United States Military Academy West Point - Howitzer Yearbook (West Point, NY)

 - Class of 2006

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United States Military Academy West Point - Howitzer Yearbook (West Point, NY) online yearbook collection, 2006 Edition, Cover

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.NN ,N - K - L, , . .1 'A 'E 4AgN'X...,X ' MCS? df' -2 f"wDelL" x ' f f 'Ali ' ' 5 XX x V, .x 'Q-I xxx if IV V," Lx xv-vw' ff .,,., -! . A ix 1 I C Cv, 5 5 l Chalin of Command 16 Stafll' and Faculty 32 5 G - ---LL--5 621 emoerial Pages 68 2 W l3CCemhe11Grad0uQ?S- 70 0 ee Qlass of 2006 74 0 Clais ll-listory 266 ? l The? Corps - 306 1 C0ri3s8 and Club Sportlsl- 388 6 2 Activities 478 A ' Cad1etlL1fe 522 l C C C' C' A CC ' CC 8' Flovl1itzerStaff l----' M j 548 l . Aclvlerftiserrlents 556 5 fl 0 md xl 3 612 5 ' 0050550 0 0 V if ip....- 0 . 3 'f'f"Qff,.1-..l 2 2 W in i5i,.,--,,.C.fC. , M3 0 --..,,..,QQC.jf...l,..ff1L 0 200 ' Colors Beneath The Gray 7' 1 5 , 1 Q 1 1 1 P-W ------Y zn 173 ' All fi , , i In 3? f 5? i" 5? ' i " ' 3 I E V , P I I f Z Q A 4 4 1 . 4 V ,,, w inn T Y o , .- 6 X WMWWW I .,k ,..x M X, l 1 J 4 w 1 4 n wa A , Q este! fs e V k Ji r 'hiv' h,4v ,Fvgzs ,,,d gg 1142? I -g V ' 4 . 'f " U, -'if Zsifgxiiii Ai" 1' :QV 3" K K 4 "'fyTf-fl,3?52'iME511f-P. 4 'ig ??93f1" - V ff V ' ' ' P 5 Y K if f my M' -Y Q Z5 r nu A 'H E l W 1 N W 1 4 w Q af' ai' M . up 4 1 4- Wwwm ,.,, . nw X , "NW N. 37:2 There is nothing leii to-day But steel and fue and stone! Once more We hear the Word That sickened earth of old: V11' M '! ! W --W' H ' N., M' lmwnqxi , ,,.,, ,gh we' 6 'No law except the Sword .1 ' m nf! ,gp , . V E, Ei -M M ..,1p..-, , 1' ,M Anag- zk A '12, 'Hwy L .,Q4., ., , 4 -r - H 1, Y..-W., 11ex'.zM.,2 ,.1 ,,,, ., .ak 'Q I 1 mV ,,,,, '. . 1 lr' 'a v. ' u.. fir' ffl Aw andb foe HT! 'Q 675' -L X rknk L il K ,Zi 5 I 5 if 4' 1 Jr M FP' 2 6 3 1 1 if if ' Q Y 5. . ig? " fx is 5 w . 'asf V '14 , , I 3 5 l I nw 'V + 5 l5f fQ1FJ' .-f. ,QU xg ' ' 61" V rm 3 9 M 'vi .11 f- --Qi fu gpg? at 2 Y t is V 11 I' 3 53: W .,Y , . 3 f..i A , 1' 9' 1. , A . wp frrfg . J..-- 4 E X 3 1 A 1 if ,. J, ' Aiea, , Y "'f"""i7"f':',':fim'H M - M 4: :M , W- ,Jfs .wiv , W 7 ' wg-iw M? ,r H ww -T Q , A . V, vitaww A YL' A MJ an ' 5401A "' -1ii2a.U.4j ,QM A ,, f,Lfa w 1 .A .qu 1 ff , . f 1 f' 3 ,a SM, , V, Q 5, 4, ,, A A . 0. A W , + 5 :fr F X Je Mr, , 1565- .K , I -"H, Q, 4 f f KH ' . ' 7, -, 5 .Q - . , K 4. 4, , ,Q E as . , V .. 'L W , .dr ,V qi, ,.4v. -er Q- 3 A Ar- mv--f' www f V ' ' fin' fg:f-2--f- , 1,, .., .av Y E 4. a 2 'W if s ' - ' I Q f ' S at t 1 A " S- -Q f 6 A " ,. Qi sf' s 3 Q Q ff X e. w .. 24+ f f , 7 V sg. V W 3 V, ir 5 f- Qs, 2 W , K V ,I f I L ' M f ' "' J A a ' ' f Q A' A 3 We i, , ,J Q K ' 4 A, N: ' Y':V:7" i5f -7- 1 Y ' .i f-, . ,YVV VW - K . 44 -1-f t T W, ,-YfY,,.,, ,,,,:, A, , .R ' ' W Ax , ,bk ' fl"-?f-ff 1 3541 Y -,-4 if , W iw , , JE fi ' Q X ' Ami E . , 342- i A ' 4, 'X M M' "vu, 4+ .Q A Q 1 ag, RW ,f , I. 64255131 ' gb' I M I Mmm' ,yr Saw 5-Mw,f, as 3 V5 fdfwh' as 'ww , W ,i M,,:V,+ wg EW Q A ' ff i ' ' 2 No easy hope or lies Shall bring us to our goal, v v v F . ' ' 4 : - 'f ' , " 1' 156 I - O O O E I D M Q kg 0 1 T . .ag J' . . Q m. . 3 . S .P ! , r A- - - - Q, . 'Q' f A 4 . xi. , V, 8 ip .. o 4 .N Q ml ' W 1: -'H . vf T' mf, ' Y R Q BA 6 4 . "- 1 4' J ' , it - 5 -I h ",i,,L., mi . 'Lin . 1 1 ' ' QL U Q I Q .3 V , U 'N A . S. It' .Ti -' , g M Q In In li A. T 'i s C' , " HWQ "Fi ,, 41 arf A .-. -' I ,. n N Q M ff.g:fLfas,vff,'1fTfAY5'?i' 'E jf +-f-f Mffff 15 f 1-qi , , ,- , tg' . - f' ' , ' - A ',1-f 1, M' . ,vtxi AK 17 I, , i A 04, Y:-1 Y vW,,W,YYfTAfY -4isALA I VHA- iw if ig-,g ,g W U A , Y 4 ,, V V, i WWVN :N ,. ,, W r ,. JW! Q 1 ,N V f 1 A ' f 5 ' pq- , ' 'af . K , Q 'TVY5 'T 'M ,P 1 Q- I Y V Yi 1 ' Y 3 Y, 1- , g, fr' f M V, - ' ' ' f J -' 1 ,xi Y 'Y' ' ii' R57 fp? xr , jg" 347 4 TEL", h" + 7 ,, Lf , -. g' .H . 3 1,4 lm 5 M- . wa' ' 4 AN' I 'fx an f . 35 EW w f 5 r " 0 A "" iw' ' I ' ' 'f?W" 9 ,ii E f Q if 2 , , f 33 ' ' nf ' V f E 3 f 2 . 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YP' . ew mx . I.. .. W ,Ink , - 1' Q if 32: 'Zum W, 1.41. ,H ff 7, WT ,, .. f "f, V .waf The Pres1dent 1411-Qrq QI-13 I-Qc A-F George W. Bush The Vice-President of the United States of America Mchard B. Cheney The Secretary of Defense Donald H. Rumsfeld The Chairman of Ioint Chiefs of Staff The Secretary ofthe Army Iirancis I. Harvey The Chief of Staff ofthe Army The Superintendent ofthe United States Military Academy Lieutenant General William I. Lennox, Ir. A A its .isthrew-fmfmama.few' .gi-aw-warrenssnafwwrf fffm1fer1f"fi"v'vfff imQzu::a:ssa:'fissz1g:t,. ':mamattzasaaaswatiftzefzzef 12affsitisiiWfiiffifiififlff- t . ' - VG, ' llfzt' im. OFFICE OF THE SUPERINTENDENT UNITED STATES MILITARY ACADEMY WEST POINT, NEW YORK 10996-5000 Jtme 9, 2006 To the Class of 2006: Congratulations! You made it. By the time you read this, West Point will be a fond memory, and you'll be on your way to becoming an Old Grad, eager to protect the traditions that were valuable for building character and relationships while you were hene. I have known you longer than you realize, from your pre-admission tiles through your graduation smiles. From start to finish, you have been superb. You have emerged from a world- class leadership crucible to earn a commission in history's finest Army, so the adventure is just beginning. Remember, though, that this is more than your personal odyssey, you wiki soon be responsible for executing the nation's military missions arotmd the world, for molding America's sons and daughters, for modeling what right looks like in standards, behavior, and values. You represent many things to many people: your families are proud of you, the AOG welcomes you into the Long Gray Lineg your branches canit wait to put you to workg your soldiers wili look to you for leadership. Amid all those pulls and expectations, stay close to one another. Few associations in your life will have the enduring strength of those among West Point classmates, in fact, you may soon find that the power and value of those relationships grow with time. That's one ofthe reasons to stay in touch with the AOG: to keep your contact data current. West Point graduates are vital to the Army and the nation, and they are invaluable to one another. As you go to train yourself and others for missions of challenge, excitement, and even danger, remember that you have left West Point well prepared for whatever lies ahead. Your development here as a well-rotmded leader of character could not cover every possible situation that you'll face, but you are equipped with the tools you'll need to think, lead, and win. So, as you meet withthose from other commissioning sources at OBC, other branches at BOLC, and even other countries when you join your units, rely on the values, preparation, and relationships from West Point. You will be successful, but you have the opportunity to be something even greater: noble. Simply adhere to the profound, time-tested code that marks the U.S. Military Academy and its graduates: Duty, Honor, Country. WILLIA J. LENNOX, JR. LTG, U.S. Army Superintendent aff" f ' ,I ' ' f- ',.f 1 ",' 5' 2 H A A' r 1 is - a t 5 r A - ic.i. . it f . 1 ,::..,:.,.:.:::::t:i:v:i?EE17 .1 C5?i3 ' f ' Q' " ix nf-:E:': Wg, '75 ,gi Vnrxxyigp WV' , .,,. .,,... . ,.,,,., .. .... ..... , ,, is so l wr,g,,,,.,q-3::i::r:'. . :.::t::..n:.mii The Comman ant of the United S cldemy Brlgl parroth 'Q HEADQUARTERS UNITED STATES MILITARY ACADEMY orrlcs or me OOUIANDANT or DADET8 wear Pomr. new vom: 10906 TO THE CLASS OF 2006: Congratulations on your graduation from West Point and your entry into the Long Gray Line! As you join hands with graduates of an earlier day, you should be extremely proud of your accomplishments and equally confident that you are prepared for the challenges of service, It has been a privilege to serve with your class during your First Class year. I am confident that you will be a source of strength for our Nation and a source of pride for your Alma Mater. Continue to prepare yourself to be your best on the worst of days. The American people expect such excellenceg our Soldiers deserve nothing less. I look forward to serving with you in the future - among the ranks of the world's greatest Army. Godspeed. Never F alter, Never Quit! 606 Ewa Curtis M. Scap o i Brigadier Gene l, U.S. Army Command of Cadets The Dean ofthe Academic Board Briga Gener atrick Finnegan :fl creasezeezasfasfsfzefstfsfezsz-:szsza ., .1 ......... .,.. , .,,..,..,.,,.,., ' " -W-H -f'----' f -f--' f-'f'w Y -,wma Q,-at . 6 .,.. , .,,.,,.,. ......,....,., vf .,11.fvfs sgazwasszs, Ii., .,,. W,.,... sv .a ,gy ef., --fa we ,.fitf,zzriLfSZ?2Ei7fi' Vg21ssrsgagfzssfzsmrrzeeszsffz952222 ,...-- '3g1wKu..r,qggsgyggzys.a,rr:1 1:saie+rggraa::,asa2,:zsr'rssea:e:awf E, -,Y ws- 5,-35,.5x,sr1.,,. , ,,sqqfrM2f?E:g,:r9i5g,rf 'H are '2 ie aa ef 1 " E fff25i 553 5 . ? f" A if 95" " or ' 'W W .U em ,.-H- ... size 1vfsaser.:.aW,,-W - my OFFKSIOFTIIEXDI UNITED STATES MILITARY ACADEMY WIITPWITJIEYYOIK Iii TO THE MEMBERS OF THE CLASS OF 2006 Congratulations on your graduation from the United States Military Academy and your commission as an officer in the United States Army. You entered West Point in the wake of 9!ll - knowing the challenges that potentially lay ahead. In preparation for those challenges, you endured four years of strenuous academic, military, and physical preparation. You have now embarked to lead soldiers in a war whose varied challenges will require your full strength, enduring character, and unlimited sacrifice. We are confident that your intellectual vitality and ability to respond to the dynamics of a changing world will serve the country well. The Greek philosopher Thucydides observed: "The nation that makes a great distinction between its scholars and its warriors will have its thinking done by cowards and its lighting done by fools." You are warriors and scholars, and I encourage you to pursue both mastery of your profession and life-long intellectual development. Each is essential as you rise to increased levels of responsibility within our Army and our Nation. We do not know exactly what the world will look like in ten, twenty, or thirty years. The United States will face new challenges and our battles will be on unpredictable fronts. Your ability to adapt, think creatively, and lead successfully will be the linchpin for our nation's defense. Our entire faculty is confident in your abilities, proud of your accomplishments, and excited about your journey. Welcome to the Long Gray Line. Serve well. Patrick Finnegan Brigadier General, U.S. Army Dean of the Academic Board p35Qri?yig?,:yi:.5Yx lag? Vyzwre Vgggwzafftmpgwvrgggwiggg 45:0 V Yt iigjggf gf 4f,...f"" mn .-vw:-.:f-znfzi ' ' 1522" fl . ' . Am'Y"f'5 .a5f2?'2avfbffrMe'fr and f f - ' tfzfivg T . A is a r ei s..i .nfm1.f.m,....1.af'nf. fy. -v--' ,. v- eg u -- 4 Y1 :5aW .' :f,..':..'2.'. ,::.11:fza as W :fzgg 5 ez M it a' s V I - , W-'f'1'f'Y1'f"f1"fYf' f 2? -WZ.Z.'f7: fm' ' A ,, , vffff ' Silk t 'Hftww a r f ' f- V - 1 ' Y "'f f H r ' fr fm, 'K The Director of Intercollegiate Athletics .mar fiffigmimf, at QM .r:.1zg3zsQ-mf' We ' 1- ww --fu -- 1- I-'ff' 1 . . f -, .1 Q ng 2 nnnnnan n .aff '1:egfz:sfE2g3EfQ5a2, 3 1: a1zi:.1r1r1L:f::' 'Y-'34 s t is-if :fa 'E "' OFFICE OF THE DIRECTOR OF INTERCOLLEGIATE ATHLETICS UNITED STATES MILITARY ACADEMY WEST POSNI NEW YORK 10996-1589 TO THE MEMBERS OF THE CLASS OF 2006 Congratulations on your graduation from the United States Military Academy! I cannot think of a greater honor for an individual to achieve. Through your hard work and perseverance you have proven to be true "leaders of character? I truly commend the entire Corps, especially the cadet-athletes that participated in intercollegiate sports. You have helped our athletic program enjoy unparalleled success throughout your time at the Academy, and you made us Very proud every step of the way. We trust that the experiences you have gained on the "fields of friendly strife" provide a valuable leadership foundation as you advance to your next mission to lead America's sons and daughters into battle. Good luck, and may God be With you. GO ARMY! BEAT NAVY! ilwcfeferfv -s Ja Wmsml wgmaf afscsazzaaia tie.. me mains A gagging 4 'Sai ' .SESJESZ gEfQQfQf izaeaafxfzw are-Qsafsml Bewzrtffs? aizwm Kevin Anderson Director of Intercollegiate Athletics W , f , ,.., V . fr A f,,tm1,wm. luis? ,gEgf,,'ga:w, 15- what 1, 5.9. W ww-f f, ff-ff 5 asf 5' , :F V any wa Awzzfvfiawzfwaww ,f asm mzgeffatsezras' " Qwwaggyinx-,mmfmv1, f , pr ' Aww an 'rlvsm :wx isxz myf, W, ,.f. , , -ff- QWQZQJ :si 252412112 meg.. ggaglgaygggwgg, gig ev' ff ffm, ,- -'wi-l,-my ,Um t -1' fzseasm-f.1,,f,fm,,1,,t,1t ,, ,tx'azamzwfgmwzmm.11. ffm' ' " N IS? fLH9mFE2em2251: "i' i""" C' I ' Q gtg "'wieswswfza4me:f,n11i:zsfasnz k'tt" W 't X545 , 53 ff? EM ,mg H ,mf,1nc. 1, ' ' ' W ' fn-:W ' Mum if w 'Q x fc, Q. , f? 5 ,gamma W,1N,N . , 3 rp 4 1,34 A-2 if fn ,ml 133259 -. ,fn W. Row l CLeft to Rightjz COL Michael Colpo, LTC William I. Lennox, Ir., CSM Michael Bergman, Row 2 CLeft to Rightjz Ms. Patty Wing, Mr. Ioseph Baker, LTC Todd Browne, Ms. Cecilia Solomon, COL Robin Swope, MAI Christopher Capozzi, Ms. Andrea Hamburger, Ms. Divina Wicher, MAI Iason Kelly, Row 3 CLeft to Rightjz Mr. Matthew Talaber, COL Mike Griggs, LTC William Macken, COL Kelly Kruger, Chaplain QCOLI Iohn Cook, LTC Michael Colarusso, LTC Shaun Wurzbach, COL Ion Smidt, COL Peter Torok, :,.:j-f:i.:tt, 'FSL ish' -' I 4-7giz.1g..1,, J if L? :v . Q56 I' Fisk 12" " J A :Jaw 1 "2 11 H fi3llf'4','!'f giflflii-ini 3 2- A , .f..z-aa, W, .af-nw, , It .I , -, N m1,L.,,aiQaa,g,u:,, ,M 'yt , fi'1g,a..,fQfi,f ,A ff ai- I ,, it V. pi, IQ pa - Row 1 CLeft to Rightjz LTC Michael Bradley, Ms. Diane Vonasek, LTC Casey Neff, CSM Patrick Laidlaw, BG Curtis Scaparrotti, COL Alan Bourque, Fr. Edson Wood, LTC Blair Tiger, MAI Andrew Karninsky, Row 2 fLeft to Rightjz 2LT Tim Baker, MAI Steven Htmter, Ms Marianne Downey, Mr, Peter Pecoraro, Mr. Ioseph Muttatth, Ms Annamarie Waters, Ms Christine Ferriaiuolo, Mr. Ioseph DuBaldi, Row 3 Qbeft to Rightj: 2LT Anthony Costa, Ms Charlene Carey, Ms Anne-Marie Salvatore, Ms Krista Iones, Ms Ulla Londot, Ms Ieanette Alicea, Ms Kathy Powles, Row 4 CLeft to Righty Mr Nils Anderson, Mr Steve Stokilo, Mr Eric Hague, Ms Marsha DeMasi, Ms Connie Bambino, Ms Mabel Adams, SSG Iames Shreve, Row 5 CLeft to Rightjz Mr Christian Charris, Ms Carol Marvin, Ms Lori May, Ms Nancy Lewis, Ms Dianne Lublin, Ms Kathy Kelly, 4 Row 6 fLeft to RightI:MAI Scott Myers, Mr Sean Coffey, Ms April Anderson, SFC Richard Coates, Ms Marge McCormick, Ms Kim Masciola, MAI Christopher Forsythe Row l QLeft to Rightjz LTC Bill Adams, Dr. Kent Laudeman, COL Curt Carver, BG Patrick Finnegan, COL Dan Ragsdale, Ms. Bobbie Ryan, Dr. Mark Evans, Row 2 CLeft to Rightlz Ms. Milagros Jones, Ms. Jan Bachand, Ms. Cyndy Thompson, Ms. Lorie Shields, Ms. Joanne Rera, Ms. Jeanne Edwards, Row 3 QLeft to Rightj: MAJ Doug Crandall, Mr. Chuck Clement, Ms. Maretta Melvin, Mr. Bruce McElroy, Mr. Jeff Rohrlick, Mr. Mark Walters, Mr. Steve Scott, Ms. Elaine Shipman, Row 4 CLeft to Rightj: Mr. Jim McKelvey, Ms. Rebecca Stanley, Mr. Vince DiChiaro, Mr. Daniel Daniello, Mr. Bob Cwoscicki, Dr. Tim Judd, H --'awaitwww... :eg:f:::2: ' tt... ,A V ,. ea, '.iv mh4,A.::,W35H- .,WwWw2w'aw ff -,,.A...Wv! .W W M VUSS3 . f W W , .ai . ?'4"?'Tf'-K if ' -'-'Skim V3 ' ' ---- " ""' - 'f- Ut. 'Nl ll 7,141,254 pl J br' " -f-if-eau. 1355? ""'1:3:ff-Y 55' Vrzfzfi-.E ' H' - " V "'gg1': W ", ZH. I, 'Yi3'1'i5'f?f.I..,l 'SEM Y, 'H' . SL-'I'-S-"25F'FF,gA' ' I , c ,,,, 1 f , in ,,,,, es.s2gq:.wv. an.. l Q M .QE eg E1 SQ S M . , . N 1 va., ' mis. I- 'ns-.lm 'Q ffff V "wlftltwt.m::wsitgm , 'twtwl-Wwiiw .. a s a. . . ...iw ' Mwwfmwuawvlwt .wwwmmwlwwlwt - w-wewQaaMwmwlww .. ,le.wi . -- ' nwwwww. f-A-1 A N-WML ,,.q.'???f'w't.x1lWtp.i.-- -- .- ... M. M W- ...wwf V -A-A h-"-- .:?4:WW'tebwrtf?tf1t't::will:iw-xfi-. ....iwambfwawlwma m m' M' " WJ. zlwwlivmwimaat-' :w:1t'1WMlwii - it Y. I. -ltffiw ' w'w ' Row l CLeft to Rightjz COL Kip Nygren, Mr. Kevin Anderson, BG Curtis Scaparrotti, LTG William Lennox, BG Patrick Finnegan, COL David Allbee, COL Michael Jones p Row 2 CLeft to Righty COL Maritza Ryan, COL Thomas Kolditz, COL James Kerin, COL Wendell King, COL Michael Meese, COL Lance Betros, COL Gary Krahn, COL Andre Sayles, COL David Bedey, COL Stephen Ressler, COL Peter Curry, 36 A Row l: CLeft to Rightj: Mrs. Susan Litchauer-Eckert, Mrs. Catherine Weidenhof, LTC Raymond Lacey, MAI Marc Young, Row 2: CLeft to Rightjz CPT Kurt Walling, SFC Craig Ieffrey, SFC George Donnelly, CPT Dave Eaton, MSG Richard Iones, MAI Darin Thomson, SFC Lula Grundy, Row 3: fLeft to RightI: SFC Douglas Strom, SFC Cody Thomas, CPT Katina Maddox, CPT Phil Nazzaro, CPT Carl Poppe, I , I f W L mr, f ,. ,,,. K sesel , . ,,:,::,,, .:,::, :,,: ,,,.,, M 5 ,,,:f:, ,,:,, l .. NLW, ,,:.: PM tfwe F .4 .. Row l fLeft to Rightjz MAI Charles Chalfont, SFC Iohn Kaasch, CPT Ian Humphrey, SPC Winthrop Walker, MAI Colin Wooten, CPT Laura Updegraff, Row 2 fLeft to RightI: MAI Vinston Porter, SFC Kenneth Byrd, LTC Ierry Cashion, SFC Terry Hancock, SFC Christopher Dillon, SFC Brenda Rich, Ms. Cathy Weidenhof, Ms. Ann Shaw, Ms. Lynn Rymer, Row 3 CLeft to Rightjz MSG Alfred Ronneburg, CPT David Hills, SFC Raymond Loyst, MAI William Conde, MAI M. Troy Rittenhouse, MAI Chad Bagley, 2 :W ri ' 'ii t,VweWmzvrmirlieiigxmas19-i1rgo,',,i,'g mf,-:uxgw fcfp-ww ,- si M1-5.53-1Gi.f,,gVs5 ,dw my 2' gym-4 am,-i.x5La m,14m,,aqi wg- 9fapg,ewLvfaey aw-I 13 www iifwlaifisziir QS-H,-:":1.w.Q9r'wf' .25 - iQ,,J,if:r5 G .muy If "AW"r'f:mL.'f15M5R-ff'K'f21cM'wifM :if mv- :a ngie ww "veal-mff'f"'T dmv., .f Ham f 'az 'YUM-2 mmm, Wi swfwf- V wwf H edvi 22 ,n7:wwf'.Hff?'. amd we-w'ii,vgsw '1,- j,,y:,f3y4i g wg, 1w"'34Nf2w-, piwfjwzgke fx mfimw ltw'1'.'z:w5' Q , TF W- If if ,X mg Jgi., Mfg ,FL swamp We ,. 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If f ,W f 5 M Row 1 CLeft to Rightjz LTC Thomas Macdonald, MAI Ioseph Huth, Row 2 CLeft to Righty Mr. Thomas DiSalvo, Mrs. Cheryl Greeno, SFC Wanda Bonds, SFC Shawn Conner, SFC Forrest Blum, SFC Carl Parker, MSG Iohn Dudas, SFC David Ainslie, SFC Whitney Bailey, Row 3 CLeft to Rightjz Ms. Marianne Daniello, Mrs. Kathy Iones, MAI David Waldron, MAI Kurt Roberts, MAI Ronny Iohnson, CPT Richard Hughbank, MAI Wendy Martin, MAI Edward Swanson, MAI Norman Spivey, CPT Michael McCoy, I""'l Row 1 fLeft to Righty CPT Omari Thompson, LTC Deborah McDonald, COL Michael Iones, LTC Dean Batchelder, MAI William Smithg Row 2 CLeft to Righty Ms. Beverly Mitchell, MAI Shelly Iackson, Ms. Maureen Velez, MAI Bob lmbriale, MAI Ioe Kemmer, MAI Mark Houston 5 Row 3 CLeft to Righty CPT Dave Williams, CPT Shani Thompson, MAI Rob Romans, MAI Tim Viles, CPT Leandre Anthony, Row 4 fLeft to Righty Mr. Bud Zimmermanp 1 Row 1 fLeft to Righty Mrs. Nancy D. Calhelha, Mrs. Grace Williamson, COLQRI Seth F. Hudgins, Ir., Mrs. Iessie Hershey, LTCQRI Thomas I. Mulyca, COLQRI Geoffrey R. Louisg Row 2 CLeft to Righty LTCCRI T. Iames Blake, LTCCRI Michael W. Mahan, LTCCRI Freed Lowrey, LTCCRI Iulian M. Glejniczak, COLCRI Iohn A. Calabro, Row 3 fLeft to Righty Ms. Iennifer L. DeLaney, LTCQRJ Robert I. Lenz, Mr. Gregory H. Louks, Mr. Anthony Ferraiuolog Row 4 fLeft to Righty LTCCUSARI E. Duston Saunders, Mr. Todd A. Rodep ' 1 'Q M Qgy bg-iiwxsl ,QQ ' ' , 131- .'W.t:2A5S'q'LiW15f:'1' 1 Q l 1 V 1iql,fi"- ' R' 1 latlL1f:liif5ll t F Hffx211fg'lS'5wfw 55' f 1 A, I 2135i ' 1-ml. ' I 1 ,gg W Q ,w W , ' f l h 44 1 --1 -g X50 ' 757lvfi1'tll31l A Q i ff A ,wif "vw , ' V fly 5,9 '-1: 1 " iii-jus. - t, :j I, 3: A Q -ij-15 il ff V " ' 3. 4. 1 , . i A l w l l' I From Left to Right: LTC Bob Byrne, Ms. Audretta Blue, Ms. Kyusuk Erickson, Dr. Donna Wiener-Levy, LTC Becky Porter, and LTC Kathy Lester, ,, . ,222 . . . 'ff fff2-EQZESEEESF if '31,-, , 1 y -5?i,?:?Z?5?i -rift . Q 11 fefeieaaff tw A' .ei 2 Qfeseesiiefefzra' f U11-T-T "' Row 1 CLeft to Rightj: Dr. Lisa D'Adamo-Weinstein, LTC William Adams, Dr. Nate Zinsser, Row 2 CLeft to Righty: Ms. Christine Guerriero, Ms. Kathy Eagan, Ms. Alison Vivona, Ms. Sandi Miller, Ms. Mona Pelkey, Ms. Laura Vetter, MAI Ieffrey Cortong Row 3 fLeft to Rightj: MAI Ioe Ross, MAI Steve Carpenter, Dr. Sarah Naylor, Mr. Bernie Holliday, Mr. Thad Weismann, CPT George Corbari, Mr. Bob Ryan, Ms. Michelle Nadeau-Schaff, Mr. Bill McCormick, Row 1 CLeft to Rightj: CHCMAD Ierry Deponai, CHQMAD Al Downing, CHQLTCJ Dan Wackerhagen, CHQCOLJ Iohn Cook HI, Fr Edson Wood, CH Cynthia Lindenmeyer, CHCMAI-Pj Darrell Thomsen, CHCMAD Keith Goode, Row 2 CLeft to Rightj: SGT Mike Davis, Ivette Marini de Aguilar, SGT Brett Pezzella, Connie Wagner, Lorraine Finn, Greg Stegura, Row 3 fLeft to Righty Venice Williams, SFC Alvin Taylor, Martha Lynch, Max Maxfield, Claire Bader, Cindy Ragsdale, Row 4 CLeft to Righty: Deb Gonzalez, Pearlie Chaney-Politis, Grant Chapman, CHCMAIJ Carlos Huerta, Meredith Baker, Marybeth Hurley, Nate Cox, , , .,t.t. . ii fi if iiifli. 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Lloyd Lee Mr. Andrew uudson COL Garv Griggs Mr. Phillip Scalone' 'GRE ff' T7 111 cu. n 15114 0 w 1. 111 f-L1 0 1 n nn urn 10111 1 .11 A .1 11.1 f'fXT I V I I J 1 1 ,A 1 1 1 . . I 1:',',','.-W1 1- 1,5151 gw:1'1w myflfig: 1' .1 11115131111-,111g:, .3 11,2 :agp Y15'E:'-',:1'y1 :MGI119,1"g,!,1,g,mgf,1f5gQ511 1, li lt 1, , My 1:11121,g1,1,z,gf,,13 my 35,34 2,111.3 gt 1 1 friyipm. milf, w,,1w,.g11.,, ,- 1 1 V "" 1 PWWL, ,, , ,, , ,, zzz, , ,,,, , , L ,sz Y,,, V , VY,, ,, ,,,, , , , , , ,W , , . vm,,,,...,r,,,-,,.,,,,-, W ,,,,,,r I Row 1 fLeft to Rightl: PV2 Terrance Thomas, MS Christine Manupelli, COL Linda L. Smith, MS Nursaides Jarrett, DR Iames Fisher, SPC Shedeen Stephens, MS Susan Fox, DR Carl Glaser, Row 2 CLeft to Rightjz MS Lisa Prokosch, MS Betty Moretti, PFC Dayanette Guzman, SSG Debra Bain, COL Ricky Rodgers, PFC Darnell Harris, Row 3 Cleft to Rightjz SFC Iamaes Motes, MS Suzanne Belladone, MS Virginia Randazzo, MS Susan Grossarth, MS Iody Stewart, CPT Ioshua Tuzman, SPC Adrian Gonzalez, SSG Gertrude Cohens, MS Lynn Weismann, MR Alex Velez, MS MS Lisa Manning, MS Geralyn Brown, MS Dubravka Rendleman, MS Iennifer Bland, MR Edward Nomura, MR Iohn Hlipala, MS Madie Cousar, MS Michele Oldengerg, Row 4 Cleft to Righty SGT Frederick Calhoun, SFC Jose Lopez, CPT Kevyn Wetzel, CPL Sheldon Watson, SFC jose Santiago, COL Stephen Lee, SGT Kareem McGl0thin, SSG Brian Bethea, PFC Melissa Hemandez, COL Thomas Groom, 41 LTC Walter Meives, DR Ioseph Hanley, SPC Mauro Correa, SPC Maria Debenedictis, SGT Jeffery Payne, SPC Christopher Woodley, 'rw fw fi.: ".Lf',Ti ' A1 1 ' ' 1'g,:i1fff3i'm ,L i ""'i5f-05411, 1 , WZQ1Sli-C'?34+3f,lv?l:iETH2901 '1,X',11iW'?95i- 5 '7n'27'5i3fQ..-' ' 'S-If 3' "f 15195 --V5 :W i V QJYWY WM.53f,, L, '.,'yT,1-'QTQZ Ig., Q, .a,:1,f,g:.q. 1 M,1,y,,,:f,g.-ifyygfwxt ..,,-HW., 5,1.?Mw,.:, , V A -n.i.f-wc,1,11.wQ'Q,aws?1Qm nf .1:f,1.,u.,.,1,.w1 .-wifi,-1A,g is !Qil'4,1sp,,fy -. 1 1 1 - . w 1 ' .1 n .4,gf,,.2.'z., 35, .1-.,i,f'q,1.e1..e1:, '.1,'1'wf:f-., -.,u.1r: ni, 2u'w1.:i-sbr"iS.,ot:s.5w, ,f5'?iw,x14.Q4s. 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M PM '1::' ,s-L-mmww"'f""?: 'WMJia,1?uf,qs:-f:fA.nLmw-mm,nrg5iaSm1mvmw!ueMww:.s1---A M- Row 1 fLeft to Rightj Mr William Yost, Mr Alter Cochran, LTC Thomas Endres, Director, MAI Thomas Gilleran, Ms Maria Hoagland, Mr Devin Travis, Row 2 fLeft to Righty Ms Lenora Grable Grant, Ms Sherilyn Carozza, Ms Wendy Gerke, Mr Kenny Stelley Mr Roger Hassler, Mr Robert Sm1th Ms Toni Gre1g Ms Maria Chambers, Ms Leslie Webster, Row 3 fLeft to Rightj Mr William Montgomery Mr Miroslav Lukovic, Ms Iennifer Lam1t1e, Ms Iackie Lanzer, Ms Claudia Bennett Ms Beth Rafferty Ms Evangeline Hager, Ms Natashia Grable Ms Pat Harrington, Ms Kornkuy Charlermvong, Row 4 CLeft to Rightj Mr Richard Storey Mr Mike Kermedy Mr Randy Mayer, Mr Gary Keegan, Ms Ann Yacopino, Mr Frank Tabasco, Ms Gina Gregory, Ms Renee Knight Ms Anne Caliendo, as ff 3 di Was? JJ, SYM? A ti 'E h 1 .122 ati lr il., M. W law sf Twill Wh 37' all M x E EW E555 fc .fmt Nl' fi rf ll lfsia V' flaw tl V2.9 filliwt i 352.222, YM? it 'Mm Row 1 Qbeft to Righty lVLr. Carl Herbert, Ms. Sharon T. Waddell Q IT Program ManageryMSG. Iuan Martinez, Mrs. Fannie Gaskins, Mr. David Skoglund, LTC Paul Scullion QDirectory Row 2 CLeft to Righty Mr. Scott Saint-Louis, Mr. Pete Conklin, Mrs. Ofelia Ramm, Mrs. Faith Coslett, Mr. Robert Labrise, Row 3 CLE-ft to Righty Mr. Rick Thornton, Mrs. Veronica Trifilo, Mrs. Donna Nielsen, Mrs. Etheline Best, Mrs. Gloria Cracchiolo, Mr. Jose Cartagena, Row 4 Cleft to Righty Mr. Ioshua VanOrman, Mr. Paul Rader, Nlr. Kevin McArdle, Mr. Iason Powell, Mrs. Sheila Schwartz, Mr. Michael Soffos, Row 5 fLeft to Righty Mr. Glenn Hastings, Mrs. Michelle McCurry, Ms. Andrea Oriol, Mr. Iohn Edd, Ms. Milagros Bonet, Row 6 fLeft to Righty Mr. Ierry 42 Murrell, Mrs. Beth Kelly, Mr. Canh Ngo, Mr. Iulius Gonzalez, Mr. Marz Garcia, Nlr. David Delellis, Mr. Ryan Currie, Ms. Carolyn Long, Row 7 lLeft to Righty Mr. Vincent Guariglia, Mrs. Kathy Ripa, Mr. Don Coyle, Mr. Ionathan Conlon, Ms. Lorraine McCoy, Mr. Bob Bowman, , . . , . , . . . . , .... , . , . . , . . . . , . , . . . . . . , . ' 1' 1 u ,- 4 , 'mi i' :Xff.:.,mglwa?i"1' :1f,g-1e:i,5i,i4fArw.: 3 ,01fatally:w,ms1:Q':.! ig?-f-3.1-'t1?:C3:53, :..y3pg: Vsggtggu 3, 3 " ff1r"i'-Tfi1'T3e.?g':1 I "T " 3 3, lla "9 x "" 1 , 2 'Z 1, H if' 1i riinug ' ' '5'.z53i'1i,' fv!f1 ," f,"-13s?fE,?5G, ' . fn' , 1, fi 15,5 9351. f Z' Z3 fp.Ye:U6FfmLj1':, ', ,Mig , 175111 ' e 3, 5 i " gin gijhcif if,,l.,McK6 W -, iff' i ' 21 1:31-fu 'f5S'L"w,"f . ', ifsf.:s.,iz :ffm ,. ,:f:semQ, 51251 we:raw3,25swE'f5.i:Wy2..-v,-' ' s5ii:.r:2U.1','f1,f: v,::1i1! "'41'Lrf9zs:w,' 1'f'w..t'G1?imi . -i 1 ,.f.i.f,.sA-. , 1.,.,-,,:.,t:.i 1 ,,..riwssgl,,iWi' .1fmi,:?E,:wri. 1.1,,sf,.,s,f..aL-g 1 ,S,w,m-Egiwwpi , ,ft,,,.,1,. fig?-gfgaaa.-?1EM,:1ifsiM1.ww 1,.i1.p-1-- 1,5 3 . 1. Row 1 fLeft to Righty: Mrs. Ann O'Reil1y, MAI Benjamin Bane, LTC Barbara Glasgow, MAJ David Rasmussen, SFC Randy Robertson: Row 2 fLeft to Righty: LTC Michael Colarusso, MSG jeffrey Phillips, Mrs. Carol Miller, Mr. Roy R. Spells, Mr. Charles Markle, Mr. George Porter: Row l QLeft to Righty: Ms. Susan Hopkins, Ms. Benita Brown, Ms. Cecilia Solomon, Ms. Iamie Eberline, Ms. Susan Frederick, Ms. Pamela Davis: Row 2 CLeft to Righty: Ms. Penny Edge, Ms. Lisa DeC1rave, Ms. Patricia Catello, Ms. Mara Kelly, Ms. Niko Jones, Mr. Carlos Marchan: Row 3 fLeft to Righty: Ms. Jeanne Peschiani, Ms. IoAnn Putnam, Ms. Donna Scalone, Ms. Susan Rivera, Row 4 CLeft to Righty: Mr. Cole Wetzel, Ms. Kathryn White-Glisson, Ms. Beth Craig, Mr. Sean McLaughlin, Mr. john Morena, Row 5 CLeft to Righty: Mr. Desmond Kennedy, LTC john Porter, Mr. Raymond Brown, Mr. joseph Sahl. Mr. Eugene Lusardi, Ms. Donna Freeman: 43 iZZg9i!42iQL'.5El.f.S5.B'Ji" ."1z..3f3A-3.m.Y'li2iEnQ,'1 WH'-' 'f Tm Row 1 fLeft to Rightjz Mr. Matthew Talaber, LTC Kelly Campbell, COL Brian Crawford, CSM Ieffery Murriel, Mr. Ralph Nicholson, LTC Robert Brown, Row 2 fLeft to Rightjz Mr. Paul Scullion, Mr. Chris Tague, Mrs. Debra Zedalis, Mr. Iohn Mandia, Mr. Iohn Ciabotti, Row 3 fLeft to Rightj: Mr. Anthony Brown, Mr. David Reel, Mrs. Ingrid Walsh-Brown, Mr. lose Roman, Row 4 CLeft to Rightjc Mrs. Suzanne Lewis, SPC Chad Campbell, Mrs. Veronica Davis, Row lCLeft to Rightj: Ms. Kim Grindrod, Ms. Patty Wing, Ms. Angie Senger, MAI Aaron Montgomery, Row2 1Left to Righty MSG Leilani Wuthrich, t ir If f ti f 'f it 2 t Q l 5 Q ii 'H W5 Y 1 vw- . x .1 ,wew X ,. ., f N 5 Mr: V W t Q -,pa-pf I. st, vzzftw-11. :snags "'J'i'TPE'Yf', T"ti'it!iG.. 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Q-1, z,,i,,, ,flags fg .ts,:a,,t,,55Qfgatt3, .g4yg,i, ff,,5,X3-iyftt-fzmwwzr ,,,,,,,f'jI,tfS -ima:-:.w,,?,y.,2M,, riff-,,.w-QWMW r.1t?wM?5M .Q!L,wQ,l"" ,ma .Et Jim SQ 5, - M MM , fw- Row l CLeft to Rightj: Georgianna Watson, Rona Steindler, Kim Miller, Ioe Barth, Librarian, USMA, Row 2 CLeft to Rightjz Susan Lintelmann, Sharon Gillespie, Pam Long, Row 3 CLeft to Righty Dawn Crumpler, Edmond Pelkey, Donna Bailey, Ioyce Seymour, Nick Battapaglia, Row 4 CLeft to Rightj: Deborah McKeon-Pouge, Edward Dacey, Sheila Biles, Charlotte Sherwin, Row 5 CLeft to Rightj: Malcolm Bradley, Robert Sorce, Mike Fiedler, Suzanne Christoff, Paul Nergelovicg l v V:-Q vt' -mmm-., w..1.m-uw p fi . ,HQ "1 1:-.jrffww ,1 -,W .Wh -W ,.w,.f,w MW- --l.is-ww-,gi ., -v, ,W.M..M-N.-.i -4, -. ,wi-q.,a,.w 1 W5atm,iWwt?.J,.,!,. we XM ,j,r,.,Qjm,,,,,,,.a,.gj,.fW,,W,wjmMtwmfjjwjxjarwr wMp'1,f,.4..',r,w.WAN,M511-w:...y.VjW,zm .rt.f.mmW.agwg.,WM,gggwajeg-ggggiqvgxsgqspvwwwzgimggij.wriigi-.r..,,1,ri .w.:.w,,y-X f my .-wwiww,wr W ww Qjwwfwwj www. 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Kim Kawamoto, Deb Dalton, Ed Rose, Maj. Chris Kingston, Row 2 fLeft to Rightj: David Armstrong, Kevin Anderson, Gene Marshall, Gene Mclntyre, Nate Pine, Bill Schutsky, Maj. Sam Cubberley, f Row 1 QLeft to Rightj: SGT jeffrey Lynch, SSG Christopher Lemire, MSG Kevin Alley, MAI Rick Heidorn, LTC Robert Brown, Chief Curt Krieger, Mr. Kevin Devlin, Row 2 tLeft to Righty: Mr. Thomas Slater, SSG Ernest Woodard, Mr. Frank Puleo, Ms. Khalilah Larkins, Mrs. Debra Holley, Mrs. Anita McClain, INV Christopher Hennigan, INV Brian Brown, Ms. Barbara Bequette, Mr. james Spratt and Harry, Mr. john Smith, Mrs. Bobbi jackson, Mr. Charlie Davis, Row 3 fLeft to Rightjz SFC George Wetzel, SSG Kevin Patterson, SFC Rafael Hill, Row 4 fLeft to Rightjz Mr. Quinn Chastant, Mr. David Americo, Mr. Matthew Kolodzie, Mr. Mark McKeon, Mr. Michael Reilly, Mr. Dana Champlain, Row 5 CLeft to Rightj: Mr. Michael Aniello, Mr. Iohn Defrancesco, Mr. Broderick Williams, Q , 1-f-T.-. ,,,,, , ,, ,,,, I ' f -iris mais: WF: Row l fLeft to Righty Kathleen Eastwood, Bridget Davis, Pat Brown, Andrea Hamburger, Deb DeGraw, Theresa Brinkerhoff, Irene Brown, MAI Antwan W illiamsg Row 2 Q Left to Righty LTC Kent Cassella, Frank DeMaro, Marie Aldarondo, Leslie Gordnier, Linda Paffenroth, CPT Iesus Terrones, Iim Fox, David Brzywczy, I -. Y H if f Q , , f W x , Q 1, L' 4 A -'fwvvvv ' A ,,-- 1 ffefiwwm Hlwffeeffeffff ' f--M' nw A Row 1 fLeft to Righty Mr. David Bosco, CPT Peter Wilson, CPT Ann Ching, CPT Laura Roman, Ms. Rachelle Critelli, COL Robin Swope, Ms. Ianet Dow, CPT Cynthia Ruckno, SFC Geraldine Hallp Row 2 fLeft to Righty Ms. Allisa Minchillo, Ms. Mary McCormack, Ms. Christine Laiso, Ms. Rosemarie Smith, Ms. Irina Garrido-de-Stanton, CPT Nathan Iacobs, Ms. Sandra Lundquist, Row 3 QLeft to Righty Mr. Ronald Salvatore, MAI Daniel Kelly, Mr. Patrick Lewis, Ms. Sharon Post, Row 4 fLeft +A naman- fwfr I cnfxnnv Fhavmg MQ Aww Q+m14n CDF nmaai wanxfmam, mfr Tim-tial fifanmf I Tr' nmwqm nfmalma PDT .U mgnw. C , V 1 Lennw, Ci. , ae, Ms. L ...ne oW.i.,i,g, Si C Daniel 1 ieiwimg, Ci T Daniel Wiesel, LTC manual. .,ei.ai.Ue, C. i Michael Baileys, Mr, Daniel Shimek, SPC jason Stevenson, Row 1 fLeft to RightI: LTC Iames Ness, Mrs. Katherine Hauserman, LTC Todd Henshaw, Dr. Michael Matthews, COL Thomas Kolditz, COL Donna Brazil, Dr. Morten Ender, MAI Daniel Smith, Row 2 CLeft to Rightj: MAI Iohn Murphy, LTC Sean Hannah, MAI Aaron Kohler, CPT Stoney trent, MAI Dennis O'Neil, MAI Kimberly Semelroth, MAI Robert Morris, MAI Iennifer Bower, MAI Ieffrey Bergmann, MAI Eric Buller, Dr. Kathleen Campbell, MAI Matthew Densmore, Row 3 CLeft to Rightj: Mrs. Ioanne Wright, Ms. Anita Howington, LTC Michael Shrout, LTC Gregory Fenton, MAI Brian Tribus, Mr. Charles Hooker, LTC Iohn Graham, Dr. Marjorie Carroll, MAI Steve Ruth, MAI Todd Marshburn, Row 4 fLeft to Rightjz Dr. Mario Gebauer, Dr. Yung Chen, Mrs. Marianne Carlson, MAI Iames Tuitte, MAI William White, Dr. Ryan Kelty, Row 5 CLeft to Rightjz Mr. Darien French, Mr. Dave Haack, Mr. Carl LaCascia, LTC Brian DuRant, MAI Archie Bates, CPT Douglas Crandall, MAI Iared Sloan, The Mission: "The BS8zL Department provides cadets with a better understanding of the workings of the human mind to help soldiers before potential problems become detrimental to the effectiveness and the efficiency of their unit. Programs within BS8zL include Leadership, Management, Engineering Psychology, Sociology, and Psychology." Department Head CCL Thomas A. Kolditz Row l CLeft to Rightjz LTC Iames Placke, Ir., LTC Dick Bradley, MAI Melissa Miles, LTC Stephanie Foster, MAI Douglas Andresen, LTC Augustus Fountain, III, MAI Ioseph Ellison, III, MAI Adam Walton, MAI Brett Lordg Row 2 fLeft to RightI: MAI William Radicic, MAI Christopher Whelan, MAI Robert Bowden, COL Ierry Meyer, MAI Robert Lindsey, Ir., MAI Melinda Kalainoff, MAI Kimberly Bennett, CPT Dale Taylor, Ir. 5 Row 3 CLeft to Rightjz Dr. Richard Hoff, CPT Andrew Morgan, MAI Richard Comitz, MAI Matthew Armstrong, CPT Matthew Deloia, LTC Russell Lachance, CPT Timothy Hill, Row 4 fLeft to Righty: Dr. Dawn Riegner, Dr. Eileen Kowalski, LTC Ioseph Sloop, COL Leon Robert, COL Thomas Mundie, Dr. Andrew Biaglowp Row 5 Clieft to Rightjr Dr. Michael Labare, Dr. Gary Washington, COL Patricia Dooley, COL David Allbee, The Mission: "To develop in cadets: a firm foundation in physical science, investigative techniques, and problem solving skills essential to their understanding and awareness of the relationships between science and society. The department provides elective courses for majors and fields of study necessary for intellectual growth and development in the profession of arms, to include attendance at postgraduate service schools and civilian institutions. Additionally, the department contributes to cadet military, physical, intellectual, and ethical development through faculty mentorship. Finally, the department focuses on the development of military and civilian faculty, emphasizing academic excellence, scholarship, cadet development, service, and conducts research emphasizing DoD priorities." Department Head COL David C. Allbee Row 1 tLeft to Rightjz Dr. Gary Sandquist, COL Ronald Welch, COL Daisie Boettner, COL Albert Estes, COL Kip Nygren, COL Stephen Ressler, LTC Karl Meyer, LTC Bobby Crawford, MAI Brad Wambeke, Row 2 fLeft to Rightj: Dr. Ozer Arnas, Row 3 fLeft to Rightjz Mr. Richard Catello, LTCP Michele Putko, MAI David Fedroff, MAI Chad Iagmin, Dr. Lisa Wipplinger, MAI Thomas Messervey, Dr. Christopher Conley, CPT Richard Melnyk, CAPT Iason Highley, MAI Michael Benson, Dr. Mark Evans, Row 4 fLeft to Righty MAI Steven Creighton, Dr. Darrell Massie, Mrs. Mary Tesoriero, Dr. R. David Hampton, MAI Marvin Griffin, Dr. Iames Klosky, MAI Michael McKay, MAI Victor Yu, MAI Nathan Wiedenman, Mrs. Krista Chalfont, MAI David Stringer, Row 5 CLeft to Rightlz Mr. Michael Doyle, MAI Dawson Plummer, MAI David Winget, MAI Decker Hains, Dr. Iohn Rogers, MAI Scott Hamilton, CPT Iared EWrickson, CPT Iohn Richards, Dr. Gunnar Tamm, CAPT Matthew Morris, CPT Paul Moody, Row 6 fLeft to Rightj: Mr. Lynden Crosbie, MAI Dawn Cormiff, Mr. Albert DePaul, Mr. Carl Manuel, Mrs. Ieanne Cook, Mr. Thomas DiSalvo, Mr. Richard Ellingson, The Mission: "To educate and inspire cadets in civil engineering, mechanical engineering, and engineering mechanics such that each of these cadets is a commissioned leader of character who is committed to Duty, Honor, Country, a career in the United States Army, and a lifetime of service to the nation." Wjyi X3 Department Head Q I COL Kip P. Nygren .Iv ,, 1 " - 3 u QQ. A Qlvwff gussiarek fFW"J'Wil23-ft'www i ww::Q:4ttgww:af?5w,- we ,,, 'sf -wwe if-fm-'wtt.'.w.l",.:..,-gHm,,:s15-if af-v,:g, :.fg,,:giqi1, I I -ffsifiajtrhx I ulsm',,,g2Q,,,s.',4Hys,w f 4121: ifliif-wwf-itil llweefy-.51 :1:I,Q,'t:4fg 1lw::1-ww.: 'It-we-f 13125151 fizfdkikfzwts'mms:iftfgzil. i '-125'-wi: E1 if1::1.f'sw' flfvz f Saws 1 i 1' f ff- 1 get ? :I was ff at 1 ws s 93 fmt 55351 13 1 1 ' 7 Row l CLeft to Righty: COL Eugene Ressler, Dr. Iohn Iames, LTC Ronald Dodge, MAI Todd Brick, LTC Lisa Shay, MAI Tanya Markow, Mrs. Susan Schwartz, Dr. Iean Blair, COL Bryan Goda, Ms. Linda Bailey: Row 2 fLeft to Righty: COL Andre Sayles, Mr. Mark Riegner, MAI Tracy Mann, LTC Carl Fossa, MAI Thomas Morel, LTC Kevin Huggins, LT DeeDee Rich, Mrs. Vivian Hannigan, Mr. Gaylen Wong, Dr. Daniel Bukofzer, Dr. Frederick Moxley, Row 3 CLeft to Righty: Mr. Eric Dean, MAI Paul Stanton, MAI Ieffrey Gribschaw, MAI Duane Fairfax, MAI Gregory Stephens, MAI Michael Cobb, LTC Kenneth Fritzsche, COL Iohn Levine, LTC Michael Lemanski, LTC Iames Cook: Row 4 CLeft to Righty: Ms. Linda Lloyd, MAI Bradley Cook, MAI Paul Patterson, MAI Christa Chewar, LTC Edward Sobiesk, Dr. Christopher Okasaki, Dr. Pete Hanlon, Dr. Tom Wagner, Mr. Bob McKay, Mr. George Biskup: Row 5 fLeft to Righty: Ms. Angie Cowen, Mr. David Edelstein: Row 6 CLeft to Righty: Mr. Tim Spreer, MAI Mark Miles, MAI Damon Becknel, MAI Daniel Bennett, MAI Iohn Giordano, LTC Gregory Kilby, LTC Iames Raftery, Mr. Iohn Collins: Row 7 QLeft to Righty: LTC Timothy Schmoyer, LTC Ieffrey Ransbottom, LTC Ieffrey Girard, LTC William Suchan, Dr. Charles Reynolds, LTC Robert Sadowski: The Mission: "To educate cadets to be Army Officers who understand, develop, and exploit current and future technologies." if I ,DMN Department Head COL Andre H. Sayles '34 Q L19 V Nti dlw' ' J?I""'fB?3Gl7E5if?'L5 ' f'7?F.'59'lW'C ITHYSQL W7 ' l'i3'15i'j5f:YV"'2'13 'iiltiik a JW 0533353-'frllgfvki 111' la lj'W.W"jt5iijJ3Wi Q AU . 'Vwf't'."ft'1H ' SX A--'itll ifrfgwzfwr itll-tlwlihstiw 1.ui.'wmu QWVZIAWA 'iwiit'-area. "1 '-if Wlimin 5' H r.,gr:a.w.amq., ,mjwmixt -- Wwe -wx v1.1.2M:tagmtamwwi-:rc-Mi?at-waamitm-tellQ, T f-wfwtgiifaqwwrn ttxitragrg ri,,55gkq,- ta55fgQN,,fM.t fff,,m3fa:at,,,wttw,,,-,Armigwic,,gsrgaY1ywlQ. gm cvbgvimanftfiiatigatag,vQs5l34Wttgr".: .I I P if -rf Qissaaf L 1 3SEtt.'t?taww tM1f'iwtfi5wftb?ctpti,U'f'i'S5it 'Judi W I Y' in ,ii , 'EEWL.g.,1:1Vr,iiiafixittiitfu Hewtfasifkzi 1' 'Wt ir WM! timmy .1Ufl5'?1Ni5t, 'fvvwfa' k5w'i?tiALA'2'f WECJ 1' BP' WSWS1"",q'i'iWfmK5f?5f WM it 5'f',+'.i5iW7eN'F 5552945 iw- ,tiff fwrf EJYIWVIHw'5s:fLfJfti"V'lQ15W I 'L jfA'1JWZWvI, Wifi ,lift-5 " Q- W Mi-an .. - .. .. .. .. -. f ,. .V - -' H ----- V, af., X- -4 1 .--f , -f - - ' : fs 'V wif: ':':..z Row 1 QLeft to Righty MAI Ioseph West, Mrs. Kristina Fox, MAI Naomi Stankow-Mercer, CPT Tammy Cant, Dr. Melissa Bergeron, Dr. Robert Tully, LTC Lester Knotts, Dr. Marie Secor, LTC Karen Thorns, Mrs. Frances Hoag, Row 2 CLeft to Righty COL Iohn Smith, MAI Stephanie Bounds, ZLT Meagan Belk, COL Daniel Zupan, CPT Anthony Pete, MAI Michael Iaskowiec, MAI Trent Mills, Row 3 CLeft to Righty MAI Ioel Buenaflor, MAI Todd Burkhardt, MAI Norma Honaker, LTC Ieffery Wilson, CPT Ieffery Dickey, Dr. Alex Moffett, LTC Michael Stoneham, COL Iames R. Kerin, Ir., LTC Steve Herring, Row 4 CLeft to Righty LTC Alan Bishop, LTC Iohn Nelson, Mr. Thomas Gorman, Mrs. Genevieve Hart, Dr. Terri Sabatos, LTC William Latham, Row 5 fLeft to Righty Dr. Peter Tramel, MAI Ioel Iebb, LTC Peter Molin, MAI Iesse Zuck, Dr. Tony McGowan, CPT Shane Redden, LTC Scott Krawczyk, LTC Edward Ledford, Dr. Richard Schoonhoven, MAI Cale Brown, MAI Thomas Veale, The Mission: "The Department of English contributes to the mission of the Military Academy by accomplishing four objectives: CII teaching cadets to organize their ideas effectively and to express them clearly, C21 providing cadets with rewarding ways of reading literature and nurturing their imaginations, QBI making cadets sensitive to the value of leading an examined life by developing in them an understanding of basic philosophic concepts, especially the language, arguments, and methods of moral discourse, and MI bringing cadets to an appreciation of the diverse cultures that constitute America and the world by studying texts that define those cultures. The department is also responsible for the Cadet Pine Arts Forum, an educational extracurricular activity." Department Head COL Iames R. Kerin 52 Row 1 CLeft to Rightjz Mr. Iohn Morgen and Wade, COL Augustin, MAI Lagrange, COL Iean-Luc Friedling, MAI Christopher Hurlburt, COL Iean- Luc Friedling, COL William Held, LTC Iames Flowers, French, Dr. Iohannes Vazulik, Dr. Samuel Saldivar, LTC Ruben Diaz, BG Curtis Scaparrottip Row 2 fLeft to Rightjz MAI Charles Collins, MAI Luis Rodriguez, MAI Saul Herrera, MAI Iames Osuna, CPT Daniel Dorado, Ms. Eileen O'Donnell, Mrs. Rose Maresco, Mrs. Iuclith Dubaldi, Row 3 fLeft to Rightjz Dr. Sheila Ackerlind, Dr. lngeborg Kohn, MAI Mark Derber, Dr. Martha Gallagher, LTC Gregory Ebner, Mr. VVillard Pentz, Row 4 flsefli to Rightl: LTC Bernd Cloes, MAI Ralph Vargas, MAI Peter Rowell, LTC Gary Sargent, Dr. Paul Huang, LTC Paul Marks, Ms. Sherri Bellinger, MAI Iohn Pendergastp Row 5 tLeft to Rightlz LT Ioseph Forsman, CPT Nathan Hurt, MAI William McGhee, LTC Fabio Castro, MAI Kirk Nielsen, LT Andres Lalinde, Mr. Rajaa Chouairi, Mr. Robert Helsel, Dr. Lawrence Mansour, MAI Brent Matthews 5 Row 6: QLeft to Righty Mr. Charles Ruscelli, MAI Petra Gallert, The Mission: "To support USMA by imparting knowledge of Foreign Languages and Cultures to the Corps of Cadets." Department Head COL William Held 53 Environmental Row 1: CLeft to RightI: MAI William Epolito, COL Ioe Manous, COL Wendell King, Dr. Iohn Brockhaus, LTC Francis Galganop Row 2: QLeft to RightI: MAI Mindy Kimball, LTC Col Luis Rios, LTC Beatrice Lambert, MAI Michael Senn, LTC Mark Smith, LTC Michael Hendricks, Dr. Ion Malinowski, LTC Daniel Gilewitch, Dr. Michael Butkus, Row 3: fLeft to Righty MAI Allison Day, MAI Megan Peguero, MAI Brian Forn, MAI Brian Doyle, MAI Iames Chastain, MAI Christopher Oxendine, MAI Philip Dacunto, MAI Thomas Timmes, Dr. Marie Iohnsong Row 4: QLeft to Rightjz LTC Stephen Houston, Dr. Amy Richmond, LTC Iames Dalton, LTC Steven Fleming, MAI Benjamin Wallen, Mr. Anand Shetty, LTC Iason Lynch: CMissing from picture: COL Eugene Palka, LTC Laurel Hummel, LTC Steven Oluic, MAI Brian Baileyj The Mission: I "Our job is the same as every academic program at West Point - to educate, train, and inspire cadets for a career in the Army and a lifetime of service to the Nation. We do I this by providing a better understanding of the physical World, its people, and how they interact." Department Head COL Wendell King Row l CLeft to Righty LTC Maria del Pilar Ryan, COL Matthew Moten, LTC Stephen Arata, COL Lance Betros, PROP Eugenia Kiesling, COL Gary Tocchet, Ms. Deborah Poti, LCDR Scott Granger, Row 2 CLeft to Righty MAI Iohn Hodgson, PROP David Prey, MAI Iohn Hall, MAI Iohn Mountcastle, PROP Steve Waddell, PROP Thomas N imick, MAI David Siry, MAI Ioel Miller, MAI Mark Vertuli, LTC Brian DeToy, MAI Iames Doty, MAI Evan Wollen, MAI Williain Mengel, MAI Daniel Barnard, MAI David Klingman, Row 3 fLeft to Righty MAI Steven Cole, MAI Cloyd Smith, MAI Beth Behn, MAI Iason Palmer, MAI Matthew Turpin, MAI Iohn Walmsley, MAI Iason Musteen, MAI Iohn Hawkins, MAI Peter Knight, MAI Ioshua Moon, LTC Gregory Daddis, PROP Charles Steele, MAI Iennifer Minus, Mrs. Alina Berry Row 4 CLeft to Righty LTC Iarnes Seidule, MAI Bradley Helton, MAI Chad Chalfont, MAI Pranz Rad emacher, MAI Michael McDermott, MAI Raymond Hrinko, MAI Raymond Kimball, PROP Iohn Stapleton, MAI Prank Schantz, MAI Frederick Black, LTC Kerry Granfield, MAI Mark Olsen, PROP Robert McDonald g Row 5 CLeft to Righty Ms. Yvette O'Neal, Mrs. Loretta Woody, Mrs. Annita Palumbo, PROP Greta Bucher, Mr. Kenneth Bartash, Ms. Iennifer Thompson, The Mission: "The Department of History imparts to all cadets a knowledge of modern and military history fundamental both to a liberal education and professional development. The department also provides a program of elective courses for those cadets who desire to concentrate or major in history. Underlying the departments approach is fheleslisf that h1St9lfX15 8 wh 8014599 Of M .... experience and insight into human nature, a means to acquire a sense of proportion and a basis for the formation of reasoned, informed moral and intellectual choices." Department Head COL Lance Betros UD Row l CLeft to Rightjz COL Michael Sainsbury, LTC Shelley Econom, Ms. Thuy Casey, Dr. Gary Solis, COL Maritza Ryan, Ms. Mary Arseneault, Ms. Margaret Stock, LTC Daniel Rice, Row 2: fLeft to Rightj: Mr. Timothy Bakken, CPT John Kiel, CPT Christopher Ford, LTC Kevin Govern, Mr. Dave Dominick, MAI William Peters, CPT Ryan Alger, COL David Wallace, LTC Iohn Bickers, Dr. Mark Welton, CPT Ioseph Fairfield, Department Head COL Maritza Ryan The Mission: "The goal of our undergraduate legal studies program is to help develop cadets' critical thinking abilities to prepare them to be leaders of character. By its nature, the study of law draws on historical and cultural perspectives, requires awareness and resolution of moral and ethical issues, demonstrates the need for and value of clear and concise communication, and leads to increased understanding of how individuals, organizations, and societies pursue goals." X,-f55'illt,5fl'l7l9"f'lLilf5Q'FYJll.Wll5""'L1fMIIlW'FE.fyffkclllflivwlibmWwfttlltkfflfigigfiiifmqli7lfEW,llill'lWWlulNllilivitfiiQQ595Whwwiwwlllllimlilmlfff lliiW35 1lqW 7ll:'lll 'WW ' 'Mill li'l"5li lAlWWF'5vl??'fl' 'I'uiiQmf?3,5'55?ig4sgfei1Hl'i'lxmlfnlVyy,mt:. 4:5a,YiwvfA-V1fmi-i,MwatigfQ-fw.'wi'-Mir,-wi.,tv--'sl7.zq,fffw'w--g1.yr-l9'W,wWqi.w.V ih.pggM H-im a.,4miiw,w tm ft, Jixvla. 4 e- w ife-X wt miftw- -'v vii-i-fm if-iM'mf,X n'iW"2m W Jw trait, .,,,fcft52rg?1w'1i:w 'H-'h wiv 'W"f:rqv mi H- uwwlwd f, it , lm Q :4 MLW l My .way-A fal1M:a+'w' its is 'L gitffw ith?-Artist? ,, , Mari ae, , at ,HI V Row 1 fLeft to Righty Dr. Brian Winkel, LTC Andrew Glen, Dr. Frederick Rickey, Fr. Gabriel Costa, COL Michael Phillips, COL Gary Krahn, Dr. Donald Small, Dr. Frank Wattenberg, COL Ioseph Myers, MAI Fernando Miguel, Row 2 CLeft to Righty Ms. Irene Rodriguez, Mrs. Susan Fortino, Ms. Donna Murphy, MAI Ioseph Baird, MAI Richard McClung5 Row 3 fLeft to Righty MAI Kerry Moores, MAI Krista Watts, MAI Bell, Ms. Donna Swanson, Dr. Heather Dye, LTC Rodney Sturdivant, LTC Paul Heiney, MAI Michelle lsenhour, MAI Gary Kramlichg Row 4 fLeft to Righty CPT Brian Souhan, CPT Randal Hickman, Dr. Christopher Moseley, LTC Archie Wilmer, LTC Iohn Picciuto, MAI Trica Miles, MAI Heather Stevenson, Dr. Elizabeth Teles, MAI Riley Rittenhouse, MAI Iohn Iackson, MAI Anthony Iohnsonp Row 5 CLeft to Righty LTC Gerald Kobylski, Dr. Leigh Noble, MAI Michael Smith, MAI Iesse Easter, Dr. Amy H. Erickson, MAI Sebastien Ioly, Dr. Erica Slate-Young, MAI Geoffrey Kuhlmann, CPT Thomas Deveans, MAI Iames Dzwonchyk, Row 6 CLeft to Righty CPT Todd Retchless, MAI Iong Chung, Dr. Avrom Trubatch, MAI Ioseph Lindquist, MAI lan McCulloh, Dr. Troy Henderson, MAI Derek Burt, Dr. Theodore Hromadka, LTC Tasha Williams, CPT Brian Davis, Row 7 CLeft to Righty MAI Thomas Meyer, MAI Donald Outing, The Mission: "The mission of the Department of Mathematical Sciences is to educate and develop cadets and faculty to have the competence and confidence to be effective problem solvers in a rapidly changing world." Department Head COL Gary Krahn Row l CLeft to RightI:Mr. Vincent Taijeron, Mr. Richard Grinchis, MAI Bobo, MAI Hewitt, Tiffany Calderon, MAI Martin-Gil, Mr Metro , Row 2 CLeft to Rightjz SFC Hughes, LTC Yates, SFC Mendez, LTC Eagan, MSG Durham, COL Curry, MAI Acosta, MAI Alexander, SFC Farrow, MSG Borgan, Row 3 fLeft to RightI: LTC Bashista, MAI Degliuomini, CPT Austin, CPT Molinari, MAI Titus, MAI P Hayes, MAI C Young, SFC Rowlse, SFC Rambin, MSG Waterhouse, MAI Leija, Row 4 CLeft to Rightlz ISFC Wilson, CPT Campbell, MAI Winkler, CPT Rex, CPT Orndorf, CPT C Goyette, MAI Patak, CPT Clapham, MAI C Young, SSG William, CPT Morrow, Row 5 CLeft to Rightjz SFC Kirby, CPT Heveron, MAI Waters, MAI Colwell, CPT Crawford, MAI Roper, CPT Morgan, MAI Mckinney, MAI Nawoichyk, MAI Hoffman, SSG Riley, CPT Raymong, Row 6 fLeft to Rightjz SFC Heinsheimer, SSG Ricklefs, SFC Halterman, SPC Stringer, CPT Cochran, CPT LeClerc, MAI Kirby, MAI Christopher McKenny, MAI Goyette, CPT Van Hecke, MAI Sullivan, MAI Newman, The Mission: "The Department of Military Instruction trains, educates and inspires the Corps of Cadets in the essence of Warfighting and the Profession of Arms over the 47 month West Point Cadet experience in order to develop competent future Army officers." Department Head CCL Peter Curry . Physical Education Row 1 fLeft to Righty Dr. Ieff Coelho, Dr. Bart Woodworth, Dr. Larry Butler, Dr. Chip East, LTC Iesse Germain, COL Greg Daniels, Dr. Angela Lumpkin, MAI Artie Coughlin, Mr. Ned Crossley, Dr. Sue Tendyp Row 2 CLeft to Righty Ms. Stephanie Roper, Dr. Iason Winkle, Ms. Karen Peck, Mr. Iason Suby, Mr. Chris Iones, MAI Iulie Gallagher, CPT Elizabeth Robinson, MAI Ryan McCausland, Mr. Dawes Strickler, LTC Ioe Doty, Ms. Molly Haberbusch, MAI Shelley Raymond, Ms. Maxine Smithg Row 3 CLeft to Righty Dr. Todd Crowder, CPT Chris Hennigan, MAI Dan Lorenzen, MAI Nick Gist, MAI Iim Van Atta, Mr. Iohn McVan, Mr. Ray Bosse, MAI T. I. Wright, Dr. Ray Barone, Ms. Siobhain Cusheng Row 4 fLeft to Righty MAI Chuck Pudil, Dr. Matt Beekley, Dr. Ralph Pim, Dr. Lynn Fielitz, MAI Daryl Collins, CPT Dennis Terry, MAI Lenny Bornino, Mr. Sandy Helfgott, Dr. Ray Wood, Dr. Tom Horne, MAI Derrick Stanton, MAI Moe Barnett, MAI Ken Wanless, The Mission: "The Department of Physical Education develops Warrior leaders of character who are physically and mentally tough by engaging cadets in activities that promote and enhance a healthy lifestyle, physical fitness, movement behavior, and psychomotor performance." Head Daniels anis ' W ' it I 4' ' I ' ls' WSS V A-aCilW" lr 'r.m'f f' W Yirf'2 t 'HP wwe : uv 2 H r v, . ,V,' g -am,'m V 4 sw lw:,v',"r'rf':s VSV, A ieiw i r-alas ! "-W' f , 'gf 11r' iaMr' ' its ww w , iw' Maw-,v ,X V ..if, t:rw,ai "'r View V- 'Ev M, '11-Gi-"f ' 'f1 wc55 ' H-'B-H 9513 :l s gg 'W vw V,' Ww'w.wi +afi:'f .I 'i M iV,va1.g.a: :ag,,,fat,, ' V-vim, ,, aww w ,r unnin , - Nw :rw fVWli:9?9t4 We ,WQW An- fm , i n , H f na V gpesq V, si V,.,i.5w wh , 4- V Q f' f 1Va,. ', me V' ,ga -VaeI,,1V,s VV fa. 'nm-if hw QW lk. sas, ,5ff.Vxmr,r' ,,i1V wQz.W f gV.f-www M qw iv ff' rW 1 'i,Vi.,'V wtf .,,g,w,m- ww wa: a 'fsl.Mgfy ryjgy yht remh . -is V ig, wg'g,v L, - w ww X lu V are-I-a,, m tg Msg ::,V,VW,-gig, wi v V -M , Ji, w .ml , V YM., .-Ml., -,T :M U5 W, We if W , W rf . 'K 1-' uf Mm If f f Q itat-2 r swf if wa I, airy H2 ,J as 5 We .M V its "ff If , , il a MV, 2 it x l V it V ffl V IV VV fl I W IV , V, Vw as VV f i if T walfis q - ' 3 in " pawn , 'XM Ve, ,i w ,' Y , f i g, ' ' , -' MI " . A I V V 0 I "V I , V M .V Row 1 QLeft to RightI: Mrs. Wojehowski, LTC Iaye, LTC Musk, COL Nelson, COL Bedey, LTC Hartke, Dr. Crow, LTC Sones, Row 2 CLeft to RightI: MAI Haufler, Dr. Moretti, Mrs. Rivera, Ms. Gerard, MAI Schools, MAI Cho, MAI Spear, CPT Bull, CPT Giacomozzi, Row 3 QLeft to Righty MAI McCollum, MAI Burns, MAI Hasz, MAI Schlicht, MAI Kalainoff, MAI Zinn, MAI Gerving, Dr. Pfenning. CPT Schwarz, Row 4 fLeft to Rightjz MAI Phillips, MAI Page, MAI Weidner, MAI Wehmeyer, MAI Calvert, MAI Allen, Row 5 fLeft to Rightjz MAI Rothenbush, Dr. Magnes, Mrs. Lee, Mr. Schevling, Mr. Geysen, The Mission: "In support of the mission of the U.S. Military Academy, the Department of Physics teaches selected physical science and nuclear engineering courses, which assist cadets in meeting the nine Academic Program goals." ggi Department Head COL Raymond Winkel 2 J -A '1raf2tsSmss2-raw Z-iimcar rw 'Wasil' YWNLMM - U was Mt,aSSmra , s-writ: t 'v.TttM?tfw a'ii!Q5i0y?rf2iwft:5Xs- -we :imrrcfawzfzwiflw wuitrrtaietkdxytrtfaap, ,Q-fv:'iazft:'fSt 1g.'W"atsmkratgfwu H we W'W'59Q-ffiff aaa A" ,- .f' Wfiwwtwiits, ' W:r5'!3ws1Ws,-rv' tr Mar 'f YY Row 1 CLeft to Rightjz MAI David Lyle, COL Eugene Wardynski, COL Cindy Iebb, COL Robert Gordon, Dr. Kori Schake, COL Michael Meese, GEN CRI Wayne Downing, COL Margaret Belknap, Dr. Don Snider, COL Kip McCormick, LTC Suzanne Nielsen, Row 2 fLeft to Rightjz MAI Iin Pak, MAI Matt Abbruzzese, MAI Kyle Iette, MAI Iason Dempsey, Dr. Rozlyn Engel, MAI Kris Colwell, MAI Stephanie Ahern, Mrs. Lianne Kenndey-Boudali, MAI Roger Stanley, Mrs. Margaret Moten, MAI Michael Kuzara, MAI Iohn Gallagher, Mrs. Clinton Watts, Row 3 CLeft to Rightj: MAI Michael Yankovich, MAI Bret Wilson, MAI Bruce Terry, Capt Amanda Gookins, MAI Thaddeus Underwood, LTC Daniel Evans, CPT Williams Perkins, MAI Richard Wrona, Row 4 fLeft to Rightjz Dr. Iames Forest, MAI Darrell, MAI Samuel Calkins, MAI David Dudas, MAI Michael Marty, MAI Bradley Bowman, MAI Steve Carroll, MAI Spencer Clouatre, MAI Iohn Cogbill, CPT Christopher Springer, Row 5 CLeft to Rightj: Dr. Thomas Sherlock, Dr. Thomas Stocking, MAI Iason Amerine, MAI Ionathan Byrom, LTC Ioseph Felter, Dr. Iarret Brachman, Mr. Brian Fishman, MAI Brian Dietzman, CPT Gregory Frey, Dr. Dean Dudley, .I he Mission: "As one of the thirteen academic departments under the Dean of the Academic Board, the Department of Social Sciences presents programs in economics and political science that contribute to the overall mission of the academic program--to educate cadets to be Army officers of character who anticipate and respond effectively to the uncertainties of a changing technological, social, political, and economic world. The Department supports the broad Academy goals of preparing cadets for long-term personal and professional development by working with them closely in the classroom, in extracurricular activities, in counseling, and in a wide range of other activities." Department Head COL Michael I, Meese A' .Q f ,V 3- 4 I ,, V f , ' ,: -,.Jf 1 A I c ' Row 11 Left to Rightjz MAI Travis Lindberg, Ms Anne Barrett, Ms Kriste McTamaney, MAI Heidi Hoyle, Ms. Linda Albronda, COL Michael McGinnis, Ms Taylor Mrazek, Mr. Damien King, Ms Maria CNikiI Goerger, MAI Robert Keeter, LTC Brian Sperling, MAI Terry Barron, MAI Gregory Boylan, MAI Paul Evangelista, Row 21 Left to Rightjz Ms Nancy Simmons, Ms. Michelle Mintz, MAI Kurt Thompson, LTC Dale Henderson, LTC Brigitte Kwinn, LTC Rodney Roederer, LTC Simon Goerger, MAI Phillip Grant Martin, MAI Thomas Rippert, Dr. Bobbie Foote, Row 3 Q Left to RightI: MAI Ernest Wong, Dr. Iohn Kobza, Dr. Patrick Driscoll, Mr. Maxim Serebrennik, Dr. Paul West, MAI Gregory Griffin, MAI Robert Lenz, Dr. Roger Burk, LTC William Bland, LTC Willie I. McFadden, LTC Iohn Halstead, MAI Iason Wolter, LTC Robert Powell, The Mission: "Pursuing a major in our department will provide you with endless opportunities. We focus our efforts on the application of engineering principles to better understand the real-world systems that we deal with in both the Army and industry." Department Head COL Michael McGinnis 1 63 XX f,f4si':f',q', . .uv ' 5 ,A , N ' Lxfxw, SP' N V Af w , - i f A -4 Xi? " M-H 32, V' fl A 1 ' 3 APL' ig 4:2 E u Q, 45 gg I 5' 'e HT Q m ' ' if 2 lf A ,V Ag 5. g., . fl ,-4 Ja ' 55? 1 -K eff by ff l ,321 fl 3 TQ! z' e 5 1 ii, 4' Q f ' I we J 2 Af 2 1 s .A ., A . Q-, . ' S WE ii 4 if f l x Nil f 55 ef? 5 lO1'S H831 ' C 2 4" yi , , 15 f , .f I 3, f 65 r In Memory Pages December Graduates Company A1 Company B1 Company C1 Company D1 Company E1 Company F1 Company G1 Company H1 Company A2 Company B2 Company C2 Company D2 Company E2 Company F2 Company G2 Company H2 Jada 68-69 70'73 74'79 80-85 86-91 92'97 98-103 104-109 110-115 116-121 122-127 128-133 134139 140145 146-151 1'52'I'57 158-163 164-169 Company A3 Company B3 Company C3 Company D3 Company E3 Company F3 Company G3 Company H3 Company A4 Company B4 Company C4 Company D4 Company E4 Company F4 Company G4 Company H4 170175 176-181 182-187 188-193 I94'I99 200-205 206-211 212-217 218-223 224-229 230-235 236-241 242'247 248-253 254'2'59 260-265 ,I W rsB eath 'S-1'e f V 5? A f 1 Ji ff- - ,, -L ,W , 'ff' 7 A ng ,W 4I'f..,4llmC" nf' ' 1, If - 1 , 'nl' 1 Wah Qggaff 9 W mis' - 23 QJIZWZAWQUU5 it 4 fs ,-if ' , '1i'?1f'f 4, :E-..:,uz f f Eggs ' ?1i22fgf?'3f W-: V :az 13 +f,a,I - 3'Xf3w.'- '- ww-Xrnmsxgggigai--M mf ' V, wbsw- , J Y Y , "vw X' X X ' 1 'MJWMWWws-my2v,:w3:rJH X x wwgglwg my '+1'fVgQXE5ff' H it --ww' ' ' " W Mjlgak Y ' f1g.,x,g:- M. - MS! ff WM Q Qs' -1. f P 'im-I+, ' 1 23 C-72 Kiwi ww-1 N, V? igfgixfls 1:1 4 3 W Wm: im' fm f Q W H W, .2 'Q ,eq 4' W ,rn . ,2- iii s K, ', ,W .2 f ,MB " 1 5 ,1 , V .Hx In , ,, if -'SJ W 1 ' ' '- 1 ' ,f':' l A 'Q' ion i A i i ir 1 1 li if 1 0 I I 1381, A 1 Af' V I if , 4 ' QM' I Aja If n our o1e-i IS if ,sp 1 W , W , 3, 1 , .1 , f jgAGurc fseonea h1is HIFI1111 11 V' Ui L Q if 'EQ' iQijYlicYY. grnf Y 1 1 1 1111 1 11 11 T151 1 , 1 19, 11 11 E, hOg2qP61fi er rrify t at o gray, 1 11 1111lncr 3 from xaday, 1 11 X 1 gi 1Live, e, and Wepray 1 .1 -P. . Remecka, 1911 Q 1 f Q24 1 'P-fail 7 z 4 f f M ' A 1 1 f11 QQ Q l Q Q Q K 'QQ 1 1 W1 1 1 111 V. - -,W If , . !2f!FK5?V7 .ff 1 f I 1 , ,V ,...Vz.:.f,r1 14,1 1 IACQUELINE DESENNA Lincoln, Rl Engineering Management "Your reward in life will reflect the degree to which you live for others. If you relin- quish your self-concern, you will be free of it. If you commit your life to service, your life will have meaning. You must know yourself, however, well enough to endure silence when there ought to be a 'thank you.' For if you live for the credit of your services, you will never find it." Thank you Mom and Dad for supporting my commitment to serve. God Bless. Fencing 6431: NBE f4,3,2,11S Portuguese Club f3,2,11Q Spanish Club C115 Sandhurst f21g IM Biathlon f2,11 Companies: F3 Isaac GREENBERG Tucson, AZ International Relations These past four years at the Academy has been a difficult and challengingjour- ney. I appreciate all the support from my parents, family, friends, teachers, and others that have helped me through this expedition. I have learned many great traits from this institution and will take them with me as I embark towards better and greater things. Century Man C15o+Hours1 Companies: D4 JACK NOBLIN Walls, MS Systems Engineering During my time at West Point, several people prayed and gave me advice that helped me become a member of the Long Gray Line. I have to thank my Dad, Mom, and Iim for their prayers and ad- vice during my dark times at the Acad- emy. You helped me achieve my dream. Also, the inspiration from my grand- parents gave me a new source of cour- age every day at West Point. I also have to thank my aunts Candy and Camille and my neighbors, I love you guys. BSU f4,31S DSE Club U13 OCF C4315 Russian Club C31 Companies: C1 70 5 .nv 'S NW vt: X117 fi , nv Q. nw, -rf' A at-M LINDSAY DUQUEITE St. Charles, M0 Management Many thanks to my family, especially my parents, who have been supportive of everything I've done in my life. Thanks to the greatest bunch of guys I have ever known for the many memories of the Firstie Club and elsewhere. And thanks to my best friends, you know who you are, I will love you guys forever, thanks for everything! Fencing C4,2,11 Companies: B1 KENNETH MARCKESANO Reston, VA Engineering Management Never give in -- never, never, never, never, in nothing great or small, large or petty, never give in except to convictions of honour and good sense. Never yield to forcep never yield to the apparently overwhelming might of the enemy. -Winston Churhill Veni, Vedi, Vici - lulius Caesar Sprint Football f4,31 Companies: B1 GALEN PETERSON Gordon, NE Military Art and Science Raised on a ranch in Colorado and Ne- braska. Became a Christian in 2001. De- cember Grad, and proud of it. Drill and Intramurals C4,3,2,11g OCF f4,3,2,11S Pipes and Drums C-4,319 Cavalry Scout Club C11 Companies: A3 EDWARD RUSSELL Woodbridge, VA Aeronautical Systems Engineering Trey Russell, Co-founder of the Wingman theory and a man of great motivation fto partyj. The stories traverse well over 10 states and provinces. Deep in his memories, he will always have the Fireside and Hello Cour- age. A friend to many and a brother to some. Trey will always stop to support a Wingman in need. God Bless you, the brother I never had, and the Wingman everyone wants. Air Assault and WlNGMANl-Ari Hop Bands Club C4,3,2,1JQ Sprint Football C3Jg Women's Basketball Manager C41 Companies: B3 IASMIN SMITH Leominster, MA American Politics Companies: D2 SEBASTIAN SALAS New Paltz, NY International Relations Thank you Mom and Dad in letting me get to this point in my life. I couldn't have clone it without you. I am so lucky to have you both in my life. Thanks to everyone else who has supported me through thick and thin. Thanks to the men's tennis team--I will never forget the great memories we had. I couldn't have made it without all your support and friendship. Finally, thanks to MAI C Sr MAI K who changed my life like no one else has. I love you all. Tennis f4,3,2,1J Companies: A1 71 W, W. .J ,,, ,, . ,, mm ,lf H45 1 :Legg :sus , :ag gg' :M ,WI 543 V, ,mm .V-V. f.,, , W f .ew .,,,f nf' -M ,, ,v .MM W' +fQ?f1,s :swf were en' JQYYSW1 W3 my "f W ,wr v ROBERT IOHN BRIGGS Richland, WA Law I am most grateful for my friends and instructors at the Prep School who pre- pared me for West Point. However, my single greatest joy and accomplishment in the last five years Cincludes USMAPSJ is getting engaged to Jaime and being a solid member of the T70 club. NO CLASS DESERVES TO GO WINLESS AGAINST NAVY FOR ALL FOUR YEARS!!! OCF f4,3,2,1JQ Class Officer- Historian C4,3,2,1J Companies: D3 fA1 MARISSA FELICE CHIERICI-IELLA Lackawaxen, PA Spanish and French "A friend is one that knows you as you are, understands where you have been, accepts what you have become, and still, gently allows you to grow." -William Shakespeare Thank you to those who have stuck by me through the past-I years. You know who you are and how much you mean to me.To my family: It's been a long road, but we've made it through. I could not have done it without your love and support. Womens A.rmy Rugby C415 Alpine Ski Team f3,2,1JQ Glee Club C4Dg Margaret Corbin Forum f3,2,1J Companies: D3fAI DAVID FRANK DUNHAM Burke, VA Operations Research Dave is one of those people that you have a million funny stories about, whether they include Vaseline, tiny di- nosaur costumes, poison oak, or nutella eael. He is the-guy-that-ean always make you smile or offer a cheesy one liner. He idolizes Clint Eastwood and wishes that he played Frank Dux in Bloodsport rather than jean Claude. "You both get dirty and the pig likes it." Thanks for being the best friend a girl could have. Judo l4,3,2,1l Companies: E2 XAI 'ZZ' -, -' .-1 I E W JY .Hn 1:0 965 ,fig lllllllll 'W-451' -vvzs I gg! ABBY ELYSE CASCIATO West Palm Beach, FL Humanlllegional Geography West Point does in actuality, Hold the key to responsibility, An oath of allegiance-a service guar- antee, Unique spirit, character, and camarade- rie! TEES, formations, sets, serves, and beat- ing Navy! A very proud tradition, and a coveted degree! GO ARMY VOLLEYBALL! Corps Squad Volleyball f4,3,2,1J Companies: H1fA1 WEI C. CHOU Houston, TX East Asia Foreign Area Studies "Adversity is the foundation of virtue." -Japanese Proverb Grappling f4,3,2,1JQ Japanese Club f4,3,2,1l? Judo C43 Companies: G3 XAI CHRISTOPHER I. Gorr Shelburne, VT Internationallstrategic History "The key to a successful combat leader is to earn respect not because of rank, but because you are a man." - MAI Rich- MH? In OCF f4,3,2,1JQ Sandhurst f4,1J Companies: F2fA1 I 75 WIIUAM DAVID PIEWIIT, IR. Dothan, AL Law Companies: B4fA1 MICHAEL KIM Fullerton, CA Mechanical Engineering It's amazing looking back and realizing how quickly time passes by, even at a place like this. Throughout the good times and the bad, I truly believe that I have become a better leader and person because of the great people that I have had the privilege of working with. All I got to say is may lady luck be with you always no matter where the Army or life takes you and... GO ARMY, BEAT NAVY! A1 Boxing C3,2,1Jg A1 Paintball C335 A1 Grappling f2jg Drill f4,3,2,1J- DDOH! Companies: A4fA1 ALAN Ross MACKEY Greensboro, NC Chemical Engineering Alan Marvelous, the kid who was al- ways ready to go out. Alan was always the life of the party and never disap- pointed those who were there with him. He was always there to tell a good story and always could provide laughter to the group. No matter where he went, if he didn t know anyone, he could make a friend without effort. We will always remember the great times we spent with the fab four. Go Army Golf! Golf f4,3,2,1l Companies: H2fA1 76 My rT"' , ,f"' f if It , T, A., l I, Wm 'nuff' E I ,M-snag., my it itif- A-ef--mah ,, ,. .V STUART ALLEN IMEL Dallas, TX Arabic To all my friends from Al to plebe year E3, you have made an otherwise terrible...I mean...undoubtedly worth- while experience fun - couldn't have done it without you all. Glee Club C413 Arabic Club C4,3,2,1Jg Model Arab League f2,1J Companies: E3 XA1 DAVID MICHAEL KNOX West Columbia, SC Environmental Engineering Dad, Mom, Amy, Beth, thank you for always supporting me no matter how much we talked. Dad, thanks for always pushing me. Biff, Drew, Ehren, I'll never forget The Bros. Ieremy, many a late nights, but we had a blast. God bless you all. April, my fiancee and best friend, God's timing was perfect and I thank Him for you every day. Forever... Officer Christian Fellowship C4,3,2,1Jg Sandhurst C4jg EWRI f3,2,1l Companies: G2 fA1 KYLE PATRICK MCNEALY New Britain, PA Electrical Engineering There were many trips and times and memories that will often make us laugh, this is how we made it and we'll always stick together. Hunter, Sean, Ion, Tony D, Baby Boy, Stu, Al, good luck in ac- complishing everything you want to. Javelin f4,3,2DQ German Club f4,3,2,1l5 Musketeers f4,3,2,1l Companies: H4fA1 - "'f4- 1' , , 010 kiwi. CEASAR MARCELLO MUNoz Queens, NY and Orlando, FL Spanish and Portuguese My family: This could not have been accomplished without all of you, thank you so much. Mom: I love you. A1 '06: You guys are the reason why I made it through, thank you for everything. To all those who didn't get through: I owe you guys so much, thank you for always looking out, you guys will always be remembered. For all my other friends: Last few years were ridiculous, thanks for the memories. This isn't the end, it's the beginning. God Bless Strength Team C4,31 Companies: G2fA1 DOUGLAS ODERA Houston TX Physics To all my friends. . . you have made all the difference . Army Rifle 14,315 A-1 Sanhurst C215 A1 Sandhurst C11 Companies: D2 XA1 MICHAEL EDWARD PREMONT Dixon, M0 Systems Engineering The most important thing that I've learned at West Point was that it does not matter where you are or what you are doingiut only wliou are wTtli' So, I would like to thank all of my friends for making West Point a fun place. I would also like to thank my family for their constant support, and my girl- friend, Natalie, for always being there for me and loving me despite my many faults. PlebeC41g YearlingC31g COWf21Q Firstyf11 Companies: G3fA1 -.W ". Y wx v ' l? T f - ' f . 'Q ' 1 it 1 mv A :raw :JM ,........ A-,Mr I ,,,' 'fn-M it 1, IOHN WESLEY NEIGHBORS Angier, NC Life Sciences Iohnny, aside from being a great friend and fellow motorcycle enthusiast, is a strong leader with a talent for making things interesting wherever we go. He is at the same time academic geek and bike riding bad boy, gentlemanly southerner and ladies man. He took care of his friends with little regard for himself, a trait invaluable to the soldiers he will lead. I know he will make a fine officer and wish him the best of luck in all he does. West Point Riders 12,115 Sandhurst f4,3,2I Companies: F1fA1 GABRIEL AARON PARRAS Albuquerque, NM Life Science We've all had some good times at this place, regardless of how it made us feel. I've made some of the best friends I've ever had, and it was all the laughs that actually made being here fun. There have been good times and there have been bad, but through it all we stuck together and we were there for each other. And remember, the best is yet to come. To all my friends, you guys are awesome!!! ACS C3,2,11g Gamma Sigma Epsilon C119 Companies: A2fA1 ASHLEY MAURINE RITCHEY Batavia, IL Human SL Regional Geography Ashley came to us from the windmill ...citiuwhere she-was a standout athlete and scholar. Never have I met person with such passion, dedication, and love for sport, good friends, and fun times. Our late night conversations, constant singing, bargain shopping, fun nights out, and dirt cake making will always be treasured. Never could I have asked for a better roommate, tutor, workout part- ner, and all around best friend. Good Luck. Team Handball C4,3,2,11g Track 81 Field C3,21: Model UN f4,31g GTU l2,1I Companies: F2fA1 77 BRIAN IOHN ROBERTS Reading, PA Environmental Science If not me, then who? If not now, then when? Sandhurst t4jg Skeet and Trap f3,2,1l Companies: E2 fA1 BRIAN ALLEN SHEPARD Washington, NC Human Geography Classmates made West Point bearable. To my roommates: Will, John, Wei, and Alan, you guys are awesome. To A-1: the best friends I'll ever have. To the O- team: I'll follow you guys in the woods anytime. Go Axemen and Go Army O! Orienteering f4,3,2,1J Companies: H1fA1 MICHAEL PATRICK SMITH Johnstown, PA International Relations and French To be nobody but yourself -- in a world which is doing its best, night and day, to make you everybody else -- means to fight the hardest battle which any human being can fight: and never stop fighting. - e.e. Cummings French Club t4,3,2,1jg German Club C4,3,2,ljg Spanish Club t4,3,2,lj, Whitewater Club C4,3,2,1J: Team Handball t3J: St. Cyr Q11 Companies: D4fA1 78 1 Ca twal k? WW, 'QW , 0"j"7'yr'aV' if ,.,.A-an .f""'3 yi' --math v"'f"9P r'la,,.! air, ZACHARY WARRINER SEIDEL Camp Hill, PA Mathematical Science Learned much more than I'd hoped and enjoyed most of it. To Mom 8: Dad: thank you. To my friends: take care. For our light and momentary troubles are achieving for us an eternal glory that far outweighs them all. So we fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen, For what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal. -II Corinthians 4:17-18 Drill Team c4,3JQ USAFA SAEPPER C255 Axemen Sandhurst f2,1J Companies: B4fA1 MICHAEL ROBERT SROR Blairstown, Nl Military History I will never forget the friends I've made here nor what they've done for me. All the crazy times, good experiences and bad, have taught me I have a band of brothers who will never let me down. I owe my dad, mom and brother every- thing for their support and guidance. I would like to think West Point has made me a better man, but in reality, I am just lucky to be surrounded be the finest people I've ever known. To my broszcome back safe, God Speed. Sandhurst t4Jg Class Rep f4,3,2,1Jg Baron C2,1D: Board of Governors C13 Companies: D2 XA1 IEREMIAH MATTHEW STACHE Louisville, TN Civil Engineering First and foremost, to the ABF...I love you guys. I will always remember the times we shared, on and off the field. Good luck in everything you do. Next, to the Civil boys...I know we chose the road less traveled, but it was fun strug- gling through it all together. Finally, to Dave...you were the best roommate a guy could ask for. We started off rough, but God blessed me when he sent me a fellow brother in Christ. Love ya man and good luck... Baseball f4,3,2,1D Companies: C2fA1 DAVID CHARLES WINCHELL Collierville, TN Environmental Engineering Go Axemen Sprint Football C415 Team Handball f3,2J Companies: D4fA1 New X ww. . M .gif I g V. I ir", x .1 I j 'A l Q9 Y 'AX if if f : I .," 1' N ' f Q 1 1 1 f 4 ff as 21:- 06 V 5 1: Aug Zi' 5- V-S gh .1 is .1 . In Hx. Z Sky ' . " Mm. ' ' ' ' ' Q ' X 'Q M -N Wwg ' V J r . Y H Wa! x N 1 1, -I ' V W- A, I. fl -w-- 5 , X . Y K H 1 -sxx Q' V- 6 , V S .' K .' SX: A A 1, 7 X x .1. .I . : ' Qi 1 . Q E 1 was 4 -. -. 1 :gf as fw-sz 11' 5 S: -fwaf . X52 My 1,5 'L 'L' Q - f Q t, - M h- I l- -"ff l ' ' .-, . , , 1 ga . Q ,TA .L if , S jx Q .. M U A 6 . n ' . IU' xl g' - 1 J Q ig '. . ie 1 f1 1 7-W X A , M WA, , ' . ' V 'I l FEM, 5 f M . , , .gf Aww.. M N K A h af' W Q W . ' s ,,, , , , 2, Wfgfw, Ca. school 8: I placed fifth in the state THOMAS IOSEPH ENDRES IR. Tuckerton, NI Russian If I owned Woo Poo and Hell... I'd rent this place out and live in Hell. -AMF Lacrosse f4,3,2,1lg Boxing C21 Companies: A4fB1 STEPHANIE LYNN HIGHTOWER Rio Rancho, NM Chemistry SL Life Science Begin each day as if it were on purpose. Basketball Q43 Triathlon 12,15 Companies: G3 f B1 IAMES PAWL HoLL1s Turlock, CA Human!RegionaI Geography I lived In Turlock my whole life before coming to West Point. I spent a lot of time in sports while growing up and it has continued through my time here. I was an All Ameri wrestling. In high school I was also all district at a Tight End Sr Defensive End for football. While at West Point I have been an All-American six times includ- ing a National Champ in 2004 and re- gional champ in 2005, and a 2006 Uni- versity National Runner-Up. Corps Squad Wrestling f1,2,3,4J Companies: E4fB1 .I 44, . ,jf . X Rui' ww y, ,QEIUWI we " i, M1 ff, W w--'--4-we ijt- Me. o Q' nf. 5 ' I 4 " 5 iff, C2 t. I, , A at ' tit X, R N. K jf is af evans? -HW: ati IUSTIN D. GRIMSLEY San Antonio, TX Leadership Who are those people screamin U? Who- ever they are, they're about to pass through these stone gates one last time, congrats and much love. B1-06:it's been fun, but not real fun. Wish we could have spent more time together. B1-07:Best Buckner 2 Pltn in the best Co for Inf. and Armor FTXSQ Look it up! Bl-08:It's been great. B1-09:Stop wasting my time. NGermany Crew: I'm going back, wou1dn't have been same w! o you Nlohny B: Need I say anything? Basketball C4Jg Biatlon f3,2,1JQ IM Orienteering f3,2,1JQ Chess Club C4JgMedia Club f3,2,1DQ Astronomy f4,3l DENNIS WADE HINES Pelahatchie, MS American Politics Well thank God that is over, West Point definitely defined so many things for me, I would just like to thank Andrew, Erik, Mike, and Iake for making those years bearable. Without you guys I would have either failed out or ended up leaving. I would also like to thank the E-team for giving me four years of memories that I will always look fondly on. And most of all I will always re- member the White Van!!! Equestrian Team C4,3,2,1J Companies: C2fB1 ERIK B IOHNSON Monticello, NY Civil Engineering These four years went by pretty quickly. I have to say thanks to the Equestrian Team, the rest of the Pentpod, CDennis, Andrew, Jake, and rdefeoursfrtheifwqaiteilair ' ff for making these last few years great. We've had some great times and made some awesome memories, no matter what trouble we faced in return. Keep the good times coming. CWaterJ Equestrian f3,2,1JQ Knights of Columbus f4,3J Companies: E1fB1 81 it IACOB NATHANIEL IORDAN Roseburg, OR German I would just like to say thank you to all the people here who have made my experience at West Point one ofthe events in my life that Iwill always look back on and smile. All you in Bl, you know who you are. I could.n't have done it without you. And to all my friends from F3 plebe year, you are what got me to where I am today. And to all of you that I met along the way, thank you as well. Hope to see you all out there in the Army some day. Protestant Chapel Choir f4,3,2,1JQ Speech Team f3,2lQ SCUSA C235 Cadet Honor Committee f2,1J Companies: F3fB1 KEIIX MARIE Lockport, NY Civil Engineering "A diamond, after all, is only a piece of coal that did well under pressure." To my family: thank you for your continual support fand boodle boxesj. To my roomie Erin, thanks for putting up with me for three years. I will never forget my Lacrosse or company buddies, Go Barbarians! There can only be one! Good luck to everyone in the future. lady 1aCr0sseC4.3,2,1Js PALS C3,2,1ls Civil Engineering Club f2,1JQ Society of Women Engineers CID Companies: H21 B1 TIMOTHY IUSTIN MCDONALD Harpers Ferry, WV American Politics "Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change: the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference." - May we remember these words throughout our careers and lives. Martial Arts C4,3,2,1JQ Big Brothers! Big Sisters f4,3,2lQ Pi Sigma Alpha f2,1l Companies: A3 f B1 82 '45 ,,,....:-.. f-5 lun ,max 1 wr ,ti . 'lui Q' A -gil? Wil' it 4. wvssfg' , if 3 p p Riu 'HIFII ,v-umm, 5' MMIII rt 'xv 4?l'J 'WM' ..-... BRANDON MATTHEW KENNEDY Shelton, CT Engineering Psychology When things go wrong as they some- times will, When the road you're trudging seems all uphill, When funds are low, and debts are high, And you want to smile, but you have to sigh, When care is pressing you clown a bit, Rest if you must, but NEVER QUIT. . To my family, friends, coaches and team- mates: thanks for always being there. 4 Thanks for the lessons you've taught me. Thanks for the memories. Sprint Football f4,3,2,1J Companies: G4fB1 PRESTON ERIC LOPEZ Greencastle, PA Computer Science Iosh and Nelson, thanks for all of the guitar lessons. Tyler CT-Birdj keep on keeping on. Beth, thanks for putting up with Nelson and letting us all hang out at your house. Last but not least, Liz, thanks for putting up with me, and I look forward to spending the rest of our lives together. Snowboard Instructor f4,3Jj Sandhurst f4,2,1lQ Staff and Ushers l3,2,1l Companies: E31 B1 CHRISTOPHER SALVATORE MIGLIARO IR. Wallingford, CT Leadership Management "We are what we repeatedly do. Excel- lence, then is not an act, but a habit."- Aristotle Mom, Dad, Carissa, and Mike thanks for all the support, I love you. My boys SB, BR, and BK I cOuldn't have done it without you guys. R.I.P 47 D.H. Ice Hockey C4,3,2,1lg Catholic Religous Education f2,1J Companies: G4fB1 MICHAEL MILLER Petersburg, IL Computer Science In a place that's not made to be fun, it's the people who make this place livable. The pentpod, my fellow STAP Ranger buddies, and everyone else. I wouldn't have made it here without all of you. I just hope the people I've met here are an indication of the kind of people I'll work with in the future. Spirit Band f4,3,2,1J Companies: H3fB1 IAMES MICHAEL PERKINS Bethel, CT Economics, French and Russian The days were long, the weeks were shot, and the years flew by thanks to my family and friends. I am most thankful for the times I was sent away from West Point to learn. Orienteering Team f4,3,2,1JQ Semester Exchange C21 Companies: B21 B1 THOMAS ROBERT RYAN IR. Seminole FL Systems FOS ARMY FOOTBALL tt92...GFBD...I've learned a lot about life here and the most important thing I h who you are. I want to say thank you to my family and anyone who helped me achieve the unexpected. ARMY FOOTBALL f4,3,2,1J Companies: E2 X B1 56, 4 V ,W .ff P A ff" . ', -I A -...aafrwf I'--an 'f A., 4 fini x . . L f. v .M I ' A ai '51 i W has L g . In U sv f' es. ...EW iii? its ' f .ra 'QQ' . KNAW 'WWW nam, 'M-4""""'v'1UU ffm Haw. .M f liii I IOSHUA OLLER Pilesgrove, NI Mechanical Engineering "Nothing in the world can take the place of Persistence. Talent will not: nothing is more common than unsuccessful men with talent. Genius will not: unrewarded genius is almost a proverb. Education will not: the world is full of educated derelicts. Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent. The slogan 'Press On' has solved and always will solve the problems of the human race" -Calvin Coolidge Sandhurst f4,3,2,1D Companies: H2 f B1 JEREMY CLARK RAGAN Gahanna, OH Economics If they are not trying to tackle you, you are not carrying the ball. N Tug McGraw To the friends and family who never lost faith. 'O5 -P '06 Protestant Sunday School C413 Army Crew C4Dg B1 Football f3Dg Army Cheerleading C11 Companies: F3fB1 MATTHEW TYLER SKEEN Morristown, TN U.S. History Four years of meeting some of the most interesting people I will ever know. I have learned a lot from my fellow Bar- barians and the rest of my classmates. Whether we were sitting in the room on a Friday night or niakingammtlr dash to get back from somewhere, we always kept our cool. Here's to everything that's important and to everything we thought was at the time. STRENGTH AND HONOR FOREVER Sprint Football C4Jg Skeet and Trap C4J: Russian Club C41 Companies: H4fB1 ss ScoTT ANDREW SMITH Monticello, IN Economics I came to the Academy looking for a free, quality education and a way to pay back my country. In the end I found both of these, but along the way I also met a group of friends that, over the years, have become my brothers. My friends are why I stayed, and they're why I'll remember my 4 years here as some of the best in my life. Thanks for the memories. Intramurals f4,3,2,1JQ Drill Companies: E41 B1 IAsoN LEE SoNG El Sobrante, CA Human and Regional Geography Thank you Army Martial Arts Team: You have been my foundation, and hap- piest moments at West Point. Thank you to my Mom and Dad who have always been there, and to my friends back home that supported me while I was gone. To Tim, who has been an inspiration. To So, who was always with me through the hardest times and with me through the best times. And finally to everyone else that gave me the op- portunity and chance to succeed. Army Martial Arts Team f4,3,2,1JQ KARS l4,3,2,1l Companies: H3 f B1 CLAVEL D. Tosco Eastside San lose, CA Psychology Big thanks to God, my family, fyou're almost here little onej, homies back home, fthe underdog is on toplj, my love Liezele, Csee ya at the altarj, the RFC QLiVe for everything, die for NOTH- INGD, Derekchu, Bi, Anthony, Mike, Michelle, Annie, Kristel, Diana, my 8 time UFC champs, the Swamp Donkeys, and anyone else that kept it real from the start. Recognize the bay and represent the 408! And if I forgot to thank you write your name here Grappling Team f2,1JQ APAC f2,1DQ RFC f2,1JQ Club 504 C11 Companies: C1 84 I 5 X .- gwm. 41 M", '42 .qrkws .Wt V' 0,9 ., - ear 3240. Hal .......n-ip w-nfl WMM ,wma-up .Pwdi ga..-4. 'half if X . MN- H.-. ,nh 'llwaglfi :iii THOMAS L. SMITH Lexington, KY Comparative Politics Thanks to all who have helped and en- couraged me through. Team Handball f3,2,1J Companies: F2fB1 CHRISTOPHER IAMES STEVENS Hanson, MA Mathematics Ioey, you are never really there for any- one. Nevertheless, you still managed to be the best friend I could ask for. Erik, thanks for helping me get through. You were always there for me. Also, in the elephant graveyard... Mom, Dad, and Ashley, you guys are the reason that I have accomplished what I have. I will never be able to repay you for all you have done. However, you can count on a 4-star retirement home. IM Football C4,2,1JQ IM Rugby C315 IM Pass and go f2,1Jg Freestyle Wrestling f4,3JQ Companies: B1 ERIN SANDSTROM TREIO Tucson, AZ English CAPLJ Came from Flowing Wells Public High School, wonderful parents, and a fan- tastic brother whose decision to enlist into the Navy prompted me to sign up for the Army. I also owe my success to these heaven-sent people: MAI Robert DeWitt, Kim and Iohnny Linebarger, Mr. Rinehart, LTC Ret. Marty Stevens, Mrs. Kirk, Mr. Gregory, Mr. Haas, Mr. Brunenkant, Sara Case, Krista Gutierrez, Felipe Buzaid, Kiwi, the YL staff, and to "Runner Guru and 10K winner." Fencing f4,3JQ Sandhurst fijg Young Life f2,1J Companies: F3 X B1 MARTIN CoL1N WALSH Dedham, MA International and Strategic History The path to graduation was never an easy one, but that is what makes it all the more worthwhile. To my friends: Good luck, we've had some great times! To my parents: I am truly grateful for the support you have shown me. You were always there for me Whether to pick me up at a moments notice to en- couraging me during the dark days of plebe year. lt's finally over! Germany Attacks, Normandy, Cold War Staff Rides f3,4DQ D.C. C4Jg IM Soccer f2-45 'A' Companies: D3 4,3 F I - Y YCTETEYIEIHIYLIFIQ PETER EDWARD Cox Hardy, AR APL Peter, our favorite Brit. Your kind heart prevents you from being a tough disci- plinarian but makes you an outstand- ing friend. Your work ethic Cor lack thereofj is an inspiration to all of us. It absolutely amazes us how you can pos- sibly remain upbeat EVERY day! You always managed to hang out with the boys but never compromised your faith. You will make an outstanding officer and a fine addition to any unit. To the Movie Quote Master! PSSTQ OCFg Genesis C4,3,2,1Jg C1 Orienteering BDE Champsg C1 Biathalon BDE Champs C25 i , was Companies: A2f C1 TY A. FARMER Lancaster, OH American Politics Ty, a very blunt but loyal friend, I will always remember all of the great times we've had here, from destroying the dayroom during an Ohio State loss, our' wonderful weekend trip in Boston, to our countless trips to the Cow, Firstie, and O clubs. I couldn't have asked for a better friend to have here, especially one that guaranteed our first football win -with the V for victory... -Aaron Schmutz Honor C3,2,1-Chairjg Speech and Debate f4,3,2,1lS SCUSA f4,3,2,1lS DAF f3,2,1l3 OCF f4,3,2,U Companies: A31 C1 SETH MATHEW GREEN Kissimmee, FL Mechanical Engineering It was a long four years, but I made it through Thank ou to my mom, Dianne their support. Special thanks to Ben Grif- fin, there is no way I would have gradu- ated without your help through all four years. God bless to all and keep your eyes on the Son! OCF f4,3,2,US AWANA f3,2,1lS Combat Weapons C3,2Jg Sandhurst C4Jg IM Biathlon BDE Champs C21 Companies: G4fC1 13 we 'A I M 1 Nix . . I wi ,, 5. W in 8-fir.. wuwwwtv' ffl , I " M i" 'fl-it ADAM IoHN DECRER Warren, PA Russian!DMI FOS Deck is the best friend I have ever had. He made the past four years the best years of my life. We had some amazing times 8: the weekends at the cabin, the E-Z Grill, the 50-miler 8: twice, Mexico, Greece, 'Pictures', our guns 8: No mat- ter what happens in life, he will always be my best friend, My friendship with Deck defined my experience at West Point. He made every day exciting and fun. I am going to miss him. ML Intramurals C4,3,2,1Jg Sandhurst f4,3J Companies: D2fC1 GREGORY CARL FISHER, IR. Tampa, FL Economics Guys, it has been a memorable four years. We are finally here and it is amazing. God will continue to guide us as we move on. Thanks especially to all my family. Your support never faltered. To all the guys in Cl: it was a blast and I'll never forget everything we did. To all the tennis guys: thanks for making this past year such a memorable experience. Good luck and God speed! Protestant Choir C4Jg Tennis C4,3,2,1Jg Fellowship of Christian Athletes C4,3,2,1JQ Black 81 Gold Leadership Forum C2,1J Companies: A3 f C1 PETER ANDREW GUERDAN Raleigh, NC Environmental Engineering Pete ir physical fitness and dedica- Eiwriatilljciieihaefall ways been an inspiration, and your ex- treme skill as a wing man has always been a source of dates. One of the most fun-loving guys we've ever known, we'll miss riding in the Taco-Mama, the insane camping! "hunting" trips, and trying Cunsuccessfullyj to beat you in any physical challenge. Marathon C4,3,2,1JQ Whitewater club CU, BDE Biathlon Champs C4jg Sandhurst C135 100th Night C115 SMC f4,3,2,1J Companies: E3 f C1 W' 87 SETH ADAM GULSBY Pensacola Beach, FL Engineering Psychology West Point is a funny place because it is such a love I hate relationship. Plebe year was definitely not much fun. Hours on the area weren't much fun. Saturday morning WPRS during a frigidly cold winter weren't too much fun. But, I wouldn't give up the friendships I made, the memories I made, and the blood, sweat, and tears I gave for Army Foot- ball. The person I've become because of these things will last forever. I will never, ever regret that. Corps Squad Football f4,3,2,1J Companies: G2fC1 NICHOLAS RYAN LINSE Plum City, WI Operations Research Thank you to everyone who made the bad times good. Sophia, Seth, and Sam. First semester plebe year is not a good place to be, but Sam made it bearable. Since meeting Sophia, my life has changed. My time at the Academy would not have been the same. Thank you for everything and I love you. Seth, my best friend at West Point and some- one who I trust. Live without regret. IM Football f4,3,2,1JQ Sandhurst C41 Companies: A2fC1 RYAN CHRISTOPHER MCQUARRIE Kingwood, TX Mechanical!AerOspace Engineering Thanks to my family and friends for the support through my time here. I am glad I continued the McQuarrie tradition at West Point and could help Erin do the same. ABF- It was shortlived but fun. Cycling team-We had some great times on the road. Cl-What a great company, thanks for a "good" time here. C8rME-Thanks for always giving us problem sets and never letting us go Out. Good luck to all. Cycling f2,1l5F1YiUS Club 532,134 Baseball C4J: Mech Club f3,2,1J Companies: D1fC1 Mfr ' .N Ln. .I W1 W was , ' I3 4 , , N t 3 iw! ,,.,1 . , f. A . ., , Y M , ,,.,. ,... X A t ' A Q A it W vi f I 5 Q.. ,kt , iiiitff 'RUP w WL' an-'dw dual' may m fr ,a w 5 ,L .WM ., ,P :fi Y' J ,Wg , t ,, rd, ss ANDREW ANTHONY HUTCHINSON Anchorage, AK Civil Engineering I want to thank God and my Family for being there for me. It has been a long 4 years but I will never forget the friends and experiences. Thanks Iake and Carl for being such good friends. "Even youths grow tired and weary, and young men stumble and fall, but those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles: they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint." Isaiah 40:30-31 OCF f3,2,1JQ Sandhurst C4Jg ASCE f2,1l Companies: D3fC1 IOYCE'CHARISSE AOHOKU LOUDEN Honolulu, HI Human and Regional Geography It's been a long four years. As one diapter ends, another begins...life in the "Real Army." Many thanks to everyone who has supported me here, emotionally, spiritu- ally, and sometimes physically. Challenges abound, but somehow the sim always rises and the weekend always comes. TO jello- box underwear and SANII, farewell. To my new life to come, bring it! Spifcirclelral f4,3JQ Howitzer f2,1JQ Catholic Choir f4,3,2,1JQ CPRC f2,1DQ Kayaking C4J: Sandhuistfil Companies: G1fC1 ANTHONY NGUYEN Garden Grove, CA information Systems Engineering "Wars come and go, but my soldiers stay eternal..." 2Pac To God. To my love Iennyane: for al- ways being true, I love you. To my family. To my boys: Bi, Sonny, Tory, Crusaders, and all others: we made it. To snowboarding... Army Snowboard Team f2,1JQ Catholic Cadet Choir f4,3,2,1JQ Publications Staff C3,2,1J, WKDT f4,3,2l Companies: F 21 C1 SOPHIA OBAMIIE Bogota, NI Operations Research Three years ago, I thought I would be a plebe forever. I really believed rock swimming would end my life and I'd forever be that girl who just couldn't "bob and travel". If I never hear the words "hookup! and step off" again, seriously it would be too soon. I truly overcame all obstacles that were pre- sented. I would like to thank all of those people who believed in me because at one point, I didn't believe in myself. Thank you for the memories FenCingK4,3,2.1Js CAS C4,3,2,11S NSBE f4,3,2,1l rl' + A Q ir :M , me mf A jg. f ' -f 4 , v i gm: ,K . 3 'R ll Ml' Companies: G2fC1 ia ' IAN PATRICK O'SULLIVAN Seattle, WA Gis To long nights of study and much longer days, to land nav in the dark and find- ing our ways, for the path that we take where ever it goes, to hours in winter and shoveling snows, From Beast to Buckner and FOB Buckner again, to Sig- nal at Lewis and those good times with friends, For the weekends I was here and more I was gone, one thing is for certain: these four years were long. -Servabo Fidem forever. IM Ranger C4,3,2,11Q Scouts C4,31 Companies: D1fC1 AARON ToDD SCHMUTZ Bluffton, OH Economics Smart compassionate but above all loyal I considered myself lucky to call him a friend, Aaron, a Buckeye for life, will always be remembered as the PA pizza lady's definition of "Schmutz" to me. Sprint Football C413 Ski Instructor C3,2,11g IM Brigade Orienteering! Biathalon Champions C21 Companies: H2fC1 'MW 'Uv-w'?'M"' ,nr faramw' fart! ..ii. at EE CHASE ERNEST OCHOA Somis, CA Aeronautical engineering "People may not remember exactly what you did, or what you said, but they will always remember how you made them feel." "And he said some day I hope you get the chance To live like you were dyin"' Mom, Dad, Preston, Karen, and to all my friends, I couldn't have made it without all of your support and help on those rough days, but most impor- tantly thanks for letting me live each day as if it were the last, life is awesome. Cycling C3,2,11g Ski Patrol C4,3,2,11g Mech club C3,2,11 Companies: G21 C1 SAM IOSEPH ROSENBERG Ft. Myers, FL American Politics Sam, hurry up, hurry up! Your plebe development methods always kept us entertained, and your sense of style al- ways kept us well dressed. The defini- tion of a leader, your dedication to your subordinates and selflessness with your peers will make you the ideal infantry officer. We would be honored to serve with you. Boxing C31gOrienteering C3,21gBDE Championship C215 Biathlon C2,11Q BDE Biathlon Championship C21 Companies: A2 fC1 IACOB T1MoTHY SHEEHAN Eastford, CT Economics and American Politics "But whoever desires to become great u, let him be your servant. vef desiresio BE'IirsEm6Hg you, let him be your slave." - Matthew 20:26-27 To my parents - You taught me how to love. To my friends - You taught me how to laugh. To Tony - You taught me how to serve. Officers Christian Fellowship C4,3,2,11Q Tuesdayis Children C2,11Q Sandhurst C4,3,11 Companies: E3 f C1 W' 89 VICTOR PETER SOKUL III Concord, NH Systems Engineering To all the fellas on the Lax team... I know I would not have gotten through this place without you. Here's to the friends that know us but like us any- way... Varsity Lacrosse f4,3,2,1J Companies: H3fC1 LEo REYES THoMAs San lose, CA Engineering Management To my Famjly:Thank you very much for always being there for me. To Ienniferzwe had our share of difficulties, but we al- ways go through it together...y0u've al- ways been there for me and I thank you dearly...I LOVE YOU. To Chad:Thanks for being my inspiration..."Mahal Kita." To Elvie Sztybel: Thank you for provid- ing me a second home and farnily. To Crusaders: This company is the greatest...I'll miss you all. To my friends 8: everyone else:GOODI..UCk! IM Football C4Jg Sandhurst 1413 IM Basketball K2Jg Submission Grappling 13,213 Reg PDO Companies: B21 C1 90 BRIAN JAY STOFFER Windsor, CO Mechanical Engineering Thanks to all my friends for making this the most memorable four years of my life. Thanks to my parents for being my rock and my guiding light. It hasn't always been easy, it hasn't always been fun, but it was worth it. "The question, O me! so sad, recur- ring-What good amid these, O me, O life? Answer. That you are here-that life exists, and identity, That the power- ful play goes on, and you will contrib- ute a verse." - Walt Whitman Cadet Spirit Band f4,3,2,1JQ Pipes and Drums f4,3,2,1JQ Cadet Field Music Group f4,3,2,1J Companies: G1fC1 id' E w D Q 5, J' U 1 P Tilies MESH TTSHHQ-I TRENTON EDWARD BURGESS Bozeman, MT Mechanical Engineering Go Ducks Nordic f3,2,1J Companies: A1fD1 SADDIE ARLENE CoLoN Fort Monmouth, NI Environmental Geography To everyone: thanks for the great times, the fun times, and most of all the crazy times. To the Crew Girls: you ladies are awesomemthanks for a glorious time. To my best friend: I throw the eternal BB for all of time. Lastly, I want to thank my family for all the pains and troubles I put them through for 4 yrs. Without them, I would have never succeeded. I love you all! Crew f4,3,2,1JQ FHP C415 DALS f3,2,1l Companies: F1 1 D1 MATTHEW L. FRITERS Karns City, PA Economics Matt has always been someone his friends could count on for advice, if it was good advice or not. He had some situations that got himself and his bud- a great guy and someone that his bud- dies could always count on. BIG UPS TO "THE OLDMANH. His friends could always count on his wisdom and shadi- ness to set them right, CHECK. Companies: D3 I D1 ,fr 111' 'v "M g " 3' at ' 3 V, f fl f i wt u, . In 415. JUNE nw , 1' Y, :Rell f tiii A-ew THOMAS LINYANG CAI St. Louis, MO Economics To my parents: Thank you for your support through all this. To my friends: Thanks for all the good times we shared. I wouldnt have made it without you guys. To everyone else: Good luck wher- ever you go. Chinese f4,3,2,1l5 KARS f4,3,2,1l3 APAC l4,3,2,1lS CHHHOH f4,3,2,1I5 Staff and Ushers C4,3J: Chem f3,2,1J Companies: H41 D1 KENT CHRISTOPHER DEBENEDICTIS Boca Raton, FL International Relations and German Kent is the most dynamic and focused person I have ever met. He works hard at everything, but the best thing about Kent is not his commitment to excel- lence. Underneath a strong ambition remains a loyal friend who would al- ways go out of his way to help me in everything that I did. That is why he was one of my closest and respected friends at the Academy. AB SCUSA f2,1JQ German Club f2,1Jg DAF f2,1DQ FAEP C21 Companies: A1 f D1 IAMIE L. GIURGEVICH Tucson, AZ Engineering Psychology Thanks to everyone who helped me get in, get through, and get out of West Point. Special thanks to my family, the D1 CreAALfandm5Lgir-ls on theteanft. See, you all in the Army! Softball C4,3,2,1DQ DALS f3,2,1J Companies: F4fD1 93 IUSTIN D. HAUG Aurora, CO GIS Thanks to everyone. Many good times, many to be had. Do right, be true Intramurals C1,2,3,4J: D-1 Rock Climbing C2,3,4J: SIGSAC f1,2,3,4J Companies: A1fD1 ERICH MARTIN IORDAN Ann Arbor, MI Military Arts and Science I tried to change my major ten times like a normal college student--from Nuke to DMI and then even back to NUKE? The Nuke classes were easier. Now, I just can not wait to get back to the Army...back to the Infantry--Queen of Battle. On that: "...and on the eighth day God created the Infantry, and Hell was re- taken." NUnkown Grappling C3,2Jg Howitzer C2,1J Companies: C3fD1 AMANDA MICHELLE KING Hooper, UT Psychologyllnternational Relations Happiness is a grateful spirit, an opti- mistic attitude, and a heart full of love. -Unknown Thanks to all of my teammates, com- pany mates, friends, and especially my family, who have touched my life. I will be forever grateful to you. Lacrosse C4,3,2,1JgSunday School f2,1JQ Godis Gang f3,2,1Jg Companies: F4 f D1 94 rw .. f sf 1 , .., 1 , Q r t....... r- rf- . - v ' 'c xiwwmsf Q., .wmv IIII ff I NHL' . mum MUN . "-IWW f""9" Ii. WW, P .aww-my liilf . IAMES CHARLES HOLLOWAY Fort Bragg, NC Mechanical Engineering Thanks to all my friends throughout the years. You made this place worth it. I'll never forget the Firehouse Plebes or the Ducks. FHP 143: DUK C3,2,1jg Sandhurst C13 Companies: F1fD1 SEANN I. KIM Palatine, IL Systems Engineering l'd just like to thank all my friends that helped me make it through the best four years of my life. Let's get together for Spring Break 'O7: Fallujah Cross Country C4,3,2,1DQ Track f4,3,2,1l Companies: D41 D1 IACOB ROBERT KONDO League City, TX Civil Engineering To all my friends and family, thanks for getting me through this. I couldn't have done it without you. CCF C43 Companies: A3fD1 LUCAS FLINN LEINBERGER Linn, MO Russian To my family: Thank you for your love and support along the way...Without you, I might not have made it. To the Rifle Team and staff: Thank you for a great four years. I will never forget the accomplishments we shared. To all my buddies: Thank you for all the good times we had. To my instructors: Thank you for taking the time to help me when I needed it the most. Rifle f4,3,2,1JQ Russian Club f3,2,1J Companies: C2fD1 IOHN PIERSOL MCCASKEY Winnetka, IL Military Arts and Science Ihave to say that the friends I have met along the way have made this place worth it. If it was not for my friends that I would have not made it this far and they have provided the motivation that I have needed to keep go- ing. So this one is for the people I have met along the way, especially those who have not made it to graduation. I will never forget the leasons that you have given me. Army Sailing Club f4,3Jg Domestic Affairs Forum CIC f3,2,1JQ NY National Guard OCS Program I3,2,1l Companies: G1fD1 CHRISTOPHER DUANE MOORE Luling, TX Military Art and Science Coming here I expected many things, a challenge, an education, a ring, etc. Now that we're leaving I know that none of that would really matter if I didn't leave withzthe bonds of friendship' forged over four years. We will go separate ways in life, but the bonds will last forever. SIGSAC C4,3JgMountaineering Team C3,2J: Class ISO f4,3,2,1l Companies: E4f D1 gf is ,, : f ll ' -' w f"r' ,. '1 f Q IL ', 5 -2 ' - gt l Wm' ' ' .ei ,, ' . 1' , , :it .,, M 433,59 5, ati WT! wqerrzaif iii. ,,.....-an RICHARD JOSEPH MACCHIO Lake Grove, NY Economics Mom,Dad-If you're reading this, I graduated.Thank you for guiding me to where I am today.I could not have made it through this place without you. George, Mike and Lauren-nobody is more important to me than you three, I will always look up to you guys, thank you.Love you all.To my boys from here and L,I.,you know who you are. Thanks for the great times fellas, there's plenty more to come.Good luck, be safe, see you out there. Mountaineering f4,3JQ D1 IM Rugby f3,2,1J Companies: A1fD1 SEAN NATHANIEL MILLER Fort Riley, KS Comparative Politics These four years at USMA have been a truly amazing experience. We've all been through so much and while there have been many challenges, there have been so many more high points which I will certainly remember in the years ahead. Thank you to God, my family, my friends and my classmates. See you out there! Sandhurst f4,3,2,1Jg SMC f4,3,2,1J Companies: F1fD1 IARED THOMAS PAULING Saint Charles, IL Economics To everybody in D-1, thanks for making this place as fun as it could be. CPT Thomson and MSG Jones, thanks for being here and sorry for all the paper To the sgggtigam, thanks for giving me something to do for three and a half years even if I never saw the field. Tony, thanks for sticking around...see you in Belmar. Go FOAD USMA! Soccer f4,3,2,1J Companies: B1fD1 95 CALEB GRANT PHILLIPS Panama City, FL Nuclear Engineering I have learned what it means to be a man of God and I now know His sover- eignty in my life, Thank you God for this blessing. To my parents, thank you for making all of this possible. To Crys- tal, thank you for making this place worth it. OCF f3,2,1JQ Model UN C4J: Speech and Debate f4,3JQ Companies: B3 f D1 NICHOLAS RAY SHAW Mesa, AZ GIS This place is the source of my best friends, my biggest challenges, and my greatest memories. To the guys on the crew team, who went through years of pain and success on the water and in the erg room with me, you guys are beasts. Thank you for every race we rowecl, and I wish you luck wherever you go. Go Army Crew! Go Ducks! Crew f4,3,2,1JQ Vtfhitewater Club CIC f4,3,2,1lS German Club t4,3,2,1Ds LETC f2,1JQ Ski Instructor C41 Companies: A31 D1 MATTHEW IAMES BORIA WANG Guam Engineering Management I would not be here today if it had not been for the tough love from my family, the good times with my friends, and the life lessons from my mentors. Thank you, -Matt APAC C4,3,2,1l5 DUK C2,1l Companies: E3 f D1 5 '-" X A a sf: ,fn fwfr M ff v , ,fx up , A ,M . x if -41: Xl Dt, 1' WWW' stif f 'dl' ,psalm S32-il if it I .I ea! H. H , . .QV I 2 fra 96 PATRICK RICE Kansas City, M0 Nuclear Engineering Companies: G3 f D1 IASMINE DENISE WALKER Lawnside, NI Operations Research To my family and friends: Thanks for helping me pick myself up when I fall. Mom, thanks for those chats on nights when I couldn't sleep. Dad, thanks for always being there no matter what. Jamie, thanks for being the best little sister any- one cou.ld ask for. RIP Grandrnama and Nana: I know you've been watching over me from heaven. Indoor Track f4,3,2JQ Outdoor Track f4,3JQ DALSf3,2,1Jg Pi Mu Epsilon C3,2,1l Companies: C2 f D1 SCOTT IORDAN WESLEY Pine Bluff, AR American Legal Studies I guess if you're reading this, It means that I made it. Alot of people didn't think I would make it, but I did. I want to thank the Lord first of all, and I want to thank all of the people who helped me get here. Thanks to all my friends, family, teammates, and church family. To all of my boys, I know we lost a few, but the bond will be here forever. The sky is the limit, and I'm not done Jump- ing! FCA f4,3,2,1JQ Track C453 Corps Squad Football f4,3,2,1J Companies: H21 D1 -562 1 .3 . . U f 1 'V Q- 'TL 1'iff.',K :',.' f I il Q '. 1 j j Jkm' L, gg, 'fx N -.'! x f -A . far - -9 S, is 2 :wif 3 1 5 I 5 FAQ 5 J Q 3 '.'1': Q . .' ,I 1. NJ -'. Y !,!!! :JN '.- I. fl: " ' Y 1' wil X'!! .I lx l -' Y XXI Y N4 N A f ' ' I ff 1 vgkw H A WWrQ MM4Mqm4gjiQ5w 1 A 1 9" 3 : . U ',' Y ' 1 4 ",' V P V- F V Q ' Ai , f Z : V- Y, XX ' , , X N. . . Q E . A j , f J ' 5 J 1 Q 1 1 . '1 . ..,' '-f-,VVVV .." . V fx, xt '- 4 'if' I ' W . .Q 1. N, . W A kggf 5 , . 1' in U f X I ' R' N e k . 21 X n g 1 1 ,w i 1 4.. IOHN W DAULA Glen Rock, NI Chemistry Life Sciences Never have I met someone who studies so little and gets such good grades. He's the kid who spends more time sleeping in a day than most people do in a week and still has twice their GPA. He's a great friend who has given his friends a home away from home. ACS I4,3,2,1l Companies: F21 E1 MAHMUT DURMAZ Izmir, Turkey Comparative Politics Those of us that knew Mahmut felt very lucky and honored. He was one of the best of all of us. Coming from a unique country where the East meets the West, he gave us the opportunity to learn from both Cultures. His immense en- ergy and wide range of skills prove that he was the right person to represent Turkey at West Point. We will always remember him for his dedication to his friends, his APFT scores, and the pride he had for his country. Orienteering f4,2Jg Mountaineering C435 IM S0CCefI3,2l9 ICWPC4,3,2,1l Companies: C21 E1 MARC ANTHONY ESPOSITO Binghamton, NY Arabic St Middle Eastern Studies For my Grandfather. FflT5r ffHmllY'f6t their con- tinued support and love throughout my years at NMMI and USMA. To my fel- low lightweight rowers and our AD- VERSITY. To my friends- thank you for four years of great memories. And a special thanks to Iohn Winger and Ser- geant Hulka. Without their inspiration, I would not be in the Army, nor be the person I am today. Arabic Club f4,3,2,1JQ Lightweight Crew f3,2Jg SCUSA f2,1J Companies: H4fE1 V , aff: ""' J 1-wg " Ag, f fl N. A . 1 I G if sae A El 1? Q- 5 N 'n sail "'l"" New-ug. if-fini ig . 'id' 4-1.919 6 f vreijgijif Md- W 'wif .-mg: aww I r .i .H .+C PATRICK KEVIN DOWDELL Breezy Point, NY Leadership!Management Thank you to my family for all their love and support throughout the last four years, you got me through the hard times. "May the best days of our past, be the worst of our future." In memory of dad, 9-ll-01 Rugby f4,3,2JQ Pipes and Drums f4,3,2,1Jg Black and Gold Leadership Forum f2,1J Companies: G3 X E1 MICHAEL BRIAN DYER Bethalto, IL Intemational Relations Michael has his hand in a lot of activites. Some referred to him as "meathead," in reference to his powerlifting. Michael was an All-American powerlifter his yearling year, and Team Captain his Firstie year. He stayed active in many other clubs, and served as the German Club president. Unfortunately, his grades did not always cooperate with extracurriculars. He will never forget the troopers from plebe year, but will always be a viking! Powerlifting f4,3,2,1JQ German Club f4,3,2,1Jg Philosophy Forum C2,1J Companies: F3 f E1 ERIC PHILIP EVANS Harrison, AR Spanish!Russian I always foresaw a life in the military. I just didn t know by what means. I'd like to thank my family and friends for ev- erything they did to help get me where I am today. You gave me an endalesse supply of encouragement and support, thumped me on the head when it got too far in the clouds, and reminded me what's important when my priorities got out of whack. I certainly couldn't have done it without you. Plebe Co: B3. IM Soccer BDE Champs f4,3,2JQ Sandhurst C4J: IM Paintball C3,2J Companies: B31 E1 99 ANDREW KAZYS FORTUNE Longmeadow, MA Management Thanks to all my friends and family who have supported and helped me through everything. Baseball f4,3jQ Black and Gold Leadership Forum f2,1J Companies: A41 E1 DOUGLAS STEVENS KLEIN Red Wing, MN Geospatial Information Systems "Put your head down and swim to the wall." -Love you mom and dad, thanks for all your support "Things change, we don't know when they change, they just change." -A Life Motto Swimming f4,3,2,1l Companies: C3fEI DANIEL PATRICK MAHONEY IV Burke, VA Mechanical Engineering Crew has defined my time inside these gray walls. Ion, Pete, Phil, Sam, Marc, Nick, you guys will always be my broth- ers. Kate and Lisa, you will always be my sisters. 2005 IRAS: french toast, Madagascar, MarioKart, switching boats, and best of all, a gold medal at nationals. Mikey, you're still my hero. Take care of the team next year, Marcus. Last, and certainly not least, thank you Maria for your support and love through it all. Crew C4,3,2,1-Captainlg OCF f3,2,1JQ Golden Key f2,1JQ Tau Beta Pi f2,1J Companies: B2fE1 100 -' it wmggffai, gf 'Te-ur J ,H W I t ' if . if 'lg H ,aah . a wma, N is iff fy, 'eww 'i'-' " ,Al I 4,151 'ik' .123 'HP' . TYNIKA EMILY HOLLAND Long Island, NY Engineering Management Then I heard the voice of the Lord say- ing, "Whom shall I send? And who will go for us?" And I said, "Here am I. Send Me! Isaiah 6:8 Army Crew Team C4Jg Army Swim Team f3,2,1JQ Cadet Gospel Choir C4,3,2,1l Companies: C2f E1 CoLIN IAMES LASATER Boulder, CO Management CWT - Good luck and keep making the team better. Thanks for everything you have taught me. E-1 firsties- thanks for the good times. Mom, Dad, and Iohnny - Thanks for the support. Combat Weapons Team f4,3,2,1J Companies: C3fE1 KAITLIN KELLY MANDELKOW DCIIVCI, CO Aeronautical Engineering After miStakenly attending USAFA for a year, Kait eventually found her way to USMA- where she limboed through a myriad of different activities and majors until she finally found happinesS as a powerlifter and rocket scientist. Because of her witty humor, kindness, and ouTgoing nature her friends are indebtEd to heR, but she wouldn't be all thiS if it weren't for the love and support of her wonderful family. Track f4,3l5 Flying Club f4,3,2,1l5 Powerlifting f2,1JQ Color Guard C21 Companies: E3 f EI CHAD MARZEC Toledo, OH Systems Engineering To all my Brothers, it has been a great ride and awesome experience. Thanks for making it special and fun. Wrestling f4,3,2,1Jg Knights of Columbus f4,3,2,IJg German Club C2,1Jg Finance Club f2,1D Companies: B2fE1 SARAH SUHHEE NOYES Williamstown, MA International Law "It was always said that the stars were fastened to a crystal vault so that they could not fall. Now we have taken heart and let them float in the air, without support, and they are embarked on a great voyage-like us, who are also without support and embarked on a great voyage." NEric Bentley Ave atque vale. Nordic Ski Team C4,3,2,1Jg KARS f4,3,2,1IZ MCF i4,3,2J-JS CPRC c332,1D "ff .,, ? at gt A . Qr' Y Q' nvlI2l, 'MW ., Pet All ,AMUW Companies: D41 E1 ' gtg. IILL MARIE RAHON Washingtonville, NY International and Strategic History A trustworthy and loyal friend, Iill is the first person I can go to in a crisis, and the first person to go to when I'm look- Airigfor trouble. She brightens the lives of everyone around her with her outgo- ing personality and zest for life! Her great accomplishment, however, was falling in love with another over- achiever, forming the 'eleven bar couple! Good luck 2006, and let the Wookie win. Women's Lacrosse f4,3,2,1Jg Catholic Choir f4,3,2,1JQ SCUSA f3,2,1JQ Pipes and Drums f4,3,2,1J Companies: G1fE1 is "EB 1' AMANDA VIRGINIA MILLER Marco Island, FL European Area Studies "Do not follow where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail" NRalph Waldo Emerson Pipes and Drums Dancers f4,3,2,1JQ Catholic Choir f3,2,1Jg SCUSA f2,1J Companies: F1f E1 AMANDA LAUREN PALUCH Chapel Hill, NC Systems Engineering "I always knew that I would look back on my tears and laugh, but I never thought that I would look back on my laughter and cry." Tennis f4,3,2,1J Companies: E3 f E1 CHASE LEE ROE Kindred, ND Environmental Engineering He is the All-American kid from North Dakota beloved by his community and anyone who meets him. Whether it is sitting next to each other in class, work- on homework, singing ighm, working out, riding, or doing whatever, Chase and I were always having fun. You only have so many friends in your life that you can always count on. Thanks for all of the great times and hopefully we will have even better ad- ventures in the future. Catholic Choir f4,3,2,1JQ Scouts f4,3,2,1JQ Sprint Football C4Jg IM BDE Boxing Champs C31 Companies: F2fE1 STEPHEN IORDAN RUTHERFORD LaMesa, TX IR "No man is an Island, entire of itselfg every man is a piece of the Continent, a part of the maing if a clod be washed away by the sea, Europe is the less, as well as if a promontory were, as well as if a manor of thy friends or of thine own wereg any man's death diminishes me, because I am involved in Mankindg And therefore never send to know for whom the bell tollsp It tolls for thee." -Iohn Donne, I love you Mom! Dad X Callie Skeet and Trap C3,21g SCUSA C3,2,I1g Mountaineering C31 Companies: H1fE1 DANIEL C. STEWART Tacoma, WA Computer Science To my roommate, Colin, I will always remember the good times. I look for- ward to the good times in the future, To E1 '06, you all were one of the few things in West Point that made cadet life fun, I'll miss you all. To my family, I love you, I'll never forget who I am or where I come from. I love you all. No regrets. Track and Field C4,3,21j IM Handball C11 Companies: G21 E1 BENIAMIN LEE WASHKOWIAK Ottawa, IL Civil Engineering Ille gitimus Non Carborundum... Freestyle Wrestling C41, Sandhurst C321 Companies: B3 X E1 102 ++ ,fi V-nst " ,awe ' flu I -W all this I lk it I' 'UW xg" ' ...figs Lk ff. 1"""""9' 'll' viwi' wi., , - fa.-. F' if QR .wil IAMES DAVID SMALL Vienna, VA Human and Regional Geography Iames is the definition of a true friend. He has never let a friend down. From the Prep School to Firstie year, he has worked hard for all of the success he has ever experienced on the track, at the Academy, and in the classroom. The memories he has been a part of will last a lifetime. With a personality impos- sible to resist, James will go far in the Army and whenever else he chooses. West Point won't be the same without him. Much Love .... Track C4,31g Viking Intramurals f2,1l Companies: G41 E1 GORDON CULLEN THOMAS Bear, DE Mechanical Engineering Life is full of challenges and it takes certain type of attitude and character to stand straight and make a difference. Gordo always had the easygoing atti- tude towards the problems of life. Be it at West Point or outside, he always managed to open doors using his charm and honesty. His dedication to his friends and cheerful personality will always be remembered. Good luck and thank you. You made a difference in my life. Mahmut Sandhurst C21g SMC f4,3,2,11 Companies: D4fE1 GEOFFREY IORDAN WHITFIELD Buchanan, MI Human!Regional Geography Mom, Dad, Nathan, Jason, Kelesta, and Vickig thanks for raising me, teaching me, making me tough, inspiring me, supporting me and showing me that things don't always pan out the way you want them too. Haley, we started this place together and now we are fin- ishing it together. Stuntman C4, 315 Army Football C215 Grappling C115 Canturbury Club C4- 11 Companies: C4fE1 CORY IAMES WROBLEWSKI Kearney, NE Law Cory doesn t just run hard, he lives hard, He masters the balance between mental toughness and a charming per- sonality. He will live life and never look backp he will never need to because those he leads will be forever commit- ted to his charisma and imminent suc- cess. When I think of Cory I think of, well, everything everyone Wants to be. - CDB. Cross Country f1,2,3,4JQ Track Sz Field f1,2,3,4JQ Honor Committee f1,2,3JQ Army Track Captain C13 Companies: B2fE1 4-rf, .AM eager fa I a iii' . 4 I fm ae-'iw BRYAN YANG-Woo YooN Paramus, NI APL This experience was somehow awful and rewarding at the same time. Thanks to all of my friends, who helped make these years more than worthwhile. Good luck, and I am sure we will be seeing each other again. IM Soccer BDE Champions f3,2J Companies: E2fE1 103 1 if ' Q . A .f in fs 1 5 S . I. , 3 In E if QS .1 S 'Z Q 1 , , X 4 fi f , New W .N f-rw" E'-A. -Y ff ,.,. ' ' ,,W,'-v- fi?- 'W -A N ' ' W ,-,,x'- W , ' 1 1 4 if Q .ff if 5- .-74 1 rv 1 .W -. 'W nm Q R S? M v f -1- , , 1K3 11 my ,-,,f . 5, I ,,,Y... 1 , . 1 'U I I' '. Wm ' . X fagsm N A , N A " Y' 1 5 A ' We , 3'3l ,33 2 'FI .Wm n1,m V V Wi n N u Ji, eg Q9 ,! jn:32:' E l' H MFI, ,, H, - Aiwa "f?m""".-- ,X ,-1, 'UCI' -.-W. SAM ALAN DEEN Canton, TX Leadership Thanks to my family, friends, and crew for the love, support, and the good times. Cheers Sprint Football H41 Companies: G3fF1 ALEX DUFFY Marietta, GA Civil Engineering To all I encountered at West Point, No bond shall be stronger than the forged camaraderie we share as being part of the corps. To the good 'ol boys of F-1, keep lightin' fires, rockin' and rolling, and bring some hell out to the battles we're bound for. To the lady who will some day ask if I put you in my year book bio, I love ya forever baby. To parents, family, friends, I couldn't have done it without you. I won't let you down. Rock on! -DUFF IM handball f4,3,2,1JQ Bowler, PokerfWhiffle ball player, 8z Pro Wrestler f3,2,1J Companies: H11 F1 VICTOR M. FIGUEROA Brentwood, NY Systems, Fos This is to all my good friends from the fire house, you guys know who you are. I will always have the great memories and great times that we have shared. from Chris being, ,with his loud music, to Andy arguing with Drew Little about nothing on the handball court. I will never forget the unicorns. They will live on forever.I will remember how we first met at the BBQ, no one knew each other. In the end we formed a bond that no one can take away. Marathon team C4Jg IM f3,2,1J Companies: H2fF1 ' "c"""" ,fry 4 dass-A ' 5 R if A as -. f , , Y Haw? ry? ,W 32 5 Yi 2 7 mi!! if .Z .wil ,vw , fm. ,i 'W 'ff Jill" lx 'fl U .5 4 if pil' it-an-e 4--Q. KATE ELIZABETH DELLAVALLE Ringoes, NI American Politics Mom, Dad, Linny, Ash, and Paigey: Thank you for your unconditional love and endless support. "Trust in the LORD with all your heart and he will make your path straight."Proverbs 3:5 Attitude: The longer I live, the more I realize the impact of attitude in my life. To all my friends and second families: Thanks for a great four years. CEH Psalm 23. Rabble Rousers f3,2,1J g FCA f4,3,2,1Jg Ring and Crest Chairperson C4,3,2,1J: Sandhurst C3,2,1l Companies: D21 F1 AUSTIN ScoT DZIENGELEWSKI Southwick, MA International Relations Companies: B31 F1 CHRISTOPHER DAVID FREEBORG Kingwood, TX Operations Research To all my friends, family, classmates and especially my fiance, thanks for me ge-tft-hfough these wonder- ful years behind the walls of West Point. I couldn't have done it without you. You made the bad times good and the good times better. I wouldn't trade any of you for the world and I wish you all the best in whatever future endeavors life brings your way. God bless and always remember that "Life is a Com- petition, so do your best." Sandhurst f3,2,1Jg BSU C455 OCF f4,3,2J Companies: A4f F1 105 ELIZABETH ELLEN GREENSTEIN South Barrington, IL Life Science West Point would not have been the same without the friendships that I've made over the past 4 years. Thank you for the memories and great times that we've had together. I love you all! Good luck as we go our own ways. Thank you to my family for supporting me through the smiles, laughter, and tears in every- thing I've decided to do. Let's see where the next adventure leads... "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me."Philippians 4:13 Equestrian C4,3,2,1Jg Team Captain C135 OCF C4,3,2,1Jg Chapel Choir f4,3,2,1JS PSST I4,3,2,U Companies: G41 F1 CHRISTOPHER CHARLES HEATH Bridgeport, CT Systems Engineering The epitome of an Army officer! leader X gentleman, Christopher experienced life to the X-treme through hardcore music, large amounts of Mountain Dew, candy binges, sea monkeys, and an overabun- dance of comments that make people around him laugh or feel awkward. One finds the greatest measure of the man in his ability to deliver great retribution upon the enemies of the United States, while maintaining his pleasure for uni- corns and Velcro shoes. Marathon C4Jg Snowboard Team C2,1Jg Sandhurst C31 Companies: G31 F1 DOUGLAS HOWARD KASTING Jenks, OK Systems Engineering FOS Duty, Honor, Kasting Baseball C43 Companies: H4 X F1 106 ai ima - 5'1l.Qf'. p.. ' I 'X Ev sg , 1+ .. 1591 .Ma-unatkt ...Q-'-rf' 919 AW? 5452 Q39 N4 ,.,.,-n 'S WWW' f' f "X: .1 BENIAMIN ScoTr GRIFFIN Zig Zag, OR American History Thanks to all my friends and my family for making this place so much better. Army Chess Team C4Jg IM Rugby C3,2J Companies: G4fF1 BENIAMIN DAVID IOHNSTON Dayton, TN Arabic To my friends around the world, thank you for your role in bringing me to and through this place. To my friends here, your support has been unbelievable. No matter where life takes us, I will never forget these years... Through the good times, the bad times, and all in between: Through the tears and the laughter, the frustrated screams, All the times that we shared are so precious to me- They are our memories. Companies: B4fF1 IARED WILLIAM KRUGER Spring Grove, IL Geospatial Information Science To all my friends and family, you're the ones who made this place a great expe- rience. I thank you every day. Good luck with whatever you do. SIGSAC C4,3,2,1JQ Paintball C4,3JQ WKDT C439 IM C4,3,2,1J Companies: B21 F1 SARAH STEWART MCNAIR Newtown Square, PA French, HumanlRegional Geography "To endure is greater than to dare, to tire out hostile fortune, to be daunted by no difficulty, to keep heart when all have lost it - who can say this is not greatness?" -William Makepeace Thackeray Companies: F31 F1 SHANE WILLIAM ORAVSKY Catskill, NY Engineering Management Thanks to God, Mom, Dad, Iillian, fam- ily, and friends for giving me the sup- port I needed to do well. To all my friends and classmates at the Academy, good luck in the coming years. It's been a great experience. IM l4,3,2,1J Companies: F3 X F1 CoDY LYNN PITTMAN Pleasant Hill, OR Environmental Geography -Thanks to all my brothers on the Sprint Team. You all have taught me more than you can imagine. Best times of my life. jhanks to my ,Qmlyback home, espe- cially my parents. I made it because of your love, support, and confidence. -To my classmates- Sit tall in the saddle, hold your head up high Keep your eyes fixed, where the trail meets the sky And live like you ain't afraid to die And don't be scared, just enjoy your ride. Sprint Football f4,3,2,1J Companies: H1fF1 .y A . .LW I r"'7X?'ti ' ' , ,, 1 A V Er .fra 1 , I x A ,g.il93'5P,,t,' 'HP' IACOB LANCE MURPHY El Paso, TX Environmental Geography are Corps Squad Football f4,3,2,1J W? Companies: H11 F1 Q- - 5625 ROBBY OTWELL Fairview, OK International Relations To all my friendsmthanks for pushing sie me through. You all have made this the most memorable experience of my life, and I can never thank you enough. Good luck and I'll see ya'1l in the sandbox..."the dude abides" fi Mountaineering Team f4,3,2,1Jg Infantry Tactics f4,3JQ Russian Club C3523 Companies: A21 F1 11023, THOMAS RONAN Long Island, NY Systems Engineering Lacrosse f4,3,2,1J Companies: C2fF1 K 1 G' fi Q 107 RYAN FIELD SLOCUM Cary, NC Operations Research "Big gulps eh? Welp, see ya later!" It was real, it was fun...thanks, and have a good one. Companies: C11 F1 TYLER DOUGLAS STEFFENSON Tucson, AZ Computer Science Thanks to my parents for getting me here, my friends for getting me through, and Deanne for keeping me sane. "I'll sleep when I'm dead." - Warren Zevon Fencing f4,3,2,1Jg SIGSAC f4,3,2,1J Companies: B2fF1 ELLIOTT IAN WONG South Pasadena, CA Environmental Engineering Thank you to my family and friends who have made this experience what it is. "Aut tace aut loquere meliora silenciof' COnly when the words outperform the silence.J -Unknown Companies: E1fF1 108 if Q M, K K- ez: Q 'fy y, 1' ., i at 3 . Hifi' W ,gt it 'W Aa ui' . . ,'il .Wi fi: ........ab vi ,E 'iff I-.. v-01 1,471 5 'sf' Q xg .ri 2, 'Pe 1? f I D T 5, W ,Q "ah, N ,,4ma ,an-I.. mum' 4--ww 'QW 'Q iii, NICHOLAS ALEXANDER SoRoItA West Chester, PA Civil Engineering Thank you to those who have meant so much to me, namely my survival at the Academy. I only hope I have returned a portion of what you have given me. Civil Club Vice Pres. f2,1Dj Art Forum ACIC C3,2,1Jg Ethics Bowl C2,1jg ICM Math Bowl Team Capt f3,2.1l Companies: G3 X F1 ANDREW VERREZZERNI WILCOX Harker Heights, TX Computer Science To all my friends over the years, ya'll made West Point worth it. From first year roommate fights, good times at Buckner, amazing summers on the lake in Texas, Spring breaks, and long week- ends. To all my boys in the Firehouse, there was no better Company to be in. We finally made it .... good talk, and see you out there. Corps Squad Football C4Jg Extreme Snowboard Team f2,1JQ Russian Club f3J Companies: C41 F1 CHRISTOPHER REGENT WOOD Las Cruces, NM German SL Spanish "Destiny is not a matter of chance, it is a matter of choice: it is not a thing to be waited for, it is a thing to be achieved." -William Iennings Bryan "If you wait until the last minute, it only takes a minute." -Cadet Proverb Frog Football C4Dg Firehouse Football f3,2JQ Firehouse Team Handball C3,2,1J Companies: F4f F1 109 .. . DEREK THOMAS AMLIE St. Paul, MN Environmental Engineering "Without pain, without sacrifice we would have nothing." IM Football f3,1JQ USCGA Boxing C23 Companies: F3 f G1 IESSICA S. BAKER College Station, TX Spanish Thank you to all who have supported me through everything, especially my family and friends. I love you all! 123445 Sandhurst C13 Companies: G4fG1 110 'ire-di af'- Www- W -n':'gQ'I'1l" fue? STEPHEN BRETT ANASTASIA Medford, NY Law To my loving parents, brother, and friends, Thank You for the inspiration and support needed to make it through the past four years. I will cherish the good memories while simultaneously repressing the bad. I hope I'll always remember, "I Take Nothing For Granted, I Now Have Only Good Days Or Great Days." Club Rugby C415 Corps Squad Wrestling f3,2,1J Companies: C1fG1 IoHNRoss BARNES Strong City, KS Mechanical Engineering "During the six weeks since the night of the clowns, we had spoken many times. I had committed her number to memory." Sandhurst C4,3,1Dg Mini Baja f2,1J Companies: D1fG1 NYREA CECILI BOLTON Winchester, VA Psychology Friends are kisses blown to us by an- gels. NAuthor Unknown -Thanks to all of my angels fboth fam- ily and friendsj. I couldn't have done this without you! Equestrian Team C4Jg Rabble Rousers C3,2J: Gospel Choir C4Jg Bible Talk f4,3,2,1JQ FCA f4,3J Companies: H1fG1 DANIEL EDWARD CASTLE Horseheads, NY Computer Science Here's to Brasso. IM FootballC4,1Jg IM wrestlingC4Jg IM Boxingf3Jg IM Orienteeringfglg IM GoaltimateC2Jg SandhurstC2J Companies: D1fG1 ALEX IOHN DEEP New Fairfield, CT Arabic and American Politics Thanks to everyone for making West Point a memorable experience at the lery least. I made my bgt friends here and I know that I'll see you all again one day. Team Handball f4,3,2,1J Companies: H3fG1 . 1. ., ,.,,. . 'ZZ' ., f'il?gj is 'lv ' Us A v 91 W5 . r, . i ,: Nm!! 'K-:E in-f-59' HPI!! LUKE ANDREW CALVERT Broken Arrow, OK Law Thank you to my brothers who helped me make it through, and thank you to my family for all the support and love. Thank you to all for the support and love, and thanks to a Gracious God for the blessings over the past 4 years. Wrestling f4,3,2,1J Companies: G41 G1 ION PATRICK CHEATWOOD Fresno, CA American Politics So blessed. I am forever thankful to each person who has been with me along the way, without you this place and graduating together means little. Chris, thanks for being a great friend and roommate for so many years. To my Swiftie brothers - it has been a privilage to play with such a great group. You are some of the greatest people I have ever known. It has been a great ride. See you somewhere down the road. God bless. Sprint Football, f2,1JQ FCA f3,2,1Jj Catholic Choir f4,3,2,1J Companies: F3fG1 IERRY VICTOR DREW II Sandy Lake, PA Art, Philosophy, St Literature lou are in my thoughts more than you know. HoWitzerfMortar f3,2,1JQ Co- Editor-in-Chief fijg Catholic Choir f4,3,2,1JQ Parade Announcer f3,2,1JQ CCD teacher f4,3l Companies: A2 f G1 l 1 1 LORINIZ BENJAMIN GLEICH Greenville, SC Civil Engineering Lorintz has been my roommate for about two years now and there is no way I could have found a better friend. We may joke around with each other at times, but he is the kind of guy you can count on when you really need it. Good luck in the future and always make the most of every occasion. On a final note: To love, to honor . . . -KP IM Football C4,3,2,1JQ IM Rugby C3,2,1JQ Sandhurst C4Jg Jewish Choir C4,3,2,1J: Army Dwmline f4,3,2J Companies: C2fG1 REINALDO GONZALEZ II Hackensack, Nl International Relations I want to thank my mother and father. Without their unwavering support and encouragement, I would not be where I am today. I would also like to thank my two sisters. To my older sister, thanks for being there for me. And to my younger sister, thanks for always en- couraging me and coming to see me. Life will be good to both of you. I also want to thank my mentor, sponsor, their families, and two other soldiers. Thanks for everything. Pipes and Drums C415 Scouts C4,3,2,1J: Ski Patrol 643,234 LETC C2,1JQ CPRC C13 Companies: C2fG1 STEPHEN I'IICKS St. Charles, IL Computer Science To Dan, Keith, and Lorintzz thanks for watching Stargate with with me, pro- crastinating with me, and making me study occasionally. You were awesome roommates. CS Majors: thank you for never letting it get boring. To Mom, Dad, and Greg: thank you for always understanding and always giving me your support. To Melissa: thank you for saying yes. I love you! And thank you Lord, for everything. Isaiah 40: 30-31 Navigators C4,3,2,1JQ IM Rugby C4,1JQ IM Soccer C4,1Jg BDE Open Wrestling Champion CSDQ Companies: G3fG1 1 12 sum ' ' :l-"Wt ,tht an ,,.-.- it I tr 1 " F- 533 it A 3 'BQ Y' 1,-nuff M55 ' 'Z' if I QP- X, 'lr .Q-if ,--v f I., WIP- DANIEL ISMAEL GONZALEZ Cortlandt Manor, NY International Relations The past four years have been long and I must thank my family for their sup- port. I am forever grateful. My friends you have made the past four years memorable, whether it was the OC, who luckily turned out to be our old TAC, catching us after TAPS, the night before Xmas leave, Plebe year wrestling or 500th night weekend using unorthodox tech- niques to hang the pinata from the cabin ceiling. To my classmates best of luck. It has been quite a ride. Sandhurst C3,2J Companies: A4fG1 ROLAND DOWELL GRIFFITH II Leavenworth, KS Chinese I'm convinced that Roland will fly one day, he's simply bigger than his body gives him credit for. His theme is Can't Slow Down Yet, and I swear I've never known anyone who goes as much as he does. He's my best friend 8: one of a kind. Griff, I admire you for all that you've become. To me, you're abrother. That will never change. You truly are one of the noble and great ones. Never forget that. Keep your chin up and your eyes looking to the Heavens. One. LDSSA C4,3,2,1D Companies: E1fG1 BRIAN IOHN HOTTEL Westlake, OH Mechanical Engineering Thanks to God, all my family, and my friends that supported me throughout my time here. You all made life that much better. To G-Money, there were some excellent memories made and we've had some most excellent adventures. Malachi 3:3 Proverbs 19:21 Sandhurst C3,2,1Jg Navs C3,2J: SMC C4,3,2,1J: Combined Arms C233 OCFC4,1JQ Staff 81 Ushers C4,3,2J Companies: B4fG1 wh9iseYeme3Ye13YLh1Ha.Th351 MICHELLE KEEYOUNG KIM Forest Hills, NY Human St Regional Geography Graduation, it's just the beginning, Good luck to everyone! "It is right it should be so, Man was made for Ioy 8: Woe, And when this we rightly know Thro' the World we safely go. Ioy 8: Woe are woven fine, A Cloth- ing for the Soul divine, Under every grief 8: pine Runs a joy with silken twine." -William Blake Softball Manager C4Jg Crew C3,2j: Wornenls Team Handball f2,1J Companies: D2 X G1 IANET KIM MARTINI Stafford, VA American Politics "I have never let my schooling interfere with my education." - Mark Twain Debate Team f4,3JQ Womenis Lacrosse f3,2J Companies: A21 G1 CHRISTIAN DAVID MOONEYHAM Fresno, CA Civil Engineering To my friends, the people who made life tolerable. To my family, the people ' k Cross Country f4,3Jg Indoor and Outdoor Track C4,3J: Marathon C215 Triathlon KID: Catholic Choir i4,3,2,1l Companies: BQ! G1 ,yf'rw, ,F A if 1- 'H S Q' . I 2 H G ,J -N . ,t sf I ...vw . I- vfvv rift, 'p..,I.- .Cr - A 'Y ar" ,IW t - I ,rt Q I at A f A M z ,ff Www? ' Imaam If " 1 win 'ww .ua-Nevis NW if iff? mwwwy ilii left l..f'2 fill txl, it if W., VALTON LACONT KING II Columbia, SC Environmental Engineering Alex, Travis, and Scott I hate you all. Travis I will see you again on our infi- nite number of tours together. To all the handball players, I am the tightest person you ever met. Wanksta fix your eye and Iamie Sanjuan-Rubio dry off. And to Dariam, I love you. Team Handballg Lacrosse Companies: H3fG1 RAYMOND ANTHONY MocKUs Chicago, IL Arabic St French I've been described as a "super sweet dude, with hot moves and a posh voice." What else can I say? Thanks to those who made this place worth coming back to after every not quite long enough stint of freedom and fun, you know who you are. Good luck guys, and remember, "Education is what remains after one has forgotten everything he learned in school." -Albert Einstein Paintball f4,3,2,1JQ IM Rugby f4,3JQ IM Football 14,335 IM Sockey QIJQIM Boxing f3,2Jg Jl1dOf4Dj Sandhurst f2Jg Native American Heritage Forum f1,2J Companies: FQ! G1 KEITH THOMAS ASHMAN PHELAN Summerville, SC Mechanical Engineering Keith has not only been a great room- tmendianipeerias well. He IS kind of guy that truly leads from the front, both on the foot- ball! rugby field and when dealing with his subordinates. Thank you for all of the great memories and stories, and I want to wish you the best. - LG GO GREEKS! INTRAMURALS! C4,3,2,1J: Mech Club f4,3,2,1JQ Ski Patrol f3,2JQ SMC C3,2,1Dg Ultimate Frisbee f2,1J Companies: F2 f G1 ll3 BRIAN PAUL POWELL Allentown, PA Nuclear Engineering "So many people have come and gone Their faces fade as the years go by Yet I still recall as I wander on As clear as the sun in the summer sky" -Boston, "More than a feeling" Thank you to my friends... these are the years and you are the people I will never forget as long as I live... and thank you to my family... you gave me roots, wings, and unconditional love when I needed it most. Track f4,3JQ IM Handball C2J: IM Footballfij Companies: F4fG1 ANDREW DAVID ROBINSON Eagle, ID Economics "Have I not commanded you? Be strong and of good courage: do not be afraid, nor be dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go." Ioshua l:9 Sprint Football f4Jg Protestant Sunday School Teachers f4,3,2,1DQ Sport Parachute C4,3,2,1J: Brigade Sandhurst C15 Companies: E4fG1 ScoTT MCCARTY SWEENEY Madison, WI Environmental Engineering I have to thank my family because it is their support that helped me get through these four years. Jewish Chapel Chior C415 Chess Club C13 Companies: H1fG1 II4 H M-- f, -ff, 2 . 5 5 1 ' W xwww 'A A 'lk . J R MQW iii wen-vii' u'fw .25 gf It iii . MN NEDILIRO RADANOVIC Sinj, Croatia Electrical Engineering The juice was worth the squeeze. Mountaineering Team C2,1J: Sapperg Century Man Companies: A2 X G1 TRAVIS BoYD STUTES Crowley, LA Russian To my parents: "You're always stron- ger than you think and you're never alone." To Iason and jon: Here's to New Orleans and a lot of good times on the area. I couldn't ask for better friends. To the G-Money Crew: here's to all the misadventures from South-Gate to Yale and everything in between. We defi- nitely got that "itis." Finally, to Alex and V: From Beast to Firstie brass, you are truly my brothers. This is CA sign- ing off. Drill Team C4,3J Companies: H3fG1 IACOB DANIEL VANKO Timonium, MD Military Art St Science Well met, A.M.D.G. Ski Instructor C3,2,1j: Snowboard C13 Companies: B4fG1 IONATHAN MARTIN WERTZ Rockville, MD Engineering Psychology Companies: H3fG1 4-'rw , www wRHW',1qfi"-Q 'al if 9,9 in Q F cfhv ,,. ,I L 'Ji U . MICHAEL EDWARD DAIL Van Alstyne, TX GIS "Therefore endure hardship as a good soldier of Iesus Christ. No man that wars entangles himself with the affairs of this life: that he may please him who has chosen him to be a soldier." 2 Tim 223494. Thank you everyone out there that helped me through this place - I could not have done it without you. Finally, to my best friends - Friters, Obie, I Anderson, and the Drumline, thanks for making this place easier. I told you all l would make it. Drumline C4,3,2,1lg IM Football C4,3,2Jg IM Handball C4,3,1Jg BSU C3,2,IJg Racquetball Team CIJ Companies: F2 f H1 DAVID EDWARD DREW, IR. Crystal Springs, MS Information Systems Engineering Thanks to my parents for all their love and suport. It's been a good experience. Glee Club C4,3,2,1J Companies: G2fH1 NATIIANIEL IVEY Fousr Chapel Hill, NC Systems Engineering Thank you to my parents and family for the love and support. To all my team- mates, you guys made this place much more bearable . . . you are my best 'fi-iendsgandl know we have some more good times ahead of us. Corps Squad Lacrosse JV C413 Varsity C3,2,1J Companies: B41 H1 fhdhw 'Ji-fr WM' ,,,,,., mi I fl :WP t wqpx ,'N":-r':f" F1 70? 'JV AA.. I-diulit JOSEPH MICHAEL DE CHAUNY Barrington, RI Economics Thanks to all my great friends who've made so may good memories. This has been one of the longest roads l've been down, and its taught me alot about my- self. From Mexico, Vietnam, Puerto Rico, Iamaica, St. Lucia, and Singapore to brigade boards with Col. Stone. Look- ing forward to the adventure that awaits me outside this placemalmost there Sandhurst C33 Companies: E4fH1 MARC CASSIDY DUDER Midlothian, TX American History "ln the final choice a soldier's pack is not so heavy as a prisoner's chains." -Dwight D. Eisenhower Roothawg Rugby C3,2l Companies: G2fH1 IENNIFERLAURENGONSER Cape Cod, MA Civil Engineering jen, HIS Little Soldier, the woman with the constant smile, word of encourage- ment, helping hand and song in her heart and on her lips. She loves her Lord --Jesus and-loves to share His love- with- everyone! She is always so faithful and compassionate to others. Constantly serving other without expecting anythig in return. To end this just as Ien does everything...with a song "Friends are friends forever if the Lord is the Lord of them!" OCF C4,3,2,1JQ PCC f4,3,2,1JQ Pipes8zDrums f4,3,2JQ Society of W. Eng. C2,1Jg CE Club C2,1Jg Sandhurst f4,3l Companies: A2fH1 117 IOSEPH PATRICK GRESENZ San Antonio, TX Economics CI and Erik, thanks for always being there even when you weren't. Colby you were the best roommate I could imagine. Mom and Dad I'd have never gotten in here if it weren't for you. "There are no great limits to growth because there are no limits Of human intelligence, imagination, and WOnder." -Ronald Reagan Catholic Religious Ed C4,3,2,1l Companies: C4fH1 TIMOTHY HODGE Rye, NY Military History It's all fun and games until someone loses an eye. Then its a game of find the eye. HI Sandhurst C3,2,1D Companies: D3fH1 DANIEL GOLD HWANG Snellville, GA Sociology Danny has made it to the top and he's going to stay there for the rest of his life: it's inevitable. He makes everyone around him better by identifying and provoking their source of motivation. Exceptionally personable, confident, and passionate, he dares to give more Of himself than anyone I know. From the cello to ruck-marches, he's probably going to be better than you, but in the end you will find yourself fired up 5 that's what Danny does. Parachute Team f4,3,2,1JQ KARS C4,3,2,1Jg ACS f4,3,2JQ Investment Club f4,3,2JQ USAFA SAEPPER Q33 Companies: B1fH1 118 ees- h I I 1' ' 'P , - - ,v .V I 1:1 v " f st e 'I y sf , 4 at 1' THOMAS ANTHONY 'WH' GUTIERREZ Houston, TX Engineering Management Hifi r ,I Wt To everyone that ever helped me through this place: Thank you. I must say this now cause I may never get another chance. I know that I would not have made it without the support from my classmates and family, SO thank you. 9-was Skeet and Trap Team f4,3,2,1JQ IMs f4,3,2,1l Companies: A2 f H1 has PATRICK CHARLES HOWLETT West Islip, NY US History I never met a greater group of guys. "We few. We happy, happy few. We 'UMW . Band of Brothers." Iwill miss you guys, Q- --W' Roothawg or Die! Dreams can come true...I love you PUPPY' IM Wrestling f4,2,1J: Freestyle Wrestling C115 Sandhurst f3JgIM Pass and Go C2Jg Spirit Band C4JgPhi Alpha Theta President CID Companies: D1fH1 BRIAN KARHOFF Pandora, OH Engineering Management There are a few defining moments in our lives, and I think Brian found one of his in coming to West Point. From a small town in Ohio, Brian quickly ad- justed tO military life and excelled in everything he did including going out every Thursday night Cow year to the O Club with his buds! West Point seemed like eternity sometimes, but a true friend like Brian made it worth the experience. Nights to remember, Friends I'll never forget. -SCH Ski Instructor f2,1JQ Skeet and Trap f4,3Jg German Club f3,2,1JQ Scouts C4,3.2,1l: ASEM f2,1l 'H' Companies: G41 H1 g sf I : itolg WI f if mahead ofus. Tdmyfmnilyz PATRICK KIM Hacienda Heights, CA American Legal Studies West Point has taught me many valu- able lessons. Of these, the most impor- tant is to cherish family 8: friends, be- cause when the going gets tough, they'll help you carry your burdens. To those that prayed, encouraged, and strength- ened me throughout the past four years, thank you, OCF I4,1l5 KARS C4,3,2,1J9 Intramural Slug C4,3,2,1J Companies: G2 X H1 WILLIAM SETH Lorrs Richmond, VA Mechanical Engineering Will work through anything. Football C4,3,2,1jg Honor Rep C2,1J Companies: F4fH1 BRIAN IAMES MARTINEZ Sandwich, MA Engineering Management To all my friends: you guys made this place so much better the past four years, and I know we will have good times being there for me and always support- ing me while at the Academy. To Lynette: swooop swooop...did I ever tell you I love you so much. The dawn is break- ing, A light shining through, You're barely waking, And I'm tangled up in you. Good luck to everyone! Football C413 Rugby C4,3,2,IJg Soccer C3,2,1JQ Spanish Club C3,2,1J Companies: H21 H1 ADRIAN I. Koss Clarence, NY Germanfltussian "It's true hard work never killed any- body, but I figure, why take the chance?"-Ronald Reagan H-1 Rugby Coach C3,2,1J Companies: C2fH1 MYRA MARIE MARKEY Freeland, Ml Law To my family: Thanks for all the sup- port over the last four years, as crazy as it sounds I feel a lot closer to you now. To my friends 8: teammates: Thanks for all the great times, laughter and sup- port. Always remember, "It's not where you are, but who you are with! " Track C4,3,2,1Jg Cross Country C2,1Dj Basketball C4,3,Q Companies: D3 f H1 ELIZABETH LAUREL MICHEALSON Albuquerque, NM Life Science "Bid me run and I will strive with things impossible." - William Shakespeare. Thank you Mom and Dad and Chris -and Matt and-Marisa for alwaysbeliev- ing in me and for offering me your support when I did and even when I didn't need it most. And Preston, thank you for staying by my side through all my ups and downs. You are my best friend. Your love and encouragement make me a better person. I love you all. Staff 81 Ushers C4-1Jg Cadet Catechist C4-135 RCIA C3,1Jg Marathon Team C235 Sandhurst C453 IMS C4,3,1Jg Medical Service Corps Companies: B2fH1 IILLIAN MARIE MORTON Charles Town, WV Operations Research and Portuguese Thanks to my family, especially my big brothers for the childhood that prepared me so well for West Point fhaha!j. Isaac- no matter what the future has in store for us, we will always have an amazing bond and can say we made through high school and all of West Point to- gether and still I look forward to more time with youj. Eva--my ranger buddy! Ienn--best roomie ever. You made my time here great. Friends- I Will miss you. Good luck in all you do. Portuguese Club!! f2,1JQ Sandhurst f4lS IM's f4,3,2,1l Companies: C3 f H1 IENNIFER MARIE PAscUcc1 Pine Bush, NY Law!American Legal Studies Iennifer is known for her fire, and the spark that she brings to everything she does. Her passion and heart are the strongest around. She has an uncon- querable spirit that was born to lead. Iennifer will never know the strength that she gives everyone around her. The bond that links your true family is not one of blood, but of respect and joy in each other s life. Rarely do members of one family grow up under the same roof. Soccer f4,3,2,1D Companies: C41 H1 BRAD IOSEPH ROBERTS Tampa, FL Systems Engineering Thank you Mom and Dad for all the love and support you gave me. I'l1 never forget it. Life at the academy is not easy, but it would have been impossible if it wasn't for my roommate Brandon aff: "E I wr 4 A 1 f i -f iw Q -' '14 .ffsag T I fi 'UQ' . -qv I, -wld jlilit 'av BRANDON KENNETH NEWRIRR Elmer, N1 Systems Engineering Thanks to my family for their undying support, to B rad, the best roomate ever, for taking care of me, and to my Broth- ers, the best group of young men ever assembledg may our journey together never end. "You may regret what you do, but you'll regret what you don't do even more." Sprint Football f4,3,2,1J Companies: D41 H1 MATTHEW R. PETERSON Buffalo, MN Chemistry Some of the best times I have ever had. To my roommates, without you guys I would have been graduating from some- where else, Thanks guys. Tennis Manager f4,3,2,1Jj ACS f2,1J Companies: D4fH1 COLEY IAMES SMITHMEYER Spokane, WA Mechanical Engineering Mech Club f3,2,1JQ IM's f4,3,2,1J "Sarge" Newkirk. "Swifties, SwiftieS" Gotta love that tradition. But most im- portantly I have to thank my hockey family for pushing me when I needed to be pushed and pushing me some more when I didn't. We will always be a fam- ily CM,SB,BR. R.I.P Hinesy Companies: C4fH1 Ice Hockey f4,3,2,1Jg Team Captain C13 Companies: E1fH1 TZ' '- J , T? ff 120 Y N 7 w V V l 121 I I E r 5 L I I v i I ABBAS OLUSEGUN ELEGBA Bowie, MD Engineering Management You're going to do great things wher- ever you go brotha. I truly believe that. Always the mind of reason and sensi- bility, you've kept me level-headed throughout all these years, We haven't gotten through to Austin yet but he's a unique one! Stay ambitious and I'll see you at the other end, doing the things we love to do. I'll take one for you any day. Your roommate, best friend, brother - Mike Plebe Co: E2 soccer, A-2 IM Boxing, IM RUGBY Companies: E2fA2 IASON MICHAEL KOWRACH NCWPOIT, RI Systems Engineering FOS "These things I do so others may live"fUS PI'sJ To the prepsters who make life enjoy- able, the F4 suite who got me through plebe year, the xc ski team, the guys and girls WI TEJLSIHMDODMMMLHISIGTDTR LKwhomI have spent many qualities horns with in one way or another, the girl who has captured my heart U, and the go to boys MT THJM BM AC BHICMPNEVERQUIT you all have made my experience here complete. I will never forget. Nordic Ski Team C4,3,2,1Jg Ski Patrol K4,3l: Cycling C334 Big Brothers C3,2,1J: OCF I4,3,2,1l Companies: F4fA2 CRESTA LIN LEBRUN Los Alamos, NM Engineering Management When she wasn't shaving, dyeing, or riding Srthe mules, you could be sure to Find Cresta rolling in the hay, gOing to the rnoviewor listening to those countRy tunes with her fiance. Nurturing her sEa monkeys and hermit crabs was an arduous task, but she still managed to find time to be a fun-loVing and gEnuine fRiend. But beware, behind that smile lies mischief. go hammer. CLB. Mule Team f3,2,1Jj Volleyball C41 Companies: H2fA2 1 jf' ffi It A Jo. .. -'fx .N , . 'L it 4--'YW .ggi QTY 'Hui R- ia.: 1:34 15112 .: ff, 'a-.Qif 335, ' S 5-'I I 6 w' '84 rf F Ir it 1' xl , ,I, ga A Y. mayb' WILLIAM E. IVINS Oklahoma City, OK Systems Engineering Wow, the time goes by slow but it went by fast. The help of close friends and loved ones made this possible. A quota- tion that sums up my time at West Point: "In my experience, there's no such thing as luck." Obi-Wan Kenobi Speech Team f4,3,2JQ Scouts f3,2,1JQ HALO f3,2,1J Companies: F4fA2 IAMES STUART LAWSON Colorado Springs, CO GIS Iim...the man who takes everything in stride. No matter how serious the issue, Iim finds a way to relax. 3 days 16 hours Intramurals f4,3,2,1Jg OCF f4,3,2,1Jg Sandhurst C2,1J: Guitar f2,1J Companies: E4fA2 MICHAEL NAE GYU LEE Glen Rock, NI Economics I East Asian Studies FOS Mike, the most hard working person I know. I know you will be successful in whatever you do. Mike is af trueffriendf that has been there for me whenever I needed him. You are serious but know how to have fun. Keep working man, keep working . I know I will see you at the TOP. Your roommatefbest friend- Abbas JV Lacrosse C455 FAEP C235 Judo I3,2,U9 KARS I4,3,2,1i Companies: C3 fA2 123 ANDREW DUWoRs LowE Holbrook, MA French and Spanish Thanks to my parents and family for supporting me these four years, Dan and Ion, we had an awesome time as roommates, Adam and Christian and the crew at URI for giving me a real college experience: Iessica, you are a great friend, France 2005 and my ladies, thanks to all my other friends for the fun times. Track C3,2,1Jg Baseball f3Jg IM Football f2,1J Companies: G4fA2 AUSTIN WESLEY LUHER V2ll1C0l1VCI', WA Management Austin-A-lu, the kid who was always ready to hide his wallet and run. Most of the time he was running with a woman trailing. Good thing he always had new running shoes for the izzy. His responsibility kept the fab four to- gether on various road trips. Captain Luher never lost the crown for best dressed and most equipped. We will always remember the great times We spent with the fab four. Go Army Golf! Golf f4,3,2,1l Companies: F2 fA2 STEWART AARON MCGURK Greenville, SC International Relations "This shaking keeps me steady. I should know. What falls away is always. And is near. I wake to sleep, and take my waking slow. I learn by going where I have to go." - Theodore Roethke Mountaineering C4Jg Army Boxing I3,2,1l Companies: H1fA2 1' fa. 5 f it 'Q lk 1 ., 3 gtwwgt V I la :QQ . fr' :Swim 'uw '4!C'.I'T1'-'V 3 'll lllllllll :ag 405 'fd' -v----'wp ...,-.,...-Qvf fn-maxi!! Kap- . Q L ff eil if if ae D ..y. 124 'QQ . KRISTIN DANIELLE LOYD Vancouver, WA Law My West Point experience has taught me that: Procrastination is an art, stress can produce brilliance, the future is un- certain, you can endure anything for 4 years, I still don't know what I want to do when I grow up, and everything works out in the end. I would like to thank my family and all the other important people in my life for all their love and support that has helped me endure and succeed. Crew C41 Companies: G3fA2 MICHAEL K. MARTINEZ Raeford, NC St Savannah, GA International Relations I Terrorist Studies Mom, Dad, Ant, Tess, 8: Holsten: Thank you for your strength. I would never have realized my dreams W! out your love.To Aly: you have always been and will continue to be my anchor in this beautiful mystery called love. 6306 Combat Weapons TeamC3,2,1Jg Brigade Commonsense St3ffc4,3,2,1DQ 2'X1 Club fO,4,3,2,1JQ Prepsterfol Companies: A4 XA2 SEAN ROBERT MCMAHON Wallingford, CT Comparative Politics: English Ed was some sort of crazy poet guy until he was found laying in front of a hotel room in Argentina without a single peso in his money clip. Now, he spends his time rockin' on the guitar and hang- ing out with the fellas. He is thinking of joining the Army someday. Ed is a true and intelligent friend, capable of curing cancer, AIDS, and hippie-ism. Drive on Ed, and remember, chicken tastes the best from a tiny shack in the middle of Puerto Viejo. Creative Writing Forum C4,3,2,1Jg Grappling BDE Champs C3Jg Model UN C2Jg Spirit Band f4,3,2J Companies: B1fA2 HALEY E MERCER Lewiston, NY Engineering Management With my West Point journey complete, I have my family to thank. With every success and failure we were all in it together. I love you all and I will never forget your support. To my Dad and Del: I think about you both and feel your presence everyday and I know you both will forever keep me safe! Geoff: Who would have thought I would marry the big man standing next to me in line at USMAPS. I can't wait to start our life together, I Love you. Track f4,3J9 Army B0XiHg C3,2,1l: BDE Champ Boxing 131: Canterbury Club f4,3,2,1l Companies: B1fA2 DANIEL M. ORR Indianapolis, IN Civil Engineering "All our lives we sweat and save, build- ing for a shallow grave Must be something else we say, some- how to defend this place" - jim Morrison SCUBA Team f4,3,2,IJg Ultimate Frisbee f2,1JQ Sprint Football C415 USNA 423, CDQC C33 Companies: A4 fA2 IOSEPH BRUNO PENNELLA Rochester, NY Management I've wanted to attend USMA since I was a boy and while difficult I'm glad I was given the opportunity to attend and graduate. One day I hope to own my own buisness but until then I'll be proudly serving the USA. I will never forget all my boyz who made these past 4 fun. SA, God how much you helped, Thank you. To Mom for always push- ing me, I love you. Liz at NP lots of fun, I'm always here for you. RG,PI I'll never Forget. WP 8: East Henny, much love Mascot CBlack Knight 81 MUl6Jf4JQ Spanish Club C31 Companies: B3 XA2 ff I, .- yr 9 :Ns , - 'I - Y' A""'Qt ,VN fl Guilt' ff T3 I... i.....,. 043' Wai? ,,u.n-015 'Y 94 ,..,-0 DARREN WESLEY MOE Fresno, CA International Relations To My Friends: Thanks for the memo- ries. War Games Committee f3,2,1Jg Officers Christian Fellowship f3,2,1J Companies: D2fA2 SARA ELIZABETH PARISI Oak Creek, WI Military History To all the friends I have made here at West Point, you are the best friends any- one could ever have asked for, and I thank you for your years of love and support. I could never have done this without you. Studio Arts Forum C4,3Jg Army Hockey Fanatic f4,3,2,1D Companies: G3 fA2 DANIEL IOSEPH PLUFF Maplewood, MN Economics Dan will be remembered for his sar- casm, his love of baseball fespecially the bullpenj, and his unwillingness to find a girlfriend at West Point. He finally found a tie and stuck around for four great years.-MCPI Varsity Baseball f4,3,2,1J Companies: C4fA2 it I 125 'IK . IONATHAN RIVERS Aiken, SC Chemical Engineering Nothing lasts forever. Thankfully. Cadet Mountaineering f4,3,2,1J Companies: G4fA2 Scorr CHRISTOPHER YEUNG Pine Bluff, AR Economics To Mom, Dad, and Stella: I love you! Thank you for all of your love and sup- port. It would not have been possible Without you. To the Circle, my best friends, it was a lot of fun guys. Thanks for all the memories and I know we'll have many more. And to everyone else here at the Academy that has touched my life, thanks for everything, good luck, and l'll see you out there! Army Boxing C4,3,2,1Jg A2 Soccer f3,1l Companies: F3fA2 126 DEVLIN PETER WINKELSTEIN Buffalo, NY International Relations and European History "Two roads diverged in a wood, and I- I took the one less traveled by, And that has made all the differe-nce."NRobert Frost. "The main thing is to make his- tory, not to write it."HBismarck. "Round the decay! Of that colossal wreck, boundless and bare X The lone and level sands stretch far away."-Shelly. Mom, Dad, Cam, Nate, Susan: you are the most important people in my life. Thank you friends and clan for supporting me these past four years. Army Sailing f4,3,1JQ Sandhurst fzjg SCUSA f4,3,2,1JQ Catholic Choir C4,3,2,1J: DAF I4,3,2,1l Companies: B1fA2 127 SML' Q 'Q U f M 1 iff, up 1 ' V W l' l REF .. .. g , ' , , N g4xl :f ' .f ' , " 1591 " "R q " Qfgff: I Q 1 .' I - f' , X A Vx' . , N4 I Q VV X, , " 6: ,-V :I ' 1 l w, HV f Q : l W w a ,M . v - A . MH ,,nY .4 A- i- I Y , K4-V . xy- V! ,A 4,,, rv 'Q Y!g'1 'V 1 I 1 .. A '- - we n 1 2 -A 1.23. f A f. : 1Q 1f 3 v : :A l 1 Q V' 1' WA , ' ' Q L Ha.. ' V I f . wr . W . .Q 'W ' if f Q' W 1 A mf' - , :5 ' " "' 'Sp ff ll Q -A if W' :qw-'M N::,,, H 'F "qui: 1,1 3 Mm,:mmBmwMM,f3gw,E , WRFMQ ' 7' J 4 IUAN M. CASTELLANOS Cartagena, Colombia Spanish Born in Colombia. Moved to the USA in 1996 and became a US citizen in 2002. Graduated from the Woodlands High School in Houston, Texas. Corps Squad Soccer f4,3,2,1J. Men's Soccer Captain Firstie Yr C2005-06 Seasonl Companies: B3f B2 ANN LEE COLE Blackstone, VA Psychology All top international athletes wake up in the morning feeling tired and go to bed feeling very tired. - Brendan Foster This is the story of my time at West Point and it has made me a stronger athlete as well as officer. MJCS f2Jg Epispocal Sunday School f3,2,1l5 Cross C0unt1vC4,3,2,1J: Track f4,3,2,1Jg Swimming C13 Companies: F31 B2 MARGARET IOYCE FITZPATRICK Granby, CT American Politics To my parents, Mairen, Mindy, Alice, and Chris: thank you for your patience and support, without which I would not have made it. To the white van: "And say my glory was I had such friends." William Butler Yeats Equestrian C4,3,2,1J Companies: D3 X B2 W p N ,A Y ' ' 'F' 'lata " W ef., W. K . fffw 'i , 1 .L VH V, .firi- t 0 , . I f N , :.., .TW . V ,Q 'X t if A Q .f,v A, .f we-,, s QP.. awp ...........a-..., 'at ry , 0 f' giprfnlii . 252 . T . W rf: 'sm -mv: tlT'f?'!l'! Q' I I I: I tiff' PETER DONGWOOK CHA Sunnyvale, CA Civil Engineering The 47 month journey is now over. There were many hard times along the way, but I have made it with the help of many special people. To my parents, who have never failed to support me in all that I do: I can't thank the both of you enough for doing so much for me. It was more than I could have ever asked for. I LOVE YOU! To my friends who have stuck by me this whole time: I Won't forget how much of a help you all have been. Thanks for everything! ASCE West Point Chapter C3,2,1JQ KARS C4,3,2,1Jg Snowboard Instructor f4,3JQ B2 Intramural Warrior f3,2,1J Companies: B41 B2 IASON CAMERON MCMICHAEL DAVIS Los Angeles, CA International Relations Iason was quite possibly involved in more activities than I thought were hu- manly possible With our schedules. As busy as he was, Iason would always take the time to take care of a friend whether it was at West Point or on a random beach in a South American country. In Jason, one has a friend that is one of those special people who make you a better person just for knowing them. Vive los tiempos buenos!! CAS C4,3,2,1J: Glee Club f4Jg CPRC f4,3,2,1'C1CI3 MUN C4,3,2,1I5 Spanish f4,3,2,1-AfCICJg DAF f2,1Jg Companies: C1fB2 MATTHEW THOMAS FLETCHER Greeneville, TN Operations Research After rooming with Fletch for five se- mesters there's one word to describe him best: tolerant. He kept us .all enter- tained with his smooth Csometirnesj way with the ladies 8: how we both man- aged to push each other in the wrong directions yet somehow still come out on top is a true mystery to me. Keep up the good 'ol down to earth TN style. Thanks for all the honest opinions, good jokes, and most of all, loyalty to your friends. See you out there. Intramurals f4,3,2,1JQ Spirit Band f4,3,2,1JQ Big Brothers and Big Sisters f2,1j Companies: G3 f B2 129 srffv -. . 'fur lf' ' 7' 'Z 1 l 5 l tr " J If 1' STEFAN SPENCER DAVAL A I GERVILLE'REACHE 'l,U'- Dickson, TN Civil Engineering ,I Ralph Waldo Emerson once said, "the only way to have a friend is to be one." Stefan epitomizes this quote and is one of a kind. Whether it is showing some- one how to navigate, on the run, or in the barracks, GR is a person that you can not only depend on, but look up to. Friend to all and enemy of none, he is the quintessential friend. VW- we 1-V Cadet Chapel Choir 14,319 Orienteering Club Team f3,2,1JQ Civil Engineering Club f3,2,1l Companies: E3 X B2 MILES SEBASTIAN HIDALGO Delafield, WI Economics!Arabic Miles is the guy that always has an answer. He excels at just about every- thing he does, but you won't hear that from him. You want to hate him at first, because he's good at all the things you're not, but when he helps you out time and again you understand what a great guy he is. W-M-M Rugby C435 Sandhurst f3,2,1J Companies: A3fB2 DANIEL W KRUEGER, IR. Collierville, TN International Relations Dan or Danimal... who knows what to call him. We were roommates for 5 se- mesters and I have no idea why. He always knew when to give me his stu- pid puns and jokes... none of which were ever funny. Don't forget about Belize or Honduras. If I had a way to describe your dancing skills, I would tell everyone. Thanks for putting up with me over the years. Don't be a stranger and enjoy those knee destroy- ing years in the infantry. OCF f4,3,2,1J: Roller Hockey C3,2J: DAF f2,1DQ Sandhurst C23 Companies: E4f B2 3 WW '. S' ' 1. hi I ' '-,ffl'l" '-+ JQLQ. if K .1 ,I if V K Lf' f A , ..:v ,p , , tt , 9 . vt. we . 1 .-W . " Y' ae . 130 pi! ag- 'T""'T KYLE IARED HATZINGER Rockford, IL Military History "Help me be wise, full of courage and sound judgement. Harden my heart to the sights which I must soon see. Grant me only the power to think clearly, boldly, and resolutely, no matter how unnerving the peril. Let me not fail them." Thanks to Mom, Dad, and the buddies here who were instrumental in bringing about success. Wade, thanks for everything brother and I'll see you out there. Qlsaiah 6:83 Infantry Tactics Club f3,2, CIC ij: USVH C4333 Companies: A11 B2 KAROLINE MICHELLE Hoon Oak Ridge, NC Environmental Engineering "May you always be courageous, stand upright and be strong, may you stay forever young," -Bob Dylan Sandhurst C4Jg Marathon Team C3,2,1J Companies: H2fB2 IosHUA RYAN LADNER Deltona, FL Mechanical Engineering "If we couldn't laugh, we would all go insane." - jimmy Buffett Powerlifting f4,3,1J Companies: C4fB2 55 l r 1 N51 -ut N' . 3 1 if il WV 1 .. I tv T U K W. W' W1 f , STEVEN Louis LANCIANESE Canton, OH English "It is not in the stars to hold our destiny but in Ourselves." Sprint Football f4,3,1J Companies: A1fB2 PETER'MICHAEL MATHEWS Wichita, KS American Politics "Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not lean on your own under- standing." Proverbs 3:5 Army Crew C4,3,2,1Jg Officer Christian Fellowship f4,3,2,1Jg Protestant Chapel Choir f3,2,1jQ Pipes and Drums lil: IM Football C15 Companies: A11 B2 LINDSEY ELIZABETH MCNAMARA Nottingham, NH Spanish!Mech track My harp and my paintbrush kept me sane. You shouldn't forget who you are. Thanks to my best friends - Ioyce, Iohn, Tyler, Saral.. You guys made it worth it, I love you all and I will miss you. Most importantly, to Iack Anderson, my fi- ance and soon to be husband. You've been behind me ll0'VJ, from 300 miles away, for 4 years. I cOuldn't have done it without you. I love you. Pipes and Drums C4,3,2Jg Grappling C4,3l Companies: C4f B2 fl ,V W- -ana, f. 4,0 . -w wf ' rf l 'INF O, BRADLEY THOMAS MARTIN Center Line, MI Mechanical Engineering Go Bulldogs!! IM Football BDE Champs C415 Fly- Fishing f4,3,2,1lQ Mech-Club C3,2,1J Companies: A2 f B2 BRANDON MARK MCCONNELL Knoxville, TN Operations Research "I leave this rule for others when I'm dead, Be always sure you're right-then go ahead." - Davy Crockett Companies: A2fB2 VERNON NATHANIEL PRITCHARD Vale, OR Computer Science Special thanks to Mom and Dad, F3 plebes fespecially Shaney-pool, every- one who Went out for Key West fRock Out... lj, the O-team, Katie, SFC Faircloth, my Buckner squad CBear...J, SFAS trainups 05-007, STAP 2005, CS 2006, and all the good dudes in B2. I love you all. "Is this not the fast that I have chosen: to loose the bonds of wickedness, to undo the heavy burdens, to let the oppressed go free, and that you break every yoke?" -Isaiah 58:6 Ski PatrolC4,3,2,1Jg OrienteeringC3,2,1lg I.H.T.F.P.C4,3,2,1JQ Combat Diver Qualification Course Companies: F3fB2 131 IOSEPH PATRICK RILEY Attleboro, MA Civil Engineering A great, dependable friend that is al- ways there to help a buddy out. You taught me many things about life and we shared some great times whether it was class weekends, golf, skiing, or foot- ball. Through many successes and some adversity, your true character has shown through. Ioe always does the harder right and those around him are inspired to do the same. A road less traveled is the route you prefer and that makes all the difference. Tupa Football f4,3,2,1JQ Civil Club f3,2,1J Companies: H3fB2 PAUL CHRISTOPHER SCHMIDT Crown Point, IN Economics I have known Paul Schmidt for 4 years, and over that time he has become one of my best friends, I have gotten to know him through swimming together and living in the same building. He is a person that will not back down from anything when put to the test, Whether it be the challenges of pre-scuba to our famed eating contest over our summer at Buckner, he will give it his all. Paul is a great leader, and will accomplish a lot in the future. -NKB Swimming C4,3,2,IJ Companies: D3 f B2 ANDREW R WILLIAMS Farmington Hills, MI Engineering Management I owe thank yous to some people for getting me through this place. First, to my parents and my brother, I love you guys. Secondly, to my close friends, classmates, and fellow Bulldogs, thank you for you all brought much color to these gray walls. IM f4,3,2,1JQ RCIA C215 Honor Committee f3,2,1D Companies: A41 B2 132 i"' ffd A221 MARK SHERMAN ROBINSON Beaver, UT Russian Leader of Character: Mark already was one long before arriving here. Mark is the ex- ample of quiet confidence, real integrity, and adrnirable diligence. All who associate with him find themselves bettered by his influ- ence. I call him my best friend, as do count- less others who also revere him. As he told me, 'Trust in the Lord with all thine heart. . .and He shall direct thy paths" Prov. 3:5-6. Mark is a legend amongst us. Activities: LDSSA, Chemistry Club, PlebeCOA1 3on3 Bball,B2 Team Handball BDE Champs, BGE Bball Champs, B2 Bball Companies:AIf B2 CHARLES ALLEN STAAB II Novi, MI American Politics The best friend a person could ask for. Charley has been there for his friends since day one at prep school and he will continue to be there for years to come. A charismatic, well liked, people person: Charlie's success in the Army is immea- surable. He is the most sarcastic person I have ever met yet he still manages to be the best friend a person can have. Having Charlie as a friend and class- rnate has made us all better people. Sarcastic team f4,3,2,1J Companies: E1fB2 N X5 125511 :Q 51 X , 5 2 IAMES ALEC GARRISON Commerce, MI Arabic Leios, Akribos, Tachus Thanks For All The Good Times Folks. What's The Point If You Aren't Having Fun? Never Quit. Combat Weapons Team CIC Sapper Leader Course SFAUCC 7th SFGCAJ AIAD Damascus, Syria Companies: G4 f C2 Scorr IAMES HARR Longmeadow, MA Arabic Team Handball f4,3,2,1Dg God's Gang l372,1DS OCF f4,3,271l Companies: B1fC2 Ivan KNEZ Gospic, Croatia Electrical Engineering and Mathematical Sciences "There go the people - I must hurry and catch up with them, for I am their leader." Thanks to you my friends, Chase, Zach, Ned, Nick, Herman, and all others, yes, even you Andrija, for good laughs and companionship..Also, thank you Zach for cleaning the sink every morning..I couldn't do it Without you man. IM 42,15 Companies: G21 C2 .Maum- if 4 4 ff .53 an ,K W Qlqwkqimkngzpl T I 'Q ' if 'Q kr up -J 1-if 4' .'r A ' ff ,Q my 7, 5 F' .I f W I . wx W 4Y'w 'WWW uRTv Uu R ' ,LM 1343. HERMANPREET GREWAL Redlands, CA Law Companies: B-3 X C2 ANDREW KENDRICK HOLLER LaGrange, GA Environmental Science If you ask a random person in the Corps about Drew Holler, chances are they have roughly 7 funny stories to share. Drew is truly a friend to all, and is well liked by everyone he meets. Because of his genuine personality, Drew is the type of person that would go out his Way to help a total stranger in need. In the past year, I have come to respect and admire DreW's character, determination, and resiliency. He has become a brother to me. Women's Soccer Manager C4,3,2,1J: CF C4,2,1Jg Protestant Sunday School Teachers C4Jg Hunting Club UD Companies: C3fC2 IAMES CALEB LAKEY Boise, ID Environmental Engineering "The World Meets Nobody Halfway" Best of luck to all and much love and thanks to my family and friends. CTR. LDSSA C4,3,2,1J: Skeet and Trap C4,3Dj Kayak Club C2,1Jg IM Rugby C415 Football H315 Handball f2,1J Companies: D1fC2 135 CHARLES IOSEPH MARTIN Carlisle, PA Engineering Management Army Wrestling-4 years. My brothers, I will never forget you. I sweated with all of you, I bled with of most of you, and I shed tears with some of you. Soon, I will fight with you. We gave every- thing, We sacrificed everything, we gained more than we thought was pos- sible. I love you all. It was in that room that we were transitioned to men, to- gether. "Like a wolf running high on adrenaline" Invictus Maneo. Army Wrestling 14,3,2,11 Companies: E1fC2 WESLEY R OGDEN Orem, UT Mechanical Engineering I never would have been able to make it this far without the loving support of my family, the friends that stuck with me through these years, and the help from classmates past and present. "Whatever you can do, or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it. Begin it now." -Goethe Thanks to everybody for a great six years. Sandhurst 141, LDSSA 14,3,2,11g Tau Beta Pi 12,115 Phi Kappa Phi 12,11g A2 131: Mech Club 12,11 Companies: B3fC2 SAMANTHA ELIZABETH Rossi Hyde Park, NY Human Geography "Surely GOD is my help: the LORD is the one who sustains me."-Psalm 54:4 Thank you Jesus for being my light. Thanks Mom, Dad, V, Larry, and Gram for your support. Thank you friends and comrades for helping me smile, even on the IOCT! Thank you West Point, for the adven- ture and challenge I asked for on R-Day. Keep smiling! Go Army! Go Circus! God's Gang Youth MinistI'y 13,2,11g OCF 14,3,2,11g Margaret Corbin Forum 14,3,2,11g Sandhurst 13,2,11g Scouts 14,3,21 Companies: D1fC2 136 TANIA PATRICIA MORENO Los Angeles, CA German!Spanish I'm no writer but even if I Were, I couldn't articulate the thanks that I owe my fam- ily. I love you! To my grandma who taught me true perseverance and strength, was with me through yuk year on Earth: I know you continue watching me from heaven. My true friends Who have kept me sane- the tears, sweat, laughs, pain, and joy I have shared with you have made me Who I am today. "Whatever I have placed in God's hands, I still possess" -Luther Women's Army Rugby 14,3,2,11g Jewish Choir 14,31g Spanish Club 13,21g Tuesdayls Children 12,11 Companies: H41 C2 IUDE CHIZOBA ONWUANUMKPE Bronx, NY Nuclear Engineering Isiah 29:11 To my mom and family-Thank you. My success is yours, and I am honored to make you proud. To my PANE brothers and sister-Iill, Ryan M, Ryan C, Brian, Austin, Pat G, Pat R, Cameron, Sam, Mike, Gabe, Todd, Andrew, Caleb-may we all reap the re- wards of our suffering. To Brett Ghereskin and Tom Ryder-there is no friend like you. May you and your family remain blessed. To Todd Heuchling-may your soul rest in peace, Amen. Sprint football 14,3,21g Rugby 12,113 Model UN 1215 NSBE 13,21. Companies: G2 X C2 PHILIP PAUL SAKALA Las Cruces, NM Systems "Some of the world's greatest feats were accomplished by people not smart enough to know they were impossible." - Doug Larson It has been a long and trying journey, but I have made it. It would not have been possible without the guidance and help from those closest to me. I am eternally grateful to those people. "...Or We Can Blaze." Cross Country 14,3,2,11g Indoor Track 14,3,2,11g Outdoor Track C4.3,2,11: Canterbury Club f4,3,2,1l Companies: D1fC2 TRACY DAVID SESSIONS Frenchtown, N1 Germanfllussian Tracy- Knowing Tracy has been one of the highlights of my West Point career. Tracy has the uncanny ability to both keep me out of trouble and get me into trouble. Whether it was a class week- end, or a regular Monday morning meal, Tracy always came with a lot of excite- ment. Tracy has always been there for all of us. Tracy has been a friend and an inspiration. -Drew Holler Sandhurst C4,3,2,11g IM Football f4,2,11g German Club C3,2,I1g SCUSA C4,3,2,1l Companies: B1 f C2 CHRISTOPHER WILLIAM WITHROW Yorba Linda, CA Spanish and Portuguese "A sense of humor is part of the art of leadership, of getting along with people, of getting things done." -Dwight D. Eisenhower Thank you to Amy, Mom, Dad, Katie, Grandma, and everyone else who sup- ported me during my four years here. IM Basketball C41g IM Rugby C419 IM Boxing 13,219 IM Paintball f3,21g Color Guard C31 Companies: B1fC2 PHILIP SONG Walnut, CA Mechanical Engineering To all my friends, thanks. You guys got me through all of my times, good and bad. To Nelszthanks for putting up with my bipolarity and my late night phone calls. See you in the big Army. Kendo 64,31 Companies: E2f C2 IOANNA IoYcE Woon Bowling Green, KY International Relations To my fellow All Americans, Cowboys, Circus Freaks, Cwhat's left of us any- way1, Pinelanders, THE roomie, the rock-math-ers, the Swordfish, the Lum- berjacks, 8: the ville. You guys made it all worthwhile. "And remember, If you re going through hell, keep going. " -Winston Churchill Crew f4,3,2l Companies: C4f C2 137 .Z 4 139 . ,- . - V N. , - , 2 Y ' ' . , . ' f ' .' . : '. ' ' 'df' . - . ' ' x., -.- E . :"',x...v . .1,' .6 ". F ,gi , yi- 52 wg Q ff 5 wg W N ' 'Wa W S 9 s 3 S i , ' if 3 15 4' E 'Q , -.,- . .. M I ' -, 'N L, - ff I ', 'V 1 '. F. A fff' 0 If as if T5 Q f M 'A X 3 th 1 M 1 an Y -LL Aj Q , ,' - Www 1 fllvf I .' " ' . - - jg-jQ.' W ' 4 f: 1 bg ,W x gg . 4 A Q ul- 31 5' ' i f 3 "' E fig S' N i 1 u A . H I, 1' ' . Q Q - ss X , I f 5? f ff ,wr HMM aw 5 15' "S - 4 J! .Q M Ex . mm L ia WILLIAM AARON CRoss Belington, WV International Relations Ora et Labora-my creed through the four year experience at West Point. "Leave me but a banner to plant upon the mountains of Augusta, and I will rally around me the men who will lift our bleeding country from the dust and set her free."-George Washington. This Firstie club regular thanks my par- ents, all the guys in D-2, and the Coon Squad for helping me through this ex- perience. Always remember Psalm 63. Country roads, take me home... Glee Club C4,3,2,1J: Catholic Choir f4,3,2,1l5 Pipes and Drums C4,3,2.1J: SCUSA C11 Companies: H3fD2 MUN Pon FAN Singapore Environmental Engineering Hope to see all of you soldiers out in the Pacific Theatre. Stay Positive, Stay Strong. Cross Country 143: Sandhurst C4Jg Soccer C3,2,1J: Rugby C23 Companies: C1fD2 DREW HANSON Livermore, ME Mechanical Engineering eam Handball C1,2,3,4J ompanies: D4f D2 4lR HM. mm qgm' aff: , l YY V IW ' sv Erik I ,I T ' i x 5 Eqixdr fy 'HQ' , gf wwwfv Ai! gf. ROBERT BRUCE DAVIS IR. Charlotte, NC Systems Engineering "To give anything other than your best is to sacrifice the gift" B4R - Steve Prefontaine "l will say of the LORD, He is my refuge and my fortress: my God: in him will I trust," - Psalms 91:2 Corps Sqaud Football f4,3,2,1JQ Corps Squad Baseball f4,3,1J Companies: A21 D2 BARAR VINSON GRIFFIN Sugar Land, TX Electrical Engineering Iohn 15:5 Thanks to my family and friends for all your guidance and encouragement. I love you so much. To my roommates and friends, I will never forget every- thing you've done for me and the good times we've shared. My fellow juice majors...EE is definitely the only REAL rnajor. We all earned it. God Bless everyone of you. OCF f4,3,2,1JQ IEEE KID Companies: G4fD2 LAUREN DANIELLE HARRINGTON N. Easton, MA International Relations Thank you to my family for all your support! Triathlon Team Companies: C1 I D2 141 Tl-lOlVlASEDVllKRDl'llENDRDi Cornwall, NY I Polson, MT Law A truly great American, Tommy is one of those people who you want next to you when things get tough. A person who knows the meaning of sacrifice, Tommy selflessly shared all that he had with his friends. We who were closest to him truly counted ourselves blessed to have such a loyal and unbreakable brother. Brother to Brother yours in life and death. To my family, friends, and brothers: Thank you for believing in me. I love you all. Never quit. Army Wrestling C4,3,2,11Q SFAS 04- 007: Companies: G4fD2 CHRISTIAN PERRY ITEN Warrenton, VA Human and Regional Geography I was here. Indoor Track C4,3,2,11Q Outdoor Track f4,3,2,11 Companies: C41 D2 CLAYTON MATHEws MEALER Defiance, OH International and Strategic History Thanks to all the swifties and great people I've met here for turning this into a great four years. Sprint Football C4,3,2,11g Investment Club C3,2,11Q German Club C3,2,11Q Phi Alpha Theta C2,11 Companies: C11 D2 l42 yarn, , ,ff-we f 'MF' ' . G-' ff Q i . 3 I figl M.. J I A 43' ' '1 wit? . , A -frfflwii M52 f 1 f fissft up 933105159 .. P ' - wrt .,...m...+-.. 'mmmlf ,J-...V-...W iii .wa -w--49. ff? 'llllllll' MW' .a 5' in I' if 17 it? , MATTHEW WENDELL HITZEROTH Canyon Country, CA Environmental Engineering Even youths grow tired and weary, and W young men stumble and fall, but those I who hope in the Lord will renew their 3 strength. They will soar on wings like I eagles, they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint. Isaiah 40:30-31 Chi Alpha Christian Fellowship 64.3.2114 Glee Club 64.319 Orienteering C2,11g Sandhurst C31 Companies: G31 D2 KATHERINE ANNE MAIER Davie, FL Management , I can not thank my family and friends enough for their love, support, and in- spiration during my years here at West Point. I love you all so much. Softball C413 Women's Team Handball C3,2,11 Companies: F2 1 D2 MICHAEL NGUYEN Houston, TX Life Science To my classmates: You all are the great est group of people that I've ever me and had the opportunity to live an work with. D21 'No matter what happens in lif we'll always be Dragons' Drew: We'll be brothers always. Bein roommates for 3 years was an honor. To the best of friends here: You al made me what I am, and for that, I ow you more than I could give. Parachute Team C415 Snowboarding Instructor C1,21g Competitive Snowboarding C1,21 Companies: Eg! D2 IoHN PETER POLICASTRO Montgomery, AL Law and Legal Studies Romans 8:31 "If God be for us, who can be against us?" Praise the LORD for bringing us through! All my God's Gang and OCF brothers and sisters, I couldn't ask for better friends and family. Nate, thanks for mentoring me. Matty and Mike, the good times don't end here! My Family, thank you for getting me Where I needed to be! Iamie Elise, you are the true love of my life. I can't Wait to share a lifetime with you! Thank you for being a woman of God. Skeet and Trap C319 God's Gang y'f3,2,1JQ Godis Gang CIC C115 OCF 1f4,3,2,1Jg Sandhurst f4,2,1J 31 f , :gs 37 a Companies: H2fD2 W1 STEVEN SONG Brea, CA Engineering Management What a long four year experience!!! A big thanks to everyone that helped me get through this place. My Family, my beautiful gf, Jacqueline: My bros: Rob- Mikey-Panda-Dan-Sonny-Matt-Iin-Em ene-Fan and of course, my bestfriend! est roommate for life, Conrad Brown... ou guys better keep in touch. Iust give e a "poke" on facebook. I'm really not oing to miss this place, but the great riendships. Real World here I ome...peace! RS f4,3,2,1l ompanies: H4 f D2 ANDREW COEEIN WEBB Lynchburg, VA Comparative Politics ood things to Mike C., Brick and the arlem Shake-def. the best roommates er: Demichiei, Aiken , Dave time and rofitaying en France: Jason with Beast, odel UN, London, and BDE Staff, the eat times with cycling and Model UN, URRY UP and HOT CHOW!: and fre- ent flyer miles Qno one had more than is guyj. Underclassmen: be the change u want to see, and take advantage of ery opportunity you can. Live the eam! Good times were had. cling C3,2,1J: Model UN f3,2,1JQ P St. Cyr f2Jg Rabs 141: French ub f4,3,2,1lS Pi Sigma Alpha f2,1l mpanies: E2f D2 IEAN LYNETTE SCRIVNER Nogales, AZ Latin American Studies The Warmth of Iean's presence brings joy to our hearts, stmlight to our souls, and pleasure to our lives. Jean is a person who loves her family and friends above all else. Her bright smile never fails to inspire and encourage those around her. She is always the nicest, smartest and most fun girl in the room. -I give thanks to all who love me, I am blessed for the experience. Cadet Spirit Band Officer f4,3,2,1JQ Judo Team f4,3JQ East Coast Intercollegiate Champion C31 Companies: D1fD2 DHYAN A TARVER San Antonio, TX Systems Eng FOS Iparticipated in varsity football for Q4-lj and was co-captain senior year 320. I am also a member of the investment club. The Army football team is where I found my friends for a lifetime. Football C4,3,2,1Jg Investment Club Companies: D1fD2 143 ' 3 5 I l ! ,-ff' , .,. LX A L 145 -me the drive-to-sueeeed. Thank SAMUEL CHIANG Bensenville, IL English Literature To all the Brewdawgs of E2 and other great friends: we have journeyed far and will reach great heights. Beast, Buckner, long academic years, gray cold winters, and hot summers, are just a few things in our kit bag. Greatest, though, are the friends we make here, I cherish those memories and times and hope to stay close. Run the good race and fight the good fight. French Club C41 Companies: A21 E2 SAMUEL IOHN FIELLANGER Rochester, MN Nuclear Engineering "The crucbile for silver and the furncace for gold, but the Lord tests the heart." - Proverbs 17:3 Thanks to all my friends and family who have helped me survive, grow, and smile. You are what has made life worth living. Will North, I couldn't have done it without you. Go Army Triathlon! Protestant Chapel Choir f4,3,2,11 Triathlon Team f4,3,2,11 USVH 64,31 Companies: C1fE2 NEAL EDWARD GREGORY Il Toledo, OH Economics To all my friends. I could never have made it through all of this without you. From that first Beast squad to the people I met in my last year, you have all given and I'll see you all down the line some- time!! CS Football C21: Model UN C415 SCUSA f3,2,11Q French Club C4,31g Creative Writing f4,3,21 Companies: D41 E2 WV TTT 44 X F' f .- ii D' I F' 5 , -R' , ,, .,. :055l'Wg, Wir 4. Q mi IoHN MICHAEL DOROST Glen Rock, NI Engineering Management "It's not what's happened, it's how you react." No Regrets, Trees, Spainard, Beelow, Rm 418, Road Trips, E-2 Dawgs. Army Baseball C4,31: Dawg Boxing: Dawg Rugby: Dawg Football Companies: B21 E2 NICOLE MARIE FOGEL Brownsburg, IN Sociology Thank you to all of those who helped me grow and strengthen my relation- ship with Christ. Mom and Papa, thank you for all of the support you have given me over the years. I love you! Rabble Rousers f4,3,2,11g AwanasC41: Genesis f3,2,11Q Young Life f3,21Q Worship Team f4,3,2,11 Companies: C21 E2 DEREK GEORGE GROTHEER Woodbridge, VA Engineering Management Born in Germany. A native of Virginia. Second generation American. Second gen- eration West Point. Committed to freedom that ofthersrnay live as freely as his fathers before him have guaranteed. Aspiring for greatness with the determina- tion to conquer any challenge. A bold adventurer and an inspirational light of ambition. At first glance, one would notice nothing startling or alarming, but there lie is disguised under calm resewe, a peculiar trait for daredevil enterprise. West Point Forum Model UN C4,3,2,11g German Language Club C4,3,2,11: Sandhurst f3,2,1lS Companies: H4 X E2 iliac 147 GREGORY R HASTINGS Auburn, OH Psychology All the Best Skydive Companies: C2fE2 GABRIEL ANTONIO LUCERO Las vegas, NM Nuclear Engineering Gabriel will always be famous for being the toughest Nuclear Engineer ever to graduate from West Point. A man who truly eamed every bit of the success he achieved, Gabe would do anything for one of his brothers any time, any place. He has the biggest heart and the stron- gest will of us all. Mi honor mas grande es llamerle mi hermano. "Brother to Brother yours in life and death" Wrestling C4,3,2,1J:Golden Key f2,1Jg Alpha Nu Sigma C2,1J: SFAS 05007 C21 Companies: F21 E2 TAYLoR MARRWARD Van Wert, OH American Politics Thanks to my family and friends in VW, without your support I never would have made it. To my friends at West Point I say: Go BrewDawgs, SKOLEE-OLEE-OLEE, In the Farmhouse things will be alright, and lastly, Wazi Burr. Rugby l3,2I Companies: D3 f E2 148 ,,' ff-,Q , 411 1 A F , U 3 ,f Y "W "l W, :f . tis, wrl?"'ii"i S in I C:--f 'iv 'wr ,N lf1'j'7'Z'f'i"' "snuff I 'QW ""7Y"T'M f ANTONIO DEVON IONES Waldorf, MD Economics I never could have imagined that l'd be where I am now, from the friends I've made, to the experiences we've shared, to the person I've become, I am thankful for all of it...thankfu1 to my family, to the Academy, to those who started this journey with me and helped push me along, and to those who will stand with me when its all over. ljust wonder what else is in store for me. Whatever it is, I look forward without fear, and back with no regret. Drill Team f4,3,2,1J Companies: D4fE2 ASHLEY ANN MAGNANI Great Mills, MD Human Geography "You gain strength, courage, and confi- dence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face. You are able to say to yourself, 'I lived through this horror. I can take the next thing that comes along! You must do the thing you think you cannot do." - Eleanor Roosevelt We have encountered many hardships, experienced many good times, and now we have reached that dream that once seemed so far away. To my girls, MAlVIA4EVER. Corps Squad Women's Basketball f4,3,2,1J Companies: B4fE2 IEREMY Toon MCNEIL Norwich, NY Law USMAP5 '01, Best Company in the Corps E2 "Easy Come, Easy Go", Thank you Family, Friends and Ien. I could not have done it without you. "Hard times don't last, Hard men do." 2'Vo Club Always. Scoutmasterls Council f1,2,3,4lQ Law Enforcement Tactics f3,2J Companies: A41 E2 3 spesfwspwtyiuer PHILIP LEE MOFFATT Spokane, WA Environmental Engineering Phil Moffatt has impacted my life more than any other cadet. Phil is the most solid and faithful friend, teammate, leader, and Christian I know. His ad- vise and wisdom is always timely, accu- rate, and pertinent. His confidence and calm are unparalleled. He is a excep- tional man and will continue impacting lives for years to come. Crew K.E.B, S.B.B, P.M.M., D.P.M.IV, j.M.F., N.R.S., M.A.E.-Babe, Boaz, Pedro, Quatro, Flo, Nick, Espo. Strong in Spirit. Crew C4,3,2,1J: OCF f4,3,2l3 EWRK4,3J Companies: E3 X E2 NICOLAS GREGOIRE OUIMET Belfast, ME European History To all of the E-2 Dawgs: you guys, and our company were simply the best...to the E-2 Firsties, you were my best friends, we had some great times together, and will hopefully have more in OBC. To my roommate Dan, thanks for putting up with me. To Carlos and Adam, thanks for being my best friends for as long as I can remember. To my family and friends, I love you and thank you for the over- whelming support you gave me through the hardest of times. Freestyle Wrestling f4,3,2,1Jg Kayaking Club f2,1Jj Wargaming f2,1JQ Big Brothers Big Sisters C41 Companies: G31 E2 IIM VERNON MAYNOR PERKINS Coushatta, LA American History To the E2 Brewdawg crew: here's to all the long days and the crazy nights, the ood times and the bad and the a together. Mac, thanks me keep my head on straight for 2 years. Facilis Venire, Facilis Exire. Football Manager f4,3,2JQ H1 RugbyC4Jg E2 Rugby Czjg IM soccer KID: German Club f3,2,1J Companies: H11 E2 'lin I 'LT " 'le ai"+ A - - , ..-if fn e- r' ff' ' . .5 'YV 1 21. tw ,'g weueg g ,, I W Yi .:I' i N 'K rig, W 'Iwi' . f-'DY fffr ni , WILLIAM KEITH NORTH Omaha, NE Electrical Engineering Thanks to Sam fbest roommate everj, Ioel Cgood timesj, Dawgs fCorps' best cadet companyj, my family fcouldn't have done it without youj, GG Ca family away from homej, and EE fMike and Barakj. "Be on your guard, Stand firm in the faith, Be men of courage, Be strong, Do everything in love." -1 Corinthians 16:13-14 God's Gang C3,2,1Jg Navigators f4,3,2,1l3 Companies: F2 f E2 IOHN WILLIAM PARLEE Dracut, MA Information Systems Engineering Trees and Dawgs Dawg Boxing: Dawg Rugbyg Dawg Football Companies: B2fE2 IOSHUA DAVID ROBY St. Louis, MO International Relations Divine intervention certainly helped me get through. Thank you to all my family and friends for your support. Ioshua 1:9. "People sleep peaceably in their sleek IEQHSQOHEQ my ly to do violence on their be- half George Orwell. Go Brewdawgs. SKOLEE-OLEE-OLEE. JV Lacrosse f4,3lQ Dawg Sandhurst f2,1l Companies: C41 E2 3 149 IOHNNY SHAW Celina, TX SpanishlLatin America Studies To those who look back in yearbooks to see mug shots to determine who was fine and who was not, I leave you all this message from our days of yore. I do it so that when your old and crusty, you can reflect back to those times when we all wanted to leave but didn't out of fear of losing strong friendships molded at Beast or Buckner. Now, we can always look back and be happy that we per- sisted. I still lost Spain though, punks. Nordic Skiing f4,3,2,1Jg Century Club f3,2JQ German Club f4,3JQ Russian Club 141, Portugese Club f4,3l Companies: A1fE2 DANIEL WILLIAM VARLEY Stillwater, N1 Mechanical Engineering West Point has been an experience. Spe- cial thanks to my parents for never pres- suring but always supporting me. Nick I couldn't have asked for a better roomate or a better friend. I will never forget all the long nights spent in Mahan Hall or the other Mech Majors there with me. Thank you to all my friends for always making it fun, espescially the Brew Dawgs, you know you're the best. Go Dawgs! IMC4Jg Cadet Mountaineering Team I3,2,1l Companies: G3 f E2 KYLE WILL WELSH Baldwinsville, NY NlaI1gCl1l8IllI "Wrap it up, Hit sets, Beat Navy, Go Army Gymnastics!!" "In the farmhouse things will be alright" USKOLEE-OLEE-OLEE" Thanks to my Mom, Dad, friends and teammates I love you all. Gymnastics f4,3,2,1J Companies: F31 E2 150 ,, "" -' ww v " 'f I af it ,,,,, W , ?' q U '45 3,1 .- 4 . L I 5 l Has, - YV JI" ' .. IW? I Iwi? ffl WA jr fp 'bw-'vb if - man., 'gkgm GP' 'nu-:..""l' L -,mn ffm for ERIC M. SPURLING Rolling Prairie, IN Economics Eric 's blunt honesty and heart for work- ing with people have impacted every- one he has come into contact with. For better or for worse Eric is the most strong willed person the three-hole punch and myself have ever known. A True Be- liever. Leios, Akribos, Tachus. Combat Weapons Team f2,1l Companies: A4fE2 IARED HEATH WAGNER Hillsborough, N1 Engineering Management E2 Brewdawgs - I get by with a little help from my friends. SKOLEE-OLEE-OLEE "Accept the challenges, so you may feel the exhilaraion of victory." -General George S. Patton "Far and away the best prize that life has to offer is the chance to work hard at work worth doing." -President Theodore Roosevelt USMA SCUBA Team f4,3,2,IJg Sprint Football C41 Companies: C2f E2 PETER WHITE Great Falls, MT Mechanical Engineering: The Lord has blessed me so much, He's directed me to where I am and contin- ues to guide me to where I need to be. I pray that I will be always be willing to serve him no matter where I am or what responsibilities I have. "...If God had commanded me to do all things, I could do them..." I Nephi 17:50, Book of Mor- mon Why would I go to war? "In memory of our God, our religion, and freedom, and our peace, our wives, and our children." Drill Team f4,3l g German Club f2,1Jj LDSSA f4,3,2,1JQ Intramural Boxing BDE Champion, CO B3 C31 Companies: C2f E2 TODD IoNATHoN WISMAN Harrisonburg, VA Nuclear Engineering Nuclear Engineer, SFAS graduate, Di- vision I wrestler, 1SGT, top ten percent of the class, and making it look effort- less, West Point you have been dorni- nated. The only thing Todd will ever talk about is how much he loved sneak- ing around at night to check up on his friends. A True Believer and one of the few men who can genuinely say he did it the hardest, sacrificed the rnost, and lived it to the fullest. "Brother to Brother yours in life and death" Wrestling f4,3,2,1Jg Navigators C4,3,2,1Jg Football C3Jg SFAS 05-007 C23 Companies: H4 f E2 rf, QW 'W -wx:-yr Suriv A x E l WILLIAM IOSEPH BORATII, III Catasauqua, PA Mechanical Engineering, Aeronautical Systems To Eric and Steve, my roommates: thanks for putting up with me. You guys are awesome. To Miles and Chris, my lifting partners: thanks for pushing me. If it wasn't for you two, I would be skinny and weak. To everybody else: good luck. Mechanical Engineering Club f3,2,1JQ Spanish Club f3,2,1JQ Century Club f2,1J Companies: A4f F2 GEORGE MANUEL DE GUZ MAN HERMOGENO Kaldenkirchen, Germany German Many that wonder why I speak German...Born in Germany and lived with my father and mother until she married my stepfather. I moved to the US. in the 4th grade and learned En- glish. After a few years, I became a naturalized citizen and enjoyed my life in the U.S. I am an Army brat so I do not really have any place to call my home except for the little German village Where my father still lives today. Cross Country f4,3JQ Track f4,3JQ Sprint Football C2Jg APAC f4,3,2,1DQ German Club f4,3,2,1J Companies: G4 X F2 CHRISTIAN LUDWIG HOEMPLER Suffern, NY Spanish and German gg Grateful for the good times had by all. I tried my best to make sure everyone had a good time and looked to the posi- tive note. God Bless. Triathlon Team f3,2,1l Companies: G3fF2 fv-G vffr , I xr 1 . , F' Q , I 'Y f S 'T a t to 1 ' guinea, I may '223 3 ff f ,. i I ai.. THOMAS A. GROVES Malone, NY Foreign Area Studies: Latin America Thanks to my family and friends. GO ARMY! Sandhurst f4,3,1Jg Model UN f4l Companies: F3fF2 STEVEN CURTIS HIGGINS San Antonio, TX International Relations How do you put the last four years into words? The places we'll remember- South Padre, Philadelphia, South Gate, NYC, Acapulco, Irish Eyes, Bowling Time, the Firstie Club, Montreal and the nights we never will. Steve's second tour at the Point might have earned him the nickname Captain America, but it brought me an undying friendship. It's not always the path you travel in life, but the people you travel it with that make it great.-BCK Companies: G1fG4fF2 KRISTINA ROSE IANTZEN Peekskill, NY Physics "I will drink life to the lees: all times I have enjoy'd greatly, have suffer'd greatly, both with those that loved me and alone...Tho' much is taken, much abides, and tho' we are not now that strength which in the old days moved earth and heaven, that which we are, we are: One equal-temper of heroic hearts, Made weak by time and fate, but strong in will to strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield." -Tennyson. Pipes and Drums Highland Dance Team f4,3,2,1JQ F2 Sandhurst f3,2JQ Art Club C41 Companies: H1fF2 153 4. . MONTE CUTRER PORTH IONES Ross, CA Engineering Managment A man who touched the lives of every- one he met, making our four years at West Point a little more bearable. His friends and the baseball team will miss his off-the-wall humor, his uncanny abil- ity to have a good time, and his infec- tious smile. Above all, Monte will be remembered for his relentless work ethic that made him one of Army's greatest relievers ever. Not bad for a guy who didn't come here for baseball. Baseball f4,3,2,1J Captain Q11 Companies: B2fF2 MARK IOSEPH LUKER Plato Center, IL American Politics The definition of a true friend. Always a little crazy but so truthful it hurts. From some of the most amazing spring breaks and weekend excursions to the most painful times in the lives of our little group, he has always been there for us all. Infinite hours of entertain- ment and always there to lend an ear and some advice or even to buy the next round. An amazing guy, everyone should have a friend like him. Zoo Sandhurst f3,2,1J Companies: D2fF2 DANIEL PARKER Concord, NH Operations Research Thanks to everyone who made it pos- sible for me to get through this place. Thanks, especially, Mom and Dad for everything you did for me and the sacri- fices you made over the last four years. "Losers quit when they're tired, Win- ners quit when they've won!" Men's Club Volleyball f4,3,2,1J Companies: D3fF2 154 . MATTHEW Louis LUJAN El Paso, TX Economics Thanks to all my boys, present and gone, you made the experience worthwile. Sport Parachute Team f1,2,3J Companies: H1fF2 PATRICK MICHAEL MCELROY Tioga, ND Military History My mother said to me, "If you are a soldier, you will become a general. If you are a monk, you will become the Pope." Instead, I was a painter, and became Picasso. -Pablo Picasso IM f4,3,2,1J Companies: C11 F2 NATHAN KARL POTOTSCHNIK Mount Airy, MD Economics It's been real. Thanks to family and friends for support. Rugby f3,2,1JQ Sprint Football C41 Companies: D1fF2 IENNIFER HOLLIE RAYBURN Mahomet, IL Chem!Life Science To my family and friends...I love you all more than you'll ever know. Thank you for your continued love and support. Good luck class of 2006! "Never shall I forget the days I spent with you. Continue to be my friend, as you will always find me yours." - Ludwig Van Beethoven Track f4,3JQ Volleyball C3Jg Gospel ChoirC4,3J: Triathlonfljg FCA f4,3,2,1l Companies: H4fF2 IoHN PAUL RUGARBER Haddon Heights, N1 Military History Thank you God for getting me through this. I could not have done it without Your help. Thanks Mom and Dad for all the support. Thanks to George and his family for being my second family. Thanks Elena for being the reason for my success over the past two years. To all my other friends, you have been like brothers and sisters to me. I will never forget that. "Veni, vidi, vici"-Iulius Cae- sar Sprint Football f4,3,2Jg Russian ClubC2,1Jg KARS f2,1JQ TAG C2,1J: CYniC f3,2,U Companies: F41 F2 BEN1AM1N Kevuv SEVAID Middleville, MI Military History What can you say about Ben "The Ado- nis-Figure"? Other than being God's gift to women, Ben, aka "the Rock Star", Wrestles grizzly bears in his spare time, while managing to nail a 3.5 GPA. Ben Asa greatblukepartner, even if you end with a D on your NEDP. I've known Ben for almost three years now and he's been a great friend, a good Irishman and a physical beast. Take care of your- self and remember, your abs can stop bullets. Bizzaro, I love you. Sandhurst f4,3JQ Brigade Sandhurst K2,1J Companies: D2f F2 'YL' , fl' A 7 is flu ' ----:-' f i f LQ, 'xQ53lQ,j, ' . 51? 'SAT -5 emma? MICHAEL PAUL ROESLER White Bear Lake, MN Aeronautical Engineering Companies: E3f F2 IONATHAN DAVID SAUER New Milford, CT Mechanical Engineering Companies: G21 F2 STACY MIYUN SOHN Los Angeles, CA Sociology "Carpe Diem! " Jewish Choir C4Jg KARS C4,3,2,1JQ Crew 131: Fencing 111 Companies: A1 f F2 T' I I y ljf I 155 TAMANH TRAN Lansing, MI Mechanical Engineering Aeronautical Systems It was an experience. APAC t4,3,2,1J: Grappling 613: Mechanical Engineering Club f3,2,1JQ Catholic Chapel Choir C31 Companies: G3 f F2 IosHUA PAUL WHITE Hendersonville, NC Chemical Engineering I made it, but not alone. Without all my friends and my family I would not be here today. All I can say is thank you. Mark, it's because of you I am still here. Ben, best roomate ever. Mike, we made it. Shout out to the biker gang. F2, best company ever, We got through the Big Red One. Mom, thank you for always understanding and loving me. Dad, my best friend, we made it, thank you, love you. Boxing f3Jg Scouts f4,3,2,1JQ Rugby C43 Companies: C2fF2 156 LIAM WALSH Wendell, MA Military History To the G1 plebe crew: we kept it real, from Beast to 3944, thanks. To Dan: thanks for being a great roommate. To Rob and Barry: Get some marriage coun- selling, life was more fun before. To the NMMI crew: Who ever thought we'd make it this far? Basically everyone here that I've had the pleasure of inter- acting with has made my life a more worthwhile experience and I want to thank you all for being the great people that you all are. Companies: G1fF2 IASON RAMON ZUNIGA Roswell, NM Engineering Management To the Zoosters...who made life toler- able for three years. To the G-1 p1atoon...who lost more members than I could count, God be with you all. "It's not the size of the dog in the fight, it's the size of the fight in the dog." -Mark Twain Sprint Football f4,3,2,1JQ Engineers over Goats f2Jg IM Warrior f4,3,2,1l5 Liil Man f4,3,2,1l Companies: G1fF2 ri w,..X w..,,.1 W-, , b MICHAEL PATRICK CONWAY Queens, NY Civil Engineering Thanks Mom, Dad, Iohn, Meaghan for being my inspiration and making me who I am today. To all my buddies, thanks for being like brothers to me over the past four years. We've come a long way, and it's been a great time. Now it's our turn. Good luck and God bless. As Samuel Beckett said, "Perhaps my best years are gone.,.but I wouldn't want them back. Not with the fire in me now." Team Handball C3,2J: Model UN i4,3,2,1l? Pipes and Drums f4,3l? Timber Bridge C11 Companies: H41 G2 TRENTON LUTHER FREEMAN Rockwell, NC Civil Engineering Thanks to everyone that helped me out over the last 4 years. I wish all of you the best of luck in the Army, and in the Civilian sector. To all my brothers in G- 2: I look forward to staying in touch with you all for the rest of our lives. Can't wait to camp out with ya'll in the years to come. Plebe year brothers: Same goes for ya'll, too. Most importantly to my family. I love you all and couldn't have done it with- out your unwavering support. Companies: C1fG2 MICHAEL CHRISTOPHER HAWKINS Newport Beach, CA Arts, Philosophy, Literature Where Idol the sunbeams end and the starlight begin? Multiplying villainies of nature between the zero and the one. -could not-wait X a Breeze still carries the sound some huge momentum, pulled me down curves in timespace. Training myself, lMy1bodlyl get bigger 8: and not big enough. Shake my hand and feel flesh gripping yours, a flesh formedfcallused! strengthened in my time here. Your perfect verse? A lifetime to unravel. IM f4,3,2,1l Companies: E4 X G2 .ffm I I , Y! 'U' " , 5 . X ww 5 9 I NQYHWEQ ' 1 sig AY' ii' . gsm ,--. an --s..-I-. 'mm New PETER WALSH CURLEY III West Chester, PA Engineering Management Family first. Family is how I got here, and who will be there at the finish. To my Mom, Brother, Sister, Uncle Kerry, Dennis, S.A.M.M., cousins, friends, and those that are no longer here CFather, Uncle Kev, Grandma and many othersj THANK YOU for always being there for me through the ups and downs of life. I would not be where I am or who I am without you, and I love you for that. To all my WP friends for life, it's been an unforgettable road. Companies: D1fG2 KYLE IAMES GRAHAM Mamont, PA Mechanical Engineering Companies: C4f G2 BRYAN CHRISTOPHER HERRIN Austin, TX International Relations West Point, your leadership examples can't be beat! West Point has allowed me to under- standto a much greater leveg things like common sense, leadership, integrity, morality, and respect. Thank you for those lessons learned. "The mind is its Own place, and in itself, can make heaven of Hell..." -Milton IM C4,3,2,1J Companies: C3f G2 159 ZACHARY MICHAEL HORAN Fort Mill, SC American Legal System My sincerest thanks to my family, and friends. You know as well as I do the sacrifices that have been made. I'll be back in South Carolina every chance I get. Have the sweet tea ready. Equestrian Team C415 IM f3,2,1J Companies: F2fG2 DEREK TATSUMI KENMOTSU Foster City, CA International Relations Derek- A proud member of Rm 570. After being Beast Cadre, jumping to- gether, surfing on LI, 500th night, com- ing home to Queens, bumpin Rm 570's jukebox, late lights, our rendezvous in France, and living together for almost three years, you've become one of my best friends. Derek has always been there to lend a hand and brighten the day. Pure muscle, Derek's size is masked orly by the size of his personality. - Mike. Invictus Sprint Football C4,3Jg Strength Team C3,2,1J: KARS f4,3,2,1JQ Kendo f3,2,1l Companies: C3 XG2 CAROLINE LEIGH SCHOFIELD Kosco Carlisle, PA Systems Engineering There once was a girlie girl named Leigh, Who tried other paths but could see That West Point was best, so she Beat Math and the rest, To graduate second LT. Family and friends are what shape your experience at USMA. Family for the solid base and support, Friends to add life and color to the gray decor. I thank all those who have shaped me and my experience into what it is today. And so the long gray line of family tradition contines on! Corps Squad Women's Soccer f4,3,2,1JQ Brigade Sandhurst C15 Companies: A4f G2 , , .ff K,-5 4 g W pri' v 'KN t tif E K ti ' .tu 4 ' :S ,Q . x .ny ute- Quin fn W1 r-up .-"filing t,:..,.1,:.,9 I QW I ff- l6O Q KENNETH ALLEN IOHNSON Indianapolis, IN ECOIl0IIllCS I thank my wonderful parents and my sister for helping me get to this point in my life. I thank all of my buddies for being there for me and making West Point an enjoyable place. I pour out a little liquor for all of the guys who didn't make it through. And most impor- tantly, I thank God for what he has done for me. I-Ie has given me the strength, courage, and determination to make it this far. All praise goes to him. Rugby f4,3,2,1l Companies: B4f G2 RIES ALEXANDER KORSTIENS Annapolis, MD Electrical Engineering Four years have made me Tougher, Stronger, Deadlier, Quicker, Meaner, and Smarter Company Sandhurst f4,3,2,1JQ Genesis f4,3,2,1JQ Ski Instmctor I4,3l Companies: C1 f G2 MICHELLE KATHERINE MALLETTE Elmira Heights, NY American Legal System "Even when I'm old and gray, I won't be able to play it, but I'll still love the game."-Michael jordan: Much love to all the Army ballas, you guys made it all worth while: M.A.M.A. no matter where I go you'll always be a part of me: "If you're scared just say you're scared."- MAI B, gonna miss the trash talk: Pine- apple Haircuts and Watermelon I-IorseshoesNPBBF, I couldn'thave made it through this last year without you. Womenis Basketball C4,3,2,1J: Team Captain C11 Companies: H3 X G2 THOMAS ANDREW STEELE MANEY Shalimar, FL Mechanical Engineering It was the best of times. It was the worst of times. OCF f4,3,2,1DQ AWANAg Glee Club Companies: D1fG2 BRIAN DOUGLAS RAU Menomonee Falls, WI International Relations Everybody needs beauty as well as bread, places to play in and pray in, where Nature may heal and cheer and give strength to body and soul alike. -Iohn Muir Climbing f4,3,2JQ Orienteering C3,1Jg Infantry club f4,1Jj Biathlon f2,1,2J Companies: D41 G2 WILLIAM BRANDON SCHREINER The Woodlands, TX Mechanical Engineering Brandon Schreiner- He has the heart of a champion. The most physically fit in the Corps. I am extremely fortunate to have--been his roommate for 3 years. Nights at the Firstie, 500th Night, Ring Weekend, our random adventures will always be remembered. It is guys like him who give the Corps its classic cadet stories. Brandon will go on to do great things. Remember his name because it will not be the last time you will hear it. Derek. Invictus Marathon Team f3,2,1JQ CDQC Trainups f3,2J Companies: H41 G2 , V!,g,, fg. . an v ' Q' , E S . li . '41, c :Aixam 5' sr ' . .r'fi'f'U -Lain QF, if ff: ff.. 1445 'T' QQ? 'vrrrif . A,"-5, -'wp 048' ,.....-... uf: IASON RIGHTEOUS NORWOOD Moorestown, NI Philosophy To all of you who believed in me and supported me, I thank you, I couldn't have made it without you. I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me! Corps Squad Wrestling f4,3,2Jg Freestyle Wrestling C115 African American Literature Forum f2,1J Companies: E1fG2 ANDREW GRANT RENREN Fairfax, VA Spanish "Do not say, 'Why were the old days better then these?' For it is not wise to ask such questions."NEcclesiates 7:10 I have made my memories of this part of my life, and now it is time to move forward to new adventures and the making of new memories, To my friends: Thank you, and may God smile on you as life takes us on the journey laid before us. PSST f4,3,2JQ TAG f3,2,1Jg iooth Night Show: Protestant Choir f4,3,2,1JQ Glee Club C315 German f4,3,2,1l Companies: B41 G2 IESSE ALAN SLADER Olympia, WA Civil Engineering We have been here a long time. Thanks to all my buddies who helped make this place more bearable. Thanks to all my sapper buddies, especially the veter- ans. Thanks to all of my family. I have no idea where l'll be 5 years from nowf but I hope wherever I am, my boys will be right there with me. Sprint Football C4,3,2,1J: Sandhurst Squad Leader f2,1Jg Freestyle Wrestling C41 Companies: D4f G2 161 MATTHEW SMALLEY Lancaster, PA Electrical Engineering "All I ask is a tall ship and a star to sail her by." Loving thanks to my parents, sister, and friends who supported me during my time here. There are so many memo- ries I will carry with me for the rest of my life. Sandhurst 14,115 Cycling 12,15 Companies: H2fG2 RAYMOND LLOYD STITH III Newport News, VA Systems Engineering I played Army Football all four years at the Academy and was elected co-cap- tain during my final season. I will al- ways be a part of the Army Football family. Thanks to all Of my teammates for going all Out every Saturday on the field and helping me to realize some Of the things it takes to be a good leader. Thanks for helping me build friend- ships that will last a lifetime. Army Football f4,3,2,1J Companies: A31 G2 162 THOMAS LEE STALL Clarksville, TN Mechanical Engineering For you Grandpa...You gave me the strength to pursue my goals. I will al- ways be grateful. Intramural Football f4,2,1Jg G2 Intramural Boxing 131 Companies: H21 G2 MATTHEW IEROME TEXTOR Rochester, MN Physics "The nation that will insist upon draw- ing a broad line of demarcation between the fighting man and the thinking man is liable to find its fighting done by fools and its thinking by cowards." - Sir Wil- liam Butler. TO Mom, Dad, Lauren, Kyle: thanks for the home. To the class- mates: thanks for sharing four years and the time ahead. Sandhurst C455 Sailing Team f3,2,1J Companies: D3fG2 N W X 4 'Hx vi 1, F fp... ALEX S. HENSLEY jasper, IN Systems Engineering "He's from a small town in Indiana, but there's nothing small about him. His big heart, big dreams, and big attitude towards every day is enough to make anyone look at life and get fired up. He's a tough kid too, the one you want in the foxhole when it's just the two of you left. You'll know him when you see him and you won't ever forget him. Iust remember Alex, don't talk like the peas- ant, and that was a blink." PM IM Rugby Brigade Champs f4Jg Staff 8z Ushers C4Jg Men's Team Handball C21 Companies: B3 f H2 IOSEPHINE ELSIE HIX Belle Fourche, SD Environmental Engineering Dad, Mom, Wyatt and Samantha: Thanks for everything. You are the wind beneath my wings. Bobbie and Chandi: you were always there to lend meahelping hand ora shoulder to cry on, I love you guys. I-V: I don't know how I would have made it without you, random comments and all. To all the W.A.R.riors out there: you made every day at West Point better. I will always remember the crazy stuff we did. Fat Frogs for every- one! Class of 2006: ONWARD! Women's Army Rugby f4,3,2,1JQ Protestant Cadet Choir f4,3,2,1Dj Staff Sz Ushers f4,3,2,1jQ OCF f4,3,2,1l Companies: F3 f H2 IAMES IsAKsoN St. George, UT Portuguese lt has been an incredible four years at the Academy with Iimmy. I will never forget the nights of watching and dis- cussing sports, going to NYC and other Witieswatchirrg shows, and just chilling out with him. People like and respect Iimmy because he treats everyone as a friend. He is a great example of what it means to be a leader of character. Iimmy defines the word, "cool," and will al- ways uphold the motto of "Life's a gar- den, Dig it." During BEAST, Iimmy showed me that in this world, you have got to "keep on keep'n on." I am forever thankful for Iimmy, and I will always be proud to say that he is my best friend. Sprint Football C4,3,2Jg LDSSA C4,3,2,1Js Portuguese Club f4,3,2,1l Companies: H3 X H2 f.""' --1 -elif -ff YY 9 1' ix f x as -eg. 1-. " 'fi I-wma iii-c .f-ann, .GY 'QFD ...fqnmg qw -'F-iq. 'Dx Jag, .,..., ww-nallf aff: 1 V V F -1-.an in-may K-auf ERICA ROSE HILL St. Louis, MO American Politics If I speak in human and angelic tongues but do not have love, I am a resounding gong or a clashing cymbal. And if I have the gift of prophecy and compre- hend all mysteries and all knowledgep if I have all faith so as to move mountains but do not have love, I am nothing. If I give away everything I own, and if I hand my body over so that I may boast but do not have love, I gain nothing. Love is patient, love is kind. 1 Corinthians 13:1-4 GOSDGI Choir f4,3,1l? CAS C4,3,2,1J: Track f3,2,1JQ NSBE C4,3,2,1JQ FCA f4,3,2,1l Companies: E3 I H2 PETER S. HWANG Aurora, IL Systems Engineering Mom, jessica, lane - You are all and always will be my inspiration. Thank you for everything but especially for helping me through the hard times. Friends - Thanks for the support and the good times we've had. Looking forward for more memories Always remem- ber - "I can do everything through Him who gives me strength." Philippians 4:13 KARS f4,3,2,1l Companies: E3fH2 STEPHANIE IEAN IENKINS'VOGEL El Paso, TX International Relations You should never take yourself or you situation too seriously. Do the best you can, and if someone tells youit isn't enough, there is nothing you can do about it. A good laugh is worth more than a thousands screams. Staff and Ushers f4,3,2,1JQ Rugby f4,3,2,1l Companies: B2f H2 165 TAYLOR RYAN IUSTICE Fort Myers, FL Latin American Studies and Portuguese To my friends and family who helped me get through this place. You all kept encouraging me to do my best and re- minding me that nothing comes easy. I love you all and can't imagine better people to surround myself with. To the Army Football Team you are all my brothers We have been through some tough times together. You will all al- ways hold a special place in my Heart. GO ARMY BEAT EVERYONE!!! Army Football Player f4,3,2,1DQ SLUG-O CNeverj Companies: C3f H2 IARED R. LUNT Quincy, IL Economics To all my friends and family who helped me get through, I couldn't have done it without you. To Table 53D, you made every meal an experience. And finally, the Three Amigos...my best friends: we are graduating and moving all over the country but not even that can keep the Three Amigos down. Cannon Crew f4,3Jg Martial Arts fijg CCF f4,3,2,1l Companies: D41 H2 PATRICK THOMAS MCCARTHY Lafayette Hill, PA Environmental Engineering To my family thank you for all your love and support.To my friends you made this place bearable, good luck. Patrick is always the first on the dance floor and the last in from riding.He has made me feel like part of his family, introduced me to Philly and Wudder ice. He's my classmate, my chauffer, my Wingman, and most of all my friend. Thanks for all the memories.-CR Patrick I've been blessed with your friendship and wish you the best.-CG Punk-BW LAX C4,3J: Catholic Choir f4,3,2,1- VPD: NAHF C4,3-Sec,2-Pres,1-Preslg Century Club Companies: B3 f H2 ,. A fi. ., ' 9. ,F K r' '-'il i if , W' A 'QQ' , lull ,Qu-aw. WMM 455 'QVWYWW 'BMW T, .. xt v IZ! fl ' 166 U' . RAYMOND KOENIG Quincy, IL Civil Engineering I love West Point. Its sad to think that this Wonderful land of blackened but- tons and elbow-less tables is soon com- ing to an end. l'll be lost out there in a world without a barracks arrangement guide and a CDO to tuck me in every night at bedtime. I'll never forget all the good times with friends, showertime, and all the late nights spent Ucrankin' and scramblin"' on problem sets. Thanks to my family, who inculcated in me to Be, Know, and Do. Intramurals C4,3,2,1J: Civil Engineering Club f3,2,1J Companies: D11 H2 CHEIKH OUMAR M'BENGUE Castries, St. Lucia Mechanical Engineering Yeah man, so this is it. To all of the B3 beastfGl plebe year posse, you guy's support made my stay here possible. Never will forget Bret Osness. H2 you guys were great, thanks a lot. I am heading back to SLU after my tenure here so, don't be afraid to take a cruise down there when y'all get back from the sand box. Iust check me in City Gate. Finally, I must say that I am better off for having had this West Point Experience. Hold Tight Man! Catholic choirf4JgLaw Enforcement Club C4JgFrench Club f4,3JQ International Cadets C4Jg Scouts f2,1J Companies: G1 X H2 NOAH LEE MCQUEEN Ioshua Tree, CA French Noah came to us from the deserts of Southern California. Older and Wiser than most, he proved to be an excep- tional big brother to many. Loyal to the core and a true friend until the end. Thanks buddy. "Annuit Coeptis" "...every form of happiness is one, ev- ery desire is driven by the same motor - by our love for a single value, for the highest potentiality of our own exsistence - and every achievement is an expression of it..." -Ayn Rand SCUBA TEAM fcicg 4,3,2,1Jg Sprint Football C41 Companies: C11 H2 PATRICK Rov MITCHELL New Orleans, LA Human Geography Coming from the Big Easy, Mooch is a lot of things. He is a gator wrestler, cage fighter, and pirate enthusiast. Above all, Pat is the definition of a loyal friend. He is the type of guy that will punch someone in the nose for you, even when you are in the wrong. He is the toughest guy I know and never backs down from anything. Iam proud to call Pat Mitchell a friend. Thanks for everything and always remember, that's two for flinch- ing! -AH BDE Boxing Champion C4D: BDE Wrestling Champion C213 Boxing Team f4,3J Companies: A3fH2 ERIK CHRISTOPHER NERDALEN Hicksville, NY Systems Engineering Thanks to my family, I couldn't have done it without you. Lacrosse f4,3,2,1J Companies: E3fH2 IUSTIN MICHAEL RUDE Biloxi, MS Spanish Companies: G2f H2 44 ' 'r' is B951 . . ,, Xqfyfw 'H I, 't':'-if -' ,I I W, 'Ht I I ti If X aff.. kia? . i.I,J SJ' ., WW' . .Q i iv rx J7:-ga ..,-ff-.asf re. X X his? has 0-nh OLIVER CALVIN MooRE Miami, FL Economics Thanks to everyone that would lend a helping hand, especially all you econ majors out there. To my brothers on the volleyball team I had a wonderful time and wouldn't trade it for anything. Fi- nally, I won't forget you Buckner and Germany guys, I had a blast. Volleyball f4,3,2,1J Companies: B11 H2 CELIA LOUISE NOWICKI WestChester, OH Environmental Engineering To Mom 8: Dad-Without your uncondi- tional love, endless support, 8: many words of wisdom I'd be nothing."Things that really matter usually take the most work, but it all pays off in the long run"- My mom To all my friends-Homework always took a backseat to you.Thanks for all the crazy adventures 8: unforget- table memories."Life consists of prob- lems, living is solving those problems.You should live life to its full- est 8: never look back on the past"- Ukwn Softball C4Jg The Area C4,3J: Indoor Rowing BDE Champs f2jg Team Handball f3,2,1J Companies: H3fH2 ANDREW THOMAS Scorr lonesville, MI Military History I would just like to thank my family and loved ones for helping me get through all-Hais.--Thanks for the support! Sandhurst C4,3,2J: Canterbury Club f4,3,2,1l Companies: B3 X H2 167 KENNETH COSTIGAN SHOLES Poolesville, MD Economics Kenny-The little brother that I never had, and a friend that is irreplaceable. Our journey began as random room- mates and it ended with brotherhood. I know you'll always be there when I need you, no matter what. "Annuit Coept-is" Companies: A3 X H2 NoAH IOHN TRUAX Mound, MN Psychology I have been given some Very wonderful opportunities at the Academy, and for them I am truly grateful, I have known the sting of failure, and the satisfaction of success. I have met some incredible people. I owe many thanks to the Lord, my family, and my friends, who have all given me strength and support throughout my time at the Academy. Now, on to bigger things. SandhurstC4,3,2,1Jg Staff and Ushers f4,3,2,1JQ USCC Academy Exchange Program to the Netherlands C21 Companies: D3 f H2 168 ANTHONY I SNIPES Ridgecrest, CA Mechanical Engineering Thanks Sam, Arny, Lauren, and Trevor and the rest of the team for a great 4 seasons. You guys made it all worth- while. Taylor, Ray, Mooch, and Sak...what happens in the room stays in the room. Triathlon f4,3,2,1D Companies: D1fH2 169 A EVA ELENA ARMANAS Woodstock, MD American Politics Do not follow where the path may lead. Go, instead, where there is no path and leave a trail. - Ralph Waldo Emerson Mom and Dad, thanks for making me pick that harder path, and supporting me through it all. I promise I will al- ways make you proud. Women's Lacrosse f4,3,2,1J Companies: F2fA3 APRIL ASIA CAMPISE Monterey, CA American Legal Studies Graduation is just the beginning... Thanks so much to everyone who helped me through this! Companies: B4fA3 170 .I fi agp' -,W we--vw V 341' 41 . X :fix 9 if I-W., 4-ww 't WILLIAM DRAKE BAILEY Hollywood, AL Economics Hollywood, the kid who always lost his glasses, no matter where we were. Drake was always the kid to go to if we needed help academically. Whether or not he was talking to Momma or Bethy- Girl , we could always count on Drake to help us out, except to pay for things. Drake We will always remember the great times we spent with the fab four. Go Army Golf! Corps Squad Golf f1,2,3,4JQ Investment Club f1,2,3,4JQ Fly Fishing CLub C115 Hunting Club f1,2,3l Companies: G2fA3 SEAN THRALL CATTANACH Wethersfield, CT International Relations Mom and Dad, thank you for every- thing you have done for me. Your guid- ance and support will always be price- less. Keith, you are the best brother anyone can hope for, thank you for your mentorship and advice. Friends, we have had some great times together and I know there will be many more. Pistol f3,2,1D Companies: F3 XA3 IAMES MARTIN Coivisrocic, IR. New Egypt, NI Systems Engineering Major Mom, Dad, farnily 8: friends: thanks for being there. I love you all.-8:From the heart of the Garden State, with high school at the beach, to diving at the Shore, to watching the Towers bum across the bay, and the four short-long years thatfollowed: it' s been quite a journey. We can only imagine what's to come. 'Fight for Freedom' To my family, friends, Sr comrades, I offer the old toast May the road rise with us, and the wind be always at our backs! Pistol Team C4-13: Systems Engineering Dept. Ciubs f2,1DQ Philosophy Forum C339 Goaltimate 64,23 Companies: B2fA3 IOSEPH CHARLES FENNELL Hanover, PA Arabic!Spanish Thanks to all who have been there when the times were tough-my friends, com- pany mates, and my family. It has been a unique journey, and in the end, I think I actually love this place. Go Army! Beat Everyone! Spirit Band f4,3,2,1JQ Protestant Chapel Choir f4,3,2,1JQ Cadet Field Music Group f3,2,1J Companies: D1fA3 MICHAEL SETH HAHN- CONTI Richmond, IN Management A proud member of the century club and a true Rabble Rouser at heart. This ,goes out to all my family who haye constantly called, emailed, and snail- mailed me messages of encouragement over my 47 month "experience" here. To my friends here: We are brothers and sisters for life. I know I'll see you all in the Army again, but until then, keep it real for me. Protestant Choir C43g Rabble Rousers f4,3,2,1JQ Black and Gold Leadership forum f2,1JQ FHP C43 Companies: F1fA3 QQ? gfis ww Q is . ,guy I., 9,9 , .f-we "N T759 OAREN PINKERTON EWENS Spokane, WA Human Regional Geography "There is a destiny which makes us brothers: None goes his way alone." - Edwin Markham - Honor Committee C2,3,43: Intramurals f1,2,3,4J Companies: E1fA3 IAN TUIOTI FOLAU Saratoga Springs, UT Systems Engineering Thanks to Mother and Father, Sam and Patricia, and brothers, Samson CClass of 20053 and Byron forig. Class of 2008, future Class of 20103. Go Anacondas! Go Army Rugby! Ich werde immer daran erinnern. Rugby C3,23s Judo C43: Boxing C43s LDSSA C4,3,2,13s KARS C4,33: SIGSAC to Companies: G2fA3 KEVIN IAMES KALKWARF San Antonio, TX Economics To all my family, thank you for your continued support and love through these four yearsand: all of my decisions. To the ABF, it's been a great time, thanks for all the memories. To all the guys and girls from A3, you have made A3 my home away from home, thanks for all the experiences and fun times, I'll never forget any of you and if you ever need anything you know who to call. Here's to the future. Begin each day as if it were on purpose. Baseball f4,3,2,1JQ Spanish Club f2,1DQ German Club C2,13 Companies: D4fA3 171 DUSTIN BLU KOSTELICH Denver City, TX American Legal Studies To all my Brothers and Sisters in the Church, thank you for the memories and all the fun years. I will miss you guys but will see you all again soon. To all my fellow Anacondas, these have been three great years and l'm honored to serve with each one of you. D-I Football C4Jg D-I Rugby 141: A-3 Football f2,1JQ A-3 Basketball Cglg A- 3 Pass and Go f3,2,1J Companies: DIXA3 ERNEST BEN-YU LING Cupertino, CA Computer Science Late lights policy? What's that? A true multitasker who combined work WITH play, as no other CS major could. Never one for limits, always at the top, Ernest brought the fun wherever he went, and the fun never failed to carry him home. Social outings were not the same with- out his endless banter. An avid investor and a man of many talents, we'll all be asking him for a job someday. Don't forget us, because we shan't forget you. prep by TIS MR Glee Club f4,3,2JQ Water Polo C435 Intramural Handball f2,1JQ Officer Christian Fellowship f4,3,2,1l Companies: F3 XA3 MILES S. NASH San Marino, CA Russian I Arabic To my parents who have been by my side regardless of the situation. To my little sister for keeping me on track. To all my friends at West Point who made the worst times bearable and to every roommate I've had CCody, Matt, Brian, Hunter, Rudy, Ian,Drake, Mike, and Erniej, who always kept me laughing and made life that much more enjoy- able. Good luck to everyone in the times to come. Powerlifting Team f4,3,2,1J Companies: E4fA3 172 'ZZ' - + ' . if . ii' , IFWHFIR, 'Nl die!! --maui: --v 117 afkx . .E x 5 - 'lam' I n.f . :ri fl :A I1 49 . CHRISTOPHER BRIAN LEE Yorba Linda, CA International Relations I would like to thank all of my friends and especially my fiance, Katie, for mak- ing this place tolerable. I have no regrets of coming to this academy, or wanting to be an officer in the U.S. Army. I think going to West Point allowed me to expe- rience things I never thought possible and I am grateful to West Point. How- ever, I am still glad to leave this place and all its headaches. Sandhurst CID Companies: A2fA3 MICHAEL PATRICK MOAD San Antonio, TX Arabic Your time spent at the Academy is what you make of it. l tried to make the most of my time both here and away each and every day. Looking back, I would do it all over again if Ihad to. Now, it is what you make of yourself after graduation that really counts. To Iay, Oaken, and Kevin: You are the best friends a person could ever ask for. To my family: Thank you for you.r undying support. To everyone else: "You are only as good as tomorrow." Sandhurst f4,2,1JQ Biathlon f3,2,1JQ Arabic, Spanish, and German Clubs f4,3,2,1l Companies: H1fA3 MEGAN ELIZABETH NOBLE Charlotte, NC International Law "What lies behind us and what lies be- fore us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us" -Ralph Waldo Emerson Women's Tennis f4,3,2,1D Companies: H4fA3 IAY R. ORTEGON Weslaco, TX Russian and Arabic It was once said that I would never be able to come here. Although it took longer than I would have liked, I made it nonetheless. I will never forget all the good times and life long friendships made. You are the ones that made this place worth it. "True friendship is a plant of slow growth, and must undergo and with- stand the shocks of adversity before it is entitled to the appellationf' - George Washington. Good luck to everyone. Sandhurst C4Jg IM Biathlon C3,2,1J: Russian Club C3,2,1Jg Arabic Club C2,1J: Spanish Club C2,1J Companies: EIXA3 COLIN C. REUTINGER Richmond, VA Law Blake D? Where did Blake D go? Cross Country C4Jg Indoor Track C41 Companies: A2fA3 TYLER IOSEPH SCHEIDT Luverne, MN Civil Engineering Whether in Mahan Hall, behind the box- ing ropes, or leading the platoon across Lake Frederick, Tyler managed to make it look easy: and he did it with style. Always a stickler for orderliness and with an eye for a game' of chancefhe breezed through his time at West Point. Willing to work hard, but always ready to play harder, flashing that smile any time, any day - Tyler made us all better for having known him. Civil Club C4,3,2,1J: Big Brothers! Big Sisters C4,3,2,1J: IM Boxing I3,2lS IM Rugby C3,2,1J: FHP C45 v D. 'fn 11: 1 " , -N Qfmzt' "..'4 I I-TRU I- U -X ww. , in 'IP 'uae--A-P-'11' rift SDM If wlfifl Companies: FIXA3 .'-5-3' KIP BENJAMIN RANDALL Culdesac, ID Economics To Tyler - a great roommate and an awesome friend. We had a lot of good times at Irish Eyes with Iane and play- ing pool at the Firstie Club. "Snake Eat- ers Never Die" To the Class of 2006 - I'll see y'all out there. IM Football C413 IM Team Handball C1,4Jg IM Basketball C353 IM Pass N G0 I2,3l Companies: G3fB1fA3 MICHAEL RICCITIELLO III Daytona Beach, FL Civil Engineering Despite many obstacles, nothing could take away Mike's sense of humor. A natural at academics, he spent most of his time at the top of the class. Easygo- ing and friendly, Mike has gained last- ing friendships. That friendship is a compliment, and his way of life is some- thing to study, for from it springs hap- piness, faithfulness, and dependability. He has been and will always be a bright spark in the life of those around him. Civil Club C2,1Jg Sandhurst C4,3J: Big Bro! Big Sis C2,1J, IM Soccer I4,3,2,1lS Navy Exchange C25 Companies: D2fA3 ROBERT I. HUNTER SOUTHERLAND Salem, NY Economics Mom, thanks so much for your contin- ued love and support throughout my West Point experience. Dad, thanks for 'always encouraging me to take new challenges and go the extra mile. Biz, you are the best sister a brother could ask for and I'm so lucky you are always there for me. Boys, you made the West Point experience worth it. Thanks for the fun road trips, cadet memories, and our true friendship. Crew C4,3Jg USAFA Exchange C2Jg OCF C2,1J Companies: B4 XA3 gf 'Vu' Ii ! L 2,73 173 SEAN SUPON Koloa, HI Economics What is good? All that heightens the feeling of power in man, the will to power, power itself. What is bad? All that is born of weakness. What is happi- ness? The feeling that power is grow- ing, that resistance is overcome. Friedrich Nietzsche, The Antichrist, sec- tion 2 IV Musketeers Scuba Team f4,3,2,1J Companies: B1fA3 IAMES HUNTER WINEGARNER Anchorage, AK Life Science Kyle, Sean, Ion- aka. the 4 Musketeers, aka. Steve, Mano, and Trollback- Glad I got mad cool with you dudes. Snowboard Club f2,1JQ Snowboard Instructors f3,2,1JQ Chemistry Club f2,1JQ Biathlon f3,2,1J Companies: H4fA3 174 BLAKE DANIEL TRULLINGER Shawnee, KS Legal Studies I'rn Blake D and my roomie is Wudy C and that's about it. Corps Squad Wrestling f4,3JQ Freestyle Club Wrestling f2,1J Companies: G1fA3 If ALAIN MICHAEL PAGADUAN ABELLADA Covina, CA Life Sciences When peace, like a river, attendeth my way. When sorrows like sea billows roll. Whatever my lot, thou has taught me to say "It is well, it is well with my soul." NHoratio Gates Spafford 08735 To David, Brian, Glenn, Ioey, Iill, Ien, and Katie: You are my family and I love you. I have been sharpened by your character, encouraged by your prayers, and strengthened by your faith, Always will I treasure you as my brothers and sisters in Christ. Protestant Cadet Chapel Choir f4,3,2,1JQ Officers Christian Fellowship f4,3,2,1I Companies: C4f B3 IEFFREY WILLIAM CHASE Newington, CT Systems Engineering FOS In the past fotu' years, I have met more amazing people, great friends, and done things I never could have imagined four years ago. I've learned more about myself and life from the things we shouldn't have done, the weekends we shouldn't have gone out, and the adventures we undertook more than anything. To all of you who made these times so memorable, rewarding, and sup- ported me through them, you will never be forgotten. Chess f4,3,2,1JQ Investment Club C3,2,1l Companies: B3fB3 176 pf-fm vgpnf av--M-40 4.--M-fr ,. I View "luv RAFAEL RIGOBERTO AcEvEDo Kissimmee, FL Chinese and Spanish To all my friends, thank you for getting me through this place. To the bandits, you guys were crazy and made things a lot more interesting. Love you guys. Martial Arts Team f3,2,1I Companies: G4fB3 IosEPH Ross DAvIs Waynesboro, VA International Relations Thank you. To my family 8: Meg for their love 8: endless support. To my room- mates QBen, Mike, Ryan, Ricky, Alain, Lucas, 8: Brandenj for their patience 8: friend- ship. To MAI Affolder, Mrs. Schwartz, Mrs. Senn, MAI Efaw, MAI Ruth, MAI Powell, MAI Schantz, 8: '03-4-5 for their mentorship. To the Bandits for their spirit! To SOSH for their inspiration 8: long nights. To my teammates for running hard. To Dave Zgonc for caring, To my classmates...for allyou will do. Sandhurst, Cadet Chapel Choir, OCF, SMC, CPRC, Whitewater C4,3,2,1J BGLF, TAG f4,3D, SCUSA C41 Companies: H1fB3 BRANDEN T. FARLEY Pittsfield, MA Engineering Management Family and friends, Without you this experience would have been impossible. Each act of encourage- ment pushed me a little farther. Your faith and love gave me the strength to persevere. Thank you. B3 Bandits, Sometimes it was rough, sometimes it was fun. I learned more from our inter- action than anything else at this school. Thanks for giving me a home away from home: I will always miss the special bond we have. IM Rugby f4,3JQ B3 Sandhurst f2,1DQ President of American Society of Engineering Management f2,1J Companies: H3fB3 FRANK CODY GUASTA Pueblo, CO Life Sciences Much love to my family, my friends, and my girlfriend Brandy... USMA Grappling Team f3,2,1D Companies: E4fB3 MATTHEW IAMES HOUSTON Boone County, KY Gennanllfrench I never drive faster than I can see, and besides that, it's all in the reflexes. Bandit Football c3,2,13 I Companies: B2fB3 ALEXANDER DICRERSON FOX Greenwood Village, CO Military Arts SL Science and GIS Banditland! Sailing 141: Sandhurst f2,1JQ Infantry Tactics Club f3,2,1J Companies: C4fB3 LUCAS CHRISTOPHER HANSON Morrilton, AR APL Go Turkeys! GO Dukes! Go Chickenhawks! GO Bandits! The Circle had good times. Many thanks to my family and friends who were always there for support. Never Quit. Companies: D4fB3 CARLTON IONES Henderson, NC Law Go Army Football Football f4,3,2,1J Comimniesz F3fB3 177 TREVOR MICHAEL IONES Bellaire, TX International and Strategic History Trevor, or T-Licious as he calls himself hails from the great state of Texas. A1- ways a triathlete, Trevor never ceases to smoke us on the APFT and every once in awhile gets a break from working out to read his many history books. Follow- ing in the footsteps of several siblings, Trevor has made his West Point experi- ence truly exceptional and his companymates' experience delightful. And also, he was cool. Triathlon f4,3,2,1J Companies: D2fB3 DANIEL TAE KIM Fullerton, CA Economics Daniel, you have endured and grown tremendously during these four years at West Point. Not only have you blessed your friends and peers by your maturity and your act of kindness, but you have shown your outside peers what West Point has given you. Remember to put others in front of you. Continue to strive yourself and remember where you came from. You will have left this organiza- tion better than you found it. Sprint Football f4,3Jg KARS Companies: B2fB3 MELINA GLEN LEE Springfield, VA Environmental Science Thank you to my family, friends and everyone else who touched my life along the way. Track and Field f4,3,2,1J Companies: D41 B3 1 78 fy Jr: v J 3, ,r EL f i Z 1 ,,,I if , I F Sli? .A WMS 5 ' K- Sh 5,1 I ,W """"4M. 'Eff' ""'-HMM 'Iunw it .'4v if .gf if '25 ti t .gi gs-A gH,I 1 if if niif. ELIZABETH CATHERINE KENT Boise, ID Environmental Science I am grateful for my family and friends who helped me through this place. Thank you to my morn, dad, and sister who always supported me. Thanks to all my girlfriends, especially Meg and Cooney. You guys helped me more than you know. And lastly, thanks to all my mistakes. You have only made me stronger. IM C4,3,2,1l Companies: E1fB3 MARGARET ANN KULUNGOWSKI Springfield, VA Comparative Politics I owe the most gratitude to my family, for getting me here and keeping me here. Thanks to Linz for rough 8: tough summers and smiling the whole time. Thanks to Lizard for her listening ear and always being on my side. Teesa my life long friend, thanks for sticking with me. Lastly, thanks to those Open Doors that WP gave me the good fortune of finding them. "Go Go Go, Fight Fight Fight, Be Our Leader." -ReRe Cross Country f4,3JQ Track f4,3Jg Lacrosse C23 Companies: C3fB3 I. MATTHEW LENART Greensbug, PA Engineering Management Ron, Kathi, and Sweet Meliss, thank you for all the love and support. To my Brothers, may we rise again. And to The Circle, stay gold and RFK for life. Be true and Go Bandits! Sprint Football f3,2,1J Companies: D2fB3 MATTHEW LESLIE LYNES Elk Grove, CA Environmental Geography To my family, thank you for your con- tinual love and support. To my friends, we had the best of times and I will miss you all. Thanks for making my time at West Point truly awesome. 3-2-l...BAN- DITS! Proverbs 3:5-6 "Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding, in all your ways acknowledge Him and He will make your paths straight," IM Football C3,2,1J: IM Rugby f3,2l3 Spirit Band C4,3,2.1J: Hop Bands Club f3,2,1Jg OCF I4,3,2,1l N Companies: E4fB3 RYAN EDWARD MCDONALD jackson Hole, WY Nuclear Engineering If... Thanks to my Brothers and Parents Snowboard Instructors f3,2,1J: Army Snowboard f2,1l Companies: H1fB3 ANDREW KENDALL REMBER Fairfax Station, VA International Relations Andy, or "Remberto" for those of us who know him comes from a family line of military service. As the son of an Air .Force officer, Andy calls home just about anywhere. While here as a cadet, Andy strove to improve himself in every way, sometimes sacrificing nights of prodi- gious pleasure at the Firstie Club for homework and even a workout. Most importantly, he is a true friend and the essence of Co B3's mantra: Casual Profes- sionalism. OCF C4,3,2,1J: Intramurals f4,3,2, ll Companies: G2fB3 . r, A ,V ,B fy? jmwr- i ' r f I f 11 9' , X 2 , fsfe gr fb its hwl ,I-asf adm we-ef' i '-'vu 'WW 4"lO A A fi ph A A W0 ivriifll MATTHEW WADE MANESS Lawrence, KS Systems Engineering Worst Exchange Cadet Ever ..,but it was fun, and everything turned out okay. Thanks to friends and family who made it all worthwhile. Rugby f4,3,2 CAir ForceJ,1Jg USAFA SAEPPER f2D Companies: E2fB3 ANDREW MICHAEL NARCUM Newtown, CT Systems Engineering Varsity Lacrosse f4,3,2,1J Companies: H1fB3 DANIEL R. SANDEORD Carlsbad, NM American Politics and Law "The road less traveled sure has a lot of stones." "For someone who wasn'thanded all the lucky breaks you managed to get through West Point with so much to be proud of knowing that youfovercameevery chal- lenge this place threw your way. Your unwavering perseverance, kind heart, and sense of humor have benefited all those around you and we are better people because of you."NCN Intramurals f4,3,2,1JQ Century Club f2J Companies: F4fB3 li,, 179 Scorr DAVIS WARNKE Huntsville, AL Operations Research To all the great friends that made it possible to make it through here. You're the best thing I'll take from this place. I couldn't have done it with out you, and I d0n't think that I would have Wanted to try. IM f4,3,2,1lS Choir 63,23 Companies: G1fB3 KINDALL DREW WITTER-T1LroN Tucson, Az Law To the good times and badp a life chang- ing experience that made me the fabu- lous person I am Track f4,3JQ Team Handball f2,1J Companies: F4fB3 180 IosEPH M. WESTON Yardley, PA Computer Science Ioe, or I-Dub to many of us, was always the hard worker of Banclitland. Never one to turn down a challenge, he con- stantly strove to conquer the CS depart- l ment and always gave a helping hand I to people with computer problems. I Phil 4:13 Upsilon Pi EpsilonC2,1Jg SIGSAC f4,3,2,1JZ HOHOF RCP C3,2,1J9 SMC f4,3,2y1l Companies: E2fB3 W W 1 1 ,f , 1 ! T i PATRICIA KATHLEEN CARR Chattanooga, TN Comparative Politics "Welcome to Hell, I'm Virgil and I'll be your tour guide." Libby's quote book. The boot. OCF retreats. CTLT at lovely Ft Polk, LA. The female Carr. Vroom Vroom, Sushi runs to Osaka's. "Your face"-Joey. Cooking at the OCF house, Sweet tea and white rice. To the best friends a southern girl could have. OCF f4,3,2,1JQ Ortho Department Fellow t4,3,2,1J: Protestant Chapel Choir f3,2,1D Companies: F4f C3 CONNOR IUDE CREHAN Plainfield, Nl LHW Connor-the loud Irish-looking kid from Jersey with the popped collar who is always quick to remind you how great his state is. Anyone who knows Cre knows the kid has a heart of gold and was always willing to do anything for a friend at a moment's notice probably because he never did any homework. He filled the rest of that time "makin his rounds, shakin hands and kissin babies."I'm lucky to have made a friend who will stick by me till the end-SAG Corps Squad Football f4,3,2,1JQNap Team f4,3,2,1Jg Stap f3,2JQ Hours Team C21 Companies: E4 X C3 Vrro IOHN ERRICO Congers, NY International Relations Vito is our favorite Ellis Island export. The man who will help you out in any situation, whether it's bringing you home safely or correctjng your pronun- ciation of Italian food. He knows every- thing from international politics to any baseball stat. Vito is the man every guy wants to be friends with and every girl wants to meet. You will not find a better friend or a more die-hard Yankee fan than Vito. CIC Model United Nations f1,2JQ Model United Nations f3,4J Companies: D1fC3 W ,. , f WW: i' fix: -s " gi, , 5 N ' I 5 W 'ill I '13 w nii .M ,Ip , , Wa 'MT' fa-wi...-n-Mhv' fi-,F .. gif if .pay I WMM vi g . . , , ,A it ,, if X at RYAN IOSEPH CHANG Manhattan Beach, CA Nuclear Engineering Ryan's men will follow him anywhere- due in equal parts to his distinct ability to inflict massive amounts of death and destruction on this great nation's en- emies, his disproportionately large brontosaurus thigh muscles, and his hilarious penchant for making a com- plete idiot of himself whenever the op- portunity arises. He also wants to thank his parents for their loving support throughout four years of shenanigans and tomfoolery. Soccer f4,3J Companies: B4fC3 IAMES BRANDON DAVIS Mesquite, TX Civil Engineering To my family: Thanks for being sup- portive from day one. None of this would have been possible without you. I love you all. To my friends: We finally made it. You made putting up with this place for four years worthwhile. Good luck to you all and I hope to see you out there. Gymnastics Manager f3,2,1JQ Civil Engineering Club f2,1J Companies: G3fC3 GLENN LACHLAN HERMILLER Renton, WA Economics INVICTUS Ps. 46:1-3 Many thanks to all the men and women fespecially the familyj who haveliad an impact' on my life. West Point would not have been bearable without your friendships. The Lord has called me, challenged me, and prepared me for his next mission. DR 2005! Handel's Mes- siah, Color Staff, ABN, SRT School. D4 Delta Dogs 8: H2 Hammers Forever! Proud of the Name. Glee Club f4,3,2,1JQ Staff8zUshers C4,3,2,1J: OCF f4,3,2,1lS Chapel Choir f3,2,1J Companies: H2fC3 183 KYLE HOEDEBECIQE San Antonio, TX Life Sciences It seems as though we were plebes yes- terday and now we are graduating! I want to thank my friends that helped me get through all of the tough times here, my family for their constant sup- port, and Laura for being the love of my life. I will miss the memories that we had as a class, yet I know that we will see each other again. To those going into the medical field, Ilook forward to working with you all soon. Best of luck to all! CS Cross Country C4J: Club Freestyle Wrestling L4-115 C3 Sandhurst C335 ACS C4-ljg Spanish Club C4-13 Companies: B3 I C3 RYAN IOHN IOYCE Naples, FL National Security Law Rybear is loved by everyone. He is the friend who will drop everything to help you out, show you a good time, do ANYTHING to make you laugh, or cook you breakfast after a crazy night. Ryan is the selfless friend who worries about nothing but having a good time. He will fall on the grenade for you even when you're not in the kill zone. Band f4,3,2JQ Boy Scout Council I4,3lS Mic Man C13 Companies: G1fC3 CHRISTOPHER ADAM KENNEDY New Milford, CT Management Such is life Gymnastics f4,3,2,1J Companies: C1fC3 184 ,,,,,' .wwf wr -v -5 H ' I C IJ 3 1 , 1 A X "M: . 1 ut.. g. mp ily:- NB57 . at 1' ,...,,--A. .W .Mi ,tri M My 1. 10431 M-"""12i 6-GS if mimi 1 t,. , V' .' F I M 'HMP 1 ,, ., ., ,, aff' I agp --V 2.3 ,vga . I SARAH ELIZABETH IONES Corpus Christi, TX Spanish Concentrator, German Secondary I i To my family: You have been the rockinmy 7 life. Through tears, exhaustion, pleasure l and pain, you were there. Your prayers mea.n the world to me. To my fiancee Iosh: My life was changed in an instant when the Lord blessed me with you. I will love you forever. To my Lord: Without You, I am nothing. It was You who brought me here, and You who have strengthened me on the road of trials, joys and growth to Gradua- tion. ePsalms 119232, Psalms 144:1,2 Chi Alpha Christian Fellowship C4,3,2,1J: Glee Club I4,3,2,1lS Company Ring 81 Crest Rep f4,3,2,1J Companies: B4fC3 RICHARD WILLIAM IUTEN Sacramento, CA Civil Engineering Thank you to my wonderful siblings: Kathleen, janet, and Ioseph,and my lov- ing, caring parents, Chris and Karen Iuten. They have all been my strength and inspiration over the years. I thank God most of all, for West Point, my friends and family, for the United States of America, and for this wonderful life! Strength in God, Strength in Love, Strength in Courage and Faith! Fight and Live for God, Family, and Country. USMA BENCH PRESS COMPETITION fab, Chess Club C4J, BB Fishing CI'CWf1-45, Sgt Gilman Earth Band f1,2J Companies: AI! C3 AMANDA ANN KIMBRELL Greenville, SC Psychology "Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for men." Colossians 3:23 Thanks mom and dad for all your love and support! Volleyball f4,3,2,1JQ OCF C4,3Jg FCA f4,3,2,1l Companies: G2 X C3 AARON WAYNE KLETZING Chicago, IL Economics Before anything else, thanks to God for making this experience possible. To all my friends: you guys really made this place what it was. We have some price- less memories, don't we? To my family: I couldn't have done any of this without your love and support. Mom and Dad, Sarah and Drew - we really are a team. "It's not about what happened in the past, or what you think might happen in the future. It's about the ride." Investment Club C1-President,2,3Jg Sandhurst f2,3J Companies: E1fC3 IOSHUA LEONE State College, PA English Blair, Matt, Rich, Henry, and Aaron dur- ing these brief moments at West Point we've made memories that will last a lifetime. One day, years from now, around the fireplace in my man room we'll look back on the road we have traveled and remember that all of us needed to be carried at one point or another. I cannot overestimate your worth and value as my friends. I can honestly say that life has no pleasure higher or nobler than that of friendship Officer Christian Fellowship C4,3,2,1J: Powerlifting f4,3,2,1J Companies: HIXC3 'Sf CHARLES WILLIAM MATHER Coppell, TX International Relations To all my friends and the C3 Fishing Team funofficialj. Thanks for all of the good times that we had together. The days spent together playing guitar and just hanging out in random places were awesome. The nights spent out at dif- ferent lakes all over the area were in- sanely fun and I wouldn't trade them in for anything. Thanks again. Drumline f4,3,2,1J: AWANA f2,1J Companies: C4f C3 40X QA .,...An-. AUW ff 'Et p ,+-,- ,, ll . r, - tr Q J i, it x f 3 I F if H, is V. h. 'A ,. Al 1' tawm .f ii? tif ' gay. . ' OES . , af" ilwtitiilu SQ .pi up 4. . IORDAN DANIEL LANE Dana Point, CA Aeronautical Engineering While West Point has had its ups and downs it has been friends that have made the difference. While there are some things that I will not miss, I know that I will miss the people that I have grown close to over these years. lack Kerouac had it right when he said, New York gets god-awful cold in the winter but there's a feeling of wacky comradeship somewhere in those streets. Plebe Co: F3. CIC-Flight Club C115 Flight Club f3,2J: Mechanical Engineering Club f2,1JQ Judo C41 Companies: F3 X C3 IESSAMYN I. LIU Richmond, VA American Politics!American History Thanks to my familiy, friends, and men- tors for their confidence and support. 1 Corinthians 1:18-25 Cross CountI'yfTrack Manager l4,3,2,1IS CCF f4,3,2,1IS We the PGOPIG C4,3,2l Companies: A31 C3 IosEPH PATRICK MCGOVERN Buffalo, NY International Relations Ioe, a man who has traveled the seven seas and spread his love for life across the globe. From the walls of Vietnam, the beaches of the Bahamas, and the booths of the Firstie Club, Ioe has a spirit that burns bright. A great friend, he is the man who will always be there for you regardless of the situation. The man who always has a great story and never ceases to remind you that he's awake, Ioe is the funniest to be with on any weekend. Lacrosse C4Jg Intramurals f3,2,1JQ Special Olympics f4,3,1Jg German Club f4,3l Companies: F41 C3 185 BRADLY NICRA Burgettstown, PA Civil Engineering To my family, friends, and teammates: thanks for the support, the laughs, and all the memorable experiences we had over the past four years. Good luck with what lies ahead. Parchute Team C4,3,2,11gRugby C415 Fly Fishing club C415 Whitewater Kayaking club C11 Companies: A11 C3 THOMAS MICHAEL RYDER Garden City, NY Engineering Management Tommy - Since meeting On A-Day, fish- ing at Buckner, the tailgates, the Long Island balls, having cigars on the roof, the 500th night snowstorm, playing ball, and all the times we hung out here and back home, yOu've become one of my closest friends. Words do not do justice to your loyalty and friendship over the past four years. Tom is a true friend, who would do anything for you and never let you down. lnvicitus. - Mike JV Lacrosse C4,3,2,11 Companies: G4fC3 RICHARD IN TANG III San Antonio, TX Chinese St Spanish Lord, You are my Rock, thank you for always carrying me. Chuck Feher, Rich Iuten, Ioe Davis, Chucky Mather, Luke Hyder, Sammy Rossi, Sarah Turner, Jeff Velazquez, and the God's Gang team your friendship is the joy that kept me going. To the West Point fami- lies who took me in, and my family that held me close despite the distance, I love you all. May God richly bless you! EPH 3: l7b-18. Heritage Club C419 Awana C3,2,11Q God's Gang C2,11g Band C3,21Q Companies: D21 C3 186 ,gf g T -stef" .. tttt T 112' v " ff' t 2 U W - tat 6' tk 5 g,,,oW'BSv ,gc x . , Q92 ,Q-+. .vi will rf' WM' in-fl bmw if W. .mln waht V437 I xr? , iff tm y, if C M, . W1 MVN . ...W DOUGLAS ROBERT REEVES IR. Mission Viejo, CA International Relations For those who always knew that I could, gave me all of their support, filled me with their strength, and most of all en- dowed me with their love. G01f C4,3,2,1l Companies: E21 C3 HYEN HEE SHIN Los Angeles, CA East Asian Studies I wish the best of luck to all the great people I've met so far. Starting from plebe to firstie year. Been through some highs and lows and would not have gone through without you all. I'm thank- ful that I have met incredible people like you guys. I'll hopefully see you all out there. FAEPC219KARSC4,3,2,11 Companies: E4fC3 MASON WHITNEY THORNAL Ft. Bragg, NC International Relations To all the boys, thanks for everything, you guys are what made it worth it. See you all out there. To Mom, Dad, Hunter and Macy, thanks for putting up with four years of complaints about this place. I cOuldn't have done it without your help. I love you guys. BDE Sandhurst C3,2,11 Companies: C4fC3 l I p AARON BLAIR W1Lcox Tucson, AZ International Relations Iosh, Matt, Aaron, Henry, Rich, Issac you all made this place a bit more toler- able. Undoubtedly, beyond all measures of success and attempts at vain glory, it is the people and friendships we form that mark our significance. May God bless you and keep you in the years to come. FootballC4,2Jg Young Life f2,1JQ Companies: E1fC3 fir .. - A -.Aid , Qwrw , . X , 'sr ' , ' ' ' I ,H A QL, uEW"559 ,. M' ' , , We :ln .-gs 9,9 . 4 Mui NICHOLAS ERNEST ZEFELDT Chicago, IL LHW It was a tough four years but we all made it through, thanks to the closest friends I have ever made and good luck wherever you end up. l'll never forget Cock Wing Tuesday's and everyone's 21 B-day down at the Firstie Club. IM Football f4,2JQ IM Wrestling C4jg IM Boxing f3,1Jg STAP f4,3J Companies: H2 f C3 f WW I I I ! 187 A W4 'Y EA ,sw 2 33 W A' . Y. I E . . 2 r - . ii I - . ,, , , ' ,,-! X 1 , ., ff? Q 4 "" 'W SEV- F - J gg: '21 """A"' -an-N N 'Q 1' V F f H , , N X N ,I ,vl,'f'JY ' 1, Q, ,, . '5 1 f-wb: ,. - .M X , X J " fn .-X. , ' I ':" 153, ' 'ggi' ,151 ',"'. h 35 v'J:-'11 "!! 129'1f3fw':3':,, my E 1 N f . k. M V1 - Qf . ' - ' Y ' . l - V 91 'E' I I. Ax . . . 4 a ,g,5,, , ,mf ,iii-145 A f . Wg, , ' ' t .' ' V C - f ' ---5 i W f ', ' he ,": 'V " R, ' V 5 H7 f I , 'KN' ' f' .' ' ' ' ' J ' .1 " ' - - 5 1+ . .v . . A ',-' N I - v f Tiififfgifflif ' ' f ' , ,fm Zfggwglaw- :ig ,J-fi 4-' if v E , AMY LYNNE BAUER Medfield, MA Environmental Engineering To all whom I shared so many fun times with and who made my days here truly fulfilling, especially to the tri team and the crew...l couldn't have gotten through without you, keep on climbing! "Keep your face to the sunshine and you can- not see a shadow."NHelen Keller Triathlon Club f4,3,2,1J Companies: D4fD3 CAMERON W BOYcE Bakersfield, CA Nuclear Engineering Cam is a true friend, always willing to lend a hand. Whether holding your feet for an APPT, giving new meaning to the phrase Hhospital visit," or merely sharing a beer at the Fiistie, Cam remains full of suprises and is rarely seen without a smile. As a cadet, Cam was an accomplished America's Army operator, responsible for multiple broken bones, fsome of which were his ownj, and managed to forever change our perspective on what it means to date older women. Give 'em Hell, Cam, and Go Circus! Fly Fishing Club f2,1DQ Hunting Club f2,1J Companies: C2f D3 ANTHONY IOHN DESMARAIS Marshall Islands, MI ISE Ionny it's too bad you never got big enough to beat me. "What movie to- night?" To my parents thanks for put- ing up With nil grmes. To the4RugEy team thanks for the experience and re- member why we all played, RUGBY f3,2,1J Companies: B11 D3 'WW ,www ,. N, is ww 'W k 4 uv rw le, ..i-- q er-1, ,fffivivw :ESQ , f ,.4:g,., f A- -rf .Lf 4 'f' X 1 fa Y 5 i M 5 i 'gh M' V i tt' ' ii' ' W ' ' ff' TIMOTHY LEv1 BOSWELL 'uw Newburg, MO Human Regional Geography Son of Mark and Judy Boswell, older brother of Bobby Boswell, boyfriend of Jessica Prewett. Thanks to my friends and family for your support over the years. Thanks to my bros: Ace, Scott, lim and all the boys from D-3. It wouldn't have been possible without you. Fly Fishing Club f2,1Dj Hunting Club f2,1J Companies: G41 D3 NIICI-IAEL EUGENE COLLINS St. Louis, MO Nuclear Engineering Finally Unleashed and Ready to Rock. mates, engineering group partners, team- mates, workoutpariners, Devils, and Sappers- Had a blast with you guys and could.n't have gotten through without you. Thanks to my parents-wOuldn't be here right now with- out you. RC, IC, AB, IA, TP, IF, TB, GL, DM, TW - Honored to know you guys. Thanks for all you did and the good limes we had together. Thanks to Iesus for everything gwi Wrestling f4,3Jj Judo C3J: Triathlon C113 Freestyle Wrestling f2Jg Combat Grappling f4,3,2,1JQ USMA Black KU Companies: H2 f D3 RACHEL ANN FAz1o Pittsburgh, PA Engineering Management Whatever you vividly imagine, ardently desire, sincerely believe and enthusias- tically act upon...must inevitably come to pass. W W, L, Ski Instructor f3,2,1JQ Regimental! Company Ring and Crest Representative f2,1JQ Companies: C41 D3 Willa' .. 189 Thanks to all of my great buddies, room- IONATHON MICHAEL FLoRANcE Randolph, VT Economics Gt Mathematics What is the feeling when you're driving away from people, and they recede on the plain till you see their specks dis- persing? -it's the too huge world vault- ing us, and it's goodbye. but why think about that when all the golden land's ahead of you and all kinds of unfore- seen events wait lurking to surprise you and make you glad you're alive to see? -Kerouac. Phil, Sam, Marc, Dan, Pete, Nick, and all the rest from Army crew- I owe you guys. Crew f4,3,2,1l Companies: E3 f D3 IOSHUA R IACKSON Oakland, CA Chinese We must remember that one man is much the same as another,and that he is best who is trained in the severest school." - Thucydides To all of my TACS, instructors, room- mates, and friends: If and when we meet in the future we'll smile, if not thanks for everything I will never forget you. Sprint Football C41, CDT Choir C41 Judo club C2, 115 Chinese Club C3, 2, 11: Grappling Club C3, 2,11 Companies: G1fD3 IENNIFER IOUNGMIN NAM Gainesville, VA Comparative Politics This Asian Sensation never gives her- self enough credit. She has fought through some tough times, but she keeps on smiling. Always remember the good times: swimming, Puerto Rico, Florida, Singapore, Vietnam, and Europe CCTLT1. She is beautiful, caring, talented, and a great friend. I will treasure our memories and I can't wait to make more as We take the Army by storm. To my friends and family- I love you and thank you for everything. Corps squad swimming C4,3,2,11Q FCA C41 Companies: G2f D3 190 A-,"f rr ff YY Q' ' 'W s X: V 5 , 3 C, F. ww 4 IU'- sl WIS-5 'Ni-9 f4"""-s 41+- ...av qdffn 3 I aww rr, I up , C ASHLEY BRADFORD HAHN Benton, MO Engineering Management To K, Chris, Shane, lake, Sam, Johnny, Iourdan, and all the others...you made this place bearable. Companies: A1 f D3 CARL MIKEL KRUGER Springfield, VA Mechanical Engineering This has been the best four years of my life. I've been blessed to have shared this experience with some great friends that I will remember for the rest of my life. Being here has been a life-long goal and I'm glad to have shared it with my friends in D3. Color Guard C2,11 Companies: C21 D3 KAUSHIK NARASIMHAN Andover, MA International Relations To Ash, Chris, Shane, Iandrade, and all my other brothers... To my family and friends... You made it worthwhile. Companies: E3 X D3 ,af fp-.f Q J Y! 9 P, x 1 N ig Q if V gis t- 3 A A 1 A 'E 5+ if "Qty an I J I TYLER ROBERT PENN ,A Centreville, VA Economics To my parents, thanks for all your sup- port, I couldn't have done this without you. To Kristyn, thanks for all your sacrifice and love, you've made these my past four years amazing. To the circle 1---Q and my buddies in D3, thanks for the laughs and memories, you guys are truly great friends. Freestyle Wrestling C3,2,11Q Sandhurst C3,11 Companies: F3 f D3 IOHN ANDREW RIEMENSCHNEIDER Des Moines, IA French Thanks to my family and friends for all the support. I cOuldn't have done it without you. "1""f'T'7',' "Sometimes, success is just a matter of hanging on." -Anonymous German Club C41: PALS C41, Intramurals C4,3,2,11 Companies: F3 f D3 c-1:5 GREGORY ANTHONY DIONES SABLAN Ordot, Guam Civil Engineering Since middle school on Guam, I knew that one day I'd be a part of the Long Gray Line. Being the son and brother of a small family fronva small island, at first the dream to be a West Point Grad didn't seem possible. After three Cfour by graduation1 long, hard years here, that dream will quickly become a real- ity. I would contribute my success not only to the support my family gave me, but also to the many friends that I have made here. Drill Team C3,2,11g BSU C41: USJA C415 D-3 Sandhurst C31g OCF C11g H Protestant Chapel Choir C11 Companies: B1fD3 " ,Q , WW V337 'WWW E . L :sa IUAN CARLOS RAMOS Miami, FL Electrical Engineering Thanks to all my friends that have made my West Point experience a memorable one. Thrist and Ioe, thanks for making me part Jamaican and part Italian. Kel, one day we will live in Miami and throw big bbq's. Tiny, there will always be a special place in my heart for you, you were a good friend. Dom, thanks for making me laugh all those times in the lab, Go Team RP. Papito, espero que se siente orgulloso de mi. Ilove you MOM. Go Devils. Spanish Club C4,3,2,11Q IM's- Handball C41, Boxing C31, Cross Country C41, Soccer C2,11 Companies: B3 f D3 SAMUEL IOHN Russo Pittsfield, MA Systems Engineering Pittsfie1d's finest son means so much to so many. He's Korea's finest yardsale, Honduras' greatest headache, Montreal's midnight masquerade, Mexico's most wanted, and the best friend that anyone could ever ask for. Marked by a constant smile and loaded with an outstanding wit, Sam has left his mark on DA3ls, futons 8: uniforms but most notably at West Point where he was a beloved leader, master of the swivel hips, and an unforgettable per- sonality. Lacrosse C41 Companies: B3fD3 SARA ASHELEY SMITH Hayward, CA Chemistry :SL Life Science Everything I am today is due to the support others have given me. Mom, Dad, Ben, you have kept me going while smiling through it all-I love you all so much. Rach, I'm glad I met you, and will never forget all the great times we had together: "Because I knew you.." And to all my ruggers, thank you for everything on, and Off, the pitch: De- clare It! "Genius? Nothing! Sticking to it is the genius! I've failed my way to success." T.E Women's Army Rugby C3,2,11 Companies: A4fD3 191 SHANE PATRICK SULLIVAN The Woodlands, TX Engineering Management It's gone by fast, and what an amazing experience it has been. I can only imag- ine what is to come. Thanks to my friends, my family, and my fiancee. Life is good. Parachute Team f4,3,2,1J Companies: G1fD3 IACOB SETH TORREY Alexandria, VA Civil Engineering "The Dude abidesf' Sundry IMs f4,3,2,1J Companies: E3fD3 CHRISTOPHER DAVID WHITE Liberty, TX Engineering Management To my D3 brothers: we made the best of our time here, I have no regrets. I hope we're able to work together in the future...maybe y'all can make the desert bearable. I never would have made it this far without the support of my lov- ing family and friends. Thank you. Skeet and Trap Team C4,3JQ Fly Fishing Club f3,2,1JQ ASEM f3,4J Companies: H1fD3 192 KELVIN LEoN THOMAS Gainesville, FL Economics Never let yourself be defined by the situation. Instead, aim to make the situ- ation be defined by you. A heartfelt thanks to all those who proved to be true friends. You can call me anytime. And then there are those whom I will never forget... Thank you Iuan, Chris P., and Amy for being one of those special people... I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. -Phillipians 4:13 Sprint Football f3,4JQ Boxing Club C23 Companies: D21 D3 STUART WARDERS Toledo, OH Computer Science "Being honor bred... bred to a harder thing than Triumph" - WB. Yeats. To my Mom and Dad - always know you helped me reach my dreams. To Spen- cer - thanks for being a true brother at every turn - my best friend. Sandhurst C413 Sandhurst C31 Companies: B3fD3 MICHAEL WILLIAMS Philadelphia, PA Environmental Engineering To all my friends and family who got me through the hard times, I'll never forget. Corps Squad Swimming C4,3,2J Companies: H1fD3 J W l S 5 mg 'W,f""1h-f M .g ill? if-'E.'5i: -Ja f, gf'-K ,,., 5 F ll 5? , . f, , . ' if Q gX -if 3 X avid X. QT 'J X .j, 4-.L 3-, Masai' M- l" . - . .. 4,. 'pg ,ff-ff. - -jig' 4' l Q - '. . . Q4 , A 5 Q" ' Q 'IN , 1.112-1? Q i+ - ' K- we A f- 2 . ,mi qw .W N 1 . Ax, 1 I , ,t, M Q ! MH i-mtwl, 1 ",-A ,a:n'.,aW!' ' u- M ' uw: Q g T-4 fm? K ' W 1 P U , , . K IOHN RUSSELL CHAMBERS Grosse Ile, MI Civil Engineering I've got to hand it to the E3 Dream Team, I couldn't have made it through without ya'll. We definitely had some good times. Tupa, you're dangerous. Tyler and Alex, you're money. Thanks for being there for me when I needed it and always having my back. To every- one else, work hard, have fun, and keep your head on straight. Always remem- ber: "Pain is temporary, quitting is for- ever" -Lance Armstrong Ski Club f3,21Q Big Brothers Big Sisters C4,31: CE Club C3,2,11g Tau Beta Pi f2,11Q FHP C41 Companies: F If E3 THOMAS ANDREW DYRENFORTH Chocorua, NH Systems Engineering Many thanks go to my family for all of the encouragement throughout the years. I am one of those rare cadets that really love West Point and all the experiences here. I could not have made it through without having such a great group of friends. The four years have flown by, but the memories will last a lifetime. From plebe year to the last mandatory dinner, its been quite a blast. Football C4,3,2,I1: Nordic Skiing C415 Snow Sports f3,21Q SMC C215 Snowboard C11 Companies: F11 E3 HAROLD WILLIAM HAMBLET II Savannah, NY Military Science FOS To My Friends and Family: Thank you for your love, caring and support jhroughout my years at West Point. To My Classmates: Thanks for the memories and good times. To My Company: May life bring you good fortune throughout your career in the army. Scoutmaster's Council f4,3,2,11Q Staff and Ushers f4,31Q Racquetball Club C11 Companies: C41 E3 DREW ALAN CURRISTON Eagle Point, OR Aeronautical Engineering Drew is an amazing man. Always look- ing for a good time, he approaches every situation with an unmatched charisma. No matter the adventure, he can always be counted on, he will always stand for Christ, friends, and his word. He has anchored himself upon Iesus and serves as an arc for all. BROS 4 Life. -Ehren Linderman Pistol Team f3,2,11 Companies: G2fE3 GILES LINCOLN EVANS II Nashville, TN Economics and Interna- tional Relations Accomplishing the impossible-at the last minute, Oh yeah? Watch me, Go Ham- mer-the real one still lives: To all my friends outside of here-I stayed sane because of you: To all my friends at West Point-thank you for helping me out of all the trouble I get myself into, To my family, especially IC Evans, USMA '39-thank you for supporting me: and most importantly, I give thanks to Christ my Lord, without Whom no things are possible. Sprint Football C4,3,21: Investment Club f2,11g Flying Club f2,11g Forensics Team C3,2,11 Companies: H2fE3 ANDREW THOMAS HENRY Erie, PA Environmental Geography Companies: EIXE3 195 IAMES WRIGHT I'IICKMAN Richmond, VA APL Thanks be to God! I never expected to graduate-looking back at my four years I am amazed. I recall a conversa- tion with my Dad when walking the dog at home when I was in high school. We debated whether or not I should come here since I'm not a math X science person. I told him that this was the best place to develop as a leader. I would do it all over! Mom and Dad, thanks for always encouraging me. I love you! SLTW 2004 +N+-+N+ NFNQ 2006 CSXIM XC 141: Marathon f4,3,2,1Jg Howitzer C415 COMPASS 81 UCF i4,3!2,1I Companies: A31 E3 ALEXANDER VINCENT LAMOLINARA Laurel, MD Spanish Thanks to my family for their support. Thanks to my friends. You know who you are. We shared all the good and bad times. Much love to you all. Peace. IMS Companies: C4f E3 ERIC LOBDELL Sugar Land, TX Economics To the pole vaulters: Our stories will last a lifetime, thanks for all the memo- ries, the support, and all the jokes about me. Dean: we made it buddy, thanks for helping me through. Gavin: Thanks for always being around - through the good times and the bad, and for keep- ing everyone laughing. Gavin: You've been a great friend, good luck in the future. Scott: Maybe one day you won't be so weird, but I hope not. Good luck to all - stay in touch. Track and Field f4,3,2,1D Companies: AIXE3 196 be 'yt' -.4 I J - 53? ff 1 J ? ' -v I N 9 . 1 3 .-.. -L tt . .,.f I 'lf :WWA 74 -. 23'-if I. iq!! .A-wa. "TT"l'Z9 e:. fit wa n ew kid, STEVEN MATTHEW HOAK Coal Center, PA Chemical Engineering Made some great friends and had some great times with them. All I wanted to do is "Go the distance!"And I did! Keep the fists in the air. Companies: Gif E3 EHREN A. LINDERMAN Myrtle Point, OR Environmental Science Ehren is one of those guys that can always bring a smile to your face and always has another adventure in mind. You can count on him to be himself and to have a great time doing it. He puts Christ first and his friends second, and we have all had a great time getting through the last 4 years together. Bros! - "Many thanks for your infinite blessings and thanks to Christ for life and all the gifts unseen." Officers Christian Fellowship f3,2,1JQ Freestyle Wrestling f4,3,2JQ Rec Ski Club f2,1JQ BROS f3,2,1J Companies: E41 E3 BRIAN CHRISTOPHER LUcAs Nazareth, PA Economics To my family: Thank you for all the support and prayers you have given me. To my friends: Unforgettable memo- ries. We're tight. Thanks. Wrestling C419 Strength Team f3,2Jg Team Handball C2,1J Companies: A11 E3 YH- ' ' . ' xr v " ' .V 53 x M Af i .QW ' ALISON BETH MULNIX 1 ' it A A Lewsiville, NC American Legal Systems wwf 'HQ' , "GoOd, Better, Best. Never let it rest, until your good is better and your bet- ter is best!" - Tim Duncan -E Good luck to everyone- keep smiling and keep up the fire! Women's Soccer f4,3,2J Companies: E4fE3 IONATHAN PATRICK RHODES Kingwood, TX International Relations I would like to thank my Mother and Father who helped me more than they will ever know. This has been an ad- venture that I could never have imag- ined prior to experiencing it. The friends and lesssons learned will stay with me for a lifetime. Cross Country C4Jg Track C4,2,1J: E- 3 GrHPP1iHgC3D: E-3 Bvxing C33 Companies: C2f E3 Nia IUSTIN THOMAS SEEHUSEN Jasper, AL Military Arts and Science 6.3 Too all my friends l've made thanks for helping me get through here. Iames Small - "A country boy can sur- vive. Iustin lis been an amiing friend for 5 years. His willingness to put his friends before himself sets him apart from many. Justin will excel in the Army and beyond. There are few people that can be completey relied On. Iustin is one of them. The friends he made will last a lifetime.Can't wait for what lies ahead!" Menis Team Handball f4,2,3,1J Companies: F2fE3 -HQ .........Ix X! X, vi Q. MICHAEL PITULEI Liverpool, NY Computer Science Well, it's finally done. lt was a long and hard road, but we finished it. lt's not the end, but a new beginning. Gymnasticsf4Jg Strength teamC4,3,2,1J Companies: A3 f E3 COLIN EDWARD ROBERTSON Apple Valley, MN Economics Virtutis Gloria Merces Cadet Spirit Band f4,3,2,1J Companies: B4fE3 AERA ROSE SIMMONS Elsie, Ml Management "l'm hyperactive and hypoglycernic...I'm a hyper-hypo!" - Mike Meyers, SNL Rabble Rousers f4,3,2,1T' Companies: B3 f E3 197 TYLERWIILIA1vISoRREIs Shoreline, WA Civil Engineering I have made the tightest bonds with the greatest people during my 1,426 day crucible here at the Academy. You know who you are, I deeply care for you all. I pray our friendship remains as close throughout the rest of our lives as it has been here. Martial Arts C2,1J Companies: C4f E3 IOHN WESLEY WALKER III Dix Hills, NY LAW To all of my friends, family, and coaches: thank you for all of your love and sup- port. l would not have made it without you. GO ARMY LAX! Lacrosse C4,1J Companies: C3 I E3 CALEB KEITH WELLS Spearfish, SD Information Systems Engineering You would think it would be hard to miss someone who is 6'6", but many Cincluding a prior COJ, are not aquainted with this gentle giant. Weighing in at a hefty 250 lbs and capable of hurling 16lb shotputs 55 feet, he is certainly a giant. Caleb is slow to anger and very patient with others. He is a strong man of God, who is hard-working, helpful and kind to all. FIGOTOB, INF. - The Burchinator Croommatej Track 81 Field C4,3,2,1J Companies: A4fE3 198 ' Q13-.., 5'7- r , - . X 6 y a I 3' H . W QV - I . WH' . '-nw in? -.qs-mf P-MW' , -qw V. main ? xf'Q ROBERT CHRISTOPHER VIETOR III St. Louis, MO Life Science I would like to thank my family for always believing in me and standing beside me during the rough times throughout my life. Also, thanks to all Of my friends who have made this place more bearable: the former Dawgs, the Eagles and those of you who have struggled through the Life Sciences with me. 'Cowardsdiemanytimesbeforetheirdeaths: The valiant never taste of death but once." - Shakespeare "Iulius Caesar" - Fly Fishing Club C4,3,2,1Jg Sandhurst C1,2,3J Companies: E21 E3 MICHELLE ANN WEINBAUM Cranston, RI Philosophy Some good times at the Academy- fenc- ing medals, marathons, spirit dinners, coffee nights, Pesach and Purim, etc. Some sad times too. The best accom- plishment I ever had at the Academy was making the greatest friends- life- time heroes. This one's for the girls: ET, Deme, Amy, Ienn, and Emily. I will ALWAYS love you, and many others as well. I owe everything worthwhile in me to Brian. Remember, every day is a fine day. Army Fencing Team C4,3,2,1JQ SMC C4,3,2,1J: Sandhurst CID: Jewish Choir C41 Companies: D41 E3 CHRISTOPHER T. YOUNG Whittier, CA Systems Engineering Chris enlisted in the Army in August of '99. After his time as a medic in Fort Lewis, "Doc" left for the prep school and West Point. His high school sweet- heart never left his side. Almost 7 years later, Andrea is still with him, and he is very lucky to have her. He would like to thank his Mom, sister, his family and friends, and especially his Dad for this quote - "He won't give you more than you can handle." Class Secretary C1,2,3,4JQ IM Football C1,2JQ Team Handball C255 Rugby C3Jg Volleyball C43 Companies: D2 1 E3 I Q A LW w if -Si? 7 Yrzr lf' ' X42 M WJ Z, 3 ' , V' . , .. , .Am ,. , ,. . ,.--. ,. S . ,, L.. Y , F- wM,,,,. WN- .MW , la 4 wp t 9 . ,dffw . . if , , -QESWV' . . ., ,gy Z d 1,1' fgtfA"m,1Ll:X,' W-1-15-1,-In Y if .' Aff ' - -' 3427 -K' f - W " W iffy' .' g ff4 fEaf N-fs, 5 ' ' V1',' J ' - pf - '- - ,X ,,,, I ' ' Gifs- ' ' i'-21 7:-f , Gif 15' , . A - - . . l, wx , f - . f ,Jap ff . 5 ff- SX E ' Q gi 4-i-i iggr, 7. kg fifir 'K - . .1' K! 2' nf? A I " T fi ' -fisgrf ff ' if ' 3? 1P14,,,.AJi " f ' , -' f . K. . Li, ,,,, f 1 -, 1 ' ' , Ax v .V f I 3 2 X I A 7 . A I' ' fi E . Y ,Q i7 f-55 i ,fn ' Q if ' Q 'l '-'N if ! , .rE' :'jE'::1j4? 5 Q f I? f F .A " . ' 1 , ' li : -f 1 V ff e f ff 4 f ' 1 ,A B ,J f -7 I - FQEQNQ I f E K N-.. M ' - 'A ' . , 1 :'q14 xr xx I 'Wk Q k M . 1 - - ' .. i ,, 'A v . X 5 X ,N , L ,T 2? .1 2 2 xi- 4 Q I , Q i X , . , x X ' xx 5 E K 2 l f A X P ' Rf 4 Q 5 as A N-QM' DAVID STEWART CLAMON Dandridge, TN Human Geography It's been a long road with many tasks and hard lessons. In these tests and lessons we became better men, ready for far greater tasks and missions. Yet, in the great tribulation that is West Point, I found my share of sunny days and joyful times. For it was my brother and my teammates that got me through and made the journey worth the ride. Football f4,3,2,1J, Sunday School Teacher f4,3,2,1J Companies: H2 X F3 ANDREW PAUL GILLICK Springfield, VA Nuclear Engineering Long roads come to an end, but the gray line stretches forever. Old G-l plebes, it has been a great time, even if a few of you are brigade staffers. Troopers, thanks for making my last three years here enjoyable and fun every now and then. TEAM AMERICA will always rock, GO NUKE! And no matter what happens, toe the line, AND PUT THE TRASH CAN ON YOUR HEAD! Sandhurst C2,1JQ SMC f4,3,2,1JQ German Club C4,3Jg F-3 Deathball f2,1l Companies: G1fF3 ABBIE LAREE GOTTSCHALL Mohnton, PA Arabic Abs: ,As I look backat our time at West Point, I can t think of a better best friend and partner in crime than you. From the happy leprechaun dances to the ever popular relationship sagas, we have con- quered it all together. As for the good times ahead 8: bring them on. Your sista, Nikki FHP C435 Softball C4,3,2J: Model Arab League C235 SCUSA C13 Companies: F1fF3 if? ew bitt 'VM' 'UQ' . flu DMU M , . mga. MATTHEW T. CYR Dover, NH Civil Engineering "Tubs" Here's to all those Civvies that suffered through breaking late lights almost ev- ery night,.. "Live Civil or Die!" Century man for life! Central area : The YUK Club for 2004 "My boy's wicked smart!" -G.W.H Tennis C41 Head manager C3,2,1D Companies: B3fF3 FABIAN GRAHAM GORDON HOLLADAY Miami, FL Arabic!Middle Eastern Studies FOS Here's to "Every Week". Thanks for keeping me sane. Water Polo f4,3,2,1J Companies: A31 F3 TEODOSIO ADOLFO GUTIERREZ Houston, TX Economics The greatest friendships are made through truly rough times, and no bet- ter friends are made than Kose' at West Point. Alhpa Gator Prepsters and F-3 Buddiesmtoo many to name - Best Friends I will ever have. Stay in touch while in the desert... Mom and Dad - you both are the reason Tommy and I made it this far... "Cria Fama y Acuestate a Dormirv "Paid Now to Play Laterv Trap Sz Skeet Team C4,3,2,1Jg Spanish Club f4,3D Companies: E1fF3 201 IOHN GRABER KRAMPIEN Lake Villa, IL American Politics Iared- Thanks for showing me the se- cret ways of things and for reminding me of my own ambitions. Mike- Thanks for looking out for me and being such a straight shooter. Ronnie- Thanks for keeping me sane and reminding me that "You better not! You better not!" Mike and Ronnie, always keep in mind the good times and the meaning of those four little letters that have sustained us these past four years: PIFB. Cavalry Scout Club Executive Officer, f2,1J Companies: D4fF3 TYLER ANTHONY MERRITT Stamford, CT Engineering Management I m not going to lie, trying to write bio after a night at the firstie is quite diffi- cult, but I think I'll manage. I'll try not to resort to badmouthing the Academy, mainly cause I hate hours, but also cause it s really been a blast. Although I might not miss all the sweet rules and regs, I could not ask for a better bunch of bud- dies. To all those good dudes out there, take care, keep your heads down, and stay in touch. -LB over and out Rugby f4,3J: Cross Country Skiing f4,3J: Grappling f2,1lS Snowboarding f2,1JQ IM Football Champs f2,1J Companies: A1fF3 ERIK MIREL MILLER Franklinville, N1 American History It's been real, It's been fun, just not real fun. Good times, Good memories, Great people...thanks to those who've made it possible. Rugby f3,2,1J: Cadet Hunting Club f4,3,2,1l5 SMC C4,3,2,1l Companies: F41 F3 202 ,fn 'xl I an -r " P f IT 7 SIB' ,..----N. 1....'.I'9' F E 5 ' iifw, DANIEL GEORGE MCQUARY Brandenburg, KY Economics Nothing in this world is more impor- tant than family. I would not have made it, nor would any of this be worth it, if I didn't have footsteps to follow. Domestic Affairs Forum f3,2,1JQ BBBS f3,2,1JQ OCF f3,2,1J Companies: B1 X F3 DoUGLAs W MEYER San Antonio, TX information Systems Engineering I have made a lot of good friends during my time here and will never forget, feven though I may want toj, all the numerous events that made my college life unique. My teammates helped me through all the hard times, and football helped me release most of my aggression. I hope I can keep in touch with everyone and see you all again someday. I will remember everyone and keep you all in my prayers. Corps Squad Football f4,3,2,1D Companies: E3fF3 HUMBERTO FRANCISCO NIEVES Chandler, AZ Computer Science Tito is the man when it comes down to the wire. He embodies the meaning of character. His knowledge of weapons makes me fear for the poor enemies that will be facing him. He was always tough on his guys and believed in train- ing harcl. He is a great friend that I could always count on. Thanks for the memories and good times since Beast. One leg of the tripod in the Trooper command center. -EYP Infantry Tactics Club f4J: Knights of Columbus C4,3Jg Drill Team f3,2,1J Companies: B4f F3 NICHOLAS ION NUSSDORFER Traverse City, MI Environmental Engineering I will never forget. Thanks to all those who made the experience memorable. Rugby f4,3,2,1jQ EWRI President Companies: E2fF3 EDWARD YOUNG PARK Dallas, TX Information Systems Engineering By far one of the classiest guys I know, Edro is someone I strive to model my- self after. He's the coolest he-knOws- what EVER . Seriously, I love this guy, Follow him anywhere! With his natural charisma, keen leadership skills, excel- lent example setting, Eddie Park WILL excel at whatever he chooses to do and will make a terrific husband, father, teacher, friend, most of all, brother. Gur parallels are striking my friend. Keep it up! MP Sandhurst 143: Intramurals f4,3,2,1J Companies: B4fF3 BRIAN LEE REYNOLDS Zuni, NM Engineering Management To all the prepsters, I'm glad We stuck together and watched each others' backs all this time. To Johnny, Roofy, and Iaime, thanks for the nickname Randy iRooster that has unfortunatebf stuck so well but will hopefully follow me for- ever. To Sarah, thank you for putting up with me day in and day out and for being my constant sunshine in this of- ten gray place. IM Football C4,3,2,1J: BDE Champs C233 IM Rugby 632,13 Companies: C11 F3 1"-t I - ,tr -v J W, Tllfl' S- lt . -A :A ik.. sl, .an-...As 'WY' .1 4'9- ,..,--Q., 'uf -mwa- 'I I' ,,--as ifw cs s ' lllllll ' '44, a ADAM THOMAS O'DONNELL Hampton, VA LHW To my family and friends, thanks for being there for me over the years. Your support really means a lot to me. JV Lacrosse f4,3J Companies: C4f F3 DANIELLE IRENE POTENZA Cranston, RI Comparative Politics To my family, thank you so much for all of your Support. You mean the world to me. To all my friends and the people I have met over the years, I wish you all the best and I sincerely hope that we all run into each other in the future. Both family and friends, thanks for making each day go by that much faster. Good luck with everything. Crew Team f4,3,2,1JQ Big Brothers Big Sisters f4,3,2,1JQ Special Olympics f2,1JQ Minglers f4,3,2,1J Companies: E2 I F3 IOSEPH ADAM SANFILIPPO St. Louis, M0 Computer Science "You'll never amount to what it takes to eradicate our nation'S enemies. You will burn on the road of life.nYour ashes strewn aboutin hatred by evil. Go ahead, have your Friday night, but I'l1 take freedom." -Tony Aguilar Special Olympics f3,2,1JQ Sandhurst f3JgDeathball f3,2,1J Companies: G41 F3 203 RYAN A. SCHMIDT Brookshire, TX Systems FOS Just want to thank all my friends and family for being there for me and help- ing me graduate, especially my mom and dad. It would have been impos- sible to make it through this place with- out all of your support and I love ya'1l. I might have complained constantly but I wouldn't change anything for the world. IM Football f2,3,4J BDE Champsg IM Rugby C2,3,4J Companies: E41 F3 IEROEN R. VAN DER STEEN Boulder creek, CA Spanish Thanks to everyone who helped. IMS f4,3,2,1JQ Sandhurst C3,2,1Jg Deathball f3,2,1J Companies: A3f F3 CHRISTOPHER ZAGURSKY Poquoson, VA International Relations "Success is never final, failure is never fatal. It's courage that counts."-Iohn Wooden Intramurals f4,3,2,1JQ Sandhurst f2,1JQ Deathball f3,2,1D Companies: A21 F3 204 rar yrs, 1, "R T" tx- -v ' v " ,, ,, ,F V . uf,- 045,- wg at I f I r ,Q if A f it? .. 'WMP 'II'-f.', M6 ..-...Q 'MMV 'Ili Q J-V iii' . , -i fgrbr ASHLEY LYNNE URICK Carmel, IN Life Science To my teammates and coaches - I would not be here without you. You make each day more enjoyable. I will never forget the friendship, laughs, victories, and hard work we have shared through- out these years. Thank you. To my parents - I love you very much, thank you for your love and support through my many experiences at the academy. Cross Country f4,3,2,1JQ Indoor Track f4,3,2,1JQ Team Captainfljg Outdoor Track f4,3,2,1J Companies: H2 f F3 PATRICIA ANN WILLIAMS Leavenworth, KS Engineering Management The best thing about this place is the people-to the presters, troopers, 8: charlie co girls...you're the best. To my favorites: Danielle, Tania, Cute, 8: Char- ley you're the best friends a girl could ever ask for..I don't know what I would do without you! To my family, you're AMAZING. "To laugh often 8: love much...to appreciate beauty, to find the best in others, to give one's self...this is to have succeeded." -Ralph Waldo Emerson Women's Team Handball f4,3,2,1JQ Big Brothers Big Sisters f3,2JQ Minglers f4,3,2,1J. Companies: EIXF3 Scorr ANDREW ZIMMERMAN Plainfield, IN Environmental Science Cadet f4,3,2,lJ Companies: A2f F 3 f HW ' :fa ai11?f5Z-TI'?"C1F-in-fag: safe gg-ff ' ff-.th - f fm, ' T? . 1 L, . S 13 . . was Jw, g.f3,,3!:he2.y1 f,-, in ,MLN . J, 11.,'11',,", 4 Q' I A , Y -Li ,,,Y'!!!N mx.: f Y lyx ', xixi H- - Q Y V 1 X . 1' ' - XX . ' V fi? - . ., ,:,Y ' if - -. gf 3' ' .K A ' ' -fx 1 I 1 Z, Sr : I4 : 2 J- g 'I 2. ,A 1 1 3 '. 5, '. 1. 5' I uf 1 1 3 Q 33.32 L4 - A, . - , 1 , '. 'I - J f IN Y' f 'fi 'EN - 1 ri Q 3 1 K . 1 M I ! ir,V, ,,!gN 5 wlx, I X W' Nw-A M2 1 v ALEXANDER IOHNSON BERTONE lrvine, CA Foreign Languages Looking back on four years and how 'much we've done, it's hard to explain what this journey has been like. At first 't seemed that West Point was just an bstacle to overcome before real life ould begin. But in retrospect, it's ex- actly the opposite. There have been good times and many great memories. Thank you to everyone who shared this time ith me or who helped me along the ay. lt would not have been what it as without you. Godspeed 2006, Cadet Mountaineering Team f3,2,1JQ Model UN f3,2,1J Companies: H2 f G3 SAMUEL BOAZ BROWN Colorado Springs, CO Comparative Politics The Army Crew Team, especially the guys from 2006, have shaped me into the person that I am today. I will always think back to the hours spent together, practicing and suffering on the Hudson, with fond memories. The medals earned, through the constant fight for perfection, will be my testament and forever symbolize the Brotherhood of Army Crew Oarsmen. Army Crew f4,3,2,1lS OCF f4,3,2,1l Companies: A21 G3 ANDREW ION CHONOWSKI Peoria, IL Civil Engineering It's all about the friends you meet along the way. Thanks to everyone who made it worthwhile. Sandhurst C4Jg Club Squad Boxing f2Jg Civil Engineering Club f2,1J Companies: B1fG3 if 1 ,, f 'W 1 v L 'if 1 5 BQ . hx 9 J ,BT f'lH6'x 'wir' , ax V-ww? Q 'llllllll' 41 ff?" 'mmm -wwir' ik ., , ww KIMBERLY ANN BETZ Maplewood, MN GermanlSpanish Crazy times with T.ALPHA!...too many to list,LISA and TINA...the best roomies ever...3 yearsl, Catholic Choir trips with IAYME and IEN, Army! Navy '04 and Wal-Mart Trips Sz Fridays with LYNCHmob, surviving G3 Sandhurst, the FIRSTIE, NYC and all the other memories that I have shared with ev- eryone and forgot to mention!! Thanks and love to the family, QDAD, MOM, KATIE, HEATHER, TIMD, for support- ing me through the last four years, and TREY... I LOVE YOU ALL. Crew C435 Volleyball C3Jg G-3 Biathlonfzlg G-3 Sandhurst 121: Catholic Choir f4,3,2JQ T.A C4,3,2,1J Companies: B1fG3 TINA IU CHONG Cerritos, CA Sociology It s been exciting for me to witness Tir1a's growth through the years. I think of how she was before she left for West Point and how dramatically she's trans- formed since. But some things never change- her honesty, infectious charm, and unpretentious free spirit. She is the goofiest person I know, but also the most compassionate. I admire her abil- ity to love life for all it is, With its tribu- lations. I'm honored to be her sister and best friend. Martial Arts f4,3,2,1D Companies: D2fG3 IOAB HANN-SHAW CoHE Falls Church, VA Military Arts St Sciences Thanks to everyone that I have spoken to, met, befriended, or any other form of contact in the past four years. Without all of it, this place is that much tougher. From that I have learned two things. First, it is OW, about where you are or what is happening and 100171 about the people you are with through it. Second, I really enjoy buffalo chicken pizza. Wrestling f4,3,2,1J Companies: G1fG3 j 207 TIRZAH MARIE ESKEW St. Louis, MO Engineering Management "He has achieved success who has lived well, laughed often and loved rnuchp who has filled his niche and accom- plished his task: who has left the world better than he found it: who has never lacked appreciation of earth's beauty or failed to express it: who has always looked for the best in others and given them the best he had: whose life was an inspiration: whose memory is a bene- dictionf' - Bessie A. Stanley PSST f3,4l Companies: A3f G3 IOSEF NICOLAS GARCIA Killeen, TX Aero!Mech I have been here over the span of six years. One thing that has not changed is the friendship and mutual respect for brothers at arms. I thank my family and friends for the support they have given me because I could not have done it without them, I have learned the true value of loved ones. Return with honor. With your shield, or on it. Proud member of the LDSSA. Gopher Sockey, Coach, "Legs feed the wolf' Companies: E3 f G3 LISA MARIE LAUGHLIN Watervliet, NY Psychology Powerlifting f3,2,1J Companies: D1fG3 208 . filliifirfi ' writ r X gi I tr, ,fi 'O . W lf? . ii G 'Img , , . A ll 3 I I t. My I ni . is fa "1r.::a:V --an ff- A9 3 491 , ,, as.. I , ifiig? I ,," WWW' 6395-'3'Hf .IW if r X ISAAC PETER FONES Eugene, OR Spanish "None of this is possible without reli- ance on the Lord. Thanks to my family and friends, you are all very loved." Mat. 6:33 Young Life C3,2,1Jg Navigators f3,2,1JQ Spain Exchange Companies: A41 G3 IAYANA SHANSHA GRoss Lansing, MI Arabic French I had a fun time at West Point. It was very challenging for me and I learned a lot along the way. I wish the best of luck to all of the graduating firsties this year, because we'll all be meeting up in the big sandbox, There are some great people coming out of West Point, and I can't Wait to see what things we will do in the future. Equestrian Team C4Jg Crew Team f3,2DQ Gospel Choir f3,2JQ Model Arab League f2,1JQ OCF f4,3,2,1Jg Women's Army Rugby C11 Companies: H2 X G3 BRENDON THOMAS MCGANN Bethesda, MD International Relations To the Fam- Thanks for everything. I wouldn't be here without you guys teven Patl. To my friends here at the point - We got through this together. Thanks for all the good times. "The sweet just ain't as sweet without the bitter baby." -Vanilla Sky Basketball C4Jg Volleyball C235 Big Brothers Big Sisters K3, 2, 11: RBAC f4,3,2,1l Companies: B3fG3 I 'F giiiirgg, fl wal if f ..,. I Jimi - '-w , - ' '-2331.2 I is E. l v I W , f I., I K ii P W . Rr' - s . I I W MICHAEL GREGORY OBRINGER Baltimore, MD Systems Engineering To my family: Thanks for your constant support. I never would have made it without you. To the lax crew: Thanks for a crazy four years together. I will never forget you guys. Lacrosse f4,3,2,1J Companies: B2 f G3 DANIEL FRANCIS RICRERT Naperville, IL International Relations Future Chief of Staff X President Rickert: "One day I will say something that will so inspire the Corps of Cadets that they will put the words of President Rickert in the plebe knowledge book." -Dan will always keep you on your toes. I expect to see great things out of him in the future and I fully expect to reap the benefits Of his prosperity. Dan, here's to moral compasses: dOn't forget your roots. NKalen Cross CountryfTrack C4Jg Sandhurst f3,2,1JQ German Club f3,2,1JQ Century Club Companies: E2 X G3 ROBERT DEKION SMITH III Knoxville, TN GIS I just want to thank my family and friends for being with me on the great adven- ture of my life. I have stumbled many a tinles, b3twQ1ougyOu Qiere by my side, I surely would have fallen. Thanks for always for always being there. Baseball C4Dg Boxing C215 Guide-on Line C3,2JQ RBAC f2,1J Companies: E4f G3 it-f wtf QQ' t'.. 'Q We--I .. .. 4 JF . . . +R 1' Q A r X din 2.15 H' If "T" ,...-uw., THOMAS W PAYNE II Virginia Beach, VA Double Foreign Language, POrtuguese!Spanish First and foremost, I would like to thank my family for supporting me through these four years. I can't forget my friends who made these four years memorable. I would also like to thank the coaches and my teammates from Army Boxing. It was an unforgettable experience. I will always hold a special place in my heart for Central Area, where I spent the greatest hours Of my life. RBAC 4 Life... Army Boxing: Century Club Companies: G-4fG3 KALEN GARRETT SMITH Rock Port, MO Engineering Management The ultimate voice of reason. Kalen is a giant among men, loyal and supportive through good and bad. He is truly driven in all that he does: playing Sprint Foot- ball, leading his soldiers, strutting down the hallway, and playing air guitar to Ace of Base songs. NO matter where life leads him, he will be kind of a big deal so get your autographs now. We were meant to live for so much more, bro. Stay true to your friends in low places! -Dan Sprint FB f1,2,3,4JQ Team Captain UD: FCA f1,2,3,4J Companies: C21 G3 CAMERON PELHAM TURNER Missoula, MT Systems Engineering "An amazing person who has been an gven more amaging friend Whgther we were roomies in beast Or on one of Our countless trips literally around the world, it ALWAYS seems to be an ad- venture with us.Thanks for always be- ing there and getting me through this place.Thanks to RBAC, other friends, and especially my parents for helping me survive 4 years. Football manager f4,3,2JQ RBAC f2,1l Companies: D1fG3 209 ANDREW IAcoB UNDERWOOD Fieldbrook, CA International Relations I appreciate all West Point has done for me: travel to distant lands, great friend- ships, and lifetime experiences. I want to thank my parents and friends: Bran- don, Gabe, Faye, Tami, and Tyler. You all helped me recognize the best in life. I would also like to thank Major Sobchak for his help. And finally to my room- mates: without all of your efforts I Wouldn t have made it to Where I am today, even though many of you did not. Thank you. Speech Team i435 Tuesday's Children Mentorship C2, 13 Companies: G2fG3 IsAAc IAHN WISNIEWSKI Shepherdstown, WV Aeronautical Engineering I'd like to thank my parents and all of the friends that I've made here who have made my time at West Point more than RBAC C4,3,2,13g Sandhurst 14,33 Companies: B31 G3 210 IoHN FURMAN WALL IVl Hoover, AL International Law Thanks to all Sigmas who have been through it all With me these 4 years. Also, to all my fellow Gophers fespe- cially select members of RBAC3. We al- ways got the last laugh! Graduation will never be the same without Trey, Dason, or Wegs but I'll certainly see much more of ya'll down the road. Thanks for all the great people I met on the area, too Cwe almost had fun out there3. Above all, I thank my family for helping me carry on the family tradition. Men's Swimming C435 Distance Coach C3,2,13g Spanish Club C3,2,13g RBAC f3,2,13g Gopher Handball C13 Companies: D11 G3 xr faq! ,, g . 5' , M , H :fNvAX1::gQQj".'9Q :agp ,Aki s, , 1 f . 1 - f : " - V- .+R H ' "!'NM ' NSW , ' 'n. " I 3 '- .1-i .,... ,-,-,g, ,, 5. , WI, E -AA' gm ,Q W . F ig ' f A h A , . , - 1 ,' A 1 I I - i -4 va -I ,. X fm? f . ,f s Egg 12 'K M X aw, uxxx ,ll .1 XIIN vfzx. 1:32 Q . fx ' ..l A ' ' Ji . . - -v. ' 'N ' ,HNwf,- ' ' V fx ., -4 ir Q5 ', 'Ji 1, i 'wi ,M , DAVID NICHOLAS DANFORD Chicago, IL Mathematical Sciences There are good friends and then there are good friends. Danford is the latter. "Mama Danford" always takes care of his friends and is a role model for his peers. He loves a good time, and enjoys getting others to have just as good a time as he is. He likes to make people laugh, usually at his own expense -a true Goon. DC Glee Club f4,3,2,1J Companies: D1fH3 NICHOLAS RAY FULLMER jefferson City, M0 International Relations Thanks to God, my family, friends, teachers, and mentors. Men's Team Handball f4,3,2,1J Companies: EI! H3 ADRIAN RONALD GENNUSA Howell, NI Mechanical Engineering Adrian is the son of Iason and Nancy Gennusa and a proud New Jersey na- tive. He would like to thank his family and classmates for their support. He would have never made it without CMK and VMP by his side. The ironic thing is, the day he got accepted, he was fill- ing out applications to other schools because he was told by an admissions rep. that he was not accepted. Go fig- ure. Freestyle Wrestlingfglg Staff and it I it : ' M ft", A' JW i , gl' V ,V , . if W. U . he Ag,-.g,zf I t Hi fits ' t L . 1 we If 1 a i swf! V i 3,915 ,.awf:"-ay Mn A Vx' I hx, r' -NNW ga-uwdmv NW Facul Ice Hocke f3,2,1JQ H-3 .su , 2"f'3t1 Sandl?i1rstt2J9 y ' 5 .f . w ttg'p S ir.I ttf ' ' ' Companies: B3fH3 Q A,,, .g l jp i'Af . ,.,. p mil ,, ,i MICHAEL ERIC DEMICHIEI Napoleon, OH French and Spanish To my best friends for making me a better person, and my family for being my motivation. St. Cyr Semester Exchange C2Dg French club f4,3,2,1J Companies: B1fH3 CLARISA AIDA AGUIRRE GAMINO Killeen, TX Spanish Clarisa, you have always been there for me and I know you always will. Luv ya, Beth. A mi familia - Gracias por sus oraciones y su apoyo interminable. To my friends:"A friend is one who strengthens you with prayers, blesses you with love and encourages you with hope." Thanks for all the memories. Keep in touch! NCon Carino X With Love N Clarisa Cath.ChoirC4,3,2-Sec,1-Presj5 Spanish ClubC4-1Jg Rel.Ed.t4,3Jg NAHFC3,2,1JQ SandhurstC2,1j Companies: A1fH3 IILL SUZANNE HAIEC Camden, DE Nuclear Engineering Radiant. Friends to all who knew her, her warm smile could light up a room. Humble in all things, she would never admit that she was a star runner, a clever student, or a'wise counselor, but rather she would praise the people around her. When she laughed she could not stop, once she started she would not give up, when she cared it was with her whole heart. Most of all she held steadfast to her beliefs and I thank GOD to have known her. Navigators f4,3,2,1JQ Protestant Chapel Choir f3,2,1Dg Cross Country and Track f4,3,2,1J Companies: F2 f H3 213 if Ar: ,. .. an 1- ' 4 Q 1 5 3 'f . N rl saw . iittfg ali". :WG ANA'MARIA HARTWNIG ,f if MATTHEW HAUGHT Atlanta, GA Huntsville, AK APL Sociology To my friends, family, and loved ones.,.Thank you for all your support Companies: C3fH3 through the years. I couldn't have done gun this without you. To the Crew Team: You gave me a home and became my new second family. I will never forget all the good times we shared. Always remem- ber: "On this team, we fight for that inch." ROW HARD! .,..-B. .VV CreWC4,3,2,1Js SCUSA C3,2,1J5 Spanish ClubC4,3J Companies: C11 H3 IUSTIN VERNON ANDREW W LAMB PHILIP KELLY Fairfax' VA Wheat Ridge, CO Law Economics To the clique: good times. To all my family and friends: you helped me more than you know. Ilove you all. "They say 'WM this one has a surprise ending." .A-ww -Unbreakable "Don't waste life in doubts and fears: spend yourself on the work before you, well assured that the right performance of this hour's duties will be the best preparation for the hours and ages that will follow it."NRalph Waldo Emerson. Canterbury Club f4,3lS Intramurals It's been a great four years with some C4,3,2,1ls Gopher Plebe fell awesome guys. We have stuck together and madeit, thanks foreverything. Now Companies: G3f H3 it's time to leave and do great things. Godspeed. Cross Countryf4,3D: Indoor TrackC4,3Jg Outdoor TrackC4J A s 5- Wa' 4, 1 Companies: C3fH3 A IARED ALANN LANG MATTHEW H. LEE Mesa, AZ Cerritos, CA Information Systems Engineering Management Engineering CCiviD "As you grow older, you'll find the only "'l "Finish each day and be done with it. things you regret are the things you MW, mm You have done what you could, some didn't do." - Zachary Scott blunders and absurdities have crept in: forget them as soon as you can. Tomor- For all of my friends here, it's been fun row is a new day: you shall begin it getting to know you all and thanks for serenely and with too high a spirit to be making this place more bearable fespe- encumbered with your old nonsense." cially justin and Scott: you guys are like brothersj. - Ralph Waldo Emerson H f d d l k ' ll d . HVG Llfl an gOO UC In 8 YOU ol TaekWOnd0K4,3,2Dg KARSC4,3,2,1J9 IM grappling DblReg champs: Phi Paintball f4,3,2lSG0lden KEY Honor Kappa Phi, Epsilon Mu Eta Societyfijg Omega Rho Honor Society f2,1l V V ' Companies: F4fH3 '-22"e:f J Companies: G4fH3 U . L? I 1' if Q ' fr M , 214 PATRICK IOHN O,CONNOR Philadelphia, PA Economics Thanks to my family and friends for always being there especially when I needed it. To the Philly kids- thanks for never being too cool for cadets. To the WP crew we could have done more work up here instead of having a good time but then none of this would've been worth it. That being said, when it's all over it'll be nice not having to worry about getting kicked out for having fun. "If the minimum wasn't enough it wouldn'd be called the minimum." West Point Boat Owners f2,1JQ Century Club: Go Hammers! Companies: H21 H3 KIRSTEN ALICIA ROWE Woodbridge, VA Sociology "Consider it pure joy, my brothers, whenever you face trials of many kinds, because you know that the testing of your faith develops perseverance." Iames 1:2-3. It all happens for a reason. Track 8: FieldC4,3,2,1Jg Gospel ChoirC4,3,2,1J: Bible T3lkf4,3,2,1J Companies: D21 H3 IAN DESSERT SMITH Front Royal, VA Comparative Politics The gift of good friends is one that should always be appreciated. I per- sonally feel fortunate to have many friends and a circle of especially good friends with whom I have grown close. dlames, Iustin and Evan, thank-you for always being so kind. It will not soon be forgotten. To the rest of my class- mates, the best of luck and do not hesi- tate to ask if ever you need anything in the future. Rifle C1,2,3,4l Companies: C4f H3 ,fr ,M 'K . rx, 1 fl J f 5' f I , a . eg wax" P 5 r WW 'ITE' C' ffl' 352' wiv. we f"'QR-y -ix ff if! 'JE ,f -ff A IN? Airtel fi 'eri A iii"- MICHAEL ROBERT PODOIIL IR. Hiram, OH Economics Thanks to my family, friends, and my sponsor the Coughlins for helping me get through this place. Catholic Catechist f4,3J Companies: D4fH3 PATRICK MORGAN SIMPSON Nashville, TN Human and Regional Geography To Phillip: you're truly an example for all, and my inspiration. To Patty O: you helped me get through the stressful times with your humor. To William and Whitt I was bmst- ing with pride when I marched back with you from Lake Frederick. Keep your heads up.Ion...biggestheart. Toallmy ArmyWres- fling Brothers: you all are, and will always be another family of mine. We are made up of many hearts, but they all beat as one. Give it your all. Wrestling f4,3,2,1lQ Knights of Columbus C4,3,2,1J: Navigators I4,3,2,1lZ UCF I2,1lZ AWFL f4,3,2,1l Companies: D1 f H3 IUSTIN DAVID SPRAGUE Audubon, IA Environmental Engineering "In wildness is found the salvation of the world." Henry David Thoreau Cadet Hunting Club f4,3,2,1JQ Fly Fishing Club C3,2,1J: .Golden Key Honor Society Cijg Environmental Water Resources Institute f3,2,1lQ Coast Guard Academy Exchange C23 Companies: F41 H3 215 IEREMY ADAM SPRUCE Millbrook, AL Electrical Engineering To my family: you are the ones who made it possible for me to get in and through this place. I love you all. To my friends: you all made this place fun, I cannot Wait to serve beside you in the future. To my fiance: you are the one person that I could always turn to throughout the last four years. I cannot wait to spend the rest of my life with you. I love you Darcy. Sprint Football C41g Rabs C41g IM Football DBL Reg Champs C3,11Q WKDT Sports C2,11g Softball ffl Fan i3,2,1l Companies: B11 H3 WALTER EDGARDO VELASQUEZ San Salvador, El Salvador Electrical Engineering To my mom, my dad and my brothers, you are the reason I am here right now. Your support and love carried me through the years. This place was also made a lot easier thanks to all the good friends I met along the way. You all are some of the best people I have ever met and I will always cherish the good times. Those late nights in room 442 and the many discussions about girls with Mike and Bernie. Thank you God for always being there for me. International Cadets of West Point ClubC4,3,2,11g President Golden Key Student ChapterC11g Secretary Eta Kappa Nu C115 Phi Kappa Phi C11 Companies: A3f H3 EVAN LEE WOLF Gothenburg, NE Civil Engineering To the E-team: you guys have been my best friends and we always had fun together whether it was running back from the barn or pulling pranks on other teams. Hanging out with you guys always gave me something to look for- ward to every day. Good luck with whatever the future holds for each of you. Equestrian TeamC4,3,2,11g Protestant Chapel ChoirC4,31g Civil Engineering ClubC2,11g Steel BridgeC11 F A fa. L ' ' K is if iiiif- tw! ..-nrrv-"' Iv-adv' .,,.......-mu Companies: H2f H3 'I i ."."t M. i-'- if iiigfii ,ne aa WW 216 it Q.. fig """..1Z"' RYAN EUGENE SULLIVAN Houston, TX Economics In this world, there are many kinds of people, but only one Ryan Sullivan. I don't mean this in the 'Everyone is a beautiful and unique snowflake' sense, but in a very true and deep sense. Ryan fearlessly combats injustice no matter the cost. Whether it is helping the in- jured, siding with the downtrodden, or going for T, he finds a way to set things right. This, and an unnatural fondness for cupcakes best characterize Ryan. Debate C4,3,2,11g Glee Club C31 Companies: H4fH3 ALEXANDER CHRISTIAN WERNER Bellevue, NE Engineering Management "Life is too short to drink cheap wine." Thanks Mom, Dad, and Max. Snowboard Instructors Club C4,3,2,11Q Sandhurst C2,11Q German Club 64,31 Companies: B3 I H3 M75 IUSTIN CHABALKO Hazleton, PA Geospatial Information Science From a mess hall-like dinner at home Thanksgiving plebe year, to fake ME trousers at Army! Navy as a yuk, to life as a "bitter cow" and finally a Beast 2 PL his time here has come full circle. Who would have thought that this former "college boy" could accomplish so much. Iustin is someone I never knew I could wish for. NEU Sandhurstf4J g Sprint FootballC2,1J Companies: B1fA4 MATTHEW CHARLES DELVAUX Brown Deer, WI European History and German-French "Whatever you can do or dream you can do, begin it! Courage has genius, power, and magic in it."NIohann von Goethe. Thanks to my family and friends for being there through the years. Go Apaches! Go Wingmen! Knights of Columbus C4,3,2,1JQ Catholic Choir C4,3,2,1J: Sandhurst f3,2,1l -Companies: H3 XA4 GREGORY M. GEBHARDT Edinboro, PA American Legal Systems "...When I'm with my friends, I feel home." O.A.R. ootball f3,2,1jQ IM Football 141: lackjack C31 Companies: B2 XA4 vw . ,fe Y ' we Y 'P "' . . , f i ' .a mish ,Z its 1' 'lt WWJIVTW 949- 667, www? ffw "ei, 1 I ZACHARY KARL'HEINZ DAHMAN Fort Worth, TX Systems Engineering FOS It has been an amazing 4 years at this place. I had an awesome time with all my boys on the team. You made this place somewhat bearable. All of the STAP memories fTim's party, Gulley's, Skynyrd concertj were priceless. A spe- cial thanks to my parents and Ashley for supporting me. Good luck to you guys with whatever you do, keep in touch, Ito the team, Paul, and Greggj. Oh, and a special thanks to those who said I couldn't make it. Football f4,3,2,1J Companies: B2 XA4 LUKASZ DERDA Middle Village, NY GCITIIHII The Pride of Poland, Wukasz, is a true friend in every sense of the word. A professional at many things, he is a fierce competitor blended with a social butterfly, cursed with unparalleled charm and good looks. Luke not only provided us with yards of kielbasa, but life-long memories, a lasting friendship and unconfirmed Mafia connections. Powodzenia, Trifecta. German Club C3,2,1J: Apache Boxing f3Jg Apache Soccer f2Jg IM Football REG CIC CU: Polish Club C13 Companies: A3 XA4 ALLEN Toon GRIFFITH Bethlehem, PA Civil Engineering To all the other civies out there - we knew how to have a good time. And thanks to the O-team for fourgreat years: you got me through. Orienteering f4,3,2,1J Companies: C1fA4 219 ,-saw ANDREW HENRY HORSFALL Seattle, WA Human and Regional Geography Things were rough for a bit, but I'm glad I stuck it through. West Point al- lowed me to repel out of helicopters, travel to India, and command tugboats. Definitely not your average college ex- perience. Thanks Mom, Dad, and bro for supporting me. Much love to Seattle, the Apaches, and all of my Wingmen. Companies: H4fA4 MATTHEW RYAN KEATON Katy, TX Economics To all my friends here, you are what I will miss from this place. Track and Field f4,3,2,1J Companies: C3fA4 ERIN ELIZABETH LYNCH Seaford, NY French and Spanish I'd rather laugh with the sinners than cry with the saints: sinners are much more fun With this catholic schoolgirl you never have to choose between the two: she's a little bit of each and the best of both worlds. You have been my sav- ing grace. There has never been a time when you weren't there for me, and I m so proud of you for everything you have come through and everything that you are. - Ianet Lady Lax C4,3,2,1J: TA C4,3,2,1J: Honor C3,2,1DQ Women's Army Rugby C13 Companies: A2fA4 ff ...E v , A 9 Je- it . Sf I QWH' ,I it M I flu. w 4 .KM ml M '72 V9 ,-nb 'vi -I-S. is , . 'bf 4? " ' :aft its ft .mamunv ti iiii ww Y t My , , All ra' 220 .7 MARCUS WAYNE IOHNSON Sylmar, CA GIS To the Every Week club, roll on, you know what time it is. To the roomie, thanks for everything. Intramurals f4,3,2,1D Companies: D3 XA4 IONATHAN DAv1D KINGSLEY Tucson, AZ International and Strategic History Mr. Kingsley or Jonny K, regardless of what you call him will be known for the jump team handshake, no bubbles no troubles, and the Apaches. If he wasn't mentoring the prepsters as their basic training commander he was cleaning up the ranks as the Reg CSM, or at least trying to. He could run circles around anyone and had some military bearing like you wouldn't believe. Triathlon f4Jg Parachute f4,3,2,1JQ Protestant Sunday School Teachers C4,3,2,1l: CDQC C23 Companies: C2fA4 ADAM TIMOTHY MACIUBA Elizabethtown, KY Operations Research "There's an inverse relationship be- tween how good something is for yo and how much fun it is. " -Calvin Thank to all the people who made West Poin great, especially my friends and family Scouts f3,2J Companies: C2fA4 MATTHEW MICHAEL MCCARTHY Martinsville, NI History To the boys of the Every Week Club, you made at least a day of every week memorable for me, so stay in touch, Remember the cause of and solution to all of life's problems. Roomie, you know you have it in you, this is only a begin- ning. Always remember, W.W.S.D? Sandhurst f4,3,2,1J Companies: F4fA4 NICOLE ODETTE MILLER Chester, N1 Life Sciences To my family and friends, thank you so much for the support and great memo- ries. I would not be where I am today without you. Go Army Team Handball, Go Apaches, and Go Life Sciences...it has been quite a ride! Good luck class of 2006! Woments Team Handball C4,3,2,1Jg American Chemical Society f2,1J Companies: H4fA4 ZACHARY NEIL RIDER Overland Park, KS European History Thanks to my family, friends, and the Wingmen. I couldn't have done it with- out you, you Wouldn't let me quit in the worst of times and you were there to share the best of times. It's great to look back, smile, and latfgh attheztimes we never thought we'd get through. Crew l4,3,2l Companies: H3 XA4 iff? iw gi ,J ,Q I .5 , -Z: C 425' MM .,,..1.-uw itil fr ' nik Nm IASON CURTIS McCoY Springfield, VA Engineering Management We have made it through four years of West Point but we must not forget how we got here. Through God, family, and friends was how each of us made it this far. Remember the good time we shared and look forward to the great times of the future together. Iererniah 29:11 Soccerf 4, 315 Handball C11 Companies: A1fA4 DANIEL WILLIAM MITCHELL Olympia, WA Engineering Management "Sweaty" is a gentleman and a scholar Whose gracious hospitality is only ex- ceeded by his taste in track lighting and beautiful automobiles. A physical speci- men whose constant saturation is a tes- tament to his unwaivering dedication to fitting into his Dive Shorts. Fin Hard! Trifecta CDQC C2Jg Triathlon C11 Companies: A3fA4 IONATHAN BRIAN Rios Brockton, MA Aeronautical Engineering I would like to thank all those people that made it possible for me to come here and get through this place. My father has always been there for me and the support of family and friends will always help me through the hard times. I thank Mrs. Gallagher and Col. Tripp for helping me get here after high school. I dedicate these past 4 years to the memory of my mother who passed away when I was younger. The years go by fast, don't waste them. Catholic Choir C4J, Band C3Jg Mech Club f2,1JQ Spanish Language Club l2,1l Companies: F3 XA4 221 CYRIL DAVID SACK Burien, WA Comparative Politics I'd like to thank my family and friends for helping so much along the way. Without your support, I would not have made it. To the Apaches - It was my honor to know and work with all of you. I wish you the best. To my Wingmen - you're the brothers I never had. "Of those to whom much is given, much is expected." Sandhurst f2,1lQ Sailing f3,2J Companies: H4fA4 ERIC DOUGLAS SUDDARTH Westfield, IN International Relations "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." - Philippians 4:13. I want to thank my family and friends for always supporting me through the toughest times at West Point - without you I would not be writing my senior biography as we speak. Also, I want to extend a special thanks to all the Wingmen: Horse, Cy, Wildman, Tom! Timmy, Delvix, and ZRider. I am proud to call all of you lifelong friends. GO APACHES! N E-dazz Baseball C455 Scoutmasters Council f3,2,1JQ OCF f4,3,2,1JQ Apache Team Handball f3,2,1J Companies: D4fA4 IARED WAYNE Washington, D.C. American Politics To all those who helped me through: thank you. Policy Debate Team f4,3,2Jj Jewish Chapel Choir f4,3Dj Cavalry 8z Scout Club IPL 81 ISGJ f2,1J Companies: C4fA4 222 IOSEPH PATRICK STEADMAN Inman, SC Chemistry The friends I've made and the things I've done are worth everything I've been through. To my parents, thank you for all the support. I love you. Sprint Football f4,3,2,IJg Ski Patrol K4Js PH1Sf2,1lS OCF 63,23 Companies: E2fA4 BENIAMIN THOMAS SUMMERS Harrisburg, PA Economics I am so grateful for the family and friends who have supported me over the years. I couldn't have done it without you. Sandhurst f4,3,2,1J Companies: G2 XA4 MATTHEW LEE WILDEN Fort KIIOX, KY Military Art and Science We made it through: my fellow Wingmen and friends, I could have not done it without you being there for me. Iwill never forget you guys. Dad, thank you for all your support - I am who I am because of you. My Love, Marlene, thank you for everything. To all my classmates, God Bless and good luck in all your futures. Cavalry and Scout Club f2,1J Companies: H3fA4 CANNON Conv Woons Elk Grove, CA PhHosophy Wait a minute, I'm still here? Yes, and I am very blessed and grateful. Army football f2,1J Companies: B1fA4 fit, QW W9 I' if " 'f 4, N " if J Ja ' 2 'MW . I DOUGLAS RIX CALLAWAY Redding, CA Geospatial information Science I would like to thank all of you who have had such a tremendous impact on my life. You have truly helped me to become the person I am today. I will never forget you all. Best of luck, and take care! Drill Team f4,3,2,1D Companies: H3fB4 GREGORY GENE DIETERICH Burlington, IA French!German Double Language Roomie - thanks for making the years here rock. To Benji and all the rest of the Buff Stallions - Sandhurst made my year every year. To all the Buffs, I am proud to say we had the best company ever because of all of you. Band C4,3Jg French Club C3,2,1Jg RMC Exchange C2Jg B4 Sandhurst I3,2,1l Companies: C41 B4 PATRICK IUSTIN HALL Saint joe, MI Psychology To all my Brothers on the Sprint Foot- ball Tearn we will always be together. To my Roomie, stop with the lolly pops. To the Spring Break Mexico crew CSea Urchins, Leaning Tower of Pizza, Kennedy and PI own this place, pool ' side contests, fecleralies, whaling, etc.JShep CGooseJ, Benji, and Greg re- member the bus fun to IMU. Ring Week- end on the Boat, I love my Brothers Sprint Football f4,1J Companies: E4fB4 I Tia xmmkgii L f' it 'J "' , 1: V Rx Fw? fit? t 'HQ' . www Humwwgw cffw TIMOTHY WAYNE CUNNINGHAM Alvin, TX Nuclear Engineering Anything I am, and have done, is a credit to those who helped me get here. God, my parents, Samantha, I love you. "Therefore, my dear brothers, stand firm. Let nothing move you. Always give yourself fully to the Work of the Lord. For you know that your labor in the Lord is not in vain." I Cor. 15:58 Protestant Sunday School Teacher f4,3,2,1JQ OCF f4,3,2,1Jg Sandhurst f2,1JQ Chapel Choir f4,3J Companies: E3f B4 SETH LEE ENLOW Dublin, OH European History When I look back on the longest 4 years of my life,I need to throw something out fone finger pointy to the guys from the Every-Week club, Whether the Cow Club, Firstie Club, South Gate, the Lost 50's, the Victory Pit, Q2 finger pointj you guys are my best friends and made it awesome. My roommate and I didn't mess around and one day I know he will be behind enemy lines, gathering infor- mation for the "soldiers" on his stallion. Finally, GO BUFFS! Every Week f2,1J Companies: F4f B4 LINDSAY NICOLE HANICINS Orlando, FL Portuguese "I've learned that everyone wants to live on top of the mountain, but all the happiness, and growth happen while climbing it." Buffs-Thanks for all the crazy times. Good Luck as officers and of course..Let's DUDAS! CC Team-You are my best friends, I will remember the great times we spent together and never forget our strong bond, have fun and "Keep the Blue Behind You" Mom-with- out your love and support I would never accomplish my dreams-Thank you Cross CountryC4,3,2Jg Track and FieldC4,3,2Jg Portuguese C1ubC3,2,1Js OCFf4,3lS FCAC4,3,2Js Awanaf4JgB4 Sandhurstfil Companies: D11 B4 225 BENJAMIN HARTIG Concord, CA Mechanical Engineering I will never forget the Buffaloes, the best thing that ever happened to me. Never Quit-fellas, the little things. "Train, say your prayers, eat your vita- mins, be true to yourself, be true to your country, be a real American." -l-lulk Hogan "The guts carry the feet, not the feet carry the guts." - Miguel de Cervantes Sandhurst f4,3,2,1J Companies: E2 f B4 SEAN FREEMAN Iusri Savannah, GA Mechanical Engineering Although never quite understanding his temperament, you can rely on his will to engage in whatever may arise in sug- gestion. Among the best storytellers of the Corps, a night with him guarantees a laugh and a memory. Always impres- sive but never predictable, he proves an ubiquitous and unforgettable friend, emerging in memory at both halcyon and whimsical moments. The pleasant, revered enigma.-Thanks Swan, GO BUFF SANDHURST Sandhurstf2,IJg Ski Patrol C4,3,2,1JQ Mech Club C3,2,1J Companies: F41 B4 EDWARD WESLEY KLEIN Little Rock, AR Engineering Psychology Flip came here with a burr up his fourth point of contact. Many would say he was too aggressive and diffucult to get along with. After four years of effort and development, some would say noth- ing really changed. But those who gave him a chance know better. To my family and Iessie, Although you have not always been a calming influence on my life, I know I could not have made it without your support and presence in my life. Thank you. Submission Grappling Team f4,3JQ Black and Gold Leadership Forum C3J:Cannon Crew f4,3,2,1J Companies: H3 X B4 226 MM qw .p--nu, ,-as fav , A , 'f I 5 I af .4 'V sz J ,L 5,9 . ' ,I may 5822.530 I L -A aisle. -WO 'UN -H10 ww" -ar W' IENNIFER KILLIAN IANTZI Buffalo, NY Engineering Psychology "If everything was in your favor, if you did not have to surmount any great mountains, then you have nothing to be proud of. But if you feel that you have special difficulties, then you must in- deed be proud of your achievement" -Eleanor Roosevelt Thank you to all my friends and great roomates who helped me through these past four years. Special thanks to my family for all the encouragement. l love you and couldn't have done it without you. Crew f4,3,2JQ Nordic Ski CID: FCACIJ Catholic Choir C4,3,2,1JQ100th Night Companies: G31 B4 YONG HOON KIM El Paso, TX Economics First, thanks to God and my family. I love you all very much and you are my inspiration and motivation for every- thing that I do. Thanks to all of my friends, especially the BUFF ones. Your friendship helped me through the toughest times. To everyone, I wish you luck and my happiness wherever you go. I know Class of 2006 will do great things for our country. KARS l4,1JS IMSl4,3,2,1I Companies: F41 B4 DAVID MIcHAEL MARTIN Woodbury, MN French Sr Spanish I'll never forget all the times with friends, swimming the Hudson, FASEP, DR trips with OCF, Buff Stallions beating the Brits, Sapper Training and football beat- ing Tulane. Alain, Benji, I have learned so much from you. len, Jill, Katie, Brian, Glenn thanks for sharing so much of your lives with me. Family and friends, you've pulled me through thick and thin. Phil 1:3 For whatever challenges may lay ahead, Lord, I AM WILLING! PCCHf4,3,2,1JQ CS Ftbl StaffC2,IJg OCFC4,3,2,1J: SandhooahC4,3,2Jg Buff Biathlon: Fr Clbg PSI: FASEP to St Cyrg ABN: SLC Companies: E2 1 B4 MICHAEL SEAN McCoY Gainesville, FL American Politics Dated Melissa Witte for two and a half years. Thank you Melissa. Roommate and best friend to Michael Riccitiello, Doug Odera, Aaron Folsom, Jesus Cor- ral, Yong Kim, Iohn Barrington, and IT Maxwell. Best friend but never room- mate to David Black. To Corral, Aaron, David, and IT, with whom I did not graduate, and to Grandpop and Granny who watch me graduate from above. Buff Rugby f2,1JQ Buff Jab C33 SCUSA f1,3J Companies: D2 f B4 ROBIN PARK Cerritos, CA Economics I'd like to thank God, my mom, dad, Sister, and friends for the support dur- ing my time here at West Point. I'd also like to thank all my boys here for all the good times. If it wasn't for you guys, this place wouldn't have been the same. Water Polo C4,3,2,1 - Team Captainjg Korean American Relations Seminar f4,3,2,1J Companies: B3f B4 DAVID NOAH PSIAKI Ithaca, NY Mechanical Engineering Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy and my burden is light. Matthew l I :29-31 Sprint Football f4,3,2,1lj Officers Christian Fellowship f2,1J Companies: B3 f B4 Q ,, Qifptff-+. FQ? M Q I , il' 'W' WI ,Q f-fv. W itt" -I -ww Q: it? , -we H+ TUAN ANH NGUYEN Dallas, TX Mechanical Engineering "People sleep peaceably in their beds at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf." - George Orwell "Veneer o Morir"- Ejercito Paraguayo Thanks to my family and friends for all their support. I'm proud to be a part of the herd of Buffaloes, you guys are the best. GO BUFFALOES, Mech Club C3,2,1lQ APAC f3,2,1J Companies: A21 B4 DANA MARIE PATTERSON Tucson, AZ American Politics "The future belongs to those who be- lieve in the beauty of their dreams." - Eleanor Roosevelt With a long future ahead, I leave here better for having met all of you and what you have given me - whether a Buff, on crew, or somewhere along the way - thank you. Crew C4,3,2Dg Intramurals CID, Bible Talk f4,3,2,1l Companies: H1fB4 ALFRED DAVID SHEPHARD Gainesville, GA Information Systems Engineering I've shared blood, sweat, and tears with my brothers here: I will never forget it. May we all crosspaths in the future and look back to the good times we've shared. Swifties lead the way. Good talk, see you out there. Sprint Football f4,3,2,1JQ Proud member of B4 f3,2,1J Companies: G21 B4 W 227 IASON LAMARR SMARIT Chino, CA Leadership West Point serves as my most challeng- ing and rewarding experience thus far in my life. My friends, you know who you are, are what made this seemingly impossible endeavor conceivable at all, My family has been my backbone, and I know they will always support me. West Point is where "Baby Boy" was born, but Baby Boy will live on. Track f4,3,2,1JQ Spanish Club f3,2J Companies: D3fB4 IONATHAN ROBERT WELSH Bergenfield, N1 Mechanical Engineering fAeronautical Systems! To my family- Thank you for support- ing me through all the good times and the bad. I don't know if I could have made it through without you. To my friends- Thanks for making the last four years fly by. We had some great times, and I'm sure that the best are still to come. Mechanical Engineering Club f3,2,1JQ Spanish Club C3,2J Companies: E4fB4 228 K we TONY Vozzono Bellmore, NY Law This is my chance to say thank you to all my family and friends who were there for me through my years at West Point and Prep School. To the Army Lacrosse team it's been a great four years. From truxton, tailgates, and to our countless games I will remember it all. Mom, Dad, Johnny and Veronica without your end- less support through the good and bad times I could not have made it through these past years. I love you with all my heart. Love always Tony Army Lacrosse 438 f4,3,2,1J Companies: E2fB4 DARCY LYN WILSON Tucson, AZ Engineering Management- Civil "Do not follow where the path may lead. Go, instead, where there is no path and leave a trail." -Ralph Waldo Emerson Thank you. To my BUFF friends and softballers who have made it all worth- while. To my parents for dedicating so much to who I am today. You are the example to which I live up to. To Ier- emy, you have made me a better ver- sion of myself and have given my life a new direction. Even after four years, you continue to amaze me every day. I love you all. Varsity Softball f4,3,2,1JQ Softball Team Captain C11 Companies: A41 B4 mffffff N 1SEa.m.,....,n.,m..,u.,-ww ,.,,M,.,, W -.,, 6. gd ff '31 ' 'I in ,Q . if J-1, - ".-L. .:..4"L '7 . -Y-qv' J, . - A Wqa, 5 f MQ: A Q S . . 1 . A W , ,, my v . .m X X Eqiqf- .. .-4-in - '. f ,w,M,,,n, , Y Lf' 5 ..f Wim -. , ,- M. wi: WN , ' ' '5- 'N 1 I M H A, f , Q ' ,gt F j K IWWW " H M ' X 7f2,f?,':1":An h K wc: 4 P l 1 H Y 'W E' A! V lg! , , wk fx Wm, J' 1 ,':-' .'a:iXm Y V Y xxxx -. 'l aw' , ,,- f ,pf 1 'J M J A "JP" ' A , L.m.,,,,2I - jk f ,FQ - A 1, fn pvgmgfi A f lm- wi Q - Wulf. , N, x . . . '-Q-'-xg L 4 '1 ' 1 . - Q My 1 - f 11: 1 1 if Q ?xx"' ' ,VV 'Y-.51lT51ii" 7.77 ' .. ' 'V 'gfaag-f-' - vu t if 1 in BQIEBF E - f - V -'W' 1 - 'K - ' X ' ' - Sm W' "' ' ' ' v . 5 . , X x 1 N A ,,-,, , N my , 'L- ix ' X fr, V ' V V ' , ,A 'lil' W .'w':G1v1H' wily 'MFI ' . 4+ + W, '.x, "-11, M Y ml A 4 W ,X I U ',. 'QV W V, 1' ' 1 '5 X l'i5k1" 543' tr r gi! 1 M pq mg "wx f 'E' ,Gill 1 ,fa - X , ' ,rw 1: 'QW F ,uQNF':,, g Es. , if-H LT .jf 1 l1"g-WE ,, . I . HW, W, X ,,. r +wfw J. 1. ,vp 'T' 5, W-E QW ,,u4e:W , - .,, I .QA .A m I x F I ' f, vw , :H 2 -mr., .,. -. f fmt I' A 1 I 73, t has 4' a , . LINDSEY NICOLE BISHOP Fort Wayne, IN Human!Regional Geography To all of the friends I have made here: thank you for the great times. Thank you Dad, Mom and Adam for all you have done for me. Without your sup- port from the very beginning I wOuldn't have had the drive to get in and stay in. To Ryan: thank you for always being there for me, standing by my side in all my ups and downs, and always being a shoulder for me to cry on. I am looking forward to spending the rest of my life with you. I love you all! Pistol f4,3,2,1JQ Staff 8z Ushers C41 Companies: H3 f C4 llllllll' DELANEY PENDLETON BROWN Mechanicsburg, PA Comparative Politics Delaney is truly one of a kind. Unbelievably talented in all aspects of life, she is sure to succeed in all she does. She does not back down, thanks to her incredible convictions and strength. Always genuine and a leader, her strong character makes her highly re- spected by all. The bond that links yoru' true family is not one of blood, but of respect 8: joy in each other' s life. Rarely do members of one fam- ily grow up under the same roof. Sower K4,3,2,1J: PSA l2,1l3 Awrmas I4,3l Companies: C3fC4 RYAN ERIC COLLINS Wasilla, AK Computer Science To Barry, Thank you for the great memo- ries and for taking me in yuk year. To Dash, you were a constant friend. Fi- nally, to my family, Without you I wou1dn't be here. Your love and sup- porfhas sustained me these four years. I love you all. "After you have stared long enough into the dragon's eyes, there is nothing left to do but slay the dragon" TrackC4,3,2,1J Companies: B4fC4 WR' . -W' Q...-M-1:'LV FWHM ww if ' aff" - at ...Mtv W., H ,W Y IT. " v . 'itll agp EDWARD K. BLYTH Yorktown VA Systems Major Cycling l4,3,2,1l Companies: B2fC4 LOGAN GRANT CLOANINGER Matthews, NC LHW From Sprint Football games to nights at the Firstie, I'll never forget everyone who got me through this place. I'll always be there for you guys. Stay up and keep in touch. Tennis C4J: Sprint Football f3,2,1J Companies: G4fC4 RYAN M. DUNBAR Bangor, ME Civil Engineering To everyone who went through this and helped me through this. Thanks, its been memorable. Sandhurst f4,3,2,19Q Speech C41 Companies: C1fC4 rw Lia.. W 231 STEPHEN ELDRIDGE Salisbury, NC International Relations "All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing."- Edmund Burke IM Rugby C3,2,11Q IM Football C2,11Q IM Boxing C31 Companies: H1fC4 IERIMIAH TYRRELL GALLOWAY Rosman, NC Civil Engineering Thanks to all the friends who have be- came family. We have made it through all the good times and the bad. Now it is our time to move on to the future. Football Manager C4,3,2,11 Companies: G2fC4 CHARLES WOODFORD GRUTZMACHER Platte City, M0 Environmental Science To all my good friends, you made my stay unbelievable and enjoyable and I couldn't have done it without you. From all the trips to Chili's, PA, and Florida, it has been a great ride. There are many great memories that will last forever. The World is Yours, EWRI C3,2,11g Language Clubs f3,2,1JZ ACS f4,3,2,115 CRESP C219 Fishing Club C21 Companies: E4 X C4 232 1: - A 1 If , tgtwwt g ,ii 'R wi. .li if-'Sl 1' My X i Elf . , ,wrt fi... C QQ? ,,.,.-.W IAMES HAROLD FISHER III Raleigh, NC Systems Engineering Jimbo, the man who always left a story unfinished and never forgot to mention the left hook . After his close encounter with the Supe cow year, Iimmy became the model cadet who would never give up. Even if jimmy was off doing his own thing chasing girls or getting tre- mendous amounts of Al, he was always our boy, and we could always count on him for anything. We will always re- member the great times we spent with the fab four. Go Army Golf! Corps Squad Golf C4,3,2,11g Double Century ClubC31 Companies: A31 C4 MATTHEW LEE GREEN St Pete Beach, FL Chemistry Thanks to my mom and dad who helped me through all 4 years. Thanks to my brother who put my room together for me during reorgy week plebe year and all the other support he provided dur- ing the tough times. IM Wrestlingg IM Biathlong IM Grapplingg Sandhurst Companies: B11 C4 GRANT ANDREW HARTMAN Muenster, TX Operations Research To all my good friends in C-4 esp. Erick, Kurt, Ierimiah, Iames, Steve, and Anna, thanks for making my time here great. I wish you all the best of luck out in the Army and in life. For all the members of UCF that prayed with me and got me through some tough times, thank you so much. I might not look back at my time here at West Point as the highlight of my life, but I will remember all of you as some best friends I've made. Ephesians 6:10-I7 United Catholic Fellowship C4,3,2,11g Skeet 81 Trap C315 Coast Guard Rugby C215 Sprint Football C11 Companies: G41 C4 CHELSEA ALLEGRA HAVILAND Thief River Falls, MN Management Work Hard-Smile Often-and Always Remember Your Loved Ones. Thank you all for a lifetime of memories. Good luck and God Bless! SwimmingC4,3,2,11g DivingC4,3,2,11g TrackC31g Sandhurst C4,3,21g Omicron Delta Kappa C2,11g DPE Committee C11 Companies: G11 C4 T1MorHYSco1'rHou.AND Twain Harte, CA Environmental Engineering In the end, its our impact on others that really matters. Thanks to all my friends who helped make this an awesome ex- perience. Cycling C4,3,2,11g EV Trekers C3,2,11g Kayak Club C31 Companies: C1fC4 LEE I. IIN Poughkeepsie, NY Business Law "When inspired by some great purpose, some extraordinary project, all your thoughts break their bounds: your mind transcends limitations, your conscious- ness expands in every direction and you 'find yourself in a new, great and wonderful world. Dormant forces, fac- ulties and talents become alive, and you discover yourself to be a greater person than you ever dreamed to be." - Pantanjali 150 A.D. GoaltimateC3,21g Pass and GOC41 Companies: D4fC4 rmm .W 2' iii' 55' New ig a C , , NW " iii' iff! :J-in I Nt i , QQ eg 1' " " 'M ' gr- I .V-QQ liter, IEFFREY REXFORD HECOX Converse, TX Arabic 61, German It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. I thank God for the chance to learn and grow through this experi- ence, To Mom, thanks for all the prayer. To Dad, thanks for telling it like it is. Your loving support has sustained me through it all. Spirit BandC4,3,21g Cadet Field Music Gr0upC4,3,21g Canterbury Club C4,3,2,11g MALC2JQ OCFC2,11 Companies: E41 C4 GREGORY CHARLES HOPE West Chester, OH Military History To all the good people who did all the good things, and never got recognition for it, you made this place better. The Little Snakes of A-3, the Orienteering Team, the Cowboys of C-4, and every- one else I met along the way, you guys made the time here memorable. Thanks. Infantry Tactics Club C2,3,41g Orienteering Club C2,11g Brigade IM Orienteering Champs C31 Companies: A3 f C4 TARA ANN KAVANAGH King of Prussia, PA LHW To everyone that helped me along the way, words cannot express how I feel. I appreciate everything you have done for me along the way, and I will never forget the times we've shared. ' Mom and Dad, This one is for you. "Nas Drowie!" Womenis Lacrosse C3,21g Canoe and Kayak C11g United Catholic Fellowship C4,3,21 Companies: A31 C4 233 PHILIP KIM Los Alamitos, CA Operations Research "If you're not living on the edge, you're taking up too much space" N unknown Interior Guard C4Jg CCQ C3,2jg CGRf2,1J Companies: C21 C4 ERICR KEES KUYLMAN Boise, ID Law "We are not guaranteed tomorrow, not even today." - Taizan Maezumi Roshi. To the guys that helped me make it through here- thanks, I owe you more than you can imagine. Fencing f4,3,2,1Dg Hours f3,2D Companies: A4fC4 IOEL DoUGLAs RADUNZEL Colorado Springs, C0 Human Geography Luke 7:8-9 "I too am a man under au- thority, with soldiers under me. I say to this one 'Gol' and he goes, and to an- other 'Comel' and he comes, and to my slave, 'Do this!' and he does it." Now when Iesus heard this, He marveled at him, and turned and said to the crowd that was following Him, "I say to you, not even in Israel have I found such great faith." Have faith: God is faithful. Thanks to all who have encouraged me, esp. my par- ents. Navigators f4,3,2,1J Companies: A2 f C4 234 IMF fi.. 'MW ff'-r ' ,mr ' 92 ...... I f Itlsl .tfe "ww, 1" ' 1: v ff ?, I it I A A, 1' . we ' .Iii III -:H-F ,,'k6nW'.g: ' KURT MICHAEL KLINGENSMITH Walpole, MA Electrical Engineering To my friends and family: thanks for your help and support! I couldn't have done it without you. To the EE majors: never forget the fun times, Mark and the Space Elevator, arfa and parlor, burning circuits, the 1600 rush, EE chocolates, our best friends QMaxwell, Fourier, and LaPlacej, surviving on par- tial credit in EE38l, how useful MA364 was, and EE Club Nights fThayer Labj instead of Firsty Club Nights. "It's trivial." IM Biathalon C3,2,1J Companies: G4fC4 IASON LEE MENICHETTI Jessup, PA Economics To my friends: Thank You for always being there for me. To my family: Thank You for your sup- port, but most of all for your love. I could not have accomplished this with- out you, Intramurals f4,3,2,1JQ Ski! Snowboard Club f3,2,1J Companies: D3 X C4 CHRISTOPHER ANDREW RENOLL Manchester, MD French and Russian I would like to thank my family, Sara, less, Norm, Bob, Ryan, Gredoir, Gredoir, and my unicycle for being with me through these four long years. Companies: C4 PATRICK KIRBY SWANSON Lincolnshire, IL Economics And so the Cadet Observation Report read: "This cadet failed to complete his or her Firstie bio for the 2006 Howitzer on time. The suspense was 16 Septem- ber. After several reminders, this cadet is still delinquent." VVhat an eerily ap- propriate summary, that last sentence. But let not delinquency be my only legacy! Thanks Mom and Dad, SD-1, my friends, and of course my one and only. l love you, and I'll do my best. JV Lacrosse C41g Rugby C315 Century Club C21 Companies: F 41 C4 ELIZABETH YISRAEL Tacoma, WA Operations Research "Look at a day when you are supremely satisfied at the end. lt's not a day when you lounge around doing nothing: its when you had everything to do, and you've done it," -Margaret Thatcher That just about sums it up. To my family and friends, thanks for the many good times and memories. Choir C415 Track C41: Gymnastics C31g Rabble Rousers C2,11 Companies: A1fC4 iff! . 1 'mftwww li-1111 'V WEFI.. 51? 5 ' SQ" 15. 4 'WA ' V- a- L . f-1.1: 33 , : iifiilvii.ffi fini.. ANNA LEE WALLS Evansville, IN Human!Regional Geography Consider it pure joy Whenever you face trials of many kinds, because you know that the testing of your faith develops perseverance. Perseverance must fin- ish its work so that you may be mature and complete, not lacking anything. Iames 1:2-4 Since plebe year you have shown this perseverance and the uncompromising loyalty you have shown to your family and friends will never cease to amaze me. May you leave this place with great memories and confidence in knowing that you achieved all that you could and never left anything lacking. DP Glee Club C415 Track and Field C315 Bible Talk C4,3,2,11 Companies: H1fC4 tezrflilfl 235 I IUSTIN CHRISTOPHER BURGESS Las Vegas, NV Military Art Gt Science My family has supported me through all the tough times here and I can't thank them enough, and the friends I've met here I'll know for the rest of my life. You've never meet a better group of guys than the ones l've known. Not much else to write about me that you can't find in a COR somewhere. Guys...see you out there. "What do they call the person who gradu- ates first at WP? Lieutenant. What about the one who's last? Lieutenant!" IM Wrestling C4Jg FootballC4J: Boxing f3,2lS Rugby C3-Us Ski Instructor f4,3,2,1J Companies: B4fD4 WILLIAM IOSEPH DENN III Voorheesville, NY International Relations Despite being as cynical as they get during his first two years at the Acad- emy, Will underwent a genuine trans- formation during the second half of his cadet career. Some might call it "devel- opment" others might say he just grew to love the Army and the American soldier. He is grateful for all the many opportunities West Point has afforded him-from traveling across the globe wirming World Championships to be- ing the location of his wedding. M.U.N. f4,3,2,1JQ SCUSA C4J: SIGSAC C4Jg Glee Club C415 BDE IM Wrestling Champs C21 Companies: C11 D4 MICHAEL TOWNSEND GASSER Augusta, GA Economics To all the guys in D4 we had some great times. I'll never forget the football games and nthat ,infamous trip to Montreal. West Point would have been boring without you. I'm sure we'll cross paths out in the "real" Army. Grappling Club C2,1J Companies: G3fD4 .nf W , t -ret.-1 tf I' 'FAU' nf 1 'I Y 1 Q . M, . 1 A I . W s 'th like MMG -ala WWW' ...uwlhv ,fn af-'F It .AW Ijz. f in A ., L try t , V2 .Ii X l DAVID RYAN CRIGGER Charleston, WV Portuguese Dickens opened a novel with the words "It was the best of times, it was the worst of times." I close the book on my time here with those same words. Great friendships, good times, struggles, and succeses. I wouldn't have missed it for the world. Thanks to my family for sup- porting me and to the life-lasting friend- ships that I made during my time here. Country roads, take me home... Sandhurst f3,2,1JQ Portuguese Club C4,3,2,1J: Big Brothers! Big Sisters C4,3l Companies: C3fD4 Scorr THOMAS DRENZEK Feeding Hills, MA Chinese and French Time flew by, but as I write this at my computer it's not flying by fast enough. To all the friends I've made over the years I'll never forget the great times we've had. To all my China buddies, let us never forget San Marco, Chinese has been good to me, go DFL. I can't wait to see you all in Iraq. Hotness 6, out. Band C4,3,1JgCatholic Choir C4,3I2,1lSIM Boxing f3,2,1l Companies: C41 D4 KURT BENEDICT GooDELL Sedro-Woolley, WA Mechanical Engineering There is nothing like the friends and memories you make at this place. Thank you to all the people who have im- pacted my life and helped along the way. And a special Thank you to the best family that a son and brother could ask for. "The world is now too dangerous for anything but the truth, too small for anything but brotherhood." -Adlai Stevenson, 1959 Companies: B21 D4 237 MICHAEL LEE GRANT Briceton, OH Human Regional Geography I want to thank my family, friends, and classmates. I would not have done it without your support. Sprint Football C4J: Sluggo C4,3,2,1Jg GTU f2,1J Companies: E11 D4 THOMAS BUTLER LEONARD Alexandria, VA Economics You might wonder why Thomas has a bowling pin on his bookshelf. If you ask, he'll probably shrug it off or say it's to keep his roommates in line, but Dukes in the class of 2005 passed it onto him because he represented the best aspects of a cadet, and a Duke. Thomas is the person that people want to be around because he always puts things in per- spective. He's smart, quick-witted, full of humor, and he'll never let you down as a friend or cadet. Companies: G41 D4 PEDRO I. MALDONADO San juan, PR Comparative Politics I Latin American Studies Mom, I love you, you're my hero, thank you: Dad, you've been a huge part of my life, Iesus, brothers for life, stay strong O9!: Carlos, you make me so proud: Neftali, te quiero: Misty 8: Eddy, best friends, V, you're my bro: Tom P, it's been a great four years: Andy H, it wouldn't have been fun without you: I want to thank MG Valenzuela and ev- eryone else who's been there for me. "What doesn't kill you, makes you stron- ger." -Friedrich Nietzsche Intramurals f4,3,2,1JQ Chess Club f3,2 ijg WKDT Radio Station Q41 Spanish Language Club f3,2 11 ,lwx if Q "Rl"- Y we v " ' I l' ' ,, 3' A i xl ,' 17" .wx I H X ,U 44 www - ' n mv., .f-cus., rf ,A iii, 0145 q"'T7" 4-.nv fray' , , 9 Lfki' I Em Companies: F4fD4 ::st "?f ' 238 ft Ma W- CHONNA LARRY Little Rock, AR Life Science with Electrical Engineering "And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose." Romans 8:28. To All My Friends: We Made It! Much love to ev- eryone. You all have touched my heart in more ways than you know. May God bless you and keep you. Gospel ChoirC4,3,2,1Jg FencingC4,3,2,1Jg NSBEC4,3,2,1J: CASI4,3,2,1JS AALFC4,3,2,1l: Igknighters Dance TeamC3,2,1J Companies: A2 f D4 IASON ISSAC LIME Torrance, CA Operations Research Been there done that. Spanish Club f3,2,1JQ KARS f4,3,2,1J: INFORMS f2,1J: MORS C2,1J: Paintball f3,2,1J Companies: D3 X D4 RICHARD CHARLES MARSH Stafford, VA American History Thanks to all my classmates who helped me overcome the countless challenges we faced over the last four years. Scoutmasters Council f2,1lg SCUSA C23 Companies: E1fD4 IAMES MICHAEL MCCORMICK Bradenton, FL Aerospace Engineering To everyone who helped me make it through this academy, you mean the world to me. I wish you all the best of luck and I hope to see you all in the future. Marathon team H41 Companies: D2fD4 IAMES QUI NGUYEN Ham Lake, MN Life Science "Everything was beautiful and nothing hurt." Thank you, everyone. See you at the top of the hill. Film Forum f3,2,lJ: ACS f4,3,2,1j Companies: H3fD4 IONATHAN LAWRENCE PAYNTER Bristol, TX Math Everyone who knows Ion holds him in the highest regard, and with good rea- son: he is the nicest, most positive, hard- est working, most charismatic person we know. Whether it was help with physics, getting in better shape, or just getting out of bed, Ion has always been right there for us, no matter what time of day. His friends will remember him for his amiability, his strength, and his genuine dedication to every aspect of West Point. IM Football f4,3,2DQ IM Rugby f4,3,2JQ IM Biathlon CID ' nftrawf ijmmf1qKfQ ' far' ,ff 1, W 4 E 5 9 I N If n- an ' , ' '-f"I' I+x t tis, I R 4, W 93- wwww vffw Companies: E1fD4 1 I,i"?l' :wiv ALLISON CAMPBELL NEWMAN Hampton, VA American Politics You gain strength, courage, and confi- dence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face. You are able to say to yourself, 'I have lived through this. I can take the next thing that comes alongf You must do the thing you think you cannot do. NEleanor Roosevelt. Thank you to all the people who believed in me, my friends and family. I could not have done it without you. USMA Pipe and Drums C3,2J: Womenis Army Rugby f4,3,2,1J Companies: E21 D4 PATRICK CASEY O ,DONNELL Peachtree City, GA Mechanical Engineering For those who truly know Patrick, he is the OD, At West Point, he tackled the hardship of a mechanical engineering major, while still managing to enjoy himself along the way. He is the person that can cure an awkward silence with a trademark quip or funny line and make fun times even better with his presence. Beyond his sense of humor, Patrick is a loyal friend, a tenacious cadet, but more importantly, he is a person of genuine Character. Spartan and Duke IMS C4,3,2,1J Companies: AQ! D4 MATTHEW' DAN PRIDE Staten Island, NY Environmental Geography Matt is one of the good guys that is always dependable. He took care of his friends and loved ones. He always made that extra effort to make sure things were right. He was a man of many natural talents who inspired those around him. He s a true soldier, friend and brother. Ladies and gentlemen, the champ is here. -EYP For every man shall bear his own bur- den. N Galatians 6:5 Club BoxingC4,3,2,1Jg BDE open champ f3,2JQ Two-time All- Arnericanf3,2Jg National ChampionC2j Companies: A3f D4 239 IUsT1N T1TUs Hope Mills, NC Environmental Geography Combat Weapons Team f4,3,2,1J Companies: C3fD4 IEFFREY HAROLD VELAZQUEZ McAllen, TX Engineering Management No one can make it through life alone. I owe so much to so many. To God, to Papi 8: Mami, who sacrificed themselves for me...to my brothers, you guys are still my best buddieslirto my classmates, it has been an honor...to West Point for a lifetime of memories. Most of all, to my Ioy, I love you and look forward to our life together. "Far and away the best prize that life offers is the chance to work hard at work worth doing." Teddy Roosevelt Biathlon f3,2,1Jg Sandhurst f4,3,1JQ OCF C4,3,2,1l Companies: C3f D4 240 IONATHAN MICHAEL TRENT Clarksville, TN Management If you were one gifted enough to know and be around Ionathan, you would be blessed by his easy-going personality and abilities on the guitar. Always a dedicated cadet, he is an even better listener and an ever-truer friend. Though oftentimes reserved, behind his dashing good looks lies the kind of guy many are blessed to know, and forever thankful to have a part of their life. Drill Team C4,3JgGrapplingg Team f3,2,1JQ Hop Bands Club f2,1lQ B8zG Leadership Forum C11 Companies: C11 D4 CHARLES KENNETH WILKE Weatherford, TX Systems Engineer The ride has been an experience that I will never forget. I would not have made it without the help of my family and friends. Thank you Mom and Dad. Thank you Danny, Michael, Anna, and Iustin. As for all of my boys...thanks for the memories we've had together and for the many memories to come. Football f4,3,2,1J Companies: G1fD4 fr Q A I Q fi K V WW E Ryu ww Awww Mmm f ff, W, I - f" w x 5' J -xfxv , 'f 555m x 12 2 'I 5" I I f .W m N,.,HFl.5:gfZ,:w-W .1-fm. W , , Y--wsw-W., , " M , ,' -x:yw":,ff " if -M - w . , 'Y' xg. fQ Y. . ws 4.4 - - Qgsgg aff. A 1 4' - 225- -' X 'zwmrb . -H. . x - ,.,, - f F ' 'E , - -1, ff,-: H 'XX 'farffwf,??f:,. -Ev wif:-V J ' .- ,,,, - . ,ix V - 'ff .,,,,.,agg,:ff -V . f, 411. 1 - g SZ Q.,-'HV . , 55,41 - . -,fi .V ,I 5 5. , ' :A I .- J! . . - ,if ,ll ws, 1-if .' 1 ' - 1 - J ' Q5 Q h 1 I L- X x if I DJ" fd 5 'ffm f .. 4 1 r 1 ' 1 W1 ' ,X . A , A ,X I . , .QS ,Q N Q MM! M 2: A M l j H as xxwu V' , , . A , V V - X X SHAWN I. CARLSON Orlando, FL Economics and Manage- ment "Lighten up while you still can, don't even try to understand, just find a place to make your stand and Take It Easy We may lose and we may win, but we will never be here again" -"Take it Easy" by the Eagles Carpe Diem. Live every day to the fullest and yet take time to relax. Found time for a dual major as well as forming a band and playing several sports. I had a great time and learned a lot, and always took it easy. Water Polo f4,2JQ Equestrian C315 IMS CPaintball BDE champsj f2,1J Companies: E2 X E4 DEMETRIA DARENA DUNN New Windsor, NY Life Sciences I would like to thank God and my fam- ily for their support. Thank you to all the great friends I have made along the way. I could not have made it without your love and encouragement. Protestant Sunday School Teacher f4,3,2,1l Companies: D41 E4 DANIEL IOSEPH HENRY Norwood, MA International Law Unending thanks to Mom, Dad, Bri, Lau, Nana and lack: without you I never could have done it. More thanks to my boys and girls from the 'wood, the rest of the family and finally... Thanks to the boys and gals who stuck out the rough times with me - I'm in debt to all of you... Sandhurst f4,3,2,1Jg Bicentennial Club f2,1J Companies: G11 E4 +11-+ 4 I ft P' Y 2' 'Q 'iw iit my .,.......4 M' 'al . any W ,IJ 'iii JONATHAN W G. DEFABIO Port Republic, VA Military Art SL Science I owe my life to my God, my family, my nation, and my friends back home in Virginia. Special thanks goes out to my beloved West Point friends, without whom I could not have succeeded at West Point, and with whom I have my built my best memories in life: AGR, TLF, ISK, RMP, AIF, TIW, CEA, and MBS. Currahee! We stand alone, to- gether. LDSSA f4,3,2,1JQ Pipes and Drums Cgjg CAV Scout CU: Scoutmasters Council f2,1JQ Hunting Club f2,1D Companies: H4f E4 ANDREW RUSSELL ELLISON Cullman, AL Mechanical Engineering To the every week crew, keep the good times flowing. You four defined this place for me. To the '06 E4erS, I had a blast in the company with you all. I don't think I could have had a better bunch of class- mates. Schuyler, having you as a room- mate was an awesome experience...keep it crazy, and remember that your military ID is not an effective way to win an argu- ment. Mech guys, stay on those SP's. I'll see you all out there. Sandhurst 141: Fly Fishing Club f1,2,3Jg IM Rugby f1,2,3JQ IM Soccer f3,2l Companies: F4 1 E4 IURE HIMELRAIH Sl. Bistrica, Slovenia Systems Engineering I would have never made it through without my great friends...Mom and Jani, thank you for being there for me...The Raatz family-I miss you...P8zK8z G, my best friends...all of my Sandhurst teammates - you are awesome...Mike, don't miss me too much...Go Highlanders and E4 Sandhurst! " 2003 USCC Sandhurst Champion wfE2 C435 Sandhurst f4,3,2,1Jg ICC f4,3,2,1l Companies: E2 X E4 243 IEREMY RYAN IONES Gillette, WY Civil Engineering To all my true friends, you know who you are, thank you for all your help. Good luck with your careers. Thank you to my parents and my brother who helped me through the rough times. To Nicki, I cannot recall a moment when I did not know you were "The One" for me. I love you with all my heart. "PPP FAA" Swimming C4Jg Boxing C3Jg IM Rugby C213 IM Wrestling f Grappling CID Companies: D2fE4 MATTHEW CHRISTOPHER LUYSTER Hicksville, NY Leadership and Manage- ment Army Lacrosse- Best group of guys ever. l'll never forget the times at Truxtun and Shea. Tory, Nate, BurtonfLenOJ, I- dubbs, OB, Yak, Nerd, Drew, Ronan, Super Bowerman, Vozzolo. Thanks for everything fellas. I didn't forget you Braden. Thanks for being such a good freind and roommate over the years. "Bob, so easily fooled. You're like a child." -Coach Emmer -4 OUT- Lacrosse f4,3,2,1J Companies: G31 E4 LAURA ANNE MCGINNIS Centerville, OH Chemical Engineering Thanks to my family and friends who supported me in everything I did. Cycling Team f1,3,4JQ Nordic Team C439 German Club f1,2,3,4lS Chemical Engineering Club C11 Companies: C2 f E4 244 fa, v 4 yi K 12 I . : ' " ,H - qi -. ., , 4-,swf ,,....-.. 'iii' . tw' 1""-'HK qr"""P WN' -in-a.,.sau um, ...um 'ist 3,4 I , IOURDAN CLIFFORD KINTZ Stayton, OR Aerospace Engineering I would like to thank God for giving me the strength to carry through, my fam- ily for their continued love and support through both the fun and tough times, and my friends -you know who you are- I wouldn't have wanted to go through this with anyone else. E4 Sandhurstf2,1Jg Bicentennial Club f2,1J Companies: B11 E4 CHRISTOPHER MATTHEW MACFARLAND Canajoharie, NY Systems FOS "Ride I-lard, Shoot Straight, and so live such that you may stand up to any man and, if need be, tell him to go straight to hell." Army Nordic f4,3,2,1JQ Army Film Club C23 Companies: H1fE4 DARIAM MICHELLE MEDINA Catano, Puerto Rico Latin American Studies V, you got me through the worst times, I couldn't have asked for a better hours partner... I love you. Laura, thanks for all the advice as my roommate. Thanks to all the ladies I had the honor of play- ing rugby with, I learned from all of you. Good luck to everyone. Women's Rugby C4,3,2J: Spanish Club f4,3,2,1l Companies: H4fE4 LYLE ROBERT LEE MILLIMAN Leon, NY Civil Engineering Lyle-A scrappy, tough-as-nails farm boy from western NY. Played sprint foot- ball for 2 years, and physically devel- oped the undeveloped members of his company for 2 years. A hard working Civil Engineering major who is not afraid to cut it loose on occasion. He can party and BS with the best of them. Known for being brutally honest, tell- ing people what is on his mind, and what he thinks of them. A good guy to have on your side and a great friend. Bl-I Sprint Football 14,31 Companies: A2fE4 MAXWELL PAPPAS Corning, NY Systems Engineering After 4 years, sometimes I wonder how far l've come, but when I look around and see all the people who made the journey next to me, I realize it doesn't matter. All that matters is where we're going and that we can rely on eachother for anything when we get there. Thanks for everything, and here's to what's next... USMA Pistol Team 14,3,2,11 1Capt.1g Sandhurst 13,21 Companies: B21 E4 MATTHEW BAXTER SCHARDT Littleton, CO Humanlftegional Geography To my family and loved ones...you are the best. I can never express in words my appreciation for your support. To all my friends...thanks for the memo- ries. I will never forget you. To my classmatesmthank you, best of luck, and stay in touch. To the following classes...work hard and play hard. Nordic ski team 14,315 USNA Exchange 1215 Black and Gold Leadership Forum 11, 215 OCF 111 Companies: G1fE4 19' W, ' fl. J J..,...a-- 'ly ,F X f N I . I4 'lk , .lg wt .ltt 2 flff yycyy 1, i., lol-IN MATTHEW OLIVER Birmingham, AL Economics Thanks to Iourdan, Dan, and Kathryn for making life here at West Point a little easier. Sandhurst12, 11 Companies: F4f E4 ADRIENNE NOEL PAYNE Petaluma, CA Spanish FOS To my family, for the love and support you have provided my entire life-you have given me the strength to succeed, to my friends in California, for keeping me connected to home and never letting me forget where I came frorng and to my teammates over the past four years, for standing beside me, helping me smile the whole way through. Love you all. Corps Squad Basketball 14,3,2,11 Companies: G3fE4 THOMAS SCHUYLER SCHLICHTER Wilmington, NC Systems Engineering What would Schlichter do? These words are ones to truely live by. There are too many stories about this kid to even share. He is notorious for his catch phrases about life and his random out bursts. Schuyler is a man who makes the best of any situation. Rus Ellison, we applaud you for taking care of him, we all know what it took. Schuyler, you are a Great American. You're awesome and have fun with life, we know you will. See you in the desert. Sandhurst 13,2,11 Companies: G4fE4 li 245 COLIN PETER SCOTT Tucson, AZ Mechanical Engineering To all my gaming buddies, it's been fun. I hope to see you out there. To all my friends in Co. E4, it's been a fun 3 years. "It's time to roll the dice." NRobert Iordan, The Wheel of Time Wargaming f4,3,2,1Dj Warlords I3,2,1I Companies: H1fE4 MICHAEL TIFFANY Carmel, NY Systems Engineering FOS I want to thank my parents for making me continue with gymnastics, it is the sole reason why I got into West Point. Thanks to everyone who did my home- work for me and helped me pass my classes. Wrap it up, Hit sets, Beat Navy - Go Army Gymnastics Corps Squad Gymnastics f4,3,2,1D Companies: G3fE4 IASON THOMAS WALSH Valrico, FL Human Geography Mom, Dad, Kelsey, and Diana, I could not have done this without you. Your support was the only constant these last four years. Love, Iason Drill Teamf4,3Jg IntramuralsC2,1J Companies: A3fE4 246 . ..".iY . Y. ' fi' I I 'I-Zapii' T' 'f . , ' .Ia H , " ? I Q 'f I zz it ' ' f J I Hwefsrf' i5?',.fl. '. Q?-Hifi 'QS' ga.-.Ji if , 40? NM' it .145 sa-..-qw 'ual' -eff-sg... f ,i', t QWWHSP- 'ii' , DAVID RYAN TALBOTT Fayetteville, NC Operations Research Dave started off USMA in A2 and on the baseball team where he never failed to make the Lmbelievable diving catch dur- ing batting practice. Departing from those never noticed ESPN worthy catches, he could always make us laugh with a Well placed high quality heckle. Dave is a great friend to so many at the Academy be- cause he took the time to invest himself in his friendships. Thanks for being a great friend and one last thing..."Even Talbott hit the ball!!!"- Iohn "Say just what you mean to do on every occasion, and take it for granted that you mean to do right."- Robert E. Lee Baseball C41 Companies: A2 f E4 MEGAN ASHLEY VRABEL Stafford, VA Law FOS Thanks to my parents who supported me every step of the way. Thanks to my girls on the team and all my favorite guys. These times were some of the best in my life. I wish you all the best. Thanks to that one person who I can never have a bad time with. 143. And to my '06 girls, the Socialites, the ones that went through it all with me. I love you guys. "We started together, we struggled to- gether, and we will finish strong to- gether." MAMA4EVER. Basketball f4,3,2,1J Companies: H3f E4 MICHAEL MATTHEW WISSER Gibsonia, PA Economics Companies: E1fE4 ALEXANDER MICHAEL ZERIO Meriden, CT Civil Engineering "So nigh is grandeur to our dust, So near is God to man, When Duty Whis- pers low, Thou must, The youth replies, I can." Ralph Waldo Emerson. . .To all the Civvies and my Southern friends. Pipes and Drums f4,3,2,1JQ CME Club f3,2,1J Companies: C1fE4 , , it ,kann v ,. ff E f x I' X pf My X Wmynmf -UMW 4'-"WU . XXYYEVA AJ0! W ng J r Q,v , l Q 1 ,ff lv: -., W' X ff if I 'fn' .fi ,aj if he .,w,,.....-up M '77 .K 14 , -N 'Q' 1. '34 ., ,. , 1 . x ., 1-, H5 I W 1, I i n www 7 , R 1 , ww. ,X . . A, H I -1 . ,sa Q fl ' LLLQQX - e'3!' 5 If' "' "" 1 , , 1 , .1 .: f l 3 Vu xxxxxw NNNN 9. K! iff IW 'E'NN ' " -:-' - , "fN . . , N -' ' ' -' S1fffffi 2fi : 2 "" V"' ' F 1' - V5.1 9-F41 , 1 Q L Q V Q Y TT 1 . K 1 i F A R,-'gg Q Q' 1 '. 'A'5 ' Li ' - ' 1 ':'. .. , ., I I J. H be ' k ' 1 '4 , R I V . Y, -vvv ilk., A ' ' F3 , 3 gp 5 Xxx M i ' .wgzsxfwi -s f tsl M A , 2 , I ' ' . M E gi Y, L I '-"-' Ji- ' mx ' .V A Y U Ng, , Y N ,V U- l- . 'Zi ' Vi-fl ,,., J W ar .-'-- .f"1v2m " ' "5'f'iiJ vi Lf ' if , iv' KIERA B CONNERTY Maplewood, N1 Mechanical Engineering Team Handball f3,2,1JQ Big Brothers 8: Big Sisters f3,2,1J Companies: E2f F4 IONATHAN ELDON HAGEN Kingsport, TN German "For once you have tasted flight you will walk the earth with your eyes turned skywards, for there you have been and there you will long to return." NLeonardO da Vinci. Thanks to my family both at home and here at the Academy. Without ya'll, I Wouldn't be half of what I am today. Intramural Football C4Jg Parachute Team C4,3,2,1J Companies: G21 F4 BRYAN ALAN HATCHER Lenoir, NC American History Get correct views of life, and learn to see the world in its true light. It will enable you to live pleasantly, to do good, and, when summoned away, to leave with- out regret. Robert E. Lee Then I heard the voice of the Lord say- ing, "Whom shall I send? And who will go for us?" And I said, "Here am I. Send me!" Isaiah 6:8 Intramurals f4,3,2,1J Companies: C1fF4 KY Q If nm.. 5 'm an 4 H' tw, -' 6 N 1 I 7 : Q .- 5 in ,Q ,R ,, r ,gum wr-'Q-"-9 WMF- FUI O09 -at 1' fi! THOMAS PAUL GOWER Meridian, MS Legal Studies Congratulations to everyone on gradu- ating and good luck in life. GO ARMY FOOTBALL! Video for Army Football C4,3,2,1J Companies: C 21 F4 BRANDON ROBERT HARTLEBEN Rock Island, IL Environmental Science Brandon faka "the BH"i began USMA in El, where he would develop a squared-away slacker ethos that would prevail throughout his illustrious cadet career. Even during a stint as F4's first sergeant, he's maintained his Liber-cool poise, recognizing that "sometimes you lose, bro." His bear-like frame and ath- letic prowess might suggest an aggres- sive creature, but BH abides. As fine a gentleman and scholar as you get, Bran- don is truly a good dude. F4 Intramural Football Coach til Companies: E1fF4 BRYAN CHRISTOPHER HERZOG New Freedom, PA History "The Zog"... the most loyal friend you could ever have. He's a very focused, ambitious individual, and, although he sometimes takes things too seriously, he always finds the time to check over our papers, make an extra weekend trip out to Permsylvania, or just hang out and spend time with the guys. Bryan is quite the character, and we're sure that he will go far and achieve whatever goals he sets his sights on. -TMH, SMH, ARV Scout Master's Council C415 Roman Culture Forum f2,1JQ Cadet History Advisory Council f3,2,1J Companies: A21 F4 249 THADEUS MARTIN HICKMAN Buffalo, MN Computer Science Whether programming, writing poetry, or making his weekend trip to New York City, Tad is always looking out for his friends. He has his eye out for suc- cess and we are sure he will find it. B.C.H. A.R.V. S.M.H. Roman Culture ForumC4,3,2,1Jg Catholic Chapel Choirf4,3,2,1Jg White Water Canoe Clubf2,1Jg Companies: B4f F4 MATTHEW IOSEPH HOFFMAN Leonardtown, MD Operations Research Matt is the natural entertainer of the group. Whether it be his numerous card tricks or his extroverted personality, he ensures that we always made the best out of every situation. With Adventures too numerous to list, Matt has ensured that his leg of the Tripod is always well supported. We are fortunate to have found such a friend to get us through some of these Grey times. Menis Track C4Jg F4 Marathon Team C23 Companies: B3 f F4 PHILLIP CHARLES HOKENSON Green Bay, VVI APL tPhilosophyl Forged of steel in the Firehouse, young Hoke learned many a life lesson in Fl. Men like Phil Hoke are a special breed with a unique sense of self and strong faith in their beliefs and ideals. He s an artsy warrior always open to new expe- riences and seeking adventure in dis- tant lands. Vastly experienced, well- traveled, and deeply intellectual, Phil was a one of a kind roommate. The late nights, early mornings, and excursions were quite a trip. BH JV Lacrosse f4,3JQ Catholic Choir f4,3,2,1JQ Cadet Catechist f4,3D Companies: F11 F4 250 4"t 4, F fx!! -f 9, W C 1 x f?v'F ,f---...U 'DU' -'Mb 'Witt ,,..4-all qi ,,,.....,,,, , -W3 . 'jf' iytitifilwf 'itil' it,. IOHN WILLSON HILL Memphis, TN International Relations Iohn began as smacker in D2 and was the best utility infielder that I have ever played ball with. He then moved to the best room in the Corps in F4 where he began a quest to free the leprechaun. Nobody can deny his remarkable character: john defends what he believes to be right, whether it concerns those closest to him, or a water balloon that captures the hearts of so many. john, we will always know the true identity to the pioneers of Army Heckling. Thank you for being a genuine friend, and remember... "Scratch an El- ephantf' -Dave Baseball C41 Companies: D2fF4 SHANE MICAH HOGAN San Diego, CA Chinese and Spanish "Hollywood" VVhether throwing up more than 300 lbs, waking up at 0520 in the morning, or studying Chinese, Shane always excels in everything he does. We'll always remember the good times, and we're lucky to count him as a friend. AV. TH. BH. OCF C4,3,2,1lQ Chinese club f4,3,2,1Jg Spanish club CID: Roman Culture Forum KID Companies: B21 F4 NEIL ENNSER KESTER Greenville, SC Civil Engineering Matt, roommates for three years, who would have thought? We actually made it through without getting into to much trouble, despite my curse. Civies here is to long nights, Problem Sets, EDPS, and of course taking over the Firstie clubs on our nights off. Stew, you're my closest friend, my brother, and have been for the past six years. We've made it through this place, now for the fun times. German Club C4,3J: Civil Engineering Club f2,1D Companies: A3 X F4 NICHOLAS lol-IN KNEPP Fredericksburg, VA Environmental Science Kneppoleonmthe man, myth, legends. What can you say about a fellow who can touch his kneecaps while standing up straight? For those of us close to Nick, we know him to be a loyal, com- passionate individual who transforms into the USMA's hardest worker when the Ilth hour rolls around. We'll al- ways remember his attempts to justify the value of EV C:TVJ, how the wait- resses in the Firstie know him by name, and his "unique" concept of AMI. - BCH Corps Squad WrestlingC4,3Jg EWRIC3,2,1J Companies: A41 F4 LESLIE NICOLE MANTEUFEL Curtis, WA Environmental Science Climb on! Mountaineering f4,3,2,1Dj Staff 8z Ushers f4,3,2JQ Protestant Chapel Choir f4,3J Companies: B4f F4 CRAIG IUSTIN NELSON Eden Prairie, MN SpanishlGerman I am nothing without my mom, my sister, and clerical error. Here's to the Tripod. F4 Marathon Team C21 Companies: A3fF4 .Qak , N a"+ A vw 1 9, '-5 ' - 15 6 I W ' LA v I . Q ,b..gh ni Iggy! ill' awk. QTL..-"7" f? MATTHEW ScoTT LINTON Florida, NY Environmental Geography Thanks to those who have helped me through West Point. To my Savior. My parents and family for always support- ing me. Firehouse plebes for showing fire does purify and strengthen. Josh and Blair for being my brothers since Plebe year. Thanks to Hatcher for coun- try music and NASCAR. Leah, Neil, and Berry for the best summer part 2. Neil for potato guns and crazy talks. Thanks to my longest roommate Ion who dealt with me for 2 years. Young Life f2,1Jj Hunting Club C3,2,1J: Skeet and Trap 131: TAG C4J: Howitzer C31 Companies: F1fF4 IACOB FREDERICK IAMES MASSACCI Diamond, OH Spanish To my Rock, I would be nothing with- out you. To my Family, you made me the man I am today. To my Brothers-In- Arms, it's been a great ride and I couldn't have done it without you. To my Love, my little ray of sunshine, you made me smile every day. To my Team, you're the one thing I will always cherish about West Point. Carpe Diem Army Sprint Football C4,3,2,1JQ Sandhurstg Investment Club Companies: B4f F4 ANDREW POLASHENSKI Drums, PA Civil Engineering In life if something isn't hard then it's probably not worth doing. Go Civil Engineers !!! Intramural Football f4,3,2JQ Catholic Sunday School Instructor C23 Companies: A41 F4 - 251 SARATH PRIYA REDNAM St. Louis, MO Economics Thank you to my family to whon I owe everything. Priya ALWAYS has a bright smile on her face. She makes your worst day at the Academy feel like your best day after talking to her. One ofthe most positive and genuinely nice girls you will ever meet-never forget the laughs and memories we've shared together!- SD X Best friends are the sisters you get to choose and I couldn t have chosen a better one. Thanks for the good times- NC LacrOssef3,2,1Jg Special Olympics C4,3,2,1J: Glee C1ubK4J Companies: E1fF4 BARRY E. TROY Bloomsburg, PA Economics Barry, despite his "ray of sunshine" de- meanor, is really a true friend who you know will always be there for you. He knows that life is meant to enjoy, and to enjoy life, we must live it: even if that means putting everything else on the back burner. For a man who waits till the last minute to do everything, Barry's done quite well for himself. - Walsh F4 IM Team Handball C13 Companies: H2fF4 BRIAN NICHOLAS WILSON La Quinta, CA Civil Engineering I am a climber. Cadet Mountaineering Team f4,3,2,1JQ Whitewater Kayaking Club f4,3,2,1l Companies: E41 4 252 ERIC CARTWRIGHT SMITH Milwaukee, WI Frenchlspanish E-brutal, a telling nickname if ever there was One. Eric is a driven cadet and a stand-up guy who can be depended on for a delightfully awkward moment Or an outlandish analogy that makes slightly less sense than shining shoes with a Hershey bar. Nonetheless, hon- esty, dependability, and loyalty are the traits that best define him as a classmate and friend and his good-natured per- sonality is always a welcome addition. -BH! PH Leatherneck f3,2J Companies: B2fF4 ADAM RICHARD VANCE Berea, OH Systems Engineering Adam, Always finds time to escape to NYC On the weekends and always the last one at the table. He never fails to see the good in people and keeps his posi- tive attitude in every situation. You couldn task for a better friend. -T.M.H., S.M.H., B.C.H. FHP C4Jg Wrestling C4Jg American Society for Engineering Managment f2,1Jg ROME CID: IMSG f3,2,1J Companies: FI! F4 . wi f 1 W, Z 253 if I I I k, I m 2 as , G A., W A, V I EMM, "x' N111-I "" HW' , . ' N x "M: "' " ' ' ' f , M E' 2 .. . EW . -x X ' f . S, 4 A ' 9 A 7' 9, S V 'KJ 1"l'i Q f, - ' - f - f Zrf -L - ff- Q.: . .... 1., wx . Y, ' ' if-. - . - '-,,, ungk' "-'Y , 1" '?'-- '12n:"f9: '.-"' ' .' , f' ' T, W' -Nh..,- ,Q3'f,,3YT':'i -' "!' 3515,-N-F-F-1 1 ' g QT' "'A'NN' ' M N '39'Ai51113 f f'5 " W F N A ' A N 1' g ,J "' VIA" a3S?552'Tf,igf:3'Q:g33:I3 ""X ' 4 ,41g1wng5i13N1.f""1l 2 Q M , is r' H 99 - - . H fz, ,:s,' F 1 ,, .3 5 ,Q ,ga , , fy ' x ' 5 " f-",fQfflg1fif1'gT ' X 4 . .' .. - , N, v- . fm-I-r W Q f . 'fra 4 ki A N - " A- 1 f Q 1 1 . N Q ' 'hxx 'f QL QQ' f 'Qi ' ,If 5 ,,W, "fm " ' ' -N '7?3T"j ' W ' ' ' W- - ww ' 4 NN ,N - ,, .. 'fy " f'1?71ff111:1',3l: J -,2ff1f3? ,N M Ti N. by EF!!! Rf A -'NN Q. if .. Y, .-... Q g , i i B Q 5 Q' " Nqr.: E 1' X ii 1 N K-i ' 1.vgQ.J-44 5353? ' , e ,-wwf "',' 1 'A 9122 L. ,N 1 uw- .-.J , fn- 291 5 ,U w EE MICHAEL CRAIG BLANCO Odessa, TX International Relations ll came to West Point chasing my dreams. little did I know God had even greater things in mind. I learned who I was and my purpose in life. I learned leadership lessons great and small. The greatest things I experienced though were not in the classroom or on the practice field or in any lecture. The greatest things I experienced were my friends and learn- ing that Phil 4.13 is a reality. I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. IM Footballg IM Grapplingg Church of Christ Companies: D21 G4 RYAN C. DALY Woodbridge, N1 International and Strategic History "In the game of life I have no interest in seats on the fifty yard line, Ibrought my Exioes I came to play" I am grateful for y opportunity to attend West Point. I got to meet so many amazing people and had a great time in G4. I know that 'everyone will do great in the future and I look forward to seeing them out in the lArmy as we serve our country. UCFf1,2,3,4l? SCUSAt3,2,1J: Sandhurstf4,3j Companies: C 31 G4 IOSEPH WAYNE DAVIS Greensburg, IN Military Art SL Science! Arabic Combat Weapons Team C2, lj Companies: H4fG4 H P 'F' , avr, r Us In-x - tw qi. 4 .V we yu ,. N v M 1 t I ,A , . I , .A!glI . 4a!' ,J-H' .......3w 019 aff? ,,. is V, 2 "a9.'. Q its-1 BRETT HARRIS CHERESRIN Kings Park, NY Environmental Geography I would like to thank my family and friends for helping me through the tri- als and tribulations of West Point, but most important I must thank my dad. He was my role model, he was a man that had the ability to turn people into bigger and better things, from his handi- capped students to his two sons. He was the greatest asset to me while at the academy because when things got hard, I knew I had him to help me though it. May his soul rest in peace. Cycling C1,2,3J: Brigade Champs A2 IM footballg The First Ever Ex Honor CPT Elect Companies: A2 f G4 DAVID ANDREW DANIELS Munster, IN Systems Engineering "The cheif cause of failure and unhap- piness is trading what you want the most for what you want now," To all of the great friends I have made here ei- ther playing football or during the sum- mers you have made these four years worth all the hard times. To all the guys from the sprint team and other various operations thanks for the good times and all the talks at eighty five chuck. Whatever it takes .... Sprint Football C4,3,1Jg Coast Guard Academy Exchange C21 Companies: D4fG4 STEPHANIE L. M. DAVISON Massillon, OH Psychology The kindest friend you could ever have and a breath of fresh air in every mo- ment. A girl that I admire more than she'll ever know. It's rare to meet such an amazing friend, I feel forever lucky- thanks for the memories!-PR Steph is the sweetest, most caring, and consid- erate person.One of the most beautiful people I know, inside and out. You're truly an inspiration to me. We've been through so much together, so many fun times and laughs! Luv you-NB Women's Lacrosse C4,3,2,1jg Team Captain C11 Companies: B21 G4 255 SARAH SHAYLEEN DOMME Farmington, NM Engineering Management A special thanks to my sister, Alexis, for always believing in me and to my fam- ily, for their unfailing love and support. To Anne-Marie, Whom I dedicate my years at the Academy and to Brian, my reason to smile. To the girls, with whom our struggles were divided and our strengths contagious, thank you for the best seasons of my life! "The bond that links your true family is not one of blood, but of respect and joy in each other s life." N Godspeed Soccer l4,3,2,1lS FCA f4,3,2,1J Companies: C2f G4 CHARLES HANCOCK FELKER St. Louis, M0 US History I owe everything to my family. I love you. Football C4Jg Sandhurst f3,1J Companies: C2fG4 IAMES QUINN GROSSMAN Berthoud, CO Engineering Psychology Thanks to everyone who helped me get through this place and a special thanks to my parents, sister, friends, room- mates, MAI Woodruff, teammates, and fellow prepsters. I definitely couldn't have done it without you guys. To the rest of my classmates... Good luck. Nordic Ski Team f4,3,2,1JQ Spanish Club f4,3,2,1JQ German Club f4,3J Companies: G3fG4 256 '73 ,, Q JC' X A L .4 'xi v A fix ,, , P-A ef I ac if ' :V . fwfr ""l""""'P ff FT are Nair -..----" 'Se .ff-C.. ...far FOX s-0 .9-ML New ,,t.....-....,, 14'-r 5 , X , , tif, ANTHONY DUNKIN Dumont, NI Law and Legal Studies To my family, thanks for all the love and support. Ilove you guys.Mom, thanks for teching me to do my laundry, Steve-you're a great friend. thanks for all the crazy times, and Affleck was the bomb in phan- toms, Darren-I wouldn't want to share a one room shack with anyone else. Thanks brother. BTW I walked more hours than you, Brian-its been a Wild ride, and I'm glad we got to do it together. Thanks. Peace, Carmela, thank you for sticking by me. I love you. Wrestling f4,3JQ Double Century Club f4,3,2,1I Companies: C11 G4 DANIEL ERIC GONZALEZ Brooklyn, NY Military History Major! Military Arts and Science FOS The past four years have been an expe- rience. Thanks to everyone Who's made it worthwhile-there's too many to list, here. I've learned more about myself since I've been here than I ever expected, and its my friends I have to thank for that. Whatever else I came here for, you're all the reason I stayed. Thanks for being there and being a part of all of this. The world's waiting to see what we've got-let's not disappoint. Sandhurst C21 Companies: E3 X G4 IOSHUA ANSEL GRUBBS Norman, OK American Politics Go Gups and Go Army! CDT Spirit Band f4,3,2,1JQ Company Honor Rep f2,1J Companies: H31 G4 PAUL LEON IANKER Hosmer, SD American Legal Studies In less than a year Paul has become one of my best friends. His upbeat attitude always made the Thayer weeks a little more bearable, and he never failed to remind me that sometimes taking yourself too seriously is a bad idea. He's also an inspiration because he always seems to Overcome the odds with his amazing sense of determination. My friendship with Paul is truly one of the most valuable things I have. -Drew Holler Lacrosse C313 Executive Honor Staff f2,11j German Club f4,3,2,11g A USMAPS 02 Companies: E41 G4 IULIE I. IORGENSEN Bedford, NH Mathematics Contrary to popular belief Iulie doesn't know everything. She will never know the impression she has left. A natural leader, commanding by action, not voice, her intelligence, integrity, kind- ness and strength have been a model for us all. We are richer for having known her. "The bond that links your true family is not one Of blood, but of respect and joy in each in each other's life. Rarely do members of one family grow up under the same roof" Soccer C4,3,2,11: Captain C11 Companies: E1fG4 BRITTANY GALEN KENNEDY Hummelstown, PA English To all Of my friends, family, teachers, and TACS: thank you for always being there for me. I will never forget all of you. You have been my best friends, and I will never forget how you were always there to encourage me and help me Out. I will always remember my teammates on the Sandhurst squad, my closest friends who helped me survive academics, and my family who has been my rock and my support for as long as I can remember. Sandhurst f4,11Q Cheerleading C31 Companies: E3fG4 .W 'Tx' ' i tra I 1 l j . tx 1 J I 'H V V X dt vi Av N ' I . t U '41 """"'V -ta, . tg-.mm llqpP1 -ref' if uf! 'HF' -aww-9'-nr lf: RODNEY IOHNSON Huntsville, AL Computer Science I'm a pretty good guy. A guy on a pit stop towards world domination. IM's all the Way Companies: B2fG4 DARREN IOHN IOYCE Pittsburgh, PA Philosophy and Literature TO my parents and sisters who I love so deeply, thanks for supporting me through all of this torture. You make all things possible. jack and Barb I appreci- ate all the love and inspiration, I am forever grateful. Thanks for keeping me out of some trouble Maya. Anthony please do not forget that I was issued more hours than you. FM, DH, SY, PK, PR, CD and of course AI, I love you all forever. Boxing f1,2,31g Grappling C213 Fly Fishing f1,2,31 Companies: F3f G4 MICHAEL MONROE MCCLAIN Johnstown, PA Systems Engineering To all the Guppies: Thanks for three great years. To Ryan: Thanks for toler- ating me as a roommate. You're the best man. To Ronnie and Iohn: You guys are great friends and made Plebe year a little bit better. Finally, to my folks: Thanks for all the trips you've made up here to get me, all the support you've given me, and all the good ad- vice. Without you I'd never have made it here in the first place. Pistol Team 1415 IM Warrior l4,3,2,1J Companies: D4fG4 257 y IONATHON MUNSON Cape Coral, FL Military Art St Science Field of Study "Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends." PSST C4,3,2,1J: Genesis t4,3,2,1tCICDs ITC f4,3l5 IM Boxing Cmy choicel f3,2J Companies: D1fG4 ANDREW MICHAEL PEDERSEN- KEEL Madison, CT American Legal Studies I would like to thank my family for all of their support throughout my life and especially over the last few years. Mom, if not for you, I would have never had this opportunity. Dad, thanks for helping to open all the doors. Dean and Chris, you will always be infinite to me. Celeste, I am endlessly grateful for hav- ing you in my life. Thanks to all my family and friends, you are always with me. Thanks to Army Gymnastics, and especially Doug, for all of the good times. Companies: D-3fG-4 NOAH MCNEIL SMITH Gettysburg, PA Engineering Management First and foremost, to my parents for always being there when I needed sup- port the most, thank you. To all the people who made my experience here at West Point more than I ever thought it would be, thank you. And to Meredith, for bringing true energy, excitement, and purpose back into my life, thank you. All that we see or seem, ls but a dream within a dream. Edgar Allan Poe. Basketball f4JgVolleyball f3,2,1Jg Scouts f2,1J Companies: D3 f G4 258 ,Imaam .vqx gi!!! "7" A it '.-"iff L 'r I If I. pe .iw , nuff, Nqr it I fs, M39 ,-4. ix I QQF. 495, rife., if-diy' ,gg ,ml wif ,.., 'l2t:L'P cr " 9119175 . PM 'WW o ALLISON YI YIN PAN New York, NY International Relations DuIy.Ir1ueg111y.C0mrf1iuI1ent.Respect,hiueuecr "The choices in our life must come from the impossibility to live otherwise than according to the demands of our con- science not from our mental resolu- tion to try a new form of life." - Leo Tolstoy Army Debate - "Go Hard or Go Home" Fortes et liber Debate Team f4,3,2,1JQ Chinese Club C4,3J Companies: C1fG4 COREY CURTIS RUDD Baudette, MN Systems Engineering To all the guys on the hockey team: lt's been great playing with you guys and all the memories. You made this expe- rience so much better. To my family: Thank you for all the support. I would never have made it without you. Corps Squad Hockey f4,3,2,1J Companies: F1fG4 IARED MICHAEL ULEKOWSKI Katy, TX Civil Engineering Played Corps Squad Football for all four years. Part of the civil engineer work! party hard crew. I will never forget those days of hanging will the boys on the team and the civil crew! Corps Squad Football f4,3,2,1J Companies: A4fG4 'W 3 'wr Q1 X, J A s - A dpi' 5 , I , 11 QQ ,fr 5 11, M 6,. V , ' ' n- 1 www L 4 ' uf' ,. a 0 f' J I , , 3 Nw., 1 M I G 7 ' L r 1 . . ff l ' ' ' l , ' ' . A , ifffp apw 4, f Vw 1 an MW' 's ' Q - 'P' j , , ' fe? ,Ag K V r , .N Q l 2 , NW f v A G' N' -f1s w+ H '-',' 1 ' N fu H H !Q, N' QM ,, .f W ff! " 'Z I . agp.. .4 3 4 3 1 E 1 3 V5 , " z , ' Q ff' L ' ' 'QS 5 ff fl I' I " 'AN 5 ' W W DQ- nn iff' 5 xl : ' - Ig: . 5 p 5 'QQ' if KA .fs I ,vm f-Mmfiafurz WE? IOHN PAUL BURNS Harpursville, NY American Politics To my family,my friends, and my coun- try. You are the reason that I joined, you are the reason that I stayed, and you are the reason I will serve. You have made me what I am today, and I owe my service to all of you. Infantry Tactics Club C4,3,21g Cavalry Scout Club C2,11g Scout Masters Council f4,3,2,11 Companies: C11 H4 PHILIP CASTANEDA, IR. Lawton, OK Mechanical Engineering "That's the whole challenge of life - to act with honor and hope and generos- ity, no matter what you've drawn. You can't help when or what you were born, you may not be able to help how you die, but you can - and you should - try to pass the days between as a good mann," N Once an Eagle. With great thanks to the best of friends: Matt, Tan- ner, Nick, Nikki, Iimmy, limbo, Ryan, Anna, and all the rest. Model United Nations f2,31g M.E. Club C2,3,41g Sandhurst f1,2,3,4l Companies: H11 H4 NATOSHIA CAMILLE CuNToN San Antonio, TX Systems Engineer FOS "Even youths grow tired and weary, and young men stumble and fall, but those who hope in the LORD will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles, they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint." Isaiah 40:30-31 Praise be to God because we made it. Track f4,3,2,1lS AALF C4,3,2,11s Spanish Club C115 Gospel Choir Companies: A21 H4 f4'3'2'U ft "llIlIIll"' ,gf 1' ,f"vr",,.,'Q+! fl -f -' is 2. 'W l ,Sf ,. 5' I n Y Bw patt y alfa f . , xl.. f' 'W A 1'3" .2.,,.t,,, JW Q, A ' '- Z i I' ,gif " Lf Louis MICHAEL CASCINO Cornwall, NY Frenchlspanish Whatever it takes .... Iust want to thank my family who made all this possible by making me me. Sprint Football C4,3,11 Companies: D4fH4 LAYNE D. CHRISTOPHER Gerlach, NV Engineering Management Special thanks to family and friends back home for all the support through tough times. I couldn't have done it without ya. To those of you who terror- ized this place by my side: keep on doing what we do best and never take yourselves too seriously. To those left behind: don't let the man get you down. Ski Instructor 14,315 Team Handball C2,11g Century Club C21 Companies: B4f H4 STEVEN IAMES DAVIS Lansing, MI Economics Lord knows I didn't know whether I would make it a few times, but never- theless here I am. To my mother, father, brother, sisters, aunts, uncles, and close family friends that backed me the whole way, all I can say is I love you. To everyone that doubted me and said I would never graduate, you are not nice people. Army Mens Team Handball C4,3,2,11g Century Club 631: Double Century Club C21 Companies: F1fH4 X' 261 NICK A. DEWHIRST Onalaska, WI Mechanical Engineering Blue Skies, Fin Hard, and Do Good Things Sport Parachute Team C4,3,2,1Dg Mechanical Engineering Club f2,1J Companies: G2 X H4 ERIR KENNETH ENGSTROM Mission Viejo, CA Economics The GC s very own black hole. Featur- ing Grand Central spin moves and texting fingers of fury, this one string guitar extraordinaire never ceases to amaze. But beyond entertainment and wit, and just above his enormous ribs, lies a heart always willing to give, con- tent with life, and continuously striving to make everyone s day just a little bit better. An athlete, a leader, and above all, a friend for the ages. This is Big E. Basketball f4,3,2,1J Companies: C41 H4 ERIC IAMES FRANCIS Muscatine, IA Physics "The first principle is that you must not fool yourself - and you are the easiest person to fool." -Richard Feynman There were a few who thought I would never make it, but to those that sup- ported me along the way, thanks. Photography forum CID: E-1 Sandhurst Cljg Soccer manager f2,3,4l Companies: E1 f H4 X Q , . ,.,,1.ZE7 I atee - " II't'l'ri ff' It bf I L :il latent' IM!! 'MW -sq..al" 7-44 ,f-fs. .403 N9 ,-.ap X, VN Q:-7' an in F59 X -. 262 'llwlfl Q. LOGAN IOSEPH DICK Denver, C0 Military Art and Science "Act for this alone: for the man who stands at your shoulder. He is every- thing, and everything is contained within him." - Dienekes, from Gates of Fire by Steven Pressfield To my family who were always there to welcome me home and offer an encour- aging phone call, I love you very much. To Barry, Mark, Dash, and Z, thanks fellas, you were the men standing at my shoulder these past four years. God- speed and I'll see you. Cavalry Scouts Club f2,1J Companies: F2fH4 CHARLES GALLAGHER FEHER Berwyn, PA information Systems Engineering AMDG- They say that no one gets through WP alone. l certainly tried. Thank you to everyone who refused to let me be alone: those of you who kicked me when I was down, forced me to look up, those who lent the helping hand, renewed my strength, and everyone who sent countless prayers to God THANK YOU. Shout out to FELLOWS 'O4! You are with me always! My heart to tidbit. Friends, Family and Easter y'all rock! To my pops + bro '68 '94 '06 Catholic Choir C415 UCF f4,3,2,1DQ Compass C3,2,1J Companies: D2fH4 MARK CHRISTOPHER GERASIMAS Huntsville, AL Electrical Engineering I was only able to make it to this point because of the four people whose names are also engraved in my class ring: Dad, for embodying everything I want to be. Mom, for telling me to follow my heart. Mike, for helping me keep in mind I can always go farther. Katie, for never let- ting me feel sorry for myself. I'm look- ing forward to our lives together! l love all of you! To the guys: Logan, Z, Bif, Kurt, Barry, and all the IUICEQEEJ guys! Infantry Tactics Club f3,2,1Jg Scoutmasters' Council 141: 3rd Regt. SOQ C43 Companies: D3 f H4 MAURICE MARCEL HICKMAN El Paso, TX Management It's been a long and arduous experience whose success I can only attribute to the help I've received along the way. So, to my parents, my brother CXG '04, the Officers and NCO's who helped shape me along the way, my brothers and sisters at West Point, and to those who didn't make it: BE EASY. "Without Struggle, There Is No Progress." - Frederick Douglas Men's Rugby C3,2,1lg Corps Squad Football C4Jg Double Century Club C23 Companies: Fzf H4 AUDRA LYNN MACNEIL Yorktown, VA Life Science Something exciting happens to Audra at least every four hours- she is the only person I know that I can see at breakfast and who will come to lunch saying "Amy, you will never believe what happened." Audra has been my battle buddy these past three years, before that we were chemistry lab partnerse which resulted in a lot of broken test tubes. From Anny-Navy to Boston and Virginia to Disneyworld, she has been my cherished albeit crazy friend. Transpo look out! AR SCUSA f4,3,2JQ Ski Instructor f4,3,2,1JQ American Chemical Society C3,2,1Jg German Club C4,3,2,1J: Speech f4,3,2lS Publications f3,2J Companies: A31 H4 FRANK SPENCER PARK San Diego, CA Economics Good times. KARS f4,3,2,1l Companies: B11 H4 CLAUDIA LINDSAY KEEN Sunbury, OH Economics Being true to herself, Claudia has taken the road less traveled, by truck. Uniquely original, her intelligence and wit are one of a kind. She is a true leader, al- ways all up in the mix, whose word is bond. Her friendship has given others more than she can ever know. The bond that links your true family is not one of blood, but of respect and joy in each other's life. Rarely do members of one family grow up under the same roof." Fellowship of Christian Athletes C3,2,1J: Soccer l4,3,2,1l Companies: G3 X H4 MICHAEL Ross MINGLER West Chester, OH Operations Research The characteristic of genuine heroism is its persistency. All men have wander- ing impulses, fits and starts of generos- ity. But when you have resolved to be great, abide by yourself, and do not weakly try to reconcile yourself with the world. The heroic cannot be com- mon, nor the common the heroic. -Ralph Waldo Emerson Companies: A41 H4 NICOLE A. POSEY Midlothian, TX Operations Research Nikko: From happy leprechaun dances to week- ends at the Gottschall house, you've been an amazing friend, Qand sometimes a great partner in crime as welll. We'll have a great Firstie year, as well as years of friendship ahead. Cows in a box... Your sista, Abbie Softball f4,3,2,1J Companies: H3 f H4 263 MATTHEW LEWIS PRATT Lawton, OK Psychology First, I want to thank my Lord and Sav- ior, Iesus Christ, who has brought me this far through grace and mercy. To my parents - thank you for always being there for me no matter what. To Lisa, my love - thank you for being the sunshine in my day. To all of my family - thank you for your support and prayers. Finally, to my friends - y'all are the greatest friends I could ever ask for. Thanks for making this place more fun than it should have been! Psalms 91 OCF C4,3,2,1J:IMBasketballC4,3J: IM Handball C1JgIM Paintball t3,2JsIM B0XingC2J4PSSTC4,3,2,1D Companies: B21 H4 KEVIN R STRAMARA Fairfax, VA Engineering Management The easy part is over. Now for a differ- ent kind of fun, Rugby C3,2JgHandball C11 Companies: A4fH4 FRANK DELAPLAINE TURNER IV Alexandria, VA Systems Engineering "lt is not the critic who counts, not the man who points out how the strong man stumbled, or where the doer of deeds could have done them better. The credit belongs to the man who is actu- ally in the arena: whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood, who strives valiantlyp who errs and comes short again and again, for there is no effort without error and shortcomingg but who does actually strive to do the deeds..." Theodore Roosevelt SMC C4,3,2,1j:GermanClub I4,3,2,1lS Cantebury Club f4,3,2,1l 'ZZ' - - f 4- 1 H 'K' L at uf fggfmflq. Ii 5 u 'J-wifi? P ggi W y, 4 11 gan' '- ye 5 fr". 'E n I . ' ra, v , I ' J I . - ...-.Ili I . - . r.-wired., - ' te' Companies: F1fH4 q u 34 264 f in 2 f ,.,.-.....,, AMY RODRIGUEZ Alexandria, VA Engineering Psychology ARod is a pretty big deal. People know her. You can't miss Amy, because she's the one that jumps out of perfectly good airplanes, constantly spouts off movie quotes, and is hardly ever found not smiling. Don't let the line " I just fill a quota" fool you- this girl puts the "hoo" in hooah. She loves God, her family, and country. You won't be able to miss her out in the Army, because she'll be the one smiling, even when things get rough. AM. Sport Parachute C4,3,2,1J: Catholic Sunday School f4,3,2,1JQ OCF f4,3,2,1I Companies: H2 f H4 CHRISTOPHER HULL' RYDE TANNER Birmingham, AL Systems Engineering Fight when others fold, pursue while others retreat, conquer while others quit, and make right when all else is wrong. -You can not do more, you should never wish to do less. Failure is not an option. "Out of every 100 men, 10 should not be here, 80 are nothing but targets, 9 are the real fighters, and we are lucky to have them, for they the battle make." "Ah, but the ONE, ONE of them is a WARRIOR, and he will bring the others back." Track f4,3,2k Sandhurst f2,1JQ Biathlon f2,1J Companies: G3 f H4 ANDREW TONER YAKULIS Radnor, PA GIS Thanks to Army Lacrosse. Tory, Nate, Drew, Tom, johnny, Burton, Tony, Nerd, Luyster, Matty B and Mike. Couldn't have done it Without you boys. RT, rest. Lacrosse f4,3,2,1J Companies: D2fH4 ERIC MICHAEL ZELLERS Battle Creek, MI Aerospace Engineering To all my friends and family that helped to make this place bearable .... thank you. I know we'll all see each other again in the future, even if it is in the desert. To everyone else: good luck. Fencing f4,3,2,1l5 OCF C43 Companies: D2 X H4 ,figs f'1V2,,M., F ,L N IW, lwwlxn 1 r v .9 Q e-I -4 K , , N 'EXE-" l ' if? W ' 1 ,, V 953 WS? 5, A320 5 f le! ,,..g....an- sir lv M1 ,ggi Y . 1 I 5 1 P 55 1 T I . 5 1 A i i 1 1 4 1 J P f Y --- Y , . , 1 , .. ., ..+.. .. .-, W A 1 2 3 2 266 A if Q WU. i az M" 'M . 21 Y bf 1 J, 4, 551 rsB neath , Eff Fi E. 1 , ,,,,-i?,gf i i"' ' , ,A , q. mea , , 312, -awr- 1 ,fra lad 55,4 W ' 9' , aft' ., eg , . .t f 2' ,t x ., vrm f p ' 2 W I , M 1, M ,I ,, fl, ff 1--1 ag -w5,f:'f ' i af 53' 1' ,,,,,v me -:rw-fm. 1. wa- ia ,aff 'aa' mf QW :af-r' 1-V: wg iw 4' rat. :aa ,- aafaarf .aga QQ 'f LQ 5 ,af fc . , I .V l . , ,f A, .A Moments after leaving their family and friends behind in Ike Hall, New Cadets of the Class of '06 get their first taste ofWest Point at the Amnesty Station. Soon, their civilian clothes and haircuts will be gone. Some came from beaches, some from barracks, some from college dorms, some from graduation stages and still others from foreign lands. All were led into cavernous Ike Hall flanked by their identities-the parents and friends who knew them best and who would remember them as they were. When summoned, they rose and boarded buses, leaving their identities behind, reducing them to a single picture frame and day dreams prevailing in the margins of our knowledge books. This was R-Day. Not so much a reception as the end of a misconception. West Point was no longer a glossy brochure-the good education, the free education, the challenge, or any other misnomer. lt was our 47 month home. And judging from the first day, it was a broken one. We were bagged, tagged and shuffled along until we were unrecognizable even to our families frantically trying to catch a glimpse. When our furiously scurrying lowquarters finally paused at Trophy Point and we found ourselves hands raised reciting an oath, the day had passed, and we were firmly in West Point's grip, though nearly a hundred of us would not stay to see A-Day some two months later, presaging what would become our trademark satirical class motto: f'Never Falter, Just Quit 2006? 268 One ofthe first orders of business on R-Day is teaching New Cadets basic drill and ceremony. This squad learns how to render a proper hand salute while upperclassmen offer "assistance" A Cadet 3 WT Am -me 4-N -if-X -A l M l wwmrrtb rgm. . Q L New Cade s memorize ' knowledgetfrorn thier knowl- H-I-hey edge books while in formation. their identities behind, reducing them to a lim . . 'l single picture frame and 1 day dreams prevailing in the margins of our Q knowledge books." 1 A 1 , 1 . M fy l e Marchback is a dramatic experience both physically, the 15 miles and heavy tuck account- V ing for this, and mentally, as New Cadets dread the coming Reorgy Week, when upperclassrnen will outnumber them three to one. 269 , ,,., ,A,, 1 ,.,,,.,, , ,, tk. 4 ' jfii ' ' ' " I the Bottom NF! A plebe salutes while pulling parade guard during old grad week. That is the week when hundreds of old grads ask the plebes the definition of leather and explain to them how "the Corps hasf' Ahhh, Plebe Year. Waking up early to take out the trash and deliver newspapers before scrambling to read the newspaper, shine shoes, memorize the meals, and glance at "The Daysn all before your civilian friends at other schools have really gotten to bed after the crazy parties they attended the night before. After a hard morning of classes and more hazing at lunch, you retum to your room only to get a phone call from the girl you have been dreaming of for the last three months who has decided to move on to bigger, less military things. But no time to mourn because you have to meet your Team Leader for FCDT on the ins and outs of the Honor Reporting Procedure before rounding off the aftemoon with more classes, two hours of drill, and a hasty dinner so that you can get to laundry duties on time. When you finally think the day is over, you realize you have a paper due the next day and you find out that your room will be in SAMI for the rest of the week because your roommate decided to stuff his dirty laundry in the wardrobe during AMI. Just a typical day in the life of a plebe. The only relief comes in those always too short breaks...at the end of which your parents say they love you . 270 Spirit is just about the only outlet to maintain sanity plebe year. From late night pillow fights in Central Area, Qpreferably without lockboxes stuffed insidej, to "Spirit Missionsv against exchange midshipmen and mean First Sergeants. Heck, the Class of '06 even helped their upperclass chain of command celebrate their Birthdays. A W . nu mm... L. terior Guard is among the loneliest and most brutal exp 1 f plebe year. Plehes stand in silent vigil for hours on end, tching, waitingg ready to protect Wes o Christmas Dinner might possibly be the greatest night of a plebe's year. With Winter leave only days away, some d orations and a cigar help bring in the holidays with styl T' l I i i I i ' A QX l ' l TT fm i l its Jiffll' , I 1 ,,. 1. ff A 'r 'W Ag! 'U A Cadet Remembersm "Ahhh, Plebe Yeah Waking up early to take out the trash and deliver newspapers before scrambling to read the newspaper: shine shoes, memorize the meals..." 271 W , , aaysa. ' . of Our Llves These cadets take a moment out of relaxing in the bay to pose for a picrure. Camp Buckner proved to be a major bonding experi- ence for the Class of 2006. To win the current war on terrorism, we must certainly know how to iight, but more importantly, we must want to iight. It is an undeniable fact that our experience at Camp Buckner sharpened our soldiership skills. We didn't go through LandNav and Operation Highland Warrior for the sheer fun of it. Yet, perhaps the more relevant aspect of Buckner was that it introduced many of us to the regular Army and its mission to combat terrorism. The memories that stick from Buckner tend to be the memories collected from Infantry Week, Ft. Knox, Recondo Day, and other various sites. Somehow, these memories morph into our own "war" stories, with everyone competing for the tale that is the most incredible, outlandish, and oftentimes unbelievable. Some loved Buckner. Others didn,t. Overall, though, we were happy to retum to West Point as we were no longer just promoted plebes. We were yearlings, yuks, Corporals, 3rd Class cadets. But most of all, we were all brothers and sisters that shared a common bond. . .the printed patches on our t-shirts from a summer we will probably never forget. 272 Armed and dangerous. These cadets are loaded down with all the might of American weapontry as they prepare for Operation Highland Warrior. if Cadet Seth Beamer, Company BZ, poses with his "Rainbow gun during Operation Highland Warrior. Cadets raise their arms in triumph as the run-back nears its end and the Class of '06 prepares to take on their roles as new team leaders. teeii if gzflf i Illl R 5 F Q "t, Q ""l ,1-, r ' , Qeyk V 5207 as 4 Wwe fa? xy Wa. ,afwaw ,T MM, 4, , , as 27 "lt is an undeniable fact that our experience at Camp Buckner sharpened H p our soldiership skills." l i. e 1 ' C , X ii ' Q. A 3-fi . ppp at 273 aising the Bar it-, Passing out at the Q was a common Yuk experience. It is baffling how one can sit at a desk for nineteen straight hours and still manage to get no school work done. In writing this little piece, I wanted to come up with a really great Yearling Winter Weekend I anecdote to share with you all, but then I realized 5 p that, if your Yearling year was anything like mine, I youive probably already repressed most of those memones HOW' A group of yearlings shed the grey for a precious Here's what I remember from Y WW. Try to stay with few hours while engoymg off-Post Privileges in the me. I spent Friday night at the Holiday Inn Express watching CHF' cable television with my two best buddies. The girls were driving in from Pennsylvania, and they weren,t scheduled to show up until about eleven o'clock. So, we went to Pineapple Steakhouse, walked back to the hotel, and proceeded to watch an interesting late-night documentary on HBO. The girls finally arrived, and the rest of the night was Lmeventful. We all did the typical cadet thing the next day: went to NYC because the girls had never seen the place before. We walked arotmd in the cold until it was time to come back to the hotel, order a few Tony's pizzas, and let the girls get prepared for the pomp and circtunstance. The banquet speaker was some old grad from Arizona or somewhere, who talked about how his daughter almost unfolded his last remaining Gym-A shirt. After the dinner, we all went down to the hop because, at that time, I was still too scared to skip out of the receiving line. Unfortunately, the rest of the evening was Lmeventful-so much so that I can't even remember what we did. That pretty much sums up my YWW experience without emitting too many details. I hope that the rest of you had more noteworthy and memorable experiences, but my hunch is that many of you were in the same boat as me. I guess all that I can say about the experience-and that entire second year here-is that I am glad I will never have to be a yearling again. T 274 A cadet and his date cut the rug at the hop in Bennyis Lounge during Yearling Winter Weekend. Beautiful dates from all over got a chance to experience West Point in a small dose for Yearling Winter Wleekend. "W -f- A ' -I . , , .. , ' ' 'gggkt ev lege, iii i ff? 2 - A ax Q-ffiilfff. ,lf-Q0 Q? N F ' 13, aul rs .Mawr f viz iw. ..,,,.,,I "I guess all that l can say about the experi- ence-and that entire second year here-is that I am glad that I will l never have to be a yearling again." Iii 1 ,iii Q I X ip QV d I 275 eep The Sosh run, a staple of Cow Year. These two race to get their papers in before the deadline. February 2005: our third gloom period has set in. Darkness and frost once again subsume our world with temperature regularly dipping into the negatives. Yet, hark! What light breaks yonder over 2006's ever dim horizon? Yes, it is 500th Night and it will surely be the best weekend of our cadet lives do date. Or not. A massive blizzard and the BTO intervened to crush many cadets' expectations of the evening. Granted, a lucky few either possessed the strength of character or some sanity in their chain of command, who permitted them to not risk death on the roads for the sake of an overcooked Mess Hall flank steak. They lounged freely in distant hotel rooms while the rest of us listened to retired Gen. Wesley Clark's "Why you should stay in the army at least 30 years speecha' followed closely by an apocalyptic meteorology report from the BTO. Worse still, many dates and cadets were stranded in the barracks while many more retired to last minute hotel rooms in Highland Falls. The upshot: Oppression ofthe Masses by Comrade Colonel Harry Scott was filmed, depicting how cadets were forced to walk hours through the blizzard while digging paths for themselves among the rising drifts. This landmark video combined with the canceling of the hop and thus any chance athat guy" would sweat through his full dress while freak dancing Zto Nelly nearly made the weekend worth it. Cow Year will forever be remember by the Class of 2006 as the year they first witnessed a victory for Army's football team under the tutelage of the savior, Coach Bobby Ross. These cadets ioyfully celebrate in front of Quarters 100. if yt ' ti. I l l af'-,M Members of the Class of 2006 pose with their beautiful dates before the 500th Night banquet. 3 13, J vw '- it f "N f izrfif if is is 1' -uf X "iw-ii 'ii it ' iv I lv i i " iw ,rw ff we l J W X Q 5 , . r-' Q' 'Ee yrs .5 r i .Y M .-,anim av il i J nfjiq. . ,ga ge, ,, . qw r ,jlwiiiizf 1 ,sf 'H i .f tial ll lr aliv t :rf , ,F was J "Yet, harkl What light breaks yonder over 2006's ever dim horizon? Yes, it is 500m X. 'WN Night and it will surely A u r 1 be the best weeicend or our cadet lives do date. l 3 is Q Qr not, J il 1 l N r . . 8 u All , 1 ' " W '1-.. T f f fl L Engineers versus the goats. And once again, the ' Engineers triumphed, much to the Dennis I satisfactiong Proving once again that a higher L I GPA equates to better human being. -4 , l 277 . r wr 'f 1 nw' if 0 'ata 5.4. ' eats? fy. . slat re -wk We Q4 gm ws. 2" .iv Y 1 11+ fs. page 95215 f- an ',. air el e A cadet on an AIAD helps a local child. AIADs were often eye- opening and unforgettable experiences for cadets. More than any other aspect of the West Point experience, I have always thought that the summer programs offered to cadets encapsulate what the Academy is all about. Summertime is a time for military training-Beast, Buckner, MIADs for MDSs, as they call them nowj, PIADSQ and It Would be lmposslble to CTLT was often a deciding factor for cadets when do justice to all ofthe great OppOI'l111'1ltlCS OffCI'Cd it came time to choose branches. These cadets and all of the memorable experiences, but that is P056 OH the Side Of an AH'64 Almhe from fhe what this page is feebly attempting to do. aviation um that hosted them' Regrettably, the Howitzer staff could only pick so many pictures, even one picture from every program would take up far too much space. So, in an effort to compensate, here is a list of some of the summer programs in which members of the classes of 2006 participated: Airborne, Air Assault, Small Unit Leader Training tRobin Sagej, Northem Warfare, Air Force Freefall School, University of North Dakota Aviation Training, Combat Diver Qualification Course, Sapper Leader Course, Sandhurst Royal Military Academy, Marine Leathemeck, Special Forces Assessment School, Special Reaction Team, Cadet Troop Leadership Training, Drill Cadet Leadership Training. AIADs took groups to London, Rome, Florence, Pompeii, Normandy, Prague, the Marshall Space Flight Center, China, Stanford, Miami, Brazil, Malawi, Ireland, and just about any other country, city, or private business that you can think of. CTLTXDCLT opportunities were almost as expansive, allowing 06-ers to represent the Academy in almost every military unit. However, High OPTEMPOS in Iraq and Afghanistan, did affect the CTLT slot distribution significantly. 278 lllli so S 1' '-. I A , Q U v ,, J' if - X all-Gllmllill-'WW' it Y. fl A Cadet Re e bersa, "More than any other ifi2fiQii,AVElIfifeailfflitd provide aspect of the West valuable skills for the futu Point experience, l have always thought that the summer programs l l offered to cadets l encapsulate what the l 1 Academy is all about." E . I all , l e t 'Y 5 , li I ddition to the being exposed to the leadership aspect of b ing a Second Lieutenant, cadets on CTLT also got a taste f the social lives of young officers. i 1 , i 279 if ' ' J ia e ea Mike Alksninis selflessly takes his own precious time to cc rrcct a New Cadet during Beast I. Cow and Firstie summers get a bit more exciting as cadets scatter to the four winds, some heading off to Military Development Schools, while a lucky few get to stick around to haze. . .I mean train the incoming New Cadets during Beast or hang out with the rising Yearlings out at Camp Buckner. In a phrase, MDS,s are "good training." Airbome, Air Assault, Air Force Freefall, Combat Diver, Sapper, Robin Sage, SRT, SFAS, Noithem Warfare, Mountain Warfar and pilot training schools added spice to cadets' summers. They also provided cadets with a view of the mythical 'freal Army" that they had heard so much about from TAC NCOS and prior-service cadets. MDS,s give cadets a window on the skills they will need as leaders in the Army and boost their confidence and competence. The experience will surely remain a fond memory for cadets. Remember: pain is temporary, Sappers are forever! Beast and Buckner are even better the second time around. This time, instead of being the miserable, scared, and spastic New Cadet, you are the Platoon Sergeant who has to take accountability and sign off on knowledge. Instead of being the yuk in the back of the HMMWV at Land Nav, you are the PL in the... back of the HMMWV. No more one-on-one leadership positions. The weight of responsibility is felt for the first time. But rank does have its privileges, and at the end of the day, you are still wearing black or gray brass on your hat. 280 The new responsibility wa 4.1 ite 1 challenge for many as they took the reigns of the f orps at C BT and CPT. A f h d es Went to schools like Special Forces Assessment and S l fl C bat Diver Qualification Course, and Sapper Leader A Cadet Remembers... I AIR AssAULT1u Cadets fepei 0ufOfaUH-60BMhaWk "Beast and Buckner are during Air Assault training. even better the second time around. This time, instead of being the miserable, scared, and spastic New Cadet, you 5... il f are the Platoon e Sergeant who has to A l take accountability and sign off on knowledge." they proved that they could hang with the best. 281 Rl Weakng eautiful ring A cadet proposes to his date on top of the bell tower. Romance was in the air Ring Weekend, as many members of the Class of '06 took the opportunity to ask for their girls's hand in marriage, and look like a stud in those India Vifhites while doing it. Receiving your class ring is a tradition originated at West Point, and it means just as much today, for the Class of 2006, as it did all those years ago. It is a tangible milestone. You have persevered. You have worked hard. You have overcome struggles. Your ring is so much more than the gold and jewels within it. Your ring represents your achievements thus far, and the pursuit of continued excellence that you seek on your way to graduation and a commitment of service to the nation. You wear and will Wear your ring proudly on this special weekend and for the rest of your life. 282 After the ring ceremony, the First Class faced a perilous journey hack to their rooms through hundreds of eager plebes waiting to stall them with the "Ring Poopf, Cadet Wfill Ivins poses with his brand new ring. The Weight of the ring on your hand sure felt good. r I2 , I . A Cadet e embersm After three years of struggle U ' ' and triumph together,Ring W k d l ' ' ee FU Wfagavmmg, more than the gold and expenence or the Class of O6. jewels within it." l 283 er s ood Times Roll Halloween at the lfirstie Club produced some great costumes and another good time for the Class of 406. Few greater joys existed Yuk year for those rooms bordering the apron than to watch the Thursday evening parade of Firsties back from the Firstie club. They always grew so incredu- lous when we would rain buckets of water or rotten yogurt cups down on them. Yet we would realize in time that, rotten food products aside, it is far better to be the victim than the jealous victimizers. Over our ten months as first class cadets, we collectively drained pitchers, our eardrums endured hundreds of epic J oumey tunes, and we proved to many visiting dignitar- ies, fincluding the legendary SCUSA delegatesj, that cadet life is not entirely Spartan. Being a Firstie in a sense meant going to the Firstie Club. Whether we drank or not, simply an escape resembling decent social atmosphere and a few open pool tables oftentimes meant the difference between sanity and bothering the plebe next door. The Firstie Club was our succor against a world weighing us down with travesties like cleaning our rooms to standard and listening to power-hungry ls' Sergeants as they pled with us to at least pretend to care in front of the Plebes. Without the Firstie, we may not have made it and we certainly would not have gained the superhuman patience required to wait 30 minutes to get served at the bar. Thank you, Firstie. We will be back.. .perhaps as retuming old grads or, better yet, wait staff. .N toast: 'STO the lfirstie Club, for letting all our dreams of a social life come true to the greatest xtent possible while remaining a West Point cadetf, Ar 284 l wit rstie Club. just as We spent many hours reminiscing t th l b t Firstie year, We will probably spend many more g the good times had at the club as old grad I A Cadet Remembersm "The Flrstie Club was our succor against a world weighing us down with travesties like cleaning our rooms to standard and listen- g to power-hungry lst Sergeants..." I l lx 'l in lxx l 11 K . l l -L l . . V Zin! ffl 5 285 Cadets celebrate after getting their branch of choice. Most had a similar experience, but for a few members of the Class of '06 their Army experience would be somewhat different than expected. 5 1 ,gf f ig if reef 13.3 532' ffjay, 2 fy ,g:,,g5:H' at 55321, we iv 'vw we as . 1 1+ 12-aff", szef, az W at .aa 1 fbi? . ' if ,HV ,,., , ,,.. ,.,. ,, . .V V, V, ,A-.. . , , 1 1 H wwf Firstie year is filled with emotionally signifi- cant events from beginning to end, and without a doubt, two of the most emotionally significant are branching and posting. The class of 2006 picked their branches in November, and as always, there were cries of joy and cries of anguish. Most, it is safe to say, were not surprised when they opened they're envelopes with the first piece of brass inside, but the new ADSO options added an unknown into the equation. And of course, if you weren't so keen on sacrificing three addi- tional years of service for your dream branch, you still retained the option of playing the three-year card for guaranteed grad school or your post of choice. Post night was on 23 February after mandatory dinner and was much more exciting than branching. Several branches were short on slots to Lewis, Carson, and Richardson, but somehow Germany had a multitude of slots. Despite the straw polls, no one knew exactly how things were going to work out. Everyone cheered for the people who voluntarily took Polk, Korea, or Drum, and everyone lost just a little bit of the dream when all the Hawaii and Italy slots disappeared. Regardless of where we end up for our first assignment, the important things are that we will be leading soldiers, and we will not be here. Besides, there is always the chance you can switch out with someone at OBC. 286 A few cadets celebrate their branch selections NI t f n knowmg her five Vcar fate, a ly holds the manilla envelope t t h future branch 1IlS1gI'1121. All xles for these g l show o i gui ff the a. if wx. 4 "M V ,P In is l F,-'FO ,X ,.. ui W elwiy aaalazrafgfsi EV! if they "Firstie year is filled with emotionally signifi- cant events from begin- ning to end, and with- out a doubt, two of the most emotionally significant are branching and posting." ! A i ! .t l t '1-.Q fill , 287 1 I ,,., . E65 fr Q Qi I X 0.11253 Lv The cast of the l00th Night show, Hlipisode 2006: Revenge of the C omni," prepare to take a bow after the knockout preformance. In track, the last hundred meters are consid- ered Hthe home stretch." So it is also at West Point with the cadets, last hundred days. 1001" Night kicked off our "home stretchy in grand fashion. The food was decent, the weather cooperated, the speaker was mercifully short. After the feasting had ceased, most of the class went down to catch the l00lh Night Show. In true 2006 self-defeating cynical fashion, the show had been pronounced a failure by cadet rumor soon after Christmas leave. As the curtains rose for the first time, no doubt Firstie hearts were bracing for disappointment. They were greeted by nothing less than a miracle. The very energetic, talented and hardworking cast had indeed produced a show to stand up to years past. The male lead, Will Ivins, and the comically sinister BTO were particularly enter- taining. Best of all, we could finally be the ones whispering hopeless explanations to our civilian dates between jokes. Another West Point milestone had been passed. When the curtain fell and the Full Dress asphyxiation ceased, we were off to parts unknown to celebrate our last class weekend together. It seemed from the general demeanor on Monday that everyone enjoyed themselves immensely. l 288 The last class weekend for the Class of 2006 proved to be a great time. Couples, many engaged, enjoyed a nice dinner and then headed down to Ike Hall to watch the show. The 100th Night Show offered some dead-on accurateffrom a cynical cadetls perspectiyej portrayals of some of West Pointls biggest personalities. No one was spared, as the Supe, the Comm fUncle Leo and BG Scapj, Dean Kaufman, and, of course, Colonel Scott were hilariously portrayed by '06 members. Proud parents and excited dates joined many members of the Class of 2006 as they realized with much astonishment that graduation was actually within grasp. it-: ,a f ,tx 1 55? V Xt 3 it ww if i 'lbvq A wh P it r A L ,L 1 W 9 iff A if- Q-. 5553 s f trims, as F' A lm t . ?555fl555:, Nfl Lili? Nm, V H' xi Wi? M2- ans me wg, ,N , .1 fm gi. 1 I ,A-ft' HEQQW Night kicked of ouruhortze stretehw in grand fashion. 'The 'food was decent, the lx y Weather cooperated, 1 the speaker' was y mercifuily short" fij tl ,f 5 my il 0 W X , fa 289 ly arrived... s xzmfx' '45 N S if it -.,. '---X, A g 5 Efii2q'1JH2s,, 'figi' ,Vwky if fiwfjw- . X W U Vg . 45 p X - - iw 'lg ,AQERNEVQP , if TQ 5 ' 'fe W? , F952 fwfr 1 3,9 , -f 4:- N A, A 4 ' N 2' 3 X ' 41 ef i ., ,gfih-A f ,afzll End .1 als The colors beneath the gray. The sun has finally shined. There will be no more shadowed days of struggle within the gray, stone walls of this Academy. All that we have experienced here, we will take with us. The friendships. The life lessons. The courage and fortitude we have attained. The hearts that we have strengthened. We go out into a changed world, with dangers we signed up willingly to rise up against, to protect the country that we hold so dear. Our collective duty is a noble one, and we go forth with honor, holding onto everything West Point has shown us, has taught us, has forced us to endure. At the beginning of our joumey, four years seemed an etemity. The road ahead, fraught with challenges at every comer, twisted and turned far off into the distance. The end could not always be seen. But despite those darkened days when we weren't sure that we would get there, those immeasurable pieces within each one of us, the components of our character. . .courage, honesty, love, pride...all these bright colors within us, lit the path, and our way. Those treasured diplomas...those precious second lieutenant bars...those smiles we displayed on graduation day...we have eamed them. 292 1 3 , ,,Z, .,,,,,., ,,Z, . , .,?,, .E rrrgr 2 W ez f 'EQ , "At the beginning of our journey, four years seemed an eternity." I End .J ...A MH . if f M , my uv J 5, 'N f R f J , , , -. A 5 " A! W ,,,,, .n ,, , ,, '. . Q A - 1- ww, ,1,,,,.,,-, ,, f ,s , g , L, ,U 15, M r ik I X W 'Aw-7. 43 k I I .W ,:,i?574"g QQ? ng 1 my wh iw fm? . .,,. .W 1:3 7 WSW 1 n HH . 47-'Fi fit 'iv J V .f V ' . 2 Q ,ff x gf M AS 1 aw 1 : Ll 2 S ' a W? Q L 4 fa ff J , ' 'W on me Ja f lnwwsm AA4Hv13n,mJ,a qity VA wit Mm 'A 'W "" 1 '5i:... ., YA' L! -V by X rr I My A 'BW 2 X 1- Y f ,F S Q 1 ..v X s Qf2m!!'?g5Q rf! AK Aw,', - ll! Q'D3,Qi. 7" M , 1 'f End 300 ' tiring, K4 N ,N ,mit v J C PJ -' XG :H N 'xg J W fp W . ew rl, 5 -X, r 3, i ii? rim . ,W , ,yyl- .som Q My... rf' , . - 'Q 1 - . . ri, : W., 2 'W 'M J 1" f-' I X r X 4 w:'i1"G ,w:v'w' , w ' ' ' ' w w , X ww ww! y fi- ts . 'm , !"' 1'-"f, X f f ,fi 9 f nw nw 'e x x ' Hg-Q' N A f 1' G' asf' ,, 1 1 xii. ' ' , ff-' A I yi, Nm f ix , Q 1 nr X ggi' e ff' 'af' I rt! O x -H1 .i 'K Q 'ii w f- 32 3:9224 f 551:25 ' 0 f I . ff' -f W"1i fl e' wa Ly I I' W-1A NV , E , 'Q at 4 ,,'! W ' g Muni: I f ,M f, , 511 ,gh , lIs1w.:,'::f:1- ,',-N' a iigqu- 2' '-,33.:.,-E13 V 521. -, , ,Ve 2'5f5h'f1'! ' 1 ,., !f I 'PWM f' , , ' 1 A gf.- ar' 7 ,gi 4531 'W ,wx 'A -N Y, v F f,, i?,,, , , dd- .,.-.v,Y-Y . ..,-.. ,. Y Y -- I 4 .Vx , ,ff - .f 4, 3 1 ,V , , 135 I 1, ff f X ,. ,V ,gh-w, N ,JV ,rk, , .,., M . . F xg P 4 ,Q , -1 ., . f A U ,' wif' J f f 1 ff A -r X W' '- .--bs H12-A-' ., f r 5? ' -45 'X ff, w ff f r'fV ' ' " 'X Haig f f F , . 2 N-. K ' X ff- yy KW V ff 5 2' 1 f ,JL . if-F n,.m'1 .W W 3 ag? X E lwwwwww w w f g ,M fx ,. ,f f ' X if , Yi' ffl NURQW qlwh- ' K AWX' V" J , 1 4 V ' - - Xu Y' ' ,----4 'tg X fe K Q , ff? FE ' K I ' N I ? ,ASQ .vrf"'u. X '11 ' f f , E' ,' 1- H7 N if 1 ff' , y , ff, A . X f l wwf, ,- f X , 1 ' N : K 35 If '21I"3U ' ff ,fp V , , , X kg , K! X . .Y V, 5 v . 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X ,I , A I II ,.ffF'.- ' , -. -,V I 1- I, I, -f..-. , H-fi, 4 U- f I4 ,,:-ff - gI,,',,k MI' ,. , I Jfwx " 7 F .q vffay A 4,4 I. ,Nm gl 'EI-Z'fI , ' .I , f,I,,zI' 351' .,i4A.5I,gg rg tb II'Xl7ilJi'f"" vf 1 KV' iff, I U , X WnH""'ifjX If . af 5ff:52x,42gf,p.,gy' va Ifiifg, :gif ' 'wwll-'Lf I ,iii , I . II-, ,jig ' ,ig , 'ff--I ,fi " 'Www -wif: .,1-S? E4 --,, ,Y , 15, ,,:,fIn , , ',.3Hgj:a: ,I . Ipfy ,I , ,Agni 1' , ,I -dpi . " I - K-,zk,1.I::1gg A Y 58, I , 2 uf- 'T V " FII-',.:5,'f3IgQ,,5?i!i' V. I3 4 Y 'YY "W if" ' ff - H Q - ,,,, 1 fig- ,nf ,Y jr, '- ',iI 'T ,fvfgrf fj'if5,f i if- Y- .f .ff ,.,Xj?,' I Ie anew Q., N -YY, - I f -f-I I I -III1, -IV 3 " ' V 1341 Brigade Staff 1ST Reg Staff Company A1 Company B1 Company C1 Company D1 Company E1 Company F1 Company G1 Company H1 2nd Reg Staff Company A2 Company B2 Company C2 Company D2 Company E2 Company F2 Company G2 Company H2 3rd Reg Staff Company A3 Company B3 Company C3 Company D3 Company E3 Company F3 Company G3 Company H3 4th Reg Staff Company A4 Company B4 Company C4 Company D4 Company E4 Company F4 Company G4 Company H4 309-311 312-313 314-315 316-317 313-319 320-321 322-323 324-325 326-327 323-329 330-331 332-333 334-335 336-337 333-339 340-341 342-343 344-345 346-347 343-349 350-351 352-353 354-355 356-357 353-359 360-361 362-363 364-365 366-367 363-369 370-371 372-373 374-375 376-377 373-379 380-381 332-333 Brigade Staff lst Detail AY 2005-2006 2nd Detail lst Detail il eta 2nd D 3' Color Staff S1 5 Honor Staff Staff Staff of Cfnor Staff S1 staff Publications staff Honor Staff Staff Co Comm Staff 2 all :Eel 1' 1 sae 5 'Q ,el Regimental Tactical Officer: LTCCPJ Raymond Lacey Regimental Executive Officer: MAJ Mark Young . ,,,, ,U , ,A wx X ax X im iw gk W 15, sgv 16, x r Q 3 in 35' L ,ls 154 A K .Q, 15' V 'st Q f.i x L 6, ,Hx all F J jhgligg W :,. ,,,,, J :fn -rw? , 4. my . :it N, .2 afr .M fa- ff 'w'TQEL'L W' W ,, A My 55,541 -., .5 4-Qirggf . 5 we K' x -QQ , 45332 8 hi? lg! ' if 9 ks Q32 A V ir l Q an L' 31 '1 FN 255 f J? JJ 'xl ws. 'W' Class of ZUU9 Rmx 1 l.ufl to Right: Sarah Fzlzio, Kcviu 8051110111 Clliriarinii lfuiisrcrznakcr, Dcnisu Quigluy, Kelly Kwcncmzm, ,low Torres: Row 2: Paul Proicas, Ryan Umxnl, XY'cSlcy llcss, Khalil Gaylcs, Tossnprml Sakaxvkunokmt, Slmjzl Kuzmi, Cllristopher Larson, Nliclmcl Cimmncg bluunifci' .Xcuiedcg vlflllllfllllflll Drew, BIZlHl1CXY Shaffer, llllfff' lluulmau, Bryan Rodrigucz, Riclmul Plum, liirz-XYillinm Taylor, William Kcuncdig Row 4: Kyle lflcming, -Ioscpli Fcrgusoii, Desmond ROSS, Alulm Burt, Daniel Henri, lan Rymcr, Nlnttlicw Coleman, :Xlmu Cllmmbcrlain, Curtis Koszuta TAC TAC Ammon Campbell Jeffrey x k .- fy -, N fem W '-s . 1 f' 4 'JK " -2 lb ' L- , ,o 1 . I . I 4 a I -x,l v f If . i . 'W -Q f TAC NCO: SFC Cody Thomas Class of 2009 Row l Left to Right: David Cottone, Stephanie Barry, Cristina Gomez, Daniel Huang, Daniel Yu, liullcy llarvcy, l,is4i limst, Ashley Rowlnmlg Row 2: llarry Moeller, Kevin Mcfirew, Matthew Hogan, Tommie xvlllliijf, Semi Roling, Scott RLipt'imx', lliun Nguyen, Bill Mynfittg Row 3: Garrett Dresel, David Ciiiurruro, Iillen Surry, ,loshun lmspinoso, lieniziinin lfrnnlalin, Phillip johnson, joshua Mitchell, Corey Wolff, Row 4: litmus llnhn, George Holubs, Dfiviil Black, Mattliew Randi, Tvler Martin, Zacharv Vfillev, Derek Scliuler, Patrick liU21l'll1gQ Yot lJictui'ecl: XY'illiQ1m Simpson if' LE. 1 ., -if Q wiv 'P Z fl 'gn' Vg x. 4 T i'-f H.: - 1 W in " Y l 9: sz if 'Q' Y J 4 ..PnfiS?fA: nz, W g z gmiwk, , 'J ,A N V In QE, 'wisp V' Y K -if AQ, xgs l I 51 -S , 14. N 1 E. 5 1 W 1 ' ' 'AT' ' Sf' 2 -'S 3 av. , ' ' L . S, fix 5'-1",,k,,-M ,S Q13 iff? da, P1 vw , In .1 K i - , 55.-Kfi.,3, fag., ,r,j5',6,iik is, A, ,V 4 - 4, ' f -V Fi' ii- 'f A - 'fem ',-If ' Mfg g ,mf fm ii' ffpi 'iff J nw, Q,r+'i W ,f.fN'1 v'-f"1"M1j-4 x KV JQ A -1 I A Q gfiwz- Q .- 3' .L ,Z 111, -,Q . X J.V' 'W 9 Q' Y ' 7? f 'fi ' W ' I I Y f . ' ",,,,' ,mf K 5 " lib WY ,955 ' 'Mg . ka A ' ,fd up ' 'W 4 . , ., 1 . ' Q f W ,ng af, 1 , 2551, an x51 ' 'lg' 'P 'K 'fi QE5f i 3, pf 5 ,I , i QU U ii, qi' I, , 4, 5 N l I Jw ' if ,, ":' ffgfyf ,,, , ,f,, , . ,,,,,,, ff- m ', '57 QAWQL' N .W ff f ,4 QQ f' 4:0 f '43 L ' 7 Ma' , , ,M,,g -1,5 6, ffmzy ' mg, : i 91 3 1 we .QW , 'Jw J S- . U 1 ' QS A 3 Q , v rf, W 1 9 , 4. T Q +1 M 'ft' , fc nw 'if' 'If' 'UQ xiii' A',f if ww' ' ', I 52 an Q 4 U if I W , W ,,,. , , V, .5 , 1 ag , , 272 xg K ,M WV , .. 12 ' 555' ' VYQF 'L fi r ,, m , 7' wi ,v , Xa X5 A A . ,I4 'J Q , ML,-4 22 ,, ,ln ,, ff 1? L, 'ic'K?'. W M-fx'1':x Q x 75 'Y fi LfTIf',,'32fg'fff,"'f',,, "if -Q ,Q V -'F -1 ,4-3,4ff.'2-L T5 1 , ,W Q 31 569,42 if-wb qf3iU 15f-2 AW: D , ' . 4, ' if ':' ,, K1 YM fi' QL , W 5f'Qji2E'lf '55 KA axis W, I .,, ,,,,,i , :- 38 earling year saw the Crusader class of 2006 come together for the first time as team leaders where we wit- nessed the infamous yelling of "I hate Doni Taylori' in our hallways. Cow year saw the formation of the Crusader "Brew Crew," along with many nights of camaraderie at the O and Firstie's and the joy of our first home football win. As firsties, we saw the first defeat of Air Force at Air Force since the 197O,S and shared in the joys and heartg, breaks of selectingglgour branch and postgQf fj5 The class of 2006 has many accomplishe ments in their time at the Academy as they featured a Rhodes Scholar finalist, one of the top five Army tennis players of all time, one of the top 30 snowboarders in the na- tion, and the establishment of an IM dis- tance running dynasty that saw five IM bri- gade championshipsgand one loss in all three years. Finally, like to thank underclass crusaders for their loyalty and dedication to the company and our families and friends for helping us get through these four years. o 1 ,fur 1 r U I Clooney, jacob Brady, l.eo Thomas, Anthony Nguyen, joshua Wiley, Brian Stofferg Row 2: Seth Green, Peter Ciuei-dan, Andrew Hutchinson, Adam Decker, Ty Farmer, Aaron Schmutz, Gregory Fisher jr., jacob Sheehan, Roxy 3: jason Bradley, Sam Rosenberg, Ian O'Sul1ivan, Seth Gulsby, Daniel Evans, Victor Sokul lll, Nicholas Linse, Peter Coxg Not Pictured: a McQuarrie, Chase Ocho Class of 2007 Row 1 Lett to Right: james Mis jr., Matthew Boise, Earl Steven . lirin Begonia, Yutaro Hosaka, jeremy Stratnian,i,-Meredith Walton, Andrew Miller, Anthony Major III, Alexis Lally, Roberts cnfinughiin, ROW 31 Daniel Maur, chfisropherivtiaan, Zachary Frisbie Samuel Gladney, jeffrey Rigney, Lisa Becker, Row 4: Christopher Selleck, Grant Stone, l lfrazer, Gregory Holoxynia, Michael jensen, Brandon Taylor, Edmund Not Pictured: Nlichael lilucber Class of2008 Roxy l Left to Right: lieyin Shipe,joseph Iirick, Yikas Bakshi, Branden XY'ong,jennifer Glover, Dustin Cfentofanti, Roxy 2: jonathan Sloup, Matthew Carney, Nicholas Lexyis, hlelyin Sanborn, jeanne Gorlin, Pamela Rusinko, Victor Munoz: Roxy 3: john Chamberlin, Stephen Felicichia, Sean Williams, Brendan Mosher, Timothy Mendoza, Barrett Rife, jared Moon, jeffrey Burgett, Row 4: Michael Murpliy, llindrichs W'olf-likkehard, Troy Peterson, George Harrington, Richard Wagner, Zachary Watson, Daniel Romaneski, Paul Loboscliefskyg Not Pictured: Evan liltinge, jarell Brown, jeralee Hartman, Kairat liasymaliev, justin Larson, ,'Xndrexy Plucker J. , , H +I' ,ffm lf I ff V, - 'sv 1 ' -T - " , , - X X i f' V. ,K w T WT 'L fp- i f 4114 4 'S-. 7 X' X f ' ? If I ,Wmum io S TAC Officer: CPT Kurt Walling E TAC NCO: SFCCPJ Lula Grundy Cllnss ml' ZUU9 Row l l.cfi ru Right: .Xlgmliuxx Supzxii, Siirixli llgispw, ,Iusliun Dulnuq, Xlnrls liuclslcy, Xctlmj R1lI'I2lXX'L'L'l'il, Nicliulm Stcrglws, CilizlimlwiirkI:1mL'n,,lL1sliiiu limlgws, .Xuim Salas, Susy Rimg Row 2: llarluu Cfcminprmm, .Xlcxumlur Rlwzlcls, XXilliz1m flullius, VIIISUII l.cc, lufif Davis, licviu llzibicls. Lnudcm lisllcf, Niclmlns Yl7llllgL'l'Ill1lIlQ Rim' 3: ,lcilm Xliclmcl Ciilllugly, Dimiul Slcum, liryzm Nlcklistcr, Timothy Keilry, Eric llniison, S2llYflfO1'C Dc Russ, Uzlvinl l'ink,-luiclcc Norm-, Raul SL'l'l'llIli1Q Rrwxx' 4: Xlijzltt lizitcliclruf, Nnrhan Wbiscr, liexiii XVCTl'lCf, lilgilll Phillips, Murtlicxv llzmcs, Sizpliuu l5ilXlCl', linrl llcinu, Xlfilcy Gram, Christian llillscm ,, , ,, W Q n ff c 1 V ' ufj , 4 af, i xw ff gr LQ I QR 1335 19 hw , 1 ,xv 1 E GADET HONUP' .W Mm Q i y Kai? 5 1 ,V G 5 any 4j?i5,,.LK-Egifk ,g!,.U-!-Wxe, ww.. Q Bi- '7L'Qv"' L A - . . fw- qz' Q 4 Rs ,"'fWN gsfvf- - mg 'iffy fuNf?1 wwf 1 4 ,Q 1 3' .f 7-,A - '5'-5,15 i, Bn- L f.U,,,,, W ,ef-PM lgggiik ,iw iw gf, N 9- 2 4 ' fgl fffirgfk 2,414 1 ,,,. 5, l ' 1 Y Tom Cai,jamie Gjurgevich, Amanda King, Matthew Bebo, Pauling, Alexander Bedard III, Pictured: Mark Bergnaan, Saddie JoAnne Carelusjessica Peter Kelley, Juan Rivera, Garwitz, Ronald Pierce, Sinning, Mark Kroger, William Edwin Lyman, Christopher Class of 2008 Row 1 Left to Right: Winston Caton, Marcus Lai, Victoria Vernon, Tiffany Montgomery, Mary Kearney, Aaron Wernimont, Row 2: Leo Krystof, William Primack, Corey Anderson, Benjamin Krainin, Christopher Conklin, William Green, Andrew McKinley, Row 3: Patrick Higgins, Adrian Tilston, Charles Harris, Aaron Ellinger, Robert Davis, joshua Caldwell, Katie Fenton, Row 4: Anton Faustmann, Duncan Walker, Lucien Miranne, Craig Massie, Gregory Himrnel, Patrick Fullerton, james Minshew L . fi W? fi WN ff" Q.- A775 3, if- new . ya' W '4 X Fir, 'ff' "if mf gzfif'-3,311 wa' 1 C' 5 fm? Q23 af? U 7 A 'Y E J, Class of 2009 Row 'l Left to Right: Monica Barrett, Patrick Nieilee, Miles Grooins, Kathleen Pulliam, .Xbigail Carter, xlulio Bonfe, Danielle Satchell, Erin Meffonauglieyg Row 2: Kyle Wfolfley, Darrell l.yrle, Dishantli Krishnagiri, Geneva Matthews, Dainis Butiiers, Andrew Camrnack, Daniel Lotspeich, Shaun Adamsg Row 3:,lesse Teahen, Micah Wiegman, Thwmas Terry, Matthew Dednion, Stephen Astemborski, Paul lshaudsen, Steven Smiley, David Siinpkins, Nathanael Whippleg Row 4: Isaac Best, Stephen Dwyer, Zachary Ilargis, Nicholas Calbos, Daniel Modlin, Aaron Devig, Michael Njoliuebi, Craig Aman, Geoffrey Holrng Not Pictured: Richard Houghton, Ryan Townsend Class of2008 Row 1 Left to Right: Yung-Ho Chang, Sterling Showalter, Clayton Reid, Anthony Wfinkels, Marissa Kobayashi, Christine Limsiaeo, Angela Zecca, Ronalee Balogg Row 2: Alexander Harmon, Alec Moyer, jessica Ostasewski, Malvis Conde, Amanda Molyneux, Harold Lessner, Alexander Kim, Lawrence Paustiang Row 3: David Feltner, jeremy Graham, Daniel King, Steven Morse, Danny Priester, Kyle Eberly, Rodolfo Palma, Nicholas Uhorchakg Row 4: Donald Gustavson, Ryan Hodgson, Patrick McDonald, Ryan Brence, Benjamin Reardon, Kristofer Nystrom, Benjamin Massageejoseph W'isemang Not Pieturedzjoseph Feldner, Ovidiu lacob , ...., Class of 2006 Row 1 Left to Hicks, Lorintz Gleich, Daniel Christian Mooneyhamjacob Robinsong Row 3: Jerry Drew Amlie, Brian Powell ...- HQ.. 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" ,L 4 tk, ' Q qi ' X? sm 1. if 3 S 'J , W ,Bam . in sk 1 S' 2 3, H . 1 W5 2 4 L if J ,M 1 at ks-5 I ,, h . 4 , 22- ' ,F 'Q ,A ' at A "' L 't tf "1 . af if 'V Y A, ffm ' A . ' ' I' Wg fy + pf ,, ix, '-an X g 1, 4' X ,fi wg ,, X g t A 3 4 .Vi s K2 , z ig, 5 s V v J, td f yi E ' 5 J. v ,rx zz I Ki I 3-1' 73 . 4 42 if-gh fg Mai ,L I gf' N zz-2 2 1, . ' ff 312, w ' SA: 39 xx 'Q 1 Hy eff 3.1 g a5 fw v' 5 f ,, ' 1 'E 32' if' 'g ia V 25, Y M, ff' if fx . ' gb 5 , l,W , 1 5 1 1 ' 5 if ' A mx, Lb qw ff? VM .gf , sm if v L E 1 if FFA, Elf ' 94 A, ig, , M Y . l I 325' 1 I 2523 e ,. H, i Q i wg, s Zip ' If W 431 - ' ' ag ' P , A , 4 , W ,Qi I , X ,V ' f--V----V-V-7------A-iii ---------------2---4,-Q 1 ff---------- ,-- -W--V --V 1 4 f . m I ' if A wx. -' gg' uf - f , , - N. q ' , I ly ' if - 5 555,215 M35 " X 43 ' I 3f?P2f?Zf??l5f?152' I 5 , Q7 12 1 E I HM 'OI S I163l 5' Q ay g,V nj? A 4 2 fa j , 72,7 ? 2 , , Y , .,-' f - , .,f,,,' 5 ,J f., , 5 Iwi, Lg ' ,S ' H, 1, ,. ,.f 1 M .f ff 'ff f. , , . ,. ff""--W' 'M' M,- . J . . ,M ,, . , ,, ff f W -V1 7254 ' ' 3? Wit if' 3 H 1, 1 k , ffipfff If 115,557 Y?" iii' ' VQj,g2: M ffl . ,f 1 ff ' ' K f 'if T372 J .4 I f , L.,f .Y - , V 389 . f, , 4 5 ,Y Corps Squad SPORTS he football team made some good improvements this year, but as a whole fell short of the goals it had set for itself before the season. Al- though the 4-7 record was not what the team had envisioned or hoped for, there is something to be said for this team for coming bach from an 0-6 start and winning four straight after that point. The team never quit and continued to show heart and persevere, despite the adversity of an 0-6 start. The team fought hard in all of its games this year but seemed to come out on the short end the majority of the time. The team worleed hard to improve as the season progressed. Furthermore, the team accomplished a lot this year. The highlights included a 20-0 shutout, which spoiled the homecoming of the eventual MAC champi- ons, Alrzron. Also, one can not forget the hotly contested 27-24 nail-biter win over rival Air Force, the first time Army had beaten them on the road in over twenty years. The team also triumphed 34-27 in another exiciting game over 1AA opponent, UMass, who was ranhed in the top five in 1AA at the time. Finally, the team trounced the Sun Belt confer- ence champ, Arhansas St. 38-10. Army was unable to pull it together against Navy, but that game is not a harbinger of the future of Army football. The team made many improvements this year, particularly on defense, which catapulted from 117th in the country last year to 37th this year. The team returns eight starters on offense, and seven on defense. The team has plenty to build on from this season and will most lihely have a breahout season next year. The team had some outstanding individuals. Carlton Jones and Caleb Campbell were named Offensive and Defensive MVPs respectively. Carlton lones had another great season, finishing with over 1,000 yards again. He finished 29th among national rushing leaders. He averaged 102.4 ground yards per contest and closed the year by averaging 126.6 rushing yards in his final five outings. lones also ranhed 44th in all- purpose yards at 126.5. Caleb Campbell boasted Army's highest individual ranhing, listing ninth in interceptions C0.45J. He registered five piclrzoffs this year, marhing the highest total by a Blach Knight in eight years. He also led the team in taclales with 97. Finally, Zac Dahman became the Army's all-time leading passer, amassing over 6,900 career yards. Additionally, he topped the record boohs in comple- tions C6093 and 200 yard games C15J. 390 QM -mm-m-mr J ,. Wh ,W Sw :W ,SA W Corps Squad SPORTS W Firsties: Pete Bier, David Clamon, Connor Crehan, Zac Dahman, Rob Davis, Tom Dyrenforth, Phillip Edmondson, Seth Gulsby, Carlton Jones, Taylor Justice, Seth Lotts, Rob Maszarose, Doug Meyer, Jacob Murphy, Joe Riley, Tommy Ryan, Ray Stith, Dhyan Tarver, Jared Ulekowski, Scott Wesley, Chuck Wilke, and Cannon Woods, Cows: Greg Arrowsmith, Robert Balis, Bruce Brown, Frank Brown, Laron Bybee, Grant Carriker, Mike Castelli, Randy Chasten, Alex Clamon, Nathan Collier, Jonathan Connon, Blaine Cooper, Cameron Craig, Lee Crain, Tim Dunn, Elliot Grant, Chris Grevious, Sean Grevious, Peter Harrington, Michael Herndon, Walter Hill, Justin Koenig, Ricky Lay, Zac Maodus, Chase McCoy, Austin Miller, Jacob Miraldi, Miles Murray, Julius Myers, Luke Pell, Travis Prikryl, Barrett Scruggs, Cason Shrode, Wes Stewart, Felice Terrigno, Kurt Wasilewski, Matt Weisner, Sean Whaley, and Quentin Willard. Yearlings: Gerren Alexander, Corey Anderson, Kevin Beavers, Dave Bobillot, Ryan Brence, Caleb Campbell, Brian Chmura, Dennis Cooper, Eric Creighton, Josh Dobbie, Kevin Dunn, Elliott Emerich, Seth Fabin, Andrew Folse, Tony Fusco, David Galbreath, Lowell Garthwaite, Sean Gilligan, Luke Hallsten, Jonathan Harmeling, Thomas Harris, Matt Hernandez, Steve Hole, Kody Impson, John Jarvis, Ted Kimmey, Craig Kormannshaus, John Laird, Bob Landeg, Chris Landers, Justin Larson, Nicolas Lopez, Andy Lujan, Andy Mazeika, Luke Mazgaj, Patrick McDonald, Anton McDufHe, Marcus Millen, Trey Miranne, Mike Murphy, Jordan Murray, Christopher Nichols, Chris Ogden, Bo Olsen, Kevin Opoku, Max Palmatier, Josh Pearson, David Pevoto, Adam Renkiewicz, Charlie Rockwood, Cody St. Onge, Brandon Thompson, Owen Tolson, Jeremy Trimble, Chris Vesce, Mike Viti, Cal Walters, Steven Westbrook, Brandon White, Connor Wicklund, Evan Williams, John Wright, Simon Youngblut, Ray Zelenak, and Shane Zinszer. Plebes: Erik Anderson, Peter Anderson, Elliott Antoine, Wyatt Batchelor, David Black, Chad Browne, Devin Caywood, Tad Chamberlain, Dominick Cinotto, Brandon Cox, Drew Coyle, Tony Dace, Adam DeMarco, Heritier Diakabana, Jonathan Douglas, Matt Eason, Kelvin Espinal, Mike Evans, Mark Faldowski, Tim Frye, Dana Gingrich, Walton Gouldin, James Hahn, Pete Hargis, Tim Horan, Arlance Jenkins, Tim Jennings, Jakob Johnsen, Jerry Jones, David Kava, John Keller, Joe LeForte, Evan Leitch, Mike Lemming, Jamison Maehler, Kyle Maroney, Nick Mavricos, Matt McDaniel, Charlie McDonald, Wesley McMahand, Josh Mitchell,Collin Mooney, Joel Namy, Darren Newson, Jared Nielson, Todd Olson, Joe Paolini, Colin Parker,Pat Parziale, Adam Pease,Markenson Pierre, John Plumstead, Kevin Quigley, Tyson Quink, Kenny Rackers, Matt Ridgeway, Andrew Rinehart, Jamal Robinson, Bryan Rodriguez, Kyle Ross, Carlo Sandiego, Mike Savageau, Joe Savoie, Patrick Saxby, Frank Scappaticci, Jon Scappaticci, Mike Schumacher, David Shore, Jonathan Siskey, David Spanich, John Stellman, Dudley Swoope, Aaron Sylvain, Chris Taylor, T.J. Walker, Jake Walsh, William Wedley, Clay Woody, and Mike Wright. Coaching Staff: Bobby Ross, Wally Ake, Dan Baranik, Stan Brock, Tyree Foreman, Bruce Hardin, lst Lt. Clarence Holmes, Gary Miller, John Misciagna, John Mumford, Kevin Ross, Steve Tovar, Eddie Wilson, Adam Waugh, and Lt. Col. Bill Lynch. I FOOTBALL ,MM U Semen- Refwlau Boston College L 44-7 Baylor L 20- 10 Iowa State L 28-21 Connecticut L 47-13 Central Michigan L 14-10 TCU L 3 8- 1 7 Akron W 20-0 Air Force W 27-24 Massachusetts W 34-27 Arkansas State W 3 8-10 Navy L 42-23 Corps Squad SPORTS fl? 12' Y . 'fo 354, Jw 1 sr- , IL. L K ' fax 11 ., ., .. V ' N 'wi g 7 55.1 'Mg S1 E.. 'xx ' -- 3"'li1i' F R3 ' 1 . J 'J 'mmm-mm .2 x MMU-muh A W1 ,, ,nf , ,, 'Y M NIV , ,, Y '24 - M - ' 4' 21 eflff wllgwi f "f f 'I W' H Y ' 1 ,w11Liw - ' : F' 11'avH,.'ml'hP M , , f , gig - W Corps Squad SPORTS e Sprint Football team ended with a disappointing loss to Navy this year, but the record was not indicative of the talent that the team had or the passion they played with each day. The senior-dominated team set records on both sides of the ball and placed 17 mem- bers on the Collegiate Sprint Football League's All- League teams. In three consecutive games, the team outscored their opponents by a combined 96 - 6. While the team fell twice to Navy with the seniors ending their careers in a heartbrealeing double overtime loss at Michie Stadium, 19 - 16, no team has ever had players that played together better in victory or suffered together more closely in defeat. The team captains were Braden Amigo and Kalen Smith. Firsties: Braden Amigo, Andrew Bigelow, Lou Cascino, Justin Chabalko, Jon Cheatwood, Grant Cloaninger, Dave Daniels, Patrick Hall, Grant Hartman, Brandon Kennedy, Steve Lancianese, John Lenart, Jacob Massacci, Clayton Mealer, Brandon Newkirk, Cody Pittman, David Psiaki, Dave Shepard, Kalen Smith, and Joseph Steadman. Cows: Timothy Ashcraft, Joseph Bresnahan, Derek Brown, Richard Church, Stuart Dumer, Nicholas Grodevant, Lou Hare, Christopher Huber, Nasser Jabour, Joseph Kendall, Chad Lorenz, Justin Magula, Nathan Navarro, Wesley Pritchett, Roderick Roberts, Brandon Stevenson, and Dusty Tumer. Yearlings: Justin Abbatacola, James Antonides, Justin Astroth, Jason Bahmer, Brian Borkowski, Robert Bove, John Case, Christian Cortez, Patrick Henshaw, Stephen Lewis, Wesley Pritchett, Russell Raines, Clayton Reid, Barrett Rife, Allen Rooney, Thomas Russell, Matthew Vargas, and Steven Wax. Plebes: Craig Aman, Benjamin Amsler, Tylor Bott, Christopher Carnes, Joe Collier, Adam DeMarco, Michael Fleming, Khalil Gayles, Miles Grooms, Andrew Hansen, James Hargus, Blake Hawthorne, Kenneth Herron, Dan Hogan, Marshal Keating, Tyler Martin, Robert Miner, Lance Peterson, Geoffrey Phillips, Charles Ratcliff, Charles Reed, Lee Robinson, Scott Rupnow, Michael Schifferli, Rex Steele, Patrick Toftler, and Chris Villarreal. Coaching Staff: Gene Mclntyre, Tom Pinder, Rich Ward, Capt. Steve Carpenter, Tom Murphy, Pete Mahoney, Capt. Rick Roper, Capt. Corey Gerving, and 2nd Lt. Andrew Figer. , SPRINT FOOTBALL ' I . 4 Sewum Rauf-514 Sacred Heart JV L 32-21 Princeton W 77-0 Navy L 33-3 at Princeton W 45-0 Pennsylvania W 24-6 at Cornell W 27-0 Navy L 19-16 CZOTJ Corps Squad SPORTS his past year the Army Men's Soccer team had a very tough season, ending with sub 500 record. Army played tough opponents in the beginning of the season. The soccer team traveled to California to play powerhouses Stanford and Cal. They played 10 top 25 teams in the 18 game season. The team was very young as seven out of the 11 starters were plebes or yuhs. They will have the experience and the maturity to malfze the soccer team a contender next season. Freshman goalkeeper lohn Michael Gallogly made almost every start in goal this season. Sophomores Dan Newel, Doug lones, and Chris Conlfzlin gained valuable experience this year and will be expected to lead the young team. Senior Captain Juan Castellanos leaves the team to join the Army, but Junior Captain Adrian Moreno will have the responsibility of leading the Blach Knights next year. Juniors Bill Watts, John Borland, and Pierre Hines will have to malee large contributions to the team to malrze it successful. Dan Newell and Bill Watts received aclanowledgements for the their play on the field and off. ,,,,g?-v-W Firsties: Juan Castellanos and Jared Pauling. Cows: John Borland, Andrew Filauro Pierre Hines Stephen Kraheck, Adrian Moreno, Mike Odumewu, and Bill Watts. Yearlings Andrew Batule Patrick Beckwith Chris Conklin, Lance Cunningham, Chase Hunter, Doug Jones, John Kubeika Daniel Newell Kegan Reilly Chase Spruill, William Swearingen, and David Tennent. Plebes: Garrett Dresel John Michael Gallogly A J Glubzinski, Joe Johnson, Dan Orrison, Jordan Terry, Nate Wagner, and Daniel Yu Coaching Staff Kurt Swanbeck, Drew Hoffman, Peter Boyer, Jari Kinnunnen, 2nd Lt. Doug Horaist Jason Heiar and Lt Col Jim Dalton. , Mem 's some fix, 'W gamma RWJJI4 l . A1r Force L 1-0 Birmingham-Southern L 2-0 at Vermont L 2-1 vs. New Hapmshire L 2-0 Columbia W 2-1 at Colgate L 2-1 Fordham L 3-2 at Stanford L 2-0 Vs. Cal L 5-0 Bucknell W 1-0 at Iona W 2-0 at Sacred Heart T 1-ICOTJ at Lehigh L 4-1 New Jersey Tech W 2-0 Holy Cross L 1-0 Lafayette L 3-0 at Navy L 4-2 atAmerican L 3-0 Corps Squad SPORTS n 2005, the Women's Soccer team compiled a 12-6-1 record, in- cluding a 6-2-1 record in league play. The Blach Knights ended the season in second place in the Patriot League with a loss to Buclfznell. lt marhed the first time since 1997 that Army advanced to the Patriot League Championship. Despite the driving rain, a hard-fought 1-O win at Navy was a highlight of the season. The win was the second straight over Navy, and gave the senior class a 2-1-1 record against Navy in four years, mahing them the first class since 1999 to leave with a winning record against the Midshipmen. Becca Garcia was Co-Goalheeper of the Vear for the Patriot League, Maria Schmitz, Delaney Brown and Jennifer Pascucci were named to the All-League teams, and Delaney earned a Northeast Regional selection as well. lulie Iorgensen was selected the league's Scholar-Athlete of the Vear. Overall, the seven seniors graduate with a record of 41-27-6, having left their marh indelibly on the program. Though they will be missed, the shill and determination of the returning girls promises continued success. milf' F irsties: Tiffany Allen, Sarah Domme, Claudia Keen, Leigh Kosco, and Jen Pascucci. Cows: Delaney Brown, Sarah Dreyfus, Ashley Emerson, Mary Erin Boyle, Ronee Farrell, Rebecca Garcia, Lynn Janick, Julie Jorgensen, Silvia Longo, and Maria Schmitz. Yearlings: Devon Collins, Jessica Congemi, Elizabeth Costello, Geralyn Pedicino, Anneliese Perovich, and Jenna Roberts. Plebes: Drew Biddick, Molly Byrnes Sarah Goss, Amelia Janoski, Katie LeForte, Nicole Mayoras, Caroline Miller, Morgan Peterson, Nina Traylor, Jen Wardynski, Pia White, Dana Windley, and Randy Wintermantel. Coaching Staff: Gene Ventriqlia, Boe Barinowski, Natalie Rich, Jimmy Ventriqlia, and Emily Biddick. , women' N S0005 3 n Samoan Rmlbu 1 I 3 Manhatan W 3-0 Buffalo L 3-2 1 Albany W 6-1 Coastal Carolina W 3-1 l at Charleston Southern W 2-0 Marist W 3-0 vs. Air Force L 2-1 1 vs. Duquesne L 2-0 Hartford L 1-0 1 Holy Cross W 3-1 1 Brown W l-0 - -ee 1 at Navy W 1-0 atAn1erican T 1-l COTD l Bucknell W 2-1 Colgate L 2-1 at Lehigh W 1-0 Lafayette W 3-0 PL Tournament vs. Colgate W l-0 PL Tournament vs. Bucknell L 3-1 Corps Squad SPUETS n the 2005-2006 season, the Army Men's tennis team won the Patriot League regular season title for the first time since 2002. After one of the toughest schedules in Army tennis history, the Blaclra Knights capped a successful season by defending its post season Patriot League title by defeating Lehigh 4-0 in the semifi- nal match and by defeating American for the 3rd straight time by a score of 4-2 in the finals. lt was Army's 2nd straight, and 9th overall Patriot League title. Army also earned its 2nd consecutive NCAA tournament berth. Senior Team Captain Carl Fisher ended his career by finishing 8th overall in singles wins and tied for 6th overall in doubles wins in Academy history. Junior Mihe Good and Sophomore Eddie Kang earned the Patriot League Tournament "Co-Most Valuable Player" award. lunior lohn Houghton moved into the top 15 overall in singles wins in Academy history. lunior Kevin Harris and Freshman Sean Harris teamed up as Army's number three doubles team and alternate starters at number six singles. The outlooh for the 2006-2007 season is bright for Army Tennis. Army will return the entire team except for Fisher and will add four talented freshmen. Go Blacle Knights! Poling and Dan Chuckran. Firsties: Carl Fisher. Cows: Michael Good, Kevin Hams and John Houghton Yearllngs Eddie Kang. Plebes: Sean Harris, Rick Houghton and Phil Muhawi Coaching Staff Jim , Mem 's TENNIS Lehigh CPL Tour. Semifinalsj Semom Rm-114 Dartmouth L 5-2 Clemson L 6-1 Brown L 7-0 at Columbia L 6-1 Binghamton W 5-2 at Yale L 6-l Lehigh W 4-3 Connecticut W 6-l Comell L 6-l Marist W 6-l St. Josephas L 4-3 Colgate W 7-0 St. John's L 5-2 at Princeton L 4-3 Indiana L 6-l Stony Brook L 4-3 Holy Cross W 7-0 at Pennyslvania L 6-l at Tulsa L 7-0 at SMU L 7-O Bucknell W 5-2 Hofstra W 5-2 at Lafayette W 5-2 at Navy L 4-3 at American W 4-2 W 4-O W 4-2 American CPL Tour. Finalsj Corps Squad SPORTS his past year, the Army Women's Tennis team had a very successful season. The team was selected as the early favorite in the 2006 Patriot League pre-season poll as voted on by conference sports information directors and head coaches, as well as continuing their streak of winning 22 straight Patriot League regular season matches. The main highlight of the season was defeating Air Force 4-3 in Colo- rado Springs, Colorado. This victory marhed their first-ever bacla-to-baclrz wins over the Falcons, as well as the programs first in Colorado Springs. The team entered the final part of their season with a 12-11 record, as they aim for bach-to bach Patriot League Championships and a birth into the NCAA Tournament. The Team Captain was Amanda Paluch. Firsties: Megan Noble and Amanda Paluch. Cows: Kate Houghton. Yearlings: Diana Alquero, Mary Ford, and Christine Limsiaco. Plebes: Bridie Burke, Sarah Giles-Madden, Brooke Jones, Kristin Niki Flach, and Jessica Shurtz. Coaching Staff: Paul Peck and Marissa Limsiaco. , women refwvfs Colgate CPL Tour. Semiiinalsj I Semofu Rmlu I at Dartmouth L 4-3 at Boston University L 7-0 at Penn State L 7-0 Seton Hall L 4-3 Binghamton W 4-3 St. John's L 7-0 Massachusetts W 5-2 Connecticut W 7-0 Texas State W 5-2 at Air Force W 4-3 at Syracuse L 5-2 at Cornell L 6-l Columbia L 7-0 at Florida Atlantic L 4-3 at Nova Southeastern L 5-2 Rutgers L 5-2 American W 5-2 Stony Brook W 4-3 Colgate W 6-l Holy Cross W 7-O Quinnipiac W 5-2 Albany W 5-2 Bucknell W 7-0 at Lehigh W 6-l at UMBC L 4-3 W 4-0 Bucknell CPL Tour. Finals? W 4-0 L 4-0 at Southern California CN CAA Tournamentj Corps Squad SPORTS his past year the Army Volleyball team had one of its most successful seasons ever, ending with a record of 21-7. One highlight from the year was when Army brought home the All-Academy Tournament trophy after defeating The Citadel and Air Force. Another milestone for the team was the Blach Knights defeat of the American Eagles 3-O at Gillis Field House. This was an accomplishment never before achieved by any Patriot League team since the Eagles entered the Patriot League in 2001. At the Patriot League Championships, the Blach Knights lrznoclfzed off Navy in the first round and faced the Eagles on their home court for the championship. After a long and tough match, the Eagles came out on top, winning 3-2. This loss ended the season for Army and put them in second place in the Patriot League. Abby Casciato, Liz Lazzari, and Briana Stremiclrz were named Patriot League Player of the Vear, Roohie of the Vear, and 2"d team All- Conference respectively. The team Captains were Abby Casciato and Mandy Kimbrell. Firsties: Abby Casciato and Mandy Kimbrell. Cows: Eileen Cassidy, Danielle Cooper Anne FlC1dS and Mimi Yu Yearlings: Hannah Farrell and Lauren Teal. Plebes: Rachael Breinling Jamie Clark Michelle Fratto Elizabeth Lazzari Sonia Ngo Bea-Hob, and Briana Stremick. Coaching Staff: Glen Conley and Alma Kovacx 406 WOMEN' VDLLEYE LL gamma Rmlu at Niagara W 3-2 at Buffalo L 3-2 at Canisius W 3-l Marist W 3-0 St. Francis W 3-0 Cal Riverside L 3-0 The Citadel W 3-O at Air Force W 3-1 at Lehigh W 3-0 at Lafayette W 3-2 Manhattan W 3-l at Bucknell W 3-l at Colgate W 3-2 Navy L 3-l American W 3-0 at Wagner W 3-0 Holy Cross W 3-O at Marist W 3-l Lafayette W 3-l Lehigh W 3-0 Colgate W 3-O Bucknell W 3-l at Navy L 3-2 at American L 3-0 at Sacred Heart W 3-0 at Holy Cross L 3-2 at PL Toumament W 3-O fvs. N avyj at PL Toumament L 3-2 fvs. Americanj Corps Squad SPORTS n the fall of 2005, the Army Cross Country team had the most successful season of the past five years. Despite losing two of its top runners from last year, the team put together a solid year behind several talented gents. Led by a tight pach of top runners, the team was able to sweep Navy at home, place second in the Patriot League Championships, and place seventh out of thirty- seven teams in the NCAA Northeast Regional Championship. Along with team accomplishments, Faraz Bala, Michael Klueber, and Philip Sahala earned individual All-Conference Honors. Even with the loss of two seniors from this year's squad, the team loohs poised to improve on its performance from this past year and reach to- wards a berth at the NCAA Cross Country National Championships. The team's captains were Cory "Wrobo" Wroblewshi and Philip "Phil-Balls" Salfzala. Firsties: Philip Sakala, and Cory Wroblewski. Cows: Faraz Bala, Peter Gerboth, Michael Klueber, Matt Kotlarski, Dan O'Loughlin, Doug Pelletier, Timothy Simmons, and Jon Skelton. Yearlings: Jared Keller, Kevin Kniery, Stephen Kraus, Daniel McNally, John Mickowski, Michael Pfarr, Shaun Pothin, Dallin Rosdahl, Ben Showman, Robert Squier, Matthew Tower, and David Weart. Plebes: Jon Anderson, Claude Baron, Andrew Boza, Andy Cahoy, Andrew Catalano, Johnathan Dietz, Matt F reden-Norman, Spencer Garrison, Quentin McMahon, Justin Messenger, David Penskar, Nicholas Sterghos, Brandon Stocksdale, Daniel Szatkowski, Fitz- William Taylor, Zack Tedoff, and Joshua Weidner. Coaching Staff: Jerry Quiller and Laura Finiucane. , MEN 'S ,,. 0 O SCOUNTRY I Samara RWM at Comell L, l9-39 at Great American XC Festival 7th of 12 at Iona Meet of Champions 13th of 25 at Paul Shoit Invitational l5th of 47 Navy W, 27-28 at Pat. League Championships 2nd of 8 at NCAA Regionals 7th of 47 at IC4A Championships lst of 22 409 Corps Squad SPORTS he Women's Cross Country team had a very successful season. They demolished Navy on the West Point Golf Course and Shi Slope amidst pouring rain and a flooded course. The Lady Black Knights placed second through sixth to win the meet. Army has never placed five consecutive runners in a row in a meet against Navy! The squad was lead by CDT Kirsten Dawson. The ladies continued to have a strong season by finishing second place in the Patriot League Conference to American University. CDTs Ashley Urich, Meg Curran, and lill Hajec were named to Patriot League All Conference teams. CDT Meg Cun'an was also named the Roohie of the Vear. The ladies rounded out the great year with a 15th place finish in the NCAA East Regional meet and a 4th place finish at the East Coast Athletics Conference Meet. The Captain was CDT lill Hajec. Firsties: Natalie Cahill, Jill Hajec, Margaret Kim, Ann Lee Cole, Myra Markey, and Ashley Urick. Cows: Margaret Clark, Andrea Edgar, and Jennifer Powers. Yearlings: Lindsey Champion, Kirsten Dawson, Megan Howell, Kathryn Walker, and Elissa Wilson. Plebes: Meghan Curran, Kristina Heinecke, Jenna Lafferty, Heidi Miller, Kaitlin Minks, Amanda Raulerson, Danielle Rivera, Roxanne Wegman, Leslie Willey, and Jennifer Woods. Coaching Staff: Jerry Quiller and Laura Finiucane. , women' E CEO SCOUNTRY - Scams RM at Cornell L 15-50 at Iona Meet of Champions 14th of 23 at Great American XC Festival 9th of 12 at Paul Short Invitational 15th of 47 get 7-Afvrfi lf Navy W, 20-41 , . , W L, ,, 1 . " atm ,, f 'HM .st ' " " x at Patriot League Championships 2nd of 8 at NCAA Regionals 15th of 38 at ECAC Championships 4th of 22 411 Corps Squad RTS his year the Army Men's Bashetball team made great strides. The captains of the team were Senior Erih Engstrom and luniors Matt Bell and Cory Sinning. Led by Bell, and Sophomores Iarell Brown and Corban Bates, the team's season was high- lighted by impressive road wins at Columbia and VMI. The Blach Knights also handed arch nemesis Navy a loss at Annapolis. The team hopes to build off its successes this year and vie for West Point's first ever Patriot League Championship and NCAA tournament bid next season. Firsties: Erik Engstrom. Cows: Matt Bell, Colin Harris, Marshall Jackson, Jimmy Sewell, and Cory Sinning. Yearlings: Corban Bates, Jarell Brown, Grant Carter, Lance Dietz, and Ryan Hodgson. Plebes: Dan Borcherdt, Brandon Brandewie, Kenny Brewer, David Hoffmaster, D.J. Jemibewon, Curtis Koszuta, John Moonshower, and Doug Williams. Coaching Staff: Jim Crews, Chris Hollender, Clay Nunley, Jim Platt, Kendrick Saunders, Mike Blaine, and Marc Vielledent. wg I MEN EA ICETEALL gamma Refwlu at Temple L 69-37 Polytechnic W 76-37 at VMI W 53-49 The Citadel L 70-68 COTD at Connecticut L 68-54 at Columbia W 67-66 at Sacred Heart L 76-62 VMI L 72-63 N.Y. Maritime W 53-36 at Comell L 74-39 Brown L 59-57 Dartmouth L 55-42 Colgate L 71-58 Holy Cross L 84-46 at Lehigh L 63-60 at American L 65-63 QZOTJ at Navy W 80-73 Lafayette L 82-6l at Colgate L 60-41 Bucknell L 67-54 Navy L 67-62 QOTJ at Holy Cross L 88-38 Lehigh L 69-44 American L 68-55 at Lafayette L 73-64 at Bucknell L 70-47 Bucknell L 59-47 Corps Squad SPURTS he 2005-2006 season was the most remarlrzable season for Women's Baslfzetball in its history at the Academy. The Black Knights finished 20-11, tying the most number of wins by an Army team since the formation of the Patriot League in 1990. While successful, this was also the most challenging schedule Army has ever faced, playing against three top ten ranhed teams in Baylor, UCONN, and Tennessee. However, even amidst tough adversity, the team thrived and went on to win the regular season Patriot League Championship for the first time in school history, clinching the 1st seed and home court advantage for the Patriot League Tournament. Supported by a rowdy crowd of cadets, the Blach Knights were able to reign as the Patriot League Tourna- ment Champions with a 69-68 win over Holy Cross, sending them to their first ever NCAA appearance. The Blach Knights will return to the hardwood next fall without seniors Ashley Magnani, Michy Mallette, Adrienne Payne, and Megan Vrabel, but the team will be anchored by the heady play of Patriot League Player of the Vear and Tournament MVP, Cara Enright, and Patriot League Roohie of the Vear, Alex McGuire, as well as a core of talented young players who saw action this year. It saddens me to tell you West Point has lost a member of its family. Army Women's Basketball Coach Maggie Dixon died last night at I ' Westchester Medical Center in Valhalla, N.Y. Coach Dixon Coach Maggie collapsed , Wednesday Dixon during an afternoon tea. She was taken to Keller Army Community Hospital and airlifted to Westchester. From the time Maggie arrived here, her enfhuslasflc N110 limits" HPPf0aCh eamed her Firstles Ashley Magnani Micky Mallette Adrienne the respect and love of everyone. She consistently displayed great leadership and served as Payng and Megan Vrabel Cows Efm Begonla an outstanding role model for those both on - and off- her team. She was a leader of Jillian Busch Joanne Cnrelns and Jen Hansen character with a commitment to excellence who set the example in all she did. I will remember Maggie along the sidelines, intense and focused on leading her team to victory. I will never forget the cadets carrying her on their shoulders as they celebrated the 'iteam's Patriot League championship and making it to the NCAA tournament. Anne and I and the entire West Point family mourn the loss of one of our own - Maggie Dixon - and our thoughts and prayers are with the Dixon family during this difficult time. Maggle Dlxon Jennifer Flgmmg Maureen Magafltb' LTG WILLIAM J. LENNOX, JR. and Mary Kurnat SUPERINTENDENT April 7, 2006 Yearllngs Cara Enright Margaree King Natalie Schmidt Stefanie Stone and Anna Wilson Plebes Sarah Anderson Megan Ennenga Megan Evans Alex McGuire and Courtney Wright Coaching Staff Y .1 l T5 WOMEN 'S BASKETBALL W " Samara was I E Pace W 82-74 Coast Guard W 103-5l St. John's L 74-55 Manhattan L 72-65 Cal State Fullerton W 80-79 Albany W 72-60 at Comell L 64-61 at Central Conn. St. W 65-63 Princeton L 73-52 Baylor L 85-68 Gardner-Webb W 67-54 at Air Force L 73-61 at Connecticut L 85-46 Iona W 67-54 Colgate W 85-81 COTJ Holy Cross W 59-56 tammy at Lehigh L 60-53 AFWVIY , at American W 75-66 22 it ,f""""'y at Navy W 83-69 X X Lafayette W 75-60 'Q A Q at Colgate L 66-58 1 ' ,N Navy W 78-72 COTJ at Holy Cross W 63-57 Lehigh W 76-67 g - American W 73-49 A 9' 'iii Bucknell W 66-65 at Lafayette W 71-52 at Bucknell L 60-47 Lafayette W 74-55 Colgate W 73-55 Holy Cross W 69-68 Tennessee L 102-54 Corps Squad SPURTS is season started off roughly for the Blaclrz Knights as they began O-7, but after a weekend sweep of Air Force, the team improved. The Blach Knights are ranleed higher than they have ever been in Atlantic Hocleey at 4th place. The service academy highlights for the year reveal a sweep of Air Force at home and a 3-3 tie at RMC, which leaves the class of 2006 undefeated against RMC. Another milestone for the team was the sweeping of league leading Mercyhurst, which at the time was number one in the nation for ptslgame. The BlaclQ Knights defeated them 5-O on national TV and again 3-2 the next night. Individual highlights for the year reveal a very sleilled freshman in Tim Manthey, who leads the team in points and is a strong candidate for the All Roohie team. Seth Beamer, who has garnered the AAA Army Athlete of the Weeh award after the Air Force sweep, is 5f" in scoring. Brad Roberts earned the AAA Army Athlete of the Weeh after the sweep of Mercyhurst. Roberts is also on trach to brealrz the school r record for saves and currently leads the nation in minutes played. The team captains are Seth Beamer, Brad Roberts, Casey Bichley, and Bryce Hollweg. Firsties: Seth Beamer, Chris Migliaro, Brad Roberts, and Corey Rudd. Cows Casey Bickley Brady Dohm Michael Picone, and Matt Schachman. Yearlings: Aaron Anderson, Chris Bilec Chris Blair Chris Colvin Jeff Fearing, Luke Flicek, Lyle Gal, Bryce Hollweg, Ian McDougall, Biff McNally Chase Podsiad Ken Porter and Robb Ross. Plebes: A.J. Drago, Matt Hickey, Josh Kassel, Bill Leahy, Tim Manthey Zach McKelv1e Mike Migliaro, Will Ryan, and Mark Tilch. Coaching Staff: Brian Riley, Shawn Kurulak and Rob Haberbusch I HOCKEY I I imma RMMCY4 Nebraska-Omaha L, 3-2 Ferris State L, 5-2 Colgate L, 6-1 Rensselaer L, 4-0 Holy Cross L, l-0 Holly Cross L, 5-3 Canisius L, 2-l COTJ Canisius T, 2-2 COTJ Air Force W, 3-0 Air Force W, 4-3 COTJ Bentley T, l-l COTJ Bentley L, 4-l Conneticut W, 2-l Sacred Heart L, 4-2 Sacred Heart W, 2-l American Intemational T, 2-2 COTJ Connecticut L, 3-0 UMass L, 2-1 Mercyhurst W, 5-0 Mercyhurst W, 3-2 QOTJ Holy Cross L, 4-3 Holy Cross W, 3-2 American Intemational W, 2-0 Canisius W, 3-0 Canisius L, 2-0 Bentley T, 2-2 COTE Bentley T, 3-3 QOTJ Sacred Heart W, 4-0 Sacred Heart L, 3-0 Royal Military Academy T, 3-3 COTJ Connecticut L, 5-4 Connecticut T, 3-3 COTJ Mercyhurst L, 6-2 Mercyhurst W, 3-2 American Intemational W, 6-3 American Intemational L 4-2 Bentley L 4-3 f2OTj Corps Squad SDDRTS he Army Men's Swimming and Diving team had a successful eason, ending the year with a 9-2 record and a second place finish at the Patriot League Championships. During the season, the men received five Patriot League Swimmer of the Weeh awards CZach Disbrow-1, lahe Mentele-1, Efri Ruthenberg-31. Both lahe Mentele and Efri Ruthenberg earned spots on the First Team All League roster while six other Blach Knights earned second team honors. The team sent four representatives to both the U.S. Open and Spring Nationals. At the U.S. Open, lahe Mentele swam an Olympic Trials cut, the first trials cut swum by an army swimmer in approximately seven years. Mentele also received the Army Athletic Association Award for his efforts against Buchnell. The team earned Academic All American honors. The team captain was Zach Disbrow. The graduating firsties are Nich Beclfz, Doug Klein and Paul Schmidt. Firsties: Nick Beck, Doug Klein, and Paul Schmidt. Cows: Bryan Coward, Zach Disbrow, Zach Foster, 'QQ Andrew Michaelson, Curt Nelson, Cameron Rice, Efri Ruthenberg, and Mike Soderberg. Yearlings: Daniel Davison, Jay Feldner, John Hutchison, Zach Landis, Tom Maddux, Jacob Mentele, David Michelson, Dave Richards, Matt Schiller, Greg Sievers, Stephen Tangen, and Quentin Walsh. Plebes: Warner Allison, Anthony Chung, Cary Cohan, Will Eggers, Camm Garrett, Spencer Kelly, Edward Kim, John Kreitler, Mark Lesak, Ryan McDaniel, Zach McLain, JeffTolbe1t, David Ulrey, and Nicholas Vandam. Coaching Staff: John O'Neill, Jonathan Johnson, Matt Crispino, and Beth Jerome. I MEN SWIMMING! DIVING Patriot League Champ fDay lj Patriot League Champ fDay 21 Semw Erwin Colgate W 178-113 Lafayette W 139-80 Holy Cross W 168-113 Massachusetts W 17 8.5-64.5 Navy L 179-64 US Open 7th Bucknell W 176-124 Lehigh W 157-83 American W 218-74 Old Dominion W 190-1 10 at George Mason W 191-109 George Washington W 165-64 Connecticut L 153- 147 2nd of 8 2nd of 8 2nd of 8 Patriot League Champ CFina1sj Corps Squad SPDRTS rmy Women's Swimming and Diving successfully completed a very difficult and demanding 2005-2006 schedule. The team finished the regular season with a record of 5-6-1. Following the regular season, the women's team had a strong fifth place finish at the Patriot League Championships. At the championship meet, Army landed five women on the All-League Patriot teams. Erin Hanley and Chelsea Haviland captured first team honors while Chelsey Freeman, Cora Freeman, and Amanda Otto were named to the second All-League team in a large field of excellent competi- tors. On a more broad scope, the men's and women's team com- bined for 86 lifetime best performances and 20 Army Top-Ten All Time performances this year. ln addition, 10 members of the Army swimming and diving team met U.S. Open Time Standard cuts while team captain, Chelsea Haviland, became the first Army swimmer or diver to compete at National NCAA Championships. Finally, the entire women's team earned Academic All-American Honors with Sarah Gerstein leading the way at a 3.987. Clearly, this team defines excellence both in and out of the water as they worh toward future success. Firsties: Nerea Cal, Ann Lee Cole, Chelsea Haviland, and Jen Nam. Cows: Elizabeth Cal, Julia Carier, Sarah Gerstein, Liz Johnson, Megan McQuaig, Amanda Otto, Erin Stevens, and Sarah Turner. Yearlings: Sylvia Beck, Kim DeFiori, Chelsey Freeman, Cora Freeman, Rachel Larson, Emily Martin, and Caroline OiSullivan. Plebes: Paige Dellavalle, Ann DiDomenico, Erin Hanley, Erin McQuarrie, Blair Miller, Samantha Turner, and Kari Vahle. Coaching Staff: John O'Neill, Jonathan Johnson, Matt Crispino, and Beth Jerome. WOMEN' ' SWIMMING! DIVING I Semom RMMU4 Colgate L 168-131 Lafayette W 143-100 Holy Cross W 159-120 Massachusetts W 123-120 Navy L 188.5-111.5 Bucknell L 181-108 Lehigh W 155-87 American W 208.5-86.5 Old Dominion T 148-148 at George Mason L 168-127 George Washington L 121-116 Connecticut L 221-79 Patriot League Champ fDay lj 4th of 8 Patriot League Champ fDay 21 5th of 8 Patriot League Champ fFina1sj 5th of 8 -..,,g9- BL. Corps Squad SPORTS his year's season for the wrestling team was a roller-coaster of motions. Plagued by the loss of their brother, Tony Severo, as well as having the misfortune of four season long injuries, the wrestling team's stamina was put to the test. Their determination, however, drove them to have one of the most successful seasons for Army wrestling in the last decade. Highlights of the season were Army's two ties against top 25 teams in the nation, against 416 Hofstra, 19-19, and versus 423 Northern Iowa, 19-19, as well as bringing home the New Vorb state championship trophy from the field of 17 teams. At the EIWA Conference tournament, the team had 8 of 10 individuals place in the top six, and sent four of those eight to the NCAA championship. Seniors Patrich Simpson, lon Anderson, and Chad Martin, along with Freshman William Simpson, represented the Army team at Ohlahoma City, Ohla- homa forthe national tournament. The team's final dual season record was 8-4-2, with 2 of the 4 losses coming to nationally ranhed opponents. Guided by the senior leadership throughout this season, the team showed great determination and desire to produce a season to remember. Firsties: Jon Anderson, Luke J Calvert, Joey i Cohe, Tommy Hendrix, James Hollis, Gabriel Lucero, Charles Martin, Chad Marzec, Tony Severo, Patrick Simpson, and Todd Wisman. Cows: Frank Baughan, Ed Gibbons L1efG1lsdorf Robert Heightchew Austin Milster, Connor Sanders, Brent Smith, Mike Tatz, Thang Tran, and Rush Williams. Yearlmgs Brandon Benson Scott Clark Travis Featherstone, Scott Ferguson, Fernando Martinez, Rafii Mnatzakanian, Brent Nowak, Chad Plaisted Daniel Schiering Nathan Thobaben and Aaron Wernimont. Plebes: Gary Bowman, Aaron Carter, John Drew, Whitt Dunning, Duder Edmunds Brock Epps Josh Ewing Daniel Geib, Tyler Howard, Davey Mason, Jon Mathias, Caleb Pelletier, Drake Rossi, Brian Rowan Casey Schreiber William Simpson Michael Sprigg, and Mitch Stock. Coaching Staff: Chuck Barbee Mike Clayton and Bill Maldonado we qi IWEESTUNCI I Semofn RWJJ4 OK-Gold Brockport Classic 3rd of 11 Hofstra T 19-19 at Body Bar Systems Inv. 6th of 11 at Franklin 8a Marshall W 44-0 at Pemi State Open NTS at East Stroudsburg W 27-7 at Noithem Iowa T 19-19 at Oklahoma State L 42-0 vs. Stanford L 22-16 vs. Chatanooga L 25-9 Rutgers W 30-3 Merchant Marine W 45-9 at NY St. Championships lst of 17 at NY St. Championships lst of 17 Sacred Heart W 30-6 at Brown W 17-16 at Harvard W 30-10 at Columbia W 16-15 at Academy Championships 2nd of 8 at Navy L 24-9 at EIWA Championships 6th of 13 at EIWA Championships 6th of 13 Corps Squad SPORTS he year started off slowly as the team struggled in our first series of games. The Army Baseball team responded well in our annual spring trip to Florida as we brought our record to near even. Soon we began to return to our winning form until we hit Patriot League play. We found ourselves in a 1-7 hole after the first two weehends but soon rebounded against Holy Cross and Navy. We tooh our third consecutive star against Navy thanhs in large part to the play of our seniors: Dan Pluff, Rob Davis, Monte Jones and leremy Stache. We soon found ourselves within range of host- ing the league tournament at the end of the year. However, fate was not as hind as we had hoped, and we missed out on the tour- nament. Our last and most memorable game was against Stony Brooh, which turned into a thriller, as we won in extra innings thanhs in large part to our budding underclassmen. While the 2006 season did not bring us to an NCAA regional, it brought us closer as a team and set up the baseball team to be successful in 2007. Firsties: Monte Jones, Dan Pluff, and Jeremy Stache. Cows: Barnes Connell Milan Dmga Thomas Halverson Nick Hill, Ben Mayhew, and Kyle Scogin. Yearlings: Drew Clothier Thomas Frawley Gabe Jimenez Caleb Love, Matt Pryor, Chris Simmons, Kyle Stramara, and Cole White Plebes Tyler Anderegg Tony Capozzi Andrew Ernesto, Kyle Fleming, Austin Grimes, Josh Kopsie, Zach Mlerva J P Polchmski Danny Schwartz Matt Snyder, Tyler Stohr, and Kyle Terza. Coaching Staff: Joe Sottolano Maj Spencer Clouatre Fritz Hamburg, and Nick Schnabel. I EA EEALL Sewwm Hmm Kentucky L 9-0 Kentucky L 9-2 Texas-San Antonio L 5-4 Davidson L 7-5 Appalacian State L 11-8 Appalacian State L 4-2 UMBC W 10-4 UMBC L 5-2 UMBC W 3-2 Columbia W 14-3 Columbia W 1-0 Columbia W 8-0 USF L 8-2 Fairleigh Dickinson W 3-1 Iona W 9-1 Fairleigh Dicllivnlson WI 2051 Manhattan W 7-1 ass - Sacred Heart L 4-3 ggi? 3 il Wagner 3 Holy Cross W 8-1 32232 vv 4-3: Holy Cross W 8-7 Quinnipiac T 6-6 3 2-2, Lafayette L 16-5 Navy L 2-0 Lafayette L 11-2 Navy W 4-1 Lafayette W 3-2 Navy W 6-1 Ivvig 3 Francis, NY W 7-5 Bucknell L 4-0 Yi! Bucknell L 9-2 Lehigh L 3-1 Bucknell L 1-0 Lehigh W 5-3 Bucknell L 6-1 St. Peter's W 8-0 NYIT W 9-4 NYIT W 4-3 NYIT L 15-4 Stony Brook W 5-4 425 Corps Squad SPORTS e Army Golf team started out the year trying to repeat as Patriot League Champions for the third straight year and started out in fine fashion. The Army Golf team lost two of the most decorated players in recent history in Scott Manley and Pete Phipps, yet many plebes and yearlings stepped up to help Army continue their recent success. The highlight of the fall was when Army beat Navy 6.5-4.5 on Navy's home course in the annual 'star match'. Both Sam Walenz and Austin Luher won their two matches, helping to lead Army to the win, while being named Army Co-Athletes of the Weeh in the process. Another milestone for the team was Patriclfz Beverly's win in the All-Service Academy Clas- sic held in Dallas, Texas. Patrich won the tournament by a margin of two strohes. Patrich Beverly, Austin Luher, and Sam Walenz were all named to the All-Service Academy team. The low round of the year came from Austin Luher, who carded a 67 to finish 2nd at the Towson Classic and also Sam Walenz who shot 67 at the All-Service Academy Classic. Other fine rounds that were shot were 68 by Joey Cave at the University of Nebraska and 69 by Patrich Beverly at the same event. The team had many strong finishes in the Spring to continue their march toward a 10th Patriot League Championship. Next year the team will return four of the five starters so the outloole of Army Golf continues to loolrz promising. F irsties: Drake Bailey, Jimmy Fisher, Austin Luher, Alan Mackey, and D.J. Reeves Yearlmgs Patrick Beverly Joey Cave, Matt Hanlon, John Kircher, David Padgalskas, Danny Priester, and Greg Simpson Plebes Gary Beene Minou Pak, Adam Renfroe, and Sam Walenz.Coaching Staff: Jimmy Ray Clevenger. I., ' GOLF I Semmw Rowffu at Fairway Club Invitational 9th of 13 at Fairway Club Invitational 6th of 13 at Blue Devil Fall Invitational 2nd at Navy A2.5,N 1.5 at McDonald Cup 5th of 18 at NBT Bank Collegiate Classic 3rd of 13 at Service Academy Classic 2nd of 4 at Pala Mesa Invitational llth of 15 at Pala Mesa Invitational 10th of 14 at Hargrove Davis Intercollegiate llth of 15 at Hargrove Davis Intercollegiate 13th of 15 at El Diablo Intercollegiate 3rd of 19 at El Diablo Intercollegiate Sth of 19 at Drew Upton Towson Golf Classic llth of 22 at New England Championships 14th of 16 at Patriot League Championships 2nd of 7 at Cleveland Golf Invitational 4th of l2 Corps Squad SPORTS he Army Gymnastics team, coached by Dr. Doug VanEveren, and assisted by Carmine Giglio, had an exceptional 2006 season. Milae Tiffany, the captain of the Gymnastics team, lead Army to an 8-4 record. The Army team finished 2"d overall in the 2006 West Point Open, one of the largest East Coast gymnastics meets. Army had five competitors who qualified for the finals in the Openp Senior Mihe Tiffany Cringsl, luniors Brandon Whitten lfvaultl, Elliot Proctor Cp-barsl and Ioe Baumann Chigh-barj, and Sophomore Mihe Assenmacher Cfloor, pommels and vaultl. Tiffany and Proctor placed 2"d on their respective events, followed by a 3'd place finish from Assenmacher on vault and a 4th place finish by Baumann on high bar. After falling to Navy in the "Star Match," Army bounced bach the next weeh to defeat Navy and Air Force in the All Academy Champi- onships by .05 points. The Gymnastics team also beat Air Force in two dual meets in the Lou Gross Sports Center. Army placed 4f" at the ECAC Championships, qualifying multiple athletes for the finals. Army was led by George Rhynedance, who was crowned the 2006 ECAC High Bar Champion. Senior Kyle Welsh placed 2"d on the vault, fol- lowed by Iuniors Mihe Oliveira and Proctor tying for 3'd on p-bars. Baumann and sophomore Tim Burns placed 4f" and 5th on high bar respectively. Six gymnasts qualified for the NCAA championships, including Tiffany Cringsl, Welsh Cfloor, vaultj, Baumann Cvault, high barb, Proctor Cp-barsl, Rhynedance Chigh barj and Burns Chigh barb. Firsties: Chris Kennedy, Mike Tiffany, and Kyle Welsh. Cows: Tobias Apps, Joe Baumann, Mike Oliveira Eliot Proctor, George Rhynedance, and Brandon Whitten. Yearlings: Mike Assenmacher, Tim Burns, and Tyler Ho. Plebes: Maxwell Hauptman, Kelson Lumpkin, Kevin Mead, and Kevin O,Brien. Coaching Staff 428 Doug VanEveren and Carmine Giglio. 7 I CIYMNASTIC - Semofu Rwdtu Pemi State L 206.65-199.15 at Springfield 2nd of 4 West Point Open - Team Individual West Point Open - Individual W 205.55-181.25 Air Force W 207.1-183.9 Air Force L 201.3-198.825 at Navy lst All-Academy Championships W 198.6-172.05 vs. James Madison L 203-198.6 at Temple L 203-198.6 Springfield W 204.1-194.35 at Illinois L 220-196.1 at MIT at ECAC Championships W l99.65-187.6 4th Corps Squad SPORTS he 2006 Army Lacrosse team marhs a new era in the program's long history. With the arrival of Head Coach loe Alberici and the departure of lacla Emmer, the winningest head lacrosse coach in the history of Division 1 Men's Lacrosse, the 2006 squad was challenged to respond. Despite many injuries in the fall season, the team developed a strong bond by committing to each other and the program. The fall is focused much on molding the team for the spring and recruiting new athletes for the future of the program. The spring season started off coldly as players such as lohn Wallrzer continued to battle injuries. The team opened up 1-3, but it rebounded after spring breah to gain favor in the polls and reach a national ranh of 16. A loss to Navy set the team bach in ranhing. But the Army team responded and gave themselves two chances to clinch a seat in the NCAA tournament, only to fall short by a few goals. The senior men of the 2006 Army Lacrosse team have had tremendous success. They led the team to three straight NCAA tourna- ment bids, including a Patriot League Championship. They have ac- counted for many Patriot League awards, a 1st Team All-American, a Teawarton finalist CHeisman trophy of college lacrossej, and a top national ranhing of 44. The 12 seniors of the 2006 team finish their l careers with a 37-26 record. Firsties: Matt Bowerman, Jon Burton, Nate Foust, Matt Luyster, Drew Narcum, Erik Nerdalen, Mike Obringer, Tom Ronan, Tory Sokul, Tony Vozzolo, John Walker, and Andrew Yakulis. Cows: Justin Bokmeyer, Ryan Chase, Eddie Clark, Brian Ivany, Nick LoRusso, and Hunter Wakeland. Yearlings: Adam Fullerton, Pat Fuller- ton, Tom Gossweiler, Erik Haniuk, Mike Hanna, Adam Hansinger, J .P. Keneally, Jay Larson, Craig Massie, Ryan McClure, Alex Morse, Roy Ragusa, Matt Scheel, and Andrew Supiano. Plebes: Trip Auray, John Cote, Cameron Friscia, Zach Jansen, Brooks Korvin, Kevin LoRusso, Chris Mattos, Jason Peyer, Sean Reppard, Alex Rhoads, and Paul Wigdzinski. Coaching Staff: Joe Alberici, Anthony Diange, and Mike Murphy. 430 I M0120 E Seam- Rowlfu Syracuse L 14-10 Lehigh L 8-7 Stony Brook W 11-9 Cornell L 13-1 Rutgers W 5-4 Lafayette W 4-1 Colgate W 9-5 Hofstra L 11-6 Air Force W 11-10 CGTJ Bucknell W 8-7 Navy L 11-10 Holy Cross W 16-3 Colgate W 10-8 Navy L 8-5 Ohio State L 12-9 Corps Squad SPDRTS rmy's successful season came to a close as runner-up in the Patriot League Tournament. Fourth-seeded in the tourna- ment, the Blacla Knights lost to top-seed Lehigh 5-1. Seniors Nihhi Posey and lamie Gjurgevich, and Sophomore Melissa Garza had hey hits. lt was the fifth straight championship appearance for the Blach Knights and the second time as the fourth seed. Army ended their season batting .269 with four players hitting over .300. Posey led the team with an average of .362, followed by Veronica Lauzon, C.308J, Darcy Wilson, 63071, and Lindsey Gerheim, C.303J. Firsties: Jamie Gjurgevich, Nikki Posey, and Darcy Wilson. Cows: Lindsey Gerheim, Veronica Lauzon, and Chris Stauffer. Yearlings: Mary Ann Kearney, Veronica Barth, Melissa Garza, Valerie LoSchiavo, Abby Rayl, and Kelly Trout. Plebes: DeAnna Comstock, Brandy Kinstle, Ashley Rowland, Kathryn Sobotta, and Sarah Yates. Coaching Staff: J im Flowers, Michelle Gerdes, and Alex Heidenberg. - SOFTBALL I I Seam- RWM East Carolina L 7-0 Michigan State L 3-0 Elon W 6-1 Seton Hall L 5-1 Ohio L 7-2 Elon L 10-3 George Washington L 2-1 Mount St. Mary's L 2-1 Manhattan W 2-1 Wagner L 5-1 Iona L 10-6 Tennessee-Martin L 8-2 FDU-Teaneck W 10-0 Saint Louis L 5-4 Rider W 7-4 Butler L 5-2 Dayton L 4-0 Florida A8cM L 6-5 Fairfield L 9-8 St. Peterls W 4-3 St. Peterls W 6-4 at Marist L 6-2 at Marist L 4-1 Yale L 9-3 Yale L 4-3 Holy Cross W 6-0, W ll-8, L 6-0 Holy Cross W 8-5 at Rutgers W 10-6 at Rutgers L 8-7 at Colgate W 6-4, L 5-4, L 4-1, L at Colgate L 6-5 at Bucknell L 8-7, L 3-2, W 9-6 at Bucknell W 11-4 at Albany L 6-0 at Albany L 2-0 at Binghamton L 6-1 at Binghamton L 5-3 Lafayette Lafayette Lehigh PL Tournament CLehighj PL Toumament CColgatej PL Tournament QLafayettej W 3-1, W 5-2, W 6-2 L2-1 L 4-0, L 7-3, L 4-1, L 8-2 L 2-0 W 5-4 W 3-1 433 Corps Squad RTS his past trach season was one the most exciting trach season in years. ln Indoor Tracle, we had more lC4A, CEast Coast Championshipl, qualifiers than in any years past. lohn Michowslrzi highlighted this accomplishment by winning the mile at the lC4A championship. We had good performances at the Penn State and Boston lnvitationals, but the two most important meets of the season were the Army vs. Navy trach meet and the Patriot League Championships. The Army vs. Navy indoor trach meet was one of the most exciting indoor trach meets in years. The meet came down to the last race, in which Navy scraped away with a win on their home trach in Annapolis. The tides turned as we won the Patriot League Championship, also in Annapolis, beating our nearest competitor, which was Navy, by over 50 points. The seniors that led our team to the conference championship were Ryan Collins, Eric Lobdell, Ryan Keaton, Sean Kim, Cory Wroblewshi, Caleb Wells and Iason Smartt. We anticipate a great outdoor season with one highlight being the Army vs. Navy matchup at home. The Captains this year were Phil Sahala, Cory Wroblewshi, and lason Smartt. F irsties: Ryan Collins, Ryan Keaton, Seann Kim, Eric Lobdell, Philip Sakala, Jason Smartt, Caleb Wells, and Cory Wroblewski. Cows: Faraz Bala, Daniel Braud, Kevin Filer, David Frehulfer, Peter Gerboth, Chris Haag, Justin Kelso, Michael Klueber, Matthew Kotlarski, Westly Lafitte, Gavin McMahon, Brandon McNichol, Rudy Mejia, Gavin Mohrmann, Mike Nulk, Dan O,Loughlin, Douglas Pelletier, Timothy Simmons, Jonathan Skelton, and Brandon Woerth. Yearlings: Gregory Booker, Thomas Brett, Mario Bullock, Daniel Fritz, Aaron Grant, Adam Johnson, Kevin Kniery, Stephen Kraus, Bradon Lewis, Stephen Lewis, David Libert, Daniel McLeod, Daniel McNally, John Mickowski, Lawrence Pautian, Michael Peck, Adrian Perkins, Michael Pfarr, Zachary Porter, Shaun Pothin, Ryan Presnal, Reagan Rafferty, Dallin Rosdahl, Dennis Rowe, Gregory Seguin, Ben Showman, Robert Squier, Matthew Tower, David Weart, and Steve Zhang. Plebes: Ben Agnor, Jon Anderson, Jeff Balka, Steve Barnes, Claude Barron, Andrew Boza, David Brown, Travis Buskuhl, Andrew Catalano, Larry Choate, Michael Custer, Jon Dietz, Sam Fullmer, Tim Horan, John Howie, Christopher Jacobsen, Marshall Keating, William Kennedy, Kevin Kumlien, Antonio Manzano, Shawn McKinst1y, Justin Messenger, John Naletelich, David Penskar, John Plumstead, Alex Ralston, Brandon Ritchey, Kenny Saffold, Adam Smith, Archie Smith, Nicholas Sterghos, Alex Sudyk, Daniel Szatkowski, Fitz-William Taylor, Zack Tedoff, Brandon Thunnan, and Joshua Weidner. Coaching Staff: Jeny Quiller, Knut Hjeltnes, Joe Rogers, Laura Finucane, Brandit Copper, and Michael Young. , MEN ' TRACK Sammy 2014114 Black Knight Invite lst Navy L 93-88 PL Championships lst of 8 IC4A Championships 3rd of 21 IC4A Championships 6th of 51 Southem Comiecticut Invite lst of 13 Navy W 105-97 PL Championships lst of 8 PL Championships lst of 8 fs:- F 'T . .1 .car fr- A . .,,, -0-- i W- Q 5 1 K, 1571 .'5T3:'?i:, ini-1 9--f ' b ' .v 'ilu . ' 7331- 552 qw" "' ' T' 2' X H " Pia? 2, , Q 5- ' W'm f nllif Corps Squad SPORTS his past year the Women's Army Traclfz and Field team had very successful seasons and demonstrated raw talent in several trach and field events. The ladies compete in throws, sprints, long dis- tances, jumps, and vaults. Numerous athletes achieved first place finishes over Navy in both indoor and outdoor competitions. The Women's Army Trach and Field team also produced several Patriot League Champions across the trach and field events. The team tools second in the Indoor Patriot League Championships and beat Navy again. Three Blacla Knights earned a spot on the Indoor Conference's First Team: Meghan Venable-Thomas, Kelcee Moody, and Katelin Grant. Two represented the Blach Knights on the second team, Ashley Urich and Kim Maxwell. The Women's Traclrz and Field team had several members qualify for Eastern College Athletic Conference Sports Championships and beyond. The team Captains were Ashley Urich Clndoorl and Kirsten Rowe COutdoorJ. l ,Y I.. ..,Y Firsties: Natalie Cahill, Jill Hajec, Erica Hill, Melina Lee, Ann Lee Cole Myra Markey Kirsten Rowe and Ashley Urick. Cows: Sylvia Amegashie, Cherith Boycan, Margaret Clark Andrea Edgar Jeamae Lawton Krystal Miller, Christine Murray, Celeste Pizza, Jennifer Powers Nicole Stoddard Meghan Venable Thomas Kathryn Walker, and Aubrey Williams. Yearlings: Nicole Brechue Michelle Davis Kirsten Dawson Jen Glover, Katelin Grant, Brittany Greene, LaToya Hall, Jennifer Hanby Megan Howell Janelle Jones Derin Kozlowski, Kim Maxwell, Julia Miller, Heather Owney, Elitha Smith and Cynthea Tossie Plebes Jennifer Acojedo, Monica Barrett, Jamie Clark, Patrice Cottman, Meghan Curran Maxine Gourley Kristina Heinecke Tyfani Hulse, Geneva Matthews, Kelly McCarthy, Allyson McKay Alexis McLaughlin Heidi Miller Kelcee Moody, Denise Quigley, Briana Stremick, Ellen Sutey, Justine Swift Da Veena Cooper Roxanne Wegman Lauryn Wierda, Leslie Willey, and Elissa Wilson. Coaching Staff Jerry Quiller Knut Hjeltnes Joe Rogers Laura Finucane, Brandit Copper, and Michael Young. IH , women 's more 'W A ARMY 7, Mq WW I Semma RWM Black Knight Invite 3rd of 5 Navy L 99.5-88.5 PL Championships 4th of 8 PL Championships 5th of 8 PL Championships 2nd of 8 ECAC Championships 27th of 50 Southern Connecticut Invite 5th of 11 Navy L 104-99 PL Championships 4th of 8 PL Championships 4th of 8 Corps Squad SPORTS his year, members of the Army Rifle team continued to enjoy the rewards of their NCAA Championship. In the Fall semester, they were awarded Championship rings to commemorate the victory. Another high note was winning the President's Trophy in the All- Academy Rifle Match. This was the first win in the match for the Blach Knights in several years. ln the Spring semester, the team continued its success with a second place finish in the conference tournament. Shortly thereafter, Army defeated Navy in the Star Match for the first time in over ten years. For the team and coach- ing staff, this win was a huge accomplishment in the history of the program. The team went on to qualify for the NCAA champion- ships for the third year in a row. At the tournament, the team performed well among the extremely talented field of competition. Placing third overall, it was the second year in a row that the team has placed in the top three. After the match, five team members were awarded with All-American honors. This total matched the number of All-American honors that the team brought home the previous season. The 2006 season is considered to be one of the best in Army Rifle history. Firsties: Lucas Leinberger and Ian Smith. Cows: John Fiddes and Mike Jablonski Yearllngs Chris Abalo David Amiot, Matthew Hamilton, Brian Kem, and Kristina Wilkins Plebes Harry Gauthier Wesley Hess and Darrell Norman. Coaching Staff: Ron Wigger. I RIFLE Sewma Hmm Kentucky W 4666-4638 Memphis W 4639-4606 West Virginia W 4668-4551 President s Trophy Match lst North Carolina State W 4665-4487 Univ ofthe Sciences in Philadelphia W 4666-4343 Nebraska L 4676-4657 Alaska Fairbanks L 4728-4671 Ohio State W 4667-4532 Ole Miss W 4670-4629 NCAA Qualifier 4693 Navy W 5844-5803 GARC Championship 2nd NCAA Rifle Championship 4th Smallbore 2318 3rd NCAA Rifle Championship Since 1997, fthe first year Boxing became a club sportl, Army has had - 7 32All-Americans, finished 3rd nationally, and had five individual National 5 Champions: Dave Addams in 1998, Boyd Melson in 2001, Wes Baer ng in 2004, and Matt Pride and Wes Baer in 2005. Each year, male cadets i lilr rlt., , from all four classes compete for the 24 roster g VM? , y , ,,,,f 1 MM W ,W Xzflr, - spots authorized to the cadet boxing team at 12 different weight classes: 119, 125, 132, 139, 147, 156, 165, 175, 185, 195, and heavyweight fHVYjl. Army is coached by the USMA Director of Boxing, Dr. Ray Barone QLTC, Retl, and Officers-in- Charge, MAJ Eric Buller, '90, MAJ John Bobo, CPT John Kiel, and CPT Derrick Stanton. I , in G x K While the team does participate in a few competitive events during the year, the primary mission of the CWT is to train its members in the use of military small arms and tactics in order to prepare them for leadership and instructor yyqw ini tirr Q gg, positions in the United States Military. CWT enforces safety while M lyr Q "iir training everything from weak handed shooting to room clearing rtt, dfiiig tactics, and places great emphasis on target recognition,the ability to any recognize each target as a friendly or enemy target. ggy J ggg g W W g ygll in is gytiytyt my yyty cyyc g g gg 1 441 In the fall, the Crew team participates in 6-kilometer races, called head races. Army competes in approximately six or seven head 5 races in the fall. Once it gets too cold to row on the Hudson, the team moves indoors to its state-of-the-art boathouse. In preparation for the spring season, the team works out by lifting weights, running, rowing in the tanks and using the ergo meters. An intense week of training held over spring break kicks off the spring season. In the spring, Army competes in 2 kilometer "Sprints," often excelling in such premier regattas as the Dad Vail and IRA. ,wail J-9,4-1 Although a young team, the women's team had a very successful fall season, placing 15th out of 46 boats at the prestigious Head of the Charles Regatta. Weather permitting, the team runs water practices at 0520 every morning. During the winter months, the team trains indoors at the boathouse. Workouts may involve time on the ergometers and in the i rowing tanks. The rigorous spring season was kicked off with the week r , H of spring break spent training at Eglin Air Force Base, Florida. The team's main Qoals, as always, are victories over Navy, and a boat in the tlti Finals at Dad Vail in May. F 4 M g y 4 ,.,, , lltll W gg ,g,.,,.., g V tt., , ,lit 5 u . 443 The Army Cycling team took to the road and the track this year with a very young team and had some very strong finishes from many , iiyi . rty , i different riders. In the fall, the team sent riders out to Chicago to T compete at the Collegiate Track Cycling National Championships. C With the talent and motivation of the new riders, the team placed 8m g g overall. , .say , CCt'tr A iiii springgthe team took to the road of the Eastern Collegiate w-4533221 if f "f V "'t21 ri? MW Vw- T' i 'f My , M, ' ,W - C M Cycling Conference and placed a strong 61" place overall in the conference. A great show of force came from yearling Nic Shamrell who finished in the top three for the season in the lVlens D category. Other new riders this year included plebes Steve Pingree, Alex Krienke, and Derek Merkler, who all showed a great deal of potential by moving up to the Men's C category and finishing strong in several races. Two new women riders, yearling Aston Armstrong and plebe Courtney Rehwoldt, helped lead the team to the Collegiate Road National Championships in Lawrence, Kansas. There, the Army Cyclists braved the wind and the crashes to come away ranked 15th on the road for Dll schools. QQ. 4g:gP5- ZA ln November 2005, the Equestrian team placed 2nd overall in the regional competition. ln addition to success as a team, many riders also placed well individually. Two riders took 1st place, four riders took 2nd place, two riders took 3rd place, six riders took 4th place, three riders took 5th place, and two riders placed , Q rf,t,,,,p ,,,,,,l or , 6th. Brittany Ladner, '07, placed first in Advanced Walk-Trot-Canter, vtiit, , in ,V which moved herto the next division. Natalie Heimel, '09, also placed i ffl' ' first in Beginning Walk-Trot-Canter. U p e e e p e p, , so s as c Q 445 The Army Fencing Team is a highly competitive team that uses all of it resources to ensure that each member receives all the skills needed to fence strong. The Fencing team ended last season finishing number one in the National Collegiate Club Fencing Championships. U The championships brought glory and a certain pressure forthe team iiyy glauy cuyyi , li its success. This season, the team has had to overcome -WMM' .. .e f F i i l ' if ' i C . fp,Q j W . . . f e f ss f ., ,fm-f.VAWm,,fmMwnvewfwfwp ,.., fwmvfivfvfwt ff-f L-wfffw-ii,W.: ,,,., , ..., , ,.t,,.,,.,.,,t,. T t,.,,., ,, k.,k,, .,,.., K M, ,..,. ,., , ,f ., I , , ,,,,, K I i 1 -f,',f. I ..f. ,W ,,1,,, .,.u -bf...f. - V istf ir'ii the graduation of seniors and the welcoming of inexperienced fencers who made up more than half of the team. Despite competing against varsity teams with better practice facilities, the team continues to show their strength and are congratulated by their opponents. This season, the men and women's team ranked first and third respectively. Overall, the team finished 2nd nationally proving they are a force to be reckoned with. dliiflrlil. 'Wk 446 wp I VA in . W ICHI, Nl, SAN! The Judo Team, underthe leadership of Sensei Reno and volunteer staff and coaches competes at both the national and international level across the U.S. Bringing a reputation of endurance on the mat, Army's Judoka crush their opponents with throws, chokes, armlocks and pins. ln addition to ,Q l1ft,,,,,, ,Q J dominating the Northeast, the team looks to place members on the tiiit g r' S U.S. ClSlVl lCompeticion lnternacionale Sports lvlilitarej team each year after graduation to compete abroad. J -,.,,' " ,. . .wif w,.::', :X 42 2. ' , ,, Y K 3 - " , K " , , A fi, me 447 The Army team finished their amazing season with a 13-1 record. . .Head ,iiie Coach Marie Johnson couldn't have said it any better when she told the if rrrri 1i L I team, "We have had a Hall of Fame Season. lt's truly been super, the 5 kind of season that you dream about." Co-captains Amanda King and gg H I ..l. , g Stephanie Davison, and firstie leaders, Eva Armanas, Jill Rahon, Kelly I rrilif .,,,,,. Lanternief, and Priya,,Rednam helped lead the 2006 Lady Lax Team to if ii ti i fy A Tgiloriousu victories over some of their toughest opponents in years, including Delaware, Syracuse, Penn State, and Air Force! Two of their biggest highlights included defeating Syracuse and Penn State for the ECWLA championship and beating Air Force in double-overtime. This team's dedication and love for each other and the game earned them the chance to play at the 2006 U.S. Lacrosse Intercollegiate National Championship. From Coach GalIagher's crazy work-outs, bitter cold practices in A-lot, Mary's motivational speeches, Steph's man-voice, Pete's "ai-ee-yah!" call, and the "you can't fight genetics" animal names, their friendships and memories will truly last a lifetime. BRING IT on three! Q 448 The Marathon team is a group of cadets joined by a collective love of running faster and farther than most. This fall, we will race the Richmond Marathon. The goal is that all members qualify for Boston. Another fall season highlight is the Army! . llllissl P T in ' Navy Ball Run. The Marathon team starts Thursday evening at dinner f1l.ti and runs the game ball from the tsl CPT at the Poop Deck to the gylll iinrd if llc referee at centerfield in Philadelphia, approximately 200 miles. The races we run and the training we do may seem insane to some, but 7, iilrr g hey, it gets us odt of drill.. yyypyypy p yyygg y glyVyA.yy,y. y .......y,..y.y... 4, ycly ,y,t. ..l..v.r.. c .l....l..1..tl st.v...... v.vlv..t..vltv..t. .svisvl 1 lvr vsvl M ls. Q v.11l llllllllsllalsll rlfs llrtfl sltnll llrlfrt ' ,,,,,,, A I 449 P' F nw 413353 , P' 5 1 1 4115, M, 1 E, ' 1 1 ,V im., -- E. A 11, 1251 1- if , WV: 11113 1si fi11 111' fl 2. ?i1i3L1 I Q-ff R ,. wa 11- '1',11,- 11' -1:13:33 1 321' , 1,191 - 1'xfzFi:11E:5.f W fE3F-11- 33913 , ' 1 ' W Y 'milw' 'W 1 371' ,311::.-1- W 1 111 1, rs X' f ff '-" " Q fi fiwfw' ' 1 E f' " 'Q W, ' " l ,,,,, F , '32 H, N.. 1: UL . ' 'ik-'21 ,W Y H ww., E ' :EW X . 1 ., ' ""4 1. ,L Q? ,A ui 3 as :QR 1 ,mi ,, , Jw, SE 111'A , 4 I , 115 ARMY AmY 1 QRM wr Us M Wifzzh-" , "'P:gFL1s wi, RID mi 1 L ' "tv - f 1 1 A-1: 'fm' W A AT' 71. .N 4 1 Mr. 1- i 1 W' mn .4 - ..... .. 1 r my 1.-, W W Ain. The USMA Cadet Mountaineering Team is a group of approximately 50 cadets dedicated to climbing. We practice daily at the crags around West Point and at the Class of '79 Indoor Wall. Team trips include visits to the climbing mecca of the Northeast: the Gunks, as well as ioe climbing in the Catskill Mountains. Ourteam is made up of members of all four classes, oflioer and civilian faculty members. Each fall, the team invites local climbers to climb in a friendly competition at FEI. Wall. This gives the cadets an opportunity to interact with the climbing oommunity, forge friendships and prove ourselves alongside other climbers. CMT had the opportunity to bring our love of rock climbing to the Corps this year at the Class of '79 Wall. We taught the Education 81 Certification program, as well as staffed Cpen Sessions during seoond semester for interested cadets. The Mountaineering Club and Team have existed sinoe the 1960's and represent an outstanding tradition of appreciation for the outdoors, rock and ice climbing. .ggi.s vl,.,7gyA 4 tyrr . This year manks the retirement of Coach Ned Crossley, a DPE veteran We' I ,.sr 4gl - ,,, ,,,. 7 l I m'SSvOU,CQaCh- , , , , ountr rncc-:ring 'When you nde your bike, you're working your legs, but your mind r o it ,,,, ,..., T T treadmill. When you play chess, your mind is clicking alo ' lslrs Jy, T ' - . g v my MSX stagnating. Climbing brings it together in a beautiful, magical way. The adrenaline f is flowing, and it's flowing all the time." - Pat Ament 451 There are varying levels of course difficulty based on age and ability, and each member of the USMAOC team advances to higher level courses as they build their skills and gain more experience in the sport. The team is not just about competing, however. Every year we hold a meet in the spring for the civilian community to enter. lt is a very challenging event to put together, but each member of the team contributes and works hard to make it successful. 'P X 19 13- w. The Pistol Team this year started out with one goal, a goal that was accomplished over spring break... winning Nationals. With outstanding performances throughout the school year against teams such as MIT, Ohio State University, Navy and Coast Guard , among others, the team was ready and focused to do well at Nationals. At Nationals, lltf g ,,,y g,,. f gf the Women's team won the Air ff 1.., , Pistolevent,andtheOpenTeam rrsr ,M ,,,. won Air Pistol, Free Pistol, and placed third in Standard Pistol. Firstie Maxwell Pappas won the title National g , g , .... . gt,, .jg .dlr pg, ggy. f r.-... ,Q lslqirrf Champion, leading the competitionbylahlamrgelilitmargin. tttbt included Lindsey Bishop, Maxwell Pappas, Jameson Boscow and Casey Miller. Oweflaftsng This year's Army Powerlifting team is stronger than it has ever been in the past. With a current national champion and several all Americans, the team's goal is to bring home a national championship. The team has put in countless hours of hard work, sweat, and soreness to become some of the strongest men and women in the nation. We are an extremely tight knit group, supportive of each other, and eager to show everyone else what we can do. This year we will truly be "Stronger Than All!!!!" The Army Rugby Team began the season with lots of youth and potential. The team lost over 20 seniors and 10 starters from the 2004-05 season that reached the Elite 8 in pursuit ofa national championship. The team looked convincing in the fall, going undefeated 6-0 against all competition they faced in the Northeast. ln the Northeast Playoffs in November, Army defeated Cornell in the semi-finals 78-7. In the championship game, Army beat Dartmouth 37-7, showing vast improvement since the first meeting in September when Army narrowly defeated Dartmouth 30-25. With this victory in the Northeast Championship, Army secured a if 1 seeding in the Sweet 16 tournament this April. The following weekend found Army pitted against rival Navy in the 411 Annual Army-Navy showdown in Annapolis. They were both top five teams in the nation coming into the contest. The series record going into the game was 1-1-1. With the support of over 100 + cadets, bused down from West Point, and a huge crowd of Army and Navy supporters, Army held onto an early lead to win 30-22. This concluded the fall season, with Army undefeated at 11-0, clinching the Northeast Championship, beating Navy, and securing the if 1 seeding into the Sweet 16. ln addition to the fall season successes, several Army team members were invited to represent the Armed Services at the lVlen's All Star Championships in Florida over the weekend of December 2-4. lt is a high competition venue as the Armed Services team squares off against seven regional teams from the U.S., with scouts forthe lVlen's U.S. National Team on hand to evaluate players. Resulting from this was the invitation for two Army ruggers, Andrew Locke and Brendan McCarthy, to try out for the lVlen's Eagles over the summer. During November and December we put to rest two of Army Rugby's finest, CPT Jim Gurbisz '02 and 1LT Ben Britt '04. Both were KIA while honorably sewing their men, and our nation in Iraq. Returning from Christmas break, the players wasted no time in getting their minds focused back on rugby. To help, the top 33 players went to Arizona from January 5-8 to attend a skills development camp by the coaches ofthe University of Queensland in Australia. The warm weather and excellent coaching made it a worthwhile trip with every player returning with added skills. The team conducted team workouts focusing on strength and fitness development over the winter months. They returned to action with competitions against Penn State and Old Blue in early March. They defeated Penn State in a thrilling come from behind victory, but lost to the men's club Old Blue. 1 T T 0 p For Spring Break, the team traveled to New Zealand to compete against the New Zealand Army and Navy teams. l,, ltwas a great experience for all, with the team learning a lot ,,,, V 1 Vt,, about rugby and a different culture. On the pitch, the team A Q went 1-1, with a win over their Navy team, but a close loss rp., to theirArmy team.The teamis stillonce again focused this itr Aig , .',. , ,,.,. , ,, ,,,',,,,,,,,. ,',,,, , 1: ,,,,, 1 ,,,, ,.,,, .,:,Q. 1.1, ..'. -i .,,...f. '.,- H' "'1' "'1 1 lff if ..,,r. ,C .,., f rtrfrt T Q- spring on doing well in the Sweet 16 ,,. ggg' ggyy Four for the first time since 2003. 1 455 Kicking off the season with a strong showing at the Beantown tournament, the team went on to rout every team in the union, outscoring their regular opponents by a combined score of 245-19. After winning its second Met-NY Championship over rival Vassar College WA R went on to defeat Radcliffe In a hard-fought match aeeRUs l so e C K In K S ffflirfr rflr f 1 '11-f1-2'11 4",f r 1 3 - to win its first Northeastern Championship, closing out an undefeated season and qualifying for the Sweet 16 for the first time in its three- year existence as a competitive team. GENERAL. Army Sailing isa United States IVlilitaryAcademy atWest Point club sport. ltconsists of male and female cadets of all classes. Tryouts are typically held prior to the Fall season. The Army Sailing Team teaches cadets competitive sailing and provides them with a foundation for a lifetime sport. Through a structured and vigorous training program, cadets develop the initiative, strategy, teamwork, and leadership skills neoessary to excel as officers in the United States Army. VISION. Our vision is to train competitive sailors and future Amiy officers by immersing cadets in an environment in which they are forced to think critically, quickly, and tactically. The Army sailor will be competitive while racing and demonstrate sportsmanship, integrity, and personal pnde.Am1y Sailing will require cadets to hone those skills necessary to make confident and infon'ned decisions as future oflicers in the United States An'ny. PHYSICAL NEEDS. Physical fitness is essential to racing. Skills needed are: , Agility, Coordination, Endurance, and Strength. , ,,, g p,,, gjjf' MENTAL AWARENESS. To be a good sailor, one must have a strong knowledge of wind speed, direction, shadows, and variability. One must also 'irrrs .ifirrrr understand currents, relative positions, and course routes. RACING. We compete with some ofthe best varsity and club programs in the ,, - "r-f. W , . W- iffy' country including Navy, Comell, and Georgetown. Racing tititrf if ,,, , , ,,,,,,,, ,,,. timing, strategy, discipline, and practice. Situational awareness, strategidtactical thinking, nsk management, and safety are key to a successful race. 457 y The USIVIA Skeet and Trap team assists in developing cadets for a tfettt T future in the U S Army since 1937 through competitive shotgun shooting sports. Vllhile the sports of skeet and trap occupy the majority t , , T of shooting, occasional sporting clay competitions and other games 8, Va help to keep the shooting fun and enjoyable. The team consists of all sci. 'M r"" ciy -,', WW -'-'f- 1' Ng: .Mt-f fffw-ee:-WMS-A-we--WN-N--,..-.. V MMQM A Vyvy' piimil jMJV"fH,Mg4: - f-- 1 W V .TJ A ,M V g t? ' ritt and practices at West Point's Range 'IO following Friday afternoon classes. Weekend matches involve other colleges such as Yale, Navy, Air Force and many more at the annual ACUI National Championships in San Antonio, TX. In addition, matches are often held against local gun clubs in the New YorklNew Jersey! Connecticut area forming life-long bonds with shooters of all ages. if Shredding the gnarr. Scarfing some pow-pow. Getting sick-nasty on the slopes. These are terms that often dance across one's mind when thinking of the Army Alpine Ski Team. Returning from a season ending in the Nationals at Brundage Mountain in McCall, Idaho, the team was ready to work hard on the VC towards another successful season. With fearless leadership by lllluy llluylllf,ltly ttlloitl, b . t CDTs Corey Gilgan and Cary Fitzpatrick, the ski team brought fierce llrr competition to the Adirondack division. Although disappointing not to rfli . 'QQQ. .f',. Z if reach the level of recent years, the team improved by leaps and bounds. With a returning varsity roster, the team is more than ready for ski. next season. . . .... . ....... . .... . ...... .,.... ................ .,l. 7 ttf' iltlrr - . . .......,.a..a f .at....tl.s f .lala i i ii...r krrl riii rirf rrlorsr A riirfr i rirrrir rifcil orro r orirrrrrtrriirl ...fl - .... . . u.W. ..., . . .... . ...... a l 'Vfr W ...E ' ' g ""'i" 'f " 459 f Despite harsh training conditions characterized by a lack of snow, the fig ,L h rrrrf Army Nordic Ski Team finished another highly successful season due ' , tiiodi ttitl C to a plethora of new talent to supplement existing team strength. With s the addition of experienced freshmen and some retired corps squad W , soccer players, both the men's and the women's teams finished in the O fd rlff jjj t gif 7'f'w-Pffa "1 - 'e'1 T. iiii T f"'fiF f at 0 top three consistently throughout the regional races. At Nationals, both teams placed fifth overall. The team would like to thank their OlCs, LTC Johnson and CPT Kramlich. Best of luck to all the seniors: Jay, Johnny, Trent, James, Sarah, Jenn, Delaney, and Claudia. at 1' l The purpose of the West Point Parachute Team is to provide cadets with a chance to participate and compete in the sport of skydiving with the focus on developing leadership and confidence. This year, the Black Knights participated in numerous competitions including the U.S Nationals .N ,gf X., with the culminating event of the season being the U.S..Collegiate, Al7A National Competition in which the team brought home 37 medals and the Overall Collegiate Champion, Greg Hastings. g . ,.,, i ',,.,A.. ,f., ,fxw ' f,', ,.,t t ,F ' ,-,. , .,,.,, . .,.,,, 1 . -f1,:ze1wzfi,,, , f' 1 ' 461 Q Y Q T, 3' .ff Af W2 ffl' ff , W. U, 4 W' The men's team handball olub's main goal has always been the college national championship and this year was no different. The increased level of competition in the sport will force the Army team to raise the level of play in tournaments. This year has seen a large transition as new players and coaches joined the club who brought new talent and 3 H l tt a n tl e a aat t t it ideas to the team. We hope to continue our tradition of victory as we strive to bring another national championship to West Point. The Collegiate National Championship was held at Chapel Hill, North Carolina and the Club National Championship was held in Houston, Texas. if' ,WT Army Women's Team Handball competes at a national level and against the USA Olympic Team. Women's Team Handball has held the title of college national champions. This season, the team is under the leadership of CDT Nicole Miller and CDT y , Kiera Connerty. The team also contains nine returning firsties, many of yyy T oldy,3L ypyy yg whom have the opportunity to play with the USA National Team upon N 7 graduation. This season the team will be traveling to UNC, Courtland, gf rrlr ,,,, 5 Ohio, California, and Air Force. The team is working hard to defend iilf si., ,,,.gy the of Nationa' Champions' . ,T ,,,.r it ,l,,1ls, ,,,,,, ,l,',srx,,,, Q t5 5! tiii W Vrggg g y Vggy y iimN gyyy ,.,,y ,g gy ,Ayy ygy,, i , Vvgy i yvyy y do ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,.,,, ,,,,. ,,,, , ,T ,.,,, A Nj, gyyb giifw 463 .ll' 2 is Qk'i 4 , Q' f,5L7 E whmf g V . jj , . 4. T 'A, i i The Triathlon Team competes at races all over the country. We travel LQ TAA ,tr,ta xZ ttt to local races where we are challenged by competitors of all ages in ititr l'tlt yklii it a 1-mile swim, 25-mile bike, and a 6.2-mile run. The focus of our fall li't l mf season is the Mid-Atlantic Collegiate Championships. This year, we i,iit bF'U.eet.te Nevy- However, We ere 9eer'n9 up fe' In A4rtbg1,,. '-.mv M 'Z MWA' in ryrrkr any ,V ,7, , .,,, 1.3 -T 1, .1 .. .. , . . - ...-. . . me -t .3 f .f .. . ,, . . . ,vic ,,,,,,m W. ,,,.. .. .,., . . ,. . eleeeie eie eee eil e3elElee e the spring season where our major race is Collegiate Nationals. There we hope to not only beat Navy, but place in the top three overall for teams. , N- ' I ' The Army Men's Volleyball team began the 2005-2006 season by reloading a talented team that finished 8-1 at last year's national finals. The team was led by team captain, Oliver Moore, 2006, and added six new players that instantly gave expenence and depth to the starting roster. The Army team had a solid fall campaign that included a victory over NAVY along with trips to Michigan State and Maryland. The Army men welcomed several teams to a reinstituted winter toumament in the newArvin gymnasium and hosted NECVL league play in our new home. TheArmy team performed strong in league play, going 13-4, and finishing third in the league toumament at Boston University. To keep the team's competitive edge they traveled to several toumaments, taking home the hardware at the Messiah University Open and facing stiff West Coast competition off the strip in Las Vegas. All of these matches paid off when theAn'ny Men fought their way to Division 1AAsecond place finish at Nationals in Salt Lake City. Anny dismantled several much larger schools enroute to an 8-2 finish, losing to a tough Missouri team in the finals. Along the way Army won the hearts and minds of many teams and fans for their class and composure on and off the court. Firsties Oliver Moore, lteam captainl, and Noah Smith eamed 1irstteamAlI-Toumament honors. Cows Brent y ffrrfrii..., f T Johnson and Joe Zdaniewicz eamed second team honors while Cow setter 'i fil f rtsst, 46, 5 Kyle Stoijohann eamed All-Toumament Honorable Mention honors. Brothers T on and offthe court, the men steam beganthe yearwith severalquestions about B M ,.,.,::.,...W,-W ....... -.-MM-Wfffff1fw-ffffsWrff- t"r i 1:iiijjjiiififW1'fTLZZZ.ZlZL2LZQi.QQlQ',Q.QfQQIQQ,1ff1QffQQlfQf 0 A an M-. :fx WWMWMMWMMWM- H-'f W- H vfii M afyili -W vllv --A-MW-M.....WM..-..... .... ..... rtrr, ,,..uwM,,,M,, J how they would handle so much change, but after a tough and exciting season the f MMR team provided all the answers to how far they had come... in Salt Lake City. The men truly upheld this year's team motto: "We senfe. We ight. We win." 465 ,fb The Army Water Polo team put forth an amazing effort this season. . rrre 5er rttf reer g Led by captains Robin Park and Mark Hogan, the team made a Q strong showing in the New York division, surging from an eighth , g iaa.trr xgg g place seed to finish third. Throughout the season the team beat gggggii tif ttx g,g2r,gg geyeralywclyups ranked in the national top twenty including Dartmouth W i s rrtrt dgiigiiiir r i r ILfi.ig r d tu Jgiiitfik e . tar yydyrrtilyeyrryrryytyrt.rtt fft fil fjff tlftlftti i lif fil itifffllftffff and lostin anamazing last second finish to seventh ranked Yale. "'he team has high hopes for next season. 466 'T The Army Freestyle Wrestling Club consists of fifteen cadets committed to improving their physical fitness, learning leadership skills, and, most importantly, becoming better wrestlers. Members of our team have varied levels of experience ranging from prior college experience to relatively no experience. The yylys lnl 1, 3 team competes at levels ranging from local tournaments to the ygyg . 5 National Freestyle Championships in Las Vegas. While our focus is tnn' ilrsiis i ,ff Q5 wrestling, one of our main goals is to have fun doing something we I love. y,.v If s ,, . H V ,. uw..- , , K 1: I -J-MW-HA.. rcs 1 f ,V 21 ,J -. - f, ,. .-fM.W,.,wM.i.t..wM,..,,,sg,p,,,g.--Q',,',,,.f,W ,,Wy,,,g, 1 s -. v f, ,, .. -f ., ' . ,. t ei e It l I 1f' " hh l'l11Qi'1 ll h iiia i i i is a The way a team Plays as a wiwoie determines its success. You may have tiwe greatest iaunciw ot individual stars in tiwe world, taut it tieaeg domjt Play together, tide club wonjt ine wortiw a dime. bathe Ruth Club 5 Ort Candids , Ag AT A ,,,,,M 1w W,,h ' 46 1 M WM, .W ,.-W, ,ww .f 1 CMD CH md ' A ff ,,? lg. , H ,L 12 t?,,J, 1,l . L, , ,l l , , , , Km A , A H .,,., , , ' ' ,Ad LIU V ' s Wh, '-A . ww, W ,qw .. . - ' . it N'-N. mfg nv - is MQ To 5ucceeel...You neecl to fine! something to hold on to, something to l motivate fjou somet mg to ms Ire you ' , If ' ' Q 'Tony Dorsett P . 4 5 I C' C8 WMS M gai W ...,,L,,.,L, .l1,.: .1,1,.L:.lW,L: i . L, ,L . , L. , . T 472 Tide Price 016 success is iward woria, dedication to tiwejoia at iw cl ian Cl in iw iw l an , and t ci ctermirxatiorx t at W et er we win or 056, we have applied time best of ourseivea to tiwe tasic at iiand. Hvince Lombardi ? 1 . 4 x ' in iw 1 as 43 QI U 13 gpmggmcmg ' ' fJ fJ 473 ,W V. i ' iw s ?,,.,:L.W.LWW gpg X a ny lllgz, mx 2 f px ' , wi 4 1 5 YV Lizf 5 x7A' +4 Nw lnoiiviciuai commitment to a group ettort - tiwat is wiwat maices a team woric a company woric, a L society woric, a civilization wor - Vince Lomiaarcii 9 tto'Li Q i i f few if ?2:ffw21vfw i,'aif 131 ,A ' e Z 3 i iii i ai egf+f" fa gm ,ga wgz M , Q, :zfm,,,f.Wf3 1,3 :I ' N W 5 ,, -. .., . 1,5,zJ1gCs, 2. e' 3, euzqw Q ff 4, , w W'f1!""' 24 ma 1 12 T il M. . , .W WH if z s , 153 5 .W -Mwwn 'ji 2 Vwazjm W, im, ,rx M .,.., 5 W,mL, ,L :, L ,f,Y WSE" giwf wi -'M' ,xii K ,,h, E- K ' ws: , 1 ff "-' 65525 2 'L 1 My ,L 11 " 'ffl zs1..L..., zz Zi . .e , A z, 1 Jr, ,,,W,, 1 :ff 11 9 J,ffsfszfzslzaxfsgs,isasvj .Aw ESWXQNE? 'Mp-v rf in M53 1 1 f di if The Principle is competing against uourselt. lt'5 about salt-im rovomont, about bein better than ou were P S 9 the dau factors. -Stove Young Y.,,, is it ttttt fr' J wmv H l,, V,3 .! V ig ,wmv H., ,,.,,:, 3 ..,u, ,u W' W H.?4.,, My V E 5 3 ,. Hiwwwmvm, ' if H 19 2,0 gli? .fn-,,. .A naw A gif' 'Jim f f f T Y 2 ,A A A, 4 rf-AAA N g 5 LiS'1wA A if 'A ' QW ,n k Xiu, A ,-A- A 4 4 Y 'K K' X A A " A Y ff 4 '21 M i f-h A 17 9 H w A ' ' W ' A 5 ff if A H U22 ?s bf Lf! , if r , w 55, .1 2: 2? ii? A 1 , ,A 5 xi N A' l .N x if ' fig if 11 I E191 45? , A A l W E14 fi' Qi, . 6" ' K S If if 0 5,1 O O A I A I 5 ' ' , f X we A af el k A nf f A 5 Heat C 5 3' ' 6, G ffl f 1 , 'wif A ,sg Q fy, ' at A, 175, .g A Y xl' .,+ fi' 6 , .r 4 f .ff Li A 1 C fi"Y?'i Hffaffsf ' X 7 The Frogs! The French Club serves the interests of West Point Francophiles and cadets who are inter- ested in the French language and culture. Many of these West Point Francophiles meet Weekly with French tables at the mess hall, in addition to exploring French culture with trips to Montreal and Washington D.C. Vive le France! The West Point Chinese Language Club is dedicated to the mission of promoting greater language and cultural exposure for West Pomt cadets. Each year, the club takes several trips to help cadets improve their grasp of conver- sational Chinese and to improve their understanding of Chinese culture. This past year, the Chinese Club went to Boston, New York City, and Washington D.C. In addition, the Chinese Language Club helped to host visiting cadets from the Taiwanese Military Academy and helped entertain Chinese exchange students from local universities. In addition, each month, the club hosts a cultural dinner and infonnation session to provide additional language and cultrual exposure. The club also meets with an instructor during Wednesday night dinner and provides an additional speaking session. This year, Dr. Yung Chen ofthe Department of Behavioral Science 84 Leadership hosted these weekly dinners. qoualg . D S9 9 CSC Por Rus sian 6559 at HeL7wL7e.5' Colors Berreatlfr The 55-rfa.j,, The primary goal ofthe Portuguese club is to provide an out-of-class environment in which cadets can gain an understanding ofthe fascinating Portuguese and Brazilian cultures, reinforce language skills, and enjoy a feeling ofcamaraderie. The Portuguese club participates in several activities designed to expose members to the wonders of the Brazilian and POITLI- guese cultures. Some members vacation in Portugal While others go to Brazil. Still, other members interact with these communities around New York through wreath-laying ceremonies commemorating Brazil- ian lndependence Day, or through Brazilian perfor- mances at the NJ PAC and Carnegie Hall. The club also meets for a Portuguese movie night in Washing- ton Hall. Despite these wonderful activities, the best part ofthe Portuguese club is the familiar feeling that brought us together for some great times, usually at Brazilian restaurants. The Russian club provides cadets with a venue to apply their Russian language skills, as well as an opportunity to enjoy Russian culture outside of west point. The club has weekly dinner and movie sessions, as Well as an annual trip to Washington D.C.. - - - Q Z f, sgsrizaixziffw '- , The West Point Hillel ofthe United members ofthe United States Corps of CD Cadets with opportunities to engage in J adiliti on, the Hillel acts when nececsary as an U-A emissary to the chain of command about special the West Point Hillel attemps to facilitate F-E among the Corps of Cadets a broader J culture. Q Purpose: The mission of the Spanish Club is to provide academic support for DFL Spanish stu- dents as well as promote an awareness ofthe Latin American!Hispanic culture among cadets of all backgrounds. U3 Objective: The goal ofthe Spanish Language Club Pg is to foster an interest in cadets in the study of the E Spanish language and culture and to supplement U3 ' normal academic interests. tj' Activities this year: The Dominican Republic trip, help to the Hispanic Heritage Fiesta and the D.C. trip. 4-5 I-I-4 O HM oi- Agway carers Beneath The Gray 21110153 ur Na The West Point Baptist Student Union is a Christian organization affiliated with the Southem Baptist Convention. We meet on Tuesday nights for a time of praise and Bible study. We also do evangelism, community service, and weekend retreats throughout the school year. A favorite annual event is the Army-Navy trip. The fellowship of the Baptist Student Union is an integral part of our spiritual, personal, and professional development during our time at the Academy and an experience that stays with us once we graduate and serve in the Army. The Church of Christ Club allows those members of the Church of Christ to practice Christianity as they understand it and to enhance the unity of all believers based upon the Scriptures. The Navigators group provides fellowship for the cadets and helps to develop important moral, ethical, and spiritual character traits which will be translated into day-to-day living as members and graduates of USMA. The mission ofthe Catholic Cadet Catechists to provide the West Point Most Holy Trinity par- C 'ES Cate ish with teachers, aides, and a music tram to support the Confraternity of Christian Doctrine program for parish youth from preschool age to high school. The Protestant Cadet Chapel Choir their religious beliefs and lead in worship. The Protestant Cadet Chapel Choir on at the cadet chapel and engages in a variety of outreach activities that benefit the iii' t o various communities across the country to share in worship through music. These to represent the Academy and to get out of the routine of every day cadet life. 'T T g giig ll was 5 i 3 The mission of Chi Alpha Christian Fellowship is to express the love ofthe Lord Jesus Christ to cadets and members ofthe community. A na- tionally organized college mission of the As- semblies of God, the West Point chapter is sponsored by Lighthouse Christian Assembly in Highland Falls. Active leadership includes Rev. Ren Wallen, MAJ Mike Shannon, CIC Brian Blake, and ACIC Sarah Jones. Ministry this year included a Christmas pageant entitled The Happening, trip section to the Army-Navy football game, Truth-or-Treat Halloween com- munity outreach, and a Superbowl party. The goal of Chi Alpha is to show the world what a blast Christians can have together in service to the Lord! Jsalold UU Hao 1 ad i FLD eqd FCA ' rs yS 6459 at 4667515219 Colors Beneath The Gray Since 1954 the Fellowship of Christian Ath- letes has impacted the world for Jesus Christ through the influence of athletes and coaches. Our FCA impacted the lives of many at West Point through weekly Thursday moming meet- ings, fall and spring prayer breakfasts, and FCA Fundays. The OIC and council members did a remarkable job of reflecting Christis example with their dedication and service to USMA and the West Point community. The Latter-day Saints Student Association pro- vides a forum for members of The Church of Jesus Christ ofLatter-day Saints and all inter- ested visitors to study the teachings of Jesus Christ. The club meets weekly in a classroom environment to leam about and discuss the gospel of J esus Christ from scriptural records- especially those contained in the Holy Bible and Book of Mormon. Additionally, the club sponsors numerous activities with surround- ing groups in the area and takes trips to loca- tions such as Boston and Washington D.C. to attend regional conferences with other young adults and visit special places ofworship known as temples. The mission of Officer's Christian Fellowship COCFJ is for Christian oilicers to exercise Biblical leadership to raise up a Godly military. We continued to explore and enjoy the adventure ofliving out the Christian life. There were some priceless and memorable activities through- out the year including: apowerful fall retreat, acold - but rewarding winter retreat, missions trips abroad, unfor- gettable nights of fun and fellowship at the OCF house, and Tuesday night experiences that strengthened and encouraged us in a Christian officer's walk. A very special thanks goes to our Officer-in-Charge: MAJ Samantha Breton and the OCP Staff Couple in charge: COL fRet.J Barry Willey and his wife, Barb Willey for all that they do for OCF and the cadets. As we continue to face both the challenges and the opportunities that life gives us, we will look to God as our foundation and our strength to help us succeed and live for Him both at West Point and beyond. Protestant Sunday School Teachers are cadets committed to teaching God's Word to the fami- lies of staff and faculty on post throughout the school year. Child classes range in age from Nursery to High School. Classes meet in Thayer Hall at 0900 on Sunday Mornings, and the cadets plan, prepare, and teach lessons that bring a deeper knowledge of Godls Word to the kids. Not only that, but they have fun doing it! Chap- lain Cynthia Lindenmeyer is the Chaplain OIC. CID K4 .5 Pi 5' O O rn old S91 111131 Y. 75,1 . sf' , " , HY 1 , i J, as ...Q M' 422 ' ,X 5 I 1 E 1 I, .. I ...CGA -fy -u 'Q am W -5 fa if 4' I My if gt , W fviu We Q , ...Q Q K .... ggi? in x fi , 'ifzw M, .W an i, :UL fx ,V A 1? A a -1 fl' W 4' 4 M hx 4 Jai , - if . Qi? .' Cixi - ,. s - b 1 x 1 , A NWA W ' .v 'm 1 '03 1 A . W , wa . , 4-K g fm w . .. f. 3 , V W, ,W ., I , at 5 f ,N 'ff-7. ,-.. 1 7 ,f '-. 'ff' ' 'ff' X- M , 4 'WZ , 'L' A 1: : fy ,N , "K '- 2,4 ' :V , .nv ,W M Two days a week every week for the entire academic year, 80 cadets make their way to the music building. Some play saxophones, pianos, flutes, and riddles. Some can't tell the difference between an eighth note andaquarter rest. But all offthem love to sing, and they are the members of the Glee Club. Lead by their director, Ms. Constance Chase, and accompanied by theirpianists, Ms. PatMaimone and Ms. Eunha Chung, the club represented West Point all over the country, from dinners to concerts to sporting events. Try-outs came early in the year and new members were selected to keep the club at its maximum strength. By the second weekend in September, the club made its way to Camp Buckner for a weekend. Here, new members learned the basic repertoire, fmally putting a ttme other than the theme from "Gilligans Islandw to the West Point songs learned in Beast. The West Point Jewish Chapel Choir is an arm ofthe Jewish Chapel and the Hillel. This year the Jewish Choir performed all over the North- east region including Columbia andthe College of William and Mary. The Jewish Choir also had the awesome opportunity to perform at the White House and was able to meet President Bush. 9919 lf? qri Qi m. :S- CU if ee QL CQ, T ba Cll S Y HO O 'Cf As ggi? CQ HGJJVZZS' Colors Beneath The Gray The USMA SCUBA Team is a group ofhighly motivated individuals who desire to push the bounds of exploration and to further our knowl- edge ofthe most extreme of adventure sports. USMA SCUBA seeks to provide the Corps of Cadets with expert instruction in various levels of scuba certification, as well as providing support for Corps activities such as Sandhurst and Recondo. The objective ofthe Astronomy Club is to intro- duce cadets into the field of astronomy and to teach them the basics of observation through the use of telescopes. Additionally, the club inter- acts with the community in order to provide them with the opportunity to view objects and events they would otherwise not have access to. The club also Works with area scout troops to allow them to complete related merit badges. Many cadets have taken up hunting this year, participating in safety courses and trip sections offered by the Hunting Club. The club enjoyed another excellent fall hunting season with an emphasis on hunting small games, resulting in large showings at several successful squirrel hunts. We are looking forward to another successful year full of scouting, hunting, and memorable stories. The Fly Fishing Club provides cadets with in- struction onthe basics of fly fishing, fly tying, and fly rod building. The club provides cadets with the opportunity to meet and fish with world class fly fishermen. Guest lecturers teach basics of fly tying and stream conservation. Cadets are also afforded the opportunity to attend day and week- end trips to premier Northeast fisheries. All equipment is provided for new members to ensure everyone has the opportunity to experience the sport and decide if the sport is something they would like to pursue. G I3 UQ E R41 Il? CD UQ QICI OU- 'CC GJ S cd U 6 di- Maasa- Colors Beneath The Gray .H The Whitewater Club provides cadets with the year-round opportunity to get out and kayak, canoe, or raft on local rivers. The club focuses on the use of kayaks and has members of all skill levels. Cadets learn theirbasics in Crandall Pool and then have the chance to get out in rapids, enjoying both the water and the incred- ible scenery on our trips. Some of the club,s favorite destinations include the Mongaup, Delaware, Esopus, and West Rivers. The purpose of the Scoutmasters' Council is to provide cadets a leader development opportunity and promote the United States Military Academy by hosting quality events for and providing direct interaction between Cadets and Scouts in a safe, fun and professional environment. In the 2005-2006 academic year, the club provided tours to doz- ens of visiting Scout units, provided tours for over 3,000 attendees to the Scout Day football games, supported Scout Days for Army hockey and basketball, and hosted the 44th Annual Scoutmasters' Council camporee for over 3300 scouts from 17 different states and Canada. Club members attended the National Scout Jamboree at Fort A.P. Hill and interacted with over l00,000 visitors to the USMA exhibit as pan of the Army Adventure Area and took a sailing trip during spring break in the Florida Keys at the Boy Scout High Adventure Florida Sea Base. Club members are also participating in AIADs provided by the Dept of BS8LL to Philmont and Florida Sea Base. All in all it has been a tremendous year for the club and to commemorate the club's 50th Anniversary, efforts have begun to document the clubs activities over the past half century. The largest and most prestigious conference World isgheldylat West Point every year. This is SCUSA. During the conference delegates spendtheir, in topics affecting foreign policy and affairs. With the help of the working months in preparation to make the conference a success. i lrll i Q lllilii The mission of the Contemporary Affairs Seminaris to contributeto the purpose and mission of USMA by committing ourselves to developing the full potential of USCC. Our yision is to promote unity in the Corps by facilitating practical concern of cadet issues, effective community service projects, and developing a cadet mentorship program. By increasing of diversity in USCC, CAS members will better prepare themselves for leadership in of April. I ..,.,. at ,..,,.....,,.. ..,, , ....... , ,..,,,.. ...,., ...,, a , ..,.V.., ,T i in rl M. The Domestic Affairs Forum seeks to excite and inspire cadets to pursue careers of leadership in public service. This year we began with a trip to Boston in November during which We held can- did discussions about civic participation with members of Harvard's Institute of Politics. We also met with state government officials includ- ing Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney. Our second trip was to Chicago where we focused on service at the municipal level. Traveling to Chicago was a first for the club and it allowed us to hear from Mayor Richard Daley and learn about the involvement of organizations such as the Chicago Bears in the city. Our final trip is to Washington, D.C., and will take place at the end G O El ro B' d IO 113 V 53 S 0 R4 DS SH , V O . HV 9939 CD odel U ebate Tea KM di- Havana FUN! Colors iiaerieatifr i he Gray Model United Nations is a simulation of the actual United Nations in which cadets interact with students from America's top universities, assuming the roles of delegates from countries around the world. Delegates are tested in how Well they represent their assigned country, how well they know the nuance of various interna- tional issues, in public speaking, and in inter- personal skills. Often, such conferences are the first time our civilian counterparts from around the country, for Worldj, have the opportunity to meet a member ofthe military. The West Point team competes in seven competitions annually to include the national and world champion- ships. The Army Debate team is led fearlessly by Cadet Allison Pan. The Debate team is spon- sored by the Social Sciences Department, CSOSHU, and the team competes in numerous intercollegiate policy debates. Cadets compete against other schools from around the country. The competitive season starts in the early Sep- tember and ends until after Spring Break. The team has been consistently ranked in the top ten in the country for the last five years. 1 iz: ,Ima The Speech Team is a small, cohesive team that consistently perfonns well in both national and international level tournaments. The Team has received numerous awards in various events. Due to the amount of effort required to practice and attend the numerous trip sections, we are are focused on around a core group of individuals that make the team what it is. Competitions require time, expertise, and composure to overcome stress and pressure to perform above the level of our peers at other institutions The Cadet Finance Forum began the 2005-2006 school year by refocusing itself on a twofold mission: to educate Cadets regarding personal financial planning, market analysis, and stock examination, and to maximize returns on the Spragins Endowment Fund. Several changes high- lighted this yearis agenda. The club's leadership hosted special topic meetings in between regular monthly meetings, which educated cadets con- cerning specific topics that ranged from Roth IRAs to opening a brokerage account. Additional changes included sector weighting, a framework for more intensive fund overwatch, and new trip sections. S oaad H91 Li E SI O' 6459 Jr 4005x526 The Studio Arts Forum is part ofthe Cadet Fine Arts Forum, whose purpose is to provide cadets with an opportunity to pursue a variety of interests related to the arts. Forum members participate in cultural activities and plan and present a high quality cultural program of events to the West Point community. Besides those featured, the Cadet Fine Arts Forum also in- cludes the Jazz Forum. The West Point Paintball Team is broken down into two teams. One is the military simulation team, which plays in the woods and urban opera- tions scenarios.The second is the tournament team, which is part of the NCPA, CNational Collegiate Paintball Assoc.J and plays in speedball tournaments. The tournament team competes against other colleges around the na- tion and went to Nationals in TX and the World Cup in Orlando, FL this year. Colors Beneath The Gray ..,. l The Cavalry Scouts Club has a clear mission to train cadets in tactics, techniques, and procedures ofthe modern Cavalry by conducting field exer- cises and live fire ranges. The Cav Scouts have conducted night escort operations, area and zone recons, and security operations. At the same time, the troop keeps the traditions ofthe Cavalry alive with BBQS, staff rides, and a culminating Scout Qualification Course in which new scouts endure a challenging course of dismounted movement and task completion in order to earn the much coveted Cavalry Scout,s Stetson. Scouts Out! The club's mission is to provide cadets with the opportunity to conduct challenging and realistic light infantry training at the squad and platoon levels in order to improve leadership skills and enhance technical and tactical expertise. This year We conducted meetings and practical exercises to train for the FTXs. 5 November 2005: Situational Training Exercise using squad battle drill lanes. ll February 2006: MOUT Training with simmunitions. 6-7 May 2006: Live Fire Exercise, Fire Team Maneuver Live Fire jun 6 62 Agar-,aaa i Colors Beneath The Gray The United States Military Academy chapter ofthe Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences QINFORMSJ is a small group of cadets who are majors and core engi- neering sequencers in the systems engineering, systems management, engineering manage- ment, and operations research. We attended the INFORMS annual meeting in November in San Francisco, California, and the Workshop on Teaching Management Science in March. The West Point Chapter ofthe National Society of Black Engineers continues to meet our na- tional mission 'tto increase the number of cul- turally responsible Black engineers who excel academically, succeed professionally, and posi- tively impact the community." With over 70 members, we stimulate and develop student interest in the various engineering disciplines while setting a positive example for members across the nation. V? N .H-2 ,, ,,, . gi, -an ,,, yy xf' NSN, , 1 u' sax", Y f ll , v N I , t I E: ! ., 1 Q , x- 3 f-"vp . ,Az N. .,' ,,,, L,:, 'N' 'Emi ' if ' 1 3 ' 1 N 2 Fz!! . I 'Q 1 It - Q' , X, 1 A 1 - .52 1 Q.- .wg-3, , , J! K 'W f ,, firm 1 A - y V .. -'f nf ,F 0 , 4 ,f wjw QE A 3,-W if 9 1 .E 4 V.. K ,af fwff QF? , ,Y ! A .m R- at xxx e r '4 '-9 WA 1 f, I .YS . ,, I .WX K.. I '- . fri 'V I f Q E 3 Av, 2 E ,v Q5 Q X-fr" 'M' '-'- , ' ,,,, ,,kj5f'ff7"1 73 ,-f' -+5 A ga 4 -f li V 17 if .,,. , ,,,V in an i , 'af ' flifw 4 2 Wir! 'w k VVV' 'rj wx Wa, ,Q H+, as ,W u , W E' f Y X W4 6 at Afaaazvaf Colors Beneath The Gray The Society of Physics Students is a national professional physics association explicitly de- signed for students. Membership, through col- legiate chapters, is open to anyone interested in physics. Within the SPS, Sigma Pi Sigma, a nationally recognized scholastic honor society, elects members on the basis of outstanding academic achievement. This two-in-one Soci- ety operates under the auspices ofthe American Institute of Physics. The group's mission is to build stronger leaders through discussion and experiences With promi- nent leaders and leadership thinkers from all Walks oflife. Founded in 2003, the group kicked off with a trip to Boston and has since gone to meet with leaders in New York City, the Bay Area in California and Washington, D.C. Our focus is to develop and sustain the premier leadership forum in the nation, providing cadets with world-class interactions and profound edu- cational experiences. We travel around the country to meet with different political, busi- ness, military, academic, athletic and religious leaders to gain insight on effective leadership practices and techniques. ,Ht ,A- .754 le-. f x y g rr . .... ,f Q Gamma Theta Upsilon is the honor society for dirt majors at West Point. The purposes of Gamma Theta Upsilon is to further professional growth in geography by affording a common organization for those interested in the field, and to strengthen the student and professional training through academic experiences in addition to those of the classroom and laboratory. The honor society also encourages student researchand promotes' an outlet for publication. A forum of flux. . .an arena of attenuation. . .a den of didactic discourse on neutron diffusion- this is what the Nuclear Engineering Club is all about. the club transcended the mandatory DCA Tuesday night meetings, and happened every day in our classrooms in Bartlett Hall. We were a tight group, and those who were in the club, but not yet in our classes, certainly will experience it in their own right one day soon. - ' p A . A The Electronic Experimenter's Club expands its members, exposure to electronic devices, circuits, and design by purchasing simple electronic kits thatthe members build. Furthermore, the cadets are at PO? no C! O CD 2,2- CDU: H UJ CE exposed to many unusual electronic devices. i in ACS provides an opportunity for students of chemistry, chemical engineering, life sciences, and related disciplines to expand their intellec- tual, professional, and social interests at the academy. Events at West Point include monthly lunchtime lectures featuring distinguished chemical professionals from around the nation and club meetings at night. The club partici- pates in many events away from West Point including dinnerfspeaker engagements at lo- cal restaurants sponsored by the Mid-Hudson Chapter of the ACS and regional and national undergraduate research dinners and symposia. 4 2. QIDU IB . H D UQ 3 c: d ops U V SD d 911 B ..t SP C21 ' T D UM? CQ' 40051526 Colors Beneath The Gray The Cadet Spirit Band is one ofthe largest cadet organizations at USMA. We are also the most motivated and tired up group of cadets at the Academy. We have members from all compa- nies and all classes. You can see the band at home football, basketball, hockey, lacrosse, and volleyball games in addition to other spir- ited events. We also follow our teams across the nation and down to Navy. This was a great year for Army sports, and we look forward to help- ing the Army team to even more victories next year. The Band President for ,05-,O6 is CDT Brian Stoffer. FIRE UP THE CORPS! While the majority of cadets dread even the thought of drill, the West Point Drill Team enjoys and takes pride in the aspects of military drill and ceremony. The team is comprised of members from all four classes and travels throughout the country representing West Point through its high standards for drill and cer- emony. The unit practices constantly through- out the year in order to maintain the highest level of precision and skill. The Army Dance team, also known as the lgKnightors, celebrated their fourth year, support- ing the Corps of Cadets through their various performances and dance routines at Thursday night dinners and various other events. This year the team performed at Army football games, and at men's and womenis basketball games. Army Cheerleading, also known as the Rabble Rous- ers, attends various Army athletic events throughout the year. As the main effort to the Spirit Staff at West Point, the cheerleaders are responsible for keeping the spirit of the corps high and motivating all Army fans. Along with supporting Army athletics, the Rabble Rousers compete in the national championships an- nually and have qualified for finals the past two years. Go Army Cheerleading!! Other clubs involved in spirit support are the mule riders, cannoneers, and the cadetjield mu- sic group. oueq qtrg Boi 9 U" CT nog S S19 ' a SG C 'E tt Thea dio E-4 r Radlo ll 'EC 21 6559 G? A005153 The Theatre Arts Guild QTAGJ is comprised of cadets interested in the performing arts. Throughout the school year, TAG members worked backstage and appeared on stage at the Eisenhower Hall Theatre. This year's 100th Night Show would not have been a success without TAG cadets, and they pro- vided technical support for every aspect of the show. For WKDT it has been another busy year. WKDT can be found at most athletic events, Thursday night dinners, promotion parties, tail- gates, and AOG events. Before the academic year, WKDT was playing music at Buckner. WKDT is always working, we're good at what we do, and we love what we do. Play it Loud! The West Point Amateur Radio Seminar is also known as the Hams Club. The club promotes technical knowledge, service to the community, and is a fun hobby with participation in the world of amateur radio. Colors Beneath The Gray' gun and hard rock and looks forward to springing out I from the Firstie Club and Cow Club next year into V C a much larger audience base outside West Point. The Hop Bands finds its roots mostly in punk rock The Pipes and Drums has another busy year, playing at home football games, the Army-Navy rugby and football games, as well as other local engagements in the Hudson Valley. The Staff 84 Ushers Club serves as the Eisenhower Hall Theater House Staff Cadet members volunteer their time to ensure that the Eisenhower Hall Theater has a professionally staffed venue which helps to attract world re- nowned artists and perfonners. Stai 84 Usher duties include admission verification of all tick- ets, guidance in seating, program distribution, handicap assistance, and security for the thou- sands of patrons each year. The Staff 8: Ushers club offers its members opporttmities to go on trip sections to New York to attend Broadway musicals, plays, and to visit att! and or history musetuns. This year the Staff 8a Ushers club saw five of its members graduate. These fine young men and women were very responsible, and dedicatedg they devoted many hours of their time over the last four years to make this club one of the best Theater Staff Operations. The five deserve special mention for their contribu- tions: Josephine Hix, Stephanie Jenkins-Vogel, Noah Truax, Elizabeth Michealson and Preston Lopez. We wish them all the best in the future and thank them for their help, leadership and guidance to the underclassmen, ensuring the Staff 84 Ushers Club will continue to excel in their absence. do UH pu S ld S P S HP qs Club SS he Tea C OD E CQ ' CQ H00!3"lZ7Q6" Colors Beneath The Gray The Chess Team participates in matches and toumaments in the area and region. We send cadets to the Armed Forces Open Champion- ship in Washington DC. The cadets also par- ticipate in the U.S. Amateur Team Champion- ship. We've won the military trophy for the last several years. We play matches against other colleges and local clubs. We sponsor tourna- ments on post. We also meet every Tuesday night to hold speed tournaments and analyze games. The Bowling Club participates in the Eastern Intercollegiate Bowling Conference. The league includes teams from New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut. Practices are held on post at the West Point Bowling Alley. This past year we demolished the Coast Guard Acad- emy in a head-to-head competition by a score of 62 games to 2 games! After a tive year hiatus due to the renovation of Arvin Gymnasium, the 2005-2006 Army Rac- quetball Team began reconstruction back toward national prominence. After a great deal of prepa- ration work, the team started formulating in August under the OIC, MAJ Chad Jagmin, and the CIC, CDT Will Hamblet. The top ten players traveled to Albany, NY in February 2006 for the Northeast Regional Championship. The team took 9th place out of 22 combined men and women's teams, fielding players in each division in the tournament. Each player brought back a wealth of knowledge and experience from the largest Northeast regional toumament in history. This is the fotuth year as a hobby club for the Army Inline Hockey team. This year the team competed in a ten game exhibition season with the Eastem Collegiate Roller Hockey Association CECRHAJ and hope to play in Division I or ll next year in a full-length season under OIC CPT Jason Affolder. Despite lacking a goalie for their final tournament, the In-line Black Knights demonstrated smart, fast-paced, and aggressive hockey, keeping the total shot count down to 71 shots against over the course of three games. Due to the leadership of Patrick Tofiler, Co E-4, Zachary Morris, Co B- 3, and Kyle Jerichow, Co E-4, the team played three solid games of hockey While defenseman Michael Coughlin, Co A-l had a .859 SVM on the toumament and came up big in the 5-4 victory over the University of Pittsburgh. They concluded what seemed to be the makings of a horrific season with a 3-0 sweep over James Madison, Hofstra, and Pittsburgh, tallying 21 goals to their opponent's I0 goals. :5f:f1:ffQ-ft, f1r.fw.f - , rw , .M wa wi, -M., W, '53 xr f vi A' F? W 'J gp W? 5 at if fi 3 If 1 5 ? xg 5 if - f A.-if -NM .,,, .,, ,,..,..,,,i.,.,,.,,,1v qlanbo I FD I o S+ FD K4 Te Q o 13 cd Q S-4 B Q P-4 .cm 3 U .Q ii o Q-4 CD 4-3 CD 'U CYS U KM: ai- Awafzvaf The International Cadets of West Point Club CICWPJ consists of cadets from 24 different countries. Each ofthe foreign cadets remains at the Academy for the entire duration of the NWest Point Experiencei' and is granted the same status as a cadet appointed from the United States. Among the most popular activities are the annual visit to the lntemational Ball at the United States Naval Academy and a visit to Washington D.C., Where cadets get an opportu- nity to visit their embassies and interact with other members ofthe international community. The Club cooperates closely with the Intema- tional Midshipmen and hosts them during their West Point visits. In its first year of existence, the Polish Club started off the year fresh as one of the newest clubs on campus. The club meets frequently and promotes Polish culture throughout the West Point community. Colors Beneath The Gray ,'2,X-tai. 7. APAC serves the West Point community through its annual festival held at Trophy Point. The intent of this festival is to provide an opportu- nity for the West Point community to increase its exposure and gain a better understanding and appreciation for Asian culture. This year the festival was a joint engagement With KARS and APAC. We also had the privilege of listening to guest speaker General Eric Shinseki. With its roots going back fifteen years, KARS has become one ofthe most closely knit groups on campus. With most members joining the club at the first meeting their plebe year, KARS holds monthly meetings providing an opportu- nity for cadets to eat Korean food, and to learn about Korean culture. Trip sections to Wash- ington DC, Smith College, and participation in conferences throughout the East Coast allows members to learn more about Asian-American relations Within society and current US-ROK issues. KM CQ' H6670-1549 Colors Beneath. The Gray On the 28th olllanuaty the West PointArmy Grappling team not only met their goal. they dominated it. The North American Grappling Association CNAGAJ hosted a national open invitation in Miami. drawing a crowd close to l60O ofspectators and competitors ages 5- over 50. You may be wondering what grappling is or why so many wanted to participateg Grappling!Combatives is defined as: the art ot' fighting an aggressor hand to hand and subduing them into submis- sion by painful, debilitating, nonlethal tactics. ln other words, they came to get hurt or give hun in matches called lights. which are organized very similarly to traditional wrestling. Rather than trying to pin someone down, the objective is to outlast them and cause the other to submit, call "uncle" and quit in order to win. Combatives techniques draw upon many diverse disciplines such as:jujitsu,judo, boxing and wrestling. Dr. Winkle, the head coach tor the grappling team and Combatives instructor tor DPE, put in several late nights helping the team hone their skills. Working with Cadet Carmelo Colon tEl 3, the team captain, he made sure practices were rigorous, challenging and had one tocus, to win at the NAGA nationals. As the team prepared, they had to overcome injuries and challenges like any team, but the biggest challenge came the weekend ofthe event when the head coach could not travel with the team due to an unforeseen emergency. The West Point Ski and Snowboard Instructors volunteer their time to teach anyone in the com- munity how to rip, shred, and thrash the snow. Whether on two sticks or one stick, the club and the students always have a good time, but no time is better than the annual training trip to Tremblant, Canada, This year the snow gods were unkind but one good day of pow-pow was good enough. At the end of season, the club said Hgoodbyew to the OIC MAJ Mann and welcomed in a new OIC with magic boots. Pray for snow! VC fVictor Con- stantj for life! , ,,i,,3- I . All West Point Ski Patrollers must have a current NSP card, Outdoor Emergency Care Technician Card, and CPR registration in order to patrol. Our vision is to expand the Ski Patrolis leadership on the Victor Constant Ski Slope through increased training, teamwork, and presenceg increase our memberls strong desire to help othersg increase our member's emergency care skills and ability to respond immediately and appropriately in an emergency situationg improve our memberis skiing or snowboarding skills to facilitate the growth of a lifetime sport. It has been a great second year for the Army Competitive Snowboard Team. Continuing their hard work at setting up the terrain park for the Victor Constant Ski Slopes and judging big air and rail jam competitions at lVIWR's "Polar Fest 2006,', members of the team still found time to sweep the competition in the Catskill Mountain Series for the United States of America Snowboard Association. Consequently, five members of the team qualified to compete in many of the events for the USASA National Championships at Northstar at Tahoe, CA: Tyler Merritt, Anthony Nguyen, Hunter Winegarner, Chris Farrington, and Tom Sullivang each doing well in their event. Next stop for the Army Snowboard Team: possibly the U.S. Snowboard Team? CD 5: 'U sw rt Q- QAAOUS O 113 UQ CY OI1 l-luds 4-4 O F hr osop D-4 GJ s-r U 35: O E5 tr.. m Cultural Ill Fo HM ct- Hamm Colors Beneath The Grar Too many cadets graduate from West Point without an apprecia- tion for their Alma Mater's own neighborhood, For the most part, cadets spend their time inside the West Point Mbubblef' The L'Culture Club" breaks the West Point bubble by going on trip sections to local landmarks, festivals, museums, and other sites of cultural interest. We believe that the only way to experience the Hudson Valley is to explore it firsthand. During the 2005-06 academic year, the Hudson Valley Cultural Forum went on trips to the Hudson Valley Shakespeare Festival at the restored Boscobel Mansion in Garrison CAugustj, the Haunted Halloween in Tarrytown tOctoberj, the restored Bardavon Theater in Poughkeepsie and the Culinary Institute of America tFehruaryj, and the FDR House and Library in Hyde Park tAprilJ. We linished the year with a guided tom' of the Chuang Yen Buddhist Monastery in Carmel, home ofthe largest Buddha statue in the westcm hemisphere. Our club's cadet leaders are Ben Diamond and .lon Weyand tClass of 20075, and Chelsey Wright and Mike Wolk tClass of 20081, OIC s are MAJ Thomas Veale and CPT Shane Redden tDepartment of Englishj, The West Point Philosophy Forum offers a venue for guest philosophers to present new philo- sophical works on a variety oftopics. This year, the Forum proudly hosted many highly respected speakers including Dr. Noam Chomsky and cov- ered topics that ranged from ethical treatment of animals to just war theory. The annual trip to Washington D.C. for the Joint Services Confer- ence on Professional Ethics concluded on a high note full of enlightenment and philosophizing with cadets from RMC. Next year's Forum promises continued success full ofnew ideas and new opportunities. The Roman Forum is a club that is composed of individuals interested in Greek and Roman Antiquities. We meet together to discuss vari- ous aspects of Hellenistic influence. At least once each month a presentation is made by a member of the club corresponding to an as- pect of Roman or Greek Culture. For ex- ample, members gave presentations about AIAD to Rome, the Odyssey, Spring Break Trip to Greece, and trip sections to the Met. We cover and explore anything that has to do with the Roman and Greek Civilization. The Elsie Sannes Pinnell Fine Arts Forum brings the world of fine art and architecture to cadets interested in exploring the worlds of Rembrandt, Picasso, Monet, Goya, Dali, and Wright. Every year we plan a variety of trips that include a wide range of museums and historical landmarks. This year, we started out with a brief trip to the Metropolitan Museum of Modern Art in New York City, NY, to brush up on our artistic eye before we headed off on our major trip for the year, over President's Day weekend, to London. Chaperoned by a very knowledgeable OIC, Pro- fessor Terri Sabatos, the ten cadets that attended the trip had a wonderful time visiting the Tate Modem, the British Museum, the Cabinet War Rooms, West Minister Abbey and a variety of other well known landmarks. Under the leadership of OIC MAJ Honaker, CIC IB. Kelly, and ACIC Hannah Leadbetter, academic year 2005-06 has been one of our most active years. We attended a writing con- ference in Philadelphia, a poetry reading at Bard, and have hosted a number of poets and S poetry experts. The center of this forum is the e- UQ mail distro, which allows people to send out their work and receive feedback, connecting to a growing number of cadets who are enthusias- tic about writing. As always, our two main events, Night of the Arts in the fall and the O,Donnell!Pinnell Awards in the spring, at- tracted a large number of cadets and faculty. We had a great year, and we look forward to many great years to come. '11 O v-s E? EH S 'U stud H9 11112913 QA :Q 55 we 132 re E3 'FS i 6 CQ' 460121526 Titled after the Revolutionary War heroine buried here at West Point, in l976, the United States Military Academy established the Margaret Corbin Forum tMCFj to provide an opportunity for women cadets to discuss their experiences as they assimilated into the Corps of'CadeLs. Today, the club's mission is to provide a forum within the Corps of' Cadets for the presentation and discussion of' gender-specific and leadership issues within the military, provide networking opportu- nities lor cadets and officers, and foster within the organization and the Corps ol' Cadets a sense of pride in the accomplishments of' military women in the past, present, and future. MCF sponsors the following events in addition to a variety ofothers: Branch Selection Dinner tan opportunity tor women cadets to discuss branch opportunities for women with women officers and branch repsb, Marriage or Not in the Military Panel discussion twomen officers discuss some oftheir experiences being married or single while serving in the Amryj, Buckner Panel tupper-class women cadets discuss with plebes how to have a successtirl summer during C FTJ, Women in Combat Panel , intomwal monthlymeetings where women cadets gather to discuss leadership issues and being a woman at West Point. The group's mission is to build stronger leaders through discussion and experiences with prominent leaders and leadership thinkers from all walks oflife. Founded in 2003, the group kicked offwith atrip to Boston and has since gone to meet with leaders in New York City, the Bay Area in Califomia and Washington, D.C. Our focus is to develop and sustain the premier leadership forum in the nation, providing cadets with world-class interactions and profound educa- tional experiences. We travel around the country to meet with different political, business, military, academic, athletic and reli- gious leaders to gain insight on effective leadership practices and techniques. We also have the opportunity to interact with proven leaders here at West Point in small group settings. Some notable meetings have been with: Senator John McCain, ibnner Secretary of State George Schultz, Jet Blue CEO David Neeleman, Army Chief ot' Stall' Gen. Peter Schoomaker, New York City Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly, author Petcr Senge, NFL Com- missioner Paul Tagliabue. Boston Celtics owner Wye Grousbeck, and the fonner Celtic's owner and legendary coach Red Auerbach. These interactions give us positive insight for our future endeavors as Army officers and leaders in society at large. They undoubtedly serve as lite experiences that we will always remember. Colors Berreatlrr The Gray Q The Respect Program Advisory for Others" program and was formally adopted in 1997 to develop within the coipgsyign intrinsiciunderstanding of every individual's infinite dignity and worth. RPAC serves as the liaison between oft the Commandant in dealing with issues of character development. Focus areas include values diversity, prevention of sexual assault and harassment, health awareness, conflict resolution, andirespect mentorship. The PALS CBig Brothers Big Sistersb Club has trips about once a month where cadets are paired up with littles from the Newburgh area who are waiting for a permanent Big Brother or Big Sister. These trips give cadets an opportunity to reach out to the community and give back and give the children an oppor- tunity to see and do things they would other- wise miss out on. l DDF? QQ O EUS UU gore was 530 r'I' Kim WH CD Litera e Kids' CQ' Haibfbif This year the math forum participated in lectures and last year participated in a trip section to the Army Research Labs CARLD located at Aber- deen Proving Grounds in Maryland. The talks ranged from baseball to cryptography, and the cadets who visited ARL saw research the Army is doing in ballistics, survivability, and lethality as Well as many other projects currently under way. '6We all should know that diversity makes for a rich tapestry, and we must understand that all the threads of the tapestry are equal in value no matter what their colorf, -Maya Angelou Colors Beneath The Gray , iksv? As the only liatemity at West Point, our Knights of Columbus Council, officially dubbed Msgr. O'Keefe Cotmcil 118250, boasts over tour hundred members. The Knights is an international service organization of Catholic men, who share common principles ofthe catholic faith. The four main tenets are Charity, Unity, F ratemity, and Patriotism. The West Point Knights is cadet run with cadets, officers, and civilian members. Our council conducts numerous charity projects from cleaning and serving at soup kitchens to visiting patients at cancer hospitals. We conduct several trips each year as well, to include a Veterans Day trip to Washington, D.C. where we share fiaternity with Veteran's at the War Memorials and VA hospitals. We take several trips to New York City and New Haven where we share tiatemity and give charity in place. In addition, each year we set up a Giving Tree at the Most Holy Trinity Catholic Chapel to collect gifts to later distribute to underprivileged children in the Newburgh area. We host a free community Fish Fry during Lent and sponsor a local K of C Free Throw Contest for youth ofthe West Point and Highland Falls communities. We also host the New York State K of C Frcc Throw Championships. Finally, we are honored to supportN .Y. Special Olympics and conduct color guards for fonnal events throughout the year. Vivat Jesus! if 1 me f zi,:,,gggg41ff,3Jggfz.gf. f. "M fr G l-4 O Lvl . SUQ B5 gl-cn wg, G FD U3 Fr k4v U3 F3 ro I3 cn GJ 211' ub l gC EF. H 5 , t 'W was KM- at Amana- The Cadet Wargames Committee uses histori- cal miniatures to gain a better understanding of warfare through the ages. The club attends national wargaming conventions each year and hosts its own convention knows as POINTCON each spring. The West Point Flying Club exists to edu- cate cadets about aviation through class- room work, lectures, trip sections, and fly- ing. Topics include airmanship, flight regu- lations, information about aircraft, and ca- reer advice for future Army Aviators. The club also assists cadets who seek to get their FAA private pilot license by working with nearby flight schools and airports. The Law Enforcement Tactics club provides an opportunity for cadets to learn more about their interest military and civilian law enforce- ment through lectures, trips, and training op- portunities. The club participates in a joint weapons shoot with the Combat Weapons Team and provides patrolling support to the military police during Halloween and other events. Colors Beneath The Gray QQ -,ar ,I N , 'Q Q m Y, N. I Af VV W I ,ey 4 QL M wi A , Q1 O W4 V, .... E, ..,, ., - 'Q W. V m . -. :i,, ,..1. M" nag. AL . . 'fl fl, gf, Q, gh vw 'i W. ,1 W f A Q gk ! 5? . Q . 'fig W L. W,:,f A , f MAF 235 L V 4? all Q . ' If CI1C3f1 ative ety of Wo 6559 CQ' AUKYZJLXZYQJ' Colors Eeneatht The Gray The purpose ofthe Native American Heritage Fo1umfNAHFJ is to educate and establish an understanding ofthe Native American culture and to develop a sense of community for Native-American cadets. This year the NAHF continued to expand and explore the Native American Culture through their visit to multiple POW-WOWS, Longhouse, the National Museum of the American Indian in NYC, as well as gathering to share Hlndian- tacosn and watch movies. During November f'Native American Heritage Monthv the club celebrated their annual Heritage Dinner, dance, and meet with established Native- Americans in the military. Next year looks to be just as exciting. The main goals ofthe Society of Women encourage young Women cadets to enter the engineering-related majors and fields of a professional support mechanism for those women to inform other cadets of the and of women engineers. The Mechanical Engineering Club is a forum to allow cadets and officers to engage in real World application of engineering. The clubs makes numerous trips to various engineering- related places including Boeing's facility in Philadelphia. UQ The Environmental 84 Water Resources Institute CEWRD is a specialty institute of the American Society of Civil Engineers CASCEJ. EWRI is a professional organization focused on advancing environmental knowledge and the understanding of relevant sciences, improving the practice of environmental engineering, and providing pub- lic policy input to decision makers. Q I IHDPUHLPQN 'El If f""'N f v A 522 I -...H I 5 .N MW., ., 3 ,Yr IS f 'J' WQZFA ,K 3 The LIFE Within these gray, stone, Walls X62 5 The LIFE Within these gray, stone, Walls 527 The LIFE Within these gray, stone, Walls The LIFE W1th1n these gray, stone, Walls ffvfwf ' V 5 The LIFE W1th1n these gray, stone, Walls fo 41'-f.:f3f+if'A' " Elie-rr G54 54 , W 3' 'V n4f"'U' .., -, ..-V: au. ,3-, . EW M' Aixftlll I 5 The LIFE Wlthln these gray, stone, Walls M "5 The LIFE Wlthln these gray, stone, Walls 5 Q,f'SSP"' The LIFE Within these gray, stone, Walls """"""..... " hw, fl 1- F4 OK' A ' 'bm w . i a Y ,l M mf F iq' km., -A , P ,,:,. ' ur- ' mmf gil-V +2 ' ,fx My ,V,! , 1 W, , til? EV L15 1 ?AFIi'45R?i5529S07MH??fZii PA ,, .W 51 . v I ww? L 1 Xb- mf fv ig 411 The LIFE Within these gray, stone, Walls... if WL my I we W We ' va 5 W ' I-Y ' P J ' M f , .. U 2 1 Ngleff. t's Friday. Finally some respite after a long week of futile thrashing against the Academic undertow. Time to leave, time to live for a few days or hours the life of a college kid, the life you forsook to come to West Point-or not. While such a pleasant fate may await all your friends, you committed some infraction fgreat or smallj and will spend the next two hours and five more on Saturday in that fabled Cadet wasteland: the Area. Ironically, unlike most other aspects of the Academy, suffering punishment does not occur behind closed doors and is not relegated to hushed whispers out of earshot from the BTO. It plays out every weekend in Central Area, a main route between Arvin Gym and Grant Turnaround-the only two destinations other than pass that draw cadets from their rooms on weekends. The Area becomes an asphalt stage marked off by four traffic cones and ringed by an amphitheater of windows where half the corps can peer out onto the spectacle. Those who do are usually jeered and urged to join in on the fun by the hapless formations marching from cone to cone below. Anyone walking past caught wearing something unfashionable for overly fashionablej, dating a cadet, carrying pizza, wearing a complete uniform or smiling is similarly accosted. Some grow angry from the abuse, but most accept it as a bond of brotherhood with these "Area Birds." It is generally accepted that those walking hours may chide those who do not as a cynical escape from their circumstance. More importantly, though, it softens the guilt of us non-walkers as we laugh heartedly on our way out on pass, blissfully unaware within a minute or so of life on the area. . .until we land on it, of course. gm.--EH HH PM .... - , y - L3 Q ,- Q , JW ,, ' - f..' Li X , , Q1 Q Z"'x 91. Y-s -L.. -g . 5 QR x Q, ,.. 9 'D , -T wwyeffmfxfhnp' mam .."4'X'A . .XX gd. x ,, ,.. n t. , irsr , ft ilf giia ,'f-:f rr . f ,ji 'V V p wx , . 'BQV rg V yy I , ,A, p p 1 ,, A I1 A n '.A, ,uv . a . Const ctm est Point, it seems, has been under perpetual construction for the last 200 years. After the new gym finally opened last August-only a year after its initial projected completion, another high- profile project began with the construction of the new library, Iefferson Hall. The photo at the bottom left shows the new Arvin Gym towering above the Supe's house. In the foreground, you can see the new force protection additions-black pylons that were added near Grant Turnaround, the Comm's house, and around the Plain. As of the beginning of May 2006, the library construction was proceeding well, Clook to the rightj. Before construction began, however, General Patton's statue, which until this year had faced the entrance of the old library, needed to be moved and placed into storage.. The film strips along the top of this page and the bottom of the following page show a sequence of images portraying the removal of the statue. Blasting was necessary to break through the solid granite, but because of the proximity of the old library to the con- struction site and the potential effects that the explosive vibrations would have on Taylor Hall fthe tallest all- stone office building in the worldj, the size of the charges was limited. At the top right is a picture of the roof of Lincoln 544 Hall, a part of which blew off during a violent wind storm in Ianuary. Lincoln Hall was evacuated, and a few professors actually cancelled classes. At the lower right is a picture of the construction equipment that plagued the walkways around the library, Bartlett Hall, and Ike Barracks this year. Workers would spend countless hours chipping away at the mortar joints and then replacing it with new mortar. No one was quite sure why. A final noticeable change included the removal of both 150-year-old Elm trees from Trophy Point after they had become subject to Dutch Elm disease. " ' ll. A'-1f!'A1 vu' H . Nj , ,,V' L X fi l ff'fffGf:q5fgf'rgle4a ' -"' ff tv I , ,ziW,. W , V VII I J V k , . zz: I f. ,,:. ,, -7 a a a n f M . l f ,Lg 'lg' i olll 1 . 1 il G 'it We say Goodbye and Thank You to... General Lennox General Seaparrotti General Patton??? Left and Below: The Commandants Farewell in Eisenhower Hall. ,. 1 iv, yt, 1, 2 4 At Left: General Len fixture on the Army si 56th Superintendent Left: Making way for the construction of the new USMA library, General Patton has been temporarily placed in storage until his new home is determined. nox, a constant delines, and at his farewell from West Point. The Academy's retired after 35 years of active duty service. 5 ,.fQ' . r Howi t er The staff at our beginning of the year training dinner. The Cadet Activities and .Iostens Advisors Staff T Letter from the Co-Editors-In-Chief Friends, Welcome to the 2006 edition of the Howitzer yearbook. We intend in these pages to offer those intimate with the Academy a reminder of their time spent here as a cadet, instructor, or in some other regard. For those of you outside the granite yoke of West Point, we offer a glimpse into an unfamiliar world, one we hope you will enjoy. h I f Qin The editors and staff are very proud of our product. A staff of less than Hams thirty supported by an incredibly dedicated advisor, Ms. Anne Caliendo, created the product you now hold-the largest college yearbook in the nation. It has taken many months to assemble and absorb countless hours of studying fand watching MacGyver rerunsb, but it has been worth every minute well almost every minute. There were tensions and difficulties, setbacks at every corner, and two editors to satisfy-both of whom graciously endured the ignominy of the title uCo-Editors-in-Chiefn and countless references to the cartoon characters of the same name. As a staff, we were able to overcome the broken computers and the deadline delays, and we grew closer because of it. The Corps will receive their yearbooks after they are sent to print in December of 2006, but as we write this letter from the editors, it is the middle of May. We are still normal cadets for a few more days, ready to graduate and anxious to see Thayer Gate recede in our rearview mirrors. But this book represents the part of our lives as cadets that we do not want to forget, even now on the verge of graduation. Most of the hard times-and there were many along the road-either have already been forgotten or are remembered with fondness. Our sincerest wish is that you, the reader, will not merely leaf through the pages of this mighty book looking for pictures of yourselves or your special cadet but that you will, someday, perhaps many years from now, take your time to read the words of your athletes, staff members, and company-mates who have contributed their thoughts and their pictures. This book, although compiled by a small staff, is for and by the Corps, without whose help it would be nothing but six hundred pages of staff member photos. The class of 2006 will leave the Howitzer and the rest of the academy in the hands of the officers and cadets who remain. Not much will change, we buildings, and new rules. But the important parts will remain. library Qwhenever it is finishedj, on a shelf that no one visits book, a creation and an effort by of our four gray walls. Enjoy. Tom and Jerry those who built it while still imagine: new faces, new And somewhere in the new will sit this dusty safe within the confines N-'ii The 2006 Howitzer Staff Joyce Charisse-Louden Brigade Publications Officer Thomas Berry jerry Drew Editors-In-Chief Anthony Nguyen c Photography Editor ,Lkk M Anne L. Caliendo C DCA Publications Advisor Cadet Staff Cadet Photographers C -' Matpthew Bebo joel Artist B Burgess xiggijg Anthony Formica, Artist Jennifer Burns t'1i' Joel Hedman, Artist Andrew Carfang iiiii Hannah Leadbetteyr,"tSiports,fg qsc t it yrry, Covington Erich Jordan, Clulo Sports JosephfCymernian Paul Kearney Justin Haug Frank Park, Activities Kyle jerichow Ashley Romesberg, Stafff Faculty joseph Krick Brett Shaffer, Corps John Kriegbaftirn A illlillii l N joseph Simmons, Class History jay Meyerii Justin Sparks, Firsties, Activities Troy Peterson Vincent Wiggins, Activities pppppp Yppkp Pipkins Simmons DCA Publications Assistant William V355 Evangeline Hager Contributing Photographers: Jostens Staff ,Roger Pettengill, Academy Photo Steve Luke, Representative A DOIM Photcfgffphers Kristi Cash, In-Plant Representative Df-1011 ames R. Brooks, Creative Design Consultant Corps of Cadets Q'-:murmur A-...Z53 X f if . X Ss... ! Thank You All... M J :,5.,.-0' 1' i 0 iI"'V- k f- Q ffi'l ISJER1 ' ' E P 3 Z 1 '?3g",. , , 1 HE v 1 if T T 5 + , WT ,W - Y P k QV. 553 sf' , , f . A W- f J ' A 1 A-., 5 Q , " f , Xi?-4 g? fag fi, '.n,' We :fi A ,f i - m39 Q,g,..,,, g i f ' 'ff' in Wm W B " AV A Y k , X , , 4 f-42,-r' .. H. . , .V 'Y 1 I Y gi: " 'Y 5- f-- Y WJ L 'i 1, , i fr ,, fr 4 . w Y E 5 TQ f f Z 2 , l , l l ,Z gi l' f 5 li 1 l l fi: L Vi l lx 'ay , f f QQ5 QifQ7 7gfg 1 Q '?Q Q gg1g- fQff Qi 1 g 4 ' W Y Q, W, 1 Q ,Q 4, ,W Y, 7 4 e Y fr J i , 1 f 1' 2 ET M A O 122 i 1 lfwf 'llj f' , Y if l I f f , , X j 7 M 1 M A ,1 ff l if , V. 1 F 6 ' ' " , W o o rs B neath he G ay .112 51, 1 f - ,,f,. f "-. 1 'ylgigw f f'T.ff,',i"' "Q, .wrwf -- 4 J.. ., .,,, . ., , . l 1 fy I " ' f ' , . L,,, ..,A. I 'h"'UQfQ?'1F,"fL'f""'L" 'VK "" U ff9jf1Vg,Q'- "gi '+1'wfQ:14Ea4'i-u.1.'Lfm:j43gfqinf.,.M ,tial '- we , -, , f , i fL f - f 'Lf , 1? ' ' f 5' ' A ff fy Q, 2. r 5 ,K 3,1 , .Nw Nj ' 11" -,ua-193,51 ,V N f 'JE' ,A 2 ' , VH - ,- i ,f ,f I , i ' Y- ff-1 ,-A, -,W .,nY..,.V ,kr W, , , TE, '4 1, - 1: ,tk .sziszfsfsfzsezgg Not l Patrick Dowdell Erin Lynch Eric Nerdalen l Jude Onwuanumkpe ll Tony Vozzollo l l T 'ill ll f Thomas Ryder Point Parents Club of Long Island Salutes the Class of 2006 558 4 H, QV ,H ' ,ak , '1' 5 TC :1 .x E? is A, Y iv . 14-M 53? ,M ,mi .511 - .. B- . 'wm a' v' iff' . 5 12. -wig , M 4. f 0 Sigh Q 11 . S U W I ...W , Y ' 1: " 4 ""+ M 4 Nan, buzz, i , , F' 11,1 1, f z.. 153' 1553529 Ri-' Eff-X .... QQ- A " fifis L, 4 Q "" A 'Uh X 1, N X ff , N Q 'F K- W ev QQ? ifxcfxl ,W :el Ma x 559 Brian Blake Ryan Devers Bruner Natashia Clinton Joseph Gresenz Jeffrey R. Hecox Kevin Kalkwarf Douglas Meyer Michael Moad Christopher D. Moore Jay Ortegon Stephen Reynosa Richard In Tang Ill Dhyan Tarver Jeffrey Velazquez Congratulations. To the Class of 2006 rom 562' bilwpmlm PJULIUJU siululass 'ma Blain ul JXUUU Peter Ch Dunkm Erik Johnson J1lRh ff! 'i Y .J -f VJ S drew Ellison chael Gasser am Hewitt Bailey k G9l'3Simff1S Christopher Macfarland C h ri sto p h e r Ta n n e r fi 'f iler A ' 'f3if'?Qd', -'QW , '."QIwar',i'f 1 John Pollcastro 4 L A B P' l QP ., f Justin Seehusen Jeremy Spruce Rodney Johnson Scott Warnke John Oliver Tc: WWW JUAW' 160675 Q!!! - rr- -rv-v -rx' -I ix 1, . -f ,.,, -V rw- . ' ,Ty -' f ,E AY M,-1fAAdA-N , N0Tp'9TUREU1JfM WW5QN.'5f'-FRANK-QUf5fF'H H . H ' ' . ' A V A' ff 'iA""iA" . IPHQTMSSQAPHSBYACADEMY P5236 ma.,-V W' ' Q..." IIUTY HIINUR IIUUNTRY 2 'WV' Q , V x VVII y, A L A IV f QQDU-5-QW? EQEFQQWWWQQVQT-wh 2 fUf,lgQ5ff6' ' Sf. r r , ,uf - ff: if fr- 1 ef' g X an wr :fs . ,Km ,ar1esGrurzrr1arh A ? ' - Q Y xpugx Cl' , N,.,, ,, , W gr . y N. X A M , V ' ' I Q -' , h ssl 'Q V ff -xx t we Prirflhvyhm 1 E h ,,.,,.1, - if R f asa! n lzfslrrnhfffiflfm' as ik IWhf5?fdff'i57Y1, g,,..-' ' E td eurraagy P ef mph 2 Ps. :P The West Pafht Parehtfs Cfuh of Greater Kahsas City extehas W X V aur heartfelt caharatulatfahs ta aur2006 Graduates! Our thoughts aha prayers aa with you CONGRATULATIONS T0 THE CLASS OF 2006 ERIC J. FRANCIS CHRISTOPHER J BLACKWELL SIGNAL CORPS MILITARY INTELLIGENCE JOHN A. MATTHEW R- RIEMENSCHNEIDER ARMOR ARTILLERY GREGORY G. DIETERICI-I INFANTRY JUSTIN D. SPRAGUE MEDICAL SERVICE CORPS WEST Po1N'r PARENTS CLUB OF IOWA ' A " ald 0. ' 5W7est Qpomt Qarents Glub gffifllchgqan salutes NEVER TIHIIE CLASS UF 19 ammgamwmgmwww 58. QUIT Nqahjqhn Truax 1i 'ik K , ,,,. . 5 ,K . , West Polnt Parents Club of Northern California Salutes The Class of 2006 3, . Aviation '. Signal Corps Q 1 it Aviation ?CorpsYof4fEngin 'er i' Militaifffigliliberobrris ,,,,. , , H W Infantry f' Armourii ' 'r"ir , Ordanance Military Intelligence Corps of Engineers Air Defense Artillery' .W , "5ff,n , ' W t lalat l Q 'I' Vilfjzi fi fa' 12? rrtr in r 143133 WE SALUTE THE CLASS OF 2006! WEST Po1N?rPARENTsCLuB OF ORANC.Eg gCljUNTY, tulations St Louis f Medical Service Corps Infantry AVi3fi0 Josep anfilippo Robe I C ps Field Artillery MedicalC hS rtV' Area Graduates West Point N Parents Club of Central Califo Cangnawlaleo and Mum mm zoos gfuuuwm Jon Cheatwood The North East Ohio West Point Parents Club congratufates L 'vih1Pdl A V Darren Moe f Christian Mooneyham NEVER FALTER, Never faigggfever Quit Congratulations to our 2"" Lieutenants! "Never falter, Never Quit" Adam Decker jerry Drew Rachel Fazio Matthew Friters Michael I-Iolbay Iohn Lenart Michael Wigser 4 i F. Barclay Mark Ronan Boyle David Danford Aaron W. Kletzing John Graber Krampien Mark J. Luker Audra L. MacNeil Elizabeth E. Greenaggin Kyle J. Andrew Chonowski Hafainger Jared William Kruger John P. McCaskey Jared Pauling F. Rickert Nicholas E. Zefeldt Ashley M llfffsr Pm! Prrrefm Club llkwir Y .V 7 zpqx. s n ow ,Q W ,,l t 1 'ln' R WM Q " I xmtffv Www ls. Q33 i 42 1 SE 6 1alll!lQa.HlIV 111Illl1l4l1llHl11 Congratuhztions on our graduation, Second Lieutenant Qreenhergl We are 'very QAROUQD of you! Zadie QJad'ancf9Vlommy Q jlnthony, jflaron, Tzaahh, G3enjamin amfjlnna ff' Isaac Adam Greenberg f Keeping Freedom Alive GJearest Isaac, 'Km have hrought Laughter anafjoy to Our Lives antfso much Love to Ourffearts. 'You have 'W011dkUqlf traits that mahe you speczaf - 'lou are Loyah Warm, 7fumorou.s amfjhow great Enthuslasm and Zest for LW. jls a new o ' en continue to meet the challenge :yt ecoming a Leader of Character committeaf to the vafues ryfGDuty, Horton Country. May Qoctsajeguanf ou andkep ou out cj harms way andallhyuu you to Tolgrw 'Maur Dreams. Q 6006700 WL!! 12600675 iyei 6 0 2267666 wllpdflfll L a Benjamin Nelson Booth Lieutenant United States Army Wm , N ' tm ft.: Amr 1irIlUttlIViIlll" ll 9546 41150 mm on me Mama MW Maw Mn!! Www 590 mm WW Ma agyka. jamie M3 f 'V Benjamm Nelson Booth tayyt gig! Never Falter, Never Quit f 6 .ig Oz ttll! ItlV f'Ii'tl1ll1l1In t gggymwbw, 'Mmm W 304 any aww WWYZFWZJWG HMQWWW fam! N myflklm f' 3-I ftlg xl V REINALDO GONZALEZ ll On a beautiful sunng Eaepiember i0"' ating bundle of energg came into our lives. lsittle did we know that our little bog would have dreams begond our imagination and challenge himself far begond the boundaries set for him to meet his goals. ,N rf X V is Reinaldo Gonzalez II I 1 I1 Never Falter, Never Quit ' Congratulations Yong! 575 2 LT ANDREW PAUL WILLIAMS Laugh offen Love deeply L1 ve well MISSION ACCOMPLISHED' Congratulations to an incredible young man on completing this amazing journey Thanks for taking us along for the ride. Love you forever Mom and Dad M y 1988 2006 March back August 2002 O 7 ,, Q W Andrews Air Force West Point Base, a Paul Williams Ek K zz, ,twin V A ff Never Falter, Never Quit Second Lieutenant Gregory Carl Fisher, Jr. I: I K th I 'th I I I'1 f -'Urge ,Oat Thi ,rassioff IIIIIII welfare and not for calamity to give you a future and a hope." Jeremiah 29:11 . ,wb I liz: If nm ' i ggi VIVP Gregory Carl Fisher, Jr. tif? f L , Never Falter, Never Qult W ngratulations A1 dd d 4 A A A A 'A oo 66 Pressure makes diamonds." George S. Patton We are proud of you. Love, Mom and Dad Alexander D. Fox Never Falter, Never Quit 'Accept the challenges so that you can feel the exhilaration of victory" General George S. Patton, Jr. Congratulations on becoming a member of the Long Gray Line. We are very proud of your accomplishments and Wish you the best in your military career. Love, Big Sister Lauren, Mom and Dad - 4:5 it 1 f Gre or Charles Ho e .1 Y .x ll f tt . Q14 Never Falter, Never Quit Ewllc' WI1 Your cleclicotion to duty, havnt wovlc cmcl pevsonctl sacrifices Z ifLCLX7G CLLl7l1QCl yOU ClCillQX7Q1'1IQl'!.tS C,Ll'LCl lfLOl'1Ol7S li'LCLt l1CLX7C niude us so pvoucl. PQ 1 1 , 1 1 1 1 Tlicinlc you, Kcut, lion slxcwinq youu life at Wyest lgoint with us. D L Mom, SOHUHCU 8L MUD' GOCl COIIll,HlLQ to XA7Cll1Clf1. OQQU LYON, LLl'lCl 5'OlLlT i,GllOW SOlCll,Ql7S You continue Noun ruilibcwy journey if Kaitlin Kelly Mandelkow well Kapiti A l F l I l do 0 you will seivc our t I LIOIIHUFY COILITCLQQ ll l, ig Eff Ztloilfif Vs an lll ll f -. ,"",- 'I llll Cwfhaejazo Jon. f W al icia mzaffbffaiecfyazyfwfjawfc mick QQ. is era- P 24: M Zigi M' Willa fa ,En xl' g Ill' f i! ll llll ll To my proud and only son, Peter Your mother and I would like to congratulate you on your much deserved graduation next month. Your years ofhard work and discipline have brought you this joyous occasion and we are so happy to be able to share this moment with you, You have made us extremely proud with your determination and diligence in creating your own future. And indeed, it has been a challenging ride these years, but you have proved to us and most importantly yourself that you are capable of achieving outstanding results. However, bear in mind that you should always be ready to face up to unexpected challenges, and be constantly hungry for new experiences and knowledge. Set up your life goal and vision with dream. Never forget your dream and always step forward to your goal and dream one by one. Stay focused in all that you do and persevere in times of odds. There will be successes that you rejoice but even failure that will make you a stronger person. But you know you will always have all the support from your mother and me. My dear soon-to-be officer of the US Army. I really want you to have a belief that 'Heaven helps those who help themselvesf Someday you will come to know that time flew like an arrow. At that time, Hur you not to regret anything about what you have done in your life, you have to best try, enjoy and relax with your best and optimized decision derived from what you have learned at VVest Point and what you will experience h'oin now on as well. To make a long story short, "Meet the nice girl as your spouse and make 3 or 4' kids at least. Be happy always and get ready to take good care ofyour family for life. Let's make CHA family the worlds happiest family." I ,, gn' x W , A 5 K Peter D. Cha .v il f L. . Never Falter, Never uit oooooooooooooooooooooo ' 'A '.,, 11: Z'Ee1:-' ' N 'sri WW?'1!f f' ti. E it ll 'I ll lllll . ongratulations Jen!!! Go Arm -Beat avy!!! 3142 Never Falter, Never uit Love, Mom 81 Dad Jennifer M. Pascucci if i""O 0 rx" 52 v M ,lf vs W? Q if Zachary N. Rider Kia? Never Falter, Never Qult y r -rs Congratulations BUD- The Llffldfb' jglmlfq ILS' proud ofyou- Love HlWHy5, Mom ar1dDad M "Nothing limits us except ourselvesg For the truest aspect of every person is unbounded potential" Deepak Chopra if Bath Tub Diver - 79.97 "Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own under- standing, In all your ways acknowl- edge Him and He shall direct your paths" Proverbs 3: 5-6 A V Nathan Pritchard -Al fl- , afmbaf Dfw- 2004 qjp Never Falter, Never Qult KW ,mf You will always be our Superman! Your quiet strength and ability to lead by example will assure your continued success. We will be with you all the way! Love always, Mom, Dad, Sarah, Lauren, Eric and Charlotte V ' Stephanie Luisa Avgerakis Never Falter, Never Quit W J EEK' .iiiy Q "I have learned, that if one ad- vances confidently in the direction of his dreams, and endeavors to live the life he has imagined, he will meet with a suc- cess unexpected in common hours." Henry David Thoreau May God keep you safe always and bless you on your journey. Dear Befevedjessre, C0njra6ufuf1br15.f We wflshyou the very best 1,4 your fxfiure. we are proud ofgou. lfwfhsgreazf fave, leur Famlfy 342' K, Mom, DaefanefM1ehaefBaker if Jessica Shanti Baker Never Falter, Never Quit one' 693 sw aft-'ts QQ -wif for the highest standing in the military program. Plus...you're number one in our hearts!! I t 8. ' T' , . our Ove' ,fjjjjieg Daijdmva 'On S Love, Chris and Mom iiii iii? Kevin Paul Britt, Jr. Peter J. Cacossa 4 , , Never Falter, Never Quit Never Falter, Never Quit ,W -, W W, . V , aka 1' M CONGRATULATIONS SHAVVN!! While your sense of humor and depth of spirit bringjoy and love to our lives, your determination and commitment to Duty, Honor, Country amaze and inspire us. May God bless you and always keep you safe as a member ofthe Long Gray Line. With our utmost pride, deepest admiration, and I Congratulations! 1 Marissa Felice - O6 Your family, friends and country are : so very proud of you! : O I We all love you so very much! Be safe and : may God always watch over you and keep 0 A, endumg me, H -1 you in his loving care! 2 15 A V if Mom, Dad and Chris .mf ,f. E av .zifjy v:-'. ,mgvql . . . 0 get -s Shawn Joseph Carlson sf- 5 Marissa Felice Ch1er1chella L' . 5 E L . gift Never Falter, Never Quit ig, Never Falter, Never Quit DUTY " HONOR " COUNTRY Ace, when you were born the world became a better place. Your decision to follow in the footsteps of your Grand-Dad and Papa has made it a safer place to be in. Always have faith, be safe and know you're loved. P . . . Matthew, we faveyaa and are so happy fhaixgaa jgffffedkqaar dream fa Much Love 81 Pride' Momma' 8 Niko varadaafe frwn West Parhif. Gad hfesssgaa with Ct7l'lflrll4L'L! success lliylfdlh' l71lWZ'67lfy Carver: We nuff hs lllfliqlhkg firyvu. ,Lv Al, 'W nn mt Lava, Mum 49 Dad N VIVV Pravarhs 25: 24-25 fi Austin C. Clopeck Matthew Scott Linton A , , 314 Never Falter, Never Quit fgfigi Never Falter, Never Quit 'I' fx fx ,, ' . Dong- ae :twist QOUI' lf0NL0l?l I'OH'1 O , f ' C , if You can do Uffywi' H11 things feaayzeaoo. through Christ who dkfaoyale mmf strengthens gffgjfyggg - - ypui Maya. Philippians 41: 13 !1frW15!6Mlda WIZJQIUIH5 had I want you to know that as I watch you 4 " 'X grow I pray that God will till your heart , with dreams and that faith gives you the ' WWA imurage to dare to do great things. L owe, 'M - Mom Eff Dad, Leslie, Joseph, Luke, W' D Qfidyfldmgaf Grandma Ei' Papa -f A' I :gg ' Matthew Lug an J av Roel Ortegon Never Falter, Never Quit if Never Falter, Never Quit Nothmg great was ever achieved without Xsisgbf iaer ,gyy g enthusiasm! st'f'it - ' I'ft k .God did not give us a spirit of timidityg but of power, Iove and discipline". E ig ig' Q Timothy 1:7 NASB CLASS OF 2006 m y M? Dad Mom, Christopher and David vig' Andrew D. Polashenski F Christopher Andrew Renoll Never Falter, Never Quit gig Never Falter, Never Qult Q. :ions Sean! bad for a ,kid off ofiliauai. our drive and determination not got you admit- West propelled through all four was the moments our lives. Krrowfetfge ILS' the power thafsgives us Wl,1NgS to soar Thefcus an aCCOII1PliSl'1IIlCD'Cl V, and comrmifrnerrt and hard work afonj the way. Your character , ,l11. H V andstrenxgfrl ofuflff fo see a chaffentge through are sure to bring V D success 60 affjvu do! iii V ai J V' an Love, Mom, DadandBr1k1rr Q' p t Brad J. Roberts 5? Sean Supon Never Falter, Never Quit Qing, Never Falter, Never Quit Jonathan Welsh and The Class of 2006, "Never Falter, Never Quit" You make us proud!! Congratulation Congratulations A.J.!! We are so very proud of you and the many accomplishments you have realized - including your graduation, with honors, from West Point. You embody "Duty, Honor, and Country" with your superb leadership abilities, your strong moral and ethical values, and your steadfast patriotism. We are tremendously honored to call you our son. Go forward and share your gifts with the world! :Q f, With everlasting love, admiration, and support, -ATU Mom and Doa' iii' Alexander Johnson Bertone ii ft . Never Falter, Never Quit Surely a star Danced in Heaven Be safe!! The day you were bom. Love, Your Entire Family Q Q Q y .V llove you forever, Mama Jonathan Robert Welsh ' 5 Jacob Carl Kerr Never Falter, Never Quit Never Falter, Never Quit "qu L fi Y if- ' , , ll ll Cansaratafatzbhs T Math fats affave ' . anefprrble. Mom, Nana, Papa, Chrfstzha ,V af it if .1 Q Q f y 2 Daniel Tyler Brooks 031,10 Never Falter, Never Quit Congratulations H-Q 81 Class of 2006. Ryan, always remember, "You are a loved child of God." We are so proud of you. Mom, Dad, Mara, and all the family . D Ryan Patrick Gardner Never Falter, Never Quit Congratulations Mlehaef fBaefdbqj. Yau have earned our respect and Mdmlfdflbh nat any fir aff fhafsaaa have achieved hafjhr the amazing young manyaa have heeame. Stay saf: and keep God uflifhtuaa. i"l iiiii Michael Miller A? ga Q. Never Falter, Never Quit Dana, You believed in your dreams andymade come true! Love, Mom Dad Derek and Caro CONGRATULATIONS Adrian Ronald Gennusa, '06 With Pride's Love, Mom, Dad, Jeremy, 8: Tracey GO ARMY UWM! , I was .wv , . Adrian Ronald Gennusa 'iii irc' ' ii, Never Falter, Never Quit if May the road rise to meet you, May the wind be always at your back, The rainfall soy? upon your yields, And until we meet again, May God hold you in the palm Qf His hands. Love, Mom and Daa' Christopher M. MacFarland Never Falter, Never Quit Congratulations J im!! The O-Team and Felipe, too! Best of luck as you start your Army career. We're as so proud of you! Love, Mom, Dad, and the family. in Aww ' y ,,, if James M. Perkins Never Falter, Never Quit Congratulations To My 2006 Howitzer taff Graduates! Dana Patterson Never Falter, Never Quit Never Falter, Never Quit f kb X X XX X X X F 43' X X, L X "ii Y 1 ' Y fl. V X' X X X , MX" We W WX H XXXX" WX" ' 52+ X55 XX nn ' x A , .4,, 5 'W A X XX xi f X X-X XX 1 Xv X XXX W as M X U X XX WX, U3 h X W X X 1 g M X X X X Xb "W ' we MX X Xw - ww XX av- XM 'XQXXX 3,1jXQ'X'N 0' X XX X Pew: A X X X :eww X XX ws' ' ws XX W .V ' X X W ' is W ' A F If 9 32251 YN 'X 1X H XX M XX X' X! 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Umm X X O Qq xQx if If IN ystelhs OUR COMMON BOND: UNOOIVIMON SERVICE. You've dedicated yourself to serving our country. At USAA, we're dedicated to helping you secure a better financial future. For insurance, banking and investments, take full advantage of USAA - and let us honor your service with ours. usaa.com eoo.a3o.oee1 SS We know what it means to serve? INSURANCE ' BANKING ' INVESTMENTS ' MEMBER SERVICES Use of the term "member" dues not convey any legal rights eiieibility rights tor USAA property and casiraltgr insurance er ownership rights in United Services Automobile Asseeiatien. In remain eiigible. military personnel must purchase property and casualtr insurance underwritten by USAA by December 3tst oi the year iollnwing th ' th " I v ti r tire err mrlitar s r i El' ibrlit re 'rriction a I' te ha eyear e, eaeae veo an res re y evse, rg y s s ppy purc se el property and casualty insurance USAA means United Services Automobile Association and its affiliates. USAA QUUS, iE35il4524 , www rt i Q eeae ieteeieeteeree eeaatee eeeaeaeee 5 tltieeteieet Qt I I rrettewreirretreeeeae3rtttr'ttetetreainni t 5 are the tlrtreeei rieatae bririitaegf Sita w America will alwaysbe the lalld ofthe fI'CC. Because it is the home of the brave. To the brave men and Women of Americais military forces: Thank you for protecting our freedom. ' "i" 'ii'i" ' "i"' ii'i IQ M 'Z iliiwfwi If W I kh d We never forget wh 're workingforn' STANDI Armor Holdings and Stewart 81 Stevenson. United for a common mission. Now there's a single source for your combat protection and mobility needs. Armor Holdings Aerospace 84 Defense Group and Stewart 8: Stevenson have joined to offer a reliable and responsive partner for safety, sustainment and support. Two companies v- united in a common cause W- dedicated to the protection and support of the armed forces. aflgarrnorlmoldirmgsfiorrm I 866 390 l9llfl TacucgalVel1icgles Vehicle Arrnor Body Armor I-lelrnets 1133, 'Q . A '-V., Y 1. VA xnxx UK' X. 4 ,P V ,MSN , , -yfymwk I V 'mv ' . lj - uf M ' .mf ip- . I A M ,f M-. , ,,,, x, . , Q 'I v ' 1 f L. ,+.ffsH--N - Q, 1 , w f .- S dy 4 1 . w WM, AMT F N, .x E E. Q: ' A I. 1. 5 Q 1 tl 1 .W I , . ' ' 1 " ' , ,f , r fi Y "M Q4 P ,, I I I , W 35 W 4' X, 1 ,A in : 'L -'UW M W ,fx ,w: -fl!"'x" " ' f ,-if if 'Ax H . , . , 'YI , '1 Q f 1 f , W ,, W! T ,H 5 1 ,QL ,iii f. gf M- 1 sf A, A, H'wwm - mf swf ag: V V 14 J J ' sgLw,f v ?:!,w L, 1, ,f ft , fe:-5,536 ' ru 5,1 .ng x A ' QFE .. ,-1: .. , ,Q 44 . . EMR A , r AZ mf X xbwr' if Mi? ,iw ! ,ff N ff f i X, Xie rr ff 7' ft ,X Mf ,air At Raytheon, vve never lose sight of those vve serve: the countless brave men and women vvho defend our nation's freedom, all over the vvorld. VVe're proud to extend this message of gratitude, along vvith a solemn promise that our commitment to you, and our respect for your bravery, shall never falter. wvvw.raytheon.com Q 2006 Raytheon Company All rights reserved "Customer Success is Our Mission" is a registered trademark of Raytheon Company Customer Success ls Our Mission PROTECTING A1ifIERICA,S HEROESTM ? of the Interceptor OTV for the United States Armed Forces M eo,ooo sq. Foot Robotic Turning Center Drawing Presses Fl Ie cg ts Flexible Concepts, lnc. is a precision machine shop, manufacturing a variety of custom parts. Major accomplishments include becoming a munitions contractor for the U.S. Navy, U.S. Army, U.S. Marines, and a long-time supplier of components to the bearing industry. Flexible Concepts main objective is to: "Continually work with our operation and our customers to develop new processes and procedures that will continually improve Part Cost, Lead-Time and Quality." 1620 Middlebury Street- Elkhart, IN 46516 Phone: 574-296-0941 Fax: 574-296-0877 www.fIexibl'econcepts.com Calibrating your Standby Compass? Dun't Swing it! woo Q' 'Y sf 'Z L LJ W, ,F C . -XV' 4 Hun A105 Precision Sawing CNC Turning Center Specialized Process Tooling a M44 1 4 yiiggiwjgrggtt x li y u, wg ,-avf:gvf1.1i,lyi.?E 'Wl.1o+f,2f U it W' if Vi " ee 4 A ,Alma WE 4, t NS, " ' reeiickeaf iiit i t 1 Products from Nestle' All American S , K K efififfiw Mold Laboratories, Inc. juicy tfsfiffgf- Tel: 919 956-4200 1 jutC3 3.115 vfs 9 bluffs! me 0 '. 'gil E . -,r4- 1+ 'liri L A gf, Free: 1 Custom Earmolds I 1 .. W" 'Fm Q +2.75 Fax! 919 682-3786 Swim Protection ,, - g'ga,fgyEE,fgfeiOr LEANCUISINE ' ' , Supplies +2 - V- - -- --- - in V . f 'Q C' +-M---'if dir . :FSU I IGI nt our Stanghy Compass Qahhramr anows A K li O S P A li L 654-3254 Unless otherwise noted, all trademarks are owned hy Societe C3IlbI'atI0l'l of YOUI' WhISkEY'iYpE Standby dependability Fax 528-1081 I des Pmduits Nestle S.A., Vevey,Swit1eland. ARRDWHEADQ C0mPaSS WM! H CWPHSS 'USG SZ6Si3iiZL'1ll'lTfHif..fflNESlflX"lTf.'lZ'Flf,T2e321f i 1. ing at it 1 S f I 1 1 ' -1 North American Safety UNITECH Products, Inc. GNC Machining 0F ALASKA Tool Design Stamping Engineering Gulfstream Road Fabfiwivn I 2401 Cinnahar Loop . Frankfort IL 60423 1702 Village Green Dr. ' Anchorage, AK 99524-0167 Port saint Lucie, FL. 34952 Ph0I1e2 300-475-6946 Bus: 772.335.5555 Fax: 815-469-2131 1907, 349-5142 F : 772.335.3385 ar www.versa-guard.com www.clttech.com irsJ1!r ir-k 'k 1: if H 'ir A pr grasnwedeeessignsed tohelep e sveete fans firrd jobs at Toyota and Lexus dealerships hire-afherOQtoyota.cosm as 833,2.e66,4196 -Q i Celebrating over 200 Years Of Commitment To Duty Honor, Country We share your va We salute your lead lues. ership. We Respect your contribution to our nation's freedom. TRANSPORTATION i 5 5 i i i E also provides the Academy with a facility ix asset management program which ensures I the schools renowned buildings will be safely preserved for future generations. TREMCO ROOFING AND BUILDING MAINTENANCE FACILITY ASSET MANAGEMENT. SMALL BUSINESS SUPPORT. MQW MM Tremco Roonng teamed up with small business partners to proudly revitalize buildings for the United States Military Academy at West Point, including the historic Old Cadet Chapel, the West Point Museum, Pershing Barracks and the l-lolleder Center. Tremco Call Robb Chauvin,Tremco, Inc. 3 860.614.9985 or visit www.tremcoroohng.comlfederal.asp Contract Holder Mmwnmw 3735 Green Road, Beachwood, Gnio 44122 I Building Life.Managed. E ..,.........,. . . ..... L . - C .... . --N EROES SERVE L1 . .,-. 4 1 A1wr'-wgg,w:,w3,.,,. Y , fm ' - if2?5FTE314fiy2gn? 4Wvf55:y'1gg-l? 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Qmf15QawEffQMnWFE1wzwxndxaqfwmkM.-:Q-...N1,.:9.5 wmfkirhQM""'Ia:iQ1Ei:3vFi2s3fexigii:3.9T',S17w'1::,331Fil 3- '- . , 1111b'f1?'g-3'1'If,:LifQ,q , 1 ,1': F. , 3 35'51H:::4'::, ,. " M T: L 3if2NN1Wnw F3341 Dean Ertvvine, BG USA CRGU, USMA 'L VILL' President fox' Army I'rogmrr1s Ieli 01105306-8520 fwfr e Q Q -1111 n w 1 as-,iff Q 4 1, 1'a'w'w'4'-n asf' 'ffm 17: If za ' zur m- f +1 H -.xxx -L SQ brewsr science WWW.bI'eW6fSCi9I1C6 COTY! X ww , Qawiars WW? M '12, vw " milf with .,:f:?'-.L f .L 1,3 1 Af ' ' " ' e I 5131 g g 31 g A ' .uf SK i 4 'J Emmy, .W ! U if K X gil mageA1vYWAHE Congratulations 2006 United States Military Academy Corps of Cadets From Your Supporters At: T H B I5 Scotts Mlmglggsllg ww w QXSIlIlIIlNI"Ii1INIQCILD 02006 The Scotts Company. t erved. Roundup is a registered t I . WE PROUDLY SALUTE THE LEADERS OF THE 215T CENTURY' GEICO gelco com 'I 800 MILITARY V 'lv i,vv'TV Q1 A .K ' fm, U M4 Class of 2006 CONGRATULAT GNS US Mxlltary Academy Welcome to your future We salute you as you carry on a proud tradition dating back to the eariiest days of our country The bonds you ve forged at West Point will endure throughout your life The same is true of MOAA When you become a member you re joining a community of officers who share a sense of camaraderie and common interests. As you embark on the road ahead, MOAA is ready to serve you throughout your life. From graduation to retirement, neariy 380,000 members rely on us for the tools and resources to meet the challenges along the way. Find out why more officers choose IV MOAA for the road ahead: visit www. -oinmoaalor usma Mliitary Ofhcers Association ry America J gf One PowerfuiVoiceC' www.joinmoaa.org,lusma lk, .- W K 5 . +1 l E g 4 - I uv 1 wm- . R Q, WW ,H F 'X' 4 2 "VSV A L "Q A t in P fi 'I A -W W Y , ., A Hi 16 .ff www- M1 A4 M , 'rx W 1 at 3 N ,ii , A ! Q, QQ W.. - -qu-us cm4:dMEN:,q. X, lil www M ,, 2 I W- ' M' iz: H M.- : ' ' 'Q ' N K 'F"":'l7"f'f ' F--V - 'W' N 4: ,IM Zan! 12 ',,1l9i1fri1f " ' ' L' if kQ55Ejifw.,fNkwF'p , WW" ii!" W ' MM ' '1',r1"'2 "5 ' wb i- ' P A ' , "W, N' ' W - fam V V3 9-:gg My? L . . . ,. VA qlrr N. . 'Tr V 1 N -vu" ' .' -'li ??E?i?'n1w-av 3'-rf., , , 'S'-sw., , , J . ,, 15 . ,' ,. X '- H ' , QL I--MF' 'P -FW., ,W ?':-WL! 'W' ' ' ' -v Y e 5 I ' 5 M, X M WW'W'nh,,:2 fi - , ""' W1 1 M: www, ' udiilruu , ,. ' ' 7,73 J ' W -F. V H WWw1j,1-3LN'!Fi5M?321f w r H N lzff' , Y .1 "3 A " k WA f ' Y ' 1 " M.. , , W- ' ff, X' :ax EJ" V "' J " -Q ., Y 'E W! , Y if 1, , ' ,, 51-1 was 'Pig' 5 ' f4m5'7""l2' X ' W A' ' ' 1 K J ' -IfJiT5'T .za ' f 'V - ' fb 44 ,gf V 4 1 f' E, E95 IVIEDITERRANEAN SHIPPING COMPANY 12121 764-4800, NEW YORK 420 Fifth Avenue ' New York, NY 10018-2702 www.mscgva.ch WE BRING THE WORLD CLOSER Building 845 West Point, NY M996 TEL 18454 446-4l30 -2' ??,: ff ,- r I- L .,n,.m f' ,pl,41 - Penn Enterprises, lne james V. Penn PRESIDENT IsCnmml1t1teml To Exeelleneel' USMA l.,auu1ndry!Dry Cleaning -1 NN. JN-A1 LLLR li' FRIENDS 8: SUPPORTERS MESSAGES Proud Family of MICHAEL F. ALKSNINIS Proud Family of MELINA LEE, '06. Love! We Love You SETH ADAM GULSBY, '06 Go ARMY! Luv, The FAM Proud Family of BRANDON DAVIS, H4 '08 Proud Family amd Friends of RYAN CHASE, 2007 Proud Parents of MATTHEW ROEHM, '07 GOD Bless Our Troops Proud Family of TIM ASHCRAFT, G4 '07 Proud Parents of E3 EAGLE CREW TEAM Hagen Family Proud of JON HAGEN, '06 Chris and Shirley Wick, '07. BURT the GUPPY Proud Family of JASON MCCOY, '06 U R My Sunshine MICHAEL MCCLAIN, '06 MoLmt Up, F3 '09 Myers 1S Forever Proud Family of ALEXYS MYERS, USMA 2008 Safety 8a Success to E2 DAWGS 8a CLASS OF '06 - The Wagners CHELSEY, We Love You and We are So Proud Honored to be Proud Mom of BEN HAAS, '09 Proud Parents of NICHOLAS E. STERGHOS Comelia, GA. C-1 2009 Go XC 8: TRACK. Thanks "Q" I F FRIENDS .sz SUPPORTERS MESSAGES it Proud Family of JONATHAN BOWLBY, 2006 Father of JIM HIGGINS, '08 Proud Parents 8a Family of MARK S. BOYCHAK - USMA 2007 Proud Family of TAYLOR MARKWARD, E2 "I Can Do All Things Through CHRIST Who Strengthens Me", Phil. 4 13 Bustin' Proud Family of ERIC ZELLERS, H4, '06 Go ARMY FENCING! Proud Parents of CHRISTOPHER J. MIHAL, '07 Proud Parents of JOHN KUBEIKA, '08 Proud Parents of ERIC ZELLERS, '06 GOD Bless You Always Proud Family of JONATHAN TRENT, '06 Proud Parents of JENNIFER POWERS, '07 Our Buttons and Debt-Free Too, CHERITH'S Parents, '07 Thank You GOD, Parents of JEN GONSER Proud Mom of GREGG GEBHARDT, '06 Proud Parents of MIKE LEWIS, '07 Proud Family of ALBERTO REYES, '07 We Love You Proud Parents of SCOTT H. SWEENEY Go ARMY HOCKEY 44 MARK TILCH, '09 God Bless the USA 84 you, Cadet VASS! FRIENDS 8. SUPPORTERS MESSAGES r 94 Slfilf fi 'iff Congratulations JAMES GROSSMAN, Mom You Continue to Make Us Proud ADAM, Our Love Ma 8c Pa Novak Very Proud of You LT. JAY R. ORTEGON, '06 - Ortegon Family Congratulations, ANDREW RENKEN! We Love You, Mom, Dad + Dad "To GOD Be the Glory", Romans 5:37 Cadet PHILIP RAQUEPAU, 2008 We are Very Proud of You, Mom 8a Dad of TYLER SKEEN, '06 Proud Family of ERIC SPURLING, CWT '06 Congratulations G. of H3, '06 Proud Family of JCL an E1 VIKING, '06 Way to Go GRANT! Go ARMY FOOTBALL! Proud Family of PATRICK KUIPER, 2007 Cadet BRENT SMITH, Our Son, Our Joy. Love, Mom and Dad Almost at the Summit, Keep Climbing! RYAN MOLINARI, F4 '07 DANIEL T. BROOKS, '06. We Love You, Nana Papa Proud Family of AUSTIN BART LETT, '07. We Love You! LT. MATT LYNES, '06 May JESUS CHRIST be the Tank Commander in Your Life! Love, Dad and Mom 3 Q gr duel L FRIENDS 8: SUPPORTERS MESSAGES M 'fm 55' ' ,Tx 143' 5 A + in S V znvuz 5 W Na ,, -3. Ji. aww 'ik . f f A 0 4! MATTHEW LINTON, We Love You Very Much, Grandma 8L Grandpa Proud Parents of BRIAN WALSH, '09 ANDREW -Congrats- A Great A1 Cow Year! Dad Mom Chris Matt JEREMY, We are So Very Proud of You!! Love, Mama Daddy 8a Adrienne!! Proud Family of SCOTT DRENZEK, D4 '06 Proud Parents of THOMAS BULLER, '07 Way to Go! SYLVIA BECK ,08, Mom 8a Pop JON WELSH, '06. You Have Always Made Us Proud!! Cdt VINCE DOCTOR, '07 . Proud to Call Him Our Son, Brother 8a Uncle. Your Family! ' 3: 5 M W' -if-f ---Q f ,ff-4' Q -1 M Q b g 2 Eg .uf , ST A ,K , Rim I f , Q . . :fa ,H ' ff ' I, gr, 553' ' v ,eg 'Za 6? w h 'vw , - -- f gviji ' A 9 u, Aix' f" mg 'fr E L ' YW s , .R w i m W g 95 A , l aff , :Fl . , N -. f. ,QQQ ,',1 QQli5f1ZSAk.Q w nQm V , 5' -Y Fi H 613 Vw 0 1--ffm-vf-r ---'-- .uJ.ff,5 Q, -,R ,V wg fi M. Lf 4 A Abalo, Chris 438 Abbatacola, Iustin 362, 396 Abbazio, Rory 361 Abel, Geoffrey 345 Abellada, Alain 176, 353 Abney, Christian 182, 354 Abraham, Tamara 369 Abraham, Tomlin 354 Abramowitz, Iacob 337 Abruzzese, Kyle 206, 362 Anderson, Peter 382, 392 Anderson, Sarah 373, 414 Anderson, Scott 248, 379 Anderson, Thomas 320 Andrade, Ionathan 188, 357 Andresen, MAI Douglas 49 Andrew, 2nd Lt. Figer 396 Andrews, Anthony 152 Angwin, Keith 230, 372 Aniello, Mr. Michael 46 Anthony, CPT Leandre 38 Absalon, Iacon 365 Acevedo, Rafael 176, 353 Achanzar, Christy 317 Ackerlind, Dr, Sheila 53 Acojedo, Iennifer 315 Acosta, Matthew 380 Adam, Erik 324 Adame, Alan 352 Adams, Benjamin 361 Adams, Brian 355 Adams, Bryan 371 Adams, LTC William 39 Adams, Mark 350 Adams, Ms Mabel 34 Adams, Shaun 323 Addams, David 371 Aebischer, Dale 368 Aebischer, Ieffrey 340 Affolder, CPT Iason 37 Agnew, Ieffrey 260, 383 Agnor, Benjamin 374 Aguirre, Clarisa 213 Ainslie, SFC David 37, 377 Ake, Wally 392 Al-Sabah, Sabah 335 Alberici, Ioe 430 Alch, Michael 339 Aldarondo, Marie 47 Alderson, Michelle 370 Alegre, Andress 322 Alex Duffy 325 Alexander, Andrea 340 Alexander, Gerren 354, 392 Alexander, Ioseph 371 Alger, CPT Ryan 56 Alicea, Ms Ieanette 34 Alksninis, Michael Ir. 280, 332 Allbee, COL C. David 49 Allbee, COL David 35, 49 Allen, Chaz 339 Allen, Khristina 200, 361 Allen, Tiffany 164, 347, 400 Allen, Timothy 372 Alley, MSG Kevin 46 Allison, April 236, 375 Allison, Thomas 344 Allison, Thomas V 158 Allison, Warner 418 Allong, Iannelle 382 Allsup, William 347 Alquero, Diana 380, 404 Alquesta, Steven 354 Alsfelder, Iames 378 Alsfelder, Robert III 362 Alvarez, Brian 373 Alvarez, Carlos 116, 329 Alvarez, Scott 314 Anthony, Kivlehan 372 Anthony, Major 318 Anthony, Paul 375 Antioho, Peter 328 Antoine, Elliott 363, 392 Antonides, Iames 361, 396 Antonio, Nicholas 377 Aoyagi, Steven 365 Aponte, Gustavo 329 Appleberry, Adam 383 Apps, Tobias 428 Arata, LTC Stephen 55 Araya, Antonio 380 Arce, Bernardo 248, 379 Archuleta, Brandon 164, 347 Arevalo, Iuan 370 Armanas, Eva 170, 350 Armstrong, Aston 358 Armstrong, David 46 Armstrong, Iacob 350 Armstrong, MAI Matthew 49 Arnas, Dr. Ozer 50 Arnoldt, Daniel 358 Arp, Abby 358 Arreguin, Catlyyne 375 Arrowsmith, Greg 392 Arrowsmith, Gregory 336 Arseneault, Ms. Mary 56 Ashcraft, Timothy 380, 396 Ashton, Kelly 324 Asis, Daniel 335 Assanaliyev, Avaskhan 351 Assenmacher, Michael 379 Assenmacher, Mike 428 Astemborski, Stephen 323 Astroth, Iustin 375, 396 Atwell, Kevin 332 Augustin, COL 53 Augustine, Raymond Ir. 365 Augustus, Linus Ir. 362 Auray, Donald 381 Auray, Trip 430 Avgerakis, Stephanie 318 Aviles, Christopher 200, 361 Awomo, Iames 230 Axt, Philip 327 Ayres, Iolene 218 B Bablola, Mr. 45 Bachand, Ms. Ian 35 Backburn, Christopher 98 Baddley, Michael 321 Bader, Claire 40 Bae, Me Hae 376 Bae, MeHae 242 Baer, Craig 326 Alvarez, Scott R. 74 Amabile, Iohn 188, 357 Amacker, Aaron 320 Amacker, Chad 164, 347 Aman, Craig 323, 396 Amegashie, Sylvia 322 Americo, Mr. David 46 Amigo, Braden 242, 376, 396 Amiot, David 380, 438 Amlie, Derek 110, 326 Ammon, Kyle 341 Ammons, Barry III 230, 372 Amsden, Iacob 355 Amsler, Benjamin 369, 396 Anastasia, Stephen 110 Ancheta, Bernard Ill 325 Anderegg, Tyler 327, 424 Anderson, Aaron 416 Anderson, Corey 321, 392 Anderson, Edward 332 Anderson, Erik 352, 392 Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson 1 Anderson, Anderson, Anderson, Anderson, , Ion 422 , Ionathan 188, 357, 369 , Iustin 224, 371 Kell 343 Kevin 46 Mr Nils 34 Mr. Kevin 30, 35 Ms April 34 Baggs, Colin 334 Bagley, MAI Chad 36 Bahmer, Iason 332, 396 Bahr, Christopher 326 Bailey, Brian 379 Bailey, Donna 45 Bailey, Drake 426 Bailey, Ms. Linda 51 Bailey, Raymond 368 Bailey, SFC Whitney 37, 378 Bailey, William 170, 350 Bailey s, CPT Michael 47 Bain, Patrick 369 Bain, SSG Debra 41 Baird, Baker, Baker, Baker, Baker, Baker, Baker, Baker, Baker, MAI Ioseph 57 2LT Tim 34 Brendon 206 Chase 158,344 Eric 344 Iessica 110,326 Meredith 40 Mr. Ioseph 34 Scott 382 Bakken, Mr. Timothy 56 Bakshi, Vikas 318 Balent, Eric 152 Balis, Robert 339, 392 Balka, Ieffrey 356 Ball, Daniel 376 Ballarta, Dashiell 230, 372 Baller, Daniel 343 Ballesteros, Ashton 104, 325 Ballmann, Michael 358 Balog, Ronalee 325 Balser, Amanda 254, 380 Bambino, Ms Connie 34 Banach, Mr. Walt 40 Bandi, Luke 254 Bandi, Seth 339 Bane, MAI Benjamin 43 Bangsboll, Brandon 254, 380 Baranik, Dan 392 Barbee, Chuck 422 Barber, Ioseph 194, 358 Barber, William 335 Barclay, MacLean 236, 375 Bardin, Douglas 336 Barfield, Gordon 345 Barinowski, Boe 400 Barker, Brian 347 Barlow, Christopher 146, 340 Barnard, MAI Daniel 55 Barnes, Bruce 365 Barnes, Iohn 110, 326 Barnes, Mark 375 Barnett, Daniel 355 Barnhilll, Craig 314 Barone, LTC Laureen 37 Barr, Russell 358 Barr, Timothy 354 Barrett, Mario 317 Barrett, Monica 323 Barrientos, Brenda 361 Barrington, Iohn 224, 371 Barron, Alexander 350 Barry, Matthew 383 Barry, Nicholas 152, 343 Barry, Stephanie 316 Bartash, Mr, Kenneth 55 Barth, Ioe 45 Barth, Veronica 322, 432 Bartlett, Austin 322 Basher, Victor 335 Bassi, Michael 361 Bastian, Nathaniel 340 Bastinelli, COL 45 Batchelder, LTC Dean 38 Batchelor, Wyatt 319, 392 Bate, Ionathan 188, 357 Bates, Corban 383, 412 Bates, MAI Archie 48 Bates, Ms 45 Bates, Ronald 206, 362 Batt, Ionathan 336 Batt, Palmer 326 Battapaglia, Nick 45 Batule, Andrew 365, 398 Bauder, Andrew 325 Bauer, Amy 189, 357 Baughan, Francis 335 Baughan, Frank 422 Baughn, Robert 152, 343 Baumann, Ioe 428 Baumann, Ioseph 354 Baxter, Elizabeth 317 Baxter, Lene 336 Baxter, Stephen 319 Bazemore, Richard 182, 354 Bazemore, Thomas 352 Bea-Hob, Sonia Ngo 324, 406 Beach, Christopher 376 Beale, Christopher 381 Beamer, Seth 128, 416 Beasley, Knox 344 Beatty, Aaron 347 Beatty, Kevin 206, 362 Beavers, Kevin 339, 392 Bebo, Matthew 92, 321 Beck, Nick 418 Beck, Nicolas 146 Beck, Sylvia 420 Becker, Lisa 318 Beckman, Steven 334 Beckmann, Brianna 373 Becknel, MAI Damon 51 Beckwith, Andrew 337 Beckwith, Christopher 329 Beckwith, Patrick 354, 398 Bedard, Alexsander HI 92, 321 Bedey, COL David 35 Beene, Gary 378, 426 Beene, Ieffrey 314 Begonia, Erin 318, 414 Behm, Christopher 372 Behn, MAI Beth 55 Beigh, Matthew 357 Beirne, Thomas 345 Belinga-Awomo, Iames 372 Belk, 2LT Meagan 52 Bell, MAI 57 Bell, Matt 412 Belladone, MS Suzanne 41 Bellamy, Iordan 372 Bellew, Terence 372 Bellili, Mongi 365 Bellinger, Ms. Sherri 53 Belohlavek, Curt 350 Bender, Robert 376 Benedetti, Steven 122, 332 Benedosso, Michael 358 Benjamin, Donald 380 Bennett, Peter Ir. 332 Bennett, MAI Daniel 51 Bennett, MAI Kimberly 49 Bennett, Morgan 353 Bennett, Ms. Claudia 42 Bennion, Iohn 335 Benson, Brandon 422 Benson, MAI Michael 50 Benson, Michael 377 Bequette, Ms. Barbara 46 Beretta, Bob 46 Bergeron, Dr. Melissa 52 Berghorn, Tanya 340 Bergman, CSM Michael 34 Bergman, Mark 92, 321 Bergrnarm, MAI Ieffrey 48 Berkoff, Brittney 350 Berlin, Ioseph 382 Bernasconi, Ieffrey 134, 336 Bernatis, Vincent 371 Berrettini, Christopher 339 Berry, Mrs. Alina 55 Berry, Thomas 218 Berschinski, Daniel 339 Bertanzetti, Kathryn 369 Bertone, Alexander 207, 362 Bessler, Allison 314 Best, Isaac 323 Best, Mrs. Etheline 42 Bethea, SSG Brian 41 Betros, COL Lance 35, 55 Betz, Grant 375 Betz, Kimberly 207, 362 Beutel, Hans 339 Beverly, Patrick 340, 426 Bhark, Bryan 332 Biaglow, Dr, Andrew 49 Bickers, LTC Iohn 56 Bickley, Casey 416 Bidder, Marc 336 Biddick, Drew 382, 400 Biddick., Emily 400 Biehl, Mr 45 Bier, Pete 392 Bier, Peter 357 Bifulco, Brian 194, 358 Bigelow, Andrew 92, 321, 396 Bilal, Iohn 224, 371 Bilec, Chris 416 Biles, Sheila 45 Bill, Lt. Col. Lynch 392 Bird, Bryan 320 Birden, Ioel 360 Bishop, Brian 336 Bishop, Lindsey 231, 372 Bishop, LTC Alan 52 Biskup, Mr, George 51 Bjorkman, Iames 212, 365 Black, David 316, 392 Black, Ionathan 320 Black, MAI Frederick 55 Blackburn, Christopher 322 Blackburn, Iames 260, 383 Blackwell, Christopher 260, 383 Blackwell, Iames 375 Blaine, Mike 412 Blair, Chris 416 Blair, Dr. Iean 51 Blake, Brian 254, 380 Blake, MAI Devon 40 Blakeslee, Iacob 358 Blanchard-Manning, Gabriella 376 Blanco, Michael 255, 380 Bland, MS jennifer 41 Blankenship, Kaleb 320 Blickhahn, Peter 322 Blik, Andrew 382 Block, joseph 380 Bloom, joshua 236, 375 Blue, Ms. Audretta 39 Blum, SFC Forest 373 Blum, SFC Forrest 37 Blunt, Nicholas 354 Blyth, Edward 231, 372 Bobillot, Dave 392 Bobillot, David 335 Boch, jeffrey 236, 375 Bockstanz, john 376 Boeddiker, Edward 358 Boehm, Kurt 335 Boehm, Thomas 376 Boettner, COL Daisie 50 Bogardus, jason 373 Bogdanowitz, Douglas 200, 361 Bogenschutz, john 361 Bohannon, Addison 324 Boise, Matthew 318 Bokmeyer, justin 430 Bolsinger, jason 353 Bolton, Nykea 111, 326 Boltz, Travis 336 Bond, Brent 359 Bonds, SFC Wanda 37 Bonet, Ms. Milagros 42 Bonfe, julio 323 Bonfiglio, Brandon 383 Bonham, Craig II 242, 376 Bonnette, Samuel 339 Bookman, CSM 45 Booms, Zachary 362 Boone, Bradley 338 Booth, Benjamin 314 Booth, james 353 Borath, William III 153, 343 Borcherdt, Dan 412 Borcherdt, Daniel 381 Bordenave, jeffrey 337 Borgula, SPC 45 Borkowski, Brian 332, 396 Borland, john 354, 398 Borries, Aroyn 354 Bort, Rebecca 353 Boschert, August 325 Bosco, Mr. David 47 Boscow, jameson 375 Boston, Tiffany 314 Boswell, Timothy 189, 357 Bota, Steven 344 Bott, Tylor 377, 396 Boudreau, Travis 358 Boudro, Matthew 357 Bounds, David 379 Bounds, MAj Stephanie 52 Bourque, COL Alan 34 Bourque, jason 342 Bove, Robert 358, 396 Bowden, MAj Robert 49 Bowen, Christopher 381 Bowen, james 326 Bower, MAj jennifer 48 Bowerman, Matt 430 Bowerman, Matthew 158, 344 Bowlby, jonathan 116, 329 Bowling, Alexander 333 Bowling, Andrew 314 Bowman, Gary 352, 422 Bowman, Matthew 329 Bowman, Mr. Bob 42 Boycan, Cherith 372 Boyce, Cameron 189, 357 Boychak, Mark 317 Boyd, Benjamin 128, 335 Boyd, joshua 380 Boyer, Peter 398 Boyle, joshua 373 Boyle, Mark 134, 336 Boyle, Mary Erin 400 Boyles, Brian 200, 361 Braasch, Ronald 360 Bracher, joshua 383 Bradley, Cooper 354 Bradley, jason 86, 318 Bradley, LTC Michael 34 Bradley, Malcolm 45 Bradley, Mark 354 Bradwick, Michael 335 Brady, Christopher 340 Brady, Daniel 317 Brady, jacob 86, 318 Brady, Luke 359 Brainerd, Steven 329 Bramble, Benjamin 361 Bramlage, justin 359 Brandenburg, jeremy 372 Brandewie, Brandon 369, 412 Brashear, Taylor 314 Braud, Daniel 383 Brazil, COL Donna 48 Brechue, Nicole 326 Breinling, Rachael 382, 406 Brem, Norman 336 Brence, Ryan 325, 392 Brend, jay 378 Brennan, Andrew 350 Bresnahan, joseph 375, 396 Brett, Thomas 375 Brewer, Kenny 412 Brewer, Kyle 376 Brick, MAj Todd 51 Bridley, Ryan 365 Briggs, Robert 75, 314 Brigman, Andrew 345 Brinkerhoff, Theresa 47 Britt, Kevin jr. 218 Britton, Desiderio 363 Broadbent, Abigail 361 Brock, Landon 335 Brock, Stan 392 Brockhaus, Dr. john 54 Broderick, Kevin 326 Brooks, Daniel 80, 317 Brooks, Marcus 326 Brookshire, Zebulon 360 Broome, Scott 347 Brothers, Christopher 345 Brougham, Robert 224, 371 Brouse, Stephanie 104, 325 Brower, jaymie 345 Brown, Bruce 332, 392 Brown, Brown, Brown, Brown, Conrad 140, 339 Daniel 260, 383 David 355 Delaney 231, 372, 400 Brown, Derek 356, 361, 396 Brown, Francis III 325 Brown, Frank 392 Brown, INV Brian 46 Brown Irene 47 Browni jacob 327 Brown, jade 365 Brown, jarell 412 Brown, Katherine 371 Brown, Kesha 383 Brown, LTC Robert 44, 46 Brown, MAj Cale 52 Brown, Matthew 361 Buckley, Mark 319 Budke, William 369 Buenaflor, MAj joel 52 Buerkett, Kelly 371 Bukofzer, Dr. Daniel 51 Bulaclac, Anthony 379 Bulger, Evan 317 Buller, MAj Eric 48 Buller, Thomas 353 Bullock, Mario 371 Burch, Brian 194 Burch, Daniel 340 Burch, Ryan 351 Burgess, justin 375 Burgess, justsin 237 Burgess, Trenton 93, 321 Burgett, jeffrey 318 Burgio, David 329 Burke, Bridie 404 Burke, Matthew 362 Burkhardt, MAj Todd 52 Burks, jessica 321 Burmeister, Matthew 140, 339 Burner, Brandon 355 Burneskis, jenna 335 Burns, john 261, 383 Burns, Tim 428 Burns, Timothy 326 Burris, David 332 Burt, MAj Derek 57 Burt-ner-Abt, Alec 376 Burton, jon 140, 339, 430 Busch, Andrew 314 Busch, jillian 414 Bush, President George 18 Bush, Ronald 339 Buskuhl, Travis 328 Bustamante, Charles 382 Bustamante-Almendarez, Christian 357 Butkus, Dr. Michael 54 Butler, Brandy 146 Butler, Samuel 376 Butler, SFC Reginald 37, 356 Butners, Dainis 323 Butt, john 315 Buzaid, Felipe 182, 354 Bybee, Laron 357, 392 Byers, Andrew 358 Byrd, SFC Kenneth 36, 334 Byrne, LTC Bob 39 Byrnes, Molly 333, 400 C Cacossa, Peter 158, 344 Cahill, Mark 326 Cahill, Natalie 218, 368 Cahoy, Andy 369 Cai, Thomas 93 Cai, Tom 321 Cain, jesse 317 Cal, Elizabeth 420 Cal, Nerea 248, 420 Calabrese, Matthew 333 Brown, Mr. Anthony 44 Brown, Mr. Raymond 43 Brown, MS Geralyn 41 Brown, Ms. Benita 43 Brown, Pat 47 Brown, Philip 373 Brown, Ryan 328 Brown, Samuel 207, 362 Brown, Sandra 104, 325 Brown, Scott 357 Brown, Tyler 375 Brown, Wesley 194, 358 Browne, Chad 392 Browne, Charles 377 Browne, Conor 182, 354 Browne, Cristin 346 Browne, LTC Todd 34 Browne, William 369 Browning, Nathan 325 Bruchs, George 329 Bruder, Benjamin 328 Brundage, Patrick 128, 335 Bruner, Matthew 375 Bruner, Ryan 146, 340 Bruning, Ingrid 368 Brusaferro, Doniray 359 Bryan, Patrick 354 Bryant, Benjamin 317 Bryant, Todd 242, 376 Brzywczy, David 47 Bubany, Brent 340 Bucci, Philip 372 Bucher, PROF Greta 55 Calabro, COLCRJ john 38 Calbos,Nickolas 323 Caldwell, Andrew 357 Caldwell, joshua 321 Calhelha, Mrs. Nancy D. 38 Calhoun, Caliendo, SGT Frederick 41 Ms. Anne 42 Callahan, Charles 327 Callaway, Douglas 225, 371 Calloway, Russel 376 Calsen, jeffrey 378 Calvano, Ms 45 Calvert, Luke 111, 422 Camacho, Richard 340 Cameron, john 339 Cammack, Andrew 323 Cammon, Samuel Mac 338 Campbell, Caleb 379, 392 Campbell, CPT Ammon 315 Campbell, Dr. Kathleen 48 Campbell, LTC Kelly 44 Campbell, Michael 365 Campbell, SPC Chad 44 Campise, Canaday, April 170, 350 David 128, 335 Canady, Cheffren 80 Carmon, Douglas 320 Capela, Scott 314 Caple, Benjamin 362 Capoccia, Matthew 351 Capozzi, Anthony 360 Capozzi, MAj Christopher 34 Capozzi, Tony 424 Caraccio, joseph 317 Caraccio, Robert 362 Carbone, Eric 344 Carducci, Donald 375 Carelus, joAnne 321, 414 Carey, Ms Charlene 34 Carey, Seamus 332 Carfang, Andrew 337 Carier, julia 420 Carl, Gregory 87 Carlisle, Casey 358 Carlos, Sheiloh Shane 351 Carlson, Brian 379 Carlson, Mrs. Marianne 48 Carlson, Shawn 243, 376 Carmody, Harrison 329 Carnes, Christopher 359, 396 Carnes, Thomas 383 Carney, Matthew 318 Carozza, Ms. Sherilyn 42 Carpenter, Capt. Steve 396 Carpenter, Duane 98, 322 Carpenter, MAj Steve 39 Carr, Brent 350 Carr, Patricia 183, 354 Carreon, Antonia 335 Carriker, Grant 392 Carriker, Spencer 350 Carroll, Beau 98, 322 Carroll, Dr. Marjorie 48 Carroll, Randall 347 Carson, joshua 361 Cartagena, Mr. jose 42 Carter, Aaron 422 Carter, Abigail 323 Carter, Christopher 378 Carter, Grant 343, 412 Carter, joseph 381 Carter, Robert 354 Casares, Stephen 324 Casciato, Abby 75, 314, 406 Cascino, Lou 396 Cascino, Louis 261, 383 Case, john 379, 396 Casey, Ms. Thuy 56 Casey, William jr. 339 Cashion, LTC jerry 36 Casper, Sarah 319 Cassarini, Kristen 363 Cassella, LTC Kent 47 Cassidy, Eileen 357, 406 Castaneda, Philip jr. 261, 383 Castellanos, juan 129, 335, 398 Castelli, Michael 380 Castelli, Mike 392 Castillo, Dimitri Del 377 Castillo, joshua 333 Castle, Daniel 111, 326 Castle, Zachariah 134, 336 Castro, LTC Fabio 53 Catching, Nathan 356 Catello, Mr. Richard 50 Catello, Ms. Patricia 43 Caton, Winston 321 Cattanach, Sean 170, 350 Cauda, Matthew 322 Cavalier, Omar 334 Cave, joey 426 Cave, joseph 354 Caywood, Devin 328, 392 Centofanti, Dustin 318 Cha, Peter 129, 335 Chabalko, justin 219, 368, 396 Chachula, jon 333 Chaffin, james 382 Chalfont, MAj Chad 55 Chalfont, MAj Charles 36, 334 Chalfont, Mrs Krista 50 Chamberlain, Alton 315 Chamberlain, Tad 392 Chamberlin, john 318 Chambers, john 195, 358 Chambers, Ms. Maria 42 Champion, Lindsey 329 Champlain, Mr. Dana 46 Chan,Chui 344 Chance, CW4 Lennox 47 Chaney-Politis, Pearlie 40 Chang, Christine 364 Chang, jackie 379 Chang, Ryan 183, 354 Chang, Yung-Ho 325 Chapin, Ryan 357 Chapman, Grant 40 Chapman, jody 351 Chapman, Iohn 373 Charisse-Louden,Ioyce 318 Charlermvong, Ms. Komkuy 42 Charris, Mr Christian 34 Chase, Ieffrey 176, 353 Chase, Ryan 325, 430 Chastain, MAI Iames 54 Chastant, Mr. Quinn 46 Chasten, Randall 375 Chasten, Randy 392 Chatellier, Christopher 351 Chatman, Robert 337 Chavez, Christopher 359 Cheatwood, Ion 111, 326, 396 Chen, Christopher 337 Chen, Dr. Yung 48 Cheney, Vice-President Richard 19 Chereskin, Brett 255, 380 Cheval, Paul 379 Chewar, MAI Christa 51 Chi, David 333 Chia, Shaun 375 Chiang, Iesse 365 Chiang, Samuel 147, 340 Chiavaroli, Ms 45 Chidozie, Nnamdi 356 Chieichella, Marissa 75 Chierichella, Marissa 314 Childress, Michael 140, 339 Childs, Iolm 343 Chimchirian, Iason 347 Ching, Chi-Feng 340 Ching, CPT Ann 47 Chmura, Brian 336, 392 Cho, Elizabeth 355 Cho, Iason 361 Cho, Ieffrey 376 Cho, Linda 346 Cho, Peter 116, 329 Cho Cho Cho Cho Cho Cho Cho Cho i, Eugene 212, 365 i, Ioshua 357 ng, Seung 377 ng, Tina 207, 362 nowski, Andrew 207, 362 u, David 379 u, Wei 75, 314 uairi, Mr. Rajaa 53 Christie, Robert 374 Christoff, Suzanne 45 Christopher, Layne 261, 383 Christopher Grevious 368 Chritton, Mallary 326 Chuckran, Dan 402 Chun, Michael 347 Chung, Allen 327 Chung, Anthony 356, 418 Chung, MAI Iong 57 Chung, Simon 347 Chuntraruk, Alain 372 Church, Richard Ill 332, 396 Ciabotti, Mr. Iohn 44 Ciaffone, Anthony III 362 Ciccolo, Zachary 341 Cinotto, Dominick 356, 392 Clamon, Alex 392 Clamon, Alexander 379 Clamon, David 201, 361, 392 Clarence, lst Lt. Holmes 392 Clark, Andrew 337 Clark, Benjamin 360 Clark, Eddie 430 Clark, Edward IV 326 Clark, Iamie 328, 406 Clark, Kenneth 383 Clark, Kirby 342 Clark, Kristina 340 Clark, Margaret 325 Clark, Robert 329 Clark, Scott 362, 422 Clark, Thomas 365 Clark, Zachariah 373 Clarke, Timothy 340 Clawson, Matthew 371 Clayton, Mike 422 Cleckner, Brianna 370 Clement, Mr. Chuck 35 Clement, Sean 341 Clemons, Drew 379 Clevenger, Iimmy Ray 426 Cline, Frederic 351 Clinton, Natoshia 261, 383 Clinton, Rankin 324 Cloaninger, Grant 396 Cloaninger, Logan 231, 372 Cloes, LTC Bernd 53 616 Clonch, Travis 321 Clopeck, Austin 122, 332 Clothier, Drew 424 Clothier, Iames 344 Clouatre, Maj. Spencer 424 Coates, SFC Richard 34 Cobb, Heather 350 Cobb, MAI Michael 51 Cochran, Ionathan 383 Cochran, Mr. Alter 42 Cockrill, Sean 375 Coda, Christopher 368 Coffey, Mr Sean 34 Coffie, Ioshua 324 Cohan, Cary 418 Cohe, Ioab 207, 362 Cohe, Ioey 422 Cohen, Daniel 380 Cohens, SSG Gertrude 41 Colarusso, LTC Michael 34, Cole, Alexander 358 cole, Ann 129 Cole, Ann Lee 420 Cole, Ieffrey 344 Cole, Logan 314 Cole, MAI Steven 55 Coleman, Matthew 315 Collard, Frederick 326 Collier, Ioe 396 Collier, Ioseph 327 Collier, Nathan 392 Collins, Andrew 371 Collins, David 248, 379 Collins, Devon 326, 400 Collins, MAI Charles 53 Collins, Michael 189 Collins, Michael Ir. 357 Collins, Mr. Iohn 51 Collins, Robert 371 Collins, Ryan 231, 372 Collins, Shaun 336 Collins, William 319 Colon, Carmelo III 98,322 Colon, Saddie 93, 321 Coloson, SPC 45 Colpo, COL Michael 34 Colter, Stephen 374 Colvin, Alan 314 Colvin, Chris 416 Comitz, MAI Richard 49 Commons, Austin 116, 329 Compton, Harlen 319 Comstock, Deanna 355, 432 Comstock, Iames Ir. 171, 350 Conde, MAI William 36, 345 Conde, Malvis 325 Congemi, Iessica 371, 400 Conklin, Chris 398 Conklin, Christopher 321 Conklin, Mr. Pete 42 Conley, Caitlin 368 Conley, Dr. Christopher 50 Conley, Glen 406 Conlon, Mr. Ionathan 42 Connell, Barnes 424 Connell, Edward II 321 Conner, SFC Shawn 37, 382 Connerty, Kiera 249, 379 Conniff, MAI Dawn 50 Connon, Ionathan 332, 392 Connors, Timothy 360 Considine, Mr 45 Conway, Iames III 379 Conway, Michael 159, 344 Cook, CHQCOLJ Iohn HI 40 Cook, COL Iohn 34 Cook, George III 212, 365 Cook, Gordon 374 Cook, Iacob 353 Cook, Ieffrey Ir. 354 Cook, Iohn 329 Cook, Korey 336 Cook, LTC Iames 51 Cook, MAI Bradley 51 Cook, Mrs Ieanne 50 Coon, Mark 345 Cooney, Selina 86, 318 Cooper, Blaine 392 Cooper, Da Veena 359 Cooper, Danielle 329, 406 Cooper, Dennis 339, 392 Cooper, Nevin 353 Cooper, Philip 347 Cooperman, Iack 372 Corbari, CPT George 39 Corbari, Tear 377 Corbett, Sean 380 Corbin, Brandon 322 Corbridge, Nathaniel 343 Cork, Nolan 329 Corless, Robert 354 Corley, Peter 352 Corma, Salvatore 383 Corn, Zachary 332 Cornyn, Matthew 329 Correa, SPC Mauro 41 Correll, Thomas 342 Corretti, Iohn 365 Corson, William 350 Cortez, Christian 383, 396 Corton, MAI Ieffrey 39 Cosentino, Daniel 364 Coslett, Mrs. Faith 42 Cosmas, Nicholas 350 Costa, 2LT Anthony 34 Costa, Fr. Gabriel 57 Costa, SPC 45 Coste, Adam 341 Costello, Elizabeth 365, 400 Cote, Iohn 345, 430 Cotton, Margaret 363 Cottone, David 316 Coughlin, Michael 314 Coughran, Brittany 354 Coulter, Aaron 325 Counts, Brandon 369 Cournia, Peter 325 Cousar, MS Madie 41 Coward, Bryan 418 Coward, Ionathan 350 Cowen, Ms. Angie 51 Cox, Brandon 324, 392 Cox, COL 45 Cox, Ieffrey 354 Cox, Cox, Cox, Cox, Cox, Meredith 362 Nate 40 Nathanael 368 Peter 87,318 Taylor 347 Coyle, Andrew 374 Coyle, Drew 392 Coyle, Gilbert 370 Coyle, Mr. Don 42 Crabtree, Iason 322 Cracchiolo, Mrs. Gloria 42 Craft, Iohn 336 Cragg, Steven 382 Craig, Cameron 318, 392 Craig, Ms. Beth 43 Crain, Lee Ir. 322, 392 Crandall, CPT Douglas 48 Crandall, MAI Doug 35 Crawford, COL Brian 44 Crawford, LTC Bobby 50 Crawford, Peter 212 Creech, Russell 382 Crehan, Connor 183, 354, 392 Creighton, Christine 357 Creighton, Eric 358, 392 Creighton, MAI Steven 50 Crews, Iim 412 Crigger, David 237, 375 Crispino, Matt 418, 420 Critchfield, Byron 351 Critelli, Ms. Rachelle 47 Crofoot, Henry 324 Crosbie, Mr. Lynden 50 Cross, Aust-in 374 Cross, William 141, 339 Crow, David 378 Crowe, Matthew 376 Crumpler, Dawn 45 Cruz, Iorge 372 Cuadro-Zimmerman, David Del 317 Cubberley, Maj. Sam 46 Cucchiara, Adam 339 Culver, Cade 375 Cumbie, Iohn 322 Cunningham, Chelsea 361 Cunningham, Iames 342 Cunningham, Iustin 357 Cunningham, Lance 398 Cunningham, Timothy 225, 3 Curlee, Paul 343 Curley, Nathaniel 339 Curley, Peter III 159, 344 Currie, Mr. Ryan 42 Curriston, Crew 195 Curriston, Drew 358 Curry, COL Peter 35 Curry, Iesse 373 Curry, Seth 342 Curtin, Daniel 328 Cymerman,Ioseph 372 Cyr, Matthew 201, 361 Czarnecki, Brian 365 Czerniakowski, Frank 377 D D'Adamo-Weinstein, Dr. Lisa Dabashinsky, Ioshua 329 Dace, Antonio 345 Dace, Tony 392 Dacey, Edward 45 Dacunto, MAI Philip 54 Daddis, LTC Gregory 55 Dahlstrom, William 368 Dahman, Zac 392 Dahman, Zachary 219, 368 Daigle, Iohn 328 Dail, Michael 117, 329 Daily, Keith 362 Dalton, Deb 46 Dalton, LTC Iames 54 Daly, Ryan 255, 380 Darnalouji, Ionathan 365 Danford, David 213, 365 Daniello, Mr. Daniel 35 Daniello, Ms. Marianne 37 Daniels, Christopher 363 Daniels, Dave 396 Daniels, David 255, 380 Daniels, Mitchell 368 Daniels, Scott 325 D'Antonio, Nelson II 80, 317 Darensburg, Aaron 343 Darket, Robert 320 Daula, Iohn 99 David, Dr R. Hampton 50 Davidson, Ashleigh 379 Davies, Adam 134, 336 Davies, Sean 341 Davila, Rodolfo 352 Davila, SPC 45 Davis, Brandon 383 Davis, Bridget 47 Davis, Cathleen 339 Davis, CPT Brian 57 Davis, Emerson 322 Davis, Eric 319 Davis, Iames 183, 354 Davis, Iason 129, 335 Davis, Iohn 340 Davis, Ioseph 176, 255, 353, 3 Davis, Kyle 328, 347 Davis, Michelle 372 Davis, Mr, Charlie 46 Davis, Mrs. Veronica 44 Davis, Ms. Pamela 43 Davis, Rob 392 Davis, Robert 321, 361 Davis, Robert Ir. 141, 339 Davis, SGT Mike 40 Davis, Steven 261, 383 Davis, Tiffany 322 Davison, Daniel 343, 418 Davison, Stephanie 255, 380 Dawe, Scott 372 Dawes, David 314 Dawson, Kirsten 343 Day, Christopher 104, 325 Day, MAI Allison 54 de Aguilar, Ivette Marini 40 de Chauny, Ioseph 117 Dean, Mr. Eric 51 DeBenedictis, Kent 93, 321 Debenedictis, SPC Maria 41 Debruhl, Derek 342 Dechauny, Ioseph 329 Decker, Adam 87, 318 Decker, Bill 357 Decker, E. Blaine 318 Dedmon, Matthew 323 Deen, Ioel 378 Deen, Sam 105, 325 Deep, Alex 111, 326 Defabio, Iack 376 DeFabio, Ionathan 243 DeFiori, Kim 420 Deforest, Michael 371 DeFrancesco, Laura 347 Defrancesco, Mr, Iohn 46 DeGrave, Ms. Lisa 43 3 80 DeGraw, Deb 47 DeLaney, Ms. Jennifer L. 38 Delellis, Mr. David 42 Dellavalle, Kate 105, 325 Dellavalle, Paige 420 Deloia, CPT Matthew 49 Delva, Liliane 347 Delvaux, Matthew 219, 368 DeMarco, Adam 392, 396 DeMaro, Frank 47 DeMasi, Ms Marsha 34 Dembowski, Matthew 380 DeMichiei, Michael 213, 365 Denn, Daniel 371 Denn, William III 237, 375 Dennis, Joseph 352 Densmore, MAJ Matthew 48 DePaul, Mr Albert 50 Deponai, CHQMAJJ Jerry 40 Der, Jeroen Van Steen 361 Derber, MAJ Mark 53 Derda, Lukasz 219, 368 Desjarlais, James 359 Desmaris, Anthony II 357 Desmarais, Anthony 189 Desouza, Jonathan 317 DeToy, LTC Brian 55 Deveans, CPT Thomas 57 Devers, Matthew 364 Devig, Aaron 323 Devine, Patrick 350 Devlin, Mr. Kevin 46 Dewey, Michael 380 Dewhirst, Nick 262 Dewhurst, Andrew 382 Dey, Anthony 371 Dey, Marissa 353 Dia, Sammer 352 Diakabana, Heritieer 351 Diakabana, Heritier 392 Diamond, Benjamin 343 Diange, Anthony 430 Dias, Asanov 354 Diaz, LTC Ruben 53 Diaz, Pedro 336 Diaz-Martinez, Alexander 337 Dibble, John 377 DiChiaro, Mr. Vince 35 Dick, Logan 262, 383 Dick, LTC Bradley 49 Dickenson, Brianna 327 Dickey, CPT Jeffery 52 DiDomenico, Ann 420 Dieter, Ashley 372 Dieter, Nicholas 338 Dieterich, Gregory 225 Dietrich, Andrew 80, 317 Dietterich, Gregory 371 Dietz, Lance 412 DiFrancesco, Joseph 332 Diller, Desiree 369 Dillon, SFC Christopher 36, 345 Dinga, Milan 347, 424 Dionne, Kristina 342 DiSalvo, Mr. Thomas 37, 50 Disbrow, Zach 418 Disilvio, Heather 376 Dixon, Joshua 314 Dixon, Maggie 414 Dobbie, Josh 392 Dobbins, Cassidy 329 Dodge, LTC Ronald 51 Dolim, Brady 416 Dominguez, Maurice 329 Dominguez, Miguel II 317 Dominick, Mr. Dave 56 Domme, Sarah 256, 380, 400 Dommer, Brian 371 Donahoe, LTC Brendan 47 Donahue, Eric 383 Donley, Charles 358 Donnan, Matthew 365 Donnelly, Brian 337 Donnelly, Ryan 381 Donnelly, SFC George 36 Donohue, Brian 379 Donohue, Timothy 347 Dooley, COL Patricia 49 Doque-Estrada, Joel 379 Dorado, CPT Daniel 53 Dorazio, Andrew 318 Dorost, John 147, 340 Dorsch, Ms 45 Dossett, Charles 335 Dotts, Adam 344 Doty, MAJ James 55 Doug, 2nd Lt. Horaist 398 Dougher, Kenneth 372 Douglas, Jonathan 392 Dow, Ms. Janet 47 Dow, Trent 341 Dowd, Ryan 315 Dowdell, Patrick 99, 322 Dowe, Michael 347 Downey, Ms Marianne 34 Downing, CHQMAJJ Al 40 Doyle, Joseph 338 Doyle, MAJ Brian 54 Doyle, Mr Michael 50 Doyle, Stephen 353 Drago, A.J. 416 Drago, Alfred 370 Drake, Nathaniel 324 Drake, Nicholas 347 Drane, Sara 343 Drenzek, Scott 237, 375 Dresel, Garrett 316, 398 Drew, David Jr. 117, 329 Drew, Jerry II 111, 326 Drew, John 422 Drew, Johnathon 315 Dreyfus, Sarah 314, 400 Dronen, Nicole 344 DuBaldi, Mr. Joseph 34 Dubaldi, Mrs. Judith 53 Dubois, Patrick Jr. 321 Dubose, Michael 356 Duda, Michael 357 Dudas, MSG John 37, 370 Dudek, Marc 117, 329 Duester, Tanja 380 Duffy, Alex 105 Duffy, Patrick 320 Dugan, Lisa 335 Duggan, SSG 45 Duke, Diana 381 Dula, William 326 Dulaney, Joshua 319 Dulla, Whitney 358 Dullano, Patrick 353 Dulys-Nusbaum, Camilla 334 Dunbar, Ryan 231, 372 Dunham, David 75, 314 Dunkin, Anthony 256, 380 Dunn, Demetria 243, 376 Dunn, Jessica 347 Dunn, Kevin 353, 392 Dunn, Nicholas 358 Dunn, Tim 392 Dunn, Timothy 368 Dunning, Whitt 422 Dunphy, Brian 356 DuRant, LTC Brian 48 Durmaz, Mahmut 99 Durner, Stuart 375, 396 Duston, LTCCUSARJ E. Saunders 38 Dutka, Benjamin 334 Dwyer, Stephen 323 Dwyer, William 379 Dye, Dr. Heather 57 Dye, Scott 361 Dyer, Michael 99, 322 Dyer, Zachary 361 "Dyrenforth, Thomas 195, 358 -'rDyrenforth, Tom 392 Dywan, Joseph 339 Dziengelewski, Austin 105, 325 Dzwonchyk, MAJ James 57 Dzwonczyk, John 358 E Eagan, Ms. Kathy 39 Eakins, Zachary 352 Eason, Charles 334 Eason, Matt 392 Easter, MAJ Jesse 57 Eastwood, Kathleen 47 Eaton, CPT Dave 36 Eberline, Ms. Jamie 43 Eberly, Kyle 325 Ebner, LTC Gregory 53 Econom, LTC Shelley 56 Edd, Mr. John 42 Edds, Joshua 376 Edelstein, Mr. David 51 Edge, Ms. Penny 43 Edington, Duwayne 334 Edman, LTC 45 -':Edmondson, Phillip 339, 392 Edrnunds,Duder 422 Edmunds, Frank 363 Edstrom, Erik 340 Edwards, Dennis 325 Edwards, Ms. Jeanne 35 Egan, Timothy 122, 332 Eggers, Will 418 Eggleston, Dustin 353 Ehrenheim, Brian 329 Eidemiller, Nicholas 383 Eisenlohr, John 326 Eldridge, Stephen 232, 372 Elegba, Abbas 123, 332 Ellinger, Aaron 321 Ellingson, Mr Richard 50 Elliott, Benjamin 344 Elliott, Jeb 360 Ellison, Andrew 243, 376 Ellison, MAJ Joseph III 49 Ellsworth, Richard 375 Emerich, Elliott 336, 392 Emerson, Ashley 326, 400 Emmett, SGT 45 Emmons, Richard 361 Ender, Dr. Morten 48 Enderle, John 365 Endres, LTC Thomas 42 Endres, Thomas Jr. 81, 317 Engstrom, Erik 262, 383, 412 Enlow, Seth 225, 371 Ennenga, Megan 327, 414 Enright, Cara 383, 414 Enright, Michael 327 Eoff, James 325 Epolito, MAJ William 54 Epps, Brock 422 Epps, Jeffrey 354 Epps, Joshua Van 362 Ercolani, Matthew 322 Ericksosn, CPT Jared 50 Erickson, Dr. Amy 57 Erickson, Ms. Kyusuk 39 Ernesto, Andrew 360, 424 Emst, Lisa 316 Emst, Paul 357 Errico, Vito 183, 354 Eshelman, Erich 329 Eskew, Marc 322 Eskew, Tirzah 362 Eskey, Tirzah 208 Eslinger, Nicholas 317 Espinal, Kelvin 342, 392 Esposito, Marc 99, 322 Essiet, Brandon 354 Essig, Daniel 380 Estes, COL Albert 50 Etchechury, Thomas 320 Etchells, Pao Mei 359 Etterle, Clay 381 Eubanks, Bryan 368 Euseppi, Kaleb 332 Evans, Daniel 318 Evans, Dr Mark 50 Evans, Dr. Mark 35 Evans, Eric 99, 322 Evans, Giles II 195 Evans, Megan 370, 414 Evans, Michael 355 Evans, Mike 392 Evinger, Mark 370 Ewens, Oaken 171, 350 Ewing, Josh 422 Ewing, Joshua 334 Erickson, CPT Jared 50 Ey, Adoum Kokoi Moussa 3 F Fabijanowicz, Jason 357 Fabin, Seth 375, 392 Fagergren, Erik 322 Faiella, Benjamin 343 Fairfax, MAJ Duane 51 Fairfield, CPT Joseph 56 Fairman, Aaron 361 Faison, Ian 370 Falcon, Dominick 336 Faldowski, Mark 369, 392 Fan, Mun 141 Fan, Mun Poh 339 Farazdaghi, Armin 350 Faries, Michael 350 Farinelli, Michael 322 Farley, Branden 177, 353 Farmer, Ty 87, 318 Farrar, MAJ Sean 37 Farrar, Wade 314' Farrell, Hannah 339, 406 Farrell, Ronee 343, 400 60 Farrington, Christopher 347 Fasone, James 342 Fasone, Joseph 378 Faustmann, Anton 321 Faw, Benjamin 326 Fazio, Rachel 189, 357 Fazio, Sarah 315 Fearing, Jeff 416 Fearing, Jeffrey 380 Featherstone, Travis 336, 422 Fedroff, MAJ David 50 Feher, Charles 262, 383 Feldner, Jay 418 Feldpausch, Daniel 365 Feliciano, Mario 344 Felicichia, Stephen 318 Feliz, Aimee 322 Feliz, David 376 Felker, Charles 380 Feltner, David 325 Figueroa, Victor 105, 325 Filauro, Andrew 325, 398 Finch, Veronica 332 Fine, Keith 383 Fink, David 319 Fink, Joshua 340 Fink, Michael 338 Finn, Lorraine 40 Finnegan, BG Patrick 28, 35 Fischer, Timothy 326 Fisher, Fisher, Fisher, Fisher Fisher Fisher Fisher Fisher Fisher Fisher r 1 Bryan 358 Carl 402 Daniel 332 Davidson 346 , Dr. James 41 , Gregory Jr. 318 , James III 232, 372 , Jimmy 426 Landon 319 Raymond 375 Fenlason, Gordon 345 Fennell, Joseph 171, 350 Fenstermaker, Christina 315 Fenton, Katie 321 Fenton, LTC Gregory 48 Fenzel, Christopher 328 Ferenczy, Daniel 347 Feret, Eli 334 Ferguson, Joseph 315 Ferguson, Scott 422 Fernandez, Taylor 342 Ferraiuolo, Mr. Anthony 38 Ferreira, Andrew 338 Ferreira, CPT 45 Ferriaiuolo, Ms Christine 34 Ferry, Daniel 370 Feudo, Aaron 361 Fichtner, Kyle 365 Fiddes, John III 383, 438 Fiedler, Mike 45 Field, Benjamin 324 Fields, Anne 354, 406 Figueroa, Christopher 339 Fisher, Ryan 326 Fitzpatrick, Cary 383 Fitzpatrick, Margaret 129, 335 Fjellanger, Samuel 147, 340 Flach, John 321 Flach, Kristin 369 Flach, Kristin Niki 404 Fladeboe, Johann 374 Flaherty, David 350 Flannagan, Patrick 382 Flannery, James 369 Fleming, Jennifer 414 Fleming, Kyle 315, 424 Fleming, LTC Steven 54 Fleming, Michael 377, 396 Fleming, William 362 Fletcher, Matthew 129, 335 Flicek, Luke 416 Flick, Adam 371 Florance, Jonathon 190, 357 Flores, Benjamin 375 Flowers, Eric 359 Flowers, Jim 432 Flowers, LTC James 53 Fluharty, William 346 Flurry, Jared 339 Fogel, Nicole 147, 340 Folau, Ian 171, 350 Foley, Gregory 376 Foley, Justin 325 Folse, Andrew 383, 392 Fones, Isaac 208, 362 Forbes, Vanessa 376 Force, Taylor 374 Ford, Christopher 56 Ford, Daniel 317 Ford, Mary 404 Foreman, Tyree 392 Formica, Anthony 369 Forn, MAJ Brian 54 Forrestel, Mallary 357 Forrester, Jessica 332 Forshee, Peter 355 Forsman, LT Joseph 53 Forsythe, MAJ Christopher 34 Fort, Amanda 364 Forte, Carl 371 Forte, Joseph Le 370 Forte, Kathleen Le 378 Fortino, Mrs. Susan 57 Fortino, Ms. Susan 41 Fortune, Andrew 100, 322 Fortune, James 369 Fortune, SGT 45 Fossa, LTC Carl 51 Foster, Amie 362 Foster, LTC Stephanie 49 Foster, Zach 418 Foti, Ms, Deborah 55 Fountain, LTC Augustus III 49 Foust, Nate 430 Foust, Nathaniel 117, 329 Fox, Alexander 177, 353 Fox, Jim 47 Fox, Mrs. Kristina 52 Fox, MS Susan 41 Fox, Thaddeus 369 Francis, Eric 262, 383 Franklin, Benjamin 316 Franklin, John 356 Franks, GENCRJ Fred 40 Fraser, Cedric 359 Fratto, Michelle 364, 406 Frawley, Thomas 368, 424 Frazer, Kyle 318 Frazier, Andrew 320 Freden-Norman, Matthew 369 Frederick, Ms. Susan 43 Free, Emma 362 Free, John 329 Freeborg, Christopher 105, 325 Freeman, Andrew 357 Freeman, Chelsey 420 Freeman, Cora 420 Freeman, David 338 Freeman, Jeffrey 343 Freeman, Ms. Donna 43 Freeman, Paul 363 Freeman, Trenton 159, 344 Frei, Brandon 317 French 53 French, Cory 335 French, Mr, Darien 48 Freshly, Seth 364 Frey, PROF David 55 Friedewald, Peter 355 Friedling, COL Jean-Luc 53 Frisbie, Zachary 318 Friscia, Cameron 346, 430 Fritch, Eric 342 Friters, Matthew 93, 321 Fritz, Peter 368 Fritz, Tyler 378 Fritzsche, LTC Kenneth 51 Frost, David 377 Fry, Sean 380 Frye, Tim 392 Frye, Timothy 334 Fuhrer, Gregory 361 Fullan, Sean 326 Fuller, William 378 Fullerton, Adam 353, 430 Fullerton, Pat 430 Fullerton, Patrick 321 Fullmer, Nicholas 213, 365 Fullmer, Samuel 374 Funkhouser, Anthony 357 Furst, Zachary 354 618 Fusco, Anthony 329 Fusco, Tony 392 G Gaab, Andrew 340 Gahagan, Sean 364 Gal, Lyle 380, 416 Galbreath, David 368, 392 Galgano, Daniel 314 Galgano, LTC Francis 54 Gallagher, Dr. Martha 53 Gallagher, James 361 Gallardo, Jesus 353 Gallardo, Victoria 383 Gallert, MAJ Petra 53 Gallogly, John Michael 319 Gallogly,Jol1n-Michael 398 Gallow, Michael 342 Galloway, Jerimiah 232, 372 Galyean, Wilson 336 Gambino, Joseph 355 Gambone, Justin 339 Gamez, Jeffrey 381 Gamino, Clarisa 365 Gangaram, Gerald 357 Gant, Capt. Tammy 52 Gapinski, Paul 351 Garcia, Grace 339 Garcia, Josef 208, 362 Garcia, Mr. Marz 42 Garcia, Rebecca 371, 400 Gardner, CPT Ben 37 Gardner, David 337 Gardner, LTC 45 Gardner, MAJ Ben 356 Gardner, Ryan 164, 347 Garner, Christian 336 Garner, William III 347 Garrett, Benjamin 381 Garrett, Camm 418 Garrett, Jacob 374 Garrido-de-Stanton, Ms. Irina 47 Garrison, James 135, 336 Garrison, Jesus 341 Garrison, Spencer 351 Garthwaite, Lowell 392 Garwitz, Andrew 321 Garza, Melissa 357, 432 Gaskill, Stefanie 377 Gaskins, Mrs. Fannie 42 Gasser, Michael 237, 375 Gates, Christopher 356 Gatzemeyer, Garrett 321 Gauthier, Harrison 328 Gauthier, Harry 438 Gayles, Khalil 315, 396 Gebauer, Dr. Mario 48 Gebhardt, Gregory 219, 368 Gebhart, Lucas 381 Gee, Shawn 324 Geib, Daniel 422 Genenbacher, Cale 328 Generazio, Christopher 346 Genest, Dennis 368 Gennusa, Adrian 213, 365 Genser, Bradley 371 Georgi, Charles 334 Gerasimas, Mark 262, 383 Gerboth, Peter 314 Gerdes, Andrew 326 Gerdes, Michelle 432 Gerheim, Lindsey 354, 432 Gerke, Ms. Wendy 42 Gerlitz, Aaron 370 Gerrity, Meghan 332 Gerstein, Sarah 326, 420 Gerville-Reache, Stefan 130, 335 Gerving, Capt. Corey 396 Giattino, Stephen 378 Gibbons, Edward Jr. 371, 422 Giglio, Carmine 428 Gilbert, Shaun 375 Giles-Madden, Sarah 404 Gilewitch, LTC Daniel 54 Gilgan, Corey 383 Gill, William Jr. 371 Gillenwater, Dustin 350 Gilleran, MAJ Thomas 42 Gillespie, Sharon 45 Gilley, Sarah 350 Gillick, Andrew 201, 361 Gilligan, Sean 376, 392 Gilman, SFC Christopher 37, 355 Gilsdorf, Leif 368 Gilsdorf, Lief 422 Gingrich, Dana 382, 392 Giordano, MAJ John 51 Giorgio, Errico 338 Girard, LTC Jeffrey 51 Girdano, Michael 372 Gjurgevich, Jamie 93, 321, 432 Gladney, Samuel 318 Glaser, DR Carl 41 Glasgow, LTC Barbara 43 Gleich, Lorintz 112, 326 Glen, LTC Andrew 57 Glick, Mr. 45 Glocer, Eric 365 Glover, Darrius 368 Glover, Jennifer 318 Glowacki, Tari 357 Glubzinski, A.J. 398 Glubzinski, Andrew 333 Gluszko, Daniel 364 Goda, COL Bryan 51 Godfrey, Sean 343 Godin, David 314 Goeke, Christopher 317 Goff, Christopher 75, 314 Golemo, Benjamin 380 Gomez, Cristina 316 Gongaware, Andrea 352 Gonser, Jennifer 117, 329 Gontarz, Nathan 354 Gonzalez, Brenda 361 Gonzalez, Daniel 112, 256, 326, 380 Gonzalez, Deb 40 Gonzalez, Mr. Julius 42 Gonzalez, Reinaldo II 112 Gonzalez, SPC Adrian 41 Good, Michael 379, 402 Goode, C HQMAJJ Keith 40 Goodell, Kurt 237, 375 Goodin, Shawn 358 Goodwill Gorby, Ja , John 333 mes 382 Gorczynski, Joshua 363 Gordnier, Leslie 47 Gordon, Matthew 353 Gore, Lauren 350 Gorlin, Jeanne 318 Gorman, Mr. Thomas 52 Gorss, Gerald 377 Goscicki, Mr. Bob 35 Goss, Sarah 328, 400 Gossweiler, Thomas 326 Gossweiler, Tom 430 Gottschall, Abbie 201, 361 Gould, Allison 371 Gould, John 343 Gouldin, Walton 342, 392 Goupee, Nicholas 369 Gourley, Maxine 381 Gouthro, Stephen 379 Govern, LTC Kevin 56 Gower, Thomas 249, 379 Grable, Ms. Natashia 42 Grable-Grant, Ms. Lenora 42 Gradzik, Walter 358 Graham, Jared 383 Graham, Jeremy 325 Graham, Graham, Kyle 159,344 LTC John 48 Granfield, LTC Kerry 55 Granfield, MAJ Eileen 40 Granger, LCDR Scott 55 Grant, Aaron 336 Grant, Adam 324 Grant, Al exander 314 Grant, Elliot 350, 392 Grant, Katelin 354 Grant, Michael 238, 375 Grant, W iley 319 Grauel, Christopher 341 Graves, Trevor 355 Gray, Jeffrey 326 Gray, Peter 351 Greco, Anthony 379 Greco, Matthew 363 Green, Christina 352 Green, Jo hnathan 320 Green, Matthew 232, 372 Green, Raymond 372 Green, Seth 87, 318 Green, William 321 Greene, Brittany 336 Greeno, Mrs. Cheryl 37 Greenstein, Elizabeth 106 Greenstein, Michael 333 Greenup, Lauren 332 Greer, Devon 371 Gregory, Andrew 355 Gregory, Ms. Gina 42 Gregory, Neal II 340 Gregory, Scott 381 Greig, Ms. Toni 42 Gresenz, Joseph 118, 329 Grete, Robert 341 Greulich, Samuel 383 Grevious, Chris 392 Grevious, Sean 376, 392 Grewal, Hermanpreet 135, 336 Gribschaw, MAJ Jeffrey 51 Grieser, CPT Daniel 47 Griffin, Barak 141, 339 Griffin, Benjamin 106, 325 Griffin, John 314 Griffin, MAJ Marvin 50 Griffin, Michael 351 Griffin, Sean 359 Griffith, Allen 219, 368 Griffith, Robert 354 Griffith, Roland II 112, 326 Griffiths, Zachary 340 Griggs, COL Gary 41 Griggs, COL Mike 34 Grimes, Austin 352, 424 Grimes, Derric 343 Grimsley, Justin 81 Grindrod, Ms. Kim 44 Grinnell, Matthew 336 Grob, Jacob 342 Grodevant, Nicholas 357, 396 Grogan, SSG 45 Groom, COL Thomas 41 Groome, Michael 315 Grooms, Miles 323, 396 Gross, Jayana 208, 362 Grossarth, MS Susan 41 Grossman, James 256, 380 Grotheer, Derek 147, 340 Groves, David 358 Groves, Thomas 153, 343 Grubbs, Joshua 256, 380 Grundy, SFC Lula 36 Grundy, SFCQPJ Lula 319 Grutzmacher, Charles 232, 372 Guaderrama, Aaron 346 Guandique, Guillermo 357 Guariglia, Mr. Vincent 42 Guasta, Frank 177, 353 Guerdan, Peter 87, 318 Guerrero, David 316 Guerriero, Ms. Christine 39 Guidry, Garrett 334 Guilfoyle, Kevin 373 Gulsby, Seth 88, 318, 392 Gustavson, Donald 325 Gutierrez, Teodosio 201, 361 Gutierrez, Thomas 118, 329 Guzman, PFC Dayanette 41 H Haack, Mr. Dave 48 Haas-Hawkings, Benjamin 363 Haberbusch., Rob 416 Haberthur, Lauren 341 Habick, Kevin 319 Hachinsky, Cordell 376 Hackmann, John 377 Haddad, Garrett 371 Hagen, Jonathan 249 Hager, Ms. Evangeline 42 Hagstrom, Jacob 369 Hague, Mr Erik 34 Hahn, Ashley 190, 357 Hahn, James 316, 392 Hahn-Conti, Michael 171, 350 Haight, Kathleen 361 Haigler, Travis 373 Hail, Clinton 365 Haines, Nicholas 371 Hains, MAJ Decker 50 Hajec, Jill 213 Haley, Brian 351 Halinski, Edward 317 Hall, Erik 339 Hall, John 372 Hall, La Toya 326 Hall, MAJ John 55 Hall, Michael 361 Hall, Patrick 225, 371, 396 Hall, SFC Geraldine 47 Hallmark, Tyler 368 Hallsten, Luke 392 Halter, Joseph 350 Halu, Joshua 352 Halverson, Thomas 322, 424 Hamblet, Harold ll 195, 358 Hamburg, Fritz 424 Hamburger, Andrea 47 Hamburger, Ms. Andrea 34 Hamilton, Erik 335 Hamilton, MAJ Scott 50 Hamilton, Matthew 336, 362, Hammett, Christopher 376 Hammond, Robert 334 Hanauer, Nicholas 350 Hanby, Jennifer 379 Hancock, Danel Ill 361 Hancock, SFC Terry 36 Hanes, Matthew 319 Hanger, Brett 383 Haning, Garrison 342 Haniuk, Erik 343, 430 Hankin, James 376 Hankins, Lindsay 225, 371 Hankins, MAJ 45 Hanley, DR Joseph 41 Hanley, Erin 420 Hanlon, Dr. Pete 51 Hanlon, Matt 426 Hanlon, Matthew 358 Hanna, Michaell 362 Hanna, Mike 430 Hannah, LTC Sean 48 Hannenberg, Emily 358 Hannigan, Mrs. Vivian 51 Hansen, Andrew 374, 396 Hansen, Jen 414 Hansen, Jennifer 372 Hansen, Thomas 345 Hansinger, Adam 430 Hanson, Drew 141, 339 Hanson, Eric 319 Hanson, Lucas 177, 353 Hardeman, Christopher 346 Harder, Edwin Den 364 Hardin, Bruce 392 Hardman, Harry 315 Hardwick, Stephen 339 Hare, Louis Ill 380, 396 Hargarten, Joshua 336 Hargis, Pete 392 Hargis, Zachary 323 Hargus, James 396 Harmel, Stephen 327 Harmeling, Jonathan 383, 392 Harmon, Adam 358 Harmon, Alexander 325 Harner, William 326 Harpalani, Rahul 322 Harpen, Henry 356 Harr, Scott 135, 336 Harrigan, Patrick 345 Harrington, Elijah 358 Harrington, George 318 Harrington, Lauren 141, 339 Harrington, Ms. Pat 42 Harrington, Peter 372, 392 Harris, Charles 321 Harris, Colin 372, 412 Harris, David 368 Harris, Kevin 339, 402 Harris, PFC Darnell 41 Harris, Price 382 Harris, Russell 339 Harris, Scott 321 Harris, Sean 382, 402 Harris, Thomas 332, 392 Harrison, Daniel 332 Harshbarger, Andrew 376 Hart, James 347 Hart, Mrs. Genevieve 52 Hartig, Benjamin 226, 371 Hartleben, Brandon 249, 379 Hartman, Grant 232, 372, 396 Hartwig, Ana-Maria 214, 365 Harvey, Francis J. 22 Harvey, Kelley 316 Harvie, James 383 Hassick, Stephen 371 Hassler, Mr. Roger 42 Hastings, Alan 339 Hastings, Gregory 148 Hastings, Kyle 334 Hastings, Mr. Glenn 42 Hatcher, Bryan 249, 379 Hathaway, Jeffrey 336 Hatzinger, Kyle 130, 335 Haug, Justin 94, 321 Haught, Matthew 214, 365 Hauptman, Maxwell 373, 428 Hauser, Bethany 371 Hauserman, George 46 Hauserman, Mrs. Katherine 48 Haviland, Chelsea 233, 372, 420 Hawkins, Blake 329 Hawkins, MAI Iohn 55 Hawkins, Michael 159, 344 Hawthorne, Blake 355, 396 Hay, Christopher 353 Hayes, Reed 314 Hayman, CPT 45 Haynes, Walter 343 Haywood, Ieremy 358 Hazlett, Levi 361 Healy, Anthony 374 Heath, Christopher 106, 325 Hecox, Ieffrey 233, 372 Hedman, Ioel 379 Heenan, Matthew 320 Heffron, Bart 380 Heiar, Iason 398 Heidenberg, Alex 432 Heidorn, MAI Rick 46 Heidt, Robert III 347 Heightchew, Robert 340, 422 Heim, Michael 337 Heimel, Natalie 360 Heine, Karl 319 Heineman, Karl 339 Heiney, LTC Paul 57 Hejda, Iosef 343 Held, COL William 53 Helle, Iared 333 Hellman, Danielle 335 Helmsing, William 365 Helsel, Mr. Robert 53 Helton, MAI Bradley 55 Hemmick, Bradley 332 Hendershott,Ionathan 350 Henderson, David 340 Henderson, Dr. Troy 57 Hendon, Clayton 326 Hendricks, LTC Michael 54 Hendrix, Thomas 142, 339 Hendrix, Tommy 422 Hennigan, INV Christopher 46 Henry, Andrew 195, 358 Henry, Daniel 243, 315, 376 Henry, Nathanial 341 Henshaw, LTC Todd 48 Henshaw, Patrick 353, 396 Hensley, Alex 165, 347 Herbert, Mr. Carl 42 Herd, CPT Bradley 37 Herd, MAI Brad 364 Hermiller, Brent 373 Hermiller, Craig 379 Hermiller, Glenn 183, 354 Hermogeno, George 153, 343 Hermon, Kathryn 344 Hernandez, Matt 392 Hernandez, Matthew 332 Hernandez, PFC Melissa 41 Herndon, Michael 322, 392 Herold, Christopher 383 Herrera, MAI Saul 53 Herrick, Mark 364 Herrin, Bryan 159, 344 Herring, LTC Steve 52 Herron, Kenneth 373, 396 Hershey, Mrs. Iessie 38 Herzog, Bryan 249, 379 Hess, Wesley 315, 438 Hewins, Grant 383 Hewitt, William 76, 314 Hewko, Brian 336 Hickey, Matt 416 Hill Hill Hill Hill Hill Hill Hill Hill , CPT Timothy 49 Erica 165 , Iohn 250, 379 , Michael 358 , Nicholas 340 , Nick 424 , SFC Rafael 46 , Walter III 314, 392 Hillegass, Kathryn 376 Hilligoss, Ieremy 369 Hills, CPT David 36 Hickman, CPT Randal 57 Hickman , Iames 196, 358 Hickman, Maurice 263 Hickman, Thadeus 250, 379 Hickok, Daniel 376 Hicks, Matthew 112, 326 Hicks, Nathan 377 Hidalgo, Daren 381 Hidalgo, Miles 130, 335 Higgins, Iames 314 Higgins, Patrick 321 Higgins, Steven 153, 343 Highley, CAPT Iason 50 'XHightower, Stephanie 81 Hilaire, Sophie 363 Hilkenkamp, Adam 368 Hill, Andrew 333 Hill, Austin 371 Hill, Bradley 360 Hills, CPTQPI David 342 Hillson, Christian 319 Hiltner, Dane 353 Himelrajh, Iure 243, 376 Himmel, Gregory 321 Hines, Dennis 81, 317 Hines, Pierre 336, 398 Hitzeroth, Matthew 142, 339 Hix, Iosephine 165 Hjelmstad, Peter 383 Hlipala, MR Iohn 41 Ho, Tyler 428 Hoag, Mrs. Frances 52 Hoagland, Ms. Maria 42 Hoak, Steven 196, 358 Hobbs, George 316 Hodge, Timothy 118, 329 Hodges, Sheldon 380 Hodgson, MAI Iohn 55 Hodgson, Ryan 325, 412 Hoedebecke, Kyle 184, 354 Hoelscher, William 336 Hoempler, Christian 153, 343 Hoener, Rachel 324 Hoenke, Kurt 364 Hoff, Dr. Richard 49 Hoff, Matthew 340 Hoffman, Drew 398 Hoffman, Matthew 250, 379 Hoffmaster, David 369, 412 Hogan, Dan 396 Hogan, Daniel 351 Hogan, Mark 353 Hogan, Matthew 316 Hogan, Shane 250, 379 Hohman, Ieffrey 320 Hojnicki, Steven 324 Hokenson, Phillip 250, 379 Holder, Gregory 378 Hole, Steve 392 Hole, Steven 362 Holladay, Fabian 201 Holladay, Fabian Gordon 361 Holland, Casey 350 Holland, Iimmie 336 Holland, Timothy 233, 372 Holland, Tynika 100, 322 Hollender, Chris 412 Holler, Andrew 135, 336 Holleran, Scott 324 Holley, Mrs. Debra 46 Holley, MSG Anthony 37 Holliday, Mr. Bernie 39 Hollins, Ioshua 364 Hollis, Iames 81, 317, 422 Holloway, Darias 324 Holloway, Iames 94, 321 Hollweg, Bryce 416 Holm, Geoffrey 323 Holownia, Gregory 318 Holtz, Alfred 377 Holzmann, Ashley 369 Honaker, MAI Norma 52 Honeychurch, Ronson 380 Hong, Estelle 325 Hood, Iolm-Paul 359 Hood, Karoline 130, 335 Hoogland, Edward 353 Hooker, Mr, Charles 48 Hooser, Perry Van IV 332 Hope, Gregory 233, 372 Hopkins, Ms. Susan 43 Hopper, Derrek 332 Horan, Tim 392 Horan, Zachary 160, 344 Horn, Matthew 383 Horowitz, Colby 362 Horsfall, Andrew 220, 368 Horton, Ryan 314 Hosaka, Yutaro 318 Hostler, Christopher 362 Hottel, Brian 112, 326 Houghton, Iohn 361, 402 Houghton, Kate 404 Houghton, Katherine 375 Houghton, Rick 402 Houp, Iayson 329 Houston, LTC Stephen 54 Houston, MAI Mark 38 Houston, Matthew 177, 353 Howard, Tyler 356, 422 Howell, Robert 329 Howington, MS Anita 48 Howlett, Patrick 118, 329 Hrinko, MAI Raymond 55 Hromadka, Dr. Theodore 57 Hruska, Michael 347 Huang, Daniel 316 Huang, Dr. Paul 53 Huang, William 377 Hubbard, David 342 Hubbard, Matthew 380 Huber, Christopher 322, 396 Hudak, Stephen Ir. 383 Hudgins, COLQRJ Seth Ir. 38 Hudson, Billie 377 Hudson, Mr. Andrew 41 Huerta, CHQMAIJ Carlos 40 Huggins, LTC Kevin 51 Huggins, SSG 45 Hughbank, CPT Richard 37 Hughes, Brian 344 Hughes, Iohn 379 Hughes, Matthew 369 Hulse, Tyfani 328 Hulst, Ryan 314 Humes, Alexander 381 Humphrey, CPT Ian 36 Hung, Wanting 383 Hunt, Brandon 360 Hunt, Daniel 350 Hunt, Ioseph 359 Hunter, Chase 368, 398 Hunter, Darin 362 Hunter, MAI Steven 34 Hurlburt, MAI Christopher 53 Hurley, Marybeth 40 Hurley, Peyton 326 Hurst, Christerphor 327 Hurst, Kyle 353 Hurt, CPT Nathan 53 Hutchinson, Andrew 88, 318 Hutchison, Bradley 380 Hutchison, Iohn 418 Hutchison, Matthew 357 Huth, MAI Ioseph 37 Hutson, Ryan 335 Hwang, Andrew 354 Hwang, Daniel 118, 329 Hwang, Peter 165, 347 Hyduke, Ioel 324 I Imbriale, MAI Bob 38 Imel, Stuart 314 Imel, Stueart 76 Impson, Kody 392 Ingen, Dirk Van 370 Innes, Sean 382 Irmocenti, Claudio 346 Irvin, Mark 362 Irvine, David 365 Irwin, Donald 336 Isaacson, Christian 350 Isakson, Iames 165, 347 Isenhour, MAI Michelle 57 Iten, Christian 142 Ivanov, Ilya 375 Ivany, Brian 322, 430 Ivins, Will 283 Ivins, William 123, 332 Izadi, Ashian 379 Iablonski, Michael 347 Iablonski, Mike 438 Iabour, Nassar 350, 396 Iackson, Ashley 354 Iackson, Christian 368 Iackson, Christopher 336 Iackson, Daniel 341 Iackson, David 343 Iackson, Iarrin 361 Iackson, Ioshua 190, 357 Iackson, MAI Iohn 57 Iackson, MAI Shelly 38 Iackson, Marshall 412 Iackson, Mrs. Bobbi 46 Iacobs, Brian 378 Iacobs, CPT Nathan 47 Iacobs, David 368 Iacobsen, Christopher 374 Iaegle, William 337 Iagmin, MAI Chad 50 Iahn, Robert 361 Iames, Chardette 319 Iames, Dr. Iohn 51 Iames, Iacob 251 Iames, LTCCRI T. Blake 38 Iang, Edwin 364 Ianick, Lynn 357, 400 Ianker, Paul 257, 380 Iannetti, Adam 372 Ianoski, Amelia 378, 400 Iansen, Zach 430 Iansen, Zachary 327 Iantzen, Kristina 153, 343 Iantzi, Iennifer 226, 371 Iaramillo, Solomoin 360 Iarl, Iacqueline 326 Iarrett, MS Nursaides 41 Iarvis, Iohn 350, 392 Iaskowiec, MAI Michael 52 Iebb, MAI Ioel 52 Ieffrey, David 335 Ieffrey, Patrick 327 Ieffrey, SFC Craig 36, 315 Iemibewon, D.I. 412 Iemibewon, Daniel Tolulope 364 Ienkins, Alex 351 Ienkins, Arlance 338, 392 Ienkins-Vogel, Stephanie 165, 347 Iennette, Iohn 375 Iennings, Tim 392 Iennings, Timothy 327 Iensen, Erin 317 Iensen, Matthew 370 Iensen, Michael 318 Ienseny, Brian 346 Ierichow, Kyle 376 Ierome, Beth 418, 420 Iim, Lt. Col. Dalton 398 Iimenez, Gabe 424 Iimenez, Gabrielle 353 Iimenez, Moises 322 Iin, Lee 233, 372 Iohn, Cody 361 Iohns, Andrew 341 Iohnsen, Iakob 360, 392 Iohnson, Brent Ir, 335 Iohnson, Chavous 372 Iohnson, Daniel 321 Iohnson, Derek 373 Iohnson, Dr. Marie 54 Iohnson, Erik 81 Iohnson, Iames 365 Iohnson, Ieffrey 332 Iohnson, Ioe 398 Iohnson, Ionathan 418, 420 Iohnson, Kenneth 160 Iohnson, Liz 420 Iohnson, MAI Anthony 57 Iohnson, MAI Ronny 37, 373 Iohnson, Marcus 220, 368 Iohnson, Marshall 383 Iohnson, Michael 379 Iohnson, Phillip 316 Iohnson, Rodney Ir. 257, 380 Iohnson, Sarah 356 Iohnson, Taylor 317 Iohnson, Tyler 361 Iohnston, Benjamin 106, 325 Ioly, MAI Sebastien 57 Iones Ionas, , Andrew 341, 354 Bryan 376 Iones, Antonio 148, 340 Iones, Brian 314 Iones, Brooke 374, 404 ,hIones, Carlton 177, 353, 392 Iones, COL Michael 35, 38 Iones, Colin 346 Iones, Doug 398 Iones, Douglas 380 Iones, Ian 369 Iones, Iason 339 Iones, Ieremy 244, 376 Iones, Iericho 334 Iones, Ierry 381, 392 Iones, Ioshua 317, 324 Jones, LTC Dave 40 Jones, Lynn 381 Jones Monte 154 343 424 Jones, Mrs. Kathy 37 Jones, Ms Krista 34 Jones, Ms. Milagros 35 Jones, Ms. Niko 43 Jones, MSG Richard 36, 320 Jones, Orry 352 Jones, Patrick 342, 363 Jones Jones , Rhiannon 381 , Sarah 184, 354 Jones, Trevor 178, 353 Jorda Jorda Jorda n, Erich 94, 321 n, Jacob 82, 317 n, Stephen 102 Jorgensen, Julie 257, 380, 400 Jorgenson, John 314 Josey, SFC Gloria 359 Jost, Tyler 372 Joyce, Darren 257, 380 Joyce, John 326 Joyce, Ryan 184, 354 Judd, Dr. Tim 35 Judd, Ryan 369 Julian, Andrew 344 Julich, Scott 329 Jun, Roney 334 Jung, Kimberly 317 Jurado, CPT 45 Justi, Sean 226, 371 Justice, Taylor 166, 347, 392 Juten, Richard 184, 354 K Kaasch, SFC John 36, 333 Kaiser, Heather 362 Kalainoff, MAJ Melinda 49 Kalin, Matthew 377 Kalitka, Nicholas 375 Kalkware, Kevin 350 Kalkwarf, Kevin 171 Kaminski, Nathaniel 329 Kaminsky, MAJ Andrew 34 Kanai, Steven 368 Kanakis, Nicholas 341 Kang, Eddie 329, 402 Kapadia, Nikesh 355 Kaplan, Josef 327 Kareh, Victor 350 Karhoff, Brian 118, 329 Karsteter, MAJ 45 Kasper, Jason 343 Kassel, Josh 416 Kassel, Joshua 381 Kassis, Isaac 335 Kassulke, Jared 375 Kasting, Douglas 106, 325 Kastl, Cory 350 Kautz, Philip 359 Kava, David 369, 392 Kavanagh, Tara 233, 372 Kawamoto, Maj. Kim 46 Kawoczka, Christine 376 Kazmi, Shuja 315 Kearby, John 378 Kearnes, Michael 352 Kearney, Mary 321 Kearney, Mary Ann 432 Kearney, Paul 369 Kearney, SPC 45 Keating, Marshal 396 Keating, Patrick 316 Keaton, Matthew 220, 368 Keck, Stephanie 347 Keegan, Mr. Gary 42 Keen, Claudia 263, 383, 400 Keilty, Timothy 319 Keisler, James 340 Keller, Jason 371 Keller, John 324, 392 Keller, Luke 376 Kelley, Peter 321 Kellogg, Meaghan 326 Kelly, James 383 Kelly, Joshua 365 Kelly, Justin 214, 365 Kemmer, MAJ Joe 38 Kendall, Joseph 321, 396 Keneally, J.P. 430 Keneally, Joseph 332 Kenmotsu, Derek 344 Kennedy, Brandon 82, 317, 396 Kennedy, Brittany 257, 380 Kennedy, Chris 428 Kennedy, Christopher 184 Kennedy, David 340 Kennedy, Dereck 356 Kennedy, MAJ 45 Kennedy, Mr. Desmond 43 Kennedy, Mr. Mike 42 Kennedy, Sean 355 Kennedy, William 315 Kenner, Maurice 342 Kenney, Trevor 362 Kenny, Thomas Jr. 368 Kensotsu, Derek 160 Kent, Brian 360 Kent, Derek 372 Kent, Elizabeth 178, 353 Kenyon, Adam 336 Keogh, Ryan 336 Kerekes, James 333 Kerin, COL James Jr. 35, 52 Kern, Brian 379, 438 Kerr, Jacob 376 Kester, Neil 250, 379 Ketcham, Jillise 383 Key, Paul 333 Keyes, Cassandra 336 Keyser, Daniel 363 Khan, Daniel 370 Khatkhate, Amit 358 Kielp, CPT John CP 56 Kiesling, PROF Eugenia 55 Kilby, LTC Gregory 51 Kilgore, George 340 Kilcoyne, Richard III 372 Killian, Jeffrey 362 Kim, Alexander 325 Kim, Bo 378 Kim, Daniel 178, 334, 353 Kim, Earl 318 Kim, Edward 363, 418 Kim, George 368 Kim, Jae 370 Kim, John 344 Kim, Joseph 372 Kim, Michael 76, 314 Kim, Michelle 113, 326 Kim, Noah 364 Kim, Patrick 119, 329 Kim, Peter 324 Kim, Philip 234, 372 Kim, Roger 353 Kim, Kim, Kim, Seann 94, 321 Sung Min 375 Yong 226, 371 Kimball, MAJ Mindy 54 Kimball, MAJ Raymond 55 Kimbrell, Amanda 184, 354 Kimbrell, Mandy 406 Kimmey, Ted 326, 392 King, Amanda 94, 321 King, Brian 317 King, COL Wendell 35, 54 King, Daniel 325 King, Erin 371 King, Margaree 414 King, Valton II 113, 326 Kingsley, Jonathan 220 Kingston, Maj. Chris 46 Kinnunnen, Jari 398 Kinstle, Brandy 363, 432 Kintz, Jourdan 244, 376 Kirby, Kevin 358 Kircher, John 314, 426 Kitcho, David 370 Klaben, Sarah 354 Klavin, Mary 358 Kleber, Kevin 361 Klein, Doug 418 Klein, Douglas 100 Klein, Edward 226, 371 Kelly, MAJ Daniel 47 Kelly Major Jason 34 Kelly, Mrs. Beth 42 Kelly, Ms Kathy 34 Kelly, Ms. Mara 43 Kelly, Sean 381 Kelly, Spencer 418 Kelso, Bryan 326 Kelty 620 , Dr. Ryan 48 Kleinsorge, Theodore 322 Kletzing, Aaron 185, 354 Kline, Alexander 317 Klingensmith, Kurt 234, 372 Klingman, MAJ David 55 Kloiber, Mark 333 Klosky, Dr James 50 Knepp, Nicholas 251, 379 Knese, Jason 332 Knez, lvan 135, 336 Knight, Alexander 362 Knight, Jonathan 362 Knight, MAJ Peter 55 Knight, Ms. Renee 42 Knight, SFC John 37 Knotts, LTC Lester 52 Knox, Brandon 372 Knox, David 76, 314 Knox, Tyler 350 Knudsen, Paul 323 Knutson, Sara 354 Kobayashi, Marissa 325 Kobylski, LTC Gerald 57 Kocher, Karl 326 Kock, Nathaniel De 368 Koeneman, Kelly 315 Koenig, Justin 343, 392 Koenig, Raymond 166, 347 Kohler, MAJ Aaron 48 Kohn, Dr, lngeborg 53 Kohtz, Shane 353 Kolano, Bryan 379 Kolditz, COL Thomas 35, 48 Kolic, Juliana 383 Koller, Heidi 377 Kolodzie, Mr. Matthew 46 Komm, Andrew 357 Kondo, Jacob 94, 321 Konopa, Daniel 371 Konze, Timothy 361 Kopsie, Josh 424 Kopsie, Joshua 364 Kormannshaus, Craig 354, 392 Korn, Erik 355 Korstjens, Ries 160, 344 Korvin, Brooks 430 Korvin, Michael 373 Kosch, Corey 345 Kosco, Caroline 160, 344 Kosco, Leigh 400 Koss, Adrian 119, 329 Kossler, Brian 343 Kostelich, Dustin 172, 350 Koszuta, Curtis 315, 412 Kotz, Wesley 324 Kovaci, Alma 406 Kowalski, Dr. Eileen 49 Kowalski, John 358 Kowrach, Jason 123, 332 Kozawa, Glenn Jr. 354 Kozlowski, Gregory 350 Kozma, Liam 321 Kraft, Jacob 335 Kraheck, Stephen 383, 398 Krahn, COL Gary 35, 57 Krainin, Benjamin 321 Kralick, Jonathan 364 Kramlich, MAJ Gary 57 Krampien, John 202, 361 Krantz, Spencer 374 Kraus, Stephen 322 Krause, Joshua 350 Krause, MSG 45 Kraut, Frank IV 325 Krawczyk, LTC Scott 52 Krebsbach, Damian 314 Kreitler, John 418 Krick, Joseph 318 Kriegbaum, John 322 Krieger, Chief Curt 46 Krieger, Daniel 338 Krienke, Alexander 333 Krishnagiri,Dishanth 323 Kroger, Mark 321 Krueger, Daniel 335 Krueger, Daniel Jr. 130 Krueger, David 383 Kruger, Carl 190, 357 Kruger, COL Kelly 34 Kruger, Jared 106, 325 Krupski, Matthew 328 Krystof, Leo 321 Kubeika, John 332, 398 Kuechenmeister, Karl ll 347 Kuhlmann, MAJ Geoffrey 57 Kuhn, Damien 376 Kuhni, Steven 318 Kuiper, Patrick 365 Kulungowski, Margaret 178, 353 Kumlien, Kevin 370 Kunz, Nathan 374 Kurkowski, Amberle 383 Kurnat, Mary 414 Kurtenbach, Daniel 314 Kurulak, Shawn 416 Kuylman, Erick 234, 372 Kwon, Justin 339 L Labare, Dr. Michael 49 Labrise, Mr. Robert 42 LaCascia, Mr. Carl 48 Lacey, LTC Raymond 36 Lachance, LTC Russell 49 Lachuk, Nathaniel 326 Ladner, Brittany 347 Ladner, Joshua 130, 335 Ladny, Kristof 344 Lagrang, MAJ 53 Lai, Marcus 321 Laidlaw, CSM Patrick 34 Laird, John 350, 392 Laiso, Ms. Christine 47 Lakey, James 135, 336 Lalinde, LT Andres 53 Lally, Warren 318 Lam, Jason 343 Lamando, Mr 45 Lamb, Andrew 214, 365 Lambert, David 379 Lambert, Gregory 383 Lambert, LTC Beatrice 54 Lamitie, Ms. Jennifer 42 Lamolinara, Alexander 196, 358 Lanciane, Steven 335 Lancianese, Steve 396 Lancianeses, Steven 131 Landeg, Bob 392 Landeg, Robert 371 Landers, Chris 392 Landers, Christopher 332 Landis, Zach 418 Landru, Casey 378 Lane, Jordan 185, 354 Lane, Michael 352 Lang, Jared 214, 365 Lanterner, Kelly 82 Lanternier, Kelly 317 Lanz, Steven 357 Lanzer, Ms. Jackie 42 Lapointe, Joseph 379 Larkins, Ms. Khalilah 46 Larmer, Michael 378 Larry, Chonna 238, 375 Larsen, Larson, Larson, Larson, Nathan 351 Adam 345 Christopher 315 Daniel 326 Larson, James 317 Larson, Jay 430 Larson, Justin 332, 392 Larson, Lasater, Rachel 420 Colin 100,322 Latham, LTC William 52 Lauer, Nathaniel 352 Laufer, Robert 346 Laughlin, Jeffrey 324 Laughlin, Lisa 208, 362 Lauson, Veronica 365 Lauzon, Veronica 432 Lavelle, Michael 327 Lawes, Jonathan 354 Lawrence, Connor 326 Lawson, James 123, 332 Lay, Ricky 392 Lay, Richard lll 347 Layton, Amber 373 Lazo, Stephanie 374 Lazzari, Elizabeth 333, 406 Le, Daniel 359 Le, Dianna 361 Le, Vinh 375 Leadbetter, Hannah 329 Leahy, Bill 416 Leahy, William 381 Leatherman, John 362 LeBoeuf, Joseph III 321 LeBrun, Cresta 123, 332 Leddy, Albert 320 Ledford, LTC Edward 52 Lee, Alex 352 Lee, Andrew 338, 352 Lee, Brian 328 Lee, Bryan 334 Lee, Christopher 172, 317, 350 Livingston, Daniel 353 Liwanag, arl 368 Lloyd, Ms. Linda 51 Llyod, Lewis 380 Lobdell, Eric 196 Loboschefsky, Paul 318 Lockhart, Micah 345 Loggia, Mr 45 Lohan, jonathan 356 Londot, Ms Ulla 34 Long, Bradford 326 Long, Daniel 329 Mackenzie, William 321 Mackey, Alan 76, 314, 426 MacNeil, Audra 263, 383 Madden, john 360 Maddox, CPT Fredric 37 Maddox, CPT Karina 36 Maddox, MAj Fred 363 Lewis Lee, Lee, Lee, Lee, Lee, Lee, Lee, Lee, Lee, Lee, Lee, Lee, Lee, Lee, Lee, Lee, Lee, Lee, Lee, COL Stephen 41 Daniel 360 Ernest 322 Evelyn 314 Hobin 375 james 373 jason 84,319 Leon 318 Matthew 214,365 Melina 178 Michael 123,332 Moo 321 Mr. Lloyd 41 Nicholas 336 Philip 321 Robert 355 Samuel 322 Wei 337 William 336 Leeman, Andrew 380 Lefle, Tad 317 Lester, LTC Kathy 39 Levey, Melvin 335 Levine, COL john 51 Lewandowski, Gregory 376 Long, james 370 Long, jared 382 Long, Long, Long, Long, Long, Michael 344 Ms. Carolyn 42 Owen 346 Pam 45 William 327 Longo, Silvia 317, 400 Lopez, jonathan 374 Lopez, justin 337 Lopez, Nicholas 322 Lopez, Nicolas 392 Lopez, Preston 82, 317 Lopez, Ramiro 376 Lopez, SFC jose 41 Lord, MAj Brett. 49 Lorenz, Chad 353, 396 Lorusso, Kevin 363, 430 Lorusso, Nicholas 340 LoRus so, Nick 430 Loscheider, john 333 Lewis, Clayton 380 358 Lewis, Connor Lewis, Freddie 337 Lewis, jennifer 368 Lewis, Madeline 372 Lewis, Mr, Patrick 47 Lewis, Mrs. Suzanne 44 Lewis, Ms Nancy 34 Lewis, Nicholas 318 Lewis, Richard jr. 354 Lewis, Robert 363 Lewis, SFC johnCarlo 37 , Stephen 362, 396 LeForte, joe 392 LeForte, Katie 400 Lehmberg, Laura 314 Leinberger, Lucas 95, 321, 438 Leitch, Evan 351, 392 Lemanski, LTC Michael 51 Lemire, SSG Christopher 46 Lemming, Michael 374 Lemming, Mike 392 Lenart, j. Matthew 178 Lenart, john 353, 396 Lennox, Daniel 340 Lennox, General 547 Lennox, Lennox Lensing, Matthew 326 LTG William 24, 35 , LTG William jr. 34 Lenz, LTCCRJ Robert j. 38 Leon, Andrea 327 Leonard, Thomas 238, 375 Leone, joshua 185, 354 Lepri, Loris 363 Lesak, Mark 418 Lessard, Daniel 340 Lessing, Eli 344 Lessner, Harold 325 Li, Hang 371 Lichty, jennifer 376 Lien, Yujen 341 Lieto, Patrick 352 Lifton, Henry 372 Liggett, William 375 Light, Tomithy 353 Limb, jason 238, 375 Limsiaco, Christine 325, 404 Limsiaco, Marissa 404 Lin, Chin 355 Lin, Liushung 322 Lin, Ty 320 Lindenmeyer, CH Cynthia 40 Linderman, Ehren 196, 358 Lindley, Coliln 336 Lindquist, MAj joseph 57 Lindsey, MAj Robert jr. 49 Lineberry, Larry 379 Linford, Patrick 365 Ling, Ernest 172, 350 Linse, Nicholas 88, 318 Lintelmann, Eric 362 Lintelmann, Susan 45 Linton, Matthew 251, 379 Linvill, joshua 358 Litchauer-Eckert, Mrs. Susan 36 Liu, jessamyn 185 Loschiavo, Valerie 332, 432 Lospinoso, joshua 316 Lotspeich, Daniel 323 Lotts, Seth 392 Lotts, William 119, 329 Louden,joyce-Charisse 88 Lough, Frederick 357 Louis, COLKRJ Geoffrey R. 38 Louks, Mr, Gregory H. 38 Love, Caleb 350, 424 Loviner, Ryan 329 Low, Danielle 365 Lowe, Andrew 124, 332 Lowrey, LTCQRJ Freed 38 Loyd, Kristin 124, 332 Loyst, SFC Raymond 36 Lubba, Nathan 373 Lubecke, Ashley 376 Lublin, Ms Diane 34 Lucas, Brian 196, 358 Lucero, Gabriel 148, 340, 422 Ludwick, Ronald 381 Luher, Austin 124, 332, 426 Luis, Lt Col Rios 54 Luisa, Stephanie 86 Lujan, Andrew 335 Lujan, Andy 392 Lujan, Matthew 154, 343 Luker, Mark 154, 343 Lukovic, Mr. Miroslav 42 Lumpkin, Kelson 374, 428 Lundquist, Ms. Sandra 47 Lunn, joseph Ill 332 Lunt, jared 166, 347 Lusardi, Mr. Eugene 43 Luyster, Matt 430 Luyster, Matthew 244, 376 Lyman, Edwin 321 Lynch, Erin 220, 368 Lynch, justin 368 Lynch, LTC jason 54 Lynch, Martha 40 Lynch, Melanie 353 Lynch, Riley 328 Lynch, Scott 317 Lynch, SGT jeffrey 46 Lynes, Matthew 179, 353 Lyon, Samuel 332 Lyster, Ms 45 Lytle, Darrell 323 M M'Bengue, Cheikh 166 Ma, Philip 347 Mabini, Bemard 347 Macchio, Richard 95, 321 MacDonald, Hunter 382 Macdonald, LTC Thomas 37 MacFarland, Bridget 378 MacFarland, Christopher 244, 376 MacGibbon, jennifer 380 Maciuba, Adam 220, 368 Macken, LTC William 34 Maddux, Tom 418 Madrigal, Gustavo 317 Madsen, Shawn 379 Maehler, jamison 373, 392 Maes, joseph 356 Magarity, Maureen 414 Magnani, Ashley 148, 414 Magula, justin 376, 396 Mahan, LTCQRJ Michael W. 38 Mahoney, Daniel IV 100, 322 Mahoney, Pete 396 Mahoney, Steven 333 Mahre, john 326 Maier, Katherine 142, 339 Main, Andrew 329 Mainwaring, Todd 339 Mair, Evan 360 Mair, Heba 372 Mair, Marjana 380 Major, Keith 343 Maldonado, Bill 422 Maldonado, jesus 328 Maldonado, Pedro 238 Maldonado-Diaz, Pedro 375 Malik, Daniel 318 Malikowski, Ryan 382 Malinowski, Dr. jon 54 Malins, joseph 374 Mallette, Michelle 160 Mallette, Micky 414 Mallue, Edward jr. 344 Mancik, Eric 376 Mandelkow, Kaitlin 100, 322 Mandia, Mr. john 44 Manduro, Gregory 361 Maness, Matthew 179, 353 Maney, Thomas 161, 344 Manis, Gabriel 343 Mann, 1SG 45 Mann, MAj Tracy 51 Mannina, Ryan 346 Manning, MS Lisa 41 Manous, COL joe 54 Mansbach, Melanie 339 Mansour, Dr. Lawrence 53 Manter, Barry 343 Manteufel, Leslie 251, 379 Manthey, Tim 416 Manthey, Timothy 370 Mantie, jennawe 353 Manuel, Mr Carl 50 Manupelli, MS Christine 41 Manzano, Antonio 373 Maodus, Zac 392 Maodus, Zachary 380 Maples, Sean 379 Marano, Michael 317 Marchan, Mr. Carlos 43 Marchant, Gavin 371 Marco, Adam De 359 Maresco, Mrs. Rose 53 Marietta, Michael 343 Marin, Leonidas 351 Markey, Myra 119, 329 Markham, Randall 354 Markiewicz, Graham 339 Markiewicz, Sara 365 Markle, Kyle 371 Markle, Mr. Charles 43 Markow, MAj Tanya 51 Marks, LTC Paul 53 Marks, Thomas 341 Markward, Taylor 148, 340 Marold, David 317 Maroney, Kyle 364, 392 Marques, Paul 356 Marquez, Alberto 344 Marquez, Robert 338 Marren, Renee 338 Marsh, Richard 238, 375 Marshall, Gene 46 Marshall, joseph 370 Marshall, Zachary 354 Marshburn, MAj Todd 48 Martel, Matthew 350 Martell, Nathan 356 Martin, Bradley 131 Martin, Brian 352 Martin, Charles 136, 422 Martin, David 226, 371 Martin, Emily 420 Martin, Eric 363 Martin, james 361 Martin, jeremy 326 Martin, MAj Wendy 37, 370 Martin, Michael 372 Martin, Tyler 316, 396 Martinez, Brian 119, 329 Martinez, Erick 371 Martinez, Fernando 422 Martinez, Francisco 318 Martinez, Michael 124 Martinez, MSG. juan 42 Martinez-Baez, Michael 332 Martini, janet 113, 326 Marvin, Ms Carol 34 Marzec, Chad 101, 422 Masciola, Ms Kim 34 Mashack, Ryan 375 Mashl, joshua 373 Mason, Davey 422 Masone, Andrew 347 Massacci, jacob 379, 396 Massagee, Benjamin 325 Massagee, Troy 347 Massie, Craig 321, 430 Massie, Dr Darrell 50 Maszarose, Rob 392 Maszarose, Robert 339 Mateer, Don 328 Mather, Charles 185, 354 Mathews, Peter-Michael 131 Mathias, jon 422 Mathias, jonathon 327 Mathis, jonathan 324 Matousek, Phillip 365 Mattazaro , Anthoney 362 Matthews, Corey 325 Matthews, Dr. Michael 48 Matthews, Geneva 323 Matthews, Kevin 346 Matthews, MAj Brent 53 Matthews, Peter 335 Mattos, Chris 430 Mattos, Christopher 373 Maughan, Braden 347 Mauro, SPC 41 Mavricos, Nicholas 320 Mavricos, Nick 392 Maxcy, Matthew 327 Maxfield, Max 40 Maxwell, john III 371 May, David 320 May, Ms Lori 34 Maybee, Ross 335 Maye, Donald 368 Mayer, Amy 363 Mayer, Mr. Randy 42 Mayhew, Ben 424 Mayhew, Benjamin 376 Maynor, jim 149 Mayoras, Nicole 345, 400 Mayville, William Ill 326 Mazeika, Andrius 371 Mazeika, Andy 392 Mazgaj, Luke 372, 392 Mbengue, Cheikh 347 McAdams, john 380 McAlister, Bryan 319 McAlister, Ryan 314 McAllister, Michael 335 MCardle, Eamon 361 McArdle, Mr. Kevin 42 McArthur, Quinn 335 McBride, Lon 328 McBride, Robert 347 McBride, Sean 344 McCallum, SFC Patrick 369 McCarthy, joseph 357, 375 McCarthy, Matthew 221, 368 McCarthy, Patrick 166, 347 McCarthy, Stephem 351 McCartt, jason 361 McCarty, justin 373 McCarver, joshua 361 McCary, William 354 McCaskey, john 95, 321 McCaskill, joshua 350 McClain, Michael 257, 380 McClain, Mrs, Anita 46 McCleary, jarrod 373 McClung, MAj Richard 57 McClure, Ryan 329, 430 McCollum, Caleb 377 McConaughey, Erin 323 McConnell, Brandon 131, 335 McConnell, Megan 321 McConnell, Moriah 359 McConnell, Scott 365 McCord, Brian 338 McCormack, Ms. Mary 47 McCormich, Iames 239 McCormick, Iames Ir. 375 McCormick, Mr. Bill 39 McCormick, Ms Marge 34 McCowin, Iennifer 321 McCoy, Chase 361, 392 McCoy, CPT Michael 37 McCoy, CPT Mike 374 McCoy, Iason 221, 368 McCoy, Michael 227, 371 McCoy, Ms. Lorraine 42 McCray, Iames 354 McCrone, Iohn 333 McCulloh, MAI Ian 57 McCurdy, David 364 McCurry, Mrs. Michelle 42 McDaniel, McDaniel, McDaniel, Daniel 347 Matt 392 Matthew 351 McDaniel, Ryan 364, 418 McDermott, Eric 338 McDermott, MAI Michael 55 McDonald, Charles 369 McDonald, Charlie 392 McDonald, LTC Deborah 38 McDonald Patrick 325 392 McDonaldI Paul 334 1 McDonald, PROP Robert 55 McDonald, Ryan 179 McDonald, Timothy 82, 317 McDonough, Ioseph 314 McDougall, Ian 371, 416 McDuffie, Anton 353, 392 McElroy, Mr. Bruce 35 McElroy, Patrick 154, 343 McGann, Brendon 208, 362 McGee, Patrick 323 McGhee, Evan 365 McGhee, MAI William 53 McGinn, Iohn 375 McGinnis, Laura 244, 376 McGlothin, SGT Kareem 41 McGovern, Ioseph 354 McGovern, Iosesph 185 McGowan, Dr. Tony 52 McGrath, Daniel 346 McGrath, Patrick 337 McGrew, Kevin 316 McGriff, Dustin 380 McGuire, Alex 414 McGurk, Stewart 124, 332 McHugh, T. 362 Mclntosh, Megan 370 Mclntyre, Gene 46, 396 McKay, Iason 354 McKay, MAI Michael 50 McKay, Mr. Bob 51 McKelvey, Mr. Iim 35 McKelvie, Zach 416 McKenna, Dennis 335 McKenna, Sharmon 341 McKenney, Aaron 361 McKenney, Alexander 329 McKeon, Mr. Mark 46 McKeon-Pouge, Deborah 45 McKinley, Andrew 321 McKinstry, Shawn 369 McKnight, Sean 329 McLain, Zach 418 McLain, Zachary 374 McLaughlin, Alexis 327 McLaughlin, Mr. Sean 43 McLoughlin, Christopher 329 McMahand, Wesley 333, 392 McMahon, Gavin 379 McMahon, Michael 332 McMahon, Quentin 381 McMahon, Sean 124, 332 McMaster, Christopher 373 McMurrey, William 347 McNair, Catherine 355 McNair, Sarah 107, 325 McNally, Biff 416 McNamara, Lindsey 131, 335 McNaul, Austin 314 McNeal, Alonzo 338 McNealy, Kyle 76, 314 McNeil, Ieremy 148, 340 McNeil, Shawn 368 McPeak, Robert 335 622 McQuaig, Megan 420 McQuarrie, Erin 420 McQuarrie, Ryan 88, 318 McQuary, Daniel 202, 361 McQueen, Noah 166, 347 Mead, Kevin 428 Meador, David 368 Mealer, Clayton 142, 339, 396 Meberg, Sean 324 Medina, Dariam 244, 376 Medina, Ionathan 364 Meehan, Ryan 371 Meese, COL Michael 35 Meggs, Matthew 322 Meier, Ionathan 379 Meier, William 335 Meives, LTC Walter 41 Mejia, Rudy Ir. 329 Melcher, Katherine 357 Melnyk, CPT Richard 50 Melvin, Ms. Maretta 35 Mendoza, Timothy 318 Mengel, MAI William 55 Menichetti, Iason 234, 372 Mennes, LTC Brian 40 Menozzi, Sunny 358 Mentele, Iacob 418 Mercer, Haley 125, 332 Merkler, Derek 364 Merkley, Clayton 365 Merkouris, Andrew 334 Merritt, Tyler 202, 361 Merriweather, Robert 342 Merseburg, Michael 347 Merz, Christian 335 Messervey, MAI Thomas 50 Messina, Salvatore 355 Metcalf, Ionathan 383 Metrikis, Aurimas 353 Meyer, COL Ierry 49 f-Meyer, Doug 392 ..Meyer, Douglas 202, 361 Meyer, Iay 336 Meyer, LTC Karl 50 Meyer, LTC Leanne 40 Meyer, MAI Thomas 57 Meyer, Michael 347 Meyer, Raymond 383 Meyer, Robert 361 Meyers, Ionathan 370 Michael Alksninis, Ir. 122 Michaelson, Andrew 418 Michaelson, Matthew 368 Michealson, Elizabeth 119, 329 Michelson, David 418 Mickowski, Iohn 329 Middleton, Peter 353 Mierva, Zach 424 Mierva, Zachary 328 Migliaro, Christopher Ir. 82, 416 Migliaro, Mike 416 Miguel, MAI Fernando 57 Mihal, Christopher 358 Mikstas, Alexander 382 Mikula, Christopher 325 Mikus, Daniel 343 Milavec, Thomas 342 Milchak, Neil 327 Miles, MAI 45 Miles, MAI Mark 51 Miles, MAI Melissa 49 Miles, MAI Trica 57 Miles, Monique 375 Miles, Richard 359 Millen, Marcus 365, 392 Miller, Amanda 101, 322 Miller, Andrew 318 Miller, Austin 361, 392 Miller, Blair 420 Miller, Carlos 320 Miller, Caroline 320, 400 Miller, Casey 317 Miller, Courtney 382 Miller, Daniel 339, 372 Miller, Emily 368 Miller, Erik 202, 361 Miller, Gary 392 Miller, Heidi 345 Miller, Ieffrey 329 Miller, Iulia 314 Miller, Kim 45 Miller, Krystal 379 Miller, MAI Ioel 55 Miller, Maria 352 Miller, Mark 322 Miller, Matthew 339 Miller, Michael 83, 317 Miller, Michelle 345 Miller, Mrs. Carol 43 Miller, Ms. Sandi 39 Miller, Nicole 221, 368 Miller, Robert 328 Miller, Sean 95, 321 Miller, Seth 373 Miller, Zachary 343 Milliman, Lyle 245, 376 Mills, Iason 375 Mills, MAI Trent 52 Milster, Austin 422 Minchillo, Ms, Allisa 47 Miner, Robert 370, 396 Mingler, Michael 263, 383 Minks, Kaitlin 364 Minney, Sarah 368 Minshew, Iames 321 Minter, Austin 376 Minus, MAI Iennifer 55 Miorin, Christopher 318 Miraglia, Brian 357 Miraldi, Iacob 321, 392 Miranne, Lucien 321 Miranne, Trey 392 Mis, Iames Ir. 318 Misciagna, Iohn 392 Mishler, Iustin 380 Mitcham, Sean 381 Mitchell, Christopher 314 Mitchell, Daniel 221, 368 Mitchell, Derek 357 Mitchell, Iosh 392 Mitchell Mitchell ,Ioshua 316 , Ms. Beverly 38 Mitchell, Patrick 167, 347 Mnassri, Maher 333 Mnatzakanian, Raffi 375, 422 Moad, Michael 172, 350 Mockus, Raymond 113, 326 Modlin, Daniel 323 Moe, Brian 334 Moe, Darren 125, 332 Moeller, Harry 316 Moffatt, Philip 149, 340 Moffett, Dr. Alex 52 Mohr, Steven 320 Mohrmann, Gavin 380 Moles, Iulie 329 Molin, LTC Peter 52 Molinari, Ryan 379 Molyneux, Amanda 325 Moncrie f, Andrew 376 Moniz, Garret 353 Monmonier, Christina 353 Montgomery, Iennifer 317 Montgomery, MAI Aaron 44 Montgomery, Mr. William Montgomery, Tiffany 321 Moody, CPT Paul 50 Moon, Iared 318 Moon, MAI Ioshua 55 Mooney, Collin 377, 392 Mooneyham, Christian 113, 326 Moonsh ower, Iohn 412 Moore, Adam 378 Moore, Andrew 380 Moore, Bradley 322 Moore, Christopher 95, 321 Moore, lan 340 Moore, Iaidee 319 Moore, Iameson 338 Moore, Matthew 322 Moore, Oliver 167, 347 Moore, Timothy 368 Moores, MAI Kerry 57 Moracco, Ieffrey 374 Moral, Alexandra Del 368 Morales, Anthony 368 Morel, MAI Thomas 51 Morel, Tracy 362 Morena, Morena, Mr.Iohn 43 Tania 336 Moreno, Adrian 371, 398 Moreno, Tania 136 Moretti, Morfitt, MS Betty 41 Iordan 374 Morgan, Andrew 372 Morgan, CPT Andrew 49 Morgan, Erin 332 Morgan,Iames 356 Morgan,Ionathan 339 Morgan, Kyle 359 Morgan, Rachel 379 Morgen,Mr.Iohn 53 Morkes, Thomas 343 Morris, CAPT Matthew 50 Morris, CPT Scott 37, 360 Morris, MAI Robert 48 Morris, Zachary 353 Morrison, Ian 344 Morrissey, Todd 332 Morse, Alex 430 Morse, Alexander 347 Morse, Steven 325 Morton, Iillian 120, 329 Moschel, Rebecca 374 Moseley, Dr. Christopher 57 Moses, Cole 353 Mosher, Brendan 318 Mosley, Shawn 357 Moten, COL Matthew 55 Motes, SFC Iamaes 41 Mott, Kevin 317 Mougey, Ioel 372 Mountcastle, MAI Iohn 55 Moxley, Dr. Frederick 51 Moyer, Alec 325 Mudek, David 383 Muhawi, Phil 402 Mularkey, Iack 335 Mulder, Richard 355 Mull, Iaren 354 Mullaney, Gary 376 Mullin, Alexander 318 Mulnix, Alison 197, 358 Mulyca, LTCCRI Thomas I. 38 Mumford, Iohn 392 Mundie, COL Thomas 49 Muniz, Nelson 326 Munn, Eric 335 Munoz, Caesar 77 Munoz, Ceasar 314 Munoz, Cleomar 322 Munoz, Victor 318 Munson, Ionathan 380 Munson, Ionathon 258 Murdock, Edward 354 t-Murphy, Iacob 107, 325, 392 NMurphy, Iake 333 Murphy, MAI Iohn 48 Murphy, Murphy Murphy Murphy Murphy Murray, Murray, Murray, Murray, Murray, Murray, Murray, Murray, Murrell, Murrell, Murriel, r 1 1 1 Michael 318,354 Mike 392,430 Ms. Donna 57 Taylor 341 Tom 396 Benjamin 340 Erich 354 Geoffrey 317 Haley 336 Iordan 340,392 Kyle 353 Miles 357,392 Theodore III 380 Ionathan 321 Mr.Ierry 42 CSM Ieffery 44 Murtagh, Edward 371 Musteen, MAI Iason 55 Muttatth, Mr. Ioseph 34 Myers, Alexys 322 Myers, COL Ioseph 57 Myers, Iulius 325, 392 Myers, MAI Scott 34 Myers, Nicole 377 Mynatt, Bill 316 N Nadeau-Schaff, Ms. Michelle 39 Naesham, Rachel 355 Nam, Ien 420 Nam, Iennifer 190, 357 Namy, Ioel 359, 392 Naniot, Shane 361 Narasimhan, Kaushik 190, 357 Narcum, Andrew 179, 353 Narcum, Drew 430 Nash, Miles 172, 350 Nava, Marcos 324 Nava, Michael 374 Navarro, Nathan 358, 396 Navin, Sean 336 Naylor, Dr. Sarah 39 Naylor, Michael 359 Nazzaro, CPT Phil 36, 328 Ndah, Daniel 343 Neal, Gregory Il 147 Nediljko 326 Neely, joseph 375 Neff, LTC Casey 34 Neighbors, john 77 Nelson, Craig 251, 379 Nelson, Curt 418 Nelson, David 337 Nelson, Elizabeth 371 Nelson, LTC john 52 Nerdalen, Erik 167, 347, 430 Nergelovic, Paul 45 Nesrsta, Eric 371 Ness, LTC james 48 Netzel, Andrew 334 Neumann, Erin 353 Newberry, Michael 370 Newby, SFC Steven 374 Newell, Daniel 365, 398 Newell, Roman 350 Newkirk, Brandon 120, 329, 396 Newlin, Timothy 327 Newman, Allison 239, 375 Newson, Darren 356, 392 Newton, Boyce 332 Ngo, Mr. Canh 42 Nguye, Anthony 318 Nguyen, Anthony 88, 318 Nguyen, Hien 316 Nguyen, james 239, 375 Nguyen, Michael 142, 339 Nguyen, Thi 339 Nguyen, Tommy 317 Nguyen, Tuan 227, 371 Ni, Eric 361 Nichols, Caroline 335 Nichols, Christopher 376, 392 Nichols, Fred 327 Nichols, jeffrey 365 Nicholson, Mr. Ralph 44 Nicka, Bradly 186, 354 Nicoll, Samantha 337 Niehoff, Benjamin 381 Nielsen, jared 355 Nielsen, jonathan 336 Nielsen, MAj Kirk 53 Nielsen, Mark 355 Nielsen, Mrs. Donna 42 Nielson, jared 392 Nielson, jeffrey 332 Nieves, Gilberto 365 Nieves, Humberto 202, 361 Nieves-Valentin, Elbert jr. 332 Nifong, Richard 342 Nimick, PROF Thomas 55 Niquette, Sean 380 Njokuobi, Michael 323 Noble, Dr. Leigh 57 Noble, Megan 172, 350, 404 Noda, juan 361 Noel, Michael 325 Nolan, Brent 322 Nolan, Terrence 343 Nomura, MR Edward 41 Nomura, SFC 45 Nordin, Daniel 343 Nordlund, William jr. 340 Noreen, Sarah 356 Norman, Darrell 382, 438 North, William 149, 340 Norwalk, lan 358 Norwood, David 358 Norwood, jason 161, 344 Novak, Adam 322 Noval, Daniel Hockstedler 373 Nowak, Brent 317, 422 Nowak, jedidiah 314 Nowak, Kathy 336 Nowicki, Celia 167, 347 Noyes, Sarah 101, 322 Nunley, Clay 412 Nussdorfer, Nicholas 203, 361 Nygren, COL Kip 35, 50 Nystrom, Kristofer 325 O O'Brien, Kevin 428 O'Connor, Patrick 365 O'Connor, Roderic 341 O'Connor, Sean 375 O'Connor, Timothy 329 O'Donnell, Adam 361 O'Donnell, Christopher 368 O'Donnell, Colin 372 O'Donnell, Michael 382 O'Donnell, O'Donnell, Ms. Eileen 53 Patrick 375 O'l-lara, Timothy 376 O'Hern,Lweis 380 O'Konsky, Katheryn 322 O'Loughlin, Daniel 318 O'Nan, Chelsey 379 O'Neal, Ms. Yvette 55 O'Neil, Christian 340 O'Neil, MAj Dennis 48 O'Neill, john 418, 420 O'Reilly, Mrs. Ann 43 O'Rourke, Mary Katherine 357 O'Sullivan, Caroline 420 O'Sullivan, lan 318 O'Connor, Patrick 215 O'Donnell, Adam 203 O'Donnell, Patrick 239 O'Sullivan, Ian 89 Oakwood, Robert 329 Obamije, Sophia 89, 318 Oberwager, SFC 45 Obringer, Michael 209, 362 Obringer, Mike 430 ochi, sami 329 Ochoa, Chase 89, 318 Ochocki, Ryan 355 Odell, Caroline 354 Odera, Douglas 77, 314 Odom, Brandon 371 Odumewu, Michael 329 Odumewu, Mike 398 Oeser, jacklyn 354 Ogden, Chris 392 Ogden, Christopher 344 Ogden, Wesley 136, 336 Oh, john 353 Okasaki, Dr. Christopher 51 Okolo, Sierra 335 Olay, Bryan 361 Oldengerg, MS Michele 41 Olds, Ashley 341 Olejniczak, LTCCRJ julian M. 38 Oliveira, Michael 317 Oliveira, Mike 428 Oliver, john 245, 376 Oliver, Zachary 335 Ollek, joshua 83 Olsen, Bo 314, 392 Olsen, MAj Mark 55 Olson, Edward 359 Olson, joseph 340 Olson, Todd 352, 392 Ong, David 378 Onge, Cody St. 335, 392 Onoda, Terikazu 337 Onwuanumkpe, jude 136, 336 Opoku, Kevin 353, 392 Orantes, Graciela 320 Oravsky, Shane 107, 325 Ordway, Ryan 381 Oriol, Ms. Andrea 42 Orr, Daniel 125, 332 Orr, Ms. Terry 40 Orrison, Dan 398 Orrison, Daniel 341 Ortegon, jay 173, 350 Ortman, Bradley 353 Orwin, Ethan 365 Osborne, Zachary 379 Ostasewski, jessica 325 Osuna, MAj james 53 Otazo, Andrew 370 Ott, Clinton 383 Otto, Amanda 420 Otwell, Bobby 325 Otwell, Robby 107 Ouch, Vireak 371 Ouimet, Nicolas 340 Outing, MAj Donald 57 Owens, Michael 350 Owsley, Travis 380 Oxendine, MAj Christopher 54 P Pace, General Peter 21 Padgalskas, David 357, 426 Padilla, Ms. 45 Padilla, Ty 344 Padua, justin 326 Paffenroth, Linda 47 Page, Eugene 371 Page, jonathan 354 Pak, Minou 378, 426 Paladino, joseph 329 Palesky, Katherine 358 Palma, Rodolfo 325 Palmatier, Max 343, 392 Palmer, Aaron 354 Palmer, Daniel 362 Palmer, john 327 Palmer, MAj jason 55 Palmer, Martin 320 Paluch, Amanda 322, 404 Paluck, Amanda 101 Palumbo, Mrs. Annita 55 Pan, Allison 258, 380 Panzarella, Ryan 346 Paolini, joe 392 Paolini, joseph 369 Pappas, Maxwell 245, 376 Paquin, jeremy 364 Paravecchia, CPT Kindra 40 Parisi, Sara 125, 332 Park, Catherine 351 Park, Edward 203, 361 Park, Eugene 339 Park, Frank 263, 383 Park, jason 357 Park, Robin 227, 371 Park, Youngmin 375 Parker, Austin 377 Parker, Colin 370, 392 Parker, Daniel 154, 343 Parker, Peyton 314 Parker, SFC Carl 37 Parks, john 317 Parlee, John 149,340 Parnell, jonathan 350 Parras, Gabriel 77, 314 Parten, Tyler 321 Partin, William 360 Paruszewski, jeffrey 375 Parziale, Pat 392 Parziale, Patrick 324 Pascucci, jen 400 Pascucci, jennifer 120, 329 Pasko, Brandon 325 Pass, Mary Alice 380 Passmore, Mark 382 Pasternak, David 350 Paszterko, john 353 Pate, Daniel 332 Patel, Amit 340 Patel, Samir 383 Patterson, Dana 227, 371 Patterson, Donald 364 Patterson, MAj Paul 51 Patterson, Scott 336 Patterson, SSG Kevin 46 Patton, Erik 357 Patton, Preston 350 Pauling, jared 95, 321, 398 Paulsen, Wesley 368 Paulson, jessica 344 Paulus, Arthur 322 Paustian, Lawrence 325 Payne, Adrienne 245, 376, 414 Payne, SGT jeffery 41 Payne, Thomas Il 209, 362 Paynter, jonathan 239, 375 Pazdzierski, Richard 337 Peacock, Ryan 369 Pearson, josh 392 Pearson, joshua 335 Pease, Adam 392 Pecha, Robert 324 Peck, Kames 357 Peck, Michael 379 Peck, Paul 404 Pecoraro, Mr. Peter 34 Pedersen-Keel, Andrew 258, 380 Pedicino, Geralyn 365, 400 Peed, Harrison 359 Peek, james 365 Peeler, Colin 361 Peeples, Walter 345 Peguero, MAj Megan 54 Peil, Cameron 383 Pekarek, Andrew 383 Pelkey, Edmond 45 Pelkey, Ms. Mona 39 Pell, Luke 392 Pell, William 340 Pelletier, Caleb 422 Pena, Marco 365 Pendergast, MAj john 53 Perm, Tyler 191, 357 Pennella, joseph 125, 332 Pennington, Anshwa 361 Pennington, Kelly 333 Pentz, Mr. Willard 53 Pepple, Darin 321 Peralta, james 347 Perez, SGT 45 Perkins, Adrian 322 Perkins, james 83, 317 Perkins, jim 340 Perovich, Anneliese 329, 400 Perpich, Daniel 362 Perry, Leon 380 Perry, Michael 374 Peschiani, Ms. jeanne 43 Pete, CPT Anthony 52 Peters, MAj William 56 Petersen, Blake 344 Petersen, Kellen 324 Petersen, Tory 335 Peterson Peterson ,Grant 350 ,jose 379 Peterson, Kenneth 354 Peterson, Lance 364, 396 Peterson, Matthew 120, 329 Peterson, Morgan 334, 400 Peterson, Nathan 346 Peterson, Troy 318 Petrancosta, Christopher 336 Pevoto, David 326, 392 Peyer, jason 359, 430 Pezzella, SGT Brett 40 Pfannenstiel, Zachary 353 Pfarr, Michael 380 Pflug, David 317 Phelan, Keith 113, 326 Phillips, Caleb 96, 321 Phillips, COL Michael 57 Phillips Erik 356 Phillips, Geoffrey 356, 396 Phillips, jeremy 363 Phillips, Logan 319 Phillips, Mark 335 Phillips, Michael jr. 362 Phillips, MSG jeffrey 43 Phillips, Sarah 334 Phillips, Tracy 379 Philpott, Christopher 344 Picard, David 352 Piccione, john 342 Picciuto, LTC john 57 Pickering, SPC Daniel 47 Picone, Michael 416 Pierce, Forest 332 Pierce, Ronald 321 Pierczynski, Thomas 336 Pierre, Markenson 345, 392 Pinder, Tom 396 Pine, Nate 46 Pineda, Stephen 317 Pingree, Steven 341 Pinkham, Steven 353 Pinner, Benjamin 346 Pinney, jack 353 Pipkins, john 376 Pirolo, Mike 46 Pittman, Cody 107, 325, 396 Pitulej, Michael 197, 358 Placke, LTC james jr. 49 Plaisted, Chad 422 Plante, Luke 361 Platek, Michael 355 Platky, james 344 Platt, jim 412 Pluff, Dan 424 Pluff, Daniel 125, 332 Plumb, Daniel 353 Plummer, MAj Dawson 50 Plumstead, john 374,392 Pluta, Ri chard 315 Podojil, Michael jr. 215, 365 Podrazik, Mark 340 Podsiad, Chase 379, 416 Pohlidal, CPT 45 Polashenski, Andrew 251, 379 Polchinski, j.P. 424 Polchinski, jonh 352 Poler, Andrew 362 Policastr o, john 143, 339 Poling, jim 402 Pomeroy, jason 337 Pope, Dannielle 354 Pope, Edwin 344 Poppe, CPT Carl 36 Porter, Ken 416 Porter, LTC Becky 39 Porter, LTC john 43 Porter, MAI Vinston 36 Porter, Mr. George 43 PorterIr., MAI Vinston 333 Posada, Santiago 361 Posey, Nicole 263, 383 Posey, Nikki 432 Post, David 337 Post, Ms. Sharon 47 Postovoit, Andrew 371 Potasznik, Maxwell 350 Potenza, Danielle 203, 361 Pothin, Shaun 317 Pototschnik, Nathan 154 Potter, Iames 363 Potts, SFC Matthew 40 Powell, Brian 114, 326 Powell, Mr. Iason 42 Powell, Tyler 368 Power, Kevin 350 Powers, Iames 357 Powers, Ms 45 Powers, Thomas 329 Powles, Ms Kathy 34 Prather, Michael 375 Pratt, Matthew 264, 383 Premont, Michael 77, 314 Presnal, Ryan 343 Prestonback, Logan 370 Prevost, Cole 342 Price, Derek 332 Pride, Matthew 239, 375 Priester, Danny 325, 426 Prikryl, Travis 343, 392 Primack, William 321 Pritchard, Vernon 131, 335 Pritchett, Matthew 321 Pritchett, Wesley 361, 396 Privette, Nicholas 376 Proctor, Eliot 428 Proios, Paul 315 Prokosch, MS Lisa 41 Propst, Spencer 317 Prosko, Emille 328 Pruden, Alexander 353 Pryor, Matt 424 624 Pryor, Matthew 317 Psiaki, David 227, 371, 396 Pulaski, Andreew 352 Puleo, Mr. Frank 46 Pulliam, Kathleen 323 Puntenney, Iames Ir. 368 Punter, Kees 345 Pushard, Robert 338 Putko, LTCP Michele 50 Putman, Monty 314 Putnam, Ms. IoAnn 43 Qirjazi, Redion 380 Quach, Gary 357 Quezada, Dora 343 Quigley, Denise 315 Quigley, Kevin 352, 392 Quillico, Tyler 332 Quink, Tyson 377, 392 Quint, Mark 368 Quintana, Branden 369 R Rackers, Kenneth 328 Rackers, Kenny 392 Radanovic, Nediljko 114 Rademacher, MAI Franz 55 Rader, Mr. Paul 42 Radicic, MAI William 49 Radunzel, Ioel 234, 372 Rafferty, Ms. Beth 42 Rafferty, Reagan 343 Raftery, LTC Iames 51 Ragan, Ieremy 83, 317 Ragland, Charles 363 Ragsdale, Bobby III 357 Ragsdale, Cindy 40 Ragsdale, Roy 382 Ragusa, Roy 314, 430 Rahon, Iill 101, 322 Raich, Andrew 340 Raines, Russel 376 Raines, Russell 396 Ralston, Alexander 334 Ramirez, David 314 Ramirez, Kevin 380 Ramm, Mrs. Ofelia 42 Ramos, Adam 332 Ramos, Iuan 191, 357 Ramos-Diaz, Ramon 327 Ramsey, Iustin 325 Ranaweera, Nethaj 319 Randall, Ioseph 372 Randall, Kip 173, 317 Randazzo, MS Virginia 41 Randi, Matthew 316 Rankin, Brandon 329 Ransbottom, LTC Ieffrey 51 Raquepau, Philip 371 Rasmussen, MAI David 43 Ratcliff, Charles 352, 396 Rathbun, Eric 346 Rau, Brian 161, 344 Rau, Heather 383 Raulerson, Amanda 363 Rayburn, Iennifer 155, 343 Rayl, Abby 375, 432 Reams, Adam 353 Reardon, Benjamin 325 Reccitiello, Michael III 350 Redden, CPT Shane 52 Redig, Samuel 335 Rednam, Sarath 252, 379 Reed, Charles 396 Reed, Theodore 338 Reed, Tyler 352 Reel, Mr. David 44 Reeves, D.I. 426 Reeves, Douglas 354 Reeves, Douglas Ir. 186 Rehwoldt, Courtney 337 Reich, Iohn Michael 359 Reid, Clayton 325, 396 Reilly, Kegan 336, 398 Reilly, Mr. Michael 46 Reinaldo, II 326 Reinke, Mark 343 Rember, Andrew 179, 353 Rendleman, MS Dubravka 41 Rife, Barrett 318, 396 Rigney, Ieffrey 318 Riise, Kelsey 380 Riley, Brian 416 Riley, Iessica 378 Riley, Ioe 392 LRiley, Ioseph 132, 335 Riley, Lauryn 329 Rim, Susy 319 Rinaldi, Nicholas 339 Rinehart, Andrew 374, 392 Rios, Ionathan 221 Ripa, Mrs. Kathy 42 Riser, Brian 346 Ritchey, Ashley 77, 314 Ritchey, Brandon 320 Rito, William Pio 347 Rittenhouse, MAI Michael 346 Ross, Bobby 392 Ross, Desmond 315 Ross, Kevin 392 Ross, Kyle 356, 392 Ross, MAI Ioe 39 Ross, Nicholas 335 Ross, Robb 416 Rossi, Drake 345, 422 Rossi, Samantha 136, 336 Rossi, Stephen 338 Roth, Michael 361 Rothenberger, Daniel IV 347 Rovero, Patrick 363 Rowan, Brian 422 Rowe, Daniel 334 Rowe, Kirsten 215 Rowell, MAI Peter 53 Rowland, Ashley 316, 432 Rittenhouse, MAI Riley 57 Rivera, Iuan 321 Rivera, Ms. Susan 43 Rivera, Vincent 320 Rivers, Ionathan 126, 332 Rix, Matthew 344 Roach, Iordan 368 Robb, Colin 379 Robert, COL Leon 49 Roberts, Benjamin 383 Roberts, Brad 416 Roberts, Brian 78, 314 Roberts, Iames 318 Roberts, Ienna 314, 400 Roberts, Lee 383 Roberts, MAI Kurt 37, 382 Roberts, Roderick II 332, 396 Ruckno, CPT Cynthia 47 Rudd, Corey 258, 380, 416 Ruddock, Iulia 383 Rude, Iustin 167, 347 Rueth, Gregory 352 Rugarber, Iohn 155, 343 Ruiz, MSG Iesus 37, 360 Ruiz, Neil 358 Rulison, Brian 359 Rump, Anthony 376 Rumsfeld, Donald 20 Runkle, Iohn 377 Runyon, Nicholas 378 Rupnow, Scott 316, 396 Ruscelli, Mr. Charles 53 Rushing, Clifford 379 Rusinko, Christopher 346 Robertson, Colin 197, 358 Robertson, SFC Randy 43 Rusinko, Pamela 318 Russell, Ashley 335 Robinson, Andrew 114, 322, 326 Robinson, Iamal 370, 392 Robinson, Ioshua 355 Robinson, Lee 364, 396 Robinson, Mark 132, 335 Robinson, Michael 374 Russell, Thomas 353, 396 Russo, Samuel 357 Russos, Samuel 191 Ruth, MAI Steve 48 Ruthenberg, Efri 418 Rutherford, Stephen 322 Rendon, Richard 328 Rendon, Robert 325 Renfroe, Adam 369, 426 Renken, Andrew 161, 344 Renken, Iustin 327 Renkiewicz, Adam 329, 392 Renoll, Christopher 234 Reppard, Sean 320, 430 Rera, Ms. Ioanne 35 Resendez, Raymundo IV 353 Ressler, COL Eugene 51 Ressler, COL Stephen 35, 50 Retchless, CPT Todd 57 Reutinger, Colin 173, 350 Reyes, Alberto 343 Reyes, David 356 Reynolds, Brian 203, 361 Reynolds, Dr. Charles 51 Reynolds, Graham 329 Reynolds, Kurt 363 Reynosa, Stephen 343 Rezendes, Ionathan 341 Roby, Ioshua 149, 340 Rockeman, Anne 343 Rockwood, Andrew 353 Rockwood, Charlie 392 Rode, Mr. Todd 38 Roderick, Evan 333 Rodgers, COL Ricky 41 Rodgers, Iustine 319 Rodgers, Michael 343 Rodriguez, Amy 264 Ryan, Bobbie 35 Ryan, COL Maritza 35, 56 Ryan, David Ir. 335 Ryan, LTC Maria del Pilar 55 Ryan, Mr. Bob 39 -Ryan, Thomas 83 -Ryan, Thomas Ir. 317 eRyan, Tommy 392 Ryan, Will 416 Ryan, William 370 Rodriguez, Brian 339 Rodriguez, Bryan 315, 392 Rodriguez, Ioshua 318 Rodriguez, Magda 372 Rodriguez, MAI Luis 53 Rodriguez, Ms. Irene 57 Rodriguez, SFC Ricardo 37, 363 Rodriguez, SPC 45 Roe, Chase 101, 322 Roehm, Matthew 340 Roesler, Michael 155, 343 Roeter, Kyle 371 Rhoads, Alex 430 Rhoads, Alexander 319 Rhode, Iayne 354 Rhodes, Ionathan 197,358 Rhynedance, George V 376, Riccitiello, Michael III 173 Rice, Rice, Andrew 381 Cameron 418 Rice, Patrick 96, 321 Rice, Susan 350 Riceg, LTC Daniel 56 Rich, Lt DeeDee 51 Rich, Natalie 400 Rich, SFC Brenda 36 4 28 Rogers, Cody 362 Rogers, Dr Iohn 50 Rohde, Robert 380 Rohn, Iohn 362 Rohrlick, Mr.Ieff 35 Roling, Sean 316 Roll, Philip 314 Rolle, Adrienne 378 Roman, CPT Laura 47 Roman, Mr. Iose 44 Romaneski, Daniel 318 Romans, MAI Rob 38 Romero, Ashley 317 Romesberg, Ashley 340 Ronan, Thomas 107, 325 Richard, Andrew 375 Richards, CPT Iohn 50 Richards, Dave 418 Richards, David 340 Richmond, Dr. Amy 54 Rickert, Daniel 209, 362 Rickett, CPT 45 Rickey, Dr. Frederick 57 Riddle, Ieffrey 379 Rider, Zachary 221, 368 Ridgeway, Matt 392 Ridgeway, Matthew 327 Ridlon, Michael 328 Riegner, Dr. Dawn 49 Riegner, Mr. Mark 51 Riemenschneider, Iohn 191, 357 Ronan, Tom 430 Ronell, Christopher 372 Ronneburg, MSG Alfred 36, 346 Rooney, Allen 353, 396 Roper, Capt. Rick 396 Ryder, Thomas 186, 354 Rykken, Iacob 335 Rymer, Ian 315 Rymer, Ms. Lynn 36 Rysiewicz, Renee 365 S Saari, Aaron 354 Sabatos, Dr. Terri 52 Sablan, Gregory 191, 357 Sack, Cyril 222, 368 Sadowski, LTC Robert 51 Saenz, Daniel 374 Sagisi, Ioseph 350 Sahl, Mr. Ioseph 43 Sainsbury, COL Michael 56 Saint-Louis, Mr. Scott 42 Sakala, Philip 136 Sakawkanokrat,Tossapol 315 Salas, Anita 319 Salazar, Eduardo 317 Saldana, Abraham Ir. 321 Saldivar, Dr. Samuel 53 Salem, Ieffrey 332 Salicrup, Chris 372 Salinas, Nicholas 343 Salinetti, Michael 340 Salmi, Matthew 354 Salomon, Andrew 361 Salvati, Mark 354 Salvatore, Mr. Ronald 47 Salvatore, Ms Annmarie 34 Rosa, Thomas 333 Rosdahl, Dallin 376 Sanborn, Melvin 318 Sanchez, Carlos 352 Rose, David II 383 Rose, Rose, Ed 46 Robert 365 Rose, Salvatore De 319 Rosebaugh, Matthew 320 Rosenberg, Marya 357 Rosenberg, Sam 89, 318 Rosenshein, Scott 373 Roslan, Nazirul 345 Sanders, Bryan 375 Sanders, Christopher 383 Sanders, Connor 353, 422 Sandford, Daniel 179, 353 Sandiego, Carlo 346, 392 Sandonato, Thomas 355 Sandquist, Dr Gary 50 Sands, Ioshua 372 Sanert, Seth 314 Sanfilippo, Ioseph 203, 361 Sanjuan, Iavier 347 Sanjuan-Rubio,Iaime 332 Santiago, SFC Iose 41 Sapienza, Gerard 336 Sara, Allen 329 Sargent, LTC Gary 53 Sasala, Ieremiah 314 Sass, Iacob 377 Satchell, Danielle 323 Satterwhite, Kenton 339 Sauer, Ionathan 155, 343 Saunders, Kendrick 412 Savageau, Michael 342 Savageau, Mike 392 Savarie, Zachary 320 Savoie, Ioe 342, 392 Savoy, Devon 335 Saxby, Patrick 378, 392 Saxion, Steven 365 Sayles, COL Andre 35, 51 Scalone, Mr. Phillip 41 Scalone, Ms. Donna 43 Scaparotti, BG Curtis 26 Scaparrotti, BG Curtis 34, 35, 53 Scappaticci, Frank 337, 392 Scappaticci, Ion 392 Scappaticci,Ionathan 378 Scarlato, Sarah 338 Schachman, Matt 416 Schaeffer, Kate 375 Schaerges, Kimberly 379 Schantz, MAI Frank 55 Schardt, Matthew 245, 376 Scheel, Matt 317, 430 Scheidt, Tyler 173, 350 Scherr, LTC 45 Schiering, Daniel 317, 422 Schifferli, Michael 338, 396 Schiller, Matt 418 Schlesinger, Matthew 377 Schlichter, Thomas 245, 376 Schmidt, Brandon 356 Schmidt, Donald Il 362 Schmidt, Mary 317 Schmidt, Natalie 414 Schmidt, Paul 418 Schmidt, Ryan 204, 361 Schmitz, Maria 362, 400 Schmoyer, LTC Timothy 51 Schmutz, Aaron 89, 318 Schmutz, Scott 372 Schnabel, Nick 424 Schneider, Scott 359 Schneider, SFC 45 Schnorrenberg,Ieremy 324 Schober, William 332 Schoomaker, General Peter 23 Schoonhoven, Dr. Richard 52 Schowalter, Steven 359 Schreiber, Casey 327, 422 Schreiner, William 161, 344 Schreuder, Iason 324 Schrock, Iames 326 Schubert, Elizabeth 321 Schubert, Iames 340 Schuler, Derek 316 Schulman, Alisha 364 Schultz, Kimberly 364 Schultz, Scott 373 Schumacher, Michael 360 Schumacher, Mike 392 Schutsky, Bill 46 Schutz, Erik 379 Schwartz, Blake 345 Schwartz, Bradley 333 Schwartz, Brandon 374 Schwartz, Daniel 360 Schwartz, Danny 424 Schwartz, Mrs. Sheila 42 Schwartz, Mrs. Susan 51 Schwartz, Sean 335 Scmidt, Benjamin 345 Scogin, Kyle 339, 424 Scott, Andrew 167, 347 Scott, Colin 246, 376 Scott, Mr. Steve 35 Scriven, William 378 Scrivner, Benjamin 372 Scrivner, Iean 143, 339 Scruggs, Barrett 392 Scruggs, Carl 353 Scullion, LTC Paul 42 Scullion, Mr. Paul 44 Seaman, Marshall 383 Secor, Dr. Marie 52 Sedlak, Iustin 361 Seehusen, Iustin 197, 358 Seelan, Mark 344 Sefren, Stephanie 370 Seguin, Gregory 332 Seidel, Zachary 78, 314 Seidule, LTC Iames 55 Seils, Iohn 325 Seitz, Charles 383 Selleck, Christopher 318 Sellers, Breanna 383 Semelroth, MAI Kimberly 48 Senger, Ms Angie 44 Senkarik, Iohn 347 Senn, MAI Michael 54 Senteno, Dominic 327 Senteno, Edmund II 318 Serrano, Raul 319 Sessions, Iames 324 Sessions, Tracy 137, 336 Sevald, Benjamin 155 Severo, Tony 422 Sewell, Iames 317 Sewell, Iimmy 412 Sexauer, Amy 356 Seybert, Adam 368 Seymore, Kevin 315 Seymour, Ioyce 45 SFC Iohn Knight, Ir. 364 SFC Raymond Loyst, Ir. 4542 Sfeir, Emily 356 sFelker, Charles 256 Shafer, Iames 371 Shaffer, Brett 370 Shaffer, Matthew 315 Shallcrosscecchini, Duncan 355 Shamrell, Nicholas 322 Shands, CPT Mike 37, 355 Shattal, Khaled Abu 346 Shattuck, Aaron 314 Shaw, Gregory 347 Shaw, Iohn Ill 340 Shaw, Iohrmy 150 Shaw, Ms. Ann 36 Shaw, Nicholas 96, 321 Shay, LTC Lisa 51 Shea, Monica 336 Shed, Randy 376 Sheehan, Iacob 89, 318 Shen, Victor 322 Shepard, Brian 78, 314 Shepard, Dave 396 Shephard, Alfred 227, 371 Sherburne, Matthew 343 Sherwin, Charlotte 45 Sherwood, Krystal 358 Shetty, Mr. Anand 54 Sheykman, Dmitriy 340 Shields, Ms. Lori 35 Shimek, Mr. Daniel 47 Shin, Charlie 340 Shin, Hyen 186 Shin, Hyen Hee 354 Shiozawa, Brian 379 Shipe, Kevin 318 Shipman, Bryson 343 Shipman, Ms. Elaine 35 Shirk, Trevor 361 Sholes, Kenneth 168, 347 Shore, David 334, 392 Short, Ioshua 339 Showalter, Sterling 325 Shreve, SSG Iames 34 Shrode, Cason 344, 392 Shrout, LTC Michael 48 Shu, Gordon 328 Shurtz, Iessica 404 Shurtz, Iessicca 355 Sickler, Kelly 379 Sider, Ioshua 344 Sievers, Greg 418 Simmons, Abra 197, 358 Simmons, Alison 368 Simmons, Chris 424 Simmons, Christopher 332 Simmons, Ioseph 332 Simmons, Michael 356 Simms, Bradley 338 Simpkins, David 323 Simpson, Eric 353 Simpson, Greg 426 Simpson, Gregory 339 Simpson, Patrick 215, 422 Simpson, William 422 Sims, Michael 376 Sinda, Matthew 365 Singer, Ieremy 368 Singley, Robert 358 Sinning, Cory 321, 412 Siry, MAI David 55 Siskey, Ionathan 356, 392 Skeen, Matthew 83, 317 Skelton, Ionathan 325 Skidmore, Karl 356 Skinner, Matthew 358 Skiver, Robert 375 Skogluncl, Mr. David 42 Skok, Michael 78, 314 Sladek, Iesse 161, 344 Slagh, Michael 362 Slate-Young, Dr. Erica 57 Slater, Mr. Thomas 46 Sloan, Daniel 319 Sloan, MAI Iared 48 Slocum, Ryan 108, 325 Sloop, LTC Ioseph 49 Sloup, Ionathan 318 Small, Dr. Donald 57 Small, Iames 102, 322 Small, Robert Ill 314 Smalley, Matthew 162, 344 Smartt, Iason 228, 371 Smidt, COL Ion 34 Smiley, Steven 323 Smith, Adam 378 Smith, Alex 336 Smith, Archie 320 Smith, Brent 422 Smith Brian 378 Smithi coL10hn 52 sm1fh,coL Linda 41 Smith 1 Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Collin 340 Daniel 322,341 Earnest Ir. 340 Eric 252,379 lam 215 Ian 365,438 Smith, Iamaal 351 Smith Smith Smith Smith Smith Smith Smith Smith Smith 1 Smith, Smith, Smith, 1 1 , Ionathan 340, 361 Kalen 209, 396 Kevin 353 Kyle 333 Leland 380 LTC Mark 54 Luke 352 1 Smith, Smith, Smith, , MAI Cloyd 55 , MAI Daniel 48 , MAI Michael 57 , MAI William 38 Marcus 354 Michael 78,314 Mr.Iohn 46 Mr. Robert 42 Smith, Ms. Rosemarie 47 Smith Smith 1 Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, , Noah 258, 380 Reginald Ir. 375 Robert 357, 379 Robert III 209, 362 Sara 191, 357 Scott 84, 317 Thomas 84, 317 Smithmeyer, Colby 329 Snipes, Anthony 168, 347 Snodgrass, Douglas 332 Snodgrass, Michael 340 Snoke, Ioseph 337 Snook, Christian 347 Snook, Kyle 353 Snook, Sean 375 Snyder, Christian 343 Snyder, Matt 424 Snyder, Matthew 327 Sobalvarro, Garrett 351 Sobiesk, LTC Edward 51 Sobotta, Kathryn 320, 432 Soderberg, Mike 418 Soffos, Mr. Michael 42 Sohn, Stacy 155, 343 Sokul, Tory 430 Sokul, Victor III 90, 318 Solaja, Steven 361 Solberg, Friend 377 Solis, Dr. Gary 56 Solomon, Ms. Cecelia 34 Solomon, Ms. Cecilia 43 Somers, Ioseph 335 Somerville, Timothy 353 Sommer, Ryan 314 Song, Andrew 328 Song, Iason 317 Song, Philip 137, 336, 345 Song, Steven 143, 339 Song, Sungjin 333 Sorce, Robert 45 Sorensen, Minoru 358 Soroka, Nicholas 108, 325 Sorrels, Tyler 198, 358 Sorrentino, Iennifer 358 Sottolano, Ioe 424 Souchu, Ms. Cathy 41 Souda, Samy 358 Souhan, CPT Brian 57 Southerland, Robert 173, 350 Sowder, Iohn 344 Spanich, David 392 Sparkman, William 381 Sparks, Iustin 379 Speck, Matthew 355 Spells, Mr. Roy 43 Spence, Iames 329 Spencer, Bryan 368 Spencer, Trenin 343 Sperati, Michael 329 Sperli, Paul 355 Spingler, Ioshua 382 Spivey, MAI Norman 37, 378 Spooner, Benjamin 379 Stansbury, Paul ll 326 Stanton, MAI Paul 51 Stapleton, PROE Iohn 55 Stark, Aaron 322 Stark, Iared 328 Starr, Meghan 375 Stauffer, Chris 432 Stauffer, Christine 340 Staun, Margaret 333 Stawicki, Todd 358 Steadman, Ioseph 222, 368, 3 Steele, PROF Charles 55 Steele, Rex 355, 396 Steele, Timothy 382 Steen, Ieroen 204 Steenstra, Philip 317 Steffanetta, Gene 356 Steffenson, Tyler 108 Stegura, Greg 40 Stehlik, Aaron 376 Steindler, Rona 45 Steliga, Theodore 379 96 Sprague, Iustin 215, 365 Spratt, Mr. Iames 46 Spreer, Mr. Tim 51 Sprigg, Michael 364, 422 Spruce, Ieremy 216, 365 Spruill, Chase 375, 398 Spurling, Eric 150, 340 Squarci, Mr 45 Squier, Robert 322 Srinivasan, Rajiv 322 Sschmidt, Paul 132 Sstutes, Travis 114 Staab, Charles 335 Staab, Charles II 132 Stache, Ieremiah 78, 314 Stache, Ieremy 424 Stadler, Karl 365 Stall, Thomas 162, 344 Stalnaker, Dustin 371 Stanek, Ioseph 326 Stanford, Iohn 322 Stankow-Mercer, MAI Naomi 52 Stanley, Ms. Rebecca 35 Stelley, Mr. Kenny 42 Stellman, Iohn 392 Stellman, Ionathan 338 Stepanishen, Mark 334 Stephens, Iazmine 355 Stephens, MAI Gregory 51 Stephens, Michael 353 Stephens, Nicholaus 374 Stephens, SPC Shedeen 41 Sterghos, Nicholas 319 Stevens, Christopher 84, 317 Stevens, Erin 344, 420 Stevens, Gregory 354 Stevenson, Brandon 325, 396 Stevenson, MAI Heather 57 Stevenson, SPC Iason 47 Stewart, Andre 383 Stewart, Daniel 102, 322 Stewart, Iake 381 Stewart, MS Iody 41 Stewart, Preston 360 Stewart, Wes 392 Stickney, Nathaniel 339 625 Stilwell, Kyle 336 Stith, Ray 392 -fStith, Raymond III 162, 344 Stock, Mitch 422 Stock, Mitchell 352 Stock, Ms. Margaret 56 Stockhoff, Andrew 362 Stocking, Ms. Anne 47 Stocksdale, Brandon 360 Stockwell, Jonathan 372 Stoddard, Yvonne 358 Stoffer, Brian 90, 318 Stohr, Tyler 327, 424 Stoinoff, Chris III 376 Stokes, Jered 351 Stokilo, Mr Steve 34 Stoll, Stephen III 371 Stone, Brandon 338 Stone, Grant 318 Stone, Stefanie 371, 414 Stone, Theresa 358 Stoneham, LTC Michael 52 Stoner, Gregory 382 Stonik, Ekaterina 374 Storey, Mr, Richard 42 Storey, Sean 333 Storjohann, Kyle 317 Story, Lonnie 336 Stowers, Joshua 335 Stoyanov, Kaloyan 370 Stramara, Kevin Jr. 264, 383 Stramara, Kyle 347, 424 Stratman, Jeremy 318 Stratton, Daniel 350 Stratton, Paul 381 Streams, James 322 Stremick, Briana 382, 406 Stringer, MAJ David 50 Strom, SFC Douglas 36, 328 Strom, Timothy 328 Stroney, Brett 317 Stumpe, Benjamin 362 Sturdivant, LTC Rodney 57 Stutes, Travis 326 Suchan, LTC William 51 Suddarth, Eric 222 Suliman, Mitchell 335 Sullivan, Daniel 380 Sullivan, James 332 Sullivan, Ryan 216, 365 Sullivan, Shane 192, 357 Sullivan, Thomas 368 Summerfelt, Luke 347 Summers, Benjamin 222, 368 Sunwoo, Peter 365 Supan, Matthew 319 Supiano, Andrew 375, 430 Supon, Sean 174, 350 Supple, Phillip II 375 Suter, Adam 343 Sutey, Elizabeth 335 Sutey, Ellen 316 Swain, Dr. Rick 40 Swan, Steven 353 Swanbeck, Kurt 398 Swann, Jacob 314 Swanson, Donald 338 Swanson, Jeffery 383 Swanson, MAJ Edward 37, 377 Swanson, Ms. Donna 57 Swanson, Patrick 235, 372 Swanson, Robert 342 Swartsel, Joshua 322 Swearingen, William 332, 398 Sweeney, Scott 114 Swisher, Petra 326 Swoope, Dudley 392 Swoope, Warren 333 Swope, COL Robin 34, 47 Sylvain, Aaron 392 Sylvester, Benjamin 332 Szcypka, Adam 341 T Taafe-Mcmenamy, Patrick 329 Tabasco, Mr. Frank 42 Taft, Joshua 322 Tague, Mr. Chris 44 Talaber, L. Matthew 34 Talaber, Mr, Matthew 44 Talbot, Jason 345 Talbott, David 246, 376 Tamm, Dr Gunnar 50 Tang, Richard III 186, 354 Tangen, Stephen 418 Tanner, Christopher 264, 383 Tardieu, Kelsey 365 Tarney, Christopher 372 Taron, Zachary 322 Tarver, Dhyan 143, 339, 392 Tarvin, Kyle 336 Tatz, Mike 422 Tavel, Amanda 381 Tawil, Khalil 335 Tax, Michael 364 Taylor, Brandon 318 Taylor, Chris 392 Taylor, Christopher 327 Taylor, CPT Dale Jr. 49 Taylor, Derek 377 Taylor, Erick 383 Taylor, Fitz-William 315 Taylor, Jarod 361 Taylor, Jeffrey 368 Taylor, Krishel 351 Taylor, Lincoln 343 Taylor, SFC Alvin 40 Taylor, SFC Kelly 40 Taylor, SSG 45 Taylor, Weston 373 Teahon, Jesse 323 Teal, Lauren 376, 406 Teets, Robert 375 Tegman, Jeffrey 329 Teles, Dr. Elizabeth 57 Tennent, David 375, 398 Terrell, Charlsia 356 Terrigno, Felice 325, 392 Terrones, CPT Jesus 47 Terry, Jordan 398 Terry, Thomas 323 Terza, Kyle 381, 424 Tesoriero, Mrs Mary 50 Textor, Matthew 162, 344 Thach, Jiajing 383 Tharp, Lily 347 Thaufeeq, Ibrahim 352 Theriot, Dwight 335 Thobaben, Nathan 422 Thoma, Andrew 360 Thomas, Benjamin 338 Thomas, Berry 368 Thomas, Charles 353 Thomas, Gordon 102, 322 Thomas, Jennifer 329 Thomas, Joshua 368 Thomas, Justin 380 Thomas, Kelvin 192, 357 Thomas, Leo 90, 318 Thomas, Michael 358 Thomas, PV2 Terrance 41 Thomas, Raymond IV 368 Thomas, SFC Cody 36 Thomas, Trevor 363 Thomas, Walter 350 Thompson, Brandon 344, 392 Tomlinson, Jay 329 Tomsen, Erik 370 Torok, COL 45 Torok, COL Peter 34 Torrence, James 372 Torres, Jose 315 Torrey, Jacob 192, 357 Tosco, Clavel 84, 317 Tovar, Steve 392 Towmey, Christopher 368 Towns, Kiel 336 Townsend, Jeb 332 Tramel, Dr. Peter 52 Tramel, Matthew 320 Tran, Tamanh 156, 343 Tran, Thang 317, 422 Travis, Mr. Devin 42 Traylor, Nina 400 Treadway, William 377 Treharne, James 328 Trejo, Erin 84, 317 Trent, CPT Stoney 48 Trent, Jonathan 240, 375 Tribus, MAJ Brian 48 Trifilo, Mrs. Veronica 42 Trimble, Jeremy 347, 392 Trimble, John 336 Tripp, Katharine 350 Trout, Kelly 314, 432 Troy, Barry 252, 379 Troy, MAJ M. Rittenhouse 36 Truax, Noah 168, 347 Trubatch, Dr. Avrom 57 Trullinger, Blake 174, 350 Trump, Neal 328 Tsang, Eva 321 Tuitte, MAJ James 48 Tully, Dr. Robert 52 Turcotte, Sarah 336 Tumer, Andrew 343 Tumer, Cameron 209, 362 Turner, Christopher 378 Turner, Dusty 379, 396 Turner, Frank IV 264, 383 Turner, John 354 Turner, Samantha 420 Turner, Sarah 368, 420 Turpin, MAJ Matthew 55 Tuzman, CPT Joshua 41 Twyford, Nikolas 373 Tyminski, Stephen 376 Tyree, Luke 350 Tyson, David 362 U Udouj, Matthew 326 Uhorchak, Jacqueline 359 Uhorchak, Nicholas 325 Uimet, Nicolas 149 Thompson, CPT Omari 38 ,,Ulekowski, Jared 258, 380, 392 Thompson, CPT Shani 38 Thompson, Jeffrey 362 Thompson, Ms. Cyndy 35 Thompson, Ms. Jennifer 55 Thompson, Peter 382 Thoms, LTC Karen 52 Thomsen, CHQMAJ-PJ Darrell 40 Thomson, Benjamin 379 Thomson, MAJ Darin 36, 320 Thomson, Robert 380 Thornal, Hunter 359 Thornal, Mason 186 Thornton, Hugh 343 Thornton, Mr. Rick 42 Thweatt, Steven Jr. 339 Tiffany, Michael 246, 376 Tiffany, Mike 428 Tiger, LTC Blair 34 Tilch, Mark 416 Tillson, Michael 371 Tilston, Adrian 321 Timm, Ashley 328 Timm, Charles 368 Timme, Reed 346 Timmes, MAJ Thomas 54 Tinglo, Christopher 321 Tinnin, Christopher 368 Tischmak, Emmett 345 Tisdell, Mitchel 346 Tisson, Miller 371 Titus, Justin 240, 375 Tocchet, COL Gary 55 Todd, Theresa 370 Toffler, Patrick 377, 396 Tolbert, Jeff 418 Tolliver, Sean 364 Tolson, Owen 372, 392 Ulrey, David 418 Um, Yoon 375 Underwood, Andrew 210, 362 Updegraff, CPT Laura 36 Upton-Robbins,Jacen 372 Urick, Ashley 204, 361 Urrutia, Jesus 344 Usher, Roberta 327 Ustler, Christopher 383 V Vadala, Gregory 380 Vagnozzi, Daniel 326 Vahle, Kari 420 Valerin, Pablo 358 Vallejos, Albert 372 Vallone, Daniel 376 Vanagas, Arturas 369 Vance, Adam 252, 379 Vance, Elmo 382 Vandam, Nicholas 356, 418 Vanecek, Jennifer 361 VanEveren, Doug 428 Vanhoven, SGT 45 Vanko, Jacob 114, 326 VanOrman, Mr. Joshua 42 Vargas, Antony 317 Vargas, MAJ Ralph 53 Vargas, Matthew 347, 396 Varley, Daniel 150, 340 Varnado, Jerry 354 Varnelis, Edgaras 360 Vass, Nathaniel 375 Vass, William 337 Vaughan, Logan 378 Vaughan, Rebekah 375 Vaughn, Kenrick 371 Vavruska, Bryan 362 Vazulik, Dr, Johannes 53 Veale, MAJ Thomas 52 Velasquez, Walter 216 Velasquez, Wlater 365 Velazquez, Jeffrey 240, 375 Velez, MR Alex 41 Velez, Ms. Maureen 38 Venditti, Eric 332 Ventriqlia, Gene 400 Ventriqlia, Jimmy 400 Verardo, Elizabeth 344 Vernon, Victoria 321 Vertuli, MAJ Mark 55 Vesce, Chris 392 Vesce, Christopher 371 Vest, MAJ John 37, 359 Vetter, Ms. Laura 39 Vetter, Scott 362 Vielledent, Marc 412 Vietor, Robert III 198, 358 Vigil, Christopher 341 Viles, MAJ Tim 38 Villanueva, James 372 Villarreal, Chris 396 Villarreal, Christopher 363 Visnovsky, Matthew 362 Vitale, Daniel 358 Viti, Michael 354 Viti, Mike 392 Vivona, Ms. Alison 39 Vogel, Adam 339 Vogel, Walter 372 Voight, Derek 373 Volio, Alfredo 358 Volkman, Ty 378 Volkmar, David 351 Volz, Sophia 344 Vonasek, Ms. Diane 34 Vonderheide, Kyle 372 Vosler, James 314 Voss, Jon 334 Vozzolo, Giovanni 381 Vozzolo, Tony 228, 371, 430 Vrabel, Megan 246, 414 W Wackerhagen, CHQLTCJ Dan 40 Wackerlin, Benjamin 335 Waddell, Ms. Sharon T. 42 Waddell, PROF Steve 55 Wade, Andrew 314 Wade, Jeffrey 340 Wadsworth, Brendan 314 Wagner, Brandon 361 Wagner, Connie 40 Wagner, Daniel 376 Wagner, Dr. Tom 51 Wagner, Elizabeth 343 Wagner, Jared 150, 340 Wagner, John 360 Wagner, Nate 398 Wagner, Nathan 374 Wagner, Richard 318 Wagner, Thomas 322 Wakeland, Hunter 314, 430 Wald, Robert 343 Waldron, MAJ David 37, 369 Walenz, Sam 426 Walenz, Samuel 333 Walker, Clifford 361 Walker, Duncan 321 Walker, Gregory 383 Walker, Jasmine 96, 321 Walker, John 430 Walker, John III 198 Walker, John-Wesley III 358 Walker, Kathryn 322 Walker, Patrick 346 Walker, Paul 314 Walker, SFC Winthrop 36 Walker, T.J. 392 Walker, Tommye 316 Wall, John IV 210, 362 Wall, Lavonia 336 Wallace, COL David 56 Wallace, Jason 328 Wallen, MAJ Benjamin 54 Walling, CPT Kurt 36, 319 Walls, Anna 235, 372 Walmsley, MAJ John 55 Walsh, Brian 377 Walsh, Iacob 346 Walsh, Iake 392 Walsh, Iason 246, 376 Walsh, Iohn 347 Walsh, Liam 156 Walsh, Martin 85, 317 Walsh, Quentin 418 Walsh-Brown, Mrs. Ingrid 44 Walters, Cal 392 Walters, Mr. Mark 35 Walters, Robert 365 Walton, MAI Adam 49 Walton, Meredith 318 Walton, Thomas 345 Wambeke, MAI Brad 50 Wang, Clinton 361 Wang, Matthew 96, 321 Ward, Paul 368 Ward, Reginald 378 Ward, Rich 396 Warders, Stuart 192, 357 Wardynski, Ien 400 Wardynski, Iennifer 345 Warhank, Daniel 337 Warner, Monroe 372 Wamer, Steven 336, 357 Wamke, Scott 180, 353 Washington, Dr. Gary 49 Washkowiak, Benjamin 102, 322 Wasilewski, Kurt 375, 392 Wassel, Andrew 372 Waters, Ms Annemarie 34 Wathen, Michael 353 Watson, Andrew 337 Watson, Bren 371 Watson, CPL Sheldon 41 Watson, Georgiarma 45 Watson, Iacob 372 Watson, Ioshua 336 Watson, Zachary 318 Wattenberg, Dr. Frank 57 Watts, Bill 398 Watts, MAI Krista 57 Watts, William 350 Waugh, Adam 392 Wax, Steven 358, 396 Wayne, Iared 222, 368 Wearin, Benjamin 329 Webb, Andrew 143, 339 Webb, Matthew 344 Weber, Iacob 370 Webster, Dwight 334 Webster, Ms. Leslie 42 Wedley, William 327, 392 Weekley, Charles 328 Wegman, Roxanne 374 Wegmeyer, Ieffrey 322 Weidel, Michael 342 Weidenhof, Mrs. Catherine 36 Weidenhof, Ms, Cathy 36 Weigle, Charles 380 Weinbaum, Michelle 198, 358 Weiser, Nathan 319 Weismann, Mr. Thad 39 Weismann, MS Lynn 41 Weisner, Matt 392 Weisner, Matthew 365 Welch, COL Ronald 50 Wells, Caleb 198 Welsh, Ionathan 228, 371 Welsh, Kyle 150, 428 Welsh, Nathaniel 365 Welte, Ioshua 337 Welton, Dr. Mark 56 Wempe, Andrew 325 Werner, Alexander 216, 365 Werner, Kevin 319 Wernimont, Aaron 321, 422 Wertz, Ionathan 115, 326 -.Wesley, Scott 96, 321, 392 West, Cameron 327 West, MAI Ioseph 52 Westbrook, Steven 340, 392 Westcott, Daniel 326 Westerband, Frank 373 Westman, Benjamin 344 Westman, Marydell 344 Weston, Ioseph Ir. 180, 353 Wetzel, CPT Kevyn 41 Wetzel, Mr. Cole 43 Wetzel, SFC George 46 Weyand, Ionathan 379 Whaley, Sean 354, 392 Whatley, Ben 379 Wheeler, Gregory 336 Wheeler, Kenneth 333 Whelan, MAI Christopher 49 Whipple, Nathanael 323 White, Brandon 380, 392 White, Christopher 192, 357 White, Cole 379, 424 White, David 320 White, Ieremy 362 White, Ioshua 156, 343 White, MAI William 48 White, Mr 45 Vtfhite, Peter 150, 340 White, Pia 334, 400 White, Ross 364 White, Sarah 374 White-Glisson, Ms. Kathryn 43 VVhitfield, Geoffrey 102, 322 Whitham, Steven 381 Whitnell, Bradley 314 Whitten, Brandon 371, 428 Wicher, Ms. Divina 34 Wichot, Amanda 380 Wickham, Ms 45 Wicklund, Connor 322, 392 Wiedenman, MAI Nathan 50 Wiegman, Micah 323 Wiener-Levy, Dr, Donna 39 Wierschem, Amelia 329 Wigdzinski, Paul 317, 430 Wigger, Ron 438 Wiggins, Victor 317 Wiggins, Vincent 379 Wightrnan, Geoffrey 335 Wilcox, Aaron 187, 354 Wilcox, Andrew 108, 325 Wilcoxen, Matthew 325 Wilden, Matthew 222, 368 Wiley, Ioshua 318 Wilhelm, Kyle 375 .-.Wilke, Charles 240, 375 r'Wilke, Chuck 392 Wilkes, Nathan 344 Wilkins, Kristina 438 Willard, Quentin 344, 392 Willens, Ioshua 376 Willey, Leslie 346 Willey, Zachary 316 Williams, Adam 360 Williams, Alexis 318 Williams, Andrew 132, 335 Williams, Aubrey 383 Williams, Brian 365 Williams, CPT Dave 38 Williams, Doug 412 Williams, Douglas 364 Williams, Erin 375 Williams, Evan 357, 392 Williams, Iustin 371 Williams, Kyle 333 Williams, LTC Tasha 57 Williams, MAI Antwan 47 Williams, Michael 192, 357 Williams, Mr. Broderick 46 Williams, Patricia 204, 361 Williams, Richard 377 Williams, Rush 343, 422 Williams, Sean 318 Williams, Trevor 362 Williams, Venice 40 Williamson, Mrs. Grace 38 Willis, Alan 314 Wilmer, LTC Archie 57 Wilson, Anna 329, 414 Wilson, Brian 252, 379 Wilson, CPT Peter 47 Wilson, Darcy 228, 371, 432 Wilson, Eddie 392 Wilson, Elissa 371 Wilson, Eric 332 Wilson, LTC Ieffery 52 Wilson, Matthew 354 Wilson, Tracy 375 Wilson, Troy 376 Winchell, David 79, 314 Windley, Dana 376, 400 Winegamer, Iames 174 Winegamer, Iames Hunter 350 Wing, Clinton 350 Wing, Ms Patty 44 Wing, Ms. Patty 34 Wingate, Ionathan 372 Winget, MAI David 50 Winkel, Dr. Brian 57 Winkels, Anthony 325 Winkelstein, Devlin 126, 332 Winrow, Scott 317 Winslow, Gordon 322 Winterrnantel, Randall 356 Wintermantel, Randy 400 Wipplinger, Dr. Lisa 50 Wiseman, Ioseph 325 Wislon, George 372 Wisman, Todd 151, 422 Wismann, Ieffrey 383 Wisniewski, Isaac 210, 362 Wisser, Michael 246, 376 Wistermayer, Paul 347 Withers, Natalie 368 Withrow, Christopher 137, 336 Witter-Tilton, Kindall 180, 353 Wlasnieski, Iohn 332 Woerth, Brandon 368 Wolf, Evan 216, 365 Wolf, Ioshua 365 Wolf-Ekkehard,Hindrichs 318 Wolfe, Iames 340 Wolfe, Kenneth 383 Wolfe, Stephen 365 Wolff, Axel 322 Wolff, Corey 316 Woltley, Kyle 323 Wolk, Michael 317 Wollen, MAI Evan 55 Woloszyn, Christopher 332 Wolstein, Charles 353 Womack, Iames 344 Wong, Branden 318 Wong, Elliott 108, 325 Wong, Eric 357 Wong, Mr. Gaylen 51 Wood Wood Wood Wood , Charles 355 , Christopher 108, 325 , Fr Edson 40 , Fr. Edson 34 Wood, Gabriel 368 Wood, Ioanna 137, 336 Wood, Ionathan 373 Woodard, SSG Ernest 46 Woodley, SPC Christopher 41 Qwoods, Cannon 223, 368, 392 Woods, Iennifer 357 Woods, Ioseph 361 Woody, Clay 364, 392 Woody, Mrs. Loretta 55 Woolard, Darrell 378 Wooten, Kyle 364 Wooten, MAI Colin 36 Worthing, Emily 336 Wrieden, Kristopher 359 Wright, Chelsey 380 Wright, Courtney 414 Wright, Iohn 392 Wright, Ionathan 334 Wright, Lee 379 Wright, Michael 381 Wright, Mike 392 Wright, Mrs. Ioanne 48 Wroblewski, Cory 103, 322 Wunderlich, Max 357 Wurzbach, LTC Shaun 34 Wuthrich, MSG Leilani 44 Wyatt, Paul 354 Wynn, Gregory ll 339 Xie, Yinchao 377 Y Yacopino, Ms. Ann 42 Yakulis, Andrew Yang, Da Lu 359 Yang, Scott 380 Yamall, Matthew 335 Yates, Sarah 373, 432 Yavorek, Ms 45 Yeargain, Iordan 356 Yeung, Scott 126, 332 Yi, Thomas 380 Yisrael, Elizabeth Yoho, Troy 365 Yoklic, Zachary 357 Yoo, Iudy 380 264, 383, 430 235, 372 Yoon, Brian 343 Yoon, Bryan 103, 322 Yoon, Douglas 339 Yoon, Paul 350 York, Seth 338 Yosoufzai, Shoaib 342 Yost, Mr. William 42 Young, Bradley 339 Young, Christopher 198, 358 Young, Eric 340 Young, Ernie 343 Young, Heywood 322 Young, Ioshua 354, 368 Young, MAI Marc 36 Young, Travis 380 Youngblut, Simon 383, 392 Youngerman, Nicholas 319 Yu, Daniel 316, 398 Yu, MAI Victor 50 Yu, Mimi 340, 406 Yuengert, Michael 347 Yum, Iinsuk 326 Yun, Iames 347 Z Zagursky, Christopher 204, Zambarda, Mark Ir, 376 Zdaniewicz, Ioseph 339 Zecca, Angela 325 Zeck, Kyle 378 Zedalis, Mrs. Debra 44 Zefeldt, Nicholas 187, 354 Zelenak, Ray 368, 392 Zellers, Eric 265, 383 Zerio, Alexander 247, 376 Zhang, Steve 329 Zhu, Bovey 357 Zimmerman, Erin 350 Zimmerman, Mr. Bud 38 Zimmerman, Scott 204, 361 Zink, Peter 379 Zinsser, Dr. Nate 39 Zinszer, Shane 361, 392 Zuck, MAI Iesse 52 Zuniga, Iason 156, 343 Zupan, COL Daniel 52 Zwick, Grace 343 i ,... . . olors Beneath The Cvray .54 ......,.....u.,a.............,..l Qgzcwk The Howitzer Yearbook staff would like to acknowledge and thank all those whose efforts helped us complete this 2oo6 Yearbook. We owe a debt of gratitude to the following: George Tilley at USCC-ISD, Lynn O'Dell at ORD, Diane Baker and the rest of the ODIA Media Relations staff, Carmine Cocchia and all of the DOIM photographers, all of our department contacts, the Public Affairs Office, the Club and Team OICS, the Academy Photo staff, the DCA staff, Pat Luke, our families and friends, and any others who we may have neglected to mention who helped support us in this endeavor. We would especially like to thank all of the members of the Corps who enthusiastically sent us their photos, submitted write- ups, and shared their memories, truly helping to make this book their own. z The IO9th Volume of the Howitzer was printed by -Iostens Printing and Publishing at their State College, PA plant. Steve Luke served as the -Iostens Representativehlames R. Brooks, the ,Iostens Creative Design Consultant, and Ms. Kristi Cash, the in-plant representative. Ms. Anne L. Caliendo at the Directorate of Cadet Activities Publications Office served as Yearbook Advisor, and Ms. Evangeline Hager served as Publications Assistant. The Howitzer is a 9 X I2 smythe-sewn book printed on 804: matte paper, primarily in four color process or black and white with a second andf or duotone color and UV lamination on the opening section. The Craftline cover is a custom design. The front full lid die is a fully modeled background of Washington Hall with a full color tip-on of a cadet parade photo, taken by Ms. Anne Caliendo. Lettering on the front cover is Red and Silver Streak foil embossed. All beadlines and the crest on the back are all blind embossed. Special effects include the usage of PMS matte black ink and both matte and gloss varnishes, mixed matched process colors, and unique PMS colors. The fonts used were up to the discretion of each section editor andf or the Publications Office. All pages were created using Adobe Pagemaker 7.0, Adobe Photoshop C.S., and .Iostens Yeartech templates. Computer equipment used includes Dell Dimension XPS computers, an HP 4oooN printer, and a Microtek 97ooXL scanner. Chain of Command official photos were taken from whitehouse.gov, defenselink.mil, and army.mil websites. Corps sports information was gathered from goarmyathletics.com. Pentagon Publishing solicited all commercial advertisements for the 2006 Howitzer. Parent Club, Defining Excellence advertisements, and Friends and Supporters Messages were coordinated with the various parent clubs and subscribers and designed by the Howitzer Advisor andf or the parent clubs. Advertisements are not intended to be representative of the U.S. Military Academy, the U.S. Army, or the Department of Defense. We regret the omission of materials. All groupsf sportsf clubs were contacted in the first andf or second semester and asked to participate by submitting materials. The opening lines of text on pages 2-13 were adapted from "For All We Have And Are" by Rudyard Kipling. The use of the poem is not intended to be representative of the U.S. Military Academy, the U.S. Army, or the Department of Defense. The contents of the Howitzer are the sole responsibility of the Editor-In-Chief and the Directorate of Cadet Activities Publications Office. No portion of this publication may be reproduced without the written consent of the Howitzer. All inquiries must be in writing and addressed to the Publications Office, Directorate of Cadet Activities, Eisenhower Hall, Bldg. 655, West Point, NY 10996. All For The Corps 628 w 'ostens

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