzzard Queen Lil Flat-foot ofthe Hawaiian Islands. lj, Had the rings extracted from his nose and ears 11,1 1f 11 1,11 August 8, 19o3, and thereupon entered on a career ll fig' in Uncle Sam's Navy. It is rumored that he f-ff, came from Honolulu in a pair of Regal canal jj boats. We don't vouch for the truth of this 5 11, assertion, however, but will say that we would 1 a11- 'Qi' . Q11 Qi' hate to have him walk on our Hower beds. Is QQ efg, quite a fusser and never failed to be ready for liberty as soon as the mud-hook went over the il, side, especially at New London. Seldom got any further than the Pequot Rocks QQ though. There he would sit for hours with some fair damsel and tell her of the fl . . . . . 1-X1 jf, wonderful work of the missionary in his far distant land. 1111 19 1 W1 2153 PHILIP GATCH LAUMAN 111 fig DES MOINES, 1owA 1113 if cll fy "Hannah," "Phil," "Sea Going Syren" "Modest doubt is called the bearon ofthe wise."-SHAKESPEARE. 'C . llll YQ Four Stripes, Buzzard fab, Star Q4, 3, QQ, Track Team 14, 3, 29, Green N, gl 1, R1ng Committee, Manager Track and Fencing 1,1 ' , . . . 1 gl Teams, Choir Qzj, Athletic Committee. 1 . u as - . .. as W, I A man with the face of a savolr and a sylph- 3, like walk. Usually rather solemn in expression El 11,1 but fond ofajoke, preferably an old one. Per- QM K , petrated " Hannah" so long and continuously f 1 ,, . . 1 Plebe year that " Hannah replaced the Philip Gatch part of his name. Was converted to if '1 . . . 1 'Q fussing Q25 and here applied his same constancy tactics. Within two weeks had lowered the rec- ord in from "The Hill" by three minutes, knew A the daily rate and error of the Qld Town Clock, pp ,1 and had developed as symptoms a Q A ,,,f ' to Q' pensiveness at Saturday and Sun- ! . A ff X i"j day supper and a habit of playing 5 S I pf W1 Q to himself " Listen to Me, Little 4' 'Q' in l'112V11 ' G' 1" lf ll '1 fi H I N 1. KH ir, sou u y witi one nger. "'!!mL.,"!U 5"'7" it -."'- '- T. fuzaf-if 'L if i ff?.'s,':1-'1-Q., ,:-fig - ,1 -.4-."i5f?l'T-137-3'Si'5f'1f1f?f5:5-.5 A" 5-5-":E'2:'..,,, 2 fs ,--N t 1 C , A T bd. 'W qzdgyf' 76 535 , L f KJ Q5 LH .HHH G70 V231 4- A. -gf'-. -. - u-,---s.,-.-f-.f- 'fqssrcrs +5 . - i far.. - " - -- TX y . , vw 1- V 4132 . wi WILLIS WooDRUFF LAWRENCE YL e ll ,fi Ji 5. I' ',--4 COLORADO SPRINGS, COLO. ' ig "Togo" "In the beginning God created lhe heaven I 5 , And fhe earth and Togo."-ADAPTED. -ga '. Wxx filo ,. AM 5 , ,, :san k ' an I 1 af I I ' 1 'iw , .J 1 L-7 Two Stripes, Santee Q4, 35 'fx A remarkable man with a flexible voice. '21 Has a deep manly voice for reciting, a comic . Wil opera voice for the mess table stories, and a beau- tiful, soft, blonde voice when he fusses. Loves to be in the parasol brigade. Inclined to be blase, in but helped Honest John make the sparks Hy. ii Has a somewhat condescending manner when he advises us children, but the advice is so good that i'-'S e-'ef f 'c-- 'erel we all feel sure he has been through the awfullest '1.Sx g ,Hg Vfgnxrd' VQ - X F experiences. Found the crew and the 'fmakesn I donlt agree. A sailor with unlimited experience on the Eastern Seaboard. Took p a number of cruises on Santee, and was bit by the dog that fed him. Jumped p the window Christmas eve, youngster year. Destroyer of domestic felicity. " Has a man a right to think a woman loves him?" WILLIAM HENRY LEE VVAYNESVILLE, N. C. l "Mandy" "Spigett" "Dago" "Who trusts himself to woman, or to waves, Should never hazard what he fears to lose."-OLDMIXON A Executive Committee, Choir Q4, 3, 2, IQ, ly Christmas Card Commltteei uLucky Bag" Com' I- eeeiglsfsiiizi.rj:-iiri13,5 mittee, Buzzard fzjg Three Stripes Ci 'I 4 , -'i il Little Italy, the dark-skinned soubrette .5 of the 42 41 s. A serious-minded young tenor, I W4 whose gentle ways and evenly modulated voice ff I V xf. i 4 1 i' 1 ,gi have soothed even "Bugs', to docility. An it ! r ' i f t , 1, accomplished society man, but backslides at times Pri in has slept through his dates with the real excite fif I ment while Fuzzy did the honors in his place Has a personal experience to Work in with every f recitation Can capsize any craft afloat and in any iff v S' "i kind of weather overturns a canoe if 2 , 'm 5,5 - . , . n fafter much practicej without get- 'lj JQ -X. es- . . ll, iii ting Wet, but arrives at quarters iff, ""'-" --Hvl qag' 2 . . -'X - minus shoes andjumper. "I haven't J , 2,-x xl R 0 xr I. W bf?- .19 13' , ' P4373 '7'f6'?5v ' J g, dig . -Z? ' ' ws 2 A was 77 - ""g nf., 1 fi' any trousers in these pockets pg i", A ,l 1 , g-'J ,Ji --W - , 3 4 , f- N. -sf--L ,----, .-- .. -,---:--- -, - - - - , A, Wy -.4 Q-. 4- -'P ,L-4' f "- T ' - .1 - - - K- 1- - 'K ' Y - : V2 if .7351 N . J . .-- -. .-- c -. . , , . . . '. - .-r ' - ra.,-N' N .-.-- -1---A -X-V.. YL- ' . 1 , .", I I I. r 'u I '1 K rw A . f ,. 1 .'a ,Ui r,' , X .', , A. A ..,f - Xmvv- I I 1 I I . , I if I I I r ,I J 1 wgelkgxx- g-gk '-. Q-A --1 V ' ' -.:- ,Q-"7E?:-2abbl-eiwfib.-ei-iRY5S9QAixf. yr 1.4 V. I ,fl 1 A f iv' ul if XL,-f. yi- gi- -- X BOISE, IDAHO moves on just the same. Possessed of an incal- C! aft I ffl L Li' K gig ROBERT EMERIC LEONARD ra Qiffelhn yo QQ "Hecky," H Leonardo " Nl " Y gil "My hair' is grey, but not with years."-BYRON. Zlj 6 if Buzzard Q I Q g Fusser QI 'I Jse The easiest-going member of this collection Eff of celebrities-our firmest believer that the World lil, 5 rl ,II I. Y. V. , gr, ,Y V. ,L-L,-V J. ll culable block co-efiicient, Leander has decorated many an arbol, but is still with us, and We hope he will be until the end of this long, long chapter. Has lived of late With Goldy, which has been the cause of his downfall. For although formerly a staunch member of the Red Mikes, he recently resigned to become a leader of society. No hop complete without him. "And lv! IW , J ri, il- .1 li 'I 1 L ,,. lily l M .5 p-I the single blast at 2.05 P. lVl.,' gy Chi JOI-IN WILLIAM LEWIS SUPERIOR, WIS. " 'rubby " "And the loud laugh that spoke the zfararzt mind."-GOLDSMITH. Buzzard fzjg Santee I The best natured man in the class and every- lJody's goat, if only his mark is not threatened. I His long drawn "grr's,' and "ah's" when reciting gi make him the star attraction of any section. ls llffj li' a firm believer in the index correction method of. Sm eliminating error in Nav. Has memorized the Steam Department's four place tables, but carried his log book to every recitation from Plebe Eng- llj lish to Navy Regulations. When thinking deeply attempts to imbibe Wisdom from his forehnger. Extremely fond of "Bugs"-"Bugs is just too cute." Was a confirmed Red Mike f'or,three years, but lost caste last summer by going to a tea-hght. "Gee,I busted!" "Ch, if Bugs did E M A ii, its an 1-ight. ffooiiy, is she yi 3 R : married-darned if she looks it." 2 I R M l l 'Nl ,'-jg-ff. , SNLS-'Q 11 -,143-,f,ggf.'gf. 3-,ff-:v.1-:-i.'ff1i:1R1.3r5TSf F2 ,if H, XJ' f , ,' . f UQ: V4 tn A 1 l I ga ffm l lxg.S1iSix:.:':gg:a's:Q.r-xx '-'-'5--'NN-'Q-YX-li-T'1f'g2',ffl'F'-75"' N- D A my A - g no I if BB 'if-Sift' f l if 'iff .: X- l V . , we i. .g MILES AUGUSTUS LIBBEY it Q., -1 - A +4 ,, 4 Q- i -Q ' ,JH at ' ' A 4 Y .a..i-,..x... . -. .., C' WEST NEWTON, MASS. .nf5 in-rm, 4 if W ' V wfFfl'ff it v .. . ,, A 'el' llll9'rW l A l A V. N' Lib . 'I' or 3 L. ,i "Fortune in men has some small dijferenee made, l I., ij One jfaunls in rags, one j7u1ters in broeadef' 1,2 X -'2 First Class Buzzard. - f 4 ff ' . Y. .-'Y Jil i f 1 fi .IK :I ,A , ' f Q xr J . ar-.-4 -- -- ,,..x 5 'A.1.r.,-'-,- N 1. .gl fs I.. In -' . x I v ti 1" ,Q jf 23 F 1 r WW ffl X., X. l I it xo iff f . .7 ' . Y X. . i -i. ' . y V 1 The famous Dr. Dippie. A Harvard man from Boston with a mania for photography. .' ' Happy and good natured-never known to be y seriously rhino. Can always suggest a better way, ' and will argue for an hour with his instructor on ' 'i the Wrong side of any question. Starred Plebe f ' 'N ' A ' N 'A' ' 't 'to'ot' year, but didn't like the company, and has stayed B on the safe side ever since. Spends most of his time shaving his 57 varieties of beard and trying to differentiate Hoot lVlon's personal equation. It is rumored that Mr. Mac promised him some uniforms I on account of similarity of build. . . . . . l "A point, sir, is a straight line looked at end on." CORPUS CHRISTI, TEXAS " Licht " " Lictumstine " "I would not waste my spring of youth, In idle dalliarzeef'-POPE. Buzzard. A 4 ii A A A ii iii A modest, coy youth from down in the Pan fi i l . l Handle. Never worries anybody with a string of hot air, but takes the road quietly and smoothly. N y f Can usually produce the goods, when hailed by a '- ' "prof," but claims no medals. Rooms with the l' Count and often has revolutionary ideas, but - i keeps them dark. Never known to fuss except '. l' . I, f on great holidays and when the crowd won't see V' him. Can make an instructor tremble by the V quiet look in his eye. Rivals "One Six Bill" by y having a fine crop of bangs and wears them so i- N i becomingly. Doesn't believe in overwork or ' f over exertion ofthe vocal organs. 1 . . . l ll ', L 1. iii H ,, ". 1 Yiffifff' 'Ki f . -. ' l - - -, A. -, - - -- - N . ' I fa, ,J .Y . f- .- -1 b .-,.. . . - , A ., , .- -'Q . of Uv, - gf 19 . 4 Q XQ N .44 ay. EMIL ALEXANDER LICHTENSTEIN B FREDERICK PLINY LILLEY jg WATERBURY CONN 'fig Q? if Iino e zehen io speak for many times it brings ii 1 y Danger lo give adzfiee to kings "--HERRICK. ' f Li at ' lx 1.1 N 'f' if tx 1 11 f V-. f 1 if 'iff ff by rs 'thy ' - 1 lh ilk ' A . U ' 'C U .0 'fl Y .V X 9 1 . gp' L: j 1 Lam y cc 1,,, :cF ,, XX XX I I W E . v M ' 1 X . , , lx Function, Two Stripes J. !1 11 .A 1 1 4 , 1 -1 1 KQQ, One of the few who gave up a life of ease My and luxury to become a hero. ls an authority My l 1 on anything from the price of soothing syrup to p national politics. Will talk all day on the com- 1 A mercial importance of his native heath, and if you 1 appear to doubt his assertions he can prove them f by the Waterbury Republican. Is a true Amer- iii ' A 1 . 'f efiffff ican and rejoices in the deeds of our forefathers O because they gave us the Fourth of July QPoor U little Greenportj. Suifered restriction First Class cruise because he sympathized if Q with the plebes for feeling homesick their first few weeks as guests of Uncle Sam. Usually managed to get ashore in the iirst boat, however, to buy meat for his starving mess-mates and knows every butcher along the Atlantic Coast. ZYQ What do you think I am, a-- ll fl , EMANUEL AUGUST LOFQUIST BURLINGTON, 1owA '1' "O1ey," "Toft," "Swede" x "lt is as good ax seeond life lo be able to look back tliiaf 1 011 our Puff ,iff wffh Plea5"N'H is ,-1,-' 'aeef iz, ':,,' 5s::..:5sgi.1.1.::3Lsgiii 5 fliti 711. '1 First Class Buzzard. H1 A meek little man from the Hawkeye State. 1' 5 1 1 1 Has no failing except, possibly, a mild dabbling in the social whirl. Developed into a whirling 1 , 1 ,1 14 1 .' 1l savoir First Class year, but his previous record my 1 was that of a sad finisher. Has attempted to 141 for hold Bunny down for years and always runs for W il the doctor. One ofthe Admiral's disciples and is always faithful to the big chief. Can argue when L 611 I an old ladies' sewing circle is out of wind lv n 1 Q . nl" 1: and can convince you on any subject by if y . . . , . Q1 , K his winning ways. The chaperones favorite, sy , . ,lf Q l l '! but refuses to spoon. "Oh say, what you W -JALQVQ giving us?" ini are l i -1, 1 M, 17.1 3.3 -Qsjjiffz-ffL-CiiTfQEi?T5Fi3I5T:.-iii-:f,-- V 1 1,1 ,jc 80 , 'wo xx. A . ,-xxx .rf X . 0" 4 --5 HU ki 151, it 4 4 ig :Ei 1,1 W All ,,1, ,xi Elf Wi, dx Jiflzfii i ?529 if C 141 C1 V W w f s - fi N. - 1 - c 4 V N' A . 3.-, f.Tss-se.: . -. -A, ff-. .- in A -. -. ' fi lm 5,2 H -4 i 114 ffm .J lfi ,ll S! 'xc 2 A i, 1' l 4 If r t. .y gr' R I 4, fl liz :N 4 A rr, fi i A ' .1 Q I. ,J ' x filifb-aiiiifflfi1"--fb 'Eff'-li ff jf-gQ'gEfj1-1.1 ' ,Eg ig NS ?x , A D ly .y , , i fl els if GEORGE CHRISTIAN LOGAN 5 CHARLESTON, s. c. X "Gawge," "Boots," "Loygan" l "The pains of Love be sfceeffrfar X A- Than all olhrr plvasurrs arc."-DRYDEN. Two Stripes 1 lj. A portly little personage with a smiling face and weird accents. From all present indications he and Lunch will assume Strohmic proportions soon after graduation. The chances are now in favor of Gawge, as he gains many pounds daily from laughing at his own practical jokes. ChieHy famous as stage manager of the Star light comedy, First Class cruise, with Dick in the leading part. Q Hopelessly in love and watches the Ensign Bill L and twenty per cent. increase with an eagle eye. Keeps Runt quiet fifteen minutes of the day and suffers from insomnia the rest of the time. Can be seen any time sauntering down the corridor on the trail of the makes. "Et hundred and ety et.', "This is a good plaice for baise-ball." l . n BENJAMIN RUSSELL LOMBARD HILLHOUSE, MISS. "Abraham," " Bennie," "Doc Dowie," "Shadrack," "Bruin" " Your fare is a book where men may read strange matlersf'-SHAKESPEARE. Four buttons lzjg Second Class P. O. QI jg Baseball Team 1213 Santee f3JQ Class Baseball Qjg Class Football Team Q4, 3b. A true son of rest. Has a laugh that would Q1 ,. .r-1-.-,-,154 i:.: af: f . c-.Y J, -J i 1535 iffy- I- ,215 TQ, -.'- Q- , make the plaintive notes of "Maud" sound like A . . the warbling of a pet canary. Never was known to have any clothes in his locker, and will borrow ,. anything from the only collar you have left to a ry i . pair of shoe strings on graduation terms. Can lie ,N down during study hour for a fifteen-minute nap and not wake up ,til reveille. Furnished food for thought for Bug lVlcCormack's busy mind, being the goat of most of his jokes. Was a successful rival to Dr Dowie, having held a revival on State Circle at 3 A M one morning, Second Class year Painted Washingtoii a bright red Second Class leave, and applied a coat of varnish the following September but with all his faults we love him still 7 l i f'i . A,a..4fx .-.,,- . - .- . A. . ---- .A 4... , , or X ,QM ' .fxf X ' ,V SQ! P - ' gb . . . jy 1 'F . gf ' . . . f ,I 3 , N - . . . A i , 1 K .. g ,gsgsgzia 51:551-g5s.e5.ys.s-1s.t-.vi -- ef X- e - --A--ef - - - - X S ,J Y J- Tfifhff Sl Vp? O sl gf 7 0 X' S41 X7 . 9' Tu' ef as ,-X 4. f . i -Qui l -,-Y . . - f- Y - f - Y." if -5'-1. Y.-1- .' f.: .1 xi: 1--.1-zgxrs-Q--:f'iQ 4-,4 -. gc --. - .Qs V, . -. as-. C -- -qg- iff- A p,Q.2T3.' ,r L Q-Lis. ff-4.:'EC51JS'.c,Q. fQri1??:,1-.ae 'TUQ - Nm XV f.,f , 'X 'r f V v X If F E t vs W fl W. .li ,Vi jf -XXX F Jg 44- l ' ROBERT TRAILL SPENCE LCWELL t ff lv' hx if K . i , . ,.:, I .ll I 7 R STATEN ISLAND, N. Y. uwghgl ii H Bob," L' Rats " ' - li "Eternal smiles his emptiness betray, F f lj As shallow streams run dimpling all the way." ' -POPE. 5593! Four Buttons QQ., I An out-of-hours grub Fiend with a Te t- ,l I yt hunesque way oftalking and an irrepressible giggle. lllylf 921 Recites in an eager, apologetic manner. Tortures his neighbors with a noisy sea-going clock that has a constant error on U. S. N. A. Mean Time. Holds the record for frenching paps, but is a statement adept and immune to the Santee, except .iig , the quarter deck. Electrician, First Class, and r T lVlcKeehan's partner in the construction ofvarious heathenish contrivances. A constant fusser who sends flowers before and after taking. Greaser and fusser with a smily smile and a "way"l lla, CHARLES MCKENNA LYNCH l'ii T GREENSBURG, PA. "Pip," " Lunch " 315 "His manners are so pleasing and kindly that he makes friends Of all who rome in eontart with him."-MARK TWAIN. W. Track Team Q3, 2, I jg Captain Track Team liz, lj, Boiler Fiend Qalwaysijg Buzzard QQ, Il. A fat, jolly little German-American from the coal-fields of Pennsylvania. Chiefiy famous for M T M-we 'srs f- fsrr his triple-expansion, self-acting, non-return chest, ' ' 1 i which is always a block ahead of him. Charlie is fitted with a tongue swung amidships and as long l as the main to'bowline. Has an ever-ready tale ll which begins: "There was a man in Greensburg ,i once who -." It is reported that he owned Funchal for three days, First Class cruise, and Ml from his own story we think he did. Has a strong if grease with the mail orderly, who ll never forgets Charlie. "I don't see lij Nl how that fat little Mr. Lynch can l yjlglly run so fast." 4. CLJTFQEJG' "I fooled 'em all right!" c.. ,af r fy ,A IU fps. ' ,M W -it uf. ff? -1 ii.g1 s at E, f- - vi, . -17,2 - --V " ' 4' L f...-4 'N- Q ?li 1 59ES23'bQvXT2i'SA'gWaXN1--X'-.1 33, 1 ' L. f ' 411 M A I 5. HARRY ADRIAN MCCLURI-:L rg li BUFFALO, N. Y. iw , -s .. . - ii v . 4. -'Vx 5 I in - S l W "Swat," "MacSwat," "Rum," "Remus" l -'I L W if ffl "He makes a furnaee of his mouth, Q find keeps his ehimrzey burning." ' :I -ANONYMOUS. an fl l-'i I' Y ,Z fl, Choir Q4, 3, 2, Ijg Santee, Cheer Leader - 2.1 fljg Four Buttons fab, Buzzard , 1- , S I I if - .-'A 5 . . . . . Q- A lively little man who delights In reading or ij gf fj reciting passages from literature for the edification ij fi' . . . . Q ji gg and amusement of his fellow-beings IH misery. I .lj ls in the front rank at all the Barber Shop jubila- ii tions and holds down a seat in the choir. Led f7 I .--A' ' ,'- --f - - - -: q- Y, Y V -X Ag: A fx"-.-qw I K-..Zfasazfs.-fffscg--seaa53?:s,s.::'s:fs.ss.. N 93:- 1 the cheers with an if-you-don't-yell-you'll-have- , f to-fight attitude. Smokes himself blue in the face ii Q every night, and is the proud possessor ofa wonderful array of pipes. Believes Q that the old maxim, "Do unto others first," is especially applicable to watchmen. I Has always been near the dropping-off place in his studies, but has invariably if V, :Q grabbed a life-line at the last call for volunteers. I I I 'i s 1 RILEY FRANKLIN MCCONNELL GATE CITY, VA. "But Hercules himself must yield with odds."-SHAKESPEARE. fl f 2 Football Team K4, 3, aj, Football Ng Track Team Q4, 3, 2, lj, Track Ng Gymnasium Team, Jui Jitsu Squad. A bashful young giant from Virginia, being 1. the heaviest man in the Academy. A non-fusser ,fl his first three years, not having attended a hop I until his First Class year, but has lately broken Q, A all records and it is rumored that he really enjoys 34 dancing. Is fond of the summer cruises because they give him the opportunity to gallop over the ffl bounding deep and lives on sea air, that becoming I his sole argument of existence after leaving "The Q Capes." One of the few men in the class who sports a combination Kuppenheimer "N," Not much inclined toward hard work, but has always managed to keep well clear of the "lee-shoalsf' Never has much to say, but it is rumored that he fy! received a medal for high-school oratory ' 22 in his younger days. ll f' l lp sg KB A r f' 'S J . -:-.. S3 , X ' X 5 C lr fir' 7 MQ aw I' - H" ' xx 2!:t,1f' .' HM! x xx 2, 1 X I aa, fy i i all ,f rg gg-.5-.gfgig :fi 155. ,la 71 shlx ff! , . Z' W cl g iii... ,LX All pl HARVEY WILLIAM MCCORMA ' lf f i Kfffff I GAINESVILLE, FLORIDA 'Q a i gagig f, 'gn 41 1 X . xl!! is MaC,1v as Bug n -g c W Q' "In my opinion iherels nothing 'e d0n't know, -f , A oon, TQ l All the fcirkedness in the zcorld is print to him.' 1 -DICKENS. Buzzard Bugs, the irresistible Count of Monte Carlo. In i Behind a modest manner lurks a devilishness, a Ry X l . . . . jffl if youthful thirst for adventure, surprising in one iffy wry already working the Herpicide bottle overtime. ry ,J Here We have the true critic of Hoyle and Elwellg my likewise a celebrated performer with the ivories, on which he plays a Winnin g melody. Most co n- N firmed of Red Mikes in Annapolisg rumors from Florida have it that at home all is different and We Write him down "Bugs the Fusserf' despite his protests. Any who doubt his charms are referred to Tubby. A lllfl "Thank you boys, We've had a very nice timeg Good night." fy by A PRESTON H. MCCRARY yfi 'lil jg? LONOKE, ARKANSAS ly My Iliff ,fa sc Mary,ry CL av 1 "W'hat he says fjjf You may believe and pawn your soul upon it."-SHAKESPEARE. lil' qu. lil l Captain Class Baseball Teamg Three Stripes 4 I f' 1 :lil lllh, lyll! f I A real skittish little girl from the land ofthe ff, iff Traveller and hoe cake. Blushes real nice when Qflf 1 fn I 'A '-'q SIA any rude boys look at him. A ball twirler of tif, f F- .f ll if, ll Li We note, and real savvy at the bat. Has perfect con- vii 4 . . . QQ trol of a mezzo-soprano voice and frightens his I company to death with it. Longs for manhood's ll w ,, ay l E!! X' . . lf' estateg but what can one do with that complexion HQ I and confidin trustin manner. Once when the 3, 5 ' . y il: fellows ripped his trousers, he lay under a pile of lumber till darkness came and then mod- ll .f fi - managed to save himself by a stream anchor ii after a desperate struggle with the sirens. X ff lx lil estlycreptin. Launchedinto society once,but 7 l S ll: . .liliifi Q is FSTTJYIS fs 33 e1fQfaiT.ff1:?Q ai i "Q K J Q 84 gy' Qi :,?41'sTr.xX.H xxx x'-can X3f!iyiQ2w:5:-Xi3-1's- xxx 5,3 3+-Jinx, I A X4 - 1 1 il M ,lr 'ij ff CLARENCE MCCUTCHEON MCGILL HE. lie LAMBERTVILLE, N. J. ' if ua 1 I l f V , Q-' 'Ji . g. li "Sandy," '6MaC," U C. MCC." xg.: . ., i 1 H, Z . lifi an . l , fl ij. Tha! fellow seems to pours: but one idea, X X .find that a wrong one."-JOHNSON. 'fl C+ "T Buzzard. gli' . .-N wi A sandy-haired lad from the land ofthe mos- ! ff 1 if quitoes. Believes that whatever is, is Wrong. :ji L, I ljff Ready to prove that all the books are Wrong and ,-in that cussin' is the safety valve of' the feelings. f- N Ili ll The originator of the Wig-Wag code. Scorns the gi ' a x-'i Q91 gif? baubles and thrills of an artificial life, seeking the Lf Q "Qu D ' beauties of a natural existence, where all men are J, 1 equal, and woman, too. Ready for all rough houses. Has a How of hot air that Q can make 1.6 Bill look like a beginner. Uses Bobbie's Constant for heavy 'i ' 1114 'l solutions. fi, l lfj A HAROLD VINCENT MCKITTRICK ROCHESTER, N. Y. "Mac" " Illurh may be mode of an Irishman if you begin young." Three Stripes Qljg Manager Baseball Team, Boxing Championship 143, il Class Color Committee. .'. ' . J' yi' A .. 4 ri 1 f L- The star representative from the Emerald Isle 551 A A .,.' . '-.iii Lifl Q if and the frankest man in the class. A Plebe no- M body cared to bother and a youngster of the dis- ffl T-4 . ' . if pute tribunal who was present at n "al-Fairs." W, E Has learned a thing or two in the last four years, 'ij lf 5 and by telling it slowly enough, he can appreciate ,l 1 rig ,yi a good joke. Says exactly what he thinks and is tl known by the "Com," as "That pertinacious .E young man." Escaped the thralls of the ladies gil until Second Class year, but has been ,,,,,, . . . . U N SQ.ml dividing S900 by I2 and watching the fa 1 mails ever since. "A sensible, moral l. ff QL ff and well-bred " man, who deserves what fl lf! praise may be herein bestowed. xl S if' A A :Q fsG..31-sxf.:r5Eaf-QxfszzgifsfiiSix'' ,Z 'N no iff! 2 85 q,.f" x Q 34. ll! li. iii-FJ 'M 'QSQEQYYQ reg 'lvl ive l'.I. r if Q '."l lf, "2 Nil 'rl . A nj f mv lil 'L l 1. . l 'r .1 my fs lf, STEPHEN BOOTH MCKINNEY T Q lil KNOXVILLE, TENN. s? in fl-l f. ff f LN T' ly "Booth," "Mac," "Dearie', "1 ffl Q, 1 ' J Ly' " 'But if the art, greater than all the rest, 'if' of' being a fine gentleman were lost, it 'R fx X1 gsm' ' mzght be learned from hzm alone." Q NX T -fl -E. M. LANE. .Q QNXXJ 'fy l. . . .Leader Class Germang Choir Q4, 3, 2, ij, ilk., ., Choir Leader lil, Athletic Committee, Class Crest K T Committee, Class Supper Committeeg Chairman ,f if , . 1 jf, Hop Committee, Hustlers 14, 3, QD, Yellow N gl ,ri l and, Brigade Staff' P. O. fab, Two Stripes lil, 2 ,Q Glee Club fill, Social Aide to F. B. Mgr. lil l, . ' 'l . i K,--5 . A Southern gentleman of the finished type. fs .-.X il ry ji my l 14 T. l l A A man of many loves, usually first sight and a if hang over the next morning. Plays football, re- ceives at hops, takes a hand in the greater American game and attends all the ses- jig .il -1 fy' l W, J T fl Cl Vip lil 'l 1 If' ffl 7' l ll fl ll ll ill ll El it ' xx- th 'llv .U X i v l fX y X J, sions with the same .vang frald air. Unusually talented in the musical line, which he l Ll uses to the discomfort of Chips and many others. Never on time anywhere and l 1, forgets everything lespecially when talking to the latestj. Points with pride to ,gf ,. Dickey as the result of his training. Likes the easy seat with no resistance, ofiicial or otherwise. Astonished all by starring First Class year and regrets that early 'l P f U r 'VI ,. graduation and the proposed Ensign Bill will tear him entirely away. '9 ERNEST DOYLE MCWHORTER lg ELLISTOWN, MISS. "A1p1ade Theta," "Mack," " Mick " rf O bed, bed, bed, delirious bed, That heazfen on earth I0 a weary head." wma Executive committee. First Class P. o. ll - A mild-mannered Irishman with the swinging ,QQ stride of' the true sea-dog. Fond of running, but Q 'l" 1 safely confines his effiorts to his classmates, with 'll especial attention to Jimmy Kuppenheimer, Lucy gl Thermometer, and the prospective tea-mess. Agent of Luna Park Cigarettes. Picked up one ,Q stripe through the misadventures of a 7' ml ground floor celebration. Accounts for his presence among the 87 by telling of if his early industry. " I used to start up 'fp A the kitchen stove and take indicator cards J, ll on the teakettle " back in the suburbs of l, Dublin. M , , ' S- - 336- Cialis? 1 cw X se ,f it l Yqx ef Q, EH 'Aw iiifssisze-grsiv-.11-iff '- - A. - w --r5.'Q.jkfg- 1-. ix.-44-fe--... '. by lim yl Q ZA WILLIAM THOMAS MALLISON WASHINGTON, N c A 4 A X 1 if to Tommy -'1 A .-N "fl little leuozuledge is zz dangerous thing. in G A' il 'AH ,Y i . ' if 2905 Ll : f I t , I Y 1 il A U sr r, an l A ,nn-. - mi .. 3 Buzzard Q1 H. il .. One of Plug's McNuts, who startled his friends First Class year by announcing his can- A QQ, didacy for Nfl' place in the class. Decidedly a .17 man of action as well as assertion. Goes to the fi Vp chain locker to find out how much water they are if getting in the chains, and tells Pap Redgraves il "A stud bolt is a thing you put through the head ijifqgfpsiaegz1.,s-gqggzgf.5-,155fxsifizrgggi,lg of a screw to keep the threads from backing off." ' On the Sandy McGill type of agitator, who has Q a poor sense of humor, but accepts the role of the goat with true Southern ' composure. RUFUS WELLINGTON MATHEWSON DURHAM, CONNECTICUT i i 532 " Christie," " Mamie " "Virtue is bold, and goodness wer fearful."-MEASURE FOR MEASURE. .rs Three Stripesg Class Baseball Team. A tl Don't point your Hnger at him or he'll blush fi and step on his own shins. Comes from Durham, 1-fx, and swears the municipal seal is not a Bull tag. ei- fl g , ffl Shaves once in a while, and on these occasions is -'Lp l l I , . qwytf -.-lf -P-:rail-TSG-fri? -ft-cf-fXf41r .1 A r . Y ff ' - , my ,:-i,,1,- fa 2.-1,-Q.--,.Qfgff:,Q-If ,Lv ,:,L.x:- Luz , I 1 - ,, 5 l ft f l I AN gil 1 1 f A ,L -v I V 'ul 1 1' i f f hard to recognize. Illustrates all recitations by ll drawings on the board which resemble a Newport gy fog. Got three stripes, rated them and then ft doubted the judgment of the authorities in giving ip L' him such high oHice. Makes a hit with the side lines at dress parade by his politeness toward his p ' company. Rushes to the left ,fosgflsnn ofthe line and in a timid voice PM ASHAVE YQ X ,X says Now right dress-Oh K 2 no, pardon me, fellows, please X - 1 go left dress Qi X 5 5525s 355232523ET?Y3i?fi'?'ffTfgifl21'f7,-8135.LLL-if :J ,,,., "".-,-L-16' -'x'i'I'Q 0 . CC og N K N X N xx .R , 23 Z glh - ' , if I lt, " 1 ' Z., Y 1 ,z 1 5 ' cpe, 45 7 ,ln rj f i wig R '7 wfgrea X lag Q97 likb ,it 'lang an ,YQ K l l v L ff ' ' ff .g3:f1Qe2zL.rf1: iii: 1 ' 'if ' . lim N - ' if . .. i .gg My pi LOUIS HENRY MAXFIELD ii 33.7 ST. PAUL, MINN. V X m y X Ani A "Louey," "Max," "Maxey," "Cyclops" ij I " His sperfh, his looks, his zfery air xt A N. ,M .fill spealz so mozfingly.-ADDISON. s 51 . 5. ur- 1 a E9-'K l Class Ring Committeeg Santeeg Buzzard tiljg 'vi l Ps .4 ii , K A l 'Ji . 4.. is 'Q 'X if if-1 I iff 14' ' tw 1 r'l if i r l f A - fi ls i-W W 1 ' . VH . s, s ,Is l ,Ii fi, l 'lil lil i '4 Nlanager Class Hockey Team. Yi An enthusiastic ex-student of Boston Tech. who recites with such vigor that the people of Annapolis wonder if the Brigade is having cheer practice. Was made adjutant of the Plebe Bat- C' talion because he had parallax of the eyes, and could dress the companies by the intersection of ii T his two lines of sight. Commanded the Nevada l in line style First Class cruise. lncidentally came aboard from a dance at St. George's lsland with all the trimmings of his white blouse gone except the hooks -she was overheard to say that she didn't care for these. Made himself' eligible for Royalty at the class supper and was crowned by Dr. Grady the next week. Has f' E, rosy cheeks, a debonair manner and a hearty way about him even when rhino-ing. it IRVING HALL MAYFIELD 5 RUSTON, LA. ,y "May," "Ikey" km " l1'halo'er he did was done with so muah ease, ,A To him alone 'twas nalural to please. "-DRYDEN. Two Stripes lzlg Three Stripes Q2 A i' Here is Lord Chesterheld reincarnated in a I blue-eyed beauty from Louisiana, with an afliec- tionate disposition and Hobsonesque traits. Lived p E T ' with Cupid during the major part of three years 51. and has done most of the target practice for the A i I family. Learned at an early date the superiority L 1 5 ' 'jffex of bridge over his longed-loved checkers. 2,3 W M TQ fl - Has a soft Southern drawl it's a shame pf Xt' X to waste on recitations. Pulled the T ld fix string on the Nevada's life buoy last ll" ii Q lil.. - lil il L ili? summei to see what would happen, but ily lg W! decided not to Walt. il, i W If yi 88 5532? -27 ff .Lf ff' 1 l , ff W W 1 if fflxi :T '- ...-0' Q V L. . -u A' 1, ..- R- Nxtrbblritslx'-Cx'-cxxx'iw.x:1,:L xxfax. Shxgxfe-, 1 1 1 I y gl ki lil ,fx i 4 ,in 2:2 ALBERT HART MILES tx " l "'. gg NORFOLK, VA. X- V Ci as M k ,, ss Sk. ,, ss W b ,, ss ,, l NN S, on , A lpper, am a, y Y T A .. HK was the milder! manuerer! man ,N I gl Tha! ezfer :milled :hip or ful a Ihroalf' i "H ' T' il tl 'Q -BYRON. 'ff V. ifl jf 'Q Choir 14, 3, 2, lj, Class SupperCOmmitteel2lg - ,. rl ' JN i , ,, ' v 1 ,E-fi Benedictf4, 3, 2, I lg TWO Stripes Q lj, Glee Clublzl- jk Behold the personihcation ofiragtime and min- ljfi strelsy. The pioneer of the class, also the leader l,l', If . . . . . X, H of the "one idea" faction and Third V1ce-Pres1- 1-Q f, sie' dent of the Absence Makes the Heart Grow ,rg Nl -if ' Eonder Association. Is suspected of pulling wires ' L lu, ,Y I , X ' --- Y' -ff-.f:..1-.NA -xx -AL---Ai f 15353-ff 5,6455-f kfisiiwlil Tillilifgejeg 13'f5fT'3 A fa .., ,, ,jf to rush the Ensign Bill this session, and during Q f the season of " Real Excitement" runs on schedule time, with frequent excursions. ,. 4 Can make music out of anything from a comb to a B. SZ W. boiler, and is always f' ready for a " bigjubilationf' Very sea-going and a good man with anything that 4 1 , , . floats. Composer of the famous lyric 'fSail, Navy, Down the Field." "Listen to 5, the story of my coffee colored career." i FREDERICK WOOD MILNER WORCESTER, MASS. "Fritz," " Fred" g , " Near, not gaudy."-LAMB. ggiiii 5iiiii'i'3fe"fferieifieifp. ii api ..- First Class Buzzard gg 1 A quiet exponent of the non-reg. life, trained yy, fi 5,3 WJ, 'il in the old Third Company. Devoted part of his J I . ,. 1 - time to exploring the country across the bridge, 5,3 lli but his efforts were not appreciated by the disci- . . L, .V i i .,, pline department. A supplier of "makes" to all 54 ,. r af- V hands and holder of the record for hard luck ., vii yr f ' "jf smoking paps. Early in life succumbed 3, xxlx I M xii x ' to the charms of Elsie from Chelsea, alias i ,f- , Billy Brown, and remained faithful until 5 Alum! a hard fate separated them last summer. it c Gtherwise has been a true Red Mike. ,ff W ? T? .cr, fy li ifilg 89 1' '5' 3 . it " i cf' YQ . -.1-Q--... , .a.,, 'Q wp X f , V A i. ,.i A O G' t' l 'lpliivw -,f,,.1uTf'Q1 3, " 'A JOHN ALBERT MONROE it yt . K ELMIRA, N. Y. ' j . H ack" .Wifi " With smirk and smile his ,brofessors to heguile.l'l'l, ll . -ANoNYMoQs,. it Second Class P. 0. tl Q. at S Q His one pastime is draughting of plans for if yi.. every kind of death and destruction from the l latest type of automobile to the largest battleship. Includes a man with a wheelbarrow in his sketch fig Lx, of a cupola and a quartermaster at each wheel of t. . . . if his steam steering gear. Has a grin like a Heathen jf ,Q , ,gf eaas Chinee and a bristly pompadour that has kept him lyfl. w SJ a fruitful grease with the Dago Department. Is r 1 , true to America in his choice of smokes and is always supplied with Bull and the 5 i r papes. More of a savoir than he is given credit for and never known to be gy forced to bluff. A smooth, smiling greaser. ff. . if 1 f WALTER RUDOLPH MONTESER . v fu.. l YONKERS, N. Y. i H Monte " "fl little round man, with a little round belly ggi? That shook when he laughed like a bowl full of jelly." Four Buttons Qzjg Buzzard fljg Spring Foot- ii ball Squad. l - ' lt' lil f A man whose resence is necessar to an t P Y Y til. J heterogeneous gathering and whose name is prob- Qt . ably still fresh in the memory of Tommy Hart. lil Nothing of a savoir, strange as it may seemg in 'fel fact, hls only clalm to greatness IS his Nixonic ljit yi Q, , -F47 appearance. Oft in danger, oft 1n woe, ., l l if 4 . but he has managed to survive the pap ll 3 Qx t l, sheet and IS with us, even unto the end. l l lk if - - ffl if-'79 Quiet and game with the perseverance 22 ' 1,13 f f to win. 1 l . 2 lm l -' - C f M -. J' " I l'l"w"1'h? Th'T1'f'if1q't2'xT5'f5E1:-Lxflfflff-S1. -V -3'-TQ -2 ' -, X l 4 , , ,,,-,. Q., ,t Sirk? .. . . ., ECSJS l I 90 ,fi l l JJ of lib if if 'A ,l X -A so fi .18 1 -xr. '. ',Ql!-, x' ROBERT LANGFORD MONTGOMERY X 'N A I COUNCIL BLUFFS, IOVVA iifx, L - --Til 4 " Babe," H Monty," 'Russian" "Behold the rhild, by Naturals kindly larc, TS- w Pleased zciih a rattle, lifkled with a straw.-POPE. '59 - T Santee 14,3 Second Crew Q3 jg Crew tal, ' Class Football LQ, Football Squad 5 The big Russian, with an amble like a polar bear and a chronometer escapement of his own patent. Has a firm belief that he is it, and all comers are 'falso rans." Can make the girls think he is the A No. I, and the profs. that Woolsey's little book is off the trail. An all-around sea- going man, especially on the bridge of the Denver Y ff ts'as 1 'fffififfll2'4f5lfi?ff'i with a stadimeter, lashed to the lee-rail. Firm in his belief that the natives of Funchal are thieves 'I and below his dignity. "l'm crying because they're talking about poor old Newt. , They called him Maud, and poor Newt's sick. They said Hee-Haw Maud." l "Stand by to tack," "Tack," "Get together, Monty." HENRY CLAY MURFIN, jr. JACKSON, OHIO " shorty," " Murfu "I do bu! Jing because I must, 1-Ind pipe bu! as lhe lifznets sing."-TENNYSON. Choir Q4, 3, 2, lj, Class Executive Committee, "Lucky Bag" Staff 115, H Three Stripes tal. i A jolly chap of great cleverness, stilted as to legs but not as to conversation. Always ready to Q - take part in anything from jack-stones or ring- f N i around-the-rosy to a jubilation. His room looks l "u like a warehouse-guitars, jews-harps, mandolins, jr i and a grandfather and grandmother, papa and if? 3 mama and 'steen children set of sweet spuds. Can if I imitate the roar of a gorilla, a broadside battery, lil 1 i the ticking of a watch or the crying of a babe. 3' The tallest pipe in the famous calliope trio, and the x r , 1 , ' star member of most rough-houses. Fusses, talks vi T of Philadelphia, and at odd moments performs in the Bozo Brothers Ill fake a second Give Mr Murfin the Offlicer in Charge s com C if phments and ask him to stop that infernal noise 72-.4 'S 2 Z fl ...Q- 7 . . J , fl WW' ll K l X lj ' cc U fi ji. I , 1? ' lil' ,- 449 4 4 ' ' ' I 1 ' 0 Msgs . . 1 -.etff" ' Y jl , 5 3 ' ' ' il-7 , . . . , I xx L , ,Jr IV, . K t 1 . . ,, 3 X ,, - S 'sl A' f Q Ill i' 1 ll L 3 '1fg'i5.'i'l F- iii? -s -f-Tifi d S ffl - - A + . X L X xi 9 I gmfjfl 4 w-fi xv? if' O . S5 i , 1 5 "LY, Venti EYEQRQ-li V S. - A . , . .. . . N, ., .-.,.Y'Vsz xx KBC. QP, , SR Xgvgx ig, ff 9 iii lj 5,5 JAMES MCCLEES MURRAY 7f ,lf 5 if THOMAS, PENN. , 'QA 14' is -zZ3J4Z,Qfq-Q if 'Q "jimmy " WLUW .1 . jf' . . . . Jima if, ig-il "The Pipe-with solemn znterposzng pujf, E,,.,....... .Q in. 4 , 1 LH lljl' Ilflakes half a sentenee at a time enough, "IQ ' r 53 The dozing sages drop the drofvsy strain, 1 Then pause and puff and speale and pause again." li -COWPER. V, J, ll' V l 'i Class Football Qgjg Class Track Qi, Four MLM Buttons tai, Buzzard 1,1 J. ljfll A happy-go-lucky son of Pennsylvania. if Always in an amiable frame of mind and when he smiles he is the envy of all tooth powder adver- ,jj t1sers. ls willing to accommodate anyone at any- gil time even to the extent of lending his melodious voice at a jubilation and can fake anything. Can ,iii go to recitation and fill his board with hot air and vi fr ill? reel it of until the instructor calls for help. Never in too much of a hurry to yy catch a smoke. Took his First Class cruise on the hot box Florida, and incident- l',r if ally played bridge in every part of the ship from dynamo room to fighting top, L l . . - g ,g h h 't nd ll t f t f B ldy' tht ,E 'A W CII C WEISII 2ll'OU. CO CC 111 FH HIGH S O 21 S OU . li' fy' ill gli "N li RALPH CUTLER NEEDHAM l V l-i ,ii MoNSoN, MASS. Egg "Need,', "Ralph," "Sch1itzeS" "Sense in the diamond, weighty, solid, sound.',-YOUNG. pf. ll, Qiji Buzzard Q2 jg President Athletic Association ll3lS Husflfrrs l-4: 31 9-li Baseball l4: 31 Qi? Star jfs Descended upon us early in the game from Old Fli's classic halls. A glance at his philoso- :Qi pher's brow and classic prohle informs you that if he is a representative of learning and culture gg, straight from the Codfish shores. Sports a pres- fi ll 1 Q. entation sword for being ,O77S best contribution to yy ll. ,N 'ful 1 it Navy athletics. Famous as "Annapolis' crack li J, 1 ff . in ,J twirlerf' Rough-houser QA, 3, 2, ij and mimicer of Queenie and Doc Frank. Has been overheard V51 to say he wouldn't mind duty in Crabtown and 5 can be seen any hop night at 11.59. Survived if Second Class leave on Broadway with Larry, but ,Q fl, ,ffl hasn't been the same since Qneither has Larryj. lil fy iv 'tl think lVlr. Needham is so sympathetic and ll , good looking." "ll ' frflff--"'."5, 2? iflf fffij-f9S,E-'14-355-231- hggigiigf-Xfl11Z:i7737aT5TQf'-f-aiiiie' X , A A as as . 9 92 A2233 Q 2-ZX " x E, iffy' ' sb x ll! .fi V. Eaves-Lwelzirg-3Is.,-Q.w--:a1-r.X.s.xzaxrlarpffcsxxisc-1f.f.:ir:g'.1:cs.:f:fgavQ+SC1Lf-,zf-,Lx ' 1 -qv Q 'Q-1 ' if i lim 5 LWYTSAMF fl . , yi li' me I- 661 I R pal! if 1 NEWTON LORD NICHOLS I l .5 dwg, ff Q34 NEW HAVEN, CONN. , iii it -. f- 4 A f .5535 H Newt," U Newty," K' Nick " X 3g37,L QF I n ff Y Y Y 197. if "He drafceth out the thrzad of his verbosity l - is jfner than the staple of his argument. BQ -SHAKESPEARE. vi . , . 416 Buzzard ffl, Ijg Christmas Card Committee iii fjgjg Class Crest Committeeg Farewell Ball Com- fm ijt mitteeg Art Editor "Lucky Bagn Committeeg lil . Track My Hop Card Committee ljj. A rosy and aristocratic chap from the town ofone il of our leading knowledge dispensaries, but from the number of wooden section rolls that he has f Q. been on, evidently didn't inhale much of the ozone. Q l l Rum ored that he once took spelling and lunch Cf there. Celebrated the entrance of his ship into qf l-Q the harbor of Funchal by giving four rufiies to the "bum-boat." Is a gay young ff lj Romeo whom walls and balconies cannot daunt. An artist of note and an enthu- jf-G siast, handsome in himself and his work, which makes him an invaluable member. U13 7 ' t l A strenuous man with late lights and boning but has the qualities of a winner. ll gg WARREN CASE NIXON Q1 JACKSONVILLE, ILL. lift "Louis," "Monte," "Roman," "Cupid," " Nix " "Of fomfort no man speak .' fi, Let's talk of graves, of worms, and epitaphsf'-SHAKESPEARE. tl . . Q-ft Class Ring Commltteeg Manager of " Lucky I rg I 5,7 Baggn Buzzard XV gg X X gg g gg . ai.: -q-- ef:-ff-ef-C fH+-F: ale. :,1 .'.. -,Y,,L,--, k -,-:?1 'K V mpgs' "lf AFR' ' ' f, ,X K The business man ofthe class-says he doesn't gm t l ' .91 f mind being the goat, but he does. Came to grief illi 1 .il Ji ii H il 1 only once when a Spanish tree almost broke his f heart. Always ready and anxious to argue that he 243 i,, 'wt Q32 IS the Red lNt1ike of the Red Mikes. QA picture .r has been on his locker door since plebe yearj Ml Great on midnight arguments and will turn out at i' 'ri l l tl 3 cl l. l any hour to take the other side, whether he knows ga l what the subject is or not. As a member of the ll Fifth Company, Fire Department, one night he heroically saved the Armory Wing from ' ' burning. QI-Ie started the f1re.j Pretends ,it I7 l X 5: ' to be a cynic, but cheerfully lends his last ffl 'Q fl' lmgxk shirt to his worst enemy and will stick to a l 4,-. , ii. 1 friend through anything. ll ffl yi i :issfries:55Esfg..:1fQ1gifjg1.-.11221. Effie -is-1- 1-szf-:-Livres. A' Cz ,. T ,fri it at , 93 ,xv K xjgfxwji 3714 X-3 X J' A J l ,-fjg, K, iff .L , ,Q f W . as A l 1. A -24.8, L,z, ,L L.. rg, , A , ' X'-"Wir" 'gif 4. 5 6 -A- . 1" f' j, lf' .a . 1 Q' L if W g ' .VYV Y, ll - rf gf . ,if EQ . M f ff 1 "Al T ,ff 'T gig HOMER HINE NORTON gf . .3 iffj CLEVELAND, ol-no. I X 1 ,Q .,, Lx i X 'X , Q L3 if '1 y ' 17 1 ' i f, li " ' , is lil "Bu11,' " K1d we lr if hir ' Um A ' ' iffi in "They always talk who nezfer thinkf, tif l " A 2 E ' iqpi' ' 5 an .f1i'Ql,'Lf Fi gm 1 lf I 1 HH i I s .4 Q0 ,Q in 1 ll gli -ADDISON. .1 . if 3 l y l V ,Nf W1 ' X Ld , J 1 ' X Q Y N, ix One Stripe Qljg Yellow N f2jg'T f gy Football Team Q3, 2, Ijg Nil: Qljg - 'J, f i . Captain Basket Ball Team QU. ll , 'A ffl if, The infant prodigy with a past. When dis- i ,wi ry posed he plays football in star style. Won the A 'l ffl :X coaching squad's heart by his loyal support of the jf rl team-and incidentally sent the manager crazy by K W .if 'fl if . . . . f his demands for new stockings and accessories in 5 ig ii which to delight the ladies. ll 2122?-QQ? isa-fir-'-fa-Cbf'E..x:h "1- -ff m 1-2 11 f :Jig Ui ' ' J. i.13!:2ffQf-.fffffekk eaefe Was subject of special sermon on account of fi L ls 'il' choice signals given on the football field. With fi l Jonas, is a charter member of the "hole,' club holding forth in Jonas' dive. Has gli Windy completely backed off and recites his virtues verbatim by the hour. V ill ff li wi lL' V, ill Expects to get duty in the Ordnance Department. Really too young to do every- ji. f i i thing he 'tries. A handsome lad who finds the service severe but offering large opportunities. 214 CARL TOWNSEND OSBURN JACKSONVILLE, omo 1 ,4 ti fy , 4 . fl fi "fi kind of exrelfent dumb disroursef'-SHAKESPEARE. mg lim if' liffQ3 'T F552-1-fas?sSf.m?Qf2:fQ s3?':fiG1f.gj3'QJ 'Fly i, VX 1-ly :Q-,E-J-. ,v-c,, - DC,-ls,-,..,....-,X,. ,QQ ..c, ,QA . .JW ,W M ffl Rifle Team 13, 253 Buzzard Ly fi W V. l i . . i 'ff A quiet countryman from Ohio, who took a I ly course in agriculture before entering the Academy il iff because he heard that ships ploughed the waves. .-I M l Once made a speech of ten words, but, as his room fj mate fainted, he hasn't tried it since. It is ru- li? gli 6 -fi ll I 'fl ii mored that he once attended a hop. A sympa- L i' thetic listener to all of Guy's love stories, though if i ,. never known to show much excitement over any- U i'i is thing. Made mysterious canoe trips A in -Y-A -xi i G l Www 5a,,MmgMwTz'off, Wi' up the river First Class summer y '1flLLFf'fN"f'N but in his usual talkative way kept ' i - ' - ' ' . af jpgllx i silent about them. Will argue on ff Q. 1, , . . i Wg !! but one subject-the size of the l ., l X11 corn crop in Squedunk County. 3 - ,V Nei!!! 'f iw ' P . li li' li i W H gy i A Jig gd ,,'ii.-f,.'1-s1 1. ings Ffa is isis 33:4551Swixieif,f4q5ff:s.iffir1v:e1s52:.s.a. 12.22131-E , l . l . 94 wg , ffsgjil Hiya dy! "W-5 ff silly T f'Q"Qr-5-PQ'l?s Ns X f'1'3-7"iFnc1...':-ff-'-.. 'ifiw NI X iff-A :QTY -Q I il il it l ' ,I CALVIN PERCY PAGE an tl jj FREDERICK, MARYLAND 4 s . 4 s A 4 - , , tg Calvin," " Pagey," F1ossy," Swedie if W "A lion among ladies is a dreadful filing." fl -SHAKESPEARE. :U . A. vi X M , .- fi Hop Committee Qzjg Farewell Ball lzlg Buz- zard 125, Brigade Adjutant tal. V! 15? Ji "Maryland, My Maryland! 3 ,- ' fl I-Ie is the pride of Maryland l " l rl . iq j.- The man from Frederick on the Spa. One if fl of the brightest pages in the history of his state. lf ijii jf, A youth as sweet and stirring as a fudge spoon. '.' 1 ' r , Q bg . . l7.f il f. Has an indexed volume for his dates, but doesn't f-., AY ,V K. ,Eta AAKAN ,WWF . . . ti-t gQ13Eieff5'5frTrix? sif:Q11fQmq.5f.5f.ff.z.zNw:,f,,-gj let the ladies crowd out his boning, and the fi A , 4 "pernicious mark." Was shining light at M. A. ' C. Recipient of the howling mob's salvos, and cries of"the Pride of Maryland." ' f Has a dainty pink complexion like a calendar picture. Makes the Doctor jealous H. at the staff' table, but gets the bloated grease marks just the same. "Do you I i . Q know, Pm awfully cut up about that dance-now really, you don't mean it?- L' 1 A .Ay lcharminglv, always threei Ha' Ha' Ham , . . Al, JAMES PARKER, Jr. oft , NEWARK, N. J. gi rg y ',-'l L . , .fy ' jlmmy ' gpg if" "Look, lze'.v zcinding up the zcalrh of his wit- 1' By and by if will mike."-SHAKESPEARE. i,-', First Class P. O., Santee QQ, Track Team l4j. in -. .rfglf The class wit-of a humor so dry it makes 'iff lg you thirsty to look at him. Grew savvy through living with Dusty, until that shooting star passed jfj ff from the sky, since then jimmy has lived with lf ln Al 'i' the tea-going sailor, but has managed to keep his Q93 li ,fl fussing within bounds. Has taken unto himself' lift stature, if not dignity, during his career in the il 4 W, Jr, ,l-. if Navy. Possessed of a merry heart, undaunted 5.3 if . . , l by exams. or conduct grades, and still said to be if l ll' 4 A in his own possession. Some- ii if thing of a sprinter Member Royal Clan, Florida Ven tured ashore ending in adven ture true Navy style Papa i-I X l' QL. s occupe des bagages' Q-Q-4, 1 I 1" wg f X ix . . ii ' L5 if A ' ' an 5-' Fa I ' ' ' F 0 . . . . fl, i.: o , 1- - in f ia T 0 cc ,E 0 - - ' ", fi, if ' X 9 1 7 .' X I", 4 F . ,Q j gi 1 i i i' L- if A f E , 31-1 ' ill! A Simi? if .si SQiL':2.f5Z 'gfrf' S:1ilf,1,i'gQT1 -115 3? ,- - -p,-Q--1. if E i-471' A -'iq 5 - -P ig gy vw-4 ,N 9'-K X . . -I cf' 1 f Egrsp.. T-:Lf 5 N -if . gf , .f-.eq as fxaf f tra?-1' X -'fist-,. V-agp if-.. ?:L- -Y 'E - 1' ,V ,svgssfgs.:-ggqys-'Tfs.e.,y,'Q A-f i 1 l Q4 f J: ' .J i Q 'RA A ,- ,V YA .Sf -,.,Y -,Y Y Y W, A-,LL ML ,ba . - Y Y. f Y t A ' '-V Nix, 5- 5 , fb, YQQLQN 1:f.ili'w.li1ifv-'iE'lE'-fi7l?iS2iif'iTs-ELZETE-cEf.a1' 15-,iii i .i X , , n 2 i RALPH CHANDLER PARKER . BATAVIA, N. Y. X Q' , ' H Sun," M Sunny jim " ' "I 'ZL'0ll!f!l'f1t' gods had made me poetiralf' -SHAKESPEARE. 19 T Rifle Squad ffl, Il, Buzzard lil. A lean, lank, lad with poetical tendencies, an I, apologetic manner and a smile which would do credit to a Sister of Charity. Looks down on the common herd, With a tolerant sigh, and breathes an atmosphere fifty per cent. rarer than the rest of il us. Sunny loves an argument, but before he can give voice to his views, the bugle has busted and only the flies on the ceiling are left to face his eloquence. A conspicuous figure on the rifle range last spring. It is rumored that he has patented a long distance method of foot control. "Yes sir, this is the circumferential deviation." fln considering this example, care should be taken to 1 1 i introduce the correction for altitude, as Without it reliable results are impossiblel. fl ll CHARLES FELTON POUSLAND l SALEM, MASS. j " Puggyj' " Lieut.-Comdr. Tougely U. S. N." i M115 if the man lzadfixed his fare, l In many a solifary plafc, 5 .Jgaimt the wind and open sky.-WORDSWORTH. Buzzard Q lj. S S S V First and foremost a squire of dames, who '1 glances approvingly into his hand-glass, pats down ,Cl the last truant lock, sets his cap at a rakish angle, 522 gives a final hitch to his trousers, and takes the 'l deck and the hearts of the fair visitors. Excep- l tionally sea-going-spins Wonderful yarns of a cruise along the Maine coast in a sloop of three fingers draft and twenty feet after all. His thun- derous tones penetrate the Whole ship, even to the double bottoms. Transgressors shiver, mokes turn pale, and the skipper sounds collision drill when he takes the deck. "Engine room there!" "Ohl just look at my face." 51. . 1. f.-,iQ.5z ass fasts s if ri- -1 lfingx 96 v,f,EV,y,.f 67 N15 ii P.O.Q1lg Football Squad Q4jg Fencing Squad 131, Class Football Q4, 3lg Hazing Committee QQ, Resolution Committee fzjg Choir Q4, 3, 2, ll, Class Executive Committee, Red N loarlg Santee QD, Class Orator Q4, 3, 2, Il. A man with a future as well as a past, strenuous and successful, from politics and graft to society and athletics. Guilty of most of the contents A . of this volume. Deep and determined, with vast ambitions. The pride of the Dagoes, who has every officer completely bluffed or bewildered, and goes on leave bi-monthly. Worked the hospital gag four years with the exception of a three months cruise on the Santee. The Mark Antony of the class, an orator and anarchist who wields the power on any subject where principle is involved. Suffers terribly in the hospital every Saturday morning during Navigation, but recovers in time for dinner and the theatre. Never condescends to study mere routine work, has a natural aversion to rest, and opposes the various schemes of graft by trying them on himself. Combines with Larry and Jonas for the luxurious life, the best cigars, and fussing devoted to the country at large. FRANCIS DAVID PRYOR SAN FRANCISCO, CAL. H Freddy" , . is F y ' "'Bid me discourse, I will enfhant thine ear."-SHAKESPEARE. One Stripe A short, little cherub with a sea-going roll I. like unto that of a Skowhegan canal boat, close- .I hauled. Has a rare smile, a persuasive manner, and a happy faculty of convincing you that Freddy I knows it. Intensely interested and earnest in all he undertakes, and recites in a calm and philosophical style. Can hand out a hot line of small talk in astonishing style, which fact, combined with his Chesterfield manners and the aristocratic ...'1p, ' curl of his forelock makes him much in demand at the hops Kissed the fair maidens at Philadelphia until his megaphones ran out A good fellow and a faithful friend 0 H O if ' , 97 ,H sq. f 1 ' - 'Z fl EARL WILLIAM PRITCHARD ,Jeff INDIANAPOLIS, IND. "wwf "Admiral" . IQ' len Hllfly mind lo me an empire is."-SOUTHWELL. ll Varsity Crew QQ, Il, Editor-in-Chief X "Lucky Bag," Buzzard fill, Brigade C. C. will 1:1 1 i "N . . s . . . . . , , E.-. w .fi t.x:-.TfoITfli:QT5--T--is:-is A 'iii S.:-ffr?2i1iL1Eii-51524xc K S9 X1 1 rl, ' i" kx,,,f CHAUNCEY EZRA PUGH ,A .N .' X 35. 1 I Q-if jj UTICA, NEW YORK 'Q H Ez," "Ezra," H Pug " ill "He thought as a sage, fl Though he felt as zz man."-DRYDEN. i i 4 J, w" Buzzard Qljg Choir Q4, 3, 2, lj, Golf ff h,.h 14, 3, 2, lj, Track Team QQ, Class Executive T Committee, Class German Committee, Manager , 1 if? 1. Ti if -Q .. WV l i wi . 9 if i, Nix, QQ' if Baseball Team Qljg "Lucky Bag" Committee. ly A philosopher from the haunts of David QQ' if Harum who, despite the "Gods of Steam" still ,if charms us with his wild notes. A royalist with ' i dinners, stories and good fellowship. An authority l if on hair drugs, restorers and rheumatism. Am ll', -aaas artistic gentleman grafter who has met and mas- tered every difficulty of life. Fusses occasionally 1" lv' and puts the regulars to blush, but manages to recuperate between hops. Loves lllg to bat the pill among the grave stones, and can be seen any afternoon sprinting for the links. Enjoys a good cigar, and indulges in "close harmony." Knows f the latest operas and the singers. A Fifth Avenue aristocrat, who deserves only lf? to be rich and handsome. 'fSay, fellows, I heard a good one the other night." ly ll gg' ll. 'il GEORGE MASTICK RAVENSCROFT CLEVELAND, OHIO "Splits," "Red Raven," " Mr. Ravensplitsn fi. fti "I do know of these That therefore only are reputed wise, :Ni F of wyiffg fwthing-" q25Q?j.,,s,,, ,.s.. .... A ,.,.,,-,,a,a,.aj'livr, ,'Tx'ywuf,??i 9?5'5'll9- SE -l' -:f5- iii' -5' --' "-:S --' ?3v"3i"vFiY '1 Two Stripes gig i . . . . 'lil N i' A quiet, dark-haired lad. Never indulges in QQ Qlj . . i' 'W over-seemly mirth, but gets there just the same. A disciple of the Admiral, and strong on the - . . it it Port Griswold side. Rumored that on Sunday tbl . 'gl ll nights at the small hours was a strong attendant lfj ,ff . . Q., my at the festal board in Annex B. A Red Mike of ti it . lf, yi note, but broke the picket rope, and does OH'-hand, heart-breaking finishes on the circuit tracks. Kept yi Bull down for three years, but has given up the ff care. Plug's favorite in a section room. A fi as strong advocate of the rest cure, ly Q 1 and Givenot's quick lunch. "Red li I f..-rye-m, T, A- . . ffl Q f zgijxbfx Ravensplits, ask the man, Wilson ag: Q M f " -that's all, sir!" lg' - , - X 4 yt - f gill N J I ' . 98 A ' '-" ' U fx ,X X, 1 f"'J " x f Xt Q3 ,. ji , vi l exssesaia-iwesqat-ff:-im-r-xfir.xxneufc.xv. axv:-.xx-a:e.:,1sxsa'r.gvs:55Bf5:aer:.Xl 'H L if i 525 55 ALBERT CUSHING READ i-'il W, if 'V it , 12,2 tm SOUTH HANSON, MASS. f Q., V U as 7 li C44 Putty in l S", 1 if "He is retired as noon-tide dew, lxl Orfountairz in a noon-day grow." 2 -WORDSWORTH. :ic EA' if Coxswain Third Crew Qjlg One Stripe lil, Star ta, 3, 25. f' in A quiet, unassuming man ofsmall stature with ,A I. fi an over-supply of savoir, which appears in an easy .- x 1., il, 5 fi "don't care" manner. With Caskey's air of recit- 'Zf i T3 . . . . SQ-3 iff? ing he could have had the mightiest crying for 3'2fffsv11:fafs.e:g help. Has a proud record of patience and good Ti nature. Lived four months with Jakey Klein, , followed by four with Dusty. Used to have an aversion to society, but contracted i the hop habit in its most aggravated form. One of the chief interests at , dress parade owing to his contrast in appearance with Shorty Murhn. JOHN BARCLAY RHODES .i 1oLA, PA. 1 ri n, ,- rx H DuSty,', H Rods " 'i "He knew whafs what and ihat's as high fly metaphysie wit can ffyf'-BUTLER. S . "Mueh learning doth make thee mad."-ACTS. 53333551 Star Q4, 3, 2, IQ, Math. Fiendg Santee VA A Quaker who looked so wooden that he fi: surprised everybody by being a savoir. Finds the lessons for days ahead and writes Hrst-aid-to- M the-wooden text books. The class phonograph, 1 and will talk on anything or nothing as long as there's anybody in sight. An eater of no small Vi note, who always chews loo times before 'W swallowing. Holder of record in long dis- Vi tance pie race. Good-natured as the day is y long, never known to fuss or take in a ff X ff hop, a consistent worker and a warm friend. 1 .1 Q ' A S fp gssfsugs. so -af: 51 spsfffrissf Liars-.--.:.4s.s..1f X l hi V . ' 99 rx vw rfiylrgxx, yi HAROLD HOFMANN RITTER l l READING' PA' , iifisbhiiizi , H H , f Bl ' Rats," Critter" ' 5' 4"Q25i' el uhm. 7 2 "Thou ar! long and lank and lean As are the fork-ribbed sands." -COLERIDGE. First Class Buzzard fl One of the original 313, who plods along 3 from year to year, managing to rake in the required 2.5s, but preferring a life of seclusion. Has an unmistakable Pennsylvania Dutch appearance, w and can be seen most any Saturday afternoon set- . 3 ting a great circle course for the Colonial. Con- siders a life in the Navy as a great waste of time, and believes a man with his ability belongs before the footlights. A subscriber to W every theatrical journal printed, and knows Qby namej every theatrical personage ff 'V I V is , Nc:- from Drew to Anna Held. A perfectly good young man, whose friends need not be shocked by the "little spice of harm, etc." CLYDE RUSSELL ROBINSON SPARTANBURG, S. C. H Mike " "Thy way is the sea and thy path in the great wafers And thy foolsteps are not known."-PSALMS. One Stripe, Crew Red Mike Q4, 3, 25, and acted as Stella's regular sub for taps inspections on hop nights. Turned fusser First Class summer and made up for lost time. Agrees with Ghormley that, next to the Line, the Pay Corps is the best branch of the service. Talks as if half asleep, and never finishes what he starts to say because it takes too long. Quiet, modest, and blushes when f xi Y spoken to, yet fond of having his picture taken in dress uniform. Wears a tortured expression at hops that fits well with his XL ,fx copious Water service. Tl C l 4 fl wo Xilfil ' ,R "fa 3 Q' 'i , ,T--f .T- I ANL, .. -LLL I X i -1. - -'4--LfXg:YL,,1,-.-,- ,- r I A ,xvsfrfgc may Ffa . - :-gq5.,,,,.,... .- .,afw:,L.- N,- . fi. f zldjf llw . ii, lf, l 1 ll lvl if i qw ry A ?l H flfl 'ff jlff- fl 27'-T T'f1'QiL27f1TLi'i2'iC5Q ill 'N Irfan .. I 4 I . . Y- Vg . If ,H ,sn ' Scs:g2zeQxzQ1:ffa1gs4ssg+.x:s.f.-QQ. -as-glfgssisezxsxszisasz.re,sa:41ss.-xsewaggaexxig. 43" , 4 NY, I M V W x I ,S FRANK RUSSELL l ' l' 'fi WELLSBOROUGH, PA. ll H Hank," H Pete," H Rus " 'll in Lib ii-4 "Hz that hath knowledge sparclh his words." ,gl -PROVERBS XVIII. l I K is , 44.5 Buzzard Qajg Star fglz, Choir 'fl if iq Old "Steady and Reliable." Never so happy fl as when faking a tenor in an evening jubilation, I, IIA IM ,I V with meditative puffs at his corn-cob between , N ',I , . I numbers. Long and lank, with a scholarly stoop ,fi 'I A Us in his back that accords well with his quiet manner ,N -I I 'jf and his "rep" as a consistent savoir. Une ofthe '. ,L 4 'i- very few who, rating better luck on the February , :lil . . . . ll if gl detail, failed to realize It-never learned the ever- :Q ,al .. I C C ' ' ' ' ' I ef ,Xp popular song Soaked Again. Won a stripe In Q ' May after the downfall ofthe "brutes" and thereby ge became senior member in the Scott-Russell parallel motion. Has a loose-jointed ff Way ofwalking that seems to make imminent a loss of his hands by centrifugal force. m 1' 'V Ivy' l ,fi fl . A ly f LOUIS COLLINS SCHEIBLA lL 4 COVINGTON, KY. I, , "Count," "VVun Lung," HGoat," "Lamb" Il 1. C "If he play being young and unslaillful, l For shekels of silver and gold, Take his money, my son praising Allah, For the kid was ordained to be sold."-KIPLING. I' RMC Squad mls Buzzard A fathom of Blue Grass transplanted and li , doing nicely. The "Long Arm System " in the 4,3 yQ ' lfi Y If- Hesh with a reach that has gained him pounds and - ff mr, i -' . .I , .,, 1 inches. Kept a skeleton in the rooms Second gf lg lf' l A' Class year and was often known to play with the ,il "Bones," Nlarksman of renown, who helped amalgamate the "Nationals," Looks feverish lj, when you mention calling-cards, and is the Ll if ,V w "bookies" delight. Helped to make youngster , l, , V Christmas live forever in our memories, and was y ,V ff, a charter member of the Friday Night 2' f 0 . . . ' Club. Sold his title for a Jack-pot. fi fi .7 CY"'i . 6, I IZA? ,as Longs for graduation. "Three cards 1. please, Mr. Dealer." "You're quite a X large boy now, aren't you, Mr. Scheibla? it 9 ,- I ' 1" qu 'r Ui F I Q: g l X' LL ,. rot ,Q if ,. g, ll ll 5 J 14 ii:?55i'B ' 5'Ifffgfeff'ifgifiHif ilfjlll turret. Blows like a bellows every time he moves. YZ ll f:CI1 XX ll Q 11- -' 9 "-as - Tr..-ffTfi?f--"-.Li' , fft'3,:Y.' 'K " V ' "In sober state, Through the sequestefd vale of rural life, 5 He guileless held the even tenor of his way." :,,,-g -PORTEUS. X33 Buzzard fajg Class Football t3l. An Irishman with a German name who talks German with an Irish accent and English not at ll all. Qnce a P. O., but his buzzard was frightened away by the doings of the Hazing Board. Has f K played some football, but never could train down f l to Navy weight. His greatest athletic accomplish- l.-y I l . ment is juggling twelve inch shells in the Nevada's lie, rv Has a wonderful priestly countenance and beams Q1 ff l benignly upon the world at large. Claims that the color of his nose is not a Q' lg- product of the vine nor a sign of bondage. Spends most of his time trying to 4. ii. work out, by formula "Q," why he left the farm. fi GARRETT LANSING SCHUYLER NEW YORK CITY " Avogadroj' " Nigger jim," " Shylock " f "He knows about it all, he knows, he knows."-OMAR KHAYYAM. Buzzard Qajg Star Qgj. An Italian scientist destined to surprise the Clin---f-wfvf-fe--fe--ma--fs -0,-, ,jg ,j- ,ay-Q,-1:,Q. 3- , -., S,-.2-L- Q- it-,Q .41-.1 Wx f' world. Spends his spare time plotting curves for N 1 everything from sleep to grease marks. Always , i I arrives in section-room with all text books on the QQ. subject, one log book, three pencils neatly sharp- K ened, one regulation knife and laniard, and a sat- ished smile. Was interested in cylindrics once, but dropped the subject for want of data and text books. Danced out of hours to join the fussers' union and developed fast. Believes all waltzes yi rg. . . ff are Dearie and all two-steps are Hlawatha. li Swears that New York is the 1 ,. - Wi 1 l try 1, majority of the United States. if, . .0 l gf, "I like that young Italian, Mr. fly, iylhiuni H ' v lil l Q' f 11' f,'f,l Schuyler, very much. 'flf its fx A-, stopped up, blow in it." ' X-X l li .A , f ., . ,XA 6X.41.'- of .e f ff . . - 1- ,,-4M H. -,. cf- -AN-df fx- .5.,.X--TL-.,-.C-..fAq: .7 .,:xc:XfNf1lll.j I 4 lk U' X l l' K. Nl , y. . X ,. ,. 5, 5- 7, is - A-. Y, , 3 71 Vp- 3-Qjspyox-. ':- ,ie-. .- v,,-'.:.-..'- H ,xdsx-Safe 4- 4- Ehlseeisfaafqlillg ,fx WLJ i 1. 55363, 102 3 XX i X 4 4,1 Q , ,922 i 'V ,Qu L JOHN MARTIN SCHELLING LEAF RIVER, ILL. "Pat," "Billy Heston " I -ff V l T FW "-fx i 'i I 1 ff!! DAVID ALEXANDER SCOTT , Wig Q' "Dave," "Scutty," " Playful Scut " , 2 "I have scarcely ever met with any man Who knew more and said less."-SPITHORNS. Santee lfgijg Fencing Squad Q4., 3, 2, lj, Star Qjjg First Class P. O. A kindly, be-whiskered gentleman of the old A school from up State. Has been a professor in A College,anda doctor, lawyer, and chief of police . in Pedunk-on-the-Hudson, at any rate, so we infer from his many yarns. Qnce offered to bet P his entire amount available 6.503 that his name li 1 . Tj D ei was Scott. Was never known to crack a book, but . depends upon his venerable countenance and vast experience to bluff a 3.8. As a result of cultivating Plebe acquaintances, was able l to add another button to each sleeve. Claims that his corn-cob pipe is superior in every respect to Hank's QScotty's pipe was the real cause of the fumigation of 2 quartersl. Believes in giving his class ring an education-it's now in the Junior A year at Vassar. WILLIAM EVANS SHERLOCK, jr. CANTON, or-no " Shy1ock" "A man of bold and awful mien, and yet exeeeding mild." -'SHAKESPEARIL Buzzard QQ, lj, Santee - To become the finished article, our hero left if the tin soldier school, and entered Uncle Sam's W Home for the Feeble Minded. Since that time, V Blanche has undergone some changes, but on the whole, is much the same as on his first appearance upon this or any stage. Not too much in the limelight, his part has been a front row chorus. Among the fair sex, his conquests are reported T limitless, and we had evidence of this, First Class cruise, when the Griswold fell before him Lives with Ezra, but has not yet learned to shoot for all his early training A 5 . - . 1,-J 5. 4 x" H i . Vi fy M v w .- fr i D Q '13 ll' A lf' I 3 ,X , .' If f ' I wh 4 .h 411 -, - -, :N -cf -A ' - -f - - -.. . .lil . J,--.-f ,- ' ..,,.- - .. Y., 4. 1.1. V Y. -nz. 1 ,- 1-74 - -I 'JK' O -I N' io 3 my . 3' 'K- Q I, kf 'w KINGSTON, N. Y. 'L " N , , . .ff , I if :s'4:cffL1.1:-Q' .5 he if hi if li iq , fl MAJOR CLEVELAND SHIRLEY , fjl, ANDERSON, s. c. I 'lf lil , K V as Maje ,, 51 ., "That man muff daily raiser grocc, KK' ' ,I X l. Ifflzo bones and bonus and bones to known" yy Q T f -ADAPTED. W Buzzard lil, Track Team llgl. ,M ,, Although destined by his very name for the , l N lv' 1 l lil f,, l V, ,l ,, , fl Military, Major none the less decided that the ff V, long swell had far more attractions. So he left Y KF the easy life of a cit. and came among us. ls Q, ' 1 .:'. lg something of an athlete, in which capacity his long T,llaeewgi-iffagfafe e--s legs serve him well. VValks with a peculiar non- return escape movement, but seems to get there. 555 Tried several combinations, but at last found his affinity, and helped Jakey to get 1 savvy First Class year. Fusses, sometimes, because he feels it to be the duty of every Navy man. "Why, that's when you have 1- etc." W Tj' HENRY GILBERT sHoNERD CARLIN, NEVADA " Hank " .T I , l fr' l "If you my ayf, the King will uot say no."-SHAKESPEARE. fl ' W lib., Buzzard f 2 l S Buzzard C I 'ul R-of-fieihiviasiiieaeg fi. ,xiii :YF A simple-minded, whole-hearted youth, who 5 2 'T ii ' , . ,Q v .mx LI I, lends a quiet "aye" to all class questions of S r debate, and is glad when his side wins. Owns a ,ll, , deep-seated sense of humor which crops out semi- v"l l occasionally, in the most unexpected places. ,ll lx Recites in a modest manner, and as tho' it was . . , . . fic' "Just a bit of a bore, doncher know.' Lives with gy ng Elmo, and, from him, it is said, has learned to smoke cigarettesgiand,oh, awful thought, to fuss! Grows desperately savvy at , times, then subsides again to the level ll qf' ' lip X 1,5 of ordinary mankind. Skinn fiend llj. lil ig 1 5 X5 Y , X lil ,l lx F Q, , ' 'Y ,- - 1 1 -, -i -1'-j'4i'N:' -, ,js -. - '- 'VL-l -1 ski' exft-rksirr' W, K 7-. , , Y- . . Y, YK 1. , , ,W ,A HY.-. , L . , x. -- L- -2:-ff.-M'-X..-4,-cvmw QAWW , ti a 104 h Ol: gerous jokes. A --., -.. -. li "3 hi fi. lf 'l4""'L:ll if iw! ff GEORGE VVIRT SIMPSON NN . - 4 N WASHINGTON, D. c. pi Jack, Ridgy Face, Mush, Peat . 'li ff "I am roustant as the Northern Star, "L-'gl lf? Of whore true, jfx'el and rerting quality A lb There is no fellow in the frnzanzentfl .+I Y -SHAKESPEARE. .-'n I i i . . A I Class Football Clean Sleeve lzlg C. C. 1' .' lg . P. O. QI lg Class Supper Committeeg I-Iustlers 1 I jg j. p, Yellow " N." 1 A fat, jolly lad with a deep-sea roll, and a I y laugh that cracks the deck beams. Went out for f f football First Class vear, so he could eat at the 'tif?f5N "-e f' 'e'f' Ti313i'i1'Cl?ff'55f4f5fI C ' , training table, but suddenly discovered he could play a few after all. Says Gardiner's Bay is the only place for a summer cruise, because-well-ships rendezvous at New London, ' uly 12th, etc., etc. Another who is eloquent on the ever-present pale-faced cit. ,,l ' Down with him! Helped to make the Class Supper go down into history. . Became a boiler fiend First Class year, and got Uptake for his pains. For some f years of wavering affection, but the editor is informed that he has now settled down. CHARLES CHURCHILL SLAYTON SPRINGFIELD, OHIO H Slate " "There is a gift beyond the reaelz of art Of being eloquently silent."-BOVEE. .i. .L-.L-Q, , 1 , , Y, , 1 ' ,Y Buzzard Q I it.i ' i A youth of tender years. Hero worshipper. if Loves to imitate the touge boys of the corridor. - Can rig up a tendency during weather cyclonic or 1 ,.pt anti-cyclonic. Once puffed a cirro-stratus of Bull X yt out into the corridor, and received the officer in charge kindly after the storm blew over. Mumbles ., when he talks. Soft brown eyes and beautiful 6 curls. Quite a visitor on Gloucester Street. 3 Took violently to canoeing First Class year. Roomed with Bowdey-and still alive and - kicking. Perpetrator of dynamically dan- Q' .,, "Say, how is it for a dope stick?" l . . - 4 '05 1-'i 1' - K -Q i y If l l . Q i X f, Y I ii Y I-,' IT Y I TTY' i-. . lf: jg REUBEN ROBERT SMITH SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH I V " schmidfg' " Railroad" X Q . L' xi g ,, K s ., . -. . V- V- N.. -1 ' wk., F as in IQ. iqqllfs i X X in ' fi "W'hal's in a name."-SHAKESPEARE. it llfy I Clean Sleeve fzjg Buzzard lil. if He hails from the land that made Dowie I i i 'ill Vi l 'jr famous. Is an authority on naval matters-in yy his home town-and when there, the local news- vi i . ai. li lil' . papers devote their Sunday editions to his side ri talks on "Life in the Whirlpool of Society as a Nlidshipmanf' Has a pet curl that he spends Eff 1, r. most of his time in training. Has learned to iv Agg, .. V A---fA-.:" "1 i K .,,. gi -V :Yr s . . .fmglg on ,X i. I ' A 'A " handle the "Lando Patent Reversible" Without ll the aid of gloves. Is happiest when armed with lik a big cigar while seated on the veranda of some summer hotel, and lets go of ll' il... I . 4 A E, 111' nl ,w -,m the smoke like a man who has just "cornered" wheat. Talented in Words and life sketches and sees the funny side with embellishments. ll ll WILLIAM TAYLOR SMITH ll! VL' FREDERICKSBURG, VA. lr HVVil1ie," "Taylor," HTay1," H Smitty " ill "Of manners gentle, of ajeflions mild, In wif a man, Jimplirity a child."--POPE. g 9412 5 ii i 2 1 il - K , ,il if M, 1- Class Baseball fAl,l I lf-'Q A mild sort of a cavalier from Va'ginia, sah! He, has, disguised under his bearing of calm reserve, a peculiar trait for dare-devil enterprise. His main object in life is to keep shy of all femmes until he makes a long hard drive for the real sensation. Claims love is a fiction and that ll lxfi Mary is the best girl. Always says he has no cousin in our class, and that he has nothing doing ll with the Railroad company. A savoir of' note Who was left at the post by too many mid- f night soirees. Surprises all hands by his negligee manner of explaining Remsen's N U, theories. "Is that Mr. Smith, R. R.?" A 'M rl l l l ,A . qsg. , A - --5-G'-ef In 1 r. s,.1.,.,-,- . S.- ,,Ti3.-,. . , A I . ,. ,. ,Q 1 25 ' 1 ,if-.QQ .Q kxxgl I lQlg6j,Xf I f. Qfegg , N-. 4 G' on .911 ,II f Nts., - A. I lccamom A QA, g-X-X-.5it-,sg.,f.,a,,x, hhv. X -.,-. , se-gscefsx--Q4Qifj,w ,--., xs.,,,5..f,-,-,-.Asxxxf-.'-.2S-iLKsem.. I1 1 iff: If I IIg'ft1,I0 M HERBERT LEE SPENCER lll It 'g to is DULUTI-I, MINN. 1' ? lf. "Beauty," "Beaut," "Cap," " Spence" W L .JI v R 1 A I M IS "Thy modesty is a eandle to ilzy merit."-FIELDING. - Buzzard 13, Qlg Four Stripes 1Ilg Hustlers , 14lg Football Team 13, 25, Captain 1Ilg Baseball Squad 14, 25, Class Track Team 1.9, Farewell Ball Committee, Class Executive Committee, I Class German Committee, Choir 12, I , Strong and fearless as a giant and as modest Q I as a maiden. Hails from the West, but is at I l present very much interested in Maryland. Suc- I cessful in everything and is responsible for the IO 1 5f"'i't"il'5iii"iifS5555555531151' to O score December I. Rigid economist, hold- ing the class record for having made two cruises I l. ff on 31.00. A man of unquestioned nerve and strength of conviction. Appeared fp at training quarters in full dress every afternoon until his ship sailed, and now spends y his amount available on foreign postage. Furnished a balance for Booth's Negative I' 'II .I I, constantly for three years and finally joined Georgia's club of the "Disinter- ested." A steady, sea-going master of"cruise effort" and carries his four stripes 1 nobly. I l RAYMOND AMES SPRUANCE INDIANAPOLIS, IND. I Usprexvya ff., "WillHoneyeon1b ealls these over-ofended ladies the outrageously virtuous." -SIR RICHARD STEELE. Star 13, 25, Two Stripes A shy young thing with a rather sober, earn- Jil est face and the innocent disposition ofan ingenue. Plays tennis, at least, with much dash and enthu- '12 L ' 5-f"?'fT'f2C fT"' 'fr 'f:4tQfD" Y 'C"' 'Tiff + -inf' -"5 -.I. :,:.-eden.: an-E,-fl-Xu, fv- Dau. E - ,f Ez, DEAL., -- - ,J us- x, W I I I MI 11 I ' f , lf, I I 1 ., I 11,11 I I I I ,m v I I l I l Pl M lf, If A, I I I up I . l LI I siasm and has been a faithful supporter of the lee I 1 rail on all summer cruises. His dialogues with the wild sea waves were serious serials with semi- hourly installments. Would never hurt anything or anybody except in the line of Duty. A com- rade of .Jimmy of the Flaxen Hair and a play- mate of Johnny Hoover and the Asymptote. I K - ,--x , x -- ,-vi-f Y ,Q --- .Vg-,il-fg-.' if Ill, . auf, --,A-.f-f -,Y -5- -f.-'.--- N X- A. ff, s 93'-,J-'fsl f:,'tf bi:-S 5- ,Ae IQ 1:-. If .v-Q: Aix 3' S1 ,I N' D ' E H- X if-"' 4 107 ,wif ' ff QQ, .QV ,Qi X' ' 'T' af I-: IV I If. V, I'-Il V. YI' I II ' I r 11 .5 iw ,x v l ,-"1 5 1, l l .I fi. i il r w , 9 l 'LY ,W 4. , , 1 WJ l l l i I ill lm api .lid f V.l 1,,.u I in gllllrl. f, ry as-Q-s-:-11: fwiff- 143- 1-arf.:-.R l 3 T 5 lf? illff -Q!" A FLETCHER COLEMAN STARR W m I, K l l bg SEWICKLEY, PA. ' . ' M gg1! i l-ill cc ,, l f l ' - l Stella ,M ,W W I . fill "He has good abilities, a genial temper, and no z'ire5.llilil lg! lli T . . gl l J A Lf, Three Stripes, Star QW3, Qjg Captain x....j.,, ' Y li Class Baseball. . ,Lf 1 It ,l V ,jx i "1 1 'x ' J S A youthful savior whose favorite study hour i N, ,f text-books are the Pittsburg Despatch,the Sewick- V" Will ley Valley and the Fighting Chance Bazoo. Cap- Lil tain and shortstop of Jimmy's Regulars, tennis ilff . , yi fiend, crack skipper of the lxnockabouts and good 05 'r ly comrade. Played opposite Kit in the old Third Company's entertainment troupe, and later joined if QW . , . . . . . I1 ,fl C Sections ragtime Jubilators. Ordinarily uses Effie 'fr'-isfi..3sEf! P3751?ff:717fTLfQiiiZfffffwlgillyglfl tvs ..,,, ' 1 rl A I, i If ,1 i , 1 1 l v U14 N 'H the true Western Pennsylvania dialect, but at times W V5 me Vi, 1'E .,, 'N -1 fi ' ,A f H, V of great celebrations recites VVhittier's Poems with If 'jj a still more marked accent. For two years avoided the social whirl lest the fairies call him f'cute," but set a pace fa, Il that even the Chink found it hard to beat. 'fi Wore hollows in the bricks of West Street and commented frequently on Eddiels good taste. Three-striper of a happy company and sub-Fiver to Arty the Doctor QQ iff in the season of Nevada cruises. " all LEMUEL MUSSETTER STEVENS i' WARSAW, ILL. H Lern " "With a smile ihat zcas rhildlilze and bland." i -BRET HARTE. ly Three Stripes- f The real village cut up. Where Warsaw is W no one seems to know except Lem, and he never was good at explanations. Followed a rhumb- line instead of a great circle course one night, and M l',' lost three stripes in consequence. Developed as ll ll a fusser youngster year, and with his red cheeks Qi and the saucy curve to his lips soon became fa- mous. The only white man who ever had a grease with the Dago department. Commits whole F1 lessons to memory, but busts when he can't re- yy . member the page. Tried to sink the Nevada by fig T ts, ramming her with a Chesapeake canoe. '6 1 1 . . -f, , pg, ,457 Has a great deal of patience which he ll' Q ill ,V , Qr has proved by rooming with Stover for M i A. ' a ear. sl 1 L will! y xx T , 1. S. 5 v-.ga ,573 -fsfirefeziffaz-Qssa l .-ii , s' av? .LU W aff .., fn, . ,,, i... -N 1 W 1 Y g gl A Y 1, g W W g A A U . sv,i.f....,, A I' , A X i A in ix I MENLO PARK, CAL. 2, l , .. ,v "r 1' S el 1' 3 "Mag," "Marguerite," " Cousin Fred " ga K' 'pf' B L" c 3 B' "Low famforteth, like sunshine after rainf, ,-sxlifgm E -SHAKESPEARE. 'M' A CL! a 1 Buzzard 125, Three Stripes fill, Brigade Adjutant fpljg Santee, Hop Committee, Nznd Crew fab. A gay young Lothario from the Golden West. Has a blush that would make the color- ' ing of a bashful young maiden of sixteen look like a coat of whitewash. Has dabbled in politics 4 . enough to have become very popular at the Q 1 1 4 4 ' c e e tr- A Executive Mansion. ls a fusser and an easy mark for the "Gold Brick Importers." It is rumored of late, however, that he has centered his affections, and now spends his time, when possible, in following hoops around the yard. ls an expert . 1' at handling ice cream freezers, and can turn them just as well without his class i A ring as with it. Took his First Class cruise on the Denver, and proved himself an able seaman by remaining "hale and hearty" while the majority were holding A down the rail. Possesses a happy disposition, and is always a good fellow. RALPH RODERICK STEWART HURON, SOUTH DAKOTA H Pringle " "f1ndthere'5 nothing half so sweet in life A -" As lo21e's young dream."-lVIOORE. Song and Yell Committee, Choir Q4, 3, 2, Il, Clean Sleeve Qzjg Buzzard tlj. , A cute little fellow with goo-goo eyes and a bird-like voice, with which he Warbles when he's in happy and at Chapel Sunday mornings, where he can bask in the sunshine of all the fair damsels and incidentally let his mind wander. Is some- what of a man of the world, having made several "i 5 1 1 ps ,I trips between his home and Annapolis all alone. if A Delights in telling of his trip to Broadway :AEI ' with Woody. Be careful Pringle, someone ,fl X may take you up unexpectedly, some day, im and 3900 a year wont pay your moving bill. 'X ,ln xy rfss M i"f!i'l'5'1'g'l 'N 'b "-if -- ii' 57- fl' '- - i 'fi .K f'-Ln., Ii: ji- 5- -,lfT'- '-V C ii 'Tij Y- -. -M-A--lsr!-jg V , Qu' -Y--. -V-V' - - - - - V V .f A ii V- ' W V A! ,N wif- --1 ri. . .L ,V 109 A FREDERICK TOMLINSON STEVENSON .TQ lgll' 'fps . l vi A .W it A ,, Xl i J! 15i'34?l155QL'3f2Ti 'Cxri ', T ' lx' ROY Le CLAIRE STOVER JMR T, 1oLA, KANSAS if ' Q -- 'ff -- , V. 'lx N ll lil U ' av ss .4 - 7? f"f"T'EL""7fF'f'-'fa' , f,." . i ,li H Red," Roy Le Claire, H Stove, .'?414air2'JS.asx,w4ei45Qr ,ff..'l"Tyu'fA l 5 ' n l' it A:-'ti' 'X Q ' 'iK's',fi- 'Q ff? i"'lTll i 'i ' Meteor B111 X Eeiiifflbl, ww ill N e ei A '-Tag e 1 "He knows about il all- 'ffci-5'X7 He lznozos, he knows." asf 3 It 4, f ' '1 5 -OMAR KHAYYAM. I A I Q, 1 . A lil Santee, Buzzard, Second Class 125, W ly Clean Sleeve QU, Class Pipe Com- 4 , . . . , . r mittee, Rifie Team 13, 2, Il, I' encing Team jf 3 l Q4, 3, 2, lj, Nm' for Fencing, Choir L4, 3, 2, 15. l The hero of Iola. On leave is in demand yl iv! I ' I to review the home regiments, and is besieged by fi reporters for interviews on "the Navy." Author i 3 fr CL- f X V. - .V" -1 .ff f-. qfaxel-A N 1-T-meal W ' ll! N r to 'r f-ferere'?5'3SiNlf3D of the monograph Uthe Use of the Torpedo in Modern Warfare," published in the home papers. V' Unce saved the "Chesapeake" from grave disaster by catching the spanker boom lil Hill gracefully on his head, while he calmed the frightened crew with a wave of his hand. A "red-star" performer in the nasal-minor-oratorio club of the C section. Admin- isters forceful lectures to the vulgar rabble on the duties and practices of a naval "s ck officer. One of the "brutes," and uses the fact as a potent reason of his clean- ll sleeverdom. "Now I'm a clean-sleever, and I'm sure I'll do all I can to brace in l l things up." BURTON ANDERSON STRAIT PUEBLO, coLo. "Swaney," "Burton," "Cream Face," "Blondie," as , H Crooked," Bert ' "lVere man but ronstant he were perfect." Two GENTLEMEN OF VERONA. Assistant Manager "Lucky Bag," Fusser 14, 3, 2, Il, Importer Qzjg Buzzard The walking dictionary of things humorous, in fact, he is often known as the " human joke book," among those who know him best. The brains behind the money of the corporation responsible for this literary atrocity-that is, since Y the Russian sought wider fields. Believes in .L T1 plenty of Bull and good company. A strong N f f rival of Georgia Gross, when it comes to a question of hops and dates. Always unsat, but for all that is still with us-and it has bothered him far less than it has us. -s., 1. 41.- +Yef.:-. , uf. ,- sux.. wuz., 1 l, nl iv le .A 5.1 H i 4 . N 1, 'w .- 'll fl lla li I.. gi. '14 ll 1 Y My ,S - A A A - 3 3 l all ll ill 'il all tix, il Wy lj ll l' W l will l li l I 'V i m lrlll lv ll fra gl V11 li of lil Wi cl yan ,. ,r, , M lx ll gill ll ,-I., ,If ll lr :Ill :ll 1 l 1 l if dl , 4, fx: r - -frffx:-. if-. x we--xg-V: -.f-1-if: irq, ' -A -- ' s ,,,, ,, , H0 1256? MQW 3 gy, cf Fm Ml N. li llf Q9 li fffl W O ll-1 ins Vi. . - i I .i 1 V, .A . ,- I 1' il, y v' 1 iii, .il Sli W .2-..x. W . as as X --A " True," H Red," Swancey," Mutt " Z ' .. wi til lik if., "1 azcoke one morning and found myself famous." ' 53? -BYRON. ,X 4 if l., 3 A l il Q pike ff - First Class P. o. iii. 4' " ff i ,,' A young Aurora from the " Limestone and Granite." From all that we can learn, True does not know just exactly Why he came in the Navy, but still he's herel A firm believer in the theory 1 1 ..l yi x sy A that the World moves on just the same. Pos- 4.- gy. sessed of a great fondness for an easy chair and a i it K v l f i il ij' lj, quiet game of solitaire, in preference to a hard, if, ly QQ cold quarter-deck. Has a heart filled with hatred is ,Q for glass doors. Une of our very best hands at in l' good, long sleep. . lj' ! THOMAS ALEXANDER SYMINGTON A CATONSVILLE, MARYLAND ff, "Alec," " Sy," "Curly," "Tommy" .,.. fill A A "Shakes his ambrosial curls, and gives the nod: V7 The stamp offate, and sanction of the god." it White Nm, Baseball Team QQ, 1 jg Buzzard Qzjg 55 Three Stripes fly, Class Executive Committee, Vggg gy' Appendicitis QU, Class Football Team QQ. 'W AHC' iii" 'J' 'A ii'ii A' ' ,yi An Criole of superlative brilliancy! Alec has a remarkably calm and peaceful disposition my and survives the severest rough house or tea-fight Without in the least disturbing his kinky locks. Ei A Fusses in an irresistible way. Smiles fetchingly if A on the least provocation and enjoys his duty so ll much that he stood Watches on leave with nobody li? to relieve him. Extremely sea-going, possessing a Marcel Wave of unusual excellence. Led the ill Florida's famous .nine to victory and all its fruits First Class cruise. Must be charmed, having recovered from an operation in U. S. N. A. Q7 p Hospital. " Ma deah, Mistah Samingtonf' all 7 C'Dear Alec-a born soldier." fl E. U7 fl.-22, Q It I i l -Q III f X s s yy . Vis , Xu Nb lil If p siiawgzeacsirfgsf-fxs.f:ss::.:s.s1:fs'i1ix ly' I ' l it ' v 1 GECRGE TRUMAN SWASEY, jr. 1 iii BARRE, VERMONT s 'Zi' J? 1. 1 is I tained as an English butler and ROBERT S ff-yi, Qi BERT BLAINE TAYLOR D 7 ll ! ' WN MIDDLEBURY, VERMONT X "Bunting Bill," "Buckshot Bill" 'ft "Gm :hy thoughts no tongue."-SHAKEsPEARE2ll-gig'-J! ' XXX Rifle Squad Qzjg Buzzard Has the appearance of being constantly on the point of tears and wanders around like a lost soul. When reciting, speaks at the maximum rate ofa dozen words per minute and seems to be at considerable effort to keep his eyes from strain- ing forward beyond the elastic limit of their moor- ings. At a cruise hop last summer, surprised all present by dancing the Virginia Reel with the fiat lady of the town. This is the only record the Red Mikes can find against him. Is as self'-con- is never known to smile or frown. ALFRED THEOBALD SAN FRANCISCO, CAL. Jax!! filt' lib H Fuzzy " " For e'en rho' zfa1zqui5hed,he zould argue Hill." Baseball Q4, 3, Qlg Captain Baseball Ml, Star Q4, 3, QQ, Two Stripes. The long-winded boy orator from Frisco- in lung-power second only to Dusty. In argu- ment, uses as authority to prove that he's right an offer to " bet you ten dollars." . ls acquainted with every baseball player in the country and can give the standing of the clubs for the last ten years. Bones half an hour a day to not at all. Is the goat of unlimited joshing on a wide range of subjects-for example, the ample way in which he has " broadened out" since entering the Acad- emy. Disappointed in love youngster year, but recovered enough to req, for " Dearien twice a hop the next winter. Is especially fond of eat- ing canteloupe while travelling How is it to train the windlass on the superstructure deck?" Il2 cc I . ff' if GOLDSMITH. I l .3 4-. 1 V1 . . ..,, I W -3' P H l mf ws ,LU iilyll i .' ,MJ lhfl I i W. ll fl ink! lffll - - 1 -C N.2.':-is '-C' ,. trgg.- .L.4,, fxfxguf- argl -z Hi- is-g.':Eb 5- .272 'f W l ll "Thai szceel, rhild-like smile."-SMITH. ,Q x' 3 , . 6, , ,D C T-1'-. '-.X '-: 5. xx xx xx N. 3a-fwQ,f-,-.Aix X, 1 . X, -1, QA-,AX -h C.,-L sjxrgql f il lil N N ' Q LOUIS FRANCIS THIBAULT j,.,,qQ.i s ' -'gc-if: V WINSTED, CONN. Qf,,f,55,lTx, ,,sf H ' 17 55 ' n - Louise, Pmkey 3? s , ff 1 Y f Lf 5 i l K 5 is Dx, Q Buzzard Qszjg Three Stripes flj Base- ball Team fa, 3, 2, IJ g Captain White Nic. Here behold our little Louise, whose kinky head and rosy Cheeks are the pride of the class. Known far and near as a ruthless breaker of . feminine hearts. Of late, a firm believer in the i use of green stamps. Louise says that there is 5 no city so beautiful as Washington, though he essayed with Bemy to blow up Manhattan, First 1 4 -iifiieafie 'ff1-f1ffff'B1:.f5i'r2-fi Class leave. Possessed of a south-paw salary y. QF wing that knows no equal. A sweet conrralto , 1. voice has Louise, and a way of saying " March " to the Fourth Division that is ,- fj, all her own. Charlie's pet, First Class cruise, and the lion of the Griswold House. 1 lf' l-jf THADDEUS AUSTIN THGMSON, Jr. AUSTIN, TEXAS itil I Cl K6 if GC CK 'Thad," jinnyf' Tommy," Little Fel1er," Peter," Brownie " ,jf "God's merry is upon the young, l' Goa"s wisdom inthe baby tongue."-KIPLING. ,fl r"l , "Tommie's al-ways up to tricks, Cf, 1-1in't he cute-he's only six."--ADAPTED. fl . . Four Buttons lzj 3 One Stripe 1 lj g Rifle , ,Q Team QQ, rj. ml - - 51421-3 fx.. 1 .55 ggi. :sir jig ls a fit representative of wild and woolly 'll Texas, and can handle a " shooting iron " about ll 'J' f as well as anyone, having served a couple of terms S on the rifle team under Captain Danenhower. Was one of the midgets of the class when we entered, his white blouses being cut by Rinehardt from the latest frock coat patterns, Has since f' grown into quite a man, and goes to all the hops, being a fusser of no little note. Has a bewitching little smile, but can switch it into a laugh that, in sound, resembles the Point Judith fog-horn in its most painful moments, and will always call it into t- use Whenever the joke is on the L2 other fellows. "We and you both," ,M i " Yes, Lawd l" 17' H 9-qv. U3 ,Qs by if .,3:r 1'i1,'1' a Z4 Mkt. 'yi X - 0" iw .NX 0 u ps. .. ii - - ' T f A ' 'Q-Fa' w'h-21 CA- ,4'1'1--"TQ :Eze - ' 12-iff V l' 21- - 561 -iiex lk - -V - - X .4 , 'QQ 'A' lLg -.p.,:..Axfb,:- blk W A f-2. im , 71 ,Ia Lil 1 iq? ll -fu if 1 lm kg' lf Sin Y J , 3" ' l rl. , ,i A I I- ,'i.r' 1 lf' N ' Lili ' I rf' QQ ., Cl. L 1 . l ill' . 1,1 w i inn, Cf p lit A ily ' I vim X, ' Q 1 r, . 1' I l l I if, ,' ,f nfl lfi ' i Cl Q X B ELMER WAYNE TOD 1 y N , X YoUNGs'roWN, oH1o .,ane. s Liiyfkglgx X X His manners are 50 pleasing and kindly That he makes friends of all Who mme in fontaft zcith him."-MARK TWAIN. One Stripe til, Three Stripes A genial and obliging gentleman from the fn ,.. Buckeye State. Always ready to do one a favor, f. especially in caring for all the seminaries which lf' AJ My pk ' ii f, ij, i, unexpectedly developed down on "our crowd." QQ Spent three years of the course acting as a pilot fl for Hack while the latter was sailing the Rhumb Course. A typical hop-going midshipman, and ll V. Lil ,J A fl. always ushers her to a seat on the following Sun- 'i ff 1 , . i. a if ff day morning with a smile that drives all the girls insane with jealousy. A com- i,, . , plete social roster of Crahtown, knowing everyone by name, and always has a pleasant discourse on oysters or such topics discussable in Crabtown Society. A good man who thinks the service a good thing, hence perfect contentment. rg 1 liz MICHAEL JOHN TORLINSKI lil jp? NANTICOKE, PA. W " Count " Ui "Tempt me not from the path."-RUSSELL. fl U S Buzzard .fzjg Two Stripes gtg: Our Polish count, who gives the necessary QQ foreign touch to the class. Claims, however, to fl hail from sunny Pennsylvania-and we admit that I Q 0 0 u his anarchistic tendencies have, thus far, been i latent. Possessed of a convincing manner of reciting, and " well, that's what the book says," that never fails to floor an instructor. A strong bgfm.-1-e 1 candidate for the Red Mike presidency, lc.. , N though it is rumored that it is because of L li, 5 a Gretchen in Poland. Generally found 0- ' ', ,X XJ. gif: -'xl ff X l to be cheerful, and disinclined to sway the world as long as it does not try to run him. xG,gff7 , x H4 SM ,yy if is x,. r, 't ,Ten x New as I an vm.. gr 1 ,IDN N:T:T'fZ12'.'f.'1' ' A- 'fsxsssbixxzcsiv-. xxx-Axxvs--0. xx-1.ig1"Ef--.xs.s. -,-Q.---1.x-,vc-'. ss. L fa ' 'I IIff'1lff..lf"""l T "f lf? wir. f... ..- I F12 Ni 1 V A D T ,fi A. .i RCHIBALD OUGLAS URNBULL H , ij, MORRISTOWN, N. J. 1 ff A wgndrkn -1 f "Arch," "Archie" j j E H ' ' wnrmu., 'w M5 L I am not onl' ccltly in mysel , but wr-'O-I - fr X fi 5 A -A - . J the muse that wit is in other men." are if 'fl Buzzard fljg " Lucky Bag" Stalfflj. 4. ,L -2 A wanderer from the haunts of the anarchist and the man-eating mosquito,whose nimble tongue ,fl H . . . +2 is ever ready with the latest rumor and Whose smile l-li 0 l 1 can be found illuminating the darkest corners of 'L the Armory any hop night. Unlike the vast ma- jority with vocal organs mounted centrally, on A ' knife-edge trunnions, Archie is really witty at Vi?efffbi-f1i'S1?cff-silt-if?ilflffg times and has contributed much to the " gayety of L ml R H ' Hi classes. Like the rest of us, has suffered long, A. jf especially at the hands of the " gods of steam," but now can look his radiator in r, the eye with a clear conscience. Fusser, linguist and raconteur of merit and f adorns Love Lane with his easy stroll. Has joined Collier's in his attack on " Peruna," and grows pugilistic if you mention drowning men. A WALTER CARL ULRICH Jl '1 i I " MILWAUKEE, WIS. ri I 's r . fi fi, "Wissie," 'gDutch," " Moonface" 'J "Come, come, what need you blush, four fare is but the moon." N- 11' --SHAKESPEARE. ji Chief Petty Officer. 1 The moon-faced C. P. O. Has kept up a 'f V3 phenomenal yearly growth in spite of Academy A steaks and omelets. There is Swiss blood in his Q? J veins, but Rinehardt thinks that any man from Milwaukee with such a name must be Dutch, and Dj gives him a " beootiful fe-ut" accordingly. Re- gas.. Xl it '3 ,Un A cites as if under forced draught. Reads Con- ,I duct Reports with a quaver and frequent halts Ai ' , over choice penmanship. Decided to become if a fusser fzj but after taking a " peach " to V' X the next hop for an overburdened friend, gladly l rejoined the Red Mikes. j Y, tiiiififii. 431- 54 'S ig K 1335- 3 S in -3 Tisrli EEL?-..,"'?XT.xf1L'a'w 'hxQ1.X-Ffis-5-gjS'2N5.Tf5,"'5tQ-'QL fi sg if -, A , t YL. 5 , A l 7 'iff V- ,J ' i T7 i 1 1 5 X Q, I 9,7 of ' wb l x X - -. -.V . ,g,X,,g,Yx,x -, X,cg-g-.V-tts.1f.9, rr, v 1- ' 'f J. 4 A - X a 'a fc-A -f was--'se-iff YQQQI-eiii K X l lill l. .el .. if FRANCIS ALFRED LEOPOLD VOSSLER Q ll MAYSVILLE, W. VA. ff "Father," "Old Mari" 5 "I am dfffillyd info the vale of yearJ." glftl f -SHAKESPEARE. 6 Rilie Team Q3, 2, ij, Brown Ng Sharp- . shooter's Medal 3 Gold Medal Small Arms, Buz- ' zard 12, rj. F The grand old man. Rivals the Pyramids l Y, - ga. , -,e,?.-f. my . -'..f ..f.,f 5'xT4'- 'Q' . z- e D- '- V i Carried on his fussing along liberal lines the first is crawled into his shell. We are patiently waiting to meet the answer. Rivals Ci l bursted but satisfied, with an amount unavailable of about three hundred dollars. gr Well, a fellow ought to have a fair time on that for a few days. C l EUGENE BCNFILS WALKER if DENVER, coLo. if " Weary " If ' 'flnd all my story is done 0,1 am 1irer!."' 7 -INGELOW. is Weary by name and weary by nature. Walks around most of the time like a man in a trance and ' i 2 ht would rather sleep, especially in the Wing passage fi 52, of the " Florodora," than do anything else that he knows of. Came into the Navy for the good of his country and because he loves to get seasick. ls a good sailor while lying peacefully in a harbor, l but when the anchor is "sighted" it's Weary's if signal to " beat it below." Never has much to M say, even in the section room, but is a good fellow QQ and has always managed to grab a 2.5 when he ll was sinking for the third time. -4 - 'V if f.f,.4T1Jf 'f"fl,,-Y .V TQ if-iQ:-325-ff: 'efeqviiiv H53 5 L a g U6 ' M- ' ""' of . Mia, I in age and some of us believe that he helped to build them. His lease on life has been long enough 9 if to enable him to form definite ideas on the subject and he believes that after entering the Navy one 2 place is as good as another to serve the sentence. f' r - r 5. two years, but subsequently turned turtle and Q fr l " Weary" Walker in his ability to get seasick on short notice. ls a crack shot li li with a rifle, and carries around a chest full of medals Sunday morning, that makes 4 him a rival of Heinz for the original 57 varieties. Resigned youngster year and f stayed out long enough to invest his money, but returned shortly afterwards, C 1,4 1 Buzzard QQ, I r i GMD -12-Q:f:g.f.u 's 1 xx-.X A-.'--." :xx - . -va. L- yi im' -' 'lf -Jiffy WILLIAM OLIVER WALLACE WARRENSBURG, Mo. A KL 'N W , H Woozzy " ,l L7 li l if "He spoke undispulrr! things in surh a ff M X 'fi' solid way."-HOLMES. MQ W jf First Class Buzzard. 'ii The savior of the second section of the class. .I Spends his time consulting Dr. Grady and fuming Bull Durham. Never known to rhino. Forms 7, with Bosco, Siwash and Mike Cassidy, an in- T vulnerable quartet of Red Mikes. Compared to ,Q , ' him the Sphinx is a rapid-Hre talking machine. Invented a system ofsafety fuses for the Ordnance 4 l Q- Department which the human clothes-pin failed to f i21.33,L.i,1.,:,g., ,vay , i,g5i,g:31i,5X2Q4X753.i appreciate, and consequently he was treed. A man L of solid Worth and merit who can always be relied upon in emergency. WILLIAM HEMMINGS WALSH BROOKLYN, N. Y. "Willie" "fl truer, nobler, trustier heart, More loving, or more loyal, never beat ll'ithin a human breast."-BYRON. Two Stripes, Class Baseball, Class Football. EX of Princeton. Original of "Witless Wil- lie, the Wooden Wonder, or the Hero of the X102 Spanker-boom Topping-lift." A happy, laughing Irishman with almond eyes and a New York ac- cent. In his early career ofa retiring disposition. Red Mike Q4, 3, QU and still swears he will never marry, but was converted to a try at fussing First S Class summer. His success astonished him and made even Artie look Worried. Une squally after- noon youngster year, started for a cat-boat cruise Y to Dublin, in company with two other Irishmen, but the three changed their minds, bailed out the boat, i 'r 'L and arrived at Crabtown again dur- . f ii ing the less tempestuous night ,y C A f Aww ' watches. " Oh, look at the coives QA , ' X in his legs!" Q i s ff T ii h i H ff 'f 5,5 , y Mol it us , tus . oi ii? 'fdiliii r i- A SEAS? 'ilffTfEifi4'e. rs 1.5 1:43 fr!11:35fF.22.1'.'rJ:ff.-if-'Q f'-. cf.-'ififeii lfgn V , I I jj. N .,. .L 'tim fl . ' Wh 1 U7 933 it , iglf Irie 9' Gr! I kb I 7 hi Y, ms .,, EL C-Qe?ek,:E?v- in 5 ' I 1 r F5355 ei -2 Kfx- Aff? . ll Til ll BRUCE RICHARDSON WARE, JR. I. I NEWTON, MASS. HB1 "Nanny," "Bruce," "MaScagnie"fS?Sgg uf, ul .. , X jig A merry heart goes all dezyf -BROWNING. 'T?'Q:e- Q4 Baseball Squad QQ, Second Term Q3, QQ, Four Buttons tal, First Class Buzzard 5 The class spirits-always high-Bruce has rarely been known to rhino, even when he just failed to join our savvy brothers in September. ijijl Stayed aboard First Class cruise, and earned the ,gl reputation of being the Greatest Living Watch- stander, thereby making bright liberties possible for lots of his shipmates. Tougest of all, young- 37'lg2CQrixl6QFxiiaa3i??x xg? ster year, and is reported to have been quite a traveller in his day. Declared he would lay Man- np hattan Isle in ruins First Class leave. Always a og, f- . . C C I usser, by instinct, but could be happy with either, were t'other dear charmer away." I ,yi mf. l'1 .Q " Ch, say, Fellows." , , 1 r, 1 ,Ly 'Q HERMAN ENGLEBERT VVELTE .jig TERRE I-IAUTE, INDIANA El " Veiteg' "We1te', " Professor" 44, 3, 2, 15 "The dullesl nonsense has been found By some to be wisdom most profound." I ,lil .if -BUTLER. I 1 sill Four Buttons tal, Buzzard till. y The great unknown from Indiana. Amuses f fzimsef by playing the piano after each meal. l Took all his summer cruises 'tween decks, only coming out into the open for meals. Forsook his classmates First Class cruise on the Florida and ll, directed his efforts toward making friends among f the crew. Is very fond of sleep and doesn't mind finishing up exams ahead of time, so that he can get back and take it up where he left off. Tired of life in the Navy Second Class year and knocked off boning, but finally decided that the outside world was a cold, cold place, and managed to pull LEM sat. after a long, hard struggle. Fl gjahsl " Mr. Symington, has Mr. Welte Q lgvtufl arrived yet?" " Don't laugh, 'Wgj gi-l, fellows, don't laugh!" El . Q , - , sisazeaza-aiffira : " T4 gang " l"'4o' 118 SWF? E, fi I ' .5257 tiff I fag 5 if gg-Tf:-t2-ff !j,jfXxx1i ' df ixxgb 'A - S.-. 13 Q., . . "12x2'sE'-KY-BS f- 1- bfxfw vsxx 3.5 Q3f3eQCsaxN.:- i.:sxs:wxg11-:-.g..x as-.xf:..a 55 ,J wid 'l5. lf NEWTON HARRIS WHITE, JR. W i "' A' A 1" 'fini' WALES, TENN. I at NevVt,y, ss Nut,n as Maud n .Ax 2' 0 l " You beat your pare, andfanry foil will rome ,' 'Mo ' Knork as you pleayf, there'.v nobody al honzef' 1. l ,M -Pova. l N25 1 gi' R Q . . I of the Santee's " stand-bys," being among the few 1 of suffering and deserved a 2.5, a thing that he has on several occasions come near missing. One . Athlete lgizlg Crew Squad 1253 Crew 1113 Buzzard Was made up chiefly of arms and legs when y we first made his acquaintance, but has since de- Fg veloped into quite a husky individual. Averaged K about one smoking "pap" a week Plebe year. Has nursed " Babe " through four terrible years 1 1 H I l V I vw V31 w 'LH who have enjoyed solitary confinement there, but even in that hour of distress he .4 greeted us from the bridle port with a beaming countenance. Had a very quiet i time in New York Second Class leave. Dropped a lighted' cigarette down a Ven- tilator on the Hartford when surprised on the quarterdeck. Didn't learn ,til later in that it lit on the wardroom table and burned a hole. Lucky it wasn't a powder vs magazine, you might be picking asbestos now, Newt, old boy. ww 1 ,il l ' f " Hee haw, Maud l " " Somebody pushed me T " ELMO HARRISON WILLIAMS vvooDv1LLE, Miss. H Elmo," H Saint," H Bi1ly,', H King " ll "For he ain't like some 0 lhe swabs I've seen fg:Qf1:,f,faf.Qif.fsff-asf ,-., . .1 lug-ck-1 'C-C'-r.x:fQ,Q,-REAR,-av . -C.-Chex,-,. ., N- C, ,:...:'f',1.l .-15 fvould go and lie to a poor marine." yy i fu --ROCHE. RU - fylff ,fl Une ofthose long, lanky, web-footed swamp H+ . . . . . . M fi runners, with a motion like a windmlll in acyclone. l .IQ Has plainly demonstrated that friction on an in- Ylf ii, ii ,w 1 if J clined plane will land you to the good. Lives with Shonerd, whom he tries hard to modelg ff? 1, il Vi keeps a clear field from the girls, except at Christ- W mas-time, when he is a real hot never been on friendly terms with any depart- ! ment "they are all bad some are girls A real raging devil IH Philly after the game, but never got the Hag Attempts now and then to bluff 1 6 Bill but usuallv gets the gong Vi it W", fusser Has worse Has 1fisxfazsi.-.e-s an-.g - he . A ,K HJ' iffcf' 1:9 . qi LJ 1" . V 2 in- : .17 f fy ll a real hefty brace that disturbs the hearts of the fjj X I . . y . . . . ivy? . ii if . ' . :if ' ' il W - . - - EV, ee li I 1-53 -- , H yi: R L' " ff- f A 111. asa.: H - 'xffwif-Cf I, Q6 y Q f xi, QD J J! 5. 4 A Hia? J f l"'-vi-f - -. R ' AX - A.-...e. 11. s-.rr 1, ,, a- ----,Y -..' K R-:-V-x. an :..-g1- --. Y- - F, . 5 A .f -H, ' -'w'3-f,-ilbais-N11 -. - iv -- -x 1 s asia- ' lr' Y in rotiows g-, .ui SA I 'ni itil K . , I rg .fl I I , I. I I 5 I 1: y ,ap s 1,3 s .V 4 in .I '1 ,V- - a I . mf. ' 1 I, 4 fi 1 . , ' l . e l ' 1 I f xl tt., ,l , l N . 1.1 ,I ,. lv ml a ' . N. , iw Ya, .r iff, ,NN ffl Q-'l W A ,y A. 'W-I I-I vi! ily I 'lil f il M WILLIAM PRICE WILLIAMSQN ii' WINONA, MINN. H Fixit," U Citizen Fixit " "W'hy should I blush to ozun I loz'e?'l P. O. First Class. A silver-tongued confidence man, who be- lieves in learning by experience. Has a coquettish way of burying a cigarette in his neck and talking around the smoke. Discovered that water and sulphuric acid are bad for the complexion. Be- lieves in being picturesque, but condescends to wear working clothes occasionally since he tried X Q14 RQ to navigate a capsized canoe in full dress. Has dates with Mattie three weeks ahead and does a In little promiscuous fussing on the side. An unap- lji preciated peacemaker and responsible for the resurrection ofn + I antediluvian Q3 jokes lib a day. For further details of his career see the history of Citizen Fixit in the Sunday papers. A doctor of note. Q K., If CHARLES CLIFFORD WINDSOR 13 IRON RIVER, MICH. ,yi uCliff," i'D01ly," flake" Football Squad Q3, 25, Crew Squad fgbg lnterclass Track Meet Qzilg Buzzard ,fr g g A ' . . f A quiet, unassuming youth from the State of ' peaches and Grand Rapids furniture. Nothing ever rufiiles him and he patiently trundles his lit- tle wheelbarrow along and manages to dump the bricks in time to load up with 2.53. Is a good 'yy listener and enjoys ajoke, but has a silent laugh K I 4 I a bad policy in a place like this. Was one ofthe Peruvian Guards in the Fighting Eighth. Re- cites with a half reluctant air, and instead ofwork- I I all his own. Constantly looking for hard Work- I' ,ff ing himself, he makes the instruc- li. tor work to get 2.5's worth. Never greased, i. e., never knew how, " Dolly, dump those bricks." g fi? J -V I 'refs-2 -ec'-A-'--1 if -as-A affix'-za X EL FY! 4,1 if fb .f e, A--A-.fix ,Y 7 Y, ,, fr ., f ,W ,W H - Xf5':':S'3v:s.,-L.--ares-x Xxx2s,A-fa-MX-?':-213'-.F?j,'f.'sYxNNP-XMxxxfaxxfs s.f-A-.xw.3'ff' T W, .1 f X. H A f .. e - --. , xl 5 A M. r . i n 4 .,. 5 ! 1 l . 1 1 1 I fl iii fl , t 5 l fl U 2-1 4 I ag -A- R X N i I V VAUGHN VEAZEY WOODWARD -1 1 1 fre U, CHARLESTON, W. VA. as 5 "Woody," "Dreamy Eyes " I Q i "He hath eloquence of eyes, And wears the rose of youth upon his eheekf' X ,of -SHAKESPEARE. Choir, Q4, 3, 2, 15, First Class P. o. 419. A fig Originally from Charleston, but spends the -y greater part of his leave making a tour of the l country for the benefit of his many lady friends. ii Wins favor as a fusser by his blue eyes, operatic Q' tenor voice, and power to charm with his violin. y ki Faithfully attends all hops, but usually confines lf, Qgifrfxii-frrfsfgfra1sf:-ffgfeessasffifgf his attentions to one girl, each time a different Fl 1. one. Took care of' Old Father for three years, P with no worse effects to himself than a slight baldness which he hopes to over- come with Herpicide. Loafs during evening study hours and studies after taps. 4 " I claim that's some rag. M., n CARTER LAND WRIGHT AUGUSTA, GEORGIA H Dad," "Venus " "Oh, thou art fairer than the evening air, Clad in the beauty of a thousand stars."-SHAKESPEARE. First Class Buzzard. 1 A sweetened example of the-jolly village cut- f iff up. Is a companion in crime with Bull Davis. Developed into a stern savoir during the last part 'fl of the course, and could giggle and lidget better rl than ever. It is whispered that he is a social lion it in the drawing room jungle of the Southern town V that claims him. Can eat bananas on a windy day without dropping the peeling. just let's 'em hang down over his hands, and it doesn't matter how ,I fast he's walking, or how crowded the it W street is. Cut a swagger figure in New Q uf 5 London and gets a list full of postals every fi day. Alphabetically wooden. " Say Bull, A, I guess we're some bones." fi? an i 521. :ess ze '53 ff. 155-QTLTJQ1-': ist- :pg.,f+.gv.g.1ge52giif1iff? ae I2r Eiga ,. kX-f ye- 0' Q x 1 1 s N K 0 j , I bf X ff M Mw1QR !f 5 n gJliq ,, 5 , g 'f??ifQT2N af-'Y' 'H 1 : 4 usa, A 'Y 5 1 XV K Qfxx x' A Q EQ if ' lx fiwimwyqv fi WA s ' FS, ' D ,s::jg?i?i, V . , KI UQ Q in' 'iv ,Mmw, Qffmxj, V if' Q f ff 2 X Qlxx x e 'A ' n W' ', -. '-. 1,1 ,X4- ' - ,l-,'4' .k y - f' XX .- 4. Y' 1 , i ','j V,f,"!,2":' X,-" fs f' xx 'f,.iQ,V':f.":gx'f if I ' fix W -ww A, m ,mx XX i I ,f ,XXX N s -X X xx 1 3 lj , pffnxXxX Q5 HWMXFQ ' 4 if in kiXf5X xi X N 5 1- yg mx ,X -- ' - h V Xl I ff ixwy '11 1 K f fl www ' R D 1 N is :--1 -1Ai-'-. '.i.?ij3'1-- 'H ,hx f fm , Jfzpfg '.,' 1 v Q5 f Q' v vw Q, , ax U .Lfifizx 1 f751ff g':7: K H 1. EX f Y 1 -V Ny x I E f N hm. M "'A W f fx wk qfwy gr . XX!! K Y is-JA 1' f F fl T1 X l ff Geo? 5i'?"f-Efanoff - . W I M X V! V Jig- xx -xx f ,af , f 1 lfllffl i 1 1 Zfrxx i' A -ax' ' 'WSI HE Class of l9o7 in affectionate memory of James Branch, Jr., Whose life Was sacrificed as a resultof the code of honor of the Brigade in the Academy, estab- lished for years and enforced for most of our course, have erected a monument over his body in the Naval Cemetery. "All things Work together for good." His death marks the turn of the tide in the lives of the mid- shipmen of all classes, from what was deliberately Wrong, dangerous and petty, to the abolishment of hazing, in all its forms, class Hghting, and disregard of the law. lt marks the greatest advance of standard in the history of the Academy, a seeking and a finding of the higher and nobler type of manliness in duty and character. We have only love in memory of our classmate for his character, honor, courage, and purity of life, that has been an inspiration to all of us Who have known him. 124 JAMES ROBINSON BRANCH Jr NEW YORK N. Y Died November 7 1905 7 Born july 23, 1886, Richmond, Va. 123 LAWRENCE FRANCIS CLARK NEW YORK CITY Born October 28 1887 Died july 25, 1903 126 GEORGE FRANCIS CLAY GRAND RAPIDS MICH Born September ZZ 1883 Grand Raplds Mxch Dled july 30 1904 at New London P , . fy! 9 I 7 l V V 127 LOUIS LOGAN ' VERTREES BUSHNELL ILL Died June 13 1905 Born December 31, 1883, La Prairie, Ill 7 128 45 . . f "1FY' 45 . . f "1FY'

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