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l W I .1 ' 1 -s .. 1 .wh 5. 15. 1 . v'!f.' .'F?I.'4.x I f. 'iq -,Q-fslxl ' f '1-VJ, D F . L4 : F W JL' 'I' 1 . -. . ,ss I .1 I ' 4 4 'A " . L ' -1 ' N 'W - IE! ', um . Zz? 1 K,P.fQ . W. 1 ' -'R .fyknff JL FI f . j I' 5. 1' W ...Q ., :E 4. .f. . fl ..x 5' A . 'y -n,'. -lar. ' .vll .vw . .0 sq .gig-,p . 'jf'l-f"W I .1'LZ,l" Lf, ' E ":'-WV ' e'.44f' ' P' 1 4 vc' 'Eg' ' , .ff L' , jp,-92 i.!22'ff?!3? 'i .. T ,I-7. 5 " 'gf 1. . .BA , sg. ' 7 .1- E ln.. . iff: .gv - ...L .1 , " ', 'Gt . - fu-9 ,- fs, , ,W :f ' 1 v I ..Q. . ., . ,. ,Q A Saw A . I .,, 0 1 F A -.131 fx 4 . . 'f 1 . QC 5+ 55, Xxlxxy Qin 'si I' R I-ZSS lb I-' I"R.XNKI,IN PRINTING COMPANY 5111-520 LIIIDLOW 5'l'l!lClC'I' l'llII.AIJlCl.I'lIIA TI-IE LUCKY BAG OF THE United States Naval Academy VOLUME VII CLASS OF 1900 Published Annually by the First Class . . . EDITORS . . . PAUL FOLEY, New York WILLIAM F. BRICKER, Pennsylvania BAYARD T. BULMER, Nevada WILLIAM B. FERGUSON, IR., North Carolina FREDERICK HELLWEG, Maryland CARLOS A. GARDINER, Illinois STANLEY WOODS, Illinois Annapolis, Maryland, May, I900 fi 1' m ,. , X , W-.v,42Qa'6AT. 9 WJ 1 i i . V,-1-,'f,e,frw ' 'H ' " . L - vm lj fx U J5 660571 To COMMANDER ROYALL R. INGERSOLL UNITED sTATEs NAVY In affectionate remembrance of a. Practice Cruise in the Gunboat "Annapolis," as a token of our admiration and esteem, this volume is respectfully dedicated 1' , - , 1' Z ' 417, ' , If ' , , ,,,f f i VZ , I x 1" ,,- ' .f - --- -- 1. f , H .. ----...1ll..- - i-.1-1-1 wnaas. -me Lucnw BAQ QM-mr. our. Upon examining this volume you will find 169 pages, 40 of which are blank. These are the best part of the book. The United States Naval Academy, Annapolis, Maryland, Founded 1845. JAMES K. POLK, President of thc Uazitcd Slufvs. .flcademy Colors : OLD GOLD AND NMA' Academy Yell: RAI-I! RAI'I! RAH! HI! I-Io! HA! U. S. N. A. Boom! Sis! BAH! NAVY! 7 GEORGE BANCROFT, BLUE. Sc'rr0tary of the Navy Cadet Officers of the United States Naval GANNON, S. WAINWRIGHT, J. D., BRICKER, W. F., Fh-st Division. BRYANT, S. W., HELLNVEG, J. F., DEFREES, J. R., ELLIS, H. First Division. WADE, C. T., WINSTON, H. T., SCHOENFELD, J. W., COMFORT, J. H. Academy. Cadet Lieutenant-Conunander, J. W. TIMMONS. Cadet Lieutenant and Adjutant, G. W. STEELE, IR. Cadet Chief Petty Officer, H. W. OSTERHAUS. Cadet Lieutenants, NIANNIX, D. P., MITCHELL, W. G. Cadet Junior Lieutenants, BERRY, R. L. SPILMAN, -I. A., Cadet Ensigns, WYMAN, H. L., SNYDER, C. P., C adct Petty Ot7icers of the First Class, Third Davison. JOHNSTON, H., DOYLE, S. H. R., IQRESS, J. C., BERRIEN, F. D. Second Division. CAGE, H. K., ' NAILE, F. R., MORRIS, R., TRAIN, C. R. Cadet Petty Officers of the Second Class, Second Division. Thixd Division. P. FOLEY, -WORTMAN, W. K., TOMB, W. V., NOA, L., DODD, E. H. SVARZ, E. P., HOWARD, A. C., JEFFERS, W. N. 8 J MCENTEE, WILLIAM, FERGUSON, W. B., JR JACKSON, E. S., JR. Fourth Division. FREEMAN, C. S., ICEAR, C. R., IKEATING, A. B., HYLAND, J. J. Fourth Division. ARNOLD, C. L., LANDENBERGER, G. B, CHURCH, J. G., BARTHALOW, B. G. fs! fx - . ja? f 'Q . L f f . rf f, 1 ff-.fre ,Z ..- XL., Summer Cruise, 1899. OFFICERS AND NAVAL CADETS. ,f 1 , l UNITED STATES PRACTICE SHIP MONONGAHELA. fune 3 to September 6. ft .A , Commander C. T. HUTCI-IINS, Coimttmandihg. A Lieutenant-Commander W. F. HALSEY, Executive Lieutenant C. N. ATWATER, Navigator. Lieutenant G. P. BLOW, Watch Officer. Lieutenant HARRY GEORGE, Watch Othcer. Lieutenant W. H. G. BULLARD, Watch Officer. Ofhcer. Lieutenant W. H. FAUST, Instructor in Navigation. Lieutenant C. M. STONE, Watch Officer. Passed Assistant Surgeon G. H. BARBER. Assistant Surgeon R. C. HOLCOMB. Assistant Paymaster D. V. CI-IADVVICK. Chaplain H. H. CLARK. Chief Boatswain C. F. PIERCE. Chief Carpenter A. C. BORROUGHS. SYNOPSIS OF THE CRUISE, 1899. MONONGAIAIELA. The cadets Of the Second, Third, and Fourth classes sailed from Annapolis June 3. Passed Capes of Virginia June 6. Arrived at Plymouth, England, July I. Sailed July 8. Arrived at Funchal, Maderia, july 24. Sailed july 27. Entered Chesapeake Bay September 4. Arrived at Annapolis September 6. 9 embarked and UNITED STATES PRACTICE SHIP ANNAPOLIS. June 3 to August 26. Commander R. R. INGERSOLL, Commmandiug. Lieutenant-Commander C. NV. BARTLETT, E.17L'C'1lfi'Z'E Officer. Lieutenant W. C. P. MUIR. Lieutenant T. W. IQINKAID. Lieutenant O. W. Ko1:s'r1s1z. Lieutenant M. E. TRENCH. Passed Assistant Paymaster Jos121'11 FYFFE. SYNOPSIS or 1-1112 CRUISE. 1899. ANNAPo1.1s. The cadets of the First Class embarked and sailed from the Naval Academy June 3. Arrived at Newport News June 4. Sailed June 24. Arrived at Fortress Monroe June 24. Sailed june 25. Arrived at Wilmington, Del., june 26. Sailed June 29. Arrived at Pliiladelphia june 29. Sailed July 8. Arrived at Tompkinsville, N. Y.. july 9. Sailed July II. Arrived at West Point, N. Y., july II. Sailed july 12. Arrived at New York july 12. Sailed july 174. Arrived at Newport. R. I.. July 18. Sailed July 19. Arrived at New Bedford july 20. Sailed July 23. Arrived at Boston july 24. Sailed July 29. Arrived at Bath, Me., July 29. Sailed August 8. Arrived at Provincetown, Mass., August 9. Sailed August 10. Arrived at Vineyard Haven August IO. Sailed August 11. Arrived at Greenport, N. Y., August 12. Sailed August 17. Arrived at New York August 18. Sailed August 20. Arrived at West Point August 20. Sailed August 24. Arrived at Annapolis, Md., August 26. During the cruise the cadets visited the principal shipbuilding and steel plants on or near the coast from Newport News, Va., to Bath, Me. Target practice and drills were held in Gardiner's Bay during the stay at Greenport, N. Y. IO CLASS OF 1900 rlif LU f' . sm gfgy, nav! I. , Mg.. Qllllgllll A o . i la Us Jlh Class of 1900. Class Colors: CRIMSON AND GOLD. Class Yell: RAZZLE DAZZLE! HOBBLE GOBBLE! BOOM A LACK A LIP! U. S. N. A., 19oo! NAVY! DOUBLE ZIP! Abernathy, Robert Andrew, Pulaski, Tenn. "Take courage, mang thy shadow will not hurt thee." Plebe C4, 3, 2, 21, Ijg can be told by his walk, a coni- bination of Hooke's Joint and VVhitworth's Quick- Return motion. 4 Arnold, Clarence Lamont, "Ike," "Oohni Paulf' Buzzard, Goshen, I '!Patic11ce, and shuHZe the cards." Attends Y. M. C. A. meetings regularly when unsatg at other times plays "Pedro"g formerly brakeman in Transvaalg shy and reserved, yet he is a de'il amongst the women, reference: 'Shelter Island. 13 11 Barthalow. Benjamin Grady, "Mouthy." Buzzard, Kimbolton, 0 ".-'ind stil! his tongue ran on, the less Of weigh! it bare, with greater ease." Man with the india-rubber voieeg Class witg favorite . , studies: Nav and Steamg Captain Base-ball Team and member Night Study Party: the man that made Mil- waukee beer famous. . v ,. -1, ,if s i .. at . w, , '-"'h.,' , like 'Z-C . I, . 4 will F? ' Rig 11 ,W-i' .W .fa 'e 1 4 'af . .'f,' 1 ,Z ' : f 'f 1 '- g 'Z .Ly w " l , 1 Berrien. Frank Dunn, "Frank." ' Buzzard. Clinton, Ia. . "lI"ith011t aiiibitioli ima' a'e1'aid of fear." 5 , ' A line man till he got his Buzzardg goes to forma- T A tions now: one of the survivors of the "Chesapeake"- i "Shannon" tight, President Athletic Association: 5 Foot-ball Team: Base-ball Team. i Berry, Robert Lawrence. "Bob." Two-Striper, Newport, Ky "Win her with gifts if she respects not words: Dumb jewels oft, in their silent kind, More than quick wards, do move a wommfs mind." -Simksriznis. The Class kid: does his friendsg how did he ever get so high? Bricker, W'illiam Franklin, "Hans" One Striper, Chambersburg, Pa. "The himdsomest man in the Class."-N. Y. TRIBUNE. A bright little spoon: "Chernian bandt": his one am- bition, popularity, his one desire. love, his one pastime, the tiuteg his one hobby. spectacles. Bryant, Samuel Wfood, "Sammy." Buzzard, Washington, Pa "The ladies call him sweet, The stairs, as he treads on them, kiss his feet," Deadwood tChoii'D: the lazy, Lyon-hearted ladg Ring Committee: Hop Committee, Star C4, 31. T4 Bulmer, Bayard Taylor, "Duckf' i Buzzard fone weekj, Virginia City, Nev. "Let lhe 'world slide, let the world go,- A fig for rare and a fig for 'ZUOC.n--I'IEYWOOD. Tow-headed: one of the survivors of the "Chesa- peake"-"Shannon" light, Hop Committee C253 Manager Base-ball Team. C We Hari' Kimball, "VVobbles." an 1 Y Buzzard, Houston, Tex ' "He had a round face, and a little ronnd belly, l'l"hich shook when he langhed, like o bowl full of jelly. Viscous solid: protoplasni, lowest form of animal life, formula for composition unknown, does society, never known to do anything else, except explain things he knows nothing about. Said to have accepted an ap- pointment as "India-rubber Man" to Her Majesty the "Her voice was ever soft, Queen. Case, William Stanhope, "Casey," Chicago "I am reckless what 1 do to spite the world."-S1IAKs1'1zR1:. Head of Department of "Pull and Blufff' got gold anchors put on Oehm's blouses: passed the Personnel Billy instigated the Spanish-American warg changed the course to six years. and abolished "Setting-up" squad, Watch Oflicer U. S. S. "Santee." Church, lohn Gaylord, "Madam," Buzzard, WHSlll11QtO1l, D Cocke, Herbert Claiborne, "Ruin," "john Chin," "Smooth rnns the water 'where the brook is deep." The silent man,-speaks only when spoken to, bosom friend of Matthew Strohm. Gentle and low, on excellent thing -in woman. -S1lAKs1'ERE. Non-reg. haberdasher: ladies' undershirts a specialty, drinks strong lemonade and runs a free lunch counter in Room Io, Building 53 one of the four sole survivors of the "Chesapeake"-"Shannonu fight. Petersburg, Va. -SIIAKSPERE. ' 5 Defrees, Joseph Rollie, "Chimmy Fadden," Buzzard, Greenville, Ill. "A soldier, full of strange oaths and bearded like the pardf' "Bearded ladyf' winning and affectionate ways, seeks position as President Woman's College, Star C31 Comfort, James Hall, "Cy." Buzzard, St. Louis, Mo. "A shallow brain behind a serious mask, Au oracle within an empty 605133,--COWPER. Thought to have come out of the Ark, proposer of the toast to "The U. S. Naval Academy," spent more money on sporting than any other live men on clothes, lander of armies and Brigadier-Generals in Cuba, bosom friend of General Miles, uses Officer-in-Cl1arge's tobacco. --SHAKSPERE. Dodd, Edwin Horace, "Eddy." Buzzard, Chicago "A loose and strong defler of all order." l lcrsf' Base-ball Team. Doyle, Stafford Henry Rahall, "Stiffy." Buzzard, Orangeburg, S. C "A poor exile of Erin." Stunted by the weight of his name, extreme Tillman- Objects to wearing trousers to "setting-up" drillsg skips all other drills, plays foot-ball with Regulation books, breaker of gas-fixturcsg one of the survivors of the "Chesapeake"-"Shannon" tight, Captain of Hust ite, heart dislocated in Bath, "His bark is worse than his bite." Ellis, Hayne, "Spuds." Buzzard, Macon, Ga "Life is one long, infernal grind." Chief B-acherg Chairman Hop Committee and pitcher on the Base-ball team: "He blushes like the waves of hell."--Byron. Half-back on the All-American Rhino Team, confirmed dyspeptic. 16 Ferguson, VVilliam Burder, Jr., "Fagan," Two-striper, Waynesville, N. C "May never lady press his lips, I-Iis p1'o19'er'd love returning, Who nzakes a furnace of his mouth, And keeps his chimney burning."-ANON. Biffs everything, especially efliciencyg has been known to hold a fair hand in a losing game of-hearts, made a fortune on his paradox, Class Secretary and Treas- urerg Star C4, 3, 25. ' SFS Foley, Paul, "P-foliof, Buzzard, Brooklyn, N. "Oh, what nlcn may do! What nzen daily do, not knowing 4 - what they do!"-SHAKSPERE. fl . ' ' Q A man with a very taking way,-whisk brooms a ' H. ' ' S A specialty, the practical joker, rumor-mongerg Editor- eorrespondent for New hlvitf. in-Chief of LUCKY BAG, war York Journal during the Civil Freeman, Charles Seymour, HVV1'3tl'1.,, Buzzard, Erie, "His was the thunder-his the avenging rod, The WRATH,-the delegated voice of God!"-BYRON. Pa. Red-headed President of the Salvation Army, ran an abattoir on board the "Maria Teresa", "A face like a benedietion,"-Cervantes. Essence of efncieney. Gannon, Sinclair, "Choo" Three-striper. "He is truly great that is little in himself and that nzaketh no account of any height of ll01l07'S.n-TI'IOS.A KEMPIS. Abilene, T "Lo, the wild Indian!" Ex-member Married Men's Club, bunco-steererg "By their legs ye shall know them," Captain Crew C2151 Foot-ball Team. Gardiner, Carlos Alfonso, "Don," "Cyrano de Rubbernosef' Chicago. "If I had such a nose, I'd ainpntate it,' when yon sup, Indeed it must annoy yon, dipping in the cup." -ROSTRAND. Executive officer U. S. S. "Santee," 17 1 Y. CX Hellweg. Julius Frederick, "Fritz," "Anecdotef' "With volllcs of eternal babble." ' Formerly auctioneer, now bum photographer, dealer in stale jokes of all kinds, "What a spendthrift he is of his tongue!"-Slzakspcre. 1-le loves to wind his mouth up and then let it go again. l-Ioward, Abram Claude, "Tommy," Buzzard. Annapolis, Md. "You cannot rob me of frcc' Naturals grace." Oh, give me some jam, dear mamma, dear mamma, For you know I love it so: And surely you will oblige me lfVith another jar or so. , 1 Huff, Charles Peabody, "Vinegar," "NVrinkles," Q "Handsome," Butler, Mo. fa 1 "I have .tml boiler faces in my tin1c."-SIIAKSI-Elan. W Exterior painter and decorator, Sherlock Holmes of X- the Naval Academy, our dimplecl darling,-peaceful and amiable, but his face is against himg admirer of beautiful women, sonmambulist and wall-sealer. Hyland. -lohn Joseph, "Patsy," Holyoke, Mass. "Ireland shall be frcc."' His gl'2l.l1ilfZl.iCllC1' and father were seamen, but Patsy- oh. chestnuts! a fallen starg Star 1.0. Jackson, Edward Sharpless, Jr., "Keen," "Hatchet- facef' One-striper, Scranton, Pa "A man who would make so vile a pun would not .scrnplc to pick a pocket." Naval Reserveg favorite position on the cruise,- hanging his feet over the gangwayg "NVhat is the Great Stone Face?"-Hawllzorna. Star MD. 18 Buzzard, Baltimore, Md. Jeffers, William Nicholson, "Plug" 17 --lvl 1 Buzzard, "Sea Lawyer," New York City. "1 care for nobody, no, not I, t If nobody caros for wie."-BIRKERSTAFF. In I wa Man of refined taste, prelers champagne to beer, W M' often mistaken for a Portuguese count, leader of Pro- ie ---' hibition faction, motto: "Down with drink!" Prince ll of Monte Carlo on the cruise, Hop Committee CID. Johnston, Huntingdon, "Hop," "Yo Hansonf' Buzzard, Portland, Ore "For I'm not so old and not so plain, and l'm quite prcf1o1'od Io marry." Built on the side-hill plan, dumb-bell exercise daily, "Flour-barrel Hop." Kear, Carleton Romig, iiGfCHSC,,, "Reuben," Q Buzzard, Van Wert, O. "As I read I hear fha crowing cools, I hear lhe izolc Of lark and limwl, and from every page Rise odors of ploughcd fields or flowery mood." I -LONGFELLOW. "Reuben, Reuben, I've been thinking about that ice- cream ireezcrgl' "VVhere's dem foot-balls I done give you to be blowed up?" Keating, Arthur Barnes, "Artief' Buzzard, Centreville, Md "Self-low, my lo-rd. is not so 'vile a sin." Sub-organist: Class ladies' man, thinks he has pretty feet, knows everybody of family and wealth, talks like , a perforated gas tank QH2 SJ, "Black-eyed Susan." Kress, james Chatham, "Jimmy." Buzzard, Lock Haven, Pa. "lfVorle may be thc grandest gift of God Io 1110111 it's gctlmg ' stale with mc." Opposed to all forms of labor, would have made a good "Sleeping Beauty," lives in the same room with Cadet Minnix, except when Pratt wants to expand. Fencing Team C2, IJ. 19 Landenberger, George Bertram, "Dutch," Philadelphia Landram, Clarence Elmer, "Laudanum,,' "Eternal smiles his emptiness betray, As shallow Sl'l'0!1ll1.Y rim dimpling all the way."-POPE. The Flying Dutchmang "Sandow"g non combos 111entis,' practical and absolute unit of imbecilityg Buzzard Cnearlyjg Manager Track Athletics. He's more to be pitied than ccnsured, I-le's more to be helped than despiscd,- He's only a poor crazy Dutchman VVho has fallen in love ill-advised. Smithland, Ky. "Better Iale Ihan never." Never known to get to formation on time,-usually unsat in two subjects, and ten demerits to run on for the term, bum politician. Mclintee, William, "Count," "VVoolsey." ' s Mannix, Daniel Pratt, Three-striper, Montgomery, Minn "And still the wonder grew How one small IU head could carry all he le11e'w." ' -Goimsmirir. 'Mathematics is his pastime, the Apjohn Formula his delight, the Eugene V. Debs-Parnell-Atkinson Irish agitator of the U. S. N. A., he goeth forth armed with a sword and a prayer-bookg Star C3, 21. "Armstrong Hobson." Three-striper, Washington, D. C. "Greater men ihan I may have lived, but I do hot believe it." Admirer of everything 'VVaShiugtonian, including himsclfg double-reflecting, triple-llattering mirror usedg Plebe braceg co-efficient of expansion undetermined, but it is considered enormousg Star C31 Mitchell, Willis Gimmell, "Bill." Three-striper, VVarren, "Deserve thyself no longer: thy youth hath fled." Silent lubricatorg Married Men's Clubg Req for amanuensis not granted, and stamp supply cut down, calls class-meetings every other night, and brings empty chairs to order, Class President. 20 P Menner, Robert Tryon, 4'Duke," Honesdale, Pa. "Lord, Lord, how subject we old uicn are to this vice of lying!"-SHAKSPERE. Fitzimmonsg has been to seven colleges,-took leather medal at each. Morris, Robert, "Brick-top." await his graduation with joy. Naile, Frederick Raymonde, "Tack," '+- i Buzzard, Salt Lake City, Utah l " 'Tis little joy 7 3 To know I'1n farther from heaven Than when I was a boy."-Hoon. D The human snake, his seven wives in Salt Lake City Buzzard, Norristown, Pa. "Speak gently: 'tis a little thing, A squalling brat, small but strongfl Gravitates toward anything eatable, even as a little red ant at Lower Quarters, "He hath eaten me out of house and l'lO1l1C.,i-SIIAKSPERE. Star C41 Osterhaus, Hugo Wilsoii, "Dutchy," Norfolk, "Come, lay thy head upon my breast, 'And I will kiss thee into rest."-BYRON. Expects to graduate, aided by papa, the Heads of Steam and French Departments, and the Academic Board, Oehm is making his outfit, the human clothes- ping Foot-ball Team. 21 Noa, Loveman, 'WVhy P" "Now, see here!" "And with his everlasting claclc Chattanooga, Tenn Sets all 1nen's ears upon the raclcf'-BUTLER. A complicated combination of cccentricities of pug- nacious propensitiesg the human interrogation point, possessed of a never-satisfied curiosity, the class mule. Va. 274:13 Y-' fi ' :..: ,,, , , I ' ' iffwgi i Pf eff? Nfl '41 l . ' Riddle, Vtlilliam King, "Kang," "Yah! yah! yah!" Nashville, Tenn. Strange tales and stories he -relates. And 'wondrous are his jollics. Oh! this is the King of Ichahods. The author of "Under the Holliesf' Instructoi in dancing to the choir invisible: the man of one dimension guaranteed to become sentimental with anything uelrmg pettieoatsg shape,--none or spa 3 his m lndoliu has the sound of a cross-cut saw. 1 ' ' Z . 5' 3 Sehoenfeld, john William, "Skanebaum." lluzzard, NVestfield, N. Y "For thy sake, O tobacco! I would do anything but div." Emigrated from Sweden: bribed the authorities at Castle Garden with a basket of grapes: nanis dc fvlunzei "Shuntfield," "Fruit Skins," et al. -l.,xnn. Scranton, lidison lirnest, "lid," Buzzard, Alliance, O. "God nzadc him: therefore, let him pass for a man." Favorite amusement: sitting on six daily newspapers in Reading Room while reading six more: carries stun- sails in all weather: uxvlllll he would say no man knoweth." Smith, Vvllllllll "Gee," "Methuselah." i ' I l BllZZ211'Ll, Port Austin, Mich. TX "Sonic smack of age in youg some relish of the saltnvss I l . of time." 'l' I - y . ' Patriarehg intends to resign at end of two years' cruise as the oldest living graduateg navigator of the Ark. W ln "55?'l . Y. . .. .. I bnyder, Lharles Plnlip, "l'eek. ' , One-striper, Charlestown, VV. Va. 1 - '.1 I 9 Q "ll"hencc,is thy learning? Hast thy toil -ap . Or books consmnrd the znidnight oil?"-GAY. "Sn-n-ny-de-der, d-d-does your mo-mother no-kno- know y-you're ou-out?" Star C41 22 Spilman, john Armistead, "Bunny," i Two-Striper, Richmond, Va. "Be merry, and employ your chiefest thoughts to courtship." , -SIIAKSPERE. A handsome and obliging young man, can do any- thing. especially sing, great social success, the May Plebe Champion, 1-Iop Committee Q3, 21g Manager Foot-ball Team, Star C4J. Steele, George Washington, jr., "Billf' Two-striper and Adjutant, Marion, O "Au honest man., close-buttoued to the chiu,-- Broad-elolh without, and a warm heart within." "HOTEL ARRIVALS.-Ebbitt House: Ensign George VVashington Steele, Jr., U. S. N., and sons, James Whitworth Steele, Siemens-Martin Steele, and Thomas Bessemer Steelc."--Washington l"osl. Svarz, Emil Pravoslov, "Pig," lsuzzard, San Antonio, Tex. "lCen1uz'e him if possible: with powder and lead if necessary." "Number Six Pig: weakest and most fluid of all pigs, useless alike for ornamental purposes or casting, as it ' will not mix with scrap."--Mech. Eugrg. Who let down the bars? Tamura, Hiroaki, "Mike," Tokio, Japan "But howsoever love be blind, The world at large hath eyes."-KIPLING. Chinese count, with Irish accent, "I know but I can- not say. O-ou--ou-dereforef' Favors a Japanese- American allianceg Fencing Team. Timmons, john Wesleyf, "Torpedo Tim." Four-striper, Chillicothe, O. "I do not think the devil would have me damned, lest the oil that's in me would set hell ou fire." Hold tl1e forks, the knives are coming, pie is on the way, Crew Q4, 3, 2, Ijg Captain Crew CID. 23 Train, Charles Russell, "Ikey." Buzzard, VVashington, D. C. "I an: a few: hath not a few eyes? Izalh not a Jew hands, The new Moses, bum soloist, Hop Committee at lastg Class monkey: Fencing Teamg Master of Ceremonies, Burial of Math and Skinny. l Tomb, XVilliam Victor, "Vicf' Buzzard, Little Rock, Ark "Of learning vast, of knowledge most profound, And, best of all, a lcind and courteous gentleman." They all agreed that the ship might be composite, but Vie was the woodenest thing on boardg Skinny fiend, of spoony inclinations. llllllC'Il5l0l1J, affections, passions fn-SIIAKSPERE. Wfade, Charles Tobias, f'Toby." Buzzard, Hackettstown, N. J "I dI'L'lllllCIl there was no 1'eveille,-- I wonder if drcanzs come true?" "Jersey Lightning," "Biby-doll," direct descendant of Rip Van VVinkleg Foot-ball Team. VVainwright, john Drayton, "Marie" 1 Two-striper, yVilmington, Del. "ll'isvr in lzis own conceit than sown mon Ilzat can render Dealer in perfumery and hair-oilg Senior Assistant to Captain, Exec., and Navigator on the cruise. Great disappointment at not getting to navigate the "An- napol a 'fCtIS0lI.'l-PROVERBS. is" into New York, as he knew the harbor per- feetly. N VVinston, Hollis Taylor, "Huneh," "Boy." "The bed has become a place of lu.rury to nie: I would no! cwclzange it for all the llzrones in the world."-NAPOLEON. Never known to exceed sixty steps to the minute, ' wonders why they can't have reveilles at eight and no drills at all, rooms with "Spuds" and sits next to "Fritz" 1 at mess,-more to be pitied than censuredg Class Ring Committee, Hop Committee, Manager Crew. 24 Buzzard, Chapel Hill, N. C. Xhloods, Stanley, "She,', "Weasy," Chicago. "Every man is as God made him, and oftentimes a great ' a deal more." Not so wcasy as he looksg makes three marks as he walks: draws pictures for everything but the LUCKY BAG, uses tobacco in all forms that his friends possessg Commanding Ofticer of the "Santeeg" the only sixteen to one man in the class,-gives one cigarette and ex- pects sixteen in return. VVortn1an, Ward Kenneth, "VVard." Buzzard, Helena, Mont "He will lie, sir, with such 'volubility that you would think Truth a fool." , Our Mellin's Food Babyg the sixteen-year old "Boy Wonder," patent medicine many "O youth! how many crimes have been committed in thy name!" VVright, Luke Edward, Jr., "Poor old Lukef, Memphis, Tenn. , " 'Tis the wire of the slnggard, I hear him complain, 'You have 7UL1lCL'd me too soon.' I must slumber againt' " -WATTS. A confirmed spiritualist, known to hold communion with departed spirits. C Wyman, Henry Lake, "VVillie." One-striper, Chicago "I know some of my work is good, if only people could see." -KIl'I.ING. Agitator and reformerg runs a non-reg. study party with "Mum" Churchg one of Boy Winston's easy vic- tims at pinochle and poker. 25 WVI LLIAM HENR Y BOARDMAN 5 J I THE FUNERAL ON THE AMPHITRITE. '59-gz.xXxXXx1l Z' M2545 "n llhxxxxx E on Paz.:Mf1va.s ISLAND Pufprb R160 in illlnnnuriam Qiline iielseg i?'luIir:k who Dinh at his hnmc in 51-lumiltnn, OD., Eluue 11, 1888. " There is a reaper whose nzuue is Death And with his sickle keen, He reaps the bearded grain at a breath, A1111 the flowers that grow between." LoNG1f'1f:I,I,0w. 32 Ex-Members. Asmus, Allston, New York "An1iable weakness of human l1l1l1l'I'0.H--GIBBON. Blair, George Fred, Michigan "For I am nothing if not cri!z'eal.l'-SHAKSPERE. Brackett, VVilliam, Illinois "A wif wilh dunees and a dunee with 'wl'fS.n-POPE. Browne, Claude, Alabama "An idle weed grows apacef'-OLD PROVERB. Catron, John Walz, New Mexico "With sweet strains of inelodious 1nusie."-MIRABEAU. Clark, Arthur William, California "PVlxo would not, finding way, break loose from hell And venture to whatever place fartherst from pain?"-MILTON. Cox, Lewis Smith, Jr., Pennsylvania "Come, come, good wine is a good familiar creature if it be well used, exelaim no more against it."-SHAKSPERE. Cresap, Edward Otho, Florida "A merry heart goes all the day, Your sad lires in a izzile-a."-SIIAKSPERE. 33 Crittenden, Kirby Barnes, MiSSOL1fi "Company, 'villianous company, hath been thc spoil of nic."-SHAKSPERE. Day, Charles Conwell, 111153113 'fE'oory 1nan is odd." Dearborn, Peyton Brown, Virginia "I ant thc vary pink of courtcsyf'-SIIAKSPERE. Downes, John, jr., At Large "The greatest fault, I should say, is to be conscious of tl0llC'.H-CARLYLE. Draper, Arthur Edgar, Kansas "There is little choirc in rotten apples."-SIMKSPERE. Enbody, Josiah Waterhouse, Pennsylvania "Praising what is lost niakvs thc renzcmbrancc dear."-SIIAKSPERE. Fitzpatrick, john james, Louisiana "Did you ever hear of Captain l'Vattlc?- He was all for love' and a little for the bottle."-DIBDIN. Foote, Perey Wright, North Carolina "Tha happiest he Who drinks the pure plc-asu-rcs of thc rural life."--THOMSON. Fowler, Orie Walter, Iowa "His greatness is U-fiffftlfHg.u-SHAKSPERE. Harris, George Simmons, Georgia HA nzothcr's pride, a fathcr's joy." James, John Frederick, Virginia "Tho world loves a spice of wickedness."-LoNGFELLow. 34 Kearny, Philip, , MiSSO11fi "O ye gods, render me worlliy of this noble 'lUl'ft'.n--SlIAKSPERE. Mann, John Ferris, New York "He seemed to be going Ilirouglz 'zuillz life much pleased at weryfliiizgf' -KIPLING. Miles, Harold Bancroft, VVyon1in,-gf, At Large "Shut up in measureless C0llfCllf."--SIIAKSPICRE. Miller, Benjamin Franklin, Virginia "I am slow of study."-Slmksvifnlz. O'Reilly, Philip Maitland, llcnnsylvania "Hang sorrow, cure will kill a eat."--VV1T11E1z. Pye, William Sattcrlee, Maine "A face with glodness o'zferspread."-Wo1mswoR'1'1I. Rhea, Robert Yancey, Kentucky "Dressed in a lillle brief authority."-SHAKS1-151115. Rhuc, John Alonzo, Indiana "Wliat's gone and 'wliafs past help, should be pos! grief."-GoLDsM1'rn. Roberts, Charles Verner, New York "Yon Cassius has a lean and hungry look,- He thinks too much,-suelz men are dangerous."-S1mkslflzluz. Roosevelt, Henry Latrobe, New York "Fm sure eare's an enemy lo life." Russell, Branch Elliott, Wisconsin "I mel a fool i' the forest, a motley fool."-S11AKs1'1sR1:. 1 35 Shea, VVillian1 Henry, "And good luck go with fllCC'.H-SIIAKSPERE. Sloan, james Muir, Ir., Maryland "His worth is warrant for his welcome."-SHAKSPERE. Thompson, Scott McGhee, Florida "I have out-lived, and yet I am not 0ld.H---BYRON. Turner, Robert Francis, Iowa "Long shall we seek his likeness, long in 'vaing . . . Nature formed but one such man, And broke the die in moulding TURNER."-BYRON. Vernou, VValter Newhall, Oregon "My only books were wommfs looks, And folly's all they've taught me."-MOORE. Wood, Robert Thompson, New York "I know the goodg yet, oh, the worst pursue."--PETRARCII. Zogbaum, Rufus Fairchild, jr., New York "There is a fellow somewhat near the door,- He should be a brasicr by his face."-S1-IAKSPERE. 'Milli Ml M 2373! W' Q lt 3 . ",. . fi- will 19 uflyai-gwl , " -. -,f 'ff' , X yllulflmm nm x' '." ' ' If " A if Fl ' '. v . WW. L ', . ,5,.-fx' l jr H 1 R illiul s Will: R, 2 ,. W. ra Q- X-,Rfb ,,'. ,f,, 'mil' 1 xv . , I dl il, l, I- L.: : X -111 h M S-aj f- ' ll 36 CLASS OF 1901. 5, ,... -1 lr it A 'qu:'sl. T1a,A1,' Class of 1901 O Prcsialvzzl, JOHN T. BURw151.L. Sl't'l'Cfll1'y and T1'6'CI5lH'Cl', BYRON A. LONG. Ackerson, James L., Allen, Burrell C., Allen, VVillian1 H., Andrews, Adolphus, Babcock, -Tohn V., Bass, Ivan E., Bertholf, Wallace, Blair, George F., Brooks, Ernest A., Bruff, Charles L., Burwell, John T., Caffery, .lohn M., Castle, Guy VV. S., Conway, Clarence A., Cook, Harold E., Colors .' CRIMSON AND XMI'Il'1'E. Yell: OOM, RAH, ZIP, Zack. HU1.,xuixLOo-BALA-B.xr..xc:k 1 NAVY, NAVY, NoUoH1'v-ONIQ, RAH ! 39 Cook, Merlyn G., Cox, Lewis S., Jr., Downes, John, Jr., Enochs, john M., Fairfield, Arthur P., lfisher, Charles NV., .Ir Fitzpatrick, john J., Fogarty. Xlvllllillll B., Foote, Percy VV., Fowler, Orie NV., Fremont, John C., Jr., liurer, Julius A., Furse, John H., Galbraith, Williaiii 'W Gay, lesse B., Green, john F Hamner, Edward Hannigan, John I., Henry, Sidney M., Hileman, joseph L., Howe, Alfred G., Goodrich, Caspar, C., jr Hutchins, Charles T., Ir., Jackson, John P., Keyes, Raymond S., King, Ernest J., Kittinger, Theodore A., Kurtz, Thomas R., Long, Byron A., Manley, Rufus S., McBride, Lewis B., McCom1non, Frank, McCrary, Frank R., Zogbaum, Rufus F., X.. F'-59"un Q if""1 E-52 45-QC? Neal, George F., Nightingale, Garrard P Norris, William, Oakley, Owen H., Oliver, Frederick L., Perry, Newman K., Jr., Pye, William S., Richardson, Holden C., Simons, Manley H., Spafford, Edward E., Steinhagen, VVilliam H Vernou, Walter N., VValsl1, John H., Westervelt, George C., Whitlock, Guy, Williams, Roger, Nkfygant, Benyaurd B., Yates, Isaac, I., Ir., W In v'-",,F.v,- ,, X ' ' ' 'Mfg' .K " , O - - I vi K--f u-, ggi g. : Q". ' ' - " x ,. - .Lx -' 2' W" "' ?'1'i,?,-.'1' 'z- mn, .. il Q 9 if . f' .-gk . ' 5" -v X vw"-',,r fo '14-.f .Jim--N - v' g 5. . 'A ?'- ,Sl 4 ,ff 1112.11 ,Phil x 5.7" H' ly . je. x...r.. . p ... .111 M f f ., .V I - -'Q -w' Q l ,Lf ,nf I '14 ' nu ani. wus oL,rg-Luv f -uMM1,u' 3:51 40 KAAQYNE, ff .N CL.-XSS OF 1902. !-. " . f ' ' .C . Q -. .+ '-Y. NW' Class of 1902. P7'CSiC1L'llf, VVILLIAM L. PRYOR. St't'7'L'fU1':V and T1'casurvr, JOIIN H. BLACKBURN. Adams, Roe R., Anderson, Edwin C., Baldridge, Harry A., Bean, Carlos, Bingham. Donald C.. Blackburn, john H.. Brooks, Leroy, jr., Brown, George P., Brown, Wilsoil, jr., Campbell, james A., Jr., Childs, Harold D., 'Conn, VVilliam T., jr., 'Cooper, Oscar F., Corning, Merritt S., Craft, Ralph P., Crittenden, Kirby B., Darst, Gilford, Davis, Roscoe C., Deering, George A., 43 Diman. Walter G., Dowling, Otto C., Early, Charles W., Finney, Earl P., Fisher, joseph O., Freyer, Frank B., Goldman, Mayer L., Griswold, Ralph M., Hall, Frank D., Henderson. Robert, Horning, George R., Iohnston, Richard H Kerrick, Charles S., Kintner, Edwin G., Klyce, Horace Lacy, Lindsay H., Land. Emory S.. Lannon, james P., Lawrason, George C. Marquart, Edward tl. Martin, Frank C., Meyers, George J., Morton, Harry T., Moses. XVilliam il., Murdock, james P., Nichols, Neil E., O'Reilly, Philip M.. Osburn, Franklin NV., Ozburn, Thomas L., Parker, Edward ll., Peterson, Andrew A Porterfleld, Lewis ll., Pryor, VVillian1 L., Puleston, XVillian1 D., ..1,... iw L' AN, .fn 'f Read, Sennnes, Reed, James, Jr., Richardson, james O., Rowcliff, Gilbert I.. Sinnners. Clayton M., Smith, NVillia1n VV., Staton, Adolphus, Sterling, Frank W., Townsend, Julius C., NVainwright, Richard, XVallacc, Henry G. S., XVallacc, Robert, jr., Wlcaver, David A.. XVhitten, Francis S., Woodruff, john NV., D:-J-A 1 if Jr CLASS OF IQO3 Abbott, lohn S., Ancrum, Williani, Anderson, VValter S Arwine, John S., Battles, Donald R., Belknap, Charles, Jr., Blakely, Charles A., Brillhart, Charles E Brisbin, Alfred T., Cleary, Francis I., Clifford, Hugh J., Cooke, Henry D., Craven, Henry S., Davis, Milton S., Eherlein, Michael Fretz, Paul H., Friedrick, Ernest, Gatewood, Richard D., Ghent, Daniel T., Giles, Vlfilliain J., Hays, VVilliam D., Holland, VValter J., Holmes, Ralston S., -Ir., G., Class of 1903. 47 Iglesias, Ricardo, Kibbee, Austin S., Koch, Ralph A., Leahy, Lamar R., Loomis, Sam C., McCracken, john J., Mclienzie, Clovis H McNair, Fred'lc V., Maxwell, James F., Metcalf, Martin K ., Milne, Macgillivary. Moses, Charles C., Nelson, Theodore, Neumann, VV111. E. Ownby, George S. Poteet, Fred. H., 3 Radford, George S., Raudenbush, Webb R Reid, William P., Rhodes, Butler Y., Robinson, Samuel Rodgers, John, M Rowan, Stephen C., Rydeu, Roy W., Sadler, Frank H., Sahm, Leo, Schlabaeh, Ross P., Smead, VValter A., Smith, Charles E., Smith, NVilliam R., Smyth, VVilliam W., Stark, Harold R., Thackara, Alex. M ' f .4 ..N ' .T X-? N Z Taylor, James A., Taylor, Thomas H., Thompson, George N., Thompson, Rufus S., Van Aulcen, VVilbur R., Van Keuren, Alex. H., W3lliC1', Hugh MCL., VVarcl, Thomas, Jr., VVickersham, Darrell P. Willso11, James D. ,is Z' .Xx- l ' X x - .2 I 1 , . , 8 X ." a, ' 5 Y , . .,,.r' 1- , - ,, EA, D ,, . . , I ' . x 48 3 K tg up 1 U. S. S. The Army and Navy Game. ln ti1ne of peace prepare for war," And by this prudent maxim guided WVC give the art on sea and shore Our thought and interest undivided, XVe probe its problems old and new, lts arms or tactics far or near us, And even devote deep study to The tiny bow and shaft of Eros. 0, cunning shaft! O, wondrous bow! Or winged with joy or strung with sorrow, The stoutest armor forged below Is helpless 'gainst the boy-god's arrowg And he who stood 'mid cannon's blaze, Cool and unmoved. at post of duty, ln quick submission humbly lays His laurels at the feet of beauty. 'Twas so of old, when Ilium proud For Helen's smile in dust was hurled, W'hen Antony at Actium bowed, And bartered for a kiss the worldg And Dewey's self and Merritt prove To-day a warrior's heart the same is- Thc olden, golden game of Love A The Army and the Navy game is. The gift and grace of u'oman's heart, The touch of loving lips and tender, Still holds ns fast to honor's part On field or foam where'er we wander, For her we tempt the braes of fame. lleardless cadet and gray professor. Our prop and prayer the one loved name Of mother, sweetheart, wife-God bless her! XV ILL Srolcns "Vvrn1o11t." SI TQ THE wucmm EZLQNQ THE SPQULS ,R .. , , 1 , ,, QE!! f NfMXX 'yay -"., 5 x f ffm! f 1 X I In X il 4211 W1 '14 jf, 5 gl 'lm N W ' fi' 617 X X XX X ? X5:.:-.X X xx Ad! 4-f 1 1 ff x x , N- 1 , 0, J' wg A .Mu WA., . ,X RN 11 HW ,,f ky 111 '- A ,. ' ' 1 - 9' , nl , 5 XX Ewa x !1 I R, v S ffm .1 . 1 LM, , 1 N , ,V 1 1 f ,xx f 6111 X 1,1 Mfxxufw X X, ., A 'I' X , M N nil X -Q N X RWM. VG- 'L 11 in Q: ' kv 4:1111 XX ix '- Qj 5 l 'k l RV, 'fl 1 X M j'xM11'l1 M ',. i I. xx K X K J 1 f M Y N . y lgg X Q '- 551 1 Q ff' X' 1 if' X JI 1 ' my N xy N J iff' f J X if 1 :Q Q, 1 ff6f X H V 1 I it X XXXXX ,W Alfa f L V - .AN 'wg LPS- - X , 'X "7 ! f N92 A 'williw-25 h 'ik' ' 'X 1 X xx! , M5197 Pb' Q. 5 ' V ' I 1 Pix J XX 1 x x 1' -V V X' ' z 1 f f W a. 1 . Q Z Q gf 1. ' ff 1r' 1 2 4 111111 '11 A xx 1L4 my '11 Q K KJ X min qxixlfl yy Lf . ,xg 1 WFT " C' 4, fx ..- Cz Qyly ,MN BENJAMIN , V emo ff '44, ' 5 J gf-.Q 1 V, 1-.r ,1, 1'!'1.,"' if " 1 Grouse Pun 09' IL,-xmvj' 4, A s-l5Nv1mG""L"l' lf ' ,, ,L J-gp T. 1 I fu tx WL U. S. NAVAL ACADEMY FOOT-BALL TEAM. Rudgcrs, 121033 Spilman, 11100 fJIgf'.D XYc:1vcr, 1902 Williams, lfllil Fremont, 15ml Berrien, 11100 McMzlsIers fjifflfllfi Brutf, 1901 Wade, 1900 Adzuns, 19012 Horning, 12102 Nichols, lfllllf Lung, 1901 Haulligau, ISHS Gannon, 1900 Osterlmus, 1900 Fowler, 1001 NVortumn, 1900 QLVIIPLI Frcyer, 15002 Xichols, 1902 Belknap, 15102 U. S. N. A. Foot-ball Team, 1899. WARD K. VV0R'11MAN, Captain. JOHN A. SPILMAN, Manager. BERRIEN, 1900, . . . N1cH01.s, 1902, .. . B1z1.KNA1-, 1903, . ADAINIS, 1902, . .. HALLIGAN, '98, . .. W0R'1'MAN, 1900, LDNG, 1901, .... OSTIZRIIAUS, 1900. Fowmslz, 1901, . GANNON, 1900, .. VVADE, 1900, . . . SIllJSfI.fllI'L'5.' Right End Right Tackle. Right Guard. Centre. Left Guard. Left Tavhlc. Left End. Qna1'tc'1'-back. Left Half-bade. Right Half-bark Full Bark. LAND, 19021 F1:1zv1cu, 1902, lWANLliY, 1901, WVILLTAMS, 1901, F1z1sM0N'1', 1901, I-l01eN1N0, 1902, WEAVER, 1902, October " 14th- 2 1 st- " 2831- TQIEAD, S., 1902. Foot-ball Schedule, 1899. 7lLl1-P1'll1CCl1Oll University, . . . Georgetown College, . ..... . Pe1111sylva11ia State College, . . . Lafayette College, ........... November 4th-University of North Czwolina, . . " Il1Zl'l- " 18th- Trinity College, ............. Lehigh University, . . . Decembel' 25th-WVest Point, .......... 57 N. A. Opponents .. 0 5 ..12 0 .. 6 0 .. 0 5 ..12 0 ..35 0 ..24 0 . 5 I7 U. S. N. A. Base-ball Team, 1899. ll15x,1.xA11x G. l,l.x11'1'11.x1.0w. 1900, Cafviaifz. ll,xv.x1m T. ,l'l1f1.11121e, 1900, .lfl1lIlIgL'l'. BA1a'1'11..x1.01x', 1900, . . . E1.1.1s, 1900, ..... . K1cv1ss, 1901, .... l315R11112N, IQOO, . . . D01111, 1900, ... C1111.11s, 1902, ... NV12.w1s11, IQOZ, .. I'Lxx1N1c11, IQOI, .. REA11, 1902, . .... 51111.11 I'fllft'S .' Loxu, 19013 ,l'011'1'151:1f1121.11, 1902. Schedule, April lSf--St. JOl11l'S College, .. " Sth-St. -lOllll,S College, .. " 22Ll " 29tl1- M ay 1 3th- " 20tl1- 1899. -Gallaudet College, .......... University of XVest Virginia ,... Uuiversity of Mz11'yla11cl, ...... M:u'yla11cl lXg1'lCl1ltlll'Zl.l College, . . . . 58 . .llfvlIfl'lIUl'. . .Pl'fl'llL'l'. . .F 1'1'st Bnxc. . . . Svvoluz' f3a.vv . . Tlzird Base. . Slmri Stofv. . Right l"1'vld. . C'1'11t1'1' 1"1'vId. . .Left Field. N. A. Opponents. I3 5 6 2 11 I3 7 8 4 II 3 1 I 515-L. .5 I. A1 v-.. , Min-Q , .14-,sd we f,-,-M A ,.. . Y 5 .',-vi-'-, 1,-.5 .,Nl'.,,,.wQib,.,Y ,, . 4,,N.4..n A Y, If S. XAYAL .XCADIEBIY BASIS-I3.XLI, TICAM. XVenwr.15r02 Hummer, 1001 I,uml1-xnlwl-gl-1-, 1000 I:lIllll1'l'4.1lfll'.yl Lung. 1901 1N1-rlmus. 1000 Hezul, S., 1002 Childs,1!I02 Iillis, 11100 I3:11'Kl1z1lmx'.1000 Ql'ffpl.,r Iierricn, 110007 Dodd, 15100 Keyes, 1001 gh- F . wo , -, as MQ U. S. NAVAL ACADEMY QREW-1899. Williams, 1901 Parker, 1002 Fremont, 1901 Horning, 1902 TIIIIIHOIIS, 1900 Hutchins, 1901 Tomb, 1900 Gannon, 1900 lC21plu1'nJ Bi ngham , 1902 fC?JJ.'SlL'll1.7lJ ml' ' Y ' SI' T I H ' I ' ' ' ' ""' """" 'H' ""' "0" U. S. NAVAL ACADEMY TRACK TEAII. Gay, 1001 Xv00lil'llH', 1002 Adzuns, 1902 Anderson, 1902 Cooke, 1000 Lnuuon, 1902 Corning, 1002 Morris, 1000 Fowler, 1901 Xfzlde, 1000 Lzuulenberger, 1000 Berrien, 1000 Land, 1902 Blackburn, 1902 Maunix, 1900 Gardiner, 1000 Eighth Annual Track Meeting, MAY 20th, 1899. Event. Won by Record. Q13 100 yards dash, . . . . . 1'f0wL1z11, 1901, . . . . . 11 sec. Q25 220 yards dash, . . . . . FowL1z11, 1901, . . . 24M sec. Q31 4,40 yards dash, . . . . . COCKE, 1900, ..... . . . 57 2-5 sec. Q43 Half-111ile run, . . . . . . Wo01'mU1-'11, 1902, . . . . 2 min. I4 sec. Q51 Mile run, ......... .. . W'00n11U1f1-', 1902, . . . . 5 min. 22 1-5 sec Q61 220 yards hurdle, ...... l"0wL1sR, 1901, ........ 3I 1-5 sec. Q75 Running' high jump, . .. W.'x1NwR1011'1', 1900, .... 5 ft. 6M in. QSJ Running broad jump, .. l3LACK11U11N, 1902, ..... IQ ft. 1 in. Q95 Pole vault, ............ LANNON, 1902. ..... . 9 ft. 3M in. Qloj Throwing 16-lh. hammer, XVADE, 1900, . . . . . 81 ft. 0 in. Q1 lj Putting 16-lb. sl10t, ..... ADAMS, 1902. . . . .... 34 ft. 3 in. Q12j 50 yard swin1, ......... NIANNIX, 1900, .... 36 sec. Q13j Throwing hasc-ball, .... B1e1111115N, 1900, . . . . . . 329 ft. 6 in. U. S. N. A. Records. Event. Name. Record. 100 yards dash, . . . . . R. W. H1sND1s11s0N, '97, IO sec. 220 yards dash, . .. . . . R. W. H1zN1J1i11s0N, '97, . 22 1-5 sec. 440 yards run, . . .... R. W. Ie11sNmz1zsoN, 397, 53 sec. Half-mile run, . . .... A. M.xcAR1'110,R, JR., '96, 2 1ni11. IO 2-5 sec Mile run, ........ . . . R. VV. Y1NC1zNT, '99, .... 5 1ni11. 3 sec. 120 yards hurdle, . . . . . . P. E. T,xUss1G, '96, .... . . I9 sec. 220 yard hurdle, ..... .... t I. K. Tlxussio, ,9Q, ...... 29 2-5 sec. Running high jump. . . . . . .j. D. W1x1Nw111u11'1', 1900, 5 ft. 721 in. Running broad jump, . . . . . D. X. C.'xMD1zN, '91, .... 21 ft. 4 in. Standing broad jump, . . .. .j. K. R0111Ns0N, '91, . .. IO it. 6M in. Pole vault, ................. H. C. MUs'r1N, '96, ..... IO ft. M in. Throwing 16-lb. hammer, F. D. IQARNS, 595, ...... Q2 ft. 7 in. Putting 16-lb. shot, ......... F. D. IQARNS, '95, ...... 35 ft. 95 in. 50 yards swim, ..... .... X V. B. IZARD, '95, . . . . . 31 4-5 sec. Kicking foot-ball, . . . Throwing base-ball, . . C. T. Wfrxuiz, XV. B. IZARD, 65 1900, ..... 182 '95, ...... 34.7 ft. 6 in. ft. IO in. I- 0 V 240, AAO M fl QWZJMJAU wvzm Xffk-WU-L fw-mypwfofo, ks 'awk Af Af. JQQMQQQ A:-my mu, fa-ML9 ,wx- W4 I Gd. 27' 18732 Tum N,xx'.xI. C.xn1f1K1's R ICQU IC ST 'PII IC 1'I.l'IAHURE Ol" YOIIR COBIPANY A'l X A"'ER IIUPH T0 l!E 'IIETID AT 'PIII :4lclu14:S UF xVIN 1 UNl1'l'1Il S'rAT14:s N AVAL 1XCAIJEMN' 0l!'l'. 2H'l'll, N0 V. ll'l'll. N0 V. 2!l'l'll. IDEC. ll!'l'll, IDEU. 30: -IAN. lZl'l'lI. -IAS. DI A R. 24-'l'll, ANNA PCDLIHA, 27'l'll, Flill. l0'l'll. FEIS. 24-'rin BIA R. 101 A PR. '7'rn. A PR. 21:-4'l', AND BIAY 5'rn. IHUU-1000. Bl ARYLAND. 66 I 4 XX. M 6 v ' 1 Jghfb f" X 1 V' K 1 ff by f The Lucky Bag. Founded 1894. Published Annually by the First Class. Editors, 1894. S. P. FULLINWIDER, EdI'f01'-'ltll-Clliff. E. L. BENNE'1'T, Busilzvss Manager, RIDLEY MCLEAN, W. P. SCOTT, A. W. Hmns. Editors, 1895. J. P. MO1z'1'ON, Ed1't01'-1'1z-Ch1'cf. K. M. BENNE'.l'T, Bnshzvss Manager, G. H. MANN, S. F. SM1'r1-1, N1cw'rON NLANSI-'IELD Editors, 1896. C. L. POOR, Edfflll'-ill-Cllilff. R. H. M. IQOHINSON, Bzzsizzcss Manager, E. IWCCAULEV, JR., C. E. GlL1'1N, W. T. CLUVERLUS. Editors, 1897. J. W. GRAQME, Editor-iaz-Clzicf. H. E. YARNELL, B1fsz'11css Mafzagcr, A. J. H1zPnuRN, L. R. SARGENT, D. S. MAI-IONY. Editors, 1898. G. T. P1s'r'1'1zNGII.L, Edilor-z'n-Chivf. H. I. ELSON, Bzzsiuzcss ZVIa1zagc1', F. L. PINNEY, F. T. EVANS, A. M1'1'c:n1al.r., HIENRY XVILLTAMS, W. P. CRONAN. Editors, 1899. E. B. FENNER, Editor-z'n-C1u'vf. C. H. VVOOmm1m, Businvss Mazzagvr, R. D. NVII1'r'1z. H. M. GLEASON, E. C. KALBFUS, P. D. DUNCAN, I. R. COMBS. Editors, 1900. PAUI. FOLEV, Edllflll'-1.11-Clll'Cf. W. F.'BRICKER, Busiurss Mazzagcr, B. T. BULMER, J. F. LIELLWEG, W. B. FERGUSON, JR C. A. GARDINER, S'1'ANL1zv WOODS. 71 U. S. P. S. "Chesapeake" U. S. S. H.f'XNNA1'0LlS,U Boston, Mass., July 28, 1899. The "Chesapeake" is a composition peace-of-mind destroyer, sixteen decks and no bottom. Decks of old hickory. All angle irons and plates Qdinnerj of pleasant steel. DATA. Speed, ......... ...... .... l c nots per hour. Extreme beam, . . . ........ 173 feet. Length after all, .. .... 37 feet. Mean draft, . . . . . .12 inches. Displacement, . . .... . . . .I 1,704 tons. The lower part of stem is of Chinese bronze, upper part a refined bar like the Haymarket, N. Y. She is one of the largest and handsomest ships in the Navy, fitted with all the latest improvements. The electric plant is one of the hot-house species--three-wire system throughout. All messages and orders sent by Macaroni's wireless telegraphy. The Ventilating system is of two kinds, natural and unnatural. The natural consists of forty revolvable ventilatorsg the unnatural of two Wort- man blowers under conning-tower, forward of superstructure and abaft of forward turret. The air goes down through hold and aft, discharging through a tube into the receiver of Tomb's patent wind-mill attachment on propeller. This wonderful attachment is for propelling a ship in a dead calm. - Fifty blowers are fitted in all fDuke omittedj, twenty-five on splinter- deck, ten on berth deck, and fifteen in engine-room hatch, arranged in multiple arc, thereby reducing resistance R:,'5fOehm's rule-a bad fitj. Manned by plebes, each 50 H. P. fthe blowers, not the plebesl. 72 K Q-S,S.CHESAPEA KE By means of Tomb's reciprocating, direct-acting hammock attachment, each first classman's hammock is placed in the circuit in series according to rate, clean sleevers first. The pipes of the blower system run forward on st'b'd side, aft on port side, and outside on both sides. The cussing system is that in ordinary use on practice ships, running from 6 A. M. g 4 2 to 6 1'. M. following day, sidercal time, there- . 4"" . by giving 366.25 cnsslng days 111 a year.. 5 g The compressors are the 1899 im- -1 , proved Mannerix strong-arm model, nsed l only when visitors are aboard. ii,i There are eight Irish, double-ended, ll cease-fire, tnbeless boilers, Miserable type. 6 Also two horizontal, inverted, back-acting, 5-ii i' 3" triple-expansion engines of mule pattern. Each engine has a condenser of hammered nvwf-ef tiiwnfqine Chinese bronze, capable of condensing one hundred gals. of milk per hour. There are four distilleries tone for each classj in drum room. The main battery consists of one nineteen-inch, rapid-fire, muzzle- loading rifie, two dozen one-hundred ponnders, using borated talcum powder, and numerous bald head torpedo tubes. There are three principal magazines :-B1'0ar1'way, Police Gazette, and Standard. Several hundred water-tight compartments are to be used for instance. The mean pumping capacity is 1,200 tons per sq. ft. on fore foot. Overhead traveling cranes are fitted on gun deck for transporting corn bread and batter cakes. The "Chesapeake" carries Barthalow's magnetic anchors. The niag- netic properties of this anchor attract it to ship's side, when let go, with a force sufficient to ride out any storm. After storm the blacksmith goes over the side and breaks the magnetic attraction with an axe. All hands but the cat then go fishing for the anchor. Cofifer-dams extend full length, six feet below to five feet above water line, packed with corn cakes, hand-packed according to specifications. Splinter nets rigged inboard prevent any pieces of corn-cake hitting cadets in action or any other place. - 75 Cadets' wash-room is a spacious apartment containing ten one-quart wash-bowls. Three washes per week allowed upon requisition to cadets on first conduct grade. The billiard room and smoker is on the post. lt is handsomely furnished with Qwl roulette wheel Qsteam-steeringj. Smokeless use of naval cadets, colorless, odorless, and splinter deck just abaft rudder nickel-in-the-slot machine and cigarettes are provided for the smokeless, disappearing butts. The golf links and bicycletrack are on the superstructure aft, well outboard. Everything in the world has been done to make this immense ship a floating seaside resort. Artificial sandy beaches furnished during morning watch. All work done entirely by electricity-cooking, washing, eating, dressing, and sleeping. All gear self-coiling. The electric washer and dresser is a long-felt want in cadet circlesg may be drawn without requisition from the store. It '!lIlIiIil' ll'lmEB . , ,fill . Qin V' , if " vunlw all ' II iillillllailllllll Qfirtfwfe if IIHIIIIIIIIIIlllllllwlllllllllllll llllllllllllllllmll. if qcu qbo washes, shaves, and dresses a cadet before turning out. A little silvery-toned bell gently wakes him up at 6.27. An hour before cadets' reveille, the valets turn out and mix the eye-openers. Valets Cexcept Luke NfVright'sj are forbidden to put themselves on call list to get an early start. Electric boat-hoists capable of lifting one skate over the rail at a time are litted at gangways to assist liberty party aboard. Cargo lights are rigged over the gangways to enable the cadets re- turning from liberty to see their finish. Respectfully submitted, W. O. ODEN, Lieut. TiN KANS, U. S. N., Naval Cadet, First Class. I11st1'11ctov'. 76 LIN 5 1 'nf X fx I NVell, Cully, dis was de way it happened. lDere was a guy dat had a big picter made of hisself, an, den giv it de go hy. De picter feller puts it in a fancv frame, and shows it to de hull crowd. Dey gets onto de fact and buvs de ting, an' goes fer to give it ter a gal dis feller nose. .llut dat wouhl a queered him, lor dat picter it was a beaut, I don't tink. So dis is de way we played de joke, which didn' play. VVe ups one mornin' wid de picter and a big sign wid de words "Our Mellin's ,lfood Rally." an' we eases our-- selves out on de O. Cfs verandy. De U. C. was sleeping heavy. .lleen up late watchin' de push, l guess. an' we lets 'im sleep. Wle hangs de picter above de steps and fixes de sign which decorates it. and we turn m, a-thinking uv our April fooler. W'ell, de O. C. was asleep at night, hut he certainly was awake in de mornin', fer he sends fer de gyreen, him that keeps watch, an' tells him to take a look fer things a hanging outside, an' de twos of 'em catch on to de game an' hauls de hull ting in. An, when we turns up de joke is on us. .llut us an' de O. C. has a lot of fun wid de leller what de 77 picter was of, for de O. C. gits on his detective close an' goes fer to find us, but we was nutts on him an' he couldn't touch us. So he tells de O. D. he was chloroformcd. But dat is not all, Cull year, an when dey has went, some young freshie goes up to annudder O. C. yer care if we takes de picter from de master-at- arms' room, an' hangs 'it in de hall?,' "Is dat picter still in de biz?" says O. C. "Poof! Poofl You'sc can have it-in de neck! You'se on de pap for insubordamnation.'' I y. De foot-ball team goes to Philydelphya dis an' says, "Say, cap, docs de O. C. "Nit," says de rl: :la :la :lc :Il :la :Zz ,: :,: :lc :I: I dunno what's dcyse goin' ter do wid it. It won't scare no cock- roaches, nor no ants, so we wants it. iTaint no use. Maybe de blokey hisself will git it. If he does, I hope he won't go fer to send it any friend of his'n. It's enough ter break up families. I gxxxkil itsxsxxnxxii' r' ll X65 A A I ' i 1 w I Q Y "H : I In i ff A' Y-1,6 I 5 rf Nflln '- . I ,if 4 'SY' I I : , 3. 59,4 llllfmi if g 5' 59. ' 1 - Q H l 'ylill 5 5' fre: ' M' 5 lfgll li 7 5 e' li ' 5 at J 1 9? il!! A :I li EQ , 5 hliitgllll A A Ns' V!! 3 B5 ,4 5 - sf' 4 ' - 'J M51 ' 'un ui.. E99 ,QI Z i 5 5 5 5 l l Q 9 o .H il Q F FP Q 'Finn P A, ,. 78 I -jwcci Nagy girl 1.11011 not 611' OE? Une ,91'G,VC1,J. w Of Hue IOVSF3 wqy Ang. lisl lo love Wvluerz Uze Ioa.nc1omen Ply Jwcei Nagy Girl 'Qli::'? A Sonnet. y llllY say the boy-god Cupid hath a how y Of tiny form and yet of wondrous power,- " Alaek to us, poor mortals, in that hour . VVhen Golden A Jhrodite armed him so. h QQ' Swift from his twauging' string' 'gainst high and low I,-I: 3 His winged arrows Hy in shower on shower, I in 4. i y Tipped with the magic bane of some strange flower 5 it it K he's culled. 0 -3 1 s P1 . I my ll, sl' 1 I. Great weapons these,-but, ah, I know A tinier form and yet more dangerous still, From whose fair eurve e'en deadlier arrows ily, Tipped with rare wit more keen than raven's bill, And shot from out the depths of thy dark eye XN'here changing' shadows forever dwell, and lo, Thine eyeb1'ow's curve, sweet lady, is this bow. 1Ns'rRLre'ron ix ORpN,xNe'1z-"Mx T l I in review ?" ' 1 om 1, iow do you prepare to pass "Sit up all night and hone, sir." 'tSh-h-h! That's Howard! He doesn't know where he's going He's like one of them- patent trusses when you take a Ritte1"s section out of it." P 8- X "--. X rs, "--. xx .:,5u:.'l.. 1 mn' ' asv i-QQET ZEU-vi . ly Y NfLi.'rffSQ1: l , ,.i32.2e- ,Q s,' ,g'g-'-4. X. .3 X pw' X555 ,."- I'-A MLN'- X ' N, 34"-N-1 1,11 ' -of N, ,,- ...,. - ...,. , yyhl - .X . -lliiiii i S ,... So THE NAVAL ACADEMY CHOIR. Portertield, 1002 Holmes, 1003 Fremont, 1001 Sclllahach, 1003 Steinhagen, 1901 Train, 1000 Z0gb1lllIll, 15001 Xlllllace, 1002 Kintner, 1002 Blackburn, 1002 Lzlmlenberger. 1000 Bulmer, 1000 Keating, 1000 Ellis, 1000 lVillsun, 1003 Jetlbrs, 1000 Simmers, 1902 Childs, 1902 Manley, 1901 First Squcaks: VVADH, IWIANLEY, BLACKBURN, C11.1LDs. The Choir Unbearable. Director and Rag-time Keeper: AR'1'fIU1i BARNES' IQEATING. Snppffcsscd .41 irs: BULMER, FLTZPATRICK, ZOGBAUM, S1MM1s1zs. Mutes, better known as "Deadwood", BRYANT, ELLIS, JIEFFERS, TRAIN. Pumj1ers.' LANDENBERGER AND REUBEN. 83 E.1'trc11zely Base F1uzMoNT, S'r12IN1 1AG15N, PORTERFIELD UVA LLACE. Our Circulating Library. Observations on the Pole-star," ..................... The Way I Got My Start, or, How to Work Probs," .... The Principle of Roller-skates," .................... Making a Four in Nav, or, I am Happy when I'm by my Maggie's Side,' .............................. How I Became Leader of the Younger Set,". . . . . . . Veni, Vidi, Vicij or, The Social Success," .... .... . Lion-hunting in Maryland 5 or, All for Rosy," . . . . . . . . My Missionary Labors at Hops," .......... .... . The Habits of .Telly-fish," ........ .... . Effect of Wire-drawing," ............ .....,... .... . F our Years with an Indian," .....,.... . .... . ......... A Course in the Gymg or, Side Talks with Matchew,". . . Wine, Women, and Song," .. ...... .... . .. . . . .. .... . Agriculture Made Easy," . ........................... . Elements of Pedro, or, Card-playing at the Naval Academy," ....................... ............... Personal Recollections of a Blacksmith Shop," . . . . . Contcnted VVith His Lot," ............... ..... The Cultivation of Rice in Alabama," . . . . . In God We Trust: All Others, Cash," . . Trial Trip of a Torpedo-boat," ........... T '-fa he Stopping o I igs in Confined Spaces," . .... . My Castles in Spain," ................... ..... A Million and One Anecdotes," ....................... How to be Graceful," ............................... VVoodbury Outdoneg or, The Removal of Wrinklesf' .... Haymarket at T welve," ............................ Story of a Great Stone Face," ......... ..... 84 ..- -.. Abernathy Arnold. Barthalow. Berrien. Berry. Bricker. Bryant. Bulmer. Cage. Case. Church. . . Cocke. . Comfort. Defrces. Dodd. Doyle. Ellis. Ferguson. Freeman. Foley. Gannon. Gardiner. I-Iellweg. Howard. I-IuH. Hyland. jackson. "The Poisoned Gum-dropg or, The Candy-wo1nan's Revengef, . li "Dress Parade Aboard Ship, "Reuben, Reuben, I've Been Thinking," .... . "The Advantage of H2 S in Chemical Analysis," . "Foot-ball at Prineetonf .................. Phe Flying Dutchman," ....... . . "Goebel Election Law," ........... . "Don't judge a Man by his Looks," ...... . "Physical Culture: or, How I Got My Brace," . . "My Tilt VVith Sharkeyf' ............... .. "Engaged at liifteenfi ..... .. t'The Growth of Mormonism," . . . . "My Experiences on the VVhole,', ........ "The Advantages of Answering Questions," ...... .... "Me and My Girls, or, A Friend to All the Ladies," . . . . . "Yah, Yah, Yah: A Gypsy Love Song," ......... "My Native Land," ................. "A Yoke of Oxenf' ........................... .... 'S "Rome Under Nero, From 'l"ersonal Experiences, . . . . . "A Cross-country March, or, lrValking for Miles," "Mimicking Made Easy, or, Rag-time Experiences," ..... "Hiroaki's Conquest g or, "Easy American Girls," . . . f'The Making and Eating of Pie," ............ . . . "How to Square a Circle," ................ . . . . "Quarterly 'Report of Old VVoman's Home," . . . . . "A Good Time on Forty-seven Centsf' ............... . . "The New York Pirateg or, The Hero of the Mosquito Fleet," . . . ................................... . . . . "Advantages of a Strong Arm," . "Three Tracks in the Snow," .... . ........ . . . . ,- "The Belladonna Treatment for Sore Eyes, . . . . . . "Southern Comfort, or, 'This One's on Me,' " . . . . . "Stump Speeches for Class Meetingsf, .... .... Ss Jeffers. Johnston. Kear. Keating. Kress. Landenberger Landram. McEntce. Mannix. Mcnner. Mitchell. Morris. Naile. Nou. Osterhaus. Riddle. Schoenfeld. Scranton. Smith. Snyder. "The Testing of Lubricants," ................... .... . . . .... Spilman. Steele. Svarz. "English-Pole: Pole-English Lexicon," ............ .... . .Tamura. Timmons. Tomb. Train. Wade. Waiilwriglit. Wiiistoii. h Woods. VVortman. VVright. Wyniaii. I rw!!! 1'vf-fvslfqv ' , 1. .FJ SXQ " K- "I5'fg1." " L ,cr 1 ' 'fl . ' Y .t yi---,L ' ,Ati '.- - l. . lr ...f" I X' if . V . I ' -1, A I ,- 1 Under the Tripoli Monument At two they sat as strangers sit, W'ith half a bench hetwceng At three the two much closer drew, As friends they then were seeng At four the sun shone down upon The pair a foot apartg At five her face with gentle grace Wfas nestled next his heart. 86 Athletic Records. Q Event. Time, etc. Winner. Entries. Remarks. i I. As to Kind. Grinuing Match, . . i4 Inches, . . . Doyle, . . . Hellweg, Landenberger, . i 2. " Number. 5 3 3. " Size. Spooning Match, . . iAll Hours, . . . . . Train, . . . . 1 Bryant, Keating, and otl1ers,i lAwaiting Investigatioml Rhino Match, . . . is DaysaXVeek, . . . Euis, . . . ,Arno1d, ......... Ba:fQ'Zaf'iiiif0"'1t of Beard Raising, . . . ,3 Years, . . . Spilman, . . . Q Steele, Bricker, Howard, . 310. Pole Vault Over XVal1,i Out-running Gyrene, I I2 Feet, .... . Saturday Night, . . . Huff, . . . Noa,. . . . 1 i , judge 5 XVatchman. QiQOtl1er Names not Dis- coveredj. r Nasal Extension, - - i Lifetime ,..... . Gardiner, . . E Cage, Ferguson, ..... Still Growing, 4"-I-. Blufling Match, . . . gSkinny Recitation, . . fDoubtfulj, . 3 lVortman and Instructor, . Bfffgrgfgfed Book Xvas Bouncing Match, . . 30 P. M., .... . Vigilance Com., Loser: XVainwright, . . . No More XVater Thrown. Greasing, ...... Cruise, . . . XVainwright, ' XVoods, Timmons, . . . Almosl Three Stripes. Energy Match ,... I Dyne, . . . . XVinston, . ' Church ,.... . . . . Feat 2-5 Performed. Sleeping Match, . . Recitation, . . . INVright, . . Huff. U "Bones" Lecture. Bracing, . . . 5,4 -Never ,.... . fjohnston, . M:31o'2i'g:l:n12ebe Bracesi U . ,, . Boxing, . . . . . . Sunday A. M., ..... Both, . . . Q l?gEEfke3ifflHg:fer. 2 XVobbling, ..... Continuous Performance, Cage ,... None Dared Compete, . . . 1 Chewing, ...... V Day and Night, . . . V " Cy " Comfort, lVoods, McEntee, ..... 4 H 333,533-y a Close Strong:arm Match, . At Bath Especially, . " Pratt," .... Other Names XVithheld, . . XVO11 Easily. "Say, Vic, how much does it cost to get from Qld Point to Newport News?" "Don't know, Marie,-cost fifteen cents to get down there." 'tHereafter, cadets going to practical work in Navigation will deposit their books in the push-carts which have been provided for the purpose. The second leaders will have charge of the push-carts."-Order Book. ,L-Li? A Disappointment. Cadet gone,-girl said to me, She asked to come girls by the score, "Cn Saturday l'll give a tea, But you can bet Not a cadet Will I invite, as you shall seef' forio . ,5 Prepared to greet theni all at fourg But I mention with pain, She waited in vain, 1' 1 t '1 ffirl entered the door. And really, now, it seems to me That "No cadets at this, my tea," Must have reached the ears lOl the company. .pf ,M p 'Vl'!li'l,-:in:- i"' S' l. fi M15 3,5 liitw' llflff lllll 1 flilw MM, :SWA 'wwf-fav H,-ffl 53? IMENS wno wounn HAVE GONE 'ro THE TEA. 88 ONE OF THE SPEC fx Nothing New. I. Same old studies Day after day. Going and returning Same old way. Same in old Virginia, - In Philly, toog Same in Boston- Nothing' new. 2. Same old buildings, Same men hiredg Same old shipyard Made me tired: Same old piston, Same old screw. Same old engine- Nothing new. 3. But when we go to sea again We'll think it often o'er, And wish to make thfat cruise again, "The same" and "as before 3" The same good, jolly skipper, The same old nliddy crew- NVith everything just as it was, And nothing new. "Obtain your hammocks as expeditiously as possible, and repair im- mediately to your billets."-TIGR. "Who killed the goose that laid the golden egg?', The mystery of a summer practice cruise. QI The " Chesapeake "-" Shannon " Fight 3 Or, Why Some People are Clean Sleevers. Tuesday morn, june 1, 1813, broke over the isles and shoals of Boston Harbor in unclouded summer loveliness. Captain lglroke, standing upon the break of the "Shannon's" poop, viewed the Monday wash on the clothes-- lines of the "Chesapeake" far away, and opened a can of embalmed beef just as the sun came up. A piping breeze was blowing and the sailors' pants bellied far out in the wind as the silvery notes of a boatswain's whistle drifted over the water and a hoarse voice forward sounded, "Down all scrub and wash clothes." In spite of the heavy gale not a 1'ipple stirred the momentous, deiath-like calm of the sea. At two minutes and thirty seconds past four, astronomical time, by the "Chesapeake's" VVaterbury, the ships were on the twenty-five yard line. At the thirty-three second mark Lawrence hauled off and fired a gun. The summer sun was setting in the far, far west, over the hills to the poorhouse, and the shadow of the "Chesapeake's" snow-white sails passed over the "Shannon's" deck, casting a gloom over the officers, and giving the men stationed at the guns a heavy chill. Captain Broke, thoughtlessly pacing the quarter-deck and gazing at the sombre spectacle, jumped be- hind the miazenmast, exclainiing, "Be brave, n1y men, be brave lu "Coming events cast their shadows before." V At a quarter before six the bow of the "Chesapeake" began to double on the "Shaunon's" quarter, and the latter opened fire, one gun after another. The effect of this Hre, as seen from the "Shannon's" tops, was truly withering, every stunsail and bowline in the "Chesapeake" being shot away. One twelve-pound shot entered a lower port sill, passed through the gun carriage, knocked out the quoin, ,struck the gun captain, broke his knee-- cap, passed between the legs of Captain llroke, who was notoriously bow- legged, and smashed the cabin skylight into a thousand pieces, such that Q2 . the first lieutenant, accidentally stepping on it in the heat of the combat,.was precipitated with a dull, cold thud into the ward-room below. Another passed seven feet through five feet of bulkhead and fell on a small dog. The dog died a few minutes later. Captain Lawrence, fatally conspicuous in his white vest and "non-reg." collar, spotted with great globules of grimy gore glistening in the green glimmer of the pale young moon, was for the third time mortally wounded and carried below. Broke, with a backward stroke of his mighty and rusty I X LW blade, had felled the patriot to the deck. But even in the cock- pit he continued to issue orders, shouting, "Keep the condenser going," "Fight her till she strikes or sinksf' and his last words were, "Lay aft the reel holders," "Don't give up the ship," "Remember the lMaine !' U -X- I X L knives have since been sold to Naval Cadets. f i writ.-M 'imc can alllll lu t l Tj ip "' ll 'Lil l1'l'1hk eg, 1 .f,, Q - f sg' QQ' i f :S X i E Q i'LR..LGivXs'i W -'nl GHLN5 'sf ,93i 4 . "WHEN JEFFHIES E , E ' EAMET SHABKEYJ' That Is ihe New Byword Now ' Among Sports Since the Meeting Last Sunday. BATTLE BETWEEN' fauANTs. .,i..-.-.1 4 . Is was a Fight From the Tap ofthe Bell-And a Guessing - ' Match to Pick the Wihner. ' ' BY LUKE WRIGHT BA SPE:cuxL. ' Luck? G Lower Ql.l61.Y'tCI'-1, Nov. 5. T lk ala Y Gr K meeting Greek, and +' W M 1 Z A U 'l 0 X Fi'I + 1 "f' : fy My - X' ffl' ' ' fa PM W . H W? 75? E M U' nf., au :neun "ML 4 n 3 A Q 5 5 l . . H-. .WA M... ...,... ,, SW W -"" -mf M W ww V Q 5 Q 4 1 CQ Q .2 FA i fe Wife-asf A Skirmish. Scene'-Darlc stairs, Farewell Ball at Bath. Time-Last night at Bath. S1112 Qafter a pause in the conversationj-'ill' you can guess my name I'll let you have just onef, H12 Ccarefully cnumerates a long list of namesj. S1112-i'N0l Stop ll You can't have it yet! You must earn it. I'll tell you, though, it begins with R and ends with h and has four letters. l'1l give you two more chances." HE fexultinglyj--"Ruth! Ah! it 'F it "' ! 1l O P X" S1115-NPlC2lSC stop! You're hurting! Wliyf, you'rc a regular pig! Dont!! I ca11't breathe 'k :lf "4" HE-"Guess my name, now, and I'll give them all back." lCurtain.1 'IQ ' 5391 W fix! i fill Q4 5 ' l , Q Here's to my ring, with its dark brown sard, Here's to the girl who will wear itg Here's to the secret we faithfully guard,- For my lot, she has promised to share it. ' -LITTLE MR. BIUCKER. 97 ' 1, Why Bob Got Angry, lt happened on a New Year's day, We all, of course, know where, And just because a Middy gay 1-lad kissed a maiden lair, Our great big Edo, Hobby ll., Himself, of course, too slow, Got angry with this gay cadet, All about that mistletoe. Now no one knows exactly, Yet some may try to guess, VVhy the mistletoe should make him ll For Bob will not confess. The moral is--if you have a girl Whom you don't exactly know, Be sure you never are around VVhen she's under the mistletoe. for i' i 98 Too iad, W ARMY AND NAVY, IQOO Special Order, No. 4-11-44. Cadet second class petty officers and clean sleevers are charged with the enforcement of the Regulations for the Interior Discipline of the U. S. Naval Academy, and shall be assisted by cadet petty officers, first class, cadet officers, and Officers-in-Charge detailed for that purpose. Their distinguishing insignia shall be four buttons worn upon the cuff of the dress jacketg other cadets shall wear three buttons only. Reveille for cadet clean sleevers shall not be sounded, but they may, if they so desire, have their names placed upon the call list to be called at 6.28 A. M. 1 They are privileged to attend morning inspections when formations are inside, and when so attending they shall take station in the recitation rooms immediately in rear of their respective companies. If unable to dress in order to get to formation in time, they may take such additional articles as may be necessary in a clothes-bag, and complete their toilet in the reci- tation rooms. Cadet clean sleevers when attending morning and evening formations shall enter the Upper Quarters by the front windows, unless otherwise advisable. Not more than half the clean sleevcrs of any company shall attend drill at any one time. They may retire to the dressing rooms during drills in the armory, where couches will be provided by the gunners' mate. WVhen returning from foot-ball games in Philadelphia they may ride from the station to the Academy in carriages, but other cadets shall march back in ranks. They shall be granted liberty whenever they may care to take it, in return for which they shall be expected to serve at least one month sea duty on the "Santee" yearly. Special privileges shall be granted at the discretion of the Senior clean sleevers in cases which cannot be comprehended in a general schedule. U. R.TU1f1f, Commazzdinzg. lOl A Mark it a "Make sail!" and the crew quaked with fear at the thundering tone of this Greaser-off1cer-of-the-Line, as he paced the quarter-deck in his spot- less dungaree blouse, and hands shoved deep in his trousers pockets. "Stand by to chase up and loose them sails! Lay aloft! Bear a hand and get through that man-hole up there! Lay out and loose! Get them grab-lashings cast loose! Yard-arm there, wot's the matter? Head- earing fast? Well, cut her and let her drop! When you're ready, let her go and come down out of that l" Hliissacow, where's my breakfast?" Turning to junior officer of the deck, "Well, sonny, this thing of making sail is dead easy, but 'taint every- body can run a torpedo boat. No, sir-ee! What? Did I ever run one? Dat's a nice question to ask me, sonuy! Can't you see by the cut of me jib that I'm a thirty-knotter? After dis, if any bloke asks who I am, just say dat's Osker, grub-buyer of the ward-room mess, U. S. S. 'Annapolisf who was Fleet Greaser on the U. S. S. 'Ericssonf when dat demon of the deep t'rew t'irteen-inch globules into Madrid during our little bout wid de Dagos. Why, sonny," continued Osker, taking a monkey-wrench from his pocket. "I run dis same 'Ericsson' forty-four knots per sixty minutes thro' six feet of ice, wid only a mint julep in her boilers. Gimme a quart of Moon- shiner's Best, a lump of coal, and a plug of Piper-I-Ieidtsic on the safety- valve, and I'll make Annapolis in two hours." adk, - V ,I , - O l 'V Eglin .I U : wisp-L ' , ,HY .- ' ' .I ,gig -,mf I lO2 ' , 'XF Zf 7 ' 1..M-'-,X .ME Mjlii 3 IQQSCENESIQBQA-ERQSTICE CQUISE 'X X ' A UF Z- .. I V V Qfql' OUR FRIEND FROM GOSHEN. "NVhy is Huff's face like a ritled gun?" "Because it's a bore to look upon, and it's full of lands and grooves." FMu1f11sLn-"'l'l1e officer of the foreeastle must see that the lookouts are alive." lNS'l'RUC'l'0R-Alf dead, report the fact to the officer of the deck." "Yes, Mr. Smith, that's very good, what you have thereg you've put all the Chinese alphabet on the boardg that's very well,-yes, and all the Egyptian hieroglyphies: you've added a hullhneh and a canary and got a blackhird. That's eorreetf' SMITH "Rr r r --- ---------Cpausej r -- , 1-z'-'7'F"":'f Q , 'Q' I I 'v - wh" V - 3--af' - 2 162: any S-Brig -C :X-ix L-.- ANIVM. CGNTLST - ' YRUICI1 DLFAHNLNT 'nAvALll:lwh' io5 Lamentations. Oh, why should the spirit of youngster be vain? Though now he is sat, he may ne'er be again,- A mark of the pencil, and instead of the film' He surely expected, he lands on the tree. The "stars" we once had have long' since grown dimg The trees are in bloom, and on every limb Shine the winners of fours in the days that are fled: To speak of 3.5's is to speak of the dead. The Second Class Buzzard. by whose walk, by whose smile, You would think rules the world, keeps his rank but a while A 25 spot puts him on the "Santee:" On the list of clean slecvers his name now you'll see. So the candidates come. some chance to get in, But scarce become plebes till their troubles begin,- So the plebes bilge and go, or perchance they may stay Till Second Class Steam, and then pass away. For we are the same all bilgers have been, And only by greasing and bootlick stay in,- The Instructors themselves, who expect us to see How probs should be juggled, are supplied with a key. Frenching' and greasing, spooning and drills, Are mingled together like powders and pillsg Requests for "ten tickets" Cas easy as dirtj Still follow each other like grapes for dessert. Cheer up! Soon we'll go,-all the Skinny and Steam We neglected to bone will seem like a dreamy Conduct Reports" will not be the fad :-- Oh, why should the spirit of Middy be sad? 1o6 ,433 I x, ,xg kv' fl L2 -. Q 'Q' 114 Q., X, xg A ' IHS ENLISTMENT Rnconn. f 5 I l f I' .A-1 Tig' " "" ' " rg" ' 1 -W W ' - 1. 1 ,,., f .' 1' : . - 1 14.4-L' ,. ' - f - 0 l'1--xTf.n- 5:3417u'r1xlr6-L-fill'9""4 , 1 wi-:zcu 'X ,gfgG?. 1,4 Ag-"1g5:E:,','q5 :A ' sm-31,11nm-mnI.-.--mp--.x',.--. M514 'f,'E:555f-jg. 1 3 Q 1-52'.f25?'.g4q2 . - , - areal..-...liar-mu.-1mmf-. 'Qq1qg,g5:gIm" , Ulf, ""-'G' b N u:..n...,.1 ...Ig'.s.s.1'm..f51f.1s.r.-fm:1.. l'.H,!i.l"rnnklh1:'lr.mn. ft . V ' n-rr.--Irm1..,r'..!.ul1-.1.-mums.xi-.1-.2-mu.-1.-L -uw..--11 F. -1, 1 , 1 -' , ,, N xl.....-...,.pwn..,....nr..n.A.-.n...,A......,...1x-. ' 'N A ,l Ji., 1 j ,V ' . mr-nw.---I..-.mn,. .mp ,,:u..,1.44I..-mm-10... KE- '.,' -y' ' M '- Q, , umnl-1-..,.-..n---I-.-l..ix.-W... 4.r l , ' ff' N 3 Z ,Q . -1.-..vxan..n,. - ' .A ' "'1'- 1if."2 x Q ' f ' LN- " N I . ... Ma ,I A Q if gf A Wail from the Dentist. "VVl1at kincl of 21 man is that Mr. Hellweg in your class, anyway. He talks so much, I cz1n't get my tools in his mouth." "Any more questions youll like to ask, gentlemen? I'll try to answer them if I canf, "Ask him what time it is, Hyland." Hey, cliclclle, iliclclle, just look at Riddle, He seems to he in Z1 trance. "Oh," cries Miss Pert, "You're such a big Hirt, But T clon't teach angels to dance." 109 The Diary of a Naval Cadet. SPANISH-AMERICAN WAR. U632. Naval cadets shall, in addition, keep a journal and navigation note-book, in accordance with Paragraph 4.93, Section 6.U-'-1eCgIIff1fl'0llS for the g0'Z'L'l'lllIlt'IllL of the Navy of the United States. JUNE 27, 1898. At 9.30 communicated with flagship "New York," relative to dis-A embarking troops. At II, stopped at Siboney and began clisembarking, using small boats from "New York," "SL Louis," and "Massachusetts" At 5 P. M. took the last boat-load of officers and beached the boat, as ordered by an ensign in charge of the landing. They waited until the surf rolled in, and then jumped overboard, uttering many praiseworthy remarks about the respect the "Navy" showed the U. S. V.'s. I gave the bouquets to the coxswain, and was pulled off the beach by the "Massachusetts"' launch. Had boat bailed out and pulled off to the ship. The chief officer hailed when alongside, as follows: "One of you seamen, haul the boat aft and hook on the falls," whereupon an excuse for a man called out in I1 squeaky voice, "There ain't no seaman in the boat." 4 JUNE 3o'rn. 3h. 30111. 27S., a steamer sighted S. by NV.. and chase given. At 6.30 she was fired upon, stopped and boarded by Ensign Mcllowall. As we watched the sturdy naval reserves pull away from her side, with a long and steady stroke,-a thrill of admiration chilled our being. JULY J2'rn, 1898. Cloudy and rainy. At 7.00, ordered to stand by for boat duty to taker General Miles and staff ashore. Had just started on fourth breakfast when IIO Zrlffff' 67501111 .su ,U ?' ' 3 Q I . 45913 V7 lm L KW- I axxxxxx ffl!!! rpg: hh ' K Intl 5 , ' A" ' ' if 4 I 'i ' 1""3' , 'f xNN'!y-x Xxx X .xxxyl 1 47 z Wxxxmfs'-N W xxxxme Num A TOAST ruin? 1 Hr ll uni ill lnh-Ir rx 1 x mu un v V T? MSP' xwxmmxvvj Nw XXSQ f V f .1 If I 5' if 5.--N r 'xx ,K DAN Af -. .. cwcjk ' 'll ' hh If W f W1 N if ,BMI ,ffl ow T A - ' , .,.. ,,,..,,--QD TH5 .f1gHfPNNAFfo1fss' ffus AFTERNOON 11 'Win ,ftfggf wngmgfkaa IN GALA Tmm. N mv" ' 'A x-mx, 'vu-N 11 wi - Illia I was told the boat was at the gangway. With a cry of despair I buckled on my trusty blade, entered the boat, and lay at the gangway one hour before General Miles arrived. Having landed the army. I waited two hours, at the end of which time Captain Paget and a can of embalmed beef walked down to the beach. Preparations were made for landing troops to the west of the Morro. Ensign Henderson sought eagerly to borrow a revolver to protect himself. -Tum' 19'r1I. Transports continued to arrive during the afternoon. On asking Colonel Clous, of General Miles' staff, when the Porto Rican expedition would sail. he replied that they only awaited a sufficient convoy. Later on I found that convoy-duty consisted in keeping the transports from steaming off to the States. jum' 28'l'll. Had much trouble with coal gang. who were transferring coal from No. 13 lower hold to starboard bunkers. All of them claimed to be on the light duty list. and too strong to work. I accordingly marched the light duty list up to the doctor and found one man who had been excused. Sent rest in hold to fill bags. e-9 " xxw ,a+' MM .5 XX my Xxx Nh lla I ,--1 1 .ffxs 1 -1113! .ff ,Mas .. X I ' ' I X ,fmmw ,NX ffl E ff "tiff 5 C'-5 lb, I 'I ff 1 rf- . Wm IIAL J X39 -.h,4,'- ,. I iifigx ' Iutwfsfylk, ' f XS, l 'Y j 'vt nu- "Iv X V5 pp" .. Ni P I ' Am NN FW I 'fnwssv ' Km .-'Pc' I II3 TESHIE .cuss or :soo s'rA'rEs NAVAL -ACADEMY. Z!M NEBN'A ' ' The Navy Girl "-Two-Step. Dedicated to the Class of 1900, U. S. Naval Academy. TEMPO DI MARCIA. By CHAS. A. ZIMMERMANN, Band Master, U. S. N. A. ' .9,,t,a1f4etE1 . A -, 1'l111-lfllT1 1 -UKVQ1-Ug llll lITl 1 mr "-"- ""-'r::.i:::s ' d - zz: a... :' - ' AKVQQ--Iilsgj' - 1 SY III" ll I f A A A . b W ::G:'f- : - : . ' .:f.. ...a::: .- : -- .:.-.. I- -- I l lllil, ' I ff'-I-I! - U--I-Znim K : ' I - - Y1',l' I In l-P-Y.-'7g"", I - di I- -4 " 1 1 1: -- 4 '7 f l-ZYl- 1 I - 7--IQZ 11 l!111m11P-1 1 1 T 1 X111 - ' . Q , 4 ,mf W2-1 lb E- X VIEW- 1111- - T 1 A1 ! C d ::2r:.::::::::-:':- -:::1 -'::'l" ::-. :--- :': .. : E l , X I P' I-Y 1! 1 1 , ' . . ' 1: -11 0 A f' P f V-VjflmQinl1Q-f1fi'HllI1T1T11- - .lw ITU Q 1 Nh Pl 1 11 -17' 111- 1311 Ifl !l.n I I Hilliiifllml-V N NKIIZA - l'Y'1Y '1lflI ll-m P 44 ' ' -X t I e ' Mr Ebb la J 1 lf' Q II1 H21 21' I ISI 11 1hI Yl V11 ffli 1:1 I T K l : Y . - , , v' f IQLIQ ' ji b ' JY I I ' V I :lg-51321 1: WN za.. ..- -4 ..- :::::::- - ' -. : 4 lifjf-syi QQ' 1i1I-1 I . --: A 4 n 0 -'- li I O 'Q-xm: I - A - - A- I ui i ' Izi . Eizfn-'E::-:::::9-:E:5-553' vsze- 9-3 , , , . , , f'-X I P I? 255: V SETI' i ISVlA7:l1Z l:2-I'-Fit ggll-f I xl I' I V X ' L. 4 IGGY. I ' 'I V I ' 'I I Q 41' , 1-Y tw - .I P 5 4 21111 11?-W--1 1 11lZ'1nl -lf m ! K IZ fli1IH-Il---111-VI-111--I UH-lH1I!111?l1nZ.!-1' -1- lj I F 'I' -' 7 --Y -' :-Hi-P7 A 1? rfx . if AN . . A n .,f5i2 - A J I f l ' n Aff- 1- . - ' - ' l W K 1. 1 I In ia! ISIS 7h1lllll1I ln Il! I1 hl ::.-:f - T ' E: Q :- - nh V f - . 'W fi: "' 1 I ' ' 1! 'Cm' - 1. ? - 1 A- 3 A .A--I - l K- , , 1 I' """!"""7'L"':"'5"""'l:III!""::gE:: 'l:-5'.2.5 " A . A.A 1' A 4 A r li -i-"'.".' . A ,m-wUa1 1 111111111111 A ' 1 11:11-I1111111 ra ! ln 1 u I1 11 lu:1z1Iu11111ln1i1!Il 11.1111 1 11l Ill !11l I1 . 1 U l 1 -11 111 11 1lr.l1 ll 11 fx ' ' . A , ' A " I ZF Tl .1 11 I 1 rl 111 111, 1 I I , , 4.-FN A 011111111-1l111111'71lcnI1 11' A11 IIA-T151 l11l- l1111l lA.l1l1l!r111rA1'1:1 lf 1111 lrl.-1u'lln:I1l,1l-1' l-1 lIIz1l1llll1l1 " 1 INI1-lI1l1" A 1111 .J1lP' A J- - " ,o 1111 11 . 11 - - rl ,-gui -gg 11: .1 .11 .1l1ql111!Al111I l11!l1 111x11111'1Al111.1111I111l1 1111 11-:UI11 111-11 11ll'1'1 11111 Lil 1111 111111111 115611111 11 l -f - A x Y If 1 I A 4 I ' I Y 17 7 I' Y l' rll' A A . , A , I '. ' - A+ l 1- IIfm--!---- -Q---lj!-llN'i-i--2 IYIIQQIK---I-:-Hlll'-T-Qfn-lf -----In ' - I - Y'-- UKI- l l4l.!z- -I-yll---In ------n ---'--m --- I- Eel Il- nlj' - --aa'-Km-u 2 H-- - 417 iiilllii 1l1A1z I1l ' 1ln111 11- 1 U1- 1l1l1 1 l11l 11111111 l1111u.11IlI11l1r1l1.111u 1Illl 1- . 1111 1111111 1111l1 111 11 1:11111 n'n.1lr:'1 , l.ul1.!1 I in rvr.1 1 lin. A1 j1l1 111111 7.7 11 :I1111 'Tl - 11: . I1 J i - ' . 11 111 1 111' 11 11111l11111lA1 I1 1 Q I 111ll " 11111151 1111111111 1111 -m ' rl 1111 lffinf'-A --I-I-2-!--.ffl - -Q f ll- -lm ' I lm -'-uj1'-----lu-A-' -------S'--U-----2 !--'-lm H I-Q Y V - - 7' - 7 ,- I - I I I Tl Q : - 4 4 I A - . Q Q ' A 5 O 3 A S 17 , , A ' - A f- ' F , Ii.1hvLl!1:!l-:Su-19-lil-1lil 1 1 111- P11-17.1 -- 1 I1'1Fg:1D JI. 1 QI S 1 117 -:: S . . 5 v Z3 93 A ,A A 1 9 ' A , - 1: I I ' I l q v I lin C1 11 11 - ' 1 - 1 11 ll1T1l11111111l111 I Lil! 111 111 ur -'2l1ll'1 1 In ll 1l 1111111 11 11 V111 lu'1- 117111 1111-111 17111 A A x , I-' . . - . , I Omsat . Sfcfeca. ca, - I I - If - 4 l . ' n I u I Y ' A FN lW'xl'lf.l111 , nv1l111l111' 111111111 111 l1l:1'1111Llnr.1uu1l1I'll1111r1L1ll'i 1111 11 1111 I1 1-D- l1lz 11'r'1r1AkulM'ull1alx1411l'111r11!1 1111! u.ulL1,-1 ,1,1lA1 1 111 11 , I lull: 1111 -1 11 1111 1 ' J'- lI1u.1z11i111111I'11-111411111 11 1 I-11 H11 IV 1 11l1111111111l1111111-111111 114l1IlV1l1141ll1ln1h.r'n ll I 11 1 1111 111 !ll1 1 11 V1 ilu 1 Qxrv H1111 111111 1l 11 1 111 I1 I1 un yn 1:11:11 1111111.xul1l1-l11l11l1 11 1 Al-I 1.1 I11 1 All 1 l'llv1!ll 111111111111 11 1ll1h 1.11 l -1:1-1-11 11 llw1n 1:1 K3 v 'W 'AX 1 K x ,ffl a j X' XX -. , . 'X s N Nw i 1 x J A gf l ' 571 X ,Z 5- f if JL xt 'K w X , X ? 7 1 I f f Q 7 N, JI' If fy A ,MA f ', I , Jffia ,Jak 4 Inf 2 f ? uv! ' X 2 -, fAf MX Ma + j ffff-IWAGEDYX OH MVAL " fxfsfffvcf, I AWFULLY Y00 OLDMAM BU7' THE BOAT LEAVES IIV FIVE MINUTES " QED . sQm...g.,.xW + m wQ A Pholeigh. Oh, the pride of the Navy is Pat, And what do you think of that? For in spite of his doings, His troubles and wooings, His Cravings have kept him unsat. But in spite of the honors he won. And of wonderful feats he has clone, He still tells us at tea Of the Am-phi-tri-tie Which had in a turret one gun. 'ffl r V in wi 52.- Ligggkfzlfr 1- iii' ff 11 f.. N' JF, li Ji Y-1 'ally ll 'li t' l iii' v JF M, KIM if-Sill, .'l-kill iii liimix liitiiiii 5V '1 I I lm, lp ' ix l i"' " in ,. HUFF, ARMED AND l'IQUII'l'IiD FOR DlS'I'AN'l' SICRVICI I 2 I CFU'-ll 34-I ii. S. Kamal gcaiiemg. Q . Repmofnezmqwwiw ,,.. Q3 ..... - ..,. ., . MZ mr. mn. - DEmQUEN5S!'i iLA"" ' LZ.QLIiQ H I f rs-N. :ff . I-S' 7'1- 105014 f Ci.,,,.,ffj2zr,77'5f 3,2421 -nad.. r an '4f4'4117faez. ffw. , f?.fff.fj 'mgfggffif ' k 'M M Q. MA, . ,Q5Mw- . .f42iLLc..z':,L,, IA-ffm? fu 'gfglfl .agwwlazsgrgq iiilmfff P M ' the Command nt of Cadets. -L GLM ,Mas I , Rurevtfvlly. gmigh-Jn? Hsin W -M"f fv,,f'f,f2'2QC,,, .Z ,X l'f 'Q Y. ,1 'f',,3,,..h :fini Aff 1 ,ll I-'dx , fX iifii' SP' ,.,z kr A x , Z, 3, 'if ml- X X iff 1 3.1 J K ' 1 5 M3 s .1 v -.a E x VISITORS ,dxf X 1" .f' f . XX fL. , ' 'lv .-...Q s x -fx A 6 I ""ff"0,",75iv .HIFI L f L4:v5,j'5mf,g X - ' 'Qj'-,Mt .Af .A x .93-' "-5-:- -mx A L. kg., 1. , N X, i f f 1 94 :lf ' llni lx: ij la 5 p il -... -W 1 i "iid 1 . M l'1-f+L l - f .,,','i,-l 'wig W 'i .w I l il e i ll lille' riiill fi rl i ' t If lmis llm ifl 'l ' 5 i iid Ji'itihmillwillli'l.:lli'lli,liMm,j,ill Iii tr, , 2' ' fit . y, 4 4f'i..,fjtlf5ll.x l f'M1 ly fill' il"' 1.2 1:19 M "l'-'Yi' 5 ll W "H 'M .J,,',. r ' "1 1,'N'. ,V ,Jimi i-If - --1 s it - -N .--s ll l fl l ., W I' L N 1 XL 'l V milf X2 , gvxki I fi ll, - 5. i1 '1"'q X2 ,VAQ F297 l 1 if lt ir li hr li il, 'ri' 1 Y i ii i iii J- h l ,X ' .Z fxJ. ' I J rg , Zfj-1--A 4 , 1 5 " y i 5 . H - A ii . -M -Stiff ,g -4 ff f--fi.. 1 -ill' Hfllllflll '-wr' at ' Tar l. ..fL"1Q. y l ' r '-if'gu'.! l I 4 A LANDING PA RTV. Object Lessons for Plebes. "See the man running?" "Is the man Boy Wfinston P" "Oh, no, 1ny child. lloy never runs,-he walks only because he cannot roll." "VYho, then, can it be. and why is he running?" "The man is Freeman-late-running to Y. M. C. A." W'hat have we here, my child?" lt is a gorilla." No, no, my dearg it is Il". Folio. ,llut why is he looking' so happy?" H it Ks He is happy because: Qlj He has found the amount of his bill to Seidcwitzg C21 he has found his note-book, which was in his handy Q35 there are no LUCKY BAGS to be written on the two years' cruise." 125 ZW gr - .-'UQ' . ' ""' .,. 1 I I , . .. A , .. Illlllld P Il ll lllllllm "W -N lllllllllf' :.-.-rivfg.. .,:.2:LL-if X ---'ik ' " - :r- ., ..,-,,,-, . 7 H -,V 3:75 f N N 1 ul Ji z vel lt I Ng:- ll A . "N ' mn.: an iff Ufffid flzallzifowx nobody good," A Memory. Clump blocks, fiddle blocks, all sorts of little blocks, Swaying up aloft. Wlieil you hear the little blocks Creaking in their little chocks,- Then you know it's summer, 1-Q And you know you're on a crluse. "The old 'Santee' is the vessel commonly used for cadet cruising pur- poses, as the 'Monongahela' is devoted to the instruction of marines. Those l to understand why the latter should have been sent interested are at a oss . ' ' - 's old."-P111'IadvIph1'a Times, abroad. She is said to be over sixty-five ycai. September 4, 1899. I 26 ILLUMINATIOX OF CAMP, XVEST POINT, AUGUST 23, 1899 Habits of the Officers-in-Charge. :ft tl: :li :lt By Mr. Bayard illulmcr, U. S. Navy. containing a graphical description of over one hundred Oflicers-in-Cl1arg'e, by the aid of whicl1 they can he readily recognized by their footsteps. Containing also a table, giving' the times of their evening smokes and promenades. Invaluahle to cadets in charge of iioors. Its price is within the reach of all. The pub- lisher, W. K. VVortman, U. S. S. "Santee," will send the aforesaid book prepaid on application at the gangway. A Wail from the Monongahela. WVe heave thee every hour, Most God-forsaken reel! Lay aft the after-guard And hold the reel. VVe heave thee! Oh, we heave thee, Every hour we heave thee,- Oh, Lord, send down an angel And swipe that derned old reel. "Is the weather wheel relieved? Not yet? Muster both watches oi cadets on deck. I'll teach these seamen not to relieve on time." "Gentlemen-er-1'm sorry, but-er-if that ladder were meant to he sat upon-er-it would he-er-upholstered."-TIGE. I29 Memoranda for Second Class Cadets of the Second Class will draw without requ1s1t1on the following articles: -Qu--14 --gl.. 9 1 Bell crank lever. I Thornyeroft boiler, hideous type. I dolly. I tool carriage. I wash-bucket. 1 tin kan. 1 old scow. 1 copy "Every Man His Own Greaserg or lwo Yeais 111 the Steam Department." Bust, bust, bust, soft iron rods Cby request of Nav. Deptj Bust, Bust, Bust And land on the Skinny tree, And I would that my tongue could utter The thoughts that arise in nie! 'Tis well for the youngster and plebe That they think they will one day get thiough For with Drawing and English and lrench 'Tis little they have to do. But the stately clean sleevers go on To their rest on their favorite trees And sigh for the lack of the knack of bluff And a knowledge of how to grease 130 ON THE U A Lost Grease. One summer's night, when the breeze was light, We were sailing full and by On the starboard tack, with our bowlincs slack, Contentment in each eye. Up the ward-room hatch came Cyclone Pete, On the quarter-deck, Cook, he shuftled'h'is feet. Now Cyclone Pete and Cook, H. E., Are a goodly pair, as you shall see. The wind hauled aft, and Pete he spoke: "Ease down your helm now, spoke by spoke, The wind has hauled around quite fair, And, damme, sir, the yards I'll square." He manned all gear about the deck VVith hands at braces, slow to check. "Check the mizzen t'gallant brace," said he, 'Tm checking, sir!" said Cook, H. E.g "Check the mizzen t'gallant bracef' yelled he, 'Tm checking, sir!" said Cook, H. E., "Check the mizzen t'gallant brace," roared he, And still, "Fm checking lu said Cook, H. E. "Now, damme, sir, will you check that brace ?,' Yelled Cyclone Pete, with a scarlet face,- And H. E. Cook, with his eyes a'rollin', Found he'd been checking the windsail bowline! - It's Hard but it's Square. H 7 PETE- Gentlemen of the Watclil Have you mustered the watch? G. OF W.-'tYes, sirf' PETE-"Are the conspirators present?" G. OF W.-"Yes, sir. Keyes and Oakley are both on the poop." 133 Ye Ballade of "Cyclone Pete 'T was on a warm and sunnie xnorne, We sailed across ye sea, Ye bugler on hys merrie home Had blowne most blythsomlieg Ye tune he played hadde called up all Ye Midshipmenne to work, And none remained of all ye thron0'e On deck below to shirke. D Uppe spake ye officer of ye decke QI-Iis name Was "G, P. B."j Unto ye gentlenianne of yd Watch, "Now take yon booke you see, And rcade unto ye Midshipmenne Such things as alle sholde knowe, About ye clothynge of ye crew And how to patch and sew." Ye moake he reade wythe gravity fMethinks it was a shammej, Ye Midshipnienne alle listened onnc, None gave a single damme Whether ye uniforms were made Of woole, or duck, or flaxe, So, having nothing else to do, They lay downe on their backs. ' At this ye oflicer of ye decke He swore a mightie cusse, And saide, " 'Tis a shameful thynge to sec Midshipmenne acting thus Q 134 For you must stande upon your feete And lysteu while he reads About ye gallante seamanne. And ye clothynge that he needsf' 5. Notte many minutes later, In ye wardroome, UG. P. B." VVas tellinge to ye officers The sighte that he did seeg "I will not stande such thyngesf' quoth he, "Upon ye briny dcepe, For, damme me, sir, each one of them Before my eyes went fast asleepef, li 4' ff" " :lf :lf if :lf fl: Ou five days' leave in London, and here is Plymouth, one of the most strongly fortified ports in England. Wfhy, they might be study-- ing fortifications and breech l11CCll21l1lSIllS.U-PETE. 135 Memorandum, First Class. Upon the first appearance of the meteoric shower, the marine stationed at the Seamanship Building will proceed to Lower Quarters and turn out the First Class. Each Cadet on turning out will provide himself with the following articles, and proceed to the Cemetery, where observations will be made, viz.: one sextant, one artificial horizon, one log book, one Ephemeris and Nautical Almanac, one copy of White's "Astronomy," one box drawing instruments, one profile pad, watch, pencils, ink, paper, ruler, triangles, night glasses, compass, and one cross-section note-book. Upon arriving at the Cemetery, observations will at once begin. Each Cadet will be required to submit the following work, neatly, fully, and accurately computed to eight decimal places: the right ascension, declination, horizontal parallax, altitude, and azimuth of every shooting star, also the trajectory of each, its velocity and heat in joules produced upon striking the earth. From this data, determine the horizontal intensity of earth's magnetism, velocities of heat and sound, and compass error, at same time locating the North mag- netic pole on a Mercator's chart. No laughing, talking, or boisterous con- duct will be permitted. Cadets will not communicate with one another, and will carefully avoid walking on the grass. Cadets not complying with this order will be reported for neglect of duty, mutiny, insubordination, dis- respect, and disobedience of orders. By order, HE.'XD DEPT. or NAVIGATION. Approved. ' R m:'1TT'V'153""1. 4 ' W" "F'i?VTs .... fs- 6lWz.r1,'f,i,, i. .X wa, E, .ll 5,1 lr ,:,:.,:.,,,-:!7,.n:,.E:i.l..1 I-Lag'-JT.-I, v 'gp , ,.r,w,.,- V- l...-, fm.. ll - ., .lD1Gf..1!U-Y," -awmu,3,,1,f.., X Q ,.,afffqf'?3g,1f "'H '94 fe Iu'u-t'1lv'i..,f' ' . .'.2'-:qi ""' 1s:,,L-ifs. it haf..-:i.Fif m 'i 1L i- , . ,J ,nl i W in.. l. .,,-it .......,. . .,, , 4 . .1 Q 4 ' iw- ."wg " rt, me ., -ff tml, fy -if-4jY.'f'l.!lT:fjl!l'",-'::-".7ew-f- - 1 - -. -1 .1"'i"' f"" w Q M 1 -'f ':i...l.-, 'i.2f...,ff'-vw? 'F5li'w'1Y "fH-'3'f',fft'- W" ,,.,g,w.tf1.lfL4zr'I. -. a1s 1 ,, 3u " 'i'H,wF.il1gfw'r:-lls' .y N .l.,,., .. . V 1' 11.13. ' 1' u.r:r21L1ai1-4.544 -,ff f fbflgif 41:-hp.. ,-1.-'ng.:-.L- .Y rl gfi - , Q: , Q., , 1 -,.......-...,:.j:-..,.:-'-- -- ,ff 44, '4 ee.--gf.. --N AR'r1i,1.ERv DRILL MADE EASY. 1 36 , 7:,,.-,- , . - -- - - - . , XT PADDINGTON SQUARE STATION, LONDON. , , I. I, I. I, , ,W V." I-Iugo's Question. In the semi-morning darkness of the gun-deck it looked all the world like Riddle, but in fact it was only a sheet. "Mit li--, haven't you omitted something' from your pamphlet on the care of twelve-inch turret guns? You have 4, 5. and 6 taking' off the port hucklers, and nobody to look out for starboard bueklersf' CAmc'r Qto girlj-"And why wouldn't you go wheeling' with Mr. Van -Ordinary ?" Gun.-"He's so tacky I was afraid he would puncture niy tire." KP :Cf , ,- fffgfgisx '14-QM ff A f p 'nvmii x,.:': Nz 31.11 ,..,.,.ii sk! 'll' . li "Qt ' im A A PLM!! .iw ff " AV, SV AA, .EIC .piq- 139 Changing the Rate. . .... X l . , , I I , ' s 1 Q - ,, ,sn Willie had a little stripe, Sewed on a llellis hlouse,- The very first time he put it on He was ragged by -. No more he'll strut in non-reg. clothes, The blouse is laid aside: Disrated, papped. put on the ship,- He wished to God he'd died. Poor Old Vic. !f"'X4 la- lg il yr' xi' wT!7 i a t J rl gl W . frff-: if ffifi it mf' 'L-rfij V, fall--l V ' if iii ' -i 5 li , V V' IW! ery ,yr ' . 'l l "VVhat's the matter, Vic? Don't he down-hearted." "I am, Marie-blue as thunder. l've waiting for four ye'1rs to see 1115 strong point coming, and I just realized last night that it w'1snt eomin after all." 140 f .XX f Q55 fr C M X il N by f If XJJ 1 A QA? N ,4 . If ml 'QI Q: . 4 ,ff X.. 1 X! ,X I, . J X,,! x M, X ? n. and it was "Miz Timmons, suppose I pulled out my watch just at noo one o'eloek. Suppose, later, l pulled out my watch, and it was tive o'clock: on ?" how many hours would it he after no "Four hours, sir." ll "eration, Go to the hoard "That's rightg that's the principle of a llZ1Nlhc and work this problem." fgq, HND OF A NAVAL IQNGAGIQMISNT. t ll low, U. S. S. ".'Xunapolis:" "Average revolutions Dailv entr ' in s eai . .5 a- l18g Hellweg making 2So." "ls that mean time you are using, Mr. Johnston?" "Yes, sirg d-- mean time." "VVhv are Naval Academy eloelcs like plehes?" "You have to stand them on their heads to make them go straight." I43 A B C D E lil .Q ff' W -agjllw . 'Q -X. -1, ..... 1 , . . 'J . f A .ff .' ' .- L If . u, ff A . , a AJ!"'27"f"J73WD77?7" i nf ? V ' ,i 'll'l5,iil, i QL, lill - 'llss i all Jilin, l l W,w .,M,fi,, iff "'1,' yf--' ffffffff 15 um" n ' f 'i ld 1 ,lg ia ul 1,-:Il la,-l I i A . in fa il .14 el it l l iz i, lf, if ml qi i " 1 1l5i ail' lla - 2 . , "" 4 ,ug 11? iii liz i i is for Abernathy, who walks with a quiver, Also for Arnold, who recites with a shiver. is for Barthalow, who drinks lager beer, It stands, too, for Berrien, a man without fear. B is for Berry, a kid with big feet, And B is for Bricker, so very petite. B is for Bryant, a Hellian on wheels, Together with Bulnier, a ditto on "spiels." is for Cage, the jelly-fish man, Also for Casey, who don't give a damn. C is for Comfort, the man with the quid, Also for Cocke, in need of the squid. C is for Church, the maker of fudge, for Defrees, better known as "Pudge." D is for Dodd, who leads from a sneak, And our friend Stiffy Doyle, a poor Irish freak is for Ellis, a Rhino by birth, ' T44 F is for Ferguson,-lacking in mirth. F stands for Foley, who truth never told, F stands for Freeman, with top-knot of gold. G is for Gannon, whose legs curve in bows, Also for Gardiner, with Cyrano nose. H is for Hellweg, with tireless jaw, H is for Howard who misses his ma. H is for Huff, bold, bad, and wrinkled, Also for Hyland, whose face is bran-sprinkled. I is for Jackson, with keen hatchet-face, Also for Jeffers, the last of his race. J' is for Johnston, who spoons on dumb bells, K is for Kear: he thought cuffs were "sells." K is for Keating, of H2S fame, And also for Kress. who's been long at the game L is for Landenberger, with mind all upset, L stands for Landrafn, the toughest man yet. M is for McEntee, with Math on the brain, For Mannix as well, whose brace is a shame. M is for Menner, whose path is quite stony, M is for Mitchell-object: matrimony, Also for Morris, who has seven wives, N is for Naile, the pest of our lives. N is for Noa, why, wherefore, and when, O is for Osterhaus, of the long-legged clan. R is for Riddle, the human fence-rail, S is for Scranton, with his stnn'sails might sail. S is for Schoenfeld, or fruitskins, which one? For "Father Time" Smith: Methusaleh's son. S is for Snyder, who of marks complains, Also for Steele, a dispatcher of trains. S is for Spilman, light-hearted and free, T is for Tamura, the heathen Chinee, For "Torpedo" Timmons, the know-it-all lad, W for Wvaiiiwriglit, almost as bad. T is for Tomb, poor wooden old Vic, A T is for Train,-she made him lovesick. 145 W is for NVacle, who moves like a hearse, W is for Winston: he's a big sight worseg Also for Wortman, olcl Gunnery Docg W is for Wright,-Southern Comfort's his stock W is for Wyman, a pompous young man, And also for Woods, who rushes the can. Y is for you,-to read this or skip,-- Z for the the Class of "Zippety-Zip." Berrien Sends a Wash List. WASH LIST l.m...ny Nu ll inn.,-1 D N, K...... Zlofoper lo sun-:mu . , ,Iz- I-I ww 1-Maas xi! .. If lyxlnslwllluw , N9 uu.xwl-:us .,., X L TOWHIA .. '6 msn an-In-: I 4.., ' IIIANKFTH . VIllNK'1l'l'IUlU8l'ZRH,- 6 W4lRKlNflJl7lll'l'IRNixuf Lrznuws. .' wmm swusnsi., ilmxwxnxcilinvs, , Y umvi-:rs ,.,,., ,,.... I I 7.. WABII clurnu ....,,. socks. .. ,. ,lb svusnlzns.. ,.., .. .5 q warns BHIRTB...x.! SK, conums ...... ll cvrnsu, 'll-If I nw: :mmm .,., wmv: wmumw llnnnl currmzs mms QS '- TK f L lf-L 4.1 ,V id . ,,,zf,,-f 1 "i7Gvu 147 1 " C114-4 of 7' " fawuvdf I " ofzvvn-u 04,4 WM had f " ffm.-acl. 251,45 y,4,, Unk Jiri- fflvfff' .Jhwafrzf "' jfffd J. I .. Cn' 'L ZMSLNL ,.,f,f If A q 2- fm-oo f0zn7' 1 .. vfwwff 1 1frsX.,.f 6'u,4.,..,, f 4142! 5x...,,4 fximygad ffwndaf !'vr'Z.,5:f .Zan-Ii 3-:rio 146 What I Gave Him. Under an ancient elm-tree stood A well-known form in blueg His eycs were turned, as I'vc since learned, On a window in Building Two. I stood by the window smoking my butt, Enjoying a pleasant fume, Little I dreamt that upon me stealing Was my old friend Lorney Doone. Oh, Lorney smiled as he ragged meg But, Lorney, I paid you back: For I gave you in place of "Sweet Caporalsn A package of "No-Tobacf' X"5'?2 s.1. , Wi l ll 1 tfl f g N itt .. INsTRUC'1'oR-"Mr, Tomb, in our Navy, which way do twin screws turn P" MR. Tomi:--"Yes, sir, er-yes, sir, they er-turn in at night, sir, and they turn out in the morning, sir!" 147 Uur Heavy Spoon. ii A summc1"s night, The moon bright, A girl: Love Lane, VVaits for Train. Niue-thirty gun, Lots of fun. Seat for two, Guess who. Next night, Same sight. Long spoon, Same moon. '1'wclve-fourteen, He is seen, H urrying to gate, Czm't wait. Half-past Comes at last. How cl'y do?" Guess who. ws - V . X . y- V, 'I F. f A .1--"W N If A Q e ,150 ' . . ,,f'- f X. if :L " my 4 he ' ' I '95 . A -'4 a, xx Hd ' 7' 2 J'.!'2lk:..2 yxgk. ,. Af 1 -do--ft AUP-5' A ANI? ' 1-,ln Nw'-wit' rt 148 x.1Y, THE HOME GF THE BLEST eiig A 1- lii wx UI W V i V ni-A I wx , h-Hx NA apfuwff 1 W yi iff, we-J if' ii-'N UV, 'A in fi f'!7'f51' - 4 A ill " " W V V! ju. W'i"1"T 'Zz' ff' ,wwf W, WJ.: x Q M .2622 - J If ,I Nagy' N i i . 4 A ws' X ml Vigilll' ' ZZXJQW Choice Remarks of Mr. Charlie P. O'I"Ioof. "I ain't seed Matehew this morning. If you see him, tell him we want a foot-ball blowed up." "Is the ladies here, or are they ain't come yet ?" "Do you mean to argue with me, Mr. Huff?" HUFF-"That's what I'm trying to do, sir!" "The English were sent fiying from the cityf, INSTRUCTOR-"Flying! Hying, were thcy?', CADET HUFF-"No, sirg they went on bieyelesf, I5 I If that sweet little girl coulcl have seen him like this, VVOulcl she ever, I womler, have "retchecl for a kiss? The Growlers. L:I.LlS-lqlllg' of Rhinos,-forever soaked. ARNoi.1m-First kicker. McrEN'1'1cic-Cliief instigator of mutinies. JTEFFERS l Prime factors of cliscorcl. ,lxmcss I SM l'l'II-f3l'ONVlCI'-O11-fZCl1CI'Z1l-IJI'll1Cl1JlCS. I6v.w'1'w.v-Cixslc, fL,xN1mR,'xM, Crm 1fou'r, S'1'1f:i2I.I2. SIlf?fV0l'fS-TllC rest of the Class. I52 4, f . I r .- ."'4wry ., ,g v ff ' .,..1--if-. I, ,-x,Qr'lh,-"g sv- 53 . - 'fQ'- "2 pf' X -...ff 'X N M. vrefi' .gf Ig' ' lax I' f T::r+7e's:- ..-- " Hi-12:12. Jaw IN T ,,.q,,. fa.. ...... f q "rw -w ' N, Kp' " " 1 ' ......-..4!f...1i.-.,..f.. --mu noqhml- U A P l , ll '7 , I Q, . .,, .. I, .sf .9 ,, r ,B ,. ,.Iw ..A.- --.--ws- ,,. -- --::.,1 i 1-x. ,ffl ,, ,, '73-'rw A :Th - ... is -- 7 72 iii, , 4 ,. .Fin l "f'f :m arm- . ., - --Q-ff' . Z. nf., X -.sry , 5 fy -Ti , .7 V: -:F :iii if 'IJ ,. lift"-N -:fl-:ati 4 5 - '-, l" ,,,,....v' 1 .i-,,....Q1.-nrl.... -Ci......:..:,.--" -T.. . , .-tx.: or '-iL:'.1 if.53'i?' wir---.-I-:T -X . I l'?-32::g,.., 'ill '7J',-'."' 1 ""lI -1E.':'-:'.D:'11 . - pt 1, -f"',,-Eff.-:Lf-I-. ----..-l..f....... ,, -935 J.: h Q I. I . .rf-., .' ,, . -1- ,gi 1 Said a mournful Middy To a maiden giddy, 'Tm like a ship at sea,- Exams are near, And much I fear I will a. bilger be." "Love,', murmured she, "A shore I'll he,- Come, rest, thy journey o'er." Then darkness fell, And all was well,- For the ship had hugged the shore. "Look here, Bias! when I give you a pair of trousers to press, I don't want you to put three creases down each leg, savvy P" "Deed, Mr. Ellis, I didn't put them three creases in. Two on 'em was there when you gave them to me." "Say, Duck," said Vic, as he labored in the Steam Building, "the best part of this file drill is when we all File outf' T53 5 aaa -PNRENm.nu.-1nrH Qflbgfg Hub' 'is ' KA C A5 jf? Q -V 'J A.. V 'ka I. Knowledge of Text-books. 5. Piety. 2. Hope. 6. Possessed by Kear, Keating, 3. Veracity QY. M. C. A. members onlyj. Riddle, Train. 4, Knowledge of Music cCl10if,. 7. Ability to keep a secret. Congress of Beauties. " A thing of beauty is a joy forever."-KEATS. U Loveliest of lovely things are Mesa."-BRYANT. Pzculiaritles. Country. Speck. Comfort, . iirobacco Fagoryq . Ruminant, . . St. Louis, Foley, . . Everywhere, ..... Monkey,. . . . Huff, . . The Wilds of Missouri Huff's Own, . McEntee, Limerick, ...... Irish Vagrant, Schoenfeld Castle Garden, .... Dromedary, . Tamura, . Shanghai, . . Cochin-Chinese, iFirm set jaw Cwhen chewingj small osculatory mouth. Vacant stare g overhanging lip. Diniples. Ingrowing face. Blase, disdainful, repulsive. Dark complexion, very coy. 154 THE BURIAL OF MATH AND SKINNY Burial of Math and Skinny. ,1 Xl the beginning the Academic Board created Math and Skinny, and we were without margins and in sad need of a 2.5. Bilging held our spirits in check, and we were sore afraid. The Cit and llaldknobber moved before us as a nightmare. The Academic Board said, "Let all the troubles of naval cadets be gathered together," and Math and Skinny appeared, and they bore trees, and on the outermost branches thereof hung the members of 19002 but on those ' branches which were farthest removed from the earth sat Vic, Benny, and Hugo, besides other distinguished men of the wooden section. whose names I prefer not to mention here. And in the first year,when we had come into the wilderness, we saw with exceeding great joy one A. W. Gr-t. who, 'tis said, had eyes to the number of fourg he advised us that we bring farming tools, being desirous of cultivating ia 2.5. And in the second year, when we had come into the kingdom of the Cit, and had paid him exceed- ing great tribute, he placed in our midst the disciple Paul, a goodly man withal, well versed in analyses and athletics, who lectured to us by electric light and gave us gunpowder probs by day. And on the first Friday after j jg",1' i , ll ' ffl. ,. i i X 'the first Sunday of the second term of the second year. we passed on to hydrogen. And it so happened that another of the disciples of the Cit was the so-called C-p-r, a man of wooden frame and narrow, wl1o scattered broadcast amongst us aqueous vapor and carbong he smote the book and wondrous knowledge flowed forth: and we learned much And in that year, but two removed from the first, when our wanderings had been great, we ran afoul of ye prophet, who swiped our quids and papped us for tobacco- .stained fingers and buttons off blouses. And in the fortnight which fol- lowed there came from the northern regions a polar bear. of great weight and well protected from the cold, who discovered great cobwebs in our palace wallsg and W-lsy said. 'fUse formula Q 3" and we used formula Q3 157 and taking the first derivative, so that in the end we might have the minima, VV-, Ir., appeared and we rejoiced loud and long for the 2.5'S we were going to get, and it came to pass in-this connection there was a man who was wondrous wise, and 'tis said that on the coming into his presence of the wooden section, he remarked, "Go to the board and, using the notation of the book, demonstrate to me that water flows up-hill." And so it came to pass that after three and a half years of trouble, this class passed through the heat of Stewart, overcame the resistances of the Cit's dynamos, and storage batteries, passed through the eternal cold of Woolsey's Calculus and Ziwet's Mechanics, and finally passed the Styx on a lattice girder, counter- braced and uniformly loaded, so constructed by Cotterill and Slade. Here endeth the lesson. , Bcizczficitcf, omnia opera Donziuii. 1. O all ye works of Ganot, Daniell, Ziwet, Johnson, and Sylvanus Thompson, have mercy on 1901, '02, and '03, and magnify their marks forever. 2. 0 all ye green things upon the earth, Dutchey Osterhaus and Landenberger, be careful or ye will be sold a gold brick, and have your legs pulled forever. 1 3. O ye stars and stinkers, bless ye the Cit, praise him and grease him for a 3.5 forever. 4. O ye spirits and souls of Southern Comfort, bless ye the Luke, sup- port him and make him sat in Nav forever. 5. O ye Woolsey the younger, deduce if possible the equation of thy father's legs, as he walks to infinity forever. 6. O ye Vic Tomb, Beni Barthalow, and Horse Freeman, may ye, when ye are back in the Skinny Department, have mercy on Vernou, as he will remain here forever. 7. O ye fowls of the Paymaster, ye peanuts, wet hash, and barreled candy,-have mercy on our interiors, for we will have dyspepsia forever. 8. O ye men of wood, beware of Carnot's Heat Engine, wir de, and the volume generated by the rolling Stony down the steep graveyard hill for- ever. 9. O ye growlers and grumblers, Spudsie Ellis and Jimmie Kress. growl on and rhino forever. 158 Mr. Buhner then said: Second Classmen, Youngsters, and Plebes:-I-Iear me for my wood- enness, and be silent that ye may hear, believe me for mine honor, and have respect to mine official capacity, that ye may keep off the "pap," censure me in your wisdom, and awake Toby Wade, that he may the better hear. If there be any'in this assembly,-any dear friend of Math and Skinny,-to him I say "Vamoose,"-for he does not belong here. If then that friend de- mand why we slew Math and Skinny, this is my answer: Not that we loved Math and Skinny more, but that we loved Steam less. Had you rather Math and Skinny be boning and graduate bilgers, or Math and Skinny dead and buried and graduate Middies? As Skinny treed me. I hate it, as Math put me unsat, I boned it, as Steam gave 1ne the Wrillics, I shunned it. There are curses for Skinny, the same for Math, and damnation for Steam. Who is here so ambitious that would longer bone Math? If any, speak : for him I have offended. X1Vho is here so greasy that would continue with Skinny? If any, speak: for him have I offended. Who is here such a fool that would not lay down Steam? If any, speak: for him have I offended. I pause for a reply. lVoices: "None."1 Then none have I offended. I have done no more to Math and Skinny than you would do to Steam. The question of their death is enrolled on the bulletin-boardg their trees are not diminished wherein we became unsatg nor their exams made easy for which we suffered bilgingg there lie their bodies, mourned by Second Classmen, who, having no hand in their death, shall receive the curses of their dying:- a place on the tree, as which .of you of 1900 shall not. NVith this I depart, that as we bury Math and Skinny for the good of 1900, we have the same grave for Steam, when it shall please the Academic Board to graduate us. Sailing. Sailin', sailinf sailin' out to sea, Here's the springtime come again, another Class is free To leave these scenes behind them and hasten on their way 2 H To where the ships are coaling up, that take 'em out to-day. The days of spring are passing, with freedom at their tail, And IQOOVS waiting of her orders for to sail. T59 A Bugle Song. HE plaster falls from molded walls And cobwebbed ceilings old in story,- -Xpl The sleeper wakes, with fear he shakes, ' ' And dreams no more of stripes and glory. 4 lllow, hugle, blow! Set Second Classmen flying! ' Blow, bugle, blow no more! the sleeper still Lf-ff is lying. Oh, harkl oh, hear! how thin andelear, And thinner, clearer, farther going,- In wild despair he rents the air VVith curses on the man that's blowing,- For reveille he did not hear, And this call says formation's near. 160 70 MW AS? 6' -X,-'M-m,,"" -.,,.,, Z E Z C7 xx 2 ff '41, '4 5 ll Z ik: 5 'z,"b,h, 'W 2, E , NYJ 5 ' 2 13 T5 E , 51225 ,E f gi f ff I ffffg' 'Ti' ' n ff' ' ' Q, fi A. , vi5Q!i N-,xx fi MMM wwf! f - if ilk? ,fi 1 7f,M!: X I llllrkwxx A p"ff3?:Pvx::QXX"wx Luwcnmc or wr HAWAII F'LAG.Nj 'xxxkxx Wi-gg XX JW "KYB XXXNXPNVRN. .,,-sfrdfg ? N545 11 - M 'UO Xkxxxxw Z . . . , 'Www t 2-M 'K jf ZR ISINI ' ' N x , wi G -' - Z- .K . 53-f,y1.imHiy. 4 Z ,, Qiqwx . ...... 1 I f Avxnmcw N-AG J f L, - ppm.. 1 I L Q, -'A-' , , N, S -- ' F V i 'N X . X 1 RAISING OF vhs. AMERICAN FLAG. ' S'w 1 4, - ll .W -19 . J - QQ fam" ' if e W it ? me ,lgiifrwie ' ' r iff c 2 -' "'ii-w- N, UNDER 'I'l-IE DlifEfITl'J1Xl OF Mis. Cl-IABLES SE MOUH FFKEZMAN. A' HOL-ILINLQ Cjflozlrlllllij SGHEEECHIPISQ SQCCZSS. CHIEF Zrlcjlrliifs- -JAMES HOLLIS DLFFLCES. f PLUG fto jimmy, who is rushing frantically from the roomj-"Hold on, jimmy, what's the matter FU "N'othing! nothing! D. P. is expanding his chest, and I came out to draw my breath." MR. SIMON Creporting going on liberty,-after standing at attention for five minutes, points to the liberty-book, and, stannnering, saysj-"I've signed this book, Mister, but I don't know what to say." . -v i'Every tick of the clock brings us one minute nearer to the finish, old bo in--XXYICTCJR. Y "How in thunder does that man, Mannix, keep from bilging? I never see him bone any." "He doesn't. Spends all his time in reflexionf' 163 The Unwelcome Visitor. Twas the night before Steam exam, and on the First Floor Many lights were seen burning through cracks in the do But the blankets were hung oler the windows with care The transoms were covered-no danger from there, The plebes were nestled all snug in their beds,- Their French the next day never bothered their headsg Some youngsters, perhaps, on the Third Floor alone, Steadily over their Skinny did bone. Not a sound could be heard-all was deathlike and still, The O. C. of slumber was getting his fill. Now quietly flourished a small game of i'Pete" In the room of Keen Jackson, so tidy and neat, While Keen and his frau QTack Naile he is calledj In the mysteries of Goodeve and Gow were installed. Two or three others were sitting around Smoking "Sweet Caps" with never a sound, This smoke is unbearable," Tack did declare, And ambled outside to get some fresh air. He marched to the cooler-with text-book in hand, And eye-shade still on, but came to a stand Vifhen a door quickly opened and appeared on the scene An entirely new character, unhoped for, I ween,- Mr. S., the O. C., gave Tack just a glance And a smile,-"Oh," thinks he, "I cannot miss such a I'll see where the studious lad has come out, Perhaps his confederates are lurking about." The warning was given, we do not know how, But all he could find was Goodeve and Gow Piled up on the table, not a card could be found, The sole signs of smoking were stumps lying round. All were sent to their own little beds right away, And busted on Steam the very next day. The moral, for .all who need their night caps, Is as simple as this: "Do not drink after tapsf' 164 or, chance Who Put Wrinkles in Huff's Face? flj Maggie. C25 Svarz. Qgj God only knows. C41 Simmers. C55 He can't help it.--he was born that way. Q61 They're only dimples. C7D Corrugations,-sign of strength. CSD Had a harrow drawn across his face when quite young C95 Blaisdell doesn't sayg alcohol, perhaps. IOD Lines of cqzzal dI'SS'lf7Cll'f0ll. '4 flax'- f,. AA 6 . 'iz l' . if . ,rx in 5 I V' , V 'ir K ,f 9 . sf ' -. 3 , I 5' .qw ,....4..1.1,....- so -,Af 1-,A I V," ,... ,X XY ,-:ff " , ..A uf., A f ifgal g, X, 2 . f,,,fi:Q ,.g:.-ff.. f M .ie-"M le: ,. L3 :gf - 3' M V, 14 I - . ug. , il Y lrlf " 4 ilijx "lil - 'l"V . ll' all p 1 '- A 1 ,, Q2 ,i '., , .-fy ' I w YK,:f " 94 A. 'if f w w A -1 i-YQ Ill ' 9.7 za.3- : 1 Ili li? lla' 'z F ,' " I uf f ' Q." "iw 1, 1, , lith - ' if: 1 gfr- -il ' 'Z' 'eil 'hir' 31 49 45 T ' 13 .pa .lj 4 'i.f '., i4' M E' Yi lil Lf V. '- .. 1 , :1 l1.,q "JU " ' -5 'l As ADOPTED BY THE CLASS. 165 There was once a most ponderous miss, Who thought it the acme of bliss, To sit on the top of a barrel with Hop, And slyly indulge in a kiss. "Mix Johnston, what is the capital of Maine-Augusta on the Barrel?" "Orderly! Report to the Captain that I have set both ends of the bridge awning at once! Very pretty evolution !"-TIGE. f'I'd like these sardines better, if they would take the tin-foil off." "They mark a man on his face up there on the bridge. I'm unsatf' "Hush! Close the door! Mr. Barthalow, if you were to tell that to Professor J. he would drop dead l" BARTHALONV-HVVl'l6I'C is Professor jf?" 166 Chewing it Up. 1 K 1 1 X iQ tl - iii- Ai' Y' ' 4. Q xx Kiki .,.:.::..Q" f. j 5 ' ' U 1 EI. lx X I Yr " x f ' 0 ig X f ,. V f f X ff Ky: if 7 fee i Q X +-L57 If X' 1 -AX L., ii' ', fa it ' rwks, f' ' .44 ff f K f f K One cussed the Instructor he had last month, One simply said G1- d--, Bidding good-bye to his stars and stripes After the Math exam. 167 1 .,..'-v.r.v Y sv 1 ,., Y V' 11 2 5-gf" -JZ' Z: 5- 11 diff .f."" v v - N., 5. Ar" fs-Q, -1, 1. 19 -f -52' z ., s. Y 21 '2'A'1f-' """" ' -'-- -v... -Y 45, 1 ' ' - " ,, ,Ni-',, 1 '-,,gf-,nf'f.f x- - - : - - :- . f 'E '+' : S ? f ' -5, 5 1: -LS' ......4. , """'v- H' " 1'.4'- ff 'f lAWTMWv'wa.Qmx 5... ,,.,,4,..:i1 , ,,:""', . .1 w-rf '- . M.. . Q, ON THE 5A . , ' 5R05 P 'WY TRERL Bl W W 10 sub' "f 001 A" "M . ,fy wx-xm ' ... Q gixiwafc an Q ronmfmfb me pn'-arrihrb coumr of 5111031 nr mr fflnitrb rimless 'llavnf -Kmbmnj. uni! 0ue+.pwsn5 njr requires? chainin- tfye Kmbrmir E5unr0.vfrpdrurorq uf :br Iwo genre- :mmf 3115 ilbimun Pliwuwfzvr brim bcrmnlo Ser our Baum tljis . ' - ? bagof .. in t5cyeutof'onv?t4DR9 onrfyonwxnb ninayqinnhrrh and ,, A Q. and ofrge 3ln0rprn0rm'r of :br '-llnifrh '5lllII'15I5l' F-H14 ?'15 ,ENfj 5. Jie' -1 1 1 -' 452 Q5 1 A N an K1 K1 C1 1 Y4 AFQFQQ ' f E00000000000000000 0 0000000 00000000000 3 il ,gzfkgggp QQ2Qo:ffi1Jl2QlQel:gQII'WIIIIZQQQQQQ - 0 - SSE? 55 64646464 2 1 0 I wr W 4 QQ ' F o EDWARD W. HYDE, President JOHN S. HYDE, Vice-President and Gen'l Superintendent H. H. MCCARTY, Treasurer A-RM 'en'-' 'We -X i RON GRKS, ?ATH, MAINE Ship JBuiIbers am Engineers 5 4 s S'r1aAu YACHT uAPlIRODl'l'lvZ" . . . BUILDERS OF. . . U. S. GUNBOATS "MACl1lAS" "CAS'l'INE" HVICKSBURGH "NEWPORT" U. S. TOPEDO BOATS 'DAHLGRENH "T, A. M. CRAVEN" "BAGLEY" "BARNEY" "BIDDLE" U. S. RAM U. S. MONITOR U. S. CRUISER HKATAHDHP' UCONNECUCUTH UCLEVELANDH U. S. TRAINING VESSEL UCHESAPEAKE' The General Electric Company .2 MAKES AND INSTALLS MARINE GENERATING SET Complete electric equipments for warships and shipyards includ' ' , mg marine generating sets and motors for cranes, ammunition hoists, turrets, Winches, blowers, and ventilators. Searchlights, arc and incandescent lamps. M GENERAL OFFICE, SCHENECTADY, N. Y. New York Office, 44 Broad Street Sales Offices in all large cities Bethlehem Steel Company SOUTH BETH LEHEM, PA. Has furnished for the following United States Battleships, Monitors, Protected Cruisers, etc. OREGON KENTUCKY MONTEREY MINNEAPOLIS INDIANA WISCONSIN TERROR OLYMPIA MAINE tOldJ ALABAMA PURITAN CINCINNATI IOWA ILLINOIS MONADVOCK COLUVIBIA MASSACHUSETTS TEXAS NEW YORK RALEIGH KEARSAROE ANIPHITRITE BROOKLYN MAINE tNewl And has also furnished SI-IAFTING AND ENGINE FORGINGS for the following Battleships, Monitors, Protected Cruisers, Torpedo Boats, Torpedo Boat Destroyers, Cunboats, and Revenue Cutters OREGON CINCINNATI T. A. M. CRAVEN PREBLE INDIANA MARBLEHEAD DAVIS STEWART MAINE qomy SAY FRANCISCO Fox TRUXTUN IOWA TACOMA STRIVUHAM WHIPPLE MASSACHUSETTS CHATTANOOGA DAHLGREN WORDEN ALABAMA OLYMPIA TORPEDO BOAT N OUNBOATS 14 and I5 WISCONSIN RALEIGH BLAKELY OUNBOAT No. I0 MAINE tNewJ NEWARK DE LONG BANCROFT OHIO PHILADELPHIA SLIUBRICK REVENUE CUTTER No MONTEREY PORTER STOCKTON REVENUE CUTTER No KATAHDIN DUPONT THORNTON REVENUE CUTTER No NEW YORK ROWAN DALE GOLDEN GATE BROOKLYN FARRAGUT DECATUR DEXTER MINNEAPOLIS BAILEY PAUL JONES COLUMBIA GOLDEBOROUGH PERRY FINISHED GUNS OF ALL CALIBERS GUN FORGINGS GUN CARRIAGES BRANCH OFFICES ' 100 Broadway, New York Marquette Building, Chicago 421 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia, Pa.

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